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2007 Volume 24 Number 11 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 24 -Number 11 November 2007 Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC ·offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. Mike Del Col Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton Victor Gazca Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier T rackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., snapshot of the Month ..• SCORE PARKER, 1985 SNOW, that is snow you see there in the photo. Rob Tolleson makes the best of it and plows through the darkness. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some di&1Ster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self.addressed en\.elope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. In This Issue ••• FEATURES SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 by Judy Smith .............................................................. 8 Rally New Zealand by Martin Holmes ........................................................................ 16 Pro Desert Racing Desert Rat by Mike Del Col ........................................................ 20 WSORR At Crandon by J Preston Bradshaw ............................................................. 22 International Rally New York by Thomas Barker ...................................................... 26 CORR At Antelope Valley by Judy Smith ............................................................. 28 MORE ORAF 250 by Steve Ruddick ................................................................... ....... 36 SNORE 4th Annual Wish Ride by Maryetta Bowman ............................................. 41 Ojibwe Forests Rally by Jerry Winker .......................................................................... 48 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ............................................................................................................. 5 Trail Notes ............................................................................................................... 6 Off Road Motorsports Hall Of Fame Inductees ................................................ 42 BFG News ............................................................................................................ 44 ORBA News ......................................................................................................... 46 Good Stuff Directory ........................................................................................... 52 Classified Ads ···············································.;······················································· 58 Index To Advertisers ............................................................................................ 59 ON THI! COVl!R Garron Cadiente scored a most impressive victory at the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300, he drove his Ford F-150 to a really great first overall. Photo by Floyd Hawkins - Trackside Photo Rob MacCachren had a pretty good weekend, he won the CORR Jason Baldwin Memorial Pro 2 Cup race on Saturday and the Pro 2 race on Sunday. Don't forget a Super Buggy win on Saturday and another on Sunday. Photo by Art Eugenio - Trackside Photo Visit Our Website at cSubscr.ibe ~oda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRYII □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (to subscribe online go to □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name Address _____________________ _ City ______________________ _ State _______________ Zip _______ _ Primary Interest Can D Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - l year $30.00 US n Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times November 2007 Page 3

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Present The,: CLASS 9 FEATURE RACE'/ I 1st Place Pav Back: . . . . . -· -· . . .. . . ·-. . . .. ... .... .. .. . .... ·····-·· ..... $1,500 $2,500 $3 500 , $4,500 w/10 cars w/20 cars w/30 cars w/40 cars . ··-··-··-··-··- ·· -··-··-··-··- ·· -··-··- ··-··- ·· -··-··-··-··-··-··-··-··-··- ·· - ··-··- ··-··-··-··-··-··-··-··- ·· -··-··-··-, i CLASS 11 FEATURE RAC}:! 18T Place Pay B~ck: : I I i $1,000 w/Scars 1,500 w/10cars I ~ .. - .. -.. - .. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. - .. - .. -.. - .. - .. - .. -.. -.. -.. -.. - .. -.. - .. - .. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. -.. - .. - .. -.. -.. -.. - · ALL PRO CLASSES lsr Place $2~000: w/10 cars!! · The FilterMag 250 takes place Nov 9-11 in Nelson Hills, NV Sign-Up/Tech/Contingency Fri Nov~ 9th@ The Railroad Pass Casino, Henderson NV Fri Nov 9th 5:00 - 9:00 pm • Driver's meeting @ 9:30 pm For more info: • (702) 452-4522 SNORE hotline Series Sponsor Series Sponsor [NiiXJ~ ~.FF ~0,iJ.r.g I.IA ... ::t:?a.:e~p ~ March 27 - -30 2008

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2•, Happenings ... lOK FoUR WHEELERS . P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All et!ent.l staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) 4x4 FoREVER, Lm. 1665 DELAWARE ST. O SHKOSH, WI 54901 A.MElucAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SoVTH Po1NTE CIRCLE, SuITE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E Mail: A.MElu:CAN TllIALs AssoclA.TION AMA Obsert!ed Trials Southern Califamia Championship Series BILL MARKUM -PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HornNE -(714) 562-7742 E MAIL: BMARK909@AOL.COM <> ASOCIACION EsTATAL DE AuroMOVILISMO SAM LAsELL, TECH INSPECTOR AP'ro 42 SAN JOSE DEL CASO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MExlco AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY TIMES AurOCRoss Qm!BEC OFF RoAD CLASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P IT7 (450) 622-4440 BAJA CuJ> CliAu.ENGE December 8, 2007 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS OH Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing 4344 VALLEY VIEW AVE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340-6474 BEST IN THE DEsERT 3475 BOULDER HIGHWAY LAs VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX: 702-641-2431 November 2-4, 2007 MC Golden West Cycle Avi 150 November 30 - December 1-2, 2007 Henderson's Terrible 400 BORE RACING 10 ELK MOUNTAIN DRIVE REDSTONE, CO 81623 970-963-4563 623-853-3595 BP MOTORSPORTS P.O. Box 411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 _ 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All Et!ent.1 At Califamia City, CA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGH10N, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lHO (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR Cum AUTOMOVILISTA]UARENSB DB CllAMPJONSIHP Ow-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <> November 9-11, 2007 Laughlin International Rally, Coef 1,2,3 Laughlin, NV CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. ·Box 400 Dusty Times MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL Sourn DAKOTA RACING AssoclA.TION P.O. Box 645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING AssoclA.TION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box 332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743. (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH Cura AuroMOVILISTICA SAN QmNnN CAuE 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN Qu1NTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) Cura AuroMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road ENSENAD'-, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAM6N CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/ 7 0034) CMC CoNTINENTAL MOTOSPORT Cura P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE OFFRoAD USA P.O. Box 2328 CALEXICO, CA 92231-2328 760-455-8069 USA 011-52-686-553-4087 MEXICO November JO-December 1-2, 2007 Race Ready 275 llllJUOII INTllfllCXJMII MIIIACIIIITS ... I IIILUtWT8 lilNl'lrrd ~ Dc:aJ. Mexicali -San Felipe, BC, MX CoWRADO lfn.L Cw.m AssoclA.TION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W /(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box 392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORR LUCAS OIL SERIES 270 NEWPORT CENTER DR., Surrv 100 NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 866-501-CORR November 2-3, 2007 Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas, NV CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, SuITE 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&.T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All event.I at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thuman County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKIL10N BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OCEAN BLVD., SUITE 208 loNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATUR FoUR WHEEL DRivE Cura DECATUR, TX 76234 ToM ALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 Continued next page RIIIITJIIIANTII &ffllHCINIIS Af\ll\l'AWL CND'II OlllllllCISllansors far: '.11111 • 1111 r CORR l■l,~■lal · MOR ~I§r§lM§ > - .. ~ • November 2001 Pages

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Trall Notes ••. NEW BITD MEDIA CREDENTIAL REGULATIONS -Effective September 18, 2007, the following Regulations are in effect for all Best in the Desert races. I. All Media Personnel must wear an Official Best in the Desert vest on the course. Failure to do so will result in revocation of your media credentials and you will be required to leave the course. This is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Directive. 2. In the interest of fairness to all race teams, No Race Team Personnel will be issued MediaCredentials allowing them on the race course. 3. Failure to adher_e to any of these rules will result in the Revocation of Media Credentials. If you are found on the race course without authorization, you will be asked to leave. 4. All requests for Media Credentials will be reviewed and you will be emailed or contacted directly, prior to each race, to advise you of the acceptance or decline of your credentials. 5. All Media MUST fill out a NEW Media Credential request prior to each race. To improve media relations at our events, please be advised additional new media regulations will be instituted for the 2008 season. Watch for them. SCORE BAJA 1000 - 1300 miles down the peninsula. That's the distance the 400 expected entries will have to travel, Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, the 40th SCORE Baja 1000, thats the where and November 10-16, 2007, thats the when. There were 326 entrants in the drawing and lots more are expected. Here are the entries, by class, that we have now. (Cars & Trucks) Trophy Truck-31, Class 1-28, Class 1/2-1600 -17, Class 3 - 4, Class 5 - 8, Class 5-1600 - 18, Class 7 - 5, Class 7S -1, Class 7SX - 9, Class 8 - 8, Class 9 -2, Class 10 - 5, SCORE Light - 15, Class 11 - 4, Stock Full - 10, Stock Mini - 3, ProTruck - 11, Class 17 -1, JeepSpeed -1, Baja Challenge - 18, Sportsman Car - 6, Sportsman Truck -5, Sportsman UTV - 2 .. (Motorcycles) Class 22 - 22, Class 21 - 5, Class 20 - 2, Class 30 - 7, Class 40 -11, Class 50 - 4, Class 60 -2. ATV - Class 24 - 3, Class 25 - 8. Sportsman Motorcycles -Under 250cc - 4, Over 250cc -38. Sportsman ATV -9. WORLD SERIES OF OFF ROAD RACING TV SCHEDULE -SPEED Channel has announced the air schedule for the entire 2007 Lucas Oil World Series of Off Road Racing (WSORR) television series. WSORR has garnered a much coveted and exclusive weekend 3 p.m. EST time slot that will hold for the duration of the series. Television episodes begin airing on Saturday, November 3, 2007 with explosive Round I action from Owatonna, Minn. Every single show -18 episodes in all - will be broadcast on Saturday's in the 3 p.m. prime time sports programming slot. SPEED Channel is the true motorsports network, The heart of their audience consists of race fans and we, (Speed Channel) are fully confident that WSORR will be attracting a new generation of fans," he said. "Tell your friends, tell race fans now: Tune in to SPEED at 3 p.m. every Saturday this coming November and beyond. GOING TO BAJA? - A few notes to drivers and pit crews going to the Baja l000. It i a fact that some Mexican police are pulling foreign drivers over for alleged, or minor infractions, then asking for money. Motorists should be aware that this situation exists and follow some of these tips. Obey all posted speed limit and traffic control signs. If you are stopped for a traffic violation in Tijuana, Ensenada or Rosarito, POLITELY insist on a written citation that you can pay either at the police station or by mail. In San Felipe, Tecate and Mexicali, traffic fines MUST be paid at the police station. If you are stopped for no reason, you may avoid problems by asking to be taken to the nearest municipal judge. Before you leave for Mexico, know how to reach people in the U.S. for help if you need it. Be sure to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance at the border, before you cross into Mexico. Remember this one in particular: It is a traffic violation to use a cellular phone while driving in Baja, California. SCORE POINTS STANDINGS -With just the "Big Daddy 1000" yet to go, here is a complete listing of the cars and trucks, drivers and vehicle make by class and their position in points. Positions and points reflect all races through the SCORE Primm, September 7-9. SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK-1. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./ Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (2), 359; 2. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (1), 358; 3. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150 (1), 338; 4. Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz./ Brian Collins, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado (1), 332; 5. Alan Pflueger, Honolulu, Chevy Silverado, 294; 6. Travis Coyne, El Centro, Calif., Ford F-150, 284; 7. Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz., Chevy C1500, 265; 8. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 262; 9. Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif./Bob Shepard, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado, 254; 10. Tim Herbst/ Ed Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150; 246; 11. Pete Sohren, Glendale, Ariz., Ford F-150, 217; 12. Andy McMillin, National City, Calif./Scott McMillin, Coronado, Calif., Chevy CK1500, 207; 13. Bill McBeath, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 203; 14. Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150,198; 15. Luis Wallace, Juarez, Mexico, Chevy Silverado, 17 3. CLASS 1-1. Bill Gasper, Chino Hills, Calif./ Dave Gasper, Santa Barbara, Calif., Porter-Chevy, 332; 2. (TIE) Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif./ Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Smithbuilt-Ford (2), Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, and Eric Chase, San Diego/Stuart Chase, Burbank, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 316; 5. B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy (1), 304; 6. Dan Myers, Newport Beach, Calif., Porter-Chevy, 297; 7. Max Thieriot, Petaluma, Calif./Glenn Harris, Camarillo, Calif., RPS-Chevy, 274; 8. Dale Lenk, Newport Beach, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 262; 9. Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 252; 10. Danny Ebberts, Canyon Lake, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 227. ALSO: 11. Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Bunderson-Chevy, 226; 12. John Harrah, Reno, Nev., HMS-Chevy, 219.CLASS 1-2/1600 -1. Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif., Lothringer-VW (1), 334; 2. L.J. Kennedy, Orange, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, ChenoSPF-VW, 331; 3. Daniel McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Caleb Gaddis, El Centro, Calif., Jimco-VW (1), 309; 4. (TIE) Arnoldo Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico, Curry-VW and Hiram Duran, Tecate, Calif., Neth-VW, 289. CLASS 3-1. Dylan Evans, Anaheim Hills, Calif., Toyota FJ Cruiser (1), 201, 2. Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif., Ford Bronco (1), 152; 3. Chris Raffo, Arlington Heights, lll., 134. CLASS 5-1. George Seeley, Glendale, Calif., VW Baja Bug (1), 231; 2. Luivan Voelker, Mexicali, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (2), 217; 3. Chris Bowman, Upland, Calif., VW Baja Bug, 197; 4. Kevin Carr, San Diego, VW Baja Bug (1), 196. CLASS 5/1600-1. Mario Reynoso, Tijuana, Mexico, VW Baja Bug (1), 250; 2. Gregorio Villarino, La Paz, Mexico, VW Baja Bug, 206; 3. Adolfo Aguilar Jr., Chula Vista, Calif., VW Baja Bug, 198; 4. Scott Pellerin, Romoland, Calif., VW Baja Bug, 164. CLASS 7-1. Dan Chamlee, Summerland, Calif., Ford Ranger (1), 248; 2. Barry Karakas, Oak Hills, Calif., Toyota Tacoma (1), 221; 3. Shannon Dierkop, Page& E..\sni.RN<m-RoADRAclNG~. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILI.E, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 °ENsENADA BAJA OFF RoAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0ll-52-646-1818989 Eus10 0ll-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for buggys & Motorcycles &TERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 011-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FLoRIDA Ow RoAD DRlvER,s ASSOCIATION JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, May, Nov at Davidson Raceway FuoPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE S. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151 FAx GORRA GEORGIA ()pp ROAD RACING .AssocIATION 420 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT ()pp ROAD RACING AssoclATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 Scorr MORROW (816) 792-2126 (All races are short course, stadium style Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Nebraska Raceway Park, Exit 420 on 1-80 between Omaha and Lincoln.) For latest info check <'> HIGH PLAINS ()pp ROAD RACING 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDDOR (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PRoMOTIONs, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 }EEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES Orange, CA 92869 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724. All races for Jeepspeed 1,2 & 3 November JI-December 2, 2007 BlTD Terrible 400 Henderson, NV KAMl.ooPS BRONCO BUSTERS Wlwperiag Pme11 Sports & Recreation Ce.arer . P.O. Box 465 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5L2 DALE NYEsrE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFFRoAD ExPO · (626) 961-3782 <> <> LI.T.R.E. )EFF ELROD (408) 926-0522 )IM ARI.ITA (408) 247-4402 MAMAluuTA ()pp ROAD RACING LUIS CARLOS ALVAREZO PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CH1H., MX 011-52-1637-1799 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Buggy Trade Sb.ow (517) 543-7214 <> MICHIGAN ()pp ROAD CliAMPIONSIDPS November 2007 M. T .B. Enterprillel Inc. 15529 )ONES ROAD GRANO LEDGE, ML 48837 (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots only MAORA Mm-AMERICA OFF ROAD AsSOCIATION P.O. Box664 GREENUP, IL 62428 (217) 235-6528 . E-MAIL: <> MDR PRODUCTIONS 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE Sol.ITH EL MoNTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 CalHomia Cb.ampioD.Bb.ip Serie11 Nc:,vember 10, 2007 Stoddard 250 Double Points Barstow "B", CA Supentition Cb.ampiotub.ip Serit:11 October 27, 2007 Superstition 250 December 31, 2007 The Bud Light Dash 200 M.O.R.E. MoJA VE OFP RoAD RACING ENrnuSIASTS P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 760-253-4453 MOREKARTEK Off Road Gold Cup Series December 1, 2007 Toys For Tors Holiday 200 Barstow, CA MSBA MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY ASSOCIATION DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FUNT, ML 48506 (810) 730-9221 MOTOWFST WINTER TRw.s SERIES BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <' All events at Perris Raceway (At Reed Valley with a sGhool) NATIONAL Muo RACING AssN. RT. #I -Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PAIATKA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TuFF TRUCK AssN. Butch Chapin Motonporta Promo-tions 1404 EAST 3RD STREET HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NOORA NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RACING AssN. GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quaqs (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from Spring Valley) ()pp RoAD ExP0 2007 (629) 599-8622 OFP RoAD RACING AssOCIATION Volunteered Serit:11 PRESIDENT -GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. - 1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. - 9 & UNLTD. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OUTLAW REP. DON PONDER (314) 631-8190 (AU Races at Wheeling in the County 900 A=) Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 )IM l<ENDEL (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO ()pp ROAD RACERS AssOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913{W) Oun.Aw SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OH Road Cb.ampioD.Bb.ip 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PENNSYLVANIA SHORT CoURSE RACING . SMITHTON HOLE RACEWAY 313 SKYLINE DRIVE SMITHTON, PA. 15479 MIKE GEISER 330-683-6263 Shorr Course Offroad Racing All Races At Smithton Hole Raceway Poo!s PEAK P.O. Box 6962 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRo 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREYG01N 559-647-6132 GOlNRAClN@HOTMAlL.COM PRoTuuCK 14402 BoND COURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMERICA NATIONAL CliAMPIONSIIlP SERIES October 2~27, 2007 Lake Superior Rally Houghron, Michigan November 9-10, 2007 TBD Rally Location, TBD RALLYCROSS NATIONAL SERIES EVENTS Eutera Stata Cb.ampioD.Bb.ip Central State, Cb.ampioD.Bb.ip Western States Championship ROCK CRAWLERS AssOCIATION OF AMERICA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/Fax: (801) 253-3176 SAN l>mGo SHORT CoURSE WINTERNATIONALS--A New Series by Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trncks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Trnck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DmGo OFF RoAD ExPosmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA RoADRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MoTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/ (630) 556-6180 Fax SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., SUITE A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> November 12-17, 2007 SCORE Baja 1000 Baja California, MX SNORE SoUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENrnusIASTS P.O. Box 270516 l.As VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 November 9-11, 2007 Karrek Western Desert Challenge Nelson Hills, NV SoNS OF 'fHuNDER 4 WHEELERS Dusty Times

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RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SOUTHEASTERN OFF RoAD CIIAu.ENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore -(224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS ExPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. HACIENDA BLVD. #322 HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SourHERN CALIFORNIA TlMING ASSOCIATION & BoNNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 9364 7 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SourHERN SHORT CoURSE OFF RoAD RACING AssN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRNE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceway, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) Lm. P.O. Box 706 TovsFoRTOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILLA VALLEY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA V ALLEY OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION (775) 224-1327 October 27-28, 2007 Halloween Party Prairie City, CA November 17, 2007 Awards Banquet To Be Announced VICENTE GUERRERO OFF RoAD CuJB PROFO. CENOVlO GAMBOA Ol J-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 ·p.m.) WESTERN OFF RoAD RACING AssOCIATION LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF RoAD RACING PATRICK McGUIRE P.O. Box 376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WmPLASH MoroRSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE Trall Notes ... Campo, Calif., Ford Ranger, 194; 4. Steve Looney, Campo, Calif., Ford Ranger, 168; 5. Jason McNeil, El Cajon, Calif., Ford Ranger, 116; 6. Victor Herrera Jr., Menifee, Calif./Victor Herrera Sr., Tijuana, Mexico, Ford Ranger (1), 100. CLASS 7S-J. Mike Homer, Mission Viejo, Calif., Toyota Tacoma (2), 185. CLASS 7SX-l. Rich Severson, Mesa, Ariz., Ford Ranger (1), 252; 2. Jim Hinesley, Bakersfield, Calif., Ford Ranger (2), 224; 3. Heidi Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Ford Ranger, 192; 4. Noe Sierra, San Bernardino, Calif., Ford Ranger, 177; 5 .. John Holmes, Olivenhain, Calif., Ford Ranger, 158. CLASS 8-1. Nick Vanderwey/Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix/Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz., Chevy Silverado (3), 253; 2. Glen Greer, Green Valley, Ariz., Dodge Ram 1500 (1), 216. CLASS 9-1. Eric Fisher, PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <> November 3-4, 2007 TBA W ISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FEsTiv AL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 0sHKOSH, WL54901 (414) 688-5509 WoRID SERIES OF OFF RoAD RACING P.O. Box 99 CRANDON, WISCONSIN 54520 303-880-7221 November 8, 2007 WSOOR Annual Banquet Location To Be Announced FIA WoRID RALLY CliAMPIONSIIlP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU Cm, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 ZR. PROMOTIONS RENE MOITTANO P.O. Box 2122 CALEXICO, CA 92231 November 2S, 2007 ZR Gran Prix De Campiones #6 ATTb.NTION Race & Rally Organizers List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list~ Don't call, but mail your 2007-2008 schedules as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra. entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: u Iii" - ' lillDI 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 Under n~w ownertlllp -Over 40. yeart of ex,t.rience Bring yout tx>t rod, .sand rail, mota-rq,cte, boat or ATV down to ow location anti. •. I-et us 1ohte your Plumbing problem, from complete system cle1lgn1 ' "minor modifloatimls" Dusty Times November 2007 Ensenada, Mexico, Garibay-YW (2), 150; 2. Rob MacDonald, Hesperia, Calif., JFK-YW (1), 77. CLASS 10-1. Lobsam Yee, Tijuana, Mexico, Jimco-Honda (3), 261; 2. Alex Crosthwaite, San Diego, Jimco-Honda, 215; 3. Chris Harrold, Chula Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-Honda (1), 198; 4. Mark Weger, Lancaster, Calif., RPS-Honda, 182; 5. Corey Keysar, Colorado Springs, Colo., Jimco-Honda, 161. ALSO: 6. Robert McBeath, Las Vegas, Jimco-Honda, 153; 8. Adam Wik/Bekki Wik, Las Vegas, Jimco-Honda (1), ll5. SCORE LITE-I. I. Tim Noe, San Diego/Tom Watson, El Centro, Calif., Jimco-VW, 297; 2. Stan Potter, San Marcos, Calif/Dan Worley, Encinitas, Calif., Jimco-VW (1), 295; 3. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif., Desert Assassin-VW (1), 281; 4. David Callaway, Menifee, Calif/Scott Mapes, Riverside, Calif., Dunrite-VW, 276; 5. Scott Wisdom, Lake Forest, Calif., Mirage-VW (1), 259. CLASS 11-1. Ramon Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, VW Sedan (2), 210; 2. Eric Solorzano, Tijuana, Mexico, VW Sedan (1), 189. STOCK FULL-I. John Griffin, Mission Viejo, Calif., Ford F-350 (2), 240; 2. Terry Henn, Walnut, Calif., Hummer Hl (1), 190; 3. Loren Worthington, Leona Valley, Calif., Dodge 2500, 164. ALSO: 4. Josh Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H2 (1), 132. STOCK MINI-I. Gavin Skilton, Orange, Calif., Honda Ridgeline (1), 193; 2. Rod Hall, Reno, Nev., Hummer H3 (3), 190. PROTRUCK-1. Jason Yoss/ Rich Voss, Cupertino, Calif., Ford F-150 (2), 233; 2. Jim Wasson, Hobart, Wash., Chevy Silverado, 112; 3. Gus Yidosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico/ Bryan Freeman, Henderson, Nev. (1), 93. CLASS 17-1. Bob Land, Lake Forest, Calif./Jim Winovitch, Murrieta, Calif., Jeep Cherokee, 80. SPT TRUCK-!. Mark Grawe/Keith Grawe, Placentia, Calif., Ford Ranger (1), 195. SPT CAR-I. Peter Lang/Terry Cottar, Santa Rosa, Calif., Homebuilt-Chevy, (1) 161. The 2007 SCORE Desert Series also includes the chase for the $75,000 Kartek Off-Road contingency bonus to be awarded to several 2007 SCORE Class point champions along with the run for the $12,000 Toyota True Grit and Toyota Milestone Awards. 2007 AUSTRALIAN SAFARI RALLY. - A Mopar Hemi powered Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited driven by American Clive Skilton and navigated by Australian Gordon Trigg took first place honors in the Showroom Stock Division (Class AO6) of the Australian Safari Rally starting near Darwin Aug 24th and finishing in Perth Sept 1st. (See story inside) AL FLAG - Wally Parks, the hot-rodder who got the drag racers off e streets and onto the tracks passed away September 28, 2007. Wally as born January 23, 1913. Wally founded the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) that boasts more than 80,000 members and 150 drag strips throughout the US. Wally Parks was a man who touched all of those he met, a man who gave much to his sport. Wally Parks will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Go With God. SNORE 250 -The 38th annual SNORE 250 went into the record books on September 29, 2007. 93 cars entered, 54 of them made it to the finish. The course was rough and dirty but a good breeze helped a lot. Tracy Rubio was the Unlimited Truck winner, BJ Richardson took Class 1 honors, CJ Hutchins was the Class 10 winner, Tim Pangborn took Class 12, Jim Varshay captured Class 5, Bryan Freeman won Class ½-1600, Monte Tibbets was the Class 8 winner, Class 9 went to Brandon Hughes, Shawn George took Class 5-1600 honors, Bryan Adams took Champ Car honors, Wesley Stephens took the Unlimited Sportsman win, Limited Sportsman went to Briana Bradley, Russ Ramsey won C lass 7, Jesse Ware won Class 1450 and Brandon Benson won Class 11. Look for the full story and loads of pies in the next issue of Dusty Times. R LUCERNE 250 -The top 2 finishers in each class are listed ere. Class 1 -1. Steve Raskett, 2. David Jensen. Class 8 -I. Joe atelli. Class 1200-I. Dustin Farmer, 2. Terry Ingold. Class 1350-I. Eric Jacobus. Class 1400 -I. Jay Arnold, 2. Randy Shields. Class 1450 -l. Frank Vernola, 2. Jim McBroo'm. Class 1600 - I. Paul Kurz, 2. Joe Jeffrey. Class 1700 -I. Joe Griffith, 2. Jason La Fortune. Jeepspeed -I. Mike Barnett. Full Story and lots of photos in next months Dusty Times. RAL FLAG-MDR staff and volunteers share in the sorrow of the Vasquez mily due to the untimely passing away of their young son Arcadia asquez in an automobile accident on September 21st, 2007. Arcadia as a MDR racer, was a winner in every way and a welcome figure at every MDR race he attended. The Vasquez family have been MDR volunteers for many years. Arcadia will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him. Via Con Dios. CORR AT CHULA VISTA -The top two in each division are listed here. Pro 4 Baldwin Cup -I. Carl Renezeder, 2. Rick Huseman. Pro 4 -I. Carl Renezeder, 2. Rick Huseman. Pro 2 Baldwin Cup -I. Carl Renezeder, 2. Ricky Johnson. Pro 2 -I. Jerry Whelchel, 2. Ricky Johnson. Pro Lite -l. Rob Naughton, 2. Casey Currie. Single Buggy -l. Btyce Menzlos, 2. Bruce Fraley. Super Buggy -l. Larry Foddrill, 2. Rob MacCachren. Full story and lots of pictures in next months issue of Dusty Times. TTENTION PROMOTERS: -Once again, if you have your race and ally schedules complete for 2008, will you please fax 818-882-0090 or -mail your schedules for immediate insertion into Happenings. We appreciate your cooperation. AL FLAG -Bud Ekins, one of off-road racing's pioneers, passed away n October 6th from pneumonia after an extended hospital stay. Bud as one of the racers involved in the early record setting runs from Tijuana to La Paz, and in 1966 rode with his brother, Dave, Eddie Mulder and Cliff Coleman to record the then fastest time for motorcycles, at 39 hours and 48 minutes. He'd been racing in the desert since the very early '50's, raced many years in Europe, winning the I.S.D.T. four times, and added up more wins than we've room to talk about in the Southern California desert. One he was particularly proud of was the 1955 Catalina Grand Prix. He won the 1969 inaugural Baja 500 overall with Guy Jones, in the infamous Baja Boot, and worked many years in the movie industry as a stuntman. He's most often remembered as the biker who did the phenomenal 65 foot jump over barbed wire (standing in for Steve McQueen) in the movie The Great Escape. He's an inductee in both the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, and the AMA Hall of Fame. He loved motorcycles, racing, and bench racing all his life. Bud is survived by his brother, David, his daughters Susan and Donna, his sister Vivian and two granddaughters. Bud will be sorely missed by the off road community. Go with God! Page 7

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lil!l.:11 TERRl■LE•s PRIMM !OD Racing At Buffalo B111·s Back Door BY ]UDY SMITH PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO It was a great win for Garron Cadiente, he soloed his Ford Trophy Truck to the overall win as well as the class win. Primm, NV: Garron Cadiente in his Ford Trophy Truck and Troy Herbst and Larry Roeseler in their Smithbuilt Truggy were the big winners at the Terrible's Primm, which has returned to the conve-nience and comfort it enjoyed for most of its 12 year history. When Herbst Gaming bought the property at Stateline they set about returning it to its previous race-friendly condition. Short of running the race through the big Star of the Desert Arena, they did a terrific job. The race started about 20 feet off the Buffalo Bill's parking lot, and curled around in a challenging and entertaining "short course" before heading out onto the final 70 miles or so of desert course. They'd put a grand-stand in the corner of the parking lot, so fans could watch a lot of the action comfortably, and also be comfortably close to amenities. le was once again as it had been in the past: an off road race with civi-lization close by and readily avail-able for those who are not com-fortable with a lack of pavement and flush toilets. le was still a two race event, with the lighter and slower ve-hicles starting just as the run rose at 6 a.m., and the second group going off the line at 1 p.m. Every class had a seven hour limit, and they ran two, three or four hour laps depending on speed. The weather was hot, as always at Primm in September, but it did not reach the triple digit levels that have made it so uncomfortable a time or two in the past. A tragic accident during the start of the Class 1 cars cast a shadow over the afternoon race. Erick Morales, 33, of Ensenada, Mexico, was fatally injured when the race car he was in crashed just off the s(art line. The car came down very hard and went end over end several times. SCORE medi-cal personnel were there immedi-ately, and gave CPR for 20 min-utes, when a physician from the University Medical Center in Las The Class 1 battle was taken by the pair of Larry Roese/er and Troy Herbst, Smithbuilt Ford, they had 15 minutes in hand at the flag. Vegas pronounced him dead at the scene. The driver of the vehicle, Eddy Gonzalez, of Chula Vista, complained of lower back pain and went to UMC to be checked out, and was released alter that day. . Contingency day was a treat, be-cause, thanks to the Herbst fam-ily, a large number of contingency donors were able to set up their displays in the indoor arena. So, for those who had only a sunshade and table for a display (as opposed to a trailer or semi), the day was spent in air conditioned luxury. They had lots of potential custom-ers to talk to, because folks took their time strolling through the displays in the arena, while out in the parking lot where those in semis and big trailers toiled, the sun shone down and baked them. Contingency day was also the day of "course reconnaissance" a speed controlled, one lap tour of the course. Drivers came back to report that there'd been a lot of rain, and all the ruts on the dry lake were filled in and smooth. Seasoned racers knew that wouldn't last long. On race day, the first group was made up of Class 20, SCORE Lite, and 1/2-1600 who all were to go four laps, then Classes 5, 5/ 16, 7S and 7SX, which were three lap classes. Stock Full, Stock Mini, Class 9, 3, Sportsman Truck, Sportsman Car and Class 11 would all do only two laps. The weather was moderate on race morning, with the breezes blowing the dust away from the 15 Freeway. That's always good, because the Nevada Highway Patrol is inclined to want to shut down the race if dust blows onto the Freeway. One year it was all but done, and the wind shifted at the crucial mo-ment. Class 10 led the early morning group off the line, with an entry of 15 cars. The talent level was really high, and it promised to be good, close racing. Kyle Conlon, in a Jimco Honda, grabbed the early lead, with about a minute and a half on Bekki Wik in her Jimco Honda, who was another 40 seconds in front of Larry Job in his Jimco Honda. Unless a specta-tor was watching with stopwatch in hand, it was impossible to know who was leading, but easy to see that some teams were really fast. Some never got around, including David Reyes, whose crew reported , that he'd come to the end of his race out on the course with three flat tires and a broken upper con-trol arm on his brand new, never before raced, car. Conlon had another pretty good lap the second time around, but Matt Loiodice was quickest and moved up in the standings in his Jimco Honda. Wik had a flat and her car fell off its jack, up in the rocky part of the course. She had to do some digging, and had not packed a shovel, so she lost about 40 minutes. Larry Job, who'd run well behind her on Lap 1, lost all the belts on his J imco Honda. He made a quick stop and replaced just the power steering belt, and headed for his pit. There his crew put on a new alternator belt, and dis cove red that he needed a new alternator. He lost about 15 more minutes. Cory Boyer and Fernie Padilla beat out 24 others for the Class ½-1600 win, seen here in the Lothringer headin' for the checkers. Don and Ken Moss chalked up yet another win in Class 3, they're seen here in their Ford Bronco at speed. On the third lap Conlon fell out and so did Loiodice. At the end of the second lap they'd been The overall Sportsman Truck win went to Mark and Keith Growe, Mark Post and Rob MacCachren were second in the Trophy Truck A second place in Class 1 went to Harley Letner and Kory Halopoff seen here in the rough in their good look in' Ford Ranger. battle, they're seen here hustling their Ford F-150 to the finish. in their Chevy powered Tatum, seen here at liftoff. Pages November 2007 Dusty Times

