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2022 Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program

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2 BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM • APRIL 10, 2022This publication presents the 17th annual Boise Rota-ry Century Scholars Program. In these unsettling times, we feel the recognition of our highest per-forming students and their extraordinary educators is more important than ever. It is with this in mind that we welcome you to help us celebrate these high performing students and their educators. This very special program is being sponsored by several of the Treasure Valley’s Rotary Clubs and other long time community supporters to recognize the exceptional value our entire community places on high academic achievement. Each student being recognized has substantially exceeded the minimum program grade point average requirement of 3.75 and represents the best in music, the arts, service to community, athletics and academics in each of our high schools. Our honorees also serve as role models for younger siblings and other students throughout Boise who look to them for leadership and guidance. Each student also had the opportunity to name three educators that played an important part in their life. You will see the names of each of those educators listed in this publication. One of those educators is also invited to accompany them to a special awards ceremony in their honor.At this special awards ceremony, each student and educator will receive a medallion and a certificate. These high achieving students and the influential teachers and counselors who represent the many talented and dedicated educators throughout our community deserve nothing less.Encouraging our students in their pursuit of excellence brings value and the promise of leadership to our community. This program provides us the opportunity to recognize the attainment of excellence by the top 100 of this class of Boise’s graduating seniors. It also allows us the opportunity to reward and honor representative educators who have played such a major role in the success of each of our students. With all the attention being paid to high school graduates going on to college, we thought it would be important to share with you how previous Century Scholars are doing. The college-going rate of the 2021 Boise Rotary Century Scholars stands at 82%, well above Idaho’s 2021 average col-lege-going rate of 37% as reported by Idaho Education News. These percentages are for students who graduated from high school and then attended 2 or 4 year colleges the next fall semester. While rates are lower than in previous years, these are still impressive rates given the unusual circumstances that college bound students found themselves in last fall.Rotary is all about the development of leadership and service above self. Boise’s Rotarians believe that the greatest value of the Century Scholars Program is in recognizing students who are striving to be leaders and also applaud the dedication of our educators and the critical role they play in helping students grow as learners and as people. The well-being of our city, state, nation and world is dependent upon the minds and hearts of those we honor in this year’s Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program and those who will follow after them. From our vantage point, we are in good hands and our future looks bright. Sincerely,Welcometo the Boise Century Scholars ProgramBeatrice BlackCo-Chair 2022 BoiseRotary CenturyScholars ProgramScott LearnedPresidentRotary Club of BoiseRotary Club of BoiseScott Learned, PresidentMeets at the Hoff Building Thursdays, Noon–1:15 Boise CentennialLisa Bearg, President Meets at the Riverside HotelThursdays, 7:00–8:00 amBoise EastPaul Krumm, PresidentSmoky Mountain Pizzeria & GrillTuesdays, 5:30–6:30 pmBoise Southwest RotarySarah Wolverton, PresidentMeets at the Riverside HotelWednesdays, 12:00–1:15 pmBoise Sunrise RotaryMatt Walo, PresidentMeets at the Riverside HotelTuesdays, 7:00–8:00 amService Above SelfROTARY MOTTOBoise MetroShiloh Shaver, PresidentTown Place Suites by MarriotTuesdays, Noon – 1:00CJ Huston, PresidentRotary Club of Eagle/Garden CityBarrel House Pub & GrillThursdays, Noon - 1:00Rotary District 5400 GovernorRussell JohnsonIdaho FallsRotary District 5400 Governor-ElectJennifer Deroin NampaRotary International President 2021-2022Shekhar Mehta IndiaSPONSORING ROTARY CLUBS:OTHER BOISE ROTARY CLUBS:

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Congratulations Century Scholars & Class of 2022! School District is dedicated to creating tomorrow’s leaders. In attending some of the top-performing high schools in the country, our students take advantage of challenges and opportunities that prepare them to become thoughtful citizens in our state and beyond. As a parent, you see your child’s potential. And we see it, too. 6% of high schools in the nation. Ranked in the top

