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2008 Volume 25 Number 12 Dusty Times Magazine

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Cele8ratln11 our 25tll rear o, sewlce T'O T'lle Off IIOlld Co,n,nunlty ---------------covering the world of competition In the dirt ...

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Volume 25 - Number 12 December 2008 Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Mike Del Col Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton Victor Gazca Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier T rackside Photo Art D irector Larry Worsham B.O.R.E. --~----· . . "': ( > -·-' Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., snapshot of the Month .•• Who is jumping higher? Scott Taylor took the win in Class 1, Class 10 and the Challenge of Champions in 1983 at the SCORE Canada event. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prinlll, up to 8x10 will be considered. In ftlls Issue ... FEATURES BITD Silver State 300 by Judy Smith ............................................................ 8 Rally New Zealand by Martin Holmes ......................................................... 16 39th Annual South Point SNORE 250 by John Calvin & Julia Bozzano ...... 20 M.O.R.E. F&L 250 by Steve Ruddick ............................................................... 26 MDR Lucerne 250 by Steve Ruddick ................................................................ 32 VORRA Short Course Fall Classic by Troy Robinson .................................... 36 5th Annual Make a Wish Ride by Maryette Bowman .................................... 40 Rally Catalunya by Martin Holmes ................................................................... 42 Baja Loreto 400 .......................................................................................... 49 DEPARTMENTS Happenings .................................................................................................. 5 Trail Notes .................................................................................................... 6 Baja Pits by Sr. Chupacabra ....................................................................... 46 BFGoodrich New ....................................................................................... 46 Blue Ribbon Coalition News ..................................................................... 48 Good Stuff Directory ................................................................................. 52 C lassified Ads ............................................................................................. 58 Index To Advertisers .................................................................................. 59 ON THI! COVl!R It was a great race for Sam Berri, he was first on the road all race long, never saw another car or truck and took the BITD Silver State 300 Class 1500 win and the overall win in his Jimco. Photo by Trackside Photo The 39th annual SNORE 250 was really fun for Tom Koch, he led three of the four required laps, had a minor problem but carried on to take the Class 1 win and the overall as well. Photo by Trackside Photo Visit Our Website at cSub scribe :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRYII □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (to subscribe online go to ·□ NEW □ RENEWAL Name Address --------------------- -City __________________ _ State Zip -----------------------Primary Interest Can O Truclu D Motorcyclea D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - I year $30.00 US n Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times December 2008 Page 3

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Page 4 Where do I start? With this December, 2008 issue, Dusty Times is celebrating the completion of our 25th year of publication, 25 years of reporting on all the off road racing and rallying activities all over the globe. I have to thank my late wife, Jean Calvin, it was she who thought our beloved sport of Off Road Racing needed a publication to really report on the racers and all their activities. The December 1983 issue was the start of it all, the rest is history. Judy Smith and Trackside Photo were there to help us on that first issue, and, 25 years later, they are still a very large part of Dusty Times. Many, many thanks to Judy Smith and Jim Ober for all they do for Dusty Times and for you, the racer and rallyist. Also, a big thanks to Larry Worsham, our Art Director and layout specialist. Larry has compiled every issue of Dusty Times, he commutes 3500 miles each way to make sure that Dusty Times looks perfect when it goes tp press. A great big thanks to Bekki Wikel, who is my leµ hand here in the office. Bekki keeps me on the straight and narrow and she is a very big part of Dusty Times. Many thanks to our outstanding journalists, Mike and Nicole Del Col, Martin Holmes, Rod Koch, Byrle Moore, Steve Ruddick, and J. Preston Bradshaw, they're are just some of the people who make it all happen. They are out there in the heat, the cold, the rain, the wind and the snow to get your story and your vehicle's picture into print. And, last, but certainly not least, a big thanks to my Pat, these last 12 years would have been hell without her. A million thanks to you all. I'd also like to thank all the advertisers who have supported us over the years, some of them have been with us since the beginning, Bilstein, KC Hilites, McKenzies, Transaxle Engineering, to name a few, many thanks to all of you. And, how do I thank our subscribers, the heart of Dusty Times, the people and families out there who wait patiently every month for Dusty Times to arrive at their door so they can read all about themselves, and others, perhaps see a picture of their car or truck in action and then get ready to go out and do it all over again. All of us have worked very hard to keep Dusty Times an informative publication to the off road racer and rallyist and w.e shall continue to do so for many years to come. Thanks to all of you who help us and to all of you who read and subscribe to Dusty Times. This December 2008 issue of Dusty Times is our 301 st issue. Over these 25 years we have printed 17,458 pages, 52,374,000 words are on those pages and in all those editions we have printed 89,096 pictures of your cars and trucks in action here and around the world. I doubt ~hat I'll be around for the next 25 years but tll bet that Dusty Times will still be covering the world of competition in the dirt. Thanks for all your support. December 2008 Dusty Times

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I I 2aaa-2 Happenings .•• 10K FoUR WHEl!Ll!RS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) 4x4Fo~Lro. 1665 DEIAWARE ST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 AMERICAN RAllY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 Sovrn POINTE CIRCLE, Sum 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E Mail: AMERICAN TRw..s Assoc:IATION AMA Obsewed Trials Southern California Championship Sei-ies BILL MARKlJM -PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE -(714) 562-7742 E MAIL: BMARJC909@AOLCOM <> AsoclACION EsTATAL DE AuroMoVWSMo SAM WELL, TECH INSPECTOR Arro 42 SAN JOSE DEL CABO B AJA C ALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEx:Ico AUSTRALIAN ()pp ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYLSMITll 19 SoMERS ST. CAsHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QumEC ()pp ROAD CLASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BAJA CUP CHALu!NGE B ARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 lAKEsJDE, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS OH Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing NORCO, CA 92860 e-mail (909) 815-5811 RACING Assoc:IATION P.O. Box 645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DoN ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 2Z4-4967 CHAMPLAIN V AllEY RACING Assoc:IATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON lb-JACKERS I.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison Councy Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AuroMOVIlJSTICA SAN QuINnN CAU.E 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACUO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AuroMOVIlJSTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Offlload ENSENA!l>\, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/ 7 0034) CMC CoNTINENTAL MOTOSPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE OFFRoAD USA P.O. Box 2328 CALEXICO, CA 92231-2328 760-455-8069 USA 011-52-686-553-4087 MEXICO December 5-7, 2008 Race Ready 275 IIIAaC . tear• IIIIICall'T■ •• BEST IN THE l>FsERT 3475 BoULDER HIGHWAY LAS VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX, 702-641-2431 December S-7, 2008 Henderson 300 BORERACING GLOBALMAP 9200c 10 ELK MOUNTAIN DRIVE REDSTONE, CO 81623 970-963-4563 623-853-3595 BP MOTORSPORTS P.O. Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All Events At California Ciry, CA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR Cum AVTOMOVJUSTA]UARENSE DE CIIAMPIONSIHP OPP-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 01 l-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RAu.Y SEIUl!S <> CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL Soum DAKOTA Dusty Times flll/iF DISPLAY December 2008 Mexicali-San Felipe, BC Mexico Col.ORADO ffn.L CJ.Dm Assoc:IATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W /(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORRSEIUl!S 270 NEWPORT CENTER DR., Sum 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866-501-CORR CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thuflton Counry ORV Park, OZ,mpia, WA) DAKAR RAu.Y DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OcEAN BLVD., Sum 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATUR FoUR WHEEL DilivE CuJB DECATUR, TX 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DEsERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsrEllN Ofll.RoAD RAaNG AssN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 Continued next page Co dngancv Sponsors for: ' ~pet's course SC RE -BRO -CORR MORE -SNORE -~DR . . ,. \n ea1a· Vlin~r nln9 . oOO .\'# to v,\n 006 ea1a 1 d \s a nece&5~c~\\\\n -~ doWn\oa ~Y Pages

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TINIII Natas ••• ITENTION RACE & RALLY PROMOTERS - Dusty Times is in need of your 2009 race or rally schedules. We need them mmediately for inclusion in our centerfold calendar in the January issue. PLEASE SEND US YOUR SCHEDULES at or fax them to us at .818-882-0090 ..•. Hurry ......... Hurry ........... Hurry ON THE MEND -Vance Scott, whose name appears on our Masthead Page, was injured October 27 while on his way to perform escort duty at a Viemam Veteran's funeral. Vance has been riding a motorcycle for years but the freeway finally bit him. He has a badly broken arm, a cracked disc in his neck and some other injuries but the prognosis is good. He'll be off the bike for a while but, knowing Vance, he'll be back in the saddle as soon as possible. The Dusty Times staff wishes him a speedy recovery. ORR HONORS CHAMPIONS AT BANQUET -The racers nd their crews came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to celebrate the 008 Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing season. The banquet was held at the Northern Lights Theatre, in the recently expanded Potawatomi Bingo Casino. The gala event celebrated class champions and World Champion winners, as well as, offering huge thanks to all the companies that support the World Series. The host of the night was Steve Weiss, communications director of WSORR, and his first award of the night went to the safety crew at Bark River International Raceway. Their quick and efficient work was praised, and the crowd clapped loudly, as Rich Ault accepted the award. Next the theater heard insightful words from series sponsors, Forest County Potawatomi, Lucas Oil Products, and Traxxas. Tom Fredrickson, the General Manager of Lucas Oil Products, spent a few minutes talking about the relationship Lucas Oil has with motorsports and how proud Lucas Oil is to be a title sponsor of the World Series of Off-Road racing. The PRO Driver of the Year award is shared by PR0-2WD Champion Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. with his Maxxis Tire ATD AMSOIL Chevy .and Super Buggy Champion, John Mason and his Mendeola Super Buggy. While the SRT Driver of the Year is Keith Steele, with his Monster Energy Chevy, as he captured the top spot an incredible eight times. The rookie of the year honors went ti:> Dave Waldvogel and his Bendix AMSOIL Toyo Tires Chevy PR0-2WD on the PRO side, and Mitch Dorr, with his BFGoodrich Ford F-150 Stock Truck, in the SRT ranks. Cliff Irey, from Ford Truck Motorsports division, accepted the award for vehicle manufacturer of the year, and Jack Cummings and Doug Nushart held the tire manufacturer of the year award, high, for Goodyear Tires. The winners of the three Crandon showdown races were introduced and each said a few words of thanks. The winner of the·Chairman's Cup, Kent Brasho of Alabama; the Decision@ Sundown.winner, Jeff Kincaid of Wisconsin; and the winner of the BorgWarner Cup, Scott Taylor of Illinois, were all on hand. When it came to awarding the season ending checks to all the top finishers in all the race divisions, nobody could forget the words from PR0-2WD champion Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. The thirty year veteran decided at the last minute to go racing, without any corporate support. His family supported team ran the whole year on their own checkbook, and from the generous payback from the World Series. Every Class Champion was also awarded a new Traxxas Slash radio-controlled truck from Traxxas. The successful development and testing of the second Ultra 4x4 truck is almost complete, and the new class will be officially named, PR0-4x4. The WSORR 2009 schedule will be identical to the past season, twelve rounds of racing, at the same venues: Wheatland, Oshkosh, Bark River, and Crandon. The series will consider expansion in 2010, as there has been interest by over thirty race tracks throughout the United States, to host a WSORR event. The television numbers for the 2007 WSORR SPEED broadcast was bigger than ever, over six million viewers for the year. The 2008 WSORR SPEED broadcast will be available within the next couple of weeks. In the first two years ofoperation, WSORR has awarded over $1.6 million in prize money, not including contingency awards and bonuses. 2008 Lucas Oil WSORR Champions are: PRO 2WD -Dan Vanden Heuvel, PRO LIGHT PICKUP-Jeff Kincaid, PRO 4x4 -Kent Brascho, PRO SUPER BUGGY -John Mason, SUPER TRUCK -Keith Steele, STOCK TRUCK - Eric Ruppel, 1600 BUGGY -Mark Steinhardt, 1600 LIGHT BUGGY - Mike Vanden Heuvel, FORMULA 4x4 - Dave Demaegd, ENDURO TRUCK -Jim Van Rixel and CLASSIX -Rob Weiland. 2008 BorgWarner Off Road World Champions -PRO 2WD - Ross Hoek, PRO LIGHT PICKUP -Chad Hord, PRO 4x4 -Johnny Greaves, PRO SUPER BUGGY -Tim Lemons, SUPER TRUCK - Keith Steele, STOCK TRUCK - Eric Ruppel, FORMULA 4x4 -Tim Moeller, 1600 BUGGY -Mark Steinhardt, 1600 LIGHT BUGGY - Mike Vanden Heuvel, ENDURO TRUCK -Matt Dale, CLASSIX -Rob Weiland. Congratulations to them all! SCORE DVD -The never before seen DVD special chronicles the 40th running of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 has been released by Aura360 of Maine, the electronic media partner of SCORE International. Some of the world's best desert racing was filmed, spanning from the vibrant city of Ensenada to the barren and desolate expanses of the Baja Peninsula. In an unprecedented race to the finish BJ Baldwin in the No. 97 Baldwin Motors ports Chevy Sivlerado wins by just seven seconds over the team of Mark Post/Rob MacCachren in the NQ. 1 Ford F-150 in one of the closest finish in the history of this popular rac·e. The production, shot using the latest in HD technology, and hosted by ESPN personality Todd Harris, features comprehensive point-to-point coverage of the legendary DVD race. The DVD also includes bonus programming of behind-the-scenes action, interviews and extensive helicopter footage. The DVD can be purchased at the on Page 6 (330) 532-4589 :f..NsFNADA BAJA Ow RoAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0ll-52-646-1818989 Eus10 0l l-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for bums & Mot~cles &TERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Course Racing VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 011-52-646-176-6230 FORDA PwRIDA ()pp ROAD DluvER's ASSOCIATION JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Al!!, May, Noo at Davidson Raceway Ful>PUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE S. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX GORRA GEORGIA OFF RoAD RACING AssoclATION 420 HOSEA RQ\D LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT PI.ANl!s OFF RoAD RACING AssoclATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 . ScoTT MORROW (816) 792-2126 (All races are short course, stadium scyle Classes• Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck . Nebraska Raceway Park, Exit 420 on I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln.) For lat.est info check <> HIGH Pl.AINs OFF RoAD RACING 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING AssoclATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDDOR (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INn!R-SHows MoroRSPORTS PRoMOTIONs, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 }EEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES Orange, CA 92869 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 All races for ]eepspeed 1,2 & 3 KAMlooPS OFF ROAD RACING ~ Piaes Spam & tioaCeaCl!r KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA Mike Strange (250) 573-4003 LAs VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OmloAD ExP0 (626) 961-3782 <> <> LLT.R.E. JEFF ELROD (408) 926-0522 JIM AflITA (408) 247-4402 MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING LUIS CARLOS AlVAREZO P ANAMERICANA A VE #5105 Cd. Juarez, Chih., MX ou:52.1637-1799 MicmGAN BuGGY Buw>ERS Dua.e BU611Y Tnde Sliow (517) 543-7214 <> MlcmGAN OFF RoAD CIIAMPIONSIDPS M.T.B. Enterpriaa Inc. 15529 JONES RQ\D GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 (517) 627-6200 Motorc:,cles, Quads, A TVs and Pilots only MAORA MllrAMERICA OFF ROAD AssoclATION December 2008 P.O. Box664 SMITHTON HOLE RACEWAY GREENUP, IL 62428 313 SKYLINE DRIVE (217) 962-1318 SMITHTON, PA. 15479 E-MAIL: MIKE GEISER 330-683-6263 <> Short Course Offroad Racing MDR PRooucnoNs All Races At Smithton Hole Raceway 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 PncF.s PEAK 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 P.O. Box 6962 c.JHomJ. Cumplo::!t,,Series COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 Supentitioa ClumpJo · Series (719) 685-4400 December 31, 2008 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS Bud Light Dash M.O.R.E. OFF RoAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ MOJAVE OFF ROAD RACING (856) 875-7591 ENnrusIASTS Pao 1600 SHOOTOUT P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 COREY GOIN 760-253-4453 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM MOREKARTEK PRoTR.uCK Off Road Gold Cup Series 14402 BoNo Courrr MSBA EL CAJON, CA 92021 MlcmGAN SPORT Buooy 619-390-6252 AssoclATION PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS DAVE BARRET P.O. Box50 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. RICKETTS, IA 51460 FLINT, ML 48506 (712) 679-2221 (810) 730-9221 RALLY .AMERICA NATIONAL MoroWl!ST WINTER 1iu.A.J3 SERms CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKHAM 2008 Rally America Nadoml (909) 860-1857 Champiom!t Series Schedule <> R.All.YCROSS ATIONAL SERIES All events at Pems Racewa, EVENTS (At Reed Valfe:i with a school) Ea.cem Stata CumpJomlJlp NATIONAL MUD RACING AssN. Ceatnl Stata Clumploublp RT. #l -Box 380 Westem States DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN RoCK CRAWLERS AssoclATION PALATKA, FL 32177 OFAMmucA (904) 325-5422 P.O. Box 1406 NATIONAL 1'uFF TRUCK AssN. RIVEITTON, UT 84065 Butch Chapin Motorapom Promo-(801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 dom SAN l>IEGo SHORT CoURSE 1404 EAST 3RD STREET HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 WINTERNATIONALS (612) 437-2459 A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing NOORA Pro Trncks, Desert Trncks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Trnck NoRTHERN Omo OFF RoAD <> RACING AssN. (858) 571-5088 GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 SAN DIEGO OFF RoAD ExrosmoN E-MAIL (888) 836 7918 <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads SCCA RoADRAu.Y (Spring Valfe:i Raceway, on route 518, 20 P.O. Box 19400 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) TOPEKA, KS 66619 (Thunder Valle, located 15 minutes from 800-770-2055 Spring Valley) ~ <> OFF RoAD ExPO SFX MOTORSPORTS GROUP SPIN CoMMUNICATIONS 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 (415) 380-3890 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax OFF ROAD RACING AssoclATION SCORE Volunteered Series SCORE INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT · GEOFF LEE 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., SuITE A 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 CALABASAS, CA 91302 (615) 453-5830 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 CLASS REP. -1/2-1600 <> ""\ BRUCE MEYERS SNORE (865) 453-1005 SoUTHERN NEVADA OFF CLASS REP .. 9 & UNLm. RoAD ENnrusIASTS MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 P.O. Box 270516 OUTLAW REP. LAS VEGAS, NV 89127 DoN PONDER 702-452-4522 (314) 631-8190 (All Races at Wheeli~ in the Coun!:,! 900 Acres) SoNs OF ThuNDER Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 4 WHl!ELl!RS 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. RACE DIVISION NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 KEITH STEWART JIM KENDEL (714) 522-1899 (216) 339-4674 SOUTHEASTERN OFF RoAD All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio CIIAu.E.NGE STEVE RULE ONTARIO OFF RoAD (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 RACERS AssOCIATION Mike Moore• (224) 272-5400 RICK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) SPEED SPORTS ExPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS Oun.Aw SEVEN PICKUP 3129 S. HACIENDA. BLVD. #322 9269 UMMELMAN HACIENDA. HEIGHTS, CA 91745 ST. Lours, MO 63123 (626) 961-6522 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 SCTA PACE MOTOR SPORTS SoUTHERN CAUFORNIA TIMING U.S. Oil Road Clumpi.omlup AssOCIATION & BoNNEVII..LE 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE NATIONALS, INc. AURORA, IL 60504 P.O. Box 10 (630) 566-6100 OROS!, CA 93647 <> (559) 528-6279 l'E.NNSYLV ANIA SHORT CoURSE (559) 528-9749 FAX RACING <www.SCTA-BNl.ora> Dusty Times

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Sol.ITHl!RN SHORT CoURSE ()pp Ro.AD RACING AssN. 4305 Woon.ARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Racewa:,, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 ToYSFoaTors (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILLA V AllEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA V AllEY ()pp Ro.AD RACING AssoclATION (775) 224-1327 All events for the VORRA 2008 season have current!:, been cancelled. Check their website, abooe, for additional information, if any. VICENTE G UERRERO OFF Ro.AD C LUB PROFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 0ll-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN ()pp Ro.AD RACING AssoclATION LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMASWA98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL Ow Ro.AD RACING PATRICK McGUIRE P.O. Box376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-37 30 <> for $24.95. According to Aura360, the one-hour show is scheduled to air on the Discovery HD network as well as ESPN International. sr .ANNuAL TECATE SCORE BAJA 1000 -Adventurers and the orld's best desert racers will begin practicing Saturday as official re-running starts for November's 41st Annual Tecate SCORE Baja esert race, November 19-23, 2008. With over 350 entries expected to compete in 28 Pro and 7 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, the granddaddy of all desert races will be held Nov. 19-23 in Ensenada, Mexico. Completing its 35th year as the World's foremost desert racing sanctioning body, the event is the finale of the five-race 2008 SCORE Desert Series. To date entries have come from 38 U.S. States and 19 countries. The race will start for the 34th time and finish for the 19th time in Ensenada. The motorcycle and ATV classes will start their journey at 6:30 a.m. (Friday, Nov. 21) with the car and truck classes starting at approximately 10:30 a.m., or three hours after the last ATV leaves the line. Vehicles will leave in 30-second intervals in the elapsed-time race and while the fastest finishers are expected to complete the course in approximately 14 hours. All vehicles will have a 31-hour time limit to become official finishers in the legendary adventure. While late entries are accepted up to race day, a total of 342 entries have officially been accepted for the race as of today which will put the starting field in the top five in the 41-year history of the storied event. "We have been able, with the dedication and cooperation of many of our friends in Baja California, WISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN Ow Ro.AD FEsnv AL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 0sHKOSH, WL54901 (414) 688-5509 WoRID SERIES OF ()pp Ro.AD RACJ,NG P.O. Box 99 CRANDON, WISCONSIN 54520 303-880-7221 FIA WoRID RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 ZR PROMOTIONS LUIS RENE MONTANO C. CALZADA lNDEPENDENCIA 200 -5 COL. lNSURGENTES £srE 21280 MEXICALI, BC, MX (686) 564 6653 November 30, 2008 ZR Gran Prix De Campeones #6 Motorcycle & Quad Race DUSTY TIMl!S IS IN URGl!NT Nl!l!D DP YOUR 2009 RACI! AND RALLY SCHl!DULl!S PDR INSl!RTIDN INTO THI! 2009 DUSTY TIMl!S RACl!/RALLY CALl!NDAR. P&IIIIIIIIIIIIIISII ' Sl!ND YOUR SCHl!DULI! TO US ASAP PHDNI! PAX 81■·-2-GCICM 818•882-0D90 ■·MAIL DR THANKS PDR YOUR CDDPl!RATIDN Dusty Times December 200s .I a race course for the 41st Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 that will seriously challenge the most seasoned of our great SCORE desert racers," commented Sal Fish, SCORE President/CEO since soon after it was founded in 1973. "This course present the competitors with all of the variety of terrain and elevation changes you could possibly have along with the dramatic beauty of Baja. The La Rumorosa grade runs from about race-mile 111 to 127 and the infamous climb and descending grade, filled with switchbacks and large dropoffs, has only been used in the 1995 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 and the 1996 Tecate SCORE Baja 500. SCORE actually paid to have the dirt trail graded through the mountains." The car and truck classes with the most entries to date are the unlimited Class 1 (30), SCORE Trophy-Truck (29), Class 5/1600 and SCORE Lite ( 15 each) along with Class 1-2/1600 and Class 10 (14 each) and Baja Challenge Class (13). Among the motorcycle and ATV classes, Class 22 has the most entries to date with 15, followed by Class 30 with 11. Leading the seven Sportsman classes in the race to date is Sportsman Motorcycle over 250cc with 40 entries and Sportsman Motorcycle under 250cc with 14 entries. Brian Collins in SCORE Trophy-Truck and Grant Steele in Class 22 (open motorcycles) have drawn the first starting positions for the race. NASCAR Sprint Cup team owner/driver Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., whose roots are in SCORE desert racing, drew the 28th starting position in SCORE Trophy-Truck in the Team Gordon No. 77 Chevy CK1500. Gordon will be heading to the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 right after driving in the NASCAR Sprint Cup season finale in Florida on Nov. 16. Three entries with second-generation SCORE desert racers feature drivers who are running pavement series. Las Vegas' Brendan Gaughan is a NASCAR Truck Series regular who will race in the unlimited Class 1 in Baja, while Justin Loftin, Westmorland, Calif., who drives in the ARCNRe-Max Series and Brian Ickier, Poway, Calif., who has won four races this year in the NASCAR East Series will both drive in the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division. Among the other entries is the venerable Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., who is one of the only two individuals who has raced in all 40 previous Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 races. The legendary Hall, 69, of Reno, Nev., has a race-record 19 career class wins in this race and is the only driver to have competed every year in a car or truck class. Hall returns this year as the defending class champion in a Hummer H3 in the Stock Mini class. Current SCORE official annual sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, Volkswagen of America-official vehicle, Sunoco Race Fuels -official fuel supplier, Bilstein-official shock, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance-official Mexican auto insurance, Slime-official tire sealant and Red Bull-official energy drink. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Las Vegas Events, Terrible Herbst Inc., Blue C Enthusiast Advertising, Kartek Off-Road, American Suzuki, SignPros, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie's Performance Products and Advanced Color Graphics. BITD HENDERSON FABTECH DESERT Cl.AsSIC - Scheduled for December 5-7 The 2008 Henderson's FabTech Desert Classic race format is going to be totally different from the last four years. The 1race will still start in the same location on private property out in the Eldorado Valley, 15 miles from downtown Henderson, but will feature a brand new grand prix course in the infield. The infield will offer a great place for spectators, where you can watch racing all day long. The new, fun and challenging race course will be about 55 miles in length and all race vehicles will be racing on the same exciting course. There will be one large pit area for everyone, with the exciting infield track in the middle, and there will no longer be two separate pit areas for motorcycles, quads, UTV's and cars and trucks. The new format will be running three separate races. The first race will start at 6:30 am with the motorcycles, quads and UTVs starting and racing. The 2nd race and 3rd race start times are approximate depending on the time the previous race vehicles reach a certain mile marker and it is safe to start the next race. Below are the class divisions and time designations: 1st Race - 6:30 am - Motorcycle, Quads & UTVs -The motorcycles and quads will race around an approximate 55 mile loop four times, with a grand prix finish. The UTVs will race around the approximate 55 mile loop two times with a grand prix finish. 2nd Race - (approx) 10:00 am - Class 1100, 1700, 2000, 3100, 3700, 4100, 5000, 7100, 7300, 8100. These classes will race around an approximate 55 mile loop four times, with a grand prix finish. 3rd Race - (approx) 2:00 pm - Class 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500, 7200, 8000. These classes will race around an approximate 55 mile loop four times, with a grand prix finish. Special Note: some classes will have more than one race vehicle start at the same time. Time Trials for classes 1500 and Trick Trucks will be held on Thursday afternoon at an undisclosed location, with the pole winner taking home the Team Ford Pole Award of $1,000 cash, paid at the driver's meeting. Get ready for an exciting new Henderson's FabTech Desert Classic! The City of Henderson and FabTech welcomes you to this exciting area that's just minutes from the glitter of the Strip and a few miles from the serenity of Mount Charleston. The city of Henderson offers an oasis retreat in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Referred to as the other side of southern Nevada, the city of Henderson is nestled among three of the most renowned man-made attractions - the neon of Vegas, the engineering marvel of Hoover Dam, and the tranquil beauty of Lake Mead. Further information available from: email: RX RACING SHOX-Fox Racing announced their latest OEM spec n the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor off-road truck. Building a high performance off-road truck is not about the horsepower, it's about the suspension and Ford selected Fox to develop a truly off-road capable truck with 13.4" of useable travel in the rear suspension and 11.2" in the front. Fox Racing Shox distributes its products in more than 40 countries worldwide. Page 7

