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Page 2 3 EASY WAYS TO ORDER Call: 303-499-1950, 9am- 4pm (MST) Online: Mail To: EFTA 5171 Eldorado Springs Drive Suite N Boulder, CO 80303QUESTIONS? sales@environmentamericas.orgEnvironment for the AmericasConnecting People to Bird ConservationEnvironment for the Americas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting people to bird conservation across the Western Hemisphere. Our work includes creating internship programs for the next generation of conservation leaders as well as coordinating World Migratory Bird Day. We collaborate with hundreds of organizations to get people outside, engage them in learning about birds, and equip them to take action to protect birds and their habitats. Join the celebration in 2022!Dim the Lights for Birds at NightMost birds migrate at night. They have been doing this for eons, as a night sky typically means calmer air space and fewer predators. Nocturnally migrating birds include ducks and geese, plovers and sandpipers, and songbirds of all kinds. These birds may travel thousands of miles between their breeding and non-breeding grounds.However, the night sky is under threat. Artificial light is increasing globally by at least two percent a year, presenting a problem for birds. Light pollution from homes, businesses, and other infrastructure attracts and disorients migrating birds, making them more likely to land in areas where they are more vulnerable to collisions and other dangers. Artificial light also impacts birds in the breeding and winter seasons, disrupting feeding and other vital behaviors.In 2022, the impact of light pollution is the focus of World Migratory Bird Day, an annual global campaign that celebrates the migration of birds across countries and continents. Throughout the year we will spread the message to “dim the lights for birds at night” and highlight the steps that individuals, communities, and governments can take to reduce the impact of light pollution on our shared birds.Traditionally observed on the second Saturdays of May and October, World Migratory Bird Day is in reality a year-long celebration. The program’s roots go back to 1993, when the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center created International Migratory Bird Day to focus public attention on the need for cross-country cooperation to conserve birds and habitats. Since 2007, the campaign has been coordinated in the Americas by Environment for the Americas. In 2017, we joined forces with the Convention on Migratory Species and the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement to merge International Migratory Bird Day with World Migratory Bird Day. The joint campaign is now a truly global effort involving hundreds of organizations.World Migratory Bird Day 2022

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3migratorybirdday.org2022 Artist: Omar Custodio AzabacheWhen Is WMBD?World Migratory Bird Day is not just a day. It’s a year-long celebration! Birds migrate at different times in different regions, and this campaign is designed to reflect that. Although the traditional dates are the second Saturdays of May and October (May 14 and October 8 in 2022), we encourage you to host your event when it best suits you and when participants are most likely to see birds.Connect and ShareFor more information about World Migratory Bird Day, and to learn more about birds and light pollution, visit our website at and follow us on social media. We provide a wealth of resources to support your programs, events, and activities.WMBD 2022 Artist: Omar Custodio AzabacheCentral to World Migratory Bird Day is the artwork that reflects our annual conservation theme. Each year, artists from around the world submit their work to be carefully considered by a panel of reviewers, and one artist is selected. Omar Custodio Azabache was chosen to create the art for this year’s campaign. Omar holds a degree in Biology from Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University in Peru. He has experience in taxonomy and conservation biology with a strong emphasis on ornithology. Omar has been a research associate with the Center of Ornithology and Biodiversity (CORBIDI) since 2012. He also leads an urban bird ecology project called Aves Urbanas de Lima, which reconnects people with nature through birds, and is the co-founder of Playeras del Perú, which works to protect shorebirds and their habitats throughout the country. Omar has worked as a scientific illustrator for nearly a decade and has been featured in magazines, books, field guides, and other publications. See more of Omar’s art on his Instagram, @omarcustodioart.Become a MemberYour membership with Environment for the Americas supports our work including programs like World Migratory Bird Day. Become a member and receive a welcome gift, weekly news and updates, and a special discount on our products. Learn more at Actions to Help Birds at NightReduce the amount of light outside your home or place of business. Turn off all non-essential nighttime lights. For essential lights, use timers or motion detectors to keep usage to a minimum. And always use the minimum wattage necessary for the task at hand. (This helps save energy and money too!)Change the color of your lights from cool to warm. Studies suggest that green and blue light attracts more birds than red, orange, or yellow light. Use light bulbs that emit warm lighting to minimize disturbance to birds. (Light color is measured in kelvins—the lower the number, the warmer the light.)Direct all lighting downward. Place lights to illuminate the ground and use lighting shields to prevent shining into the sky.For more tips, visit

