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2009 Volume 26 Number 12 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 28 • NUIIIINIP 12 • Decamber 2009 $2.50 ·--750-1752 ·~··(:-~f;· ; •'i ,. Ii • ..-.: f, ... ceteb,at'ing ou, 26~h Yea, OF se,viee To The OFF Road communi~ covering the world of competition in the dirt •••

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Page2 December 2009 ~~~-· .................... zitillil CJ 0JlTij . -rm 'iJ0Tim . - - . .............. ~ 909-880-3090 5 mi. north of San Bernardino Palm exit off 1-215 freeway go west Dusty Times I'

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'I Volume 26 - Number 12 December 2009 DIBliJli,IDIBB Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor-Judy Smith· • , Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Mike Del Col • Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton VictorGazca Martin Holmes RodKoch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham ,B.O.R . .E. .-...,a..-~ll-• · '¢..7 · Serles •. ~ ~~ -. . ·-· SubscriptiQ.n Rates, $25.00 per year, 12 issues, VSA, Foreign - Subscription rates ori tequest. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Uns9licited material will be returned only by request and with a -self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS, Four weeks notice is required for · change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH ••• 1982 SNORE 250, guess what? Rob MacCachren is shown here on his way to the Limited 1600 class win, so what's new? DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. 1.n This Issue ... FEATURES MORE Powder Puff by Steve Ruddick ........................................................... 8 Rally Catalunya by Martin Holmes ............................................................... 16 Traxxis TORC At Perris by J Preston Bradshaw ............................................ 20 SNORE 250 by John Calvin & Mary Cossey .................................................. 22 MDR Superstition 250 by J Preston Brddshaw ............................................. 28 Kartek Open House by Rod Koch ................................................................ 34 VORRA Prairie City Fall Special by Troy Robinson ..................................... 36 Ojibwe Forests Rally by Jerry Winker ........................................................... 39 DEPARTMENTS Happenings : .... : .. : ................................. .' ......................................................... 5 Trail Notes ...................................................................................................... 6 Good Stuff Directory ........... ; ...................................................................... 42 Classified Ads .............................................................................................. 46 Index To Advertis~r:s ...... : ............................................................................. 47 ON THE COVl!R Lori Robinson was the big winner at the MORE Powder Puff race, 1st overall! She had a fun race in the big red truck, here heading for the Checkers. . Phot.o by Tracksule Phot.o Taking the gold medal in the 1/2-1600 at the MORE Powder Puff race was Las Vegas' own Day Gang, Day had a great race, no problems during the run and a bit over a 43 mph average for the day. Phot.o by Trackside Phot.o Visit Our Website at Sad,4,e,,e,td-e 7fUUU/ to, DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! -$25.00 □ 1 year .□ 2 years □ 3 years --$40.00 $55.00 (to subscribe online go to □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ______________________ _ Address-------------------'-----City ______________________ _ State. _______________ Zip ______ _ Primary Interest Cars O Trucks O Motorcycles 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CK913lr Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US n Overseas subscription·r~re~ upon req_u'est-:-... -• - . .. .· -· ... . Dusty Times December 2009 Page3

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~1"'11.1-.--rtr."~ tnctudu For Nearly 40%LESS than the Cost of the HID KC-POU The incredible 70 Watt HID Kc· POlr now has a cousin ••• the new 130 Watt HALOGEN KC-POlr Same distinctive looking 7-1/4" diameter high strength, weight saving 100% Carbon Fiber housing. Same computer designed multi-surface reflector. Same virtually unbreakable hard coated Lexan• lens. Super bright 130 watt halogen bulb and over 370,000 candlepower. Plus, if you feel the urge down the road, it's fully upgradable to the HID model. Just change out the bulb, add the starter, the ballast, and presto ... a 70 watt HID KC-POD•. FREE SHIPPING Regularly $24 95 Get the exciting KC HILITES _.__., · "OFFROAD JOURNEY" DVD Part No. 9640 -130W Halogen KC-POD" Long Range Part No. 9641 -130w Halogen KC-POD" Driving now at a special, limited 99DVD at checkout time, onllne discount price. W/31/Zlln T

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11 2009-2010 Happenings ... WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison CounlJ Fair Grounds. Cadit. OH Cum AuroMovrusTicA SAN QuINriN CODE OFFRoAD MADERO 621-A MEXICALI, MEXICO 21100 760-455-6069 USA 011-52-686-553-4087 MEXICO Aug 1-2, 2009 ORW Gran Prix Jacume, Tecate, B.C. December 3-S, 2010 Race Ready Mexicali-San Felipe, B.C., MX COLORADO IIn.L CLIMB ASSOCIATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PREs!DENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.OBox8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, co 80933 (719) 653-6449 lOK FoUR WHl!l!LERS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (AU ewnts staged at the club grounds in Cla.oes. Ohio) 4x4 FoREVER, LTD. 1665 DELAWARE ST. 0sHKOSH, WI 54901 AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 Sourn POINTE C!Rcu, SurlE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) ~98-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E Mail: AMERICAN 'fRIALs AssoclADON AMA Obsmied Trials Southern California Championship Series BILL MAlucuM • PilEsIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE· (714) 562-7742 E MAIL: BMARK909@AOLCOM <> AsoclACION EsTATAL DE AuroMOVWSMO SAM I..AsELL, TECH INsPEC'IOll AP1o42 · SAN Jos~ DEL CABo BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUL Mmaoo AUSTRALIAN OFF lt<>AD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMnH 19 SoMERS ST. CAsHMERE, QUEENSLAND, · 4500, AUSTIW.IA DUSTY TIMES @bigpo~oom AurOCROSS QumEC On RoAD ~ 10 CARS <>NU' RENALD V AILLANCOUlrr 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANAD.\ H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 lAKEsmE, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Raas AU Races At Barona Raceu.a,, ~ CA BBM MAllKETING PROIIOIIONS Off Road Short Coune llacms A Special Event Markdinc NORCO, CA 92860 e-mail bbmracing@aoloom (909) 815-5811 BEST IN THE DF.Smr 3475 BoULDER HIGHWAY LAs VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457:577 5/FAX: 702-641-2431 Motorcycle/Quad/ A1V December 4-6, 2009 Fabtech Henderson Desert Classic Henderson, NV Cars/Trucks BORE Racing BP MoroRSPORTS P.O. Box411 WOODLAND Hll.LS, CA 91365 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 816-348-4648 E-Mail: All Eiletlts At California Cir:,, CA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGIITON, OITTARIO, CANAD.\ KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAx (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CLUB AuroMOVD.ISTA JuAllENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP 0FF-RoAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAsT EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GAROA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENJES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <www.Califomiarallyseries.oom> CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SoUTH DAKorA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMs (P1wrs AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING AssOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box332 FAIR HAVEN, vr 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINER= CALLE 6TA FRACC Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXico HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) Cum AuroMOVD.ISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MoTOSPORT Cum P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 Dec 4-6, 2009 Race Ready 275 Mexicali-San Felipe, B.C. February 12-14, 2010 Casas Geo Gran Prix Mexicali B.C., MX April 16-18, 2010 San Felipe 200 San Felipe B.C., MX May 21-2, 2010 Vw Autopartes 250 Mexicali B.C., MX July 16-18, 2010 Orw Gran Prix Tecate B.C., MX October 1-3, 2010 Mexicana Logistics 300 Mexicali, B.C., MX CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORRSEIUES 270 NEWPORT CENTER DR., Sum 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866-501-CORR CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 C1ntinue• en ,,,, 8 Fiberglass Body Panels Long Travel & Lift Kits Disc Brake Kits Fenders, hoods, doors, bedsides, & dashes for trucks, baja bugs, Trophy Karts, UTV's. -Motor & Gear OH -Additives -Power Steering Fluid -011 & Air FIiters -CV Grease -Brake Fluid -And Much More! Suspension kits from Blitzkrieg, CST, Camburg, ICON, Total Chaos, & Mazzulla. '} -Seals -Shock Bodies KINS <>FF •~ono f<C:,RCINCii ~t•o<: l<S. Built to order Wilwood, CNC & ProAm kits. · · -Hub Bearings & Seals -Bearing Housing Assemblies -Spindle Bearings Axle & CV Components Heims, Bungs, & Spacers Tires & Wheels -300M Solid & Gundrilled Axles -Type II, 930, 934, CVs -Single & Double Boots Systems -Helms & Rod Ends -Standard & HI-Mis Spacers -Threaded Round & Square Bungs -Uniballs Tires from MIT, Yokohama, Toyo, & Sand Tires Unlimited with a wide selection of beadlock wheels available. .. Dusty Times December 2009 Pages

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Trail Notes-.~-M.O.R.E. GIVES l.oTS OF$ To FIGHT CANCER-Once again, the M.O.R.E. Powder Puff race was a whopping suGcess. A big part of the entry fee goes to the Womans Cancer Research Institute of Cedars Sinai Hospital, searching for the cure of breast cancer. This year Jim and his troops ·at M.O.R.E. donated $110,125 to the institute. That is certainly a worthy cause and the donation was absolutely most generous. Congrats to all involved. NEW BITD OFFICIAL TIRE -In a joint announcement at the Off-Road Expo in Pomona, California, Casey Folks, Director of Best in the Desert racing association, and Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire, made the exciting news of General Tire being named Official Tire of Best in the Desert series for three years, starting with the 2010 season. "General Tires have thundered through some of the toughest, most exciting desert racing events under the Best in the Desert banner. We are looking forward to a solid partnership," said Travis Roffler, "With General becoming the official tire of Best In The Desert, this again proves General Tire's brand commitment to the off-road community and our continuation to push the envelope in this industry." Casey Folks commented, "We are very enthusiastic to have General Tire on-board as Official Tire Sponsor of our series. Their wide-reaching dealer network and ability to activate their sponsorship will be substantial for both General Tire and Best in the Desert." Folks went on to comment, "Best in the Desert racing is unlike any other form of motorsports, and is truly a test of man and machine, and tires are a critical component. General Tire's newest offerings are proven by leading competitors like B.J. Baldwin, Rick D. Johnson, Kent Kroeker, Ricky Johnson and scores of others. General Tires' commitment to the sport through Best in the Desert will be strong for all competitors." Best in the Desert racing offers to racers, fans and the thousands of spectators that line the course, the opportunity to experience one of the truly unique adventures of their lives. One of the best parts about a Best in the Desert race is it's free to watch. No charge to wander the pits, experience the exci~ement of contingency row, manufacturer's displays and the chance to be in the action at many of the pits as many are easily accessed from major highways, and do not require a pit pass. Next race up for Best in the Desert is the Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic December 3-6, 2009. MIDWEST SPORTSMAN OFF ROAD RACERS UNITE! After a race season that saw racer participation drop significantly over the previous· season, a group ofMidweyt drivers have come together to form an association to bring the sidelined competitors back to the track. The group known as, Midwest Off Road Racing (MORR), has one mission: To provide affordable racing for the Midwest sportsman off road racer, while creating a series of weekend events that allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy their favorite summer time sport seven to eight times per season. Our mission is to bring this to reality beginning in 2010, and that this unique form of motorsport is alive and well for years to come. The concept of this group began after a stand alone short course event was held in Weyauwega, Wisconsin. Thanks to the support of racers, team members, and fans at this event, the racing program was successful. Nearly 100 racers and their crews came out to support an independent Sportsman only event. "After Weyauwega, a group of us knew what needed to happen to get more of our racers back to the track," noted veteran off-road racer Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. "Obviously, our nation's economy caused some of the reduced turnout, but there were other factors as well. Our goal is to make it more affordable for the racers, while increasing the number of races offered to the Sportsman. This will not happen overnight, but if steps are continually taken at a reasonable pace, our goals will be achieved. Some of the initial communication between the parties has already started." MORR is designed to give. the sportsman off-road racer one large voice to express their concerns with the current and future promoters, sanctioning bodies, and track owners of this sport. The concept will strengthen current relationships within the industry and allow our members to compete in a true championship season. Please visit our website, HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" www.midwest-offroadracin~. i;om for more information. Please show your support by adding your name to the HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" l).e.tition. When new informatictn, including membership is available, it will be posted on the website and emailed to those that have contacted MORR. Look for an announcement regarding a general meeting, open to the public, sometime after the first of the year. You can also communicate with the group via email: HYPERLINK "" MASTERCRAFT - Mastercraft Safety is unveiling a new line of race suits at the 2009 SEMA show. Expanding upon the already extensive line of safety and race-related products, Mastercraft Safety is introducing an all new line of SFI 3.2Nl and SFI 3.2N5 race suits at the 2009 SEMA show. Available in a single layer fire-resistant cotton or double layer Nomex material, the Signature and custom line of race suits by Mastercraft Safety are specifically designed for the unique conditions inherent to off-road racing. Contact Mastercraft at 1-800-565-4042. FINAL FLAG - 'Big John' Gerdes passed away with his family by his side August 28th, 2009. John and Tom Haliburda began their off-road racing careers with the drop of the green flag for the 1971 Baja 1000. They built the 1955 Ford race truck in six weeks, were charter ~embers of FA.LR., and the rest is history. A true pioneer of our sport, to my surprise I found out that my father, who had never raced before, came up with the idea to start off-road racing. I always thought it was his 'respectfully crazy' friend Tom that got my dad into this. Like Mutt and Jeff, if you know Tom, you know my father. A lot of you know my dad. He's helped a lot of you out in the desert for many years, and loved every bit of it. Big John hung up his helmet in 1989, and has passed the racing legacy to his sons and grandchildren. Decades ago he helped to start our sport of off-road racing. Thanks Dad, 'Big John'. The off.road tradition carries on. Survived by his wife of 53 years, Florence, sons, John and Dennis, daughter, Marie, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, Big John Gerdes crossed the finish line a winner. Know and loved by many, John's presence will be missed. BOBBY FERRO - Had a phone call the other day inquiring as to the whereabouts of Bobby Ferro. You remember Ferro, he was the guy always winning a bunch of races a long time ago. If you know where Bobby can be reached please call Page 6 1-800-42 CORVA Exr 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 CRS CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <www, These are the events requesting inclu.sion that ha~e been presented to the CRS Board of Governors. The final Rally Champion.ship will be a subset of these events. Also CRS Moto Champion.ship December 5,.2009 Phoenix Rally (2) Phoenix, AZ D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston Count:, ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY· DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE AoVE1'm.JRES 455 E. OcEAN BLVD., Sum 208 l.oNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATUR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE Curn DECATUR, TX 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MoTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208' EAsrmN Off-ROAD RACING AssN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 ENSENADA BAJA OFF ROAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0ll-52-646-1818989 ELisio 0ll-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for buggys & Motorcycles EsTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA C;\LlFOKNIA, MEXICO 0ll-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FLORIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S ASSOCIATION JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, May, Noo at Davidson Raceway ·FuoPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRJVE s. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX GENERAL TIRE TROPHYLITE SERIES DRJVE RACING ORGANIZATION 760-352-6020 Las Vegas, NV December 4-6, 2009 BlTD Henderson Fabtecf\ Classic Henderson, NV • GLEN HELEN OFF-ROAD SHORT COURSE SERIES Short course, stadium and desert race classes GLEN HELEN BAJA CUP. CHALLENGE SERIES Desert race classes December 12, 2009 Round #4 GORRA GEORGIA OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 420 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 OPORRA GREAT PLANEs OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 SCOTT MORROW (816) 792-2126 (All races are short course, stadium scyle Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck December 2009 T Nebra.ska Raceway Park, Exit 420 on I-80 Barstow "B" (D~uble Pts), CA 2010 Suf!_erstition Chambionshit!_ Series between Omaha and Lincoln.) Location -Plaster Cit:,- West/ East For latest info check February 20, 2010 <> The Fud HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING April 24, 2010 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B King Of The Desert ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 June 12, 2010 303-806-8062/ 303-781-0974 fax Coyote Wash -Night Race - Double Pts October 16, 2010 INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING Superstition ASSOCIATION November 26-28, 2010 P.O. Box 8105 Sprint 2 The Dash ST. PAUL, MN 55108 December 31, 2010 STEVE BEDDOR The Dash (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 M.O.R.E. INTER-SHows MoTORSPORTS MoJA VE OFF RoAD RACING PRoMoTioNs, INc. ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 2910 P.O. Box 1231 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 BARSTOW, CA 92312 (949) 582-2371 760-253-4453 ]EEPSPEED Barstow, CA 1826 N. WINDES Septl2,2009 Orange, CA 92869 250Miles 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 Lucerne,CA All races for Jeepspeed 1,2 & 3 Oct 4, 2009 KAMLooPS OFF RoAD RAcING 4th Annual Powder Puff Barstow, CA Whispering Pines Sports Dec 5, 2009 & Recreation Center Toys For Tots Holiday 200 l<AMLOOPS, BC, CANADA Barstow, CA Mike Strange (250) 573-4003 MicmGAN SPORT BuGGY ASSOCIATION LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & DAVE BARRET 0FFROAD EXPO 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. (626) 961-3782 FLINT, ML 48506 _ <> (810) 730-9221 <> MoTOWEST WINTFJt 1'RIALs SERIES L.I.T.R.E. BILL MARKliAM )EFF ELROD (909) 860-1857 (408) 926-0522 . <> J1MARUTA All events at Perris Raceway (408) 247-4402 (At Reed Valley with a school) LOORRS NATIONAL Mun RACING AssN. LUCAS On. RT. #1.-Box 380 OFF ROAD RACING SERIES DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN December 11-12, 2009 PALATKA, FL-32177 The Lucas Oil Challenge Cup (904) 325-5422 Lake Elsinore, CA NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK AssN. MAMARRrrA OFF RoAD RACING Butch Chapin Motorspom Promo-Luis CARLos ALvruzo tions PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 1404 EAsr 3RD STI\EET Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 011-52-1637-1799 (612) 437-2459 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS NOORA ,1 Dune Buggy Trade Show NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD (517) 543-7214 RACING AssN. <> GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 MicmGAN OFF RoAD E-MAIL <> CHAMPIONSmPS Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. (Spring Valley Raceway, on rour.e 518, 20 15529 )ONES ROAD minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots only Spring Valley) MAORA NORRA MID-AMERICA NATIONAL OFF ROAD OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION RACING AssOCIATION P.O. Box664 GREENUP, IL 62428 (661) 268-1232 (217) 961-1318 OFFRoADExPO E-MAIL: SPIN CoMMUNICATIONS <> (415) 380:3890 MDR PRODUCTIONS OFF-ROAD RACING SERIES OFF ROAD RACING AssoclATION 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE -SOlITH EL MONTE, Volunteered Series CA 91733 PREsIDENT -GEOFF LEE PHONE: (626) 442-9320 1243 TRICE ROAD FAX: (626) 579-6051 LEBANON, 1N 37087 E-Mail: (615) 453-5830 . <> CIASS REP. -1/2-1600 December 31, 2009 BRUCE ME\'ERs Bud Light Dash (865) 453-1005 Plaster City, CA CIASS REP. -9 & UNLID. 2010 California Chamt>ionshif!. Series_ MICHAEL MOORE February 6, 2010 (334) 271-7035 Wild Wash 250 Barstow -"X, CA 01.J11AW REP. April 3, 2010 DoN PONDER Mojave 250 (314) 631-8190 Barstow "B", CA (All Races at Wheeling in the Count:, 900 May 15, 2010 -Acres) Ridgecrest 200 Ridgecrest, CA Omo OFF RoADERS INc. June 25, 2010 1427 GOSHEN Hlll.5 ROAD S.E. Mdr400 NEw PHIIADELPHIA, Omo 44663 Lucerne Valley (Double Pts) "A", CA )IM KENDEL August 14, 2010 (216) 339-4674 California 200 Night Race All races held at Hamson Lucerne Valley, CA County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio September 25, 2010 Lucerne 250 ' ONTARIO OFF RoAD Lucerne Valley" B", CA RACERS ASSOCIATION November 6, 2010 RICK TICHBOURNE, PuBLIC RELATIONS Stoddard 250 (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) Dusty Times

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Oun.Aw SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. l.ouls, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MoroR SPORTS U.S. OffRoad Championship 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PENNSYLVANIA SHORT COURSE RACING SMmrroN HOLE RACEWAY 313 SKYLINE DRIVE SMmrION, PA. 15479 MllCE GEISER 33().{i83-6263 Short Course Offroad Racing AU Races At Smithton Hole Raceway PlKEsPEAK P.O. Box 6962 CoWRADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD, RACING CHATSWORTil, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRo 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREYGOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PRoTRucK 14402 BoND CoURT EL CA}oN, CA 92021 619-390-6252 PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 RICXEITS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMnucA NATIONAL EVENTS Rall America~ E'lleRts: l&jiio,ial ~hips. Central: Sovth West ROCK CllAWLERS AssOCIATION OPAMmucA P.O. Box 1406 RivEKroN, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGo SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry S,wwbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks. Desert Trucks, Bu8'8W, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN Diroo OFF RoAD ExrosmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA RoADRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MoroRSPORTS GROUP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, Sum 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax ' SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFrsMAN Ro., Sum A CAiAJl..+.sAs, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> Sept 11-13, 2009 Terribles Primm 300 Primm,NV Nov I 9-22, 2009 Baja 1000, Baja Mexico SNORE SoUI11ERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENnruSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 Dec 12, 2009 KARTEK Western Desert Challenge SoNS 0, 'THuNDER 4 WHEELERS RAcEDMSION KErrnSTEWART (714) 522-1899 SoU'I'HEASTERN OFF RoAD CHALLENGE Dusty Times STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore - (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. HACIENDA BLVD. #322 HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF RoAD RAcING AssN. 4305 WOOTIARI( DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceway, Tampa, FL) TRAXXAs TORC SERIES Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2009 Las Vegas, NV SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 TovsFoRToTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILLA VALLEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA VALLEY OFF ROAD RACING Ass0CJATION 1970 EAsT 2ND STREET RENO, NV 89502 877-418-6772 Prairie City, CA Sept S-7, 2009 Hawthorne 250 Hawthorne, NV Oct 10-11, 2009 Short Course Prairie City, CA Oct 31-Nov I, 2009 Short Course Prairie City, CA VICENTE GUERRERO OFFRoADCuJB PROFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 011-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF RoAD RAcING PATRICK McGUIRE P.O. Box376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MoTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <> WISCONSIN MoTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 OSHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 WoRI.D SERIES OF OFF RoAD . RACING PFIA WoRI.D RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP .0. Box99 CRANDON, WISCONSIN 54520 303-880-7221 Sept 4-6, 2009 Short Course Crandon, WI <www.WRC.COM> XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 ZR PROMOTIONS Luis RENE MONTANO C. CAlzADA lNDEPENDENCIA 200 -5 Col. iNSURGENTES EsTE 21280 MEXICALI, BC, MX (686) 564 6653 List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES. free.· It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2010 schedules as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you som~ extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: Dusty Times,\ 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA91311-5003 . December 2009 Trail Notes ... and let us know. His cousin would really appreciate it. Tharuc. ROD HAu. RAcING RETURNS To BAJA IN STOCK Fuu AND STOCK MINI Cl.ASSES - Friday, November 20th, the green flag will drop in Ensenda signifying the start of the 42nd Baja 1000. The Hall Family is known as the most winning family in Baja and once again, Rod Hall will make history as the only man on four wheels to race all forty-two editions of this famed race. However, this year he will focus on supporting his two sons who have an impressive history i;if their own in Baja. Two trucks are fielded by Rod Hall Racing in two classes. The HUMMER H3 Alpha in the Stock Full class is piloted by Chad Hall. Chad has won the Baja 1000 seven times in class and is chasing his eighth victory. The H3 Alpha is a proven truck and has captured the 2007 Baja 1000, 2008 Baja 1000 and 2008 Baja 500. He also was the 2008 SCORE Class Champion and Toyota Milestone Award Winner. Josh Hall will run Rod's time tested, well-known HJ in the Stock Mini class. Josh Hall has four Baja 1000 class wins and helped his father grab the 40th Anniversary win in an exciting, tight race to Caho San Lucas. He recently competed · in the seven-day Australian Safari rally across the Outback and is looking for his fifth class win and assist his Rod in grabbing an unparalleled twentieth Baja 1000 victory. Mike Winkel and Emily Miller will be sharing driving duties with the Hall Family. Thad Stump, Sam Cothrun, Josh Ogg and Dana Morris will be taking the navigator seats. For more information on Rod Hall Racing log on to MORR - Midwest Off-Road Racing Elects Board Of Directors -The organizers of the Midwest Off-Road Racing (MORR) group met Wednesday evening, November 11, to elect a board of directors and continue to finalize the legal side of the -organization. The group of twenty very committed off.road enthusiasts met to fine-tune the mission of MORR. The redefined MORR Mission Statement is as follows: The goal of the Midwest Off Road Racing group is to insure affordable racing for the Midwest Sportsman Off Road Racer by uniting racers with a common voice. Maintaining affiliations with approved sanctioning bodies will allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy off road racing now and in the future. MORR is not creating another race series. In fact, the group is working with TORC to bring back affordable Sportsman racing. The initial talks between the two groups on this point are very promising. As of November ·11, 2009, TORC has posted race dates for 4 race weekends in the Upper Midwest. These are PRO and Sportsman events. MORR has also expressed the need for additional Sportsman racing in the Upper Midwest, and TORC is actively working to address that issue. MORR is also in the very early discussion stages of additional Sportsman concerns. Updates on these issues will be announced in the near future."The other order of business was the election of the MORR Board of Directors. After eleven members were nominated, each candidate briefly voiced their qualifications and goals for the group. All candidates were highly qualified, but only 7 could be elected. The 2010 MORR Board of Directors are: President• Dan Vanden Heuvel, Vice-President• Ross Hoek, Secretary -Mike Vanden Heuvel, Treasurer - Pat Flanagan, Directors at Large • Don Demeny, Geoff Dorr, & Mike Reusche. All board members will be available for questions and comments at the TORC Midwest Sportsman Banquet on December 5, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A general membership meeting to fully explain and discuss the mission of the Midwest Off-Road Racing group will be scheduled after the first of the year. If you have any questions {)T concerns about the Midwest Off-Road Racing group, please contact any board member via email: Dan Vanden Heuvel, Ross Hoek, Mike Vanden Heuvel, Pat Flanagan, LUCAS OIL OFF ROAD RACING SERIES -Primm Championship Weekend Corona, Ca. (November 11, 2009) • The finale of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) inaugural season is coming to the Primm Valley Motorsports Complex in Primm, Nevada November 14th and 15th. The series returns to the off road track in Primm, the location of the season opener, where season ending battles for championships in virtually every class will be contested in rounds 11& 12. With his first visit to Primm this year, Robert Naughton immediately struck his claim on the Unlimited Lite field by sweeping rounds 1&2 at the first event. He ultimately relinquished his hold on the class in rounds 9&10 as Chris Brandt, with a season of consistent podium finishes, took the top spot.heading into Primm. Throughout the season, Metal Mulisha General Brian Deegan has fought his way through the class to find himself in contention for a championship. Now, along with Naughton, looking to storm back from his disappointment in Surprise, Arizona, the pair are certain to challenge Brandt for the title until the last lap·of the weekend is completed. Over the length of his short course racing career, Carl Renezeder has faced a multitude of challenges and challengers. This weekend in Primm he looks to complete what could be his greatest accomplishment yet: championships in both the Unlimited 2 and Unlimited 4 truck classes. While the 860hp trucks Renezeder fields in competition appear to be quite similar, the two and four wheel · drive characteristics of each truck require drastically different approaches when navigating the high flying off road tracks. The difficulty of accomplishing a double championship will oe amplified by the resolve of both Alan Pflueger and Jeff Ward. Pflueger, the Unlimited 4 newcomer, sits just behind Renezeder as these teamates will square off for the final time this season while Ward is looking to amplify his amazing rookie year by taking the top spot in U-2. The. Primm Valley Motorsports Complex is located just south of Las Vegas in Primm, Nevada. Practice and qualifying sessions will be held on Friday, November 13th with racing action throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. Gates will open at 9am. Tickets are available in advance at or at the box office on site. Short course off road racing will return to The Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex for the Rockstar Energy/Lucas Oil Challenge Cup December 11th and 12th. The Rockstar Energy/Lucas Oil Challenge Cup is a stand alone event, featuring unprecedented purses in a variety of short course off road racing classes.About the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series: The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) is the evolution of the long standing support of short course racing by Forrest Lucas and Lucas Oil Products. Steeped in the Midwest tradition of short course off road racing infused with a West Coast influence, LOORRS brings intense four wheel door to door action to challenging, fan friendly tracks. Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series: This is Short Course. For more information please visit LucasOi! Page7