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7 Aaron Hawley and Brian Burgess gave it their all but they finished It was a silver medal finish for George Seeley and Dwight Farell in Mario and Francisco Reynoso had a decent race, they finished second second in 1600, a bit over a minute in arrears. Class 5, they're seen here at speed on the course. first and second. Robert McBeath, MacCachren were now second, a ered Tatum. They'd had a couple in a Jimco Honda, was third. Rob little over two minutes back, and of flats, but said it had been a MacCachren, who took over for McBeath ran third, about 30 sec- "great day". Alex Crosthwaite was Job, pushed hard and recorded the onds behind him. sixth in his Jimco Honda, another fast lap for the class, and, for the Harrold knew the others were five minutes back, and Corey morning race, at 1: 15:50. Adam coming, and he pushed hard, Keysar, in another Jimco Honda, Wik, who'd got into the family car thinking that this was a "very was 12 minutes behind him in sev-to do the second two laps, ran tough" course. He ran his best enth, the final finisher in the class. well, at 1: 19:48, but they'd lost so time of the day on the last lap, and The SCORe Lite cars started much time with the flat that he finished with no right rear tire, right behind the Class 10 cars, wasn't going to catch the lead cars having shredded it rather than with 17 entries. Racing was tight unless they had trouble. Chris take time to make a change. It was from the start, and only two went Harrold, in an AlumiCraft an anxious few moments as score-out on the first lap. Tim Noe and Honda, was running steadily, but keepers tallied up the times for Tom Watson, in a Prill, were the he'dhadaflatonthefirstlap."l him, McBeath, Job and leadersattheendofthatlap,with thought I was done!", he said. MacCachren, and the Wiks. only about 28 seconds on Then he lost his OPS and without Harrold got the win, and McBeath Cameron Steele in his Desert As-it to tell him how fast he was go-took second, having lost some sassin. David Callaway, in a ing on the sections that had speed time driving part of the third lap Callaway, was about two minutes limits, he was backing down prob-with no power steering. behind him, and Mike Sandoval, ably more than he needed, just to MacCachren slewed across the fin-in a Meco, ran fourth. Sandoval avoid a potential penalty. ish line with a broken left front said he'd run every race there'd At the end of Lap 3 Harrold, arm on Job's car. It hadn't been been at Primm (11 of them before who had lost control with the hose easy to steer, and it cost him about this) and hadn't finished one of for his water supply, was becom- 20 minutes, dropping the team to them. ing very thirsty. But he ran his third. The Wiks were fourth, and One more fell away on the sec-quickest lap so far, and moved in fifth it was Lonny Hart and ond lap, and Noe and Watson himself into the lead. Job and Scott Martensen, in a VW pow- stayed in front, but now Callaway 1,200 Rooms in the Class 5-1600 battle, seen here in their good lookin' bug. was second, Steele third, Sandoval fourth, and Ty Godde and Jim Greenway were fifth in their Fu-sion. Only six and a half minutes separated first from sixth. Lap 3 looked different. Noe and Watson were still in front, but now Sandoval had turned the fast lap for this class, at 1 :25:52, and moved into second place. Jason Batulia, in a Prep by Jake, and so-loing this race, was now third, fol-lowed by Godde and Greenway, and then Callaway, both of whom had lost some time that lap. Six more cars dropped out on the last lap, including Sandoval, making his non-finish record per-fect. Batulis, who stopped only for fuel and oil during his run, and ran very steady times, moved up to take the win. Godde and Greenway were second, ten min-utes behind him. In third it was Noe and Watson who'd lost a half hour on their last lap, and Callaway was fourth. Stan Potter and Dan Worley, in a Jimco, fin-ished fifth, and sixth went to Malcolm Bryce and Jim Moulton in a Moulton, and they were the last car in the class to finish, squeaking in under the seven hour time limit by about two and a half minutes. The 1600 class had 25 starters and it was another tight race. Leonardo and Alejandro Navarrete, in a Seagrove, started the morning in the lead, with less than a minute on Bryan Freeman in his Fraley. In third it was the team of Curt Geer and Daniel Folts, in a Lothringer, and Geer with his clutch foot in a sort of cast as he recovered from surgery on a toe. Tied for fifth were Cody Robinson and Roberto Romo in their Curry and Aaron Hawley and Brian Burgess in a Seagrove. They were less than four minutes behind the lead car. Spectators could only guess who actually had the lead, and there were another four or five running very close. Continued next page 16 Movie Theaters 4,500 Seat Equestrian & Event Center 50,000 Sq. Ft. Of Meeting Space 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall 52 Table Games Over 2,300 Slot Machines Poker Room 800-Seat Bingo Room Race & Sports Book Child Care Center Kids Arcade Dusty Times 6 Restaurants Spa & Fitness Center Headliner Showroom (May '07) 64-Lane Bowling Center ~~4 1-866-791-7626 • LAS VEGAS BLVD AT S/LVERADO RANCH RD • SOUTHPOINTCASINO.COM November 2007 Page9

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Steve Looney and Mike Ballard, Ford Ranger, were close in Class 7, Really close for the Hinesley/Salaiza/Galvan Ford Ranger, they were Nick, Larry and Mike, the Vanderway clan, flew to a second place they were 58 seconds out of the win in the Class 7 contest. second in Class 7SX, 26 seconds out of the class win. finish in the Class 8 contest, seen here flyin' their Chevy. ,,;;;:;:;;;;;;;;;;;;,;:;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;========;:;:::;iiiiiiz.;:=;.=:::;;;;......,,,:;==;i;a;;;a;;;;;a'i;;;a;;;;;a~"""'~aiii'7M-'T-'a::..:.r':-io:..:.=.:a..:.n--=d+:,Fi<-r-'a::..:.n.::.:c.:..,i-=s--=co..:...:...Rk--e-y-n-o-s-o, who ran second. Albert Castro was third a minute and a halflater, and Adolfo Aguilar, Jr. ran fourth, an-other minute back. They had all managed to get the first lap done. But they didn't all get through the second lap, and it was Aguilar who dropped out. Solano had an-other good lap and held his lead, while the Reynosos were still sec-ond, running a little faster, to tighten up the race just a bit. Castro was still third, and Saul Garcia moved into fourth place. Kevin Carr and Alfie Bueno took the Class 5 honors at Primm, seen here flying high, they had 20 minutes in hand at the flag. The Solano/Sanchez/Westhoff trio took the Class 5-1600 win, they had about eight minutes in hand at race end. Solano's only problem was a banged up wheel that he had his crew change just to prevent pos-sible problems. He recorded the class fast lap on his last time around the circuit, at 1:44:20, and secured his win. Behind him the Reynosos had no power steering and no brakes, so lost about five minutes on the last lap. They fin-ished second, while Garcia moved up to third. Castro lost about 20 minutes on his last lap, and took fourth place. Only two cars dropped out on the first lap. On the second lap Freeman moved into the lead when he ticked off the fast lap for the class at 1:28: 16 The Navarrete brothers were now second, Geer and Folts ran third, Hawley and Burgess were fourth and Cory Boyer, in a Lothringer, had moved up to fifth. He was only six minutes behind the lead car. Freeman dropped out on the third lap. And the Navarrete brothers lost about nine minutes. Boyer went into the lead, Hawley and Burgess moved to second, Folts and Geer were third and the Navarretes were fourth, followed by David Caspino, in a Lothringer, in fifth. Both the Navarrete team and Geer and Folts faded away on Lap 4. Boyer apparently had no prob-lems and ran a steady fourth lap, taking the win in the time of six hours and eight minutes. He was followed in by Hawley and Bur-gess, less than two minutes behind him. Then there was a gap of ten minutes before Caspino showed up in third place, and he was fol-lowed in by Daniel McMillin and Caleb Gaddis in their Jimco. They were only two minutes further back after four very evenly paced laps. Fifth went to Hiram and Eric Duran in their new Neth chassis. Another nine teams got to the fin-ish line. One of the disadvantages of this race format is that some classes will be finishing while oth-ers are starting. This time it was virtually impossible to get to the 1600 finishers who came in dur-ing the start of the second race. By the time we got to the finish parking area, the 1600s had left, and we were able to talk to none of them. Class 5 had five starters, and Perry McNeil started the day at the wheel of Kevin Carr's Bug. This was a three lap group. McNeil had the lead, and Michelle Bruckmann ran second, a bit over two minutes back. Luivan Voelker was third. On the second lap McNeil re-corded the fast lap for the class at 1:32:06, and continued to lead. He had about 15 minutes on the second place car, and the rest of them ran in a close group. Chris Bowman was second, and Bruckmann ran third only 56 sec-onds behind him after breaking and repairing a shock bolt. A minute and ten seconds later it was Voelker and a minute and two seconds later George Seeley came along. McNeil moved into the passen-ger seat and Carr took over the driving for the final lap, recording a time very similar to those of McNeil. He had the fast lap time for the last lap, only a minute and The Victor Herrera's, Sr. and Jr. had a great race, they took the Class 7 win in their Ford Ranger with 62 seconds in hand. 51 seconds slower than the class fast lap. Carr and McNeil took the win, Kevin saying it was "a good course." He also said it was his first win and he was "on top of the world!" Seeley decided to push harder on the last lap, ran his quickest lap, and moved into sec-ond. Bruckmann, who drove all the way, had another shock bolt break, and needed more welding. She salvaged third place, only two minutes and four seconds behind Seeley. Voelker was fourth, and Bowman broke on the last lap. There were eight 5-1600s, and they had to do three laps also. Raul Solano went into the lead on the first lap, and had 36 seconds on .. In Class 7S there was only one contender, and he had to run three laps to get a finish. Mike Horner managed to get his Toyota around the course only two times, and didn't have enough time left to start the third. Class 7SX had eight entries, but only seven of them made the first lap. Oscar Salaiza, in a Ford, was in the lead, with Norm and Rich Severson and Pat Neveau took a close one, they won Class 7SX in their Ford Ranger with a mere 25 seconds in hand. Bob McBeath came up a little short this race, he finished in the Ty Godde, Bob Ross and Jim Greenway drove their Fusion to a Josh Hall was was just a few minutes out of the Stock Full win at second spot in Class 10 in his Honda powered Jimco. second place finish in the SCORE Lite division. Primm, he's seen here hustling his H2 Hummer to the barn. 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Steve Kovach drove his really good looking Ford Ranger to a second 8.J. Baldwin spent five hours on the Primm course in his Chevy Eric and Stewart Chase pooled their driving talents to take a bronze place finish in the Stock Mini Class, seen here at takeoff. Silverado and he took third place honors in his Trophy Truck. medal in the Class 1 competition in their Penhall Chevy. Trevor Turley, in another Ford, pened. As Salaiza pulled into the Hall was only two minutes and 50 Kovach, who had the fast lap for MacDonald and Frank Wagner one second behind him. Noe and pit for that crucial driver change, seconds behind him in second the class on his second go 'round, shared the driving in their JFK Tony Sierra, still another Ford, Severs.on went by, still charging place. The Henns redeemed them-at 2:06:37, made a dramatic fin- chassis, a new car. They broke a were third, about 55 seconds later, hard, and by recording the fast lap selves with a good second lap, to ish when his throttle cable broke fuel pump and had shifter trouble and Rich Severson, also Ford, ran for the class at 1 :48:02, took the finish third, and Worthington was just as he crossed the finish line on their first lap, ran a clean sec-fouri:h, 48 seconds later, for one win by 25 seconds. Salaiza and fourth. One hundred percent of and the throttle stuck wide open. ond lap, and go into the record of the closest races on the track. Hinesley, who drove a terrific race, the class got to the finish line. He was a bit scared he might run books with a win. The Turleys fell out on the sec-needed just a little better plan-The Stock Mini trucks all made over the SCORE officials or some Class 3 had seven entries for ond lap, but Salaiza stayed in the ning, but still got second. In third it in also. There were only three spectators, but he managed to this event, and that pretty much lead, while Severson picked up the it was the Sierra brothers, and of them, and on the first lap Rod herd the truck through the gate looks like a crowd. There were five pace and moved into second place. none of the others finished. Hall had his H3 Hummer leading and into the parking area safety. Ford Broncos, one Blazer and a The Sierras were still third. John The Stock Full trucks also ran by 11 minutes over Steve Kovach Skilton, who also had shock prob-Toyota FJ Cruiser. Dan Wright Holmes And Mark Landersman, in this group, with four entries. in a Ford. Another 20 minutes lems, brought his truck in for and his Bronco were out on Lap who usually run at the front of the They had to finish only two laps, back it was Gavin Skilton in his third. 1, and so was Chris Raffo in the pack in this class, were on five cyl-although their times seem to indi-Honda Ridgeline, and he'd had to Class 9 had only one entrant. Blazer. Raffo stopped about five inders from the first lap, and man-cate that they could have done replace a rear control arm. Missing was Eric Fisher, who's miles into the race to help another aged to complete only two laps. three laps in the allotted time. On the second lap Hall's son, been the Class 9 champion at vehicle, and the Blazer gave up the Heidi Steele, another driver accus- Maybe they didn't want to. On the Chad, took over, and he reported Primm every year since 2002. ghost and would not move when tamed to finishing, was also out first lap John Griffin put his new that the "scariest part was when Fisher had been hospitalized in he tried to get going again. Raffo after two laps in her Ford. Ford truck into the lead, with less the Class 10 cars started lapping Ensenada with serious heart prob-had to settle for a barbecue back A breeze came up while these than a minute on Josh Hall in his us!" He also had no problems, ex-!ems, and although reports said in his pit. But meanwhile, peren-folks were on their second lap, Hummer. Loren Worthington, in cept that he lost a hubcap, and that he was slowly recovering, he nial winner, Don Moss, was out making visibility better. And aDodge,ranthird,andTerryand theytookthewinbynineminutes. was unable to go racing. Rob Continuednextpage Severson saw Salaiza stopped on Eric Henn, who'd made a bad turn course for something, as he went and lost some time in their big red by. Hoping it meant he had the Hummer, were fourth, about two lead, he forged ahead, only to have minutes behind the Dodge. Salaiza pass him again at Mile 30. Griffin, who said he "had it So Severson decided to put on a pegged" and also "felt comfort-charge. He knew that if he could able" for the first time, recorded get within one minute of Salaiza the class fast lap his second time he's beat him. He also knew that around, at 1:44:46. He had Jeremy Salaiza wasn't the driver of record, Spirko££ riding with him and giv-and Jim Hinesley had to get into ing instructions on how to drive a the truck for at least the last little pickup (rather than the Hummer section. he's piloted for years). Griffin took And that's exactly what hap-the win, but it was no runaway. Glenn Greer and Shane Pavolka really stirred up the dust as they took the Class 8 win in their Dodge Ram 1500. The Class 9 win went to the Rob MacDonald, Frank Wagner Corey Torres trio, they're seen here at speed on the course. Dusty Times November 2007 ,.. &;5·.,;···· ... -;;;;,;a;;ru;;;=.;;;, llNE RESH R SYSTEM ~~KENWOOD :!:e Page 11

Page 12

It was a third place finish for Dave Caspino in the Class ½-1600 It was a bronze medal finish for Michelle Bruckmann and Brian Saul Garcia had a pretty good weekend, he took third place honors in Class 5-1600, seen her,_e_a_t_s~p_e_e~d·--~--------fracas, Dave is seen here driving his Lothringer to the flag. Rumsey in the Class 5 contest, here nicely airborne. Chris Harrold had a good race, he drove his Honda powered Alumicra"ft car to the Class 10 win, seen here headin' for the flag. in front, finding the first lap dust "unbelievable". And this from a racer who'd just done a stint at the Vegas to Reno race two weeks ear-lier. He had a 17 minute lead on Scott Wooden in another Bronco, who was second. In third it was Dylan Evans and Steve Krieger in their Toyota FJ. They'd broken their front ring and pinion at Mile. 25, and ran the rest of the race in rear drive only. Moss had the class fast lap the second time around, at 1:54:14, and secured another victory. That made it five wins for him at the Primm race. Kirk Kovel, in the winged Bronco, blew the header off one side of his truck, and blew the oil out. He also got stuck while trying to push Raffo, so he had to get out and lock in his hubs. And, he said, the carburetor was miss-ing for the whole race. But he took second place. Evans and Krieger muddled along with only rear drive, with two evenly paced laps, and finished only six minutes be-hind Kovel, for third. They were the last to finish. DAVE FOLTS pjlNSMISSIOftg f AJTD 29 HAit! IN Una••· Wl'ltl MOYINe TO I NIW tUOP IN ONTIDIO. !AMI aatl PltOYIN OUAllTY, NIW lMATION! --------0 --------IIIIW !IIOP lMITIOIII 1S16 ll!T ,1tllllfl! ff. OIIITIIHO, fl 91761 909.ffl.S970 D.,Ol "®YIIHIOIII.IIIIT --------0 --------TIii fllOlfl OJ flllMPIOIII! CllltlD TO !IIYI YOU Page 12 The Score Light win went to Jason Batu/is and Cameron Brewer, they had 10 minutes in hand when the flag flew. The Sportsman Trucks also ran in the morning event, and they had to complete just two laps. There were four of them. Mark Growe put his Ford into the lead on the first lap, while his son, Keith, navigated. He had a lead of just a little less than two minutes on Blake Henn in his new Ford. Henn, however, was running with-out the required Rally Logger de-vice, because, new to SCORE rac-ing, he hadn't realized that it was required for Sportsman vehicles. He was essentially using the race as a shakedown for the new truck. Andrew Leavitt, in another Ford, ran third, an hour down. Nick Tonelli didn't get the first lap done. Henn finished first, but was de-clared a non-finisher because of the missing Rally Logger. He was happy just to know that his new truck could do as well as it did. Growe, whose first lap had been the fast lap for the class, at 2:02: 14, did another similar lap and took the win. Leavitt, who'd had a troubled first lap, was second, and the last legal finisher. Sportsman Cars ran in the early The Class 11 win went to, who else? Eric Solorzano, he had more than an hour in hand when he took the checkers. The win in Stock Full went to John Griffin and Jeremy Spirkoff, seen here nicely airborne in the Ford F-350. November 2007 race also, and did just two laps. There were four of them, but only three made the first lap. Rory Ward, in a Chevy Chenowth that used to belong to Pat Dean, took the lead on Lap 1, with ten min-utes on Glenn Smithy and Terry Collis in a VW powered Raceco. Peter Lang and Terry Cotter were third in their Homebuilt Chevy, another 26 minutes back, having had some lengthy problem on their first lap. On the second lap Ward re-corded the fast time for the class at 1:43:28, and motored on in for the win. He said he'd had "no problems at all", but that it had been "so dusty!" He was 11 min-utes in front of Smith and Collis, who were second. Lang and Cot-ter had a good second lap, but not good enough to make up for the time lost on Lap 1, and they were a half hour down in third. Class 11 also raced in the morn-ing event, and needed to finish two laps. There were three of them, and they all got the first lap done. Eric Solorzano had the lead with the fast lap for the class, at 2:09:09, and just three and a half minutes on Ramon Fernandez, who ran second. In third, over an hour back, was Eric Palacios. Solorzano, who already had seven wins at Primm on his record, added another. He said he "hit nothing and didn't get stuck". He has a newly reworked Bilstein sus-pension, which he said was "one of the keys" to his success at Primm. His second lap was nearly as quick as his first, and he won by an hour and eight minutes. Fernandez lost an hour on his sec-ond lap, but did finish second. Palacios wasn't able to get it done. Since the racers al had a seven hour time limit, most of the morn-ing classes were not finished when the Trophy Trucks were lined up to start at I p.m. This meant that the big trucks lined up off to one side of the track, leaving room for any of the smaller cars who might be finishing. They arrived in clumps, so three or four might fin-ish while a TT waited for his turn to start. Then three or four trucks would go off the line at 30 second intervals, and the next one might have to wait a minute or two for a couple of the early racers. Thus, some Trophy Trucks ran at 30 sec-ond intervals, but some got a break, and maybe a little less dust on their first lap. Another break, of a sort, was the fact that for the second race there were only 78 vehicles out on the track, while the morning event had 105 starters. On the other hand, the course was in better shape for the early racers. Four of the 27 Trophy Trucks didn't get the first lap done, and that included Cameron Steele whose Escalade lost a torque con-Dusty Times

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( I Dan and Tom Chamlee are seen here at a rather hard landing, they went on to take third place in Class 7 in their Ford Ranger. Noe and Tony Sierra had some problems but still managed a third Larry Job andRob MacCachren were a bit off the winning pace in verter, and Josh Baldwin,· whose Ford also lost a torque converter. Tim Gendreau, racing in his first SCORE race, didn't get that lap finished, nor did Frank Thing. Of those who got around, Garron Cadiente was leading in his Ford, with 29 seconds on Brian Collins in his Chevy. In third it was Todd Wyllie, Chevy, another 35 seconds back, and Alan Pflueger ran fourth in his Chevy, followed by Scott McMillin, in another Chevy. McMillin was only three and a half minutes off the lead truck. Many of the drivers ran into heavy rain out on the back of the course, including Cadiente and Wyllie, and Mark Post. They said it felt good, cooling them off, but did get a little slippery and made it a little harder to see. On the second lap Cadiente held his lead, and now Wyllie had moved up to second, about three and a half minutes back. In third it was B.J. Baldwin, Chevy, 23 sec-onds further back, and Pflueger was fourth. Now Mark Post ran fifth. Two more had fallen out: Nick Baldwin and Ed Stout. Cadiente's truck was running well, and he later said "we didn't let up at all!" He continued to lead, apparently having stopped for fuel, because his third lap was about a minute and a half slower than the first two. Wyllie was now slowing either, and held firm in second now, having run his quick-est lap, and B.J. Baldwin was still third, also recording his fast time. Post had handed his truck over to Rob MacCachren, and he'd ticked off a good time, and moved into fourth, pushing Pflueger back to fifth. Attrition was being felt more strongly, and now the McMillin truck, Pete Sohren, Rich Ronco, Mike Voudouris, Jesse James and Luis Wallace all fell by the wayside. It was impossible to know who had the lead, although it was clear who was in the lead pack. Bur now MacCachren, who was determined to beat B.J. Baldwin, really poured on the steam. He'd had two laps of pre-running in the C lass 10 race, so he'd figured out all the best lines, places to avoid, and ar-eas to pick up time. He and B.J. actually ran the last 30 miles door-to-door, battling for this race, as well as the season points lead. At the finish it was Cadiente, who said, "I don't think I could do another lap! It's definitely ter-rible out there!" He had the vic-tory by four minutes and eight sec-onds. And in second it was Post and MacCachren. MacCachren had recorded the fast lap for the day, for all classes, at 1: 10: 22, and picked up two positions, even though he drove the final ten miles on a flat front,. By the time he got to the finish line there was simply no tire left. B.J. Baldwin was third, saying he'd taken it easy Dusty Times place finish in Class 7SX in their Ford Ranger. Class 10, they took third place in their Jimco Honda. Rod and Chad Hall drove their H3 Hummer to a nice win in Stock Mini at Primm, they're seen here just at takeoff headin' for home. on the first lap, but from the sec-ond lap on he "tried to pick people off'. He went on to say that the "best part of my whole day was going door-to-door with Rob!" He was a minute and 16 seconds back in third. Fourth went to Wyllie, who'd had a couple of flats, and had also had to dump in eight quarts of oil. Somehow, his pas-senger had managed to accomplish that during the run along the sec-tion of power plan road with the 25 miles per hour speed limit. Tim and Ed Herbst, our hosts, were fifth, in their Ford. They'd had a couple of flats and their front c.v. boot had gone away. They had to stop to grease them, and also made two extra stops to get new tires. They tho ught the course was rougher this year. In sixth it was Chris Robinson, in a Chevy. He'd raced the Vegas to Reno race two weeks previously, finished well, and simply took the truck home and "blew it off' be-fore coming to Primm. they had an ignition problem that cost them top speed on the big straights. Bobby Baldwin was sev-enth in his Chevy. He drove all the way, but his engine fans quit. He'd had to park to let things cool, and then he'd got one fan to work again, and came in to the finish. Travis Coyne and Jerry Whelchel, Ford, were eighth, and Brian Collins and Larry Ragland were ninth. After running second they had a couple of long laps, and fell back. Their luck runs from bad to awful at Primm. Ryan Arciero fin-ished tenth in a Chevy, and he was the final finisher. Five trucks fell out on the last lap, including Bruce Geer, Jr., whose Dodge got a rock between the skid plate and the transmission pan, and it took out the sender, which created a leak. Matt, David and Steve Scaroni each drove a lap in their Ford, but they lost a power steer-ing hose. Pete Sohren changed a driveline on the first lap, but fin-ished only two laps. The rest didn't get to the finish line area to talk about their problems. Class 1 had 37 starters, and was the biggest class at the race. Eight of them fai led to complete Lap 1, and John Herder had the lead in his Jimco, with the fast lap, at 1: 14:30. That was the fast lap for all four laps. Armin Schwarz, in Martin Christensen's Jimco BMW, ran second, with Justin Lofton, in a J imco Chevy, in third place, and Brian Parkhouse and Tim Ridings fourth in their Jimco Chevy. In fifth it was Ronny Wil-son in a Jimco Chevy, and Larry Roeseler, in Troy Herbst's Smithbuilt Ford powered Truggy Rory Ward and Keith Russo drove their Chenowth to the Sportsman Car win, they're seen here saving some tire wear. November 2007 Jason and Richard Voss drove their Ford F-150 Pro Truck to a nice win, they're seen here at speed on the course. was sixth, and Troy was riding in the passenger seat. They were less than five minutes behind Herder. Herder broke an a-arm on the second lap,_ and dropped out, along with Bill Witt and Charles Lathrem. Roeseler moved into the lead, with about a two and a half minutes on Schwarz. The Parkhouse/ Ridings team was third now, and Lofton had fallen to fourth, while Harley· Letner put his Tatum Chevy into fifth place. Roeseler got out and Troy moved into the driver's seat, and held onto the lead. Letner's cousin, Kory Halopoff took over in their car and they moved up to second. Parkhouse and Ridings were now third, Schwarz and his co-driver, Matias Kahle, who also hails from Europe, were fourth, and Eric and Stuart Chase had moved into fifth in their Penhall Chevy. Five more cars had dropped out, including Chuck Hovey, Mark McMillin, Paul Keller, Brian Kirby and John Gould. Herbst ran another steady lap, having no flats and "lots of fun!" and they took the win by about 15 minutes. Halopoff and Letner were second. They said Harley had missed a turn and Continued next page Page 13

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Tim Noe, Tom Watson and Dave Scaroni managed a third place Gavin Skilton and Kevin Jensen were a bit off the winning pace in Todd Wylie gave it a good run in the Trophy Truck Division but he finish in SCORE Lite, seen here in their Prill Fab car. Stock Mini Class, they finished third in their Honda Ridgeline. ended up first off the podium in his Chevy Silverado. taken out a tree, and the motor try!'' It should be a good race to required three laps, reporting no any more and his win was a sure free Herbst t-shirts, as well as free had "burbled" for Kory, but Cabo. flats on his Ford. He did say his thing as long as he finished. roller coaster rides for the taking. they'd had no flats or serious The Protrucks had only two distributor went out for the fi- Aside from the tragic loss in the They'd reinstalled the comfort and trouble. They were a little more entries for this race, and of those nal nine miles. His quick time Class 1 accident, this was a terrific conveni~ce that racers and families than three minutes in front of two, Jason Jernigan fell out on was 1:25:27, which he did on race. The Herbst family welcomed had alwa)•\ enjoyed at Primm, and the Chase car, which had had no the first lap with "bad engine Lap 1, and then he relaxed, the racers with hospitality and con- added a few additional comforts. It problems all day, and ran "con-problems." Jason Voss ran all the knowing Jernigan wasn't there venience. They had pretty girls and was good to be back. SCIII servatively" on Lap 4 to be sure they'd get to the finish. In fourth it was Schwarz and Kahle, who'd underestimated their "fuel needs", and had to make an extra fuel stop, but otherwise had a clean day. They were not quite four minutes behind the Chases. In fifth it was Ronny and Randy Wilson in a Jimco Chevy, and sixth went to Enrique Bujanda, who comes from Texas, in a Porter Chevy. Bujanda had one flat, and no other problems. Todd Cuffaro was seventh in a Porter Chevy, Richard Boyle and Ron Brant were eighth in a Jimco Chevy and in ninth it was John Harrah and Andy Grider. They'd had one flat that their crew fixed during a pit stop, and Grider drove in on the other, which was a naked rim by the time he fin-ished. Pat Dean said he hit rocks in the dust, and had three flats, but managed to finish tenth in his Bunderson Chevy. Parkhouse and Ridings, after getting up to third, didn't fin-ish. All told there were only 17 finishers. Class 8 was an afternoon group also, and they had a hard day. There were only two entries. Nick Vanderwey got to Mile 4 in his cow-patterned Chevy Silverado and realized his trans-mission was kaput. He limped back to the pits and the crew went to work replacing it. Mean-while, Glen Greer, in a Dodge, went on. with a 1: 28: 11 first lap, which was the quick one for the class, he got a big deal. Vanderwey was back out on the course after about two hours and 15 minutes, and running fine, but since they had only three laps to do, he'd never catch up unless Greer had a lengthy problem. Greer stayed in front, 'though Vanderwey picked up eight min-utes the second lap. And on Lap 3 Greer did have a problem. He broke a sector shaft on the steer-ing box, and had to put on the spare. The repairs took about an hour and a half, but it wasn't enough to let Vanderwey get re-ally close. When Greer crossed the finish line the first thing he said was "Did we beat the cow?" And indeed he had. Vanderwey was just 16 minutes back at the finish, and second. Said he, "Our win streak comes to an end." They're close in the season points chase, and Greer said, "I've never beat him in Mexico -he's good there -but I'm gonna Dusty Times I • 1()0 Gallon Capacity • ~e or Double Dry.Break ·EZSetUp Spotter :Packages • Handheld Ram.os w/BoTuters • Spotter Head~ts • H&lmetW±tittgJuts • Almn:iulllll CQ.l'ry Gase e ets • Forced Air Snell SA 2005 Rebn.ets • Pyrotec • Arai • Wired for Gommunieation 00 OW • 105, 136, 150 & 235 CFM.Ratings • Filters & Hoses a.lso available • Vertex 5 to no Watt Radio Systeins • Jli•Fi lnter-00m Systsm& • Chase & Race Packages • Base Station Paokages • Bead & Neck Restraint • Light & Easy to lfae • ltequiretl uy NASCAR. Formula 1 & Many others • Gan Be Usetl with Any SA Battttl Jfelmet • Race l>roven • Free histallation With Purehase • 411/2 Gallon Capiwity • $CORE/ Bl'l'D / FlA Approved • Tapered Design Provid$$ horeastd Ground <lltl&TIUloe :B SAFE'IY & CO 'MUNICA.TIONS SOUBCB 1081& Wheatlands Avenue, Suite K • Santee, CA 92071 619·258 .. RAOE (7223) • Fax 619-258-0883 · November 2007 Page 15

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lJ\J2C 57TH RALLY NEW ZEALAND a,anholm/Ford Focus s11ueak It Dutl BY MARTIN HOLMES PHOTOS: MAURICE SELDEN Marcus Granholm really squeaked this one out, he took the win in his Ford Focus RS, he's seen here flying along the course. What a rally! This will be the one which those who attended will never forget. The tensions on the last day mounted and mounted, and it was only on the final short Superspecial that Marcus Granholm finally beat Sebastien Loeb by just 0.3 sec-ond, gaining his 30th WRC vic-tory. It was not only in the over-all category that the excitement was at fever pitch, but also in PCWRC. Toshi Arai started the final stage 0.6 second in front of Niall McShea and was able to beat the Irish driver. On the penultimate stage the long time overall Group N leader, Alister McRae, punctured which left Arai winning both PCWRC and Group N. It was the closest re-sult in the history of world championship rallying, and gave Granholm the result he needed if he was to keep his championship edge over Loeb with the prospect of three as-phalt events still to come. Gronholm's victory represented a gap of seven metres over a stage length of 353km! The sec-ond team driver results contin-ued to affect the Manufacturers' championship standings with another supporting result in third place (six points) from Mikko Hirvonen for BP-Ford, his eighth podium finish so far this year, contributing to BP-Ford's current 46 point lead in the series. Dani Sordo's solid sixth place (three points) for Citroen total was too far back to improve his team's points score, but at least they did not have any repeat of the recent engine problems. New Zealand seems to have a forever movable calendar date in the championship. Although June and July have long been traditional dates for the event, and September before then, only once before has the event previously been held in August. This year it was also the third world championship rally held within a five week period, and very much a repeat of the 2006 event. All the stages were the same though with a minor change in order, and the inclu-sion of a Remote Service Point late Sunday morning at Raglan. To celebrate the memory of the late Possum Bourne, surely the country's best ever rally driver (who, 20 years ago in New Zealand gained his one and only world rally podium result), one of the stages was renamed the Possum stage. This was Stage 7, the closest pArt of the route to Bourne's home town of Pukekohe, and one of the most scenic on the route. This year Rally New Zealand was quite the loneliest rally in the series physically far away from the other rounds of the world championship. The closest rally was in north Japan over 6,000 miles, nearly 10,000km away! It is one of the 11 rallies to be held both this year and next without the rotation which af-fects other events, and this was the 30th anniversary of the first time an Australasian country had been in the series. Four dif-ferent types of car had won Rally New Zealand in the last four years, Ford had won the event seven times previously and Citroen only once. Although his shoulder injury forced him to miss last year's event, Sebastien Loeb made the journey down to New Zealand last year to drive the recce and gained valuable information about st'ages he had never ral-lied before. The identical na-ture of the route this year worked against the interests of Loeb. But any worries about a relative lack of winning form paled into insignificance com-pared with the Citroen team's worries about the engine troubles which manifested Toshihiro Arai and Ton Sircombe drove their Subaru lmpreza to the PCWRC win, they're seen here at a crossroads. themselves in Finland and then in Germany. The failure of Stahl's Xsara engine in Ger-many was discovered to have been similar to the C4 failure in Sordo's cars. Competition engine blocks are based on mass production car units, and it was suspected there had been insuf-ficient inspection of the en-gines after initial building. Ford, however, came free of worries about form or technical failures. New Zealand was the scene of Ford's best ever world championship rally result. In 1979, there cars took the top four places in the final results. Last year New Zealand was the scene of Ford's confirmation as winner of the World Manufac-turers' championship title. This time there were only two BP-Ford entries. There was only one entry for OMV Kronos Cit-roen, and the team were also worried about the reasons for Stahl's engine failure in Ger-many. It was Stahl's tenth start on this event. Subaru were also anxious, because they also had an unprecedented engine crank-shaft failure in Germany on Pons' car, and pre-event con-cerns about'engines in Finland and Germany. All six registered teams were present, and there was one other WRC -the Mitsubishi Lancer WRC rented from MMSP by Urmo Aava. With current uncertainties about the future of MMSP, one wondered if this would be the last time we saw a Lancer WRC in action. Only one WRC team turned up with a new car, the Ford for Granholm, while Wilson's Focus was the only World Rally Car which had also been run in Germany. Loeb's C4 was in fact the car in which he crashed in Sardinia. There were 20 regular PCWRC entries plus two "Guest" entries. Intentionally missing from this event was Mark Higgins (this event clashed with the Ulster round of the British Championship), plus the Errani, Subaru Poland and Red Bull teams. Uninten-tionally absent was Nasser Al-Attiyah, on account of injuries suffered in a promotional film-ing accident. His place in the QMMF (Qatar federation) entry was taken by Misfer Al-Marri. Reigning NZ rally champion Richard Mason took over the second SYMS entry from Kristian Sahlberg for this event. Mason used his usual NZ cham-pionship car, but this time with Dunlop tyres, the first time this year these tyres had been used in the PCWRC. With Michelin, Silverstone, Pirelli, Yokohama and Kumho tyres already being used by PCWRC competitors (of which only Kumho were not present in NZ), Mason's entry using Dunlop brought a sixth tyre supplier into the series. Two of Mason's ex-champion-ship winning cars were present in other hands. His 2005 car was driven by 18 year old Andre Meier, who lives in Cambridge, NZ, the closest town to Mystery Creek and his 2006 car by the youngest driver on the event, 17 year old Kirsty Nelson. Regular competitors Juho Hanninen and Amjad Farrah both rented local cars while Niall McShea and Patrik Flodin turned up with brand new Subarus. Both PCWRC "Guest" drivers came from the South Island. Twenty year old Hayden Paddon comes from Geraldine and shot to prominence when he won the 2007 Hella International Whangarei Rally (New Zealand's APRC qualifier this year) outright. He drove an Evo Vlll which he acquired from the veteran driver and former national champion Brian Stokes. Twenty-seven year old Emma Gilmour from Dunedin is already well known to world championship competitors for two reasons -she came to com-pete in Europe in 2006, and she is the companion to former WRC co-driver Glenn MacNeall. Selection as a "Guest" driver on this event is part of the rally organisers' scholarship scheme, which in-cludes a free entry on this rally. Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena finished oh, so close in their Citroen C4, the silver medal was the best they could do. A long sweeping left hander for Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen in their Ford Focus RS, they were third overall. Welcome to Fiestas! New Zealand is the only country in the Southern Hemisphere which runs a national Fiesta championship. Four of these cars were entered, and -apart from Yasuyuki Sasaki in his pri-vate Honda -they were the only two wheel drive cars on this Page 16-November 2007 Dusty Times

