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2009 Volume 26 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 28 • Number 5 • May 2009 S2.50 ISSN8750■17S2 Celeb,at'ing ou, 211~h Yea, OF se,viee To The OFF Road communi~ covering the world of competition in the dirt •••

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Montclair, CA 909-590-5244 ~,:0~p I **** 9wm, fPu-(i?U11JUt, t.o (i?aa, •, 9a/Jucation, • 9u11, (i?aa, fPup IN LONE IUD RACING **** C. CALIFORNIA CUSTOM LIFT (800) 244-9039 • 014) 554-1300 SALES • SERVICE • INSTALLATION *** $2,000 ADDED BONUS GIVE AWAY *** ORAF $500 TO CLASS 5 OPEN • $500 TO CLASS 12 . LONE KID $500 TO CLASS 5/1600 • $500 TO CLASS 1450 CLASS-9 SWINGER SHOWDOWN Entry fee $450 + membership (if necessary) • Pay back $150 + $90 or $240 per entry • Additional $1,000 sponsor pledge - $1,500 for 40 entries • Bonus of $1,200 for 20 cars • 30 car pay back $9,500 • $1 ,300 for 30 cars • $1 ,400 for 40 cars • 40 car pay back $1 3,500 For Race info see 77.

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Volume 26 - Number s May 2009 DllliY51■II Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Mike Del Col Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton VictorGazca Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Trackside Photo n.o.R.E. ---.....~illtM:-...._ Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750.1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 207~1 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., In This lssu·e ... FEATURES SCORE San Felipe 250 by Judy Smith ................................................. 8 Rally Of Cyprus by Martin Holmes ....................................................... 16 SNORE Mint 400 by J Preston ...... : ...... : ................................ 20 Doo Wop Rally by Jim Culp ................................................................ 31 Glen Helen Short Course Round #l by Judy Smith ............................ 33 Rally of Norway by Martin Holmes ..................................................... 36 CODE San Luis 275 by Byrle Moore ....................... : ........................... 40 DEPARTMENTS Happenings .......... y••····: ......................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ............................................................................................. 6 Baja Pits .................................................................................. : ........... 46 BFGoodrich ......................................................................................... 47 ORBA News ..................................................... : ................................... 47 Good Stuff Directory ......................................................................... 48 Checkers Column by The Big Wahzoo II.............. . ............................. 54 Classified Ads ...................................................................................... 55 Index To Advertisers ............................................................................ 55 ON THE COVER TJ Flores was the big winner at the 2009 SNORE Mint 400, he took the Class 1 lead on the third lap and cruised on in from there, finishing fifth overall. Track.side Photo Brian Collins had a real fun run, he was the Trophy Truck winner at the SCORE San Felipe 250 as well as finishing first overall in his dodge Ram 1500. Track.side Photo Art Director Larry Worsham Visit Our Website at SNAPS .. OT OF THE MONTH ••• Jesus C,,,, ,,·where did that come from? Circa 1983 DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. Dusty Times May 2009 Sud,ae,1t,td-e 7odtuf t6 DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (to subscribe online go to www.dustytimes:com) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name _____________________ _ Address ___________________ _ City ____________________ _ . State _______________ Zip ______ _ Primary Interest Cars D Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian • 1 year $30.00 US n Overseas subscription rates upon request Page3

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1 2009 Happenings ... PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 1 OK FoUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (AU events staged at the club ground.s in Cleves. Ohio) 4x4 FoREVER, Lm. 1665 DELAWARE ST. 0sHKOSH, WI 54901 AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. · 3650 Srn1rn PoINTE CIRCLE, Sum 205 LI.UGHUN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 52U)597 E Mail: roger@ra) AMERICAN TRIALs ASSOCIATION AMA Obsenied Trials Southern California Championship Series BnL MAiuruM-PREsl0ENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTUNE-(714) 562-7742 EMAIL: BMARK909@AOLCOM <> AsOCIACION EsTATAL DE AuroMOVILISMO SAM U.SEU., TECH INSPECTOR APTo42 SAN Jes£ DEL CABO BAJA CAIJFORNIA DEL SUR. MExlco AuSTRALIANOFFROAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMrrn 19 SoMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AuSTIW..IA DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS (luEBEC OFF RoAD · Cl.Ass 10 CARS ONLY RENA1.o V AllLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LI.VAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BAJA CUP CIIAu.ENGE BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 LI.KESIDE, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Races AU Races At &rona Racewa,, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS Off Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing NORCO, CA 92860 e-mail (909) 815-5811 BF.ST IN THE DESERT 3475 BoULDER HIGHWAY u.s VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX: 702-641-2431 May 8-10, 2009 Bluewater Gran Prix Parker, AZ Motorcycles/Quads/ ATV's August 19-23,2009 TSCO Vegas To Reno Las Vegas, NV AU Classes September 25-27, 2009 Bilek Silver State 300 Mesquite, NV AU Classes October 16-18,2009 Terribles Primm Gran Prix Primm,NV Motorcycle/Quad/ ATV December 4-6, 2009 Fabtech Henderson Desert Classic Henderson, NV Cars/frucks BORE RACING 10 ELIC MOUNTAIN DRIVE REDSTONE, CO 81623 970.963-4563/623-853-3595 • May 1-2, 2009 Wendover, UT June 26-27, 2009 Jackpot, NV August 7-8, 2009 Ely,NV Sept 18-19, 2009 Wendover, NV BP MOTORSPORTS P.O. Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760.578-6258/760.578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: AU Euents At California City, CA Dusty Times BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 . CAJOR Cum AuroMOVILISTA JuARENsE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <> CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENrRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING AssOCIATION P.O. Box645 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 . (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELI.UDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison Counc, Fair Ground.s. Cadit. OH Cum AuroMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN CALLE 6TA FRACC Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN Qu1NTIN, BC, MEX!co HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22.07) Cum AuroMOVILisTico SAN VICENTE lllA:IOII lNTllfllCQMS HIIAOll•T■ -MIITII .TW L.IIIP.a•ff 0CtLL '4 : [I] ij (OC[I] 0 SAT lfllllflt.~-QVQII May 2009 San Vicente Off Road ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MoTOSPORT Cum P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690.3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE 0FFROAD MADERO 621-A MEXICALI, MEXICO 21100 760-455-8069 USA 011-52-686-553-4087 MEXICO Feb 13-15, 2009 OASA-Circulo K 250 San Luis Rio Col.SON May 15-17, 2009 VW Autopartes 250 Mexicali, B.C. Aug 1-2, 2009 ORW Gran Prix Jacume, Tecate, B.C. October 2-4, 2009 Mex. Logistics 300 Mexicali, B.C. Dec 4-6, 2009 Race Ready 275 Mexicali-San Felipe, B.C. CowRADOHiu CLIMB ASSOCIATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PREsJDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.OBox8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, co 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORR SERIES 270 NEWPORT CENTER DR., Sum 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866-501-CORR CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA ExT 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 Centinud 1n •••• 6 Pages

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Trail Notes ... Final Flag -There are no words, there is no way to express our grief. Our hearts go out to Bud and Pam Feldkamp for their loss. We can only offer our prayers for the loved ones you lost. Your daughter Vanessa, her husband Mike and Sydney and Christopher, your daughter Amy, her husband Erin and Taylor, Ava and Jude. No words can express our love for you, only know that all is in God's hands. SCORE Points -After second in San Felipe, NASCAR's Robby Gordon maintains the Overall and SCORE Trophy-Truck point lead in the 2009 SCORE Desert Series. Following his dominating season-opening victory .at January's 15th SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge and a solid runner-up finish at March's 22nd Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, NASCAR Cup owner/ driver Robby Gordon has kept himself at the top of a very crowded Overall leaderboard in the 2009 SCORE Desert Series point standings. With 125 points, Gordon, 40, who returns to his desert racing roots often, also leads the marquee SCORE Trophy-Truck class for high-tech, 800-horsepower, unHmited production trucks in his No. 77 Team Gordon Chevy CK1500.With just 27 points separating the top 20 in 2009 SCORE Overall points, SCORE racers are now preparing for the 41 st Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, to be held in Ensenada, Mexico, June 5-7. The computerized drawing for starting positions, by class, for Round 3 of the World's Foremost Desert Racing Series will be held at the SCORE headquarters in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 25. Wilson Motorsports of Long Beach, Calif., currently leads two classes as well as being second and third in SCORE overall points after two races.Rick St. John, Encinitas, Calif., has won both SCORE Lite races this season in a Duvel-VW with help from Class 1-2/1600 regular Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., to lead their class and rank fifth in the current overall point standings with 110. Pfankuch is currently eighth in Class 1-2/1600 points. Final Flag -We just received word that Jeff Cushing passed away on March 17, 2009 due to heart failure while suffering complications from hand surgery. Jeff was a friend and huge supporter of MacPherson Motorsports in all their off road participation. Over the years, Jeff did all of MacPhearson's advertising and he did press releases and PR for them. Jeff was semi-retired and was enjoying his new home in San Diego and spending time on his boat. Jeff is survived by his wife Vickie and his son. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Via con Dios Jeff. Best In The Desert Television -Through an exclusive agreement, arranged by Sopwith Motorsports, the Best in the Desert events will be telecast in 2009 on the Fox Network, the Outdoor Channel, MavTV and America One. Sopwith, producer of the shows for Best in the Desert, made the announcement today. This arrangement will result in the largest television audience in history for off-road racing in the U.S., reaching more than 154 million households. Casey Folks, director of the Best in the Desert Series, commented, "I am extremely pleased our premier Best in the Desert events will be showcased on these wide-reaching networks. This tremendous exposure will be awesome for our racers, teams and their sponsors. In addition, the viewing audience will get to experience some of the most exciting racing in the world." For complete details on show broadcast timing, please check the Best in the Desert website for updates. Bully Dog Best in the Desert 1V presented by Torchmate Parker 425 Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday July 20. Terrible's 250 Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday July 27 Vegas to Reno Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 6 Silver State 300 Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 13 Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic Fox Sports 4:00 pm Monday December 20. A second major network agreement was just reached this week with Outdoor Channel to air separate coverage of the Terrible's 250, Vegas to Reno, Silver State and the Henderson Fabtech Desert C\assic as part of their "Motormania" program. The Outdoor Channel program will also follow a thirty-minute format when they air separate shows in December (not a repeat of the Fox broadcast). The program will air in a consistent time slot for consecutive weeks in December with exact dates to be announced soon. Best in the Desert Racing on the Outdoor Channel will receive distinct, favorable time slots on both the east and west coasts in addition to one re-airing of each program. Further information is available from: www.bitd.c;om email: phone: (702) 457-5775 MEDIA CONTACT: www.fallads. com/bitd email: Final Flag -We just learned that Jim Deist, purveyor of literally thousands of fire suits over the last forty years has passed away. Jim provided fire protection to drivers and pit crew people in all racing venues, drag, off road, boats, etc. We have no further details ofJim passing but we know he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Go with God]im. Red Face Department -In our story on the SNORE Battle At Primm, we accidentally omitted David Hendrickson, one of the Class 11 brawlers. David set fast lap for the class on Saturday, was going well on Sunday until a slight brush with another car put his steering box out of commission and caused him to dnf in the Sunday race. We beg forgiveness from David and his family. Ed. Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series -The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is primed and ready for its inaugural event at the Primm Valley Motorsports Complex April 4th and 5th. The Series boasts a very strong TV package with SPEED, featuring 30 hours oforiginal programming during the 2nd, 3rd and fourth quarters of 2009. SPEED has stepped up its commitment to the sport by increasing the television coverage from the initial 18 hours of original programming to 30 hours. This will enable Lucas Oil Studios to provide greater coverage of all classes, including Unlimited Lites, Super Lites, Buggies and Karts. In addition, the final race of the year at Primm will be televised live on NBC, setting the stage for an even better Page& CRS CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <www, Tiiese are the events requesting inclusion that have been presented to the CRS Board of Governors. The final RaU, Championship will be a subset of these events. Desert Storm Rally (2, 3) Blythe, CA May 2, 2009 Ensenada Rally (2) Ensenada, Baja California May 30, 2009 Irwindale Rally (1) Irwindale, CA June 13 or June 20, 2009 North Nevada Rally (3) Fernley, NV Also CRS Moto Championship July 10-11, 2009 Idaho Rally (2, 3) Mountain Home, ID Also CRS Moto Championship Augwt 29, 2009 Gorman Ridge Rally (3) Frazier Park, CA Also CRS Moto Championship October 2-3, 2009 Prescott Rally (2, 3) Prescott, AZ Also CRS Moto Championship .November 14,.2009 Seed 9 Rally (2) Goodsprings, NV December 5, 2009 Phoenix Rally (2) Phoenix,AZ D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (AU events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston County ORV Park, Ol1mPia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AlITOMOlWE ADVEl'ffiJRES 455 E. OcEAN BLVD., Sum 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATUR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE Cum DECAnJR, TX 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MoTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsrF.RN OH:-RoAD RACING AssN. ToM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WEUSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 ENSENADA BAJA OFF ROAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA,BC,MX 0ll-52-646-1818989 Eus10 0ll-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for buggys & Motorcycles EsTERO BEACH OOERNi\.TIONAL Short Course Racing VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXJCO 0ll-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FWRIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S ASSOCIATION JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, M~, Noo at Davidson Rae~ FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE s. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX GENERAL TIRE TROPHYLITE SERIES DRIVE RACING ORGANIZATION 760-352-6020 Las Vegas, NV June 27-28, 2009 Glen Helen Baja Cup San Bernardino, CA October 29-31, 2009 Ricky Johnson Off-Road Grand Prix Las Vegas, NV December 4-6, 2009 BITD Henderson Fabtech Classic Henderson, NV May 2009 GORRA MOJAVE DESERT RACING GEORGIA OFF RoAD 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE RACING ASSOCIATION SolJTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 420 HOSEA ROAD 626:442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 May 16, 2009 (404) 963.()252 Ridgecrest 200 Ridgecrest, CA GPORRA June 27, 2009 GREAT PLANEs OFF ROAD MDR400 RACING ASSOCIATION Lucerne Valley, CA TIM HODGE Dbl Pts (402) 991-6048 August 15, 2009 Scarr MORROW California 200 (816) 792-2126 Lucerne Valley, CA (AU races are short course, stadium style Night Classes• Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, September 26, 2009 Lucerne 250 Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Lucerne Valley B, CA Nebraska Racewa:, Park, Exit 420 on l-80 November 7, 2009 between Omaha and Lincoln.) Stoddard 250 For latest info check Barstow B, CA <> Superstition Series HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING June 13, 2009 Coyote Wash 200 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B Plaster City, CA ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 October 1 7, 2009 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax Plaster City, CA November 28, 2009 }NTERNATIONAL lcE RACING MOR Rally AsSOCIATION Plaster City, CA P.O. Box 8105 December 31, 2009 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 Bud Light Dash STEVE BEDDOR Plaster City, CA (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS M.O.R.E. MOJAVE OFF ROAD RACING PRoMoTioNs, INc. ENnruSIASTS P.O. Box 2910 P.O. Box 1231 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 BARSTOW, CA 92312 (949) 582-2371 760-253-4453 }EEPSPEED Barstow, CA 1826 N. WINDES May 23, 2009 Orange, CA 92869 500Miles 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 Lucerne,CA AU races for ]eepspeed. 1,2 & 3 July 18, 2009 l<AMLooPS OFF ROAD RACING Freedom 250. Whispering Pines Sports Barstow, CA & Recreation Center Septl2,2009 250 Miles l<AMLOOPS, BC, CANADA Lucerne, CA Oct 4, 2009 Mike Strange (250) 573-4003 4th Annual Powder Puff LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & Barstow, CA Dec 5, 2009 OFFROAD EXPO Toys For Tots Holiday 200 (626) 961-3782 Barstow, CA <> <> MicmGAN SPORT BuGGY L.I.T.R.E. AsSOCIATION DAVE BARRET , I JEFF ELROD 6363 NIGHTINGALE OR. (408) 926-0522 Fum, ML 48506 JIM ARtrrA (810) 730-9221 (408) 247-4402 LUCAS OIL MoroWEST WINTER TRw.s SFJUB BILL MARKHAM AMERICAN OFF RoAD SERIES (909) 860-1857 SHORT COURSE RACING <> May 2-3, 2009 All events at Penis Racewa:, Speedworld Motorsports Park (At Reed Valley with a school) Wittman, AZ NATIONAL Mun RACING AssN. June 27-28, 2009 Kai Guard Motorsports Complex RT. #l -Box 380 Lake Elsinore, CA DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN August 22-23, 2009 PALATKA, FL 32177 Kai Guard Motorsports Complex (904) 325-5422 Lake Elsinore, CA NATIONAL TuFF TRUCK AssN. October 17-18, 2009 Butch Chapin Motorsports en..-. Speedworld Motorsports Park tions Wittman,AZ 1404 EAST 3RD STREET November 14-15, 2009 HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 Primm Valley Motorsports Complex (612) 437-2459 Primm, NV NOORA MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD Luis CARws ALvAREzo RACING ASSN. PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ. CHIH., MX GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 011-52-1637-1799 E-MAIL <> MICHIGAN BUGGY BUIIDERS Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads Dune Buggy Trade Show (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 518, 20 (517) 543-7214 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) <> (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes front Spring Valley) MicmGAN OFF RoAD NORRA CHAMPIONSmPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. NATIONAL OFF RoAD 15529 }ONES ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 (517) 627-6200 (661) 268-1232 Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots on!, September 16-20, 2009 Original Mexican 1000 Rally MAORA Ensenada, BC, MX MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD EXPO OFF RoAD Assoc1ATION SPIN COMMUNICATIONS P.O. Box664 (415) 380-3890 GREENUP, IL 62428 (217) 962-1318 E-MAIL: OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION <> Volunteered Series Dusty Times

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PREsIDENT • GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. - l/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. -9 & UNLTD. MICHAEL MOORE 034) 271-7035 OtmAW REP. DoN PONDER (314) 631-8190 CAil Races at Wheeling in the Count)' 900 Acres) Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. EW Pl-IUADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 JIM l<ENDEL (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Rlac TICHBOURNE, Pusuc RElATIONS (519)-081-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) Oun.Aw SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMEIMAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Championship 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PENNSYLVANIA SHORT COURSE RACING SMm-ITON HOLE RACEWAY 313 SKYLINE DRIVE SMmrroN, PA. 15479 Moo; GEISER 330-683-6263 Short Course Offroad Racing AU Races At Smithton Hole Raceway PIKEs PEAK P.O.-Box 6962 Col.ORAOO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRo 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREYGOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PitoTRuCK 14402 BOND COURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMERICA NATIONAL EVENTS 2009 National Championship Series May 15-17, 2009 Oregon Trail Rally June 5-6, 2009 Susquehannock Trail Rally July 17-18, 2009 New England Forest Rally August 28-29, 2009 Ojibwe Forests Rally September 19-20, 2009 Rally Colorado Lake Superior Rally October 16-1 7, 2009 Rally America Re= Events: Regional Cha~hips. East: June 5, 2009 Finger Lakes Wellsboro, PA June 6, 2009 Sherwood Forest Wellsboro, PA July 17, 2009 Mexico Rally Mexico, ME July 18, 2009 Berlin Rally Berlin, NH Central: May 23, 2009 Gravity Park W1 August 28, 2009 Paul Bunyan's Ride Bemidji, MN August 29, 2009 10,000 Lakes Rally Dusty Times Bemidji,MN October 16, 2009 Ottawa Rally Houghton, MI October 1, 2009 Keweenaw Rally Houghton, MI7 November .28, 2009 Rallye de Paris Paris, TX Pacific NW May 15-16, 2009 Oregon or Bust Hillsboro, OR South West September 19, 2009 Middle Cog 1 Steamboat Springs, CO September 20, 2009 Middle Cog2 Steamboat Springs, CO ROCK CRAWLERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA P.O. Box 1406 RivERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro TnlCl<s, Desert TnlCl<s, Buggies, Pilots, Tough TnlCk <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DIEGo OFF RoAD ExPOsmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA RoADR.ALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MoTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE, Sum 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., Sum·A CA!ABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> June 5-7, 2009 Baja 500, Ensenada Baja Mexico Sept 11-13, 2009 Terribles Primm 300 Primm,NV Nov.19-22, 2009 Baja 1000, Baja Mexico SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 May 8-10 Dusty Times Caliente 250, Caliente NV June 27-28, 2009 Glen Helen Baja Cup San Bernardino, CA July 25, 2009 KC HiLiTES Midnight Special October 2-4, 2009 South Point SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV October 29-31, 2009 Ricky Johnson Off-Road Grand Prix Las Vegas, NV Dec 12, 2009 KARTEK Western Desert Championship SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SOUTHEASTERN OFF RoAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore• (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO ~A PRODUCTIONS . 3129,S. HACIENDA BLVD. #322 HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA 91745 (626) 961-0522 SCTA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING AsSOCIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, fNc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF RoAD RACING AssN. 4305 WOOTIARI( DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastba, Raceway, Tampa, FL) TRAxxAs TORC SERIES May 15-16, 2009 Texas Motor Speedway May 29-30, 2009 Perris, CA June 20-21, 2009 Crandon, W1 July 11-12, 2009 Bark River, Ml July 24-26, 2009 Oshkosh, W1 August 8-9, 2009 Bark River, MI August 29, 2009 Perris, CA September 4-6, 2009 Crandon, W1 September 26-27, 2009 TBA Oct 31 -Nov 1, 2009 Las Vegas, NV SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILLA VALLEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA VALLEY OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 1970 EAST 2ND STREET RENO, NV 89502 877-418-6772 Prairie City, CA May 23-25, 2009 Yerington 300 Yerington, NV July 17-19, 2009 «;;... 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The air dates on SPEED for the first 12 shows are as follows, with additional air dates to be announced soon: May 2 @ 1 & 2pm, May 30, @ 2 & 3pm, July 12 @ 2 & 3pm, Aug 9, @2 & 3pm or Aug 23 @ 1 & 2pm, Nov 7 @ 3 & 4pm, Dec 5 @ 3 & 4pm. For additional information about the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, please visit WWW. / General Tire - General Tire has partnered with Universal Pictures to become the official tire for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed - "Fast & Furious." In this latest installment that broke records at last weekend's box office, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker head back to the streets where it all began. They rejoin Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster to blast muscle, tuner and exotic cars across Los Angeles and floor through the Mexican desert in the new high-octane action-thriller. "We are very excited to be part of this new film," said Travis Roffler, director of marketing, Continental Tire North America, Inc. "The 'Fast & Furious' franchise has a huge following, which will see first-hand, up-close and personal, just how HOT our General Tires are. What they're going to see is a tire that can run with the best of them." General Tire has outfitted the main vehicles in the movie with its Exclaim UHP tires. General Tire is backing up its involvement with the film with a special promotion. From March 30-May 25, 2009, consumers who purchase four General Tires will receive a free $50 gift card. In addition to the gift card, consumers can enter the "Fast & Furious" Sweepstakes. The Grand Prize is a 2009 Subaru STI or $10,000 cash; First Prize is a custom Fast and Furious Gibson guitar. No purchase is necessary for the sweepstakes. Visit to enter, or text GENERAL to 834567. General Tire is part of Continental Tire North America, Inc. Final Flag - Bruce Ogilvie passed away on April 13, 2009 after a two-year battle with cancer. Ogilvie fought cancer the same way he raced motorcycles all his life: with everything he had. Most enthusiasts know Bruce Ogilvie as a master Baja racer-a champion whose personal victories in the San Felipe 250, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 spread out over four decades. The first was a Baja 500 win in 1975, with another victory in the 1000 later that year. Bruce was the only man in history to win the Baja 1000 overall in four different decades, and he posted his last overall win in 2003 at the age of 51. Bruce Ogilvie was as tough as they come. Bruce O's talents and accomplishments behind a handlebar are indisputable and well known. But there was another side to Ogilvie that was equally impressive. For more than 20 years, Bruce was in charge of coordinating Honda's racing efforts in Baja. He led an army of racers and support team members for years while he applied his own personal philosophy to the challenge. In 1984, Bruce was hired full-time at American Honda. He served in many capacities over the years. In addition to being in charge of everything off-road at Honda-including motorcycle and ATV racing-Bruce was most recently the Senior Test Evaluator for Honda's Product Evaluation department. In this role, Bruce's contributions to the direction and development of all Honda's off-road and motocross products was unparalleled. If you can't imagine racing or riding anything but your Honda off-road motorcycle or ATV, · it is because Bruce Ogilvie helped make it that way. A Web site in honor of Bruce's life is in the works so people can contribute thoughts, stories · and pictures. This tribute will allow all of us the opportunity to share our feelings and life memories we have had with him, and this site can be here forever so we never forget all this great man has done for us. Godspeed Bruce. You will always be remembered as our leader with that calm, assuring voice in our head guiding us through obstacles you conquered long ago. Bruce Ogilvie was born on April 4, 1952. He died on April 13, 2009. He June 20-21, 2009 Short Course Crandon, W1 July 11-12, 2009 Short Course Bark River, MI July 24-25, 2009 Short Course Oshkosh, W1 August 8-9, 2009 Short Course Bark River, MI Sept 4-6, 2009 Short Course Crandon, W1 more Trail Notes on page 54 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP <www.WRC.COM> XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 ZR PROMOTIONS LUIS RENE MONTANO C. CALZADA INDEPENDENCIA 200 -5 Col. INSURGENTES EsrE 21280 MEXJCAU, BC, MX (686) 564 6653 List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2009 schedules as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: Dusty Times, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 Page7

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TECATE SAN FELIPE Collins Gets Back TO .Back Win By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo It was a great race for Brian Collins, just like last year, he took the Trophy Truck win and the overall as well in his Dodge Ram 1500. San Felipe, Baja, Mex: Brian Collins made it two-in-a-row by winning SCORE's San Felipe 250 overall for the second year running. Not only did Collins defeat all the cars and trucks, but he was also faster than the quickest motorcycle, Kendall Norman's Honda, which fin-ished in 4:09:27. Collins, who drove all the way in his Dodge, was back at the finish line in 3:47:49. SCORE was in "economy" mode for this event, and con-sidering cost savings important, used the same course as last year's so that cash strapped rac-ers wouldn't have to pre-run. It was a 232 mile loop, starting and ending right at the arches that mark the entry into San Felipe proper. From the start the racers headed north, on the west side of the highway, all the way to Highway 3, where they turned left, and paralleled that road. When they reached Matias Pass, the racers made a sharp left and headed south, to the top of Diablo Dry Lake. At that point there was a change. Last year it was a "no-no" to drive on the lake itself, but this year it was permitted. Some racers who had not pre-run, or who missed the drivers' meet-ing, found themselves flogging along on the road that paral-lels the lake while competitors zipped along its smooth surface unimpeded. Local authorities had given SCORE permission to drive on the dry lake in the last week before the race, and it had been marked, but those rac-ers who were also in "economy" mode and had decided not to prerun, didn't know about it until they went to the drivers' meeting. If they played hooky from the drivers' meeting, they didn't find out until they got there in the race. There was a ten-hour time limit. In another cash-saving ef-fort, SCORE declared that the ,. . . ~~"':,.'" . _,.. , . .,: '. ~ .... Ronny Wilson had a really good race, he bested 14 other Class 1 cars for the win, seen here in his Chevy powered Jimco. Iritrack paraphernalia wasn't required for this event. Since SCORE needs to keep a tight rein on racers' speeds on the highway sections in their Baja 500 and Baja 1000 events, they feel they must require these GPS linked gadgets for those events. But at the San Felipe race there's no pavement, thus no speed limit, and no need to keep such a close watch on over-eager drivers. So SCORE saved each team a few hundred dollars by taking the lritracks off the required list for this event. Once they'd survived the whoops at the south end of the dry lake and reached Morelia Junction, the racers ran down Morelia Road and points south, about 40 miles to the top of Matomi Wash. When they came out the bottom of the wash they ran northward, and then turned up Azufre Wash, to a point where the course nearly met the south bound competi-tors. This was both Check 2 and Check 4. Then the trail veered into a north-easterly direction, down Huatamote Wash, and eventually picked up the old Puertecitos Road, and followed it northward and into town and the finish line. Prerunning rac-ers discovered that there'd been no rain in the area to carry new sand down into the washes. They all noted that there were more and bigger rocks in the washes than they'd ever seen. Tires were at risk. While a good number of those pre-entered in the race did pre-run, there was a large num-ber that did not. Those that did said they were glad they had, because, due to the number of events that had run over the course 'in the past year, it was rougher even than expected. Some prerunners were tearing up tires, which didn't bode well for their success in the race. As is usually the case, the weather was quite wonderful for the event. It wasn't hot, but both sign-up day and race day were sunny and warm. Perhaps the racers could have used a bit more breeze, but for spectators and course officials, the weather was very nice. Fans jammed the favorite spots, and near the end of the course one enterprising local had built a jump and put grandstands nearby so specta-tors could watch. The outskirts of San Felipe have a new look, with a four lane divided road partly com-plete, and partly under con-struction, and houses crowding the beach· lots. But at its dusty heart, San Felipe seemed its old self; welcoming and very friendly. As there had been in 2008, there was a healthy police presence throughout the weekend. The bikes went off the start line at about six a.m., and after the last sportsman quad started there was a three-hour wait, so the first Trophy Truck didn't start until 10 a.m. If a driver wasn't the nervous sort he'd have time for breakfast at the El Cortez or George's. When they lined up in stag-ing, it was noted that a few of the Trophy Trucks sported some Justin Smith had a great race, he beat out 19 other 1600 cars to take a great Don and Ken Moss (foreground)took their 10,000'• win in Class 3, they're odd looking equipment. The ,:w:::in:::':::'h:::e:::':::s:::s:::e:::e:::n:::h:::e:::re::::::a:::t:::s:::p:::e:::ed:::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,j~::::::::::::::::::_.::s:::ee:::n::::::h:::e:::re:::,:::.n:::t:::.h:::e:::ir:::J=;:::o:;r:::d:::B::;r:;;;o;::n:::co::::jjsiiiiaiiiv,iii·n;g:;;siiioiiimiiiieiiiiiit,iii·re_.w_e,a:::r.============:;:=:::::::__V.::,:anderweys and Cu rt Le Due, ... Robby Gordon had a pretty good race, he finished second in Trophy Tim Herbst fiished second in the Class 1 conflict, he was fifth Truck and second overall, seen here in his good lookin' Chevy. overall in the race, he's seen here in his Smithbuilt Ford. Page a May 2009 Brian Wilson and Sammy Ehrenberg drove their Kreger to a second place finish in 1-2/1600, seen here at speed. Dusty Times

