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Program Description BIFP 2017

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NSF DUE ATE #1304010
The Bioscience Industry Fellows Program (BIFP) is based at Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-
Salem, NC and in collaboration with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in Kannapolis, NC and Alamance
Community College in Graham, NC. The National Science Foundation is funding this project through the Advanced
Technological Education Program DUE Grant # 1304010. Here is what the Fellows have to say about their experience:
"BIFP has now given me the tools to share biosciences with my students. I can now answer, with confidence, the question ‘why do I
need to know this?’ I am excited to share this experience and the new applications with both my students and colleagues."
“I really liked that these training opportunities allowed me to get some hands on experience. It was great to actually work in the lab."
"The learning module allowed me to see how I can incorporate examples from biosciences in to my developmental math classes."
"I gained confidence in fully being aware of what Biotechnology really is and what it consists of as a whole and its purpose in society
“I will be using the homework and laboratory exercise I created in the next cohort of classes that begin in the fall.”
For more information please visit:
Candidate Application:
For more information contact:
Russ Read-PI-Executive Director, National Center for the
Biotechnology (336) 734-7651
Denise Schweizer-Co-PI-Chemistry Instructor, Rowan-Cabarrus
Community (704) 216-7102
Allison Nestor-Research Assistant, National Center for the
Biotechnology (336) 757-3857
2014 Cohort
2015 Cohort
2016 Cohort
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How do you qualify to be a Fellow?
a. Accomplished instructors with strong leadership potential, high impact & an interest in learning/sharing
new insights from the bioscience industry
b. Minimum of one year’s experience teaching at the HS, CC, or University level
c. Currently in good standing with their home institution
d. A full-time or part-time employee of their home institution
e. Nominated by their administration
f. Candidates must exhibit a willingness to share data on the outcomes of this experience
2. How do I apply?
a. Complete the online application (link to the application can be found online at or at
b. Supply a current resume
c. Supply 2 professional letters of reference
d. Schedule and complete a telephone interview with the Selection Committee
3. Is there any compensation for participants?
Meals, transportation, lodging, and in some cases, an additional $350 per week training stipend will be
furnished for eligible participants.
4. Is past training in the biosciences required?
No, all disciplines are encouraged, but an interest in science and laboratory work will be extremely valuable.
If you do have bioscience industry experience, you must have been out of the industry for at least five years.
5. When and where will the program occur?
The Fellowship experience will take place in North Carolina and is based in Winston-Salem. The fourth
cohort will take place June 5-29, 2017.