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2019- 2020 Annual Report

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Prime Time Palm Beach County | 2019-2020 Annual Repo | A publication dedicated to our essential workers, the out-of-school time practitioners who are on the front lines every day with our children and youth ensuring that their physical and mental health is a top priority. A Year of Discovery and Exploration Prime Time Piv ts in 2020

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For children and youth to reach their fullest potential in school and lifeTo help children and youth succeed by strengthening and expanding quality in the out-of-school time fieldPrime Time Palm Beach County is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and suppos for out-of-school time professionals to develop programs that inspire children to be their best and suppo them to thrive socially and academically. Prime Time’s integrated model of services is one of the strongest, most comprehensive and well-respected systems for measuring and improving out-of-school time program quality in the nation.Suppo for Children and Youth 5Suppo for Out-of-School Time Programs 7Suppo for Out-of-School Time Professionals 9Suppo for the Out-of-School Time Field 17Revenue & Expenses 18Board of Directors 19Staff 19Our VisionTable of ContentsOur MissionAbout Prime Time Palm Beach CountyAnywhere you see this graphic is an indication that Prime Time pivoted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the needs of out-of-school programs, practitioners, children, youth and families.2

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Prime Time’s Model of SuccessAdminResearchProfessional DevelopmentCommunity PartnershipsQuality ImprovementOST ProgramsYouthCommunity PartnershipsAdvocacy and awarenessExpanded learning opportunitiesOut-of-school time community eventsResource developmentProfessional DevelopmentAcademic, leadership, andsocial and emotional initiatives Career advisingFormal and informal career pathwaysOut-of-school Time RegistryScholarships and incentivesTraining sessionsQuality ImprovementAssess program quality based on Quality Standards for AfterschoolCoach, model, support program improvement effortsTrain programs to self-assessResearchExploring youth engagement in expanded learningGauging the impact of program quality on the social, emotional success of youthMeasuring the benefits of professional development trainings and supportsSharing knowledgeAdministrationCommunications Executive OfficeFinanceHuman Resources3

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It has been a pleasure to serve as the president of the Prime Time Board of Directors as I end my five-year tenure in this position and take on the role of vice president. I am proud of the organization’s work, paicularly in these untested times. Fellow long-time board member Dr. Alison Adler has assumed leadership of the board and will continue to guide Prime Time as we all reimagine the world post-pandemic. Each of the board members has been suppoive during this difficult year and remained commied to the organization and our mission. I thank you all. Clearly, this fiscal year was not “business as usual” and Prime Time’s funders were understandable, flexible and suppoive. The Board of Directors owes a debt of gratitude to each of them for allowing for adjustments in the new environment: The Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach County Youth Services Depament, The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation and the Wallace Foundation. Thank you for continuing to believe in the mission and suppo the excellent work that the staff at Prime Time accomplish every day. That leads me to the hea of the organization: the Prime Time team. As you will see throughout this repo, the Prime Time team showed its agility and resourcefulness in how it addressed the challenges that COVID-19 presented to our field. The organization’s very hands-on approach had to be modified for a viual world and it was done. Coaching continued, trainings continued and Prime Time even expanded its reach to serve additional audiences with fun and educational activities through our myriad of content paners, who also rose to the occasion and swily adapted their offering in a viual space. This gives me hope for our field and community as we face the challenges ahead together. Dr. Nate Nichols President, Board of Directors New Activity!Prime Time Palm Beach CountyI like how Prime Time went with the times. No maer how we serve.– OST PractitionerOn October 1, 2019, Prime Time Palm Beach County entered a new fiscal year with plans to deliver high-quality suppos and services to out-of-school time programs and children and youth whom we serve. We could never have anticipated what was to come soon aer the new year began. In February 2020, Prime Time witnessed the world begin to change overnight as the headlines from every media outlet rang the alarm about COVID-19. As the pandemic spread, Prime Time took action to ensure we were still able to meet the needs of our OST community. In March 2020, as online learning increased globally in response to school closures and COVID-19 disruptions, Prime Time adapted to the needs of the OST field with the suppo of the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. Prime Time redesigned its offerings so children could continue experiencing learning oppounities, practitioners could continue their professional development and OST programs could continue to pursue high quality. This annual repo is more than a publication to inform our stakeholders of Prime Time’s accomplishments and financials; it’s a story. A story that illustrates the resiliency and empathy of our OST practitioners, our paners, funders, Board of Directors and staff in difficult times. This annual repo captures the dedication and compassion that is the OST field. Suzette L. Harvey President/CEO 4

