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2017 Everything Birds Catalog :

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Environment for the Americas
Everything Birds
Education Materials • Books • Field Guides • T-shirt • Posters • More
2017 Catalog
© Rocío Landívar
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Call: 303-499-1950, 9am- 4pm (MST)
Mail To: EFTA
5171 Eldorado Springs Drive
Suite N
Boulder, CO 80303
Environment for the Americas
Connecting People to Bird Conservation
Environment for the Americas (EFTA) makes
offering education programs about birds
and their conservation easy. This catalog is
just one way we share information about
tools for working with youth, adults, friends,
and family. As the home of International
Migratory Bird Day, we collaborate with over
700 organizations throughout the Western
Hemisphere to get people outdoors, engage
them in learning about birds, and motivate
them to take action to protect birds. Join the
celebration in 2017!
International Migratory Bird Day 2017
Bird Day is Everyday! Though IMBD is officially the second Saturday in May each year
in Canada and the U.S. (May 13 in 2017) and the second Saturday in October in Mexico,
Central and South America, and the Caribbean (October 14 in 2017), we know that
birds have different schedules. We encourage you to host your program or event when
participants will be most likely to see birds.
Helping Birds Along the Way
2017 Conservation Theme
Between the high altitude forests and
willow thickets of the Rocky Mountains
and the tropical forests and shade coffee
farms of Nicaragua, the Wilsons Warbler
must fly across a vast geography to get
to the places where it nests and those
where it spends the winters. Along the
way, this bright yellow warbler may stop
to rest and refuel, depending on finding
places where it can find food and shelter.
These important locations where birds
pause between migratory flights are called
stopover sites.
Birds don’t just stop anywhere; they rely on
a handful of resource-rich and strategically
located sites where they may double their
body weight as they acquire the energy-
rich fat stores needed to fly thousands of
kilometers across continents and oceans.
Some stopover sites are well known, such
as along the coasts of Louisiana, New
Jersey, and the Upper Bay of Panama,
where birds stop after traveling along
the shoreline. Others are inland, such as
Venezuelas grasslands, wetlands in the
central United States, and even urban
parks and backyards.
In 2017, Environment for the Americas
invites you to join our celebration of the
importance of stopover sites and their
habitats. Whether you learn about a
stopover site near your home, visit one
far away, or create a safe place for birds in
your backyard, your support can mean a
safe journey for a migratory bird. Join the
Migratory Stopover Sites
For birds migrating between breeding
grounds throughout North America and
wintering grounds in the Southern U.S.,
Latin America, and the Caribbean, migratory
stopover sites offer a safe refuge to rest and
refuel before continuing on the next stage of
their journey.
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IMBD may be a morning bird walk, a day
of activities for all ages, or a multi-day
festival. Our goals are to make organizing
your program simple and to help you share
information about birds and their conservation
with people of all ages. Let our ideas, projects,
and materials get you started.
Make the IMBD bird conservation theme part
of your event. Get the details, downloadable
information, promotional materials, and more.
Post your event on the Explorer’s Map. It’s easy,
free, and reaches thousands of people.
Sign up for our monthly newsletter, with the
latest updates on bird education, tips for your
program, and ways to protect birds.
Need some quick ideas? Check out successful
events and new ideas for engaging the public.
Learn more about IMBD, organizing an event,
and the 2017 conservation theme from our
guest bloggers.
Rocío Landivar - IMBD 2017 Artist
Ducks at Lake Elizabeth, by Natalie
Share Your Art
Rocío Landívar was born in San Antonio Oeste, a
small town by the sea located in the Argentinian
Patagonia. She studied Visual Communication
Design at La Plata National University. She
currently lives in Buenos Aires, where she
paints and designs. Since the beginning of her
professional career, she has worked on bird
protection and conservation projects, specially on
seashore birds, which were regular visitors to her
homeland. She developed posters, infographics,
educational and promotional materials, and more.
Is art part of your program or event? Share youth
paintings, drawings, or photographs on the IMBD
- Get to Know Gallery. We award prizes to select
art representing the 2017 theme.
A bird’s decision to stop at a site depends
on several factors: the condition of the bird,
weather, wind direction, a good place to land,
and habitat quality.
