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SENG; Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

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Changing lives , changing futures!
Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted - SENG
"The support provided by SENG indicates a deep
understanding of and commitment to individuals who
exhibit gifted behaviors." -Anonymous
Importantly, SENG has also introduced structures
to consistently and proactively solicit input from
each of our community members. We have
improved our capacity for responsiveness in
programming which has resulted in higher
participation and engagement levels. We are
reminded that the need is greater in certain
communities, especially rural and urban areas,
which will inform SENG?s goals and actions in
More than anything else, SENG spreads our
mission in each human interaction, in how we
relate to and care for one another. One of the
more significant ways SENG has evolved this
past year relates to new leadership practices.
Historically, SENG has operated under a
relatively hierarchal leadership structure. While
familiar, the traditional model was incongruent
with SENG?s mission and equity goals. Our new
distributed and democratic leadership practices,
coupled with healthy communication practices,
have facilitated stronger community. We feel the
privilege of belonging. Thank you for
transforming the lives of the gifted individuals
you touch ? we are grateful for your partnership.
Together we hope to affect even greater change
in 2017.
In Gratitude,
Kate and The SENG Team
?The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured
for all of us and incorporated into our common life.? ~ Jane Addams
Dear SENG Community,
We are grateful for each of you - you are the reason
we are here! SENG enjoyed connecting with new
people, reuniting with familiar friends and expanding
our understanding and services during 2016. Each
new relationship and learning experience was the
result of thoughtful planning and mission oriented
decision making, and also signals new opportunities
for growth in the years ahead.
Last year, the SENG team shared a commitment to
celebrating community members with boots on the
ground living the SENG mission. We have been
overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity we
have witnessed among those caring for the complex
and sensitive among us. By focusing on what is
working, we have been able to accelerate SENG?s
progress. Sadly, SENG?s most in demand
programming continues to relate to the loneliness of
the experience of being a cognitive outlier. Learning
to talk about giftedness using other terms has both
increased SENG?s reach and also invited new
conversations with people who previously held
myths and misconceptions about giftedness.
The launch of SENG?s new website has enhanced
our ability to communicate with each of you. Over
more than thirty-five years, SENG?s library of
resources exceeded its technological and
organizational capacity. The clean-up work was
arduous and our team is proud of the new site which
is the result of diligent, focused efforts.
SENG?s mission is to empower families and
communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to
reach their goals: intellectually, physically,
emotionally, socially, and spiritually.
Gratitude: SENG practices gratitude daily. We are
grateful for the inherent goodness of the gifted
community. We affirm that there are good things in
the world, gifts and benefits that we have received
through the generosity of our donors and we are
thankful for them. We appreciate each investment
of expertise, time and money made to support
SENG in transforming lives.
Integrity, Transparency and Honesty: SENG
employs the highest ethical standards,
demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action
that we take. All staff, board members and
volunteers of the organization act with honesty,
integrity and openness in all their dealings as
representatives of the organization.
Responsible Stewardship: We are committed to
thoughtful stewardship of all human, natural, and
financial resources. This means we use carefully
the time and talents of those working with our
organization. We are environmentally responsible,
and we spend wisely the funds invested in us.
SENG's values guide our perspectives as well as our actions. United by a
common belief structure, our values are the foundation of our approach to
Community: SENG works to provide services
that help gifted individuals and their families
connect with like-minded peers to share
experiences and lend support. This is reflected in
our programming as well as our outreach. SENG
works to collaborate with other agencies and
partners within the gifted community to promote
our mission and vision of social and emotional
support to gifted individuals.
Compassion is an integral aspect of SENG?s
mission ? it determines how we treat our staff,
volunteers, our constituents and all other
community members.
Inclusiveness and Diversity: SENG is an
inclusive, welcoming, respectful community of
people with varying human characteristics, ideas,
cultural and religious practices, world and
political views, identities, and experiences
working together to support the social and
emotional needs of gifted individuals. SENG
honors the fundamental value and dignity of all
individuals. We celebrate every member of our
global community and welcome opportunities to
promote unity.
