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2022 Guide to Naturism

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02 03 CONTENTS For a quick overview of all we do visit Sponsored by Chalfont Holidays www chalfontholidays co uk goodtimes bn org uk What is Naturism 04 About British Naturism 06 Events 08 Online Events 14 Become a Member 16 Women in Naturism 17 Where to go in the UK 18 BN Shop 19 FAQ 20 The Great British Skinny Dip 22 British Heart Foundation 23 Health and Well being 24 Families 26 YBN 27 Volunteering with BN 28 Campaigning 30 BN Magazine 32 Naturist Holidays 33 Contact Us 36 Image Credits Nirish Shakya Paul Gregory Jon Williams Colin Brundle Mark Bass Zuiver Spa John Lower Western Sunfolk and Tim Linter

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04 05 What is Naturism N aturism is the practice of going without clothes It s good for you our bodies were not designed to be wrapped up in clothes all the time and subjected to artificial heat light and air conditioning Millions of normal people have discovered how good it feels to have the sun and breeze on their skin and feel better more relaxed less self conscious and de stressed as a result Poor body image is improved when you realise that no one has a perfect body It s very sociable Naturists are happy friendly people who treat everyone with respect and as equals It takes no time to forget you are naked and that others are too It s not sexually stimulating Naturists do what you see anywhere else only without clothes No one is forced to undress and can easily experience Naturism even if they are not sure if it is for them and then get involved at their own pace When the weather cools we get dressed Naturist places usually have indoor and outdoor facilities and many are open all year round Naturism is for everyone from babes in arms children and teenagers right up to the elderly Irrespective of background body size shape or appearance ethnic or cultural origin sexuality or a disability everyone is welcome It s legal too The law in the UK is clear that nudity itself is not criminal unless there is a sexual context or intent to cause alarm and distress Loving every moment acknowledging my own Naturism has it turns out been a big moment in my own personal life journey and my BN membership has been a huge help in get my head around it all All that s different is the dress code

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06 07 About British Naturism B ritish Naturism BN is the internationally recognised UK national Naturist organisation We exist to unite and support Naturists to protect and provide more Naturist venues to make social nudity acceptable in the UK and to provide comprehensive information on Naturism and Naturists around the world We run events in brilliant locations including online help new groups and Naturist venues to get off the ground liaise with and challenge government and other authorities overcome misunderstanding prejudice and discrimination via the Media support individuals in trouble and places under threat provide a point of contact for information and advice and in our campaigning work hard against the ever changing environment that throws up new threats even for Naturism in private places We are the UK member of the International Naturist Federation INF which has similar purposes to ours but operates across the world bn org uk inf fni org 5 mins from the M25 Near St Albans Only 30 mins from London www sunfolk bn org uk

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08 09 Your Naturist Year Ahead Events are back with a vengeance and 2022 sees more events than ever From large scale festivals to local events and swims nude events will be happening all over the country There is something for everyone whether you are young or not so young a first timer or have been doing it for years If an event shows the above icon please visit events bn org uk to book online NUDEFEST 4th 11th July Thorney Lakes Somerset The biggest festival in the Naturist calendar is back Nudefest returns to the cider groves of Somerset for a week long party packed full of entertainment live music sports and some fabulous excursions Early booking is essential www nudefest co uk Visit events bn org uk for more

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10 11 Visit events bn org uk for more NKD AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY 25th 29th August NKD is the family and youth event for British Naturism it has quickly become a permanent fixture on the Naturist calendar but you don t need to be a seasoned Naturist to enjoy it Now in its third year the festival has already encouraged plenty of families and young people to explore Naturism for the first time This unique clothes free festival is held at a site in Dorset a beautiful location surrounded by woodland open fields and wildlife It s the perfect place to leave the outside world behind meet like minded people and have loads of fun www nkdfest co uk Look out for members only hotel weekends and waterpark events

