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Page 2 3 EASY WAYS TO ORDER Call: 303-499-1950, 9am- 4pm (MST) Online: Mail To: EFTA 5171 Eldorado Springs Drive Suite N Boulder, CO 80303QUESTIONS? sales@environmentamericas.orgEnvironment for the AmericasConnecting People to Bird ConservationEnvironment for the Americas (EFTA) makes offering educational programs about birds and their conservation easy. This catalog is just one way we share information about tools for working with youth, adults, friends, and family. As the home of World Migratory Bird Day in the Western Hemisphere, we collaborate with over 700 organizations to get people outdoors, engage them in learning about birds, and motivate them to take action to protect birds. Join the celebration in 2020!Birds Connect Our WorldIn 2009, scientists captured a Whimbrel in coastal Virginia, an important stopover site for the species. When the bird, a female nicknamed Hope, was released, she carried a satellite transmitter that provided researchers with details about her future travels. Shuttling between breeding grounds in northwestern Canada and a wintering site in the Virgin Islands, Hope demonstrated both the spectacular journeys that migratory birds make each year and the threats they frequently face. In 2020, the annual World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) conservation campaign will feature the slogan Birds Connect Our World. Throughout the year, this campaign will focus on the tracking technologies researchers use to learn about migratory routes, examine the hazards birds face along these journeys, and implement conservation actions that will help migratory birds along the way. Birds Connect Our World will be celebrated around the globe at schools, parks, zoos, wildlife refuges, museums, libraries, and many other locations. Bird banding, satellite tracking, feather analysis, and weather radar are some of the tools that provide us with new details about bird migrations. For example, we have known that the Arctic Tern, one of the twelve focal species for WMBD 2020, has one of the longest migrations, traveling as many as 25,800 miles (40,000km) annually. Recent studies using geolocators, however, have revealed that this species may cover twice this distance each year. Birds Connect Our World invites you to explore technology and migration and to learn how you can help migratory birds along the way. Which brings us back to Hope. After being tracked for more than 50,000 miles, the hardy Whimbrel disappeared in 2017, when Hurricane Maria struck St. Croix. Intense storms like this, as well as pane-glass windows, plastic pollution, and loss of habitat are some of the factors that WMBD will touch on in 2020. Join us for a spectacular year of learning and conservation!World Migratory Bird Day© Amellia FormbyTracking information about the Bar-tailed Godwit, a 2020 focal species, shows its spectacular migration.

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3migratorybirdday.orgSherrie York - WMBD 2020 ArtistWhen is WMBD?Bird Day is Everyday! WMBD is officially the second Saturday in May in Canada and the U.S. (May 9 in 2020), and the second Saturday in October in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean (October 10 in 2020). Because birds have different schedules, however, we encourage you to host your program or event when participants will be most likely to see birds. Take Action for Bird ConservationVisit our website regularly to get updates about bird migrations, to learn more about the researchers who are studying bird migrations, and to explore how you can help to protect birds. We provide a wealth of information and resources for your programs, events, and activities. www.migratorybirdday.orgWMBD 2020 Artist: Sherrie YorkAt the program’s heart is artwork that reflects the conservation theme. Selected through a rigorous, competitive process, artists from Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and other countries have portrayed issues ranging from the impacts of climate change to the benefits of shade coffee. The final images feature the species that reflect these topics.Following a rigorous selection process, artist Sherrie York was selected to create the art that reflects the 2020 conservation theme. A self-taught printmaker and compulsive wanderer of landscapes, Sherrie York lives and works in Maine. Observation is the core of Sherrie’s work, whether she is sketching leaves collected on a hike or carving a complex linocut block of waterbirds in their element. Her linocuts have been presented in national and international exhibitions, including the Woodson Art Museum’s prestigious Birds in Art, and the Society of Animal Artists’ Art & the Animal, and are represented in corporate and museum collections. Learn more about Sherrie’s art at: www.sherrieyork.comCELEBRATE WMBDwww.migratorybirdday.orgwww.environmentamericas.orgWMBD events may be a morning bird walk, a day of activities for all ages, or a multi-day festival. Our goals are to make organizing your program simple and to help you share information about birds and their conservation with people of all ages. Let our ideas, projects, and materials get you started.1. CREATE A DYNAMIC PROGRAMMake the WMBD bird conservation theme part of your event. Get the details, downloadable information, promotional materials, and more.2. PUT YOUR EVENT ON THE MAPPost your event on the Explorer’s Map. It’s easy, free, and reaches thousands of people.3. READ ALL ABOUT IT!Sign up for our monthly newsletter, with the latest updates on bird education, tips for your program, and ways to protect birds.4. LEARN FROM THE PROSNeed some quick ideas? Check out successful events and new ideas for engaging the public.5. NEWS FROM THE PROSLearn more about WMBD, organizing an event, and the 2020 conservation theme from our guest bloggers.

