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US WZC Election 2020 Directory of Slates

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DI RE CTORY OF SLATES Platform Statements Delegate Candidates

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Greetings January 21 2020 In this booklet you will find information on all the slates and candidates which are running in the US election for the 38th World Zionist Congress WZC The 15 slates are listed in the order they appear on the ballot determined by random drawing and for each one you will first see a platform statement and then their list of candidates for the 152 US Delegate seats at the WZC Candidates on each slate are listed in the order that they will be elected based on the share of votes won by the slate and each slate may also have two Alternates per elected Delegate At a minimum one of every four names on each slate is between the ages of 18 and 35 ensuring that the next generation of Zionist leadership will be present at the WZC In addition at least 30 of the candidates on each slate are women We encourage you to read though this booklet and familiarize yourself with the various positions presented by the slates Even if you have already determined for which slate you intend to vote we hope you will learn about the full scope of the Zionist movement in the United States Your vote provides you with a rare opportunity to participate as an American Jew in some of the major decision making institutions affecting Israel and World Jewry Make your voice heard Go to www ZionistElection org to register and vote Judge Abraham Gafni Chairman US Area Election Committee Richard D Heideman President Herbert Block Executive Director Alicia Post Program Director Jeff Becker US Election Coordinator The American Zionist Movement

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Slates Running in the Election Listed in the order they will appear on the ballot chosen by random drawing 1 Eretz Hakodesh Protecting the Kedusha and Mesorah of Eretz Yisrae l 4 5 2 Vote Reform ARZA Representing the Reform Movement and 6 7 Reconstructing Judaism 3 Israel Shelanu Our Israe 8 9 4 Orthodox Israel Coalition Mizrachi Vote Torah 10 11 5 Vision Empowering the Next Generation 12 13 6 MERCAZ USA The Voice of Conservative Masorti Judaism 14 15 7 Dorshei Torah V Tziyon Torah and Israel for All 16 17 8 Hatikvah Progressive Israel Slate 18 19 9 Ohavei Zion World Sephardic Zionist Organization 20 21 10 Herut Zionists The Jabotinsky Movement 22 23 11 ZOA Coalition Zionist Organization of America ZOA Torah from Sinai 24 25 Make Israel Great MIG National Pro Israel Partners Courageously Defending Israel Sovereignty the Jewish People 12 American Forum for Israel 26 27 13 Americans4Israel Peace Unity Security 28 29 14 Kol Yisrael For the Love of Israel Making Zionism Compelling 30 31 in the 21st Century 15 Shas Olami 32 33

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Slate 1 Platform ERETZ HAKODESH ERETZ HAKODESH PLATFORM AHAVAT YISROEL Eretz HaKodesh believes that a key to the Jewish future is the principle of Ahavat Yisroel the unconditional love and concern for all Jews regardless of background or level of religious observance Eretz HaKodesh will strive to ensure that the bond between all Jews be strengthened A VIBRANT ISRAEL ROOTED IN TORAH Eretz HaKodesh will strive to bolster Israeli society Eretz HaKodesh stands for a strong dynamic Israel by creating economic opportunity for all in particular illuminated by the teachings of Jewish tradition those with limited skills and living below the poverty JEWISH VALUES BASED ON TORAH Eretz HaKodesh believes that classical Jewish values ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY line Eretz HaKodesh will strive to create programs to integrate Jews of all backgrounds into the workforce to make Israel a country of opportunity for all of Torah as taught for millennia should play a central SECURITY role in modern Israel Eretz HaKodesh believes in a strong and secure Israel JEWISH LEARNING AND EDUCATION Israel should never make compromises that may endanger the security of its citizens Eretz HaKodesh believes that it is essential that Jews DIASPORA JEWRY have a deep understanding of the beauty and depth of Eretz HaKodesh believes that all Jews share a Jewish learning and tradition We will work to promote common history and destiny reaching back to Mt Jewish educational programs for young and old in Sinai We will endeavor to strengthen that bond with a Israel and around the world focus on Jewish learning imbued with Ahavat Yisroel www ERETZHAKODESH org info ERETZHAKODESH org

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Slate 1 Candidate List ERETZ HAKODESH ERETZ HAKODESH delegates represent the Yeshiva Chasidic Sephardic and Israeli Torah communities of the United States ERETZ HAKODESH Slate Rabbi Pesach Lerner Mrs Ellen R Weiss Rabbi Aryeh Kravetz Rabbi Michael Melnicke Mrs Amit Yaghoubi Dr Leslie Klein Mrs Shoshana Jacobs Rabbi Yitzchok Tendler Mrs Aliza Bulow Rabbi Yaniv Meirov Mr David Gross Mr Dov Fishoff Mrs Shoshana Soroka Halpern Rabbi Yaakov Menken Mrs Avigayil Strulowitz Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg Mr Chaim Reiss Mrs Ellie Riesel Mr Steve Rosedale Ms Julie Sherman Rabbi Chaim Glazer Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz Mr Jonathan Spetner Rabbi Avi Goldstein Rabbi Zvi Gluck Rabbi Binyomin Medetsky Mrs Adina Kravetz Mrs Devorah Krasnianski Mrs Michele Weiss Rabbi Yudi Riesel Mr Sam Sutton Rabbi Asher Sova Mr Eliezer Yaghoubi Mr Jacob I Slone Mrs Shoshana Bernstein Mrs Phyllis Reiss Mr Leon Goldenberg Mr Avi Goldfeder Ms Rochel Mirzayeva Mrs Naomi Meirav Mr Doni Greenwald Rabbi Martin Katz Mrs Alexandra Fleksher Mrs Elise Steinharter Mrs Aviva Mostofsky Mr Adam Suionov Mr Yitzie Pretter Rebbetzin Karen Pruzansky Rabbi Aaron Fink Mr Eli Kutner Ms Bracha Gefen Mr Marc Jacob Mrs Robin Davina Meyerson Rabbi Daniel Olgin Dr David Margulis Mrs Nina Essas Ringer Dr Aryeh Sova Ms E L Tenenbaum Mrs Sandy Eller Mrs Miriam Lichtman Rabbi Moshe Parnes Mr Israel Peskowitz Ms Daniella Engel Mr Ezzy Rappaport Rabbi Menachem Rubinstein Rebbetzin Naama Parnes Rabbi Eliyahu Prero Mrs Baila Parnes Mrs Chaya Glazer Ms Kaela Dahan Mr Yoni Torgow Mrs Ahava Ehrenpreis Mrs Naomi Nachman Rabbi Jacob Klass Ms Etty Olgin Mr Charlie Deutsch Mr Avromi Mostofsky Mrs OraLee Kanner Rabbi Steven Pruzansky Ms Avigail Spetner Mrs Miriam Peskowitz Mrs Chana Chava Perton Mrs Meryl Maybruch Mrs Tehila Feldbaum Mr Shlomo Mostofsky Dr Danielle Bloom Mrs Beverly Beard Mr Ben Schlossberg Rabbi Mordechai Becher Mrs Ahuva Leba Englander Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik Ms Merle Cohen Mr Michoel Feldbaum Rabbi Moshe Robinson Mrs Rivka Feiner Mr Joshua Englander Mr Yitzy Geisinsky Dr Lita Aeder Per election rules under 35 every 4th delegate JIQEPI MXLMR XLI VWX MXLMR XLI RI X HIPIKEXIW www ERETZHAKODESH org info ERETZHAKODESH org

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Slate 2 Platform VOTE REFORM ARZA for the Reform Movement and Reconstructing Judaism The Reform and Reconstructionist Movements are proud to join together to form the Vote Reform ARZA slate for the World Zionist Congress 2020 Election Our movements are deeply committed to a strong and secure Israel and to strengthening the Israel Diaspora relationship We are committed to the vision and aspiration outlined in Israel s Declaration of Independence World Zionist Congress Elections 2020 THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants it will be based on freedom justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion race or sex it will guarantee freedom of religion conscience language education and culture We are passionately invested in a Zionism that creates and sustains an Israel that is both Jewish and democratic and is a free society that upholds equality of religion gender race and ethnicity WE BELIEVE IN Religious Equality We envision and work for an Israeli society in which all Jewish denominations are treated fairly and with respect a society in which all of us are seen as Jews regardless of our interpretation of texts and traditions We also seek an Israel in which people of all genders can pray work and live together as equals deserving of the same respect and honor Combatting Racism Discrimination and Hatred Religious and ethnic minorities LGBTQ people people with disabilities and all other members of Israeli society deserve to be treated with full equality under the law civility dignity and respect Security in the Region The pursuit of peace security and stability for Israel the Palestinians and the surrounding region remains our hope and our goal Two States for Two Peoples We know that although the road may seem long we are committed to building the path to peace based on a Two State Solution We believe that Two States for Two Peoples is essential for the security and stability of both Israelis and Palestinians WHO WE ARE ARZA the Association of Reform Zionists of America is the largest constituent of ARZENU the umbrella organization of Reform and Progressive Religious Zionists in Israel and around the world ARZENU has a proven record of delivering on our pledges to advocate for an Israel that is Jewish democratic and pluralistic and for leading with our values With our allies we ensured that progressive Jewish movements in Israel were able to grow and expand their reach making a significant impact on Israeli society and world Jewry at large Increasing our representation in the World Zionist Congress is critical to maintaining and building on this success In support of those beliefs in this World Zionist Congress election the Vote Reform ARZA slate pledges To advocate for government recognition and societal acceptance of the many diverse expressions of Jewish religious identity so that all such expressions are recognized as legitimate and equal under the law To support the government and societal initiatives that seek to pursue a Two State Solution and a long term peace between Israelis and Palestinians To influence the National Institutions WZO KKL JAFI in support of a strong shared society and democratic civil society in Israel To assure that liberal streams of Judaism are provided equal financial support and resources in the Jewish State ensuring that our movements in Israel and all Jewish denominations in Israel remain strong vibrant and growing Vote Reform A VOTE FOR ARZA IN THE WORLD ZIONIST CONGRESS ELECTIONS IS A VOTE TO PROMOTE EGALITARIANISM PLURALISM AND PEACE IN ISRAEL Central Conference of American Rabbis Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion American Conference of Cantors Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Women of Reform Judaism NFTY The Reform Jewish Youth Movement National Association for Temple Administration Association of Reform Jewish Educators World Union for Progressive Judaism Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism Men of Reform Judaism Program Directors of Reform Judaism Reform Youth Professionals Association

