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2012 Volume 29 Number 3 Dusty Times Magazine

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1 Volume 29 • NumlNlr s • llal'CII 2012 $2.50 ISSN8750-17J2 eeleb,at'ing ou, 211~h Yea, OF se,viee To The OFF Road eommuni~ covering the world of competition in the dirt •.•

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Page 2 · March 2012 Dusty Times

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Congratulations to "EZ" Rick Mooneyham! 2012 ing of the ammers Overall2ndPraceFin~hand Fastest Qualifying Lap Dusty Times March 2012 Page 3

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. •' Volume 29 - Number 2 February 2012 DllliY51■II Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors Homer Eubanks J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Tony Tellier Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham B.O.R.E. ,-¢..~ , ... ~ . -L~.-' ,' Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite IA, Missoula, MT 59802, Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH ••• The 1982 Parker race saw Scott and Corky McMillin take the Class 2 honors, they're seen here at one of many landings during the race. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only prints up to 8xl0 or electronic media submitted via email will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES BITD Parker 425 by Judy Smith ............................................................... 8 Monte Carlo Rally by Martin Holmes ..................................................... 16 HDRA Redline At Stateline by J Preston Bradshaw .................................. 20 MORE New Years 200 by Steve Ruddick ................................................ 26 Chicas Racing by George Jackson .............................................................. 32 Mint 400 Circa 1985 by Jean Calvin ....................................................... 35 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ............................................................................................. .5 Trail Notes ................................................................................................ 6 Good Stuff Directory ............................................................................ 42 Classified Ads ......................................................................................... 47 Index To Advertisers ............................................................................... 47 ON THE COVER Robby Gordon drove the Class 1500 Geiser vehicle to the overall win at the Parker 425, Robby had 16 minutes on his competition at the checkers. Trackside Photo Steven Engenio took the Class 1 win and the overall at the HDRA Redline Races At Stateline, Steve had 13 minutes on his competition at the flag. Trackside Photo Visit Our ~ ebsite at I] Finduson Facebook ·s e1,d,4,e,1t,td-e 7 tJ4t//Uf to DUSTY TIMES THE PASTEST GROWING OPP ROAD MONTHLY· IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 · □ 3 years -$55.00 (to subscribe online go to . □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name _____ ~-----------------Address _____________________ _ City ______________________ _ State. ________________ Zip _______ _ Primary Interest Cars D Trucks D MotorcyclesO Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US • Overseas subscription rates upon request "1 . Page 4 March 2012 Dusty Times

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r-2012 Happenings ... 1 OK FoUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 <4x4> (AU events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) 4x4 FOREVER, Lm. 1665 DELAWARE ST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SoUTI-1 PoINTE CIRCLE, Sum 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702)"'298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 <web l.userinstinctcom/271413 25-ameri-can-rally-sport-group.htm. E Mail: AMERICAN TRIALS AsSOCIATION AMA Observed Trials Southern California Championship Series BILLMAfu<uM, 2010 PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE, 2010 (714) 562-7742 E MAIL: BMARK909@AOL.COM <> AsocIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM l.AsELL, TECH INSPECTOR APTO 42 SAN JOSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AusTRALIAN OFF RoAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SoMERS ST. CAsHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Cl.Ass 10 CARS ONLY RENALD V AlllANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 < indexpag.html> BAJA CUP CHALLENGE BAJA PRoTRUCK OFF RoAD RAcE SERIES 14402 BOND CouRT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 The Protruck schedule far 2012 will consist of both the SCORE and Best ln The 'E>esert races. BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Racewa:1, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS Off Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing NORCO, CA 92860 e-mail (909) 815-5811 BEST IN THE DESERT 3475 BoULDER HIGHWAY LAs VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX:702-641-2431 <> March 23 -25, 2012 General Tire Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV May 4 -6, 2012 Canidae Tap It Silver State 300 August 16 - 18, 2012 General Tire Vegas To Reno Nevada October 12 - 14, 2012 Bluewater Desert Challenge Parker, AZ November 30 - December 2, 2012 Transwest Ford Henderson 250 Henderson, NV BORERAcING Allen Gerber 801-380-9011 - after 5pm please BP MOTORSPORTS P.O. Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-578-6258/ 760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All Events At California Ciry, CA Dusty Times BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CuJB AUToMOVILISTA JuARENsE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAsT EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 0ll-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <> CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DoN ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box332 FA1R HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Har-rison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CuJB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN CALLE 6TA FRACc Co. DE SA!< QuINTIN March 2012 SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACUO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) CuJB AmoMOVILISTico SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (0115261746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MoTOSPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODETECATE 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP MADERO 621-A ZONA CENTRO MEXICALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA 21100 0ll-52-686-553-4087 USA 686-553-4087 MEXICO <> E Mail: April 6-8, 2012 San Luis Gran Prix (No points race) Sonora, MX May 18-20, 2012 VW Autopartes Excomex Mexicali, BC, MX July 27-29, 2012 ORW Gran Prix Tecate, BC, MX October 5-7, 2012 Mexicana Logistics 300 Mexicali, BC, MX November JO-December 1-2, 2012 OXXO Race Ready 275 Mexical San Felipe, BC, MX CowRADOHILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/ (719)687-9827 H P.O Box8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 Continued on page 6 Pages

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Trail Notes· ... FINAL FLAG -We are sad to report the passing of Roberta La Yelle. Roberta and her husband, Charlie spent many years lining up the cars for starting at the SCORE races. Roberta was always helping drivers and crew with their problems and she had quite a following of drivers. She will be missed by all. Via· con Dios. INTELLIGENT TIRES SECURE BRIDGESTONE THE 2012 TIRE TECHNOLOGY AWARD AT THE ANNUAL TIRE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL Aw ARDS FoR INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE -The Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Exeellence have once again rewarded the tire industry's leading manufacturers and technology providers for a variety of outstanding innovations introduced over the past year. Presented in Cologne at the 12th annual Tire Technology EXPO, leading industry brands and household names such as Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear, were honoured alongside more specialist industry suppliers such as Rhein Chemie and Environmental Waste International across a variety of key technology categories. Bridgestone Corporation scooped the Tire Technology of the Year Award for its excellent Contact Area Information Sensing (CAIS); a system which Bridgestone states can provide real-time road surface condition information to the driver by way of the tires. This exciting future technology collects and evaluates road surface condition information via a sensor 1 ocated inside the tire tread which wirelessly sends that information to. the vehicle's analytical equipment. Capable of sensing instantaneous vibration input data and digitizing it using in-vehicle analysis equipment, the new technology classifies the current state of the road surface into seven conditions of dry, semi-dry, wet, slush, fresh snow, compact snow, and ice. This information is then transmitted directly to the driver via an in-car display. "This technology from Bridgestone really impressed us", said Adam Gavine, Editor of Tire Technology magazine. "It's an ultra high-technology development which can potentially make a genuine contribution to road safety". The prestigious Manufacturer of the Year Award has this year gone to Michelin, in recognition for a year which has seen massive internal investment and some significant new partnerships develop. 2011 saw US$200 million invested in its Lexington facility in South Carolina to further expand its tire building capacity, and an additional US$50 million has been spent to upgrade equipment and expand production capacity at its Fort Wayne BFGoodrich Tire manufacturing facility in Woodburn, Indiana. Additionally, a further €100 million has been spent upgrading its global R&D center in Ladoux, France. Michelin has also joined two new partnerships during 2011, the fi rst, with the Fed!!ration Internationale de !'Automobile (FIA), is to develop new actions to foster safer and more sustainable mobility through motorsport technology. The second agreement is with Amyris, Inc., a leading renewable chemicals and fuels company, to collaborate in the development and commercialization of renewable isoprene. The all-important Environmental Achievement of the Year, this year went to Environmental Waste International Inc., which has introduced a revolutionary recycling technology that provides an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional tire recycling methods. The company's new high-tech facility utilizes Reverse Polymerization (RP) technology, which uses microwaves to extrac t a tire's oil, along with other valuable by-products, and produces no emissions. The Tire Manufacturing Innovation Award went to Goodyear for its Retread Multi-piece cushion, a multilayered, concentric extrusion process to allow the cushion to be redefined in how it is introduced into dealers' retread manufacturing processes. The Tire Industry Supplier of the Year went to Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH, which has expanded its product portfolio in 2011 through the acquisition of two businesses from Flexsys Ameri ca LP., a subsidiary of Solutia Inc. Rhein Chemie is also taking over the Vocol and Santoweb product lines, which strengthens its expertise in high-quality dithiophosphate accelerators and pre-dispersed polymer-bound fibers, enabling it to expand its service spectrum for rubber processor. Today, Rhein Chemie is the only global player offering both curing bladders and release agents for the manufacturing of tires. Tire Technology Expo 2012 has been a bigger event than ever before and has delivered yet another outstanding tire manufacturing and technology exhibition alongside an outstanding conference programme. NEW FORGED SUPERLITE REPLACING BILLET PREDECESSOR -The all new FNSL6R six-piston and FNSL4R four-piston calipers will now replace the popular billet narrow body Superlite calipers in all of our Narrow Superlite Brake Kits effective April 1st. The machined billet narrow body Superlite calipers have been prominent for many years throughout the Wilwood Brake Kit product line, ·and very well known in the motorsports aftermarket. Wilwood's continual development in applied stress flow forging technology brings a new level of design, strength, and durability to this very popular caliper group. The forged FNSL6R six-piston and FNSL4R four-piston calipers are now the strongest, most durable styled performance radial mount models ever offered in this popular. The application of stress flow forging technology . adds integral strength by realigning the grain structure of the billet alloy within the flow and contour of the body. Simply stated, this process produces the strongest and most efficient aluminum caliper bodies that can be built. All mounting dimensions and the 7416 type pad applications remain the same as the previous BNSL series calipers, so making upgrades is a simple bolt-on.For more information, or call 805-388-1188. KARTEK OFFROAD NAMED PRESENTING SPONSOR OF THE LUCAS OIL REGIONAL OFF ROAD SERIES SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA -With racers and staff hard at work preparing for the season opener coming up on February 18th, the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series Southern California announced today they will be partnering up with well known off road retailer Kartek Offroad to present the 2012 series. Known Page& CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER Ol 1-5Ui5-66-4458 CORR SERIES 270 NEWPORT CEITTER DR., Sum 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866-501-CORR CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 CRS CALIFORNIA RALL y SERIES <www, April 21, 2012 High Desert Trails Rally Ridgecrest, CA June 9 -10 2012 Idaho Rally Boise, Idaho July 13 - 14, 2012 North Nevada Rally Lovelock, Nevada August 4, 2012 Mendocino Rally Ukiah, California August 28, 2012 Gorman Rally Frazier Park, CA October 5 -6, 2012 Prescott Rally Prescott, Arizona D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All wents at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston Councy ORV Park, Ol1mpia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE AoVENTIJRES 455 E. OcEAN BLVD., Sum 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 <> DECATUR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE Cum DECATUR, TX 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MoTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU Cm, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsrERN Ofl'-RoAD RACING AssN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 ENsF.NADA BAJA OFF RoAD RACING Av. REFORMA ll36 ENSADA,BC,MX 0ll-5Ui46-1818989 Eus10 0ll-52-646-1715230 MRON Races for buws & Motorcycles EsTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing VICTORIA GAUNDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 0ll-52-646-176-6230 EDR EXTREME :8ESERT RACING P.O. Box 91615 AusnN,TX 78709 (512) 848-4344 / E FAX (1512) 687-5310 Car Truck Series Bike Quad Series FORDA FLORIDA OFF RoAD DRIVER'S ASSOCIATION JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, May, Nov at Davidson Raceway . GENERAL TIRE TROPHYLITE SERIES DRIVE RACING ORGANIZATION 760-35Ui020 Las Vegas, NV GLEN HELEN BAJA CUP CHALLENGE SERIES PO Box6950 SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92412 PHONE: (909) 384-9343 March 2012 •I Lucas Oil Regional OH Road Series Firebird Raceway June 9, 2012 MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING July 21, 2012 Luis CARLOS ALvAREZO December 8, 2012 PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Baja Cup Challenge Co. JuAREz, CH1H., MX GORRA 011-52-1637-1799 GEORGIA OFF RoAD MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS RAcING AssocIATION Dune Buggy Trade Show 420 HOSEA ROAD (517) 543-7214 LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 <> (404) 963-0252 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD GPORRA CHAMPIONSHIPS GREAT PLANES OFF ROAD M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. RACING ASSOCIATION 15529 JONES ROAD TIM HODGE GRANO LEDGE, ML 48837 (402) 991-6048 (517) 627-6200 SconMoRRow Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots (816) 792-2126 only (All races are short course, stadium ~cyle Classes, 2010 Sportsman, 1/2-1600, MAORA 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Mm-AMERICA Nebraska Racewa1 Park, Exit 420 on 1-80 OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION between Omaha and Lincoln.) P.O. Box664 For latest info check GREENUP, IL 62428 <> (217) 962-1318 HDRA E-MAIL: HIGH DESERT RACING <> ASSOCIATION M.O.R.E. P.O. Box 750208 MOJAVE OFF ROAD RACING LAs VEGAS, NV 89136 ENTHUSIASTS <> P.O. Box 1231 April 5-8, 2012 BARSTOW, CA 92312 Imperial 250 760-253-4453 Plaster City, CA < July 4-8, 2012 Fireworks 500 March 17, 2012 Tahoe-Reno Motorplex Balls Out 250 Reno,NV Short Course by Slash X October 5-7, 2012 Barstow, CA Southern Nevada 400 May 19, 2012 Pahrump, NV M.O.R.E, 500 November 9-12, 2012 Lucerne,CA Riot on the River July 21, 2012 Laughlin,NV Freedom 250 Barstow, CA HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING September 8, 2012 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B Chili Cook Off ENGLEWOOD, CO 801I0 Lucerne, CA 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax October 6, 2012 INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING 7th Annual Powder Puff Barstow, CA ASSOCIATION December 1, 2012 P.O. Box 8105 Holiday 200 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 Barstow, CA STEVE BEDDOR (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY As-INTER-SHOWS MoTORSPORTS SOCIATION ,, PRoMoTioNs, INc. DAVE BARRET P.O. Box 2910 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 FuNT, ML 48506 (949) 582-2371 (810) 730-9221 ]EEPSPEED MoTOWEST WINTER TRlALs SERIES 1826 N. WINDES BILL MARl<HAM ORANGE, CA 92869 (909) 860-1857 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 <> Same schedule as Best In The Desert All events at Perris Raceway KAMLooPS OFF RoAD RAcING (At Reed Val~ with a school) Whispering Pines Sports NATIONAL Mun RACING AssN. & Recreation Center RT. #l, 2010 Box 380 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PALATKA, FL 32177 Mike Strange (250) 573-4003 (904) 325-5422 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK AssN. OFFROAD EXPO Butch Chapin Motorsports Promo-(626) 961-3782 tions <> 1404 EAST 3RD STREET <> HAsnNGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 Curt LeDucs Off Road Swap NOORA Meet • L.I.T.R.E. NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RACING ASSN. JEFF ELROD GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 (408) 926-0522 E-MAIL J1MARUTA <> (408) 247-4402 Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads LOORRS (Spring Val~ Raceway, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) LUCAS OIL (Thunder Val~ located 15 minutes from OFF RoAD RACING SERIES Spring Val~) <> March 31 - April 1, 2012 NORRA Firebird Raceway NATIONAL OFF ROAD April 21 -22, 2012 RACING ASSOCIATION Lake Elsinore May 19 - 20, 2012 (661) 262-7171 Speedworld Off Road Park June 23 - 24, 2012 <> Miller Motorsports Park April 28-May 2, 2012 August 4 - 5, 2012 Baja, Mexico Glen Helen Raceway September 1 - 2, 2012 OFF ROAD EXPO Reno SPIN COMMUNICATIONS September 22 - 23, 2012 (415) 380-3890 Las Vegas Motor Speedway October 27 - 28, 2012 Dusty Times

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OFF ROAD RACING AsSOCIATION Volunteered Series PRESIDEITT, 2010 GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 C!ASS REP., 2010 1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 C!ASS REP., 2010 9 & UNLTD. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 0t.mAW REP. DoN PONDER (314) 631-8190 (All Races at Wheeling in the Count, 900 Acres) Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 }IM KENDEL (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, Pusuc REIATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) OUTLAw s~ PlcKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Championship 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PENNSYLVANIA SHORT COURSE RACING SMITITTON HOLE RACEWAY 313 SKYLINE DRIVE SMITITTON,PA. 15479 MIKE GEISER 330.083-6263 Short Course Offroad Racing All Races At Smithton Hole RacewaJ PlKEs PEAK P.O. Box 6962 COLORADO SPRINGS, co 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF RoAD RAcING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PROTRUCK PROTRUCK MANAGEMEITT INC. 11409 PINEHURST DR. LAKEsmE, CA 92040 • (6)9) 885-4458 Protruck Schedule consis4 of all SCORE and Best In The Desert Races PRo 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREYG01N 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMERICA <> May 4 - 6, 2012 Oregon Trail Rally Portland & The Dalles, OR June 1 - 2, 2012 Susquehannock Trail Rally Wellsboro, PA July 13 - 14, 2012 New England Forest Rally Newry, ME September 22 - 23, 2012 Olympus Rally Seattle, WA 22ND RALLYE AlcHA DES GAZELLES The Only All-Women's Off-Road Rally Raid In The World U.S. Liaison:Kelly Van Hoesen 203-249-1340 Skype: kellanvanhoesen <> March 17-March 31, 2012 France and Morocco RG CANNING PRODUCTIONS, INc. OFF ROAD SWAP MEET P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270-0400 New/Used Off Road Related Dusty Times Parts & Accessories MnCE CAMPBEU 323-560-7469 Ext 507 RocK CRAWLERS AssocIATION OF AMERICA P.O. Box 1406 RivERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DmGo OFF ROAD ExrosmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA RoADRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MoTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE, Sum 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., Sum A CAIABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> June 1-3, 2012 SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, Baja CA Mexico November 14-17, 2012 SCORE Baja 1000 Ensenada To La Paz Baja CA Mexico December 8, 2012 SCORE Awards Night To Be Determined SNORE SOUTHERN NEV ADA OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-277-2295 April 13 - 15, 2012 PCI Race Radios 300 Ridgecrest, CA June 8 - 10, 2012 Dusty Times 250 Caliente, NV September 7 - 9, 2012 KC Hilites Midnight Special SNORE/MORE Lucerne, CA · October 26 - 28, 2012 SNORE 250 Jean, NV December 7 - 9, 2012 Rage At The River Laughlin, NV SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DMSION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore, 2010 (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. HACIENDA BLVD. #322 HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING AssocIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at EastbaJ RacewaJ, Tampa, FL) TRAXXAs TORC SERIES April 28-29, 2012 Round 1-2 Cycle Ranch (PRO only) Floresville, TX May 26-27, 2012 Round 3-4 Red Bud Buchanan, MI June 16-17, 2012 Round 5-6 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI July 13-14, 2012 Round 7-8 Charlotte Motor Speedway (PRO only) Charlotte, NC July 19-20, 2012 Round 9-10 Route 66 Raceway (PRO only) Joliet, IL August 11-12, 2012 Round 11-12 Bark River International Raceway Bark River, Ml September 1-2, 2012 Round 13-14 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI CUP RACE Schedule September 2, 2012 AMSOILCup Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI September 2, 2012 Traxxas PRO-Light CUP Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI ToYs FoR ToTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 More Happenings ... On page 34 Attention Race & Rally Organizers List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your,2012 schedules as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some ex, tra entries! Mail yo1:1r race or rally schedule to: ~1sty Tim_cs 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311,5003 March 2012 Trail Notes ... as the offspring of the highly acclaimed Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, the regional series focuses on presenting affordable, competitive grassroots racing in a safe, relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. "Kartek Offroad is proud to the be the presenting sponsor for the 2012 Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series. The regional series staff has done an outstanding job in putting on races at a local level and with the addition of two new venues for the 2012 season, we are very excited to be a part of it. Much of our loyal customer base comes from short course racing, and we take much pride in supporting them on and off the track," said Nick Holt, Motorsports Director of Kartek Offroad. The Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series presented by Kartek will feature six rounds of racing this year. The addition of the new and improved Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park along with a year-end regional shootout at Las Vegas Motor Speedway promises to deliver lots of action packed racing. "Bringing Kartek on as our presenting sponsor was a natural pairing for this series," said director Lee Perfect. "They have always supported racing at every level and they have been at the track from the beginning, offering trackside support and contingency while watching the series grow. We are excited about furthering Kartek's involvement and with their support we are planning to bring big things to the 2012 season." Kartek is the largest off-road specific retail store in California with a combined warehouse/showroom in one 23,000 sq. ft. building. 9,000 sq. ft. is dedicated as a meticulous showroom featuring the latest in off-road racing technology and beautifully maintained customer cars. Kartek stocks products for all types of off-road recreation; race cars, sand rails, pre-runners, trucks, jeeps, side-by-sides and trophy karts. Kartek provides the best customer service with extensive knowledge from its staff, and with an excessive inventory you can be sure you will get your parts fast, and right the first time. For more information, see For more information on the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series presented by Kartek; see DARREN SKILTON PusHEn TO THE FINISH LINE AT DAKAR RALLY - After battling an array of issues, Skilton's team literally pushed him onto the podium to claim his second-place finish. Skilton's second-place finish in OPl in limbo while the world waits for a ruling on a technical infraction by the first-place finisher. The historic Dakar Rally is not for the faint of heart and veteran driver Darren Skilton, along with navigator Skyler Gambrell, pushed the limits in what some are calling the most difficult course since the race moved to South America in 2009. The General Tire-sponsored team endured more than 5,590 miles of silt beds, mile high dunes, treacherous mountains, inclement weather and mental exhaustion on their way to a second-place finish. Just one of 72 teams to finish the race that 171 teams started. This marks the second year running that Skilton finished the grueling pan-American adventure. "Congratulations to Darren and the entire Baja Automotive team on their second-place finish," said Travis Roffler, director of marketing, General Tire. "Darren and the team had every reason to quit given the demands and stresses placed upon them throughout the race but they never gave up. Their toughness and resolve to finish the race is exactly what the General Tire brand is about and we're pleased that our tires helped get them across the finish line for. the second year running." During the first half of the Dakar Rally Skilton's buggy was plagued by fuel issues, limiting the potential of the Revolution VI buggy. Master mechanic Barrie Thompson finally resolved the issue during the rest day in Copiapo, Chile and Skilton was able to post a 24th-place finish in Stage 7 from Copiapo to Antofagasta and was trudging his way forward in the overall rankings. The duo of Skilton and Gambrell faced their share of adversity across the harsh Atacama Desert but the only thing stronger than the team's General Grabber tires was their will to finish the race. Skilton made up time in Stage 13 but a gearbox issue took it's tole on the Revolution VI buggy in the final stage. While the buggy quit, the man-power behind the wheel did not. Fellow competitor Geoffrey Olhom assisted Skilton to the finish line and the Baja Automotive team physically pushed the car up the podium for an emotional celebration that drew deafening applause from the crowd gathered in Lima, Peru at the finish. Skilton drove to a well-deserved second-place finish in the Open Production 1 (OPl) class. However, his final position is in limbo at this time while the first-place finisher is currently under review for a technical infraction. Overall, an extraordinary effort by Skilton and the Baja Automotive team to finish the world's most punishing race. NEW TOTAL SEAL® PISTON RING GROOVE SPACERS -Thin piston ring technology is something you've either heard or read about. The primary benefit of this advanced ring technology is the dramatic reduction in rotating friction and better bore conformability resulting in big horsepower gains at the flywheel. But if your pistons already have everything you want except for the small ring grooves, well, Total Seal® has your solution. We now offer piston ring groove spacers in .030" & .046" thickness. Both are available with or with without lateral gas slots {like side gas porting the piston). Imagine the possibilities! Let's say you've got pistons with 5/64", 5/64", 3/16" ring grooves. Total Seal® ring spacers would allow the use of 1.2mm (.046") or as thin as .8mm (.0325") rings in those large grooves. You also have the option of using the gas slotted spacer to make sure the ring receives the necessary gas pressure in high RPM, high cylinder pressure applications to assure the best ring seal possible. We've seen HP gains in excess of 15HP with the change from 5/64" to 1.2mm rings in the same piston. The gains achieved by going to .8mm rings are significantly greater. These spacers can be used in just about any ring groove size, from 1/8" to as small as 1.5mm. The horsepower gain possibilities are almost endless on applications ranging from tractor pullers, drag race, circle track or daily drivers. The only thing you have to lose is friction. Total Seal® Piston Rings 800-874-2753 Continued on page 31 Page 7

