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Boy Scout
Chartered to:
Lord of Glory Church
607 Belvidere Road
Grayslake, IL
Twice a Month, Usually 1
and 3
Sundays from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
(Consult Calendar for Dates)
About Us
Troop 303 was first chartered in 2003 to Lord of Glory Church. In
this time, we have grown from a very small Troop of 3 Scouts to
as many as 30 Scouts and currently at about 17 Scouts.
We have stable adult leadership with two Scoutmasters in our 14
year history. Our current Scoutmaster has over 35 years of
Scouting Experience dating back to his youth. We have 4
Assistant Scoutmasters. We have 3 Committee Members.
We run the Boy Scout Program using the Methods of Scouting:
Outdoor Programs
Association with Adults
Personal Growth
Leadership Development
Our philosophy is to be a boy-run Troop as the BSA and its
founder, Lord Baden Powell, intended. Our youth leaders plan
and run their program while maintaining the Boy Scout guidelines
and principles. We use the Patrol method to allow Scouts to
experience leadership in small groups and to develop camping
The Arrow of Light to Scout transition can be difficult for both
Scouts and parents but also brings great opportunities for
your sons. Parents are no longer required to attend events
and camping trips.
The Scout is expected to take on more responsibility.
The Scout assumes responsibility for his own
The Scout assumes responsibility to attend meetings.
The Scout assumes responsibility to listen at meetings to
learn about upcoming events, merit badges, etc.
The Scout helps in planning his own program.
The Scout learns to become self-sufficient.
The Scout is given freedom to make mistakes and learn
from them.
Adult leaders provide more freedom to the Scouts.
Scouts can be on their own more as long as they have a
buddy and a plan that is known.
Adult leaders are not directly with the Scouts 24x7 on
campouts, but remain in camp at all times. This is a
marked difference to Cub Scouting where adult leaders, or
parents, are usually with the Scout continuously at Day
Camp or on Pack overnighters.
During the first year, some Scouts might experience home
sickness. Scouts might struggle becoming self reliant, and
parents often feel out of the loop. Remember, you are not
alone in this transition and we will help.
Arrow of Light to Boy Scout Transition
The Boy Run Troop
In a Boy Run Troop, the goal is to have the youth leaders of the
Troop plan the program and to handle as many details as possible.
However, the Scouts are learning and our job as adult leaders is to
coach them, help improve their abilities over time, and provide
for the details to execute the program. We always use EDGE
Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable.
The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and Patrol Leaders are elected by
the Scouts in the Troop. Troop 303 elects Youth leaders in June
who then assume their responsibilities in August. SPLs are 14+
year old Scouts and Star or higher in rank.
The Troop is governed by the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). The
Senior Patrol Leader runs the PLC. The PLC includes the Patrol
Leaders, the Assistant SPL, and the Troop Guide. PLC meetings
are held twice a month before the regular Troop meetings.
Troop 303 holds an Annual Planning Conference in June each year.
All our Scouts are encouraged to bring in their ideas and share
them with the other Scouts. At the end of the conference, the
Scouts each provide their top ideas to the PLC and then the PLC
works to plan the next 12 18 months.
Adult leaders help fill in logistics including researching and
booking locations and rentals, coordinating fees and travel plans,
and complying with Boy Scout, Charter Organization, and other
Troop 303 currently has 4 patrols.
1. Purple Pyro Pelicans 2017 New Scout Patrol, 11 year olds.
2. Wolverines Regular Scout and New Scout patrol.
Comprised of 10-13 year old boys in Scout through Star
3. Pita Patrol Older Scout patrol comprised of 14 18 year
old boys in Star through Eagle ranks.
4. Owl Patrol – “Older Wiser Leaders” comprised of the adult
Patrols are usually kept at about 5-8 members in size.
Troop 303 usually meets on the1
and 3
Sundays of the
month from 6:30 to 8:00 PM; some changes to meetings dates
do occur due to holidays and the Super Bowl. We usually do
not have a campout and meeting on the same weekend but
may from time to time based on schedule constraints.