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MOJ.t P P _.,. ... _,ll,..,..,,......... OWDER UFF Lori Robinson Takes It All By Steve Ruddick ...... ,lldC... . ....... ,, ... .. ,';: - "'"'-~~~-Photos: Trackside Photo Lori Robinson was the big winner at the MORE Powder Puff race, Lori was first overall with a 48.8 mile per hour average speed. Oct 11 2009 - Hello Race Fans. I'm here in beautiful Barstow, CA at the Johnson Valley OHV for the Fourth Annual M.O.R.E./Royal Purple Powder Puff Race For A Cure. All proceeds from this event go to Cedar's Sinai Hospital for women's breast cancer research. It's an awesome day - clear blue skies, sunshine, warm temps. What M.O.R.E. can you ask for? How ·about 191 entries? Wow! Pink is the color of the day and fun is the active word. The M.O.R.E. Powder· Puff Race For A Cure is all about rais-ing money for a worthy cause -and having fun doing it. Fast women in fast cars. Works for me. The Fifth Annual M.O.R.E./ Royal Purple Powder Puff Race For A Cure attracted 191 all-women entries in 19 Classes and 178 racers started. M.O.R.E. than your regular old race event. Mass quantities of humanity are in attendance and support. More people than the eye can see. Main pit is packed. This Ace Reporter counted many pits with ten or more people, and many pits with ten or more RVs. A sea of RVs and trailers and racers and spectators. Times the number of race entries -and you have the largest crowd I've seen at many a race. And I've been at many races. All those racers -and only one Ace Reporter: me. We've got a lot of dirt to cover Race Fans - so let's get this party started. The band and BBQ and fun follows. Bring a chair. Have fun but play safe. The Course was 27 miles long with three Road Crossings (RX), four Check Points (CK), and the usual assortment of bumps, rocks, ruts, dust, whoops, hills, sand, puk-ker bushes, down arrows, "got" cha' s and other miscellaneous obstacles. The race was divided into two Groups - a morning Group, and an afternoon Group. Group 1 included Classes5/16, 9, 1300(4cyl), 1450, 7s, 1700, 11, UTV, 3. Group 1 raced from 8:30-12:00. Group 1 included 93 starters. Group 2 started at 12:00 Adina Byma was the big winner in the Ultra Truck class, she beat out seven other trucks for the win, seen here at speed in her Ford. and raced to 3:30 p.m. Group 1 included Classes 1, 10, 12, 1600, 1400, 8, 5 Unlimitea, 1300 (6&8 cyl}, 7 Unlimited, 3000. Group 2 included 85 starters. Shelby Tolbert (#578 KST Racing) was sidelined with injuries and didn't race, but she helped run the pink & black Checkered Aag at S/F. The Overall Winner was Lori Robinson in the red #26 CST Racing truck . Group 1 - CI.ASS 5/16:Seven starters. Christine 'Too Fast' Harper from Lancaster CA was the DoR in the A.R.T.S. #599 car and blasted the fastest time completing four laps in 3:26:52 at 32.5 mph-to win First Place with a +5:48 margin-of-victory. Dang, girl! Harper and co-driver, Nikki Prichard, from Las Vegas, NV started first off the line at the green flag in car #599. Prichard summed up her race -"It was the ride from he!!. I was all 'Game-On!' when we started, and then we hit the first BIG bump and got air born at RXl -and after that I wanted "Out" at the first sign of people! Christine drives like a speed demon and way 'too fast'. It was absolutely a blast and fun -and I'll never do it again", Prichard said. Kristen 'All 4's Down' Flaherty came all the way from Golden, CO and took over the wheel duties in car #599 on Lap 2 along with co-driver Ginni Milke from El Cajon, CA. "It was a great ride" said Milke. "Kristen knows how to drive and we dusted at least ten cars and passed two bugs at once. It was fun seeing all the ladies and spectators; lots of ~-" Flaherty said: "This was an amazing opportunity. It was dusty, but we had a clean race. The car stayed cool and we kept a fast pace. There was lots of sportswoman-like conduct. I hit it hard on the nose on Lap 2, but we had a good race and made it all the way without any potty or other breaks." Aaherty dedicated her race in honor of Shelly Knepper - a breast cancer survivor the last three years. Aaherty smoked it on Lap 3 with a Fast Lap speed of 35.4 mph. Go Girl! Akiko Hayata made it a competi-tive race in car #570 - completing four laps in 3:32:40 at 31.6 mph. Hayata was out in front on Laps 1 and 2 with a healthy ten minute lead but fell off the pace on Lap 3 and lost too much time to make back up. Hayata finished in Second Place. Candi Gilliam completed three laps in car #511 to finish in Thinl Place in 3:08: 12 at 26.8 mph. Elaine Vigil finished in Fourth Place in car #553 in three laps in 3:25:29 at 245 mph. Kim Weddle finished three laps in 3:44:47 at 22.4 roph in car #562. Jennifer Geer squeezed in three laps in 3:58:46 in car #559 to finish sixth in class. Raeann Munoz docked in at 4:00:31 at 21 mph to finish seventh in'class in car #589. Group 1 - CI.ASS 9:Sixteen starters. Three racers completed four laps. Kathleen Lang did it the fastest in car #988 in 3:23:25 at 33 mph. That was a 20-minute margin-of-victory. But make no mistake, Race Fans -it was a hard won victory. Tori Poole wasn't exactly in a race to the grocery stare in car #930 and was actually out front through Lap 3, when she fell off the pace and Lang was able to finish trouble-free. But a win is a "Win" no matter how it is won in open desert off-road rac-ing. Getting to the finish line first in 'one' piece is often the margin-of-victory. Kandice Kirkmeyer got The Class 5 win went to Michelle Bruckmann, she averaged 44.5 mph for Laurie Chamlee drove her truck to the Class 7A win at the Powder Puff, she's to the finish line in one piece in iiih~er;;;;r~ai:icoiiej;;, ;;;;s;;;;h;;e;;'siiiisiiiieiiiieiiiiniiiihiiiie~riiieriaiiit,isiiiipjji;e;;;e;;dTior:in;:;t;;;h~e;;;c:::o:::u;;;rs;;;e;:=.=====wr=;:;;;::;;;;;;;;:;;;,._,;s;;;;e;;;;e;;;;n;;;h;;;;e;;;r;;;;e;;;a;:;;t;:;;h:::ig:;;h;::;:;;:sp;;;;e:::e;:d;;;o;;;;n=h;;;;e;;:;r ;;;w;;;a;;y;;;h;;;o;;;m;;;e;;;·==,r===;;;;;;=====--...;;car #977 in 3:46:01 at 29. 7 m h to Jennifer Clemison gave it everything she had but had to settle for Nina Shaw finished second in the Ultra Truck Class, but it wasn't Shelby Thompson was a bit off the winning pace in the Class second place, Jennifer was a mere 61 seconds out of the win. for lack of trying, Nina gets our high flyer award. BA contest, Shelby took home the silver medal for her efforts. Pages December 2009 Dusty Times

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t I to finish in 11th Place at 23.2 mph in car #916. ??? Ward finished in 12th Place in car #973 in 3:46:35 at 22.2 mph. The Class 8 win went to Marie Westwood, Marie averaged 40mph for her Kathy Kirkmeyer had a great race, she took the Class 10 win with ease, Kathy is seen here at speed on her way to the checkers. Group 1 -CLASS 1300 .(4 . cyl):Five starters. Three racers com-pleted three laps: Pamela Hall beat 'em all in car #1357. Hall got the hole shot at the green flag, had a 20 second lead after Lap 1, and finished in First Place with a + 22 minute to spare margin-of-victory. Hall com-pleted three laps in 2:52:03 at 39.1 mph in car# 1357. Hall won the Fast Lap honors on Lap 1 at 39.1 mph. Hall ~on First Place. Kari Richey woh Second Place in car #1395 with an average speed of 34.6 mph and in 3:14:17 and by a 17 minute margin-of-victory. Denay George took 3:30:58 to win Third Place in class in car # 1301 at 31.9· mph. Danielle Cordona from Brea CA drove three laps with co-driver Sarah 'drives drag cars' Kelso to finish in fourth in car #1302. "This is ·my first race and it was so much fun!", race, she's seen here airborne in level flight. ' "win" Third Place, but she too fell off the race pace on Lap 2. lt was still good enough for all three to make in onto the Podium to claim victory. Ten Class 9 cars completed three · laps: Tiffany Russell got in three laps of fun in car #999 to finish in Fourth Place in 2:45:59 at 30.4 mph. That was an 11 minute margin-of-victory. Nicole Ward finished in Fifth Place in 2:26:56 at 28.5 mph in car #907. Annmarie _McCoy got car#925 to the finish line in 3:09:42 for Sixth Place at 26.6 mph. McCoy was about two minutes ahead of Mandy Caudill in car #923 who finished in Seventh Place in 3: 11:51 at 26.3 mph. Caudill was about two minutes ahead of Paula Macdonald in car #976 who finished in 3: 13:42 at 26 mph in eighth. Debbie ·Rash finished in Ninth Place in car #993 with an elapsed time of 3:27:06 at 24.3 mph after a rather somewhat slower Lap 3. Cindy Cimino in car #915 finished about three minutes behind Rash, in 3:30:00 at 24 mph. Lisa Kincaiclgot it done in 3:37:34 · Continued on page 10 Cheri Davenport drove her really great looking car to a second Kari Richey was the second place finisher in Class 7C, we hope Not too bad a day fo, Julie Meehan, she took home the silver place finish in Class 10, Cheri is seen here at speed. her three passengers had as good a time as Kari had. medal from the Class 1/2-1600 fracas, she's seen here at speed. Dusty Times 2, 163 Rooms And Suites 60 Table Games 2,300 Slot Machines Poker Room Race & Sports Book 800-Seat Bingo Room 16 Movie Theaters -8 Restaurants 65,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Space 4,500 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall Spa & Fitness Center Showroom 64-Lane Bowling Center ~ . (I . ' : • I/ ' I ', 1-866-791-76Q6 • LAS VEGAS BLVD AT SILVERADO RANCH• SOUTHPOINTCASINO.COM December 2009 Page9

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It was a good race for Tracy Fuller, she averaged a bit over 41 mph for he!' five laps, she took the gold medal with ease. . . Day Gang, the young lady from Las Vegas was the big winner in the 1/2-1600 class, Day beat out 18 others for the class win. Cordona said. "I've never driven a since everyone has been touched by stick shift before so we took it easy breast cancer with their own experi-on Lap 1 -and then we hammered ence, family and/ or friends." it! The course was very rough but Orr continued, "Our first lap the car handled well. Good mark- was definitely a learning experience. ings helped with all the dust. The Thank goodness for our navigation straight-aways were fast." system after Lap 1. That made us all Group 1 -ClASS 1450: Seven feel better when there was so much entries. Six racers completed three dust and we knew what to expect Laps. Cindy Sutalo completed her on the course ahead. We did not three laps of fun in 2:37:44 at 32 realize how much communication mph to win First Place in truck played a part for us until we got over #1474. Sutalo also ran the Fast Lap the first few miles. We had one pit on Lap 2 at 33.8 mph. Sutalo won -stop after Lap 1. Lap 2 was a little with a five minute margin-of-victory. quicker and then in Lap 3 we were all Danielle Azola won Second Place in just excited because by that point we class in truck #1453 in 2:43:19 at werehavingtonsqffunandwanting 30.9 mph. Azola finished with a six to actually finish with a good time. minute margin-of-victory ahead of We were in great company -the Ashley Ryan in truck #1479. Ryan women in this race gave us cour-won Third Place in class in 2:49: 14 age to push ourselves further. We at 29.8 mph. Leanne Orr (Orange knew it wasn't going to be a Sunday County, CA) in truck #1455 was drive, but we didn't think we would about eight minutes behind Ryan actually go faster as it brought our and won Fourth in class in 2:56:50 competitiveness out. We thank Lee at 28.5 mph. Allison Rice and Chris-Orr for trusting his vehicle to three tine Carpenter were co-co-drivers. women who had never really driven Orr said, "For this being our first off-road. We are now addicted. We'll off-road race, we were extremely be back again next year to kick some excited that we were able to finish b**bs. We hope to get our friends three laps and finish fourth place out involved more so that we can collect of seven vehicles in our class! Going more funds for women's breast can-into the race, we were just wanting to cer research." Jody Smith in truck have fun and raise money for a good # 1451 was only about two and a half cause. We have all participated with minutes behind Orr and finished Race For A Cure over the years, so · fifth in class in 2:58:23 at 28.3 mph. this was a fabulous experience for us Jennifer Lindblad finished in sixth . . ..,_ ... -~ ,. ... _.. ;""'..-... In the Class 7C conflict it was Pamela Hall taking the win, Pam is seen here at speed heading for the checkered flag. in truck #1469 with an elapsed time ers. Five racers completed three of 3:37 :30. laps. Debbie Dermack got the inside . Group 1 -CLASS 7s:Eight pole spot start in car #1151 and starters. Six racers completed ·three never looked back on her way to laps. Tabitha Rose was first to go the First Place win atop the podium in class at the green flag in truck in 3:14:44 at 25.9 mph, and with #729 and was in the lead after Lap a nine minute lead. Dermack also 1 by 8+ minutes. Rose took the poweredherwaytowintheFastl.ap gold medal and finished the race at a blinding speed of 26.8 mph on in First Place with a 13-1/2 minute Lap 2. Whoosh* Roxann Rodriguez margin-of-victory in 2:31:24 at 33.3 won Second Place in class in car mph. Rose put the icing on the win # 1191 in 3:23:36 at 24.8 mph, but with the Fast Lap in class on Lap 3 that was only two minutes ahead of at35.5 mph. Dang-women drivers! Ann Naso in car #1196. Naso won This was Rose's second win in four Third Place with an elapsed time of years of Powder Puff competition. 3:25:40 at 24.5 mph. Madison Hale "The course was rough and really brought the 11 Sisters Racing car dusty", Rose said. "We got stuck #1101 to the finish line in 3:42:09 and also hit a 12 car (sorry*), but at 22 .. 7 mph to win Fourth Place we had a lot of fun too". Erin Wahl in class for the day. That was a two won the silver medal in Second Place minute lead ahead of April Herrera in truck #7120 in 2:44:01 at 30.7 in car #1149 who finished in Fifth mph with an eight minute margin- Place in 3:44:06 at 22.5 mph. You of-victory. Donna Passanta won the don't wanna blink at these speeds bronze medal and Third Place on the or you might miss a speeding bug in podium in truck #740 in 2:51:55 at a cloud of dust. Fun was had by all. 29.3 mph with an 11 minute lead. Group 1 -CLASS 1900 Nicolle Garret completed the race UTV:Eleven starters. Four racers in 3:24:52 at 24.6 mph to finish in finished three laps. Lecreacia Beur-fourth in truck #737. Virgin rookies rier from Lake Havasu City AZ and Siobhan and Vanessa (co-driver) co-pilot Holly Thomas completed Harrison finished fifth in the Big three laps the fastest in the Rock BearDisposaltruck#738in3:39:31 Star Customs car #1924 to win at 22 mph. "We did good", Harrison First Place -by a 01:52 margin-of-stated. "The truck ran steady. No victory. Close. Beurrier did three flats. No brokens. We did get stuck in 2:48:01 at 30 mph. Beurrier told at MM5. (Three times!) There was this reporter: "This is our second a 5-car pile up and it took about 25 M.O.R.E Powder Puff race. Last minutes to get extracted. I hit a rock year was my first time ever racing and kinda tweaked the steering." and I hadn't had much seat time Group 1-ClASS 1700:Sixstart-in the Rhino. We finished fourth. ers. One racer finished four Laps. This time around we wanted to be Tandi Hartman was on a mission: better so ... we have been practicing to complete four Laps of fun in ever since. We went to Barstow on 3:37: 18 and win First Place in class Wednesday and began pre-running inJeep#l706at30.9mph.Hartman and dialing in the suspension. We successfully completed her mission were ready to go on .race morning. and was awarded the gold medal for I am also a flight nurse. I have had her efforts. Hartman won by a one many occasions to care for women lap margin-of-victory. Hartman also with breast cancer and couldn't recorded the Fast Lap on Lap 2 at think of a better way to help find a 31.8 mph. Robin Smith completed cure. The course was brutal. It got three Laps in 2:53:23 in Jeep #1769 destroyed with so many cars in the to win silver and Second Place at race. We had a fuel pickup issue on 29.1 mph. Barbara Stone completed Lap 2 thattookabo"ut 10 minutes to two laps in Jeep #1797 to win Third fix, but we gained it back. We love place bronze in 2:04:45 at 26.9 mph. M.O.R.E. and this event!" Group 1 -ClASS 11:Five start- Beurrier continued: "Our first ............. -----------------lap was awesome -about 51 min. At about MM 11 on our second lap we started sputtering. Something was wrong with the fuel pickup. I got out and shook the lines and it started!! We got going again a little slow be-cause if we tried to mash it, it would sputter.· We met our chase crew at MM21. They blew out the fuel line and we were back in business! We flew around that track on our third lap in 48 min! About half way through the third lap, Cory Weller in #610 passed us but we kept her in sight and pushed the limit trying to catch her. She crossed the finish line first, but we beat her in time. It was so exciting! Cory definitely made us push harder at the end! Thank you to all my crew members; sponsors and especially my husband who put countless hours making my Rhino capable of winning this great event!!!" Corry Weller won Second Place in car #610 with an elapsed time of 2:49:53 at 29.7 mph. Close. Weller also won the Fast Lap bragging rights on Lap 3 at 34. 7 mph. Kimberly Dunn got it done in 2:54:53 at 28.8 mph to win Third Place in class for the day. Jeanette Sappington in car # 1902 was only two minutes behind Dunn at the finish line to win Fourth Place. Sappington did it in 2:56:57 at 28.5 mph. Group 1 -ClASS 3:Three start-ers. Two racers completed three laps: Lynda Allen got the hole shot at the starting line in car #302 and blasted into the lead by almost three minutes ahead of Kathy Keyes in car #4112-with a Fast Lap speed of28.5 mph. Keyes was out of the race after Lap 2. Allen slowed on Lap 2 and Marie Miller picked up the pace in car #300. Miller maintained a faster pace throughout the rest of the race to win First Place in 3: 12:33 at 26.2 mph and by a 15-1/2 minute margin-of-victory. Lynda Allen completed three laps in 3:28:06 at 24.2 mph to win Second Place in car #302. Group 2 -ClASS l:Twenty Starters. Oh my! A whole herd of Class l's. Three racers completed six laps: Kelly Boyle was out in front with a twominute lead in car #122 after the first lap. Boyle.was still out in front after Lap 3 -and was out of the race after that. Rhiannon Freiley was running in second spot thru Lap 3 in car #83 when she too faded away. Lori Robinson in car #26 and Jennifer Clemison in car #132 put on a driving exhibition as they battled it out for Queen of the Podium. Robinson arrived at the checkered flag first in the red #26 CST Racing truck #26 -by two minutes and nine seconds - to· win First Place in class and First Overall. Laurie and co-driver Austin Robin-son completed six laps in 3:26:44 at an average speed of 48.8 mph. "JU'St awesome!", Robinson said. "The course was horrible - rough, lots of rocks and dust. Very hairy. We laughed and screamed a lot. Linda Allen galloped her Ford Bronco to a silver medal finish in hei It was a great effort by Kim Powell in Trophy Challenge but she was Akiko Hayata gave it all she had but a longi~h third lap kept her class, she's seen here traversing the desert on her way to the finish. in second place when she took the flag, seen here at high speed. in second place in the Class 5-1600 race, here at speed. Page 10 December 2009 Dusty Times