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11 Kevin Carr and Noe Valdez were the winners in the Class 5 competition, their husky car is seen here headin' for home. Marcos Nunez and Norberto Rivera drove (heir Class 5/1600 car to the class win, seen here at speed early in the race. "that was the excitement of the day" according to Collins. Gordon, who'd started about a minute and a half in front of Collins, was second, 12 minutes back. He said he'd had a "good run -it was fun, but tough, tough, tough!" He had a flat at Mile 40 and his jacks didn't work. He had to drive a mile and a half on the flat before he found "some guys" with a floor jack, and they helped him change the tire. Otherwise it was a good run with "no mechanicals."· He said he'd "cruised really, really slow" and had been "passed by Stout -he clobbered me on Zoo Road -we remarked he's not gonna go much further." And then he said, "We saw him parked with rear suspension trouble." . Roeseler and Norman, and Post and MacCachren all had water tanks mounted in place o( a second spare tire. The theory was that since the first 60 miles of the course was so "whooped out", and the shocks would over-heat, they could keep them cool by spraying them with water. In theory, the water would be all gone by the time they reached the end of the worst part, but their shocks would still be -in good shape, and they'd take on another spare and dump the empty tank at the driver change. As all this was explained and discussed, Brian Collins stood taking it all in and grinning. He had another theory: he said all a driver had to do was "don't exceed 65 miles per hour and the shocks wll live." They went off the line 30 seconds apart, Darnen Jefferies Dusty Times first in his Chevy, then Bobby Baldwin in another Chevy and B. J. Baldwin third to get the green. Before they'd got to Check 1, up at Matias Pass, and the point at which the worst of the whoops was supposed to be over, both Bobby Baldwin•and Jefferies were out. In fact, so was LeDuc in the Vanderwey truck, which had a water-sprayer. Baldwin lost his transmission at Mile 28, which he attributed to a man-made booby-trap hole that apparently broke a bolt and let tranny fluid leak out. Cam-eron Steele had also dropped out due to transmission failure. Two more went out in the next section, one being Larry Roeseler in Norman's truck (with water-sprayer), which lost its steering suddenly, and caused the truck to overturn. It was dramatic looking, but Ro-eseler. was o.k., although out of the race. Pete Sohren had also fallen out in that section. But at Mile 122, Check 2, the lead was in the hands of Brian Collins in his Dodge. He had only one minute on B. J. Baldwin in his Chevy (who was still in front of him) and Tim Herbst ran third in his "brand new" Ford truck. In fourth it was Rob MacCachren in Mark Post's Ford, and Adam House-holder was fifth in a Chevy. . At Check 4, which was 70 miles along the road, a·nd in the same spot as Check 2, Collins still led, but now he had two minutes on Baldwin who was still first on the road because of his start position. Robby Gordon, Chevy, had moved up to third as others had problems and lost time. Herbst was hav-ing trouble with steering, and 2, 163 Rooms And Suites 60 Table Games 2,300 Slot Machines Poker Room Race & Sports Book 800-Seat Bingo Room 16 Movie Theaters lost about 40 minutes. MacCa-chren and Post were still fourth, about five minutes behind Gordon, having had to replace a drive shaft earlier. In fifth it was Jerry Whelchel, who'd taken over for Chet Huffman at about Mile 100. Now it was a 40 mile charge to the finish. But Baldwin wouldn't be part of it. He was parked at Mile 195, waiting for p~rts so he could r:epair his ring gear. Collins went on, his perfect day staying perfect, to take the win. He said his plan had been "staying patient." He also declared that they had "monitored" their speed early on so the shocks didn't get hot. "I stuck ;with my game plan and everyone else cooperated by havin' problems" he said with a grin. The team made just two fuel stops along the way and In third it was Post and Mac-Cachren, another eight minutes back. They'd lost time when they had to replace a driveshaft on course at Mile 100, and then Post had a five minute flat. They said this was the "rockiest San Felipe ever -there's no sand between the rocks anymore:" Gordon got by them while they fixed the flat: Huffman and Whelchel fin-ished fourth, another ten min-utes back. Whelchel said "That was a fun one -there's some big ass rocks out there -glad I was on 39s! I thought the driveshaft was a goner." In fifth it was Householder who'd lost time with a flat 50 miles from the finish. Then he'd been in dust and got stuck. Continud en p191 111 8 Restaurants 65,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Space 4,500 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall Spa & Fitness Center Showroom 64-Lane Bowling Center -~~~ 1-866-791-76~6 • LAS VEGAS BLVD AT SILVERAOO RANCH• SOUTHPOINTCASINO.COM May 2009 Page9

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The Miguel/Fenandez duo drove their highly decorated 5/1600 Igor and Guillermo Galvan drove their Ford Range; to a second place It was a second place finish in Class 7SX for Nick and Ted to a silver medal finish at the San Felipe meeting. finish in the Class 7 conflict, seen here with the hammer down. Moncure and Doug Hood seen here ·in their Toyota Tacoma. Two "quad guys" had stopped and helped him dig out. He said this was his first time in Mexico, and he'd liked it. Sixth place went to Baldwin, who came across the finish line at about 3:45 p.m., San Felipe time. He was not quite two hours down to Col-lins. His chase truck had needed to go in to take him parts. He said that earlier in the day he'd decided to take the "high road' alongside Diablo. He knew it would be legal to run on the dry lake, but he hadn't pre-run it (although he pre-ran many times), and felt it would be safer to stay on the road he knew. But then he could see Post going past him, and he tried to go real fast and blew a tire. In seventh place it was Troy and Ed Herbst, another hour down and talking very briefly about steering problems. Eighth went to Robbie Pierce, Chevy, whose problems started before the race. He'd gone to test his freshly repaired truck and found a cracked cylinder head. So his crew had hastily brought his old truck, now a prerunner, up to "race readiness" and sent him south. Pierce drove all the way. He said, "I'm a little tired." He broke an upper ball joint, lost a power steering hose and was about to lose a tie rod. He was grateful that the old truck got him to the finish. Ninth went to Greg Nunley in a Chevy, who said he'd blown a shock hose, an alternator went out, the OPS went out, the second alternator went out and he'd had steering problems too. But he'd had no flats. Ed Stout was tenth, two hours behind Nunley. He fin-ished a. little after 8 p.m., San Felipe time, just in front of the winning Class 11 car. He'd had a long day. Stout said he'd rolled at Mile 23 when a rim broke. That blew out three wheels and calipers he said, and he needed "lots of repairs." Then at Mile 214 he had to put on a new tie rod, but "other than that, the truck ran great." He was so close to the ten-hour time limit that the timing and scoring folk, and Sal Fish had to check it a couple of times. He finished with 23 seconds to spare. No other Trophy Trucks made it in. In Class 1 they all made it through Check 1 (Mile 60) but Chuck Sacks. Competition was close at the front of the pack, and Brian Parkhouse and Luis Silvas had their Jimco Chevy in front, but by only one minute. Breathing down their necks it was Tim Herbst in his Smith-built Ford, nearly unrecogniz-able now with its black paint job. He was just a minute back, and then there was a three-minute gap back to Josh Rigsby in his Penhall Chevy, running third. In fourth place, one min-ute later, it was Ronny Wilson in his J imco Chevy, and then in fifth, a tie, with Julio Herrera in a Jefferies Chevy, and Paul Keller and Charles Rudolph in a Jimco Chevy, on the same minute, another three minutes back. It was certainly anybody's game at this point. Except for Kory Halopoff and Harley Let-ner, who didn't make it to the second check. When they got up to Mile 122, Check 2, Herbst was lead-ing, but he had only three min-utes on Ronny Wilson. Third belonged to Rigsby, who ran three minutes further back, and in fourth it was Herrera, then Armin Schwarz and Martin Christensen were fifth in their Jimco BMW. They were only nine minutes behind the lead· -so it was still very crowded at the front. In the next 100 miles, they lost only one competitor, Brian Parkhouse. All the rest soldiered on. And Ronny Wilson had "zero problems, no flats" and moved to the front to take the Marc Burnett had a good race, he took the Class 6 win in his Ford Ranger, seen here with the power on in the soft stuff. · Page 10 win. He said he "blew a lot of lines", and had "a lot of nervous moments." Like Collins, he said he drove "about 75% to the 60 Mile mark." Then at Mile 192 he passed Herbst, who'd been in front on the road, while he took on fuel. When asked if he'd done anything different to the car he said, "Randy (his brother) sets the car up for me and I just drive it. I don't know much about how it works." He knew enough. to get it to the finish line in first place, and third overall. · Herbst finished second, about six minutes behind Wil-son. He said that he'd gotten stuck when he went into a big ditch by the windmill, when he was in someone's dust. He'd also had one flat. But, he said, he'd had "a good time, shoulda' done a little better -but a good time." Third went to Schwarz and Christensen who said they'd had some "small challenges" prior to the race. There'd been a leaky control valve on the steering, and they'd decided to run with it. They lucked out and didn't have to add fluid. But they had a couple of flats, and thanks to their fancy built-in hydraulics, got each one changed in a minute-and-a-half, according to Christensen. They said they were happy with "a podium finish." Fourth went to Herrera, who said he had an "excellent day, no issues, no flats." This was his first time to race at San Felipe, and he said he needs "to get to know my car better." He drove it for the first time at Laughlin. It used to belong to Luis Ramirez. Herrera, who lives in Caho san • Lucas races down there, but the terrain is not so chewed up as it is around San Felipe. In fifth it was Dale-Lenk and Randy Perry, who drove the second half, in their Pen-hall Chevy. Perry was the only person who said, "The deep whoops were fun!" They both had overheating problems, and had to turn the engine off to let it cool many times. Sixth place went to Randy Wilson, Ronny's brother. He also drove the entire ·distance in his Jimco Chevy. He ·had a flat just about six miles into the . race, and by the time he got it fixed he was running with the Class 10 cars, which are just fast enough to be hard to pass. He said he didn't get around the last one until about Mile 95. He was just about a half-hour behind his first place brother. In seventh it was Keller and Rudolph, who said they had no problems and no flats. This was Rudolph's first time driving a SCORE event, although he's raced a couple of MOR races. He drove from Mile 122 to the finish. He said his tires were in such good shape that he was going to use them again, for the next race. Ron Brant and Ben Monroy, in a J imco Chevy, were eighth. Brant said they'd run out of gas, and he had his passenger "hitch a ride to a pit to get gas.~ He thought his earlier pit may have somehow not quite filled his tank when he stopped for fuel. He was six minutes behind seventh place. In eighth it was Richard Boyle in a Jefferies Chevy. He was just ten seconds behind Brant. He said he had no prob-lems, but then he said he'd lost his brakes. He'd also taken a bad bounce at Mile 22 or so, landed hard on the left side and broke a wheel in half. (That may have been the same booby-trap that got Bobby Baldwin.) He also said he worked hard to "stay in front of Brant", who's a good buddy, and a sometime co-driver. He did finish in front of him, but not far enough to beat him. Josh Rigsby and Scott Wisdom, who switched at Mile 90, finished tenth after being as Jose Canchola and Francisco Gonzalez drove their good looking Ford Ranger to the Class 7 win at San Felipe, seen here with the power on. May 2009 far up front as third. They had flats, and didn't have a spare for the second flat. Rigsby said he "swapped flats" to go about 15 miles to a pit, and figured he lost about 20 minutes with all that. He was ten minutes behind Boyle. Armin Kremer, who drove all the way in his J imco Chevy, was eleventh. He said his power steering directional valve blew out at Mile 193. Also, the en-gine shut off a couple of times when he was driving under full power. He was a little over an hour down to first place. Twelfth went to Rob Bruce who drove all the way in his Jef-feries Chevy. He fueled at Mile 93, but then ran out at Mile 220. He said he'd used more than he expected. He'd also had one flat. Bruce was the last finisher in the class, at 5:36:45. Class 10 started next, with ten cars on the line. Three of them broke before they got to Mile 60, and at that point the lead belonged to Mikey Law-rence in his VW Lothringer. Tito Robles and Lobsam Yee were second, two minutes back, . in their Jimco Honda, and then. it was a tie between Rocky Me-rino, and Alejandro and Leon-ardo Navarrete in their Jimco Honda. They were both three minutes behind second place. When they got to Mile 122, Check 2, Robles and Yee were in the lead, and Lawrence was nine minutes back in second place. Scott Gailey and Scott Whipple ran third there in their VW powered GET. Javier Robles ran fourth in a Honda Jimco, about 45 minutes fur-ther back. Lawrence took the win, fin-ishing in 4:54:43. He said that "off the start, my motor was poppin' in fourth and I had nothing in fifth." Then at Mile 114 he got stuck in the silt, but some locals were there, and he figures he lost only about two minutes. His oil pressure was low, thanks to a leaky valve cover. In second place it was Yee and Robles. Yee started the day and had no problems, and Robles, who got in at Mile 120, had just one flat tire. They were 21 minutes behind the winning car. Third place went to Gailey and Whipple. Gailey, who fin-ished, got stuck on a hill at Mile 197. He said he'd been going. too slow and got high-centered. He lost an hour. He dug it out three times; and finally some locals came along with a 4x4 and towed him out. Whipple, who started the day, wasn't there at the finish, because he had to fly to Yuma to compete Dusty Times 'I

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l' Clyde Stacey and Justin Matney navigate a left hander on their Tito Robles and Lobsam Yee took second place honors in Class way to a second place finish in Class 8 in their Chevy Silverado. 10, seen here in their Jimco-Honda on the course. Brent Parkhouse and Brian Burgess are seen here in their Molton, they were second place finishers in SCORE Lite. in the sand drags, where he's a top contender. They were the last finishers in Class 10, in 6:20:30. The SCORE Lite cars went off the line next, with seven starters. Ty Godde and Jim Greenway, in a Henry, were out before Mile 60, but all the rest went on. And at Mile 60 the lead belonged to Adam Pfankuch in Rick St. John's Duvel. Bill Hernquist ran sec-ond, in a Jimco, and Michelle Bruckmann was third a minute later in her Lothringer. When they got up to Mile 122 it was still the Pfankuch/ St. John car in front, but now Bruckmann was second, and her husband, Vic, took over the driving. Hernquist had dropped back with a broken C.V. at Mile 120, which he repaired on course. Now Brent Parkhouse and Brian Burgess ran third in their Moulton. There were six cars still running. Dusty Times At the finish it was still St. John and Pfankuch. They took the win in the time of 4:54:48, only five seconds slower than the winning Class 10 car (also VW powered). St. John had got some cholla cactus in the cab, and while he was distracted and throwing it out, he'd hit a rock and exploded the wheel. That cost them some time. At the fin-ish he said he still had a cholla spine in his shoulder blade and it "feels like a hypodermic!" In second it was Parkhouse and Burgess. Burgess had start-ed and he'd had a flat at Mile 23 (there's that booby trap thing again) and he said, "Everyone went by". Then he drove extra hard. Parkhouse lost a right front shock, and had two front flats and a rear flat. He's de-cided he likes the SCORE Lite class. They were 53 minutes behind the winning car. Third place went to Lee Ban-ning, who drove all the way in his Foddrill. He ran out of gas at Mile 224, and lost 26 minutes. He said a "chase guy" brought him some Pemex. He figured he ran out of fuel, because he'd used more because he'd "richened up the motor on Fri-day because it had been running hot." He was 36 minutes behind second place. Hernquist and co-driver Scott Reams were fourth, an-other 25 minutes back. Reams had no mechanical problems, but said, "I couldn't get on top of the stuff." They were the final official finisher, at 6:48: 15. A long time later the Bruck-manns appeared, their injured car dragging its right rear sus-pension thanks to a broken trailing arm. Things had been jerry rigged back together, but at the end Michelle and Vic had to push it a distance, and across the finish line. Unfortunately, they were over time, and went into the books as a dnf. May 2009 The Class 8 trucks were next to start with five entries. Unfortunately, because the truck looked so stock, Mi-chael and Shawn Brett's Ford, wasn't recognized as a race vehicle by the staging folk. They thought it was someone's chase vehicle. It was parked at the side of the staging area, and the team was so new they didn't know to be assertive about getting in line. By the time they realized something was wrong, they were behind the 5-1600s and that's where they were flagged off. Once he realized what had happened, Sal Fish made arrangements to adjust their time somehow when they finished, so that they didn't have such an un-fair disadvantage. All five trucks got to Mile 60, and at that point Juan Lo-pez had his Ford in the lead, four minutes ahead of Dave Crinklaw and Mike Thurlow in another Ford. In third it was Clyde Stacy in a Chevy another three minutes back. When they arrived at Mile 122, they were still all moving. Now Crinklaw and Thurlow had the lead, with Stacy second ten minutes later. Then Lopez came along, three hours down after transmission problems. The Bretts were fourth, now four hours down to the lead truck, and Dean Wayman and James Connolly, Ford, ran last, another 40 minutes back. They didn't make it to the next check. At the finish it was Crinklaw and Thurlow. They hadn't raced for a long time, but "over ten margaritas" had decided to get back in it." Thurlow was super thirsty at the finish line because his water gizmo didn't work. He had no problems, nor did Crinklaw, who started. Thurlow had a cactus spine in his big toe, right at the point Continued 1n page 11 Page 11

Page 12

Mark Post and Rob MacCachren were third place finishers in Armin Schwarz and Martin Christensen finished third in the Class Eric/Hirum and Evan Duran finished third in the Class ½-1600 battle, the Trophy Truck bash, they're seen here in their Ford F-150. 1 competition, seen here flying their Jimco BMW. seen here in the semi-soft stuff headin' for home in their Neth. Dave Crinklaw and Mike thurlow had a really great race, they took the win in Class 8 with ease, seen here headin' for home. where he pressect on the throttle pedal. But they had no flats or mechanical trouble. Stacy was second, about 25 minutes later. He came out from Tennessee to drive this event, and says he plans to "drive 'em all this year." He had one flat and "several little things" along the way. This was the same truck he rolled over at Laughlin. In third it was Lopez, who'd had alternator problems after he fixed his transmission trou-bles. He was nearly two hours behind Stacy, in third, and he was the final official finisher. The Brett team took over six and a half hours to get to Check 2, at Mile 122, and then didn't finish. They most likely fell behind the closing times of the check points. Too bad. This wasn't a Pro Truck event, so there was no competition for Max Post, who used this event to get some experience, as long as his dad, Mark, was racing and there was good pit sup-port for him. He ran the entire way, rolled the truck in a turn when he was blinded by dust. It landed on its top, and he lost about ten minutes getting it back on its wheels and going again. He said it was "fun - re-ally rough." He gets no points or ott1c1a1 nn1sh position. The 1-2/1600 class went next, with 20 starters. Three of them, including the Adam Pfankuch/Steve Eugenio entry, were out before Mile 60. The rest of them had a good close race going. At Mile 60 the lead belonged to Justin Smith in a Fraley who had somehow built a nine-minute lead by Mile 60. He'd already passed about 11 cars in his own class, and was first of the class to the check. Behind him it was Luis Martinez and Victor Lugo in a Mayoral, tied with Marco and Juan Gallo, in a Curry. Then, just two minutes later it was Samuel Araiza and Federico Montes in a Fraley, with Brad Wilson, Penhall, and Mario Gastelum, Curry, tied for sixth, a minute later. After getting across Diablo, and up to Mile 122, Smith still had the lead. He had 18 minutes on the next four cars, which were all on the same minute behind him. It was Gas-telum, the Gallos, Brad Wilson, Brian Wilson and Sammy Eh-renberg, and the Martinez and Lugo team. Myan Spacarelli, in a Mirage, was another two minutes back in sixth. Only one more car had dropped out. Smith held on to his lead all The Lawrence/Kirkpatrick/Liska Lothringer churns up the dirt on the way to the Class 10 win at San Felipe. Page 12 .. Kicking up a lot of dust the Class 9 car of Reyes, Rivera and Ortega took the class win in San Felipe. the way, anct took the win with a 25 minute cushion. He said, "It pretty much went perfect .. .. " Then he remembered that at Mile 30 he'd lost a rear pivot bushing. He said that after that he'd "toned it down a little" and when he got to the pit at Mile 167 he'd had them look at it. They didn't fix it, so he just "drove easy on that side of the car." Wilson and Ehrenberg moved up to finish second. Ehrenberg, who got in at Mile 100, hit a big rock and ripped off the rock crusher, rolled the car and it went over a couple of times and landed on its wheels. They had no other problems, and finished just 25 minutes behind the winner. In third it was Hiram and Eric Duran in their Neth. Eric started and went about 20 miles, then Hiram got in and their third brother, Ivan, was supposed to get in, but Hiram was doing so well they didn't bother with another driver change. They had one flat and had to stop at Mile 56 to have some welding done on their shifter, which cost them about 15 minutes. They were one minute and o ne second behind Wilson and Ehrenberg. In fourth it was Gastelum, who drove all the way. He said he'd had one flat early on, and at Mile 195 had moved over to let a truck go by and the truck's back end touched his car, which rolled the truck over and it landed on the Curry. That cost Gastelum five to seven minutes he estimated. He finished 52 seconds behind the Durans. Fifth place went to Spacarel-li, who drove all the way. He said he'd had no problems, but there'd been a "rattling noise" so he'd 'slowed it down" for the last 50 miles. His navigator had exhibited great self sacrifice· in getting in the car, because he'd been up most of the night, sick and throwing up. In sixth place it was Luis Martinez, who started the day and Victor Lugo, who finished, in a Curry. Martinez had a flat after Three Poles, and then had to stop for a spare. After Check 3 they discovered that the steering wheel was loose, and lost ten or 15 minutes getting it fixed. They said three cars passed them while they were under repair. Seventh went to brothers Juan and Antonio Gallo. Juan started, and had no problems. Antonio got in at Mile 104 and went to the finish. They said, "Everything was perfect." They ,----------------------Rick St. John and Adam Pfankuch pooled their talents to take the win in SCORE LITE, seen here in their Duval. May 2009 live in San Felipe, but had pre-run only one time, because their mechanic shop was so busy with work related to the race they didn't have any free time. They said "It was a good day for us." In Eighth it was David Caspino and Mike Malloy in a Lothringer, who were 41 min-utes behind seventh place. In ninth it was Edgar Alva-rez, Jr., in a Curry. He broke a C.V. joint after Mile 11 and lost an hour, and a header broke at Mile 167 and he stopped for welding. Then his motor blew at the finish line - a rod went through the case. His time was 7:04:45. Tenth place went to Arturo and Abel Velazco in a Porter. Arturo, who started, drove to Mile 126. Along the way he ripped off a left front shock tower, and they just drove the rest of the way without that front shock. Their time was 7:13:10. Eleventh place was the team of Roberto Romo, who rolled the Curry, and Cody Robinson who drove the second half. When Romo rolled it was at Mile 21 and there was no one there to help, so he lost ten or 12 minutes changing a front flat and fixing the air cleaner. Rob-inson had oil pump problems during his drive. Their time was 8:45:12. In twelfth it was Araiza and Montes who'd been fourth in their Fraley at one point. It's the Ampudias' old car. Araiza, who started, broke a limit strap on the front and bent the shock. He got a spare from Marcos Nunez (a 5-1600 driver). Mon-tes drove forty miles with one missing shock. They needed new lights also. This was the first time Araiza raced in this class, and it was the first time Montes (a veteran racer) raced this race and finished at night. They crossed the finish line at about 8 p.m. In 13th it was Jose Delgado who drove the beginning and end, and Marcos Valenzuela who did the middle. Their car is a Mexicali-built Borm chassis. They had an eventful day. They broke two C.V. joints after the limit straps broke, and that cost them three hours. They also had an early flat tire. Their time was 9:58:34, and they were the final official finishers in the class. Also arriving at the finish line, but too late to be a fin-isher, was the team of Arnoldo Gutierrez, Sr. and Jr. Senior started and he had a shock reservoir fall off in the rear of the car. He was able to borrow one to replace it, but lost about three-and-a-half hours getting going again. Then, while Ar-Dusty Times

Page 13

noldo Jr. was driving the last part of the trip, he got lost in the dark for a while near the end. When they came across the finish line their time had already run out. Class 5 was next to start, with three entries. Kevin Carr put his bug in front by Mile 60, with a 22 minute lead on second place Carlos Albanez and Luivan Voelker, who were 21 minutes in front of Shaun Dunbar in his re-cycled vegetable oil powered diesel Bug. At Mile 122 they ran in the same order, but had spread out a little more. And the running order didn't change the rest of the way. Carr took the win, finishing in 5: 11: 18. He said the course had become a lot more torn up since he'd prerun it. He had only one right front flat to slow him down, and that was after Matomi. It cost him seven minutes or so. For this trip he'd put in a stock car racing pit person as navigator, but was a bit worried about whether he'd want to go all the way, so he had another guy ready to get in, just in case. But the pit guy said "no way" he'd get out, when Carr asked him if he wanted relief. Second place went to Al-banez and Voelker, who fin-ished an hour and 14 minutes later. They have put a new five-speed transmission in the car. Voelker started and Albanez finished, and they had carbu-retion problems all the way, related, they think, to the new transmission. In third, a half-hour later, it was Dunbar and Trevor Terra, who drove the last 80 miles. The two were both in the car all the way, simply switching seats to make their driver change. They had one flat, and the hood was coming off so they stopped to get it reattached. Dunbar said, "It's frickin' rough and this car needs a little suspension work." The rear suspension is not quite what they wanted. They had to replace the motor since Laughlin (he blew the other one when he rolled over at Laughlin) and this one uses more fuel than the other motor did. They had some stashed at a BFG pit, and so took some on part way through the day. (There's a definite shortage of recycled veggie oil in the pits at a Baja race.) They're planning to run the entire series this year. Class 6 started next with four trucks. This is a class for highly odified small trucks. At Mile 60 the lead belonged to Marc Bur-nett in his Ford, with A. J. Ro-driguez, another Ford, about 27 minutes back in second place. In third it was Mike Koenig and Troy Robinson in a Toyota, and Heidi Steele's Ford, with Ross Savage at the wheel from Mile 16, was fourth. They'd lost a lot of time with early shock failure. When they got up to the top of the course, at Mile 122 Rodriguez was in the lead, with about 20 minutes on Burnett. Burnett had overheating prob-lems and had to slow. But then Rodriguez bombed out, becom-ing the only DNF in the class, and Burnett went on to take the win in 5:25:20. He reported an alternator problem along with the overheating, and he had no radio because of it. He also had one flat tire. Dusty Times The Class 11 gold medal went to Eric Solorzano, he bumped and bounced around the course in a little over 9 hours, he's seen here truckin' on. Koenig and Robinson fin-ished second, about an hour and a half later. Koenig re-ported that he'd been stuck and lost an hour, but they'd had no mechanical problems. Their time was 7:04:10. Steele and Savage were third, an hour and 16 minutes later, their day pretty smooth once the shock, problem was solved. They had only one flat tire, and finished in 8:20:45. They were the last finishers in the class. The Class 7 trucks started be-hind Class 6, with seven entries. This entire group got at least to Mile 60 (Check 1), and at that point the lead belonged to Elias Canchola in his Ford. But he had only four minutes on Jose Gonzales and Jonathon Quin-tero, in another Ford. And just one minute behind them came Igor Galvan, from Bay of L.A., in yet another Ford. Then there was a break and Jason Rodri-guez, in still another Ford, ran fourth, about 17 minutes later. Surprisingly, all of them made it to Check 2 at Mile 122 also. And they were still running in the same order, although they had spread out a bit. But in the next section Rodriguez and Brandon Walsh, the only Toyota running, dropped out. Gonzales then faded away be-fore Check five, and the rest carried on to the finish. · Canchola took the win in 4:51 :48, reporting, "no flats, nothing". He said he preran three times and knew the course really well. But, he added, "It was a lot rougher" by race day. His truck, he said, "worked great." In second, 41 minutes later, it was Galvan, who drove the entire distance. This was his first San Felipe race. He said, "I can't afford it." He didn't prerun, "just used the GPS", and had no big problems. He bent a wheel and had trouble with overheating and had to slow. His time was 5:32:57. Third went to Dan Chamlee who said he had "a number of minor problems." He was stuck in silt and his shocks got hot and "went away" so he had to slow in the big whoops. He was also fighting a miss because the "fuel curve is all wrong at low RPMs". And he ran on five cylinders off and on, and broke a limit strap bolt. His time was 6:25:13. Gavin Skilton and Vlad Chioreanu drove their Honda Ridge/ine to the Stock Mini victory, seen here headin' for home. In fourth it was Renee Brug-Gustavo Avina came along. The ger and Heidi Steele, in another Moreno, Iribe, Rivera team was Ford. Brugger started and went still fourth. to Mile 168 where Steele got in At the finish, to no one's and drove to the finish. They surprise, it was Rivera and each had one flat tire. They Nunez. They said, "It was a also said the course was much good day." They had no flats, rougher and softer then it had and no problems. It was their been while prerunning. Their second consecutive win here, time was 7:22:00 and they were but they have a long history of the last finisher in the class. 5-1600 wins in Baja. Their time The 5/1600 cars went off the was 6:04:21. line next, with eight starters. In second place it was Ro-All but one made it through sales and Fernandez. Rosales, the first 60 miles, a section who was the second driver, had of Baja that's extremely hard rolled the car, and it landed on the limited Baja Bugs. At on its side. Happily there were that point the lead belonged to spectators nearby to help. They Marcos Nunez, but he had only lost only a little time, and had four minutes on Miguel Rosales no other trouble. Their time and Edmundo Fernandez who was 6:20:00, only 16 minutes were second. Third place, seven behind first place. minutes later was Sergio (Coy-In third it was Avina and ote) Gutierrez, and in fourth Gutierrez, who'd also had a it was Sergio Moreno, Carlos good day. They were only three Iribe and Fernando Rivera, two minutes and 12 seconds behind minutes further back. second place. Things closed up at the The fourth place finisher was front of the pack, and Nunez, Trevor Anderson, who drove all and his co-driver, Norberto the way. He said he'd had "no Rivera, went through there on trouble -smooth day" and de-the same minute with Rosales dared that it was a "very rough and Fernandez. Then there course." His time was 6:54:47. was a gap of 13 minutes before In fifth it was Pedro Athie Gutierrez and his co-driver, Continuedonpage14 TOP OFFROAO RACERS ARE SWITCHING TO 11THIIBAIIMA/11' They know that the cheapest speed in a racecar is a great brake system. Let us fix your spongy pedal and poor braking performance. We are the only brake company that can give you the same pedal at mile 1000thatyouhadat mile 1. BETTER BY:lonwatio1LNotlmilJJlion. KINCAID R CING TROPHY UCK A zero drag brake system is the mostcost effective wayto improve handlin9andperformance.Stopwastin9money&horsepowerwith ineffective dragging brakes. That's why these top cars swlt.ched. May 2009 VVILSON'S CL SS 1 8UG Y NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR OFFROAO DISTRIBUTOR CALL NZtE'S 714-441-1212 FOR MORE lNF MATION CALL THE BRAKE MAN J 805-987-STQP {7867) Page 13