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12 THE GREAT INDOORS 13 The Gathering Our annual three night Naturist break in Scotland located near Edinburgh Amsterdam A three night break at one of Europe s best spas Bournemouth A lively three night winter party weekend at one of Bournemouth s best hotels Amsterdam Happy Nude Year See in 2023 in style at our brand new New Year break in the heart of Yorkshire A three night break with dinner bed and breakfast featuring daily activities live entertainment a swimming pool and a gala dinner on New Years Eve Visit events bn org uk for more THE GREAT OUTDOORS Highland Walking Adventure Stunning scenery and great walks in the Scottish Highlands Windermere Woodland Weekend A holistic weekend in the Lake District with fell walks and skinny dips a plenty Various beach days and lido swims around the country

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14 ONLINE EVENTS Over 50 events per month FREE with British Naturism Membership LOCAL EVENTS Did you know British Naturism now host over 100 online events per month Choose between our community and Naked Fitness events there is something for everyone There s plenty going on You are never too far away from a Naturist find out what s happing in your area I have really appreciated the activities which I have been able to participate in during lockdown Find the full list at www events bn org uk BODY POSITIVE BEACH DAYS WILDLIFE PARKS GARDEN DAYS NAKED DINING SINGLES WEEKENDS CLUB DAYS NAKED BOWLING ADVENTURE HIKES ART GALLERIES NAKED SOCIALS SWIMS SPORTS EVENTS Visit events bn org uk for more COFFEE MORNING THE FORUM LIVE BOOK CLUB PARENTS CHAT YBN MEET UP THE BIG QUIZ FRIDAY NIGHT PUB KEEP FIT SUNDAY BRUNCH WOMEN UNCOVERED LOTS MORE 15 CANAL BOAT TRIPS WEEKEND BREAKS CAMPING TRIPS NAKED WALKS FAMILY MEET UPS MUSEUM VISITS RIVER BOAT TRIPS LADIES DAYS P TANQUE COMPETITIONS SKINNY DIPS FESTIVALS LOTS MORE BN Members Holidays 2022 Yoga Aerobics Fitness Meditation Dance Fancy travelling with a group of like minded people We run a full programme of Members Holidays working alongside holiday specialist and main BN sponsor Chalfont Holidays to bring you memorable holidays and the comfort and protection offered by a tour operator Online classes daily PAYG or discounted fitness plans available How to book The team at Chalfont Holidays are on hand to answer questions and help you book your BN Member Holiday Please contact the team on 01753 740176 or email reservations chalfontholidays co uk

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16 17 The fact that people had removed their clothes also seemed to mean that they had removed any judgements insecurities and barriers to interacting with others Lili Become a Member Easy access to information and advice that will help you to practice Naturism Four issues of our full colour informationpacked magazine with news and views from the UK and overseas delivered to your door and available to download and read online Access to the BN Members Online Community Free entry to many online events and access to discount packages for others 25 off the ticket price of real events some also exclusive to members 15 off all prices in the BN Shop The BN Holiday advice service A photo ID membership card proven to be useful in establishing your credentials with Authority figures if ever your Naturist activities are challenged It is also an International Naturist Federation INF card essential for access to some overseas Naturist places and discounts in others Women in Naturism Encouraging more women into Naturism and BN NEW MEMBER FEES FOR 2022 Couples 71 Couples over 65 68 Couples over 80 61 Single person 47 Single person over 65 45 Single person over 80 39 Student in full time education proof needed 29 YBN 18 35 first year only 20 RENEWAL FEES FOR 2022 Couples 67 Couples over 65 64 Couples over 80 57 Single person 43 Single person over 65 41 Single person over 80 35 Student in full time education proof needed 25 Be part of a vibrant community with and connect with like minded people Join Us It costs less than 4 a month Knowing that you are helping to support the practice of Naturism so that it continues to thrive VISIT WWW BN ORG UK In a society where social media and societal standards of beauty make what we look like more important than our skill sets and core values we may possess it has become much harder for women especially the younger generation to break away from these shackles to contemplate social nudity or even understand what it is to a healthier relationship with yourself no matter your gender Encouraging more women into Naturism and to normalising nudity is the aim of our Women in Naturism campaign We want to reach out to women who are fearful unsure or even aghast at the idea of nudity and help them overcome those concerns Millions of women around the world already have and are having a wonderful time We organise gatherings for women and help women to speak about Naturism in the media We actively encourage women to bring their friends to events and clubs to experience Naturism for themselves It is well documented that Naturism has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing and many women become passionate advocates of the benefits it brings to their lives Every Body has a story to tell and learning to accept your body warts and all leads Naturism does wonders for self confidence and many women enjoy being part of a safe friendly non judgemental and welcoming community having discovered freedom and expression of simple nudity The core values of Naturism respect equality understanding diversity are a perfect fit for the way that the global culture is changing And being naked with others doesn t have to be scary or weird Come and join us Find more resources and volunteer to help on our website at bn org uk women

