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2009 Volume 26 Number 4 Dusty Times Magazine

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Celebra~lng our 211M Year OF service To The OFF Road communl~Y ------------------------covering the world of competition in the dirt •••

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. ' Volume 26 - Number 4 April 2009 DllliYfillllB Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Mike Del Col Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton Victor Gazca Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Trackside Photo B.O.R.E. Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., In This Issue ... FEATURES BITD Parker 425 by Judy Smith ........................................................... 8 Rally Of Ireland by Martin Holmes ..................................................... 16 SNORE Battle At Primm by J Preston Bradshaw ................................. 20 MORE Kartek Duel 200 by J Preston Bradshaw .................................. 30 MDR Wild Wash 250 by J Preston Bradshaw ...................................... 35 Sno*drift Rally by Jerry Winker .......................................................... 38 MDR McMillin Fud 200 by J Preston Bradshaw .................................. 40 DEPARTMENTS Happenings .......................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ............................................................................................ 6 Baja Pits ............................................................................................. 44 BFGoodrich ...................................................................................... 46 Blueribbon Coalition .......................................................................... 47 ORBA ................................................................................................. 47 Good Stuff Directory ........................................................................ 49 Classified Ads ..................................................................................... 54 Index To Advertisers .......................................................................... 55 ON THE COVER Andy McMillin had a relatively trouble free day, lots of rain and muck but he took the Trick Truck win and the overall as well, seen here nicely airborne. Photo by Art Eugenio -Trackside Photo Rob MacCachren ran in second place all day on Saturday, led the class all day in the Sunday race and took the overall Class ½-1600 win at the SNORE Battle At Primm with two minutes in hand at the end. Photo by Art Eugenio - Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham Visit Our Website at Duscytimes,com snapshot Of The Month ... The man who started it all! Mickey Thompson greeting visitors to the 1982 SCORE Off Road Extravanza, oh, so many years ago. DUSlYTIMESwill feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. Dusty Times Aprll 2009 See-dac-,e,tde 7oaeu,, to-DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (to subscribe online go to □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ______________________ _ Address ____________________ _ City _____________________ _ State _______________ Zip _______ _ Primary Interest Cars D Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US n Overseas subscription rates upon request Page3

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In Memorium It has been 12 years since Jean Caivin slipped her earthly bonds and went to that great off road race in the sky. Jean was such a great lover of our sport and of all those who partlcipated in it. She loved to race, hated to work on the car but was always available \ opinions on how to 1nake things work. Jean was the greatest promoter of off road racing that there ever was, so, when you have a spare tninute, think a good thought for Jean, ·he is still watching over us and we all still miss her. A Little Dissertation About Jean Calvin, Off Road Icon, Idol and Hero Jean Calvin's last chcckrrcJ flag came on March 3l, 1997. A $lip and fall ended the: .:arecr of an our,;tanding lady whost' prl'Srm·r had an influucnce on everyone associatt'd with off road racing. Jtim was th\.' di,;tinglli$hcd l.'di-tor/ puhb lisher/ gofcr/wri rt·r/ .id ~t·llt·r nf tht· hihk of nlf road rncing, Du:-t)-Times. \X1hile ,lw fm u_.c,.I on dw buggi,•s. l·ars and trn(ks. /'ht" haJ the llfl\l<)~t rl·· l'~P\'ct for tlw ATV ,rnd bih rn ·-('TS. When I first stancJ to attten~l the Sl 'ORE rnl.'es, it was to part~ ,rnd to find out to what awful in-acn:s~ihk ~pot Morgan M,dorl'o sending me ro pit l<)f him. At th:H time Jean w:i:: the l'ditor of ,'CORE Nt:'WS. Morgan made :-Urt' I km'w who she was, Of cour~c, I wa · so knowledgeable that I diJn't even know \,·hat , ( :ORE ~rws was, howl'\·cr, if Morgan said I should know \\·ho Jean ·was, I paid attention. <... t·er the year$ our friend,-hip grew and ~rcu.· and whik we would on! · Sl'<.' 0ad1 ,)tlwr at dw rnces, [ always looked forward to :l'C• ing her and l·wr husband John. \\!bile }t'an had the latc::t in rac-ing 111.:ws, John had some ot the weirde~t. funnil.'st jokt's I had evn !ward. Whl·n l call,·d }t';in 0 11t- day hack in 198() and wld her I was ha\'• ing a 24 hour rnrc, she prompt!) informed me rhar she and lu,ly Smith h,id won i-hl' tirst ont· Wair Lon of I lDRA had org,1-niz<·d. Anothrr ~coop Jown tlw tubes. fl,an l1.1,J H'ell it all but \\i,-hcJ· me \\l'll. Later, when we started rnn11111g a 24 hour for tlw nir.s, ~lw made SUH' she wa: in ar-rcnd,im·(•, and John co111pl:ii11r,I the wholl· tiuw. A great tiuw was had h · all! The) came b:Kk year aftt'r year, lean having tun and ldrn askrng why are w,' here? And wt· la11_2hcd and l.wg]H,d and laughed. Page4 cxdtcd, she was going to µo rac-ing again. She had an: 'ptl'd a n1-d ri\'er ride at the SCORE Baja 500 and wa,; delighted b,·yond belief. rrom the top of the ladder to the bottom in 01w bad bump. Slw hit-lwr head (;;lw wn$ ,war• ing an ,tpprnwd helmet), an,l it wa,; d(1w11hill from th1·1T. B1ain sur~cry w,1s n,•ces,-,H) to sa,·t· hc•r. sill' lo;;! ,l kg du,· 10 po(>1 ,·1rn1-l,1ti1m. Th~ ,)ff road n11nmuntt) wa,: slwrkt'd, 1\111-I,; \\Tn· raised ro !!< t lwr a ~tM•' ol rlw art pro~-tht'$iS and ym1 know what? Slw 1\t'\-ct mi:,:;,,d a race! :--; l'\ er~ 1 rr• Ille mbcr I aughlin la ·t \'Car, j('an was not m tlw bt'St of health, bur dnmn tlw wqw'-kw~, there w,1~ a race .ind she had to lw tlwrl'! Suddenly she hai joined \\!alt Loll. ?\faynard, Hoyd l ludson, Oanrw I lamel and many others fo~ the i?rcat oft road rac·,•s in rh<-sky. It w.1s only then that I rt'alizl'd t har I had ne\t"t re,1lly gotten ID know her. I low did sht' berome ::o devoted to a sport/ When. did it happen? I low di,! shc conYi1h·,, her h11s• hand lohn to go :don~ with hl'I' ob$e~siot1 with ,,ff mad r~cing? It rurns out rhat Jenn was an ac-complished 11thlete from tl1l· git gl,, Sit d\)Wll. bccau~(· rhi.; will hlow y(llll' mind. jl•a11 was ,1 pro• fc~sional ice skater, skating with Sonja I (,,nie and I l ft,lida\ on kc. She went from k1,;· 1:·olcl ro rriplc digit lwat, from thou,,mds in th!.' :nl'n;1.s to a frw hrarty pit Cfl' WS in tlw middle of 1wwhere. From world wkle trnvcl h) ,•,·c·nts at H Cc•ntro and S1.1tdine .-tnd she lo\'ecl ever ' minute of ii. .kan wa~ ~kating in l:uw1w wlwn a cl.t~hing young Air F(>tn' 111a11 ~wept lwr off ht·r ket. Rl·lllrtl· ing-irom Europt· she and John were marriec{ un St'JHt•mbcr 22, 1956 and madt· their home in tlw San h-·rnando Yalky. I am let! w heliew tlwy :pent tlwir h.oncymoon radng but that is unsnb,tantiared. Soon )ran was kiddng butt in SCCA rarc. and loving every minuH' of ir. Ewry-thing she tm1chcd nmwd to gold (,,xl'ept John). Petl'rwn Publi,,;h. ing hired her as an associate eJi-tor on Sp,)rts Car C,raphic shc-frc•eclam:ed for I lot YW's and some 15 years ago tlw l)ff road industry was blesst"d with an as-set we may nt•,· r $ e again, Jean Calvin, and after so11w thrillin:4 r<1<:"l'S with Les Choate and fam-ily, Jc11n w11s honkt•d .1nd tlw re:t b hist.ory. Not ()nly diJ ]loan drin• and ,,:in, ·hr wrot\ lwr~df into our lh·\'S. It you ,wr.·n 'r in Dusr~ Tiuw~. you 1n11st .h,n·,, 11<>t han• ·urn-pt'ted. All the current, .1hou1 te> lw and w:1111,1 he lei::,• lwat a patrh to her dtiorsrcp. Tht· goal ,,:as tlw ,am,· lnr .di; j(•an, \viii vou uwntion me? And, \'Oll know ;\hat. anynne \drn talk~,d tn ht•r got their nauw in Dusty Timt•,. Jean, many will follow in rour footstep::-, how('V<'r, nom' will ewr fill I hem'. Thank you lorevcr, Fm! Mental Images W hent·\·er we hear \..-ord< or phrases, our mind S<Jr~s I hrough its' infinit,• d,ita has<' and di$• pl11ys the image that reprc-;<ent~ \\'ha1 we hu1r.l. As it by ma,eir we h,1,·e in;,tant rend! ot t ht' e,.,nts 1 hat ha\'l' made impn·ssions on our mind. One of the hirs llf in-formation that h,ts nude an in-d<'liblt· impn·~~ion on my mind, b that of )<'an Cilvin. For those of you di,! not bavt' dw op-portunity to knm~ ht'r a~ I did, 1 his is the imag,' rhar Ill} mint! brings op for Ill(' to rc'llle111l1t•r. It was th.l· running of th<: 21th SNORE 250 in Jean, }.;cvada. A.I. and I dt·cidcd tn enter that race for it's' historical si!!nifi, ,·.tncc. Whl·n th<' ra.:l' was ovl'r. all of tlw fini~h,·r, wen· ga1herNl around the fini,:h line for poit rncc te,-h and inspection. Alono with tht raclrl' rhcre were the r.icc officials, tlw DH'di.1, an l hundrc-d:; of ~pc-1·1.1rnn:. lr wa~ quite impn'ssh·c·. Tlwn, trom our April 2009 o( the parking area, I saw Jean walking towards the 1nulritudc of people th ar had 1.:om·crged upon the finish line. T he parking area was on thr opposirc of tlw rare cotHSt' , ~o Jean had t0 neg:otiMe the ln1nns and rur.~ tha t had been carved our by the ra.-e rars. That, in itself, was no ea. y task for her, becau·e :he had !)st half of her susptnsion syMMn :ind n eded a cane to maintain balance, As shr approached tht· lir. t hmm, she rook it at an angle, pausing at the top. Pro(et•ding at an angle, she rl'<'pt.'ated tlw proce ·s. Down the fare ,.)f tlw hunu, p,Htst, up the face of tlw middle· of th<' bu rut, pau:;,!, down tl>l' liurm, p.111,e, up the la~t burnt and she was acro~s. You might say ti) yn11rscli, wlw didn't you hdp ht•r' Well J'II tell you why. ~lw would haw hit me with her ram·! Jt·an was wry indc-p~ndent. As ~he approached the throngs of 1wople, hc•r t'a,-0 lit np and paled the aftt.'monn sun. She looked as if she had just :ll·hievnl a life long dream. I $,1id to mv-,:elf, what ·s she smiling at: Then it dawt\l'd on nw. ::lw diJn'1 1<,ok ar the crowd as a bund1 ot' dirt\ tired rnl·ers. She percl'in:d them a· conq11ering warrriur~ rerum-ing from some distant campaign. To hi:r dwy wt'rl' all heroes. Slw wasn't there bee,111se she had 10 interview tht•m, she wa~ r here be-cause she gm to interview them, Off-Road raeine ha~ lo.;t one of its' diampions; and I hope that your mental image of Jean paral-lels mine. Herman De NtLmio I've lost a friend. Much mor rhan that: Jt•an' was a mt·nror, a spon,H)r, a nitk, a co-worker, an,I an t'mployt·r. Sbe wa:-all those thing.< I() me, but a friend most of all. I mer Jean in 1971 at a BR.i\ race when I introdured 111 ·sclt and told lier I'd admin•d an arridt' she'd writtt·n. She was easy to rnlk tc, and that was the lirsr of a lot of ronwrsatiom. For one thing, WI.' wen' both racrrs at a ti11H' when th<'rt' weren'r tllany women d riving off road, so we hnd a l'<Hntnon hasis for om ra lk. We· 1.:ould trade horror ~tories about bathrooms aml onc,pit'cc drh·ing suits and gening lost. For II rime, in rhe late sen·ntie., she had her offkt> in rhe same buildinJ? in which 1 worked. We-often rook lund1 rogetbcr. Hy then I wa~ writing also, and ot~ ten for Jean. She taught nw a lor about the craft an I the industry. And l aL o co-drnw with her in her race car. We ran in Class 9, and then mo,·ed up ro rhe 1600 dass. The radn~ was great, the friend$hip wa · rnrifir. Wlwn ~h<' srartt•,1 the Dnsry Time.< ~ht· nwvtd trom our ot11ce building, but I was wririnJ.l fnr hcr H'J?Ularly, an I we talked to ,I t•,1ch otlwr often. Then in '94 slw mo,·ecl hack to an office adjacent to 111inl'. ~he wa!-b\ then dealing with. th(: loss of the lower part of her left leg, a~ well a~ the near consrnnr pain from rhe plates and sacws that hdd both legs together. Still. hl'r indomitable will took lin to work se,·t·n daw a wet·k, and w as many rnces ,is she rnuld fit in. She broke lwr hip n couple' of y~'ar_; aiio an i mi$:,t•d only a week at work, and when sht' had a slight stroke abour a year ago she had rn be per·naded to leave the office to :e(' her do1.:tor. Her grit and determination were aston-i:hin!!. The paper had to be got nut. ~he St't an t'.xamplr for all who :aw her pace slow and lwr body 11row l' \.' r more frail as slw 1.:ontit111ed Ill worl::, conntinued w gl't it all donr. lean was :i tough okl bird, m1b-born, critfral, loyal and honest. She never faileJ her friend~ <ff th sport ~lw lo\'(',l. I mis;; lwr, but at kaH I know :;lw'$ not in p,l i!l :rny longer. ]ltdy Smith Dusty Times

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. I, 2009 Happenings ... CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RAcING AssocIATION P.O. Box 645 CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO ORW Gran Prix Jacume, Tecate, B.C. October 2-4, 2009 Mex. Logistics 300 Mexicali, B.C. Dec 4-6, 2009 Race Ready 275 1 OK FoUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (AU et1ents staged at the club grounds in Cleties. Ohio) 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 DELAWARE ST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SoVTH Po1NTE CIRCLE, SuJTE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E Mail: AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA ObseTIJed Trials Southern California Championship Series BILL MAR!CuM • PRESIDENT (909) 860--1857 24 HR HOTLINE• (714) 562-7742 E MAIL: BMARK909@AOL.COM <> AsocIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM lAsELL, TECH INSPECTOR AP-ro42 SAN JosE DEL CABO BAJA C ALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MExlco AusTRALIAN OFF RoAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS Q UEBEC OFF ROAD ClAss 10 CARS ONLY RENALD V AJLLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BAJA CUP CHALLENGE B ARONA SAND DRAG A ssN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS Off Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing NORCO, CA 92860 e-mail (909) 815-5811 BEST IN T HE DESERT 3475 BOULDER HIGHWAY 1As VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-577 5/FAX: 702-641-24 31 April 17-19, 2009 Jerrible's 250 at Primm Primm,NV Car/I' rnck/UTV May 8-1 0, 2009 Bluewater Gran Prix Parker, AZ Motorcycles/Quads/ ATV's August 19-23,2009 TSCO Vegas To Reno Las Vegas, NV AU Classes September 25-27, 2009 Bilek Silver State 300 Mesquite, NV All Classes October 16-18,2009 Terribles Primm Gran Prix Primm, NV Motorcycle/Quad/ ATV December 4-6, 2009 Fabtech Henderson Desert Classic Henderson, NV Cars/I' racks BORERAcING 10 ELK MOUNTAIN DRIVE REDSTONE, CO 81623 970--963-4563/623--853-3595 May 1-2, 2009 Wendover, UT June 26-27, 2009 Jackpot, NV August 7-8, 2009 Ely, NV Sept 18-19, 2009 Wendover, NV BP MoTORSPORTS P.O. Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760--578-6258/760--578-6259 Dusty Times FAX: 818--348-4648 E-Mail: AU Et1ents At California City, CA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAx (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CLUB AUTOMOVILISTA }UARENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16--17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <> CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560--SHOW PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DoN ENGLEMAN (B1KES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265--8618 CLAIRTON Hi-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVJUE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN CALLE 6TA FRACC Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616--5-22-07) USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/ 7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MoTosPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690--3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE 0FFROAD MADERO 621-A MEXICALI, MEXICO 21100 760-455-8069 USA 011-52-686--553-4087 MEXICO Feb 13-15, 2009 OASA-Circulo K 250 San Luis Rio Col.SON April 3-5, 2009 Mexicali 500 Mexicali, B.C. May 15-17, 2009 VW Autopartes 250 Mexicali, B.C. Aug 1-2, 2009 Mexicali-San Felipe, B.C. CoLORADOH1u CLIMB ASSOCIATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653--8449 CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORR SERIES 270 NEWPORT CENTER DR., SuJTE 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866--501-CORR CORVA Continued next page ~Cl) ~=I ~ ~ Cl-00=1 ~l-J u1J II\ACII PI.ACIOII INTIIPIC0MS HliA0!illTS CIPS Ma.MIITS 9'flllT':l IIClUPMaNT 0ca.1. PIIISTA.ANT!I !IATPHCNlltl AF'f9Allll1.. cvas GLOBALMAP BAJA 540C 01' DISPLAY GLOBALMAP 9200C '[[Mf DISPLAY April 2009 Contlngancv Sponsors tor: SCORE -BITD -CORR MORE -SNORE -MOR GLOBALMAP 7200c Tl' DISPLAY Pages

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Trail Notes ... CRANDON lNTERNATIONAL RACEWAY -Crandon Raceway has signed a 15 Year Exclusive Deal with Traxxas TORC(tm) Series. In a momentous move that establishes a new foundation for professional off-road racing in the U.S., officials of Crandon International Off-Road Raceway, the country's most recognized off-road racing facility, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive, long-term agreement with Ricky Johnson and Mitch Covington, owners of The Off-Road Championship Series (TORC(tm)). The deal includes rights to hold short-course racing at the fabled "Big House" of off-road racing through the year 2018 and beyond. "We believe in Ricky and Mitch and their fresh direction for the future of short-course off-road racing with their T raxxas TO RC Series and we want Crandon Raceway to be a part of a new dawn for professional off-road racing in the U.S.," stated Cliff Flannery, president, Crandon Raceway. "TORC is bringing the sport of off-road racing together. Ricky and Mitch and a dedicated group of sponsors are unifiers, not dividers. This kind of forward-thinking, dependable and reliable leadership is crucial to the marketability and viability of off-road racing," he said. "The TORC name is an outstanding, highly creative name for a hard-driving, high-flying series," he said. The title sponsor behind TORC is Traxxas(r), the country's leading marketer ofR/C cars. Traxxas is based in Plano, Texas. Additional major sponsors are on-board and will be announced very soon. "Our loyal race fans, 2009 Crandon Raceway sponsors, and all off-road racers can look forward to a very, very bright future and being part of a true National series," said Flannery. "All of us associated with Crandon Raceway are confident this future is optimistic as we head into the 40th Anniversary season at our famous track and the all-important 40th Anniversary of off-road racing in this country." Crandon Raceway is the cornerstone of a National off-road racing Series launched by Johnson, Covington and TORC. The Series will race from California to Wisconsin from Nevada to Michigan and in Arizona. The Series will have a broad National footprint with offices and locations across the U.S. including California, Wisconsin, Arizona and Indiana, among others. The Traxxas TORC Series will be the exclusive sanctioning body to feature the three biggest and most well known high dollar cup races in the nation, such as the highly prestigious BorgWarner Shootout. The 2009 race for the annual at Crandon. The Traxxas TORC Series will also feature the cherished sterling silver and 18-karat gold BorgWarner Cup will be the 15th country's longest running Cup race - the FCP Chairman's Cup Challenge - now it is 16th year at Crandon. The FCP PRO Light Pickup Challenge Cup race is also held at Crandon. The Traxxas TORC Series will launch a new website later this week. More information about the "Big House" is available at LUCAS OIL OFF RoAD RACING SERlES - Lucas Oil Products has finalized an agreement with Tony and Sherry Vanillo to acquire complete ownership of the newly formed American Off Road Series. The Series has been renamed the "Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series". Lucas Oil will operate the Series under its racing division, 1-10 Race Promotions, Inc. Lucas Oil currently owns and operates two race tracks, the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri and the Lucas Oil 1-10 Speedway in Blythe, California. Lucas Oil also owns and operates three racing series and sanctioning bodies: the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League and the Southwest Modified Series (currently entitled the Super Clean Modified Series-presented by Lucas Oil). Additionally, Lucas Oil is an integral part of the race team operations of Morgan Lucas Racing (NHRA Top Fuel Division) and Jason Patison Racing (NASCAR Camping World East Division). The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series will be added to the mix of these racing assets. The business structure is already in place to hit the ground running with this new Off Road series. Lucas Oil is committed to this new venture and will make all of its managerial, marketing, television and financial resources available to ensure the long term success of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The 2009 schedule is still being developed. Confirmed race dates as of this announcement are as follows: April 4-5 Primm Valley Motorsports Complex, Primm, NV May 2-3 Speedworld Motorsports Park, Wittman, AZ June 27-28 Kai Gard Motorsports Complex, Lake Elsinore, CA Aug 1-2 Kai Gard Motorsports Complex, Lake Elsinore, CA Oct 17-18 Speedworld Motorsports Park, Wittman, AZ Nov 14-15 Primm Valley Motorsports Complex, Primm, NV Racing venues in the Mid-West and Southeast are also under consideration, as additions to the 2009 schedule noted above. Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri is a strong candidate, as are several other sites in Wisconsin, Michigan and Oklahoma. LUCAS OIL SERIES ON TV -The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series will be televised on SPEED, with 18 original hours of programming currently committed to the sport. The contract with SPEED is firm for the 2009 and 2010 seasons. The show will be co-hosted by Ken Stout and Cameron Steele. The production services will be provided by Lucas Oil Production Studios, with the most current state of the art High Definition equipment. Lucas Oil will use at a minimum: 10 stationary track cameras, 1 jib mount camera for top down angels, 3 ENG cameras for pit reporting and mobile shots, 3 Point of View cameras to capture jumps and speed shots and, multiple on board cameras for a behind the wheel perspective. Special effects, customized graphic packages and 3-D animation will be featured in each show to enhance the quality and entertainment value of these productions. Secondary airings of selected classes and special features will be produced for the Versus Network to further showcase this new Series and the Off Road Racing industry in general, currently 4 one hour episodes are scheduled. The Bully Dog Unlimited Super Lite class will be produced for Outdoor Channel, with a minimum of 10 half hour episodes. Following original airing network commitments, the shows will be distributed internationally through MavTV and will be seen in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world. Lucas Oil is a major equity partner ofMavTV, a new cable and satellite network focusing on programming for men. This comprehensive television package will provide the broadest and most diverse coverage ever afforded the sport of off road Page& 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-80042 CORVA Exr 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 CRS CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <www, 'These are the ei,ents requesting inclusion that have been presented to the CRS Board of Gooemors. The final Rally Championship will be a subset of these events. Desert Storm Rally (2, 3) Blythe, CA May 2, 2009 Ensenada Rally (2) Ensenada, Baja California May 30, 2009 Irwindale Rally (1) Irwindale, CA June 13 or June 20, 2009 North Nevada Rally (3) Fernley, NV Also CRS Moto Championship July 10-11, 2009 Idaho Rally (2, 3) Mountain Home, ID Also CRS Moto Championship August 29, 2009 Gorman Ridge Rally (3) Frazier Park, CA Also CRS Moto Championship October 2-3, 2009 Prescott Rally (2, 3) Prescott, AZ Also CRS Moto Championship November 14, 2009 Seed 9 Rally (2) Goodsprings, NV December 5, 2Q09 Phoenix Rally (2) Phoenix, AZ D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All ei,ents at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston Counr:, ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AlTIOMCYTIVE AoVENTIJRES 455 E. OcEAN BLVD., Sum 208 i.oNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATIJR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE Cum DECATIJR, TX 76234 ToMAilEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU Cm, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsrmN ~ROAD RACING AssN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WEU.SVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 E'.NSENADA BAJA OFF ROAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSAD<.., BC, MX Oll-52-646-1818989 Eus10 Oll-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for bugg,s & Motorcycles EsTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing VICTOIUA GAUNOO ENSENAOA, BAJA CAl.JFORNIA, MEXICO 011-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FLORIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S Assoc!ATION )ASON lEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, May, Noo at David.son Raceway FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE s. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX GF.NERAL TIRE TROPHYUTE SERIES DRIVE RAcING ORGANIZATION 760-352-6020 Las Vegas, NV June 27-28, 2009 Glen Helen Baja Cup San Bernardino, CA October 29-31, 2009 Ricky Johnson Off-Road Grand Prix Aprll 2009 Las Vegas, NV P.O. Box664 December 4-6, 2009 GREENUP, IL 62428 BITD Henderson Fabtech Classic (217) 962-1318 Henderson, NV E-MAIL: GORRA <> GEORGIA OFF ROAD MOJAVE DESERT RACING RACING ASSOCIATION 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE 420 HosEA RoAO SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 (404) 963-0252 April 4, 2009 Mojave 250 GPORRA Barstow B, CA GREAT PLANEs OFF RoAD RAc-May 16, 2009 ING AsSOCIATION Ridgecrest 200 TIM HODGE Ridgecrest, CA (402) 991-6048 June 27, 2009 Scorr MORROW MDR400 (816) 792-2126 Lucerne Valley, CA (AU races are short course, stadium style Dbl Pts Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, August 15, 2009 Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck California 200 Nebraska Raceway Park, Exit 420 on I-80 Lucerne Valley, CA between Omaha and Lincoln.) Night For latest info check September 26, 2009 <> Lucerne 250 Lucerne Valley B, CA HIGH PLAINS OFF RoAD RAcING November 7, 2009 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B Stoddard 250 ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 Barstow B, CA 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax Superstition Series April 25, 2009 INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING As-King of the Desert SOCIATION Plaster City, CA P.O. Box 8105 June 13, 2009 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 Coyote Wash 200 STEVE BEOOOR Plaster City, CA (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 October 1 7, 2009 Plaster City, CA INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS November 28, 2009 PRoMoTioNs, INc. MDRRally P.O. Box 2910 Plaster City, CA MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 December 31, 2009 (949) 582-2371 Bud Light Dash Plaster City, CA ]EEPSPEED M.O.R.E. 1826 N. WINDES Orange, CA 92869 MoJA VE OFF RoAD RAcING 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 ENTHUSIASTS All races for ]eepspeed 1,2 & 3 P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 KAMLooPS OFF RoAD RACING 760-253-4453 Whispering Pines Sports & ation Center Barstow, CA KAMI.OOPS, BC, CANADA May 23, 2009 500 Miles Mike Strange (250) 573-4003 Lucerne, CA July 18, 2009 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OF-Freedom 250 FROAD EXPO Barstow, CA (626) 961-3782 Sept12,2009 , I <> 250 Miles <> Lucerne, CA Oct 4, 2009 L.I.T.R.E. 4th Annual Powder Puff )EFF ELROD Barstow, CA (408) 926-0522 Dec 5, 2009 )IMAfUTA Toys For Tots Holiday 200 (408) 247-4402 Barstow, CA LUCAS OIL MICHIGAN SPORT BuGGY As-AMERICAN OFF ROAD SERIES SOCIATION SHORT COURSE RACING DAVE BARRET April 4-5, 2009 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. Primm Valley Motorsports Complex FUNT, ML 48506 Primm,NV (810) 730-9221 May 2-3, 2009 Speedworld Motorsports Park MoTOWEST WINTER Thw.s SERIES Wittman,AZ BILLMARl<HAM June 27-28, 2009 (909) 860-1857 Kai Guard Motorsports Complex <> Lake Elsinore, CA All events at Perris Raceway August 22-23, 2009 (At Reed Valley with a school) Kai Guard Motorsports Complex NATIONAL Muo RACING AssN. Lake Elsinore, CA October 17-18, 2009 RT. #l -Box 380 Speedworld Motorsports Park DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN Wittman,AZ PALATKA, FL 32177 November 14-15, 2009 (904) 325-5422 Primm Valley Motorsports Complex NATIONAL TuFF TRUCK ASSN. Primm,NV Butch Chapin Motorsports Promo-MA.MARRITA OFF ROAD RACING tions LUIS CARLOS ALVAREZO 1404 EAST 3RO STREET PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 Co. JuAREz, CH1H., MX (612) 437-2459 011-52-1637-1799 NOORA MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD Dune Buggy Trade Show RACING ASSN. (517) 543-7214 GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 <> E-MAIL <> MICHIGAN OFF ROAD Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads CHAMPIONSHIPS (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 518, 20 M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) 15529 )ONES ROAO (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 Spring Valley) (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots only OFFROADExPO MAORA SPIN CoMMUNICATIONS (415) 380-3890 Mm-AMERICA OFF ROAD AssoclATION Dusty Times