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APRIL 10, 2022 • BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM 5Pilar M CookSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Patty A and Peter C CookCollege: UndecidedCareer: Electrical EngineerSignificant Educators: Tammy Taylor, Todd Erlander, Marta WatsonOwen CurtinSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Lisa D CurtinCollege: Yale University Career: WriterSignificant Educators: Mrs. Cox, Harris Grant, Daniel Bainbridge John C HortonSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Andrea and Rob HortonCollege: University of Notre Dame Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Rich Raimondi Mary Margaret HunterSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Kathryn and Bob HunterCollege: University of IdahoCareer: International RelationsSignificant Educators: Kristina Gazdik Christopher M MartinoSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Stacy and Vincent MartinoCollege: Princeton University Career: MedicineSignificant Educators: Kathy Comstock, Nicole Thomas Daniel C RussellSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Michael and Julianne RussellCollege: US Air Force Academy in Colorado SpringsCareer: Aeronautical Engineer and Air Force pilotSignificant Educators: Kevan Grant Thomas R DeanSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Robert R and Katherine R DeanCollege: Duke University Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Kristen Duskey, Sarah Veigel, Amber TetrickDarci J DeAngelisSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Caren and Tony DeAngelisCollege: Smith CollegeCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Debbie Wallace, Jennifer Coffey, Lindsay WilmotElan L FordeSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Jodi L and Chris N FordeCollege: St Catherine’s University Career: Orthodontist Significant Educators: Ingrid Jungen, Riley Lyngar, Doug StanGavin GeeSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: David and Kristi Gee College: UndecidedCareer: Engineering and film/photographySignificant Educators: Brian Marinelli, Jon Stadtlander, Reid Spain-StrombomRiley M GibsonSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Laura and John H GibsonCollege: Carleton College Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Patty Brown, Dan Fisher, Ryan WilliamsJamie R HamlinSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Ted and Heidi HamlinCollege: Oregon State UniversityCareer: LawyerSignificant Educators: Betty Turner, Manna Hancock, Aaron OlswangerExcellence2022 Boise Rotary Century ProgramStryder P SchossbergerSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Steven and Susan SchossbergerCollege: Texas Christian UniversityCareer: Petroleum or nuclear engineeringSignificant Educators: Lori Emry, Mike Korber, Larry CrumpMolly P SparkmanSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Sarah C and Shaun SparkmanCollege: UndecidedCareer: Software DeveloperSignificant Educators: Laura Spain, Teri Lusk, Ben HarrisJustice WalkerSchool: Bishop Kelly High SchoolParents: Diane M and Donovan E WalkerCollege: Notre DameCareer: PhysicianSignificant Educators: Tina Skinner, Mary McClure, Rob GundlachAnnina N. BradleySchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Jenni and Marc-François BradleyCollege: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Alicia Bradshaw, Kelly Richmond, Sharon HansonMia I Busuladzic-BegicSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Sandina Begic and Samir BusuladzicCollege: UndecidedCareer: Applied MathematicsSignificant Educators: Mark Brilz, David Estrada, Doug StanJames F. Byrne IIISchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Anne-Marie M. Dega College: Dartmouth College Career: Public policy Significant Educators: Jill Fiderlick, Alison Taylor, Reid Spain-Strombom

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6 BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM • APRIL 10, 2022Excellence2022 Boise Rotary Century ProgramHayden HinchmanSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Dave Hinchman and Kara Cadwal-laderCollege: University of Utah Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Jill Fiderlick, David Whitacre, Sharon HansonEverhett W LaBonneSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Tammy S LaBonne and Gregory J WellingCollege: UndecidedCareer: MedicineSignificant Educators: Mark Brills, Donna Hale, Monica ChurchMalia McCollSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Matt and Jenny McCollCollege: UndecidedCareer: LawyerSignificant Educators: Linda Stokes , Joel Westrick , Scott Arnold Liam J MurraySchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Katja Johnson and David MurrayCollege: Dartmouth CollegeCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Amber Wagner, Margaret Ryder, Reid Spain-StrombomAnoushka G NaiduSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Hari and Sarvani Naidu College: Undecided Career: Computer ScienceSignificant Educators: Tenley Gagnerlutz, Ashley Hart, Erin GalinatoEddie OrmsethSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Kris J Ormseth and Kathi L PearceCollege: Undecided Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Mike Fisher, Trent Waibel, Roanna