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“A tradition of creating beauty
in every conceivable way.”
Nurseries, Inc. was started in Dix Hills in 1969 as a
landscape design/build company. Since that time Atlantic
added the growing department and wholesale nursery. In
1981 the landscape division was spun off as a separate com-
pany from Atlantic Nurseries and reincorporated as Land-
scape by Atlantic Nurseries, Inc.
Today Atlantic Nurseries is both a wholesale and growing
operation. Our goal is to provide landscape contractors with a
wide variety of plant material of top quality. We emphasize
plants that require low maintenance, are adaptable to Long
Island growing conditions and are more unusual and difficult
to find.
691 Deer Park Ave. Dix Hills, N.Y. 11746
phone: (631) 586-6242
fax: (631) 586-6287
Ordering: For fastest service, fax (631-586-6287) or
e-mail your order (
For large orders, a few days notice is required to help us get
your order ready on time.
Prices: All prices are subject to change without notice.
Please call regarding quantity discounts.
Guarantee: We always try to provide you with the highest
quality plants. Due to conditions beyond our control, once
plants leave the nursery, there are no guarantees.
Acceptance of our nursery stock at the time of purchase is
considered proof of good health and survivability of plant ma-
terial. Atlantic is not responsible for any loss that arises from
Whether you provide a delivery driver or use a recommended
third party delivery service, after plant material is loaded, we
assume no responsibility of handling and conditions of expo-
sure during transport.
Any claims due to shortage or error of plant material must be
reported within 5 days of purchase.
Any container returns must be made within 10 days of pur-
chase with original invoice, as long as there are no dam-
ages to the container.
-stocking Fee:
We reserve the right to assess a 15%
restocking fee against any merchandise returned to At-
lantic Nurseries. All returns must be approved in advance by
the Sales Manager.
Payment: Purchases are on a cash or credit card basis. We
accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
Checks are accepted upon presentation and verification of
trade references and drivers license. Returned checks result
in $25.00 service fee, loss of any discounts, and reverting
customer back to a cash basis.
for Accounts with established credit:
Net 30
days from date of monthly statement. Credit limits will be
strictly enforced. A 2% service charge per month (24% APR)
will be added to all past due accounts. All accounts past due
will automatically become C.O.D.
Penalty for non payment: In the event Atlantic must pur-
sue collection or legal proceedings to enforce payment, Atlan-
tic will be entitled to all collection, attorney, and/or court costs,
and interest at the rate of 2% per month.
TABLE OF CONTENTS____________________
Woody Ornamentals
General Listing p. 2
Boxwood p. 9
Bamboo p. 56
Vines p. 57
General Listing p. 63
Ferns p. 108
Grasses p. 110
Seasonal Color (Annuals and Tropicals)
General Listing p. 115
Combination Planters p. 147
Ferns p. 148
Grasses p. 150
Succulents p. 151
Vines p. 155
Landscape Supplies p. 158
Directions Inside Back Cover
We’re growing and stocking native species and
native cultivars. Look for the following notations.
N. = Native species
N.C. = Native cultivar
Grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' - 2-3' x 3-4', compact mound,
gold-yellow variegation on medium green leaves with red
stems, white flowers bloom summer through early fall
3 Gal.
g. 'Rose Creek' - 3 x 4', neat compact habit, pure white
blooms May-Sept., followed by dense clusters of pink seed
pods, bright red twigs, deep green leaves turn purple in fall
3 Gal.
mosanensis 'Sweet Emotion' - 5-6', mounded habit, green
foliage turns shades of red and orange in fall, small rosy pink
buds open to jasmine-scented tubes of cream to shell pink
2 Gal.
koreana 'Silver Star' - 6' in 10 years, curved needles are
silver underneath, purple cones stand upright
15 Gal. Box
ACER D3 ** SU - SE
Large upright varieties
griseum - 25', slow growing with exfoliating cinnamon colored
bark, blue-green leaves turn orange-red in fall
15 Gal.
japonicum 'Aconitifolium' - 15', upright habit, large deeply
lobed leaves turn bright scarlet in fall
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
j. 'Vitifolium' - 10-15', upright spreading low-branching habit,
Grapevine-like leaves emerge bronzy and mature to bright
green, fall color is shades of orange red and purple
6 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
j. 'Rising Sun' - 12-15' x 12-15', upright habit, lobed leaves
give tropical appearance, yellow red and orange in fall
15 Gal. Box
palmatum 'Bloodgood' - 25', upright broadly arching habit,
deep reddish purple foliage is bright crimson in fall
10 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
20 Gal. Box
p. 'Emperor 1' - 15-20', broad, spreading small tree, large red
leaf like 'Bloodgood' that holds red color in the heat of summer,
leafs out 12 - 14 days later than 'Bloodgood'
10 Gal.
15 Gal.
20 Gal.
p. 'Fireglow' - 15-20' x 10-15', leaves emerge dark red in
spring, thin foliage looks translucent with sun behind it, fall
color is bright red
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Katsura' - 15' x 15', upright rounded habit, yellow spring
foliage matures to chartreuse in summer, delicate long-lobed
leaves turn fiery orange and yellow in fall
6 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Sango Kaku' - 24', coral branches, bright green leaves turn
glowing apricot yellow in fall
5 Gal.
6 Gal.
15 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Sherwood Flame' - 14-16', upright habit with spreading
crown, red-purple foliage spring and summer, scarlet red in fall
15 Gal. Box
** New For 2018 **
p. 'Skeeters Broom' - 4-6', dwarf upright twiggy vase-shaped
habit, a witches broom of Bloodgood, dense branches of small
palmate pointed leaves emerge bright red deepening to wine
red, holds color through summer, fall color is bright red
30 Gal.
p. 'Trompenberg' - 20', purple color lasts into summer, turning
bright crimson in fall, slender finger-like leaf lobes curl at the tip
into narrow cylinders, sun tolerant
10 Gal.
p. 'Tsuma gaki' - 5-7', leaves are yellow-green with red-tips in
spring turning green by summer, with gold and scarlet fall color
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Twombly's Red Sentinel' - 8' x 10', columnar habit, red-
burgundy color holds until it turns scarlet in fall
6 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
20 Gal. Box
p. 'Ukigumo' - 5'-6' x 2'-3', horizontal branching habit,
variegated leaves are nearly all-white with small flecks of
green and some pink, turns pink then red in fall
15 Gal. Box
Weeping varieties
japonicum 'Green Cascade' - 15' x 20', improvement over
'Viridis' with denser branching and larger leaves
15 Gal.
palmatum dissectum 'Crimson Queen' - 8' x 10', broad
cascading habit, finely dissected deep red foliage with bright
scarlet fall color, best if protected from midday sun
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
20 Gal.
p. d. 'Inaba Shidare'- purple foliage, vivid red fall color
10 Gal.
20 Gal.
p. d. 'Tamuke yama' - broad mound, leaves are crimson, turn
maroon throughout summer, fall color is scarlet
10 Gal.
15 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
p. d. 'Waterfall' - horizontal weeping habit, bright green
leaflets flow downward, foliage turns gold with red in fall
10 Gal.
Dwarf varieties
p. 'Mikawa Yatsuba' - 5' x 5', dwarf irregular habit, dissected
leaves in overlapping tufts create canopies on each branch
6 Gal.
15 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Rhode Island Red' - 6' x 5', dwarf dense branching
symmetrical round form, leaves are bright red in spring
darkening to purple-red, fall color is fiery orange to red
6 Gal.
p. 'Sharp's Pygmy' - 2-4' x 2-4', rounded low habit, small
dissected foliage is green with orange-red fall color
3 Gal.
p. 'Shishigashira' - 15' x 10', dwarf habit, tiny deep green
crinkled leaves, fall color is gold tinted with rose and crimson
15 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
shirasawanum 'Aureum' - 10', compact round habit, leaves
look like small gold moons, yellow leaves turn chartreuse in
summer, bright orange red in fall, best in light shade
15 Gal. Box
s. 'Autumn Moon' - 15', upright multi stem habit, chartreuse
leaves tinted red turn shades of orange and red in autumn
10 Gal.
15 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
s. 'Jordan' - 15' x 12', upright vase-shaped habit, deeply
dissected leaves emerge pale peach maturing to bright yellow
in sun and chartreuse in shadier locales, red samaras in mid-
summer contrast nicely with leaves, grows faster than 'Aureum'
6 Gal.
carnea 'Fort McNair' - 30' x 25' compact habit, cross between
Horsechestnut and Buckeye, green leaves turn gold in fall,
clusters of rosy ruffled blooms with gold throats in late spring
20 Gal.
N. parviflora - 8', spreading, huge brush-like pinkish white
panicles mid-summer, deep green foliage turns yellow in fall
10 Gal.
15 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N. canadensis - 25-30' x 15-20', upright habit, deciduous
medium to dark green leaves change to orange-red in autumn,
showy, 5-petaled slightly fragrant white flowers in drooping
clusters which appear before the leaves emerge in early
spring, followed by round, green berries which turn red and
finally mature to a dark purplish-black in early summer
7 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Rainbow Pillar' - 15-20' x 8-10', dense, upright,
symmetrical habit, white flowers, purple-black fruits, fall color is
mixture of bright red and green
(Single-stem) 15 Gal.
N.C. grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' - clouds of snowy white
blooms in April, purplish new growth turns bright scarlet in fall
(Multi-stem) 15 Gal.
(Single-stem) 15 Gal.
N.C. polifolia 'Blue Ice' - 12 x 30", narrow leathery icy blue
leaves, white blooms, must have acid sandy peat soil
1 Gal.
N.C. uva-ursi 'Massachusetts' - 4" x 24", forms dense
evergreen mats, tiny pink blooms in April & May
1 Gal.
ARONIA * - *** SU - SE
N.C. arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima' - 7', upright habit, large white
blooms, bright red berries, fall color is glowing red
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. melanocarpa 'Low Scape Hedger' - 36-60" x 24-36",
low columnar habit, compact version with dense upright
branching and shamrock green oval leaves, covered with white
clusters of bloom in spring followed by deep purple fruit from
late summer into winter, blooms on old wood, bright orange
and scarlet fall color, can be pruned into formal hedge
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. m. 'Viking' - 3-6', upright multi-stemmed shrubby habit,
glossy deep green oval leaves, small clusters of white blooms
in early spring slightly earlier than species, purple-black
nutrient-rich edible berries in late summer relished by birds and
can be jellied or made into pies, attractive red fall color
3 Gal.
15 Gal.
japonica 'Emily Rose' - 4-5' x 4-5', bushy habit, solid green
glossy leaves, scarlet red fruit in fall and winter, self-pollinating
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
j. 'Golden King' - 6-8' x 5-6', slow grower, compact habit, dark
green leaves splashed with yellow, evergreen, male cultivar,
pollinizor for berry production
3 Gal.
j. 'Hosoba Hoshifu' - 6' x 6', dense round upright habit, long
narrow evergreen leaves spotted with gold, scarlet fruit, slow
growing female, more compact than 'Gold Dust'
3 Gal.
j. 'Mr. Goldstrike' - 8' x 6', male pollinator, similar foliage to
'Gold Dust' with heavier and more vivid gold splashing
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
j. 'Picturata' - 4-6', rounded shrubby habit, large glossy
evergreen serrated leaves are shamrock green splashed and
speckled with lemon yellow centers, bright red oval berries
from fall throughout winter, needs male for berry production
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
j. 'Serratifolia' - broad green leaves with serrated margins
5 Gal.
j. 'Variegata' (Gold Dust) - glossy green leaves, gold flecks
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
Deciduous varieties - Mildew resistant, tolerates more
shade than evergreen
'Cannon's Double' - 6' x 4', small mound, layered petals are
peach, pink, and cream, foliage is red-bronze in fall
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
N.C. 'Fragrant Star' - 4' x 4', upright habit, snow white
trumpet-like blooms, mid-season, blue leaves
2 Gal.
'Gibralter' - 4' x 4', upright branched habit, deciduous mildew-
resistant leaves, buds open to orange trumpets in spring,
scarlet and deep magenta fall color
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
'Klondyke' - broad upright habit, early yellow trumpet-shaped
blooms, coppery red new growth, slow growing
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
N.C. 'Lemon Drop' - small pale yellow blooms in July
2 Gal.
'Mount St. Helens' - 4-5' x 3-4', upright habit, fragrant ball-
shaped flowers are mix of creamy pink white rose yellow and
orange, blooms May-June
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
N.C. 'Pink & Sweet' - 6', upright mounded habit, spicy scented
soft pink blooms in June, vivid multi-hued fall color
2 Gal.
N. vaseyi 10', first in season to bloom, shell pink blooms
2 Gal.
N. viscosum - 8-12’, narrow leaves are dark green above and
pale green below with yellow, orange and purple fall color,
white to pale pink flowers bloom in clusters after foliage
emerges in spring, tolerant of wet soils and poor drainage
2 Gal.
Dwarf Evergreen varieties
'Amagasa' - 3' x 3', slow compact grower, deep pink tubular
flower with red spots
3 Gal. 18-21"
'Gumpo Pink' - 2' x 3', dense low mound, single light pink
flowers, blooms late May
'Gumpo White' - 2' x 3', dense, low mound, bright white
flowers with purple flecks, blooms late May
3 Gal. 15-18"
'Hardy Gardenia' - 18" x 36", double ruffled white, late May
3 Gal. 18-21"
'Kaempo' - 18" x 30", low mound, large hot pink flowers,
blooms May-June
3 Gal. 18-21"
'Macrantha Dwarf' - 24 x 36", low irregular habit, tiny pointed
leaves, rich red orange blooms, May - June
3 Gal. 18-21"
'Nancy of Robin Hill' - double light salmon pink, May-June
'Sir Robert' - 2' x 4', large pale salmon pink blooms with dark
pink streaks and bars, May - June
3 Gal. 18-21"
5 Gal. 21-24"
Standard Size Evergreen varieties
'Bollywood Star' - 18-24", compact, neon pink flowers early
May, tapered dark green leaves edged in bright silver-white
3 Gal. 18-21"
'Conversation Piece' - 2-3' x 2-3', evergreen, re-bloomer,
ruffled pink and white flowers, blooms mid to late May and
again in fall
'Delaware Valley White' - 2-4' x 4-5', upright, pure white
flowers, early bloomer
'Elsie Lee' - 3-4' x 3-4', upright, semi-dwarf, stiff, dark green
leaves, semi-double, wide funnel-shaped pink flowers with
blue-lavender overtones, blooms mid to late spring
3 Gal. 18-21"
5 Gal. 24-30"
'Johanna' - 2' - 3', blood-red blooms May - June, dark glossy
foliage turns crimson in fall
3 Gal. 15-18"
'Karen' - 4-5' x 5-6', spreading mound, small glossy dark green
leaves have orange-red to burgundy tones in fall, funnel-
shaped, lavender-pink flowers bloom mid to late spring
3 Gal. 18-21"
'Pleasant White' - 2.5', white with cream center, dark
evergreen foliage
3 Gal. 18-21"
5 Gal. 24-30"
'Tradition' - 2-4' x 3-5', low spreading form, very heavy
bloomer with medium pink flowers, blooms early spring
3 Gal. 18-21"
5 Gal. 24-30"
Encore Series - zone 6 variety, blooms up to 3 times a
season, long bloom time
'E. Autumn Carnation' - 4.5' x 4', upright habit, ruffled pink
flowers repeat bloom spring through summer, foliage is shades
of purple in fall
'E. Autumn Fire' - 2.5' x 3', dwarf habit, glossy dark green
foliage deepens to purple bronze in winter, semi-double true
red velvety blooms
'E. Autumn Jewel' - 4.5' x 4', upright round habit, green
foliage deepens to purple in winter, single pink flowers spring,
summer and fall
'E. Autumn Lily' - 4.5' x 4', upright habit, white flowers with
single purple stripe, repeat blooms spring and fall
'E. Autumn Sundance' - 3.5' x 4', round spreader, huge single
crimson-pink flowers
'E. Autumn Twist' - 4.5' x 4', bi-color blooms, light pink and
fuchsia with magenta spots and streaked purple pattern
3 Gal.
BETULA D2 * - *** SU
N.C. nigra 'Dura-Heat' - 25', slightly smaller growing than
'Heritage' with smaller leaves, small dark green glossy sharp
pointed leaves
N.C. nigra 'Heritage' - 30' vigorous trouble free birch, large
glossy leaves, beautiful pinkish tan exfoliating bark
(Multi-stem) 15 Gal.
(Multi-stem) Hvy. 15 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. papyrifera 'Prairie Dreams' - 30-40' x 25-30', upright
semi-pyramidal to oval habit, exceptionally bright snow white
exfoliates to reveal orange inner bark, triangular double
serrated dark green leaves turn gold in fall, superior stress
tolerance and disease/insect resistance
(Multi-stem) 15 Gal.
