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2007 Volume 24 Number 8 Dusty Times Magazine

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vo111 .. 2• • Nullllle• a • august: 2N7 12.50 S8Wlng .,.,,,, 0-11' IIOad Co,n,nuntt, ,,,,, 211 F811rsl covering tlle world of com11et1t1on In tlle dirt •••

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Volume 24 - Number 8 August 2007 DU Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Yance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Mike Del Col Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton Victor Gazca Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Rudd ,ck Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier T rackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self aqdressed tamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 9131 I, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite IA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send add ms change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., snapshot of the Month ••. Ah, the good old days, here is a shot of Dennis Bryant and Jeff Yoder at an AMSA race at Santa Maria Spillway Park, they were the Class 1600 winners in their high flyin' Funco. PhotobyDennisBryant DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the pico.ire used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self.add~ envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. In 1111s Issue ••• FEATURES SCORE Baja 500 by Judy Smith ................................................................ 8 Rally Of Italy by Martin Holmes ..................................................................... 18 Tattersall's 2007 Finke Desert Race by Steve Hilton ................................... 21 SNORE Caliente 250 by John Calvin & Kelly Bradley ............................. 22 BORE Red Garter 200 by Mike Chamberlain .............................................. 30 The Big Windy 3 by Rod Koch ....................................................................... 33 Acropolis Rally by Martin Holmes ................................................................. 35 WSORR At Owatonna by]. Preston Bradshaw ........................................ 38 MOR Coyote Wash by J Preston Bradshaw ............................ ....................... 41 CORR At Chula Vista by Judy Smith .................................................... : ...... 46 CODE VW Autopartes Race by Byrle Moore .............................................. 52 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ............................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ................................................................................................. 6 Good Stuff Directory .. ............................................................................ 56 Classified Ads .......................................................................................... 62 Index To Advertisers ............................................................................... 63 ON THI! COVER Brian Collins and Larry Ragland had a great race, they took the Trophy Truck Class win in their Chevy as well a the overall, it was a repeat of last year's 500 win. Photo by Track.side Photo The SNORE Caliente race was a really big win for Bryan Freeman, he beat out 20 other competitors in Class ½-1600 and he was 2nd overall as well. Photo by Foto Baja Mex Visit Our Website at dub .scri6 e 7oda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRYII □ 1 year □ 2 years □ 3 years -$25.00 · $40.00 -$55.00 (to subscribe online go to □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ______________________ _ Address ___________________ _ City __________________ _ State ______________ Zip ______ _ Primary Interest Can D Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US n Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times August 2007 Page 3

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II 2•7 Happenings ... DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DoN ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 ENSENALI'\, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 Hbc. FoUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) 4x4 FoREVER, LTD. 1665 OEIAWARE ST. O SHKOSH, WI 54901 AMl!RicANRAI.LY SPORT GRoUP, INc. 3650 SOUTH POINTE CIRCLE, SUITE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E Mait: AMERICAN 'fRIALs AssocIATION AMA Observed Trials Southern California Championship Series BILL MARKUM -PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE· (714) 562-7742 E MAIL: BMARK909@AOL.COM . <> AsOCIACION EsTATAL DE AuroMOVIl.ISMO SAM LASELL, TECH INSPECTOR Avro 42 SAN Josi:. DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MExlco AuSTRALIANOFFRoAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRnSMtTH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY AurOCRoss QuEBEC OFF RoAD CLASS IO CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BAJA CUP CIIALLENGE December 8, 2007 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona RacewaJ, l..llkeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS Off Road Sb.ort Course Racing & Special Event Marketing 4344 VALLEY VIEW AVE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340-6474 BEST IN THE DESERT 3475 BOULDER HIGHWAY LAS VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX:702-641-243I August 22-25, 2007 Vegas To Reno September 14-16, 2007 MC Nevada Rally Experience Invitation only October S-7, 2007 Las Vegas 300 November 2-4, 2007 MC Golden West Cycle Avi 150 November 30 - December 1-2, 2007 Henderson's Terrible 400 BORE RACING 10 ELK MOUNTAIN DRIVE REDSTONE, CO 81623 970-963-4563 623-853-3595 August 31-Septem.ber 1, 2007 Wendover 200 Wendover, NV BP MOTORSPORTS P.O. Box 411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All E11ents At California City, CA BRIGIITON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR Cum AuroMOVlLISTA]UARENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA Dusty Times 0ll-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <> August 18, 2007 Gorman Ridge Rally Coef 3 Frazier Park, CA September IS, 2007 Treeline Rally Coef 3 Quartzsite, AZ October ~. 2007 Prescott Rally Coef 2,3 Prescott, AZ November 9-11, 2007 Laughlin International Rally, Coef 1,2,3 Laughlin, NY CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL Sourn DAKOTA RACING AssOCIATION P.O. Box 645 PIERRE, SD 57501 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING AssOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box 332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS I.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH Cum AuroMOVIl.ISTICA SAN QuINnN CALLE 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (01 I 52 616-5-22-07) Cum AUTOMOVIl.ISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road PIACII~ NT .. Cl:Jldl 1•ta1111TS CMC CoNTINENTAL MOToSPORT Cum P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE OFFRoAD USA P.O. Box 2328 CALEXICO, CA 92231-2328 760-455-8069 USA 01 l-52-686-553-4087 MEXICO August 2-4, 2007 ORW Gran Prix Jacume, Tecate, Laguna Salada, MX September 29 - October 1, 2007 Mexicana Logistics Mexicali 300 Laguna Salada, MX November 30-Decemher 1-2, 2007 Race Ready 275 Mexicali -San Felipe, BC, MX CowRADOHlu CLIMB AssOCIATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 0l 1-52-65-66-4458 CORR LUCAS Ou, SERIES 270 NEWPORT CENTER OR., SuITY 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866-501-CO RR September lS-16, 2007 Antelope Valley Fairgrounds Lancaster, CA September 29-30, 2007 Chula Vista Raceway San Diego, CA. October 19-20, 2007 Texas Motor Speedway Dallas, TX November 2-3, 2007 Las Vegas Motor Speedway · Las Vegas, NV CORVA. Continued next page GI..OBALMAP BAJA 540C IIE-B· - R &f DISPIIY IE-SIDE GLOBAi.MAP 7200c GLOBAi.MAP 9200c rF DISPlAY m DISPLAY ~--. ~ " ' tn ~ "4\1'Y\C!'C ·- , . -n,,w~n--~100'> . ~ t,1et4\\\\n -l! -,ct'a~ ~ugust 2007 Pages

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NEW DRIVERS -Danny Porter (Porter Race Cars) and his wife Kathie are pleased to announce the birth of their twin daughters, Ruby and Sadie. The girls arrived on June l7•h, all are well and looking forward to their first race to see what the excitement is all about. Congrats to Danny and Kathie, may your children li1.1e long, healthy and happy li1.1es. SCORE POINTS - Las Vegans B. J. Richardson in Overall and Class l; B.J. Baldwin in SCORE Trophy-Truck leading 2007 SCORE Desert Series points. The top 20 in points are: 1. B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (CLASS 1), 261 2. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 245 3. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 242 4. Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz./Brian Collins, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 233 4. Bill Gasper, Chino Hills, Calif., Porter-Chevy (CLASS 1), 233 6. Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, Chevy Silverado (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 232 6. Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif., Lothringer-VW (CLASS 1-2/ 1600), 232 8. Max Thieriot, Petaluma, Calif., RPS-Chevy (CLASS 1}, 226 9. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 225 9. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (CLASS 1}, 225 11. Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico, Jimco-Honda (CLASS 10), 223 12. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150 (SCORE Trophy-Truck), 222 12. L.J. Kennedy, Orange, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, ChenoSPF-VW (CLASS 1-2/1600), 222 14. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Desert Assassin-VW (SCORE Lite), 218 15. Scott Wisdom, Lake Forest, Calif., Mirage-VW (SCORE Lite), 217 16. Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif., . Jimco-Chevy (CLASS 1), 216 17. Stan Potter, San Marcos, Calif./Dan Worley, Encinitas, Calif. (SCORE Lite), 214 18. Daniel McMillin, El Cajon, Calif., Jimco-VW (CLASS 1-2/1600), 213 19. Steven Eugenio, El Centro, Calif., Lothringer-VW (CLASS 1-2/1600), 213 20. Eric Chase, San Diego/Stuart Chase, Burbank, Calif., Penhall-Chevy (GLASS 1), 209. The Class Point Leaders are: SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK-I. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (1), 245; 2. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (1), 242; 3. Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz.,/Brian Coll.ins, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (1), 233; 4. Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, Chevy Silverado, 232; 5. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150, 225; 6. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 222; 7. (TIE) Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 and Travis Coyne, El Centro, Calif., Ford F-150, 198; 9. Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz., Chevy Cl500, 184; 10. Andy McMillin, National City, Calif./Scott McMillin, Coronado, Calif., Chevy CK1500, 176; 11. Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif./Bob Shepard, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado 176; 12. (TIE) Tim Herbst/Ed Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150; Pete Sohren, Glendale, Ariz., Ford F-150 and Gus Vildosola/ · Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico, Ford F-150, 168. CLASS 1-1. B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (1), 261; 2. Bill Gasper, Chino Hills, Calif., Porter-Chevy, 233; 3. Max Thieriot, Petaluma, Calif./Glenn Harris, Camarillo, CaHf., RPS-Chevy, 226; 4. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 225; 5. Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 216; 6. Eric Chase, Burbank, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 209; 7. Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif./Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Smithbuilt-Ford (1), 203, 8. Dale Lenk, Newport Beach, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 194; 9. Dan Myers, Newport Beach, Calif., Porter-Chevy, 190; 10. Luis Ramirez Jr., Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Porter-Chevy, 174. ALSO: 20. Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy, 132; 24 Brendan Gaughan, Las Vegas, Kreger-Chevy, 115. CLASS 1-2/1600-1. Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif., Lothringer-VW (1), 232; 2. L.J. Kennedy, Orange, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, ChenoSPF-VW, 222; 3. (TIE) Daniel McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Caleb Gaddis,- El Centro, Calif., Jimco-VW (1) and Steven Eugenio, El Centro, Calif., Lothringer-VW, 213; 5. Arnoldo Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico, Curry-VW, 208. CLASS 3-1. Dylan Evans, Anaheim Hills, Calif., Toyota FJ Cruiser ()), 144, 2. Chris Raffo, Arlington Heights, Ill., 113; 3. Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif., Ford Bronco (1), 85; 4. Ken Leavitt, Las Vegas, Ford Bronco (1), 62. CLASS 5-1. Chris Bowman, Upland, Calif., VW Baja Bug, 177; 2. George Seeley, Glendale, Calif., VW Baja Bug (1), 172; 3. Luivan Voelker, Mexicali, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (2), 165. CLASS 5/1600-1. Mario Reynoso, Tijuana, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (1), 188; 2. Adolfo Aguilar Jr., Chula Vista, Calif., VW Baja Bug, 178. CLASS 7-1. Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif., Ford Ranger (1), 175 ; 2. Barry Karakas, Oak Hills, Calif., Toyota Tacoma, 164, 3. Shannon Dierkop, Campo, Calif., Ford Ranger, 144; 4. Steve Looney, Campo, Calif., Ford Ranger, 104. CLASS 7S-l. Mike Horner, Mission Viejo, Calif., Toyota Tacoma (2), 150. CLASS 7SX-l. Rich Severson, Mesa, Ariz., Ford Ranger, 184; 2. Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Ford Ranger, 170; 3. Jim Hinesley, Bakersfield, Calif., Ford Ranger (2), 162; 4. John Holmes, Olivenhain, Calif., Ford Ranger, 135; 5. Noe Sierra, San Bernardino, Calif., Ford Ranger, 119. CLASS 8-1. Nick Vanderwey/ Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix/Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz., Chevy Silverado (3), 194; 2. Glen Greer, Green Valley, Ariz., Dodge Ram 1500, 151; 3. Greg Adler, Manhattan Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 111. CLASS 9-1. Eric Fisher, Ensenada, Mexico, Garibay-VW (2), 150. CLASS 10-1. Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico, Jimco-Honda (3), 223; 2. Mark We~r, Lancaster, Calif., RPS-Honda, 182; 3. Alex Crosthwaite, San Diego, Jimco-Honda, 156; 4. Chris Harrold, Chula Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-Honda, 123; 5. Corey Keysar, Colorado Springs, Colo., Jimco-Honda, 103. ALSO: 10. Robert McBeath, Las Vegas, Jimco-Honda, 73. SCORE LITE-1. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Desert Assassin-VW, 218; 2. Scott Wisdom, Lake Forest, Calif., Mirage-VW (1), 217; 3. Stan Potter, San Marcos, Calif./Dan Worley, Encinitas, Calif., Jimco-VW (1), 214; 4. Tim Noe, San Diego/Tom Watson, El Centro, Calif., Jimco-VW, 208; 5. David Callaway, Menifee, Calif./Scott Mapes, Riverside, Calif., Dunrite-VW, 199. ALSO: 11. Mike Williams, Prescott, Ariz., Meco-VW (1), 130. CLASS 11-1. Ramon Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Sedan (2), 151. STOCK FULL-1. John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif., Ford F-350 (1), 175; 2. Terry Henn, Walnut, Calif., Hummer Hl (1), 135; 3. Loren Worthington, Leona Valley, Calif., Dodge 2500, 112. ALSO: 5. Josh Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H2 (1), 73. STOCK MINI..:_ l. Gavin Skilton, Orange, Calif., Honda Ridgeline (1), 138; 2. Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3 (2), 125. PROTRUCK-1. Jason Voss/Rich Voss, Cupertino, Calif .• Ford F-150 (1), 168; 2. Jim Wasson, Hobart, Wash., Chevy Silverado, 112; 3. Gus Vidosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico/Bryan Freeman, Henderson, Nev. (1), 93. CLASS 17-1. Bob Land, Lake Forest, Calif./Jim Winovitch, Murrieta, Calif., Jeep Cherokee, 80. Sportsman SPT TRUCK-1. Mark Growe/Keith Growe, Placentia, Calif., Ford Ranger, 130. SPT CAR-1. Peter Lang/Terry Cottar, Santa Rosa, Calif., Homebuilt-Chevy (1), 106. SPT UTV-1. Matt Parks, Newport Beach, Calif., Polaris Ranger (1), 65. Page& 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum: 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All e1.1ents at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston County ORV Park, Ol-ympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OcEAN BLVD., Sum: 208 LONG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 Dl!cAnJR FOUR WHEEL DRivE CLlJB DECATUR, TX 76234 TOM ALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU Cm, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsn!RN OFl'-RoAD RACING~. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 F.Nsi!NADA BAJA Ow RbAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 011-52-646-1818989 Eus10 01 l-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for buggys & Motorcycles &TI!Ro BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 01 l-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FtoRIDA ()pp ROAD DluvER's ASSOCIATION )ASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, May, Nw at Da1.1idson Raceway Fu»PUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE s. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151 FAX GORRA GEORGIA ()pp ROAD RACING AssOCIATION 420 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT Pl.ANES ()pp ROAD RACING AssoclATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 Scarr MORROW (816) 792-2126 (ALL races are short course, stadium style Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Nebraska Raceway Park, Exit 420 on 1-80 between Omaha and Lincoln.) For latest info check <> HIGH PLAINS ()pp ROAD RACING 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING AssoclATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDDOR (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 JEEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES Orange, CA 92869 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 All races for Jeepspeed 1,2 & 3 August 11, 2007 MOR Californai 200 Night Race Lucerne Valley, CA September 29, 2007 MOR Lucerne 250 August 2007 Lucerne Valley, CA November 31-December 2, 2007 BITD Terrible 400 Henderson, NV 'KAMLooPS BRONCO BUSTERS Whiapering Pine11 Spam & Recreation Center P.O. Box 465 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5L2 DALE NYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAs VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFPRoADExPO (626) 961-3782 <> <> LI.T.R.E. jEFF ELROD (408) 926-0522 )IM ARUTA (408) 247-4402 MAMAluuTA ()pp ROAD RACING LUIS CARLOS ALVAREW PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX 011-52-1637-1799 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Bu61IJ' Trade Show (517) 543-7214 <> MICHIGAN ()pp ROAD CIIAMPIONSIDPS M. T .B. Enterpriles Inc. 15529 )ONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots only MAORA ~AMERICA ()pp ROAD AssOCIATION P.O. Box664 GREENUP, IL 62428 (217) 235-6528 E-MAIL: <> Augwt 2S, 2007 Short Course Soggy Bottom, Greenup, IL September ~9, 2007 Short Course & Endure TBA September 29-30, 2007 Short Course & Endure TBA MDR PRooucnoNs 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SoUTH EL MoNTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 Ca/JforaJa Cm,mplol16hip Seri.e11 Augwt 11, 2007 California 200 Night Race Lucerne Valley, CA September 29, 2007 Lucerne 250 Lucerne Valley "B", CA November 10, 2007 Stoddard 250 Double Points Barstow "B", CA Supentitioa Clumpiol16hip Seri.et1 October 27, 2007 Superstition 250 December 31, 2007 The Bud Light Dash 200 M.O.R.E. MOJAVE ()pp ROAD RACING ENnrusIASTS P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 760-253-4453 MOREKARTEK Off Road Gold Cup Series September IS, 2007 Lucerne Valley October 13-14, 2007 Powder Puff December 1, 2007 Toys For Tots Holiday 200 Barstow, CA MSBA MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FUNT, ML 48506 (810) 730-9221 MoroWF.ST WINTER TRw.s SEIUF.S BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <> All C1.1ents at Perris Raceway (At Reed Valley with a school) NATIONAL Muo RACING AssN. RT. #I - Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PALATKA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL 1'uFF TRUCK AssN. Butch Chapin Motonpom Promo-tions 1404 EAST 3RD STREET HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NOORA NORTIIERN Omo ()pp ROAD RACING AssN. GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from Spring Valley) ()pp RoAD ExP0 2007 (626) 599-8622 ()pp ROAD RACING AssoclATION Volua'-ttd Serie11 PRESIDENT· GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. - 1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. -9 & UNLTD. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OUTLAwREP. OoN PONDER (314) 631-8190 (All Races at WlieeUng in the County 900 Acres) Omo ()pp RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 )IM KENDEL (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO ()pp ROAD RACERS AssocIATION R.!CK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519)-68l-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) Oun.Aw SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. LOUIS, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Clumpiol16hip 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PENNSYLVANIA SHORT CoURSE RACING SMITHTON HOLE RACEWAY 313 SKYLINE DRIVE SMITHTON, PA. 15479 MIKE GEISER 330-683-6263 Short Course Offroad Racing July 2~29, 2007 Buggy Shootout Augwt 18, 2007 September 29-30, 2007 Season Championship & Buggy Shootout All Races At Smithton Hofe Raceway PIKEsPEAK P.O. Box 6962 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS ()pp RoAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRo 1600 SHOOTour COREY GOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PRoTauCK 14402 BoND COURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 Puiu! ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMERICA NATIONAL .Dusty Times

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CIIAMPIONSHIP SERIES August 24-25, 2007 Ojibwe Forests Rally Bemidji, Minnesota Sept.ember 22-23, 2007 Colorado Rally Steamboat Springs, Colorado October 26-27, 2007 Lake Superior Rally Houghton, Michigan November 9-10, 2007 TBD Rally Location, TBD RALLYCROSS NATIONAL SERIES EVENTS!1n State, Cbampiomllip October6-7, 2007 Homestead Motor Speedway, Florida Bos RICKER October 13, 2007 Detroit Fowlerville Fairgrounds, Michigan ROBERT M. MAKnN 8072 BALDWIN ROAD GOODRICH, Ml 48438-9014 Central State, CIMmplomllip . July 29, 2007 Land O Lakes, Corcoran, Ml MARK UTECHT August 11-12, 2007 Rocky Mountain Divisional Fountain, CO CHAO ONES 17 HUNTINGTON CIRCLE PUEBLO, CO 81005-1808 October 6-7, 2007 Utah (Tentative) KARL SEALANDER 485 S liAzEL DRIVE SALEM, UT 84653 Weereni State, Cluunpiomllip Sept.ember 22-23, 2007 Jean Dry Lake, Las Vegas, NV MICHAEL MAI.SEO RallyCross National Championship October 26-28, 2007 Motorsports Park Hastings, NE ROCK CRAWLERS AsSOCIATION OF A.MERICA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 SAN Dn!Go SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN Dn!Go OFF RoAD ExrosmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA RoADRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MOTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., Sum A CAi.ABAsAs, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAx: (818) 225-8102 <> Sept,ember7-9,2007 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm, NV November 12-17, 2007 SCORE Baja 1000 Baja California, MX SNORE SolITHERN NEVADA OFF RoAD ENnrusIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 Sept.ember 28-30, 2007 South Point SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NY November 9-11, 2007 Kartek Western Desert Challenge Nelson Hills, NV SoNS OF TlluNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 Dusty Times SOUTHEASTERN OFF RoAD CIIALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore - (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS ExPO MEGA PRooucnoNs 3129 S. HACIENDA BLVD. #322 HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SolITHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BoNNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SolITHERN SHORT CoURSE OFF RoAD RACING AssN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceway, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 Toys FoR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILLA VALLEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA VALLEY OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION (775) 224-1327 . Sept.ember 1-3, 2007 Yerington 300 Yerington, NV October 6-7, 2007 Prairie City, CA October 27-28, 2007 Halloween Party Prairie City, CA November 17, 2007 Awards Banquet To Be Announced VICENTE GUERRERO OFFRoADCum PROFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 0ll-52-616-6-21.-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING AsSOCIATION LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF RoAD RACING PATRICK McGUIRE P.O. Box376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MoTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, A2 85022 (602) 971-3730 <> Sept.ember 1-2, 2007 The Race Heber, A2 October 6-7, 2007 TBA November 3-4, 2007 TBA WISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD Fl!sTiv AL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 0sHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 WoRI.D SERIES OF OFF RoAD RACING P.O. Box 99 CRANDON, WISCONSIN 54520 303-880-7221 August 11-12, 2007 Rounds XIII & XIV U.P. 100 Raceway Bark River, Ml August JI-Sept.ember 2, 2007 Rounds XV & XVI Borg Warner World Championship Off Road Races Crandon, WI November 8, 2007 WSOOR Annual Banquet Location To Be Announced FIA WoRI.D RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU Cm, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/ (520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 .. -ZR. PROMOTIONS RENE MONTANO P.O. Box 2122 CALEXICO, CA 92231 Sept.ember 2, 2007 ZR Poker Run October 14, 2007 ZR Gran Prix #5 November 25, 2007 ZR Gran Prix De Campiones #6 ATTb.NTION Race & Rally Organizers List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2007 sched-ules as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 August 2007 Trall Notes ••• -TIENTION RALLYISTS:... We have been looking through American ally Action 2, Second Volume, a splendid book on rallying in the SA. Ronnie Arnold has put together 159 pages of great prose and even greater pictures. All on slick paper with a forward by renowned rally journalist Martin Holmes, it is a must for your collection. Check it all out at NW DRIVER - Jack Patrick Olliges arrived on April 8, 2007, the roud parents, Steve and Kari. Jack joins his two year old sister, Kai lee n competition for the steering wheel. Jack is already a member of Best In The Desert Racing Association, The Off Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame and Ford Racing. Dusty Times wishes lack a long, healthy and happy life. AL FLAG -We are deeply distressed to report the passing of Chris kken, a co-driver in the Baja 500. Chris' car had broken down and solicited a ride to the next checkpoint from a race truck. The truck plunged off a hill, rolled several times and Chris was lost to his family and friends. Our deepest sympathy to his loved ones. SNORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL -There were 90 entrants at the night race. Curt LeDuc took the Unlimited Truck win, Rick Ellison was the C lass 1 winner, T im Lindsay was second and Ronny Wilson was, third. Jeff Moore was the Class 10 winner, Cortney Whipple was second and Mike Campbell was third. In 1600, Bryan Freeman was the big winner as well as the overall winner, Steve Cossey was second, Gary Messer was third, Don Wall was fourth and Dan Bradley was fifth. Monte Tibbets took the Class· 8 win, in Class 9 Corey Torres took the win, Brandon Hughes was second and Rusty Ruby was third. Pete Mortenson took rhe Limited Sportsman win, Dylan Evans took Class 3, Eric Ludian was the Class 1450 winner, Barty Leavitt took Class 11, Rino Navera was the 5-1600 winner, Ken Redelsperger took Champ Car and Jerry Stewart was the Unlimited Sportsman winner. Live it all in the next issue of Dusty Times, lots of pictures. AL FLAG -We were saddened to hear of the passing of Jack Corzine, long time off roader. Jack raced with Joe MacPherson way back in CORE Class 7, he provided pit support for PPI/Ivan Stewart for many years. Later, Jack provided pit support for the Pike Family Sleepy Hollow Racing. Lately Jack worked with SCORE in Course Support and Safety. Jack will be missed by his family and friends in off road racing. Via con Dios lack. MCHAEL GAUGHAN - A former off road racer, father of three sons who race in the dirt, Michael Gaughan is to be inducted into the ro Rodeo Hall Of Fame. Michael Gaughan, 64, is being inducted in the "notables" category into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. Michael Gaughan is one of eight people who will be inducted on Saturday July 14. Over the years, Michael Gaughan has played an integral role in developing the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and moving it to Las Vegas in 1985. Michael Gaughan serves on the NFR Committee and is also a stock contractor. Brendan, Michaels youngest son, avid off road racer and NASCAR Truck Series driver said, "My father has two passions in life outside of family and work - his race team and his horses," Brendan said. "We are really honored that he is being inducted into the }fall of Fame -it's so special to him and our entire family. Our truck team is really excited about it and as a surprise and to honor Dad, our team owner, we worked with the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame to be able to put a special decal on the truck this weekend at Kentucky. And we're going to do everything we can to get him a win on a day that is special for him and my family." Congratulations to Michael Gaughan, he certainly deserves the honor. BEST IN THE DESERT • Casey Folks, owner of the Best in the Desert Racing Association, announced today the exciting new "Team Ford" Time Trials Pole Award for the upcoming TSCO "Vegas to Reno" race. For the FIRST TIME EVER, $1,000 IN CASH will be paid to the fastest qualifier at the Time Trials to determine the Top 20 starting positions. Steve Olliges, president of Team Ford Las Vegas, was quoted, "Best In The Desert IS THE ONLY DESERT RACING ORGANIZATION that runs Time Trials for the top starting positions, and I'm proud to step it up with the "Team Ford" Pole Award. I will personally hand a thousand dollars in cash to the fastest qualifier for the upcoming TSCO "Vegas to Reno" desert race. To qualify for the first starting position, and get $ 1000 on top of it, now that's the way to pegin a race." Only Class 1400 Trick Truck and Class 1500 Unlimited desert race vehicles entered in the race are eligible to qualify for the overall top 20 starting positions. 2007 'l'OYOTA TRUE GRIT AND MILESTONE AWARDS· Following three of six races in the 2007 SCORE Desert Series, 40 of SCORE's toughest drivers are still in the hunt to earn 2007 SCORE Toyota Milestone Awards. In addition, four of those racers could split this year's $12,000 SCORE Toyota True Grit Award. Toyota is presenting these prestigious awards to the world's toughest desert racers for the 22nd consecutive year. The Toyota Milestone awards will go to those drivers who finish every required mile of every race in the six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series, the World's Foremost Desert Racing Series. "Toyota is proud to honor the world's best desert racing drivers," said Les Unger, national motorsports manager at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. "For over two decades, we have had the privilege of presenting the SCORE Toyota True Grit and Milestone Awards to the toughest racers on the planet." The $12,000 SCORE Toyota Truce Grit bonus purse will be split among the point champions in the non-factory supported classes of Class 1-2/1600, Class 5, Class 10 and SCORE Lite. A total of 18 drivers in those four classes are still eligible to receive an equal share of the $12,000 SCORE Toyota True Grit ho.nus purse for 2007. The 40 Racers who have completed every required mile after three rounds in the six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series-*SCORE Toyota True Grit Classes Are: SCORE Trophy-Truck -BJ Baldwin, Mark Post, Larry Ragland, Alan Pflueger, Josh Baldwin, Garron Cadiente, Travis Coyne, Ron Whitton. Class 1 - B.J. Richardson, Bill Gasper, Eric Chase, Dale Lenk, Dan Myers, Max Theriot, Randy Wilson, Ronny Wilson. Class 1-2/1600* - Dave Caspino, LJ Kennedy, Daniel McMillin, Steve Eugenio, Hiram Duncan, Eliseo Garcia, Curt Geer, Leonardo Navarrete, Arnoldo Ramirez. Class 5*-Chris Bowman, George Seeley. Class 5/1600 -Adolfo Aguilar Jr., Mario Reynoso. Class 7SX -Rich Severson, Heidi Steele. Class 8 -Nick Vanderwey. Class IO* -Lobsam Yee, Mark Weger. SCORE Lite* -Cameron Steele, Scott Wisdom, David Callaway, Tim Noe, Stan Potter. Stock Full -John Griffin. 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TEcaTE ■AJa s• aglllnd And CDlllns Again BY ]UDY SMITH PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO Brian Collins and Larry Ragland were the big winners at the Baja 500, they took the Trophy Truck win and the overall as well in their Chevy. Ensenada, Baja, Mexico: The SCORE Baja 500 was huge! There was, it seemed, more of everything: more entries, more spectators, more t-shirt vendors, more celebrities and more huge, high-horsepower competitors. ·But the tried and true team of Brian Collins and Larry Ragland, in a well used Chevrolet Trophy Truck, got to the finish line first. The Honda bike team of Kendall Norman, Steve Hengeveld and Robby Bell took the overall overall, with a time of 8:51: 11, but on a very techni-cal course, Ragland and Collins weren't far behind with their 9: 10:58. The familiar paved contin-gency area is no longer available for use, so Ensenada closed off the main road (the one NORRA used to use for the start) and put the t-shirt vendors and contin-gency folks along it and th·en along the edges of the dirt soc-cer field. Inside the fenced pe-rimeter of the soccer field were the Tecate and Coca Cola booths, with their battling mu-sic and hordes of school kids. It was efficient, less noisy, and less crowded for the racers and con-tingency folks, while the kids presumably had a great time in their noisy compound. The SCORE International Truck Class win was taken by Mark Miller, he's seen here in his Volkswagen at speed. It was a busy day for SCORE with all that going on, and in ~he middle of the morning a press conference was held to make an exciting announcement. Sand-wiched between the Trophy Trucks and the Class 1 cars in the starting line-up, were two interesting entries: the Volkswagen Touaregs that had raced (and finished very well) in the 2007 Dakar rally. Drivers Mark Miller and Giniel De Villiers, who' cl driven them in Dakar, would be driving them here. This was Volkswagen's first time in Baja as an official spon-sor. And they went it one better by announcing that henceforth they would be the Official Ve-hicle of SCORE International, and handed the keys of a new Touareg to Sal Fish, CEO of SCORE,. Meanwhile, the racers in Class 1 weren't happy that these strange little cars were starting in front of them. They didn't look like Baja racers, sitting low to the ground on 33" tires, with no front or rear bumpers to pro-tect their body panels. They had windows and fenders, and ten inches of travel. The Class 1 rac-ers thought they'd be in the way. This was a loop course, from Ensenada to Ense·nada, drifting eastward to Ojos Negros after leaving town by way of the back-yards of the Ensenada outskirts. BJ Richardson drove his good looking Bunderson to the Class 1 win, he had six minutes in hand when the checkers flew. A few miles of pavement and the course hit the dirt and headed into Ojos. From there it crossed the pavement, headed south, past Tres Hermanos, and made a sharp left out to the highway at K77 to cross over. It ran along the east side of Highway 3 for a while, then bumped down the Goat Trail, ran on the pavement for a bit, and turned southwest on the road to Mike's Sky Ranch. After curling up into the mountains it curved west, and traversed the, silty, steep, narrow section that so often causes problems. This time SCORE had to re-route the. course down at the southern tip, to avoid some impassable silt. That added a few miles to the total, so they'd added two lrnurs to the time limit, making it 20 hours. The trail circled back on it-self, heading east and upward, through Rancho Coyote and then down the notorious hill toward Simpson's Ranch, and out the road to Valle de Tr.inidad. At the outskirts of V de T, it turned west and ran through the agricultural area, all the way to Highway 1 where it turned north for a little bit. At San Vicente it took the racers out to the beach, north along the coast and through Erendira. Then it skirted the shore, and headed up into the hills, down the long steep incline into Santo Tomas, and up the highway to Uruapan. At Uruapan the road went eastward again, nearly over to the outbound section, but then a new section had been bladed, which did away with the long miles of course that ran both outbound and inbound. This new section was tight and twisty, with sharp changes of di-rection, steep hills and a ten-dency to go soft. Pre-runners predicted traffic jams in here, and some planned to have four wheel drive vehicles stationed there to help keep things clear. Once through that section the road paralleled the high""ay for a while, and then jumped up on it for a little bit, and went back over into the dirt and through the outskirts of Ensenada to fin-ish in the baseball field. It was a total of about 425 miles in length. This was the first time SCORE had used their new par-tial "seeding" system. Racers · who've competed in the Best In The Desert series have grown to like the Time Trials there that give them a chance to compete for an up-front start position at those races. Anyone who wants may enter the Time Trials, and the 20 fastest vehicles are started at the front of the entire field, and sent off the line one minute apart. It's almost always just Trick Trucks and open wheel unlimited cars in the group and they get a valuable advantage by being out front, and theoreti-cally, anyway, not stuck behind someone who isn't fast. They've asked SCORE to do something similar, the SCORE hasn't gone for the idea thus far. This year, for the 500 and the 1000, they agreed to try a sort of "pre-ferred" drawing, instead. They put the names of the top ten in Trophy Truck and Class 1 points into a hat and drew the start order for the first ten in each class. Thus, ·if a racer does well in the points at Laughlin and the Baja 250, he earns an up-front start at the 500 and the 1000. Those who got the good start positions like the new sys-tem a lot. With over 30 Trophy Trucks and nearly 50 Class 1 cars, it became a big advantage to. start near the front of either group. With a three hour gap be-tween the last quad and the first truck, there was fairly clean run• ning at first for the leaders in the Trophy truck class which had 33 starters. As they reached Valle de Trinidad for the first time, Mile 112, the lead be-longed to B.J. Baldwin in his It was close for Robby Gordon in the Trophy Truck race, he finished Chuck Hovey drove his Jimco to a decent second place finish, he's Giniel De Villiers finished second in the SCORE Intl Truck Class, he second in his Ford, he was less than four minutes out of the win. seen here flying across the course in his good looking car. was 18 minutes in arrears at the finish. Page 8 August 2007 Dusty Times r •