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Gordon Gets It Done By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Troy Herbst and his team were the Trick Truck winners, they had 3 minutes in hand when they took the checkers in their Smith Built Ford. by dust, he set a blistering pace He'd had only one flat but had on the first lap to secure the lead, brake problems on the last lap. but B. J. Baldwin, who started just His time was 7:36:35. behind him was almost as fast, Steve Olliges and John Swift and held on to second place in his finished fourth in a Ford. Olliges Chevrolet. But on the second lap did the first lap-and-a-half and MacCachren's truck developed a Swift finished. On the second symptom that seemed to indicate lap a wheel broke and took out a a major motor malfunction, and rotor and brake line. They closed he parked at Mile 67. off the rear brakes and limped to Meanwhile, Troy Herbst and the main pit for more extensive Ryan Arciero moved their Smith- repairs. Once the work was done built Ford into the lead. Arciero there, they went on with three had qualified the truck eighth, brakes. Then Lap 3 went real well, and he drove the first lap in the but Swift said, "My leg's tired!" race. They said their goal was Their time was 7:49:08. Robby Gordon was the big winner at the Parker 425, he drove the Geiser to the overall win as well as the Class 1500 win. "to have a raceable truck for the In fifth it was B. J. Baldwin, in last lap." And raceable it was. his Chevy. He said, "We had a re-They'd been sixth at the end of ally rough day." He went on to say Parker, AZ: Robby Gordon put together a good day at Parker, and took the overall win in his Class 1500 Geiser Built car. The cheerful busyness that is usually the atmosphere during the pre-race festivities at Parker, was damped down when word came that Steve Appleton had died in a small plane crash. Appleton, who raced in. both the BITD and the SCORE series, in the unlimited open wheel class, was universally liked and his death cast a shadow over the festivities. The pre-race events were the standard stuff -Time Trials for the Trick Trucks and Class 1500 cars on Thursday -then sign-up, con-tingency and tech on Friday, with the start right off California street at 7: 15 Saturday morning. The course was a jagged figure eight, with a sort of loop to the north-west and another to the southeast, and meeting in the middle at about Mile 27 and 91. It" measured 142 miles. All together there were five spectator areas, where the cars could be seen at speed. One of those was the Main Pit and "Py-thon", a nine-mile-long obstacle course, with man made turns, jumps, and moguls to entertain the spectators in and around the pits. There were 237 starters, and Justin Blower and his crew were the Class 1200 winners at Parker, they drove their Ford to the win with a time of 8:26:38. Keith Waibel came all the way from Lake Havasu to take the gold 125 managed to finish. Of those, the first lap, moved into the lead that he'd had "some kind of electri-103 were three-lappers, and just 22 on the second lap and stayed cal demon in the truck - it never were two-lappers. The top 20 quali- there. Herbst and Arciero took the happened before." They also lost fiers were started a minute apart, win in 7:23:01. an alternator, and they changed and then the major part of the rac-In second place it was Mark their batteries, but they had no ers went off the line at 30 second Weyhrich, Ford. Weyhrich had flats. Baldwin's time was 7:50:13. intervals, but the final two groups a sad story indeed. He said he'd Jimmy Nuckles was sixth in - JeepSpeed and Sportsman, were "Had to pull over and take a **** his Ford, which was brand new. flagged off 15 seconds apart. At and lost the race!" (Some things -He said the truck wasn't finished that, it took seemingly forever, and can't be handled any other way.) until midnight on Wednesday. It the city fathers may love the racers, He'd also had one flat tire early in had "zero miles on it" at the start. but they are always glad to get their the day. His time was 7:26: 12. And since it hadn't been tested, main route through town open to Third went to Juan Carlos they didn't know that the fuel cell normal traffic again. Lopez in the Ford that's part of didn't take as much fuel as they'd Rob MacCachren had earned Clyde Stacy's team. This was the expected. Nuckles had to stop six the pole position by winning the first time he'd raced in Parker and times to take on fuel. His time was Time Trials in Steve Sourapas's he said he found it, "Very differ- 7:45:21. Ford Trick Truck. Unhampered ent from Baja - I like it a lot." Adam Householder, who was ..------------ ---------'----------, seventh in his Ford, said he'd had A J Martin took the Class 5000 win at Parker, he flew his car to the checkered flag and he had four minutes and change in hand at the flag. a flat that got wrapped around the axle and had lost about 15 min-utes getting it sorted out. His time was 7:46:28. · Gary Weyhrich, another Ford, finished eighth. His problems started when he lost fuel pressure during the Time Trials, and thus, had to start the race 69th. He said, "It's hard to pass here." But he had no flat tires, and stopped for nothing, though he said there was "a lot of carnage out there." Then he added, "I'm tired." His time was 8:03:14. In ninth it was Kevin McGil-livray and Chad Ragland in Mc-Gillivray' s Ford. As it turned out, Ragland drove all but the first 91 miles because McGillivray didn't medal in the Class 3000 action, he's seen here at high speed on Mark Weyhrich had to settle for second place in the Trick Truck race Ray Griffith was the second place finisher in the Class 1 action at the course. at Parker, he's seen here at high speed in his Ford truck. Parker, he's seen here flying towards the checkered flag. Pages March 2012 Dusty Times 11

Page 9

r the cause of the problem, so they poked around. They didn't con-sider timing, because they knew it had been "double checked." But after a while they discovered that the problem was that. the distribu-tor had come loose. So they tight-ened it down, but then had to time the motor out there on the course, without the proper tools. Once they got it to run, MacCachren finished the lap, which had taken four hours and 37 minutes. Then Sourapas did the last lap which he described as "really du,ty - hor-rible." Their time was 9:56:27. It was a good day for Travis Bazzano, he took the Class 7 win in his good looking Chevy, seen here just getting airborne. The Messer's, Troy and Gary were the big winners in the Class 6000 fracas, seen here in their Chevy headin' for home plate. Lucky 13 was earned by Scott W hipple, who did laps one and two, and Scott Gailey, who fin-ished, in their Ford. They said that 20 miles before the end of the second lap they lost their torque converter and third member at the same time. Repairs cost two-and-a-half hours. Then Gailey got in and had a clean last lap. Their time was 10:03:08. .feel good, and had Ragland get in a little earlier than planned. He said a caliper came off the right rear, so they capped off the brake and ran with just three brakes. It didn't bother him much. Their time was 8:24:45. Ryan Poelman was tenth in a two are brothers, from Australia, Cachren, Ford, were twelfth. After Ford. He had a really long second and this was their first race here. that terrific first lap, they got to lap of five-and-a-half hours, but Beau did the first two laps and Mile 67 on the second lap, and the didn't stop to talk about it. His Travis finished. He said the shock timing "went out of whack" and time was 8:37:50. absorbers went away on the last the first thing they thought was In eleventh it was Beau and lap. Their time was 9:01: 15. "motor." So they stopped, but nat-Travis Robinson in a Ford. The Steve Sourapas and Rob Mac- urally, were curious about what was ..----------------------, Continued on page 10 Dave Bonner drove his Seagroves car to the silver medal in Class 5, Sean Backus flew his Ford pickup to a second place finish in the Blaise Jackson took second place honors in the Class 1100 battle, ' ·ng lots of dusty silt. Class 7200 action, he was only 2 minutes out of the class win. he's seen here at very high speed generating a lot of the dirt stuff. Dusty Times 2,160 Rooms And Suites 60 Table Games 2,600 Slot Machines 22-Table Poker Room Race & Sports Book 640-Seat Bingo Room 16 Movie Theaters 9 Restaurants 75,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Sp-ace 4,600 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall Spa & Fitness Center Showroom 64-Lane Bowling Center LAS VEGAS BLVD AT S/LVERADO RANCH• SOUTHPOINTCASINO.COM March 2012 Page 9

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Ryan and Ross Mattox (Alumicraft)won the gold medal for their performance in ½-1600, they had 30 minutes in hand when they took the checkered flag. Richard and Jim Madison were the big winners in the Class 1100 battle, they're seen here in their Lothringer headin' home. The fourteenth finisher was phy Truck in 1996. Both of those were "well deserved." He also had behind a rollover, and Garcia had James Horvath, from Canada, who events were under the auspices of a sticky throttle for a while, and a lot of lappers. He also blew a cor-drove all the way in his Ford. He SCORE. his crew had to zip tie his foot to ner. Their total time was 8:25:37. said he'd gone through two alterna-In second place it was Ray the throttle pedal for the rest of The 15th car to finish was the tors, and his lritrack device wasn't Griffith, in a Jimco. Griffith said the race. He was still tied to it at Jimco of Danny and Bill Wing-sending. His time was 11: 15:31. he "drove a conservative pace." the finish line. Chase's time was erning. Danny, the son, did the The final finisher in the Trick It paid off with good results. His 8:04:08. first two laps, and his dad, Bill, Truck class was the team of Jason only stops were to fuel every lap. In ninth it was Ricky Brabec finished. James Bolinas navigated. and Rich Voss, in a Ford. They ap- His time was 7:34: 12. in his Desert Dynamic Chassis. They said they didn't have too parently didn't want to discuss it. In third it was Mike Childress He also drove all the way but said many prob!ems, but were down Their time was 11:50:30. in a Porter. He'd had a good day, he had "zero problems -good on horsepower from the second In the Class 1500 ranks, Clyde holding the lead on lap one, and race." He noted that it was "super lap on. They had no flats and no Stacy found himself up a creek having no flat tires. But then on · dusty", and said that there were mechanical problems, and finished with no paddle. He had this nice, the last lap he'd had a vibration a lot of "lappers." His time was 1n 8:28:26. almost new Geiser built Truggy, and so they" stopped to see what if 8:07:53. In sixteenth it was the team of and he wanted to race it, but had was. It turned out that all the lug The tenth place finisher was Adam Bosch and Scott Fluharty, broken a rib in a rollover at Laugh-nuts except one had come off a another solo driver - Brad Etter in in an MCM Chassis. Bosch did lin. His intended co-driver, Justin wheel and the wheel was about to a Porter. He said, "Oh man -I'm two laps, and Fluharty did the Matney, is obeying doctor's orders come off also. They'd changed tires tired - never got out of the car." middle lap. Their only problem and pretty much sitting out a year , every lap. Their time was 7:37:51. He lost his GPS near the end of was a loose brake line, and their to let a bulging disc in his back Justin Davis finished fourth the first lap, and said that slowed time was 8:30:15. (remnant of motorcycle racing in in his Porter. The 18-year-old said them when they got into lapped Levi Rockhill did all the driving his past) heal. Since his other truck that the morning sun had been traffic, because in the dust it was to finish seventeenth in his Rock-driver, Juan Carlos Lopez, was al-"bad -couldn't see" since the first hard to know which way they were hill chassis. Dylan Hooper did the ready signed on to the Trick Truck part of the course headed straight going to need to point the car navigating. They lost a CV boot for this race, Matney was short a into it. He started 41st, and said next. His time was 8:12:38. which cost about 20 minutes or driver. So he asked his good buddy, the dust was also "pretty bad." He Kyle and Todd J ergensen so. Levi wasn't too unhappy about and sponsor, Robby Gordon, if he reported that he "flew off the road earned 11th place in their Chevy that, using the time to chow down wouldn't drive for him, and Gor-one time", but he had no flats. Trick Truck, run without the pan-on a hot dog, a muffin and some don said, "Sure." Gordon qualified His time was 7:50:53. els, to make It into a Class 1500 M&Ms. Their time was 8:36:28. third, behind MacCachren and In fifth it was Richard Boyle. car. Sixteen-year-old Kyle did laps Sam Berri, one of the Best In Baldwin, and was the first Class He sounded a lot like Davis -"It one and two, and his dad, Todd, The Desert's most successful driv-1500 car to take off. His first lap was rough - lot of dust the first did the last lap. Kyle had two flat ers, finished 18th in his Jimco. wasn't terrific, because he had a lap, made a couple of"offs"." And tires, Todd had one. They had He'd been third at one point, flat, and had to stop for a new he had one flat on the third lap. some oil pressure problems also, but then he had flat tires and his spare, and thus was fifth at the end His time was 7:50:59, only six sec-and had a time of 8: 14:28. alternator "broke off', and he said of the lap, but he was first on the onds behind fourth place. Garrick Freitas, in a Jimco, was he "lost all my belts." His time was road, and by the time he got into Jon Walker came from Guam 12th. He'd been second on the 8:37:00. his second lap he was second in once again to drive his Kreger to first lap, but then things seemed In 19th it was Erick Jacobs and class (Corey Keysar was leading by sixth place. He said he'd had a to go downhill. He said it was a Ray Becker, both from Ridgecrest, 41 seconds). Gordon was the first "good day -had two flats - driver "tough day today - dusty and a lot in a Jimco. Their time was 8:49:24. car to finish, and won by a margin failure." He started 50th because of lapped traffic -no flats." His The 20th finisher was the team of about 16 minutes as Keysar had "I'm not very good at qualifying." time was 8: 16: 19. of Brandon Schueler and Keith a spectacularly bad last lap. Gor- Walker's time was 7:58:49. The 13th finisher was the team Redstrom, each of whom drove a don said his pit support was a big Shelby Reid and Louis Cham-of Steve Greinke, who drove laps lap and a half in their Tatum. Red-part of his good run. Each pit had berland teamed in a Reid Prod-one and two, and Greg Foster, strom was the starting driver. The been "less than a minute" he said. ucts car to take seventh place. who drove the third lap in a Racer. navigators were Alan Kleinemas He went on to say that "this des-Chamberland started and drive a Brett Lenk navigated. They said and Mike West. They said they had ert's like my back yard." His family lap and a half. He said, "The car is their radio fell out and they had one flat tire and fuel pump relay has always spent a lot of time in the a beast to drive." He'd lost a brake fueling problems. He was hit by problems. Their time was 9:01:51. area, and he has a house there, so line on the first lap, but it hadn't another 1500 car •which cost him In 21st it was the team of there's no doubt he knows the area cost a lot of time. Shelby got in his air cleaner, and he lost 20 min-Adam Pfankuch, who did laps as w~II as anyone. Gordon is now a at Midway and apparently had an utes getting up and going again. one and three, and Steve Eugenio, three-time winner at Parker, having uneventful trip to the finish line. Their time was.8:23:44. who did the middle lalJ. They said won for the first time when teamed Their time was 8:01:35. In 14th place it was Brian Kirby, a spare fell off, neither of them with his dad, Bob, in Class 2, in Travis Chase finished eighth. who started, and Steve Garcia, the had brakes, and the injector wir-1987 when he was about 17 years He did all the driving, and had two finishing driver. They were in a Kir-ing harness went. On the other old. Then he won again in a Tro- flats on the first lap which he said by Racing chassis. Kirby got stuck hand, this year Adam said he -----------------------.... "didn't have to stop to pee." Last year he lost first place when he did that. Their time was 9: 13:58. The 22nd finisher was the Mc-Mullen three-seater. Randy Miller drove lap one, Kevin McMullen drove lap two and Bruce Mills drove lap three. They said ·the mo-tor came loose, and they bent an upper A Arm on rhe first lap. They fixed the motor and "then nursed it around." Their time was 9:55:21. In 23rd it was Corey Keysar and Guy Alldredge in their Jimco. After being eighth on the first lap and first on the second lap, they came upon hard times. They lost the batteries, while still leading. So both of them hiked a mile and a half to get a battery. They then carried it back to the car - actu-ally - Alldredge had it hoisted up on his shoulder as he ran back. He then handed the battery to Keysar, and threw up. And, as if the off road gods were angry with them, that battery also gave up. They got another one from photographer Steve Tuba, and thai: got them to the finish. But it meant that Keysar had to head back out into the desert to get a battery to Tuba, who wouldn't be able to get back to civilization otherwise. Their time was 9:59:25. The 24th finisher, Willie Cum-mings, Mike Bilbro, Ed Cum-mings and Danny Prestin, in a Safari, used up 10:57:27 getting to the finish line. In 25th it was Joe David and Tommy Koch in a Jimco. David started, Koch did the last lap and he said, "It was #*!* -sun in your eyes - something wrong with the fuel injection ... " After the first lap the car had started to run poorly and they had to put in a new throttle position switch. It cost them a lot of time. Their total time was 11:01:56 Chuck Hovey was 26th, in his Jimco. He didn't have a great " weekend. He hurt his back the pre-vious Saturday and spent Monday and Tuesday in bed, then went to Parker, where he didn't qualify well. During the race, as the course got rough his back began to hurt, and then he broke an axle, changed it out and went on, and then broke the other axle. They were new -this was their first race. After the second one broke he had to wait for someone to bring him a new one. He'd been seventh on the first lap and fifth on the second lap. His total time was 11: 17:05. Vince Galewick and Jeff Quinn teamed for this race and finished 27th. Galewick did the first two laps, Quinn did lap three. He broke two axles, new ones, out for the first time. He had to wait to have a second new axle brought to him, and he catnapped in the car while others worked on it. They finished the race at ten minutes to 11 p.m with a time of 11:45:21. Second place in the Class 1200 battle went to Ryan Staats, he's A second place finish in the Class 8000 action went to Garrett Evans, Juan Carlos Lopez is seen here really hustling across the desert, he seen here in his Ford just at takeoff on his way to the checkered flag. he's seen here with it all hanging out on his way to the finish line. finished in the third spot in the Trick Truck battle in his Ford. Page 10 March 2012 Dusty Times II

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In 28th it was Andrew McLeod and Scott Youngren in a Jimco. Youngren did the first lap, and McLeod did laps two and three. They had a broken axle and c.v., and they had spares, but it cost eight hours of down time. They were the last car in the class to fin-ish, in 15:35:54. The Protrucks started the day with four entries, and Justin Blow-er teamed with Brian Coats in a Ford. Blower did the first two laps and Coats finished. They said they'd had a dirty air filter which they changed when they fueled. Their truck has been updated to the new rules, with a 60 gallon fuel cell, new shocks, bigger motor and different tires. They had no flats. Their time was 8:26:38 Jim Riley drove his Trophylite to the class win at Parker, Jim is seen here at speed on his way to the checkered flag. MacRae Glass and his son Robby drove their good looking Ford pickup to the Class 8000 win, they're seen here nicely airborne. In second place it was the Staats Ford. Ryan Staats drove the first two laps with his brother, Alex, navigating. Then Alex moved over to drive and Robby Kennedy navi-gated for him. They had a "lot of problems", including changing a steering box, and a broken upper A Arm. Their time was 10:43:23 In third it was Troy Vest and Alan Levinson in their Chevy. Vest said, "We broke a front up-right and we rolled." They had to have help from a BITD re-trieval team in getting back on their wheels. But it cost them an hour and a half. Levinson also had problems during his section, breaking a shock bar, which cost him an hour and 45 minutes. Their total time was 12:01:49, and they were the last finisher in the class. There were thirty Class 10 cars, and at the end of the day the first over the line was Phillip Isabelle and Eric Stewart in an ES Motor-sports. Isabelle navigated the first half and Billy Gasper navigated the second half. Their time was 8:32:32. . Jose Lynch and Jason De Falco finished second in their Alumi-craft. Lynch, who started, had no problems all the way, and De Falco said he "pushed the car the whole time." They have an Eco Tech motor in their car, and fin-ished in 8:49:37. In third it was the team of Jeff Darland and Ryan Hancock, who started, and Lonny Hart and Todd Palmo, the finishing team, in a Tatum. Darland and Hart were the drivers. They had three flats, which included the right front flat they finished on. They lost their rear radiator fan, and just went on and finished without it. They also ran an Eco Tech motor, which they said they liked. Their time was 8:51:22. Fourth went to Cody Reid and Dan Folts, who split the driving half-and-half in their Seagroves Eco Tech. They said they'd had a "couple flats." Their time was 9:01:07. The Bannings, Lee, Sr. and Jr., were fifth in their Banning. Senior did the first lap, and Ju-nior went on to finish. They had no problems, except they lost a clutch pedal, which took about ten minutes to fix. Junior finished on a front flat, after hitting a rock close to the finish. Their time was 9:06:46. In sixth it was Norris Brown, who's the dad, and Parker, his son, in a Jimco. Lane Brown, (wife and mother) navigated the second lap, and Dustin Miller navigated a lap also. They lost their alternator on the third lap and limped in. They said it was a "great race!" Their time was 9:16:03. Finishing seventh, Phillip Heynen drove all the way in his Fraley Eco Tech, with Daniel Wes-tra navigating. They had a good day with no flats, but their trans-mission got hot on the s_econd and third lap, and they were stuck in third gear for about 50 miles. Their time was 9:22:32. In eighth it was the team of Devin Rumsey and Rich Langren in a Fusion Pro with an Eco Tech motor. Rumsey did laps one and three, and Langren did the second lap. They had one flat and lost a coil wire. Their time was 9:54:48. Ninth place was earned by Mike Johnson, who drove the first lap and a half, and Mike Majesky, who finished in their Alumi-Craft with an Eco Tech. They said they'd had a few mechanical problems, but no flats. Their time was 10:03:41. In tenth it was John Martensen and Kirk Kontilis in an MCM Motorsports chassis, equipped with an Eco Tech motor. They said they'd had six flat tires. Actually, they restated, it was one wheel problem and five tire problems. They said they'd changed "too many tires and had a fun day." Tim Casey drove his really beautiful Ford truck to the Class 8100 win at Parker, they had 3 hours on their competition at the checkers. Dusty Times Their time wasl0:14:16. The eleventh team was Tim Scott, Jim Ansite, Bob Hill and Sean Dunn in a Dunn Tech. Their time was 10: 18: 18. In twelfth it was Karl Scanlan, · Brian Melsheimer, Richard Scott and Jimmy McKay who finished in 10:21: 14. The 13th finisher was the fa-ther/son team of Chris and Rick Boyer, in a Lothringer. Their time was 10:24:51. In 14th it was Paul Burton and Richard Waite in a Custom Cab Design powered by Eco Tech. Burton drove laps one and three and Rich Waite drove the second lap. They finished with only front brakes, and they had a scary few moments when the car caught· on fire in a pit. Their time was 10:32:45. In 15th place it was Brian Potts, who did the first half, and Chad Cummings, who finished, in their Toyota powered Lothringer. Art Velazco and Alex Terrones each navigated half. They said they lost their alternator, overheated and "walked three miles to get oil." Busy day. Their time was 11:39:08. In 16th, and last in the class, Carrie Smiley drove laps one and three, while Vince Vincent did the middle lap. Smiley rolled the car over at Mile 17 on lap one, but lucked out and landed on her wheels. They had a bad fuel pump and power steering problems also. Their time was 12:37:33. Class 5 had four entries at Parker, and every one of them managed to get to the finish. They did three laps. In first place it was long time Class 5 driver, A. J. Martin, and his brother, Mark. A. J., who did laps one and three, said the "dust was horrendous." He also said they'd had a "great race" with the Bonner/Belk car. They had a problem fueling when the vent got plugged on the first lap, and lost about four minutes. Other than that, it was "gas and go". Their time was 8:37:20. Continued on page 12'" II B.lin AVAllABll IN CHROME! PINCH BOBBEB •&..t KENWOOD !ti? II UNIBAll CUPS 2011 lESAl BA ~{}. •Art• •11•trs ~ " -. HJC ........ . --- -FUEL SAFE RACING CELLS March 2012 Page 11

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Mike Childress flew across the desert to take third place honors in Steve Alexander drove his Class 5 Bug to a third place finish in class, Michael Decker drove his Kreger buggy to a third place finish in the Class 1 battle, he's seen here in some of the soft stuff. Steve is seen here at high speed headin' for the finish line. the Class 1100 action, he's seen here at high speed on the course. Paulo Castillo was the gold medal winner in the Open Sportsman class, he's seen here charging across the desert in his Chevrolet. In second it was Dave Bonner and Mike Belk. Belk started and went around to the first pit on the second lap, their planned driver/ change stop, coming in on a flat. Then Bonner got in and went to the finish. He said he'd had a "trouble free leg -the Martin Brothers just beat us today." Their time was 8:41:44, only a little over four minutes behind the lead car. In third it was Steve Alexander, whose planned co-driver had been sick, so Alexander "Ironmanned it" and drove all the way. Gavin Ferguson navigated. They had just one flat and no other prob-lems. They were new to the BITD events, and said they "liked the course and the race." Their time was 9:57:56. Fourth, and last to finish, was the team of Jacob and Michael Meurer and Casey Johnson. They each did a lap. Jacob, who did lap one, had two flats, and then the other two ran clean laps. They gave the class a 100% finish rate, and their time was 14:46:52 and they finished at 11:45 p.m. Long day. Class 7 200 was there in big numbers, with 28 starters. More than half of them failed to finish, but of those who made it, Travis Bazzano was in front in his Chev-rolet. He drove all the way, with Kenny Cox navigating on laps one and two, and Billy Goerke in on lap three. Bozzano said he'd "al-most wrecked" on the second lap, but had only one flat all day, and no mechanical problems. His time was 8:40: 13. In second place it was Sean Backus, who started and Jeff Hors-ley, who finished, in their Ford. They had Mark Moffett and Bryan Little navigating for them. They said they'd stopped for fuel and "nothing else". Their time was 8:42:25. Rob Reinertson and Al Hogan were third in their Ford. Reinert-son started, with Mike Salembeni navigating, and then Bob Baunkan navigated for Hogan. They said the hood "was flopping around", so they took it off, and they had "a lot of dust." Their time was 8:43:40. The fourth place team was Matt and Chase Borden, in a Ford. They \lad Brian Cully and Dylan Lackey navigating for them. They lost a serpentine, but had a spare, so it cost them only about five minutes. They had one flat, which they had changed in Pit 1 on the second lap, and a cracked fitting leaked engine oil. Other than that, they said, it was "a great day" because this wa~ their second try at Parker, and their first finish. Their time was 9:14:28. In fifth place it was the team of Jason Rodriguez and Nick Townsend in a Ford. Their time was 9:36: 14. Sixth place was earned by Ste-ven Burke, who did all the driving in his Ford. He was angry because the Class 8000 trucks wouldn't "get out of the way" and he broke his front bumper "pushing them off course." J. R. Snodgrass navi-gated for him. Their time was 9:12:49. In seventh it was Keith Basso, who started, and Brian Fremal, who finished, in a Ford. They fin-ished with no body panels. They'd taken them off "for cooling." They said they also "did some welding." Their time was 9:54: 19. Barry Karakas and Kevin Davis were eighth in a Toyota. Karakas lost the power steering at Mile 30, and drove to the main: pit without it. He figured that cost him about an hour. They had no flats, and didn't even change tires along the way. Their. time was 9:57:34. The ninth place team was the Ford of Jeff Holmes, Jr. Jeff, Sr. did the first lap, and Jr. did the final two. They said it had been missing, because of a bad spark plug boot - it had a hole in it. And they'd lost their spare on the first lap, and had a flat. Their time was 10:50:44. In tenth it was Kelly McNeil, Randy Bluth and Jason Cobb, who each drove a lap, in that or-der. They said they'd had "some issues" in the morning. Their steering was bent and the steering box "almost fell out", so "we were running into the trees." They also had "brake issues" and a 'broken bolt had to be replaced." Their time was 12:01:20. In eleventh place, and last to finish in the class, was the Ford of Dave Gutowski and George Gardner. Gardener did the first lap, and Gutowski finished. They said they lost their rear brakes on the first lap when a flat tire took out the brake lines. After that they ran with no brakes, and had "multiple flat tires." Their time was 13:08:51. Class 6100 hasn't quite got off the ground yet, but Jim Riley and Rick L. Johnson have been having fun with the truck for a year. It's a high-horsepower Trophylite vehi-cle, and they ran three laps. Riley drove the first lap with Craig Mal-loy navigating, and they reported nothing out of the ordinary. On the second lap Rick L. drove, and Matt Dowland navigated, then Riley and Malloy got back in to finish. They said they'd had no problems, and it was a "good clean day." Their time was 9:48:52. In Class 6000, the Trophylites, there were 13 starters. This is a Spec class, all the vehicles alike, running the same equipment. Theoretically the only difference is in the skill and luck of the drivers. There were 12 starters and eight finishers. First to come across the finish line was the team of Troy and Gary Messer, Rodney Honberger and Kenneth De Vault in a Chevy. They finished on a right rear flat. Their time was 9:06:55. Second place went to Brandon Chas Dana, Levi James and Al-bert McMullen. Their time was 9:39:24. In third it was Tyler Denton, Christopher Barreira and Jacob Gort, in 10:07:31. Fourth place went to Chris Wacker, Pete Lopez, Todd West and Bret Young. Their time was 10:30:20. . In fifth it was Bruce and Ryan Finchum, Mark Cowan and Randy Blacker. They finished in 10:59:28. The Abattis, Ben, Ill and Ben, Jr. shared the driving. Ben, Jr., the dad, did the first lap, and Ben Ill did the final two. A fender was lost on the first lap, and on the second lap they broke a lower A-Arm and had to be towed to Graham Wells. They had lunch while the crew fixed the car, and then they went on. They had no flats, and their time was 11:02:44. In seventh it was Kevin and Brian Smith, Perry Coan and Skyler Gambrell. Their time was 11:39:32. And last to finish, in eighth place, were the Hengevelds, Steve and Joe, who each did a lap and a half. Joe, who finished, said it had been a "rough day, long day." They had motor issues at Mile 20, then "issues" at Mile 70, and had to change some injectors and some sensors. Their time was 12:04:07, and most unusual for this team, they were the last in the class to finish. In Class 8000, nine trucks went off the start line, and at the end of the day it was Macrae Glass in his Ford, in first place. Glass said he "lost a couple of cylinders" early, and lost second gear a little later. He said he "kept pluggin' away -didn't even change tires midway." After a moment's reflec-tion, Glass said, "I yelled at my pit guys today -I'm gonna have to buy them some beer." His time " was 9:52:24. In second place it was Garrett Evans and Wayne Miller also Ford. Evans did the first two laps, and Miller did the last. They "blew " Todd Jackson had a great day, he drove his good lookin' Jeep to the win in the Jeepspeed 1 class, seen here at full hustle. It was a third place finish in the Trophylite class for Tyler Denton, he's Corey Goin drove his M&T built buggy to a third place finish in the Jacob Fielding really knows how to fly, he finished in third place in seen here just at touchdown on his way to the finish line. 1/ 2-1600 class, he's seen here in some soft stuff on the course. the Class 8000 fracas, seen here at high altitude. Page 12 March 2012 Dusty Times