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18 19 The British Naturism Shop 1 2 4 I Beaches Because there is no law against nudity in public it follows that every beach in the UK is a Naturist beach However some places have a long history of nude bathing and are sought after and busy spots for Naturists British Naturism and Naturists have worked closely with landowners or local authorities to ensure they are safe places for everyone Find details of all UK Naturist places at bn org uk activities placestogo 5 8 7 1 Water Bottle 2 Flip Flops 3 Tshirts 4 Mugs 5 Pullover Hoodie 6 Polo shirt 7 Cap 8 Zip up Hoodie Most products are available in a selection of colours with a BN logo or a slogan Check out shop bn org uk for the full product range d m isc em ou be nt rs fo V ra is ll B it sh riti op sh b Na n or tur g ism uk Clubs Swims Sometimes called sun clubs they are all around the country Some have their own land others hire local swimming pools or leisure centres for weekly or monthly sessions Clubs with land will usually have well tended grounds centred around a club house with facilities such as a swimming pool sports facilities sauna children s play area camping holiday accommodation and social events 3 15 Where to go in the UK 6 n addition to all the fabulous events available the UK has in excess of 100 Naturist clubs and swims Well established over many decades a large number have celebrated 70th 80th and even 90th birthdays they provide an excellent escape from the stresses and strains of daily life for their members and visitors

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20 21 Naturist FAQs Nobody wants to see me naked Actually no one is looking at your body in fact newbies tend to avoid looking as if their lives depend on it This is about YOU as a person which is not defined by what you look like because that s the point Naturism is one of the best ways to become more confident Equally you should never be ashamed to let people know how confident you are about yourself What we do is safe legal and healthy there is no need to confess to enjoying naturism Naturism instils the true values of body acceptance and shows us that nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of and is in the truest sense natural Won t I get arrested No not at all Naturism is perfectly legal and the law is on your side We have worked extensively with the college of policing to make sure that the police are very aware of the law around Naturism Body conscious Being nude with others is not embarrassing First timers often remark how quickly they feel comfortable wearing nothing and seeing others unclothed in fact it s easy to forget that everyone is naked and just because they are doesn t make for a sexually charged atmosphere either I ve never tried Naturism before That s not a problem We understand that your visit to an event could be your first Naturist experience There is no pressure to undress so it s a great way to try Many people have been apprehensive undressing on their first time but once they ve done it wonder what the big problem was in the first place Photography As you can see from the images in this brochure photography is an essential part of showing what a great time we have In general you are not permitted to take photos in public spaces and you must always obtain the permission of anyone who appears in a photo We have official BN photographers at some of our larger events You will only be in images if you give us permission What about when I have my period You are not alone and there are several ways to make your Naturist experience more comfortable Ultimately it is down to personal preference some ladies preferring to wear bottoms others just using products Either way it s about your personal comfort You won t be judged Standing out as a male The most frequently asked question posed by men Honestly it very rarely happens a Naturist environment is not one that is sexually charged If nature does take its course then take a break sit down and relax ultimately be discreet Sex Yeah you read that right If you think you are coming to some weird seedy place then think again wholesome family fun and a zerotolerance rule for any funny business NATURISM IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT

