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2021 Prospectus

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Lurgan Junior High School PROSPECTUS 2021

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MISSION STATEMENT The 3 Rs Empowering you to reach your potential to feel respected cared for and equal Respect for Self and Others Responsibility for all your actions Resilience 02 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Welcome to Lurgan Junior High Parents Carers Pupils Lurgan Junior High School is an inclusive 11 14 non selective co educational school which continually strives to educate and develop its pupils into knowledgeable confident kind and compassionate leaders equipped with the ability and skills required to embrace all of the challenges that life may bring As a school with a strong reputation for academic and sporting excellence we resolutely believe that our girls and boys deserve every possible opportunity to succeed in all areas of their educational lives and fervently wish for them to go out and change the world for the better Over the course of the last 61 years our school family has encouraged our young people to value the joy of learning and to become confident and productive individuals able to make the right decisions and determining to always give of their best Our core Christian values remain unchanged and we are unashamedly proud of them the timeless qualities of humanity courtesy and empathy for others In an ever changing world we believe that our consistent promotion of Respect Responsibility and Resilience in all their forms along with the myriad of high quality educational opportunities which we afford our pupils are as relevant 2021 PROSPECTUS to the world today as they were when our school was founded back in 1959 We continue to strive to ensure that our talented pupils make the most of their amazing gifts and give of their best in everything that they do Through a broad and balanced curriculum we set high expectations and targets for all of our pupils fostering an environment of aspiration where children are encouraged to pursue their dreams and ambitions and where success whether within the classroom or beyond it is celebrated and honoured Ever proud of our positive relationships at all levels we create classroom environments that are conducive to learning and champion the practice of good old fashioned manners thus realising our mission statement of empowering our young people to reach their potential to feel respected cared for and equal At Lurgan Junior High School our expert committed staff are there to support your child through every step of their Key Stage 3 educational pathway I look forward to welcoming you to our school family J McCoy J McCoy Principal 03

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Lurgan Junior High School School Improvement and Leadership Team Mrs Kerr Vice Principal Pastoral 04 Mr McCoy Mr Guy Senior Teacher Pastoral Principal Mr Thompson Vice Principal Curriculum Miss Osborne Senior Teacher Curriculum 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Admission Criteria The lodging of an application is interpreted by the Board of Governors as an indication that the parents and the child concerned accept and are in agreement with the ethos philosophy aims policies and regulations of the school including any code of conduct or behaviour policy of the school Information in relation to these may be obtained from the school If the school s enrolment and admission numbers have not been reached the school will enrol all the children whose parents wish them to attend However if the application for entry to First Form Year 8 exceeds the admissions number or would cause the school to exceed the total enrolment number pupils will be admitted by the following criteria applied according to the weighting as indicated below 1 Pupils transferring from the following contributory primary schools Ballinderry Ballycarrickmaddy Bleary Carrick Dickson Donacloney Drumgor King s Park Lurgan Model Maghaberry Magheralin Meadow Bridge Moira Rowandale Integrated Waringstown 50 Points 2021 PROSPECTUS 2 Pupils transferring from a non contributory primary school 30 Points 3 Pupils who have a sibling enrolled at Lurgan Junior High School in the 2021 2022 school year 20 Points 4 Pupils who have had a sibling previously enrolled in Lurgan Junior High School 10 Points 5 Pupils for whom Lurgan Junior High School is the closest post primary school to the child s permanent home address measured by OSNI distance measuring tool expressed non selective and from a noncontributory primary school 10 Points 6 Pupils who are the eldest child 15 Points 7 In the event of equal points due to the weightings for final placing Pupils will be selected for admission on the basis of the initial letter of surname as entered on Birth Certificate in the order set out below LSMHZABXIPRQCTJYVWDNGOKUFE In the event of surnames beginning with the same initial letter the subsequent letters of the surname will be used in alphabetical order 8 School will operate the above procedure for all prospective year 8 pupils until the date of the DENI Census submission in October Thereafter school will allocate places on the basis of a waiting list 05