Growth: SENG proactively seeks sustainable,
profitable growth by encouraging pursuit of our
vision, quality standards in our programming,
excellence in implementation, innovation in
product development, collaboration with
affiliates, commitment to customer service and
dedication to leadership in all of our
Kate Bachtel, President Rose Blackett, Finance Officer Carolyn Kottmeyer, Secretary
Mike Postma, Director Tracy Riley, Director
Evelyn Metcalf ,President Elect
"Good governance never depends upon laws, but upon the personal qualities of those who govern. The
machinery is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element
of governance, therefore, is choosing leaders." Frank Herbert
The governing body of SENG is the Board of Directors.
Under the guidance of an elected Executive
Committee, the board works in collaboration with
SENG's Executive Director to oversee the development
and implementation of SENG's strategic plan.
Requirements for board membership are uniform and
follow best practices for corporate boards. The
selection of members is accomplished through
Executive Committee recommendation and
nominations are then submitted to the full board for
consideration. New board members are approved at
SENG?s annual board meeting in January.
Corporate governance principles are featured in
SENG's Bylaws and a series of documents adopted by
the Board. Each are reviewed periodically to ensure
they continue to meet the needs of the organization
and reflect current industry best practices.
SENG Standing Committees:
Executive Committee. In 2015, the Executive
Committee embarked on governance reform. Changes
were adopted in January 2016. In addition to a more
clear oversight and strategic role for the board,
highlights of governance reforms include:
Amended and Restated Bylaws
Revised Board and Committee Structure
Creation of a Communications Policy
Annual Affirmation of Service
Individual Director self-appraisals
Director Conflict of Interest Forms
Ethics, Conduct and Compliance Resources and
Policy Manual Review
The Development Committee. The Development
Committee worked collaboratively to design a series
of news tactics in 2016; this in addition to the existing
individual donation program and SENG's
membership program.
The Editorial Committee. Chaired by Tracy Riley,
the SENG editorial committee engaged in a review of
the editorial submission process. Additional
achievements include Voices a new editorial feature
feature and expanding SENG's monthly newsletter
SENGVine from 10 to 12 issues annually.
The Professional Advisory Committee. Chaired by
Marianne Kuzujanakis MD, MPH, the PAC is tasked
with assisting SENG generate ideas to connect to
untapped communities in health and mental health
SENGinar Program Chair. SENG webinars provide
convenient access to many of the top experts in the
gifted field. Program Chair Mike Postma; program
growth this period - 33%
SMPG Program Chair. Kate Bachtel oversaw the
development of two new programs in 2016.
SMPGPlus+ and SENGConnect.
Conference Program Chair. Conference oversight
includes the annual SENG Conference and Children's
Program. Co-chairs Kate Bachtel and Evelyn
Metcalf collaborated to deliver an exceptional event
in Williamsburg.
New in 2016 - The SENGtuary, the SENG Summit,
SMPG Breakfast and Discussion Tables.
Special thanks to Keynote Speakers: Dina Brulles
Ph.D., Dr. Kristina H. Collins, Dr. Tracy L Cross, Dr.
Jim Delisle, Donna Ford Ph.D., P. Susan Jackson.
Barry Gelston,Director Elect
Kristina H. Collins Director Elect
Organizational culture has a significant influence on the
way teams work together and how effective they are
implementing mission. How we care for one another
transforms lives as much as any information
disseminated through programming.
Effective March 2016, SENG established its first
permanent home. Having an office space where our
team can collaborate has proven invaluable to SENG.
An operational audit was conducted and new
operational and communications systems
Critical to our success is our commitment to a
collaborative approach to each team member in a
manner responsive to their expertise and needs.
Priorities include:
* as a team with diverse intensities, strengths,
sensitivities and perspectives, we expect there are time
we will disagree. Conflict is often a signal for our
greatest learning. We are empowered to engage in
challenging dialogue with a clear conflict resolution
protocol guided by non-violent communication
* a willingness to address behavior that has the
potential to negatively impact the team and or mission
* trust and candor between staff members, the
Executive Director and the Board.
