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2016 Worlds Programme

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Official programme
2015 World Champion
Jack Whelan
IPA 2016
The Bradford Hotel 3 to 7 Feb 2016
Some essential reading for this year’s events
3: A message from the IPA Chairman.
4: 2016 World Championship preview.
6: Spotlight on Gibraltar.
7: IPA World Series explained.
8: Looking back at the IPA Season 2015.
10: Meeting the players.
12: World Champs Open Singles draw.
16: World Champs Senior’s draw.
17: World Champs Ladies draw.
18: 2016 International Doubles draw.
20: The IPA Story.
21: So, who are BAPTO?
22: A word from the EBA.
24: We talk to Jason Owen Cues.
2015 IPA World Pool Champion : Jack Whelan
The IPA is going from strength to strength!
On behalf of the Committee, we are delighted to welcome you to
our third IPA World Championships, being held here at the ever
popular Bradford Hotel, deep in the heart of Yorkshire.
As in previous years, there will be several events taking place
which will be led by the flagship Open Singles, won in superb
fashion last year by Jack Whelan, and with a massive £6,000 to
be pocketed by the eventual winner. In addition, Jack will also be
defending the International doubles title he won last year with Clint
I’Anson, while the evergreen Jason Twist will be looking for back to
back Seniors titles, and Deb Burchell will be looking to defend the
Ladies title she took in 2015.
2015 proved to be one of the best years yet in IPA history after
the successful move to Blackball in 2014. The Tour went from
strength to strength and following on from that, we have been
overwhelmed at the response to the 2016 Tour, which will now
feature a staggering 220 plus participants doing battle at each
event, justifying the move to the more attacking rule-set of
Blackball, and the undoubted hard work put in behind the scenes
by the IPA Committee.
2016 also sees the introduction of the ground breaking IPA World
Series, which will see both Amateur and Professional players
jetting to six countries across the globe – a real innovation for the
IPA and Blackball, as we showcase the talents of the IPA to a
huge new audience and of course potential future sponsors.
However, it's the World Championships that everyone wants to
win – without doubt the biggest and most prestigious event on the
pool calendar. Jack Whelan will certainly be one of those to beat,
but he will only be one of many players who will have their eyes on
the first prize, such is the strength in depth of competition.
As usual, we will be bringing you all the action via the IPA’s sport
leading HD live stream which will be viewed by tens of thousands
of eager viewers around the world, all ready to enjoy the many
twists and turns that will inevitably take place during the five days
of competition. Be it on our phones, tablets, computers or live at
the venue itself, we will all be glued to the action to find our 2016
Champions and we would love you to join us and ask all your pool
playing friends to do the same.
Finally, I would like to say how proud I am to be Chairman of a
great IPA team, that continue to drive the IPA forward and who
put in endless hours of time and effort in order to make a
difference to the sport we all love. We are fully committed to
ensuring the future continues to be exciting and with your ongoing
support, it will be.
So now it's time to rack the balls and chalk your cues – and of
course to find our Champions – and you just never know, it could
be you. Good luck to everyone, and enjoy!
Kevin Barton
IPA Chairman
Now firmly established on the pool calendar, the IPA
As we head to Bradford for the third IPA Blackball World
Championships 2016, the question is, will there be a new name
on the trophy this year, or can Jack Whelan retain his crown?
After successful events at both the Lakeside and Sheffield, the
World Championships move to one of the player’s favourite
venues, the Bradford Hotel, where they will be assured of the best
playing conditions possible, in their quest to lift the most
prestigious title in pool and become the “IPA World Champion”.
Now firmly established in the pool calendar, this event continues to
grow year on year, and delivers on our promise to offer a World
Championship event that is open to everyone, and with a prize
fund to match the status of such an important event.
Jack Whelan cemented his place in history in 2015, coming out
victorious in not only the Main event, but capturing the doubles
title with top IPA Professional Clint I’Anson, so a lot to live up to in
2016 then!
This year the competition is tougher than ever before, with a
whole host of potential winners who could be holding the trophy
aloft come Sunday 10th February with picking a winner in advance
virtually impossible, but we can at least take a good look at the
main protagonists.
Current holder Jack Whelan has continued to show great form
throughout the year and is now viewed as one of the elite players
of the game, and will be going all out to retain the title he won
convincingly last year, but others will make sure it isn’t that simple!
The trophy everyone wants to lift - but not everyone can.
The form players from the IPA tour reads like a “Who's Who” of
pool, with the likes of Tour Number one Neil Raybone and Pro
Number one Clint I’Anson likely to be in the mix at the business
end of the tournament. Add in the Welsh contingent who again
come in force, led by multiple IPA event winners Simon Ward,
Jordan Shepherd and Craig Marsh, plus the return of Welsh hot
shot Ben Davies (who has dusted down his cue after a break from
the game), and we are in for some seriously high quality battles in
the hunt for first prize.