During migration, most songbirds travel at
night and spend the daylight hours at
stopover sites resting and searching for food.
Development along North American coasts
has put many critical stopover sites for over-
water migrants at risk.
The destruction of high-quality stopover
habitat has been identified as one of the
greatest threats to populations of migratory
The Copper River Delta in Southeast, AK is a
stopover hotspot, supporting several hundred
thousand shorebirds during migration.
Migratory Stopover Sites
Did you know...
Rocío also commits her time to porcelain painting
where she conveys her dedication and passion
for birds through realistic paintings and her own
creative universe.
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Style 2: Student poster, 12” x 17”,
on lighter-weight paper, folded
BDCO501A Single $1 ea.
BDCO501B Set of 25 $19
BDCO501C Set of 50 $25
BDCO501D Set of 100 $37
Style 1: Unfolded Poster,
18” x 24” on heavy-weight paper
BDCO500A Single $8 ea.
BDCO500B Set of 25 $27
BDCO500C Set of 50 $40
BDCO500D Set of 100
IMBD 2017 T-ShIrT
The 2017 shirt is available on a ringspun cotton t-shirt. On the front is the Black-
throated Blue Warbler. The map with
the 11 bird species is featured on the
shirt back with the words, “Stopover
Sites - Helping Bird Along the Way” in
English and Spanish. The Partners in
Flight and EFTA logos, the year, and
International Migratory Bird Day are on
the sleeve.
Specify language when placing your order.
IMBD 2017 PoSTer
The IMBD poster features 11 bird specis and the logos of IMBD 2017 Title and
Program Sponsors on the front. The back has information about the importance
of stopover sites to birds as the journey across the Western Hemisphere. Choose
your style in English or Spanish.
IMBD 2017
The art on the IMBD 2017 poster
and in this catalog was
created by Rocío Landívar.
Get your event going with IMBD education materials and giveaways. Your kit
includes 50 unfolded posters, 50 student posters, 50 mixed bird stickers
50 Bird Buddy Bracelets, 30 bird masks, and 30 IMBD Birds.
BDKit Event Starter Kit $100.00
Add your event name or logo to the
sleeve of your shirts for an addi-
tional $1/shirt and a $45 setup fee
for new logos. Please provide:
A minimum order of 36 shirts.
Your logo(s) at 300 dpi.
Your order 3 weeks prior to event.
Adult Shirts (Add $2 for XXL shirts.)
BD2017: Single shirt $14.95
BD2017B: 24-71 shirts $10.95 each
BD2017C: 72+ shirts $10.50 each
BD2017W Women’s Fit Shirt
The 2017 shirt is available in a
ringspun cotton in pale blue, softly shaped and with a deeper neckline just for
women. Prices are the same as above.
MIgraTory BIrD SToPover MaP
From Canada to Argentina and the Caribbean, this 11” x 17” map shares some
of the many places where birds stop to rest and refuel during migration. From
wildlife refuges, parks and forests to your own backyard, stopover sites provide
critical resources and help birds survive the journey. The map includes some
information about threats to migratory birds as they travel.
BDStopover Single $1
BDStopover Set of 30 $18.95
T-shirt Front
T-shirt Back
5 &
BIrD BuDDy BraceleTS
In addition to being a fashion statement, our wristband is a great prize or
giveaway. The slogan “Bird Buddy” was created and selected by students and is
embossed on each wristband. When ordering single bands, choose from 5 colors:
pink, lime, purple, green, and blue. Sets include a random mix.
BD250 Single $1 BD252 Set of 50 $25 BD253 Set of 100 $45
IMBD 2017 colorIng Page
Share the annual IMBD theme with young visitors using an 8.5” x 11” black-and-
white coloring version of the poster. Use it at a festival station or any education
program about birds and their life cycles. Download it free at
BD33 50 Coloring Pages $8
20 WayS To helP BIrDS
A set of 20 bilingual (Spanish/
English) bookmarks share simple
ways to help birds. The backs are a
puzzle of the 2012 IMBD art.
BD940 20 Bookmarks $3
BD940B 200 Bookmarks $30
Prevent Bird
Collisions with
Your Windows
Collisions are one of the mos t
frequent causes of bir d deaths.
