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2021 Annual Report

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A Message from Jill McConnell Executive Director Although the beginning of 2021 looked pretty bleak due to the pandemic we were able to welcome patrons back into our libraries on April 1st Since that time we have gradually reinstated nearly all of the programs and services you have come to expect from us as well as some new ones Continue reading to learn more about how your support helped us not only survive but thrive throughout the pandemic OUR MISSION To cultivate a community of lifelong learners OUR VISION We are the first place people come for information inspiration and enjoyment and to share knowledge We foster wisdom through our award winning cutting edge and innovative resources OUR CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS Steve Stallings President Susan Skowron Vice President Steve Lackey Treasurer Dave Bennett Sandie Enders Suman Golla Brittany Reno Kate Vavpetic Sarah Welch

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2021 At A Glance Total Materials Borrowed Total Programs Offered Total Program Attendance Total New Library Card Registrations Total Computer Wifi Usage 284 190 729 8 765 612 6 020 Total Library Visitors 57 103 Total Library Website Visitors 59 540 Total Informational Questions Answered 3 494

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2021 Income Expense INCOME Local Government 628 906 State Federal 255 888 Donations 241 177 Other Income TOTAL INCOME 45 316 1 171 287 EXPENSES Salaries Benefits 702 699 General Operating 240 322 Collections Programs 120 467 TOTAL EXPENSES 1 068 488

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Praise for our Virtual Adventures While it is always good to visit and see things up close and personal these virtual events are wonderful during this time of pandemic I think I attended more of the virtual ones than the inperson ones Thank you for having them Little Free Pantry at Sharpsburg Community Library Program Highlights We transformed many of our programs and services to ensure that we were able to meet your need for resources information education and entertainment throughout the pandemic Outdoor Programs Take Make Kits StoryWalk at Firemen s Memorial Park Curbside Pickup

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Fox Chapel Area School District Capstone Project Partnerships 2021 was a year for new and renewed partnerships We revived our collaboration with the Fox Chapel Area School District s Capstone Project by creating a bilingual story walk in our Fritz Mitnick Welcome Garden from original stories written by students in the class We also provided audio recordings on our website of the students reading their stories New partnerships with the Fox Chapel Police Department Fox Chapel Area Residents for Social Justice and Lauri Ann West Community Lauri Ann West Community Center Trunk or Treat Center allowed us to get back out into the community throughout the year Pride in the Park Wish Board at the library Fox Chapel Community Day

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2021 Awards The Community Library Association was awarded several grants in 2021 Both libraries received Tinkering Kits from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries through the state Department of Education Cooper Siegel Community Library s 5 000 grant request in the Pittsburgh Foundation s Wish Book was fulfilled and Sharpsburg Community Library received a 100 000 Places of Opportunity Grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation Sharpsburg Community Library also earned an Honorable Mention for the nationwide Jerry Kline Community Impact Prize for its strong connection to the community

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What s to Come A NEW STRATEGIC PLAN A Strategic Planning Team made up of library staff board members and community members will be embarking on a new strategic plan in 2022 Be on the lookout for calls to action throughout the year to help us formulate a plan that is inclusive and responsive to our community s needs A CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Did you know that there is about 6 000 square feet of unfinished space on the lower level of the Cooper Siegel Community Library There was always a plan to complete that space when the time was right and that time is now The renovation will include features and spaces that community members have told us they would like to see such as a caf local history displays more meeting and study rooms and a dedicated makerspace Creating more spaces leads to the need for more parking That s why we bought the property next door when it became available A new parking lot with generous landscaping will be built on that property in 2022 We will be launching a new capital campaign in the near future to raise funds for this renovation project If you would like to see the plans for the new spaces or learn more about the project please contact Jill McConnell at mcconnellj coopersiegelcommunitylibrary org or at 412 828 9520 ext 5016