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Support for Children and Youth in Out-of-School Time Programs Prime Time strives to provide children and youth with a wide range of hands-on learning experiences. In panership with local content expe organizations, Prime Time makes available expanded learning oppounities (ELOs) to eligible aerschool and summer programs. Youth Served by Prime Time’s Expanded Learning Opportunity Providers Prime Time is the best thing that happened to aerschool in my programs! I enjoy being able to have various ELOs to come out and show and teach the kids other things and watching the students gravitate to the programs is awesome. – OST PractitionerExpanded Learning Oppounities Oppounity ProvidersOctober 2019- March 2020Prime Time Pivots March 2020 – September 2020Total Youth ServedCenter for Creative Education3,5201,1934,713Cuanna568568Digital Vibez, Inc.9981,4142,412Engineering for Kids136136FAU - Pine Jog Environmental Education Center29989388Florida Fishing Academy1,1667561,922Florida Introduces Physical Activity & Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY)59630626Girls on the Run Palm Beach (GOTR)7676Green Mouse Academy1,4422721,714Lake Woh Playhouse4287129Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County671194865Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society8316971,528Resource Depot774150924South Florida Science Center & Aquarium9069161,822YMCA of South Palm Beach County1,9138382,751Young Singers of the Palm Beaches595324919Youth Speak Out International5834551,038Total:15,1167,41522,531In fiscal year 2019 – 2020, Prime Time served more than 22,500 children through Prime Time’s expanded learning opportunities. ****Met ELO contract requirement by April 2020. Viual Summer Camp provider.***5

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We’ve had a lot of success with our LIVE sessions. We’ve noticed that the same students return for each of our sessions. We even had one of our families share their fish tank with us during our live class. Our site-specific classes have been going great as well. Even for the sites that are fully viual we are seeing a lot of turn out. Some of our sessions even aracted over 15 students in fully viual camps. We are glad to see that students are buying into the viual classroom and have been fully engaged during our sessions.– Florida Fishing AcademyIt is such an impoant time to keep kids engaged and active right now. Making sure they are keeping up with viual schoolwork as well as being active to help deal with the stress of being quarantined and not being able to engage with their peers.– OST Practitionerprime_time_pbcprime_time_pbc Special thanks to Prime Time Palm Beach County and Children’s Services Council for funding our exciting new Young Singers Prime Time Choirs Summer Viual Program!!!In June 2020, Prime Time launched its free Viual Summer Camp to provide families and summer programs the oppounity to discover exciting programming through live, interactive sessions in a safe, suppoive online environment where they can thrive academically and socially. Prime Time had more than 13,000 visits to the Viual Summer Camp calendar on our website.• Center for Creative Education • Digital Vibez • Engineering for Kids• FAU - Pine Jog• Florida Fishing Academy• Florida Introduces Physical Activity & Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY)• Green Mouse Academy• Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast • Lake Woh Playhouse • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)• Palm Beach Zoo• Resource Depot• South Florida Science Center and Aquarium• The Arc of Palm Beach County• The YMCA of South Palm Beach County• Youth Speak Out International • Young Singers of the Palm BeachesVirtual Summer CampVirtual Summer Camp ProvidersExpanded Learning Oppounities Oppounity ProvidersOctober 2019- March 2020Prime Time Pivots March 2020 – September 2020Total Youth ServedCenter for Creative Education3,5201,1934,713Cuanna568568Digital Vibez, Inc.9981,4142,412Engineering for Kids136136FAU - Pine Jog Environmental Education Center29989388Florida Fishing Academy1,1667561,922Florida Introduces Physical Activity & Nutrition to Youth (FLIPANY)59630626Girls on the Run Palm Beach (GOTR)7676Green Mouse Academy1,4422721,714Lake Woh Playhouse4287129Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County671194865Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society8316971,528Resource Depot774150924South Florida Science Center & Aquarium9069161,822YMCA of South Palm Beach County1,9138382,751Young Singers of the Palm Beaches595324919Youth Speak Out International5834551,038Total:15,1167,41522,531The viual summer camp was a sanity saver!” – OST Practitioner6