Birds see nature reflected in
the window or mistake hous e-
plants inside the buildi ng for
outdoor plants and fly i nto
the glass. Putting up cur tains
or window decals help s make
the window visible to birds .
Colisiones de Aves
con tus Ventanas
Las colisiones son una de la s
causas más frecuentes de
deceso de aves. Las aves ven
la naturaleza reflej ada en
la ventana o confunden las
plantas de casa con plant as
de jardín y vuelan hacia la
ventana. Colocar cortinas
o pegatinas (calcom anías) en
la ventana hace que las aves
estén conscientes del vid rio.
20 Ways to Help Birds
Collect all 2 0 bookmarks to co mplete the puzzl e on back!
20 formas de ayudar a las aves
Reúne todos los señaladores de página para completar el rompecabezas del final.
For more information
Para mayor información
Art © Rafael López for Environment for the Americas
Why BIrDS MaTTer InfograPhIc
The IMBD 2014 theme is described through fun, graphical representations of
some of the tasks birds accomplish for nature and humans, from dispersing
seeds and pollinating flowers to serving as natures clean-up crew. Easy to
understand and bilingual, with English on one side and Spanish on the other.
BD539 Single Infographic $1.00 BD539D Set of 30 $19.95
BIrD conServaTIon
groWTh charT
Kids learn how they can help
birds and chart their conservation
growth. An 11” x 17” coloring page
describes 10 ways to conserve
birds and includes 20 stickers.
BDChart Single Chart $1
BDChartA Set of 30 $24
Chart Your
Bird Conservation Growth —
Read the actions you may take
to conserve birds written on the tree
trunk, bird feeder, pond, and birdbath.
Color the matching section of the tree
trunk or object and place a bird
sticker on the tree each time you
complete an action.
I help restore
local bird habitat.
I use a reusable water bottle
cloth grocery bags.
I make my windows
visible to birds.
I plant native plants
in my yard.
I follow laws
that protect birds.
I ride my bike
or walk to school.
I keep my cats indoors
my dogs on a leash.
bird bath
I support wetland conservation by
purchasing a duck stamp.
Clean bird
feeders every
two weeks.
I clean my
bird feeder.
conServaTIon PInS
Invite your event and program
participants to confirm their
commitment to bird conservation
with this pin. Choose a single design
or get an assortment.
BDPIN Single Pin $0.75
BDPINA 50 Pins $21.95
aMIgo De laS aveS BraceleTS
Our colorful Amigo de las Aves bracelets are fun giveaways at IMBD events. Avail-
able only in Spanish. BDAmigo
Single $2 Set of 50 $52.95 Set of 100 $98.95
6 &
guIDeS for young BIrDerS
Stokes Beginner’s Guide is designed for all ages, with over 140 bird species and more than 1,000 photographs.
Backyard Birds features are by Roger Tory Peterson and introduces youth ages 7-12 to 20 common backyard birds
(48 pages). What’s that Bird perfect for beginning birders, is an indispensable pocket guide that includes full-
color photographs and illustrations of more than 150 common birds, and instructs bird watchers how to identify
different birds and how to tell them apart.
The WarBler guIDe
Need a little help identifying warblers? This guide details 56 species,
with at least a dozen photos of each, along with how to recognize major
identification marks, songs, and more. A must-have reference book with 560
PR54824 Warbler Guide $24.95
SToKeS BegInnerS guIDe
STBEGEas Specify eaStern $9.95
STEBEGWes WeStern $9.95
BacKyarD BIrDS
pB2763 $6.95
huMMIngBIrDS of norTh aMerIca
Learn about hummingbirds of the U.S. through
beautiful photographics and details about
hummingbird gardens, feeders, hot spots,
identification, and more.
BDHumNA Hummingbirds $4.95
This mini-guide is just 4” but describes more than 80 bird species found
in prairies in the central US. BD240 Prairie Birds $2.00
BD110 $9.95
raPTor I.D. BanDana
A handy bandana for raptor identification in the field. Eighteen raptors in
flight are illustrated, including eagles, falcons, osprey, and buteos.
BD525 $8.00
7 &
guIa De caMPo, KaufMan
If you’re working to involve Spanish-speakers in your programs, this guide is a
must. Its the first-ever guide to North American birds in Spanish. Illustrated
with digitally-enhanced photographs.