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~"2MlmBJ~ BILEK SILVER STATE s• Barrl Takes overall BY ]UDY SMITH PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO Sam Berri had a great race, he took the Class 1500 win and he was the overall winner as well, seen here in his Jimco. Mesquite, NV: Sam Berri was ing and lining up the cars and finish area, because there was first off the line and made it pay trucks, and from a small hill in plenty of room for teams to pull off by winning the Best in The back of the facility, the course in with their trucks, trailers or Desert's Silver State 300 overall headed east and north, to wind what have you, load up their race in his Chevy powered Jimco. around for some 293 miles. The vehicles, stand around and While race headquarters, in-finish was then about 25 miles bench race for a while, and then eluding sign-up, contingency and from anywhere, and racers who head for home. BITD had ar-tech, were at Mesquite, off the finished were held there until ranged for a food and drink ven-15 freeway north of Las Vegas, four or five of them had accu-dor to be there, and there were the start and finish were not. In mu lated, and then they were free outhouses available, so it served fact, the Mesquite press and even to drive, at 25 miles per hour, very nicely. It wasn't very excit-some of the local bigwigs didn't through what some said was ing for those waiting for finish-have any idea there was a race. "turtle territory" to the "podium ers, because they could see no But up in Alamo, some 91 finish", which was just off the 15 part of the race course, and the miles north on Highway 93 they freeway, between an Omni sta-tingle of anticipation usually knew about it. That's where the tion and a truck rest stop. The e there was entirely missing. start was. The Alamo Truck Stop were no facilities. It was quite li Starting at Alamo, at an el-has a couple of big parking lots erally, in the middle of nowhere. evation of 3400 feet, the course that work out fine for off-load-But it was a very efficient podium zigged and zagged through the ,; ,, 1'1w-w hills, mountains and valleys of Kyle Conlon is seen here on his way to a first place finish in the Class 1000 battle, his Jimco seen here in flight. the north east corner of Nevada, visiting Pahroc Summit, at 4800 feet, Dry Lake Valley, at 1200 feet, Panaca at 4700 feet, Caselton, at 5800 feet, Cathe-dral Gorge, at 5000 feet, and Caliente at 4300 feet. The weather at the lower elevations, and the "podium finish area" was hot and dry, but racers ex-perienced rain in some sections, and those who had a chance to look around declared that it was beautiful country. While some apparently had time to enjoy the scenery and animals, Berri, in the car at the front of the pack all day, said, "It's a pretty race, but when you're racing you don't have time to see it." Others, in The Trick Truck win went to Steve Olliges, it was rather close, his competition was only two minutes behind the winning Ford. less speedy vehicles, or sitting in the navigator's seat, recalled see-ing deer, cows, toads, rabbits, mice, pygmy owls and rattle-snakes while on their scenic tour to the finish. In the Time Trials, which al-lows the Trick Trucks and Class 1500 (unlimited open wheel) cars to compete for start posi-tions, Sam Berri had earned the first-off-the-line privilege. It's a huge advantage, and the only drawback is that later down the road the first car or truck is a sort of "wake-up call" for the stragglers in the quad and bike classes, and they're often unpre-pared, and also, unskilled at moving over to allow the bigger vehicle to pass. That turns out to be a bit worrisome for the first car on the road. In the Trick Trucks, the early lead belonged to Will Staats in his Ford, with Steve Olliges, in another Ford, running second. This was at Mile 101, or Check A. Third belonged to Rick Johnson, winner of the Vegas to Reno run last summer, in his Ford, and then tied for fifth it was Larry Roeseler in Kevin McGillivray's Chevy, and Jerry Whelchel, in Chet Huffman's Chevy. There was just six minutes between first and fifth. At Check B, Mile 170, the lead belonged to Whelchel, with Olliges' co-driver, John Swift tied for third with Johnson. Tracy Rubio, in a Ford, ran fourth there, and Todd Jergensen was fifth. Roeseler and McGillivray had dropped out. Check C was at Mile 254, and at that point Swift and Olliges had the lead, with Huffman and Whelchel second, Jergensen third, Rubio fourth and Mark Weyhrich fifth. In the next 39 miles things didn't change much. Olliges and Swift took the win, finishing fifth overall. Swift said the engine was "going a little south after Mile 250" so he'd started "soft pedaling." He'd run through some rain near Caliente, and they'd had no flat tires. Their time was 6:02:04. Two minutes and nine seconds behind them it was McGillivray and Whelchel. Whelchel'd had a flat at about Mile 55 that cost him six minutes. McGillivray got in at Mile 186, and discovered that the throttle was sticking. He'd had to pull it back with his foot by means of a sort of hook that projected out of the side of it. It had stuck on Whelchel once, but he forgot to mention it, and the first time it stuck on McGillivray it was scary. Said Whelchel, "Dude - full trees were com in' in the cab! We're gonna change that whole throttle thing!" There was red paint on the driver's side door which Whelchel said was from a gate - "You have to go through sideways ... " Rubio finished 25 minutes later, saying it was "the best day we've had." He said he was "tryin' to learn/" Rubio, who drove the whole distance, is apparently learning very well. In fourth, 15 ,1 minutes later, was Todd Jergensen, enjoying his first fin-ish since he started racing a truck. He'd had a flat at Mile 13, and the truck started over-heating at Mile 50, so he'd had to dump a lot of water in. Some of that water he got from a mo-tor home "in the middle of no-where." Then at Mile 270 he lost a pulley and belt, but he had spares. It took 22 minutes to make the repairs. He was 17th overall. A great first place finish in Class 7200 went to Jonathan Swift, he's seen here just at liftoff in his Ford truck. Jason Horsley was the big winner in the Pro Truck fracas, he's seen here plowing through the silt in his Chevrolet. The fifth place Trick Truck was Mark Weyhrich's Ford. Mark, who drove all the way, be-came ill at one point, from heat exhaustion. He took about a 45 minutes break, got out of the truck and concentrated on tak-ing on fluids - fluids for him, not his truck. Once he got going again he stopped at every pit for another drink. He was finally feeling better, but then he got stuck in a canyon with bad silt. Will Staats pushed him out, but then Staats was stuck, so Mark turned around to help get Staats freed up. By the time they were done his air cleaners were all plugged with silt. He had a long day. In sixth it was Michael Mastro and Kevin James. Their Ford had ignition problems and a sticking throttle. They finished just six minutes behind Weyhrich. Seventh place went to Staats who drove all the way. He reported getting stuck behind a Class 1500 car that slowed in the silt and got stuck. He'd been towed out by the BITD finally. Pages December 2008 Dusty Times

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-, Curt LeDuc and son Kyle took the gold medal in Class 8000, they Jason Voss throws clouds of silt as he keeps the power on in his Robert Alatorre and Paul Kurz ran a good race, they were the silver medal winners in the 1600cc category, seen here in their Penhall. in a Porter. Raskett started, but 20 miles before the finish they'd got sick and got out at Mile 90 had a flat and "everyone caught for good, putting Johnson in us."Theyweresevenminutesbe-earlier than planned. They had hind Weyhrich. Sixth, and eighth no problems, except that they'd overall, were Mark McMillin and had to jettison a co-driver. They Brian Ewalt, who drove the sec-didn't have any flats, but their ond half, in their Jimco. They left rear went flat as they sat at had a brake fluid leak and they the finish. lost their rear brakes just before led the class all the way, had no troubles and just swam on in. Ford, he took the silver medal in Class 1200. Said Staats, "It was horrible." He was a three-way tie for the lead He hadn't even noticed the bent was four minutes behind sixth between Berri, Chuck Sacks in bolt up to that point, but from place. In eighth it was Bucky his Jimco, and Chuck Hovey in then on he kept wondering if it Strunk, who drove all the way in another Jimco. Then, at Mile was going to break. He said that his Chevy. He said he'd been 170, Check 2, Berri was the there was some fast road with stuck just once, for a half hour. leader, with one minute on John rolling dips, and every time he His rear end was going away. The Herder in an HMS and Sacks went down into one of those de-ninth, and last, Trick Truck to who were tied. Fourth was Mark pressions he thought "will it finish, was Rick D. Johnson, McMillin in his Jimco, and in break this time?" But nothing Ford. He'd lost his third mem-fifth it was Gary Weyhrich in happened, and besides having to ber at Mile 213 and had to wait another Jimco, and he was only "battle some quads there to-to have his spare delivered to 12 minutes behind Berri. Things wards the end", he had a good him. Rubio was the Good Sa-didn't change a lot for a while, day. He had no flats, and never maritan who brought it, but and at Mile 254 Berri had a two even saw another flat, which he then Johnson and his navigator, minute lead. Chuck Dempsey, said was "awesome". He was the Brian Sallee, had to do all the John Herder's partner, was sec-first car in, and was first in class repair work themselves. When ond, with Sacks third, three min-and first overall, winning by two asked how much time all that utes further back. Then it was a minutes and 42 seconds. took, Johnson said, "I have no tie for fifth between Weyhrich Second place, and second idea -but we're whipped!" He and Jake Johnson and Steve overall, went to Herder and said it was all "very frustrating -Raskett in their Porter. Dempsey. Dempsey said he'd had everything else was perfect!" He Berri had a lot of fun. Then some rain, and he said their was the final finisher in the class, he pulled into Pit 6 for a rou-driver change was a little long, and 31st overall, with a time of tine stop, and his crew spotted a at eight minutes, because they 7:45:27. bent spindle bolt. They wanted changed all four tires and In Class 1500, which had 21 to fix it, but Berri said "no" be-checked a belt. Their time was starters, and was the biggest cause he knew he didn't have a 5:55:04. In third place it was class, at Mile 101, Check A, there huge lead (two minutes or so). Jake Johnson and Steve Raskett 2, 163 Rooms And Suites 60 Table Games 2,300 Slot Machines Poker Room Race & Sports Book 800-Seat Bingo Room 16 Movie Theaters Next it was Weyhrich, who Caliente. They got rained on at said he'd had a sore throat when one point. This car, said Ewalt, he got up in the morning, and has "more horsepower than still wasn't feeling too great. He we've ever had", and their M-1 reported being "stuck in traffic transmission worked perfectly all for 120 miles". He'd catch up to day. In seventh it was Mike Bilek, a slower competitor, but then the title sponsor of the race, in wouldn't be able to make the an HMS. He lost time in his pits pass, because dust was so heavy. when, as the crew was doing a This was a recurring complaint two-tire change, the car fell off from most of the drivers. It was the jack. He figured he lost five tough to pass. Weyhrich was only or six minutes with that episode. a minute behind Raskett and Steve Croll finished eighth in his Johnson, in fourth and fourth Porter, reporting "some kind of overall. fuel problem". He said the mo-In fifth and seventh overall, it tor was cutting out. They was Chuck Sacks and Jerry changed the fuel pump and Longo in a Jimco. They'd been checked the filters, but nothing running third almost all day, but Continued next page 8 Restaurants 65,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Space 4,500 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall Spa & Fitness Center Showroom 64-Lane Bowling Center ~~a 1-866-791-7626 • LAS VEGAS BLVD AT SILVERADO RANCH• SOUTHPOINTCAS/NO.COM Dusty Times December 2008 Page9

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Josh Hall heads into the Hummer Wash on the Silver State course, Josh took the gold medal in Class 8100. helped. The ninth place finisher was Donald Vaughn and Lee Crimer in a Tatum. They said, "This was a fun track." And said they hadn't had too many prob-lems, and no flats. They were re-ally happy because this was the first time they'd finished in day-light. The tenth place finisher was Charley McDowell in his Jimco. In contrast to the guys in front of him, McDowell said he "did not have a good day." He'd had a flat front at Mile 10 and his hydraulic jacks did not work. After that the car ran badly be-cause the battery cables were loose. Then he broke a left front brake line, and had to plug it off. Then he lost oil pressure and the car kept dying. He had to fix the dry sump pump to fix that. Still, he was only ten seconds behind the car in front of him, with a time of 6:29:22. Vince Galewick was 11th, and said it was a perfect day, with no problems in his chassis. This was in complete con-trast to his effort at the Vegas to Reno race which ended in disas-ter. He had a "bad wreck" in that race, and his passenger, Rob Gibbs, broke his neck. The car had to be completely rebuilt be-tween races. Gibbs, surprisingly, was at this race, as a spectator, and is on the way to recovery. Ronnie Gillespie and Shane Sims were 12th in Class 1500 in another chassis. This one was obviously a chase vehicle for the Huffman/ Whelchel Trick Truck. It's a four-seater, but the entire rear seat area is a big metal storage box, and then there's more stuff up on top of the car. They carry a third member, a spare trans-mission, fluids and manpower among other things. They just motored along to the finish. In 13th, it was Chuck Hovey, last year's season champion. He started the day right behind Berri, and said, "Sam and I were battling it out, having a ball..." and then Hovey's motor got hot. He'd lost both radiator fans, so he had to back off and let Berri go. He stopped for a fix, and his crew installed new fans, but they didn't fit quite right. He went on, but the fans didn't work properly, so he had to stop again, and his crew re-did the installation, making a better job of it the second time. By then he'd lost all hope of a victory. In 14th place, and 32nd over-all, it was Alex Gonzalez, who drove all the way in his Porter. At a pit his crew dumped only It was a gold medal finish for Amy Perez in the Class 2000 battle, she's seen here on her way to the finish line in her Chenowth. John Sunderland gives his Ford a bath as he heads towards a first place finish in Class 4100 in the Silver State race. one can of fuel, and Gonzalez then ran out before his next planned fuel stop. His navigator got out and "ran six miles" to the freeway to get a can with 14 gallons of gas, which he then car-ried back to the car. Gonzalez said he waited for two hours. They went on, but then had to stop to take on more fuel at the next pit. Fifteenth place went to Steve Combs who drove all the way in his Penhall. Af Mile 200 he got stuck in the silt. He said Staats tried to get him out, but it took the efforts of a BITD official to free him. He also had a stuck throttle cable. Behind Combs it was Danny and Tom Ebberts in a ten year old Jimco. Tom, at 66, was one of the more senior driv-ers entered. Danny is his son, brother to Dale and Darren and Tommy. Danny broke an upper A-arm, and went back to a pit for repairs. They lost three or four hours in getting repairs. Then he went on, had two co-drivers get sick and throw up, and also got buried in the silt. His dad didn't report any disas-ters, simply grinned and said, "I didn't know this was so much fun!" (He hadn't driven an un-limited car recently.) Ryan Combs, Steve's brother, in another Penhall, had alterna-tor problems and had to be towed to a pit. He said the Clouser Protruck and a BITD vehicle helped with that. It took a couple of hours to get repaired. Later he got stuck. He was the final official finisher in Class 1500, with a time of 11:31:17, 17th in class, and 63rd overall. There were seven Protrucks. The early lead belonged to Jason Voss in a Ford. Dave Mason was second in another Ford, and Steve Staats was third in still an-other Ford. (Steve is the brother of Will, who drives a Trick Truck.) As they went through Check B, at Mile 170, the Staats and Voss trucks were on the same minute, and Jason and Jeff Horsley were third in a Chevy, about 11 minutes later. Things changed again at Mile 254, where Voss was back in the lead, the Horsley truck was second and the Staats team ran third, an hour down. But at the finish, it was Horsley in front, Staats sec-ond, and in third Aaron Guthrie. Jason Horsley, who took the win, said this was his second win in five races. He was all grins, and declared that "Protruck's great -a competitive class!" In second, a little over an hour later, it was It was a gold medal finish in Class 7100 for Aaron Dixon, he's seen here hustling his Ford to the checkered flag. the father/son team of Steve and Ryan Staats. They'd been stuck in the silt for an hour, their rear shocks didn't work and their GPS didn't work. They were just eight minutes in front of Aaron Guthrie who said there was "lots of silt." His GPS didn't work, and as a consequence he'd "got off course a couple times, cause we couldn't see." He was stuck once, "behind some people who got stuck." In fourth it was Dave Mason and his co-driver, Rick Backus, who did the second half. Mason had been stuck. Their big problem was a big hole in their air cleaner. They said they'd been "suckin' silt all day." They also had trouble with the water crossings because then water went into the carburetor. Rob Clouser was fifth in a Dodge. He'd had five flats in the first 100 miles. He also lost his GPS, lost reverse, and then missed a turn and had to be pulled back "off the edge". He was stuck only once, and he lost his power steer-ing. Voss, who'd been leading at Mile 254, blew his motor, and then was towed to the finish by Staats. After checking with Casey Folks they were told they could untie the tow rope and if the two who were in the truck would push it across the finish line it would be a legal finish. They got sixth place. Their time was 11: 18 flat. Bill Driggs was the only non-finisher in this class. There were three Class 8000 trucks. Curt and Kyle LeDuc led all the way in their Ford. At Mile 101 they had three minutes on Tom Giordano and Steve Robledo, and Dean Schlingmann ran about 50 min-utes further back. Then at Mile 170 Schlingmann was gone, and LeDuc had three hours on Giordano and Robledo. T,hen LeDuc was the only finisher. They had no problems, and no flats. Kyle, Curt's son, who did the second half, said he'd had a little rain. He said this was "very different from a normal BITD course", because it was "like a rally track -with a lot of drift-ing." Their time was 6:38:50, and they were 16th overall. The Class 1000 cars were next to take off, with seven entries. John Van Hattem had the early lead, with four minutes on Steven Eugenio in a Jimco, at Mile 101. Three cars in the class had already fallen out. Victor Almeida was third in his Chenowth, and he'd started his day badly. He'd been no more than a quarter mile from the start when he rolled over, end-ing up mostly on his lid. He man-aged to squirm out of his very small driver's compartment somehow, but there was no way to set his car back on its wheels, Carl Fitts drove his Ford pickup to a second place finish in Class Mike Falkosky was leading Class 3100 for a while, he got himself Sigal Greenberg is nicely airborne as she flies towards a second 7300, he's seen here churnin' up the soft stuff. stuck and wound up in second place in class in his Ford. place finish in the Class 1100 fracas, seen here in her Assassin. Page 10 December 2008 Dusty Times

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7 Chad Hall teamed how to use a shovel this race, he ended up in the Al Hogan had a decent day, he ended up in the silver medal class Wayne Demonja had a few problems to ruin his day but he still managed second spot in Class 4100, seen here on smooth wood in his Hummer. after being stuck for a while in Class 7 200, seen here in his Ford. a second place finish in Class 7100, his Ford seen here in the silt. without being right on the of the day. (Ed. Note: That was had a great race." He was really to hold it to the pedal, and it taught his passengers how to dig. course. So Almeida waited 'ti! probably because most of the happy because for the first time had stayed in place the rest of Class 4100 started next, with everyone, even the UTVs, had Class 1000 cars that started di-they'd started this class in front the way. They'd also broken a just two entries. Chad Hall had started, before he got the car reedy in front of them, broke.) of Class 2000 and 1100 (both driveline, and they had some his Hummer in front for the first uprighted (with help) and went They had no flat tires and no VW powered buggies), and he rain. Alden said, "Amazing seen-two Checks, but he led by only on his way. problems of any other sort. This said, "It gave us a change to ac- ery -beautiful out there -sunset three minutes. Then John A. and At Mile 170 the lead belonged was their third win in a row. tually to racin' today." He's been was amazing with the rain!" John R. Sunderland, Ford, to Eugenio, and Van Hattem had They were two hours and ten feeling that the buggies were Third place went to Greg Foutz moved into the lead, and picked had some trouble and lost about minutes in front of second place slower than his truck, and hav-who drove all the way. He said up an hour and a half or so, as two and a half hours. Eugenio Hogan. He'd been stuck, but he ing to drive through those classes that he'd "knocked the power Hall shoveled for the first time and his co-driver, Kyle Conlon, didn't have any flats. Said handicapped Class 8100. He said out of the IRC thing, and then in his life. The Sunderlands went kept moving, and took the win. Hogan, "First time in a long time he hit a rock and had a right blew a fuse." Then he'd been on to take the win. They said All the rest bombed out. Eugenio I haven't had a flat!" Third went front flat, and Merritt went past stuck three times, once for an they'd had a "Helluva race with had two flats and a "throttle to the Dixon team, who'd had him. Then Merritt got stuck on hour, then for another hour, Chad" and had no problems cable issue", and Conlon had a three flats and a fuel pump is- a silt hill, and Hall went back by. and then for three and a half and no flats. They won by an sticky throttle and had to use the sue, and had also been stuck. But Hall said he then ran hard the hours. He was running with only hour and 35 minutes. Hall, in transmission to slow down. He'd then someone came along, didn't rest of the day an~ it was "a lot one wheel drive, "so it was easy the meantime, dug. When he fin-had no flats. It wouldn't have get stopped in time, hit them, of fun." In second it was Alden to get stuck." Also, his transmis-ished he said he'd run with the mattered much. Their time was and unstuck them. Giordano and Woolworth who also re-sion had run hot for a while, transfer case locked for better 6:47:53, and they were 18th over- was fourth, another hour and 20 ported no problems. They said because he'd forgotten to turn braking, and found it was very all. minutes later reporting "a long they had "a good day", and then the fans on. Foutz said he "said hard to go straight. At Mile 200 Class 7200 was next to take day diggin' in the dirt." He'd went on to say they'd broken a the "F" word 86 times today." he was trying to go around some offwithninetrucks.AtMilelOl beenstucktwice,onceonatree. throttlecable,andusedvisegrips He also declared that he'd Continuednextpage the lead belonged to Al Hogan, He'd had no flats during the who's driving a Protruck Ford, race, but arrived at the podium but he had only a minute on finish o n one. In fifth it was Andy Waters, in another Ford David Binns, who drove all the and Jason Ruane, still another way in his Ford. He broke an Ford, who were tied for third. axle, and "circled back" to a pit Then it was another two-way tie, for repairs, which added 20 between Shawn Giordano, miles to his day. He also broke a Fo rd, and Barry K ar a kas, wheel in half, and was stuck in Toyota, another minute back. So silt twice. His time was 11:43: 15, the lead five were within two and he was 64th overall. minutes of one another. C lass 8100 was next to start, But it didn't last. At Mile 170 with six trucks. One dropped out Waters' co-driver, Jonathan before Mile 101 , but at that Swift, had the lead, with an hour point the lead belonged to Josh and 33 minutes o n second place Hall who had his Hummer five Gary Dixon, in another Ford. In minutes in front of Randy third it was Hogan, 23 minutes Merritt in his Ford. Mike Alden further back, and the remaining and Robby Woolworth were trucks were another hour plus third, 11 minutes later, in an-behind him. Ruane and Karakas other Ford. were both out. At Mile 170 Hall continued Waters got back in and did to lead, and now he was an hour the final section, and at Mile 254 and ten minutes in front of he was still leading, Hogan was Alden and Woolworth. Greg second, but an hour and 56 min-Foutz, another Ford, ran third, utes back, followed by Dixon and ten minutes behind him, and the his son Derek, who were another rest had all dropped out. 15 minutes back. Giordano was When they went through Mile an hour and a half behind them. 254 Hall led by nearly two Waters and Swift said they'd hours, and it was still Alden and had a "super clean day", partly Woolworth in second, and Foutz because once they'd passed the third, another three hours truck that started in front of down. them they'd had clean air most Hall took the win, saying "we See, there is some smooth stuff out there! Gavin Skilton ran his Honda to the Class 7300 win, he's seen here at speed. Dusty Times BOBB IIUNI t:UPB [iui]@J [iui]@J I T 4 I. V December 2008 RACE RAO/OS ~.~ KENWOOD ... Page 11

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stuck guys and exploded his front diff. And then he was stuck also. He said ultimately he'd had to shovel twice. Hall went on, saying "Up till today I never had to shovel in my life• it sucked!" Class 1100 started next, with six entries. Malcolm Bryce, Ken Tapert and Gary Stairs had the lead at the first check, Mile 101, with three minutes on Jason Lafortune and Ron Malekow in second place. Third belonged to Alexa Bilek in her Neth, nine min-utes further back. In fourth it was Matthew Kupiec in his Kreger, another three minutes behind. At the second check Justin Smith was in the lead as he handed their Assassin chassis over to Sigel Greenberg. They had 23 minutes on Steve Jangaard, who'd taken over for Bilek. In third it was Kurt Kupiec, Matthew's dad, who was now driving. When they reached Mile 254, Jangaard was in the lead, and Greenberg ran second, 35 min• utes later, followed by the Kupiec car, another 17 minutes back. The Lee Bannings, father and son, were fourth, another 22 minutes back in their Foddrill. The other two had faded away. Jangaard and Bilek went on to take the win. They'd each been stuck, but they had no me-chanical problems. Bilek, who is 17 years old, received the car as a 16th birthday gift, and has been racing in the California desert. This was her first BITD event, and she said, "It's a lot of fun -and a lot different than the pre-run." Greenberg and also had no mechanical prob-Alexa Bilek, still a teenager, drove her Class 1100 buggy to the class win, she's seen here on her way to the checkers. !ems and no flats they said, "just silt". They'd been stuck at Mile 203 and the BITD pulled them out, and Greenberg also said she'd gone too hard into the water and then the car wouldn't refire for a half hour. In the Kupiec car, Matt had a flat at Mile 20 and then found himself back in slower traffic, and it was hard to pass. His dad got stuck on a silt hill, and also went through a "downpour." In fourth the Bannings had been busy for the days before this event, as they'd also raced the SCORE Primm race. They'd had one. flat and a broken ignition which cost them an hour. Then they'd been stuck "in a couple of silt beds." Their time was 9: 17: 18 and they were 51st overall. (The first place Class 1100 car did not finish before the 8100 winner, so Hall may have been right.) Class 2000 started next, with nine entries. At the first Check, Mile 101, the lead belonged to Matt Gumz in his ORE, but he had only two minutes on Daniel McMillin in a Jimco. In third, a minute later, it was Robert Alatorre in a Penhall, and three minutes behind him, Rick Graf had his Chenowth in fourth. When they went through the second Check, at Mile 170, Alatorre was leading, and he gave the car to his partner, Paul Kurz. Now Amy Perez, who'd taken over for Graf, ran second, a minute behind him. In third it was McMillin, who'd had a flat, and in fourth J.J. Schnarr, in a Twisted Metal chassis, 50 minutes further back. All of the rest of the starters in this class were still running, although some had lost a little time. At Mile 254 the Perez/Graf car Rod Hall was a way back in the pack but he still took home the gold medal for the win in Class 3100, seen here in his Hummer. still led, and Graf got back in to run to the finish. They had only six minutes on Kurz, who had only two minutes on McMillin. Perez and Graf went on to take the win. Graf had flattened one tire when he drove the car into a tree, but other than that they'd had no problems. They finished in 7: 18: 18, seven min-utes in front of second place. That was Kurz and Alatorre (who is Tom Ebbert's grandson) who said they'd had an air fil-ter issue and their OPS had quit. They added, "We crashed." A little over one second behind them it was McMillin, who drove the full distance, reporting one flat tire at Mile 155 and losing time finding a way around a stuck Protruck. He could prob-ably think of a million ways he could have sav.ed two seconds. His time was 7:26:00:671 and Kurz and Alatorre were at 7:25:59:000. . Nearly an hour later it was Schnarr and his partner, Chad Giguiere, in fourth. They'd been stuck in silt and lost a c.v. and for some reason had no light bar, just two little lights down in front. Giguiere was not happy. Thirty• five minutes behind them it was Matt Gumz and Bryan Freeman, who'd had the early lead. Gumz had been stuck before Pit 3 (Mile 131) and Freeman had also been stuck. He sai.d the motor was not running "that great" and figured the filters were silt clogged. This was the first race in the series that Gumz didn't win. In sixth it was Walter Moss and Robert King in a Buri.derson. They said their fil-ters got clogged so they got stuck on a hill for an hour and a half. They didn't· have any flats, but kept "switching out" the air filters. Christmas IS comlnglllllllllll ,r. eo111lng /Jlll5tllllllllllllllll It's Time To Get Those Dusty Times Subscriptions For Your Family And crew. It's Time To Get An Ad Together For Printing In Dusty Times, Thanking Your Family And crew For All Their Help During The Year. Most Of All, Think Christmas, Paml/y And Pr/ends And, Above All, Think Of The Kids And How 1.ueky You· Are To I.Ive Where You I.Ive And Do What You Do. Page 12 December 2008 Dusty Times