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Support for Out-of-School Time Programs Prime Time works with out-of-school time (OST) programs that are paicipants of the Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System (QIS) to maintain or increase their program quality. Using the Palm Beach County Quality Standards for Aerschool as the foundation for the work, Prime Time guides OST program directors, program managers and staff in identifying and implementing oppounities to improve the overall quality of the program.Prime Time served 148 paicipating QIS programs, which served more than 17,000 school-age youth and more than 1,700 middle school-age youth during the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System (QIS) Landscape by Program Type 33 Community-based Centers 7 Municipalities16 Middle Schools66 School District Programs 4 Charter Schools 22 Early Learning Centers7

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Support for Out-of-School Time Programs Prime Time Offers Viual Summer Camp Suppos Calendar Six hundred twenty-two youth aended more than 139 viual sessions. Viual Readiness SupposSixty-four programs serving 2,507 youth received grants totaling $59,629.Beginning in March 2020, Prime Time connected with the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County to expand its reach during the pandemic. Thiy-seven early care and education centers with five or more school-aged youth received suppo from Prime Time’s quality advisors with resources, oppounities and a listening ear during rapidly changing times. Amid COVID-19, many summer camps shied their offerings by either closing their doors or reinventing their camps. Prime Time worked with more than 600 youth at Palm Beach County summer camps and early care and learning centers so they could receive access to a viual summer camp, including live suppo and a menu of scheduled activities that practitioners could tune into via Zoom video sessions. Live Zoom session topics included social emotional learning, as, STEAM and activities delivered in Spanish and Creole. As out-of-school time programs pivoted to provide families with safe spaces to send their children to while school buildings were closed, Prime Time offered a Viual Readiness Suppos Grant Initiative to provide funding to programs in need of program supplies, viual technology suppos, cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. prime_time_pbcPrimary Learning Academy aended Intro to Spanish, a one-hour Prime Time-facilitated session for children in grades K-2 to learn greetings in Spanish. …not only will these items increase our staff members’ and youths’ capacity to learn and grow, but it will also help out with much needed cleaning and sanitizing protocols that have been increased during the past seven months…– OST PractitionerAll of the materials will help us enhance students’ experiences academically, socially, emotionally and physically.– OST Practitioner8