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It was a fourth place finish in Trophy Truck for Chet Huffman and Julio Herrera and Carlos Olmos took a first off the podium finish Jerry Whelchel, seen here in their good looking Chevy C1500. in Class 1, seen here in their Jefferies Chevy. Mario and Isaac Gastelum drove their Jimco to a fourth place finish in Class ½-1600, they were just 52 seconds off the podium. and Ruben de la Fuente, who finished. They had no flat tires, but had to change a shock. They also said, "Very tough!" Their time was 7: 12:31. Alonso Angulo finished sixth, and had little to say except that he'd had "six flat tires." He was only a minute and 20 seconds behind fifth place. In seventh it was Moreno, Iribe and Rivera, and somehow we missed them in the crowd. Their time was 7: 17:28 and they were the last 5/1600 car to fin-ish. Only one car in this class bombed out, and they did it before Mile 60. They're a tough bunch. Class 7SX went next, with five trucks. All of them got past Mile 60 up at Matias Pass, and at that point the Ford of Oscar Solaiza and Jim Hinesley was in the lead. Three minutes behind them was John Holmes in another Ford, and in third, another three minutes back, it was Norman and Trevor Turley in their Ford. Solaiza and Hinesley stayed in front through Mile 122, where they led by 10 minutes. The Turleys had moved up to second place there, and now Nick and Ted Moncure and Doug Hood were third in the only Toyota in the class. All the trucks were still moving. But Solaiza and Hinesley didn't make it all the way. They dropped out after the third check, and the win went to the Turleys. They finished in 7:21 flat, and we missed talking to them, somehow losing them in the crowd of finishers and well-wishers that were milling around the finish line area at the time. The Moncure/Hood team took second place. They said they'd had a "good, clean run", but as Nick Moncure was driving the final section the Turley truck passed him and he "tried to catch back up" and hit a rock and blew his power steer-ing. That was an expensive hit, putting them an hour down to the Turleys at the finish. In third it was ohn Holmes and Carl Fitts, in a Ford. They had transmission cooler prob-lems all day, which kept their speed down, and the truck was stuck once for 20 minutes. Fourth went to Eduardo Gonzalez who had an exciting time of it in his Ford. He had to revalve his shocks early in the day At Mile 186 they'd stopped to take the fuel filter out of the gas tank, and discovered it had a bug in it. They cleaned it and put it back and then it worked fine. Then, at Mile 210, his transmission caught on fire. He used up his extinguisher putting it out, but then it burst into flames again. The transmis-sion was bright red, and there were big flames. The Class 12 COP car came by and gave them their extinguisher which finally put it out. They said they'd had another extinguisher, but had already given it to someone else who was on fire. The Gonzalez truck was the final finisher in this class, with a time of 9:55:25. The Stock Full class went off the line next, with two big Dodge Ram 2500s, both from the east coast, more or less. Clyde Stacy drove one and J us-tin Matney the other and each had the other listed as co-driver. They went through Check 1 with Matney ahead by two minutes. At Check 2 he had six minutes, and at Check 3 he had ten minutes. But at Check four they were on the same minute, and they were also together at Check 5, which was at Mile 213, and then they never finished. It's hard to guess what was going on. Stacy did finish in Class 8, in second place. The Stock Mini class was down to one entry, now that the Hall family has retired. Gavin Skilton piloted the Honda Ridgeline all the way, and finished in 8:40:20. He de-scribed the course as, "Whoops, whoops and more whoops!" He said it was very slow. The team runs a stock mud-terrain tire, and he reported no flats, and no other issues. Class 9 had three entries, and only two of them got to Mile 60. Daniel Reyes had his Mayoral in the lead by just two minutes, with Ulises Morquecho running second in his Borm. When they got to Check 2, at Mile 122, they were in the same order, but Morquecho had fallen to 12 minutes back, and then he didn't get to Check 3. Reyes and his two co-drivers, Hector Ortega and Julian Ri-vera, went on to take the win. They said they'd had electrical problems. And they had a OPS failure before the· start, and nearly had a fire because of it. They decided to "rely on our experience." Their time was 7: 16: 15. In Class 3 there were two Ford Broncos. Don Moss went off the line first and charged on while Ken Leavitt had an unsettling start to his day. He got about two miles into the race when a spectator decided to dart across the course. Then he thought maybe he wouldn't do it, so he hesitated, and then he decided to make a run for it after all. Leavitt saw the guy, but knew he would wait for the Bronco to get by, and was then horrified to see him try to cross in front of him. Leavitt jammed on the brakes and watched in dismay, as the spectator -disappeared under the front of his truck. He pulled over and stopped, and the spectator got up and told him he was o.k., and Leavitt should go on. So he did. SCORE officials were notified and checked out the report, and got the same answer -no harm, no foul. But Leavitt said it "really distracted me for a long, long time - t took the wind out of my sails." Meanwhile, Moss went on. The brothers hadn't pi'erun, because ostensibly it was the same course.that it had been in 2008, and some of it had also been used in the Baja 1000, so they figured they knew it well enough. But then, to Don's sur rise he saw a Class 9 car he was catching, suddenly veer off and down onto Diablo Dry Lake which had been a definite "no-no" for some years. He sud-denly realized that it must have been one of the "alternates" that Sal Fish had discussed during the drivers' meeting the night before. Still, having not prerun, Moss decided discre-tion was the better part of valor. The Class 9 car beat him to the end of the lake, and he worried that Leavitt might have taken that route also and picked up some valuable time. He didn't know about the unfortunate spectator incident. At Mile 60 the Moss Bronco had been two minutes in front of Leavitt, who was doing a great job for someone who was "distracted". Then, at Mile 122, he was just six minutes back. The Moss team fueled, changed drivers and went on, and then a call came back that they had a broken spring and needed parts. While the chase truck made its way with the new spring, Leavitt went into the lead. Once the Moss truck was repaired, after losing about an hour, they went on, now in sec-ond place. But ahead of them Leavitt ran out of gas, and then found he was stuck in the silt and his four-wheel-drive didn't work. They had some special jacks that really did the trick to get them out of their fix. They laid them down on the ground and used them for traction to drive out. But by then the Moss truck was long gone. The Moss brothers went on to take the win, with Leavitt finishing one hour and one minute later in second place. In the Sportsman truck class there were just two entries, both Fords. Joe Aguayo and Jamie Banks led through Mile 60 by about two hours, but then Nick Tonelli and Kyle Scott leap-frogged ahead, and had a little over an hour's lead at Check 2. But then neither team got to Check 3, so there were no finishers. In the Sportsman Car class there were two starters. Peter Lang and Terry Cotter, in a Chevy powered homebuilt bug-gy ran in front of George Jack-son in his VW Jimco through the first three checks. But then Jackson broke a stub axle and Lang and Cotter had it all to themselves. They said they had a couple of flats in the second half of the day, and had "great fun." This was their third win at San Felipe. Class 11 had two entries. One was the veteran, Eric Solor-zano and the other was a brand new team of Gustavo Garayzar and Felix Garcia in a brand new, very handsome new car. Solorzano got to Mile 60 well in front of the new team, and then they disappeared somewhere before Check 2, while he went on. Solorzano got the victory, finishing in 9: 11: 15. He said he had put a taller tire on the car and didn't have enough power to get through the sand, thus he got stuck four times. He said Mag 7 helped him and the chase people from car number 1613 Oose Delgado's team) also pulled him out. There were Sportsman UTVs entered in this event -three of them started. Two of them got through Check three. At that point Brian, Sam and Charles Hewett had the lead by 40 min-utes. Peter and Steven Hajas and Scott Heber, a team from Minnesota, ran second. The Hewett team carried on and got through Check 5 a little after 9 p.m., at which time they were out of time and the check point should have been closed. The other team didn't make it to Check 4. Even though the course was rougher, rockier and siltier than ever, most of the racers reported having a great time. To quote Don Moss: "The course is still the nastiest 200 and some miles you will ever see. The weather was fantastic, the food good, the people great, and in spite of all the warnings of doom, we had no roblems at all." SCIIE It was a fifth place finish for Myan Spaccarelli in the Class The big winner in Sportsman Car was the combo of Peter Lang, ½-1600 fracas, he's seen here at speed in his Mirage. Frans De Kock and Terry Cotter, seen here in their Homebuilt Chevy. It was a good race for Norm and Trevor Turley, they drove their Ford Ranger to the Class 7SX win, seen here on their way to victory. Page 14 May 2009 Dusty Times

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l.l\..lcC 37™ EXPO ~YPRUS RALLY Loeb/Elena/Citroen Are Victorious By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selaen Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena were the overall winners at Cyprus, they're seen here on their way to victory in their Citroen C4. Sebastien Loeb won his 50th World Championship rally in Cyprns, leading in style from start to finish, maste'ring the novel mixed surfaced stage event in which gravel tyres had to be used throughout, and leaving everyone else well behind. High point of the rally was the podium placing for Petter Solberg in his privately-run eight year old Xsara World Rally Car, a disaster was Jari Matti Latvala's 20 minute off road delay. The Production Car category was led by Armin-do Araujo's Mitsubishi before a transmission failure allowed Patrik Sandell to go ahead in his Skoda Fabia S2000, his second win running, while the poorly supported Junior category was a walk-over by Martin Prokop's Citroen C2. Cyprus Rally was back again in the World Championship after a three year absence. As Round 3 of the 2009 WRC C y-prus was special, the first mixed surfaced World Championship rally since Sanremo 1996, with stages on, the Friday entirely dedicated to asphalt and on the Saturday and Sunday to stages which were essentially all gravel. This split personality came from the wish of the or-ganisers not to require competi-tors to drive over deteriorating gravel stages more than once, especially because the rally was a qualifying event for the two-wheel drive 'Junior WRC cars as well. It led to a curiosity, a 2.8km stretch of road was used as part of stages run both on the first and the final day. In fact, this road has a short tar-mac stretch in what otherwise was one of the longest gravel stages of the event. There were three all asphalt venues, each run twice, and seven predomi-nantly gravel stage venues of which only one short stage was repeated, 14 stages in all. The Shakedown test was run on a short asphalt hillclimb road close to the base town at Limassol. For competitors the idea of the majority of stage venues being run once-only served to extend the pre-event reconnaissance work, all of which had to be carried out within the regulatory two day format. This was a daunting enough prospect but particu-larly so because the roads are very twisty in the Troodos Hills where the rally is based. Historically the Cyprus Rally is quite the slowest rally in the championship. When the rally has been held in the summer months, these slow roads bring with them endless technical challenges to engine cooling ... A world championship Cyprus Rally, however, had never been run as early in the year as the 2009 edition, and teams found the air in the mountainous forests much cooler. After years of rainless conditions on the island, the earlier part of the year had been exceptionally wet, and certainly the scenery was unusually green in colour. The mixed surface format led to extensive pre-rally lobbying from the teams who baulked at the financial prospect of bringing a lot of extra equip-ment (wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension units and so on) to Cyprus, not to mention the anxiety at having to make such a basic change to car specifica-tion in the time limits at an end-of-day service. The solu-tion was that teams would only be supplied with gravel tyres, even for the asphalt stages . . This then led to further com-plications. FIA officials were concerned that teams would be tempted to run part-worn therefore, theoretically, more performant, tyres instead of new tyres. So new tyres had to be fitted at every service park and in case tyre wear proved higher than expected, Pirelli had to carry fresh supplies into the mountains. And then the JWRC contingent raised ob-jections sayi_ng the front-drive cars tackling asphalt stages on gravel tyres presented a secu-Patrik Sandell and Emil Axel/son drove their Skoda Fabia 2000 to the PCWRC win at Cyprus, they finished ninth overall as well. rity risk. So JWRC cars were allowed to run on racing tyres, four-wheel drive cars on gravel tyres. The total number of entries was small, but there was quite the highest proportion of prior-ity drivers ever seen on a World Championship rally. There had been a lot of behind-the-scenes work at the FIA to minimise the image problem of small en-tries and allowed organisers to keep open the entry lists until seven days before the event. Another major recent deci-sion was that registered Manu-facturer Teams (M2 teams) could be represented by single entries instead of the normal two cars, and this let Munchi's team come to the WRC party, but led to more complicated component sealing rules. This was the first World rally of the season which counted for both JWRC and PCWRC, but afraid of the event's reputation for roughness only three JWRC cars entered. There were two Guest (wild-card) entries in the PCWRC category. Top of the event's publicity queue was Sebastien Loeb who was in line to score his 50th World rally win if he won this event, and on account of the new red with white colour scheme of the Citroen Total team. Among the auxiliary world championship entries, this was the first appearance of the year for Michael Kosciuszko, in the Suzuki Sport Europe team, as teammate to series leader Aaron Burkart, who won in Ireland. People who were spe-cially interested to know how hot the rally would be were the drivers of the 2008 Subaru Impreza "N 14." cars. The FIA had allowed the company to homologate special intercooler water spray units, to help fight off the underbonnet heatsoak created by the standardised mounting of the .intercooler above the engine. STI staff anxiously supplied these parts, together with new uprated tur-bochargers and homologation papers which allowed some 14kg worth of equipment to be removed from as many crews as p~ssible. Whereas all the World Rally Car drivers had been seen before this year except for Villagra, Cyprus was the first appearance for PC-WRC contenders Egoi Valdez, Gabor Mayer, Simone Campe-delli and Gaurav Gill, while Cypriot driver Spyros Pavlides passed over his entry to Nasser Al Attiyah. Bernardo Sousa did not start, having gained permission instead to compete in Australia. Two weeks before the event the rally organisers announced sponsorship of the event from FxPro and im-mediately arranged a special ceremonial start to be held at a venue behind the head-quarters town in Limassol, at which the cars were presented in the middle of a pop concert. Thirty-two cars made the start, all except for three local drivers with Subaru Impreza cars being ' FIA recognised priority drivers. Day 1 6 Stages, asphalt, 134.20kms. Rain had been forecast but there were cloudless skies as the cars set off for the stages. There was drama, however, even before the first stage when Henning Solberg had a local driver pull suddenly into his path and the two met. The damage to the Focus was too serious for Henning to con-tinue and taking advantage of SupeRally he stayed behind for repairs to be carried out during the day. Sebastien Loeb marched into the distance, 19.5 seconds quicker than teammate Dani Sordo on· the opening stage, using scrubbed tyres instead of new ones, and enjoying running fir~t on the road, considering the way that every car threw more loose stones on to the road. Loeb Petter Solberg and Philip Mills drove their Citroen Xsara to a The JWRC win went to Martin Prokop and Jan Tomanek, they're Henning Solberg and Cato Menkerud drove their Ford Focus RS to an unaccustomed 18th place overall finish in Cyprus. third-overall finish in Cyprus, seen here at speed. seen here driving their Citroen C2 ever onward. Page 16 May 2009 Dusty Times

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Carrying lots of mud, Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen took the silver medal in their Ford Focus RS. made fastest time o n all the stages in the morning loop, Sordo made second best each time saying, "Lovely stages, but horrible to drive on the wrong tyres." Jari Matti Latvala was running fifth car on the road, and found the con~litions were getting worse all the time, "The organisers put sandbags on the apex of the beds, where we might have cut, but cars had touched them and scattered more dirt." The big questions though were how many spare wheels to carry and whether to avail themselves of the chance to fit new tyres after the end of the first stage. Everyone had a different agenda. Latvala pushed his luck with the tyres a bit close and finished the third stage with his front right tyre absolutely bald. Petter Solberg settled into the position which he expected, fifth place best non-works entry. Khalid Al Qassimi lost his brakes in the middle of Stage 3, but despite losing some 40 seconds was lying seventh. Conrad Rauten-bach had an intercom cable fail and also one bad moment on the first stage. Another big question was how the front wheel drive cars would fare, and as these cars were running behind the first ten PCWRC cars, it meant they were running threequar-ters of an hour behind the leaders. Martin Prokop made best time on all the first three stages in JWRC and on Stage 1 was seventh fastest overall and on Stage 2 fourth. Stage 3, however, was already very dirty and this did the JWRC cars no favours, Prokop dropped in Stage 3 to 12th. He had a · clear run, Kosciuszko had a puncture and was lying two minutes behind Prokop, while Burkart had two punctures and was further back. The weather became threatening for the afternoon loop, on the same three stages again, and the Fords were quicker though still unable to beat the Citroens . . Loeb finished the day one minute ahead of the nearest A second place finish in PCWRC went to Nasser Al Attiyah and Giovanni Bernacchini, they're seen here in their Subaru lmpreza. Ford, Hirvonen. "All morning I really did not know how to drive", confessed Hirvonen, "but things. were better in the afternoon, but of course, Loeb had got well ahead by then." Latvala matched his teammate's times while Sordo finished the day rs seconds in front of the top Ford. Petter Solberg was going well in fifth -place, top non-works entry, despite a shock absorber which went soft, while Ogier had vari-ous problems including clutch trouble which led to his stalling the engine and having gearshift troubles. The rain came later in the af-ternoon, in ways which caused crews to be uncertain what the grip would be like. Rautenbach had a mysterious electrical problem which cleared itself while Novikov was lying sev-enth despite a spin into the roadside barriers. Armindo Araujo jumped into the lead in the PCWRC category, ahead of Sandell who declared, "The whole rally is about staying out of trouble." Campedelli was third, despite a spin on Stage 1. Nasser Al Attiyah was lying a cautious fourth, "It will be tomorrow when we really dis-cover how much better our new engine is." Fellow new style N14 driver Toshihiro Arai was fifth, "I'm re-learning asphalt rallying. My last asphalt rally was in Germany in 2004. I've already proved that the engine keeps its power when it gets hotter." Frederic Sauvan was the highest placed PCWRC newcomer, going well, ahead of Indian driver Gaurav Gill, "I lost all my brakes on Stage 3. It's my first asphalt rally with a four wheel drive car." The Latvian driver Andis Neik-sans explained, "It's my first ever rally on asphalt." Martin Semerad dropped back on Stage 3, when he touched a rock and realigned the rear suspension, while fellow PSD driver Nick Thomas found his engine was losing power going uphill. Two PCWRC drivers were missing: Gianluca Linari had damaged the oil pump and the engine failed, Spanish new-comer Egoi Valdez had clutch failure . .Araujo maintained his lead of around a half minute through the day while Sandell continued his policy of driv-ing carefully and Campedelli finished the day in front of. his rival Nasser Al Attiyah. Arai continued having brake problems. There were last stage problems for fifth placed Neik-sans, whose gearbox_broke and he struggled to leave the final stage before driving with dif-ficulty to service. He dropped to seventh. Sixth placed Gill completely lost his brakes and drove very slowly back to service. The beneficiaries were Arai, who jumped to fifth, and Sauvan, who finished the day sixth. In JWRC Martin Prokop held the lead throughout the day, surviving a heavy landing on a rock. Aaron Burkart was stuck on Stage 6 with suspen-sion failure. The rain which had only dampened the stages until now finally arrived in torrents in the evening_ at the service park. The car parks were left almost impenetrable, but following the rain came strong winds which did their best to dry things out in time for the second day. Overnight the teams discussed Citroen's decision to run with worn grav-el tyres on the asphalt stages. Earlier it_ had been planned to insist that every car should always leave service parks on new tyres, to avoid such an issue. Interestingly there were suspicious that the gravel tyres did a lot to make corner cutting safer and that the increasing amounts of gravel lying on the surfaces meant gravel tyres Continued on next page A Word TO The Wise "The Person Who Stops Advertising To S3ve Money .Is Like The Person Who Stops ~he Clock To Save Time."· Dusty Times. May 2009 Page 17

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Also coated with muck, Jari-Matti latvala and Miikka Anttila slide Daniel Sardo and Marc Marti finished fourth overall in their around a corner in their Ford Focus RS, they were 12th overall. Citroen C4, seen here negotiating a right hander. Conrad Rautenbach and Daniel Barritt burn a little rubber trying to keep their Citroen C4 on the course, or at least close to it. might have been preferable anyway. Day 2 5 Stages, gravel, 115.6kms. So far the rally h ad been held at record speeds for Cy-prus Rally, averages of over 80mph were previously un-heard of! Now it was back to normality and long extremely slow stages, this year moistened by a lot of overnight rain. Ford started off full of hopes that in the drying conditions Loeb's one minute Advantage might not be such a safe mar-gin as he hoped. On the first stage Latvala was quickest with Hirvonen second, but in fact even after Hirvonen made quickest time on Stage 8, Loeb's lead had only been marginally reduced and his position was made more comfortable when Latvala slid off the road and lost nearly 22 minutes. His car was stuck on the side of the track, two wheels hanging over the edge and two wheels still on the racing line. The driver ran back a kilometre to where he remembered seeing some spectators and eventually he got on his way again. Stage 8 was classic Cyprus, mud mak-ing the conditions incredibly hard, cars stuck in low gear for long periods as they sought to claw themselves through the stage. Hirvonen's fastest stage time was over half an hour for a 28km section. Drivers lost their pristine appearance. Ogier had no water for his windscreen washer and misjudged the road, rolling twice but ending up on his wheels again. Rautenbach had to drive with his side win-dow open, to keep clearing the windscreen of mud. Novikov had a tyre come off a rim, then on the next stage stalled twice. Al Qassimi had the handbrake fail on Stage 9, which was full of hairpins. A big effort made by Petter Solberg, who was -on a major charge, starting the day nearly a minute and a half behind Sordo and by the end of the day he was just 15.9 sec-onds behind. Loeb's perfect run was threatened when he had complete brake failure, through overheating brakes, with 10km to go on the penultimate stage of the day. He bled the brakes during the ensuing road section but then he stalled on Stage 11. Despite all this Loeb's lead by the end of the day was 49.8 seconds in front of Hirvonen. Several crews admitted to spins on the final stage including Latvala, Novikov and Rauten-bach, while the final stage was a Solberg 1-2 result with Petter ahead of Henning. Al Qassimi had more handbrake trouble. Villagra chose to keep the water Page 18 cooling on his brakes for the gravel stages. Araujo's com-mand of the PCWRC started to ebb away. Neiksans had lost time at the overnight service and more time during the day, trying to get the outstanding work done, finishing the jobs on the road sections between stages. On the first stage Al Atti-yah made quickest time, on the second stage fellow N 14 driver Toshi Arai was best. Campedelli had his rear differential fail on the first stage of the day, which dropped him from fourth to seventh. Sauvan slid into mud where no spectators could help him restart. Semerad went off and damaged the suspension on a tree on Stage 8. Valdez stopped after the end of Stage 8, apparently out of fuel and shortly afterwards Thomas stopped with fuel pump 'trouble and declared he would not restart for the final day. San-dell started to put pressure on Araujo, finishing the day 16.5 seconds behind. Al Attiyah had his Subaru lapse into safe mode when mud blocked the radiator, and he also spun twice. Araujo, however, showed those who cared to look at the blisters on his hands. Campedelli had his transmission repaired but the settings.were not correct. Arai's Subaru was going sideways after the dampers were changed. Linari had to stop on the final stage with suspected battery failure. In JWRC Prokop con-tinued with no problems ahead of the two Suzukis, though Kosciuszko scored four JWRC fastest times out of five stages of the day. Day 3 3 Stages, gravel, 82.27kms. All except one driver was still in the event and started off for the final day's stages. This only consisted of three stages but two of them were long sections and plenty of things chang_ed. WRC win number 50 beckoned closer and closer for Loeb, who, run-ning first car on the road drove to his own pace with no tactics. Petter Solberg continued his charge and eventually passed Sordo into third place overall. Behind them Sebastien Ogier had passed Wilson into fifth place with one stage to go. Then Ogier ended a rally full of errors going off the road just a few hundred metres from the end of the final stage. Earlier the Citroen Junior team driver Evgeniy Novikov had rolled and retired on the first stage. Latvala meved up the field in overall placings, as well as rising from one to two manufacturer points, thanks to Novikov's misfortune. Last day disasters becoming a hallmark of the 18 year old Russian! · Just as much drama was hap-pening in the PCWRC. Araujo had no sooner announced that he was much happier with his car this year, having made some useful changes to the car and was working with a new engineer, though he confessed that the Evo IX was beginning to feel tired, then with two stages to go the gearbox broke. Sandell was through into the lead, .and won the category without having to stretch him-self. Araujo coming home in second place. The' two top new-style Subarus were in trouble. Nasser Al-Attiyah continued to suffer overheating near the end of the first stage while Arai broke the front right drive-shaft on the first stage, but both finally reached the fin-ish in third and fourth places respectively. Latvian Andis Neiksans came home in fifth place, for the second PCWRC event running. Campedelli had more rear differential troubles and finally stopped on the last stage. There were mor'e problems for Martin Semetad who abandoned, reportedly with a broken sump. Gaurav Gill retired his Subaru after the final stage, on the run to the finish while lying seventh, with electrical trouble. In the JWRC Martin Prokop won, having led throughout, ahead of Kosciuszko who survived power steering trouble and who stayed in front of his Suzuki teammate Burkart. It was celebrations for Sebastien Loeb and Citroen on the crew's 50th win, finishing ahead of Mikko Hirvonen in his Ford, and surely Petter Solberg's third place in his three year old Xsara could not have seen him happier -his first podium result since Acropolis last year. Dani Sordo may have been disappointed that he slipped back to fourth place, but he still bought the same number of points to his Citroen team, and Matthew Wilson's fifth place included a fastest stage time. lAJ2C:: 37th FxPro Cyprus Rally (CY) Limassol 13/15.03.2009 WCR round 3, JWRC round 2, PCWRC round 2 WC points JC PC 1 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel ·Elena F/MC 734EGZ78 (F) 4h.50m.34.7s. 10 10 2 (3) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen - FIN PX08AXB {GB) 4h.51m.0l.9s. 8 8 3 (11) Petter Solberg/Philip Mills N/GB 526ERR78 (F) 4h. 52m. 24. ls. 6 WR WO Ci.troen C4 Ford Focus RS Citroen Xsara WRC WRC WRC 4 (2) Daniel SORDO/Marc Marti E Citroen C4 WRC 728EGZ78 (F) 4h.53m.0l.0s. 6 5 5 (5) Matthew WILSON/Scott Martin GB lES {GB) 4h.57m.15.7s. 5 4 6 (8) Conrad RAUTENBACH/Daniel Barritt WRC 886EHK78 (F) 5h.0lm.46.6s. 4 7 (~) Federico VILLAGRA/Jorge Perez RS WRC EA07PXN (GB) 5h.03m.53.2s. 8 (14) Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr EU07SSZ (GB) 5h.04rn.18.8s. 1 9 (146) Patrik Sandell/Emil Axelsson PCWRC 11R0043 _(CZ) 5h.10rn.ll.3s. 10 (147) Armindo Araujo/Miguel Ramalho Evo IX PCWRC DJ924 GW (I) 5h.10m.29.6s. 3 Companc 3 UAE/GB s p 11 (144) Nasser Al Attiyah/Giovanni Bernacchini Irnpreza Nl4 PCWRC OUSBFTV (GB) 6 12 (4) Jari-Matti LATVALA/Miikka Anttila RS WRC t AG57CKA (GB) 5h.13m.09.0s. 2 13 (133) Toshihiro Arai/Glenn Macneall J/AUS PCWRC GMG334SU31 {J) 5h.18m.45.4s. . • 14 (38) Martin Prokop/Jan Tomanek CZ JWRC 06R 0009 (CZ) 5h.20m.54.0s. 15 (140) Andis Neiksans/Peteris Dzirkals LV Evo IX PCWRC FV3333 (LV) 5h.21m.46.6s. 16 (160) Charalarnbos Timotheou/Savvas Laos Lancer Evo IX PCWRC OU06HCL (GB) 5h.22m.0l.7s. 3 17 (32) Michal Kosciuszko/Maciek Szczpaniak Swift S1600 JWRC SSE00l (H) 5h.22m.30.8s. Ford Focus RS WRC ZW/GB Citroen C4 RA 2 Ford Focus Ford Focus RS WRC Skoda Fabia S2000 10 Mitsubishi Lancer 8 Subaru FIN Ford Focus Subaru Irnpreza N14 5 Citroen C2 S1600 10 Mitsubishi Lancer 4 CY Mitsubishi PL Suzuki 8 18 EU07SUA 19 Lancer (6) (GB) (137) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud N Ford Focus RS WRC 20 JWRC 21 PCWRC 23 PCWRC Z'l PCWRC Evo IX 2 (31) SSE002 (138) LIV077 (134) CY856CZ (136) 9951FLJ 5h.23m.38.8s. (6) 1 frederic Sauvan/Thibault Gorczyca F Mitsubishi PCWRC 632WW806 (F) Sh.39m.10.2s. (4) Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach D Suzuki Swift S1600 (H) 5h.40m.42.9s. 6 Gabor May~r/Robert Tagai H Subaru Impreza N14 (H) Sh.42m.27 .4s. -1 Gianluca Linari/Andrea Cecchi I Subaru Impreza Nll {I) 5h.58m.12.3s. (6) Egoi Valdez/Daniel Lucaa Coll E Su))aru Impreza Nl2 (E) 6h.05m.18.7s. (8) 32 (3 JWRC/14 PCWRC)· starters. 24 (3 JWRC/10 PCWRC) finishers. +Group N May 2009 .Dusty Times