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Thank You to Our Donors Thanks to donors like you we were able to continue to provide you your family and your neighbors with the materials programs and services you needed throughout the pandemic Thank you for keeping our mission to cultivate a community of lifelong learners going strong in such difficult times 2021 INDIVIDUAL DONORS Grace Abbs Veena Agarwal Quzi Soraiya Ahmed Subash C Ahuja Barb Alaback David A Allerton Anonymous John G Arch Amy Keith Arner Douglas Janis Arnold Richard Astorino Lucy Atiega David Georgia Atkin Angelika Aziz Harry Ronna Back Ron Baker Barry Diane Balliet Linda Stephen Ban Richard Tingle Barnes William W Barrington William Ladonna Bates Robert A Bauer Philip E Beard Frederick K Dorothy A Beard Christine Beau Beard Melissa Martin Becker Paul Beisler Elizabeth Lincoln Patricia Bellows Thomas Benic Barbara Sullivan Christine David Bennett Nanette y Bennett Bill Sally Ann Bensur Joe Bensy Leanne Bentz James Kathleen Berger Nancy Ron Berk William Deborah Berner Eric Mallory Bernstein Brian Victoria Beyer Rose Bienkowksi Angel Maria Bilbao Diana Biordi Mickey Judy Black Amy Boccardi Matthew W Caitlin M Boland Gabriella Bonelli Ellen Teresa Bongartz Drake Rose Bosler Lisa Stephen Botos Carole J Stephen J Botos Al Bowers Susan Krouse Ann Don Boyd Lori John Braszo Heidi Paul Brayer Charles Laura Broff Meredith Brown Betsy Brown Laurie Brown Nancy Brownell Karen Kevin Brubaker Melissa Bruckner Joseph Joan Bruno Courtnay Bryson James Buczynski Peter Burk Patricia Burke Ann Burlingham Deborah Burnett Ilene Gary Burns Erin Butkovic Shelley Douglas Campbell Kelly E Cannon David Louise Cannon Mrs Martha C Dr Raymond A Capone Jr Ann H Carey Paula Casasent Donald Gloria Casey Carrie Casey Dennis Annie Cestra Chait Family James J Chambers Mary H Champlain Thomas S Chang Joan Vondra Dan Kris Charny Li Liang Chia Yvonne H Chia Scott Story Carolyn Chiquelin Yu Shin Mingking Chyu Carl Ciampoli Melanie M Claus Corinne Cline Diane Ron Cochrane Jonathan Julie Colton Melissa John Compton Tina Condron Cassandra Conti Monica Cooney Gail E Cooper Margaret Joseph Cordaro Flora Costanzo Amy David Coutu Anne Jack Crawford Samuel D Cross John Laurie Culbertson Katherine Cunningham Elizabeth James Cunningham Paula Fran Daily Ronald Daltorio Jodi Cheran Michael Daly Gil Damico Kaitlin Dann Thomas Dausch Laurie Philip Davidson Amy Davies Candy Davis Barb Gordon Davison Tracy Deily Patricia Delo Joseph A Deltondo Kristin DeLuca Joyce M Deluca Alida Fred DeRubertis Lorraine Dewitt Sarah DeYoung Joe Vickless Victoria Lynn Dezort Judy George Dimeling Sylviarose M Divers Vidya Balwant Dixit Sue Dodds Mark Adelsheim Bernard H Doft Connie Donnelly Maribeth D Donnelly Sharon James Drake Karine Drappatz Anita M Driscoll Jay Duquette Joyce A Dudek Richard Roseanne Easler Louise K Eckman Bobby David Egelston Leslie Ty Eggemeyer Linda Irwin Ehrenreich Robert