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- I OFF RoAD RAcING Assoc1AT10N Volunteered Series PRESIDENT -GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CIASS REP. - 1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CIASS REP. -9 & UNLID. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OUTIAWREP. DON PONDER (314) 631-8190 (All Races at Wheeling in the Counr::y 900 Acres) OHIO OFF RoADERS I.Ne. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. New PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 }IM l<ENDEL (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, Puauc RELATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) Oun.AW SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMEIMAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Championship 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PENNsYL v ANIA SHORT CoURSE RACING SMITHTON HOLE RACEWAY 313 SKYLINE DRIVE SMITHTON, PA. 15479 MIKE GEISER 33().683-6263 Short Course Offroad Racing All Races At Smithton Hole Racewa, P1KEs PEAK P.O. Box 6962 CoLORAOO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRo 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREYGOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PRoTRUCK 14402 BOND COURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-39().6252 PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMERICA NATIONAL EVENTS 2009 National Championship Series April 25-26, 2009 Olympus Rally May 15-17, 2009 Oregon Trail Rally June 5-6, 2009 Susquehannock Trail Rally July 17-18, 2009 New England Forest Rally August 28-29, 2009 Ojibwe Forests Rally September 19-20, 2009 Rally Colorado Lake Superior Rally October 16-1 7, 2009 Rally America Re= E11ents: Regional 9J:f:ymships. June 5, 2009 Finger Lakes Wellsboro, PA June 6, 2009 Sherwood Forest Wellsboro, PA July 17, 2009 Mexico Rally Mexico, ME July 18, 2009 Berlin Rally Berlin, NH Central: May 23, 2009 Gravity Park WI August 28, 2009 Dusty Times Paul Bunyan's Ride Bemidji, MN August 29, 2009 10,000 Lakes Rally Bemidji, MN October 16, 2009 Ottawa Rally Houghton, MI October 1, 2009 Keweenaw Rally Houghton, MI7 November 28, 2009 Rallye de Paris Paris, TX Pacific NW April 25, 2009 John Nagle Rally April 26, 2009 Gene Nielsen May 15-16, 2009 Oregon or Bust Hillsboro, OR South West September 19, 2009 Middle Cog 1 Steamboat Springs, CO September 20, 2009 Middle Cog2 Steamboat Springs, CO ROCK CRAWLERS ASSOCIATION O F AMERICA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERroN, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WIN-TERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DIEGo OFF RoAD E.xrosmoN (888) 836 7918 SCC A RoADRAu.Y P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MoTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, Sum 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN RD., Sum A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> Jan 22-25, 2009 Laughlin Desert Challenge Laughlin, NV June 5-7, 2009 Baja 500, Ensenada Baja Mexico Sept 11-13, 2009 Terribles Primm 300 Primm, NV Date TBA Baja 1000, Baja Mexico SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENTffuSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 Feb 13-15 Battle At Primm, Primm, NV Mar26-29 General Tire Mint 400 Las Vegas, NV May 8-10 Caliente 250, Caliente NV June 27-28, 2009 -Glen Helen Baja Cup San Bernardino, CA July 25 Midnight Special October 29-31, 2009 Ricky Johnson Off-Road Grand Prix Las Vegas, NV Dec 12 Western Desert Championship SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SOUTHEASTERN OFF RoAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore -(224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS ExPo MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. HACIENDA BLVD. #322 HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BoNNEVILLE NATIONALS, I.Ne. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF RoAD RACING AssN. 4305 WOOTLARI( DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Racewa,, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 Toys FoR ToTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILLA VALLEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA VALLEY OFF ROAD RACING AS-SOCIATION 1970 EAsr 2ND STREET RENo, NV 89502 877-418-6772 April 25-26, 2009 hort Course Prairie City, CA May 23-25, 2009 Yerington 300 Yerington, NV July 17-19, 2009 Fallon 250 Fallon, NV Night Race Sept 5-7, 2009 Hawthorne 250 Hawthorne, NV Oct 10-11, 2009 Short Course Prairie City, GA Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009 Short Course Prairie City, CA VICENTE GUERRERO OFFROADCUJB PRoFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 0ll-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING AssOCIATION LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF RoAD RAcING PATRICK McGUIRE P.O. Box376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <> WISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 0sHKOSH, WL54901 (414) 688-5509 WoRLD SERIES OF OFF RoAD RACING P.O. Box99 CRANDON, WISCONSIN 54520 303-880-7221 May 30-31, 2009 Short Course Wheatland, MO June 20-21, 2009 Short Course Crandon, WI July 11-12, 2009 Short Course Bark River, Ml July 24-25, 2009 Short Course April 2009 Trail Notes ... racing. Tony and Sherry Vanillo, along with their team of loyal supporters, will remain heavily involved in the Series, as key employees. Their duties will include race day operations along with tech and safety responsibilities. Tony and Sherry Vanillo have issued the following statement: "In light of recent events and with the best interest of the short course off road community in mind, we would like to announce that we are conveying our ownership of the American Off Road Series to Lucas Oil Products, Inc. We will continue to be a large part of this endeavor and will be working very closely with the Lucas Oil staff. We feel this move will create the best possible foundation for the new series and will provide the long term stability that is so crucial in this unstable economic time. We look forward to a long relationship with Lucas Oil Products and are excited for the new prospects this company will bring to the short course off road community." The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is open to all competitors and all sponsors. There will be a fair and level playing field for everyone. Participating sponsors will be pleasantly surprised with the marketing value they receive, as Lucas Oil is keenly aware of what is needed to justify a sponsorship commitment and to drive sales for those participating. There will be no restrictions imposed to prevent multiple OEM's from participating and receiving fair and proportionate treatment, this applies to vehicles, tires, consumer goods, etc. Lucas Oil Products will GUARANTEE all race event purse pay outs and, year end points fund. Anyone who would like to obtain additional information on the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series can go to or, you are welcome to contact me, Bob Patison at 1-800..342-2512. PERFORMANCE RACING lNoUSTRY - It's never too early to think about trade Shows and the PRI show will be here before you know it. It all happens on December 10-12, 2009, at the Orange County Convention Center in beautiful, downtown Orlando, Florida. If you're in the racing business, particularly the off road racing business you want to be here! PRI is a trade publication specializing in hardcore racing marketing. It is a key source for racing retailers as an essential business tool in the racing marketplace. Their 22nd annual trade show will be a blockbuster, you can contact PRI at 949-499-5413 to get more information on their trade show and, oh yeah, you can even procure a subscription to their PRI monthly magazine. S CORE SAN FEUPE -The 2009 Tecate Score San Felipe 250 is history. There were 226 starters, 162 of them made it all the way to the checkers. Here is a quickie of the top finishers, a full story and loads of pies will be in the May issue of Dusty Times. SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK 1. Brian Collins, Las Vegas, Dodge Ram 1500, 3:47:49 (61.21mph); 2. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy CK1500, 3:59:20; 3. Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 4:07:57; 4. Chet Huffman, Northridge, Calif./Jerry Whelchel, Portola Hills, Calif., Chevy C1500, 4:17:05. CLASS 1 • 1. Ronny Wilson/Rick Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 4:05:43 (56.75mph); 2. Tim Herbst, Las Vegas, Smithbuilt-Ford, 4: 13: 17; 3. Armin Schwarz, Germany/Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. (Denmark), Jimco-BMW, 4: 19:42; 4. Julio Herrera/ Carlos Olmos, Caho San Lucas, Mexico, Jefferies-Chevy, 4:23:05; 5. Dale Lenk/Brett Lenk/Grant Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 4:25: 16. CLASS 1-2/1600 • 1. Justin Smith, Capistrano Beach, Calif., Fraley, 5: 11:30 (44. 76mph); 2. Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, Kreger, 5:36:39; 3. Eric Duran/Hiram Duran/Evan Duran, Tecate, Calif., Neth, 5:37:40; 4. Mario Gastelum/Isaac Gastelum, El Centro, Calif., Jimco, 5:38:32; 5. Myan Spaccarelli, Simi Valley, Calif., Mirage, 5:40:59. CLASS 3 · 1. Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif./Ken Moss, Marysville, Calif., Ford Bronco, 7:40:55 (30.25mph); 2. Ken Leavitt, Ventura, Calif./ Tom Blair, Twin Falls, Idaho, Ford Bronco, 8:41:55. CLASS 5 • 1. Kevin Carr/Noe Valdez, San Diego, 5: 11: 18 (44. 79mph); 2. Carlos Albanez/Luivan Voelker, Mexicali, Mexico, 6:25:09; 3. Shaun Dunbar, La Mesa, Calif./ Trevor Terra, El Cajon, Calif., 7:01:30. CLASS 5/1600 • 1. Marcos Nunez/ Norberto Rivera, Ensenada, Mexico, 6:04:21(38.27mph); 2. Miguel Rosales/ Edmundo Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, 6:20:00; 3. Gustavo Avina/Lucia Avina, Chula Vista, Calif., 6:23: 12. CLASS 6 1. Marc Burnett, Chula Vista, Calif., Ford Ranger, 5:25:20 (42.86mph); 2. Mike Koenig, Sacramento, Calif/Stuart Klein, Lakeside, Calif., Toyota Tacoma, 7:04: 10. CLASS 7 • 1. Jose Canchola Jr./Francisco Gonzalez, Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Ranger, 4:51:48 (47. 79mph); 2. Igor Galvan/Guillermo Galvan, Bahia de Los Angeles, Calif., Ford Ranger, 5:32:57; 3. Dan Chamlee/Tom Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif., Ford Ranger, 6:25:13. CLASS 7SX-1. Norman Turley/Trevor Turley, Long Beach, Calif., Ford Ranger, 7:21:00 (31.62mph); 2. Nick Moncure/ Ted Moncure/Doug Hood, Long Beach, Calif., Toyota Tacoma, 8:20:42. Continued on 54 Oshkosh, WI August 8-9, 2009 Short Course Bark River, MI Sept 4-6, 2009 Short Course Crandon, WI FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 ZR PROMOTIONS LUIS RENE MONTANO C. CALZADA INDEPENDENCIA 200 -5 COL. INSURGENTES EsTE 21280 MEXICALI, BC, MX (686) 564 6653 Attention Race & Rally Organizers List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2008 schedules as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: Dusty Times, 20761 Plummer St, Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 Page 7

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~IU]~~ PARKER 425 McMillin Takes overall By Judy Smith Plwtos: Track.side Plwto The Halopoff/Letner duo were quickest in Class 1500, they took the class win and they bested their competition by 15 minutes at the flag. did him any good. He started that caused a BITD person to sedately enough, worked his radio, :"We have a course mal-way through second and third function ... " A Class 1500 car gears shifted into fourth, and came to the finish line twice there was no forward motion. because of "a course marking He thought it was a broken c.v. problem." Racers wanted their As it happened, he had another crews to help them on course, ride in the Ford Raptor in Class which is not allowed at BITD 8000, so he settled in to wait for races, but if a BITD person was his turn. nearby he'd deliver parts, or Meanwhile, the rest of the give them a tow. The amount of 1500s and Trick Trucks went radio chatter necessary to make out into the desert. Ominous these things happen is huge. clouds in the south and west And while it was all going Andrew and Scott McMil/in had a great race, they won Trick Truck and took the overall win as well, they had 40 minutes on their class competition. appeared to be moving closer. on, Andy McMillin, who'd been and cozy in the Blue Water Ca-The weather reports said that the third vehicle to start, was sino 'til the very last minute, it would rain "all day and all steadily making his way around and still be there to welcome night": a cheery prospect. the track. He saw John Herder, the heroes. With all the race vehicles off who'd been the second starter, Parker, AZ: Andy McMillin kept his Ford Trick Truck out in front all day, to take the overall win at the BITD Parker 425 in early February. The event, first of the season for the Best In The Desert, is a blend of old and new. The track is mostly the same old stuff, except of course that it no longer crosses the river into California as it did in the very beginning. But, since 1974, with the first NORRA Parker Dam event, it's been a popular race with spectators as well as the racers. The BITD has enhanced the spectators' fun by building the "Python" in the area sur-rounded by the long, long main pits. It's a serpentine section of the course bladed out of big open area, with a couple of man-made jumps, some moguls and a bunch of hairpin turns The spectators love it, and every now and than a car tips over or breaks down right there, add-ing to the entertainment. The best thing about it is that it's so close to town that someone can take the truck in for a bucket of chicken, or a supply of ham-burgers, and miss very little of the fun. The race consisted of three 140 mile laps on the outskirts of Parker, and then a final mile and a half at the end of the third lap brought them down near the river and the official finish line. One of the nicest things about the race is that folks waiting for their car to finish can sta warm Once again the start was California Street and out in the pulled over (Herder had early al-on California Street, and after desert, the BITD folks settled ternator problems), and was the about a half a block the racers in for a long day. The clouds first vehicle on the road from turned into the dirt and began steadily crept closer. The radio then on. By the end of the first their long day. The first 63 cars was busy. Race cars were stuck lap he had a ten minute lead on and trucks went off the line 45 or broken and looking for a Rick D. Johnson in his Ford. seconds apart in the order in tow. When the tow vehicle got Then there was a tie, with Todd which they'd been timed during there some racers were surely Jergensen in an unknown brand the Thursday qualifier. After the pleasantly surprised to find that of truck, and Bobby Baldwin in first group, the rest were started Rod Hall, one of off road's best his Chevy. Will Staats had his one every 30m seconds. There known drivers (recently retired), Chevy in fifth place and then were 261 total starters. First off was at the wheel of the two came Steve Olliges, Wayne Lugo ,1 the line was Rob MacCachren vehicle. Red lights flashed on and John Swift in a Ford on the in the Steve Sourapas Class the lri Track screens and their same minute with Kevin McGil-1500 Chevy powered RPS. He'd operators were quickly on the livray in his been the quickest in the Time microphone asking about the Chevy. Four Trick Truck Trials, and thus earned the first racer's well being. Something teams had dropped out on ;,:O.:.ff:....:;.;th,.,_e:::;...:.l.:.:i n.!"e::...,.,h""o"""n""'o'-'r-"-s'-. .._N.:.:o::.:t .... t..,h.!"a..,t'--'1..,· t_~w:.::a~s...o..!,.,__,::o::..:u.:.:t;..;,.,__,::t.!"h'-'=e'--=c~o::.:u::.:r;..:;:s.::;e the first lap. T wen ty-fo u r had started. As the rain started to hit the course in different areas, McMil-lin carried on, feeling isolated because his radio hadn't been working all day, and he couldn't talk to his crew. By the end of the second lap he had 22 min-utes on Bobby Baldwin, and Staats was just one minute fur-ther back in third. Olliges, Lugo and Swift were now fourth, and Jason and Richard Voss in a Ford Protruck that had been modified into a Truck Truck, ran fifth. They were 34 minutes behind the leader. By the third lap it was raining Bryce Menzies and Larry Job, Jimco, really did a number in the Class The Class 1100 win went to Rick St. John and Adam Pfankuch, they almost everywhere, but McMil-lin wasn't having much trouble. Somethin ot wet and turned 1 0 race, they took the class win and had nine minutes on second place. had lots of time in hand when they took the checkered flag. ;::::::::::===---.;====================::::::;--;:::::=========== It was a fairly close race for Chuck Hovey, he finished SteveOl/igesfinishedsecondinClass 1400,notwherehewanted Adam Ashcraft flew rapidly in his Alumicraft but not fast second in the Class 1500 battle, he's seen here runnin' fast. to be, problems caused him to be 29 minutes out of the win. enough, he took the silver medal in the Class 1000 contest. Pages April 2009 Dusty Times

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. ,--The fourth Trick Truck was e~, the Voss team. They said their truck ran hot and they'd lost a lot of coolant, and they'd also lost oil. Richard the dad, did the first lap, and Jason did the second and third. They were 24 minutes further back. "" -Aaron and Randy Guthrie were the big winners in the Pro Truck competition, they're seen here launching their Ford into space. In fifth it was Lloyd and Derrick Sproule in their Ford. These folks come down from Canada to race and have re-cently moved from Class 1500 to the Trick Truck division. Dale Dondel drove the middle lap while Lloyd and Derrick started and finished. They had "sticky throttle issues", which was no surprise with all the mud. They It was a nice Class 8 win for McRae Glass, he's seen here just at were an hour behind fourth takeoff on his speedy way to the checkered flag. place. off his intercom and the mud had dirtied his visor. He's spent some time in a pit with a clogged air cleaner, but otherwise it had been a day free of problems. It was raining so hard at the fin-ish line that he was sur rised to find anyone there. McMillin completed the three laps in 7:31: 14. Second place went to the Olliges/Swift/Lugo team. 01-liges had started, Swift did the middle and Lu o finished. The had no flats all day, but finished driving evenly. McGillivray had In sixth it was Greg Nunley, on a right front flat. They said no problems, but Castillo, who Tom Oliveira and Tom Clark in the rain made it "a great off had not raced this truck before, a Ford. This was Nunley's first road adventure!" They were 40 had some kind of problem that Parker race, and he said there'd minutes behind McMillin. caused him to stop an change been "a lot of mud". An A-arm In third it was McGillivray helmets. They were only six min-bolt broke on the second lap, and Cast i II o who s Ii t the ures behind, __ e ____ se ... c __ o __ n __ d __ t __ ru __ c __ k=·-----C_on_t_inu_e_d _on_n_ex_t P .... • .... ••----. Jake Jones was the silver medal winner in the Class 10 It was a second place finish in ½-1600 for Greg Parker, he Rob Clouser had to settle for a second place finish in his Light division, he's seen here speeding to the finish. was a long 46 minutes in arrears when he took the checkers. MOPAR Dodge in Class 1200, he's seen here moving rapidly. Dusty Times 2, 163 Rooms And Suites 60 Table Games 2,300 Slot Machines Poker Room Race & Sports Book 800-Seat Bingo Room 16 Movie Theaters 8 Restaurants 65,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Space 4,500 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall Spa & Fitness Center Showroom 64-Lane Bowling Center ~tfa«9fu~ 1-866-791-76R6 • LAS VEGAS BLVD AT S/LVERA0O RANCH• SOUTHPOINTCAS/NO.COM Aprll 2009 Page9

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Rob MacCachren and Steve 01/iges didn't have a good day, It was a long day for Barry Karakas, but it was a second Kent Kroeker drove his General Tire Dodge truck to a second they were a long second place finish in the Class 8000 contest. place finish in Class 7 200, seen here at liftoff in his Toyota. place finish in Class 8100, he's seen here headin' for home. and they'd had two flats. They in at the finish line was unable Jergensen and his son Kyle. did the second and third laps. which had had an early and very were 20 minutes behind fifth. to talk, because he couldn't Kyle, who's 13 years old, has When asked how his trip had time-consuming problem with a The seventh place team was manage to open his face shield. been the co-driver on the truck been, he said, "It was horrible, shock and/ or shock mount. The Mark Ewing and Tom Sorenson, They were only ten minutes for a year now, and this time, it was worse than dust!" biggest part of the problem con-a team from Utah and Illinois, behind sixth. when his dad got tired, when his The ninth Trick Truck to sisted oflocating the individual in a Geiser Truck. Whoever was In eighth place it was Todd dad got tired, Kyle took over and finish was B.J. Baldwin's Chevy, who had a replacement part in Page 10 his truck. This made up a large part of the radio chatter early in the day, and must have been frustrating in the extreme for Baldwin's crew who could only sit and wait until the individual was found ( up at the top of Shea Road) and the part delivered back to them. Once that was repaired he'd gone on, only to lost a bypass on the other side of the truck. Barry Beacham did the final lap, saying that BJ had had "enough misery." They were the last Trick Truck to finish, ' . in 14:02:20, 59th place overall. There were 60 of the Class 1500 cars, and nine of them were unable to complete the first lap, including of course, Rob MacCachren and Steve April 2009 Sourapas, who'd been first off the line and the first to break permanently. The racing was close on Lap 1, and at the end of the lap there was a tie for the lead with Kory Halopoff in his Alpha Chevy on the same min-ute as Steve Croll in his Porter Ford. They were one minute in front of a trio consisting of Sam Berri in his Jimco Chevy, John Herder in a Jimco, and Danny Anderson in Pat Dean's Bunder-son Chevy. Tied for seventh it was Ed and Tim Herbst in their Ford powered Truggy, and Ronny, Rick and Randy Wilson in a Chevy Jimco. Then, two minutes behind them, and on the same minute, were Charley McDowell in a Jimco Chevy, Brad Etter in a Porter, and Chuck Hovey in a J imco Chevy. So the first ten were crowded together in a six minute span, and it was a powerful group, any one of which could easily be the overall winner and surprise no one. At the end of the second lap Anderson had the lead, with three minutes on Hovey, who had just one minute on Berri in third. In fourth it was Halopoff, and his cousin/ co-driver, Har-ley Letner, one minute further back. McDowell was fifth, three minutes later, the Wilsons were sixth a minute later, and the Her.bsts were seventh still an-other minute back. The spread had grown to nine minutes for the lead pack. But the rain was everywhere by now and gremlins were at work. Halopoff and Letner, who'd decided they "wouldn't worry about the overall", took the Class 1500 win. They said the rain hadn't been a big factor in their day, they'd "just got a new rag every once in a while." Dusty Times

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... J John Baker, with help from Kimberly Ochoa drove his Ford to a Eric Heiden drove his Jeep to a second place finish in Class 1700, Braxton Southwick drove his Toyota to a second place finish in decent second place finish in Class 7100, seen here at speed. he was some 30 minutes in arrears when he took the checkers. the Class 7300 race, he's seen here looking all shiny and new. And they had no mechanical Croll had had the brakes lock problems -it had been a "gas up and stop the car, and he'd and go" run for them. Their also had a broken wheel on the time was 7:42:07, 11 minutes second lap. They were ten min-behind McMillin. · utes out of fourth. Second place went to Hovey, Sixth place went to Scott who'd had to start 68th off the Schovajsa and Danny Ebberts line because he'd bombed out in (Darren's brother) in a Por-the time trials by rolling his car. ter. Schovajsa did Lap 1 and He said that he'd had a "bad last 3, Ebberts drive the middle. lap" because his "visor went". They'd been down on power He'd driven the whole last lap and also had one flat on the last with it open. He'd had a rag, but lap. Schovajsa said the "weather he drives a single seater and it was a little challenge." It was the was hard to find the rag when he third time he'd raced at Parker, needed it, and there was no co-the first time he'd managed a driver to hand it to him. He was finish. They were 34 seconds 15 minutes behind first place. behind fifth place. In third it was the Wilsons. In seventh it was Brian and Rick started, Ronny did Lap 2 Tim McDonnell in a Penhall, and Randy finished. Rick hadn't who didn't stop to talk. driven for a year and a half be-Eighth went to Pierre Lavie cause he'd had a blood pressure and Brendan Fikes in a Porter. problem, but obviously had not Fikes did the first half. Lavie forgotten how. They said they'd said he'd put the car on its had no dust on the third lap. side, but spectators had helped They were seven minutes behind upright him and he didn't lose Hovey. much time. They were 11 min-Fourth place went to Richard utes behind seventh. Boyle and Darnen Jefferies, in In ninth it was Mike Bilek, a Chevy powered HMS. They who started and Steve Jangaard, had a "good day" and were 11 who finished in a HMS. They minutes behind third. said it hadn't rained 'til their In fifth it was Steve Croll and third lap. Bilek had lost a torque Darren Ebberts in a Porter Ford. converter belt during his stint. Ebberts, who finished, had no They were two minutes behind brakes for the final 40 miles. eighth. Jason and Mike Ruane drove their Ford to the Class 7200 win at Parker, seen here with the rear suspension all hung out. A great ½-1600 win for Curt and Corey Geer, they're seen here driving their Lothringer to the coveted checkered flag. Dusty Times Steve and Ryan Combs were tenth in their Penhall. They shared the driving evenly and said they had no problems, "just mud". They were two minutes out of ninth. Eleventh place went to Tom Gilchriese who drove all the way. He said his first lap had been "awesome", but on the sec-ond lap he lost his suspension, and the third lap was "jarring, brutal". He was six minutes behind tenth. In 12th it was Kevin Colan and T.J. Flores in a Bunderson Chevy. Flores did the first two laps, and he had a flat. Colan, who is new to this car, put it on its side once. He said it had rained "heavy" during his section. In 13th place finisher was the BOBIIEII II UNIB CUPS 2111 lEIAl IA / , _ \ IATEI IElMEll,... , I ' \ ' ' .1 iJ11ii%iJ 1-Cll If /~-. n ,.,,.,., -;, :I Aprll 2009 brother team of Chris and Steve Appleton in a Jimco. Steve did Laps 1 and 3 and Chris did Lap 2. He rolled over. Steve reported "standing water" in parts of the course on his third lap. They were four minutes out of 12th. In 14th it was Berri, who'd been third at the end of the second lap. He said they'd had a fire while refueling and he "had to bail out" of the car. He'd also had a flat, and on his last lap he'd lost a c.v. and had to make repairs on the course, in the rain. His time was 9:07:02. Fifteenth place went to James Hodgson, from Canada, in a Porter. He drove all the way, and had a brake line fall off. In 16th it was Steve Raskett, who started, and Jake Johnson, who finished in a Porter. Johnson had had coil problems, so his crew had had to change four coils, and then he'd been stuck at the bridge not far from the finish, and for the last few miles first and second gear had made "a helluva noise." Seventeenth went to Bruce Mills and Randy Miller in a Mc-Mullen built MR4 chassis. It's a three seater and they'd had a passenger with them. It did not look as if it had been a lot of fun to sit in that third seat and absorb mud. In 18th it was Jim Mihal, who'd started, and Alan Roach, who did Laps 2 and 3, in their Racer Eng. chassis. They fin-ished on left rear flat. Roach said "I think I need a boat." By then it was about 4:30, had been Continued _!n next page Page 11

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The Class 8100 win went to Greg Foutz, he drove the Ford to the Class win with an hour in hand when he took the checkers. The Class 7S win went to Erin Wahl, she drove the Ford to the Class win, but it was close, only 48 seconds in hand at the flag. raining for hours, was still rain-ing hard, and all the finishers were soaked and chilled. Nineteenth place went to Lo-ren Brown and Nathan Melton in a brand new Foddrill. They said they'd had to deal with "just little stuff-mostly set up stuff." In 20th it was Reuben Wood and his brother Tom and Kevin McMullen, in a Jimco. They'd had lots of flats. Tom Wood, who finished, said the water was so deep it was "like throwing buckets of water in your face." In 21st it was Larry Jacinto, John Kolture, David Perez, Jim Wasko and Joe Osteen. Jacinto said it was the "first time I ever finished." Twenty-second went to Charles Rodrick and Gerald King, in the time of 10:48:47. Twenty-third was Kirk Konti-lis entry, and in 24th it was Terry Householder who got in at about 6:20 p.m. in the time of 11:30:37. The 25th finisher was the team of Levi Rockhill and Andy Apolinar in 12 hours and seven minutes, and in 26th it was Chuck Dempsey and John Herder in a Jimco. Herder, who'd started, had those early alternator problems, and then they said, the "day went south from there." Dempsey had more alternator issues, and then he'd sheared some wheel studs and the wheel took off. He got it back on and drove to the finish with just three studs holding it on. He said it had been "a good day in the desert." They were the last official finisher in Class 1500, in the time of 13:03:20. There were nine Protrucks at this race, and it was a tough one for them. All but one made it through the first lap, and the lead at that point belonged to Justin Blower and Chris Kolben-schlag. They had two minutes on Rob Reinertson in a Ford, who ran second. Third place was a tie between Aaron Guthrie in an unknown brand of truck and ason erni an in a To ota. On the second lap two more minutes down, and then Mike Elam in a Safari chassis. He had fell out, including the one that Lawrence, in a Lothringer, was two flats, and had some welding had been leading. Now Rein-tied with Brady Helm in another done when the front end "broke ertson had the lead, but he had Lothringer about eight minutes off''. That cost him an hour and only one minute on Guthrie further back. a half. He said he'd been doing which was still on the same min-Three more teams fell out of some "major mud bogging." ute with Jernigan. Rob Clouser the race, but Menzies and Job Lonny Hart and Jeff Darland ran fourth in a Dodge. soldiered on, and got to the fin-were seventh in their Tatum. Ultimately, Guthrie took the ish line first. Their suspension They'd had some computer win. He said he'd had no flats. was not quite right they said. problems, some injector prob-In second it was Clouser, who Menzies did the first two laps. !ems and had put a battery in also drove all the way, but he Job had an eventful last lap. the car. They'd finished just in was two hours later and said He said his power steering belt front of B.J. Baldwin's truck, he'd lost his OPS, his radios came off twice, and a JeepSpeed and were happy to use his lights and his intercom. He'd also had hit him and gave him a flat. He for the last few miles, because a flat on course and finished reported seeing cars stuck in they had none of their own. on a left rear flat. About three the mud and water everywhere, They were the last Class 1000 hours later Rob Reinertson and said he'd been completely car to finish with a time of came in. He'd had two broken inundated by water "at least 13:16:12. axles two dead alternators and 30 times!" He was completely Class 8000 started next, finished with "two dead batter-soaked. Their time was 9: 18:43. with eight entries. Two of them ies." His crew pushed him up Ashcraft drove all the way. bombed out on the first lap, and on the interview "mesa". Frank He'd had a stuck throttle cable. Craig Turner had his Ford in Dunn navigated for two laps, He'd had the lead and had done front of the remainder. He had and Rob's son, Chris, got in for a preventive rear tire change at five minutes on Dave Crinklaw Lap 3. He was so wet and cold the start of Lap 3. A bit later and Mike Thurlow, in another by Mile 91 that he got out and the left rear tire took of into the Ford, and in third it was Macrae Gino Licitra was volunteered to desert. He'd had a hard time get- Glass in Curt LeDuc's old truck, get in, just as the rain storm was ting the car high enough up off another Ford, only a minute at its worst. They were happy to the ground to get the spare on. back. Glass has been riding with see that their left rear shock was He was also soaked, saying "I'm Curt LeDuc occasionally, and still on the truck, because it was frozen!" His time was 9:27:33. getting some pointers on driving tied on with baling wire. Their Mike Lawrence finished the full size truck. Both he and time was 15:08:36 and they were third. He drove all the way, and Turner came from small truck 60th overall. They were the final said the car had been misfiring classes and neither has been finisher in the class. on the third lap. His time was driving a race truck recently. In Class 1000 there were 22 9:53:22 Another truck fell out on the starters but five of them didn't Cullen's car was fourth, but second lap, and Glass moved make it through the first lap. apparently, after stopping to into the lead as both Crinklaw The leader was Adam Ashcraft talk to Casey Folks just past the and Turner lost a lot of time on in his VW AlumiCraft and he official finish time (which is a that lap. Now David Bryan had had 11 minutes on Bryce Men-long way from where the press is his Chevrolet in second place, zies in Larry Job's Jimco. Next allowed to do interviews) his car but he was a little over an hour there was a tie between Bart wouldn't restart. It was raining down to Glass. Bryan's truck is Black in an unknown brand of harder than ever at that time. nearly brand new, with just one car, and the team of Matt Cul-He was towed up the hill and other event under its belts. The !en and Greg Blakeman in an off to somewhere else. His time Ford Raptor, being driven by AlumiCraft, another 13 min-was 10:20:20. , Rob MacCachren, Steve Olliges utes back. For some unknown Chad Giguiere drove all the and Andy Waters had moved up reasons, they weren't running way in his Kreger to finish fifth. to third. very close together in this event. He had a pinched right-rear The third lap was best de-At the end of the second brake line on the final lap, and scribed as "awful" for these lap there were six more miss-on the last lap,he could tell that folks. It was dark, it was raining, ing. And Ashcraft was still in a c.v. was going away so had to and it was cold. But Glass was front with Menzies and Job 16 "really take it easy the last 50 having a wonderful time. He minutes back. They were being miles." He also changed an air kept moving right along with no rained upon. Cullen and Blake-filter somewhere along the way. troubles at al, not even a flat. At man were third ano,...._t.,.h_..e.._r_..l_..l __ ..... I::..:n..::....:s~i.:..:x_..tha.,._~la~c"-'e"-'i.._t_w""""a"'"s_T..._..o_..d ... d __ t .. h-'-'e;;....;.f.:.:in,.._1..,·sh he declared "It was awesome! Curt LeDuc mentored me - we hammered the snot out of 'em!" His winning time was 10:00:08. The Raptor team was second, in 12:44:43, and Andy Waters, their first lap driver, spoke a bit more elegantly (if not as eloquently) saying " ... nice day, blue birds flyin' around." Ollig-es did the second lap and Mac-Cachren was the Lap 3 driver. After finishing he peered into his cup of hot chocolate and declared that "This course looks like chocolate milk, actually". Their truck had no windshield and the water was deep enough in spots that it came up over the hood and into the laps of MacCachren and his naviga-tor. They had t use their OPS at times to "try to determine which river was most likely the race course" according to Ford's Cliff Irey. No one else in the class finished, although Bryan got partway through the terrible last lap before coming to a stop. Class 7200 went off the line next, with 20 starters. Jason Ruane put his Ford into the lead on the first lap, with Joe Stone and Micah Gibson five minutes behind him in another Ford. In third it was Richard Blunk and Larry Trim in one more Ford, and fourth was in the hands of David Caspino and Robert Naughton in still another Ford. Fifth place, one minute later, was held by David Binns and he was also in a Ford. Three trucks came to an early end on the first lap, one of them Darren Skilton who had differential problems in his Jeep. On the second lap Ruane held his lead, and even grew it to nine minutes, having a clean run thus far. Blunk had moved up to second and Stone dropped to third, followed by Caspino and Naughton, still in fourth. Binns was moving along steadily in fifth place. Five more trucks fell by the wayside on that lap. As it got much wetter on the third lap, Ruane's motor started missing. But apparently every-one else was in the same condi-tion and he stayed at the front of the pack. He took the win finishing in 10: 17:36, his third lap considerably longer than the other two. Barry Karakas, in the only Toyota running in the class, finished second three hours and 20 minutes later, and none of the others made it in. Karakas had problems seeing, particularly on the last lap, when he couldn't see out of his left eye for the last hour of the drive He also had problems with power steering. He hustled off to find someone with some eyewash. Blunk and Trim got past the third checkpoint on the Continued on page 14 The Wilson clan, Jimco, didn't have the best of days, they were Kevin McGil/ivray pushed his Chevy as hard as he could but he Mike Lawrence pushed his Lothringer as hard as he could, but, it the third place finisher in the ever competitive Class 1 race. was relegated to a third place finish in the Trick Truck category. wasn't his day, he settled for a bronze medal finish in Class 10. Page 12 April 2009 Dusty Times 71T

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.-SCORE Lau{lllin Desert Challenge Class l Winner Harley Letner #1570 BITD 8lJe Water Casino Parker 425 Class 1500 IMmer . i..o l<lng Kcng Bys-,, 2009 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge -2009 BITD Blue Water Casino Parker 425 More race wins than all other shock manufacturers combined. Harley Letner arm Class 1soo RickStJohnscORE Ute Btyce Menzies BITD Class 1000 Robert McBeath SCORE Class 10 RickStJohnsrro Class 1100 Macrae Glass BlTD Class sooo Dan Chamlee SCORE Class 7 Larry Roeseler SCORE TT -Leap Jason Ruane SITO Class 7200 James Scott SCORE Class 1 -Leap Donald M~ SCORE Class 3 Erin Wahl BITD Class 7100 Kevin Carr SCORE Class 5 Curt Geer BlTD Class 2000 Danny Anderson SCORE Class 1 Eric Helgeoon SITO Class 1700 Gavin Skilton SCORE Stock Mini Jon Krellwitz BlTD Class 3700 Justin Davis SCORE Ue -Leap JC Farris BITD Class 1800 Rory Ward SCORE Sportsman car