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Blaise Jackson and Mike Sandoval drove their MEGO to a second place Dylan Evans and Steve Krieger drove their Toyota to a second place Chris Bowman drove his good looking Class 5 car to a second place finish in Class ½-1600, they were less than two minutes out of the win. finish in Class 3, they're seen here flying for the crowd. finish in Baja, he's seen here just at takeoff. Chevy. He had only one minute Cad1ente and Jerry Whelchel in a fresh tire. Rather than wait tor onds or so before he could take thought 1t was a tough course", on Alan Pflueger in his Chevy, Travis Coyne's Ford, were on the him to get back in and buckle off. Then he had to go try to but he didn't have any problems who had another minute on Rob same minute, only two minutes up, Ragland left him and the flat catch up again. He finally got by on his half. Ragland's only prob-MacCachren in Mark Post's further back. Cadiente was "feel- by the side of the course, know-on the pavement. !em had been that late flat. They Ford. Then there was a clump, ing a little sick", and thinking ing he'd soon find a ride in. He At the finish it was Ragland finished the day with a four with Garron Cadiente, in a about getting out at the halfway knew he couldn't take the time and Collins, making it their sec-minute cushion on Gordon, Ford, Gus Vildosola Jr., in a point. to rebuckle Goerke, because ond-in-a-row at the 500. Collins Continued next page Ford, Scott McMillin in a Chevy, When they got to Colorado, then Baldwin would beat them. Mike Julson in a Chevy and where the course hit Highway 1 What he didn't know was that Brian Collins, Chevy all on the on the pacific side, it was Mile Baldwin was pushing so hard to same minute, another minute 281, and Baldwin still led. But stay in front, he'd rolled his back. Cameron Steele, Rick he had only two minutes on truck and flattened one of his Massie, Juan Ibarra and Chet Larry Ragland, who'd taken over tires. He landed on his side and Huffman failed to get there. for Collins, and Mark Post, a convenient Jeep had pulled B.J. Baldwin was now first on who'd relieved MacCachren. In him up on his wheels, but then the road, and he discovered that fourth it was Robby Gordon in he'd had to change the flat. it was "kind of a disadvantage" his Chevy, and he was having a Meanwhile, Gordon was getting at times. He said that when he clean day. Cadiente's truck was closer to Post. And Post was driv-caught a quad rider or biker they fifth now, with Jeff Geiser at the ing into the sun. Suddenly, he weren't yet aware that the trucks wheel. was stuck on top of a silt hill, had caught up, and were hard to They were all pushing hard as because the sun was in his eyes pass. they came toward the finish. The and he hadn't been able to see At Mile 186, the San Telmo splits showed that Ragland was where he was going. When he road, Baldwin still led, with two moving up on Baldwin, who was finally got enough momentum minutes on MacCachren, who "trying to beat Larry". As they to move out of his silt trap, he was tied with Pflueger. In fourth neared the finish, Ragland flat-churned up a great cloud of it was McMillin, and then an-tened a tire, and his navigator, dust, covering Gordon, and fore-other four: Collins, Julson, Billy Goerke, got out to put on ing him to wait another 30 sec-The Class 1600 win went to Dave Caspino, but it was a close call, he only had 18 seconds in hand when the checkers flew. . Dusty Times 1,200· Rooms 4,500 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 50,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Space 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall · 6 Restaurants Spa & Fitness Center Headliner Showroom (May '07) 64-Lane Bowling Center ~~4, fJ ------"=========-'' 16 Movie Theaters 52 Table .Games Over 2,300 Slot Machines Poker Room 800-Seat Bingo Room Race & Sports Book CJ1ild Care Center Kids Arcade 1-866-791-76Q6 • LAS VEGAS BLVD AT S/LVERA0O RANCH RO • SOUTHPOINTCASINO.COM August 2007 Page 9

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Don Moss drove his vintage Bronco to the Class 3 win at the Baja, he took the win with more than two hours in hand. who'd also had no problems, just a couple of stops for fuel and new tires. He left practically immediately, for the east coast and his Nextel Cup obligations. In third it was Baldwin, disap-pointed not to" beat Larry, but he said it was "the most fun I ever had in a race -so close! If it wasn't for Larry, I wouldn't have had a championship -he's my teacher!" Post and MacCachren were fourth, another eight min-utes back, Post saying it was "an awfully tight course for .a big Trophy Truck." In fifth it was Josh Baldwin, who drove all the way in his Ford. He had one flat, changed a driveshaft' and his transmission was slipping in sec-ond gear. He had to take on ad-ditional tranny fluid throughout the day. Said Baldwin, "It was a gnarly course." In sixth it was Matt and David Scaroni in their Ford. Matt had a flat on a big rock, which broke a rear brake caliper. They added rear end fluid all day. Cadiente and Geiser were seventh, and Geiser had become "a little sick" also. Geiser thought the course was "extremely rough", and he'd been blinded by the sun and stuck on the same hill as Post. Todd Wyllie drove the whole thing in his Chevy, and got "stuck in a fence" for ten min-utes at Mile 80, due to "driver error". He also had a couple of flats, and was seven minutes be-hind Cadiente and Geiser in eighth. In ninth it was Gus Vildosola and Gus Jr., in their Ford. Senior started and Junior finished, and they'd broken a wheel and a caliper and had hardly any rear brake for much of the day. Alan Pflueger and Ricky Johnson, in a Chevy, were tenth. They replaced a transmis-sion and drive train at Valle de Trinidad, and it had taken hours. Johnson said the course was "awesome - a little hairy sometimes." He said they'd "churned up a lot of silt." In 11th lace it was Travis Coyne and Jerry Whelchel in a Ford (an old Robby Gordon truck). Their motor pulley went out behind Valle de Trinidad, and then they were back in traf-fic, "behind Touaregs and Class 1 cars." Coyne said there was "low visibility out there." Ron Whitton finished 12th in his Ford, and in 13th it was Chris Lucas and Rick D. Johnson, in a Ford. At Mile 82 they'd had a "little off road excursion" and had to be pulled out. Johnson's section was flawless. Kory Scheeler was 14th in his Chevy, saying "that was a tough day." He had a flat in the silt beds at Mile 55, then went on, only to _have the wheel come off a couple of miles later. He had to change the hub and every-thing, and lost two hours. He said he just "cruised in" from there. The dust was heavy, it was "tough, tough from there -just miserable." In 15th it was Bob Shepard and Ryan Arciero in a Chevy. Shepa~d had missed a corner and been stuck for five minutes early in the day, then Arciero lost a fuel pump before Simpson's. He'd limped in to Valle de Trinidad, where his crew replaced both pumps and redid some lines. By then he was back behind the Class 10 cars. In 16th it was Pete Sohren and Chad Bunch in a Ford. At Mile 4 they'd lost a water fitting, which cost them 20 minutes, and then they'd lost a ring and pinion at Santo Tomas. Jerry Larimore drove all the way in his Ford to finish 17th. He lost a belt, had a flat, and his co-driver was throwing up. He said it was "very dusty-so bad." Eighteenth went to Bill McBeath and Larry Job, in a Ford. McBeath lost a front trailing arm bolt early in the day and that cost them five hours. Then they were running late, and their light bar was on the coast, so Job did the bi't from Trinidad to the beach in the dark. He said that was "kind of a thrill." Scott and Luivan Voelker had an easy Class 5 win, when the checkers flew he had more than an hour in hand, seen here in flight. Andy McMillin finished 19th in their Chevy. Scott. did the first part and had no trouble, but Andy lost his brakes, then his transmission, which took four hours to replace (because the second tranny didn't quite fit),. and then lost his brakes again. He was succinct, "It sucks." In 20th it was Jesse James in a Chevy, getting his first Baja fin-ish. He did 250 miles with no brakes, and said, "That was fun, over both mountains." He spent about two and a half hours all together working on the brakes. One time a master cylinder blew, and another time "a barbed wire fence ran into me and tore up some brake lines". But he was happy -saying "Just to be finish-ing is cool, and it's still got all its bodywork." The last finisher in the class was Francisco Cervantes in his Chevy El Camino. He broke a rear end at Mile 362, and said he had six or seven hours of down time. His total elapsed time was 16:44:06. Next off the line were the Touaregs. They couldn't run in the Trophy Truck class because they had five-_cylinder turbo die-sel engines, and turbos are not permitted in SCORE events. (Hummers excepted.) So· SCORE called them the SCORE International Truck class, and started them next. In addition to those five cylinder engines, they had ten inches of travel, and were running 33 inch tires. They had fiberglass bodies, and out in front sat an oil cooler, looking vulnerable. Mark Miller, who knows Baja well, drove one, and Giniel DeVilliers, who raced one in Dakar (as did Miller), drove the other. They had pre-run a lot, and DeVilliers, who comes from South Africa, said "It's a helluva lot smoother over there [in Dakar], we're gonna be sore." De Villiers had Miller by two minutes at Mile 112, but when they got to San Telmo, Mile 186, Miller had three min-utes to the good. Miller had lost his rear fiberglass early, when he'd slowed for the Mile 55 silt beds and a Class 1 car had run into him. At Mile 281, Miller had seven minutes on DeVilliers, who'd had a flat. And at the finish it was Miller in ten hours flat, with De Villiers 18 minutes behind him. Miller said, "It was a lot of work. In the whoop-do-dos it was very diffi-cult." Their strategy had been to go easy for the first 100 miles, then pick it up gradually. He said the car was "awesome", and "It's the roughest thing this car has ever done." DeVilliers said "It was pretty bad." He said he'd had a flat and by the time he'd changed it he was behind Class 1 cars in a section "where we were very good and they were very slow -we're good in the silty sections, and the tight and twisty. There were definitely places where I didn't enjoy it!" Miller's finish was good enough that he would have been tenth in the Trophy Truck class, or sec-ond in Class 1. Class 1 went off the line next, with 48 starters and only seven of them failed to get the first 112 miles done. At that point the lead belonged to Luis Ramirez, Jr. in a Porter Chevy, and he had one minute on Chuck Hovey in his V4 SCAT-motored Jimco (his old car) and Gary Weyhrich in a Chevy Jimco. Then another three were a minute back, in-cluding B.J. Richardson, in his Bunderson Chevy, Mark Randazzo in a VW powered Alumi Craft Class 10 car, and Dave Gasper in his Porter Chevy. Hovey was using his old car because it was smaller and he thought it was better suited for this course than the new, bigger Jimco. And Randazzo and his co-driver Darren Hardesty were in their Class 10 car, because there were 48 entries in Class 1 and only 12 in Class 10, and when they've checked their times against Class 1 times in past races, they would have placed pretty well. So, with the tight and twisty course in mind, they decided they could probably do pretty well in this class on this course. They went up and past Mike's, down the mountain and curved around past Coyote, the San Telma road, Simpson's Ranch, and back through Valle de Trinidad again, arriving at the pavement on the Pacific side, at Mile 281, about five o'clock. Richardson was leading now, with one minute on Weyhrich, and Armin Schwarz and Matias Kahle, in a Jimco BMW, ran third, a minute further. back. Both Schwarz and Kahle are rally drivers. Then in fourth place it was Glenn Harris and Cam Thieriot, in an RPS Chevy. Harris had briefly been a road block early in the day, when he'd gone sideways near Ojos. Then Hovey and Hardesty, who was now in his car, were on the same minute, two minutes later. Richardson, who'd had the flu, and had checked into the hospital the day before the race, because he was so dehydrated, had a good day. He said, "Noth-ing broke, no flats". He took the win, commenting, "It's a long day." He was five minutes and 57 seconds in front of Hovey, who said he'd been "held up a lot in the Mike's loop, and couldn't make it up." He'd also had no problems, had never had to get out of the car. Just five seconds behind him it was Weyhrich, who said he'd been held up by the Touaregs, and dusted by their helicopter. He commented that already it was "really silty after Uruapan", which didn't bode well for the later classes. Hardesty and Randazzo were fourth, just a bit over a minute further hlk,,1..., t~ porting no flats and no prob-lems. They have a Class 1 car in the works. In fifth place it was Schwarz and Kahle, who'd. had an axle problem of some sort. Kahle said "It's very hard, dusty!" But he also said he'd be back to run the Baja 1000. In sixth it was Luis Ramirez, Jr., and Jim Mihal in a Porter Chevy. They'd stopped to clean an air filter and lost about ten minutes. Mihal said it was a "really fun, technical course." Dave and Bill Gasper were sev-enth in their Porter Chevy. Dave had an early flat, and found him-self in a lot of traffic. Bill saw Herder roll over in front of him, stopped to help right him, and lost a position to Weyhrich when he did that. Then he tried to catch back up, drove too hard, hit a rock .and flattened a tire, and later had to stop for a new spare. Thieriot and Harris threw a A second place finish in the Class 5-1600 battle went to Ernesto Barry Karakas drove his Toyota to a second place finish in Class 7, Rich Severson had some troubles along the way but he still managed Arambula, he was half an hour in arrears at the finish. he was less than three minutes out of the class win. a second place finish in Class 7SX in his Ford. Page 10 August 2007 Dusty Times

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I' Will Higman drove his Kreger Honda to a second place finish in the Second in SCORE Lites was Stan Potter, he's seen here flying his Glen Greer flew his well lighted Dodge to a second place finish in Class 10 contest, he's seen here in flight. Jimco down the course before an admiring crowd. Baja, he's seen here at speed. " It was great, 1 t was f d th went to Dan Myers in a we re out be-,f..,co_r_e _a_r_n_v_1 n-g-a..,...t .,..Vra..,.llt-'e-"""t_o_w_a_r_,dr-rl-r-1 n-1.-d..,,a""'d,-_-gn-:-cu-c:t-:t:1:h-:ec::n,......,,h,-,-:,1s belt at about Mile 398 and lost but said a little time, dropping to eighth fun." place, and followed in by Eddy John Herder and Steve Gonzalez in an HMS Chevy. In Melton, in a two seat Jimco tenth it was Troy Herbst and Chevy, had a bad day. Herder Larry Roeseler, in their started and broke a limit strap, Smithbuilt Ford powered rolledthecar,andranoutofgas Truggy. Herbst had had trans-five miles before his pit, so his mission problems -air valves and crew had to come out to h(m. fittings Roeseler said. And he'd They had to weld on the car also. also had a flat on the Goat Trail. Melton was driving the two He'd had about 45 minutes of seater for the first time, and he down time. Roeseler did his en- liked having a passenger. He got tire section with no second or stuck in a bottle neck after fourth gear. He liked seeing the Uruapan, and said he "used "fans all along the course, cheer-Cameron Steele for traction." ing you on." In 11th it was Eric But after 11 hours and 58 min-and Stuart Chase and Jim utes they got to the finish, only Tucker in a Penhall Chevy. to be disqualified, because some-Stuart started and had no how they missed Check 2, which trouble, but Tucker, who went was at Race Mile 197, before next lost a fuel pump. He Rancho Coyote. quickly switched to a secondary, Randy and Rick Wilson, in a and lost litcle time. Eric was the Jimco Chevy, lost their radio last driver, and did only the fi-early, but made it to the finish nal few hundred yards, because in 16th place. Bob Bruce and he had a broken arm, acquired Mark Witte were 17th in their while running for his health. HMS Chevy, and in 18th it was The 12th place car was the John Harrah and Chuck Kirby Chevy of Brian Kirby, who Dempsey, in another HMS finished at 9:42 p.m., with a Chevy. They'd had a couple of time of 11:08:22. In 13th it was flats and "some motor prob-Joe Myers and Richard Boyle in lems." In 19th it was Brian parjM6i:,;.tievy. Neither of them Hudson and Julio Curiel and had a working pumper helmet all they'd had fuel pump problems day, and Boyle ran with no near San Telmo, and took a brakes from Erendira. He said "I couple of hours to clean their ran over a lot of stuff, and [did filters and lines. They also lost some] teetering off cliffs." In their brakes. Miguel Sandoval, 14th it was Ronny and Randy Jose Arsate, and Jose Grijalva, Wilson in a Jimco Chevy. Ronny who all work for Wide Open flipped the car before Simpson's Baja, borrowed one of the and lost an hour. Jesse James Subaru powered cars and en-helped turn him back up on his tered the 500. They had three wheels. Fifteenth place went to flats, some electrical problems Bill Witt and Brian Lopez in a and used up two and a half brand new Porter Chevy. Bill hours changing the transmis-Ellison, who was scheduled to sion. They were 20th, finishing drive, hurt, or possibly broke a in 13:25:42. In 21st it was rib or two when he rolled his Enrique Bujanda in a Porter pre-runner, just days before the Chevy, and in 22nd Tom race. He sat it out, in a chase Ridings and Brian Parkhouse. vehicle. Witt got stuck twice in Ridings said he'd rolled the car the dust, went off a corner, got coming down "the big hill." heat exhaustion and had to be The 23rd finisher was Dale pulled out of the car. Lopez, who Lenk in a Penhall Chevy, and in finished after riding with Witt, 24th it was Josh Rigsby in an-had a couple of c.v. problems, other Penhall Chevy. Twenty-A great win in Class 5-1600 went to Jose Montoya, he had a bit more than half an hour on the second place car. Dusty Times Porter Chevy, who said he'd had de Trinidad, and of the survi-passenger became car sick and "too many problems." Twenty- vors, seven ran Hondas, and one had to get out. Another pit crew sixth went to Scott Schovajsa had a VW in his chassis. At that member suited up and got in, and Danny Ebberts in a Porter point the lead belonged to Will and as they readied to leave Ford. They'd been hit early in Higman in his Kreger Honda, someone noticed the car had a the morning by another Class 1 with six minutes on Corey broken trailing arm. While they car, and he'd knocked off their Keysar in a Jimco Honda. spent a half hour making tern-power steering pump. Then Higman had done the section porary repairs, Yee zipped past they'd lost an alternator, and without a functioning OPS,· a into the lead. had "lots of problems." Twenty-non-event as it turned out, but At Mile 281, where they hit seventh, and last in the class to he'd been concerned before the the Pacific side, Yee had 15 min-finish, was Mario Gonzales, in a fact. Alex Crosthwaite and Jose utes and Higman had to spend Porter Chevy, who said he'd Gonzalez ran third in their a little more time getting a more been stuck several times, for two Jimco Honda, and Lobsam Yee permanent fix. He was second, hours each time (presumably in was fourth, 16 minutes behind Keysar was third, 20 minutes traffic jams) and then "the car the lead car, in another Jimco further back and Weger ran rolled over", and their brakes Honda. He'd lost all his belts at fourth, with Barry Beacham now locked up. His time was Mile 1, and had driven for a driving the car. 19:44:47, just 15 minutes shy of while with no power steering. Yee had to change all the cut off time. They all kept moving, and bands twice on his car, losing a Class 10 was next to start, Higman held his lead through total of about 25 minutes. He with 12 entries. Four of them Mike's and Simpson's and down Continued next page V ~, ,-RACE RADIOS -,~ KEIIWOOO ~ August 2007 Page 11

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A second place finish in Protruck went to Rich and Jason Voss, they're seen here flyin their Ford towards the checkers. 8 J Baldwin drove his Chevy to a third place finish in the Trophy Gary Weyhrich drove his Jimco to a third place finish in Class 1, he Truck Class, he was some six minutes behind the class winner. was only five seconds out of the silver medal. Dan Chamlee drove his Ford to a nice win in Class 7, only two of 14 trucks fi~ished and he took the win with less than three minutes in hand. was worried, thinking he was running about fifth or sixth, not realizing so many 10 cars had dropped out early. He was enjoy-ing the way his car worked how-ever, and just kept on pushing along. At the finish he was sur-prised to learn he'd got the win, finishing 24 minutes in front of Higman. In third it was Keysar, an hour and 21 minutes further back, and then Weger and Beacham, who had no clutch. Beacham had had to be towed up the last couple of hills. He'd also lost some time when he followed a biker and got lost. Todd Elam finished fifth in his J imco Honda, and Crosthwaite and Gonzalez were sixth, the last 10 car to finish. The SCORE Lite cars were next to start, with 27 starters. Only four of them bombed out before Valle de Trinidad, so it was a good race when they went through here, and there were still about 21 of them running w en t ey reac e an e mo at one ottleneck created by a dnves back mto Ensenada m a Mile 186. At that point the lead rolled-over 10 car. They were just chase vehicle and starts again in belonged to Stan Potter in his four minutes in front of the his Trophy Truck, theoretically Jimco, and he had just a minute third place team. That was Tom finishes the race in it, then goes on Craig Brabant and Jason Watson and Tim Noe, in a out on the course to meet the Hatz in a Dunrite. In third there Jimco. This team noted that in SCORE Lite car, and finishes in was a tie between Scott and four years as a team they have it. This time when he finished, Brady Wilson in their Mirage, never failed to finish a· race. his first words were, "Well, that Tim Noe and Tom Watson in a They had no trouble, but said it didn't go as planned." Vessels Jimco, and Rick St. John and was "kinda tough coming in." had been at the front of the Dean Bayerle in a KIT. They Fourth went to Mike Ha'lliday pack, flattened a tire, got to the were only three minutes behind and Kevin Davis, in a Porter, front again, and then broke a the leaders, but there were an-who were only two minutes and rot:ker arm. Meanwhile, Steele other 140 miles to go. By this 50 seconds behind them. Fifth had done his stint with the bike, time, the Trophy Trucks and went to David Callaway and and had broken the Trophy Class 1 cars had really dug up Scott Mapes, in a Callaway. In Truck early. Vessels was at the course, and all the silty spots sixth it was Matt Drever and Jim Erendira when the rocker arm were deeper and wider, making Vick in a Penhall. Vick is the son broke. They took it apart, pulled the end of the course after of the legendary Dick Vick who the push rod out and Steele got Uruapan a serious obstacle for raced bikes in Baja for many, in and ran on three cylinders some of these cars. many years. Vick lost his GPS from that point. He had to be Brothers Brady and Scott had here, but it didn't seem to pulled up the silt hills, and in a power steering leak and ran bother him much. They said the the struggle, broke a lower front out of fluid late in the day. ,Pot-course was "a little bit choppy." trailing arm. Steele said he spent ter and Worley went by them In seventh it was Evie Baldwin, an hour on one hill, and lost when they stopped to get some. with co-drivers Tyler Hall and another one and a half hours But then on down the road they Pete Marquecho. Baldwin drove with the trailing arm. "I felt like passed Worley as he replaced a the beginning and end, and at I was racing the Baja 1000 on flat tire. At the finish it was the the end had no first or second steroids." He finished at about Wisdoms, first with a cushion of gear. In eighth it was Bobby 1:25 a.m., and predicted that no nine minutes. Worley and Pot-Holiday (Mike Lund's son-in-7S or 7SX cars could make it up ter, ;who liked starting in front law), Lance Lund, his son, Mike those hills, so he headed back of tHe Protrucks (Worley said it himself, and Bill Hernquist, who out with chase vehicles to wait "made all the difference to start drove only the final short sec- for his wife's 7SX truck. Heidi where we did."), had to deal with tion. Hernquist had had a heart had driven the early part of the attack three weeks before the day, but Steele figured her co-TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING, INC. race, so he didn't drive far. Holi-driver would need help. In 12th day and Lance Lund had never place, an hour behind Steele, been in a race car before, but was Guy Cordon in a Porter. He they helped get the J imco to the said that 30 miles from the fin-finish in eighth place. In ninth ish he'd broken a rear motor it was Kevin Derby in a Cha par-mount and that tore out an oil ral. Derby drove all the way, with line. He got oil from "people rear brake problems all day, and going by" and made it to the fin-a steering box that came loose. ish. He was the last car in the WauldUkaTa cangrat1a11ate nave Casptno Don Johnson 1st Place 112-,soo llaJa SOD Davey Girdner Tommvcra111 Tlmmvcra111 1st Place 112-,soo IIOREORAF4• TRANSAXLE EN.GINEERING JEFF FIELD 9763V1UUEL A.VENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 12 August 2007 Tenth place went to Ricardo class to get there. Malo and Arturo Honold in Class 8 was next off the line, their Curry, and they must have with five entries, and all of them had serious problems because got to Valle de Trinidad. At that they were two hours behind point Larry Vanderwey had his ninth. In 11th it was Cameron Chevy Silverado in the lead with Steele and Kash Vessels in their 32 minutes on Greg Adler and Desert Assassin. Aaron Hawley Erick Tucker in their Ford. In was on the entry also, but it's third it was Glenn Greer in a unknown whether they let him Dodge, then Kurtis Kupiec and drive. Steele, who signs up in Ramsey El Wardani in their three classes at these events, Chevy, and over four hours started the day on a bike, then hter, Juan Lopez arrived. His Jim Hinesley takes to the water on his way to the Class 7SX win, he and his Ford had more than two hours in hand at the finish. Dusty Times 11

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II The bronze medal in Class 1600 went to l.J. ennedy and Sammy He had problems along the way but Javier Morales drove his good In Class 7SX, Mike Padilla and Alonso Gonzales took a bronze medal Ehrenberg, seen here landing their SRF Fab car. :..:loc;co.:..:k.:..:inc,,,g_,C;;...-...:..1.=.6.:..:0..,0,,.:..:·rd::..!;a,..:.ce.:...:..:fi:..:.n,-=-s:..:.h.:........,_~_~ ___ _;_;t,.:..:·,-=s:..::e-=-en:..:....:..:h-=-er.:...:e.:..:f..:...,IYc:.:in..:...'....:.h"'ig"-'-h.:..:.. ________ --, day didn't go well, and he didn't rocks to make the pat wi er msta e a new a ternator int e make it to San Telmo. around 708, so Kupiec's truck dark, in 45 minutes. They had At San Telmo it was still the tried to slide by, but bumped the trouble with the silt hills after Vanderwey truck in front, and jack holding the little truck up Uruapan, but got up several, he had almost an hour on Greer and it fell against the 8 truck. until Mile 386. It was 3 a.m. and and the Adler truck. Kupiec and They did finally get free, only they couldn't make it up that El Wardani were another hour to go a few miles further and toss one. So they waited for sunrise ' and a half down at that point. all their belts, and "tied them in so they could find a way around, It was dark when these guys knots." Another 20 minutes and at about 6 a.m. Cameron got back to Valle de Trinidad, passed. At Mile 186 at the BFG Steele came with a 4x4 to tow and now Larry's brother, Nick, pit they stopped to change driv-Heidi's truck out, and he pulled was at the wheel, and they still ers and the truck: wouldn't start. Kupiec's truck out also. They had the lead. Greer's co-driver, The battery was dead. They charged hard to get to the fin-Don Kolt, was in the lead now switched batteries, and left the ish because it was so late, and and they'd had major repairs to pit with a dead alternator, right made it with a little over five do. They'd replaced "hubs, ro-at sunset. At Mile 195 they got minutes to spare, becoming the tors, the whole bit." They said to another jam. McMillin's 1600 last official finisher of the race. they took them off their pre-run-car was stuck on that hill with The Protrucks went off the ner and put it on the trailer. It the crashed-into transmission. line next, with 13 starters. All was a two hour job, but they There was also a Class 7 truck but one got to Mile 112, and at were still second. Kupiec and El broken behind him that that point Bryan Freeman had Wardani and the Adler/Tucker couldn't move. Others were also Gus Vildosola Jr.'s Toyota in the truck were also still coming. waiting to -get by. Finally there lead, with about two minutes on The Class 10 win went to Lobsam Yee, he's seen here at touchdown, he had more than 20 minutes in hand at the flag. The Vanderweys took the was enough manpower to push Rick L. Johnson and Dane win, their sixth Baja 500 victory. McMillin's car and the 7 truck Cardone in another Toyota. In They said they had "no issues, far enough to the side to allow third it was Rich and Jason Yoss just drove it." They had no prob-traHic to flow again. Another 45 in a Ford, and Dave Westhem !em with the silt after Uruapan, minutes were lost. Now it was and Ryan Herzog, in a Ford, and liked the course. Greer and dark, and the Kupiec truck had were fourth. wait about 15 minutes in a traf-fic jam, but everyone else appar-ently waited also. Vildosola and Freeman had only a minute on Johnson and Cardone, the Voss truck was still third, but now Rob Reinertson and Rick Taylor, in a Ford, had moved to fourth. Kolt were second, five hours no lights. Then it stalled in the Nobody dropped out in the later, and followed in about two water at Simpson's at Mile 219 next 170 miles, and, with Gus at_ and a half hours later by Adler and blocked the course for 20 the wheel, it was still Vildosola and Tucker. In fourth, and last minutes, until it was pulled out and Freeman in front as they to finish, were Kupiec and El by a spectator. They got the spec-came down onto the west side of Wardani, with a time of tator to jump start the truck af-the peninsula. They'd had to Vildosola and Freeman had a fairly uneventful race and took the win, finishing about 20 minutes in front of the Voss truck. They' cl had a couple of flats on the coast, one of them when a part of the 19:54:20. Their day was epic. ter all the traffic had gone by, Their problems started in the then turned on their lights and silt beds at Mile 55, where they killed the motor. So they jumped were stuck with an air filter itagain.Nowtheyturnedoffthe clogged with silt. A SCORE Lite GPS, intercom and lights to save car ran into them there, and the the battery, missed a turn and Greer truck ran up on the got down a wrong road that was SCORE Lite car. After an hour so narrow they had to back out the Class 3 driver, Steve Krieger, back to the course. By now there pulled them out. A stop to get was spectator traffic on course the air cleaner cleaned took making dust, as well as chase more time, and they motored vehicles towing dead race ve-on. They got to Mike's and be-hides out. Trying to pass Robby yond, and then came upon truck Gordon's H3 as it was towed, #708 rolled and blocking the they clipped a rock and flattened course. They tried to get it back a left front tire. They tried to on its wheels, tried pushing it drive on it for a while, but the out of the way with their truck, truck wouldn't turn right. After only to lock their bumpers to-Mile 240 the tire came apart and gether. When more cars arrived they had to change it with light , they finally had enough man-from a Bronco that had been power to get the truck out of the with the H3. Then they reached way. A Hummer team stacked their pit at Mile 242 where they Scott Wisdom had a nice run, he took the SCORE Lites win at the Baja 500 with a bit more than eight minutes in hand. Dusty· Times I IEAI a NICI IESTIIINT S • Slows forward motion in tl,e event ol a aasl, • Allows head movement • No cumhrsome collar to wear • Quick, one-lime adjustment • Does not l,ook Into lap belt • Reduces md tension by 45-70% • Great for all types of motor racing, especially where driver changes are comf!JOll lBP DRIVERS UTILIZINli TIE D•CEI. Gearge Seeley • Ed, Tim & Troy Herbst • Larry "IR" Roeseler Ma1k Post • Hide Baldwin • Jerry Whelchel • Alan Pllueger Jason & Jasb Baldwin • Ride, Randy g Ronny Wilson Mike Julson • Bob Lofton • Mork & Gary Wfl'fhrich • Dave Ashley Dan Smith • Kyle Taylor • Gus Vildosola • Rob MacCachren l!lf~(l,f:¥~ -,:: 7 , •····· 1~w:·~-, : . ,:,;,., .,,, 1BOD.71111.Z350 • Fax IIOl.360.JJ4311 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Lom~ CA 91752. August 2007 truck's bed sliced a sidewall. In third it was Johnson and Cardone, who were followed in by Reinertson and Taylor. Westhem and Herzog finished fifth, having broken a track rod coming down from Mike's, and lost three hours. In sixth it was James Wasson and Mike Childress in a Chevy. Childress had raced a bike earlier in the day. In seventh it was Cody Swanty in a Dodge, and eighth was Rob Kittleson in a Ford, with Joe Continued next page Page 13

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In spite of some troubles along the way, Corey Keysar flew his Jimco Honda to a third place finish in the Class 10 contest. Flyin' right atcha, Tim Noe and Tom Watson drove their Jimco to a Rick L Johnson and Dane Cardone drove their good looking Toyota third place finish in the hotly contested SCORE Lites class. to a third place finish in the Protruck Class. It was an easy win in Class 8 for Nick Vanderway, he had almost five hours in hand when he took the checkered flag. Bednar finishing the line-up in his Chevy. He said he had "lots of problems" and finished about 20 minutes before cut off time. Al Hogan and Gary Magness both got .their Fords to the finish line, but both were overtime. Class 1/2-1600 was next with 27 starters. Most of them made it through the first 112 miles to Trinidad, and at that point the lead three were on the same minute. It was David Caspino in a Lothringer, Blaise Jackson and Mike Sandoval in their MECO, and Curt Geer and Daniel Folts in another Lothringer. They were a minute in front of L.J. Kennedy and Sammy Ehrenberg in a SRF Fab, and they were a minute up on Leo and Alejandro Navarrete. When they reached San Telmo, at Mile 186 Caspino had a clear lead, but it was still only a minute. Kennedy and Ehrenberg were sec-ond, and then Jackson and Sandoval were tied with Steven and Dan Eugenio and Craig Smith, in another Lothringer, and only a minute behind second place. Caspino stayed in front all the way, and he had ten minutes at the highway on the Pacific side. Jack-son and Sandoval ran second, and Kennedy and Ehrenberg were third, four minutes later, with the Eugenios and Smith only a minute behind them, and in fifth, Geer and Folts, about a half hour fur-ther back. They held those pos1t1ons to the finish, with Caspino taking the win by 22 seconds. Jackson and Sandoval were second, and Kennedy and Ehrenberg were 13 minutes later in third. The Eugenios and Smith were fourth, another 18 minutes down, and Geer and Folts were two minutes behind them. When the 1600 fin-ishers got to the checkered flag, they were all cold to hustle over to the tech guys for post-race inspec-tion, so they followed instructions and we were unable to talk to many of them since tech was about a half mile away, outside of the ball park. The sixth place finishers stopped for a while, and we learned that Hector Sarabia, Eliseo Garcia and Federico Mon-tes, a team of Baja veterans, were driving a brand new Garibay, and their suspension had gone soft. They said, "It got a little bit dan-gerous." Also, their top lights had failed. Otherwise, their new car worked fine, and they were happy with their finish. Another new car, the Neth of the Duran brothers, Hiram, Evan and Eric, finished 13th. They'd had some new-car problems that included welding on the shock mounts, and they broke some bolts and had been stuck in a ditch and had to be pulled out. They fin-ished in 16 hours and 23 minutes. orenzo o riguez an rian e -ent in t e car. No one was hurt, eight mtl)utes back in third. Dan frey, in a Lothringer, who finished and he went on, but got stuck in Chamlee, in a Ford, got stuck very at 4 a.m., had their lights taped the final silt beds a couple of early and lost about 40 minutes onto the chassis, indicating that times, both times because there while he watched "even the Class they'd had some serious problem were stuck Pro Trucks in his way. lls" go by him. with them. The last finisher in the Bowman and Longo were second, When they got to the San class was the team of Daniel a little over an hour behind the Telmo road, Rodriguez and McMillin and Caleb Gaddis, in a winning car. In third it was Carr. Karakas were tied for the lead, Jimco. Early in the day they'd been His co-driver, who did the second and Steven Looney had his Ford stoppep in a traffic jam outside of half of the race, had scratched his in third place. But at Highway I Mike's and a car came from be-visor,andhadtorunwithitupin on the Pacific side, it was hind, in a hurry, brain not in gear, order to see. As a consequence his Karakas, and he had over an and rammed the car, breaking eyes were in very bad shape at the hour on second place Chamlee, their transmission case. The finish. They'd lost their jack some-who was catching up. There were limped to Valle de Trinidad and where along the way, and he'd run at least five ocher trucks running replaced it, but when they got to on a flat for a long time coming there, but they were running out Highway 1 they had an alternator back into Trinidad. Finally they'd of time, and the silt hills were problem, probably due to some bought one from a disabled 1600 still ahead. wire either cut or mis-routed dur-and strapped it on for the rest of Chamlee got by Karakas, who ingthe hurried repair. They didn't the way. They finished at 1 a.m. broke a driveshaft in that silt, quite ever get that problem solved, George Se~ley and Dwight Fore!! and lost an hour and 20 min-but went on, dealing with it all were fourth, nearly three hours utes. He said it was hard to work night. Things cleared up at San later, and in fourth it was Jim on the truck while others were Vicente, as the sun came up again, Varshay and Alan Nimmo, who'd trying to go up the hill. Ulti-and their run was clean from there had three flats and bent two tie mately, he finished two minutes on, so they finished at about ten rods. They were only four minutes and ten seconds behind of seven in the morning, the last behind Seeley and Fore!! and they Chamlee in second place. Shan-finisher in the class, with a time were the last finisher in the class. non Oierkopf and Tyler Pappert, of 19:35:04. They were 16th. The Class 7 trucks went off the in a Ford, also got to the finish· The Class 5 cars were·next to line next, with 14 entries. This line, but they were ten minutes start, with seven starters. Michelle class didn't fare well here but overtime, so it didn't count. and Vic Bruckmann were out early most of them got to Mile 112. At . Next to leave the start line when they broke a c.v. cage, but that point the lead was a tie, held were the 5-1600s, and there were all the rest went on at least to by Aaron Celiceo in a Toyota. His 23 of them. Most of them made Trinidad. At that point Jerry was the truck that Kupiec and his it through the first 112 miles, Longo had the lead in Chris co-drivers struggled to get by in and at chat point the team of Bowman's car, with a minute on their Class 8 truck later in the day. Adolfo Aguilar and Troy Gilson Luivan Voelker and Carlos A.J. Rodriguez was on the same were in the lead, with three min-Albanez. Kevin Carr was third, a minute at Mile 112, and Barry utes on Marcos Nunez. In third minute later. Karakas, in a Toyota, was about place it was Danny and Mario When they got to the San Telmo road, things had changed. Now Voelker and Albanez were in the lead, Longo and Bowman were second five minutes later, and Carr was third. Voelker and Albanez had a bad moment when they stalled the car and their starter wouldn't work at Mile 285, bm there was someone there to give them a push, and it didn't become a problem. They went on steadily to take the win. Mean-while Longo, who'd been hit early in the day in a silt bed, and suf-fered serious rear bumper damage, handed over to Bowman. He got to within ten miles of Santo Tomas, and a Class 10 car spun out and Bowman slid into him with his side door, plltting a big Gus Vildosola and Bryan Freeman had a really good race, they took the Pro truck win by more than 20 minutes, seen here flying the Toyota. A first off the podium finish in Trophy Truck went to Mark Post and The Hardesty/Randazzo duo drove their Class 10 car in the Class 1 Steve and Dan Eugenio drove their Lothringer to a fourth place finish Rob MacCachren, seen here in flight in their Ford. contest, they finished a close fourth place. in Class ½-1600, seen here ready to launch. Page 14 August 2007 Dusty Times I I