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4migratorybirdday.orgStyle 2: Student poster, 11” x 17”, on lighter-weight paper, folded BDCO501A Single $1 ea.BDCO501B Set of 25 $19BDCO501C Set of 50 $25BDCO501D Set of 100 $37Style 1: Unfolded Poster, 18” x 24”, on heavy-weight paperBDCO500A Single $8 ea.BDCO500B Set of 25 $27BDCO500C Set of 50 $40BDCO500D Set of 100 $55WMBD 2020 T-ShirTSYou voted, and we listened! Our 2020 WMBD is made from eco-friendly fabric made with 70% recycled material and moisture wicking fabrication. Lightweight with a soft hand feel. Made of approximately 3 recycled poly (RPET) bottles (40%), 30% recycled cotton, and 30% cotton. The design includes 12 WMBD focal bird species with the slogan Birds Connect our World in English and Spanish on the front. The EFTA and Partners in Flight logos and “World Migratory Bird Day 2020” are located on the sleeve. Specify language when placing your order.WMBD 2020PoSTerThe WMBD poster features 12 bird species and the logos of WMBD 2020 Title and Program Sponsors on the front. The back has information about the “Birds Connect Our World” theme and conservation actions you can take to help. Choose your style in English or Spanish.WMBD STarTer KiTGet your event going with WMBD education materials and giveaways. Your kit includes 50 unfolded posters, 50 student posters, 50 mixed bird stickers, 50 Bird Buddy Cotton Bracelets, 30 bird masks, and 30 pre-cut, colorful paper birds. BDKit Event Starter Kit $100.00 (Save $20) PERSONALIZE YOUR WMBD T-SHIRTSAdd your event name or logo to the sleeve of your shirts for an addi-tional $1/shirt and a $45 setup fee for new logos. Please provide:● A minimum order of 36 shirts.● Your logo(s) at 300 dpi. ● Your order 3 weeks prior to event.Unisex Shirts (Add $2 for XXL shirts.) BD2020A: Single shirt $15.95BD2020B: 24-71 shirts $10.95 eachBD2020C: 72+ shirts $10.50 eachBD2020W Women’s Fit ShirtOur women’s fit shirt features a V-neck and is softly shaped. We recommend ordering one size larger. Prices are the same as above.Youth ShirtBe sure the kids are ready for World Migratory Bird Day with our new youth shirts. Choose from Small, Medium, and Large. Bulk prices are the same as above. BD2020Y: Single shirt $10.95 T-shirt FrontWMBD 2020Art by Sherrie YorkWORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY 2020WMBD 2020 BirDS ConneCT our WorlD MaPExplore bird migrations with our map of the world and highlights about the migrations of some of our 2020 focal bird species. Which flies the farthest? Across the most countries? It is interactive and appropriate for both youth and adults. On the reverse are details about the ways we track birds and how we use the information to protect them. BD2020ED Single map $1 BD2020EDA Set of 30 $19.95Arctic TernSterna paradisaeaCanada WarblerCardellina canadensisAmerican KestrelFalco sparveriusBar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponicaPurple MartinProgne subisBirds Connect Our WorldCalliope HummingbirdSelasphorus calliopeWhich bird has the longest migration?Can bird fly from America to Asia?Can a bird fly around the world?Which is the smallest migratory bird?Amigo de AvesBird BuddyWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!American KestrelWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Arctic TernWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Bar-tailed GodwitWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Barn OwlWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Calliope Hummingbird

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5migratorybirdday.orgWMBD 2020 Coloring PageShare the annual WMBD theme with young visitors using an 8.5” x 11” bilingual (Spanish/English) black-and-white coloring version of the poster. Use it at a festival station or any education program about birds and conservation. Download it free at BD33 50 Coloring Pages $8World Migratory Bird DayDía Mundial de las Aves Migratorias    2020CeleBraTe BirDS KiTThe Environment for the Americas tree of birds logo has become a way for youth and adults to identify how they can help conserve birds. We’re saving you the time of cutting out all those birds by providing a kit of pre-cut, colorful paper birds. Have participants write how they will contribute to bird conservation. Post these messages on a wall to motivate others. BD925 Set of 30 $11.95 BirD BuDDy CoTTon BraCeleTSIn addition to being a fashion statement, our wristbands are a great prize or giveaway. The slogan “Bird Buddy ~ Amigo de Aves” was created and selected by students and is imprinted on each wristband. These bracelets are cotton and come with wooden closure.BD250 Single $1 BD252 Set of 50 $25 BD253 Set of 100 $45aMigo De laS aveS BraCeleTSOur colorful Amigo de las Aves and Bird Buddy bracelets are fun giveaways at WMBD events. Available in English and Spanish (specify language).Spanish: BDAmigo Single $2 Set of 50 $52.95 Set of 100 $98.95English: BDAmigoE Single $2 Set of 50 $52.95 Set of 100 $98.95EnglishSpanishAmigo de AvesBird BuddyAmigo de AvesBird BuddyBirds Connect Our WorldIllustration and Design: Sherrie Yorke birds: Tyrannus savana, Calidris mauri, Cardellina canadensis, Selasphorus calliope, Progne subis, Icteria virens, Centronyx bairdii, Falco sparverius, Limosa lapponica, Sterna paradisaea, Tyto alba, Anas acutaWorld Migratory Bird DayOrganizer’s Guide 2020ConServaTion PinSInvite your event and program participants to confirm their commitment to bird conservation with our 2020 pins. Each species is featured with a map of its geographic location. Choose a single design or get an assortment that includes a mix of six designs.(Available in English and Spanish; specify language and quantity)BDCOPins2020 Single Pin $0.75, 50 Pins $21.95WMBD 2020 organizer’S guiDeLooking for some new activities to host at your WMBD education program or event? Look no farther, because this guide offers a series of activities and resources focusing on tracking, tracking technology, and bird conservation. Combine this with some of our educational materials, and all you have left to do is set the date! Available in English and Spanish (state your preference). BD2020Guide $5