Page 11

The horn worked well. No flats. No problems. We passed ?# other cars. 98 MPH! Faster .. faSter." GO girl! Nice win. Clemison did six laps in 3:27.45 at 48.5 mph to win Second Place in class and Second Overall in car #132. Clemison reported from the driver's seat: "Race day was finally here! My co-driver Heather 'Hedz' Birdwell (DAMZL) and I started get-ting ready about 11: 15am, stretching and putting on all our safety gear. Then it was time to get strapped into Pinky #132. We were last off the line at 12:19pm. Pinky #132, Hedz and I were on a mission: we wanted to win, not for us, but for all the people that have helped us get to where we are today!" "Lap 1 was very rough and the visibility was horrible. Lap 2 we had moved up from 20th place to 5th place. Again tackling zero visibility and making our way to the front of the pack, we started getting into lap traffic and just seeing the course got harder and harder. We picked off two more cars in our class on Lap 3, with Lori Robinson in #26 and Shirley Jergensen in #5 about one minute ahead. I knew I had to stay consistent plus step it up a bit. Lap 4 - time to fuel Pinky #132, do a quick once over, and then send us back out. We had dropped back about two minutes with the pit stop, but we were still in third place." "Lap 5 just before the college loop at the 180° turn - there was four cars ahead of us. Hitting the 180° turn, I took the inside and passed all four cars! At this point I was just praying for some clear air ahead. We hit speeds of over 100 mph on a mission to get to the S/F before the cut off time. We made it with two minutes to spare and got the green light for another lap! Woo Hoo! Knowing Lori & Shirley were ahead just by a minute -we needed to make up that time. About seven miles before the finish line, we saw a big cloud of dust. Slowing down, we saw Shirley Jergensen in #5 had flipped with all four tires in the air. We got the sign that she was ok and off we went to finish the race in Second place. Loosing the Race by one minute and one second was amazing given the conditions and number of racers on the course. We all won that day." Hedz Birdwell described the race from the #132 co-driver's seat, this way: "As co-driver for 'Jenzl' Clemison, we knew it would be a tuff battle at the dusty rough ter-rain in Barstow. I couldn't imagine how imminent the danger was. lap 1 was just a dusty fog. I think more dust was inside my helmet than out. Thank God for our angels who led us through the completely still dust bowl with no accidents. lap 2 was ferocious. I laid into the horn so much that I unintentionally switched driver Jenzl's air off for her helmet. OOOPS! The last few laps, Jenzl was like a kamikaze pilot on a mission to catch up with the leaders of the race. Tony Nguyen and the Clemison Boyz did an amazing job prepping the car. Pinky #132 ran flawlessly without a flat and we roared through finish second in Class and Second Overall. It was one heck of a race and I truly appreciate the level of competition. Thank you to M.O.R.E for putting on this extraordinary race, thank you Royal Purple for your amazing support of women's Breast Cancer Research and thanks especially to all the women who raced this year to make the Powder Puff a one of a kind event!" Dusty Times Marie Miller drove he big Ford to the Class 300 win at the Powder Puff, Marie had 16 minutes in hand when the checkers flew. Shirley Jergensen won Third Place in class and Third Overall in car #5 with an elapsed time of 3:46:09 at 44.6 mph, and also won the Fast lap honors on Lap 4 at 52.9 mph. Eleven racers completed December 2009 .. It was a great win in Trophy Challenge for Kelly Suiter, but it was close, Kelly only had two minutes in hand at the checkers. five laps: Shelby Reid got five laps 47.1 mph with an eight minute lead of fun done in 2:58: 11 in car # 168 ahead of Kellyann Steinberger in car to finish in Fourth Place in class at Continued on page 12 Page 11

Page 12

Not too bad a day for Erin Wahl, she took the silver medal in Tori Poole tried really hard, she finished second in Class 9, Class 7A in her Ford, she's seen here on the hard stuff. problems on the last lap didn't help, she's seen here at speed. Danielle Azola raced her Ford pickup to a second place finish in Class 88, seen here running hard in the outback. #7. Steinberger completed five laps in 3:05:54 at 45.2 mph to finish in Fifth Place in class for the day. Steinberger got there about three minutes ahead of Jennifer Kawell. Jen Kawell (school bus driver) and her sister, co-driver Rhonda Kawell got five laps done in 3:08:42 at 44.5 mph in car #101 for the Sixth Place finish. This is the fourth year in a row that Kawell has finished. "It was sooo dusty out there", Kawell said. "The course had a lot of different sections and a lot of fast. We had to re-weld a cracked A-arm but didn't have any flats or other problems all day. Thank you M.O.R.E. -and all the men". Fifteen year old Mackenzie Taylor from Hemet, CA in car # 1580 was about another 3 minutes behind Kawell. Taylor drove all five laps in 3: 11:25 at43.9 mph to take Seventh Place in the record books. "That was awesome!" Taylor said. "It was really dusty and there were a lot of slower cars to pass. It was a really good race -no flats, no problems, no nerfs, good horn and pit support. We pulled wheelies and grabbed air and going really fast in the sand washes was fun. Thank you Dad! We will be back next year". Chelsea Magness finished about lm-15s behind Taylor to take Eighth Place in 3: 12:25 at 43.6 mph in car #32. Mindy Jeffries #22, Sherry Vanillo #30, and Brenna McCarthy #124 finished five laps as well to place in the race. Wesley Bostwick had a good race, she took the class win in her good looking truck, seen here at speed on the course. It was a nice win for Christie Harper, she took the gold medal in the 5-1600 battle, seen here headin' for the flag. Group 2 - CLASS 10:Si.x start-ers. Three racers completed five laps: Kathy Kirkmeyer started off at the green flag in the middle of the pack in car #1021 and had a three minute lead at the end of Lap 1. Kirkmeyer didn't look back. Kirkmeyer won First Place in class by a + 17 minute margin-of-victory. It helped when Kirkmeyer blasted past the rest of the pack on Lap 1 at 47. 7 mph & just kept on going. # 1021 might want to check the adrenaline levels in the gas tank next time. Five laps in 3:08: 17 at 44.6 mph. Dang! Cheri Davenport and her daughter Tisa Rockwell from Ridgecrest, CA did five in 3:25:25 to win Second Place in the McGee Racing car #1011 at 40.9 mph. "It knowing how to shift without a was only the second race for our new clutch, I luckily found second gear A-arm 10 car", Davenport said. "I and headed for main pit." had a rear flat at MM21 on my first "Pulling into the pit with only lap and had to drive into the main five minutes to get to S/F before the pit to get it changed, losing about cut off time, they could not identify 10 minutes and putting me in last the problem, and were about to send place. Then the remainder of the me out to do the last lap with no race was trouble free. The dust was clutch, when our neighboring pit really awful but we were able to pass noticed we had a right front flat. six other 10 cars and finish second. Mrrggh! My team quickly changed Had a great time in my fourth year the flat, bump started the car and racing in the Powder Puff." Daven-we made it to S/ F with about 15 port added: "We were racing for seconds to spare. Both my co-drivers the cause. I am 61 years old and so were awesome calling out track far, only my Grandmother has had markers, corners, traffic and terrain. breast cancer and that was in the Finishing Third in Class 10 rocks!! late 70's. I also want to thank all Thanks to all our supporters who the people at MORE Racing for an donated to the cause and helped amazing race and all the hard work "pink the car for the cure." Collect-it took to pull it off. Job well done! ing donations for ribbons attached Garfield Davies and co-drivers to the car, Team 1098 raised over Dara Paddock (Ll-3) and virgin $600 forthe Cedars Sinai. I am very rookie Carrie Mannie (L4-5), took passionate about this cause, as my 3:41:21 to finish five laps in car Momdiedfromit26yearsago.Over # 1098 to win Third Place in class at the years I know researchers have 37.9 mph. "By the end of the first found better ways to detect and treat mile, it was clear to me the boys had this disease with growing awareness not been able to correct the "bu mp as our most powerful weapon against steer" problem we noti«ed while it at this time. Thank you to all who pre-running on Friday", Davies volunteered their time to organize reported. "By the end of the first and facilitate this event. See you all lap, I was not sure ifl would even be again next year." Poppy Perfect did able to physically hold on to the car four laps of fun in 2:55:56 in car for the entire ra~, as we were being #1010 to finish in fourth at 38.3 thrown around by the track quite mph. Layne Brown got four laps a bit. All was relatively uneventful done about five minutes later in car for the rest of the race until MM 18 # 1099 to finish in fifth in 3:00:50 starters. One racer completed five laps: Tracy Fuller didn't leave much doubt when she drove car #1255 into the Winner's Circle for the Checkered Flag in 3:26:31 at 40. 7 mph - with a one lap margin-of-victory. Fuller also clocked into the record books at 44.3 mph on Lap 2 to win Fast Lap honors. That per-formance earned Fuller First Place in Class too - Top of the Podium in #1255. The coveted gold. That is b**by-power at the wheel, Race Fans. Women driver's* you say?You bet! P.S. get out of her way. Lisa Cal-laway and Gabby Godde made it a competitive race for the other spots on the podium, completing four laps in the allotted time. Godde in car #1207 was ahead of Callaway in car #1175 through both Laps 1 and 2 and had a plus-three minute lead at that point in the race. Godde fell off the pace on Laps 3 and 4 and Callaway didn't. Callaway won Second Place in class in car # 117 5 by a 4m-35s margin-of-victoryat38.7 mph in 2:53:31. Godde won Third Place in class in car #1207 with an elapsed time of2:58:06 at 37. 7 mph. A nice win for Tabitha Rose, she drove her Ford truck to the Class 7A win, on our fourth lap. All of a sudden at 37.2 mph. Estela Sanchez finished her four laps of fun in car #1229 about 12 minutes after Godde finished - to take Fourth Place in class in 3:09:33 at 35.5 mph. J.R. San Williamson was next in line to finish four laps in car# 1281 and took Fifth Place in 3:34:43 at31.3 mph. Uli Howard did four laps in 3:39:36 at 30.6 mph to .=T.=ab='=·th=a=h=ad=1=3=m=in=u=t=es=in=h=an=d=a=t =th=e=fi=n=is=h=. ======;;;;;---.====;___;w.:.;; . ..:.N.:.;o::.;t:.._ __ G.:::..:r.::o.::u:_rp 2 -CLASS 12: Eight Continued on page 14 ... Corry Weller almost won it, she was second in the UTV fracas, Shirley Jergensen took the bronze medal at the Powder Puff, less that two minutes in arrears when she took the checkers. she's seen here running fast to the finish line. Page 12 December 2009 . . -:. It was a third place finish in Class 10 for Garfield Davies, she's seen here with power on heading for the checkers. Dusty Times

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.. '' '' WINNERS RACE ON BFGOODRICH TIRES. Congratulations to all the off-road _ racers who win on Bf Goodrich® ires. We love the podium as much as you do. Learn more at TORC Rob MacCachren -Champion Pro-ZWD · Mud-Terrain TIA KR Jeff Kincaid - Champion Pro-lite Mud-Terrain TIA KM2 XRRA Brad Lovell-US National Champion Baja Tl A KRT 8-compound W.E.ROCK Trag Jordan-Champion Unlimited . Krawler i/A KX Brad t.ovell-Champion Pro-Mod Krawler Tl A KX Kurt Shramovich -Champion Stock Mod 'Mud-Terrain TIA KM2 KING OF THE HAMMERS Jason Scherer-Wanner Baja TIA KRT'B-compound n - -nFeDpe tjaT/AKRT BITD Andy McMillin-Winner . Parlcer 425 / Vegas to Reno BajaT/AKR SNORE Andy McMillin - Winner Mint400 , Baja TIA KR BFGaadricH -----------nros TAKE CONTROL®

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• Denay George was running well, a longish final lap had her Britany Westhoff ran fast, just not fast enough, she finished in Tara Dakides played it very close, she finished third in Trophy Challenge, she was a mere eight seconds out of the silver medal. finishing in third place in Class 7C, here with power on. third place in the 112-1600 melee, she's seen here at sp·eed. Kathleen Lang was the big winner in the Class 9 competition, Kathleen had 20 minutes in hand when the checkers flew. finish in Sixth Place in car #1269. Group 2 -CIASS 1/2-1600:Sev-enteen starters. Three racers com-pleted five laps: Day Gang kinda sorta started near the front of the crowded Class 1/2-1600 race pack at the green flag in car# 1627. Gang had a two minute lead on Laura Hanberg in car #1651 after the first lap. Gang went like gangbusters for the finish line through all five laps and emerged the First Place winner in 3:13:41 at 43.4 mph - by a +14 minute margin-of-victory. # 1627 also grabbed the Fast Lap honors on Lap. 4 at 4 5 .5 mph. Did any buddy get the # of that speeding race car? Gang got the gold. Julie Meehan got five laps done in 3:27:49 at 40.4 mph in car # 1699 to win Second Place in Class. "We had some fuel problems", Mee-han said. "But otherwise we had a flawless race. I just pushed the pedal and GO!" Britany Westhoff in car #1691 was only a minute+ behind Meehan at the finish line, to win Third Place in 3:29:00 at 40.2 mph. Close. Ten Class 1/2-1600 racers fin-ished four laps: Karen Owen fin-ished 4 laps in 3:01:55 to win Fourth Place at 36.9 mph in car #1673. Owens time was one and a half minutes faster than the Fifth Place finisher - Jennifer Pierson in car #1613. Pierson completed her laps in 3:03:24 at 36.5 mph. Becci Craig finished in Sixth Place in car #1644 with an elapsed time of 3:08:52 at 35.6 mph. Sharon Cowan was next in line to see the checkered flag in car #1610 to finish in Seventh Place in 3:17:19 at 34.1 mph. Cowan's time was lm-35s faster than the The coveted Class 11 win went to Debbie Dermack, Deb is seen here with the power on and heading for the coveted checkered flag. eighth finisher - Kaylan Rodriguez in car# 1618; in 3: 19:56 at33.6 mph. Rachelle Flores finished ninth for the day in car #1612 in 3:24:34 at 32.8 mph - 25 seconds ahead of Jennifer Geer in car #1628. Geer completed four laps in 3:24:59 at 32.8 mph to take tenth in class. Group 2 -CIASS 1400: Seven starters. Two racers completed four laps: Jessica· Garcia got the pole spot at the starting line· in truck #1413 and was in the lead by 18 seconds after the first lap. Garcia won the Fast Lap honors on Lap 1 at 37.3 mph. Garcia didn't finish the second lap. Lauren Sheppard was running in second spot after Lap 1 in truck #1421 - almost one and a half minutes ahead of Adina Byma in truck #1433. Marlo Bee-man in truck #1423 was running about 37 seconds behind Byma. Beeman had some serious issues on Lap 2 and that was the end of her race day, but it was good enough for a Fourth Place finish. Sheppard finished three laps before her race day was done, too, but that effort earned #1421 Third Place. In the meantime - Adina Byma just kept on trucking through it all to finish in 3:09:35 and win First Place in truck #1433 at 35.4 mph and with a + 17 minute margin-of-victory. Nina Shaw and co-driver Courtney Hasb-rouck started slow, worked their way through the carnage, and finished in 3:26:48 to win Second Place in class in truck#l435 at32.5 mph. "This is my first time racing", Shaw said. "ft was just awesome. There was a lot of traffic, and dead cars. The course was harsh and dusty. We broke a torsion bar arid had no second gear. Finishing was the most fun". Group 2 -CIASS 8:Five start-ers. Two racers completed four laps: Marie Westwood got the front start in truck #838 and drove consistently fast and faster to win First Place in class in 2:48:03 at 40 mph, with a 14m-25s margin-of-win. Westwood saved her best for Lap 2 to win the Fast Lap honors at 40.8 mph. Shelby Thompson won Second Place in truck #868 in 3: 12:28 at 34.9 mph. Rebel Raglin and Jennifer Waite both completed three laps. Raglin did three laps twelve-minutes faster in truck #8115 than Waite did in truck #8014. Raglin finished three laps in 3: 12:04 at 26.2 mph in truck #8115 to win Third Place in Class. Waite finished in 3:24:24 to win Fourth at 24. 7 mph in truck #8014. Group 2 . -CLASS 5 Unlimited:Four starters. One racer completed five laps: Michelle 'Mad-max' Bruckmann drove fast and faster like a woman possessed in car #501. Bruckmann averaged 44.5 mph over five laps to get the checked flag in 3:08:4 2 and the gold medal First Place win in class for the day. Bruckmann won by a one lap margin-of-victory. #501 also put the most pedal to the metal on Lap 5 to_ win Fast Lap honors at 46.5 mph. Anne Anderson applied some pedal in car #5011 too, and completed four laps in 3:08:35 at 35.6 mph to win Second Place in Class. Emme Hall got in three laps in car #549 to win Third Place in 2:33:51 _at 32.8 mph. Group 2 -CIASS 1300 (6&8 cyl):T wenty-six starters. Four racers It was a bronze medal finish in Class 9 for Kandace Kirkmeyer, Anne Naso took a third place finish in the Class 11 contest, she's Ashley Ryan, sans left front fiberglass, drove hard and she Kandace is seen here on her way to the checkered flag. seen here with the hammer down on her way to the checkers. collected a bronze medal for her efforts, seen here at speed. Kimberly Dunn churns up a bit of dust as she corners hard on Shelby Reid drove her really good lookin' vehicle to a fourth Kellyann Steinberger drove her Ford to a fifth place finish at the her way to a third place finish in the UTV battle. place finish at the Powder Puff, she's seen here at high speed. Powder Puff, she's seen here just at liftoff. Page 14 December 2009 Dusty Times

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into the Winner's Circle completed five laps: Kelly Suiter started somewhere toward the front of the crowded Class race pack at the green flag in car #1310. Suiter was_ out in front by four seconds at the end of the first lap. "Suiter main-tained that position throughout the race to win First Place in 3:22:38 at 41.5 mph and by a 2m-19s margin-of-victory. Suiter also took the Fast Lap honors on Lap l ·at 42.3 mph. Kim Powell won Second Place in car #1366 in 3:2447 at 41 mph-but only by eight seconds in front ofTara Dakides in car #1344! That's Close. Dakides won Third Place with an elapsed time of 3:24:55 at 41 mph. Christy Sizelove was in the hunt for victory too in car # 1621 and found it in the form of Fourth Place in class with a time of 3:25:43 at 40.8 mph. That was only 62 seconds be-hind Dakides. Check the times and that means the top four winners in Class were all finished within three minutes of each other. That is close racing Race Fans. at 35.7 mph to take home the gold medal and First Place in Class. That was no easyvictory because Stacey Roberts was in the lead by six and a half minutes in truck #704 through the first two laps. Roberts didn't finish any more laps after that. Would ., have made for a com-petitive race otherwise because Roberts was averaging 36.9 mph at Donna Passanta had a decent race, she was the third place It was a second place finish in Class 1100 for Roxann Rodriguez, that point compared to finisher in Class 7A, she's seen here headin' for the checkers. just a tick off the winning pace, here headin' for home. Nine racers completed four laps: Ashley Davis motored car #1321 to the Fifth Place finish in 2:54:22 at 38.5 mph and about four minutes. in front of Laura Mortensen in car #1303. Mortensen did four laps in 2:58:33 at 3.6 mph to finish in Sixth Place for the day. Kelly Walden finished in 3:07:13 to take seventh in class in car #1328 at 35.9 mph. Dun Martin completed four laps in car #1312 in 3:24:20 to finish in tenth at 32.9 mph. Dun's mum Barbara was on board when (due to "driver error") #1312 went for an unscheduled 'spin' at MMlO on Lap 1. The Checkers guys helped get #1312 back on all four wheels and Tana 'Iron Woman' Dodson, from Truckee, C, jumped in. Tana is a motorcycle !acer (Silver State Overall) in training to do the Baja 1000 solo. Group 2 -CLASS 7 Unlimited:Two starters. Laurie Chamlee was the only racer in class to complete fours .. Chamlee only took 3:08:05 to motor truck #700 Chamlee's 34.8 mph average, and then Chamlee turned it up a notch on Lap 3 to win the Fast Lap at39.3 mph. You just never know in off-road racing until you hear the checkered flag singing in the desert wind. Group 2 - CLASS 3000:Nine starters. One racer completed five laps: Wesley Bostwick came out of the middle of the class race pack in car #6702 on Lap 1 to take the lead by 13 seconds in front of Charlene MacEachern in car #3072. #3072 didn't complete any more laps after that. Bostwick just kept going faster and clocked in at 40.3 mph on Lap 2 to win the Fast Lap in class too. Bostwick kept up a fast pace all through the race to complete five laps in 3:32:56 to win First Place in class at39.4 mph-and a trip to the Top of the Podium to boot. Patrice Murray completed four laps the fastest in car #6025 to win Second Place in 3:07 :06 at 35.9 mph. Fawn Fichum came close in car #6084 with an elapsed time of 3:08:33 at 35.6 mph - only lm-27s behind Murray- to win Third Place in class for the day. Georgeanna Berry made it a close race too in car #3020 only lm-30s off of Fichum's rear bumper - to win Fourth Place in 3: 10:03 at 35.4 mph. Holly Bechard was next across the finish line in car #3019 to take Fifth in 3:28:28 at 32.2 mph. Ash-ley Nuesse completed four laps in It was no contest in Class BC, Tandi Hartman took the class win with ease, she's seen here navigating the course. Lecreacia Beurrier took the gold medal in the UTV contest, but, it was close, she had less than two minutes on her competition at the flag. Dusty Times 3:.43: 13 to finish Sixth in car #3028. Make no mistake about it Race Fans - these women can drive and go fast "and" have fun at the same time, too. I've been out maneuvered many a time at the grocery store, eh. Just kidding, of course; (except the part about fast women in fast cars). It was all fun for a worthy cause -finding a cure for women's breast cancer. Thing is -men can get breast cancer, too. There were racers and spectators and supporters and breast cancer survivors in abundance. Each year M.O.R.E. brings out more than before. The 2009 Fourth Annual Powder Puff Race For a Cure raised $110,125 in donations for the Women's Cancer Research Institute of Cedar's Sinai Hospital. Keep up the good work! Have fun ... and play safe - Race Fans. !!MM~& PINCH BOSSES Ii UNIBAll t:UPS December 2009 Cindy Sutalo was the big winner in the Class BB contest, Cindy had six minutes in hand when she took the checkered flag. 9~KENWDDB !tt?; Page 15