Page 17

Gabriel Pozzo and Daniel Stillo finished fourth in PCWRC, they're Manfred Stohl throws a lot of rock and gravel as he speeds towards Urmo Aava and Kuldar Sikk had a reasonable eighth place overall seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. a 12th place finish in his Citroen Xsara. finish in their Mitsubishi Lancer, seen here at high power. event! Being the penultimate of punctures on Stage 1. On the First to stop at this point was transmission permanently un-Kamada had to withdraw round of the 2007 NZ national first stage there was a corner Vojtech who was then joined by locked. The dramas continued through illness. So, of the origi-championship, the full force of near the end of the stage where Stuart Jones and later the non-as the stages were run the sec-nal 68 starters, 66 were still in strong national competitors a series of drivers took adven-championship car of Scott ond time, most of all on Stage the rally, and both the missing were present. These included tu res off the road. First off was Pedder, who crashed on top of 4 when three of the top four drivers were absent for reasons British driver Alister McRae, Matthew Wilson, his car ar-the car of the luckless Jones. had punctures and had to notoftheirmaking.Apartfrom plus Chris West, Sam Murray, rested by a stout fence. He was Further down the stage, change tyres. In Arai's case the the midday re-run of the Mys-Dean Summer and Brett Mar-able to reverse out and con-Takuma Kamada retired when car fell off its jack and a long tery Creek Superspecial, all the tin. Among the non-champion-tinue. Next came Luis Perez he went off the road as well. delay ensued. Martin Rauam stages on Saturday were only ship Group N entries from Companc who went a long way Niall McShea spun and stalled. broke the radiator on a heavy used once during the event, in abroad, we had Australian Scott off the road, initia1ly he was Haydon Pad don reached the landing. Gabriel Pozzo stopped the morning there was a loop of Pedder, the famous American unable to regain the road but end of Stage 1 in fifth place and to change a flat tyre as did Ma-three stages. The first and the rally high-jumper Ken Block then spotted an access further immediately withdrew for the son and Hanninen (who then third stages were basically dry, (driving a Subaru supplied by below. He happily drove down rest of the day with a broken punctured on the Superspecial while the second had a lot of local driver Sam Murray), to that point only to find there gearbox. Toshi Arai led after the stage at the end of the day), muddy patches. Then there was APRC competitor Subhan Aksa was a gate blocking his way, so first stage ahead of Richard while Evgeniy Vertunov also the Superspecial before service. from Indonesia and Patrick his co-driver had to get out and Mason, both in Subarus, but punctured on the Superspecial. Sebastien Loeb started with Christian from New Caledonia. open this. After this there was then the faster second stage Suddenly the Portuguese driver harder tyres than Marcus Gron-Shakedown was held on tracks a series of incidents for the favoured the Mitsubishis and Araujo went ahead. Mirco holm and Mikko Hirvonen and around the back of the Mystery Group N crews. Stage 2 was the Juho Hanninen went into the Baldacci was forced to stop for on the first stage he took back Creek service area, and fastest long one, nearly 44km, but lead ahead of Armindo Araujo, the day with a still unresolved 3.1 seconds off Gronholm. On in an old '06 Focus was Latvala, faster than the first, but the top delayed by a broken brake pipe engine problem. Araujo led the shorter Stage 7 (the one his career first Shakedown places were unchanged. on Stage 3. Mason spun right McShea and Vertunov, while named Possum) Gronholm, scratch time, whose contractual Atkinson was not entirely at the end of Stage 2. Mirco third in Group N was the non-with his softer tyres, was faster agreement with Ford was that happy with the balance of his Baldacci lost his turbo pressure. championship driver Alister by five seconds and his lead was he had to use SUV cars instead car while teammate Petter Sol-Patrik Flodin had turbo failure McRae. There had been a dif-now 14.9 seconds, more than it of purpose-prepared saloons for berg was deep into more of the altogether having to stop in ferent winner on each of the had been at any time so far. On recce. He was 0.3 seconds ahead Finland problems in which the Stage 2 to disconnect the sys- day's five stages. the third stage Loeb was 11.3 of Gronholm, while the car appeared to give little trac- terns for safety, and drove slowly Leg 2 faster -so the lead was down to Subarus of Atkinson and Petter tion from the front wheels. out of the stage to service. Many 6 Stages, gravel, 130.lOkms. 3.6! Chris Atkinson had also ex-Solberg were next. Fifth fastest Latvala had a hard impact with Group N drivers had brake Only two drivers failed to pected more damp conditions was Henning Solberg, this time a rock on Stage 2 which troubles and overheating on the make the restart, both PCWRC on Stage 8, so his choice of tyres with a new co-driver for the day. wrenched the steering wheel second stage, but Spyros entries. Firstly Stuart Jones' car had the same error as the Fords. Cato Menkerud was zone of sev-from his hands. Manfred Stohl Pavlides had a broken was too badly damaged to be al-Luis Perez Companc spun, era I competitors suffering from was once again unhappy with handbrake switch which left the lowed to carry on, then Takuma Continued next page 'flu and was ordered to spend the performance of his car. ---------------------------------------------t the day in bed. Henning was Federico Villagra had intercom crewed by the Swedish lady co-troubles. Xavier Pons was suffer-driver Maria Andersson, lent ing a lot of understeer on his for the morning by Patrik Flo-Subaru. din. On his final run Petter's At the end of the first loop, Subaru dived heavily into a dip Loeb was 14.8 seconds behind and damaged the front of the Gronholm, and anxiously the car. Fastest PCWRC driver was crew waited for the times from Nutahara ahead of Araujo and the second loop to assess the Hanninen. Despite a lot of driv-reason for their initial deficit. ers feeling unwell all 68 crews On the second loop all the top made the start, and there were teams chose the same tyres and unusually no non-starters. the French crew was suddenly Leg 1 back on Gronholm's pace, so 5 Stages, gravel, 127.52kms. clearly the reason for The first day's route was Gronholm's good start was the centred on two stages in the poor tyre choice for Loeb. Pet-Pirongia Forest Park region, ter was going marginally better each tackled twice, and a single but Atkinson said he was still run at the Superspecial in Mys-fighting the car. Villagra lost tery Creek. The second of these time when he spun, hit a bank, was the longest stage of the stalled in a narrow road and lost event. Clear skies greeted the a lot of time getting the ca'r competitors, with the prospect pointed in the right direction of fast, drying stages. Condi-again. Xavier Pons' bad day tions were much faster than last ended shortly after the stage of year, with isolated muddy Stage 3 when he went off the patches. Marcus Gronholrri's road, and was stuck just beside winning time on the first stage the track with the car undam-was well over a minute quicker aged, but unable to continue than his best time last year and unaided. Then on Stage 4 Stohl softer compound tyres were the was out for the rest of the day correct answer. Teammate when the car nosed off the Mikko Hirvonen had harder road. At the end of the day, tyres and dropped over a half Gronholm's lead was 13.0 sec-minute during the first two onds. Latvala arrived without stages. Gronholm swept into his front bumper, which had the lead ahead of Sebastien fallen off when he hit a bank. Loeb, who had chosen tyres All three Stobart cars were in even softer than Gronholm's, the top ten. The corner already with Chris Atkinson in fourth baptised by Wilson and ahead of Jari-Matti Latvala. Companc had more visitors Henning Solberg had a couple when the PCWRC cars arrived. Dusty Times SAT PHONE RENTALS & SALES Rent Iridium Phones from only $49.99 per week Same Day Delivery/Pick Up We Sell New & Used Sat Phones We Buy Used Sat Phones· We Repair Sat Phones Open 24 Hours Located in San Diego, CA /\ IRIDIUM Globalstar Vi3 ))' ~ inmarsat r--bgan 1-888-884-7623 ALLROADSA T .com November 2007 Page 17

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A fifth overall finish went to Jari Matti Latvala and Miikka Anttila, Petter Solberg and Philip Mills finished seventh overall in their Subaru Alister McRae and Erin Kyle drove their Mitsubishi Lancer Eva IX to they're seen here flyin' high in their Ford Focus RS. lmpreza, seen here before an unimpressed photographer. a 21st place overall finish in New Zealand. Urmo Aava had three spins, non-championship Subaru. was 0.5 ahead! By the end of the fastest registered NZ cham-string ofMitsubishis headed by Matthew Wilson spun and hit Fumio Nutahara was a most sur-Whaanga Coast, the longest of pion driver on Leg 2, which on Pozzo. Last day troubles for a bank, Henning hit a bank and prised driver in second place. the three stages, Loeb's lead its own counted for the na-other drivers included Pavlides mud was jammed into the radia-Hanninen was doing unusual was now nearly three seconds, tional series. It was the first whose car was withdrawn with tor causing him to stop twice to things. Twice he rolled his car ten came the re-run through time a foreigner had won a NZ brake problems. Paddon whose get clear the mud. Petter con-on Stage 8! The first time the the stages. After Stage 15 the championship qualifying replacement gearbox also tinued to have the same han-car ended up on its wheels, the gap was 2.3, after 16 Loeb was round. Pozzo's fine run on Sat-failed. Loris Baldacci whose car dling trouble. Dani Sordo, how-second on its side and he just 0.2 seconds in front, and urday (when in one day he had punctured and twice fell off ever, was happier with his C4. needed spectators to help him after the re-run through risen from eighth to second) the jack, costing him 16 min-Jari-Matti Latvala found his on his way, "I hope the team Whaanga Coast, Gronholm was spoiled when Arai passed utes and Vojtech who punc-tyres were wearing and he won't be too angry. It is five had pulled ahead and led the him into second place behind tu red and then ran out of fuel. bounced off a couple of banks. years since I last rolled a car!" Citroen driver by 0. 7 seconds, McShea. But McShea had a bad What a finish, what a day! First car on the road (under the Gabriel Pozzo had no front with only the third and final final day. "The rear suspension BP-Ford had pulled further reverse seeding rules) was brakes. Martin Rauam and run through the Superspecial set up meant the car was slid-ahead in the Makes' champion-Xavier Pons and he went off and Mirco Baldacci wee both suffer-at Mystery Creek to come. As ing around too much and I ship, now leading citroen To-retired on the third stage of the ing from the 'flu. Emma the final day panned out, the kept losing time." After the ta! by 46 points, but Sebastien day. The afternoon witnessed Gilmour discovered her car had last half of the had seen first day trauma with the bro-had not given up hope at all. an intense battle for the lead. broken engine mountings the ~he two top protagonists with ken jack Arai could never have With three of the remaining With two stages on Saturday to day before and she was now a a margin of four seconds or less expected things to go so much rallies being on asphalt, the go Gronholm was 4.0 seconds little happier. Mason had pulled between them. What was the his way. On the fourth stage of hope of closing the ten point ahead. On the first the gap up from eighth overnight to betting there would be a spec-the first day he was 11th in gap between him and his rival came down to 3.7, then on the third by midday, despite a spin. tacular disaster on the final PCWRC, well over three min-did not seem to be final stage both he and Loeb hit Andrej Jereb had a puncture on stages? In fact, there wasn't, utes behind the leader, and unachievable. In the champi-a rock on the side of the track the Superspecial. Two drivers Loeb beat Gronholm on the fi-things all got better from then onship stakes, the Makes' title and Gronholm eased his pace, stopped on the penultimate nal stage by 0 .4 seconds but on. On the penultimate, and fi-is now exclusively between BP-because of a vibration which stage. Vertunov had been suffer-Gronholm won the rally by nal orthodox stage, Arai took Ford and Citroen Total while caused him to think he had a ing a handling problem at the 0.3s. Once again the tyres the lead in PCWRC and the ic-only three drivers are in the puncture. Loeb found himself rear of his car after his earlier meant the different. Loeb ing on the cake came with the race for the Drivers' title: in the lead, 1.7 seconds ahead. excursion, then on Stage 10 he chose harder tyres than Gron-misfortune for Alister McRae, Gronholm, Loeb and Hir-Sordo had a spin. Latvala was slid wide into a stone which holm though this would be who stopped to change a flat vonen. In PCWRC Arai's 24 happier on the faster roads. wrecked the suspension and great on predominantly dry tyre and Arai therefore won the points lead over Mark Higgins Atkinson was going better after caused him to stop. Spyros conditions, but things went Group N as well. With Mason looks good, but Arai only had changes to the rear differential Pavlides slid harmlessly but ir-wrong for the French crew. Co-finishing third in PCWRC, one more event to contest {Ja-setup. retrievably off the road. Then driver Daniel Elena explained: and the best placed local driver pan) while Higgins and Pozzo In PCWRC, there was an-before the final stage, Gilmour "Every time we got to the start overall, this gave Subaru 1-2-3 still have the remaining t.h!ee other stage winner on the first withdrew because the steering line on the final loop of three in the category ahead of a events to contend. UUcC: stage of the day. After Arai, had a dangerous fault. Mason stages, drops of rain would Hanninen, Mason, Araujo and made a second fastest time on start falling from the sky. We McShea had taken turns at mak-Stage 10 and got himself up to did our best, but we were ing best times on Leg 1, this second PCWRC, but then the beaten by the weather!" There time it was Mirco Baldacci who gearbox broke on the final stage was another battle further was one of the three cars (along and he reached service with back, as Latvala strove to hold with Paddon and Vojtech) only first and second gears still on to fourth place, in front of which had restarted. Flodin had working. Recording the fastest Atkinson. The Finn started the another turbocharge failure and PCWRC time on the final stage, day 10.5 seconds ahead of the because the rules prevent a car notwithstanding the damage Australian, and after the first using more than one spare unit, done to his car, was Hanninen. loop was only 4.5 in front. the Olsberg car was withdrawn. Rauam had the moment of his On the second run through Vojtech punctured and this shot life when he misjudged his Whaanga Coast stage Latvala him off the road, where he speed on a top gear downhill dropped nearly seven seconds needed spectator help to get go-stretch, and to avoid a major and fell behind Atkinson and ing again. On the second stage accident used his handbrake, "I finished fifth. Companc lost (Stage 7) Niall McShea demon-was doing 150kph at the time, seven minutes on the second strated the legendary luck of but here I am, nothing serious Whaanga Coast stage when he "the Irish". He lost time be-happened!" In all this, McRae slid off the road. Aava brought cause his tyres had pressured still held the lead in Group N his Mitsubishi to eighth place themselves more than he ex-while Pozzo moved up to second and gained a point in the Driv-pected and he lost some 20 sec-in PCWRC behind McShea ers' championship despite a onds, but in fact he took the with Arai up to third and little off. Petter found his car lead because Araujo had been Nutahara fourth in front. was now working much better, slowed by rear differential prob-Leg 3 "just a little bit too late for us!" · !ems. Then on the long Stage 8 7 Stages, gravel, 95.94kms. His brother Henning had to live McShea lost a half minute when The final day consisted of with co-driver Cato Menkerud he had a high speed spin and two laps of a three stage loop, having virtually lost his voice! had to drive back down the which included the iconic Looking at the 19 PCWRC route to find somewhere to turn Whaanga Coast stage. There cars lining up for the final re-he car round. Later on the same was an obvious tension in the start it was noticeable that stage he lost more time baulked air at the restart, this was go-there were four different makes by the dust of the slow moving · ing to be a day to remember. of tyres among the five leading car of Araujo. In all this Closest previous win on special competitors (McShea on BFG, McShea should have lost the stage world championship ral-Pozzo Pirelli, Arai BFG, lead to Vertunov, but the Rus- lying was when Colin McRae Nutahara on Yokohama, and sian had tried to drive to the won Portugal in 1998 by 2.1 then Mason on Dunlop), while finish of Stage 8 on a flat tyre, seconds. The battle for the lead the overall Group N leader only to go off the road. So the was enthralling. On the first Alister McRae was on Irishman kept his lead in stage of the day, Gronholm Silverstone. McRae"had already PCWRC but one thing he did took back the lead, 0.1 second achieved a bit of NZ history be-lose -the lead in Group N, in front, on the second the cause despite being Scottish which Alister McRae took in his Frenchman pulled back and and living in Australia, he was Page 18 November 2007 '"i"Jtt~ ·P;.-.l~-y l;J1:·¥ Z,:•:!d=:,.rci:t N<P''l.·fr,.,-, ·{t~Z1 '1,1.·()!J:?'2..t:;<t.2(ffl7 W•"'!il 1:rJUTil"J 1.1, ?Of~(" !:"C'IU...7!.d 5 wr rv,i n T s PC 1 (3) :ro~~i~~ ,~, 2 · (.U 7~f.~¥-N1P. ·('F\ ~ (~) t;J56t'l\A (G~) 4 (8) JTSSSRT (GB j l}.!J r,//IC -6 -12) H5DYN'8 (F) 7 (7) Harcus GRONHOLH/Timo Rautiainen FIN :3-ri:.~7.-::::.."3.;"~. lU :i.t S'2'Nsti~n LCrBB/O.:.oi~l g1~m• :.:\h.~?~.54.?~. r. A Hik~o HIRVOt-BN/,J!".I~ L~htinl5'n 3h.54m.36.1s. 6 6 Chris ATt<INSCN/Stephan~ Prevot 3h.55m.26.2s. 5 .5 8/HCi/J (,;;a) 3n.55:::.31L.ii~. ·Daniel SOROOIM.arc Marti £ 3h.56m.35.9,. 3 3 Petter 30LBP.RG/P.hi Hp Mi.l lo 3h.S6m.,B.6$. 2 2 l!"/HC 1,.0S/B N/GB IIR ilD Ford Focus RS WRC Ford Focus RS ltRC Subaru Imprez:a WRC tfubaru I,npreza WRC F'l'S63RT (Ge) 8 (15) Urmo Aava/Kuldar sikk t:J,; Mi t:mbishi Lancer WRC ~7:~)}"TC· l~i .9 (10) -Sl'l~l'>CNl( -(~Sl 10 (16) l!:S (GB) Y.ennir..g SilLBERG/(:.dt:o M:!-.nlce,rud N 4l'l.-02m.~8-~s. l Ha tthew Wilson/1'..ichael Orr 4ii. 03a1. 13. 8::! _ GB 11 (12) Federi'-'O VlLLAGQA/,Jorge Perez C'.ompanc: RS WRC EUSSCNN (GB) 4h.09m.ll.6s. !l8D2n8 (F) M .D!!m.H.93. (2/ 13 (111 i=hi-hir-o Ar<>i/1:ony .SircOIUb-t J -/llZ i'CWP.C GMG301S05SG~(Ji 4h.13':l.35.8s. 14 (!;3) Niall !ICShea/Gordon Noble GB ?C'i!RC 00~6Bl:ll; (GB) 4h.13m. 38. 4a. 15 (38) Richard Mason/Sara Randall NZ l t, !~~;. el Pozz.o/Dani"l SLillo AA 2-VoJ.:t .PCil/lC C'.i!S27J JJU) !Im. aB.!i.,. n psJ J::'vo lX 1S E"umio LlUtah.a:ra./Oa.niel Ba.rrit.t J/G8 l<NY3401I:Il041 (J) 4h.Hm.~~-·1s. Evo IX (;6j PCWRC .,.,.C\ l •••,• l!Cl!B.C Armir,do A'!:'aujo/M'iguel P.amalho P 84-BX-10 (P) 4h.15m.16.0s. ;,;~•.~:-. ½..-.'!'.or-.\-:-.';'"':.'.}~'\\::\::\"' . ..:.., r~-::l(,, '"• 290blZ l!lZ) 4h.l5m.~6-9•. Ford Focu .. -, XS Ford Focu:, RS WRC Ford F~cu., .S\ tmpr~za '0.6 10 Sllbaru IIOl)rei:a WRX 8 Subaru Ill'lprez.a WRX Mj tsub.i shi tancr;r fi i!it:rnbishi !aa.nccr 4 Mi tsubi s.hi Lancer 3 £vo U 21 /£l..l JllfY80 (51) PCNRC All:!lter M~e./Erin Ky~e GB./NZ M!~suhbtl\i Lanc.~r £vu IX ti 23 (11) 2~ {H) Lancer Evo IX Zb (4~) £vo IX PC'H'RC (NZ) 4h.16m. H.1s. P..auam./K:risto Kraa.g D!'04u37 (I) 4h.16m.15.2s. Lui:s ?erez COMPP.NC/Jose Maria Volta '!..11~1)1~~ ~GJ¼\ ~\> .• l~.41.1~. Fab!o !'r!~iero/Siffl>ne scattolini l'CWRC DK519WS (!) 4h.1!ltl.H.3s. Andrej Jereb/Miran Kaciu SW GE'962CO (AJ 4h.22111.23.h. l"!'its:ubishi Lancer l RA Ford Focms Hit5Ubiohi 26 (42! Imprcz;j 'OE"· Evger,ly Ver~unov/Geargy Trasttk:1n RUS Subat'.U PCWRC l.'056 OT (:17, RUS) ~l:.25m.l5.6s. 30 {39} Ml:sfer Al-Ma.rri/Chris Patterson QA/GB Subaru Imprez.a '06 -ou~bE'l!M (GB) 411. nm. u. 5s. (bt.1,1 Gllmour/Gl~nn Hacneall HZ/AU$ Sui>aru Impre!"i:a 106 MM!!MMS {NEi 4h.28r.i.22.4s. Dusty Times

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fJet On Tbe Lid/I Ula Pm'IIIIIIICI Lothrinaer lnglnHrmg 11,inl< VouN fJot What It Tal<e1 to Tal<e On the Bed ol the Bed?? Aaron "Poptart" Hawley, Brian "Cheater" Burgess, Gerardo lr_ibe, Pistol Pete Darren Hardesty, Kash Vessels, Adam Ashcraft, Adam Pfankuch, Brandon Mos Mikey Childress Ryan Schank, Rob MacCacharen, Troy Herbst, Ed Herbst, Tim Herbst, Matt Scaroni, David Scaroni, Jeremy James, Justin "Bean" Smith Rick Boyer, Greg Boyer, Cory Boyer, Chris Boyer, Dan Martin, "King" Dave Hendrickson, Robby Hendrickson, Brian Ickier, Daniel McMillin, Luke McMillin Caleb Gaddis, Tom DeNault, Mike DeNault, Kevin DeNault, Heidi Steele, LJ Kennedy, Robby Gordon Shane Reed, Wayne Lacher, Sammy Ehrenberg Brian Collins Jr., Brian Jeffery DJ Jeffery, Adam Jeffery, Kenny Freeman, Bryan "Freedogger" Freeman, Cody Freeman, Jessica Freeman, Danny Eugenio Steven Eugenio, Eddie Aguiar, Jeff Carr, Jake Batulis, Clyde Stout, Billy Gasper, Mike Boyd, Jimmy Messick, Warren Messick, Matt Gumz, Rick Poole Corey Torres, Dave Girdner, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Brett Maurer, Timmy Craig, Cameron "PAB" Steele, Brian Benson, Gary Messer, Byron Ziegler, Randy Jones Daniel Folts, Curt Geer, Brad Inch, Ruben Rodriguez, Ramsey El Wardani, Ken Cox, Jr., Craig Forest, Moco Boys, George Jiminez, Brad Wilson, Brian Wilson Greg Geiser, Jay Shain, Corey Goin, Kevin Coleman, Grant Fluegge, Arden Dennington, Pacho Garcia, Vic Bruckmann, Frank Wagner, Booger, Mike Malloy Larry Roeseler, Shane Robinson, Orio Cox Ill, David Schweigart, Scott Kinman, Rick Gutierrez, Garit Wallace, Donald Moss, Wally Moss, Joey Westhoff Westley Stevens, Greg Hemple, Jeff Farshler, Nie Lyon, Don Wall, Ed Bonanni, Jasper Dyer, Tom Burns, Blaise Jackson, Cody Robinson, Mark Randa Mike Sandoval, Mike Williams, Justin Munyon, Jimmy Hook, Tim Noe, Leonardo Navarette, Steve Cossey, Bob Mathews, Trevor Streech, Fernie Padilla Layton Bowl, Hiram Duran, Evan Duran, Dan Bradley, Tommy Bradley, Jr., Derek Bradley, Briana Bradley, Ken Tapert, Pat Glennon, Steve Fuller, Chad Schupp .prol■■■ Dusty Times November 2007 Page 19

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A!11J1 DESERT IIAT 250 Melton overalls BY MIKE DEL COL PHOTOS: N!COLE DEL COL It was a great race for Steve Melton, he finished first overall, first in Class 1, seen here at the finale in his Jimco. With season one successfully in AT RIGIT (center): Don Wieser had a pretty good day, he took the gold medal the books, the Pro Desert Racing in the Class 1600 conflict, seen here puttin' a move on Milt Moore. organization was looking to improve and build on three great races held in 2006. The guys were looking to get off to a good start in 2007, and kicked off their second year with a bang- putting on the Desert Rat 250 in Rocky Point, Mexico. The PDR team learned a lot in 2006, and promise that 2007 will be more great races, and will build on the momentum gained last year. The Desert Rat 250 held in Rocky Point, Mexico was an exhibition of what worked for the organization, and or-AT RIGHT (bottom): Carl Roher was the only finisher in the Unlimited Sportsman Class, he's seen here in his good lookin' Bug. f dered up what the racers seemed to enjoy down there. The race started from the growing Desert Oasis Ho-tel and RV park just outside of Puerto Penasco. The course was a challenging, yet fast course of just over 35 miles long. This made lo-gistics and chasing a piece of cake for most of the race teams. See what's going on here? It's a race in a The Class 8 win went to Ryan McCosky, he's seen here in his good looking Jeep at speed on the course. t:ratrsman Jack Maun, Iii • Secure mounting platform for racecar, pre-runner or chase vehicle • Self-latching quick-release system locks the jack to the chassis • Spring-loaded quick-release mount secures the jack handle • Fial base increases the jack's footprint and prevents the jack from sinking in sand or silt Page 20 time before and after the race, close to the beach, plenty of brew, with a race course that's convenient, safe, and fun. Go figure -looks like these guys have a winning recipe that will be applied to hopefully many races going forward. PDR also injected a little excite-ment into the start of the race, by lining up the Class 1 cars along side several trophy trucks, and compet-ing all .of them in a single class. With engines screaming, sand fly-ing, and a side by side drag race, the fans and the racers were in for a big treat. So who was the fastest trophy truck, or buggy? Guess you should have been there! Actually, it was a helluva show, with some of the Trophy Trucks winning the drag race, and some very fast bug-gies as well, leading the trucks into the desert. Off the line first was the Trophy .,~'· November 2007 It was a great first place finish in Class 10 for Scott Martensen, he's seen here throwin' lots of dirt on his way home. Truck of Mike Bell, and the Steve Melton two seat Jimco Class 1 car. Mike Bell won the drag race off of the line, and these two cars were battling for the entire race. Bell led the first two laps by just under a minute, but was passed on the third lap by the Melton racers, who never looked back. The Melton family race team got by Bell on Lap 3, and then never looked back. The team cap-tured the Unlimited class honors besting 15 other top notch Unlim-ited cars and trucks. Melton's win-ning time was 2:54:04. The car ran flawlessly, and with just a couple splashes of gas, the team had no de-lays en route to the victory. Mike Bell ran a great race, but ended up just a little short, finishing some 10 minutes behind but capturing the second overall spot. Bucky Strunk had his Trophy Truck running well, but had some issues early in the race, but soldiered on to the third place in the class, another 30 minutes behind Strunk. Ron Whitten looked very good early in the race, and was in Mexico defending his win at this race last year. The "Fast-est Grandpa in the Desert" was run-ning well, but was sidelined on Lap 3 after an oil cooler line broke free from the truck, and was melted on the exhaust. With some quick work by co-driver Smitty, field repairs were made, and Whitten finished fourth. He was the last finisher in the class. There were a whole pile of DNFs at this race, possibly due to the warm temperatures, sand, and the high speed course. Tim Gendreau was running very well, and had Larry Ragland lined up to take over dur-ing the race, but "Rags" never got in the truck after a broken spindle forced the team's retirement from the race. Mike Vodouris didn't com-plete a lap, blowing up a new motor Dusty Times

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Randy Miller had problems early on, came back strong and was the A second place finish in Class 1600 went to William Wing, he's Tom Fisher had a pretty good race in his Ford Ranger, second place second place finisher in Class 10, 2 minutes in arrears. seen here at speed out on the course. in Sportsman Truck, he's seen here at speed. Bucky Strunk was a bit off the winning pace but he drove hard and finished third in the Unlimited Class. Garfield Davies had some problems on the last two laps but soldiered Evan-Thompson was a bit off the winning pace in the Sportsman on and took the bronze medal in the Class 10 action. Truck clash, he's seen here in his good looking Toyota. in his Trophy Truck. Todd Wylie was running in the top two spots for three laps in his Class 8 truck turned Trophy Truck before retiring with a DNF. "Pistola" Pete Sohren got one lap done in his Trophy Truck, but had seen temperatures climbing, and overheating, and called it a day. The race of the day was going on in Class 10. Randy Miller, and Scott Martensen started some eight min-utes apart, and Miller had a long first lap to get things started. He closed the gap over the remaining laps, but ended up just two minutes behind Martensen who claimed the Class 10 tide. Martensen had a solid run, and was third overall to boot. Miller's recovery and battle back into the fray garnered him the fourth overall spot. Garfield Davies ran well, but ended up fading at the end and he finished third in the class. Ed Beard had a great run go-ing, but was unable to get all of his assigned laps done, and was a DNF. Lonnie Hard, Michael Kennedy, and Stan Calvelage were also DNFs in the class. Ryan McCoskey wowed the crowd in his Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee works really well, and plain ol' hauls the mail. Ryan com-pleted his assignment in just under four hours. PDR separated the "big horse-power boys" from the more limited cars for safety reasons, and the sec-ond race of the day featured the 1600 class racers, and all of the Sportsman classes, mini-trucks and UTV racers. Don Weiser was fast and consis-tent in the afternoon race, catching his competition off guard in the waning laps of the race. Donny was several minutes down on Will Wing for most of the race, but stayed In Sportsman Truck it was Joel Parra taking a nice win, he's seen here at speed headin' for that checkered flag. Mike Bell had a pretty good race, he took the silver medal in Unlimited Truck, he was 10 minutes in arrears at the flag. Dusty Times steady and got the win in the class as Wing faltered. Donny completed five laps in 4:22:59 and was the fast-est car in the afternoon race. Wing finished about 10 minutes in ar-rears. In the Sportsman Unlimited class, Carl Roher got the job done, and was the only finisher in the class. Bob Myers, Adam McCollum and brother Tony, and Michael Yount were all non-finishers. The McCollum brothers retired on the second lap with an ill performing motor that sounded wounded. Michael Yount got an exciting three laps done, but didn't get the fourth done. Michael certainly earned an award for the furthest traveled, hav-ing just returned from Iraq for a couple days before coming to Mexico. Michael is part of the Calvelage Family, and also seemed to have the best cheering section. The Sportsman Truck class had the best finishing rate of the race by far. The guys had four of five cars finish the race, with Joel Parra in the #0 truck earning the victory. Tom Fisher had his Ford Ranger running well, but came· up short at the checkered flag, Tom's effort was good enough for second place in the class. Evan Thompson and Larry Weiser were also finishers. The UTVs had an exciting race, but no finishers. The desert was not kind to these little machines. Shane e cam,-'4 -saurce"la, -andl:11 • DrMno Suits • Crew Unlfonns • t:ltlwShlrts • Po/0Shlt1$ • Tttam Jadn1b; • Hats • GearBaus NOW FEATURING: In-Hause Embroidery Driver Names • Team LO/JO$ • 5poosf)r l..ogos Carter was able to complete two laps before calling it a day, Mike Cory and Mike Carter got just one done, and Jay Largo was never seen again after taking the green flag. The PDR Racing Organization along with Desert Rat was very pleased with this kick off to the 2007 season of racing in Mexico. Look for two more races again this year south of the border, and the Organization is looking forward to them. PDR put on another great event, and with nearly 40 entries, it appears that the racers may be finally noticing this growing race series. Next race is scheduled for October 13th on the beach in El Gulfo ... See you there! l!JJIJ!I 1.800.700.2350• Fax 909.3I0.043S 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 November 2007 Page 21