2015 Special Achievement award winner Ronan McCarthy will be
clocking up more air miles in his quest for the one title that eludes
him – but is 2016 going to see him take the trophy back across
the Irish Sea, or will we see the emergence of one of the new
breed of young, dynamic professionals rising to the top – the likes
of Josh Durant, Luke Sanges and Curtis Lee will be more than a
handful for anyone, so don't be surprised to see some unfamiliar
names in the latter stages such is the strength in depth of
blackball pool today.
Such is the prestige of the event, that entries have again come in
from abroad, notably Norway and Gibraltar (who the IPA will be
visiting later this year as part of the new ground breaking World
Series), attracted no doubt by the attack minded rule set which is
bound to ensure there will be plenty of shocks on the way as we
discover who will be the 2016 World Champion.
The journey will be viewed by tens of thousands via the IPA’s
unrivalled free live stream, brought to you in glorious high
definition, so wherever you are, you can catch all the action – be it
live in the venue, on your phone, your tablet or computer, so sit
back and prepare for some outstanding matches - shocks, tactics,
tears, and dramas – the talking is now officially over, so let the
action begin!
World Championships continues to grow each year.
Multiple event winner during 2015 - Marc Farnsworth.Young professional - Josh Durant.
Pool in Gibraltar is prospering like never before!
Gibraltar is home to an enthusiastic collection of pool players,
some highly skilled, others still learning and developing, and almost
all of them highly competitive. The Gibraltar Pool Association’s
annual league competition is made up of 3 divisions of 10 teams
each and can boast over 300 players which, for such a small
community (Gibraltar’s total population is around 33,000
residents, so almost 10%), which is pretty impressive!
Gibraltar’s very own home of pool is the Gibraltar Pool
Association’s (GPA) Academy. Set at Jumper’s Bastion within easy
reach of most residential districts, this facility provides five top
quality tables for GPA members to use to practice their sport, and
carry out those essential drills between competitions.
The Academy is also the venue for the Cup and Plate Finals, and
for the Singles and Doubles finals, all their principle annual
competitions. This year, the GPA has begun a programme of
monthly tournaments to take place at the Academy, with the aim
of fostering the growing interest in the sport, and to give the
various teams and International players as much competitive
practice as possible. The standard of pool playing is steadily lifting
as planned, and just like any sport, only consistent practice can
make perfect, leaving this facility as a tremendous boost to the
sport and one to be applauded by us all.
A venue for practice, tournaments and training, the Academy is
also the birthplace of many a friendship, as well as the obligatory
friendly rivalries: pool players are nothing if not competitive and it
is this edge, fostered by friendly practice games at the Academy,
that help the players develop that competitive sharpness to take
them further towards victory in International competitions.
Like all other sports, pool is a game of skill, strategy, stamina and
mental endurance, and players need many hours of practice to
reach the top levels of the game. The Academy is their second
home, a place where they can develop those skills, try out new
tactics, work, work and work some more until they achieve their
individual and team ambitions.
One of the GPA’s most important roles is to introduce youngsters
to the sport and coach junior players. The future stars of Gibraltar
pool are coached at the Academy on a weekly basis. Competitions
are great for keeping the youngsters interested and enjoying their
chosen sport, and the friendly atmosphere of the Academy is the
perfect place for them to enjoy one of the world’s best games, and
to be fair, it is working.
The GPA is hugely proud of its special needs players, and rightly
so. All the current members in this category are International
players of excellent standard, having recently been victorious over
players from England, Ireland and Wales, they train at the
Academy on a weekly basis.
International tournaments are a hugely important feature of the
game of pool in Gibraltar, and the Academy hosts National
qualifiers, games through which the top players can be selected to
represent their Country in the Gibraltar squad. The squads
comprise the Under 18s, Under 23s, Special Needs, Men’s,
Ladies, Over 40s and Over 50s. In January 2016 the monthly
rounds of qualifiers started for the selection for the 2017 squads.
The current national squad has just recently been selected and is
already in training for this year’s European and World
Championships, as well as the Nations Cup later in the year, and
will no doubt do Gibraltar proud as always.
There is no question that the sport of pool in Gibraltar is thriving,
and local venues also attract players and enthusiasts from the
nearby Costa del Sol and Southern Spain on a more informal
basis. Local businesses provide a great deal of support to the
teams through sponsorship, the local press are happy to promote
news on the sport and Gibraltar’s government provide funding to
support the work of the GPA, which includes support for the
National squad and with its beautiful location in the
Mediterranean, vibrant community and up and coming talent,
Gibraltar pool is prospering like never before, and will continue to
do so for the foreseeable future.
The IPAs exciting, innovative new event explained
World Series is an exciting new concept from the IPA, giving both
Professional and Amateur players the opportunities to play in new
upcoming and established Blackball playing countries. It is an
opportunity to showcase the talents of the IPA to a new audience,
helping raise the profile of both the players and the IPA.