Inspired Series - huge, fragrant blooms, noninvasive, long
blooming, drought tolerant
'I. Pink' - 4-6' x 4-5', upright, mound, fragrant pale pink flower
spikes, blooms mid to late summer
'I. Violet' - 4-8' x 4-5', upright, mound, purple flower spikes,
blooms mid to late summer
3 Gal.
davidii 'CranRazz' - 5' x 4', spreading mound, fragrant, tiny
cranberry red flowers, white centers, lance-shaped leaves,
blooms mid spring to late summer
d. 'Evil Ways' - 6' x 6', chartreuse foliage and violet-red florets
with peachy eyes
d. 'Flutterby Petite' Series - 2-5' x 2-5', dwarf mounding habit,
clusters of tiny tubular sterile blooms in shades of white, pink,
dark pink and lilac blue, stays small, sterile
d. 'F. P. Blue Heaven' - 24-30", dwarf selection with lavender-
blue flowers in summer
d. 'F. P. Tutti Fruitti Pink'- 24-30", dwarf mounding habit,
clusters of tiny bright magenta blooms with peach eye
3 Gal.
d. 'Miss Molly' - 5' x 5', upright habit, sangria-red flowers
bloom midsummer continuing to frost
d. 'Miss Ruby' - 3-5' x 3-5', upright habit brilliant rich magenta
pink clusters bloom midsummer continuing to frost
d. 'Miss Violet' - 4-5' x 4-5', spreading habit, vivid violet florets
bloom all summer well into fall
d. 'Miss Pearl' - 4-5' x 4-5', mid-sized, upright habit, green
leaves with pure white fragrant blooms summer through fall,
sterile, non-invasive
d. 'Purple Emperor' - 5' x 5', compact extra bushy habit, large
panicles of mauve-purple from July-frost
3 Gal.
If no container size is listed, it is Ball & Burlap wrapped
** New For 2018 **
'Baby Gem' - 3-4' x 4-4.5', dense low compact rounded habit,
microphylla var. japonica cv. aka 'Gregem', glossy dark green
evergreen foliage holds color through winter's cold, heat and
drought tolerant, deer resistant
3 Gal.
Buxus microphylla 'Franklin's Gem' - 15-18' x 24-30', slow
growing, dwarf round habit, glossy green foliage turns olive
green in winter, grows well in sun and shade
3 Gal. 15-18"
** New For 2018 **
'Little Missy' - 2' x 2', compact dense rounded habit,
microphylla variety with smaller deep green evergreen leaves
and good color retention through winter, stays smaller with
minimal pruning
3 Gal.
sempervirens - 5-15' x 5-15' , broad-round habit, small oval
leaves, dark glossy green above, yellowish-green below, open
sun-dappled conditions or light shade, evergreen, bronzy
winter color, takes hard pruning well
** Four New For 2018 **
s. (3 Ball Topiary) - 5-15' x 5-15', trained into topiary, prune
hard to maintain shape
B&B 3.5-4'
s. (Columnar) - 5-15' x 5-15', trained into column, prune hard
to maintain shape
B&B 4-4.5'
s. (Obelisk) - 5-15' x 5-15', trained into four-sided upright form,
shear to maintain shape
B&B 4-4.5'
s. 'Dee Runk' - 8-10' x 2', narrow pyramidal to columnar habit,
evergreen leaves can be up to 1' long and are glossy dark
green, slightly narrower and slower growing than 'Fastigiata'
B&B 4-4.5'
'Winter Gem' - 2-3' x 2-3', compact habit, small oval light
medium green leaves
3 Gal.
5 Gal. 18-21"
10 Gal. 2-2.5'
'Green Beauty' - 3-5' x 3-5', dense round habit, small glossy
leaves mature to dark green and typically bronzes in cold
weather, grows well in sun and shade
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
'Green Gem' - 1.5-2' x 1.5-2', globe shape and excellent winter
hardiness, oval glossy dark green leaves
3 Gal.
'Green Mountain' - 3-5' x 2-3', dense upright habit, narrow
glossy dark green foliage, occasional bronze tones in winter
3 Gal. 15-18"
10 Gal. 2.5-3'
'Green Velvet' - 2-4' x 2-4', broad mounded compact
habit, glossy dark green leaves, open sun-dappled conditions
or light shade with morning sun
2 Gal.
3 Gal. 15-18"
5 Gal. 18-21"
dichotoma 'Early Amethyst' - early bloom, lavender berries
3 Gal.
10 Gal.
d. 'Issai' - 4', graceful arching habit, lavender pink blooms,
abundant lilac berries late summer through fall
3 Gal.
d. 'Pearl Glam' - 4-5' x 3-4', upright habit, deep burgundy
foliage holds color all season, profuse clusters of tiny white
blooms in late summer give rise to hundreds of orchid purple
berries down the branches from late summer to autumn
3 Gal.
vulgaris varieties - 1-2' evergreen, late summer blooms
1 Gal.
x 'Aphrodite' - 6-7' x 5-6', compact shrub habit, large green
leaves turn gold in fall, large spicy apple scented rose red
magnolia-like flowers mid-summer to early fall
3 Gal.
N. floridus - 7', colonizing habit, red-brown blooms having
small strap-like petals appear in spring, green leaves turn gold
in fall when unusual urn shaped fruits also appear
3 Gal.
N.C. f. 'Venus' - 5-6', glossy leaves, white magnolia like
flowers with yellow and purple central markings, fruity spicy
fragrance continuously from May to July, yellow fall foliage
3 Gal.
Cold Hardy varieties - bred from oleifera parentage and hardy
to zone 6, all will benefit from a protected location and moist
acid organic soil
Spring Blooming varieties
'April Dawn' - upright habit, variegated blooms in shades of
rose-pink, shell-pink and white, mid - late season
'April Remembered' - upright habit, extremely floriferous,
large semi-double creamy pink blooms, deep green foliage
'April Rose' - 5-8' x 4-5', slow growing compact habit, double
rose-red blooms in early spring, petals laid out in a Fibonacci
'April Snow' - double white blooms, compact habit
'April Tryst' - bright red anemone style blooms, mid - late,
upright habit, more frost tolerant than most other varieties
Fall Blooming varieties
'Long Island Pink' - 10' x 8', compact, upright habit, vigorous,
single pink, very floriferous Nov. - Jan.
'Northern Exposure' - pink buds open to single white crinkled
'Winter's Joy' - compact upright, pink semi-double blooms
'Winter's Snowman' - 8' x 6', vigorous upright habit, semi-
glossy dark green leaves, new growth burgundy, pink buds,
white semi-double, anemone-shaped blooms, Nov. - Dec.,
'Winter's Star White' - 4-6' x 5-7', upright bushy habit, glossy
deep green evergreen leaves, 3-4" single white blooms with
yellow anthers in mid to late fall
'Yuletide' - 6-10', upright rounded habit, single bright red with
yellow stamens, lustrous dark green foliage
5 Gal.
(Selected varieties) 10 Gal.
('Long Island Pink') 20 Gal.
arborescens 'Pendula' - 4-8' x 3-6', weeping habit, grafted
upright trunk with cascading head of bright green foliage,
clusters of bright yellow pea-like blooms in late spring
15 Gal. 169.00
betulus - 30-40' x 20-30', sharp-toothed, dark green leaves
turn yellow to orange in fall, smooth gray bark
6 Gal.
(Hedge form) 15 Gal.
b. 'Fastigiata' - 35' x 25', dense upright columnar habit, tight
vertical branching, scalloped green leaves
15 Gal.
8'(T) x 5'(W) Rectangle Screen 15 Gal.
clandonensis 'Dark Knight' - 3', broad mound, grey-green
foliage, deep purple-blue flowers
c. 'Grand Bleu' (Inoveris) - 2', compact mounded habit, long
blooming, dense, deep blue panicles and green foliage
c. 'Longwood Blue' - 2-4' x 2-4', upright habit, violet-blue
flowers bloom most heavily from midsummer into fall
c. 'Petit Bleu' (Minbleu) - 2', tight compact mounds, deep blue
blooms and green scalloped foliage
c. 'Sterling Silver' - 38" x 38", aromatic silver foliage, whorls
of violet-blue flowers from late summer through fall
3 Gal.
atlantica 'Blue Cascade' - 12' x 15', more or less prostrate
habit unless staked, bright blue needles erratic growth pattern
15 Gal.
a. 'Glauca Pendula Serpentine' - great irregular blue weeper
7 Gal.
15 Gal.
deodara varieties - evergreen pyramidal forms with attractive
graceful arching branches, allow room for most cultivars
** New For 2018 **
d. 'Aurea' - 30' x 15', open pyramidal habit, arching branches
with evergreen golden yellow needles which mature to lime
green, dense branching when young maturing to a more open
graceful form as it ages
20 Gal. 8'
d. 'Prostrate Beauty' - irregular creeping habit, silver-blue
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
d. 'Silver Mist' - 6-10', pyramidal weeping habit, evergreen
needles of white to cream new growth cascade from new
branch tips while older growth is soft pale mint green, one of
the palest of the Deodaras, wilt resistant
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
libani 'Pendula' - 15-25' x 5-15', narrow irregular weeping
habit, soft evergreen spruce green needles, main leader
strongly upright with mostly vertical side branching and
occasional horizontal branching, can develop interesting forms
15 Gal. 6'
harringtonia 'Duke Gardens' - 2' x 6', spreading arching
habit, leathery deep green foliage
5 Gal.
h. 'Fastigiata' - 6', upright oval habit, very slow growing
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
h. 'Hedgehog' - 1-2' x 2-3', low-growing, spreading form, much
denser than other spreading forms, long rich green glossy
needles, easy to shear for use as an alternative to boxwoods
in low edging or border plantings
6 Gal.
h. 'Prostrata' - 1.5' x 5', branches cascade at tips, large broad
deep glossy green needles
3 Gal.
japonicum - 40-60', single trunk, dense, round habit, red-
purple leaves in spring, green with blue tint in summer, gold
orange and red in fall
20 Gal.
N.C. canadensis 'Ace of Hearts' - 12' x 10', dwarf multi-stem,
pink-purple blooms followed by small heart shaped leaves
which are half the size of species
15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Appalachian Red' 20' x 15', late blooming, neon red
buds open deep fuchsia pink on gray branches in April, glossy
foliage turns warm gold in fall
15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Forest Pansy' 15', small spreading tree, tiny rosy-
purple blooms, deep purple leaves
15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Hearts of Gold' - 10'-15', small tree, lavender-purple
pea-like blooms in April, yellow heart-shaped foliage
15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Lavender Twist' (Covey) - 10' x 10', weeping form,
contorted branches form a low umbrella-shaped crown, pinkish
purple blooms in early spring, bright green foliage
15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Merlot' - 12' x 15', vase-shaped habit, scorch resistant
deep burgundy foliage, pink blooms in spring before foliage
emerges, superior heat tolerance.
15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Pink Heartbreaker' - 12' x 9', strong branching
weeping habit, new leaves are red aging to deep green,
lavender-pink flowers
Hvy. 15 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Ruby Falls' - 6 'x 4', full-crowned dwarf weeping
habit, plum-red leaves, violet red flowers
15 Gal.
15 Gal. Low Graft
N.C. c. 'The Rising Sun' - 10-12', rosy orchid blooms in early
spring, new leaves emerge tangerine, turning apricot-rose,
golden, then lime-green, distinctive bark is smooth tan
suffused with yellow, best color in full sun
15 Gal.
Hvy. 15 Gal.
chinensis 'Avondale' - 10-12' x 10-12', upright vase-shaped
habit, large rosy lilac blooms in early spring, glossy green
leaves, fall color not as bright
(Multi-stem) 10 Gal.
'Dbl. Take Orange Storm' - 3' x 4', ruffled coral-orange
blooms in early spring on prior year's wood, thorn-free stems
'Dbl. Take Pink Storm' - similar to above, 2" pink blooms
'Dbl. Take Scarlet Storm' - 3' x 4', large, ruffled, 2.5" red
blooms produced in early spring on prior years wood
2 Gal.
3 Gal.
Dwarf varieties - heights listed are for 10 year growth
obtusa 'Butter Ball' - 10-12" x 12-14", compact globose habit,
bright lemon yellow new growth, chartreuse older foliage on
dense miniature fans
o. 'Melody' - 5' x 2', narrow conical habit, lacy ferny fans of
bright lemon foliage can tolerate sun without scorching
6 Gal.
o. 'Nana Gracilis' - 30-36" x 20" (20 years 6'), globose,
becomes pyramidal, cupped green foliage, protect from wind
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
o. 'Pygmaea' - 1-3' x 2-5', compact, dwarf habit, open layered
foliage, bright green in summer, bronze-olive in winter
3 Gal.
o. 'Verdoni' - 3', slow growing, upright mounded habit, bright
golden tufted foliage does not burn
F.P. 3'
pisifera 'Cream Ball' - 2-3', globose, spiky projections, green
foliage tipped creamy white, best color and habit in full sun
2 Gal.
p. f. 'Gold Mops' 4-6', low mound, gold thread-like foliage
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
p. 'Vintage Gold' - 2' x 5', broad spreading mounds, a fern-leaf
form of 'Gold Mop' with non-fading bright gold foliage
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
Upright varieties
o. 'Filicoides Compacta' - 5-8' x 3-4', compact, pyramidal
shape, flat horizontal branchlets, dark green, scale-like leaves
have white markings underneath
6 Gal.
o. 'Goldilocks' - 30' x 15' upright pyramidal form, bright lemon
yellow foliage, more uniform and dense than o. 'Aurea'
6 Gal.
o. 'Gracilis' - narrow upright habit, dark green fan shaped
branches in horizontal layers
5 Gal.
N. virginicus - 12-20' x 12-20', spreading habit, wide spear-
shaped leaves turn yellow in fall, fragrant drooping clusters of
fringe-like flowers with creamy white petals bloom in spring
(Single-stem) 15 Gal.
(Multi-stem) 20 Gal.
N.C. alnifolia 'Hummingbird' - 2', very compact upright oval
shrub, fragrant white blooms, July-Aug., shiny dark green
foliage, yellow-golden brown fall color
N.C. a. 'Ruby Spice' - 6', rich rose pink blooms
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
N.C. a. 'Sixteen Candles' - 2.5', large fragrant white blooms,
deep green foliage and denser more compact habit
3 Gal.
N. peregrina - 4' x 4-8', upright clumping habit, slowly forms
colonies, deep green lustrous sweet scented fern-like foliage
1 Gal.
Groundcover Forms
N. canadensis - 3" x 36", groundcover, green foliage turns
burgundy in fall, white four-petaled blooms, bright red berries
1 Gal.
Shrub Forms - shrub forms benefit from annual pruning for
best twig color
alba 'Ivory Halo' - 4-6' x 4-6', multi-stem, green leaves edged
in white, red winter stems, flat clusters of yellow-white flowers
late spring, white berries age to blue late summer
3 Gal.
a. 'Regnzam' (Red Gnome) - 4' x 4', upright, red multi-stem,
green leaves turn burgundy in fall, white blossoms late spring
3 Gal.
N.C. sericea 'Baileyi' - 6-8', upright multi-stem, red branches,
deep green foliage turns reddish purple in fall
3 Gal.
N.C. stolonifera 'Arctic Fire' - 3-4' x 3-4', upright compact
habit, medium to dark green leaves are shades of red to
orange fading to purple in fall, stems turn bright red in winter,
flat clusters of tiny fragrant white flowers appear in late spring,
with sparse flowering continuing into summer, flowers give way
to clusters of whitish-blue berries in summer
2 Gal.
Tree Forms D2
N. alternifolia - 20' x 25', a quiet beauty, broad canopy with
layered branches, clusters of creamy white blooms in late
spring, deep green leaves turn purple-red in fall, best if grown
in light shade and evenly moist soil
15 Gal.
N. florida rubra - 25-30' x 25-35' rounded habit, deep red
blooms, burgundy-red fall color, large red berries, quite
resistant to powdery mildew
15 Gal.
kousa - 25', round vase shaped habit, white blooms followed
by large red raspberry-shaped fruit
(Single-stem) 15 Gal.
(Multi-stem) 15 Gal.
k. 'Radiant Rose' - 15-20', round habit, green leaves, new
growth washed with wine, profuse deep rosy blooms early
summer after leaves emerge
10 Gal.
k. 'Samaritan' (Samzam) - 20', upright vase-shaped,
moderately fast grower, prolific pure white flowers in spring,
variegated cream and green leaves turn bright pink in fall
10 Gal.
k. 'Summer Fun' - 8' x 4', upright habit, green and creamy
white variegated leaves, white flowers emerge in June, in fall
leaves are deep rose red with pink and peach
15 Gal.
k. 'Summer Gold' - 8' x 4', upright habit, green and yellow
variegated leaves, white flowers emerge in June, fall color is
wine brushed with rose
6 Gal.
x rutgersensis - vigorous, cross of kousa and florida, blooms
midway between, strong upright vase-shaped habit
r. 'Stellar Pink' - upright when young, forms broad round
crown with age, pink (sometimes white) overlapping bracts
Hvy. 15 Gal.
'Venus' - 14-18' x 18-24', dense, low-branched, spreading
habit, vigorous, glossy green leaves, large white flowers bloom
spring to early summer, summer flowers yield attractive
strawberry-like fall fruit, burgundy fall color
15 Gal.
avellana 'Contorta' - irregular specimen, early spring slender
catkins hang like ornaments from artfully tangled stems
10 Gal.
15 Gal.
a. 'Red Dragon' - 10' x 10', twisted habit, like Harry Lauder's
Walking Stick, wine red leaves hold color, rust-tan catkins
(standard) 15 Gal.
COTINUS D3 * - ** SU
coggygria varieties - round multi-stem, large soft smoky
panicles effective June - Sept., need full sun for best color
c. 'Golden Spirit' - 8' x 6', upright rounded habit, deciduous,
foliage begins lime green and ages to brilliant gold, airy smoky
pink plumes in summer,coral orange and red fall color
3 Gal. 35.00
c. 'Grace' - 15' x 8', large purple-red foliage turns scarlet in
autumn, 14" purplish-pink flower panicles in summer
10 Gal.
c. 'Royal Purple' - 10', purple panicles, leaves are maroon-red
darkening to deep purple, turning reddish purple in fall
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
c. 'Velveteeny' - 3-4', dwarf rounded shrubby habit, deep
burgundy oval foliage with bluish overtones, large airy rounded
plumes of smoky gray with rosy overtones from mid to late
summer, like a diminutive version of 'Grace'
5 Gal.
adpressus 'Little Gem' - 6", dense low ground hugging
mounds, white blooms followed by red berries in fall, dark
green foliage turns red in autumn
2 Gal.
dammeri 'Coral Beauty' - 2' x 6', evergreen, fall coral berries
2 Gal.
d. 'Streib's Findling' - 4" x 2', forms dense mats of tiny dark
green leaves, white blooms followed by red fruit, semi-
1 Gal.
salicifolia 'Repandens' - 2' x 6', prostrate habit, glossy dark
green semi-evergreen foliage
2 Gal.
Upright varieties
japonica 'Black Dragon' - compact pyramid habit, dark green
6 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
j. 'Rein's Dense Jade' - 25' x 12', dense conical habit, bright
green needles lie close to branches creating a braided look,
upright branches are dense and tight, bronze winter color
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
Dwarf Mounded varieties
j. 'Globosa Nana' - 4' x 4', dense globes of dark green
needles, maintains good color throughout winter
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
j. 'Gyokurya' 4-6', dense mounded habit, short, extremely
stiff needles, much darker green than most cryptomeria, holds
color well through winter, prune to maintain rounded habit
6 Gal.
j. 'Tansu' - 3', very slow growing, dense irregular pyramid of
congested medium green foliage
leylandii - 30-60', upright, very fast growing evergreen, dense
feathery foliage is easily sheared, salt-tolerant
15 Gal.
Loose mounded habit, tiny green leaves hug whip-like
branches, vivid pea-like flowers bloom May - June
'Burkwoodii' - 5 - 6', dense and twiggy, garnet-red blooms
'Madame Butterfly' - 6', bright yellow, orange center
scoparius 'Moonlight' - 5 - 6', pale yellow blooms
3 Gal.
involucrata 'Iseli Fastigiate' - 12-16' x 6-8', narrow upright
habit, slender statuesque tree, upright branches with large
heart-shaped green leaves, in spring large white blooms look
like handkerchiefs
i. 'Sonoma' - 15 - 20', broadly pyramidal habit, long white
handkerchief-like flowers in May-June, blooms at a younger
age than the species
15 Gal. Box
gracilis 'Crème Fraiche' - 1-2' x 1-2', compact variegated
form of 'Nikko', green leaves with cream margins, white bells in
late spring, pinkish-red fall color
3 Gal.
g. 'Nikko' - 12" x 2', prostrate cascading habit, white bell-
shaped blooms in spring, deep burgundy fall color
3 Gal.
g. 'Nikko Dawn' - 2' x 3', prostrate cascading habit, creamy
white and green variegated leaves, white bell-shaped blooms
in spring, deep burgundy fall color
3 Qt.
scabra 'Rokko Nishiki' - 3' x 4', green and white fuzzy
variegated leaves, pure white blooms appear late spring
2 Gal.
'Yuki Cherry Blossom' - 1-2' x 1-2', compact arching habit,
fragrant white blooms with pink reverse in mid to late spring
'Yuki Snowflake' - 12-24', dwarf mounded habit, emerald
green willow-like foliage turns burgundy in fall, covered with
masses of tiny pure white bells in early to late spring
3 Gal.
N.C. rivularis 'Kodiak Black' - 3-4' x 4-5', upright compact
habit, bright yellow flowers in summer, petal-like leaves are
dark burgundy-black
N.C. r. 'Kodiak Orange' - 3-4' x 4-5', upright compact habit,
bright yellow flowers in summer, petal-like leaves transition
from green in spring to bright glowing orange in fall
2 Gal.
kaki 'Fuyu' - 30' x 40', fruit tree with outstanding ornamental
qualities, bright orange-scarlet fruits remain on the tree after
leaves drop, post-frost non-astringent fruit is firm fleshed, fall
foliage color is bronze and orange
10 Gal.
k. 'Hachiya' - 25-30' x 20-25', glossy, deep orange oblong
sweet fruit develops over season maturing in fall after leaves
drop, frost sweetens the taste
10 Gal.
N.C. virginiana 'Magic Fountain' - 10-15' x 5-7', weeping
habit, small gold-orange edible fruit, fruit is astringent needing
several good frosts to sweeten, persisting into winter
10 Gal.
'Blue Cascade' - 3' x 4', cascading layered habit, evergreen
blue-green leaves, small maroon blooms in winter
'Emerald Heights' - 3-5' x 4-7', vase-shaped habit, glossy
evergreen deep green leaves, very architectural, rusty red
witch-hazel type blooms in winter
2.5 Gal.
'Vintage Jade' - 2' x 6', compact low spreading habit, dark
green foliage, very small rusty red flowers in late winter
3 Gal.
papyrifera - 5-10' x 6-12', upright habit, narrow green leaves,
clusters of buds at branch tips in fall, white star tipped flowers
with yellow centers, blooms late winter before leaves emerge
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
ebbingii - 8' x 10', round habit, heavily-scented blossoms in
fall, large leathery evergreen leaves with silver undersides
3 Gal.
e. 'Gilt Edge' - light green leaves with prominent bright gold
edges, fragrant white blooms Oct. - Nov.