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6migratorybirdday.orgBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLDThe Big BooK of BirDS (The Big BooK SerieS)The Big Book of Birds is a fact-filled tour of the world’s most wonderful winged creatures. Yuval Zommer’s distinctive illustrations show off some of the most colorful, flamboyant, impressive, and wacky birds of the sky. Picture-book charm pairs with informative nonfiction to make a beautiful, large-format title for parents to share with young children and for older children to read by themselves. BD2020BIGBOOK $14WMBD 2020 flaSh DriveA handy flash drive includes all the materials you need for your WMBD event, from event fliers and press releases to the Educator’s Guide and coloring pages. What could be simpler? BD2020FD $10ParTnerS in flighT 30Th anniverSary PinWear the Partners in Flight 30th Anniversary Pin to celebrate our years of commitment to bird conservation. Each pin is metal and 1” in diameter. BDPIFPIN $2 ParTnerS in flighT 30Th anniverSary MiCrofiBer CloThClean your binoculars in style! The microfiber cloth stuffs in its own bag, which includes the Partners in Flight 30th Anniversary logo. Clip it to your pack or binocular strap for easy access. Made in the U.S.BDPIFMC $4 BDPIFMC Set of 20 $75 Mejor volanDo heaDWareOur partners at Optics for the Tropics are working to protect parrots from the illegal pet trade. Mejor Volando (Better Flying) is an education campaign to engage communities in protecting parrots. Proceeds from this beautiful gaitor/headware will support the program. The art is by Arnaldo Toledo of Cuba, who was also the 2019 World Migratory Bird Day artist. BDHeadware $10PARTNERS IN FLIGHT (PIF) is a network of more than 150 partner organizations distributed throughout the Western Hemisphere. It is engaged in all aspects of landbird conservation from science, research, planning, and policy development, to land management, monitoring, education, and outreach. World Migratory Bird Day is the keystone education program of PIF. In 2020, PIF celebrates its 30th anniversary advancing full life-cycle conservation of landbirds in the Americas. Mejor volanDo

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7migratorybirdday.orgCleanuP KiTEasily organize your own trash cleanup with our premade Group Cleanup Kit! It is designed for 30 participants and includes a cleanup guide, 10 pairs of gloves, 10 trash bags, 10 data collection sheets, one scale, and an educational USB drive. It all comes in an EFTA tote bag. Our Family Cleanup Kit is designed for four participants and includes one of each of the following: cleanup guide, folded WMBD poster, educational pamphlet, data collection sheet, and a pair of gloves in an EFTA cloth bag. Please provide your own garbage bags.BDCleanupB: Group Kit $50 BDCleanupA: Family Kit $15VOLUNTEERTRASH DATA FORMCLEAN UP TRASH & COLLECT DATA1ORGANIZE & ANALYZE DATA2PUBLISH RESULTS3REDUCE OUR IMPACT4Ocean and waterway trash ranks as one of the most serious pollution problems choking our planet. Far more than an eyesore, a rising tide of marine debris threatens human health, wildlife, communities and economies around the world. The ocean faces many challenges, but trash should not be one of them. Ocean trash is entirely preventable, and data you collect are part of the solution. The International Coastal Cleanup is the world’s largest volunteer effort on behalf of ocean and waterway health.HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:Please return this form to your area coordinator. If you are unable to do so, please mail or email it to:Environment for the Americas5171 Eldorado Springs Driveinfo@environmentamericas.orgwww.migratorybirdday.orgTrash Free Seas: a Green Boater: OF VOLUNTEERS WORKING ON THIS CARD:adultschildren (under 12)SITE INFORMATION:Zone or County: Nearest Crossroad or Landmark: Land: State or Province: Underwater: Watercraft:Cleanup Site Name: Country:=20=17=19OCEANTRASHINDEXREPORTMOST UNUSUAL ITEM COLLECTED: TYPE OF CLEANUP:World Migratory Bird DayWorld Migratory Bird DayWMBD 2019 organizer’S guiDeOrganizing your event is simple with this 20 page guide, which provides instructions on how to host a cleanup, background information about plastics, activities that introduce youth and adults to the issue of plastic pollution, and easy-to-copy activity pages. Choose your style in English or Spanish. BD112 $5STainleSS STeel DrinKing STraWSOur 8” reusable stainless steel straws are a cheap and ecofriendly alternative to single-use plastic straws! Offered in rose gold, purple, blue, and black, each straw features the phrase “World Migratory Bird Day.” Flexible bristle cleaning brushes available as well.BDStrawA: Single straw with cleaning brush $3BDStrawB: Set of 30 straws $34.95BDStrawC: Set of 30 straws and cleaning brushes $44.95PLASTIC SOLUTIONSaBeego BeeSWax fooD WraP varieTy PaCKThese self-adhesive Abeego Food Wraps are the ecofriendly alternative to plastic wrap that you have been searching for! Each wrap is durable, reusable, breathable and biodegradable. Wash in COLD water with eco-friendly dish soap. No microwaves or hot temperatures. Each pack includes 1 small Wrap (7” x 7”), 1 medium Wrap (10” x 10”) and 1 large Wrap (13” x 13”). BDAbeego $18.00BaMBoo uTenSil SeTSay NO to plastic by using your own utensils at work and when you travel. This set is made from bamboo and includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw and cleaning brush, all tidily organized in a cloth case. BD2022 BAmBoo UtenSilS $6World Migratory Bird Day is a call to action for our birds. Reducing your plastic use remains an essential way that you can help birds and the environment. Host a plastic pollution clean-up at your WMBD event and/or organize one with your family.