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Troy Vest was the third place finisher in the Pro Truck action, Troy is Phillip Isabelle raced his Porter car to the Class 10 win at Parker, he's Not too bad a day for Jose lynch and crew, they took the second seen here plowing through the soft stuff in his Chevrolet. seen here on his way to the checkered flag for the win. spot in the Class 10 battle, seen here in their Alumicraft. the rear end apart", had carbure-starters, but only seven made it Chassis. Quinn had a flat, but it flats and they broke their header. tor problems and a sticky throttle, all the way. Ross and Ryan Mat- was a smooth race otherwise. They Their time was 10:09:42. as well as no brakes. Their time tox drove their Alumicraft to the said they "ran a conservative pace Rudy Arzate and Kevin Rear-was 11:17:05. victory, sharing the driving evenly and moved into second on the last don teamed in their Specialty Third, and last in the class to and reporting "no problems." lap." Their time was 9:59:57. Race Prep Chassis to take fourth. finish, was the team of Jacob and Their time was 9:29:09. In third it was Mike Faulkner, They said they "had a great time." Cole Fielding and Kevin Mahan, In second place it was the team who drove the last seventy five It's a brand new car, and this was in another Ford. Their time was of Brad Wilson, Kyle Quinn and miles and Corey Goin, who drove its first time out. John Evans navi-11 :31 :41. Justin Munyon who each drove a the rest, in their M&T chassis. gated. Arzate said he had "a little In Class 2000, there were 15 lap, in that order, in their Seagrove They said they'd had a ·couple of rollover", but Reardon had a flaw-less run. Their time was 10:26:50. Fifth place was earned by Rob-bie Madison who drove laps one and three and Oscar Fazz drove lap two in their Custom Chassis. They had "no problems -just awful dusty." Ivan Madison navi-gated all three laps for them. Their time was 10:49:27. Continued on page 14 _,_....,......, ............ _ ...-------------------------, .. -.....-------------,,.,.,.,,..,,..--...... --_,--.-,.,c,-,.,,...~ ~. ~-~ ~ ..._ _____ ...._ ________ --'----------' Bob Mamer and his crew took second place honors in theJeepSpeed Lonny Hart and his team took third place honors in the Class 10 Second place in the Open Sportsman Class was the Ford of Bill contest, Bob is seen here coming out of the soft stuff, headin' for action, seen here at high speed on the course in their Tatum. Masche, Bill is pictured here at very high speed on the course. _ho_m_e_. ____________________ _ HONORING THE PAST. Dusty Times o-La Paz-San National Off Road Racing Association I \ Since 1967 March 2012 FORGING THE FUTURE. Page 13

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J I Tom Thorvick literally flew his Jeep to a second place finish in the It was a third place finish in the JeepSpeed 1 contest for Eric Heiden, Brandon Berge and Joe Reyes took the bronze medal in the JeepSpeed JeepSpeed contest, Tom is seen here saving a bit bf tire wear. Eric is seen here at high speed on the course. 3 contest, seen here diggin' out of the soft stuff on the course. In sixth it was Hank winter and Jeff Huebner in a Bunderson. They said they'd thrown two belts and had a flat and lost their rear brakes. Each of them drove a lap and a half. Their time was 11:01:59. The seventh place team was Chris Jones, Jesse Karlsen, Weston Malott and Brian Cancimilla, in a 1997 Raceco. Brian Dawson navi-gated. They said "It was a blast." They lost over an hour and a half with a rollover and a clutch prob-lem, and they had two flats. Their time was 13:32:22. In Class 1100 there were 11 en-tries, and the winning car was the Lothringer of Rick Madison who drove all the way. He said he'd had "no flats, no trouble, ran hard all day." His time was 9:29:17. In second it was the MECO of Blaise Jackson, Mike Williams and Russell Hardy. The car belongs to Morley Williams, who built it. They ran out of gas on the second lap about a mile short of the pit, and lost twenty minutes or so. Their total time was 9:51:27. Third went to Mark Levrett and Mike Decker who did the driving in their Kreger, and Kevin McKin-ley who navigated all the way. They said "It was nowhere near as rough as San Felipe!" They lost fourth gear. Their time was 9:59:47. Fourth place was earned by Dwayne Reinert who drove all the way in his D & D Fab chassis. On the first lap he lost a slave cylin-der. On the second lap he lost a power steering bolt, and on the third lap he had a broken lower front trailing arm, and his exhaust fell off. But he had no flats. Dory Savage navigated all the way. Their time was 11:31:38, and they were the last to finish. There were seven of the 8100s, and Tim Casey brought his Ford back to the finish line in first place. He had a brand new motor and said it "worked well." Casey drove all the way. He stopped to tighten a front wheel bearing, and he replaced a limit strap. He said he had no flats, and the "course was awesome, real, real rough on the last lap." He added that he'd had a "great day." His time was 10:42:57. In second place it was the team of Mike English, Wiley Miller and Mavrick Gaunt in another Ford. They finished in the time of 13:53:51, last in their class to make it in. Larry Tunnell, Chevy, who led the class for the first two laps, bombed out on lap three. Sad. There were four starters in Class 3000, but only one of them made it through all three laps. That was the team of Keith Waibel , who drove, and Jeff Vetter who navigated in their belt-drive Preda-tor. Waibel said he'd had a flat in the first mile. Then he added, "So many problems I almost quit. My team kept me going." He had more flat tires, and he broke drive belts. Ultimately, the team won in the time of 10:50:46. There were a bunch of classes required to run only two laps, and among them was the lone limited Baja Bug - Class 5100. Ronald Welch drove both laps, and he reported that he'd been hit by a Class 1500 car, which left him with a lot of dents in his door. He also came across a Jeep that was on fire, and gave them his fire extin-guisher. Welch said that the Jeep had two girls in it, but he didn't remember the number. He added that his radio hadn't worked until after he and his navigator, Joe Gillespie, helped the lady Jeepers, and then it started to work for them. Their ti~~ was 9:58:22 for the two-lap finish. The JeepSpeed cars did only two laps, and at the top of the list when they were done, was Todd Jackson in a Jeep Grand Chero-kee. His bumper was splayed out, because, he said, it got "caught on a passing Trick Truck." He added that the engine misfired a bit at the end. His time was 6:52: 10. In second it was eighteen-year-old Ben Thorvic, who did the first half, and his father, Tom, who did the last half. They said it was the third time Ben had raced at Parker -and they said it was a "rough course." Their time was 7:05:45. In third it was Eric Heiden, who drove lap one, and Joshua Reiter, who did the second lap. They said the oil pressure was fluctuating, but they didn't do anything about it, and they had no flats and no other issues. Their time was 7:21:12. Eric Helgeson was fourth. He had the hood of the Jeep stashed in the back seat. He said he'd bro-ken the driveshaft before Mile 1, and then he "blew up the motor lap two chasing everyone down." His time was 7:28:01. In fifth it was Dennis Shattuck and Alex Littleboy, who both drove. It was making odd noises, a sort of whistling and knocking, at the finish line, but they didn't know why. Their time was 9:07:35. The sixth finisher was Mike Shetler and John Colbert, who each drove a lap. They broke their left front motor mount and lost their exhaust system, and finished in 9:47:49. Seventh place was earned by Bruno Zvirzin and Toddd Coomes. They rolled their Jeep on the second lap, and had to have help getting it back onto its wheels. Their time was 10:11:39. In eighth it was the team of Timothy Doogan, John Coleman and Bryan Gord. Their time was 10:38:09. The ninth finisher was Rick Randall, who drove, while Cory Randall and Peter Lee navigated. They said they had a clogged fuel filter and a transmission line went out. They also had a fire, but got it put out. Their time was 11:06:41. The tenth place finisher was Michael Vernak, who did all the driving. He tore off a front shock absorber at Mile 100 on the last lap. He also broke the steering box on the first lap, had electrical issues with the shifter and had no top light bar. He lost his radio antenna also, but had no flat tires. His time was 11:18:30. In eleventh it was Brendan King, whose Jeep was barely run-ning, had a broken track bar, and wasn't able to make it up the inter- · view ramp. His time was 12: 15:01. The twelfth finisher was Tim Martin who d;ove all the way. He broke a track bar also. This was his first BITD JeepSpeed race and he was apparently pleased to make it, about all he said was, "I've fin-ished." His time was 12:21:25 for their day. Their time was 8:53:59. the two laps. And in third it was Brandon In 13th it was Frank Leyendeck- ' Berge, who drove both laps. He er, who drove all the way. He said said his Jeep had been overheating he'd broken a lower shock mount "the whole time." And, he lost all and a brake line, and had made intercom and communications. repairs. His time was 12:57:58. His time was 9:34:46. Fourteenth to finish was Jason The Sportsman Class vehicles VanderTuig, who drove all but also did just two laps, and the win-a "bit" of the second lap. Derek ner was Paulo Castillo in a Chev-Griffioen also drove. On the first rolet Protruck that belongs to Joe lap they had an oil leak from the Custer. (Who's nowadays too busy rear differential. They had to pull with NASCAR racing to get to the the whole axle and third member offroad events often.) Castillo said out to make repairs, which cost this was his first race, and he "had two hours. Then they had electri- a great time." He thought the cal issues that took two hours to first lap was dusty, but the second figure out, and then they broke lap was "beautiful." His time was a motor mount, which had to be 6:40:23. welded. For the final hour and In second it was Bill Masche a half of the race they had "light who drove both laps in his Ford issues". Their time was 13:02:22. Ranger. He had no mechanical Anthony Byrd was the last fin- issues and no flat tires. His time isher in the class, and somehow was 7: 12:55. we missed him. His time was Third was earned by Jeff Ce-15:42:50 for the two laps. pelik, Jeff Smithhart and Gema Class 3700 did only two laps Ptasinski who finished in 7:22:08, also. And first to finish was the but we somehow missed them at team of Billy Bunch and Tareck the finish area. Karam. Bunch started, with As always, the Parker event Karam navigating, and then on provided lots of challenges and the second lap Karam drove and fun for the racers and their teams. Craig Johnson navigated. Their And this time the weather stayed radiator fans went out and they dry and comfortable, making life .. had to keep adding water. They easier for everyone. The Best In carried it along in the cab. Their The Desert folks are now heavily time was 7:36:48. embroiled in the production of In second it was Bob Mamer, their first Mint 400, which will de-Dave Turner and K.J. Wykoff. but at Las Vegas March 23 through They didn't stop to talk about the 25th. ~11~ ---...----------------, Billy Bunch had a really good day, he took the JeepSpeed 3 win with ease, he's seen here in his Jeep motoring to the finish. Jeff Cepelik drove his Custom 4 Seater to a third place finish in the Al Hogan came down from Montana to take a third place finish in It was a second place finish in the Class 2000 skirmish for Brad Open Sportsman division, he's seen here headin' for the barn. the Class 7 battle, Al is seen here at high speed in his Ford. Wilson, Brad is seen here during one of many touchdowns. Page 14 March 2012 Dusty Times 7

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J ,I I ' lJ\J2C: RALLY MONTE CARLO Loeb/Citroen Take The Gold By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena careen into a spectator area on their way to a beautiful win at the season opener Monte Carlo Rally. Sebastien Loeb won the Monte Carlo Rally for the sixth time, gaining the lead on this marathon five day WRC event at the end of Day 1, after Jari-Matti Latvala had taken an astonishing early lead. Second place went, for the 19th time in his career, to Mini driver Dani Sordo while Petter Solberg, on his return to the works Ford team, sur-vived some wrong tyre choices to complete the podium. The support ·championship catego-ries were won by sole finisher Craig Breen in the SWRC and · Michal Kosciuszko after con-siderable mechanical prob-lems in the PCWRC. These series attracted few entries though the famous event was back in the championship after a three year gap with many privateers. Tyre choices coupled with strict limits of available supply were as usual critical for success, and this year led to innovative inter-pretation of the rules by the teams. It was a return to clas-sic Monte Carlo traditions, with drama, undiluted specta-tor excitement, more manu-facturers, unpredictable win-try conditions and suspense. The start of the 40th sea-son of the FIA's world rally championship saw a return to once familiar ground, the Ral-lye Automobile Monte-Carlo, territory where the series had not ventured since 2008. In the three years since the WRC last came to Monte Carlo, the event has been a qualifier for the IRC. Recent traditions were continued with the epi-centre of the event was at the Rhone side city of Valence, before the event moved down to Monte Carlo for the final stages. The event also opened up the chance for a return to other older traditions, like the competition taking place over five rather than what has become the usual three days, with extended use of special stages, the total length of which exceeded recently imposed limits. With 433km of stages, the Monte had the longest competitive distance on a WRC event since the 1000 Lakes Rally in 1996, though the total length of the rally (road sections and stages combined) was less than ei-ther of last year's Swedish or Rally GB events, in their 72 hour format. The collapse at the end of 2011 of North One Sport, the contracted championship Promoter, left the organisers of the Monte Carlo Rally with urgent concerns about the availability of the required specialised timing and safety traoking systems. The Power St°'ge with its supp1emen-qqry Drivers' chamBionship points, however, was held in the form of a final 5km stage run close to the Principality on the final morning but only at the last moments was this televised live. The outline of the route was familiar. One day each in south and north Ardeche, followed by one day in Vercors and one day in Alpes Maritimes, finishing with one stage on the final day, the short Power Stage in the hills behind Monaco. Another familiar challenge was the weather. This year the organisers allowed every car to have their own "ouv-reurs" (ice note crews) but tyre choices still created their own traumas. The weather promised to stay cold and dry, which it did for the first two days, and an'{ snow that lay in the Ardeche regions during Kevin Abbring and Lara Vanneste took S2000 first place honors in their Skoda Fabia at Monte Carlo, here enjoying a bit of pavement. recce was expected to disap-pear, though doubtless the risk of ice remained as usual. No fewer than five different types of tyre were on offer to the championship drivers, each type subject to their own limits on quantities. This year only 18 inch wheels could be used by WRC teams, which meant the tyre suppliers had to construct new winter tyres for this event. The rally also harked-back in a different sense. The organisers had banned SuperRally, so once a driver missed a stage or a road section it was time for him to go home, true to the tradi-tions of the event, which was being run for the 80th time. Difficulties surrounding the WRC Promoter's pro..b-lems led to delays from tl;i.e major teams in tendering their registration applications with the FIA, and a conse-quent delay in the closing of the rally's entry list. There wereJalso special dela,ys for the Mini team in giving about contesting a full championship season, which meant further delays _before the entry list could be con-firmed by the FIA. Finally the official list was declared on 10th January, one week be-fore the start, but with ongo-ing assurances that Mini and their customer teams would confirm their registrations for a reduced season before the start of the event, which they eventually did. The nu-merical strength of the entry was impressive: 85 entries, some 80% more than the number of starters in 2008, a total of five different manu-facturers giving their name to entries as opposed to two on the opening W.RC round in 2011. Less impressive were the volume of entries for the SWRC and PCWRC support championships, with only three in each starting. In the SWRC these were two entries from Proton plus a Fiesta for the 2011 WRC Academy winner Craig Breen. The PCWRC entries included the little old Fiesta ST of Louise Cook on this occasion. The economic state of the world meant that both Mini and Ford started the season expecting to nominate a pay-ing driver among their official entries. Mini would run with whoever was available on an event-by-event basis. Ford, had the 2003 World Cham-pion Petter Solberg for the whole season. Citroen came to Monte Carlo with a new Sporting Director (Yves Mat-ton) and so far without a re-·pl"acement Team Manag'er for Sven Smeets who had recently left the company. Proton was involved in the SWRC with their Satria -Neo '52000 cars. Atnong• their entries during the season will be Alister McRae, who has not been a regular WRC competitor since 20-04. For this event h-0wever their chosen drivers were Per-Gunnar All'd>ersson (P<J~ 'and Giandomendo Basso. Two non-championship S2000 en-tries included the VW team Skodas of Sebastien Ogier and this time Kevin Abbring. While a most popular occa-sional driver made a one-off return to the WRC, the 1994 Monte winner Francois Delec-our, on his first WRC appear-ance since the end of his days with Mitsubishi in 2002. Last year Francois made a spec-tacular appearance in the IRC Monte Carlo event, when his experience of local weather patterns paid dividends and he made a fastest special stage time at the age of 48! Dani Sordo and Carlos Del Bario drove their John Cooper Works Mini to a second overall finish at Monte Carlo, here going back into the dirt. Craig Breen and Gareth Roberts drove their Ford Fiesta to a second place finish in S2000, they finished 14th overall in the rally. Various interesting sto-ries were to be found in the entry list, notably that of Joseba Castro, winner of a prize drive competition held at the Jarama circuit in Ma-drid, called "Objetivo Mon-tecarlo". The prize was an entry at the Monte Carlo in a Mitsubishi Evo X. More than 200 hopeful fans (actually some of them already novice rally drivers) attended. The shakedown was h·eld over unrepresentative farm roads in the southern suburbs of Valence on the Tuesday morn-ing with the first stage soon after dawn on the Wednesday morning. As the surface of this event counts as asphalt, Page 16 March 2012 Dusty Times II

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,I, there was no Qualifying Stage or reverse seeding. During the Monte's time in the IRC series, it was won each time by a Super 2000 driver. In 2009, by Mikko Hirvonen on the world com-petition debut appearance of the Fiesta S2000. In 2010, by Sebastien Ogier and in 2011 by Bryan Bouffier, both in Peugeots. On this year's Monte Carlo, Hirvonen made his debut appearance with Citroen while Ogier made his first rally with VW, after his victory in the recent 2011 Race of Champions. Last year's winner Bouffier drove for his usual private Romo team from Germany. Main pre-rally uncertainties among the teams centred on the new Go Fast Fiesta team .of Hen-ning Solberg and Matthew Wilson, both drivers unsure whether the team would start. The cars were present, ready to go, covers over the names of the potential sponsors were removed when the cars headed down to Shakedown, but the funding for the team was all the time being await-ed. At Shakedown Evgeniy Novikov (Ford) was quickest on 2m13.0s ahead of Araujo (Mini) by 0.2s and of Loeb by another 0.3s. The Ceremo-nial Start was held on Tues-day evening, just after dark in the town and finally Henning and Matthew were told they would be allowed to start, but by that time minds were elsewhere, in the hills, think-ing about what the conditions would be like in the dark, wondering what they would be like when the rally cars came to pass through at nine o'clock the next morning. Day 1 There were dramatic scenes at the service park in Valence as the top drivers left their tyre decisions until the final moment and then rushed headlong to the time control. Much attention was paid to whether the soft or the super-soft tyres were chosen, infor-mation difficult to discern as teams continued to cover this up with tape. But more im-portant was what type of tyres would be carried in the boot, and if the crews would change their tyres before they started the actual stages. Stage 1 (the traditional "Antraigues" stage, a lower elevation lev-el stage) was essentially dry with some parts of damp and ice but stage 2 ("Burzet") was -higher elevation and also more ice was expected. The top cars set off from Valence with slicks under the car and two studded tyres as spares. Soft compounds for Citroen and Mini team cars, supersoft for Ford. The supersoft tyres were an additional optional compound allowed this year , for this event only. The supersoft were no good for stage 1, but perfect for stage 2, when the crews put their studded tyres on the cars. The regulations specified only that crews must not fit stud-ded winter tyres un one side of the car and no studded win-ter tyres on the other. No re-striction was specified against fitting studded winter tyres Dusty Times on one side -and slicks on the other. A loop hole that all the teams exploited to the full. The debate therefore was on how to mix and match the tyres. Most crews put studded tyres on one corner and the opposite corner of the car, but both Citroen and Ford crews refitted their slick tyres for the road section back to service, hoping nobody would know their chosen layout. Loeb was fastest on stage 1 by one second from Dani Sor-do, Hirvonen third with Latv-ala 22.2 seconds behind Loeb in fourth place. Sordo was angry as he had expected a lot of ice. Henning had transmis-sion trouble which resulted in two-wheel-drive traction. Then came the more wintry conditions on stage 2 and suddenly Latvala trounced the opposition, using the studded tyres asymmetrically placed round the car. He was 28.6s faster then his teammate Pet-ter Solberg, 52.7s faster than Loeb, and Latvala had jumped into a lead of over a half minute. Competitors said that stage 2 contained every possible condition, from dry tarmac through ice and snow. Petter Solberg however drove stage 2 on full slick tyres, 18 seconds quicker on the early clear part of the stage, then dropped back later on. Sordo then found the ice, smashed the front of the car as he touched a bridge and damaged the rear suspension and then slid into a snowbank. Pierre Campana had meanwhile hit a bridge on stage 1 and then spun and stalled on stage ,2. Novikov damaged the rear suspension 3km before the end of stage 2. Martin Prokop lost four minutes when his car was beached off the road. Araujo, also went off and had to wait for spectators to push him back on the road. For the afternoon loop the Citroen drivers and Cam-pana's Mini dispensed with studs, selecting a mixture of soft and supersoft slick tyres. Ford and Sordo chose soft and studded spares. On stage 3 Loeb and Latvala were only 0.4 second apart. Hirvonen had a broken brake disc which the team later con-firmed resulted from a slight impact. He dropped back to sixth place after stage stage 4, behind Ogier and Novikov. Henning lost his brake fluid. Conditions were virtually all dry, but still stage 4 had its problems, as the leader Lat-vala, discovered to his cost when he-crashed out of the event. Latvala told his team Continued on page 18 Hi Desert Charities oFF-ROA1l0#POKeR Rutt April 28th & April 29th -. A Two Day Event ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HELP BARSTOW CHARITIES VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: * POKER FUN* Two loops approximately 25 miles each, one for 4-wheel vehicles and one for motorcycles and ATV's. Families and groups may ride and drive motorcycles, ATVs and 4--wheel vehicles together on the same track after notification and approval of event officials. Twelve (12) Best poker hands from each day win prizes. You can enter Saturday, Sunday or b_oth days as many times as you wish. Sign-upandgofrom8:00a.m. to Noon. MUST COMPLETE COURSE BY 1:30 p.m. Any type Off-Road Vehicle can enter; however, all California Off-Road Vehicles must have a "Green or Red Sticker". All off-road vehicles must have an approved spark arrester (exempt if equipped with a muffler). THIS LAW WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! I I Helmets required for ATV & motorcycle riders. No riding double onATV's. $30.00 entry fee. Each rider/driver goes twice for single entry fee. New motorcycles must present registration at Tech Inspection if Green or Red $ticker is not available. FREE hats to the first 250 entries Saturday - 100 on Sunday. T-shirts, hats & sweatshirts available for purchase at the start/finish area. * SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER 4:00 p.m. - Slash X Ca/ e BBQ/Dinner Chicken, Ribs, Beans, Vegetable and Bread $13.00 + tax per plate * FACILITIES AND CAMPING Portable Johns, Trash Dumpster & Lots of Open Desert for Camping Bring your own water and firewood. No Pallets, or wood with -BURRTEC nails allowed in the desert per B.L.M. BURRTEC WASTE INDUSTRIES, INC. No FIREW o RKS WASTE INDUSTRIES, INC. "We'll Take Care Of It" "We'll Take Care Of It" RAFFLE Lots of PRIZES to be given away each day - 2:00 p.m. AWARDS Twelve (12) Best Hands from the Poker Run will win Prizes each day - 2:00 p.m. Food will be available at Start-Finish Line Saturday & Sunday TO GET TO THIS EVENT Go 12 miles south of Barstow on Hwy 247 (Barstow to Slash X Cafe) For more information call the Slash X Cafe at (760) 252-1197 or Mal & Connie Wessel at (760) 252-3093 PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE March 2012 Page 17