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22 23 greatbritishskinnydip co uk Naked Heart Walks bhf org uk where are you going to dip Organised at Painshill Park in Cobham in July 2021 one hundred people took part in the inaugural event walking a 2km or 5km route through the spectacular landscaped gardens and raised over 26 000 British Heart Foundation say We couldn t have been more delighted with the way the inaugural British Heart Foundation Naked Heart Walk went last summer the feedback has been universally glowing and the amount raised far beyond original targets We are thrilled to be working in partnership with British Naturism to replicate the format nationally into 2022 and beyond Shockingly there are around 7 6 million people living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK Around twice as many people are living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK than with cancer and Alzheimer s disease combined The BHF is the largest independent funder of heart and circulatory disease research in the UK and making sure that scientists can keep looking for new ways to prevent treat and cure heart conditions is vital if want to save and improve lives in the future The support from British Naturism is hugely valued and we are truly excited to see what 2022 will bring Watch this space

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24 25 Health Well being Want a great life Then get naked D espite taboos and social conditioning spending time naked especially with others brings benefits People report improvements in physical mental and emotional health a boost in self esteem and self worth the ability to cope better with stress and overcome body image issues Science has proved that social nudity boosts self esteem happiness and life satisfaction There s not much that you do with clothes that you can t do without Here s a few ideas for naked activities that you can get involved with even online Swimming It hardly needs mentioning it s a staple of the Naturist world and there are thousands of opportunities across the country each year Walking What could be better than a healthy ramble in the countryside and if boots are all you are wearing it s even better various groups organise walks for all in idyllic locations Yoga Naked yoga teachers and there are many nowadays say that the necessary focus on the self and awareness of the body and its rhythms means that practicing yoga with clothes on can actually prevent it from being done properly Naked yoga is gaining in popularity and there are many classes at BN events and public venues Running It s cool these days to get fit with a regular jog and there s no cooler way to do it than without the usual sweaty kit on Cycling Whilst the pace may be slow riders cover a large distance during the many naked urban cycle rides under the umbrella of the World Naked Bike Ride It s unbelievable fun and a great event for first timers If that s not enough you will also find meditation fitness sessions aerobics on dry land and in the water t ai chi water polo pilates miniten our own version of tennis p tanque and volleyball

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26 27 Families Naturism also gives children the opportunity to grow up with a realistic knowledge of what human bodies look like There are thousands of Children who are brought up Naturist families some into by Naturist parents mostly many generations who have greater body confidence find that they get on better and feel much less shame with each other through about their bodies compared their shared experience and to their constantly clothed openness Children brought peers Naturist swims have no up in Naturism often say how they grew up without the usual need to segregate males and hang ups about their bodies females in changing rooms and carry on when they reach what s the point so families can stay together and children adulthood can be well supervised With children so often engrossed in computer games Meeting up with other or mobile phones giving them families at a club or event access to fresh air and healthy will help your children feel that there are plenty of other activity becomes even more children like them and once important In a world where body positivity and respect are so often lacking I am keen to show my children a different way a better way Duncan they have made Naturist friends are more likely to want to visit Naturist places to be with them A number of clubs organise family weeks during the summer holidays where activities are specifically designed to appeal to younger people Naturist families frequently report that the family values of respect inclusivity and friendship and the knowledge that their children are in a safe environment are important factors in ensuring that they continue to be part of the Naturist community www bn org uk families Encouraging more young people aged between 18 and 35 to try Naturism and join YBN Young British Naturism or YBN for short is the official BN INF youth group in the UK If you re aged 18 35 and want to enjoy the pleasure of clothes free living or just getting your kit off for a skinny dip with friends then this is the group for you YBN allows you the opportunity to enjoy the freedom from your clothes in a safe friendly and welcoming environment while having fun meeting new people and exploring Naturist venues and events all over the country and abroad Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life some grew up with Naturist parents and for others YBN is their first Naturist experience Naturism is not illegal in the UK but many in our age group who discover that they enjoy being without clothes don t know what to do about it YBN is here to support and provide a space for younger people in what often can be seen as an older generation s lifestyle choice In reality we have a thriving community of young Naturists who are very open and accepting of social nudity Here is what some of our current members think about YBN During these unprecedented times our community is able to come together virtually through the BN website or the weekly YBN Meetup Zoom Session Both of these elements have enabled us to make new friends with other young people living around the UK and overseas Joining YBN wa s the best thing I ever did I wish everyone cou ld try it Why didn t I join sooner The people are so friendly and my age I look forwa rd to going to as many events as possible To find out more about Young British Naturism and how to get involved please visit our website www bn org uk ybn