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8migratorybirdday.orgreDuCe your PlaSTiC uSe eDuCaTional PaMPhleTTake a walk and discover our dependence on plastics, how they make their way into the environment and impact birds, and simple ways we can reduce our use. Fun, cartoon-style illustrations make a serious topic understandable for all ages. This four panel pamphlet is 5.5” x 25.5” unfolded. Choose your style in English or Spanish. BD2019ED Single pamphlet $1 BD2019EDA Set of 30 $19.95The aDvenTureS of a PlaSTiC BoTTleTold from the point of view of a free-spirited plastic bottle, this book allows kids to share in the daily experiences and inner thoughts of the bottle through his personal journal. The diary entries entries are fun and humorous yet point out the ecological significance behind each product and the resources used to make it. BD149 $5.95reDSTarT BirD frienDly® CoffeeIt is easy to help birds while drinking coffee. Shade coffee is grown beneath the cover of trees, providing more places for migratory birds to feed and rest. Every cup of shade coffee supports farming practices that use fewer chemicals and offer more habitat for our feathered friends. Redstart Coffee is certified bird-friendly®, shade-grown, and 100% organic. It’s available in both 12 oz and 5 lb bags, whole bean and ground. BD955 (12 oz) $9.95 / BD956 (5 lb ) $50huMMingBirD inSulaTeD STeel BoTTle Spirited hummingbirds designed by Arte & Biodiversidad in Jalisco, Mexico liven this 11.8 oz stainless steel bottle. The lid also serves as a cup for your convenience. Double walled insulated interior keeps beverages hot or cold.BD2020Bottle $22.95loofah KiTChen SCruBBerNatural loofah scrubber, durable enough to use on dishes yet gentle enough to wash your skin in the shower! They stay fresher for longer by eliminating any bacteria or residue during the air drying process. Made from 100% natural, genuine loofah and 100% natural vegetable dye coloring. Biodegradable and compostable. Machine washable. More designs available online. LOOF 8005 Cardinal $6.99 LOOF2005 Blue bird $6.99looF 2302 Owl $6.99 LOOF FLWBJ Eagle $6.99LOOF 2002 Penguin $6.99

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9migratorybirdday.org20 WayS To helP BirDSA set of 20 bilingual (Spanish/English) bookmarks share simple ways to help conserve birds, with each bookmark highlighting a different action. The backside of every bookmark features a portion of the 2012 art by Rafael Lopez. Put them all together to complete the puzzle!BD940 20 Bookmarks $3.00 BD940B 200 Bookmarks $30.00Why BirDS MaTTer infograPhiCA fun infographic illustrates some of the tasks birds accomplish for nature and humans, from dispersing seeds and pollinating flowers to serving as nature’s clean-up crew. It is easy to understand and bilingual, with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Unfolds to 11” x 17”.BD539 Single Infographic $1.00 BD539B Set of 30 $19.95 BirD ConServaTion CharT Banner Our conservation chart is perfect for use at events and education programs. It highlights 10 ways to conserve birds in English and Spanish. Stands 24” x 63” and includes a stand. ONLY SHIPS TO U.S. ADDRESSES BDChartB $45.95 Use the Conservation Chart with our celebrate birds kit (Page 5) to engage program participants. BD925 Set of 30 $11.95 BirD ConServaTion groWTh CharTKids learn how they can help birds and chart their conservation growth. An 11” x 17” coloring page describes 10 ways to conserve birds and includes 20 stickers. BDChart Single Chart $1 BDChartA Set of 30 $24BirD ConServaTion CalCulaTorWhat’s your bird conservation score? This handy calculator shares 12 simple ways you can help birds, with a score to help you measure your success. The piece is 11” x 17” and two-sided, with English on one side and Spanish on the other.BD109 Single $1.00BD109A Set of 30 $19.95EVENT MATERIALSPrevent Bird Collisions with Your WindowsCollisions are one of the most frequent causes of bird deaths. Birds see nature reflected in the window or mistake house-plants inside the building for outdoor plants and fly into the glass. Putting up curta ins or window decals helps make the window visible to birds.Prevenir Colisiones de Aves con tus VentanasLas colisiones son una de las causas más frecuentes de deceso de aves. Las aves ven la naturaleza reflejada en la ventana o confunden las plantas de casa con plantas de jardín y vuelan hacia la ventana. Colocar cortinas o pegatinas (calcomanías) en la ventana hace que las aves estén conscientes del vidrio. 20 Ways to Help Birds Collect all 20 boo kmarks to comple te the puzzle on bac k! 20 formas de ayudar a las aves Reúne todos los señaladores de página para completar el rompecabezas del final.1For more information Para mayor información www.birdday.orgIMBD TITLE SPONSORS IMBD PROGRAM SPONSORSPATROCINADORES TITULARES DEL DIAM PATROCINADORES DEL PROGRAMAArt © Rafael López for Environment for the Americas46510798Chart Your Bird Conservation Growth —PLEDGE TO CONSERVE BIRDSRead the actions you may take to conserve birds written on the tree trunk, bird feeder, pond, and birdbath. Color the matching section of the tree trunk or object and place a bird sticker on the tree each time you complete an action.I help restore local bird habitat.I use a reusable water bottle & cloth grocery bags.I make my windows visible to birds.I plant native plants in my yard.I follow laws that protect birds.I ride my bike or walk to school.I keep my cats indoors & my dogs on a leash.Ichangethe bird bathwater every two weeks. 2I support wetland conservation by purchasing a duck stamp. www.duckstamp.comwww.environmentamericas.org3Clean bird feeders every two weeks. I clean my bird feeder. 1Your chart becomes a conservation statement when participants post their commitments to protect birds.