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Slate 2 Candidate List Vote Reform Rabbi Rick Jacobs Rabbi Hara Person Dr Andrew Rehfeld Maya Levy Jennifer Kaufman Rabbi Jonah Pesner Daryl Messinger Carine Warsawski Rabbi Dr Deborah Waxman Rabbi Angela Buchdahl Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum Zachary Schaffer Rabbi Josh Weinberg Rabbi Beth Singer Rabbi Kenneth Chasen Tiffany Harris Rabbi Ron Segal Dr Miriam Stern Congressman Sander Levin Rabbi Allie Fischman Harry Levy Susan Bass Josh Nelson Aaron Weinberg Rabbi Rachel Timoner Gary Perlin Rena Singer Andrew Keene Rabbi Lewis Kamrass Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz Rabbi Paul Yedwab Aaron Tartakovsky Rabbi Marla Feldman Rabbi Peter Berg Rabbi Amy Schwartzman Rabbi Jeremy Gimbel Rabbi Janet Liss Isabel Dunst Rabbi David Stern Zoe Jick Michael Laufer Rabbi Judith Schindler Wallach Rabbi Jonathan Singer Evan Traylor Julie Silver Richard Bernstein Rabbi Joel Sisenwine Rabbi Rachael Miller Rabbi Micah Greenstein Yolanda Savage Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback Chris Harrison Rabbi Marla Hornsten David Astrove Rabbi Dr David Teutsch Zoe Plotsky Rabbi Bennett Miller Rabbi Leora Kaye Rabbi Arnold Gluck Ethan Bennett Rabbi Molly Kane Rabbi Jeremy Barras Rabbi Jonathan Blake Evelyn Gertz Rabbi Joshua Davidson Cantor Rachel Kalmowitz Rabbi David Eshel Sam Rubin Jo Ann Price Rabbi Joe Black Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein Rabbi Joanne Loiben Seth Rosen Rabbi Susan Shankman Rick Recht Madison Rosenfield Rabbi John Rosove Michelle Citrin Rabbi Dennis Eisner Shir Attias Shoshana Dweck Sherrill Neff Jane Taves Brandon Morantz Rabbi Stephanie Kolin Rabbi Daniel Levin Susan Kalson Garrett Layton Cantor Galit Dadoun Cohen Dr Joshua Holo Rabbi Lisa Silverstein Emily Aronson Rabbi Michael Weinberg Cantor Rosalie WIll Mark Pelavin Shira Zemel Dr Tom Abelson Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk Rabbi Daniel Brenner Rabbi Judith Siegal Sam Lieberman Rabbi Elaine Zecher Rabbi Samantha Frank For more information please visit arza org Philip Meltzer Marla Gamoran Hope Chernak Mattan Berner Kadish Rabbi Joshua Stanton Susan Longo Rabbi Paul Golomb Zoe Dressner Rabbi Stanley Davids Rabbi Isaac Saposnik Rabbi Jacqueline Ellenson Rafi Ellenson Rabbi Elliot Kleinman Cantor Jennifer Frost Rabbi Eric Yoffie Rabbi Shira Gluck Rabbi Jordana Gerson Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz Rabbi Samantha Kahn Rabbi Ilana Schachter James Heeger Roberta Glick Alyson Malinger Max Harris Elan Kramer Rabbi Jacquline Mates Muchin Rabbi Steven Bob Rachel Brill Aaron Torop Rabbi Esther Lederman Rabbi Elliot Tepperman Alexandra Gilbert Mickey Rosen Rabbi Steven Fox Rabbi Dr Sue Elwell Andrew Oberstein Rabbi David Lyon Rabbi Mara Nathan Rabbi Daniel Weiner Molly Blumenthal Rabbi Joel Mosbacher Rabbi Richard G Hirsch Arlene Chernow Lizzie Stein Rabbi Asher Knight Rabbi Jack Luxemburg Amy Asin Jenna Mark Rabbi Nico Socolovsky Mauri Willis Rabbi Reuven Greenvald Erica Barish Cantor Josh Breitzer Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz Hela Lehar Josh Glucksman Rabbi Marc Kline Rabbi Jessica Lott Rabbi Marc Berkson Ali Rosenblatt Rabbi Dr Steven Carr Reuben Rabbi James Bennett Rabbi Amy Perlin Mallory Kahn Johnston Jeremy Seaver Rabbi Daniel Bar Nahum Beth Rodin Leah Kaufman Rabbi Michael White Rabbi Adam Spilker Rabbi Hannah Goldstein Rabbi Charles Kroloff Taryn Rosenberg Rabbi Maurice Harris Rabbi Danny Burkeman Lenore Mass Rachel See Rabbi Bob Orkand Michael Price Sara Levine Rabbi Marc Katz Steve Pruzan Lori Sagarin William Hess Maxie Kalish Eli Chernow Peter Savitz Rabbi Mona Alfi Eli Ziegler Rabbi Matt Soffer Paige Erlich James Fleckner Asher Suloway Baker Alexandra Stein Carl Silverman Abe Silberstein Alexandra Kurland Moriah Benjoseph Rabbi Norman Roman Celia Tedde Jennifer Levy Jacob Forstein Central Conference of American Rabbis Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion American Conference of Cantors Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism Women of Reform Judaism NFTY The Reform Jewish Youth Movement National Association for Temple Administration Association of Reform Jewish Educators World Union for Progressive Judaism Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism Men of Reform Judaism Program Directors of Reform Judaism Reform Youth Professionals Association

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Slate 3 Platform Did you know Israelis in the USA are a HUGE community How huge Numbers are estimated between 700 000 to 1 000 000 first generation and second generation Israelis We represent almost 7 5 of Jews living outside of the State of Israel And now it s time for our voice to be heard It s time for our values and needs to be represented within the largest and most influential Zionist forum the WZC On the one hand we are not represented by the State of Israel as we live abroad while on the other hand outside of Israel we experience concerns and needs that are not necessarily being addressed NOW it s the time to change it While it seems that we are neither here nor there we hereby declare that we are both here and there And we have a lot to bring to the current Zionist discussion from an American Israeli point of view Israel Shelanu was formed by a group of Israelis living in the US who seek to nurse the relationship between world Jewry and the State of Israel and to promote an open and pluralistic Jewish culture support our brothers and sisters in their effort to be recognized in the State of Israel https israelShelanu org IsraelShelanuwzc gmail com

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Slate 3 Candidate List Our Candidates Shanie Korabelnik NY Offir Gutelzon CA Yaakov Kobi Cohen NY Yael Ender FL Naty Horev VA Rachel Batish CA Ilanit Levanon CA Elliot David NY Sarit Ron NJ Mordechai Kahana NJ Chen Levkovich CA Addi Geffen NY Yeal Cohen NY Tomas Glaserman FL Orly Chaillo FL Michal Greenberg Cohen NY David Edenburg FL Adolfo Safdie FL Moshe Samuels NY Pazit Levitan NY Guy Hollingsworth IL Yuval Elya FL David Amiel FL Tali Waksman MD Zack Gorstein NY Adi Gorestein NY Menachem Smeirc FL Stav Ron NJ Shir Markus NY Guy Golan NY https israelShelanu org IsraelShelanuwzc gmail com

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Slate 4 Platform THE ORTHODOX ISRAEL COALITION MIZRACHI VOTE TORAH A broad based coalition of the major Religious Zionist and Modern Orthodox organizations that has represented Orthodox Jewry in the World Zionist Congress for over 100 years Dedicated to the timeless values of the Torah and the centrality of the Land and the State of Israel in Jewish life we serve as the only Orthodox coalition with operations and programs in Israel and throughout the world OUR MEMBERS Religious Zionists of America Mizrachi AMIT Orthodox Union Yeshiva University Touro College Rabbinical Council of America National Council of Young Israel Torah MiTzion Bnei Akiva Poalei Agudas Yisroel and other affiliate institutions THE OIC VISION The OIC has and will continue to Operate as a full partner with and exert influence within the global Zionist movement the State of Israel and its national institutions with an ideology based on Torah values as the heart and soul of Zionism Support the network of Orthodox affiliated institutions worldwide synagogues summer camps schools recruiting training programs for Israeli Shlichim to communities around the world Strengthen the engine of Religious Zionism its schools in Israel yeshivot midrashot mechinot seminaries youth movements and academic institutions committed to Halacha and Torah learning for both men and women Support and promote the continued development of women s leadership and Torah scholarship as a key component in ensuring the expansion of our vibrant Torah based and Israel centered community Invest in creative and practical solutions to combat the threats of the BDS movement engaging and empowering students to confront anti Semitic and anti Israel activity on campuses Work to increase support and funding of the Masa subsidy program that supports gap year programs in Israel and aims to increase the number of young participants in Israel based programs for American religious Zionist youth Encourage Aliyah as the fulfillment of the mitzvah of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael settling the land of Israel and contributing to shaping the future of the Jewish homeland Support the settlement and development of Eretz Israel including the communities in Judea Samaria and the Golan Heights Support the IDF and Sherut Leumi as an essential means of ensuring national security and contributing to the overall development of Israeli society Work to ensure unconditional and bipartisan support of the State of Israel RABBINICAL COUNCIL OF AMERICA www voteoic org