Acting as World Series qualifiers, six new Professional events have
been created. These will be played over three weekends (Sat &
Sun) in early 2016. Each event will be played down to the semi
finals. The four remaining players will then play the final stages in
the relevant country later in the year.
There will also be six qualifier events for amateur players, which will
be played over the same weekends as the Professional events and
at the same venues. Flights and accommodation are included for
the four Professional finalists, along with the qualifying amateur.
Featured events in each country will be a Team Challenge against a
select Team from the host country, and there will also be an Open
singles event.
Entries are limited to the first 32 paid players who are currently on
the IPA Tour or who are signed up for 2016 (with deposit paid).
Any places not filled 2 weeks prior to the qualifier events will be
opened up to external entries. Remember, the winner’s package
will include flights and accommodation to the relevant country, and
there’s prize money to be won on the day!
This is your chance to travel the globe representing the IPA. Full
details can be found on our website:
GIBRALTAR : 25 - 27 March
SOuTH AFRICA : 1 - 7 September
MALTA : 16 - 18 September
SOuTHERN IRELAND : 23 - 25 September
NORTHERN IRELAND : 18 - 20 November
NORWAy : 2 - 4 December
2016 IPA
in association with
Going to Gibraltar - Clint I’Anson, Ronan McCarthy (pictured),
Simon Ward, Craig Marsh & amateur Chris Bowron.
Malta bound - Marc Farnsworth, Ronan McCarthy, Simon Ward,
Jason Twist (pictured) & amateur Leroy Clarke.
Every season the IPA committee wonder how or even if they can
improve on the one before, yet 2015 was a landmark year in many
ways with more players, more money, more publicity and more
technology than ever before.
Our first event of 2015 saw a very warm welcome from the
Metropole Hotel in Powys that included local dignitaries, but on the
table the Open event saw Wales’ Andy McDonald take on England’s
Clint I’Anson in a classic final that ended 8-6 in front of a watching
audience that must have lapped up every second. Two other finals
saw an all Welsh affair in the Professional event as Simon Ward took
on Jordan Shepherd in a game that swung from one to the other
before Simon finally came out on top 9-6, though this really was a
match that no one (other than the players) ever wanted to end.
The Professional event saw an all Welsh final as Simon Ward took
on Jordan Shepherd in a superb final that had the crowd on the edge
of their seat throughout. After racing in to an early lead Simon had
to watch as an inspired Jordan launched a ferocious potting display
that saw him claw back to close to level, but those efforts eventually
took their toll and he went down fighting by nine frames to six in what
we all felt was one of the best matches we had seen for many a
year. As for the Amateurs, Mike Lieper was a new name to most of
us as he fought his way through to a final against World Champion
Jack Whelan and although a 6-1 score line to the Champ was
perhaps a little flattering, Jack was a deserving winner though we
expect to hear more from Mike in the years ahead now he knows
what is needed and has tasted the pressure.
Moving on to the ever-popular Bradford event which may have
something to do with the annual awards dinner, and the Open final
was fought out by two professionals as Neil Raybone took on Simon
Ward for the generous first prize. A tight final eventually went the
way of Neil with a 7-4 victory, though both players put in an excellent
shift under pressure, advertising all the best aspects of the game we
love with potting tactics and some amazing clearances that
continued to set the standard for the rest of the year.
In the Professional event it was good to see Marc Farnsworth again
after a year’s sabbatical, and he went on to beat Jimmy Carney 10-4
in a quality final after both players had fought through tough semis
against Jon McAllister and Jimmy Croxton respectively. Lastly, and
we never forget the Amateurs who are constantly striving to make it
in to the Professional ranks, and once again the name of Jack
Whelan was engraved on a trophy as he saw off David Compton 6-5
in a nail biter of a final that obviously went all the way to the final
frame. With Jack turning Pro for 2016 the door is open for
someone else to make their mark next season and we are looking
forward to working out who is most likely to rise to that challenge?
Heading North to Scotland next and the beautiful surroundings of the
Erskine Bridge Hotel where the Marc Farnsworth comeback
continued apace in the Open event with a last fame decider win
against Clint I’Anson in yet another classic – we really do wonder how
they can continue to perform so consistently under the TV lights and
with a watching audience as well.
Every season the IPA committee wonder how they can improve on the one before, 2015 was excellent!
In the pro contest Simon Ward got his rewards for his undoubted
consistency with a 9-1 win over fellow Welshman Kristian Phillips in a
one sided final, while in the Amateurs the engraver had to learn to
spell another name after Jack Whelan was knocked out by Micky
Singh in the last 16! Local hero Mark Boyle was the name needed as
he saw off Scott Dunbar 6-2 after which he wore the widest smile I
have seen from a pool player in many a year!