Page 16

l.AJ2C: 45™ RALLY RACC CATALUNYA Loeb/Elena/Citroen Triumph By Martin Holmes Plwtos: Maurice Selden Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena took the gold medal in their Citroen C4, they're seen here at high speed on a stage. It seemed predictable, Citroen of Barcelona. It was possible the show so far has to have been were expected to be faster than that both the two top rally titles the South African Jon Williams, the Fords, and that they had a could be settled here. Mikko whose policy of nursing the new good chance,. which they seized, Hirvonen could win the Driver' Evo X car has paid off perfectly. of winning the 2009 FIA's series if he was lucky; however · He had finished the highest Manufacturers title on this event. Citroen had a stronger chance placed PSD driver three times, What was a surprise, however, to be Manufacturers' champion. and once was second. Jarkko was th~ pace of Sebastien Loeb's Mikko started the rally five points · Nikara has certainly proved to be teammate Dani Sardo who was ahead of Sebastien Loeb, but the fastest driver among the pack running level with the Champion was well aware of Loeb's prowess this year, while errors and poor ·until Sordo eased his pace at on asphalt and had been taking luck plagued Martin Semerad and the end of the rally. His victory training from a racing expert. Mark Tapper, who have each only brought Loeb up to within one The roads used as special stages in finished once, and N ic Thomas, point of Mikko Hirvonen in the Spain have a lot in common with who has yet to finish an event Drivers' championship, with one race circuits. Loeb had started the at all. round to go. Hans Weijs won the season so well but had not won a Main excitement at WRC level Junior category for the first time, world rally since Argentina, back was that Petter Solberg was back after misfortunes for Champion in April. Citroen Total still had a and was driving a C4 WRC, like Martin Prokop and Suzuki driver 13 point advantage over BP Ford he had been hoping to do all Aaron Burkart. Ap art from a and had won this event on each year. But life for him is not quite great run by J arkko N ikara the of the last three occasions. For the straightforward. He has needed a Pirelli Star Drivers had a bad sake of the Drivers' championship competitive car to show that as a time on the only asphalt event in Citroen needed the best possible former World Champion he still their programme. Skoda scored result from Loeb, for the sake of has rally winning form, even at 34 a Group N win when Eyvind the Makes' series they needed to years of age. For the final round Brynildsen finally took the lead be cautious. Tricky one! of the season he will be entered as in this category. It turned out to This was the final round of the an official driver for the Citroen be a nice time for the Citroen Junior series, which had already Junior team. He knows he will be team. Its two team drivers had been won by Martin Prokop in very lucky to achieve a dominating their contracts renewed, Sebastien his Citroen in Finland. Only performance on that rally, but Ogier was told publicly that one of the KNAF team drivers he is a pawn in Citroen's game something would be arranged needed to finish on the podium of rally chess. And ybu can guess for him in the Junior Team for for the FIA's Federation Cup to how important, in their secondary 2010 and Mikko Hirvonen fought be returning to Holland. This roles and for all different reasons, through the tension to admit that was also the penultimate ti me were the number two team.drivers Rally GB would be exciting and for the 2009 Pirelli Star Drivers Dani Sardo andJari-Matti Latvala! he was really looking forward to it. crews -and the only time they This was the'last rally of the season The penultimate round of the compete on asphalt in the series for the Argentine based Munchi's 2009 World Rally Championship this year. On the first four events team but word from the team is was run on asphalt roads in Spain, the range of performances has that they· hope to be back in the been astoundin . The star of WRC in 2010. Alon side Federico Hans Weijs and Bjorn Degandt were the big winners in the JWRC competition, they finished 12th overall in their Citroen C4. Villagra was British driver Paul a car before his work could start. Bird, who specialises in smaller This was his first appearance with events, in a second Munchi's new codriver Stephane Prevot. A Focus entry, but not qualifying late car change came for Eyvind for Makes' points for the team. Brynildsen, who was entered in Following closely after the a: Mitsubishi but who arrived Asturias Rally, this was the second with the Rene Georges Team major Spanish rally in three Skoda. Latest driver news was weeks, and the second and last that Yoann Bonato, the protege asphalt event of the WRC season. of Didier Auriol, had withdrawn The stage route was the same from the event after breaking an as last year but Shakedown was . ankle. He was to have forsaken new. The organisers had consent his usual Swift Super 1600 and from the FIA to use part of a instead driven a Suzuki Swift rally stage as the coui:se for the Sport in class N2, hoping thereby Shakedown location. One of the to qualify for what has now characteristics of the event was become a redundant Rookie's that a large proportion of the championship. Also missing was route of the stages was downhill. Luca Griotti, claiming a medical This would be the first time problem as well. . it had been run without the There were familiar visiting advantage of gravel note crews. faces in unusual surroundings. The organisers provided their own Former professional race and rally safety system with Derek Ringer, driver Dany Snobeck, actually former codriver of Colin McRae the 2008 French rally champion, and currently an active competitor who first entered a WRC event in the America championship, 30 years ago, was at the wheel of telling teams of unexpected a Peugeot 307 World Rally Car. hazards. Irish champion Eamonn Boland The Spanish Rally has always had forsaken his World Rally Cars been a constant but background and reverted, after ten years, to a 1 strength in rallying. And in recent Group N Mitsubishi. The young' years it ha'S been a strength for Belgian hopeful Thierry Neuville, Citroen. Ten years ago here in voted the BF Goodrich Super Spain Citroen became the only 2000 guest driver in Ypres. This company to win a full World was his first ever WRC event and rally with a two-litre two-wheel his first event outside his nat ive drive Kit Car, a feat rhey repeated Belgium. At Neuville's side was shortly afterwards on the Tour the IRC codriver Nicolas Klinger de Corse. Since then four-wheel -himself making a rare appearance drive cars have won every World on a World Championship event. rally. Ten years ago on this event They were running near the tail Sebastien Loeb began his world end of the field in a C2 R2 giving championship career, at the wheel Citroen the chance to discover the of a Citroen Saxo KC. Evgeny condition of roads which would Novikov's Junior Team Citroen be encountered by the top drivers C4 WRC was now painted in on their second run through the corporate blue, white and red, stages. An inveterate gravel note not his usual yellow, colours expertTimo Kankkunen, brother after a 20support agreement of Juha, was to be found at the from Citroen Russia, all three wheel of a similarly seeded Fiesta. Citroen Junior looked smart Meanwhile the disabled driver in a more uniform colour scheme. Albert Llovera, a JWRC driver Novikov had a mo~ent of stress a few years ago in a Fiat Punta before the rally started when his S 1600, Vl(as as happy as ever back recce car engine failed on the behind the steering wheel (duly motorway going to the stages and fitted with the hand controls as he had to return to base to rent usual) of a Grande Punta S2000. ~ : .... ,, " ~ Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen drove their Ford Focus RS Simone Berto/otti and Luca Ce/estini were the second place to a third over~// finish, seen here before a huge spectator area. finishers in JWRC, seen here at speed in their Suzuki Swift S1600. Petter Solberg and Philip Mills finished first off the podium at Catalunya, seen here at speed in their Citroen C4. Page 16 December 2009 Dusty Times

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Second overall, Daniel Sordo and Marc Marti were only 12 seconds in arrears at the end, seen here before an.admiring crowd. Technically there was little new among the cars. The PSD Lancer Evo Xs were fitted with new aluminium sumpguards to overcome the tendency experienced in Finland for nosedown landings which damaged the old guards. Under asphalt rally rules competitors had a choice of which type of tyres to use, and this was the first time the PSD drivers had such a choice to make. Although the Fiesta R2 made its competition debut in Turkey earlier in the year, it was the world championship debut for this model, five of which were taking part. Shakedown saw Citroen sweep the board, Loeb was quickest at 2m36.4s, l.0s in front of Ogier, with Sordo at 2h37.9s and then Petter Solberg on his ninth run fin ally making 2m38.0s, nearly· a second in -front of the best Ford. There were a total of ten non-starters so 70 cars started the event, the second biggest field in this year's championship. Day 1 - 6 Stages -Asphalt - 131.76kms The Citroen Team were going to enjoy this event and the happiest face of all was that of their Spanish driver Dani Sordo -who immediately took the lead on his home event. Mikko Hirvonen was running first car on the road, as befitted his championship leading status, and was the first driver to discover that the road conditions were a lot damper, from overnight rain, than had been expected. He. settled into third place behind the two official Citroen Total-2 0drivers. Sordo however, like everyone else, found that the roads were especially humid under the trees. His team leader Sebastien Loeb, Eyvind Brynildsen and Denis Giraudet took the Group N honors at Catalunya, they're seen here in their Skoda Fabia S2000. lying second, was nervous at that did Wales Rally GB and hated it, the lack of a gravel note crew and nowadays it is fantastic." Khalid that this would prove to be even Al Qassimi was worried with an more important on the afternoon apparent oil leak from the engine. stages, when they would have no Dany Snobeck in his Peugeot 307 way of knowing how much dirt WRC found the characteristics ·· had been thrown on to the tracks of the Pirelli tyres were quite from the cars passing the first time different to the Michelin tyres he through the stages. Petter Solberg normally uses. was in heaven, "In every little way After the mid-day service halt the C4 is superior to the Xsara, Al Qassimi stopped on the road and the total difference between section out to stage four, with the cars is fantastic," and all an under bonnet fire caused by through the first loop he was lying the oil leak. The second loop of fourth, in front of Sebastien Ogier stages were completely dry and and J ari-Matti Latvala. Ogier the efforts 20of the organisers to was one of many drivers with prevent corner cutting had paid brake problems, "Because it=2 off. The amount of debris on the Owas unexpectedly slippery I was roads was minimal by previous touching the brakes all the time, standards. Petter was growing to balance the car, and this caused happier by the minute, "This them to overheat." Paul Bird, in morning we were half a second the second Munchi's Focus entry, slower per kilometre than Sordo was enthralled. "This is only my and Loeb, now we it's a quarter second WRC event. In 2001 I second." Hirvonen compared his performance with those of the year before, "This year we lost ten seconds less over the day compared with the Citroens!" Latvala felt that he was gradually getting a better rhythm but was still not fully confident. In the JWRC category Hans Weijs went straight into the lead with his Citroen C2 S1600 ahead of Martin Prokop. Prokop said he was told it would be completely dry, and had overheated his brakes when driving over the wet patches. Aaron Burkart made a bad start. On stage one he spun, then on stage two he went off the road into the trees but fortunately he was able to rejoin tµe road again. Mark Wallenwein drove most of the of the morning stages with no power steering, then he had brake trouble and went off the road on stage four, "What a shame, finally the car was going well .. " Kevin Abbring found the stages were unsuitable for the heavier and less powerful R3 cars, and at the end of stage five, as he was changing tyres, he found a big pool of oil under the gearbox and stopped for the rest of the day. On the first stage of the afternoon Prokop got ahead of Weijs and by thee nd of the day was 12 seconds ahead with guest driver Jordi Marti third. The Hungarian driver "Asi" led Group Nall day chased by the Mitsubishi of Hermann Gassner Junior and the Skoda S2000 of Eyvind Brynildsen. Brynildsen, however, found the brakes on his Skoda got softer through being used too much by his left foot. Mark Tapper led the PSD Continued on •••• 18 2010 MEXICAN 1000 RALLY cul \\"1tS\ A_PRIL 28-ay 2, 2010 UPDATED c \I t.11 Mexicali~ Bahia de Los Angeles~ Loreto~ La Paz OURS[! ~C~F 11=. TO r P P_arnelli Jones, Malcolm Smith, Bud Feldkamp, Bruce Meyers, Walker Evans, Larry Roeseler, Eddie Mulder, Bill Varnes, .. Roger Norman, Rod ~all, John and Ray Swift, Curt LeDuc, Dave Westhem, Rick L. Johnson, Mouse McCoy, Rick 0. Johnson, Scott Whitney, Jim Kirby,. Ricky .. R.111 Johnson, Jim Ryan, Marty Fiolka, Ron Johnson, RPM Off Road, Boyd Jaynes, Bill Brindle Ill, Gary Dixon -lost Boys Racing and more ... HONORIHG THE PAST. FORGltJG THE FUTURE. National Off Road Racing Association I \ • Since1967 -l,. BEAb~l!QB~H.~~!U Dusty Times December 2009 Page 17

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Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia took fifth place overall Jordi Marti and Gabriel Sanchez drove their Renault Clio R3 to Dany Snobeck and Gilles Mondesir were the 10th place overall honors at Catalunya, here at speed in their Citroen C4. third place in JWRC, they finished 19th overall in the standings. finishers, they're seen here in their Peugeot 307. competitors from the start, while other PSD drivers had problems -Martin Semerad had the gearbox break.when he was changing down, Jon Williams admitted being cautious in completely unknown conditions. Then Tapper stopped on the road section on the way to stage three with engine failure, and on stage six Nie Thomas stopped for the same reason. Of the=2 0five PSD drivers only two, Jarkko Nikara and Williams, were left still running. Four of the five Fiesta R2s were still going strong, the only absentee was the Turkish lady driver Burco Cetinkaya who went off the road into a tree. The Stewards were at work, privateer Heikki Westerlund and Spanish Subaru team driver Marcos Barquin were excluded for forgetting to make a detour to a passage control on the sea front at Salou, en route to the final service part control of the day. Also working overtime were the Ralliart Italy engineers trying to discover why Mark Tapper and Nie Thomas had stopped and were alarmed to find that both had broken conrods and were out for the rest of the event. Day 2 - 6 Stages -Asphalt -127.98kms Khalid Al Qassimi was back again. This was really proving to be a six car race, four Citroens and two Fords. So far no other driver had even finished in the top six positions on a stage! Sebastien Loeb beat Dani Sordo by 1.6 second on the first stage which meant after stage seven they were exactly equal in the lead. After stage eight Loeb was 0.2 in front, after stage nine Sordo was leading by 0.9 second, "My drivers are very experienced and know our objectives, there is no point to ask them to go slower. I will just let them carry on and enjoy themselves," said Citroen Racing chief Olivier Quesnel. Petter Solberg was gradually getting=2 0into his stride, "One step after another, its coming better _all the time," while the Ford drivers were doing everything to maintain their • position, even if the cars really did not seem to be fast enough. Sebastien Ogier had a lucky moment when he touched a stone with a rear wheel on stage seven and bent a rim, but nothing worse. On stage seven, Novikov retired after he spun the C4, wrecking the right hand suspension on a rock. His retirement allowed everyone to move up one place. Paul Bird staggered back to service with complete clutch failure. Latvala found stage nine was the dirtiest of the rally, it was disastrous as the rideheight of the car was just too low for comfort, "All I can say is that we lost less time on this stage than we had done this time last year." Page 18 The close battle for the lead continued through the second loop - all the time the greatest gap between Sordo and Loeb was 2.1 seconds, and Hirvonen's task was · to keep a careful eye on the stage split times to make sure that Petter did not get to close to him. By the end of the day Petter was 22.4 seconds behind, 24 hours earlier he had been 25.5 seconds behind. Hirvonen was calm, "Yesterday we lost 32 seconds to the leaders, today we only lost another 13 seconds and much of that was due to going carefully on the final stage in the gravel." The damage was being contained. Conditions through the afternoon were as=2 0expected, with a lot more loose gravel scattered towards the end of the final stage of the loop, but the main topic concerned the tyres. Cars arrived with tyres still showing plenty of tread but drivers reporting that the tyres soon lost their grip if they pushed too hard. Ogier lying fifth found that his front tyres were wearing out unusually quickly on the longer stages. Henning Solberg was happier though lying -only ninth. "We changed the suspension set-up to what Gronholm used in 2007 and it worked!" Federico Villagra was holding eighth place despite a stall in a hairpin. And happiest of all was Petter who finally scored a fastest time. In JWRC Martin Prokop maintained his lead wit h Hans Weijs holding second despite a personal disaster for his codriver Bjorn Degandt -when he smashed his lip on his crash helmet while reaching into the rear of the car. The Dutch team of Weijs and Abbring were both still in strong points scoring positions needed for the Federation Challenge. On stage seven Aaron Burkart spun and went off the road and then on the second time through the loop of stages Prokop went off on stage ten and retired and Wei:js found himself in the JWRC lead and the Federation Cup was gifted to the Dutchmen. "Asi" continued on his way leading the Group N competitors. Brynildsen was able to pass Gassner into second place in the category when Gassner had a puncture. PSD driver Semerad restarted=2 0butwas delayed with a puncture while Williams and Nikara were still going strong until Williams stopped three kilometres from·the end of stage 12 with similar gearbox problem as Semerad. Day 3 - 6 Stages -Asphalt -93.88kms The final day's stages were slightly shorter in distance but again consisted of two loops of three stages, this time closer to the rally base at Salou. Restarting again were Evgeny Novikov and Aaron Burkart, running under SupeRally rules, but not Martin Prokop. As drivers felt completely comfortable with their settings the event developed into a procession. Novikov went off the road once again and retired due it seemed to a pun cture. Paul Bird misjudged a bend and went off in his Ford, touching two spectators and retiring on the spot. As the rally drew to a close, the question being asked was whether this was a ·good time for tactics or not? As things stood, Hirvonen would lead the Drivers' championship, by one point from Loeb, and thereby would start Rally GB first car on the road in three weeks time. Should Hirvonen let Petter Solberg pass him into third place and thereby give Mr Loeb the honour of being first car on the road? However, the conditions on Rally GB are far from certain and whether running first car on the road on the first day would be good or bad! So the decision was taken. No tactics would be played out at the end of this event. And another strange story. Petter was brought into the event because of his tactical opportunities, but then when it was realised a podium result would prejudice Loeb's chances in Britain, Petter was not needed ... Sordo marginally eased his pace and Loeb gradually pulled ahead. The main excitement of the afternoon was that Brynildsen finally overcame his earlier time loss because of his brake trouble, and edged passed the Hungarian driver ''Asi" into the lead of Group N, with two stages to go. Nikara made the fastest times of the PSD drivers on every stage except the first. Jon Williams went off the road near the end of stage 16 but got back to the road again to finish last PSD driver on this occasion. Further back a Fiesta R2, on its WRC debut, finished 25th overall and won its class. It was in the hands of Lambros Athanassoulas, the local Greek guest driver who won the Junior category on the Acropolis Rally. A late retirement was the Citroen C2 R2 Max of Neuville with alternator failure. Meanwhile the Citroen Total team marched off with their fifth Makes' world championship title and waited and wondered whether Loeb will eventually win his sixth, successive, Drivers' title on the final round in Britain. 45th RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Oaurada (E) Salou 214.10.2009 WCR round 11, JWRC round 8 1 (1) Sebastien'LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen C4 WRC 734EGZ78 (F) 3h.2'2m.14.7s. 10 10 2 (2) Daniel SORDO/Maro Marti E Citroen C4 3h.2'2m.26.7s. 8 8 3 (3) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Ford Focus RS 3h.23m.ci8.8s. 6 6 4 (11) Petter Solberg/Phftip Mills N/GB Citroen C4 3h.23m.27.1s. 5 5 (12) Sebastien OGIER/Julien Ingrassia F Citroen C4 3h.23m.56.3s. 5 4 6 (4) Jan-Matti LATVALA/MiikkaAnttila FIN Ford Focus RS 3h.25m.04.5s. 4 3 7 (5) Matthew WILSON/Scott Martin GB Ford Focus RS 3h.29m:30.2s. 3 2 8 (9) Federiro VILLAGRA/Jorge Perez Companc RA 9 (6) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud ·N Ford Focus RS 3h.31 m.2'2.3s. 1 . 10 (66) Dany Snobeck/Gilles Mondesir F 3h.33m.10.7s. 11 (8) Conrad RAUTENBACH/Daniel Banitt 3h.33m.22.3s. t 12 (36) Hans Weijs/Bjom Degandt 3h.40m.35.5s. , 13 (7 4) Eyvind Bl)'nffdsen/Denls Giraudet 3h.41m.22.7s.+ Z.W/GB NUB N/F Peugeot307 Citroen C4 Citroen C2 S1600 Skoda Fabia S2lOO 14 (14) Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr 3h.41 m.26.0s.(2) UAE/GB Ford Focus RS 17 (63) Ja~o Nikara/Jarkko Kalliolepo 3h.45m.20.5s. 18 (33) Simone BertolotWLuca Celestini 3h.45m.24.6s, 19 (59) Jordl Marti/Gabriel Sanchez 3h.46m.58.3s. 27 (37) Kevin Abbring/Erwin Mombae~ 3h.55m.28.1 s.( 1) 37 (31) Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach 4h.00rn.48.5s. • 44 {62) Jon Williams/George Gvtynn 4h.18rn.00.0s.( 1) FIN Mitsubishi lanoor Evo X Suzuki Swift S1000 E Renault Clio R3 NL/B Renault Clio R3 D Suzuki Swift S1~ ZA/GB Mitsubishi Lana!r Evo X WRC 454EMX78 (F) WRC SAOOVHR (GB) WRC 723EGZ78 (F) , I WRC AA-655-VF (F) WRC PX08AXB (GB) WRC 1ES(GB) Ford Focus RS WRC EU07SUV (GB) WRC WRC JWRC 10 N WRC N* JWRC 8 JWRC 6 JWRC 5 JWRC 4 N* 99AKF69(F) 738EGZ78 (F) H-PR2206 (D) 90E66S(CZ) AG5'1CKA (GB) DS705PC(I) KIH353(H) 6288FDV (E) 62-SN-VX (NL) SSE002(H) DS701PC (I) 70 (7 JWRC) starters. 52 (5 JWRC) finishers. -+Group N winner. MANUFACTURERS' REGISTERED DRIVER. (Missed stages or road sections) Winne(s average speed. over stages 104.91 kph. -Pirelli Star Driver. December. 2009 Dusty Times

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Mike Jenkins #47 TORC Pro 4 Las Vegas 4.0 King Ka,g 8-More race wins than all other shock manufacturers combined. Ron Whitton SNORE TT Adam Householder SNORE Class 1 Eric Ludian SNORE Class 1400 Monte Tibbets SNORE Class 8 Rulo Solano SNORE Class 5/1600 Aaron Hawley SNORE Class-1600 Michael hanson SNORE Class 10 Adina Byrna MORE Class 1400 Laurie Chamlee MORE Class 7 Tracy Fuller MORE Class 1200 Oay Gang MORE Class 1600 Kelly Suiter MORE Class 1300 Christie Harper MORE Class 5/1600 Tandi Hartman MORE Class-1700 Marie Miller MORE Class 300 Pamela Hall MORE Class 1357 Dan Unsicker MDR Class 1400 Mike Jenkins TORC Pro 4x4 Casey Currie TORC Pro Light

