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2021 Fall Newsletter

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MAY BE DISTRIBUTED TO MEMBERS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT REGION 6 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Len MacPherson President Membership Teresa Holmes Regional Secretary Leslie Goode Treasurer Lech Reliszko VP Social Media Facebook Bill Murrell Regional Travel Coordinator Supplies Bill Reggler Padre Vacant Special Events Disclaimer The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author and may not be republished in whole or in part without the consent of the author

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President s Message I hope that this message finds everyone is good health and in good spirits I have to admit the last few years have been difficult however there seems to be a return to a new sense of normalcy and higher prices for about everything This pandemic is determined to get you one way or the other As for the IPA more and more countries seem to be opening up to visitors and more events are being organized for members As for Region 6 we are happy to have started our monthly brunches and it has been really nice to see familiar members again Each month we try to have a brunch in a different geographical area to entice local members to come out If you haven t attended a brunch yet grab the family and join us Friends are also welcome I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who voted on Resolutions prior to the 2021 National AGM Even though only 60 of the membership voted Region 6 did have a higher percentage than all the other Regions Unfortunately as Resolutions were submitted without a seconder a requirement in our National Bylaws all Resolutions has to be rejected While this was embarrassing to the National Executive Board it was only one of a series of errors and omissions made leading up to the AGM When the Statutes were written they were written for in person meetings so voting in advance of the AGM and not having a seconder caused the Resolutions to be rejected The Board of Directors and the National Executive Board have signed a retainer with a highly regarded legal firm who specialize in the Canada Not for profit Corporations Act and it is expected that the PA Canada Statutes will be modified to correct the above and other deficiencies found in the Statutes As you may be aware Teresa Holmes our Regional Secretary has stepped down from her role as Editor at large and no one has volunteered to take her place Teresa s assistance in creating the Newsletter was invaluable so I am sad to say this may be our last Newsletter If anyone is interested is filling her position please contact me For those that might be interested the primary responsibility of the position is to collect articles that we can publish for a newletter that is released in the Spring and Fall On a positive note after my message went out for member articles Bob Pyefinch a long time IPA member and Region 6 member provided Region 6 permission to republish short histories of various police services in Ontario Bob operates the Canadian Police Insignia Collectors Association https cpica ca Here s looking to a safe and happy 2022 INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION CANADA REGION 6 OTTAWA WWW IPAOTTAWA COM

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FREE BBQ FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT On Friday 24 September 2021 IPA Region 6 hosted a free BBQ for members of Law Enforcement in Ottawa Thanks to the Ottawa Police Association we were permitted to setup in their parking lot directly across from the OPA building on Catherine Street Well before the 11 00 a m start time Region 6 members quickly got to work setting up and grilling hot dogs and hamburgers Chips and pop were added to make an excellent combo With a little bit of help from the wind actually a lot of wind the savouring smells hot off the grill wafted throughout the city and soon attracted one Policeman followed by another and another and another It was not long before the word got out and the parking lot quickly filled up with numerous police vehicles and hungry officers along with Ottawa Police Communications Centre personnel and plain clothes officers Eating their fill they were astonished and very grateful for our show of gratitude Working day and night throughout the extended Covid 19 restrictions having to deal with the increased mental health and violence calls any show of support is much appreciated Mouth watering grilled burgers and dogs sure hit the spot and made their day Len MacPherson our Region 6 President was busy greeting visitors providing them with information about the IPA Association and handing out Region 6 brochures Len expressed surprise when all attendees indicated they had not heard of the IPA but certainly all expressed interest especially with the international travel Planning this BBQ for Law Enforcement was many many months in the making Members of the Region 6 Executive Committee EC expressed a desire back in early spring 2021as a way of passing on a much needed thanks and trying to brighten up a policeman s day Initially there was a province wide Covid 19 lockdown which extended to the month of July 2021 Following that there were consistent threats of a fourth Covid 19 lockdown Planning was a supreme challenge however the EC members were determined to see the BBQ event through to completion Finding a location was yet another challenge Wanting to be central and accessible to members of Law Enforcement we finally achieved success when the Ottawa Police Association offered us the use of their parking lot Huge thanks to them for their support The EC members then had to set up and ensure the food was handled and presented to the attendants in compliance with Covid 19 restrictions INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION CANADA REGION 6 OTTAWA WWW IPAOTTAWA COM