Moving back down to Warwickshire next for the Chesford Grange
Hotel for some of the best match ups seen all season as the Open
final eventually saw the 160 entrants whittled down to Marc
Farnsworth v Gareth Hibbott for a final we were all eagerly
anticipating. Gareth started the better of the two and raced in to a 4-
1 lead though that was pegged back to 4-4 and then 5-5 making it a
best of three shoot out! With his tail up after the fight back, Marc
went on to win 7-5 but (apart from the players), no one watching
minded who won, we just enjoyed basking in the top quality pool on
offer. In the Pro final it was good to see the ultra consistent Ronan
McCarthy get to his first final of the season where he met Jordan
Shepherd though the efforts to get that far proved a little too much as
he lost 9-2 to the Welsh Wizard. Ending with the Amateurs as always
and once again Jack Whelan got to the final, with the consistent Andy
Blurton his opponent in what looked like an interesting match up. If
there was betting (such a shame there isn’t) then Jack would surely
have started favourite, but we all love an underdog and Andy duly
obliged 6-5 in yet another final frame nail biter that just draws us all
to this sport.
As always, the tour drew to it’s inevitable close at the seaside in
Brighton in yet another of our popular venues. With the final ranking
points of the season to play for, and the chance for some to be invited
to join the professional ranks for the following year, the pressure was
really building, yet two familiar faces made it through to the Open Final
in the shape of Welsh duo Simon Ward and Jordan Shepherd.
Looking to avenge earlier results Jordan wasn’t going to let this one
slip his grasp and so it proved with a 7-4 victory, though Simon won’t
have been too disappointed with cementing his place at number three
in the 2015 rankings.
In the pro final familiar faces Marc Farnsworth and Kristian Phillips
went to the table for the final time on the 2015 IPA Tour which
resulted in another win for Marc, this time 9-6 as he wrapped up a
superb comeback season that we suspect he didn’t want to end.
To round things off Craig Lakin knocked out Jack Whelan 6-1 at the
semi final stage of the Amateurs which takes some doing, and
followed it up by the same score over Luke Sanges in the final which
ranks him as a player to watch in 2016, as we all await the 2016
tour and the emergence of some new or undiscovered blackball
Every season the IPA committee wonder how they can improve on the one before, 2015 was excellent!
2015 Special Achievement Award winner Ronan McCarthy.
Amateur of the Year:
Drew Hughes
Tour Player of the Year:
Gareth Hibbott
Most Improved Player:
Marc Pickworth
Fans Player of the Year:
Clint I’Anson
Players Player of the Year:
Gareth Hibbott
Special Achievement Award:
Ronan McCarthy
Let’s look at the top 32 players in this year’s event. Who’s your favourite to win in 2016?
2015 saw Clint I’Anson finish as the IPA Tour’s leading player.
Fast becoming one of the most consistent performers on the tour,
and after his 2nd place in the 2014 World Final, can he turn this
consistent form into a World Championship victory?
The Welsh always bring a strong contingent to the major events;
making up 4 of the top 10 seeds. Their very own Simon Ward
leads the way, and is hoping to go a lot further than his last 16
placing in 2015.
Ever-improving competition could come from the likes of Jon
McAllister and Kristian Phillips - both have had a solid 2015
season. Keep a close eye on the dangerous Marc Farnsworth,
who made a welcome return to the IPA Tour in 2015, winning
multiple events.
Whatever happens, we’re in for another fantastic event!
#1 Clint I’ANSON
#2 Gareth HIBBOTT
#4 Simon WARD
#5 Jordan SHEPHERD
#6 Ronan McCARTHY
#7 Craig MARSH
#9 Dan DAVY
#12 Kristian PHILLIPS
#3 seed Neil Raybone.
#8 seed Andy Macdonald.
1 seed & Glasgow 2015 event winner Clint I’Anson.
Let’s look at the top 32 players in this year’s event. Who’s your favourite to win in 2016?
#14 Jason TWIST
#15 Kevin BARTON
#17 Jimmy CROXTON
#18 Mark CHUNG
#19 Harry IRWIN
#21 Jimmy CARNEY
#22 Christophe LAMBERT
#23 Liam DUNSTER
#25 Josh DURANT
#26 Andrew HUGHES
#27 Jason HILL
#28 Dave McNAMARA
#29 Billy MORTON
#30 Chris ROWLANDS
#31 Luke SANGES
#32 Andy LUCAS
#13 seed Marc Pickworth.
Can Jack Whelan defend his 2015 World Championship victory?
#21 seed Jimmy Carney.
