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2006 Volume 23 Number 4 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 25 • Number 4 • A S2.SO DUSTY Tll'IES ?0761 PLUMMER CHATSWORTH CA I ST 91311-5003 8750-1752 2 1 2006 '' l M1A1 ~, .... ,, ••• ,,.,.,.,, ... 11 ..... ,, .. n ..... u,, ... , I 11tll II ■ se,ving The o,, Road community Po, 28 Y.ea,s covering the world of competition in the dirt ...

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Volume 23 - Number 4 April 2006 ous1iJ~1mos Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Yance Scott Contributors Scott Bottomley J. Preston Bradshaw Jim Culp Mike Del Col Nicole Del Col Steve Hilton Victor Gazca Martin Holmes Rod Koch Byrle Moore Steve Ruddick Maurice Selden Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham fl Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Sub-scription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTI TIMES: (ISSN 8 7 50-17 3 2) is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite IA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copy-right by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POS1MASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTYTIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot of the Month ... It's been 17 years since Jean Calvin was badly injured near San Felipe and it's been nine years since Jean passed away. We just thought you mightlike to see a shot of Jean long before the problems started. We salute our Founder, 23 years after Dusty Times was founded. DUSTY TIMES will fean1re pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picn1re used. If you wish the photo renimed, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES BITD Parker 4 25 by Judy Smith ................................................................... 8 Rally America Sno*Drift by J. Preston Bradshaw .................................... 16 M.O.R.E. Damzl 250 by Steve Rua.dick ................................................... 18 MDR Fud 200 by J. Preston Bradshaw .................................................... 26 Corona Rally Of Mexico by Martin Holmes ............................................ 30 SNORE Battle At Primm by John Calvin ......................................... '. ...... 34 MDR Wildwash 250 by Steve Rua.dick .................................................... 42 CODE Circle K San Luis 250 by Byrle Moore/Victor Gasca .................... 48 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ............................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ................................................................................................ 6 BFGoodrich News .................................................................................. 54 FAIR News by Lisa Kennedy .................................................................... 55 Good Stuff Directory ............................................................................. 56 Classified Ads .......................................................................................... 6 2 Index To Advertisers ............................................................................... 63 ON THE COVER Tavo Vildosola and Bryan Freeman are the latest partnership and it certainly seems to be working well, they took the Pro Truck win at the Best In The Desert Parker 4 25 in their Toyota, seven minutes in hand at the finish. Photo by Byrle Moore -Trackside Photo John Herder and Steve Melton had a wonderful race, they took the Class 1500 win with 18 minutes in hand and they were the overall winners as well in their Jimco/Chevy at the Best In The Desert Parker 425. Photo by Art Eugenio-Trackside Photo Visit Our Website at c:SuhscrL"he 7oday lo DUSTY· TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year □2 □3 years years -$25.00 -$40.00 -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ NEW .. □ RENEWAL Address ___ ;....__...;;.. __ ;.;;.... __ ...,... _______ _ , City -=-=---,"':"--,_-:-. .,.-: .. -.... ---::,--,---,-----------State Zip --------------------Primary Interest Cars D Trucks D Motorcycles 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, C~ 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas su~scription rates upon request Dusty Times April 2006 Page 3