Page 15

I I -i - l A fourth place finish in Class 5-1600 went to Mario Reynoso, he's Heidi Steele and Danny Ellender had a fair day, they were the fourth Mark Weger and Barry Beacham had a lot of problems along the way but they still managed a fourth place finish in Class 10. seen here just at takeoff in his neat looking car. place finishers in the Class 7SX battle. Ledezma, who were followed by Francisco Reynoso, an 1 t an anny en er were 1 t . Jose Montoya and Chabela went to Aguilar and Gilson. All They'd been stopped in a "big Hernandez. Then came Greg together, nine of them finished, pileup" at Mile 5 and also in a Villarino and Edy Negrete, and but the Ledezmas didn't make it bottleneck after Mile 55, and behind them, Ernesto Arambula in. another at Mile 76.5 and Miguel Rosales. There were Class 7S was next to start, When they got to Mile 281, only 21 minutes between first with three entries. They had no on Highway 1, it was still and sixth, so it was still very finishers, but Mike Horner and Hinesley and Solaiza in front, much up in the air. Chuck Foreman covered the and they had 22 minutes on Most of them made it to Mile most ground in their Toyota. Severson who'd torn up a brake 186 at the San Telmo road, also. They managed to get past Check line by this point. Actually, his At that point Nunez had the lead 4, which was Mile 385. co-driver, Bruce Finchum, had and the Ledezmas were second, Class 7SX started next, and done the midsection. Padilla with Henandez and Montoya in they did better. Rich Severson and Gonzalez were still third, third, Negrete and V ilia ri no had the early lead, even though Steele and Ellender were fourth, fourth, and Arambula and he'd neglected to put the begin-and Alberto Iriarte was fifth in Rosales fifth. ning course mileage into his a Ford, as the Holmes truck and When they got down onto the GPS and had blown at least one the Moncures both had major Pacific side, Montoya and turn. He was eight minutes in problems. Hernandez, who were running front in his Ford at Mile 112. Hinesley and Solaiza, with a their first SCORE event, had the Mike Padilla and Alonso trouble~free day, motored on to lead, and the Ledezmas, who Gonzalez ran second here, in take the win in the time of were running their 21st consecu-another Ford, and Jim Hinesley 14:42:48. Severson, still with tive Baja 500, were second, and Oscar Solaiza were third, brake trouble, got stuck on one about eight minutes back. about three minutes further of the silt hills and lost more Arambula and Rosales were back, in another Ford. John time, but still took second, over third, and they'd had a flat. Holmes and Mark Landersman two hours back. Padilla and Villarino and Negrete ran ran fourth in their Ford, and Gonzalez were third, another fourth, and Morales and Nick and Ted Moncure were two hours and 40 minutes down. Ramirez were fifth. fifth in a Toyota. Steele and Ellender, who'd lost Montoya and Hernandez said At Mile 186 the lead belonged a rear wheel at one point, spent their race had been a matter of to Hinesley and Solaiza. They'd a long time in a traffic jam, and "gas and go", and they took the passed Severson, who'd hit a had to be helped up the silt hills, win by 50 minutes. Arambula stopped truck and torn up a finished fourth. Their time was and Rosales, who said there'd fender that then threatened to 19:52:43, or just seven and a half been "too many washouts", were tear up his tire. So while he minutes before cut off time. second. Morales and Ramirez worked at that, they'd gone by. They said it had been "an adven-were third, having been tipped Padilla and Gonzalez had ture." over on their side for 25 min-dropped to third. The Moncures The Stock Full cars started utes. In fourth it was Mario and were fourth a.nd Heidi Steele next, with six starters. They all '------~~~=---~~=~--~~~-~~=~-----' Ramon Fernandez scuttles through some muck on his way to a nice Class 11 win in Baja, he was the only finisher in the class. made it to Mike 112, and at that point the lead belonged to Kent Kroeker and Darren Skilton in a Dodge. In second it was Josh Hall in his Hummer, and Terry and Eric Henn were third in another Hummer. At Mile 186, Hall had the lead, with nine minutes on John Griffin and }er..:rny Spirkoff, in a Ford. Griffin's truck had a chunk out of one side where he'd been hung up trying to pass a stuck buggy on a narrow trail. While he and Spirkoff tried to figure out what to do a guy came by with a Sawzall, so they just cut a chunk out of the body panel and freed themselves up. Hall broke a front differential in the next section, and that The Class 9 win went to Eric Fisher, he was the only finisher in class, he's seen here shortly off the start of the race. damaged his oil lines. He was done for the day, and Griffin and Spirkoff moved into the lead. They went on to take the win, finishing in the time of 16:54:40. Kroeker and Skilton were second, in 19:07:22, and they were the last official fin-isher. The Henns got their big red Hummer back to Ensenada, but were over time by about 11 minutes. There were four Stock Mini entries, and they went off the line next, with four starters. Sur-prisingly, Rod Millen did not start his Toyota FJ Cruiser. At Mile 112 the lead belonged to Rod, Josh and Chad Hall in their H3 Hummer, and they had about 40 minutes on Gavin Skilton and Kevin Jensen in their Honda Ridgeline. When they got to Mile 186 the Halls were still in the lead. Josh had sat in a traffic jam for about 40 minutes, and then he'd been a traffic jam for a while, said he, "I felt awful!" They'd lost their four whrd ,friv~ and he'd been high-centered and had to be pulled out. Steve and Kyle Kovach were second at that point in their Ford. Smead and Jensen had lost about seven hours, and were done for the day. The Halls went on to win, the only finishers, and in fact, the only ones in the class to get as far as Check 4 (Mile 385). Their time was 16:49:33. The Class 9 buggies went off the line next, with only two starters. Eric Fisher and Isaac Chapluk had their Garibay in front all the way, but Joe and Joshua Castrey were moving right along also. At Mile 112 Fisher and Chapluk were 36 minutes in front, and at Mile 186 that had grown to an hour. They then got stuck in a traffic jam near El Coyote for about two hours, but at Mile 281 they were still about two and a half hours ahead of the Castreys. Fisher and Chapluk had no mechanical trouble at all, and went on steadily to take the win. The Castreys disappeared some-where after getting down onto the Pacific side. The Class 3 cars were next to go, with four starters. At about Mile 6 there was some kind of jam-up, and while Don Moss waited for his turn in his Bronco, Steve Krieger found a way around in his Toyota F.J. C,~:~!:! and went into the lead. He had four minute$ Oii Moss P.~ Mile 112. Chris Raffo was third, about 45 minutes later in his Blazer. When they got to Mile 186, at the San Telmo road, Moss was in the lead, but he had some steering difficulty after hitting Continued next page Mike Halliday and Kevin Davis drove their Porter to a fourth place Rob Reinertson and Rick Taylor drove their Ford to a fourth place Josh Baldwin had some tranny problems but he was able to grab a finish in SCORE Lites, they were less than 15 minutes out of the win. finish in Protruck, seen here with the power on. fifth place finish in his Ford, seen here in flight. Dusty Times August 2007 Page 15

Page 16

Armin Schwarz and Matias Kahle were only able to grab a fifth Curt Geer and Daniel Folts drove their Lothringer to a fifth place Adolfo Aguilar and Troy Gilson flew their great looking 5-1600 car place finish in Class 1 in their BMW powered Jimco. finish in the Class ½-1600 class, seen here in flight. to a fifth place finish, seen here saving some tire wear. an unseen something. Kneger, pairs. Raffo was still tnird. was another hour and ten min-the Moss' 23rd victory m the have been very d1sappomt1ng not and his co-driver, Dylan Evans The Moss truck lost its rear utes down at that point. The Bronco. Raffo didn't make it in. to get the other 45 miles or so were about 23 minutes back, brakes further along the trail, Moss team went on to take the JeepSpeed 1 had five entries, done. So near and yet so far! and they lost their power steer-but stayed in front, Ken Moss win, finishing two and a half and were next to leave, but they JeepSpeed 2 had only one en-ing, but somehow talked some-now driving, two hours up on hours in front of Krieger and had no finishers. Eric Filar man- try, that of Bob Land. He got one out of a unit, to make re-the Toyota by Mile 281. Raffo Evans who were second. 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In the Sportsman Buggy class there were six entries, but one was disqualified for refusing to attach a Rally Logger to his car. They did some better then the Sportsman trucks, with most of them going past Check 2. Glenn Smith led through Mile 112, but then Dave and Alan Donaldson, in a VW powered buggy, moved to the front. Smith disappeared after that, but the Donaldsons went on. They had, in fact, got an early start on the racing, by compet-ing on bike #307X before they hopped into the buggy. They left their brother, Ted to finish the bike ride (they finished) and came back to Ensenada to race the buggy. By the time they got to Mile 281 they were the only one left moving, and went on to take the win in 17 hours and 27 minutes. They said the "car did great. There were a lot of jam-ups!" They also noted that they got stuck behind truck #208, and said, "That dude tore up every-thing!" They did some shoveling, but had no mech~n(c?,l ~~u~:ems, and were the only finishers. There were nine Sportsman UTVs (Rhino or Polaris brand vehicles) but none of them man-aged to finish. Thomas and Kelly Graves, in a Rhino, got past Mile 281 in the lead, but then disap-peared. Jeff Creagan and Chris Fallon, who were two hours be-hind them at that point, also dis-appeared in the last section. It's unknown what caused them to be DNFs. They may simply have run out of time. For the most part, the racers liked this course, although the Trap hy True k drive rs com-mented that it was a little tight for their big vehicles. They were in agreement that it was hellishly dusty and silty, and most are cer-tainly hoping for some rain down there before its time for the Baja 1000 in November. That should be a memorable event, as it's the 40th anniversary of the start of off road racing in Baja. Plans are being made, but are constantly in flux. Keep an eye on the SCORE website for announce-ments regarding the celebratory event. SCDIE Dusty Times

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Page 18

~c • .,.H RALLY D'IT•L••·•••aEc■• c,anhalm/Fard Facus Take The Win BY MARTIN HOLMES PHOTOS: MAURICE SELDEN Marcus Granholm literally flew to his victory in Italy, he's seen here in his Ford Focus RS for another stage win. The sweet taste of victory came to the Blue Oval for the third time this season, as an of-ficial Ford entry won the Italian round of the World Champion-ship for the first time since the series started in 1973. For once rallying's "Mr. Perfect" did not deliver. After pulling away from Marcus Gronholm, who had suf-fered a broken shock absorber and then a delay with a tyre problem, Sebastien Loeb threw away a 36.5 second event lead Page 18 and even more critically the lead in the Drivers' championship to the Finn. Dani Sordo drove well to hold third place behind the two winning Fords. With only one more rally left to run in the first half of the season, BP-Ford are back again and looking good. Gronholm is now seven points clear of Loeb in the Drivers' with Mikko Hirvonen only an-other four behind. BF-Ford are now 21 points ahead of Citroen Sport in the Makes' series. The event started off with a crisis for the OMV Kronos Citroen team, the result of which the team has received permission to run a single car for the rest of the sea-son if no second driver can be found to replace Daniel Carls-son, an irony that for financial reasons the championship hopes of Carlsson who is still the team's most successful competi-tor have been eliminated. OMV's number one driver Man-fred Stohl struggled to finish August 2007 Per-Gunnar and Jonas Andersson drove their Suzuki Swift to the JRC Class win in Italy, they're seen here at speed. seventh overall. Subaru once again had a rally full of unknown crises, neither driver scoring any fastest times and their team leader Petter being humiliated by being beaten by his brother Henning in the second time Ford, by nearly a minute. Small things were different this year. There was a new loca-tion for the Rally Headquarters, there was a new short Shake-down stage closer to Olbia than before, none of the stages were exactly the same as last year, though two on the second day were very similar. Many of the changes related to a change in the direction some of the stages were run. Lucio de Mori had taken over the position of Clerk of the Course from Simo Lampinen and once the rally re-started on the final (Sunday) morning and the teams had the mandatory ten minute service. Crews did not have any more service, and after the six (short) stages of the day went straight to Porto Cervo for the finish. This event is one of the most abrasive and demanding on tyres in the world championship and BF Goodrich provided an extra strong version of their tyres, though teams were far from sure if and when the extremes would be necessary. Last year there was an all time record in the amount of three-wheeling that the top drivers were obliged 'to indulge in, in order to keep in the rally. This year this practice had been banned, but the details of how and what sort of penalty would be applied had still not been published. JRC cars are, how-ever, always allowed to carry two spare wheels but so they were last year, when they still came clattering along the main roads back to service. This was the third year the world championship had come to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia for the rally, but teams also come here frequently dur-ing the year. The island is a popular location for rally car testing on gravel because it is easy to find roads similar for example to those you have in Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and Greece. This all started back in 2004 when the world rally teams discovered the island, and found they had the opportunity to test without the problem of specta-Mikko· Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen brought their Ford Focus in for a one-two finish for the Dearborn manufacturer. Daniel Sordo and Marc Marti brought their Citroen C4 in for the bronze medal in Italy, they're seen here nicely airborne. Dusty Times

Page 19

Martin Prokop and Jan Tomanek were the second place finishers in Jozef Beres and Petr Stary were fifth in the JRC Classification, seen Mads Ostberg and Ole Unnerud were out of the competition on the ninth stage, an accident was their undoing. JRC, they're seen here in their Citroen C2. here flying high in their Renault Clio S16OO. tors and sometimes ... the media. N driver, Villagra's first experi-Renault and Citroen. At Citroen Sebastien Loeb was ence of World Rally Car driving Leg 1 going for a hat-trick win here was the day before the start of 6 Stages, gravel, 145.4kms. and his fourth world rally win recce here in Sardinia. Neither It was a beautiful Mediterra-in a row this year. No official Gianluigi Galli or Francois nean morning. The sun broke Ford entry ever yet won the Ital-Duval, albeit having entered, th rough the early morning ian round of the championship. were at the start. Manfred Stohl clouds and a great battle on the The neare t they had come was explained: "The gap between the gravel tracks was in store. The 1993, when Gianfranco Cunico top drivers and the others is now dry conditions obviously encour-won the event in a Ford Escort very big, it means that sponsors aged later runners on the open-RS Cosworth run by the na-decline from supporting other ing three stages, more so for tional importers' team. Despite drivers, and when people like some drivers and less so for 0th-the work on the new Focus, de-Galli and Duval are missing, it ers. Straight back into the Ser-tailed work was still continuing is not at all good for the sport." vice Park went Daniel Carlsson, on _the 2006 cars, especially on Toni Gardemeister and Juho the driver having fulfilled his electronics and transmission Hanninen drove the latest speci-duties of crossing the start line. work. ficatiQn Mitsubishi Lancers fit-Into the lead went eighth run-The greatest uncertainty red with the newly horµologated ning driver Jari-Matti Latvala the centred around OMV Kronos front and rear cross members, Finn who, thanks to the support Citroen team, heightened by aimed at providing improved of Motoring Club patron news that Daniel Carlsson suspension geometries. Gabriele Favero, learned much would make only a token appear-The component pairing rules of his trade on Italian gravel ance at this event, to honour were getting m,ore and more roads. His lead was not strong, world championship commit-complicated. The top tams had however, with fellow Ford driver ments. Speaking in Argentina, to use the same engines in Por-Marcus Gronholm running sec-Team Director Marc van Dalen tugal, Sardinia and in Greece, ond car on the road, never far had commented "All I can say is but only the same chassis behind. With gravel lying all thatwewillbeinSardinia,Ican-Sardinia and in Greece. Al-overtheroadsitwasdifficultto not say any more." And they though Petter Solberg had fin- tell the true form, but certainly were here, after a fashion. It was ished Portugal with a misfiring Sebastien Loeb, running first car funny that Atkinson's new co-engine, the damage was found to on the road, was far from happy. driver, Stephane Prevot, in the be a broken spark plug, the team Petter Solberg had a front tyre Subaru team, had contested the therefore hoped no structural puncture on Stage 2 but still Italian round of the world cham-damage had ensured, and used made fourth best time, up to pionship 12 times before, and the same engine. Many teams in third by the end of the first finished every time except once, fact brought along the car last group of stages. Brother the one time he was in a seen in Portugal, but Citroen Henning had problems with his Subaru ... Also announced was had the same cars they had used engine, always being about to that Masaru Katsurada was for the Scandinavian rallies. The stall, but was lying fourth just about to retire as President of only new top car was one for behind Petter. Mads Ostberg STI, Subaru's competition divi-Luis Companc. This was· the badly damaged a tyre which had sion, but would continue to only event this year in the JRC burst its sidewall, but could not work behind the scenes as advi-where all the registered drivers change for his spare because that sor. Jari-Matti Latvala was back meet. The only change of driver was already too badly worn! in the country where he was that the long time Peugeot Federico Villagra was learning achieved the first major rally team driver Bryan Bouffier was loads. Companc had brake success in his career, the Italian the driver of the PH-Sport en-troubles and also slid off for ten Subaru Cup in 2003, but was tered Citroen C2-R2 which Do-seconds or so. The morning still struggling. The Stobart minique Rebout drove in Portu-without doubt belonged to team's budget did not run to a gal. This event did not count for Latvala. "I could not believe it proper recce car for Latvala and the national series, but nonethe-when they said we were leading. this time his rental car broke its less it was curious that none of We had good clean stages, and sump. the leading Italian champion-after Shakedown we opened up The big news at Munchi's was ship drivers were present. Shake-the toe-out of the front wheels that Juan Pablo Raies was re-down came and went. This time and that gave me a much better placed from this rally onwards by Sordo was quickest ahead of feeling and much more confi-Federico Villagra, winner of the Gronholm, Hirvonen, Petter dence. It was the first time in my Production Car category in Ar-Solberg and then Sebastien life that I felt we had been go-gentina where he competed as Loeb. Andersson was fastest in ing really flat out." Stobart team-one of the organisers "Guest" S1600 ahead of Patrik Sandell mate Matthew Wilson had prob-entnes. An experienced Group and then Prokop -Suzuki, !ems, however. There was a semi-auto gear selection problem and caliper and had to continue with every time he tried to change less and less braking power. gear manually it was impossible There were n o brakes left when to synchronise the shift. Toni he arrived at the service park. Gardemeister had a cleaT run Stohl then lost his brakes to add but teammate Juho Hanninen to his woes. Hanninen had a was hampered by his co-driver puncture and lost a couple of Mikki Markkula feeling very ill minute on Stage 6, baulking and suffering apparently from · Villagra, while his ailing co-food poisoning and consequen-driver was a helpless passenger. tial dehydration. Manfred Stohl Then came the stories of more continued hi stories of miser-and more rocks being unearthed ies. "Everything was fine for and lying on the road. On Stage 20km on the first stage then the 5 both Latvala and Atkinson car started to feel strange, I were both off the road, stopped don't know what it is." The two for the rest of the day. Atkinson Munchi's Fords were going hitacoupleofrockswhichwere steadily, though both had mo-in the road, one of them got mentarily been off the road. Out jammed under the sump guard for the rest of the day was Jan and the car understeered off the Kopecky, "First of all the engine road. Latvala had a similar tale, stalled near the end of the first except that the impact with the stage, then I had a transmission rocks broke his front suspen-hydraulic problem on the third sion. Sordo also reported hitting stage. This meant I had to use rocks in the road. Ostberg had a manual gear selection, but this series of problems including two kept jumping back into neutral, spins and a bent steering arm. and I had to stop. Actually the Companc stopped 800 metres very place where we stopped was from the end of Stage 6 with an exactly the same corner where electrical problem and lost just we stopped when it had been the under ten minutes. Urmo Aava first stage last year!" took the JRC lead right from the Into the afternoon and on start, ahead of fellow Suzuki the first stage Gronholm got past driver Per-Gunnar Andersson. Latvala into the lead while Loeb, Martin Prokop started off in who had finished the morning third place but fell back when stages in fifth place, was third baulked in the dust of Michal after one stage and second, just Kosciusko who struggled firstly 2. 7 seconds behind Gronholm, with brake failure and then with after the second. Sebastien: a front shock absorber failing. "Stage 4 was critical. This was Also baulked by the Pole was the first stage in which we were Andrea Cortinovis, who in turn both driving on clear roads. On was struggling with a broken ex-this stage Marcus beat us by 6.1 haust which created so much seconds. We knew immediately noise that the intercom was that winning was not going to be barely effective. Conrad easy." Then five kilometres be-Rautenbach came in to service fore the end of Stage 5 the pipe with almost total brake failure to the shock absorber fluid res-"It helped a bit when we bled ervoir broke on Gronholm's car them, but three times we very and sprayed its contents on to nearly had a bad crash!" Jaan the brakes. Marcus: "When we Molder started slowly. Serbian got to the end of the stage the driver Milos Komljenovic was whole left front wheel arch was getting used to his new Clio R3 on fire. On Stage 6 the car was and had to drive 15km of Stage bouncing on its springs and 1 with a flat tyre. Kalle Pinomaki three times the car was nearly had to stop and change a flat thrown off the road." End result tyre on Stage 3. Jozef Beres slid was that Loeb was 22.4 seconds off the road and on to the side ahead at the night halt. On of the car on Stage 1 and lost Stage 4 Petter had a broken front Continued next page Toni Gardemeister and Jakke Honkanen finished sixth overall in Italy, Manfred Stohl and Ilka Minor were the seventh overall finishers, Petter So/beg and Philip Mills flew their Subaru lmpreza to a fifth they're seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer. seen here flying their Citroen Xsara towards the finish. overall finish, they're seen here flyin' high. Dusty Times August 2007 Page 19

Page 20

around ten minutes. Of Manuel Rueda and Alex Bettega there was no sign. The Spaniard stopped on the first stage with an electrical problem which de-fied tracing, but Italian with a steering problem. In the after-noon Rautenbach's brake troubles eased. Molder started to go better. Cortinovis punc-tured and baulked Aaron Burkart. Prokop held his third place despite two punctures on Stage 4. Pinomaki was frustrat-ingly slowed by Shaun Gallagher's R2 car and then he punctured and had to stop and change the wheel. Raphael Auquier changed a flat tyre. Aava had a good day but gradu-ally Andersson started to catch up and finished the day only 8.3 seconds behind. Leg 2 6 Stages, gravel, 142.72kms. Both Jari-Matti Latvala and Chris Atkinson were back in the fray again, albeit respectively in 14th and 15th position overall. The Finn explained that he hit a rock on the inside of a bend and that immediately broke the track control arm. "The first time through I sensed I had taken it too wide and on the next run through I deliberately tried to hold a tighter line." Pet-ter Solberg was still mystified about his brake failure, "It seems that a piston inside a caliper failed, but nobody really knows why." The day witnessed the Loeb-machine inexorably consolidat-ing the lead. After Marcus Gronholm's shock absorber problem the night before, he fell further back on the final stage of the morning. The Finn then had a strange problem, his spare wheel fell out from under the back of the car on Stage 8. This was worrying enough, es-pecially for the driver following along afterwards, Loeb, who had suddenly to swerve at full speed to avoid it. But more than that the crew found a tyre on the actual car had been badly damaged on that stage, and mousse was oozing out from the sidewall. There was now no spare wheel to swop it with, aware that any actual deflation would inevitably mean with-drawing from the event, under the new rules, Gronholm went carefully through Stage 9, drop-ping another l2 seconds and was 41.5 seconds behind at the midday halt. The top placings were stable but there were wor-ries further back . .Stohl's team found that for reasons they never understood, the perfor-mance of the Xsara would dete-riorate as each stage progressed. The Kronos' team chief, Marc van Dalen, "The split times con-firm that. On Stage 7 he was third fastest at the beginning of the stage, and finished the stage a half minute behind in seventh place." Rumours started to spread round the service park that Kronos were thinking of leaving the WRC prematurely and competing in future in the IRC with a Peugeot Super 2000 which the team already is pre-paring. The FIA were being con-sulted as to the qptions facing the team. Then came the stories of the mishaps. Mads Ostberg went off the road and told following drivers not to worry, but unfor-Page 20 tunately the red cross (emer-gency) sign was shown, instead of the "OK" sign, and drivers stopped for no reason. As the Norwegian struggled to reach the end of the stage so came sto-ries of other cars being delayed by his dust. Gareth MacHale crashed and was helicoptered to hospital for a check-up, happily without cause. Companc rolled on Stage 8 and then the Group N driver Ermanno Dionisio in a Subaru went off at the same place causing the stage to be stopped. Unfortunately this was a logistical nightmare, because stopping Stage 8 meant that Stage 9 could not be reached, so many drivers missed two stages as a result. Ostberg had g"one off the road, and on his own efforts was able to get go-ing again, but then the front left upright was damaged and in turn the brakes, which he dis-covered when he came to an-other bad corner and he was off the road for good. Subaru were going through a period of mys-teries. Petter Solberg's poor times in the morning were un-accountab1e. The team changed the 'set-up during the midday service and on the cleaner roads used in the afternoon the driver's times were normal like there had been no problem. With brother Henning some 61.4 seconds in front at the midday break, it was going to be interesting what happened in the afternoon. Mysteries con-tinued at Prodrive. Atkinson came in for what promised to be a routine service, part of which was a turbo boost check. Suddenly they found the boost was badly amiss, so there was panic while everything to do with the turbocharging system was checked. Nothing was found, a subsequent check proved everything now worked fine, but Atkinson was nine minutes late (lm30s penalty) at the out control, waiting for the engineers to satisfy themselves. Loeb meanwhile continued on his winning way. Gronholm found the conditions very rough but managed to avoid punctures. Henning had brake troubles again, this time having to drive nearly all Stage 12 with only the rear brakes operating. Hirvonen tried out the new ul-tra hard BF Goodrich tyres, in the hope they would be helpful in Greece. (Subaru had tried them without comment on the first day.) Hanninen had a couple of spins, but teammate Gardemeister found his Lancer would indulge in snap-oversteer which took away his confidence in the car. On Stage 10 Matthew Wilson disappeared from his ninth place. He found a rock on the track on his line, swerved to avoid this, slid to the edge of the road where the rear of the car hit an even bigger rock· and the rear suspension was broken. On the same stage Jan Kopecky withdrew when the new design of steering started t jam on his Fabia. Petter was now only 29.9 seconds be-hind Henning! More to the point, this enabled Sordo to edge past into fourth position, which meant that should the top four finish as they were, Citroen would reclaim the nine points they lost to Ford in Argentina. But that, of course, was depen-dent on what the Stewards were going to think about Gronholm's lost wheel sage ... All 21 cars in JRC restarted, including the three drivers who disappeared on Stage 6. Aigar Pars had a broken cross mem-ber, "Don't know how it hap-pened. There had been no par-ti cu la r impact." Kosciusko whose engine was badly over-heating. Stefano Benoni slid off the road. Alex Bettega restarted, and actually got to the end of Stage 7 but then abandoned, the front suspension having been damaged. Surely this Fi-esta must be the worst rally car in the world! "All I can say is that in my prize-drive season this is my third event, and so far I have only completed one leg all season out of the eight I've started ... " Today's problem for Bettega was that the front and rear suspension were following their own paths and the car was impossible to drive. On the sec-ond stage of the day Andersson finally got in front of Aava, who on the third stage then lost time when he spun and crashed into a tree. Patrik Sandell punc-tured and had to change the wheel, dropping from fourth to seventh and set ,off hoping to recover the deficit. "Actually with our R3 car being 120kg heavier than the S 1600 Suzuki and with our standard brakes, it isn't easy." Kosciusko had fuel pump failure but was able to swop pumps and set off los-ing only a half minute or so, but then had suspension trouble which he said made the car un-controllable. Several crews had to change flat tyres during the morning stages, including Pars and Gallagher. Prokop was go-ing steadily but Rautenbach, having just passed Burkart and got up to fourth, then had his gearbox stuck in fourth gear. Cortinovis went off the road and stopped. Schammel eventu-ally got going well after suffer-ing gearbox mounting problems all the first day. Pinomaki stopped on Stage 8. He hit a rock with his right front wheel which bent the steering arm, and some corners further on the arm broke and he went off the road. The battle for the lead swung back in Aava's favour when Andersson stopped to change a flat tyre on Stage 10. Aava: "It was a really hard day, it was so difficult to decide how fast one should try to drive." Andersson also had a second problem, a broken brake disc, right at the start of the final group of three stages of the day. By the end of the afternoon Sandell was back up to fourth place ahead of Burkart and Molder. Molder had slowed thinking he had a puncture -when he didn't! In the after-noon three more drivers went missing. Rueda had a puncture and changed the wheel, and when he set off again he found he had no brakes and he rolled. Also missing were Koksciusko (again) and Pars, Pars retired af-ter crashing. In Group N Campledelli's lead disappeared when he punctured and had to change a wheel on his Mitsubishi, letting the veteran driver· Manfrinato (who won the category on the 1991 Sanremo Rally!) into the lead with his Subaru. August 2007 After an hour of tantalising delay at the end of the day, the Stewards announced that there would be no penalty against Ford because Gronholm's spare wheel had fallen out. The FIA's General Prescriptions for offi-cial championship rallying state that at all times the spare wheel "must remain on board the car". Notwithstanding that the spare wheel falling off the car looked like a very serious breach of the rules, the team did what they could to present an honest position, and nobody believed this was anything other than a genuine accident damage situation. The team had flown back to the stage and collected the wheel, which in fact was back in the service park before the rally car arrived. This was in fact the second such inci-dent. Juan Pablo Raies' co-driver had to run across the su-perspecial arena in Mexico to collect their errant spare wheel. Anyway, this decision was a great relief to all concerned. Leg 3 6 Stages, gravel, 54. 74kms. The final leg comprised six stages which were completely new stages in the north of the island, with no service opportu-nities. It was on Stage 13 that the unthinkable happened. Se-bastien Loeb went off the road when leading the rally, his most dramatic disappointment since Australia 2005. There was a se-ries of jumps, the last one of which was followed by a bend which is where the Citroen hit a rock on the side of the track. This damaged the front left sus-pension and although Loeb was able to continue for a couple of kilometres until the suspension collapsed and gave some cham-pionship hopes to Gronholm on what had been a roller coaster stage for him. Gron-holm had slid off the road on the same stage, and found it difficult to get off again, and it was only when he got to the end of the stage that he heard Loeb was out. In the JRC, four cars failed to turn up for the final leg -Bettega, Rautenbach, Pinomaki and Rueda while during the day Pars retired after he crashed. At the head of the category the Aava-and-Andersson show con-tinued, Aava scoring his first category victory of the season. Prokop maintained his third place ahead of Burkart, Molder and Beres. The top six finishers were all in Super 1600s. Patrik Sandell, reigning JWRC Cham-pion, stopped on Stage 16 when the engine failed. The team had a race against time to bring Sandell's stricken car back to the finish pare ferme, which was up at Porto Cervo, because de-spite missing three stages Sandell was in line to score one championship point. He even-tually finished eighth in the category and the highest placed R3 car. Bryan Bouffier's sev-enth placed C2 was the best placed R2 car. Benoni (radiator damaged after a jump) and Auquier (off the road) both stopp_ed during the day but eventually finished a long way down the standings. So, after all the worries of the previous evening, Fords were now leading the rally 1-2. Marcus scoring his first win on the Italian round ahead of Mikko Hirvonen, his BP-Ford teammate. The top Citroen was Dani Sordo in third place hav-ing been under pressure from Henning Solberg throughout the day. Henning had started the day 10.3 seconds behind Sordo, after two stages the gap was only 3.9, but in the second loop Sordo defended his posi-tion and gained the final place on the podium, but Henning had the satisfaction of lording it over his brother! lAleC 49th Rally d'Italia-Sardegna 2007 Olbia-Porto Cervo 18/20.05.2007 WCR round 7, JRC round 3 ilC points WR WD JRC 1 ( 3) ·Harcus GRONHOLM/Timo Rautiainen FIN Ford Focus RS WRC EJ56FZV (Gil) 3h.4Sm.42.0s. 10 10 2 (4) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Ford Focus RS WRC EJ56FZB (GB) 3h.49m.ll.2s. 8 8 3 (2) Daniel SOROO/Marc Marti E Citroen C4 WRC 745DYN78 (F) 3h.50m.03.8s. 6 6 4 (.10) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud N Ford Focus RS WRC EUSSCNX (GB) 3h.50m.18.6s. 5 S 5 (1) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB SUbaru Impreca WRC FT56SRT (GB) 3h.5lm.16.2s. 4 4 6 (21) Toni Gardemeister/Jakke Honkanen FIN Mitsubishi Lancer WRC KN04WMC (GB) 3 7 (5) Manfred STOHL/Ilka Minor A Citroen Xsara WRC 596DYS78 (F) 3h.54m.10.6s. 3 2 8 (26) Juho Hanninen/Mikko Markkula FIN Mitsubishi Lancer WRC i<N04WMD (GB) 3h.58m.13.7a. l 9 (9) Jari-Matti LATVALA/Miikka Anttila FIN Ford Focus RS WRC E055CNJ (GB) 4h,00m.09.7s. (2) 2 10 (8) Chris ATKINSON/Stephane Prevot AUS/B Subar_u Impreza IIRC JT55SRT (GB) 4h.05m.01.4s. (2) l 11 (12) Federico VILLAGRA/Jorge Perez Companc AA Ford Focus RS WRC E055CNN (GB) 12 (16) Matthe-.. Wilson/Michael On: GB Fo,:d Focus RS WB.C lES (GB) 13 (32) Urmo Aava/Kuldar Sikk EE Suzuki Swift JRC KIH354 (H) 4h.15m.03.9s. 10 14 (45) Per-Gunnar+ Jonas Andei:sson S Suzuki Swift JRC JVR684 (H) 4h.16m.13 .3s. 15 (79) Giovanni Manfrinato/Carlo Pisano I Subaru tmpreza N PROOl (RSM) 16 (35) Martin Prokop/Jan Tomanek CZ Citroen C2 JRC 2J3 8401 (CZ) 4h.21m.26. 7s. 6 18 (37) Aaron Burkart/Michael Koelbach D Citroen C2 JRC H-PR 2206 (D) 4h.24m.13 .8s. 5 19 (36) Jaan Molder/Katrin Becker EE:/D Suzuki Swift JRC 14R0011 (CZ) 4h.24lll.44.2s. 4 25 (34) Jozef Beres/Petr Stary SK/CZ Renault Clio Sl600 JRC KES067 (SK) 4h.30m.15.0s. 3 29 (44) Bryan eourrier/Matthieu Baumel F Citroen C2-R2 JRC 9l45NE52 (F) 4h.35m.02.8s. 2 31 (31) Patrik Sandell/Eail l\Xelsson S Renault Clio RJ JRC XZY554 (S) 1 34 (43) Vilius Rozukas/Audrius Shoshas LT Suzuki Swift JRC BNS006 (SK) 4h.391l.09.3s. (2) 35 (46) Shaun Gallagher/Clive Jenkins IRL/GB Citroen C2-R2 JRC FL55ZCX (GB) 4h.39m.42.9s. 43 (50) Gilles Schammel/Renaud Jamoul L/B Citroen C2-R2 JRC 8195 (L) 4h .48m.44.0s. 44 (38) Michal Kosciuszko/Maciej Szczepaniak PL Renault Clio JRC 2Z5 7194 (CZ) 4h.Slm.17.7s.(4) Dusty Times

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TanERSALL's 2D07 FINKE DESERT IIAcE Bently & Jlmca Dominate TEXT & PHOTOS: STEVE HILTON Hayden Bentley had trouble free runs down and back and he drove his good looking car to the overall win and 1st in Pro. The entries for the event this year Springs in central Australia comes out on all vehicles and bikes, this topped 80 with what can only be alive with the arrival of competitors draws a huge crowd of people, and described as a field of high quality from all over Australia. On Friday is where they can get up close to the cars and trucks. The town of Alice night the safety checks are carried vehicles and race crews. Saturday morning, the prologue ran over an eight kilometre section of the track. This run would deter-mine the start po ition for the race to Finke on Sunday. Shannon and Ian Rentsch driving the Peter Kittle sponsored Pro class 3500cc V6 Toyota twin turbo powered Chenowth, recorded a time of 5:24 as did Chris Coulthard and Dan Bartels in the Holeshot 5700cc buggy, and David Fellows with An-drew Kittle as co-driver in another Peter Kittle sponsored 3500cc V6 Toyota twin turbo Jimco, because the Rentsch team started first they were awarded first place followed by Coulthard and then Fellows. Fourth, but only two seconds slower was Haden Bentley in the 6ltr Chevy V8 powered Jimco. Another outstanding drive and fresh from the outright win at the Donald race in Victoria during the Easter weekend, was Greg Gartner driving the F150 Ford truck record-ing a time of 5:29 only five seconds slower than the buggy of Rentsch, this gave him the lead in the Unlim-ited truck class. The big news around the pit and spectator area was Wayne Bannan in the Chenowth Millennium single seat buggy who had trouble getting started and missed his start time, he had to compete in the prologue at the very end of the field. He started like he was going to either win or be last, unfortunately he rolled over in spectacular style and finished out of the event with the buggy minus some front end parts. Michael Schembri was the win-ner in Class 1 3500cc Prolite bug-gies, his time over the course was equal with Gartner's truck 5:29, Greg Hicks won the Class 2 1650cc buggy class as did Sam Barnes in Class 3 1330cc buggies. Class 5 win-ner was the team of Anthony Coulthard and Bradley Coulthard driving the Ford Falcon Ute. Geoff Pickering again the winner in Class 7 Production 4WD, Colin Hunter in the Goodyear Tyres Jeep showed he was the one to beat and rook Class 8 Unlimited 4WD, his time was 5:50. Sunday morning saw the start of the race, Alice Springs to Finke, a 7:30am start and the weather was cold with little to no wind over the course, Rentsch starting first was out early with an engine problem, also out short of Finke was Chris Coulthard with an unrelated prob-lem. David Fellows was soon to fol-low him out of the event, this left Bentley to take control and lead the race into Finke, his time 2:03:46, just under two minutes faster than Andrew Pinto, he was followed by Tatnell, Prout, Crowe and Burrows, all Jimco buggies, Svenson in the Toyota 4000cc V8 Stealth was next followed by the first in Class 1 Tony Fehlhaber driving the 3500cc V6 Honda powered Mirage, he started the race in position 26, a good drive to finish in eighth place outright for this section to Finke. Gavin Mickle led the Class 4 trucks to Finke in the Toyota pass-ing the stranded F150 Ford of Gartner, also the Chevy of Brian Continued on page 63 The Pickering/Watson Mitsubishi Pajero was the big winner in the Brad Prout had clutch troubles but overcame them to take 2"" overall, The Richie/ Campbell Mitsubishi was the Class 5 Limited 2WD winner, they're seen here rushing through the tall grass. Production 4WD Class, seen here at speed. 2nd in Pro Class in his Chevy powered Jimco. A nice second place in the Prolite Class went to Justin and Melissa Colin Hunter had a good run in the Jeep, he took the gold medal in Buddy Crowe was the third place finisher in the Pro Class and he Watt in their good looking Nissan powered Jimco. the Extreme 4WD Class, he's seen here at speed. was third overall as well, he's seen here heading for the checkers. Brian Gallard and Rick Geiser had some axle problems but they still The win in the Prolite Class went to Mr. Ky/mer, he's seen here Tim Harris and Scott Raven took the gold medal in the Sportsman took the win in Class 4 in their Chevy. hustling towards that often elusive finish line. Class 3 contest, they're seen here ... enjoying their good run. Dusty Times August 2007 ·Page 21 .......