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Dusty Times HOTELSEDE COLONIAL ftQtnlJSA 1~;.~ Mei100..,~6fll6)556--1!12 . 01-800-42-i!HM May 2009 Page 19

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~GENERAL TIRE MINT 400 . McMillin/Flores/ Maccachren All Win By]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Track.side Photo Michael Hanson spent a few laps back in 9th or 10th then came on for the last two laps and he took home the gold medal in the Class 10 contest. further back in third place, Bill McBeath remained in the fourth spot and Mark Ewing ran fifth. Rusty Stevens ran in sixth place, Glen Greer dropped a spot into seventh place, George Rosenbaum came along 20 minutes later in eighth and Adam Householder was hanging on in ninth place. Fourth lap, _final lap and when the dust settled it was Andy McMillin right there for a great Ultra Truck win, he was first overall as well, my throttle linkage was sticking and I was worried it might break, but we Scott and Andy McMillin had a wonderful Mint 400 race, leading every lap but the third they took the Unlimited Truck win and the overall as well. made it! Cameron Steele rolled off, also, he had an intermit-in some five minutes later for tent brake problem. Bobby the silver medal, Rick Johnson Baldwin ran in the third spot, finished in third place, an-Adam Householder was in other eight minutes back, Bill fourth place and B.J. Baldwin McBeath finished first off the ran fifth. Sixth spot belonged podium in-fourth place and to Rick Johnson, Bill McBeath Rusty Stevens rounded out was in seventh place, two sec-the top five trucks. Glen Greer ands out of sixth, Mark Ewing took home sixth place honors, held dow:n eighth place, Glen George Rosenbaum was sev-Greer was running ninth, enth in and Mark Ewing was Rusty Stevens ran 10th and the eighth and final finisher George Rosenbaum was in in the class. Mark Ewing was Boy, what a race, even bet-members for all their efforts ter than last year's. There were and in particular to Don Wall 193 starters, all ready to take who worked tirelessly for God on the four laps of the 100.6 knows how many hours to mile course, about 80% of get all the government agen-which was the old Mint 400 cies and the Native American course. We're not sure what the people on the same page and participants were expecting but let the race happen. there was plenty of silt and lots Anyway, enough of the back of rocks and it certainly was no slapping, let's get on with the . walk in the park. There was a race. 46% finishing rate, not all bad First class to start were the considering the course. The Unlimited trucks, there were weather was good, there could 11 of them and eight would have been a bit more of a breeze make the entire. race. At the and those that finished their end of their first lap it was required laps knew they had Scott McMillin in the lead, been in a race. Cameron came along a minute We would like to give a later, he had his hood come up great big thanks to the SNORE a few times and the broke it ,---------------,.-----..... -.,.._ 11th plae,e. unable to finish his final lap. When their second lap came There were 21 Class 1 cars to an end, it was still Scott' pawing the ground, alas, only McMillin leading the pack, a dozen of them would see the Cameron Steele remained in checkered flag this day. When secm:id place, he was now eight they finished their first lap it minutes in arrears, Rick John-was Kory Halopoff running son was up three places into first in class, Danny Anderson third place, Bill McBeath now was 25 seconds in arrears, ran in fourth place and Mark running in second place, Joe Ewing was up three spots into Doe ran third, another 61 fifth place. Glen Greer was seconds back, Damon Jefferies now sixth in class, Rusty Ste-was in fourth place and Steve vens was lucky seventh, George Raskett was in the fifth spot. Rosenbaum was in the eighth Terry Householder was in spot and Adam Householder sixth place, Cam Theriot ran was in ninth place. Bobby Bald-seventh, Brian Coneen was in win and B.J. Baldwin were out eighth place, Vince Dejong was of the race. running ninth and T.J. Flores Third lap ended, new,leader, was in 10th place, he was six Cameron Steele was now the minutes behind the leader .. Unlimited Truck leader, Andy Mike Sziauko was in the 11th McMillin, who was now driving spot, Todd Welling made it an for dad, Scott, was right there even dozen, Ron Gibbs was in in the leader's dust, they had 13th place, Pierre Lavie was Rob MacCachren took no prisoners this day, he led the last three laps and to change a drive shaft, Rick 14th and Richard Boyle ran in ;;;to=o=k=th=e=C=t=a=s=s=½=•=-1=6=0=0=w=in=w=i=th=h=al=f=a=n=h=o=u=r=i=n=h=a=n=d=. ===:;--;====-___;J;!.:o~h:.:n:::s:.:o::.:n:.:._w.:.::a:.::s:._::s,::e.:,v,::e,:_n:...,:m.::,:i.::n:.:u:.:t:.:e::::s_..,:t:::h:.::e:..1:.:5::.t~h spot. In 16th place was Vince Galewick, Jeff Perkins ran 17th and Chuck Rodrick was in 18th place. When their second 1 ap ended it was Joe Doe in the lead position, Steve Raskett was now in second place, Brian Coneen was up five spots into third place, Terry Householder was running in fourth spot and T.J. Flores was up five places into fifth place. Cam Theriot was up a place into sixth, Ron Gibbs was in seventh place, Pierre Lavie ran eighth, Rick Romans, who was in for Da-mon Jefferies was in ninth place and Richard Boyle was up into 10th place. Todd Well-ing ran in 11th place, Mike Sziauko made it an even dozen, Danny Anderson dropped back into 13th place, Jeff Perkins ran 14th and Vince Dejong dropped into 15th place. Kory Halopoff had dropped way back into the 16th spot, Chuck Rodrick ran in 17th place ·and Vince Galewick ran in 18th place. Their third J..ap saw lots o{1 position changes, T.J. Flores had moved up into the lead, Joe Doe dropped into second place, Brian Coneen held on in the third spot, Jake Johnson, who was in. for Steve Raskett, dropped to fourth and Rick Romans was up five spots into fifth place. Todd Welling picked up five spots, he now ran in sixth place, Ron Gibbs remained in seventh place, Pierre Lavie was still in eighth place, Cam Theriot dropped a few spots into ninth place and Danny Anderson now Tan in 10th place. In 11th place was Terry Householder, Chuck Rodrick was up five spots into 12th, Vince Galewick was 13th and Vince Dejong was in 14th place. Richard Boyle, Mike Sziauko, Jeff Perkins and Kory Halopoff were off the scoring charts. Fourth lap, final lap, and when the checkers flew it was Cameron Steele, looking a bit the worse for wear Jed the third lap A second place finish in Class 1 went to Steve Raskett, he's Pat Chicas worked his way through the crowd to take a decent in Unlimited Trucks he finished in second, five minutes in arrears. seen here at high speed making a kinda rough landing. second place finish in the Class 10 race, seen here at speed. Page 20 May 2009 Dusty Times

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Not too bad a day for Orio Cox, he took the silver medal in the Andy Schiffanelli Jed Class 8 for the first three laps, had some Jason Horsley didn't have the best of days, he finished a Jong Class 1600 contest, seen here f/yin' across the desert. troubles and had to settle for a silver medal finish. second place in the Protruck challenge, seen here at full power. tor T.J. rlores, a really great win, he lost the alternator on the last lap so powered down a bit to conserve, Jake Johnson took the silver medal, he was 22 minutes behind the leader, Damon Jefferies, who was in for Rick Romans came along in third place, he was another 12 minutes back, Todd Welling finished first off the podium and Rob Gibbs finished in fifth place. Pierre Lavie was the sixth finisher, actually he finished fifth but a speeding penalty dropped him a spot, Danny An-derson came in seventh, Cam Theriot was the eighth place finisher, Terry Householder finished in ninth place and Joe Doe came in 10th. Eleventh place went to Vince Galewick and Vince Dejong was the 12th and final finisher. Brian Coneen and Chuck Rodrick were both unable to finish their final lap. Next up were the Class 10 troops, there were 14 of them rarin' to go but only three of them would see the checkered flag. At the end of their first lap it was C .J. Hutchins in the class lead, Will Higman ran in the second spot, he was sevel) minutes in arrears, Robert McBeath ran in the third spot, he was another five minutes back, Kyle Woodward was in fourth place and Ben Monroy rounded out the top five cars. In the sixth spot was Pat Chi-cas, Tom Bjornstrom was· in seventh place, Bekki Wik was running eighth, John Hsu was ninth, Michael Hanson ran in the 10th spot and David Greenhill was in 11th place. Larry Schmueser, Matt Stevens and Mike Dunn were out of the race. Second lap ended, the half-way point and C .J. Hutchins was still the class leader, Will• Higman still held the second place position, he was now 14 KING ---------O FF -RO AD RACING SHOCl(S Dusty Times minutes behind the leader, -Kyle Woodward ran in third pl;i.ce, he was another 19 min-utes back, Ben Monroy moved up a spot intq fourth and Pat Chicas ran in fifth place. Tom Bjornstrom also was up a spot into sixth, Robert McBeath dropped to seventh place, David Greenhill was now in eighth place and Michael Han-son was bringing up the rear. Bekki Wik and John Hsu were on their respective trailers. At the three quarter mark in was still C.J. Hutchins showing the way, Pat Chicas was now in ·the second spot, he was 42 min-utes behind the leader, Tom Bjornstrom ran in.third place, he was another 43 minutes bac;k, Chris Bennett, who was in for Michael Hanson came along in fourth place, he was a long way back and Robert McBeath was the fifth place runner. Will Higman, Kyle Woodward, Ben Monroy and David Greenhill were all out of the contest. Fourth lap, final lap and Chris Bennett was right there to take the checkered flag, it was a long race, he had 11:47:23 on the clock when he finished. Pat Chicas took second place honors, he was another 22 minutes back and Tom Bjornstrom -took the bronze medal, he was another minute, 17 seconds out of the second spot. C.J. Hutchins and Robert McBeath were unable to take the checkers. Class 12 was next up, there were 19 of them lined up to go and 11 of them would take the checkered flag. At the end • of their first lap it was Cody Freeman, leading the class with an eight minute lead on Lee Banning, Billy Gereghty was in third place, Justin Bean Smith ran fourth and Wade Kelsay was in fifth spot. Bryan Folks was in sixth place, Dave We carry a full line of V" .,~ OF~ FILTERMAG-~~ May 2009 Campbell had the seventh spot, Jessica Freeman was in eighth place, Zak Langley ran ninth and Rick Poole was the 10th car. Nick Dempkowski ran in 11th place, Bill Gledhill made it an even dozen, Red Burgin was unlucky 13th, Wesley Ste-phens was in 14th place, Kevin Martin ran 15th and Brent Cook was 16th across the line. Rob Smith, Clay Lenard and Frank Baird were out of the contest. Their second lap came to an end and it was still Cody Freeman showing the way, Justin Bean Smith moved up a few spots into second place, Brian Folks ran in third, Dave Campbell was up three spots into fourth place and Rick Poole was up five spots into fifth place. In the sixth spot was Zak Langley, Bill Gled-hill moved up five spots into seventh place, Wade Kelsay Continue• 1n p111 22 Page 21

Page 22

. Mark Bass led the first three laps of the Class 18 contest, had a Patrick Dailey was a bit off the winning pace in the 5/1600 race bit of trouble and dropped to second place for his finish. but he did collect "the silver medal for his efforts. Bill Shapley drove for the first time in many, many years, son Billy drove the second half, they finished second in Class 13. now leading the 1600 pack, Jay Shain was two minutes in arrears in second place, Orlo Cox was up three spots into. third place, Chris Boyer was The Heavy Metal win went to Ted Hunnicutt, Jr., he drove his General Tire Rob Reinertson was the big winner in the Protruck race, seen here with his in fourth and Corey Goin was down a spot into fifth place. Justin Davis ran in sixth place, Kevin Denault was in seventh, Bob Matthe_ws was in the eighth spot, Byron Ziegler was in ninth place and Robbie Madison rounded out the top 10. In 11th place was Rick Boyer, Don Wall was up three placed into 11th, Derek Bradley was in the 12th spot, Matthew Niles was now in ·13th place, Bryan Matthews was 14th and Ray Bokelman ran in the 15th position. Mike Simpson ran 16th, Ed Mamin was 17th, Blaine Conrad was in 18th place, Jason Coleman was in the 19th spot and Jeff Farsh-ler ran in the 20th position. Toyota to the class win, he had forty minutes in hand at the flag. , Ford's suspension working really hard. dropped three spots into eighth place, Red Burgin had moved up into ninth place and Wes-ley Stephens moved up to 10th place. Kevin Martin was up four into 11th place, Lee Banning dropped a bunch of places back to 12th and Nick Dempkowski was in the 13th spot. Billy Gereghty, Day Gang, who was in for Jessica Freeman endoed the car, nobody was hurt and Brent Cook were out of the race. Their third lap ended and Rick Graf, who was in for Bry-an Folks was now the Class 12 leader, Dave Campbell was up another few spots into second place, he was 23 minutes be-hind the leader. Cody Freeman had some troubles and was now in third place, some 37 minutes behind the leader, Red Burgin was up to the fourth spot and Bill Gledhill rounded out the top five positions. Justin Bean Smith ran in sixth place, Wes-. ley Stephens was in seve·nth place, Kevin Martin was in eighth place, Wade Kelsay ran ninth in class and Zak Langley was in 10th place. Rick Poole dropped s·ix placed into 11th place and Nick Dempkowski was in 12th place. Lee Banning was out of the race. The Class 12 fourth lap ended and it was Rick Graf taking a very nice win, he said they had a couple of flats but nothing more. Dave Campbell was second in, he was half an hour in arrears, Justin Bean Smith took the third spot, he was another 30 minutes back, Red Burgin was first off the podium and Bill Gledhill was fifth to take the checkers. Wesley Stephens came in sixth, seventh place went to Kevin Martin, eighth place went to Wade Kelsay, Zak Langley took ninth; Rick Poole finished 10th and Cody Freeman was in 11th place. Nick Dempkowski was unable to finish his final lap. The next class to start was the 1600 racers, there were 25 of them and 15 of them made it to the checkered flag. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Jay Shain showing the way Rob Mac-Cachren was in second place, he was 50 seconds behind the leader, Bob Matthews was in third place, another four minutes in arrears, in fourth spot was Corey Goin, he was another minute and a half back and running fifth was Chris Boyer. Orlo Cox was running sixth, Justin Davis was in seventh place, Jevin Denault was running eighth, Robbie Madison was in the ninth spot and Derek Bradle was in 10th Charles Anderson worked his way to the front of the Class 7 group, led the third and fourth laps, seen here with a bit of a rear kick. place. Byron Ziegler was in the 11th spot, Rick Boyer was 12th in, Mike Simpson was unlucky 13th, Matthew Niles was 14th an,d Don Wall was. 15th in. Ray Bokelman was in the 16th spot, Blaine Conrad ran 17th, Bryan Matthews held the 18th spot, Ed Maurin was in 19th place and David Schweigart· ran 20th. Jason Coleman was in 21st place, Jasper Oyer was 22nd and Jeff Farshler ran in 23rd place. Mac Marmon and Fernie Padilla were unable to complete their first lap. At the end of their second lap, the 1600 class had a new leader, Rob MacCachren was When they finished their third lap it was still Rob Mac-Cachren leading the class, Jay · Shain remained in the second , spot, he was now nine min-utes in arrears, Chris Boyer held down the third position, Eddie Frainer, who was in,1 for Orlo Cox dropped a spot into fourth and Corey Goin held on in fifth place. Kevin Denault was up a spot into· sixth place, Byron Ziegler ran Continued on page 24 Cody Rash took home the gold medal for his win in Class 9 at the SNORE Mint 400, he's seen here on the course finishing another lap. Chris Raffo came out west for the Mint 400, he finished a very Rick Johnson ran third most of the Class 1 race, he took home the bronze decent second place in Class 3, he's seen here at speed. medal, he was only 13 minutes out of the win after an eight hour run. It was a third place finish in Class 1 for Rick Romans, he's seen here in beautiful level flight on his way home. Page 22 May 2009 Dusty Times

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It was a first off the podium finish for Red Burgin in the Class It was a third place finish for Troy Vest in the Protruck competition, Bill Mc Beath ran in fourth place most of the day in Unlimited 12 scuffle, Red is seen here with the power on. he's seen here at one of many liftoffs during his 11 hour day. Truck, he's seen here on his way to the blessed finish line. seventh, Robbie Madison was it was sandy, dusty and silty, first lap it was Andy Schifanelli still ran in fourth. eighth place and Rob Clouser in eighth place, Matthew Niles roughest course he's ever been in the lead, Ted Hunnic.utt, When they came around for was in a long ninth spot, lots of was up four.places into ninth on. Byron Ziegler was third Jr. was in the second spot, the checkers it was Ted Hun-problems keeping him down. place and Derek Bradley was to finish, Jay Shain finished he was some 19 minutes in nicutt Jr. taking the win, Andy Second Pro Truck lap, Rob up two spots into 10th place. first off the podium and Co-arrears, Sheldon Paul ran in Schifanelli had some troubles Reinertson remained in the Don Wall remained in 11th rey Goin was the fifth place third place, he was less than a and took second place honors, lead, Rich Bachand was up a place, Bryan Matthews was up finisher. In sixth place was minute back, Dave Crinklaw Dave Crinklaw took the bronze few spots and ran in second to 12th place, Ray Bokelman Matthew Niles, Kevin Denault was in fourth place, he had medal and Sheldon Paul fin-place, Jason Horsley dropped was the unlucky 13th person was right on his heels in sev-lots of troubles and was well ished first off the podium. to third place, Yong Guo Zhao in class, Justin Davis was 14th enth place, Derek Bradley had back and Aaron Osborne spent The Pro Truck troops were was up a spot into fourth and Mike Simpson was up a a great finish in eighth place, more than nine hours getting out in force, the e were nine of place and Aaron Guthrie was spot into 15th. In 16th place Robbie Madison finished in his first lap in the books. Mike them entered and seven made up two spots into fifth place. was Ed Maurin, Blaine Conrad ninth place and Blaine Conrad Lowe was out of the race. it to the end. At the end of Troy Vest remained in the sixth ran in 17th place and Jason was the 10th place finisher. Ray At the end of their second their first lap it was Rob Rein-spot, Dave Mason dropped a Coleman was in 18th place. Bokelman was 11th to cross the lap it was still Andy Schifanelli ertson showing the way, Jason bit into seventh, Bill Driggs Bob Matthews, Rick Boyer and line, Bryan Matthews was 12th showing the way, ·Ted Hun-Horsley was in second place, remained in eighth place and Jeff Farshler were all on their in, Ed Maurin was the 13th nicutt remained ii::i, the second he was nine minutes in arrears, Rob Clouser remained in ninth respective trailers. finisher, Chris Boyer was 14th spot, Dave Crinklaw was up a Dave Mason ran in third place, place. The final 1600 class lap to finish and Jason Coleman spot into third and Sheldon he was another five minutes At the end of their third lap ended and, no real surprises, was the 15th and final finisher Paul dropped to fourth. Aaron back, Rich Bachand ran fourth it was still Reinertson leading Rob MacCachren took the in the 1600 class. Don Wall, Osborne was out of the race. and Yong Guo Zhao was in the class, Jason Horsley was up checkered flag, he was seventh Justin Davis and Mike Simpson Their third lap ended and it the fifth sot. (This ehtry from a spot into second place, Troy overall in the race, he said they were unable to complete their was still Andy Schifanelli lead-China spoke very little English Vest was up three spots into put on KC's for the night but final lap. ing the pack, Ted Hunnicutt re-but were busy taking pictures of third, Aaron Guthrie moved were happy to finish in the There were six trucks en-mained in second place, he was every car and truck entry they up to fourth place and Dave daylight. Eddie Frainer came tered in Heavy Metal and fully 43 minutes behind the leader, saw.) Troy Vest was in sixth Mason was up two places into in second, he was half an hour four of them would take the Dave Crinklaw remained in the place, Aaron Guthrie was run-fifth. Bill Driggs was now in behind the class leader, he said checkers. At the end of their third spot and Sheldon Paul ning seventh, Bill Driggs was in sixth place and Yong Guo Zhao Page 24 May 2009 Dusty Times

Page 25

Jay Shain led the first lap in 1600, fell to second on laps 2 & 3, Todd Welling ran consistent fast laps, just not fast enough, he Ron Gibbs was flying high, wide and handsome, he collected a had troubles on the last lap and finished in fourth place. finished fourth in class 1, seen here just at liftoff. fifth place finish in Class 1 for his efforts. dropped to seventh place with Chester Williams was another into second place, he was 39 Clint Braun remained in sec-win, Mark Bass had a loooong some major problems. Rich minute back irf fourth place. minutes behind, Chester Wil-ond place, still 40 minutes in . fourth lap and dropped into Bachand and Rob Clouser were Lucas Hand was nowhere to liams ran in third place and arrears and Chester Williams second place, he was just a min-on their respective trailers. be seen. Sean Hadley dropped to fourth was in the third spot. Sean ute and change out of the win Fourth lap, final lap and At the end of their second place with mechanical woes. Hadley was out of the race. and Chester. Williams he was when the checkers flew it was it was still Mark Bass in the Mark Bass continued to lead Fourth lap ended and it 15 minutes out of second place. Rob Reinertson takin.g a nice lead, Clint Braun had moved at the end of their third lap, was Clint Braun taking the big Continued on pae■ 26 win, Jason Horsley took second place honors, he was an hour in arrears, Troy Vest was third in , he was another 18 min-utes back, Aaron Guthrie was fourth to finish and Bill Driggs was the fifth truck in. Dave Mason got the sixth finishing spot and Yong Guo Zhao got the seventh place finish. There were 11 trucks entered for the Class 7 skirmish, only one of them would make the required four laps, a miserly 9% finishing percentage. At the end of their first lap it was ·Travis Bozzano in the lead, Al Hogan was second, he was six minutes behind the leader, six minutes more and Charles Anderson came third, Robby Woolworth was running fourth and Dallas Luttrell was in fifth place. Bob Pickering was in the sixth spot, Chris Taylor ran seventh, Jason Richardson was in eighth place, Marc Burnett ran ninth, Jeff Harrison was in 10th place and Brittany Burgos was 11th in. At the end of their second lap it was Al Hogan in the lead, Travis Bozzano dropped into the second spot, Charles Anderson was running third, Dallas Luttrell was up a spot int9 fourth and Chris Tay-lor was up a few spots into fifth place. Robby Woolworth dropped a few spots into sixth and Brittany Burgos was now running in seventh place. Bob Pickering, Jason Richardson, Marc Burnett and Jeff Harrison were all out of the event. Third lap ended and we had a new leader, Charles Ander-son was now the Class 7 leader. Al H Hogan ran second, he was 41 minutes out of the lead, Tra-vis Bozzano was now in third place and Dallas Luttrell ran in the fourth spot. Chris Taylor, Robby Woolworth and Brittany Burgos were all out of the race. It was sort of a downer, only one truck came around for the checkers, it was Charles Anderson taking the win, he· ran trouble free for the four required laps and took home the coveted gold medal. There were five entered in the Class 18 race and three o f them finished their four required laps. When their first lap ended it was Mark Bass showing the way, Sean Hadley was in second place, he was 15 minutes behind the _leader, Clint Braun came along 40 minutes out of the lead and Dusty Times .Raefl raclrS trom SACO . 1,....,,, in 2.0• & z.5• Isl ,Power facf(S ava _..., /fable wtlll ram ass , VW RaclCS ava wer ,acl<. dlllrtynn set.UP or as a Fortin ~rs tie ,ods and _, vallleS rams, resefVO/ ' -Com,.,, __ ...:...,,,,.,nts 8vattable · GPSur,itt;"°"' -All new high oehf)itiofl i.ownrnce 1n 5-, e~, 11rid UY' -16"M dJSPlaY5 8~.,wAAS A/ltenflll .,nremal~CSS"5 .5ealed matlY mote~,.,... ... nnnents Clutches com,--Race Exhaust Headers ~~-"'-'s for all populBI engine~scs -F,.,.,.,_ . ..,_--rour & six puck c1utch -Multi disc, re plates " ,... I IO Ill pressu ~ta,.... ·tot t,earinQS ... -HardWBl'ft: p, and 9" -Available ,n 20{)mtr1 Race Radio packages t hBlldel'S for VW, -Complete ra~ exhaUS . LS1 & LS7 engines . t coated finish ·Available irt raw or 1e tubeS . . bing crossover . , tor -Ffanges. Ill ric srrestt1rs available mufflers & spa custom exnaust taoricating your own Aluminum Radiators 7 May 2009 '----~ rrom eaJB ()8$ig/1S, -Off road PIM .l HD/. Hefla, ACRO, • • tr & tr -$iZf1S ava#al# lt1 4 ~ baJIS,SIS -HIOS with ;m.emal & a,td l,l(liversal lighl bars .ll,focll'lting hatdWfl/'e are available Baja Bug Fiberglass I ' I ,ass bodY panels .exclusive Baja Bug fjberg d<)Or sldn8 & fenders HoOcJs wlJld$hi8ld trame, rs a/SO available .AJumin~m dOOf ~ :::::: & aluminum panels -HatdWflfB tot bo11• Page 25

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Corey ran in fourth spot for the first three laps, had some Pierre lavie didn't have the best of days, he collected a time problems on his last lap and finished in fifth place in 1600. penalty and ended up with a sixth place finish in the Class 1 battle. Gale Pike and family ran in second place for three laps in Class 3, a six hour last lap dropped them into a third place finish. he was 13 minutes in arrears, Ben Phillips ran third, Bruce Finchum was now running in fourth place and Brian Riebe was in the fifth spot. Bruce Friesen was up a spot into sixth place, John Doe ran in seventh place, Lenny Holder was eighth, Louis Chamber-land ran ninth and Glen Rolfe was in 10th place. Kent Kroeker was the only entry in Stock Full, he motored around in his good looking Dodge and went home with the class win. A nice win for Rory Ward, He led Class 15 all the way, he's seen here working on his hour and a half lead for the four laps. At the end of their third lap it was still Vance Smith leading the pack, Gary Messer was right there in second place, he was only seconds behind, Brian Riebe was up a few spots into third place, John Doe was up three spots into fourth place and Bruce Friesen was up a place into fifth. Louis Cham-·berland was up three spots into sixth place, Ben Phillips had dropped down to seventh in class and Glen Rolfe ran in eighth place. Bruce Finchum and Lenny Holder were out of the race. The Class 5-1600 race had six cars. entered and two of them would make all four laps. When their first lap ended it was Glen Mayernick in the lead. Bob Gross was second in, he was 25 minutes in arrears, Patrick Dailey was third in, he had lots of troubles and ran a six hour lap and Raul Solano was running in fourth place. Colin Campbell and Brandyn Kalor were off the scoring charts. At the end of their second lap it was still Glen Mayer-nick in the lead, Bob Gross remained in second place, Pat-rick Dailey was third and Raul Solano remained in fourth. Third lap ended, surprise!, Glen Mayemick was still lead-ing the class, Patrick Dailey was a long second place and Bob Gross and Raul Solano were out of the race. Fourth lap e·nded, Glen Mayernick came in for the checkered flag, a good win and Patrick Dailey took home second place honors. There were 13 all set for the Trophy Lite race, they too had four laps to run. They had 13 entered in class and six of them made it to the fin-ish line. When their first lap ended it was Bruce Finchum in the lead, Vance Smith was right there in second place, he was a mere three seconds out of the lead, Lenny Holder was The entire staff and management at Kartek Off-Road would like to send their sincere condolences to Irving \\Bud" Feldkamp and family for his tragic loss of nine family members. Feldkamp1s two daughters, two son-in-laws and five grandchildren were lost when their commuter plane crashed in Butte, Montana while on vacation. Page 26 May 2009 running third, Gary Messer ran fourth and Ben Phillips was in the fifth spot. Brian Riebe was holding down sixth place, Bruce Friesen was lucky sev-enth, John Doe? Was in eighth place, Louis Chamberland was in ninth place and Glen Rolfe was in the 10th spot. Billy Worthing, Mike Jenkins and Randy Blacker were nowhere to be seen. Their second lap ended and Vance Smith was now in the lead. Gary Messer dropped into second place, When .they came around for the checkered flag it was Gary Messer taking a very nice win, Vance Smith had some troubles and dropped into the second spot, Brian Riebe ,1 took the bronze medal, Louis Chamberland finished first off the podium and John Doe was Courtney Collins led the last three laps in the Class 13 fracas, she took the checkers with more than an hour in hand. The brothers Moss took their umpteenth win in their Ford Bronco at the SNORE Mint 400, seen here at speed. Dusty Times 7T

Page 27

Vance Smith led the second and third laps in the Trophy lite race, had some problems on the last lap settles for a second place finish. Dave Campbell ran fast and consistent laps in the Class 12 shootout, he finished second, he's seen here getting set for touchdown. Gary Messer took the Trophy lite lead on the last lap, when it counted, he had over half an hour on his competition at the checkers. fifth to finish. Bruce Friesen came in for a sixth place finish. Ben Phillips and Glen Roth were unable to complete their last lap. There were six cars entered in Class 9 and here too, only one of them would see the checkered flag. They too had four 100 mile laps to run and when they completed their first lap it was Cody Rash in the lead, Ryan Tyler was in second place, but it was a long second after mechanical woes along the way, Cameron Blackley was in the third spot and Kevin Mattes ran in fourth place. Vicki Lenard and Joe Forte were nowhere to be seen. Second lap ended and Cody Rash still held the class lead, Ryan Tyler remained in sec-ond place but he was an hour in arrears, Cameron Blackley remained in third place and Kevin Mattes was out of the race. Third lap came to an end and Cody Rash was the only car running, Ryan Tyler and Cameron Blackley had fallen by the wayside. Fourth lap and although Cody Rash had some problems and a five hour lap, he sol-diered on and took the check-The StockBug win went to Robert Johnson, they only had to complete three laps for their race, Bob led the last two laps for the win. ered flag for a Class 9 victory. gue leading the class, Brock The Stock Full class only Hersam was no longer in the had one entrant, it was Kent running. Kroeker, he cruised around at Dana completed his third four hours per lap and took the lap but was unable to complete class win happily. his fourth lap and so, he too The Mini Metal class only was a dnf. had two entrants, Dana Da-Class 7S wasn't that hot gue and Brock Hersam and, either, there were five of them unfortunately, neither one of entered but none of them them was able to complete the would complete the race. At required laps. At the end of the the end of their first lap it was first lap it was Dana Dague in Brandt Anderson in the lead, the lead, Brock Hersam trailed Jason Hutter ran in the second him by some 40 minutes. Second lap saw Dana Da-Bryan Folks got it all together on the third lap, cruised on in for a great Class 12 win, he's seen here scootin' over the hard stuff. spot while Steve Rose, Heidi Steele and Peter Garfinkle were nowhere to be seen. At the end of the second lap it was Jason Hutter now in the lead while Brandt Anderson fell to second place. When the third lap came to an end, the only one running was Brandt Anderson, he col-lected a six hour lap, started out on his fourth lap but he was never seen again. Class 15 was next, they had nine entered in the class and four of them would see the checkers. When their first lap1 ended it was Rory Ward show-' ing the way, Ryan Cohee was running in second spot, Greg'. Crew was running third, Jerry Stewart ran in fourth place, 1 Jim Com was in fifth place and Clark Copiano was in sixth place. David Bondurant, Paul Sullivan and Scott Foster were' nowhere to be seen. Continued on page 29 we would l.ike to congratulate •o•• .,,,,. Our ~so • MA11e11 ~, n • SAll6TOW, CA TJ Flores took over the Class 1 lead on the third lap and it was all his race from thereon, seen here with his casual driving style. Bill Zolg had no problem taking the win in Class 5, his competition fell by the wayside and he just cruised in for the victory. Dusty Times CDdy Jeffers/Ja111es ward ..-Class , • 21111 av .. 11 navey Girdner/Tom Craig Jr. 1n111aca112■1aaa DaUg Sllcock 1st Place Class 12 us tJet YOU TO TIie Plnlsll 6.lne 818-998-2739 9763 V!,RIEL AVENUE, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 May 2009 Page 27 ...