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11 It was a silver medal finish for Ron Palhegyi in Class seen here in his Yamaha headin' for the barn. 1900, he's Steve Raskett started, lasted for 90 miles,was too sick to go on, Jake Johnson got in, drove the Porter to 3rd in Class 1500, 3rd overall. Tracy Rubio drove his Ford to a third place finish in the Class 1400 contest, seen here enduring the soft stuff. =========.,-In seventh place, in a Mirage it was the family team of Monte Wadsworth and his son, Jared, who drove from Pit 6 (Mile 226) to the finish. This was Jared's first time driving in a race. They said their alternator belts "fell off", and they got water in the distribu-tor. Eighth place went to teenag-ers Tanner and Corbin Harris, in a Romo. They had an eventful day. At Mile 90 one of them slid a turn, hit a bush and went onto their roof. They got it back on its wheels by themselves in about a half hour. Then at some point they got sideways to the course after blowing a turn and were T-boned by another car. Then Corbin hit the water too hard, got blinded by the splash and they were stuck for ten minutes. At the next water crossing he de-cided to go faster through the water -hydroplaned, and every-thing got wet. They had to wait for things to dry off before the car would run again. Somewhere along the line they burnt up their starter. Their time was 9:59:05. Brandon Schueler drove his Polaris UTV to the Class 1900 win, he's seen here at speed on the way to the barn. Bob Standage had a pretty good day, he drove his Jeep to the Class 1700 win, he's seen here plowin' through some of the soft stuff. : The ninth place finishers were William Janss, Lenny Loftin and Peter Janss, all from El Paso, Texas, in a Bullett chassis. Peter was stuck for an hour and the "Fabtech truck" (Foutz) helped them get free. Then Peter went on and got stuck again. William set the car on its side out of Pit 2, and used the jack to get it back on his wheels by himself. They fin-ished in 10:39: 13, the last in the class to make it in, giving Class 2000 a hundred percent finish rate. The winner in this class was not in front of Class 8100 either. Class 7100 was next, with six starters: five Fords and one un-known. Tyler and Blake Henn had the lead at Check 1, with A~on Dixon in second place, 12 minutes back. But when they came to Mile 170, Check 2, it was Dixon in front, with two hours and 16 minutes on Wayne Demonja and Bob Nance, who were second, and none of the others were run-ning. Word came back that John Herder and Chuck Dempsey had a good run, they finished second in Class 1500, second overall in their HMS. Heidi Steele and Rene Brugger Ford, but he had only one had been on their side, arid minute on Gavin Skilton in his stuck in the silt, but we know Honda Ridgeline. Two trucks nothing about what happened had already dropped out, and to the others. Don Healy ran third, two hours Dixon went on to take the win, further back. At Mile 170 the finishing in 7:58: 13. He'd tossed lead belonged to Skilton, and a serpentine belt along the way, Fitts, was 20 minutes back. Now and had to stop to replace the -there were no others moving. fluid in his radiator. After that Skilton went on to take the win. it was mostly a matter of avoid-At the finish Skilton, who ing getting stuck, which wasn't drove all the way, said he'd bro-easy because there were so many · ken a wheel and a tie rod at Mile stuck vehicles to work around. 25 when he hit a rock buried in Dixon did his share of edgy hill the silt, but after that "everything climbs, and some charging went well." He said they'd been through the tall brush, but made the last car moving for a while, it without getting buried. At the and thus had clean air. The finish he said he was "50% cogni-course, he said, was suited to the tive", but it was enough to re cog- Ridgeline, because it was like "rally nize that he'd taken the win. Be- stages". He finished in eight hours hind him Demonja had found it flat. Behind him Fitts lost all the hard to pass in the early stages, bolts on his header and it fell off and learned early that pulling out the motor at Mile 20. It took 45 to pass without good visibility minutes to fix that, and then he meant tearing up the sidewall of lost another 15 minutes with a a tire. Then he broke a tie rod, broken wheel. He finished 13 and once that was repaired got minutes behind Skilton, to take stuck briefly. At Pit 3 Bob Nance second place, and there were no took over, and he got stuck at more finishers in the class. about Mile 202, for about two Class 3100 started next, with hours. After that he lost the slave two entries, both fully capable of cylinder for the clutch, but with winning. As they ran through the no other problems, finished sec- first Check, at Mile 101, Rod Hall ond, about two hours and ten had his Hummer tied with Mike minutes down to Dixon. They Falkosky's Ford, at 2:27. But were the final finishers in the class. when they went through Mile 170, Five Class 7 300 cars went off Falkosky had the lead by ten min-the line next, and at Mile 101 the utes. Then it bounced back again, lead belonged to Carl Fitts in his and at Mile 254, with Mike Winkel at the wheel, Hall's Hum-mer was back in the lead, with 29 minutes on Falkosky. Hall and Winkel ultimately took the win. At the finish line Winkel said that Hall "had a good run", but he (Winkel) had been stuck in the silt and had to dig out. He also helped the guys behind him, and all together lost about 20 min-utes. From that point on he'd had smooth sailing, and finished in 8:08:08 to take the win. Falkosky, who said he'd been "doin' good despite ourselves", also got stuck, and "went from bein' ahead to bein' behind." He finished second 27 minutes after Winkel and Hall. There were three JeepSpeeds racing this event, and they had a good race, for most of the day. Jim and James Hunt led at Mile 101, with 17 minutes on Michael Shaffer and Bill Kunz, who were 18 minutes in front of Bob Standage. At Mile 170, the Hunts still led, and now they had more than a half hour on Standage, who was second, as Shaffer and Kunz dropped back another 14 minutes. At Mile 254 it was Standage, as the Hunts disappeared. Standage went on to win by two hours. He'd laid his car on its side, but luckily, the BITD had a vehicle nearby and it pulled them back on their wheels quickly. Continued next page Daniel McMillin drove his Jimco to the bronze medal in Class 2000, Ryan Staats and his dad, Steven, were the third place finishers in he finished just one second out of a second place finish in class. the Pro Truck fracas, seen here trailing dust in their Ford. Mike Alden and Robby Woolworth drove their Ford to a second place finish in the Class 8 100 race, seen here coming out of the soft stuff. Dusty Times December 200s Page 13

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Gary and Derek Dixon had a decent race, they drove their Ford to Greg Foutz had a verrrry long day, he finished third in Class 8100 Michael Shaffer and Bill Kunz endoed their Jeep but got it all a third place finish in Class 7200, seen here at takeoff. after being on the course for almost 12 hours in his Ford. together and finished in second place in Class 1700. Then he lost his fuel pump, and situation to the BITD truck hours in front of second place. very difficult to pick a way Now the BITD moves on to then the breaker to the fuel pump nearby, and they had help get-The winning team said they'd around the silt, because there the final event for 2008, the went away. Fortunately, they run ting uprighted again. Then they run in four wheel drive most of were many rocks, trees and Henderson 400, in early Decem-two sets of switches and breakers. went on to finish second, in the the way, and the only trouble shrubs, rather than the open ber. It should be a barn burner Then they were in a hurry, so they time of 11:54:35. They were both they'd had was "a little battery desert that they usually find to of an event, as the points races didn't take the time for a light unhurt. problem." They'd had no flats, the side of a BITD course. The come down to the final few laps bar, because they "knew" that There weren't any Sportsman and did not get stuck in the silt. attrition rate was high. of racing. ~ Hunt was close behind them. They vehicles in this event. Most of Not once. They said they'd care-said they knew that Hunt had them are usually chase cars for a fully picked their way through the taken the time to install his lights. faster entry anyway. There was the silty areas, giving a lot of thought They were overheating at the end, one obvious chase crew that ran to their approach to each silt but soldiered on to take the win, in C lass 1500, but all the rest area. Smart team. In second, finishing a full two hours in front stayed home for some reason. Sewell, driving a Yamaha, had of second place. That was Shaffer The UTYs started last, with one flat, and got stuck once, and and Kurz, who were both in the five entries. Cory Sappington then had another flat. But he car the whole way, switching seats rolled his right off the start line, had no major problems. He was midway. They'd been stuck a and was towed back to the park-about two hours and.14 minutes couple of times, but their big ing lot, and ended his day right down to the winning team. And problem came when, at 70 miles there. Only two of them made it he was the 67th official finisher. per hour, they endoed the Jeep through the first Check, and at The Silver State 300 was ad-as they were coming into Pit 6 that point Brandon Schueler had mired for its beautiful scenery (roughly Mile 225). They said his Polaris in front by a half and nice weather, but many were "the lRLTrack thing worked!" hour. Ron Sewell was second in a disappointed that so much of it The "red alert" went off, they Yamaha. Schueler continued to had turned to si lt. Some thought were asked if they were o.k., and lead, and half way through the it was the worst silt they'd seen when they said they needed assis- day gave the controls to Blake Van anywhere. It had looked like a tance to get back on their wheels, De Loo, who drove to the finish. fast course when they'd pre-run, the lRLTrack team reported the They were a little more than two but ultimately, was not. It was Page 14 December 2008 Chet Huffman and Jerry Whelchel drove their Dukes sponsored Chevrolet to second place in Class 1400, seen here all at sea. Dusty Times

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lJ\J2C 18"' REPCD RALLY NEW ZEALAND Laell/Cltraen scare Big BY MARTIN HOLMES .. Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena drove their Citroen C4 to a very big win in New Zealand, seen here at speed. This rally had everything. In-tense competition between four different drivers, deep intrigue between rival teams, a winner who only led the event for three stages and who, on the penultimate stage, jumped into the lead directly from fourth place, a penultimate catastrophe for Ford, a driver scoring seven fastest times who was Henning Solberg, a 17 year old driver Evgeny Novikov lying second in the PCWRC category, which was won by Martin Prokop a driver who had never been to the coun-try previously and Citroen's 50th World Rally wins. It was a story no fiction writer could have dreamed up. Repco Rally NZ was pure theatre. Winner Se-bastien Loeb had a messy event, going off the road on the first stage, luckily without time loss, then dropping back on the final morning after a spin, before sud-denly being catapulted into the lead which he never expected. This was the 30th time the World Rally Championship had headed round the world to visit New Zealand, an event which like Finland, is a pure driving para-dise, on gravel roads which do not damage the cars, with sur-faces that demand extreme pre-cision. It is a most popular event, all six manufacturer champion-ship teams elected to contest it. In the Production Car category 22 of the 28 registered teams, in-cluding the top ten regular driv-ers in the championship stand-ings, nominated this as one of the six out of eight events they would start. The most important novelty this year was the support of Australasian motor parts dis-tributor Repco as the sponsor of both this event and the paired world championship event to be run next year in Australia. Subaru were in the headlines for this event. It was 15 years since the Japanese marque scored their first ever world championship win, with the Legacy, and later that year they introduced the Impreza model and which made its 200th World Championship Rally start here this year. Ford still has worries about the team's future, with no decision yet whether it will con-tinue after the end of 2008. On top of that, while they never ex-pected to win the previous round, the all-asphalt Rallye Deutschland, their defeat was much more serious than ex-pected. The pressure-was on their number two driver Jari-Matti Latvala to deliver a major back-up result, which essentially meant beating Citroen's number two driver, Dani Sordo by as big a margin as possible. Ford's sub-sidiary team Stobart-VK lost the services of Gigi Galli in Ger-many, and offered the drive to Daniel Sardo and Marc Marti were second overall in New Zealand, they're seen here in their Citroen C4 at speed. Page 16 Francois Duval, for whom this was his fourth trip to the rally. Duval has, however, never gone particularly well here and had very little experience of the stages used this year. Special consent to change co-driver as well as driver was required and granted. About Citroen, their hopes of consolidating their champion-ship lead therefore depends on Dani Sordo, who has a steady previous record on this event. For Suzuki there was the hope for continued improvement in reliability. Subaru used the two original 2008 version cars which made their first appearance in Greece at the end of May. Ford and Citroen both brought ex-Finland cars while Suzuki's cars had a mixture of backgrounds. The battle for the Production Car title had reached an inter-esting phase. Andreas Aigner was leading the series from fellow Mitsubishi driver Juho Hanninen by eight points, but after NZ Aigner only had one more event to contest, while Hanninen had two. Whereas Hanninen had been to New Zealand before, this was the first visit here for Aigner. Jari Ketomaa drove an N 14 Subaru, while fourth placed Patrik Sandell substituted his usual Peugeot 207 S:W00 for a Group N Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, locally rented from Reece Jones. The 2006 Junior World Champion was not new to Mitsubishi, last year he rallied one of these cars in a rally in Serbia. This meant there would be no S2000 cars on this event. The entry for the suspended driver Gabor Mayer was taken over by the Chinese driver, Liu Cao Dong in a Subaru N14 pre-pared by Possum Bourne Motorsport, who specially con-verted the car to left hand drive. Three New Zealanders had PCWRC entries. Stewart Taylor, whose request to be a Guest driver was denied, drove for the Orion team, for whom the Jor-dan driver Amjad Farrah usu-ally competes. The organisers nominated Hayden Paddon and Chris West as their official Guest December 2008 Martin Prokop and Jan Tomanek took the PCWRC crown in New Zealand, seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer Eva IX, 10th overall! entries instead. The Finnish driver Hanninen was entered as usual by the Ralliart New Zealand team and he had a new car. Two Production Car world champions should have been present, but after a busy month in which Nasser Al Attiyah first competed in the Olympics rep-resenting his country Qatar, he then became the 2008 FIA Baja Cross Country Champion, after winning the Hungarian Baja at the wheel of a BMW X3 CC. He passed his QMMF entry over to Misfer Al Marri as he did last year for this event. This year has been a PCWRC disaster for Nasser, as he has not scored any PCWRC points on his first four outings. Fellow ex-PCWRC world champion Toshi Arai came to New Zealand with a new car, and championship-wise he was almost as desperate a posi-tion as Nasser. Italian gentleman driver Gianluca Linari mean-while had his fifth different co-driver in as many events this year. Under the FIA's calendar ro-tation system, there will be no World Championship Rally in NZ in 2009, and for 2008 ex-tremely minimal changes had been made to the itinerary. The big concern was the FIA's origi-nal decision that Pirelli should bring hard, not soft compound tyres to New Zealand. Recent prolonged 'rains and the fore-casts for inclement weather dur-ing the rally, suggested that all the four wheel drive cars would start with unsuitable tyres. On a rally where previous experience of the high speed roads is impor-tant, the use of the same stages as last year brings a disadvantage for drivers who have not been to the event before. The special na-ture of the roads gives the event its character. Not only do the stones clear away with each pas-sage of cars but leave specific lines on the road, which strongly contrast in grip with the remain-ing gravel. All of this will give the front runners Loeb and Hir-vonen a special challenge. And the frequently strong camber of the roads often creates a bank-ing effect, meaning cars can en-ter corners fast, but drivers must take care to stay in the middle of_ the road on the exits. The weather was enigmatic. After months with little or no rain, which had caused power shortages in the country, there had now been weeks of rain. When recce started the roads were surprisingly dry, there was even dust, but the fields near the main roads on the route down from Auckland to Hamilton were still flooded. An earth slip caused the Waitomo stage (Stages 2/ 4) to be split in the middle, so there were 18 rather than 16 stages and this has involved a change of stage numbers for all except two of the stages. Confu-sion imminent; the organisers could not change their paper-work, the results computer people could not change their number systems. So almost every stage had two alternative official numbers ... Conditions remained dry for Shakedown, held on a special course around the Mys-tery Creek headquarters. Fords were fastest: Duval in front of Latvala with Mikko Hirvonen equal third with the Subaru of Petter Solberg. Top drivers were enthralled with the course, later drivers upset because the surfaces were cutting up badly. Dry con-ditions were expected to stay for the rally, when Loeb was going to be first car on the road, "We saw a lot of gravel on the recce. We can lost a lot of time because of that on the rally ... ", he ad-mitted. About the unique cam-ber of the road, he explained that you have to drive in a spe-cial way, "You need to stay on the side of the bend at the exit. When you have another corner, it's a nice feeling to jump from one side of the road to the other." Nice conditions, so long as the firm conditions did not deteriorate ... When the start lists were is-sued, many big local names were missing, apparently all for unre-lated reasons. Andrew Hawkeswood had business com-mitments and was not happy with his car, Mark Tapper and Glenn Inkster had sponsorship disappointments while reigning champion, Sam Murray had not been seen since his crash on the first stage of the first round of this year's national champion-ship. The only top non-champi-onship local driver therefore, was Richard Mason. All the cars were turbocharged four wheel drive except for five cars which were all Fiesta STs. Day 1 7 Stages, gravel, 138kms. It was difficult to predict what the conditions were going to be like. Would the drier weather now mean there would be slip-pery powder on top of the sur-faces which would favour later drivers, or would the stages get cut up and favour the drivers first on the road? On the first loop it slightly favoured the later drivers, fifth driver Jari-Matti Latvala just making best time on Stage 1 but on the next two stages (Stage 1, Parts 1 and 2), Mikko Hirvonen got in front, Dusty Times

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Mirco Baldacci and Giovanni Agnese fly high in their Mitsubishi Patrik Sandel and Emil Axelsson drove their Mitsubishi Lancer Mikkop Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen finished third overall in their Lancer Evo, unfortunately they retired after an accident. Evo to a 2nd place in PCWRC and an 11th overall finish. Ford Focus RS, seen here churning up the gravel. happy that he had a better curred a 30 second penalty, car being steered by spanners at-car ready for the restart. Wilson no clutch, because of a hydrau-rhythm than ever before in New which allowed Hirvonen to start tached to the steering column... was restarting as well, so all 14 lie leak. Conrad Rautenbach Zealand ... In the open ground the stage first. It looked like a Richard Mason was showing the World Rally cars were still in the had handling trouble and was the conditions were dry but close very bold tactical move, but the visiting drivers how it was done, battle together with 22 of the unable to steer the car in a to or under the trees it was driver denied this, "No, it was a ahead of all the PCWRC cars. original 24 PCWRC competi-straight time, spinning "about damp. Sebastien had a moment starter problem he declared." It Patrik Sandell was getting used tors, the only absentees being the five times". By the end of the off the road on Stage 1, "I was was where the stage was split, to a normal Group N car ("I N 14s of Vertunov and Arai, morning Sebastien had whittled very lucky not to roll, and then I somewhere we would never nor-have only rallied one of these cars whose engine had been damaged. Hirvonen's lead down to 5.3 sec-was worried I may have damaged mally have stopped at all. "We twice before"). Sousa, who was The day started with a group of onds, on his way to passing Hir-the suspension." Loeb explained, had to push the car to try to struggling on with his injured three stages totalling 62km of vonen and hopefully building up once again, that the hard tyres start the engine, which even tu-shoulder, also had a puncture in stages, then the superspecial, and as much of a lead before the fi-with no cuts made for difficult ally we did. Nothing to do with Stage 1, baulking Martin Rauam. to end two stages totalling 64km. nal stages of the day as he could, driving and he was third in front tactics." Anyway, in Stage 4.2 he In the PCWRC category each It was again dry, less sunny and before assuming the unenviable of Sordo. Petter Solberg was ex- was now in third place a quarter stage had so far been won by a more overcast, but first car was task of running first car again on asperated on the first loop with minute behind Latvala. On Stage different driver. Fastest of the no place to be if you wanted to the road. Mind games were run-a untraced problem and brother 4.2 Latvala hit a bank, damaged teenagers was 17 year old win the rally. Hirvonen found ning overtime, especially when it Henning was badly delayed with the front of the car but carried Novikov in 17th place overall, the conditions very difficult and started to rain as the cars waited broken power steering but Chris on and stopped just outside the lying third in PCWRC behind lost a lot of time on the drier outside the service park in Mys-Atkinson was lying fifth, despite yellow board and then drove Mirco Baldacci and Fumio parts of the track, "When you tery Creek. Was the whole face an injured hand suffered when into the control at the end of Nutahara while non-champion-are first car on the road there of the competition going to he fell off a bicycle on the street! the stage. "Yes", he admitted, "it ship drivers 16 year old Sloan are no tactics you can play - ex- change? At that time the rain still Per-Gunnar Andersson had a was tactics. Sometimes we have Cox was 33rd overall and 18 cept drive flat out!". Loeb woke had not started to fall on the puncture but then scored fifth todrivelikethat."Everystageon year old girl driver, Kirsty up fully alert and immediately faster stages in the afternoon best time on Stage 2.2. His Su-the second day except the super-Nelson, was 49th. took seven seconds off and in fact it stayed dry. Stage zuki teammate Toni special was to be run once so if Aksa did not restart the af-Hirvonen's lead. "It's great be-cleaning was still very much the Gardemeister was struggling, go-the surface was going to be dry it ternoon stages, he had arrived ing second car. You have got nice name of the afternoon game. ing off the road, having a punc-was going to be bad for the front at service with an overheating clear lines to follow." Latvala Henning, who started the day ture and having made bad notes. runners. Running order on the engine and engine damage was immediately got ahead of Sordo 12th car on the road, made fast-Duval was gradually finding his second day was going to be much suspected. They changed the into third, keeping up the pres-est time on both the afternoon form. "The last time I did a more critical than at any other head gasket in service and made sure on Loeb, making fastest time stages, but it was the first cars gravel rally was in Greece two part of the rally. Anyway, the themselves ready to restart the on Stage 8. The surprise turn was on the road which attracted the years ago, where I only did one times told their tale. At the end next day under SupeRally rules. when Henning Solberg made his attention. Loeb declared that he stage ... !" The neutral conditions of the final orthodox stage, when Jari Ketomaa got to the end of first top six time of the rally - by would only feel comfortable run-meant that the top ten placings the second day starting order the day surviving brake trouble winning Stage 6! "Our crew ning first car on the road on the were still very close. Petter was was defined, Loeb ended up in in the morning and damper wound us up yesterday, saying we final day if he had a buffer of sent on his way with certain sus-second place 27.4 seconds behind trouble in the afternoon, but were being beaten by all the some 20 seconds or so and if he pension setup changes while the Hirvonen and exactly 2.0 sec-still rose to sixth ahead of both Group N cars." For Hirvonen couldn't achieve that, then a se-team analysed the data from the onds in front of Latvala. Latvala Stewart Taylor and Martin the 27.8 second lead he had en-cret Plan B would come into first loop. missed the opportunity of mov-Rauam. Sousa was getting hap-joyed at the start of the day was play. On Stage 10 Sebastien The first loop consisted of ing back down to fourth car on pier in conditions new to him seriously being endangered. "On forced himself into a lead of 4.2 just two stages but with the sec-the road, behind Sordo by just and was in the top ten PCWRC the dry sections I cannot match seconds, making Plan Ban inevi-ond stage split into two parts. 0.4 seconds. Anyway Duval was drivers. Leader Baldacci had a Loeb's speed. The split times table consequence. Clearly tac-Then on the second loop these getting better all the time despite spin and this halved his lead over show that on the damp parts we tics were going to happen. stages were repeated and at the a broken windscreen washer but Nutahara, and on the final stage are completely equal." P.G. Citroen's eye was on Hirvonen end of the day there was the first Federico Villagra had brake of the day Martin Prokop got Andersson was not happy at all and the need to force him into run round the Superspecial at problems. ahead of the Japanese driver into but was still in eighth place, in the lead. Loeb slowed drastically Mystery Creek. Times through There was drama in PCWRC second. Toshi Arai was lying fifth the drivers' points. On the first as he approached the end of the first stage second time on the first stage for the two top when he stopped with a broken loop Duval complained that he Stage 11 but the job wasn't well round, were much faster. Loeb championship contenders. radiator after driving over a tree had run out of brakes through done because he ended up 4.0 scored his first scratch time of Andreas Aigner had two punc-branch in the road. Bacco overindulgent left-foot braking, seconds behind the Finn, but the rally with a time over a half tures and lost four minutes while reached the end of Stage 4.2 in while Aava lost time on the sec-they weren't watching what was minute faster than Latvala's win-Juho Hanninen went off and a battered state and smothered ond stage of the three when a going on behind. There was some ning time first time through by then incurred road penalties by_ escaping steam after going off tyre came off its rim. Petter Sol-dramatic driving by Latvala, who 32 seconds over 24 km, so con-mending a broken suspension near the end of the stage. Nine-berg was struggling with no per- was quicker than the other top ditions were evidently quite dif-arm, arriving at service with bro-teen of the 24 PCWRC starters sonal confidence in the condi-drivers and took the overall lead ferent. It had dried out a lot. On ken windows and panels on what were still running as the rally tions, looking dejected. Toni of the rally. This meant he would this first stage Hirvonen was 1.8 had been a brand new car. By made its way back to Mystery Gardemeister arrived at the end run first car on the final day. second slower "I am trying to the end of the second stage Creek for the superspecial and of Stage 8 with no brakes and Continued next page save my tyres for the three stages (Stage 2.1), three cars were mjss-the night halt. There was contin-still to run" and in one stage Loeb ing, Armindo Araujo with a bro-ued suspicion about the back-had reduced Hirvonen's lead by ken gearbox, Evgeniy Vertunov ground behind Loeb's three another 6.9 seconds to just 0. 7 and Ken Block who were off the minute lateness penalty, which seconds. News came that road. Not immediately evident Citroen Sport Chief Olivier Atkinson slid into a ditch brak-was the damage done to Quesnel dismissed. "If we had ing for a downhill bend, rolled Vertunov's Impreza N 14, which been playing tactics, we would the car which then landed back had slid at 140kph and impacted have done it differently. We on its wheels. The crew set off a huge and quite immovable would have put Sordo ahead of again but the car started cutting rock. Aksa was still running also Loeb ... " Was this a real tactical out and finally stopped just having rolled ("unfortunately fault -or a botched ploy? short of the end of the stage. Pet-there were only two spectators Day 2 ter Solberg was "Happier but the to help us get back on the road 6 Stages, gravel, 130kms. car still isn't right" and Matthew again"), and Spyros Pavlides was The rally restarted in the or-Wilson was in trouble, with the struggling with two wheel drive. der Hirvonen, Loeb, Latvala and gearbox stuck in fourth. Then, Naren Kumar had a puncture Sordo, with Duval next along in before the time control before and went off into a tree. The best front of the privateer Aava with the final orthodox stage, Loeb story was when Guest driver Solberg in the Subaru seventh. was seen to stop and push his Chris West arrived at the end of Atkinson was back again , the car. He ultimately arrived at the Stage 2.2 with the steering wheel team having taken all of their per-control three m in utes late, in- h aving fallen off the road, the mitted three hours to revamp the Dusty Times December 2008 Per-Gunnar Andersson and Jonas Andersson almost lose it in a corner, they finished 6th overall in their Suzuki SX4. Page 17

Page 18

.-;_;;.~..,, '~ , , ---------------------, -. ..... Fourth place overall in New Zealand went to Petter Solberg and FrancoisDuvalandPatrickPivatoareabouttoinundatesomephotographers Urmo Aava and Kuldar Sikk piloted their Citroen C4 to a fifth Philip Mills, seen here slinging dirt in their Subaru lmpreza. in dust, they were out with an accident in their Ford Focus RS. overall finish, seen here at speed in the outback. The gap between second and tious, 'Too many things can go rying two spares) and who punctured, while Paddon championship entry at the finish third place on the road was wrong on this rally." Henning Rautenbach lost a lot of time was lying fourth behind Prokop was Emma Gilmour in her nothing like as serious as be-Solberg was amazingly the fast-with an engine problem. (who said the engine was losing Subaru, second was 16 year old tween first and second, so estdriverontherallyontheday, Onthefirsttimethroughthe power),andSandellandRauam Sloan Cox. All this was heart-Latvala's efforts would make at the wheel of his famous Focus Whaanga Coast stage, Nutahara also punctured. The top five breaking stuff for Ford. This was Hirvonen's job of fending off which Marcus Gronholm had (went off the road again), West places in the category were all the event they had to get maxi-Loeb that much easier. Bad news used when he won here last year. and Al Marri (both pulled off the taken by Mitsubishis, Prokop mum points on to stay in conten-for Citroen ... Atkinson was go-Richard Mason was driving hard road and the grass caught fire pre-ahead of Sandell (neither of tion with Citroen. In the cha m-ing better after making changes to win the Group N category, the venting the cars from continuing) whom interestingly had been to pionship Sebastien Loeb and Cit-to the setup, but he was well back prize for which was going to be a all stopped, while the non-cham-this event before), Rauam, roen both gained points they after his missed stages the day ready supply of tyres for this pionship driver Richard Mason, Paddon (the top local driver) and never expected and now they go before and Petter was holding event... who was leading Group N over-Hanninen. The first Subaru was to two asphalt events in which seventh behind Duval and Day 3 all, stopped with turbo failure. thatofKetomaa'sinsixthplace. theystartfavouritesforthetitle. Aava ... Martin Proko started to 5 Stages, gravel, 85.04kms. This stage was the end of the Missing at the finish was Naren The problems of the two top driv-haul in Mirco Baldacci, who was Forty-eight cars restarted for hopes of new fewer than five Kumar whose lmpreza broke its ers Hanninen and Aigner in the having trouble keeping up the the final day. Bacco opted not Subaru entries! Hanninen was gearbox, Chris West who retired PCWRC series has opened up the speed on the slower stretches of to restart, having a worrying still pressing forward and on when a stone wedged itself into series with two events, Japan and road. Prokop said "Hey, I did headache after hitting his helmet Stage 13 he got ahead of both the props haft and seized the Britain still to come with seven not come here for battle, I just on the roll cage and Novikov de-Ketomaa and Stewart Taylor, transmission. Top non-pnority drivers still in the!!C: wanted a quiet rally where things cided there was no point in car-went well for a change. This rying on. Baldacci also decided event is too tricky to go fast on that his ten minute penalty made your first visit here." On Stage 7 it not worth restarting. Kirsty Chris West rolled and got stuck Nelson withdrew as the national off the road. "I have got a curse championship event was now on me on this event ... " Then on over and she was going to Malay-Stage 8 Nutahara crashed, with sia for the Pirelli Star Driver Novikov clipping the Japanese shoot-out. driver's stranded car as he There were five stages on the passed. The final stage of the final day, two stage locations loop was the one where PCWRC Raglan , including the classic cars have had disasters in the Whaanga Coast stage, both past and the same happened done twice, then the final run again now. Ketomaa crashed, round the Superspecial to fin-Hanninen spun twice, Aigner ish the event which meant that struggled with the many differ-the second time through the ent changes of required rhythm, Raglan stages the roads would Paddon complained he had no already have been cleaned. It rear end grip ("We never had a was another dry day albeit still chance to test these [control] with damp patches and the driv-tyres before the event"), Stewart ers further back were quickest Taylor arrived with mud over the but the focus of attention was front of the car where he had still directly on the top four driv-been into a bank. But through-ers. Neither Loeb nor Hirvonen out the carnage, Nutahara and were concerned with the victory, Giorgio Bacco were the only they both just wanted to beat PCWRC cars to stop during the the other. On the first stage, morning, Bacco having had an-Loeb spun on a long left-hand other crash, this time rolling his bend and had to reserve to get car. going again, the delay dropped In the afternoon Baldacci him to fourth place although went off the road harmlessly but still only 17. 7 seconds behind irretrievably, as there were no the leader Latvala. For the spectators around to help, and fourth stage running Henning donated the lead in PCWRC to Solberg was quickest. First time Prokop who was nearly a minute through Whaanga and still the in front of Novikov. On the sec-top four crews were bunched to-ond stage was Sandell, who had gether, with Duval a lonely fifth completely misjudged one jump. in front of Petter Solberg. Aigner, who was also on his first Solberg's teammate Atkinson visit to the country had not been went off the road again and going well, went off the road and could not restart the engine. On stopped, while Hanninen was the second time through, with gradually coming into the points only the Superspecial to go, affer his accident the day before Fords were lying first and sec-despite two spins earlier in the ond, but they had devastating day. Ketomaa was late out of ser-disappointment when Jari-Matti vice and incurred 50s penalty. hit a rock beside the road and Rauam was now third an the 21 lost the oil from the engine and year old Hayden Paddon fourth, stopped in the stage. Then things a performance which made him started getting much worse for the youngest ever New Zealand them. Mikko Hirvonen punc-national champion, the series tured, spun and hit a bank, los-which took results from the first ing nearly a minute and two days of the event. "I have dropped down behind the two been going carefully so far, but Citroen cars. Then came news now I have got the monkey off that Duval had gone off the my back I can have a real go to-road as well. Andersson had two morrow!" Prokop was still cau-punctures (but happily was car-Page 18 38th Repco Rally New Zealand (NZ) Mystery Creek 29/31.08.2008 WCR round 11, PCWRC round 6 WC points WR WD PC 1 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen C4 WRC 733EGZ78 (F) 3h.59rn.18.9s. 10 10 2 (2) Daniel SORDO/Marc Marti E Citroen C4 WRC 728EGZ78 (F) 3h.59rn.36.4s. 8 8 3 (3) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarrno Lehtinen EU07SSZ (GB) 4h.00rn.00.4s. 6 6 4 (5) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills WRC lWRC (GB) 4h.02rn.07.Bs. 5 FIN N/GB 5 Ford Focus RS08 WRC Subaru Impreza 2008 5 (14) Urrno Aava/Kuldar Sikk EE Citroen C4 WRC 735DYN78 (F) 4h.02rn.49.6s. 4 6 (12) Per-Gunnar ANDERSSON/Jonas Andersson WRC LAX449 (H) 4h.06rn.56.3s. 4 3 7 (11) Toni GARDEMEISTER/Torni Tuorninen FIN LAX447 (H) 4h.07m.13.8s. 3 2 B (9) Federico VILLAGRA/Jorge Perez Cornpanc RS WRC EU07SSX (GB) 4h.07m.53 .. 9s. 2 9 (10) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud N EU07STX (GB) 1 10 (33) Martin Prokop/Jan Tomanek Evo IX PCWRC 3JO ~110 (CZ) 4h.13rn.07.9s. 11 (55) Patrik SandelliErnil Axelsson Evo IX PCWRC EQE484 (NZ) 12 (57) Martin Rauarn/Silver Kutt Evo IX PCWRC DF703TL (I) 4h.14m.05.7s. 13 (59) Hayden Paddon/John Kennard Evo IX PCWRC VOGAL (NZ) 4h.14rn.35.2s. 14 (52) Juho Hanninen/Mikko Markkula Evo IX PCWRC EPA.147 (NZ) ifh. ism. 25. 2s. 15 (46) -Jari Ketomaa/Miika Teiskonen PCWRC NM-MR533 (D) 4h.15rn.54.0s. 17 (8) Matthew WILSON/Scott Martin lES (GB) 4h.16m. 34 . Os. (3) 18 (42) Bernardo Sousa/Jorge Carvalho Evo IX PCWRC KI-961BV (A) 4h.20rn.00.3s. lg (38) Stewart Taylor/Warwick Searle Evo IX PCWRC EXE TC (NZ) 4h.20m.13.9s. 20 (44) Cao Dong Liu/Anthony McLaughlin PCWRC EKW528 (NZ) 4h. 26m. 20. ls. CZ s EE NZ FIN FIN GB p NZ CN/AUS 22 (37) Spyros Pavlides/Denis Giraudet CY/F PCWRC OU08FLZ (GB) 23 (34) Gianluca Linari/Franco Giusti I P"CWRC DH571XA (I) 4h.34m.00."9s. 25 (50) Armindo Araujo/Miguel Ramalho P Evo ~x PCWRC DJ924GW (I) 4h.46m.56.0s. (7) 30 (54) Ken Block/Alex Gelsomino USA PCWRC EFC964 (NZ) 4h.52rn.45.2s. (7) 33 (51) Subhan Aksa/Hendrik Mboi RI Evo IX PCWRC EQK867 (NZ) 5h.00m.54.9s. (4) s Suzuki SX4 Suzuki SX4 WRC RA 1 Ford Focus Ford Focus RS WRC Mitsubishi Lancer 10 Mitsubishi Lancer 8 Mitsubishi Lancer 6 Mitsubishi Lancer 5 Mitsubishi Lancer 4 Subaru Impreza Nl4 3 Ford Focus RS WRC Mitsubishi Lancer 2 Mitsubishi Lancer 1 Subaru Impreza Nl4 Subaru Impreza Nl4 Subaru Impreza Nll Mitsubishi Lancer Subaru Impreza Nl2 Mitsubishi Lancer 57 (24 PCWRC) ·stattet·s. 35 (14 PCWRC) fihitih"et·s. +Group N ·wihh."er. MANUFACTURERS' REGISTERED DRIVER. (Missed stages or road sections) Winner's average speed over stages 88.Slkph. December 2008 Dusty Times

