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How do Plants Grow?

By KBu


Lilja Elementary School

Brendan and Maceo

Isaiah and Abby-Lee

Jay and Nicholas

Owen and Jeremiah

Alex and Charlie

Melina and Maddie

Liam and Aanya

Rosie and Samuel

Mia and Aniyah

Emma and Olivia

We Are Scientists!

  • The kindergarten students of KBu created this collage book as a culmination of their learning about the life cycle of a plant. First, they learned how to make observations and record information. KBu had two parents; a biologist and chemist come into the classroom to help them learn more about making observations. They used their five senses to observe things like a flower and a bee’s leg. They drew pictures and/or wrote sentences about what we observed. The students grew plants (cucumbers, peas, radishes) in the classroom and made observations to help support their learning about the plant life cycle. They had worms in the classroom to learn more about their role in helping plants grow. The students observed how worms create tunnels in the soil and what they need to survive. They read many non-fiction and fiction books as a class to learn about plants and worms. For their final project, they learned about the elements of a collage. They created a book on the life cycle of a plant in this collage style. 

  • Guiding Questions for the Unit:
  • How do plants grow?
  • What is a scientist?

  • Learning Targets: 
  • I can write or draw my observations.
  • I can explain what a scientist does. 
  • I can explain what a nonfiction book is.
  • I can explain what a plant needs to grow.
  • I can explain how worms help plants grow.
  • I can identify the parts of a plant. 
  • I can explain the life cycle of a plant. 
  • I can create a quality page for the book.