BD815 $18.95
BIrD WInDoW clIngS
What bird is at your feeder? Place these accurate images on your windows to
help identify common species of the eastern U.S. birds. On the back of the sheet
are details about each species’ preferred food and feeder type. The decals are
easy to remove and won’t leave a residue.
BD957 $4.95
SIBleyS flaShcarDS
Improve your bird identification
skills with a set that includes over 40
photos or illustrations of common
birds. Fun facts and details about
song, habitat, behavior, and nesting
are provided on the back.
rH88975 $12.95
charley harPer
Charley Harper flash cards are
simple, colorful and include just
the species name on the reverse.
BD918 $15.95
BIrDS In a flaSh
Put away the multiplication tables
and see how quickly you can
indentify 48 bird species. Full color
photographs on one side and fun
facts on the other. Recommended
for ages 4-12.
iMp2fLc $7.95
The SIBley BIrDS colorIng fIelD Journal
A portable, deluxe adult coloring book from the renowned birder,
illustrator, and author of the New York Times best seller The Sibley
Guide to Birds. The perfect gift for birders everywhere, to use at
your windowsill or in the field. Including 75 original and previously
unpublished images. With millions of copies sold, David Sibley is the
best-known name in North American birding today.
BD226 $19.95
8 &
MIgraTIon MaP
This colorful, 18” x 24” map portrays the migrations of 12
bird species, illustrating long-distance and short-distance
travellers. Text on the back describes migration and how
birds make their journeys.
BDCO03 Migration Map, unfolded $3.95
BDCO28 Classroom Set (25) $25.00
can you naMe The BIrDS?
Minnesota’s conservation volunteer poster features 24 bird species and measures 20”
x 30”. An interactive version of the poster is available online to help you learn each
bird’s song (
BDCO364 $10.00
MIgraTory BIrDS of The carIBBean
Follow the migrations of birds between the Caribbean and stopover and breeding
sites in the Western Hemisphere. Available in English and Spanish and includes
examples of migration routes. There is no information on the poster back.
BDCO946E Single Poster, English $3.95
BDCO946S Single Poster, Spanish $3.95
BDCO946B Set of 25, Please Specify Language $32.50
IMBD PoSTerS Through TIMe
Are you missing a piece of history? We have some of the previous IMBD posters
available. All posters are 18” x 24”, unfolded, and on a sturdy paper.
If you’re interested in a Spanish version, please ask. Specify year. English: 2000~2010,
2011, 2013~2016 ; Spanish: 2005, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016
BDCO52 Single Poster $5.95
2006 2010 2011 2014
WarBlerS of The canoPy PoSTer
Ram Papish beautifully illustrates over 30 species of warblers featured on the
poster. The poster is 24” x 36” and will arrive rolled in a tube.
BDPapwarb $14.95
huMMIngBIrD PoSTer
Learn about western hummingbirds with this
beautiful poster, illustrated by artist Ram Papish. Text
on front and back is bilingual. Choose from 18” x 24” or
12” x 17” on lightweight paper.
BDHum18 18” x 24” Single Poster $3.95
BDHum12 12” x 17” Single Poster $1.00
BDHum12B 12” x 17” Set of 30 $25.00
Helping Hummingbirds Thrive
Conservemos a los colibríes
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BIrDWaTcherS BooK
This easy-to-read, fact-filled workbook with stickers helps young birdwatchers
begin keeping their own life lists as they learn about 48 common North
American birds, including Blue Jay, American Crow, and Red-tailed Hawk.
BD37 $6.95
WIlD WIngS acroSS aMerIca
A book full of activities helps young people learn all about birds - from feathers
and migration to habitat and identification. Each activity has easy-to-read
background information. Includes 24 reproducible activities recommended for
grades 3-7.
BD157 $6.95
hoW To DraW charley harPer STyle
This step-by-step visual guide to drawing 28 birds by artist Charley Harper
progresses from simple to complex images, from cardinals through owls to a
roadrunner. Blank pages are included for your continued sketching. Includes a
full-color insert showing all the birds in the book.
BD963 $19.95
geT To KnoW your ParK
A bilingual coloring book serves as a fun educational
tool to teach Spanish-speakers about our national
parks. Each page describes an aspect of parks,
such as the purpose of park rangers, the activities
available in the visitor center and the diversity of our
national parks.