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When I came to school all the teachers were welcoming I found it easy to settle in Everyone was really kind to everyone else I have really enjoyed the start of my LJHS journey Matthew Year 8 Pupil Assessments Pupils at Lurgan JHS are taught in broad banded ability groups We conduct our own standardised tests in June of the P7 year to help us finalise our class placements In addition to this prior to your child coming to our school we receive nationally standardised data from our local Primary School partners This includes the results of tests such as PTE PTM CAT4 and or Levels of Progression in Communication and Using Maths We use all of the above data to set criteria for the allocation of pupils to specific bands based on the results for that year s cohort Each band will be made up of pupils who match the criteria set by us for that year The pupils with the highest standardised test results from our assessments in conjunction with Primary School scores are then placed in the first second and third bands accordingly Depending on the academic ability of the Year Group a fourth band consisting of a nurture class is sometimes necessary Should this be the case these children will receive additional interventions to support their learning All pupils are encouraged to work to their full potential and are rewarded for their successes through our Positive Behaviour procedures Our Assessment procedures are regularly reviewed in order to support pupil learning Testing When pupils come to Lurgan JHS GL Assessment tests are carried out in English Mathematics and Science PTE PTM and PTS CAT4 test scores and Pupil Attitude to Self and School survey results are also used to provide additional information to support learning and teaching to make sure there is a careful balance between the academic and pastoral dimensions of school life Assessments Throughout the year a variety of assessments are carried out in all areas of the curriculum Controlled Assessment Homework Peer Assessment Self Assessment 06 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Reports Reports are issued bi annually Assessment combines the continuous monitoring and checking of pupils progress throughout the year with a formal examination in the Summer Term Some pupils may change class as a result of Christmas and or Summer Examination results or at times based on the professional judgement of the Teaching Staff and the School Leadership Team My first day of school was really good and lots of fun It wasn t nerve wrecking at all Lewis Year 8 Communication with Parents Parents will have the opportunity to discuss their child s progress at Year 8 Parents Information Days in January with their Form Teacher Parents and Guardians are consulted in order to ensure an appropriate appointment slot Homework Satchel Google Classroom My Maths The school believes that it is important for pupils to learn to work independently Therefore it is school policy to set homework as and when appropriate The type of homework set will vary according to the pupil s age and ability Homework is any constructive task set to be completed outside of the timetabled day This will always be recorded on the Satchel App formally known as SMHW which pupils and parents can access through any mobile device or desktop computer Other online platforms such as Google Classroom and My Maths are used by teachers to share resources and tasks with pupils Attendance Pupils with full attendance at school usually make good academic progress At LJHS we encourage you to support our Attendance Policy On the rare occasions that your child is unable to attend school due to illness a letter to the Form Teacher is required on the first return date The Form Teacher will contact parents after the second day of absence Pupils are rewarded for high levels of attendance Online platforms such as those mentioned above will contain resources and information which can be used by pupils who have a long term absence from school 2021 PROSPECTUS 07

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The Curriculum At Lurgan JHS all pupils follow a robust common curriculum which aims to develop knowledge and skills across a wide range of subject areas We place the acquisition of knowledge at the core of our curriculum so that pupils can then develop subject specific skills in all classes All teachers are also responsible for developing and assessing the CrossCurricular Skills of Communication Using Maths and ICT Our teachers want pupils to enjoy learning to be curious to find out more about their world and to be able to apply knowledge and skills across the curriculum In Year 8 pupils study Art Drama English French Geography History Home Economics Information Technology Mathematics Music Physical Education Religious Education Science Technology and Design and Learning for Life and Work In Years 9 and 10 some pupils also study Spanish and have different teachers for Biology Chemistry and Physics Across all subjects pupils have opportunities to be stretched and challenged in their learning in addition to taking part in competitions for individuals and teams by enjoying visits to school from performers writers and exhibitors or by taking part in visits out of school On my first day at LJHS I felt anxious but excited My first day of LJHS is a day that I will never forget and one of the best days of my life Freddy Year 8 08 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Learning and Teaching at Lurgan JHS At Lurgan JHS we enjoy positive working relationships with pupils and parents alike recognising that successful learning and teaching comes from a harmonious partnership involving teachers pupils and parents We are told that A three fold cord is not quickly broken Ecclesiastes 4 12 At Lurgan JHS we ensure that our three fold cord Parents Pupils Teachers is strong productive and conducive to useful learning Pupils We believe that it is vital for pupils to develop responsibility for their own learning organisation and behaviour in order to fulfil their potential This means pupils will be well prepared strive to meet targets set and engage positively in every lesson We expect pupils to work hard in order to progress in their learning in every subject area Parents It is crucial that parents continue to support their child regularly in their learning by checking their work and meeting with teachers They should also clearly understand the targets teachers have set in each subject Whilst we are keen for pupils to be more independent parents still have a key role to play in helping children achieve their full potential Teachers Our teachers have agreed procedures to ensure pupils make progress in their lessons including Sharing their expert subject knowledge and enthusiasm for learning Delivering high quality well planned lessons which meet the needs of all learners Creating positive and consistent relationships with all of the pupils Regularly assessing pupils progress and reporting to parents Together we can make sure that pupils achieve success during their time at Lurgan JHS and that they build strong foundations for their learning at Key Stage 4 and beyond 2021 PROSPECTUS 09