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/j.ea.n. eaLvi.n. ~Ae w cu Off cft.gad. <!I cfldt <f 'Cien.d. '' f J. , What do you call a person who has been actively involved with the sport of off road racing for almost thirty years? Crazy, ignorant, a glutton for punishment, a masochist, any of the above? Well, I guess you would have to say a bit of all of them, but that's what makes Jean Calvin unique in this sport. She was sort of conned into the sport in 1969 and it certainly took hold of her. It became her greatest passion in life, the participation, the information she is able to disseminate to the people, the love of racing, the love of driving, the peopl~ involved in the sport, but mostly it is the compel-ling urge to succeed, to overcome the obstacles that arise in front of her and overcome them she does. Never known as a quitter, Jean attacked the sport of off road racing with vigor, finding a great outlet for her competitive spirit, racing not only against some other driver, but against the elements themselves. There were days (and long nights) when the temperature was in three digits, when the silt was so thick you could never even see the hood of the car, when the snow was so deep you couldn't find the race course, when your crew stood out there like frozen fools, listen-ing for "Their" engine, and then watching their driver plow on by, and Jean was one of those drivers, either freezing or sweating or choking or being blinded in the dust and in spite of it all, having the best time in the world because you were racing, off road racing, and there was still one lap to go, or 300 miles to go, it didn't mattt!r·, you were where you belonged and you were putting forth your best ef-fort, that too was Jean at all times. Now mind you, Jean wasn't the only driver out there having all that fun, she was one of maybe 450 to 500 active drivers in those days, but she was one of the few women racing the de~ert and she did her best to beat everybody else out there. Jean raced sports cars with the SCCA for many years before entering the off road world. She had an Austin-Healy Sprite, which was near and dear to her heart and even though it was known as a miserable ill-handling car, she raced it for years, competing against mostly men and refusing to enter the "Women's Races", racing iIJ.-stead against the good ole boys, who detested her when she beat them to the checkered flag. Jean had her share of accidents and flips, including one five time end over end at Santa Barbara; it destroyed the car (except for the roll bar) and Jean ended up with a broken nose and a severely wrenched shoulder. However, as soon as possible an-other Sprite was built and she was at it again. Jean entered the off road world when she did an article on Les Choate, own~r of Les's Auto Salvage. Les was involved in the fledg-ling sport of off road racing and offered Jean and her husband a ride in a "Burro" (state of the art for the time) in the upcoming Baja 500 and except for losing a steering box it was a very successful race. Jean kept running with Les's Auto Salvage Team, sharing the driving with Les and his son Eddie in many races over the next few years, until the "F" bug bit, in this case "F" stands for Funco and that was the beginning of part two for Jean in off road raci_ng. Jean made a deal with Gil George at Funco and a brand new single seater was born, a car that was raced to death but came through the flips and the crashes without too much long term damage. Jean raced the little Funco, mostly in Class 9, then in 1600 and for the most part, enjoyed every minute of it. Lots of help came to her through Dick McCool and Jerry Lawless who' always made sure the car was up to par and both these guys shared the driving chores with Jean on numerous_occasions. We are unable to count the times Jean has taken the green flag in off road, but racing full time for too many years to mention with SCORE, SNORE, WRA. ARVRA, and many many other sanction-ing bodies, she has had plenty of seat time in the desert. Jean had worked for Peterson Publishing back in the sports car days, then put out SCORE News for Sal Fish for some time but in December, 1983 the first issue of Dusty Times hit the presses and the rest is history. Jean knew that the sport of off road racing needed an unbiased journal of the happenings in the desert racing community and Dusty Times was the answer. With help from her husband, Brad Goodrow, Don Goodrow and Jerry Lawless, Dusty Times was born and became another consuming passion in Jean's life. Jean continued racing and publishing Dusty Times with Judy Smith covering some· events, and it wasn't too long before Jean and Dusty Times were becoming the voice of off road racing. Dusty Times was soon covering rallying in Europe and Africa through Martin Holmes and the Australian races were covered by Darryl Smith and Mick Myers. Jean was badly