Sarah Eldridge Lori Ellis Sandra Enders Heather James Eng Annie Gus Engel Emily Engelhardt Sarah Heppenstall Pamela L Entwisle James Susan Herald Malvina David Epstein Maryanne Hermann Jared Anna Ettinger Dale Susanne Hershey Christine L Farrell Dorothy Bill Hill Susan George Fausold Marie Hinchliffe Mike Janet Fazzini Cynthia Hinson Cathleen Fenton Betsy H Hinterlang Cynthia K Ference Kelly Velma Stuart Hirsch Laura Bob Ferris Elizabeth F Worth Hobbs Janis W Fink Jeana Hollis Patricia Finkelstein Judith Holt Gloria A Fiorentino Judy Horgan Steve Pavsner Mario Fischetti Caroline Michael Horgan Lauren Flannery Sara H Horsman Roberta Bobbye Flecker David Cerissa Horwitz Marcia Robert Fleishman Allan Janet Hribar Jeremy Fleishman Lyndall Huggler Elizabeth Seiders Heather Flynn Antoinette Hughes Megan Erik Fogt Bettyanne Huntington Jennifer H Forbes Mary Don Hutchings Dana Fortun Daniel Inadomi Charlene David Fortun George Sarah Jane Inglis Virginia T Fragale Angela Bruce Jacobs Richard Cecily Franklin Beth Micah Jacobs Chip Kathy Friday Charles Jacques Anna J William Futrell Celeste Bob Janosko Richard Rose Gabbianelli Jean Jessup Tatananni Orlandro Gabriele Denise Kalinowski Janis Jonas Johnson Donald Mary Gallagher Craig Sarah Jones Robert Gallo Helen E Joyce Sandra Alvaro Garcia Tunon Judith Roger Juselius Srinivas Garimella Jane Bud Kahn Eric Susan Garrard Betsy Bob Kampmeinert Carl Mary Lou Gatewood Amal Kanbour Shakir Abdulrezak Shakir Kathleen Bill Gavlak Nina John Kapp Marian Gentile Chet Brenda Karas Mr Mrs William P Getty Sandra Karcher Dr Mrs Anthony J Gialamas Dr Mrs Barry H Kart The Gillespie Family Adria Kelleher Jere Krakoff Gail Gil Gilliland David Kathy Keller Catherine P Gillner Robert Gretchen Kelly Chris Barbara Gillotti Meghan Kessing Robert E Christine Girts Jr Teresa Kieffer Judith Robert Goehring Ellen G Kight Steve Woods Vandana Umesh Golani Lauren Kimball Arthur Zandra Goldberg Andrea M Kirby Sharon Goldstein Craig Jahnke Linda Max Kirk Mr Mrs Robert Golier Michael Lois Kirk Donna M Gottschalk Erich Patricia Klatt Judy L Graciano Paula Garrick Klein Cindy Todd Green Elizabeth Coleman Knabe Dana Richard Green Elisha Arjun Grover Amelia C Guentner Kristen John Gulakowski Lorraine H Haas Marie E Hagar Walt Halasowski Susan Hamilton Eric Laura Hamilton D J Hammerschmidt Judy Michael Hannon Cecelia Hard William Hendricks Gail Harger Anne John Harmon The Harner Family Mary Lou Ed Harrison Janice M Harrison Laura L Hartford Patricia Hartigan Robert Marjorie Hartsock L A Hennessy Kimberly Knox Thomas Christine Kobus Verne Mary Anne Koch Broughten Koester Mr Mrs Peter Koppel David Kosbie Anthony R Kotanchik Kenneth C Irene N Kotchey Sara Richard Kowal Victoria Krajewski Mary A Krauland Deborah A Krotec Janice Peter Kubiska Mary Jane Kuffner Hirt Alice Lewis Kuller Carolyn Lutz Kurzweg Stephen Cynthia Lackey Verna David Laman Karen Harrison Lauer Marsha Lauterbach Vankirk Nichole Leavers