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~ ,-c::7,ll:;?~ ~-, -~ -·~, ... _.., ___ , === - ......... ✓.~c:-: AT PERRIS Maccachren Takes Two By]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Trackside Photo It was a good weekend for Rob MacCachren at Perris, he took the win both days in Pro 2WD, he's seen here in flight. The 13th and 14th rounds of the series took place at Perris, California and there was a lot of action for all concerned. There were a total of 99 vehicles on hand for the action, eight classes were involved and there was racin' enough for all. We have yet to talk to a spectator at any of the short course races that didn't fully enjoy ·themselves watching the trucks and buggies go at it. This race was to be reported on by someone who didn't quite make it to the race so you'll have to bear with us on the shortened reporting. In the Pro 4x4 race on Satur-day, there were eight entries and it was Scott Douglas taking a nice win in his Ford, Adrian Cenni was second in, Adrian drives a Chevy, Johnny Greaves, Toyota, was the third truck to finish, Steve Barlow finished fourth in his Ford and Curt LeDuc finished fifth, he too driving a Ford. Sixth place went to Mike Jenkins, Mike drives a Ford, Rick Huseman, Toyota, finished in the seventh spot and Kyle LeDuc took the eighth and final spot in his Ford. Sunday's Pro 4x4 race saw Rick Huseman take his sixth win of the season, Kyle LeDuc was right there in second place, Scott Douglas was the third place finisher, Johnny Greaves took fourth place and Steve Barlow was the fifth truck in. In sixth place was Curt LeDuc, Mike Jenkins finished in seventh place and Adrian Cenni took the eighth spot. Rick Huseman leads the Pro 4x4 points with 306 earned, Kyle LeDuc is second with 278, Scott Douglas is third with 263, Johnny Greaves is in fourth place with 261 and Curt LeDuc is fifth in points with 225 in hand. There were 12 trucks entered in the Pro 2WD events. When they took the checkered flag for . the Saturday event it was Rob MacCachren taking the win in his Ford truck, Ricky Johnson, also in a Ford was right there in second place, Jeremy McGrath was third to finish, he in a Toyota, Todd LeDuc finished fourth in his Ford and Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. was the fifth place finisher in his Chevrolet. Mike Oberg, also in a Chevy was the sixth place finisher, Evan Evans, also in a Chevy finished seventh, Greg Adler was eighth in his Ford, Justin Davis was ninth in and Ben Waridahsega, Chevrolet, finished in 10th place, Mark Jenkins finished 11th in his Ford and Scott Taylor was a long 12th in his Ford. A great weekend for John Fitzgerald, he took the 1600 Buggy win both days in the Perris contests, seen here in his Lucas Oil sponsored buggy. The Sunday Pro 2WD race finisher in his Nissan and Brent saw Rob MacCachren taking Axup finishe~ in 10th place. his second win of the weekend, Mark Oberg, Ford, was the 11th Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. took the place finisher, Todd Cunning-silver medal, Todd LeDuc was ham finished 12th in his Chevy, the third place finisher, Ricky Valerie LeDuc was 13th in a Johnson took fourth place and Ford, Corey Sisler, Ford, finished Jeremy McGrath was fifth to take in 14th place and Jeff Huseman the checkers. In sixth place was was the 15th place finisher, he Mike Oberg, Ben Wandahsega too in a Ford. took seventh, Even Evans took The Sunday Pro Light event the eighth spot, Scott Taylor saw JeffKincaid take his sixth win finished ninth, Greg Adler took of the 2009 season, Marty Hart 10th place, Justin Dave finished took the second place finish, 11th and Mark Jenkins was the Jimmy Stephensen was the third 12th and final finisher. truck in, Valerie LeDuc took Rob MacCachren leads the a great fourth place and Luke Pro 2WD points race with 287 Johnson was the fifth truck in. earned, Ricky Johnson is in Mark Oberg was the sixth place second place with 283 in hand, finisher, Chad Hord finished Todd LeDuc is third with 278 in seventh place, Chris Brandt in hand, Jeremy McGrath sits in finished eighth, Corey Sisler fourth place with 226 and Scott finished ninth and Chad Rayford Taylor is fifth in points with 223 was the 10th place finisher. Jeff accrued. Huseman was the 11th truck in The Saturday Pro Light event and Randy Eller, the last one in, had 16 entered and when the made it an even dozen. checkers flew it was Chris Brandt, Jeff Kincaid leads the Pro Toyota, taking his first win of the Light point race with 292, Chad season, Jeff Kincaid was second Hord is second in points with to finish in his Toyota, Marty 265 earned, Marty Hart is in Hart, Ford, was third truck in, third place with 255 points;• Chad Hord finished in fourth Chris Brandt is fourth with place and Chad Rayford was 246 and Casey Currie is fifth in the fifth place finisher in his points with 216 in his pocket. Nissan. Jimmy Stephensen fin-There were only two cars en-ished sixth in his Nissan, Randy tered in the Super Buggy races. Eller finished seventh in a Ford, On Sanirday it was Phil Bohlman Luke Johnson finished in eighth taking the win with Eddie Tafayo place, Casey Currie was the ninth taking the silver medal. ---------.:--~ Chris Brandt took a nice win in Pro Light in his Toyota in the first No wins this weekend for Kyle LeDuc, he posted an 8th place finish Ricky Johnson took a second and a fourth place finish in the 2WD race, he finished in eighth place in the following Pro Light event. and a 2nd place finish in the Pro 4x4 races, here flying his Ford. races, he sits second in points in class, here in his flyin' Ford. Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. took a fifth and a second place finish in In Pro Light it was Marty Hart flying his Ford pickup to a third A third and a fourth place finish in 4x4 was all Johnny Greaves could the 2WD races, Dan is seen here flying his Chevy to the checkers. and a second place finish at Perris, here at speed. manage this time, Johnny sits fourth in points with two races to go. 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A fourth and a third place finish for Todd LeDuc in 2WD at Perris, Jimmy Stephensen flew his Nissan pickup to a sixth and a third Curt Geer had a fourth and a third place finish in the 1600 Buggy competition, Curt sits in second place in points. Todd is seen here just at liftoff in his Ford. place finish in Pro Light, he's seen here nicely airborne. Adrian Genni took a second and an eighth place finish at Perris Jeff Huseman didn't have the best of nights, he finished 15th It was a third and a fifth place finish for Jeremy McGrath in Pro 2WD at Perris, Jeremy is fourth in points in his Toyota. in Pro 4x4 he's seen here in his Chevy. and 11th at Perris, he's seen here flyin' his Ford to the flag. On Sunday, Phil Bohlman took the class win again with Ryan Harbottle taking second spot. . · In Super Buggy points it is Doug Fortin and Phil Bohlman tied with 50 points each, Greg George and Eddie Tafayo tied with 42 points each and Randy Minner is fifth with 38 points earned. There were only four entrants in the 1600 Buggy events. On Saturday it was John Fitzgerald taking the class win, Kyle Quinn was second to finish, Reno Na-vera was the third place finisher and Curt Geer was the fourth place finisher. On Sunday it was John Fitzger-ald doing a repeat of the Saturday race, Kyle Quinn was the runner-up for the second time, Curt Geer was the third palce finisher and Reno Navera did not start. John Fitzgerald leads the 1600 points battle with 96 in hand, Curt Geer is in second place with 80 points accrued and Reno Navera is third with 55 points earned. In the KART races on Satur-day it was Zachery Hunt taking the win in his Suzuki Max, Mitch-ell De Jong was second to cross the line in his Yamaha ITP, Bradley Morris came in third in his Suzuki and Trenton Briley finished in fourth place in his Suzuki. In the Sunday Kart race it was Zachery Hunt taking the win, Bradley Morris was the second kart in, Mitchell De Jong came across the line in third, Trent William was fourth in and the fifth and final finisher was Tren-ton Briley. The .Kart Point Standings show Mitchell De Jong in first place with 90 points accrued, Trenton Briley is second with 7 5 points earned and Bradley Morris is in third place with 57 points. There were only two Karts entered in the 250 races and on Saturday it was Mitch Guthrie Jr. taking the win in his Honda Max and Bryan Osborn took second in his Kawasaki LTP. Dusty Times Scott Douglas won the Pro 4x4 race on Saturday, Scott took the bronze medal in 'the Sunday race, seen here in his Ford. In the Sunday race the roles were reversed, it was Bryan Os-born taking the win and Mitch Guthrie Jr. taking the second spot. In the 250 KART Point Race, Mitch Guthrie Jr. holds the lead with 96 points earned and Bryan Osborn is second with 46 points. Last, but by no means least were the UTV's and in the Saturday race it was RJ An-derson taking the win, Brent Fouch was second to finish, Phil Wenzel was the third place finisher, John Dempsey was first off the podium, Tyler Winbury was the fifth UTV in T ler Parks finished in sixth place, Kassidy Johnson was the seventh place fin-isher and Doug Mittag was the eighth and final finisher. In the Sunday UTV event Tyler Winbury was the winner in his Kawasaki, RJ Anderson was second to take the checkered flag, Doug Mittag w_as the third vehicle in, Brent Fouch finished fourth in his Kawasaki, Tyler Parks was the fifth place finisher, Kassidy Johnson took sixth place, John Dempsey finished seventh and Phil Wenzel was the eighth and final finisher. In the UTV Points Race, RJ Anderson leads with 88 points in hand T ler Winbur is second RJ Anderson had a pretty good time, he took a win in the first UTV race, posted a second place in the next race, seen here flyin' his Polaris. December 2009 It was a second place finish for Jeff Kincaid in the Pro Light first race, next race he took the gold medal, seen here in his Toyota. · with 81 points earned, Doug Mit-tag and John Dempsey are tied for third place with 64 points each and Kassidy Johnson is fifth in the point battle with 54 points earned. We need to note here that we had all sorts of camera problems at this race, therefore the pictures are not in the quantity we desire. Our apologies to all. The next and final battle of the year takes place in Las Vegas, see ya all there! t:taflslllan Jadis & llaum Ds • Secure mounting platform tor racecar, pre-runner or chase vehicle • Self-latching quick-release system locks the jack to the chassis • Spring JoadeJI quick-re/ease mount secures the Jack handle • Flat base increase jacks footprint and prevents the jack from sinking in the sand or sill Spring loaded q11/ck·r1J/easa mou11t 2 t'onlacll 2 !'on Jacll Kit 390.SB 408.30 Page 21

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~ ~NORE 250 • 40rH ANNIVEIIJSARY -whitt'on Takes Class 1 And overall By John Calvin & Mary Cossey Photos: Art Eugenio Aaron Hawley and J Shane captured the Class them on their way to the gold medal. 1600 event at the SNORE 250, they only had one flat to hamper The 40th Anniversary SNORE 250 took place at Primm, Nevada, aka, Herbstville, Nevada, on Octo-ber 3rd. An anniversary race anct with really pleasant weather, it was a joy to be there. With the participants broken up into 19 separate classes there was racing aplenty for all and, for the most part, everyone we talked to had a good time. · First off in the morning was the Unlimited Truck Class, there were three of them but only one made it all the way to the flag. At the end of their first lap it was Ron Whitton in the lead, Charles Dana was in the right seat. Brad Hemphill.was on a three hour lap and Marc Ewing was unable to finish his first lap. Second of four re uired la sand Ron Whitton was home free, all he had to do was finish the race and he was the winner. Ron lost some time in the pit on this lap, but not enough to worry about. Laps 3 and 4 were uneventful, Ron Whitton continued to roar around the course and he came home the Unlimited Truck Class winner and the overall race winner as well. Class 1 was next up, there were 10 cars in the class, they had four laps to go foi: their race and fully six of them would see the checkered flag. At the end of their first lap it was T.J. Flores in the lead, Adam House-holder was in second place, he had Danny Curtis in the right seat and he was two minutes behind the leader, Tom Koch was runnin in the third spot, another two minutes back, Terry Householder was running fourth with Andrew Carson in the right seat and Adam Bosch rounded out the top five. In sixth place was Shannon Switzer, Phil Mazzio was running seventh and Pete Claas was in the eigl:i h spot. Rudy Cortez and Pat Dean were unable to complete their first lap. · When they came around at the end of their second lap there was no change in the running order for the top four, it remained Flores, Adam Householder, Koch and Terry Householder. Shannon Switzer was up a spot into fifth, Phil Mazzio was running in sixth place, Pete Claas was seventh and Adam Bosch dropped into the eighth spot. Third la came · to an end and Ron Whitton really had a good race, they took the gold medal in the Unlimited Truck affair, seen here headin' for the checkers. Adam Householder had assumed arrears, and that's all there were. the lead position, T.J. Flores dropped Bekki Wik, Kyle Woodward and to second place, they had a flat Kelly Boyle were all amongst the and had some problem getting it missing. changed, costing them five or six Second lap ended and Michael minutes, Terry Householder was up Hanson continued to show the way, aspotintothirdplace,JoeDavidwas Jon Walker remained in second in for Tom Koch with Doug Nurhart place, he was now seven minutes in the right seat, they dropped a spot behind the leader. Rodney Colbert into fourth with the change, Shan-was on his trailer. non Switzer was running fifth and When they finishec,i their third Pete Claas was in s.ixth place. Phil lap it was still Michael Hanson Mazzio and Adam Bosch were on in the lead, Jon Walker was hav-their respective trailers. ing problems shifting gears and Fourth lap, final Class 1 lap and dropped a lot of time, he was now when the checkers flew it was Adam 50 minutes in arrears. Householder taking the win, he had Fourth lap, last lap and Michael a trouble free run, T.J. Flores took Hanson came in for the checkered the silver medal, he was a mere 50 flag, a nice Class 10 win, Michael seconds in arrears, and reported had a trouble free race and it was that he had run out of rear brakes a good feeling for Jenny Hanson a while back, Joe David took third who was in the right seat for the place honors, he said they ran well, last lap. Jon Walker came in for the had a rear flat and had to change a silver medal. right rear limit strap. Terry House- Class 12 was next·away, there holder finished in fourth place, were six of them waiting to go, they Shannon Switzer finished fifth and had four laps to run for their race Pete Claas was the sixth place and and four of them would see the final finisher in Class 1. checkered flag. At the end of their There were six cars entered iri first lap it was Justin "Bean" Smith the Class 10 conflict but only two leading the pack, Corey Torres was of them would make the required right there in the second spot, he four laps for a finish. When they was a mere seven seconds in arrears, d ended their first lap it was Michael Bryan Freeman was running in the Hanson leading the way, he had third spot, it was a brand new racing Chris Bennett as the co-driver, Jon class for him, Clay Lenard was in Walker came along nine minutes fourth place and Darren Blood held later in the second spot, Rodney down the fifth· spot. Kevin Martin Colbert was in third plac~, he was started the race but he was unable another two and a half minutes in to complete his first lap. At the end of their second lap we saw Corey Torres in the class lead, Justin Smith had dropped to second place, Bryan Freeman remained in third place, Darren Blood was fourth, suffering from a rather long first lap and Clay Lenard was fifth car in. Adam Householder had not a complaint, with nothing but a fuel stop to hinder them they took the Class 1 win, here at speed. Michael Hanson took the Class 10 win at the SNORE 250 with ease, a trouble free run to the checkers cemented his Class Championship. Third lap, Justin Smith had the class.lead, Bryan Free-man was up a spot into second· place, he ran 12 minutes behind the leader, Darren Blood was in third place, he was 20 some minutes in arrears and Clay Lenard was fourth, a horribly long second lap holding him way back. Corey Torres had disappeared from the scoring charts, cause unknown. Continued on p191 23 • There were 10 cars entered in the Stock Bug Class and David TJ Flores led the first two laps in Class 1 but a flat tire and a Jon Walker ran in second place the entire Class 10 race, a terribly Hendrickson·beat 'em all, he's seen here goin' for the checkers. faulty jack was their undoing, TJ took the silver medal. long third lap didn't help, seen here at speed. Page 22 December 2009 Dusty Times

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In the Class 15 fracas it was Greg Crew taking the gold medal, Orio Cox ran hard and fast in the Class 1600 conflict, Orio had It was a second place finish in Class 18 for Clint Braun, Clint Greg had almost an hour in hand when he took the checkered flag. to settle for the silver medal, seen here at high speed. was 10 minutes in arrears after 5 hours of racing. Fourth lap, final lap and when lap, brakes going away on the third and Clay Lenard was the fourth and showing the way, Bill Shapley was their first lap. they came around for the checkers lap and losing a fan belt on his last final finisher in the class. running in the second spot, he was Second of the three required laps it was a happy Justin Smith taking lap, but he declared he had a fun There were seven Class 13 bug- only three seconds in arrears, Beau and it was Billy McCool in for Beau a great win, Justin only had one race, Dave Campbell, who was in for gies ready for the green flag, they Binkowski was running third and Binkowski and in the class lead with flat to contend with, a flawless day, Darren Blood took the final spot on had a good first lap race but it was Tom High was in the fourth spot. Mike Coleman in the right seat, Bryan Freeman was the second car the podium, he reported two flats all downhill from there. At the Henry Vasquez, Rick Casteneda well, Billy didn't have any competi-in, he reported a flat on his first and no brakes for most of the race end of Lap 1 it was Troy Miller and John Houlton failed to finish tion as he was the only car running PYAOTECT Page 24 G·HJllC£ IIACIN8 81£A11 • MOTORSPORTS hflnuTen'f • 100 Gallon Capacity • Single or Double Dry Break • EZSetUp • Affordable lndyCa.r Fl rechnology .&cceuerlu • Dump Cans • Hose • Reducers • Filler Necks & Caps .... • Snell SA 2005 ForccdAit Helmets • Wired for Communication & Ear Bud Ready • Racing Optics Tear Offs • Universal and Custom Molded Ear Buds • Helmet Skirts • Shields lool .llr111 llower Syate111 • Highest Flo,rtng Systems! • 105. 135, 150, 235 and 250 CF.M Ratings • High Flow Filters & Custom Hoses • Trophy Kart Kits for Driver & Clutch Cooler • OoaaHlculoa a,ne .. • Vertex 5 to 110 Watt • Radio Systems • Hi-Fi Intercom Systems • Chase & Race Packages • Base Station Packages • Crew Chief & Kart Packages k CarC&llera l:,ma • EZ 1 Button Operation • Exclusive Racer X . 1,fotorsports Package • 5.7 hours ofHigh Resolution recording time • Up to 12 hours of operation on 4AA Lithium Ion Batteries • Can be Interfaced to Infarcom for full audio experience ICeU"' .. • 411/2 Gallon Capacity • SCORE/ BITD / FIA Approved • Tapered Design Provides Increased Ground Clearance & Maximizes Usable Fuel • Fuel Level Sending ' Units Available • Caps, Necks, Hose, Filters and Pumps Available YOUR SOURCE FOB PROFESSIONAL RACE PRODUCTS 10815 Wheatlands Avenue, Suite K • Santee, CA 92071 619-258-RACE (7223) · Fax 619-258-0883 · December 2009 in the class. Troy Miller was out, Bill Shapley blew out a spark plug on the lap, non repairable, and Tom High were all retired from the race. Billy McCool, now with his son Bill finished the third lap and took the Class 13 win with a grin. Billy reported a trouble free run and wanted to thank the Checkers for standing by for him. Class 1450 was next up, there were only two of them entered, they had three laps to run for their race but, alas, only one would see the checkers. At the end of their first lap it was Eric Ludian in the lead, Andrew Leavitt failed to complete his first lap. Eric Ludian continued to circu-late around the course for two more laps and came in for the checkered flag. Eric had his son Hunter in the right seat all the way and this victory clinched his class championship. Next up was Class 15, three of them were ready for their three lap race, two of them would make the entire circuit. At the end of their first lap it was Danny Barrett with ,I Jason Barrett co-driving, showing the way, Bob Myers had troubles and recorded a long lap, but he was in second place and Scott Foster had an even longer lap with major prob-lems and was shown in third place. Second lap, Greg Crew, who was in for Danny Barrett had some gear box problems but he remained in the first spot, Bob Myers held on in second spot, he was some 50 minutes in arrears and Scott Foster . was nowhere to be seen. Third lap, final lap, Greg Crew came around to take the gold medal for the class. Greg Crew picked up some sandwiches for an out of ac-tion Class 5-1600 stuck out on the course. Bob Myers collected the silver medal. There were 13 cars entered in the 1600 Class, fully nine of them would make the required four laps for a finish. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Rob MacCachren in the class lead, Aaron Hawley came. in 36 seconds later in the second spot, Orio Cox ran in third place, he was another five minutes back, Jason Coleman ran in the fourth spot and Robbie Madison was in fifth . place. In the ixth sppt was Justin Davis, Derek Bradley ran in seventh place, Don Wall was in eighth place, Mike Simpson was running ninth, he had Tanner Schritter in the right seat, Steven Lisa was in 10th place and Chuck Peterson, with Jim But-termore in the right seat was in the 11th spot. Ray Bokelman and Kenny Freeman were on their respective trailers. Second lap, first car around was Dusty Times

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Alan League was the winner in the Class 18 battle at the SNORE 250, Alan took the gold with four minutes in hand. Patrick Dailey led the first lap in the Class 5-1600 race, dropped to second place and that's where he finished. It was a second place finish in Class 7 for Troy Messer he was seven minutes behind the leader when he took the checkers. Rob MacCachren, Aaron Hawley held on in second place, he was slowed by a flat tire, he was now three minutes behind the leader, Orio Cox, running third, was an-other seven minutes back, Jason Coleman was yet another two min-utes back in fourth place and Justin Davis was up a spot into fifth place. Derek Bradley was also up a spot into sixth place, Robbie Madison dropped two spots into seventh place, that due to flipping the car. Mike Simpson was running in eighth place, Steven Lisa ran ninth and Jim Buttermore who was now driving for Chuck Peterson held down the 10th spot. Don Wall was out of the race, something about cooking the motor. Justin Bean had a flat on the first lap and from there on he just flew across the desert to take the Class 12 win, seen here at speed. Beau Binkowski and Billy McCool drove their car to the Class 13 win, they had a trouble free race and wanted to thank the Checkers for their help. On the third lap we had a new leader, Aaron Hawley had moved into the first spot, Orio Cox was running in the second spot, C.J. Hutchins, who was in for Jason Coleman, was now running in third place, Rob MacCachren had dropped to fourth place, he lost 20 minutes replacing some lost bolts in the steering box and Justin Davis continued on in fifth place. Robbie Madison was running in sixth place, Mike Simpson was running seventh, Steven Lisa ran eighth, Derek Eric Ludian had a good day, his competition fell by the wayside and he cruised on home for the Class 1450 win. Bradley was in ninth place and Jim When their fir t lap ended it was Buttermore was in 10th place. Ralph Chadwick leading the class, Final lap, when they came around Clint Braun was in the second spot, for the checkers it was J. Shane, who he was three minutes behind the was in for Aaron Hawley taking a leader, Bob Dziurawiec ran in third really nice win, Orio Cox came in to place, another two minutes back, take the silver medal, he had some Alan League wa in fourth place and help from Eddie Frehner and Jeff Anthony Perrucci ran fifth. Carr. Rob MacCachren took the last Second lap ended and Ralph spot on the podium, Jason Coleman: Chadwick continued to lead, Clint finished fourth, he was a mere two Braun remained in second place, seconds out of third place and Dan li.e was now six minute behind the Folts, who was in for Justin Davis leader, Alan League was up a spot finished in fifth place. They rolled into third place, Bob Dziurawiec the car and also had a flat tire. Rob-dropped to fourth place, he ran bie Madison was the sixth car in, his out of fuel and had to wait a while son Ivan rode all the way with him. for service and Anthony Perrucci Tanner Schritter, who was now driv- remained in fifth place. ing for Mike Simpson finished in Third lap, final lap and when the seventh place, he had Rob Clouser checkers flew it was Ralph Chad-at his side. Steven Lisa took the wick taking a nice win, he reported eighth spot and Derek Bradley was that the car was popping out of gear the ninth and final finisher. for most of the race, Clint Braun The Clas 18 troops were up next, came in to take the silver medal, they had three laps to run for their Alan League took home the bronze race. There were five of them entered medal, only a flat on the first lap to and all five saw the checkered flag. slow them, Bob Dziurawiec finished ;-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==.r==-=-==-_.:;;:.:.:;_~..:..:.;_:...::.;:..:.;_::..;.:...:.:.:=:.:.:.::..::.....:.:::s::.-...:.:.::..:.;_::..:..:.:..;, first off the podium and Anthony Perrucci wa the fifth place finisher. Class 5 only had one entrant, Tomas Morales. Tomas only fin-ished his first lap. He disappeared from the scoriJ1g charts, problems unknown. Class 5-1600 was up next, there were five of them entered and three of them made it all three required laps. At the end of their first lap it was Patrick Dailey leading the class, Raul Solano was in second·place, he was 24 seconds behind the leader, Glen Mayernick was running in third place and Brandyn Kaylorwa in the fourth pot. Bob Gross never completed hi first lap. Second lap ended and now it was Raulo Solano in the class lead, Patrick Dailey had slipped to second place and Glen Mayernick was run-ning in the third spot. Brandyn Kaylor was off the scoring chart. Third lap, last lap for the 5-1600's and Raul Solano came in for the Continued on page 26 Cody Rash ran second all the way in the Class 9 conflict, Cody Dana Dague had problems on his third lap, he finished in second Felipe Sanchez took the silver medal in Stock Bug, Felipe finished was seven minutes and change in arrears at race end. place in the Mini Metal Class, seen here just getting airborne. 62 seconds behind the leader after four hours of racing. Tom Koch was just a bit off the winning pace in the Class 1 battle, Dave Campbell gave it his all but the best he could muster was Tom finished in third place, he's seen here just slightly askew. a third place finish in the very competitive Class 12. Dusty Times December 2009 Rob MacCachren led Class 1600 for 2 laps, shifter problems slowed him and he finished third in the always competitive class. Page 25

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Bob Dziurawiec had a long second lap in the Class 18 battle, Bob Glen Mayernick was off the winning pace in the Class 5-1600 finished in third place, he's seen here saving a bit of tire wear. fracas, he ended up with the bronze medal for his efforts. Chad Shiells gave it his all in the Class 7 battle, he drove his Chevy to a third place finish, here at speed. checkered flag, a nice win, Patrick the checkered flag. When their first Chad Shiells remained in third Dailey was second in, he was 10 lap ended it was Troy Messer with a place, Dallas Luttrell was up a spot minutes behind the leader and said 79 second lead over Jeff Harrison, into fourth and Bob Pickering was fading brakes hampered his race. Chad Shiells ran in the third spot, in fifth position. Gregg Hempel was Glen and Chad Mayernick finished Gregg Hempel was running fourth, off the scoring charts. third, saying they had a flawless race. Dallas Luttrell was in fifth place and Third lap, there were no position The Class 7 troops had a good Bob Pickering ran in the sixth spot. changes in the first three trucks, race, thereweresixofthementered, Second lap, Jeff Harrison had it was still Harrison, Messer and they had four laps to run for their moved into the lead spot, Troy Shiells, Bob Pickering had moved race and four of them would see Messer dropped into second place, into fourth place and Dallas Luttrell dropped into the fifth spot. Fourth lap, final lap and when they came around for the checkers it was Jeff Harrison taking a hard fought win, Jeff rolled his truck on the second lap but that didn't slow him too much, Troy Messer and Sean Geiser had to settle for the silver medal, they were six minutes and change in arrears, Chad Shiells It was a nice win for Raul Solano in the 5-1600 battle, Raul led the last two laps and took the class win with 10 minutes in hand. was the third place finisher and an end it was Brandt Anderson in came Peter Garfinkle, he was only Dallas Luttrell finished first off first spot, Peter Garfinkle was 14 39 seconds in arrears when the the podium. Bob Pickering had minutes in arrears in second place. checkers flew. Our congrats to both terminal troubles on his last lap and . Second lap, Brandt Anderson on a race well run. . never finished the lap. still held the class lead, Peter Gar- Next up were the Class 8 troops, There· w.ere only two trucks finkle was holding his own in the there were six of them entered but, entered in the Class 7S race and, second spot. alas, only one would complete the wonder of wonders, both of them Third lap, final lap came to an four required laps. When their first Jeff Harrison and Mark Reeder took the Class 7 win, in spite of a rollover on would complete their three required end and it was Brandt Anderson lap ended it was Dean Schlingmann ;:th::e:;ir::s::e;c;:o::;n::d::la::::p::,::h::;e::re::::w::it::h::t::h::e::::p::o::w::e::r::f,::u/;:/::o::n::. ::::::::::::::::::::::=,-________________ l_a_p_s._Wh __ e_n_th_e_ir_fi_rs_t_l_ap'--c_a_m_e_t_o __ t_a_k_in_g_t~he C_la_s_s _7_S_w_in_a_n_d_h_e_r_e __ sh_o_w_in_g_th_e_w_a_y,_In_s_ec_o_n_d_s_p~ot It was a podium finish for Cory Vandermark, he took the bronze Terry_ Householder finished first off the podium in the Class Jason Coleman had a decent race, he finished first off the podium medal in Sto·ck Bug, he's seen here at speed on the course. 1 battle, he's seen here at speed on his way to the checkers. in Class 1600, he was 2 seconds out of third spot. Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty. Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FA)(us to Receive a Free Catalog VISA ~-------------------------------------------------------J Page 26 December 2009 Dusty Times