BarclayAlexander C PatrickSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Maureen and Gordon T PatrickCollege: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Erin Martin, Becky Koessler, Jeff UlricksonCharles G RoeSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Amy M and Mike O RoeCollege: University of VirginiaCareer: Marketing and sales Significant Educators: Mark Brilz, Andrew Porter, Erik QuisselAbigail G ScamardellaSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Rachel and Jeffrey ScamardellaCollege: UndecidedCareer: LawSignificant Educators: Lisa Bowman, Matt Rutte, Lindsay WilmotBerit SchausSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Jeff and Amanda SchausCollege: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Stephanie May, Shannon McDowell, Reid Spain-StrombomLogan M SmithSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Kristin S and Stephen C SmithCollege: Stanford University Career: Athletics and medicineSignificant Educators: Angela Troy, Jake Miller, Marti DinkelmanAsha Q SoniSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Margery M and Neeraj SoniCollege: Undecided Career: Medical PhysicianSignificant Educators: Nikol Johnson, Ashley Hart, Reid Spain-StrombomKathryn J StevensSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Jennifer A and John R StevensCollege: UndecidedCareer: Humanitarian Crisis ReliefSignificant Educators: Kyle McMorrowKatharine E TurckeSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Karen A Hudelson and Paul A TurckeCollege: UndecidedCareer: LawSignificant Educators: Teresa Coles, Laurel Talley, Dawn DouthitJiaye (Tony) WanSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Yuanzhong Wan and Xiaopeng JiangCollege: UndecidedCareer: Undecided: Significant Educators: Don WarnerJack A ZuckermanSchool: Boise High SchoolParents: Dana D and Dan S ZuckermanCollege: UC Berkeley Career: Music and visual artsSignificant Educators: Angela Troy Sydney M BloodSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Janae and Michael BloodCollege: Utah State UniversityCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Leah Tucker, Brittany Smith, Helga FrankensteinSam E BraySchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Robert S and Shannon G Bray College: Rice University Career: Mathematics Significant Educators: Christopher Erwin, Charles Mchenry, Diana Steiner

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APRIL 10, 2022 • BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM 7Excellence2022 Boise Rotary Century ProgramBrian P DaleySchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Jon P and Sonia U DaleyCollege: UndecidedCareer: Computer ScienceSignificant Educators: Brad Peachey, Craig Daniels, Chad BleazardBrandon HarrySchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Alicia L and Shaun P HarryCollege: University of IdahoCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Rachel Harry, Joseph Brian, Brad Peachey Hunter M HolbrookSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Angela J and Braden J HolbrookCollege: University of IdahoCareer: Biomedical engineeringSignificant Educators: Chris Erwin, Adam Johanson, Mike HealyLily P JenkinsSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Julia G and Doug T JenkinsCollege: Pacific Lutheran UniversityCareer: AccountingSignificant Educators: Jenni Kimball, Pamela Atkins, Korrin RueJulie M JirikSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Helen E and Steven J JirikCollege: UndecidedCareer: Nutrition and Physical TherapySignificant Educators: Karen Coslett, Rebecca Lawson, Toni Ansotegui Lexi M JohnsSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Kandice and Steven JohnsCollege: Boise State UniversityCareer: Creative writing Significant Educators: Jayne Davis, Chuck Mchenry, Donald DrobnySeth KillworthSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Kala and Christian KillworthCollege: University of Arizona Career: Agribusiness EconomicsSignificant Educators: Rachel Mcintosh, Chad Bleazard, Jeremy ThompsonSierra N LafrenzSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Eric L and Estee A LafrenzCollege: UndecidedCareer: Veterinary MedicineSignificant Educators: Julie Ekhoff, Janice Poppenga, Jennifer ComptonBrooke MasonSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Annette and Mark MasonCollege: Brigham Young UniversityCareer: AccountingSignificant Educators: Victoria Benson, Jonelle Warnock, Bill DonaldsonMcKenna McKaySchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Jessica Brunko and Brian McKayCollege: UndecidedCareer: Music PerformanceSignificant Educators: Julie Ekhoff, Diana Steiner, Chuck McHenry Luke B MesserlySchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Loren K Messerly and Melanie E StrasserCollege: Utah State UniversityCareer: Billionaire philanthropistSignificant Educators: Rusty Clapp, Alyce Lundbohm, Victor HofstetterEleanor R MoseleySchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Cynthia N Moseley College: University of Oregon Career: Computer ScienceSignificant Educators: Shellie Smith, Taylor Jordan, Isabelle