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2021 INDIVIDUAL DONORS CONT The Lee Family JoEllen Frederick Leech Judith Leitch David Carol Lerberg Patricia Letters Elliott Holly Levenson Cecile H Levenson Shirley K Lewellen Ye Liang Susan Paul Lieber Charles Judith Lightner Melanie Linn Marc John Gutowski Loretta Louis Lobes Terri Timothy Logan Colleen Long Jackie Jerry Longo Mr Mrs John Lovey David Lower Maureen McBride Robert J Lubomski Mary Mance David Margo Lyle Tom Gail Murphy Gene Diane Natali Nancy Neal Rhoda Neal Sandra K Nelson Emil Neufeld Dorothy S Nielsen Karen A Nosseck Barbara Joan Novogradac Susan Ober Christopher O Brien Becky Lee S O Connor Amy Eric Ogren Valerie Oke Andrew Wagner Nettie Owens Sandra L Palone Joseph Pantone Joan Richard Panza Spiro Carol Papas Jessica L Lynch Gerard Arnone Holly Pappa Chuck Lynn Catherine Parham Rachel Machen Kate Scott Parker Usha Venkat Machiraju James Pashek Mary Weidner Nickol Maczura Joanna Patterson Daniel Heidi Magrish Marlene G Paulick Mrs Mary Ellen Dr John C Maher Raymond Pawlik Jean Malinic Thomas Pazerski Michele F Marcks Brian Jessica Pekarcik Jeffrey Markel Carol Robinson Lee Ann Peluso Amy Jan Marks Nicole L Phatak Lucine Marous Ellen Philips Doug Kay Marshall Constance David Phillips Letitia Marsico Richard Cathy Pieper Jennifer James Martin Beryl Piper Julie Chet Mathis Barbara Stephen Piskor Karen Matthews Michael Scheier Ann Pistritto Valerie Mazza Amy Adam Polcyn Denise John McCarthy Susan Scott Portnoy David McCommons Kim John Power Jill Craig McConnell Judith A Powers Mr Mrs William McConnell John Kristine Provenzano Veronica McDonough Anchors The Puthenpurayil Family Ruth Ann McGarry Emily Rabbit Cindy McIntyre Barbara J Rainard Colleen Frank McKenna Jeanette Rams Jeffrey Leeanna McKibben Parminder S Randhawa Nicole McLaughlin Anuradha Prabir Ray Alexandra McLaughlin Mary Gonzales Sara McMahon Scott Anne Reid Florence McNulty Marilyn S Reid Diane E Mercer Donna Reina The Mertens Family Karen Thomas Reinecke Madeleine Messina Elizabeth W Meyer Penny Bill Meyer Ann Richard Meyer Susan Mihm Prakash Shabnam Mirchandani Robert Leslie Mitchell Bryant Wendy Mitchell Jim Fritz Mitnick Ricardo Blima Mitre Betsy Monroe LeRoy Patricia Moore Charles Jo Ann Moorhead Elizabeth Granger Morgan Colin Morningstar Mary Lou Linton Morningstar Lowell Tanya Morrow Dr Mrs Esturo K Motoyama Barbara Mullen Daniel Benckart Edward Kathryn Muller Stephen Loraine Murphey Gretchen Reinhart Dr Mrs Douglas Reiss Christopher Resek Darcey L Rhoades Eileen Marc Rice Connie I Richless Anne Ringham Deborah A Rivett David M Rizzo Lorrie Philip Roberts Janet S Rollins Mr Mrs Robert Rosati George Rosenberg Carolyn A Rosso Norene William Rovnak Paul L Rowland Betty Rowland Presley Ruggieri Mary Helen David Ryan Rose Sacco Claudia A Saitz Melissa Sakmar Stephanie Sakoian Liron Salitrik Mary Lynn Salvucci Peggy Santelli Enzo Tammy Santilli Ferd Molly Sauereisen Mr Mrs Sauereisen James Savani Abby Savitz Paul Jo Ann Schmitt Michael Sally Schurko Walter Shirley Schutzman Kathryn Joshua Scott Gregg D Scott Cris Alex Scott John Barbara Scully Lou Sebastian Emery H Carole B Sedlak Edward Seifert James C Sellers Anthony Wendy Serapiglia Shannon Scott Shaffer Sarah Shaffer Elizabeth Lee Shaw Hannah Sherer Donna Shields James Nardulli Neil Shutzberg George E Silvasy Jean Robert Simmonds Gayle Bill Simpson Martin Harriet Singer Laurie Paul Singer George Jenny Siple Luke Sizemore Dayna Skelkey Bray Carol Skinger John Horn Susan John Skowron Karen Tim Slevin Ann Slonaker Ryan Shannon Smith Bobbie Keith Smith Mary Beth David Smith Rob Melissa Sobek Barbara Spagiare Rebecca Spenser Susan Holly W Sphar Jr Frederick Kate Sphar Jolie Spindler Judy Jim Squires Judith Stafford Lloyd Mary Margaret Stamy Randy Sarah Stanger Elizabeth Stanley Joanne H Starz Rose Stegman Bethany Stepanovich Daniel Stern Susan E Stewart Theresa Thompson Abigail Thompson Daniel Fortier Stephen Rebecca Thorne Thomas Donna Timcho Wendy Spencer Todd Bob Karen Trimble Guy Carolyn Tumolo Julie D Uber Jeffrey Elizabeth Ubinger Fusun Mehmet Fuat Ulus MD Mary C Van Buskirk Edythe M Van Dyke Barbara Vandyke Katharine Vavpetic Carey Tracey Vinson Gerard Catherine Vockley Laura Andrew Voigt Beth Vukmir Claire L Wallace Linda Robert Walters Laura Ward Robert Trudy Ward Gene B Warshafsky Diane M Sober Dr Mrs Edmond C Watters Sarah E Wegner Donna George Wehrle Billie Weill David Leigh Weinstein Sharon Weisberg Sarah Welch Melanie Travis Wellner John Patrick Welsh Susanne Wilkinson Timothy Susan Williams Lauren Williams Gayle Williams Weidner Christopher E Wilmer Emily Winerock Kelli Wilson Terri Wilson Aditi Matthew Wirginis Chanel Wissner Lori Wittig Jack Wolf Sally Craig Wolfanger Sarah Rob Woodings Work Family Carroll Ann Wykoff Wei Xu Adam Amelia Yates David Colleen Yeany Janet Yodanis Patricia Yunker Jennifer Michael Zampogna Judith Milas Zernich Katie Ziegler Norma Harry Zimmer John Jean Zimmer Esther Robert Zufall Robert Zulick Mr Mrs Robert B Stiffler Allina L Stites Daniel A Stone Valentina Stoyanovska Mary F Sturm Richard W Stypula Jr Marie C Fiduccia Lauren Adam Sufrin Christopher Swart Drs Debra Gary Tabas Melissa A Tai Katie A Tandlmayer Linda Jay Thier Jessica Thomas Suzanne Stephen Thomas Go to www coopersiegelcommunitylibrary org support the library to support more programs and services like the ones you ve read about in this report today