Typical Agenda
Opening Flag Ceremony and Messages
Skill session
Year Scouts work on Tenderfoot through First Class skills
Older Scouts work on Merit Badges, Troop Office
responsibilities, teach younger Scouts
Patrol meetings
Closing and Messages
Troop Meetings
Campout – Devil’s Lake State Park, WI Sept 9-11
Outdoor Rock Climbing
Campout ScoutJam, Wauconda, IL Sept 30-Oct 2
Campout Comlara Cty Park Oct 28-30
Indoor Rock Climbing
Campout Van Patten Woods Nov 4-6
Lock-In/Movies & Games Dec 9-10
Aquatics Day & Movie Night (Star Wars) Dec 18
Webelos Lock-In Jan 13-14
Campout Cabin @ Sol R Crown Feb 3-5
Campout Illinois Beach State Pk March 17-19
Campout Webelos Woods Apr 21-23
Campout Starved Rock May 5-7
Day Trip, Canoeing Jun 10
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Summer Camp Jun 25-Jul 2
2017 - 2018 Activities
2016 - 2017 Activities
Campout – Devil’s Lake State Park, WI Sept 15-17
Outdoor Rock Climbing
Campout – Chain O’Lakes Sept 29-Oct 1
Campout Starved Rock Oct 27-29
Campout Cantigny Nov 10-12
Campout Indian Mound Reservation Dec 1-3
Lock-In/Movies & Games Dec 15-16
Skills Day & Movie Night (Star Wars) Jan 6
Webelos Lock-In Jan 12-13
Campout Van Patten Woods Feb 9-11
Campout Comlara Park/Upper Limits March 16-18
Indoor Rock Climbing
Campout Indiana Dunes Apr 20-22
Campout Eagle Cave May 11-13
Day Trip, Sailing Jun 2
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Summer Camp Jun 24-Jul 1
High Adventure Sea Base Out Island Jul 13 19
Oshkosh Air Show Jul 28
What Happens if Your Scout Has
Discipline Problems or Needs to Come
Our campout locations vary, but most weekend campouts are
within 2-3 hours distance or less. Adult leaders who are
attending the campout usually drive the Scouts to the camp.
Occasionally we need parents to volunteer to drive as well
when the number of Scouts and amount of equipment is too
much for the leaders who are attending. We have a Troop
trailer which we use to bring our patrol equipment and Scout
equipment to the campouts. We also have access to a second
smaller trailer.
For each campout or event, you agree to pick up your son in the
event of severe illness or misbehavior beyond reasonable levels.
Both of these cases are very rare. Slight illnesses are usually
handled at camp depending on the circumstances. In the event
your son needs to be picked up, either a parent or guardian will
need to come to the camp and pick up your Scout.
The Troop has a Code of Conduct for Scouts and Scouts are
expected to follow it. Violations usually result in appropriate
non-corporal discipline. Serious violations could result in our
request that your son be picked up from meetings or campouts.
Where Do We Camp and How Do We Get
Rank Advancement Summary
In Boy Scouts, Rank Advancement is no longer tied to school
grade. Scouts have until they turn 18 to complete 7 ranks if a
Scout wants to earn Eagle. Scouts can work at their own pace.
Ranks become progressively more difficult as the Scout gains
experience. Scouts are encouraged to learn and grow at a pace
that suits them.
Troop 303 follows the Boy Scout achievement program :
A Scout learns
A Scout is tested
A Scout is reviewed
A Scout is recognized
Scouts typically take 18+ months to earn the Scout through First
Class ranks. Many Scouts earn Eagle around their Sophomore
year but may be later.
Rank Time
After Earning Previous
Merit Badges
Scout None None
Tenderfoot None None
(Requires 5 outings since
First Class None
(Requires 10 outings since
Star 4 Months 6
(4 Eagle Required)
Life 6 Months +5
(3 More Eagle Required)
Eagle 6 Months +10
(6 More Eagle Required)
21 Total MBs
13 are Eagle Required
First Year Rank Advancement:
Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First
The first four ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First
Class teach Scouts the basic skills necessary to camp, survive in
the outdoors, help others, and be self-sufficient. Scouts may
work on any requirement for any of these four ranks at any time;
they do not need to complete a rank before beginning work on
the next rank. Scouts work with other Scouts and Adult Leaders
within their Troop on Advancement. Parents can help a Scout
learn a skill, but all advancement progress is tested by older
Scouts and Adult Leaders. Scouts still earn ranks in order and
Second Class and First Class each require progressive amounts of
participation in Camping and the Troop and Patrol program.
Because Troop 303 only meets twice a month, we have less
regular meeting time to work on these early skills. Instead, we
have occasional weekend or weeknight skill sessions to provide
skill instruction and opportunities to practice or be tested on
Troop 303 believes in recognizing Scouts soon after their
achievements. We present the patches for rank advancement,
merit badges, and special awards at Troop meetings as the
Scouts earn them.
We hold 3-4 regular Courts of Honor per year at which family
and sometimes friends of the Scouts attend. Scouts receive
public recognition for their achievements at these Courts of
Honor. At this time, pocket certificates are presented.
Recognizing Scouts
Older Scout Program and Beyond
Troop 303 is striving to include programs to keep older Boy
Scouts (14 18) active.
We offer High Adventure events for 14+ year olds. We
attended the National High Adventure Sea Base in the Florida
Keys in the summers of 2011, 2014 and 2016. Future plans
include a return trip to Sea Base in the this summer (2018)
and Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico (2019). Some of
our Scouts and one of our Leaders attended the 2010 and
2013 National Jamborees.
Troop 303 encourages involvement in the Order of the Arrow
(OA) and helps older Scouts take part in OA activities.
We encourage our older Scouts to plan their own activities
which may be include Climbing/Rapelling, or other campouts.
For our Scouts that turn 18, we encourage their continued
involvement as youth in the Order of the Arrow and Venturing
& Sea Scouting until 21 and include them as Assistant
Scoutmasters in our Troop.
