Stand as One Ministry

Annual Report 2015

Ride for Refuge 2015

On October 3, 2015 four locations rode as one to raise funds. We thank our loyal riders in Victoria, Smithers, Richmond and Langley for uniting to raise $37,000, making us the 10th highest team in Canada!

Join us in 2016 for this fundraiser to help feed kids in Malawi.

Save the date:

Oct 1, 2016.

Our Impact in Malawi


Kalulu Village has been a huge project this year.  The people have learned Farming God's Way techniques, received Lukina Phala, the nutritional maize porridge.  There have been gifts of goats, they learned how to construct a fuel saving stove, there have been weekly biblical life lessons and so much more. 

We have evidence of the success of the new farming techniques!  This corn was grown with the blanket of straw to hold in moisture, and no fertilizer.  Others from the area are coming by to ask if they too can receive this training.  

Our Soy milk production factory is providing:


800+ cups of soy milk for children, everyday, 5 days a week in 13 preschools and 1 hospital.  

Malnutrition has been reduced, physical growth and school performance have improved.


Jobs have been created for 19 adults in the community, including production of soy milk and delivery.



Soy milk factory

Baby feeding program 

We partner with Nicole in her goal to reduce infant mortality.  She is in the area, recognizing hunger and despair around her.  As many families have depleted their harvest and seed for the coming season she is providing food and farming techniques to help bring them to independance.  

Nicole also cares for 13 young children in her home, and has just started a farm, planting one hectare of land for this season.

Ebenezer School

Sponsorship opportunities!

A year of progress!  We have built a new teacher residence, and now have 26 sponsored children.  More sponsors are needed, $300 a year provides a Christian education for one child.


 17 volunteers + 6 days = 2 new homes + 2 happy families

Our Impact in Mexico

Our Impact in Myanmar

Supported by Alpha Foundation


Our impact in Myanmar involves 6 children's homes, one that we own and facilitate, and 5 that benefit from our partnership and resources.  We provide food, tutoring, and school supplies including backpacks, umbrellas, uniforms and books. There are 634 children whose lives are happily improved.

We were able to impact people struggling in remote villages in the area.  Dan was guided to a community experiencing a desperate lack of food. Fedwell soup was supplied.



Irene identified a need and a crew of helpers were able to renovate and restore a widow's bamboo hut.

Dr.Paw, a practising physician in Yangon, also gives regular checkups for 733 children under our support. Her work with us also includes health and hygiene training with the children.

Emergency Flood Relief

Flooding in Myanmar in August 2015 affected 1.7 million people. Through the support of Alpha Foundation, Stand as One was able to reach many remote villages with food, providing

345,050 meals.

Supported by the Alpha Foundation.

We partner with William and Angela

as they lead summer evangelism camps. They spend 5 weeks in remote villages in Chin State, Myanmar, reaching over 400 children with the gospel message.

They are very

pleased to also offer our Fedwell soup.


Evangelism Camps

Mass Welfare Society runs 7 Prep Schools in the slums of Kolkata.  The children receive education, daily nutrition, monthly health checks, including free medicine when needed, weekly Christian teaching, vocational training and so much more.

Our Impact in India

supported by the Alpha Foundation

We continue to provide Soy milk, in partnership with Kolkata City Mission, to children and seniors.

Channai Life Center has a passion for tangible change. This year has seen Christo and Sarah Emmanuel's work bring adult and child education, summer clubs, expanded child programs, emergency flood relief and so much more to their community and city.

Thank You

for supporting

Dan and Irene Schat