5 Gal.
campanulatus - 6-10' x 4-6', upright habit, deciduous, medium
green to bluish green leaves are crowded near the branch
ends, tiny bells of creamy-yellow to whitish-pink with pink
striping and edging appear in pendulous clusters in late spring
5 Gal.
cinera varieties - 8", broad cushion shaped mounds,
abundant white or pink blooms in late winter - early spring
2 Gal.
fortunei 'Kewensis' - 3-6" x 12-36", prostrate, trailing habit,
small green leaves, semi-evergreen
1 Qt.
f. 'Vanilla Frosting' - 12" x 24", groundcover, tiny round green
leaves, irregular creamy white streaks and splashes
f. 'Wolong Ghost' - 12" x 24", prostrate groundcover, narrow
green leaves with prominent white veining, deep burgundy fall
color, evergreen
japonicus 'Aureo-marginatus' - 8 - 10', rounded upright
habit, glossy deep green foliage edged in gold
j. 'Aureo Variegata' 6' x 3', upright habit, leathery, dark
green leaves with bright gold central splotches and scallop-
toothed margins
j. 'Chollipo' - 8' x 5', dense upright habit, tight branching,
bright green foliage, wide buttery yellow margins
j. 'Grandiflorus' - 6-8' x 4-6', compact tight habit, glossy green
leathery foliage, tiny fragrant white flowers late spring
j. 'Silver King' - 8-10', large green leaves, silver-white border
5 Gal.
j. 'Greenspire' - rigid upright habit, tiny deep green leaves
1 Gal.
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
j. 'Microphyllus' - 24" x 12", upright bushy habit, small oval
shamrock green leaves, evergreen, takes pruning well
j. 'Microphyllus Silver Princess' - 12-24" x 12", upright
compact habit, evergreen, medium green leaves with white
margins, slightly larger in leaf and habit than albomarginatus
j. 'Microphyllus Sunny Delight' - 2' x 2', upright mounded
habit, evergreen, small serrated oval leaves are bright deep
green with golden yellow margins
j. 'Microphyllus Variegatus' - 24" x 12", upright bushy habit,
tiny medium green leaves with white margins
1 Gal.
2 Gal.
kiautschovica 'Manhattan' 4-6' x 3-5', dense upright
spreading habit with large glossy dark green leaves
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
(Esp.) 5 Gal.
(Esp.) 10 Gal.
sylvatica 'Red Obelisk' - 12' x 3', columnar habit, purple
crinkled foliage, smooth silver bark adds attractive winter
5 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
carica 'Black Jack' - 15' x 15', edible, semi-dwarf habit, sweet,
elongated purple fruit produced in summer
c. 'Brown Turkey' - 20' x 20', edible fig - fruit has brown skin
with whitish pink interior
c. 'Kadota' - 20' x 20', especially sweet, greenish-yellow fruit,
producing a reliable harvest each fall
c. 'Mission' - 25 x 25' (3'- 5' when containerized) sweet small
dark purple fruit
c. 'Peter's Honey' - 15-25' x 12-15', sweet green-yellow fruit
tastes honey-like, superb for fresh eating drying and canning
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
'Show Off' - 5' x 5', compact habit, yellow blooms from the
ground to the ends of every stem, stays small and in control
3 Gal.
'Show Off Starlet' - 2-3' x 3-4', dwarf arching habit, bright
yellow spring flowers from base of branch to tip
3 Gal.
'Show Off Sugar Baby' - 1-3' x 2-3', very compact dwarf
upright habit, bright yellow flowers from base to tip in spring
2 Gal.
N. gardenii - low rounded shrub, fragrant white bottlebrush
blooms in spring, brilliant yellow & orange fall color
5 Gal.
N.C. major 'Blue Shadow' - 4-6' x 4-6', compact slow-growing
upright habit, deciduous attractive silvery-blue foliage turns
bright orange, red, and yellow in fall, honey-scented white
bottle-brush blooms in spring
3 Gal.
N.C. m. 'Mt. Airy' - 3-5', vigorous upright habit, profuse white
blooms, vibrant orange-red fall color
3 Gal.
j. 'Crown Jewel' - 2-3' x 3-4', dwarf prostrate form, glossy
deep green leaves, velvety double fragrant white flowers in
summer, blooms on old and new wood
3 Gal.
j. 'Frost Proof' - 5' x 4', rounded habit, highly fragrant white
flowers, evergreen, regular watering especially in extreme heat
3 Gal.
j. 'Kleim's Hardy' - 3', rounded habit, fragrant white flowers
June-July, best in sheltered location
3 Gal.
N. procumbens - prostrate, evergreen, nodding pink blooms,
May, large persistent scarlet fruit in Sept.
1 Gal.
Dwarf Forms
biloba 'Jade Butterflies' - 4-5', upright dwarf, vase-shaped
5 Gal.
b. 'Mariken' - 3' x 3', deciduous conifer could eventually reach
8' wide in broad flattened mounds, small tightly clustered green
fan shaped leaves turn brilliant gold in fall
3 Gal.
b. 'Troll' - 2-3', dwarf dense rounded habit, bushy mound of
light green fan-shaped leaves, foliage turns bright gold in fall
15 Gal.
Tree Forms
b. 'Grindstone' - 30' x 5', upright extremely narrow habit
15 Gal.
intermedia 'Arnold Promise' - 20', fragrant clear yellow Feb. -
March, yellow orange fall color
i. 'Diane' - 15', copper-red blooms, red-orange fall color
i. 'Jelena' - 15", broad arching habit, glowing coppery orange
blooms, deep red-orange fall color
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
N. vernalis - 8-10' x 10-12', large open habit, fragrant yellow
flowers bloom late winter early spring
5 Gal.
N. virginiana - 10'-15' x 12', crooked, spreading branches,
fragrant yellow blooms appear in fall and persist after leaf drop,
foliage turns brilliant gold in autumn
5 Gal.
miconioides - 15-20' x 15', upright multi-stem tiered branching
habit, glossy foliage, clusters of fragrant jasmine-like flowers in
late summer, small long calix deepen to rose color in fall
7 Gal.
syriacus - All are sterile cultivars
s. 'Aphrodite' - large dark pink blooms with red eye
s. 'Diana' - pure white, no eye, very prolific bloomer
s. 'Minerva' - lavender with red eye, yes, one more triploid
5 Gal.
s. 'Blue Satin' - huge, purple-blue blossoms with magenta
5 Gal.
Hydrangeas can tolerate both shade and seashore conditions
N.C. arborescens 'Annabelle' - 5', huge irregular domes of
long lasting tiny white blooms
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. a. 'Incrediball Blush' - 5' x 5', upright sturdy branching
habit, huge panicles (as much as 12" across) which open
green mature to white and age to blush pink, pink version of
'Annabelle' very cold hardy, blooms on new growth, flowers
held upright on stout sturdy stems, nice dried flower
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. a. 'Invincibelle Limetta' - 3', dwarf rounded habit, deep
emerald leaves, sturdy upright stems of large rounded clusters
of lime green buds open to greenish white and age back to
jade, blooms hold color well past frost
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. a. 'Invincibelle Wee White' - 12-30", dwarf rounded
habit, tiny plant with massive floral presence, emerald green
leaves, study stems hold large clusters of white blooms in early
summer reblooming until frost, first true dwarf 'Annabelle' type
3 Gal.
macrophylla 'Double Delights' Series - 3-4' x 3-5', sturdy
upright branching habit, reblooming collection of mophead or
lacecap flower heads in two-toned or double flowering forms,
comes in shades of pink, blue, red, white and green
m. 'D. D. Dancing Snow' (Wedding Gown) - 2-3' x 3-5', white
outer double blooms, inner ring with smaller white fully double
blooms, late spring and late summer through early fall
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
m. 'D. D. Kompeito' (Stargazer) - 3-4' x 4-5', double flowered
lacecap with blue or pink star insets surrounded by white
picotee edges, blooms late spring through early fall
m. 'D. D. Perfection' - 3-4' x 3-5', giant reblooming domes of
star-shaped layered pink or blue flowers on sturdy stems from
late spring to early fall
3 Gal.
m. 'Endless Summer' - 4', clear blue domes all summer long
and has mildew-resistant foliage
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
m. 'E. S. Bloomstruck' - 3-4' x 4-5', glossy dark green leaves
with red veins, intense rose pink violet or blue flower heads
depending on soil pH bloom continuously from summer
through fall on red-purple stems, wine fall color
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
m. 'E. S. Blushing Bride' - 3-6', huge mops, pure white
blooms age pale pink blue, re-blooms again June - Sept.
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
Everlasting Series - strong stems, deeply colored thick
leathery foliage, longest lasting mop-head blooms, coloring
starts with various shades of green aging to multiple shades of
green, pink, purple, blue and red, then back to green with a
hint of the previous color
m. 'E. Garnet' - 3' x 3', compact upright habit, large blooming
mopheads start out pink or blue aging cream and green with
deep pink picotee, concluding with lime green
5 Gal.
m. 'E. Revolution' - 3-4' x 3-4', compact, pink maroon and
blue mopheads, green highlights with age, blooms summer to
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
m. 'F & E Blue Heaven' - 3-4' x 4-5', very large mophead,
electric blue flowers, early to mid-summer until frost
m. 'F & E Together' - 2-3' x 3-5', mophead blooms progress
from light green to pink or blue, depending on soil acidity, then
mature to rich violet or red tones
5 Gal.
m. 'Glowing Embers' - 3-4' x 3-4', large mopheads start white,
turn pink and turn deep pinkish-red or purple, tints like a fading
sunset, blooms midsummer to fall
5 Gal.
'Let's Dance' Series - 2-3' x 2-3' compact round habit, large
mopheads repeat on old and new wood, burgundy fall color
m. 'L. D. Big Easy' - pinkish-green to pink and back to green,
resistance to late freezes
m. 'L. D. Blue Jangles' - clear blue with pale center
m. 'L. D. Rave' - bright pink with purple tint, magenta in acidic
m. 'L. D. Rhythmic Blues' - bright pink to vibrant amethyst-
blue depending on soil
5 Gal.
m. 'Mini Penny' - 3', bushy mounded habit, sky blue domes
appear in July and if dead-headed, again in Nov., small
lustrous leathery green leaves have good mildew resistance, a
chance seedling of 'Penny Mac'
5 Gal.
m. 'Pia' - 2.5', dwarf form with large clear pink blooms
3 Gal.
macrophylla lacecap varieties
m. 'Blue Cassell' - 4-5' x 4-5', compact habit, huge dark blue-
violet lacecap flowers facing up on sturdy stems, blooms early
summer, continuing all summer
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
m. 'Onyx Peacock' - 4' x 2', compact upright habit, aka 'Zulu',
rounded emerald green leaves, sturdy upright black stems hold
hefty lacecaps of blue and purple blooms with white and lime
centers, pH sensitive, re-bloomer flowers on old and new wood
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
m. 'Onyx Zebra' - 4' x 2', compact upright habit, rounded
toothed emerald green leaves, sturdy upright black stems hold
pure white lacecaps of serrated blooms for a lightly ruffled
appearance, re-bloomer flowers on old and new wood
3 Gal.
m. 'Twist-n-Shout' - deep pink lacy centers surrounded by
large pink or blue blooms, depending on soil type, deep
burgundy fall color
5 Gal.
paniculata varieties arching habit with long cone shaped
panicles July - Sept.
p. 'Bobo' - 3' x 4', dwarf habit, large white panicles held upright
on strong stems in summer continuing to grow and lengthen as
they bloom, flowers occasionally turn pink in fall
3 Gal.
p. 'Fire Light' - 4-5' x 6', white flowers early spring, turns
pomegranate red in fall
5 Gal.
p. 'Lavalamp' - 4-6', upright habit, deep green lightly
corrugated leaves, large panicles are lime green and hold color
well into summer, heads age to dusty rose and tan
5 Gal.
p. 'Limelight' - 7', bright lime-green florets form dense broad
cone shaped panicles, vigorous and floriferous
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
(Tree form) 10 Gal.
p. 'Little Lime' - 3-5', cool, greenish-white flowers, maturing to
pink, blooms on new and old wood
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
p. 'Little Quickfire' - 3-5' x 3-5', compact, white panicles turn
to rosy pink regardless of pH, reblooms throughout season
until fall on old and new wood
3 Gal.
p. 'Pinky Winky' - 6-8' x 5-6', upright, serrated, dark green
leaves, yellow to purple fall color, cone-shaped two-toned
panicles emerge white maturing to dark pink
3 Gal.
(Tree form) 10 Gal.
p. 'Quickfire' - 6-8', dense rounded habit, 12" long conical
panicles appear very early in June, blooms open pure white,
turning quickly to bright rose, and lasting into fall
3 Gal.
(Tree form) 10 Gal.
p. 'Vanilla Strawberry' - 7' x 6', red stems with conical
panicles which begin white mature through pink and to deep
rose, plants display all three color stages at any one time
5 Gal.
quercifolia varieties
N. quercifolia - June blooming, large, bold coarse foliage
shaped like oak leaves turning shades of red & purple in fall
5 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Alice' - 12', very long slender white panicles which
turn rosy pink, large deep green leaves turn burgundy in fall
7 Gal.
15 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Amethyst' - 5-6' x 5-6', upright, multi-stem, leaves turn
burgundy in fall, white panicles aging to wine-red
7 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Gatsby Star' - 5-7' x 5-10', oak-like leaves turn
maroon in fall, long double pink panicles early summer fade to
tan by late summer
N.C. q. 'Munchkin' - 3' x 4', compact, long white panicles in
summer age to pink, remains upright even after heavy rains
3 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Ruby Slippers' - 3' x 4', compact, leaves turn
mahogany in fall, flowers open white, ages to deep pink
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Sike's Dwarf' - 2-3' x 3-4', dwarf, white flowers fade
to light pink, brown by late summer, deep green leaves turn
shades of bronze, maroon and purple in fall
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
serrata varieties - mostly lacecap, more compact habit and
more hardy than macrophylla with good fall color
s. 'Blue Bird' - 4', round, pale blue lacecap, pink undersides
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
s. 'Chiri-san Sue' - 4', rounded habit, deep olive green leaves
are serrated puckered and pointed, very floriferous lacecap
with many clusters of double blooms in pink or blue depending
on soil pH and aging to dusty rose and lime green
5 Gal.
s. 'Tiny Tuff Stuff' - 2' x 2', arching mound, serrated leaves,
lacecaps are blue in acid soil or pink in alkaline, ages to soft
pink, double with large sepals below smaller upper sepals
3 Gal.
androsaemum 'Albury Purple' - 18-36", purplish-green foliage,
small yellow flowers and red berries
a. 'Ignite Scarlet' - 1-3' x 1-2', yellow flowers in July-Aug.
followed by dark red fruit in fall, rust resistant
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. 'Blue Velvet' - 2-3' x 3-4', low compact mounded habit,
kalmianum hybrid, linear leaves of powder blue-green, profuse
blooms of bright yellow with large fluffy yellow corollas from mid
to late summer are pollinator magnets, pointed tan seed
capsules persist into winter
3 Gal.
calycinum - 15" x 24", dense groundcover, yellow flowers, blue-
green-foliage, June-Sept. 2 Gal.