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Our BBQ cooks were Region 6 EC Travel and Supply coordinator Bill Murrell along with his lovely wife Anne and Region 6 member Jeff Pinhey Region 6 Secretary Teresa Holmes and the Region 6 President s lovely wife Pat dished out the condiments on the burgers and dogs in order to ensure there was no potential for contamination Visits and support by other Region 6 members was appreciated and were beneficial in conversing with police personnel All in all the first free BBQ for Appreciation to Law Enforcement was considered a huge success The First responder turnout was very good and all leftover food was taken to the Ottawa Mission who were equally surprised and appreciative Written by Teresa Holmes INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION CANADA REGION 6 OTTAWA WWW IPAOTTAWA COM

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Honeymooners from Germany Visit Ottawa Time Bartholme and his new bride Constanze visited Ottawa during their honeymoon in Canada Time is a K9 Sergeant with the Bavarian State Police working in Munich and Constanze is a civilian member of the Federal Police also working in Munich Constanze is also the head of IPA Munich In advance of the arrival they requested a meeting with a local police agency Bill Murrell our R6 Travel Coordinator and former OPS Sergeant made arrangements for a 4 hour visit with OPA Sgt Paul Smith and three constables that were training to be OPS K9 officers The first segment of the visit involved watching the dogs and their handlers complete the obstacle course and then it was off to Kanata to watch simulated tracking After leaving Ottawa the new couple had plans to visit Mont Tremblant Quebec City Montreal possibly Kingston and then back to Toronto As they missed seeing bears in Algonquin Park Bill recommended that they stop at Parc Omega on their way to Mont Tremblant Upon their return to Germany Constanze sent Bill an email in which she stated we had a fantastic time in Canada and enjoyed each day Thank you again for your recommendation with Parc Omega Before we left Ottawa we bought the carrots On the way to Mont Tremblant we visited Parc Omega It was amazing Thanks go out to Bill and the OPS Dog Squad for making their trip to the Ottawa area such a success INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION CANADA REGION 6 OTTAWA WWW IPAOTTAWA COM

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Gananoque Ontario Gananoque is located along the St Lawrence River mid way between Toronto and Montreal and 29 km east of Kingston along Highway 2 It was initially settled in 1793 and continued to grow with numerous water powered mills established on both sides of the Gananoque River By the early 19th century a tannery a tool manufacturing plant and a harness and carriage factory were thriving industries According to the article The History of the Gananoque Police Service policing in this community began on December 31st 1863 when John H Smith was hired for 20 a year fees for service were likely extra income In 1875 the town appointed Naussa Acton as their Chief Constable He stayed on the job for twelve years before handing in his resignation On February 12 1887 Edward J Ryan an iron worker by trade was hired as Chief Constable at a salary of 450 00 per year As was the custom at the time Chief Ryan was given added responsibilities such as Sanitary Inspector Truant Officer and even Inspector of Noxious Weeds He usually had a staff of two other constables with other special constables available when required for occasions such as Canada Day and Halloween The present day Gananoque police web site indicates that Chief Ryan was well respected and referred to as Eddie as much as he was called Chief A newspaper article reporting a trial held in Kingston in which Chief Ryan was a witness referred to him as the pride of Gananoque and a polished athlete tall straight broad shouldered intelligent and dressed in a neat fitting uniform

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Ryan worked through a time of many changes in the community He saw its inauguration as a Town in January of 1890 which earned him the title Gananoque s first Police Chief He would also witness the introduction of electricity and electric street lights telephones and automobiles While these were impressive innovations for the time Chief Ryan found that the town officials were not keen on spending tax dollars to update the police office and the department s equipment His requests for funding would go on for several years before Council finally granted his improvements Eddie Ryan shown at the left led the Gananoque Police until June 8th 1918 On that night Chief Ryan had single handidly outwitted and captured two escapees who were at large from the Fort Henry Jail in Kingston Returning home he complained to wife about pain in his side Eddie Ryan passed away in his sleep in the early hours of the next morning at the age of fifty seven He left his behind his two sons and a career he enjoyed for thirty one years His body laid in state in the Council Chambers and out of respect factories and businesses closed during the hours of the funeral During Chief Ryan s tenure Constable James Shine was hired in April of 1912 Unfortunately after struggling with an arrestee and managing to bring his prisoner to the jail he collapsed and died Believing Shine to have been in poor health previous to accepting the position Gananoque town council decreed that all future applicants must provide a certificate of physical condition from the medical officer of health William Chevis shown at the right replaced Eddie Ryan and served as chief from 1918 until 1936