injured in a Baja 500 race some years ago, her racing activities were brought to a sudden stop for a time, but her determination soon had her back covering the races and reporting on the racers she loved so well. Jean left this earth of ours on March 31, 1997. She enjoyed every minute she spent racing, covering the races and, above all, publishing Dusty Times. Jean was blessed with the willpower, the guts and the determination to never give up, she worked the races and the paper in spite of the pain she lived with most days and was always amply rewarded when some racer thanked her for putting their picture in the paper. Jean was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2004, a fitting tribute to a woman who lived and loved off road racing for more than 30 years. Jean really was a champion! Page4 April 2006 Dusty Times

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,, 200& Happenings ... NASA Regional Frazier Park, CA To Be Announced Nor Cal Rally School CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) lOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) 4x4 FOREVER, Lm. 1665 DELAWARE ST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 .AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SouTH POINTE CIRCLE, SUITE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 52U)597 E MAIL: .AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AA/A OBSERVED TRIALS Southern California CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKUM • PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE• (714) 562-7742 E MAIL: <> ASOCIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM l.AsELL, TECH INSPECTOR APTo42 SAN JOSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AUSTRALIAN OFF RoAD CliAMPIONSIDP DARRYL SMITH 19 SoMERS ST. CAsHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AusrRALIA DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Cuss JO CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1 T7 (450) 622-4440 BAJA CUP CHALLENGE December 9, 2006 Glen Helen Raceway 909-888-6919 BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Races All Races At &rona Racewa1, Lake.side, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS OH Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing 4344 VALLEY VIEW AVE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340-6474 BEST IN THE DESERT 3475 BOULDER HIGHWAY I.As VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-577 5/FAX: 702-641-2431 March31-April 1-2, 2006 Pro Circuit Nevada 200 Trail Ride Motorcycles - Invitation Only April 28-30, 2006 Terrible's Town 250 Pahrump,NV August 24-26, 2006 TSCO Vegas To Reno September 22-24, 2006 AVI 150 Quad Race Avi,NV October 13-15, 2006 Las Vegas 300 December 1-3, 2006 Henderson's Terrible 400 Henderson, NV B.O.R.E. BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD . RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W. 2575 N SUNSET, UT 84015 801-773-1651 May 5-6, 2006 Red Garter 200 Wendover, NV June 30-Julv 1, 2006 Jackpot 200 Jackpot,NV September 1-2, 2006 Red Garter 200 Wendover, NV BP MOTORSPORTS P.O. Box 411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: AU Events At California Cif:Y: CA Dusty Times BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAx (613) 475-3250 CAJOR Cum AUTOMOVILISTAjUARENSE "DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD JlAaNG 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES , CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES <> April 28-29, 2006 Subaru Rim Of The World Rally (Coef 2&3) NASA USRC & Regional Lancaster, CA August 19, 2006 Gorman Ridge Rally (Coef 3) Northern CA September 20, 2006 Treeline Rally (Coef 3) Rally America Regional West Covina, CA October 6-7, 2006 Prescott Rally (Coef 2&3) NASA USRC & Regional Precostt, AZ November 10-12, 2006 Laughlin International Rally (Coed 3,3&1) NASA USRC & Regional Laughlin,NV December 1-2, 2006 Reno Rally(Coef2&3) Rally America National & Regional Reno.NV CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box 400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box 332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison Counry Fair GTOunds. Cadiz. OH Cum AUTOMOVILISTICA SANQmNrIN CALLE 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN QUINTIN Cum AUToMoVILISTico SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MoTOSPORT Cum P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690.3178 FAX: (714) 367-1608 C ODE OFFROAD CODE OFFRoAD USA P.O. Box 2328 CALEXICO, CA 92231-2328 760-455-8069 USA Ol l-52-686-553-4081 MEXICO April21-23, 2006 Happenings continued on page 6 INTRODUCING_ 110 Walts of Power 1160 Channel Alphanumeric I Water Resistant I Mil Spec I Baja 1000 Proven y crew in San Quintin could hear me need these in ALL of my trucks!" ---" ~ ,-lf=LL/E:D~ PROTRUCK WINNER. 2002 TECATE/SC0RE BAJA 1000 e best communication we've er 15 years of off road ·racing!" -~«:,EIEI....-D~ T~• Remele Head opHon available. Call ror delails. 800.869.5636 562.427.8177 • Fax 562!126.3589 WWW.PCIRACERADIOS.COM 2988 Gundry Ave. • Signal Hill, CA 90755 April 2006 Pages