c. 'Hidcote' - 3', gold cup-like flowers, blue-green leaves
3 Gal.
N.C. frondosum 'Sunburst' - 3', mounded, bright gold flowers
with large bristly center, blue-green foliage
2 Gal.
Large leaf varieties
'Acadiana' - 12-14' x 6-8', tight-branching upright pyramidal
habit, serrated foliage has deep red new growth turning to
dark, glossy green, orange-red fruit
15 Gal.
aquifolium 'Argenteo-marginata' - 8-10' x 8-10', upright
pyramidal habit, dense spiny foliage is edged with creamy
7 Gal.
koehneana - 20', pyramid habit, large moderately spiny
leaves, new growth coppery red, abundant large red berries
25 Gal.
meservae hybrids D3
Hardy hybrids, glossy blue green leaves, bright red berries
m. 'Blue Maid' - upright broadly pyramidal form with large
lustrous leaves, fast growing and heavy fruiting
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
B&B 3'
B&B 4'
m. 'Blue Prince' - 8', male pollinator for all female Blue
Hollies, dark leathery foliage, dense broad pyramidal habit
5 Gal.
m. 'Blue Princess' - 15', improvement on 'Blue Girl', heavier
berry production and denser habit, slight curl to leaf
5 Gal.
B&B 3'
m. 'China Boy' - 10' x 8', compact round habit, pollinator for
'China Girl' very tolerant of heat and cold
5 Gal. 2-2.5'
m. 'China Girl' - 10' x 10', compact rounded habit, bright green
glossy foliage, abundant bright red berries
5 Gal. 2-2.5'
15 Gal. 3.5-4'
'Little Rascal' - 2' x 3', dense compact rounded habit, sport of
'Blue Boy' with compact growth and small glossy green spiny
leaves, new growth is mahogany red, aka 'Mondo', male cv
2 Gal.
'Mary Nell' - 18-25' x 10-15', pyramidal habit, oval leaves have
flat sharp spines, bright green new growth deepens to dark
glossy green, fast growing, pest free, cross between Ilex pernyi
and Ilex latifolia, any male Perny or Chinese holly as pollinator,
bright red berries in small clusters along stems
15 Gal.
'Nellie Stevens' - large fast growing pyramidal habit, quilted
foliage and scarlet berries
25 Gal.
'Oakleaf' - 14' x 8', pyramidal habit, oakleaf foliage small white
flowers in spring, red berries fall into winter
15 Gal. 5'
30 Gal.
'Robin' - 15' x 10, upright conical habit, evergreen with large
spiked leathery leaves, new foliage emerges red and matures
to shiny dark green, self-fertile monoecious cultivar does not
need a pollinizer to set lots of bright red berries
30 Gal.
'Scallywag' - 4' x 3', round upright habit, evergreen shiny
foliage, wine-purple tone in fall and winter
3 Gal.
Small leaf varieties
crenata 'Beehive' - fine textured dark foliage, upright dome
3 Gal.
c. 'Chesapeake' - 6-8' x 4-5', pyramid, shiny green leaves
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
15 Gal. 4.5-5'
15 Gal. 5-5.5'
c. 'Drops of Gold' - 2' x 3', mound, slow growing, deep green
foliage blotched with golden yellow
3 Gal.
c. 'Dwarf Pagoda' - 2', slow growing, tiny round dark green
leaves on irregularly branched mound
c. 'Green Luster' - 4' x 6, dense flat-topped habit, small glossy
green leaves, shiny black fruit
5 Gal. 21-24"
c. 'Helleri' - dense mushroom shape, deep green foliage
2 Gal.
c. 'Hoogendorn' - 2' x 6', male, slow growing, dense broad
mounds ascending branches, flat dark green leaves
5 Gal. 21-24"
7 Gal. 2-2.5'
c. 'Jersey Jewel' - 12" x 8", upright, sculptural form,
evergreen, glossy dark green rounded leaves are clustered in
rosettes at ends of stems
3 Gal.
c. 'Schwoebel Upright' - 6-8' x 4', upright compact pyramidal
habit, small evergreen glossy dark green leaves
7 Gal.
15 Gal. 5.5-6'
c. 'Sky Pencil' - 6-8' x 2-3', columnar habit, evergreen, dark
green foliage year round, purple berries in fall
3 Gal.
5 Gal. 3'
7 Gal. 3.5-4'
c. 'Soft Touch' - 2.5' x 3', dense compact, flexible branches
soft green leaves with silver midrib
3 Gal. 18-21"
5 Gal. 21-24"
c. 'Steeds' - 6-8' x 5-6', dense pyramid, small green leaves
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
7 Gal. 3-4'
15 Gal. 5-5.5'
Miscellaneous Ilex varieties
N.C. glabra 'Shamrock' - 3', compact, evergreen light green
new growth, darker older growth
5 Gal.
10 Gal. 2.5-3'
10 Gal. 3-3.5'
deciduous varieties - upright habit and abundant bright red
fruit in winter, male and female varieties available
N.C. verticillata 'Afterglow' (F) - 10', compact globose habit,
early, with red-orange fruit and small glossy leaves
v. 'Apollo' (M) - 8', late flowering male pollinator
4 Gal.
N.C. v. 'Berry Nice' (F) - 6-8' x 6-8', upright, dark green
leaves, pollinator needed for bright red berries in fall, persisting
through winter often to early spring
3 Gal.
N.C. v. 'Berry Poppins' - 36-48" x 36-48", upright, compact
habit, glossy dark green foliage, bright red berries in fall into
3 Gal.
v. 'Red Sprite' (F) - 3', compact, dark glossy foliage, oversized
fruit, heavy fruit set, use 'Jim Dandy' or 'Apollo as pollinators
N.C. v. 'Winter Red' (F) - 9', early bloom, upright oval, dense
& twiggy, heaviest fruiting variety with bright red berries
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
ILLICIUM ** - *** SE
N.C. parviflorum 'Florida Sunshine' - 4-6' x 3-5', slow
growing rounded evergreen shrub, gold foliage turns bright
yellow in fall, in winter is near parchment colored
N.C. p. 'Woodland Ruby' - 6' x 6', evergreen, masses of large
pink flowers, two flushes of bloom in spring and fall
3 Gal.
10 Gal.
ITEA *** SU - SH
N.C. virginica 'Henry's Garnet' - 3', spreading, arching habit,
fragrant white blooms, June-July, red-purple fall color
3 Gal.
N.C. v. 'Little Henry' 2', more compact version of above
3 Gal.
N.C. v. 'Merlot' - 3.5' compact upright habit, wine fall color
3 Gal.
nudiflorum 4', sprawling habit, yellow blooms Jan.-March,
slender whip-like branches
3 Gal.
Compact varieties
chinensis 'Shimpaku' - 1-3' x 1-5', dwarf, irregular vase-
shaped habit, gray-green evergreen needles
3 Gal.
N.C. c. 'Gold Cone' - 6' in 10 yrs., columnar habit, bright green
foliage with vivid yellow outward arching tips
2 Gal.
squamata 'Blue Star' - dense bristles of steel-blue foliage
2 Gal.
Large growing upright varieties
chinensis 'Blue Point' - 12' x 4', dense broad tear drop habit,
bright blue-green foliage
7 Gal.
15 Gal.
c. 'Hetzi Columnaris' - 15' x 5', rugged juniper for screening,
windbreaks, tolerates seaside conditions.
7 Gal.
15 Gal.
c. 'Torulosa' - irregular upright with wildly reaching branches,
bright green foliage
5 Gal.
7 Gal. 2.5'
7 Gal. 4'
15 Gal.
N.C. scopulorum 'Wichita Blue' - 10-15' x 4-6', compact,
conical, male form, blue-gray foliage retains good color
5 Gal.
'Star Power' - 15-17' x 7-9', upright, pyramid habit, blue-green,
star-like foliage, fast growing
6 Gal.
Spreading varieties
chinensis 'Angelica Blue' - 3-5' x 5-10', low spreading, fine
textured silver-blue foliage, intense in cooler weather
3 Gal.
N.C. communis 'Green Carpet' - 6" x 3', bright green spring
growth on densely textured evergreen will mature to form a
thick green carpet, salt-tolerant compact slow growing form
1 Gal.
3 Gal.
conferta 'Blue Pacific' - 1', dense procumbent habit, long
prickly blue green needles, very salt-tolerant
2 Gal.
3 Gal.
N.C. horizontalis 'Gold Strike' - 6" x 40", low growing dwarf
semi-mounding habit, yellow new foliage matures to gold, coral
tones in fall, protect from scorching sun, slow grower
1 Gal. 19.50
3 Gal. 37.50
procumbens 'Nana' - prostrate mounding habit, tight green
2 Gal.
3 Gal.
N.C. virginiana 'Grey Owl' - 3' x 6', low slightly vase-shaped
broad arching habit, soft silver-gray needles, drought-tolerant
3 Gal.
KALMIA - all N.C. ** SE - SH
Dense, compact when young, becomes gnarled and sculptural
with age, blooms May through June, cup-shaped flowers
latifolia 'Carousel' - 6-8' x 6-8', soft lavender pink buds open
white with a dramatic broad purplish cinnamon candy ring
3 Gal.
l. 'Elf' - 2-3' x 2-4', multi-stem dwarf, pink buds open to white
3 Gal.
l. 'Little Linda' - 3', slow growing rounded habit, upright
branching, red buds open rich pink
l. 'Raspberry Glow' - 4-5' x 4-5', compact habit, burgundy red
flower buds open to raspberry-pink flowers with white
overtones, blooms May into June
l. 'Sarah' - 4-5' x 4-5', compact habit, red buds open pinkish-
red to coral pink flowers with markings, blooms May - June
l. 'Tinkerbelle' - 2' x 2', dwarf round habit, bright raspberry
buds open to clear pink cups with raspberry lines
3 Gal.
selected for hardiness, long lasting blooms, attractive bark and
fall color, best in a protected area
Dwarf forms
'Cherry Dazzle' - 4' x 5', broad compact habit, cherry red
blooms July - fall, dark green leaves emerge bronze and have
orange-red-purple fall color
5 Gal.
'Pokomoke' - 3' x 4', dense wide habit, deep pink blooms
3 Gal.
Shrub forms 5 - 10'
'Midnight Magic' - 4-6' x 4-5', round compact habit, dark
purple foliage throughout growing season, new growth slightly
more reddish purple, dark pink blooms July to late Sept.
5 Gal.
'Purple Cow' - 6-10' x 4-5', upright, mid-sized compact habit,
deciduous dark green foliage, plentiful blooms of deep purple
flowers in July, tolerates mild drought once established
5 Gal.
15 Gal.
'Tonto' - 8' x 11', multi-stem, fuchsia-red blooms July-Sept.,
leaves emerge bronze to semi-glossy green, maroon in fall
7 Gal.
'Zuni' - 5-9' x 4-9', upright spreading multi-stemmed habit, dark
green foliage turns red to reddish purple in fall, crepe-papery
lavender flowers, blooms mid-summer to early fall
5 Gal.
Tree forms - 10' and larger
'Catawba' - 5', round habit, bronze-green spring foliage ages
to glossy green, orange-red in fall amethyst crepe-paper
blooms mid to late summer
'Dynamite' - 15-20', crimson buds open cherry-red with yellow
anthers, long panicles, foliage emerges red turning deep green
'Miami' - 15-20', clear pink blooms, red and orange fall color
'Muskogee' - 20', light lavender pink blooms, red fall color
'Natchez' - 20', pure white, red-orange fall color, dark
cinnamon colored exfoliating bark
'Sioux' - 13-20’, deep pink blooms, glossy green foliage
emerges bronze, turning maroon to red in fall, mottled light
gray bark
'Tuscarora' - 15', dark coral-pink blooms on long panicles,
red-orange fall color, mottled light brown bark
15 Gal.
Hvy. 15 Gal.
30 Gal.
japonica 'Golden Angel' - 3' x 3', shrubby habit, 6" golden
yellow leaves, during warm summer nights the intensity of the
leaf color may fade, but cutting the plant back will cause a new
flush of brighter foliage
stellipilum 'October Moon' - 3' x 3', wide clumping habit,
fuzzy, gold-edged foliage, short, upright, light pink, brush-like
spikes in fall
4 Qt.
LEUCOTHOE D1 ** - *** SE - SH
N.C. axillaris - 3', glossy green leaves are burgundy in fall
3 Gal.
N.C. fontanesiana 'Rainbow' - arching habit, bright
variegated foliage
3 Gal.
fragrantissima - 8' x 8' broad irregular, round habit, creamy
white, fragrant, blooms in Feb., bluish green foliage, deciduous
4 Qt.
Evergreen shrub forms
nitida 'Baggesen's Gold' - mounded layered habit, tiny leaves
emerge bright yellow, changing to yellow green
n. 'Lemon Beauty' - 3', dense mounded habit,evergreen,
narrow bright green leaves have a broad yellow margin
2 Gal.
pileata 'Hohenkrummer' - low broad spreading habit with
layered branches, tiny dark evergreen leaves
3 Gal.
p. 'Moss Green' - 2', mat-forming evergreen ground cover with
dark glossy foliage, pale yellow blooms
2 Gal.
chinensis 'Daruma' - 3-4' x 3-4', compact mound habit, deep
burgundy leaves, tassel-like fuchsia pink flowers in April-May
with occasional re-bloom throughout season
3 Gal.
acuminata 'Butterflies' - 18-20' x 10-15', compact pyramidal
habit, deep green oblong leaves, non-fading waxy butter
yellow flowers mid spring have lemony aroma
10 Gal.
brooklynensis 'Yellow Bird' - 30' x 15', pyramidal low-
branching habit, large oval green leaves, goblet-shaped canary
yellow flowers mid to late spring
10 Gal.
N.C. grandiflora 'Alta' - 15-20', a very compact form with a
columnar habit and large abundant blooms
15 Gal.
30 Gal.
N.C. g. 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' - 20-30' x 15-20', compact,
flowers and leaves half the size of species, leathery glossy
dark foliage velvety tan undersides, white flowers
15 Gal.
30 Gal.
'Little Gem' - 15-20' x 7-10', smaller and slower growing,
glossy green leaves are bronze-brown underneath typically
dropping in spring as new foliage emerges, fragrant white
flowers bloom in summer
(Esp.) 7 Gal.
'Jane' - 12' x 10', shrubby vase-shaped habit, large wine red
cups with white interior, blooms later than other cultivars,
leaves emerge with copper tint aging to dark green, yellow to
bronze-copper fall color
15 Gal.
stellata 'Royal Star' - upright shrubby habit, pink buds open to
fragrant white blooms with long ribbon-like petals
10 Gal.
soulangeana - 20-25' x 15', broad rounded upright habit, pink
4-6" goblet-shaped flowers with creamy blushing white interiors
bloom in early spring before foliage emerges, large green oval
15 Gal.
N.C. virginiana - 15', pyramidal habit, lustrous deep green
leaves with bright silvery reverse are deciduous in our area,
small white sweetly fragrant blooms
(Multi-stem) 15 Gal.
MAHONIA ** - *** SE
'Beijing Beauty' - 4-5' x 3-4', narrow, thin green foliage, yellow
flowers bloom March-April, blue berries ripen in Aug.
confusa 'Narihira' - 3.5 x 3.5', dense compact mounded habit,
spineless slim compound foliage has soft palmate look, yellow
blooms in fall followed by blue-purple drupes
media 'Winter Sun' - 8', stiff upright habit, large bold glossy
leaflets, bright lemon yellow blooms on tall racemes, needs a
protected spot, foliage may deteriorate in winter
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
Ornamental varieties
'Coralburst' - 15' x 10', single stem dwarf, double rose-pink
flowers mid-spring, bronzy reddish orange fruit in fall
15 Gal.
'Royal Raindrops' - 15-20' x 12-16', spreading canopy,
disease-resistant purple foliage in summer, orange-red in fall,
magenta single flowers in spring, tiny maroon crabapples
15 Gal.
'Ruby Tears' - 8-10' x 12-15', compact, weeping habit, foliage
is bright merlot in spring, burgundy-green in summer, pink
blossoms early May, fruit in late summer
15 Gal.
'Sargentii Tina' - 4-5', compact densely branched upright
spreading habit, soft sage-olive green oval leaves with paler
undersides, profuse clusters of pink buds open to fragrant
white blooms with yellow stamen, blooms are followed by a
myriad of tiny ruby red 1/4" crabapples, a smaller Sargent Crab
with improved disease resistance
10 Gal. Std.
15 Gal.
Fruiting varieties
'Braeburn' - 12-15', semi-dwarf round habit, light pink buds
open pale pink white flowers, large oval, streaky orange-red
fruit, crisp sweet flesh, good storage life, ripens mid-fall, cross
pollinate for best fruit production
(Candelabra) 15 Gal.
(Esp.) 20 Gal.
'Fuji' - 8-10', dwarf variety, pinkish white flowers appear in
April with fruit ripening late Oct.
'Granny Smith' - 8-10', dwarf variety, pale-pink flowers in
spring, crisp tart fruit ripens in fall
'Northpole' - 12' x 3', columnar shaped habit, large, crisp fruit
'Royal Gala' - 8-10', dwarf, white flowers in spring, red
medium-sized, eating apples early Sept.
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
(Esp.) 10 Gal.
glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush' - 70-100', fast growing pyramid
habit, gold fern-like deciduous foliage is non-scorching, holds
color in summer, turns orange brown in fall
15 Gal. Box
g. 'Miss Grace' - 3-6' , dwarf narrow weeping habit, pendulous
branches, soft thin needles emerge light green in spring aging
to soft green, turns apricot before dropping in fall
15 Gal. Box
decussata 'Celtic Pride' - 2' x 5', prostrate spreader, green
thuja-like foliage turns russet color in winter, improved
resistance to tip die-back, better shade tolerance than junipers
2 Gal.
N. pensylvanica - 10' x 10', upright rounded shrub with
aromatic waxy evergreen leaves, clusters of aromatic waxy
gray fruit, very salt-tolerant, dioecious
5 Gal.
domestica - 6', upright flat-topped habit, white blooms on tall
airy panicles followed by spectacular red berries
7 Gal. 2-2.5'
d. 'Firepower' - 2' x 2', dwarf, does not produce flowers or fruit
and is basically grown for its attractive foliage, leaves emerge
lime green in spring, mature to medium green, and acquire
some red tints in mid to late summer before turning fiery red in
fall, evergreen
2 Gal.
3 Gal.
d. 'Gulf Stream' - 3', vigorous upright habit, large flat blue-
green leaflets turn brilliant red, very hardy cultivar
d. 'Lemon Lime' - 3-4', compact bushy round habit, new
growth emerges lighter green, deepens through season into
grassy-green hues
d. 'Plum Passion' - 4', upright habit, purple-red, to green in
summer, bright red-purple in fall, white blooms with pink cast
on stiff upright panicles July - Aug.