HopeElizabeth G NeisenSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Misty D and Peter D NeisenCollege: UndecidedCareer: Computer Science or MathematicsSignificant Educators: Helga Frankenstein, David Whitacre, Korrin RueJulia K NiedererSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Tara E and Chris NiedererCollege: University of IdahoCareer: Physicians AssistantSignificant Educators: Bill Donaldson, Christine Haley, Steven TippingJacob QV PhamSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Peter D and Loan PhamCollege: UCICareer: Film EditorSignificant Educators: Rachel McIntosh, Tony Zaragoza, Victor HofstettorSophie L PosteSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Sarah Poste College: University of IdahoCareer: Elementary School teacherSignificant Educators: Christina Fitzner, Christine Haley, Jen ComptonRebecca RuppSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: A’laina and Clint RuppCollege: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Stacie Gilliland, Shannon Brubaker, Jayne DavisMaggie B SawyerSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Brian R and Peggy O SawyerCollege: Willamette University Career: MedicineSignificant Educators: Shirley Chiles, Shannon Brubaker, Greg Mitchell

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8 BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM • APRIL 10, 2022Selected Educators2022 Boise Rotary Century ProgramBishop KellyPilar M CookTammy TaylorOwen CurtinDaniel BainbridgeJohn C HortonRich RaimondiMary Margaret HunterKristina GazdikChristopher MartinoNicole ThomasDaniel C RussellKevan GrantStryder P SchossbergerLarry CrumpMolly P SparkmanBen HarrisJustice WalkerMary McClureBoise HighAnnina N. BradleySharon HansonMia I Busuladzic-BegicMark BrilzJames F. Byrne IIIAlison TaylorThomas R DeanAmber TetrickDarci J DeAngelisLindsay WilmotElan L FordeRiley LyngarGavin GeeJon StadtlanderRiley M GibsonRyan WilliamsJamie R HamlinAaron OlswangerHayden HinchmanJill FiderlickEverhett W LaBonneMonica ChurchMalia McCollScott ArnoldLiam J MurrayAmber WagnerAnoushka G NaiduErin GalinatoEddie OrmsethMike FisherAlexander C PatrickJeff UlricksonCharles G RoeAndrew PorterAbigail G ScamardellaMatt RutteBerit SchausReid Spain-StrombomLogan M SmithMarti DinkelmanAsha Q SoniNikol JohnsonKathryn J StevensKyle McMorrowKatharine E TurckeDawn DouthitJiaye (Tony) WanDon WarnerJack A ZuckermanAngela TroyBorah HighSydney M BloodBrittany SmithSam E BrayChristopher ErwinBrian P DaleyCraig DanielsBrandon D HarryBrad PeacheyHunter M HolbrookMike HealyLily P JenkinsKorrin RueJulie M JirikToni AnsoteguiLexi M JohnsDonald DrobnySeth KillworthChad BleazardSierra N LafrenzJanice PoppengaBrooke MasonBill DonaldsonMcKenna McKayJulie EkhoffLuke B MesserlyRusty ClappEleanor R MoseleyIsabelle HopeElizabeth G NeisenHelga FrankensteinJulia K NiedererSteve TippingJacob QV PhamRachel McIntoshSophie L PosteChristina FitznerRebecca RuppJayne DavisMaggie B SawyerGreg MitchellSierra R SchultzDiana SteinerCapital HighAbdullahi A AbdiRyan McgillCaysen L AndersonShanda PalsulichArtur K BodziachowskiFrank ComiskeyTayia J CarterLynnette WellerAnya E ColeBrittney GehrigClaudia V CostantinoBrittney BreskeLindsey D CrandallSkye HetheringtonGavin W DashTelinda CaseAlexa ForbesStefan de VriesKaylee A FrankCathryn YoungerJohn E HarrisTeegan CarterJacob LeaJohn DohertyMelina MohammadiCrystal ScottBode J PackerKatie Bosch-WilsonGrace ReederMatt JacobsenAlekya S TanikellaJulia OxfordLeah K Van De GraaffRebecca GrisAiden T WeaverAmber JollyFrank ChurchRiley McDougalDot BermanAyana Torres MartinezTara HaleyTony VeineLeanne ThurstonRiverstone InternationalRyan C WilkinJon Moreno-RamirezKaija T ZollerJosh UdesenSageTheodore GearyMelissa WebsterAbigayle J JonesStuart MurrayTimberlineEline J AbrahamAdam WardJiye BaekGreg SasserAlexa S BarnumSheila BrownNathan A BudeLaurie RobertsLondon CarterRoss SchultzKuan-yu ChenLaurel JohnstonJames E GiffenBrenda SpurgeonEmma GrahamKaren MossAreebah HarganJerod MorehouseEunseo HwangAnnie MunizMaxwell W JewellLiz ParsonsJinho KimNalisha JohnsonJames LiuOscar ArteagaDheemanth S MajjiDave CrispLuke M MasonRob HindbergNicolas R MedapalliCarrie HarderKellen Yujin NIeSean BostonJimin RyuErin StutzmanSanjeev Sukumaaran MakeshGreg HoetkerPriyanshsinh G VaghelaJeremy BronnerJackson J ZerwasAnna Resnick

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APRIL 10, 2022 • BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM 9Sierra R SchultzSchool: Borah High SchoolParents: Laura and Jason SchultzCollege: University of IdahoCareer: Secondary school teacher Significant Educators: Diana Steiner, Steve Theis, Jayne DavisAbdullahi A AbdiSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Aden A Aden and Amino a HamudCollege: Tuft UniversityCareer: Engineering and computer scienceSignificant Educators: Alisha Coy, Ryan Mcgill, Caleb MattraversCaysen L AndersonSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Rachel L Jones and Chris L AndersonCollege: Texas A&M in College StationCareer: Architecture or construction management Significant Educators: Gerald Bell, Sandy Matherly, Shanda PalsulichArtur K BodziachowskiSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Karina M and Krzysztof S BodziachowskiCollege: United States Air Force Academy Career: United States Air Force Officer Significant Educators: Rebecca Gris, Josh Giudicelli, Frank ComiskeyTayia J CarterSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Cynthea S and Chet E CarterCollege: Boise State UniversityCareer: Mechanical EngineerSignificant Educators: Lynette Weller, Christy Corpus, Derek GardnerAnya E ColeSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Kelli and Ryan Cole College: Utah State University Career: TeachingSignificant Educators: Amy Bourland, Courtney Hruby, Brittney GehrigClaudia V CostantinoSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Alessandro Costantino and Alicia DjouwayedCollege: Undecided Career: Chemical EngineeringSignificant Educators: Veronica Andueza, Kurt Biehl, Brittney BreskeLindsey D CrandallSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Heather and John Greer and Dana CrandallCollege: UndecidedCareer: Romance Language / LinguisticsSignificant Educators: Thy Harelson, Brandon Hall, Skye HetheringtonGavin W DashSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Katie Wagner College: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Anne Brockl, Telinda Case, Chad RitzerAlexa ForbesSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Kathie Forbes College: UndecidedCareer: Medical research Significant Educators: Lynnette Weller, Stefan de Vries, Amber JollyKaylee A FrankSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Elizabeth A Frank and College: Hamilton College in Clinton, New York Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Michelle Buxkemper, Christopher Erwin, Cathryn YoungerJohn E HarrisSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Angela and John HarrisCollege: Boise State University Career: Social mediaSignificant Educators: Kathy Hahn, Verionica Tipton-Jones, Teegan CarterJacob LeaSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Melissa Gaskell and Dan LeaCollege: BYU - IdahoCareer: PhysicianSignificant Educators: Jenell Irwin, Stefan de Vries, John DohertyMelina MohammadiSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Faranak Mohammadi College: UndecidedCareer: Bioengineering professorSignificant Educators: Nadine Chaffee, Christy Corpus, Crystal ScottBode J PackerSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Christine A Packer College: Undecided Career: Computer scienceSignificant Educators: Nadine Chaffee, Julie Ekhoff, Katie Bosch-WilsonGrace ReederSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Kimberly K and Randy E ReederCollege: BYU-ProvoCareer: Mechanical EngineeringSignificant Educators: Craig Daniels, Janice Poppenga, Matt JacobsenAlekya S TanikellaSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Srikanth Tanikella and Padma GadepallyCollege: UndecidedCareer: MedicineSignificant Educators: Linda Stokes, Holly Maclean, Julia OxfordLeah K Van De GraaffSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: Colette and Ryan Van De GraaffCollege: Brigham Young University-Provo Career: Elementary school teacherSignificant Educators: Rebecca Gris, Jeanette Griggs, Paula UriarteExcellence2022 Boise Rotary Century Program

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10 BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM • APRIL 10, 2022Aiden T WeaverSchool: Capital High SchoolParents: William Weaver and Ailen TinezaCollege: Boise State University Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Janetlee Murphy, Page Mckinney, Amber JollyRiley McDougalSchool: Frank Church High SchoolParents: Lynette and Owen McDougalCollege: College of Western IdahoCareer: Diesel TechnologySignificant Educators: Donna Hale, Dot BermanAyana Torres MartinezSchool: Frank Church High SchoolParents: Bethanie Torres Martinez and Julie IngallsCollege: UndecidedCareer: EntrepreneurSignificant Educators: Brian Thornburg, Nerissa Armstrong, Tara HaleyTony VeineSchool: Frank Church High SchoolParents: Mark Veine College: Boise State UniversityCareer: Art EducationSignificant Educators: Jason Evans, Tara Haley, Leanne ThurstonRyan C WilkinSchool: Riverstone International SchoolParents: Michelle A and Robert C WilkinCollege: Colorado School of MinesCareer: Mechanical engineering Significant Educators: Chris Silva, Jen Coffey, Jon Moreno-Ramirez, Kaija T ZollerSchool: Riverstone International SchoolParents: Holly Ponath and Raino ZollerCollege: Colorado State UniversityCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Stacey Walker, Sydney Schooler, Josh UdesenTheodore GearySchool: Sage International SchoolParents: Mark and Emily GearyCollege: University of WashingtonCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Jennifer Justis, Bryce Mercer, Melissa WebsterAbigayle J JonesSchool: Sage International SchoolParents: Elizabeth T Spenner and Jeffery A JonesCollege: UndecidedCareer: Forensic scientist or fire investigator Significant Educators: N/A N/A, Kristin Gnojewski, Stuart MurrayEline J AbrahamSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Merilyn Abraham and