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The Curriculum Communication At Lurgan JHS a central feature of our core curriculum is the development of Communication skills Through our high quality approaches to pedagogy our young people s abilities in Reading Writing and Talking and Listening are developed and optimised Student surveys and Assessment Data have shown that our teaching approaches have developed pupils confidence in oracy and therefore have expedited success in oral comprehension and extended written responses A clear focus on discussion and argumentation has also been established to enable our pupils to develop their talking and listening skills further This has been created to prepare our pupils for the requirements at GCSE as well as developing their communication skills and confidence Using Maths Recognising that success in English and Maths is the gateway across the curriculum Using Maths is one of the core curriculum skills that our pupils are given the opportunity to develop through every subject Our wholeschool focus for this year is to increase pupil confidence and skills in fractions decimals and percentages During form class our pupils are provided with the time and opportunity to participate in puzzles and challenges to improve and consolidate their mathematical knowledge Those individual pupils who excel in Using Maths are entered into UKMT Maths Challenge and are provided with the opportunity to compete with their peers across the UK The participants from LJHS in 2019 2020 achieved six gold two silver and eight bronze certificates altogether We celebrated Maths Week with daily challenges posted on Facebook and prizes for selected pupils who submitted the correct answer The pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the challenges 10 2021 PROSPECTUS

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The Curriculum Using ICT As computers are used every day in industry and we rely on technology more than ever in our everyday lives we understand the value of teaching children how to use ICT correctly Throughout Key Stage 3 ICT is utilised as a platform to allow pupils to demonstrate increasing independence and using this vehicle pupils are continually encouraged to think critically about their work Using ICT allows pupils to develop their ability to Exhibit Explore Express Exchange and Evaluate a variety of texts information and ideas in an interesting way Ultimately our goal is to ensure that every pupil is afforded the opportunity to acquire and develop the skills necessary to become informed and responsible users of ICT Shared Education Lurgan JHS is proud to be involved in a shared education partnership with St Ronan s College Lurgan The vision for our partnership is to provide opportunities for our pupils to learn together at the same time as celebrating our own identities developing mutual respect and dispositions to become positive contributors to our society Our current projects involve the History Art Music ICT Maths and PE departments Local organisations like Brownlow House Ulster Rugby and Glenavon FC Academy are also involved in helping us deliver our projects and workshops The projects between the schools continue to bring a positive dimension to learning within Lurgan JHS RESPECT 2021 PROSPECTUS 11