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4migratorybirdday.orgWorld Migratory Bird DayBurrowing OwlDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayBlack-crowned Night-HeronDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayRuddy DuckDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayDim the Lights for Birds at NightBaltimore OrioleWorld Migratory Bird DayWilson’s WarblerDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayDark-billed CuckooDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayMagnolia WarblerDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DaySwainson’s ThrushDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayLesser YellowlegsDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayWestern TanagerDim the Lights for Birds at NightStyle 2: Student poster, 11” x 17”, on lighter weight paper, folded BDCO501A Single $1 BDCO501B Set of 25 $19BDCO501C Set of 50 $25BDCO501D Set of 100 $40Style 1: Unfolded poster, 18” x 24”, on heavyweight paperBDCO500A Single $8BDCO500C Set of 50 $47BDCO500D Set of 100 $65WMBD 2022 T-ShirTSThe WMBD 2022 T-shirt features Omar Custodio Azabache’s artwork from this year’s campaign. Eight bird species are encircled with the slogan “Dim the Lights for Birds at Night” in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. This comfortable dark blue tee is made of recycled bottles and other materials to reduce the plastic that ends up in landfills and waterways. Display your commitment to birds while making less of an impact on our shared environment.WMBD 2022 PoSTerThe World Migratory Bird Day 2022 poster features the outstanding artwork of Omar Custodio Azabache and the logos of our sponsors on the front. On the back of the poster is supportive information about the impact of light pollution on birds and ways to help. Available in English or Spanish—please specify language when ordering. WMBD STarTer KiTGet your event going with WMBD education materials and giveaways. Your kit includes 50 unfolded posters, 50 student posters, 50 mixed bird stickers, 50 Bird Buddy Cotton Bracelets, 30 bird masks, and 30 pre-cut, colorful paper birds. BDKit Event Starter Kit $100.00 (Save $20) PERSONALIZE YOUR WMBD T-SHIRTSAdd your event name or logo to the sleeve of your shirts for an additional $1/shirt and a $45 setup fee for new logos. Please provide:● A minimum order of 36 shirts.● Your logo(s) at 300 dpi. ● Your order 3 weeks prior to event.Unisex Shirts (Add $2 for XXL shirts.) BD2022A: Single shirt $16.95BD2022B: 24-71 shirts $14.50 eachBD2022C: 72+ shirts $14 eachBD2022W Women’s Fit ShirtOur women’s fit shirt features are softly shaped. Prices are the same as above.Youth ShirtBe sure the kids are ready for World Migratory Bird Day with our youth shirts. Choose from Small and Medium. Bulk prices are the same as above. BD2022Y: Single shirt $13.95 WMBD 2022Art by Omar Custodio AzabacheWORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY 2022Amigo de AvesBird BuddyWomenUnisexLighT PoLLuTion PaMPhLeTWith English text on one side and Spanish text on the other, this attractively designed 11x17” flyer explains the impact of light pollution on birds and outlines simple steps we can all take to help. BD2022P: Single $1 / Set of 30 $18.952022 organizer’S guiDeLooking for new activities for your WMBD program or event? Look no further! This guide offers a series of activities and resources focusing on light pollution and migratory birds. Available in English or Spanish. Download for free at or find it pre-loaded, along with other useful WMBD materials, on our handy flash drive. BD2020FD $6