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Patterson took the bronze medal in thelr Ford Fiesta RS at Monte Carlo. Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia and their Skoda Fabia. only Pierre Campana and Sabrina de Castelli finished seventh overall in got 9 stages under their belt when an accident put them out of their John Cooper Works Mini, here slightly nose down in braking. _th_e_ra_ll.,_y_. ___________________ _ he was so pre-occupied with the ice that he lost concentra-tion of the instructions. His car had suffered little dam-aged, the only major sign of damage being to the rear left corner when the car toppled irretrievably over a low bank and fell down on its side. Loeb found himself with a lead of over a minute from Sordo, who in turn was just one second in front of Pet-ter Solberg. Prodrive WRC chief Dave Wilcock said that Sordo had now settled down, the moment of madness ear-1 ie r had sobered him up! Latvala's trouble came on a treacherous part of the stage. Matthew Wilson's codriver Scott Martin said "We had a right hand bend over a crest, and then the road was com-pletely ice, up to a tighter right hand bend." Father Malcolm Wilson regretted the end of SupeRally on this event, remembering six years ago when Loeb went hope-lessly off the road only to fight back-to finish second overall, in the Kronos team year. A delighted Francois Delecour made second fast-est time on stage 4. His co-driver Dominique Savignoni said, "Francois was driving too fast, I could not keep up reading the notes. What a champion driver he really is!" Citroen's deputy competition boss Xavier Mestelan summed up the day, "In the end it worked out right. We made a mistake in the morning. We should have used supersoft tyres, which would have been faster than the ordinary soft tyres." Campana was still in a festive mood, spinning off once on stage 3 and then twice on stage 4. Maurin went off on stage 3. Neuville non championship VW driver gone off the road. Latvala stopped on stage 4 when he Kevin Abbring. He was given meanwhile was still in gainful broke the front right suspen-a three minute gap but still employment, now as an "ou-sion after hitting a bridge managed to catch the little vreur" for Petter Solberg, in parapet and lost a wheel and Fiesta in mid stage on stage 1, place of former codriver Pent-then his Citroen Junior team-and again after 5km on stage ti Kuukkala who had gone mate, Peter van Merksteijn 2. By the end of the Day, home, after the team had retired when he wrecked the Ogier had made a third fast-received special permission rear left suspension on the est overall stage time and was from the Clerk of the Course. same parapet. End of the up to fourth place overall af-Sebastien Loeb was now second Citroen team cars! At ter stage 4 with only the three well in command and inter-the end of the day it was Loeb World Rally Cars in front of est moved to the fight for leading from Petter Solberg, his Skoda. During the after-second place, between Sordo Sordo and Ogier -four dif-noon loop Abbring had brake and Solberg. This battle had ferent makes of car includ-problems while Craig Breen a lot to do with which type ing a Super 2000! Followed lost second gear and then of tyre ·they used for each by Novikov, Hirvonen and punctured. stage, but Sordo also noticed Delecour. Day 2 that the Mini tended to gain Fastest S2000 driver at For the morning journey on the Fiesta on the fastest the midday rest halt was the up to the northern Ardeche roads. On stage 6, St Bon-non championship driver, there was hardly a stud in net, the fastest stage of the Sebastien Ogier, after Bryan sight. The temperature was event, Sordo passed Solberg Bouffier lost five minutes warmer and there were clouds but then fell·back again on in stage 2 off the road who in the sky. Citroen and Mini the twistier roads of stage 7. then also lost nine minutes opted for supersoft tyres, Hirvonen got ahead of Ogier on stage 4 when he went off with two ordinary soft tyres into fourth place, but was the road again. The VW as spares, Petter Solbe_rg and not fully confident, "It has Skoda driver Kevin Abbring Tanak chose soft tyres, and been up and down so far, as had brake problems and the in Solberg's case he took two we are learning the car." Mo-top SWRC driver was PG. supersofts as spares. On the mentarily Novikov was up to Of the three SWRC starters, first stage Solb.erg inched into fifth until he touched a curb one had already disappeared. secM1d place .ahead of Sordo. and slightly damaged the rear PG's teammate Giandomeni-nWith no SupeRally oppor-susp1ension which dropped co Basso's -Proton was seen tunity on this event, the ser-him back behind Ogier. Den-beside the stage having lost vice park in Valence started nis Giraudet, codriver to the front left wheel after hit-to look a little threadbare as Novikov, admitted the Rus-ting a wall when the driver retired crews began to head sian was doing remarkably was blinded by strong low homeward bound. And as well, "and don't forget the sunlight. So PG's only rival the rally was taking shape, guy is still only just 21 years now was Craig Breen. Lead-competitors noticed another old!" In seventh place was De-ing PCWRC was Michal Kos-change. Accurate split timing lecour, despite problems with ciuszko, who found himself was not available. Teams had his intercom, which caused in an extraordinary situation. to rely on the old fashioned an excursion on stage 6 in One of his two rivals, Lorenzo system of timing from their which the front bumper was Bertelli had stopped .after own spies around the stages, knocked off. At the midday stage 1, with reported trans-which was less frequent and halt Loeb was lm23.2s ahead mission trouble, and his only depended on available mobile of Solberg with Sordo only remaining challenger Louise phone reception. Indeed 3.7 seconds behind. Cook was left, and after two there were concerns whether Tyre issues were constantly stages she was over 11 min-the tracking system was effec-to the fore. Times taken by utes behind. On account of tive. It was rumoured that drivers on the pretty clear her championship status, she the Ford team had to tell the conditions of St Bonnet in had been seeded in front of organisers when Latvala had World Rally Cars were vir-CORVA tually exactly the same as the top teams taken by the IRC drivers in 2011 ~in S2000 cars who had a wider selec-tion of tyres. Mild weather meanwhile was the menu for the afternoon re-run of the three-stage loop, and all the top drivers took soft tyres with just one spare wheel. Now carrying only one spare tyre, instead of two, and "in the warm afternoon weather, times were quicker. Mud was now becoming a problem on the stages, specifically the final one of the day. Petter Solberg said this slowed him and helped Sordo regain sec-ond place. The impressive drive by Ogier came to an end on stage ten when he crashed his Fabia, so now the top S2000 car was PG Andersson in ninth place, and the non championship entry of Kevin CALIFORNIA OFF-ROAD Page 18 March 2012 Abbring was tenth. First car along was Novikov, codriver Giraudet said it was a virtu-ally flat left hander that was slippery. It seemed the car hit the walls on the outside of the bend before coming to rest facing the wrong way, leaving just enough room for other cars to pass. Ogier had cut the bend, as he had done on the first run, but this time the mud inside the bend had been thrown clear and the wheels were caught in deep ruts. In the support champi-onship entries, Andersson continued to lead Breen, who suffered his third puncture of the event, while Kosciuszko continued as best PCWRC car and was now leading his sole PCWRC challenger Lou-ise Cook by over an hour. Louise sportingly asked the organisers to seed her last for the Day 2 competition, rather than in her rightful place with the other support cham-pionship drivers, but soon regretted her kindness when spectators started to drive on to the stages thinking all the competition cars had passed! As the cars arrived back in' Valence, the significance of Ogier's accident became plain -so far as his VW teammate Abbring was concerned. On his first time at Monte, first time with a S2000 on as-phalt, compared with a previ-ous Monte winner the young Dutchman was an also-ran. Now Abbring was in tenth place, two places higher than he finished on Rally GB, and everything going for him so long as the remaining evening stages held no snares for him. Day 3 The weather had changed. It was raining in Valence, and there were stories from the Vercors hills that there was ice and a lot of snow on the road. The studded tyres were brought out again for the very wet St Jean and the very icy and snowy Col de Gaudis-sart stages, and tyre choice compromises were required. There was a complete variety of opinions. The two works Citroens had a mixture of studs and winter tyres, the Mini of Sordo had un-stud-ded winter tyres all round, Petter Solberg had a mixture of un-studded winter tyres and slick tyres. The trick of course was to know how to handle a mixture and whether · to cross over the studs and the un-stutlded tyres: The rules stayed the same, it was illegal to put a studded winter tyre on one side of an axle and Dusty Times .p

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Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen drove their Citroen DS3 to a Michal Kosciuszko and Maciej Szczepaniak took the PCWRC Thierry Neuville tries to get past Paulo Nobre at the Monte, fourth place finish at Monte Carlo, seen here before an admiring honors at the Monte Carlo event, seen here in their Mitsubishi Thierry was out of the rally early on and Paulo finished 20th group of spectators. Lancer. overall in his Mini. -------------------------an un-studded winter tyre on the other -but you could put the (un-studded) slick tyre on the other. It was a traditional Monte compromise situation. Strange times were record-ed on the first stage, St Jean. Petter Solberg scored his-first scratch time of the event, and rose back to second place, and Francois Delecour, who scored his legendary scratch time in these hills last year, was second. Both using the same type of tyre. Loeb and Sordo, however, using a dif-ferent type of tyre, lost about a quarter minute on the same stage. But fortunes were completely reversed on Col de Gaudissart stage with the Citroens first and second, Hirvonen scoring his first scratch time ahead of his teammate. Minis third and fourth, with Campana ahead of Sordo. The third, final and longest stage of the day saw Hirvonen scoring another fastest time. Loeb was· secure in the lead, over two minutes ahead of Sordo with Petter back in third place, over a minute further behind. It had been a disappointing day for Ford as Petter regretted losing a lot of time on the second stage during the morning stages_ and then a puncture on the final stage of the day. Hirvonen had narrowed the gap during the day to Petter from lm59.5s to 23.8s after 77.30km of stages. After all the hype before the event, the two Go-Fast sponsored Fiestas of Henning Solberg and Mat-thew Wilson were hopelessly off the pace, lying 13th and 14th overall. In the SWRC Andersson was still holding ninth place overall while Breen was lying 15th. Abbring had dropped back behind Araujo and Pro-kop in to 12th. In PCWRC, Michal Kosciuszko contin-ued to lead the category but had dropped behind Olivier Burri's Mitsubishi in Class 3 after losing over two minutes on stage 12 after discovering snow on the stage that he never expected. Day 4 Finally the event was set-tling down. Hirvonen was be-ginning to find his pace, hav-ing made fastest times on the last two stages of Day 3, and gradually the enormity of the performance of Sordo was be-coming clear. The whole Mini WRC p·roject had been based on the highly debatable pros-pect of a renewed Mini suc-cess on this classic event -and only Sebastien Loeb was stop-ping that seemingly impos-Dusty Times sible promotional dream from coming true. The remainder of the rally consisted of two laps of the two-stage Turini loop, followed by the final Power Stage on Sunday morn-ing. Sordo's second place, however, was not guaranteed. He started the day 66.8 sec-onds in front of third place Petter Solberg, and after the first loop the gap was down to 39.9s. Solberg was on course to a very close finish. The first stage (Turini itself) was completely dry, hard tyres were ideal though many driv-ers wrongly took a softer com-pound. The second stage (over Col· St Roch) was damp and greasy. Hirvonen was attack-ing in the hope of catching Petter Solberg but Solberg's determination to catch Sordo stopped Hirvonen from climb-ing in the results. Francois Delecour had power steering trouble. Pierre Campana had intercom trouble. Evgeniy Novikov continued to be the unsung hero, still in fifth place and avoiding all the hidden dangers in the wintry mountains. Paulo Nobre con-tinued to entertain everyone who witnessed his unbounded enthusiasm with everything, everyone and everywhere. Of the 11 drivers registered for world championship points he was lying eighth -well inside the points zone. Struggling · hard at this time was Michal Kosciuszko, who only had to cruise at walking speed to finish first in PCWRC but who then had front differen-tial failure. He lost almost a quarter hour on stage 15, and got down to service, then on the next stage (the night-time Turini) lost another six minutes. Hirvonen's hopes of attaining the podium expired when he lost time with a spin on the second· Turini stage. Dani Sordo lost more time to the hard chasing Petter Solberg when he fitted tyres which were too soft, but at the end of the day he was still 19.1 seconds ahead in second place. Matthew Wilson lost time when his car stalled at the start of a stage. Delecour had more intercom problems. But no sooner had the PC-WRC leader been delayed than terminal trouble struck the SWRC leader PG Anders-son. There was a slight fuel leak and that led to an under-bonnet fire and retirement. So Craig Breen, notwithstand-ing a total of four punctures on the event, was the surviv-ing driver in the category. Louise Cook waited anxiously for news of Kosciuszko's at-tempt to struggle through stage 17 and then the journey down to the service park. Day 5 Just the Power Stage to run with little, except the supple-mental championship points, to gain. Behind Loeb on the Power Stage, Sordo and Novikov scored the remain-ing additional Driver points. Petter Solberg fitted winter tyres for this all-dr"y stage and despite making only seventh fastest time held on to third place, beating Hirvonen by over a minute. All four of the competing Minis made it to the finish, all of them scoring Manufacturer cham-pionship points for the three teams represented, 32 points in all,. beating the haul of points scored by the two Ford teams, by 1 point. Delecour held on to sixth place, giving his long time friend and co-driver Dominique Savignoni, on what was Dominique's declared final rally in his ca-reer, the chance to drive their Fiesta through the final stage. Both Tanak and Prokop were on only their second appear-ances in World Rally Cars, both scored their best overall results on an asphalt rally. Tanak finishing 8th and Pro-kop holding on to his lead over Araujo to take ninth place, by just 2.9s. Kevin Ab-bring held on to 12th place, surviving his earlier brake problems to win Class 2, the 80th Monte Carlo Rally {MC) Valence-Monaco 18/22.01.2012 WCR round 1 PCWRC round 1, SWRC round 1 WCR points 4h.32m.39.9s. 4h.35m.25.4s. 4h.35m.54.1s. WCR 1 {1 l Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen DS3 {Ml WAC 2 {37) Dani SORDO/Carlos Del Barrio E Mini John Cooper Works {Ml WAC 3 14) Petter SOLBERG/Chris Patterson N/GB Ford Fiesta RS {Ml WAC 4 {2) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Citroen DS3 {Ml WAC 5 {6) Evgeniy NOVIKOV/Denis Giraudet RUS/f Ford Fiesta RS {Ml WAC 6 {8) Francois Delecour/Dominique Savignoni F Ford fiesta RS {Ml WAC 7 {52) Pierre CAMPANA/Sabrina de Castelli F Mini John Cooper Works (Ml WAC 8 {5) Ott TANAK/Kuldar Sikk EE Ford Fiesta RS {Ml WAC 9 {21) Martin Prokop/Zdenek Hruza CZ Ford Fiesta RS {Ml WAC 10 {12) Annindo ARAUJO/Miguel Ramalho p Mini John Cooper Works (Ml WAC 11 {9) Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin GB Ford Fiesta RS {Ml WAC 12 {171 Kevin Abbring/Lara Vanneste NUB Skoda Fabia S2000 {Ml 2 13 {10) Henning Solberg/Ilka Minor N/A Ford Fiesta RS {Ml WAC 14 {32) Craig Breen/Gareth Roberts IRL/GB Ford Fiesta S2000 {Ml SWRC 18 {24) Olivier Burri/Jean Jacques Ferrero CH/F Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X {Pl 3 20 {14) Paulo NOBRE/Edu Paula BR Mini John Cooper Works (Ml WAC 30 {131) Michal Kosciuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak PL MitS11bishi lanC1Jr Evo X (Ml PCWRC BN404MV {Fl 4WRC {GB) PX61AWU {GB) BF911XB {Fl RU55ALM {GB) PX60AWP {GB) 2WRC {GB) PX11AMV {GB) 06R0029 {CZ) DU61DLJ {GB) PX60AVE {GB) H-VM136 {Dl PX11AMU {GB) PX59AVF {GB) 146BXW {Bl EK068KX {I) DZ688ZS Ill 4h.36m.46. 7s. 4h.38m.43.3s. 4h.40m.27.8s. 4h.41m.11.3s. 4h.43m.14.5s. 4h.48m.50.6s. 4h.48m.56.5s. 4h.51 m.30.9s. 4h.51m.36.2s. 4h.52m.56.2s. 4h.57m.08.2s. 5h.08m.10.4s. 5h.11 m.39.6s. 5h.35m.14.8s. 54 {136) Louise Cook/Stefan Davis GB Ford fiesta ST {Pl PCWRC ST55USE {GB) 7h.02m.39.6s. 82 {3 PCWRC/3 SWRC l starters. 54 12 PCWRC/1 SWRC) finishers. MANUFACTURERS' DRIVER. Tyres: {Dl • DMack, {Ml • Michelin, {Pl • Pirelli. {No SupeRally) Winner's average speed over stages 95.36kph. + • Power stage points. LEADING RETIREMENTS {3) Jari-Matti LATVALA/Miikka Anttila {11) Peter van Merksteijn/Eddy Chevaillier {15) Sebastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia {23) Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul {33) Per-Gunnar Andersson/Emil Axelsson {34) Giandomenico Basso/Mitia Dotta {134) Lorenzo Bertelli/Lorenzo Granai RALLY LEADERS Loeb stage 1, Latvala 2+3, Loeb 4-18. PCWRC LEADER Kosciuszko stages 1-18. CLASS 3 LEADERS Kosciuszko stages 1-11, O.Burri 12-18. SWRC LEADERS Andersson stages 1-15, Breen 16-18. FIN NUB F B s I I Ford Fiesta RS {Ml Citroen DS3 {Ml Skoda Fabia S2000 {Ml Citroen DS3 {Ml Proton Satria Neo S2000 (Ml Proton Satria Neo S2000 (Ml Mitsubishi lancer Evo IX IM) CLASS 2 LEADERS Bouffier stage 1, Ogier 2-9, Andersson 10-15, Abbring 16-18. The Route Special Stages Day 1 Valence {Wednesday 0800) • {1-4) Valence • Valence {Wednesday 1837) Day 2 Valence {Thursday 0755) • {5-10) Valence • Valence {Thursday 1847) Day 3 Valance {Friday 0844) • {11-13) Valence-Monaco {Friday 1959) Total Distance Restarting 4 asphalt-134.70km 6 asphalt-131.76km 3 asphalt-77 .30km March 2012 WAC WAC 2 WAC SWRC SWRC PCWRC Crews 471.82km LAST STAGE COMPLETED PX81AWR {GB) accident BH482BM {Fl accident H-VMl 55 {Dl accident BF735XB {Fl accident YN61HCP {GB) fire YNlOGOH {GB) accident DH759JJ {I) transmission 441.96km 64 545.72km 59 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 3 4 9 3 15 0 1 best S2000 finisher ahead of Breen. In the support cham-pionship Craig Breen cruised through the Power Stage to undisputed victory. While Michal Kosciuszko survived a lot of trouble with his front differential to eventually win the PCWRC category, finish-ing far ahead of Louis Cook, Class 3 was won by Olivier Burri in his similar Evo X and Petter's only grievance was a fine of 1400 euros for wrongly crossing a con-tinuous white line on a road section. Sebastien Loeb had started the 2012 season as he in-tended to carry on, fastest on the final stage and winning Monte Carlo for his sixth time. The BMW Mini promo-tional team must have been amazed that their chance to relive their long cherished memories of Monte Carlo success was only denied by the Frenchman in his Citroen. With one round under their belts all the WRC registered teams finished the event to score championship points. The Citroen Total team had 37 points, an 11 point lead in the Manufacturers' series over Mini WRC team, with Ford's M-Sport Team lying third on 16 points, one point ahead of their Manufacturer team. WCD PC SC 25+3 18 15 12+2 10+1 8 6 4 2 1 25 25 18 Page 19

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,~tte,R.,Bj REDLINE AT STATELINE Eugenia Takes Class 1 & overall By ] Preston Bradshaw Photos: Trackside Photo Steven Eugenio was the big winner in the Class 01 action, he took the win with 13 minutes in hand, he was the overall winner of the weekend as well. The newly formed High Des-ert Racing Association made its debut on the January 27-28 weekend. All the action took place at Stateline, Nevada and you would have to call it a suc-cess. 110 cars and trucks showed up for the two day event and from what we heard and saw; a good time was had by all. The weather was decent, just south of chilly and the wind/breeze helped the drivers a lot. Each class raced on Satur-day and again on Sunday and the times were combined to determine finishing positions. According to my figures there were 66 finishers in the Satur-day races and 50 finished in the Sunday events Class 1 had 9 entries and four of them completed their six required laps each day. On Saturday it was Steven Eugenio taking the big win, Mike Mitch-ell was a minute and change in arrears, Johnny Greaves was third to finish, Tony Murray came in fourth, Billy Worth-ing finished in fifth place and Kevin Ellis finished sixth. CJ Greaves finished five laps, Pat Dean only got two laps in and Derek Marley didn't complete his first lap. Not a heck of a lot changed in the Sunday event, Steven Eu-genio was first to the checkered flag again, Tony Murray took second place honors, Kevin El-lis was third to finish and Mike Mitchell finished first off the podium. Billy Worthing only made four laps while Johnny Greaves, CJ Greaves, Pat Dean and Derek Marley did not com-plete a lap. Adding up the laps times for both days it was Steven Eugenio taking the Class 1 win, Tony Murray was second, Kevin Ellis took third place, Mike Mitchell was first off the podium, Billy Brandon Arthur was the winner in the Class 1400 battle, he also gets our award for highest flyer at the Stateline race. Worthing finished in the fifth spot and that's all there was. The Open Truck Class only had one entrant, Ruben Le-dezma. On Saturday Ruben only got one lap completed and in the Sunday event he got three laps in and was shown as a dnf. Class 13, on Saturday, Sports-man Limited Buggy had seven entrants but only three of them completed their required laps each day. On Saturday it was Lucas Knecht showing everyone the way home, Stephen Dodd was second car to finish, Brian Busby took third place honors and Daniel Reyes finished in the fourth spot. Tami Jacobsen only had one lap completed, Rob Archibald had three laps in the bag and Jordan Poole did not complete his first lap. On Sunday, once again it was Lucas Knecht as fastest car in the Class 13 contest, he had two minutes on Tami Jacobsen, Brian Busby came in third and Stephen Dodd was the fourth place finisher. Jordan Poole only had two laps completed as did Daniel Reyes and Rob Archibald did not complete his first lap. Overall, it was Lucas Knecht taking the· Class 13 win, Stye-phen Dodd was 12 minutes in arrears in the second spot and Brian Busby finished third over-all in the class. Class 1400, Open Sports-man Truck had 15 entries but only three of them would finish the eight required laps for the weekend. In the Saturday event it was Brandon Arthur taking the win, Eric Ludian came in for second place, Jeremy Deak-ins finished in the third spot, Keith Minnicks was first off the podium and Robby Woolworth rounded out the first five finish-ers. Andrew Leavitt was sixth to finish, Bill lsenhourer was lucky seventh, David Munoz finished in the eighth spot and Nathan Strong was the ninth and final five lap finisher. Ron Attig fin-ished three laps, Carlos Fonsica got two laps in, Chris Michael finished one lap and Craig Reynolds, Scott Slater and Greg Zumwalt failed to complete their first lap. On Sunday the Class 1400 troops had four finishers. First to take the checkers on Sunday was Brandon Arthur, Craig q Reynolds was second to fin-ish, Andrew Leavitt was third to take the checkers and Eric Ludian was the fourth and final finisher. Jeremy Deakins got four laps completed, Nathan Strong could only get two laps completed, Bill lsenhourer and David Munoz only had one lap complete and Robby Wool-worth, Ron Attig, Carlos Fon-seca, Chris Michael, Scott Slater and Greg Zumwalt did not com-plete their first lap. Overall in Class 1400 it was Brandon Arthur taking the gold medal, Eric Ludian took home the silver medal, Andrew Leavitt won the bronze medal for his efforts and Jeremy Deakins fin-ished in the fourth spot. Dale Schaub had a great weekend, his results from the two races p°ut him on top of the pile, seen here just before landing. Brian Groves was the Sportsman limited Truck winner, he had 10 minutes on his competition at the checkers, here in perfect level flight. Class 15, the Sportsman Un-limited Buggy troops were next up. There were 11 of them entered and they had five laps to run each day. Alas, only It was a second place finish in Class 13 for Stephen Dodd, Stephen Eric Ludian had a long lap in the ·sunday affair, he still managed Allan Lindsay took a second place finish in the Sportsman Unlimited finished 12 minutes behind the leader when the checkers flew. a second place overall finish in the Open Sportsman Truck bash. Buggy contest, he's seen here flying to the finish line. Page 20 March 2012 Dusty Times