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Support for Out-of-School Time Professionals Prime Time offers an array of professional development resources and networking oppounities to inspire and educate out-of-school time (OST) professionals, so they are skilled and confident in providing engaging and suppoive environments for children and youth. Prime Time continued to employ rigorous quality assurance measures and the highest standards of quality for each training offering. As a result, Prime Time received approval to continue offering International Accreditors for Continue Education and Trainings (IACET)-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for its viual offerings. This has provided continuity of our offerings and has allowed practitioners the oppounity to use these CEUs toward various credential renewals. In 2019-2020, Prime Time awarded 52.8 CEUs to out-of-school time practitioners. These trainings have allowed me the oppounity to connect with staff and learn from my peers in ways I would not have been able to during the school year, as these sessions are not usually conducive to my schedule. The topics focused on have made me think and plan in ways that will beer my OST program and enhance the relationship between OST and school day staff, allowing for more cohesion for students. - OST Practitioner Egret Lake Elementary Aerschool Program Amid COVID-19, Prime Time continued the momentum of giving OST professionals the tools they need to feel empowered to create safe, suppoive and welcoming environments, and to encourage positive social interactions with youth whether in-person or viual. Prime Time transitioned from offering in-person trainings to offering trainings via Zoom while offering stipends to aerschool practitioners who successfully completed a training or series. It became extremely impoant to provide incentivized oppounities to keep practitioners engaged and learning, provide tools for stress management and help to prepare for working with youth in a viual environment, as well as to provide connection. This was all done with a focus on preserving the newly displaced field of practitioners.prime_time_pbcDuring March-May 2020, 82% of OST practitioners surveyed repoed that their OST program was at risk of employees being laid off or employees finding other employment oppounities due to COVID-19. Thanks to the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, Prime Time was able to award a total of $67,410 in stipends to practitioners who successfully completed Prime Time’s professional development trainings to help with the financial burden the global pandemic has had on the field. 9

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Prime Time began offering a number of trainings in both live and self-paced formats. This allowed practitioners to make choices based on their schedules and preferences. The first of these offerings was the Progressive Aerschool Practitioner training. This training encourages the development of an Individual Career Plan. Follow-up suppo is provided to each aendee to ensure that an appropriate training path and planning is created. Prime Time also developed new trainings that were offered in the 2019-2020 fiscal year: New Trainings Offered in 2019-2020Integrating SEL and Mindfulness in OST Activities - a training that offers simple and effective strategies to integrate social and emotional learning skills in any viual session using signature practices. Paicipants also learn how to use mindfulness tools to get their audience grounded, self-aware, mentally focused and emotionally ready to engage in any activity. Keeping Connected: Facilitating Online Learning – a training that introduces practitioners to the basics of the Zoom and Google Classroom online plaorms, offering tips, tricks and resources for engaging youth in these formats. Ignite the Spark through Project-Based Learning – a training that teaches practitioners how to empower youth to develop their own projects based on their interests and curiosity. The Power of Circles - a training for practitioners to learn how Circles in the OST environment can help build the relationships and skills youth need to suppo one another and successfully face challenges. An introduction to Restorative Circles, Responsive Meetings and employing an equity lens are also included. Walking in Purpose - a training that helps practitioners examine and define their purpose as it relates to the OST field and helps them to shi thoughts and aitudes as they envision their own success. Adult SEL Series - an eight-pa, live online professional learning series designed to deepen intra- and inter-personal adult SEL skills through experiential and reflective practices of professionals working with children and youth. Practitioners are taken through a process of self-discovery and personal growth, while instilling the impoance of habitual daily self-care and mindfulness practice. The Seven-Day Self-Care Challenge - a viual on-demand series designed to provide basic practice tools that can help to cultivate awareness, self-care, empathy and resilience, paicularly during challenging times. The series was launched as a resource on the Prime Time website for families and community, and was promoted on social media and on the websites of local and national OST and SEL paners. There have been more than 1,400 visits to the page. As someone who normally worries about everything and doesn’t take time for herself, this seriously has helped me a lot. It’s taught me to find even a few minutes each day to relax, think, breathe and know that I am woh that time. I will surely continue to practice all the exercises that I have learned.Prime Time’s SEL specialist also hosted her first Facebook Live session event on SEL, Mindfulness and Mental Health on Get your Green on Day with more than 900 views.10