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2021 MEMORIAL GIFT BOOK DONORS Grace Abbs Carolyn Hess Abraham Scott Janet Baton Dr Mrs Ellsworth Bowser Anita Brattina Ann H Carey George M Cater Suzanne Cawley George Greenberger Susan Clifford Jeff Joan Cline Jennifer Roland Cochran Abigail Cook Craig Jennifer Niemann Bill Marilyn Crawford Dee Dan Delaney Deepika Devarajan Prashant Krishnamurthy Marie Emanuel Mr Mrs Frederick J Francis Mr Mrs Thomas J Gillespie Jr James Gretchen Haggerty D J Hammerschmidt Rosanne Isay Harrison Carol Henderson James Susan Herald Maureen James Hill Dorothy Bill Hill Jean Hitchcock William Houston Jr Mary Anne Hunting Mary Jane Jacques Lynn Jacques Celeste Bob Janosko Alice Jane Jenkins Edward Holly Jenkins Russ Kemerer Elizabeth Wainwright Carolyn Lutz Kurzweg Carroll Jay Labarthe Lisa Laidler James Mall Jeffrey Markel Carol Robinson Hugh McGough Kris Rust Becky Tom McGough Kimberly Scott McSparran Ann Richard Meyer Penny Bill Meyer Jane Moffet Mary Katherine Murray Lawrence Elaine Niemann Andrew Jennifer Niemann Larry Niemann Penny Page Sheila Parfitt Katherine Parker Bradley Dundas Peacock Nancy Peacock Linda Pool Hank Linda Pool Susie Jerry Robinson Margaret Runette Jolie Schroeder Cris Alex Scott Martha Smith Charles Ellen Srodes Julie Srodes John Debra Stiles Carol A Stonis Richard W Stypula Jr Marie C Fiduccia Joan Tauberg Gurrentz Harry Jane Thompson Barbara Todd Susanne C Wean Elizabeth Welch Brian Schwartz Patricia Frank Wiegand 2021 ORGANIZATION FOUNDATION DONORS Caliente Pizza and Draft House Chipotle Corning Dorseyville Middle School PTO Fairview PTO Fox Chapel Area High School Activities Groups Fox Chapel Area School District Fox Chapel Educators Assoc Fox Chapel Garden Club LR J Holdings Inc Maher Family Foundation Meyer Unkovic Scott LLP Obernauer Allstate Insurance Peterry Charitable Foundation Red Hawk Coffee Roasters Rotary of Fox Chapel Area Rockwell Foundation Second Harvest Sharpsburg Community Garden Sugar Spell Scoops The Andasco Fund The Burke Family Foundations The Double Eagle Foundation 2021 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CONTRIBUTIONS Blawnox Borough Fox Chapel Borough Indiana Township Sharspburg Borough

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403 Fox Chapel Rd PIttsburgh PA 15238 412 828 9520 1212 Main St Pittsburgh PA 15215 412 781 0783 www coopersiegelcoommunitylibrary org