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J . Rob Archibald literally flew to the --1600 Class win at Stateline, Rob had six minutes on his competition at the end of the two races. one of them would complete the required five laps each day. First to the checkered flag on Saturday was Clint Barry at an average speed of 51.5 miles per hour, Dale Schaub was the second car to finish on Saturday and that's all she wrote! Allan Lindsay only finished four laps, Steven Eugenio finished three laps, as did Johnny Greaves, Tony Murray, Brad Vicic and Clint Barry took the Class 10 overall win, he only had 27 seconds in hand at the finish, he was third overall for the race. Chad Dohrman. Mike Mitchell got two laps in, Jim Fortnat completed one lap and Kyle Whitted did not complete his first lap. In the Sunday Class 15 con-test it was Allan Lindsay first to the checkered flag, Dale Schaub came in two minutes later and they were the only fin-ishers! Chad Dorman got three lap in while Clint Barry, Ste-ven Eugenio, Johnny Greaves, Tony Murray, Brad Vicic, Mike Mitchell, Jim Fortnat and Kyle Whitted failed to complete their first lap. Combined times show Dale Schaub as the Class 15 overall winner, the results show Allan Lindsay as a finisher with nine laps completed.. The Class 2000 Sportsman Limited Truck Class had four entrants and two of them got in their five required laps each day. In the Saturday race, Brian Groves took the class win and Carey Jones finished five min-utes later for second spot. Chris Ramey finished in third place, he was a mere seven seconds out of second place! Shawn Heck only got in four laps before he retired from the race. On Sunday Brian Groves took the class win again, Carey Jones finished four minutes Continued on page 23 A second place finish in Sportsman limited Truck went to Carey Tony Murray took second place honors in the Class 1 contest, Tony Lucas Knecht was the silver medal finisher in the Class 1600 battle, Jones, Carey ended up 10 minutes in arrears when the checkers flew. recorded a second overall finish, seen here just at liftoff. Lucas is seen here on his way to the checkered flag . • BILSTEIN 9100 Serles Shocks with optional Anti-Cavitation Valve (ACV) provide the highest level of damping performance for Ultra4 type race vehicles. With the low spring rates required for these crossover racers, the ACV allows minimal gas charge (spring rate) while still eliminating the possibility of shock fade due to cavitation. BILSTEIN 9100 Series equipped Ultra4 type vehicles have won numerous races and two Best In The Desert Class 4400 season championships. 9100 _Series standard features: Body: 60mm or 46mm seamless tube available in Smooth Body, Coilover, or Bypass P1s1on Rod: 22mm centerless ground, case hardened, chromed and super polished Piston: 60mm: 7075 aluminum with 0-ring tension wear band 46mm: U37 linear or digressive with check valve Reservoir: Standard: 60mm x 15' Rod Ends: 1/2' Teflon" Uniball with steel machined eye ring Bypass Adjuster: Chromoly metering check valve with stainless adjuster Bypass Tubes: Available in 5/8' or optional 718' dia. Conover Hardware: 3' LO .. includes lock ring, spring seat, crossovers lockring and Delron slider Bi/stein offers a superior range of premium monotube gas pressure shocks for stock replacement, titted trucks.and professional off-road racing. Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers ThyssenKrupp. Bilstein of America Sales & Tech Info: 1-800-537-1085 • Dusty Times Visit our website to see the full selection, or call tor the dealer nearest you. March 2012 Page 21

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r.·· later for a second place finish. Chris Ramey only hacf'rhree laps completed and Shawn Heck failed to complete his first lap. Combining the Saturday and Sunday times we had Brian Groves taking the overall win, Carey Jones finished in second place, he was 10 minutes behind the winner and Chris Ramey finished in the third spot. ·The Class ½-1600 drivers were ·next up, there were eight of them entered and half of them made all their six required laps each day. Rob Archibald was the big :winner in the Sat-urday event,· Lucas Knecht was three minutes behind in sec-ond place, Mac Marmon was the third car in, Daniel Reyes finished first off the podium and Zach Sizelove was fifth to finish. Travis Reese got three laps completed while Jonathan Burnworth and Jordan Poole failed to complete their first lap. In the Sunday 1/2-1600 event, once more it was Rob Archib'ald taking the big win, Lucas Knecht took second place honors, Mac Marmon was third to finish, Zach Sizelove was the fourth place finisher and Jona-than Burnworth took fifth place honors. Jordan Poole got in two laps before Ietiring from the fray. Daniel Reyes and Travis Reese were unable to complete their first lap. It was close for Brady Wisdom, he was the overall winner for Class 12 but he only had 50 seconds on his closest challenger. Adding up all the laps and the minutes we saw Rob Ar-chibald taking the class win, Lucas Knecht was six minutes behind in second place overall, Mac Marmon came along four minutes later in third place and Zach Sizelove finished in the fourth overall position. The Class 10 conflict had 11 entrants an amazing seven of them made all the six re-quired laps each day. When the checkers flew on Saturday it was Clint Barry taking a re-ally nice win, Chip Prescott was only five seconds behind in the second spot, Rick Sanchez fin-ished third, he was another four minutes back, Chad Dohrman took fourth place honors and David Norris was fifth to finish. Vince Tjelmeland was the sixth car in, Allan Lindsay was lucky seventh and Mark Milne was the eighth and final finisher in the class. Harley Letner only had four laps complete, Blake Slater finished three laps and Erik Reynolds failed to complete his first lap. In the Sunday Class 10 bat-tle, Clint Barry once again was the class winner, Chip Prescott finished 21 seconds later in the second spot, Chad Dohrman took third place honors, Vince Tjelmeland finished first off the It was a nice win in Class 3000 for Michael Meachum, he beat out six other cars for his gold medal, seen here at takeoff. podium, Allan Undsay was fifth in and David Norris was the sixth and final finisher in the Sunday event. Mark Milne only finished one lap, Blake Slater and Erik Reynolds did not com-plete their first lap. Overall, it was Clint Barry winning the gold medal, Chip Prescott was 27 seconds in ar-rears for second place, Chad Dohrman finished third overall, Rick Sanchez finished in the fourth spot, Vince Tjelmeland rounded out the top five, Al-lan Lindsay finished in the sixth spot and David Norris was awarded the seventh place fin-ishing position. Class 11 only had one en-trant, Eric Reynolds and Erik did not complete a lap on Satur-day or Sunday. The Class 12 contest had four entrants and fully three of them got in their required six laps each day. On Saturday it was Joel Whitted taking the Class win, even after being assessed a two minute penalty for a rules infraction, Todd Stemmerman was second to finish, Brady Wis-dom finished in third place, five seconds out of second µlace and Billy Gereghty only got three of six laps completed. In the Sunday six lap event it was Brady Wisdom taking the class win, Joel Whitted finished 19 seconds later in the second spot, Todd Stemmerman took third place honors and Billy Gereghty failed to compl~te his first lap. Class 12 overall win went to Brady Wisdom, Joel Whitted was less than a min-ute in arrears in second place and Todd Stemmerman was the third vehicle to finish. Class 1900' only had one entry, Bill Morris. Bill only got two laps finished in the Satur-day race and he cdmpleted four laps in the Sunday event. It was an easy win for Richard Garavito in the Class 5 action, he's seen here plowing through the soft stuff on his way home. Raul Solano was the big winner in the Class 5/1600 contest, he's seen here at high speed on his way to the checkered flag. Class 3000 had seven en-trants, they had six laps to run each day and three of them Continued on page 24 . .. Chip Prescott was the second place finisher in the Class 10 battle, It was a second place finish for Joel Whitted in the Class 12 battle, Earl Fraser finished second overall in the Class 3000 contest, he was Chip was only 28 seconds away from the class win. Joel was only 50 seconds in arrears when he took the flag. less than three minutes in arrears when he took the checkered flag. Guy Savedra was just a bit off the winning pace in Class 5/1600, he Randy Ward took second place honors at Stateline in the Class 9 Not too bad a day for Roger Malcolm, he took second place honors took second place honors at the HORA Stateline bash. bash, he's seen here just before touchdown near the finish line. in the WideOpen Car Class, he's seen here headin' for the barn. Dusty Times · March 2012 Page 23

Page 24

I • Rick Harrah flew his Chevy truck to the win in the Class 8 competition, he's seen here flyin' low on his way to the checkers. made all their required laps. In the Saturday event it was Ryan Frisby taking home the gold medal, Michael Meachum finished five minutes later in second place, Earl Fraser came in less than a minute later in the third spot and Eric Reyn-olds took fourth place honors. Richard Scott only finished four of the required six laps, Dave Wilson only had two laps com-pleted and Bill Belansky did not complete his first lap. In the Sunday Class 3000 event it was Michael Meachum taking the coveted gold medal, Dave Wilson took second place honors, Earl Fraser won the bronze medal, Richard Scott finished the race in fourth place and Erik Reynolds was the fifth and final finisher in the class. Ryan Frisby only got four laps in until the gremlins got him and Bill Belansky only finished one lap before retiring. The overall Class 3000 win went to Michael Meachum, Earl Fraser finished second overall, Erik Reynolds finished in the third overall spot and that's all she wrote. There were oply two entered in the Class 5 contest and only one of them would make all the required laps. In the Saturday race it was Richard Garavito tak-Monte Tibbitts took the Heavy Metal win with ease at Stateline, he's seen here flying his truck towards the hard to get checkered flag. Derek Eugenio was the big winner in the Class 9 competition, he flew low to the checkered flag, here at speed. ing the class win and Steven Hall finished seven minutes in arrears. In the Sunday event once more it was Richard Garavito taking the class win, Steven Hall only completed four of the six required laps. Adding up the times from Saturday and Sunday it was Richard Garavito taking the Class 5 overall win. There were seven cars entered in the Class 5/ 1600 races, they had five laps to complete for their race and three of them made it all the way. On Saturday it was Raul Solano taking a really nice win, Ruben Garcia took sec-ond place honors, he was a mere five seconds in arrears, Guy Save-dra took home the bronze medal for his efforts, Donald Harper finished first off the podium and Jim Crawford was the fifth and final finisher. Travis Browzoski only got four laps in and Steve Ward only got one lap completed before retiring. In the Class 5/ 1600 Sunday event it was Raul Solano tak-ing a really nice Class win, Guy Savedra finished in the second spot, a mere four seconds in arrears, Donald Harper came in six minutes later for a third place finish, Steve Ward fin-ished in fourth place, he was another three minutes back, Jim The Stock Bug Class belonged to the high flyin' Daniel Reyes, seen here just before landing on his way to the sometimes hard to get checkered flag. Crawford only got four laps in and Travis Brozowski did not complete his first lap. Overall it was Raul Solano tak-ing the Class 5/ 1600 win, Guy Savedra was second overall, he was less than two minutes in arrears, Donald Harper finished in the third overall position and he was the last of the overall finishers. The Class 7 contest had only one entrant, Robby Woolworth. Robby only got four laps com-plete in the Saturday race, and he was unable to complete a lap in the Sunday affair. The Class 7S contest had five vehicles entered but only one of them would complete the total of 10 required laps. When the five lap Saturday race concluded it was Kurt Youngs taking home the gold medal, Edward Baran was the second vehicle to finish and Steven Rose was the third finisher and Roger Byrd fin-ished first off the podium. Kyle Milligan only completed four laps before retiring. In the Sunday Class 7S com-petition it was Kurt Youngs taking another nice win, Kyle Milligan was 10 minutes in ar-rears when he finished the re-quired laps on Sunday. Edward Baran only finished one lap on Sunday, while Steven Rose and Roger Byrd failed to complete one lap. Overall, it was Kurt Youngs taking the coveted Class 7S win at Stateline. There was only one truck entered in the Class 8 action, Rick Harrah. Rick had to run six laps each day and he did so with ease. Naturally he won the class and went home with the gold medal he earned. The Class 9 troops entry was five strong, they had five laps to run each day and two of them would finish their required' laps. The win on Saturday went to Derek Eugenio, Randy Ward finished in second place, third place went to Giti Gowland, John Whitlow finished in fourth place and Ryan Murray was only able to complete four laps. In the Sunday Class 9 fra-Brian Busby took home the bronze medal in the Sportsman Limited Andrew Leavitt took third place honors in the Open Sportsman Truck Not too bad a race for Kevin Ellis, he finished third overall in the Class Buggy bash at Stateline, seen here just before landing. fracas, he's seen here just at liftoff on his way home. 1 contest, he's seen here just at landing. - • ·. • •· · ... Chad Dohrman makes an unusual landing on his way to a third Todd Stemmerman comes down from high altitude on his way to Mac Marmon had a rather slow first lap on Saturday, Mac finished place finish in the Class 10 conflict, he was nine minutes out of a third place finish in the Class 12 contest, seven minutes behind third overall in the Class --1600 conflict, here nicely airborne. the class win. the leader. Page 24 March 2012 Dusty Times

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r r Eric Reynolds was the bronze medal winner in the Class 3000 skirmish, he's seen here plowing through some soft stuff on his Jeremy Deakins finished first off the podium in the class 1400 fracas, Mike Mitchell drove his car to a fourth place finish in the Class 1 way to the finish line. he's seen here on his way to the elusive checkered flag. contest, Mike is seen here just at touchdown. ~~ ~ ~ -·.;,:;;;;.;. ______ ;:;.~ ~ -'2~~~:.."'.1 ...,,,.,.,.. _ ... _~~..:, ! ~ ................ ~· ~...... .. ..,z,,, .. ""'-t.: •· i,,,,-,c,:~~l7~~~~ ...... ~~ -~?-"" -~ -~---.-~ -4'7..:' :-~ ,.. _ ..... ~ ... ---.: ~----'!" •: L.-..... o::;.......___. ...... ..._..,:_ ______ ......;;;._ __ ..._ ___ -.;;.__,,;;...;..i \~ -~----~ ....... ~ ... <>_:.;~ .. ~ .. ~;i;.-~·· : -: ":;" • , • ·.; .. __ "' Zach Sizelove was well off the winning pace in the Class 1/2-1600 Rick Sanchez gave it all he had but had to settle for a fourth place A fifth place finish in Class 10 went to Vincent Tjelmeland, he's seen race, he did manage a fourth place overall finish. finish in the Class 10 action, seen here at speed on the course. here at high speed heading for home base. cas it was Ryan Murray taking isher. They had six laps to run The Stock Bug, Class 11 had the only entrant and he finished In the Sunday race, it was the class win, Derek Eugenio each day and on Saturday it two entrants. Only one of them all his required laps for the Roger Primm taking the class was the second place finisher, was Monte Tibbitts finishing at would complete their required weekend and he went home with win, Roger Malcolm was the Randy Ward took third place an average speed of 51.1 mph. eight laps for the weekend. the gold medal. second place finisher and David honors. Giti Gowland only was Craig Reynolds only got in Daniel Reyes was the big win-The Wide Open Car Class Caspino only was able to finish able to complete four laps and two laps, Andrew Leavitt only ner in the Saturday race, Wes was the final event of the day. three laps. John Whitlow also was only able finished one lap and Carlos Wisdom finished in the second There were three entrants, they Totaling the lap times we had to get four laps finished. Fonseca did not complete a lap. spot, he was 14 minutes behind had to complete five laps each Roger Primm taking the Class Overall, it was Derek Eugenio In the Sunday race, Monte the leader. day and two of them did just -win, Roger Malcolm finished taking the big class win, Randy Tibbitts only completed five In the Sunday race it was that. David Caspino was the big in second place, he was six min-Ward finished in the second laps but he was given the class Daniel Reyes once again taking winner in the Saturday battle, utes in arrears at the finish. spot, he was seven minutes in ar-win, Craig Reynolds only got the win. Wes Wisdom was un-Roger Primm came in 38 sec-So, there was the HDRA's rears at the finish. Giti Gowland one lap completed and Andrew able to complete his first lap. onds later in second place and maiden event. Most folks had a finished third, Ryan Murray was Leavitt and Carlos Fonseca were The Stock Truck Class had Roger Malcolm finished in third great time. Their next race is April fourth and John Whitlow was unable to complete a lap. to complete five laps each day place, he was another minute 5-8 and Beautiful downtown Plas-the fifth and final finisher. Thus, the overall win went for a finish. Robert Raglin was and a half in arrears. ter City. See ya there! l:Jt!e..RR The Heavy Metal Class had to Monte Tibbitts and he went four entries and only one of home with the gold medal for them would be declared a fin-the Heavy Metal Class. Robert Rog/in drove his Ford Pickup to the win in the Stock Truck division, he finished his class each day in the first place position. ~ -~=~~r: ·.... ... .. .. ;."""':--... ~ .. , · ... '... -. ......... , .. 1--..... ...-Roger Primm beat out his competition in the WideOpen Car class, Roger had six minutes on Malcolm at the checkered flag. Dusty Times Fired M It 11111 vacation rentals available in the exclusive Indian Wells country Club in the sunny Palm Springs area of southern California. Two or three bedrooms, furnished for your complete relaxation, and, if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on either of two beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phones calls (USA} included. starting at S4,500 in season (January thru April} or $2,300 per month out of season. Call (760) 345-6124 March 2012 Page 25

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.. M.O.R.E~ NEW YEARS 200 Mv;,1\i(~ Ott-RoaJ Ra,.iff~1 E.nthusi<h')b Mather Leads Flag ta Flag far overall Win By Steve Ruddick Photos: Trackside Photo Sal Gomez was the big winner in the truck competition, he beat out a really big truck class for the win, seen here headin' for home. Pits and spectator viewing areas at Start/Finish, Mile 6, Mile 11 1/2, and Mile 18. This course did not include the 'College Hills' section. Sixty-four racers were entered in 13 different Classes. Classes 1, 10, 12, 3000, 1600, Su, raced 7 laps; 200 miles. Classes, 9, 5/ 16, 1300, 1400, 7s did 6 laps; 171 miles. Class 1450 competed for 5 laps; 143 miles. Class 11 did 3 laps; 86 miles. Sixty-four racers started; 42 racers got to see the check-It was a good race for Kelly Mather, seven laps for a win, Kelly had six minutes on the competition when the checkered flag waved. ered flag fly. Geez it was windy. Even Big Red from A.R.T.S. got blown off course trying to Greetings and Happy New Year, Race Fans! It's the start of the 2012 M.O.R.E. race season. More off road racing fun in the warm California sun in the Mojave. It seems M.O.R.E. is doing it right because there are six race dates, plus the seventh Annual Powder Puff race, re-served for M.O.R.E. to race in 2012. I guess BLM-Barstow gave M.O.R.E. a Passing report card for last year's performance: no fatalities and no major injuries; No spectators were killed. There were several rollovers and spills and miscellaneous parts strewn along the course, but the safety rules and the k;_een eye of the Techies at A.R.T.S. kept every-body safe. That's a noteworthy testament. because it say's the off road~racing commuq.ity can establish' and enforce "it's own safety rules and requirements with success and people are alive as a resul_t; proof positive. On the ·other hand, and sadly, I read of four people who died while simply off-roading for fun in the same desert. It's a dan-gerous hobby/sport no matter what or where. But it looks like another year of off road racing in the open deserts in southern CAL is to be. WOOHOO! The Richard Garavito only had competition for one lap, then he was all alone and he cruised in to take the Class 5 race. race is on. Check the "Happen-traverse open ground. ings" section for scheduled race CLASS 1 :Seven laps; 200 dates and locations. FLASH! miles. Eight starters; 7 Finish-• M.O.R .E. and SNORE will ers. Mike Pacewiezch got the be teaming up for a combined pole position at the Start Line night race in Lucerne on DATE. in car #135, followed by Alex Cool! Cody in car #122. Kelly Mather The Freeway sign said: set the pace and won the Fast Strong Winds Ahead. ijigh·pro- Lap honors at 46.8 mph on Lap file vehicles not recommended. 1 in car # 102. That put Mather That translated into 43 mph out in front by 33-seconds at winds from the west, gusting the end of lap 1. #102 repeated up to 54 mph at the Start/ Fin-that feat on the second lap and ish Line. The Barstow Breeze increased his lead to 3m:42s at was blowing with brute force. the end of lap 2. Meanwhile, The winds toppled over several Pacewiezch in car #135 was in port-a-potties which had to be close contention with Shawn staked down. The winds were Berbetta in car # 121 for sec-ripping at the flags and fenc-ond spot with only 4 seconds ing along main pit row. The separating the two after lap 2 winds whipped up the dust into was done. After four laps of thick and zesty fog-like clouds racing, Kelly Mather was out that swept across the course. in front in car #122 by 5m:17s True grit was in the air: It ahead of Mike Pacewiezch in car permeated everything. People # 135. Pacewiezch was 2m:34s were bundled up in hats and in front of Shawn Barbetta in hoods and jackets to fend off car #121, and George Pondella the winds. That's just the raw was running in fourth spot in nature of racing in the open car #58 about 13m: 15s behind desert in Barstow -you adapt Barbetta. to whatever weather conditions Mather slowed his pace on there might be. In high winds -lap 5 and Pacewiezch didn't, you can get blown off course or and #135 narrowed the gap on blinded by your own dust. #l02 to 2m:14s. That's as close It's the lvi.O.R.E. New Year as it got. Kelly Mather led the 200 in beautiful, and windy pack from flag-to-flag to win Barstow CA. The Course was First Overall and First in Class about 28.5 miles around with in 4:26:28 at 44.6 mph, and by two Road Crossings (RX), and a 5m:46s margin of victory, in ;::::====================::;;;::;;:::::;;;;,----;;===-;;.-------~_-------.---------, . ... .. Tom Chamlee had a decent race, he finished in second place in car # 102. Mike Pacewiezch com-pleted all the laps required to win Second Overall and Second in Class in car #135, in 4:32: 14 at 43.7 mph. Pacewiezch won by a 12m:07s margin of win. Shawn Barbetta got it done in 4:44:21 to win Third Overall and Third in Class in car #121. George Pondella came in a close Fourth Place in car #58 in 4:48:01. Alex Cody finished in Fifth Place in car #122 in 5:26:35. Pat McCarthy finished in Sixth Place in car # 142 and Eric Jacobus finished in Sev-enth Place in car #167. CLASS 10:Seven Laps; 200 miles. Two starters; 2 Finishers. Kathy Kirkmeyer in car #102-1 and Jim Kalp in car #1044 were the sole entries in Class 10. Kalp got to the green flag first but Kirkmeyer was out in front with a 5-minute lead after Lap 1 was done. That feat garnered Kirkmeyer the Fast Lap honors at 42.1 mph. You Go Girl! Kirk-meyer kept up the pace and was out in front by almost 40-min"': utes after Lap 4 was done. And then -Kirkmeyer broke down on Lap 5 and was sidelined just long enough for Kalp to narrow the gap between them to just lm:28s; so close. #1021 was up and running again and out fast-ed # 1044 to win First Place by a 19-minute margin, at 34.6 mph in 5:43:58. Kalp won Second Place in 6:02:51 at 32.8 mph. CLASS 12:Seven laps; 200 miles. Five starters; 3 Finish-ers. Ralph Potts was staged up at the front of the line at the green flag in car #1117. Greg Hawks was at the front of the line after Lap 1 was done in car #1213 with a 2m:13s lead ahead of Jerry Lawless in car # 1288. Hawks won the Fast Lap honors at 40.8 mph o n Lap 1. Marland McKinney in car #1211 was only ?-sec-onds behind Lawless. Lawless DNF' d in car # 1288 after Lap Mike Pacewieczh gave it all he had but had to settle for second place the truck race, Tom was 36 minutes in arrears when he took the Larry Antuna led the first two laps in Class 5/1600 but problems in Class 1, here at full throttle across the desert. checkers. dropped him well off the pace, he finished in second place in the class. Page 26 March 2012 Dusty Times