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The win in Class 1700 (Jeepspeed) went to Eric Helgeson, he had over half an hour on his competition at the finish. The Jeepspeed 3 Class win went to Jon Krellwitz, he had some competition early on but he was the only finisher in the class. third lap and never made it to the finish. A sad situation. There were 26 of the Class 1100 cars (comparable to SCORE Lites), but eight of them didn't make it through the first lap. They may have decided that was a good thing later on. At the front of the group at the end of Lap 1 it was the team of Mike Williams and Mike Sandoval in their MECO. They had two minutes on Adam Pfankuchj and Rick St. John in a Duvell. In third it was the team of Daniel Folts and Bryan Freeman, and fourth was Bryan Folks in a Foddrill. Matthew and Kurtis Kupiec, in a Kreger, held fifth place, and they were just seven minutes behind the lead car. On the next lap the Kupiec car disappeared, and so did Folks who broke at Mike 138. Someone wanted t6 take parts out to him in a Rhino and a lot of radio conversation ensued, because that wouldn't be a legal move. Ultimately, he was either unfixable, or unreachable, and never went any further. St. John and Pfankuch moved into the lead, with Sigal Greenberg and Justin Smith second in their Assassin. In third it was Scot and Jake Jones in a Henry, and a minute later, Williams and Sandoval, now fourth. Folts and Freeman had dropped to fifth. Three more cars failed to finish this lap. And, of course, it was raining on these guys before some of them finished their first lap. They were looking ahead to a long and difficult day. The wires would get wet, and muddy, and that could make them short out. Their radios and intercoms are sensitive to wet, and quit working very quickly. Throttle cables get muddy, steering wheels get wet and it's just impossible to keep the face shields clean. All their tear-offs would be used up before they'd gone any distance at al. The fire suits would be wet ver uickl unless they'd planned ahead quick recovery. The team went place. Craig Forrest and Dwaine and worn a rain jacket or plastic on racing, their big problem Walters, a team of veterans, trash bag. Even then, the water being the fact that they had no ran fourth in a Mirage, and in would get into the seat and soak lights for most of the race. They fifth it was Tim Lawrence, Greg in from the backside. It wasn't finished at about<ten o'clock at Parker and Joe Laffin a TLR a cheery prospect. night, with a time of 13:28:37, chassis. They were only four The storm took its toll. Only last in the class to get in. minutes behind McMillin. five of these usually very tough There were six Baja Bugs at Four more teams dropped cars made it all the way. St. this event, and they started next. out on the second lap, and by John and Pfankuch were the It wasn't a good day for them. now these poor guys were cold winners, with a time of 9:35:44. One went out on the first lap, and wet and battling all kinds They'd had a clean day mechani-leaving just five still moving. of problems brought on by the cally, but misjudged on fuel and Jim Anderson ad Dave Bon-wet. Curt and Corey Geer had Pfankuch had run out of gas and ner had the lead, .but had only the lead at the end of the second had persuaded someone to push two minutes on Mike and Neal lap, in a Lothringer. The Smiths him.into the fuel pit. St. John Grabowski, a couple of names were three minutes behind them had got in them and went to the out of the history of the Baja in second and third it was Joe finish with no more problems. Bug class. A.J. Martin ran third, Sheble and Rob Kisner, five In second place it was Jake only three minutes later. minutes up on Kurz and Ala-Jones, who drove all the way, . On the second lap both the torre who'd dropped to fourth. He wasn't interested in being in-Anderson/Bonner team and the McMillin was fifth now, and he terviewed. All he could say was Grohowski bombed out. The was wet and cold and wanted "I gotta get out! I'm freezing!" Grabowskis with a blown mo-out of the car. His time was 10: 17 :06. Much of tor. (Then their chase vehicle On the last lap, which was it in a wet driver suit. got stuck trying to rescue them.) horrendous for several reasons Third went to Pat Daly and That left Martin in the lead, the Sheble/Kisner car and Rob Fiege in a Kreger. Daly did with four minutes on Ralph the Kurz/ Alatorre cars both the first lap and Fiege did the Potts and Arthur Velasco. Car-dropped out. The rain had not second two laps. When he fin- los Albanez and Kuivan Voelker, let up, there was deep water ished he said, :That was unreal the lone Mexican National running out at the eastern end -the course is almost impass-team, ran third, but they were of the course. puddles obscured able." They'd had only flat on an hour down. This was the first hazards and it was cold! the first lap and no mechanical time they'd been to Parker. At the end of that awful lap, troubles after that, but the car None of them even got to the the win belonged to Curt and didn't want to run when it was first check on the third lap. The Corey Geer. Corey, who fin-wet. They said the "weather was BITD officials, concerned about ished, said it was "the toughest our problem." Their time was the condition of the track, had race I've ever been through." 11:35:04. shut down the far east end of They had two flat tires during In fourth it was Steve Gresh-the course. Worried about rac-their long day, and finished in am, Matt Catron and Henry ers getting into serious trouble the time of 10:32:41. In second Hernandez who each drove a in deep water, they didn't let it was Lawrence, Parker and lap in their Foddrill. They said them go out for that third lap. Laffwho'd each driven one lap. it was "a little bit on the wet Some may have already started, They'd had no radio all day, and side." Their time was 12: 11: 16. and fell on evil times out on the finished 46 minutes behind the The fifth finisher was the track, others weren't allowed to first car. Third place went to the team of Tom Shaw and Jeff try for the third lap. Everyone Smiths. When their car came in, Rhodes in another Foddrill. in the class was a DNF. the mud-soaked pair in the car On the first lap their navigator, Class 2000 was t;lext to start, just sat, not moving, not talk-Gary Williams, hurt his back with 23 starters. Fbur of them ing,. A pit person walked up, on a hard bump (the paramed-dnf'd on the first lap, but the looked into the cab at the pas-ics thought it might be broken) rest were having a goo,d, close senger and said "Are you alive?" and they had to send hi off to race. The leader at the end of Another pit person, equally hospital. The medics wanted the lap an? Daniel McMillin, horrified, asked, "What can we to fly him out, but the storm in a Jimco, but he had only do for you?" Their reactions to was so thick at the time that one minute on a pair of cars. the condition of their driver the helicopters were grounded. Kevin and Brian Smith, in a and co-driver were fairly typical. It turned out his back wasn't Mirage were tied with Paul Katz Brian Smith had started, Kevin broken and he s houl""d~h=av~e~a~~a=n=d~R~o~b~e=r~t ~A~l=a=to~r~r~e~fo~r~th=1=· r=d-=S=m=i=th=-=,had finished. The 'd had to·deal with a high idle and also had "trouble with weather.: Two hours later, in fourth place it was Raul Solano, who drove Laps 1 and 3, and Tony Modica who drove Lap 2. Mod-ica got dirt in his eyes and had to get out. They'd had a couple of flats on the last lap, and the front springs were broken so that the right front corner sagged. Their time was 13:04: 14. Fifth place went to McMillin, who drove Laps 1 and 2, and Mark McMillin (his dad), Cam-eron Parrish and Chris Cortez who all helped drive the third lap. Mark (who'd broken in his class 1500 car) got in Pit 1 and had first and third gears, and by the time he got to the next it had only third. So the crew changed transmissions "in the mud." Ac-cording to their crew chief, "ev-erybody was miserable." Mark, of course wanted out. so Parrish got in there and went to Pit 3. where he'd had enough also. So Cortez got in, but first they took a break to let navigator Casey King thaw out. They got about ten miles and a rear tor-sion bar broke. They kept going, and then the officials diverted them to avoid the deep water ahead, and told them to go to a point and wait for an official to give them further instructions. The next official never arrived so they carried on a bit further and finally found an official who told them how to go to get to the finish line, avoiding the course part of the way, and the potentially dangerous deep water. They made one more stop to put a wooden block between the frame and the trailing arm so the tire wouldn't rub and so they'd have more ground clear-ance. From there they went on to finish and were told they' cL made it with five minutes to spare. Their official time was 15:53:01. The 8100 class was next to start, with eight entries. Two of them disappeared on the first lap, but Greg Foutz and Dave Winner avoided first lap problems and had their Ford in front at the end of the lap, with a lead of just one minute over Trent Beaver, in another Ford. In third it was Tim Casey in still another Ford, 16 minutes further back. Casey dropped out on the second lap, along with one other truck, leaving just four moving. Foutz and Winner still led, with Kent Kroeker's Dodge in second, two hours and 15 minutes behind the lead. Rudy Iribe was driving, as Kroeker, who's in the military, has been deployed overseas. Beaver was now third, almost an hour and a half further back and over two Rob Fiege drove his great looking. Kreger to a third place The Smith boys, Kevin and Brian didn't have the best race but Rob Reinertson had a really baaaad day, but, he carried on finish in the Class 1 0 Light division, seen here just at liftoff. they managed a third place finish in Class ½-1600 in their Mirage. and garnered a third place finish in Class 1200 in his Ford. Page 14 Aprll 2009 Dusty Times

Page 15

hours behind him it was Randy Merritt's Ford. Even at the front of the pack things didn't go easily. Foutz and Winner had alternator problems thanks to the wet weather, but they did manage to get the win, finishing in 12:50:22. One hour and one minute later Iribe finished in Kroeker's truck. He drove all the way, and had flat tires, a broken driveshaft and broken steering. He said he was "very, very cold and wet." And he said it had been a "tough as nails race". No one else in the class got to the finish line. Class 7100 was next off the line, and there were ten of them. Three of them broke on the first lap, But at the end of the lap the lead was a tie between Erin Wahl and Daniel McKenna in a Ford and Ben Williams and Monte Wadsworth in another Ford. They had two minutes on Paul Ziegler, who was seven minutes ahead of Kevin Davis and Mike Tuba in their Jeep, who were fourth. Unfortunately, Williams and Wadsworth were unable to fin-ish their second lap, and that left Wahl and McKenna in the lead, about 50 minutes up on Blake and Tyler Henn in their Ford. Eleven minutes later it was Mike McCarthy in another Ford, in third. Ultimately, Wahl and McK-enna took the win, finish-ing in 15:48: 12. Less than a minute behind them it was John Baker and Jason Scott in another Ford. They'd had no flats, and didn't get stuck, but they'd had trouble with an al-ternator and "rain and mud". Another 11 minutes back, Davis and Tuba were third in their Jeep. Mike McCarthy in a Ford, had an odd situation. He stopped at the side of the course to wipe his face shield so he could see, and just to take a breather, and when he'd been there for a bit an official came along and told him to go on, and pointed the way. Well, it turned out, the official thought he was on his last lap, and sent him down the road that led to the finish. McCar-thy didn't realize it until too late so then he explained the situation to Folks. The upshot of it was that they gave him last pace in the class and recorded him as a finisher, although he'd done only two laps. There were eight of the "Class 1 Lite" cars running at this event, and they went off the line next. They were a three lap class, but none of them made three laps. Four of them were out before completing one lap. Karl Scanlan and Brian The Class 1800 win went to J C Farris, he was the only Safari Pre-runner to make it all the way at Parker, seen here at speed. The Sunderland crew, John R and John A took the laurels in Class 4100, they're seen here bringing the big Ford to the finish. Melsheimer led at the end and Sean Dallaire got their Ford of both the first and second stuck on the first lap and never lap, and they were at 9:44, recovered. while Clint Barry and Parker On the second lap Healy and Grabowski ran second about 20 Ibarra moved steadily on, and minutes later. Darren Sanangelo took the win, finishing their two and Scott Crawford were third, laps in 10:34:09, to get the win. a half hour later. But then none They said they'd had no flats of them survived the third lap. and their truck ran great. They Class 4100, the big SUV didn't get stuck, and that was group, was down to just one apparently a good thing. The entry for this event, and was water was deep and had been required to finish only two laps. coming up over the hood. Said The chain patriarch, John R., Ibarra, "it is deep -it's bad -and who's 66 years old, drove the I can't wait to do it again." They first lap, and son John A. with finished just before six p.m. his wife, Holly, riding, did the An hour later it was Brax-second lap. She may have been ton and Brian Southwick in the only person all day to say, a Toyota, who'd moved up to it was "so much fun!" They said second place. They arrived in they "Pulled two or three people excellent condition, feeling a Don Healy and Jim Moss, Ford, were the big winners in the Class 7300 race, they finished almost an hour in front of their competition. out of the mud." They finished bit smug about their windshield Nine more teams found their two laps in 9:35:21, to earn and wipers. They'd had just one themselves unable to finish a victory. flat all day. They said "Today the second lap, including the Also doing only two laps, was the day for a windshield!", Barnetts. the Standages and Class 3700 had four entries. and no one would have argued. Hartmann. Hegelson went on Two of them broke on the first Their very stock truck was still with no problems, to take the lap and of those left, Jon Krell-in very good shape. Their time win. He completed his two laps witz had his Jeep in the lead by was ll:28L44. in 8:04:18, winning by a margin two hours at the end of Lap 1. In third it was the Walch of 34 minutes. Then he became the only survi-Ford, four hours later, in the Second place went to Eric vor. Wearing inexpensive plastic time of 15:44:06. They didn't Heiden, and Josh Reiter, who rain jackets over their firs suits, stop to talk about their day. split the driving evenly. Reiter Krellwitz and his navigator had they were the final finishers in said it was a "real helacious found it "a little cold at the the class. course". He had alternator end". But they said they had "no Class 3100, for the s ma II problems. Heiden, who started, issues" during their trip. They SUVs, had only one entry. Mike hadn't liked the wet and cold, took the victory in 8:06:36. Falkosky, who usually races in and got out, giving Reiter the There were two limited Baja this class, is deeply involved in controls. Bugs entered in this event and rebuilding his home burned in In third it was Jim Cope. who they were also a two lap class. one of California's devastating drove all the way. He'd had two But that was one lap too many. fires, and has taken some time flats at once about five miles Both of them completed Lap 1, off from racing. Only Jesse and before the finish. He declared but then were not heard from Jerry Herling, in a Ford, were that "this was a mud bog race." again. At the end of the first lap entered in this event. They got His time was 8:53:50. the Parker team of Max, Rachel only part way through the first Todd Jackson finished and Mark Harris were leading lap. fourth, with only second and by an hour over Steve Ward, There were 21 JeepSpeeds fourth gears, about 14 minutes John Berry and Jeff Swickard, entered. Six of them broke on behind third. Then Ray and all Californians. the first lap, but the rest car-Todd Griffith came in, fifth. but There were four entries in ried on. Eric Hegelson had he didn't stop to talk. They were Class 7 300, another two lap lead at the end of Lap 1, with nearly an hour down to fourth. group. They fared better. At the four minutes on scott Hartman, In sixth it was Philip Heynen end of Lap 1 the lead belonged who had five minutes on Eric and Chad Van Hofwegen/ They to Don Healy and Jose Ibarra in Heiden. Then there was a tie declared that the "last 30 miles a Ford, but they had only fo4r for fifth between Tom and Mike coming in, is brutal!: They said minutes on Kellon and Quinn Barnett in one vehicle, and Bob the course was littered with Walch. Rick ad Rick ,;..oaa.h=an __ se_n"--_a=-n=d-'K-'-'l_e-'S""t:.::a:.:.n:.:d:a.:a=e"-'i:.:.n"-"'-a=-=n.,.o-'-'th:.:.e.:;..r""._-""s;.:.k:.....;.v.aa,e hides. Their ti me was 11:42:38. There were seven Sportsman vehicles, a mix of trucks and buggies, with one Jeep thrown in. Three of them broke or pulled out on the first lap. Rory Ward and his Chevy powered buggy on the lead, with David Caspino in a truck about eight minutes behind him. Jessica McMillin, in a truck also, ran third, but down over an hour and a half. Then, none of them finished the second lap. J.C. Farris and Chuck Eichel-berger took the win in a Jeep-Speed. When asked why they ran in Sportsman rather than in the JeepSpeed class, they explained that they'd made "speed modifications" that had made their car illegal for the JeepSpeed class. Their time was 9:25: 11, which would have given them a fifth place in JeepSpeed Like the "snowy Mint" or the "wet and wild 1000", this is a race that'll be remembered for a long, long time. Snapshots of muddy and tired drivers at the finish line line will be treasured memories. But most will hope it never happens again. The BITD moves to Primm, Nevada next for their April event, the Ter-rible's 250. ~ In Class 7S it was Kevin Davis and Miguel Alvarado taking a It was a race just short of nine hours for Jim Cope, he The Walch boys, Kellon and Quinn drove their Ford to a third third place finish in the Jeep, it was a long, long day for them. brought his Jeep home to take the bronze medal fotthe day. place finish in the Class 7300 fracas, seen here near the end. Dusty Times April 2009 Page 15

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lJ\J2C 4™ RALLY IRELAND Loeb/Citroen Win Again By Martin Holmes Carrying on from where Sebastien Loeb left the 2008 season, the five times World Champion drove to his 48th career win on a very fast and wet Rally Ireland, heading his Citroen teammate Dani Sordo. Ford's top driver Mikko Hirvonen had to settle for third after a delay on the second day with power steering problems. The rains created an horrific challenge for the drivers, standing water caused two stages to be cancelled and by a coincidence Pirelli had been prevailed upon to provide winter tyres in case snows fell on the stages, which they had in the weeks before the event. During the rally there was no snow but the crews soon found these tyres gave them more confidence than the orthodox soft compound asphalt rally tyres! Aaron Burkart scored his first ever win in the Junior WRC category, heading Martin Prokop whose caution early in the event dropped him too far behind to challenge. Fastest driver in the Junior category, however, was 20 year old Kevin Abbring in a Clio R3. The season started gloomily. The decision by Subaru and Suzuki to withdraw from the championship had long been feared but the reality came as a shock. The big debates before the start of the new season had Photos: Maurice Selden Aaron Burkhart and Michael Kalbach were the big winners in JWRC, they're seen here in their Suzuki Swift 1600. than even half of when the rally Junior Team, competing in C4 was run in November 2007. WRCars. For Rally Ireland the Essentially the event was similar C4 drivers were Chris Atkinson to before. The main route changes and Conrad Rautenbach. At the being the Ceremonial Start of wheel of another C4 was the 2008 this cross-border event which was Junior champion and 2009 Monte moved from Belfast to Enniskillen, Carlo winner Sebastien Ogier, still in Northern Ireland but who has been promised entries on much closer to the rally base in the first six world championship the Republic, in Sligo, while the rallies of 2009 with more to come beautifully spectacular coastal if all goes well, but his programme final stage was abandoned and was independent of the Citroen replaced by a downtown stage in Junior Team. Donegal Town. The rest of the In the days leading up to the competitive route was almost the rally there were worries when same as in 2007. The financial snow fell on some of the stages, disruption to pound sterling was but the air temperatures rose and having its effect locally. The Asda the snow melted away. There was centred around firstly what the as the window mechanisms have supermarket in Enniskillen had sadness when the Stobart team's four stranded drivers would had to be removed, because under empty shelves as families from test was cut short when one of do in 2009, and then whether increased safety provisions the area the south streamed out of the the volunteer marshals had a there would be any new teams inside the lower part of the door Ulster town with their cars full of heart attack and died. The rally to replace Subaru and Suzuki was now replaced by safety foam groceries. community were waiting to hear in the championship, especially to reduce the effect of side impact. The main technical novelty the identity of the FIA's new world whether Munchi's would still be News was awaited from the FIA as for the world championship was championship Promoter and on there. Chris Atkinson was the to decisions about the transitional the appearance of the Proton the morning of the Ceremonial first driver to make a statement, provisions between the existing Satria Neo, entered as a non-Start the FIA announced that announcing he was renting a World Rally Car rules and the championship car for Niall ISC had been appointed, and C4 WRC for Ireland. Then Per-introduction of the new Super McShea. the World Council had ordered Gunner Andersson found a Skoda 2000-based formula. It was still The Northern Ireland driver that its work be brought forward Fabia WRC to drive on occasional impossible to know whether 2009 was the FIA' s Production Car from the promised start date of events. Toni Gardemeister found was going to be the final season for World Champion in 2004 and 1st January 2011 to 2010 and t:He a private Fiat to drive on the World Rally Cars as we have come won the Group N category on this deal was now extend to 11 years. opening round of the 2009 IRC to know them. event in 2007. The Satria Neo The Ceremonial Start was held at Monte Carlo, where he was Rally Ireland's move to a had only competed once before, in Enniskillen in what eventually handsomely leading the works cars date earlier in the season was on the European championship proved to be the only occasion before a trivial fault stopped him. a nightmare. The national Antibes Rally last October, in the the rally would venture across the Petter Solberg had a big rally scene was hurting due hands of Bryan Bouffier. Ireland border. problem. Ireland came too early to the country's recession hit counted for the Junior world Day 1 - 6 Stages -Asphalt -for him so the question was construction industry, which championship on this occasion 125.06kms whether he could find a car for served to fund a lot of the whereas in 2007 it had been a There was consternation in the his home event, Norway, and traditional supply of World Rally Production Car qualifier. The rally camp as overnight storms then worry about the rest of the Cars, and then this event (which entries in the Junior category brought wild winds and rain, and season. So it was that only eight was already a lot more expensive were low though registration for most worryingly the rain persisted WRC registered drivers lined up to enter than comparable rallies in this and the Production Car (and on and off through the night and at the start for Rally Ireland and that country) came only two weeks the overall World series) was still into the morning. Just before they would all be eligible to score after the popular and established open but only nine Junior entries daybreak the cars headed off from world championship points for Galway Rally. And there was one were on the list at the time the rally Sligo for the first of three loops to manufacturers, so long as they further problem/ the weather started, and of these seven were in be run that day. It was a very dark qualified as a finisher. The event which at the scheduled time of Ireland. In the end there were a morning and the leading drivers was one of only two asphalt events year is never very nice, indeed 12 total of 16 World Rally Cars on the kept their spotlights mounted in the 2009 World rally calendar. months earlier the stages which startline, nine Fords, five Citroens on their cars and found the Both Citroen and Ford started the rally would use were covered and a couple of the last Subaru conditions terrible. It was almost off the season with cars in the in snow. • That alone caused a Impreza S12Bs to be built, a far impossible to see the pools of same specification as at the end of headache for Pirelli, as this was the cry from the 35 World Rally Cars water lying on the road and even 2008, the only noticeable change first time Rally Ireland had been on the entry list of the 2007 event. more so for Mikko Hirvonen who being the return of plastic side run on control tyres. Entries for The main sporting novelty was was distracted when his auxiliary windows to the doors w~it::,h:.;s~l!.:id:!:e::.:r:,::s_..:;t!!h~is:..e:a.v:.:e:.:.n!.:t;..w=er:.:e:;..v.::.;e::.:ra..L..:l~o:.::w:.i..:a!..!.::lo~t~la:aes:;::s:.._..:t:a:.h!.:e~a:.t::.1:::..:;earance of the Citroen lam od came loose after a ·um Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen drove their Ford Focus RS Just before touchdown, Chris Atkinson and Stephane Henning Solberg and Cato Menkerud drove their Ford Focus to a third place overall in Ireland, seen here in the constant rain. Prevot drive to a fifth place overall finish in their Citroen C4. RS to a fourth overall finish in Ireland, seen here at sea. Page 16 April 2009 Dusty Times

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Daniel Sardo and Marc Marti took second overall honors in Ireland, they're seen here in their Citroen C4 at speed. and blinded him with its light until he found the off switch. Tyre choices were critical. Many competitors were warned by their gravel note crews about the pools of water lying on the roads and opted to take snow "Sottozero" tyres, while the braver drivers took the alternative wet compound "P zero" asphalt tyres. Later drivers had the benefit of conditions that were becoming brighter. Anyway, Jari-Matti Latvala was the star of the show on the first stage with his winter tyres, 17.6 seconds faster than Urmo Aava, also on winter tyres who was running 14 minutes on the road behind the first cars. All the Citroens, except Conrad Rautenbach, chose asphalt tyres, all the Fords, except Mikko Hirvonen, had winter tyres. Daylight however was not the problem, the trouble was the water. More rain had fallen Dusty Times after the gravel note crews had passed, but happily the crews had their own individual crews to give them warnings of hazards that were known about earlier. "Had the FIA not rescinded the new gravel note crew rule (which restricted each team to one such crew) before the rally none of us would be here", said Jarmo Lehtinen, Hirvonen's codriver. Sebastien Loeb was very unhappy, "The conditions were quite unacceptable. A stupid stage." He was careful and posted seventh best time, 42 seconds behind Latvala. Stage two and Latvala was in trouble. He came round a blind left-hand bend and suddenly found himself deep in a puddle. The car spun and impacted the bank and punctured a rear tyre, then he hit the bank the other side of the road which damaged a driveshaft and punctured another It was a second place finish in JWRC for the Citroen C2 team of Martin Prokop and Jan Tomanek, seen here in a sharp left hander. tyre. He reached the end of the stage but could not repair the car in time for the following stage so was out for the rest of the day. Chris Atkinson was in trouble as well. He reached the end of stage one and removed his auxiliary lamp pod but forgot to attach the bonnet retaining clip, so immediately the bonnet smashed his windscreen. Loeb was now going better, up to second place, albeit 22 seconds behind the new leader -Urmo Aava. Matthew Wilson went off on stage one and lost his confidence for a while. Khalid Al Qassimi hit a puddle unexpectedly when he was braking and also eased off. Surprised to find himself in third place after the first stage was Niall McShea in the Proton Satria Neo Super 2000, well ahead of the orthodox Group N cars. Of the local drivers the three members April 2009 of the MacHale family, with their right-hand drive older Ford Focus WRCs, were proudly battling with the newer Subarus of Tim McNulty and Eamonn Boland. Father Austin MacHale had to drive 16km of stage three with a flat tyre. McShea's car stopped at the start of stage three when the ECU failed. Even though it was expected that there would be less standing water on the second run through the stages, the teams all fitted winter tyres. Loeb was in his element, winning every stage except the first of the day while Dani Sordo was second every time on the three afternoon stages. Hirvonen was getting worried, "I am going as fast as I dare but Loeb is always much quicker." From 42.0 seconds behind after stage one the Frenchman was 44.4 seconds in front after stage six, with only a quick stall by the Finn as an excuse. Loeb got ahead of Aava into the lead on stage four, Sordo and Hirvonen then got past on stage five and on stage six Aava slid off the road and got stuck in a ditch. Henning Solberg and Matthew Wilson touched the same rock in stage five and both punctured. Atkinson had a frightening fifth-gear moment when he found water on the road at his braking point, hit a telephone pole and came to rest in the middle of the road. • The national television coverage showed dramatic shots of the incident, but Ogier was going careful, "We saw Aava stuck off the road and were determined that would not happen to us!" Al-Qassimi touched a tree in stage four and then went on to beach his Focus on a bank. It took a minute before spectators got him back on the road again. Best of the local drivers was Gareth MacHale, despite a downshift problem. Eamonn Boland was next, apparently impervious to the terrible conditions. Aava eventually got to the end of stage six, having lost some 20 minutes or so. The crew immediately declared they were running under SupeRally rules, which meant they only suffered the loss of the regulatory ten minutes for missing the final stage of the day. It was a really nasty evening as the cars came back for the second service halt of the day, and the organisers announced that the Continued on next p19e Page 17

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A mud besmirched Citroen C4, driven by Sebastien Ogier and Tim McNulty and Eugene O'Donnell drove their Subaru lmpreza Jari-Matti Latvala and Miikka Anttila forge through the rain Julien Ingrassia went on the a sixth overall finish in Ireland. to a 12th overall finish, they're seen here in the very wet outback. in their Ford Focus RS, they finished 14th overall. final loop, comprising two stages went off the road but fortunately 51.84kms There were three stages in the Dani Sordo, and despite the bad in Northern Ireland, would not be spectators got him going again . The final day's itinerary had morning, one orthodox one in the weather the winner's speed set a run because of the large amounts Henning Solberg was going calmly been shortened, a broken bridge early afternoon and then the final new record for an asphalt world of standing water on the roads. in fourth place, in circumstances on part of stage 16 causing the stage was a short downtown stage championship rally - 110.53kph. In the Junior category the new which were not to his liking at all. planned 68km of stages to be 60km away from Sligo. The wet This was an increase of ?kph on Suzuki driver Aaron Burkart set Atkinson was still pushing on in reduced to a little over 50, but weather had gone away, drivers the previous occasion the event off with determination and kept fifth though he was delayed on this included the spectacular finally had a chance to enjoy was held in 2007 and 5kph faster his lead despite losing a half stage nine, by the same problems final stage around the streets in their work, but there wasn't much than Catalunya in 2008, the minute off the road on stage which had already befallen his downtown Donegal Town. 31 cars fighting left to be done. Chris previous fastest. three. Kevin Ab bring stopped fellow C4 drivers Rautenbach restarted the event. Missing were Atkinson immediately got ahead In the Junior category the Guest after stage two for no apparent and Ogier, and this dropped him the World Rally Car of Gareth of Henning Solberg but then went driver Ross Forde had gearbox reason. Yoann Bonato hung on behind Matthew Wilson. Eamonn MacHale, the Junior car of Hans off the road on the penultimate failure and retired. Burkart was behind Burkart ahead of Hans Boland continued his role as top Weijs and the Super 2000 of Niall stage and dropped a place, down finally in charge but the fastest Weijs, who was driving one of Irish driver but confessed he was McShea. to fifth again. driver of the category was 20 year Burkart' s old Citroens. Suzuki going cautiously, and Khalid Al Finally a day dawned that was Urmo Aava gradually re-entered old Kevin Ab bring in his Renault managers were getting worried Qassimi was gradually catching not wet, indeed the sun was out the top ten charts at the expense Clio R3. Shaun Gallagher, the and ordered Burkart to slow him. but the air was v~ry cold. The of Aaron MacHale. Despite 2007 Junior Rookie Champion, right down and reserve his efforts The wet and horrible conditions Citroen crews took winter tyres being fastest on four of the day's won Group N after his closest for Day 2, leaving the heroics to continued throughout the day. for safety, but the low temperature five stages Mikko Hirvonen still rival Alan Ring retired with others. Unfortunately next to Loeb was beaten on stage 12 by of the ground meant that no tyres finished in third place behind the gearbox tr o u b 1 e on the suffer was the other Suzuki driver Hirvonen, because a wheel came were expected to offer much grip! Citroens of Sebastien Loeb and penultimate stage. lAJ2C Bonato who went off the road off its rim when he slid on the and faced two options, whether grass beside the road and this to reverse back again or drive caused a bad vibration, but he was through a field to regain the road. back winning again on 13 and 14. Unfortunately he chose the latter So far Loeb had only been beaten option and hit an unexpected twice. Gradually Latvala's speed hole in the field. On the final had been improving during the stage of the afternoon Weijs day, except for when he lost out passed Burkart into the lead on the very fast roads of stage 13. despite brake troubles. Word in Latvala had overtaken Rautenbach the Service Park was that Burkart who was gaining SupeRally wanted to buy his old car back! penalties all the time and now Martin Prokop watched the battle stood to gain two manufacturers' unfolding ahead of him with ease, points. Wilson had windscreen lying third overnight but less than wiper failure on stage 13 while a half-minute off the pace. Luca Gareth MacHale had engine Griotti lost 4-5 minutes of the problems and finally stopped on final stage with power steering the road section from stage 14 trouble. back to service. Al Qassimi was Day 2 - 6 Stages -Asphalt - gradually getting happier, enjoying 133.36kms the satisfaction of good pacenotes Aava and Latvala duly restarted on very fast sections of the route. the rally, with their task to creep Hans Weijs savoured his up the Manufacturers' scoreboard, overnight lead in the JWRC Austin MacHale withdrew, his category and this continued codriver's mother having died, so through the first stage of Saturday, despite the dramatic conditions but Aaron Burkart passed him nobody had to withdraw for and retook the lead on stage mechanical reasons or accidents. ten. Martin Prokop had a huge Saturday dawned much the same moment which involved high as Friday had been. It was cold, speed contact with a tree and wet, dark and very deceptive but he suffered handling problems this time there was nothing to thereafter but still held third place. stop the Loeb steamroller. From Simone Bertolotti was going the 44.4 seconds lead he held at steadily in fourth despite a double the end of the truncated first day puncture on stage 1 l. On stage of competition, Loeb pulled out 14 Weijs crashed and stopped in another half minute or so over his the stage, being taken to hospital teammate Dani Sordo in the first for a precautionary check, which three stages. Hirvonen was doing brought Prokop up to second. his best to hold on to Sordo but Kevin Abbring was going well, then he had power steering failure scoring best JWRC times on four so by the end of the first loop Loeb of the day's six stages. In Group was almost two and a half minutes N the organisers allowed the top in front of the best Ford driver. competitors to run behind the Apart from the horrific first stage World Rally Cars and in front on the Friday, Loeb had scored of the JWRC competitors. Alan fastest time on every stage. By Ring continued in the lead he midday Aava (who had missed just inherited on the first morning one special stage) was lying sixth in from McShea. Restarting for the the Makes' category while Latvala second day's competition McShea (who missed four stages) was still scored fastest times on four of the eighth. On the first stage of the day's six stages but then crashed. day Rautenbach, who was lying Ring had been leading but on fifth overall, slid off the road and the faster stages felt he was at a was stuck. His car spent the rest disadvantage compared with his of the day in the service park being · rival Shaun Gallagher. repaired. Sixth placed Ogier also Day 3 5 Stages Asphalt Page 18 4th Rally Ireland (IRL) Sligo 29.01/1.02.2009 WCR round 1, JWRC round 1 WC points JC 1 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena 734EGZ78 (F) 2h.48m.25.7s.* 10 10 2 (2) Daniel SORDO/Marc Marti E 728EGZ78 (F) 2h. 49m. 53. 6s. 8 8 3 (3) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarrno Lehtinen PX08AXB (GB) 2h.50m.33.5s. 6 6 4 (6) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud EU07SUA (GB) 5 5 5 (7) Chris ATKINSON/Stephane Prevot 738EGZ78 (F) 2h.56m.17.6s. 4 4 6 (11) Sebastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia WRC 738DYN78 (F) 2h.59m.09.7s. 7 (16) Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin lES (GB) 2h.59m.49.5s. 2 8 (9) Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr EU07SSZ (GB) 3h.02m.33.6s. 1 9 (17) Eamonn Boland/Damien Morrissey KT57SRT (GB) 3h.03m.49.1s. 10 (5) Urmo AAVA/Kuldar Sikk EU07SUF (GB) 3h.04m.01.1s. (1) EE 3 11 (20) Aaron MacHale/Killian Duffy EUSSBMV (GB) 3h.04m.35.4s. 12 (19) Tim McNulty/Eugene O'Donnell JT07SRT (GB) 3h.09m.23.6s. WR F/MC Citroen C4 Citroen C4 WRC FIN Ford Focus RS N Ford Focus RS AUS/B Citroen C4 F Citroen 3 GB Ford Focus RS QA/GB Ford Focus RS . IRL Subaru Impreza Ford Focus RS WRC IRL Ford Focus IRL Subaru Impreza WD WRC WRC WRC WRC C4 WRC WRC WRC WRC WRC 13 (63 } Shaun Gallagher/Paul Kiely IRL Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX N WX06GXZ (GB) 3h.09m.41.9s.+ 14 (4) ,Jari-Matti LATVALA/Miikka Anttila FIN RS WRC AG57CKA (GB) 3h.llm.58.2s. (5) 2 16 (31) Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach D Suzuki JWRC SSE002 (H) 3h.16m.41.5s. 10 17 (38 ) Martin Prokop/Jan Tomanek CZ Citroen JWRC 06R0008 (CZ) 3h.17m.28.8s. 8 18 (8) Conrad RAUTENBACH/Daniel Barritt ZW/GB WRC 886EHK78 (F) 3h.25m.03.6s. (6) 1 19 (33) Simone Bertolotti/Luca Celestini I swift S:1.600 d"WRC SSEOOi (H-) 3h. 25m. 4'l.. es. 20 (35) Yoann Bonato/Benjamin Boulloud F Suzuki JWRC HP-SR138 (D) 3h.29m.47.7s. (1) 22 (37) Kevin Abbring/Erwin Mombaerts NL Renault JWRC 30-XL-LK (NL) 3h.34m.19.5s. (4 ) 25 (34) Luca Griotti/Corrado Bonato I Renault JWRC DK845HF (I) 3h.43m.49.9s. (1) 36 (8 JWRC) starters. 28 (6 JWRC) finishers. +Group N winner. MANUFACTURERS' REGISTERED DRIVER. Ford Focus Swift S1600 C2 S1600 Citroen C4 Suzuki 6 swift S1600 5 Clio R3 4 Clio R3 3 (Missed stages or road sections) Winner's average speed over stages 110.53kph (record) . LEADING RETIREMENTS LAST STAGE COMPLETED (18 ) Gareth MacHale/Brian Murphy IRL Ford Focus "WRC April 2009 Dusty Times