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
d. 'Royal Princess' - 6-8' x 2-4', narrow upright habit, slender
leaves purple-red when young, red with orange highlights in
fall and winter, large clusters of white flowers in late spring
7 Gal.
d. 'Sienna Sunrise' - 3-4' x 1-2', multi-stemmed, red foliage
turns green in summer, red highlights in fall and winter
5 Gal.
NYSSA ** - *** SU - SE
N. sylvatica 'Sheri's Cloud' - 30' x 15', pyramid habit, light
green leaves with cream edges, bi-colored pink and red fall
15 Gal.
N.C. s. 'Wildfire' - 30-40' x 15-20', broad pyramidal habit, dark
grey alligator skin bark, burnt orange-red new growth matures
to deep green, early blooms are the source of Tupelo Honey,
late summer brings blue-black fruit followed by fall color in
shades of flaming orange and red
15 Gal.
heterophyllus 'Goshiki' - 4', broad upright habit, cream holly-
like leaves flecked with green, fragrant white blooms
5 Gal.
6 Gal.
h. 'Gulftide' - 10', compact upright habit, very glossy olive
green spiny twisted edges, the hardiest of the group
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
h. 'Kaori Hime' - 2' x 2', dwarf oval to pyramidal habit,
branches have very architectural appearance, tiny 3/8" spruce
green glossy holly-like leaves have widely separated serrations
and spines, profuse amounts of small but highly fragrant waxy
white blooms in early to mid-autumn, aka 'Fragrant Princess'
3 Gal.
h. 'Party Lights' - 4-5' x 3-4', compact habit, evergreen, cream
pink yellow and white foliage
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
h. 'Sasaba' - 6-8' x 4', oval open habit, oddly shaped deep
green leaves with lime green veining have narrow stiff
triangular lobes, small highly fragrant waxy white bells in mid-
autumn, can take shearing to create impenetrable hedge
3 Gal.
N. arboretum - 20-50' x 10-25', straight slender trunk, narrow
oblong crown, glossy green leaves turn crimson in fall, waxy
slightly fragrant white flowers bloom early summer changing to
silver-gray dry capsules
15 Gal.
persica 'Persian Spire' - 30' x 20', columnar upright habit,
maroon foliage ages to deep green with purple margins
15 Gal.
'Belle Etoile' - 5-6' x 3-4', multi-stemmed shrubby arching
habit, oval leaves are soft green in spring turning yellow in fall,
abundant fragrant 4-petaled pure white blossoms have pale
rosy pink center and yellow stamen, blooms in late spring to
early summer after petals fall, sepals remaining look like a
second, different type of flower, providing longer seasonal
3 Gal.
coronarius 'Aureus' - 6-10' x 6-10', upright arching habit,
gold-yellow leaves in spring turn yellow-green in summer, very
fragrant creamy white flowers bloom early summer
4 Qt.
virginalis 'Miniature Snowflake' - 3-4' x 3-4', compact vase-
shaped habit, deep green leaves, small clusters of large very
fragrant bright white double flowers in early summer
5 Gal.
fraseri - 8', upright habit, needs pruning to maintain shape,
new growth is bright screaming red
5 Gal.
PHYSOCARPUS all are N.C. * - ** SU
opulifolius 'Amber Jubilee' - 5-6' x 4', bushy branching habit,
crenellated leaves of glowing amber gold scarlet bronze and
terra cotta from spring to fall, fall color red to burgundy,
exfoliating mature bark
5 Gal.
o. 'Diabolo' - 9', upright arching habit, rich reddish purple
foliage, clusters of pinkish white blooms in summer
3 Gal.
15 Gal. Std.
** New For 2018 **
o. 'Ginger Wine' - 5-6', rounded upright habit, serrated leaves
emerge bright golden orange maturing to mahogany red by
summer, clusters of small blushing white blooms in late spring
become bright rosy pink seed capsules in late summer, mature
bark exfoliates to reveal several layers of reddish to light brown
inner bark providing winter interest
3 Gal.
o. 'Little Devil' - 4' x 3', compact habit, burgundy leaves, small
pinkish-white clusters of flowers
o. 'Summer Wine' - 6', compact habit with deeply incised dark
crimson leaves, pink button-like blooms in summer
3 Gal.
o. 'Tiny Wine' - 3-4' x 3-4', dwarf spreading, small dark
maroon to bronze leaves, pink buds open to whitish-pink
flowers May-June
3 Gal.
Heights listed are for growth you can expect in 10 years
Dwarf and Mounded
abies 'Pumila' - 2-4' x 3-5', slow-growing dwarf, dense
flattened globular mound, lower branches spread outward,
upper branches spread upward
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
a. 'Pusch' - 32-44" x 30-36", irregular, dwarf habit, globose
when young, then broad upright, red cones on short shoots
1 Gal.
a. 'Tompa' - 2'-3' x 2-3', dwarf, conical, upright, bright green
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
engelmanni 'Jasper' - 2' x 2', compact globose habit, soft
texture and color, blue-green needles with narrow silvery
stripes densely cover short branches
3 Gal.
omorika 'Kamenz' - 1' x 3', creeping habit, slow growing
evergreen, two tone look, short branches are green above and
silver underneath
3 Gal.
o. 'Nana' - 4-8', dwarf conical form, scaled, brown bark, glossy
green needles have bi-colored effect, oval cones
6 Gal.
N. pungens 'Glauca Globosa' - 3-5' x 4-6', dwarf, round habit,
flat top, blue-needles hold color throughout year, but brightest
when emerging in spring
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
N.C. p. 'R. H. Montgomery' - 4', dwarf form producing a dense
broad pyramid, bright silvery blue
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
N. p. 'Waldbrunn' - 2' x 4', low, mound, powder blue foliage
that emerges silver in spring, fine texture formed by short
horizontal branches, low maintenance groundcover
3 Gal.
Upright varieties
abies 'Cupressina' - 20' x 6', upright tight-branched, blue-
green needles, bright green new growth, holds shape well
6 Gal.
F.P. 5'
a. 'Hillside Upright' - 20' x 8', upright pyramidal habit, dark
green needles and branches that curve and hang with age
10 Gal.
N.C. glauca 'Conica' - upside down ice cream cones of fine
green tufted deer-resistant foliage
10 Gal.
o. 'Skylands' - 8-10', upright conical, exterior needles are
yellow in full sun or yellow-green in part shade, color tends to
fade as summer progresses, interior needles are green
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
N. pungens 'Avatar' - 15-18' x 10-12', upright, pyramidal
habit, distinctive, tiered branching, blue needles retain color
N.C. p. 'Fat Albert' - 15', upright pyramidal habit, dense and
symmetrical, blue needles
10 Gal.
Weeping varieties
abies 'Gold Drift' - 15-20' x 4-8', narrow upright to cascading
habit, lime green new growth ages to gold in full sun, more
subdued in winter, upright if staked, rambling if left prostrate
10 Gal.
a. 'Pendula' - deep green needles with a narrow weeping habit
forming a broad skirt at the base, deer-resistant
10 Gal.
N.C. glauca 'Pendula' - 12', irregular weeper, cascades of
large silvery blue needles, leader must be staked
6 Gal.
N.C. pungens 'Glauca Pendula' - cascading weeper, braches
covered in steel blue needles, can be prostrate or staked
10 Gal.
N.C. p. glauca 'Procumbens' - 8" x 3', undulating cascading
draping habit with ascending tips, bright blue needles
10 Gal.
Brouwer's Beauty - 5-6' x 3-4', round habit, shiny green
leaves, evergreen, strands of purple flower buds open to white,
bell-shaped flowers in early spring
6 Gal.
japonica 'Dorothy Wycoff' - 5', compact habit, red buds in
drooping panicles open white, beautiful wine-red winter color
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
j. 'Flaming Silver' - 2', very slow growing, long slender leaves
open bright fiery red, changing to deep green with a narrow
silvery white edge, sporadic bloomer
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
j. 'Katsura' - 4-6' x 4-6', rounded bushy habit, drooping sprays
of rosy buds open to light pink bells in early spring followed by
bright burgundy new growth which ages to deep green glossy
evergreen leaves
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
j. 'Mountain Fire' - 5', white buds and blooms, new growth
emerges fiery bright red later turning bright glossy green
3 Gal.
5 Gal. 24-30"
10 Gal. 30-36"
15 Gal. 36-42"
Heights listed for growth that can be expected in 10 years
Compact and Mounded varieties
densiflora 'Low Glow' - 1' x 3', dense compact mound, white
sheathed new growth, bright green needles, slow growing
6 Gal.
leucodermis 'Banderica' - 3' x 3', wide pyramidal habit, a
chubby little dark green pine, shiny deep green needles, white
resin occasionally decorates candles buds and stems
l. 'Mint Truffle' - 12-15' x 6-8', broad teardrop shape, inward
curving branches, compact, neat habit, mint-green foliage,
6 Gal.
mugo varieties D1
m. 'Big Tuna' - 6-8' x 4-6', bushy upright, multi-stemmed habit,
olive green needles, boldly textured hardy and rugged
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
m. 'Mops' - miniature form, very dense prostrate habit
3 Gal.
m. 'Palouse' - 3' x 4', bushy round habit, low mound of long
deep green evergreen needles
15 Gal. Box
parviflora 'Cleary' - 6' x 3', compact habit, silver blue foliage
5 Gal.
p. 'Fuku-zu-mi' - 2' x 3', low spreading, silver blue needles
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Kinpo' - 2' x 3', low round habit, blue-green foliage has
hints of silver and green, tightly-held short twisted needles
3 Gal.
pumila Blue Dwarf - 2-3' x 4-7', broad spreading habit, blue-
green needles, violet purple cones mature to reddish brown
6 Gal.
N.C. strobus 'Blue Shag' - 4', globose, blue-green needles
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
N.C. s. 'Mini Twist' - 3-5' x 3-5', small twisted curvy needles
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. s. 'Stowe Pillar' - 8-10' x 2-3', dense columnar habit, soft
long bright green needles densely packed on upright
branches, more compact and much narrower than 'Fastigiata'
with denser growth
15 Gal. Box
Upright varieties
contorta 'Taylor's Sunburst' - 6-12' x 3-8', broad upright, up-
curved branches, lemon yellow needles fade to lime and deep
green, tiny red cones in spring
6 Gal.
leucodermis - bright green needles, irregular pyramid habit
5 Gal.
l. 'Irish Bell' - 12' x 12', dense pyramid habit, slow growing,
short dark green needles, rough brown bark and silver
branches, formal habit with little or no pruning
6 Gal.
mugo 'Tannenbaum' - 6-10' x 3-6', compact upright pyramidal
habit, slow-growing, classic upright shape, first single-stem
mugo in production, deep green needles
3 Gal.
10 Gal.
parviflora 'Aoi' - 2' x 2', dense, multi-stemmed pyramidal form,
fine textured silvery blue foliage
6 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Bergman' - 2' x 3', irregular upright pyramidal habit, slow-
growing, multi-leader dwarf shrub form, twisted blue green
needles, showy red cones in spring
6 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
p. 'Blue Angel' - 6' x 2.5', slow growing, dense, uniform shrub,
beautiful ghostly silvery blue needles
5 Gal.
p. 'Goldilocks' - 4-8' x 4-8', compact irregular pyramid habit,
densely packed evergreen needles emerge bright gold aging
to blue-green slightly twisted with hints of gold
3 Gal.
thunbergii 'Thunderhead' - 15', long thick glossy green
needles accented by abundant upward facing brilliant white
candles, it forms dense billowing mounds
15 Gal. Box
Sprawling and Weeping varieties
N.C. s. 'Niagara Falls' - 2-3' x 5-7', spreading cascading habit,
long blue-green needles cover draping branches
6 Gal.
sylvestris 'Albyn Prostrata' - 1' x 6', prostrate spreading
habit, thick glossy blue-green needles
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
PONCIRUS ** - *** SE - SU
trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' - 15', upright habit, green twisted
branches with thorns, white blooms in April followed by
orange-like fruit, great fall color
7 Gal.
fruticosa 'Happy Face Pink Paradise' - 2-3', mounded, dark
green foliage, pink semi-double flowers, yellow centers
f. 'Mango Tango' - 2-3', deep green foliage, bicolor blooms of
mango and rose, best color in cool weather
f. 'Pink Beauty' - 2', pink blooms, holds color well in heat
f. 'Primrose Beauty' - 2', pale yellow, gray-green foliage
3 Gal.
Deciduous shrub forms
x cistena 6-10', large shrubby habit intense reddish purple
foliage and fragrant pink blooms
3 Gal.
N. maritima 6-8', dense growing shrub, white blooms in May
followed in Aug. by edible purple fruit, salt-tolerant
5 Gal.
Evergreen shrub forms
laurocerasus 'Chestnut Hill' - 4' x 4', compact round habit,
evergreen, dark green foliage, white flowers in May
l. 'Etna' - 6' x 6', orange-bronze new leaves in spring, dark
green evergreen foliage, small white fragrant flowers in spring
5 Gal.
l. 'Nana' - 6-8', dense shrubby habit, more compact version
than species, green glossy oval evergreen leaves
10 Gal.
l. 'Otto Luykens' - 4', compact, broad spread, free flowering
6 Gal.
10 Gal.
l. 'Schipkaensis' - 6', narrow leaves, tall vase shape, hardy
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
Tree forms - Edible
avium 'Bing Cherry' - 20', dark red skin, firm purple flesh,
good for eating or pies/canning
a. 'Montmorency' - 10-15' x 8-10', compact oval habit, the
best pie cherry, clusters of white blooms in early spring, bright
orange-red tart cherries, self-fertile
persica 'Contender' - 8-10', upright spreading habit, good
cold-hardy cv, self-pollinating and heavy bearing, pink blooms
are followed by medium free-stone fuzzy red and gold fruit with
firm sweet juicy peach colored non-browning flesh, gives
Southern Peach cultivars a run for their money
p. 'Redhaven' - 20', red skin, nearly fuzz-free, firm gold flesh
10 Gal.
Tree forms - Ornamental
cerasifera 'Crimson Pointe' - 20-25' x 5-6', narrow habit,
white flowers early spring, glossy bronze-maroon foliage, small
ornamental fruit in summer
15 Gal.
c. 'Mt. St. Helens' - 20' x 20', umbrella to vase-shaped habit,
reddish purple oval leaves, loads of sweetly scented light pink
single blooms with burgundy eyes in early spring, sport of
'Newport' leafs out earlier and has faster growth
20 Gal.
persica 'Bonfire' - 6', dwarf upright, dark red leaves hold
color, pink-rose flowers mid spring as leaves emerge, full sun
10 Gal.
serrulata 'Kwanzan' - 25-30' x 25-30', vase shape upright
habit, ascending branching and a spreading-rounded crown,
deciduous dark green leaves turn orange-yellow in fall, deep
pink double flowers bloom in pendant clusters in early spring
just before and as the leaves emerge
15 Gal.
s. 'Okame' - 15-20', upright, red buds open to single rose-pink
flowers early spring before leaves emerge, full sun
20 Gal.
subhirtella 'Pendula' - 20', weeping with pale pink flowers
15 Gal.
20 Gal.
s. 'Snow Fountain' 20', weeping with snow white flowers
15 Gal.
54' Graft 20 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
x 'Yedoensis' - 30-40', upright spreading broad rounded habit,
graceful branches covered in a profusion of pink tinged white
cherry blossoms in early spring before leaves emerge, blooms
are followed by small black bitter flavored cherries enjoyed by
birds, toothed oval green leaves turn bronzy yellow in fall
15 Gal.
'Mohave' - 8' x 8', dense upright habit, thorned branches,
glossy dark green leaves, clusters of white flowers in spring
followed by vibrant orange-red fruits, evergreen
5 Gal.
(Esp.) 5 Gal.
'Teton' - 10-15' x 10-15', dense upright habit, thorned
branches, white flower clusters in spring followed by yellow
orange fruit in fall and winter, evergreen
(3' cylinder) 10 Gal.
'Yukon Belle' - 8-10' x 6-8', compact, thorned branches,
glossy dark green leaves are gray felted underneath, small
white blossoms, followed by small flattened green berries
ripening to gold or red-orange
5 Gal.
(Esp.) 5 Gal.
Edible varieties
communis 'Bartlett' - 10' x 8', upright oval habit, white early
spring blossoms, pears have gold-yellow skin blushed with
brownish red, smooth white flesh late summer
c. 'Bosc' - 10-20' x 5-10', green pointed oval leaves, white
spring flowers, tiny speckles on long necked fruit, ripens early
fall, stores well, white flesh with sweet flavor when ripe
10 Gal.
Ornamental varieties
faurei 'Korean Sun' - 12' x 15', compact round habit, glossy
leaves, clusters of white blooms in late spring after leaves
emerge, tan fruit in summer, bright scarlet fall color
15 Gal.
robur 'Skinny Genes' - 40-45' x 8-10', tight very narrow habit,
glossy, dark green foliage, stays clean and mildew resistant
until turning yellow in fall
15 Gal.
Small leaf evergreen varieties
'Blue Baron' - 3' x 2', dense, compact, nearly-blue blooms
early - midseason, glossy foliage turns bronze in winter
3 Gal.
'Bubblegum' - 4-5' x 4-5', round habit, small dark green
leaves, bubblegum pink blooms on red stems in mid spring
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
'Cherry Cheesecake' - 4-5', rounded well-branched habit,
trusses of white blooms with wide bubble gum pink margins
and raspberry blotches on upper petals, narrow oval dark olive
green evergreen leaves
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
'Dark Lord' - 5-8', rounded well-branched habit, trusses of
sangria red ruffled trumpets, narrow glossy dark green
evergreen leaves
3 Gal.
diversipilosum 'Milky Way' - 2-3' x 2-3', upright compact
habit, narrow leathery deep green foliage, small white flowers
early May, part shade
3 Gal.
'Landmark' - 5' x 5', dark pink almost red flowers
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
maximum 'Independence' - 8-12', rounded well-branched
habit, less open and with larger trusses of clear pink blooms up
to six weeks later than species, dark olive green leaves
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
'Miyama Gold Prinz' - 30-36' x 36-42", compact low mounded
habit, yak cross with trusses of rose-washed apricot to yellow
buds open to small wavy trumpets of butter yellow with
raspberry speckles on upper petals, dark olive glossy leaves
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
'Miyama Mendosina' - 30-36' x 36-42", compact low mounded
habit, yak cross has large trusses of violet red ruffled trumpets
with dark raspberry blotch on upper petal in mid spring
2 Gal.
'Olga Mezitt' - 8', clear pink flowers with rusty speckles,
blooms just after 'PJM' finishes, shiny bright green aromatic
leaves slightly reflexed, turns bronze copper in winter
'PJM Elite' - 4', compact and neater growing than 'PJM',
lavender blooms in early April, deep plum winter foliage color
3 Gal.
'Patty Bee' - 24", compact mounding habit, small dark green
leaves, yellow funnel-shaped flowers emerge in April
2 Gal.
yakusimanum hybrids - dense and compact, flower buds
change color as they open creating multi-colored effect
y. 'Fantastica' - 3' x 4', intensely colored, light red blooms
have pale pink centers
3 Gal.
y. 'Golden Torch' - 20-30" x 36-48", low compact mounded
habit, in late spring trusses of coral pink buds open to salmon
washed yellow which ages to butter yellow, small matte deep
olive green oval leaves
2 Gal.
y. 'Ken Janek' - 3', pale pink blooms edged with darker pink,
new growth is pale silver
2 Gal.
y. 'Percy Wiseman' - 3' x 4', raspberry buds open light peach,
yellow & white, May - June
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
y. 'Prince' - deep pink buds open light pink, has much better
foliage than 'Princes
2 Gal.
y. 'Solidarity' - 3-4' x 5-6', low compact mounded habit, in late
spring trusses of rosy pink buds open to clear deep pink ruffled
trumpets which age to pink and white, matte olive green leaves
2 Gal.
Large leaf evergreen varieties
'Anah Krushke' - 6' x 6', compact habit, lavender blue to
purple flowers in tight trusses early summer
cat 'Album' - 6-7', upright round habit, lavender buds open
white, mid-late season
cat 'Boursault' - 4-5', mounding habit, evergreen foliage, dark
purple buds, deep lavender flowers with red-brown blotched
'Chionoides' - 4', low spreading habit, white flowers
'Cunningham's White' - 4-5', round habit, glossy dark green
leaves, loose clusters of small funnel-shaped white flowers,
burgundy and buff markings on upper lobes
'Edith Bosley' - 4-6' x 4-6', upright, round form, purple flowers
with dark flair
'Minnetonka' - 4', mounded habit, lavender blooms with
orange- yellow speckles
'Nova Zembla' - 6', vigorous upright habit, bright red flowers
'Purple Passion' - 5', dense rounded habit, huge trusses of
neon violet blooms in late May
'Roseum Elegans' - 6-10', dense habit, large, clusters of
broad, open, bell-shaped flowers of lavender-pink
'Roseum Pink' - 5' x 6', upright broad habit, clear, pale-pink
flowers bloom in spring, dark green foliage
5 Gal.
6 Gal. 24-30"
10 Gal. 30-36"
10 Gal. 36-42"
RHUS * - ** SU - SE
N.C. aromatica 'Gro-Lo' - 2' x 6', spreading ground cover,
glossy foliage turns orange-red in fall, yellow blooms in early
spring, very tough and low maintenance
3 Gal.
N.C. typhina 'Tiger Eyes' - 6', upright stems with flat crown of
foliage, deep cut leaflets emerge chartreuse, turn yellow in
summer then red, orange, and yellow in fall, chartreuse blooms
in terminal panicles followed by velvety red fruit
3 Gal.
6 Gal.
Wherever possible we have tried to select disease resistant
varieties with a long blooming season and beautiful foliage.
