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2021 InvestWrite® High School Division Winner

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Virginia High School—State Winner Essay ID: 83245 Teacher: Lindsey Ralls Student: Ava W. School: Summit Christian Academy The Future of Investments Imagine it is the year 2050. The first colony on Mars was established almost a decade ago, and numerous explorations around and beyond the asteroid belt quickly followed it. Various aerospace companies are currently perfecting ways to send astronauts out on deep-space voyages. Vacations to the moon are expensive, but extremely popular, with SpaceX being the most widely used company for space tourism. The military now primarily utilizes laser weapons, and defense systems have advanced significantly. Quantum computing has become the standard technology used among scientists and researchers, and the progressing technology has allowed for many groundbreaking scientific discoveries in a myriad of different fields. Looking towards the future, one can only imagine what possibilities await us. With advancements in technology, energy, and even space exploration, the future is overflowing with opportunities. These possibilities open windows for investments in various companies. There are several categories that I predict will flourish as time goes on, and it would be wise to invest in them. These include quantum computing, space exploration, and defense companies. Quantum computing is a growing technology that could change the world. It utilizes the unique behavior of quantum physics and applies it to computing, introducing new concepts to traditional methods. These new machines process information in a way that is very different from current smartphones, laptops, and even supercomputers, and they are capable of solving complex problems much faster than traditional computers. A good stock to invest in would be International Business Machines, better known as IBM. This company has long been at the front of quantum computing. They are currently working to advance foundational quantum computing research and the possibilities of quantum computing, and several other corporations are beginning to work with them in this area. As technology advances in multiple areas, many are looking to space as the next frontier for one reason or another. Some seek to escape what they consider to be a dying planet and resettle on a new one. Others desire to explore the expanse of our galaxy and discover the secrets hidden within it. Whatever the reason, quite a few companies are currently working on advancing exploration in space and would be optimal stocks to invest in. These include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. Although SpaceX is a private company at the moment, it too would be a good investment once (and if) it goes public, currently being one of the most valuable pre-IPO companies in the world. As scientists work to send drones to Mars, bring tourists outside of Earth’s atmosphere, and send astronauts into deep space, a future in interstellar exploration seems bright, both to science and investment alike.

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While the future does seem hopeful in many areas, it also contains darker possibilities. As rivaling nations struggle to be the first to make groundbreaking achievements in science, technology, and space exploration, tensions are bound to increase. As America and China increase their endeavors both inside and outside of the Earth’s atmosphere, opposition occurs from both sides, and these tensions could spark into war. That is why defense companies would be a good investment as well. One such company is Lockheed Martin, one of the top corporations in America for weapon and defense systems. Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics are good investments as well. As hostilities grow between nations, it would be best to prepare for the worst than to be attacked while underprepared. Thus, weapons and defense systems would be a good investment. In conclusion, there are many possibilities for investments in the future. As science and technology continue to advance, these opportunities will continue to increase. Quantum computing, space exploration, and defense systems remain three viable categories. Although several investments come with grim realities, such as the possibility of war, many are optimistic and show a bright vision of the future, both for financial investments and for humankind as a whole.