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It was a second place finish in the Class 9 action for Giti Gow/and, Julie Meehan gave it all she had but had to settle for the silver medal Shawn Barbetta raced his really good looking car to a third place Giti is seen here hustling his car to the finish line. in the Class --1600 action, she's seen here at high speed. finish in the Class 1 action, he's seen herecn his way to the checkers. 3. McKinney ran into problems Kevin Knight in truck #1416 was mph. #1433 stayed on the gas but over 21 minutes behind the Byma was still in the lead on Lap 4. running in fourth spot, about and Byma had a 2m:49s lead leader -ttuck #1433. Jeff Shaw on the last lap when #1433 had At the mid-way point in the 1-minute behind Fox. # 1416 ahead of Hopfe after three laps in truck #1419 was running just p'roblems and a whole herd race, Hawks was running in DNF'd after Lap 2. Byma picked of r;,tcing. Fox had problems on 66-seconds behind Gomei after of races· got the pass and re-first position in car #1213 with up the pace on Lap 2 and won lap 3 and Sal Gomez moved into lap 3, and then #1419 bNF'd shuffled the deck. Sal Gomez a comfortable 48-minute lead the Fast Lap honors at 43.7 second position in truck #1413, on lap 4. Continuedonpage29 ahead of Potts in car #1117. Potts was ahead of McKinney by about 10 minutes. Hawks mo-tored through the required laps in 4:52:08 to win First Place in car #1213 at 40. 7 mph and by a 49m:29s margin of victory. Ralph Potts won Second Place in car #1117 in 5:41:37 at 3.4.8 mph. Marland McKinney fin-ished in 6:02:51 to win Third Place in car #1211 at 32.8 mph. CLASS 3000:Seven laps; 200 miles. Two starters; 1 Finisher. Joy Wallick in car #3088 and John Omartian in car #3818 were the sole competitors in Class. Wallick got the hole shot at the green flag and was out in front of Omartian by ten min-utes at the end of Lap 1. Omar-tian motored back and was in the lead by 2m:46.s at the end of Lap 3. And then -#3818 broke down on Lap 4 and never re-covered and DNF'd after Lap 5. Wallick motored on to win the Fast Lap award at 36.9 mph on Lap 6, and motored on to win First Place in class in 6:35:12 at 30.1 mph. CLASS 1600:Seven Laps; 200 miles., Five starters; 4 Finish-ers. Randy Jones was first off the line at the green Hag in car #1629, and was first in line after Lap 1 was done with a 2m:25s lead ahead of Keith Rogovin in• car # 1688. Jones was still out front with a 9-minute lead after half the race was done. Rogovin proceeded to run progressively slower in car #1688 and Julie Mehan got the pass in car # 1698 on lap 5 to take over second position. Mehan mashed on the gas pedal on La,p 7 to win the Fast Lap honors at 40 mph, but it wasn't fast enough to catch up with #1629, and Randy Jones motored his way to the First Place win in 5:30:00 at.36 mph with a 6m: 17s margin of victory. Julie Mehan won Second Place in 5:06:17 in car #1698 at 35.3 mph with a 30-minute margin of win. Keith Rogovin motored # 1688 to win Third Place in 6:05:21 at 32.5 mph. Joe Cas-trey finished fo Fourth Place in car #1680. CLASS 1400:Seven laps; 200 miles. Eighteen starters, 11 Fin-ishes. This was the largest group of racers in any class on race day. Bryson Hopfe was first in line at the green flag in truck #1401. Al-len Byma was at the front of the pack in truck #1433 at the end of the first lap with a 31-second lead ahead of Hopfe, and Mike Fox in truck #1420 was running just 3-seconds behind Hopfe. Dusty Times PYAOTECT HJ(: MOtORSPOIUS • 100 Gallon. Capacity • Single or Double Dry Break • EZSetllt • Affordable lndyCa.r Fl Tec-hnology cesso le •DumpC8.118 •Hose • Reducers • Filler Necks & Caps 11elmets • Snell SA 2005 Forced Air Helmets • Wired for Communication .& Ear Bu.d Ready • Racing Optics Tear Offs • Universal and Custom Molded Ear Buds • Helmet Skirts • Shields Kool Air'• Blower Systems • Highest Flowing Systems! • 105, 135, 150, 235 and 250 CFM Ratings • High Flow Filters & Custom Hoses • Trophy Kart Kits fur Driver & Clutch Cooler • Vertex 5 to 110 Watt Radio Systems • Ri·Fi Intercom Systems • Chase &.Race Packages • Base Station Packages • Crew Chief & Kart Packages C Came· Sys e:m • EZ ! 'Button Operation • Exclusive Racer X Motorsports Package • 5.7 hours of High Resolution recording tlnUJ • Up to 12 .hours of operation on 4AA Lithium lonJlatteries · • Can be Interfaced to Intercom for full audio experience • 41 1/2 Gallon Capacity • SCORE I BITD I FIA Approved • Tapered Design Provides Increased Ground Clearance & Maximizes Usable Fuel • Fuel Level Sending Units Available • Caps, Necks, Hose, Filters and Pumps Available 10815 Wheatlands Avenue, Suite K • Santee, CA 92071 619~258-RAC,E (7223) • Fax 619-258-0883 • March 2012 Page 27

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Guy Savedra took the Class 5/1600 win with ease, he finished his six required laps and had almost two hours on his competition. sailed into First Place in truck Fifth Place. # 1413 with an elapsed time CLASS 5unlimited:Seven of 4:36:09 at 36.9 mph, and laps; 200 miles. Two starters; 1 with a 36m:48s margin of vie-Finisher. Chris Lazenby in car tory. Thomas Chamlee got all #509 and Richard Garavito in the laps done in time to win car #505 were the sole competi-Second Place in truck #1449 tors in Class. Lazenby DNF'd at 32.6 mph, with a 14-minute after lap 1. That left Garavito margin of win. Daniel Fertal to beat the Barstow. Garavito got all his laps done in 5:26:56 won the Fast Lap honors at at 31.2 mph to win Third Place 38.4 mph on Lap 1. Garavito in truck #1412. Bryson Hopfe motored on to complete all the also had problems on the last required laps in 5:33:42 at 35.6 lap in truck# 1401 but managed mph to win the solo gold medal a Fourth Place finish in 5:27:56 and First Place in car #505. -just 60-seconds behind Fetal; CLASS 9:Six laps; 171 miles. close. Mike Fox got truck #1420 Nine starters; 5 Finishers. Matt fixed and to the finish line in Creveling got the front start 5:32:39 at 30.6 mph to garner at the green flag in car #990. Steve Achey was the only Class 11 car entered in the Holiday race and he got his three laps in and went home with the gold medal. The six lap 9-16 race went to Brian Caudill, Brian beat out eight other cars for the win, seen here haulin' freight, headin' for home. Brian Caudill took the early lead on lap 1 in car #923 with Jared Sluder in car #903 only 14-seconds off his rear bumper. Sluder ran into problems on lap 3 and DNF'd after that. Caudill was still in the lead by 3:50s ahead of Mike Brown in car #9.24 after three laps of rac-ing. Giti Gowland in car #992 and Tyler Peterson in car #904 were within 25-seconds of each other in a race for third posi-tion. Peterson also set a Fast Lap pace on lap 3 at 34.5 mph, and so did Matt Creveling on lap 5 in car #990; but Peterson took home the Fast Lap honors by doing'it 2-seconds faster than #990 did; close. Creveling proceeded to DNF after Lap 5. Peterson proceeded to run into problems on lap 5, and that moved car #904 back in the race pack order. Brian Caudill motored on to run a pretty flawless race and win First Place in car #923 in 5:12:01 at .32.7 mph, and by a 3m:28s margin of victory. Giti Gowland drove a consistent race to win Second Place in car #992 in an elapsed time of 5:15:29 and with a 8m:15s margin of win. Mike Brown got all the laps done in time to win Third Place in Class in car #924, in 5:24: 14 at 31.4 mph. Greg Hawks was the big winner in Class 78 at the Holiday race, Greg-had almost an hour on his competition when the checkers flew. Tyler Peterson got car #904 fixed and to the finish line in 5:55:26 to win Fourth Place. Ashtyn Robidoux finished the race in 7: 16:24 at 23.3 mph to win Fifth Place in Class -and the coveted Dusty Times contingency prize for finishing in absolutely last" place over-all among all the race classes; within the max time limit. Congrats! CLASS 5/ 16:Six laps; 171 miles. Two starters; 2 Finishers. Larry Antuna in car #570 and Guy Savedra in car #569 were the only competitors in class for this race. Antuna got the hole shot at the green flag and was out in front of Savedra by 2m: 10s after the first lap was done. Antuna stayed on the gas and increased his lead to 15m:36s on lap 2; And then #570 broke big time on lap 3 and was on the sidelines mak-ing repairs for 3-1/ 2 hours. Ouch. That break down allowed Savedra to get the pass and take the First Place win in car #569 in 5:24:42 at 31.4 mph. To his true grit credit -Antuna got car #570 fixed and to the finish line in 7:21:01 at 23.1 mph to win Second Place. On his way -Antuna won the Fast Lap hon-ors too on Lap 6 at 37 .3 mph. CLASS 13:Six laps; 171 miles. Five starters; 2 Finish-ers. Fred Mooney started at the front of the line in car #1373. Mike Donahue started at the rear of the line in car #1312 and blasted his way to the front of the line on Lap 1 and won the Fast Lap honors at 34.8 mph in doing so. Both Mooney and Donahue DNF'd after Lap 2. Those Did-Not-Functions propelled Vincent Dudash into first position in car # 1367 with a 25-minute lead on the clock. And then -Dudash DNF'd after Lap 3. That malfunction propelled Richard Dormack into the lead and #1336 mo-tored on to the checkered flag in 6:58:21 and win First Place in Class with a 13-1/2 min-ute margin of victory. Randy Continued on page 30 Daniel Fertal didn't have too bad a day, he took third place honors in It was a third place finish in Class 1/ 2-1600 for Keith Rogovin, Keith George Pondella had a slow first and fourth lap but still managed a the truck class, he's seen here on his way to the checkers. is seen here at high speed on the course on the way home. fourth place finish in Class 1 in his good lookin' Chevy. Bryson Hoppe drove his Ford pickup to a fourth place finish in class, Joe Castrey finished first off the podium in the 1/2-1600 race, Joe Alex Cody finished fifth in the class 1 battle, a quite long fourth lap he was a minute out of.third place, he's seen here at high speed. is seen here at high speed on his way to the ·checkered flag. didn't help matters, seen here at very high speed. Dusty Times March 2012 Page 29 ,

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Mike Fox was slow on his second and third laps, resulting in a fifth Mike McCarty was a bit off the winning pace this day, he finished Pat McCarthy was a bit off the winning pace in the Class 1 contest, place finish in Class 1, seen here hustling in his GMC truck. fifth in the 1600 battle, he's seen here heading for the barn. Pat finished in sixth place, here at speed on the course. Roberts survived all the class carnage to win Second Place in car #1348 at 23.6 mph in a time of7:ll:51. CLASS 7s:Six Laps; 171 miles. One starter; no Finish-ers. Ken Dixon was the sole competitor in class in truck #7157. Dixon won the Fast Lap honors on Lap 1 at 22 mph. #7157 DNF'd after Lap 3. CLASS 1450:Five laps; 143 miles. Four starters; 3 Finish-ers. A .J. Ferris got the front start position at the green flag in truck #1469. Rhonda Park-house in truck # 1496 started 17-minutes behind Ferris and started to reel in her competi-tion. Parkhouse narrowed the gap on Ferris to 10-minutes af-ter lap 1, and to 6-minutes after lap 2 was over. Parkhouse gave it the gall on Lap 3 and won the Fast Lap honors at 29.8 mph. That feat of speed also pushed Parkhouse past Ferris on Lap 3 and put # 1469 out in front by 7-minutes. Parkhouse kept the forward momentum going and clocked in at the finish line in 5: 17:39 at 26. 7 mph to win First Place by a 5-1/2 minute time advantage in truck # 1496. Fer-ris drove a competitive race and finished in 5:23:09 at 26.3 mph to win Second Place in truck #1469. Jacob Neider recovered from problems on lap 1 to win Third Place in 5:45:55 at 24.5 mph in truck #1489. CLASS 11:Three laps; 86 miles. One starter; one Fin-Randy Jones and Johnny Burns, they took the gold medal in the 1600 Class, seen here really hustling to get to the finish. isher. Steve Achey was the sole racer entered in class for this event. All # 1162 had to do to win was beat Barstow. Achey did. Achey won the Fast Lap honors at 17.3 mph on Lap 1. Achey motored on to cruise into the winner's circle in First Place in 5: 16:34 at 16.1 mph in car# 1162. And that's the way it was, Race Fans -Saturday January 21 2012 in Barstow CA at the M.O.R.E. New Year 200. It was way windier than I've seen the Barstow Breeze blowing for many years. The weather people say it was an unusual windier-than-normal Santa Ana event. I blame it on the GOP Presidential debates and all that hot air spewing forth. I took to the refuge inside my truck and was still getting pummeled around by the winds. Huff and puff and blow the port-a-potty over. It was windy, indeed. Even so -it didn't affect the spirit of competition or the thrill of the chase. Everybody comes to race -under the best and worst of desert weather conditions. Be prepared. I'm gonna get me some of them fancy MIL-type goggles from Desert Storm, and one of them Shemagh head wrap scarf's to wear. Another race goes into the record books. I'll be there to bring you all the race action and the good dirt from up close and course-side. _.OJ!~ .... Kathy Kirkmeyer took the gold medal in the Class 10 action at the MORE New Years 200 race, she's seen here at high speed on the course. It was a nice win for Rhonda Parkhouse in the truck class, she's seen here with the power full on, heading for the elusive checkered flag. Marland McKinney drove his really good looking buggy to a third Tranny problems made Jerry lawless a dnf, Jerry's brand new car Richard Dormack had a good race, he took the Trophy Challenge place finish in Class 78, a very long fourth lap put him way back. was piloted by Jerry, his son and his grandson, a really family affair. win with 12 minutes in hand at the checkers, here at high speed. ,, It was a second place finish for A.J. Ferris at the New Years 200 Jacob Nieder had to settle for a trhird place finish in the class, he's Ralph Potts finished in the second spot in the Class 78 contest, race, A.J. finished six minutes in arrears at days end. seen here with the power really on, headin' for the checkers. a quite slow second lap did not help matters, seen here at speed. Page 30 March 2012 Dusty Times

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BRITTANY BURGOS Young woman Accepts Challenge To Lead SNDRE's 2012 season By Mike Henle The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts -known simply as SNORE in off-road racing - has a new president and a promising future heading into the club's first race of the 2012 race season. At the helm of the 42 year-old club is Brittany Burgos, a young and energetic off-road enthusiast with a radiant smile, unmatched enthusiasm and an element of ex-pertise that has generated a huge following in a very short period of time. SNORE's first race of the year -the annual Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26 about 30 miles south of Las Vegas -is expected to draw more than 225 entries. In addition, SNORE has an-nounced several new sponsors that have produced a blockbuster six-race series in 2012 worth more than $100,000 in prize money. So-noco became the latest partner in an agreement that makes the com-pany the official fuel of SNORE while also providing a lucrative "Sunoco Bonus Bucks" program that adds $6,000 to the SNORE prize fund. "This is going to be a very ex-citing year," said Burgos, a 2006 graduate of Centennial High School in Las Vegas .. "While it's true that we had our challenges in 2011, we're all anticipating that 2012 could very well end up be-ing the best-ever year in the fopr decades SNORE has been a part of off-road racing." i Perhaps one of the biggest questions is based on why Burgos would want to take on the monu-mental task of leading SNORE; when she could have had as much - if not more -fun riding in a race car or serving on a pit crew of the sport she loves. Throw in the fact that the position of president includes no pay and the dedication fac-tor becomes even bigger. "I fell in love with SNORE at very young age," she said. "That love of the club has car-ried over for many years and I want to see the club succeed in 2012. "I'm extremely organized and have worked in the various aspects of SNORE including signups; timing; staging; race logistics and planning," said the native of Las Vegas whose family has been in Southern Nevada for more than five decades. "I have also raced in classes 1450 and 7, too, so I understand that part of the sport, too." Perhaps one of Burgos's big strong points is her understand-ing of the Bureau of Land Man-agement, which governs usage of desert lands. "For 2012, we have the stron-gest relationship with the BLM that SNORE has had in a long time," she said. Burgos is also quick to point out that the SNORE memberships has been incredibly supportive not only for her; but also in helping attract the much-needed addition of additional sponsorships. "Coming off what some will call a tough year in 2011, the entire SNORE organization has come together and rallied on making _our organization the best it could be in 2012," she said. "We could not be where we are today without everyone's help and dedication." In addition, the fact that SNORE now has a woman run-ning the club is certainly unique. "There certainly are not many women running a race organization," Burgos said. "I have a Jot ro prove. There may be many people who question my ability, but I promise I will have gained most everyone's confidence when we're done with season." The success of the Rage at the River event in 2011 was pivotal in SNORE's start to a great season in 2012, Burgos added. "Going into the Rage of the River there were many expec-tations to be met," she said. "By the time the green flag dropped, the happiness was evident among all of us. There could not have been a better way to end the year." In speaking with several members of SNORE, it is obvious that Burgos has strong support from the club's membership. "She will do just fine," said Ke.nny Freeman, whose family was involved in the creation of SNORE and who also will serve as race director in 2012. "Brit-tany has the support of the mem-bership and all of us have been amazed at how quickly she has rallied the troops." "I think she has already done an amazing job," said Burgos's President Brittany Burgos sees a big year for SNORE more Trail ,Notes ... from Page 7 mother, Debbie. "She has been behind the scenes for the past seven years and knows the inner workings. Her passion is unlike any other. She has the racer's best interest in mind. There is no hidden agenda at all with her. She wants what is the best for the racers. "This has given many other women someone to look up to in what is a predominately man's sport. Racers truly look to her as a leader." Steve Olliges, president of Team Ford Lincoln and also a long-time off-road racer, agreed that Burgos will do well. "She extremely smart when it comes to off-road racing," said Olliges, a 48-year old who has lived in Las Vegas for more than 40 years. "Her heart is in the right spot. Whether it was watching her line up cars at one in the morning or having her come up to my win-dow at 6:30 in the morning, she is always there. She is as bubbly as ever and loves the sport. She is also a racer, so she understands the sport from all sides includ-ing that of a a competitor; as an enthusiast, a promoter and now president of SNORE. She doesn't get frazzled and people appreciate that." The remainder of the 2012 SNORE season will include the PCI Race Radios 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif., April 13-15; the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente, Nev. June 8-10; the KC Hilites Midnight Special Sept. 7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Pahrump; and the Rage at the River Dec. 7-9 in Laughlin, Nev. KEN BLOCK WINS SIXTH RALLY IN THE 100 ACRE -WOOD -Monster World Rally Team's Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino piloted their 2012 Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. to a sixth Rally in the 100 Acre Wood title on February 24-25th, 2012, in Salem, MO. The team won 15 of the 17 stages in a hard-fought battle on the extremely fast Ozark Mountain roads and squeaked out a 29.3 second victory over Subaru Rally Team USA's David Higgins and Craig Drew. From the very beginning Block set a blistering pace outpacing his rivals to lead after day one. On the first leg of the second day, Block lost time to Higgins with a pair of tire punctures and suspension damage. After service, the team made up their lost time and pushed hard during the last two stages to secure the victory. "I'm stoked about winning my 6th Rally in the 100 Acre Wood," said Block. "The battle against David Higgins was intense on every stage. He's the current Rally America champ and one of the people who helped teach me how to race a rally car when I first got started, so to finally compt:_te against him on this level was great, I really enjoyed it. I'm definitely looking forward to running against him again later this year in Olympus." David Higgins' second-place overall finish keeps the team on top of the 2012 Rally America National Championship standings. Three-time Polish Rally Champion, WRC and Dakar Rally driver, Krzysztof Holowczyc took the third podium position in his Art Logisitics Racing Team Mitsubishi EVO. The team was slightly off the pace after replacing an engine damaged during testing, but managed to take advantage of some key competitor retirements to make the podium. Most notably, Rockstar Energy Drinks's Antoine L'Estage and Nathalie Richard, last year's Rally in the 100 Acre Wood overall winners, broke a transmission on stage 4. The characteristically reliable team was battling with Block and Higgins, and within seconds of-the factory-backed teams before their mechanical failure ended their run. Deeper in the field, Canadian Rally Championship contender, Leonid Urlichich with co-driver Carl Williamson, broke a tie-rod on stage 9 to end their top-10 run. Chinese rally driver, Rick Song with co-driver Martin Brady, broke their engine on stage 8 leaving the race in the ninth overall position. Lauchlin O'Sullivan and Scott Putnum won the Super Production Class coming from behind to snatch victory from current SP Class leaders Travis and Terry Hanson by 43.9 seconds. O'Sullivan overcame various car problems to overtake the Hansons when their car verged on the brink of overheating in the last few stages. The win is particularly sweet as the team adjusts to the only Mitsubishi EVO in the class. Chris Duplessis.and Karl Atkinson repeated their 2WD Class success with another first-place finish after winning the season-opening Sno*Drift Rally in dominant fashion. Andrew Comrie-Picard and Brian O'Kane pushed hard on the second day to snatch second in class, besting third-place finishers, Dillon Van Way and Jake Blattner by a narrow 2.8 seconds! Four 2WD Class cars placed in the top 10 overall as evidence that Rally America's 2WD drivers can beat cars with twice the horsepower and place in the upper third of the 65-car field. The husband and wife team of Hen--ry and Krolikowski piloted their Open Class 2000 Subaru Impreza to the Tresspassers Will Regional Rally victory, and Justin Pritchard and Ryan Scott took their Open Light Class Subaru lmpreza to the 100 Acre Wood Regional Rally finish. Fans who couldn't attend the event were able to watch tape-delayed driver interviews and stage rally action on The third round of the Rally America National Championship takes place at the Oregon Trail Rally May 4-6 in Portland, OR. The 2012 Rally America National Championship is proudly supported by VP Racing Fuels -the Official Fuel of Rally America, Subaru of America, ParkNBlend, Exedy Racing Clutches, Hawk Performance Brakes and RECARO seats. Complete stage results: results/ - Rally in the 100 Acre Wood photos: events/2012/lO0AW / gallery/ Dusty Times March 2012 Page 31 ..

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CHICAS RACING Females Battle south Of The Border By George Jackson It was 100 miles of "Bust to Glory" at the 3rd annual "all girl" race September 24th at Rancho Rincon de Guadalupe, San Vicente, Baja. Eighteen ve-hicles and 56 women from the US and Baja met in a freshly cut wheat field to duke it out -ladies style. Race promoter Viry Felix, had the pink ban-ners in place like last year, but with a little added touch this year ... pink lips were every where, from big pink lip "kiss" stickers on car and truck fend-ers, to little pink lips on flyers and kids t-shirts. Page 32 The course was similar to last years, 7 laps on a 14 mile course, (4 laps for Class 9, 11, and Safari) laid out using the 1200 acre Felix Ranch, some of the neighbors' roads, and jeep trails in the local mountains adding to the already challeng-ing course of silt beds (natural makeup to these gals), whoops and a couple of nasty off cam-ber turns. First off the line was #808, last years overall winner de-fending her honor, Karo Becer-ra (known last year as the Pink Gordon - as in Robby Gordon) Photos: was in her "pink" trophy truck with "fabulous" Fabiola Valtera as her new 1st time co-driver. This little gal Karo flat blows through the course with her foot "gorilla glued" to the ped-al, get the hell out of the way when she comes through the pits ... rocks, sticks and "natural makeup" will be flyin' every-where. She will do consistent 19 minute laps on this course. Second off was #811, Johana Rodriguez in a front engine 4 seater, who "rolled" in her 1st lap in last years race. Third was #1001, Mony and Paty Munoz March 2012 bumping up from their class 12 win last year in their brother's car (nice guy!). Fourth was #711 Yajaira Baro and Elizabeth Ga-rate, with a 1st overall win in 2009 and a DNF in 2010, Baro was here to reclaim that win. The next 3 cars were the highly competitive 1400 class. The # 1400 "Technovision" car of 'mom' Lily and 'daugh-ter' Karla Rodriguez; #1403 Karla Zavala and veteran racer Fernanda Vargas, daughter of long time racer Jorge Vargas of "Taller J efe" _ race shop, the best; and # 1401, Astrid Gaxi-ola and Myrna Dominguez in Viry's pink Chicas car. Eighth in the line were the sister team of Teresa and Lourdes Gonza-lez in # 554, followed by 3 class ?s's: #719 Elizabeth Pacheco, Gabriela Zavala, and Cynthia Ballinger (whom unfortunately had the embarrassment of kill-ing the motor at the start line, then having to push their truck out of the way, minutes later to be fired up and racing). Then followed #771, the sister team of Marisol and Elizabeth Gon-zalez of the Chicas Extremas; and #769, Yuriko Banuelos and Cynthia Careli in esposa Frank's "Recicladoras" Ranger. Twelfth car in line lead-ing the smaller cars was #900, Ivone Guerrero, who co-drives in RECORD races with her dad; # 1102, Monica Monsi-vas and Vanessa Rivera in Matt Cullens F&L fuel car (cur-rently 2nd in points in Score Class 11); #1108, Brenda Ama-dor and Mercedes Morales of "Robalonches Racing" (loose-ly translated actually means "lunch stealer", or hungry). Brenda's pre-run coach was Mario Vasquez, a driver for long time Score Class 11 points champ, Eric Solarazano, how-ever, Brenda did "roll" the car in her pre-run (girls got to find that edge too). Fifteenth in line heading the Safari class was #S8, the Jeep Wagoneer of Lupita Cas-tro and Anna Ortega, with a bunch of sisters and girls from the family as co-divers; then #S69, Lupita Amador in a Toyota Fourunner, 3 seater, the "Perronas" team, (again, loose-ly translated, means a "strong female dog". There were 2 late starts, #782, Mayra Flores, 1 hour+ late and #730, Lidia Rodrigue£-. Lidia was so late she just ran a lap or two to use up her entry fee, too bad, last year she was 4th overall, and 2nd OA in 2009 even after flipping her truck 3 times coming back up on all fours. At the end of the 1st lap you could tell the competition was heating up. Karo's #808 was smokin' the course, dust-ing our beers big time, but the next rig to show was the Baro Truck, #711, from 4th place to 2nd in the first lap, and right behind her# 1400, Lilly moving from 5th to 3rd, then followed by #811, #1403, #1401, then #1001, Moni dropping from 3rd to 7th, ouch! Three more cars came on the 1st lap then, here comes Karo, #808, physically leading the pack, shredding the stub-ble field and flinging natural makeup in everybody's beer, again! But within a minute or so #711, Baro was in. Now in 1st by time, Lilly Rodriguez, #1400 was hot for both of their tails and just 12 seconds in time behind Karo, the Pink ·Gordon. In 4th was Chicas #1401, with Astrid Gaxiola at the wheel and only 2 minutes behind Lilly. It was plain to see that this was not just a powder puff race ... more like a "power" puff race. These girls were serious!!! Now, Karo was feeling the pres-sure and with. the competitors times coming over the radio from her pit people, she had to kick it up a notch. Her 3rd Dusty Times