Climbing varieties
'Cloud 10' - 7-8' x 5', full pure white flowers, similar to English
roses with heavy bloom in spring, repeating throughout the
season, especially resistant to black spot
'Don Juan' - 10', large fragrant velvety deep red
'Eden Climber' - deep green foliage, pastel pink and cream
large old fashioned-looking blend
** New For 2018 **
'Fourth of July' - 10-14' x 5-6', vigorous habit, profuse clusters
of sweetly scented semi-double to double ruffled blooms in
splashed patterns of red and white
** New For 2018 **
'Good Day Sunshine' - 8-10' x 5-6', rambling habit, clusters
of ruffled scalloped double blooms in fade-free sunny yellow
'Joseph's Coat' - buds open yellow, outer petals mature
orange to deep coral-pink
** New For 2018 **
'Lady in Red' - 8-10' x 6-8', rambling vigorous habit, clusters
of large fragrant ruffled double blooms of scarlet red which
fade to salmon pink, repeat bloomer
** New For 2018 **
'Morning Magic' - 12' x 6-8', rambling habit, clusters of shell
pink single ruffled blooms fade to cream as they age, sweetly
honey-rose scented blooms continue throughout season,
extremely resistant to black spot
'New Dawn' - fragrant pale pink, dark leathery foliage
'Pretty In Pink Eden' - 12', glossy foliage, double ruffled deep
pink, fragrant, repeating, disease resistant
** New For 2018 **
'Royal Gold' - 8-10' x 6-8', rambling habit, sturdy stems of fully
double tea-like blooms are bright lemon yellow, fruity-scented
fragrant flowers rebloom throughout season
** New For 2018 **
'William Baffin' - 8-10' x 3-6', Pillar Rose with excellent
disease resistance has hot pink semi-double fragrant blooms
from late spring to early summer, blooms on new wood,
deadhead to prolong bloom time, very cold-hardy, glossy deep
green foliage, can be grown as a shrub if pruned
3 Gal.
'White Dawn' - 10-12', fragrant white
'Zephirine Drouhin' - thornless, pink blooms, fragrant
3 Gal.
(Staked) 5 Gal.
(Trellis) 9 Gal.
David Austin Roses
** New For 2018 **
'D. A. Benjamin Britten' - 4' x 3', upright vigorous habit,
peony-like ruffled cerise rosettes have intense fruity fragrance
with hints of pear and wine, reblooms throughout summer,
dark green foliage
** New For 2018 **
'D. A. Claire Austin' - 4.5', upright to arching vigorous habit,
ruffled cupped peony-like creamy white blooms have strong
spicy fragrance laced with vanilla and meadowsweet, reblooms
throughout summer, good disease resistance on dark green
'D. A. Generous Gardener' - 5' x 3-4', upright, can also climb,
deep green, glossy foliage, disease resistant, flowers are soft
pink at center, pale pink outer petals
'D. A. Gertrude Jekyll' - 5', tall pillar type, deep carmine pink
peony-like blooms, intense Damask fragrance
'D. A. Graham Thomas' - 6', vigorous upright habit, large rich
yellow cup shaped blooms, tea rose fragrance
** New For 2018 **
'D. A. Jubilee Celebration' - 4' x 4', upright to arching
vigorous habit, ruffled cupped deliciously fragrant blooms in
salmon pink, reblooms throughout summer
** New For 2018 **
'D. A. The Lady Gardener' - 4' x 3', upright vigorous habit,
peony-like deliciously tea-scented blooms of apricot with hints
of golden yellow, reblooms throughout summer
** New For 2018 **
'D. A. The Poets Wife' - 4' x 3.5', upright vigorous habit,
cupped ruffled non-fading bright yellow blooms with rich fruity
fragrance, reblooms throughout summer
3 Gal.
(Trellis) 9 Gal.
'Home Run' - 4' x 4', large shrub, true red single flowers,
continuous bloom, resistance to mildew and black spot
'Iceberg' - large double white, light green glossy foliage
3 Gal.
Knockout Roses
'Blushing Knockout' - single pale pink slightly ruffled
** New For 2018 **
'Coral Knockout' - 36-54', upright rounded shrubby habit,
clusters of semi-double blooms in salmon to coral pink, blooms
freely throughout season above glossy green disease resistant
'Double Knockout' - double cherry-red blooms
'Double Pink Knockout' - 3" double hot pink
'Knockout' - 3-4', cherry-red single, light spicy scent, disease
resistant, blue-green foliage turns maroon in fall
** New For 2018 **
'Peachy Knockout' - 3', upright rounded shrubby habit,
clusters of semi-double blooms are blushing peachy pink,
blooms freely above glossy green disease resistant foliage
'Pink Knockout' - 3' x 4' wide open, hot pink semi-double
'White Knockout' - pure-white, fragrant, yellow anthers, more
compact alternative to Iceberg, excellent resistance to black
3 Gal.
(Tree) 5 Gal.
Compact shrub roses
'The Fairy' - 30", mounded habit, tiny double light pink
3 Gal.
rugosa - puckered leaves, large fragrant flowers mid-late
summer, bright red rose hips, salt/drought-tolerant
r. 'Alba' - large single white
r. 'Rubra' - large single reddish purple
r. 'Therese Bugnet' - lilac pink, moderately fragrant
r. 'Purple Pavement' - 30", deep mauve-purple semi double
fragrant blooms with yellow hearts, disease-resistant deep
green foliage, large bright red hips
3 Gal.
Trailing or groundcover roses
'Drift' Series - 15" x 24", cross between full size groundcover
and miniature roses, tough, disease resistant repeat bloomers
with spreading mounding habit
'Apricot Drift' - 12-15" x 20-24", vigorous spreading,
mounding habit, double apricot flowers bloom spring
throughout summer
'Coral Drift' - 12-15" x 20-24", double coral flowers bloom
spring throughout summer
'Peach Drift' - full double soft peach, yellow centers
'Pink Drift' - semi-double to double deep pink, lighter centers
'Red Drift' - double, red blooms
'Sweet Drift' - 12-15" x 20-24", very tight, double bright pink
flowers bloom spring throughout summer
'White Drift' - 12-15" x 20-24", double white flowers bloom
spring throughout summer
3 Gal.
'Flower Carpet' Series - 2-3' x 40", abundant small semi-
double blooms, glossy dark green disease resistant foliage,
vigorous arching spreading habit, self-cleaning
'F. C. Amber' - double, deep yellow blooms, yellow centers
'F. C. Appleblossom' - pale pink blooms, yellow centers
'F. C. Coral' - double, deep coral blooms
'F. C. Pink' - double, pink blooms
'F. C. Pink Supreme' - double vibrant lipstick pink blooms
'F. C. Red' - double red blooms
'F. C. White' - double white
'F. C. Yellow' - double sunny clear yellow
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
Mini trees - 2', rounded bushy habit trained onto 18" standard
with miniature blooms and small glossy green leaves
'Cutie Pie' - 2.5-3' blooms are larger than the average mini
rose, miniature tearose-like blooms in shades of pink and
apricot with hints of yellow
'Diamond Eyes' - 2-3', ruffled double blooms are velvety
purple with striking white center blotch and strong rose-allspice
'Lemon Drop' - 2-3', ruffled lemon yellow double blooms with
light fruity fragrance
'Tiddly Winks' - 2-3', pointed golden buds edged with deep
pink open to ruffled miniature double blooms of hot pink with
glowing apricot center aging to soft salmon and creamy yellow
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
'At Last' - 3', bushy vigorous upright habit, Floribunda type,
clusters of cupped double blooms in honeyed apricot with hints
of yellow deep within, deep green disease-resistant foliage
2 Gal.
'Sea Foam' - vigorous rambling habit, covered with clouds of
small double snowy white blooms
3 Gal.
Edible all N.C.
'Chester' - 3-5' x 3-5', semi-erect arching habit, clusters of
pinkish white flowers in early spring followed by juicy edible
blackberries in summer
'Prime Ark Freedom' - 4-10' x 6-9', thornless fruiting
blackberry, fruits first and second year, potentially having two
harvests in one season, very large fruits
'Raspberry Shortcake' - 2-3' x 2-3.5', compact, slight
cascade, bronze new growth ages to mid green, white blooms
late spring, large sweet red fruit mid-summer, thornless, bred
for containers, spreads slightly larger in the landscape
** New For 2018 **
'Rocking Double Raspberry' - 5-6', upright suckering habit,
upright thorny canes bloom on both new and old wood for a
summer crop of large juicy tart berries followed by a fall crop,
improved 'Heritage'-type cultivar with increased production and
larger berries
2 Gal.
calycinoides 'Emerald Carpet' - 8" x 4', prostrate habit, rough
textured foliage turns burgundy in fall
1.5 Gal.
Shrub forms
integra 'Flamingo' - 5-6' x 4-5', bright pink new foliage on
cascading branches shades of pink white and pale green last
all summer
3 Gal.
i. 'Hakuro Nishiki' - 4', low arching habit, new leaves emerge
in striking white green and pink
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
Std. 15 Gal.
matsudana 'Golden Curls' - 20-30' x 15-20', fast growing,
gold-bark branches are twisted and pendulous, non-invasive,
glossy, forest green foliage turns yellow in fall
6 Qt.
Cut back all varieties annually to curb rampant growth and
maintain the brightest color.
N.C. nigra 'Black Lace' - 5-6', upright habit with delicate lacy
texture, wispy threadlike foliage is colored deep purple, nearly
black, large flattened clusters of fragrant light pink blooms in
N.C. n. 'Black Tower' - 8-12' x 3-4', upright, dark chocolate-
purple foliage is deepest in full sun, new growth is lime green,
large clusters of tiny pink flowers, black berries in fall
** New For 2018 **
N.C. n. 'Instant Karma' - 6-8', upright shrubby habit, improved
variegated cultivar has creamy white edged green dissected
foliage, large flat panicles of tiny fragrant white blooms will
produce small purple-black berries if a pollinizer like' Black
Lace' or 'Black Beauty' is planted nearby, berries highly
attractive to birds and can be made into wine
N.C. racemosa 'Lemony Lace' - 3-5' x 3-6', deeply cut lacy
gold and green foliage keeps color through summer, produces
deep red berries
3 Gal.
hookeriana humilis - 15", spreading groundcover, fragrant
white blooms March - April, shiny dark foliage, evergreen
1 Gal.
2 Gal.
3 Gal.
15+' in 10 years, pyramidal, thick glossy leathery needles form
a distinctive umbrella rib-like pattern
verticillata 'Green Star' - 5-6' x 2-3', slow growing, thick deep
green needles have blunt tips
v. 'Gruene Kugel' - 30-36" x 18-24", dwarf well branched
compact habit, glossy deep green blunt needles, full sun
v. 'Joe Kozey' - 10-15' x 3-5', narrow habit, whorls of dark
glossy needles circle branches held to the trunk
v. 'Wintergreen' - maintains deep green glossy leaf color
better in winter than species
6 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
japonica - 3-4' x 4-5', dense, broad-leaved evergreen, glossy
long oval foliage, mildly fragrant white flowers in spring, female
form has large red berries in winter
2 Gal.
3 Gal.
SORBARIA ** - *** SU - SE
sorbifolia 'Sem' - 4' x 6', more compact selection has lacy
compound foliage which emerges pinkish red, turning bright
green, large sprays of creamy white appear in summer
3 Gal.
N.C. betulifolia 'Glow Girl' - 3-4', round habit, birch-like yellow
foliage ages to chartreuse, red orange and purple fall color, flat
clusters of small white flowers mid-summer
2 Gal.
japonica 'Double Play Artist' - 2'-3', compact mound, pink
flowers in summer, purple-red new growth in spring
j. 'Double Play Big Bang' - 2-3', compact mounded habit,
foliage emerges bright orange changing to vivid yellow and
back to orange in the fall, huge clusters of bright pink blooms
appear in late spring
j. 'Double Play Blue Kazoo' - 2-3', mounded, apricot and
burgundy new foliage ages to blue-green, hints of wine and red
fall color, clusters of tiny single white flowers in spring, sun to
part shade
** New For 2018 **
j. 'Double Play Painted Lady' - 2-3', mounded habit, lance-
shaped serrated green leaves are liberally splashed with
shades of bright yellow sometimes to the exclusion of the
green, late spring to early summer brings bold clusters of tiny
magenta blooms which contrast well with foliage
3 Gal.
j. 'Gold Mound' - 2-3' x 3-4', compact mound, leaves emerge
gold age to gold-green in summer, with yellow orange and red
fall colors, flat-top small pink flowers late spring
j. 'Magic Carpet' - 1.5', bright red new foliage turns rich gold
3 Gal.
nipponica 'Snowmound' - 4', blue green foliage, pure white
blooms May - June
3 Gal.
thunbergii 'Ogon' (Mellow Yellow) - 4', broad habit, slender
leaves bright yellow changing to chartreuse, white blooms,
salmon orange fall color
3 Gal.
incisa 'Crispa' - 1.5' x 6', dense sprawling habit, finely cut
foliage, 2001 L. I. Hort Soc. Gold Medal Winner
2 Gal.
pseudocamelia - 30', narrow oval habit, large white blooms
with orange anthers, fall color ranges from yellow to red to
reddish purple, also has beautiful bark
15 Gal.
25 Gal.
japonicus - beautiful small tree with broad horizontal
branching habit, pendulous white blooms in May - June
15 Gal.
20 Gal.
j. 'Evening Light' - 8-10' x 4-5', upright vase-shaped, dark
purple to black foliage in full sun, olive green to bronze in
shade, pale pink to white flowers late spring early summer.
10 Gal.
j. 'Fragrant Fountain' - weeping habit, fragrant white flowers
j. ' Marley's Pink Parasol' - 8-10' x 4-5', weeping habit,
oversized foliage turns lemon-yellow in fall, clusters of
pendulous pink bell-shaped flowers open late-May to mid-June
15 Gal.
j. 'Snowcone' - 18-20' x 20-25', multi-stem tiered branches,
dark foliage turns yellow in fall, white bell-shaped flowers mid
to late spring, light fragrance
20 Gal.
All varieties were selected for powdery mildew resistance
Dwarf and mounding varieties
'Bloomerang Dark Purple' - 4-6', compact habit, clusters of
buds open to tiny fragrant lilac-blue flowers in spring, again
mid-summer to mid fall
'Bloomerang Pink Perfume' - 4-5', upright, bushy habit,
heavily fragrant, clusters of reddish purple buds open to soft
pink flowers, blooms heavily in May, after a short rest, flowers
again intermittently until fall
'Bloomerang Purple' - 4-5', compact re-blooming, fragrant
lavender blue blooms in spring and late summer to fall
3 Gal.
meyeri 'Palibin' - 4', compact habit, fragrant light purple
blooms in mid-May, small wavy edged leaves
3 Gal.
(Tree form) 10 Gal.
patula 'Miss Kim' - 6', upright rounded habit, pale purple buds
open to fragrant icy lavender-blue blooms, May - June
3 Gal.
7 Gal.
(Tree form) 7 Gal.
Large growing shrub types
chinensis 'Lilac Sunday' - 6-10' x 6-10', vase-like habit, light
lilac-blue very fragrant flowers bloom in May
hyacinthiflora varieties - upright habit, foliage and blooms
look like vulgaris but bloom one week earlier, very fragrant and
mildew resistant
h. 'Angel White' - 6-10' x 4-8', fragrant pure white single
flowers in May
h. 'Declaration' - 8' x 6', large highly fragrant clusters of deep
magenta buds open to blooms of rosy magenta developing
dusty lilac centers as blooms age
h. 'Maiden's Blush' - 12-15' x 8-10', upright bushy habit, early
bloomer, very fragrant clear pink flowers bloom early to mid-
h. 'Pocahontas' - 10', single, reddish purple, early May
h. 'Royal Purple' - 8', double dark purple, May
5 Gal.
Tree forms
reticulata 'Ivory Silk' - 20-25', creamy white, fragrant, single
flowers in dense terminal clusters, blooms later than most
15 Gal.
ramosissima 'Pink Cascade' - 7', upright, pink blossoms like
ostrich plumes in July, fine feathery bright green foliage
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
r. 'Summer Glow' - 12' x 9', upright to arching habit, feathery
silvery blue-green foliage, bright plumes of airy deep pink
panicles are darker and larger than species
5 Gal.
10 Gal.
TAXIODUM ** - *** SU
d. 'Peve Minaret' - 8-10', dwarf upright pyramidal habit, bright
green fern-like foliage turns bright yellows and oranges in fall
6 Gal.
cuspidata 'Dwarf Bright Gold' - 6', broad spreading arching
habit, bright golden foliage, prefers light shade
6 Gal.
c. 'Emerald Spreader' - 30" x 8-10', dense spreading habit,
soft short needles emerge light green aging to deep green
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
c. 'Nana Aurescens' - 24", low mounded habit, bright gold
new growth over deep green older needles, gold winter color
3 Gal.
N.C. occidentalis 'DeGroot's Spire' - 7', columnar habit, deep
green foliage is arranged in twisted fanlike patterns
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
N.C. o. 'Jantar' - 4-6' x 2-3', narrow pyramid habit, gold-yellow
new growth, ages to olive-green, amber winter color
6 Gal.
N.C. o. 'Smaragd' - 10' x 4', semi-dwarf pyramidal habit, bright
green foliage, urn-shaped red-brown cones in fall
6 Gal.
5' 10 Gal.