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l/iSit:; snorBri!!IOinB .. nBt:; For IT/OrB dBt;BiLSII! Dusty Times December 2008 Page 19

Page 20

SOUTH PDINT SNORI! 250 Tom Koch Takes It All BY JOHN CALVIN & ]ULIA BOZZANO PHOTOS: TRACKSIDE PHOTO It was a great day for Tom Koch, he led Class 1 all the way and took the overall honors as well, he's seen here at high speed. There were 86 cars and trucks entered at the 39th An-nual South Point SNORE 250. As usual, Michael Gaughan and his South Point Hotel and Casino were the named sponsors of the race but, due to the lack of park-ing lot space, Technical In-spection and Contingency were held at the Boulder Sta-tion Hotel and Casino on Boulder Highway. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cool, and a bit of a breeze to blow the dust away. First car off at 8am, there was an eight hour time limit and a lap was 60 miles long. The Class 1, 10, 1600, 5, 8 and Heavy Metal had to complete four laps for their race, all other classes ran three laps except Stock Bug which had to complete two laps for their race. First off was Class 1, there were seven of them and they had a really good race. Seven of them started, three fin-ished the race for a 42% fin-ishing rate. At the end of their first lap it was Tom Koch lead-ing the pack, James Scott came along a minute later in second place, Tony Smiley came along in third place some three min-utes later, Jamie Galles ran in fourth place and Richard Boyle was running fifth. Pat Dean and T.J. Flores each started the race but never completed their first lap. Second lap ended and Tom Koch was still leading the class, James Scott held on in second place, he was less than two minutes behind the leader, Tony Smiley remained in the third spot and Jamie Galles remained fourth in class. Richard Boyle was among the missing. Third lap ended, James Scott was the new leader, Tom Koch had troubles and was now running in second place, he was three minutes and change behind the leader, Tony Smiley remained in third place, he was 11 minutes be-hind the leader and Jamie Galles still ran fourth, he was a bit more than half an hour in arrears. Last lap, when they came Dave Terrell took the Class 10 lead on the second lap and there he remained to take the gold medal for the class. Steve Fuller was the big winner in the Class 12 contest, he's seen here on one of the smooth and clean parts of the 60 mile course. around for the checkers it was Tom Koch taking a nice Class 1 win, Jamie Galles moved up into the second spot and James Scott took third place hon-ors. Tony Smiley had major problems and failed to com-plete his final lap. Class 10 was up next, there were five of them waiting to go, three of them would com-plete the race, a finishing rate of 60%. At the end of their first lap it was C.J. Hutchins in the lead, Dave Terrell was second, he was some seven minutes in arrears and Kyle Woodward was third, he had major problems and was run-ning a three hour lap. Bekki Wik and Todd Bauman failed to complete their first lap. Second lap ended, Dave Terrell had taken the class lead, C.J. Hutchins had some problems and he dropped to second place and Kyle Wood-ward was now running but re-mained way back in third place. At the end of their third lap it still was Dave Terrell show-ing the way, Kyle Woodward moved into second place and C.J. Hutchins had big prob-lems and dropped into the third place spot. Fourth lap ended, in spite of major problems on his last lap, Dave Terrell took the Class 10 gold medal, C.J. Hutchins was the second place finisher, he too had major problems on his third lap and Kyle Woodward was the third place finisher, his big prob-lems were on his first lap. Blaine Conrad vacillated between third and fifth but, on the last lap, when it really counted he led Class 1600 to the checkers. It was a good day for Mike Bailey, he drove his Chevy to the win in the Class 8 contest, he's seen here with the power on. Next up were the Class 12 troops, there were four of them entered but only one would complete the four re-quired laps. At the end of their first lap it was Steve CJ Hutchins led the first lap in Class 10, had troubles on laps 2 Dan Bentley worked his way through the pack to take a decent and 3, but he came back to take a second place finish. second place finish in Class ½-1600 in his good lookin' car. Page 20 December 2008 Mike Horner drove his multi starred Toyota pickup to a second place finish in the Class 8 race, seen here at speed. Dusty Times

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Travis Bazzano drove his good looking Ford pickup to a dnf in Rusty Ruby gave it all he had but he had to settle for the silver Mark Clifton was just a bit off the winning pace in the Class 5/ Class 7 he had problems all the way and called it quits on lap 3. medal in Class 18, less than two minutes out of the class win. 1600 battle, he took a second place finish at the flag. Fuller as the pathfinder, Rob in the Class 1/2-1600 battle, 17th, Justin Davis was in 18th into 10th place. Jasper Dyer Collins Jr., who was in for Ja-Fiege was in second place, he only a dozen of them would place, Rick Gutierrez was in was now in 11th place, Kenny son Coleman moved up two was less than four minutes be-run their required four laps, 19th place and Gerado lribe Freeman was up five places spots into fifth place. Mike hind, Jessica Freeman was a finishing rate of 52%. When was in the 20th spot, having into 12th, Jeff Farshler Boone moved up into sixth third, she was six minutes in they completed their first lap big troubles along the way and dropped a spot to 13th place, place, Jasper Dyer was now in arrears to the leader and it was Jay Shain leading the Robbie Madison was running Patrick Nirschl dropped to seventh place, Sergei Maffei Adam Delmonte was a very large pack, Randy Jones was 21st. Fernie Padilla and Tom 14th place and Justin Davis held on in eighth place, Jeff long fifth place, suffering ma-right there in the second spot, Bums were on their respective was up two spots into 15th Farshler was up into the ninth jor troubles along the way. he was less than two minutes trailers. place. Heriberto Aguilar had spot and Justin Davis was up At the end of their second in arrears, Blaine Conrad was At the end of their second a long lap and dropped seven five spots in 10th place. Orio lap it was still Steve Fuller running in third place, Orio lap Jay Shain was still leading places to 16th, Rick Gutierrez Cox Ill dropped back to 11th showing the way, Rob Fiege Cox Ill ran in fourth place the class, Randy Jones still ran was up a spot into 17th place, place with mechanical prob-was in second place, a and David Schweigart held on in the second spot, less than Gerado lribe was now in 18th !ems, Randy Jones had prob-loooong way back with major in fifth place. Day Gang was four minutes behind the place and Robbie Madison !ems and he was now back in mechanicals and both Jessica in sixth place, Jason Coleman leader, Orio Cox Ill was up a was in the 19th spot. Ken Cox 12th place, Gerado lribe was Freeman and Adam Delmonte was running seventh, in eighth spot into third place, Nathan Jr. and Don Wall retired from now up into 13th place, Rick had retired from the fray. place was Ken Cox Jr., Schweigart, who was in for the race. Gutierrez ran in 14th place Third lap ended and Steve Heriberto Aguiar ran ninth David Schweigart was also up The third lap saw Bryan and Kenny Freeman was in the Fuller continued to lead the and Mike Boone was in the a spot into fourth, and Blaine Freeman, who was in for Day 15th spot. Jay Shain, Patrick class, Rob Fiege had sue-10th spot. In 11th place was Conrad had dropped two Gang and he moved their car Nirschl, Heriberto Aguiar and cumbed to his problems and Jasper Dyer, Patrick Nirschl spots into fifth place. Day up five places and into the Robbie Madison had all dis-was on his trailer. made it an even dozen, Jeff Gang held on in sixth place, class lead, David Schweigart, appeared from the Scoring Fourth lap for Class 12, Farschler was unlucky 13th, Jason Coleman remained in who was in for Nathan, was Charts. only one guy running, Steve Dan Bentley was in 14th place seventh place, Sergi Maffei was up two spots into second Fourth lap, final lap and Fuller, he ran his race trouble and Sergi Maffei ran in the up seven spots into eighth place, Blaine Conrad was up when the checkers flew it was free and collected the gold 15th spot. SNORE President place, Dan Bentley was up to into third place, Dan Bentley Blaine Conrad taking a very medal for winning the class. Don Wall was running in 16th the ninth spot and Mike moved up five spots into nice win, he had moved up There were 23 cars entered place, Kenny Freeman ran Boone had dropped a spot fourth place and Brian Continuednextpage Dusty Times December 2008 Page 21

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Brandon Hughes ran in second place the entire race in Class 9, he Briana Bradley, with some help from brother Derek finished in took home the silver medal, he's seen here headin' for home. second place in the Class 13 race, she's seen here hustling along. The second place finisher in Class 1450 was Frank Napoli, he was eight minutes in arrears when the checkers flew. Alan League ran third, he was about five minutes behind the leader, Ralph Chadwick, who was in for Dustin Hellstrom was in fourth place, he was some 11 minutes behind the leader, Ken Redelsperger was in fifth place and Lonan Pies ran in the sixth spot. Mac Marmon was the Class 18 winner at the SNORE 250, he lead from the get-go but only had a minute and forty in hand at the flag. It was a good race for Rulo Solano, he was the Class 5/1600 winner and he had 15 minutes in hand at race end. Third lap, final lap and when the checkered flag flew it was Mac Marmon taking the Class 18 win, Aaron Knapp rode all the way, they rolled once and did have some mo-tor problems. Clint Braun, who was in for Rusty Ruby was a close second place, he was a minute and 40 seconds out of the win, in spite of three flats, Alan League came along some five minutes later in third place, he had a trouble free race but thought the course was really rough, Ralph Chadwick was the fourth place finisher, they had Curt Hadley navigating all the way and Lonan Pies finished well back in fifth place, the result of a terribly long second lap. two places to make it happen, in arrears in second place. At the end of their first lap it he said he had one flat and it At the conclusion of their was Joe Stone in the lead and was a good, fun course. In the second lap, Mike Horner led Travis Bozzano spending two second spot was Dan Bentley, easily while Mike Bailey had and a half hours getting his he too had moved up a couple some mechanical woes and was first lap in. of spots on the last lap, David a long second place. Second lap and Joe Stone Schweigart had a slightly long Third lap ended and now was cruisin' along in the first lap, he lost his power steering Mike Bailey was the class spot while Travis Bozzano was and he dropped into third leader, Mike Horner having running, but slowly in second finishing position, Jasper big troubles and posting a place. Dyer moved up three spots to three hour lap. Third lap, final lap and Joe finish in fourth place and Neither contestant finished Stone came in for the Class 7 Brian Collins Jr. took fifth their final lap but Mike Bailey win. Unfortunately, Travis place honors. A sixth place was declared the winner on Bozzano was unable to com-finish went to Mike Boone, he elapsed time and Mike Horner plete his final lap. had Rino by his side, lost the was relegated to second place. There were seven entered in roof, course was rough, Class 7 had two entrants Class 18 and five of them rough, rough but it is good to and one of them would com-would complete the required be back. Jeff Farshler moved plete the three required laps. three laps, a 71 % finishing up a few places to finish sev-.---------...... ---...... ----------...... -----....... enth, Randy Jones was back up to speed and he finished in eighth place, Sergei Maffei was ninth to finish and Orlo Cox Ill was the 10th place fin-isher. Rick Gutierrez came across in 11th place and Kenny Freeman salvaged a 12th place finish. Bryan Free-man, Justin Davis and Gerado Iribe failed to complete their final lap. Class 8 was next, there were two of them entered but neither of them was able to complete the four re-quired laps. At the end of their first lap it was Mike Horner in the lead, Mike Bailey was some 12 minutes Corey Torres was up to his old winning ways at the SNORE 250, he lead Class 9 for the entire 180 miles. percentage. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Mac Marmon in the lead, Ken Redelsperger was in second place, he was 30 seconds in arrears, Rusty Ruby was right there in the third spot, Lonan Pies was in fourth place, Alan League ran fifth and Dustin Hellstrom was in the sixth spot. Mark Bass started the race but failed to complete his first lap. Second lap and Mac Marmon continued to lead the class, Rusty Ruby ran in second place, he was three minutes behind the leader, The next class up were the 5-1600 cars, there were six of them entered, four would fin:; ish the required three laps, a finishing percentage of 66%. When they came around at the end of their first lap it Continued next page Wesley Stephens had a great race, he led Class 15 for the entire race and took the checkers with 20 minutes in hand. It was a second place finish in Stock Bug for Mark Murrell, he's Nathan and David Schweigart had a pretty good 1600 race, they had Alan League drove his buggy to a third place finish in the Class 18 seen here on his way to a decent podium finish. second place sewed up, slipped a bit on the last lap, finished third. contest, he's seen here headin' for the checkers. Page 22 December 2008 Dusty Times

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Dusty Times Pfe..Run Thursday Mondng . Kick-Off Party Oil Fremont St. Thursday Night Tech & Contingency Friday ift. ~ 400 Miles of Original Mint 400 Terram Saturday -,...~ Awards Banquet Moming December 2008 Page 23

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Kevin Ellis ran in third place all the way in the Class 9 contest, he's seen here on his way to that elusive checkered flag. Holly Gill rolled her car on the final lap but soldiered on and was able to take a third place finish in Class 13. Jasper Dyer is seen here just at takeoff, Jasper drove his buggy to a fourth place finish in the Class 1600 fracas. John Houlton led Class 13 the first lap, dropped top second spot on lap 2 then came back to take the win on his final lap. was Rulo Solano leading the group, Mark Clifton was sec-ond, five minutes and change behind the leader, Glen Mayernick was in third place, Patrick Dailey ran fourth and Rick Kaylor was in fifth place. Joey Hoak failed to complete his first lap. When the second lap ended it was still Rulo Solano at the head of the class, Mark Clifton remained in second place, he was eight minutes and change in arrears, Glen Mayernick still ran third, Patrick Dailey held on in fourth place and Rick Kaylor still ran in the fifth spot. Final lap for the 5-1600 class, when the checkered flag flew it was Rulo Solano tak-ing a nice win, he led all the way and had 15 minutes on the second place car. Rulo had Osman Sanchez in the right seat and they had no problems. Mark Clifton took home the silver medal, he ran trouble free and thought it was a lot of fun, Patrick Dailey collected the bronze, he had suffered some electri-cal problems and Glen Mayernick finished first off the podium, he lost his B~[CNCJ W4i!' carlY a l'u/1 se/41!'ction or: WELD•ON•TABS WELD•ON•BUNOS IEIMS & ROD ElmS 3054 ~ VALLEY M'.EIV BLVL,. LAS VEGA~ .Nv.: 89,oz TEL: TOZ-B:T,-49,, FA,X; TO.Z-87' ,-szz 'I Page 24 11& SACa OftRIHld ~ @!) December 2008 brakes and thought the course was rough. Rick Kaylor disappeared on his last lap. There were seven cars en-tered in the Class 9 race, four of them would get their three required laps into the books, a finishing percentage of 57%. When they completed their first lap it was Corey Torres in the lead, Brandon Hughes was second, he was four and a half minutes be-hind the leader, Kevin Ellis ran in third place, another seven minutes back, Rodger Schank was in fourth place and Clay Lenard was running in fifth spot. Mike Anglin and Ryan Tyler failed to complete their first laps. When their second lap ended it was still Corey Torres in the lead, Brandon Hughes still ran in second place, he was a lot closer now, only 30 seconds behind the leader on time, Kevin Ellis remained in third place and Clay Lenard was still running fourth. Rodger Schank was among the missing. Third lap came to an end, it was Corey Torres taking a nice win, Cody Reid rode all the way, lost their front brakes on the first lap and decided it was a very rough course, Brandon Hughes was there to take second place, he was three and a half minutes behind the leader and had Dominic Alfredo along for the ride, nursing a sticky shifter. Kevin Ellis came in for the third spot in spite of a long last lap and Clay Lenard was the fourth and final finisher in Class 9. Class 15 had six entrants but only two of them would see the checkered flag. A fin-ishing percentage of 33% was their lot. When they came around on the first of their three required laps it was Wesley Stephens in the lead, Jens Pfeffer was in second place, over 20 minutes in ar-rears and that's all she wrote. John Pfeffer, Sean Clifton, Eric Palacius and Scott Fos-ter never completed their first lap. The second lap saw no changes in position, Wesley Stephens still led the class and Jens Pfeffer ran second. At the finish of their last lap it was Wesley Stephens taking the class win, Jen Pfeffer came in second, he was 20 minutes later in fin-ishing. Tyler Casoria drove his great looking Toyota pickup to the Class 7S victory, he's seen here cruising through the soft stuff. Eric Ludian led Class 1450 for all three required laps, Eric had eight minutes on his competition at the checkers. Dusty Times

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Brian Collins Jr. was a wee bit off the winning pace in the Class Day Gang ran in 6'• place the first two laps, Bryan Freeman got in, 1600 contest, he ended up taking fifth place honors. moved into the lead on lap 3 but mechanicals put them out on lap 4. Rob Fiege had a four hour second lap in Class 12, he was out for the day in his really good looking car, seen here at speed. The Class 13 folks were ered flag flew it was John after all, a win is a win. ready to race, there were Houlton taking the win, he Stock Full had only one en, seven of them entered and said he rolled once but re-try, Steve Schwab, he had four of them would complete ally loved the race. Derek three laps to run for his race their three required laps, a Bradley was in for sister but he only got in one lap of finishing percentage of 57%. Briana Bradley and was sec-four hours duration and that When they completed their ond to finish, she was seven was the end of that. first lap it was John Houlton minutes behind the leader, Next up was Class 1450, leading the class, John Burns Holly Gill finished in third there were two of them and, was in second place, she was place, she was another 13 wonder of wonders, they less than a minute in arrears, minutes in arrears, having both finished their required Joe Bourland was in third lost her brakes and rolled three laps. At the end of their place, he was just under five the car on the third lap. first lap it was Eric Ludian minutes behind the leader, Ashley Davis was the fourth leading the way, Frank Briana Bradley was fourth in, and final finisher. Henry Napoli was second, less than she was 18 minutes behind Vasquez and Thomas High two minutes in arrears. the leader, having some never completed their last At the end of their second trouble along the way and lap. lap it was still Eric Ludian in Henry Vasquez was running in There was only one truck the lead, Frank Napoli re-fifth place. Thomas High was entered in the Mini Metal mained second, he was now in sixth place and Ashley contest, Jason Richardson 11 minutes behind the leader. Davis ran seventh. and Jason completed his first Third and last lap, Eric Second lap ended and now lap but he was never seen Ludian took the class win, Ed it was Holly Gill, who was in again. Barren was with him all the for John Burns, leading the Class 7S had two entries, way, flawless race on a good way, John Houlton had they had three laps to run for but rough course. Frank dropped to second place, their race and when they came Napoli remained in the sec, Briana Bradley was up to around at the end of the first ond spot, he finished some third place, Henry Vasquez lap it was Tyler Casoria in the eight minutes behind the ran in fourth place, Ashley lead, Ben Williams had all leader. Davis was up two spots into sorts of troubles and re, Stock Bug, aka Class 11 fifth and Thomas High re-corded a five hour lap. had four cars entered and mained in sixth place. Joe On the second lap, Tyler three of them would make it Bourland was off the scoring Casoria just cruised around, all the way. At the end of charts. having no competition and their first lap it was Richard Third lap, final lap for he did the same on his third Class 13 and when the check-lap. Tyler took the class win, It was a fun day for Richard Nichols Jr. in the Stock Bug contest, he led both required laps and had seven minutes in hand at the end. Nichols, Jr. in the lead, Mark ond car to finish, Victor Murrell was in second place, Silviest navigated, it's a he was about 10 minutes be-tough, brutal course for little hind the leader, Ed Mahoney cars and Ed Mahoney came along some 30 minutes rounded out the top three. later in third place and Derek Derek Krumm failed to com-Krumm was fourth in, an, plete his last lap. other 23 minutes back. And so it ended, the 39th Second and last lap, Rich-Annual SNORE 250, hosted ard Nichols, Jr. took a nice by the South Point Hotel and class win, he had Beau Casino. A good time was had Binkowski in the right seat, by all. See ya all at the 2009 though it was a really rough SNORE 250, October 2, course, Mark Murrell was sec-2009. t/tiJ we would Uke to congratulate 81TD/llllell llllelng Sllller _,,,. 500 Jamie Galles ran in fourth place for the first three laps but when the checkers flew he was collecting the silver medal. Randy Jones ran in second spot the first two laps, troubles on lap 3 dropped him to 12th, he recovered and finished in eighth place. Dusty Times ,uexallllek • 1• Place 11DD Janatt•n SWlft • 1st Plaee 72DD Cllet llllfflllan/Jerrv Wllelcllel _....Placl8TT TOdd.lerg■nNl'I ....... TT 11.0.II.• Cftlll a,o..,, 250 ■1111 &ucerne 250 rt , ......... , ... ,,.,,,, 818-998-2739 9763 VARIEL AVENUE, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 December 2008 Page 25

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MJQ,!\,& F&L 250 WIiiardson Takes Class I & TIie overall Joe Willardson was the big winner in the Class 1 contest, he took the gold medal and he was the overall winner as well. Cody Bradbury led all the way in the Ultra Truck Class, he's seen here with the hammer down as he heads for the checkers. Lucerne Valley, CA-Septem-ber 13, 2008 -Camp Rock Road at Anderson Dry Lake -Course B going clockwise; 39 miles. Four Road-Crossings and three Check-points. The M.O .R.E./F&L Fuels 250 - in Memory of Shorty Powell. And -the 2008 Chili Cookoff, too! One hundred twenty entries in sixteen different classes started. Seventy-four finished; 62 percent. Thirty-eight percent turned into carnage asada along the way. Joe Willardsen was the Overall Win-ner in car #25 with a total elapsed time of 4:29:42 at an average speed of 51.4 mph. Mike Pacewiczh won the overall Fast Lap honors at 55.7 mph in 0:41:48 on Lap 1 in car #135. Nancy Eastburn was the Debbie Rash pours on the coal at the MORE F&L gathering, she took the Trophy Challenge win, she's seen here at speed. It was a fun day for Carl Scanlan, he took home the gold medal in the Class 30 skirmish, he's seen here headin' for home. overall slowest and last to finish at 14.2 mph in 7:45:05 in car #1163. Congrats Nancy Eastburn! You win a one year subscription to Dusty Times magazine! Classes 1, 10, 12, and 1600 raced for six laps; 234 miles. Classes 1300, 1350, 1400, 5/ 16, 9/16 and 3700 raced for five laps; 195 miles. Classes 5, 7, 1450,and 1700com-peted for four laps; 156 miles. Class 1100 went three laps and 117 miles. CLASS 1: Six laps; 234 miles. Eight en-tries, four finishers, four DNFs. Mike Pacewiczh was off the line at the front of the pack in car #135 at the green flag and took the early lead for the first two laps. Pacewiczh took the Fast Lap hon-ors on Lap 1 at 55.7 mph, but slow times on Laps 3 and 5 took their toll on # 135. In the mean-time, Joe Willardsen drove a fast and steady pace the whole race to win First Place in class and Overall Winner in 4:29:42 at 51.4 in car #25; with a ten minute margin-a(: victory. Terry Householder won Second Place in class and Second Overall in car #lll with an elapsed time of 4:39:26 at 49.6 mph. "The car ran good, all day; flawless", Householder said. "We had no flats or mechanical issues, and passed when it was good. The course was rough and dusty. It was It was a pretty good race for Terry Householder, he ran his good Kenny Walker was just a bit off the winning pace in the Ultra lookin' buggy to a silver medal finish in the Class 1 competition. Truck fracas, he settled for a second place finish. Kurt Youngs was a bit slower than he wanted to be, he took home the silver medal in the Class 7A race, he's seen here at speed. Tim Scott had the lead in Class 8 but some troubles on his third Cody Reid gave it everything he had but he had to settle for a lap relegated him to a second place finish. silver medal finish in Class 9, he's seen here headin' for home. Page 26 December 2008 It was a decent race for Matt Cullen, he was a bit off the winning pace and had to settle for a second place finish in Class 10. Dusty Times