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176 training sessions offered covering 75 topics relating to quality out-of-school time. A tiered incentive program rewarding practitioners for paicipating in trainings and earning ceificates and degrees, with an emphasis on best practices in youth development. Funds granted to out-of-school time practitioners for field-related classes, conferences, workshops and seminars. Professional Development, Scholarships and Incentives 2,5011,136282021216492423861362618698299250 188DuplicatedAendees:Recipients:Number Awarded:Number Awarded:Duplicated40-Hour School-Age Certification Youth Development College Credit Certificate Staff Credential (School-Age) School-Age Professional Certificate Associate’s Degree in Science: Human Services (Youth Development) Staff Credential (Formal Education) Director Credential Bachelor of Science Degree in Supervision & Management (Youth Development)Staff Credential Renewal Director Credential Renewal (Foundational) DuplicatedDuplicatedNon-duplicatedNon-duplicatedNon-duplicatedNon-duplicatedProfessional Development Trainings Offered Stipends IssuedACHIEVE Out-of-School Time Incentive Program Award Scholarships Awarded Youth Development Educational Non-Credit Pathways Youth Development Educational Non-Credit Pathways Non-credit Total Credit Total Aer struggling through my first couple of semesters in college, Prime Time provided an oppounity for me to study what I was truly passionate about. Since continuing my education, I have advanced from an aerschool counselor, to an activity leader an assistant director and soon-to-be accepting a director position. Thank you, Prime Time! - Tiffany OST PractitionerHaving been a pa of the Human Services-Youth Development program for my A.S. degree has been monumental in my professional career in the aerschool field. The knowledge and experience I gained as well as the incredible professors and fellow practitioners who mentored me throughout my journey have been some of the biggest takeaways that I will treasure always. This program grounded me in my beliefs and values for the aerschool profession and fueled my desire to complete the bachelor’s degree next! - Stacey OST PractitionerSupport for Out-of-School Time Professionals I truly appreciate the trainings offered during COVID-19. The environment was as if we were at in-person trainings because the space was comfoable and everybody engaged with each other. - OST Practitioner 11

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I use the strategies from the Prime Time trainings in dealing with staff motivation, youth having a voice and self-care. I love the takeaways and having other professionals share their experiences and different techniques they use.- OST Practitioner In early May 2020, Prime Time Palm Beach County held its first-ever viual meetings with teens from four local teen advisory councils (groups of youth who take on genuine leadership roles to help an organization, school or community group achieve its mission). The purpose of the viual meetings was to provide suppo and a safe space for the young people to voice their concerns and experiences amidst the life-changing effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Between the two meetings held, ten youth aended, along with four practitioners, a parent and two mental health therapists. A Virtual Space for Meaningful Youth VoiceA special thank you to the Palm Beach County Youth Services Depament for suppoing Prime Time’s Middle School Out-of-school Time Initiative The teens openly shared some of the issues that they and other young people, sixth to twelh grade, are currently facing. What was on the minds of these youth leaders? Youth answers:I feel like the transition to distance learning has put a lot of stress on a lot of people, especially my peers.I have a couple friends who deal with anxiety a lot. So, them being in the house a lot…being trapped in…their anxiety is geing worse. They just need ways to cope with it.Teachers are kind of giving us a lot of work” said one middle school council member, “and…sometimes we’re stressing out because we might have too much work, or we’re stressing out because sometimes the teachers forget to put the due dates and we’re not going to know when it’s due. It’s just kind of been stressful. Some of the kids probably still don’t have laptops…to do online classes, and some of them don’t know how to use the technology, too.” She continued, “Some teachers think since we’re home, we have extra time.If a sibling has to prioritize his younger sibling’s work and then he has to focus on his aer, that’s just more work.” He continued, “To add onto what [someone else] said earlier about anxiety, I see the opposite as well in ceain friends, where they’re the outgoing type and they like to just be the life of the group, and now that they’re trapped in their home, I feel like they’re feeling more depressed and lonely now.As a senior—me and a lot of other people that I know that are also seniors—it’s been very hard to finish school in general because we’re missing out on everything that we’ve been excited to get in our senior year, like grad bash, prom, graduation, senior night, senior week… We were really excited for that since freshman year, even middle school…and to have that all taken away in less than a month…it was just really hard for everyone to sink that in and on top of that, finish our work and then pick a college and make these big decisions. That’s been the hardest for me and the rest of my senior friends.Support for Out-of-School Time Professionals 12