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It was a fifth place finish in the Class 1 battle for Shannon Switzer, a terribly long third lap didn't help the cause in any way. Justin Davis was just a bit off the winning pace in the Class 1600 It was a sixth place finish in the Class 1600 battle for Robbie was Monte Tibbetts, he was some four min.utes behind the leader, Jim Patelli ran in the third spot, Sheldon Paul had some problems and was running fourth and Jim Vigil was in fifth place. Mike Sims was unable to complete his first lap. When they came around at the end of their second lap it was Monte Tibbetts in the pathfinders seat, Dean Schlingmann had a bit of trouble and dropped to second place in the race, Jim Patelli held on in the third spot and Sheldon Paul had some more problems and remained in the fourth position. Jim Vigil was on his trailer. Third lap came to an end, Monte Tibbitts still led the class, Jim Patelli moved up a spot, he was now running in second place, Dean Schlingmann had big troubles and dropped way back in third place and Sheldon Paul held on in the fourth spot Fourth lap, final lap and the pickin' s were scarce. Only one truck ever saw the checkered flag and Monte Tibbetts was there with a big grin. Monte shared the driving chores with Jason Bettelyoun while Malvin Tibbetts and Little Lane keptthe rightseatwarm.Jim Patelli, Dean Schlingmann and Sheldon Paul all were unable to finish their last required lap. Next class up were the Class 9 cars, there were four of them entered, they had three laps to run for their race and only two of tern would see the checkered flag. At the end of their first lap it was Ryan Tyler in the lead position, he had Dylan Tyler next to him, Cody Rash was running in the second spot, he was less than two minutes behind the leader and Vicki Lenard was running in the third spot. Kyle Cox was unable to complete the first lap. Their second lap came to an end and Ryan Tyler continued to hold the pathfinders position, Vicki Le-nard had moved up into the second spot, 13 minutes behind the leader and Cody Rash dropped a spot into third place, he was another two minutes and change back, running in third place. Third lap, final lap for Class 9 and when the checkered flag flew it was Eric Tyler behind the wheel, Jenny Curtis in the right seat, Eric was in for Ryan Tyler and they took a debacle, Justin finished in fifth place, here at speed. · Madison, he's seen here headin' for the checkers. The Class 8 race went to Monte Tibbitts and his big machine, Monte was the only finisher in the usually competitive class. very nice win. Cody Rash crossed the finish line in second place, he wa~ eight minutes behind the leader. He had to change a broken right rear shock on Lap 1 and a ball joint on the second lap. Vicki Lenard had disappeared from the scoring charts. Next up, Mini Metal, there were three of them entered with three laps to run for their race, but only two of them would make it all the way. At the end of their first lap it was Kevin Ellis leading the way, Dana Qague ran in the second spot three minutes behind the leader and Broe Hersam held down third place, he was another 15 minutes in arrears. At the end of their second lap we had a new leader, Dana Dague had moved into the lead position, -Broe Hersam was running in second place, half an hour behind the leader and Kevin Ellis had disap-peared from the race. Third lap, final lap and when the checkers flew it was Broe Hersam taking the win, Dana Dague had big troubles on the lap and finished 27 · minutes behind the leader. Last, but certainly not least were the Stock Bug Class entrants, they had two laps to run for their race. There were 10 of them waiting to run and fully nine of them would see the checkered flag. When their first lap ended it was Felipe Sanchez leading the class, David Hendrick-son was second in, he was nine seconds behind the leader, Cory Vandermark came along another three minutes later in third place, Bob Johnson was running in fourth spot, less than a second in arrears and Scott Sebastian rounded out The Class 9 winner was Ryan Tyler in his neat looking machine, Ryan had eight minutes in hand when the flag fell. Brandt Anderson was the big winner in the Class 7S but it was close, he only had 39 seconds in hand when the checkers flew. the top five. Mark Murrell was run-ning in sixth place, Richard Palasik was running seventh, Garey Leavitt was in eighth place and Jerry Omel-las held down the ninth spot. Gary Herrod started the race but failed to complete his first lap. Second lap, final lap for the Stock Bugs and when the checkered flag flew it was Davis Hendrickson taking a very nice win, Felipe San-chez took second place, he was just over a minute behind the leader, Cory Vandermark took third place honors, Scott Sebastian finished first off the podium and Richard Palasik was the fifth place finisher. Mark Murrell finished the race in the sixth spot, Garey Leavitt was sev-enth to cross the line, Bob Johnson was the eighth place finisher and Jerry Ornellas was the ninth and · final finisher. And so it ended, SNORE cel-ebrates their 40th SNORE 250 event, a long time for an annual event but certainly well worth the effort. Congratulations to all the racers who participated and to all the SNORE members who work so long and so hard for the racers' enjoyment. The Make-A-Wish event, sched-uled for the Sunday after the SNORE 250 had to be cancelled due to terribly high winds. Stay tuned for the date this wonderful event will be held. Next event for SNORE is "Rage At The River", two full days of rac-ing at Laughlin, Nevada ona 14 mile course. Mark December 10-13 on your calendar and plan to be there! Go to for details. See ya there1111111111111111111 It ·was a good race for Broe Hersam, he raced to the win in the Mini Metal Class, he's seen here at speed headin' for home. Scott Sebastien had a fairly good race, he finished first off the It was a second place finish in the Class 12 battle for Bryan It was a great race for Sean Hadley, He led the Class 18 race all the way, happily took the win, seen here headin' for home. podium in the Stock Bug Class, he's seen here at speed. Freeman, his first race in the class had good results. Dusty Times December 2009 ,Page 27 ..

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!JlQ,_/fJ:.· SUPERSTITION 250 saurapas is Back, overalls The Race By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Art Eugenio .,.,. ; :;; : -.: -. -· ',~,, . . ' J ,. ~ ~ .. It was a fun day for Steve Sourapas, he took the win in the big truck class, he had 25 minutes in hand when the-checkers flew. What a great race! There were 83 cars and trucks ready to go at it and most everyone said they had a good time. We'll set it down hi;re for you. First off the line were the Unlimited Trucks, there were only two of them entered, Steve Siurapas and Jimmy Nuckles and at the end of their first lap it was Steve Sourapas in the lead, Jimmy Nuckles was 12 minutes behind the leader. Second lap, Sourapas .con-tinued to lead, he had opened up his lead to 16 minutes over Nuckles. Third lap, nothing cha~ged except that Sourapas had in-creased his lead over Nuckles to 18 minutes. At the end of their fourth lap Sourapas continued to hold the number 1 position, Nuckles-had picked up a minute on the lap. Fifth lap ended, Sourapas continued to lead and Nuckles was holding his own, still 17 minutes in arrears. Sixth lap, last lap and Steve Sourapas came in for the vic-tory, Jimmy Nuckles took the silver medal for the class, he was 25 minutes behind the class winner. were 13 cars entered in the Class 1 conflict and when they came around at the end of their first lap it was-Daniel McMillin showing the way, Shawn McCallum held the second_ place spot, he was three minutes in arrears, Tim McDo-nnell ran in the third spot, he was another 17 seconds back, Erik Harp was running fourth and Reuben Wood was in fifth place. Bob Archibald was in the sixth spot, Jim Barker ran seventh and Scott Mills held down the eighth spot.· Brent Miller and Jason Jernigan failed to complete their first lap. Scheduled to start but not starting were Bob Figlioli, Brandon Aymar and Ramin Bagheri. Second lap came to an end and Daniel McMillin still was the leader, Shawn McCallum remained in the second spot, he was a bit lass than three ...., Daniel McMillin lets it all hang out as he flies to the Class 1 victory, seen here at a very high rate of speed. · David Simpson was the big winner in the Class 5·1600 battle, David had 25 minutes in hand when the checkers flew. minutes back, Tim McDonnell remained in the third spot, Erik Harp held on in the fourth spot and Reuben Wood remained in fifth place. Scott Mills was up a few spots into sixth place, Jim Barker remained in sev-enth place and Bob Archibald dropped into the eighth spot. Third lap, halfway through the race, Daniel McMillin still led the class, Shawn Mc-Callum remained in second place, Tim McDonnell held on in third place, Erik Harp was fourth and Reuben Wood still ran fifth. Jini Barker was up a spot into sixth place and Bob Archibald was up a spot into seventh place. Scott Mills was on his trailer. Fourth lap ended and we still had Daniel McMillin leading the class, Shawn McCallum re-mained in second place, he was three minutes in arrears, Tim McDonnell came by 10 min-utes later in third, Erik Harp remained in the fourth spot and Reuben Wood remained " in fifth place. Jim Barker and Bob Archibald were off the scoring chart. Fifth lap, and the top four positions remained the same, it was McMillin, McCallum, McDonnell and Harp in that Ctntinu,tl on , ••• 30 Jimmy Nuckles was just a wee bit off the winning pace this race, he Shawn McCallum had to settle for a second place finish in Class 1, Jorge Gutierrez was a bit off the winning pace in the Class 5-1600 battle, Jorge took the silver medal for his actions. had to settle for a second place finish in his Ford. he ended up 2 minutes behind the leader when the checkers fell. Joshua Willey had to settle for the silver medal this race, he's seen Steven Hall literally flew his car to a second place finish in the Class here hustlin' his Class 9 car to the finish line. 1300 battle, Steven was some 18 minutes behind the leader. Page 28 December 2009 Nathan Creighton drove his Ford to a second place.finish in the hotly contested Class 1450 fracas, he's seen here at speed. Dusty Times

Page 29


Page 30

It was an easy race for David Bryan, he was alone in Class 8, motored around at 7/B's speed and took the checkered flag. The Class 10 win went to Gunnar Peterson, he was all alone in the class, but he hustled around to take the win. order. Reuben Wood was out of the race. Sixth lap, final lap and when they came around for the checkered flag it was Dan-iel McMillin taking the gold medal, Shawn McCallum took the silver medal, Tim McDon-nell won the bronze ·medal and Erik Harp finished first off the " podium. Next to race were the 5-1600's, 'there were 10 of them entered and fully five cars would make the six re-quired laps. When they came in at the end of their first lap it was Dave Simpson leading the pack, Albert Castro ran in second place, he was less than two minutes behind the ;'W @ ll ; lll. f3 & m $ m ~= Alyssa Looney had a most wonderful race, beat out all the other Class 9 cars, seen here on the way to victory circle. Ruben Espinoza Jr. didn't have to work too hard for his Class 11 win, all his competition dropped out and he cruised on in for the win. leader, Larry Negrete ran in When their second lap came third place, he was another two to an end it was still Dave Simp-minutes back, Jorge Gutierrez son in the lead, Jprge Gutierrez was another minute back in was second, he was 10 minutes fourth place and Mario Mel-. behind the leader, Larry Ne-gar ran in the fifth spot. Eric grete ran in third place, he was Garcia, Ruben Gutierrez Jr. another three minutes back, and Richard Glaszczak failed Mario Melgar was up a spot into to complete their first lap. Kris fourth place and Albert Castro Schulz and: Travis Reese failed dropped into fifth place. to start the race. There were no _position Home OI T'he Race Auto changes in the remaining three laps. When the checkered flag flew it was Dave Simpson tak-ing a nice win, Jorge Gutierrez came in for the silver medal, he was some 25 minutes behind the leader, Larry Negrete took third place, he was another 14 minutes back, Mario Mel-gar took fourth spot, he was another 18 minutes in arrears and Albert Castro finished in the fifth and final spot, another two minutes in arrears. I I I .. a I Page 30 Race car I Pre Runner I sand car 818-998-2739 9763 V.ARIEL AVENUE, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 :tii ii S' Ill I I :I I i I I December 2009 David Bryan came down from Indio to race in Class 8. Lo and behold, he was the only Class 8 truck there. David took the green flag, ran his four required laps and went home with the trophy for his win. There were six cats entered in the Class 9 fracas, three of them would complete their five required laps. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Alyssa Looney in the lead, Adam Sarver was in second place, he was a mere four sec-onds behind the leader, Joshua Willey ran in the third spot, Hal Graves ran in fourth and Mark Culver was in fifth place. Jose Victoria was scheduled to start but he failed to do so. Second lap came to an end and Alyssa Looney continued to lead the class, Joshua Willey was up a spot into second place, he was 14 minutes behind the leader, Mark Culver was third, he was almost an hour behind the leader, thanks to a very loooong first lap and Hal Graves remained in fourth spot after a two hour lap. Their third lap ended and Alyssa Looney continued to lead the class, Joshua Willey held on in second place, he was 20 minutes behind the leader and Mark Culver was in third place, he was a long way back. were no position changes on the last two laps and when the checkers flew it was Alyssa Looney taking a really nice win, Joshua Willey came in for the silver medal and Mark Culver took home the bronze medal. Class 10 only had one entry, Gunnar Peterson was the only car there. Gunnar ran four laps of the race and was declared the Class 10 winner. Next up were the Class 11 cars, there were three of them entered, they had four laps to run for their race but only one car would take the checkered flag .. At the end of their first lap it was Rick Fenley in the class lead, Ruben Espinoza Jr. was in second place, he was 38 seconds behind the leader and Jorge Sierra was running in third place, he was 31 minutes behind the leader. When their second lap end-ed it was Ruben Espinoza in the Class 11 lead, both Fenley and Sierra were out of the race. Ruben Espinoza Jr. just cruised around for the remain-ing two laps and took the check-ered flag for the Class 11 win. The Class 1200 troops were next, there were four of them entered but only one would see the checkers. At the end of their first lap it was Todd Stemmer-man leading the group, Chris Cortez ran in the second spot, he was three minutes behind the leader and Jeff. Hartmayer ran in the third spot. Conrad ' Rico did not start the race. Second lap ended and it was still Todd Stemmerman in the lead, Chris Cortez still held down the second spot, Chris was now four minutes behind the leader and Jeff Hartmayer remained in third place, he was well back, thanks to a terribly long first lap. Third lap, Todd Stemmer-man still led the field, Chris Cortez was in second place, he was six minutes behind the leader. JeffHartm_ayer had prob-lems and was out of the race. Fourth lap came to an end and now it was Chris Cortez in the lead, he was the only car running in Class 1200 as Todd Stemmerman had disappeared from the course. Chris Cortez motored around for the two remaining laps and gladly took the check-ers for the class win . Class 1300, the Sportsman, were up next, they had five laps to run for their race, there were four of them entered and two of them would see the check-ered flag. At the end of their first lap it was Jeff Flowers in the class lead, Tim Mccreary was running in second place, he was 10 minutes behind the leader, Travis Reese ran in the third spot, he was another two minutes back and Steven Hall was running in fourth place. At the end of their second lap it was still Jeff Flowers in the class lead, Steven Hall moved up two spots into second place, Dusty Times

Page 31

he ran 20 minutes out of first place, Travis Reese remained in the third spot and Tim Mc-Creary dropped into the fourth spot. Their third lap came to an end and Jeff Flowers continued to lead the class, Steven Hall remained in second pla·ce, he was now only 11 minutes behind the class leader and Tim McCreary was no.w in the third spot. Travis Reese was on his trailer. Fourth lap, Jeff Flowers continued to lead the class, Steven Hall remained in second place, he was now 24 minutes in arrears. Tim McCreary had disappeared from the scoring The Class 1200 win went to Chris Cortez, he took the class lead on the fourth lap charts. and went on to take the coveted win. Fifth lap, final lap came to second place, he was two min-running in 12th place. lgino an end and when the checkered utes behind the leader, Chris Cafiero was out of the race. flag waved it was Jeff Flowers Reaves ran in third place, he When their third lap ended taking the win, he had led the was another two minutes back, it was still Danny Freeman class all the way, Steven Hall Bill lsenhouer was in the fourth showing the way, Bill lsenhouer was the second one in, he was spot, another minute in arrears continued to run in the second 18 minutes in arrears but he and Gregg Zumwalt was run-spot, Bill was 15 minutes in took the silver medal. ning in the fifth spot, just one arrears, Nathan Creighton was There were only three trucks second out of fourtq place. In up a spot into third place, he entered in the Class 1400 race sixth place was Jason Cagle, Na-was another five minutes back, and only one of them would than Creighton was in seventh Jeff Shaw was up two spots make all six of the required place in class, Jeff Shaw ran in into fourth place and Gregg laps. At the end .of their first eighth place, Mike Bithell ran Zumwalt remained in the fifth l_ap it was Dan Unsicker in the ninth and Sean Caviness was in spot. Noah Quantrell was up lead, Kyle Bonamo was second, 10th place. Patrick Sutalo Jr. ran a spot into sixth place, Chris he was 21 minutes behind the in 11th place, Noah Quantrell Reaves was up into seventh leader and the third truck, made it an even dozen and place, David Hough fell six· Crasig Dillard, failed to start lgino Cafiero was running in spots into eighth spot, Sean the race. 13th place. Chris Shive, Todd Caviness remained in the ninth Jeff Flowers was the big winner in the Class 1300 battle, Jeff had 18 minutes in hand when he came across the fine for the checkers. Second lap ended and Dan Richards and Brent Wright spot, Patrick Sutalo held on in The Class 1400 win went to Dan Unsicker, Dan watched his competition drop by Unsicker was well out in front, failed to start the race. 10th place and Jason Cagle was _th_e_w~ay~s_id_e_a_n_d_t_o_o_k_th_e_w_in_w_it_h_e_a_se_. _____________ _ Kyle Bonamo remained in the When their second lap came in 11th place. Mike Bithell was in 10th place, thank to a terri-second spot, he was now 31 to an end it was still Danny Free-on his trailer. bly long last lap. David Hough minutes out of first place. man in the lead, David Hough Fourth lap, final lap and failed to finish his last lap. Third lap, Only Dan Un-remained in second place, he when they came around for the Next up was Class 1500, sicker was running in the class, remained two minutes in ar-checkers it was Bill Isenhouer there were three trucks entered Kyle Bonamo had retired from rears, Bill Isenhouer moved taking a really great win, Na-and, wonder of wonders, all the fray. up a spot into third place, than Creighton came in for the three of them made all of their Fourth lap ended, Dan Un-Nathan Creighton was up a silver medal, Jeff Shaw came in four required laps. At the end sicker was just cruisin' now, he bunch into fourth and Gregg seven seconds later for a third of their first lap it was David finished his last three laps with Zumwalt remained in fifth. Jeff place finish, Noah Quantrell Santa Cruz in his Ford showing ease and took the class win. Shaw was up two places into finished first off the podium the way, Steven McNaughton There were 16 trucks entered sixth, Noah Quantrell was run-and Chris Reaves was the fifth ran in second place and Kyle in the Class 1450 contest, they ning in seventh place, Chris one in. Gregg Zumwalt was the Milligan was bringing up the had to run four laps for their _ Reaves dropped five spots into sixth place finisher, Sean Cavi-rear, he also running in a Ford. race and fully 1 · 0 of them eighth place, Sean Caviness ness came in seventh, Patrick · Second lap came to an end would take the checkered flag. was running ninth and Patrick Sutalo Jr. finished in eighth and Kyle Milligan ran past ev-At the end of their first lap it Sutalo was up a spot into 10th• place, Jason Cagle was ninth erybody to take the class lead, was Danny Freeman leading Jason Cagle dropped _to 11th truck in and _Danny Freeman Davi_d Santa Cruz dropped the class, David Hough was in place and Mike Biothell was dropped nine spots, finishing into second place and Steven .-------------------------, l"'-------------'Tl"'---e::-~...,-,.,.11""'!""1 ~ s ,It -..... _. _ ................ .__ ______________________ _, McNaughton dropped into the third spot. Their third lap came to an end and Kyle Milligan contin-ued to lead the class, Steven McNaughton moved up to second place and David Santa Cruz had some problems and dropped to third place. Last lap, when the checkers flew it was Kyle Milligan taking a nice win, Steven McNaughton finished second, he was 27 minutes in arrears and David Santa Cruz came in third, he was another 50 minutes back. Last, but certainly not least was the Class 1600 contngent, Continued on a e 32 Steven McNaughton had a couple of off the pace laps but he still Ray Files worked his way through the Class 1600 pack to take a managed to finish second in the Class 1500 battle. nice silver medal finish, he's seen here headin' for the finish line. Tim McDonnell finished in third place in the Class 1 action, Tim is seen here running hard towards the finish line. It was a bronze medal finish in Class 5-1600 for Larry Negrete, Larry Mark Culver had big troubles on his last lap, he ended up in third Jeff Shaw finished third in the Class 1450 battle, he's seen here is seen here with the hammer down, headin' for home. place in Class 9, he's seen here at speed. hustling his really good looking Ford to the checkers. Dusty Times December 2009 Page 31 -

Page 32

-eight of them were entered and fully five of them would com-plete their six required laps. At the end of their first lap it was Kyle Conlon out in front, Luke McMillin ran in the second spot, he was two minutes behind the leader, Ryan Mattox came along 30 seconds later in third place, Robbie Madison ran in fourth place and Ray Files held down fifth place. Bryan Mey-ers ran in sixth place, Kevin Walsh was seventh and Caitlin Manring was in the eighth spot. Second lap, Kyle Conlon continued to lead the class, Ryan Mattox ,noved up a spot into second place, Luke McMil-lin slipped to third place, Ray Files was up a spot into fourth place and Robbie Madison slipped a spot into fifth place. Bryan Meyers remained in sixth place and Caitlin Manring was in the seventh spot. Kevin Walsh retired from the fray. Third lap, Kyle Conlon con-tinued to lead the class, Ryan Mattox remained in second place, he was five minutes be-hind the leader, Ray Files was another four minutes back in third place, Luke McMillin slipped another spbt, he was now in fourth place and Bryan Meyers was up a spot into fifth place. Robbie Madison dropped another spot, he was now in sixth place and Caitlin Manring remained in the seventh spot. Fourth lap came to an end and we had a new leader, Ryan Bill lsenhouer beat out 15 other trucks to take a big win in Class 1450, he's seen here hustlin' his Ford to the finish line. Mattox was now showing the way, Ray Files moved up into .second place, he was 6 minutes behind the leader, Bryan Mey-ers was now running in third place, Robbie Madison was up to fourth place now, Luke McMillin, who wasn't having a lot of fun, slipped to fifth place and Caitlin Manring was in sixth place. Kyle Conlon had disappeared from the race. Penultimate lap, Ryan Mat-tox continued to lead the class, Ray Files continued in second place, he was five minutes be-hind the leader, Bryan Meyers was in third place, he was an-other 15 minutes back, Robbie Madison came along another seven minutes later in the fourth spot and Luke McMillin ran in fifth place, another eight minutes back. Caitlin Manring succumbed to terminal troubles and was out of the race. There were no position chang-es on their last lap so when the checkered flag flew it was Ryan Mattox taking a really great win, Ray files followed in second place, Bryan Meyers took the bronze medal, Robbie Madison finished first off the podium and Kuke McMillin was the fifth and final finisher n the class. And so it ended, another great weekend of off road rac-ing. Next on the MOR schedule in the low desert is the Bud Light Dash, the traditional New Years Eve event. See ya all there! Kyle Milligan took the lead on the second lap and drove his Ford kup to the Class 1500 win, he's seen here with the power on. A nice win for Ryan Mattox, he took the Class 1600 lead on the fourth.lap and went on to take a really nice win. Noah Quantrell gets set for a nice two point landing as he hustles his Albert Castro was the fifth place finisher in the Class 5-1600 race, Chris Reaves took a fifth place finish in the Class 1450 race, Chris is seen here at speed on his way to the checkered flag. truck to a fourth place finish in Class 1450. he was just two minutes out of a fourth place finish. It was a bronze medal finish in Class 1500 for David Santa Cruz, he's It was a fourth place finish in Class 1, fifth place overall finish for Mario Melgar ran fast but not fast enough, he finished first off the seen here pushing his Ford to the finish line. Erik Harp, he's seen here at speed on the course. podium in the Class 5-1600 race, here at speed. Robbie Madison was the fourth place finisher in the Class 1600 Missing just a wee bit of fiberglass, Greg Zumwalt drove his truck skirmish, Robbie is seen here in a rush to the finish line. to a sixth place finish in the Class 1450 battle. Page 32 December 2009 Luke McMillin didn't have the best of days, Luke had to settle for a fifth place finish in the Class 1600 conflict, here at speed. Dusty Times 7l