6' 10 Gal.
5' 15 Gal.
N.C. o. 'Franky Boy' - 4' x 3', teardrop shape, fine thread like
foliage is greenish yellow in summer, orange-bronze in winter
3 Gal.
N.C. orientalis 'Aurea Nana' - 5', dwarf, scale-like golden
yellow foliage in flattened sprays, may bronze up in winter
6 Gal.
N.C. plicata 'Green Giant' - 30-40', dense pyramidal habit,
rich deep green foliage bronzes in winter, deer resistant
15 Gal.
dolobrata 'Nana' - 3', low flat mounds of Thuja-like foliage
5 Gal.
aralioides - 8' x 8', round shrub with glossy leaves spiraling
around branch tips, unusual green starburst flowers late spring
to early summer, protect from winter winds
5 Gal.
15 Gal. Box
Heights listed are for growth you can expect in 10 years
Mounded varieties
N.C. canadensis 'Jeddeloh' 2-3' x 3-4', green weeping
3 Gal.
mertensiana 'Elizabeth' - 3' x 5', blue spreading foliage
3 Gal.
N.C. angustifolium 'Brunswick' - 1' x 2', white bell-shaped
flowers in May, small edible purple-blue berries in summer,
foliage turns brilliant scarlet in fall
1 Gal.
N.C. a. 'Jelly Bean' - 1' x 2', white bell flowers in May, small
blue-purple berries in summer, scarlet and bronze fall color
2 Gal.
N.C. corymbosum varieties - 8', white flowers, plant at least
three varieties for best berry production
3 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. 'Perpetua' - 30' x 24', vase-shaped compact shrubby
habit, the first multi-cropping blueberry, angustifolium x
corymbosum cross blooms first in spring to produce small
sweet berries in mid-summer and blooms again in late summer
for a fall crop, glossy green foliage turns orange to burgundy in
fall and twigs turn coral to red in winter
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N. acerifolium - 3-6' x 2-4', rounded, deciduous, shrub with
medium green maple-like leaves with small black spotting on
undersides, tiny white flat-topped flowers bloom mid to late
spring followed by pea-sized fruit that ripen to bluish-black in
late summer, reddish-purple to magenta fall foliage color
3 Gal.
N.C. dentatum 'Chicago Luster' - 10 x 10', upright arching
habit, flat clusters of white flowers, May - June, followed by
blue-black fruit, glossy dark green foliage turns gold or
burgundy in fall
5 Gal.
N.C. nudum 'Brandywine' - 5-6' x 5-6', compact, new leaves
emerge deep green aging deep red in fall, clusters of white
flowers late spring into summer, green berries turn white and
finally shades of pink and blue
3 Gal.
N.C. n. 'Winterthur' 5-12' x 5-12', upright habit, white
blooms in June, berries change from white to pink then blue,
shiny elongated foliage has red fall color
5 Gal.
plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii' - 10-12' x 12-15, broad
rounded habit, tiered branches with deep green leaves,
clusters of flat-topped snowy white bloom along branches in
mid to late spring, red berries age to black, purple fall color
5 Gal.
p.t. 'Shasta' - 6-8' x 9-12', a smaller, later and longer blooming
version of Mariesii
5 Gal.
p.t. 'Summer Snowflake' - 5-8', dense upright habit, white
lacecap-type flowers in May and sporadically through summer,
red berries age to black, red to burgundy fall color
5 Gal.
pragense - 0-12' x 10-12', upright, multi-stem habit, dark green
leaves, slightly fragrant, white flowers in spring, berries in early
fall first appear red and then change to glossy black
5 Gal.
rhytidophylloides Allegheny - 8-10' x 8-10', dense rounded
habit, long broad rugose leaves, large flat topped creamy
yellow cymes in mid to late spring, bright red fruit gradually
turns black from early to mid-fall
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
agnus castus - 8-10' x 5-8', vase-shape, gray-green leaves,
tiny, pale violet flowers in loose panicles mid to late summer
5 Gal.
a.c. 'Blue Diddley' - 5' x 5', dwarf habit, mint green leaves,
spikes of lavender blue blooms in summer
3 Gal.
florida 'Fine Wine' - 2-4' x 2-4', oblong burgundy-purple
foliage retains good color all season, trumpet-shaped, rose-
pink flowers bloom in spring, with scattered repeat bloom
** New For 2018 **
f. 'Maroon Swoon' - 4-5' x 2-3', shrubby arching habit,
deciduous serrated deep green leaves, cherry red flared tubes
in spring which repeat until frost without dead-heading
f. Tuxedo' - 2-3' x 3-4', compact, deciduous shrub, intensely
dark foliage contrasts dramatically with pure white fragrant
blooms in June
f. 'Spilled Wine' - 3' x 3', spreading habit, deep purple wavy
leaves will not fade, magenta flowers similar to f. 'Wine &
Roses', but this is a smaller plant that is wider than it is tall
3 Gal.
f. 'Wine & Roses' - 4', rose-pink blooms, deep purple foliage
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
dracocephala - 8-12' x 12-16', dense clumping arching to
weeping habit, culms of green, narrow green evergreen
leaves, attractive weeping fronds are non-invasive, considered
delicious by giant pandas everywhere
3 Gal.
nitida 'Jiuzhaigou' - 9'-12', upright clumper, fine-textured
foliage and striking red canes that age to yellow, evergreen
** New For 2018 **
nitida 'Nymphenburg' - 6-10', dense clumping arching to
weeping habit, slender culms of green flushed with purple,
abundant evergreen narrow green lance-like leaves on arching
3 Gal.
rufa - 7', vigorous but compact arching clumps with bright
green foliage, very hardy
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
sp. 'Scabrida' - 12-14', young culms are steel-blue and
lavender with striking orange sheaths, mature culms are 1/2"-
3/4" in diameter and olive green
7 Gal.
bissetii - 20', large clumps form dense canopy, dark green
culms, evergreen foliage, great for containers, extremely cold
hardy, can be invasive
5 Gal.
nigra - 25', culms emerge green aging to black in one to three
years, slender feathery dark green leaves, initially slow to
spread, can be quite vigorous with maturity, can also be
shaped to form a dense wide hedge
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
arguta 'Ananasnaya' (F) - 15-20', twining scrambling habit,
emerald green pointed ovate leaves with red stems, aka
'Anna', clusters of small greenish white bells give rise to small
smooth green fuzzless oval 1' pineapple-citrus flavored fruits
which are eaten skin and all, less acidic than large brown fuzzy
varieties, vine produces 100 plus pounds of fruit once
established, needs male pollinizer 'Hardy Male', use 1 male for
every 6 females, needs sturdy support
(Staked) 15 Gal.
(Trellis) 15 Gal.
kolomikta 'Arctic Beauty' (M) - 12' x 12', need both male and
female for fruit, male vines show splashes of white and pink on
mature green leaves
2 Gal.
AKEBIA *- ***SU - SH
quinata - 20-40', twining habit, palmate leaves are dark green
with blue-green undersides, small clusters of vanilla-scented
chocolate colored flowers bloom in spring followed by
cylindrical purple fruit
5 Gal.
q. 'Shiro Bana' - 15-30' x 6-10', fast-growing semi-evergreen
twining vine, leaves are dark green with blue-green
undersides, sausage-shaped fruits and small, clustered,
vanilla-scented white flowers bloom in spring
5 Gal.
q. 'Silver Bells' - 20-40', fragrant white blooms
2 Gal.
q. 'Variegata' - 20-40', purple blooms, variegated foliage
4 Qt.
N. durior (macrophylla) - twining vine, large pale green heart
shaped leaves form a dense fast growing screen, unique pipe-
like blooms
2 Gal.
N. capreolata - 35-50' x 10', attaches by tendrils with clinging
discs, evergreen opposite compound leaves, clusters of large
orange-red trumpets in late summer
4 Qt.
N.C. c. 'Tangerine Beauty' - 20', large trumpet shaped
blooms with broadly flared tangerine-red petals from late
spring to early summer
5 Gal.
N.C. radicans 'Atomic Red' - 20-30' x 10', vigorous clinging
vine, dark red buds open to carmine-red tubular flowers
2 Gal.
N.C. r. 'Balboa Sunset' - 30-40', intense scarlet-red blooms in
clusters up to 12" long, July - Sept., pollution tolerant, attractive
to hummingbirds
5 Gal.
N.C. r. 'Flamenco' - 20-30', fiery orange blooms, July - Sept.
N.C. r. 'Flava' - 30', bright yellow tubular blooms in summer
x tagliabuana 'Mme. Galen' - clinging deciduous vine, bright
deep reddish orange tubular blooms all summer
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
Twining vine, attaches by curling leaf petioles, abundant large
showy blooms in a rainbow of colors, varying period of bloom
Large blooming hybrids
'Jackmanii Superba' - 10', profuse deep velvety purple
4 Qt.
'Raymond Evison' Series - developed for smaller gardens
and containers, vines are compact and heat tolerant
'R. E. Diamantina' - 7-8' x 3-6', massive 7" rich violet blue
pom-poms in early summer, reblooms in early fall
'R. E. Josephine' - 6-8', 5" double blooms with magenta pink
base petals surrounding lilac-pink pom-pom centers, base
petals fall away with age to leave fluffy centers
'R. E. Rebecca' - 6-8', true bright red with cream-colored
anthers cover this climber not once but twice a season
'R. E. Samaritan Jo' - 4-5', leathery, dark green foliage,
layered white petals with purple margins, blooms May to Sept.
'Sapphire Indigo' - 3', deep violet flowers that repeat bloom all
summer long
2 Gal.
'Vancouver' Series - easy-to-grow, large-flowers, compact
habit, fragrant, flowers in spring, again in summer, unique
colors, thrives well in containers
'V. Danielle' - 5-7' x 2-4', compact habit, dark foliage, large
purple-blue flowers with reddish bar through petal centers and
red-tipped stamens, blooms late spring and early fall
'V. Fragrant Star' - 6-8' x 2', compact habit, dark green foliage,
large frosty white, vanilla-scented flowers, purple stamen,
blooms late spring and early fall
'V. Starry Nights' - 6-10' x 2', compact habit, dark green
foliage, purple-blue flowers with red shimmer highlights,
biggest bloom flush early spring to summer, repeating in fall
3 Gal.
5 Gal.
montana hybrids
m. 'Freda' - small cherry-pink blooms with dark edges,
bronzed foliage, protect from late winter winds
5 Gal.
m. 'Grandiflora' - 12-20', small profuse white vanilla-scented
blooms 2-3" across with yellow anthers
m. 'Mayleen' - fragrant satiny pink blooms, bronze foliage
4 Qt.
m. 'Rubens' - early bloom, silver-pink single blooms, bronze
5 Gal.
Small blooming hybrids
tangutica - abundant tiny bright yellow blooms, June-July
4 Qt.
texensis 'Princess Diana' - 6-8', oval leaves, deep magenta
pink tulip-shaped flowers from summer continually into fall
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
N. virginiana 12-15', vigorous and fine textured, bright green
trifoliate leaves, tiny white blooms in Aug.. followed by silky
feathery seed heads, a native alternative for C. ternifolia, the
invasive Sweet Autumn Clematis
viticella varieties - disease resistant varieties, clings to
support by twisted petioles, masses of small blooms June -
Sept., cut back in early spring
v. 'Betty Corning' - 6-7', fragrant nodding light blue flowers
with reflexed petals
v. 'Carmencita' - 10-12', satiny red flowers with dark purple
v. 'Etoile Violette' - violet bell shaped blooms
4 Qt.
N.C. sempervirens 'Margarita' - 10-20, fragrant, clear yellow
blossoms in early summer
4 Qt.
HEDERA * - ***SE - SH
helix - 12", slow to establish, prostrate habit until it finds
something to climb, then watch out, glossy green leaves
1 Gal.
3 Gal. Stk.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. l. 'Cascade' - 20' x 4-6', vigorous climber with veined
green leaves, elongated hops fruits in late summer
2 Gal.
N.C. l. 'Nugget' - 15-30', vigorous twining habit, deep green
lobed foliage is slightly raspy in texture, chartreuse to golden
yellow fruits are considerably longer than most other cvs, best
Hops for Home Brewing, dies to ground each winter, host plant
to many native butterflies and moths
2 Gal.
HYDRANGEA ** - *** SE - SH
anomala petiolaris - 30', clinging vine, needs coarse surface
to climb, white flower clusters in summer, large shiny leaves
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
10 Gal.
(Esp.) 5 Gal.
a. p. 'Miranda' - glossy dark green leaves with bold irregular
gold margins, which become more distinct as plant matures,
sweetly fragrant white blooms in large flat-topped clusters
5 Gal.
x heckrotti (Gold Flame) - 10-15', clusters of multi-color
blooms, rose pink & pale yellow, blue-green foliage, summer
4 Qt.
5 Gal.
periclymenum 'Berries Jubilee' -15-20', fast grower, fragrant
yellow flowers followed by bright red berries, blooms late
summer into fall
p. 'Scentsation' - 10' x 5', many clusters of highly scented
clear yellow blooms begin in mid-spring continuing in waves
through summer and into fall, bright red berries in fall
p. 'Serotina' - purple buds open to fragrant yellow blooms,
July-Sept., mildew resistant purple-green foliage
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. sempervirens 'Magnifica' - 10-20' x 3-6', twinging
habit, medium bluish green oval leaves are semi-evergreen,
hummingbirds find the golden apricot throated fiery orange
tubular blooms particularly attractive, clusters bloom primarily
from May to June, with periodic reblooms throughout summer
into fall, orange-red berries in early fall attract other birds
5 Gal.
N.C. s. 'Major Wheeler' - 8', red trumpet shaped flowers, late
spring through fall, blue green foliage
2 Gal.
N.C. s. 'Mandarin' - 15-20', copper-burgundy spring foliage
ages to dark green, narrow orange tubes with yellow interiors
5 Gal.
N. quinquefolia - vine, dark green leaves turn bright scarlet in
fall, blue-black fall berries are beloved by birds
2 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Red Wall' - 30' x 10', green foliage turns to fire-engine
red in fall, small clusters of blue fruit in fall
5 Gal.
(Trellis) 15 Gal.
N.C. q. 'Star Showers' - 30-50' x 5-10', creamy white leaves
speckled with green, pink and red fall color
5 Gal.
tricuspidata 30-50', vine, bright green leaves turn scarlet in
2 Gal.
t. 'Green Showers' - very large glossy leaves, rich burgundy
fall color
5 Gal.
t. 'Veitchii' - small serrated leaves, intense crimson fall color
5 Gal.
aubertii - twining vine, will climb anything, and cover it fast,
covered with lacy masses of tiny white blooms late summer
4 Qt.
hydrangeoides 'Moonlight' - 30-40', droopy white
blossoms deep and green leaves with prominent silver
h. 'Roseum' - blooms tinted with rose
2 Gal.
5 Gal.
15 Gal.
h. 'Rose Sensation' - 40-50', deep green foliage, blooms
resemble lacecap hydrangeas, pink outer florets shade to
cream, inner flowers are ivory to pale green
2 Gal. Stk.
jasminoides 'Madison' - 10-12', lustrous dark green leaves,
clusters of intensely fragrant pure white windmill-like blooms
appear beginning in late spring, winter hardy with protection
1 Gal.
5 Gal.
Grapes are vigorous, highly ornamental vines that require
strong support
N.C. labrusca 'Eastern Concord' - 20-30', textured deep
green leaves, green flowers in June, medium clusters of blue-
black grapes late summer to early fall
5 Gal.
vinifera Canadice - 15-20', serrated heart shaped leaves,
seedless red table grapes ripen early fall, self-pollinating
N.C. 'Concord Seedless' - 15-20', blue-black seedless fruit,
excellent for pies jams jelly and fresh eating, ripens in Sept.
N.C. 'Lakemont Seedless' - 15-20', green to golden, juicy,
crisp table grape, ripens 10-20 days before 'Concord'
2 Gal.
'Reliance Seedless' - 15-20' x 15-20', vigorous vines produce
generous clusters of juicy, flavorful, deep red seedless grapes,
blooms late to avoid spring frost, mildew and disease-resistant,
ripens in Aug., self-pollinating
2 Gal. Stk.
WISTERIA D2 * - *** SU
Twining vine, will climb any structure, huge cascades of pastel
pea-like flowers bloom April-May, all varieties are grafted
floribunda 'Honbeni' - 12-14' pink racemes, prolific bloomer
f. 'Lawrence' - 20-25' x 18-20, climbing habit, not self-clinging,
will need support, mint green compound leaves, large sprays
of pea-like flowers with pale lavender blue banner and light
violet blue wings bloom spring
** New For 2018 **
f. 'Longissima Alba' - 15-30' x 15-18', vigorous twining habit,
can be trained as upright tree, new growth emerges bronzy
yellow changing to yellowish green with yellow fall color, very
long (to 24") pure white pea-like flowers bloom late spring to
early summer followed by attractive fuzzy elongated flattened
bean-like pods
5 Gal.
('Longissima') 15 Gal.
f. 'Royal Purple' - fragrant deep violet
f. 'Texas Purple' - deep violet purple blooms
f. 'Violacea Plena' - 25-30', x 20-24', yellow-green leaves, long
trains of bi-colored blue and lilac fragrant blossoms mid spring
5 Gal.
7 Gal.
(Tree form) 15 Gal.