Round One Bradley Anderson V Mark McGauley
Round One Dan Fairway V Luke Wrigglesworth
Round One Mark Priest V Paul Williamson
Round One Max Nosko V Mark John
Round One Shaun Stebbings V Matthew Walters
Round One Chris Patrick V Ross Fernie
Round One Jules Goodyear V Paul Eaton
Round One Paul Bushnell V James Eggleton
Round One Michael Barron V Andrew Bingham
Round One Myles Deleuse V Eric Dockerty
Round One Yas Hussain V Connor Jones
Round One Steve Thompson V Mark Shepherd
Round One Jack Heckingbottom V Mike Beckett
Round One Geoff Allen V Ali Daley
Round One Aaron Lowe V Ryan Wheeldon
Round One David Biseker V Jake Newlove
Round One Roger Dumortier V Dean Anderson
Round One Steve Wall V Gabriel O'Malley
Round One Steve Finnegan V Danny Tyler
Round One Carl Fitzsimon V Andy Rose
Round One Tamas Vagvolgyi V Colin Probyn
Round One Gavin Robinson V Daz Arkle
Round One Arfan Dad V Danny Gladstone
Round One David Margrave V Jeremy Hooper
Round One Jonathan Bushnell V Ryan Walton
Round One Dean Lapham V Andy Appleton
Round One Ivan Crenn V Paul Webster
Round One Chris Rushton V Danny Evans
Round One Phil Wildman V Tyler McConnell
Round One Daniel Wylie V Marc Hassall
Round One James Hanney V Ben Rodgers
Round One Carol Vinyard V Wayne Bristow
Round One Jack Whelan V David Hood
Round One Steve Rose V Kevin Seaman
Begins Wednesday 3
February 2016.
A dress code does apply.
Shirt with collar, trousers
and smart shoes please.
Round One Matty Smith V Darren Player
Round One Paul Howton V Daniel Sparks
Round One Stuart Prince V Lyn Thomas
Round One Darren Smith V Karl Nunn
Round One Thomas Scase V Louis Perinelli
Round One Jonny Mackay V Sean Swimby
Round One Stephen Webster V Jordan Johnson
Round One Gary Nicholson V Cory Rees
Round One Jamie Clarke V Dean Griffin
Round One Dean Rawlins V Leroy Clarke
Round One JJ Faul V Edward Bruley
Round One Shane Webster V Adam Short
Round One Jason Owen V Simon Baker
Round One Carl Lynch V Ryan Fisher
Round One Steve Cotter V Bradlea O'Reilly
Round One Tom Ford V Mario Banac
Round One Nik Hammond V James Peoples
Round One Ben Davies V Nicky Griffiths
Round One Andy Blurton V Rob Donkin
Round One Tommy Evans V Craig Lakin
Round One Billy Webster V Luke Hewison
Round One Damion Millward V Bash Maqsood
Round One John Barton V Chris Hinchliffe
Round One Daniel Connell V Simon Webb
Round One Tiffany Vinyard V Shane Saunders
Round One Michael Oliver V Dean Shields
Round One Jimmy Devlin V Chris Bowron
Round One Will Sizer V Ben Rowland
Round One Chris Hewitt V David Priestley
Round One Simon Doyle V Scott Dunbar
Round Two Anderson - McGauley V Fairway - Wrigglesworth
Round Two Priest - Williamson V Nosko - John
Round Two Stebbings - Walters V Patrick - Fernie
Round Two Goodyear - Eaton V Bushnell - Eggleton
Round Two Barron - Bingham V Deleuse - Dockerty
Round Two Hussain - Jones V Thompson - Shepherd
Round Two Heckingbottom - Beckett V Allen - Daley
Round Two Lowe - Wheeldon V Biseker - Newlove
Round Two Dumortier - Anderson V Wall - O'Malley
Round Two Finnegan - Tyler V Fitzsimon - Rose
Round Two Vagvolgyi - Probyn V Robinson - Arkle
Round Two Dad - Gladstone V Margrave - Hooper
Round Two Bushnell - Walton V Lapham - Appleton
Round Two Crenn - Webster V Rushton - Evans
Round Two Wildman - McConnell V Wylie - Hassall
Round Two Hanney - Rodgers V Vinyard - Bristow
Round Two Whelan - Hood V Rose - Seaman
Round Two Smith - Player V Howton - Sparks
Round Two Prince - Thomas V Smith - Nunn
Round Two Scase - Perinelli V Mackay - Swimby
Round Two Webster - Johnson V Nicholson - Rees
Round Two Clarke - Griffin V Rawlins - Clarke
Round Two Faul - Bruley V Webster - Short
Round Two Owen - Baker V Lynch - Fisher
Round Two Cotter - O'Reilly V Ford - Banac
Round Two Hammond - Peoples V Davies - Griffiths
Round Two Blurton - Donkin V Evans - Lakin
Round Two Webster - Hewison V Millward - Maqsood
Round Two Barton - Hinchliffe V Connell - Webb
Round Two Vinyard - Saunders V Oliver - Shields
Round Two Devlin - Bowron V Sizer - Rowland
Round Two Hewitt - Priestley V Doyle - Dunbar
A dress code does apply.
Shirt with collar, trousers
and smart shoes please.