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Trail Notes ... WEDDING BELLS -Just received a wedding announcement from Jeff Lothringer and Shana Kelly. They are going to tie the knot in Baja on June 17, 2006. Our congratulations to you both, may your union be long and full of love. mUND 2, 2006 SCORE DESERT SERIES - A Race-record eld of nearly 360 includes 70 racers with combined 155 lass wins in Saturday's 20th Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250. Helping celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 desert race they are heading to Mexico this week along with of thousands of spectators looking for an early 'spring break' in Mexico's majestic Baja California peninsula. Round 2 of the six-race 2006 SCORE Desert Series will be held Saturday in the quaint fishing village of San Felipe, 120 miles South of the U.S. border at Calexico, Calif., on the eastern side of the peninsula, alongside the picturesque azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. Competing on a challenging 240.34-mile rock-shrouded, silt-laden desert course, entries from 20 States, Canada, Colombia, England and Mexico will compete in 24 Pro and 5 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. The green flag will drop at 6 a.m. on Saturday for the motorcycle and ATV classes, followed by the car and truck classes two hours later at approximately 8:30 a.m. The field includes eight of the winners in the 12-year history of the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division for hi-tech, 800 horsepower, unlimited production trucks along with six of the last winners in the unlimited Class 1 for open-wheel desert race cars. Also among the entry list are 13 of 19 overall car and truck class winners in this race, including seven of the last 10. "This mammoth field will produce a fitting tribute for the 20th anniversary of the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250," said Sal Fish, SCORE President/CEO just prior to leaving Monday to complete final course preparations. "We have the world's best desert racers heading to San Felipe for what should be a stern test for both man and machine. It's a great honor for SCORE to have this many entries and we look forward to welcoming racers from all over the U.S. and several foreign countries. The SCORE Baja experience is one like none other in all of motorsports." A cross-over driver entered in this year's race is Jamie Galles, Albuquerque, N.M ., in Class 8. With limited previous SCORE racing experience, Galles, whose family was a long-time Indy Car team owner, has driven in both the Trans Am and old Toyota Atlantic racing series. Johnny Campbell's seven wins on motorcycles leads the group of multiple-class winners in San Felipe along with six-time winners Jim O'Neal, Danny Ledezma (Class 5-1600) and Eric Solorzano (Class 11). Five-time class winners in the field are Eric Fisher, Curt LeDuc and Rob MacCachren while racers with four class wins each are John Griffin, Steve Hengeveld, brothers Ed & Tim Herbst, Donald Moss and Larry Roeseler. O'Neal, who races in the age-group motorcycle classes 40 and 50, has won six times in five years, with his multi-rider teams winning both Class 40 and Class 50 last year. Don Moss has won Class 3 for four straight years while capturing their respective classes for the last two years have been Rich Severson (Class 7SX), Tom Brown (Class 7), Fisher (Class 9) and Mexico's Gerardo Rojas (Class 30). Overall, 14 class winners from last year are back to defend their titles and another four of last year's winners have entered different classes this year. The start and finish line area for the extended loop, point-to-point course will once again be the landmark San Felipe arches on Highway 5 on the outskirts of San Felipe. All vehicles will have a 10-hour time limit in the elapsed time race and vehicles will start in 30-second intervals. Pre-race festivities at the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 will include the colorful SCORE Midway and tech inspection on the Malecon beachfront in