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2022-2023 Chavaya Flyer/Booklet-

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Temple Beth TikvahTemple Beth TikvahChavaya SchoolChavaya SchoolGet in touch:1600 N Acacia Ave.Fullerton, CA 92831714-871-3535

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W H A T   T O   E X P E C T   T H I S   Y E A ROur Youth Education program is called"Chavaya"- experienc e- for a reason. AtTBT, we believe in a collaborative, hands-onapproach to learning, where each child isencouraged to question, create, play, buildkehilah -community- and explore.TBT is working to ensure the health and safety of all children,staff and families in our community. As such, our COVIDpolicies will reflect that commitment and we ask for thecooperation and partnership of families in that process.Classes will be held-in person on TBT's campus, and as everyyear, our team of educators will work to ensure a collaborativeand engaging learning space where each child feelsconnected to their Chavaya community.
First-time students will receive a 50% discount on tuition for their first year! 

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Chavaya & UlpanChavaya & UlpanWednesdays & SaturdaysGr. K-6Gr. K-6TBT's Chavaya and Ulpan utilizes an experiential learningapproach designed to engage every child throughexploration, reflection and expression. Each lessonintroduces children to Jewish values relevant in their everyday lives. In Ulpan, children are exposed to Hebrewthrough music, T'filah engagement, culture, andconversation. B'nai MitzvahB'nai MitzvahWednesdays & SaturdaysGr. 7Gr. 7Bar and Bat Mitzvah at TBT is an opportunity for children andfamilies to connect to a wide spectrum of Jewish experiences andto live Jewish values as a community. Spread over an entire yearfull of exploring and learning, B'nai Mitzvah is a nurturingenvironment in which children develop and strengthen their self-esteem and confidence, community awareness and a deepconnection to their Jewish identity.

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Teen Beit MidrashTeen Beit MidrashSelect Wednesdays and SaturdaysGr. 8-12Gr. 8-12Teen Beit Midrash is a space for post Bar/Bat Mitzvah teensto engage in meaningful conversations which explore theway that their Jewish Identity shapes their every day lives.From a foundation of Jewish text and tradition, teens willcultivate discussions on mindfulness, ethics, social justice,environmental awareness, tradition, innovation and more. HOW TOHOW TOREGISTERREGISTERUse the QR Code above to accessthe online registration form and signup your children for a fun year oflearning together! Register Today!

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