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2022 Hershey CWRT Speakers

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HERSHEY CIVIL WAR ROUND TABLE PRESENTS January 20 2022 April 21 2022 June 16 2022 Jeff Plummer Delaware from a Southern Perspective ZOOM Rick Pawling Civil War Teamster Bob Etchberger Churches of Gettysburg During the Battle Jeff will be speaking about Fort Delaware and Confederate Delaware History February 17 2022 Kristopher White The Bliss Farm ZOOM We Honor those who served in the Civil War and to preserve the valor of their lives in memory Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 542 8000 Derry Street Harrisburg PA 17111 Round Table meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7 30 PM Hershey CivilWarRoundtable comcast net www hersheycwrt org IRS 501 C and PA Charitable Organization Receipt for donations available Free and Open to the Public He will be speaking about the turmoil at the Bliss Farm during the battles at Gettysburg The farm is yards from battlefield tour routes and seldom visited However this same area became a vital tank training ground for General Eisenhower Camp Colt March 17 2022 Mary Turk Meena Walk Along Hancock Avenue A virtual stroll down Hancock Avenue from the Pennsylvania Monument to the High Water Mark and the Angle this program visits virtually the monuments along this stretch of Hallowed Ground and explores the stories behind the monuments as well as the stories of some of the soldiers who courageously fought to defend the Union the afternoons of July 2 and July 3 The role of a wagoner was to transport the supplies needed by the army He was responsible for driving the wagon and maintaining it feeding and caring for the mule team that pulled it ensuring that it was loaded properly and seeing that its cargo reached its destination safely The cargo can be anything that an army of that time required food medicines weapons ammunition clothing shelter tents tools the soldier s knack sacks officer s luggage and anything else the Quartermaster Corps designated May 19 2022 Chris Mackowski That Furious Struggle Chancellorsville and the High Tide of the Confederacy For three days in May 1863 the tiny wilderness intersection of Chancellorsville became the most important crossroads in America A campaign that began with Joe Hooker s perfect plans ended up being remembered as Lee s Greatest Victory The Impact of the Civil War on Religious Beliefs and Churches Bob s presentation will be divided into two parts dealing with religion in general during the era of the Civil War and with churches in Gettysburg specifically Part 1 will deal with the theological crisis Part 2 will deal with the direct impact that the Battle of Gettysburg had on four churches in the town July 21 2022 Linda Clark Gettysburg Children of 1863 So You Think You Had a Bad Day Although Civil War soldiers were typically over the age of 18 years old many young residents of Gettysburg were caught in the crossfire of battle and kind enough to write pf their experience Their amazing remembrances census information and children s literature of the day will be included The program features the author s first book Star Light Star Bright and her newest Children of Gettysburg 1863 May you be enlightened and inspired by these young citizens

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August 18 2022 Mike Jesberger West Point Classmates West Point Classmates of the American Civil War brothers in tradition enemies in battle their devotion to a code of honor tore at the very fabric of their being and the institution they loved West Point The motto of West Point being Duty Honor Country Among the thousands of men who fought in the Civil War there were a select few that formed a unique fraternity Though they came from very different backgrounds the men who made up this group had in common the military training they had received at an elite school It was at this institution that they were transformed from boys into the kind of men who would become heroes and legends These men were West Point classmates and Civil War enemies October 20 2022 December 2022 Lynn Heller The Horse of Gettysburg PROGRAMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE More than 3 million horses and mules participated in the Civil War and it is estimated that 1 5 million died as a result of their service They are truly the unsung heroes of this devasting and all consuming conflict and are often forgotten as the drama of the battles are explored Find the impact of the horse on the battle the civilians and the soldiers We will look at the requirements for the care and feeding the training necessary to make them battle ready and the aftermath of the battle that forced those left behind after the armies departed to deal with thethousands of dead horses NO MEETING SEE YOU IN JANUARY HERSHEY CWRT SPONSORS 2022 EVENTS Field Trips Step back in time with us November 17 2022 Tom Lehman CSS Hunley September 18 2022 Leon Vaughan 54th Massachusetts The history of the U S produced many important dates February 17 1864 would be added to that list It was the first time in American history that an enemy ship the Housatonic was torpedoed by the CSS Hunley sinking in approximately five minutes Come hear the events that led up to that tragic day and the recovery of the missing CSS Hunley in 1999 Come hear Leon talk about the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry this highly decorated unit and the first unit of northern Black men to participate in the Civil War For more information contact Ricky Hollis at rickyhollissr gmail com or at 717 805 7502 For Field Trip Flyers Click Here THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT

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