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Reginald Morrison shown at the left took over in 1936 and led the force until 1950 Morely M Durnford a veteran of twenty four years with the OPP Sergeant upon retirement succeeded Chief Morrison Unfortunately he died in September of 1951 at the age of forty eight In May of 1959 Chief Edward Lancaster was in charge and asking the Town Council for funds to send his officers to the Ontario Police College in Aylmer for seven weeks of training after one full year of service It was during his tenure that Gananoque s first set of traffic lights were installed at the corner of King and Charles Streets Chief Lancaster is shown seated on the right Standing left to right are Constable Ken Huntley Corporal Frank Eaton Constable Clarence Boucher Constable Howard Dorey and Constable Bruce Leakey c mid 1950s

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This group photo was taken in 1977

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Gananoque native Robert Parrish shown at the left joined his home town s police force in 1981 At the time he died in 2008 he was still serving as the town s police chief and only a year away from retirement After his unexpected death at age fifty three Sergeant Rhonda Sherboneau took over as acting chief Sherboneau speaking of Parrish He was a great boss she said He was my friend first and my boss second You re going to hear that a lot when you talk to people he was so easy going Kai Liu shown at the left was the first Asian officer hired by the city of Ottawa He left that force with the rank of inspector to lead the Gananoque police from August 2008 to September 2012 Liu went to serve in the same capacity for Coburg and the Treaty Three Police Service

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After a lengthy search Gary Hull shown at the right replaced Kai Liu in April of 2013 Hull was formerly the deputy chief of the Port Hope Police Services before he retired on Feb 28 ending a 28 year career with that force In 2020 Chief Hull leads a force of four Sergeants and nine Police Constables The Police Service employs an Administrative Assistant three Special Constables and three Auxiliary Officers A whimsical end to this report involves this vintage early 1950s tin toy patrol car that has Gananoque Canada on the roof Like many tin cars of era the word JAPAN appears inside the back windshield opening It was probably a souvenir intended for sale to the many tourists who passed through the Gateway to the Thousand Islands seventy years ago This document is published solely for the purpose of research private study or education It contains material permitted under the Copyright Act R S C c c 42 s 29 All badge and patch images shown in this article are courtesy of the Canadian Police Insignia Collectors Association Edited by Robert Martin