Page 19

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~BAffLE AT PRIMM Maccachren Wins 1&00 By]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Track.side Photo Cameron Steele ran hard in Unlimited Truck, he led the class both days and when the checkers flew he was right there to grab them. eron Steele led the first lap, John Vaughan was second, some two minutes back and Tony Murray came along a minute later. At the end of their second lap it was still Cameron Steele in the lead, John Vaughan was in second place and Tony Murray was on his trailer. A great weekend for Rob MacCachren, he ran second all the way on Saturday, led the field a.fl day Sunday and took a really great win. They continued on this way for their next three laps, no changes in position and when they took the checkers it was Cameron Steele taking the win and John Vaughan taking the silver medal. Lord, what a weekend. There were, by our count, 269 cars and trucks entered at the Battle of Primm, they were divided into 19 classes, they had from three to five laps to run to make their race, they ran on both Saturday and Sunday and it all came off without a hitch. The weather, well for February in the high desert, it wasn't too bad, it rained and snowed a bit dur-ing the Contingency and Tech Inspection on Friday, the line of vehicles stretched well into the night and although it was cold and windy, they all waited calml in line and eventuall they all completed the pre-race requirements. Both race days were great, weatherwise, sunny and cool on Saturday, overcast on Sunday with very little wind. The course was approximately 12 miles in length, with all the usual good stuff thrown in, everybody was ready to attack it and it was a great rush for all concerned. Going in order on the re-sult sheets, with the Unlimited Trucks being first listed, we had four trucks entered, five laps to run and at the end of their first lap on Saturday it was Cameron Steele in the lead, Tony Murray was second two minutes in ar-Darin Anderson only led two of the 10 laps on the weekend in Class 1 but he beat all the competition and took a really nice win. Justin "Bean" Smith led all but one lap in Class 12, he took a nice overall win, he's seen here with full power on. Page 20 rears and John Vaughan ran in third place, another five minutes back. Second lap, Cameron Steele still leads, Tony Murray is still second and John Vaughan runs third, nine minutes behind the leader. There were no position chang-es during the next three laps and when they took the checkers it was Cameron Steele taking a nice win, Tony Murray was second, he was nine minutes behind the leader and John Vaughan came in third, another minute back. The Sunday Unlimited Truck race was much of the same Cam-Add up all the numbers and we have Cameron Steele taking the Unlimited Truck overall win, John Vaughan taking second overall, and that's all she wrote. There were nine cars entered in Class 1, they too had five laps to run for their race and when the dust cleared on Saturday it was T.J. Flores leading the pace, Kevin Swanson was in second place, less than a minute behind, Darin Anderson ran third, Chris Elmer was in fourth spot, Jenni-fer Cleminson ran in fifth and Chris Kemp was in sixth place. Second lap ended and T.J. Flores continued to lead the The Wiks led four laps in Class 10 on Saturday, ran second all the way on Sunday and took the overall win by three minutes. Tomas Morales had a fairly easy day, he led Class 5 all the way both days, he's seen here hustling his way to the checkers. April 2009 class, Darin Anderson remained in second place, now less than a minute in arrears, Kevin Swan-son ran in the third spot, Chris Kemp was up to fourth place, Chris Elmer was now fifth and Jennifer Cleminson was down a spot into sixth. There were no position chang-es on the third lap. Fourth lap ended and T.J. Flores still, led the class, Darin Anderson remained in second place but he was breathing down the leader's neck, Kevin Swanson remained in third place, Chris Kemp ran fourth, Jennifer Cle-minson was up a spot into fifth place and Chris Elmer ran sixth. Last lap, T.J. Flores came in for the checkered flag and the win, Darin Anderson took the second spot, Kevin Swanson took third place, Chris kemp came in fourth, fifth place went to Jennifer Cleminson and Chris Elmer took sixth. At the end of their first lap on Sunday we had Darin Anderson in the lead, Chris Kemp was second, he was eight seconds in arrears, Chris Elmer ran third';1 he was less than a minute behind the leader, Jennifer Cleminson ran fourth and Kevin Swanson was in fifth place. There were no Sunday lap times for T.J. Flores. There were no position chang-es on the second and third laps. At the competition of their fourth lap we saw Chris Kemp move into the lead, Darin An-derson dropped to second place, Jennifer Cleminson moved up to third, Kevin Swanson was fourth and Chris Elmer dropped a few spots into fifth place. Fifth lap ended and Chris Kemp took a very nice win, Darin Anderson took the silver medal, third place went to Jennifer Cle-minson, Kevin Swanson finished first off the podium and Chris Elmer was out of the race. Taking their combined times we saw Darin Anderson taking the Class 1 win, Chris Kemp was second, about four minutes behind the leader, Jennifer Cle-minson finished a close third and Kevin Swanson was another minute back in fourth place. Next up were the Class 10 c:;ars, there were nine of them entered and only four of them would make their required laps. At the end of the first lap it was Bekki Wik showing the way, C.J. Hutchins was four seconds back in second place, Tim Jones was less than another back in third place, Dave Terrell ran fourth and Michael Hanson was in the fifth spot. Second Class 10 lap, C.J. Continued on page 22 Dusty Times

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John Vaughan,secondandthirdallweekendinUnlimftedTruck,hetook Chris Kemp led the last two laps on Sunday in Class 1, that CJ Hutchins ran second most of Saturday, led all laps on a silver medal for his efforts and had a second overall in Heavy Metal got him a second overall finish, he's seen here in level flight. Sunday and ended up second overall in the class 1 0 conflict. LH'-u~t=-:c:i:h:--;i-:=n-::s-c~a=-:m=-::e--::-a~ro=-:u~n~d---=-as::-:::ti:h-::e--;:::=====:'.:::==-~=================;---;::::=:::::= class leader, Bekki Wik was just seconds behind him in second place, Tim Jones remained third in class, Dave Terrell remained in fourth place and Michael Han-son was running fifth,. Their third lap ended and Bekki Wik was back in the lead, C.J. Hutchins was about a min-ute behind the leader, Tim Jones remained third, Dave Terrell and Michael Hanson remained fourth and fifth. There were no position chang-es on the fourth lap. Fifth lap, final lap on Sat-urday and Bekki Wik took the checkered flag, C.J. Hutchins came across the line in second place, Tim Jones was third in, Dave Terrell finished fourth and Michael Hanson rounded out Rudy Solano led all the Class 5/1600 laps but one, he took the overall win, he's seen here nicely airborne. A good weekend for Michael Ward, he led all the required laps in the Class 9 battle, seen here just at liftoff. the top five. Sunday's Class 10 race had C.J. Hutchins leading the first lap, Bekki Wik was 13 seconds back in second place, Tim Jones was less than another minute back in third place, Dave Terrell was fourth and Michael Hanson was in fifth place. At the end of their second lap it was still C.J. Hutchins in the lead, Bekki Wik ran second, less than a minute behind, Tim Jones was in third place, Michael Hanson ran fourth and Dave Ter-rell was fifth. There were no position chang-es on their third and fourth laps. Fifth lap, last Sunday lap, C.J. Hutchins came in for the checkers, Bekki Wik was second in, she was less than 30 seconds in arrears, Tim Jones had run in third place all the way and Michael Hanson was the fourth and final finisher, Dave Terrell was out of the race. In the overall for Class 10 it was Bekki Wik taking the class win, C .J. Hutchins was the sec-ond place finisher, Tim Jones came along some 10 minutes later in third place, Michael Hanson was the fourth overall finisher and Dave Terrell fin-ished fifth overall. Chris Taylor really had a good weekend, he led all the laps in the Class 7 contest and had 15 minutes in hand on the overall. Class 12 was next to run, they too had to run five laps for their race, there were 17 entries and nine of them would make it all the way. At the end of their first lap on Saturday it was Cody Freeman showing the way, Billy Gereghty ran in the second spot, Justin Smith was a very close third place, Rick Cook ran in fourth place and Richard Garavito was in fifth place. Only one minute separated these five racers! At the end of their second lap it was now Justin Smith in the class lead, Billy Gereghty remained in second place, Rick Cook was in third place, Richard Garavito ran in the fourth spot and Cody Freeman ran fifth. There were no position chang-es on the third and fourth laps. Lap 5, checkers flew and Jus-tin Smith was there to take the flag, Billy Gereghty was second in, he was 61 seconds out of first place, Richard Garavito took third place honors, Rick Cook came in fourth and Cody Free-man was fifth in. Sunday's five lap event was a doozie, Justin Smith was first in, Richard Garavito was second in line, Billy Gereghty ran in third place, Rick Cook was running in fourth and Cody Freeman, fight-ing troubles, was in fifth place. Jason Hutter was the only Class 7S truck to complete all the required laps, he's seen here at speed on the course. There were no position chang-es on the second lap. At the end of their third lap it was still Justin Smith leading the class, Billy Gereghty was in second place, he was some three minutes and change in arrears, Richard Garavito ran in third place, Rick Cook ran fourth and Cody Freeman held on in fifth place. On their fourth lap, everyone held their position. -i There fifth lap came to an end and Justin Smith was there to take a really nice win, Billy Gereghty finished in the second spot, he was less than five min-utes behind the leader, Richard Garavito finished in third place, another minute back, Rick Cook came across the line in fourth place and Cody Freeman was another six minutes back. Adding up the lap times, it was Justin Smith taking the Class 12 win, Billy Gereghty was second, Rick Cook took a third overall finish, Richard Garavito finished in the fourth spot and Cody Freeman was the fifth place overall finisher. Next up were the Class 5 cars. There were only two of them en-tered and in their Saturday race, according to the official results, they both ran identical lap times for all five laps! Coincidence, I don't think so. For their Sunday race, it was Billy Gereghty ran second on Saturday, third and second on Curt Geer led every lap on Saturday, ran second all day Sunday Patrick Dailey ran mostly second on Saturday, third place on Sunday, he finished second overall in the Class 12 conflict. and ended up with the silver medal overall in Class ½-1600. Sunday, he finished second overall in the Class 5/1600 fracas. Page 22 April 2009 Dusty Times

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Forest Creasy was the second place finisher both days at Charles Anderson, sans some fiberglass, ran third all day Saturday, second John Murray ran third on Saturday, second place on Sunday and Primm, he ended up second overall for the weekend in Class 9. place on Sunday and that got him a second overall finish in Class 7. that gave him a second overall finish in the Mini Metal class. ===,--:.;;;;;:;;;=:::=============-.;;;;;;;;;:;;!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~..:..f~i-=rs-"-t..:..p~l:..::a.:c.ce--"-;-h-=o..:..:n=-o..:..r:.:.cs,-"-M~i~k.:::.e ~M~al~lo-'--y ...,,, .. ~ .. ,, \\\ > seems to have found a home in third place, Justin Smith ran in fourth place and Orio Cox III ran in the fifth spot. In sixth place was Adam Pfankuch, Co-rey Goin ran in seventh place, Sergei Maffei was in eighth place, Ramsey El Wardani was ninth and Blaine Conrad was in 10th place. A nice win in Mini-Metal for Gary Messer, he had 14 minutes on his competition when it was all over, he's seen here just before touchdown. Monte Tibbitts had a really good weekend, he won the Heavy Metal Class both days, he's seen here at speed on the way home. At the end of their second Sunday lap it was Rob MacCa-chren still showing the way, Curt Geer was right there in second place, Mike Malloy was third, not many seconds away from the lead, Adam Pfankuch was up two places into fourth and Orio Cox Ill held on in fifth place In sixth place was Ramsey El Wardani, Sergei Maffei was up a spot into seventh place, Corey Goin ran eighth, Justin Smith ran ninth and Blaine Conrad was in 10th place. Tomas Morales leading at the end of their first lap while Bill Zolg ran an hour and a half first lap and then retired. Tomas Morales only got two more laps under his belt before he too retired from the fray. The results show Tomas Mo-rales taking the overall Class 5 win, Bill Zolg was second overall. Next up was Class 1/2-1600, they had five laps to run for their race and there were 48 of them entered in the fray, and fully 35 of them would make it to the checkered flag on Saturday and Sunday. At the end of their first lap it was Curt Geer show-ing the way, Rob MacCachren was second, he was 29 seconds behind the leader, Mike Malloy was running in the third spot, another six minutes back, Justin Smith was in fourth place and Adam Pfankuch was running in the fifth spot. Blaine Conrad was in sixth place, Corey Goin was in seventh place, Sergei Maffei was eighth in, Sergei Maffei ran in the eighth spot, Orio Cox Ill was ninth in and Ramsey El Wardani was 10th in. Second Saturday lap ended and it was Curt Geer still show-ing the way, in second was Rob MacCachren, he was well less than a minute in arrears, Mike Malloy held onto third place, Adam Pfankuch was up a spot into fourth and Justin Smith was running in fifth place. In sixth was Blaine Conrad, Sergei Maffei was lucky seventh place, Orio Cox Ill was up a spot into eighth, Corey Coin ran in ninth place and Ramsey El Wardani rounded out the top 10. At the end of their third lap there were a few changes, mostly subtle. Curt Geer still led the class, Rob MacCachren remained in second place, he was half a minute or so behind the leader, Mike Malloy still ran in the third spot, Adam Pfankuch remained in fourth and Ramsey El Wardani was up four places in fifth place. Justin Smith dropped to sixth place, Blaine Conrad was down to seventh place, Sergei Maffei was eighth, Orio Cox Ill was in ninth place and Corey Goin was in the 10th spot. Fourth lap ended and Curt Geer was still leading the class, Rob MacCachren still ran in second place, not far behind the leader, Mike Malloy still ran in third place, Adam Pfankuch remained in the fourth spot and Ramsey El Wardani was the fifth place car. In sixth place was Justin Smith, Sergei Maffei was in seventh place, Blaine Conrad dropped a spot into eighth, Orio Cox III ran ninth and Corey Goin ran in the 10th spot. Last lap on Saturday and Curt Nico/Jette Dunn didn't lead one lap in her Class 8 contest but she was quick enough to take the overall win. Seen here saving tire wear. Geer was still leading the pack, Rob MacCachren still ran in second place, he was only a few seconds out of first place, Mike Malloy finished in the third spot, Adam Pfankuch finished fourth and Sergei Maffei rounded out the top five cars. Ramsey El Wardani came across in sixth place, Blaine Conrad finished seventh, Orio Cox Ill was eighth in, Corey Goin finished ninth and Justin Smith was the 10th car in,. The 1600 group had five more laps to run on Sunday and when they came around at the end of that lap it was Rob MacCachren and Curt Geer, almost tied for Their third lap ended and it was still Rob MacCachren in the lead car, Curt Geer was second, just seconds behind the leader, Mike Malloy was less than a minute off the lead car in third place, Adam Pfankuch held on in fourth place and Orio Cox Ill remained in the fifth spot. In sixth place was Sergei Maffei, Corey Goin was up a spot into seventh, Ramsey El Wardani was down a bit into eighth place Jus-Cantinu■d on next p111 Steve Schwab only got in three of his eight required laps in Stock Full, but he finished first, seen here landing hard. Dean Schlingmann won Class 8 on Saturday, ran third on Sunday Bob Dziurawiec finished second both Saturday and Sunday, and took home the silver medal, seen here just before landing. he had a gold plated second overall in Class 18 Champ. Felipe Sanchez ended up in second overall in the Stock Bug contest, a five minute penalty didn't help, he's seen here in the air. Dusty Times April 2009 Page 23

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Louis Semia led a few laps on Saturday, finished second, ran Patrick Nirschi finished fourth on Saturday, finished second Lots of mud, Dan Vance finished second both days in Class second all day Sunday, that gave him a second overall in Class 15. on Sunday, that gave him second overall in Class 13. 1450, he was second overall for the weekend, seen here at liftoff. tin Smith was ninth and Blaine-Geer finished second, less than win for him, Patrick Dailey was ;:::;:;::;:;:::....======================:=:; Conrad ran in 10th. two minutes behind the leader. second in, he was a mere 39 sec-Penultimate lap came to an Mike Malloy finished third, onds in arrears, Chris Moreno end and Rob MacCachren was another 7 5 seconds back, Adam came in third, he was another still leading the class, Curt Geer Pfankuch was fourth, back an-70 seconds in arrears and Justin still ran second, less than a other minute and change and Rougemont was the fourth place minute in arrears, Mike Malloy in fifth place was Sergei Maffei. finisher. remained in third place, Adam Sixth place went to Corey Goin, It was Sunday and the 5/1600 Pfankuch was still three places Orio Cox Ill finished seventh, group were ready for another behind the leader and Corey Blaine Conrad came in eighth, four laps of fun and frolic. At Goin was up two more spots Justin Smith came in ninth and the end of their first lap it was into fifth place. Sergei Maffei Ramsey El Wardani was the 10th Chris Moreno showing the way, remained in sixth place, Justin Class 1600 finishers. Rudy Solano was in second Smith was up to seventh place, Next up were the Class 5/1600 place, he was two seconds behind Ramsey El Wardani remained bugs, there were eight of them, the leader, Patrick Daley was in eighth, Blaine Conrad was they had four laps to make their another 14 seconds back and up a spot into ninth and Orio race and 87% of them would see Justin Rougemont ran in the Cox III dropped five spots into the checkered flag. At the end of fourth spot. 10th place. their first lap in Saturday it was Their second lap ended and Fifth lap, last lap for the 1600 Rudy Solano leading the pack, Rudy Solano was once again cars and when the checkers flew Patrick Dailey was right there in the lead, Chris Moreno was it was Rob MacCachren right in second place, Chris Moreno only a few seconds back, Patrick there to receive the nod, Curt ran in the third spot and Justin Dailey ran in the third spot and Geer was second car in, he was Rougemont was the fourth place Justin Rougemont held on in less than a minute in arrears, car. fourth place. Mike Malloy came along in third Rulo Solano continued to There were no position chang-place about 30 seconds later, lead at the end of the second es on their third lap. Adam Pfankuch finished in the lap, Chris Moreno moved up Fourth lap, last lap, Rulo So-fourth spot and Corey Goin was into second place, Patrick Dailey lano came in for the checkered the fifth place finisher. In sixth dropped a spot into third place flag, Chris Moreno was right finishing spot was Sergei Maffei, and Justin Rougemont remained there in second place, he was one Justin Smith finished seventh, in the fourth spot. second in arrears, Patrick Dailey Ramsey El Wardani was eighth Third lap, Rulo Solano still was another 35 seconds back and car in, Orio Cox Ill finished in led the class, Patrick Dailey Justin Rougemont finished in ninth place and Blaine Conrad moved back into second place, the fourth spot. was the 10th place finisher. Chris Moreno was back in the Adding up the times for both Add up the times from Sat-third spot and Justin Rougemont days, it was Rulo Solano taking urday and Sunday and we see still ran in fourth place. the overall Class 5/ 1600 win. Rob MacCachren taking the Last lap, Rudy Solano came Patrick Dailey was second, he Class 1600 overall win, Curt in for the checkered flag, a nice was less than two minutes out Bob Johnson never led a lap all weekend but he did take the Stock Bug win, he's seen here on a quite hard landing. of the win, Chris Moreno was third, another 38 seconds back and Justin Rougemont finished fourth, he was 14 minutes be-hind the lead car. The Class 9 troops were up next, they too had four laps to run for their race, there were 14 of them entered but only six would see the checkered flag. At the end of their first lap on Sat-urday we saw Mike Ward in the lead, Forest Creasy ran second, he was 12 seconds behind the leader, Cody Rash ran third, he was another three seconds back, Rick Moran-was in fourth place and Ryan Tyler held down the fifth place position. There were no position chang-es on their second and third laps. he had about a minute in hand when all was done. At the checkers it was Mike Ward taking a nice Class 9 win, Forest Creasy was second car in, he was 32 seconds behind the leader, Cody Rash was the third place finisher, Ryan Tyler came in fourth and Rick Moran was the fifth place finisher. Sunday's Class 9 action was much of the same, Mike Ward led the first lap, Forest Creasy ran in the second spot, 32 sec-onds in arrears, Cody Rash ran in third place, another 24 seconds back, Rick Moran ran fourth and Ryan Tyler was in fifth place. Second lap and Mike Ward still led the class, Forest Creasy still held second place, Cody Rash ran in third place, Ryan Ty-ler moved up to fourth and Rick Moran dropped a spot into fifth. Third lap, not much changed, certainly not the leader, Mike Ward continued to run in first place, Forest Creasy ran second, he was a minute and change out of the lead, Cody Rash remained in third, Rick Moran moved back into fourth place and Ryan Tyler dropped back into fifth place. Mike Ward came in for his second Class 9 win of the week-end, he had three minutes and change on second place Forest Creasy, Cody Rash remained in third place, Rick Moran was first · off the podium and Ryan Tyler came in fifth. Add up the times and Mike Ward is the overall Class 9 winner, Forest Creasy takes the silver medal, Cody Rash wins the bronze, Rick Moran finishes first off the podium and Ryan Tyler finishes fifth overall. Next up were the Class 7 trucks, there were 11 of them entered, only three of them would make all of their five re-quired laps. At the end of their first Saturday lap it was Chris Taylor in the class lead, Robby.1 Woolworth was in second place, he was three minutes in arrears, Charles Anderson ran in third place, Bob Pickering ran in fourth and Travis Bozzano ran in the fifth spot. . Second lap ended, Chris Taylor continued to lead, Robby Woolworth was five minutes back in second place, Charles Anderson remained in the third spot, Bob Pickering remained in fourth place and Travis Bozzano ran in the fifth spot. There were no position chang-es on the third lap. On the fourth lap we saw Chris Taylor continuing in the lead spot, Robby Woolworth remained in second place, he was five minutes out of the gold, Charles Anderson was another half minute back, Travis Bozzano was back into fourth place and Bob Pickering was bringing up Continued on page 26 Jennifer Cleminson finished fifth on Saturday, third in the Tim Jones was a consistent third place finisher on both Rick Cook took the bronze medal overall in Class 12, he also Sunday race, that gave her third overall in Class 1. days, he was the third overall car in the Class 10 contest. finished eighth overall in Class 15, seen here nicely airborne. Page 24 April 2009 Dusty Times

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Mike Malloy ran in third place for all the laps on both days in Richard Garavito finished third in Saturday's race, third again on Adam Pfankuch took a brace of fourth place finishes in Class Class ½-1600, that gave him the bronze medalfor the overall. Sunday, that gave him third place overall in the Class 12 contest. 1/2-1600, he finished first off the podium in the overall. the rear. There were no position chang- es on their next three laps so Patelli came in second and John and Sunday, it was Monte Tib-Their last lap had Chris Taylor es on the second and third laps when the checkers flew it was Vaughan was on his trailer. bits taking the class win, John taking the checkered flag, Robby and when they came around for Gary Messer taking the class win, Fourth lap ended, Monte Tib-Vaughan finished second overall Woolworth was second, he was the checkered flag it was Jason Dana Dague finished in second bits came in for the checkered and Joe Patelli was the third place nine minutes behind the leader, Hutter taking the win, Danielle place and John Murray was the flag and, that's all there was. finisher. Charles Anderson finished in Corbin was second finisher, third place finisher. Vaughan and Patelli had disap-The Class 8 troops were up the third spot. Bob Pickering she was 15 minutes behind the Sunday saw very little change, peared. next, there were six of them en-and Travis Bazzano were out of leader. Gary Messer led the first lap, Fifth lap, Monte motored tered but only two of them would the race. Sunday race, same cast of John Murray finished second, around and took the checkered make it the total of 10 required Sunday's five lap sprint began characters, at the end of their he was 23 seconds behind the flag the only one in class still laps. At the end of their first lap and it was, once again, Chris first lap it was Jason Hutter in leader and Dana Dague was the running,. it was Sheldon Paul in the class Taylor in the lead, Charles An-the lead, Danielle Corbin ran third place finisher. Sunday's Heavy Metal race lead, Nicolette Dunn ran in the derson ran in second place, Bob in the second spot and Duane There were no changes in was a bit better, when they fin-second spot and Dean Schling-Pickering ran in third place, Evans was suffering from a long position for their next three ished their first lap it was Monte mann was in third place. Travis Bazzano ran in fourth lap, he was in third place. laps so when the checkers flew Tibbits showing the way, John At the end of their second lap and Robby Woolworth was in Second lap ended, Jason Hut-it was Gary Messer taking the Vaughan was running in second it was still Sheldon Paul leading the fifth spot. ter came in for a well deserved gold medal, John-Murray came place and Joe Patelli was third. the class, Dean Schlingmann Chris Taylor continued to checkered flag and, that's all in second for the silver medal Second lap ended and we saw moved into second place, he was lead on the second lap, Charles there was folks, both Danielle and Dana Dague was the bronze John Vaughan in the lead, Monte less than two minutes in arrears Anderson remained in second Corbin and Duane Evans were medal finisher. Tibbits dropped to second place, and Nicolette Dunn had dropped place, Robby Woolworth was up out of the race,. Overall, it was Gary Messer he was a few seconds down and to third place, another minute into third place, Bob Pickering Jason Hutter motored around taking the win, John Murray Joe Patelli had some problems, and change back. ran fourth and Travis Bazzano Laps 3 and 4 and took the Class was second, he was 14 minutes he ran third but was well back. There were no position chang-was in the fifth spot. 7S win, behind the leader and Dana Da-Things were back to normal es on their third lap. There were no changes in On combined time, Jason gue was the third place finisher, on the third lap, Monte Tib-Fourth lap, Sheldon Paul was position on their third lap. Hutter was the Class 7S overall he was 10 seconds out of second bits was back in the lead, John still showing the way, Nicolette Fourth lap ended and Chris winner, Danielle Corbin was in place. Vaughan ran in second place and Dunn was back into second Taylor still led the class, Charles second place and Duane Evans The Heavy Metal troops were Joe Patelli was in third place. place, she was less than a minute Anderson remained in the sec- was awarded their place overall. only four strong, they had five Fourth lap ended and it was in arrears and Dean Schlingmann ond spot, Bob Pickering was up There were five entered in laps to run for their race and only still Monte Tibbits in the class had dropped to third place. a spot into third, Travis Bazzano the Mini Metal Challenge, they one truck would see the check- lead, John Vaughan ran in sec-Final lap, Dean Schlingmann moved into fourth place and had three laps to run to make ered flagboth days. When they ond place and Joe Patelli was a was first in class to take the Robby Woolworth was in fifth their race but only three of ended their first lap on Saturday long third lap. checkers, Nicolette Dunn took place. them would finish all their laps. it was Monte Tibbits in the lead, Fifth lap, final lap and Monte the silver medal, she was just ovy Fifth lap, final lap ended and When their first Saturday lap John Vaughan was second in and Tibbits came in for the checkered two minutes behind the leader Chris Taylor took another nice ended it was Gary Messer in the Joe Patelli was in the third spot. flag and the gold medal, John and Sheldon Paul was unable to win, Charles Anderson finished lead, Dana Dague was in second They finished their second lap Vaughan was second, he was 16 complete his final lap. in second place, Bob Pickering place and John Murray was in in the same order. minutes behind the leader and Sunday, Class 8 does it all over was third truck in Travis Boz-third place. Third lap ended, Monte Joe Patelli was out of the race. again, when the first lap con-zano finished fourth and Robby There were no position chang-,,;J..W..:i.....LJ.l.lii eluded it was Sheldon Paul once Woolworth finished two spots off the podium. Tabulating the overall lap times it was Chris Taylor taking the overall Class 7 win, Charles Anderson was second, some 15 minutes in arrears, Robby Woolworth came in third, Bob Pickering finished fourth and Travis Bazzano was the fifth place finisher. Class 7S had four laps to run for their race, there were only three of them entered and only one would make it to the check-ers both days. When their first lap ended on Saturday it was Ja-son Hutter in the lead, Danielle Corbin finished in second place and Duane Evans was nowhere to be seen. Russ Hardy led one lap on Saturday, led all the way on Sunday and took home the Class 15 gold medal, seen here nicely airborne. It was a nice Class 13 overall win for Corey Torres, he had almost four minutes in hand when the checkered flag flew. It was a third place finish each day in Class 9 for Cody Rash, Cory Vandemark finished in third place both days in the Stock Bug Jerry Stewart finished sixth in Class 15 on Saturday, finished third overall for the weekend, he's seen here flyin' high. Class, that gave him a bronze medalfinish in the Stock Bug event. third on Sunday and was third place in the overall picture. Page 26 April 2009 Dusty Times .,

Page 27

In the Class 13 fracas, Femie Padilla finished fifth on Saturday, Thomas Byma finished third overall in the Class 1450 battle, he Corey Goin finished ninth on Saturday in the Class ½-1600 finished third on Sunday and was third overall for the weekend. was seventh on Saturday, third on Sunday, see here sans hood. race, fifth place on Sunday, that gave him a sixth overall finish. again showing the way, Nicolette-Braun led the pack, Bob Dziu-There were no position chang-finished in the fourth spot and Jared Blitz took the bronze, Dunn was a minute and a half rawiec was now in second place, es on their fourth or fifth laps Kevin Streety took home fifth Chester Williams finished first behind in the leader, in second just seconds out of the lead, so when the checkers flew it was place honors,. off the podium and Kevin Streety spot and Dean Schlingmann ran Jared Blitz remained in the third Clint Braun taking the class win, When all was said and done it was fifth in the overall standings. in third place. spot, Chester Williams was now Bob Dziurawiec finished second was Clint Braun taking the over-Next up were the Class 11 There were some changes in in fourth place and Kevin Streety on the podium, Jared Blitz ran all Class 18 Champ Car win, Bob troops, they had to run three lap times but for the next three ran in fifth place. in third place, Chester Williams Dziurawiec took the silver medal, laps there were no position changes. Fifth lap, final lap and when they came around for the check-ers if was Sheldon Paul taking the Class 8 win, three minutes later Nicolette Dunn came in for a second place finish and Dean Schlingmann was the third place finisher. When the scoring crew final-ized the lap times it was Nicolette Dunn taking the overall Class 8 win, Dean Schlingmann finished second overall, he was 17 seconds out of the win and Sheldon Paul took third place honors. Stock Full only had one en-trant, Steve Schwab, five laps to make a race. Steve made three laps on Saturday in the 19 minute range and then disappeared from the race. On Sunday, he never started and that was the end of the Stock Full competition. There were 10 cars entered in the Champ Car competition but here too, only five of them would complete the race. They had four laps to run and when they came around at the end of their first lap it was Clint Braun in the lead, Bob Dziurawiec was a mere five seconds in arrears in the second spot, Chester Wil-liams was right there in third place, Jared Blitz ran fourth and Kevin Streety was in fifth place. At the end of their second lap, Bob Dziurawiec had moved into the lead, Clint Braun had dropped to a close second place, Chester Williams ran in third place, Jared Blitz was fourth and Kevin Streety remained in the fifth spot. Third lap, at the line it was now Chester Williams leading the Champ Car class, Clint Braun remained in second place, Bob Dziurawiec had dropped to the third spot, Kevin Streety moved up into fourth place and Jared Blitz dropped to fifth place. Things kept moving around on their final Saturday lap, at the checkers it was Clint Braun tak-ing the win, Bob Dziurawiec was four seconds behind in second place, Chester Williams finished in third place, Jared Blitz fin-ished fourth and Kevin Streety was the fifth place finisher. Sunday's four laps started out with Bob Dziurawiec leading their first lap, Clint Braun was second, he was a minute and change in arrears, Jared Blitz ran in third place, Kevin Streety ran fourth and Chester Williams was in the fifth spot. Second lap ended and Clint Dusty Times Aprll 2009 Page 27