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The Pupils Voice Pastoral Care Our Student Council is made up of pupils from within each year group as well as our Head Boy Head Girl and their Deputies They meet regularly in our Conference Room At LJHS we recognise the value and importance of our young people playing an active role in making our school a better place The Pupils Voice representatives ensures that our school responds to the needs and views of the pupils whom they represent and at the same time helps to develop pupils abilities to articulate their views and express their opinions Pastoral Care is at the centre of our school s ethos and reflects our Christian values We seek to provide a welcoming safe caring and supportive environment where each pupil is valued included and respected as an individual and is encouraged to reach their full ambitions both inside and outside the classroom We recognise that positive emotional health and well being are vital to learning To this end we have many people in our school community who willingly help and support our young people during their time with us These include School Prefects Peer Reach Mentoring Team Mentors Classroom Assistants Members of The Pupils Voice Technicians our School Council Receptionist Form Teacher Administrative Staff Year Head Building Supervisors Vice Principals Lunchtime Supervisors Principal Canteen Staff School Counsellor 12 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Your Pastoral Care One of the key people in school is the Form Teacher In most cases pupils will have the same Form Teacher for all three years at LJHS This means that Form Teachers will get to know pupils well and will look out for them in school in order to make sure that they are settled happy and giving of their best If any child has a concern they can talk to their Form Teacher Another key adult is the Year Head There are two Year Heads for each year group one for girls and one for boys They support pupils and along with form teachers help ensure pupils are achieving academically socially and emotionally Sometimes pupils may feel they need extra support and our School Counsellor is available one day each week Parents can request this for their child or pupils can speak to their Form Teacher Year Head Vice Principal and request counselling themselves Reach and Aspire We enjoy an excellent partnership with the Reach Team working with school in a mentoring capacity Currently they mentor a number of pupils each week A local charity Reach is largely made up of youth workers Its motto is Unleashing Potential and we are very thankful for their compassion and vision to draw alongside our young people They are an integral and invaluable part of our Pastoral Care programme As well as mentoring they are also involved in delivering part of our Personal Development curriculum across all three year groups This has proved to be of immense benefit to pupils and staff in the transition between Key Stages We are also grateful for our partnership with Aspire a local initiative which exists to help pupils by providing support resources and free tuition This has moved into its third year and the Aspire team works with a group of our pupils three afternoons per week after school RESILIENCE 2021 PROSPECTUS 13

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RESPONSIBILITY Celebrating Success At LJHS we love to celebrate the efforts successes and achievements of pupils and staff We have our own Facebook page as well as regular Celebration Assemblies where we learn about recent achievements and enjoy watching and listening to some of our amazing musical sporting and creative talent These successes can translate into points which go towards a pupil s House Each pupil and staff member is placed into one of our four houses Carrick Dunluce Gosford and Shane and this encourages healthy competition throughout the year both in the classroom and through other events organised by departments and our School Council In class pupils can win Achievement Points for themselves and their House for excellent effort progress and engagement in lessons as well as for a positive attitude being helpful and kind These Achievement Points then translate into rewards for positive contributions to school life and academic success Opportunities for Responsibility As a Key Stage 3 school our students have to assume roles of responsibility which would not be available to them at this age in an 11 18 school School Prefect Head Girl Boy and Deputy Head Girl Boy Chairperson and Secretary of the School Council School Librarian House Prefect Digital Ambassador This helps develop important leadership skills as well as building self esteem and confidence It has regularly been commented on that our pupils are confident and mature beyond their years Within each Form Class there are Form Prefects elected by pupils and staff and from each of the three year groups pupils are elected to represent his or her peers on the School Council 14 Child Protection Our Safeguarding Team Mrs Kerr Pastoral Vice Principal and Designated Teacher Mr Guy Senior Teacher Pastoral and Deputy Designated Teacher Mr McCoy Principal and Deputy Designated Teacher Mr Thompson Curriculum Vice Principal and Deputy Designated Teacher Miss Osborne Senior Teacher Curriculum and Deputy Designated Teacher and Mrs Moorehead SENCO and Deputy Designated Teacher ensures that pupils know what to do if they encounter physical social or emotional harm and all staff are trained to support them 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Newcomers Our school is committed to supporting developing and promoting equality inclusion and diversity in all of its practices and activities We embrace a fully inclusive culture and ethos free from discrimination and based upon Christian values of dignity courtesy and respect Under the leadership of our Newcomer Co ordinator LJHS has embraced newcomer pupils and has provided a caring and welcoming learning space for them to gain confidence and competence in the acquisition of language to enable and empower them to succeed in their studies Staff within the English as an Additional Language EAL Department offer a combination of one toone and in class support to all Newcomer pupils Special Educational Needs Lurgan Junior High School has an excellent reputation for meeting the needs of pupils with a wide variety of Special Educational Needs The SENCo Special Educational Needs Coordinator and the Assistant SENCo along with Classroom Assistants ensure provision is made for pupils whether it is through arranging exam concessions or one to one support Our SEN Department liaises with feeder primary schools to make provision for pupils with SEN who are transferring from Key Stage 2 and also with the senior schools to ensure a smooth transition to Key Stage 4 Pupils on the SEN register have IEPs Individual Educational Plans with individual targets that are reviewed twice a year Pupils not on the register but requiring additional support are also identified through standardised testing teacher observations and parental concerns Our SENCo meets with parents to discuss a plan and to place the pupil on the register with an IEP in order to monitor progress and provide appropriate support Some pupils may be on the Medical Register with a Pupil Passport outlining their needs and reasonable adjustments where applicable 2021 PROSPECTUS 15