Abraham O EdwardCollege: UndecidedCareer: Physician scientistSignificant Educators: Maria Manning-Floch, Shanda Palsulich, Adam WardJiye BaekSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Kye Hyun Baek and Hae Uk LeeCollege: Cornell UniversityCareer: Computer EngineeringSignificant Educators: Ju Hui Yang, Greg Sasser, Sean BostonAlexa S BarnumSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Laureen A and Randall S BarnumCollege: UndecidedCareer: DentistrySignificant Educators: Sheila Brown, Anna Resnick, Kari FilsonNathan A BudeSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Nathan C and Maggie A BudeCollege: UndecidedCareer: AttorneySignificant Educators: Chiquatia Ross, Stacey Toma, Laurie RobertsLondon CarterSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Tara Carter College: UndecidedCareer: Political ScienceSignificant Educators: June Wakewood, Josh McConnell, Ross SchultzKuan-yu ChenSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Neng-kuo Chen and I-chen HsiehCollege: University of Texas at Austin Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Shu-fen Lou, Christy Zunker, Laurel JohnstonJames E GiffenSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: John and Sheila GiffenCollege: Bucknell Career: Computer Engineering or Computer ScienceSignificant Educators: Brenda Spurgeon, Craig Daniels, Jerod MorehouseEmma GrahamSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Brenda and Doug GrahamCollege: Southern Methodist UniversityCareer: Data ScienceSignificant Educators: Travis Bullard, Doug Samarron, Karen MossAreebah HarganSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Ebrahim and Firdaus HarganCollege: UndecidedCareer: EngineeringSignificant Educators: Judy Swain, Janice Poppenga, Jerod MorehouseEunseo HwangSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Seungik Hwang College: UndecidedCareer: Cardiothoracic surgeonSignificant Educators: Karry Mills, Rob Bowman, Annie MunizExcellence2022 Boise Rotary Century Program

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APRIL 10, 2022 • BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM 11Maxwell W JewellSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Jefferson and Toni JewellCollege: Duke UniversityCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Becky Koessler, Chris Erwin, Liz ParsonsJinho KimSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Sora Park and Dojun KimCollege: Brown UniversityCareer: PhysicianSignificant Educators: Beth Orler, Enrique Martinez, Nalisha JohnsonJames LiuSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Nian Zhan College: UndecidedCareer: Computer ScienceSignificant Educators: Craig Daniels, Oscar Arteaga, Heidi PluskaDheemanth S MajjiSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Sreenivasa Majji and Rani KonthamCollege: Vanderbilt University Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Suzanne Salinas, Nick Biggs, Dave CrispLuke M MasonSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Amanda K and Scott M MasonCollege: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Christine Sambrook, Clay Stewart, Rob HindbergNicolas R MedapalliSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Jonathan N and Nancy E MedapalliCollege: M.I.T. Career: NanotechnologySignificant Educators: Rob Schreiber, David Whitacre, Carrie HarderKellen Yujin NIeSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Pengfei Nie and Yanling ZhaoCollege: Undecided Career: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Sean Chitsaz, Asra Bosnjak, Sean BostonJimin RyuSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Jae Ryu and Yookyung LeeCollege: UndecidedCareer: Artificial intelligence engineerSignificant Educators: Lori Diehl, Anna Resnick, Erin StutzmanSanjeev Sukumaaran MakeshSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Makesh Sukumaaran and Manime-galai MakeshCollege: UndecidedCareer: EngineeringSignificant Educators: Suganthi Ramesh, Lawrence Healy, Greg HoetkerPriyanshsinh G VaghelaSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Ghanshyamsinh R and Hetalben G VaghelaCollege: UndecidedCareer: UndecidedSignificant Educators: Pamela Bose, Sourabh Navalgund, Jeremy BronnerJackson J ZerwasSchool: Timberline High SchoolParents: Leanne K and Daniel J ZerwasCollege: UndecidedCareer: SurgeonSignificant Educators: Susan Wolfe, Anna Resnick, Annie MunizExcellence2022 Boise Rotary Century ProgramBOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM AND PUBLICATION SUPPORTBOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS MAJOR PROGRAM SPONSORSBeatrice Black, Co-ChairKaren Lansing, Co-ChairPhil BrubakerChuck ClarkTodd FisherRon GambassiLauren HercegDan HollarKen HowellDonna JacobsJason JacobsenSharon MastAngela SammonsGerald SchroederRotary Club of BoiseBoise Centennial RotaryBoise East RotaryBoise Sunrise RotaryBoise Southwest RotaryBoise Independent School DistrictBishop Kelly High schoolBoise School DistrictBoise State UniversityHawley TroxellPiper SandlerSt. Luke’s Health Organization