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-DUSTY TIMES CALIENTE 250 Flares • Freeman Are TIie Big Winners BY ]OHN CALVIN & KELLY BRADLEY TJ Flores led the Class 1 contingent all the way, he took the overall win as well in beautiful, downtown Caliente, seen here at speed. As usual, Caliente opened its arms to the SNORE racers and the racers responded with a load of affection for the lovely town nestled in the mountains where the weather has always been fa-vorable for the racers and the co-operation of the town, the rail-road and the local law enforce-ment personnel make it a won-derful place to spend a few days in the dirt. Sixty-five of the SNORE rac-ers took their cars over to the local school for a looksee by the kids and it turned into an event with a capital E, an estimated 300 school kids were there to sit in the cars, get their pictures taken, get autographs from the drivers and, simply stated, have a wonderful time. Crowd con-trol had to be provided because of the huge number of kids in attendance and the event was an absolute smashing success. As it has many times in the past Caliente gave the racers good weather and lots of trees to rest their eyes on and for the most part, the racing was fast and furious. First off the line was the Class 1 contingent, six of them started the race and three of them saw the checkered flag. They had four laps to run and at the end of their first lap it was T.J. Flores in the lead, setting fast lap for the class along the way, Kevin Curtis was in second place, some three minutes behind the leader and then Peter Avear came along in the third spot and Robert Tyler was running in f~urth place, suffering from a loss of front brakes, Jamie Galles and William Shields never com-pleted their first lap. Down the big hill to end the second lap and T.J. Flores still led the way, Kevin Curtis still held on in secon.d place, he was now eight minutes behind the leader, Robert Tyler moved up a spot into third place and Peter Avear dropped into the fourth spot. Lap 3 ended and T.J. Flores was still the leader, now he had a 30 minute lead over Kevin Curtis, Jeff Perkins, who was in for Robert Tyler, held onto the third spot, having no front brakes underfoot and Peter Avear remained in fourth place, It seemed easy, CJ Hutchins led Class 10 every lap in his ultra good looking car, seen here in flight. Stephen Beal was the only entry in the Unlimited Truck department, he motored around in good time and got his gold medal. 12 minutes away from a podium problem. Peter Avear didn't finish. · complete his final lap, lost some-Down the hill for the fourth where out on the course. time, T.J. Flores, who drove all The Class 10 contingent was the way, led the class all the way next off the start, there were 10 and he took the checkered flag of them going for the win but, with a time of 5:29:34. He had alas, only four of them would see ignition box troubles on the sec-the coveted checkered flag. ond lap, broke a limit strap on When they came around at the the third lap and had to contend end of their first of four re-with a rear flat on the last lap. quired laps it was Mark Kevin Curtis took the silver Hutchins showing the way, he medal, he lost fourth gear on his had just set fast lap for the class, third lap, he was half an hour Ken Flippin Jr. was second to in arrears after a long third lap cross the line, he was 13 seconds andJeffPerkinstookthebronze, behind the leader, Michael he was almost an hour behind Wichmann was in the third spot, second place after living through Courtney Whipple ran in fourth a two hour lap fighting a brake Continued next page Second place finisher in Class 8 was Mike Sims he was second, Cortney Whipple had a good race, moved up from fourth place on Jeff Carr ran trouble free all race long but was only able to garner a then dropped to fifth pace with problems and worked back to the the first lap to take a decent second place finish. second place finish in the hotly contested 1600 class. sl'lver medal. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.;:;;;;;;,;;;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;.:;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;::==, Brian Crew had a long second lap in the Unlimited Sportsman Class, It was a second place finish in Class 5/1600 for Jerry Hill, he was a Bob Dziurawiec ran in the second spot all the way in Champ Class, picked up the pace and finished in the second spot. bit off the winning pace and was 30 minutes in arrears at the flag. he was only five minutes out of the win when the checkers flew. Page 22 August 2007 Dusty Times

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ThB 38th Annual . I The SNORE 250 is the longest consecutively run race in the United States!!! Conie be a part of history!! The SNORE Raci.-g Series would like to thank our sponsors: UuA ... ;:t?~ ;z:>,za~ Series Sponsor Official Tire Series Sponsor * $2,000/w 10 cars in class - $3,000/w 20 cars in class

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Jill Rootring was the silver medal winner in the Limited Sportsman JC Dean worked his way through the Class 10 pack to manage a Fernie Padilla vacillated between second and third place all race Class, laid the car over but had a minimal loss of time. third place finish, he's seen here with lots of power on. long, power steering problems had him finish in the third spot. and Mike Gaughan was in fifth Davies, having nothing but Mark Hutchins still led the pack, fourth. Layne Brown was up to for Mark, was the leader, he had place fighting a flat tire along problems and fast running out Michael Wichmann had moved fifth place and Ken Flippin Jr. more than 20 minutes on Laird the way. In sixth place was Layne of time, Mike Campbell and up a spot into second place, had dropped to sixth place. Bill Whipple, who was in for Brown and Bill Woodward was Larry Job also succumbing to Courtney Whipple was up a spot Woodward was out of the race. Courtney, Mike Gaughan had in seventh place. Unable to fin-terminal problems. into third place and Mike Lap 3 went into the books moved up into third place and ish their first lap was Garfield At the end of the second lap Gaughan had moved into and C.J. Hutchins, who was in Layne Brown was one spot off ..... Page 24 FORTEC'H t,, A Want to hafe your Rhino blaze past everyone on the trail ? Then set; i.1; up wi~h l'a'btech's new Long Travel system. That'~ right, ~abtech ta,j;.e"'s their race fabrication skiD.s and deUvers aJi,ard hittin& ATV Long T:ravel system. with the leg ~dat;t q)i&Uty $(OU would expect. Front and rear chromol-y tubula;r ¢Ollt1.'!0J/ ,&~.1'1S with uniballs and heims controlled by ~in sL.o,gic ~.o Coilover rac shocks will make your Bhino ru1! li'le never before. the tech on the ,·:eb--www.:t' • 13" of Punctional whe el travel • 1.25 OL 4130 ChromolJ Contr~l Arms •" 4340 Heat treat axle sha ts uirt Logic 2,0 Resi Race • Increased track width n ,•heelbase ior greater stabili,tj{ August 2007 the podium. Michael Wichmann and Ken Flippin Jr. were on their respective trailers. Coming in for the checkered flag was C.J. Hutchins, he had led all the way, despite stopping three ti mes on the last lap for a broken c.v. boot, Laird Whipple took the silver medal, their only problem was some power steer-ing belts early on. J.C. Dean, who was now in for Mike Gaughan was a very close third place; he was a minute and a half out of second and Layne Brown was the fourth and final fin-isher. There was only one Unlim-ited Truck entered. They had four laps to ·run for their race. It was their first race with SNORE and they had a blast! Stephen Beal drove the first lap, David Pedregon was the second lap driver, Kelly Beal drove Lap 3 and Christina Johnstone took the final lap. They had no troubles along the way, welcome to the club. The 1600 class race had 21 racers looking for a win, 15 of them would see the checkered flag and it was a pretty close race all the way. When they started to appear at the top of the high, long hill to the line it was Bryan Freeman in the lead, Fernie Padilla was second, he was less than two minutes in arrears, in the third spot was Jeff Carr, Jay Shain was in fourth place and Kenny Freeman was fifth with Audrie Tschanz in the right seat . . Scott Smith was in sixth place, Jeff Farshler ran in seventh place, David Schweigart was run-ning eighth, Don Wall ran ninth and Gary Messer was running in 10th place. Orio Cox III was running in .11th place, Corey Goin was in 12th place, he was four seconds out of 11th, Byron Ziegler was in 13th place, John Carreon was 14th and Eddie Aguiar ran in the 15th spot af-ter a run in with a barbed wire fence, Kenny Cox, Jr. was in 16th place after laying the car on its side, Brad Wilson was 17th, Frank Baird ran 18th, Tom Burns was 19th. Brian Collins, Jr. was well back in 20th place what a lap, got stuck on a bridge, got stuck in the marsh, got stuck again, tranny stuck in second gear, he hung out over a cliff for 20 minutes, as we said, what a lap! Steve Cossey failed to com-plete his first lap. The second lap of the 1600 fracas ended and Bryan Freeman was still the pathfinder, Jeff Carr was second, he was two minutes Dusty Times

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Mike Bailey ran in second place in the Class 8 conflict but he had a Shawn George was moving faster and faster but he ran out of time Kenny Redelsperger had some clutch problems and ran a bit off the long third lap and failed to finish his last required lap. and took the checkers for a third place finish in 5/1600. winning pace, he finished third in Champ Class. in arrears after setting fast lap in 17th place, Brian Collins, Jr. moved back up into second place place. Don Wall was up a spot Byron Ziegler was ninth and for the class, Fernie Padilla had was in 18th place and Tom in spite of losing an alternator into sixth place, Eddie Frehner, Gary Messer was up a spot into dropped a spot, he was now run-Burns ran in 19th place. Frank belt, he was less than two min-who was in for Orio Cox III was 10th place in spite of losing a ning third, Jay Shain held on in Baird was out of the race. utes in arrears, Jeff Carr was in seventh place, Corey Goin power steering belt. In 11th fourth place and David Their third tough lap ended running third, David Schweigart was in eighth place, he lost a place was Matt Dustin, Eddie Schweigart was up to fifth place. and Bryan Freeman was still out was in fourth place and Kenny power steering belt this lap, Aguiar was up another spot into Kenny Freeman dropped a spot in front, Fernie Padilla had Freeman was back up into fifth RandyJones,whowasnowinfor Continuednextpagi into sixth place, Don Wall was up two spots into seventh place, Corey Goin was running hard, he was up four places into eighth, Byron Ziegler also had gained four spots in spite of al-ternator and battery problems, he was now running ninth and Orio Co_x III was in 10th place. Gary Messer had dropped a spot, he was now in 11th place, thanks to a roll-over in the dust, John Carreon was up two places into 12th, Eddie Aguiar was up a few spots into 13th place, Jeff Farshler lost seven spots, thanks to a flat tire and getting stuck, he was now 14th and Kenny Cox, Jr. was in 15th place. Scot;t Smith had dropped way back to 16th place, Brad Wilson held on Dusty Times · Bryan Freeman took the Class 1600 Class lead on the second lap and there he remained, he bested 20 other cars for his medal. August 2007 Monte Tibbets got back to his winning ways, he led Class 8 the entire race and happily collected his win. Page 25

Page 26

In Limited Sportsman, Rich Brady suffered through a long last lap ·Garrett Evans and Evan Vaughan had nothing but troubles their first Clint Armstrong left a lot of fiberglass on the course but he soldiered and came in for a third place finish in Limited Sportsman Class. two laps, they took the silver medal in the Class 7 contest. on and took a second place finish in Class 1450. Tom Hood had a good day in the Unlimited Sportsman Class, he took the class win with 15 minutes in hand at the flag. 12th place, he lost an alternator belt along the way, Shane Robinson, who was in for Kenny Cox, Jr. was up two spots into 13th place, Tony Farshler, who'uH selection ol: was in for Jeff held on in 14th place and Jay Shain had dropped many places back to 15th place. Brad Wilson ran in 16th place and Brian Collins, Jr. was in WELD•ON•TABS WELD-ON•EIUNOS 1-ENS&RODEM>S c=,eae We also' uant/9' 3054 .S:. VALL.EY"...-E'M'BL~-LAS VE<.iiA.s;. NVw 89,oz TEL: 7DZ-STl-4911 FAX: 7aZ-B7 l-5ZZ I Page 26 17th place. Scott Smith and Tom Burns were out of the race. Fourth lap, final lap for the 1600's and Bryan Freeman crossed the line to take an im-pressive win. Bryan had no troubles and thought his jetting was way fat. Jeff Carr was sec-ond, he was some three minutes behind the leader, ran trouble free all day and only had the dust to complain about. Fernie Padilla finished third, he was having power steering problems, Don Wall was first off the po-dium, he drove all the way and he too thought the dust was a bit much and Core'y Goin came across in fifth place, he thought the dust was a bit much also, Gary Messer was the sixth place finisher, Kenny Freeman fin-ished lucky seventh, he had a flat to contend with this lap, his al-ternator was going away and he had fought sticky brakes all race August 2007 long. Eddie Frehner finished eighth in spite of a roll-over on this last lap, Eddie Aguiar was the ninth place finisher, he said he'd had enough dust for the year and Shane Robinson fin-ished in 10th place, he had only one problem, finding second gear. In 11th place was David Schweigart, Matt Dustin made it an even dozen fighting carbure-tor problems most of the day, Tony Farshler was unlucky 13th, he said the last lap was really rough and very dusty. Randy Jones finished 14th after a two hour lap, replacing a c.v. joint and Brad Wilson was the 15th and final finisher. Jay Shain and Brian Collins, Jr. failed to com-plete their last lap. Class 8 had eight entries but only a pair of them would make it all the way to the checkered flag. These guys had four laps to run to make a race and at the end of their first lap it was Monte Tibbets in the lead, Mike Simms was in the second spot, he was six minutes in arrears, John Reber was in the third spot and Michael Alden ran in fourth. In fifth place it was Mike Bailey and Michael Licari ran in sixth. Mike Hickey and Richard Cretsinger failed to complete their first lap. Down the hill to complete their second lap it was still Monte Tibbets showing the way, Mike Bailey was now in second place but he was alrp.ost half an hour in arrears, Michael Alden was running. third, John Reber had dropped a spot into fourth and Mike Simms was down three spots into fifth place, thanks to a wheel bearing failure which was replaced, Michael Licari had succumbed to the evils of the course. When they finished their third lap it was still Monte Tibbetts in the lead, he had bro-ken a four link bolt. Mike Bailey held on in second place but he was losing lots of ground to the leader, Mike Simms was up to third place, Michael Alden was down a spot into fourth place and John Reber was now run-ning in the fifth spot. John lost the battery early in the lap, and it was a logistical nightmare to get another battery and get it all going again. Last lap, and it was a killer, when the checkers flew it was Monte Tibbets taking the win, he hadn't been in the winner's circle for a while. Monte drove all four laps and he had Mel Tibbets and Jade Janis in the right seat. He broke another Raul Solano drove his Class 5-1600 car to a nice win in Caliente, he had more than half an hour in hand when the checkers flew. Bryan Adams only had one flat tire to hamper his run in the Champ Car Class, he led all the way and won with five minutes in hand. Dusty Times

Page 27

Don Wall had no problems but the dust all race long, he finished Michael Alden had a long third lap, cause unknown and that's the A fourth place finish in Class 5/1600 went to Bob Gross, he's seen fourth in Class 1600, less than minute out of a podium finish. last he was seen, he failed to complete his final lap. here hustling towards the elusive checkered flag. Have a little dirt, Briana Bradley, Dad Tommy and brother Derek all It was a third place finish in Class 1450 for Eric Ludian, he's seen drove, they finished fourth in Limited Sportsman. here hustling towards the hill and the checkers. Corey Goin worked his way up from 12m to fifth place in the Class 1600 battle, he's seen here headin' for the finish line. four link bolt, almost in the At the end of their second end of their first of three re-same spot as on Lap 3 and he did lap, there had been no changes quired laps ended it was Raul have a couple of flat tires to keep in position, it was still Hood, Solano in the lead, Rino Navera him occupied. Some 55 minutes Poling and Crew, who had a flat was in second place, a minute in later Mike Simms crossed the tire to c~mtend with, all running arrears, Jerry Hill was in third finish line, he ran trouble free for the win while Wesley place, 13 minutes behind the after the bearing problem. Miss-Stephens had retired from the leader, Mark Clifton was run-ing in action were Mike Bailey, fray. ning fourth and Shawn George Michael Alden and John Reber. Down the hill, last lap and was in fifth place. Glen Unlimited _Sportsman were Tom Hood took the checkered Mayernick and Richard Diaz next up, they had t·o run three flag, said he had a trouble free never completed their first lap. laps for their race. There were run and had a great time. Brian At the end of the second lap four entered and two of them Crew came across the line in sec-it was still Raul Solano in the finished the race. On their first ond place and John Poling was lead, Jerry Hill had moved up a lap it was Tom Hood showing not to be seen again. spot into second place but he the way, John Poling was right The 5-1600 group was next was 25 minutes behind the on his tail in second place, Brian up, there were seven of them leader, Mark Clifton was up a Crew was running in third place entered and four of them would and Wesley Stephens was fourth. get to the checkered flag. At the spot into third place and Shawn George was in fourth. Rino Navera was amongst the missing. When they came in for the finish it was Raul Solano taking a nice win. Raul reported a trouble free run and said he had a great time. Jerry Hill took the silver medal, he also had a trouble free race and also re-ported that he had a great time. Shawn George took the bronze and Bob Gross; who was in for Mark Clifton, was first off the podium. Mark and Bob had a trouble free run, but noted that the dust was really horrible. The Champ cars had three laps to run for their race, there were four of them entered and, wonder of wonders, they all fin-ished! As they finished their first lap it was Bryan Adams in the lead, Bob Dziurawiec came along some eight minutes later, Kenny Redelsperger was in third place, having to replace a clutch clevis pin and Lonan Pies held down the fourth spot. When their second lap was over we still had Bryan Adams showing the way, Bob Dziurawiec still held second spot, he was now Continued next page SAT PHONE RENTALS & SALES Pete Mortenson took the Unlimited Sportsman lead on the last lap for the class win, he's seen here playing in the sand box. Russ Ramsey only had one flat tire along the way, he took the Class 7 win with some driving help from Travis Bazzano Dusty Times Rent Iridium Phones from only $39.99 per week Same Day Delivery/Pick Up We Sell New & Used Sat Phones We Buy Used Sat Phones We Repair Sat Phones Open 24 Hours Located in Santee, CA • • ., __ IRIDIUM /\ Globalstar ~-}), inmarsat b~&n 1-888-884-7623 ALLROADSAT .com August 2007 Page 27

Page 28

Gary Messer laid the car on it's side, had some belt problems but Kenny Freeman had brake problems all race long but he soldiered on Eddie Aguiar was well off the winning pace in the Class 1600 battle, he finished the day in ninth place, seen here at speed. still managed to take a sixth place finish in 1600. and took a decent seventh place finish in Class 1600. 17 minutes behind the leader, Bryan Adams took it happily. He rocks in the dust, but he thought Chester Williams, who was in for had a flat tire on the last lap and the course was quite fast, Chester Kenny Redelsperger still ran in reported that his sister McKenzie Williams collected the bronze third place and Lonan Pies still rode with him all the way. Bob medal, stating his third lap was bringing up the rear. Dziurawiec came in for the silver "perfect" and Lonan Pies finishes Last lap, checkered flag and medal, he hit a couple of big first off the podium. Page 28 August 2007 Limited Sportsman were next Mortensen ran in the second to go, they too had three laps to spot, he was just less than four run for their race. When they fin-minutes behind the leader, Jill ished their first lap it was Tommy Rootring ran in third place, Rich Bradley Jr. in the lead, daughter Brady was fourth and Daniel Briana by his side, Pete Alaniz was in fifth place. Billy Shapley had problems and was unable to complete the lap. The second lap ended and Derek Bradley, who was in for Dad Tommy was still leading the pack, Pete Mortensen still ran in the sec-ond spot, he had a flat tire just a few miles from his main pit, still just a wee pit less than four min-utes in arrears, Jill Rootring re-mained in the third spot and Rich Brady was still fourth. Daniel Alaniz was off the scoring chart. Third lap, last lap for the Lim-ited Sportsman and when the checkers flew it was Pete Mortensen taking the gold medal, he virtually had a trouble free run, Jill Rootring took the silver medal, Amber Bailey at her side, she had laid the car on its side at Mile 14, but was righted almost immediately, Rich Brady was the bronze medal winner and Tommy Bradley was fourth, suf-fering through a three hour last lap, laid the car on its side and Briana brought it home. There were three Class 7 trucks ready for a good run but only two of them would make it the three required laps. When their first lap ended it was Russ Ramsey in the lead, Ben Williams came along a minute later in sec-ond place and Garrett Evans was in the third spot. Lap 2 ended and Russ Ramsey still held the lead, he had a flat tire on his way in, Garrett Evans now was in the second spot, more than half an hour in arrears and Ben Williams had disappeared. When the checkers flew it was Travis Bozzano, who was in for Russ Ramsey taking a nice win, Evan Vaughan was driving for Garrett Evans and came home in second place. What a day they had, ruptured an oil line, lost the front brakes, lost an alternator belt, but ran trouble free on the last lap. Next class up was 1450, there were six of them entered and four of them would make it through their three required laps. First of the class down that soooooo steep hill to the finish line was John Phegley, John had lost the trans-mission cooler fan and it was run-ning hot, Clint Armstrong came along in second spot, some seven minutes later and Eric Ludian was third across the line. Jesse Ware was the fourth place finisher and Eric Farnsworth finished in the fifth spot. Matt Farris never com-pleted his first lap. As they came in at the comple-tion of their second lap Clint Armstrong was leading the pack, John Phegley was now running in second place, he'd had a flat tire Dusty Times

Page 29

Stephen Beal was _the only Unlimited Truck to challenge the Caliente Jeff Perkins and Rob Tyler didn't have the best of days, they suffered -Layne Brown had a long first lap, then he got 'er goin' and he raced course, lots of drivers, motored around in good time for the win. from brake problems all race long, finished third in Class 1. around for a decent fourth place finish in Class 10. Orio Cox and Eddie Frehner were running well in 1600, rolled the Kevin Curtis ran in second place all the way in Class in spite of John Phegley led the first lap in Class 1450, had major problems on car on the last lap and settled for an eighth place finish. losing 4m gear on his third lap, seen here headin' for the flag. the last lap and had to settle for a fourth place finish. to slow his progress and Jesse the fourth and final finisher, nice class win. He had run lap after spending more than night race in Eldorado Valley, Ware was running in third place. John broke a lower control arm trouble free and complained of seven hours getting there. June 29-Julyl. See ya all there! Eric Ludian was down a spot into late in the last lap and had to being a bit sore! Wonder of won-And so it ended, a great race, By the way, Class 9 at fourth place and Eric Farnsworth limp slowly to the finish line. ders, Garey Leavitt arrived at the a great weekend spent in a great Caliente, you hafta ask the.~ still held on in fifth. Eric Farnsworth had disappeared finish line to complete his first town. Next up for SNORE is a 9 guys what happened! Third lap, final lap and it was from the scoring chart. Jesse Ware taking a really great Three Class 11 cars set out for win, he had Andrew Lee in the a day of fun and frolic, they only right seat all the way and they had had to complete two laps for their a nice, trouble free win. Clint race. At the culmination of the Armstrong had dropped to sec- first lap it was Mark Murrell in ond place, he was less than two the lead, Aaron Nelson was in the minutes in arrears, he'd had his right seat and, in fact, there were ignition switch fail a few miles no other Class 11 cars in sight! from the finish and lost time Brandon Benson was definitely making it right, Eric Ludian was out of the race. the third place finisher, he and Lap 2 came to an end and co-driver Kevin had had a trouble Mark Murrell finished the race in free run and John Phegley was four hours and 16 minutes for a Jesse Ware took the win in Class 1450, he worked his way through the pack top take the lead on the last lap. Mark Murrell had a great race! He led the class all the way and had an average lap time of just over two hours, nice job. Dusty Times · Worldwide benchmark manufacturer of mltft.ary-epeclleatlon wlnng ayetetna for all motorepoM. epplicetlone Ut~ the· ·flneat.Raychem Syetem 25 COl"l".lPOnel"lt~. the lndueery etenderd for-ell profesek:Jnet racing eenctions. Engineering. eeaer:rt>ly, end compl"Shl!)nsive teseing perfprmed 100% in-house. ~ete.hrness esaembliea\end c.lrcule ~......,~......,-----'-~-'-~~~~~"'-'~'p•c"'~ -o~ ere eveileble to eui1i h ,~';$, i;, ~ • Mo ....,,.......,_ met It end ... , ., ... , ·>' . . ,. . ,.... . • I• . 'sequential fuel and ems. bui · ~ . . . .. "ur, r'JJl:I { . ' f•,tc evelleble fol" .all . . engine peckegee. Dig el "d~pley end dete ecquieitiori syat~ 'far· all levels of competition. .yourr ,-----· Engine a.rid chassis dynamo.n,et•rt · services ~able. · ··~ Sakata Motorsport Electronics, Inc. 1217 N. Patt Street Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 446-9473 / Fax: (714) 446-9247 www August 2007 High-.Accur cy .Alr-Fuel Rat.lo Meters Lightweight, etand-elone system works with all engines and alternate fuel• -carbureted or fuel injected. For the dedicated engine tuner who needs to know exsctly what their engine la doing. No fleshing lights -Just the facts. .. Nsll It t:o l!I nurnbsr! Page 29

Page 30

RED GARTER 200 Bowers overall Richard Cretsinger led overall for a while in his Ford, he ended up taking the Class 8 win and missing the overall by a bit over two minutes. Roger Bowers and Roger Ball took the Class 1 win at the Red Garter 200 and they were the overall winners as well. Cretsinger piloting the #852 Ford and the #811 Chevy of Ian Warner. By the end of the first of four laps Cretsinger was clearly out front with a 10.5 minute lead on #857 Glen Wise and third off the line and not seen since the dropping of the green flag was #811 Ian Warner. We did find oui: later that Warner had lost the rear end early into the first lap. By the end of Lap 2 it was quite clear that Cretsinger was out to be the race rabbit for all to catch and had increased his lead in Class 8 w over 19 minutes. Cretsinger was also leading in the overall category by a little over a minute. Laps 3 and the final 4th would see Cretsinger clearly the Class 8 winner by over 39 minutes, an outstanding polishing in the Class 8 category. At the final tally, it would be Cretsinger taking the Class 8 first place followed by Glen Wise and an unfortunate DNF for Warner. Brady's first race with BORE and he had a good overall race. After Lap 1 Brady had slipped into the third position but after the second lap he moved into second position. Brady continued with a good race and was able to maintain the silver position for the rest of the race. Next off the _line was BORE veteran Dave Sams. It didn't take long into the first lap to capture the first place position. This wasn't as smooth as one would think. Dave accomplished a complete 360 roll that landed him back on all fours. The engine never died so he just gave his single seater the full throttle and pressed on. That's a sizable pair and great recovery. Dave had increased his lead to over 21 minutes at the end of Lap 2. His racin' was pretty steady from that point on and ended the race capturing the gold metal in the Class 1/2-1600. The third and final 1600 was Sandi Koeth. Sandi is the first "Woman" driver to race with BORE since Sharon Maness, and let me tell you, Sharon's race shoes are pretty hard to fill. Sandi was up to the test. At the end of the second lap Sandi had slid into the second position but slipped back to third and on third lap. Sandi would remain in the bronze position for the rest of the race. Let me say for Sandi to just finish her first official race is a hallmark. I spoke with Sandi after the race, and she said she had a really fun time and plans on running the full BORE schedule for 07. She also wants to thank Reggie and Tammie Gubler, Jim Kirchefer, husband John and daughters Sarah and Am-ber. Sarah did mention she would like to follow in mom's footsteps and race some day. Sarah let me tell you, when you're ready, BORE will be glad to have you race. Roger Bowers and co-driver Roger Ball of "Schmuesser Racing" capture the first race of the BORE 2007 racing sea-son. Roger piloted the Jake Maness & Roger Ball prepped Class 10 buggy for an overall time of 4:29:02 a mere three minutes in front of Class 8 truck #852, piloted by Richard Cretsinger. this year's race to 71 mile long laps. The weather had been bad all week and when we ar-rived to make the final track preparations we had to cut the entire WSA area. This took the 71 mile course to 54 miles late on Thursday. Thursday night brought wind and rain and by Friday morning the rain changed to blowing snow. By 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon and technical inspecdon in progress the final course was down to 45 miles. The final course layout would primarily stay to the main road areas with a few washes throwri. in The 2007 season started off with Mother Nature attempt-iRg to put all racers and pit crews to the test. The week before, BORE organizers pre-marked the WSA and back half of the course !:;,ringing ......,..,.........,,,.... ...... .,.,,,,,,.,.,_,_.,,,,,,...,,.. David Sams was the big winner in the 1600 Class, he managed to flip his car but carried on to take a third overall finish. FOR SALE: Class 8 Race Truck, spare Mogie C6, King Shocks, King Bumps, Howe Box & A5sist Ram. lIT Beam with ]Pro-Am Trophy Truck spindles, Rotors, Calipers. Twin oil coolers with fans. Twin tranny coolers with fans, Lowrance GPS (less engine). $85,000.00 - (909) 748-0344 Page 30 to ensure technical skills were challenged. All in all, the en-tire course proved to be quite challenging. The weather be-gan clearing Friday afternoon and by race day you couldn't ask for a better driver's course. The wind was pretty steady at about 15 mph keeping the course pretty clear. As with the past 12 years, the Red Garter Hotel and Ca-sino was the primary sponsor. The staff has always gone out of thei~ way to provide the best facilities, food, and enter-tainment, and this year was no exception. Huge thanks to all Red Garter folks for your kind service and sponsorship. Due to this year's weather, all reg-istration was accomplished in-side the Red Garter while the Red Garter staff was setting up for the welcome party. Af-ter registration and technical inspection had been com-pleted we had 16 vehicles ready to master the course and Mother Nature. Saturday morning with the drivers' meeting completed, we had five classes. First off the line would be three Class 8 trucks. Class 8 was the first place winner from BORE's last race. The first truck to take the 2007 green flag would be the 857 Ford of Glen Wise, followed by Richard Next off the line was Class 1/2-1600. We had three con-testants that were ready to make their mark on the course and were the only class that ended the race with the same number of racers. This is a true testament to their prepa-ration and racing skills as a class. Before we get into this class, I want to take some time to speak of Sandi Koeth. This was to be her (yes, I said her) first real competition race. I spoke to Ms. Koeth prior to the start of the race and her hopes were high to be able to finish her first race ... And fin-ish she did! I think there are a lot of women racers out there that just need that spe-cial break and BORE is here for you to test your metal. Now for the racin'; the first to the line was the 50 piloted by Richard Brady. This was Brett North had a good race, he ran quite fast for a 9 car, he won the class and was a surprising sixth overall. August 2001 After the Class S's and 1600's hit the course it was time for the Unlimited racers. This class was made up of sev-eral classes such as 10/5/& variety. Basically these races were in for the competition and pooled their money chances. John Uibel was first off the line in his 502 VW. John had a great start main-taining a strong second and took the le·ad by the end of the second lap·. John was running strong and looking good but right at the end of the third lap dropped out of the race Continued next page Dusty Times

Page 31

• B.O.B..E. Bonneville Off-Road ·Racing Enterprises, LLC "Racers Promoting Racers' Under New Ownership Red Garter Casino Colorado Commercial Service· Butch's Speed Shop Scott Smith Construction Dusty Times PRESENTS THE I 11 W e 11 cl o v e r, N e v a cl a August 31, and September 1, 2007 $1000 Prize Money IN THE CLASS 9/CHALLENGER CLASS IF THERE ARE AT LEAST 8 ENTRIES. Entry Fees: Pro Class I $470. Pro Class II $390. This includes Insurance $125, Land Use Fee $100, and Entry Fees for Pro Class I $245. and Pro Class 11 $165. BORE Membership is required for all drivers and co drivers $40. Save $50. on your entry fee by pre-registering mailed · no later than August 17, 2007 For hotel reservations contact the Red Garter Hotel and Casino 800-982-2111 and ask for the BORE rates. For 1nore inf onnation see our website: boreracing.co1n ~fail entries to: 10 Elk Mountain Drive Redstone, CO 81623 97 0-963-4563 623-853-3595 Fax 970-928-8963 August 2001 Page 31