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The Enriched Curriculum At Lurgan JHS we offer a wide variety of after school clubs and societies where all students are welcome A selection of these after school options includes Art Club Cookery club Orchestra Choir Drama Guitar Coding Club Equestrian Club Ukulele Instrumental Support Maths Support Club Reading Club Scripture Union STEM Club Pupils are also given the opportunity to attend seminars provided by the Young Enterprise Scheme the Department of Employment and Learning and W5 STEM Ambassadors organised by the Careers Department Individual departments also strive to provide subject specific Careers Education Advice Information and Guidance either through classroom teaching or by organising guests or events I like attending STEM Club and Scripture Union as it is a good opportunity to meet new people Joel Year 9 16 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Craigavon Area Learning Community Lurgan Junior High School is part of Craigavon Area Learning Community CALC which was established in 2010 and is made up of Post Primary Schools the local Further and Higher Education College and educational partners working with the EA and funded by the Department of Education It brings together all the Post Primary educational bodies in the Craigavon area with the aim of improving educational provision for pupils aged 11 19 Curriculum planning in all schools is now guided by the statutory requirements of the Entitlement Framework Through a combination of joint meetings between staff in different schools pupils being taught in other schools and increased sharing of information and ideas the ALC aims to increase and improve existing collaboration within the local educational community and offer pupils greater choice and flexibility particularly at GCSE and A Level Craigavon Area Learning Community is also helping to develop links within local communities by improving and deepening relationships between schools and their pupils and by reaching out to local business leaders to find out how schools can work with them to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the modern economy 2021 PROSPECTUS 17

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Sport Lurgan JHS pupils are fortunate to have access to two full size floodlit synthetic pitches for hockey and football which serve both the school and wider community The school also has two grass rugby pitches 4 gymnasia 4 tennis courts and an all weather athletics track The PE department aims to Foster a positive attitude towards physical activity along with developing the physical mental social and emotional well being of pupils Contribute to the development of pupil confidence and self esteem Promote enjoyment and achievement through meaningful participation in physical activity through both curricular and extra curricular programmes Contribute to the whole school ethos by providing the opportunities to participate in organised events such as Inter House Competitions We offer a wide range of after school sports clubs where students of all abilities are welcome These include Rugby Football Cross Country Athletics Cricket Volleyball Swimming Hockey Netball Tennis I am involved in after school hockey netball tennis and athletics I really enjoy sport Kelly Year 9 18 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Sport It is our aim in Lurgan JHS to provide sporting opportunities for as many young people as possible Our school fields numerous teams over the 3 different age groups and caters for a wide range of abilities Currently over 200 pupils attend school practices weekly and pupils have opportunities to play against other schools in various competitions To witness pupils enjoying sport and reaching their sporting potential always provides much encouragement to the teachers and volunteer coaches in school I love playing football and rugby They re so much fun and they keep you fit and healthy Kelly Year 9 2021 PROSPECTUS Representative Honours Many pupils have been selected to play at both Ulster and NI levels in a variety of sports including Hockey Netball Rugby Football and Athletics 19

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Recent Sporting Achievements RUGBY U14 Ulster Rugby High Schools Cup 2019 U14 Ulster Rugby High Schools Plate Finalists 2020 final not played due to lockdown CROSS COUNTRY Boys Mini Boys Team District Gold Medallists 2020 Minor Boys Team District Silver Medallists 2020 Junior Boys Team District Bronze Medallists 2020 CROSS COUNTRY Girls Year 9 10 teams won silver at District Cross Country 2019 2020 All three teams qualified for the Ulster Cross Country Championships 2019 2020 GIRLS FOOTBALL Year 8 9 A B Winners of the Newry Mourne heat of the Irish FA Futsal Competition 2019 2020 FOOTBALL Year 8 NI Cup Semi finalists 2019 20 tournament postponed Year 8 9 Mid Ulster League and Cup Champions 2019 2020 GIRLS HOCKEY U13A Squad Mid Ulster Hockey Cup Tournament Silver Medal 2019 2020 U14 Ulster Hockey Junior Shield Winners 2019 2020 20 NETBALL Junior A Silver Medallists in the Vista League and Vista Cup 2019 2020 Minor A Winners of the NI District 5 Netball Minor A League Minor A Joint Winners of the Vista League and Winners of Vista Cup ATHLETICS Numerous medal successes for Athletics teams in the full range of Track Field events at District Ulster levels and Irish Levels Arnar year 9 pupil currently ranked 1st in the UK in Long Jump 5m 33cm and also in Pentathlon 2029 points 2021 PROSPECTUS