Page 22

iiil LABOR DAY AT CRANDON Scott Taylor Wins 2 In Pro 2WD BY]. PRESTON BRADSHAW PHOTOS: J&L PHOTO It was a great weekend for Scott Taylor his Ford scored wins in Pro 2wd both days and leads the points in his class. and Al Drews are tied for second place with 183, Carl Renezeder is fourth with 165 points and Scott Douglas is fifth in points with 159. Jeff Kincaid flew his Toyota to a pair of wins in Pro Light at Crandon, he's seen here in level flight on his way to the checkers. The Pro 2WD folks were out in force and when the checkers flew on the Saturday race it was Scott Tay-lor taking the win in his Ford, Kevin Probst was second in his Chevy, Todd LeDuc took third place in his ford, Michael Oberg, Chevy, fin-ishe.d fourth and Pan Vanden Heuvel Sr., Chevy, finished in fifth place. Rhonda Konitzer, Chevy, fin-ished in sixth place, Brian Hinman was seventh in his Chevy, Rodrigo Ampudia finished eighth in his Ford, Mike Vanden Heuvel finished ninth in his Chevy and Carl Renezeder finished 120th in his Nissan. What can you say? Crandon is Crandon is Crandon. Whenever the racers gather there it is stand-ing room only, spectators come from far and wide to see their favor-ite in action and, there is always ac-tion aplenty. One hundred seventy-eight cars and trucks gathered for the event, there are eight truck classes competing and three car classes. Certainly more than enough to keep your interest. The Pro 4x4 action was good, as usual and when the smoke cleared on the Saturday race it was Curt LeDuc, Ford, taking his first win of the season, Josh Baldwin, also in a Ford, making a rare appearance, was the second place finisher, Kent Brascho, in a Chevy came in third, Adrian Cenni, also Chevy mounted, was first off the podium, Johnny Greaves, the class points leader finished fifth in his Toyota. Troy Menne was the sixth place fin-isher, in a Ford, Al Drews, also in a Ford came in seventh and Carl Renezeder finished eighth in his Nissan. The Pro 4x4 action on Sunday saw Carl Renezeder, Nissan, taking his first class win of the year, Josh Eric Ruppel drove his Stock Truck Ford pickup to wins both days at Crandon, he's seen here heading for the checkered flag. Curt LeDuc took a nice win in Pro 4x4 on Saturday, he's seen here flying his Skyjacker Ford to the finish line. Page 22 Baldwin took second place again in his Ford, Kent Brascho repeated his third place finish in his Chevy, Scott Douglas, Ford, was the fourth place finisher, having dnfd on Saturday and Johnny Greaves was stuck in fifth place in his Toyota. Troy Menne finished sixth again in his Ford, Al Drews finished seventh again in his Ford, Curt LeDuc, Ford, was way back in eighth place and Adrian Cenni, Chevy, was a long ninth place finisher. With just two rounds of racing yet to go, Johnny Greaves leads the 4x4 points with 197, Kent Brascho The Sunday Pro 2x2 race had the same winner, Scott Taylor, his fifth win of the '07 season, Michael Oberg was the second place finisher, Carl Renezeder came in third, Rhonda Konitzer had a nice fourth place finish and Todd LeDuc fin-ished fifth. In sixth place it was Rodrigo Ampudia, Brian Hinman was seventh yet again, Kevin Probst was back in eighth place and Brendan Gaughan, making a rare appearance finished ninth. Evan It was a win both days for Ryan Mulder in Super'Buggy, he's seen here hustling his good looking car to the checkers. Dave Waldvogel picked up a win in Super Stock Truck on Saturday, he's seen here flying his Chevy to the finish line. November 2007 Evans was back in 10th place and Dan Vanden Heuvel Sr. finished in 11th place. In the Pro 3x3 points race, Scott Taylor leads with 226 in hand, Michael Oberg is second with 213, Kevin Probst is third with 207, Carl Renezeder is fourth with 166 and Rhonda Konitzer and Brian Hinman are tied for fifth place with 145 points each. The Pro Light troops had a couple of good races over the week-end and when the dust settled on the Saturday race it was Jeff Kincaid, Toyota, taking a nice win, Chad Hord cam.e in second in his Nissan, Art Schmitt, also in a Nissan was third, Steve Federico was fourth in his Toyota and Mark Oberg finished fifth in his Ford. George Schultz, Nissan was the sixth place finisher, Randy Eller finished seventh in his Ford, Chris Brandt, Toyota, finished eighth, ninth place went to Lee O'Donnell, Nissan and Jim Kandel was 10th in his Toyota. Kyle LeDuc was back in 11th place in his Ford, Casey Currie finished 12th in his Nissan, Rodrigo Ampudia was un-lucky 13th in his Ford, Dan Vanden Heuvel, Jr. finished 14th in his Nissan and Glen Grint, Toyota, was the 15th place finisher. The Sunday Pro Light race saw lots of position changes but Jeff Kincaid scored another win, his sixth of the '07 season, Art Schmitt was up a spot into second place, Steve Federico also was up a spot, he finished third, Casey Currie was well up into fourth place and Chris Brandt was the fifth place finisher. sixth place went to Lee O'Donnell, Randy Eller was seventh, again, Jim Kandel came in eighth, Jon Probst finished ninth and Chad Hord fin-ished well back in 10th place. Mark Oberg was the 11th place finisher, Dan Vanden Heuvel Jr. came in 12th and Rodrigo Ampudia was the 13th and final finisher. In Pro Light points, Jeff Kincaid leads with 211 accrued, Chad Hord is second with 208, Art Schmitt is third with 177, Steve Federico is fourth with 172 and Randy Eller is fifth with 153 points. There were nine ready to race in Super Stock Truck and most of them had a pretty good weekend. When the checkers flew on Satur-day it was Dave Waldvogel taking a nice win in his Chevy, Keith Steele was right behind him in second place, he too in a Chevy, Dan Baudoux finished in third place in his Ford truck, Don Williams, also in a Ford finished fourth and Ben Wandahsega came in fifth in his Chevy. The sixth finishing spot went to Rick Hinman, Gary Gottschalk finished seventh in his Chevy, Zane Roberts, also in a Chevy finished eighth and Ken Hallgren was ninth, he too in a Chevy. Dusty Times

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John Fitzgerald scored a 1600 Buggy win on Sunday, he leads the Josh Baldwin picked up a pair of second place finishes at Crandon, Chad Hord drove his Nissan to a second place finish on Saturday in Pro Light, seen here with lots of power on. class points, he's seen here going into a right hander. he's seen here in his Pro 4x4 Ford. Sunday's Super Stock Truck race nerwas Bob Sayers, David DeMaegd fifth in his Ford. Shannon Rinehart was taken by Dan Baudoux, Ben was second to cross the line, Jim came in sixth in a Ford, Larry Wandahsega was the second place Ridderbush was third in his Chevy, Maciosek was seventh in his Ford, finisher, Dave Waldvogel finished in Tim Moeller, Ford mounted was John Holtz came in eighth, Chuck the third spot, Keith Steele was first fourth and Johnny Cornish finished Holtz came in ninth, Curt Zenefski off the podium and Ken Hallgren was the fifth place finisher. Gary Gottschalk was up a spot into sixth, Rick Hinman was seventh and Don Williams was the eighth and final finisher. In the Super Stock points race, Ben Wandahsega leads with 205, Dave Waldvogel is second, he has 204 points, Don Williams is third with 180 points, Dan Baudoux is fourth, he has 172 points and Keith Steele is fifth with 148 points. There was some good racin' in the Stock Truck events, lots of dirt flyin' and when the Saturday race came to an end it was Eric Ruppel taking the big win in his Ford, Ja-son Bort, also in a Chevy came in second, Craig Metz took third place honors, Scott Beauchamp, Chevy, finished fourth and Daniel Beauchamp, in a Ford was fifth to cross the line. Nick Byng was the sixth place finisher, Tim Konitzer came in seventh, Dave Schneider finished eighth in his Ford, Nick Lafave came in ninth in his Chevy and Rod Wells was the 10th place finisher. Greg Fisher finished 11th in his Chevy, Don Demney was 12th in his Dodge truck, Mark Kleiman was well back in 13th place and Mike Boyd was the 14th and fi-nal finisher. Sunday's Stock Truck race was a gooder also, lots of action and when it ended it was Eric Ruppel taking another big win. Mark Kleiman had a nice second place finish, Scott Beauchamp came in third this round, Jason Bort wad down a few spots into fourth and Daniel Beauchamp was the fifth place fin-isher. In sixth place was Craig Metz, Mike Boyd was up in seventh place, Daniel Beauchamp was eighth in, Dave Schneider came across •in ninth place and Brian Tonn was 10th across the line. In 11th place was Don Demney, Nick Byng made it an even dozen and Tim Konitzer was the 13th and final finisher. Stock Truck points look like this: Scott Beauchamp leads with 207 in hand, Jason Bore sits in second with 170, Eric Ruppel is third with 165, Al Konitzer is fourth with 151 and Daniel Beauchamp is fifth with 146 points accrued. Formula 4x4 Truck race on Sat-urday had 14 trucks entered but, due to all sorts of events, only six of them saw the checkered flag. Taking his first win of the season was Jeep mounted David DeMaegd, Crystal Reffke was second in a Ford, Bob Sayers, also in a Ford, was third, John Holtz came along in fourth, Chuck Holtz was the fifth place fin-isher and Michael Cusack was the sixth and final finisher. Sunday's Formula 4x4 Truck race was better finished, the big win-Page 23 . l1liPL /Jtij{]jjjjj'f]j After 565 grueling miles in the Vegas to Reno race Fabtech's ,,,. ,.~ Dirt Logic 4.0·shocks provided ttie Foutz Class 8 Race Truck with flawless dampening power to get ... them to the finish line in record time. This same shock performance that Greg Foutz depends on goes into each Dirt Logic shock. Racing or daily driver, Dirt Logic shocks provide the ultimate in ride comfort and suspension performance. November 2007 finished 10th, Crystal Reffke fin-battle, Bob Sayers has the lead ished in the 11th spot and Michael with 192 points in hand, David Cusack was the 12th and final fin- DeMaegd is second with 186, Tim isher. Moeller is third with 161, Jim In the Formula 4x4 points Continued next page Dusty Times

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Jason Bart had a second and a fourth place finish in the Stock Michael Oberg took a fourth and a second in the Pro 2wd races, Art Schmitt drove his Nissan Pickup to a third and a second place Truck Class, he's seen here flying his Chevy to the flag. he's seen here under power in his Chevrolet. Ridderbush is fourth, he has 153 Mike Dale came in 14th in his Ford isher. Eric Morrow, Ford, was the points and Larry Maciosek is in and Mike Mills was 15th in his 11th place finisher, Dan Bengel fifth place with 146 points. Ford. In 16th place was Matt Ives made it an even dozen, Tom There were lots of trucks en-in his Chevy, Max Miron finished Varner came in 13th, Mike LeRoy tered in the Enduro Truck races 17th in his Ford, Marc Ragaczewski was 14th in and Matt Ives was the and the racin' was fun to watch. In was way back in 18th, he too in a 15th finisher. Tracy Peebles fin-Saturday's race it was Craig Ford,JonathanPepinfinishedl9th ishedl6th,CraigRogaczewskiwas Rogaczewski, Ford, taking a very in his Ford and Jim Van Rixel was well back in 17th, Jonathan Pepin nice win, Don Demeny came in sec-the 20th and last place finisher. finished 18th and Max Miron was ond in his Dodge, Ben Wierzba Sunday's Enduro Truck race well back in 19th place and he was came in third in his Chevy, Shaun was another biggie. Lots of bash-the final finisher. Bruski, also in a Chevy was fourth ing and when it was oyer it was In Enduro Truck points, Larry and Renee Peebles, Chevy was the Larry Manske taking a nice win, Manske leads with 185 points, fifth place finisher. Brian Tonn Ben Wierzba took a good second Marc Ragaczewski is second with came in sixth, Terry Kozlowski was place finish, Marc Ragaczewski 160 points, Bob Rinehart is third seventh in his Ford, Tom Graff had a decent podium finish, Don with 150, Ben Wierzba is fourth came in eighth in his Ford, Larry Demeny was the fourth place fin-with 147 points and Don Demeny Manske, Ford was an unaccus-isher and Shaun Bruski came in is fifth with 145 points. tomed ninth place finisher and fifth. Nick Byng made it home in There were 17 entries in the Paul Jensen was 10th in his Ford. sixth place, Bob Rinehart was sev- Class ix class races and on Satur-Dan Bengel finished 11th in his enth, Paul Jensen came in eighth, day it was Bob Weiland, Chevy, GMC, Nick Byng came in 12th in Matt Dale came in ninth and taking his seventh win of the '07 his Ford, Mike LeRoy was 13th in, Brian Tonn was the 10th place fin- season, Victor Anderson was right Wiring Harnesses Worldwide benchmark rnanufecturef"' of mll~ificatlon wiring systems for all motoreport eppllcatlon$ Utitiu,g tlie finest .Rayohern System 25 CO!:'T'PO".'lfal"\t"i', ~ indu&t;ry etenderd for ell pl"Of$Safonaf reeing sanctions. · rrt:>ly, Shd comp~sive ., . 100% in-t:iouse. seerri:::>lie~, end cll"'CUlt ere aveilable to S1.Jie s available for :all pff-roed engine packages. ~"<!(· ~ Digital dtspley and data acquleition syet~}for all levels of competition. Engine ~d chassis dynamomee~r. services ~allable. " :: .¾ Sakata Motorsport Electronics, Inc. 1217 N. Patt Street Anaheim, CA 92801 (714) 446-9473 / Fax: (714) 446-9247 Page 24 High-Accuracy Air-Fuel Ratio Metara Lightweight, stand-alone system works with all engines and alternate fuels -carbureted or fuel injected. For the dedicated engine tuner who needs to know exsct:ly what their engine ie doing. No flashing lights -just the fects ... Nail it t:a l!J number! #:>~<~-=,a IVICJTCJf;3SPD~T ELECTRONICS re rnifik,. conne,c;:tfons ... November 2007 finish in Pro Light, he's seen here nicely airborne. there in second place in his Ford, Adrian Tomlin was the third place finisher, Steve Jacobs was fourth in his Ford and Bill Groboski Sr. was the fifth place finisher. In sixth place was John Kondzela, Chevy, seventh place went to Ken Wilson, Galen Gee finished in eighth place, Jeff Tomlin was ninth in his Chevy and David Geibel was 10th in his Jeep. The Chevy of Steve Gibbs was 11th, Jeremy Dake was 12th in his Chevy, Shane DeGroot came in 13th, Aaron Konitzer was 24th in his Chevy and Bill Wilson was the 15th and final finisher. Sunday's Classix race had Bob Weiland taking yet another win, Kurt Schuch was second in his Chevy, John Kondzela was third in, Adrian Tomlin finished fourth and Ken Wilson was fifth in. Bill Groboski Jr. finished in sixth place Galen Gee finished seventh, David Geibel was the eighth place finisher, Shane DeGroot finished ninth and Jeff Tomlin was 20th across the fin-ish line. Justin Keehner finished 11th and it was Victor Anderson in 12th place as the final finisher. In the Classix points chase, Bob Weiland leads with 220 in hand, Kurt Schuch is second with 167, Bill Groboski sits in third with 166, Jeff Tomlin is fourth with 125 and Vic-tor Anderson is fifth with 118 in hand. Now we come to the 1600 Buggy class, there were 29 of them all rarin' to race and race they did! When their Saturday race came to a close it was Jamie Kleikamp tak-ing a really big win, Craig Metz was right there in second place, Chad Dewall was the third place fin-isher, Stev n Oman came in fourth and Jeff Virnig finished fifth. Wesley Frehse was the sixth place finisher, Greg Stingle was the seventh finisher, Steven Schuch was eighth in, Kurt Metz finished ninth and Mike Vanden Heuvel was the 10th place fin-isher. In 11th place was Tom Tho-mas, Mike Tikkanen came across 12th, Brian Glime was unlucky 13th, John McDonald was 14th and Bryan Norris was 15th to fin-ish. Eric Lear was 126th to finish, Bill Kortens was 17th, Kevin Huth finished 18th, Beau Ambos was 19th and Craig Rabe was the 20th finisher. Thomas Virnig was back in the 21st position, John Bauman finished 22nd, Jim Schmit came in 23rd, Craig Paid was 24th and Barry Wahlen came in 25th. Stephanie Paid came in 26th, Josh Hintz was way back in 27th place, Todd Lemke was 28th and Matt Gerald was in 29th place and he was the final finisher. The Sunday Light Buggy race was just as good to watch as the day be-fore. when the checkered flag flew it was Mike Vanden Heuvel taking his third win of the year, Craig Metz was right there with another second place finish, Jamie Kleikamp came in third, JeffVirnig finished first off the podium and Julie Dewall was the fifth place finisher. Sixth place went to Kurt Metz, Greg Stingle had another seventh place finish, Steven Schuch was eighth in, Mike Tikkanen was ninth and Jim Schmit was 10th car in. Finishing 11th was Bill Kortens, Wesley Frehse was 12th to finish, Tom Thomas fin-ished 13th, Brian Glime was 14th and Tim Christensen was the 15th place finisher. Bryan Holtger came in 16th, Thomas Virnig came across in 17th, Eric Lear finished 18th, Kevin Huth was in 19th place and Stephanie Paid was the 20th fin-isher. Carol Gunderson came in 21st, Steven Oman was 22nd in, Barry Wahlen was 23rd, Scott Laatsch had the 24th position and Bryan Norris finished 25th. Mark Phalen was way back in 26th place and Matt Gerald was the 27th and final finisher. In the 1600 Light Buggy point race, Craig Metz leads with 162 points in hand, Jamie Kleikamp sits in second with 160 points, Greg Stingle is third with 153, Chad Dewall and Wesley Frehse are tied for fourth place with 138 points each. The 1600 Buggy race is always a good one and this Labor Day week-end was no exception. When the Jamie Kleikamp took a nice win on Saturday in 1600 Light Buggy, Jamie is only two points out of the class lead. Dusty Times

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Fifth on Saturday, second on Sunday, Ben Wandahsega had a pretty good weekend in Super Stock Truck in his Chevy. Mike Seefeldt garnered a third and a fifth place finish in 1600 Buggy, A fourth and a third in Stock Truck went to Scott Beauchamp, Mike sits third in points, sef!n here above the terrain. Scott is the points leader in class in his Chevrolet. checkers flew on the Saturday race it was Mark Steinhardt taking his fourth win of the season, John Fitzgerald was right there in second place, Michael Seefeldt took the last podium spot, Terry Fitzgerald was first out of the money and Michael Notary was the fifth place finisher. John Huven was the sixth finisher, JeffVillamure was lucky seventh, in eighth place was Bob Blaney, Mark Krueger took ninth place honors and Dan Martin came in 10th. The 11th spot went to Randy Oman, Brett Ellenson followed him in 12th and Christopher Ernster was the 13th and final finisher. Sunday's 1600 Buggy race saws lots of changes in finishing posi-tions, this time it was John Fitzgerald taking his fifth win of the year, Mark Steinhardt was right there in the second spot, Marlf. Krueger had a nice third place fin-ish, fourth place went to Jeff Villamure and Mike Seefeldt was the fifth place finisher. In sixth place was Michael Notary, Bob Blaney came in seventh, eighth place went to Brad Arndt, Terry Fitzgerald was ninth and Allen Plawman came in 10th. Brett Ellenson came in 11th, Dan Martin made it an even dozen and Randy Oman took the 13th spot, Chris Ernster was 14th and Jeff Bechinski was the 15th and final fin-isher. Mark Steinhardt picked up his fourth win of the year at Crandon, he sits second in points in the 1600 Buggy Class. Carl Renezeder finally got a win in Pro 4x4, he took the Sunday win, he's seen hete with full power on in his Nissan. In the 1600 Buggy points, John Fitzgerald leads the pack with 218 points earned, Mark Steinhardt is second with 214 points, Mike Seefeldt sits in third with 175, Bob Blaney is fourth with 157 and Terry Fitzgerald is fifth with 154. As always, there was lots of ac-tion in the Super Buggy fracas and when the smoke cleared it was Ryan Mulder taking his first win of the year, Gary N ierop was right there in the second spot, third place went to John Mason, Tim Lemons fin-ished fourth and Scott Schwalbe took fifth place honors. Stephanie -------,,,,,,, Dan Baudoux picked up his third win of the season in Super Stock Truck on Sunday, he's seen here at takeoff in his Ford. It was a nice win on Sunday for Mike Vanden Heuvel in 1600 Light Buggy, he's seen here on his way to glory. Dusty Times Krieman was the sixth place finisher, Craig Biesik was lucky seventh, Aaron Hawley was back in eighth place, Rick Jacobson took ninth place honors and Herman Barnum came in 10th. Eleventh place went to Lisa Grint, Todd Wallace was 12th in, Adam Guberud finished in 13th place, Tom Schwartzburg came in 14th, Luke Zoetmulder was 15th in and Jeff Sands was the 16th and final finisher. The Sunday Super Buggy had a repeat winner, Ryan Mulder made it a double header, taking another great win, Gary Nierop was right there again in the second spot, Scott Schwalbe took third place honors, David Mason finished fourth and Todd Wallace took fifth place lau-rels. Luke Zoetmulder finished well in sixth place, Aaron Hawley was in seventh place, Steven Krieman came in eighth, John Frana was the ninth finisher and Lisa Grint came across in 10th place. Rick Jacobson was 11th to finish, Craig Biesik was 12th in, Corry Heynan was the 13th fin-isher, Herman Barnum came in 14th and Tom Schwartzburgwas the 15th and final finisher. With two rounds yet to go, the Super Buggy point standings are: Gary Nierop leads with 194 points accrued, Aaron Hawley is second with 182, Ryan Mulder is third with 164, Tim Lemons is fourth with 155 and Scott Schwalbe is fifth with 126 points in hand. The 2007 WSORR season is quickly coming to an end, there are two races to go and, fini! Di!!J - . Beneath the racy (ibergla~s and plastic of every winning offroad race vehicle lie two things: a Fue Sa e rat~ng eel . Vf e:'ve got your~-fuej cell. Su1j'ply your ow..n*guts. ,;:·: ... "" ,..: . ·..,, . ::www.f' fl0O,-433-,6524 2 250 -SE Timber Ave:~:ffRedmond~ OR . 9'2756 November 2007 Page 25

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INTERNATIONAL RALLY NEW YORK Burke/Fries All The Way Seamus Burke and Eddie Fries took first overall honors and first Open A WD in New York, seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. Seamus Burke and co-driver Eddie Fries have had an up and down 2007 U.S. Rally Championship season to date. Burke's Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 let them down in the Sandblast Rally and Rally New York USA, but a lso took them to victory in Rally Tennessee and Rally West Virginia. If they had any doubts as. to the car's reliability as they began In-ternational Rally New York, they did not show them, and did not hesitate to .take the lead on the first special stage. This time the Lancer held together, and they drove to their third U.S.R.C. win of the season. The late-summer trip to the Catskill Mountains of New York State had a new look this year. The Friday leg was all-new, an·d all-paved, with special stages near the villages of Ellenville and Wawarsing, plus a spectator stage around the golf course at the Concord Resort near Monticello. The Saturday leg included some familiar dirt-and-gravel stages on a scout reservation near Narrowsburg, but the pub-lie road sections in Narrowsburg were replaced with new gravel roads near Wawarsing. (Each day's run would also count as a round of the regional New York Rally Championship.) There was a lso a new cer-emonial start in the center of Ellenville, with head-quarters and main service area at the nearby Nevele· Grande Resort. Sunshine, heat and hu-midity greeted the rallyists on· Friday as they took to the tarmac. Burke very quickly put over half a minute between himself and Enda McCormack/Ber-na rd Farrell (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6). Competitors described the special stages as open and fast. Celsius "Charlie" Donnelly/Noel Gallagher (Evo 8), who had won the spring Rally New York USA, were not going to re-peat their success this time. The engine was showing a distinct lack of power as a result of an ignition glitch. They were running around third overall in the morn-ing, but fell down the order in the afternoon, despite the hard work of the service crew to diagnose and repair the problem. Donnelly and Gallagher considered drop-ping out, but decided to try to finish as well as possible, since they were in conten-tion for the AWD title in the U.S. Rally Champion-ship. They eventually placed 13th. Maciej "Matt" Przybysz/ Constantine Mantopoulos (Subaru lmpreza), who had been motoring conserva-tively in the morning, put on a charge in the after-noon, climbing from the pack up through the top five. Burke's position was not threatened they matched only one of his special stage times -but ev-eryone else seemed within reach. The team was visibly excited at the service stops, as this was clearly their best performance to date. When the cars reached the overnight impound at the Nevele Grande Resort, Burke/Fries were not only leading, but had set fastest time on all ten special stages -the 10th a tie with Przybysz/Mantopoulos. Przybysz was second over-Second overall, second A WD went to Cyril Kearney and Dominik Jozwiak, they're seen here in their Subaru lmpreza. · night, and won the first re-gional. Enda McCormack/ Bernard Farrell were third, a mere five seconds further back. Fintan Seeley/Carrie Wilburn (Subaru lmpreza WRX) held fourth, which Wilburn pointed out was a good performance, consid-ering that Seeley was com-peting in only his fourth rally, and the car was not heavily modified. (They had lost reverse gear late in the day, but this was not considered a serious handi-cap.) Rafa! Listopad/Amy Feistel (Volkswagen Golf Mark 3) were unchallenged in the two-wheel-drive cat-egory. Local favorites Jay Menzo/ Andrew Robert (Mazda 323) were second in 2WD, in only their second rally. (Menzo had a big smile on his face, but he told us that he always smiles.) Hampton Bridwell/Josh Katinger (Ford Focus SVT) held third among the two-wheel-drive crowd, and leading Production 2WD, only 12 seconds behind the theo-retically faster Mazda. Mike Hall/Dave Stockdill (Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup) should have been in contention for a podium finish among two-wheel-drivers, but this was not their weekend. The truck's engine was suffering from a mysterious malady which robbed power above 3,000 rpm, but they were good-natured about it, and seemed sure that the truck would get them to the fin-ish. On Saturday morning the remaining competitors en-tered the gravel leg, re-·garded by some as a bit too rocky. Since it was dry (ard still sunny/humid), there was also dust with which to contend, and at times heavy dust. One team, Martin O'Flynn/Damien Treanor (Mitsubishi Eclipse) told us that they had hit a tree when they had "no vision whatsoever." Another en-try, Martin Donnelly/ Stephen /Duffy (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo) hit something in the dust, which they as-sume was a tree, but they claim not to have gotten a good look at it. The orga-nizers must have listened to the comments, and upped the gap between cars from one minute to two. On the Saturday after-noon stages, second-placed Matt Przybysz hit a tree, and damaged the Subaru too much to continue. He and Mantopoulos admitted that they were probably go-ing too fast on that stretch, but that doesn't diminish their performance for the weekend. With Przybysz on the sidelines, second place would go to either Enda McCormack/Bernard Farrell or Cyril Kearney/ Dominik Jozwiak (Subaru lmpreza). But both of them were having problems; McCormack's ca·r suffered a clutch failure at about mid-day, and also lost the use of fourth and fifth gears. Kearney's car had a broken rear differential, although the service crew was able to fix it. Fintan Seeley/Carrie Wilburn also ended a good run on Saturday afternoon. They survived an "encoun-ter" with a tree that morn-ing (the service crew man-aged to make the car driv-able again), but clutch fail-ure and a blown rear differ-ential brought the Subaru to a halt. Fourth overall, first 2WD, first Open 2WD, Rafa/ Ristopad and Amy Feistel are seen here at speed in their VW Golf. Enda McCormack and Bernard Farrell drove their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 to a third overall finish, third Open 4WD. At service at dinner time Saturday, Listopad/Feistel, still leading among 2WDs, reported that they had suf-fered a broken front motor mount. Since the engine was still retained by the side mounts, the crew strapped the power plant in place, and Listopad re-solved to reduce his pace. With Menzo/Robert several minutes back, he could af-ford to do so and still take the 2WD trophy. Bidwell/Katinger were third in 2WD and leading Page 26 November 2007 Dusty Times

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It was an unfortunate dnf for Maciej Przybysz and Constantine Mantopoulos, seen here at dusk in their Subaru lmpreza. the Production 2WD class in the Focus. With no chance to catch Menzo/ Robert, they were pacing themselves, and looking to-ward a finish. They looked positively relaxed at times, to the extent of using the air conditioning and cruise control on transit zones. At dinner time on Satur-day, as the rallyists pre-pared to leave the service area near Narrowsburg, a light rain began to fall. This shortly increased to intermittent heavy showers. The trophy positions had been decided for the most part by this point, so the change of conditions made little difference to the out-come. In the evening, the un-derside of Jay Menzo's Dusty Times Mazda 323 hit a bump in the road, damaging the transmission. Menzo and co-driver Andrew Robert worked out that they could pass up some of the remain-ing stages and limp to the final control to be consid-ered a finisher, which is what they did. Burke/Fries arrived at the final· control in Ellenville exactly at the scheduled 8:10 p.m., a point from which the orga-nizers derived some satis-faction. Burke had 11 min-utes in hand over Kearney/ Jozwiak (who won the sec-ond regional event), and they had more than a minute on McCormack/ Farrell. Burke had distin-guished himself with the lowest times on all 27 spe-The rain fell on the top finishing cars in New York, in the center is the overall winning car of Seamus Burke. cial stages (just one tie with Przybysz/Man topou los). Even pacing themselves for the broken motor mount, Listopad/Feistel captured fourth overall, and they were unchallenged in the 2WD category. They even managed to beat the four-wheel-drive equipped Arkadiusz Gruszka/Michal Chodan (Subaru lmpreza) by a minute. Hampton Bridwell/Josh Katinger (Ford Focus) finished sixth overall, second 2WD, and first in Production 2WD, ahead of the father/son team of Simon and Kieran Wright (Focus 2WD Pro-duction class). Final Results: International Rally New York Ellenville, New York November 2007 September 6-8, 2007 Place Overall, (car no.), driver/co-driver, car (class). 1. (2) Seamus Burke/ Eddie Fries, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (Open AWD). 2. (8) Cyril Kearney/ Dominik Jozwiak, Subaru lmpreza (Open AWD). 3. (3) Enda McCormack/Bernard Farrell, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 (Open AWD). 4. (17) Rafal Listopad/ Amy Feistel, VW Golf -1st two wheel drive (Open 2WD). 5. (11) Arkadiusz Gruszka/Michal Chodan, Subaru lmpreza N 11 (Open AWD). 6. (15) Hampton Bridwell/Josh Katinger, Ford Focus SVT (Produc-tion 2WD). 7. (311) Wright/Kieran Ford Focus ZX3 tion 2WD). Simon Wright, (Produc-8. (20) Michael Hall/ Dave Stockdill, Mitsubishi Mighty Max (pickup) (Open AWD). 9. (22) Joao Ferreira/ Aaron Crescenti, Volkswagen Golf GTi (Open AWD). 10. (12) Michael Cosgrove/John. O'Reilly, Mitsubishi Eclipse (Produc-tion AWD). 11. (331) Jay Menzo/An-drew Robert, Mazda 323 (Open 2WD). 12. (6) Martin O'Flynn/ Damian Treanor, Mitsubishi Eclipse Evo 1 (Production AWD). 13. (1) Celsus Donnelly/Noel Gallagher, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 (Open AWD). Did not finish: (5) Martin Donnelly/ Stephen Duffy, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (Open AWD). (7) Maciej Przybysz/ Constantine Mantopoulos, Subaru lmpreza (Open AWD). (10) Fintan Seeley/Car-rie Wilburn, Subaru lm-preza WRX (Open AWD)·. (18) Mark Lawrence/Rob-ert Maciejski, Volkswagen Golf (Open 2WD). (212) Patrick Cournane/ Chris Morand, Subaru lm-preza (Production 2WD). (25) Joseph Burke/Jer-emy Wimpey, Acura lntegra Type R (Open 2WD) ... #ttl,. Page 27

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., . AT LANCASTER ■accachren Wins In Truck & Buggy BY ]UDY SMITH PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO Rick Huseman had a great weekend with his Toyota, A win on Saturday in Pro 4 Memorial Cup and second in the Baldwin Memorial on Sunday. Lancaster, CA: CORR's 2007 season got off to an exciting, but cold, start at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, in Lancaster, CA. With rain clouds threatening over-head and a bitingly cold north wind blowing, the spectators stuck it out through the last race of the two-day event, enjoying the action. The new facility was being used by CORR for the first time, but has been used by the famed Rim of The World Rally for quite a while. CORR built an entirely new course, eight-tenths of a mile in length, with four turns, a mesa-shaped jump, a swooping, steeply cambered left-hand turn and a long front straight, which is just a bit longer than the one at Chula Vista had been. There were not tricky holes to drop into, and no off-camber traps as they'd had room to do at Chula Vista, but it made for entertaining racing, nonetheless. Visibility was good. There were two grandstands, hold-ing a total of about 10,000 people, and they were both full, both days. Every seat could see nearly the en-tire course. In addition, there was a big screen out in the middle, which showed action from the "bat camera's" viewpoint. This season marks the debut of a new short course series in the Midwest, called the World Series of Off Road Racing, and it in-eludes eight races, in Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan and Minne-sota. The biggest event on their schedule will surely be the Labor Day Weekend at Crandon, Wis-consin, a racing venue much loved by short course racers. The result of the formation of this new group is that some racers, who were part of the CORR series for the previ-ous year, have switched, to run in the Midwest. Driven either by their own budgets, or by the de-sires of their sponsors, they are no longer on the entry lists in the west. The list includes Scott Tay-lor, Jeff Kincaid, Art Schmitt, Evan Evans, Kevin Probst, Mike and Mark Oberg, and more. In the Rob MacCachren took the Baldwin Memorial Pro 2 win on Saturday, the Pro 2 win on Sunday, seen here in his Red Bull truck. buggy classes there is not such an obvious withdrawal. The buggy racers tend to be teams with fewer racing dollars at their disposal, and. therefore, most of them were local folk right from the start. A few mid-westerners came out last year, but, although they were some of the very best drivers, with many years of experience on their records, there weren't enough of them to make a big difference in the look of the class this year. Nor does the missing corps of truck drivers make a big difference. There's still a lot of talent and a lot of very fine equipment racing under the CORR banner, and it's plenty fun to watch. The schedule included all the usual classes, plus the new-last-year Trophy Karts, and this year they've added the Rhinos to the program. In addition to program changes, there's been a change in the list of officials working to keep the cars safe and the races moving on schedule. Tony Vanilla has been brought in as Director of Compe-tition, which means he will over-see "all aspects of competition, op-erations and activity on the race track, and driver/team relations." Gary Lane is the new Technical Director, and his responsibilities include "race vehicle dynamics, safety and technical compliance." Several new rules, applying to safety, are in force this year also. For one thing, CORR now re-quires the HANS device for all races. This is the harness-like con-traption that wraps around the drivers' body and clips to the hel-met, preventing whiplash injuries, and worse, in the event of a sud-den stop. They're also requiring mud flaps, an innovation brought about by the rock that flew through the air and hit one of the LeDuc brothers last year. The in-jury required a trip to the hospi-tal and stitches, and could have been much worse. And, partly due to that, they're also requiring shielded full face helmets. Racing started at about 11:20 on Saturday, with the first batch of Trophy Karts. They have a huge cadre of stock Trophy Karts now, and a good sized group of modi-fied ones. They're fun to watch, and, as track announcer Scott Rehn says, over and over, "They are the future of off road racing." They're certainly learning about driving and competition. And they wear the HANS devices also. These races run on a separate, shorter course built inside the big truck course. It's got some fairly tough moguls and a couple of hair-pins, as well as some straightaways for standing on the throttle. Many of the fledgling drivers are off-spring of racers. They're beginning to attract sponsors now, and fancy graphics are also favored. It was a great weekend for Robert Naughton, he took the Pro Lite Division on Saturday and Sunday, seen here leadin' the pack. It was a win both days in Super Buggy for Rob MacCachren, he's seen here flying towards the coveted checkered flag. After the Trophy Kart event, they brought out a big contingent of side-by-sides. They were billed as "the Rhinos", but the field in-cluded two or three Polaris ve-hicles. In one of them, a very stock one, was one of Robby Gordon's sisters - Robyn. They had a ten lap event, on the regular track. Robyn's ride came to an end early, when, as she passed another ve-hicle she went off a jump sideways, and when the square little vehicle landed it rolled, and rolled, break-ing itself thoroughly and ending her weekend. At the front of that group Rick Jamenson got all 10 Ricky Johnson finished second in the Jason Baldwin Pro 2 Memorial, Carl Renezeder was third in the Saturday Jason Baldwin Memorial, A fourth place finish on Saturday for Dan Vanden Heuvel, a fifth he was fourth in Pro 2 on Saturday, seen here cornering hard. seventh in Pro 2 on Sunday in his Nissan Titan. place finish on Sunday in Pro 2, he's seen here in flight. Page 28 November 2007 Dusty Times