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IPA Region 6 created a Fitness Challenge back in June 2021 to motivate regional members in keeping physically active during our prolonged COVID 19 pandemic With municipal regional and provincial lockdown after lockdown and yet again some more lockdowns it became not only problematic to maintain a basic fitness routine but down right gruelling to preserve a positive attitude and endeavour to overcome the couch potato syndrome The challenge thrown out to members was to navigate our approximate regional circumference of 719 kms within one year 01 June 2021 to 31 May 2022 Members were invited to walk hike run rollerblade row paddle swim bike snowshoe and ski etc keeping track of their distance and submitting to the regional secretary on a regular basis Even indoor fitness machines counted Region 6 began with 9 members and as the stories and pictures began to appear on our various social media platforms interest attracted a few more members To date we have 15 participants some partnering up with their loved ones and dogs More members are always welcome to join us and the challenge is continuing until end of May 2022 Lots of time to log some kilometers While we enjoyed Ontario s typical beautiful sunny and hot summer days we are getting rewarded with our hard work by relishing the astounding above season temperatures extending into November and the magnificent scenery of autumn days slowly changing into the inevitable winter months Some of our regional members are clever and resourceful taking advantage of international travel and the recent opening of the American borders to head South and Mexico etc These snowbirds have indicated they will continue to carry on with the Fitness Challenge following the warmth of the sun To us hard pressed die hards snowshoeing and skiing appears to be somewhat around the corner Bragging rights are awarded to our current top three highest fitness tracking scores Louis Chaisson was our FIRST member to complete the circumference in two mere months Louis cycled the majority of the kilometers and a more detailed story is included in this newsletter Felicitations Louis What a machine The intense summer heat waves never deterred Louis and he consistently attacked the circumference until the big win Louis is continuing on for the year having trekked a mere 2 153kms in 5 months He has only 5 407kms to achieve the kilometre width of Canada from coast to coast Brian Sullivan came in second having walked and cycled our regional circumference way down in Equator You can check out Brian s routes on our Region 6 Facebook page Bill Murrell our executive committee member rowed the majority of his kilometers to third place finish Bill competes in dragon boat races with the Ottawa Police Services An excellent start for all so far and we encourage you all to keep going You don t have to stop at the 719kms as most have decided to keep going for the reminder of the year After five months of the Fitness Challenge 8 members have finished most choosing to carry on and to date all have navigated 11 737kms The width of Canada coast to coast is 7 560 kms We have surpassed that and now making our way across Europe to China To register for the IPA Region 6 Fitness Challenge please send an email to ipar6challenge gmail com The Fitness Challenge coordinator is Teresa Holmes the Regional Secretary She will respond back within a short period of time An Excel spreadsheet has been created to track kilometers kms and names Participants are requested to submit their kms on a weekly or monthly basis IPA Region 6 has 130 members We encourage all to join in on the commitment to navigate our region Strive for progress not perfection Whether it takes a few months or twelve months to complete the 719 kms distance make a priority for yourself and join in on some regional fun and comradeship

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Louis Chiasson First to complete Regional Circumference Further to our Regional Fitness Challenge it took only a mere six weeks for Mr Louis Chiasson to traverse the 719kms No easy feat Louis indicated he signed up for the challenge just for the fun and to kick him out of the house in the morning Louis has not stopped and to date five months into the challenge he has logged over 2 000 kms Louis Chiasson retired from the RCMP in 2013 after 30 years of service currently working the occasional RCMP contract job He joined IPA Region 7 after his retirement and transferred this year 2021 to Region 6 Louis has completed the majority of his kms by cycling usually 45 kms a day He cycles with friends or with a small group and his main goal is admiring the scenery and wonders of the earth He finds cycling with friends provides a greater incentive than cycling alone Although Ottawa does offer a developed network of beautiful safe and fun trails Quebec City L vis and the Quebec South shore region as well as the Eastern Townships are his favorite Niagara on the Lake with its many wineries and the Trois Rivi res region also have lots of bike paths and roads to explore Louis has also cycled in les les de la Madeleine and Prince Edward Island In all actuality every bike ride brings new discoveries The countryside he finds the most challenging is the Champlain Lookout in the Gatineau Park which is considered a notorious challenge amongst cyclists His current bicycle is a Trek Domane SL5 2021 which he finds offers fantastic performance for its price range When queried about his preference tire size Louis responded I would not say skinny but it is a road bike tire size 32 hard shell which is almost a gravel bike type tire which is a little bigger and offer more grip and traction Mine although it does not have the same grip as a gravel bike tire its larger size offers more stability for all sort of terrains His favorite type of bicycle is a road bike rather than a mountain bike His best advice for a beginner cyclist is no Canadian Tire type of bicycle rather purchase from a reputable merchant and try to get a good quality price hybrid bike Conduct online research before buying as there is a lot of information out there about name brands and bike types quality ratings and technical attributes For anticipated long distances a comfortable saddle not too hard not too soft with good gel like cushioning component would work best He wears riding clothing with a good shammy cushion bottom in your riding shorts or bib and a good breathing material top Louis always finds it a good idea to cycle with a small kit to change a flat tire with a spare tune and a quick tire inflation kit In all his numerous kilometers and hours of cycling his worst ever experience was having to change three flat tires when riding with a group on the same ride and some close calls with vehicular traffic His best cycling experience is achieved every day he is out there taking in the fresh air and sharing time with friends which amounts to a great day and a bonus to my earthly stay