Page 32

Kenny and Terry McKnight had a great race, they drove their Ford Richard Brady ran his first race with BORE and it worked out quite well, Ranger to the Class 7 win, seen here headin' to the checkers. he finished second in 1600, just 15 minutes behind the class leader. Glen Wise was just a bit off the winning pace, he drove his Ford to a second place finish in the Class 8 contest. with a broken rear heim. Bad luck John, you sure were running at the front of the overall pack. Roger Bowers and Roger Ball (in the co-pilot position) took the green flag next and didn't look back. Roger set the mark for all to beat setting the fastest lap of the field with a blis-tering 54:27 elapsed first lap time. Larry Schmuesser owner/opera-tor was scheduled to per-form the pilot duties but was sidelined on Friday Brady Sessions suffered through two long laps in the Class 7 ,DougBlakelywashavingaprettygoodracebutdisasterstruckon #857 Glen Wise; 3) #811 Ian Warner. Class 1/2-1600: 1) David Sams; 2) #50 Richard Brady; 3) Sandi Koeth. Class Un-limited: 1) Roger Bow-ers; 2) Wade Wilford; 3) #502 John Uibel. Class 7: 1) #7288 Kenny McKnight; 2) Brady Ses-sions; 3) Steve Milward. Class 9: 1) #913 Brett North; 2) Doug Blakely. Note: For complete times, class positions, overall places, and points standing go to the BORE website at by a pre-race injury. Roger contest, he's seen here in his Toyota at speed on the course. the last lap and he was unable to finish the Class 9 contest. Bowers was ready to fill the running hard but was side-Kenny and Terry had an al-the #761 truck piloted by Steve bill and proved he still can lined early due to front wheel most three minute lead and Milward. Unfortunately, Steve claim the nickname "Doc issues. slightly increased that lead by would be out early in Lap 1 Racer". During the second lap The Class 7 trucks were the a few seconds at the end of due to a faulty ignition box. "Doc Racer" slipped in to the next to the line. There were Lap 2. During Lap 3 their dos-Better luck at Jackpot Steve. second position but wasn't to three entries for this year's est competitor had dropped The last class to take the be denied and recaptured first opener. First to the line was back by a little over an hour green flag for the season during the third and final lap the #702 Toyota piloted by so Kenny decided to take it opener was Class 9 Challenger to capture the first in class and Brady Sessions. Brady ended easy to ensure a clean first Buggies. We only had two bug-overall win. Next to challenge the first lap in second, almost place in class. To say they gies signed up but they didn't the course was Wade Wilford three minutes behind the throttled back is totally per-lack in competitive spirit. First in his Buggy. Wade ended the # 7 288 Red Garter Ford spective because even with the to hit the course was the #999 first lap solidly in third. He Ranger. Brady would maintain throttle back they were fast piloted by Doug Blakely. Doug was to repeat that for the sec-the second place Silver posi-enough to take third overall raced hard for most of the race ond lap and during the third tion throughout the race. Dur-for the day. All in all, Kenny but was sidelined the last lap lap leaped into the second po-ing Lap 3 Brady encountered said they had a great race; the for unknown reasons. The last sition. Wade would continue a broken front lower A-arm truck handled really well, and buggy to take the green flag to run a hard fighting race and and had to replace it dropping wanted to thank all the folks was the veteran #913 buggy along with Bowers was the a little over an hour behind on Team McKnight for their driven by Brett North. Brett only two in the Unlimited the first place position. Sec-hard work. He also had special put the #913 in first place and class to finish the full race. ond Class 7 to take to the thanks for all the support the kept it there for the entire Awesome driving Wade! Ryan course was the Red Garter Red Garter Hotel and Casino race. Brett appears to have had Howard started in the fourth sponsored #7288 Ford Ranger has provided over the years a trouble free race and not position but broke and was piloted by Kenny _and Terry and it appears to me that only captured first in class, out in the first lap for un-McKnight. They pulled into Team McKnight is a team to but also held the sixth overall known reasons. Better luck the lead on the first lap and be contended with. Great race spot. Great racin' Brett. next time Ryan. Terry Shelton weren't about to give it up Team McKnight! The last Final Results: Class 8: 1) drivin the 81 Tiger buggy and without a battle. After Lap 1, Class 7 to take their turn was #852 Richard Cretsinger; 2) c,ansman Jat:k •aunt Kit • Secure mounting platform for racecar, pre-runner or chase vehicle • Self-latching quick-release system locks the jack to the chassis • Spring-loaded quick-release mount secures the jack handle • Flat base increases the jack's footprint and prevents the jack from sinking in sand or silt Page 32 August 2007 Special Announcement: BORE has seen a management change. After seven successful years running BORE, George and Glenn Cain have passed the reins to their close friends and fellow racers -Roger/ Peggy Bowers, Jake/Sharon Maness, and Roger Ball. George and Glenn enjoyed their time as owners of this elite racing organization -but decided it was time to pass it on for others ·to run. Roger/ Peggy, Jake/Sharon and Roger have outright purchased BORE. In speaking with the new owners, they want all to know that their motto "Rac-ers Promoting Racing" will be the foremost thought in mind as they take BORE through the rest of the 2007 season. They will be putting out a let-ter to all present, past, and po-tential racers soon. Best of luck BORE! MS? :Sr Dusty Times

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ilalifornia alty ~encs TIie Big Windy :s (Formula Rally cross> Michael Malsed drove his Dodge Neon to 1st place in R2 (Rally Car 2WDJ at Glen Helen, he finished 2nd overall as well. On May 5th, the California Rally Series sanctioned by the SCCA held its third FRX (For-mula Rally Cross) 2007 champi-onship event at Glenhelen Race-way Park. It was appropriately titled The Big Windy III by orga-nizer Michael Malsed. Living up to its name, a mild Santa Ana was blowing down the Cajon Pass. Except for the occasional strong gusts, the wind was about right to clearing the dust on the slightly less than a mile course, and the clear view of the nearby moun-tains made for an ideal setting for competitors and spectators. FRX has really taken off over the past couple of years. With the increasing costs of Pro-Rally com-petition, and the recent closing of many rally stages on forestry roads in California, FRX offers low entry fees, around $45.00 and a generally smooth, dirt course to test driving skills. Four Street Stock classes are offered which do not require roll bars or cages, but you do need a Snell 95 or later, SA or M labeled crash helmets for driver and co-driver. Of these stock classes, two are for two wheel drive vehicles and two are for all wheel drive vehicles. Convertibles or open-top vehicles are not allowed for obvious safety reasons. Stock of competition seat and shoulder belts are accept-able. The other two classes are for two wheel drive rally cars and four wheel drive rally cars. These two classes accept off road pre-runner vehicles, i.e. trucks, as well. This writer had shown up as a spectator at The Big Windy Ill FRX event on April 7th to see what FRX was all about, and was very impressed with the course and how the event was organized. The Street Stock two wheel drive class starts first giving them a shot at the course before it starts to get rough: Good thinking as this class runs on street tires. After completing their first lap, the competitors immediately return to the starting line to run their next lap. Depending on the num-Page 33 ber of entries, each class runs four to five laps. Accumulated lap times determine the winner. Thirty seconds after one car starts, the next starts, so there are usually two cars on the course at the same time. Cars are running continuously but never catching the car ahead. Works very well. Registration and tech inspec-tion began early, 7:30 a.m. thru 9:00 a.m. and by 9:30 a.m. the competitors could walk the course. Several hundred orange cones were placed strategically to define the course. It was very tight and technical especially the last half. However, the outside turns were, for the most part, open so that the rear wheel drive competitors and especially the trucks, could power slide without too much danger of knocking down a strategic cone. Each of these cones knocked down costs two seconds a lap. After walking the course, I could see that the front wheel drive cars and, of course, the all wheel drive cars would have the advantage on the tight acute turns. Michael Malsed had a grader and water truck on site to insure that the course stayed gen-erally flat, keeping the ·ruts down. After each class had run, the course was again graded and wa-tered. Forty-three entries showed up with eight Street Stock two wheel drive cars starting first. Walter Park in his white Ford Focus blasted thru the course in one minute 26.3 seconds fol-lowed by Eli Gilbert in a bur-gundy Ford Focus in second spot. Mike Graney Suzuki Aerio, tied Gilbert with a one minute 30 sec-ond time. Gilbert was actually two seconds quicker, but took out one cone. Gilbert increased his speeds over the next four laps, fin-ishing second in class with Graney in third spot. Terry Miller in a Nissan Maxima ran his five laps fast enough to finish fourth, followed by a Dodge Caliber driven separately by Andrew Hsieh and then Andy Hoan to finish in the fifth and sixth posi-tions. Christopher Ray in his black Ford Focus, finished in sev-en th and would have placed higher except for knocking down more cones than anyone. Walter Park drove exceptionally smooth and fast, taking only one minute 22.8 seconds on his third lap. His quick five lap average won the Class SS2, and was good for an impressive fourth overall for the day. The Stock Modified two wheel drive class was up next with seven entries. This class allows use of aggressive tread tires, as used by pro-rally and off road vehicles. A black Honda Civic driven by Rob-ert Miller had the fastest first lap time of 1 :32.8. Ashley Armstrong's Toyota Celica scored the best lap time in SM2 of 1:26.3 on the fourth lap but knocking over a total of five cones dropped the Celica to a fourth in class. Robert Miller continued to slide his Honda thru the course with-out knocking down a cone and took the SM2 class win. Another Toyota Celica driven by Lloyd Evetts placed second in class de-spite a slow first lap of 1:43.8. Tyler Turnbull in an Acura lnte- · gra ran smooth and consistently to third place. Fifth place was the rear-wheel drive Merkur XR4Tl of Keenan Smith that stirred up lots of dust and appeared to be having lots of fun knocking down cones. Sixth place would have been taken by the Dodge SRT-4 of Joseph Ugulano but mechani-cal problems put the car out af-ter Lap 3. Mike Nogriga in a Dodge SRT-4 was listed as a DNF. Class R2, rally cars two wheel drive, turned out to be the larg-est with ten entries: Two former Baja 1000 class winners entered this class. Bill Holmes with his Ford F-150 truck and Rod Koch (this writer) with his vintage VW Fastback. Both these vehicles · have been running rallies for over 20 years. Also contesting this class was Dave Peters in his Chevy pick-up and Michael Chiapetta in August 2007 lsamu Kakitani drove his really good looking Mitsubishi Eva to 1st place in R4 (Rally - 4WDJ at Glen Helen. A great 1st place in SS2 (Street Stock -2WD) went to Walter Park, 4th overall as well, seen here in his Ford Focus. a Mazda RX-7. Despite all the dust, four wheel drifts and rooster tails kicked ·up by these rear wheel drive vehicle, it was the front wheel drive Dodges that took the first five places in this class. Michael Malsed in his blue Dodge Neon blitzed the R2 field with five outstandingly fast lap times. Mike's slowest was a very quick 1:25.9 with consistently faster times including one at 1:21.2. Good enough for the R2 class win and second overall for the day, beating all of the all wheel drive Mitsubishi Evo's and Subaru WRX's except one. Koch's VW Fastback had fast-est overall time among the rear wheel drive entries, with laps in the mid to low 1:30's, but only good enough for seventh in R2. Bill Holmes would have had bet-ter times on the first three laps except for the large number of cones he knocked down. It was a very tight course for a large pick-up. However, Holmes' fourth lap was a quick 1:26.4. On Lap 5 he Continued next page Dusty Times

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Phil Stewart Jones drove his Mitsubishi Evo to a 1st place in SM4 Robert Miller had a good day, he flew his Honda Civic to a 1st place Jack Szanto drove his heavily lighted Dodge SRT-4 to a fifth place (Street Modified 4WD), seen here with lots of power on. finish in SM2 (Street Modified 2WD), seen here at speed. finish in R2 (Rally Car 2WD). Hope those cones weren't his. Bill Holmes drove his good looking Ford F-150 to a 10th place finish Bill Holmes, from another angle, he rolfed the truck but got it back Rod Koch brought out his 1967 VW Fastback for ihe event, he had fun, scoring 7th place in the R2 (Rally Car 2WD) competition. problems plagued fourth place on this tight course, the easier to Paul Olson in his Subaru STI, as drift and tip over those bright or-he went off course on Lap 3 and ange cones. Keith Jackson com-knocked down a cone on Lap 4. peting in his Subaru STI drove in R2 (Rally Car 2WD) at the Glen Helen event. on it's wheels and went on to finish the event. rolled the attractive Ford truck on tently quicker in the next four laps next class to run, SS4, Street its side. No injuries occurred and with one fast lap of 1:28. Jack Stock four wheel drive. Using course workers quickly had the Szanto's Dodge SRT-4 placed fifth, street tires, this class had just four truck back on its wheels with drivingcarefullyforafirstlapti_me entries, all Subarus. Nathan's Holmes finishing the lap. The of 1:35.7, but-picking up speed to first lap was a very smooth 1:26.4 time lost cost him and he had to turn a quick 1:26.6 on one lap. time, followed by low l:20's and settle for last in class. The Chevy Kevin Paterson's Dodge Neon fin- a last lap of 1: 19.9 to win this truckofDavePeterswascarefully ishedinfourthplacefollowingthe class and first overall. Chris driven to ninth in class and with- Dodge Neon's of Jake Walters in Floren in his Subaru Outback fin-out tipping over any cones. Eighth third and Kris Marciniak in sec-ished a fine second in SS4 with place was taken by Chiapetta in ond place. Marciniak's fast preci-consistent times in the low l:30's the RX-7 with a slower first lap of sion driving was also good enough and high l:20's. Third place in 1:41:3 but moving faster on each for a third overall for the event. SS4, a Subaru Impreza driven by lap to turn a 1:32.8 on his fifth The one entrant that Michael Luis Minette had good scores but lap. In sixth spot was the Honda Malsed didn't beat for fast time knocking down a cone on Lap 1 Civic of Jon Rica with a first lap of this event was Nathan Hall's and a severe penalty on Lap 4 cost time of 1 :36.2, but driving cons is-Subaru Impreza entered in the him a slow 1 :51. 7 time·. Similar Page 34 August 2007 Class SM4, Street Modified fast on Laps 1-3, with a fastest lap four wheel drive had six entries. of 1:20, however, he slowed on Phil Stewart Jones drove his red Laps 4 and 5, but still took sec-Mitsubishi Evo to first in this ond in R4. Kyle Jackson in a class after a slower first lap of 1:37 Subaru WRX wagon, drove to a due to turning over two cones. third in this class with fast Laps Consistent Laps 2-5 in the 1:25 1 and 2 and a very quick 1:18. 7 range with one at 1:24.8 gave him on Lap 3. Slowing on Laps 4 and the win and was good for seventh 5 kept him from a higher finish. overall. In second place was the Fourth in this class was another Subaru Forester driven by Eric Subaru WRX driven by Leeway Morris. His first lap of 1:31.1 was Chang. He drove a fast lap of followed by Lap 21t 1:28.5 and a 1:20.5 but knocked down cones fast final lap of 1:26.3. Tam Su on ·Laps 2 and 5 and also slowed who assisted Michael Malsed in on the last two laps. Fifth place organizing this event and who is was a big surprise. It was the big the organizer for other FRX Ford 250 of Bret Norgaard. He events in Antioch, California had turned quick laps on 1 and 2 placed a solid third in SM4, driv-with his fastest time of 1:25.1 on ing his white Mitsubishi Evo. Tam Lap 3 three cones knocked over lost second place in class due to on two laps slowing on Laps 4 and knocking over two cones on his 5 due to the course getting last two laps. Jon Burke, driying chewed up, didn't diminish a silver Subaru WRX took fourth· Norgaard's driving skills. Brett is in SM4 with consistent fast laps, a product development support but knocking down five cones on tech for Bilstein, so he must have Laps 3 and 5 cost him ten seconds had the right suspension set up in penalties. In fifth place the red on .that truck. Sixth and seventh Mitsubishi Evo of Kevin Tang had places in class was taken by the a slow first lap of 1:39.2 but in-Subaru WRX wagon, driven first creased his lap speeds afterwards. by Curtis Himmeberger and then Unfortunately he knocked over by Andrew Holman. Curtis was a three cones on Lap 4 with the re-bit faster as he only knocked over sultant penalties. Rounding out one cone to Andrew's several. the class was sixth place Dave Eighth place was Mike Kobeissi Haws who also turned a 1:30.2 in a Mitsubishi Evo, who DNF'd first lap, then went faster on Laps· after his second lap, apparently 2, 4 and 5 but slowed on Lap 3, due to mechanical problems. knocking over a cone. FRX has to be the most com-The last class to run R4, Rally petitive fun you can have in the Cars, four wheel drive, listed dirt for the least amount of seven awesome and high horse- money. The FRX 2007 champion-power Mitsubishi Evo's and · ship lists 13 events. Three at Subaru WRX's and one Ford Glenhelen; three at Lucerne Val-F250 truck. At a glance, one ley with organizer Jayson Woo-would believe that this would be druff; one at Ridgecrest with or-the fastest class with the big Ford ganizer Ray Hocker; two at Jean, 4x4 truck finishing last, but not Nevada organized by Michael so. The yellow Mitsubishi Evo of Skougard; two at Antioch, Cali-Isamu Kakitani won this class and fornia with Tam Su, and a double had an overall fastest lap of the event at Laughlin, Nevada in No-day of 1: 17 .. 3 even knocking down vember put on by Michael Malsed one cone on that lap. However, a and included in the Laughlin ten second penalty on Lap 4 and Motorsports Festival. Additional two cones down on Lap 1, gave info can be found on the web at him a fourth overall for the event. and Seems like the faster a car goes m-,_r Dusty Times

Page 35!C: ACROPOLIS RALLY Granholm/Ford Focus Take TIie win Marcus Granholm drove his Ford Focus RS to victory at the Acropolis Rally, it was the 60th WRC win for the Ford factory. What a way to go! With a but now painted blue and white. wrecked a lot of pre-event test-little help from Marcus Gron-Both the PCWRC winner in ing for teams. Ford had planned holm, the 2006 Focus ended its Argentina (Federico Villagra) four d-ays for this week but works career with a second sue-and the JRC winner in Sardinia stopped after two because the cessive victory in 2007 and giv-(Urmo Aava) were driving World muddy conditions made it point-ing Ford their 60th world cham-Rally Cars in Greece. Aava was less to carry on. For the pionship rally win, a run of sue-in a WRCar for the first time, organisers, problems started cess which has stretched over 35 with Greece being the first of when protesters threatened to years. Granholm pulled a little four rallies that the Estonian blockade the roads leading up to further into the lead in the Driv-· plans to drive in such a car in a special stage (to be used twice, ers' Series while transmission 2007, supported by chocolate and where spectators were troubles for Citroen's number · and milk producing companies, banned last year), which lay be-two driver Dani Sardo greatly but he wrecked his Lancer three hind Athens, and which last year enhanced BP-Ford's lead in the days before the start and had to provided a spectacular backdrop Manufacturers' Series in which ask for another to be brought for photographers. This venue Ford's number two driver Hir-down from England. Among was abandoned. Then the , vonen finished fourth. Subarus those who didn't make it, there organisers were caught up in a were very impressive in the was Daniel Carlsson's OMV legal action between the manag-opening stages of the event, ly-Kronos entry, leaving Manfred ers of the Equestian centre, ing first and second on the first Stohl the only team driver on where the rally was due to have morning, Chris .Atkinson and this event. Toni Gardemeister its headquarters, and the tenants Petter Solberg between them decided not-to contest the event, whose race horses were stabled scoring five fastest stage times and MMSP suddenly found they nearby. One of several issues was during the event. Toshi Arai had to us~ his car when Urmo the threat to the running of the gradually consolidated his lead Aava had his pre-rally drama. Superspecial planned three at the top of the PCWRC Khalid Al-Qassimi's hopes of times, in the grounds of the rankings, on a rally which was bringing a World Rally Car to Equestrian Centre, on account characterised by the usual rough Greece did not materialise. of the loud and sudden noises and dry Greek stages. Mads Ostberg also did not ar-which the anti-lag systems on the This year's Acropolis started rive, his rally car having been rally cars create. Six days before off with a lot of pre-event sto.ries, damaged in Sardinia and his the rally was due to start, the it was very much a rally of those spare car being reserved for his legal action was heard and the who finally made it, and those next event in Norway, where he court ruled that the superspecial who didn't, and of many pre-has the chance to become na-sta:ges could proceed. event dramas. Among those who tional champion. The route itself (which fea-made it, Francois Duva·! was Pre-event dramas? There was cured lower altitude ~tages held back again, the same old Fabia unseasonable weather which closer to Athens) was much the Toshihiro Arai and Tony Sircomb drove their Subaru lmpreza to the PCWRC victory, seen here at speed. same as in 2006 but this year there was a new combined head-quarters, service park and super-special location, all adjacent to a new orthodox special stage, at the Olympic Equestrian Centre--Athens Racing Centre at Markopoulo Mesogaias, some 38km southeast of the centre of Athens, and not far from the new international airport. There was a lot of activity in the area of the headquarters itself during the event. The Shakedown was nearby on the Thursday morning, and the new mirror-image superspe-cial inside the stadium was held on the Thursday and Friday eve-nings and also at the end of the event on the Sunday afternoon. Further, ~he new special stage alongside the Service Park was run on the Friday and the Sat-urday. Altogether almost half of the stages on the rally ( 11 our of the original 23) were com-pletely new, and another eight were modified. The other nov-elty was a Remote Service point visited twice on the Saturday, at Loutraki. The big challenge of the event was the 48km stage at Agii Theodori near to Corinth, · to be used twice on the Satur-day. Overall the drivers stated the roads were rougher than usual, the worse being the 15km Agia Sotira run twice on the Fri-day with big rocks. For this event the same en-gines had to be fitted as those used both in Portugal and Sardinia, the chassis just in Sardinia. Whethe, a non-finish in the preceding event would justify a penalty-free change of chassis was not clear under the rules. The FIA noted prece-dents, particularly for Atkinson's situation in his Sardinia accident 12 months ago when he was allowed to change a chassis even when he finished, and decided that chassis could be changed without penalty. Ac-. cordingly, both Loeb and Companc were allowed to bring different chassis to this event. Now was the time for Subaru to make a good impression.· Their new big boss was in Greece watching what was going on, subtle but significant changes had been made in the steering design, fifth and sixth starting positions were perfect in the surface-cleaning stakes. On the Shakedown, Petter Solberg scored Subaru's first scratch time since Atkinson's effort at the Shakedown on 2007 Swed-ish. Notwithstanding that Sardinia finished only 11 days before the start of Acropolis, Ford decided that their cars should be taken back to Cumbria after Sardinia, on this the last appearance for the BP-Ford team with their 2006 cars. This _was just as well because there was a major panic to de-sign and fit new shock absorb-ers reservoir systems after Gronholm's spectacular damper failure in Sardinia. Luis Companc had a new co-driver for this event, while regular co-driver Jose Volta allowed his ribs to heal after they had been cracked in their Sardinia crash. Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena pour on the power as they head to a second • Andreas Aigner and Klaus Wicha took the silver medal in PCWRC, seen here in In PCWRC, Toshi Arai came to Greece with a seven points lead over Kristian Sahlberg. Sev-eral new drivers made their 2007 PCWRC debut in Greece. Simone Campedelli, who led Group N in Sardinia for the ma-jority of the rally, drove for the Errani team here. The Fiesta SRT International Challenge driver EvgeDiy Vertunov this time com-peted for the Subaru Rally Team Russia in place of Alexander Dorosinskiy. Last _year's OMV CEE driver Andrej Jereb from Slovenia this year drove for the OMV BIXXOL team, his car boldly carrying Dunlop stickers, but in fact, he was using Michelins, while the _Subaru Rally Team International entry was taken by Takuma Kamada. Kamada had pre-rally dramas when his boat was delayed com-ing from Japan, and then the pa-perwork for clearing customs went missing. In the end he had to borrow the recce Subaru of the Subaru Russian team. There were more problems for Niall McShea as the car he was due to use on the rally was still in Britain and he applied to the FIA for permis-sion to enter Japan instead of this event .. All except two of the reg-istered contenders in the Produc-tion Car World Rally Champion-ship have entered but with no Guest drivers this time. overall finish in their Citroen C4. their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. ----------------------------Continued next page Page 35 August 2007 Dusty Times

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~ -Third overall was Petter Solberg and Philip Mills, their Subaru lmpreza Mikko Hirvonen takes the medal for the highest flight at Acropolis, seen here at speed at the Acropolis Rally. he finished fourth overall in his Ford Focus RS. Manfred Stohl and Ilka Minor leave a dust trail from their Citroen Xsara as they drive to an eighth overall finish. Leg 1 berg was quickest. By Stage 4 the gear. Francois Duval was out, his 8 Stages, gravel, 109.42kms. blue cars were lying first and sec-radiator sprung a leak and the Both Subaru drivers reported ond, quite a change from the engine overheated. Guy Wilks their cars felt much easier to norm. At the end of the morn-was going carefully ("keeping the drive and they were unphased ing loop, Fords were third and roof line intact"!), while Urmo when the two dominant Fords lay fourth, Citroens fifth and sixth. Aava, who had a panel bending first and second, not only after Stage cleaning was as predicted incident on the Superspecial, was the Thursday evening Superspe-playing its hand. Stage 4 was par-amazed at the difference a World cial, but also on the Friday morn-ticularly difficult for the first cars Rally Car makes to your driving, ing on the first real stage. Cloud-through the stages. Sebastien "I am used to attacking corners, less skies, a light breeze, happy Loeb, running second car on the you don't do that in a WRC. Ev-people everywhere, a real Greece road, had a spin on Stage 2 and erything is the opposite to what day, the sort of conditions one was unhappy. Jari-Matti Latvala you would expect!" Aris Vovos dreams about through the long chose a new type of BF Goodrich was back again in a WRCar for months of winter. The rally tyre and wasn.'t happy, having a the first time in a year and was started with a panic for Ford. spin which stalled the engine, also having to adjust his driving Mikko Hirvonen had his hydrau-and couldn't find a decent technique. . lie gearshift system changed in rhythm, running eighth behind There were three stages in the the ten minute service break Stobart teammate Henning Sol-afternoon, and by the second, which started the day. Atkinson, berg, who had been delayed with Marcus Gronholm had pulled who had not been too happy at a puncture. The two Munchis back into the -lead ending the Shakedown, was slowed on Stage drivers, Luis Companc and Subaru dominance. Petter Sol-2 when he spun at a hairpin, but Federico Villagra, were going berg and Chris Atkinson still was much happier with the latest well. Among the P2 drivers Mat-hung on and by the end of the steering adjustments. On Stage 3 thew Wilson had a terrible morn-day they were lying second and Atkinson was fastest and took the ing, stalling at a hairpin then third respectively. Mikko Hir-lead, on Stage 4 he was quickest overshooting a junction and be-vonen had excessive tyre wear (M-again, then on Stage 5 Petter Sol-ing delayed trying to find reverse Sport's chief engineer Christian HONDA Power Loriaux said Hirvonen always seemed to wear otit his tyres faster than Gronholm), but by evening the situation was incred-ibly tight. Of the eight stages of the day, no fewer than six driv-ers had made a best stage time, 10. 7 seconds separated the top six drivers, everyone was in with a chance, and the 48km stage which awaited drivers first thing on Saturday was sure to shake everything up ... All the top driv-ers were relaxed on the Friday evening, happy with their efforts. Aava abandoned for the day with damage to the left rear damper which forced itself through the bodywork. Stohl was struggling with the car showing no better performance than it had in Sardinia. Wilks had the engine stall at the start of a stage and a spin. Vovos had the engine lapse into safe mode when it started to overheat. The PCWRC category got off to a remarkable start with five dif-Equipment POWER UCEI & SPECTATOR DISCOUNTS • GENERATORS • TIU ERS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • LAWNMOWERS • WATERPUMPS California's lor Honda Largest Source Power Equipment Parts f.l Inventory IF WE DON T HAYE 11: NO ONE DOE9I Check Our Website: ·· Kawaguchi Honda Corp. ferent changes of lead in the first five stages. On the opening Su-perspecia l Mark Higgins was quickest, then on the first ortho-dox stage Patrik Flodin went into the lead. He then crashed and on Stage 3 Andreas Aigner went ahead. On Stage 4 Toshi Arai was quicker and took the lead, then on Stage 5 it was back to Aigner again. Punctures were quite an ordeal. Higgins had two on the same stage. Kristian Sohlberg had to stop when the steering broke and he lost over ten minutes. Mirco Baldacci drove slowly on a flat tyre unaware of a queue of frustrated drivers lining up be-hind him. Nasser Al-Attiyah started slowly, mindful of his ap-palling story so far this season, while Leszek Kuzaj rolled and had to drive slowly because of dust entering through the broken windscreen. Russian ·driver Evgeniy Vertuno had a lot of troubles, the water spray was blocked so the engine started ~OIVD.A 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 o■Nf!RATcsta a •vMPII (323) 264-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 Nothing's easier. For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2007 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Page 36 August 2007 Dusty Times

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11 Chris Atkinson and Stephane Prevot flew their Subaru lmpreza to a Aris Vovos had a decent rally, he drove his Subaru lmpreza to a Matthew Wilson and Michael Orr drove their Ford Focus RS to a sixth place overall finish at the Acropolis Rally. 13th place overall finish, seen here going hard left. 10th place overall finish at the Acropolis Rally. misfiring, then he had brake trouble and finally had to stop and change a flat tyre. Spyros Pavlides spun three times and was baulked by Kamada who had to stop and change a flat tyre. Stuart Jones was out immediately as when he engaged first gear at the Superspecial the gear exploded and broke the casing, and there was no time to change it. So, half-way through the day Aigner led Arai by 5.1 seconds with Juho Hanninen a careful third in front of Martin Rauam, who had stalled on Stage 3 and was un-happy with his choice of tyres. Going in to the afternoon, Aigner kept his reign until Hanninen got ahead on the penultimate stage of the day and then he had to stop and change flat tyre on the final stage. Kristian Sohlberg was having a terrible rally with his tyres disin-tegrating badly. Al-Attiyah twice had to stop to change a flat tyre. Armindo Araujo had two spins. Simone Campedelli had seem-ingly incurable understeering. Kamada lost fourth gear. Amjad Farrah damaged his right rear suspension. Rauam stopped with electrical trouble. Arai led at the end of the day. Leg 2 8 Stages, gravel, 146.08kms. Another bright sunny morn-ing, but there was a pervading air of anticipation at the horrors of the impending Stage 10, 38km Agii Theodori stage. It was the longest stage so far in this year's championship and the condi-tions were challenging in the way that only Greek mountain tracks can be. Jan Kopecky had a big rebuild after suffering clutch fail-ure on the final stage on Friday, but was ready for the second day. Predictably the field began to spread out. Gronholm's declared policy of attacking paid off, he was over ten seconds faster than Loeb, who, in turn, managed to get past Petter into second place. Loeb made fastest time despite a puncture near the end of the stage. Henning Solberg suffered bad vibration and lost a minute, allegedly creating a dust hazard for Dani Sordo who was running behind. Latvala had to stop and change a wheel after a mousse failed to inflate properly, and he lost nearly three minutes. Hir-vonen had a scary moment shortly after the start of the stage when he went off the road and broke his windscreen on the branch of a tree. The roof vent was also damaged, so that dust entering the car pressured and accumulated inside the cockpit. There was a Remote Service point after the end of the stage but there was no change to re-place the screen before the cars returned to Markopoulo, three Dusty Times stages later. Atkinson was an-other driver in trouble, he had a puncture ten kilometres before the end of the stage and again the mousse did not work properly and a lot of damage was done. He then had the misfortune to baulk his teammate Petter Solberg. Villagra stopped halfway through the stage with clutch trouble. Kopecky had brake trouble. There were three more stages before the cars reached the lunch time halt. In the battle of the second drivers Hirvonen's · difficulties for Ford were more than compensated for when the Citroen of Sordo stopped on Stage 12 with transmission trouble. The three stages back to service were hardly less demand-ing. Wilson hurt his chest when the car bottomed on a sudden dip. Wilks lost the use of his hand brake which caused a lot of trouble on sharp junctions. Companc punctured on Stage 13 . .Gronholm had a small spin on Stage 12. If the.horror of Stage 10 had haunted competi-tors overnight, it was little com-pared with the spectre of Stage 14, the re-run of the 48km stage, where rocks had been unearthed and solid bedrock was all that the tyres could touch. Punctures were in everyone's minds, starting with Loeb who arrived at the end of the stage with a flat front front tyre, which he had to endure for the final eight kilometres. Gron-holm won the stage by 19.1 sec-onds in front of Petter Solberg, who had a broken front left shock absorber and Loeb, who was uncharacteristically nearly another nine seconds slower. Gronholm reached the Loutraki service point 35. 7 seconds in front of Petter, with Loeb 13.6 seconds further back. Latvala, who had been lying eighth after his earlier problems, had a disas-trous three punctures on Stage 14, which dropped him to 14th overall, nearly a quarter hour be-hind the leader. The closeness at the head of the field was no more. The spread across the top six crews was now over three min-utes. In PCWRC R.auam was back, but Flodin and Jones were not. Incredibly both Arai and Hanninen clocked exactly the same time on Stage 10, and ex-amination of the split time showed that throughout the stage the gap between the two cars was never more than 1.5 seconds. Arai said his suspension started to go soft towards the end of the stage, while Hanninen had steer-ing problems towards the end, and then also on the following stages. Kuzaj retired when he rolled his car for the second time on the event. Higgins struggled on with clutch problems. Sohlberg stopped to change two flat tyres and gave up the struggle with his Yokohamas. Rauam now had fuel pump problems, then on Stage 11 he rolled on a slow downhill hairpin and finally punctured on a road section. Mirco Baldacci had overheating shock absorbers. Pozzo had rear differential trouble while Jereb punctured on Stage 10, flatten-ing the catalytic converter be-neath the floor and causing ex-haust gasses to enter the car. On the second run through Agii Theodori Hanninen lost a couple of minutes but still kept his sec-ond place while Campedelli lost four minutes after having two punctures on the Saturday and losing the sumpguard. Events at the end of the day were less dramatic but the two works Subarus had troubles. Both of them had broken shock absorbers, with the car of Atkinson also having a broken driveshaft. The Stewards were busy, as usual. Earlier in the event they had ordered the exclu-sion of a luckless privateer whose underwear was not authorised, then came the efforts of Sordo and Araujo, and a curious con-sequence that maybe the Stew-ards were not as omnipotent as we had assumed. Sordo irritated the Stewards by making what the Stewards felt was a frivolous claim for a time allowance, based on the dust thrown up by the punctured car in front. This came less than a year after the same driver had made a similar claim in'Japan which was re-jected. On that occasions the un-happy Stewards found from the on-car images that the crew had not been wearing their seat belts on a stage, exclusion had ensued, but for the Stewards no such punc ishment to metre out this time. Then Araujo was heard saying something nasty over the PCWRC communal radio about a driver which was baulking him on a stage. The promoter of that championship, though Portu-guese speaking, did not recognise the word used, and telephoned Portugal to find out what he had said. It transpired that it wasn't obscene, but it was highly defa-matory, and was a word in the local dialect of the area which Araujo came from. The Stewards reprimahded the driver and penalised him 20 seconds, but nothing worse. The Gods of Greece, however, had the final word. Suddenly Sordo's gearbox failed, and the next morning Araujo's engine failed as well. Pavlides meanwhile abandoned when his suspension broke. Leg 3 5 Stages, gravel, 78.94 kms. There was little change at the top of the field during the final August 2007 day. Gronholm safely held off Loeb, Hirvonen supporting the good cause of Ford finished fourth. Privateer Vovos dropped two places when he incurred road penalties having his clutch changed the night before. Atkinson found the car was un-pleasant to drive and could not put any pressure on those ahead, while teammate Petter Solberg did not like his suspension set-up. Henning had more brake troubles while the two Argen-tines went off the road for a while. The final battle was be-tween Companc and the recover-ing Latvala in the ·race for the fi-nal Makes championship point which Companc (Munchis) was leading by 7.1 seconds going into the final stage. Munchis won this battle and scored their first world championship point. In PCWRC Arai came to the restart feeling sore after the effects of a painful landing in the Super-special on the Saturday night, but he could take things easy once Hanninen went out. Twice Arai's concentration lapsed and he lost a little time off the road but still held his lead and gained his first win in the category for over a year. Hanninen drove ambitiously on a flat tyre, the suspension failed and he was forced to retire. Araujo began to suffer a fatal engine malady and retired so Aigner fin-ished second ahead of Mi rco Baldacci, despite a broken shock absorber. Higgins held off AI-Attiyah for fourth place. Kamada finished sixth in his borrowed car. Pozzo lost third and fourth gears during the morning but staggered in to finish seventh in front of Campedelli. Jereb punctured had to stop and change the wheel as did Frisiero, Rauam continued to have problems with his fuel pump. They all finished but out of the points. Now comes the world championship's two month sum-mer break, and for Ford there are hopes that the next version Fo-cus will take over where the old one left off. Ford takes a 28 point lead in the Manufacturers' Series into the second half of the sea-son where they will face four out of eight events on asphalt, while Gronholm's lead over Loeb in the Drivers' Series is now nine points. In the Production Car category, Arai has extended his lead to 14 points, but now ahead of Higgins with Sohlberg in third. -Ill 54th BP Ultimate Acropolis Rally 2007 Markopoulo 31.05/3.06.2007 WCR round 8, PCWRC round 4 WC points liR 11D PC l (3) Marcus GRONHOLM/Timo Rautiainen FIN Ford Focus RS WRC EJ56FZV (GB) 3h.49m.22.6s. 10 10 2 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen C4 liRC 733DYN78 (F) 3h.50m.01.2s. 8 8 3 (7) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB Subaru Impreza liRC FT56SRT (GB) 3h.50m.56. 7s. 6 6 4 (4) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Ford Focus RS liRC EJ56FZB (GB) 3h. 52m. 03. 9s. S 5 5 (10) Henning SOLBERG/Cato Menkerud N Ford Focus RS WRC EOSSCNX (GB) 3h.54m.15.3s. 4 4 6 (8) Chris ATKINSON/Stephane Prevot AUS/B Subaru Impreza liRC JT55SRT. (GB) 3h.55m.54.3s. 3 3 7 (19) Jan Kopecky/Filip Schovanek CZ Skoda Fabia liRC 4S8 9856 (CZ) 3h.57m.38,4s. 2 8 (5) Manfred STOHL/Ilka Minor A Citroen Xsara WRC 596DYS78 (F) 3h.58m.18.8s. 2 l 9 (18) Guy Wilks/Phil Pugh GB Ford Focus RS liRC ET53URO (GB) 3h.59m.15.8s. 10 . (16) Matthew Wilson/Michael Orr GB Ford Focus RS WRC lES (GB) 4h.00m.02.2s. 11 (11) Luis Perez COMPANC/Jose Luis Diaz RA Ford Focus RS WRC EU55BNA (GB) l 12 (9) Jar1-Matt1 LATVALA/M11kka Anttila nN Ford Focus RS liRC EOSSCNJ (Gil) 4h.04m.25.3s. 13 (15) Aris Vovos/"El-Em" GR Subaru Impreza liRC NM579T (D) 4h.04m.l5. 7s. 14 (21) Ormo Aava/Kuldar Sikk EE Mitsubishi Lancer iiRC KN041i'MD (GB) (1) 15 (31) Toshihiro Arai/Tony Sircombe J/NZ Subaru Impreza '06 PCWRC GMG301SU9888 (J) 4h.10m. 08. 9s. 10 16 (4 7) Andreas Aigner/Klaus Wicha A/D Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX PCWRC B-KIS93 (D) 4h.13m. 07. 3s. 8 17 (45) Mirco Baldacci/Giovanni Agnese RSM/I Subaru Impreza '06 PCWRC BS386RX (I) 4h.13m.21.8s. 6 18 (34) Mark Higgins/Scott Martin GB Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX PCWRC NM603T (D) 4h.14m.50.8s. 5 19 (39) Nasser Al-Attiyah/Chris Patterson QA/GB Subaru Impreza '06 PCWRC. 0007FLX (GB) 4h,14m,59.2s. 21 (52) Takuma Kamada/Naoki Kase J Subaru Impreza '06 PCWRC T445AK (177 , ROS) 4h.16m.31.5s. 3 23 (54) Gabriel Pozzo/Daniel Stillo RA Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX PCWRC GHS271 (RA) 4h,19m.44,2s. 2 24 (2) Daniel SORDO/Marc Marti E Citroen C4 WRC 745DYN78 (F) 4h.20m.40.8s. (6) 25 (40) Simone Campedelli/Danilo Fappani I Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX PCWRC CW286AN (I) 4h.20m.51.3s. 1 26 (42) Evgeniy Vertunov/Georgy Troshkin ROS Subaru Impreza '06 PCliRC P056 OT (177 , ROS) 4h.24m.28.8s. 27 (33) Impreza '05 28 (43) Evo lX PCWRC Loris Baldacci/Silvio Stefanelli PCliRC BW802MV (I) 4h.26m.24.3s. Andrej Jereb/Miran Kacin SLO GF962CO (A) 4h.28m.38.3.s RSM Subaru Mitsubishi Lancer Page 37