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Scott Douglas scored a second place finish on Saturday in Pro 4, Steve Barlow took a third place finish in Pro 4 on Saturday, A second place finish in Pro Lite on Saturday went to Kyle LeDuc, he's seen here flying his way towards the checkered flag. unfortunately he failed to finish in the Sunday race. laps done and took the modified the making: the first time a father Fraley, car builder, finished fifth. class win. Actually, Gordon appar-and two sons had been on a When the Single Buggies came ently won her Super Stock class, CORR podium. Cory Boyer was back on Sunday there were 23 having outlasted the other stock first, brother Greg was second, cars. They all made it through the side-by-side, by a full lap. So she and their dad, Rick finished third. first lap, with Bryce Menzies out had a win to show for her bruises. McCool was fourth, and Bruce in front, followed by Troy Morgan The Sunday Rhino race ran without Gordon, but there were 17 of them on the track. Jamenson went to the front again, but not until he'd fought a good duel with Chad Matag. Jamenson took the Sunday win, followed in by Chad George and Travis Peterson. Only seven of the starters made it to the finish line. For the Single Buggies' Satur-day race, 24 cars lined up. At this venue it proved to be impossible to have the familiar "land rush" starts that everyone likes, because the only piece of land available would have aimed the cars right at the end of the grandstands, and a tumbling car could have easily landed in the laps of some of the spectators. They decided to use a modified "Le Mans" start, with the cars lined up on the long front straight, backed against the inside berm, at a 45 degree angle, pointed down course. They could all easily see the flagman, and the starts looked good for the most part. 'tho nowhere near as dra-matic as the Land Rush. The draw-back, and it was a big one, was that the cars couldn't be all lined up and ready to go until after all the wreckage from the previous race had been removed. With the old starts they were ready ten minutes before their start time; this way the spectators got to watch them get lined up. They did get better at it as the weekend progressed, and it was unavoidable anyway, so no one complained too much. Rather than qualifying for start position, as the truck classes did, the buggies were assigned start po-sitions based on a draw. When they were flagged off at 1: 10 (only ten minutes late, a big improve-ment over last year's efforts), there was a roll-over in the first turn, and he was then hit by three or four other cars. Prophetically, the driver had "Oops" painted on the bottom of his car. Vic Bruckmann, who'd been second in line, took the lead, but there was a full course yellow im-mediately to clear the wreckage. When they started again, Greg Boyer jumped to the front, with Bruckmann second and Greg's brother, Cory, in third. But then on about the fourth lap there was another full course yellow, due to a car stalled in turn 3. After that they ran steadily, with no major disasters. The Boyers continued to lead, and their dad, Rick, moved up to third place, while Billy McCool gradu-ally threaded his way toward the top also. At the finish it was history in Dusty Times November 2007 Sunday's race would end in an unwanted dnf. and Kevin Graves. A couple of the Graves, and they were threading Boyer cars followed him. Nothing through lapped traffic. Leigh changed for several laps, and then Morgan's car began to smoke. Morgan developed a right rear flat When the white flag flew it was and had to pull out. Menzies, Cory Boyer, and Graves, Now it was Menzies, Boyer and Continued on page 32 Page 29

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Larry Foddrill gave it his all both days in Super Buggy, he could only Bryce Menzies took a second place finish in Single Buggy on Saturday, Tim Herbst didn't have the best weekend, he was fourth in Pro 4 on manage a second place finish both days. he came back with a third place finish in the Sunday race. Saturday, seventh on Sunday, he's seen here nicely airborne. but on the final lap, Sean Kennedy led and Matt Kross ran second. running out of fuel. pulled over to the side to sit for a rolled over the wall before Turn slipped past Graves to take third On the sixth lap Duenas' car gave Job was working hard, trying to while. 2. By then the flagman was wav-place. up the ghost in a spurt of flame move up through traffic, and got Greaves led the whole way, ing the white flag. Greaves took Sunday's stands were full again, and a puff of smoke. He made it himself up into fifth place finally. while Renezeder and Douglas the win, with Herbst in second even though it was, if anything, another half lap, and had to be On the 11th lap Foddrill briefly battled behind him. Then they place and Cenni third. Douglas colder than the day before. Spec- towed away. Hawley sailed on un-took the lead, but couldn't hold had a full course yellow, on Lap 7, was upset with Greaves for hitting tators had simply brought more eventfully to take the win, with off Kross, who came back to the to bunch them up. It was Greaves, him, but to the spectators and and warmer clothes to fend off the Kross second and Jake Capriotti front in time to get the win. So it Douglas, Renezeder, Huse man other racers, it looked like a "rac-chill. in third place. Eight of the 12 was Kross, Foddrill and Hawley, and Troy Herbst, who was looking ing incident". They had collided, The Super Buggies were second managed to finish all 12 laps. and Capriotti, who'd recovered very aggressive. Ricky Johnson pit-but it seemed a 'no fault' collision. to race on Saturday, and once When they came back on Sun-enough to finish fourth. ted on the yellow, and so did On Sunday, the Pro 4s were not again, it took a long time to get day there were 12 of them again, On Saturday, after a break for George Reiss, who has a new the third event on the card, but them lined up. Once ready, they and even Duenas had managed to the opening ceremonies, the Prio truck. They had the restart, then got put at the back, so the Pro 2s got as far as Turn 2 before having get his car moving. Off the start 4 trucks were the first truck event immediately had another yellow. would have time to race, and then a big crash, but this time it didn't Duenas spun, and then someone on the track. There were 15 of Steve Barlow went to the pits that be repaired in time for their Jason need a full course yellow to clear else spun in Turn 3. This course them, and off the start, John time, and when they restarted, Baldwin Memorial Qualifier heat. it up. Larry Job, new to this kind is very slippery when wet. Matt Greaves got the hole shot. Jerry Renezeder got into the wall after The Pro 4s lined up at about 3: 10, of racing, moved from tenth to Kronos moved into the lead, with Whelchel bounced off the wall in Turn 1. Adrian Cenni bicycled and started at 3:38, with 12 trucks. fifth on the first lap. Meanwhile, Larry Foddrill following him. By Turn 4, but no one came to grief. Turn 4 and lost a little ground and Off the start, after safely navigat-Aaron Hawley took over the lead, the third lap Hawley had moved Scott Douglas and Carl Renezeder suddenly Josh Baldwin's truck was ing the first turn, Greaves some-and Michael Duenas ran dead last, up t third, and then they drove in were having a really good duel. upside down. That brought out a how got bumped up onto the out-his steering having done some-that order for the next seven laps. There was a lot of dust, but the full course yellow, and Baldwin side wall, slid along it and into a thing awful that made the car want On Lap 4, someone ended up cold wind was blowing it away, so was clearly upset with Cenni. big light pole. He was finished. to go left all the time. Other is-parked on the wall at the end of it didn't cause much trouble. Baldwin's truck was a disaster, but Someone else stalled, and the yel-sues were pending. Turn 1. In the meantime, Jake Interestingly, over at the side of he was o.k. low flag came out, then, in a blink, By about the-fourth lap they Capriotti took a hit and spun out, the freeway, which is about a quar-So they had another restart, the red flag waved. About five were strung out a bit, and no one and Brandon Coyne's car had a fit ter mile from the track, people and now there were only 11 trucks trucks headed for the Hot Pits, was doing any close dicing. Hawley of sputtering and coughing as if started t have "car trouble", and left running. Then Scott Douglas and the rest lined up. The restart Page 32 KING Off-ROAD RACING SHOCl<S (J)BEAR We carry a full line of \I" -~ ~ OFFRrHTtNG FILTERMAG-~~~ J>~ November 2007 Dusty Times

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Ii Casey Currie was third in Pro Lite on Saturday, third again in the Garrit Wallace got himself a pair of fourth place finishes in the Pro A fifth place finish on Saturday, a seventh on Sunday went to Dan Sunday race, he's seen here flying his Nissan. Lite races, he's seen here flying his Nissan. Pentico in Pro Lite, seen here before an admiring crowd. was in the original order for those Sourapas, a newcomer =to-::-;C=y-O\1R:>R0---:s::p::e::c"ia:""il-cl"i::ttTle'.:-:e~x=c::it=e::m::e::n::--;t:--,7b::e:::c::a~u:::s:-e-rrn'===;,,,,,;;=;:;;;;;;:;;;;;;:;;;;;;:;;;;;;:;;;;;;;i;;;,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,; who stayed on the track, but those racing, but a desert veteran. Robby Gordon, who'd flown out who went to the pits went to the MacCachren hadn't raced CORR after his NASCAR race, would be back of the line. Troy Herbst al- for about five years, but he has driving in one of the Baldwin ready had fiberglass trying to fall joined the Barlow team to help team's slightly older trucks. Off off the side of his truck, and oth-Steve with development of his new the start Whelchel took the lead, ers looked battered as well. This Pro 4 truck. Renezeder got up with Renezeder second and Gor-was to be the final race for this close to MacCachren, but couldn't don third. But at the beginning of group for the weekend, and they get by. Then on about the sixth lap Lap 2 Gordon hit the Turn 2 wall weren't preserving the vehicles ap-Whelchel took a hit and went into hard, and spun. He dropped back parently. When they restarted, the Turn 1 wall. Then Renezeder about three positions. Renezeder Renezeder was in front with squeaked past MacCachren into also came to a stop in Turn 2, and Baldwin second, Travis Coyne the lead. Mark Porter, another Mark Porter was up on his side in third, and Troy Herbst fourth. desert racer with a new truck, Turn 4. A full course yellow came Curt LeDuc was motoring around pulled off on the seventh lap, and out. slowly, his rear suspension appar-on the eighth lap they threw a full Whelchel held onto his lead, ently gone. They ran in that order course yellow to close up ranks. and now MacCachren was second, for a lot of laps, getting strung out, Renezeder led, MacCachren was and Ricky Johnson was third, with and the most exciting thing going second, LeDuc third and Travis Dan VandenHeuvel running on was whether or not Troy would Coyne fourth. fourth. It stayed yellow for two lost another piece of fiberglass. They maintained that order laps, and at the restart, Whelchel Then the officials threw a full when the green flew again, but held his lead, with MacCachren course yellow on Lap 8 to close Whelchel was working hard to re-right behind him, and then them back up. gain some ground, and he was fun Johnson, VandenHeuvel and Gor-On the restart, Herbst passed to watch. On the 11th lap don, who got a really good start. Coyne and moved into third, Dou-Renezeder pulled off course, and They ran another lap, and Gordon glas got him also, but after a as MacCachren slowed for him a passed VandenHeuvel and was couple of laps of battling, Coyne bit, LeDuc went by. Whelchel working on Johnson, when his went back around him in Turn 3. moved up to third. Now right front wheel came detached Renezeder stayed in front, MacCachren fought hard to get as the spindle broke, a late reac-Baldwin was second in his new back around _LeDuc, and got it tion to that earlier run in with the truck,andinthirditwasHerbst, done on the 12th lap, and wall.Gordon'struckwastowedoff looking more like a buggy than a Whelchel went by him on the and he settled into the field to truck because he had almost no next. It was an interesting juxta-watch the racing. Whelchel was fiberglass left. position, because al three were having a good run, and stayed On Saturday, the Pro 2 heat sponsored by energy drinks, so it was the first truck event of the day, was Red Bull, Monster and Rock with 13 trucks. Off the start the Star, running one, two and three. course led to a gentle turn, then a They went on in that order, put-ramp up to a wide table top, which ting on a terrific show, even the big trucks could fly, and al-though MacCachren lost his most immediately into a fairly power steering on the final lap, to sharp left turn. Rick Johnson got finish, MacCachren first, bumped in the first turn; he spun Whelchel second and then LeDuc. around, stalled and sat facing all MacCachren's truck wasn't run-the oncoming traffic. Dan ning well, and though he didn't VandenHeuvel was parked just know it 'til later, it was because past the first turn. Neither of them there was a nut floating around in got going again. his distributor. Only eight trucks Meanwhile, Rob MacCachren, were running at the checkered in Steve Barlow's truck, was lead- flag, and it was Coyne in fourth, ing the pack. They had to have a his truck barely running, and Gary local yellow to clear the track, but Dircks in fifth place. it was quickly done. MacCachren When the Pro 2 trucks came stayed in front, with Renezeder back on Sunday there were 14 of chasing him and Todd LeDuc run-them, and although it was late in ning third. Way at the back, and the afternoon, the stands were still having some problem, was Steve full of spectators. This race had a Johnny Greaves drove his Toyota to the win on Sunday in the Memorial Cup Race, he's seen here headin' for the checkers. Dusty Times November 2007 It was a nice win in Single Buggy on Saturday for Greg Boyer, he finished fifth on Sunday, he's seen here in level flight. firmly in front while MacCachren tried every way he knew how to catch him. It was a great race to watch. Johnson ran steadily in third, and for a while Todd LeDuc was fourth, but on the 11th lap his truck quit and they towed him away. They carried on in the same order and then on the 12th lap Alan Pflueger rolled hard at the end of Turn 1 and ended up on his side. MacCachren was really trying hard to pass Whelchel, and as they rounded Turn 4 they were side-by-side, but Whelchel just oozed out in front for the final lap. MacCachren was looking at each side of Whelchel, trying to find a way around, but it just couldn't be done. Once again, the audience was enthralled. It was great racing. On the last lap Larry Noel rolled his truck on the back straight, and landed on his side, with something on fire. While the course workers and Gordon hustled over to give Continued next page Page 33

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Jeff Elrod took a third place finish on Saturday in Super Buggy, he A close third place finish in Single Buggy on Saturday for Troy Travis Coyne finished third on Sunday in the Pro 4 Baldwin Cup, he had a sixth place finish in Pro 4 on Saturday. took a long 11th place finish in the Sunday race. Morgan, an eighth place finish in the Sunday race. aid, Whelchel went on to take the disappointed not to see Gordon The Pro Lite trucks were the win, followed in by MacCachren, race through the whole event. third truck event of Saturday with whose motor quit right at the end. On Saturday there was a second 17 trucks. By now it was really cold Johnson was third. They had to Trophy Kart race while the course in the grandstands, and sales of tow MacCachren's truck back to maintenance was carried out, and team sweatshirts were brisk as the pits. Noel was o.k., and the fire on Sunday they stuck to the same folks went looking for warmer was out quickly. The audience was program. clothes. Everyone sat all bundled Cory Boyer took a big win on Sunday in the Single Buggy race, he was a long 11th to finish in the Saturday race. Page 34 up, hoods pulled up and hands in their pockets, but they didn't leave. By now the show was running late and it was five p.m. before the trucks took the green flag. One truck spun off the start, and Bill Markel was late getting his to move off the line. Jeff Huseman got the hole shot, and took off jn front of the pack. Valerie LeDuc, Kyle and Todd's sister, was racing here for the first time, but her truck didn't seem up to the challenge. On Lap 2 she was tipped over and parked on her side near Turn 2. Huseman led for three laps, with Robert Naughton chasing fu-riously to get up to him and past. He got that done on the third lap, but then Huseman went back by November 2001 him on Lap 4. On the fifth lap Naughton was back in front, and this time he made it stick. Huseman ran behind him, and Marty Hart, another graduate of the old Mickey Thompson short course series, looked good run-ning in third. This was his first time racing the truck. On the sev-enth lap they threw a full course yellow, to close up the gaps, and it stayed yellow for a second go-round. Back under green on Lap 9 it was Naughton, Huseman, Hart and Rodrigo Ampudia. On the tenth lap someone rolled hard in Turn 1, and another truck stalled at the end of the second turn. Sud-denly, Casey Currie moved up from seventh place to third place. Then, as the lead three charged steadily on, Kyle LeDuc, Jim Kandell and Ampudia were having a three-way struggle for fourth place. Valerie LeDuc came back on from the pits, but got sideswiped in a turn. Matt Barney's fiberglass was falling off, and the roof piece was sliding forward and down over his windshield area, obscuring his view. Ampudia slowed with some problem, and lost a couple of po-sitions, but Jeff Geiser, another desert racer who's gone short course, was steadily moving up and found himself in fifth place. At the finish it was Naughton, Currie and LeDuc. Huseman was fourth and Geiser turned in a nice fifth place finish. On Sunday, when they came back, there were 17 trucks again, and this time a couple of colli-sions marred the start. One vic-tim was towed away, while Naughton took over the lead, with LeDuc chasing him, and Casey Currie in hot pursuit. They ran this way for a couple of laps, and then Currie moved up to sec-ond, while LeDuc dropped back to third. The leaders started lap-ping slower vehicles by the fifth lap. Then, on the sixth lap, Currie moved to the lead, and the Dusty Times

Page 35

Jeremy McGrath in trouble, he did take a second place in Pro 2 on Greg Foster was first off the podium in the Super Buggy race on In Single Buggy, Bruce Fraley took sixth on Saturday, in the Sunday Sunday, a fifth place finish on Saturday in the Baldwin Cup race. Saturday, he was 10"' to finish in the Sunday fracas. race he was the silver medal winner. Kevin Graves finished fourth in Single Buggy on Saturday and he Curt LeDuc finished fourth in the Pro 4 Memorial Cup on Sunday, he Rick Boyer was the fourth place finisher on Sunday in the Single had a sixth place finish in the Sunday battle. finished a long ninth in the Pro 4 Saturday clash. next time around Naughton strugglingtofendoffRenezeder, renewingoldacquaintances.Todd pulled out, at about the time the but if he really stood on the LeDuc made an early trip into the full course yellow came out. They throttle the hood came up and Hot Pits, and lost about four posi-closed up with Currie in front, got in his way. tions. LeDuc second and Ampudia in On Lap 6 Renezeder went to On the fourth lap Gordon went third place. Then they ran that the front, with Huseman second, over the jump and his rear suspen-way for almost the rest of the race. and Greaves, now up to third. Troy sion collapsed as a shock mount On the 12th lap Currie and Herbst had parked his truck. Curt broke. He pulled out. Whelchel LeDuc were side-by-side most of LeDuc, Herbst and Josh Baldwin went into the lead, with the lap, and Currie came out on all went to the Hot Pit. Then, on MacCachren second, Renezeder top, but on the last lap, whe.n it the restart, Adrian Cenni did a third and counted, LeDuc nosed him out hard roll-over before the tabletop Johnson fourth. after a side-by-side run down from jump, and had to be towed off the By the seventh the final turn. So it was Leduc course, bringing out a full course lap Greg Adler's Currie and Ampudia on the po- yellow. They got the ranks closed truck sounded dium on Sunday. up and cruised around the course, sick, and he The final event of each after-and as they reached the flag tower pulled off, and noon was the Qualifier for the they took off, even though the so did end-of-season Jason Baldwin Me-flagman didn't wave the green. MacCachren. morial, which will once again of-That brought out the yellow again, Then the offi-fer up a $66,000 winner-take-all and finally, on about Lap 12, they cials put up a purse. This year, rather than quali- got a green and were. racing again. full course yel-fying on the morning of the day Now Renezeder was in front, low. of the event, those who wish to chased by Greaves, and Rick W he I ch e 1 willqualifyateachevent,inasort Johnson ran third in an old was in the lead, of separate series, and their stand-Baldwin truck. Renezeder was ings in the series will determine Greaves was working hard to second and their start position for the big race catch Renezeder, and he bicycled Johnson third. at season's end. This afternoon's Turn 4 and lost a little ground, but VandenHeuvel race was the first of a series of made it up by the time the white went to the pits, qualifiers. Each weekend of racing flag came out. They were side-by-Adler was back the Pro 2s and Pro 4s would run side through Turns 2 and 3, and out, but his one qualifier heat each, and each no one in the grandstands stayed truck still of those heats will have a $6,600 seated. Greaves edged out sounded sick purse. It will be the final race of Renezeder in the final few feet of and he was slow. the day, and that generally means the track, to take the win, with Jhrough the they don't hold back. Reneieder second and Johnson 11th lap There were 14 entries for this third. Whelchel and qualifier, and it was a 15 lap event. The Pro 2 Qualifier heat fin-Renezeder were They used their qualifying posi-ished off the weekend, with 10 banging on one tion from their earlier race to de- trucks competing. To the de.light another and on termine start order. The first turn of his fans, Robby Gordon had the 12th lap sent up billowing clouds of dust, managed to get his car repaired, Whelchel bi-obscuring the action, but specta-and he was back out there to give cycled through tors could see that Greaves stalled it another try. In light of the dust Turn 4, but for a bit, and ended up nearly last. that billowed over the previous R e n e z e d e r Rick Huseman took the lead, with race, the officials decided to wa-couldn't get by, Scott Douglas in hot pursuit, and ter the course for this one and it although he was Renezeder after him. was really slippery. The officials very close. There was so much banging lining the cars up for the start Johnson was and shoving that by the end of the could almost not walk on it. Their hanging in be-second lap nearly everyone had feet kept sliding off in strange di-hind them, wait-panels flapping and falling off. rections. ing for one to On the third lap Renezeder was They all made it through the make an error. ha rd at it, trying to pass firstturn, but Sourapas went hard And it hap-Huseman. They'd built a gap be-into the wall at the beginning of pened at the be-tween themselves and the rest of Turn 2. Then he rolled over sev-ginning of the the pack. Huseman's hood eral times. The race went on, as white flag lap, started to come loose, getting in he was towed off with Gordon in when Renezeder the way of his vision by curling the lead, Whelchel second and spun in Turn 2. up every now and then. He was MacCachren third. Nothing like Johnson slipped Dusty Times November 2007 Buggy race, he was 12th in that race on Saturday. • past him, but couldn't catch Chula Vista on June 9, and back Whelchel. Whelchel took the win, to Lancaster on September 15. Johnson was second and They'll then go back to Chula Renezeder was third. It was a great Vista for September 29, and to finale to an exciting weekend of Texas in October and Nevada on racing. November 3rd. CORR has six more weekends Check your television guides, of racing on is 2007 calendar. The because both NBC and SPEED next set will be on May 19, at will be showing various events as Pomona, and then they go to the season progresses. ~ SCORE MECHANICS OF THE YEAR Manufacturing and preparing the finest line of off-road Race, and Pre-Runner Vehicles Page 35

Page 36

GRAP 250 Danze overalls At: Lucerne B Y STEVE R UDDICK PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO A great race for Alex Danze, he took the Class 1 win with ease and he was the overall gold medal winner as well. I'm here in the beautiful Mojave desert of southern Caw Lea Fornea for the September 15, 2007 M.O.R.E./ ORAF 250. It's sunny, bright blue skies, and the plume of smoke from the Butler Peak 2 fire up near Big Bear is raging out-of-control. It's big! And it's drifting out over S/F off of Camp Rock Road, near Andersen Dry Lake. Oh my! That 'campfire' smelt is every-where, and once in a while- it 'snows' ashes. The pallor under the plume is other-worldly ... eerie. Wait* What's that up ahead? That guy sure looks a lot like Rod Serling. But neither fire, nor smoke, nor ashes, would stop the fun lined up at S/F waiting for the green flag to fall. It was a rather light turnout of 74 en-tries that came to compete on Course B > going clockwise. Thirty-nine miles around the dirt. Classes 1, 10, 12, 5, 1/2-1600 did the full six laps. Classes 9, 5/1600, 1300 and 1400 did five laps. Classes 7s, 1450 and 3 raced for four laps; Class 11 did three. · CLASS 1: Six laps. Ten entries, nine starters; one finisher, eight DNFs, one DNS. Some stiff competition and racers showed up for this race -like Cameron Steel, Shawn Kincaid, and Darnen Jeffreys, in their Trophy Trucks from the SCORE and BITD Series. At the end of the day at the checkered flag, it was Alex Danze who outlasted the competition to win First Overall and solo the First in Class win in car# 117; as well as Fast lap honors at 59 .8 mph on Lap 2. Danze ran consistent most of the day and finished in 4: 14:24 at 54.2 mph. Cameron Steel made it a race up through lap 5 in #16; when he DNF'd. And ToddJergensen in car #10, and Mike Pacewiczh in #135, got through four laps before their race day ended short of the checkers. Cory White filed the following 'in cab' re-port with DT, for the winner #117: "We had "No" problems with the car all day. We pitted for fuel at the end of the third lap, and one Eagle Eye pit crew member noticed that a critical front left arm bolt was sheered off and could easily work its way completely out and cause a catastrophic front end disaster. The bolt was quickly replaced Every lap under an hour, Brian Munson was the easy winner in the Trophy Challenge, he's seen here in his good looking car. and# 117 was on its way; seven minute stop. No other problems, no flats, all day". Just a Saturday cruise in the old (off road vehicle) park, eh*, Cory. Sounds like fun all the way - to the winner's circle. And what a day this was for the Team URBT Racing in #70. URBT went into this race in first place in class, with a 10 point lead, and had their work cut out for them. 'Uncle Bob' Schreiner told his race story like this: "Being second off the starting line, Lloyd and I paced ourselves on the first lap to a blistering 56 minute velocity - and holding on to second place through Lap 1. the second lap was just as good -even with a pit stop for fuel just before the S/F line. Prob-lems were developing for the compe-tition, and we started the third lap as the leaders. The third lap was a little slower -as a vibration developed, which was determined to be a bad u-joint. With a four minute pit stop to change the drive shaft, it put us in fourth place by only 60 seconds on corrected time. Starting the fourth lap, the truck was on a mission to make up time and regain the lead. Well, about Race Mile 6, running 6,000+ rpm in third gear and 105 mph in the sand wash, the motor became silent. Yes, a timing-chain failure." End-of-story. It's trailer-time. Team URBT Racing still came out of the race in second place in the point's standings -seven points behind the leader. Steve Martz was third off the line in car #177 with Ronnie Attig as co-driver, but noticed a power failure at MM3 on Lap 1. Fortunately, their chase crew was there asap, quickly swapped out three spark plug wires, and had them on their way with mini-mum down time. Martz drove the first three laps and wasn't going to just sit back and watch the competition run away; and each lap, they were able to close the gap a bit more on the lead-ers. Chris Westwood, who built and preps the #117 Jimco-chassis car, got in at lap 4 with Steven Westwood as co-driver. They had a great run until the power steering pulley shaft broke off - ending the race for the team on Lap 4. The team was still "very im-pressed at how well the car per-formed". Shawn Kincaid's race day in #57 was full of frustration, flats, and no breaks ... errr, I mean, brakes. "We had no brakes and a flat at Mile 34 on Lap 1 ", Kincaid said. "The second lap was Jeff Quinn, and with little brakes he lost second gear about Mile 65. Into the pits on Lap 2, and we found the pinion bearing was gone. We called it , a day. This is a new truck and we are still testing to come up with a package that will handle the 900+ horsepower. We'll make some changes and try it again." CLASS 10: Six laps. Four entries, three start-ers; one finisher, two DNFs, one DNS. Shawn Dunn started out first in line at the green flag in car # 1035, lead the class through Lap 1 and set the Fast Lap time and speed co beat (00:44:54 at 51.4 mph), and his race day was done: DNF. Jeff Cepielik gave race in car #1088 through lap 2, be-fore he, too, trailered-up for the day. That left Keith Martin to win the dirt-duel with the desert, in car #1097. Martin got# 1097 to the finish line in 6:06:01 at 37.9 mph, to win First Place in class. CLASS 12: Jim Bradbury led all the way in the Class 1400 contest, he's seen here flexing the suspension on his truck. Mike Hobbs had a good race, he took the Ultra Truck Class win with eight minutes in hand, he's seen here at speed. Six laps.Two entries, two starters; one finisher, one DNF. Kirk Van Matte was second off the line at the flagin' of the green, in car #1299. Van Matte was well ahead through Lap 3, Cameron Steele had lots of problems throughout the race and he Wendell Mortenson was a bit off the winning pace in Trophy Kyle Caso had a second place finish in Class 1400, a very long last ended up a dnf, not being able to complete his last lap in Class 1. Challenge, he finished a very long second in class. lap didn't help his chances for a win. Page 36 November 2007 Dusty Times