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Slate 4 Candidate List SLATE OF CANDIDATES FOR THE 38TH WORLD ZIONIST CONGRESS IN 2020 Rabbi Hershel Schachter Audrey Trachtman Rabbi Marvin Hier Shira Donath Moishe Bane Dr Ernest Agatstein Sondra Sokal Rabbi Yaakov Trump Rabbi Haskel Lookstein Rabbi Dr Leonard Matanky Rabbi Michael Rosensweig Miriam Borenstein Allen Fagin Dr Francine Stein Harvey Blitz Rabbi Ari Lamm Martin Oliner Dr Alan Kadish Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov Eliana Isaac Richard Joel Debbie Isaac Rabbi Dr Tzvi H Weinreb Rabbi Dr Zev Eleff Dr Smadar Rosensweig Rabbi Dr JJ Schacter Rabbi Hershel Billet Penina Bernstein Rabbi Yosef Adler Rabbi Kenneth Hain Chana Shields Mosheh Aziz Rookie Billet Rabbi Elazar Muskin Rabbi Raymond Harari Shifra Friedman Farley Weiss Rabbi Yamin Levy Rabbi Sholom Baum Shabsie Saphirstein Rabbi Menachem Penner Raizi Chechik Rabbi Yona Reiss Sara Schatz Rabbi Menachem Genack Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Jan Schechter Rabbi Hart Levine Rabbi Yosef Bitton Rabbi Steven Weil Nachum Segal Lizzy Salamon Larry Gordon Rivka Kahan Dovid Goldshtyen Jeremy Joszef Rabbi Moshe Kinderlehrer Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz Rabbi Binny Blau Jenna Beltser Rabbi Shalom Axelrod Cheryl Nagel Rabbi Kalman Topp Rabbi Shaya Schachter Rebbetzin Dr Adina Shmidman Rabbi Dr Josh Joseph Rabbi Yaakov Glasser Rebbetzin Racheli Taubes Rabbi Dr Jerold Isenberg Rabbi Daniel Feldman Dr Jordana Topp Rabbi Jacob Bernstein Debbie Moed Rabbi Ezra Schwartz Rabbi David Fohrman Racheli Weiss Rabbi Moshe Krupka Dr Ron Nagel Rabbi Richard Hidary Jared Isaac Seymour Shapiro Bini Dachs Mark Cohen Shifra Dimbert Stephen Flatow Ron Goldman Rivkah Bloom Jeremy Tibbets Bernard Fuchs Walter Feinblum Steven Feder Pauline Mirakov Rabbi Yosef Blau CB Neugroschl Rabbi Ely Ciner Rabbi Arye Sufrin Rabbi Shmuel Silber Rabbi Adam Starr Rabbi Elli Rubin Channah Cohen Rabbi Gil Student Sara Munk Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg Rabbi Noah Cheses Dr Rona Novick David Miller Rabbi Ari Rockoff Molly Singer Maury Litwack Rabbi Eliezer Mischel Sarah Robinson Ovadia Sutton Dr Marian Stoltz Loike Rabbi Mark Gottlieb Rabbi Naphtali Harcsztark Gabriella Asnes Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler Rabbi Ari Segal Rabbi Shlomo Rybak Rabbi David Block Henry Orlinsky Mrs Miriam L Wallach Dr Larry Platt Ali Zak Pace Cooper Rabbi Joshua Kahn Holly Cohen Yitzchak Matanky Rabbi Nasanayl Braun Rabbi Larry Rothwachs Rabbi Joseph Beyda Maya Greenbaum Rabbi Jonathan Kroll Michal Horowitz Rabbi Avraham Shmidman Avi Matanky Rabbi Dr Gil Perl Alan Wildes Rabbi Barry Gelman Emma Katz Howard Levkowitz Shoshana Schechter Rabbi Ariel Rakovsky Maury Rosenfeld Lisa Septimus Dr Josh Fogelman Rabbi Aryeh Stechler Yocheved Hartman Rabbi Jeffrey Kobrin Isaac Blachor Shira Schiowitz Rabbi Jeremy Donath Tova Warburg Sinetsky Rabbi Jonathan Knapp Rabbi Dovid Asher Aryana Bibi Ritholtz Rabbi Jeff Rothman Jack Fenigstein Rabbi Aryeh Spiegler Rabbi Daniel Alter Brigitte Dayan Dr Mark Goldenberg Emily Zimmer Joshua Maroof Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern Bracha Rutner Rabbi Ely Shestack Rabbi Gershon Albert Rabbi Dr Noam Weinberg Jeff Kronisch Rabbi David Mahler Dina Muskin Goldberg Joseph Mark Stacy Goldman Simcha Hochman Rabbi Tuvia Brander Rabbi Avery Joel Steven Jacoby Rabbi Eli Brazil Maya Klibanoff Rabbi Benjamin Yasgur Rina Emerson Rabbi Dr Michael Berger Tamar Beer Ari Raskas Rivkie Lamm Connie Kadish Moshe Rube Yoni Cohen Rabbi Moshe Hauer Dr Judith Rosen Rabbi Daniel Sherman Lisa Baratz Dr Oren Lakser Dr Steven Tabak Dena Block Rabbi Benjamin Gonsher David Lasko Rabbi Mark Dratch Rabbi Dov Winston Rabbi Dov Fischer Rabbi Reuven Brand Chana Gelb Erin Stiebel David Cooper Rabbi Dr Zev Meir Friedman Rabbi Yotav Eliach Rabbi Roy Feldman Harriet Seif Rabbi Yisroel Boruch Sufrin Rabbi Yosie Levine Rachel Inlender Gindi Rabbi Albert Setton Rabbi Noam Stein Ruth Berkowitz Robin Tassler Rabbi Zvi Engel Rabbi Shaya Katz Dr Howard Baruch Rabbi Ezra Goldschmiedt Rabbi Adir Posy Rabbi Chaim Poupko Shoshana Rockoff Rabbi Yosef Sharbat Shera Dubitsky Rabbi Joshua Lookstein Rabbi Shaanan Gelman Mashi Polstein Rabbi Elie Weinstock Rabbi Alan Kalinsky Rabbi Dr Yosef Kalinsky Miryam Kiderman Rabbi Chaim Marcus Sharona Kay Hattie Dubroff Rabbi Daniel Goldberg Rabbi Andrew Markowitz Rabbi Jonathan Muskat Rabbi Daniel Price Sarina Shields Rabbi Chaim Hagler Rabbi Dr Benjamin J Samuels Rabbi Binyamin Lehfield Kayla Zlotnick Dr Rachel Rabinovitch Rabbi Shlomo Adelman Shiri Sokal Rabbi Michael Bleicher Rabbi Donald Bixon Rabbi Etan Tokayer Yoni Nirenberg Lynn Kraft Rabbi Uzi Beer Eitan Sender Stephanie Dweck Jesse Salem Rachel Levitt Klein Dratch Rabbi Michael Stein Sarah Oppenheim Aaron Inlender Alison Sokal Rabbi Avi Billet Rabbi Ephraim Polakoff Rabbi Dr Yaakov Jaffe Atara Turoff Rabbi Moses Haber Sharon Merkin Rabbi Micha Greenland Jonathan Hoffman Rabbi Howard Jachter Sarah Cheses Rabbi Zev Reichman Sarah Fuchs Rabbi Steven Miodownik Rabbi Elisha Prero Ina Tropper Aryeh Klein Chagit Hadar Rabbi Eli Slominicki Rabbi Yechiel Shaffer Mayan Beroukhim Rabbi Hillel Meyers Rabbi Gershon Segal Vivian Falk Michael Heino Rabbi Zev Goldberg Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz Rabbi Michael Davies Michal Laub Dr Stu Halpern Rabbi Samuel Klibanoff Tami Drapkin Rachel Fried Rabbi Doniel Cohen Rabbi Avi Harari Rebecca Salman Rabbi Howard Zack Jordan Silvestri Rabbi Yechiel Morris Chaya Sima Koenigsberg Dr Shimmy Tennenbaum Shlomo Weissberg Cara Krashin Rabbi Simon Taylor Eliav Sharvit Marilyn Moed Devora Chait Roth Rabbi Ephraim Epstein www voteoic org Marc Rohatiner Jamie Baum Dr Jay Lerman Jack Gottesman Dr Yardaena Osband Seth Berkowitz Elana Sichel Rabbi Yosef Weinstock Yael Blau Rabbi Moshe Stavsky Joan Betesh Alan Gershman Jacob Rosenfeld Sheryle Spar Rabbi Gideon Shloush Leora Moskowitz Rabbi Aron Srolovitz Rabbi Ari Zahtz Terry Novetzky Yonina Weinberg Rabbi Gidon Rothstein Dr Yael Jaffe Anne Golombeck Jason Bokor Rabbi Alan Berkowitz Miriam Pincus Barbara Lehmann Siegel Rabbi Levi Mostofsky Chani Aryeh Dr Henry Abramson Elie Codron Dr Scott Goldberg Dr Trudy Abramson Jonathan Nooriel Dr Judah Weinberger Yehudis Isenberg Yosef Kuperman Martin Nachimson Ethlynne Brickman Lawrence Rein Sharon Mendelsohn Rabbi Yehuda Chanales Rabbi Dovid Kupchik Atara Segal Hannah Siegel Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg Tova Kahan Thane Rosenbaum Jennie Rothner Barbara Rascoff Samuel Iofel Syma Levine Rabbi Aaron Leibtag Rabbi Joel Gutstein Tzivia Appleman Rabbi Marc Spivak Doba Isaacs Avi Katz Ari Platt Ilka Gordon Dan Maeir Rabbi Binyamin Krohn Nicole Rothenberg Marc Sommer Karen Kaplan Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann Rabbi Benjy Owen Deborah Coopersmith Rabbi Avrohom Drandoff Beth Alter Rabbi Aaron Ross Elior Holzer Yakirah Rosen Joel Rich Yehuda Kohn Mimi Seleski Olivia Hershkowitz Evan Green Aaron Toldeano Rabbi Bill Kanter Elisheva Adouth Mark Tannenbaum Aliza Meller Aytan Waxman Joel Jacobson Michelle Trubnick Ira Clair Lia Solomon Yehuda Silverman Sherwin Mishkin Esther Simchi Jonathan Kirsch Helene Lerner Yehuda Jian Jordan Zwebner Donna Lawrence Julia Book Isay Ildatov Sarah Ben Nun David Shifteh Myrna Buckman Ariel Sacknovitz Rabbi Yehuda Friedman Aviva Klein Jonathan Rosenfeld Leora Belitz Jacob Shiner Adira Orbach Jeffrey Sulaymanov Sophia Gordon Daniel Greenblatt Jesselea Roberts Moshe Wolff Atara Herrmann Abe Teicher Malka Goldberg Yehonatan Yoni Broth Dr Marguerite Werrin Kayla Goldberger Cory Glicksman Hope Goldstein Benjamin Gottesman Rachel Landesman Noah Roffe Janice Fox Andy Goldsmith Hodaya Propp Rabbi David Israel Rivkie Samson Miriam Libo Rabbi Menachem Linzer Beth Gottesman Margaret E Retter Eytan Israel Golda Daphna Shaun Regenbaum Allie Orgen Avigayil Adouth Louis Tuchman Michelle Fuksbrumer Genene Kaye David Schwartzman Tova Kaplan Rabbi Maury Grebenau Navah Klayn Joel Jesin Reva Oliner Rabbi Arthur Schneier VIRILISTS Norma Holzer Evelyn Blachor