Page 38

--~·-· .LUCAS OIL SERIES DII••· Takes PfD • . Win PHOTO : J&L PHOTO Scott Taylor had a good weekend, he took the Pro 2WD win both days, he's seen here showin' the way In' his Ford. The kickoff race for the in class. nice win in the Saturday fes-World Series of Off Road In the Pro 2WD race on tivities, Al Konitzer drove his Racing (WSORR) took place Saturday, there were nine Dodge to a nice second place, at Owatonna, Minnesota late trucks entered and when the in third place was Don in May and a good time was dust cleared it was Scott Tay-Demeney, also in a Dodge, had by all. Presenting drivers !or taking a nice win in his Jason Bort was first off the with a short course venue the Ford, Michael Oberg came in podium in his Chevrolet and WSORR Mid Western Series for a second place finish in Greg Fisher, Chevy, was the will certainly give some of the his Chevy, Kevin Probst drove fifth place finisher. Dan local buggy guys a place to his Chevy to a third place fin-Beauchamp, Ford, finished in race without having to travel ish, fourth place went to Evan sixth place, Eric Ruppel, also to the west coast. There were Evans, he too in a Chevy, in a Ford was seventh, eighth more than 125 cars and trucks Harvey Wald, Chevy, was the place went to Jake Van de ready for the race and all con-fifth place finisher. Brian Voorte, Chevy, and Jim cerned were looking forward Hinman finished in sixth VanRixel finished ninth in to a most enjoyable time. place and Ken Hallgren came his Chevy. There were five trucks en-across the line in seventh In the Sunday St'ock Truck tered in the Pro 4 race, and place. round Scott Beauchamp took on Saturday it was Michael Sunday's Pro 2WD had the gold once again, Jason Oberg taking the win in his Scott Taylor taking another Bort followed him in, Dan Ford, Kent Brascho drove his win, Kevin Probst slid in for · Beauchamp came in third, Al Chevy to a second place fin-a second place finish this Konitzer finished fourth and ish, Al Drews was third in his time, Michael Oberg slipped Don Demeney was the fifth Ford while Dave to third place this race, Dave place finisher and Jim Christoferson and Troy Waldvogel had a fourth place VanRixel finished in sixth Menne never made the start. finish in his Chevy, Evan place. Eric Ruppel and Jake Little changes in the Sun-Evans came in fifth and Vande Voorte started the race day event, Michael Oberg Harvey Wald was the sixth but failed to finish. Scott took the win again, Kent place finisher. Scott Taylor Beauchamp has a 10 point Brascho won the silver medal leads the points in class. -lead in points. and Al Drews was the third There were nine entered in Eight were ready for the Su-guy on the podium. Needless Stock Truck and Scott per Stock Truck events and to say, Oberg leads the points Beauchamp, Chevy, had a when they took the checkers Undet new ownenhip .. Over 40 ynn of experience Costa Mesa, CA 949-645-266 l 8ring yqur hot rod, sand raU, motorcycle, b9at, or ATV down to our location an<L Let us solve your plumbing problems from complete system designs to minor modifications .. Page 38 Brake Lines, Fuel Lines, Turbo Hoses, Stainlesss hardllne for brakes and fuel appllcations. AU Redline Oil products discounted by. the case. August 2007 In Stock Truck it was Scott Beauchamp showing the way both days, he's seen here flying his Chevy to a nice win. on Saturday it was Ben Wandahsega taking the win in his Chevy, Dan Baudoux finished second in his Ford, Don Williams was third in an-other Ford, fourth place went to Dave Waldvogel, Chevy, and in fifth place it was Ken Hallgren in another Chevy. Jace Schubert was sixth in his Chevy, Rick Hinman was sev-enth, he too .in a Chevy and Jim Wrobleski, also in a Chevy was the eighth fin-isher. Sunday's Super Stock Truck race had little change as Wandahsega, Baudoux, Williams and Waldvogel once again finished first through fourth. Jace Schubert finished in fifth place and Bryce Helms finished sixth. Ben Wandahsega leads the points. Eleven were ready in For-mula 4x4 and when the Sat-urday race was over we saw Bob Sayers taking a nice win in his Ford, Dave Malh, Ford, came in second, Mike Cusak, Ford, was third, Jim Ridderbush, Chevy, came in fourth and Larry Maciosek was fifth in his Ford. David DeMaegd finished sixth, Jerry Conrad was seventh in his Ford, Crystal Reffke, also in a Ford finished eighth, Kevin Arnoldy came in ninth and Shannon Rhinehart finished 10th in a Ford. In the Sunday Formula 4x4 Tim Moeller, Ford, took the class win, Jerry Conrad took a very nice second place, Bob Sayers took the last podium spot, David DeMaegd fin-ished in fourth place and Dave Malh was fifth. A sixth place finish went to Mike Cusak, Crystal Raffke fin-ished seventh, Kevin Arnoldy ca me i.n eighth, Larry Maciosek was ninth, Shannon Rhinehart remained in 10th and Jim Ridderbush was 11th. Bob Sayers leads the points in class. There were 15 hopefuls in the Pro Light class and they had a hellofa race. When the smoke cleared it was Jeff Kincaid taking the Saturday win in his Toyota, Marty Hart was ·second, Lee O'Donnell finished third in his Nissan, Randy Eller, Ford, was fourth and Dan Vanden Heuvel, Jr., Nissan, was the fifth place fin-isher. Steve Federico, Toyota, came in sixth, Jim Kandel, Toyota, came in seventh, Don Ponder, Ford, finished eighth, Jon Probst was ninth in his Nissan and Josh Hintz, Nissan, finished 10th. Art Schmitt was the 11th finisher, Chris Brandt made it an even dozen, Mark Oberg was 13th and Chad Hord was the 14th and final finisher. In the Sunday Pro Light race Marty Hart took a nice win, Steve Federico followed him in, Chad Hord finished third, Randy Eller was fourth again and Mark Oberg fin-ished fifth. Sixth place went to Jim Kandel, Josh Hintz was seventh, Don Ponder was eighth again, George Schultz was the ninth finisher and Chris Brandt finished 10th. Marty Hart leads the points in class. There were 18 trucks en-tered in the Enduro Truck race and most of them had a pretty good time. Don Demeney took the win on Sat-urday in his Dodge, Bob Rinehart was second in his Ford, Larry Manske took third in his Ford, Mark Rogaczewski, also in a Ford took fourth p1ace and Nick Byng was fifth in his Ford. Bern Wierzba finished sixth in his Chevy, Shaun Bruski, Chevy, finished seventh, Paul Ben Wandahsega drove/flew his Chevrolet to the win in both Super Stock Truck races, seen here headin' to the flag. Dusty Times

Page 39

Aaron Hawley took the Super Buggy win on Saturday, he finished John Fitzgerald took a second and a fifth in the 1600 Buggy Class, Kevin Probst took a third and a second in the Pro 2WD class, he's second in the Sunday race, seen here ready to land. he's seen here in flight in his good looking car. seen here setting up for a right hander in his Chevy. Jensen, Ford, finished eighth, Rich Arndt was ninth in a GMC and Craig Rogaczewski finished 10th in his Ford. John Pepin was the 11th fin-isher, Matt Ives was in 12th place, Renee Peebles finished 13th, in 14th place was Van Rixel and Duane Klassen fin-ished 15th. Eric Morrow fin-ished 16th, Bob Birkholtz was the 17th in and Tom Graff was 18th. In the Sunday race it was Bob Rinehart taking a nice win, Mark Rogaczewski took the silver medal, Eric Morrow was last on the podium, Ben Wierzba finished fourth and Larry Manske took fifth place. John Pepin was the sixth place finisher, Nick Byng was down in seventh place, Don Demeney took eighth place, Matt Ives fin-ished in ninth place and Bob Birkholz was the 10th place finisher. Bob Rinehart leads Dusty Times the Enduro Truck points. I.n the Class IX races, there were eight vehicles entered and when the checkers flew on the Saturday race it was Bob Weiland taking a nice win in his Chevy, B'rent Anderson was second, he too in a Chevy, Bill Graboski came in third, also in a Chevy, Kurt Schuch finished fourth in another Chevy and Roger Anderson finished fifth, also in a Chevy. Jeff Tomlin finished sixth, in, you guessed it, a Chevy, Victor Anderson was seventh, the first Ford and Jeff Tomlin was eighth in another Chevrolet. In the Sunday race Bob Weiland made it a double header, taking another win, Anderson, Graboski and Schuch finished second, third and fourth as in Saturday's race and Victor Anderson fin-ished ·fifth. Jeff Tomlin fin-ished sixth and Roger Ander-son finished seventh. Bob Weiland leads the points. There were 13 entered in the 1600 Buggy class and they too had a good race. When the checkers flew on the Sat-urday race it was Mike Seefeldt taking a very nice win, John Fitzgerald came \n second, Mark Steinhardt took third place, Brad Erickson was fourth across the line and Terry Fitzgerald came in fifth. Sixth place went to Jamie Kleikamp, Michael Notary finished seventh, Bob Blaney was eighth, John Huven fin-ished ninth and Allen Plawman was the 10th place finisher. Brett Elenson came in 11th, Dan Martin came in 12th and Jason Janusz fin-ished in 13th place. Mike Seefeldt was third in, Plawman was ninth and Dan Terry Fitzgerald finished Martin finished 10th. Mark fourth and John Fitzgerald Steinhardt leads the class finished fifth. In sixth place points. was Brad Erickson, Brad No less than 29 Light Arndt came in seventh, Jason Buggy cars were wainin' Janusz came in eighth, Allen Continued next page There were any changes in finishing position in the Sun-day race: Mark Steinhardt took the win, Bob Blaney took a nice second place, Mike Oberg took a second and a third place finish in the Pro 2WD races, he's seen here at speed in his Chevy. led& tested Dstranger ________ Lighter "'n other cast wheels the market Counter Pressure Casted Aluminum • Satin Smooth Machine Finish able in: '5x4. 15x7 Beadloc:k a on-Beadlock VW 5 Lug Pattern - 5 on EJ.05mm August 2007 Beadla&HS:-: ' . □blue □black □red . □ pa/Ishee/ • Page 39

Page 40

Todd Lemke took a third and a second place finish in the 1600 Light Randy Eller amassed a pair of fourth place finishes in the Pro Light Chad Hord was off to a rock start, he was only able to garner a 14th and a3rd place finish in the Pro Light races. Buggy class, Todd is the current point leader. Class, Randy is seen here with the power on. around, roarin' to go and they the 23rd spot, Eric Lear fin-great win, Tim Lemons came had a good one. Ih the Satur-ished 24th and Jim Miller across the line in second day race it was Jamie came in 25th. John place, Adam Guberud took Kleikamp taking a great win, McDonald was th~ 26th place third place, Gary Nierop fin-Wesley Frehse took the sec-finisher and Randy Oman ished fourth and Tom ond spot, Todd Lemke was came in 27th. Mike Vanden Schwartzburg-was the fifth last on the podium, Greg Heuvel and JeffYirnig started place finisher. Don Olson was Stingle took fourth and Beau · the race, but failed to finish. the sixth place finisher, John Ambos was the fifth place fin-In the Sunday 1600 Light Mason was seventh, Herman isher. Chad Dewall finished Buggy race, Matt Gerald took Barnum finished eighth, sixth, Craig Paitl was seventh, the win, Todd Lemke finished Craig Biesik came in ninth Tom Thomas finished eighth, in the second spot, Mike and John Frana finished in Matt Gerald finished ninth Yanden Heuvel finished in 10th place. Rick Jacobson fin-and Kurt Metz finished 10th. third place, Greg Stingle was ished in 11th place, In 11th place was Kevin Huth, fourth again and Steven Oman Stephanie Krieman finished Stephanie Pait! made it an had a nice fifth place finish. in 12th place, Ryan Mulder even dozen, Thomas Virnig Josh Hintz had a decent sixth was 13th, Luke Zoetmulder was unlucky 13th, Barry place finish, Jaime Kleikamp came in 14th and Scott Wahlen finished 14th and came in seventh place, Chad Schwalbe was the 15th and Craig Rabe came in 15th. In Dewall was in eighth place, final finisher. the 16th spot was Brian Tom Thomas finished ninth Sunday's race was a gooder Glime, Charles Scully was and Kevin Huth was the 10th also, when they took the 17th, Steven Oman finished place finisher. Todd Lemke checkers it was John Mason 18th, Jacob Burkhart was has a one point lead. on top of the heap, Aaron 19th and Craig Metz was Fifteen cars were ready for Hawley came in second, Gary 20th.Finishing2lstwasJosh theSuperBuggyracesandon Nierop finished in third Hintz, Jim Schmit was 22nd Saturday, when all was done place, Stephanie Krieman in, Bill Kortens finished in it was Aaron Hawley taking a took a really nice fourth and ltQI THE BEAR OF !il.J!iPEN§ION!i Page 40 To find an Authorized Skyjacker/) Dealer near call 866.4.A.DEALER ext. 5054 .or visit us on August 2007 Craig Biesik finished in fifth Zoetmulder was the 10th place. In sixth place was Tim place finisher. Lemons, Herman Barnum fin-Next on _the WSORR ished in seventh place, Tom schedule is a race at Crandon Schwartzburg was eighth, late in June, look for the story Ryan Mulder finished in and pictures in the next issue ninth place and Luke of Dusty Times. ~ Jeff Kincaid drove his Toyota pickup to a win and an 11th place in the Pro Light battle, seen here nicely airborne. Dusty Times

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Mil...~ McM1LL1■•V1s10■ X•McKE■z1Es CoYDTE WASH ■cca·11um overalls B Y]. PRESTON B RADSHAW PHOTOS: T RACKS/DE PHOTO Shawn McCallum made it look easy, he ran trouble free, took the Class 1 win and he was the overall winner as well. There were 77 cars and trucks ready to challenge the lower desert and some had a great race while others wished they had stayed home. Only 46% of the vehicles would see the checkered flag this evening. Class 1 was first off the line, there were six of them ready for a good night run but, unfortunately, only two of them would see the checkered flag. When they fin-ished their first lap it was. Shawn McCallum leading the pack, he had just set fast lap for the class, Richard Kern was some 20 sec-onds back, Bob Archibald was run-ning third, he was two minutes behind the leader, Rick St. John was running in fourth place, Brent Miller was just a tic back in fifth and Jeff Stowers was bringing up the rear. Things changed a bit on the sec-ond lap, Richard Kern took over the lead spot, Shawn McCallum dropped into second place, just a wee bit in arrears, Bob Archibald hung on in third place and Brent Miller was running fourth. Jeff Stowers and Rick St. John were on their respective trailers. When they came around at the end of their third lap Shawn McCallum was back in the lead, Richard Kern had dropped back into second place, albeit he was only seconds behind, Bob Archibald remained in the third spot and Brent Miller remained first off the podium. Lap 4, Shawn McCallum still called the shots, Bob Archibald moved up into the second spot and Brent Miller was now in third place. Richard Kern was off the scoring chart. Lap 5 came to an end and the running order remained the same, McCallum, Archibald and Miller with one lap left to go. The checkers flew and Shawn McCallum was a happy guy, tak-ing a.nice wi°', Robert Archibald took second place honors and Brent Miller failed to finish his final lap. Next up were the 5-1600 guys, there were 11 of them entered but only 50% of them would make it to the finish line. When they came around at the end of the first of their five required laps, it was Brent Sherman showing the way, second to cross the line was Jay Silver, he was eight minutes be-Art Savedra was the big winner in the Class 5-1600 contest, he's seen here launching his car towards the checkered flag. Jason Rodriguez led all the way in the Class 7 contest, he took the win with more than an hour in hand at the flag. · hind the leader, Dave Dennett was in third place, another two min-utes back, Jorge Perez was fourth, back another minute and Art Savedra was in the fifth spot, he was some 11 minute& behind the leader. Kris Schulz was running in sixth place, Miguel Cortez was in seventh place, Roberto Aguilar was eighth and Eric Garcia was the ninth place runner. Scott Plunkett and Mike Boone failed to com-plete their first lap. The second lap ended and Brent Sherman still led the group, Jay Silver still held down second, spot, still around nine minutes in arrears, Dave Dennett still ran in third place, Miguel Cortez was up a few spots into fourth place and Jorge Perez had dropped a spot into fifth place. Art Savedra was down a place into sixth, Kris Schulz also was down a spot, he now ran seventh and Eric Garcia was up a spot into eighth place. Scott Plunkett and Roberto Aguilar were amongst the missing. The third lap ended and it was sort of a ho-hum affair, Brent Sherman still led the class, he had some 10 minutes on Jay Silver, Dave Dennett still held third place, he was 16 minutes behind the leader and Art Savedra was on the mov~, he was now running fourth. Miguel Cortez dropped a spot into fifth, Kris Schulz was up a spot into sixth place and Jorge Perez had dropped two spots into seventh place. Eric Garcia had gone missing. The win in Class 725 went to Stacy Morrison Jr., he led all the way and had well over an hour in hand at the end. The Class 9 victory went to Chris Hancock, he led all the way and had four minutes in hand when the checkers flew. The fourth lap saws a major change, Art Savedra had poured on the coal and was now leading the 5-1600 contingent, Jay Silver still ran in the second spot, he was five minutes behind the leader, Dave Dennett was still running third Miguel Cortez was up a spot into fourth place and Kris Schulz was up a spot into fifth place. Continued next page Jody Mason's competition all (ailed to finish the Class 8 race, Jody Bob Archibald was a bit off the winning pace in the Class 1 contest, Lights ablaze, Miguel Cortez ran to a very nice second place finish in motored around in good time and took the Class 8 win. he took the silver medal when the checkers flew. Class 5-1600, he was some 20 minutes off the pace. Dusty Times August 2007 Page 41

Page 42

-Jeff Rigel had problems on the first lap, raced hard as he could for the remaining five laps and finished a decent second place in Class 7. Second place in Class 725 went to John Andrews, a terribly long Jack Hettinger was just a tick off the winning pace in Class 9, he third lap didn't dampen his enthusiasm, he's seen here at speed. was four minutes in arrears when the checkers flew. George Perez was in sixth place and Brent Sherman had dropped to seventh place with major, ma-jor problems. Fifth lap, last lap and when those coveted checkers flew it was Art Savedra taking a very nice win, he was followed in by Miguel Cortez, some 22 minutes in ar-rears, Dave Dennett came in third, some five minutes later, Kris Schulz finished fourth and Brent Sherman was able to salvage a fifth place finish. Jorge Perez and Jay Silver were unable to complete their last lap. Class 7 was next to take to the track, there were four of them en-tered but only two of them would complete their six required laps. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Jason Rodriguez in the lead, Jeff Rigel was in second place, well back af-ter a troubled first lap. Chris Tay-lor and Brandon Walsh were un-able to complete their first lap. Rodriguez and Rigel never traded positions, Rodriguez led all the way, Rigel was well off the win-ning pace. Jason Rodriguez took the win and Jeff Rigel came in for the silver medal. Class 725 only had two en-trants and, believe it or not, they both finished their six required laps. Stacy Morrison, Jr. led the first lap and John Andrews was in second spot, some five minutes back. Steve Mamer had no competition in Class 10, he had major troubles on the first lap but was right on track from then on. At the end of their second lap Morrison still led, he now had si~ minutes on Andrews. On the third lapjohn Andrews had big troubles, he spent more than two minutes completing the lap so now Stacy Morrison had well more than an hour in hand. The rest of their three laps were run at regular race speed and when the checkers flew it was Stacy Morrison taking a nice win, John Andrews came in for second place, an hour and 15 minutes in arrears. Class 8 had three entrants but only one of them would get in the six required laps. Sean Julian failed to start the race, Chris Shive started the race but was unable to 1L complete his first lap so the race belonged to Jody Mason. Joi:ly took the green flag, went out and had a good run for his six laps and he took the checkers after a five hour and 13 minute six lap run. Class 9 had five cars ready to race and, wonder of wonders, all five of them got in their five re-quired laps. When they completed their first of five required laps it was Chris Hancock showing the way, Mark Culver was second to cross the line, he was a minute and change in arrears, Jack Hettinger came along 11 seconds later, Steve Keblish was another six minutes back and Amanda Hawks was in fifth place after some problems Allen Bucher took the Class 11 lead on the third lap, sped on in for the class win with 1 minute, 20 seconds in hand. along the way. At the end of their second lap Chris Hancock was still leading the pack, Jack Hettinger had moved into second place, he was a minute and change in arrears, Mark Culver had slipped to third place, Steve Keblish held on in fourth place and Amanda Hawks was fifth. but was back up to speed. · Lap 3 came to an end, Chris Hancock was still in first place, Jack Hettinger held on in second place, he was some three minutes behind the leader, Steve Keblish moved up into third place, Mark Culver was down a spot into fourth place and Amanda Hawks held on in the fifth spot. Lap 4 ended, Chris Hancock still led the pace, Jack Hettinger still ran in second place, he was less than a minute behind the leader, Mark Culver was back into third place, he was half an hour behind the leader, Steve Keblish had dropped back to fourth place, he was about half an hour off a podium finish and Amanda Hawks still ran fifth. Fifth lap, final lap and Chris Hancock took a really nice win, Jack Hettinger was second, he was four minutes behind the leader, Mark Culver took home the bronze medal, Steve Keblish fin-ished fourth and Amanda Hawks was the fifth and final finisher. The Class 10 turnout was dis-mal, there were only three cars entered and Ken Stroud failed to start the race, Kyle Conlon started but failed to complete his first lap. That left Steve Mamer and Steve motored around for his six re-quired laps, in spite of major prob-lems on his second lap he covered the required laps in five and a half hours for the class win. Kevin Shea stirs up the dust as he hustles to the win in Class 1200, he finished his five required laps in 3:59:36. Mike Aguilar had a good race, he took the Class 1300 win with ease, he's seen There were eight entrants in the Class 11 contest and, as usual, they go out there and race their hearts out. They had four laps to run and four of them made it to the checkered flag. Two of the eight entries did not start. When they came around at the end of here at speed on the course. Continued next page Lacy Perrault led the first lap in the Class 11 contest, dropped to Polo Ramirez was well off the winning pace in Class 1300, he finished Ray Valdez took the silver medal in the Class 1400 contest, he's second spot and finished there, 1 minute, 24 seconds in arrears. second in class, he's seen here racing through the dark. seen here ready for takeoff in his truck. Page 42 August 2007 Dusty Times

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Caleb Sanden was just a bit off the winning pace in the Class 1600 Dave Dennett ran in third place all the way, he took home the bronze Mark Culver readies for liftoff as he drives to a third place finish in race, he took a second place finish, less than 12 minutes in arrears. medal in the Class 5-1600 race, seen here at speed. their first lap it was Lacy Perrault fifth. Ashley Hawks failed to com- place, Cody Agee was up a spot in the lead, Jason Gutzmer was in plete the first lap. into fourth and Timmy Sletten the second spot, he was 17 seconds Lap 2 ended and now Jason was a long fifth place after a hor-the Class 9 race in his neat looking car. · Jason Gutzmer had dropped into they came around to take the the second spot, Lacy Perrault was checkers it was Allen Bucher rak-down a spot into third place and ing a nice win, Lacy Perrault came Timmy Sletten was fourth. Cody in for the silver medal, Jason Agee was among the missing. Gutzmer was the third place fin-back, Allen Bucher was third Gutzmer led the group, Lacy rendously long lap. across the line, Timmy Sletten was Perrault was in the second spot, At the end of their third lap in fourth place and Cody Agee ran Allen Bucher remained in third Allen Bucher had taken the lead, Fourth lap, final lap and when isher and Timmy Sletten was the LIST YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YEAR, MBBEL AJ/B Elltl/NE SIZE! Sales lnformallon: Payment may be made by credit card, money orcler or cashier's died<. Personal or business checks are not a(Qlpred, C.0.D, orders accepted with 50% pre-paymelll S5 Handling charge on an ordelt. catifomia residents include 7. 75% sales tax. Cuslomers responsible 1or all freight charges. Minimum order is $25. The use or Volkswagen by Pacific: Cusroms Unlimited, I~ is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no w~ is the name used lo infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimited. Inc. and Volkswageo. Volkswagen is a registered tradema,k. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. Page 44 FRONT BRAKES 2·Pi-6ilW Hilb wltll I" R#tor, .. , .. Cw,t,, i:a,$ 111d '111/fNllOII t 1'111o11 C,Jip,n wftk ~ lr#hlt. VW lmkPin !'font Brakes •. $l4il Comtio link ftM llrues 7~ FtOtit Hub Kfl '11W U11k Pin ftoqt Hub x• • .;$499 Combo Lin front Hub Klt .... A99 FRONT BRAKES,re Bil/ft Hllb ,tf/11 rRotor, Tltlllffl lie~ CUtttr Caps md Wilwo# tPi$/J111 Cllipn d "'1ltat/111 Brattm. Combo Urtk front Brakes $940 KIIIS ADJUSTABLE SHOCKSW/ SPDBTSMAII MICRO STUB KIT 8HlltlRrll/;I/Ollllnfwitb .,,.,,, .,,~ w Roton, Alrmft Olu/111 All,y Sto Aliff tM lriJwoolf f Pistoll C,/flm, Sportsmafl Micro SM> !Qt .,$1.3% H.D. 300M MICRO STIJB BRAKE Kn' 8illtll 8tar1ng HtHts/el •Iii Timtn Bun,p. W Rotor,, wp {J/lll!IIIM J(Jl1M $tit Aif1IS llfl WI/world 4Pln04 C,1/p,n. H.O. Mocio $rub BQl:e Kd . .$1.695 RESERVOIR KIIIO i· $l)od(. FttH Alj(lftmut Olaf $prlt1f . 8-1,0:12' S!rolr.e .... from $22S SbottwiitlHllfflTldllmlmr. Ki11112 r, s~ Kina r hljustable Sl!Otk. 12-14•16 StrokL .. .from 295 l)-10-12"$trQlle .•. from$495 ,,lllb OIIUD$T'OD King 2 •1t• Adjllslable SllOCl<. '"'"' r,umr , vr 1lH4-16" Strwi .... from 585 rs.m, $lo, 111f111<1t(tf l'tiOY Back RoM,,vQir Olrtlon .... 65 tllrtmwlr Sim•, Triple By-Pass, 2 '/,' Body ..... ~650 Bull\) S!Qp wll!l Ster!<Jt, ach $2$7 CENTERLINE WHEELS fo#ffldAl#11H/tt1111 WIIHII wilJI l'Ollmd Ff!Jiilt. svw., ....... ., ... ,. .. ~ $ vw ..................... 200 5VW •......... *·•··272 5VW ........ , ..... 275 svw ... - . .279 svw ................... 291 1sx12 svw_ .. ,. .............. .298 15lr 3 •1, ~ WI ................. 275 1~ x 5 ¼ ◄ WL ................... 283 1s~1 ◄vw ... •.... -291 15 x 8 '/, ◄ WL.... . .......... 296 930 CIIROMOL Y STUBAXJ.ES& DRIVE FLANGES BUSCHROMDLY STIJBAXLES& DRIVE FLAIJGES Slub MleS for 930 r.N, l!alf .... S140 SUro Axles tor lkJs fN. •.• .$140 Drive flilllges !or 930CV, ))air .•. 70 titr;e Fla~ fot l!tl$ fN. pak .. 70 HEAVY DUTY AXLES BERMAN CV JOJIIT8 bf LATEST RASE Bvg/llus Trails lo AND BOl1TS ~Ile f!1ilel Aml$ .......... s120 811!1, CV Joint ........................ $45 Bug/Bu TriflSIO~Nms ..... 130 But,C\18001 ................... , .. , ..... 5 8uQillus foll$ IQ 34Atlt1$. 8U$. CV J1)int ....... _ .. •· ,.., ...... 50 lor930CV's .... ,, ............. 140 Sus. CV!loot... ................. -.... .7 23' Of 25' A® ~r 930CV'! 160 930 CV JOtnl ... •. . ,., , 511 ?4'·2lrM300tor930CV's .. tr440 930. Oootandrtinoe: ....... 3-4 CROW SAFETY BELTS s•u,e,n, llitll Sltfll-1111" fl 3• Sllollhflt Hllm#S# Anllablt ill 3, -4, or V 1'11/nt Wtllflln, ls A~llln/1 ht 81.tdl, (Jr,y, Sidi, Red l>f l'ttrpl,. :r x2• 3 PoioL.. . ............ SlO 3• x 2' 4 Point . , .• 10 3• ~ 3• 3 Pain! ........ , ........... ~ 3" x 3" 4 Pllllll ................ , ........ 80 a• ~ 2" 3 Pl W/SllOUldef Paa ... .90 :r x 2· 4 Pt w/Shllllldef PaiL.90 3" X 3• 3 l't W/Sllouliler Pa<f .. 100 3" X 3• ~ Pt w/Sllouldef Pad .JOI) 2 Crlltl:b Stra11 .,.. , ... fr ......... 12 CROW SHOULDER PADS A~ilfi~ f#r2",r r~ H,nwsr, lflm., Bin Or RN, 2' Shouldet Harness Pads. Pf. 524 3" ShOllldi!JI" Harness ~s, p, .... 28 BEIICHSEAT . LIL' SPOBTSTEB S,.~OrhfWltf/11$A'llilalltl. OnJ, 1!1" ~rl,f Nowf1111CM/ilu ... ""·s Be•-"-s-,.111111/f SUbitlNMmflflf ~-..... . ""'' .,..,,, Clinih.. An/1111/w t,, 811/dt Of t/tff. 46' Ol 4U' Wide ..... ········.$435 Uf Sponstl!! Seat. low--~k$t70 BEARD SUPER SEAT l•rsr11mtr1Eoowil3 MOUNT KIT Light llllt'; Tie Do-NII, 1W x 6' stidt/fttt Combmation ...... .,.$1211 Strap, 5,000, ~ity ...... $fJ Slid6"Slldt COtilbW!ien Raltlltt Tie DOWII. 2' X 7' for ur Sponstet ............... 14◄ Strap, 10,000, capacity ..... .26 ~I.ind Slide Moum Only .. 60 ~ Slrap .............. , ................... 12 August 2007 fourth place finisher. There were four entered in the 1200 race but only one of them would get in the five required laps. Kevin Shea was the class leader at the end of the first lap, Wendy Belk was in the second spot, Mike Belk and Mark Harris failed to start the race. At the end of the second lap Kevin Shea was still the leader, Wendy Belk was in second spot, a long way back after major prob-lems along the way. Not much more to report in Class 1200, Kevin Shea ran his five required laps in less than five hours and took an easy win. Next up was the 1300 class, there were two of them ready for battle and'both of them made the five required laps for a finish,. At the end of their first lap it was Mike Aguilar in the lead, Polo Ramirez was 10 minutes behind in second place. On the second lap Mike Aguilar set fast lap for the class and Polo Ramirez remained in sec-ond spot, he was now 20 minutes behind the leader. For the remaining four laps Aguilar continued to lead the class, running consistently less · than an hour laps and Ramirez was running in excess of one hour laps. At the end of their fifth and fi-nal lap Mike Aguilar took a well deserved checkered flag and Polo Ramirez was the second place fin-isher. There were 15 entrants in Class 1400, they had four laps to run for their race and fully 11 of them made it to the checkered flag. When their first lap ended it was Skip Edwards leading the pack, "Todd Richards was right there in second place, less a minute behind, John Deuth was running in third place, Jason Cagle ran fourth and Ray Valdez was in fifth place. Jason Mount ran in the sixth spot, Mike Madson was in seventh place, Justin Foreman was eighth, Bryan Castro was in ninth place and Tim Griggs was running in 10th place. Travis Bartlett was the 11th place runner, Jim Holt was 12th after a terribly long lap, Shawn Smail was 13th, he too suf-fering from a very long lap and Tyson Bergholz was out there for more than five hours on his first lap. Tom Artim failed to start the race. On the second lap Todd Richards took the lead, Skip Edwards fell into second place, just seconds behind the leader, Jason Cagle was up a spot into third place, Ray Valdez had moved Dusty Times

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Jason Gutzmer leads Timmy Sletten in the Class 11 race, Jason Mick Madson was Mr. Consistency in lap times, he finished third in Jeff~Calhoun worked his way through the pack to finish in third took a decent third place finish when the checkers flew. the Class 1400 contest, he's seen here at speed. place in Class 1600, he's seen here at takeoff. John Deuth gets a little carried away in the Class 1400 battle, he finished first off the elusive podium. A long third lap relegated Sean Backus to a fourth place finish in the Justin Foreman had a decent night, he ran his truck to a fifth place Class 1600 fracas, he's seen here nicely airborne. finish in Class 1400, he's seen here in the ni ht. up into fourth place and Jason Mount was up a spot into fifth place. Mick Madson was up a spot into sixth, Justin Foreman ran sev-enth, John Deuth fell way back to eighth place, Bryan Castro held on in ninth place and Tim Griggs re-mained in the 10th spot. Travis Bartlett continued to run in 11th place, Jim Holt made it an even dozen and Shawn Smail hung on in the 13th spot. Tyson Bergholz was on his trailer. When they came around at the end of their third lap it was,Skip Edwards in the lead, Ray Valdez was now in second place, he was some seven minutes behind the leader, Mick Madson was up three spots into third place, John Deuth had moved up into fourth place and Jason Mount held on in the fifth spot. Justin Foreman was up a spot into sixth, Bryan Castro was up two spots into seventh, Jason Cagle dropped a bunch of spots into eighth place, troubles on the course, Travis Bartlett was up into ninth place, Jim Holt ran in 10th place and Shawn Smail ran in the 11th spot. Todd Richards and Tim Griggs were out of the race. The checkered flag flew and Skip Edwards was there to take it, Ray Valdez came in for a nice sec-ond place, he was less than five minutes behind the leader, Mick Madson was third, he was 11 min-utes behind the leader, John Deuth was first off the podium and Justin Foreman finished in fifth place. In sixth place was Bryan Castro, Jason Cagle fin-ished in seventh, Travis Bartlett was eighth, Jim Holt ended up in ninth place, Jason Mount finished a long 10th place after major prob-lems on his last lap and Shawn Smail was the 11th and final fin-isher. No less than 14 1600 cars were ready for their six lap odyssey but only six of them would get in their six required laps. At the end of their first lap it was Joe Laff show-ing the way, Carlos Montalvan was in second place, he was 27 seconds behind the leader, Cody Robinson came along 22 seconds later, Caleb Sanden ran in the fourth spot and Christian Carr was in fifth place. Dusty Times In Class 1400, Skip Edwards led three of the four required laps, he took the win with about five minutes in hand. Bryan Meyers ran sixth, Steven Eugenio was in seventh place, Corbin Harris ran in eighth place, Jeff Calhoun was ninth and Chris Cortez ran 210th. Sean Backus ran in 11th place and Bob Figlioli was in the 12th spot. Samuel Montalvan and Brandon White-head failed to start the race. The second of six laps ended and Joe Laff was still leading the pack, Cody Robinson had moved up a spot, he was in second place, less than a minute back, Christian Carr was up a few spots into third place, Steven Eugenio was also up a few spots, he was in fourth and Caleb Sanden had dropped a spot into fifth place. Bryan Meyers re-mained in sixth place, Sean Backus was up three spots into sev-enth, Jeff Calhoun was running in eighth place, Corbin Harris was in ninth place and Robert Figlioli was 10th. Chris Cortez, Carlos Montalvan were qff the scoring chart. At. the halfway point Joe Laff still led the class, Steve Eugenio was up two spots into second place, Cody Robinson dropped a spot, he was now in third place, Caleb Sanden was up a spot into fourth and Jeff Calhoun was up two spots into fifth place. Sean Backus was now in sixth place, Christian Carr had dropped way back to seventh place and Robert Figlioli was in eighth. Corbin Har-ris and Bryan Meyers were out of the race. Lap 4 ended and Joe Laff was stilt on the point, Steve Eugenio was right there in second place, he was less than a minute behind the leader, Caleb Sanden was in third place, Cody Robinson had dropped a spot into fourth and Jeff Calhoun remained in the fifth spot. Sean Backus was running sixth, Christian Carr was seventh and Robert Figlioli was in eighth place. End Lap 4, Joe Laff still holds the lead, Caleb Sanaen had moved up into the second spot, he was about 11 minutes behind the leader. Jeff Calhoun moved into third place, Sean Backus was up two spots into fourth place, Chris-tian Carr was now in fifth place and Robert Figlioli was in the sixth spot. Steven Eugenio and Cody Robinson were on their re-spective trailers. Sixth lap, final lap and Joe Laff was the big winner, Caleb Sanden came across in second place, he was 11 minutes in arrears, Jeff Calhoun came along in third place some 25 minutes later, Sean Backus finished first off the po-dium, Christian Carr finished in fifth place and Robert Figlioli was the sixth and final finisher. So it a"lt ended, a group of great people all trying to win their class, some do, most don't. But, they keep on trying and, one of these days. . . . . llJ'l&1 August 2007 Joe Laff led the 1600 race all the way, he had 12 miriutes in his pocket when he crossed the finish line, seen here at touchdown.