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lap time was faster at 19: 15, but Baro's was faster yet, by 14 seconds at 19:01. On the 4th lap, Karo had the fastest lap of the day at 18: 15, that's about 47 mph on a tech-nical course. About 18 minutes later everyone was covering their beer cans waiting for the Pink Gordon ..... but then, Baro came flying in. Lilly came in, "Technovision" on steroids, or maybe displaced testosterone. Then the pink chicas car, As-trid. Where's Karo? The pack had changed. If Karo didn't show up in about 6 minutes, she'd be out of the win, even if she kept up her 18 minute laps. She never showed. Now Ms. Baro was the "physical" leader. She won in "09, DNF'd in '10, now she would try to reclaim her title, She had about 6 minutes on Lilly by the 5th lap -it's a comfort zone, but she couldn't drop her guard, plus Lilly start-ed 3 minutes behind her. The Chicas' Astrid was only a cou--pl~ of minutes behind 'Lilly at this point, and she was getting pressure from #769, Yuriko, i.who was only minutes behind her;> J?lus she had 3 ½ minutes extra. b,-;;her start time. P.trlk "'Pressut'el! ' So'6'tl',' ,off in the distance, we could see the·'~ink Gordon Truck, ..... on a trailer, headed for the highway. Karo had hit a rock and was throwing a lot of oil, she also had an air fil-ter problem. The stakes of the game just changed, every body just got promoted at the cost of the big pink Trophy Truck; but to look at the positive side, at least back in the pits, we were drinking from clean beer cans, no more" natural makeup" in our Tecates. The results: Yajaira Baro and Elizabeth Garate, #711 were the Overall Winners and 1st in Class. Their team name is really interesting: "Chicas Levantan-do Polvo". Polvo is dust, that's easy; Chicas=girls; Levantado by the dictionary is elevated, high, sublime ..... girls high on dust? Why not? -Their time: 100 miles in 2:18:39, that's about a 43.29 mph average. Second overall and 1st in Class 14 is Lilly Rodriguez and her daughter Karla, # 1400, with a time of 2:28:50 for the "Technovision" team, a 40.3 2 mph average. Third overall and 2nd in Class 14, The Chicas them-selves, Astrid Gaxiola and Myrna Dominguez in the pink #1401 car with a time of 2:32:23, and a 39.37 mph average. Fourth overall and 1st in Dusty Times Class? Stock, Yurika Banuelos and Cynthia Careli, #769 in the "Recicladoras" Ranger at 2:33:57 and 39.06 mph. Fifth overall and 1st in Class 11 was Monica Monsivais and Vanessa Rivera in the F&L #1102 car with a 4 lap time of 2:33:57, at 21.9 mph; however, this is a great accomplishment, as the girls rolled the little VW bug "4 times" going all out in 4th gear into an off camber corner on their final lap. Plus, this is the F&L Cullen car, which were understand was go-ing to get prepped for the 1000 after this race. Oh well, what's a roof, and a door, and a re-weld on the roll cage, and a struc-ture analysis, and a suspension rebuild and hey, a little fresh paint? What the heck, they've got 6 weeks! I wonder if the girls will be fixin' what they broke?? Ha Ha, maybe they'll work it off some other way. One guy on their team said to me "When I ask a girl, "What happened?" she throws her hands up and says "I don't know, fix it," ..... . Gender Priviledge. Sixth overall and 3rd in Class 14: The sister team of Teresa and Lourdes Gonzalez (they didn't even pre-run) in their #554 Baja Bug, and had a time of 2:56:50 at 33.9 mph. Seventh overall and 2nd in Class 8 was Johanna Ro-driguez, Lydia Sanchez, Aline Velasquez, and Mayte Zarate in #811 at 3: 14:39 for an average of 30.86 mph. Eighth overall and 2nd in Class 11 was Brenda Amador and Mercedes Morales, with Perla and Brenda Perez, and Galinda Sanchez in the # 1108 car. Their time was 3: 16:40 for the 4 lap run at 17.12 mph. _ Ninth overall and 2nd in Class 7s was Marisol Gonzalez and sister Elizabeth in the #771 truck. Tenth overall and 2nd in Class 7 open and the final finishers of the day was Mayra Flores, Aracely Mendoza and Erika Vidaurrazaga in the #782 truck with a time of 4: 18:02 at 23.25 mph. The" tough luck that's rac-ing list" starts with of course Karo, the Pink Gordon, then Moni Munoz #1001, who rolled her broth-ers new Class 10, she'll be having iftin worki'ng that tine off. Elifabeth Pacheco, #719, didn't finish the 6th lap; R1ada Zavala and Fernanda Vargas, #1403, had problems in the last lap , damn, almost home! lvone Guerrero, #900 had trouble in the 1st lap; and both Lu-pita Amador, #S69 and Lupita Castro, #S8 in the Safari class March 2012 ended their day early. This race is down right fun and the enthusiasm is sky high. As promoter Viry Felix explains, this race was started in July of 2009 mainly to give the women, who had supported their husbands and other male members of the family with their race efforts, a chance to race. The caliber of racer in this event is high, they come from many years of chasing, pit-ting, timing, radioing, etc. they have experience and have been wanting "seat time" and Viry gave them their chance. There are some hot running racers in this event that really should be racing and chasing points throughout the race season. She also explains: We need more guys to cut loose with the race car, and let the girls have it.for a day. The number of cars and racers have been consistent iri the 3 years running, but each year new racers come and get into this "natural makeup" experience. Any one interested can visit the Chicas Web site:; see also for race action pictures. The following statements are from some of the drivers, in their own words! 1403 Karla Zavala We were passing through the dust of a class 8 and couidn't see anything, and then began a curve with big rocks; I got on one of those rocks and got my-self stuck. By the time they got me unstuck and turned on the car again, 10 minutes had been already passed. From there I continued the race, and to close the last lap the car started mak-ing strange noises. We stopped because we believed that it was a bearing or something like that, but it was a loose rod. 1102 Monica Monsivais My name is Vanessa Rivera; I was one of the drivers and my co-driver was Arcelia Guerrero. We were passing mile 2 were I confident in the track and more in the VW Bug I took the velocity and at the moment that I found myself in the curve I was aware that we were going to hit a rock on my copilot's side and to which I wanted to avoid it but in less than a second we were already turning and turn-ing ... ("rolling!") We made more than 4 complete turns. Once the Bug stop turning, the first reaction was that if we were both ok and conscious the first thing we did was report to our team of the accident. While they were coming to help us Arcelia took off her seatbelts so that she could help me. After getting out of the car, a couple of moments later the help ar-rived and flipped over the car and checked it. Realizing that it was only the bodywork we de-cided to continue the race and obtaining first place ... ! S8 Maria Guadalupe Castro The mechanical problem that we had during the race: first a shock absorber cracked, and then passing mile 6 the. oil pressure dropped to zero and had to stop and wait for our pit to help us, after that we contin-ued and the Cherokee turned off in two occasions and only started with pushing. Finally we were able to co.mplete one Continued on page 34 Page 33

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lap and handed off the car to the other pilot, but near mile 4 on the second lap the engine threw a rod. We hope to have better luck next time! S69 Lupita Amador The mechanical problem that we had was that although we weren't running with 4x4, the Transfer case broke and neutral, ized and the gears won't enter to advance. I can personally say-that although it's the third time I participate, in this occasion I enjoyed it a lot, maybe because this time we had the time to prerun and be prepared for the silt, which was the most diffi, cult part. It was very emotional realizing how well the car was responding and that I didn't need the 4x4 to pass through the silt. Thanks for everything and congratulations for the big effort being made in order to improve the event every year. A big hug to your family, friends and to you Viry ... Aury 719 Elizabeth Pacheco At the start we had a problem with the fuel pump, that was finally repaired and we could continue the race, but also had other problems like loss of throttle pressure and when that happened my co-driver had to shut down the engine and turn it back into neutral. We had to turn it on with a screwdriver, that, our husbands taught us the night before. 711 Yajaira Baro This race was quite an un-forgettable experience, having the opportunity to participate is very exciting. I consider my, self an off road fan, the speed that is practiced in these sports is something that gives me an inexplicable feeling. In the ervinu ourN ur I Ra our e FOR Th Public In toad 1 ROMlh Ubll " Page 34 World of off road the adrena-line, the passion and emotion are essential ingredients to make the most of it, my co-driver and I had a great time throughout the race, we make a great team together, and in the . race we enjoy every moment of adrenaline we can. We started in the fourth position and we finished in first place, I really am very pleased with what we achieved. The important thing is to enjoy the race and to ex, cite the fans and I think we ac-complished. It was a very good event, as expected, Viry always takes care of all the details, so all participants and spectators are.satisfied. More Happenings ... From page 7 UNADILLA VALLEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Bux 51 l9 EnMF-~'l<)N, NY 133.,5 (606) 965-8784/ F,.x: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA VALLEY OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION [970 E~ST 2NP STRtET RENO, NV 89502 775-287-0615 <\\,'\\'w.,·orra.ncc> March 24-26, 2012 Short Cour;c Prairie Cicy O HV Park, fol~om, CA April 21-22, 2012 Shorr Courst• PrJiric City OHV Park, Folsom, CA May 26-28, 2012 USA .500 Desert Race Reno/Sparks, NV July 14-15, 2012 250 Mile Nii!ht Race Fallon, NV September 1-3, 2012 Yerington 300 Desert Race Yerington, NV October 6-7, 2012 Shore Course Prairie City OHV Park, Folsom, CA October 27-28, 2012 Short Course Prairie City OHV Park, Folsom, CA VICENTE GUERRERO OFFROADCLlJB l'RIJFO. CEN(WJO GIi.Mil().~ 0l l-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF R OAD RACING ASSOCIATION LARRY H ENPER.~ON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 St.:Mt\S WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF RoAD RACING PATRICK McGnR1: P.O. Box376 A n•.MSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E; Grovers Ave. l'HOENTX, Al 8.5032 (602) 97.1-.3730 <> WISCONSIN MoTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-171 t WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL TERRY OR BEV fRlfV,Y • 59l3 S<J. U.S. HWY 45 0,111«.s11, w, 54901 (4l4) 688-5509 WORLD SERIES O F OFF R OAD RACING FIA W ORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP P.O. &)X 99 CRANDON, W ISCONSl1' 54520 303-880-7221 ,v,.rww.WI\C.('0M> XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 U)MM.4.NDEI\ DRIVE LA1:E H,wAsti On, AZ 86403 (.520) 855-RACE/(520) 855,2208 BAJA 0ffh:E: 0ll-526-6225 ZR PROMOTIONS LUIS REN!, M ONTAN() C. C11LZ.Alli\ INllEPENDENCl,\ 200 ,5 COi , !NSl'RGENT~ b.'TE 2[280 M l:.XICAU, BC, MX (686) 564 6653 March 2012 Dusty Times

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1985 MINT 400 Jim Temple & Ken cox Take The Gold By Jean Calvin Photos: Trackside Photo .Dave Richardson went solo in the Steve Sourapas Raceco, led the last two laps handily, and came in the Class 10 winner and a terrific second overall as well. finish line. Midweek the lay-for 24 hours, the adjacent ers of dust were already hang-casinos, including the host ing over the far hills on the Mint H otel, did a resound-race course as pre-runners ing business. The streets were searched for the best way literally packed with people through or around the silt from eight in the morning un-beds and silt hills. ti! the witching hour. When On the Thursday night the the last decal was in place and new Mint 400 Board Game the final entry tucked away in from Eriksson Industries add-the impound, there were 374 ed a new contest to the race starting cars at the 1985 Mint week. A full scale tournament 400, a very healthy number for invited players from the for the big desert event. Jim Temple and Kenny Cox had a great day at the Mint, setting fast lap of the day, leading most of the way, and winning the race overall and in Class 2 in the Raceco that ran all day without trouble. ranks of drivers, press folks Class 2, at 52 starting cars, and other off road notables was first away, as the class has took place in the Poker Pit been for the last few years. at the Mint Hotel. The tour-With a sunny, warm day, and nament provided the win-the extra doses of silt, the ning two man team of players badly needed stiff wind was The 18th annual Mint 400 lived up to its reputation as the roughest, toughest off road enduro race in the world. This year the general consensus of opinion about the race route ranged from rotten to horrible. The long time Mint racers, many past winners, thought it was the nastiest course they could ever remember. The route sure seemed more unfriendly th_an any Mint 400 course in memory. To be fair, the course was planned with another set of trails, but the migrating big horn sheep came down the mountain, and the new roads slated to replace the silt beds were therefore not open for the race. This change came just a couple weeks prior to the event. There was no place else to go but across the in-famous silt beds north of Las Vegas, and this year the route crossed the same deep dry lake not once, but twice in one short 20 mile jaunt. With the course changes the route turned out to be one of the longest in history as well. What has been around 95 miles a lap turned into a Mike Lund had a see saw battle with Jack Johnson all day,and when the race was good 105 miles a lap for the with a Vegas sized purse of lacking. The early starting 1985 edition of the off road two grand in long green. The slot was a definite advantage race classic. lucky winners were Billy C to the hot dogs in Class 2, As usual the hoopla started Wright, who with his son Jim break free of the traffic on early, with Las Vegas filling were defending overall race the first lap and run in the , up with the race crowd ear-champions, and photographer clear. Still, who could eleven ly in the week. When regis-Kris Pallesen of Centerline failed to complete the first tration opened early on the Photos. The wags said it made lap, and out of the race in a Thursday morning, the area 2 1/2 consecutive wins at the mile was the Raceco pickup of was jammed with eager driv-Mint for Billy Wright. Dave Kreisler and Jim Nobles, ers getting their packet of The real circus started early possibly the first retiree from goodies, race jackets, and a Friday morning with the tradi-the race. briefing from officials about tional parade down two blocks Starting number 203, the the dos and don'ts on the of Fremont street and around Raceco of Jim Temple and sub race course. A small city of the corner on First street that co-driver Ken Cox got first on motor homes sprang up in the is the contingency row at the the road early in the game, desert around the Las Vegas Mint 400 race. Although the and Jim ran dust free to fast Speedrome, site of the start/ streets were closed to traffic lap of the day, an incredible ,....:.----------------------------, two hours and just 42 seconds .: The Nevada based team of Brent and Tim Bell dominated Class 2-1600; they led every lap in the Bunderson, set fast lap time in class, and won with an 18 change. Jim's usual co-driver, his son Mark, was busy race day becoming a new father. But Cox, also a second gen-eration off road racer, was a most capable replacement. Matt McBride and Rick West were next on time at 2:01.04 in a Raceco, followed on time by Bob Richey and Tom Baker at 2:04.21, but their Raceco came to grief on the second round, 8 1/ 2 hours worth, and they went no farther. Stay-ing close were Jerry Penhall and Ron Gardner, Chenowth, at 2:05.04, Jack Woods/Don Bailey, 2:05.59, Jim Bunty/ Mike Hershaw, 2:07.03, but over, it was Lund's Chenowth Magnum that took the Class 1 win. _____ :;m:;in::u::t;:e;:m::a::"::'fl_':.:.:·n=. =========================::;-;:-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_-______ c_o_n_tin_u_e_d _on_P_•_ae_3_& ___ _, Up among the leaders all day, a last lap mishap dropped the Porsche Making it a Las Vegas sweep in Class 2, the Herbst boys, Ed and Tim Only a couple of minutes out of second place, Cam Thierot and Greg powered Raceco of Danny and Marty Letner to fourth in Class 2 at drove their Raceco into second in class and a keen fourth overall. Lewin settled for third in Class 2 in the ORE built Funco Warrior. the flag. Dusty Times March 2012 Page 35

Page 36

Bobby and Tom Nethdrove a smartly paced race, moved into the 1-1600 lead after three laps, and ended up winning the class by 40 minutes, and they were 13th overall. Victory was sweet for Larry Webster and Bobby Mahoney, with fast lap in Class 9, no trouble with the Funco, and they Jed every lap to win by nearly four hours. the latter two teams only went one lap. Midway the Temple Raceco was still first on the road and on time with a fast 4:09.14 ET at that point. A number of two seaters were parked on the desert by now, with another 13 missing after one lap. This group included Mint 400 Race Director K.J. Howe's new Raceco and the Toyota SR5 truck of Frank Arciero, Jr. Behind Temple at the half way mark it was close in Class 2. Running second here was the Raceco/Porsche of Danny and Marty Letner at 4:22.02, tagged by PenhaJI/Gardner at 4:23.57. Next came Tom and Steve Martin, Raceco, 4:25.25, and the '83 and '84 overall winners Jim and Bil-ly Wright, Raceco, 4:30.39. Both Jake Fogg, 4:36.52, and Jim Sumners, 4:37.26 were close enough to pounce in their Racecos. Spectators were really ac-tive at the Mint this year, and the BLM Manager Bill Civish estimated the total crowd at about 90 thousand, with a good 20 thousand in the Apex Road spectator area alone. On the third round the McBride entry had more trouble and dropped to an eventual eighth place. The usual rash of spec-tator accidents began hap-much for a competitive finish Class 10 was second off pening also. Eight more were and retired. the start, and what a horde missing from Class 2 on the Up front Ken Cox was now it was with 62 on the line, third loop. Contender Len in the Temple Raceco, and he and most of them state of the Newman was crashed from be-did a quick 2: 18 final round art cars. Thirteen never saw hind while stopped at a check, for a total time of 9:08.02 the Speedrome again, includ-and a pickup hit the Bunder-and the overall and Class 2 ing one of the favorites, Jack son so hard that it knocked victory. Their time loss on Irvine. Up front it was a real both Len and his co-driver the third lap included a pre-battle for the lead as the IOs out, and out of the race. cautionary stop to change CV soon tangled up in the Class 2 After three laps of the tor-joints. They had no trouble traffic. At the end of one lap ture test, Penhall/Gardner en route to the title, and it Jim Stiles, Raceco, snagged led Class 2 by a mere five was the second overall Mint fast lap for the class with seconds over Temple/Cox, 400 victory for Las. Vegan Jim 2: 14.29. Ron Ellenburg, Hi who in turn were just 24 sec-Temple, who won overall with Jumper, was close at 2: 15.06, onds ahead of the Letners. Rolf Tibblin in 1982. but neither of these drivers The Wrights were next, about The second generation race did another full lap. In fact five more minutes back, and team of Ed and Tim Herbst of 19 cars disappeared on the Fogg was up to fifth with co- Las Vegas hauled their Raceco second lap, over 50 percent driver Gene Buchanan in the into second in Class 2 and out before the halfway point. Raceco now. But, the fourth fourth overall on the final Running third on the first lap dashed a lot of hopes, in-lapi and they turned consis-loop were Rick and John Ha-eluding those of the Wrights. tent times all day. Cam Thier-gle, Raceco, at 2:16.12, just Their try for an unprecedent-iot and Greg Lewin broke up 35 seconds ahead of Steve ed third straight overall Mint the Raceco trail by arriving Tetrick and Fred Ronn in an 400 victory went down with a strong third, just two min-ORE. All the front runners a broken transmission -Pen-utes behind the Herbsts in a were driving single seat cars, hall/Gardner also vanished Funco Warrior. The Letners and a dozen more were within into the desert on the last lap, had serious trouble on the five minutes of the leaders at and the_ Fogg had the last lap, an hour's worth, but this poi-nt. spare tire come loose, break they still took fourth in class, Midway the picture the frame and take the oil 14th overall. Jimmie Crowder changed. Tetrick/Ronn took cooler out, and that was that. came all the way from Tai-the·lead with a quick; 2:20 flat Jim Sumners had electrical lahassee, Florida to race, and in the deep dust, but the Ha-woes, sent his rider Doug Ren-Crowder drove all four lap to gles were merely two minutes fro out looking for parts, then place fifth in class, another back and charging as both fixed the problem and went two minutes back after having teams made the driver change. looking for Doug. Sumners a flat on the last round. In all C_oming on strong with a 2: 18 couldn't find his rider, and twelve of the Class 2s finished second lap, Dave Richard-figured the time loss was too the race in good time. son had his Raceco in third, ..... ,.......,,..-...,,..,,.....-,,-,,.........,---------------, about two more minutes back, but only 20 seconds ahead of Marty Reider/Jeff Hibbard, Raceco, plus James Krumme, Funco, was just another three minutes behind. It was a real race heading into the third lap. Somehwere in the third go Tetrick/Ronn dropped about ten minutes and it cost them the race and nearly three grand. At this point Dave Richardson took a firm grip on the Class 10 lead with a 2:22 lap, and he was running second overall as well. Rich-ardson's Driver of Record, Steve Sourapas, was in bed with a severe case of the flu I so Dave was doing the iron man bit. Close behind the leader, Russ Welch was just 2 1/2 minutes back in second in his Funco, and Krumme was another three minutes be-hind in third. Jerry and Bob Leighton, with a wild 2: 16 third lap, inched into fourth, only seven seconds ahead of Tetrick/Ronn, while Reider/ Hibbard also dropped off the pace. But, the race is never over, etc. Despite a little overheat-ing in the new Rabbit engine, Dave Richardson turned a 2:23.07 on the final lap on a course that by now was a total disaster. He sailed on to fin-ish first in Class 10 and a fine second overall, merely 18 min-utes behind the winning Class 2. His was the biggest purse at the Mint 400, a hefty $7180 in prize money. Tetrick and Snyder came back with a fine 2:21 last lap to climb back into second place, about five minutes behind the, and they scored a great third overall too. James Krumme and company slowed on the" final lapl but held on to third place and sixth overall by a skinny 15 seconds over Marty Reider and Jeff Hibbard. Also finishing in under ten hours were Rick and John Hagle, fifth in Class 10 and eighth overall. Ninth overall and Steve Tetrick and Fred Ronn had the Class 10 lead at mid distance, Jimmie Crowder iron manned his Class 2 at the Mint, and a flat cost The third lap leader in Class 2, the Chenowth of Jerry Penhall and Ron but trouble on the third round dropped them to second in the ORE, him time I but the Tallahassee /Florida driver arrived fifth at the finish. Gardner had big trouble on the last lap and the team did f]Ot finish. _an_d_th_if<_d_o_v,_e_ra_l_1. _________________ _ Soaring past the crowd out of the Speedrome, James Krumme kept ..__...._. ___________ __.,_ ____________ ..., Rick and John Hagle had some pit time in their ORE Raceco, but his Funco in contention all day, and finished third in Class 10 and Marty Reider and Jeff Hibbard drove the Raceco hard in Class 10, had the boys kept charging and were fifth in Class 10, and a wild eighth sixth overall. no big problems, and were fourth by only 15 seconds after four laps. overall. Page 36 March 2012 Dusty Times

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sixth in class were Jerry and Bob Leighton in the LRP 1 SS, and Mike Julson/Jim Dyer were five minutes behind them in the Jimco, claim-ing 11th overall. The Welch Funco had big trouble on the final round with relief driver Roger Mortensen at the helm, and eventually arrived 12th in class. In all 19 in Class 10 saw the checkered flag within the 18 hour time allowance. With their strong positions overall, it is a good possibility t hat Class 10 will start first ru:.x.t ~ at th e M in t 400. The 37 starters in C lass 1 were third off the line, an d Running very close all day, Jeff Jordan and John Cornwell survived serious w i th 114 b u g g i es a head O f lastlap troubles to win Class 5 handily, and here the Bug is just ahead of Larry Steve Kelley, with Evan Evans riding, got stuck in the silt, but came hack strong them On the f i 1th y c Ours e, Ragland's Class 1. to set fast Class 8 lap in the GMC, take the lead on the last lap and win the race. manyy of the drivers were dis-oddity, in C lass 1 was the the first miles, an d 14 more passing scads of cars en route o n the trailer after three laps. gruntled about being relegat-many time short course win-covered just one lap, a high to th e fast lap fo r the class. Third on th e first go was the ed to third off the line. But, ning Funco of Pancho Weav-attrition rate. Starting third Kenny Krumme had his Funco big race, as Tom Koch did a the clock times from previous er! driven on its first and only in class, jack Johnson got his second after one lap with a 2:24.35 in his Raceco, Mike years are the method used to lap by car owner Fred Keiser. Chenowth up front in a big 2:18.42, but nearly five hours Lund did 2:24.17 to claim determine starting order. One Seven Class ls vanished in hurry, turning a 2:05.05 while on the next round put him Continuedonpage38 ------------------------~------....:..;__ __ ....;;. ___________ --, _.,.. ... Chet and Lloyd Huffman had some power steering woes, but they kept the Funco together to take a good second in the Class 1 competition. 1549 SAM BERRI Dusty Times Tom Koch had his Raceco storming the course, finished only four minutes behind Lund in Class 1, but was dropped to third in class In the thick of it all day, Mitch Mitchell and Ray Croll, Jr. put their by penalties. · -1600 doin the number on the v last/a . WHEEL SIZES 16X4 VW NON BEADLOCK • I 7XB TRUCK BEADLOCK GEN 2 ISXB TRUCK BEADLOCK .,. 17X8 VW BEADLOCK 17XB TRUCK SIMULATED LOCK 15Xl2 VW BEAOLOCK 15X7 VW BEAOLOCK 15X7 VW NON BEADLOCK 15X4 VW BEAOLOCK 15X4 VW NON BEAOLOCK WIERS CAN Al.SO BE cur A/Ill) WEUJB) TO aBTOH DIIENS/OliS March 2012 Page 37 ·--