Last 64 Clint I’Anson V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Andrew Hughes V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Paul Harkness V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Kevin Barton V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jason Rimington V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Christophe Lambert V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Mark Chung V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jordan Shepherd V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Craig Marsh V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jimmy Croxton V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Harry Irwin V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Kristian Phillips V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Marc Farnsworth V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Liam Dunster V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 3Andy Lucas V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Neil Raybone V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Simon Ward V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jason Hill V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Alex O'Donoghue V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jason Twist V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Marc Pickworth V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Josh Durant V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Dave McNamara V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Ronan McCarthy V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Andy Macdonald V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Billy Morton V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jimmy Carney V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Jon McAllister V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Dan Davy V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Chris Rowlands V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Luke Sanges V Qualifier TBA
Last 64 Gareth Hibbott V Qualifier TBA
Begins Thursday 4 February 2016.
A dress code does apply. Polo shirt,
trousers and smart shoes please.
Last 64 Jules Goodyear V Bye
Last 64 Gareth Hibbott V Dale Green
Last 64 Andy Lucas V Karl Nunn
Last 64 John Stroud V Julia Betteridge
Last 64 Jason Owen V Bye
Last 64 Steve Cotter V Myles Deleuse
Last 64 Darren Smith V Paul Bebb
Last 64 Brian Robinson V Scott Dunbar
Last 64 Paul Williamson V TBC 1
Last 64 Ronan McCarthy V Damion Millward
Last 64 Mark John V Stephen Webster
Last 64 Marc Pickworth V Geoff Allen
Last 64 Nik Hammond V Bye
Last 64 Jason Twist V Simon Baker
Last 64 Steve Finnegan V Jimmy Devlin
Last 64 Jason Hill V Eric Dockerty
Last 64 Carl Fitzsimon V Bye
Last 64 Dean Anderson V Paul Eaton
Last 64 Kevin Seaman V Dean Rawlins
Last 64 Daz Arkle V Graham Betteridge
Last 64 Steve Wall V Bye
Last 64 Brian York V Pat McDermott
Last 64 Gary Nicholson V Jeremy Hooper
Last 64 Paul Harkness V Carl Lynch
Last 64 Andy Appleton V Sean Trivass
Last 64 Graeme Radcliffe V Andy Blurton
Last 64 Wayne Bristow V Kevin McCrory
Last 64 Gabriel O'Malley V Simon Doyle
Last 64 Lyn Thomas V James Hanney
Last 64 Kevin Barton V John Barton
Last 64 Chris Hewitt V Bash Maqsood
Last 64 JJ Faul V Roger Dumortier
Defending Champion : Jason Twist
L1 Maria Lewis v TBC1
L2 Deb Burchell v Jenny Lawson
L3 Ashley Bird v Samantha Hurst
L4 Emma Sedman v Julia Betteridge
L5 Tiffani Vinyard v Shona Lucas
L6 Rachel Tucker v Jill Kearney
L7 Carol Vinyard v Viv Ruscoe
L8 Donna Evans v Terri Lapsley
L1 v L2
L3 v L4
L5 v L6
L7 v L8
L1/L2 v L3/L4
L5/L6 v L7/L8
Begins Friday 5 February 2016.
A dress code does apply.
Shirt with collar, trousers and
smart shoes please.
2015 Ladies World Champion
Deb Burchell (right)
Last 64 Ali Daley/Darren Player V Rob Donkin/Dean Lapham or Adam Short/David Margrave
Last 64 Tiffani Vinyard/Carol Vinyard V Josh Durant/Max Nosko
Last 64 Ivan Crenn/Mark McGauley V Dean Griffin/Dale Green
Last 64 Paul Webster/Craig Lakin V Yas Hussain/Andy Appleton
Last 64 Ben Davies/Paul Bushnell V Chris Bowron/Marc Farnsworth - Gabriel O'Malley/Nathan Prescott
Last 64 Shane Saunders/Jamie Clarke V Jimmy Croxton/Steve Wall
Last 64 Tyler McConnell/Johnny Mackay V Luke Sanges/Ben Rowland - Mike Beckett/Andrew Hughes
Last 64 Simon Doyle/Aaron Lowe V Ryan Wheeldon/Dan Fairway
Last 64 Simon Webb/Stuart Prince V Arfan Dad/Jason Twist - John Barton/James Hanney
Last 64 Billy Morton/Matty Smith V Gary Nicholson/Darren Smith
Last 64 Chris Patrick/Daniel Sparks V Steve Cotter/Paul Williamson
Last 64 Billy Webster/Jack Heckingbottom V Wayne Bristow/Danny Gladstone
Last 64 Simon Ward/Jonathan Bushnell V Luke Wrigglesworth/Thomas Scase - James Eggleton/Billy Eggleton
Last 64 Jason Hill/JJ Faul V Ronan McCarthy/James Peoples
Last 64 Jules Goodyear/Marc Pickworth V Gareth Hibbott/Dean Shields
Last 64 Paul Harkness/Daniel Wylie V Jordan Shepherd/Michael Barron
INTERNATIONAL DOUBLES : Begins Thursday 4 February 2016.