BD937 $3.95
celeBraTe huMMIngBIrDS
Celebrate Hummingbirds: A Hands-on Exploration of Hummingbirds is a
curriculum that provides a variety of activities that can help children learn
about different hummingbirds, their adaptations, plant phrenology, and more in
a hands-on and exciting way.
BD985 $9.95
fun WITh BIrDS STencIlS
Six sturdy, pre-cut stencils (no punching or cutting out necessary) make it easy
for youngsters to create their very own aviary of feathered creatures. Brightly-
colored, easy-to-use stencils include outlines of a swallow, a toucan, an eagle in
flight and three other members of the bird family.
BD225 $1.99
11 &
BIrD Ball
Throw the 24-inch inflatable ball and look under your thumb for a bird question.
Answer it, and toss the ball to the next player. Teachers answers and instructions are
BD401 $10.95
feaTher KIT
Introduce kids and adults to feathers by contrasting the 9 types included in the kit.
Each participant takes home a Peacock feather, and a 4-page instructor activity guide
is included (recommended for ages 5 and up).
BD415 Feather Kit for 25 participants $34.75
BD416 Feather Kit for 100 participants $128.50
Tired of cutting out paper plates? Our pre-cut bird masks make exploring bird plumages
easy. Includes popsicle sticks instead of string for a simpler way to use the masks.
BD924 Set of 30 $13.95
celeBraTe BIrDS KIT
The Environment for the Americas tree of birds logo has become a way for youth and
adults to identify ways they can help conserve birds. We’re saving you the time of cutting
out all those birds by providing a kit of pre-cut, colorful birds. Have participants write
one way they will contribute to conservation of a bird. Post these messages on a wall
to motivate others.
BD925 Set of 30 $11.95
Fun Books for All Ages
BeauTIful BIrDS Immerse yourself as you color this aviary of birds, from warblers and kakapos to owls,
Perfect for all ages! BD257 $10.95
charley harPerS BIrDS STIcKer BooK
Enjoy the bright, colorful birds created by Charley Harper in this 8-page book filled with 170 reusable bird stickers
representing 50 different birds. Paperback. BD962 7.95
charley harPer STIcKy BIrDS
This sticker kit holds lots of simple shapes that stick together to make pictures of 12 different birds, like those
drawn by Charley Harper. Use the stickers to copy the birds in the booklet. After you get the hang of it, try making
those 12 birds without looking at their pictures. Or you can make up your own sticker birds! BD964 $16.95
12 &
SoDa BoTTle feeDerS
Recycle soda bottles and provide a feeding station for birds. The hummingbird
feeder includes separate feeding flower perches that snap into each of 3 holes
on top of the base, a net to secure the soda bottle, a three-prong hanger that
attaches to the net for secure handling, and a funnel for easy filling. Purchase
the simple hanger and base to create a seed feeder.
WP1 Seed Feeder $2.95 WPWP3 Hummingbird Feeder $4.95
My fIrST feeDer
Teach the little ones how to feed birds. This feeder is made from 100% recycled
plastic and is fully recyclable. Each feeder features a built-in hanging strap and
side-loaded feeding ports where birds can perch and access the seed. Printed
with fun bird characters and a preprinted filler gauge.
BD966 $3.99
Jr. BIrDer: aMerIcan reDSTarT PaTch
An embroidered patch is a perfect way to offer a prize for successful completion
of one of our Jr. Birder Activity Books. Each patch is 2.25” x 2.5”.
BD70 Single Patch $2
BD71 Set of 30 $52.80
Jr. BIrDer acTIvITy BooKS
Jr. Birder Journal introduce kids to birds, conservation, and birdwatching basics. All About Hummingbirds
focuses on the fascinating world of hummingbirds. Activities include hummingbird identification, how
hummingbirds fly, hummingbirds as pollinators, and more. Includes pages for student observations. (Available
in English and Spanish. Please specify language. ) All About Shorebirds is a booklet that helps students identify
shorebirds, understand shorebird habitat requirements, and teaches students how to conduct shorebird surveys.