downtown, alongside the peaceful waters of the Sea of Cortez from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday. At 9 p.m. on Saturday, the awards celebration will be held in front of The Beachcomber Night Club on the Malecon. As of March 6, a race-record of 351 official entries from 20 States and five countries have entered the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, led by Class 1/2-1600 with 42, followed by the unlimited Class 1 with 38, the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division with 29, SCORE Lite with 23, Class 25 with 21 and Class 10 with 18. So far, 231 of the entries are cars or trucks and 120 are either motorcycles or ATVs. Southern California's Cameron Steele Page& McMillin Companies Mexicali 500 Mexicali-San Felipe-Mexicali B.C. June 16-18, 2006 VW Autoparts Night Race Laguna Salada, B.C. August 11-13, 2006 ORW Gran Prix Tecate, B.C. October 6-8, 2006 Mexicana Logistics Mexicali 300 Laguna Salada, B.C. DecemberS-10, 2006 Race Ready 275 Ensenada-Mexicali-San Felipe COLORADO Hw, CuM8 ASSOCIATION BARB VAHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 CoLORAOO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box 392 ULEXI(X), CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 0l 1-52-65-66-4458 CORR LUCAS On. SERIES 192 N. STATE ROAD, Sum 267 AVON, lN 46123 317-272-2827 317-272-2900 fax May 20-21, 2006 Chula Vista, CA Pro Series June 10-11, 2006 Sportsman Series Pro Cup - No Points Antigo, W1 June 24-25, 2006 Crandon, W1 Pro & Sportsman July 8-9, 2006 Bark River, Ml Pro & Sportsman July 22-23, 2006 Chula Vista, CA Pro Series August 12-13, 2006 Bark River, Ml Pro & Sportsman September 2-3, 2006 Crandon, WI Pro & Sportsman September 23-24, 2006 Chula Vista, CA Pro Series October 21-22, 2006 Chula Vista, CVA Pro Series CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-4 2 CORVA EXT 4 2 FAX (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AvE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, &llingham, WA or Thunton Count, ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKARRALLY DARREN SKILlON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OCEAN BLVD., SUITE 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 l>F.cATIJR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE CuJB DECATUR, TX 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING AssN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 ENSENADA BAJA OPP ROAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0ll-52-646-1818989 Eus10 011-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for bugg,s & Motor9cks Esn:Ro BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing VICTORIA GALINOO April 2006 ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXIOO 0ll-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FWRIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER1S ASSVCL4170N JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, Ma:y, Noo at David.son Racewa, FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE s. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAx GORRA GEORGIA OFF ROAD RACING ASS'OCMTJON 420 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT PLANES OPP ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 Soorr MORROW (816) 792-2126 (AU races are short coune, stadium st,k Classes · Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Nebraska Racewa1 Park, Exit 420 on I-80 between Omaha and Llnro!n.) For latest info check <> HIGH PLAINS OPP ROAD RACING 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #8 ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 fax OOERNATIONAL lcE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDOOR (612) 937-3816/FAX 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PaoMOTIONs, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-23 71 }EEPSPEED 1826 N. Windes Orange, CA 92869 714-538-7434/ fax 714-633-1724 All races for Jeepspeed 1,2 & 3 Jeepspeed Challenge April 1, 2006 MOR Mojave 250 Barstow, CA June 10, 2006 Superstition Series Coyote Night Race August 12, 2006 California Night 200 Lucerne Valley, CA September 30, 2006 MOR Lucerne 250 Lucerne Valley, CA December 2, 2006 BITD Terrible's 400 Henderson, NV Jeepmd .J Series April 30, 2006 BITD Terrible's Town 250 Pahrump,NV August 24-26, 2006 BITD Vegas To Reno Nevada October 13-15, 2006 Las Vegas 300 Las Vegas, NV December 1-3, 2006 Henderson's Terrible 400 Henderson, NV KAMLooPS BRONCO BUSTERS Whispering Pines Sports & Recreation Center P.O. Box 465 l<AMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5L2 DALE NYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 <> <> L.I.T.R.E. }EFFELROD (408) 926-0522 J1MARUTA (408) 247-4402 MAMARRrrA OFF ROAD RACING LUIS CARLOS ALVAREZO PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX 011-52-1637-1799 MxcmGAN Buoov BUIIDERS DUNE BUGGY TRADE SHOW (517) 543-7214 <> MICHIGAN Qpp RoAD CHAMPIONSHIPS . M. T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 JONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML48837 (517) 627-6200 Motorczcks, Quads, ATVs and Pilots onlz MAORA Mm-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 664 GREENUP, IL 62428 (217) 235-6528 E-MAIL: <www> May20,2006 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL Junel7,2006 Cross Road MX Mason, IL July 22, 2006 Tell City Fairgrounds Tell City, IN August 12, 2006 Stone City Ranch Bedford, IN August 26, 2006 Soggy Bottom Raceway Greenup, IL September 23, 2006 Stone City Ranch Bedford, IN October 21, 2006 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL Endurance Points Series May 21, 2006 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL August 13, 2006 Stone City Ranch Bedford, IN September24,2006 Stone City Ranch Bedford, IN October 22, 2006 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL MDRRACING 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE Souru EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 2006 California Cha$ionship Series April 1, Mojave 250 Barstow, CA May6,2006 Ridgecrest 200 Ridgecrest, CA *June 24, 2006 McKenzie's 400 Lucerne Valley, CA **August 12, 2006 California 200 Lucerne Valley Night Race September 30, 2006 Lucerne 250 Lucerne Valley, CA *November 11, 2006 Stoddard 250 Barstow, CA • Doubk Points • Night Race MDR PRODUCTIONS .a:>06 Superstition Championship Series AU Races at Plaster Cit, OHV Area April 15, 2006 King Of The Desert *June 10, 2006 Coyote Wash 200 October 28, 2006 Superstition 250 December 31, 2006 TI1e Bud Lite Dash 200 • Night Race M.O.R.E. MOJAVE OPP ROAD RACING ENnrusIASTS P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 760-253-4453 MOREKARTEK Off Road Gold Cup Series May27,2006 TBA July 22, 2006 Barstow, CA September 16, 2006 Dusty Times

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TBA December 2, 2006 Barstow, CA MSBA MicmGAN SPORT Buooy ASSOCIATION DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FUNT, ML 48506 (810) 730-9221 MOTOWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <> AU events at Perris Racewa, (At Reed Valle, with a school) NATIONAL Mun RAcING AssN. RT. #l • Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PALATKA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK AssN. BUTCH CHAPIN MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS 1404 EAsT 3RD STREET HAsnNGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NOORA GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valle, Racewa,, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder Valle, located 15 minutes from Spring Valle,) NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RACING ASSN. GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 OFF ROAD EXPO 2006 (626) 599-8622 OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERED SERIES PRESIDENT · GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. - 1/2-1600 BRllCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. - 9 & UNLTD. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 Oun.Aw REP. 0oNPONDER (314) 631-8190 (AU Races at Wheeling in the County 900 Acres) Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 }IM KENDEL (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison County Fan-grounds. Cadiz. Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) Oun.Aw SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. loUIS, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/FAx: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PIKEs PEAK P.O. Box 6962 CoLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 Pao 1600 SHOOTOUT COREY GOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PaoTRuCK 14402 8oND CoURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 April 2S-30, 2006 Terrible's Town 250 Pahrump, NV June 2-4, 2006 Baja 500 Ensenada Baja California Dusty Times July, 2006 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Colorado July 27-29, 2006 Las Vegas Terrible's Cup Las Vegas, NV August 24-26, 2006 TSCO Vegas To Reno Nevada September S-10, 2006 Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV October 13-15, 2006 Las Vegas 300 Nevada November 16-18, 2006 Baja 1000 Baja, California, Mexico December 1-3, 2006 Henderson's Terrible 400 Henclmon,NV