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28 29 Chalfont Holidays Volunteering As a volunteer led organisation British Naturism recognises the value volunteers bring the time energy skills and knowledge they contribute and the important role volunteers play in enabling the organisation to function and deliver its services developing enabling and supporting opportunities for people to practise a Naturist lifestyle promoting understanding and acceptance of the practice and benefits of Naturism Our vision is that people feel inspired to volunteer have the opportunity to do so and have excellent volunteering experiences within British Naturism Our volunteers make amazing things happen They plan organise support and deliver opportunities for people to engage in a wide range of activities Our volunteers also do a great deal to ensure that the practice and benefits of Naturism are widely understood and accepted British Naturism recognises that people volunteer in different ways to Specialising in Naturist Holidays since 1998 suit their personal circumstances their interests motivations and the skills knowledge and experience they would like to contribute We have created different approaches to volunteering to suit everyone Formal Volunteering Specific roles with ongoing responsibilities for the governance organisation management and or delivery of activities within the organisation Informal or Micro Volunteering One off occasional or short term volunteering assignments such as leading a Naturist walk organising an event or undertaking a piece of research Volunteer Bank A register of members who are happy to be approached for particular types of role and or micro volunteering assignments Skills Bank An online listing of members prepared to offer their skills and of skills wanted Find out more about how YOU can become a British Naturism volunteer on the BN website Your best ever naturist holiday Chalfont holidays is the UK s leading naturist tour operator France Spain Canaries Greece Croatia Austria Florida Mexico Caribbean South Africa Nude Cruises Group Holidays Call us now 01753 740176 Don t miss out chalfontholidays co uk Find us on NATUNION INTERNATIONAL 27130 27465 27465

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30 Campaigning The Road to Freedom The amou nt of work done to provide protection to Naturists is ou tstanding A 31 s the representative body of Naturism in the UK British Naturism has a responsibility to promote and protect Naturism Over the last few years there have been advances that affect our daily lives Owing to our hard work the law is clear that nudity is not itself criminal if there is no sexual context or intent to cause alarm or distress This is confirmed in Crown Prosecution Service guidance which has been recognised by the College of Policing So the law is firmly on our side but problems occasionally arise when people don t know the law or because they are surprised by Naturism because it is encountered infrequently Those who participate in free hiking can testify that although nearly all public encounters are positive a small handful of people still react negatively and aggressively The media tells us that there are still police responses to some reports of a naked walker or cyclist and external threats to Naturist swims that we have encountered demonstrates that some people still worry about Naturism simply due to misunderstanding the facts Therefore there are visible opportunities to advance the status of Naturism and we must remain vigilant to protect the rights and freedoms we currently enjoy The British Naturism campaigns task force both exerts pressure on the government and councils to protect Naturism and people s freedoms and undertakes positive campaigning to normalise Naturism and promote individuals wellbeing Our high profile work with the media and visible events are a strong tool for persuading the public that Naturism is not just a respectable life it is a great life Social nudity is a powerful means to improve self esteem and mental health so we are working to promote body positivity through Naturism and see many people discover a new found confidence as a result Our research work with leading academics is allowing us to target our efforts to where they have maximum effect and are needed most At the same time our extensive work with the Law Commission over the last two years has been addressing how Naturists can be protected from criminal abuse This work is not limited to Naturists British Naturism is committed to equality and diversity and is working for the protection of all minority groups By encouraging respect for ourselves and respect for each other British Naturism aims to make the world better for Naturists and better for everyone