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SEL suppo activities focused on refining existing professional development offerings, developing new coaching solutions to meet ongoing needs of OST staff, youth and families, Prime Time staff and Bih to 22 community stakeholders. In addition, SEL suppo activities helped in preparing to respond to multiple scenarios upon schools reopening. For both PSELI Phase 1 and 2 sites, the SEL specialist delivered the viual live Adult SEL Eight-pa Series to 20 paicipants, currently being transformed into a blended live/self-paced program to promote sustainability and ease of paicipation. In addition, Prime Time launched and offered a self-paced online SEL Basics Onboarding one-hour training with more than 35 paicipants. Out-of-school time directors and school day SEL champions also took pa in two leadership trainings focused on peer mentoring and problem-solving oppounities. Eleven viual site team coaching check-in sessions were also conducted to build community, give suppo with navigating unceainty, and to help prepare for back to school. The new Social Emotional Learning Observation and Coaching (SELOC) Rating Scale developed by the SEL specialist is being finalized and will be used as a quantitative SEL coaching and observation tool to suppo the continuous improvement process in the future. In order to build OST practitioner capacity to meet SEL integration and infusion goals at Phase 1 sites, an SEL Integration Series was developed and is currently underway. Pa one of this series, Integrating of SEL and Mindfulness into OST Activities, was offered three times during this period to more than 50 OST staff (PSELI and non-PSELI) in Palm Beach and Main counties. Bih to 22 is an alliance of Palm Beach County community paners that engages and aligns existing coalitions, networks, systems and youth-serving organizations, as well as connecting families, community members, and most impoantly, with local young people directly. Social and Emotional Learning SEL Basics Onboarding Viual Self-Paced Session SEL Champions Meeting SEL Integration Pa 1 - Integrating SEL and Mindfulness into OST Activities SEL Integration Pa 2 - Infusing Reflective Inquiry into OST Activities SEL Leadership Pa 1 SEL Orientation Project evaluator RAND collects annual surveys of staff at PSELI OST programs. The spring 2020 survey revealed moderate to large increases compared to the previous year, in terms of the percentage of OST staff perceiving youth strengths in terms of various social and emotional skills. For example, 65% of OST staff (compared to 48% the previous year) repoed that “most” or “nearly all” youth had the ability to regulate emotions and behaviors. RAND’s evaluation of the PSELI effects will be fohcoming in 2022.Panerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) is a Wallace Foundation collaborative uniting the school day and out-of-school time for improved social and emotional learning (SEL). Project Mission: We envision Palm Beach County as a model community for social, emotional and academic learning where, through collaboration, equity and inclusivity, all children, youth and adults have the oppounity to reach their fullest potential to succeed in school, work and life. The suppos and offerings described in this section deepen and expand our SEL work within the out-of-school time community. Prime Time offered a total of 39 sessions covering 25 topics year-to-date: 13

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Prime Time’s SEL Specialist Knellee Bisram (above le) created an SEL in the Workplace guide for Bih to 22 paners and led a Facebook Live in September for families, entitled Mindful Parenting in Challenging Times (more than 300 views), where she interviewed School District of Palm Beach County Wellness Task Force Director Paula Triana (above right), who provided tools and strategies for families as they prepared for the new school year. Prime Time collected out-of-school time staff ratings of social and emotional skills for more than 600 youth in the fall of 2019 and again in the spring of 2020.Youth on average showed gains in these skills over the course of the school year. In addition, youth at PSELI sites had higher average skill ratings.SEL in the Workplace Youth Show SEL Gains SEL courses leave us with positive ways to interact with the community, with the students and with ourselves.– OST Practitioner2020201914