Booklet size (5.5” x 4.25” ) is easy to use. Single $1 / Sets of 30 $25
Jr. BIrDer
all aBouT
Your Name
all aBouT
Use these bird bands to teach about bird research, in other education programs
about birds, as a prize or to raise funds for your conservation program. The bright
blue aluminum bands are numbered sequentially and stamped wth the words,
Celebrate Birds!
BD197 Set of 50 $18 BD198 Set of 100 $25
13 &
eDucaTorS KIT
Binoculars and field guides are an important part of any bird education program.
We selected this set after years of working with youth in the field. Kingbird
binoculars are sturdy and available in 8.5 x 32. They weigh 17 oz and are
waterproof and fogproof. Each Kit includes 6 Stokes field guides (specify region)
and 6 pairs of Kingbird binoculars.
BD183 Educator’s Kit (specify region) $434.50
BD146 Single Pair of Binoculars $89.99
BrIDgeS To BIrDIng
Find ideas on organizing a bird-focused program, with details on 16 activity
stations that help youth and adults learn about birds. The variety of hands-on
activities are useful for parks, zoos, nature centers, bird clubs, and scouts.
BD25 Bridges $2.95
efTa PaTch
BD425 $2
The efTa collecTIon
EFTA T-shirt, NEW in 2017. Our multi-colored EFTA tree with birds in flight is printed
on a ring spun 100% cotton shirt. Available in Unisex and Womens’ fit sizing. The EFTA
patch is 1.5” x 2” . The sage green, adjustable ball cap features an American Redstart
on the front and the words International Migratory Bird Day on the back. Head to the
field with a cup of Redstart Coffee, bird-friendly®, shade-grown, and 100% organic. Its
available in both 12 oz and 5 lb bags, whole bean & ground.
reDSTarT caP
BD430 $15.95
reDSTarT coffee
BIrD frIenDly®
BD955 (12 oz) $9.95
BD956 (5 lb ) $50
InfInITe Joy coffee Mug
Put your Redstart Coffee in a 16 oz stainless steel, double walled vacuum mug.
The mug comes individually boxed for easy gift giving. BDTMWI $15.95
Purchase a 12 oz bag of coffee (ground or whole bean) and a coffee mug and
save. Also makes a great gift. BD955Pkg $20.95
InSulaTeD BoTTle
Double-walled high quality stainless steel. Keeps beverages hot for up to 12
hours or cold for up to 24 hours. 17 oz.
BDBOT88 $19.95
InSulaTeD TuMBler WITh STraIner
Double-walled high insulated tumbler in high quality stainless steel comes
with removable strainer. Keeps beverages hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up
to 12 hours individually boxed for easy gift giving. 17 oz.
BDTBDH $19.95
efTa T-ShIrT
Adult Shirts (Add $2 for XXL shirts)
BDEFTA $14.95
14 &
They’re cute, they’re fun, and they sing! Each plush bird has an authentic sound and
is 5-6”. Use them to discuss habitats and song. Choose from American Robin, Bald
Eagle, Blue Grosbeak, Blue Jay, Mallard, Northern Cardinal, Gold Finch, Snowy Owl,
call for more species.
Plush Birds $7.95 each
BIrD TraIlS BoarD gaMe
Endorsed by the Greater Ozarks Audubon
Society, this game offers challenges for
beginner and experienced birders. At the
easiest level, 160 bird cards include bird
names. An advanced level features 140
images without bird names. The game also
shares information about conservation.
Well-made in the USA, with 6 game pieces,
1 die, instructions, and a reference guide.
BDTrail $28.95
BIrDS naTure acTIvITy BooK
This entertaining activity book features dozens of nature-related games, quizzes,
and classroom activities that engage children to learn about avian species,
nature, and the natural sciences. The book is 32 pages and designed for youth
ages 8 to 11.
WFP774 $6.95
DucKS naTure acTIvITy BooK
A variety of entertaining games are used to highlight the habitat and behaviors
of the most familiar species of ducks. The book is 32 pages and designed for
youth ages 8 to 11.
WFP798 $6.95
Why Do BIrDS SIng
There is so much to know about birds! Why do birds have feathers? Can parrots really
talk? Why do birds build nests? Find the answers and much more in this lively, fact-filled
introduction to birds.