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10migratorybirdday.orgTeMPorary TaTTooS Temporary tattoos are great prizes or freebies. Each is 2”. Please specify quantity when ordering. More designs available online. Sets of 50 for $5.50 / 100 for $8.50 / 200 for $15.00CONSERVE MIGRATORY BIRDS Northern GoshawkBD50 BD46BD48BD56CONSERVE MIGRATORY BIRDS Rufous HummingbirdBD130Mixed Set Mixed sets have five different birds species. Sets of 50 $5.50 / Sets of 100 $10.50 / Sets of 200 $20.50BD150 Mixed Set I Wood Duck, Great Blue Heron, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Blackburnian Warbler, and Bald EagleBD210 Mixed Set II Northern Pintail, Mallard, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, and Wood DuckBD213 Mixed Set III Baltimore Oriole, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Bobolink, Blackburnian Warbler, and American Redstart (Available in English and Spanish; specify language)BDSHORE Mixed Set Sanderling, Western Sandpiper, Black-bellied Plover, Greater Yellowlegs, and Killdeer (Available in English and Spanish; specify language)BirD STiCKerSColorful bird stickers are fun to share at an event. Each is 2”. Please specify quantity when ordering. More designs are available online.Sets of 50 $5.50 / Sets of 100 $10.50 / Sets of 200 $20.50BD150 BD210 BD213 BDSHOREBD82BD76BD74 BD78BD827WMBD 2020 STiCKer SeTBDWMBD2020 10-species set, made with 100% recycled material! (Available in English and Spanish; specify language) Sets of 50 $5.50 / Sets of 100 $10.50 / Sets of 200 $20.50More stickers available onlineBirD MaSK KiTInspire the creativity of young bird lovers with our pre-cut bird masks! Made from thick cardstock, these blank masks come ready to be decorated. Popsicle sticks are included to easily mount and hold masks. BD924 Set of 30 $13.95 World Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!American KestrelWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Arctic TernWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Bar-tailed GodwitWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Barn OwlWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Calliope HummingbirdWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Canada WarblerWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Fork-tailed FlycatcherWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Yellow-breasted ChatWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Purple MartinWorld Migratory Bird DayBIRDS CONNECT OUR WORLD!Western Sandpiper

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11migratorybirdday.orgThe efTa ColleCTionShow your support for Environment for the Americas (EFTA) with some of our materials, featuring the tree of birds logo. You can also find personalized logos by country and state to add to your event materials at Our EFTA pin is made of metal 1 “ W x 1.5”H. The EFTA tote is natural cotton, 1.5”W x 16”H with 23” handles. Display your support for bird conservation with an EFTA window decal. It is designed for easy removal or repositioning after application. The EFTA patch is 1.5” x 2” and is a great addition to a backpack, field bag, or other item. Help recycle with our new EFTA T-shirt. Each is made of 6 plastic bottles and features our multi-colored logo with birds in flight. Available in Unisex and Women’s fit sizing (order one size larger). An all-time favorite, the Mystery of the Missing Migrants art by Charley Harper is printed on a denim blue 100% cotton, pre-shrunk tee. Don’t head outdoors without the protection of our new EFTA Cap or without plenty of water in a 25 oz stainless steel EFTA water bottle. efTa PaTChBD425 $2efTa T-ShirT(Add $2 for XXL shirts)BDEFTA $14.95efTa CaPBD430 $18.95efTa ToTeBD111 $3.95WaTer BoTTleBDEFTAbot $14.95efTa PinBDEFTAPIN $2WinDoW DeCalBDCO07 $1THE EFTACOLLECTIONefTa MaPle WooD STiCKerBDEFTAW $2Your purchase of materials from Environment for the Americas helps to support our education programs across the Western Hemisphere. We contribute over 200 education packets to organizations that work in their communities to protect birds.2002 20032004 2009iMBD PoSTerS Through TiMeAre you missing a piece of history? We have some of the previous IMBD posters available. All posters are 18” x 24”, unfolded, and on sturdy paper. If you’re interested in a Spanish version, please ask. Specify year. English: 1997~2008, 2010~2012, 2014~2016 and 2018 ; Spanish: 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2018. More posters available online. BDCO52 Single Poster $5.95Charley harPer ShirT(Add $2 for XXL shirts)BD59 Unisex $14.95