Page 33

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Open House Text & Phot-0s: Rod Koch Open House on October 24, 2009, many folks, vendors and vehicles made it a great event! Kar Tek had a dynamic turn out for it's Open House on Saturday October 24th. Kar Tek's Corona, CA facility had race cars, sandrails, trucks, rockcrawlers, UTV,s and Tro-phy Karts, filling the two city blocks and parking lots in front of their store. A raffle took place which resulted in one of the lucky spectators winning a Deser.t Dynamics dual sport roller chassis as the grand prize. Vendors booths were everywhere with colorful displays from the leaders in the off-road industry. Inside the Kar Tek store, employees may have had one of their busiest days, as customers lined up for clearance sales on many parts and accessories. For those who have visited Kar Tek's store, it is off-road visual overlead. You will fmd just about everything needed to build or fmish an off-road racer, pre-runner, or sand/ play car. However, the best items you will find at Kar Tek are the staff's enthusiasm and help a customer, whether you're buying a simple toggle switch or spending thou-sands for off-road suspension components. Long time Kar Tek employ-ee, Rob Roy, indicated that ifKar Tek didn't have in. stock the exact suspension or brake components a racer needs, Kar Tek's affiliate engineering/ machine shop Pro-Am, located just a bloc;k away, could prob-ably make it. Pro-Am now oper-ated separately by Roy Debhan, former ceo ofKar Tek, has a number of CNC computerized machines that turns out high quality off-road racing parts, as well as specialty parts for other racing organizations such as NASCAR. With Roy running Pro-Am, Kar Tek is now operated by Mike Obeid and cousin, Mark. Separating Kar Tek from Pro-Am has had positive results according to Rob Roy, with Kar Tek's do-mestic and international sales increasing. Out in the Kar Tek p·arking lot and in the street directly in front ofthe store, it looked like contingency row for a major off-road race. Around Mike Obeid was busy all day helping customers fulfill their needs, sales were brisk most of the day. 70 vehicles were lined up here and there. The Sourapas/ Mc-Cathren Class 1/ 1500 off-road super racer was looking very good and up for sale. Sitting along side were two nice Desert. llat buggies, with LS 1-V8's, one for the sand and the other a pre-runner. Across the street were several good looking ex-amples of Predator Corp. Class 3000 two seat racers. These 2.2 liter Ecotec powered 103" wheel base cars were eligible for BITD and MDR events. One rock-crawler, Jeep ap-pearing vehicle with all-wheel drive and steering, looked ready to take on any obstacle put in front of it. In front ofKar Tek's entrance was parked a legendary Class 1 race car, the Funco SS-2 of Malcolm Smith and Bud Feldcamp. This was the ISSIBel-Ray "Bullet" that won every major off-road race worth mentioning back in 1976-78. Several Class 5-1600 Baj~ Bugs were on display along with a couple of 1-2/1600's and one Class 9/Challenger class single seater. While these represented lesser expensive ways to go, a SCORE lite and a Class 10 racer were also on display, along with several roller chas-sis which could be built into anyone of these classes. One good looking red Class 1100 car, #1129, was owned by Ron Malekow and built by Gary Seagroves and powered by a hot VW Type 1 motor. A full on Class 5 Baja Bug sat over towards the entrance to Kar Tek and nearby were several truck class off-road racers, a couple of Trophy Trucks plus one short-course race truck. Quite a display and whatever kind of off-road racer or sand buggy a spectator was inter-ested in, seemed to be there. Inside the Kar Tek store was a bulletin board which had photo listings of several used off-road racers, pre-runners and sand cars for sale. Despite the current reces-sion, visiting Kar Tek's Open House event, gave every in-dication that off-road sports are alive and doing quite well. Along with supplying a full line of off-road parts and accessories, Kar Tek con-tinues to offer support and encouragement at a number of off-road events. The next one coming up on December 12th, ' 2009 is the Kar Tek Western Desert Challenge, organized by SNORE (Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts). With the enthusiastic turn out for Kar Tek's Open House, this event should be an annual affair. The Malcolm Smith/Bud Feldkamp ISS Bel-Ray MBullet• won more The Sourapas/MacCathren Class 1-1500 car was a hit with all races that we can count here, it looks fast just sitting on display. there, and, as you can see, there were many, many cars on display. This super rock cra.wler drew a lot of attention, here two interested spectators study the front end geometry. This Desert Dynamics Dual Sport roller chassis was raffled off, we Lothringer Class 9 car sits next to a Class 3000 car, the;e were don't know who won it but it is certainly a happy guy. more than 75 cars on display at KarTek. Page 34 December 2009 It was a very busy day at KarTek and Nick.Holt, an employee was busy most of the day and always had a smile on his face. Dusty Times ll

Page 35

·'' .... . . '.' t lied by P11tV1,ra C\ass \ \\ate · KING OFF-ROAD RACING SttOCl<S (J) BEARDl§I We carry a full line of V., .,~ ~ OFFRrHTlN G FILTER/IIIAaw ~~~

Page 36

PRAIRIE CITY FALL SPECIAL Sam Berri Does It Again Text & Photos: Troy Robinson Sam Berri had a good time, he took the gold medal in the Class here in. flight. 1 contest, Sam took the win in both heats, he's seen After the long summer desert series it was time to re-gear the cars and trucks for the fall short course races. Take off the desert tires, lower the springs and for those short course only racers prep the cars for the last two races of the year tarting with the fall classic. This format of racing with both short cour es and desert racing is what make VORRA u_nique and separates it from other A record car and quad count was on hand for this race. Track prep was as it's best and un-usual for the fall race VORRA de-cided to run the longer 1.25 mile course. Usually this track is too JC Elrod took no prisoners in the Class 10 battle, he took the win in both heats, he's seen here at speed. long to keep watered in the dryer summer months but the VORRA crew did its best and beyond to keep the dust at a minimum as well as not making the track too slick. With promoter Wes being a racer he went with 10 lap motos on the long course giving the racers the most bang for Bruce Field won the Group T category, ·in spite Of a rollover Bruce won both heats, he's seen here just at landing. TT BEAOLOCK SIMULATED B.L. VW BEADLOCK 1 SX 1 2 VW BEAOLOCK Page 36 December 2009 Dusty Times .· .. "

Page 37

Patty Hayos won both heats in her white truck, she had lots of time on her competitors, she's seen here ready for touchdown. their buck. The 11 car sportsman field led off the day immediately following the live singing of the national anthem. In his short course car Steve Bradford (1008) jumped to the early lead as all the cars made it thru turn 1 cleanly. Brian Baggett (24x), Max Baggett (42) and Rufus Wheeler (1018) had a close battle for second as they pulled a 7 second lead over fifth place by the third lap. Bradford had a strong lead going thru mid race. Max Baggett started smoking from the engine area and slowed dropping to the back of the 4 way fight up front. Now Brian Baggett and Rufus Wheeler had their own race going and eventually caught up to within seconds of Bradford near-ing the white flag. Wheeler tried all he could but could never make the pass on Baggett at the checkers. In moto 2 Kevin Yoder (34) got a better start up to third at the start while Bradford and Wheeler were 1-2 again. Brian Baggett got around Yoder and was working toward the front but a flat rear dropped him from making a threat. He contin-ued racing and eventually fell back three laps and finished the moto in 7th. Terry Shelton (81) finished the moto in third with Yoder in fourth. Despite a flat front tire toward the end of the race Bradford had a flawless run taking the overall with wins in both motos. Rufus Wheeler was second overall with 2-2 moto finishes. Brian Baggett's strong first moto finish netted him third for the day followed by Yoder, and Brendan Fowler (13x). Pappas (13) and Kevin Schmidt (30). In mota 2 Cheatin and Pappas would go 1-2 again with the over-all being the same. Ryan Souza (2) finished mota two in third and would be third for the day. In bantam quad Craig McCoy (9) and Cody Bennett (77) went at it both motos with McCoy taking both mota wins and the overall. Ben-nett finished second and Jordan Bender (208) third. Class 10 had six cars and in mota lTim Compton (8) jetted to the wholeshot and the early lead. Comp-ton was being pursued closely by JC Elrod (1001), Dale Smith (1044), Tyler Mort (1222) and Lott/Rode-man (1029) in a tight race up front. Elrod tried an inside pass on Comp-ton in the east turn but ended up off course dropping back to third • He quickly was back up to second in pursuit of Compton. By lap three you could throw a blanket over the top four. Lap four and Compton had a right rear flat. Though he was slower, he was still blazing fast and Elrod, Smith or Mort took a few laps getting by him. Once the top four were around Compton he eventually pulled. off the track. With Elrod now out front he pulled a big lead to the check-ered flag. Smith pushed toward the end but came up short finishing In the Sportsman competition, it was Steve Bradford taking the win in both heats, he's seen here nicely airborne. second • Mort and Lott Rodeman cruised on for third and fourth. In moto 2 Smith pulled the early lead with Mort giving a chase even passing on lap one. Smith eventu-ally dropped out on lap two with engine failure and Compton was out early too. By lap 4 Elrod had worked his way up to the top spot with Lott / Rodeman and Mort having a great back and forth battle for second • Mort made a pass for second on the back side and never looked back while Elrod pulled nearly a half a lap lead out front for the moto win. Mort was second with Lott/Rodeman third and JJ Schnarr fourth. Overall results: Elrod, Mort, Lott/Rodeman and Schnarr. the motor. This moved Rupley to the lead but he got a flat left rear. Then Berghold and Williams had a good race for the lead with Wil-liams making the pass on the last lap for the moto and overall win. Berghold was second for the day and Rupley third. In Group T there were 10 trucks and Randy Avery (348) pulled the wholeshot in his red V8 4x4 jeep built for tuff truck races. Bruce Field (858) was in hot pursuit fol-lowed by Joel Swanson (T635), Eric Steiger (9), Randy Blacker (6069) and Jake Pavey (502). First time racer Ron Swenson (869) had a good qualifying run and was run-ning mid pack bur lost it coming into the east turn tossing the truck from side to side and eventually rolled onto his right side in the tight left hander. By mid race Field was allover the back of Avery and when Avery went off the course a little Field took advantage and moved into the lead. Meanwhile Blacker and Steiger were having a great race back in fourth. At the checkers it was Field, Avery, Swanson, blacker and Steiger. In mota 2 Field jumped to the lead with Avery giving pursuit. On lap 2 Avery was going for the lead and rolled in the pit turn but land-ed on his wheels not missing a beat. Later in the lap Avery spun out then on lap three the rear axle hous-ing broke in half taking him out for the day. This moved the six trucks battling for second place up to take the spotlight. Those trucks were Ben Phillips (6043), Garry Mannion (838), Steiger, Swenson, Pavey, and Blacker. By mid race Field had a huge lead over phillips and Mannion while Steiger, Pavey, Blacker and Swenson continued to exchange positions. By white flag Blacker finally made the pass and was up to fourth as there were now three in the hunt. At the checkered Continued on page 38 'The pilot class moto one started off with one of the new Redline cars jumping the start, turning right running into the other Red-line car rolling him over. The race was red flagged and restarted. This time with one less car as the rolled car suffered a bent tie rod. Second start was much cleaner and Tim Compton (8) went on for the moto win. Meanwhile second and third had a bumper to bumper battle for second between Art Wil-liams (19) and Aaron Rupley (77). Miles Berghold (16) had a strong finish in fourth. Moto two and Compton had a huge lead but blew In the Pro Quad battle, Ryan Stoffer was second in the first heat, took the win in heat #2 and took the overall win for the class. The pro, amateur and bantam quad classes were grouped on the track. In the pro class Brad Falin (104) beat out Ryan Stoffer (43) in mota one in a tight race but in mota 2 Stoffer was able to pass Falin for the mota two win and the overall. Falin would place second for the day. The amateur class had five riders and a great neck and neck battle up early on but they eventu-ally spread out with the mota one results Ben Cheat in (5), Stephen In the Amateur Quad fracas, it was Ben Cheatin taking the win in both races, he's seen here with it all hooked up. Craig McCoy took the win in both heats of the Bantam Quad contest, he's seen here on his trusty steed all ready for the overall win. Tyler Mort took a third place finish in heat #1, Tyler finished second Rufus Wheeler took a pair of second place finishes in the always in the next heat and that gave him second overall for the day in hotlv contested Soortsman races, he was second overall for the dav. _C_la_s_s_T_O_. ___________________ _ Dusty Times December 2009 Ben Phillips took the silver medal in the second Group Trace, that gave him a second overall finish for the day. Page 37

Page 38

flag Field had more than a half a lap lead as Phillips was second, Man-nion, in his first race with YORRA, third, Blacker fourth, Steiger fifth. Overall results: Field, Phillips, Blacker, Steiger and Mannion. In the Class 7 race there were five trucks and it was a clean 1st lap led by Patty Hayos (769) with KC Keller (738), John Manfroy (761), and James Fuhs (730) giving pursuit. Manfroy's truck was fast but re-ally loud as it kept backfiring thru the entire race. Hayos and keller had a great race going thru lap four as they were bumper to fender for most of the race. By mid race Hayos started to stretch out the lead and wend on for the moto win over Keller, Manfroy and Fuhs. In moto two Hayos and Manfroy were out front with Manfroy still backfiring but revved up to the moon in that four cylinder motor. Keller completed one lap and broke a wheel on the rear taking him out for the day. Hayos wend on with a sizable lead for the moto win. Man-froy had a strong race and finished second while Fuhs motored onto third place. Overall results were Hayos, Manfroy and Fuhs. The Class 1 race had seven cars lined up and at the start Sam Berri (149) went from last to third, back to last and up to fourth by the second tum. Dave Morton (125) pulled the early lead with Res-cue Racing (124) close behind but Steve Sullivan (118) was on a tear and muscled his way to the front by the third lap. Berri was in pursuit In the Youth Quad Class it was Shania Bennett taking the win, she's seen here at speed on her way to the checkered flag. Jeremy De Wet took the win in the Trophy Kart battle, he's seen here on his way to the checkered flag. thru the field and was giving the chase to Sullivan for the next five laps. Meanwhile Shannon Harwell (132) was running a strong race moving his way up to third while the Rescue Racing cars 124 and 125 fell back to fourth and fifth. Berri fought Sullivan and was in his roost most of the race using the entire track until he eventually was able to make a pass on the back side for the lead and moto win. In moto 2 Berri pulled the whole-shot and never looked back. Sullivan tried but some motor is-sues from moto one carried over to moto two and they decided not to Steve Sullivan almost won the first heat, he took the silver medal in both actions for a second overall finish in Class 1. Blake Machado was the gold medal winner in the Pee Wee Quad battle, he's seen here nicely airborne on his way to the flag. push the car and settled for second. Harwell motored on for a strong third place finish. Brad Falin ( 1572) and Rescue Racing fought for the fourth spot with Falin taking the position. Overall results were Berri, Sullivan, Harwell, Rescue Racing and Falin. VORRA set up a more twisty challenging course for the smaller sized racers and two Trophy Karts raced and Jeremy de Wet (523) with his 450 powered TK out powered Ethan Fiolka (253) who is running the 5hp motor in his Kart. The youth quad class was won by Shania Bennett (76) over Josh Machado (7). The Pee Wee quad class results were Blake Machado (17), Katya Anderson (77) and Shawn Souza (88). Other classes of the day had For-est Creasy (905) run the sole Class 9 car with the Class lO's. He had issues in moto two finishing five laps but still was 1st in class. Just one UTV raced with the Pilot class and Dennis Jean (959) mixed it up with them and took home the 1st place trophy for UTV. At Left, Brad Falin took the win in the first heat, finished second in the second heat and was second overall for the day. It was a very good day of racing in all the classes and the champi-onship point's titles are still up for grabs in quite a few classes. The Championship Season Finale is sure to be the best yet of the year. John Manfroy finished in third place in the first Class 7 battle, John Shannon Harwell had a pair of third place finishes in the Class 1 was second in the next heat and finished second for the day. battle, that gave his third overall for the day. The Lott/Rodeman duo finished fourth in the first Class 10 heat, A fourth place finish in heat #1 for Randy Blacker and another fourth third in heat #2 and a third overall finish for the day. place in the second heat gave him a third overall finish. Page 38 December 2009 Brian Baggett took second in the first heat, finished seventh in heat 2 (flat tire) but still managed a third place finish in Sportsman. Jim Fuhs finished fourth in the first Class 7 race, he took the bronze medal in the second race and finished third for the day. Dusty Times

Page 39

OJIBWE FORESTS RALLY Pastrana Wins Again Text & Photos: Jerry Winker Travis Pastrana and Christian Edstrom took their fourth consecutive Ojibwe win and a fourth consecutive Rally-America Championship in the Subaru WRX STi. Travis Pastrana was unstop-pable again for the fourth year in a row. Ojibwe Forest Rally in Bemidji, MN was the loca-tion of his first Rally-America win back in 2006 and each year after he has been dealt a lucky hand and become the winner. His teammate Ken Block, who had just one finish at this event in four previous tries, was handed yet another blow early on after destroying nis car in a major roll. A number of the regular competitors were missing from the event as their funds had been allocated to running the X-games or they were financially tapped out after· running there. Andrew Comrie-Picard, Tanner Foust, and Matthew Johnson all had to pass on running the event. That did not deter from the action that followed Pastrana who was fastest on all but the final three stages of the event. 2009 again has become the "Travis and Ken Show" with Pastrana and Block dominating the series. Pastrana had wins at Sno-Drift, Olympus, Oregon, and New England and Block was the winner of the other rounds at 100 Acre Wood and Susquehannock Trail. Subaru Team USA was again going to be the team ·to beat at Ojibwe and the man most likely to beat the Subaru WRX STi's was Poland's Andi Mancin in a Mit-subishi Lancer Evo 9. Mancin has been getting faster all sea-son long and a large contingent of fellow countrymen who had immigrated to the U .S. from Chicago's south side showed up to cheer him and his teammate Arkadiusz Gruszka on. Other drivers in the open class to watch were Bob Olson whose Subaru 2.5RS had shown strong potential last year at Lake Superior Performance Rally, Mark Fox who was running for the just the second time in the ex-Ken Block Subaru WRX STi and Nate Conley who had built a 2004 Subaru lmpreza to run at X-Games last year but had been sidelined by a heavy crash at Pikes Peak weeks before the car was to have debuted. Supe~ Production is the class that has replaced the Produc-tion GT category at the start of this year and already the fields have been impressive! Because it allows older GT cars more freedo m from having to run stock parts throughout the car and allowing certain modifi-cations, the fields at national even ts h ave boasted as many as ten cars at an event. Seven SP cars were present at Ojibwe and the three cars most likely to pull off a win were going to have a major dogfight. Dave Mirra in the third Subaru team USA car had lead several times at events during the season only to have bad luck come at some point. H e was hoping for his first class win at Ojibwe in his new Subaru WRX STi. p·otr Wiktorczyk and Pat Moro were the other two drivers to watch both in the older bodied WRX STi's. Jimmy Keeney wh o won the class at Oregon and Don Conley in his son Nate's old WRX wagon m ad e t h e trek from C olo rado to compete. The other two drivers in the class were Roman Pakos, who was the class winner at N ew England, and Adam Markut in an Eagle Talon that had been leading the GT Class at Ojibwe last year before having an off on day two of the event. Also taking place as a race within a race was the Max-Attack Championship eyent for two -wheel drive cars. The biggest buzz was about the 2010 Mustang that showed up in the hands of Mark. Utecht. Mark had entered the Ford Mustang '10 Unleashed contest several months earlier hoping that he might get a chance to drive one of the new cars at a rally. One month before Ojibwe his normal rally car, a 1989 Ford Mustang, was totaled in a heavy roll at the Nemadji Trail III rally in Duquette, MN. Thank-fully, fate smiled on Mark and he was about to put on one hell of a show for Ford execs and fans alike. This would be the ONLY time Mark would compete in the car as after the rally weekend the car went back to Detroit. Lauchlin O'Sullivan was one of the other competi-tors receiving a lot of buzz prior to Ojibwe. He outright won the Idaho Rally one month earlier beating out even all of the four-wheel drive cars with the Dodge SRT-4 that he had borrowed from Doug Shepherd and Don Jankowski. O'Sullivan was no stranger to these roads as he had won two divisional events in the past as well as the 2004 Ojibwe Forests Rally at the na-tional level. The third driver to watch of the three strongest in the Max-Attack field was C h ris Duplessis in a VW GTI. Even though the car Chris drove was at a huge horsepower dis-advantage, he could always be near the front of the two-wheel d rive battle due to his smooth style of d riving. That's what put h im at the top of the podium for two-wheel drive cars at the New England Forest Rally two mont hs earlier. Other d rivers to watch in t h e Max-Attack battle at Ojibwe were W yatt Knox (Mazda Mazd aspeed 3), Jan Zedril (Mitsubishi Lancer ES), Chad Eixenberger (VW G olf), Matt Bushore (VW Jetta) and Paul Koll (VW G olf). After a quick spectator stage at the Bem idji County Fair-grounds to start the event the cars headed off to the woods and trouble started for several drivers almost immediately. Piott Wiktorczyk pulled off the road mid-stage with a blown engine on his Super Production Subaru WRX STi. His closest competitor, Dave Mirra, had a flat on the right-front early on in the stage and limped home off the pace. Max-Attack standout Chris Duplessis had a fuel relay switch go out on his GTI and lost over four minutes mid-stage. On stage three, Ken Blo~k had a heavy roll knocking him out of conten-tion while running in second overall behind Pastrana. Also on stage four Roman Pakos got a little too close to the scenery and smacked the right rear of the car against a tree which tossed the Subaru off the road. O'Sullivan in the SRT-4 pulled him off the road, however after Continued ID PIii 40 Andi Mancin and Maciej Wislawski finished second overall in their Adam Markut and Chris Gordon finished 3rd overall and they took Piotr Wiktorczyk and Grzegorz Dorman throw some gravel in practice, their Subaru WRX STi engine expired on the second stage. good lookin' Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. the Super Production Category in the Eagle Talon. Lauchlin O'Sullivan and Karen Wagner raise a wheel on their Dodge Left full rudder! Mark Utecht and Rob Bohn throw a bit of gravel with SRT-4, 5th overall and the Max-Attack Championship were theirs. their 2010 Ford Mustang, compliments of Ford Motor Company. Dusty Times December 2009 Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino destroyed their Subaru WRX STi early on the first day of the rally, running in second place at the time. Page 39

Page 40

Ired 0, It 11111 vacation rentals available in the exclusive Indian Wells country Club in the sunny Palm Springs area of southern. California. Two or three bedrooms, furnished for your complete relaxation, and, if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on either of two beautiful courses. FYI, wireless Internet and long distance phones calls (USA) included. starting at S4,500 in season (January thru April) or $2,300 per month out of season. Call (760) 345-6124 assessing damage at the end of the stage four Pakos retired. He had been running in fourth overall at the end of stage two. By the end of just stage four, five of the 37 starter.s were al-ready out of the event. At the evening service in Akeley after stage four, the running order was Pastrana out front with a 2:43 lead on Andi Mancin and Dave Mirra another seven seconds back. Mancin's teammate Arkadiusz Gruszka held down fourth with Bob Olson in fifth. The surprise to everyone was the car that had moved up into sixth, Adam Markut in the Eagle Talon. His fast yet flawless style had put him into second in the Super Production class in a sixteen year old car. Be-hind him O'Sullivan was the fastest of the Max-Attack cars and held down seventh overall. Nate Conley held down eighth in the debut of his Open Class WRX STi. Jimmy Keeney and Pat Moro held onto the next two spots in their similar Su-per Production WRX STi's to round out the top ten. Stage five w;is cruel to two more of the top te~ cars with Nate Conley's car out of action and Bob Olson having a high-speed off to the point that he couldn't be pulled back onto the road by the end of the stage. Both cars were able to continue on day two of the event however they were out of contention for position or points. Andi Mancin's car started running rough with a leaking head gas-ket and he had to back off a bit. By the end of the night the running order was now Pastra-na well in the lead with nearly a four minute gap between him 0 UT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND GET BACK IN SIGHT You Know That This Venue fs The Best Way To Get Your Product IN THEIR FACES Don't Be Penny Wise And Exposure Foolish Call Dusty Times - Again 818-882-0004 and Mirra, now the Super Pro-duction class leader. Mancin was now 5:42 behind Pastrana after taking a conservative drive throughout the rest of the night. Mancin's teammate Gr.uszka was in fourth with O'Sullivan now up to fifth and Markut in sixth. Mark Fox was coming to grips with his ex-Block WRX STi and moved into seventh with the Super Produc-tion WRX's of Moro, Keeney and Don Conley rounding out the top ten. In Max-Attack, Lauchlin O'Sullivan had a two-minute lead over Mark Utecht's new Mustang and Wyatt Knox's Mazdaspeed 3. Chris Duplessis sat_ in ~ixth after making up a lot of time and sat behind Jan Zedril and Matt Bushore in the evening's standings after seven stages. The next day the weather was perfect with no prospects of rain, however dust was be-coming a problem for many of the drivers. Arkadiusz Gruszka rolled his Evo on stage eight and on stage ten Bob Olson Marl< Fox and Jake Blattner spew massive amounts of dust and gravel Pat Moro and Jeremy Wimpey drove their Subaru WRX STi to second Dillon Van Way and Ben Slocum finished 10th overall in the rally, in their ex-Ken Block Subaru WRX STi, they finished fourth overall. place in Super Production, sixth overall in the rally. · third place in 2WD Class, here in their Ford Focus . . . . Nate Conley and Adam Kneipp almost had a good rally, their long awaited debut of their Subaru WRX STi was riddled with problems, Chris Duplessis and Catherine Woods had some fuel relay switch Dave Mirra and Derek Ringer were 2nd overall for much of the rally, a dnf was it. problems, but they pressed on in their VW GT/. electrical problems put their WRX STi on the trailer on the last stage. Page 40 December 2009 Dusty Times