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An almost three hour first lap relegated Shawn Walters to a second place finish in the Ultra Truck battle. Javier Avila had a terribly long third lap in the Class 7A battle, he took a silver medal finish, he's seen here at speed. Ron Rash led the Class 9 race for a while but his last three laps were well off the pace and he settled for second place. and won Fast Lap honors on Lap 2 at 46.4 mph (00:49:46). That was all for the day for #1299. Bob Jordan com-pleted the full six laps in 6: 15:52 at 36.9 mph in car #1211, to win First Place in class. CIASS 1/2-1600: Six laps. Twelve entries, 12 start-ers; eight finishers, four DNFs. Lorenzo Rodriguez (#1600) and Dave Girdner (#1622) made it a competi-tive race in Class 1600, finishing by only a 00:04:34 margin of separation at the checkered flag. Lorenzo won First Place in class for the day, and Girdner finished in Second Place. # 1600 got to the finish line in 4:50:00 at 47.8 mph. #1622 did it in 4:54:34 at 47.1 mph. Girdner won the Fast Lap award on Lap 3 at 49.0 mph in 00:47,09. Rodriguez came close on Lap 5 at 48. 7 mph. It was a close race all day for both winners. Mike Ward won Third Place in class in car #1673. Ward got it done in 5: 16:40 at 43.8 mph. Joey Westhoff was the Fourth Place finisher in car # 1691, getting the required laps com-pleted in 5:36:22 at 41.2 mph. Scott . Boyd finished in 5:37:57 at 41.0 mph to win Fifth Place in car# 1615. Scott Kinman in car# 1607 got the dirt du-ties done in 5:46: 10 at 40.0 mph for Sixth Place for the day. Steve Wilbur finished in Seventh Place in car#l630, in 6: 17:53 at 36. 7 mph. Wyatt Radke was the last class to finish for the day in car# 1625, for the Eighth Place vic-tory. "We are thrilled with our finish. We went there to try to finish and pre-pare for the Baja 1000. That is our goal. We ran in full 1000 trim - two spare tires, driver changes, tool, full fuel cell and radio check-ins. We had two flats and 15-minute down time to repair a c.v. joint boot. All said, we are more than satisfied with our results. Our next stop is the Baja 1000 this November. Next season we plan to run mostly point-to-point races. Racing we feel that our car is more suited for." Good luck, guys! CIASS9: Five laps. Eleven entries, 11 start-ers; seven finishers, four DNFs. Ian Maxwell got car #999 to the checkered flag in 4:50: 17 to win First Place in class, at 39.9 mph. "Trevor Maxwell started the race tenth off the line of 11 entries, and ran a safe and steady pace for the first two laps -as was the strategy in pre-race planning. After two laps, Trevor was about four minutes from first place. Ian Maxwell got in the car going into the third lap in sec-ond place; still not worried because we were only running the Lothringer at 85% of its full potential. Ian made the pass for the lead on Lap 3 and ran a steady pace to the finish with over 13 minutes on the second place fin-isher. Once again, no flats and the engine ran flawless. A special thanks to all of the pits out there supporting our effort: TCS Ryan, Himie, Randy, and the BAD crew." Ron Raszh got there in 5:04:01 at 38.0 mph in car #973, for the Second Place victory. Chris Haney won Third Dusty Times Place in class in car #985, completing Johnny Burns teamed up for this the dirt rounds in 5: 18:23 at 36.3 event. I had not driven the car prior mph. "We had a great race. I had to the race or adjusted anything. Burns picked up the car a week earlier from drove Laps 1 and 2, and I jumped in Johnny Burns and once I got it home on Lap 3 and finished the race. Now, -decided that it was perfect and didn't I can't say we didn't have any prob-!ems. The steering wheel broke on Lap flag to see my crew there all looking 5 and, Boy-was that a fun lap! I de-at their watches-I knew we had made cided to just take it easy on Lap 5 podium. Not too bad on a car I had thinking I had not gained enough just purchased and never driven. time on Bud Ward to be in third. But Hopefully, we will be shaking things MODEL AND ENGINE SIZE! S11es lnfoJmation: Payment may be made by credit card, money cider or cashier's check. Personal or business checks are oot acteple<I. C.0.0. orders accepted with 50% pre-payment $5 Handling charge on all ordera. California residents inciude 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for all heioht charges. Minimum order is $25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacillc Customs Unlimited. Inc. is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no W'if'f is the name used to infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimited. Inc. and Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. EABUEYE OFF ROAD LlflHTS H.l.ll. U#/11$ wilfl 351# XIIIOh Bltlb 11114 &lint 4 'It" Oval fU.D. Driving l19hl. Silm Finish aoo External &llast. l)iir .................... $522 S-0\!al H.1.0. OrMng l!Oll~ _______ ....., Se fiqisll a!ld External S/1/W llfg/ll Ha/11(/MJ L/JIIIS. Ballast.~ ..................... !)~ 6" ll(Jund 100\II Omii/lg llg~! 8' 1ml HJ O SIMIH.jghl, Silver wttb Black Ftl!mh, pair ..... $38 FliliStl and rx1e111a1 aanasr. 6" llound 1oow Slim•Pt~ OrMno pair ................. , ..... !122 Ligllfl'llfft ChlO!tlll finish, lllllr ••• 74 $' Ro1md H.t.0.0tMng Light. 4 'I( Ouaf 100W OrMog Llllht .Opal fmlSil and 1n1ana1 ......... wltlt SilV9r finish, pair ........ '82 Ballast. 9a,ir ................... .,522 $' Round SSW DiMng l!Qlll G' Roonct HJ.0. $pol U;iht. ova, . Willi Sl!Vef finish. pair... ...... 98 finish arn:t lntl!rml Jlallasl. ~ R!Nmd Spot v.'ll:ll s,tver !fa• .......................... ,. .. .522 finish. pall ............ ,. .. ,. ........ 98 COMMUNICATION KITS Bak Kit OH!l/n: Orlm'/o Pw~ CDm!IIUll{ut/on. ~ l(lfs liar,, fllt Capa/11/11, hit IJJlt flt1Mll /o Com1111111Jcatt /o Pnu111«n:, car to ~for Cat to S.u W/(Jt 11,dlo At/dfd. Basic Herson Kit w!liS ....... ~ Blick F»1islt He2d Set ... . Basic 4•f'e!SOB Kit w/HS .......... 799 Black. Blue. Red or Yellow Advanced 560 4-Pmson Behilll ~ Hea.d lfead S81 164 lnlercom Kil ...................... 6:!S C~ll fillet ~ind Head Push to Talk ButtOtl . ., ............. 37 Hlill!I Set ...................... , ... ,118 COIL BEAM SUSPENSION •Mads lit IJ$A • fnlnt Emb 11r. tr Whfttr wflb 111" Tow,ntt,Ae#¢Coif8botkt W/Jballt Moiiliu.tJol 111d ltldfldl/1 Rl:tt Hd I'll/ii/If IIOf/Jlt. Tn,1/11/f Amis m D,O.M. M,t.,;al, 1'/N.~(fll'X t• Wid,r A/Id C.ft ti# El/Hr Stock Ki#I Pin S,Jmtt.s or ConTbt Lillks. front Seam tor Coil Sllom ... $2£5 Combo Link Spilldles ........... ._$475 Chromoly front Beam lor Comlla Ullk SO!Mh!S 3' ra!Sl!d.,510 Cl/t!Sl!Qck$ ..... -... , ........ 310 KlngShock2"Ao~ Booy 0.0.M, Tralllol) Arms, set of 4 .310 w/Res!lmli1, iru;h.lde$ 0.0.M. i 4" Trailing Arms (4) .. 360 S?fi~, ea<:h.., •. ._ ... _, ....... --49$ Thl'IJ Rads WJNUI$, ~11 .............. 50 Piggy B.ick R~t0p!ioo ••• ff6S Urmrnme Beam BusMnos ........ .24 Swectoea Tie-Roos. Alum .. pi. ... 65 H.O. Link Pln$ ................ ,..,,. ..... ..52 Swedaed T4tods, CbfQlllOJy. pr.65 when I pulled through the checkered Continued next page FRO#T BRAKES 14'/#6 Iii/ft HIib wltll r llfl#r, 88an-,s, CitmH r-a,s/1114 WitwHII 2 Pi'1oJI C.Ji1fri wltlt . "-Im, llmkth. VW link Pill frO!lt Blakes ..... S745 Combo Link front Brakes -.... 755 FrontHultKlr 1/W link P-m front Hub IOI ... ,~99 CtlJllbo Unkfront Hub Kl! » ◄99 H.D. FROIIT BRAKES H'lffl/ 811/d HI!& wflll l",,.IM, Tilllktll Be,riap, C.#ler C¥ps 11otl Wihlolld 2 Piftlln Clll(IM wilt Mov11tlng lr,d,1$, Combo link front Bial<SS .,..$114() SPORTSMAN MICRO STUB KIT BHlttBfJtf.'I ~I WI/It Tlmtn Buri11g1. t1• Rlllol's, Ailffltlttllit,All,r~Axl# IHI/I WU-d -1 P/stOII t:allpm. s~ Mtclo Stul> l<lt 11.395 H.D. 31JOM MICRO STUB BRAKE K« Biilff /Jtl""f /lmnla, ,r1J/) Bnringt. W 1loults, l.l!'ffDi-"'308IISiuAlfn am/W/1wNd4PllilOIIC./lpffl.. H.D. tlit(o Stub~ l<iL . .$Ul95 ~~ Kll/6 ADJUSTABLE -~-·" __ ___, SIIDCKS WI NON-COIL SHOCKS RESERVOIR Kin9TSMck,, full Ad;-.,ta,ul fhlll Spri/tj 8--10;. IT Sttokl! .. _.fu1m $225 SIIOei'wllll Hou atlR~. Kklo 2 y, S~ llmo2"Ad]USlableS~ lZ.f◄-16 ~ ... Jrom295 11,-10,12• StrOke .. ,. .. from $495 .,,_ o1tup -no King 2'/," Miustdble S!lock. ,_, __ ,.., .;, •ur 12-14-16• $1J'Of(e,._Jrom 586 2"B11111J1 Stop 1111114134 PIQrr, 8~ Ri!setvlllf Option .. & CTrntlll1/r $Jn.,. r,iplt By-Pm. 2 1,· II041 .... 6SO Sump Stop Willi Slee>ie. each $2$7 CENTERLINE WHEELS Folfld Alfllflltttuh WI/HI,. with l'l!tishld Fln/111.. 5VW., ... ,, .. ,..,, .$264 5VW . .. ,268 svw ..................... .212 5 VW ..•. ,. •• , ......... 275 5 VW .,, • ., .... ,. ..... ., .•. 279 5 WI,. .... -............ 291 15xi2 5VW .. , .. . .. 298 15 x3 'A ◄ 1/W.. . .. -........... 275 15~5•1, 4VW ................ 283 t5x7 4VW ...... -........... 291 15x8•/, 4WL ............ .298 • id -itill JI ti POWER STEERING COMPONENTS Howe Power l!atk. 2" W-llltSprcad ... , ....... .,....... •.... .... . •• .$1.275 HowePowerllatl( 2 'h'W' .. ... .1.275 f!Owe Powe, Rick, 2 'N W~re;,d with Control \lalve... .... 1.650 Ch.Jr•tynn T 01que Gene1alllf ....... .................... ...... ............. ..295 Ch.Jr•tynn Billet Moun1 Climps 10 1 'f, Tublno .......................... .459 MounllllQ Tab. Weld-On. eadl ... ,. ... ._ . ., ............ ,. ..... ,. ....... ,,.. . .. .to Port lllock lo, Char-Lynn Wilh f1!1111QS ,.. ..,. , • .,. ,, •. ., .• 30 Coupler for Ch1Hynn ... . ................... .... ... ...,. ..... .. 18 u-Jow lot Char-Lynn (SWeet) .......... ,,.-. .•. • ,, .... .. F10Q1 56 PoWitl Steeilllg Pumps, 1~ PSI or 1300 PSI ....... ,, ... , ............. ,. .. HIO Pulley for Power Slee1illg Pllmp ., ............. ,. .... .,, ..... , .. ,. .. , .... ,from .45 l'llwtr Stooiing Res$1'10ir fnl' #4 aAd It O FttillQS .. ,, .................. ,, ... 85 Powf!rSteeJiilg Reservolrwitll fillllrAdal!ler .. ,.M ...... , ....... ,, .••••• 150 Moun.t IQ!~ Steen11g Pumll {Sl!!cifr £neine} ,. ........ ., ... Jrorn !.\~ Bri!ci(i!I, Reservoir,... ..,, ................. , ... ,.. ,,,. .,., .. , •. .... .. 14 9311 CHROMOLY STIIBAXLES& DRIVE FLAIISES SMl Afle!l lllr930 CV. jlalr .... SHO Slull AldGS tor flus CN, l)alf .... $140 Dlivll Haii(lfS far 930CV, pair ... 70 OfiYe fiaJlOjls for Bus CV. palf .. 10 HEAVY DUTY AXLES BER.MAN CV JOINT$ auO!fl!'fr~~ff RAGE AND BOOTS Beetle frailet Amls.,, ....... S120 BIIQ, CV JolnL ...................... $45 8j){l!flusl'rall$ l031131\/m$ ... ., 130 SIIO CV 800! ....... ,. ..... ,,,.., • .,.,,,.5 Bu{l!flus Trans to3x3Amls Qus,CV JJ)lnf ...................... ,.., •. 50 IOf 930 CVS.,.-,.,,, ....... 140 Bus, CV Boot ,,, ,,.., ... ,,. .. .. 7 2.1' Of 25' Mes for 930 cv, ... 160 930. fN Jo,nt .......... ,, .. ,. .... ,_ .. sa z4•.za-J.1300fot ~ CV's •. Ir 440 930. Boot alid Fl;iJl!II! ........ _,.,,.3<! CROW SAFETY BELTS a• LI/I Baits flit# SWfll-ltt 1" 11 a• SltuldltH.,_, Avtlfabl• hl3,4, orVPOilltwutm,~ Aa/Wi/11/aBl«k, Grq, BIH, Ru or Paq,lf. Tx2" 3Poil!t... . ........... $70 3• x 2· 4 POi!lL. . .,_.,..-........ 7() 3• X 3• 3 Polnt .. -·-··"·"· .. ······80 3"13" 4PQint,. ..... ,, .. , ....... .AlO 3• x 2· 3 Pt W/Silooldef Pail .... 00 r x2• 4 Ptw!$boolder Pad.,,.90 3• X 3• 3 Pt W/Sliouldef Pad . .100 3"., 3" 4 Pt Wi'Shoulder P1lll • lOO 2 Crotth $1J1P ........... ,, ... _ •..• ., ... 12 CROW SHfJIJ/JJER PADS Ar1111,1t1a fur r « r Shoold11t H,,mm, Bl/Id. Blt/1 tJr Rlld. 7 Shoukler Hallle$S Pads. pr .. $24 Y' Stundder HvlleSS Pads,. pr ... 28 BENCH SEAT LIF SPORTSTER $p«ial Ortlu Whit/a Aralllbf1. tbl/y fir wrw.l llvw,YINl C., /Ju "'-"'•s o ..... .,._t Sutpl/l1tJon s,m"' lhrro,m <.,.. .. •""'"'"'""", Cllnlls, MIJ/l~klllllltor6fll,. 46'" tit 4ft Wide ......... ,..$435 ur Sp0nster sw. Low,Ba!:k $170 BEARD SUPER SEAT 0srliii, TiEDOWNS~ MOll#T K« Uollt Duty Tie Dowll. I'// x6· Slidtlfill: Combination __ ..... $ I 28 Strap. ~.000# C3pat:lty ..... .$18 stidi/Slida CoruDittatkln Ritcl!el Tie Down, T x 1· forlif~--·· ........ 144 Sttap, 10.000#CJapacify ...... 26 lltacia!t all!! Slide Mflnlll Only .. 60 Axle SI~ .,. •. ,. .. ._.~ .... ,. ••• ,. .... ., ... 12 November 2007 Page 37

Page 38

Dave Cote led the first lap in the Class 11 fracas but a horribly long Dave Girdner gave it everything he had but still had to settle for a last lap gave him a second place finish. second place finish in Class ½-1600. Kevin Shannon had a couple of long laps along the way, finished in third place in the Trophy Challenge race. up this year. Without the awesome line a couple of minutes later, in day's dirt done in 6:00:08 at32.1 mph, (?) in class, in car #599. Huh? Don't prep job of Johnny Burns, there is no 5:22:05 at 35.9 mph, for the Fifth for the Seventh Place victory. worry, just a minor footnote in way we would have been there at the Place victory. Kyle Murray found the Cl.ASS 5-1600: M.O.R.E. race history. What will go line." finish line in 5:32:34 at 34.7 mph in Five laps. Five entries, five starters; down in the record book is: #599 fin-Bud Ward was fourth to finish in #998 to win Sixth Place. Kurt four finishers, one DNF. Art "The ished in First Place; in 4:45:57 at40.4 car #97 5 in 5:20:43 at 36.8 mph. Ado- Davidson was the final finisher in class Tech Dude" Savedra was third off the mph. Now, the details; the "true story" nis Barela got car #909 to the finish for the day in car #979; getting the line at the green flag, but started last -straight from the racer's seat: "With r---......;;'---~-----------..;...-...... ,.._-------------------~=~=~========-=,;, Art Savedra took the Class 5-1600 Class win, but it was a close one, he had only 23 seconds in hand when the checkers flew. It was an easy win for Steve Rose in the Class 7 A battle, he had more than an hour and a half on his competition. '; 2.5'; 3'; 4" {Kig I llaerSeria ·;~2.6" 2.5" Bumplllp €'!!!!.ii five fired up 5-1600's ready to rock in Lucerne Valley - while a real fire was BLAZING in Big Bear; NO -really! #599 started third in class, with Art "The TECH DUDE" Savedra at the wheel. A planned driver's change at the start of the race (about 7 5ft. later) was in order, due to a back injury from the weekend before. Guy "ZILLA" Savedra took over the wheel duties after a very quick F.A.l.R. pit stop ... but was now in last place at the start of the race. The chase was ON, and with four 5-16's now in front of Guy, he did what he knows the best -save the car and work his way up. Donald Harper co-drove the entire race, let-ting Guy know what was coming up and to slow down at times. "Donald Harper" -M.O.R.E.'s 2006 Person of the Year winner, was going to take the wheel and finish the last two laps of the race. Time was an issue, and Art (big daddy buck$) called out over the radio to come in for a splash of fuel, no driver's change, and finish. Harper asked Guy "Zill.A": "How do you feel?" Guy said, "I feel great- can I go :#CIIVG&'=£~£0GY 714.530.B701 • FAX714.530.B7ml 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! We have custom and production coils in stock, and rhe experience lo get you 11tNtNV.lcingshodcs.corn what you need. Coll today! Page 38 November 2007 Dusty Times

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Mike Boone slowed a bit on his last three laps, he was the third Chris Haney was a bit off the winning pace in the Class 9 contest, A bronze medal finish went to Mike Ward in the Class ½-1600 place finisher in the Class 5-1600 contest. he took home the bronze medal, seen here at speed. race, he's seen here headin' for that checkered flag. faster now?" While the gazz was going car #589, in 5:07 :27 at 37.z6-:m::p:ih:--,cfo::r::--1I~(Cr:::-o~dy~)-:to::o:ik-=-'FC:i:::rs=-t0PT:la-=-ce=-1::• n:--:o:::-u:-:r.;#:Tl 4::;;0~7,--,;;;;===-=niiiiii~~~~----~----====;;;;;;;;;==;;;;;;;;;~ in during the final fuel stop at FA.LR. the Third Place podium win. Aaron truck; along with the help of our sec-main pit, a front right tire was quickly Aspel finished fourth in class for the . ond co-pilot - Ryan Levraton. All in changed. It was quick action by the day in car #573, completing the re-all, we had a pretty good race. The first F.A.l.R. pit guyz that was the winning quired five laps in 5:29:02 at 35.1 lap was pretty rough -my "dad" hit a factor -Guy never felt that the tire was mph. Aspel also set the fast lap of the big rock coming up through one of flat!" day at 42.0 mph on Lap 2, in 00:54:58. the washes, broke the door, and bent "During the race, Guy "ZILLA" CLASS 1300: the trailing arm mount. We raced the Savedra had a front flat tire on the Five laps. Six entries, six starters; rest of the race with it bent, but it second and third laps-and no brakes four finishers, two DNFs. Brian didn't really hurt us. After two laps, for Laps 4 and 5; he had to do a "Do- Munson started toward the back of my "dad" (finally) got out-I got in the nut" at the finish line to stop!" After the 1300 pack in car# 1233, and set driver's seat and my co-pilot Ryan got Post-Tech inspection, Team AGS/ the Fast Lap of the day on Lap 2 at in #2. "We" passed start/finish and #599 was told that they had won-by a 43.1 mph; in 00:53:33. Thatthrottle- were only a few minutes in front of mere three (00:00:03) seconds; the control exercise blasted# 1233 into an our competitor, and we knew they margin of split between first place early lead and helped Munson win by would stay close throughout the rest money and second place. Art "The a comfortable+ 1:30:25 margin-of-vie-of the race. About 18 miles into the , TECH DUDE" Savedra listened to tory at the checkered flag. Munson/ last lap, the power steering went out. ~ son Guy "ZILLA", and satthis event #1299 won First Place in class in Not only this, butthemotorwasonly litiilit""-""""'""""""""'""""'..._"""""""'"""""""""""""'""""''"""""""'"-----~"'""'"====""'""' out. 4:35:39 at 41.9 mph. Wendell running on six cylinders. We had tore It was an easy win for Joe Pate/Ii in Class 8, his competition all fell by the way side and he motored in for the win. The race before "Freedom 250", Mortensen won Second Place in class up the other ones, and the truck was Guy "ZILLA" ask aka -'Fir$t Bank of in car# 1303; getting the required laps running like crap. We managed to re-"Dad" big buck$' Art, that he wanted completed in 6:02:24 at 31.9 mph. It gain our composure and drive the start (and with Donald Harper's help) took 7:09:36 at 26.9 mph for Kevin truck in. We crossed start/finish with 'they could take these guyz to town'. Shannon to get to the checkered flag no power steering, and a real bad "Thanks Dad for letting Donald in car #1307; still good enough for the Harper and me -Guy "ZILLA" - have Third Place win. Fred Mooney won that chance". WooHoo! Fourth Place in car #1373; in 7:10:21 Richard Garavito made it a close at 26.8 mph. race all day in car #555. Three seconds CLASS 1400 Pro: was the time-split difference between Five laps. Three entries, three start-glory, and mere Second Place victory. ers; two finishers, one DNF. Jim But I'll still take a finish, and a po-Bradbury blasted out Fast Lap honors dium win and the points, any day. on Lap 1 in truck #1407 at 43.0 mph; Garavito did all that, in 4:46:00 at 40.4 in 00:53:40. Bradbury also went on mph, to win Second Place in class for to finish in First Place, in 4:48:04 at the day. Mike Boone got 'er done in 40.1 mph. "Mydad,Jim Bradbury and knock in the motor". It's all "dad's" fault, eh. Kyle Kaso won Second Place in the Shred It Racing/Henslee Motorspotts truck #1445, getting to the checkered flag in 5:23:06 at 35. 7 mph. "We had a great race battling with# 1407 -charg-ing through the dust, losing a bedside panel and setting some great lap times. Continued next page ei!9[CNC] The Class 9 win went to Ian Maxwell, he beat out 10 other contenders for the win, he had 14 minutes in hand at the flag. Kevin Martin had a good day, all of his competition in Class 10 dnf'd so he took an easy win, seen here at speed. Dusty Times We carry a fuU selection of: WELD•ON•TABS WELD•ON•BUNGS tEIMS & ROD BNDS 30.54 .£ VALLEYM'E"Mi".BLVD. LAS VEGAS, .,vv.; 8910.Z TELJ TOZ-871-49 ,, FAX: TOZ-B7 l-.5ZZ I lla&i SACa ottltoH ~ @) .. SHOB lurn,_z _.,,. UNi.JMITFD . , SIL PING AVA■ AR E - -November 2007 Page 39

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Bud Ward was off the pace in the Class 9 race, he finished first off the podium, he's seen here nicely airborne. Not the greatest day for Joey Westhoff, he ended up first driver off It was a fifth place finish for Adonis Barela in the Class 9 battle, the podium in the Class ½-1600 race. he's seen here savin a bit of tire wear in the outback. But, just when we were about three minutes behind and were starting to hammer down to try to get the win on lap 5, we started to have cooling problems about Mile Marker 10; and realized that one of our fans rubbed a hole in our radiator and we're losing coolant. We emptied our camel pack and whatever waters we had in the truck. We fired her back up and pushed hard till about Mile Marker 22, where we were getting hot again; so we called to our chase truck to meet up with some more coolant at Mile Marker 30. We realized we could no longer catch up, and just cruised it in to the finish line to get Second Place. Other than that, our truck ran a great race - having no other problems. My co-driver Brett Ferguson keeps me on track and makes it a great race. Hope-fully, the second place finish will still keep us in first place for CNerall points. We also plan on finishing out the sea-son, and moving to MDR for the next season racing in Class 1400; and pos-sibly some SCORE races". CLASS 7s: Four laps. Five entries, five start-ers; three finishers, two DNFs. Steve Rose started out in sport four-of-five at the green flag in truck #729. Rose finished in the First Place spot at the checkered flag; in 4: 15:42 at 36.1 mph. Javier Avila won Second Place in It was a fun race for Anne Naso, she took the lead on the second lap and went on to take the Class 11 win. 5:39:52 at 27.2 mph, in truck #721. Perry Fleming got to the finish line and the checkered flag in 6:35:06 at 23.4 mph, in truck #738, for the Third Place podium win. Tyler Fox drove with Zach Stephens as co-driver in truck #753. They were doing great -until their third lap, when the rear axle broke at Mile 137; ending their run and day of fun in the dust and dirt. CLASS 1450 Sportsman: Three laps.Two entries, two start-ers; two finishers. Mike Hobbs ( # 1466) and Shawn Walters(# 1469) dueled it out all day in the desert dirt, and in the end Hobbs won First Place by a +00:07:32 margin-of-victory. Hobbs completed the required laps in 5:31:56 at 20.9 mph for the win. Walters was hobbled on the first lap with a time of 2:55:29 at a blazing 13.2 mph. #1469 recCNered, put the pedal-to-da-metal on Lap 3 at 29.2 mph (1:19:14) to win the Fast Lap award, but couldn't make up the separation time by the time the checkered flag flew at the finish line. CLASS 1100: TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING, INC. WauldUkaTa cangna1111ate Tam Kach Mike Chlldress 1st Place Pmt,uck Pike's Peak Davey Girdner ffmmv Craig 1st Place 1/2-1600 stave Eugenia Dan Eugenio 1st Place 1/2-1600 MORENlghtRace Tentble's cup Race TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 9763VARIELAVENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 40 November 2007 Lorenzo Rodriguez had a really great race, he took the Class 1600 honors with some four minutes in hand. Three laps. Three entries, three starters: three finishers. These racers seem to have more fun than anyone. How can I tell? A: By all the smiles and laughter at the finish line. The competition was fast and friendly all day. Anne Naso got it done the fastest in car #1169, in 4: 17:33 at 26.9 mph, to win First Place in class. Dave Cote was the next in class to see the check-ered flag in car# 1191. Cote completed all three laps in 5:42:53 for the Sec-ond Place podium win. Cote also won the Fast lap honors in class on Lap 1 at 28.2 mph; in 1:21:54. Gavin Drake was the Third Place finisher in class in car# 1199, taking the checkered flag in 7:22: 16 at 15. 7 mph, for the win. Drake was the last to finish all day. End-of-story wrap-up: The Butler Peak 2 fire in the mountains around Big Bear, miles away, made for a rather interesting and unusual race day -snowing ashes in the desert in Septem-ber, and providing an eerie aura smoke-filled plume too. Kinda weird. It did affect several of the racers with unexpected air filter extras to deal with. The winners found a way to do , whatever it took to persevere. HINT: panty-hose make a pretty good pre-fil-ter. NO, really! ~:.Q:.!-& Bob Jordan ran in second place for three laps in the Class 78 race, then he took the lead and motored in for a nice win. Richard Garavito flew well in the Class 5-1600 race, he missed the gold medal by a mere 23 seconds, seen here in flight. Dusty Times r

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II SND■E·s 4th Annual Wish Ride T EXT & PHOTOS: MARYETTA BOWMAN Don Wall, VP of SNORE and creator of the Wish Ride is seen here with Daniel and his parents and Heidi Higdon of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Okay folks, I ask you, could you refuse these two anything they wanted? The SNORE racers did their best to provide some fun for all. eluding their families for a fun filled day of play. A won-derful day, just for the children, those with life threat-ening illnesses, away from doctors and hospitals, away sickness and memories of pain. For one child, this was his best day to play, he was scheduled for surgery the following Wednesday. Tommy Bradley Jr. is ready to take Dylan Andrews on a tour of the course, brothers Logan and Brandon Andrews take up the rear seat. The children were given rides around a 10 mile sec-tion of the actual race course. Many of the kids needed to sit on more than one pillow just to see over the dash--board. There were over 500 hamburgers and hot dogs . served, including all refreshments. And, the three huge inflatable slides and jumps kept the kids laughing and giggling throughout the day. The (Terrible' s) Herbst fam-ily gave the kids miniature# 19 Trophy Trucks and ball caps. Cameron Steele gave huge posters, Baja Coalition brought Tee Shirts and other racers gave out checkered flags, Tee Shirrs, posters and autographed pictures as well. Even Fred Helm of Pinned TV covered the event. Although this day was just for the kids to come out and play,many of.the racers, overwhelmed by the spirit of the kids, dug deep ini:o their pockets and donated to Trevor Duffey gets a thumbs up, ready to go from Wish Kid Daniel Castena, we're sure Daniel had a really great ride. Art Savedra is seen here helping Matthew Pelayo into his race suit, we're sure Matthew had a fun day in the desert. A humbling experience was had by all SNORE members and volunteers that generously gave of their time and hearts to the children of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The event was the 4th annual "Wish Ride", created by SNORE's Vice President, Don Wail. Held on September 30th the day after the SNORE 250 each year, racers from Nevada,California, Arizona, Utah and . . . the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help in granting wishes. Some, like the big boys of the Wilson Racing Family, Allan Nimmo of Extreme Performance, Dr. Sheldon Paul, Sidney Rodriguez and Atom Shields along with local businesses, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals/ CHW, realtors Shirley Williams and Joyce Nickrandt all contributed for a combined total over $12,000.00 A DVD of the "Wish Ride" will be available upon request after the SNORE Awards Banquet early in January.-Another Class Act by a bunch I Kelly Bradley helps Ricardo Barniga into Clay Flippin 's # 1028, Clay saw to it that Ricardo had a really great day. Wish Child Ceasar Castena looks a bit dwarfed in the full face helmet, racer Tony Farshler made him a happy kid this day. ~---------------~ Racer Clay Lennard took Wish Child Grace Hodges for a great ride in his Class 10 racer, Grace seems a bit apprehensive. Kenny Cox waits patiently while Sean Sponseller and Lee Wood assist Wish Kid Chlntel Payne into her racing harness. Page 41 October 2007 Wish Kid Matthew Pelayo is ready to go, Travis Bonzzano is also ready for a 10 mile sprint in his truck. Wish Kid Angel Arenas gets buckled in to Cory Brewer's car, Cory saw to it that Angel had a really good time on the course. Dusty Times

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OFF·ROI ~ ,., .,.,); , Hll.liFIME Inductees BY ]UDY SMITH SUE MEAD: Sue Mead likes to think she began her automotive career as a young girl, riding her bike as fast as she could down hills large and small. As a teen, she graduated to an on/ off road motor-cycle with knobby tires and fell in love with riding in the woods and on dirt trails. As a senior in high school, she lived in Washing-ton, D.C. and rode a Honda 50cc motor scooter to school, and used it to explore the capital region. Sue was born in. 1950, in the Berkshires of Massa-chusetts, where she makes her home today. She graduated from Woodrow Wilson H.S. DICK LANDFIELD: Dick Land field became enamored of off road racing in 1969 when a friend, Irv Hanks, invited him to race the very first NORRA Baja 500. Their race was long and difficult, and beset by mechanical problems. Landfield had to leave Hanks parked on one of the notorious "Three Sisters", south of San Felipe, while he hitched a ride to Mexicali for replace-ment parts and another vehicle. This graphic demonstration of just how dif-ficult it was for an independent racer (as opposed to one associated with a factory team), to get to the finish, in-spired Land field to create the very first pitting organization for off road racers. Called the First Association oflndepen-dent Racers (FAIR), Landfield's group was at first set up to service only Ford racers. Dick raised the money to buy generators and tools, and he had the group set up and functioning in time for the Baja 1000. of the same year. FAIR is still in existence today, and after 38 years still helps to make it possible for an independent racer to compete suc-cessfully. Hundreds of racers, some of whom went on to become highly suc-cessful and affiliated with big teams, started their racing careers with help from the FAIR pit support team. From that time on, Landfield was at the fore-front of off road history through his involvement in the sport. In 1974 he was a part of the introduction of the first mini-truck, a Ford Courier, to the off road racing scene. Then he identified and de-veloped the market for "pre-runner" trucks that looked like those of well known racers. He built Walker Evans style trucks and sold enough of them to make it possible for Evans to build himself a new race truck. Landfield raced in the Mickey Thompson sta-dium series for a while, and fielded a team of luminar-ies including John Swift, Albert Arciero, Dave Ashley, Henry Arras, Al Unser, Al Unser, Jr., and Josele Garza (who'd been the Rookie of the Year at Indianapolis), focusing the public's eye on the sport. PHOTOS: TRACKS/DE PHOTO in Washington, D.C. in 1968, co111pleted an Associate's Degree in Psy-chology/Sociology at Montgomery College and a B.A. in Psychology at Goddard College. For many years, Sue worked in the field of mental health and as a part-time photo-journalist/ free la nee writer for the Associated Press and newspapers in New England. Her prayer -to use writing and pho-tography skills as a means to travel the globe and to have an ever-changing "view from my desk" -was answered. Sue began her automotive career as a part time, freelance evalu-ator for Four Wheeler Magazine in 1988, on the first team that included women as test drivers. Af-When he retired from racing because of health problems related to dust, he continued as a team owner, fielding the first Ford Ranger to race off road, with ter spending one week on that year's "Four Wheeler of the Year" evalua-tion, driving from the busy L.A. free-ways to the desert sands of Lake Ar-rowhead and Big Bear, Sue was hooked. Over the next few years, she be-gan to work as a freelancer for all the major 4WD magazines in the U.S., setting up off road drives and adven-tures in places near and far. In 1994, when her daughter, Brooke, went to college, she followed her out the door and hasn't stopped since. She has been a participating journalist on three Camel Trophy adventures in Borneo, Mongolia and Central America. Sue has also participated in three record-setting adventure drives: the Arctic Circle Challenge '95, the Tip to Tip Challenge '96, and the Transamerica Challenge in '97. She has been a co-driver for Rod Hall in the 1996 Baja 1000 (1st place finish) and Darren Skilton in the 1999 Baja 1000 Ost place finish) and the Paris-Dakar-Cairo 2000, the world's long-est and most difficult off road race, which they completed. She drove her first off road race behind the wheel with Skilton, winning first place in Class 3 in the SCORE 1999 Primm 300. Mead was also a co-driver in the Dave Ashley as his driver. In 1991 he added a second truck and brought in Dan Smitl1 as his second driver, creat-ing a highly skilled and successful team. That same year he saw that Ford, which had five active teams racing off road, could multiply their impact on the public by creating a united front. · Landfield conceived of, and sold Ford on, the Rough Rider concept. By painting all their race ve-hicles in the same Ford colors, the teams of Enduro (Landfield's), Stroppe, Simon and Simon, Swift Motorsports, and Jim Venable Racing, became a huge entity in the pub-lic eye. In addition, Landfield had them wear matching drivers' suits, dressed the pit crews in identical t-shirts, and the impact was unprec-edented. Dick always worked at improving Baja 2000, on the internationally ranked Mitsubishi team (1st place fin-ish) and on the Scaroni Motorsports Team, in 2001. She competed as a co-driver in the Nevada 1000, and is fea-tured in the off road documentary, "Into the Dust", as a member of the Toyota Motorsports Team. Mead also competed behind the wheel on twb Wide Open Baja/Centrix Teams in the 2002 and 2003 Baja 1000, and appeared in the movie "From Dust to Glory." Sue has written three books: Monster Trucks and Tractors; Off Road Racing, Legends and Ad-ventures; and Rock Crawling, pub-lished by Chelsea House. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers worldwide, including the New York Times, Boston Globe, The Washington Times and the Houston Chronicle, among others. She is currently a correspondent for Motor Trend Radio. Sue is a mem-ber of the International Motor Press Association and has also been a board member ofTread Lightly! Inc. She has received two awards from the Inter-national Automotive Press Associa-tion for excellence in writing. Sue Mead is inducted into the Off Road Motorsports.Hall of Fame in the cat-egory of Pioneer: Journalism. communications with his race team, and pioneered the use of Satellite tele-phone communications between the pits and the race vehicle, as well as OPS tracking. The team's use of this sophis-ticated communications equipment helped them win overall at the very dif-ficult SCORE Baja 2000, in 2000. Landfield has been instrumental in helping promoters when he saw the need. _Early on he was involved in pro-curing Ford Truck sponsorship for the Best In The Desert series, and he also helped get Ford Trucks for SCORE International to use at their events. Dick is proud of his race team's relationship with Ford Trucks. Ford used their ve-hicle to test and develop truck trans-missions, and made many changes in their design that improved durability. Through the years, Landfield has been a man of action, with his finger in many pies. He has stayed deeply involved in the sport since 1968, often as a behind-the-scenes part of the development of many facets of the sport and its atten-dant industry. Still, he feels that the for-mation of the pitting organization, FAIR, "was the pinnacle of anything I achieved in off road." Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Page 42 October 2007 Dusty Times