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EDUCATION IS AN ESSENTIAL FOUNDATION FOR OUR ASPIRING YOUTH AND FUTURE LEADERSPiper Sandler would like to recognize the achievements of the 2022 Rotary Scholars and commend their selected educators for their dedication.PiperSandler.comSince 1895. Member SIPC and NYSE. © 2022 Piper Sandler & Co. CM-22-0438 3/22Congratulations to our community’s top students, and to all who helped them get there. Your achievements mean more than ever in this unprecedented year.You Make Us All Proud

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APRIL 10, 2022 • BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM 13Distinguished AlumnusIn the development of the Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program, committee members and Boise Rotary leaders felt that an essential part of the evening program would be an address to student honorees, significant educators and guests by a distinguished alumnus from one of the eight partici-pating high schools. Who better to excite and inspire this prestigious group of students than an individual who also graduated from high school in the City of Boise and went on to interesting and varied careers and recog-nized success in life. In this, the seventeenth year of the Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program, we are proud to announce the selection of 2014 Bishop Kelly High School graduate Dani Aravich to deliver the Distinguished Alumnus Address. When Dani was born missing her left arm below the elbow, it was a complete surprise, but they were thankful she was otherwise completely healthy. At that time in the mid-nineties, testing wasn’t done locally for amniotic band syndrome, but that is the most likely reason for upper extremity limb loss. “Although it was a shock initially that our daughter was born without her left forearm and hand, we were determined to raise our little girl without limiting or restricting her potential, and never treating her as if she were disabled.”For the first year, they were warned that crawling might begin later for her than other children, but Dani found a way to never crawl by rolling. At 8 months, she rolled everywhere, and was an early walker before 11 months. Dani received her first prosthetic arm at 6 months old from Shriners Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, and the photo of her looking at it for the first time with a huge smile on her face is something else. At the age of one, the family moved to Salt Lake City, and Dani was able to join a weekly playgroup at Shriners. There, she met other children missing limbs, learned how to utilize a “helper” and learned ways to do things with one hand. At the age of 2, she was alpine skiing with her mom in Park City and Brighton. By 3, she was on her first soccer team, a sport she continued until her Junior year in High School. She also began her first gymnastics, swimming and taekwondo classes. At the age of 4, the family moved to Spokane, Washington where she also participated in the local Shriners Hospital activities there. While camping in Glacier National Park in 2001, Dani rode her bike without training wheels for the first time, a feat that Shriner’s told the family would not happen as soon as able-bodied children. She began playing T-ball (later softball) and basketball and continued both until Junior/Senior year. Dani began ice skating regularly, tried ballet and tap dance and continued her skiing, gymnastics and taekwondo.At the end of first grade, the family moved back to Boise, and she started at St Mark’s Catholic School while playing team sports as well as horseback riding, both English and western, and bowling weekly. Fami-ly activities involved many weekends and vacations traveling, camping, fishing and hiking which led to her life-long love for the out-doors. Dani loved to read, craft and submitted crafts annually in the Western Idaho Fair, and participated in girl scouts, but mostly, she loved sports.Dani attended Bishop Kelly High School in Boise and graduated in 2014. She earned Varsity letters in Softball, Cross Country and Track & Field, the last two she began in Junior year when she immediately fell in love with long distance running. Achieving both academic and athletic success, Dani was accepted into numerous colleges and universities and ultimately decided to attend Butler Univer-sity in Indianapolis to run for a Division I program. Plagued with Patellar Instability and Dislocation, Dani wasonly able to run competitively for one year, but enjoyed multiple intramural sports, club soccer and the local Shred exercise studio.Dani felt blessed to participate in both Leadership London for a one month program and a semester abroad in Geneva Switzerland where she traveled extensively throughout Europe. Her love of sports was reflected in her internships which included working for the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts. Dani graduated with a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a minor in political science while working for the Admissions Office during her time at Butler.Deciding on a career in professional sports, Dani accept-ed a position with the Utah Jazz in their sales program, a move designed