(Trellis) 15 Gal.
mollis 'Latifolius' - 4' x 2', dense clumps, purple shrouded
white flowers, dense and more compact than species, deep
glossy broad green leaves
** New For 2018 **
m. 'Oak Leaf' - 3-5' x 3-4', upright clumping habit, rosettes of
lustrous deep green oakleaf-shaped foliage, tall spikes of
flattened foxglove-like pale lilac blooms in late spring to
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
m. 'Whitewater' - 26", large deeply cut deep green leaves
boldly splashed and edged in white, 4' flower stalks of pink and
cream appear in summer
1 Gal.
spinosissimus - 3-4', mauve-pink flowers with purple bracts,
finely dissected silvery green leaves
1 Gal.
'Coronation Gold' - 36-40", flat heads of bright yellow blooms
appear early to mid-summer, fern-like gray-green foliage
1 Gal.
N.C. millefolium hybrids - large blooms on strong stems,
feathery bright green foliage, June-Sept.
m. 'Apple Blossom' - 18-24", soft pink flat clusters age to pale
dusty rose, early to mid-summer
m. 'Paprika' - 18", bright paprika red flower clusters
m. 'Peachy Seduction' - 18-24" x 18-24", flat clusters of small
peachy pink flowers fade to cream as they age
m. 'Pomegranate' - 30" x 30", deep pomegranate-red
** New For 2018 **
'Little Moonshine' - 18-24", compact matting habit, rosettes of
deeply dissected ferny aromatic silvery gray-green foliage give
rise to flat topped clusters of tiny lemon yellow blooms
'Moonshine' - 18-24", large soft yellow blooms
ptarmica 'Noblessa' - 12", small bright white double flowers
1 Gal.
2 Gal.
m. 'New Vintage Rose' - 12-14" x 18-24", upright habit,
compact, ferny foliage, heavy flowering, large clusters of tiny
rose colored flowers, holds color for weeks
'Utah' - 2" x 5", ferny green foliage, white to pink flowers, with
yellow centers, blooms April to July
carmichaelii 'Arendsii' - 2-4', erect upright habit, green glossy
foliage, deep violet hooded flowers spikes, blooms mid-fall
1 Gal.
'Lapis Lazuli' - 12" x 24" upright habit, small heads of bright
violet-blue flowers on erect stems, blooms July-Aug.
'Midnight Blue' - 24" mounded habit, long slender green
leaves, dark midnight-blue clusters of blooms from June-Aug.
1 Gal.
Upright shrubby habit, abundant long lasting slender flower
spikes, aromatic foliage, requires perfect drainage
** New For 2018 **
aurantiaca 'Tango' - 15", upright habit, grayish green leaves
with light mint scent, spikes with long tubular fiery orange
flowers, blooms early summer to mid fall
1 Gal.
'Black Adder'- 30", smoky violet blooms mid-summer to fall,
bright green peppermint scented leaves, butterfly magnet
1 Gal.
'Blue Fortune' - 30", large puffy spikes of powdery blue
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
'Desert Solstice' - 32-36" x 16-18", semi-dwarf form, mix of
orange and pink tubular flowers gives a mauve glow in the late
afternoon sun, blooms late summer to fall
4 Qt.
'Purple Haze' - 24-36", smoky blue-violet spikes, July to frost,
extremely long lasting flowers
1 Gal.
pyramidalis 'Metallica Crispa' - 6" x 12", low spreading habit,
small cobalt blue spikes from mid to late spring, tight rosettes
of deep bronze-purple foliage with metallic sheen
reptans 'Black Scallop' - 4-6", prostrate spreading clumps of
dark eggplant colored foliage, short spikes of deep blue
blooms from late spring - early summer
r. 'Bronze Beauty' - 4", tiny blue flower spikes in late spring,
deep bronze foliage, fast growing
r. 'Burgundy Glow' - 4", green white and rose foliage, not as
vigorous as the species
r. 'Catlin's Giant' - 10", very large purple-bronze leaves
r. 'Chocolate Chip' - 4", small chocolate colored leaves, deep
violet blue flower spikes
r. 'Mahogany' - 6", vigorous grower with glossy nearly purple-
black leaves turn rich mahogany
r. 'Purple Brocade' - 6-8" x 12-24", slow grower, thick purplish
leaves with brocaded texture, dark blue-purple flowers
Flat/24 (2.5"cells)
('Black Scallop') Flat/24 (2.5" cells)
incisa 'Frosted Jade'- 12-16" x 15-18", clumping, variegated
with cream-yellow margins, violet-blue flowers late spring
3 Qt.
'Springs Celebrity' - 36-42" x 12", bushy dwarf plants that
produce an abundance of large double blooms, available in
'Carmine/Rose', 'Crimson', 'Lemon', 'Pink' & 'Purple'
1 Gal.
erythropoda - 6", lime green blooms May-July, soft blue green
leaves, compact habit
5 Pt.
mollis - 15", clouds of tiny chartreuse blooms in June, large
velvety bright green leaves
1 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
m. 'Thriller' - 24" slightly larger mounded habit and more
prolific bloomer than the species, broad mounds of large
slightly hairy leaves topped with abundant billowy cymes of tiny
chartreuse blooms appear in June, deer and rabbit resistant
2 Gal.
aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' - 20-30", tiny violet red
flowers compressed into round baseball sized globe
** New For 2018 **
christophii 20" strap-shaped grey-green leaves form basel
clumps, exotic blooms are massive starburst umbels of pale
lavender to amethyst appearing on 15-25" stems in mid spring
1 Gal.
giganteum 'Globemaster' - 36-48", green strap-like leaves,
huge, violet purple spheres with numerous tiny star-shaped,
deep lilac flowers, blooms May and June
2 Gal.
** 2018 P.P.A. Plant of the Year **
'Millenium' - 12", compact upright habit, 2" rose-purple globes
on 18" stems, July-Aug., glossy green, twisted leaves remain
attractive all season long
1 Gal.
senescens - 20" x 8", green strappy leaves, clusters of
lavender pink flowers in early to mid-summer, edible
s. glaucum - 12", small flat globes of lilac blooms, curly flat
gray-green foliage
** New For 2018 **
sphaerocephalon - 14", clumps of hollow grey-green grass-
like leaves, oblong clover-like blooms rise on 24-30" stems in
late spring, emerging deep green maturing from top to bottom
in mid-summer to rose purple to pink creating a bi-color effect
1 Qt.
tanguticum 'Summer Beauty' - 18-20" x 12-15", clumping
habit, lavender purple flowers above dark green strappy foliage
early to mid-summer, sterile seeds
1 Gal.
N. hubrichtii - 30", long lasting pale blue star shaped blooms
in June - July, fine feathery foliage has bright yellow fall color
N.C. tabernaemontana 'Blue Ice' - 24-30", compact mounded
habit, deep blue blooms lasting almost 5 weeks
1 Gal.
canadensis - 12-24" x 24-30", clumping habit, dissected long-
stalked leaves, open cups of pure white with yellow stamens
on stiff upright stems, late spring to early summer
1 Gal.
hupehensis 'Pretty Lady' Series - 16" x 24", well branched
dwarf anemone with full sized blooms, late summer to fall
h. 'P. L. Diana' - soft pink
h. 'P. L. Emily' - semi-double pink
h. 'P. L. Maria' - single white
1 Gal.
h. 'September Charm' - 30", large single rose pink blooms a
week earlier than the hybrids
2 Gal.
hybrid 'Honorine Jobert' - 36", large single white blooms late
summer to frost
h. 'Queen Charlotte' - 36", silvery, semi-double pink
h. 'Whirlwind' - 48", semi-double white
h. 'Wild Swan' - 18" x 24", white blooms with lavender blue
reverse above deep green foliage from late spring to frost
1 Gal.
(Selected varieties) 2 Gal.
tomentosa 'Robustissima' - 36", single silvery pink blooms
Aug.-Sept., grape-like leaves
2 Gal.
N.C. canadensis - 30", red with yellow corolla, mid spring
5 Pt.
N.C. c. 'Corbett ' - 18", pale yellow blooms
N.C. c. 'Little Lanterns' - 8-10", dwarf, downward facing,
carmine-red with yellow corolla, May-June
flabellata var. pumila - 8-12", dwarf compact habit, semi-erect
light blue with white corolla
1 Gal.
vulgaris - 12-36", upright, green leaves have blue-green
undersides, blue-purple flowers late spring to early summer
v. 'William Guiness' - 30", bushy mound, short spurred
flowers in deep purple and white, mid spring to early summer
5 Pt.
caucasica 'Snowcap' - 8" x 6-24", cushion habit, olive green
leaves, fragrant, small white flowers bloom mid spring to early
summer, evergreen
1 Qt.
c. 'Variegata' - 6-8" x 12-18", mounding, olive-green foliage
with creamy-white splashes, small snow-white flowers bloom
mid spring to early summer, evergreen
ferdinandi-coburgii 'Limedrop' - 4-6", mat-forming, waxy
green leaves with chartreuse centers, semi-evergreen, small
clusters of scented four-petaled white flowers in late spring
f. 'Variegata' - 6-8", olive-green leaves, white edges, small
white flowers bloom mid spring to early summer, evergreen
cordata 'Sun King' - 5' x 6', large golden-chartreuse pinnate
leaves, reddish brown stems, clusters of white flowers bloom
mid-late summer followed by purplish black berries
3 Qt.
2 Gal.
ringens - 24" x 24", two huge glossy trifoliate leaves hover
over a large hooded cobra-like bloom striped green and purple
with a glossy purple interior, spectacular specimen for the
2 Gal.
juniperifolia - 2-4", clumping cushion of needle-like leaves,
soft pink ball flowers bloom late spring to early summer
j. 'Rosa Stolz' - 3", creeping mound, tiny blades of dark green
foliage, lavender ball flowers late spring to late summer
** New For 2018 **
maritima 'Dusseldorf Pride' - 4-6" x 6-12", clumping habit,
dense cushions of needle-like leaves, deep pink balls of
flowers above foliage, blooms late spring to early summer
pseudarmeria 'Ballerina Lilac' - 16-18", tight mounds of
strap-like foliage, lilac flowers on leafless stems, evergreen
p. 'Ballerina Red' - 12-14" x 12-16", small, compact mound,
pompon flowers of deepest red, heavy spring bloom
1 Qt.
schmidtiana 'Silver Mound' - 8", mounded habit, feathery
silver foliage, best if cut back after blooming
stelleriana 'Silver Brocade' - 6", bright silver, deeply lobed
leaves, spreading prostrate habit
1 Gal.
N. dioicus - 4-6', giant cream plumes in July, foliage looks like
a giant Astilbe
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
d. 'Chantilly Lace' - 30" x 42", compact mounded clumping
habit, glossy deep green Astilbe-like leaves, loose airy creamy
white plumes cover plant in early to mid-summer, an extremely
floriferous selection, more compact than species
1 Gal.
arifolium - 8" x 18", arrowhead-shaped, shiny dark green
foliage with silver veins, dark purple flowers early spring
N. canadense - 6", ground cover, large deciduous kidney
shaped leaves are olive green with an iridescent sheen
1 Qt.
3 Qt.
europaeum - 6", shiny leathery evergreen leaves
5 Pt.
splendens 'Quicksilver' - 6-12", deciduous, large dark green
arrow shaped leaves mottled with silver, slow to establish
1 Qt.
N.C. incarnata 'Ice Ballet' - 40", pure white blooms from
June-Aug., longer blooming than the species
2 Gal.
N. tuberosa - 2', upright branching, orange blooms July-Aug.
1 Gal.
2 Gal.
N.C. t. 'Gay Butterflies' - 24-36", upright clump, narrow green
leaves, flowers clusters in shades of yellows reds and oranges
N.C. t. 'Hello Yellow' - 12-24", upright branching, flat-topped
clusters of bright yellow blooms mid to late summer
1 Gal.
N.C. laevis 'Bluebird' - 2-3', upright, arching stems, clusters
of daisy-like violet blue rays and yellow centers, Sept.-Oct.
1 Gal.
** Three New Asters For 2018 **
N.C. Kickin Series - 1-2' x 2-3', bushy compact habit, finely
textured foliage, semi-double daisy-like flowers with bright
yellow centers bloom late summer through mid-fall, attracts
pollinators and birds
'Carmine Red' - bright carmine-magenta
'Lilac Blue' - rich lavender blue
'Sapphire' - lilac blue
2 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
N.C. lateriflorus 'Lady in Black' - 24-36" x 24-36", upright
shrubby habit, dark purple foliage stays attractive throughout
growing season, tiny white asters with rosy centers appear in
dense branching sprays in early fall on rigid purplish stems
1 Gal.
N.C. novae-angliae 'Alma Potchke' - 36", bright hot pink
2 Gal.
N.C. n. a. 'Purple Dome' - 18" x 24", dense compact mound,
deep green leaves, deep purple flowers Sept. through Oct.
2 Gal.
N.C. n. a. 'Vibrant Dome' similar to above with raspberry red
2 Gal.
N.C. novi-belgii 'Wood's Blue' - 12-16" x 12-14", dwarf dense
mounded habit, fine textured green foliage, soft bluish-purple
daisy-like flowers bloom late summer into fall
N.C. n. b. 'Wood's Purple' similar to above with rich purple
daisy-like flowers with yellow centers
2 Gal.
Tall hybrids - 15" and taller
'Bridal Veil' - 24", loose feathery white plumes, June - July
'Delft Lace' - 30" x 30", deep-green waxy lacy foliage, deep
salmon buds open to soft apricot peach blooms
'Deutschland' - 24", dense white plumes, July-Aug.
** New For 2018 **
'Montgomery' - 20-24" x 18-24", lacy glossy deep green
foliage, large full deep cherry red plumes
'Peach Blossom' - 24", soft peachy pink, June
'Rheinland' - 24", rich deep pink, June
1 Gal.
(Selected varieties) 2 Gal.
chinensis varieties - more drought tolerant, later blooming,
with dense fluffy panicles and deeply cut leaves
c. 'Maggie Daley' - 16-20" x 16-20", upright, clump, foliage
emerges bronze-green ages to deep green, tall lavender pink
spires, blooms late spring to summer
c. 'Visions' - 18", long lasting rosy purple, bronze foliage
c. 'Visions in Pink' - 18", pale pink, July-Aug.
c. 'Visions in Red' - 15", red buds open deep reddish pink
** New For 2018 **
c. 'Visions in White' - 6-18" x 12-18", mounded-habit, bronze-
green slightly glossy leaves, large triangular plumes of creamy
white bloom late spring to early summer
1 Gal.
c. taquetii 'Purple Candles' - 48", tall rosy purple, Aug.
2 Gal.
Compact hybrids - up to 15"
'Little Vision' Series - 15" x 15", dwarf upright lacy bronze
leaves, large plumes late summer
c. 'L. V. in Pink' - 14-16" x 14-16", deep rosy pink plumes
c. 'L. V. in Purple' - 16" x 16", lavender plumes, will re-bloom
c. 'Pumila' - 14", lavender-rose, lacy leaves
simplicifolia varieties - compact mounded habit, glossy
foliage and delicate airy panicles in July-Aug.
s. 'Hennie Graafland' - 15", long blooming rose
s. 'Sprite' - 12", soft shell pink
1 Gal.
major 'Abbey Road' - 20-24" x 12-24", clumping habit, deep
green foliage, clusters of dark wine red flowers on tall purple
stems, outer bracts are deep maroon red with lighter center
1 Gal.
N.C. australis 'Purple Smoke' - dusky purple blooms on tall
50" stems, fine textured soft green leaves
1 Gal.
** Four New For 2018 **
N.C. 'Decadence' Series - 2.5-3' x 2.5-3', upright to arching
compact mound, dark blue-green clover-like foliage, pea-like
flowers on showy spikes, blooms mid spring, inflated seed
pods in late summer, attracts hummingbirds and pollinators
'D. Blueberry Sundae' - deep indigo blue
'D. Cherries Jubilee' - wine black buds open to chocolaty
'D. Lemon Meringue' - dark stems with bright yellow blooms
'D. Sparkling Sapphires' - vibrant violet blue
1 Gal.
grandis 'Heron's Pirouette' - 24", loose sprays of pale pink
blooms from Aug.-Sept., green rounded leaves with red veins
and red lower leaf surfaces, increases rapidly by small bulblets
on the stems that drop in the fall and root around the base
g. 'Alba' - white form of above
1 Gal.
** 2 New Bergenia For 2018 **
ciliata - 8-12" x 12-24", slow-growing, forming low broad
clumps of large rounded bristley leathery semi-evergreen
toothed leaves which turn bright red in fall, clusters of pale
pink flowers which darken with age, with rose-pink calyces
bloom early to mid-spring, Marie D.'s favorite
1 Gal.
'Sakura' - 12-14" x 10-12", low clumping habit, shiny green
leaves develop rich plum-red tones in winter, tall stems of
bright pink, double to semi-double flowers bloom mid spring
macrophylla - 18", soft clouds of tiny blue blooms in April,
neat mounds of rough textured heart shaped leaves
1 Gal.
m. 'Alexander's Great' - 18", silvery leaves with green veins,
green margins, small clusters of light blue flowers early spring
1 Gal.
m. 'Jack Frost' - 18", large snowy leaves netted with green
veins, bright azure blooms early in spring
1 Gal.
m. 'Looking Glass' - 15 x 18", large silver leaves with a
narrow green margin, delicate azure blooms, April-May
1 Gal.
** New For 2018 **
m. 'Sea Heart' - 8-12" x 12-24", mounded clumping habit,
heart shaped leaves are silvery white with pronounced deep
green veining and margin, mid to late spring, brings sprays of
tiny Forget-me-not type flowers emerging blue and fading to
pink, earlier blooming than 'Jack Frost' with much heavier heat
resistant foliage
m. 'Silver Heart' - 12", silver foliage with green edges and
veins, deep blue flowers in spring
1 Gal.
nepeta 'Blue Cloud' - 12" , spreading habit, mint fragrance,
tiny lavender-blue flowers produced in summer
n. 'White Cloud' - 18", tiny white blooms in early summer
1 Gal.
Prostrate varieties
garganica 'Dickson's Gold' - 6" x 8", vigorous prostrate habit,
lavender-blue star shaped blooms, round leaves with scalloped
edges, bright gold, foliage will fade in too much sun
1 Qt.
portenschlagiana 'Birches Hybrid' - 6", blue-purple blooms
p. 'Resholt' - 6", creeping, large vivid blue bells in summer
poscharskyana 'Blue Waterfall' - 8", cascading habit, large
deep blue star shaped blooms with white centers in June
p. 'E. H. Frost' - 4-6", vigorous spreader, small green leaves,
star-like white flowers with pale-blue eye, late spring
1 Qt.
Upright varieties
** New For 2018 **
'Sarastro' - 18-24" x 18-24", bushy compact habit, mounds of
dark green leaves, bearing upright stems with huge drooping
bells in a rich deep violet-purple shade, long bloom season
early to late summer, a heat-loving hybrid that is not an
aggressive garden thug
3 Qt.
tomentosum - 4", silver mat-like foliage, white star shaped
flowers, blooms May-June
plumbaginoides - 12", spreading ground cover, brilliant blue
blooms Aug.-Oct., deep reddish purple fall foliage
1 Qt.
N.C. lyonii 'Hot Lips' - 24", dense upright habit, hooded deep
pink blooms on dark stems, late summer to fall
2 Gal.
obliqua 'Tiny Tortuga' - 12-16" x 8-10", upright, bushy mound
of thick, dark green foliage, large dark pink hooded flowers in
late summer
N. virginianum - 6-9", vigorous spreader, triangular dark
green foliage, bright yellow daisies April-June and Sept.-Oct.
N.C. v. 'Allen Bush' - 6", prostrate, long-lasting golden star-
shaped blooms, deep green foliage
1 Qt.
ramosa 'Brunette' - 48", creamy white fragrant spikes, rich
deep purple foliage
2 Gal.