DRESS CODE : A dress code does apply. Shirt with collar, trousers and smart shoes please.
2015 doubles winners
Clint I’Anson & Jack Whelan.
Last 64 Jon McAllister/Ben Rodgers V Dean Griffin/Dale Green - Roger Dumortier/Christophe Lambert
Last 64 Dan Davy/Mark Priest V Julia Betteridge/Graham Betteridge
Last 64 Kristian Phillips/Shaun Stebbings V Tamas Vagvolgyi/Matthew Walters
Last 64 Steve Thompson/Daz Arkle V Nik Hammond/Paul Bebb
Last 64 Jimmy Carney/Andy Lucas V Eric Dockerty/Geoff Allen - Nigel Martin/Luke Hewison
Last 64 Edward Bruley/Paul Howton V Danny Tyler/Jake Newlove
Last 64 Steve Finnegan/Jordan Johnson V Marc Hassall/Tommy Evans
Last 64 Simon Baker/Michael Oliver V Louis Perinelli/Ryan Walton
Last 64 Jason Rimington/Kevin Seaman V Craig Marsh/Cory Rees - Mark Shepherd/Daniel Connell
Last 64 Gavin Robinson/Brian Robinson V Neil Raybone/Andy Blurton
Last 64 Jack Whelan/Clint I'Anson V Steve Rose/Andy Rose - Liam Dunster/Scott Dunbar
Last 64 Andy Macdonald/Warren Hodgson V Mario Banac/Bradley O'Reilly
Last 64 Carl Fitzsimon/Kevin Barton V Leroy Clarke/David Hood - Dean Anderson/Bradley Anderson
Last 64 Alex O'Donoghue/Jeremy Hooper V Chris Rushton /Myles Deleuse
Last 64 Tom Ford/Liam Foley V Stephen Webster/Shane Webster
Last 64 Bash Maqsood/Carl Lynch V Ross Fernie/Brian York
The IPA is now in its 25th year, having evolved from the 1990’s
UK pool tour. Yet despite this longevity, it has never delivered to
its full potential... until now.
In 2011 there was a major change to the Association when a
new, forward thinking Chairman and Committee were elected by
the members, with a clear aim of re-energising the IPA and pool
like never before. Although several Committee faces have
changed since then (and we thank everyone who has moved on
for all their efforts), we now have a superb team in place that
has the best interests of the IPA and pool at heart, as well as
the skill sets, drive and determination to make what the players
want to happen - happen.
Underpinned by its core values of professionalism, innovation and
quality, we will ensure that the IPA remains ahead of the game,
and at the forefront of driving the sport forward. There have
been unprecedented challenges along the way, but they have
been met and overcome, and the IPA World Championships is
now cemented in the pool calendar as our and the sport’s
flagship event.
The IPA is officially recognised as the global governing body for
Professional pool and is part of the World Pool Association
structure that enhances our credibility and provides clear
transparency in our actions. With our business minded focus
and attitude, we are offering more and more value to our current
and future partners, who all see the potential that the IPA has to
offer and the value that we can add to their brands.
Our aim is to make the IPA
place to play your pool. We put
the players at the forefront of our decision making, whilst
ensuring we maintain or improve the quality of the end product.
IPA events are exactly that – events, not somewhere you just
turn up, play and go home and we want you to thoroughly enjoy
your IPA experience, from start to finish. We continue to
introduce more and more technology to our events and website,
we continue to increase our presence in the local, National and
International media, and we continue to be innovative, such as
the introduction of the new IPA World Series. This is in addition
to the sport leading HD live stream that the IPA has introduced
over the last season, and will continue to perfect as needed.
These factors go some way to explain why we have an over
subscribed Tour for 2016, with 224 players now signed and
paid up for each Tour stop this year.
Our plans in the coming years are to continue to improve in all
aspects, be it technology, player experience or the quality of our
events. We will be looking to develop the World Series events
with our colleagues across the globe, and to get those prize
monies to the levels we all want. It's not going to easy, but we
are well placed to deliver on all of this and fully intend to do so,
and will happily look at any positive suggestions you, the players,
put forward.
As always, you can catch all the latest IPA news via the website
at, or “like” us on our Facebook page. You
can also follow us on Twitter @ipapool, view all the video
highlights from all the IPA events on our YouTube channel, and
read the various newspaper reports for each and every event.
Finally starting to deliver its full potential.
You might know of them, but what do they do?
You may have heard the name, you may have played in their hugely
successful National event, but who are they, and what do they do?
The British Association of Pool Table Operators (BAPTO) was
formed in 1975, with the primary intention to unify the activities of
those who provide the pool tables we all play on in various pubs
and clubs across the UK. Table operators, table and component
manufacturers and multi site owners are all part of the
Association, which is now in its 40th year and continues to go
from strength to strength, despite the well documented problems
the licensed trade has encountered over the last decade.