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12migratorybirdday.orgMethod of Payment: o Check Enclosed (Checks Payable to EFTA)o Visa o Mastercard Card #: _________________________________Expiration: ______/_______Name on Card: _______________________________CVC________________u If materials are to be used at an event, please indicate the date: _________Ship To (starred lines must be completed):*Name___________________________________ E-mail:___________________Organization:________________________________________________________*Address:__________________________________________________________*City/State/Zip:____________________________ *Phone:_____________________Questions? Call 303-499-1950Mail your order: EFTA, 5171 Eldorado Springs Drive, Suite N, Boulder, CO 80303 E-mail your order: sales@environmentamericas.orgYes! I would like to donate to education programs.Shipping ChargesContinental U.S. OnlyUnfolded Posters Set of 25..........................$12.75 Set of 50..........................$13.75 Set of 100.......................$16.75All Other Products Up to $15.00...................$6.95 $15.01 - $25.00..............$8.95 $25.01 - $50.00..............$9.95 $50.01 - $ 75.00.......... $12.95 $75.01 - $100.00..........$15.95 $100.01 - $150.00.......$16.95 $150.01 - $200.00.......$18.95call for pricing over $200 Item # Product Name Size/Color Quantity Price Each TotalSubtotalShippingAdditional Poster Shipping (see left)8.36% Sales Tax-CO residentsAlaska, Hawaii add $5Canada add $10TOTAL

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13migratorybirdday.orghuMMingBirD PoSTerLearn about western hummingbirds with this beautiful poster, illustrated by artist Ram Papish. Text on front and back is bilingual(Spanish/English). Choose from 18” x 24” or 11” x 17” on lightweight paper. BDHum18 18” x 24” Single Poster $3.95BDHum12 11” x 17” Single Poster $1.00BDHum12B 11” x 17” Set of 30 $25.00MigraTion MaPThis colorful 18” x 24” map portrays the migrations of 12 bird species, illustrating long-distance and short-distance travelers. Text on the back describes migration and how birds make their journeys.BDCO03 Migration Map, unfolded $3.95BDCO28 Classroom Set (25) $25.00BirDS of norTh aMeriCaThe product of over 400 hours of intricate illustration work by a talented team of artists, this unabridged aviary features over 740 fair-feathered friends drawn to scale and sorted by species, covering the continent’s avifauna. 36” x 24”. BDCO106 $29.95naTional geograPhiC MigraTion MaPThis two-sided poster features migration routes around the globe. Dozens of bird species are illustrated with lots of information. 31” x 20”, folded into 5” x 8”. BD181 $14.95Helping Hummingbirds ThriveConservemos a los colibríesPOSTERSPosters are beautiful and educational, perfect as gifts or for teaching. We ship all of our unfolded posters in atube. Share the importance of snags to birds and other wildlife with Life of a dead tree, a 12” x 18” folded poster. (BD396 Single $1.95 / BD396B Set of 30 $30.00 ). Can you name the birds? features 24 bird species and measures 20” x 30.”An online interactive version of the poster helps you learn each bird’s song( BDCO364 $10.00 Ram Papish’s beautifulWarblers of the canopy poster features over 30 species of warblers and measures 24” x 36.” BDPapwarb $14.95Art © Marco Garcia for Environment for the AmericasWeakened trees attract beetles t hat lay eggs in the bark.Cavities later become roosts (homes).Some animals modify the holes into more fitting cavities for themselves, depending on their size.A snag acts as a nursery providing shelter from the elements...Plants and fungi help the process of decomposition of the dead tree, using it as a source of food.Woodpeckers chop into the tree to feed on beetle larvae, creating holes.... and protection from predators!is it REALLY dead? Seems pretty lively to me!Like every living thing,trees die eventually, but their ecological value remain lo ng after the last leaf falls...BD396life of a DeaD TreeBDCO364Can you naMe The BirDS?BDPapwarbWarBlerS of The CanoPy PoSTer