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Rob Smith was just a wee bit too slow this race,he finished second in Class 78, he was four minutes out of the win. Finishing in second place in the ½-1600 battle was Craig Forrest, he was five minutes in arrears when he finished. It was a second place finish in Ultra Truck for Scott Hartman, he's seen here racin' his Jeep towards the finish line. a great day!" Pacewiczh, in car #135, was only 0:01:28 behind Householder to win Third Place in class and Third Overall in 4:40:26 at 49.3 mph. Jennifer Clemison had a tough day of rac-ing in the Damzl car #132, but managed a Fourth Place finish nonetheless in 7:20:41 at 32.9 mph. CLASS 10: Six laps; 234 miles. Six entries, three finishers, three DNFs. Scott Gailey got all six laps done in 5:00:57 at 46.1 mph to win First Place in class in the Gailey Motor Sports car #1043, with a 23 minute margin-of-victory. Matt Cullen got car #1039 to the checkered flag in 5:23: 16 at 42.9 mph to win Sec-ond Place in class for the day. Mike Lawrence won the Fast Lap Award on Lap 2 at 50.3 mph in car #1009 in 0:45:53. Lawrence aver-aged 10.5 mph on Lap 5, in 3:39:59, and it was still good enough to win Third Place in class in 7:33:28 at 30.6 mph. CLASS 12: Six laps; 234 miles. Eleven en-tries, four finishers, seven DNFs. Chad Cummings started second off the line at the green flag in the The Old School Gang car #1249, won the Fast Lap Award on Lap 1 at 51.1 mph in 0:45: 14, and finished in First Place in 5:00:28 at 46.1 Mike Callaway was the gold medal winner in the Class 5 contest, he's seen here at high speed going for the finish. mph; with a 0:04: 15 margin-of-vie- > rough > and dusty, as always." tory. Travis Howard drove Laps 1-Richard Garavito in car # 1255 3, and Cummings drove Laps 4-6. was only about six minutes behind "The course was rough as**** with Smith, to win Third Place in class lots of new rocks", Cummings said. in 5: 10:56 at 44.6 mph. Hector "We had a flat on Lap 4, and on Garcia, Sr. won Fourth Place in car the last lap too. We stopped every #1210 in 5:44:28 at 40.2 mph. lap to check the c.v. boots." Rob CLASS 1600: Smith won Second Place in the Six laps; 234 miles. Ten entries, HSD Racing car #1205 at 45.5 seven finishers, three DNFs. mph with an elapsed time of LorenzoRodriguezwonFirstPlace 5:04:35. "We had two flats and in car #1671 with a 0:05:00 mar-blew a hole through a piston on gin-of-victory, completing the re-the last lap, so we nursed it home quired six laps in 4:49: 13 at 47.9 for the finish and win", Smith said. mph. Rodriguez also won the Fast "The course was fast> rough> fast Lap Award on Lap 3 at 49.5 mph; The Class 8 honors went to Shawn Walters, he had more than half an hour in hand when he came in for the checkered flag. in 0:46:38. Craig Forrest won Sec-ond Place in class in car #1635 at 47.1 mph in 4:54: 13. Mike Meehan in car # 1699 won Third Place in 5:00:49 at 46.1 mph. Brian Wil-son was next to cross the finish line in car #1602 in 5:10:27 at 44.6 mph, to win Fourth Place in class for the day. Brian Meyers got car #1631 to the checkers in 5:13:02 for the Fifth Place win; at 44.3 mph. Brett Maurer from Monrovia, CA finished his six laps in 5: 15:22 at 43.9 mph in the WR Racing car # 1617 for the Sixth Place win. "That makes five wins in a row!", exclaimed Maurer. "The motor was a little weak and we had one flat. There was no wind, and the dust was thick-and-zesty", Maurer said. Mike Ward made the required six rounds in 6:24:42 at 36.0 mph to win Seventh Place in car #1673. The big winner in the Class 9 conflict was Justin Rash, it was close, he only had three minutes in hand when the checkers flew. Dusty Times CLASS 1300: Five laps; 195 miles. Three en-tries, two finishers, one DNF. Gary Kincaid led the class from the green start to the checkered finish in car #1357 in 4:03:21 of fun at 47.5 mph to win First Place in class this race day. Kincaid also son the Fast Lap Award on Lap 3 at 49.0 mph in 0:47:08. Richard Woods over-came a slow Lap 2 to finish Second Place in class in car# 1398 with an elapsed time of 5:26:49 at 35.3 mph. CLASS 1350: Five laps; 195 miles. Seven en-tries, six finishers, one DNF. Debbie Rash won First Place in class in car # 1321, with an 18 minute margin-December 200s It was a fun race for Aaron Aspel, he was the big winner in the Class 5 I 1600 contest, he's seen here in his good looking Bug. Javier A vi/a had a really good race, he took the Class 7 A win with ease, he's seen here in his Chevy pickup at speed. of-victory. Rash got the required five laps done in 4: 18:55 at 44.6 mph, and won the Fast Lap Award on Lap 5 at 50.2 mph, in 0:46:03, too. Bob Jordan completed the course in 4:36:09 at 41.8 mph to win Second Place in class for the day. Jim Kalp got it done in 4:43:30 in car #1322 at 40.7 mph to win Continued next page t:ratlSlnanlat:ks& lfoanr llilS • Secure mounting plsllonn for racecar, pn-ronn,r or ehau vehltle • Self-latching quick-release syst,m lotb th, Jack to the chassis • Spring loaded qulck-relea,e mount secures the Jack handle • Flat base Increase Jack's footprint and prevent, the Jack from sinking in the sand or slit Spring load11d quict-re/11111 mount a f'o.11 lat:lt llllll.119 a f'o.11 lacll llll SII0.1111 a t'OII Jat:11 408.30 a t'OII lat:11 llit GIi.DO Page 27

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It was fairly close for Chip Rodriguez, he finished in second place Mike Pacewiczh needed a few more miles per hour, he took the bronze in Class 11, he was four minutes in arrears at the end. medal finish in Class 1, just a minute and a half out of 2nd spot. It was a third place finish in Trophy Challenge for Jim Kalp, he's seen here hustling througc....h_t_h_e_d~e~s~e~rt_. -~-~~~~~~at 42.6 mph, in 0:54: 16. Rulo Soldano and Marylou drove Lap 1, and "the beautiful 87-pound Vicky" drove Lap 2. Rulo and Guy 'Son-of-Tech-Dude' Savedra drove the last three laps. #555 ran a "flawless" race. Steve Patton com-pleted his required laps in 5: 15:06 in car #551 at 36.7 mph to win Third Place in class, with a 0:01:30 margin-of-victory ahead of the Fourth Place winner -Tom Volk in car #553. Volk had an elapsed time of 5: 16:36 at 36.5 mph. Akiko Hayata (another full-fledged female Driver-of-Record) took 6: 10: 18 of fun to get it done in car #570 to win Sixth Place in class, at 31.2 mph. Scott Gailey hustled all race long and it paid off, he took home all the marbles in Class 10, he's seen here at speed. A first place finish in Class 78 went to Chad Cummings, he's seen here churnin' up the dirt as he heads to his win. CLASS 9/1600: Five laps; 195 miles. Fourteen entries, nine finishers, five DNFs. Third Place in class. Kim Powell won Fourth Place in car #1366 with an elapsed time of 4:57:32, at 38.8 mph. Jim Nutter was next to cross the finish line in car #1381 for the Fifth Place win, in 6:07:39 at 31.4 mph. Tut Cote won Sixth Place in class in car #1325 with an elapsed time of 6: 18:26 at 30.5 mph. CLASS 5/16: Five laps; 195 miles. Five entries, four finishers, one DNF. Aaron Aspel won First Place in car #573 with an elapsed time of 4:43:07 at 40.8 mph; with a 0:02:55 margin-of-victory in front of the Second Place winner - Marylou Garavito in the ORAF car #555. Garavito had an elapsed time of 4:46:02 to 40.4 mph. Marylou also won the Fast Lap Award in class on Lap 4 Gary Kincaid drove his very long buggy to the Class 7C gold medal, he averaged more than 41 miles per hour for his run. The Class ½-1600 win went to Lorenzo Rodriguez, he had five minutes on his opposition when he got to the checkers. A third place finish in the Class 8 contest went to Jason Harmon, Mike Ward gave it all he could, he finished in third place in the Richard Garavito had a long first lap and it was expensive, he finished third in class, he's seen here at speed on the course. he's seen here with the power on heading for the finish. Class 9 contest, just five minutes out of the class win. Bryan Dodge took third place honors in the Ultra Truck race, he's Scott Weir was a bit off the pace in the Class 11 fracas, he Jennifer Clemison had major troubles on the fourth lap, very costly, seen here hustling towards the elusive finish line. ended up taking third place honors, he's seen here at takeoff. Jennifer finished fourth in the Class 1 contest. Page 28 December 2008 Dusty Times

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David Bolles was a bit off the winning pace in the Class 9 contest, It was a tough race for Brian Wilson, he ran well but finished in A fourth place finish in the Ultra Truck Class went to Chris Wacker, he finished first off the podium in his keen looking buggy. fourth place in the hotly contested Class 1600 ordeal. he's seen here with the power on, headin' for home. Justin and Cody Rash started at the Davidson won Sixth Place at 35.3 mph for the Eighth Place finish in he did in 6:37:02 at 29.1 mph. pleted all the required laps in back of the large Class 9/16 pack mph in 5:26:53 in car #920. Matt class, in car #914. The Ninth Place CLASS 3700: 4:29:37 at 42.8 mph. Kruelwitz also in car #973, at the green flag. Rash Creveling won the Seventh Place fin-finisher in Class 9/16 was Jacob Five laps; 195 miles. Four entries, won the Fast Lap Award on Lap 2 drove faster than anybody else all ish about + 2-minutes later in car Davidson in car #943 with a time two finishers, two DNFs. Jon at 44.5 mph, in 0:52:42. Nick Beall day in class and finished in First #990 with an elapsed time of of 5:49:32 at 33.0 mph. Lorenzo Kruelwitzwon First Place in class in took 5:53:40 to get it done in truck Place in 4:40:07 at 41.2 mph, for a 5:29:04 at 35.1 mph. Chris Dunne Duarte finished last in class in truck #3797 with a healthy 1:24:03 #3745, at 32. 7 mph, to win Sec-0:03:50 margin-of-victory. Nice got it all done in 5:38:38 at 34.l Tenth Place in car #939, but finish margin-of-victory. #3797 com-Continued next page driving. Rash reported "The course was exceptionally smooth and fast, and dusty. We had no flats, no mechanical problems, and no elec-trical issues." Cody Reid got it done in 4:43:57 at 40. 7 mph in car #968 to win Second Place in class. Reid's win was a 0:01:33 margin-of-victory in front of the Third Place winner -Mike Ward in car #907. "The course was rough and nasty and there were lots of exposed rocks", reported Ward. "Other than the tool-bag getting loose, it was a flaw-less race and a fun day." David Bolles got car #911 to the check-ered flag in 5:09:00 at 37.4 mph for the Fourth Place win in class. Jamie Ricker won Fifth Place in class in car #930 with an elapsed time of 5: 18:43, at 36.2 mph. Kurt Dusty Times It was a nice win for Jon Krellwitz, he piloted his Jeep to the class win and had over an hour in hand when the checkers flew. December 2008 It was a nice win for Ray Griffith as he piloted his Jeep to the Ultra Truck win at the MORE F&L 250, he's seen here at speed. Page 29

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7915 lboa Av•. -425 N. M tui Av•. 858.565.77 2 611."2.8689 Escondido 'f. m cula El Centro 2645 Auto Park way 26901 Jeffffson A-,,.. 2298 M..-nll C•n Dr 760.746.3t93 951.32&.2880 7 O . .t0-4.9019 ond Place in class for the day. CLASS 5: Four laps; 195 miles. Two en-tries, one finisher, one DNF. Mike Callaway was the sole finisher in . # . It was a second place finish in the Trophy Challenge Class for Bob Jordan, he's seen here churnin' up lots of the dirty stuff. Page 30 time of 7:04:59, at 21. 7 mph. Callaway won the Fast Lap Award in class on Lap 1 at 40. 7 mph in 0:56:44. It took #503 4: 11:27 at 9.2 mph to complete Lap 3. That's called off road racing, folks: do whatever it takes to finish and win -or trailer-up. CLASS 7s: Four laps; 195 miles. Seven en-tries, four finishers, three DNFs. Javier Avila had 3:58:08 of fun at 38.8 mph in truck #721 to win First Place in class, with a 0:20:00 mar-gin-of-victory. Kurt Youngs from La Verne, CA got it done in 4: 18:06 at 35.8 mph to win Second Place in the Desert Creations Motorsports truck #747. Bobby Mante from KarTek was the co-driver. "We had some cooling is-sues", Youngs said. "It was really dusty. There was lots of traffic on Laps 3 and 4, and we broke a main Tim Sletten had less than four minutes in hand when he took the Class 11 win, he's seen here racing across the desert. leaf spring the last lap. It was fun -great fun! Getting up on top the whoops!" Sounds like fun, to me, to. Ted Moncure won Third Place in truck #7 59 with a time of 5:02: 19 at 30.6 mph. Perry Fleming took 6:27: 15 of fun at 23.9 mph to win Third Place in class in truck #738. Tyler Fox won the Fast Lap honors on Lap 2 at 40.3 mph in 0:57:23 in truck #723, and Fox DNF'd at the end of Lap 3. That's called off road racing, folks: do whatever it takes to finish, and win -or trailer-up. CLASS 1450: Marylou Garavito just missed the Class 5-1600 win, she took home the silver medal from the MORE F&L 250. Four laps; 195 miles. Six entries, four finishers, two DNFs. Shawn Walters won First Place in class with a 30 minute margin-of-vic-tory, in truck# 1469. Walters com-pleted the course in 5:30: 14 at 28.0 mph. Tim Scott got the re-quired rounds done in 6:00:51 at 25.6 mph in truck #1454 to come in Second Place in class. Scott scored the victory with a narrow 0:01 :00 margin-of-victory ahead of the Third Place winner Jason December 2008 Dusty Times

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Brian Meyers was fast and consistent, just not fast enough, Brian Eric Heiden didn't have the best of days, he drove his Jeep to a Shane Scully drove his really good looking truck to a silver medal garnered fifth place honors in the Class 1600 festivities. fifth place finish in the Ultra Truck contest. finish at the MORE F&L 250, he's seen here at speed. Harmon in the Tach' d Out truck Bill Swisher got car # 1149 to the tion to Dusty Times, too! Congrats. & Rescue for providing emergency Crossings and S/F, and all those # 1497. Freddy Ataniya was the co- finish line in 6: 14: 13 at 18.5 mph That's a wrap on this race story, medical services. Names and people other things you do. It's often a gru-driver. Harmon, from Glendale, to win Sixth Place. Nancy Eastburn Race Fans. Thanks as always to: Big in the background that help make eling and thankless job in brutal CA, completed the course in (another full fledged F DoR) drove Red, and Richard, and Donald it happen, and don't get the ink so working conditions and for little or 6:01:52 at 25.5 mph. "We broke car #1163 to a Seventh Place finish 'XYZ' and Becky Harper - from often. Thanks too, to all the no pay. It's the fun factor and misc. two leafs, melted the transmission in 7:47:05 at 14.8 mph. That feat A.R.T.S. - for keeping everybody M.O.R.E. volunteers who man/ benefits that keep most coming fan relay and burned out two won Eastburn a one year subscrip- safe; and Steve Prior with Search woman the Checkpoints and Road back for M.O.R.E. M.O.K.E. gears, put a bolt through the steer-ing box, and we lost our rear brakes", reported Harmon. "It was rough and dusty, we got nerfed by a **** Jeep Speed, and we lost Sec-ond Place by one minute! Finish-ing was the most fun." Shannon Fisher finished in 6:43:27 at 22.9 mph to win Fourth Place in truck #1459. John Kettles won the Fast Lap honors on Lap 1 at 37.2 mph in 1 :02:05 in truck# 1488. Kettles DNF'd at the end of Lap 2. CLASS 1700: Four Laps; 195 miles. Eighteen entries, 11 finishers, seven DNFs. The Jeep Speed series. Ray Griffith won First Place in class in truck #1714 with a 0:21:34 margin-of-vic-tory. It always helps to win big. Griffith drove the fastest and most consistent laps to get to the check-ered flag in 3:56:56 at 37.0 mph for the First Place win. Griffith also drove the fastest on Lap 2 to win the Fast Lap Award in class at 39.3 mph, in 0:58:50. Scott Harman took 4: 18:31 of fun to win Second Place in truck# 1706 at 35. 7 mph. Bryan Dodge won Third Place in truck #1788 with an elapsed time of 4:23:40 at XYZ mph. Chris Wacker took 4:53:21 to get #1730 to the finish line for the Fourth Place win, at 31.5 mph. Eric Heiden drove truck #1717 to a Fifth Place win in 4:58:45 at 30.9 mph. Sixth Place: Tim Jeffus #1775, 5:02:25 at 30.6 mph. Seventh Place: Rex Lair #1789, 5:08:31 at 29.9 mph. Eighth Place: Clint Malburg #1713, 5:11:22 at 29.7 mph. Ninth Place: Steve Ghamari #1797, 5:53:29 at 26.1 mph. Tenth Place: Chase Rather #1747, 6:07:48 at 25.1 mph. Eleventh Place: Chuck Harvey # 17?3, 6:38:52 at 23.2 mph. CLASS 1100: Three laps; 117 miles. Eight en-tries, seven finishers, one DNF. Tim Sletten took home First Place in class in the 11 Brothers Motorpsorts car #1101 with an overall time of 4:04:59 at 28.3 mph. Sletten also glazed over the track at 30.4 mph on Lap 1 to win the Fast Lap Award in 1:15:56. That was a slim 0:03:28 margin-of-victory ahead of the Second Place winner -Chip Rodriguez in car # 1191. Rodriguez finished in 4:08:27 at 27.9 mph. Scott Weir won Third Place in class in car # 1156 with a time of 4: 17:55 at 26.9 mph. Anne Naso (another full fledged F DoR) drove car # 1169 to the Fourth Place win at 23.4 mph in 4:56:31. Luis Galinda won Fifth Place in class with a time of 5: 19:20 in car #1168, at 21.7 mph. Dusty Times · 100 Gallon Capacity • Single or Double Dry Break •IZSet.Up •Dampt:lau • Hose • lace Badio & Spotter Packages • Handlleld Badlos w/Rollten • Spotter Readftts • U.lmet Wirtng Kita • Al1IDlinUl C8rry Can e • Forced Air Snell SA 2005 Helmets • G-Force • Pyrotec • Arai • Wired for Communication • 105, 135, 150 & 235 GFII Ratings • Filters & Hoses also available • Vertex 5 to 110 Watt RadioSystems • Hi-Fi Intercom Systems • Clwe &Race Packages •BaaeStationPacJtates • Head & Neck Refltr&lnt • Light&Easyto Use • llequired by NASCAB.. Formllla 1 & Jlany others • Can Be Used with Any SA Bated Helmet • lace Proven • Free lnBtallatien with hrcllase • 411/2 Gallon Capacity • SCORE I BITD /JIA Approved • Tapered Design Provides lncreased Ground Clearance & Jlaximizes Usable Fuel 10815 Wheatlands Avenue, Suite K • Santee, CA 92071 619-258-RAGE (7223) • Fax 619-258-0883 • December 2008 Page 31

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"112.../Uz LUCERNE 250 Sean Dunn overalls BY STEVE RUDDICK PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO Sean Dunn was mister consistency, he drove his good lookin' car to the gold in Class 1 and to the overall win as well. Lucerne Valley -September 27, 2008 -Johnson Valley OHV off Camp Rock Road at Anderson Ory Lake - Course N counterclock-wise; length: 43 miles - Six Road Crossings, two Checkpoints, four remote pits, 23 major course changes, The Wall and drop-offs galore - T he MDR Lucerne 250. It was warm and not much wind. The course was fast, and rough, and the ice cream truck showed up at S/ F about 12:30 in the af-ternoon. Yummy! It was a light turnout with 39 entries in ten dif-ferent classes, but the fun and rac-ing went on nonetheless. Thirty-nine entries; 36 starters, 20 fin-ishers; 4 5 percent carnage asada along the way. The overall winner of the 2008 MOR Lucerne 250: Sean Dunn in car # 123; with a 20 minute margin-of-victory. Charles Rudolph recorded the fastest lap of the day in car# 119 on Lap 6 at 57.3 mph in 0:44:05. Steven Marsee, # 1287, gets a place in the record book for setting both the fast lap in his class -and-the long-est total elapsed time and slowest average speed - in the same race! Congrats Steven! You just won a one year subscription to Dusty Times! Classes 1, 5, 1400, and 1600 raced for six laps; 258 miles. Class 1300 raced for five laps; 215 miles. Classes 3, 12, 9, and 1450 raced for 172 miles; four laps. Class 8 raced for three laps; 129 miles. CLASS 1: Six laps; 258 miles. Six entries; six starters, four finishers, two DNFs. Sean Dunn got it done just fine in the Dunn Tech car #123. Dunn, from Highland, CA, won First Overall and First in class with a total elapsed time of 4:47:59 at an average speed of 53.8 mph. Dunn did it with a 20 minute mar-gin-of-victory. "It was a great day!", Dunn said after he was done rac-ing. "No flats, no problems -1 just cruised." Dunn races a stock 6.0L teel-block Chevy motor. "I do about 122 mph at 6000 rpm", Dunn noted. Charles Rudolph made it a race the first couple of laps in car #119, but lost 20 min-utes on Lap 3 and just couldn't make up the time again. Rudolph gave it 'the GO' on Lap 6 and won both the Overall Fast Lap and Fast Lap in Class Awards at 58.6 mph in 0:44:05. Rudolph also Ken Leavitt drove his Ford pickup to the Class 300 win at Lucerne, he's seen here flying high on his way to the flag. won Second Overall and Second Place in class with an average speed of 50.3 mph and an elapsed time of 5:07:58. Craig Bouman fol-lowed suit about four minutes later in car #153 for the Third Overall and Third Place in class wins. Bouman clocked in with an elapsed time of 5:12:08 at 49.6 mph. Kash Vessels and Tom Bryant from Poway, CA won Fourth Overall and Fourth in class in car #72 at 47.3 mph in 5:27:05. CLASS 5: Six laps; 258 miles. Two en-tries; two starters, two DNFs. Chris Lazenby, car #509, and Mike Matlock in car #512 -both DNF'd. Lazenby still won the Fast Lap Award in class on Lap 3 at 37.4 mph in 1:09:26. #509 DNF'd on Lap 4. CLASS 1400: Six Laps; 258 miles. Four en-tries; four starters, two finishers, two DNFs. Randy Shields won First Place in class in truck #1404 by a 33 minute margin-of-victory. Shields completed six laps in 5:55:53 at 43.5 mph. Shields also won the Fast Lap in class Award on Lap 2 in 0:49:56 at 51.6 mph. # 1404 also won Seventh Overall. Shields races a Toyota truck with an LSI motor and Turbo 400 trans, and a Ford 9in rear end. Other drivers and co-drivers in-# eluded Bill Westerhouse, Danny Folkes and Carlos Duran. "It was **** dusty, and we lost our brakes", reported Shields et al. "The most fun was going 99 mph after 'the rock pile'!" Jay Arnold was in hot pursuit in truck #1409 through Lap 2, but lost a lot of time on Lap 3. Arnold got # 1409 to the finish line in 6:28:59 at 39.8 mph to win Second Place in class and Eighth Overall for the day. Danny Giannini was in the lead in the 'Broken Parts' racing truck# 1401 through Lap 2, had trouble on Lap 3, and DNF'd for the day af-ter that. Giannini drives an 87 Chevy with center-pivot front A-arms. "We were doing good, when the snout blew out of the rear end", Giannini said. "We welded it, and it broke again." The GPS in# 1401 showed 88 mph. CLASS 1600: Six laps; 258 miles. Four en-tries; four starters, three finishers, one DNF. D.J. Jeffrey, Jacob Hanberg and Joe Jeffrey played tag and switched spots a lot for 258 miles. At the finish line, D.J. Jef- , frey was the first to see the check-ered flag and to win First Place in class and Fifth Overall in car # 1649. D.J. Jeffrey clocked in with a total elapsed time for the day of 5:39:36 at 45.6 mph; and a 15 minute margin-of-victory. # 1649 also won the Fast Lap in class Award on Lap 2 at 46.9 mph in 0:55:00 flat. Jacob Hanberg from Solvang, CA was the nextest fast-est to win Second Place in class and Sixth Overall in the Son-of-che-Clog King-of-Solvang 'Mad Max' -Hanberg race car# 1663; in 5:54;19 at 43.7 mph. Jacob is 16 years old, and chis was his first-ever rookie race. Joe Jeffrey clocked in, in car # 1600 with an elapsed time of 7: 19,26 at 35.2 mph to win Third Place in clas and Ninth Overall. CLASS 1300: Steve Marsee was the only entrant in class so he just kinda cruised around for his four required laps and the gold medal. Jim Sizelove was the Class 1300 winner at Lucerne, he's seen here doing a nice landing on his way to the checkers. Five laps; 215 miles. Three en-tries; two starters, one finisher; one DNF; one DNS. Jim Sizelove was the sole survivor in class in car A long third lap in the Class 1 contest put Charles Rudolph into a Gerado Barragan drove his Range Rover to second place in Class second place finish in Class 1, 20 minutes in arrears at the flag. 300, an extra hour on lap 3 didn't help his chances. Page 32 December 2008 Greg Sunds finished in second place in the Class 1450 fracas, a longish second lap didn't help him on his quest. Dusty Times

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Jacob Hanberg had a decent race in Class 1600 at the MOR Craig Bouman pours on the power as he leaves the pit area at Steve Fuhring was a wee bit off the winning pace in the Class Lucerne 250, he took home the silver medal for his efforts. Lucerne, he took home the bronze medal for his efforts in Class 1. 1450 battle, he was the third place finisher at Lucerne. #1301. Sizelove won First Place in elapsed time of 7:57:02 -just Craig Reynolds won Fast Lap on speed of 37.9 mph to win Third Fuhring races a 97 Ford Ranger class Award on Lap 1 in 1:00:42 0:02:58 short of being DQ'd for Lap 3 at 48.7 mph in 0:52:50 to Place in class in truck #1464, in with front I-beams and a 4-link at 42.3 mph. Joe Micklaus started OTL. #1287 recorded the slowest regain the lead, and never looked 4:32:31. "This was out first race rear suspension. "We added a pair in car #1369, and DNFd on Lap race of the day at 21.6 mph. On back on his way to take the check- ever on this course", Fuhring said. of by-pass shocks up-front", 1. Sometimes it just doesn't pay the other hand, Marsee won First ered flag and First Place in class "We didn't have any real issues at Fuhring noted. to even take it off the trailer, I Place in class, and Fast Lap in class win; with a 0:24:30 margin-of-vie- all, and going 80-85 mph in the Virgin rookies Jeff Angeleri guess. on Lap 4 at 25.5 mph in 1:41:07. tory. Andrew Matthews was the high-speed sections was 'Yeah'!" Continued next page CLASS 3: Go figure -one for the record co-driver for Laps 1 and 2, and Four laps; 172 miles. Two en-books I think. Trevor Leach got the second-seat tries; two starters, two finishers. CLASS 9: for Laps 3 and 4. "The course was Ken Leavitt and Gerardo Four laps; 172 miles. One en- fast; very fast", Reynolds said, Barragan battled it out in Class try; one starter, one DNF. Edgar (means 82 mph top end on the 300. Barragan won the Fast Lap Hernandez was the sole racer in GPS). "And rocky, too. We lost Award on Lap 2 at 35.3 mph in class in car #909. Hernandez won our exhaust pipe. We had two 1: 13: 10 in the the Fast Lap Award in class on Lap flats, but the truck ran good; car #304. Leavitt won First Place 1 at 23.2 mph in 1:50:53. #909 reeaal good". in class in car #306 in 5: 14:54 at DNF'd at the end of Lap 3. Greg Sunds, from San Jacinto, 32.8 mph. Barragan finished in CLASS 1450: CA won Second Place in class n Second Place in 6:04:21 at 28.3 Four laps; 172 miles. Fifteen truck #1465 in 4: 12:47 at 40.8 mph. entries; 13 starters, seven finish- mph. Steven Chamberland was co-CLASS 12: ers, six DNFs, two DNS. Craig driver. "It was a good day of rac-Four laps; 17 2 miles. One en-Reynolds opted for a Rear Start ing", Sunds said. "The course was try; one starter, one finisher. at the green flag in truck #1456, rough overall, but we hit 90+ mph Steven Marsee was the sole racer and was in the lead at the end of in one fast section. We ran out of in class in car # 1287. Marsee Lap 1. Greg Sunds started first off gas. I am so ****!" [expletive de-seemed to have problems from the the line in class at the green flag in leted). Steve Fuhring and co-driver git-go; plagued by gremlins. #1287 truck #1465, and was +6 minutes Joey Anaya from Santa Maria, CA finished last overall with a total in the lead at the end of the lap. drove steady all day at an average Dusty Times December 2008 Randy Shields was really flyin' at the MOR Lucerne 250, he took the Class 1400 win with ease, seen here flyin' high. Page 33 --