Page 28

Rick Moran finished in fourth place on Saturday, fifth place finish It was a first off the podium overall finish for Kelli Suiter, John Houlton finished ninth and fourth in the Class 13 races, he Sunday, that gave him fourth overall in Class 9 for the weekend. the result of two fourth place finishes in the Class 15 races. finished fourth overall on time, seen here headin ' for the checkers. laps for their race, there were an even dozen cars entered and five of them would make it all the way on Saturday and Sunday. When they ended their first lap on Saturday it was Felipe Sanchez in Page 28 the class lead, Cory Vandemark was in the second spot, he was a minute and change out of-the lead, Bob Johnson ran in third place, Mark Murrell was fourth and Jerry Ornellas finished fifth. Dry Break Tow,er • 100 Gallon, Capacity • Single or J>ouble Dry.Break •EZSetUp A.,.,,t,~Otl♦• •Dnmp~ans • Jfos& ·· • Redu,~1'$ Helmets & Blowers • Forced Air Snell SA 2005 Helmets • G-Force • Pyrotec • Arai • Wired for Communication Kool Air Blowers • 105, 135, 150 & 235 CFMRatings • Filters & Hoses also available There were no position chang-es on their second lap. Third lap, last Saturday lap, Felipe Sanchez was first in, he picked up a five minute time penalty along the way, Bob John-son was in second place, Cory Vandemark ran in third place, Mark Murrell was fourth and Jerry Ornellas was in fifth spot. Sunday's three lap race saw Felipe Sanchez leading the pack, CoJlffll1late•il~n Sy$ttas • Vertex 5 to 110 Watt Radio Systems • :Hi-Fi Interoom Syste~s • Ohase &Raoe "fa'tk~es •·• Stattonl'a()kages 1,, ... 1111· · " 4,f l/2 ~-~~&Ja()ity ;», • SCORE I Bllfl1/l'll ApJrqve4 • l.aper.ed ,Desig'n frovt.des In~ Groim~:Cl~oe & lfaxiialii,l! Usable "1,el J 8.AEB'lf & COMM1JNICAfION8 SOllllCB atlands Avenue, Suite K • Santee, CA 92071 · • Fax 619-258~0883 · April 2009 Bob Johnson ran in the second spot, Cory Vandemark held on in third place, Jerry Ornellas was fourth in and Mark Murrell was running fifth. Second lap and Felipe San-chez still held the class lead, Bob Johnson remained in the second spot, Jerry Ornellas ran in third place, Cory Vandemark dropped a spot into fourth and Mark Mur-rell remained in fifth place. Third lap, last lap, and Felipe Sanchez made it look easy as he took the checkered flag, Bob Johnson finished second, he was 61 seconds behind the leader, Cory Vandemark took third place honors, Jerry Ornellas was first off the podium and Mark Murrell finished in fifth place. Class 15 was next, a conglom-eration of cars from different classes, they had three laps to run, there were 26 of them en-tered and 34% of them would make it all the way. When they finished their first lap on Satur-day it was Louis Semia and Jer-emy Sundt in a tie for first place, Russ Hardy was third across the line, Jerry Stewart ran fourth, Kelly Suiter was in fifth place and Alex Pate ran sixth. Second lap ended and guess -i what? Semia and Sundt were still running identical 1 ap times, tied for first place, Russ Hardy still ran in third place, just seconds out of the lead, Jerry Stewart held on in fourth, Kelly Suiter was fifth and Alex Pate still ran sixth. Their third lap ended and Russ Hardy ran in first place, Jeremy Sundt was running second, Louis Semia was running in third place, Kelly Suiter was in fourth place, Alex Pate was now fifth and Jerry Stewart finished sixth. Sunday's three lap affair saw Russ Hardy leading the class, Louis Semia was second, Jeremy Sundt ran in third place, Jerry Stewart was fourth, Alex Pate ran fifth and Kelly Suiter was in sixth place. Second lap ended and Russ Hardy still led the class, Louis Semia held on in second, Jeremy Sundt ran third, Jerry Stewart was in fourth spot, Kelly Suiter was fifth and Alex Pate was in sixth place. Final Sunday lap and Russ Hardy came in for the checkered flag, Louis Semia was a couple of minutes back in second place, Jerry Stewart was third, Kelly Suiter was fourth to finish, Jere-my Sundt finished fifth and Alex Pate was the sixth place finisher. Combining the two day's lap times, it was Russ Hardy taking the Class 15 overall win, Louis Semia took the silver medal, Jerry Stewart finished third overall, Kelly Suiter finished fourth, Jer-emy Sundt took fifth and Alex Pate was the sixth place finisher. Dusty Times

Page 29

Kenny Walker took a fourth and a seventh place finish in Class It was a second and a fifth place finish in Class 15 for The sixth place overall finisher in Class 13 was Justin Munyon, 1450, he finished fourth overall, seen here with power on. Jeremy Sundt, he finished fifth overall for the weekend. he had a sixth and seventh place finish in his two races. Tracy Fuller finished eighth and sixth in the Class 13 heat races, ended up with a seventh overall finish for the weekend. It was a fifth overall finish for Chris Freas in Class 1450, eighth and fourth in the races, seen here ready for landing. Sergi Maffei took a fifth and a sixth place finish in the two heats, that gave him a fifth place overall finish in Class ½-1600. The 1300s were next, there were 29 cars entered but only nine of them would see the checkered both days. They too had three laps to run and when they completed their first Satur-day lap it was Kenny Freeman showing the way, Briana Bradley was right there in second place, Corey Torres was in third place, Patrick Nirschi ran fourth and Fernie Padilla was fifth. J1,1stin Munyon was in sixth place, John Houlton ran seventh, Ashley Da-vis was eighth, Tracy Fuller was in ninth place, Beau Binkowski was in 10th place and Rick Rochell was in 11th spot. Second lap ended and Kenny Freeman was still leading the class, Briana Bradley was right there in second place, Corey Torres was in third place, Patrick N irschi was fourth, Fernie Padilla was still fifth and Justin Munyon remained sixth. Ashley Davis ran seventh, Tracy Fuller ran eighth, Rick Rochell was ninth, John Houlton was in 10th place and Beau Binkowski was in 11th place. · Third Saturday lap and when the checkers flew it was Kenny Freeman taking a really nice win, Corey Torres was the second car in Briana Bradley took the bronze medal, Patrick N irschi was fourth and Fernie Padilla finished fifth. Sixth place went to Justin Munyon, Ashley Davis came in seventh, Tracy Fuller was eighth, John Houlton was ninth, Rick Rochell was 10th in and Beau Binkowski finished in 11th place. Sunday's three lap event for Class 13 saw Corey Torres in the lead, Kenny Freeman was in second place, Patrick Nirschi was in third place, Fernie Padilla was fourth and John Houlton was in fifth place. Briana Bradley ran in sixth spot, Ashley Davis was seventh, Tracy Fuller ran eighth, Beau Binkowski was ninth, Justin Munyon ran in 10th place and Rick Rochell was 11th. Third Sunday lap ended and Corey Torres came in for the checkered flag, Patrick Nirschi was right there in second place, Dusty Times Jonathan Libby was the overall winner in Class 1450, he led every lap and was certainly one of the high flyers of the weekend. Fernie Padilla finished third, Libby took a very nice win, Dan John Houlton was first off the Vance was right there in the sec-podium and Ashley Davis fin-ond spot, Eric Ludian finished ished fifth. In sixth place was third, Kenny Walker was fourth Tracy Fuller, Justin Munyon and Mike Koenig was fifth in. finished seventh, Rick Rochell Sixth place went to Geoff Fal-was eighth and Beau Binkowski zone, Tom Byma was lucky sev-came in ninth. Kenny Freeman enth, Chris Freas finished eighth, and Briana Bradley failed to fin-Jim Borden came in ninth, Adam ish their last lap. Filbin was 10th and Greg Flores Last class to race was Class finished in 11th place. 1450, there were 51 of them At the end of the first lap on entered and 41 % of them would Sunday, Jonathan Libby led the make it their six required laps. class, Dan Vance was right there When Saturday's first lap ended in second place, Adam Filbin ran it was Jonathan Libby in the lead third, Mike Koenig ran fourth Dan Vance was in second place, and Tom Byma was fifth in. In Kenny2107-2 Walker ran third, sixth place was Eric Ludian, Eric Ludian was in fourth place Chris Freas was seventh, Kenny and Tom Byma was in fifth spot. Walker ran eighth, Greg Flores Mike Koenig was in sixth place, was ninth, Jim Borden was in Geoff Falzone ran seventh, Greg 10th place and Geoff Falzone Flores was eighth, Jim Borden was 11th. was in ninth place, Chris Freas Second lap ended and Jona-was 10th in and Adam Filbin than Libby still led the class, came in 11th. Dan Vance was a minute behind At the end of their second in second place, Tom Byma was lap it was still Jonathan Libby up to third place, Eric Ludian showing the way, Dan Vance still ran fourth and Adam Filbin had ran second, a minute and change dropped to fifth. Chris Freas was behind the leader, Kenny Walker in sixth place, Kenny Walker was hung on in third place, Eric Ludi-up to seventh place, Jim Borden an was fourth and Mike Koenig was eighth, Greg Flores remained was in fifth place. In sixth was ninth, Mike Koenig dropped to Geoff Falzone, Tom Byma was 10th place and Geoff Falzone was lucky seventh, Greg Flores ran in 11th place. eighth, Chris Freas was in ninth Third lap, final Sunday lap place, Jim Borden ran 10th and and Jonathan Libby took the Adam Filbin was in 11th place. checkered flag for the win, Dan Last Saturday lap, Jonathan Vance was second, some 70 April 2009 Robby Woolworth flew his Ford pickup to a second place finish on Saturday in Class 7, he was fifth on Sunday, third overall for the weekend. seconds behind the leader, Tom finished 10th and Geoff Falzone Byma came in third, Chris Freas was-the 11th place finisher. was fourth in and Adam Filbin Whew, that's a lot of wri-was fifth. In sixth place was Jim tin', but it was worth it, to see Borden, Kenny Walker remained SNORE have that absolutely in seventh, Mike Koenig finished great entry and decent weather eighth, Greg Flores was ninth, to go with it was well worth the Eric Ludian came in 10th and price of admission. Next on the Geoff Falzone was the 11th fin-agenda is the Mint 400. I hooe isher. to see ya all there. 6 Add up the lap times for both days and we had Jonathan Libby tak-ing the over-a 11 Class 1450 win, Dan Vance took sec-ond place, Tom Byma finished third, Ken-ny Walker was fourth and Chris Freas came in fifth overall. Eric Ludian was sixth, Mike Koenig fin-ished sev-enth, Adam Filbin was eighth, Jim Borden was ninth in, • Greg Flores San Diego Et Cajon 791S-Bal)oa Ave.. 425 N. ....,_.. Ave. 858.565.7792 619.442.8689 Escondido Temecula 2645 Auto Park Way 28901 Jel'fersoh Ave.,e 760.7~.3193 951.326.2880 El Centro "2298 MerriD Center Dr 760.404.9019 vvvv\N.offr oadw.arehouse corr, Page 29

Page 30

Class 1 And overall Ga Ta Schreiner By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Trackside Photo It was a great race for Bob Schreiner, he averaged about 50mph and he beat his competition by 12 minutes. The MORE season opener took place just outside of beautiful, downtown Barstow on January 24th and a total of 7 5 eager racers were on hand for the festivities. Unfor-tunately, only 48 of them got to see the checkered flag. First off the starting grid were the Class 1 cars, there were nine of them entered and four of them would complete their six required laps. At the end of their first lap it was Sean Dunn showing the way, Bob Schreiner was second, he was three and a half minutes in arrears, Jim Ward was third, he was 19 seconds out of second place, Rick Volpe was in fourth place and Jeff Nutter ran in fifth place. Brian Byfield was in sixth place and Travis Chase was running in seventh spot. Chase was entered in both the Class 1 race and in the 1/2-1600 class. Scott Buch-witz and George Pondella failed to complete their first lap. When their second lap ended it was still Sean Dunn leading the group, Bob Schreiner still ran in second place, he was less than two minutes out of the lead, Rich Volpe came along some six minutes later in third place, Jim Ward dropped a spot into fourth place and Travis Chase ran in fifth place. Jeff Nut-ter and Brian Byfield were on their respective trailers. Third lap ended, halfway through their race and Bob Schreiner had taken over the class lead, Rich Volpe had moved up into second place, Jim Ward was now in the third spot and Travis Chase was now running fourth. Sean Dunn was out of the race, cause unknown. There were no position chances in the next three laps, so when they came in for the checkered flag in was Bob Schreiner taking a nice win, Rich Volpe was second car in, he was about 11 minutes behind the class leader, Jim Ward finished in the third spot, a long second and last lap had him more than an hour down from the class leader Wendell Mortensen literally flew to the victory in the Trophy Challenge, he had a bit over five minutes in his competition at the flag. and Travis Chase's extremely long on time, a rare occurrence nowa-first lap relegated him to a fourth days. Pepper Cote remained in the place finish,. fourth spot and Reed Chicas still There were five entered in the ran fifth, Trophy Challenge and fully four of Their fifth and final lap came to them would make it through all five an end and Wendell Mortensen was required laps. At the end of their there to take a very nice win, Bob first lap it was Jim Kalp showing Jordan collected the silver medal, he the way, Wendell Mortensen ran was five minutes behind the leader, in second place, he was 47 seconds Jim Kalp finished in third place, he behind the leader, Bob Jordan was was less than two minutes behind in third place, he was another four the second place finisher and Pep-minutes back, Pepper Cote ran in per Cote was first finisher off the the fourth spot and Reed Chicas podium, fourth place. Reed Chicas was in fifth place. was unable to complete his final lap. Their second lap ended and Renae Brunning was all alone in Wendell Mortensen had taken over class, got all six required laps in, had the lead spot, Jim Kalp had dropped some troubles on the fifth lap but to second place, he was less than recovered and took the checkered two minutes in arrears, Bob Jordan flag for the win. held on in third place, Pepper Cote There were four entered in the remained in the fourth spot and Ultra Truck class, two of them Reed Chicas was still in fifth place. would make it to the checkered At the end of the third lap Wen- flag. At the end of their first lap dell Mortensen still led the class. it was Tim Scott leading the class, Bob Jordan had moved up into Mike Hobbs ran in second place, second place, he was 10 minutes he was seven minutes behind the behind the leader, Jim Kalp was in leader, Shawn Walters ran in the third place, he was a minute out of third spot, another four minutes second place, Pepper Cote remained back and Dennis Gerdes failed to in fourth place and Reed Chicas complete his first lap. remained in fifth place. Second lap ended and Shawn Fourth lap came to an end and Walters now was the class leader, Wendell Mortensen was still the Mike Hobbs was in second place, class leader, Bob Jordan and Jim he was well behind the leader with Kalp were tied for the second spot a two and a quarter hour lap and Tim Scott was now in third place, thanks to an almost three hour lap. At the end of their third lap it was still Shawn Walters in the lead, Mike Hobbs remained in second place and Tim Scott had disap-peared from the fray. When the checkers flew at the end of their fourth lap it was Shawn Walters taking a nice win, Mike Hobbs was a long second place fin-ish and that's all there was. Renae Brunning had it all her own way at the Kartek Duel 200, she's Shawn Walters had a nice win, he took the Ultra Truck Class win with Next up were the Class 5 cars, there were six of them entered and five of them would see the check-ered flag. They had six laps to race for a finish and when they came around at the end of their first lap it was Nicole Garavito leading the class. Scott Wagstaff was in second place, he was just a minute and seen here heading for the wonderful checkered flag. over an hour in hand, he's seen here headin' for the finish . ................. -...... .....,,.,..........., __ Not too bad a day for Rich Volpe, he drove the quite large car Bob Jordan sped across the desert to take the silver medal Mike Hobbs had a disastrous second lap but he persevered to a second place finish in Class 1, seen here saving tire wear. in the Trophy Challenge, he's seen here headin'for the flag. and ended up taking the silver medal in the Ultra Truck class. Page 30 -Aprll 2009 Dusty Times

Page 31

bronze medal for his efforts. Class 7 A had four entries and three of them would make it to the checkered flag. They had five laps to run for their race and when they came around at the end of their first lap it was Robbie Cockrell showing the way, Jim Bolinas was in second place, four minutes back, Perry Fleming ran in third place, he was having all sorts of trouble and Andrew Becerra was fourth after a horribly long lap. Nicole Garavito led the Class 5 group from start to finish, this is why, she flies the car instead of driving it. It was a fairly easy win for Steve Patton in Class 5/1600, he's seen here on his way to victory at the Kartek 200 Duel. At the end of their second lap Robbie Cockrell still had the class lead, Jim Bolinas still held down sec-ond place, but he too had problems and was now almost an hour behind the leader, Perry Fleming remained in the third spot, he was more than an hour behind the leader and Andrew Becerra remained in the change behind the leader, Troy Final lap, as they came around Johnson was in third place, he was for the checkers it is Steve Patton less than a minute out of second taking the gold medal, Guy Savedra 10 minutes behind the leader and takes the silver, he was just under Gullermo Medina took home the Continued on next page place, Jim Varshay was in fourth place, Erik Earnest ran in fifth spot and Larry Antuna brought up the rear in sixth spot. Second lap ended and Nicole Garavito continued to lead the class, Troy Johnson moved up into second spot, he was about four minutes in arrears, Jim Varshay moved up a spot into third place, Erik Earnest was up into fourth place and Larry Antuna ran fifth Scott Wagstaff was out of the race. At the halfway point it was still Nlcole Garavito in the lead, Troy Johnson had moved up another spot into second place, he was seven minutes behind the leader, Erik Ear-nest was up another place into third, he was 30 some minutes behind the leader, Jim Varshay had dropped to fourth place and Larry Antuna was still running in the fifth spot. Fourth lap ends, guess what? Nicole Garavito continues to lead the class, Troy Johnson remains in the second spot, he now trails by 10 minutes, Jim Varshay is back into third place, he trails the leader by over half an hour, Erik Earnest drops to fourth place and Larry Antuna remains in fifth place. At the end of the fifth lap it is still Nicole Garavito in the class lead, Jim Varshay is back in second place, he is 22 minutes behind the leader, Troy Johnson is back in third place, he trails the leader by 28 minutes, Erik Earnest remains in fourth place and Larry Antuna still runs fifth. There were no position changes on the final lap, Nicole Garavito took a nice win, Jim Varshay took the silver medal and Troy Johnson was the bronze medal winner. Erik Earnest finished first off the podium and Larry Antuna was the fifth and final finisher in the class. There were three entrants in Class 5/ 1600 and all of them made it to the finish line. They had five laps to run for their race and when the dust cleared at the end of their first lap it was Steve Patton in the class lead, Guy Savedra was in sec-ond place, he had some troubles to slow him down and Gullermo Medina ran in the third spot. When their second lap ended it was Steve Patton leading the way, Guy Savedra was up to speed, he remained in second place and was 18 minutes behind the leader and Gullermo Medina was still running third. Their third lap saw no position changes, it was still Patton, Savedra and Medina, in that order. Fourth lap, Steve Patton remains the class leader, Guy Savedra, still second and Gullermo Medina still tail end Charlie. Dusty Times Hi Desert Charities oFF-ROA1>0#POKeR RUH April 25th & 26th - A Two Day Event ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HELP BARSTOW CHARITIES VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: Co-Sponsored By: BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT *POKERFUN* Two loops approximately 25 miles each, one for 4-wheel vehicles and one for motorcycles and ATV's. Families and groups may ride and drive motorcycles, ATVs and 4-wheel vehicles together on the same track after notification and approval of event officials. Twelve (12) Best poker hands from each day win prizes. You can enter Saturday, Sunday or both days as many times as you wish. Sign-up and go from 8:00 a.m. to Noon. MUST COMPLETE COURSE BY 1:30 p.m. Any type Off-Road Vehicle can enter; however, all California Off-Road Vehicles must have a "Green or Red Sticker". All off-road vehicles must have an approved spark arrester (exempt if equipped with a muffler). THIS LAW WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!! Helmets required for ATV & motorcycle riders. No riding double onATV's. $25.00 entry fee. Each rider/driver goes twice for single entry fee. New motorcycles must present registration at Tech Inspection if Green or Red Sticker is not available. FREE hats to the first 250 entries Saturday - 150 on Sunday. T-shirts, hats & sweatshirts available for purchase at the start/finish area. * SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER 4:00 p.m. - Slash X Ca/ e BBQ/Dinner Chicken, Ribs, Beans, Vegetable and Bread ~ $13.00 + tax per plate . ~ * FACILITIES AND CAMPING ~ Portable Johns, Trash Dumpster & Lots of Open Desert for Camping ~ Bring your own water and firewood. No Pallets, or wood with nails allowed in the desert per B.L.M. BURRTEC NO FIREWORKS BURRTEC WASTE INDUSTRIES, INC. RAFFLE WASTE INDUSTRIES, INC. Lots of PRIZES to be given away each day - 2:00 p.m. AWARDS Twelve (12) Best Hands from the Poker Run will win Prizes each day - 2:00 p.m. BBQ Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Refreshments available at the event site 10:00 a.m. --??? Rolls & Coffee • Ham, Bacon or Sausage & Eggs Breakfast Sandwich • Saturday morning - 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. Ham, Bacon or Sausage & Eggs Breakfast Sandwich • Sunday moring - 7 a.m. TO GET TO THIS EVENT Go 12 miles south of Barstow on Hwy 247 (Barstow to Slash X Cafe) For more information call the Slash X Cafe at (760) 2S2-1197 or Mal & Connie Wessel at (760) 2S2-3093 PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE April 2009 Page 31 -

Page 32

-It was a second place finish in Class 5 for Jim Varshay, he's Guy Savedra had a rocky start but he got it all together Bud Ward ran in second place all the way in the Class 9 seen here just at one of many takeoffs during the five hour run. and finished in the second spot in the Class 5/1600 race. conflict, he finished two minutes in arrears at race end. first lap ended it was Steve McMul-lin in the lead, Jeff Zember came along in the second spot, he was one minute in arrears and Mike McGee brought up the rear, he was six minutes behind the class leader. Second lap ended and Jeff Zem-ber now led the class, Mike McGee moved into the second spot, he was four minutes out of the lead and Steve McMullin dropped to third place. At the halfway point it was Jeff Zember still in the lead, Mike Mc-Gee was second, he was less than two minutes in arrears, and Steve McMullin had dropped off the scoring charts. Robbie Cockrell led all five laps in the Class 7A event, he had over two hours in hand when the checkers flew. Kevin Shane had a fun day, he drove his truck to a first place finish in Class BA, he's seen here at speed on the course. On their fourth there was no change in position, Zember held a slight edge on McGee. fourth spot. There were no position changes on their third and fourth laps, it remained Cockrell, Bolinas, Flem-ing and Becerra. Fifth lap, last lap ended and Robbie Cockrell took the class win, Perry Fleming moved into second place and took home the silver medal while Jim Bolinas took the bronze. Andrew Becerra finally threw in the towel, failing to complete his last lap. Kevin Shane was the only con-testant in Class BA, he ran his six required laps in good time and took home the gold medal for the class. There were 14 cars entered in the Class 9 race, eight of them would make their five required laps. When the first lap ended it was Cody Rash in the lead, Bud Ward ran in second place, he was 31 seconds out of first place, Kurt Davidson was in the third spot, he was two minutes be-hind the leader, Dave Bolles was in the fourth spot, he was four minutes behind the leader, Nate Himmel-rick ran in fifth place, he was one second out of fourth. Brian Caudill was the sixth place runner, Matt Creveling was lucky seventh place, Luke Babb held the eighth spot, Lorenzo Duarte was in ninth place, Beans Davidson ran 10th and Eric Ruble was in the 11th spot. Adonis Barela, Kathy Kirkmeyer and Drew Nieto were out of the race. Their second lap ended and Cod Rash continued to lead the class, Bud Ward remained in second spot, now five minutes behind the leader, Nate Himmelrick was now in the third sot, Dave Bolles dropped a spot into fourth place and Matt Creveling was running in fifth place. Kurt Davidson had dropped to sixth place, Lorenzo Duarte was up to seventh spot, Beans Davidson was now in eighth place and Luke Babb was running in ninth place. Brian Caudill and Eric Ruble were on their respective trailers. At the end of their third lap, no surprises, Cody Rash continued to lead, Bud Ward held on in the second spot, four minutes and change behind the leader, Dave Bolles was back in third place, Nate Himmelrick dropped to fourth and Matt Creveling remained in the fifth spot. Kurt Davidson still ran in sixth place, Beans Davidson ran seventh, Lorenzo Duarte dropped a spot into eighth place and Luke Babb held on in ninth. Fourth lap and the first five places remained the same, it was Rash, Ward, Bolles, Hlmmelrick and Creveling in that order. Beans Davidson was up a spot into sixth, Kurt Davidson was down a spot into seventh, Luke Babb was now eighth and Lorenzo Duarte was in ninth place At the end of their fifth and Cody Rash beat out 13 other cars to take the Class 9 win, he's seen here rushing along in his good looking car. final lap it was Cody Rash taking a nice win, Bud Ward took the sec-ond spot, he was just two minutes behind the class leader, Dave Bolles took the last spot on the podium, he was IO minutes behind the leader, Nate Himmelrick was the fourth place finisher and Matt Creveling rounded out the top five places. Beans Davidson was sixth car in, Luke Babb was seventh across the line and Lorenzo Duarte was the eighth and final finisher. Kurt Davidson was unable to finish his last lap. There were three entries in the Class 10 battle, two of them would see the checkered flag. When their On the fifth lap Mike McGee really turned it on and took the lead, JeffZember dropped to second place, he was now a minute and change out of first place. Sixth lap, final lap and when they came around for the checkers it was Mike McGee taking a hard fought win, Jeff Zember took the silver medal, he finished six minutes and change behind the leader. Class 11 had three entries, they had to complete three laps for their ,1 race and all three of them made it to the finish At the end of their first lap it was Ruis Galindo in the lead, Bill Swisher was in second place, he was six seconds in arrears and Bob It was a nice win in Class 10 for Mike McGee, he's seen here flying towards that sometimes elusive checkered flag. Jeff Zember led a few laps in the Class 1 0 race but he was It was a second place finish in Class 11 for Bill Swisher, when It was a second place finish in Class 78 for Hector Garcia Jr., in the second spot when the checkered flag flew. the checkered flag flew he was some seven minutes in arrears. he's seen here moving quite rapidly on his way to the finish. Page 32 Aprll 2009 Dusty Times

Page 33

11 Henderson ran in the third spot, he was the victim of many problems and was well off the pace. At the end of their second lap it was still Ruis Galindo in the lead, Bill Swisher remained in second place, he was now four minutes in arrears, and Bob Henderson was still plugging along. Third lap, last lap and it was Ruis Galindo taking the checkered flag, a nice win and Bill Swisher was the second car in, he was some seven minutes behind the leader. In third place was Bob Henderson, he was well over two hours in the hole. Class 7S was next up, there were four of them entered and three would find the finish line. They had six laps to run and at the end of their first lap it was Hector Garcia Jr. showing the way, Danny Savant was in second place, he was eight seconds behind the leader on time, David Sanchez was third and Tom Stewart was bringing up the rear. At the end of their second Ruis Galindo led the Class 11 contingent the entire way, he had seven minutes in hand when the checkers flew. lap Danny Savant had taken over There were no position changes the class lead, Hector Garcia had on the third lap. dropped to second spot, David Fourth lap ended and Danny Sanchez remained in third place Savant still held the lead, Hector and Tom Stewart was still last in Garcia Jr. still ran in second place, the class. he was 12 minutes behind the leader Danny Savant led five of the six required laps in class to take a nice win, he had 11 minutes in hand when the checkers flew. and David Sanchez remained in third place, he was another 13 min-utes back. Tom Stewart decided to call it a day and was on his trailer. There were no position changes during the last two laps, Danny Savant took a nice win, Hector Garcia Jr. took the silver medal and David Sanchez was the bronze medal winner. Three trucks were entered in the Continued on next page It couldn't get much closer, Kevin Denault took second place Jim Ward had a couple of slow laps to hinder him but he did JimKalpmakesanothernicelandingonhis way to a third place finish in honors in Class ½-1600, he was a mere 3 seconds out of the win. manage a third place finish in Class 1, seen here at touchdown. the Trophy Challenge battle, he was two minutes out of second place. -oate -MaY 1-2 -June 26-21 -TBD -Colorado Commercial Service, Inc. Dusty Times venue Wendover 200 Jackpot200 Ely 200 t ~ f · ' (}· ,,. \ -,;. ,t • I ... ' Wendover, N~ Jackpot, N~ Ely, N~ "Racers Promoting Racers" . . . . . .. • , ~-<C • ,•.;.c-. t-...... ----·, . B.O.R.E. Bon11eville Off-Road Racing Enterprises Entry Fees Pro Entry: $550 Sportsman Entry: $450 Fees include insurance and Land Use Fees For more information call: 970-963.4563 JIVWW.BORERACING.NET RAINBOW MONTEGOBAY 4WHEELERS 4X4 CENTER HOTEL ♦ CASINO CAS( NO ~ RESORT April 2009 Page 33 -

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-Troy Johnson garnered a third place finish in Class 5, he's It was a podium finish for Dave Bolles in Class 9, he was Bryan Meyers collected the third place trophy in Class ½-1600, seen here at high speed heading for the checkered flag. eight minutes out of second place when he took the checkers. he's seen here in the rough stuff heading for the finish line. Class SB race, they too had to run six laps for their race but only one of them would make it all the way. At the end of their first lap it was Ryan Desauteles leading the way, Allen Byma followed along in sec-ond place, he was rwo minutes and change behind the leader and Mike Sears never completed his first lap. Second lap ended, Ryan Desau-teles continued to lead, Allen Byma held on in second spot, he was now six minutes behind the leader. Third lap came to an end and we now had Allen Byma in the lead, Ryan Desauteles had dropped into the second spot, he was about 50 seconds in arrears. When they came around at the end of their fourth lap it was De-sauteles back in the first position, Byma was now some 17 minutes behind the leader. Fifth lap ended, Allen Byma came around but he was the only car left in class, Ryan Desauteles was nowhere to be seen. Allen Byma went on to complete his sixth lap and he was the gold medal winner for the class. In the Class SC event, there were three entered, they had three laps to run for their race but disaster would strike rwo of them, making it a one truck finish also. When their first lap ended it was Bryant Leyton in the lead, Perry Coan ran in second place, he was 55 seconds out of the class lead and Tim Jeffus held down third place after a horrendously long lap. When the second lap came to an end it was Perry Coan in the lead position, his competition, Leyton and Jeffus were out of the race. Perry ran his final lap quickly and he was the happy winner of the class. The Class 1/2-1600 troops were all ready for their venture into the course, there were 10 of them entered and fully seven of them would make it all their six required laps. When their first lap ended it was Tom Craig showing the way, Kevin Denault was six seconds behind the leader, Brett Maurer ran in the third spot, Mike Childress was running fourth and Bryan Meyers ran in fifth place. Mike Ward ran in sixth place, Jeremy Lind-say was in the lucky seventh place, Allen Byma led three of the six required laps in Class 88, he took the win with ease, he's seen here haulin' freight. Keith Rogovin was in eighth place, tion changes, Keith Rogovin went Brian Logan ran ninth and Travis from eighth to seventh place, Travis Chase was in the 10th spot. Chase moved into ninth place and The second lap saw Kevin De- Brian Logan went from ninth to nault move into the lead position, eighth place. Jeremy Lindsay was Tom Craig dropped into the second off the scoring charts. spot, he was just a scant second in Fourth lap, Kevin Denault con-arrears, Brett Maurer remained in tinued to lead the class, Tom Craig third place, Mike Childress was remained in second place, he was a still in fourth and Bryan Meyers little more than hll-28-GGaralf a remained in the fifth spot. In sixth minute in arrears, Mike Childress place was Mike Ward, Jeremy Lind-was up a spot into third, Brett Mau-say remained in seventh, Keith Rog-rer dropped a spot to fourth place ovin ran eighth, Brian Logan was and Bryan Meyers held on in fifth. ninth and Travis Chase remained Mike Ward held on in the sixth in the 10th spot. spot, Keith Rogovin ran seventh and Their third lap ended and for Travis Chase was in eighth place. the most part, there were no posi- Brian Logan was out of the race. It was an easy win for Perry Coan, he took the JeepSpeed win with ease, he's seen here with the hammer down. Fifth lap, next to last lap and second place honors, he was a mere Kevin Denault was still leading the three seconds out of the win, Bryan group, Tom Craig was still in second Meyers finished in third place, place, he was holding on about 40 Mike Ward finished first off the seconds behind the leader, Mike podium in fourth place and Keith Childress ran in the third spot, Rogovin was the fifth place finisher, Bryan Meyers was up a spot into he moved up rwo spots on the final fourth place and Mike Ward moved lap. Brett Maurer had to settle for a up into the fifth place position. sixth place finish and Travis Chase Brett Maurer dropped to sixth place was the seventh and final finisher. with some mechanical ailments. Mike Childress failed to complete Keith Rogovin was cemented in his last lap. seventh and Travis Chase remained And so it ended, most everyone . in the eighth spot. had a good time, the racin' was fast' Sixth lap, final lap and, surprise! and furious and all are anxiously Tom Craig turned his fastest lap of awaiting the next M.O.R.E. race in the race and it gave him the 1/2- late March, that race also in Bar-1600 win!!! Kevin Denault took stow. See ya there! !!!~Q~E. It was a close one in Class ½-1600, Tom Craig took the win but it A very long first lap didn't help Perry Fleming,he got it all together and then was ever close, 3 seconds after 4 ½ hours of racing. went on to take a second place finish in Class 7A. ' ... Travis Chase entered Class 1 and Class ½-1600, he had a Mike Ward had to settle for a fourth place finish in Class Nate Himmelrick just missed by a little bit, he took fourth first off the podium finish in 1600, he's seen here at speed. ½-1600, he's seen here at speed in his good looking buggy. place honors in Class 9, seen here coming out of a left hander. Page 34 April 2009 Dusty Times 7