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A School at the Heart of the Community Lurgan JHS is a school which plays a pivotal role in the life of its local community We enjoy close links with our local churches the Youth Service the PSNI our partner Primary Schools Harrison Nursery and most recently Glenavon Football Club The Community Police are regular visitors to LJHS and they support us in our Personal Development Programme by providing information to both pupils and parents on the importance of online safety and other key issues The Computer Suite Library and Assembly Hall within LJHS are regularly provided to our partner primaries and nursery to support their learning and to afford them the opportunity to have a wider audience for their school performances For a number of years Glenavon Football Club Academy has made use of the school s pitches in the evening and the Senior Team now has use of our pitches for evening training We continue to benefit from the wide variety of coaching given to our young people through Waves Swimming Club Lurgan Town Boys Football Club Lurgan Ladies Hockey Club Lurgan Rugby Cricket Club and Waringstown Cricket Club We welcome their contribution and participation in developing a community that serves and benefits everyone Under the excellent leadership of the PE Department we continue to realise our vision for Lurgan Junior High School as a centre of Sporting Excellence When I moved from primary school I was very afraid and nervous I was very glad to find the teachers made sure that my friend Leo was in my class Everyone here is really friendly and helpful Pawel Year 8 2021 PROSPECTUS 21

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School Trips At Lurgan Junior High School trips are regarded as powerful and positive teaching tools that help to enhance the social personal cognitive and emotional development of our pupils School trips provide unique opportunities for learning by seeing and doing The extra stimulation in a new environment can be beneficial to teaching life skills and improving independence Unfortunately last academic year the pandemic resulted in all our planned trips having to be cancelled However we are optimistic that in the future we will be able to continue our educational visits programme Some of our recent trips have included the following Liverpool Trip Anfield A course trip via Dublin and North Wales with an overnight stay in Liverpool including match tickets to Anfield with seats in the Kop to see Liverpool play in the Premier League Also included was a tour of Liverpool City centre and shopping at Cheshire Oakes 2021 PROSPECTUS History Trip The History Department organises trips to the First World War battlefields in Belgium and France and to Normandy the location for the June 1944 D Day landings The trips provide pupils with the opportunity to deepen their interest and knowledge of history along with the opportunity to experience different cultures History trips are organised every two three years Ski Trip to Folgaria Italy A one week trip with 4 hours of ski tuition each day Pupils also had a day tour of the historical city of Roveretto near Lake Garda and the opportunity to snow tube and ice skate in the nearby village By the end of the week the majority of our pupils had become competent skiers and have the badges to prove it Scotland Trip In the last week of the school Year 10s enjoy a day trip to M Ds theme park in Glasgow FUTURE TRIPS ARE IN THE PLANNING STAGES FOR 2021 AND BEYOND 23

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Lurgan Youth Annexe Lurgan Youth Annexe is an Education Authority Youth Centre situated at Lurgan Junior High School The Youth Annexe is managed by the full time Youth Worker who has responsibility for its daily operations and financial administration Part time staff and volunteers assist in the planning and facilitation of programmes for pupils in Lurgan JHS and for other young people aged 8 who reside in South Lurgan The Annexe provides a safe environment for young people to develop positive and meaningful relationships and receive support from a dedicated team of staff and volunteers Recently the Annexe has undergone a major refurbishment This has created a fantastic environment to support children and young peoples personal and social development The Annexe s vision is to inspire children and young people in south Lurgan to fulfil their potential through active participation and engagement The opportunities provided by staff and volunteers aim to increase opportunities which build strong and meaningful relationships promoting respect responsibility and resilience Additionally Lurgan Youth Annexe is fully focused on Community Relations across the town The participation of young people and staff in various crosscommunity initiatives has helped to develop shared spaces and peacebuilding opportunities Annexe staff actively promote leadership development and have witnessed the progression of many young people through the volunteering opportunities that have been made available to them There is a wide variety of training opportunities available through the EA Youth Service which enable young leaders to develop the relevant knowledge and skills which will support them in their roles Other areas of work facilitated by the EA Youth Service include the Learning Together Programme which is available to pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 At Key Stage 4 the Learning Together Programme offers an OCN Level 2 Certificate in Personal Success and Well being The informal methodologies and focused group work facilitated by youth workers and teachers engage pupils in an innovative way facilitating the completion of a GCSE equivalent qualification 24 2021 PROSPECTUS