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Events A festive evening hosted at Venture X, where OST practitioners gathered to celebrate their accomplishments in 2019.Prime Time joined more than one million people at 10,000 events to show suppo and bring aention to quality aerschool programs. For the first time in 19 years, Prime Time hosted three events in honor of Lights On Aerschool Palm Beach County on October 24, 2019. At a morning event, held at Center for Creative Education in West Palm Beach, Prime Time welcomed 98 aendees to “Coffee with a Cause,” where they were enteained by peormances from the Roosevelt Middle School Drumline and For the Children, Inc. RCDC dancers. Guest speaker Daphne Valcin, a leadership and business coach, took the stage sharing her personal story leaving the audience inspired and empowered to make a difference in the lives of the children and youth in their programs. An aernoon Prime Time bus tour commenced in panership with Digital Vibez, an organization that provides children avenues to maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and recreational activities. Included on the Digital Vibez bus was Senator Lori Berman’s Legislative Assistant Evelyn DuPlecy, as well as Prime Time’s board president, funders and staff. The bus tour stopped at two paicipating programs of the Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System: Seminole Trails Elementary Aerschool Program and Pine Jog Elementary Aerschool Program. The Lights On Aerschool events culminated with Prime Time’s annual community celebration at Clematis by Night, where more than 300 aendees joined Prime Time, its paners and funders, to paicipate in family-friendly activities. November, 201946 AttendeesBreathe, Believe, Achieve: Shifting Perspectives and Transforming OutcomesOctober 24, 2019Lights On Aerschool, a nationwide event that calls aention to the impoance of aerschool programs, professionals and the resources required to keep the lights on and the doors open.A professional development event hosted at the Greenacres Community Center that featured an impacul film titled, “Room to Breathe,” that took aendees on a deep dive into the need for social and emotional learning (SEL) for our children, youth, families and educators. December, 201948 AttendeesEnd-of-Year CelebrationIn 2019-2020, Prime Time brought out-of-school time professionals together to network, learn and share. 15

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QIS directors connected with colleagues while learning how to activate strength and compassion with keynote speaker Essence Rivers. January, 2020151 AttendeesResource FairSecond annual scavenger hunt where OST practitioners embarked on a trek that challenged them to work together through SEL-related activities to make their way to the finish line. The City of Delray Beach and Prime Time panered to offer aerschool professionals an oppounity to explore resources to help in building a solid foundation of engaging learning experiences and positive character development for the children and youth in their program. September, 2020120 AttendeesAfterschool Symposium 2020 (Virtual)Prime Time celebrated the exemplary effos of our local out-of-school time community at its first-ever viual Aerschool Symposium 2020. This year's theme, Healthy Minds, Healthy Youth, focused on the significance of positive mental health and the enduring impact that self-care has on our profession and the lives of children and youth. Our theme was a call-to-action, encouraging aendees to take charge of their well-being, identify signs of concern in their youth and advocate for healthier communitiesSeptember, 202044 AttendeesQIS Directors Gathering (Virtual)Marian Bacol-Uba, Keynote Speaker,Prime Time’sAfterschoolSymposium 202016

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Support for the Out-of-School Time Field Members of Prime Time presented at the Every Hours Counts National June convening: Connections and Solutions: Local Intermediaries Leading the Charge for Aerschool. The information presented to colleagues across the United States helped to serve as a catalyst for reimagining the field amidst COVID-19 and racial unrest. More than 260 people paicipated in the live Zoom presentation. With the suppo of the Children’s Services Council of Main County, 13 OST programs paicipating in the Main County Out-of-School Time Quality Improvement Initiative were offered Prime Time trainings, entitled Building Community, Structure and Clear Limits, Introduction to Active Paicipatory Approach and Reframing Conflict. Katherine Gopie (pictured below), director of Professional Development, also presented at an Ignite Session hosted by Newark Thrives, a New Jersey-based intermediary organization. The topic was “Best Practices for Operating OST Programs Under COVID-19.” The information presented to colleagues across the United States helped to serve as an oppounity to share best practices and resources across other intermediaries. More than 150 people paicipated in the live Zoom presentation. 17