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5migratorybirdday.orgCeLeBraTe BirDS CuT ouTThe Environment for the Americas tree of birds logo has become a way for youth and adults to identify how they can help conserve birds. We’re saving you the time of cutting out all those birds by providing a kit of pre-cut, colorful paper birds. Have participants write how they will contribute to bird conservation. Post these messages on a wall to motivate others. BD925 Set of 30 $11.95 WMBD 2022 CoLoring PageShare the annual WMBD theme with young visitors using an 8.5” x 11” bilingual (Spanish/English) black-and-white coloring version of the poster. Use it at a festival station or any education program about birds and conservation. Download it free at BD33 50 Coloring Pages $10.00SKy QuaLiTy MeTerJoin us in reducing light pollution by identifying its sources. This handheld meter measures the brightness of the night sky and is compatible with the Globe at Night citizen science program. Use it in your event or program or in your own neighborhood. Includes a 9V battery. BDMeter $138.00oWLing By MarK WiLSonFeaturing 19 species and even sporting a glow-in-the-dark cover, this book invites young readers into the world of owls, to learn about their fascinating behaviors and abilities. Hardcover, 120 pages. Recommended for ages 8-12. BDOWL22 $17.00LighTS ouT By MarSha Diane arnoLD Join Fox and Beetle on their journey to find the dark night and learn how light pollution can impact wildlife, from songbirds to bears. This illustrated book is recommended for ages 6-8. Hardcover, 32 pages. BDLights $18.00WhaT if nighT? By PauL BogarDThis book explores the issue of light pollution and how even a small child can take actions that improve our world. Recommended for ages 2-5. Hardcover, 32 pages. BDWhatIf $22.00ConServaTion PinSInvite your event and program participants to confirm their commitment to bird conservation with our 2022 pins! The pins feature five of the 2022 focal species. Choose a single design or get an assortment that includes a mix of five designs. Available in English or Spanish—please specify language and quantity when ordering. BDCOPins2021 Single Pin $0.75 / 50 Pins $25.99nighT SKy PLaniSPhereLearn about the stars any night of the year with a sturdy cardboard planisphere or star-finder wheel (8.5” x 9”). It’s easy to use and includes instructions. Available in English or Spanish—please specify language when ordering.BDNightskyS Single $7.25 / BDNightsky10 Set of 10 $60.00

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6migratorybirdday.org20 WayS To heLP BirDSA set of 20 bilingual (Spanish/English) bookmarks share simple ways to help conserve birds, with each bookmark highlighting a different action. The backside of every bookmark features a portion of the 2012 WMBD art by Rafael Lopez. Put them all together to complete the puzzle!BD940 20 Bookmarks $3.00 / BD940B 200 Bookmarks $30.00Why BirDS MaTTer infograPhiCThis fun infographic illustrates some of the tasks birds accomplish for nature and humans, from dispersing seeds and pollinating flowers to serving as nature’s clean-up crew. It is easy to understand and bilingual, with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Unfolds to 11” x 17”.BD539 Single Infographic $1.00 BD539B Set of 30 $19.95 BirD ConServaTion CaLCuLaTorWhat’s your bird conservation score? This handy calculator shares 12 ways you can help birds, with a score to help you measure your success. The piece is 11” x 17” and two-sided, with English on one side and Spanish on the other.BD109 Single $1.00BD109A Set of 30 $19.95EVENT MATERIALSBirD MaSK KiTInspire the creativity of young bird lovers with our pre-cut bird masks! Made from thick cardstock, these blank masks come ready to be decorated. Popsicle sticks are included to easily mount and hold masks. BD924 Set of 30 $13.95 reDuCe your PLaSTiC uSe eDuCaTionaL PaMPhLeTTake a walk and discover our dependence on plastics, how they make their way into the environment and impact birds, and simple ways we can reduce our use. Fun, cartoon-style illustrations make a serious topic understandable for all ages. This four-panel pamphlet is 5.5” x 25.5” unfolded. Available in English or Spanish—please specify language when ordering.BD2019ED Single pamphlet $1.00 / BD2019EDA Set of 30 $19.95BirD BuDDy CoTTon BraCeLeTSIn addition to being a fashion statement, our wristbands are a great prize or giveaway. The slogan “Bird Buddy ~ Amigo de Aves” was created and selected by students and is imprinted on each wristband. These bracelets are cotton and come with a wooden closure.BD250 Single $1.00 / BD252 Set of 50 $25.00 / BD253 Set of 100 $50.00