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A bronze medal finish for Joe Jeffrey in the Class 1600 race was It was a fourth place finish in Class 1450 for Jeff Angeleri, he's Chris Freas was well out of the money in his Crew Cab pickup, nonetheless, he was the fifth place finisher in Class 1450. the best he could muster this race, seen here at speed. seen here nicely airborne headin' out for another lap. It took Kash Vessels a couple of laps to really get his Chevy gain', Kash finished first off the podium in the Class 1 contest. A three and a half hour fourth lap didn't help Jeremy Deakins, he Chad Normile didn't have the best of days, he ended up in seventh place in the Class 1450 contest, he's seen here at speed. flew into a sixth place finish in Class 1450. AT RIGHT: Craig Reynolds took the big win in the Class 1450 conflict, he's seen here with the power on heading for the checkered flag. of 6:09:43 at 27.9 mph. Jeremy don't get more ink in DT. I usu-Deakins had a very long last lap ally drive up and down Pit Row in truck #1481 and still got to during the race -handing out the finish line in 6:36:05 to win complementary copies of Dusty Sixth Place in class, at 26.1 mph. Times, and my e-mail addy: Chad Normile had a long race If we don't day too, in truck #1474 - 7:23:45. get connected, I don't have a lot Normile still won Seventh Place of 'your' race story to write about in class, at 23.3 mph. except name,# and time. Please -and co-driver Jonathan Carlson from Santa Maria, CA did the same in truck # 1487 to win Fourth Place in class about +6 minutes later, at 37.0 mph in 4:39: 17. This pair of first-time ever rookie racers topped out at 80.6 mph, and then crept along at 20 mph the last lap to bring home their first ever finish and win. "We barely made it; **** fuel pump", said Angeleri. "The mo-tor and my*** hurts", he added. Carlson said "The course was rough as **** and just plain nasty too, but we had fun!" Chris Freas was off the podium-finish pace in truck #1479, but still won Fifth Place in class with an elapsed time That's another wrap on an-do me an interview or en e-mail of other story from this "ACE" Dusty your race story so "you" can get Times reporter. I usually hang out ink in Dusty Times magazine -cov-around the S/F and Post-Tech stag-ering the world of competition in ing area after the race -to do in-the dirt ... for 25 years. See you at terviews. Some racers just drive the races! l!lllll,I,. right on by and wonder why they ---------~~=:..,,., _________ ......,_,_...,.....,.__,_., _ ___,,-----------DJ Jeffrey leaves the pit area at high speed at Lucerne, he went on to take the Class 1600 win at a 44mph average speed. Jay Arnold gets our award for Highest Flyer, he took home the silver medal in the Class 1400 contest at MDR Lucerne. Dusty Times Wll-111111'1 'IiYil:f . • • . • . , • • . , red&btue -6st$5.99 ..a st$6.99 -10 st $9.49 -12 st$10.99 ~mllJJE1JFJrmm 20ft. Lenghts -6 20ft. $93.40 -8 20ft. $107.20 -10 20ft. $128.20 -12 20ft. $185.20 High Misalignment Adapters JMXT series Chromoly JMX8T $20.05 JMX10T$26.16 JMX12T $33.25 JMX14T $60. 78 JMX16T $76.10 December 2008 red & blue -645$12.99 -845 $13.99 -10 45 $16.99 ------12 45 $21.84 0 p red & blue -6 90$12.99 -8 90$14.99 -10 90 $15.99 -------12 90 $21.84 Complete Line of New Hampshire Boll Bearings, Inc. Weld-in Bungs -2375 2865 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL HILL, CA 90755 Page 35

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l~I SNORT CDURSI! FALL CLASSIC Morton Takes Class I TExT & PHITTOS: TROY ROBINSON Just slightly besmirched with the dirty stuff, Dave Morton drove the big Class 1 car too a first place finish in Class 1. Vorra transitioned out away and thanks to B.J. gently at each car. This was of the desert season and Butcher on the water truck a step up from the prior into short course racing for non one was dusted or races this year and hats off the two remaining races of mudded out while on the to them for doing such a the year. The fans were track. In fact, it was a per-good job. Following tech greeted Sunday with a feet blend for short course was practice time, then record turnout of 76 en-racing. qualifying for class starting tries for the event. Unsea-Saturday tech inspection pos1t1ons. Those that sonably warm weather took longer than usual as qualified first on Saturday didn't deter the racers the inspectors looked dili-get pick on the front row Tyler Mort made the most of the two required heats for Class 10, he took the class win and a second place for the weekend win. of the Sacramento Gold Rush start. Non-qualifiers started on Row 2. Sunday morning had late registra-tion and tech, then the last practice. Afterward was the drivers' meeting and the start of the first race which was 10:30. First race of the day was the semi-Pro class with 15 entries lined up. Taking a big hole shot into Turn 1 was Igor Palagin (78) with one of those European In-ternational Race of Cham-pion AWD buggies. The short travel car was quickly gobbled up by the Prairie City track and he eventually dropped out after six laps. Running the top spots in a tight battle for the first half of the race was Scott Harville (17), Jaklevick/ Jones (511x) and Will Domschot (1223). By the midway point Harville had some smoke from the right front wheel bearing and eventually lost the wheel on Lap 8. Domschot made a pass on both Jaklevick/ Jones and Harville on Lap 6 moving him to the lead. At the finish Domschot had a straightaway lead over Jaklevick/Jones with James Allen (1018) third, Bill Minteer (1025) fourth and Jim Carius (1033) one lap down in fifth. Moto 2 took off with Bill Hermant (1091) grabbing the early lead followed by Bill Minteer, Michael Soto ( 1417) and Broe Rhinehart (916). James Allen worked his way up from a poor start to take the lead on Eric Stieger managed a second place finish in both heats in the It was a pair of third place finishes for Ryan Sargent, he collected Guy Jessup dnf'd in the first Class 10 heat, finished third in the second Class 8 conflict, second place for the races, seen here at speed. the bronze medal for his Class 1 driving. heat and that gave him a third place overall finish for the class. Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog VISA ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Page 3& December 2008 Dusty Times

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Randy Blacker finished in fourth place in the first Class 7 heat, took Dan Gallmeister took a nice second place finish in the Semi-Pro Colton Scudder was able to hold his brother at bay in both Trophy second spot in Heat 2 and that gave him a third place finish overall. second heat, he stood third overall at the end of the day. Kart heats, he took the overall win with ease. Lap 3 but quickly lost it as and his slow car held up would rejoin the race one Eventually Jessup would get selves. Well the replace-he spun in the east turn. Mort and thus allowing lap down and in the middle by Smith letting Smith and ment stub axle on Smith's Moving up also was Damn Smith to get by. Jessup of the Smith/Mort battle. Mort have the race to them-Continuednextpage Gallmaistler (60) who took the lead after Allen's spin Domschot also had a poor start and was up to second at the midway point. Domschot took the lead on a pass in the east turn mov-ing Gallmaistler to second. On the white flag ,[ap Hermant and Allen got to-gether battling for third, sending Allen over onto his lid. At the finish Domschot was the moto winner fol-lowed by Gallmaistler, Hermant and Bill Minteer. Overall results for the day was Domschot first, Bill Minteer second, Gallmaistler third, Carius fourth and Allen fifth. The bantam quads {12-15 year olds) were up next and they race a full track seven laps. Going wire-to-wi re 1-2-3-was Jordan Bender (208), Jason Pomeroy (5), and Cody Bennett (77). Moto 2 was much the same as the over-all was Bender, Pomeroy and Bennett. Class 10 was on the track next and the stands were full, the tow vehicles ready and cameras all focused. Six cars were on the track for the race. Sam Berri was busy racing the BITD Silver State taking the overall win, so he had back up driver Bobby Martin in the seat; unfortunately he blew the trans in early morning practice. For the race there was no let down -the first few laps had Patrick Timmons (1030), Tim Compton (8), Dale Smith (1044), Tyler Mort (1222) and Guy Jessup (137) put-ting on a great show. Then it went downhill for the class. Smith broke a stub axle on Lap 2, Compton had drive train issues in Lap 5, Jessup broke on Lap 8 and Timmons' motor went south just a half a lap later. This put Tyler Mort in the lead and by himself for the last two laps. They were probably the slowest laps for us to watch and the longest laps for him to race. Moto 2 had Compton out to the early lead but the drive train gremlins didn't leave his car and he was out on Lap 2, giving the lead to Jessup, with Timmons in second and Mort and Smith having a battle for third. Jessup wou Id get a flat on Lap 4 Dusty Times December 2008 Page 37

Page 38

car obviously wasn't a race part because on Lap 8 it would break too. At the finish Timmons was the winner followed by Mort, and Jessup with one lap down in third. The overall standings for the day had Mort with the win, Timmons second, Jessup third, and Smith fourth. Brett Yocheim took the gold medal in both of the Class 7 races, he is seen here at speed on his way to an overall win. Kaile Vierra had a really good weekend, he took the win in both races, giving him the gold medal, seen here at spectator peak. Next off the Ii ne was the 10 truck Class 7 field. Lap 1 had a tight battle be-tween Patty Hayos (769), Brett Yocheim (7299) de-buting his beautiful open desert truck, Jeff Sherrill (724) and Randy Blacker (6069) in the lone Trophylite. Those four trucks would dice for a few laps with Yocheim coming out on top by Lap 3. Hayos would drop back with fuel issues. K.C. Keller (738) fought his way up to third from a seventh on Lap 1. At the finish it was Yocheim, had his Trophy lite on the ing. It's not that they were fourth and Phillips in fifth. Sherrill, Keller, Blacker, rev limiter most of the lap banging into each other at Overall results for the day James Fuhs (730) and and ran a great second. A every turn but a bump here was Yocheim first, Sherrill Hayos. three truck battle ensued and a bump there and by second, Blacker third, Moto 2 saw Yocheim take for third place between the end all three trucks Keller fourth and Fuhs the lead from the start and Sherril, Keller and Phillips. showed scars with Sherrill fifth. never look back. Blacker There were body parts fly-coming out ahead, Keller in Three Class 8 trucks were .--------------------,-----::-:-:-=;-----7•:--:•nra:s:---, Shania Bennett was the winner in both Pee-Wee Quad heats, she Brad Falin had no competition in Quad Pro so he just motored Tim Compton took the win in both heats in the Pilot class, he's seen here at speed headin' for the 'of checkered flag. took the gold medal with ease, seen here at speed. around and took the checkered flag, big winner for the day. Page 38 ,, 'lied by 'P1ttV11-,a C\ass' \\attl KING OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCl<S We carry a full line of v# -~ OF~ FILTERNIAB-~ J>~ December 2008 Dusty Times .J

Page 39

In the Bantam Quad heats it was Jordan Bender taking the overall win, he's seen here on his way to victory. It was a first off the po(iium finish for Rick Massie in the Class 1 contest, he's seen here going into a right hander. Dan Cannon was leading the Class 8 first heat when the engine, she go boom! Dan was unable to run in the second heat, not a good day. on the track with the 7's. Dan Cannon (811) was running up front until the motor let go around the halfway mark. This moved Kaile Vierra (803) to first with Eric Stieger (9) sec-ond, and Thomas Davis (843) third which is where they stayed at the finish. Cannon was unable to make Moto 2 and Stieger blasted off t o an early lead. He held it until Lap 4 when Vierra made the pass. At the finish it was Vierra, Stieger and Davis and that's how the overall went too. Two trophy carts put on a race on a shortened track for five laps. It was the Scudder boys Blake and older brother Colton. Colton has a modified kart with a 450cc while Blake's is stock. Colton outdid his brother in both motos for the overall win. Pee-wee quads race on the same shortened track for five laps. Moto 1 had Josh Machade (7) in the lead early followed by Shania Bennett (76) and Logan Bailey (19). Bennett would get around Machade and take the lead on Lap 3 and hold on for the moto win. On Moto 2 Bennett didn't have to work as hard as she got the lead from the start and never looked back. Machade finished second and Bailey third and that's how the overall went too. In Pro Quad class Brad Falin (104) was the sole en-try taking the class win. In Amateur Quads it was Mike Jasmann (31) taking both motos for the overall win and in Pilot class Tim Compton (8) would win both motos for the overall also. The heavy hitters of the day, Class 1, were last to line up. Ten entries in class and six made it to Lap 2 and all real tight on time. Rob Parsons (111) was in the lead followed by Brad Falin (1572), Ryan Massie (124), Ryan Sargent (143), Rick Massie (24), and Dave Morton (125), all within a half lap of each other. Falin started to fade with drive train issues and Morton was moving up. At the finish it was Parsons with a big lead over Morton, Sargent, Falin and Rick Massie. In Moto 2 Morton was off to the early lead fol-lowed by Parsons, with Rick Massie and Sargent having a battle for third. Parsons would have fuel issues put-Dusty Times It was a win in both Semi-Pro races for Will Domschot, he's seen here at speed on his way to the checkered flag. Rob Parsons took the Class 1 win in the first heat, had fuel problems in the second heat and ended up second overall in class. Patrick Timmons was the winner of the second Class 10 heat and he was the second place overall car in Class 10. Jeff Sherrill gave it everything he had, he took home the silver medal in the Class 7 fracas, seen here at speed. ting his big VS into limp mode dripping him back on Lap 8 . This moved Rick Massie into second and Sargent into third, and Morton still had a nice lead. At the finish it was Massie into second and Sargent into third, and Morton still had a nice lead. At the finish it was a very excited Morton for the win and an equally excited Rick Massie in second. Sargent would finish third followed by Parsons. In the overall standings the 2-1 finishes gave Morton the win while the 1-4 finish had Parsons in second. A 3-3 finish places Sargent in third and 5-2 put Rick Massie in fourth. All in all it was a great day of racing. Unfortu-nately the attrition count was about as high as the desert races were but that's how it usually is with short course carnage. As we look ahead to the Championship weekend on October 25-26, then on to 2009 we can only hope that the Vorra momentum gained this year carries over to next. ~ AffENTIDN 111te11 & lllt&& r PIIOAIO'l'SB DUSTY TIMES IS IN URGENT NEED OF YOUR 2009 RACE AND RALLY SCHEDULES ll=DR INSERTION INTO THE 2009 DUSTY TIMES RACE/RALLY CALENDAR. P&•••••1111•• •••a rou se••ou,.. ro us IISIIP PHONE: 8l8•882-GOIM/FAX: 8l8•882-G090 -' l!·MAIL: OR . December 2008 Page 39

Page 40

5th Annual Make A Wish Ride This may have been a day just for the kids, but all the adults got to play just as hard as the kids did and loved it! It was a magical day for all SNORE members and volun-. teers that not only gave from their hearts many generous hugs, but also gave them a true sense of what making a difference re-ally feels like. Helping SNORE this year, in addition to the ever wonderful volunteers of the Make-A-W ish Foundation, were the volunteers and our proud service men and women of the Nellis Air Force Base. The event was the ever popu-lar "WISH RIDE", created by SNORE's President, Don Wall, five years ago, after giving a wheelchair bound boy a ride in his race car in the Buffalo Bill's. parking lot just after a race. Racer and SNORE board member, Travis Bazzano and wife Jen, with a confident co- rider, Scott Martin, himself once a "Wish Child", with their Bonfire Racing Toyota 6 yr old, Shrona Williams surrounded by none other than Darth Vadar and cast Wish Child Josh Camperi of Las Vegas, is here waiting for his second ride of the day. Seven year old Antonio Vasquez, with his custom balloon hat, of Star Wars. · Happy families top the list of SNORE's memory making event. Here's Wish Child, Devon Johnson with brother Deon, sister Amaya and family with a Storm Trooper. All of them got rides as well. stands tall as he feels pride inside to be standing with all the Excited Kayce Kelly, wish Child, gets a big lift from SNORE Ready for his next ride, I don't think 10 yr old Wish Child, Kevin Waitley, is thinking of Doctors or Hospitals right now. Storm Troopers and Bike Patrol of "Star Wars". racer Bill Woodward of Lake Havasu, AZ. Page 40 December 2008 Dusty Times

Page 41

Real action shot of NWish Kid# Chris Duran with SNORE racer Pat Dailey. Looks like pedal to the metal. 9 yr old Kyle Williams gives a thumbs up while making Champion SNORE racer, Mark Hutchins smile as Kyle's mom, Mary, and sister, Alyssa, pair up in the back. Two beauties, Wish Child Leila Shibbaq sits ready with help from volunteer Emily Stitz. After the ride, the boy's mother cried and told Don that she had never seen her son enjoy any-thing so much before or had seen him laugh like that. The "Wish Ride" was born six weeks later. The Wish Ride is held every year on the d ay after the SNORE 250 Race. All the chil-dren with life-threatening ill-nesses from the Make-A-Wish Foundation have a day just for themselves, away from doctors and hospitals, and making memories to last their lifetime. Even the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters get to play and ride in the race cars and trucks as well. Some of the chil-dren are so small they need to sit on several pillows just to see over the dashes. All the racers say that the kids just can't seem to get enough. 104 Wish Kids not only got to ride on ten miles of the ac-tual race course, in the race cars and trucks, but they got to spend the day with the Neon Garrison's Darth Vadar, the Storm Troopers, Bike Patrol and other characters of "Star Wars". And if that wasn't enough, SNORE also provided gift bags and checker flags for all the "Wish Kids". And for fun in be-tween the race car rides, the kids got to play on three huge inflat-able jumps and slides, while face painters helped turn the kids into fantasy characters. An ar-tisan balloon make r created anything a child requested, in-cluding large flowers and even a three foot black spider for one of the boys. The kids had crafts to make and the area was filled with lots of great music. Over 600 hamburgers and hot dogs including refreshments were served under large tents for ev-eryone involved. Now for the rest of the story ... SNORE's Bill Markel and Scott Martin of Bonfire Racing showed up not only with their state of the art Class 1 race car but with T-shirts and hundreds of stuffed animals for the kids. The best part of this story is that Bill and his partner Scott Martin, their race car is specifically made to hold paraplegics. You see, Scott, 32, was hit by a car when he was only nine years old. Almost killed, but severely crippled and a paraplegic, Scott was a "Wish Child" him-self. "He got his first computer from Make-A-Wish after his accident", Markel said. "Scott loves the outdoors so much, I enjoy being able to fulfill his wish of getting out there in the race car. Just to see the looks on these kids' faces after they Dusty Times get out of the car is an incred-after the SNORE Annual ible experience." Both Bill and Awards Banquet in January. Scott were there for the entire Ed note: Maryetta Bowman day until the last child left. and her son, Don Wall put in hun-A DVD of the "Wish Ride" dreds and hundreds of hours to will be available upon request put on the Wish Ride each year, and compliments of SNORE, they are hea11ily supported by December 2008 SNORE and many of the SNORE racers. If you would like to par-ticipate in the Wish Ride after the 2009 SNORE 250 race, please let Maryetta or Don know. Also, you could send a donation, made out to Make-A-Wish, send to Dusty Times and we'll see that the proper folks get it right away. This is a wonderful thing these people do for the kids, count your blessings and please help with some money. Thanks for your sup-port. · Page 41 . __,

Page 42

* Sponsorship Opportunities* your welding needs and we like Off Road Racers. Need a MIG, TIG, PLASMA CUTTER, OXY-FUEL and ENGINE DRIVEN WELDER/GENERATOR. The Miller Renegade and Trailblazer our the favorites! HOSE SMITH By 2008 BAJA 1000 So let's get some welding ma-chines going to get that next race vehicle built. PREP SHOPS San Diego * A TIENTION * CONSTRUCTORS RACE TEAMS This "Internationally known Dusty Times" article will get to you after the 2008 Baja 1000 race. With the Holidays coming up we can get our families to-gether for the Holidays Festivi-ties after the 2008 BAJA 1000 to share race stories. So this will be a short article because we are all pre-running and our efforts to practice and finish are a pri-ority. Since you have your new www.Chasecam .. com camera and can show your racing vid-eos to your friends and loved ones. NASCAR Approved Fa-mous Bajapits and Locos Mocos are becoming very popular worldwide for their abilities to get you the racers through an off road event that less than 400 vehicles sign up to race. We would love to hear about what your race experiences were dur-ing the race. Who got the Win at the 2008 Baja 1000? Well, anyone that en-tered and finished the race. Do you know what it takes to just get to the starting line of this race? The Mental prep? The Physical testing of your body? The Cost? All the time, labor and money needed to get the engine, trans-mission, CV Joints, structural tubing, engineering, lights, switches, GPS systems, welding, electrical, sheet metal, shocks, steering, tires, paint. Part of win-ning is just to get you team to the starting line in Baja. When you get that vehicle through tech check, IRC install, and the 6:00am start. You just won the first phase of the race. Yes, world-wide racers have to transport their race cars and motorcycles from all over the globe to run this insane, dirty, filthy, stinky, evil, wicked race with their friends. Hose Smith San Diego is now providing certified internal and external cleaning of your high value racing components including rust and debris removal via our proprietary "Ultrasonic" cleaning technique. Oil Coolers Heat Exchangers - Oil Lines - Engine and Drivetrain - By-Pass Shocks By-Weekly Pick-up and Delivery This 2008 Baja race was very challenging as we all had to deal with the nasty Baja Terrain. SCORE had a special tribute to the Iron Riders that finished SOLO. To just finish this race is a worldwide accomplishment that less that Thirty SOLO rid-ers compete in every year. We salute the Solo Riders and teams that get together every year for this international event. 619-665-1361 Send Sponsorship Requests and Resumes to: PO Box 1689, San Marcos, CA 92079-1689 Mention this ad for a 5% discount oii any service Got Welding? Worldwide know and are two Welding Supply Companies that totally support the off road rac-ers that design, fabricate and build their own high perfor-mance vehicles to race in all In-ternational Off Road Activities. Airgas Salesman Jeff, John, Ken, Kevin 619 442 6605 based at 1192 Pioneer Way, El Cajon, California can help you with all And with Christmas coming up, If you can look in your house for clothes, shoes, jackets and stuff that are not being used, take it to the kids in BAJA or drop it off at BAJAPITS for a special Christmas. These Kids could really use the items. And if you need professional NASCAR/BAJA/SEMA/VIN-T AGE CARS/WELDING/ COOKING/GETTING YOUR WIFE FLOWERS/DRIFTING/ DESERT RACING/GLAMIS DUNES photography done dur-ing the 2009 race year, e-mail for l'lred 0, It 1111, vacation rentals available in the exclusive Indian Wells country Club in the sunny Palm Springs area _of southern California. Two or three bedrooms, furnished for your complete relaxation, and, if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on either of two beautiful courses. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phones calls (USA) included. starting at $4,S00 in season (January thru April) or $2,300 per month out of season. Call (760) 345-6124 Page 42 December 2008 some really cool photo taking. NASCAR Professional Photog-rapher Ron Bermudez who been elected by Sr Chupacabra as the General Manager of the "Big Dog Garage Race Team". Ron's photo's include some very nice shots of auto and motorcycle collection. Big Dog Garage Race Team vin-tage car racers whose drivers in-clude Paul Lisee and Bernard Juchli and Umbrella girl Miss Chelsea Lisee who keeps these drivers fed healthy. She is cur-rently working on her Masters Degree in Psychology and drives a 2007 Honda Civic with Turbo charger and external boom box circuitry. Yeah!!! Ron takes some really cool photos. He takes photos of Racers who drive IT like They Stole it. Get my drift racers? We all race the Baja 1000 as if we just stole the cars we race. My outlook for the 2009 race year looks very challenging, because all the Chupacabras worldwide will meet more often in Baja to figure out how to cause the most grief for future racers that think they will finish the races they enter. As we at BAJAPITS are glad we helped you finish the 2008 BAJA 1000, Chupacabras worldwide want you to fail. Yes a DNF (Did Not Finish) in BAJA fulfills a Chupacabras day. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. We at BAJAPITS and LO-COS MOCOS want you to have a Happy T,hanksgiving and Merry Christmas with your loved ones and families and please send us stories of off road activities. Let's also help our new President fix the needs of the country by working to-gether to make the world a bet-ter place to live in. BFGaadrk:ti ----------r-BFGoodrich Tires Recognizes Pritchett Canyon, Trail as Part of the 2008 Outstanding Trails Moab, Utah - Nov. 8, 2008 -Several members of the Moab Friends-For-Wheelin' club gath-ered last Saturday to celebrate as BFGoodrich Tires named the Pritchett Canyon Trail as one of its 2008 Outstanding Trails and awarded the club a grant. Lo-cated southwest of Moab Utah, the Pritchett Canyon Trail fol-lows the Colorado River drain-age and gives the offroader sev-eral options depending on driver skill and experience. The BFGoodrich Tires grant will be used to preserve the trail and continue conservation efforts for one of North America's pre-mier areas for off-roading. BFGoodrich Tires, working in conjunction with Tread Lightly!• and United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), chose the Pritchett Canyon Trail because it provides riding opportunities for many skill levels on varied terrain with many spectacular views. The Pritchett Canyon Trail was chosen because it offers chal-lenging obstacles with unbeliev-able scenery," said Joe Mazur, light truck brand category man-ager for BFGoodrich Tires. "We're honored to team up with clubs like the Moab Friends-For-Dusty Times

Page 43

1 Jon Probst. flylnghlgh poUJared by Fuel Safe. Off-Road Pro Cell www.fue sa 1-800-433-6524 Wheelin' to help in the conser-vation efforts and ensure this area will continue to stay intact and safe for all future visitors." The Moab Friends-For-Wheelin' club is a non-profit, or-ganization and supports Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recre-ation within the spirit of Tread Lightly. A major objective for the club is to provide a common or-ganization through which mem-bers can promote the pastime of off-roading to the community and other enthusiasts. Projects such as trail maintenance and restoration, community service, and effective communication with other four-wheel drive or-ganizations and government land-use agencies are additional objectives for the club. "Pritchett Canyon is a 'must-do' for any four-wheeler visiting Moab who is looking for an ex-treme challenge and unbeatable scenery," said Jeff Stevens, presi-dent of the Moab Friends-For-Wheelin' club. "The trail is both unforgiving and environmentally sensitive and we are very pleased to have BFGoodrich Tires assist in our efforts to preserve this trail. We want everyone to have fun when running Pritchett Can-yon, but please be prepared, know your limits, and respect the environment. Creating new routes or obstacles will jeopar-dize yoUI privilege of enjoying this spectacular trail in the fu-ture." Launched in 2006, the BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails program is dedicated to the responsible use, and preser-vation of, off-road trails while providing aid in the trails' con-servation efforts. Over the past two years, the Outstanding Trails program has recognized 11 off. road trails in nine states and two in Canada. The program has also Dusty Times given $42,000 in grants to clubs and seen more than 1,700 par-ticipants in trail events. The following additional five trails have also been selected as part of the 2008 BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails pro-gram: BlackCat Trail located on Superstition Mountain near San Diego, California Blacktail/ Wild Bill National Recreation Trail located in northwest Montana Iron Range OHV Recre-ational Area in Gilbert, Minne-sota Quinn Trail that leads to Quinn Lake in Ottawa, Canada Beasley Knob OHV trail lo-cated near Blairsville, Georgia o learn more about these trails, visit the Outstanding Trails Web site at www.bf2:ood rich ti res .com/ outstand ine:trails. Both Tread Lightly! And UFWDA are non-profit organi-zation dedicated to responsible and ethical outdoor recreation. BFGoodrich Tires collaborated with these two groups to select the finest off-road trails, and will continue to work with these or-ganizations on restoration and education initiatives. Tread Li2:htly! Tread Lightly!is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to proactively protect recreation access and opportunities. Tread Lightly!'s strategic educational message, along with its training and res-toration initiatives are designed to instill an ethic of responsibil-ity in outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. The program is long-term in scope with a goal to balance the needs of the people who en-joy outdoor recreation with the needs of the environment and it's leading the way to help remedy current and future recreation issues. Tread Lightly! is proud to be recognized by the USDA For-est Service and its partner ac-tively engaged in collaborating to implement solutions to the prob-December 2008 lem associated with outdoor rec-reation. United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA) United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations is the world's leading representative of all-brand four wheel-drive enthusiasts. UFWDA benefits, developed and tested true over the past 30 years, include four wheel drive safety and awareness education; user ethics programs such as adopt-a-road, conserva-tion volunteer, and volunteer trail patrol; assistance with new club formation; education semi-nars to aid four wheelers through complex state and fed-eral programs affecting trail ac-cess; Internet forums designed to connect members globally and instantaneously; and unre-strained member access to its full-time legislative advocate and nationally-recognized attorney working exclusively for four wheel drive enthusiasts to pro-tect access and prevent road and trail closures. For more informa-tion on the UFWDA log on to www.ufwda.or2: or call toll free 1-800-44-UFWDA (8 00-448-393 2). BFGoodrich ~ Tires Recognizes Beasley Knob OHV Area as Part of the 2008 Outstanding Tralls Blairsville, Ga. -October 18, 2008 Located in the Chattahoochee-Oconee Na-tional Forest just a few miles east of Blairsville, Ga., the Beasley Knob OHV Area was honored today by BFGoodrich • Tires as one of the 2008 Outstanding Trails. More than 50 off-road enthusiasts and members of the Georgia Bounty Runners 4WD club were in attendance as BFGoodrich Tires presented a grant to the club's president. The grant will be used to preserve the scenic trails and continue con-servation efforts for one of America's picture-perfect areas for off-roading. BFGoodrich Tires, working in conjunction with Tread Lightly!• and United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), chose Beasley Knob as one of the 2008 Outstanding Trails for its experienced steep mountain terrain that offers off. readers a wide variety of chal-lenging rides. Many trails within the system are classified as diffi-cult to most difficult and thus the area is recommended for ex-perienced riders only. "With a combination of steep and tight terrain, the Beasley Knob OHV Area provides just the right balance of leveled ob-stacles for the skilled off-reader, making it a great choice fo r the 2008 Outstanding Trails pro-gram," said Gary Enterline, light truck product manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "As an off-road enthusiast myself, we're honored to join with the Geor-gia Bounty Runners to help in the conservation efforts for this amazing off-road trail system." The Georgia Bounty Runners 4WD C lub is an organization of 4WD enthusiasts dedicated to enjoying the backcountry expe-rience while promoting safe and responsible use, family values, conservation, multi-use access, and camaraderie. They support the principles of TREAD Lightly! and welcome 4WD en-Page 43