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In Kind Contributions and other 1.2%Foundations 15.3%Government-Expanded Learning Support 37.1%Government Support Programming 46.4%Admin 6%Supporting the School-Day Academic Learning 12%Community Outreach 9%Caring for the Whole Child 15%Discovering Arts and Culture 6%Exploring Technology 8%Research 6%PD and Training 24%QIS 13%Prime Time 2019-2020 Revenue: $8,802,869Prime Time 2019-2020 Expenses: $8,076,147For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2020, Prime Time’s total revenue was $8,802,869 including grant revenue of $7,349,141 and other revenue of $1,453,728 from foundations, donations, interest income and in-kind contributions. Prime Time was awarded grants from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, The Wallace Foundation, The DeLuca Foundation, Palm Beach County Youth Services Depament and Children’s Services Council of Main County. A poion of the revenue received is restricted for future programming.For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2020, Prime Time’s total expenses were $8,076,147 consisting of program expenses of $7,610,702 (94%) and administrative and general expenses and fundraising expenses of $465,445 (6%).STEAM Initiative 3%18

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Officers Nate G. Nichols, Ph.D., President Community Volunteer Alison Adler, Ed.D. Vice PresidentLawrence Gordon Treasurer Angela Prudenti Secretary Members Kiwana Howell Director, Extended Learning (Out-of-School Time) The School District of Palm Beach County Lindsay Wallace Senior Communications AdvisorNextEra Energy, Inc. Erin McColskey Community Volunteer Suzee L. Harvey, ex officio President/CEO *As of September 30, 2020 AdministrationDeana Jo Booker Chief Operations Officer/ Controller Paola Cedeno Event and Data Management Specialist Suzee L. Harvey President/CEO Joey HefferanCommunications Specialist Julie E. Meyer Human Resources Generalist Katie Jacob Communications Manager Enid Tavares Office Administrative Assistant Kimberly Terranova Executive Operations Administrator Maria Valle Financial Business Specialist Community Partnerships Dante Drummer Community Panerships Manager Nicole Edwards Director of Community Panerships Luisa Vincent Community Panerships Specialist Professional Development Knellee Bisram SEL Specialist Katherine Gopie Director of Professional Development Jennifer Jones Professional Development Manager Jennifer NewballProfessional Development Assistant Elisa Moro Career Advisor Patricia Sasson STEAM Specialist Anton Spalding Middle School Specialist Nicole Tarsia Scholarships and Incentives Specialist Ginelle Springer-Trinity Instructional Design Specialist Gwynee Williams Professional Development Trainer Quality Improvement Yolanda Adams Quality Advisor Junior Beauzier Quality Advisor Teal Chance Director of Quality ImprovementPatrick Freeland Quality Improvement Manager Andrea Huado Quality AdvisorRose Newbold Assessment Manager Lynn Stanavitch Quality Advisor Anita Winkis Quality Advisor Research Annick Eudes Jean-Baptiste Research Manager Stefania Giannella Research Associate Celine Provini Director of ResearchPamela Newsome PSELI Project SpecialistBoard ofDirectorsStaff19

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StaffPrime Time gratefully acknowledges the generous suppo of its funders. Their investments have made it possible for Prime Time Palm Beach County to develop an array of suppos to increase capacity of out-of-school time providers to deliver high quality programs to the children and youth of Palm Beach County. Prime Time is paicularly grateful for the continued suppo of its primary funder, the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. In addition, Prime Time gratefully acknowledges the following funders for their contributions greater than $5,000 for the 2019-2020 fiscal year: The Wallace Foundation Palm Beach County Youth Services Depament The Children’s Services Council of Main County The Frederick A. DeLuca FoundationFunder Acknowledgment 20

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