PuaE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RALLY AMERICA April 21-23, 2006 Oregon Trail Hillsboro, OR June3,2006 Susquehannock Wellsboro, PA July 2S-29, 2006 Maine Forest Rally Rumford,ME August 25-26, 2006 Ojibwe Forests Bemidji,MN September 23-24, 2006 Colorado Cog Steamboat Springs, CO October 20-21, 2006 Lake Superior Houghton, Ml TBD Reno Rally Reno.NV ROCK CRAWLERS ASSOCIATION OFAMEalCA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/FAX: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <www> (858) 571-5088 SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD EXPOsmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA PaoRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> August 12, 2006 Scenic View NC Oregon August 13, 2006 Beaver Cleaver NC Portland, OR September 2, 2006 Appalachian NT Steel Cities September 3, 2006 OhnoodoNT Pittsburgh, PA September 4, 2006 Steel Haul NC September 16, 2006 Oktoberally NC LOL September 17, 2006 Badger Trails NT Trempealeau, WI October 20, 2006 TBA GTA October 21, 2006 TBA NC Topeka, KS October 22, 2006 TBA NT November 4, 2006 Covered Bridge OT Vermont National Road Rally Events May20,2006 Steel Haul NCR Steel Cities June 10, 2006 Chippewa Falls NC/NT LOL JulyS,2006 Golden West NTR , San Francisco August 12, 2006 Scenic View NC Oregon August 13, 2006 Beaver Cleaver NC Portland, OR Septemberl6,2006 Oktoberally NC Septemberl7,2006 Badger Trails NT Trempealeau, WI October 20, 2006 Oz Has Spoken NC National Office Topeka, KS October 21, 2006 Over The Rainbow NT Topeka, KS October 22, 2006 Yellow Brick Road NT/GTA Topeka, KS November 4, 2006 Covered Bridge OT NERVT November 11, 2006 TBANC Old Dominion Richmond, VA November 12, 2006 TBA NC Old Dominion Richmond, VA NC - National NT - National Tour GTA -Game Tour Adventure SFX MoTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 FAx SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., SulTE A CA!ABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <www> June 2-4, 2006 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, Baja Caliornia, Mexico July 27-29, 2006 *SCORE Las Vegas Terrible's Cup II Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas, NV September S-10, 2006 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV November 15-18, 2006 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Baja California to Baja California Sur, Mexico *Non-points special euent SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF RoAD ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 www.SNORERACING.NIT April 7-9, 2006 Buffalo Bills 400 May 19-20, 2006 Dusty Times Caliente 250 August 4-5, 2006 KC Hilites Midnight Special September 29-October 1, 2006 South Coast SNORE 250 Las Vegas November 10-11, 2006 Western Desert Championship Laughlin, NV (Avi) SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 MIKE MOORE• (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. Hacienda Blvd. #322 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> more Happenings on page 55 April 2006-. Trail Notes ... and Richard Boyle received the pole positions for the race in the top two divisions in the computerized drawing for starting positions held on Feb. 6 at the SCORE headquarters in Los Angeles. Steele races in the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division while Boyle drives in the unlimited Class 1. Steele, 38, an ESPN action-sports announcer from San Clemente, Calif., has entered in three classes for San Felipe. Steele will be first 4-wheel vehicle off the line in the Desert Assassins No. 16 Ford F-150 in SCORE Trophy-Truck. Boyle, 41, Ridgecrest, Calif., is a veteran SCORE racer, teams with 1985 SCORE Class 1 season point champ Ron Brant, 60, Oak Hills, Calif., in a Jimco-Chevy. Boyle/Brant also drew the first start last year in this race. Steele, whose wife Heidi Steele, the 2005 SCORE Sportsman Car point champion, will make her SCORE Pro racing debut in Class 7SX as the first start in her new Ford Ranger, will ride a Suzuki DRZ450 in Class 22 and drive a Desert Assassin-VW in SCORE Lite. Besides Heidi Steele, three other female primary drivers or riders have entered. Sigal Greenberg is entered in Class 9 while both Brianna Mancillas and Jessica McCreary are entered in the Sportsman ATV class. McCreary, a 36-year old Southern California school principal, has announced plans to ride solo in all three of the SCORE Baja races this season. The 2006 SCORE Desert Series also includes chase for the $50,000 Kartek Off-Road contingency bonus to be awarded to several qualified 2006 SCORE Class