Chairman Mike Dicks commented "Our competition has always
been aimed at our customers, the grass roots players who play
week-to-week in their local pub or club team. This year we will
announce our 40th competition, making the BAPTO Finals the
longest running pool tournament in the country. The event has
returned to Blackpool at one of the finest playing arenas in the UK
which proved a great success with all the players and spectators
last year”.
“We applaud the IPA in their efforts to promote excellence and
competition in pool, wish you good luck in your tournament and
look forward to seeing you at the BAPTO Finals at Blackpool
in November".
The first National event took place in 1977 which was held at the
legendary Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, and has visited many
famous venues over the years, including the Tower Ballrooms at
Blackpool and the Spa at Bridlington. The first Team winners were
The Jolly Carter from Manchester, and the victor of the Singles
was 'big' Dave Dolman. The Nottingham Storm and Derby’s Jack
Whelan were the respective winners in 2015, and the 2016
event details are available at
Here's to the next 40 years!
He couldn’t stop winning in 2015 -
Singles Champion Jack Whelan
Blackball pool will go from strength to strength.
Hello everyone, on behalf of the EBA I would like to wish the IPA
the very best of luck for their upcoming Word Championships in
Bradford. We would like to say a big well done to Kevin Barton and
the committee of the IPA for the way in which they have built
steadily each year since they became the Professional arm of the
Blackball family in 2013.
So as 2016 begins, I have no doubt the IPA will move forward yet
again, we look forward to strengthening the already strong bond
between IPA and the EBA. From an EBA point of view it has been
another great year with the addition of the Netherlands which is
big step in bringing Blackball to the forefront in Europe.
The 2015 European Championships in Bridlington saw the IPA
graciously continue its sponsorship with the EBA, by again giving
European champion Scott Ross a 12 month entry into the Pro
tour on top of his winnings, which I have to say added a bit of bite.
The IPA have now rightly taken their place in our game and are
recognised in the world structure, with Blackball International, EBA
and IPA all moving forward, I firmly believe Blackball pool will only
go from strength to strength.
On a final note, I hope everyone taking part at the IPA Professional
World Championships have a great tournament.
Yours in Pool,
Kevin Byrne
EBA Chairman
SICF/SIPF Vice Chairman
Scott Ross : 2015 EBA European Champion.
The feel of a single-piece cue is so much better.
Jason Owen is a cue maker based in the south of England, and
with many of the World’s top pool and snooker players using (and
praising) his cues, we thought we would find out a little more from
the man himself.
How did you get started in the cue making business?
I’ve played cue sports for twenty plus years and have collected
antique cues as a hobby, and I have always wanted to make a cue
myself, so about seven years ago I thought I would give it a go. I
sourced Rosewood for the butt and some Ash planks for the
shaft, brought a Stanley Bailey hand plane from a car boot sale,
and that was that – and I still use the same plane to this day.
After a few drawings and a lot of thought, I went about tapering
the shaft, splicing the Rosewood on and finishing the cue. After
more attempts than I care to mention, (learning by experience), I
finally made a cue that I thought was pretty decent, and as it was
quickly snapped up by a friend, I made another, and another, each
time investing in more suitable tools and materials. After thirty or
so cues, I brought a lathe from Mike Wooldridge who then spent
some time teaching me some easier and more accurate methods
for tapering and splicing, which allowed me to move through the
levels to produce a really decent cue.
What’s your cue?
Less is more for me, and I have had my current playing cue for
three years now. The main butt has front and back splices of black
ebony, and side splices of Amboyna burr - it’s a very simple design.
When I played the Glasgow IPA tour last year, I flew up and was so
concerned about putting my cue in the hands of the baggage
handlers that I made an exact replica in plain ebony and took
that instead!
You only make one piece cues, why not jointed cues?
I have only ever made one three-quarter jointed cue and I have no
plans to make anymore! The feel of a single-piece cue is so much
better than a jointed cue, and I am convinced that this is due to
the tip end directly connecting to your back hand, it’s one single
piece of wood. A metal joint breaks that connection and alters the
feel and balance.
Why do cue makers have such long waiting times?
I try my hardest to keep my waiting times to around six to eight
months. It is not so much the workload that causes these waiting
times, but more the availability of materials. There are more
expectations these days for Ash and Maple to have nice aesthetic
qualities, people want Ash with nice looking grain arrows, and
Maple with no blemishes. Sometimes, the wood that comes to me
isn’t guaranteed to be that good looking, or to have the right feel,
so there has to be some time allowed. Add in more time
constraints with the moisture content of the woods, and settling
times in between stages, plus the love and attention given to every
cue and patience is certainly a virtue – though I feel the end
product is worth the wait, and luckily so do my customers!