PG9780 $5.95
BIrD BraIn-TeaSerS
Learn about birds through crossword puzzles, quizzes, facts, trivia, cartoons, and
more. Use this book to spice up your bird education programs, to give to another
bird enthusiast, and to spark interest in birds for new birders. 324 pages.
WMP20808 $9.95
15 &
BIrD BIngo
Teach bird identification and other fun facts in an old-fashioned game of Bingo.
Each game includes 6 picture boards, 42 informative cards, and chips. Teachers
edition includes 18 picture boards and enough cards and chips for the class.
LH2877 Bird Bingo Game $10.00
BD127 Teacher’s Edition $23.95
WIngeD aMBaSSaDorS
A color-by-number coloring book, with text in both English and Spanish, features
30 species of migratory birds. A range map shows where each species is found,
and the common names in both English and Spanish, as well as the scientific
names, are given. Recommended for ages 8-11, 18 pages.
BD828 $6.00
BIrDy luggage TagS
Traveling is at its best when you go with these luggage tags, illustrated by IMBD 2017 artist Rocío Landívar. Space
on the back is available for your contact information. Choose from Whimbrel (A), Rufous Hummingbird (B), Black
Oystercatcher (C) and Western Sandpiper (D). Buy one or all four!
BDLug $3.95
BDLUG4 Set of four $13.95
WIlD BIrDS funDanaS
Get the little ones, ages 3-5, involved in learning about birds with a fun
game. They will hop like a bird, listen, and hoot like an owl!
BD400 Knee High $7
BD901 Knee High in Spanish $7
aWeSoMe oWlS funDana
Why can’t owls chew their food? Players answer questions to earn letters that
spell the names of Screech, Snowy, and Elf Owls, learning owl fun facts along
the way.
BD205 $7.00
16 &
WInDoW alerT DecalS
High-tech decals reflect ultraviolet sunlight. Birds see this ultraviolet
light, but humans cannot. Images are subtle on your windows. Each pack
includes 4 decals.
WINDA5 Hummingbirds $5.95
WINDA1 Maple Leaf $5.95
Hawk silhouettes (13”) stick to your windows, but have no adhesive and
can be wiped clean.
SE7016 Window Hawks (2 per pack) $4.95
collISIonS MagazIne
One of our most popular education magazines has been updated to
provide the latest information about the impacts of collisions on birds.
It includes the latest data on communication towers, wind turbines, cars,
planes, and plate glass. Text describes why birds don’t recognize these
structures and offers solutions for reducing bird collisions at your home.
8 pages. Available in English and Spanish (specify language).
BD206 Single Magazine $1.00 BD206B Sets of 30 $12.00
Birds can’t see glass, and as many as one billion may perish each year
after colliding with windows. This new product signicantly reduces
bird collisions with windows and glass doors. Because it is
translucent, light passes, but birds will see it.
ABCtape3 3/4 inch tape, 75-foot roll $10.95
BIrDS eye vIeW
Bird’s Eye View is a thin, translucent window film with a unique, crystal-
like geometric pattern. These films make your window more visible to
birds and reduce window collisions. Each is 6”x 6”.
BDEYE Set of 4 $9.95
caT WarS
Cats are among our most popular pets.
Unfortunately, free-ranging cats or cats that are
not limited in their movements outdoors, harm
our native bird populations. Marra’s book reveals a
complex global problem - and proposes solutions
that every cat lover can adopt to help both our
birds and our favorite pets.
BD104 $24.95
17 &
WhaTS In The WooDS
BD959 $13.95
BrIng on The BIrDS
BD230 $6.95
Illustrations made of painted and sculpted paper grace the pages of this
easy-to-read book. Describes the variety of bird beaks and how birds use them
to hunt, gather food, and eat. Recommended for ages 4-9 years, 32 pages.
BD229 $6.95
hoW BIrDS fInD TheIr Way
Many birds travel long distances twice each year. This nicely illustrated, easy
to understand book explores why birds migrate and the cues they use to
navigate. Ages 5-9, 32 pages.
BD171 $4.99
DucKS DonT geT WeT
Why don’t ducks get wet? Ducks dip and dive, but they stay dry because they
spread oil over their feathers to make them waterproof. Learn more inside and
get to know different kinds of ducks. Meet ten different kinds of ducks in this
classic text featuring stunning new watercolor illustrations and a new “Find Out
More” page.