2016 welcomed three amazing new team members
this year:
* Saba Seyoum, Finance Manager
* Yesenia Judge, Development and Administration
* Melody Yourd, Communications Manager.
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!" Helen Keller
Elizabeth Ringlee
Yesenia Judge
Melody Yourd
Saba Seyoum
An internship program was designed and
launched and SENG welcomed two
exceptional students to the program.
Through our Internship Program,
individuals gain professional non-profit
experience and exposure to critical issues.
Interns also have the chance to explore
hands-on work at the local, national, and
international levels, as they work with other
SENG members across the world and
develop a comprehensive perspective on
our organization?s mission Internships are
available virtually and on site, Sincere
appreciation goes out to Melody Yourd and
Emma Pascuali for their efforts.
Yesenia Judge
SENG has worked to offer support and guidance to the
gifted community, through education, research, and
connection. With the right intellectual and emotional
support, gifted people can accept themselves and fulfill
the potential of their incredible capabilities.
With the goal of further expanding its activities and
reaching more people SENG embarked on an
aggressive new public relations strategy. in 2016.
The growth across all platforms was substantial.
2016 Statistics:
NEW Website 12-1400 Users / Day. After months of
thoughtful planning, SENG launched its new website in
November 2016. Specific consideration was given to
demographic profiles as well as Mission, Vision and
Ease of Navigation. response to the new site has been
Facebook Up 44.55% from December 2015. 88%
women; 25-54
Twitter Up 52.61% from December 2015. 80% women.
Linked In Up 33% from December 2015
Tumblr - new in 2016!
SENGVine Up 11% Publication expanded from 10 to 12
issues annually. Design changes implemented
accommodate mobile users (46% of our 26936
subscriber base views the publication on a mobile
device.). New editorial features -- Voices and Post of
the Month.
SENG is a 501c3 not for profit organization. Established in 1981, the organization is supported by individuals, advocates, parents, educators and clinicians from
across the United States and around the world.
The SENG membership program helps to maintain SENG Programming and initiatives. Since its inception in 2014, the SENG membership program has grown
to 400+ active members. Benefits of membership include access to the SENG community, discounted fees on SENGinars (SENG Webinars) and conference
registration as well as and one free webinar annually. A variety of different memberships are available and individuals are encouraged to select the
membership that best suits their needs.
2016 Statistics:
Active Members: 406
Number of Gifts: 480
Average Gift: $94.00
Four promotions tactics were introduced in 2016.
#BlackFriday. A Black Friday sale was scheduled over the Thanksgiving Holiday offering discounted pricing on select SENGinars. Over 100 persons
#30DaysofGiving. A 30 day fundraising drive conducted on social media and supported on the web and through e-marketing. Monies earedin this
fundraiser are matched by the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation. Over $4000.00 was raised as a result of this campaing.
#NationalParentingGiftedChildrenWeek. SENG is proud to sponsor National Parenting Gifted Children (NPGC) Week, which takes place annuallly on
the 3rd week in July each year. Special requests for donations were made during the promotion period; testimonials from supportive families featured.
#Back to School. Special requests for donations were made during the promotion period; testimonials from supportive families featured.
2016 Statistics:
Individual donations rose by 27%
Four tributes received: Social-Emotional Aces Program Dalia, Avi and Eitan Skolnick Daale Thomas Cunningham, Barbara Cunningham Vita e One
Memorial established in memory of Robert Kevin Jury
SENG Model Parent Groups bring individuals and
families together to discuss the challenges
associated with raising a gifted child. The
co-facilitators of these groups, though
knowledgeable about parenting and gifted
education, do not attempt to give advice. Instead
their facilitation provides a non-judgmental and
nurturing atmosphere for individuals and families
to exchange ideas.
Hosted by two SENG certified facilitators,
discussion topics include issues like motivation,
discipline, stress management, peer relationships
and more. The groups meet weekly for
approximately 8-10 weeks.