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Milverton Village Ontario Township of Perth East The Township of Perth East a municipality in Perth County Ontario is situated north of Stratford It was created in 1998 when the Ontario government amalgamated the village of Milverton with the surrounding former townships of Ellice Mornington North Easthope and South Easthope Milverton is the largest community of the township about 12 500 and home to the municipal administration The first settler in Milverton Village was an American named Andrew West A shoemaker by trade he also farmed and ran a hotel in the early 1850s Other businesses soon followed and the hamlet called West s Corners began to expand The first Post Office was established in 1854 and by 1864 the settlement contained a sawmill a tannery two churches and some 200 residents Sometime around 1871 the name of the village was changed to Milverton after a town in Somerset England

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The Stratford and Huron Railway reached this area in 1877 making it easy to market the area s agricultural products As a result the population increased and effective January 1 1881 Milverton was incorporated as a village its population at that time was 550 Public records of police activity in Milverton appear rather lean A report from June 4 1914 indicates that the town was policed by Chief Hartmeir That month he received instructions to enforce the curfew law which requires that children under the age of 16 must not be found upon the streets or in any public place except in the company of a parent or guardian after the hour of 9 o clock p m The news reporter added his own opinion that The council should strengthen the Chief s hand by giving him enthusiastic support in the enforcement of the law Lep Shauber was a Milverton constable in the 1950s but it is not clear if he was the Chief constable or a part time officer From the book Hold the Torch High by Vera McNichole we know that Milverton s Police Chief in the early 1960s was Russ Thibideau He is shown at the right standing beside a mid sixties Ford Galaxie Lavern Harloff had signed on in 1966 as a part time constable to step in when Thibideau wasn t on duty He worked with the Chief for two years before Paul Jeppson was hired as his new boss Chief Jeppson left in 1966 and Harloff was promoted as his replacement Chief Harloff had many memories of his service in Milverton One involved two men who broke into the local drug store by smashing the front window When challenged by Harloff the pair produced a glass container of clear liquid and claimed it was an explosive called nitrocylcerine Threatening to blow up the chief unless he backed off and let them go Harloff decided that this was highly unlikely and arrested the pairs and seized the Nitro

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The chief s hunch was right Milverton s water was just not that dangerous and the two were last seen headed for Stratford Jail On occasion an OPP officer stationed at Listowel would assist the Milverton Chief Constable Stinson was serving at the detachment when another pair of thugs decided to drop by Harloff s residence and beat up the town s police car After smashing the windshield and the side windows they returned to Main Street and began breaking the windows of several Milverton businesses Without the use of his cruiser Harloff called in Constable Stinson however the two were nowhere to be found While the glass breakers would eventually be arrested in Mitchell Milverton s town council was stuck with the bill for the cruiser s window s repairs likely a considerable expense for a small one officer town Lavern Harloff is shown above left

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The 1988 photo and caption on the left announcing the presentation of the Police Exemplary Service Medal to Chief Harloff is from the Milverton Sun newspaper Since he was born in 1925 he would have been sixty three years of age at that time and likely either retired our near retirement From an arbitration hearing in 1988 regarding the St Mary s Force we find that Milverton still only had one constable on strength at that time there was no mention of any administrative staff On December 31st 1992 the Milverton Police Force was disbanded in favour of a contract with the Ontario Provincial Police Today Milverton is part of The Township of Perth East created in 1998 when the Ontario government amalgamated the village of Milverton with the surrounding former townships of Ellice Mornington North Easthope and South Easthope This document is published solely for the purpose of research private study or education It contains material permitted under the Copyright Act R S C c c 42 s 29 29 1 or 29 2 Fair Use reference All badge and patch images shown in this article are courtesy of the Canadian Police Insignia Collectors Association Edited by Robert Martin

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The International Police Association is a friendship organization for members of law enforcement whether in employment or retired and without distinction as to rank position gender race language or religion We have around 372 000 members in nearly 100 countries of which 65 are affiliated National Sections and we are represented on 5 continents The purpose of our organization is strictly cultural social and recreational At no time does the Association take part in any matter of departmental policy discipline or unionism The IPA creates an opportunity for cultural exchange and contacts on a local national and international level The IPA is a tremendous organization for members and their families who wish to travel anywhere in the world Want To Become a Member Visit our webpage www ipaottawa com join and submit an application today