BD258 $5.95
DancIng WITh Tex
The remarkable true friendship between George Archibald, co-founder of The
International Crane Foundation who loves birds, and a rare Whooping Crane
named Tex who only loves people. George needs to help Tex lay a fertile egg to
save her species from extinction. But first, cranes need to dance. What happens
when Tex dances with George?
BD134 $9.95
What’s in the Woods explores animals and plants with Charley Harper’s beautiful illustrations. The book has
rhyming text by Zoe Burke. The journey ends with a foldout page of the complete image. Bring on the Birds is a
board book that introduces kids to birds and bird identification. It has bright and energetic rhyming text.
Flap your wings When a strange egg appears in their nest, Mr. and Mrs. Bird kindly take it upon themselves to raise
the baby bird inside. But when the egg hatches, the Birds are in for a big surprise--Junior is the oddest-looking baby
bird they’ve ever seen!
no TWo alIKe
No two snowflakes are alike, almost, almost . . . but not quite. Follow a pair of
birds on a snowflake-filled journey through a gorgeous winter landscape to
explore how everything everywhere is wonderfully unique—from branches
and leaves to forests and trees to friends and loved ones.
BD115 $7.95
FlaP Your WIngS
RH2436 $10.95
18 &
BD156 BD201
TeMPorary TaTTooS Temporary tattoos are great prizes or freebies. Each is 2”. Please specify quantity
when ordering. More designs available online. Sets of 50 for $ 5.50 / 100 for $8.50 / 200 for $15.00
Mixed sets have five different birds species.
Sets of 50 $5.50 / Sets of 100 $10.50 / Sets of 200 $20.50
BD150 Mixed Set I Bald Eagle, Wood Duck, Great Blue Heron,
Blackburnian Warbler, Ruby-throated Hummingbird
BD210 Mixed Set II Northern Pintail, Mallard, American Wigeon,
Green-winged Teal, Wood Duck
BD213 Mixed Set III Northern Oriole, Ruby-throated
Hummingbird, Bobolink, Blackburnian Warbler, and American
Redstart (Available in English & Spanish)
BDSHORE Mixed Set Killdeer, Greater Yellowlegs, Western
Sandpiper, and Black-bellied Plover (Available in English & Spanish)
BDIMBD2016 Mixed Set Kirtland’s Warbler, Carolina Parakeet,
Baltimore Oriole, whimbrel.
BD45 BD46 BD47 BD48BD43 BD44
BD129 BD130 BD151
Colorful bird stickers are fun to share at an event. Each is 2”.
Please specify quantity when ordering. More designs are available online.
Sets of 50 $5.50 / Sets of 100 $10.50 / Sets of 200 $20.50
BD75 BD301BD78 BD827
IMBD 2017 STIcKer SeT
BDIMBD2017 (Available in English & Spanish)
Sets of 50 $5.50 / Sets of 100 $10.50 / Sets of 200 $20.50
19 &
SeaBIrD carDS
Set of 4 notecards includes Western Gull, Tufted Puffin, Marbled Murrelet,
and Black Oystercatcher. Blank inside, with envelopes.
BD132 $3
Tea ToWelS
These tea towels are designed especially for bird lovers.
Each is 100 % cotton jacquard. 27.5” by 19.6”
BDTeaG-Hummingbird/green $10.00
BDTeaT-Swallow/Turquoise $10.00
BDTeaO-Swallow/Orange $10.00
ShoreBIrD carDS
Six notecards (two of each design) feature American
Oystercatcher, Blank-necked Stilt, Black-backed Gulls & Killdeer.
Blank inside with envelopes.
BD139aB $11.95
27.5” x 70”
100% Viscose
13” x 57”
100% Fine quality silk
loonS callIng
13” x 57”
100% Fine quality silk
cIrcle Scarf
27.5” x 70”
100% Bamboo
charley harPer ShIrT
Charley Harpers art for the 2002 IMBD theme, printed on a denim blue
100% cotton, pre-shrunk tee. NOW introducing the Womens fit!
BD59 Single Shirt $14.95
BD59W Women’s Fit Shirt $14.95
Adult Shirts (Add $2 for XXL shirts.)
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