Year Typical Equipment
The 1
year Boy Scout might be expected to buy some gear to be
ready for camping fun. Some items are important to start in
Scouting, some can be deferred until they are needed.
Important Items
Uniform shirt
Scout Handbook
Optional Uniform pants or shorts
Optional “Class B” T-Shirts
Optional appropriate outdoor clothing like synthetics: Under Armor
or Fleece, wool clothing, etc.
Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots
A good sleeping bag for 25° - 30° F weather
Sleeping pad or mat
Mess kit, utensil set, and refillable water bottle
Pair of leather work gloves
Flashlight or headlamp
Items that may be deferred
2-3 man tent (optional for every 2 Scouts as they share on campouts
and the Troop does have some tents.)
A tarp or two that can be used as a ground cloth for the tent and as
a tent
Backpack (Ask Scoutmaster before any purchase here)
Make a personal first aid kit
Polypropylene rope
Pocket knife
Camp Chair
Mosquito Netting (summer camp)
Mosquito Netting Frame out of PVC ($8 - $10) (summer camp)
Plastic bin(s) (summer camp for gear storage)
Troop 303 tries to keep costs down and is looking to improve our
fundraising efforts to reduce annual dues and other fees.
Annual Dues - $40 *
Covers the cost of Boy Scout annual registration, Boys Life
magazine, patrol and Troop camping equipment, and
other program costs. Can be paid in two installments.
New Scouts joining this winter will pay only the $20.
New Scout Fee - $20
New Scouts who join pay this fee to cover the Troop
neckerchief, Troop 303 number patch, and shoulder
Campouts and Events
Campouts are paid as your son attends. The typical cost is
$25 - $45. Some campouts are higher if we have higher
costs for the campsite, equipment rental or special
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Summer Camp will be about $425 in 2018
(approx. $325 for Camp and $100 for raft trip, t-shirt,
extras and transportation).
High Adventure (14 Year Olds and Up)
Costs vary but Philmont and Sea Base are $950 - $1500 per
Mulch Sale and Installation
Wreath Sale
Other (Cookie Dough, etc)
First Time Scouts
If your son is joining Scouts for the first time or has been out
of Scouting for more than a year, an additional National
Boy Scout Registration fee may apply.
Financial difficulties should not be a barrier to participation.
Our Troop can help if needed.
Troop 303 Committee
Chairperson: Randy Fergen
Conducts regular Committee meetings to provide support
to the Troop
Treasurer: Kelly Rossbach
Maintains the Troop accounts and the Scout accounts
Collects moneys for activities
Disburses payments
Secretary: Open
Keeps minutes of all Committee meetings.
Activities: Erin Kunath
Makes final camping/outing arrangements based on
decisions made by the PLC.
Advancement: Bryan Kunath
Manages the advancement records
Prepares the advancement awards
Assists in planning the Courts of Honor
Quartermaster Advisor: Randy Fergen
Works with the Scout Quartermaster to identify equipment
Makes purchases on behalf of the Troop.
Fundraising: Open
Plans and coordinates fund raising events.
Other Committee Members:
The amount of communication you will receive from most Boy
Scout Troops is less than what you probably experienced in Cub
Scouts/Webelos. This change is on purpose. Troop 303 believes
that making the Scout become responsible for his own
experience and program is a critical piece of Boy Scouts. Your
Scouts will receive information at Troop meetings and should be
encouraged to write down and track this information to share
with you.
The most important items are communicated to you directly in
the following ways.
We send emails on upcoming campouts and events or to
send general information.
We maintain a Google Calendar accessible on the web. You
can add this calendar to your own calendar.
Verbally before and after meetings or by phone
We will talk to you as needed and we are always available
for questions.
Parent Meeting
We hold a parent meeting night just after new Webelos join,
usually in early March.
Courts of Honor
We provide information and updates during Courts of Honor
several times a year.
Your son must meet the Boy Scout Joining Requirements.
Completed the 5
grade and be at least 10 years old
Be at least 11 years old
Be at least 10 years old and have earned the Arrow of Light
Boy Scout Joining Requirements
What Does Troop 303 Provide to new
Troop 303 provides the following items to new Scouts as part of
the New Scout fee.
Troop 303 neckerchief and slide
Custom “303” uniform numerals in green
Centennial Boy Scout Shoulder Loops
Troop 303 Class B T-Shirt
If your son is joining Scouting for the first time, an additional
National Boy Scout registration fee may apply.
1. Choose a Troop. We hope it is ours!
2. Ask the Scoutmaster to complete the Scoutmaster
Conference with your Scout.
3. Fill out a Boy Scout application. We have them available.
4. Invite the Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader to your
Webelos cross-over ceremony.
5. Enjoy what Boy Scouting has to offer your son!
The Next Steps
Revised January, 2018
Scoutmaster - Steve Rossbach
(847) 487-4063 (Home)
(847) 261-4063 (Cell)
Committee Chairperson Randy Fergen
(847) 566-7803 (Home)