New in 2016 : SMPG PLUS+ affords busy
families the chance to experience the benefits of
a SENG Model Parent Group in an exciting new
format: a one-day retreat.
The one-day retreat format covers core SMPG
topics alternating with dialogue and breaks for
movement, meditation, lunch and to time to
connect with family. While the discussions will be
structured in a similar manner to the traditional
SMPG model, parents will be held in the comfort
of tribe for a full day (8am-4:30pm) with a goal
for all to leave feeling relaxed, replenished and
empowered with expanded community and
SENG webinars (SENGinars) provide convenient access to many of the top experts in the gifted field. The 90-minute webinars are designed expressly
for parents, educators and mental health professionals who work with gifted children. Join us on line for the latest presentations on giftedness.
Everyone who purchases a live SENGinar will also receive access to a recording of the live event.
2016 Statistics:
Number of live webinars 12
Percentage increase in growth: 31%+
Contributing Speakers: Kate Bachtel, Lesley Hosey, Lisa Erickson, Joanne Foster, Paula Prober,Mike Postma,Linda Collins,
Susan Daniels, Sharon Barnes, Emily Mofield, Megan Parker Peters, Dina Brulles and Christiine Thuro-Shields,
2016 Statistics
SENG sponsored SMPG Facilitator Trainings: Four
New Facilitators Certified by SENG: 54
Percentage increase from 2015: 50%
Continuing Education Courses. SENG is approved by the American Psychological Association to
sponsor continuing education for psychologists. SENG maintains responsibility for this program and
its content. Continuing Educations are available through SENG both at Conference and through online
New certifications this period: 67
The James T. Webb Scholarship currently
extends the opportunity for identified gifted and
talented students from low income families to
participate in the SENG Annual Conference
accompanied by their parent or guardian.
To qualify, the student must be between the
ages of 6-16, submit a letter of aptitude/talent
verification from their school or clinician, craft a
written statement indicating their interest in
attending the SENG Conference as well as
provide proof of free or reduced lunch program
Conference attendance fees are waived for
scholorship winners. Transportation and
accommodation are the responsibility of
The number of scholorships awarded is based
on availability of funds.
The 2016 SENG Conference for parents, gifted adults, clinicians and educators was held in July in Williamsburg and incorporated several new
presentatyions and discussion topics alongside traditional ones. Unfortunately attendance figures were down over 2015. This can be attributed to travel
costs associated with the remote location of the venue. Highlights included:
4 Keynote Presentations: Dr. Tracy L. Cross -- Under-achievement to Suicide; How Students Cope with Being Gifted. Kristina H. Collins - Wait a Sec! Re
framing our Present Approach to Gifted Education and Talent Development. Jim Delisle - Simply a horrible way to look at children: America's animosity
towards its giftedness and a panel presentation with Dina Brulles, Donna Ford and P. Susan Jackson entitled: Creating Inclusive Communities.
88 general sessions modeled on 8 distinct sessions strands. Theme titles included Social and Emotional Needs, Twice Exceptional, Counseling, Diversity,
Gifted Adults; Gifted Elders, Homeschooling, Outliers among Outliers, Parenting / Gifted Families
8 Continuing Education workshops. Speakers included: Lisa Erickson and Noks Nauta, Grace Malonai and Joanna Hasse, Dr. Vula Baliotis, Dr. Tracy L.
Cross, Leslie Hosey, Ph.D.P. Susan Jackson, Patty Gatto Walden, and Ellen Fiedler with Michele Kane. Although attendance figures we down compared to
2015, 47 persons participated.
SMPG Facilitator Training was conducted certifying 30 new SMPG facilitators. The training hosted by Lori Comallie Caplan and Sheri Plybon was the
largest Conference training conducted in the last few years.
A Children's Program: The 2016 program, presented in partnership with the College of William and Mary, grew to accommodated 52 children ages 6-14.