Page 38

Scott snagged the fast lap for the class o n the fi rst round, a keen 2:32.36 in their O RC. Mike Stokely and Alex Decuir were close with 2:33.11, fol-lowed by Alan Rohrer and Bill Canon at 2:33.45. Bobby and Tom Neth were around in 2:35.24, and incredibly all but two of the 1-1600s completed the fi rst lap. Dave Girdner and Roy Perfect put their home built Score Challenge car in the lead on the last lap, and the odd looking single seater won the class at the Mint 400. Andy Devercel/y and his son Andy took over the lead in 5-1600 class midway in the fray, set fast lap on the second round, and won easily by about 19 minutes at the flag. Peterson and Scott did an-other 2:32.40, remarkable lap times, to keep the lead at mid distance. But, Rohrer/ Canon whipped off a 2:31.58 and now were just 27 seconds behind in a ding dong battle. Ten more in the class dropped out on the second round. The Neths were four minutes back in third now, and Stokely was another six minutes out, fol-lowed by Mike Olson and Rog-er Caddel in a Funco Hustler. the spot, and Ivan Stewart turned 2:24.51 in his Toyota pickup. 1n the hunt too were Jerry Finney/Dan Foddrill in a Chaparral. Midway there were drastic changes. Johnson lost a good half hour with electrical woes, and also got a weld job in the pits. Mike Lund took over the lead in his Chenowth Mag-num with a 2: 15 lap and total time of 4:40.13 . Koch had some pit time and dropped back. Second place was con-tested by Frank Snook/Eric Arras, 4:53.11, Finney/Fod-drill, 4:55.16, and Jack John-son, 4:56.29. Stewart had some pit time too, but he was still in contention. Johnson drove hard on lap 3 to a 2: 15 time, but Lund still led by over ·five min-utes. Snook/ Arras lost hours changing a torsion bar in the desert. Lund lost a CV joint on the last lap and changed it himself in the dusty dusk. Jack Johnson continued to charge, but just short of the finish line his engine let go. According to reports Jack got a push into the Speedrome, then pushed the car himself across the finish line, record-ing a 2:26 lap at that, and a total time of 9:37.52. Initially John.son was listed as the Class 1 winner, but late in the night, the result of a protest was the ruling that he would not get credit for the last lap. The rule quoted was that of not being pushed, pulled, etc. within a mile of the finish line. Originally second, Mike Lund moved into first in Class 1, and tenth overall with a time of 10:05.01. Tom Koch's total time was close, 10:09.30, apparently good for second in class, but he was penalized a full hour for pass-ing in a checkpoint area, and he dropped to eventual third in class. Moving into second then was the Funco of Chet and Lloyd Huffman, doing the course in 10:27 .59, and no one else was within hours. Snook/ Arras strugled home sixth, Stewart lost the front end but came in seventh, and Finney/Foddrill took eight hours to do the last lap and they were eighth. James and Stephen Butler from St. Louis, MO were ninth in their Hi Jumper, the final Class 1 finishers. Although 41 started in Class 2-1600, it was almost no contest. Young Brent Bell and his Uncle Tim did a number on the class, leading every lap in the Bunderson, and they won with an 18 minute· margin in victory, also placing 16th overall. Bell ·got fast lap for the class, a 2:26.60 on the first round, backed that with a 2:27.19 for an early and deci-sive lead. On round one Doug Hovis/John Prosser were sec-ond with a 2:33.54, but that was their only lap. Jack Ram-say got his Bunderson around in 2:36.12, and home with 2:37s were the teams of Jerry and Larry Leslie and Jerry Jef-fries/Wayne Martin, all rac-ing for second place. Midway the Bells had a time of 4:54.19, Mitch Mitch-ell and R ay Croll, Jr. had their Neth in second with 5: 14.03, and the Leslies time we would Like to congratulate M. O.R.E. New Yeo,s 200 1st Place Randy Jones/Johnny Burns 1/~·11100 us t:et You on The Podiu,nt ·,, Call Jeff or Johnny 818-998-2739 9763 V.ARIEL AVENUE, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 Page 38 March 2012 was 5: 14.40. Ramsay scored 5:23.24, and Sharon Julson/ Ron Stacy had 5:25.28, al-though Sharon injured her hand on the first lap and recruited Bob Prather to help get the Chenowth home with Stacy. Most of the contenders slowed for one reason or an-other on lap 3, the Leslies dropping hours to finish 12th. Ramsay retired on the fourth round, and at the flag Mitch Mitchell and Ray Croll, Jr. took second in their Neth, and they were 18th overall. The Julson/Stacy/Prather combine nailed third, another 33 minutes back, followed in 16 minutes by Bob and Don Denault, Raceco, who were less than a minute ahead of Joe Adzima, Jr. and Kenny Stein in a Hi Jumper. The 1-1600s showed up 31 strong, proving that the pair of 1600cc restricted classes do have the numbers for in-d ividual classes, at least at the big races like the Mint 400. The class leaders ran in a single dust cloud on the first lap. Art Peterson and Bob Peterson's ORC had a four hour third lap and was parked, Stokely slowed by about 25 minutes and so did Rohrer. Heading into the final lap in the dark, Bobby and Tom Neth had a commanding lead of 26 minutes over Rohrer/ Canon, who were 18 minutes ahead of Stokely, who in turn were just 24 seconds ahead of Bobby Davidson/Jeff Vasquez, Bunderson, while Olson/Cad-del were ten minutes back in fifth. The Neth brothers turned in a great 2:45.23 lap in the deep silt to roar across the finish line in super t ime, 10:28.25; they won the class by 40 minutes and placed 13th overall. Alan Rohrer and Bill Canon held on in second easily, and about 34 minutes behind them David-son and Vasquez came in third in class. Stokely/Decuir were b ack another 14 minutes in" fourth. Olson/Caddell fin-ished fifth on time, but a 30 Manny and Tudy Esquerra took their seventh Class 7 victory at the Mint 400, taking over the lead on the third lap in the Ford Ranger, and they never looked back. J.M. Bragg won the Mint in 1977, and the long time Jeeper took his sons Mike and Gregg for a winning ride this year. Bragg's CJ-7 took the lead on lap 3 and won by three hours. Dusty Times

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minute penalty for putting a wheel on the pavement on lap 3 dropped them to tenth. Bill Stokes in a Raceco moved into fifth, the last money paying position in the class. Thirteen finished in 1-1600 class, in-cluding -the venerable Funco driven by Publisher Jean Cal-vin, Journalist Judy Smith and long time Checker and super relief driver Al Rogers. An even dozen took the flag in Class 9, but the nasty course was too much for most of them, with five going out on lap one, and two more parking after a long first lap. Up front Larry Webster and Bobby Mahoney took fast lap honors on the first go with a 2:42.50 in their Funco, but Tom Burns and Bob Isam had their Funco close at 2:45.38, followed by Dave and Bryant Wood at 2:49.02. Five made it to mid dis-tance, and here Webster/ Mahoney had a big lead, over 30 minutes on Burns/Isam. Defending HDRA Class 9 champion Kelly McDonough Prescott and her brother Dave were in third, another nine minutes back. The field was down to three cars heading into the final round, and the McDonough Funco was gone on the fourth lap. Larry Web-ster and Bobby -honey fin-ished in dandy time, 11 :57.46 for the victory. In second, the only other finisher, was the Sandhawk of Rick Harrah and Tom Ellingham, almost four hours later. With three Rodney Hall and Jim Fricker had few problems at the Mint: Hall drove the big Dodge to fast lap in class, he led every lap and Rod scored his seventh class victory at the Mint. Larry Schwacofer and Sid Spradling did the Class 6 class act again in the old Chevrolet, leaping out of the Speedrome, having a good run to victory, the only finisher in class. laps done, the McDonoughs utes ahead of second genera-miles to go, the engine caught earned third place money. tion racers Nick Firestone and fire. A nearby pit crew put out Class 5 was next to start, Richard Carbajal, who were the fire and loaned Cornwell and by now the two car every about four minutes ahead of a spare, good enough to make 15 seconds starting system ,Stan Parnell-and Dave Par-the finish and win Class 5. had turned the whole area sons, and the rest were well Parnell/Parsons lost "half an into one giant dust cloud. back by now. hour to a flat on the final There were 25 unlimited Bugs Gibson and Fersch retired lap, and the youngsters from on the_ line, and it was a close after three laps, and Neil had Phoenix, Nick Firestone and run for them on the first lap. vanished after two·rounds. Richard Carbajal came In sec-The Greg Diehl/Brad Person Diehl and Person had an hour ond, only 17 minutes out of Dirtrix Bug whipped off the down time on lap 3, and they the victory. Diehl and Person fast first lap, 2:41.05. Jeff Jor-dropped to fourth on time. survived to finish third, fiv~ dan/John Cornwell were close Jordan and Cornwell whipped minutes later, and seven more at 2:43.42, followed by Darryl into the lead,. a good margin minutes back, Parnell and Par-Gibson and Rich Fersch at of 23 minutes in hand over sons were fourth. Last in class 2:51.55, and Chris Neil and Parnell/Parsons, who were and almost last overall, miss-Jerry Miller at 2:54.23. All just fout minutes ahead of ing that honor by one posi-but four Bugs covered one lap, Firestone/Carbajal, and the tion, were Malcolm Vinje and and two more failed to go half race was for second place. Mark Hansen in a two week way in the race. On the final lap the lead-wonder built brand new Bug Diehl and Person had a ing Bug had myriad problems, that had more than its share husky 25 minutes lead after including a stuck wide open of teething troubles. two rounds over Jordan/Corn-throttle, driving on a flat for The rugged desert was well, who were only eight min-20 miles, and, with just a few tough on the 13 Class 8 trucks, with four out on the first lap and only three made the finish line. Walker Evans took off fast in his new, air conditioned Dodge D150 to lead the class after one lap by 13 minutes. Steve Kelley got his GMC stuck in a silt bed and a buggy slid under the truck in the dust. It took some time before Kelley was rolling again. J)ihn Gable and Bill Holmes had their Ford in sec-ond on the first lap, followed by the Cbevy of Bill Howard and Richard Nelson. Evans continued to build his lead, and midway he had 32 minutes in hand, with his boss Dick Maxwell1 of Chrys-ler, riding shot gun. Kelley, with Walker's son Evan Evans riding shotgun f got moving well enough to slide into sec-Continued on page 40 ,------------------------, .----------..... ---------............ ,...,....,.... ...... ,...,,.,, The team of Sharon Julson, Ron Stacy and Bob Prather kept their Alan Rohrer and Bill Canon started out flying the first jump, kept The silt didn't bother Las Vegas drivers Bobby Davidson and Jeff 2-1600 Chenowth moving quickly to claim third in class at the a good pace all four laps and the Varnes SS finished· second in Vasquez; They drove the 1-1600 Bunderson to a good third in the checkered flag. 1-1600 class. _to_u..:g_h_c_la_s_s. __________________ _ I I I I I I I I Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog VISA I I I I I I I I I ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Dusty Times March 2012 Page 39

Page 40

It was close running for a time in Class 9. Eventual second place " Greg Diehl and Brad Person had a 25 minute lead midway in Class winners Rick Harrah and Tom Ellingham, Sandhawk, lead Andy Blue The young team of Nick Firestone and Richard Carbajal turned good 5, but they lost an hour on the next round, and ended up third in out of a hole. lap times all day, took second in Class 5, and had no real problems. _th_e_t~ig~h_t_c_la_s_s_. _________________ _ ond, but only by 15 seconds and retired close to the fin-Eight teams started ahead of the 18 hour time over Gable/Holmes, and the ish line. Steve Kelley had out in the Score Challenge allowance. Chevy of Jerry McDonald and no visible woes and romped Class, and miraculously three The last of the VW based Ben Metcalf was now in third, home the Class 8 winner, in of them finished four laps. classes in the starting order about eight minutes back. 11:16.45, good for 24th over-Terry and Rhonda Walsh was 5-1600, with 24 Bugs The leading Dodge con-all despite the time spent in got fast lap for the class on ready to tackle the truly hor-tinued to storm around the the silt bed. Jerry McDonald/ the first round in a T-Mag, rible race course. One third course, holding a 24 minute Ben Metcalf kept moving well 3:09.49. They led Rich Min-failed to go around once, lead after three rounds over to finish second, about an ga/Peter Alesi, Jr. in a Che-and six eventually finished. Steve Kelley, who zinged off hour and a half later. With nowth by about 32 minutes. Norm Shaw and Manny Cor-fast lap for the class on the a five hour and change third Midway the Walsh team in-tez, in the Circus Circus Bug, loop of 2:33.58. Evans lost oil lap, Gable/Holmes survived creased rheir lead over Minga whipped off the fast first lap, pressure on the final round, the course to finish third. to 40 minutes, only four cars a keen 2:56.24. Just over a Page 40 were still running, and mov-minute back came the Andy ing into third spot were Dave Devercellys, father and son, Girdner and Roy Perfect in a and several more were just home built, about an hour out over the three hour mark. of the lead. · Midway the Devercelly Bug The Walsh T-Mag looked moved into a good lead, about like a winner after three 14 minutes ahead of Henry Ar-rounds, with well over an ras and Gary Schnekenburger, hour lead on Girdner, and while Shaw/Cortez slowed, Minga/ Alesi were doing five and dropped to fourth. Larry hour laps. But, Gn the fi-Rickman was now third, an-nal round an hours worth of other 12 minutes behind the down time struck the leader. leader, and Alan and Darryl So, Dave Girdner and Roy Cook were fifth, but didn't go Perfect won the class, just much farther. seconds under the 17 hour The leading Bug increased mark. The Walshes survived the margin over Arras to 24 to hold second about an hour minute"s on the third round, later, and Minga and Alesi Rickman lost over an hour struggled home to finish last somewhere, and Shaw/Cortez in class, 101 overall, the last were up to third. Not much official finisher, and they won changed on the final lap, the Dusty Times Turtle award, which had to be a horror for coming in just two minutes the limited suspension cars. Willie Valdez, with Joe Alvarado riding in the Ford Ranger, snag.ged fast lap in Class 7S on thd first round, kept the lead all the way home to score his first Mint 400 victory. Undefeated this year in Class 7 4x4, Giti Gow/and and Ron Spates covered two laps of the Mint route in the Toyota, easily winning the three truck class again. March 2012 A many time Baja winner in past years, Andy Devercelly and his son triumphed in 5-1600 class, setting fast lap of 2_55.02 on the second go, and winning by 19 minutes over Henry Arras and Gary Schnekenburger. Shaw and Cortez hung onto third easily, and Rickman did the same. in fourth, followed home by Greg Tuttle/Dave Jackson and Dick D'Amato/Rich Hayes. Class 7 produced its largest entry of the year, five starters, at the Mint 400. But, after one lap, it was a two truck race between Sherman Balch/ Shane Hutchings, Nissan, and Manny and Tudy Esquerra, Ford Ranger. Contender Ma-· rio Alesi took almost five hours to cover one lap and retired with engine troubles. Balch was storming around, and midway he had a nine minute lead over Esquerra, who turned fast lap for the class on the second round of 2:46.35. Balch broke an axle on the third lap ,f and Es-querra headed into the final round with a 50 minute lead. Sherman vanished on the last lap, and Manny Esquerra won.'' The Ford was the only Class 7 finisher, and it was the sev-enth class victory at the Mint 400 for Manny, matching the records of Rod Hall and Walk-er Evans. A horde of 23 showed up to contest Class 3 honors, but only two made it to the checkered flag. Most folks agreed the course was just too rough and rotten for the short wheelbase 4 x 4s. After one lap only a half dozen were in contention, and Gene and Kirby Hightower led the pack with fast lap for the class of 3:03.19. In second were Eric and Mark Heiden, 11 minutes back, followed in seven min-utes by J.M. Bragg, and all the contenders were driving Jeep C]s. The Hightowers led midway in the fray, but their CJ 7 was not seen again. Bragg, with his sons Mike and Gregg alternat-ing in the right seat, was only six minutes back at this point, and 40 minutes ahead of the Heidens, who had only eight minutes on Marshall and Mi-chael Mahr. The Heidens took nearly seven hours to cover the third lap, and they did not finish, but still placed third and in the money. Bragg slowed a bit, but the long time Jeep competitor put his CJ 7 home first in Class 3, winning over the Mahrs by more than three hours. There were 16 starters in Class 4, but for half of them Dusty Times

Page 41

Walker Evans led Class 8 in the Dodge all the way, except for the Terry and Rhonda Walsh set fast lap in the Score Challenge class, Despite some problems on course, Jerry McDonald and Ben Metcalf final ten miles, when the engine went; here he gets a fast tire led by a bunch for three laps, but trouble dropped the T-Mag to kept on trucking in the Chevy to come in a strong second in Class 8. change on course. second at the flag. the torture test was over after fourth did only one lap. Mid-cylinders working to finish one lap. As expected, Rod way Schwacofer led the Mos-the course, overtime, but his Hall and Jim Fricker took ers by about 13 minutes, but three official laps were good off in the Dodge with a fast the Ford retired on the third for second place money. Tra-ci ass lap of 2:43.09 to as-round. Schwacofer and Spra-vis and White were third, with sume a lead they never lost. dling won again with four laps three laps done also, just ten The Dodge had no obvious done in good time, 16:06.22. minutes ahead of the Falkosky problems, and it finished four Of the 14 that started out Toyota, which didn't make rounds in 11:28.56, good for in Class 7S, six were out on the finish line despite a lot 29th overall. In the race for the first lap and only one of welding work on the front second place, Tom Strong and finished the four laps. Right end. Steve Borden did a ·2,53.13 in off the line Willie Valdez put In the special classes for 4 their Chevy to hold the slot his Ford Ranger out front, x 4 minis, G.T. Gowland and after one lap. Midway, how-with fast lap on th e first go of Ro n Spates won C lass 7 4 x ever, Tim and Chris Casey, 3: 12.28. However, G lenn Har-4 . They are undefeated this the defending champs, were ris, in the new Mazda B-2000, year with fo ur big wins. T hey in second, their Jeep hold-was merely 2 1/2 m inutes be-covered two laps in 10: 13.19, ing a seven minute lead over hind, and it looked like a real while the other two in class Strong. Jim Bell/Walt Laycock race in yhe making. Max Nor-did one lap and none respec-had their Jeep Honcho in con-ris and Steve Luport were only tively. In C lass 12, for sport tention, another nine minutes six more minutes off pace in a wagons, both Jeep C herokee behind. new Ranger, followed in just entries covered some ground. The Caseys were out after two minutes by Mike and Pat Don Adams won the duel by two laps, and Strong had an Falkosky in a Toyota. a full lap, doing three rounds eleven hour third lap and Valdez turned a 3:16 sec-in 14:28.28, while Tom Peltier retired. Jim Bell and Walt ond lap to have a 19 minute and Dave Mendrin covered Laycock kept on Jeeping to lead midway over Harris. Nor-two laps. take second place, about three ris was up to third, about ten While the winners in many hours behind Hall. Another minutes ahead of Jim Tra-classes were celebrating with two hours back, Vern Roberts vis and Dave White in a Ford a victory dinner in Las Vegas, and Bill Donahoe, also in a Ranger, and the Falkoskys the stragglers kept arriving at Honcho, were third and last had a five hour lap. Most of the Speedrome into Sunday in Class 4. the survivors faltered on lap morning, many out of time Six sedans started in Class three, except Valdez, who but just happy to be some-6, and only one finished; not then had over two hours lead place on solid ground. Win-surprisingly it was the '55 on Harris. Willie went on to ners and losers alike agreed Chevy of Larry Schwacofer win the big one, his first Mint the route was undoubtedly and Sid Spradling. They set 400 victory with Joe Alvarado the worst, nastiest course fast lap of 3:23.16 on the first riding along, and his total since the Mint 400 moved round, about 15 minutes fast-time of 14:28.04 was quick for out of the Gun Club area in er than Wes and Greg Moser the class and the conditions. 1973. For sure there was more in a Ford Ranchero. Three Harris sanded the engine, silts beds on course, and the were already missing and a but struggled on with three doubling back into the silt Don Adams and company had some rough going in the deep stuff, but they covered three laps in the Jeep Cherokee to take the Class 12 victory by a full lap in the two truck class. and other areas was an obvi-ous "make miles" ploy by the designers. Officially the route was 105 miles, one of the lon-gest ever at the Speedrome, and it lacked the fun running in gravel washes, canyons and the rock pile on the route. Most of the distance was over raced before the pre-running was over. In fact, on the Fri-day before the race, the route looked as chewed up as it had last year on Sunday after the race. Continuing the low key at-titude this year toward some of the traditional Mint 400 ac-tivities, the awards picnic was at the Speedrome with the tro-phies and checks presented in front of the grandstand. Most folks missed the easy living on the grass at the Mint Gun Club, usual site of the awards, but the facility had been sold. Many also missed the free lunch; this year there were two tickets per entry, and the rest of the crew bought tickets for hot dogs and hamburgers. Add in the definite morning after aspect of the start/finish line, and the awards were not up to the usual Mint 400 gala. But, it was still the Mint 400, still the most prestigeous vic-tory for those who won, still a proud finish for those who did, and still a place where ev-eryone said "it will be better next year", meaning anything from the race course to their finish position. Henry Arras and Gary Schnekenburger had some minor woes, but The first lfJp leader in Class 5-1600, the Bug of Norm Shaw and Sherman Balch started out flying high in his Class 7 Nissan, but kept their 5-1600 running strong to finish the tough run in a good Manny Cortez had troubles on the second but survived to take after leading two laps, mechanical woes put him down and out on second place. third place. the final lap. Jim Bell and Walt Laycock kept their Jeep Honcho up front in the Glenn Harris gave the new Mazda quite a ride, staying close to the Marshall and Mike Mahr had a lot of down time, but they kept on Class 4 battle, and survived the pitfalls on course to finish strong Class 7 lead for two laps, but the engine went in the B-2000 on Jeeping along to finish late, but finish four laps for second in Class 3. in second place. the last lap. Dusty Times March 2012 Page 41

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--# · : \i\ FrichlY,, Julie 8 10:00 am - 3:00 pm 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm Controlled Pre Fun Run With a Stop for Lunch· Sign Up Tech SatUrday, June 9 5:30 am 7:00 am 8:00 am 7:00 pm 8:00 pm Late Sign Up Driver's Meeting Race Starts - Aprox. 60 Mile Loops (All Vehicles have 8 hours to finish} Awards BBQ by Caliente Volunteer Fire Department • Camping allowed in Pit Area • All Cars/Trucks and Pro SXS Class (See rules for Pro SXS) • No Bikes/ ATV or Sportsman SXS • Bonneville Off-Road & SNORE Series Points Race onnev ne~Off-Road Series--Schedule ,, March 31 / Lehi, UT 3rd Annual spring desert clean-up adopt-a-highway. Everyone invited all welcome. Potluck/BBQ overnight Camp poker run. 5 mile OHV Area May5 4 Jericho, UT Race SxS ATV MC AMA National Hare & Hound series race, combined with Sageriders. M/C CLUB. No cars and trucks. THIS IS A MIC, ATV/SxS points race June 8-9 Caliente, NV SxS, CARS, TRUCKS points race (no MC/ AlV) July 20""22 Wendover NIGHT RACE all classes points race. All car and truck classes will run in the dark. Race will have a _late (after 6pm) start to get out of the heat. HAVE YOUR LIGHTS READY. Bikes race in the m~rning of the 21st · September 14-16 Wendover, NV all classes points race. Day Race Year end awards Sept 16 Location TBD in Wendover October 27 Lehi, UT 2nd annual Fall adopt-a-highway clean up (poker run) 5 mile pass. OHV Area Potluck/BBQ campout. Everyone welcome. All vehicles included. BONNEVILLE OFF-ROAD ·RAC I N G

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,... Please ... FORGET .,..oN'T E ..., oRT -rH -ro suPP vv1-10 vsR-r,sERB ACI KSEP · -r1-1E REPORTIN~EVVB! oFF ,:10ACI Classified ... Some of the items adver-tised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are ad-vised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for information before pur-chase of any specific item. FOR SALE: Class 10 Lothring-er, 2 seat Honda, Mendeola, w/20' enclosed trailer, needs prep. Car is in good shape. Been stored. Need to sell, no reason-able offer refused. Tons of Ex-Call (909) 838-2823. OUT OF SIC: OUT OF MIN Ill llfl lllli/JI You Know That This venue Is ~he Best Way To Get Your Product In Thei1 ,aees Don't Be Penny Wise And Exposure Foolish • Again 818·882·0004 Q.1:_AL 6.:>T AT!:_ U.A6b../l2.b..NTAL6 Vacation Rental Vacation Rental in the Ex-clusive Indian Wells Coun-try Club in the Sunny Palm Springs area of Southern Cal-ifornia! 2 or 3 bedroom fur-nished for your complete re-laxation and if you are a glut-ton for punishment, play golf on 1 or both of the beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phone calls (USA) included. Starting at $4,500.00 in season (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) or $2,300.00 per month not in season. Call (760) 345-6124. INDb..X TO , .ADVb_ 12._ T 166-R._6 Bilstein 9100 Series ................. 21 Bonneville Off Road Racing Caliente 250 .......................... 46 BTR Racing Wheels ................... 37 Butch's Speed Shop .................. 40 CORVA ........................................ 18 HORA Imperial 250 ................... 22 Hi Desert Charities Off Road Poker Run .............. 17 Kar Tek Off Road ......................... 5 Lucas Oil Southern California ShootoutBack Cover McKenzie's Performance Products .......... 11 NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally ............................. 13 Racer X Motorsports ................. 27 Ronco Plastics ........................... 39 SNORE PCI 300 ........................... 2 Sway-A-Way ................................ 3 Spanish Style Home .................. 28 South Point Casino ..................... 9 Transaxle Engineering .............. 38 Vacation Rental ......................... 25 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES . • Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of • black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER • -CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is$ ----·---------(Send check or money order, no Cash) Name --------------------------------------Address-------------------------------------------------------------City ----------------------------------------------------------------State _______ Zip ______________ Phone __________________________________ _ ------------------------------Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 BG 2012 ISSUE DEADLINE Mar 2012 Mar 2, 2012 Apr 2012 Apr 6, 2012 May 2012 May 4, 2012 Jun 2012 Jun 8 2012 Jul 2012 Jul 6, 2012 Aug 2012 Aug 10, 2012 Sep 2012 Sep 7, 2012 Oct 2012 Oct 5, 2012 Nov 2012 Nov 9, 2012 Dec 2012 Dec 7, 2012 Jan 2013 Jan 11, 2013 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dusty Times March 2012 Page 47 ...

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... - -[ I t • t I t ' l ► ~ ~ i t I ' • ' t Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex ' ' . RAJ:lj - · , -PR2S2HT~D BY: ~~·spark Plugs April 21 s, & 2211D