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Slate 5 Platform OUR PLATFORM EMPOWERING YOUTH The generation most impacted by the decisions made by Jewish national institutions should be empowered to participate in making those decisions VISION is the only list participating in the World Zionist Congress elections exclusively running the young activists currently at the forefront of today s battles over Jewish liberation identity and Israel s legitimacy on campus PARADIGM SHIFT VISION breaks free from the narrow confines of outdated paradigms by exploring fresh solutions to Israel s conflict with the Palestinians and empowering our youth to formulate their own Jewish liberation ideologies relevant to the current chapter of our people s story PEACE While VISION views peace with the other native peoples of the Semitic region to be a yetunfulfilled goal of our people s revolution we recognize that the two state model being aggressively promoted for the past 30 years has not and cannot succeed as it negates the aspirations of both Jews and Palestinians and has only resulted in several new injustices for both peoples VISION supports grassroots engagement efforts to cultivate better relations between Jews and Palestinians based on mutual understanding and respect IDENTITY The Jewish people constitutes a proud ancient civilization with a unique culture worldview traditions and homeland But as a result of our displacement and many centuries of oppression several aspects of our identity have been stolen from us or diluted to the point of becoming barely recognizable Every people that experiences liberation must subsequently engage in a postcolonial conversation VISION promotes conversations aimed at decolonizing Jewish identity as a necessary component of rebuilding Hebrew civilization in the modern age PEOPLEHOOD VISION views the Jewish people as one large collective family with a shared history common destiny and mutual responsibility While we recognize the sociological realities within the Jewish world and seek to be inclusive we relate to the prevalent labels as only having secondary importance when compared to identification with the nation of Israel and participation in its historic mission THE HOMELAND VISION is committed to the principle that our homeland cannot be divided We act to ensure the natural right of all Jews to live within an independent State of Israel between the river and the sea while also striving to act upon our obligation to ensure justice and dignity for all inhabitants of our country Jew and gentile alike www visionmovement org

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Slate 5 Candidate List The Next Stage of Jewish Liberation Simon Kofman Samantha Muskat Tila Falic Michael Shepsis New York NY Washington D C Bal Harbour FL Boston MA Dan Kling Leah Karchmer Yonah ben Avraham Yehuda Katz Severn MD Chicago IL South Chatam MA Santa Clara CA Vlad Zelenko Pedram Bral Annika Witt Joseph Block Brooklyn NY Great Neck NY Denver CO White Plains NY Michael Farah McKenna Bates Jonathan Karten Eve Spear Los Angeles CA Chesapeake VA New York NY Brookline MA Max Berger Nathaniel Wolkenfeld Avi Brudoley Jake Schwalbe New Rochelle NY North Hollywood CA Overland Park KS Englewood NJ Jessica Khalili YItz Shafa Jonathan Falik David Sheyman Corona CA Tarzana CA New York NY San Ramon CA Yael Adler Andrew Wolf Uri Lorkis Zev Robberts West Orange NJ Bergenfield NJ Oak Park MI University City MO Shneur Gansburg Emily Turner Esther Bildirici Ephraim Sternberg Brooklyn NY Teaneck NJ Brooklyn NY Far Rockaway NY Alexander Brill Gershon Engel Kayla Manouel Aaron Raimi Green Valley AZ Teaneck NJ Great Neck NY San Diego CA Andre Wolff Uriel Awerbuch Helena Hawkins Izy Muller Towson MD Passaic NJ Santa Clara CA Boca Raton FL Chantal Polinsky Rachel Dear Mara Brill Coby Melkin New York NY Far Rockaway NY Green Valley AZ Potomac MD Zachary Wolfson Noam Kaplan Yanni Shulman Daniel Selesny Franklin TN Collage Park MD Englewood NJ Southfield MI Sarah Friedson Westport CT David Duchman Surfside FL Rivka Liben New York NY www visionmovement org

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Slate 6 Platform MERCAZ THE VOICE OF THE CONSERVATIVE MASORTI MOVEMENT MERCAZ USA is the Zionist Organization of the Conservative Masorti Movement A vote for MERCAZ is more than just the opportunity to gain delegates to the World Zionist Congress it is the best opportunity to send a strong message to the Israeli government and people of Israel We support strengthening Israel as a Jewish Zionist and democratic state and endeavor to shape it as an exemplary society with a unique moral and spiritual character rooted in the vision of the Hebrew prophets We envision a society that is democratic and pluralistic that recognizes and empowers all streams of Jewish practice and that guarantees the civil and political rights of all of its citizens MERCAZ USA stands firmly for the following principles and goals 1 An Open Pluralistic Jewish Society That celebrates Jewish values and embraces multiple streams of Judaism including the growth of Conservative Masorti kehillot throughout Israel 2 No Restrictions on the Law of Return MERCAZ opposes all attempts to restrict the Law of Return by redefining who is a Jew for the purposes of Aliyah 3 Governmental Respect for Conservative and Egalitarian Traditions and Practices Including Israeli government recognition of life cycle events performed within all recognized streams of Judaism and implementation of the previously accepted agreement with regard to the Western Wall 4 Increased Funding for the Conservative Masorti Movement Increasing stream funding by the Jewish Agency World Zionist Organization and Keren Kayemth LeYisrael to bolster Conservative Masorti kehillot institutions and programs in Israel and throughout the world 5 Strengthening the Ties Between American Jews and Israel Cultivating programs that connect American Jews and Israel and promoting Aliyah 6 Combatting Anti Semitism and Anti Zionism A pro active agenda to combat anti Semitism and antiZionism in the United States and around the world 7 Achieving Peace A negotiated peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians 8 Supporting Israel as a Democratic Ally and Engaged Global Citizen As it lends its technology innovations and assistance in the effort to solve global challenges MERCAZ2020 ORG