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GIL GEORGE: Gil George mi-grated to California in the 60's from Michigan where he worked for Gen-eral Motors in chassis and body fab-rication. Gil was interested in drag racing and built some very fast cars for their time, setting a few records in his class. With his in-terest in rac-ing he went to work for a s m a 1 I startup com-pany in Ontario, California c a 1 1 e d Hooker Headers. With Gil's work ethic, innovation for manufac-turing effi-ciency, and high energy level, he eventually became part owner of Hooker. During a trip with friends tot e ismo unes in 1967, Gil immediately became hooked on the off road lifestyle, parked his Pro-Stock drag car and built his first dune buggy. Gil made a few frames, in his spare time, to try his hand at desert racing and was very successful. After a while a num-ber of people expressed interest in buying his light single seat VW pow-ered race cards. In early 1967, Gil sold his stake in Hooker and with his wife Geri, started FUNCO, a company specializing in the design and fabrication of tube framed bug-gies for off road racing and recre-ation. Short for Fun Company, FUNCO's name was recognized as a leader in the sport almost from the EDO ANSALONI: Edo Ansaloni was born on March 13, 1925 in Bologna, Italy. His father, Arturo, founded a farm-ing business, which is still in operation today and until 1937 was located next to the Maserati racing factory. Ac-cording to Edo, "the loud noise of the competition engines on the test benches was the only music during his childhood". Clearly, the tone of the engines was to set the tone for Edo's life as he grew up with a passion for cars and mechanics. Edo's first activities in the family business were in the garage, where he would transform the Willys MB, half-tracks or GMC trucks to any possible farm or off road vehicle. After WW2 everything was devastated in Italy and it wasn't possible to buy cars or trucks since most of the Ital-ian industry lay in ru-ins. Using war sur-plus, Edo built the first "orchard boom automatic sprayer" in Italy, giving the farm-ers a powerful tool to fight orchard pests, while reducing the la-bor requirements to get the job done. Af-ter the war, Edo went to the American Auto Park in Livorno many times. There you could buy Willys MB Dusty Times beginning in the late 60's. In 1968 Gil introduced the "Bandido", an af-fordable and functional chassis that anyone could build using all the parts from a VW. Designed prima-rily as a chassis for off road recre-ational use, they were also popular c ass1s m t e rapi y growing sport of off road racing and quickly set the standard for safety in the construc-tion of off road race cars. Over the course of the next five years FUNCO built a chassis each day making the Bandido one of the best selling bug-gies of all time and putting thou-sands of enthusiasts in the dunes and on the track. Realizing that off road racing was here to stay, in 1970 Gil introduced a new, sleek, desert race car chassis known as the Super Single (SS 1). Followed in the mid 70's by the redesigned SS2, the FUNCO desert chassis dominated in the desert and became the choice of many top builders and racers. The list of names that once piloted a or Ford GPW (Jeeps) to be transformed into pick-ups and tractors. Edo was instructed by his father to find and buy the best pieces, which could be use-ful to his farm and his friends, either for work or for fun. Al-ready an avid collector, Edo de-cided to save a lot of vehicles from alteration, particularly Jeeps, which he loved and had first learned to drive on the roads and trails around Bolo-gna. Edo was the first Jeep dealer in the Bologna area and later had a GM dealership, which led the way for the intro-duction of four-wheel drive FUNCO reads like a who's who of desert racing. Names like Sandmaster/Bobby Ferro, Gene Hirst, Johnny Johnson, The Mears Gang, Scott McKenzie, Larry Ragland, Larry Roeseler, Malcolm Smith, Ivan Stewart and Cal Wells helped Gil earn the SCORE Chas-sis Manufacturer of the Year Award five times during the 70's. When Mickey Thompson took off road rac-ing into the stadiums, Gil was a strong presence. Realizing the advan-tage of having shorter, lighter and quicker cars, he developed purpose-built stadium cars. The winning tra-dition carried on in the stadiums with drivers like Rick Mears, the Gilman Bros., Butch and Albert Arciero, Marty Tripes and Tracy Valenta's race team. Gil's oldest son, Grant George, drove his cars in com-petition and is tied for the most main event wins in the MTEG Se-ries. In the early 90's Gil and Geri George had come full circle. With small grandchildren the family de-cided it was time to play in the dunes again and it didn't take long for Gil's creative juices to start flowing. Real-izing that riding in the dunes was a big family sport, Gil blew the mar-ket wide open when he introduced the Big 5. With five full seats, long travel suspension and its easy access, the Big 5 provided mini van conve-nience with all the safety and han-dling that Gil's racing background could provide. Today, FUNCO Motorsports is alive and thriving. A true family business, there are three generations of the George family in the shop everyday working with Gil on what has become the entire family's passion. The quality and innovations FUNCO has consis-tently produced over the past 40 years show that Gil was more than a manufacturer, more than a fabrica-tor, but was a true pioneer of new ideas and technology for off road motorsports. Blazers, and pick-ups in the area. His enthusiasm about off roading and off road racing soon began to spread through-out Northern Italy. Although Jeeps and 4WD vehicles had long been established as ve-hicles of necessity on the farms and in the mountains, during the 60's their popularity.was in-creasing for family trail riding and interesting challenges on natural terrain. Using a set of guidelines he had found in an article in 'Four Wheeler' maga-zine, in 1969 Edo and a num-ber of his friends founded the first National Off Road Club in Italy, "Club Nazionale Flouristrada". "This was the real begin-ning", says Edo. "The first races were organized along with beautiful trips through amazing off road tracks in the countryside of Italy and Corsica. This kind of sport, abso-lutely new for Italy back then, was loved by those who partici-pated because most of the time it in-volved entire fami-lies gathering out-doors and excite-ment and adrenaline rush for all the driv-ers." Edo went on to buy some mountain property where he October 2007 BILL BRYAN: Bill is a pioneer in four wheeling and off road rac-ing dating back to the late 1950's. It was then, while acting as the secre-tary/ treasurer of the Indio Volun-teer Fireman's Club, he assisted in the planning and development of the Indio Sidewinder Cruise, a gath-ering of enthusiasts interested in off road excursions. During that time, the club responded to a request from Pat and Garland Peed to join an as-sociation of four wheel drive clubs which eventually became the Cali-fornia Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC). Originally there were only five member clubs, which later grew to include over 50. In 2960, using guidelines supplied by the CA4WDC, Bill founded the Sareea Al Jamal Four-Wheel Drive Club of Indio, CA. He served as chairman of the family oriented 4WD events for nearly 20 years. In the early 60's the Sareea Al Jamal built an off road racing track to host 4x4 races and events. Af-ter a few years and races such as Jamborees and Jeepcades, more people embraced the sport and other clubs were born. Of course, at this point an organization to coordinate all these clubs on a national level was a must. In 1973, Edo was nominated and became the first President of the Italian National Federation. He suc-cessfully orchestrated a con-frontation with the Italian Auto Sport Commission (the only racing body recognized by the government), who wanted to keep off road racing under its full control. After years of activity promoting the four wheel drive all over Italy and organizing off road races and gatherings on a national and in-ternational level, Edo was ready for changing of the guard and to let the younger generation take over. Along the way, Edo won many important off road races but chose to focus the lat-ter years of his life on his other great passion: Building the Museo Memoriale to honor the veterans and to help the younger generations remember Bologna's liberation during WW2. The museum opened April 21st, 2000 and has been visited by tens of thou-sands of students and veter-ans from all over the world. More infor.mation about the Museum can be found at Club assumed sponsorship of the annual Indio Sidewinder Cruise. As chairman, Bill actively oversaw the committee for the design of the main camping area and the mapping of the trail through the desert. He also worked with the various county, state and federal agencies to secure the necessary permits, handled press re-leases and sent out dozens of letters to manufacturers and local mer-chants to supply door prizes for the event. The Indio Sidewinder Cruise became nationally known until the late 80's when BLM land closures forced the popular event to close. In the early 60' s, Bill met mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner. The interna-tionally known writer of the Perry Mason mysteries and numerous other novels was an avid off road enthusiast and it wasn't long before Gardner and Bryan became good friends. Bryan and Gardner traveled the back roads of Baja and the deserts of California. Bill was a contributing writer in Gardner's book, "The Desert is Yours". Prior to his death in the mid-60's, Bryan and Gardner co-wrote ar-ticles for various pub-lications in-cluding 'Popular Sci-ence' and ' F o r d Times'. In 1962 Bill be-e a m e backcountry editor of 'Desert Magazine', writing a monthly column about family off road travel and camping. Later that year, Bill was an integral part in helping publisher Robert Ames produce four wheel magazines that focused interest on four-wheeling and off roading. In late 1962 Bill joined with Jess Green, Robert Ames, Jack Cook and Pat Reed to form the National Four-Wheel Drive Association and served as a Director for five years. Although NFWDA folded after a few years, in 1976 a couple of the original found-ing members went on to establish the United Four-Wheel Drive Asso-ciations, the largest group of 4WD Clubs in the world today. In 1963 the International Four-Wheel Drive Association of Individuals and Clubs was formed and Bill was a working partner. He obtained spon-sorships and participated in devel-oping the track for the Riverside Grand Prix. He was also the an-nouncer for this annual event. When organized off road racing was in its infancy, Bryan had already been a part of it for almost ten years. In 1967, at the inaugural NORRA Mexican 1000, Bill was a member of one of the teams that competed in the event. He subsequently pre-pared numerous entries for future Baja races including the Baja 1000, the Baja 500 and the San Felipe 250. Bryan has also competed in long dis-tance events such as the 14,000 mile World Cup Rally through North Africa and the 5000 mile ALCAN rally to Alaska. Although his hands-on involvement has decreased over the past few years, his knowledge and mere presence has been an integral part in what four-wheeling is today. Page 43

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BFGaadricli BFGoodriclJ Tires Recognires die White Knuclcle Trail at Flat Nasty As Part of die 2007 Oumtaading Traila Program Jadwin, MO. -October 6, 2007 - Located outside of Salem, MO in the beautiful Ozarks at Flat Nasty Off-road Park, Trail 10 -White Knuckle, was honored today by BFGoodrich® Tires as part of its 2007 Outstanding Trails program. Close to 100 off-road enthusiasts from the Capital City Crawlers 4x4 club were in attendance as BFGoodrich presented the club's president with a grant to continue conservation efforts and preserve scenic trails. The White Knuckle trail is one of six trail locations that were recognized by BFGoodrich Tires this year. BFGoodrich Tires, in conjunc-tion with Tread Lightly!• and United Four Wheel Drive Associa-tions (UFWDA), chose to honor the White Knuckle trail at Flat Nasty as one of the 2007 Outstanding Trails because of its extreme terrain and beautiful scenic grounds within the Ozark mountains. The trail offers some difficult hill climbs as well as cut-backs that will challenge nearly any vehicle. "Off-roading is the heart and soul of BFGoodrich Tires, and we are delighted to team up with groups Page 44 Ul'f'!S like the Capital City Crawlers and Flat Nasty Off-road Park to ensure that these lands will continue to stay beautiful and safe for future visi-tors," said Joe Mazur, light-truck brand category manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "We're honored provide them with this grant to help in the conservation efforts for this amazing off-road trail." The Capital City Crawlers is an off-road club based out of Central Missouri with approximately 40 members with vehicles of varying makes and models. The club holds monthly club meetings and typi-cally hosts two to three events per year. "The Capital City Crawlers are extremely excited to be a part of the 2007 BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails Program," said Bob Adamik, president of Capital City Crawlers. "In partnering with Flat Nasty Off-road Park, we plan to help maintain some of the best trails in the Midwest. White Knuckle is sure to be enjoyed by many, and we are glad to be a part of it." After a careful selection process, the BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails program recognizes the follow-ing six trails for 2007:Whipsaw Trail in British Columbia, Canada• The Rubicon Trail, one of America's wildest off-road trails, Crushers at Tillamook, located in the Coast Range Mountains of northwest Or-egon- Poughkeepsie Gulch, located in the San Juan Mountains of Colo-rado- Redbird State Riding Area, Indiana's first state owned Off-High-way Vehicle (OHY) facility In its first season, the 2006 Out-standing Trails program honored five off-road trails: Black Bear Pass, near Ouray, Colorado, is a pictur-esque trail nestled in the San Juan Mountains. Pyeatt Draw, a scenic and exciting trail situated in Payson, Arizona. Hell's Revenge, with its slick sandstone slopes brings adven-ture to thrill seekers in Moab, Utah. Historic Naches Pass, also known as the Longmire Wagon Train, takes off road drivers over the Cascade Mountains in Naches, Washington. Last, but not least, Upper Tellico OHV Area, Trail #4, located in the Natahala National Forest, is located in North Carolina where Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia meet. To learn more about these trails, visit the Outstanding Trails Web site at outstandingtrails . Both Tread Lightly! And UFWDA are non-profit organization dedicated to responsible and ethical outdoor recreation. BFGoodrich Tires collabo-rated with these two groups to select the finest off-road trails, and will con-tinue to work with these organizations on restoration and education initia-tives. Tread Lightly! Tread Lightly! is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to proactively protect recreation ac-cess and opportunities. Tread Lightly!'s strategic educational mes-sage, along with its training and res-toration initiatives are designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in outdoor enthusiasts and the indus-tries that serve them. The program November 2007 is long-term in scope with a goal to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with the needs of the environment and it's leading the way to help remedy cur-rent and future recreation issues. Tread Lightly! is proud to be recog-nized by the USDA Forest Service and its partner actively engaged in collaborating to implement solutions to the problem associated with out-door recreation. United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations (VFWDA) United Four Wheel Drive Asso-ciations is the world's leading rep-resentative of all-brand four wheel-drive enthusiasts. UFWDA ben-efits, developed and tested true over the past 30 years, include four wheel drive safety and awareness educa-tion; user ethics programs such as adopt-a-road, conservation volun-teer, and volunteer trail patrol; as-sistance with new club formation; education seminars to aid four wheelers through complex state and federal programs affecting trail ac-cess; Internet forums designed to connect members globally and in-stantaneously; and unrestrained member access to its full-time legis-lative advocate and nationally-recog-nized attorney working exclusively for four wheel drive enthusiasts to protect access and prevent road and trail closures. For more information on the UFWDA log on to or call toll free 1-800-44-UFWDA (800-448-3932). BFGoodrich Tires Using motorsports as a proving ground for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires is involved in every type of racing, including oval, sports car, drifting, drag, desert, dirt, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock-crawling. BFGoodrich Tires combines technological expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high-performance tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at The Whipsaw Trail in British Columbia Receives Special Grant from BFGoodrich ~ Tires PRINCETON, British Colum-bia - Sept. 15, 2007 - Nestled in the rugged wilderness of the Cas-cade Mountains, lies the beautiful Whipsaw Trail recognized today by BFGoodrich• Tires. The well-known public off-road trail was honored as one of their 2007 Out-standing Trails for its uniqueness, history and scenic views. More than 50 off-road enthusiasts from the Rover-Landers club of British Co-lumbia (BC) were in attendance as BFGoodrich representatives pre-sented a grant to the club. The grant will be used to preserve the scenic trail and allow for the con-tinuation of conservation efforts for one of Canada's most picture-perfect areas. BFGoodrich Tires, working in conjunction with Tread Lightly!• and United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations (UFWDA) launched the Outstanding Trails program in 2006 and over the course of two years has recognized eleven trails. Whipsaw is one of six trail loca-tions being recognized by BFGoodrich this year. A long time favorite ofB.C. off-readers, Whip-llt1s9® The Suspension Company. Dusty Times

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saw is well-known for its breath-taking views and challenging off-road obstacles. "The Whipsaw Trail offers something for every skill level and combines off-road adventure with unbelievable views," said Joe Mazur, light truck brand category manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "We're honored to team up with groups like the Rover-Landers of British Columbia to help in the conservation efforts and ensure this area will continue to stay in tact and safe for all future visi-tors. " The Rover-Landers of British Columbia is a registered non-profit society for Land Rover en-thusiasts in and around British Columbia. The club strives to bring together people of common interest to enjoy off-road driving and share information regarding the maintenance, restoration and preservation of Land Rover ve-hicles. "We are so pleased to see that the Tread Lightly attitude seems to be getting to all corners of the off-road community," said David Blair, Rover-Landers vice president. "Over the past several decades, the ecosystems along the Whipsaw Trail have been damaged and need recovery from overuse and mud-bogging. Being recognized as an Outstanding Trail helps us con-tinue to restore and preserve one of the most beautiful trails in all of British Columbia." The following additional five trails the BFGoodrich Tires Out-standing Trails program recognizes for 2007 are: -The Rubicon Trail, located in Dusty Times the Sierra Nevada Mountains west of Lake Tahoe, Calif. • Redbird Seate Riding Area, Indiana's first and only Off-High-way Vehicle (OHV) facility • Crushers at Tillamook, located in the Coast Range Mountains of northwest Oregon • Poughkeepsie Gulch, located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado • Flat Nasty, which offers more than 800 acres of Ozark Mountain terrain in Jadwin, Mo. In its first season, the 2006 Outstanding Trails program hon-ored five off-road trails. Black Bear Pass, near Ouray, Colorado, is a pic-turesque trail nestled in the San Juan Mountains. Pyeatt Draw, a scenic and exciting trail situated in Payson, Arizona. Hell's Revenge, with its slick sandstone slopes brings adventure to thrill seekers in Moab, Utah. Historic Naches Pass, also known as the Longmire Wagon Train, takes off road driv-ers over the Cascade Mountains in Naches, Washington. Last, but not least, Upper Tellico OHV Area, Trail #4, located in the Nacahala National Forest, is located in North Carolina where Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia meet. To learn more about these trails, visit the Outstanding Trails Web site at outstandingtrails . Both Tread Lightly! And UFWDA are non-profit organiza-tion dedicated to responsible and ethical outdoor recreation. BFGoodrich Tires collaborated with these two groups to select the finest off-road trails, and will con-tinue to work with these organiza-tions on restoration and education initiatives. Tread Lightly! Tread Lightly! is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to proactively protect recreation access and opportunities. Tread Lightly!'s strategic educational mes-sage, along with its training and res-toration initiatives are designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in outdoor enthusiasts and the indus-tries that serve them. The program is long-term in scope with a goal to balance the needs of the people who enjoy outdoor recreation with the needs of the environment and it's leading the way to help remedy current and future recreation is-sues. Tread Lightly! is proud to be recognized by the USDA Forest Ser-vice and its partner actively en-gaged in collaborating to imple-ment solutions to the problem as-sociated with outdoor recreation. United Four Wheel Drive As-sociations (VFWDA) United Four Wheel Drive Asso-ciations is the world's leading rep-resentative of all-brand four wheel-drive enthusiasts. UFWDA ben-efits, developed and tested true over the past 30 years, include four wheel drive safety and awareness education; user ethics programs such as adopt-a-road, conservation volunteer, and volunteer trail pa-trol; assistance with new club for-mation; education seminars to aid four wheelers through complex state and federal programs affect-ing trail access; Internet forums de-signed to connect members globally and instantaneously; and unre-strained member access to its full-time legislative advocate and na-tionally-recognized attorney work-ing exclusively for four wheel drive enthusiasts to protect access and prevent road and trail closures. For more information on the UFWDA log on to www.ufwda.oq:: or call toll free 1-800-44-UFWDA (800-448-3932). BFGoodrich T ires Using motorsports as a proving ground for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires is involved in ev-ery type of racing, including oval, sports car, drifting, drag, desert, dirt, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock-crawling. BFGoodrich Tires combines tech-nological expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high-performance tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at . BFGoodricb. Tires Coatiaues its Support of SCORE lateraatioaal For 10 Years LOS ANGELES -Septem-ber 27, 2007 -On the eve of the biggest night in off-road history, BFGoodrich Tires announced an extension of its relationship with SCORE International and its Desert Racing Series. The agree-ment positions BFGoodrich Tires as the official tire of SCORE International into the year 2018. In ceremonies held last night at the Long Beach Performing Arts Cen-he e I illed Ii tested a Stranger ______ ___.Lighter tnan other cast wheels an the m arket Counter Pressure Casted Aluminum • Satin Smooth Machine Finish ·table in: 5x4. 15x7 Beadlacl'f an an•Beadlack VW 5 Lug Pattern · 5 an if!D5mm . ~ ... , 714.578.Bi!!!EiB 1 N. Placentia Ave November 2007 ter, BFG announced the ex-tension along with SCORE International President and CEO Sal Fish in front of an audience of more than 1,000 off-road enthusiasts, celebri-ties and media. The an-nouncement comes as part of the 40 Years to Glory gala, which honored the sport and its history. "SCORE International is proud to have BFGoodrich Tires extend its relationship that has continued to elevate this sport and its competi-tors," said Fish. "BFGoodrich Tires has be-come synonymous with off-road desert racing through its support of SCORE Inter-national and we are excited that they are continuing their efforts and service to off-road racing professionals and amateur competitors." SCORE officials are ex-pecting a record lineup of more than 350 racers from more than 40 states and 15 countries to battle for the top spots at the 40th Annual SCORE Baja 1000, which will be held November 10-16, 2007 from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A major-ity of the racers will be riding on BFGoodrich tires, which have played a decisive role to-wards winning the overall title at this event for 20 con-secutive years from 1986 through 2005. "SCORE International and its Desert Racing series Continued next page Beadlacks:·. □blue □black □red ~ opal/shed• Page 45

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has been the perfect platform for BFGoodrich Tires to de-velop the world's toughest off-road tires while support-ing the sport's most distin-guished competitors," said Todd Steen, motorsports marketing manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "We're thrilled to support SCORE International and its associ-ated off-road events which showcase the heritage and ac-complishments of our prod-ucts at the highest levels." BFGoodrich Tires' com-mitment to the growth of SCORE International and off-road racing is also demon-strated in its support of nu-merous competitors in 18 classes and several volunteer-based pit areas located along the racecourse of the Baja as Beat shown 1000. BFGoodrich Tires dedicates 10 full service trac-tor-trailer pit vehicles and nearly 250 volunteer and ac-tive personnel to support more than 7 3 percent of the field at the Baja 1000 who will be compet1t1ng on BFGoodrich Tires, a tradi-tion that has been in effect since 1981. Founded in 1973 by the late Mickey Thompson and led since 1974 by Sal Fish, SCORE International, based in Los Angeles, is the world's leading desert racing sanc-tioning body and race pro-ducer. SCORE annually pro-duces the six-race SCORE Desert Series with three events each in the Southwest-ern United States and Baja California, Mexico. For more information, contact SCORE at its Los Angeles headquarters 818.225.8402 or visit the official website of the SCORE Desert Series at www.score-i n te rna tion al. com. Using motorsports as a proving ground for more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires is involved in every type of racing, including oval, sports car, drifting, drag, desert, dirt, rally (Dakar and WRC) and ex-treme rock-crawling. BFGoodrich Tires combines technological expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high-perfor-mance tire for every type of vehicle. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at www. bf good rich ti NEW OWNER OF OFF-ROAD WARE-HOUSE (ORW), RANDY WEISSER, IS THE LATEST ADDI-TION TO THE OFF-ROAD BUSINESS ASSOCIATION'S BOARD OF DIREC-TORS BAKERSFIELD, CA (Sep-tember 12, 2007) At its monthly board meeting the ORBA Board Top CompetitoPs in eve,y Major Off Road Event Choose MasterCratt Seats and Restraints .,,,,. Including: Scott Douglas Evan Evans Mike Julson Curt and Kyle Le Due Rob Maccachren John Marking Carl Renezeder Matt Scaroni Dan smnh and Dave Ashley Scott Steinberger Shannon Campbell Aaron Dusenbery Walker Evans Johnny G. Mitch Guthrie Joachim Schweisow Tracy Jordan Jason Paule 1 800 565 4042 www.mas1ercra11sea1s.co01 Page 46 November 2007 of Directors voted to appoint Randy Weisser to fill the board position recently vacated by Howard Hughes, the former owner of ORW and a founding member of ORBA. Rocky Trevino, Chairman of the Board, stated "We are grateful for the dedication Howard has shown to ORBA and the off-road community. He will be missed." In June of 2007 Randy Weisser purchased ORW. When the opportunity presented itself to buy an off-road related busi-ness, it was a perfect fit for Randy. He started going to the desert when he was seven years old. Randy has been married for 26 years and has five chil-dren. Not only has he enjoyed off-roading with his family but he also competed in the SCORE race series from 1975 to 1982 in a Class One buggy. Currently he is a co-sponsor of the All German Motor Sports race team. "As a life-long off-roader, I am very excited about now own-ing a business in the industry that I have enjoyed for many years. The fact that ORW has a great reputation in the commu-nity was a major factor in my decision to buy ORW, and I in-tend to continue the tradition of excellent products and ser-vice under my ownership. Get-ting involved with ORBA as a Director and helping protect our industry and guide the fu-ture of ORBA is just icing on the cake," stated Randy. In ad-dition to being the owner of ORW, Randy is a real estate developer and owner of Unique Lighting Systems in Escondido, CA. ORBA PRESIDENT APPOINTED TO FED-ERAL RECREATION RESOURCE ADVI-SORY COMMITTEE Citizen's Federal Advisory Committee provides recom-mendations on fees applied to federal recreation areas BAKERSFIELD, CA (Octo-ber 4, 2007) ORBA's President & CEO, Roy Denner, has been appointed to the recently estab-lished Recreation Resource Ad-visory Committee (RRAC) for the Pacific Southwest Region. The purpose of this citizen's advisory committee is to provide recommendations on creating new or changing existing fees for entry to recreation areas man-aged by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Manage-ment. Denner, who testified in Congress regarding the fee pro-gram during its trial period, stated that "It is extremely im-portant to me that the bulk of any fees collected at federal rec-reation sites go right back to those sites to improve recreation opportunities." The RRAC is composed of five members who represent rec-reational users; three represent-ing outfitters and environmen-tal groups; and three who repre-sent tourism, Indian Tribes, and local government. The first meeting of the RRAC will take place in Sacramento on 11/5-6 at the California Travel and Tourism Board Room. Dusty Times

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•• 0.11BWE FORESTS RALLY Pastrana Takes Close Win Once again, Travis Pastrana and Christian Edstrom took the overall win in their Subaru WRX, seen here cornering hard. Travis Pastrana had all of the luck in the world on the final stage of the Ojibwe For-ests Pro Rally held in north-ern Minnesota in the forests near Bemidji. Limping into the finish with a blown tire he beat the other three top com-petitors who either had prob-lems or had decided to take it Page 48 easy and not endanger their chances of finishing. Pastrana and co-driver C hristian Edstrom for the most part led the rally from start to finish in their Subaru WRX-Sti and placed themselves back in the hunt for the 2007 champion-ship race with their win on the final weekend of August. Pastrana and his Subaru Rally Team USA teammate Ken Block have been trying to hold off the challenge of the Syms Rockstar Energy Drink team of X-Games gold medal-list Tanner Foust and his team-mate Andrew Pinker all year long. Block and h is co-driver Alex Gelsomino hAve had bad November 2007 luck at this rally in the past two tries crashing before the night stages began on the first day of each attempt . Tanner Foust and navigator Chrissy Beavis were back in the chase after having missed both STPR and Maine rallies early this summer due to his car drifting commitments in another se-ries. Tanner had bad luck last year while leading comfortably in the GR category only to hit a large rock that destroyed his rim and altered his suspension on the next to last stage. This would be Andrew Pinker and Robbie Durant's first attempt at Ojibwe together after An-drew lost his funding midway through last season. Many of the other top com-petitors decided to n ot at-tempt to run Ojibwe as their budgets were tapped out after running the X-Games three weeks prior. Andrew Comrie-Picard decided to save his Mitsubishi Evo 9 for the Rally Defi in Canada in early Sep-tember as did fellow Canadian Antoine L'Estage in his Hyundai Tiburon. The other Tiburon of Paul Choinere stayed at home as well. matt Iorio has decided to sit out the remainder of the Rally-America season to concentrate on a stronger effort for 2008 in his older but fast Subaru lmpreza. Top competitor Ramana Lagemann who had such a successful first half of the season destroyed the Cas-cade Racing Evo 7 at a prac-tice jump at the X-Games and rented their Evo 8 just to com-pete in the main event. Sadly, he too was tapped out. Top Group N Subaru WRX com-petitor Otis Dimiters had his tow rig break down on the re-turn trip to the east coast af-ter the X-Games in L.A. and was tapped out financially try-ing to make it back home. Chris Gilligan, who has had strong showings in the past at Ojibwe in his Mitsubishi Evo 4 opted to sit out the event in order to plan and finance his wedding in late September. The leader in the GT class, Patrick Moro, would have had to put his car back into GT mode again after building the car into an open class for the X-Games. As well, his naviga-tor Mike Rossey had other commitments overseas so the team was notably absent. This didn't mean that the competition was weak behind the top four. The Production GT class was populated with many fast Subaru WRX's. Mat-thew Johnson crashed in Or-egon DNF'ed at STPR and then attempted to get a spot in the X-Games by renting an Open class car at Maine and lost the gamble. He was back with his regular mount and hungry for a win. Stephan Verdier has been his closest competition this year in the ex-Foust WRX and was back in the GT class points hunt after a win at Maine. Piotr Wiktorczyk showed up with his brand new ride for POT and could pose a threat as he Dusty Times

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A great win in the Production Class went to Jan and Jody Zedril, 18 year old Kyle Sarasin and Mikael Johannson took the Group 5 Chris Duplessis and navigator Martin Headland were the Group 2 the Winnipeg troops are seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer. win and they were fourth overall in their Ford Focus SVT. winners, they're seen here throwin' dirt in their VW GTi. has done well on these roads contenders in the country all had wins this season. extricated from the woods. lost several minutes limping to in the past. He took an over-show up on the same playing Duplessis was steadily closing After four stages the top the end of Stage 5 while run-all win in the Headwaters field. Cary Kendall was back the gap in the points chase. four cars were separated by a ning his strongest event so far Club Rally in northern Minne-in his Dodge SRT-4 after hav-Adam Bouillion and his Ford mere 31 seconds! Pastrana and this year. Then before the end sota in 2004 three weeks be-ing an amazing come from way Focus opted to sit out Ojibwe Foust traded top times, how-of the final stage Kenny fore that car was destroyed in behind victory last year in that due to a work conflict. ever Travis led by three sec-Bartram, who had moved into a fiery crash at STPR. Bryan class. His closest competition Several regulars went out onds going into the service fifth overall, rolled his WRX Pepp has always been fast at all season has been from 18 early on. Before the start of break. Pinker was out of the into a ditch and landed on its Ojibwe, as he has been com-year.-old sensation Kyle Sarasin the rally top Group 5 competi-lead by 16.4 seconds and side. peting here regularly since in his Ford Focus SVT. Kyle tor Bob Olson had his Mazda Block trailed him in fourth. After Day 1, Ken Block had 1993, and could pose a threat had a bad crash at Maine in RX-8 quit in transit to the first Stephan Verdier ran in fifth made up for his deficit and to the other top GT teams. July and now the car was back stage leaving the other three overall and first in GT, fol-posted fast time on the final Tim Penasack made the trek with a new blue and yellow competitors in that class to lowed by "Cowboy" Kenny stage. Actually, he tied Foust from the east coast in his paint scheme. Lars Wolfe battle it out. Less than a mile Bartram in his Open class who had an identical time of Dunkin Donuts sponsored car brought his VW Jetta from the into Stage 1 the top Group 2 Subaru WRX. Travis Hanson 5:05.0. Pastrana still led by and Travis Hanson made the west coast and Bob Olson con-car of Michel Hoche-Mong ran sixth overall and second in 42.2 seconds over Foust, but trek from lower Michigan. Fill-verted his Group 2 Mazda RX-went out with a snapped GT class, followed by Cary now Block was gaining ground ing out the class was Heath 8 into a Group 5 car. Both driveshaft and no tow to the Kendall in his Group 5 lead-and moved into third at 1:09.4 Nunnemacher who has had· could pose a threat to the end of the stage. Then the big ing SRT-4, Bryan Peppin his behind his teammate. Pinker steady finishes all season. other two. upset was on Stage 2 when GT class Subaru, and Kyle was now 1:20.2 back from Regular competitor Justin Group 2 was a rematch of Matthew Johnson went too Sarasin's Focus to round out Pastrana, but still running Pritchard was away competing the top two competitors from wide on an S-curve and did a the top ten. consistent times near the at a road race in Canada each coast and both were in slow roll off the road in his As the sun set more attri-front. Verdier was back in Ojibwe weekend. The GT class older Mark II VW GTI's. GT class Subaru. Fellow GT tion took place. Travis Hanson fifth position after Bartram's winner at 2007 Ojibwe was the Chris Duplessis and Michel competitor Tim Penasack had clipped a bank and broke a roll. The top two Group 5 upset of the season! More to Hoche-Mong were the only a fast off on the next stage. control arm and stopped mid-cars, Kendall and Sarasin, follow. two competitors in the na-Damage seemed minimal, way through Stage 5. Bad luck were in sixth and seventh. Af-Group 5 had the four top tional event, but each have however, the car needed to be also came to Bryan Pepp who Continued next page Dusty Times November 2007 Page 49

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I i I i I I ' I I r JMR 1001 BENDER WITH THREE ROUND DIES 1", 1·1/4" AND 1-1/2" CAPACITY: 2·1 /2" ROUND TUBE 2" SQUARE TUBE 2" SCH 4D PIPE Will BEND .250 WALL 4130 TUBE UPTO 2" OD 177084 SALE $2,995·00 COME IN AND SEE OUR lARGE SELECTION OF METAL TUBING* ONTARIO 1·800/792-9762 IRWINDALE 1-800/600-PIPE SAN BERNARDINO 1·800/877-4269 BURBANK 1·800/400-3446 BRING IN THIS AD FOR ' $50·00 OFF THE JMR 1001 BENDER HESPERIA 1-800/7·PA110N LANCASTER 661 /942-2755 6 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU • FOR All YOUR METAL WORKING NEEDS • •cALL YOUR LOCAL BRANCH FOR STOCKED SIZES ter the numerous DNF's, Josh Chang in the sole Group N car for the event held eighth spot in his Subaru WRX. Chris Duplessis in the only remain-ing Group 2 car moved into ninth and Dave Hintz moved into tenth in his Open class WRX. Page so Day 2 saw more attrition early on. After losing ground near the end of Day 1 after running in the top ten, Bryan Pepp put his GT class WRX on its lid ending his weekend. Two stages later, Cary Kendall had a rock hit the fuel cell, which caused a freak happen-RACE READY PRODUCTS 103 PRESS LANE SUITE 4 CHULA VISTA, CA 91910 ing that led to the fuel pickup flopping around inside the cell and the car dead by the side of the road. This handed sixth overall and the Group 5 lead to Sarasin. Foust and Block started gaining ground over the leader Pastrana near the end of the (619)691-9171 (866) 891-9171 TOLL FREE (619) 691-0803 FAX November 2007 rally. At the midday break Pastrana's lead was now at a mere 11.6 seconds over Foust and Block was only 28. 7 sec-onds back. In fourth and ready to pounce if anything hap-pened to the front three was Pinker now 1,29.0 off the pace. The next three stagt!s proved for an excellent show-down, especially the final stage. 3.1 seconds separated the top three drivers individual stage times o n both Stages 13 and 14. Stage 15 was one of those classic storybook stages. Pastrana midway through the stage had a flat, but continued to press on at least possibly hoping for a podium finish. Foust was driving all-out and hit a rock again on the same stage that took him out of con-tention last year. The right-front corner was rearranged with the tire pointed outward at a 45-degree angle. Block, seeing the damaged SYMS team car, decided to lift and hope for second place, how-ever in hindsight had he been pushing would have won. Pinker, fourth on the road, had a flat early on in the stage and opted to change it losing several minutes to do so. With all of this action go-ing on, the GT leader, Verdier, had no idea that he had been running with a right-front flat and o n a fast right-hander put the car off onto a pile of rocks o n the sh oreline of a lake. Stephan and his co-driver Scott Crouch frantically at-tempted to heave the car off the rocks but got no grip as it was high-centered. Now Piotr Wiktorczyk had been leading the GT battle at this point, however in impound the car had several items that were not in compliance with the rules so he was awarded fourth in class even though two cars in GT were still running. With that, Heath Nunnemacher was the surprise winner! So after the drama of the fi-nal stage was sorted out Pastrana beat Block by I: 16. 2 and Pinker was 7: 16.0 behind. The big surprise was that Sarasin ran steady to take fourth and with Group 5 in his Focus almost 20 minutes behind Pastrana's winning time. Josh Chang took home fifth and the Group N win, with Dave Hintz sixth, Henry Krolikowski seventh in his ag-ing WRX, and Dimitri Kishkarev in his Mitsubishi Evo 4 eighth. GT winner Nunnemacher was scored as ninth and after penalties were assessed to Wiktorczyk he was classified tenth. Duplessis did bring home the Group 2 win in his VW GTI and Jan Zedril, the "local boy" from nearby Winnipeg, Canada, was the Production class winner in his two wheel drive Mitsubishi Lancer ES. With two even ts left in the season, Colorado Rally in late September and Lake Superior Performance Rally the final weekend of October, the points battle is really shaping up between Pinker, Pastrana, and Block for the overall championship. The GT battle still has Ojibwe no-show Patrick Moro out front how-ever if he slips up at either event Johnson o r Verdier might be able to catch him. Group N now has Josh Chang leading the championship over Otis Dimiters who may be finished for the season. Group 5 has Cary Kendall with a narrower margin of a points lead over Kyle Sarasin with Lars Wolfe trailing fur-ther back after a third place class finish at Ojibwe. Chris Duplessis and Michel Hoche-Mong are now at a near dead heat for the Group 2 champi-onship with Duplessis having a slight points margin. In Pro-duction class, James Robinson (Honda Civic) still holds a lead over Jim Stevens (Suzuki Swift) and Jan Zedril whose win at Ojibwe along with high-placings at the final two events could make him the class champion with only three events under his belt. This is with a car that was purchased in July. Not bad for a rookie. The overview of Colorado and a full report on LSPR will be in next month's issue. For more photos from Ojibwe For-est Rally, go to of07. On a sad note, rallying lost one of its best-loved characters on September 10th after a battle with terminal cancer. Jake Himes of Duluth, MN was 3 3, husband to a beau ti-fu l wife Danielle, and father to four young kids. Jake was originally a spec-tator of the sport back in the mid-nineties and would hike into the best spots to spec-tate. In the late-nineties he started navigating for Eric Seppanen in his Nissan Sentra SER. Then in late 2002 Jake had his first shot in the driver's seat at Magnum Opus Club Rally and stunned everyone there with a fifth place finish ... in a PRODUC-TION class car!!! Jake ran his first national event the fol-lowing year at Oj ibwe and rolled while chasing down one of the top Group N com-petitors. He continued to run the Sentra for two more years primarily concentrating on club events. In 2005, he switched to rear-drive and purchased the ex-Nui Srisook Mazda RX-7. and was abso-lutely stinkin' fast in both national events that he ran in the U .S. Then he took on a Canadian event late in 2005 and wowed the crowd at Canada's biggest rally with a seventh overall finish against a lot of WRX's, Evo's, and a fast four wheel drive Tiburon. Jake sat out 2006 and concen-trated on his logging business and developing the Max At-tack series for two wheel drive cars to run concurrent with both NASA and Rally-America series. It was late in the year last year when he found out that he had a cancerous tumor on his hip. It was removed and chemotherapy and radiation followed. By spring he was getting back to normal and his strength was returning. When I saw him last at Ojibwe on August 25th, he looked great, but told me that he had side pain. Sadly the Dusty Times