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ftQ_Q.4-. WILD WASH 250 Pondella Takes overall By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Track.side Photo It was a class win for Terry Wyrembeck, he covered his five required laps in five hours and change, seen here at speed. disappeared on his fifth lap. them entered, but not one No winners in this class. of them would finish the The Class 1200 group race. At the end of their also had two entrants, they first lap it was Jason Pellan-had five laps to run to make da leading the class, Daniel their race and fully half of Powrozmik ran in second them made it to the check-place, Shannon Harwell ered flag. At the end of was in the third spot and their first lap it was Terry Catheryn Cervantes failed Wyrembeck leading the way, to start the race. Terry Ingold ran second, he When their second lap was four minutes in arrears. ended it was Jason Pellanda, At the end of their second running all alone, Shannon lap Terry Wyrembeck still Harwell and Daniel Powro-was the leader, Terry Ingold zmik were out of the race. remained in second place, Unfortunately, Jason Pel-he was now 10 minutes be-landa was unable to com-It was an easy win in Class 1 for George Pondel/a, he averaged forty one miles per hour for his 250 miles. hind the leader. plete his third lap. It was cold, it was rainy, and, of course it was windy, the course was downright muddy in lots of spots due to the torrential rains the night before and it made for a long, cold, muddy race day. It was the "A" course at Barstow, running clockwise. A lap was 42 miles long, there were 12 road crossings and there were three check-points and miles and miles of muck and mud. There was a close gather-ing of friends and relatives at the MDR Wild Wash 250, we believe the adverse weather had a lot to do with it. First off the line was the Class 1 truck of George Pon-della. He was all alone in class and he motored around through the weather to take the gold medal. There was one Class 5 entry, Brad Timms, but he did not start. There were two trucks en-tered in the Class 700 race, they had six laps to run for Greg Sunds lets it all hang out as he flies to victory, he had half an hour on his competition when the checkers flew. Brian Roberts (foreground) took the win in the Trophy Light Class, he's seen here just at landing before an interested spectator. Dusty Times their race but, alas, neither one of them would see the checkered flag. At the end of their first lap it was Stu-art Gildred leading the way, Kevin Robert Siegel was some 19 minutes in arrears. When the second lap ended it was Stuart Gildred in the lead but he had no competition, Siegel had disappeared. Stuart Gildred ran Laps 3 and 4 speedily but he too Third lap ended, Terry Class 1400 was up next, Wyrembeck was the leader there were four of them en-and Terry Ingold had dis-tered, they had give laps to appeared from the scoring go for their race and here chart, problem unknown. too, not one of them would Terry Wyrembeck went see the checkered flag. At on to complete the balance the end of their first lap it of the race and he finished was Nathan Strong leading his five required laps in five the class, Tyler Scott was and a quarter hours, taking in second place, he was the checkers and the gold some 17 minutes behind medal. the leader and Tyler Fain Next up were the Sports-was bringing up the rear. man, there were four of Continued on page 37 ~w,~-o/tn~?J (3 ~LDl7. Home Of The Race Auto • .. a • Race car I Pre Runner I sand car 818-998-2739 9763VARIELAVENUE, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 April 2009 Iii 9 S' UI • Page 35 -

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George Rosenbaum did not start the race. Second lap ended, Tyler Scott had moved into the class lead, Tyler Fain had dropped to second place, he was two minutes and change in arrears. Nathan Strong was on his trailer, cause unknown. Third lap ended and Tyler Fain was running all alone, Tyler Scott had also disap-peared from the race. Tyler Fain was some 20 minutes slower on his fourth lap but he was still running. Fifth lap, Tyler Fain was gone from the race, un-known problems the cause. There were 15 trucks entered in the Pro Pre-Runner class, but a bunch of them failed to start the race but attrition here too Stuart Gildred was doing so well, he made four of his six required laps, Mark Slater was just a tick off the winning pace in Class 1400, he never completed his fifth lap, ailment unknown. took home the silver medal, seen here at liftoff. was a problem, only four of Vernola in the lead, Kelly Greg Sunds was in the third Fertal had a very loooong the trucks would take the Essenwanger ran in the spot, Mark Slater ran fourth first lap and Garrick Frei-checkered flag. At the end second spot, less than two and Jeremy Deakins finished tas failed to complete his of their first lap it was Frank minutes behind the leader, the lap in fifth place. Daniel first lap. Entered, but not ...---------------------....;;______ ..------------------------------, starting the race were: Andy It was a tough day for Jim Sizelove, ½-1600, he had troubles on his fifth lap and was not able to complete his sixth and final lap. Dusty Times Jeremy Deakins finished first off the podium, a horrendously long fourth lap did him in, he's seen here at speed on the course. April 2009 TTBEADLOCK SIMULATED B,L. VW'BEADLOCK Bartucca, Josh Pfohlman, Benden Alivio, Ryan Dowe, Dan Tyson, Bob Picker-ing, Stephen Ruppellee and Court Legare. At the end of their second lap it was still Frank Vernola leading the way, Greg Sunds ran in second place, he was some seven minutes behind the leader, Mark Slater was in third place, Jeremy Dea-kins was fourth and Kelly Essenwanger was in fifth place. Daniel Fertal was out of the race. Third lap came to an end, Frank Vernola still had the class lead, Greg Sunds was C.■ti■■ttl 1n ,111 47 Page 37

Page 38

5NO * DRIFT PERFORMANCE RALLY Pastrana Picks Up Where 2008 Left Off By Jerry Winker Photos: Tom Buchkoe Bryan Pepp and Jerry Stang took the Super Production win in their Subaru WRX, seen here churnin' up the white stuff. LSPR last October were also back in their older Subaru lmprezas. The Production GT class has morphed into the new Super Pro-duction class. By Rally-America coming up with more cost-effective solutions for drivers that have both Subaru WRX's and Mitsubishi EVos, more aftermarket parts can be used in this class, thus creating a more affordable solution. Right away at event number one this will be the class to watch this year. Dave Mirra is expected to be running in this class for the remainder of Travis Pastrana/Christian Edstrom were the big winners in Open Class as well as taking the overall win, here their Subaru lmpreza WRX STi. the events this year under Subaru Team USA. Other drivers in this class at this inaugural event in-For the past three years of Rally-America competition Travis Pastrana has been the guy to beat. The National Champion for three years running continued on with his winning ways by winning the first event of the season held out of Atlanta, Michigan, about three hours due north of Detroit. Last year as you may recall, Pastrana hit a deer at speed while leading with just over a stage to go. Antoine L'Estage became the winner in Li-bra Racing's tested yet true Hyun-dai Tiburon. That car was back this year with Tanner Foust at the helm and try as he might Foust wasn't able to reel in the factory-backed Subaru lmpreza WRX STi. Past Sno•Drift winner Andrew Comrie-Picard, a/k/ a ACP, was third in his Mitsubishi Evo 9RS making for -three different manufacturers on and Noel Lawler in the past, is prep-eluded Matthew Johnson, Piotr the final podium. ping the car. For this event Foust Wiktorczyk, Bryan Pepp, Jaroslaw Team Subaru USA was going to was in the older Hyundai Tiburon. Sozanski and Pat Moro, all who be the one to beat again the year Mitsubishi Evos are coming back in were standouts in the old PGT right off the bat. Pastrana was fresh force this year after the sport has class last year. off his third championship and his been dominated heavily by Subaru. The old Group 5 and Group teammate Ken Block took second Andrew Comrie-Picard and Bill 2 championships have been com-in last year's point's chase. Pastra- Bacon came down from Canada bined into a Two Wheel Drive na's Red Bull sponsored car started and Polish driver Andi Mancin kept championship. The only entrants first on the road with Block's his car in the U.S. after last year's in the national class were Kyle Monster sponsored car starting in Lake Superior Performance Rally. A Sarasin who rented an Eagle Talon third. Wedged between them was few other dark horses loomed just two days before the event, Chris Tanner Foust's Rockstar Tiburon behind this bunch. Dave Mirra, the Greenhouse in his Dodge Neon, who always runs a smooth and winningest X-games star, was back Dillon Van Way in a Ford Focus steady race in snow events. Foust is in his Subaru WRX after being out and Paul Donlin in a Ford Escort. going to have a new Mitsubishi Evo the second half of last year's cham-At the finish of Stage 1 Block X for the second round of the Rally- pionship. Mirra has Pastrana's co-nipped Pastrana by 2.8 seconds America championship in February driver from last year, Derek Ringer, with Bacon, Foust and ACP all at 100-Acre Wood. Libra Racing, sitting in the passenger side to within ten seconds of each other. who has won championships for the help bring him up to speed. Henry On the next stage Pastrana moved likes of]ohn Buffum, Carl Merrill, Krolikowski and Bob Olson who past Block and Foust made his Paul Choiniere, Antoine L'Estage had some impressive stage times at move on Bacon. Matthew Johnson .----,;:__ _____ ....;_ ___ ___;; _______ __, held the top spot in Super Produc-tion on the first two stages, but on Stage 3 Piotr Wiktorczyk blasted past both Johnson and Pat Moro to move up three overall spaces in the standings. By the mid-evening break after Stage 4 Pastrana held an 11.8 second lead over team-mate Block with Tanner Foust another 4.2 seconds back. ACP had just moved past Bacon for fourth, however, both were over a minute and 15 seconds behind the lead three. ACP was reported as having a badly slipping clutch. Andi Mancin held down sixth with Wiktorczyk dominating the SP class by over five minutes after Johnson stuffed his car and Moro retired with heavy damage to the front of his. The Subarus of Henry Krolikowski and Dave Mirra and the Mitsubishi Evo 9 of Arkadiusz Gruszka rounded out the top ten. On Stage 5 the standings changed in a big way after Ken Block had a major off damaging his car heavily and forcing him to retire on the next stage. This moved both Foust and Bacon up a spot behind Pastrana. Piotr Wiktorczyk stuffed his SP leading" entry into a bank. After his off that placed Bryan Pepp, running in ninth overall, in the Super Pro-duction class lead by over five and a half minutes. At the end of the evening Pastrana held the lead by 51 sec-onds over Foust with Bacon back Widening the course a bit, Jaros/aw Sozanski and Bartosz Ken Block and Alessandro Gelsomino had an off course Third Open, third overall, Andrew Comrie/Picard and Marc Goldfarb Sawicki drove their Subaru lmpreza WRX to a third place excursion on Stage 5, forced to retire their Subaru lmpreza drove their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9RS through the weather. finish in Super Production. WRX STi on the 6th Stage. Page 38 April 2009 Dusty Times J

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Dave Mirra/Derek Ringer were sixth place finishers in Open Andi Mancin and Maciej Wislawski finished fourth in the Class, they're seen here slidin' in their Subaru lmpreza WRX STi. Open Class, seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer Eva. another 2.43. The Mitsubishis of almost no time in an unfamiliar being stuck in a snowbank early ACP and Mancin were in fourth car and had moved into tenth on during Day 1 was Bob Olson. and fifth. Dave Mirra moved overall when he started having Olson went for broke on the final into sixth by less than a second intermittent alternator problems. stage of the event and set the fast-over Krolikowski. Gruszka was Chris Greenhouse grabbed the est stage time. now eighth, Pepp in ninth and lead and eventually the classes The rally in the 100-Acre Wood newcomer Mark Fox in an older win, however, on the final stage in Missouri was next on the sched-Subaru Impreza in tenth. Sarasiri was determined to finish. ule at the end of February. As a On Day 2 Bacon, running in He drove with just his low beams brief recap, Ken Block was the third, was on a tear to the front and no rally lights just to make it to winner in his Subaru with Andrew and won three of the first five the end and take a second in class. Comrie-Picard taking second 43.1 stages. Unfortunately for him, This was a most impressive run for seconds back and Tanner Foust Pastrana was right on his heels for a 19 year old kid who came in third debuted the new Rockstar Mitsubi-stage times and after Stage 13 the overall in the points championship shi Evo X finishing back another difference was still 3:24 between last year on a limited budget with 15.5 seconds. Bill Bacon and Andi them with Foust taking the top a tired Subaru Impreza. Coming Mancin were fourth and fifth. Mat-times on Stages 11 and 12. back into a two wheel drive car thew Johnson beat out Dave Mirra Patrick Moro and Mike Rossey were forced to retire their Subaru STi after inflicting heavy front end damage to the car. At the end of Stage 13 the posi-with almost NO test time and by three seconds for the Super tions were nearly the same as the running that fast will be a feat Production class win, and sixth previous night's end other than etched into many a memory after overall, on a very icy final stage the fact that Pepp fell from ninth the weekend. Thankfully he has an with Piotr Wiktorczyk less than to tenth. As his Super Production invite to the X games this year. He a minute back. Bob Olson was class lead was over six minutes at hopes to be in a full time ride by ninth and Travis Hanson was tenth the end of Friday he was just trying the west coast events in the spring. overall in his new Super Produc-to hold the top spot in the class. At the finish, Pastrana edged tion class Subaru. Travis Pastrana After Stage 13 Jaroslaw Sozanski out Foust by 1:49:9 with ACP unfortunately rolled out of the was less than four minutes behind another 5:21 back. Andi Mancin event early on but was uninjured. him and Piotr Wiktorczyk was gained ground on ACP near the Burak Tuglu was the Two-Wheel gaining ground on the pair. end, but still wound up in fourth Drive winner in his Ford Focus. A The 2Wheeldrive win went to the Chris Greenhouse Don DeRose duo, seen here charging through the dark in their 1995 Plymouth Neon. The positions remained the overall with Bacon behind him. grand total of 27 national entries same until Bacon made a miscue In sixth was Dave Mirra with were present; 11 of those were and spun his Evo into a bank on Henry Krolikowski close behind. Super Production class cars. SS 15. Luckily, Matthew Johnson, Arkadiusz Gruszka continued to · One note of interest in that who Bacon had freed from a bank get faster after competing primar-Ford is currently eyeing the sport the previous night, pulled him out. ily in regional events last year. His here in the U.S. At Sno*Drift rep-resentatives from Detroit were present and closely watching the proceedings. This wouldn't be on a scale of a WRC-type car, or even have Ford's factory backing, but possibly something where a car could be modified from a two wheel drive platform to a four wheel drive platform, much like what Libra racing did with the factory Hyundai effort in years past. A possible candidate might be the Fiesta Platform, which will be reappearing next year. At any rate, this is a very interesting prospect! The next two events of the season are the Olympus Rally in Olympia, Washington on April 18-19 and the Oregon Trail Rally out of Portland, OR on May 15-17. Both of these events could boast large fields and the return of Carl J ardevall and possibly even Patrick Richard. It's nice to know that in a dwindling economy that the sport of rallying continues to grow in interest in the U.S. Sadly, Bacon lost two spots after a eighth place here was a career best. phenomenal run. Both ACP and In ninth Bryan Pepp drove smooth Mancin moved up to third and and steady in a snowbank-filled fourth respectively. Super Production contest. He In the midst of all of the all-nipped Piotr Wiktorczyk by 3:05 wheel drive activity all eyes were for the class win. Jaroslaw Sozan-on Kyle Sarasin this weekend in ski was 11th overall and third in the Two-Wheel Drive class. He had Super Production. In 12th, after shop {)Jtline www..bakerp~ lJIJ [J1U11i~1 =Ulm ~ rXJ1!J ~ Gil!ri} & c:i ion. *BLACK* om •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• DOIV"T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS 1/VHO KEEP REPORT/IVG THE OFF ROAD IVEIIVSI ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dusty Times red & blue -6 st $5.99 -8 st$6.99 -10 st $9.49 -12 st $10.99 ~~tn!fil 0 20ft. Lenghts -6 20ft. $93.40 -8 20ft. $107.20 -1020ft. $128.20 -1220ft. $185.20 High Misalignment Adapters JMXT series Chromoly l•"· JMX8T $20.05 ';J JMX10T$26.16 n JMX12T$33.25 JMX14T $60. 78 . JMX16T $76.10 red& blue -6 45$12.99 -8 45 $13.99 -10 45 $16.99 ----12 45 $21.84 red & blue 1-6 90 $12.99 -8 90$14.99 -10 90 $15.99 -------1290$21.84 Complete Line of New Hampshire Boll Bearings, Inc. Weld-in Bungs Ill.II rA PRECISION DNK.rlC.·RACING PRODUCTS Ph 562-427-2375 I 2865 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL HILL, CA 90755 April 2009 Page 39 -

Page 40

--------- -- -------- · - . --~-~ - w------ - ----• M.l:l«..! McM1LLIN Fun 2DD Danny Freeman Wins Big By]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Track.side Photo Bob Archibald is seen here launching himself toward the Class 1 win and the overall win as well in the low desert. Seventy vehicles were en-rolled in the running of the MDR McMillin Fud 200, six laps to run for many of the cars but, unfortunately, only 35 of them would see the checkered flag. That is a fifty percent fin-ishing ratio, not too bad for a four hour race. There were seven cars en-tered in the Class 1 fracas, they had six laps to run for their race and when they came around at the end of their first lap it was John Cooley showing the way, Brandon came Aymar along some 16 seconds later in second place, Bob Archibald was third to cross the line, he was another 28 seconds back, Jamie Galles was fourth car in, Edson Pavia ran in fifth place and Pauldin Hepler ran in the sixth spot. Eddie Zeller was scheduled to compete but he failed to start the race. When their second lap ended it was still John Cooley leading the class, Bob Archibald was up a spot into second place, he was only four seconds behind the leader, Brandon Aymar dropped into third place, Ed-son Pavia was now in the fourth spot and Pauldin Hepler was running in fifth place. Jamie Galles was on his trailer. When the third lap ended it was now Bob Archibald lead-ing the pack, John Cooley now ran in second place, he was about a half a minute behind the leader, Edson Pavia was now in third place and Pauldin Hepler was in the fourth spot. Brendon Aymar was off the scoring chart. Their fourth lap conclud-ed with Bob Archibald sti-11 showing the way, Edson Pavia was now in second place and Pauldin Hepler was in the third spot. John Cooley succumbed to terminal problems, out of the race. There were no position changes on their last two laps ({;\ Dave Simpson took a nice win in the Class 5/1600 class, he's seen here just getting airborne on his way to the finish line. Rick Doetsch, seen here in the soft stuff, drove his good looking Ford to a nice gold medal finish in the Class 700 action. and when the beloved check-ered flag flew it was Bob Ar-chibald taking the class win, Edson Pavia came in second and Pauldin Hepler took home the bronze medal. Kevin Sullivan was the only one in Class 300, he intended to go for a six lap cruise but he opened with a two and a half hour lap and he then called it a day. There were 15 cars ready to go in the Class 5/1600 race, but, here too, only a third of them would make it to the checkered flag. When their first lap ended it was Patrick Dalley in the lead, Dave Simpson ran in second place, he was three minutes behind the leader, Richard Glaszozack ran third, another two minutes back, Richard Sletten was in the fourth spot and Scott Plunkett ran in fifth place. Eric Garcia, was in sixth place, Jorge Perez was lucky seventh, Kris Schulz was eighth in, David Herrera ran in ninth place and Justin Brinkerhoff rounded out the top ten. Ish Sanchez was 11th to cross the line and Larry Negrete made it an even dozen. Miguel Cortez failed to start the race, frank Cortez failed to finish his first lap as did Jared Preece. Bob Wagner had it all his own way, he took the Class 8 crown with Chris Haney (left) cruises across the silty stuff on his way to the Class Their second lap ended and Patrick Dalley continued to lead the class, Dave Simpson still ran in the second spot but he was now five minutes out of first place, Richard Glaszozack held on in third place, he was five minutes out of second place, Richard Sletten still ran in fourth and Scott Plunkett re-mained in the fifth spot. Sixth place still belonged to Eric Gar-cia, Kris Schulz was up a spot into seventh place, Ish Sanchez moved up into eighth place, Larry Negrete was now in ninth ease, he's seen here screeching across the desert. 9 win, he had 16 minutes in hand at the checkers. Aaron Payne was the only entry in-Class 1200, he's seen Edson Pavia took the silver medal in the Class 1 contest, here cruisin' towards that wonderful checkered flag. he's seen here just at takeoff in his brutal looking car. Page 40 April 2009 Richard Glaszozak led Class 5-1600 on the fourth lap but dropped back on lap five to take a second place finish. Dusty Times

Page 41

.. David Bryan had to content himself with running a bit off John Andrews set fast lap for the class but then he was just the winning pace in the Class 8 conflict, he took home Alyssa Looney set fast lap for Class 9 on her second lap, led a wee bit off the winning pace and finished second in class. the silver medal. the third lap but then dropped back for a second place finish. place and Justin Brinkerhoff was in the 10th spot. George Perez and David Herrera were on their respective trailers. Their third lap ended and Patrick Dally remained in the class lead, second place still belonged to Dave Simpson, he ran eight minutes and change behind the leader, Richard Glaszozack was still in third place, two minutes out of sec-ond place, Richard Sletten was the fourth place car and Scott Plunkett still ran fifth Sixth place car was Eric Garcia, Kris Schulz ran seventh, lsh Sanchez remained in the eighth spot, Justin Brinkerhoff was now in ninth place and Larry Negrete rounded out the 10 cars. Fourth lap ended, we had a new leader, Richard Glaszo-zack had taken over first place, Dave Simpson remained in second place, he was a minute and change behind the class leader, Scott Plunkett was up two spots into third, Richard Sletten remained in fourth place and Larry Negrete ran in the eighth spot. Out of the race were Patrick Dalley and Justin Brinkerhoff. Fifth lap, final lap and when the smoke cleared we saw Dave Simpson taking the Class 5/1600 win, Richard Glaszo-zack finished in second place, Richard Sletten was the third place finisher. Eric Garcia fin-ished first off the podium and Kris Schulz was the fifth and final finisher. Scott Plunkett, lsh Sanchez and Larry Negrete failed to complete their fifth and final lap. There were four entries in the Class 7 contest. They had to complete six laps for their race and two of them would make it all the way. At the end of their first lap it was John Andrews leading the class Rick Doetsch was second, he was three min-utes in arrears. The other two trucks, Aaron Celicio and Kyle Milligan failed to start the race. Second lap ended, Rick Doetsch had moved into the lead, John Andrews had dropped to second place he was 20 minutes in arrears, thanks to some minor problem along the way. There were no position changes during their next four laps and Rick Doetsch took the class win, John Andrews came in second, that's all there was. There were two entries in Class 8 and they had a good time, for the most part, putting in their six required laps. At the end of their first lap it was Rob-ert Wagner in the lead, David Bryan ran in the second spot. There were no lead changes for the duration of the Class Dusty Times Gunnar Peterson had a fairly easy day, he took the Class 10 win in his really neat looking buggy. 8 race, Robert Wagner led the class all the way and David Bryan, who had some problems on the fifth lap finished the race in the second spot. The Class 9 battle had four entries, one of whom did not start the race and two of the remaining three cars would make it to the finish line. They had to get five laps under their belts for a finish and at the end of their first lap it was Chris Haney in the lead, Mark Culver was in the second spot, he was 23 seconds behind the leader and Alyssa Looney was in third place, she was 12 minutes behind the leader. Jose Victoria did not start the race. At the end of their second lap it was Alyssa Looney in the class lead, Mark Culver was in the second spot and had dropped to third place. Third lap ended and Alyssa Looney continued to lead, Chris Haney moved up into the second spot, he was three minutes and change behind the leader, and Mark Culver ran in third place. Fourth lap came to an end and Chris Haney was back in A fairly easy race for Ruben Espinoza, he was the Class 11 winner at the FUD 200, seen here creating a dust trail. the lead, Alyssa Looney had seen again. dropped back to second place, All the accolades went to she was 15 minutes in arrears Gunnar Peterson as he took the at this time. Mark Culver had checkered flag and the Class disappeared from the scoring 10 win. chart. Class 11 had three bugs en-Fifth lap, final lap, came to tered they had four laps to run an end and when the checkers for their race and two of them flew it was Chris Haney taking would see the checkered flag. the class win, Alyssa Looney At the end of Lap 1 it was Brent had to settle for a second place Smail showing the way, Ruben finish, but finish she did. Espinoza was in the second The Class 10 battle wasn't spot, he was two minutes be-much of a battle, Gunnar Pe-hind the leader, Ryan Haughley terson led the first lap, he was did not start the race. all alone as Greg Perryman At the end of their second started the race, but was never Continued on next page TOP OFFROAD RACERS ARE SWITCHING TO "THIBRAIIIIAl/11 They know thatthe cheapest speed in a racecar is a great brake system. Let us fix your spongy pedal and poor braking performance. We are the only brake company th at can give you the same pedal at mile 1000thatyou had at mile 1. BETTER BY: lnnovation.Jlot/mitation. UCK A zero dtag brake system is the most cost effective wa yto improve handling and performance. Stop wasting money & horsepower with ineffective dragging brakes. That's why these top cars switched. l<YL OUINN Aprll 2009 WILSON'S .• t SS 1 UGGY 1N AVAIL GH OUR OFFROAD RISlJT. EN, F':, --14.4; t. FO ~ ATION c•L BR KE J 805-987-STOP {7867) Page 41

Page 42

Also as driver of record in Pro Prerunner, Alyssa Looney took another second place finish, three minutes out of the Eric Duran was the second place finisher in the Class ½-1600 Pauldin Hepler was a little down on speed this race, he took class win. fracas, he's seen here on his way to the checkered flag. a bronze medal finish in the Class 1 competition. lap it was Ruben Espinoza in leader and was later declared race and only one vehicle would all alone, Steve Hall was gone first lap it was Dan Unsicker the lead, Brent Smail was now to have exceeded the allowable see the checkered flag. At the from the race, leaving the whole showing the way, Danny Free-in the second spot, he was well time for the class. end of their first lap it was kit and caboodle to a Don Gib-man was in the second spot, back of the leader after posting Aaron Paine was all alone in Steven Hall in the lead, Don son class win. he was 42 seconds in arrears, a three hour second lap. Class 1200, he ran his six laps Gibson ran second, he was 10 There were 17 trucks entered Alyssa Looney was in the third There were no position in good time and was declared minutes behind the leader. The in the Pro Pre-runner class, spot, Noah Quantrell ran in the changes for the next two Class the winner of the class. third entry, John Nightingale, they had to finish four laps for fourth spot and Skip Edwards 11 laps. Ruben Espinoza took There were three entered in failed to complete his first lap. their race and fully 11 of them was in fifth place. In sixth place the class win, Brent Smail was the Sportsman class they had to At the end of their second would make it to the checkered was Todd Richards, Bill lsen-about 50 minutes behind the complete five laps to make their lap it was Don Gibson running flag. When they finished their houer was lucky seventh. Tyson It was a third place finish in Class 5/1600 for Richard Sletten, Dan Unsicker led the first few laps in Pro Prerunner, lost a Kevin Walsh had some problems on his fourth lap, very costly, he was less than two minutes out of a silver medal finish. bunch on the fourth lap and ended up with the bronze medal. he ended up taking a third place finish in the ½-1600 battle. Page 42 Aprll 2009 Dusty Times

Page 43

I ,I Todd Richards literally flew to a fourth place finish in L...-----------------------' the Pro Prerunner fracas, he's seen here with the power Ray Files led the first three laps in 1600, had some problems It was a fifth place finish in Pro Prerunner for Bill lsenhouer, definitely on. on the fourth lap and had to settle for a fourth place finish. he's seen here headin' for home in his Ford truck. Bergholz was in the eighth spot, Sean Caviness was in ninth place and Patrick Sutalo was 10th in. Nathan Creighton was running in 11th place and Chris Reeves made it an even dozen. Skip Edwards did not finish his first lap, nor did Sean Julian or Rich Hamp or Kyle Bonamo. Mike Bithell and Jeff Shaw failed to start the race. At the end of their second lap, halfway through the race, Dan Unsicker remained in the lead, Noah Quantrell ran in second place, six minutes behind the leader, Danny Freeman was in third place, about seven minutes in arrears, Alyssa Looney was in fourth place, she was eight and a half minutes behind the leader and Skip Edwards was in fifth place. Bill Isenhouer was up to sixth place, Todd Richards was running seventh, Ty Berg-holz was in eighth place, Sean Caviness was ninth and Chris Reaves was in 10th place. Na-than Creighton was 11th in and Patrick Sutalo made it an even dozen. When their third lap end-ed, three quarters of the way through the race it was Alyssa Looney leading the class, Dan Unsicker had dropped to sec-ond place, Danny Fteeman ran in the third spot, Bill Isenhouer was in fourth place and Todd Richards ran fifth. Tyson Bergholz moved up to sixth place, Sean Caviness was running seventh, Patrick Sutalo was in eighth place, Nathan Creighton was running ninth, Chris Reaves rounded out the top 10 and Noah Quantrell was running in 11th place. Skip Ed-wards was among the missing. Fourth lap, final lap and when they came in for the flag it was Danny Freeman taking a very nice win, Alyssa Looney took the silver medal, three minutes behind the leader, Dan Unsicker took the third spot on the podium, Todd Richards It was a Class 1300 win for Don Gibson, he took the Sportsman win with ease, he's seen here just at takeoff in the silt. was in the fourth spot and Bill Caitlin Manring was now in Isenhouer came in fifth in the third place, Arturo Gutierrez class. Tyson Bergholz was the was now in fourth place and sixth place finisher, Patrick Eric Duran was holding down Sutalo finished in seventh the fifth spot. place, Nathan Creighton was When their fourth lap ended eighth vehicle in, Chris Reaves it was Caitlin Manring in the finished ninth, Noah Quantrell lead, Eric Duran was second, was in 10th place and Sean he was four minutes in arrears, Caviness was the 11th and final Arturo Gutierrez was now finisher in class. running in third place. Kevin There were seven cars en-Walsh dropped to fourth place tered in the Class 1/2-1600 and Ray Files dropped to fifth fracas, four of them would . . Danny Freeman took the Pro Prerunner lead on the last lap, that's when in counted, seen here in his Ford at speed. place. Eric Duran was second, he was Fifth lap ended, almost three minutes in arrears, Kevin there, Caitlin Manring was still Walsh took third place honors leading the class, five minutes and Ray Files finished first off back, in second place was Eric the podium. Duran, Kevin Walsh was up a Taylor Mullin was scheduled spot into third place and Ray to start in the UTV class but he Files was now in fourth place. failed to do so. Arturo Gutierrez was on his And so it ended, a fun day trailer. for most concerned, a good day Sixth lap, last la·p and we for the MDR troops and the saw Caitlin Manring taking a McMillin clan. See ya at the very nice Class 1/2-1600 win, next one. lllJJU, finish their six required laps. At the end of their first lap it was Ray Files showing the way Kevin Walsh ran in second place, Caitlin Manring ran in third place, Arturo Gutierrez came across in fourth place and Eric Duran was running in fifth spot. Adrian Orellana didn't finish his first lap and Cody Robinson did not start the race. The Most Sought After Fuel in Off-Road Racing Today! Second lap ended and Ray Files continued to lead the class, Kevin Walsh remained in second place, Eric Duran was now in third place Caitlin Manring dropped to fourth place and Arturo Gutierrez was in fifth. Their third lap came to an end, Ray Files continued to lead the class, Kevin Walsh was still runnin in second lace Ask your engine builder about the increased horsepower, torque and cooler operating temperatures offered by VP's Late Model Plus, C12, VP113 and other great fuels. Then you'll know why champions in each of these series choose VP Racing Fuels. VP Racing is the Official Fuel and/or Contingency Sponsor of: ~imum~ RACING ASSOCIATION ~PIJNSHIP ~-Ra; SCI INTERNATIONAi:: OFF-ROAD RACING f ~O~ .~ ';12~ For technical help or to locate the nearest VP dealer, call today or visit The big win in the Class ½-1600 battle went to Caitlin Manring, she's seen here at speed heading for the checkers. 951-696-5100 World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™ Dusty Times Aprll 2009 Page 43