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Slate 6 Candidate List MERCAZ The Voice of the Conservative Masorti Movement Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin Northfield IL Dr Arnold Eisen New York NY Rabbi Elliott Cosgrove New York NY Eric Leiderman Boca Raton FL Marilyn L Wind Bethesda MD Rabbi Alan Silverstein West Caldwell NJ Heidi Schneider Golden Valley MN Noa Kligfeld Los Angeles CA Mary Sanders Miami FL Ned Gladstein North Caldwell NJ Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson Los Angeles CA Cantor Sarah Levine Nashville TN Sarrae G Crane New York NY Tom Sudow Shaker Heights OH Rabbi Stewart Vogel Woodland Hills CA Noam Kornsgold East Windsor NJ Margie Miller Baldwin NY Rabbi Lauren Holzblatt Washington DC Diane Halivni Deerfield IL David Helfand Overland Park KS Rabbi Jay Kornsgold East Windsor NJ Rabbi Nicole Guzik Los Angeless CA Richard Helfand Overland Park KS Jordana Meyer Chevy Chase MD Dr Shuly Schwartz New York NY www Mercaz2020 org Bracha Werber Richard Kahn Heddy Belman Sherri Robbins Great Neck NY Teaneck NJ Pine Brook NJ Palo Alto CA Rachel Russo Rabbi Randall Konigsburg Rabbi Charles Savenor Ray Goldstein Highland Park IL Manchester CT New York NY Rochester MN Alan Imar Max DuBoff Sam Lurie Elissa Szalkiewicz Miami FL New Haven CT Livingston NJ New York NY Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal Sandy Starkman Janet Kirschner Ellen Kremer Gaithersburg MD Highland Park IL Moorestown NJ Ventnor NJ Cantor David Lipp Rabbi Robert Slosberg Rabbi Cheryl Peretz Melody Torrens Louisville KY Louisville KY Los Angeles CA Miami FL Rabbi Ashira Konigsberg Rabbi Daniel I Dorsch Eric Weis Rabbi Ralph Dalin New York NY Marietta GA Wayne NJ San Diego CA Rabbi Shira Wallach Talia Cohen Carrus Leon Kraiem Michelle Shkedi Dallas TX Hollis NH New York NY San Francisco CA Rabbi Gerald Skolnik Rabbi Eytan Hammerman Rabbi Adam Raskin Edward Edelstein Forest Hills NY Harrison NY Potomac MD Baldwin NY Debra Kaner Goldich Michael Mills Leslie Lichter Michelle Rich Blue Bell PA Mount Pleasant SC New York NY Manalapan NJ Allan Kahan Rabbi Julia Andelman David Parker Saul Sanders Silver Spring MD Teaneck NJ New York NY Miami FL Rabbi Rami Schwartzer Rabbi David Russo Talia Loeb Elior Waskow Arlington VA Chicago IL Rockville MD Washington DC Temma Kingsley Debbi Bruce Carol Simon Amy Skopp Cooper Forest Hills NY Milford MA Tampa FL New York NY Cantor Joanna Dulkin Allan Gottesman Cantor Luis Cattan Miriam Benson Minnetonka MN Cooper City FL Westport CT New Haven CT Rabbi Daniel Nevins Teri Shuch David Reifler Fred Rothstein New York NY Chevy Chase MD Grand Rapids MI Beaverton OR Sarah Lipsey Brokman Anna Millstein Daniela Goodman Yona Kornsgold Livingston NJ Maplewood NJ Las Vegas NV East Windsor NJ Rabbi Harold Kravitz Rabbi Aaron Brusso Ilene Rubin Linda Fayne Minnetonka MN Mt Kisco NY Cherry Hill NJ Palm Beach Gardens FL Toni Bickert Rabbi Andrea Merow Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz Rebecca Wind Washington DC Elkins Park PA Los Angeles CA New York NY David Lissy Stephen Steckler Gerhard Rosenthal Laurie Moskowitz White Plains NY Brookeville MD Somerset NJ Washington DC Margo Hughes Robinson Ilan Cohen Rabbi Matt Nover Rabbi Hillel Konigsburg New York NY Bethesda MD East Windsor NJ Sandy Springs GA Alan Silberman Gideon Aronoff Judy Yudof JG Decker Chicago IL West Orange NJ Jupiter FL Milwaukee WI Marc Gary Rabbi Ellen Wolintz Fields Rabbi Leonid Feldman Benjamin Forester New York NY Ocean Township NJ West Palm Beach FL Madison WI Martin Werber Rabbi Gail Labovitz Rabbi Rachel Ain Aviv Roskes Great Neck NY Los Angeles CA New York NY Washington DC Shai Kartus Noa Shapiro Carol Silber Lindsay Goldman New York NY North Caldwell NJ Washington DC Pomona NU Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay Cantor Alisa Pomerantz Boro Seth Davis New York NY Vorhees NJ New York NY Steve Dix Cantor Stephen Stein Rabbi Cecelia Beyer Marietta GA Akron Ohio Springfield NJ Naomi Yadin Mendick Barbara Rosenau Rabbi Mitchell Cohen Sandy Spring MD Fort Washington PA New York NY Noah Sudow Ben Sigal Rachel Szalkiewicz Padilla Bethesda MD Los Angeles CA New York NY Barbara Ezring Richard Gray Harvey Rosen Norfolk VA Chestnut Hill MA Teaneck NJ

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Slate 7 Platform TORAH AND ISRAEL FOR ALL DORSHEI TORAH V TZION STRENGTHEN UNITY OF AM YISRAEL PEACE AND SECURITY DTT seeks to strengthen the bonds between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora and promote initiatives that deepen understanding between the two communities We also encourage and support Aliyah to Israel and helping those individuals and communities who want to settle in our national homeland DTT is committed to supporting efforts to find a just and viable peace for Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with security and dignity for all including the Palestinian people ZIONISM AND SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL DTT will work to increase support for Zionism and the State of Israel amongst Jews and non Jews alike in the political realm and civil space It will work to combat anti Zionism and those who seek to delegitimize the State of Israel and its right to exist EMPOWERING WOMEN DTT supports systemic legal changes that protect support and empower women We seek to expand the spiritual ritual intellectual and political opportunities for women We support finding and implementing a sustainable solution to put an end to the Agunah crisis We seek to advocate for meaningful participation and equality for women in family life synagogues houses of learning and Jewish communal organizations We also seek to raise awareness of and address the growing trends that exclude women from policy making decisions public performances and that erase images of women and girls from advertisements and publications International Rabbinic Fellowship RELIGIOUS PLURALISM DTT supports efforts to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israel as a state and to connect individual Jewish Israelis to their heritage We support efforts to allow multiple religious options in the public and private sphere which reflect the reality of the State of Israel as the nation state of the entirety of Klal Yisrael including efforts to give Israelis choices in kashrut supervision halakhic paths to conversion weddings and prayer spaces for all at the Kotel SUPPORT YESHIVOT AND MIDRASHOT FOR MEN AND WOMEN We believe that Yeshivot and Midrashot in Israel strengthen the soul and spirit of the nation alongside the contributions of the entire educational system in Israel which trains people to function as productive members of society We particularly support the institution of Yeshivot Hesder which has given the IDF some of its finest and dedicated soldiers and officers

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Slate 7 Candidate List DORSHEI TORAH V TZION TORAH AND ISRAEL FOR ALL SLATE 1 Rabbi Avi Weiss 26 Rabbanit Bracha Jaffe 2 Rabbi Dov Linzer 27 Rabbi Yonah Berman 3 Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld 28 Paula Eiselt 4 Rebecca Schwartz 29 Sarah Blechner 5 Pam Scheininger 30 Rabbi Hyim Shafner 6 Rabbi Nati Helfgot 31 Rabbi Saul Strosberg 7 David Schwartz 32 Rabbi Daniel Blumenthal Hoffman 8 Maharat Ruth Balinsky Friedman 33 Rabbi Haggai Resnikoff 9 Rabbi Jason Herman 34 Noam Stadlan 10 Daphne Lazar Price 35 Rabbi Nissan Antine 11 Rabbi Marc Angel 36 Rabbi Gabriel Kretzmer Seed 12 Gabriel Slamovits 37 Roselyn Bell 13 Rabba Sara Hurwitz 38 Pam Greenwood 14 Ilana Benson 39 Michael Kellman 15 Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky 40 Rabbi Amir Zinkow 16 Mindy Feldman Hecht 41 Judy Heicklen 17 Behnam Dayanim 42 Rabbi Yerachmiel Shapiro 18 Daniel Perla 43 Allie Alperovich 19 Burt Nusbacher 44 Charles Hall 20 Rabbi Barry Dolinger 45 Rabbi Marianne Novak 21 Rabbi Jeffrey Fox 46 Rosh Kehilah Dina Najman 22 Ann Pava 47 Sari Steinberg 23 Rabbi Chaim Marder 48 Jordan Soffer 24 Aaron Portman 49 Craig Miller 25 Rabbi Jon Kelsen 50 Maurice Applebaum 51 Bruriah Spraragen International Rabbinic Fellowship

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Slate 8 Platform WWW HATIKVAHSLATE NET TEXT HATIKVAH TO 474747 Vote for the Hatikvah Slate to Support a Democratic Jewish State OUR PLATFORM We are inspired by Israel s Declaration of Independence which proclaimed the State will be based on the precepts of liberty justice and peace as taught by the Prophets and will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens without distinction of race creed or sex and will guarantee full freedom of conscience worship education and culture Our commitment is to democracy and the rule of law believing that all citizens of the State of Israel must be treated equally and their civil and human rights protected We oppose policies of discrimination fear and tribalism We fiercely oppose the current policy of permanent occupation and annexation It is unjust and will end Israel s democracy The occupation is sustained by ongoing policies of repression that only serve to exacerbate conflict and require daily violence to maintain it We proudly stand with those Israelis searching for peace with Palestine Their understanding broadly shared at the highest levels of Israel s security services that the current policies ultimately harm Israel s security needs to be supported publicly and energetically so that a meaningful peace process can gain the popular support necessary to nurture and develop it Peace seeking Israelis and Palestinians urgently need the encouragement and assistance of the Zionist movement to support their programs of dialogue combined with political action to achieve our shared vision of a negotiated mutually accepted two state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and mutual security This will also enable full and open peace with the Arab world and end Israel s growing pariah status We wholeheartedly support religious and cultural pluralism in Israeli society For the State of Israel to be a primary engine for Jewish creative continuity it must empower not oppose the wide range of Jewish cultural and religious expression We stand with Israelis demanding the protection of the rights of women including equal pay for equal work equal opportunity in politics an end to enforced segregation and an end to discrimination against women s full participation in public events both military and civilian We stand with Israelis fighting against vigilante modesty patrols and other acts of harassment against women We stand with Israelis that welcome asylum seekers treat foreign workers with the dignity that they deserve and fight against racism in their society be it against Jews of color or people of other faiths We stand with Israelis striving to ensure full legal and social equality for the LGBTQ community including marriage rights We also stand with Israelis working to promote environmental sustainability and support working with Palestinians and neighboring countries to deal with regional threats to climate and to water resources Within our communities in North America we also have much work to do Against the challenge of anti Semitism and white supremacist movements we will work with communal partners especially Muslim organizations to promote a common defense to our shared safety and values through interfaith and intercommunal dialogue We are aligned with the values and policies of the Israeli Labor Party Meretz the Green Movement and other like minded Israeli movements organizations and activists Together we work to ensure that the Israel we leave to future generations reflects the best of the values traditions and hopes we inherited from previous generations while moving past endless conflict and toward a brighter future of peace