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• THE OuARRY ROCKED CDRrs weekend In June BY ]UDY SMITH PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO Carl Renezeder took the gold medal in the Pro 4 Jason Baldwin Cup Race and he was the big winner in the Pro 4 race as well. . CORR built a new track for their June events, and while it wasn't the perfect facility, it came close. Built in a function-ing quarry, this track featured huge changes in elevation, which took the racers up and around, creating a course that was almost 100 percent visible to the audience. If you made a track that was a bowl, and then tipped it up on one side, put-ting the grandstands across from the raised portion, you'd have CORR's Quarry. le worked really well. Bue the rest of the layout ·as crowded - with RV parking ar enough away chat those olks had to ride shuttles over ro the track and everybody else did a lot of serious walking to get from their parking spot to the track. Pits were scattered also, so that racers and crew put many miles on their golf carts, Rhinos and scooters. The track complex abuts a "preserve", which is a natural brushy area with a wash chat is certainly a stream when it rains. In deference to the wild-life, particularly some kind of "gnat catcher" bird which dwells in the area, CORR had hung huge panels bf a black plastic-looking fabric, designed to muffle the noise emanating from the track. The preserve has to be left completely natu-ral, thus can't even be used for parking. The joke is; it's land that Jim Baldwin donated to Chula Vista before he realized he might have a use for it. As always, the schedule was a busy one, with practice and qualifying runs starting on Fri-day, and firing up again early on Saturday morning. Racing began with Trophy Karts and Rhinos at about 11, and con-tinued until after 5 p.m. each day. . The track was just under a mile in length, and had seven turns, with a long straight im-mediately in front of the grand-stands. At the end of chat straight was a steep uphill left hairpin, leading to a short straight into a very tight right hander, which led into another short s~raighc, slightly uphill, going into a left hand banked sweeper to a very short straight into a sharp left. Then there was a straight with fencing along the edges, because it was up above the course between Turns 2 and 3 and didn't want anyone to fall off and land on traffic below. This straight had a couple of moguls in it, co slow the cars down, because at Rob MacCachren, Ford, flew to a victory in Pro 2 on Saturday, he was a distant 13th place in the Sunday race. its end there was a huge drop off, into a broad right hander (Turn 5), the inside of which was lumpy, and the outside piled with boulders. A short chute then led to Turn 6 which was a wide banked left hander, then a short straight to a gentle left hander (Turn 7) and the cars were back at the beginning of the front straight, which had a series of three moguls at.the beginning, just co keep things interesting. Racers' reaction co the course was mixed. Some said it was not "challenging" enough -apparently meaning it was too smooth. Ochers thought it would be difficult to pass, but most said it was fun co drive. The spectators seemed to like it just fine. There was no space for the long "land rush start" area chat was so exciting at the old Chula Vista track, so at the beginning of the weekend, no one, including the CORR offi-cials, knew which kind of start they'd use. An announcement was finally made chat they'd use a "rolling start" for the first event (the Pro 2 Jason Baldwin Cup Qualifier), a modified Le M;rns start for the Pro 4 event and a short "land rush" start for the Pro Lites. CORR was trying something else new chis weekend. In an ef-fort to control th'e dust, they'd sprayed the track with a sub-stance that was essentially corn syrup. Somehow, it mixed with the dirt, and prevented it from turning into the powder-fine dust that had blown over the grandstands at the first Chula Vista course. It made the dust "heavy" so it would settle back down quickly, and thus, or at lease so they hoped, would mean less time spent on water-ing and grooming the track. Some changes had been made to the track already, si nee they'd had a couple of hard crashes off the big hill. Ricky Johnson had not touched ground all the way down, then -landed on his front bumper, and went over. He'd been knocked groggy, so they sent him off to the hospital for a checkup, and chat's when they decided to put the moguls in up at the top, to slow down the approach to that flying leap. Johnson was o.k., and was cleared to race. The racing schedule started with the Trophy Karts and Rh.i-nos, which have become so nu-merous that they use up about half of the pit spaces. The Tro-phy Karts, driven by kids from about the age of seven to about 16 or 17 years old, are a great way for a youngster, interested in off road racing, to get a taste of real competition without having to be miles off in a desert somewhere. The list of entries include such names as Casey, Dahn, Cooley, Navarro, Ampudia, Renezeder, Renfro Granatelli, Mason, Anderson, Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 HeaVy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks I I I I I I I I Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog VISA ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Page 46 August 2007 . Dusty Times T

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Larry Foddrill was the Super Buggy winner in the Saturday race, he took home a third place finish in the Sunday race. Looney, Winner, Sourapas, Freeman, Dejong, Rodriguez and Johnson. Moms and Dads are pressed into service as spot-ters on the radio, flagmen, cor-ner workers, and safety person-nel. The racing is highly com-petitive, vehicles spin, endo, roll over, get stuck on one an-other, lose parts and pieces, and generally entertain the au-dience quite nicely. On Satur-day the winner in the Trophy Kart Junior I division, Heat I, was Austin Anderson, son of Andy Anderson, who has worked for Walker Evans for-ever. His Kart looked like Walker's old desert truck. In Heat II on Saturday, the win-ner was Alex Hamann in the # 15 Kart. In the Junior II divi-sion, Heat I on Saturday, the win went to Scott Casey, in the #400 Kart, which is a diminu-Dusty Times tive version of an old race truck also. In Saturday's Modified Kart event, the winner was Parker Grabowski, with second going to Riley Herbst. On Sunday, the Trophy Kart Junior I final went to Ryan Winner in the #36 Kart, with Bradlee Looney in second place. In the Junior II final, the winner was Jordan Donohue. The Modified Tro-phy Karts were won on Sunday by Parker Grabowski, who was having a good weekend, and this time Thor Herbst took sec-ond place. Satu.rday the Rhino win went to Chad Mitta-g, but he couldn't make it happen on Sunday. Todd Arthur took the win Sunday, with Chad George in second and Mittag finished third, after a hard fought into the hot pits, where there were eager hands to set him back on his wheels. But when they did, the motor fell clear out of the car. So he was done for the day, and the weekend. A nice win in Single Buggy on Saturday went to John Fitzgerald, he's seen here at speed in his good looking car. Kennedy stayed in front, with Greg Boyer running hard to try to catch him. Vic Bruckmann disappeared into the hot pits for a while. Another car went up in a cloud of smoke, and Joe Eustaquio rolled over in Turn 5. Meanwhile, John Fitzgerald had been picking off a car or two ev-ery lap, moving steadily up in pursuit of Kennedy, and on the last lap, he went into the lead in time to take the checkered flag and the win. Kennedy was sec-ond, and in third place it was Jeff Knupp. Greg and Rick Boyer were fourth and fifth and Kevin Graves had worked up to sixth. battle. 'fhe Single Buggies, which were the first CORR class to complete each day, are still the · biggest CORR class competing, and they started the weekend with a 35 car field. CORR of-ficials had detided to line them up in four rows, eight across, with two left over at the rear. The start positions had been determined by a draw. With a wave of the green flag they were off, inevitably doing some bumping and banging ... with Sean Kennedy in the lead go-ing up the hill. Meanwhile, Eric Greener bumped Bryce Manzies, but they both sur-vived the contact. A tangle en-sued on the first hill (in Turn 1) and nine cars were piled up, one of which had to be towed away. On. the third lap Bruce August 2007 Fraley, running in the top ten, collided with Billy McCool and sent him into an endo. McCool went clear off the track and Continued next page Rob Naughton flew his Ford to a nice win on Sunday in the Pro lite race, he's seen here saving some tire wear. Page 47

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Rodrigo Ampudia (#36Jhad to fight for his win in Pro Lite on Saturday, Sean Kennedy was the second place finisher in Single Buggy on Greg Boyer (#316) finished fourth on Saturday in the Single Buggy he finished fifth in class in the Sunday event. Saturday, he was a long 24th place on Sunday. When they came back on parked on the side of the ap-up on the top of the course, be-Sunday there were only 31 of proach to the flying leap. He fore the big drop off, but a lo-them, and this time they had a was stuck on the K-rail and cal yellow was all they needed standing start, from behind the couldn't get free by himself. to clear him away. Morgan went jumps, lined up in more rows, There was also another car up-on to take the win, having led not packed quite so close to-side down up there. Once the all 11 laps. Greg Boyer was sec-gether. It didn't help much. course was clear of obstacles ond, Ryan Schank was third and They still go into a big jam up Troy Morgan was leading, as Kevin Graves finished fourth. at the base of the hill, which ul-he'd been from the start, with Each day of each racing week-timately left two cars more or Kevin Graves in second and end, the "series within a series" less permanently stuck on the Greg Boyer in third. (the chase for the high dollar Ja-berm. They had a yellow flag They did a couple of laps son Baldwin Memorial Cup, out quickly, but it soon changed with no incidents, and then Jeff which enjoys a purse of to red. It was time for a restart, Knupp tipped over onto his side $66,000) has one event. On· this as Cissy Baldwin headed for the on the top of the Turn 1 hill, weekend the Saturday event was pits with a right front flat. while another slid down the em-the Pro 2 qualifier and the Sun-On the restart there was bankment backwards. They day event was the Pro .4 quali-some banging and shoving in called another full course yel-fier. Those are the only two Turn 1, but this time they all low (Lap 7) and got things classes eligible for the Memorial made it through. Then someone cleared again. At the restart it Cup chase. At the end of the stalled in Turn 5, and a couple was still Morgan in front, but season, on the final weekend, crunched together in front of now Boyer was second, Graves they'll have a winner take all go the grandstands and were mo-third, and Fraley had got such for broke season-closing race. mentarily parked there. Vic a good jump on the restart flag The Pro 2 qualifier was Bruckmann developed a flat that he got the black flag on the scheduled for fairly early on the and had to pit. next lap. program so they'd have time to On Lap 4 they had to throw They ran to the end almost make any necessary repairs be-a full .course yellow for a car without incident. A car did stall fore their regular event was Page 48 PRO-COVER (DUST/WATER GASKET) "' BUILT-IN HEIM STABILIZER NON-SLIP FG PAD EURO & SPOT LENS August 2007 race and took a nice second place finish in the Sunday event. scheduled. I here were 16 of laylor. them, and they were lined up in MacCachren pulled off mo-eight rows of two, to be given a mentarily, then got going again, rolling start. Scott Taylor was a but in those seconds, Renezeder little late to the race, having got moved to the front. Mark to staging with the wrong bead Porter's truck died in Turn 2, locks on his car. Taylor didn't which is narrow, and the other race the first two events of this trucks were struggling to get season, was debuting a new past without banging. Evan truck and had been unaware Evans' Chevy was backfiring that the rules had changed. and stuttering. They waited while his crew in-The eighth lap was a manda-stalled the correct type. tory yellow, and closed up the Jerry Whelchel, Ford, who string of trucks, with Renezeder started in the last row, moved leading. MacCachren was sec-himself up to seventh by the sec-ond, and then Ricky Johnson ond lap, and Rob MacCachren, moved his Ford into third. They Ford, and Taylor were having a ran that way for a few laps, with good battle at the front of the MacCachren trying everything pack. Jeremy McGrath's truck in his power to pass Renezeder, started smoking by Lap 2. Tay-and finally, on the 14th lap, he lor had the lead on Lap 3, but got past him in Turn 1 to regain MacCachren was right there, his lead. But then pushing hard, and on the MacCachren's truck went sick fourth lap was back in front. and he pulled out, and everyone Meanwhile, Carl Renezeder was went past. At the finish it was working his way closer, running Renezeder, Johnson and Taylor, third, and by Lap 5, right on and MacCachren got credit for HJ.D. UJ'V CDNIIERSIDN HITS RHINO · PROWLER · RANGER Dusty Times

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Jeff Elrod finished in second place in the Super Buggy race on Sunday, In Pro Lite, Jeffrey Huseman finished second in the Saturday race Casey Currie finished 12th in Pro Lite on Saturday, he came back he had a first off the podium finish in the Saturday race. and he finished third in the Sunday race. only 13 laps and 12th place at-Scott Douglas's Ford, which was ing out some, corn syrup or no, ter that phenomenal duel with parked up at the top of the Turn and the first hilly turn was seri-Renezeder. 1 hill, with big flames coming ously dusty now. Adrian Cenni The Sunday Qualifier was out of the cab. Scott wriggled dropped off the side of the hill, for the Pro 4 trucks, with 15 out in record time, a full course broken, and another truck trucks on the line. They were yellow flag came out. LeDuc parked up on top of the course. given a rolling start. To do this went to the hot pit and George John Greaves pulled out, and they lined up, then followed a Reiss pulled out with an over-Coyne went into the hot pit, pace truck around for a lap, heated transmission. Safety per-leaving Renezeder in the lead. tightening up the formation as sonnel extinguished Douglas's Rick Huseman had a right rear they rounded the final turn, fire, and his truck was towed flat, and Lap 8 was another full and taking the green flag (if away. Douglas later said that a course yellow, because of the they were properly lined up) rock hit his air cleaner and truck parked up on top. when they were just into the knocked a piece off the carbure-On the restart it was straight. It seemed to work best tor, which dumped fuel and Renezeder, Troy Herbst, Ed of all the variations of starts caused the fire. He said, "That Herbst, and John Marking. they'd tried. This time, Travis was wicked!" His crew went to Most of them were looking Coyne, Ford, Josh Baldwin, work, requiring the truck and fairly battered, only Renezeder Ford and Carl Renezeder were replacing the carburetor, oil and Tim Herbst wearing full the lead pack. Steve Barlow's lines and fuel lines. body panels. Ed Herbst slowed Ford and Rick Huseman's They lined up for a restart down and dropped out on Lap Toyota showed signs of serious but the flagman didn't like the 11, and Huseman was still run-banging. looks of it, and waved it off ning on his flat. ln the second lap as Coyne again, giving them a second full They got fairly strung out continued to lead, Renezeder course yellow. When they re-from that point on, with and Baldwin chased him and started, the lead was still in Renezeder building a good lead Curt LeDuc developed a right Coyne's hands, and Renezeder over Troy Herbst. They finished rear flat. Then all eyes were on ran second. The course was dry-first and second, with Barlow in with a second place finish in the Sunday race. third. Barlow says he s still dropped to seventh. learning how to drive the four Now it was Douglas, Cenni wheel dri".e truck, and that Rob and Renezeder, with Josh MacCachren has been giving Baldwin in fourth. Tim him "a little training." Herbst's truck was sounding For the first Pro 4 race, on sick. And on the fifth lap it be-Saturday, they used a modified came apparent that it really was LeMans start, which lined the not running well. He spun in trucks up at a 45 degree angle, Turn 6 and took a hit from all in a row on the inside of the Daugherty. A lap later, Ed long straight. With only 15 Herbst was off course. trucks it worked out alright. The flagmen made Lap 8 the Scott Douglas was in front, and mandatory yellow flag lap, with he went into the lead. Adrian Cenni, who'd taken over the Cenni, who's always fun to lead on Lap 5, in front, fol-watch, was chasing him hard, lowed by Douglas, Renezeder, and in third it was Rick and Travis Coyne. Greaves was Huseman in his Toyota. Jerry running on a right rear flat, Daugherty had a problem with and it was already disintegrat-the Turn 1 hill. ing. On the restart, it was the On the third lap as Douglas same order, but Baldwin built his lead, Huseman spun landed hard off the big flying out in the tight Turn 2 and got jump, tangled with Curt hit by John Greaves, who was LeDuc's truck, and rolled over. then stuck for a while. Nearly Cenni continued to lead, everyone went by, and Huseman with Douglas in pursuit, and was second from last by the time Renezeder chasing him. John he got started up again. Greaves Continued next page f:jtfJ#· . . ' i =iil;f;i/:1 (J)BEARDl~I ,, P1ctV11cra C\ass' \tacet "Owned by We carry a full line of VI I~ ~ OFFR~HTING FILTERMAG-~~ ~ Dusty Times August 2007 Page 49

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trucks. Geiser fin-ished fifth. On Sunday when the Pro Lites came back Naughton was and Wallace did some banging and on the last lap Huseman got past. Naughton took the win, Currie was second and Huseman third. Wallace fin-ished a nice fourth, and Ampudia was able to move into fifth place. Ricky Johnson had a pretty good weekend, he took the silver medal Travis Coyne (extreme right) had a nice second place finish in Pro 4 among them, hav-ing recovered from the shredded tim-ing belt and bent valves that stopped him o n Saturday. He was also fai rly well recovered from a hurt back, induced on the previous Tuesday, when he'd The first Super Buggy event was at 5:10 p.m. on Saturday, with 21 cars. This class has been attracting a lot of atten-tion among the desert racers in the west, and there were new AlumiCraft cars here this week-end for Rob MacCachren, Larry Job, Steve Sourapas and John Cooley. Others are under constructio n, and not ju t by Cooley . The Dondel brothers have some going, and it's said that Chenowth will be building some, and shops all over the area are jumping on the band-wagons. It's a relatively inex-pensive way to go CORR rac-ing and it doesn't take as much time as desert racing. Thus, a desert racer can fit it into his schedule, and get the best of both worlds. both days in Pro 2, he's seen here as the lead car in the pack. on Sunday, he was fourth on Saturday in his Ford. Marking got stuck 1n I urn 2, chased Baldwin, and Douglas move into the lead one more nosed into the K-rail, and lost chased him, with LeDuc in time. Douglas was clearly plan-some time getting freed up. fourth place. Reiss went up in ning to stay on the track and Baldwin came back out, minus smoke as he completed his first finish on the wheel if necessary. a lot of body panels, but run-lap. Renezeder took the win, ning all right. They carried on On the second lap as they D o uglas's tire was shredding in the same order until the last passed the grandstands, and Coyne, who'd been right lap. Then Reiss, who was Baldwin and Renezeder were there, managed to get past for lapped, somehow got in Cenni's banging and bumping against second place, while Douglas way, and slowed him, giving one another, and in the exact salvaged a third place finish. Renezeder the chance he'd been second that they bounced Ed Herbst was fourth, and looking for. He slid past into apart, Douglas shot between Baldwin was fifth, smoking, the lead, to take the win. Cenni them and took the lead. It was while Jerry Daugherty was the was second, and Douglas was beautiful. He stayed in front final finisher to get all the laps. third. Renezeder later said it for a lap, with Renezeder sec-Troy Herbst, after his dramatic was "one of the most exciting ond and Baldwin third and battle, missed a lap when his races I've ever driven." Travis Coyne fourth. Then, on hood flapped up,· and was the Sunday's Pro 4 race was 15 the fourth lap Tim Herbst's first finisher a lap down. It was trucks again, and even LeDuc, truck died in Turn 2, in clouds the last race of the weekend, who'd had oil pump problems in of smoke, and the full course and a great finale to an excit-the qualifier, was back. Just af-yellow came out. John Marking ing weekend of racing. ter the start, as they climbed the pulled out, Adrian Cenni Saturday's Pro Lite race first hill, Renezeder hit Baldwin, parked on the course at the started with a rolling start and shoved him a bit and he became base of Turn 3, and Lap 5 went when they got to Turn 1 they stuck on the berm up at the top yellow also. Huseman was in were three abreast. Robert of Turn 1. That brought out a and out of the hot pit, and now Naughton emerged in front, full course yellow, and a restart. ran last. It wasn't one of his with Rodrigo Ampudia second Huseman took the opportunity better weekends. and Jeff Huseman third. There to visit the Hot Pit. On the Lap 6 restart it was were 19 trucks all told. On the restart Baldwin got Douglas, Renezeder and On the third lap Naughton the hole shot, Greaves rico-Baldwin. Then Barlow stalled stopped up at the top of Turn cheted off the wall on the left on the hill in Turn 1, and the 1 and Ampudia went into the side of the track, and shortly af-full course yellow came out lead with Huseman second, terwards pulled out. Renezeder again, while they cleared him and Leon Noel third. They ran off the track. Baldwin ran that way until the sixth lap, third through Lap 9, but when Kyle LeDuc got past Jeff then he rolled in Turn 2, Geiser and then Noel, and landing on his wheels and took over third place. The sev-lost a position. Coyne enth lap was a mandatory yel-mu;,·~~ '.!!1 to third. Now low, to close up the race and Troy Herhst was dose Gu ~ake it "more interesting" for Baldwin and trying to get the spectators. . around him. They did a Ampudia had a good lead, bunch of bumping for a and Huseman was more in-lap or so, and then on the volved in holding off LeDuc 12th lap as they rounded than chasing him down. Josh turn 2 Herbst ran into Hintz moved up to fourth, fol-Baldwin, and they were lowed by Geiser. Someone spun both stuck, and as they in Turn 2 and a yellow came out started to move again for the corner, but the rest of Herbst's hood flipped up the course was clear. Then, on on the driver's side, so he the 13th lap LeDuc pulled off couldn't see. They were the course, and everyone be-now running sixth and hind him moved up a spot. seventh. After a lap of They'd become fairly that, Herbst went to the strung out, and it was hot pit to have the hood Ampudia, Huseman, Hintz excised. Meanwhile, Dou-and in fourth, Garit Wallace, Adrian Genni took a nice second place finish glas developed a right rear who'd been one of the fastest in Pro 4 on Saturday, he was 10th in the flat on the 14th lap, and in practice and qualifying. Sunday race in his Chevy. that allowed Renezeder to This is his first year in the ;::;:=:;:::;:;;:===========~..::..:.:::..:_;:;;.;.,::..::.:..;:.:;:....:.:.; "overjumped" the big flying leap and landed on his bumper. Geiser was also look-ing forward to a better race, having discovered that instead of his usual 14 or 15 pounds of air pressure in his rear tires, he'd run Saturday's race with 40 pounds of pressure, the amount the BFG tire crew uses to mount fresh tires. Geiser and his crew hadn't thought to check the pressure before going out to race. In Sunday's start only one truck got in trouble, and he spun and went downhill off the Turn 1 corner. Garit Wallace took the lead, with Naughton second, and the yellow came out for Dan Vanden Heuvel Jr. parked at the start/finish line. By the third lap Naughton was in front of Wallace, and Casey Currie had gone by with him, into second. They ran in that order clear through the 13th lap. The officials threw a man-datory yellow on Lap 7, and while it closed things up, it didn't change the order any. Jeff Huseman had moved up from his first-lap sixth to fourth, and was pushing hard at Wallace and trying to get around. Ampudia, running sixth, was battling hard trying to get around Geiser and enter-taining the audience. Huseman They used a rolling start for this group and it went pretty well, but some tangled at the base of the Turn 1 hill and some ended up facing back-wards. Larry Job went into the lead, with Sourapas second, and Eric Robinson in third place. On the second lap Job quit, with a broken stub axle. That left Larry Foddrill, who'd been making great strides through traffic, in the lead. Others weren't doing too well, and cars rolled and stalled and were pushed and pulled out of the way. By the fourth lap there were five cars out of the race. As a clutch of cars headed up the Turn 1 hill, Phil Carter got into trouble, either by run-ning up on another car's tire, or climbing the K-rail. No one was certain. What was certain was that he went into a violent roll-over, and came to a halt Rob MacCachren drove his Super Buggy to a second place on Saturday and a class win on Sunday, he's seen here in level flight. Dan Vanden Heuvel was the second place finisher in the Pro 2 race Jeff Knupp finished third in Single Buggy on Saturday, he was well Ryan Schank finished way back in 24th place on Saturday in the Single on Saturday, he finished fourth in the Sunday race. back in 25th place in the Sunday race. Buggy race but he took the last place on the podium on Sunday. 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Josh Hintz took a third place finish in Pro Lite on Saturday but had Scott Taylor flew to a fender flappin' third place in Pro 2 on Saturday, Todd LeDuc took a fourth and a third in the Pro 2 events on Saturday to settle for a 16th place finish in the Sunday race. he finished 12th in the Sunday race. upside down. After a couple the reason he'd been knocked rear flat, and hustled into the laps of yellow they stopped the out was that his head had been Hot Pit, where it could be seen race, and used the Jaws of Life whipped left to right in the that his crew wasn't ready for to cut the cage (which did not hard roll-over, and had hit the him. The flagman called off break in the roll-over). Carter diagonal down bars familiar to the restart, so they did another was taken out of the car on a anyone who'd ever driven a yellow lap. When they did re-backboard, his brother, Kevin, Funco SS (including this start everyone held their posi-who had also been in the race, writer). Apparently, although tions for the most part, but on nervously watching and want-he was using a required HANS the next lap Capriotti got by ing to help. As Carter was device, which should have re-Cooley and moved into second taken away to the hospital, the strained his head and neck place. On the next lap race was restarted. movement, he'd not adjusted it Capriotti got stuck in Turn 2 Foddrill continued to lead, quite right for side-to-side for a bit, and lost his hard won with Matt Kross second and movement. He had suffered a ground, and then three cars Jake Capriotti third. But be-basal fracture and had some tangled and were stuck in Turn hind them, Rob MacCachren bleeding on the brain. 5. As they got to the white flag was working hard to move up, When they came back on lap it was still MacCachren in although his car wasn't run-Sunday there were 18 of them. front, but now Elrod was sec-ning the way he'd have liked. MacCachren had figured out ond and Foddrill had moved He was fourth on Lap 6, but that his car had bits of fuel cell up to third. And that's the way second on Lap 7, but clearly in·the lines, and apparently the they finished. MacCachren, having trouble with the car others had some difficulty with Elrod and Foddrill. stalling. it also. MacCachren, who'd got The Saturday Pro 2 race was At the end if was Foddrill, the pole position in the draw the last event on the schedule, MacCachren and Capriotti, on for start, managed to stay in with 16 trucks entered. They the podium and Jeff Elrod in front, with John Cooley second got a rolling start, and Rob fourth. This race was a nine-lap and Jeff Elrod third. There was MacCachren emerged in front, event. The officials didn't even a three-car tangle in Turn 2 for with Ricky Johnson second and take the time to present tro-a bit, but for the most part they Dan Vanden Heuvel in third. phies to the podium finishers, all kept moving forward. On Jerry Whelchel wasn't looking feeling a bit pressed for time, the second lap the order was as fast as expected, and it was and also, no doubt, a bit sub-the same, and a couple of them because he'd blown his race clued by Carter's accident. spun in Turn 2 again. Job went motor in practice, so he'd not Carter is the nephew of Ron into the wall at the start/fin-only not got to qualify, but his Carter a long time short course ish line, but it didn't stop him. crew had to put in an old mo-racer, and he was driving his MacCachren stayed in front tor that wasn't really big uncle's old Funco. It was a with Cooley second and Elrod enough for the truck. solid car, still in very good third until they threw a full MacCachren and Johnson shape, and had easily passed course yellow on Lap 6. Bran-put on a good show, dicing for tech. His uncle theorized that don Coyne developed a right the lead. Scott Taylor ran third ., . Troy Morgan (#355) finished way back in the pack on Saturday, but on Sunday he took a nice win in the Single Buggy Class. behind them, and Vanden Heuvel was fourth. Renezeder, in fifth place, was dealing with his hood flying up and getting into his line of vision every now and then. MacCachren was slowly building a good lead, and then, of course, they threw a mandatory yellow flag on Lap 8, and it lasted for three laps. Renezeder went to the pits. They tried to restart the race, but Larry Noel and Alan Pf! u eger ca me together after Turn 1 and ruined Noel's ra-diator. So they flew the yellow again. On the next restart the flagmen waved it off, and fi-nally, on Lap 11 it was green again. Travis Coyne got stuck _ up on the hill, Evan Evans and Sunday, he's seen here at takeoff in his Ford. pulled off the track at I urn 2, contmued to lead, McGrath was and· Renezeder got sideways on second, and LeDuc held third. Turn 5. Body panels were fly-Johnson had a unique approach ing, Jeremy McGrath got him-to Turn 5, which was to go in-self backwards up at the top of side, where it was rough. This Turn 1, and MacCachren's mo-straightened his approach to tor seemed to be missing. But the next turn, and gained him he stayed in front. · precious seconds each lap: No MacCachren kept it run-one else did it that way. He ning, and stayed in front to needed all the seconds he could take the win. Johnson was sec-get, because Renezeder was ond, and Taylor finished third. slowly gaining on him, and in Todd LeDuc finished fourth, fact, caught him in Turn 5 to Whelchel and Renezeder did go into the lead on the 13th lap. some banging on each other, Then they went nearly neck.and and finished fifth and sixth. neck through the front straight, When they returned on Sun-and into Turn 1, and Johnson day Pflueger and Noel weren't regained the lead, and the au-there. The start went well, with dience was on its feet, hollering no problems through Turns 1 and cheering, as the duel con-and 2, and Ricky Johnson in tinued. But Johnson couldn't front. Todd LeDuc was second, hold him off, and Renezeder and Jeremy McGrath ran third. took the lead again, and held MacCachren started late, al-on for the checkered flag, most a lap down. On the sec-Johnson right next to him at the ond lap Vanden Heuvel pulled line, in second place. LeDuc out, and on the third lap was third and Whelchel fourth. Whelchel's truck started to The stands were full both smoke, and suddenly Taylor days and CORR announced a was stopped up at the top of sellout each afternoon. There Turn 3, but still on course, was no doubt the audience had with no steering. The yellow a marvelous time, what with a flag came out and MacCachren full day's worth of good racing, was also off course to the right and a setup that allows nearly of the top of the big flying 100 percent of the track to be leap. seen by 100 percent of the au-The course was dusty now, dience. The next event comes nearing the end of the weekend, in September, and it'll be back but the dust flew away from the at the Quarry. CORR's hoping grandstands at least. Johnson to fill the stands again. -(Hjll Carl Renezeder, really on a roll, took the Pro 2 Jason Baldwin Cup win ani:J he took the Pro 2 win on Sunday in his Nissan. Troy Herbst took home the silver medal in the Pro 4 Jason Baldwin Scott Douglas had a pair of third place finishes in the Pro 4 races, Jake Capriotti was the third place finisher in Super Buggy on Cup race, he's seen here flying high in his Ford. here he is bailing out of a hot truck. Saturday, he finished unlucky 13th in the Sunday race. 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-·· 1-T■CATI! VIV NIGHT Rae■ Cuffa,a/She,ad. overall BY BYRLE MOORE PHOTOS: FOTOBNA-MEX Leonardo and Alejandro Navarette Jed the Class less than three minutes in hand. 1600 group all the way, but it was close, they won with A night race can be many things to many people. If you are allergic to 30%· sunshade, you don't have to worry about put-ting it on your body. If you pre-fer to be a little cooler you're happy the sun went down ... If you are a photographer, you try to make do ... if you sell running/ racing lights you are happy and hopeful. If you are without night vision equipment, you _try to fig-ure out .exactly which one of those bugs is your team car. If you are CODE you have at least one night race a year and this year it was held in the middle of May, and that is what the next few paragraphs will talk about. The Tecate VW Autopartes 2007 ver-sion started about sunset on the 18th of May and finished up some time before dawn on the 19th. That's why they call it Night Racing; the sun is down. Todd Cuffaro and Colby Sherard led the entire field from their 19:30 start time in Class 1. The times of 1:16:00, 1:25:07 and 1:31:13 and a total time of 4: 12:20 was almost four hours faster than the second place fin-isher in the class. That finisher was the team of Armando and Allen Bravo and Jose E. Perez. A few problems cost them a whole lot of time but they did manage to get to the black and white in 7:41:16 which was also 26th over-all for the pros. Javier Robles was the only starter in Class 10. He was a non-finisher, but was awarded the gold. The Barragan team of Luis and Luis Jr. headed Class 12 with a 5: 19 flat and Guillermo Quintero, Francisco Ortiz and Luis Duarte finished and took second place with a time of 5:57:09. Javier Robles Jr. and Alberto Medina got to Check 1, quicker than Guillermo de la Herran and Jorge Ruvalcaba, and were awarded the bronze. Beny Canela and Dennis Miller headed Class 8 and shared the driving with Rudy Aleman. These guys had a few problems of their own but managed a 7:08:04 for first spot. That third lap was a b-right guys? Mean-while, the Lope-z team of Juan C. and Juan C. Jr., along with Reynaldo Zavala weren't all that happy with the first lap, right guys? Canela's truck took over three hours during the third and the Lopez team had spent their own three hours finishing Lap 1. There's always something? Four starters in Class 5 and Pietro Brassea was the only one able to complete the entire race. Aided and co-driven by Jose Lopez and Marcos Morachi, the team ran a 1:39:24, a 1:47:39 and a 2:09:34 for a 5:27:04 and the win. Sergio Alvarado, Juan C. Nunez and Julio Lozano, went further than Mele Valencia, Jorge Valencia and Nico Meza, and ;Irr ~ .. , Page 52 Automotive electrical installation experts with over 15 years experience specializing in off-road wiring for your race, pre-runner and sand vehicles. (858) 7 48-3494 Go to for all of your electrical components and communication system needs such as sealed switches, waterproof connectors, circuit breakers, fuse boxes and more! August 2007 The Barragans, Luis Sr. and Jr. took the gold medal in the Class 12 contest, they're seen here in their well lighted car. were awarded the Silver. The Valencias were awarded the Bronze. The other non-finishers were the team made up of Rogelio Ruiz, J. Alberto Avita and Marlene Miranda, they didn't make it to Checkpoint 1. The ever-expanding and ever-exciting Class 16s were again, well represented, with 15 start-ers, of which nine made their way all the way home, or at least to the checkered flag. Ever hear of the Navarrete Boys? Well, they led the pack with their corrected time of 4:28:45 for the Gold. Just moments back was Hector Garcia in at 4:31 :04 for the Silver and another ten minutes back was half of another brother team made up of one of the brothers, this one Joe Laff who, with his co-driver Brad Masters, hit the black and white with a 4:42:37, for the Bronze. Guess Jake was busy or is allergic to star light and nighttime dust. This particular class win could have gone to several of the start-ers. During the first two laps there were a couple of lead changes, with the first and sec-ond place finishers dicing it out down to the wire. The Laff team was not that far back, but else-where, two blown engines helped decide whom the platform standers would be. Yiro Sanchez and Edgar Alvarez both lost power plants during their sec-ond laps. Up to that point there were five or six contenders, all of whom were within minutes of each other, ranging from the quickest, a fast 1:27:24 by the Navarretes down to an almost as fast 1 :37:22 by the Machado group. Hector Garcia turned his own 1 :27 plus and four other starters went through the first lap clocks with one and a half hour times. The Laffs went 1:32:37, the Martinez-Mayoral team went 1 :33:38, the team of Sanchotena and Bettencourt went 1 :36:34 and the threesome of Lugo, Gallo and Ramirez had a 1:32:06. These were all finishers. There were three non-finishers who may have gone out a little too fast? Jorge Sanchez, Hector Ornelas and Beto Garcia were out after a first lap run of 1:30:41, Edgar Alvarez Sr. and Jr. went 1:30:47 and Carlos Montalvan, Carlos Velez and Betak Machado had a first lap Benny Canela and Dennis Milner took the Class 8 honors, they're seen here at speed on the course with 17 minutes in hand. It was easy for the Brassea/Lopez/Morachi Class 5 entry, they led all the way, their competition fell by the wayside. Dusty Times

