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This unique how-to guide will allow your family or group to select the project page to focus and learn more about, based on your families current interest or needs. Each book consist of no more than 45 pges, with 30 pages designed to provide your family students / prticipants to select the project page that most interest them. Once you select the project that you are interested, you can enroll in our selected video or audio skills enhancement sessions. 1 - 90 minute session once per month. Time tba. All sessions are virtual. No grades No test. All classes are recorded in advance. Some classes will be video, others will be audio. Participating students must study by pausing recording to replay, takes notes and study your notes. Return your notes by email. Our staff will evaluate your work. There are no test. Instead we will evaluate and ofer our best insight on your work, homework. We require all members to submit a monthly fee of $30.00 with an additional one time setup fee of $30.00.

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