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Slate 8 Candidate List WWW HATIKVAHSLATE NET TEXT HATIKVAH TO 474747 HATIKVAH Progressive Israel Slate is proudly supported by Aleph Ameinu Americans for Peace Now Habonim Dror Hashomer Hatzair J Street Jewish Labor Committee New Israel Fund National Council of Jewish Women Partners for Progressive Israel and T ruah along with Rabbis social and environmental activists academics artists and others who have joined together to best represent you and your vision for a progressive Israel and world Jewry Kenneth Bob Karen Shapiro Jeremy Ben Ami Leah Schwartz Daniel Sokatch Rabbi Jill Jacobs Sheila Katz Yonatan Shargian Stuart Appelbaum SooJi Min Maranda Letty Cottin Pogrebin David Weiss Ruth Messinger Peter Beinart Nancy K Kaufman Abby Rapoport Randi Weingarten Jared Jackson Libby Lenkinski Amanda Weinberger Dylan Williams Rabbi Sharon Brous Rabbi Amichai Lau Lavie Zach Shartiag Nomi Colton Max David Dormont Shaina Wasserman Erin Beiner Rabbi Rachel Kahn Troster Dina Charnin Rabbi Michael Latz Naomi Tamura Debra Katz Samuel Norich Gili Getz Yael Dormont Matthew Finkelstein David Weinstein Minna Elias Harry Reis Jill Zipin Joel Winograd Nicole Berner Kadish Paul Scham Rabbi Fred Dobb Sharon Alpert Jonathan Jacoby Haftam Yizhak Heathwood Adam Shaham Nancy Bernstein Shai Robkin Rabbi David Ingber Lia BenYishay Arieh Lebowitz Alex Katz Rabbi Ayelet Cohen Bekah Diamond Bier Rabbi Eric Solomon Michael Young Aviva Meyer Jesse Miller Brad Rothschild Janee Graver Alisa Belinkoff Katz Deborah Secular Yoshi Silverstein Dr Ayala Emmett Phyllis Snyder Abe Jellinek Miki Golod Itamar Wigoder Shawn Landres Molly Wernick Steven Weinberg Leonard Grob Rikki Baker Keusch Sheila Decter Serena Oberstein Brad Brooks Rubin Iliana Jaime Hadar Harris Rachel Bart Mark Gold Hannah Ellenson Barbara Zabitz Stephen Davis Lilly Rivlin Yonathan Shapir Rabbi Shira Stutman Yudie Fishman Adam Borisoff Rachael Sevilla Elisheva Goldberg Maya Paz Rabbi Roger Lerner Tzivia Gross Judith Gelman Gil Kulick Yael Kanarek Brandon Matsnev Eyal Yerushalmi Dr Jessica Brown Allen Glicksman Benjamin Markbreiter Daniel Muroff Johanna Berger Rabbi Charles Arian Talia Benamy Marion Lipshutz Harlan Baker David Lutzker Eve Johnson Jonathan Mayo Hadar Susskind Jenna Weinberg Marina Levy Steven Masters Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits Dalia Krusner Ada Marcovitz Sarah Pincus Nehama Dormont Nitzan Aviram Andrew Goldblatt Jenna Abrams Joseph Gelula Jennifer Spitzer Gorovitz Judah Altman Hiam Simon

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Slate 9 Platform WORLD SEPHARDIC ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OHAVEI ZION OBJECTIVES Platform of The World Sephardic Zionist Organization Ohavei Zion Ensuring the future of the Jewish people by furthering Jewish and Zionist education and promoting spiritual and cultural Sephardic values and heritage Fostering the centrality of Israel as the Home of the Jewish People by facilitating Aliyah and populating the Land of Israel Partaking in the dissemination of substantial funds allocated by Israel and the WZO for Jewish Education and Identity and securing its distribution to our Sephardic educational institutions Instilling a love of Torah values and the appreciation of Missvot Pursuing Jewish unity and respect for each other Defending the rights of Jews anywhere in the world against all manifestations of anti Semitism anti Zionism Combating assimilation through Jewish pride and identity 332 East 69th Street New York N Y 10021

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Slate 9 Candidate List WORLD SEPHARDIC ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OHAVEI ZION Our slate comprises Sephardic Jews representing our various communities with support of our Sages Rabbis and Community Leaders Rabbi Elie Abadie M D Elise Abadie Rabbi David Bibi Talia Siscovick Morris Abraham Rebecca Harary Rabbi Sion Setton Oriel Abadie Lea Srour Joseph Harary Chantelle Bibi Gal Abadie Mariyah Bibi Jack Cohen Odelya Jacobs Moses Bibi Sarina Roffe Sarah Tawil Josephine Mairzadeh Joseph Hanan Shemuel Goldstein Cecila Choai Avraham Levine Platform of Ohavei Zion Ensuring the future of the Jewish people by furthering Jewish and Zionist education and promoting spiritual and cultural Sephardic values and heritage Fostering the centrality of Israel as the Home of the Jewish People by facilitating Aliyah and populating the Land of Israel Partaking in the dissemination of substantial funds allocated by Israel and the WZO for Jewish Education and Identity and securing its distribution to our Sephardic educational institutions Instilling a love of Torah values and the appreciation of Missvot Pursuing Jewish unity and respect for each other Defending the rights of Jews anywhere in the world against all manifestations of anti Semitism anti Zionism Combating assimilation through Jewish pride and identity

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Slate 10 Platform HERUT NORTH AMERICA WHY A VOTE FOR HERUT STRENGTHENS THE ENTIRE ZIONIST MOVEMENT A Return To The Traditional Values Of Zionism We work in the World Zionist Congress to increase funding and provide resources and support for Encouraging Aliyah and gathering all the tribes The growth of Zionist youth movements worldwide Zionist education initiatives and programming including those that concentrate on Jewish Unity Zionist leadership instruction and activist training Hebrew language instruction Support for Lone Soldiers Jewish development of all parts of the Land of Israel Countering anti Israel propaganda on campuses Security and self defense for Jewish communities worldwide in the tradition of Ze ev Jabotinsky Seeking justice for victims of Arab terrorism We recall the pledges of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi ETZEL and the Lohamei Herut Israel LEHI to the Land of Israel and the LEHI s adherence to the Biblical call If I forget thee O Jerusalem may my right hand forget its skill Psalms 137 5 ZionUnite BUILDING THE NEXT GENERATION OF DEFIANTLY ZIONIST LEADERS HerutNA org I office herutna org HERUT IS NOT ANOTHER CAREER ZIONIST ORGANIZATION All our members are volunteers All our funding goes directly toward activities

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Slate 10 Candidate List 2020 SLATE The Future of the Zionist Movement Is Up To YOU Please vote Herut Zionists The Jabotinsky Movement and join a committed diverse group of American Zionists seeking to be the agents for positive creative change that the Zionist Movement must have in the next World Zionist Congress The Herut Zionists slate encompasses leaders from a wide breadth of Jewish organizations and affiliations Together with students educators rabbis noted Jewish activists former IDF Lone Soldiers academics journalists legal scholars and others who have joined Herut we are making a real difference in the Zionist Movement on behalf of the State of Israel and Jews worldwide Join us Endorsers Bruce K Gould President Elect Jewish National Fund Floridians Fighting BDS The Midwest Defenders of Israel Zionist Pacific Coalition CIPAC Christians Israel Public Action Campaign International Israel Alliance Israel America Renaissance Institute I ARI Jerusalem Education Fund Inc Middle East Research Center Ltd MERCL SaveIsrael com TheJ Ca Winnipeg Think Israel org Joshua Goldstein NJ Rabbi Rocky Caine MD Brian Pikelny IL Daniel Bernardin GA Moshe Phillips PA Tom Mountain MA Elijah Justice SC Daniel Soussana CA D Vorah Singleton IN Rabbi Baruch Melman PA Sandra Kessler NY Tamara Gibson NY Gabby Phillips NY Yael Phillips PA Scott Gould PA Rabbi Moshe Solomon IN Hal Bluestein CPA PA Jessica Roth FL Sol Einy AZ Dan Kaskel Esq FL Shmuel Ben Gad DC Jason Marshall FL Habakkuk ben Levi IN Cheryl Jacobs Lewin IL Prof Rena Krakow PA Deena S Borzak FL Ahuva Blass NY Jacob Blady PA Daveed Levy FL Steven Goldberg Esq CA Randy Singleton IN Rabbi Betzalel Haynes IN Mitch Micha Danzig Esq CA Joe Diamond NY Mike Nelinson PA Lisa Koenig PA Carol Leslie Flatto FL Dr Bernice Lipkin MD Omri Cohen IL Jonathan Duani PA Shana Avishai PA Rabbi Gil Rosen WI Rabbi Yitzchak Gross PA Allen Hack NY Daniel Oppenheiner Esq FL Shani Feuerman FL Noah Segal FL Mike Zimmerman IL Shari Voluck NY Fern Sidman NY Grace Morgenstein MD Karina Wilson NY Yehoshua Harriston IN Robert Dodell Esq AZ Sid Stein IL Milcah Wilson IN Fred Taub OH Thomas Gibson NY Benjamin Eini AZ Ezra Roth FL Jeff Dunetz NY Rabbi Kevin Hale MA Ithamar Pittman IN Yitzchaq Edmondson IN Melissa Cohen NY Sarach Haynes IN Dawnita Nutter IN Zachariah Singleton IN Yonatan Herzfeld NY Hillel Feuerman FL Max Smeadee NY Norma Walsky NJ Evan Winer Esq IL Bruce Blady PA Jack Saltzberg CA Shelley Benveniste FL Steven Frank Esq DC Rabbi Tzvi Kilstein FL Aaron Lovelace IN Prof Edward Alexander WA Anna Lenchus Esq FL Brenda Solomon IN Letishia Porshe TX Prof Rael Jean Isaac NY Gershom Stewart IN David Ptalis NJ Huvie Steinhardt FL Don Sable PA Dr David Borenstein NY Prof Erich Isaac NY Steven M Sandleben IN Sue Kaskel FL Alan Mangurten IL Leah Zilberman NJ Susan L Rosenbluth NJ Shlomit Madison IN Beverly Rubin PA Benjamin Scholom IL Yelena Finkel IL Robert Walsky NJ HerutNA org I office herutna org I zionuniteherut HertuNA Michael Wasserman IL Rhonda Hodas Hack NY Jonathan Singleton IN Dan Willens IN Elijahu Wilson IN LaTovah Tye OH Jeni Singleton IN HerutAmerica HERUT IS NOT ANOTHER CAREER ZIONIST ORGANIZATION All our members are volunteers All our funding goes directly toward activities