Page 44

-------------------- - - - - ---------------~------------- - -By BAJA HISTORY MONTH Chupacabra's Baja California GOLD MINED FILLED Peninsula is located in the northwestern portion of the Mexican Republic. This body of land extends approximately 775 miles (1,250 kilometers) from Tijuana in the north to Cabo San Lucas in the south and is separated from the rest of Mexico by the Gulf of California (also called the Sea of Cortes). Occupying the northern half of the peninsula, the state of Baja California shares its northern boundary with two Ameri-can states, California and Arizona, and is also bordered on its northeast by the Mexican state of Sonora. On its western flank, the state also shares a long coastline with the Pacific Ocean. So We at BAJAPITS are soooooo grateful to be Listed in DUSTYTIMES and able to help YOU race the Inter-nationally known BAJA RACES. We also are glad to share it's history with you and your family. VIVA SRCHU-PACABRA. Baja California occupies a total area of 69,921 square kilometers (26,990 square miles), which makes up 3.7% of Mexico's national terri-tory. On Baja California's southern border is another Mexican state, Baja California Sur, which occupies a total area of 71,428 square kilo-meters (25,751 square miles), taking up 3. 7% of the national territory. The story of the indigenous peoples Page 44 of the Baja Peninsula is a sad one. Living in an arid environment, their susceptibility to the ravages of war and disease was accentuated by their already marginal existence. The vast majority of the Baja Indians have disappeared and those that have survived in the north are represented by as few as a dozen individuals or as many as a few hundred. Ironi-cally, most of the Mexican indigenous languages spoken in the two Bajas are actually tongues brought to the Peninsula by migrant workers from other states, in particular Oaxaca. Early Contacts Between Span-iards and Indigenous Inhabitants In 1532 - a decade after the destruc-tion of the Aztec Empire-the Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes sent an expedition commanded by his cousin, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, to ex-plore the Baja California Peninsula and other locations along the Pacific coastline of northwest Mexico. A sec-ond expedition to the area left San-tiago, Colima, on October 29, 1533. The voyage was a disastrous failure, but mutineers from this expedition explored the area now called La Paz. In April 1535, Cortes himself led a third expedition of three ships that Landed near present-day La Paz on May 3, 1535, where he formally took possession of the land for the King of Spain. Cortes founded a small colony· in the area, but the local In-dians remained very hostile towards the visitors. By November 1535, more than 70 of Cortes' men had died from starvation or skirmishes with the indigenous population. Early in 1536, Cortes posted 30 Span-iards to man the small colony and sailed back for Mexico ... A fourth ex-pedition led by Francisco de Ulloa in June 1539 found that the small colony had been destroyed. Other expedi-tions followed, but they frequently encountered large groups of natives who strongly resisted their intrusions. For this reason, the colonization and settlement of the Baja Peninsula was a very slow process, complicated by the hostility of the indigenous groups and the great distance from sources of supply, as well as by inhospitable weather conditions. Baja Sur Indian Tribes As a result of their isolated loca-tion, the Baja California Indians were found to be among the most primitive in the Americas. The early Spanish conquerors encountered three tribal groups, the Pericues, the Guaycuras and the Cochimies. As the original Cape locals who roamed the region as nomadic hunter-gatherers, they were surprisingly able to fight off European diseases until the 17th century. These Indians of the peninsula had no written language and only the most elementary of religious beliefs. Shelter was created by holes which they dug in the ground and by whatever caves they would find, in the vicinity of fresh water. Many even slept within circles of stones, often without even a roof. They lived from hunting and fishing and did not cultivate much. They had mastered the use of bow and arrow, boomerang and wooden lances. These tribes were in a continuous state of warfare with one another. They were strong, tall, and healthy people and were very adept at warfare. In general, these Indians were not hostile towards the Spaniards. The Spaniards did not have to conquer Baja California with force of arms as was necessary on the mainland. How-ever, there were armed encounters and April 2009 battlefield mortality. Consequently, there were considerably more women than men. So the surviving males acquired more than one wife. Thus a polygamous Lifestyle was created and this caused considerable conflict with the missionaries endeavoring to enforce Christian morality. Indigenous Groups at Contact At the time of contact, Baja Califor-nia Norte was primarily inhabited by several indigenous groups belonging to the Yuman language branch of the Hokan linguistic family. Most of these early inhabitants lived by hunting and fishing, but some of them also gathered acorns, seeds, prickly pears, apples, pine nuts and other small edible plants found in the harsh desert environment. The northernmost aboriginal Baja Californians spoke several closely-relat-ed Yu man languages, most notably the Kiliwa, Paipai, Kumeyaay (Kumiai), and Cocopa (Cucapa) tongues. Using the controversial technique of glot-tochronology, it has been estimated that the initial separation of the Yu-man family into different languages occurred perhaps 2,500 years ago. The Cocopa and Kumiai languages are believed to be very closely related to each other, separated by perhaps about one thousand years of independent development .Pai Pai The Pai Pai Indians - also known as Akwa'ala - occupied the northern Sierras in the interior of the north-ern Baja California Peninsula. Their original territory included the lower Colorado River Valley in the present day municipios of Ensenada and Mexicali, as well as adjacent areas in western Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Sonora. Kumeyaay (Kumiai) The Kumiai (Kumeyaay) Indians were hunters, gatherers and fishers who inhabited coastal, inland val-ley, and mountain regions along the present-day Baja California border region with the United States. The tra-ditional Kumeyaay territory originally extended from around Escondido in California to the northern part of the present day municipio of Ensenada. Occupying the southern section of present-day San Diego County in California, the Kumeyaay inhabited 91e region near the San Diego Presidio when it was founded in 1769. The Kumeyaay in the vicinity of San Diego were also referred to as the Dieguefio by the Spaniards. Cochimi The Cochimi Indians inhabited a considerable part of the central Baja Peninsula, from north of Rosario to the vicinity of Loreto in east central Baja California. Like many of the other Baja tribes, the Cochimi Indians survived by fishing in the coastal areas and gathering fruits and seeds for sustenance in other areas. Cucapas (Cocopa) The Cucapas, living in the desert re-gion along the Colorado River in the frontier zone of Baja California Norte and Sonora, fished and hunted deer, rabbit, moles, mountain Lion and coy-ote. They also collected a wide variety of desert products, including cactus flowers, potatoes, and wild wheat. kiliwa The Kiliwa Indians were hunters who inhabited northeastern Baja California. The Kiliwa lived along the eastern slope of the Sierra San Pedro Martir and ranged down the Gulf Coast. Their habitat also extended into the Colorado Desert. Dusty Times -,-

Page 45

Guaycura (Guaicura or Waicuri) The Guaycuras lived in the middle part of the lower Baja peninsula, inhabiting the Magdalena Plains from Loreto down to and including the La Paz area. Pericu The Pericu occupied the southern tip of the peninsula around San Jose de! Cabo and several large Gulf islands, including Cerralvo, Espiritu Santo, San Jose, and Santa Catalina. Unfortunately, the Indian groups indigenous specifically to Baja Cali-fornia never recovered from their initial declines of the Seventeenth Century and are few in number. The primary native speakers of indigenous languages in Baja California Norte in the 2000 census were the Pai-Pai (193 speakers); Kumiai (159); Cucapa (82); Cochimi (80), and Kiliwa (46 people). All of these tribes were of the Yuman Linguistic family whose ancestors had probably migrated to the Baja Peninsula thousands of years earlier. The Pai Pai, living in the Santa Catari-na community of the Ensenada muni-cipio in the north, had become bilin-gual and concerns have been expressed that their language is nearly dead. Estimates of the Kumiai population in Mexico at the end of the T wen-tieth Century put their numbers at 600. However, by 2000, the Mexican census recorded only 159 persons five years of age and older who actually spoke the Kumiai language in the state and all but 13 of these also spoke Spanish and were thus bilingual. Most of the Kumiai lived near Tecate. The Cochimi culture -located primar-ily in the central and southern parts of Baja California -also declined dramati-cally by beginning of the Nineteenth Century. By 2000, only 80 Cochimi speakers were registered as inhabit-ants of the northern Baja state, most of them living in the municipios of Ensenada, Mexicali, and Tecate. In the 2000 census, only 46 persons were classified as speakers of the Kiliwa language. Readers who are interested in studying more detailed information about the nearly extinct indigenous languages of Baja California can learn more by accessing the Ethnologue. As a matter of fact, 2000 census statistics indicate that 1,025,754 of the 2,487,367 residents ofBaja California Norte were, in fact, natives of other entities, representing a total migrant population of 41.2%. In the 2000 census, 41,014 persons in Baja claimed Oaxaca as their birthplace, and it is likely that most of the 11,962 Mixtecos and 2,987 Zapotecos living in the state were probably natives of that state. Al-ready, in the 1970s, Baja had become a major zone of attraction for Mixtec farm laborers, with Ensenada and Tijuana as their primary destination points. Baja California growers almost exclusively recruited Oaxacans labor-ers for their agricultural labor needs. An additional 89,083 residents of Baja claimed Michoacin de Ocampo as their birthplace, possibly explaining the substantial number of Purepecha-speaking individuals living in the state (2,097). The most serious rebellion in the southern part of the Baja Peninsula took place in 1734-1737. This uprising of the Pericu and Guaycuras engulfed several missions in the southern part of the peninsula, most of which had to be abandoned. In January 1735, indigenous forces ambushed the Manila Galleon that had stopped at San Jose de! Cabo for supplies. "The revolt and its subsequent suppres-sion," according to Don Laylander, "hastened the disorganization and declines of the southern aboriginal groups. To suppress the revolt, the Jesuits were forced to call in outside Dusty Times military assistance." In 1742, King Felipe V authorized the use of royal funds to suppress the revolt. The ar-rival of a military force from Sinaloa helped to restore order and reestablish control of the southern Baja lands. The last scattered resistance to the Spaniards did not end until 1744. In January 1824, after the Mexican Republic was constituted, the central government organized and oversaw the Territory of Baja. Twenty four years later, the Treaty of Guada-lupe Hidalgo -which ended the Mexican-American War - divided the territory of California, with the northern half, called Alta California, being ceded to the United States, while the southern half remained with Mexico as Baja California. On April 26, 1850, two partidos (sec-ondary administrative divisions) were created as Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur. On December 14, 1887, the status of both partidos was changed to distritos (districts), and on January 1, 1888, the northern part of the peninsula became known as the Northern District of Baja California. On December 30, 1930, the separate territories of Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur were cre-ated, effective February 7, 1931. The northern territory became a state on January 16, 1952, while the southern Baja State achieved statehood on October 24, 1974. Unfortunately, the Indian groups indigenous specifically to Baja Cali-fornia never recovered from their initial declines of the Seventeenth Century and are few in number. The primary native speakers of indigenous languages in Baja California Norte in the 2000 census were the Pai-Pai (193 speakers); Kumiai (159); Cucapa (82); Cochimi (80), and Kiliwa (46 people). All of these tribes were of the Yuman Linguistic family whose ancestors had probably migrated to the Baja Peninsula thousands of years earlier. The Pai Pai, living in the Santa Catari-na community of the Ensenada muni-cipio in the north, had become bilin-gual and concerns have been expressed that their language is nearly dead. Estimates of the Kumiai population in Mexico at the end of the T wen-tieth Century put their numbers at 600. However, by 2000, the Mexican census recorded only 159 persons five years of age and older who actually spoke the Kumiai language in the state and all but 13 of these also spoke Spanish and were thus bilingual. Most of the Kumiai lived near Tecate. The Cochimi culture -located primar-ily in the central and southern parts of Baja California -also declined dramati-cally by beginning of the Nineteenth Century. By 2000, only 80 Cochimi speakers were registered as inhabit-ants of the northern Baja state, most of them living in the municipios of Ensenada, Mexicali, and Tecate. In the 2000 census, only 46 persons were classified as speakers of the Kiliwa language. Readers who are interested in studying more detailed information about the nearly extinct indigenous languages of Baja California can learn more by accessing the Ethnologue As a matter of fact, 2000 census statistics indicate that 1,025,754 of the 2,487,367 residents ofBaja California Norte were, in fact, natives of other entities, representing a total migrant population of 41.2%. In the 2000 census, 41,014 persons in Baja claimed Oaxaca as their birthplace, and it is likelythatmostofthe 11,962 Mixtecos and 2,987 Zapotecos living in the state were probably natives of that state. Al-ready, in the 1970s, Baja had become a major zone of attraction for Mixtec farm laborers, with Ensenada and Tijuana as their primary destination points. Baja California growers almost exclusively recruited Oaxacans labor-ers for their agricultural labor needs. An additional 89,083 residents of Baja claimed Michoacin de Ocampo as their birthplace, possibly explaining the substantial number of Purepecha-speaking individuals living in the state (2,097). Cave Paintings There are many places along Baja's highways where you will see signs read-ing "Pinturas Rupestres." It is likely that this refers to prehistoric rock art or cave paintings. Baja is famous for its cave paintings, throughout the entire length of the Baja peninsula ... Baja's caves are similar to those host-ing the "cliff dwellings" of the Pueblo Indians in the southwestern United States. Some are very spectacular and depict human figures and animals. Some are as big as 30 feet in height and hundreds of feet in length. The most famous are found at Bahia de Los Angeles, San Ignacio, Mulege, and San Francisco de La Sierra. Conquistadors In the 15th century, after 700 years of conflict with the Moors over con-quest of the Iberian peninsula, Spain emerged as the most powerful nation in Europe. A succession of Spanish expeditions through the Caribbean region and into the Gulf of Mexico achieved the conquest of both Mexico and Central America. At first it was said that Spanish explorers concluded that Baja California was an enormous island and that the Sea of Cortez led to the Atlantic Ocean. There was extreme competition among the conquistadors. Most famous of the conquistadors was Cortez, who himself directed four voyages from the mainland to the island of "La California." Angered by the failure of the first two expeditions he had dispatched, due to the tyran-nical and mutineering nature of his competition, Cortez chose to lead the next effort himself. This was to be the only serious attempt to conquer and colonize the new land until 162 years later. In May 1535 Cortez landed at Bahia de La Paz and named it Santa Cruz. There he found evidence of the Jimenez mutineers and the pearls they had reported to have found. After a year of failure to successfully colonize the area, making no effort to raise crops - sadly, many of the colonists died of starvation. Cortez returned to Mexico and shortly thereafter ordered the others to follow. The Baja penin-sula was not to be settled by Europeans for more than 150 years after the era of Cortez. Pirates and BAJA GOLD!!! During that period, Spanish merchant marine interests had estab-lished a trade route from Luzon in the Philippines to Acapulco in the south of New Spain. They were transport-ing ton upon ton of oriental silk and spices; along with Mexican gold and silver with which to buy the treasures. The Spanish monarch loved the silk and spices; English pirates became inpassioned over the silver and gold. The 16th of September is a very special day in Mexico. It's Mexico's Independence Day. It's also the day that Sir Francis Drake entered the "Sea of the South" with a quintet of warships in 1578. What do you sup-pose he had on his mind? The Spanish had an inkling of what it might be. Pirate stories abound in Baja. Some true, others ... well, maybe not exactly true. True it is that Thomas Cavendish sacked the "invincible" gal-leon Santa Ana off cape San Lucas in 1587. And true it is that a number of "Dutch Hens" entered the Skull and Crossbones trade against the haughty Spanish. Joris van Spilbergen was the most famous of the group. Racing up and down the Pacific coastline, the Pirates had a field day. And when they were not plying their trade they were hanging out at Cabo San Lucas and San Jose and La Paz just R & R-ing-it -and maybe stashing a little FS ED 122A-AOR FSOR12SBE treasure. The Spanish of course, were not happy. The only people taking any spoils out of the new world were the English and the Dutch and they didn't know how to get there until a Portuguese named Magellan showed 'em the route. Thomas Cavendish was one of the early buccaneers to base his operations in the Cabo San Lucas area. In 1587 he attacked the Spanish galleon Santa Ana, which was loaded with silk and gold, right off the Cape. This infuri-ated the Spaniards who were fed up with the pirates who had been roam-ing the waters. At this point, King Philip of Spain decided to establish a small fortress at the very end of the Cape, also functioning as a strategic base. He hoped this would rid the seas of English pirates. This increased the Spanish interest in Baja and explora-tion of the entire area began to take place. Settlements were established all along the coast, and pearls were discov-ered in the Sea of Cortez. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, how-ever, Caho San Lucas remained pretty much undeveloped. Do you love rich and diverse des-ert? Love the Sea? I'd venture to guess that no place on earth offers a higher percentage of lush, lovely deserts that actually, physically, meet the sea. I'm talking cactus just spitrin' distance from salt water. Osprey build their massive, messy nests of driftwood and desert scrub atop tall cardon cacti. Looking up to the dazzling blue sky from an endless carpet of desert flowers to see dozens of bright white pelicans soaring on the rising air above the clearing where you stand in amazement The people of rural Baja Cali-fornia are wonderful folks, rightfully proud because they have chosen to live in a land of beauty and challenge. Yet humbled by their closeness with God. GOLD and nature. Abun-dance is here, but one needs to learn RACE READY PRODUCTS 103 PRESS LANE SUITE 4 CHULA VISTA, CA 91910 (619) 691-9171 (866)891-9171 TOLLFREE (619) 691--0BOJ FAX April 2009 Page 45

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where to seek it A special few have been here a long while now. Their fathers or grandfathers fought in the revolution and came to this place to claim their rightful homesteads back when the last few Cochimi people still survived. When the peninsula's only roads carried wagons from ports to inland mines and the few accessible places where one could count on finding water. Historic ranchos, old mines and Spanish missions, both abandoned and occupied by the warm and pleasant people of rural Baja California, are still scattered through the wild central peninsula. Food is wonderful here! Memo-rable restaurants feature diverse Mexi-can food, fresh seafood specialties, and even unexpected French cuisine. One used to eat at the ranchos in the days when the old dirt road was so slow that the few travelers needed a place to eat every 20 or 30 miles. Nowadays travel is faster. Real restaurants in real towns, cities and villages get the job done now, and fewer of the ranchos serve meals. Visitors are quickly impressed by the magnificent scale of the Baja Cali-fornia, then distracted by the enormity of the diversity-vast untrammeled wilderness, unspoiled shell-scattered beaches that seem to stretch forever; forests of unbelievable desert plants ... Boojurns, cardon cacti and elephant trees; the plethora of coastal bird life ... And of course, one can get hooked on whale watching! The very memorable "whooofl" of the whales' nearby blows softly sounding in your ears will remain with you forever! Yet, this is but one of the many personal discoveries that await you in Baja. A variety of vehicles are used today by Baja travelers. From Harley's to RVs today's Baja's Highway 1 pres-ents few significant obstacles. This was not the case just a mere 30 years ago. Before the completion of the Transpeninsular Hwy in the late ?O's the trip from Tijuana to Caho San Lucas involved traversing dirt roads, fording arroyos and sometimes mov-ing rocks and filling washouts to make your own way. In the 1950's things were even more difficult for overland adventur-ers desiring to explore Baja. Extra gas, a shovel, a couple of stout planks, a come-along and several weeks of time were required to transverse Baja. The Willys Jeep was perfectly suited to the task. Rugged, maneuverable and relatively light weight many early Baja drivers were enamored with the Jeep. So without further ado, here is the history of the vehicle that started it all The Jeep Wagon is clearly the pre-decessor of today's SUV. The Jeepster was the first attempt to "urbanize" the line by having a more stylish, rounded body design, and integral convertible top while keeping the trademark flat fenders and unique grille design. During the 1950's and 60's the Willys-Jeep Line and "Utility Vehicles" by other manufacturers enjoyed reasonable success in rural markets, but failed to break into mainstream acceptance. This was due largely to poor highway performance. The sus-pensions were too stiff for a smooth 2007 CLASS 1 JIMCO MILLINIUM Hp Engine; 400 Chevy Sb. 630 Hp, Fortin 5 Speed Sequintial Transw/ Torque Converter, Fox Coil Over's And Bypass At All 4 Corners, Hyd In Car Jacks, Lawrance Ops W / 11" Screen. Ken Wood Uhf And Vhf Radios, Pei Intercom, Fire Sup System, Master Craft 3g Seats, Dual Brains, 6 Hella Hid W / Light Bar, To Many Details To List. Totally Trick, Custom Everything. Must See. Test And Prerun Miles Only, Complete Prep And Set Up By Jimco, Race Ready. $195,000.00. Call Coy 702-531-4655 Or Email Coyhigley@Yahoo.Com ride, and the gear ratios were to low to and Auto BFGoodrich tires. Five out of nine com-provide suitable top end performance. Wisdom at www.layLenosGara2:e. petitors equipped with BFGoodrich Baja Safety was another issue. Their short com and and www. T / A KRT B-compound tires finished in the wheelbase, narrow stance, and high top ten, a testament to how BFGoodrich ground clearance made them top See you there in BAJA my Friends Tires takes pride in utilizing its race proven heavy and there was a real danger of and KEEP BAJA ICE CLEAN as we technology to develop specialized race tires rollover, even at lower speeds. at BAJAPITS make sure we leave the to respond to specific types of terrain and By the 1970's manufacturers be- desert as we found it. ICE CLEAN!! the unique challenges found at the King gan to see a budding interest in market And VIVA SRCHUPACABRA'S of the Hammers. and began responding. Maybe the GOLD MINES "We are very pleased with the perfor-"back to nature movement" helped mance of the new Baja T/ AKRTB-com-spur this along. Ground clearances BFGaadricli pound tire at its competition debut," said were lowered bit by bit, suspensions -----------:1ns Karl Koenigstein, motorsports technical softened, larger engines were em-team leader for BFGoodrich Tires. "The ployed and creature comforts were BFGooorurnnRES DOMINATES AT combinationofgripandhigh-speedstabil-added. With the introduction of KING OF TIIE HAMMERS ity required from a tire for this race was vehicles such as the Ford Bronco, the New BFGoodrich Baja T/ A®KRTB-a challenge and although we are pleased GMC Jimmy, and the Chevy Blazer compound tire Reigns Supreme at with our first efforts at producing such a and the SUV revolution was on. Grueling Off Road Race tire, we are not entirely satisfied because it The 197 3 oil crisis saw a huge GREENVILLE _ March 2, 2009 _ is our intention to improve this tire while increase in imported vehicles. Datsun BFGoodrich® Tires dominated the second looking for more opportunities to compete and Toyota both had small utility pick- annual King of the Hammers off.road race and win. Congratulations to Jason and his up trucks in their lines and these had that took place last Friday, February 27, extraordinary efforts on this new tire, he a huge appeal as they had the ability near Johnson Valley, Calif. The predomi- pushed the envelope throughout the race to haul loads, but with substantially nant off.road tire manufacturer captured and it showed." lower fuel costs. the overall win and the first nine finishing In addition to developing the Baja Los Cabos would slumber for a few positions in a winner take all combination T / A KRT B-compound tire and supply-years while adjusting to the sobriquet dash featuring some of rock crawling' s ing the Krawler T / A 10( tire for the race, "Tourist Destination". A peninsular most technical courses and wide-open BFGoodrich Tires was on-site lending pit highway, completed in 1974, opened off.road racing. BFGoodrich Tires driver and communications support to teams the Peninsula to Middle America. Jason Scherer mastered the 82-mile loop through its fleet of off.road motorsports When Los Cabos International Air- course, which encompassed the harsh vehicles. This immense undertaking in-port was expanded in 1986, Los Ca- terrain of Johnson Valley's Hammer trail volved more than 40 off-road enthusiasts hos' lure reached deep into the United system to take the win in 4 hours, 4 2 and volunteers who donated their time States and Canada and triggered the minutes and 49 seconds. to help King of the Hammers continue imagination of every citizen. Marlin "This was the most outstanding day living up to its "ultimate one-day desert fishing tournaments were drawing ever," said Scherer. "Our BFG tires were race" status. international acclaim by this time awesome, we never had a flat, and we were Using motorsports as a proving ground and non-fishermen and their ladies flying the whole day." for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich® were discovering the sun, the beaches, Scherer' s event specific race rig was Tires is involved in every type of racing, and romantic star-bright nights while outfitted with event specific BFGoodrich including oval, sports car, drifting, drag, stroling "las playas de! Mar de Cortes". Baja T / A KRT B-compound tires, a com-desert, dirt, rally, and extreme rock craw~ The past five years have witnessed bination of the Baja T/ A and Krawler ing. BFGoodrich Tires combines techno-the trebling of populations in San Jose designed specifically for rock racing and logical expertise with vast motorsports de! Caho and Caho San Lucas and the punishing desert terrain found at the experience, delivering a high-performance has beheld a burgeoning growth in King of the Hammers. Randy Slawson tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGo-tourism as well. Condominiums Caho finished in second place but disqualified odrich Tires online at www.bfgoodrich-Bello, Marina Sol and Terrasol, and himself on Sunday after admitting to hotels Melia Caho San Lucas, Melia ting the course. This news bumped third Caho Real, Fiesta Inn, Howard John- place finisher, Casey Currie, into the son, Calinda, Posada Real, and Plaza runner-up spot and Rick Mooneyham into las Glorias were operational by 1990. third. The late news now marks Currie as Meanwhile in excess of 3,000 private a two-time runner-up in the event Both residences were built for foreign vaca-feats occurred on BFGoodrich Krawler tioners and retirees. T/AIO(tires. So with this little History lesson, "You wouldn't believe how hard it was we urge you to visit BAJA and check to get up those rocks," said Currie. "My rig out how nice it is there. We just fin-was awesome, I was flying along with no ished the Baja 250, had fun and can't problems, and no flats, these BFGoodrich wait for the Up coming BAJA 500 Krawler's were perfect for this race." in June. Also Get your video stuff at Out of a field of 92 starting entrants,, welding supplies 36 competitors officially completed the at, BAJA Cancer demanding journey within the 10-hour Clinic for the Kids Information www. time limit, 23 of which were equipped with BLUERIBBON COALITION, INC. MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: BRIAN HAWTHORNE, Pusuc l.ANos PouCY DIRECTOR BwERIBBON CoALmoN 208-237-1008 EXT 102 FEBRUARY 24, 2009 TRAIL-BASED RECREATION r----------------------------------------------------~--~ Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog VISA ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Page 46 Aprll 2009 Dusty Times

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GROUP RAISES CONCERNS ABOUT GAO SURVEY The BlueRibbon Coalition, an off-highway vehicle (OHV) advo-cacy group, joined eight other off-highway groups in questioning the validity of a nationwide OHV survey of federal land managers. The groups made their concerns known in a February 5, 2009, letter to the Acting Comptroller General of the United States Government Accountabil-ity Office <http://www.sharetrails. org/uploads/Letter_ To_ GAO.pdf>; The GAO review of OHV use was originally requested by New Mexico Congressman Raul M. Grijalva, Chair-man of the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands. The survey is supposedly designed to determine trends in the amount of OHV use, potential en-vironmental and human health and safety impacts and how federal agencies are managing OHV use and enforcing OHV regulations. Managers from the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service received the survey and were asked to respond. Preservationist groups and OHV access opponents ag-gressively petitioned President Obama to appoint Representative Grijalva to the Secretary of Interior cabinet post, but Obama declined, opting instead for moderate Ken Salazar of Colorado. Brian Hawthorne, BRC's Public Lands Policy Director, indicated that BRC and the other national OHV groups sought to work with the GAO to produce a quality product, which would incorporate the perspective of knowledgeable OHV users supportive of active recreation management. BRC spoke to several GAO staffers and provided a variety of information regarding the large volume of vehicle restrictions since the last GAO study (August 19, 1995), as well as examples of successfully managed OHV pro-grams. "Unfortunately, this informa-tion was not included, assuming it was even seriously considered, in the final product," observed Hawthorne. ''Any cautious optimism was quickly dashed when we saw a copy of the survey that was going to be sent to fed-eral land managers." Hawthorne said. "Often the call of the question skews the result, and these questions appear skewed to reflect the anti-access agenda from which this project was borne." Greg Mumm, BRC's Executive Di-rector, said the survey questions are ambiguous and call for subjective feedback not appropriate given the target audience of professional land managers. More importantly, the sur-vey largely ignores the unprecedented and ongoing implementation of a change to "limited to designated roads, trails and areas" vehicle poli-cies on both Forest Service and BLM lands. "The survey will inevitably lead to inaccurate and irrelevant observa-tions about OHV use and access to federal lands, which will shift reason-able discussion away from fact and improperly fuel the anti-access agenda. All nine national OHV groups for-mally request its recall," Mumm noted. House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Rank-ing Member, Utah's Rob Bishop, also wrote the GAO to express his concerns with the survey. Bishop stated, "First, the survey is critically flawed because it fails to consider that the Forest Service (and) BLM ... are in the process of implementing a relatively new policy for use on their respective lands." Bishop continued, "Second, the survey contains numer-ous questions that are far too subjective, littered with vague terminology, and lacking context." In a December 22, 2008, letter to Congressman Bishop, the Acting Comptroller General defended the study and flatly refused any further review. <http:/ / uploads/BishopLtr. pdf> ; OHV use occurring on federal lands has increased significantly. All stake-holders agree, and federal regulations require, that OHV use should be managed to minimize environmental impacts and agencies are required to include health and safety concerns in their OHV planning. One must question the validity of a study/ report that apparently does not take into consideration success stories and ongoing management activities. The survey is only part, albeit a critical part, of the whole GAO report. "BRC and other interested groups will wait until the report is finalized to pass final judgment. However, we are very concerned that the GAO report is designed to conclude that OHV use is unmanageable by its very nature, and that prohibition is the preferred man-agement 'strategy,"' Mumm concluded. BRC applauds the Americans for Responsible Recreational Access, American Motorcyclist Association, Motorcycle Industry Council, National t:rattsman Jacks & Mount Kils • Secure mounting platform for racecar, pre-runner or chase vehicle • Self-latching quick-release system locks the Jack to the chassis • Spring loaded quick-release mount secures the Jack handle • Flat base increase jack's footprint and prevents the Jack from sinking in the sand ar silt Dusty Times Spring loaded qulck•re/ease mount 2 7'on Jack 2118.119 2 1'on lack Kit SIIO.SB 40B.30 4311.00 Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, Off-Road Business Associa-tion, Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association, Specialty Vehicle Institute of America and United Four Wheel Drive Associations for their involve-ment. BlueRibbon Coalition Applauds Idaho Congressman for Requesting Hearings on Children's OHV Ban Pocatello, Idaho (March 4) - The BlueRibbon Coalition applauded Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson for requesting hearings on the ban of children's off-highway vehicles and snowmobiles. Today, Congressman Simpson sent a letter to House Energy and Com-merce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman requesting an oversight hearing to explore the affects of certain mandates of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPISA) of 2008. Simpson is specifically con-cerned that the implementation of the bill has now banned the sales of children's off-highwayvehicles (OHVs). "This is welcome news, and we sincerely hope Chairman Waxman will grant Congressman Simpson's request," said Don Amador, BRe's Western Representative. Millions of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and thousands of powersports businesses have been requesting a withdrawal of the ban for weeks. BRC praised Con-gressman Simpson for the letter and also called on their members to con-tinue to press for a removal of the ban. Congressman Simpson's Letter to Chairman Waxman /Letter to Chairman Waxman re _CPSIA.pd OFF-ROAD BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, Inc. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BUREAU OF LAND MAN-AGEMENT (BLM) SOLICTING COMMENTS ON THE BEST April 2009 Wild wash ... from pag~ 37 still in second place, he was now six minutes behind the leader, Mark Slater re-mained in the third spot, another 20 some odd min-utes further back, Jeremy Deakins ran fourth, he was another two minutes back and six minutes later Kelly Essenwanger came along in the fifth spot. Fourth lap, final lap end-ed and when they came around for the checkered flag it was Greg Sunds tak-ing a very nice win, Mark Slater came in for the sil-ver medal, he was 11 some minutes behind the leader, Kelly Essenwanger took the third spot on the podium, she was 40 some minutes further back and Jere my Deakins was the fourth and final finisher, suffering a three hour lap on his last lap. Frank Vernola failed to complete his final lap. There was only one 1600 car entered, Jim Sizelove, he too had six laps to run for his race, he ran four laps in just a bit over an hour each, had a calamity on the fifth lap and never completed his sixth lap. Last, but certainly not least are the Trophy Light trucks, there were three of them entered. They had six laps to go for their race and only one of them would take the checkered flag. The class victory would go to Brian Roberts, his competition, Chad Gohrman and Daniel Nunley failed to start the race. And so it ended, foul weather, cold weather, not a lot of finishers but they were all out there giving it their all. See ya at the next one! IIQlU. Frank Vernola led Class 1400 for the first three laps, terminal problems on the last lap did him in, seen here f!yin' high. Page 47

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Good stuff Director Air Cleaners for Off-Road Racing. From Baja to Dakar. For a list of dealers visit our website at: JOHNCOOlEY •Race Cars • Prervnners •Dual Sports 10815 Wheatlands Avenue, Suite I• Santee, CA 92071 619.596.9841 • fax 619.596.2742 www.alumlcraft.lnfo Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roff Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 Phone: (714) 279-094 141,..--V V: r...,... John Baker l1oci! C:O'klrlrioot1J11 • Raoo~ lrQl'1$mM'-"'S • ,,::, rgOIS 15821 Qoho 5 :reet • Hon!inglon aod'l, CA 92649 Pflone. 7f4 ~l-,3061, • f'O>l. 114--892•6:MC g e,Mot spomne BRANDWOOD CARS Custom V~hicte Shifter for mid-engines and other applications o0Z-437-3:tD7 Do You Nee E :x: I? I'-iness ? ore all Adv11111agH: --• 51% inetHled flow. ~ • No oil r.ciulred on fdte< •lelM!ll. ...... .,.~ • Filter end caps are IT'achined . • Si:tea 12• or 1S' Lg s.n.» 1~1 • BIiiet mounti()g damps .. • No extemaJ welds. • Biller Oft ftood Pam _.....,..,, •• • Easy deaning Flnisl\. Air Filre<s. Spindles, Hubs 9>!1 i'•th~· ... · , , , s..u .... c.. 91011 Ph, (619)562-3◊71 fux: (619)562,0S92 Offroad to Street, Pr9runner to Race -Chait. OnlQn -Race Prep -All General Febricatfon ~., 17<4S9 U1•c St le HnperlaCAt2MI cancfdfabwo,uOeol.OOM S RACING Raceajr Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoei, Simpson tllower systems & cool boxes .1 ... 2 .. 700 70l lloollllllll ..__Dr.Chula Vleta, CA 111'1•• CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST, CHERRY VALLEY CA, 92223 PH#. (•lt)-Nl-8fl20 products in stock bee Proven Fabrication: Boatec F~ Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Course trucks B~ valves+tubes Paris-Dakar trucks Sway-bar Arms eaz -~-- ----~ QUALITY 111!:AOLDCK W!-'ltltLlil IIINCE 1989 111111 ..... f.Ul.lC. •011=~ 1 s •--1 611·• 1 7 " ~~ ... -ALL ALUMINUM 8£AOLOCK WHEELS ANO CONVERSIONS CHAMPION WHEEL CO, INC. 18537 COLLIIE:R (95 l) 471•21 83 LAKE £LBINCRE CA, 9253 I WWW.CHAMPIONWHEEL,CCM www 227 cane Pintoresco San aemente, CA 92672 FLOATER REAR ENOS• i-'RONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS • t<NOCK OF,F HUBS (805) 239--2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton. CA.9346S