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The annual Summer Scheme which takes place at the beginning of July provides young people with a range of fun activities which promotes learning and participation Some recent summer interventions focused on supporting pupils movement from primary to post primary education The pupils participation in the New Beginnings project encouraged them to develop new relationships and explore some of the changes they may face in a new school setting Additional projects facilitated at the Annexe include Outdoor Pursuits Aiming High Awards Cultural Identity Mental Health Awareness Summer Schemes Summer Intervention Dance Drama Arts and Crafts projects detached outreach work and residential experiences Youth Annexe programme Sept 2021 June 2022 Junior Youth Club P5 P7 Monday and Thursday 7 9pm Senior Youth Club Yr 8 Tuesday 7 9pm Extended Provision Yr8 Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays 7 9pm Please note due to current COVID 19 restrictions the above programmes may be subject to change Please check for changes to programme times on Lurgan Youth Annexe Facebook page Dates for the Summer Schemes and Summer Interventions are published on the Youth Annexe and LJHS Facebook Pages at the beginning of the Spring term each year 2021 PROSPECTUS 25

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Girls Uniform compulsory as per list Blazer Navy with maroon trim and school badge Skirt Grey with 2 front pleats maroon navy and white plaid Blouse White Tie School colours with three R s badge Socks Grey with 2 maroon bands Tights Navy these will be compulsory on return from Halloween break until end of Term 2 Grey V necked optional Sweater Shoes Black leather flat heeled black laces Coat Navy outdoor coat NO HOODIES UNDER BLAZERS AT ANY TIME Physical Education Uniform PE Top White T shirt with maroon trim and crest Skort Maroon Socks White with maroon turn down Trainers Laced with non marking soles LJHS Track Bottoms Navy LJHS Hoody Navy Mouth Shin Guards Compulsory Uniform Supplier SD Kells Lurgan Menary Bros limited stock due to retirement Maxwells of Lurgan PE Supplier The Gordon Group Lurgan Online Orders www thegordongroup co uk 26 Team Players can wear school tracksuits with badges to matches A detailed version of our uniform regulations is communicated to parents prior to the child s commencement in September In addition uniform guidelines can be viewed in the Year 8 Section of our website www ljhs co uk 2021 PROSPECTUS

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Boys Uniform compulsory as per list Blazer Navy with maroon trim and school badge Trousers Charcoal grey trousers Shirt White Tie School colours with three R s badge Socks Grey or black in colour Sweater Grey v necked optional Shoes Black leather Coat Navy outdoor coat NO HOODIES UNDER BLAZERS AT ANY TIME Physical Education Uniform INDOOR PE Top Shorts Socks Trainers Navy T shirt with school crest Navy indoor and outdoor White ankle socks Laced with non marking soles OUTDOOR Rugby Shirt Shorts Socks Navy with school crest Navy Navy Mouth Shin Guards Football Boots Rugby Boots Compulsory Uniform Supplier SD Kells Lurgan PE Supplier Donaghy s of Banbridge 2021 PROSPECTUS Team Players can wear school tracksuits with badges to matches A detailed version of our uniform regulations is communicated to parents prior to the child s commencement in September In addition uniform guidelines can be viewed in the Year 8 Section of our website www ljhs co uk 27

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School Contact Details Telephone 028 3832 3243 Fax 028 3832 7823 Email agraham013 c2kni net Principal s Secretary www ljhs co uk Facebook Lurgan jhs Please note that all photographs were taken in accordance with Department of Education Covid 19 Guidelines