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14migratorybirdday.orgjr. BirDer aCTiviTy BooKSJr. Birder Journal introduces kids to birds, conservation, and birdwatching basics. All About Hummingbirds focuses on the fascinating world of hummingbirds. Activities include hummingbird identification, how hummingbirds fly, hummingbirds as pollinators, and more. Includes pages for student observations. All About Shorebirds is a booklet that helps students identify shorebirds, understand shorebird habitat requirements, and teaches students how to conduct shorebird surveys. Booklet size (5.5” x 4.25” ) is easy to use. (Available in English and Spanish. Please specify language. ) Single $1 / Sets of 30 $25jr. BirDer journalBD922all aBouT huMMingBirDSBD980JUNIOR BIRDERJOURNAL & ACTIVITY BOOKSHOREBIRDSALL ABOUT Your Nameall aBouT ShoreBirDSBD990SoDa BoTTle feeDerSRecycle soda bottles and provide a feeding station for birds. Purchase the simple hanger and base to create a seed feeder.WP1 Seed Feeder $2.95 jr. BirDer: aMeriCan reDSTarT PaTChAn embroidered patch is a perfect prize for successful completion of one of our Jr. Birder Activity Books. Each patch is 2.25” x 2.5”. BD70 Single Patch $2 BD71 Set of 30 $52.80BirD BanDSUse these bird bands to teach about bird research, in other education programs about birds, as a prize or to raise funds for your conservation program. The bright blue aluminum bands are numbered sequentially and stamped with the words, Celebrate Birds! BD197 Set of 50 $18 BD198 Set of 100 $25IN THE FIELDgeT To KnoW your ParKA bilingual coloring book serves as a fun educational tool to teach Spanish-speakers about our national parks. Each page describes an aspect of parks, such as the purpose of park rangers, the activities available in the visitor center and the diversity of our national parks. BD937 $4.95

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15migratorybirdday.orgBirDy luggage TagSTraveling is at its best when you go with these luggage tags, illustrated by IMBD 2017 artist Rocío Landívar. Space on the back is available for your contact information. Choose from Black Oystercatcher (A), Rufous Hummingbird (B), Whimbrel (C) and Western Sandpiper (D). Buy one or all four! BDLug $2.95 BDLUG4 Set of four $10.95ACBDSanDPiPer heaDBanDIllustrated by artist Rocío Landívar, a former WMBD artist. Handmade in the U.S., our new headband makes a statement about protecting shorebirds with the words “Save the Shore.” The material on the inside keeps the headband from slipping.One size fits all. BD102 $10.00 huMMingBirD CorK CoaSTerSConserve birds and preserve your tabletops with our Hummingbird Cork Coaster Set. The soft cork material provides a smooth, non-damaging surface to be placed on tables while protecting countertops from liquid. The black outline of the hummingbird design pops against the cork background, creating a classic, all-natural look. Each set includes 4, 4” diameter, 1/8” thick coasters. BDCOCoasterHum $4.95ALL ABOUT HUMMINGBIRDShuMMingBirD Tea ToWelThe adorable tea towel is absorbent, lint-free, dries quickly, and can be used for a variety of household uses and craft projects. 100% cotton, 29” x 28”. More options available online. BDTeaHum $8.00 huMMingBirD gourD ornaMenTEnchanting hummingbirds hand-created on a gourd will win your heart! This decorative piece is hand-carved in Peru using a technique that is over 4,000 years old. Each gourd varies in color and design. (1.5”-1.75”)LucHumm $9.95 huMMingBirD WooDen earringSGraceful hummingbird earrings are made from sustainably sourced wood. The ear wires are silver-finished stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and enhanced with a new, smooth coating that resists tarnishing. Stained with water based dye.Made In the U.S., Each is 2” x 1.6”. BD166 $12.95

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16migratorybirdday.orgWilD WingS aCroSS aMeriCaA book full of activities helps young people learn all about birds - from feathers and migration to habitat and identification. Each activity has easy-to-read background information. Includes 24 reproducible activities recommended for grades 3-7.BD157 $4.95CeleBraTe huMMingBirDSCelebrate Hummingbirds: A Hands-on Exploration is a curriculum that provides a variety of activities to help children learn about different hummingbirds, their adaptations, plant phenology, and more in a hands-on and exciting way. Choose your version in English or Spanish. BD985 $12.95 eDuCaTor’S KiTBinoculars and field guides are an important part of any bird education program. We selected this set after years of working with youth in the field. Binoculars are sturdy, kid-friendly, and available in 8.5 x 32. They weigh 17 oz and are waterproof and fogproof. Each Kit includes 6 Stokes field guides (specify Eastern or Western) and 6 pairs of kid-friendly binoculars. BD183 Educator’s Kit (specify region: Eastern or Western) $434.50BD146 Single Pair of Binoculars $89.99 BriDgeS To BirDingFind ideas on organizing a bird-focused program, with details on 16 activity stations that help youth and adults learn about birds. The variety of hands-on activities are useful for parks, zoos, nature centers, bird clubs, and scouts. BD25 Bridges $3.95LEARNPoCKeT guiDe To Prairie BirDSThis 4” miniature guide highlights more than 80 bird species commonly found in the prairies of the central US. Includes species descriptions, habitat and feeding information, distribution maps as well as conservation information for each featured bird. BD240 Prairie Birds $2.00BirD BingoTeach bird identification and other fun facts in an old-fashioned game of Bingo. Each game includes 6 picture boards, 42 informative cards, and chips. Teacher’s Edition includes 18 picture boards and enough cards and chips for the class. LH2877 Bird Bingo Game $10.00BD127 Teacher’s Edition $23.95