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Brian ._ ""'..,11&.IU. .... ~ SCORE Troptr/ Tnl:k. Rick St John SCORE Mikey Lawren SCCR: Class 1000 Norman Turley SCORE Class 7sx 9 SCORE San -Felipe 250 Brian c.oilinc; #12 SCORE San Felipe 250 • CNerallRaoeWmer Trqnf Trude Wmer Ronny Wilson #l()(J SCORE San Felipe 250 Class 1 Wirier han all ther shock manufacturers combined. & y Wl&Jl SCORE Class 1 Kevin Carr ~nr-Class s Dave Crinklaw SCORE Class a DonM~SCCH <as 3 Gavin Skilton SCORE 5'x:k Mli Ja,e CandlolaJr SW£ Class 7

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Greg Crew had a couple of really long laps at the Mint 400 but Justin MBeanH Smith had a fairly good race, he ran as low as sixth Byron Ziegler made his way through the pack to take a third he still took a second place finish in the Class 15 contest. in Class 12 but he took home the bronze medal for his troubles. place finish in the Class 1600 battle, he's seen here at full tilt. Second lap ended and Rory Ward continued to lead, Greg Crew was now in second place, he was 41 minutes behind the leader, Jim Corn was run-ning third, he was another 27 minutes back and Ryan Cohee was fourth, another minute be-hind. Jerry Stewart and Clark Copiano were off the scoring charts. Third lap ended and Rory Ward continued to lead, Greg Crew remained in the second spot, he was losing ground to the leader, Ryan Cohee was up a spot into third and Jim Corn was down a place into fourth place. When they came in for the checkered flag, it was a nice win for Rory Ward, second in was Greg Crew, he was well over an hour in arrears, Jim Corn was another back in third place and Ryan Cohee was fourth, another 40 minutes back. Glen Mayernick led Class 5/1600 all the way, he had about half an hour on his competition and happily took the win. There were seven entered in Class 13, only two would overcome the four long, rough and dirty laps. At the end of their first lap we saw Ashley Davis leading the pack, Court-ney Collins was nine minutes in arrears in second spot, Bill Shapley ran in third place, an-other 11 minutes back, Henry Vasquez ran in fourth place, Beau Binkowski was fifth and Kelly Suiter came in sixth. John Houlton was nowhere to be seen. When their second lap ended it was now Courtney Collins leading the class, Bill Shapley ran in second place, he was nine minutes behind the leader, Kelly Sutter was in the third spot, Henry Vasquez remained in fourth lace and • s• Color Display Ashley Davis held on in fifth place. When their third ended, it was still Courtney showing the way, Billy Shapley, who was in for his dad, held on in second place and Kelly Suiter ran in the third spot. Henry Vasquez and Ashley Davis were off the scoring charts. When their fourth lap ended it was Courtney Collins taking a great win. Steve Alexander, who was in for the under-the-weather Billy Shapley brought the car in for a great second place finish and Kelly Suiter was unable to complete the final lap. Class 1450 had seven ve-hicles entered, but here also, none of them made it to the finish line. When their first lap ended it was Garrick Frei-tas in the lead, Bob Land was running in the second spot and Tim Scott ran in third place, Andrew Leavitt was running fourth Eric Ludian was fifth in and Joe Ruffo was the sixth one in. Chuck Krumm was nowhere to be seen,. • Internal 16 Channel GPS Antenna 1 ..... __ _ • US and Baja Map Their sec-ond lap ended and Garric~ Freitas still leading the class, Bob Land was sec-ond, he was 20 minutes in ar-rears and Tim Scott remained in third place. Andry Leavitt, * Sirius radio and weather Eric Ludian and Joe Ruffo ___ ,::S:::8:u.:..s.1:.::i' ::,aO::.. ____ ...ll~:.::,,:JJ.. ___ were on their 7915 Balboa Ave. 425 N. Marshall Ave. respective trail-858.565.7792 619.442.8689 ers. Escondido Temecula Third lap, _ _,2"'"64,...,,.S'"'A'""u""'to....,,.P-a'"'rk""W,..,..ay ___ ....,.J.,....,.... ........ A,.__ Bob Land was 26901 efferson ve. now running 760.748.3193 951.326.2880 in first place, \N\N\N off, oactvva, chou~._.c cc:>n1 Dusty Times Garrick Freitas ran in second place, he had a six hour lap and Tim Scott re-mained in the third spot. That's all there was, none of them were able to com-plete their final lap. Class 3 was next up. They too had four laps to make it a race, there were six entered in the class and three of them finished. When they completed their first lap it was Don Moss in the lead, Gale Pike was in the second spot, he was 24 minutes down to the leader, Charles At-kinson was third in and Chris Raffo in the fourth spot. Scott Maloney and Tim Dombrowski were not in sight. Second lap ended and Don Moss was still showing owing the way, Gale Pike held on in second place, Charles Atkin-son remained in third place and Chris Raffo ran fourth. Third lap ended and the Moss boys were still # 1, the Pike family remained in sec-ond place, Chris Raffo had moved up into the third spot and Charles Atkinson failed to complete his fourth lap. There were only two cars in Class 5, Bill Zolg ran all four laps in a bit over 12 hours and took the Class 5 win. Tomas Morales never completed a lap so Bill was the big winner. There were eight cars en-tered in Class 11, they only had three laps to go for their race, but that's a long rough haul for an old bug. Two of them made it all the way. Nonethe-less, at the end of their first lap it was Felipe Sanchez leading the class, Bob Johnson was in second place, Jerry Ornellis was third car, Dave Cote was in fourth, Richard Palasik ran in fifth and Ed Mahoney was run-ning in sixth. Gary Leavitt and May 2009 Clint Braun took the gold medal in the Class 18 scuffle, he had about 11 minutes on his competition when he took the checkers. Mark Murrell were never seen. Their second lap ended and now it was Bob Johnson in the class lead, Felipe Sanchez dropped to second place, Dave Cote was up a spot into third, Jerry Ornellis dropped a spot into fourth, Richard Palasik remained in fifth place and Ed Mahoney was sixth in. Third lap, last lap for these RIGHT: Matthew Niles was a bit off the winning pace, he drove to a sixth place finish in Class 1600, he's seen here slightly airborne. Class 11 cars and when the check-ers flew it was Bob Johnson taking a nice win, Felipe San-chez suffered a time penalty for cutting a corner short and, that's all there was. Dave Cote, Jerry Ornellis, Richard Palasik and Ed Ma-honey all expired somewhere on their last lap. And so it ended, a great race, a great course and a whole bunch of good people who enjoy challenging the desert in their machines. Next up is Caliente, racing in I t:l'IIIISman Jat:lls & Wlaunt Kits • Secure mounting platform for raucar, pre-runner or chas, vehicle • Seff•latchlng qulck•f8leas11 qstem loch th, Jack to the chan/1 • Spring loaded qulck-relea!B mount secures the Jack handle • Flat base Increase Jack'$ footprint and prevents the Jack from sinking In the ,and or sill Sprln11 /"tiff qaJck-r,fun moa111 Page 29

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·-~·~ - cMillin BFGaadrich ~ Homes --~~--~ ~f!iiiiiiiiiiiiiii::: . -I

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Doo Wop RALLY ~ H~rdevall. Captures 4th Doo wop crown Text & Photos: Jim Culp Carl Jardeva/1 and Dave Schrenk were first overall in both rounds of the Doo Wop Series, here in their Mitsubishi lancer Evo 8. Carl Jardevall and co-driver Dave Schrenk drove through rain, snow, sleet, hail and even a little sunshine to win the 21st Doo Wop Rally Se-ries Championship. Driving a Mitsubishi Evo 8, the Nordic Motors team finished three minutes and 29 seconds ahead of the new Subaru lmpreza of Mark Mager and Miller Dumaoal. The NASA Rally Sport event started in the port city of Aberdeen and raced through everything Mother Nature could dish out in the hills of Southwest Washington. Con-ditions varied from stage and sometimes from mile to mile. A native of Sweden, Jarde-vall currently resides in Half Moon Bay, California, but he's been rallying in the Northwest since 1989. Jardevall was also the Doo Wop Series Champ in 2000, 2004 and 2007. His co-driver Schrenk is a long time Saab racer from Seattle. Mager and Dumaoal were the fastest of the local teams, finishing 1: 13 ahead of Dave and Rick Hintz in their Subaru WRX. The Subaru STI of Paul Eklund and Jeff Price finished fourth, while yet another lm-preza driven by Mike Goodwin and Tina Warner finished fifth overall and first in the Production GT class. The battle for the two-wheel drive championship prize 'Yas a classic. Adam Crane and Britta Nielsen were the fastest two-wheel drive finisher in a Group 2 Toyota Corolla, but their path to victory was a little unusual. Racing through the woods on Saturday, Crane and Nielsen spotted their toughest competition stuck in a ditch. Instead of celebrating, they stopped and offered a tow to Nate Tennis and Amity Trowbridge. "We sure weren't expecting it", said Trowbridge, "they really kept us in the Dusty Times rally." On Sunday, Tennis and Trowbridge stormed into the class lead, but the motor in their Saab 99 started to expire. On the last stage of the day, the Saab was overheating and limping along on two cylin-ders. Crane and Nielsen took the lead in the last mile of the rally, taking the two-wheel drive honors by 11 seconds after two days of racing. RALLYMOTO: The 2009 edition of the Doo Wop included motor-cycles for the first time. The Rally·Moto competitors en-joyed a tight competitive battle with lain Glynn coming out · on top. BMW rider Glynn came from last place on Day 1 to finish 17 seconds ahead of David Dunn on a KTM and Jerry Brown on a BMW, who finished tied for second place. Another BMW rider, Mark Albertson finished fourth, while Mitch Comstock was fifth on a KTM. The whole Rally Moto field was covered by just two and a half minutes. Even with the challenging weather, the first Doo Wop Rally Moto was gauged a suc-cess by all involved. DOOWOP 1: The rally opened with a short run down the Blue Slough Road. This is a lovely little paved road that looks straight on the map, but fol-lows a crooked path; left, right, rising and falling. The road is shoe-horned between the Chehalis River on the north and a hillside on the south. J ardevall and Schrenk start-ed first and posted a time of 3:08, all the fast Subarus in the northwest couldn't beat that time, but one car did. The defending Doo Wop champ John Lane and his co-driver Jason Grahn posted a 3:06 in their 1976 Volvo 262. Lane was even faster on his second run dow~ the Blue Slough Road, but he missed one of the chicanes used by the organizers to slow the top speeds on the pavement. J ardevall posted the fastest time on the second stage, and all the other stages in the rally, to take the overall win by 1: 19 Mager and Dumaoal. Mager' s speed in his new Subaru lmpreza was impres-May 2009 Mark Tabor and Nick Taylor took the Production GT Class win, seen here at speed in their Subaru lmpreza WRX. Charles Buren and Mike Milos were the Group 5 winners, they're seen here before they burned up a turbo on their Subaru lmpreza. sive as he battled Hintz for lots of slippery turns and trees the title of fastest northwest lurking at the end of the road. driver. The two swapped stage This year the weather added times early on, but in the end to the difficulty, at times the it was Mager ahead by 23 stage was covered with frozen seconds. rain and snow. The two runs through the Mark Tabor and Nick Taylor Montesano City Forest were raced to fourth overall at Doo the highlights of the day. The Wop 1 in a Production GT nine mile stage known as Pico class Subaru WRX. Charles is a technical challenge with Continud on page 32 Page 31

Page 32

.. ◄.:,_J._. __ -.,-: .. _,.. ........ .. ~ .. --:-: - .... !" --~ Mark Mager and Miller Dumaoal were the silver medal winners Second Open, third overall, Dave and Rick Hintz ran hard at Doo overall, gold medal in SP GT, seen here in their new Subaru lmpreza. Wop, seen here throwing gravel in their Subaru WRX. Lou Beck and Randee Orion rally rapidly through the snow on their way to a 4th place finish in Group 2 in their Ford Focus. Buren and Mike Milos were fifth in the first two-wheel drive car, another Subaru lmJ?reza. Eklund and Price were sixth, running on three cyl-inders after a coil became disconnected on the first stage. Eklund said, "We had an engine vibration and it sounded strange on stage, but I never felt it was really down on power, I thought I had a bent a valve." Goodwin and Warner were seventh overall, second in POT, while Lane and Grahn finished eighth delayed by a broken wheel and a spin on the days final stage. Malcolm Davies and Bruce Parker were ninth with Steve and Kelly Geer tenth. Matt Tabor and Jeff Zurschmeide finished 11th, third in the POT class. Crane and Nielsen were the Group 2 winners in their Corolla, 12th overall and just 12 seconds ahead of Andrew Lockhart and Don Buress in a VW Golf. Tennis and Trow-bridge were third in class at the end of the day after they were rescued by Crane. Jay Woodward and Jasper Umetsu ran with the leaders in the all-wheel drive Mazda Protege turbo until they broke the differential and parked it for the day. · DOOWOP2: Sunday morning brought freezing temperatures and snow flurries right down to sea level. Tn.e most dangerous driving of the day may have been the transit over the hills to the start of the first gravel stage. "The gravel stages were great in the snow", said Jarde-vall, "but it was really treacher-ous on the highway." J ardevall and Schrenk re-sumed their domination, post-ing the fastest times on all of the seven stages in Doo Wop 2. They finished more than two minutes ahead of Mager and Dumaoal. Hintz and Hintz were third again, but Eklund and Price moved their Adam Crane and Britta Nielsen took the Group 2 win, in spite of helping their closest competitor seen here in their Toyota Corolla GTS. three cylinder Subaru up. to fourth. Goodwin and Warner improved to fifth overall and captured the win in the POT class. Tennis and Trowbridge were sixth" overall and first in Group 2, but only eight seconds ahead of Crane and Nielsen. There was another eight second g·ap back of the third Group 2 finishers, Lou Beck and Randee Orion in a Ford Focus. The top three two-wheel drive cars separated by 16 seconds, that's a great race. Geer and Geer finished ninth; Lockhart and Burress and Joh"n Elkin 11th, the Production class winners in a Nissan Sentra. The fan' s favorite 500 horsepower Volvo, driven by Lane and Grahn, rolled out of the .rally in a snowstorm on the first stage of the day. Bu-ren and Milos had the Group 5 class wrapped up until the turbo went up in flames two stages from the end. Sadder still was the result for Gary Cavett and Martin Burnley, after problems on Day 1, they were locked into the top five finish until their Subaru expired just before the Nate Tennis and his aunt, Amity Trowbridge drove their Saab 99 to the Group 2 win in Doo Wop 2, they were 3,d overall in the Group 2 contest. The Production Class win went to Bruce Tabor and John Elkin, they're seen at speed in their Nissan Sentra SE-R. Mike Goodwin and Tina Warner won PGT in Doo Wop 2, they were second overall PGT for the rally in their Subaru lmpreza WRX. lain Glynn rode the BMW to a first place finish in the Doo Wop Rallymoto, he's seen here quire wet and probably quite cold. Paul Eklund and Jeff Price, Subaru STi, ran the entire rally on David Dunn rode his KTM SXC to a second place finish at Doo Jerry Brown is seen here guiding his BMW G65O X Challenge three cylinders, they were the third Open car to finish. Wop, he's seen here slogging through the muck. through a quite slippery gravel section, at least he looks dry. Page 32 May 2009 Dusty· Times r