Chaired by Evelyn Metcalf and Dr. Mihyeon Kim. the program included Kitchen Chemistry, Lego Robotics,Capturing American History and New in 2016 --
All About Me a class designed to help gifted students understand themselves and work within standard academic and social structures to achieve their own
An Exhibit Hall. SENG welcomed 29 sponsors and exhibitors to Conference 2016. Although this figure was slightly less than Conference 2015 (34
Sponsors and Exhibitors participated), the Conference Production team was pleased with the result given the remoteness of the venue.
Welcome Reception and Awards Ceremony. Every year at conference, SENG reserves prized time in the schedule to honor distinguished members of our
community. This years event was held in conjunction with a Cocktail Reception and honored 4 members of our community Stephanie S. Tolan, Patty Gatto
Walden, Arlene DeVries and Lifetime Achievement recipient Michael M. Piechowski.
SMPG Breakfast honoring SMPG facilitators for their service. The event was attended by over 45 people and included the presentation of a the SMPG
Champion Award to Arlene DeVries.
New in 2016, The SENG Sanctuary or SENGtuary is a dedicated space located in the general session hall affording conference particpants a quiet space
away from the bustle of sessions to relax and recharge, Featuring comfortable seating and natural light, the SENGtuary is the perfect place to take a break
from the intensities of conference.
The SENG Summit . This year at conference SENG brought together community members for dialogue on issues critical to the gifted. The event was well
received with 22 persons participating.
The SENG Misdiagnosis Initiative continues its
pivotal mission in seeking to reduce medical
misdiagnosis in the gifted by promoting
inter-disciplinary education for healthcare
professionals, psychologists, educators, parents
and others in the unique needs of these gifted
individuals. Some highlights of 2016 include:
American Academy of Pediatrics October 2016
National Conference session (speaker Dr. Dan
Peters of the Summit Center): The Gifted Child:
Misunderstood, Mislabeled, Misdiagnosed
Article in AAP News Today(Page 16): "Gifted
Children often Misdiagnosed With Developmental
Article in Pediatric News: "Recognizing,
addressing giftedness can be challenging?
Publication of the book: Misdiagnosis & Dual
Diagnosis of Gifted Children & Adults [2nd
Edition] ISBN: 1935067435 Available on,,
Translations of SENG Misdiagnosis Initiative
brochures are already in English, German,
Spanish. Future plans for further translations.
There is a continued demand for SENG
Misdiagnosis Initiative brochures and
informational bookmarks.
The ?Honor Roll of SENG Outstanding Educators? was created to recognize educators who have made
a difference in the lives of others, and to provide scholarships for current Education students.
2016 nominees include:
Mary Cantillo - Pine View School for the Gifted; Osprey Florida
Rachel Morris - Woodlawn Elementary School; Woodlawn, Tennessee
Lucy McClung - Ruffner Elementary School: Charleston, West Virgina
By supporting the program with your tax deductible donation you are invited to submit names of
honorees with a brief description of why they are being honored. Honorees are sent a congratulatory
letter from SENG, as well as being presented with a memento of thanks and appreciation for their
outstanding contribution to excellence in education. Honoree?s names are listed on SENG website,
along with donors? names and descriptive paragraphs they wrote about the honorees.
SENG?s resource library includes original and reprinted articles and columns form world renown experts on the social and emotional needs of the gifted.
Newly organized by topic., the library is widely used by individuals, parents educators and health care provides and included over 500 +titles.
Categories include:
Our Community Emotional Needs
Diverses Populations Intellectual Needs
For Families Social Needs
For Individuals Spiritual Needs
For Professionals Twice Exceptional
Well Beining and new in 2016 ... Voices!
Individual Donations
Total Income
Program Services
Supporting Services
Total Expenses
Net Assets Beginning of Year
Net Assets November 2016
SENG has forever changed my life. I am finally beginning to comprehend my Gifted nature, and for the
first time in my life, I am excited to be Gifted. -Anonymous
Friend $25-49.00
Angela Allen
Joyce Anderson
Aysequl Atwood
Vicella Azzarelli
Julie Bacon
Cindy Bare
Michelle Barmazel
Myra Barnes
Kenneth Barron
Leah Beatty
Claire Beltran
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James T. Webb
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