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7migratorybirdday.orgTeMPorary TaTTooS Temporary tattoos are great as prizes or freebies. Each is 2”. Please specify quantity when ordering. More designs available online. Set of 50 $5.50 / Set of 100 $8.50 / Set of 200 $15.00CONSERVE MIGRATORY BIRDS Northern GoshawkBD50 BD46 BD129BD49 BD43BD150 Mixed Set I Wood Duck, Great Blue Heron, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Blackburnian Warbler, and Bald EagleBD210 Mixed Set II Northern Pintail, Mallard, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, and Wood DuckBD213 Mixed Set III Baltimore Oriole, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Bobolink, Blackburnian Warbler, and American Redstart BirD STiCKerSThese colorful 2-inch stickers are fun to share at an event! Choose from the above designs or select a mixed set, each with five different bird species. More designs available online.Set of 50 $6.50 / Set of 100 $11.50 / Set of 200 $21.50BD150 BD210 BD213BD145BD76BD74 BD82BD79DiM The LighTS STiCKerSBDWMBD2022 10-species set, made with recycled material! Available in English or Spanish—please specify language when ordering. Set of 50 $6.50 / Set of 100 $11.50 / Set of 200 $21.50More stickers available onlineWorld Migratory Bird DayBurrowing OwlDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayBlack-crowned Night-HeronDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayRuddy DuckDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayDim the Lights for Birds at NightBaltimore OrioleWorld Migratory Bird DayWilson’s WarblerDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayDark-billed CuckooDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayMagnolia WarblerDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DaySwainson’s ThrushDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayLesser YellowlegsDim the Lights for Birds at NightWorld Migratory Bird DayWestern TanagerDim the Lights for Birds at Night

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8migratorybirdday.orgMethod of Payment: o Check Enclosed (Checks Payable to EFTA)o Visa o Mastercard Card #: _________________________________Expiration: ______/_______Name on Card: _______________________________CVC________________u If materials are to be used at an event, please indicate the date: _________Ship To (starred lines must be completed):*Name___________________________________ E-mail:___________________Organization:________________________________________________________*Address:__________________________________________________________*City/State/Zip:____________________________ *Phone:_____________________Questions? Call 303-499-1950Mail your order: EFTA, 5171 Eldorado Springs Drive, Suite N, Boulder, CO 80303 E-mail your order: sales@environmentamericas.orgYes! I would like to donate to education programs.Shipping ChargesContinental U.S. OnlyUnfolded Posters Set of 50..........................$13.75 Set of 100.......................$16.75All Other Products Up to $15.00...................$6.95 $15.01 - $25.00..............$8.95 $25.01 - $50.00..............$9.95 $50.01 - $ 75.00.......... $12.95 $75.01 - $100.00..........$15.95 $100.01 - $150.00.......$16.95 $150.01 - $200.00.......$18.95call for pricing over $200 Item # Product Name Size/Color Quantity Price Each TotalSubtotalShippingAdditional Poster Shipping (see left)8.36% Sales Tax-CO residentsAlaska, Hawaii add $5Canada add $10TOTAL

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9migratorybirdday.orgCOLLISIONSCoLLiDeSCaPe WinDoW TaPeThis tape allows light to pass through while remaining visible to birds and thus reducing collisions. Includes one 40-foot roll of 3/4-inch wide clear tape.WindowABC $17.95BIRD BOOKSaCoPian BirDSaverS Nylon cords hang outside your window to make pane glass visible to birds. Choose the size to best fit your window width.WindowCordsM 30”- 47” $65 WindowCordsL 47” - 60” $70 MeTaL BirD BooKMarKThere’s nothing like a good bookmark! You’ll appreciate the durable design and attractive style of this bird-themed metal bookmark.BDBookmark $3.59 with free shippingMillions of birds are killed each year by colliding with windows, and so it is critical that we take steps to make our homes and places of work safer. Here are a few products designed to reduce bird collisions with windows and glass doors.We host a monthly book club featuring great bird books and virtual discussions with the authors. Visit to learn more!a PoCKeT guiDe To Pigeon WaTChing By roSeMary MoSCo BDbookpigeon $13.95This volume is part field guide, part history, part ornithology primer, and altogether fun.WooDy’S LaST Laugh By JaMeS ChriSToPher haney BDbookwoody $30This book explores a simmering controversy: the supposed extinction of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.The huMMingBirD hanDBooK By John SheWey BDbookhum2 $16Here is a must-have guide to attracting, understanding, and protecting North American hummingbirds.More BirDS Than BuLLeTS By geoffrey MCMuLLan BDmbtb $22This book intertwines the narrative of a young man in the British Army with his passion for birds and nature.The BaLD eagLe By JaCK e. DaviS BDbookeagle $29.95Pulitzer prize-winning author Jack E. Davis presents a sweeping history of the Bald Eagle in America.SoLiD air By DanieL KLeM, Jr. BDbooksolid $23Glass windows kill birds. Solid Air examines this important problem and how to solve it.The enD of nighT By PauL BogarD BDbookend $16This book is a deeply panoramic tour of the night, from its brightest spots to the darkest skies we have left.feaTher frienDLy WinDoW TaPeThis tape offers a unique, aesthetically pleasing spacing pattern. Each roll includes 100 feet of tape. Installation is fast and easy, and markers can be removed without damage to glass.WindowF1 1 roll $16.99WindowF2 3 rolls $39.95