Page 33

~~~ OFF ROAD SHORT COURSE Opening Day B:y Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Not too bad ~ weekend for Joe Whitely, he took a second and a first place finish in Pro Single SIC Buggy, seen here at speed. Chris Brandt drove his Toyota to a win on both Saturday and Sunday, giving him the win in the Pro SIC lite class. Devore, CA: With the de-mise of CORR and its short course series, a handful of promoters and interested persons have taken steps to fill the gap. It wonrt be easy. None come equipped with quite the combination of funding, sponsqrs, race teams and land that gave the Bald-win effort a boost up in the beginning. But if something doesn't get going it won't be for lack of trying. At the base of the Cajon Pass, in Devore, the Glen Helen facility has been used for bikes for years, and inter-mittently for cars and trucks. For the most part the track was fun, but better suited to bikes. Now they have taken the bull by the horns, and built a completely new track, in no way connected to the bikes' playground. This new track is about a mile in length and similar in configuration to CORR's Pomona circuit, without the big hole in the middle, and of course, with no pavement turns. There are two hairpin turns, one long sweeper, a couple of double jumps, some moguls and a ta-ble-top. It's got plenty to test the skill of the drivers and capabilities of the vehicles. The classes invited to race include Pro S/C Lite trucks, Pro S/C Buggy and Pro Single S/C Buggy. In addition des-ert classes , as Class. 10 and Class 7 can be fitted in, as well as Superlites and Pilot/ Stadium Lites. Pretty much Good time? Well, we're not sure, Andy Alsobrook took the 1st race win, dnf'd the second race but it was enough to get the class win. anyone who wants to race will be fitted in somewhere. For the first weekend of their 2009 sedes there was little more than the track in place. Grandstands are planned and an additional snack stand, close to the new section, is in the plans also. But for the first weekend it was possible to park close enough to sit in one's vehicle or the bed of a pickup and watch the show. In the Pilot/Stadium lite Class it was Steve Nelson taking the win, he won both heats, he's seen here nicely airborne. The schedule on the first weekend called for two heats for each class. As it happened, there'd been so much rain in the previous week, that it had taken a long time to clear out all the standing water and recreate some of the track. The racing got going at about 1: 15, after everyone had had some practice and a chance to make adjustments or repairs. In the first heat of the day, Ron Carter drove his Tatum Class 10 car to the overall win, which he dedicated to the memory of his late daugh-ter. The car isn't exactly a Class 10, since it has a two liter Type I VW motor in it. In the second heat John Sprague did the driving in the same car and he also stayed in front, giving the team the weekend v-ictory. Jeff Barrett took the win in the first race, took a silver medal in the second race and ended up second overall in the Single SIC Buggy class. In the Pro Super S/C bug-gies, Andy Alsobrook tried hard to keep up with the Carter/Sprague team, but couldn't get it done. Still he outlasted the other car in his class by being the only fin-isher, to get a weekend win,. In the Pro Single S/C bug-gies Joe Whiteley drove a car bought from back east sev-eral years ago. It's a genuine short course 1600 car, and he took a second place in the first heat and a first in the second heat to go home with the weekend win. He really liked the track, particularly, the "nice banked turns". Jeff Barrett, in a BRM Pounder chassis, also really liked the track. He took a first and a second, to give him second place for the weekend. Holly Hoffman was the only one there with a Class 7 truck (it's a pre-runner truck) and she got into the soft dirt at t~e edge of a tight turn and rolled her truck, ending up on her side. They had her back on her wheels pretty quickly, but some fluids had escaped, and there'd been a brief flare of fire, so she and her crew decided to park it Cantinud an page 34 Joey Reyes gave it all he could muster at Glen Helen, he finished Not a good day for Holly Hoffman, she rolled her truck and she John Beyer took a second place finish in the first heat, was a dnf second overall in the Pro SIC lite class in his Nissan. decided it was best to park the vehicle for the rest of the day. in the second heat and that left him fourth in SIC lite. Dusty Times May 2009 Page 33

Page 34

Finishing third in Heat 1, a dnf in the second heat, it all added up Jerry Byerman ran his Stadium lite car to a second place finish to a third overall finish in SIC Buggy for Gary Williams. in both heats, that gave him a second place overall at Glen Helen. Bob Borella is listed as a MDid not start• for both Stadium lite Heats but somehow we have a picture of him. for the rest of the day, ass um-second. So Nelson took first said he "had a lot of fun". ing there'd be some things to place for the weekend. He's recently moved up from repair. The trucks all ran at the the Single S/C Buggy class In the Pilot/Stadium Lites same time, although they and is liking the truck. there were three in atten-were not all in the same class. In the second heat it was dance, but one of them, Bob Chris Bral)dt, Joey Reyes, in a the same line up, except Borella, had rolled in ·practice Nissan, and John Beyer were that Hoffman didn't come and was still under repair all in Pro S/C Lite trucks back. Once again, Brandt when the first heat started and they had a terrific battle. went right to the front and so he sat it out. But Steve Brandt jumped into the lead, stayed there, while Reyes Nelson made it all the way, with Beyer battling to over-and Beyer duked it out be-leading all the way to win. take Reyes· behind him. He hind him. They made some In second place it was Jerry got by on the sixth lap after errors, bumped into each Byerman, a quadriplegic, who many tries, and then Reyes other, nearly tipped over and drives with his hand velcroed went back by on the ninth generally entertained the to the steering wheel. lap. And on the tenth lap audience mightily. Fenders Borella came out to make Beyer was back in front, and and other body parts were a try at the second heat, but now the Reyes truck was back-flapping before the heat something was apparently firing. He couldn' t get going was over. At the end of the still not right, so he didn't get fast enough to catch back up 12th lap Brandt came off the to race. Once again, Nelson so it was Brandt, Beyer and jump before the fourth turn led and Byerman finished Reyes for the first heat. Reyes and ran into Brian Cannon, PINCH BOIIIIEII II UNIBAl.l. .t:UPII l~ 2011 lEliAL IA ,, \ BATEi IIElMETB ~ ;;.~~ ~ ----•.V;, 1-fEl Bf 1f 1 '"""" B Page 34 _, <~-----=------· --=--~~ .,_ - -~ -FUEL SAFE RACING CELLS - -.l - - - . . : May 2009 Ron Carter took the win in the first heat, John Sprague drove the Tatum to the win in the second heat, a good day for the Class 10 car. in a Champ Truck. He sort ·second for the weekend and of slid into him broadside, Beyer third, although a DNF. but he stalled and for a brief With a whole series on mome~t it looked as if Beyer the calendar, and ambitious might catch-him, but it didn't plans to upgrade the facil-happen. Then just two laps ity. Glen Helen has become later, Beyer pulled to the side another entry in the short and parked, his truck worn course wars. The calendar out. Running as the only is crowded, and dollars are FPO Superlite truck, David tight, but the will to race is Reyes, brother of Joey, was strong. It will be. interesting barely running by the end of to watch as the various series this heat. develop. For the time being,, Brandt ·got another h~at it means that all those cars win, and took the weekend so recently built, do still have victory, with Joey Reyes in someplace to race. ~ .... .....,-..,_...,..,,..----------------, Brian Cannon almost got his pilots license, he's seen here flying his truck over the course, winning the Champ Truck Class. / David Reyes had a good day, he took the win in both Superlite heats, he's seen here just before touchdown. Dusty Times 11 I

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I' ' '. ~ ,~ -:: --~ -.:., .. ~ :: .. "" :~ -... ., ..,_ -

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ln.12C: NORWAY RALLY . By Martin Holmes Loeb/Elena Win With Citroen C4 Photos: Maurice Selden It was a great win for Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena in Norway, thay're seen here flyin' high in their Citroen C4. "It was very difficult. I had down to Ford and Citroen, and entry of 43. The route itself to push all the way from start Citroen was able to beat /Ford was very similar to two years to finish. This was a rally where on a Scandinavian winter event ago with just one major change. you could lose everything on for the first time in five years. The start of the rally was a the final corner." Sebastien It was Sebastien's 49th WRC superspecial held on the out-proved however that Scandina-victory.and Citroen's 55th-the skirts of Oslo. Although located vian winter rallying, in which he 21st for the C4 WRC. around 200km away from each had succeeded only once before, Rally Norway was missed other the two classic winter really held no more nightmares out last year, as the FIA's rota-events seemed to have their own for him. It was one more victory tion system demanded that the specific characteristics, even for the French super champion championship's winter rally be beyond recent climatic varia-and his remarkable Citroen, run in Sweden. But now back tions. The roads in Sweden are but there was a debut sensa-again in Norway and the con-traditionally faster and wider tion when Skoda's new Fabia ditions were absolutely classic although gently twisting, those Super 2000, on its first World for a winter rally. Once again in Norway seem to be straighter Rally Championship appear-there were four registered world with sharper bends. ance, won the Production Car championship teams, a total of The main pre-event debate category -leading from start eight cars, like in Ireland. The centered around former Subaru to finish, the first time in this only driver change at this level team driver Petter Solberg. series that orthodox Group N was that the Citroen Junior While he considered his op-cars had been beaten. It was Team's car driven by Chris tions he made an entry with a rally when the drivers were Atkinson would be driven by a blank for the type of car. even more important than the the Russian Evgeniy Novikov. Finally the decision was made cars. On the first day no fewer This was 18 year old Novikov's and he entered an eight year than four different types of first rally in a World Rally Car, old Citroen Xsara World Ral-car made best stage times, but but snow was no novelty for ly Car, fitted with an active none created so much pleasure him. On his very first rally, a transmission system, of a type among the Norwegian specta-winter time national cup event which full championship driv-tors as ·when Petter Solberg, a in Russia, he won outright, at ers are no longer allowed to late entry in an eight year old the age of 15. Additionally there use. There were s~veral other Citroen Xsara, won the opening were the Production Car World potentially strong 'P2 entries, superspecial in Oslo, at the start Championship competitors, including two lmpreza WRC of the rally. The other major the first round of the series S 14 cars run by the Adapta pleasure was the early speed this year. In this category there team for Mads Ostberg, the car of Per-Gunnar Andersson in a were 12 entries plus two Guest he has driv,en on two national Skoda · Fabia WRC, borrowed drivers (Andreas Mikkelsen and championship rallies this year, from a Norwegian enthusiast. Bernt Kollevold). The total of and Anders Grondal, a new He scored two fastest stage Priority drivers on the list when car which had already been times and got up to fifth place it finally closed on 4th Febru-prepared for Rally Ireland but overall. But finall the race was ar was 32 out of the total rall was never used. "Never used" Patrik Sandell and Emil Axelsson drove their Skoda Fabia S2000 to the PCWRC win in Norway, see,:, here at high speed. meant on a rally. The weekend first published PCWRC list, before Rally Norway Grondal however, showed 19 competi-rolled the brand new car in pre-tors with widely ranging experi-even t testing when exploring ence. Among the favourites was its road holding capabilities in Martin Prokop, Patrik Sandell, the snow. The car ended up in-Patrik Flodin (the regular driver verted in a ditch, happily little for the Russian Uspensky team), damaged, after only 11km of Armindo Araujo (again with driving. Bernardo Sousa drove Ralloiart Italy) and Eyvind his Fiat at high speed through Brynildsen (who now drives for some trees in forestry, and pre-Ralliart NZ which last year ran event the suspension was badly Juho Hanninen). In Norway damaged. Up in the north of there were three Super 2000s, Sweden Sandell got valuable the Fiats for Bernardo Sousa winter driving experience of the and Jaromir Tarabus and San-Skoda S2000. "Engine-wise it dell's Skoda. Two of the five was similar to the Peugeot, but Pirelli Star Drivers were also somehow this is more fun to entered in the PCWRC, Mar-drive!" Per-Gunnar Andersson tin Semerad and Mark Tapper, entered a Skoda Fabia World but only Semerad in Norway. Rally Car, the car in which he This would be the 18 year old had already won the first round Czech driver's first winter rally. of the Norwegian rally champi-Another important entry had onship this year and had for this been for TSI Racing in India, event a new co-driver, Anders for Gaurav Gill, but he applied Fredriksson. Two types of car to the FIA for permission to go made their world championship to Australia instead of Norway, debut. Patrik Sandell drove the so he did not turn up. first privately run Skoda Fabia Once again there was a major Super 2000, while Anders Kjaer regulation change regarding the and Trond Lyseng both drove tyres that had to be used on the new entry-level Subaru the FIA's world championship Impreza Group N Cup Cars. winter rally. Rules for Rally Monte Carlo Rally had already Norway this year demanded showed the potential of the lat- . that the wheels used during est Fabia. It was interesting to the event had to be exactly the see two quite different types of same as those used on the gravel Fabia competing on the same rounds of the championship event. PG felt confident that (205/65R15). This meant that the WRC version would be a Pirelli had to produce wider lot faster. "If it isn't I will go versions of the traditional nar-straight back home from the row types, which have been first service park", which just used in winter rallies for the happened to be the closest past 50 years, but which are point of the route to his native now banned. In 2008 the nar-Sweden. row tyres were still allowed (for The very wintry Rally Had-the Swedish Rally) but this was eland (second round of the Nor-the start of the Pirelli control wegian championship) showed tyre rules, which in turn led the excellent performance of to a standardised form of stud-the detuned Subaru Impreza ding in which the studs were "Cup Cars". Andreas Mik-built into the treads during the kelsen drives one of these cars original manufacture process. in the Norwegian series this In 2007 drivers could order year, but for Rally Norway he tyres with the traditional variety drove a full Group N car from of alternative degrees of stud the Russian Uspensky team, as protrusions, and so on. teammate to Patrik Flodin. The For over 50 ears Nordic Jari-Matti Latvala and Mikka Anttila drove their Ford focus RS to Henning Solberg and Cato Menkerud get our award for highest Evgeniy Novikov and Dale Moscatt drove their really fantastic a third overall finish, seen here entering a right hander. flyer, they finished fourth overall in their Ford Focus RS. looking Citroen C4 to 11th overall in Norway. Page 36 May 2009 Dusty Times IJ

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Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen were just 10 seconds shy of the win, settled for second place in their Ford Focus RS. drivers won the Swedish Rally, each stage as well. Conditions and apart from Sebastien Loeb were varied. There was some winning the event in 2004, hard packed ice, which favoured MastErCraff ,;;..;;;.;;;==~~~~~ ~ Eyvind Brynildsen and Denis Giraudet drove their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX to a second place finish in PCWRC, seen here in their snowblower. the first cars through the stages, cleared the surfaces. Mads Ost-then there were areas of softer berg was unhappy when his Im~ snow where the passing cars preza's windscreen completely froze over but then the number two Adapta team car had again been off the road losing abour-ten minutes, though Grondal got going again albeit with a damaged gearshift system. Mik-ko Hirvonen was fighting for the lead despite having heater t,rouble, "It was not working too well, and this led to eternal misting on the windscreen. We . cannot open the windows o n our c·ar (because of the new side protection· modifications) so we had to open up the roof vent. It is freezing in the car", he added, stating the obvious. Sebastien Loeb was less than his usual confident self, "The snow is always changing its grip, it is difficult to be confident." But he held on to second place close behind Hirvonen. Hen-Continued an ,111 38 S.AiURD.AU .MAU 16, Z009 8AM7'0IPM NO EARUER / NO LAIE'R the Nordics have continued to dominate winter rallying. There is no specific reason for this, it is the combination of the many unique circum-stances which Nordic drivers experience in every day winter driving. There are special tech-niques of car preparation (like controlling the cooling of the engine, the screen cleaning fluids, everything special for sub-zero driving), to wearing the correct clothing, of making sure that you do not bring snow inside the car (which turns to water and causes windscreens to be misty), for having effec-tive car heating and of course, special driving styles. Loeb was determined to change all that local driver mythology, beating Hirvonen by 0.4 seconds over the short Shakedown course, while Loeb's teammate Sordo was third only 0.1 second slow-er. Among the obvious rivalries further back, Petter Solberg was fifth quickest, a full second faster than his brother. P.G. Andersson's Fabia WRC was over six seconds faster than the S2000 of Sandell while Grondal was 1.2 seconds ahead of Adapta team leader Ostberg. Andersson, however, had to have his Fabia towed from the Shakedown to the Service Park to have a turbocharger changed. Loeb was calm but not fully confident, "I am not afraid these days of driving in winter rallies, the only problem is that sometimes I go into the ~IRJIGE=-snowbanks ... !" Day 1 9 Stages, gravel, 115.8kms There was great excitement at the trotting track east of Oslo where the opening superspecial was run, and the best thing of all for the local spectators was that Petter Solberg was quick-est! It was the boost which the event needed, the complete justification for the nationa-1 hype created by the promoters of the rally! The night belonged to Petter, "Finally we are back in business again ... !" Bernardo Sousa had more problems with the electrics of his car and lost a minute on the stage. The event got going prop-erly on the Friday morning, and there was a happy if slight release from the intense cold which had hung over Hamar earlier in the week and the com-petition was intense. On each of the first three stages a different driver made fastest· times, and there was a leader change after Dusty Times . RACE:t;J" MOfOK(tilOIU'# ~ ~ ff~~ ~ ,., WEITZEL M~ ------.•. ----- -COME TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT DEALS ON ITEMS THAT SOME OF YOUR TOP MANUFACTURES COLLECTED OVER THE YEARS NO ov't~14Hf tAMP1J4 No -,~,,iot\ f ii ~o r-rwtta e~,rai, JIMCO'S PA~KING LOT 9426 Wheatlands Court Santee, CA 92071 • • May 2009 Page 37

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Daniel Sardo and Marc Marti, Citroen C4, finished fifth overall in Norway, if you try and follow too close, this is all you'll see. Per-Gunnar Andersson and Anders Fredriksson were out of the Arminda Araujo and Miguel Rama/ho finished fourth in the PCWRC rally with transmission troubles in their Skoda Fabia. division, they'reseenhereinalefthanderin theirMitsubishiLancerEvo/X. ning Solberg fell back on Stage 3 with snow in the radiator. Sebastien Ogier and Matthew Wilson both spun and stalled. Novikov was learning the art of World Rally Car driving on the ice, "I have been too aggressive, accelerating away from bends," but he was happily lying just ahead of his fellow Citroen Junior Team driver Conrad Rautenbach. The morning stages were repeated in the afternoon and there were surprises to come. Andersson was getting firmly in the groove in the old Fa-bia WRC. He was lying tenth after Stage 4, and was fastest on Stages 6 and 7, up to sixth place ovei:all. Hirvonen held on to his narrow lead through the afternoon, while Jari-Matti was solidly in third a quarter minute or so behind Loeb. Meanwhile the Adapta team were worrying about Ostberg's windscreen problem. They had already fit-Page 38 ted a higher powered heated windscreen but air was still entering the turbo intercooler and coming -in to the cockpit in the form of warm damp air. Driving with the side windows open helped but was not the solution, another very cold crew! Henning Solberg had' a panic when his paddle semi-auto gearshift system failed. He stopped and reverted to manual selection system only for the semi-auto system· to come back to life again. Latvala found his car understeering in the morn-ing, and this was overcome by softening the suspension at the midday remote service point, "The trouble is, you cannot make much change to a car wh·en there is only a remote service point." Urmo Aava dam-aged the left side of his car on Stage 7, caused when spectators were pushing him back on to the road. Loeb explained that he was happy with second, as he would not have to be first car on the road on the second day, but then Hirvonen, run-ning third, reckoned he could just slow up a bit and help his chances for the morning Co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen: "We thought bout slowing down on the final stage, but then when we checked the splits we reckoned that Loeb was going to be just quick enough to take the lead. In any case we ran out of studs on the final stage, as the Citroen always seems to have less tyre wear than our car." Sordo was gqing steadily, enjoying the faster stretches but found it difficult to drive well on slower roads. Petter Solberg decided to take only one spare wheel on the afternoon loop of stages, "This was a mistake,. as we could not swap the tyres around. A problem being in a private team, you can only blame yourself!" There was a re-markable time on the final stage www.rob~ygo May 2009 of the day, when second place went to Novikov despite a quite . wrong set-up, "We thought the stages would be bumpier and had springs too hard, and we also had a problem with the handbrake affecting the differ-entials." Second best time was not too bad! Rautenbach had a strange engine backfiring which kept momentarily cutting the engjne. Ostberg slowed on the final stage of the day because of a gearbox fluid leak which was a fire hazard. What a first leg it had been. Who would ever have imagined that FOUR different types of car would be able to score fastest tim-es? Winter ral-lying certainly lived up to its levelling traditions. In the Production Car cat-egory Toshi Arai had to start the rally with a five minute penalty, because it was neces-sary to change the engine on his car after Shakedown. The team confirmed the engine failed during Shakedown, for reasons not known, but that the Stewards said they must incur a penalty. Only Manufacturers and Manufacturer Team drivers are allowed to change an engine without penalty before the start of a rally, and then only if the circumstances do not fall within the middle of a chain of paired events when the same engines must be used. This concession is not available to other drivers. Patrik Sandell went straight into the lead ahead of Andreas Mikkelsen (rallying a full speci-fication N 14 for the first time), and Patrik Flodin. But on Stage · 5, just before the remote service at Kongsvinger, Sandell went off the road. Helpers flocked to his aid, and next car along, Norwegian Eyvind Brynildsen, found the road full of humans and went off the other side of the road. They helped each other to get going again. Arai meanwhile had gone home with Dusty Times

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another engine failure. Jaromir Tarabus' Fiat had a sticking handbrake but was lying sixth in the category at midday. Mik-kelsen meanwhile was speeding up, setting fastest PCWRC times on Stages 4 and 5, lying 8.3 seconds behind Sandell. In the afternoon Mikkelsen made a couple more fastest times but then on Stage 8 went off the road into a ditch. Mikkelsen's excursion left Sandell nearly two minutes ahead of Armindo Araujo. Holding a remarkable fourth place behind Martin Prokop was the Latvian driver Andis Neiksans. Off the road for a long time were Martin Semerad and Gianluca Linari. Prokop was delayed by Grondal but was disappointed about the pace of Sandell. Day 2 8 Stages, gravel, 118.94kms. The skies remained clear and dry overnight which meant that Ford's wish to see Loeb running first ca~ on the road was to no avail. Ford started to show an interest in the progress of Henning Solberg, now hap-pier than on Day 1. Any chance he had of catching Sordo and taking fourth place from him would give BP Ford the chance to restrict the points advantage of Citroen Total! Still in front of Henning, however, were the non-championship drivers Petter Solberg and P.O. Andersson, both of whom he passed in the first three stages of the day, and after Stage 12 he was 13.6 seconds behind Sordo. "This morning was perfect for me running car one," avowed Loeb, "but this afternoon, that will be quite another matter!" Sebastien made best time on all four morn-ing stages, driving immaculately, according to Hirvonen. "We kept on looking for broken snowbanks where Sebastien might have gone took fast but we never saw any; We were go-ing flat out, but Sebastien was something else. Mr. L. is my only problem these days!" Latvala was comfortably lying third, "I have been sliding round the corners too much, but I know that it is safe for me!" Henning was happy, "Gearbox is fine, car is fine, stages are perfect. I am going to catch Mr. Sordo." Ostberg was eventually going better but others were a little less happy. Sordo was struggling with a broken rear anti-roll bar, Novikov had lost ten seconds at service at the end of Day 1, having his clutch changed, and then lost another 50 seconds for a new starter motor, and still the gearshifting was bad. Rautenbach continued to have brake troubles. Aava was well off the pace, searching in vain for a good feeling with his car. Wilson struggled with a brake pedal which was very hard. Andersson was flying and got up to fifth, best non-Citroen or BP Ford car, when suddenly the transmission · failed and he was out. Eamonn Boland went off the road for 15 minutes. Van Merksteijn senior made a pacenote error and went off while his son was overcom-ing the effects of a bad recce. Ogier had a broken alternator cable all morning and struggled successfully to get the car to the midday service. Loeb started the afternoon 10. 7 seconds ahead of Hirvonen Dusty Times and four stages later he had increased this to 18.0, but in fact the quickest driver of the afternoon was Latvala, who had finally found happiness with his car after fitting softer springs. As predicted the surfaces were a lot softer and running third car on the road was a help to Latvala. Henning Solberg pulled away from Sordo, secure in his second fourth place on successive rallies while brother Petter had a lot of engine misfiring through the af-ternoon, even though he edged ahead of Matthew Wilson into sixth place. Rautenbach found 4is engine full of snow, "Hon-estly, I did not hit a snowbank, I think it was soft snow thrown up on a hairpin corner. Novikov meanwhile had more gearshift-ing trouble, "We were flat out down hill on a long bend when suddenly it shifted gear, and of course that threw us into a spin." In eighth place was Aava, who finally felt happier, in front of Ostberg, who had a power steering fluid leak, and Ogier. Overnight things were hap-pening in the PCWRC world. Firstly Brynildsen asked the organisers to consider the fair-ness of their time loss on Stage 5 because of Flodin's misde-meanour. The stewards saw the unfairness and took more than seven minutes off Brynildsen's time which immediately elevated · him to second in the PCWRC, around one minute behind San-dell. But it was all decided too late to alter the restart order and he was stuck behind slower PCWRC drivers. This problem was compounded when it was decided that PCWRC should in fact run at one minute inter-vals instead of the two minutes at which they started to run on the first afternoon. Prokop should in fact run at one min-ute intervals instead of the two minutes at which they started to run on the first afternoon. Prokop fell back with central differential problems. Mik-kelsen got in front of Nieksans despite going" straight on at the first bad corner of the day. Mik-kelsen's teammate Flodin went off the road again, this time for 12 minutes. Kollevold stopped for the day when the fuel pres-sure failed and he was unable to climb a hill, while gentleman driver Linari had various adven-tures, including spinning in an impossible narrow road. Prokop held on to third place in front of Araujo and teri Mikkelsen, but Mikkelsen was not finished, "Third place should be no prob-lem for me, if I can stop making small silly mistakes." Brynildsen was happy and confident in, sec-ond, wondering what he could do to halt the Skoda, "I really hoped the FIA would do more to balance the S2000 cars with the orthodox Group N cars this year, but they did not. You can see where they gain their time. They really do look like minia-ture World Rally Cars." Sandell just smiled, his Skoda was still running perfectly. Day 3 6 Stages, gravel, 126.15kms. The final day was unusual for a World Championship Rally. Not only the longest of the event, but also faster as well. Things were still too early for tactit:s, but once again a cold clear day was forecast. It was in fact a little bit more cloudy, a little bit warmer -warmer minus 15 to 20. Loeb found he was cleaning the road on Stage 18 (the first stage of the day) and lost 5.3 sec-onds to Hirvonen. He recovered . 6.1 seconds on Stage 19, back to where he started from, then came the remarkable Stage 20. Petter Solberg' s co-driver Phil Mills said: "There is a stretch of 2.56km where everything is 'Falt'." Loeb's co-driver Daniel Elena said "My notes said '1 kilometre NOTHING!'" The technicians had a · good day with a speed trap set along this stretch of road. Fastest on the stage was Loeb whose terminal velocity was 294km, but he was overall only 1.1 second slower than Hirvonen who was clocked at 202 and won the stage. Fastest driver on the stretch, however, was Petter Solberg at 208. "It shows I have big balls, it's just a pity we cannot make stage times to match!" Ostberg did not have a good start to the day, "We changed the power steering, but then discovered that the rack itself was damaged." He was five minutes late setting off, incur-ring a 50 second penalty. Wilson had a panic on the start line of Stage 20 when his intercom started crackling badly, and he swapped helmets with his co-driver. Rautenbach was bemused by the curios"ity about the speed. · 'Tm a little surprised about·all this, it is .very little different to the speeds we are used to o·n African rallies!" The second loop of stages produced no shocks. It looked like Hirvonen might just catch Loeb, but he was not as comfort-able in his Ford as Loeb was in · the Citroen, and when he felt the tyres were beginning to lose their grip he slowed up and made certain of second place. Latvala o~ershot a junction on the final stage and again played safe after that, especially after he had a moment when the bonnet on his Focus came loose on a high speed stage. Rautenbach's. car was withdrawn at service after the final stage. In PCWRC, the day started badly for Mikkelsen, when he found his battery was flat. It appeared he had left the elec-trics switched on overnight. Sandell overshot a junction but otherwise the Skoda was on its way to a debut win for the type in the World Championship, and the first win for a S2000 in the PCWRC. Brynildsen found that the orthodox Group N cars were faster in a straight line, but Sandell admitted "After finding that I was in danger of over revving in top gear I eased-off. I broke my engine on the final stage in Wales Rally GB, and wasn't about to do the same again here!" On the sec-ond loop Mikkelsen's problems continued, and when he had two punctures on the same stage he was forced to retire. Semerad lost nearly 20 minutes on the final stage. Sandell continued without problems and scored a historic victory for the model, for Skoda as well as his first win inn PCWRC. "It was so enjoy-able because we love driving in these conditions. The trouble is that we started to forget what we were trying to do, and it was dif-ficult to work out exactly how hard ·we should drive." With two rounds of the 2009 WRC held Citroen Total continue to hold a ten point lead over BP Ford in the Manufacturers' series while Loeb holds a six-point lead over Hirvonen in the Drivers' ~eries. lAJeC: 23rd Rally Norway (N) Hamar 12/15.02.2009 WCR round 2, PCWRC round l WC points PC l (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC 459EMX78 (F) 3h.28m.15.9s. 10 10 2 (3) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN PXOBAXB (GB) 3h.28m.25.7s. 8 8 3 (4) Jari-Matti LXTVALA/Miikka Anttila RS WRC AG57CKA (GB) 3h.29m.37.7s. 6 4 (6) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud N EU07SUA (GB) 3h.3lm.49.4s. 5 5 WR WD Citroen C4 Ford Focus RS • WRC WRC FIN 6 Ford Focus Ford Focus RS WRC 5 (2) Daniel soru,o/Marc Marti~ Citroen c::4 454EMX78 (F) 3h.32m.07 .. 9s. 4 -. 4 6 (11) Petter Solberg/Philip Mills 526ERR78 (F) 3h.34m.4l.3s. . 3 7 -(16) Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin lES (GB) 3h.34m.51.5s. 2 N/GB GB Citroen Xsara Ford Focus RS WRC WRC 8 (5) Urmo·;AAVA/Kuldar Sikk EE Ford Focus RS WRC EU07SUF (GB) 3h.35m.05.0s. 3 l 9 (18) Mads Ostberg/01&.' . .Kristian Unnerud N Subaru Impreza WRC AA49374 (N) 3h.38m.16.4s. 10 (12) -Sebastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia F Citroen C4 WRC 738DYN78 (F) 3h.41m.05.7s .. 11 (7) Evgeniy NOVIKOV/Dale Moscatt ROS/AUS Citro.en C4 WRC 738EGZ7~ (F) 3h.43m.36.9s. 2 . 12 (46) Paerik Sandell/Emil Axels~on s PCWRC llR0043 (CZ) 3h.49m.43.6s.* · 13 (49) Eyvind Brynildsen/Denis Giraudet Lancer Evo IX PCWRC TDA310 (S) 3h.50m.27.7s. 14 (20) Anders Grondal/Maria Andersson N/S M700WRC (GB) 3h.51m.48.0s. 15 (31) Martin Prokop/Jan Tomanek Evo IX PCWRC 3JR710S (CZ) 3h.S2m.40.3s. 16 (47) Armindo Araujo/Migue-1 Ramalho Evo IX PCWRC DJ924 GW (I) 3h.53m.40.6s. CZ p 17 (40) Andis Neiksans/Peteris Dzirkals LV Evo IX PCWRC FV3333 (LV) 4h.00m.23.5s. Skoda Fabia 62000 10 N/F Mitsubishi 8 Subaru Impreza WRC Mitsubishi Lancer 6 Mitsubishi Lancer 5 Mitsubishi Lancer 4 18 (22) Peter van Merksteijn jr/Eddy Chevaillier NL/B Ford Focus RS WRC EU55BMY (GB) 4h.Olm.09.7s. 19 (44) Jaromir Tarabua/Daniel Trunkat CZ S2000 PCWRC 02R0027 (CZ) Fiat Grande Punto 3 20 (23) Peter van Merksteijn sr/Erwin Mombaerts NL Ford Focus RS WRC EJ56FXA (GB) 4h.03m.03.2s. 25 (45) Patrik Flodin/Goran Bergsten s PCWRC E19"0KB (199, ROS) 29 (37) Frederick Sauvan/Thibault Gorczyca Lancer Evo ·IX PCWRC. 632WWS06 (F) 4h.24m.48.0s. 32 (60) Bernt Kollevold/Veronica Engan N Evo IX PCWRC DJ83928 (N) . 4h.33m.56.4s. (7) 33 (35) Martin S~merad/Bohuslav Ceplecha Lancer Evo IX PCWRC 01R0038 (CZ) 4h.39m.05.8s. 34 (34) Gianluca Linari/Andrea Gecchi I PCWRC CY856CZ (I) 4h.44m.38.9s. Subaru Impreza Nl4 2 F Mitsubishi 1 Mitsubishi Lancer CZ Mitsubishi Subaru Impreza Nll 42 (14 PCWRC) starters. 34 (11 PCWRC) finishers. +Group N winner. MANUFACTURERS' REGISTERED DRIVER. (Missed stages or road sections) Winner's average speed over stages May 2009 Page 39