Page 44

thusiasts of all levels. "We are so honored to have Beasley Knob named as one of the 2008 Outstanding Trails," said Lane Bailey, president of the Georgia Bounty Runner. "The trail system offers experienced off-readers a little bit of every-thing and we are so pleased that this grant money can be used for the future of preserving Beasley Knob OHV area and its many trails." Launched in 2006, the BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails program is dedicated to the responsible use, and preser-vation of, off-road trails while providing aid in the trails' con-servation efforts. Over the past two years, the Outstanding Trails program has recognized 11 off-road trails in nine states and one in Canada. The program has also given $42,000 in grants to clubs and seen more than 1,700 par-ticipants in trail events. The following additional five trails have also been selected as part of the 2008 BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails pro-gram: -Blacktail/Wild Bill OHV Trail located in the Flathead National Forest of Montana Iron Range OHV Rec-reational Area in Gilbert, Min-nesota -Quinn Trail that leads to Quinn Lake in Ottawa, Canada -Pritchett Canyon, one of the toughest trails in Moab, Utah -BlackCat Trail located on Superstition Mountain near San Diego, California To learn more about these trails, visit the Outstanding Trails Web site at www. bfgood rich ti res. com/ outstandingtrails. Both Tread Lightly! And UFWDA are non-profit organi-zation ded icated to responsible Page44 (619) 691-9171 or call toll free 1-800-44-UFWDA (800-448-3932). BFGoodrich Tires Using motorsports as a prov-ing ground for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires is in-volved in every type of racing, in-cluding oval, sports car, drifting, drag, desert, dirt, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock-crawling. BFGoodrich Tires combines technological expertise with vast motorsports experi-ence, delivering a high-perfor-mance tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at Tires, 1 Parkway S, Greenville, SC 29615 United States Draft Ea Released By Park Service 0a Recreational Access To Yellowstone POCATELLO, ID (November The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) is reviewing the draft EA and its preferred alternative of only 318 snowmobiles allowed in the Yellowstone Park per day. BRC plans to provide comments on the EA and recommendations for comments to meet the deadline of November 17, 2008. Please note the goal of the National Park Ser-vice is to have a final implement-ing rule from the EA in effect prior to the scheduled Park opening on December 15, 2008. After reviewing the 255 page EA, Jack Welch, BRC Special Projects Consultant, stated, "I am pleased that the Park Service is of-fering a solution for the challenges presented by the upcoming season. BlueRibbon remains committed to a long-term solution that will allow for reasonable snowmobile access to Yellowstone in the winter." Welch continued, "Remember, in the last forty years, the Park has opened its gates to snowmobiles every season. I am sure Yellowstone will open its gates this season too. The main question is at what level snowmobiles will be allowed to ac-cess Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks this season. The EA process is one of the important steps in that determination." RACE READY PRODUCTS 103 PRESS LANE SUITE 4 CHULA VISTA, CA 91910 (866) 891-9171 TOLL FREE (619) 691-0803 FAX 5) -On Monday, November 3rd, the Environmental Assessment (EA) on continued winter motor-ized access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks was released for public review and comment. First announced on October 2nd, it is this EA process that will determine options that would authorize over-snow access-including snowmobiles-to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks for the next three winters. This EA can be reviewed at The comment period will only be fifteen days. For further updates on access to Yellowstone this winter, please visit and bookmark our dedicated Yellowstone website: ### The BlueRibbon Coalition is a na-tional recreation group that champi-ons responsible recreation, and en-courages individual environmental stewardship. It represents over 10,000 individual members and 1,200 organization and business members, for a combined total of over 600,000 recreationists nationwide. 1-800-258-3742 and ethical outdoor recreation. BFGoodrich Tires collaborated with these two groups to select the finest off-road trails, and will continue to work with these or-ganizations on restoration and education initiatives. Tread Lie:htl:y! Tread Lightly!is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to proactively protect recreation access and opportunities. Tread Lightly!'s strategic educational message, along with its training and res-toration initiatives are designed to instill an ethic of responsibil-ity in outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them. The program is long-term in scope with a goal to balance the needs of the people who en-joy outdoor recreation with the needs of the environment and it's leading the way to help remedy current and future recreation issues. Tread Lightly! is proud to be recognized by the USDA For-est Service and its partner ac-tively engaged in collaborating to implement solutions to the prob-lem associated with outdoor rec-reation. United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA) United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations is the world's leading representative of all-brand four wheel-drive enthusiasts. 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VP Racing is the Official Fuel and/or Contingency Sponsor of: ~aoo~~ RACING ASSOCIATION Sl:IIE INTERNATIONAi: OFF .. RDAD_RACINO Nl.O.R.E ,;e~ For technical help or to locate the nearest VP dealer, call today or visit 951-696-5100 December 2008 World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™ Dusty Times

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I I RALLY RACC CATALUNYA COSTA DURADAI RALLY DE ESPANA Loeb/Elana/Citroen Take A Big Win BY MARTIN HOLMES s '-road. engine packages. .,.. ' h Worldwide benchmark manufacturer of mifltary-epecff'icetion wiring eysterna for en motoreport applications Utiljzing the finest ,Raychem Synem 25 components. the induatry stenderd for ell pl"'ofeselonal · racing sanctions. Engineef"ing. asser;rc,ly, and comprehe:nslve testing ~M'Y'led 100% i~use. assemblies end circuit s are ayeilable to suit play and data acquisition ell levels of competition. Engine , ',;:J chassis services ~llabla. Sakata Motorsport Electronics, Inc. 1217 N. Patt Street Anaheim, CA 92801 (71 4) 446-9473 I Fax: (714) 446-9247 High-Accuracy Air-Fuel Ratio Meters Lightweight, stand-alone system works with all engines and alternate fuels -cerbureted or fuel injected. FOt" t.he dedicated engine tuner who n eeds to know sxsctlywhat their engine is doing. No flashing lights - _ just the facts.;. Nsll It to a number/ , ~ #:::!J/J.~<~ -=~, l'VICJTCJIBSPDAT ELECTFICJNICS i,ve re rru,-,.;:1, oonneotfons ... LEAD PHOTO AT LEFT: Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena drove their Citroen C4 to the win, seen here in the high country at speed. Sebastien Loeb pulled yet three years. further into the outer reaches The BP Ford team nomi-of rally folklore when he won nated Francois Duval while Jari-the Catalunya Rally for the Matti Latvala reverted for this fourth year running, and ended event, and Corsica, to driving up 12 points in front of his dos-for Stobart, which meant that est rival Mikko Hirvonen, with the Belgian had an 08 spec car three events still to run. Fellow and the Finn an 07. The Belgian Citroen driver Sebastien Ogier observed: "I notice the only dif-was hoping for another win for ference with the 08 Focus is that the company in the Junior cat-the torque is better than on the egory but then he crashed on the 07 car." The change led to a cu-second day leaving another Cit-rious confusion. Of the four roen driver Martin Prokop to auxiliary Ford team cars win his second JWRC round this (Stobart and Munchi's), all year. Citroen were able to con-four were in different colours. firm the FIA's Junior Rookie The car bought by his sponsors 1 title with Francesco Fanari, who for Duval to drive in Germany performed the necessary sixth still kept its light green Structo start of the season to win the colours but was now driven by title. Citroen Total team in-Latvala -but Latvala and his co-creased their grasp on the driver Miikka Anttila were still Manufacturer's series to 25 clad in BP overalls, as was points in front of the BP Ford Duval. Subaru joined BP Ford Abu Dhabi team. with a three-car entry, running After the five week break a car alongside Petter Solberg since New Zealand, the world and Chris Atkinson for the rally championship re-emerged French driver Brice Tirabassi. at the beginning of October Looking for an outsider? It is with two successive back-to-back well over four years since a asphalt rounds, in Spain first Spaniard has won a world then one weekend later in championship rally (Sainz, Ar-Corsica, the last time back-to-gentina 2004), but with Dani back events are planned for the Sordo having finished a world foreseeable future. Although championship rally in second Rounds 12 and 13 are similarly place no fewer than nine times, classified by their surfaces they and finished on the podium 14 are poles apart in specifics, yet times so far, there would not be the cars entered by the teams a dry eye in the house should he _ are paired for both events by win in Spain this year. It was the FIA so that compromise three years ago on this same build specifications have to be event that he won the JWRC cat-sought. These are the last as-egory and clinched the Junior phalt events in the champion-W orld title. Entries £or ship this year, before the final Catalunya came to 79, includ-rounds (Japan and then Britain) ing all 17 JWRC regular drivers are fought out on gravel roads. plus one Guest driver and a to-Championship-wise the asphalt tal of 27 World Rally Cars. events are two of Citroen's There were 11 Super 1600s in favourite territories, and they Spain, but no Super 2000 cars. already hold a strong advantage Sebastien Ogier was the odds-on (more than one clear event's favourite for the FIA Junior points lead in the Makes' cham-World Rally Championship, pionship), both were also events following the tradition of fel-Loeb had won for the last three low Citroen drivers Sebastien years. Loeb and Dani Sordo. He Catalunya and Corsica may started the event nine points have asphalt as their common ahead with two events to go. His denominator but Spain is the closest rival Shaun Gallagher country with smooth stage misses the final round in roads, using short corners with Corsica, but third and fourth straights in between. Tradition-placed drivers Aaron Burkart ally it is considered the rally the and Michal Kosciuszko entered closest in character to a racing both events. All four drivers circuit. Weatherwise, Spain is have a statistical chance of the more stable than Corsica, but title, but the chance of Citroen over the years this factor has be-being beaten to the title were come less important as the route very small. Points-wise another of the event on the island has Citroen driver Francesco Fanari covered a smaller area. The was unbeatable in the Rookie's Spanish round of the champi-challenge, he only had to cross onship was born out of the mar-the start line in Catalunya to be riage of two events, the crowned. The Citroen drivers Catalunya and the Costa Brava have a special incentive in the Rallies, based at Lloret de Mar championship. If the JWRC se-up the coast to the n orth of ries winner is a Citroen man, he Barcelona. For many years it was will get two W orld rallies next a mixed surface event, asphalt year in a World Rally Car, if he and gravel, held at a time of is second he would get one event year when ice on the high moun-and if he finished third (like ta ins was common place, and Martin Prokop did last year), he on one occasion when there was gets a test session in a WRC. All deep snow in the region during to play for! the event. To comply with FIA's Although all 17 registered requirements, the event then JWRC entries nominated Spain stabilised on an all-asphalt sur-as one of their six mandatory face, with stages essentially based events, Andrea Cortinovis did in the hinterland behind the not attend through illness, and Costa Brava with one leg travel-he was excused by the FIA for ling south to stages to the south both his absence here and at the side of Barcelona. In 2005 ev-Neste Oil Rally Finland. Main erything moved south to the pre-event JWRC story was that Tarragona region, where it has Milos Komljenovic had a neck been exclusively run for the past injury which prevented him Dusty. Times

Page 46

--Martin Prokop and Jan Tomanek took the JWRC win in Spain, Daniel Sordo and Marc Marti finished second overall in their Citroen Alessandro Bettega and Simone Scattolin finished second in JWRC, they're seen here in their Renault Clio R3. they're seen here in their Citroen C2 in the late afternoon. C4, they were 25 seconds behind the leader. from driving the lnterspeed clouds between the blue an impact which damaged two Renault Clio R3, his place was patches. Some teams went out of the wheel rims. Andreas taken at short notice by the Brit-on hard tyres, Subaru on soft, Mikkelsen was seventh in front ish driver Kris Meeke, running Latvala's mechanics put stickers of Latvala, who was cautiously as teammate to Patrik Sandell, over the code words so nobody trying to regain his self confi-also in an R3. Sandell's plans would know! There was reason dence behind the wheel. The to go testing did not work out, in the slow corners and fast young Norwegian's rival Mads so his re-acquaintance with the straights of Germany to con-Ostberg lost time with a spin. R3 model came at shakedown. sider the soft tyre option, but Matthew Wilson was also feel-Dry and warm weather was the with the long corners of Spain ing his way "We have had no scene for the start of the rally. there was not, and here also the tests with hard compound tyres Shakedown was a short and fast roads were a lot cleaner than on clean roads." Near the end 2.3km road for which Loeb usual. Hard tyres proved to be of Stage 2 Toni Gardemeister, chose soft tyres and stormed the best, but even so Petter Sol-who had a lot of understeering, ahead with a time of 1 m 11.5s, berg was fifth overall behind the spun and then on the same stage 0.4 seconds faster than team-two official Citroens and Fords his teammate Per-Gunnar mate Sordo who was equalled at the end of the first loop. Andersson had a pace·note by Duval, while the two regular Francois Duval and Mikko Hir-problem and slid off·the road Subarudriverswere0.2second vonenwereswappingplaces,the and withdrew for the day. behind. Belgian preferring his Focus to Down the field the van Day 1 be lower and stiffer than the Merksteijn family were having 6 Stages, asphalt, 131.76kms. Finn liked. Chris Atkinson was fun in their Focus World Rally In the final minutes before unhappy, an indication that the Cars. After Stage 2 only 0.8 daylight arrived, cars lined up usual traction troubles were ex-separated father and son but it to head off into the hills. Tyre acerbated by the softer tyres. was all too much. On Stage 3, choices were relevant. As soon Going really well in the morn-Junior went off so Dad then as the light came the teams could ing was Urmo Aava, lying sixth slowed up! see the scattering of black behind Petter Solberg, surviving As the Citroens forged ahead, the Fords speeded up but ended with him in a ditch. He still not by enough! Duval and was able to reach the finish of Hirvonen diced for third place the stage but the differential was while Petter Solberg was unusu-damaged and he could not reach ally happy in fifth place. Both service. official Subarus used hard com-In JWRC Sebastien Ogier pound tyres in the afternoon, headed off into the distance, like all the other top teams, and trailed by Michal Kosciuszko. this helped but Atkinson found Martin Prokop suffered power his problems from the morning steering failure on all three continued. At Ford, Hirvonen stages in the morning, but still felt his car had better grip then held third place in front of in the morning and he was able Alessandro Bettega, who was to push harder. Duval was just back again in a Renault after content. Latvala got ahead of having competed in a Honda at Mikkelsen into seventh place, Sanremo recently. "You know, still feeling the car was under-if only they could put a Honda steering more than he wanted, engine into the Clio R3, it then Mikkelsen had to slow be-would be fantastic!" Kris Meeke cause his engine started to mis-had a puncture on Stage 1 and fire. Federico Villagra was en-was one of many R3 drivers joying the unaccustomed de-with brake troubles. Patrik lights of high speed asphalt driv-Sandell was another, as was ing. Gardemeister found his car Gilles Schammel and Simone understeered less but was now Bertolotti. Jaan Molder had an less stable at high speed. Khalid electronic problem which Al Qassimi had a spin on the caused the engine to lose power. final stage of the day which Continuednextpage I 2.C" 311 J ,II, , lllnRer Seri Dusty Times . llll'IIA.•~ SHOCK . lfflJI.Wl._,,FECHN0£0GY 714.530.B701 • FAX 714.530.B702 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 'W'W'W'.lcingshoc:lcs.c:on, December 2008 ·;·2.511 €1'!!!5-U Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! We have custom and produdion coils in stock, and tbe experience to get you what you need. Call today! Page 46

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Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen, Ford Focus RS0B finished Andreas Mikkelsen and Ola F/oene finished eighth overall in their Francois Duval and Patrick Pivato finished fourth overall in their third overall, seen here before an admiring crowd. Ford Focus RS, seen here just kicking up dust. Ford Focus RS0B, seen here on the outskirts of town. Guest driver Sergio Perez trouble was cured but he was Atkinson passed him into sev-loop had got worse and worse, perature on the long Stage 7, stopped in the middle of Stage down in ninth place. Florian enth place. Aava was holding on more like a gravel than an as-but still increasing his lead over 5 with steering problems. He Niegel stopped when a wheel to his remarkable sixth place, his phalt stage. Both the Total Prokop. Bettega continued to eventually finished the stage came off his Suzuki for reasons only problem being when the Citroens eased their pace on the be the only R3 driver able to but had lost a lot of time and he did not understand. tyres started to degrade on the second run through these stages, keep up with the S 1600s, but retired. This was proving to be Day 2 long first stage, Stage 7. Aava's Hirvonen winning the first of he had difficulty keeping his Super 1600 territory, Bettega's 6 Stages, asphalt, 127.98kms. Citroen companion Conrad the loop and Duval the final rear tyres working well on the the only R3 car in a competi-It was cool but clearer as the Rautenbach found his tyres one. Petter Solberg held on to long stage. Fellow Clio R3 tive position. Francesco Fanari cars set off again for the hills, were badly pressured before the fifth place, saying that the car driver Sandell went carefully to crossed the start line and con-the longest stage of the event start of the stage. Mikkelsen was was sliding helplessly on the dirt preserve his brakes on Stage 7 firmed as the Rookie Cham-(38km) having come first. Loeb going well but Ostberg had on Stage 12, as did Atkinson. and then had a broken exhaust pion he withdrew, with the cu-was in control, having been fast-trouble getting a good feeling Aava continued to match the on Stage 9. Meeke had a con-rious accolade of becoming est on every stage so far. The with his car, but there were woes speed of the Subarus. Latvala tinuing brake problem, "They champion yet never having roads, except for Stages 9/12, for others in Stage 7. Gareth tried various alternative set-were erratic and unpredictable. completed the route of a quali-were completely clear of dirt, but Jones had to stop and change a tings, discovering that he did Once I had to spin the car back-fying rally all year. In the after-Fords were keeping up the pres-flat wheel at the start of the not like his car set too close to wards, off the road, because noon Ogier found himself more sure. "We were quicker this year stage, "A stone was jam,.med and the ground. Halfway through suddenly the brakes did not and more secure in the lead, compared with the Fords than gouged a hole right through the the final stage of the day work." Schammel changed the and he found it challenging to when we were fighting against wheel!" Gardemeister experi-Ostberg lost boost pressure on type of brake pads on his car keep his rhythm. Kosciuszko, in Marcus Cronholm last year", enced more understeer, espe-h(s Subaru. and found this overcame his fourth place behind Prokop said Loeb's co-driver, Daniel El-cially on this stage. Loeb con-In JWRC Niegel restarted troubles. In the Suzukis, and Bettega, mentally gave up ena. Duval was fractionally tinued inexorably through the but Perez did not. Ogier con-Molder punctured and had to the change of the title, content-faster than Hirvonen, who was second loop of stages, his only tinued his domination in the stop to change the wheel and ing himself with the challenge consciously being safe and tak-panic being at the start of a category, like his namesake at Kosciuszko stopped and lost a of finishing the championship ing no risks. Latvala had a bad stage when the intercom failed, the head of the overall event, lot of time when the throttle in second place, while in fifth morning, "We made some but he just had time to connect being fastest on every stage ex-cable failed. Abbring stopped Aaron Burkart was fighting changes and they really did not his reserve one. The condition cept one, concentrating on how when a driveshafc broke away u ndersteer. Sandell's brake work." During the first loop of the third stage of the second to keep his tyres at the right tern-from the gearbox casing on his ONGRATULATIONS TO All OUR RAC RS WHO HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! 2007 SCORE CLASS CHAMPIONS Class 1 Billy Gasper 1 Class 10 Lobsam Yee ' Class 12 Tim Noe Class 1/21600 David Caspino Class 5 Luivan Voelker 2007 BAJA 1000 WINNERS Class 1 1st -Larry Roeseler, 2nd -Steve Strobel, 4th -Mark McMillin, 5th -Billy Gasper, 6th -Dale Lenk Class 121st · Tim Noe, 2nd -Stan Potter Class 8 1st -Glen Greer Class 1/2 1600 2nd -Victor Barreda, 4th • Dan McMHlin Class 5 1st -Drew Belk, 2nd • Luivan Voelker 2007 BITD OVERALL POINTS CHAMPION Chuck Hovey Page 47 December 2008 Dusty Times

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A seventh overall finish went to Chris Atkinson and Stephane It was an unlucky 13th overall finish for Toni Gardemeister and Petter Solberg and Philip Mills drove their Subaru lmpreza to fifth Prevot, they're seen here in their Subaru lmpreza. Tomi Tuominen, they're seen here in their Suzuki SX4. overall, they're seen here at speed. Renault. The big story came on and Weijs) taking the lead place, passing Atkinson o n the of the top four places with able event, ended it retired with the final stage of the day when ahead of the French federation penultimate stage. Further back Prokop holding o n to his lead a broken suspension bolt. Ogier crashed. It was a high FFSA (represented by Ogier). van Merksteijn senior stopped and took his second win this H aving taken its third maxi-speed assault on the scenery, Day 3 with no o il pressure on his year in the category. In third mum points score in consecu-and slowed him only marginally 6 Stages, asphalt, 93.88kms. Ford. Aava was holding fifth was Burkart, whose resulc keeps tive events, Citroen Total heaJ at the time, but when he arrived There were six stages to go, place when he damaged his his hopes of the title alive, and straight to Corsica optimistic at the end of the stage whe re the weather was dry and warm steering o n the first stage of the in fourth Gallagher. Splitting of their changes to rest the were clouds of steam, and it was but there was little to fight fo r second loop of the day. H e the Citroens was Bettega in sec- Manufacture r's title from BP clear he was going nowhere fur-and many of the teams used the struggled on but was losing ond place, the best perfor-Ford on the French company's ther. Prokop inherited the final day's competitio n as a n time and eventually retired af- mance by a champio nship R3 h o me world championship JWRC lead ahead of Bettega in opportunity of an o ngoing test ter the final stage o n the road o n an asphalt rally. Sandell had event. Sebastien Loeb's title the Clio R3, who lost time on sessio n for Corsica. Ford and section to the finish. a mysterio us engine problem may have to wait longer to se-Stage 12 with a spin, staying Subaru both fitted soft tyres In JWRC, Proko p had but ma naged to finish fifth. cure ... his only remaining rival a head of Burkart who a lso when hards were the favourites, worked to do o n his car as Meeke ended his unhappy event for the Driver's title, Mikko spun as did Gallagher. Molder just to gauge the experience, there was a water leak o n the when the alternator belt failed. Hirvonen needing to score at had another puncture which he which was favourable! Malcolm heat exchanger and he left ser-To the chagrin of the Dutch least two points to keep the had to stop and change. Meeke Wilson was judging the moment vice three minutes late but the federation officia/s Hans Weijs title chase alive, well at least was still in miseries with his t o tell third placed Francois car was still no t running well. overturned his Citroen. until the penultimate round in brakes. Schammel was in de-Duval that he wasn't going to Citroen C2 S 1600s took three Schammel, who had a miser-Japan! ■l■fl■ spair saying he really could not see the podium this time. drive the car at any speed at all. Mikkelsen found his brakes dis-When the team saw the mess of appeared while they were wait-Ogier's car they knew the engine ing at the start of Stage 14 and had been damaged and an-safely retired to the service park nounced that they would not following two brakeless stages. even try to get ready for the fi-Gardemeister had to drive 7km nal day. Ogier continues to be on a flat tyre. Rautenbach mis-favourite to win the Junior title judged a bend near the end of but the new Federation cup, the first stage of the day and : open to drivers entered in the impacted his C4 into a wall. JWRC by their national ASNs, Latvala was finally going well was now interesting with the and belatedly made up lost Dutch KNAF team (Abbring ground to finally finish in sixth • ATTb.NTION Race & Rally Promoters DUBliJlilfflGB IS IN URGENT NEED OF YOUR 2009 RACE AND RALLY SCHEDULES FOR INSERTION INTO THE 2009 DUSTY TIMES RACE/RALLY CALENDAR. PLEEEEEEASE SEND · you.R SCHEDULE 'l'O ASAP us PHONE:818-882-0004/FAX:818-882-0090 E-MAIL: OR Dusty Times 44th RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada/Rally de Espana (E) Salou 3/5.10.2008 WCR round 12, JWRC round 6 WC points WR WO JC 1 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen C4 WRC 883EHK78 (F) 3h.21rn.17.4s. 10 10 2 (2) Daniel SORDO/Marc Marti E Citroen C4 WRC 886EHK78 (F) 3h.21rn.42.3s. 8 8 3 (3) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarrno Lehtinen FIN PX08AXC (GB) 3h.22rn.19.9s. 6 6 ·( 4 (4) 1 Francois DUVAL/Patrick Pivato PX08AXD (GB) 3h.22rn.28.2s, 5 5 5 (5) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB WRC 2WRC (GB) 3h.24rn.44.8s. 4 4 6 (8) Jari-Matti LATVALA/Miikka Anttila RS WRC EU07TZR (GB) 3h.25rn.21.2s. 3 7 (6) Chtis ATKINSON/Stephane Prevot AUS/B WRC 3WRC (GB) 3h. 25m. 22. 3s. 2 2 8 (18) Andreas Mikkelsen/Ola Floene N EA07RGZ (GB) 3h.26rn.37.0s. 1 9 (7) Matthew WILSON/Scott Martin GB lES (GB) 3h.29rn.00.6s. 1 10 (15) Brice Tirabassi/Fabrice Gordon F WRC CT57SRT (GB) 3h.30rn.22.4s. 11 (10) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud N EU07SUO (GB) 3h.3lrn.26.0s. 12 (9) Federico VILLAGRA/Jorge Perez cornpanc RS WRC EU07SSX (GB) 3h.3lm.54.7s. 13 (11) Toni GARDEMEISTER/Tomi Tuorninen FIN LAX446 (H) 3h.32rn.43.5s. 14 (19) Mads Ostberg/Ole Unnerud N DL51125 (N) 3h.33m.14.4s. 16 (31) Martin Prokop/Jan Tomanek CZ JWRC 06R0008 (CZ) 3h.41rn.25.0s. 17 (48) Alessandro Bettega/Simone Scattolin Clio R3 JWRC DF400TV (I) 3h.41m.49.6s. 19 (66) Jasper van den Heuvel/Martine Kolman Lancer Evo IX N 64-XP-RK (NL) 3h.42m.22.0s.+ 20 (33) Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach D JWRC H-PR3306 (D) 3h.42m.29.5s. 21 (14) Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr UAE/GB EA07PXN (GB) 3h.42m.56.5s.(1) 22 (46) Shaun Gallagher/Paul Kiely IRL JWRC 9147NE52 (F) 3h.43m.41.7s. 23 (41) Patrik Sandell/Emil Axelsson s JWRC 2712ETV91 (F) 3h.46m.05.0s. 24 (32) Jaan Molder/Frederic Miclotte EE/B JWRC SSE00l (H) 25 (39) Stefano Albertini/Piercarlo Capolongo Clio R3 JWRC DF333TV (I) 28 (37) Simone Bertolotti/Daniele Vernuccio Clio R3 JWRC DB944XP (I) 3h.51m.03.3s. 30 (35) Michal Kosciuszko/Maciek Szczepaniak Swift Sl600 JWRC JVR684 (H) 3h.52m.20.5s. 32 (12) Per-Gunnar ANDERSSON/Jonas Andersson WRC LAX598 (H) 3h.54m.06.4s. (5) 33 (43) Florian Niegel/Andre Kachel D December 2008 Ford Focus RS0B WRC Ford Focus RS08 WRC Subaru Irnpreza 2008 FIN 3 Fo1:d Focus Subaru Impreza 2008 Ford Focus RS WRC Ford Focus RS WRC Subaru Impreza 2008 Ford Focus RS WRC RA Ford Focus Suzuki SX4 WRC Subaru Impreza WRC Citroen C2 Sl600 10 I Renault 8 NL Mitsubishi Citroen C2 Sl600 6 Ford Focus RS WRC Citroen C2 Sl600 5 Renault Clio R3 4 Suzuki Swift S1600 3 I Renault 2 I Renault 1 PL Suzuki s Suzuki SX4 Suzuki Swift Sl600 Page 48