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Jorge Vargas-Barriga, Data Analyst10migratorybirdday.orgThe environMenT for The aMeriCaS CoLLeCTionOur 1” x 1.5” enamel pin is constructed of durable metal, protecting it from rain and other weather conditions. The sandpiper headband, handmade in the U.S., is illustrated by Rocío Landívar. Support sustainable fashion by purchasing our T-shirt—each is made of six plastic bottles and features our multi-colored logo. Head outdoors with our 20-ounce insulated stainless steel water bottle and cap or visor, keeping you hydrated and protected from the sun. For the avid coffee drinker, our Redstart coffee from Birds & Beans is certified bird-friendly, shade-grown, and 100% organic. Lastly, support the conservation and protection of parrots from the black market trade when you purchase the Mejor Volando headwear.THE ENVIRONMENT FOR THE AMERICAS COLLECTIONYour purchase of materials from Environment for the Americas helps to support our education programs across the Western Hemisphere. We contribute more than 200 education packets to organizations that work in their communities to protect birds.ConServaTion PoSTerSOur Migration Map portrays the migrations of 12 bird species, illustrating both long-distance and short-distance travelers—text on the back describes migration and how birds make their journeys. Learn about western hummingbirds with our beautiful bilingual (Spanish/English) Hummingbird Poster. Share the importance of snags to birds and other wildlife with our Life of a Dead Tree educational poster. And last but not least, Birds of North America is the result of hundreds of hours of intricate illustration work by a team of talented artists and features 740 birds drawn to scale and sorted by species.huMMingBirD PoSTerBDHum18 18” x 24” $3.95/eaBDHum12 11” x 17” folded $1.00/eaBDHum12B 11” x 17” Set of 30 $25.00Helping Hummingbirds ThriveConservemos a los colibríesArt © Marco Garcia for Environment for the AmericasWeakened trees attract beetles that lay eggs in the bark.Cavities later become roosts (homes).Some animals modify the holes into more fitting cavities for themselves, depending on their size.A snag acts as a nursery providing shelter from the elements...Plants and fungi help the process of decomposition of the dead tree, using it as a source of food.Woodpeckers chop into the tree to feed on beetle larvae, creating holes.... and protection from predators!is it REALLY dead? Seems pretty lively to me!Like every living thing,trees die eventually, but their ecological value remain long after the last leaf falls...Life of a DeaD Tree (12” x 18”)BD396 Single Poster $1.95BD396B Set of 30 $30.00reDSTarT BirD frienDLy® CoffeeBD955 (12 oz) $9.95 BD956 (5 lb ) $50.00PinBDEFTAPIN $2.00SanDPiPer heaDBanDBD102 $10.00MeJor voLanDo heaDWearBDHeadwear $10.00viSor BD431 $18.95 / CaP BD430 $18.95T-ShirT (Add $2 for XXL shirts) BDEFTA $14.95BoTTLe BDEFTAbot $29.50MigraTion MaP (18” x 24”)BDCO03 Migration Map, unfolded $3.95BDCO28 Classroom Set (25) $25.00BirDS of norTh aMeriCa(36” x 24”)BDCO106 $29.95