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Slate 11 Platform Coalition ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA ZOA TORAH FROM SINAI MAKE ISRAEL GREAT MIG NATIONAL PRO ISRAEL PARTNERS Courageously Defending Israel Sovereignty the Jewish People Joseph D Beyda Leadership Program Vote for the ZOA Coalition of 27 Strong Zionist Jewish Activist Groups who are Leading the Battle to Help For more info Visit VoteZOA org Rescue Jews Endangered by Global Antisemitism Promote the Safety of Jews Around the World ZOA Coalition initiated obtained passage of the WZC resolution to give highest funding priority to rescuing endangered Jews We need your vote to keep making saving endangered Jewish lives the first priority Combat Global Campus Antisemitism Boycotts Divestments Sanctions BDS ZOA Coalition initiated obtained passage of the WZC anti BDS policy which includes stopping BDS against Jews in Judea Samaria Buy Israeli program We re leading a multi pronged battle against antisemitism and Israel bashing We re protecting Jewish students legal rights to safe campuses ZOA Coalition is the only American slate that voted for declaring that anti Zionism is a manifestation of antisemitism Vote for the ZOA Coalition to say no to BDS Say No to an Iranian proxy Palestinian Arab terror state Promote Love Respect for Jewish Tradition Torah from Sinai and All Our People bedrocks that sustain unite strengthen the whole Jewish people Join us in promoting the Defend Strengthen Israel United Jerusalem Under Israeli Sovereignty the Jewish People s Rights to Live in Settle Judea Samaria ZOA Coalition led the 23 year battle to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem We are now leading the battle to transform the World Zionist Congress and Israel s national institutions under the WZC umbrella into bodies that will arise and assert the Jewish people s rights to our land Strengthen Jewish Zionist Education in Israel the Diaspora Vote for ZOA Coalition for future generations The ZOA Coalition includes Zionist Organization of America ZOA Aharai USA Aish HaTorah Americans Against Antisemitism Americans for a Safe Israel AFSI American Friends of Ateret Cohanim American Friends of Likud AFL Americans for Peace and Tolerance Beit Juhuro Gorsky Kavkazi Center Chovevei Zion Eretz Israel Movement Hasbara Fellowships ILead JCC Watch Make Israel Great MIG Russian Jewish Coalition for a Strong Israel The Lawfare Project National Conference on Jewish Affairs NORPAC One Israel Fund Save the West Students Supporting Israel SSI Torah from Sinai United Mashadi Jewish Community of America UMJCA US Russian Jews Stand With Israel World Likud Young Jewish Conservatives YJC Z Street In addition board members of AEPi Foundation CAMERA Israel Bonds and other groups are on the ZOA Coalition slate ZOA Coalition includes Russian Persian Syrian Ashkenazi Mizrahi Sephardi Beta Israel Ethiopian Israeli Ukrainian Bukharian Gorsky Kavkazy other American Jewish communities all working together The ZOA Coalition is ENDORSED by major Israeli Ministers Eli Cohen Ze ev Elkin Gilad Erdan Yoav Galant Israel Katz Amir Ohana Miri Regev Gideon Sa ar Katzele Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein prominent Rabbis Top IDF Officials Israeli Mayors Heads of Binyamin Samaria Gush Etzion Regional Councils See VoteZOA org

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Slate 11 Candidate List Coalition ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA ZOA TORAH FROM SINAI MAKE ISRAEL GREAT MIG NATIONAL PRO ISRAEL PARTNERS Courageously Defending Israel Sovereignty the Jewish People ZOA Coalition s Delegate Candidates Morton A Klein ZOA President Mark Levenson Esq ZOA Chair AEPi Foundation Board Rabbi Steven Burg Aish HaTorah CEO Director General Daniella Pomeranc Elizabeth Liz Berney Esq ZOA Projects Dir Richard Chalm ILEAD Director Russell Feder Chanoch Eli Berman Anna Peckerman Make Israel Great MIG Russian Jewish Coalition for a Strong Israel RUSA founder Steve Orlow Esq One Israel Fund Chair Judy Freedman Kadish AFSI 2 FLDO Rabbi Yitchok Tendler YJC founder Abe Zeines Sigalit Siggy Flicker Actress Activist Valeria Chazin Students Supporting Israel SSI Chair Assemblyman Dov Hikind Americans Against Antisemitism AAA founder Hannah Katz activist Rubin Margules ZOA board ZOA Purim Baskets for Soldiers director Boaz Bagbag Oren Atias Rabbi Dr Mark Goldfeder Esq Emory Law Professor ACLJ Victor Naar Ross Den MIG Aharai co founder Khandan Kalaty UMJCA Central Board Rachelle Schy Nachman Mostofsky Chovevei Zion Exec Dir Lori Lowenthal Marcus Esq Z Street founder Brooke Goldstein Esq The Lawfare Project Exec Dir Jonathan Rubin Rabbi Shimon Margolin U S Russian Jews Stand with Israel Alliance founder Vlad Lipkin MIG Ben Kogan MIG Aharai cofounder Dana Brody Esq Richie Allen JCC Watch founder CAMERA board Sylvia Einhorn Esq TFS Matan Shamir Shani Hikind American Friends of Ateret Cohanim CEO Rabbi Aryeh Spero Nat l Council RQ HZLVK DLUV 3UHVLGHQW Michael Joshua Almog Maman Ken Sachs wounded American IDF hero speaker Shira Lewis ZOA Board Dr Gene Berkovich M D MIG Chaya Pomeranz Sherman Gad Gerard Epelbaum Lital Bridavsky Rabbi Reuven Khaskin MIG Mikhail Alterman RHO UL WK

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Slate 12 Platform Platform of the AMERICAN FORUM FOR ISRAEL AMERICAN FORUM FOR ISRAEL Defend your people Empower Israel Defend your people Empower Israel Our mission is to raise awareness among American Jews including those of Russian Jewish origin and other migr Jewish communities in the US of the critical need for Israel to remain powerful democratic and Jewish State We believe that Israel is the only reliable ally of the United States We seek to fully integrate all parts of Russian American Jewish Diaspora into the mainstream U S Jewish community on the basis of pro Israel activism and practical Zionism as expressed in the Jerusalem platform and to reinvigorate the entire American Jewish community with a passion for Israel We proudly promote the statement Strong Diaspora Strong Israel Strong Israel Strong Diaspora We are committed to Torah values to unity of the Jewish people with shared Jewish history and heritage We call upon all Jews in the U S and worldwide to share the responsibility for strengthening Israel our one and only Jewish homeland We view Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people We support and believe in the strength of the IDF in defending Israel and Jews all over the world Join us www american forum org

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DI RE CTORY OF SLATES Platform Statements Delegate Candidates

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Slate 13 Platform PEACE UNITY SECURITY VOTE FOR AMERICANS 4 ISRAEL FOR THE 38TH WORLD ZIONIST CONGRESS Independent Zionist Non Partisan Representation in the Parliament of the Jewish People OUR TEN COMMITMENTS To provide strong experienced visionary community based leadership committed to Zionism and Israel To work with the diverse members and organizations of the global Jewish community to improve Israel Diaspora relations To fight Antisemitism Anti Zionism and the Boycott Movement in collaboration with American and international organizations To encourage Aliyah and support the easing of the integration of new immigrants into Israeli society and to create programs for Hebrew language instruction To strive for greater unity among and support all Jews and all expressions of Judaism securing the promise of religious freedom and strengthening Israel both as a democracy and as a Jewish state To educate and inspire the next generation of American Jewish leaders To promote programs that lead to Zionist activism leadership entrepreneurship and idealism to support and encourage continued sustainability of Israel s land and environment To revitalize the World Zionist Organization with a commitment to achieving transparency accountability and a renewed approach to strengthening the Zionist federations and to advocate for direct elections for the Chairman priorities and budgets of the WZO To maximize the rights and improve the financial status of Holocaust survivors To support efforts to achieve peace and security for Israel with her Arab neighbors including the Palestinians ARE YOU AN AMERICAN 4 ISRAEL LEARN MORE AT AMERICANS4ISRAEL COM