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@ab Sa• Luis 275 Magness overalls By Byrle Moore Plwtos: Poto-Baja-Mex Christian Buelna was the Class 10 winner, but it was close, he only had six seconds in hand at the checkered flag. The Magness/Correa/Robinson truck was the Class 1 winner as well as taking the overall win, seen here at speed. I guess, if you love off-road-racing and are in love, it would be appropriate to produce a race to coincide with Valentine's Day and the weekend. Well CODE is, does and did. They held a great race on the 14th, and contingency on the 13th and the awards on the 15th• Back this all up with a trip, shared with your si nificant other, and the Saint 2:28:01. Just ten minutes and ten seconds back was the team of David Gonzalez Jr. and Noe Ibarra; their time of 2:38: 11 took the silver. Meanwhile an-other 12 minutes back was the bronze team made up of Collie Potter and Mike Eiklenborg in with a time of 2:50:32. And the fourth place team consisted of Alberto Ruiz, Alfredo Os-orino and Edgar Espinoza in at 3:02:26. These were the Clase Matos Pro riders, winners, and finishers. There were seven starters and six finishers in the Clase Matos Sportsman. A team made up of Carlos Becerril and Mike Stein headed that group with a finishing time of 2:58: 13 for the win. Second lace finisher was The three Vargas boys took the Class 12 honors at the 275, they are seen The Lopez/Zavala/Montiel truck was the big winner In the Class 8 contest, here in their good looking car dn the way home. the absolutely gorgeous vehicle is seen here at high speed. the team of Armando Meneses and Adrian Rosas in with their time of 3: 10:53 and the bronze went to the 58X bike ridden by Hector Castillo and Rene Angulo finishing with a time of 3: 16:40. Three other teams had complete runs; they were Manuel del Castro and Ro-drigo Madrigal, Julio Moreno and Armando Ayala, Nemrod Bracamontes, Ignacio Pereda and Samuel Barragan. Now, on to a very large contingent of quads. There were twelve starters and five finishers in the pro rankings and twenty-five starters· and sixteen finishers in the Sports-man group. In the Pros the team made up of Angel Morfin, Miguel Verduzco and Adolfo Arellano piloting the Q4 quad, lead the way with a golden time of 3:06:34. Juan Sanchez and Raul Cano teamed on number Q6 and took silver with their time pf 3: 10:53 and Joel Leal and Gustavo Perez took the bronze with a time of 3: 19:31. The Sportsman group was ' headed by the team Ism ael Gonzalez and Rodolfo Lopez on their Q68 and a winning time of 3:09:44. Samuel G ar-cia, David Corbani and Lucio Zuniga were the three-man team on board the Q66 and managed a time of 3: 19:38 for the third spot. There were thirteen other finishers out of Continued on page 42 Performance Proven fQr Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste 1anks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog VISA ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Page 40 May 2009 Dusty Times

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I A second place finish in Class 1 went to the McNeil, Bluth, McNeil trio, they finished 11 minutes in arrears at the flag. Jose Lopez and Martin Garibay finished second in Class 10, they were a mere six seconds in arrears after five hours of racing. The Latorre/Sainz/Latorre car took a second place finish in the Class 12 conflict, they were a long way back with considerable troubles. the 25 starters. Yes John, there were cars and trucks. And Gary Mag-ness, Mark Correa and Matt Robinson headed that group with the Class 1 win and the fastest overall time of 3:56:141 and an average speed of almost 61 miles an hour. Sixty point ninety-seven to be exact. A little over eight minutes back was the #34 team made o of It was a nice Class ½-1600 win for the Ramirez, Ramirez, Arizmendi trio, they had 24 minuyes in hand at the checkers. WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE LEE BANNING Brandon and Tyler McNeil and Randy Bluth with their time of 4:07:34 for second and another Magness Truck, made up of the team of Chelsea Magness, Rob Kittleson and Devin Housh, finishing third with a time of 4:31:38. The #100 car of Javier Robles Senior and Junior along with Alberto Medina ran fourth with a time of 5:11:27. Two out of three starters in The Gonzalez/Quintero/Olvera trio had an easy win in Class 7, they had an hour in hand when the checkered flag flew. ( SCORE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 2008) BANNING MOTORSPORTS BACK TO BACK CLASS 12 WINS ( 2008 & 2009 MINT 400) ----------Page 42 May 2009 Class 10 finished and Chris-tian Buelna was at the top of the platform with his time of 4:22:23. Just six seconds back with a corrected time of 4:22:29 was the team of Jose . Lopez and Martin Garibay. The lap times were as follows; first lap, Buelna 1:31:29, Lo-pez/Garibay 1:31:21. Second lap, Buelna, 1:33:26, Lopez/ Garibay 1 :36: 11, and third lap Lopez/Garibay 1 :34:57, Buelna 1:37:28. With a one-minute difference in the start times it took a calculator to come up with the six-second difference. "Close is as close does." Rick Sanchez, Oscar Munoz and Paul Scott, were non-finishers since they broke something during their first lap. Four starters and three fin-ishers in Clase 12. Here we had a team made up of Vargas's. In this case Efrain, Jorge and Fer-nanda drove the 1201 car to a Dusty Times

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The Valenzuela/Reyes/Huizar Chevrolet was the second place The Gutierrez family were a bit more than 20 minutes in arrears at The Lara/Bustamante/Barrios finished in second place in the Class finisher in the Class 8 conflict, seen here at speed. the finish, they were second to take the checkers in Class ½-1600. 7 contest, almost an hour behind the leader, seen here at speed. time of 5:46:26 for first place. their 7:21 :01 for the silver. Toeodoro Maldonado took a neither one of them got to the Edgar Mendez. Theseguyswere Jesus de La Torre, Jorge Sainz, Alberto Varela, Cesar Duenes little over three hours to fin-checkered flag. Jose Jimenez, awarded gold and silver for their and Cesar de La Torre ran and Mauricio Martinez got to ish the first lap and Hugo and Carlos Miranda and Carlos efforts. second with a time of 7:06:08 Check Point 2 of the third lap, Cesar Zerecero and Rodolfo Aguirre went further, but not Only one starter in Class 7S, meanwhile three Martinez's, which earned them the bronze. Castaneda were non-starters. much further, than Nabi Her-but the #720 truck, driven by Hector Senior and Junior and Javier and Angel Gomez and Class 9 had two starters, but nandez, Jesse Hernandez and Continued on page 45 Gabriel A. were in with a three lap time of 7: 13:21, for the bronze. Rodrigo Obeso and Gregorio Casillas only managed two laps and were dnfs. Class 8 also saw four start-ers, but here only two finished with times. (At least these four saw the start flag, right Beny and Dennis?) Old engines new engines, sometimes it makes no never mind. Anyway the three-man team made up of Juan Carlos Lopez, Reynaldo Zavala and Fernanda Vargas earned the gold with their time of 4:36:25. Jose Valenzuela, Julio Reyes, and Raudel Huizar made up another three-man team and managed a 7:43:49 for second. Elias Canchola, Ignacio Ter-riquez and Javier Reyes only made it to check point one of the second lap. But, Rick San-chez, Humberto Arce and Jason McNeil never even got off the line, or if they did they didn't make it very far? Clase 1-2/1600 fielded six starters and four of them fin-ished three laps for times. Leading this group was the team made up of Rahuel Ramirez, Luis Ramirez and Miguel Ariz-mendi in the 1603 car taking the gold with a time of 5: 15:35. Silver went to the Gutierrez boys, Arnoldo, Efrain and Ar-noldo Junior with their time of 5:39:55 and the bronze was handed over to Luis Carlos Duarte and Ernesto Maeda and their time of 6:02: 19. The fourth spot went to Daniel Ugalde, Denis Rosales and Jesus Rosales with a time of 6:53:47. Seven starters in Clase 7 and two of them made the entire required journey. Leading this class was a team consisting of Al-berto Gonzalez, Jonathan Quin-tero and Manuel Olvera; the 702 truck ran 1 :28:20, 1 :34: 19 and 1:36:04 for a 4-:38:43 and the win. Second place finisher was a team consisting of Gabriel Lara, Andres Bustamante, and Carlos Barrios with their time of 5:24:54. Perry McNeil and Gus Shaddock only got to check point two, of the second lap, which was further than any other of the 7 trucks and were awarded the bronze. (more) Roberto Rabago, Roberta Rabago Jr. and Luis Coron a were on e o f two finish ers in Class 5/1600 and their time of 7:00:24 got them the gold. Not quite 21 minutes back was the team of Emilio Salcido, Daniel Leon and Irvin Buelna in with Dusty Times Hoses available May 2009 Page 43

Page 44

J.N. Roberts 1970 GOBIERNO MUNICIPAL ENSENADA ( '!Ji s I a · nal Off o I Sine acing Associ tion 1967 REVIVAL OF THE ORIGINAL Proturismo DE ENSENAOA ''MEXICAN 1000 RALLY'' Rally in The Spirit of Ed Pearlman and Don Francisco .WHEN: SEPTEMBER 16-20, 2009 • WHERE: ENSENADA, MX (START> - Bay of LA (OVERNIGHT) - Loreto (OVERNIGHT)• LaPaz, MX (FINISH> • FORMAT: SPECIAL STAGE RALLY WITH LIASON TRANSFERS • Ensenada (Start) Bay of Los Angeles • (Overnight Layover) ,,,,,.,.,,,,. l'IN.OtJIPSI ........ VEHICLES: SEE RULES FOR CLASSES • VINTAGE OFF ROAD VEHICLES (1955-1975) • VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES {1955-1974) • VINTAGE TOURING CAR CLASS .(1955-1975) • ALTERNATIVE FUEL TECHNOLOGY VEHICLES {ALL YEARS) Hybrids, Diesel~ Blodlesel, Electric, Fuel Cell • HONORING THE PA~T, FORGING THE FUTURE By catering to the Hot Rodding Roots of the Vintage Off-Road Enthusiast as well as newer Alternative Fuel Technologies, we are creating an event fusion not yet seen in North America • Loreto This will again revolutionize Off Road Motorsport as we know it! (Overni ht Layover) La Paz (Finish) I James Gamer (L} Doug Roe (R) 1970 I .__I __ s_pec,a_ · _, s_tage_F_un._• _ __, INFO@NORRA.COM-WWW.NORRA.COM-(661)-268-1232

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The Salcido/Leon/Buelna Class 5/1600 car finished in second The Feria/Celaya/Lopez car finished in second place in the Class place at the San Luis 275, they're seen here heading for home. 14 battle, they were seven minutes behind the class leader. Chelsea Magness drove her pickup to a third place finish in Class 1, she was half an hour behind the leader at the finish line. Roberto Rabago and his son, along with Luis Corona took the Class 5/1600 Class win, seen here at speed in their good looking bug. The Class 1400 win went to Martinez, Camberos,Reynoso trio, they only had seven minutes in hand when the checkered fla flew. Heriberto Chavez and Luivan Voelker Jr. took the win in the Safari Class, The Diaz/Leon/Lopez truck was the only entry in Class 7S, they cruised around in their good looking Ford for the win. The Robles/Vasquez/Nuno boys were the big winners in Class 18 they're seen here heading for the finish in their truck. Carlos A. Diaz, Jose Luis Leon faster than Gustavo Vellase-and Manuel Lopez made the nor, Rene Torres and Carlos required three laps in a time of Esquer and were therefore 6: 14:58 for the gold. awarded the bronze. Class 11 had four starters Clases Sportsman was again they're seen here at speed on the course. ,.....~==--for their two-lap required dis-made up Class 14, Class 15 tance and two of them were and Class Safari. Along with able to finish the whole trip. Class 11 half of them only Miguel Mexia, Mario Flores needed two laps for finishing and Efrain Vargas were the times. Jose Martinez, Daniel drivers in the first place car Camberos and Mario Reynoso with a time of 4:51:25. Ruben drove the #l · 400 car to a Espinoza Senior and Junior, 6: 12:22 for the win. Rodrigo along with Jesus Armando Perla, Victor Celaya and Sasha Cera, ran a 6:20:09 for the Lopez ran second with a time silver. Luis A Rodriguez, Jose of 6: 19:46 and Alfredo Lugo, Ramon Rodriguez and Oscar Antonio Sanchez and Jorge Acosta got to check point one, Cota made it to check 2 of the of the first lap, second lap and were therefore -::-"'i.:IIF.:""rT---~~----~,:'----,----""'C"---, awarded third place and the bronze. Five other entries were all non-finishers. (more) Clase 15 had two starters but neither of them finished for one reason or another. Carlos Vasquez and Marco Antonio Cuevas got into their second lap before they broke and Daniel Licon, Victor Barbosa and Al-berto Machado only saw check point one of the first lap before they too went away. Class 18 had eight starters of which three finished the required laps. Manuel Robles, Ramiro Vasquez and Daniel Nuno ran laps of 1:46:36 and 2:08:07 and 4:44:21 for the win. Ramon Guerrero, Israel Hidalgo and Daniel A. Uriarte ran 2:20:22 and 2: 15:02 and 4:21:55 for second and Jorge Rivas, Adolfo Castellano and Hugo Abundis ran 2:40:08 and 2: 19: 19 and 5:03:25 for the bronze. In Clase Safari the number 30 car of Heriberto Chavez and Luivan Volker Jr. did laps of 2: 13 :38 and 2:09:07 for a combined time of 4:22:45 for the win. Marcos Leon, Ber-nardo Lopez and Mario Leon got to the second checkpoint, oflap one, for second and Juan Gutierrez, Rodrigo Elorduy and Jose Luis Lopez were possible non-starters. Thus ends the saga of San Luis. The course is somewhat deceiving, with the first 60 or 70 miles a go as fast as you can until something breaks track or lots of sand hills and woops during the last 14 where other things break or you simply get lost, get stuck, or break something else??? Whichever the first of six CODE races is now on the books. The CODE folk would as usual like to thank all who participated; racers teams, fami-lies and friends and of course the fans. Without you none of this happens. Thank you!!! This is what the love of off road racing is all about. Via con Dios. See you some-where on the Ba·a. ~ The Martinez family took a third place finish in the Class 12 Luis Duarte and Ernesto Maeda raced their car to a third place contest, seen here on some pavement in their good looking car. finish in the ½-1600 battle, they're seen here at spee/J. Lugo/Sanchez/ Cota came up a lap short in Class 14 but they were awarded a third place finish in class, seen here at liftoff. Dusty Times May 2009 Page 45

Page 46

;nd)I [-BA-JA]" BY SRCHUPACABRA@¥AHOO.COM Baja PITS RACE RESULTS "Baja Pits A.C." is a non-profit International Corporation provid-ing expert contract Pit Services to Privateer Desert Racers and Teams for Races in Baja California and the Southwestern United States. "Baja Pits" also counts with up to as needed (Up to 55) North American/Baja pit crew teams. This service includes: welding, tire change, carburetor repair, clutch replace-ment, re-fueling, electrical problem repair and a variety of other services. We cover "ALL" races sponsored by "" in the U.S. and in Baja. Races include the "" Baja 250, Baja 500 and the worlds most famous and dangerous Baja 1000, as well as races sponsored by "CODE" Off-road racing, Ensenada Baja Off-road racing and "Record" racing series. The "Baja Pits" base of operation is in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico with more than 3,230 active members/fans and over 24 years of experience. With dozens of Class Victories and expertly staffed pit facilities we aid the Privateer Racer to be competi-tive against the "Big Money" teams. "Baja Pits" will be present in more than 18 races this 2009 race season. Also, Baja Pits is a Full Service Racers Pit Organization that sets up Pits at Off Road Races so YOU the racer can Get Fuel, Water, Energy Drinks, Counseling, Compressed Air, Tire Repair, Coffee Breaks, Cookies, T winkies, Cupcakes, Chee-tos, Tacos, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Baby Wipes, Photos Taken, Band Aids, Clutch Replace-ment, Satellite phones so you can call your Mommy. Read About Us In Dusty Times Magazine. Welding/ Fabrication and Food at our Fully Manned Baja Pits. The Baja Pits Army Of Over 3200 Strong will also be getting toys and clothes to the kids in the remote areas of Baja for Christ-mas. Our Internationally Pit Crew teams don't just get you through the Baja Racing in the middle of night, we also get stuff for the kids in Baja that are in remote areas. Bring a box of clothes or toys this Baja 1000 for either you to take to the kids or Baja Pits as we set up in the most remote areas of the race and put a smile on each kids face as we give them a Baja Pits Christmas which would be a toy or shoes or jacket or back pack filled with school supplies. March on Baja Pits Christmas. clothes and shoes, toys for kids can be sent to Baja Pits. 1000 West Bradley Ave Suite Q, El Cajon, Ca 92020, 619-596-8033 Sign Up Now For Pit Service For The June 2009 Baja 500 and Baja 1000 November, 2009 at www.Baja Heh!!!! Baja 1000 Breast/Cancer Awareness!!! Boyz to Men -check out your Ladies for this Cancer Stuff that can be stopped!!! Take that special Lady in for a check up!!! March 13-15 was the 2009 The Baja 250 that went very well as 71 % of all entrants finished this grueling race. We at Baja Pits had Five Pits set up and took care of many racers to get them to the finish line. If this was your first time out to run this international race, don't feel so bad if you had a DNF. Nobody ever makes it on the first go around in Baja. Especially the big cheaters that cut the course or have more the one bike numbered with the same number plate. The Cheater are always being watched by FS £D722A-AOR FSOR125BE SrChupacabra who knows all that is to be known. Beware You Little Snivley Lowlife Race Course Cheaters, At Baja We Will Make You Fail. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! Here are the racers that signed up to get the best service you could get while racing in these cruel and nasty conditions. A race that attracts the best of the best and you are a winner for just trying the Baja Races. This article is making it as clear as day, and dark as night that this could be a warning to stay home and not enter this evil, filthy, wicked, disgust-ing, apocalyptic, RlP, scummy, dread-ful, morbid, dusty, scary, smelly race. Just stay home and hide within the safe wooded walls of your home or better yet join the Army and get an M-16 to see if that keeps you safe. But as for safe races in Baja, Ha Ha HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa it ain't going to happen. Plan on get-ting run over by a few trophy trucks, just because it happens. You are in Chupacabra's territory and that means you racers will kneel before us and we may keep you alive to tell the others not to come here. We don't want anyone here that thinks they can finish the Baja 1000. GoAway!!! Well as it goes, some finished the Baja 250, some will finish next time, but they got out the and tried one of the toughest races in the world. Here is a list of the ones that Tried. Soooooooooo, When will you do it? Classes: Trophy Truck: #35 Robbie Pierce Class 1 Unlimited: #113 Paul Keller Class ½-1600: # 1806 Mario Gaste-lum, # 1601 Luis Martinez, # 1645 Da-vid Caspino, # 1600 Adam Pfankuch, # 1646 Roman Pereyra Class 5: #500 Kevin Carr Class 5-1600: #550 Marcos Nunez Class 6: #601 Marc Burrnett, #603 Mike Koenig Class 7: #701 Jose Canchola Jr RACE READY PRODUCTS 103 PRESS LANE SUITE 4 CHULA VISTA, CA 91910 (619)691-9171 Page 46 (866} 891-9771 TOLL FREE (619)691-0803 FAX May 2009 Class 7SX: #743 Norman Turley Class 8: #804 Clyde Stacy Score Lites: #1200 Rick St. John, #1202 Brent Parkhouse, #1248 Bill Rehnquist, # 1205 Michelle Bruck-man Stock Full: #862 Justin Mamey, #861 Clyde Stacy Sportsman UTV: #1802 Peter Hajas Class 22: #6X Chuck Neugbauer Class 21: #l07XAlfredo Osorno, #lOlX Carlos Becerril Class 20: # 154X Hector Castillo, 151XJesus Rios, 153X Manual Reyes Class 30: #307X Sean Bradley, #301X Jaview Hernandez B., #306X Justin Hambleton, #308XAlejandro Olguin Class 40: 401X Brian Campbell, 409X Julio Abril, 404X Tom Vogt, #405X Mike Prunty Class 24: # lOOA Craig Christy, #l02A Victor Lopez, #lllA Miguel Arellano, #l0lA Jose Juarez, #l06A Roberto Ruiz, #l49A Luis Berman, #l48A Shawn Robins, #l04A Ben-jamin Lopez Class 25: #lOA Santos Perez, #2A Adolfo Arellano, #llA Cesar Chanate Class 26: #201A Reid Rutherford, #203A Felicia Rodriguez Sportsman Motorcycles under 250: #211X Humberto Valle, #208X Greg Willetts, #206X Matt Laden-dorf, #203X Fred Sobke, #214X Marco Cornejo, #201X Scott An-derson, #204X Ben Harman, #212X Willy Gaxiola M. Sportsman Motorcycles over 250: #262X Jeff Leonard, #259X Jimmy Boutwell, #265X Octavio Valle, #252X Brock Campbell, #264X Mike Short, #258X Craig Anstine, #260X Eric Anderson, #261X Brent Down-ing, #253X Baxter Gillespie, #263X Ken Kosiorek, #299X Shawn Evans, #255X Oscar Fazz Sportsman ATV: #58A Manual Jimenez, #62ALuciano Parada, #60A Samuel Garcia, #51A Javier Guer-rero, #61A Jesus Mendivil, #53A Alberto Maya, #99A Gustavo Ameca, #63A Jesus Munguia, #56A Samuel Fuson, #57 A Bill Hackler, #52A Brent Davis, #50A Joselito Muro, #64A Alonso Ruiz So you may think that Baja Pits only goes to Mexico, NOT!!!!!!! On March 21, 2009 we had a Baja Pits at the New Drive Off Road Races at Plaster City. A Little Dusty, but we are writing this for "Dusty Times Magazine" Then we moved Baja Pits onto our March 27-29, 2009 much needed services to the 2009 SNORE and GENERAL TIRE MINT 400. Yeah!!! Again Some Finished, Some did not, When are you going to Race one of these Events my Friends? Classes: Unlimited Truck: #71 Rick John-son, #24 Adam Householder, #96 Bobby Baldwin Class 1: #153 Mike Szlauko Class 10: #1029 Tom Bjorstrom, #1000 CJ Hutchins, #1008 Will Higman Class Heavy Metal 8: #806 Ted Hunnicutt Jr Pro Truck: #234 Rob Reinertson, #277 Jason Horsley, #242 Troy Vest, #232 Aaron Guthrie, #205 Bill Driggs, #265 Dave Mason, #251 Yong Guo Zhao, #236 Rich Bachand, #215 Rob Clouser Class 7: #713 Charles Anderson, #7275 Marc Burnett Trophy Lite: #6017 Gary Messer, #6011 Vance Smith, #6033 Brian Riebe, #6000 Louis Chamberland, #6088 John Doe, #6050 Bruce Friesen, #6043 Ben Phillips, #6060 Glen Rolfe, #6084 Bruce Finchum, #6020 Lenny Holder, #6056 Billy Worthing, #6099 Mike Jenkins, #6069 Randy Blacker. Stock Full: #8110 Kent Kroeker Class 7S: #760 Brandt Anderson Class 1450: #1403 Bob Land And While all this was going on JR Chupacabra was at the March 27th, 2009 ALAMO 200 keeping all those racers going strong in Mexico. Trophy Truck: #70 Hector Salazar Class 16: # 1602 Horacio Pereyra, # 1606 Fernando Orozco Class 8: #803 Marcelino Meza Class 7: #709 Carlos Mares, #703 Javier Manzo, #719 Alberto Men-doza, #718 Fernado Robles Class 7 Stock: #728 Dan Uriate, #731 Jesus Rodriguez Class 5 Open: #500 David An-drade Class 5-1600: #596 Hugo Zerecero Class 15: #1501 Fabian Torres, #1597 Hector Covarrubias, #1599 Manuel Lozano, #1598 Octavio Lopez Class 11: #1116 Vicente Flores, #1199 Roberto Avalos Class Safari: #S3 Efren Presichi Well, we just had to stop and help at the April 3-5, 2009 MEXICALI 500!!! Toooooo!!! We can have Baja Pits on site faster that anyone else can. Class Motos Pro: #6X Colie Pot-ter, # lOX Alex Olguin, # 3X Christian Serna Class Motos SPT: #62X Hector Castillo, #56X Carlos Becerril Class Quad Pro: #Q9 Javier Robles, #Q4 Juan Sanchez, #Ql Gary Gonzalez, #Ql2 Christian Rojas, Ql0 Joel Leal, #Q6 Angel Morfin Class Quad SPT: #Q54 Alfonso Lopez, #Q60 Alex Gomez, #Q53 Jose Contreras, Q69 Alex Camarillo Class 1: #106 Mario Acosta Class 18: #1801 Jose Leon Now that's what I'm talk' in about! We showed everyone how it's done. Like when Honda made the XR650R Baja Dual Purpose Motorcycle with Long Range Built Tough Bike. Don't ever sell you Honda XR650R. There is a really nice one on Display at in San Diego. It's worth the trip to go look at it. Baja Pits is tougher than a XR650R with Hot Cam to make lots of Power. We are the Hottest Pit service that will even Detail your race vehicle to keep it looking "Ice Clean" Go ahead and "Make Our Day" by asking for this service. We can keep you race toy clean for the photo opportunities during the race and at the finish line. We at Baja Pits sure are Tough, Fast, Smart, Ice Clean, and NAS-CAR keeps calling us to train the pavements NASCAR Pit Crews that never even get dirty while fixing the race cars on the east coast during NASCAR events. Now let's make some thing clear to all You Worldly Racers that are go-ing to Try to finish the Baja 500. You just better have a Honda XR650R that's Race Ready if you want to fin-ish. Yes, SrChupacabra will allow a Honda XR650R to pass his domain or Goldmines. If you are on anything else be prepared to face the "Wicked . Things" of Baja. "Wicked Things" are also part of the race. "Wicked Things" are fast moving little fuzzy tainted animals that will trick you into driving into areas that are not on the course. "Wicked Things" smell like expen-sive cigars mixed with two stroke oil. They are very fast, have lured drivers over cliffs, can't be trusted and can hypnotize you into stopping to get your Berings for two to three hours of lost race time .. "Wicked Things" also Dusty Times

Page 47

like to take Rolex watches from your wrist to gleam at when that stop to eat fresh meat that was killed during the race. The only way to scare off a "Wicked Thing" is to flash your HID lights at them and play Gospel Music. Just another form of evil that is what the Baja Races are all about. We at Baja Pits have giant HID lights in our pits ran off 30KW Diesel Generators to create enough light and Gospel _Music to keep the "Wicked Things" away from harming our pit crews. This is a safe zone for riders who may need to rest while rac-ing the Baja· 500. "Wicked Things" are not very nice. The Gospel Music should be in a fast tempo. Now how about some food for thought! I wise woman once told me that the secret to discovering happiness is to find a career that inspires your pas-sion, and follow the path with gusto. Phil and Stephanie Albanese, the owners of the new Twin Palms Terraza Restaurant, at Marina Costa Baja Resort in La Paz have always been passionate about creating great fresh food, and have followed their path to happiness by achieving their goal of owning their own restaurant Phil was raised in New Jersey in a traditional Italian family and recalls that every Sunday the family would gather to enjoy food and wine. Many of the recipes were handed down through generations, and only the freshest meats, vegetables, and in-gredients were used to prepare the weekly feasts. The menu and prepara-tion of all the dishes on the menu of Twin Palms Terraza is a testament to this heritage of quality. Phil did his research in La Paz to seek out and find the best and fresh-est produce, local bakeries for his breads hamburger buns, as well as a local carnicero to prepare his cuts of meats to his exacting specifications. The coffee is custom roasted by a local coffee company and is fresh and hearty. "I could definitely buy my food and vegetable supplies from a large food distributor, but my commitment to my customers as well as myself is to serve the best that I am able to find. " Subsequently, I spend a lot of time shopping each week to make sure that I serve only the best and freshest local ingredients for my food," says Phil. We are very busy at Baja Pits help-ing everyone race and learn how nice it is to go to Baja. You can get to some very nice places with out much money and Baja is a safe place to hang out As in any place you go, travel in numbers is the safest and you will have fond memories to last a life time. Soooooooo Race On With · Baja Pits As We Will Be There in Rain, Snow, Sleet, Wind, Sand Storms, Tidal Waves, Cold/Hot, Economic Downturns, and to fix your flat tires!!!! And we need everyone to e-mail Lie. Pedro Cruz Camarena pedroc@ and the to let Julie know we are expecting the kids to show up at the Baja Pits Con-tingency for the Baja 500 from the Fundacion Castro-Limon. The only Cancer Clinic for kids in TJ. We all race likes it no big deal, Well, we would also like to include these Special Cancer Patient Kids as they are Baja to. So get a clue healthy people. WE are Busing the Kids with Cancer to the Ensenada Baja 500 Contingency so they can also be involved with the Baja 500. It sure beats being stuck in a Hospital with nothing to do all day. So any help would be great to get these kids out Dusty• Times and hang with us Racers for the day in our booth. What can you do to make these kids have a fun day? E-mail Dr. Pedro and Julie. See you at the Races!!! BFGaadric:li ----------:1m BFGoodrich Tires Refo-cuses Efforts for its 2009 Outstanding Trails Program GREENVILLE, S.C. - April 9, 2009 - BFGoodrich® Tires, in col-laboration with Tread Lightly! and United Four Wheel Drive Associa-tions (UFWDA) today announced plans for its 2009 Outstanding Trails program. This year, due to the current economic climate, the program will be reduced but will continue to focus on helping off-road clubs and organizations by allowing trails and areas to be kept open and accessible for all to use. Launched in 2006, the Outstanding Trails Program is dedicated to the responsible use and preservation of off-road trails whileproviding aid tn the trails' conservation efforts. "The BFGoodrich Tires Out-standingTrails program has enjoyed tremendous success for the last three years, thanks in part to the efforts of Tread Lightly!, UFWDA, plus hundreds of club members and enthusiasts," said Joe Mazur, light-truck brand category manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "However; due to the current economy, we have elected to reduce the amount of trails and focus on keeping the program dynamic and active so we may continue to grow once the economy stabilizes." From coast-to-coast, BFGoodrich Tires has identified the most "out-standing" off-road trails. Nomi-nated for uniqueness, terrain type and enthusiast following the trails selected for this yea.r's program are Fordyce Creek Trail, Calif., and Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, Texas. "We decided to recognize the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area because although it is operated privately, we understand how dif-ficult it is to maintain such an area for all to use with individual funds and we want to continue to support the club and volunteers during these difficult times," Mazur added. During the course of the pro-gram, which runs May through October, BFGoodrich Tires will be at club events associated with these trails and areas to highlight the uniqueness of each location as well as educate off-road enthusiasts on the responsible use of each trail. Be-low is a closer look at each trail and corresponding event dates. Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (BMRA) (May 23, 2009), This beautiful 1,800-acre park located five miles north of Gilmer Texas is a shining example of what club members and volunteers can ac-complish and has become one of the premiere off-highway parks in the United States. The park's facilities and trail systems were designed and constructed strictly for motorized off-road purposes by the all-volunteer membership and is mapped and rated with proper signage. The Fordyce Creek Trail (Au-gust 8, 2009), Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Fordyce Creek Trail has a rich history start-ing as an old wagon trail serving the 19th century mining town o{ Summit City at Meadow Lake prior to evolving into the OHV trail it has become. The trail was lost for many years after the mines dosed and is now accessible after many years of effort by a group of dedicated off-road enthusiasts. The trail has incredible high sierra beauty with five winch hills and four water cross-ings, ending at Meadow Lake, which is adjacent to Fordyce Lake. "United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations is again proud to partner with BFGoodrich for the 2009 Outstanding Trails program. This program is a great opportunity for leaders in the four-wheel drive community to recognize enthusiasts and the impact they are making," said Todd Ockert, director of envi-ronmental affairs, UFWDA. "The Outstanding Trails program has recognized some great trails across the country and the enthusiasts that maintain those trails. United Four Wheel Drive Associations hopes to continue this partnership for years to come." To help aid with costs associated with the trail' s conservation efforts, BFGoodrich Tires will also present a grant to a selected off-road club at each trail event. "Tread Lightly! is honored to partner with BFGoodrich as they truly make a worthwhile contribu-tion to the world of responsible rec-reation by highlighting Outstand-ing Trailsacross North America," said Lori McCullough, executive director of Tread Lightly!. "BFG is demonstrating its commitment to the environment through this education, communication's, aad ~estoration initiative." Both Tread Lightly! and UF-WDA are non-profit organizations dedicated to responsible and ethical outdoor recreation. BFGoodrich Tires collaborated with these two groups to select the finest North American trails, and will continue red & blue -6 st $5.99 -8 st$6.99 -10 st $9.49 -12 st $10.99 to work with these organizations on restoration and education ini-tiatives. Tread Lightly!®is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to proactively protection recreation access and opportunities in the great outdoors. Tread Lightly!'s strategic educational message, along with its training and restoration initiatives are designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. The program is long-term in scope with a goal to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with the needs of the environment. The federal government recognizes this by acknowledging Tread Lightly! as a sole-source service provider of education and training on how to be environmentally and socially responsible while using motorized and mechanized vehicles in off, highway settings. United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations is the world's leading representative of all-brand four wheel-drive enthusiasts. UFWDA benefits, developed and tested true over the past 30 years, include four · wheel drive safety and awareness education; user ethics programs such as adopt-a-road, conserva-tion volunteer, and volunteer trail patrol; assistance with new club formation; education seminars to aid four wheelers through complex state an_d federal programs affect-ing trail access; internet forums designed to connect members globally and instantaneously; and unrestrained member access to its full-time legislative advocate and nationally-recognized attorney work-ing exclusively for four wheel drive enthusiasts to protect access and prevent road and trail closures. For more information on the UFWDA log on to or call toll free 1-800-44-UFWDA (800-448-3932). red & blue -6 45 $12.99 -845$13.99 -10 45 $16.99 ----1245$21.84 . . . .. , ·~ 20ft. Lenghts -6 20ft. $93.40 -8 20ft. $107.20 -10 20ft. $128.20 -12 20ft. $185.20 High Misalignment Adapters JMXT series Chromoly JMXBT $20.05 JMX10T $26.16 JMX12T $33.25 JMX14T$60.78 JMX16T $76.10 OFF-ROAD BUSINESS. ASSOCIATION, Inc. The House of Representatives Rejects S.22, an Omnibus Bill That Would Make Off-Higb~ay Vehicle (OHV) Use lllegal On Over 2 Million Acres of Public Land BAKERSFIELD, CA (March 11, 2009) S. 22, an omnibus public lands bill approved by the Senate January 15, 2009 was defeated today by a vote of 282-144. The House of Representatives was attempting to pass the measure under a suspen-sion of the rules, this meant that no amendments would be allowed into the bill. This rules suspension required a two-thirds majority for it to pass. ORBA recognizes the need for Wilderness in the appropriate areas and with the proper local input so that trails and areas of high recre-ation value are protected or excluded totally from this type of designation. It is not good public policy for con-· gress to push a 1200 page piece of legislation through without giving people the proper time to digest or amend it, as they were attemptfng to do with this bill. Congresswoman Mary Bono-Mack sponsored H.R. 3682, The California Desert and Mountain Heritage Act that would have desig-nated Wilderness within Riverside County. ORBA supported that bill because her office worked closely with local stakeholders, including off-highway enthusiasts. However, once it was included in the S.22 Omnibus Lands Bill we could not support the larger bill a& a wh0le. We do greatly appreciate the effort her office put forth to address our 1:oncerns with the bill and encourage other legislators to do the same in the future. Continu14 1n page 53 red & blue -6 90 $12.99 -$ 90$14.99 -10 90 $15.99 ------1290$21.84 Complete Line of t:=lt::!l!ilsa::§lbi\9. New Hampshire Ball Bearings. Inc. Weld-In Bungs Bl,.E:-' PR&CISION . K IIRACING PRODUCTS Ph 562-4:27-2375 2865 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL HILL, CA 90755 May 2009 Page 47