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17migratorybirdday.orgEXPLORING BIRDSfunDanaSUse fundanas to teach about birds. Wild Bird Bingo shares basic information about the world of birds (BD103 $7.00),while Awesome Owls focuses on owl biology and other fun facts (BD205 $7.00). Knee High to Wild Birds is designed for youth ages 3-6 years and takes them on a nature-based scavenger hunt. (BD205 $7.00)BD103 BD205 BD400hoW BirDS finD Their WayMany birds travel long distances twice each year. This nicely illustrated, easy to understand book explores why birds migrate and the cues they use to navigate. Ages 5-9, 32 pages. BD171 $4.99SToKeS Beginner’S guiDeStokes Beginner’s Guide is designed for all ages, with over 140 bird species and more than 1,000 photographs. STBEGEas eAStern $9.95 STEBEGWes WeStern $9.95feaTher KiTIntroduce kids and adults to feathers by contrasting the 9 types included in the kit. Each participant takes home a Peacock feather, and a 4-page instructor activity guide is included (recommended for ages 5 and up). BD415 Feather Kit for 25 participants $34.75BD416 Feather Kit for 100 participants $128.50raPTor i.D. BanDana A handy bandana for raptor identification in the field. Eighteen raptors in flight are illustrated, including eagles, falcons, osprey, and buteos.BD525 $8.00

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18migratorybirdday.orgWinDoW alerT DeCalSHigh-tech decals reflect ultraviolet sunlight. Birds see this ultraviolet light, but humans cannot. Images are subtle on your windows. Each pack includes 4 decals. WINDA5 Hummingbirds $5.95 WINDA1 Maple Leaf $5.95haWK STaTiC Cling WinDoW DeCalMade from a heavy vinyl film, these 13-inch hawk window decals deter birds from hitting your windows. Using static-cling, the hawks easily stick on any glass surface without a sticky mess left behind! Can be easily removed and reapplied. Clings to any glass surface. 2 hawks per pack. SE7016 Window Hawks (2 per pack) $4.95ColliSionS MagazineOne of our most popular education magazines provides the latest information about the impacts of collisions on birds. It includes data on communication towers, wind turbines, cars, planes, and plate glass and how they impact birds. Text describes why birds don’t recognize these structures and offers solutions for reducing bird collisions at your home. 8 pages. Available in English and Spanish (specify language).BD206 Single Magazine $1.00 BD206B Sets of 30 $12.00BirD WinDoW ClingSWhat bird is at your feeder? Place these accurate images on your windows to help identify common species of the eastern US birds. On the back of the sheet are details about each species’ preferred food and feeder type. The decals are easy to remove and won’t leave a residue. BD957 $5.95harPer BirD STriKe WinDoW DeCal PaCKPlace these decals on the outside of your windows to make tranparent glass visible to birds. Each pack includes 8 birds of prey designed by Charley Harper. They range in size from 6” - 8”. Printed with UV resistant inks on clear exterior grade vinyl. BD2023 $21.95COLLISIONS

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19migratorybirdday.orgJUST FOR FUNPluSh BirDSThey’re cute, they’re fun, and they sing! Each plush bird has an authentic sound and is 5-6”. Use them to discuss habitats and song. Choose from American Robin, Bald Eagle, Blue Grosbeak, Blue Jay, Mallard, Northern Cardinal, Snowy Owl, Red-tailed Hawk, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, and Red-winged Blackbird. Plush Birds $7.95 eachoWl gourD ornaMenTDesigned and hand-crafted by artists in Peru, our charming owl gourd ornaments bring a modern flair to a 4,000-year-old traditional carving and burning technique. Please note that each owl is unique and varies in detail.LucOwlMxSmall SmAll(1.5”-1.75”) $6.95 LucOwlMxMedium Medium (2.5”-3.5”) $8.95SilK SCarf BrighT ravenSGCSCARF22 $17.95 CoTTon SCarfneCTar of lifeGCSCARF15 $11.95 BirD SCarveS Bird scarves never go out of style! Our newest line comes from Mexico and is a selection of lightweight, silk gauze scarves, each measuring 11.5” x 51.” Each features many accurately illustrated birds. Choose from wood-warblers (Scarfwarb), hummingbirds (ScarfHumming), and tropical birds (ScarfTrop). If you like native art from the northwest, you will love our selection from artists in that region. Select GCscarf15, a festive blue hummingbird scarf (27.5” x 70”), a 27.5” x 70” eagle-themed cotton scarf (GCscarf3) or a 13” x 57” vivid silk scarf with ravens (GCscarf22).Scarfwarb $22.95WooD-WarBlerSScarfHumming $22.95huMMingBirDSScarfTrop $22.95TroPiCal BirDSoWlS Tea ToWelBDTeaOwls $8.00 BirD neSTS Tea ToWelBDTeaNest $8.00 BirD Tea ToWel As a kitchen towel, flour sack towels are far superior to any dish towel used today. These 100% cotton towels are lint free, dry quickly, wash beautifully and can be used for a variety of household uses and craft projects. Choose from three designs, hummingbirds, owls, and bird nests. huMMingBirD Tea ToWelBDTeaHum $8.00

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