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Slate 13 Candidate List ARE YOU AN AMERICAN 4 ISRAEL VOTE FOR OUR CANDIDATES FOR THE 38TH WORLD ZIONIST CONGRESS W James Schiller Rabbi Sjimon den Hollander Sarah Moosazadeh Joseph Breman Rikki Arad Boca Raton FL New York NY Washington DC Grand Junction CO Boca Raton FL Phyllis G Heideman QMP 5JI IV Karen Barall Brian Sacks Miriam Weinblatt Washington DC 8 Potomac MD k a a Washington DC Amanda Berman Mark Levin Rabbi Andrew Trief Carole Solomon VYGI 0EY QER New York NY a Jupiter FL a Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Mates Susan Weikers Robert Lowy Emmanuelle Subar Herbert Givner Boca Raton FL a k a a Miami FL New York NY Salomon Louis Vaz Dias Caren Leven Eric Schorr Maxine Lowy Janet Zagorin New York NY a Studio City CA k a a New York NY Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt Samantha Mandeles John Peiser Garry Lind Eyal Bor Bethesda MD Fairfax VA c a Justin Ellis Lauri Regan Bruce Sholk Gloria Finkelstein Eliza de Sola Mendes Astoria NY Irvington NY Miami Beach FL a New York NY Michael Siegal Rabbi Joseph Potasnik Alex Kaufman Jonathan Michanie Doreen Christopher Beachwood OH New York NY Redwood City CA Brighton MA Pompano Beach FL Rabbi Steve Golden 2MGLEIP S QER Nataly Antar Dr Marc Hendler Shira Golden Cedarhurst NY 8X c c Cedarhurst NY Ariana Tipograph Naomi Bouaziz Robert Levine Donna Dambrot Paul Jeser Washington DC cI cI 8 X 8X X Cynthia Ferman Andrea Bolender Seymour Reich Alana Rubin Andrew Gluck Boca Raton FL B c New York NY New York NY Gardiner NY Stewart Pepper Caryn Rosen Adelman Joan Levin Evan Anderson 2 VE E Pompano Beach FL Winnetka IL I 8X kU Pompano Beach FL Susan Davidson Sarah Stern Prof Arthur Leonard Deborah K Gutierrez David Steinbach a New York NY New York NY Pittsburgh PA a Rabbi Daniel Alder Corey Feldman V EVZI E Terry Perl Jennifer Tipograph New York NY New York NY Pompano Beach FL U a Arielle Ashpes Vivian Grossman Richard Rynd Robert Goldberg Sherry Field Almaraz 8 X 8X a Weston FL a Lynfhurst OH Mitchell Bard Rabbi Leibel Miller Kenneth Davidson Ilisa Gould Abby Glaser Chevy Chase MD B 8X a Washington DC Westwood MA Tsippy Waterman Cheryl Bier Rabbi Lawrence Schuval Lisa Blitstein Linda Lind West Orange NJ Weston FL Reisterstown MD c Aventura FL 7EFFM IS VI SPSQSR Summer Pailet Suzanne Stern Susan Schiller William Stern Mount Dora FL c Boca Raton FL a Eros Gonzalez Jeremy Meller David Black Zachary Edinger David Cohen Miami Beach FL Syosset NY Chappaqua NY New York NY New York NY Debra Weinberg Julie Oreck Margrit Shield Polak Emma Rifkin Rabbi Raif Melhado a c k X X a X Joseph Tipograph Peter Webb Benjamin Alkon Jay Yospe Charles Levine Washington DC New York NY Washington DC Boca Raton FL ac Ron Wasserman Paul Berkowitz Debbie L Berman Lucienne Bulow Evan Sachs Great Neck NY c 8 FX New York NY Pompano Beach FL Daniel Flesch Richard Pearlstone Carlos Miguel Gutierrez Ronald Weitzman Micha Weinblatt New York NY a New York NY Boca Raton FL Bethesda MD IMHM EVS Andy Groveman Jan Kiderman Mallory Harris Benjamin Osborne a Washington DC a c c c Boca Raton FL Stephen Savitsky Robert Torczyner Yehudis Gottesfeld Monise Neumann Woodmere NY Saratoga CA Monsey NY Sherman Oaks CA LEARN MORE AMERICANS4ISRAEL COM PEACE UNITY SECURITY

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Slate 14 Platform VOTE KOL YISRAEL FOR THE LOVE OF ISRAEL MAKING ZIONISM COMPELLING IN THE 21ST CENTURY DO YOU BELIEVE ZIONISM SHOULD BECOME MUCH MORE RELEVANT ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT RISING ANTISEMITISM DO YOU EMBRACE OUR SHARED HERITAGE RESPONSIBILITY AND DESTINY AS A DIVERSE JEWISH COMMUNITY The World Zionist Congress WZC the international parliament of the Jewish people comes together every 5 years to make decisions about how to better connect our people and engage with the State of Israel Founded by Theodor Herzl in 1897 this Congress selects the leadership of the World Zionist Organization the Jewish National Fund and the Jewish Agency Through these national Jewish institutions the WZC allocates over 1 billion per year to support Israel and Jews around the world As we strive to build vibrant communities across the U S engage with Israel and overcome challenges like antisemitism it is critical that we raise our voices to lead change and innovate within our institutions to meet the evolving needs of our people That is why Kol Yisrael is asking for your vote in the 2020 World Zionist Congress Elections The Kol Yisrael slate is led by StandWithUs and The Israeli American Council IAC The slate also includes leaders from many dynamic Zionist organizations like AEPi The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot Council of Young Jewish Presidents Strength to Strength and Migdal Ohr along with independent activists who do amazing work for Israel and the Jewish people every single day WE BELIEVE IN Strengthening bonds between Jews in America and Israel Empowering diverse Jewish voices and bold new Zionist ideas Putting our collective resources to work for all of us Building real bridges between Jews in America and Israel We must increase our investment in educational programs summer camps social media and other platforms in order to deepen the bonds between Jews in America and Israel WHAT WE WILL FIGHT FOR Engaging and empowering our youth to support Israel and fight antisemitism Every day our members work to inspire young American Jews to be leaders connect with their ancestral home and engage with their peers in Israel We must invest more in this crucial effort Bringing in Jews from many backgrounds and cultivating bold new Zionist ideas We must engage more Jewish communities in the American Zionist Movement and bring Israel s spirit of innovation back to the Zionist world We will fight for infrastructure that will provide funding mentorship and support for exciting new Zionist projects THE FUTURE OF OUR PEOPLE IS ON THE LINE AND 1 BILLION CAN MAKE A HUGE IMPACT LET S REVITALIZE ZIONISM AND PUT THOSE RESOURCES TO WORK FOR ALL OF US Supporting Israel Fighting Antisemitism WWW VOTEKOLYISRAEL COM INFO VOTEKOLYISRAEL COM Kol Yisrael is an independent slate Supporting Israel Fighting Antisemitism

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Slate 14 Candidate List KOL YISRAEL SLATE Esther Renzer Maxine Wiesenfeld Joseph Scutts Naty Saidoff Gary Ratner Yael Lerman Sarri Singer Lara Krinsky Peggy Shapiro Max Samarov Mark Weissman Robyn Fener Roz Rothstein Adela Cojab Sam Bodenheimer Jay Feldman Atara Solow Jason Geller Dina Leader Hillary Barr Markowitz Pery Krinsky Alan Eli Levine Robyn Polansky Kathryn Schwartz Shulamit Shula Bahat Mikayala Harf Matt Ronen Ran Fuchs Michelle Napel Lauren Post Zoya Raynes Andrew Davidsburg Shayna Elliot Rena Nasar Adrienne Price Jonathan Bell Aya Schechter Sarah Tagger Shira Sky Jake Bennett Dahlia Bellows Michael Benzakein Jodi Samuels Rachel Heisler Rebekah Sacher Miri Kornfeld Elana Frank Yael Steinberg Jenn Falk Avi Gordon Justin Feldman Josh Yablon Ron Krudo Talia Lerner Elisha Rothman Grant Silverstein Kate Chavez Netanella Refael Candice Ackerman Matt Levine Doron Armony Assaf Grumberg Adam Blue Scott Richman Bizu Riki Mullu Fanya Donin Ron Deutsch Leora Kaufman Nathan Altshuler Solomon Birnbaum Elie Katz Eliza Kanner Sivan Hadari Liora Bachrach Molly Rosen Avi Posnick Eli Weiss Hannah Kessler Yoni Frenkel Mina Rush Kol Yisrael is an independent slate

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Slate 15 Platform www shas olami org Founded by Maran HaRav Ovadya Yosef zt l Strengthening Sephardic Jewish Traditions Values Worldwide MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD Vote for Unity Vote for Community Vote for Tradition Shas Olami the World Sephardic Zionist Organization was established in 2010 at the request of Maran HaRav Ovadia Yosef zt l Its mission is to serve as a platform within the Zionist Movement around the world to provide tools and means for traditional Sephardic communities to speak out and influence the direction of Jewish education and way of life within Jewish communities throughout the world Shas Olami wishes to become a significant power in the World Zionist Organization and the 38th World Zionist Congress This will enable it to provide your communities with programs in support of traditional Jewish Education and Identity and with initiatives to strengthen your communities and to enhance your support and bonding with the State of Israel We as traditional Sephardim have a task to perpetuate our Jewish heritage through the teaching of authentic Torah values in Israel and throughout the Jewish world Having preserved our own Jewish identity during centuries of exile and dispersal we understand the need to transmit strong and consistent Torah messages to reinforce Jewish identity among young people in every Jewish community The time has come to take responsibility Shas Olami is comprised of members and delegates from all segments of the Jewish People who represent and share our various and the uniqueness of our communities across the United States Shas Olami is supported by our Sages Rabbis and leaders We have an opportunity to share the beauty of our Sephardic heritage with our Jewish brethren and to make our voice heard Shas Olami is a movement of our people for our people and it offers a chance to be represented by members of our own communities The success of Shas Olami depends strongly on each one of us family and friends the voters It is time for us to take our place in the international Jewish Parliament For more information www shas olami org info shas olami org

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Slate 15 Candidate List www shas olami org Founded by Maran HaRav Ovadya Yosef zt l Shas Olami Slate Rabbi Sasson Natan Eli Kadi Rivka Meirov Shulamit Zakai Rabbi Aharon Hen Ruben Bachayev Ronen Meirov Michael Aminov Nora Sasson Natan Mashiach Suleymanov Reuben Dadon Dina Moses Simon Abeckaser Beverly Nourollah Yosef Elbaz Daniel Matalon Julie Pinchasov Yehuda Moses Shlomo Cohen Simcha Nourollah Nechama Walkin For more information Boris Kandov Miriam Nourollah Ely Matalon Yuriy Alayev Eduard Zavlyanov Hiski Meirov Yelena Sadykova Yehuda Soyonov Yaakov Nourollah Rebecca Brecher Yitzchak Lalush Chagit Edison Moshe Nourollah Eli Mizrahi Sharon Samorli Michael Shemesh Avram Walkin Anatoliy Iskhakov Elazar Mullokandov Vladimir Yelizarov www shas olami org info shas olami org

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