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First in Group N, fifth overall, Josh Chang and Alex Kihurani had a Your loss, our gain - Heath and Heidi Nunnemacher took the GT Piotr Wiktorczyk and Martin Brady, Subaru WRX had the GT category great rally, seen here in their Subaru WRX. Class win in their Subaru WRX, seen here at speed. win but they were penalized in the post rally inspection. Lars Wolfe and Jeff Secor took second place in the Group 5 fracas, Have some dirt, Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino really throw some Stephan Verdier and Scott Crouch led GT Class all the way but on seen here at speed in their VW Turbo Jetta. around as they careen to a second overall finish in their Subaru WRX. the final stage they slid off the road in their Subaru WRX. Monday after Ojibwe he went logging business and manag-can send money to is: community. ing. Many images not posted back to the doctor and was ing a family. Jake's calm that Many old rally photos from from events in the past will given the sad news that his meanor, dry sense of humor, will get transferred to the fund 1986-1996 are now posted at finally be online. There is a cancer was back and had love of the Upper Peninsula of at Wells Fargo, or checks can Over search tool now available so spread rapidly. Two weeks al-Michigan, pasties, and saunas be sent to: Steve Kovala, Bank, the coming winter months old that you can enter either a ter, Jake had passed. were apparent in his postings President, 220 Northwest First negatives from both pro and driver or navigator's name to It's really sad to see a per-on Avenue, Grand Rapids, MN club events from 1997-2004 bring up all of the photos of son who loved the sport ana Donations are being taken 55744. will be rescanned for getter the cars that a particular did so much for it in a short to help his family via Jake, you will be dearly quality and bad photos cor-person had driven or navi-time while growing his own The address you missed by the entire U.S. rally rected for better quality view-gated in. <MJ HONDA Power Equipment POW£'11 HONDA. Glt!!Nl!it:tA'TOAB $< PUMP,a UCER & SPECTATOR DISCOUNTS • GENERATORS • TIU ERS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • LAWNMOWERS • WATERPuMPS Calilornia's Largest Source lor Honda Power Equipment Parts fl Inventory IF WE DON T NIIYE 11: NO ONE DOE.II Check Our Website: Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 (323) 264-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 Nothing' s easier. For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2007 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Dusty Times November 2007 Page 51

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Good stuff Dlrectorv Air Cleaners for Off-Road Racing. From Baja to Dakar. For a list of dealers visit our website at /'~ (AIRSERTS~ •·••••-'/ CELLULAR TIRE INSERTS Preliminary announcement: new technology that flat-proofs I blowout-proofs pneumatic tires. Please go to: WWW.airsertS.COffl for information and a video demonstration of AIRSERTS™ Cellular Tire Inserts. OFF-ROAD FUEL CELLS SCORE• CORR• SODA • MAORA PRERUNNERS •RALLY -~ ETC < , ~ ,. custom SA144 t; Sizes Toll Free: 800-S26-S330 Fax: 201-825-1962 e-Mall: ..A.~-1:.. Off-Road Fiberglass• Off-Road Truck Fabricalion Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 MOTORSP.ORTS lhelJaJashoJl@t3t1hlln1uit, TEI= 114.rJlt.11945 FAX;JM.219.8118 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151,, lr1111.CAHISI· RACECARS "' < ;-.-...;~: . . , a . John Baker Race Car Fab<ication • Race Prep. Transmissions • Fiberglass 15821 Graham Street • Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: 714-891-3086 • Fox: 714-892-6360 MOTORHOMES, ~ · ~ SPORTDECKS & :ul'dOd.9. TRAILERS ~~~ J .--,tlfl ()an• (480) 598-2600 600 S. 56th St., Bldg. A-7, Chandler, AZ. 85226 Mobile (623) 326-8470 Fax (480) 598-2800 RENATA REHM-MUNRO Renegade Sales BRANDWOOD CARS for mld--englnes and other applications 602.437-31()7 Castom V~hicle Shifter . Advltl!ag■a: -- 51% i~ased air flow. • No o11 required on r111« element . • Filtef~ capure machined. • Slzn 12• or 1S' L!J 19'T • Billet mountillg ctampa.. • No exttmai wtlda. • Mel Off toad Ports • EaiY deaniog Flni$h. Air F>lle<s. Spindles. Hul:>5 95?\ i'ld>w,y S, •• S•n«•<, ('.:.. 91011 Ph: (619)562,3071 fax: (619)562•0592 Offroad to Strfft,. Prerunner to Race -Chut9 Design --Race Prep -All General Ferfoatlon *•••1 174S9UaoSt#E Heepet1a CA 92.Mt ~~,-Raceair Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoel, Simpson .Jlower systems & cool boxes ....... 2 ... 700 1" llocldn9 Hone e,. •Chula,,...._ ca •1•·"· CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#. (951)-Nl-8820 products in stock 'Race Proven Fabrication: Boat« Fiberglass · ~ple Dies Desert= Tubing Benders Short Course tmcks Bypass valves+tubes Pari&-Dakar trucks Sway-bar Arms O"'""' -----~ QUALITY 1!11!:AOI.CC:lC WHl!:1:1.S --•EAIHJICI( ■INCC '.,.. •ou;~ 1 s"--1 6°·• 1 7" ~ - - . ALL ALUMINUM BEAOLOCK WHEELS ANO CONVER.SICNS CHAMPION WHl!:l:L CC. INC, 1 S537 QOl,.LlltR (95 1) 471 •21 8:3 L.A!<E £LSINORE CA, 92531 WWW.CHAMPIONWHEEL,COM CHENOWTH ttACINt. PltODIJCTS. INC. [CN<] CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 275-1663 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449·7103 Manvfocturers of Broke and Clutch Pedal AsS) Moster Cylinder$ Slave Cylinders Cutting and Sto1Jing Brakes Hydroulic Throttles Throttle Pedals a~ oil of ovr accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog

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227 Calle Pintoresco San Oemente, CA 92672 FL OA TEA REAR €NOS• r'RONT HUBS• AX:LES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS • KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239~2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree tane • Templeton. CA.93465 II Countrywide~ BRADnJRPIN HOME LOANS SR. HOME LoAN CoNSULTANT 27805 SANTA MARGARITA PKWY MJSSI0N V1~0, CA 92691 (949) 291-3158 Cw, (949) 707-2223 OFF1CE (866) 379-0298 FAX W\VW,HOME,COUNTRYWIDE.COM/BRAITTURP!N BRMl_ TURPIN@COl!NrR\'WJDF..C0M Ofl:ICIAL RACE FUEi.ii FUEL Of NASCAR 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY 01&. COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRIHGSt CA ,-·•-~ r'-·--~ _/' .. ,._ ,., ,. •-. ~-----··PfSTON CALLTODAYt PH: 949 .. 567 .9000 1$02~. IMne. CA ffl1◄ A.~ofPlrnitl~~ ·•STOCK• FUlL RAO:• TRANSFER CASES fhmlliln.w:m. ® 9~ JIR~(e:fmt~ . ~rwta1.lll~mfi.~~ft11Hll~ 18273 Grand Ave. #6 rqnm R7A-1 Rf:;q Lake 8sinore, CA 92530 (951) 67$-1669 a,..;_L.a..l .... ~-.:,~..-..::. .. Sfflia!i!iH ua-• .......... ........... . __._.. FMda • ....._NDO ..,._ .... ltNllllft-AU111uatlv ~&l~U _;Fu 'tri~u <,Toll Fm 800-«S7~~ MATI'H.&W@CUSTOMD£CALCOM ,,. BEST SERVICE IN THE WEST cto"~!..~!~ff .~ KYMCO ATVS SCOOTERS MOTORCYCLES MUH, •• ...,... Nl:W USED CUSTOM Cory, Sffly, Mike, Chrit 91tt & Gland Avenue 11808 N 91st Av Peori1, AZ 853-45 Ph 623-334-334$ FAX 623•334-3730 Toll Fr": 866-7<15-0,C34 WWW.DESERTTO'YZATV.COM REPAIR SERVICE FABRICATION SUSPENSION PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREP & FUEL CUSTOM RIINO FABRICATION DESEllTTOVZATVOlfOTMAH •• COM 24 Years al service To The OIi Road Industry 818-882-0004 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 /}ta PlllF8RMAICB 1558 No. Case • Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 GREG QUINN CELL (562) 843-4355 (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 We use & 1'8commelld Re\< IM, [\t,INt\, TRAN\'\11\\101'\.\ A''-1) OHRO.\IJ PART\ : ~nd or-call for uur ucw catalog S.S.00 BRUCE FRALEY 702365.9055

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,------------- - -------------- ----------- - ·----HEADFWW MASTERS Adrian JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' rlRNNllNIJ Quality RacJng Tran.axles Mendeola Dealer Off Road -Sand Specialist JOE GIFFIN JOO I E. l;i Jolla St. #I 2466 S. SAN'U FE AVE. #F VISTA CA. 92084 PHONE (760) 727- 1827 Anal\eim. California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Fax (714) 632-1223 Email: www.JO' (81'8) 766-6134 (800} 800-6134 FAX (818}'766•9397 $ .SUZUKI S&Ot.•AIIID BILL ROBERTSON & SONS; INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 _ HUSTLE:~ concEPTs -C.,,KAJA SHOP J eue Rodrigaes PH. 714-897-0701 Fax:714-1197-0758 (iunce1967) 714 N Lemon SI, o..,,ge.CA. ;2867 www.t-.uslle, Mike Julson 9426 Wheatland• Court .. nt-, CA 92071 619-998-3380 61N96-3364fax www..Jlmconte•.com .It ttez _____ _ Ceorge Jimenez Se Hobfo Espoifol RACING ENGINB COMPl.ffi £NGIN£S • PARTS II OYNO SERVICE 535 E .. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel: (714) S3S.5116 Fax: (714) 535-5816 .JON KINNE 520 Railroad St., Corona, CA 92882 Tel. 951-278-2233• Fax: 951-278-8335 • Lonely Long Advertising Term Space Relationship Looking Call For (818) 882-0004 HONDA EQu1pment OUT 110.AJID ENGINE • GENERATOR &PttCIAUSl Kawaguchi Honda Corp .. www.Kawaguchihonda.tom ART KAWAGUCHI 3S32 usr 3AO sT. Fax 323-264-2138 I.OS A .. GEWI. CA 9CI06'l 323-264-5868 Derek Kreger PII: 714.289.9048 fl: 114.631.1854 1214 N. Parker Unti # 3 Orange. CA 92867 POWER E STEERINO THOMAS E. LEE LEE MFG. ~O. 114111 PENOLETOM&TAl!ET SUNWl.£'1, CA91312 F,-X (918} 7M-N7 {818)7~ Afulll.,.ofF'owet~gNta, pum~ and ~ for any type of tl!Cffl9. Mllgnaflux and Zyglo fllclU1ieil avai~. *CustomCIIIUh •Race Prep 'Aluminum Woric ~ Engineering ·Magn.nux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320ARROW HWY LA VERNE. CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER p~ RACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Race Seats• Restraints• Storage Bags Window Nets • Limit Straps • Tie Downs 11433 Woodside Avenue• Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 619/449-9454 YOUR On:-RDAD Catch us ~n the Net/ SPECIALISTS/ I'll~ (714) 441-1212 FAX• (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE. ANAHEIM, CA 92806 1695 CACTUS RD. SAN DIEGO, CA 921 54 Todd Dwyar T. (619) 710-8800 F. (619)710-1640 1900 Comptoo Ave. Suite 101, Caooa, tA 92881 Pt100e (951)817-0101 Ext.156 619-562-5533

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Off Road Fabrication tJJJd t>uign ~ fflosl!Billt® FtK1&tion/Sfrl:ngth/Saf l!ty/Pride • Sand Cats M4tN l,y Hand ill tlte USA • Tn,;dcs •Rau~ • ~ JOHN MOSELEY Z36 JQSQn CoUM Corona, CA 92819 9Sl-2]?-3026. fo.x 951-l7Z•On6 Ownul'Fobri<:c,,to,-♦ Pally Car$ • CurtOJO -.l'IIOsebilt.cClft\ IIILTONF•1ION.• RAO CAIi$ l'IIBfUML.U OUM ,._D °"'-.. ,....,NIIJIIJ4 Ma,.., lllll"AIII$ 661-974-7961 llt.:J flLJt.1 f■ •1,-;,4 , •• ,,.,.,,,. YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE AUTOTRONIC CONTROL& CORPORATION 1490 HeNRY Eli.::IE_NNA N OA., Cl. P AGO. TX 78B3E2 19151857-s:>no • IH>tl!M' 1!'115185~ 1123 • v,sn OUPWES SUE wwwroso,gnmn.tool Shop: 714-893-8106 1.5222 Connector Lane Fax; 714-893-8123 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 www OfF-ROi.O RAClllG TUBE BENDERS Y•" TO 3" O.D. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COtD SAWS • ABRASIVES www.mtt:chsupp/ 4B0-7Zo-ZB76 We c8n'Beadlock<iia•·--•. ::-~, YOUR RIMSH _ . u' S. fit ATV rt,..1""~ aze. to Ment"' .,. . ·--. ,.,., I. AIJT0MOTNE applications Parts for: POLISHED & COLORED FINISHES SCALLOPED OR CONVENTIONAL Reinforcing Ringt Also Available Phone - (951 ) 354-8272 WWW .OMfPERfQRMANCE. com Dune Buggy • Race Car • VW Engine • Subaru Engine Parts Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1-800-231-8156 2525 East 16th Street • Yuma. AZ. 85365 928-783-6265 • Fax 928-783-1253 3834 Wacktr Drin Pre,lsion Allay, lit/. Todd fronds 25805 I.E. 46' Ave. lid{lefield, WA 98i42 · 951.3605906 951.360.0436 fu 800.700.2350 Hirt lo!N, CA 91152 ,, www.parbrpump,uom For The Price Of A Phone Call And A Few Bucks A Month Your Ad could Be Here s1 s-ss2-0004· , - 'I'll,., a :- · @§!:!!:, - -•l st _, - D · .--,,-ASRICATION, INC 1660~ Mdingll· C0$1a Maso. CA 9?.6?.7 l8. f94916so-3035 FAX 194?1650-:4721 •-.• Jetty,... • Radios • GPS • Intercoms • Headsets • • Wired helmets • GPS Protectorz • 1-877-WEE-RACE www . 12221 Poplar St, Unit&, Hesperia, CA 92345 (}ary <Powe{{ Motorsports: Electrical Design & Manufacturing Since 1988 Ph: (949) 735-9039 Fax:: (949) 459~0085 PAOTRUC:K RACING ORGANIZATION A High Perfonnance Spec V8 Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class .. P1ottuek &al•• and Pl'OfflOtlon Website: Emal!. p, lei: 111490tt2S2 Fax:a~ , ... Bond Cowt ·£1 Qafon. CA~ • Hi.Performance Equipment ~ • 5afety • DdveliM • Accessories (619) 69t-9t71 (619) 691·9174 (619) 691..()803 (fAXJ 103 Pl'6$$ lan6, Suite 114 ChuUI V'tsta. CA 91910 tN11ai/: ,prod1

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. M .6306 . .-ifs.542.0233 ONLY.COM ........... ~ CraigS~ Phone;6~~ f,...111~444-?67'1 Cd; 6'9-726-8891 fabrication & Race Preparation 9419 Abraham Way ~<ffllff, CA 9207! tf .. lit.,'.,.•JJ..:t ... ~~~~-~!l..T. «'l:livf~rt..u:om Salee& Service PH: 114.688.6131 • Fl: 714..680.3110 TDII free: 800.304.8726 101 5 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 9 2 8 3 1 will get vou In gear S•I. Hrlltil: -Swllt•II ...... t .. 1-114 ........ ...... , . ......... suu .. ,,arls#l lltvi.1■1.lln!II 1111! 1,•u.111,., tJIUffl.lSU RANCHO DRIVETRAIN ENGINEERING Tony Selva, Jr. 27598 Commerce Confer Or;ve Temecula, CA 92590 n<ONt95 l.676.6569 fAO<Mllt951 .676.11.41 ts e tvo@ron ch od rivet r o QlJAIJl'Y /s,tr ExPf:NSNE, Ir's l'RtcELEss! VALW TRAIN PRooucrs • Cus10M HEAD Womc 760/848-4698 • FAK 7BO/S48485S IIN'ININ'.ROVALILEBPRING.C::0116 ,.,,,..,... .tr::='-. td#ir £Gffi:C:7 Barry Beacham 102j Calle Sombra - Unit A San Clemente, CA 92673 Office 949-361-4388 Fax 949-361-4352 A Tatum Distributor t«i,,, !lioJI» -Specializing in Ott-Road Racing & Driving For OWr 21 Yul'$ 1'/~ o/ :!°'!'!fa. .,_ q.a 21)(}()..2001 • PIM 9 ~ o/ e;.,,.,,.,,. ro ~ 'kl""' Mlg Weldtag • Tig Wtlding Upgrades & Repairs 8afa•Proven Equipment 5294 N. Casa Grande Hwy • Ste 102 Tucson, Az 85743 520-850-3693 fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. L~ MET Ali PROCESSING 5t21 W~o«1 Ave., Los Allgeks, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 SANDBLAST-OLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PA.RTICU; fl.OUR£SCENT INSPECTION MARKSMITH LARRY SMITH Do You Need To E X P. A N 818-882-0004 LAURA RICHAAO S, B. ENGINEERING ''SUPER SOOT" HCA66. BOX 11030 P.AHRUMP {CRYSTAL) NV 89048 (775) 372"533$ TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821-(714} 447-3581 Fax (114) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGHS• BAAIIEIIS • ~ttlOOW ~fmJIJr.G • CAA lETTERING • GAAPlflCS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway C,rc!e • Huntingto1 Beach CA 92'649 (714) 897-0075 • fa'.\,· 17141 694-.9567 PEIIF~ PREP • SET-UP • MAINTENANCE • ELECTRICAL Sean Kennedy (714) 470-5552 SPEClloL/ZINC IN E. t1°iiPIDNSHIP -~RACIIG RACERIEl8 Paul _Oil Company "WESTERN DIVISION {209) 947-2281 (8001 527-6090 FAX!209JB47-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. Oakdale. California 95361 T & J's Diesel Performance \ ~ Extreme Performanc.e Oies&l Exhausts & Performance Accessories Powerstroke, Duramax, Cummins 714-924-5094 Placentia, CA 92870

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2180 Coll.eve D~ive • Lake l-lavasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • Ht Performance Convertet5 Custom Length AxltH • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hub$ • . (for Race a.. Recreation) Input Shafts• American Made Excellence!! • Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, C~evy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Baena \llsta St. • ,-ee Ca. 92543 Ph: 951-654-7334 Fax: 951..fifU.2376 See a list of oar prod~ our welt site: http://,.,.,.. .off~.oom 11&1& ENGINEERING VP Racing Fuels, Inc. West Coast Region P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar. CA 92595 •o,t11ty 1.,,, ' ,,.,, ,,, ..,.,,,.,, .. W'61ll1 • www.,pr,a,,• KELLEY HENDEL Regional Manager Ottice:(951} 674-9167 Fax(~Sl~ 674-7367 Email: ,O::.;...!lll:;,;..a...;,...PNNr seC()4.ilNl/5 «(:R~fi' UJRtJS' •BKJ rtJIMCY MAJN~.,_~l#NJ,.U!lµIN~• ,760-949-1220, For A Few Bucks You can Increase Your Productivity JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763Varle1Ave. 81 B•■■-•DDD• Chatsworth, CA 91311 A 1015 E. Elm Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831 Kevin Pirtle 22545 South Normandie Ave, Torrance, California 90501 (619) 596-8033 i 000 W. Bradley. Unit Q El Cajon, CA 92020 cartoa Oro~co SCORE ENGINE BUILDER Of THE YEAR 994, 1998, 1999, From Parts To COmplel~ EngJntl 3265 W. Birtcher Drive, Las.Vegas, NV 89118 702-'837-2522 ~N.2bt0t. Phoenix, AZ 15021 Jack Wood$ 602-242-4017 fall 602-242•'213 Race Cars Dune Buggies Baja Bugs Lorenzo Rodriguez li "'1<m•ss.cns • Parts • Sc,w:e • We'd•ni: VW .. ~ne • 1><,,un • ToYoU • Hond.> 8S0 S. Alta Vista Ave .. Monrovia. CA 91016 {626) 30!>-RACE {7223; • (626) 3S7-6629 Fax www, _x-a-, ··----..• RRCE PREP SHOP • BUGGIES •SRRDCRRS •SHUCKS • TRUCKS • l'RE·RUDDERS • FRBRICRTJOD 818) '126-2260 World Leading Motorsport Transmission Manufacturer 11 Dakar Rally Victories 17 World Rally Victories 6 AMA MX/SX Championships Xtrac Inc 6183 West 80th Street Indianapolis IN 46278 email: Tel: (317) 472 2454 '383' Baja aass 1/10 sequential Transaxle

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Classlfled ••• Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be le-gal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for informa-tion before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: Class 10 FOR SALE, King Shocks, Fortin, 934 custom, Major Performance Honda, Fortin rack, very fast, ready to race. $55,000.00 (Single Seat) (619) 654-6423, (619) 770-3699. FOR SALE: AG PreRunner, 4 seat, LSI, Fortin 5 speed, King Shocks, 935 CV, OPS, Intercom, Reliable and fun car. $60K. Call Todd (619) 239-4176. FOR SALE: Jimco 2 seat race car, SCORE tagged, 440 HP LS2, Fortin Wide gear 4 Speed, King Shocks, 1 l0W race radio, Avcomm intercom, UMI Filters, Pro-Am Hubs, 35 spline axles, 6 Hella HID, driver controlled light bar, 7" OPS, Beard seats, 40 gal fuel cell, Fresh Prep, Spare parts package includes ra-dios, 10 wheels, pit boxes. Call Tim @ (626) 893-1976. $125,000.00 OBO. FOR SALE: One of the best Class 8 trucks you will find cur-rently racing. Front susp: King 3' Triple bypass and 2.5' coil overs. Bump stops. I Beam with Pro-am Trophy Truck Clevis & spindles. Pro-Am14' rotors. Pro-am brake calipers and hubs. Rear susp: King Triple bypass and 3' coil overs. King Bump stops. Bullet proof Dana 60 rearend. Summers Bros. Hubs and 40 spline axles. Willwood · discs. Howe steering box, pump and assist ram, Duel oil filters, Duel oil coolers. Mogie C-6 tranny with duel coolers, Duel MSD ignition. Duel fuel pumps, (one is back up) Duel optima batteries. New Mastercraft 3-G seats. New PCI/Kenwood 1200 radio w. in-tercom. Lowrance 7' OPS 17" Walker Evans bead locks with 37' BFG projects. 750hp, 434 c.i. 700 ft lbs torqe @ 55000 RPMS. Will sell with or with-out engine. With plenty of spare parts. With engine: $100,000.00 without engine: $85,000.00. Willing to negoti-ate. (909) 748-0344 Mark. FOR SALE: 2007 Jimco class 1, HP Engine Chev SB 630HP, 620T Torque converter with sequential Fortin 5 spd. Hyd. In car jacks, Lowrance OPS, !-Kenwood VHF 110w, !-Kenwood UHF-1 l0w, PCI in-tercom, fire sys, Mastercraft 3g's. dual engine-brains, front and roof light bars with 8 Hella HID, stainless exhaust and too many details to list. 300 test and pre-run miles only with complete prep and set-up by Jimco. Very reliable and fast with 140 mph top end. $220K-(760) 787-1737 or FOR SALE: 2006 Herman MotorS'ports "Avenger" 2 seat Class 1/1500 race car. SCORE legal and tagged complete race prep, new LS7 engine, Mendeola transmis-sion, King Shocks, 55 gal. fuel cell. Comes complete with lights, tool bags, air jack, impact gun etc. $150,000.00. OBO Call Dan (775) 690-4791 or email FOR SALE: ProComp Trophy Truck. Formally The Corona Trophy Truck. Best of every-thing. State of th!! art CAD tech-nology. Complete with 800 horsepower engine., King ·Shocks, 7 5 gallon fuel cell, bul-letproof 37" BFGoodrich tires w/ KMC headlocks. This truck is fully Race prepped. Just in time for the Baja 1000. $275,000.00 (760) 353-2110 Brandon. FOR SALE: 2006 Potter Pre-Run ner, Redline LS2, 610 HP, UMP Air filters, Fortin 4-speed, Fortin hubs, 934CV's, Fortin Steering Rack, Kings 3inch rear, 2.5 inch front, Walker Evans wheels on 35" BFG Projects, 38" Paddles on Douglas Beadlocks rear, 35" Baja Pro's on Douglas Beadlocks front, Lowrence OPS, PCI Radio and Intercom, Digital Display Dash, HID Lights. Car is fully prepped. Desert or Glamis ready! Asking $95,000.00 Call (714) 785-3343 . FOR SALE: New Class 8 by C&D Fabworks. Incredible workmanship, all the good stuff, featured in the issue of Off Road Mag. This truck is fast, strong and nimble. L.R. tested and approved, first race netted a 1" overall. Just 3 races, on I y prepped by C&D. Perfect condition. See details at www. towe ryho mes. com/ offroadhtml. $115,000.00 OBO. incl trailer. Matt (661) 304-5864. FOR SALE: G&R Racing's Chevy Pre-Runner extremely re-liable, Geiser Brother's has com-pletely gone through this truck. Features a New Redline LS2 alu-minum 550hp motor, four speed 4L80 transmission, new Howe steering box with T-pump, 3" King bypass and coils, big Tro-phy Truck style brakes and 6 lug hubs, Chrisman rear end hous-ing and gear set, 6 new 37" BFGoodrich tires on Robby wheels with another 6, 4 Vision X HID's, power everything, cold AC, tilt Momo steering wheel, new Beard seats, big Kenwood radio with PCI intercom, XM radio, & Global Star station, 6" color OPS, air compressor, two big storage boxes, new paint. Great pre-runner with all of the bugs worked out. This truck knows its way around Baja. Call Brian Godfrey @ 602-999-6123 Asking 185K FOR SALE: 2005 Fraley 1/ 1600. New dual port engine. Dual MSD Ignition, Dave Folts trans with Questtek. Fox 2.5 by-pass in rear with 2.0 position sensitive in front, PCI radio, Howe P/ S, Fodrill rear arms, Big Fodrill spindles and front arms, CNC brakes, Gun drilled axles and lighted C.V's. Car is im-maculate, best money can buy. (209) 321-5792. FOR SALE: 2003 AlumaCraft Vortec 4.3 V6 Autotrans, CNC, Micro Stubs, Fox Shocks, BTR Wheels, 35 Dick Cepek, Beard Seats, Crow Belts, RoadMaster Red 10 25, Fuel Safe, Vision X lights, Street legal AZ. Ready to pre run Baja. Call Scott (951) 818-9090. $65,000.00. FOR SALE: 02 Ford Pre-Run-ner, 126" w.b., 392 Ford Stroker, Culhane trans, H&M housing, Sway-Bar, 4 link Fox 2 ½ coils, 3 ½ bypass, 2 ½ airbumps , Lee Steering, E & J Wireworks, Vin-tage AC, power windows, Full interior/ sealed cab, Mastercraft, GPR, 2-trans OK coolers. XM 60 gal. Fuel Safe. $135,000.00 OBO. (909) 289-5363. , • .;r FOR SALE: Trophy Truck FOR SALE, King Shocks, Trans Turbo 400, Crossman rear end, Ex Roger Mears, Aluminum block, Small block Chevy by Jim Horn 650hp (Single Seat) $ 105,000K (619) 654-6423, (619) 770-3699. FOR SALE: 2005 Ford Explorer BITD Class 3100 SCORE Stock Mini. Only Raced 4 times. All the Best including Mogi, Trans, Fox, 456 gears, Mastercraft, Autometer, K&N. Always in the hunt. Race Ready for only $34,500.00. (949) 633-0773. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~ Cla,sifi,d Advrnising me is only $2~~:ir!£rfl!E.~{:~= :one numbe<. Add $5.00 fm use DUl5Y~IIIG ~ of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. • REMEMBER -CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A • TIMELY MANNER. 2007-08 • Enclosed is$ _____________ _ (Send check or money ord er, no Cash) Name -------------------------------------Address---------------------------------------------------------------City--------- - --------------------------------------------------------State _______ Zip __________________ Phone ________________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 ISSUE DEADLINE December 07 Nov 2, 07 January 08 Dec 7, 07 February 08 March08 Jan 4, 08 Feb 8, 08 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page ss November 2007 Dusty Times

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SELL YOUR vehicles, equipment and bits and pieces right here! Dusty Times has the reader-ship you 're looking for so fill out the form on the opposite page FOR SALE: Own the legend-ary Great Candy Cane! Great Sportsman car. Raceco 2 seater, VW, type 4 Motor, re-built trans, Fox Shocks, $16,500.00 OBO. TJ Stanworth (435) 864-4933. Leave message or email for FOR SALE: 1986 GMC 32 foot box truck outfitted by Robby Gordon Motorsports for pit and chase vehicle. Completely self contained, Generator, lights, belly boxes, Snap-on toolbox. Work bench, cabinets. Multi-drawer hard-ware chests, nitrogen racks. Tons of storage for all your spares. Easy load ramp. $25,000.00 (760) 353-2110 Brandon. 2006 Jimco Dominato r,,400 in. LSI-Redline, Mendeola HD 4, 25" front travel, 27" rear travel, size 30 cv's with sliding axle, TT CNC front hub , TT rear hubs, Beard, Crow, Fuel Safe 80 ga llon tank, BTW wheels, Toyo tires, All spares and a possible parts deal, $175,000.00, Jeff Quinn/ McKenzies, 807 E. Orangethorpe, Anaheim, CA 92801, (714) 815-8466. FOR SALE: Brookshire Motorsports dual sport 4 seat PreRunner, Chenowth Chas-s is, Major 2.6 L type 4, Mendeola, Fox, Howe, Race Radio, 4 way intercom, GPS, 930 CV's A-Arm, Fiberglass panels, carbon fiber dash, roof rack, o n display @ Desert RV Outlet in El Centro. $39,900.00 (760) 352-2888. -FOR SALE: Class 10 Single Seat, Aceco/ Raceco Rolling C hassis. Updated Fabrication front to rear. New body floor/ dash. All new parts, Mastercraft seat, Fuel Safe Cell Large, Fox, CNC, Floater Rear hubs, 125" Wheel Base. Call for new parts list. $19,500.00. (760) 394-0039. FOR SALE: Porter Class 1 Race LS 2, Fortin w/ Converter, King, HIDs spares, Best of every-thing. 100% prepped and race ready. $ 149K. Call Todd (619) 239-4176. FOR SALE: 03-F-150 Supercrew Prerunner, 52,000 miles, Glass-works fiberglass front fenders and rear bedsides, King Coilover shocks front, Kings shocks and National Springs in rear, rear bedcage, PCI Radio, 35" BFG's on Axis wheels, $20,000.00 OBO. (402) 426-5275. FOR SALE: Class IO-Points Champion. 2006-Alumicraft, SCORE Tag to Baja 500 08. Race prepped, very light, two Major 1915cc VW Motors, Fortin drive train, Lots spares. $90,000.00 (760) 788-9831, email FOR SALE: Don't Pass Up!!! FOX MOTORSPORTS FOR SALE!!! Everything you need to race Class One!!! RacePrep and Ready. 2006 HMS LS7 Big HP, Fortin w/ con-verter, King, PWR, Proam Hids, Racepak, GPS, all of the best, no expense spared. 2006 Foddrill 3 seat Prerunner, LS6, Fortin w/ converter, Fox Proam, HIDS, pump gas XM ra-dio, intercom w/ headsets, GPS roof rack, street legal, registered. 2004 Ford 350 4x4 Powerstroke crewcab white/tan 52,356 miles. All Chase trucks have race radios, equipment racks and all services has been done in dealerships, all in excellent con-dition. Two bumper pull trailers, single axle, tandem axle w/ storage. Everything goes, over $20,000 in spare parts. Too much to list. Must see. You won't be disappointed. $345,000.00. Will Separate. Call or e-mail for details. Contact Cesar Fuente @ (915) 726-3823. INDLl TO ADVb.R. Tl6b.Q.6 All Road Communications .................... 17 BITD Henderson's Terrible 400 ............ 30 Butch's Speed Shop .............................. 32 BTR Racing Wheels .............................. 45 Competition Air Systems ..................... 13 CORR Battle of the Champions .... Back Cover Dave Folts Transmissions .................... 12 Eibach Springs ...................................... 44 Fabtech ................................................. 23 Fuel Safe ............................................... 25 Harrah's Laughlin ................................. 31 Kar Tek Off Road .................................. 29 Kawaguchi Honda ................................. 51 King Shock Technology ........................ 38 McKenzie's Performance Products ...... 11 McMillin Homes .................................... 14 MasterCraft Seats ................................ 46 Mesa Hose .............................................. 7 Mojave Desert Racing ............................ 2 Nevada Off Road Buggy ........................ 39 Pacific Customs .................................... 37 Parker Pumper ...................................... 21 Patton's Metal Working Solutions ....... 50 PCI Race Radios ...................................... 5 Pro 1600 Shout-Out Series .................. 19 Race Prep Serices ................................. 35 Race Ready Products ............................ 50 Racer Off Road ..................................... 33 Racer X Motorsports ............................ 15 Robby Gordon Off Road ........................ 48 Ronco Plastics ...................................... 42 Sakata Motorsport Electronics ............ 24 Skyjacker Suspensions ........................ 34 SNORE Filter Mag 250 ........................... 4 Soltek Light Systems ........................... 49 South Point Casino ................................. 9 Speed Unlimited Motorsports .............. 20 Stewart's Race Works .......................... 20 Team Ford ............................................. 47 Transaxle Engineering .......................... 40 Vision X Off Road Lighting ................... 27 c:::, c:::,"' !I-,-,=c:::, ~ C3I E=-r -,-c:::, E!!. L.I,:::.,:::. c:::, ~-,--,-,-.., E= ~ c:::, ~E= ~ -r IE!!. E= ~ E!!. VVI--I c:::, #<E= E=,:::. Dusty Times November 2007 Page 59

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