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11migratorybirdday.orgBaMBoo uTenSiL SeTSay no to plastic by using your own utensils at work and when you travel. This set is made from bamboo and includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw, and cleaning brush, all tidily organized in a cloth case. BD2022 Bamboo Utensils $6.00KITCHENWAREKhaLa CLoThSOur Khala Cloths reusable food wraps feature the artwork from World Migratory Bird Day 2020. They are made in Colorado from organic hemp-cotton and infused with wax blends that are artisanally crafted to be durable, resilient, and easy to clean! We offer sandwich wraps and combo packs (1 mini, 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large). BDKhalacp Combo pack $22BDKhalasw Sandwich wrap $12.99The enTourage DrinKing gLaSSeS Liven up any gathering with these festive drinking glasses! Each boxed set includes four glasses featuring some of your favorite birds like you’ve never seen them before. Hand-wash only. Choose from an entourage of birds or only owls.BDGlassBirds $30.00 / BDGlassOwls $30.00BDGlassBirdsBDGlassOwlsBDCCT BDCCCCooKie CuTTerLove birds and baking? Choose from eight different cookie cutter designs: crow, hummingbird, gull, eagle, cardinal, baby bird, owl, and penguin. $2.00 / eachSTainLeSS STeeL DrinKing STraWSOur 8” reusable stainless steel straws are an affordable and ecofriendly alternative to single-use plastic straws! Offered in rose gold, purple, blue, and black, each straw features the phrase “World Migratory Bird Day.” Flexible bristle cleaning brushes available as well.BDStrawA: Single straw with cleaning brush $3.00BDStrawB: Set of 30 straws $34.95BDStrawC: Set of 30 straws and cleaning brushes $44.95

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WMBD 2020 BirDS ConneCT our WorLD MaPExplore bird migration with our world map highlighting the migrations of several of the World Migratory Bird Day 2020 focal species. Also included are details on the ways we track birds and how we use that information to protect them. This engaging pamphlet is perfect for youth and adults alike.BD2020ED Single map $1.00 / BD2020EDA Set of 30 $19.9512migratorybirdday.orgJunior BirDer aCTiviTy BooKSThe Junior Birder series is a great way to learn about birds through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Junior Birder Journal introduces kids to birdwatching and bird conservation. All About Hummingbirds covers the fascinating world of hummingbirds, from their identification to insights on their behavior. All About Shorebirds helps students identify shorebirds and to better understand their habitat requirements, and even how to conduct shorebird surveys. Each booklet is sized 5.5” x 4.25” for convenient use. Available in English or Spanish—please specify language when ordering. Single $1.50 / Set of 30 $30.00Junior BirDer JournaLBD922aLL aBouT huMMingBirDSBD980JUNIOR BIRDERJOURNAL & ACTIVITY BOOKSHOREBIRDSALL ABOUT Your NameaLL aBouT ShoreBirDSBD990BirD BanDSThese bird bands are a great tool to teach about birds and bird research. They can also be used as prizes or to help raise funds for your conservation program. The bright blue aluminum bands are numbered sequentially and stamped with the words, Celebrate Birds! BD197 Set of 50 $18.00 / BD198 Set of 100 $25.00IN THE FIELDParTnerS in fLighT 30Th anniverSary MiCrofiBer CLoThClean your binoculars in style! This microfiber cloth stuffs in its own bag, which includes the Partners in Flight 30th anniversary logo. Clip it to your pack or binocular strap for easy access. Made in the U.S.BDPIFMC $4.00 / BDPIFMC Set of 20 $75.00 WeTLanDS harDCover noTeBooKWetlands are a unique and vital ecosystem that teems with life. Record your bird observations and other field notes in this beautifully illustrated, wetland-themed notebook featuring dot grid pages. BDNotewet $24.00