Page 49

LDRE■O-Racln■ Around Loreto Rody Amaya Zamorano was the big winner in the Trophy Truck Class, he was the overall winner of the race as well. Baja has been a fairly discussed Ciudad de Constitucion are topic this year. Following several currently facing a huge influx of unfortunate and unnerving foreign and national investment events in Tijuana and Ensenada and growth, and high end during the last Baja 1000, various condominium and second home teams decided to boycott racing projects previously only found in in Baja, deeming it to be an Caho San Lucas can now be unsafe environment. Then, as the found in several of these southern newly elected president Felipe Baja towns. La Paz was voted by Calderon decides to target the several international magazines trafficking and crime waves in and papers such as LA Times and these areas, attacking drug Money as one of the top ten families and police corruption places in the world to retire in. head on by introducing a heavy This is not only because you can military presence in these areas, still get very good value for your leading to crime crackdown money, not only because of the however also various incidents of many beautiful facets that area shoot outs and assassination of hosts, not only because of the police chiefs and other key great activities it has to offer such features. Some people believe as sport fishing, diving or hiking that things have to get worse but also because this area has before they get better, as it is a always been identified as one of huge battle, however it is a battle the safest areas in Mexico. that is being undertaken. Another asset that this area has All this activity is taking place that not everyone knows about is on the corridor right near the off-road racing. Like in the entire border of a 1,000 miles plus long peninsula, off road racing is part Peninsula, yet several articles in of the culture and is a second US newspaper couldn't refrain religion, drawing not only huge from headline stories about "the crowds and fans, but also a lot of dangers o f Baja", alerting great competitors and cars, both travelers that they put their lives local and visitors. People who and those of their family's at come and race down South for great risk if they dare travel the first time are usually anywhere in the Baja territory. surprised by the quality and the That is a little like tagging numberofthecompetition,with Southern California as a "no go" most races having more than 100 area because of heavy gang wars entries, consisting of some very in South Central LA... fast Trophy Trucks, Class ls, The major towns in Southern Class 12s, Class 8s, Class 7s, all ---------'------...... --r the way down to the Class 1 ls. Several American drivers such as Tom Bradley, Jim Mihal,XXXXXXXX have made this area their battlefield of choice and they leave their vehicles to be prepped down south, participating the entire series, whilst others, such as Perry McNeil, Mango Racing, Dave Creagan to name but a few, decide to come down and race a feyr selected races. Southern Baja is the home of two Off Road Championships, the Corona Extra U-PRO and the PROBAJA DESERT series, each with its own race schedule so that there is usually at least one race a month, although the combine efforts in two of the biggest races of the year. One of these races, the "Mission Route" otherwise known as the Loreto 400, was hosted in the town of Loreto at the skirt of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range over a spectacular week end, the 16'h & 17'h of August. Even the 112oF heat couldn't stop the 120 teams that registered to compete, nor could it keep the thousands of fans away from the race or contingency. The whole town of Loreto is simply turned into an off-road Mecca for the week end, with the full support of the local hotel association and the Municipal President Yuan Yee, It was an easy win for Andrea Tomba, all his competition fell out and he was the only one left running in Class 6. and the town was completely sold out, as was nearby Cuidad de Constitucion. The 217 mile route covers some of the most spectacular and breathtaking terrain in Baja, with a smorgasbord of terrains. Starting in Loreto itself, home to the Mission of "Nuestra Senora de Loreto", the first mission to be raised in Baja, the route takes you up a very tight climb up the mountain, with some fairly serious vertiginous drop offs, before a fairly rocky but quick section to the 300 year old Mission of San Javier, which is nestling in lush green vegetation in the middle of the sizzling desert, before continuing along fast rocky straights to Piedra Parada, where a sharp left of the main road leads you into the deep silts that claimed a lot of victims in the Baja 1000 YEAR??, and then into some tight switchbacks before getting to the abandoned gas station in Ejido 1 just before Cuidad lnsurgentes. Crossing the Purissima Highway, the route draws the competitors into the silts of Maria Auxiliadora, another area that some of the Baja 1000 competitors relived time and time again in their nightmares before leading into a veTy fast section up to Pancho Villa and into Comondu. San Miguel and San Jose de Comondu, also home of the Mission of San Jose, were two of the most important towns in Southern Baja before Highway 1 bypassed it, and is one of the most beautiful hidden secrets of Baja. Surrounded by mountains and blessed with lots of water, this area is an oasis that appears from the harsh desert. Palms and fig trees offer enticing shade alongside the road, and you can see some of the lush, rich water holes as you drive past the town. If ever you pre-run through here, know that these town make some great goat cheese, most of which is exported out to other Mexican cities and abroad, but they also make some great wine, as thought to them by the Italian priests who lived there centuries ago. This is port like wine made with sweet grapes, and is most definitely not made for export, not even for sale, but for private consumption and guarded by the locals, so if you stop and decide to have a bite to eat, stop and ask whom can sell you some food, and try your luck ... Leaving Comondu you face a pretty treacherous ascent up a steep and rocky mountain before you join the first section of the route again, this time driving down the twisty, tight with murderous drop off road down the mountain into the cheering finish line in Loreto. At 7.00am on the 17'\ the first of 28 motorcycles left the start, and Class 21 saw a tight struggle between current points leader Ramon Davila, who was beat by 38 seconds by his rival Vincent Meza, who achieved the finishing time of 3:44:03. The quads were won by Sergio Perez "El Topo" in 3:55:59, whilst the young lady Minerva Anguis visiting fromPsycho Racing in Mexicali took a well deserved 3'd Place. At 8.00am, Rody Amaya Jr., who had taken the pole by winning the overall in the previous Coyote 300 race, roared off the start line in his FORD Trophy Truck, at the same time that the organizers gave instructions to their observation plane to take off from the Loreto runway, to keep a look out for serious accidents and to keep the radio network updated of the race progress. The route claimed quite a few casualties, as in particular the fast rocky sections seem to draw in quite a few spindle damage and a lot of flat tires and wheel breakages, and only 66 vehicles made it to see the checkered flag. In Class 14, it was great to see the new generation of local drivers, 14 year old Cesar Romero Jr. take home l" place with a time of 5:23:39. Luis Enrique Catano from the Team Desert Justice dominated Class 11 with almost a 30 minute lead over 2nd place Onesimo Alvarez Mendoza, whilst Class 9 saw a much tighter competition with Alfo nso Ojeda establishing less than a 4 minute gap from Jose Antonio Green. It was a nice Class 8 Stock win for Samir Rivera, he finished on three tires, causing quite a bit of dust as he thundered home. A great race for Estaban Martinez, he took the gold medal in Class 5/1600 and picked up an unexpected $15,000 peso bonus. Andrea Tomba was the only Class 6 truck to cross the finish line, Jna.kin.g him the Gontmued next page Dusty Times December 2008 Page 49

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undisputable winner, and widening the lead in the Class points for ATRacing. Samir Rivera once again proved his consistency in Class 8 Stock, and even though he drove across the finish in a cloud of dust caused by the lack of a tire, he had over an hour's advantage on Gabriel Sanchez Meza. Local Loretean Esteban Martinez "Tebanos" in Class 5-1600 become a local hero as he took home not only the first place trophy, but also a special prize of $15,000 pesos given by the Mayor of Loreto to any driver from Loreto winning first place in his class. Class 16 didn't hold the 20 plus veh icles in this class as we have becoming accusto med to see in this very tightly fought category, however the competition was very strong and very close, with only two minutes separating 1", 2nd and 3'd place, held by Juan Cota, Samuel Araiza and Julio Miguel Herrera respectively. Class 5 Open saw Victor Hugo Cesena and Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez race closely for the entire 200 miles, with Victor being able to finally establish a 3 minute gap finishing in 4: 18:47. This Loreto race indeed saw several very close finishes, but Class 7 was the tighest of the day, with Andrea Bataglia physically crossing the finish first in his strong FORD Ranger Class 7 Open, however Andrea had to settle with second place as Carlos Murillo whom has been establishing himself as a contending driver in his first racing season, snagged victory by 8 seconds with a total time of 4:08:05. Class 12 keeps establishing itself as one of the most competitive and fastest classes in the series, also boasting some of the greatest drivers of the State. Winner Pepe Cervantes overcame a couple of flats, as did second place Julio Verdugo, affirming that the terrain was punishing and challenging, however only two minutes separated the two, and Pepe's time of 3:47:02 was enough to give him the third place overall. What has become know as one of the fastest and most competitive classes in the Southern Baja Championship counting with some great cars, Class 1 also suffered somewhat due to the punishing conditions. The first Class 1 off the start was Andres Ruffo who shared the driving duties of their Porter, with Jim Mihal, and the new LS3 couldn't wait to eat ut the trail. Pedro Velazquez Jr. and his father Pedro Velazquez Sr. as co-driver presented themselves to the challenge in their impressive Class 10, and he made great use of his vehicle to finish a very close third place, less than 4 minutes behind Andres Ruffo's "El Ruffian". Another contender to the throne was the local Loretean driver Tarcilo Alejandro Pena in his " Black Widow", and all were chasing the favorite, Baja 500 winner Luis "Fito" Ramirez. Both Ramirez and "El Ruffian" suffered some problems and delays, whilst Tarcilo flipped his car, so although the Class 1 were slower overall than expected, times were close as Luis Ramirez managed to snag first place in 3:59:24 with Andres Ruffo/ Jim Mihal close behind with 4:02:34. Page so The Class 16 entry was down a bit from prior races but Juan Cota took advantage and he swept the class in a nice win. Carlos Murillo was the victor in a very close Class 7 Open race, he took the win with a mere eight seconds to spare. The Class 12 win went to Jose Cervantes, he had a few flat tires to contend with but his class winning time gave him third overall! Luis uFito* Ramirez took the always competitive Class 1 honors, he had some problems along the way but he carried on. It was a great race for Class 8, in particular for Rodimiro Amaya Tellez, whom, if it wasn't his son Rody Jr., would have taken home the overall ride. The two generations fought a duel over the best race time, taking home 1" and second overall, with Jr. winning with a 4 minute lead. Tom Bradley's experience and great truck preparation by Lupito Abaroa and his team, lead to a perfect race and a close 2nd place in Class 8. The Trophy trucks Class is constantly growing, with the trucks looking better and better, however these suffered heavy casualties, with the majority not finishing. Valerio Gonzalez limped through the finish line in third place with a time of 6: 18:28, and Jose Luis Abaroa came in second in 4:01:04, giving him 9'h place overall. The Class and overall winner Rody Amaya Zamorano set the winning time at 3:36:00, and has shown great driving skills and determination, combined with the family's 3 decades on racing off road and impeccable preparation by Aurelio Perez, to take home overall wins in the last three races, proving beyond doubt that he is a serious contender, racing his FORD Class 8 Open to victory against very strong Trophy Truck competitors. It was great to see the whole town of Loreto celebrating the race, and the complete support of all the local fans and local government bodies. For true, fun racing, with beautiful terrains and strong compet1t1on, consider Southern Baja next time round, whether as a spectator or a participant. Most probably, the biggest risk you face is that you will be presently surprised! For more information on racing in Southern Baja DUSff TIMl!S IS IN URGl!NT Nl!l!D OF YOUR 2DD9 RACI! AND RALLY SCHl!DULl!S FOR INSl!RTION INTO THI! 2DD9 DUSff TIMl!S RACI!/ RALLY CALl!NDAR. SEND YOUR SCHEDULE TO US ASAP PHONE FAX 818-882-GCICM 818•882-0090 E•MAIL OR THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION December 2008 Dusty Times

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Justice Far Nye Frank Category: Criminal Justice Region State & LocaVCalifornia & Riverside County Target : CA Attorney General Description/History: A petition to seek the investigation of the death of Nye Frank Some background to his case: Nye Frank, 68 years old, passed away on August 5, 2007 after he was violently assaulted by a 27 year old professionally trained wrestler, at the corner of Twin Pines and Valley Hi Drive in Banning, CA while Nye and Lee were picking up the Sunday paper. The guy was arrested and brought to the County jail for questioning after the incident but set free without bail after 3 days. The case was closed by the Riverside District Attorney's office on Oct 19, 2007 without further investigation declaring that Nye died of a heart attack brought about by a mutual combat. The autopsy findings and other evidences however show that it was NOT a fistfight nor was it a heart attack. The CA elder abuse law provides that anyone who willfully causes any elder to suffer or inflicts pain is punishable by imprisonment and if in the commission of the offense, the defendant causes the death of the victim, he shall receive an additional term in state prison. We are greatly concerned about the handling of the case and would like to petition the Attorney General to order the re, opening of the case so that it can be properly investigated. To contact Lee or Dawana, send an email to or call 310,619,6260. Petition: We, the undersigned, are friends, former colleagues, race car drivers, builders and other race industry people, who wish to seek the investigation of the death of Nye Frank, 68 years old. The autopsy findings and other evidences show that it was not a mutual combat. In the years that we've worked with Nye, he has never had a fight with anyone. By his inventions, Nye contributed so much to the auto industry, and to the racing industry in particular. He was a man loved by many. He deserves justice and his name cleared. We call on the US Attorney,general to re-0pen and investigate the case (Case#B07217013) to arrive at the truth and justice for Nye, and file the necessary criminal charges against the perpetrator. AGREED UPON BY THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: Name County Email Addr. Tel. No. Dusty Times December 2008 Page 51

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Tel;S Pait'S 1~34 TIMCECIL 849 Lambert •. Brea, CA 921121- . . (71~)-447-3581 Fax (114) 672-9248 J08 SlTE Sl&IS • !WfltEAS • MIOOW LETmll?.G • CAA UTIEIUtlG • Wl'tllCS SO.UEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Huntington Beach CA 92549 (714) 897-0075 • Fa~ 17141 894-9567 USO Col .... Drive • lake "·-Clt:y • Az. H403 can Toll Free: 877•627-8852 , or !-Mall: • HI Parformance COnNrter• Custom Length Axt• • · • Automatic Trans Axla TCS Datgned Hub9 • (for Race• Recreation) Input Shafts• American Made Excellencell Do You Need To E :x: 818-882-0004 · .-* and Bolt.On to Street Fiberglass for: IIACENELB Paul _Qil Company WESTERN DIVISION (209) 847-2281 {8001527-6090 FAX (2091 847•9726 P.O. 90lt 248 • 524 N, Sierra Ave. . Oekdale. California 95361 "Ford, C~evy and Toyota" Trucks • Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena \1sta St., ltt,ael C.. 92543. PIii: 951-65.t-7:JU Fax: 951-654-2375 Seeatistof· ..,.. ... ~..,_...ale: JEFFF1ELD {818) 998-2739 9763 VerMI Ave. Chatsworth. CA 91311 NS W■ST PERFORMANCETRA,.SAXt.ES Kevin Pirtle 22545 South Normandie Ave. Torrance, California 90501 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OJ=fflEYEAR 994.1998,1999,2000 From Parts To Comptil9 Engfntl 3265 W. Birtcher Drive, L;:is Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522 WJl#,Nc. SPECIALIZED WIRING, COMMUNICATIONS, ANO REPAIRS FDR: Race Cars -TroPhV Trucks -Pre-runners Chase Vehleles -Dual Span Cars (760) B03-6955 MARC: WADDELL, PRESIDENT WIREF'AB@eecoLOBAL.NET

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9608 N. 21st °"· Phoemx, AZ 1$021 &ic'Pl~ig 7-60,-7)~-9-4 7) ~·nut ~ \+H-l$'+► N~ Jack Wood$ 601•242-0011 fu 602~242-7213 D ISTRIBUTOR Performance Trans Off Road Street Trans Lorenzo Rodriguez Parts -Service -Transmiuions - V. W. -Porsche Desert, Sand & Drag 850 $. Alta Vista Avenue • Monrovia. CA 91 016 (626) 305-RACE (7223) • World Leading Motorsport "'===----+ii1fV Transmission ~XTRAC Manufacturer ~ -11 Dakar Rally Victories 17 World Rally Victories 6 AMA MX/SX Championships Xtrac Inc 6183 West 80th Street Indianapolis IN 46278 email: Tel: (317) 472 2454 '383' Baja Class 1/10 sequential Transaxle Get The ward out About Your card Ad In The Goad stuff Directory B1B-BB2-DDD4 WHY AREN'T YOU A DusTYTIMES SUBSCRIBER? It's so much easier to receive Dusty Times in your mailbox each month, getting all the latest news and race and rally reports, written by the best off road Journalists in the business. Don't miss an issue: Subscribe now: 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years Foreign Subscriptions 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years * U.S. Dollars $25.00 $40.00 $55.00 $55.00* $110.00* $165.00* Air Mail Rates on Request I (Subscription Form is on Page 3) Dusty Times December 2008 Page 57 _,

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DUSTY TIMES IS IN URGENT NEED OP YOUR 2N9 RACE AND RALLY SCHEDULES IPOR INSERTION INTO THE 2N9 DUSTY TIMES RACE/RALLY CALENDAR. P&IIIIIIIIIIIIIISII SEND YOUR SCHEDULE TO US ASAP PHONE PAX 81■·-2-GCID4 818•882-G090 E·MAIL OR THANKS POR YOUR COOPERATION PLEASE! DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP DUSliJ~l■RS REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! ClasslRed ••• Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be le-gal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for informa-tion before purchase of any 'f . .,,., FOR SALE: Alumacraft 2007 Single Seat Class 10, Score tag, Majors Honda w/Daly Dry Sump. Howe, Mendeola S5, BTR wheels, BFG Tires, Mastercraft, Kenwood radio, Baja Design HID's ProAm, CNC, Lowrance OPS, Best of ev-erything, complete prep, less than 1 k race miles, spares incl. $75K obo. Call Victor (619) 710-8800. FOR SALE: New PreRunner For Sale, 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat Package!!! JD Fab kit, King Shocks, 18" Full Travel, Full 2" Roll cage, Deaver Springs, Heavy duty Detroit Locker rear end, 5.4 motor, Hyper tech program-mer, K & N, Headers, Flowmaster, 10" OPS, 55 Watt radio, Dirt Bags, 3 Mastercraft 30 Seats, Hella Hids, Winch, 2 Full spares, Craftsman Jack, Walker Evans, Beadlocks on 35" Pro Comp Tires, Rhino lined Bed and sides, Police flashers, extras ... This is a serious Pre-Runner truck. Serious inquires only $89K .... Ready to Rumble the Baja l000!!!Call Tom @ (949) 231-2111. FOR SALE: Penhall Diablo 2008 $165k OBO. Car only has 500 miles on it. Can be set up as a 3 or 4 seater. Wiks LS2 550hp; 500ft-lbs torque, Fortin 5 speed sequential with torque converter: King Shocks, Mastercraft Seats; Kartek Front Hubs; Howe Rack; Kartek 934 Mid-Board Hubs; Dirt Bagz in-terior bags; 4 Baja designs;Hid Roof lights; Roof Rack; Rad flow Jack; Fuego HID front lights, Safety nets; Fridge /Freezer Set-up; Heavy duty Marine Wind-shield W ipers, 35 ga llon Fuel-Safe Cell, CNC Pedal assembly, interior body panels, Carbon Fiber Body, Powder coated Chas-sis (silver) OPS, 110 watt radio; RacerX intercom, nickel plated arms, PreRun the 1000! Please Serious inquiries only. Make me an offer! Las Vegas Nv. Bill (702) 499-6050. FOR SALE: J imco 2 Seat 1600, Score legal, previous Score points champ, Kings just serviced by Webber, Fresh FAT dual port, Lightweight hoses, DFT Transmission, DFT rear hubs, serviceable, Karte--k shifter, Mastercraft with ad-justable drivers seat, Light-ened 930 CV's Fuel Safe w/ dry break, Foddrill Beam & Torsion housings, New Foddrill front, arms & spindells, Sway-A-Way, Sweet Saco & Howe, Lowrance 480c GPR !com, V-8000 and Inter-com, Odyssey Battery, Parker Pumper, CNC Willwood, Dual MSD Ignition, BTR rims Yokohama tires, Sister car to Bekki Freeman Wik, Car com-pleter rebuilt by Foddrill 4/ 06, Spare parts, contact Steve (928) 442-9285 or Ji m @ (480) 894-1286 . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is $ ______________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name ___________________________________ _ Address---------------------------------------------------------------City ------------------------------------------------------------------State _______ Zip __________________ Phone _______________________________ _ Please run ad _______ times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 DU95f5IIIB 2008-09 ISSUE DEADLINE January 09 Dec 5, 08 February 09 Jan 9, 09 March09 Feb 6, 09 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 58 December 2008 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 2005 Baja Pro Truck, Chassie No. SS-1-044 truck No 299, Chevy body pan-els. Fresh Engine and trans. Floor jack/ spare drive line/al-ternator/steer motor/tool stor-age and much more on board. Full equipped, ready to race, the best of everything. Many spare parts. $130,000.00 OBO. (818) 991-9898. FOR SALE: Foddrill 12/ 10, 1835 FAT Plenum motor dry sumped w/dual CornpuFire, Mendeola sequential 5 speed w/indicator by Dave Folts, CNC, turning brake w/bias ad-juster, Lightened 934 CV's, Kings done by Webber-3 front bypass, 5 rear bypass, Mastercraft w/adjustable driv-ers seat, BTR wheels, w/ beadlock on wheels, Sweet & Howe Diablo rack, Fuel Safe, cell w/ 1 dry brake & 1 regular filler, Lowrance 6500 C GPS, Icom radio & intercom, Parker Pumper, Score legal, Alumi-num light bar, Prepped by PBW. Contact Steve (928) 442-9285 or im (480) 894-1286. FOR SALE ; New 2332cc-Turn Key Engine Blue Printed-Dyno Te ted only. Custom built by Pat Downs of CB Performance. 84x94 Universal Super Ca e, Welded #3 Cylinder, 84mm Forged Chromoly Crankshaft 5.500 Forged Chromoly H-Bearn Rods, Forged Chromoly Light Weight Flywheel, Manton Chromoly Push Rods .. 035 wall thickness, 94mm Mahle Piston/ Cylinder kit, #2246 Camshaft 308 duration x 410 lift at cam, 1.1 Ratio Rocker Arms w/swivel feet adjusters, Hardened Rocker Shafts, Billet Distributor lamp, 044 Heads 42 x 37.5 Stainless Steel Valves, Dual Springs, Chrornoly Retainers, Stage 1 Kennedy Pressure Plate w/ 200mm Daycon Disc, Bosch 009 Distributor w/Bosch Blue Coil, Dual 44 IDF Weber Carb kit with CB Hexbar Linkage, Doghouse Fan Sh roud w/high amp Bosch Alternator, 26mm Keyed Oil Pump, Degreed Crank Pulley, Chromoly 8mm Head Studs, 94mm Teflon wrist pin buttons, Windage Tubes, Chromoly Straight Cut Cam Gear Assembly, 8.5: 1 Compres-sion, and dyno test 195hp on pump gas * $5,500.00 OBO*. Call Tom @ (714) 904-4745 or (562) 903-1625. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Wyllie Racing Pro2 Chevy, ProPower 434 ci 800 + Hp, Fox shocx, tubeworks differ-ential, C & C calipers, KMC wheels, Howe Steering, Mastercraft Seat. Daily oil pump, Probst built for 2006 sea-son, Tig welded, Lots of spares, ready to race. $150,000.00 Complete. Less motor?? Call Todd. (602) 463-0936. FOR SALE: SCORE Lite 2 seater, Major rebuild in 2007. Complete suspension update, front and rear at Foddrills shop. All new Fox Shocks, CNC brakes, axles, alum. Body, rear cage, BTR bead locks. One race on new FAT Tupe 4 Style Plentum motor and 5 speed Mendeola trans. Brand new Foddr.ill arms, pins and bush-ings. Brand new race radio and intercom. 7" GPS, SCORE tag, new paint and all new aluminum skid plates and floor. Ready to race. Lots of spares. $39,000.00. Call (928) 899-3016. FOR SALE: Racer Class I Prerunner. All the big stuff. Call for info. John (970) 441-0443. FOR SALE: 2006 Penhall Class 1, Redline LS2 550hp, Albins 5 speed Tilton clutch, projects on RG wheels, 5 HIDs light bar, 6 spare, dump cans, wheels, & ti res, spare axles, 24ft Progres-sive enclosed trailer, Triple axle Tool box and cabs. In nose, air compressor. Both 160K. Tim (714) 271-4684. 7 races on car. FOR SALE: 2006 Series "2000" 2 seat J imco Class 1 only 6 races. 1" race: 1" place 2007 Snore "Dash for the Cash." Stroked LS-2, Mendeola 4 spd,S4D, Fox Shox, Mastercraft, Pro Arn Hubs/Brakes, VisionX H.l.D.'s. SCORE Legal. Ready to Win. $155,000.00 w/race car hauler. $145,000.00 without. Call Brian (619) 481-0253. FOR SALE; 5/ 1600 SCORE le-gal, previous Lonekid SNORE Champ Car, Fresh Motor, Trans, Lightened 930 CV's, BTR Rims, MT Tires, Kings, RacePak Dsch, GPS, Radio IntCom, Fresh Prep,, Dual Spares, Parker Pumper, multiple wins in this car. Very competitive, lots of new parts, too much to list, new paint. $28,000.00 OBO. (714) 636-3135, (714) 606-9039. FOR SALE: Pre-Runner to Buy. Foddrill 3-4 seat street legal Reg-istered in Texas, LS6 pump gas 400hp, Fortin w/converter, Fox shocks coil over and by-pass, VDO, Howe, WR coolers, 50 gal cell, Mastercraft, BF on JJ wheels, Pro Am hubs and brakes, Roof rack w/light bar , Race radio w/carbon fiber head sets, XM radio w/external speak-ers, GPS, ODO shows 546 miscarbon fiber dash, wind-shield, a set of spare tires w/ wheels, a set of sand tires w/ wheels, chase box, spare parts, single axle open trailer inc. $119,000.00 Negotiable. Cesar Fuentes (915) 726-3823 afuentes@fuen tes 7 .com. rnx. FOR SALE: 2/ 1600 or PreRunner, Folts Bus Box, 930 C.V's, Fox Shox, Centerline Wheels, 24 gal Fuel Cell, Power Steering, fresh prep, with 1835 motor $15,000.00, with Hatz 1600 race motor $18,000.00. Brian (562) 619-9686. FOR SALE: Chevy Trophy Truck, Fully prepped and ready to race, SCORE tagged, 720 HP RC performance, Culhane turbo 400, kings, Kenwood, Dry brake and fuel tower all the best parts. Includes all spares 10 wheels, and 20 tires. $ 120,000.00 (714) 642-6889 FOR SALE: Geiser Bros C hevy Trophy Truck. 460ci. 750hp by Eator Engines. Fresh motor and transmission. Fox Shocks. Tubeworks cliff, Cool Box A/C, dual GPS, 11 Hella Hid's. Walker Wheels, 39" BFG tires. Best of everything, fully prepped, ready to win. Lots of spare parts. $350,000.00. Call Todd (602) 463-1067. December 2008 Class 5 Baja Bug PreRunner. Fox By-pass shocks with coilovers, 4 wheel disc brakes, fresh Major Performance 2333cc engine with JG Transwerks bus box. Kenwood 2 way radio with PCI intercom. Spares, CA lie. Economical, fun desert car. $16,000.00 Call Tom (714) 742-1418. FOR SALE: Own the legend-ary Great Candy Cane! Great Sportsman car. Raceco 2 seater, VW, type 4 Motor, re-built trans, Fox Shocks, $10,500.00 OBO. TJ Stanworth (435) 864-4933. Leave message or email for pictures. Alumacraft 2006 2 seat Class 10, Score tag, Fox, Howe, Majors Tl w/dry sump, Mendeola SS, BTR wheels, BFG Tires, Mastercraft, Kenwood radios w/intercom, ProAm, CNC, Lowrance GPS, Best of everything. Complete prep RTR, le s than 1500 race miles, spares incl. $65k obo. Call Victor (619) 710-8800. CLASS 8 GOT MILK? CHEVY: 3 SCORE Class 8 points Cham-pionships, 13 Score Wins in-cluding 6 Baja 500s. Can win its class any day and usually top 20 overall. Best of everything. 700Hp. Comes with spare ev-erything, suspensions, tranny, engine, tires, bodies, etc. Prepped and ready to win. $175,000 Nick Vanderwey (602) 763-3883. FO R SALE: C lass 5 Baja Bug with trailer. Type 4 motor t815cc, Fox Shocks with coilovers front & rear. Lowrance GPS. Roadmaster Rhino push to talk. Spare tires & rims. This was a race car con-verted to a PreRunner. Prepped and ready to go. $19,800.00. (714) 936-3121. FOR SALE: Class 10 Jirnco. Honda motor, Fortin 5 speed transmis-sion, new Fuel Cell, new Bypass Fox shocks, new Pro-Wiring and SCORE tagged. Asking $60,000.00. Call ( 9 ) VACATION RENTAL Vacation Rental in the Exclusive Indian Wells Country Club in the Sunny Palm Springs area of Southern California! 2 or 3 bed-rooms, furnished for your com-plete relaxation and if you are a glutton for punishment, play golf on 1 or both of the beauti-ful cour es. FYI, wireless internet and long distance phone calls (USA) included. Starting at $4,500.00 in season (Jan, Feb, March, April) or $2,300.00 per month not in sea-son. Call (760) 345-6124. INDLl TO ADVb.12. Tl.:>b.12.6 Baker Precision Racing Products ....... 35 Bilek Racing/E&S Racing ................ 14 BTR Racing Wheels ......................... 33 Butch's Speed Shop .......................... 38 Chet Huffman ................................. 47 Fox Racing Shox ............................... 30 Fuel Safe Racing Cells ....................... 47 Glen Helen Baja Cup Challenge ...... Back Cover Hose Smith ..................................... 46 Kar Tek Off Road .............................. 41 KC HiliTES ....................................... 2 King Shock Technology ..................... 43 Mastercraft Seats .......................... 37 McKenzie's Performance Products .... 11 Mendeola Transaxles ........................ 15 MOR Productions ........................... 34 Nevada Off Road Buggy .................... 24 Off Road Warehouse ......................... 30 PCI Race Radios ................................. 5 Racer X Motorsports ........................ 31 Race Ready Products ........................ 48 Robby Gordon Off Road ..................... 29 Ronco Plastics .................................. 36 Sakata Motorsport Electronics .......... 42 Skyjacker Suspensions ..................... 21 SNORE ...................................... 19, 23 Soltek Light Systems ........................ 44 South Point Casino ........................... 9 Stewart Raceworks ......................... 27 T ransaxle Engineering ...................... 25 Vacations Rentals ........................... 46 VP Racing Fuels ................................ 48 Page 59

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pRESENTED BY Great opportunity to test new drivers or let a chase crew member drive 3 ~ile long course especially layed-out for clesert cars ---1 2 66%PAYBACK Pre-Entry $300.00 (before 11123/07) _ Post-Entry $350.00 • No membership required ..,., 30% TROPHIES Pre-Entry or Post-Entry $50.00 Rynos / Trophy Carts Park Admission • $15 / per adult • $5 I per child (6-12yrs) • Free for kids 5yrs & under Photo Provided by qjf;,',f ffil£Ji/ ~ • 5th Annual li f1~ WANTTOHELP SPONSOR ll·IIS EVENT? Contact: Lori Bryant, General Manager or Bob Beyer, Race Director at (909) 384-9342 or n~• PR.IDAY, December 12th GATES OPEN 12PM -10PM SA11JRDAY, Decembci 13th GATES OPEN 6AM - ~ ."C-C.C-.- ~ 909.880.3090 Five miles North of San Bernardino Follow the signs off 1-215 Freeway