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Good stuff Air Cleaners for Off-Road Racing. From Baja to Dakar. For a list of dealers visit our website at: JOHNCOOUY •Race Cars • Prervnners •Dual Sports 10815 WMQtlanda Avenue, Svlte I• Santff, CA 92071 619.596.9841 • Fax 619.596.2742 Ott-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 Phone: (714) -~\} theltajasllop( www.BAJASHOPIIO;:t. John Boker l?oce Cdrfol:xlcot-Ol'I • i:x:. "TIJP. ll.Jrwri;••im • Fitl<!rgfOjS 15821 Gmham S!let'-1 • Hunl,ngton ,!Oct,. C> 926''1 Phone 714-IW I· :JOM • Pl'.ll<. ll '"891-6:l,t,O · r, eiMotOOpcJ'H'te• irectory BRANDWOOD CARS Custom V~hlcle Shifter for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-31D7 E :x: F» ~ ess ? ore all 9Sl5 p...t,,...,, N. $,ru.,, r ... 92011 Ph: (619).S62-J071 m: (619)562-0592 Offroad to Strfft. Prerunner to Race -Chuls Oftign -Race Prep -AR Gene,.1 Fabrication 190t•at01 17459 lll•o St te Hnperi• CA 92141 eaftddfabworkeOeol.oont CA US RACING RaceaJr Helmets a Accessories Bell, Shoe~ Simpson •lower systems a cool boxes •11M112 .. .,.. HI.,,._ .......... CINlle Vle1a, CA 1111 .. CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 ~.(Htl-Nl-tllH prociuds in stock Race fJOun Fabrication~ Boatec P.iberglass . Pre-Rmmels Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Couse trucks Bypass valves+tabes Paris-Dakar trucks Sway-bar Arms Caz---..;;..-~ QUALITY 111!:AOI..CCK W__,lliltl..S ' -·-aEllllCI( ■tNOllll•■• ;;;.~ 1s•--1&"--17" ALL ALUMINUM 8,tAOLOCK WHEELS AND CONVERSIONS CHAMPION WHEEL CO. INC. 18537 COLLIER (9S 1) 471•21 63 LAKE t!:LSINCFIE CA, 92531 WWW.CHAMPIONWHl!:EL.COM www 227 cane Pintoresco San Clemente, CA 92672 FLOATER REAA ENOS • r'RONT HUBS • AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF tiU8$ (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hang,ng Tree Lane • Templeton, CA9346S

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HLJSTL.EE~ concepTs g,, KAJA SHOP ,,_.,967) Ai:::3C:E C::AFlei ,=,~ ~urir,~ AL...LJn1rl!...JITl U.JC:1s:::tt, ... 4 SPEC::~....,.., Ve~CL...ES •·-'-"-• Jaae Rocbigoea PH 714-997-0701 Fu.·714-9117-0758 714 N lemon SI, Om,ge.CA. i2167 www.1' 951 245-6050 Fax 951 245-6052 570 Central Avr IC Lake Elain0tt, CA 92530 l'O. Box 2496 Jefferies Racing Apple Valley, Ca. 92307 Darnen Jefferies 2~2 Off-Road Race Prep & Fabrication Kevin Jensen Apple Valley, CA (760) 963-4206 Fax (760) 240-5083 Mike Julson 9428 Wheatland• Court Santee, CA 92071 619-596-3380 · Ceorge Jimenez Se Hoblo Espanol 535 E .. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel: (71<4) 53S.5116 Fax: (714) 535-5816 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner· I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Quallty Racing Transaxl11 Mendeola Dealer Off Rdad -Sand Specialist JOE GIFFIN (714) 632-1240 Fax (714) 632-1223 Email; www JG'l' )061 E. La Jolb St. •I An:iheim. CaJifomia ()2806 JON KINNE 520 Railroad St., Corona, CA 92882 Tel. 951-278-2233• Fax: 951-278-8335• N A • Custom Alternators • Complete Wiring • Custom Fab ~ Exhaust & Muffler • Prep & Finish Work Lonely Advertising Space Looking For Long Term Relationship Call (818) 882-0004 HONDA Power Equipment 01/T 80ARD ENOINIE • GENIERATOII SP£CJAUST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. ART KAWAGUCHI 3532 !AST 3A0 ST. fa,c 323-26'-i136 LOS ANGIEllES, <;A 90053 323-264-3931>3 ' BLAC.ICigWIDlJM.' ~ --~-Darell Krager PH: 114.289.9048 Fl: 114.631.1854 1214 N. Parker Untl #3 Oranue. CA 92867 All NHBB production sizes in stock. 3/8" through 1-1/4" ,wnvs· ... -A---..... -Phone: (909) 985-1901 1259 W. 9th St. Fax: (909) 982-9777 Upland, Ca. S.1718 POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE LEE MFG. ~O. 11681 PENDlETOKSTNET SUN VAU.EY, CA 91352 FAX (819) 7M-2917 (818) 7e&-0371 A 11.111 line of PowwS~ ~ 1)1.lmpe and ~ fol' any type of rac:tng. Magnaflux and ZYVkl lacilltiN . ...,. ......... •customChffsil ·RK.Prep 'Aluminum Wort -w.ldlng •Magnlflux Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly • Machine Work • ·Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Race Seats• Restraints • Storage Bags • Window Nets• Limit Straps• Tie Downs · 11433 Woodside Avenue• Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 619/449-9454 ~ OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS 807 E. OrangethorpeAve. Ste. A ph 714-441-1212 Anaheim CA, 92801 fx 714-441-1622 l""r1C.TlJR9' #E/fltJE(}Lr1 Rr1tJE RElft{ILtJS' CERT1r!EO r10/00 #r1f/flr1HttX@ 0£RT1H£{) s'/l(}T PEE/fll/flf 1695 CACTUS RD. T. (619) 710-8800 SAN DIEGO, CA 921_?4 F. (619) 710-1640

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Tadd.,.,_. 1900 Compton Ave. Soite 101, Comla. CA 92881 Phone (951)817-0101 Ext.156 -. 619-562-5533 Off Rood Fabrication al1d Duign -@~ffloseB!llt"i Function/Strength/Safety/Prkk • Sand Cars Mode by Htvtd in tit. USA •Tnd<s •AaceCars -~ •~llyCars • Custom JOHN MOSELEY Owntr/f'abnc:o:tor -.mokbift.COffl 236 3'0$011 Col.ll"t CorollCI, CA 92879 951--272-3026 Fa.,c 951-212-onc MSD •r.::J ,,, Jr.,:f• ■1,-:14 t••4.'"I! • YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE AUTDTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1 49C HFNAV U'-'tENNAN QF,,I_ , L P A!'dO. TX 79936 t9,SI 857-S:>IIO • rm1 l 1~, ~l 85!', ll23 • VIS![ OUfl wra SllE www msd'!JM") 15222 Connector Lane Huntington Beach, CA 92649 www.m ers-rn.cing,com OfF-IIOAD R A(lll<i We cmi Beadlock /4j::.iiii:.r YOUR RIMS!! '-..._~---~ 'i S. l fit. . t ATV y-.-._,.~ ___,/ IZN O MOS ,_ ....... , t. AUTOMOTIVE applicationt Parts for: POLISHED & COLORED FINISHES SCALLOPED OR CONVENTIONAL Reinforcing Ringt Also Avaiable Phone - (951) 354-8272 WWW .QMfPERfORMANCE. com BIBS Dune Buggy ., Race Ca.r • VW Engine • Subaru Engine Parts Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1-800·231 •B 156 2525 East 16 Street • Yuma. AZ 85365 928-783-6265 • Fax 92EH83--1253 t51J60.S906 '51.360.0436 f,x 3834 W,cktr Drin Mir• LOIN, CA 911SZ www.ptrktrpu■ptr.<tlll ForVayFew DoDars A Month Your Can PAOTPIUCK RACING ORGANIZATION A High Performance Spec V8 Race Truck Serles -rhe True Driver's Class· Protruclc Sales and Promotion Website: www.protrvck.~ Email: p, let: 11P.!ICMl:252 Fax:81NSp<Mqo f4'02 Bond Cowt •£1Qafon.CA82G21 Hi-Pet1onnance Equipmenr su,p.nsiot,•Safety•DrlVfine•~ {619) 691-911' 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 {619} 691-9174 Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619} 69t-D803 (FAX) e-mail: rpt0d1 In~ ur Sales--------rnch Call us 81 rJENHFiD ASRICATION, INC \660 ~ Bolding 8 Costa Maso. CA 92627 T£t 19491650-3035 FAX 1949l 650-4nl -•PMt••• ..... c_ perMlklbOootcom _,.,,... (jary <Poweff Motorsports: Electrical Design & Manufacturing Since 1988 Pb: (949) 735-9039 Fax: (949) 459-0085 Craig Stewart Phone: 61')--449-p Fm, t\l'a•'44-,A'Tll Cell: 619-126-8891 Fabrication & Race Preparation ~ ..__ Salee& Service PH: 714..680.6131 • fJI: 114.680.3110 T II free: 800.304.8126 101 5 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 9 2 8 3 1 Mlill.Plllflll#I t.11•111.111111• lltlt SlltCIIIRII II: I ., ...... -111111 .. 1-114 I -lntltlll ...... 1, :.i1a111 J1MU.ll1 .. 1 (71U ttMIU

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~~ RANCHO DRIVETRAIN ENGINEERl~G Trophy Trucks Short Course Trucks Class-8 Trucks Differentials Class-7 Trucks Pre-Runners Tony Selva, Jr -417--40 Enterprise Circle North Suite 106 Temecula, CA 92590 PHONE 951.296.6163 FACSIMILE 951.296.2236 w w R/D VE SPRINGS VALW TIWN PRoout:rs • CusroN, HEAD WCJA,c 7S0,/94B-4BBB • FAX 7B0,/94B-4B5B WWW'-RDVALILEBPRIIVG. C::01111 fiiiJ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. l_l,l!/ METAL PROCESSING 5921 W~on Ave., Los An,elff, CA 90001 (323) S 3-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 SANOBLA HiI.ASS BEAO-MAGNF.TI PARTICLE FLOURESCENT IN PECTION MARKSMlTH ~, SUSPENSION INNOVATION MOTORSPORTS INC. Tel:562.903.1625 Fax: 562.7n.2593 LARRY SMITH Tom McKenzie TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821, I (714} 441-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 J JOB SITE SIGNS• 8A,llli£AS • ~ltIDOW lfTTERl~.C • t.\11 LETTERING• CfWtllCS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway C,rc!e • Huntingto1 Beach CA 92649 [714) 897-0075 • Fa, 17141 894-9567 ..... Jll""~TY ~ac;e ,:Jrep RACE CARS -TRUCKS • P..,~tNlffi • 911SJ1CIISiotl UpftlNlcs/s-. .. • ~ ~.. • 9#toclt ~ .. '""'1~6 .. Ua •Cit._ ~ticm • e...-e,/?:t'aflsmiffiow U,truet 16743 Parkside Ave. Cerritos. CA 90703 Travis Fletcher !5621 802-1404 • IIACEFUELS Paul _Oil Company [209J 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX £2091 847-9726 P.O. Box 24B • 524 N. Siem, fwe. WESTERN DMSION Oakdale, Califomia 95361 2180 College Dl'lve • 4-k• HaVHU City • A2. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • HI Performance converters Custom Length Axles • • Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race IL Rec:reatlo'n) lnput Shafts • American Made Excellence!! Chris Tool 909,,730-8246 ~ ~~ RACING~· ICia--..,;;I.Pfl.•~~• eries •~~•Brackets ~ l. ¥°N.G:". S,oJ . Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: 'Ford, C~evy and Toyota" Trucks Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena Vista St. , tte_aet Ca. 92543 Pit: 951-4i54-7334 Fax: 9St-4i54-2375 See a list of our produc:u,,. our well site: http:/ /• 111iix'ii ENGlrtEEfaNCi 9763 Variel Ave. JEFF FIELD (818) 998--2739 Chataworth, CA 91311 NS WBST P£RfORMANCETRANSAXLES Kevin Pirtle 22545 South Normandie Ave. Torrance, California 90501 (6'19) 596-8033 1000 W . Bradley, Unit 0 I Cajon, CA 92020 Carlos Orozco SCORE ENGIHE BUILDER Of THE YEAR 994, 1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To COmplet& Engines 3265 W. Birtcher Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522

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SP£CIALIZ£0 WIRING, COMMUNICATIONS, ANO RE:PAIRB FDR: Bice Clls-TIOllbl TnlekS-Pl'tHlllllln c1111a 111111c1es-1111111111 cars MENDEBlA DISTRIBUTOR Performance Trans OH Road Street Trans Lorenzo Rodriguez World Leading Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer 11 Dakar Rally Victories 17 World Rally Victories 6 AMA MX/SX Olampionships Xtrac Inc 6183 West 80th street Indianapolis IN 46278 email: C76□) B03-6955 MARC WADDELL, PRESIDENT WIAEF'A■@aacoLCBAL • .NET Parts -Service -Transmissions -V. W. -Porsche Desert. ·sand & Drag 850 S. Alta Vista Avenue • Monrovia. CA 91 0 I 6 (626) 305-RACE (7223) • Tel: (317) 472 2454 '383' Baja aass 1/10 sequential Transaxle Trophy Truck solutions available for Lead Customers 9'0IN.21st0r. Phoenix, AZ. 15021 ORBA from page 47 Bill Introduced In California Legislature Would Require On-Road Motorcycles To Have A Biennial Smog Check Including Dual Sport Models Fran Pavley (D -Agoura Hills), A introduced SB435 on February 26, 2009. It is unclear what implica-ions this bill will have on the dual port motorcycle market. BAKERSFIELD, CA (March 23, 2009) On February 26, 2009 Fran Pavley(D-Agoura Hills) introduced enate Bill 435 (SB435) which ould require all motor-Dusty Times For The Price Of A Phone can And. A Few Bucks A Month Your Ad could Be Here Jack Wood$ .. 2.2•2-0011 Fu 602-MZ•nll 818·882-0004 cycles model Y.ear 2000 and newer to get a biennial smog check. The bill was introduced, had its first reading and was assigned to the committee on Transportation and Housing. It may be acted upon by that commit-tee on or after March 28, 2009. This bill is still in the early stages of the process and exactly how it will affect dual sport bikes is still uncertain. The use of dual sport bikes has recently seen an increase in popular-ity. They give a rider the ability travel from off-road trail to pavement. With the decrease in area available for OHV recreation having this type of flexibility is very attractive to some. ORBA understands the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also believes that it can be done in a. manner that does not harm our industry-an industry that has been particularly hard hit by the condition of the economy and the recent federal ban on youth A TV and motorcycle sales. Reducing greenhouse gas emis-sions is a high priority for the state of California and for State Senator Pavley. As a matter of fact she is somewhat of a "Rockstar" in the environmental community. In her freshman year as an Assemblymem-ber she authored AB 1493, which made California the first state in the nation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in automobiles. Since that time eleven states have passed similar legislation. She also authored ·AB 32 which requires a cap on greenhouse gas emissions from sta-tionary sources. We are optimistic that we can work with Senator Pavley to fashion a constructive piece· of legislation. Duncan Hunter Writes Letter Asking For Youth ATV Ban To Be Lifted By The Consumer Product Safety Com.mission {CPSC) Everyone concerned about this issue should visit the Motorcycle l 7XS TT BEADLCCK May 2009 l 7XS SIMULATED B,L. 1 7XS VW -SEADLCCK 1 5X 1 2 VW BEADLDCK NON BEADLCCK BEADLDCK Industry Council's (MIC) "stop the ban" website BAKERSFIELD, CA (March 25, 2009) Recently ORBA Vice President Jim McGarvie sent a letter to U.S. Congressman Dun-can Hunter (R-CA) expressing his concern about the youth ATV ban, which is negatively impacting many ORBA members. Congressman Hunter-an off-roader himself-sent a letter to ·the Consumer Product Safety Commission asking them to expedite consideration and grant the petitions for the exclusion submitted by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the Specialty Vehicle Insti-. Page 53

Page 54

more Trail Notes From Page 7 is survived by his wife Marcia, his 14-year-old son Nick and nine-year-old daughter Isabella. Bruce's family will have a private service, and because blood transfusions were so important to Bruce's battle with cancer for the past two years the family has asked for people to donate blood in Bruce's honor. More information will be available about blood donations soon. Cards can be sent to American Honda, 1919 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501, attention Bruce Ogilvie. Lucas Oil Short Course Series -The first of the series ran at Primm on April 4th and 5th• We'll give you a quickie here, a full story and pies next month. In the Unlimited 2/4 race it was Carl Renezeder winning on Saturday, Jerry Daugherty won on Sunday. In the Limited Buggy race it was Curt Geer winning both days. In the Unlimited Buggy race, it was Larry Job winning on Saturday and Chuck Cheek on Sunday. In the Unlimited 2 race it was Carl Renezeder taking the win both days. In the Unlimited Lite race, Rob Naughton took the win both days. NORRA-Guess who's back? Norra, under the leadership ofMich;iel Pearlman is going back to Mexico to run a revival of the Mexican 1000 rally. The race is open to vintage off.road vehicles (1955-197 5), Vintage motorcycles (1955-1974) and Vintage Touring Cars (1955-1975). Starting in Ensenada on September 16 with two overnight stops and finishing in La Paz on the 20th• Get those old cars in the shed ready for an outing! For more information, contact NORRA at www.NORRA.COM ORBA from page 53 tute of America (SVlA) and some of their member companies. In the letter Congressman Hunt-er stated that is was not the intent of the Consumer Product Improve-ment Act of 2008 (CPSIA of 2008) to create undue economic hardships on the OHV industry, especially dur-ing a time of already unprecedented economic conditions. The congress-man also goes on to state that if the requested exclusion was granted to the OHV industry that the CPSC would be engaging in a reasonable interpretation and implementation of the CPSIA of 2008. ORBA, MIC and SVlA continue to closely monitor the implementa-tion of the CPSIA of 2008 and to work for relief for the OHV industry. In addition to the pending exclusion petitions with CPSC, Senator Jon Tes-ter (D-MTI and Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT) have introduced bills in Congress which would grant exemptions from the lead content . The Most Sought After Fuel in Off-Road Racing Tod~y! Ask your engine builder about the increased horsepower, torque and cooler operating temperatures offered by VP's Late Model Plus, C12, VP113 and other great fuels. Then you'll know why champions in each of these series choose VP Racing Fuels. VP Racing is the Official Fuel and/or Contingency Sponsor of: ~[R)fflm~ RACING ASSOCIATION ~PIONSHIP ~RACDE SCOIE INTERNATIONAi! OFF-ROAD RACING For technical help or to locate the nearest VP dealer, call today or visit 951-696-5100 World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™ provisions for youth ATVs and mo-torcycles. You can help by visiting the MIC's "Stop the Ban" website(http:/ / for several ways to contact your Congressional representatives and members of the CPSC oversight committees to urge "The Straight Poop from the Big Wah.too II" PLUGGIN' POTHOLES-It's been a long time coming in develop-ing a covert team to fill the void left in Dusty Times following the depar-ture of our dearly beloved Brother Checker, the Big Wahzoo-May God rest his soul. After a long mourn-ing period the task at hand was to develop an entirely new Checkers syndicate of.covert double agent operatives (spies). Yes, good spies are very difficult to nurture and it has taken years, but alas we have as-sembled a "Few Good Men" in this crazy, exciting, addicting sport of off-road racing to bring you breaking Checkers news! Good, bad or indif-ferent you can be rest assured that everything you read in this column will indeed be the straight poop! The.reason Wahzoo II's identity will remain a well kept secret is the same as it always was for the Big Wahzoo himself-it just wouldn't work any other way. At times some of you may feel "hurt" that Wahzoo II never approaches you in confi-dence, please understand that in Checkers tradition, I have cultivated only a handful of trusted Check-ers spies among the organization to ensure that only accurate and confirmed information is passed on! With the advent of modern tech-nology (now some 20+ years old) you can send in your rants, comments, compliments, bitches, and 9ttaight poop scoops directly to me at Wah-zoo T And NO, I don't promise I'll respond to each and every email, but if your rant is interesting enough and factual, you just might see your stuff published in this column. To prevent making a total ass of yourself, indicate if you wish your identity to remain anonymous. If you wish to report them to support the pending bills. ORBA is a national trade as-sociation composed of off-road related businesses united to promote common goals that support the prosperity and growth of the off-road industry. on some straight poop (or even a few lies) make certain your email contains proper validation of your wild-assed claims or it will be tossed into the same heap of crap where I file everything from that phony Mike Overcast, a known scoundrel and loser who sometimes uses the alias "Gary Newsome", but more on that plagiarizing, logo-thieving, yellow bellied coward later. CORPORATE BIZ-Checkers are celebrating 35 years of excellence in the off-road racing community this year. Taking over the helm at the font table, this year's Officers are Bob Wright (President), James Gregory (Vice President), Bob Jahn (Treasurer and 2008 Checker of the Year), and Mike Wright (Secretary). We look forward to their leadership to carry Checkers through another season with some very spirited dis-cussions at our weekly meetings. President Wright's first order of business was to establish a new Pit Location Committee consisting of Lou Peralta, Stuart Chase, and George Thompson to ensure that pits are strategically placed in loca-tions that will best serve the racers and still accessible for the pit crews. Next order of business was to get our pit equipment back into shape fol-lowing the move from a warehouse in Glendale to an undisclosed loca-tion in Ague Dulce. All equipment was inventories, inspected, repaired, and the welders sent in for servicing. An all-out effort will be made this year to keep pit equipment in good working order and the pit boxes well stocked with sufficient duct tape, wire, welding rod, and oil to handlt; most situations. If you happen to break down and pull into a Checkers pit for assistance, just remember to look for the "You Broke it, Checkers Fixed It!" sticker that will be applied to a conspicuous location on your race car before sending you back down the course. RACES-We have a lot of race reporting to catch up to do in this first column so I'll cover what I can in the space allo.tted. Remember though, we'll be at each and every event watching for the straight poop! MORE KarTek 200-This season started off with the MORE KarTek Dual 200 in Barstow. The course as originally planned would have been a real disaster for pit logistics as it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7" .All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PVT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. ______________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Enclosed is $ Name Address ------- -------------------------------City __________ ' _____________________ .. ____________________________ _ State _______ Zip ______________ Phone __________________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 ISSUE June09 -July09 August09 September 09 October09 November09 December09 January 10 February 10 March 10 •••••••••••••••• •••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••• Page 54 May 2009 Dusty Times

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Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropri-ate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: Class 18 Fresh Build in '08, Score tagged, less than 200 miles on Yamaha 1200cc motor, 5 speed Transworks drive train, King suspension, Momo steering, Wilwood brakes, Ump filter, Spin Tech exhaust, Jaz Fuel Cell, PWR radiator, Parker Pumper, (2) Op-tima batteries, HDI & Hella lights, Lowrance GPS, Icom radio, Hella Horns, PRP Seats, Mastercraft and Crow Safety nets, Crow 5 point harness, (6) ITPWheels, (6) Super Swamper Tires, over $72,000.00 in car with receipts. Very fast! Great Jumper! No expense Spared. Ready to Race! Serious Buyers Only! $49,999.00. Mark Page (615) 293-1381. would have split into two courses going in opposite directions just after the start/finish line. Fortu-nately George Thompson was able to persuade the MORE officials into reconsidering and marking out a single loop which worked out fine. Ed Jahn, Joe Cota and Lin Neal handled Pit Captain duty. We had only three racers signed on with Checker Mike McGee taking 1st place in Class 10, and Checkers Prospectives Bob Jordan taking 2nd in Trophy Challenge (Sportsman's) and Erik Earnest finishing 4th in Class 5. Palmdale to the Sea 100- Check-ers Milo Brown's granddaughter tried to "steal the show" the day following the MORE race by taking the CHP and all of the media choppers on a low-speed chase from Palmdale to Camarillo driving a U-Haul moving van while casually smoking cigarettes on live TV! What was she thinking? Will she be co-driving her grand-pappy' s stock-mini race Exploder any time soon? The cops prevailed as they always do in these matter ending her career as a Stock Utility freeway contender. BITD Parker 425-Checkers had a shit day at Parker this year, due, in part to the rain that occurred in the early afternoon. And what a rain it was! We had a strong showing of 10 racers in six classes and only two finishers. DNF's included broken the usual suspensions, blown motor, stuck in a tree (WTF?), blown trans, and when the rain started it was all about electrical problems! In spite of all the bad luck Prospective John Dusty Times FOR SALE: Tod LeDuc's "x: Pro-2. he raced it 3 years, i raced it last year @ CORR. Truck is fresh & ready to go, with a new 800 HP motor with Dyno Sheet. Fresh Mogi Turbo 400. New underdrive and plenty of spares. Redlands, CA (909) 748-0344 FOR SALE: Wyllie Racing Pro2 Chevy, ProPower 434 ci 800 + Hp, Fox shocx, tube-works differential, C & C calipers, KMC wheels, Howe Steering, Mastercraft Seat. Daily oil pump, Probst built for 2006 season, Tig welded, Lots of spares, ready to race. $150,000.00 Complete. Call Todd. (602) 463-0936. SELL YOUR vehicles, equipment and bits and pieces right here! Dusty Times has the readership you're looking for so fill out the form on the op-posite page Sunderland took 1st place in Class 4100 and SCORE Class 10 Champ Mike Lawrence finished 3'd in Class 10. Congrats guys, it was a tough one out there again this year! San Felipe 250-Pit captains braving the drug cartel in their death-defying dash across the bor-der were Andrew Neal, Steve "Dr. Checker" Kassanyi, and Big John Files keeping watch over 5 Check-ers entries. Greg Krasnow handled relay duties which worked very well in spite of the lame attempt to rent repeater space from the Mexicans. As anticipated, security in San Felipe was high and there were no major problems to report. Score Class 10 Champ Mike Lawrence had another fantastic day taking 1st in class and 21st overall in his VW-powered Lothringer. The always hard-charging team of Checkers Pro-spectives Harley Letner and Kory Holopoff had a disappointing race after finishing 2nd in Class 1 at last year's Baja Mil, never making it to Check Point 2 while Jim Greenway in Ty Godde's Score Lite car never . made it to Check Point 1. Also in Score Lite Checkers Dan Martin driving the COPS car- complete with helicopter support- had a disap-pointing breakdown between Check Point 5 and the finish line. Rumor has it COPS will be campaigning in a brand new One car soon. James Connelly, co-driving in the 806 truck also DNF' d early in the race. MORE Balls Out 250- was a great time for all and the weather couldn't have been any better for this 7-lap event in Barstow. Mike FOR SALE: KregerFab Class 10, 2 dry sump Kroyer Hondas, Fortin 6 speed sequential Kings, Best of everything, Prepped by KregerFab. All spares including tires. 2008 SNORE overall Points Champ. Very Fast and reliable w/10 Class wins and 3 overalls. $130,000.00. Call (702) 565-5317. FOR SALE: Class 5 Baja Bug Pre-Runner. Fox By-pass shocks with coilovers, 4 wheel disc brakes, fresh Major Performance 2332cc engine with JG Transwerks bus box. Kenwood 2 way radio with PCI intercom. Spares, CA lie. Eco-nomical, fun desert car. Trailer Included. $15,000.00 Call Tom (714) 742-1418. R)R SALE: 90 Ranger Auto Fab Rad. Arms & Beams, National Springs, Dual Rancho BFG,American Racing,AR-23 8.8 456 Strange PIM, paint by PPG "Rough Riders Support" 5 pt harness & seats. See Off Road Mag issue 9-09 vol. 39 #9 $4,000.00. OBO (909) 466-0905. McGee spanked the Class 10 field taking 1st place. Prospective Chris Anderson (Howard's son) took 3'd place in his brand new good-looking Class 11 car. Erik Earnest finished 3'd in Class 5 on a very tired motor in need of a rebuild. Bob Jordan broke his engine case and DNF' d Trophy Challenge. Prospective Lee Finke of Race Shocks Inc. in Phoenix, Az. and co-driver Mike Lesiecki took 1st in Unlimited Sportsman's class in Finke's very nice looking (and fast) Geiser-built buggy. Good job fellas! Mint 400-Don Wall and SNORE sure did a crappy job of laying out and controlling the space in the Main Pit area this year. Some teams of a single car (as in one) were al-lowed to have multiple motor homes and trailers bumper-to-bumper clog-ging pit space and making it nearly impossible for some teams pitting multiple cars. Little was done by race officials to rectify the situation. Our message to SNORE is to start using Pit Passes next year to prevent another clusterfuck situation. In spite of the circumstances, Checker Chad Cummings had a very nice run driving Todd Well-ing's Class I car all by himself to a fine 4th place finish in class and 9th overall. Dan Martin was to co-drive Penhall's Class I car but never saw his ride as the car broke before the end of the first lap. Halopoff/Let-ner, Harmon, Tappart, and Krasnow all either DNF'd or didn't start at all. "Nuff said. That's all for now and don't forget to email the Big Wahzoo II at May 2009 FOR SALE: This truck was used as The Back up Truck in 2008. In 2007 this truck was updated with all new rear cage, suspension geometry front and rear, new Fox Shocks, radiators, oil coolers, trans coolers, fuel cell, fresh aluminum block Pro Power Engine, fresh J & H Transmission, billet aluminum underdrive gear transfer case, Douglas Motorsports custom Borg Warner front clutch unit, torsion style front diff. Truck is 3920 LBS. Very Reliable, all the best parts, Lots of spares. Currently, we are finishing a second PRO FAB Chassis and do not need three Pro 4 Race Trucks. $125,000.00 Race Ready with Spare parts. Serious inquires only. Email me at OR FOR SALE: Class One 2 seat Race Ready, A-Arm, fuel safe, CNC, Beard, 35 BFG's, 4 wheel disc, V-6 injected, pumpers, Sway-a-Ways, Windshield, street legal in Arizona. John @ (602) 694-2652. FOR SALE: 2007 Class 1 Jim-co Millinium. Hp Engine; 400 Chevy Sb. 630 Hp, Fortin 5 Speed Sequintial Transw/ Torque Converter, Fox Coil Over's And Bypass At All 4 Corners, Hyd In Car Jacks, Lawrance Gps W / 11" Screen. Ken Wood Uhf And Vhf Radios, Pei Intercom, Fire Sup Sys-tem, Master Craft 3g Seats, Dual Brains, 6 Hella Hid W / Light Bar, To Many Details To List. Totally Trick, Custom Everything. Must See. Test And Prerun Miles Only, Complete Prep And Set Up By Jimco, Race Ready. $195,000.00. Call Coy 702-531-4655 Or Email Coyhigley@Yahoo.Com FOR SALE: Own the legend-ary Great Candy Cane! Great Sportsman car. Raceco 2 seater, VW, type 4 Motor, rebuilt trans, Fox Shocks, $10,500.00 OBO. TJ Stanworth (435) 864-4933. Leave message or email tjstanworth@ for pictures. FOR SALE: 2004 Bunderson Class 1/1500, 400 C.U. Chevy, Albins sequential 5 speed, King Shocks, TCS Converter & ax-les, 2006 BITD Overall Champ, 2008 SCORE Overall Champ, $125,000.00. Call Butch (702) 873-1962. FOR SALE: New Jimco Class Ten-2 seater. Best deal Ever!! Never Been Raced!! Over $55,000.00 Invested in the Recent Better Than New Professional Ground-Up Restoration. $22,000.00 Jimco all new parts, Power Coat Chassis and Suspension parts. $4,000.00 Complete Rewire-New Switches, By Wirefab. New Fat Perfor-mance 2 Llter VWMotor, New Fortin 5 speed Transmission, New Virtex Race Radio, AVCOMM Pro Service Intercom. $2,000.00 Motocam in-Car Camera. New Howe Power Steer-ing Unit. Mastercraft Seats, (9) Spare Trres & Rims, (2) Sol-Tek Lights, (5) Xenon High Intensity Lights (2) Light Bars. Lowrence 7200 Globalmap. Have all Receipts. $65,000.00 Or Best Offer. Mike James (619) 985-2198 Cell or (619) 445-5142 Home. Or i<.b-AL b6T ATb-u_A6(:_/Q.(:_NTAL6 Vacation Rental Vacation Rental in the Exclusive Indian Wells Country Club in the Sunny Palm Springs area of Southern Caifornia! 2 ot 3 bedroom furninshed for your complete relaxation and if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on 1 or both of the beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phhone calls (USA) included. Starting at $4,500.00 in season Oan, Feb, March, April) or $2,300.00 per month not in season. Call (760) 345-6124. IND!:_X TO AD'vl:_Q Tl6!:_Q6 Baker Precision Racing Products ............. 4 7 Bilstein Shock Absorbers ........................ 15 BITD Vegas to Reno ................................ 35 BTR Racing Wheels ................................ 53 Brake Man .............................................. 13 Butch's Speed Shop ................................ 21 CODE Night Race .................................... 19 Foddrill Motorsports ................................ 42 Fuel Safe Racing Cells ............................. 31 Kar Tek Condolences Ad ......................... 26 Kar Tek Off Road .................................... 25 King Off-Road Racing Shocks .................. 30 Lucas Oil Products ..................... Back Cover McKenzie's Performance Products .......... 34 McMillin Racing ...................................... 28 MOR Ridgecrest 200/ Coyote Wash 200 ................................. 4 MORE Day/Night 500 ............................... 2 NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally ................... 44 Off Road Alley Swap/Shop Meet ............. 37 Off Road Warehouse ............................... 29 PCI Race Radios ....................................... 5 Racer X Motorsports .............................. 43 Race Ready Products .............................. 46 Robby Gordon Off Road .......................... 38 Ronco Plastics ........................................ 40 Skyjacker Suspensions ............................ 24 SNORE Caliente 250 ............................... 23 South Point Casino ................................... 9 Stewart Raceworks .............................. 29 T ransaxle Engineering ............................. 27 VP Racing Fuels ...................................... 54 Web Cam Racing Cams ........................... 11 Wilson Motorsports ................................. 41 Page 55

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