to get her back out west. She found success her first year before transferring to the Community Relations department, a move which allowed her more flexibility to train for the 2020 Paralympic Games.Invited to attend a Nordic adaptive athletic camp in Breckenridge in December, 2019 sponsored by Move United, Dani fell in love with Nordic skiing and began to think about a dual goal of the 2020 Summer Paralympics and 2022 Winter Paralympics. With the support of the local club and other local Nordic Olympians, Dani received the equip-ment and coaching to begin training.And then Covid-19. And the 2020 Summer Paralympics were post-poned until 2021 which meant qual-ifying for two Paralympic Games would be only six months apart.The US Paralympic Nordic team invited Dani to Bozeman to train over the winter with the Crosscut Elite Team where she trained daily for both track and Nordic and succeeded in making her “Double Debut” at both the Summer Paralympics and the Winter Paralympics.Dani Aravich

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14 BOISE ROTARY CENTURY SCHOLARS PROGRAM • APRIL 10, 2022Through Rotary Youth Exchange, high school students learn a new language, discover another culture and truly become global citizens. Rotary District 5400 sponsors 15 to 20 students each year for the long-term exchange program which lasts a full academic year (9-12 months). Our short-term exchange program is also available for students interested in a sum-mer adventure abroad. Interested students can visit Youth Exchange ProgramRotary Club of Boise EastOn behalf of the Rotary Club of Boise East, our sincere congratulations to the Rotary Century Scholars of 2022!Learn more about us by entering Boise Rotary Club East in your search enginePaul Krumm, PresidentRotary Club of Boise SunriseCongratulations to the students and educators. It’s been an unforgettable year. Rotary helps us stay focused on what’s important.Vision: “Together, we see communities where people unite to share ideas and take action to create lasting change.”Mission: “We build relationships and provide services locally and globally by Rotary’s motto is “Service Above Self” and around the world Club’s fi nish each meeting by repeating the Rotary 4 way test:Is it the truth?Is it fair to all concerned?Will it build goodwill and better friendships?Is it benefi cial to all concerned?investing our combined time, talent and treasure.”Slogan: “We seek to leave it better than we found it.”Learn more about us by entering Boise Rotary Sunrise in your search engine or fi nd us on Facebook and Instagram.Matt Walo, PresidentRotary Club of BoiseSouthwestWe have been a proud sponsor of this event for many years and wish to congrat-ulate all of this year’s Scholars and selected educators on making it successfully through this very challenging year.Learn more about us at boisesouthwe-strotary.orgSarah Wolverton, PresidentRotary Club of BoiseCentennialCongratulations, Rotary Century Scholars 2022! May your future be fi lled with incredible opportunities. Our club vision statement is “Together, we build a better and stronger community through economic development, youth educa-tion and environmental stewardship” it is with great pleasure to sponsor Rotary Century Scholars. Boise Centennial Rotary is a young and dynamic club that believes service should benefi t the community and be fun. Our meetings and service activities often include the next generation of Rotarians, our club members’ children. Our Club focuses on serving local community organizations through volunteerism, quarterly drives, and monetary donations. Our values include service, fellowship, family, di-versity, leadership, and FUN. We would love to meet you and volunteer together! Learn more about us at our website Lisa Bearg, President Rotary Club of Boise“Rotary is the best part of my week.”“I joined Rotary for business yet ended up making lifelong friends.”“Our club is so fun and energetic!”These are just a few testimonials from members of our Club. We’re a mix of young professionals, business owners and commu-nity leaders who share our time, talent and resources to improve the world around us.Learn more about us at www.rotary-clubofboise.orgScott Learned, President Rotary Wetland Peace Preserve

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THE HAWLEY TROXELL WAYINVENTIVE AND PROACTIVEHawley Troxell is proud to support the Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program. Congratulations to the 2022 graduating seniors! When your business requires sophisticated legal advice, look to Idaho’s premier, full service law firm. Our customized approach, The Hawley Troxell Way, uses a team of attorneys or one-to-one counsel to meet your specific legal needs. And, best of all, our nationally renowned legal services come with a local address.BOISE / COEUR D’ALENE / IDAHO FALLS / POCATELLO / RENO / Call 208.344.6000 or visit HawleyTroxell.comidahopower.comCONGRATULATIONS!CONGRATULATIONS!Idaho Power is honored to recognize theBoise Rotary Century Scholars and theeducators committed to your success.

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