Page 41

hit a branch lying across the road puncturing his radiator and ending his day. Mirra went straight off the road at a hard right on stage eight and lost a little time refiring and backing up, but he was able to continue. The biggest excitement of the weekend came at the spectator location on stage eleven when Zach Babcock came over a crest at the end of a long straight and missed a call and rolled his SRT-4 several times with an endo and landed back on all four wheels. The car was done for the weekend and both driver and navigator were in good spirits after the wreck. At the midday break the order had changed again. Pas-trana held a 4:26 advantage over Mirra, but after stage eleven Markut had passed Mancin for third. O'Sullivan and Fox moved up to fifth and sixth after Gruszka rolled out of contention and the Super Production battle of Moro, Keeney, and Don Conley raged behind them. Dillon Van Way in a two-wheel drive Ford Focus entered as a national competi-tor and was now in tenth. Tension was mounting in the Max-Attack battle as Duplessis was setting fastest stage times over and over again to gain ground on the field. O'Sullivan came back with a few stage wins of his own in the battle and Utecht was right there as well in his Mustang. The struts and springs on the Mustang were stock and that was becoming a disadvantage. Near the end of the event Utecht was losing ground on the second place • position he was guarding in Max-Attack all day. About a mile and a half into the final stage the car came over a blind crest with a left-hand bend and the car lost traction and was high-centered on a berm on·. the outside of the corner. Fortunately, the car was pulled out of this predicament by Brian Dondlinger who was run-ning off the pace in his GTI. Utecht was able to continue but sadly finished out of the top five paying positions in the Max-Attack battle. O'Sullivan's SRT-4 handily won the Max-Attack Championship for two-wheel drive cars over Wyatt Knox's Mazdaspeed 3, Chris Duplessis's GTI, Jan Zedril's Lancer ES and Matt Bushore's VW Jetta. But that definitely wasn't the end of things up front. On stage twelve, Mancin got third place back from Markut and was pulling away. Unfortunate-ly, Dave Mirra's fine run in his problematic Super Production WRX STi came to an end yet again as the car came to a stop near the end of the stage. Now the battle was for second place overall with Mackut leading Super Production in his Eagle Talon. Mancin turned up the wick and won the three final stages and took home second behind an elated Pastrana who was able to back off a bit on the final stages. Adam Markut was the surprise at the overall po-dium and at the top spot on the Super Production charts. He later admitted that on Chad's Yump, a large jump early on day two, the car came down so hard on the nose that he nearly Dusty Times lost control. This was the only event Adam had the funds to do all year and he admitted that although he had a great time at Ojibwe, this was going to be it for the year. Mark Fox over-hauled Lauchlin O'Sullivan for fourth with two stages to go. Pat Moro, Jimmy Keeney, and Don Conley took home sixth through eighth in their Super Production Subarus. John Con-ley in a Dodge SRT-4 took over ninth spot from Dillon Van Way on the penultimate stage. Just a few weeks later, the next event on the calendar was the Colorado Rally held in Steamboat Springs, CO. As a brief recap of things neither Travis Pastrana nor Ken Block finished the event so there was a new first time winner this season. Pastrana came into a chicane after a long straight at high speed and hit a multitude of cones handing him a severe time penalty while leading. At the start of day two the Subaru Team decided to pull him from competition and save the car for the final event at Lake Superior · in Houghton, MI still a month away. Ken Block was running strong in the Super Production car normally driven by Dave Mirra. Mirra had other com-mitments during the weekend and as Block's car was totaled at Ojibwe, Subaru placed Ken in the car to do some testing and to hopefully keep him in the running for the runner-up spot in the championship after Pastrana clinched it at Ojibwe. The problems that plagued Mirra came back for Block as well and yet another DNF was handed to the team. Block stated that he would be back in the car at Lake Superior. So with the "Travis and Ken Show" coming to an end at Colorado and Andrew Comrie-Picard returning to the series after missing Ojibwe it became a first time win this season for ACP and for Mitsubishi. Andi Mancin took home second with A TIE for third between Nate Conley and Mark Fox after two hard days of rallying. Pat Moro, who almost decided to pass on going to Ojibwe and the remaining events of the season to save the car for next year, wound up becoming the Super Production Class win-ner after Piotr Wiktorczyk DNF'ed again. Jimmy Keeney took second in SP which will make the final event at Lake Superior a three-way shootout for the championship. Lastly, John Conley was the two-wheel drive class winner in his Dodge SRT-4. So, the final round at Lake Superior will be interesting. Pastrana will be running in his X-Games car which has higher horsepower. Block will try to take home a second place in the series if he can get the reli-ability of the Super Production Class WRX STi to hold togeth-er. Comrie-Picard or Mancin could also get the runner-up spot in the championship and both plan on attending. Ten total Super Production cars are entered for LSPR and it looks like it will be a battle. Will it be perfect, will it rain or will there be a foot of snow (or more). It's coming down to the wire. 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-Goad stuff Directory Air Cleaners for Off-Road Racing. From Baja to Dakar. For a list of dealers visit our website at: JOHNCOOUY •Race Cars • Prerunners •Dual Sports 10815 Wheatlands Avenue, Suite I• 5a-, CA 92071 619.596.9141 • faa 619.596.2742 -.alumlcraft.lnfo Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 !/"Ji till (619) 562-1740 FAX {619) 562-6151 BRANDWOOD CARS for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3107 Custom Vehicle Shifter Offroad to Street, Prerunner to Race -Chassis Design -Race Prep -All General Fabrication 760-949-3907 17459 Lilac St #E Hesperia CA 92345 CACTUS RACING Racealr Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoel, Simpson Blower systems & cool boxes 619-482-6700 708 Rocking Horse Dr., Chula Vista, CA 91414 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#/ (951) 845-8820 products in stock Boatec Fiberglass Dimple Dies Tubing Benders Bypass Valves + tubes Sway-bar Arms Race Proven Fabrication Pre-runners Desert Trucks Short Course trucks Paris-Dakar trucks caUAUTV ••ADLDCK WH■■La a1Nca 1a1111 15 .. --16"--17" ALL ALUMINUM BE!ADLDCK WHEE!LB AND CDNVE!RBIDNB CHA-PION YVHl!!l!!L ca. INC. 181537 CDLLll!!R (9151) 471-2183 LAKI!! l!!LBINDRI!, CA 881531 WWW.CHAMPIDNVVHl!l!L.CDM www 227 C.alle Pintoresco San Oemente, CA 92672 FLOATER REAR ENDS• FRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS •TORSION BARS • KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tre_e Lane • Templeton, CA, 93465 Ofl:ICIAL IIACE Fl/ElS FUEL OF NASCAR 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567 .. 9000 1~ M.::Oew. IM!le. (°,A ~ U A~Q/P~~S-fMJJ• MatlbewScl81 ... ~81~11 F&ll,u Toll F~ ~7-4!09 MATTHEW@CUSTOMDECAL.COM ..-...;.,a..:i..-.:~ Speciatisi•I la... -----............ -~ ,. .....

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E>. ..E . .I'-' '. . . . *FO .. AY-p ;/ - 'j..;.__ ~ Nnllll: detekll!,le I ■ Tum Begz: Prtvele Lebel Cuslo111 8eg 0HIDnS 183S John TOW'ffll Ave. t-A t:.I Cajon. CA 92020 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 18:a PBlll'ORIIAl'CB 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 63N889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 (619) 448-3932 Fax(619)448-3662 GREG QUINN CELL (562) 843-4355 (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 we us,e & 19com11Wnd RaYe'bas RA( IM, [\1,li\f.'i, 1 RA\'i\ll'I\ION\ :\'11} OffRO,\ll P,\RT\. Semi o.-ra.11 for our 111.~ catalog SS.00 Offroad • Race Sand Car Parts ,P~.R~~ ~Sp~~ 9299 W. Olive Ste. 610 Peoria AZ 85345 Phone (623) 433-8643 Fax (623) 243-6368 e-mail: web: Custom Off Road Fuel Cells 1-800-433-6524 GI "' GI c5 ::: 111111 ..0 al HONDA i1)3XLUD · 0 co ::: .. .. GI ..0 0 ~ · 1.Ar.s~----~ -, -TUNED FOR SJ:IEED. RACE SHOCKS• REBUILDS• REVALVES • SPRINGS B31 .435.47B9 P.O. ~ox 24;6 I Jefferies Racing Apple Valley. Ca. 923u7 : D J a . : amen euenes ____ ..., __ JS:FFS:AI (7 60) 2,40-861 5 Phone (909)633-5300 Cell (760)240-8938 Fax Kevin Jensen Apple Valley, CA (760) 963-4206 Fax (760) 240-5083 • -Mike Julson 9428 vnt.atJanda Court Sant-, CA 92071 619-596-3380 JG TRANSWERKS ·Go with a Proven Winner· I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Quality Racing Transaxles Mendeola Dealer Off Road -Sand Specialist JOE GIFFIN 3001 e. L:t Jo11:i St. •I Anaheim. California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Fait (714) 632-1223 Email: www.JCiJl' (81'8)1~134 (800) 800-6134 BILLROBERTSON&SONS,INC. JON KINNE 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. 520 Railroad St., Corona, CA 92882 FAX (818}766-9397 NORTH HOLL YWQPO, CA. 91601 . Tel. 951-278-2233• Fax: 95 l-278-8335• • Custom Alternators • Complete Wiring • Custom Fab • Exhaust & Muffler • Prep & Finish Work

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HONDA Equipment OUT 80AIID ittOINE • Cl'NERATOfl SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. ART KAWAGUCHI 3532 EAST MD ff. Fax S23--2M-2136 LOS ANGIEl.a$, CA toOla 323-264-39361 All NHBB production sizes in stock. 3/8• through 1-1/4" ... Phone: {909) 985-1901 12&9 W. 9th St. Fax: (909) .982-9777 Upland, Ca. 11718 POWER E STfERINC THOMAS£LEE LEE MFG. ~O. 11811 P£NOI.ETONtTMET· SUNWJ.Et, CAetau FAX (111) 711-287 (t18)7N-OS71 AfulllNof~s...,lnge-,-. pumpa and ~ flDr -,,y lyj)e of nicing. Mlgneflult and Z,vla llcilitlte ..,., ..... ·Cuslomc.... "RacllPrtp "Aluminum Woct "Wtlclng Engineering •llgnaflux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE. CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street. Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Race Seats• Restraints • Storage Bags Window Nets• Limit Straps• Tie Downs www 11433 Woodside Avenue• Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 619/449-9454 OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS 807 E. OrangethorpeAve. Ste.A ph 714-441-1212 Anaheim CA, 92801 fx 714-441-1622 Fl'fCTlJR,-KENlJnJM RlfCE REBl/ltlJ.f' tJERTIFIElJ l'f(}/lJ(} ,lfl'fl,'Nl'fFtlfX@ tJERTIFIE/J s'/ltJT PEE.NINI/ 1695 CACTUS RD. T. (619) 710-8800 SAN DIEGO, CA 92154 F. (619)_710-1640 Todd Dwyer 1900 Compton Ave. Suite 101, Corona, CA 92881 Phone (951) 817-0101 Ext. 156 www 619-562-5533 . Off Rood Fabrication 'and Deslgn @moseB~lti Funt:tion/.Strength/Safety/Pri« • Sand G:rs Mode by Hand iff tM USA • Trucks •RauCu$ • Prcn.mners • R.clly G:rs • Custom JOHN MOSEL.EV Ownu/fobricotor - .moJScbift,COIII 236 Jason Cour-l CoroM. CA 92879 951-27~•3026 f ax 95i-272-0n6 • t..'J ' , ' J f., :' • •1,-;,,, ..... ,!. VDUR COMPLETE IGN.TION OURCE A UTCJTRQNIC CCJNTROL.& CORPQRATIQN 1 4!-:10 HE'N A V O~ENNAN O R . . P ASO, TX 799:38 191!>1 857.s;,m • TFDI t!NF (91~1855 1123 • VISIT ()UP WEB SIT£ www.n,S11,gn,<,oo.C0ffl Shop: 714-893-8106 15222 Connector Lane Fax: 714-893-8123 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 OFF-RO AO RA(lllfi We auiBeadlock m---r YOUR RIMSH ) Sizes to fit aost ATV ~~~ _/ l AlJTOMOTM applicationt 9S1.360.S906 951.360.0436 fu S00.100.2350 POLISHED ft COLORED ANISHES SCALLOPED OR CONVENTIONAL Reinforcing Ringt Also Avaieble Phone - (961) 354-8272 www.OMFPERFORMANCE. ~ 3834 Wmr DriVf" Nir1 lt111, U 9iJSZ www.,.,trrp,■Pff.<•• • - • a Cl a -~ - - • ; . - a 'ENHFiiD ABRICATION. INC 1660 8Clbcodl. Mding 8 Cosio Mesa. CA 92627 m 19491650-3035 FAX 19491650-4721 www.pe11•••1ta•.com JflryPenhcil qary <Powe{{ Motorsports: Electrical Design & Manufacturing Since 1988 -Ph: (949) 735-9039 Fax: {949) 459-0085 ProFORMA CE "'

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WO ROTRUCK RACING ORGANIZATION A High Performance Spec V8 Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class· Protruck Sales and Promotion W•bslte: Email: Tel: 619-390-6252 Fax: 619-390-6470 14402 Bond court El Cajon, CA 92021 Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension • Safety• Driveline • Accessories (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619} 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite 14 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: Fmu 61'1•U"•'?l'71t Cella 619-726-fl891 Fabrication & Race Preparation 941'1 Abraham WQ'I Santee. CA 9:2071 ..,,~.•T•J.•.t!:~.J~t.."O':,..•....,.rht.,,;:-:t:,"' cra~tt~rlu.c:om PH: 714.680.8731 • fX: 114.680.3110 l II free: 800.304.8126 · 101 5 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 918 31 will get vou In gear IH5 Ulltfll#I tu•111.11n• 111H S ,Hillllltl It : -sw1t1■11 -1111n•i-au -111111• ...... 1. -aa1n Jo111tu.•1ra1 11121 m-.taa fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. L~ MET AL PROCESSING 5921 W~OA Ave., Los ~IN. CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 rAX (323) S83-3%S SJ\NT)Bl..AST.(iI.A S BEAIJ-MA(iNETI PARTICLE F'LOURE 'ENT IN PECTION MARKSMJTH LARRY SMITH J!!!!!i,I Tom McKenzie SUSPENSION INNOVATION MOTORSPORTS INC. Tel:562.903.1625 Fax:562.777.2593 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821-(114} 447-3581 Fax (114) 612-9246 JOB SITE SIGHS • BAlittERS • V.ltlOOW lfTlcRII.G • CAA LETTEllmG • GRAPHICS . SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway C1rc!e • Hunt:ngrn, Beach CA 92849 (714) 897-0075 • Fa, 171eJ 694-9567 • IIACEFUELS Paul Oil Company (209) 847-2281 18001527-6090 FAX 1209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra t,Ne. 'WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, Califomie 95361 2190 Col .... ·orlva • Lake Kava•u City • AZ. 8640:S Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • Hi Performance Converters Custom length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race • Recreatfon} Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! Chris Tool 909-730-8246 ~ Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, C~e'l)I and Toyota" Trucks · Carbon fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Baena Vista St. , .. et (',a. 92543 Ph: 951-854-7334 Fax: 951-85'-2375 See a list of r prodllds,;lf r web e:, 1 r.liifixl.E ENGINEERING JEFFAELO (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlet Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 NS WBST PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLES Kevin Pirtle 22545 South Normandie Ave. Torrance, California 9050 l k-di:1· .c:31"-!A...:..PNH e@J/N/lS«G(lN¥/.CS<J,(}G(Jf; • ~T()~ NWNT$MWC/•~JYM1-.,.J.l/1U/Kt:-* 760-949-1220, --

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,~,_ ~INC. \. ,, MEND EOlA TRANS DISTRIBUTOR Race Cars -TJrophV Trucu-Pre-runnen Cbase Vehleles -Dual Spon Cars Performance Trans Off Road Street Trans Lorenzo Rodriguez (760) B03-69S5 Parts -Service -Transmissions -V. W. - Porsche Desert, Sand & Drag MARC WADDE LL, PRESIDENT WIREFAB@■■CDLCBAL.NET 850 S. Alta Vista Avenue • Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 305-RACE (7223) • F'RAC World Leading Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer 11 Dakar Rally Victories 17 Wor1d Rally Victories 6 AMA MX/SX Championships Xtrac Inc 6183 West 80th Street Indianapolis IN 46278 email: .... .., Tel: (317) 472 2454 '383' Baja Class 1/10 sequential Transaxle Trophy Truck solutions available for Lead Customers SCORE ENGINE BUILOER OflHEYEAR 994,1998, 1999, From Parts To COffll)lete Englnn lassified ... OR SALE: C ompletely ebuilt or brand new every-hing, Turnkey LSI, Mende-la, spindels, axles, cvs, iring, switches, OPS, 4 way ntercomm, brand new wheel nd tire spares, raceable, has on overall and great playcar rerunner, $85,000.00 (707) 49-8406, prepped and ready to go! Trailers - 7 ton Gooseneck Race Car Trailer- Tire Rack, Inverter, Flood Lights $12,000+ invested $ 7 ,500.00/OBO 30i Enclosed • Custom Trailer, New Heavy- Duty Tires, NC, 8KW Generator, Winch w/over head trolley, cabi-nets, work bench w/vise, 50 gallon fuel tank w/pump, Flood Lights. $11,500/ obo call 619-459-5113 Some o-f the items advertised in. these pages may n.ot be legal -for sale or use in. all 50 states. Readers are advised to con.suit appropriate local or state authorities -for in.-formation. be-fore pur-chase o-f an.y speci-fic item. • FOR SALE: 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. BITD Class 3100 Stock SUV. Great race record & class champ. EZ to maintain, fun to drive. All the good stuff. You can't build it for $14,00©.00. part trade? Call Mike (760) '877-1079. Buy it before I do something stupid with it. FOR SALE: 2006 Class 1200 Bobby Neth Chassis, Foddrill Arms, Kenny Majors 1835, Mendeola MD4X, CNC, Howe, 2 light bars, 7 HIDS, Color OPS, Fox Shocks & Coilovers, Fire Sup Halon, Police Siren, Many, Many Spares, Spare Shocks, Ready to win Baja or BITD, $49,000.00. (562) 756-9231. FOR SALE: Pre-Runner to Buy. Foddrill 3-4 seat street legal Registered in Texas, LS6 pump gas 400hp, For-tin w/ converter, Fox shocks· coil over and by-pass, VDO, Howe, WR coolers, 50 gal cell, Mastercraft, BF on JJ wheels, Pro Am hubs and brakes, Roof rack w/light bar , Race radio w/ carbon fiber head sets, XM radio w/external speakers, OPS, ODO shows 546 miscarbon fiber dash, windshield, a set of spare tires w/wheels, a set of sand tires w/wheels, chase box, spare parts, single axle open trailer inc. $110,000.00 Negotiable. Cesar Fuentes (915) 726-3823 afuentes@fuentes7. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ : Sell or swap your extra ptirts and pieces in ' ■ DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE JS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PV T OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. ■ ■ ■ Enclosed is $ ■ _______ _____ (Send check or money order, no Cash) ■ Name ·-------------------------_________ _ ■ . ■Address ________________________ -------------------------------------■ ■City------------------------------ - - --------------------------------■ h . ■ State _______ Zip ______________ p one __________________________________ _ Please run ad _______ times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 913[1 1108 2009-10 DEADI:.INE January 10 Dec 11, 09 February 10 Jan 9, 10 March 10 Feb 19, 10 ---------------------------------------~---------------------------------------------------Page 46 December 2009 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Class 1 Porter, LS2, Redline pump gas, 520 Hp, WR coolers, Fortin 4 speed, w/ con-verter, King Kongs, 45 gas cell, Kenwood radio, 10.5 gps, Pro-Am Hubs and brakes. 6 Hella, lots of spares. Car works great and is in immaculate condition. $135,000.00. Call (915) 626-7986 or Nextel 62*14*16663. FOR SALE: Chenowth Millenium Class 1. Proven and Reliable, Chevy LS 450HP, Sequential Mendeola 5 speed, TCS axels, Kings, Pro Wired, Fabricated by Fraley, CNC front, ADS Rear hubs, Howe Rack, CNC Hanging Pedals, Mastercraft, Beard, Fresh Prep. $89,000.00 OBO. Call Kevin (702) 562-0652. Dusty Times 2007 Desert Dynamics 4 Seat Pre-Runner. LS 1 V8 & fresh Hew land 5 Speed, King Bypass & Coil Overis, 2 HID & 4 Hellas on roof rack, comes w/ both a set of Desert & Sand tires/ wheels. Screamingly Deal -$65K in it - ONLY $45,000 OBO call 619-459-5113 FOR SALE: 1-2-1600 1999 Jimco Chassis. New dash, new wiring, raise roof line 2', rebuilt rear cage, new arms, reposition front shocks, mounts, etc., etc. All by Alan Coffee. FAT motor (in-stalled) Hatz motor (fresh-spare), MSD ignition (new). 2 year old 7' lowrance OPS. All the best parts. 930 CV's, Pro-Am rear hubs, 4 piston Willwoods rear, new For-tin shift box. Gear 1 front hubs with 2 piston, calipers, Howe steering, 10' internal bypass Fox Fronts, 2 Yz' Triple Bipass rears, McDowell Bus Tranny (fresh). Mastercraft seats-rebuilt, 4-BTR 15' wheels with Yokos, rear 15' Centerlines with Beadlocks, Front 16' with shaved BFG's, vi-sion x-12 LED up front. Lots of custom fab items, mirrors, seat mounts, light surrounds, rear tail-light housing, etc. Tons of spares. This was built for my son with no budget-safety and reliability main concern (he is off to college). Call Don at (619) 571-1504 or email at December 2009 , R..b_AL bbT ATb_ fOQ. ..:>AL6-Own the desert: 40 acres in Ocotillo Wells. Property boarders the back of the Blue Inn Resort, Owner will finance. $15,000.00 down-$420.00 a month for 120 months. Interest free for the life of the loan. That's $65,000.00 total. Call Ed (909) 732-3714. R..b_AL bbT ATb_ U.A66-IR.6-NTAL6 Vacation Rental Vacation Rental in the Exclusive Indian Wells Country Club in the Sunny Palm Springs area of Southern Caifornia! 2 ot 3 bedroom furninshed for your complete relaxation and if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on 1 or both of the beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phhone calls (USA) included. Starting at $4,500.00 in season Oan, Feb, March, April) or $2,300.00 per month not in season. Call (760) 345-6124. IND~X TO .6.DV~Q. Tl-=>~12.6 Baker Precision Racing Products ........................... 41 BFGoodrich ...................................... 13 BTR Racing Wheels .......................... 36 Brake Man ........................................ 33 Butch's Speed Shop .......................... 35 Fuel Safe Racing Cells ....................... 41 Glen Helen Baja Cup Challenge ............ 2 Kar Tek Off Road ................................ 5 KC Hilites ........................................... 4 King Off-Road Racing Shocks ............ 19 Lucas Oil ............................. Back Cover Mastercraft Seats ............................ 11 McKenzie's Performance Products .... 15 MOR Bud light Dash ......................... 29 NORRA 2010 Mexican 1000 Rally ................................... 17 Racer X Motorsports ........................ 24 Robby Gordon Off Road .................... 35 Ronco Plastics .................................. 26 SNORE Battle at Primm .................... 23 Soltek light Systems ....................... 4 7 South Point Casino ............................. 9 Stewart's Race Works ...................... 21 Transaxle Engineering ....................... 30 Vacation Rentals ............................... 40 -

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Gat:eaopenat 9am E~BI . · ASPD · S CDNIP La~ -----A C::A..A HA..