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13migratorybirdday.orgBirDy Luggage TagSTraveling is at its best when you go with these birdy luggage tags featuring artwork from WMBD 2017 artist Rocío Landívar. Space is available on the back of each tag to record your contact information. Choose from Black Oystercatcher (A), Rufous Hummingbird (B), Whimbrel (C), and Western Sandpiper (D). Buy one or all four!BDLug $2.95 / BDLUG4 Set of four $10.95ACBDBirDy BanDanaSThese beautifully illustrated bandanas help to support our bird conservation efforts. Our raptor bandana features 18 species and can serve as a handy identification aid in the field or as a sweatband when the birding gets hot. Our full-color hummingbird bandana features 11 species and spotlights our work with the Western Hummingbird Partnership—learn more at Each bandana is 21” x 21”.STainLeSS STeeL BirD-TheMeD vaCuuM fLaSKThis wide-mouthed, 18-ounce stainless steel flask has a textured design for a unique tactile experience while you drink! It will keep your drink hot or cold until you’re ready to enjoy it. Hand-wash only.BDBirdFlask $30.00BD525 $8.00BDBandana $12.80Dim the Lights for Birds at NightThroughout the year we will highlight the steps that everyone can take to reduce the impacts of light pollution on our migratory birds. Share these messages through social media and other outlets to increase awareness of this important issue! #WorldMigratoryBirdDay

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14migratorybirdday.orgCHARLEY HARPERCOLLECTIONMySTery of The MiSSing MigranTS T-ShirT Mystery of the Missing Migrants is an all-time favorite piece of art featuring 45 bird species. Enjoy this iconic artwork on our denim blue, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk tee. (Add $2 for size XXL.) BD59 Unisex $14.95CharLey harPer SoCKSThese high-quality socks are made with long-fiber fair-trade cotton for more durability. They are sewn with the Pointed Toe technique, creating a more seamless appearance and less wear and tear. These socks are designed to fit women’s shoe sizes 9-11, but their unique stretch allows for a larger range. Choose from the cardinal or Mystery Migrants. $19.95 / each CharLey harPer Tea ToWeLSCharley Harper’s birds are printed on these 100% cotton tea towels that feature a corner loop for hanging. Made and printed in the U.S. using cotton from India. Choose from Flight of Fancy with multiple bird species, or Cardinal Courtship. $17.00 / eachBDCardinalBDMissingMPoP-uP uMBreLLaFeaturing art by Charley Harper, this birdy umbrella will truly make you want to sing in the rain! It has an auto open/close button for quick and easy one-handed operation. Includes an elastic carrying strap. Unfolded canopy: 43”. Folded length: 11”. Weight: 11.2 oz. BDBirds $39.95BDChcardinalBDChflightFor centuries, the neo-tropical migrants in this picture have shuttled between winter homes in the tropical rainforest and nesting sites in our woodlands. Now their populations are plummeting. Why? Habitat destruction Down There? Up Here? Is your favorite songster in this flock? Each April, I listen anxiously to the dawn chorus for the return of my favorite, that world-class flutist, the wood thrush. Are silent springs forthcoming? Remember the canary in the coal mine?—Charley Harper (1922-2007)“”

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15migratorybirdday.orgJUST FOR FUNhuMMingBirD SoCKSThese comfy and colorful socks feature the hummingbird art of Haida artist Gordon White. Available in size M/L, which fits women’s shoe sizes 10-13 and men’s shoe sizes 8-12.5. BDSocksH $17.25 raven feaTherSBDScarfRF $17.95eagLe SPiriTBDScarfES $17.95BirD SCarveSWe have a variety of beautiful bird scarves that feature the work of Indigenous artists. The eco scarves feature bold designs and are made of polyester from recycled plastic bottles—they are 27.5” x 71”.The Eagle Spirit chiffon scarf and Raven Feathers circle scarf are 27.5” x 70” and made of polyester and bamboo, respectively.Tea ToWeLSCook in style with our selection of tea towels. Choose from a variety of designs. All towels are 100% cotton and machine washable. Flour sack towels are 29” x 28”unfolded. Other designs are 18” x 26” and include a tab for hanging. More designs available online. BLue heronLighT SaverhuMMingBirDBDScarfBH$27.99BDScarfLS$27.99BDScarfHum$27.99BDTEAGarden $10.00BDTEABirds $10.00BDTeaOwls$8.50BDTeaHum$8.50BDTeasong$8.50Eco ScarvesFlour sack towels

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ENVIRONMENT for the AMERICAS5171 Eldorado Springs DriveSuite NBoulder, CO 80303www.environmentamericas.orgWorld Migratory Bird Day 2022© Omar Custodio Azabache