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OFFICIAL IIACE FUEI.S FUEL OF NASCAR 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567 .9000 1ll02 t.ioOaw. 1111,ne, CA ~14 A~o<P.rl.l~S~·$, MatthewSdlt1IOlre M-MBaodA-~61~11 so.r-.C'ANO!ll Fu 61~1* Toll Free ~7-MOt MATTHEW@CUSTOMDECAL.COM Spffialiaig ia... ......... ew.,--.. aewt_. ........ . _..~ ..,.. _ _... KNlllec-~• .'DAVIS 949.244.1852 . flMllll:tJ --~ -~~. ,,.. . -~ ', 1·1 ;f" ///DEREK NYE __ / ~/ } ,,,,;i' -~ , r~ 755We$t__!t'Sl. UnlE Costa~Co92627 ~/ .. , • , 1t1: 9.q9,sqa.as33 1u: 949,s,,q ~ . __ c-malk deleknye l8110Lcom ;:: ;-,. Tnm &1111z r,:::I r:-::rx:v:n=::::::;:::;i~ • ' • ,pi)/ P1lv11lc l.llbcl,.:,.;,j,J~ Cuitam 81111 Oulgns . --1835 John Towers Ave. tA a c~. CA &2020 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 Eric f'techsig 76(:J-7 3~-9--1-7 .3 v.·mt' 7 · ·H·, i, ~ .\t ,1.;1. . (&19) 448-3932 Fax (619)448-3662 GREG QUINN CELL (562) 843-4355 (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 Ota PIIIFORIIAICB 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 {714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 We Ilse & recommtnd RA< IM, EN<,INE.\, 1 RAMiMI\\IOM ANI) OFfRO-Ul PART\ Stnd orcall for our new catalog SS.00 .., ~O~P.R~~ . · spo'7'..s Offroad • Race 9299 W. Olive Ste. 610 Peoria AZ 85345 Phone (623) 433-8643 Sand Car Parts Fax (623) 243-6368 e-mail: web: An Older Kid on e Block Off Road Racin hotography es, as required . Phone: 619-675-5 5 U.S. P.O. Box 120168 011 5a&646'i6B517 mx. San Diego CA 92112-0168 BRUCE FRALEY 702365.9055 ·--t wn.lilclsafc.CIII l·Nl-m·CS24 (818} 766·6134 (800) 800-6134 FAX (818}766-9397 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS: INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLL VWOOD, CA. 91601

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HLJSTLE~ concepT5 C., EAJA SHOP (mca 1967) ,:::u;:;;ac:::::liiiii Cl II i=5 ,:::»~ ~ c:::1L..J...1T1 Luc::u=u--. =~ Jene Rochipea PH· 7tc.e97.071>1 Fu:714-887.0758 114 N ,._ si. o..,...CA. 921167 www.l'.uslle, 951 245-6050 Fax: 951 245-6052 570Centnl AveK Like, CA 92530 P.O. Box 2496 Jefferies Racing Apple Valley, Ca. 92307 Darnen Jefferies Off-Road Race Prep & Fabrication Kevin Jensen Apple Valley, CA (760) 963-4206 Fax (760) 240-5083 Mike Julson 1M28 Wlleatlancla Court Santee. CA 92071 819-5183380 61M96-33Nfax .It ... ,....J1&0Z George Jimenez Se Hob/a Espaifo/ RACING ENGINB COMPlm ENGINES • PAATS & OYNO SEJ!VICE 535 E. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel: (714) 535.5116 Fax: (714) 535-5816 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner· I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Qualhy Racing Transaxles Mendeola Dealer · Off Road -Sand Specialist JOE GIFFIN (714) 632-1240 Fu (714) 632-1223 Email: jg1rans@pacbcll.ne1 www.JG" 306 I E. L:a Jolla St. •I Anabcim. California 92806 JON KINNE 520 Railroad St., Corona, CA 92882 Tel. 951-278-2233• Fax: 951-278-8335• C: 8 C: ::i N A • Custom Alternators • Complete Wiring • Custom Fab • Exhaust & Muffler • Prep & Finish Work Lonely Advertising Space Looking For Long Term Relationship Call <818> 882·DDD4 HONDA Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENIEAATOfl SPECIAUS1 Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3S32 £AST -'AD ST. LOS ANGELES. CA 90063 ART KAWAGUCHI Fax 323-2.U-2131 323-264-3936 Dare• Kreger PH: 714.289.9048 fl: 714.631.7854 1214 N. Parker Unli # 3 Oranoe. CA 92867 Alt N HBB production sizes in stock. 3/8" through 1-1/4" ,._ MJIIII Phone: (909) 985-1901 1259 w. 9th St. Fax; (909) 982-9777 Upland, Ca. 91786 POWER E STEERING THOMAS£LEE Engineering LEE MFG .. CO. 11'161 PENOlf'T(m&ffll:!T SUN ""-LEY, CA 91352 FAX (818) 788-21!117 (818) 788-0371 A fuU line of Powel'SINriftggean., pumpa and ~ lof any type of IIIC:ing. Milgnaflwl and lygki 1ac:llities available. •custoa1 a..a "Rac:ePrtp •Aluminum Wortc "Wtldlnt ·lllgnafka FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 . {619) 596-0886 Race Seats" Restraints• Storage Bags Window Nets• Limit Straps• Tie Downs 11433 Woodside Avenue• Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 619/449-9454 OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS 807 E. OrangethorpeAve. Ste.A ph 714-441-1212 Anaheim CA, 92801 fx 714-441-1622 r,16Tz>R~ ,IIEtVOEtJL,1 R,1tJE RE!it/lL[}s' tJERTlrlE[} ,1tJ/[}tJ ,ll,1~#,1rLt/X@ tJERTlrlE[} s'lltJT PEE/VI#~ 1695 CACTUS RD. T. (619) 710-8800 SAN DIEGO, CA 92154 F. (619) 710-1640

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ToddOW,., 1900 ComptonAve. Suite 101, Corooa, CA 92881 Phone (951)817-0101 Ext.156 619-562-5533 Off Road Fabria,fion and Design @.._..moseB!'i Functi<m/SfNngtlt/S<lfety/Pride • Sand Ccrs Mode by Htwl in t~ USA • Trucks •Roc.eCors -~ JOHN MOSELEY OWncr/FGbricator Z36 Jason Court CorollO. CA. 92879 951-272-3026 Fo.x 951-Z72-0n 6 • Rally Ccrs • Custom -.mosd,jlf,COIII •r.:J ,,, Jr.,'* •4,-;14 t••1,•,, • VDUR CDMPLl!TE IGNITION SOURCE ,r-.' '' • i , • • , • 1(1 f I',' , AUTDTAONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 14.'lCI HFN V U'4€NNAN DA. . L P AS(.), T X 7951::36 191S1asn,;•110 • r~r>11 1915111551123 •V1SITOUPW£8SHt wwwmsd,gn,t,on.<Ml OFF-ROAD RACE PREP Custom Fabrication F; --Mtg & Tig Welding .. Now Offering *" • Aluminum Body Work Off-R.oad & Sandcar Tire Mounting Chassis Setup Beadlocks, Tubes, Inner Liners Shock Tuning '----Tire Grooving _ WWW.MYERS.RACING.COM .... Myers Racing Mlft'TS • 15222 Connector Lane ff'! ~C"A ,J Huntmgton Beach, CA 92649 , ~ Tel: 714-a93-8106 Off . FaK: 714-a93-8123 • rv1ces ~OUR °ru"t:~,f-<Jijj_iiil,M-.,..__ Sizes to fit aost ATV ~!~~u I. AllTOMOTrvE applications Parts for. POLISHED l COLORED FINISHES SCALLOPED OR CONVENTIONAL Reinforcing Ring, Also Available Phone - {951) 364-8272 WWW .OMFPERFORMANCE. COJIJ Dune Buggy • Race car• VW Engine • SUbaru Engine Parts Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1-800-231-8156 2525 East 161h Street • Yuma, AZ 85365 928-783-6265 • Fax 928-783-1253 9SIJ60.S906 951.360.0436 f,x 3834 ~cker Drin Kiri lo1111, CA 91152 www.puktr,u11p, ForVeJYFew DoUars A Month Your lnc11 .-~ ~our Sales unch ~~ ~ ~ @I;:§ ~ ~ ~ @J@§Y!:, ~ ~~ ~ ~ rJENHfiD ASRICATION, INC 1660 8abcod:. 8uildlng 8 Costa Meso. CA 9'1.627 TEL 19491650-3035 FAX 194916~721 -.penlt• .,_,,,... (Jary (l'oweff Motorsports: Electrical Design & Manufacturing Since 1988 Ph: (949) 735-9039 Fax: (949) 459-008-Profi'ORMA A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class• lel:11 . Fu:11~ 14402 Boncf Court EJClfon,CAl2021 f.i.Pedormance EQ&ipment SUspension • Safety. [)rivelif)(J. Accffsolies (619) 691-9171 (619} 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX} 103 Press Lane, Suite 14 Chula V,sta. CA 91910 &-m81: tptOdf • APPAREL• ARTWORK • PERSONAL USE .6306 .02.33 .co~ Craig Stewart PhoM: 6~449•9728 f:a,a 61-~? t\7'1 C4I; 611)-T.26-8891 Fabrication & Race Preparation 9419 Abraham Way scmt ... CA ,:ion ,•.•-•.••,.t..t!e-.•r-rt,.'(Y-9'.' • .,,lm.~'-'n? c~s~rtu.<om SalN& Service PH: 714.880.8131 • fX: 714-880.3110 Tall free: 800.304.8128 101 5 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 9 2 8 3 1 will get vou In gear MHU1•rll#I 1.11•111.111111• lltll s ........ : ..,.., .. ~UH!♦-1-114 ........ ........ ...... .. u ...... lllU ttMIG

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~~ RANCHO DRIVETRAIN ENGINEERING Trophy Trucks Class-8 Trucks Class-7 Trucks Pre-Runners Tony Selva, Jr Short Course Trucks Dlfferentials '417,j() Enterprise Circle North Suite 106 Temecula, CA 92590 PHONE 951.296.6163 FACSIMILE 951.296.2236 w w R/D VE SPRINGS VALIIE TRMN PRooucrs • CusroNt HEAD Womc 7BO/S4S-4BSB • FAX 760/948-4856 IIVIN'Ml'.RDVALv.ESPRIIVG.COIVI R-5.balk- -'kl..-o/ .,~ ..,_ q~ 2000-:JJJOI • Pt-9 ~o1 ~'k/'-A Tatum Dislributor Specializing in OIi-Road Racing & Driving fot Over 21 Years Mig Welding • Tig Welding Upgrades & Repairs Baja-Proven E'quipmenl 5294 N. Casa Grande Hwy • Ste 102 Tucson, Az 85743 520-850-3693 fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. L~ METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angt-lcs, CA 90001 (32)) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 :ANl)BLAST-(lLAS BEAO-MA<J F.11 PAR"nCLE FLO Rf "E IN PEC110 MARK SMITH ~, SUSPENSION INNOVATION MOTORSPORTS INC. Tel:562.903.1625 Fax: 562. 777.2593 LARRY SMITH Tom McKenzie TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 ~'OB SITE Sl<,ijS • 8,\.'ltfERS • \WIOOW LflTEP.IM, • c.AA LffiEJIING • GAAPl!lCS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway C1rc!e • Ht1ntingt01 Beach CA 92'649 (714) 897-0075 • Fa, 17141 894-9567 • ECIAL.: ~RCC prep RACE CARS -TRUCKS • ~re-n.Kttners •Sam£ ~ars • ~Kstom fa6matiott 167 3 Parkside Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703 • SKspensiott Lip9r111les/Sesi1111, • Sltoc~ Z:N11,in11/n.e6Ni"'5 • e11,1Jine/?;r1111,smission Lip11rlllfes RACEFl.lB.S Paul Oil Company 1209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 P.O. Sox 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. 'WESTERN D IVISION Oakdale, Calltomia 95361 2180 Coll-ii• Drive • Lake H•vasu City • AL 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • HI Performance Converters Custom length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race• Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! ,. lno., OBA .... --•••'r . .,.,, Batteries • ~ec: kets • P, Cha • Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks r Carbon fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena \lista St. , ~•et Ca. 92543 Ph: 951-654-7334 fax; 951-654-2375 See a list of our prod~t our web site: I f&iilififiE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Variel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 Kevin Pirtle 22545 South Normandie Ave. Torrance, California 90501 (619) 596-8033 1000 W . Brad! y, Uni 0 I Cajon, C A 92020 Carlos Orozco Adam Wik SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OFTHE~ 994.1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To complete Engines 3265 W. Birtcher Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522

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5P£CIALIZ£D WIRING, COMMUNICATIONS, AND R£PAIRS FDR: Race Cars-T1rophY Trucks -Pre-runners Chase Vehlelas -Dual soon cars THINS '. ' MENDEOlA DISTRIBUTOR Performance Trans Off Road Street Trans Lorenzo Rodriguez World Leading Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer 11 Dakar Rally Victories 17 World Rally Victories 6 AMA MX/SX Championships Xtrac Inc 6183 West 80th Street Indianapolis IN 46278 (760) B03-69S5 Parts -Service • Transmissions - V.W. -Porsche Desert. Sand & Drag • • · email: %•,_.,.. Tel: (317) 472 2454 MARC WADDELL, PRESIDENT WIREFAB@BBCBLCBAL.NET 850 S. Alta Vista Avenue • Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 305-RACE (7223) • '383' Baja Class 1/10 sequential Transaxle Trophy Truck solutions available for Lead Customers ~~!!!, From & Rev Tralliftt(,_ • Splnciies Sutpfflsion Spteialist • Custom bee & Piay liif&Y Chum A-Ann front End$ • k..-it Ftoftl fftck For The Price Of A Phone Call And A Few Bucks A Month Your Ad could Be Here 9601 N. 21st Ot. Phoenix, AZ IS02t Jack Woods '92-242.0011 Fu 602•242-7283 818·882·0004 Blue Ribbon from page 48 IN THE DESERT 2009 TSCO "VEGAS TO RENO" RACE BAKERSFIELD, CA (February 28, 2009) In January, Casey Folks, Directorof the Best in The Desert Racing Association, announced that the official name of this year's race is TSCO "Vegas to Reno" -The Long Way ... and it's approximately 1000 miles. In 2008 the Best in The Desert (BITD) racing series saw increased en-tries and Casey wanted to rum up the heat on this year's event by lengthening the course. The event will run for a full three days with stops each night at "Camp Advenrure" where racers and their teams will be able to make repairs and adjustments to their vehicles in a controlled environment and have great bench racing opportunities. This is your oppornmity to make a difference. The Bl.M is soliciting scop-ing comments on the Environmental Analysis (EA) being prepared in order to issue a Special Recreation Permit for this event. Go to ORBA's website and download the template scoping letter, rewrite it on a different sheet of paper and send it in to the BLM. We want to let the BLM know that our community supports this race. The state of Nevada is a tourism-based economy which has historically included events such as this to attract people to the state and its rural com-munities. This fact, along with the increased popularity of this type of recreation, magnifies the need for this type of event. The amount of public lands with established roads and trails makes this state uniquely equipped to host events of this type. By allowing this race to occur it will be fulfilling the recreation needs of the area and at the same time bring badly need tourism dollars to the region SALE OF OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLES (OHV) MEANT FOR CHILDREN AGED 12 AND UNDER BANNED BY THE CONSUMER SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT(CPSIA) OF 2008 AS OF FEBRUARY 10, 2009 On August 14, 2008 Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA 2008. This piece of legislation includes a section that deals wit! the amount of lead that is allow: in products used by children un, 12 years of age. Certain parts of off -highway vehicle (OHV) cont more than is allowable by this nc law. These parts require a small, not unreasonable amount of lea! for example in battery terminals conduct electricity or tire valves air retention. ORBA is supportive of reducing ,, ned by 'P~t 7),,,. C\ass \ We carry a full line of V" --~ ~ KING OFF RrHTING ---------O FF -RO AD RACING SHOCKS FILTERMAG-~~~ Dusty Times April 2009 lead in products that truly preser risk to children. We also believe that exclusions should be made f parts that do not pose a rick to children, as is the case with youtl OHVs. Currently the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) have requested an exclusion, as is allowed in this law, for parts that are unlikely to harm children. Un-fortunately the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has yet to grant this exclusion and as a result powersports dealers currently have inventory in stock which possess no threat to children, and makes Continued on next page Page 53

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More Trail Notes From Page 7 CI.ASS 8 • 1. Dave Crinklaw, Reedley, Calif/ Mike Thurlow, Kingsburg, Calif., Ford F-150, 4:59:05 (46.62mph}; 2. Clyde Stacey, Bristol, Va/ Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn., Chevy Silverado, 6:23:23; 3. Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Ford F-150, 8:21:42. CI.ASS 9 -1. Daniel Reyes Jr., Calexico, Calif/ Julian Rivera, Indio, Calif/ Hector Ortega, Tijuana, Mexico, Venegas, 7: 16: 15 (31.96mph). CI.ASS 10 -1. Mike Lawrence, Banning, Calif./Blake Kirkpatrick, Hacienda Heights, Calif/ Joel Liska, Banning, Calif., Lothringer-VW, 4:54:43 (47.31mph); 2. Tito Robles/ Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico, Jimco-Honda, 5: 15:44; 3. Scott Gailey/ Scott Whipple, Norco, Calif., GET-VW, 6:20:30. SCORE LITE· 1. Rick St. John, Encinitas, Calif./ Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., Duvel, 4:54:48 (47.30mph); 2. Brent Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif./Brian Burgess, Riverside, Calif., Molton, 5:47:00. CI.ASS 11 -1. Eric Solorzano, Tijuana, Mexico, 9:11:15 (25.30mph). STOCK MINI • 1. Gavin Skilton, Anaheim, Calif/ Vlad Chioreanu, Santa Monica, Calif., Honda Ridgeline, 8:40:20 (26.80mph). PROTRUCK-1. Max Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./ Alex Zachary, San Jacinto, Calif., Ford F-150, 5:26:25 (4 2. 72mph) OVERALL SPT CAR- Peter Lang/Frans De Kock/ferry Cotter, Santa Rosa, Calif., Homebuilt-Chevy, 7:01:15 (33.10mph) Classified ... BITD VEGAS To RENO ls COMING -It will be the greatest long-distance off-road event in this decade on U.S. soil. Casey Folks, Director of Best in the Desert, today announced that the plans are firming up for what is being billed as the greatest long-distance off.road event in this decade on U. S. soil. The latest news is Folks has received initial approval from the BLM for the entire course, which ends at the Dayton Events center in Dayton, Nevada, outside of Reno, Nevada. Racers are being encouraged to sign-up early using the letter of intent from the Best in the Desert website to receive a Best in the Desert early sign-up bonus of a special gift that is bound to be put to good use by every racer. Limited supplies are available, so racers and their teams are recommended to sign up now. Casey went on to comment, "With stops each night at "Camp Adventure", racers and their teams will have the opportunity to make repairs and adjustments to their vehicles -in a controlled environment. They'll also have great bench-racing opportunities, maybe even make some new friends, and I feel this is something the racing community will enjoy. The work area is a big part of the experience" The first day, racers will run 330 miles and stop for the night at Tonopah, Nevada. The second day the course is 356 miles, with an overnighter at Hawthorne, Nevada. The last leg runs 300 miles and ends in Reno, Nevada. Each of the nights at "Camp Adventure" will offer the opportunity to make some repairs, strategize for the next day's route, and set the racer's minds at rest ... if they can get some sleep! With the night's action including live music, a beer garden featuring both hops and root style, these nights will go down in off.road racing history as some of the best. The adventure in your race vehicle at this event will be a life-changing experience you will never forget. The question is, are you and your team ready for the challenge? Schedule: Time Trials Tuesday August 18, 2009 in Las Vegas, Contingency/Tech Wednesday August 19, 2009, Race Day 1 Thursday August 20, 2009 Vegas to Tonopah, Race Day 2 Friday August 21, 2009 Tonopah to Hawthorne, Race Day 3 Saturday August 22, 2009 Hawthorne to Reno, Awards - Reno, Sunday August 23, 2009. More details will be forthcoming soon, watch the Best in the Desert website for the latest information. Further information is available from:, email: phone: (702) 457-5775. TITLE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE Don Fall or Russ Turner, 619/258-6225 Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for informa-tion before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: Class 18 Fresh Build in '08, Score tagged, less than 200 miles on Yamaha 1200cc motor, 5 speed Transworks drive train, King suspension, Momo steering, Wilwood brakes, Ump filter, Spin Tech exhaust, Jaz Fuel Cell, PWR radiator, Parker Pumper, (2) Op-tima batteries, HDI & Hella lights, Lowrance GPS, !com radio, Hella Horns, PRP Seats, Mastercraft and Crow Safety nets, Crow 5 point harness, (6) ITP Wheels, (6) Super Swamper Tires, over $72,000.00 in car with receipts. Very fast! Great Jumper! No expense Spared. Ready to Race! Serious Buyers Only! $49,999.00. Mark Page (615) 293-1381. ORBA from previous page LUCAS OIL OFF ROAD RACING SERIES -An agreement has been reached many youth vehicles unavailable to between Team Associated/ and Lucas Oil Products Inc. sell. This puts an undue financial to make Team Associated/RC the official R/C Car of the strain on industry that is already Lucas Oil Off Road Series. "This is a very exciting time for everyone at struggling. Team Associated/ We are honored to be named the official ORBA urges its members and all R/C car company of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Our goal OHV enthusiasts to contact their FOR SALE: Wylie Racing Class 8 with Trophy truck abilities. "Fran-kenstein" 2004 and 2005 SCORE Class 8 points champion 2 motors, Fox shocks, Chrisman diffWalker Wheels, 37" BFG Tires, Dual GPS's 77 gallon Fuel Safe. Ready to dominate $175,000.00. Todd. (602) 463-0936. FOR SALE: Scott Taylors Built and Championship winning Pro-2 Mike Johnson won pro-2 rookie of the year 2008, in this truck that finished every lap of every race in 2008. 1" place in GP2@ RJGP. The truck is sorted out, reliable. 2 Fresh Kroyer 440 cubic inch 890 HP 660 Ft/lbs, spare new carburetor by Kroyer, 3 Stoney transmissions with converters, 3 complete Third members, 4 extra sets of 6:20 gears, spare set of axles, spare drive shaft, 2 spare uprights, set of lower arms, 3 tie rods. Truck was completely re-plumed and rewired for 2008, new headers, radiators, fans, Howe steering and many sets of wheels and tires . This truck would be a front runner in Tore or the Lucas oil Pro 2 classes. Billy Hammon (310) 386-9988. FOR SALE: 2004 Bunderson Class 1/1500, 400 C.U. Chevy, Albins sequential 5 speed, King Shocks, TCS Converter & ax-les, 2006 BITD Overall Champ, 2008 SCORE Overall Champ, $125,000.00. Call Butch (702) 873-1962. FOR SALE: 2004 Truggy PreRun-ner or Dune toy. Fresh GM224 350 ci motor, 355 hp, fresh turo 400, King Shocks, new 35" Baja TA's and a set of smoothies and paddles for the dunes flatbed trailer included. $24,000.00. Todd (602) 463-0936. 1994/2004 Ford Bronco Pre-Runner, Solo twin trac-tion beam, warn hubs, cone rear end, engine is caged, King shocks, Deaver springs, Mastercraft seats, PCI radio & intercom, chromoly bumpers, K & N, Boria, 6" fiber-glass front fenders, 33" BFG A/f Street legal $12, 500.00 (530) 401-5646. in joining forces with Team Lucas is to partner with a premium racing respective Members of Congress to I■■~ FOR SALE: 5-1600 SCORE organization that shares our uncompromising commitment to the highest request their support for the request Legal, Jimco chassis, fresh Wiks level of excellence. With this partnership we look forward to increasing for exclusion currently before the FOR SALE: Class One 2 seat engine, Fresh tranny, new disc the brand awareness of Team Associated/ RC within the vast group CPSC. Without government action Race Ready, A-Arm, fuel safe, brakes front and rear, new CVs, of off road racing fans. After all, we are passionate racing fans ourselves, parents will not be able to buy the CNC, Beard, 35 BFG's, 4 wheel new axles, new front springs, & all and working with Team Lucas is a natural fit." For more information on appropriate sized OHV for their disc, Y-6 injected, pumpers, Sway-the normal stuff, Centerlines, BFG the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and Team Associated please visit children. Visit the MIC website for a-Ways, Windshield, street legal in tires, Fuel Cell ect, $ 17,500.00 more information. Arizona. John @ (602) 694-2652. .._(6_1_9._) _50_4.;..•_53_8_6_. _____ _ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. _______________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Enclosed is $ Name Address ----------------------------------------City----------------------------------------------------------------State _______ Zip ______________ Phone __________________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 2076] Plummer Street C hatsworth, CA 91311 DUG5Y5ilBG 2009-10 ISSUE DEADLINE April09 March 13, 09 May09 April 10,09 June 09 May8,09 July09 June 19, 09 August09 July 17, 09 September 09 August 14, 09 October 09 September 11, 09 November 09 October 16, 09 December 09 November 13, 09 January 10 December 11, 09 February 10 January 9, 10 March 10 February 19, 10 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 54 April 2009 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 90 Ranger Auto Fab Rad. Arms & Beams, National Springs, Dual Rancho BFG, Ameri-can Racing, AR-23 8.8 456 Strange PIM, paint by PPG "Rough Riders Support" 5 pt harness & seats. See Off Road Mag issue 9-09 vol. 39 #9 $4,000.00. OBO (909) 466-0905. FOR SALE: 1973 Land Cruiser. Lots of custom work, TPI 305 engine, T400 Detroit locker, Disc brakes, ARF Air locker with HD Birfields, disc brakes. High Steer Power Steering, Tilt/telescope colum, 50 gallon fuel tank. Wheel base has been lengthened 12 inches and is Deaver Springs front and rear. Body has been stretched to match wheel base and the sheet metal work is awesome. Comes with hard top and doors. Still needs wiring and cage work and plumbing $8,000.00. Call Larry @ (805) 797-4773. FOR SALE: 2006 1-2 1600 car built by KAT Metal Worx, very low time raced only 4 times, Wiks motor, King shocks, disc brakes, Artigas Racing trans, BTR Beadlock wheels, Beard Seats, Call Bill Clarey for de-tails. 20' trailer included w/ car, can be purchased separately. (206) 422-4060. FOR SALE: 1990 Ford Bron-co 4x4, less than 30,000 miles Ford Factory V8-351, new transmission-auto, Currie Transaxle rear end, National Spring-New, Interior built Ins: Roadmaster Race Radio, Lowrance OPS system, Satel-lite phone systems, Custom Center Console, Stereo & CD player, Custom Seat, 5 tires, Rim 35x12.5 BFG Baja TA, Custom Shock Hoops-Front King Shocks, Roll cage in back-Custom Made, 2 Tire Mounts inside-plus Tie downs for Pit Boxes, Custom Front Bumper & Skid plate, PIAA lights plus Trailer Receiving Hitch for Wench. Excellent condition $18,000.00 OBO. Will email photos on request. Michael James-cell (619) 985-2198-home (619) 445-5142. 1/!!ll!!F Dusty Times FOR SALE: Wyllie Racing Pro2 Chevy, ProPower 434 ci 800 + Hp, Fox shocx, tube-works differential, C & C calipers, KMC wheels, Howe Steering, Mastercraft Seat. Daily oil pump, Probst built for 2006 season, Tig welded, Lots of spares, ready to race. $150,000.00 Complete. Less motor?? Call Todd. (602) 463-0936. FOR SALE: Class 5 Baja Bug PreRunner. Fox By-pass shocks with coilovers, 4 wheel disc brakes, fresh Major Perfor-mance 2332cc engine with JG Transwerks bus box. Ken-wood 2 way radio with PCI intercom. Spares, CA lie. Economical, fun desert car. Trailer Included. $15,000.00 Call Tom (714) 742-1418. FOR SALE: Pre-Runner to Buy. Foddrill 3-4 seat street legal Reg-istered in Texas, LS6 pump gas 400hp, Fortin w/converter, Fox shocks coil over and by-pass, VDO, Howe, WR coolers, 50 gal cell, Mastercraft, BF on JJ wheels, Pro Am hubs and brakes, Roof rack w/ light bar, Race radio w/carbon fi-ber head sets, XM radio w/ external speakers, OPS, ODO shows 546 miscarbon fiber dash, windshield, a set of spare tires w/wheels, a set of sand tires w/wheels, chase box, spare parts, single axle open trailer inc. $119,000.00Negotiable. Cesar Fuentes (915) 726-3823 afuentes@ FOR SALE: Supper Buggy, Fresh engine & trans. Ready to race, C & R radiator, CNC pedals, Wilwood brakes, new seat & belts, Flame Out extinguisher, power steering, Fox Shocks, nine Centerline Wheels, Fourteen tires, NEW Body. Lots of spare parts. $20,000.00.(408) 847-7159. A Note On Photos: For the best reproduction of your ad's photograph it is best if you allow Dusty Times to size and crop the photo. To allow sufficient space for us to display your vehicle in the most effective manner it is suggested that the object you are advertising occupy no more than 7 5% of the space in the photograph. To achieve the highest quality in your photograph you should not provide Xerox copies, photo prints in less than 600dpi if com-puter generated, or photographs already printed as halftones. It is always best to provide an actual photograph or a digital photograph printed on photo quality paper with a photo printer, not smaller than 4x3" in size. We also accept digital imagery on compact disc in jpg, tif, and pdf formats. Your photograph, regardless of the media, should never be folded as it is impossible to remove the line created by the fold. Adding a piece of stiff cardboard or heavy cover quality paper with your photograph will help to protect it in it's journey to our offices. The higher quality the original photograph is, the better it will appear in your ad. l'lred OI ,, .,,, vacation rentals available in the exclusive Indian Wells country Club in the sunny Palm Springs area of southern California. Two or three bedrooms, furnished for your complete Felaxation, and, if you are a glutton for punt shment, play golf on either of two beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phones calls (USA) Included. Starting at $4,500 in season (January thru April) or $2,300 per month out of season. Call (760) 345-6124 April 2009 FOR SALE: Lovely 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home in Salome, AZ, built in 1994 includes custom oak cabinets, large patio area & 2 full RV hook-ups. This prop-erty also includes a large shop built in 1998 (32'x40'x14') & an extra vacant lot. Plenty of parking for friends & family. Asking $190,000.00. Contact Sarah Bolton @ (360)595-0120. VICTORVILLE SHOP FOR LEASE: 1700 SQ FT, Big door, Bathroom, office, $780.00 month. (760) 949-7797. Dennis-2 units available. VACATION RENTAL Vacation Rental in the Exclusive Indian Wells Country Club in the Sunny Palm Springs area of Southern Caifornia! 2 ot 3 bedroom furninshed for your complete relaxation and if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on 1 or both of the beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phhone calls (USA) included. Starting at $4,500.00 in season Qan, Feb, March, April) or $2,300.00 per month not in season. Call (760) 345-6124. INDb.X TO AD\/b.QTl6b.Q6 Baker Precision Racing Pnm:ts. ......... 39 Bomevle Off Road Entoosiasts .......... 33 BTR Racing VI/heels ...................... 3/ Brake Man. ............................... 41 Butch's Speed Shop ...................... 53 Dass 1 Jmco Miliilln .................. 46 Fortin Racing Prooocts ..................... 2 Fuel Safe Racing Cels .................... 47 Kar T ek Off Road ......................... 10 KC HiLites ....................... Back Cover King Off.&ad Racing Shocks ......... 13, 19 Mastercraft Seats ........................ 'II McKenzie's Pertonnance Prooocts ....... 11 MOR King of the Desert/ Ridgea est 2(1) ........................ 36 MORE Oayl'Nvrt 500 Dass 9 ............. 25 Off Road Poker RIil ....................... 31 Off Road Warehouse. ..................... 29 Pa Race Racios ........................... 5 Racer X Motorsports. ..................... 28 Race Ready Prooocts ..................... 45 Robby Gonion Off Road ................... 44 Ronco Plastics ............................ 46 Skyjacker Suspensions ................... 42 SNORE Caliente .......................... 21 Soltek ~Systems .................. 17 South Poirt Casino ........................ 9 Stewart Raceworb ..................... 47 Transaxle Engineering ......... 35 Vacation Rentals .......................... 55 VP Racing Fuels. .......................... 43 Page 55

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-- ----The KC Motorsports Assault Group is made up of some of the top desert racers In the country Including Desert Assassins Cameron and Heidi Steele, G&R Racing, Camburg Racing and many more. They're attacking this year's Best In The Desert, SCORE and SNORE races In the deserts of the Southwest U.S. and Baja, equipped with a full arsenal of KC HiLiTES, including the ultra powerful KC-POU'. And now you can catch the ~..., wild racing action and rock crawling on the exciting new KC HiLiTES "OFFROAD JOURNEY" DVD at a special online discount price for a limited time.