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,., Darkness falls on the Delgado clan, they·drove to the Safari Class win, they had half an hour in hand at the finish. Guillermo Quintero, seen here at speed just before dark was the A nice silver medal went to Hector Garcia for his second place finish silver medal winner in the Class 12 competition. in Class 1600, he was just a few minutes out of the win. time of 1:33: 17. None of them completed Lap 2. By the way, are you keeping all of those names straight? Hey, it's hard enough keeping track of the finishers, let alone the family ties that bind this 1600 group together. Come and watch. Pick your fa-vorite 1600 car; try and keep the names straight, lay down a few quid, or in this case pesos, on your own best choice. With sec-onds and minutes deciding lap time and finishing time, you may be able to find a few points, or do you only get points when they are using a funny' shaped ball? Jason McNeil teamed with Nick Krauss and Juan Apalategui and took a 30 minute lead to the podium for the Gold, their time was 5:02: 15. Gabriel Barragan and Jenaro Comaduran finished second with a time of 5:37:47 and just two more minutes back was the team of Alex Almaraz, Daniel Sanchez and Luis Cadena in for The McNeil/Krause/Apalategui trio took the Class 7 win with ease, they had half an hour in hand at the checkers. · the bronze with a time of 5:39:08. Isidro Ochoa, Jr. and Isidro Ochoa Sr. and Robby Brean ran fourth with their 6:33:10 and the fifth place and only other finisher was the team of J. Alberto Glezandro and Jonathan Quintero in with a 7:44:29. There were two non-fin-ishers, which were the team of Einer Gamez, Nacho Terriquez and Carlos Perez and the team of Gelacio Beltran, Federico Flores and Daniel Duran. .·l<IIVGt::!1/k~y 714.530.B701;. FAX71~70'..2 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 WWIIVJcingshodcs.corn Dusty Times August 2007 The Varela/Landavazo duo drove their good looking 5-1600 to the class win, they had 20 minutes in hand when the checkers flew. Class 5-1600 had seven start-ers of which four teams finished. Gold went to Alberto Varela and Alberto Landavazo with a 5:56:58. Second spot went to Alonso Angulo, Federico Montes and Jose Mendoza with a 6: 19:59 2.5" --6biKU and the Bronze went to Roberto Rabago and Roberto Rabago Ramirez with their 6:44:43. The other finishers were the father and son team ofJulian Patron, Jr. and Sr. in with an 8:48:31. Continued next page Need coil springs? Coll King Shocks! We have custom and production coils in-stock, and tire experience to get you what you need. Call today! Page 53 --

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-Gabriel Barragan was just a bit off the winning pace in Class 7, he Alonso Angulo had a decent race, he finished second in the highly Hector Ortega gave it his all but the best he could muster was a second place finish in the Class 9 contest. took home the second place trophy, seen here at speed. competitive 5-1600 class, he's seen here at speed. The win in Class 9 went to Juan Mayoral, eta/, they drove quickly and took the checkered flag with 15 minutes in hand. The first lap of the C lass 9 contingent was close. Dicing it out with two hour times the Bronze winners Jesus de la Torre, Jorge Sainz and Edgar Martinez were first through Lap 1 with a 2:05 :07, but were slowed consid-erably, running the third lap with a time of 3:38: 15. The eventual winners were Juan Mayoral Jr., Raul Luna and Francisco Villareal who did their own 2:05:48 on the first lap, slowed during the second to 2:48: 13, but backed that up with a third lap finishing time of 2:07:09 for a 7:01: 10 for the Gold. During this run for the chips Hector Ortega, Arturo Fuentes and Sergio Glezandro were right in the middle of things with 2:53:58, a 2: 10:52 and wrapped it all up with a 2:01:53 for a 7:16:13 and took home the silver. Four other teams were non-finishers and one of them may have been a non-starter? Meanwhile, Class 7S was ere-www .. ,a1111sc11,.c1t1 JMR 1001 BENDER WITH THREE ROUND DIES 1 ". 1-1 /4" AND 1-1/2" CAPACITY: 2·1 /2" ROUND TUBE 2" SOUARE TUBE 2" SCH 40 PIPE Will BEND . . 250 WALL 4130 TUBE UP TO 2" OD 177084 SALE $2,995·00 COME IN AND SU DUR WSE SElfCTIDN Df METAL TUBING* OlffARIO 1·800/792-9762 IRWINDAlf 1-800/600-PIPf SAN BERNARDINO 1·800/877-4269 BURBANK 1-800/40t-3446 the 14's and 15's, the other two classes who attempted three fin-ishing laps. Class 14 was headed by Jose and Julio Quintero, along with Noe Raygosa who ran a very quick 1:44:59 for the first lap, and a total time of 5:59:21 fo r the first place finish. Rodrigo Feria, Sasha Lopez and Ricardo Matus went 7:04:01 for the second spot and Jose Martinez, Jose Camberos and Jesus Garcia teamed up for the third spot with a time of 7,.:28:15. Ivan and Danya Pacheco teamed with Gerardo Valdez for t he only other finish in the 11 car Class 14 field; their time was 8:09:46. The Streets and Rene Brugger hustle through the night on their way to a Class 7S victory, seen here with lights ablaze. Errol Villa, Salvador Perez and Victor Ayala won Class 15 with a tim'e of 6:46: 11. About 40 min-utes back was the team of Carlos de los Palos, Angel Zuniga and Jesus Amezcua with a 7: 10:33 and the third place finish was the team made up of Javier and An-gel Gomez along with Francisco Maldonado with their time of 8:50: 11. Seven starters and only three finishers, which was about the completion, rate for the en-tire night in all classes. aci ng its own histories, for the 2007 version of CODE's Night Fling. Problem is, I don't have all the particulars. Perry McNeil, Marsha McNeil and Carlos Tortolero were 30 minutes up on a field of seven starters after Lap 1, were in a dead heat with the Street team during the second, well 46 seconds ahead, and then disappeared during the third lap. Things do break? Anyway, Danny Street, Jr. and Danny Street, Sr. and Rene Brugger were the only BRING IN THIS AD FOR $50·00 OFF THE JMR 1001 BENDER HESPfRIA 1·800/7-PATT0N LANCASTER 6611942·27S5 three lap fi nishers and they backed their first two laps with a 2:07:29 for a total of6:49:53 and took home the Gold. McNeil was awarded second since he went further than the team of Manuel Villareal, Angel Bustos and Fran-cisco Rebelin, who got to Check 1 and took the Bronze. Three Durons, Sergio, Pedro and Sergio, Jr. got to Checkpoint 1, along With Carlos Diaz, Jose L. Leon and Francisco Navar. The two teams of Agustin Fonseca, Jr. and Romulo Fonseca and Gabriel Ramos, Roberto Ruiz and Noe Ramos never got to Check 1. Next up is the reporting for Class 11, Class 18 and the Sa-fari class were only required to complete two laps and the follow-ing reported times reflect same. There was under a minute sepa-rating the top of the 11 class as Juan Zamarripa, Abundio ~ i ............... . WWW. ~KERPRECISION.COM 2865 Gundry Ave. Signal HI/~ CA 90755 WPFaas OJ/Coolers Driving Suits Rod End Boots Neo Synthetic OIi Performance Plumbing ,~1~,1t~ 562427-2375 6 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU • FOR Ill YOUR MOIL WORKING NEEDS • *CALL YOUR LOCAL BRANCH FOR STOCKED SIZES Page 54 -August 2007 Dusty Times

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Rodrigo Feria had some troubles along the way, he finished second Carlos De Los Palos had a pretty good race, he took the silver medal Jorge Rivas was close to the Class 18 win, he finished in second in the Class 14 battle, he's seen here at full tilt. in Class 15, he's seen here just as dark is setting in. place, a frustrating four minutes out of the class win. Pi chardo and Federico Arredondo had lap times of 2:24:43 and 2:32:03 for a win-ning total time of 4:56:46. Mean-while Luis Rodriguez, Gilberto Arreola and Oscar Acosta never made up the two minutes and 30 second difference in starting times even though they were two minutes and two seconds faster on Lap 1 than the Zamarripa team. Their second place finish time was 4:57:33. Third place fin-isher was the team made up of Miguel Mexia, Mario Flores and Luis A. Lagarde, who managed a 5: 12:03 for the Bronze. Class 11 fielded ten starters and six of them saw the checkered flag sometime before dawn. Class 18 had the team made up of Jesus Miranda, Luis Leon and Mario Moreno leading the way with a time of 4:05:39 for the win. Just over four minutes back was the team of Jorge Rivas, Gilberto Arreola and Hugo Abundez, in with a time of 4:09:44; one wide corner? Third place finishers were the team of Manuel Robles, Ramiro Vazquez and Rogelio Gomez with a two lap time of 5:42:51. There were four non-finishers in the seven car starting field. The car almost invisible in the night, Juan Zamarripa drove to the Class 11 win, partly seen here in the dark. The Quintero boys had a great race, they took the Class 14 honors easily, they had over an hour in hand at the flag. The only class in which every starter made it to the black and white was the Safari class. They started an even half dozen and all -six of them finished with times. Josue Delgado, Manuel Delgado and Edwin Meza turned a 2:00:32 on Lap 1, backed it up with a second lap time of 2:24:36 for a total time of 4:25: 14 and the win. Omar Chavez, Alfonso Barbosa and Ivan Gutierrez ran 2: 11: 19 and 2:44:36 for the Sil-ver and Javier Silva, Joel Cervantes and Martin Gariby went 5:04: 11 for third and the Bronze. Just 13 seconds off the podium was the team made up of The Villa/Perez/Ayala trio drove their Bug to the Class 15 win, they're seen here heading out on another lap. Jesus Miranda drove his good looking truck to the Class 18 win, he's seen here heading off into the failing light. Dusty Times Eriberto Chavez, Luivan Voelker, Jr. and Luivan Voelker the first. They went out at 2:46:43, memo-rized where al the rocks and cor-ners were, and ran the second lap · in 2:17:41 for a total time of 5:04:24. Meanwhile, the other finishers were the teams made up of Mig°uel Dario, Marcos Leon and Gilberto Herrera with a 6:01:40 and David Sanchez, Gerardo Lopez and Everardo Sanchez in at 6:02:02. If you can't get any money down, on Class 1600, maybe the Safari class is another place to have your bookie check out. Close, really close, on their finishing times. And so the third race of the CODE 2007 season is on the books. There were 97 starters of which 51 finished. Wear and tear and other things took their toll. Now, in some of the classes it could go down to the final race of the year to determine the Class Champions. The next outing will have been on the first weekend Bolt in or weld in one ,Piece uni-ball cups, 1·, 1 ¼ , 1 ½" Billet Spare Tire Lock & Mount Heim Joints, Uniballs & High Misalignment Spacers in August at Jacume, which is al-ways a crowd pleaser for racer and fan alike. Well, maybe there is one hill that doesn't please some of the teams, but that re-mains to be seen. As for this re-port, the people at CODE again want to thank all who participate in making a successful racing season, staff, volunteers, drivers _and teams and always the fans. Hope to see you soon, down here on the Northern Baja. And, via con Dios. ~ ... . ,. ~-:< ,' . . 161.0 W. Wn~iperi~g Wind Dr. • Rhoenlx, AZ 85085 . . · · ... .,<::·:-». .. . (1 blk South of Happy Valley Rd. on 16th Ave.) : ,':-= ... --"' , ~'- ' " ... + ' ' ' August 2007 · Page 55 -

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CroiG S"t.wart Phoi,e: 6~.-9'7'211 Faw:, 6l'l~44~,67'1t Celi 629--7:26--t891 fabrication & RQCe Preparation 9419 Abt<lhom w,,,,, scant .. , CA 92071 -VJ'j.•J.t.,,t~U"tS(¥.t~~d."'!'? f"ifTW Sale&& ,.._, ~ Service _..., PH: 714.680.6131 • FX: n4.&80.3110 Toll free: 800.304.8726 10 1 5 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 9 2 8 3 I IU5S.PtllttU# I lH -.111.1111n• 11112 s11ec11iu11 It: ·••···· -111112-111-tH ....... -ae■lllll -Alllll Jtlll U .1111111 f112l.ttMHI RANCHO DRIVETRAIN ENGINEERING Tony Selva, Jr. 2 7598 Commerce Center Drive Temecula, CA 92590 rt<O-i 951.676.6569 FAO>MIU 951 .676.1141 ts c I II o@ro n ch o drive t QUAUTY lsN'r &PENsNE, Ir's PRtca.Ess! VALIIE TRAIN PRoaur::rB • Cusnw HEAD Womc 7B0/S4B-46BB • FAX 7B0/94B-4BSS IN'IN'IN'. RDVALILESPRIIVG. COft/1 Barry Beacham 1021 Calle Sombra-Unit A San Clemente, CA 92673 Office 949-361-4388 Fax 949-361-4352 A Tatum Dis1ributor {1.-,':J,.,,U..,. SpeclalWng in Off-Road Racing & Driving For <Mr 21 Years 1<1..-oj '1~ .,,_ q<tl/ :JfX)()..:JDO/ • pt,.,. 9 ~ o/ ~ioHiWp 1(/J«.4, 5294 It. Casa Grande Kwy • Ste 102 Tuuan, Az asn3 Mlg Welding • Tig Welding Upgrades & Repairs SaJa•Ptovtn Equipment 520-850-3693 fiiiJ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. L?l!J METAL PROCESSING 5921 W~on Ave., Los ~&es. CA 90001 {323) 583-2404 !-'AX (323) 583-3965 SANOBLASI-01.ASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICI..E FLOURI-:SCE'NT 1NSPEC110N MARKSMlTH LARRY SMITH For A Few Bucks You can Increase itV .,, 818·882•DDD4 LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 P.AHRtJMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 (775) 372-533$ TIMCECIL . 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821-(714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9248 JOB SITE SIGltS • 8A.titt£AS • \WIDOW lfmRll.G • CAA ltTTEJUNG • GAAPtflCS SGUEAK & MA~GIE COATS 5101 Galway C1rc!e • H1.1ntingto1 Beach CA 921349 (714) 897-0075 • Fa, !7141 694-9567 RACE FUELS EXCWSIV£1Y FROM: BRYANT PETROLEUM 800-399-4176 SUNOCO-RACEGAS@HOTMAIL.COM • IIACEFUEUI Paul Oil Company (2091 847-2281 (8001527-6090 FAX {209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. 'WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale. California 95361 T & J's Diesel Performance Extreme Perfonnance Diesel Exhausts & Perfonnanco Accessories Powerstroke_, Duramax, Cummins www.T JOlESELPERFORMANCE.eom 714-924-5094 Placentia, CA 9287()

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2180 College Drive • Lake Havuu City • AZ. 86403 Call Ton Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • HI Perforrnan,;e converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed H'IJbS • (for Race&. Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! .•• · ~ ..• , .. · _·,k\Q •• ~ . ,\:f . ~ . s;,q· . /S. ' . . .. * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, C~&vy and Toyota" Trucks • Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena \lisla St., ffe.met Ca. 92543 Ph: 951-654-7334 fa: 951-GM-2375 See a fist of our pn,d~ our welt site: 11Rim· ENGINEERING VP Racing Fuels, Inc. West Coast Region P.O. Sox 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar. CA 92595 •o.lllty FHh & rrllw11 l,r M1t1ts,,rt1" . w,1s1,,. www.rpr1daJ{,lh.tt1t KELLEY HENOEL Regional Manager Office:( 951} 614-9i61 Faxt~s1~ G74-73fi7 Email: vppacific@aol.c;om Do You Need To E X p A N D Your Business Horisons? For Lots More Exposure Call JEFF FIELD (81$) 998-2739 9763VerietAve. 81"8 882 0004 Chatsworth, CA 913t 1 • . • TEI.: 714.526.5820 FAX: 114.526.5840 1015 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831 NS WEST PERFORMANCE TRAN.SAXLES Kevin Pirtle . 22545 South Normandie Ave. Torrance, California 90501 (619) 596-8033 1000 W . Sradl&y. Unit 0 E:1 Cajon, CA 92020 Carlos Oro:rc o Adam Wik SCORE ENGfNE 8Utt.OER OfTH.EYEAR 994,1998,1999,2000 .• ~~V ~1~,,.,,u From Parts To Complete Engines 3265 W. Birtcher Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522 ~N.ltstOt. Pho«nix, AZ 15021 R.ace Cars D une Buggies Lorenzo Rodriguez Jack Woods 602-242-0077 fax 602•242-1283 Baja Bugs 'ii-:wlsm·~s!cn~ ~ Parts T Scrv<::c: T ~~!dmg .W .. ?o<..-~M .. N,suo> • Toyou • Hood~ 850 S, Alta Vis,a Ave .• Monrovia, CA 91016 t62.6) 30>-RACE {7223l • (626} 357-6629 Fax www, .... ai.-......,_. --RHCE PREP SHOP • BUGGIES • TRUCH!; • SllHOCRRS • PRE·RUnnERS • SHIJCHS • FRBRICRTIIJn 818) lf26-2260 World Leading Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer 11 Dakar Rally Victories 17 World Rally Victories 6 AMA MX/SX Championships Xtrac Inc 6183 West 80th Street Indianapor.s IN 46278 email: andrew Tel: (317} 472 2454 Transaxle -

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-ClasslRed ••• Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Read-ers are advised to consult appro-priate local or state authorities for information before purchase f ·f . • -----------~-----AUT Otv10TIVb.. FOR SALE: Pat Dean's 2 seat class 1/1500 Bunderson 2003 SCORE legal and tagged race car. Top of the line parts, King shocks, Albins 5 speed trans with Tilton clutch, all aluminum 406 Chevy small block. Call Butch for more details @ (702) 873-1962. $125,000.00. FOR SALE: 2006 Custom Chevy PreRunner, LS2 500 HP, Fox Coilovers w/bypass 24" front travel. 30+ rear travel, as featured in May 2007 Off.Road Magazine. Too much to list, Su-per Clean. Price reduced, must sell, 125K OBO. Call John (970) 441-0443. FOR SALE: 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 4x4/7300 Class BITD Le-gal/Race Runners/MasterCraft/ Autometer/Goodyear 4.0 V6/ Auto, HIDS, UMP, Everything Chromoly/Fuel Safe. Brand new parts & spares $48,000.00. Rudy (619) 754-5099. FOR SALE: Penhall Diablo 4 seat PreRunner, Chrome Fox Bypass shocks, and coilovers, plated arms front and rear, Howe rack, 36 gal Fuel Cell with sending unit, Pro Am Class One midboard hubs, 4 and 6 piston calipers, vented rotors, Beard leather seats, dual power front seats, Crow 5 point belts, 6-37" BFG projects on Chrome Walker 17" wheels, Ron Davis radia-tor, Fluidyne heat exchanger, PWR oil cooler, Momo Wheel, Jeff Fields automatic and much more. Contact Travis Fletcher at Specialty Race Prep. (562) 802-1404. FOR SALE: 2006 Amplified Single Seat 1600. New Fat mo-tor, New Folts Tranny, 3-G Mastercrafr Seat & Nets. Fox Shocks, Soiree light bar, Hella front lights, Race Ra-dio, GPS, New set of tires & wheels plus spares, New spare Major Motor, Spare Folts trans. 25 gal Fuel Cell, dump cans and lots of spare parts. Fully prepped and ready to race. $45,000.00. Call Billy@ (760) 554-4512. FOR SALE: Race Ready, BITD Class 8 Truck. Chevrolet 434 700hp. ALL the best parts. King, Cone, CNC, Mastercraft, Walker Wheels on 37's. Many spares. Please serious inquires only. $120,000.00. (541) 815-9410 . FOR SALE: 2006 Potter Pre-Runner, Redline LS2, 610 HP, UMP Air filters, Fortin 4-speed, Fortin hubs, 934CV's, Fortin Steering Rack, Kings 3inch rear, 2.5 inch front, Walker Evans wheels on 35" BFG Projects, 38" Paddles on Dou-glas Beadlocks rear, 35" Baja Pro's on Douglas Beadlocks front, Lowrence GPS, PCI Ra-dio and Intercom, Digital Dis-play Dash, HID Lights. Car is fully prepped. Desert or Glamis ready! Asking $95,000.00 Call (714) 785-3343. FOR SALE: Cl<}ss 5-Fat Type 4, 3 liter, 5 sp Fortin, Dry Sump, BFG, Big Beam, Foddrills arms and spindles, 934 micro stubbs, 4130 Chas is, new Kings, clean Fast, reliable, proven winner, lots of new parts and spares. $38,000.00 OBO (818) 845-1397. FOR SALE: Mastercraft TT #35, Best of Everything-Com-plete Mirage prep just before the 500. Kroyer Motor-Mogi Trans-Howe Performance TT rack-70 gal Fuel Cell-Bilstein Black Hawks-Walker Evans Wheels-2 flame out systems-Score tagged-and some really cool seats. $179,000.00 (619) 449-9455. FOR SALE: Fresh Chevrolet Trophy Truck, 2007 SCORE tagged, zero race miles since complete engine rebuild & ex-tensive race prep. 418ci. Dry sump small block, 800+ hp, dual MSD, Chrisman, 25 ea. 37" project Goodyears on Robby Gordon & Ultra beadlocks, King, Hella, Mastercraft, PCI, Dual GPS, Lee, Fluidyne, RPS, Optima, Flameout, extensive spares, contact for a list. Prepped and ready to race and win. $270,000.00 race ready with all spares. Contact Bob Gray (408) 221-0103 or for full details and photos or Baja Brokers, Rich Minga @ (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Chevy Step side Pre Runner I beam front end 3" Bilstein with reservoir, Cus-tom shock hoops, National prings in rear, 350 motor, new built tranny. Mastercraft, new 35" mud terrains with 4 spares. Ultima Battery, PIAA lights, runs and works great. 7,500.00 OBO. (619) 977-3232. FOR SALE: $49,900.00, 1992 WABASH SEMI TRAILER, 102" wide, 48ft/long, race trailer, living quarters, 2 bench style seats w/underneath stor-age. TV /VCR/Stereo, micro-wave, refrigerator, coffeemaker. Hardwood floors. Heat and Air. Bath/shower/commode. Stor-age space for race/car/truck. Ramp loading. Many Tool cabi-nets with pull out drawers. En-gine/Transmission/Rea rend storage. Grinder/Press. Genera-tor. Sink. Wooden cabinets and table. Large Counter work areas. Stainless steel. Upstairs/storage space. Full size Outside Awning w/curtains. Call for more in-formation or pictures: MUST SALE!!! Birmingham, Alabama. Call Kent at (205) 338-1189 or email FOR SALE: Glass 8 Chevy SCORE/BITD inspected and tagged, Gei er built total update 2006. Fresh small block full roller motor 650 hp, Turbo 400. King Shocks 3' coilover 3' bypass, Fuel cell, CNC 6 piston brakes, fire sys-tem, Mastercraft 3G seats, Lowrance 10' GPS, Fluidyne cool-ers, Howe steering, 10' 40 spline floater rear end. Dual MSD's, dual fuel pumps, Geiser Bros Trophy Truck body, Walker Evan's bead locks, 37' BFG projects. Ready to race. (602) 469-3377. FOR SALE: Tube Chassis 1 ¾"-, 2" chromoly tubing w/full cage 3 link, A-Arms and fab work by Geiser Bros. Partial frame under new cab w/all power doors, new 40 gallon cell, 2 2.5 coilovers, 2 3" coilovers, 4 3" by-pass all fresh from King. Turbo 400 Trans 3 coolers & radiator with shrouds. 17x8 bead locks Ultra W/39" BFG projects. All fiberglass front & rear tilt billet steering column. 4 Mastercraft seats. Call Mike (530) 269-0965 or Pete (602) 619-2277. $40,000.00. FOR SALE: Alumicraft 4-seater, turbocharged 2.5 liter Subaru, Mendeola Tran , Fox coilovers, Autronics elec-tronic, YOO gauges, CNC, 24 gal fuel cell, Mastercraft, Centerlines, Magna flow, Roadmaster radio with 4 link PC! intercom system, Alpine XM stereo. Street Legal (reg-istered in Arizona). Lots of spares. Removable racks, etc. $65,000.00. Days (661) 259-4845, nights and weekends (661) 253-9728. Ask for Mike. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in ouo~V=== . Classifi,d Admtising "" is only $25 fo, 45 wof !.~~::,n:1!:!,,,1:~:dms and phon, numbe,. Add $5.00 fo, use UUf~ill8 of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".A ll Classified Ads must be PAID IN A DVAN CE. 2007-08 REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MA Y BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMEL Y MANNER. Enclosed is $ ______________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name ____________________________________ _ Address---------------------------------------------------------------City ------------------------------------------------------------------State _______ Zip __________________ Phone ________________________________ _ Please run ad _______ times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 ISSUE DEADLINE September 07 Aug 3, 07 October 07 Sep 7, 07 November 07 Oct 5, 07 December 07 Nov 2, 07 January OB Dec 7, 07 February OB Jan 4, OB March OB Feb B, OB ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 62 August 2007 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Class 8 Race Truck, spare Mogie C6, King Shocks, King Bumps, Howe Box & Assist Ram. "I" Beam with "Pro-Am Trophy Truck spindles, Rotors, Calipers. Twin oil coolers with fans. Twin tranny cool-ers with fans, Lowrance GPS (less engine). $85,000.00. (909) 748-D344. FOR SALE: 03 F-150 Supercrew PreRunner, King Coilover Shocks w/custom shock hoops front, King Shocks and National Springs rear, rear bed cage, PCI Radio, 35" BFG tires, $22,000.00. Call (402) 426-5275 leave message. FOR SALE: Alumicraft PreRunner built by John Cooley only 300 miles of prerunning, great shape. Westwood Motorsports LS 6 383 stroker, Lunati Internals, "Fast" intake Manifold, Haltech E-l 1, Double Disc clutch/flywheel. Albins 5 speed. Approx 525 HP. Race Radio, GPS, $99,000.00 OBO (520) 299-5020. FOR SALE: Class 10 Jimco Mid En-gine Single Seat, Fat Toyota Fortin Trans Spare tires and parts 32 gal cell. $55,000.00 OBO. Has SCORE 1 o 1 o. II n 1 1 -0 8. BALL RENEGADE OF ARI-ZONA. Now open in Chandler Arizona, THE Southwests source of new & used custom motorhomes, sportdecks, garage units and trailers. Contact Renata @ (480) 598-2600 or FOR SALE: Don't Pass Up!!! FOX MOTORSPORTS FOR SALE!!! Everything you need to race Class One!!! RacePrep and Ready. 2006 HMS LS7 Big HP, Fortin w/converter, King, PWR, Proam Hids, Racepak, GPS, all of the best, no expense spared. 2006 Foddrill 3 seat Prerunner, LS6, Fortin w/converter, Fox Proam, HIDS, pump gas XM ra-d io, intercom w/headsets, GPS roof rack, street legal, registered. 2004 Ford 350 4x4 Powerstroke crewcab white/tan 52,356 miles. All Chase trucks have race ra-dios, equipment racks and all services has been done in dealerships, all in excellent con-dition. Two bumper pull trail-ers, single axle, tandem axle w/ storage. Everything goes, over $20,000 in spare parts. Too much to list. Must see. You won't be disappointed. $345,000.00. Will Separate. Call or e-mail for details. Contact Cesar Fuente @ (915) 726-3823. mx Wanted late model Pro Truck. Call Dave @ 559.-246-1917. SELL YOUR,·, , .. v eh i c I e s,·r;~q u fp me nf:J1 ',i d:~ .. b its .. a~d,piec~s :'right 11·erei D.'usty : ,, . Time,s has the reailersl/ip_ you 're looking for so fill out ., .. the form on ~he opposite page more Trall Notes ... aTER RECOVERING -CORR is pleased to update everyone that uper Buggy Driver Phil Carter who wrecked on Saturday at the Chula ista International Off Road Raceway is improving. He recently came off the machines and is breathing on his own. According to his brother Kevin Carter, things are looking up and up. Phil Carter has a small fracture on the back of his skull, which doctors say will heal over. There was some fear his speech would be affected by damage to the left side of his brain, but Carter is talking fine. His eyes are open, he is alerr and speaking. He recognizes his wife and family, and knows the names of his twin daughters. There is short term memory loss; however, doctors say there are high hopes it will return. Phil remains in the ICU as of now, but is looking to be moved soon. Carter's fami ly appreciates everyone's concerns and prayers. Please keep your thoughts with them. Dusty Times Finke Desert Race ... frompage21 Gallard and Rick Geiser coping with a broken axle, they still man-aged to get the truck to the finish at Finke where Gallard hopped into a plane and flew back to the Alice Springs pit, where he borrowed an axle from the stricken truck of Gartner, then flew back to Finke fit-ting the axle ready for the return to Alice Springs. Greg Hicks took the win in Class 2 in 2:36:35. Hunters Jeep held the lead in Class 8 and was closely followed into Finke by Pickering in the Class 7 Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD. Monday morning, the weather at Finke was freezing, but the sun was up with clear skies for the return back to Alice Springs and the chequered flag. Hayden Bentley left the start first and had no trouble with the buggy or with dust over the 235 kilometre return run, Pinto and Tatnell were next to leave followed by Prout and then Buddy Crowe. Brad Prout in the VS Chevy pow-ered Jimco had a clutch fail while lining up at the start grid, using the starter motor to creep forward to the start line, when his start time came Buddy Crowe used his Jimco to push start the stricken Jimco, Prout left the line under his own power thanks to Crowe. Crowe also had to make sure while pushing Prout not to cross the start line before his start time. Mark Burrows was next away from Finke fo llowed by Laurie Svenson, both with a lot of time to make up to catch the leaders. At the finish Bentley crossed the line in 2:01: 10, 36 seconds faster than the trip down to Finke the pre-vious day. A total time for the two sections being 4:06:56, second home in a time of 2: 10:39 was Brad Prout, not showing any problems with the clutch on the Jimco, his total time was 4:21 :32. Buddy Crowe was next home in 2:06:42, a total of 4:22: 12 to take third position out-right. Finishing in fourth place, Mark Burrows followed by Pinto and then Hayden Tatnell, Pinto had a flat tyre and was slowing for the con-ditions. Tatnell started in third place and had a major engine problem, stopping one kilometre from the fin-ish, he managed to replace some oil and start the engine again, he limped the car home to take sixth place. Class I was won by Kylma in the single eat buggy, his time 4:51:52, he was followed by Justin and Mel-issa Watt in a Nissan powered Jimco buggy taking second in class. The Chevy truck of Brad Gallard and Rick Geiser crossed the finish in 12th position and took the win in Class 4, the imported Geiser brothers built Trophy Truck sound-ing as strong as it did on the way to Finke. Hunter held the class win in the Jeep as did Pickering in the Mitsubishi sponsored Pajero. In Class 2 the win went to Stewart Pritchard and Jen Geyer, their time for the race being 5:36: 19. The Class 3 win went to the local team of Tim Harris and Scott Raven with a total time over the two days of 6:03:55. Class 5 Limited 4WD winner was the Mitsubishi of Richey and Campbell, taking 6:57:20 to cover the race distance. At the finish line the whole Bentley family were out in strength to support the win in this year's Tattersall's 2007 Finke Desert Race. W e now move to the next round of the Australian cham-pionship and travel to South Australia and the town of Millicent. ~ .~IC4~ INDLl TO ADVb-R. Tl6b-R.6 All Road Communications .................... 27 Baker Precision .................................... 54 B.O.R.E. Wendover 200 ........................ 31 Butch's Speed Shop .............................. 49 BTR Racing Wheels .............................. 39 Competion Air Systems ........................ 45 CORR ....................................... Back Cover E&J Wireworks .................................... 52 Eibach Springs ........................................ 4 Fabtech ................................................. 24 Fuel Safe Racing Cells .......................... 18 Kar Tek Off Road .................................. 28 Kawaguchi Honda ................................. 36 KC Hilites ............................................... 2 King Shock Technology ........................ 53 Mark Shoaff ......................................... 30 McKenzie's Performance Products ...... 11 MOR Productions Lucerne 250 ............. 43 Mesa Hose ............................................ 38 Nevada Off Road Buggy ........................ 26 Pacific Customs .................................... 44 Parker Pumper D-Cell Harness ............. 13 Patton's Metal Working ....................... 54 PCI Race Radios ...................................... 5 Race Ready Products ............................ 34 Racer Off Road ..................................... 55 Racer X Motorsports ............................ 16 Robby Gordon Off Road ........................ 25 Ronco Plastics ...................................... 46 Ronn Bailey Motorsports ..................... 63 Sakata Motorsports ............................. 29 Skyjacker Suspensions ........................ 40 SNORE 250 ........................................... 23 Soltek Light Systems ............................. 4 South Point Casino ................................. 9 Speed Unlimited Motorsports .............. 33 Stewarts Race Works .......................... 32 Team Ford ............................................. 17 Transaxle Engineering .......................... 12 Vision X Off Road Lighting ................... 48 Web Cam ............................................... 47 • DIGDIJY I•llEFEllllEI) Master Mechanic and Fabricator positions open on Ronn Bailey Motorsports off-road racing team RBM is a 3•time DAKAR competitor currently putting together a team for DAKAR 2008 • Must be highly motivated, self managed and not requiring close supervision to get the job done • Travel outside United States to Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Russia, China, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Tunisia required during 2008 race season • These are salaried positions with long hours under race conditions RONN BAILEY MCTCA5PCAT5 Contact Yvonne Shoup at 702.794.0014 or email August 2007 Page 63

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,.... .. -:~:.;: . {>•,~ .. _ .,., ;, r•:,;, ; ~ . - ; .lf-.r-"' Date Venue Antelope Valley Fairgrounds April 21-22 May19-20 ---------- --------Falrplex June 9-10 Chula Vista International Raceway San Diego, Callfomla _,.,....___________ --October 19-20 November 3-4 ffl Luca.OIi 2007Rac .......... ~➔~ ~ ---.. ,Ht_~ 'l -Texas Motor Speedway Las Vegas Motor Speedway 'W .5nap-on. L Dallas, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada WWW.CORRACIIIC.COM For more information call: 866-501 -CORR