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32 33 Naturist Holidays GREAT ADVENTURES TO LOOK FORWARD TO There may be a smaller choice of places compared to the bigger clothed market but that gives it exclusivity and the benefit of knowing that you will meet like minded people And there s something for everyone Newcomers are always amazed at the variety You ll find resorts with upmarket facilities like swimming pools bars and restaurants shops wellness facilities sports evening entertainment a full programme for children and walking trails BN Magazine BN Magazine is one of the world s leading Naturist publications Available to members only every quarter we bring you a fullyillustrated full colour 80 page glossy magazine full of articles features news and information on Naturism in the UK and around the world plus updates on the work and achievements of British Naturism and event and holiday reports Each issue features a comprehensive directory of UK places and details of Naturist events A digital download is also available For a quick overview of all we do visit goodtimes bn org uk The magazine is very full with interesting information and shows lots of different types of people enjoying Naturism which makes me feel more confident to do so myself They re on the beach in the mountains on rivers surrounded by greenery or close to vibrant towns with nightlife history and popular tourist attractions Stay in top class hotels including all inclusive Opt for camping away from civilisation Take a self catering bungalow on the beach a villa on a complex or luxuriate in a spa break Select a pitch with a view for caravan or motorhome Rent an apartment owned by a fellow BN member Take a holiday on a cruise ship and other boats Find out more at bn org uk holidays

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34 UK Places to go Valley Club Harrogate Clubhouse with licensed bar weekends darts pool table showers toilets tent caravan rental caravan and motorhome pitches well behaved dogs 9 Hole mini golf boules badminton mintien sunbathing lawn seasonal pitches available walking cycling close to the Yorkshire Dales 07432 577847 visits and stays 07340 177142 membership www valley sun club co uk Springwood Sun Club West Bergholt Woodland setting camping day visitors welcome outdoor pool miniten table tennis indoors outdoors p tanque free Wi Fi toilet shower block chemical waste disposal point washing machine BBQ electric hook ups fridge freezer sauna clubhouse with log burner pool table darts library tv room www springwoodsunclub co uk Broadlands Sun Club Norwich Sun lawn heated pool p tanque club house entertainments sun lounge TV room indoor games 35 camping pitches holiday vans for hire day visits shower toilet laundry facilities dog friendly woodland walk shing lake free WiFi 01508 492 907 07936 359 140 www broadlandsun co uk Naturist Foundation Orpington Solway Sun Club Near Carlisle 35 Off grid woodland site no mains electricity easy access to M6 motorway lakes and hills visitor accommodation in 2 static caravans camping and campervan pitches no touring caravans nature trail outdoor swimming pool wood red sauna clubhouse with wood burning stove and pool table volleyball sunbathing lawn shower and toilet block communal kitchen with sink gas oven and fridge www solwaysunclub com No1 Hind Stile Boutique BnB Higham Ferrers A Naturist retreat 2 luxurious en suite bedrooms with TV WiFi crisp cotton linen fluffy towels sitting room with open re dining room private south facing walled garden for sunbathing optional alfresco dining hot tub hire available continental breakfast included optional cooked breakfast Special discount for BN members Please quote BN when making an enquiry or booking Telephone 07749 489271 www no1hindstile co uk Manchester Sun and Air Society Knutsford Two level grass camping elds with serviced pitches free WiFi kitchen TV lounge sauna suite heated outdoor swimming pool sun loungers and parasols mintien p tanque crown green bowls table tennis pool table badminton croquet woodland walks ponds extensive grounds one self contained chalet Fox Cottage March to October 07821 805 866 www spring eldmsas org Suntreckers UK wide Onsite caf and bar pavilion heated and covered pool sauna miniten courts p tanque courts volleyball courts table tennis children s playground woodland walks extensive sports and social calendar Suntreckers is the UK s largest caravan motorhome and camping club with a nationwide membership We hold over 70 naturist rallies throughout England and Wales each year as well as several holiday rallies further a eld in Europe Whether a seasoned naturist or trying it for the rst time new members can be assured of a warm welcome 01689 871200 www naturistfoundation org To join us or for more information visit www suntreckers org uk or contact mem sec suntreckers org uk

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British Naturism Beckett House 14 Billing Rd Northampton NN1 5AW 01604 620361 headof ce bn org uk www bn org uk events bn org uk For further free copies of this guide please order from the BN shop at shop bn org uk where you will also nd the link to an online version

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