point leaders. The 2006 SCORE Desert Series also includes the hunt for the annual Toyota Milestone and $12,000 Toyota True Grit Awards. The prestigious Toyota Milestone Awards are presented to every racer who completes every required mile of every race in the 2006 SCORE Desert Series. The $12,000 Toyota True Grit purse is split among the SCORE season point champions who are also Toyota Milestone award winners in several non-factory-backed classes. You can read all about the action in the next issue of Dusty Times. N:A.SCAR OFF ROAD - Watched the NASCAR Las Vegas race and was happy to see Mr. Johnson take the win, what a finish. And, doubly glad to see Robby Gordon finally running well after a disastrous 2005 season. We wish them all well, Johnson, Gordon, Gaughan and Mears. SCORE TECATE SAN FELIPE -The San Felipe race is history now, it was a huge race and you will read all about it, with tons of pictures in next months issue of Dusty .Times. The top 20 car and truck finishers are: 1. Garron Cadiente, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150, 3 hours, 52 minutes 47 seconds (61.95 miles per hour) (SCORE Trophy-Truck) 2. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 3:54:30 (61.49mph) (SCORE Trophy-Truck) 3. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif., Smithbuilt-Ford, 3:57:20 (60.76mph) (Class 1) 4. Gary Weyhrich/Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Jimco-Chevy, 4:03:57 (59.11mph) (Class 1) 5. Mark McMillin/Brian Ewalt, El Cajon, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 4:06: 10 (58.58mph) (Class 1) 6. Danny Anderson, Las Vegas, Jimco-Chevy, 4:07:34 (58.25mph) (Class 1) 7. Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif/Dave Mason, Valley Center, Calif., Jimco-BMW, 4: 16: 15 (56.27mph) (Class 1) 8. Bob Shepard, Phoenix, Chevy CK1500, 4:20:03 (55.45mph) (SCORE Trophy-Truck) 9. Ron Whitton, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150, 4:30: 12 (53.37mph) (SCORE Trophy-Truck) 10. Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif./Ron Brant, Oak Hills, Calif., Jefferies-Chevy, 4:30:31 (53.31mph) (Class 1) 11. Adam Wik, Las Vegas, Jimco-Honda, 4:32:24 (52.94mph) (Class 10) 12. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Randy Beck, Orange, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 4:33: 16 (52.77mph) (Class 1) 13. Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif., Ford F-150, 4:34:18 (52.57mph) (SCORE Trophy-Truck) 14. Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./ Charlie Gioffredi, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 4:35: 15 (52.39mph) (Class 1) 15. John Herder, Tucson, Ariz./Steve Melton, Buckeye, Ariz., Jimco-Chevy, 4:42:24 (51.06mph) (Class 1) 16. Billy Gasper, Chino Hills, Calif./ Eric Stewart, Loma Linda, Calif., Porter-Honda, 4:42:46 (51.00mph) (Class 10) 17. Kory Sheeler/Larry Job, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 4:46:50 (50.27mph) (SCORE Trophy-Truck) 18. Stan Potter, San Marcos, Calif./Dan Worley, Encinitas, Calif., Jimco, 4:58: 19 (48.34mph) (SCORE Lite) 19. Todd Cuffaro, Coronado, Calif./Rich Beck, El Cajon, Calif., Porter-Chevy, 5:01: 12 (47.88mph) (Class 1) 20. Ron Dalke, Tucson, Ariz., Tatum-Toyota, 5:02:28 (17.68mph) (Class 10) · ~ Page 7

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~IRl\11:ll~ PARKER 425 RACING ASSOCIATION Herder And Melton Get It Done By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Robby Gordon had a great day, he drove his trick Hummer to the Trick Truck Class win, had a trouble free day, finishing 5th overall. PARKER, AZ: John Herder and Steve Melton, always quick, but finding it tough to get to the finish recently, put together three good laps at the Best In The Desert sea-son opener, and took the overall win in their Chevy powered J imco. The event, the biggest ever for BITD, with 183 racers, was head-quartered at the Blue Water Casino. It consisted of three laps (for most classes), each 133 miles long, mov-ing through such familiar points as Mineral Wash, Osborne Wash, Shea Road and Graham Wells. The start was right in town, on California Street, and the finish was along the river, just east of the Blue Water's docks. There are still enough of the old familiar landmarks to make this a nostalgic weekend for old time rac-ers, and, indeed, many of them show up, some to race, and some just to enjoy old memories. There were no bikes or quads at this event, because the BITD gives them a race of their town, on essen-tially the same course, a couple of weeks before this one. The BITD doesn't mix the bikes and quads with cars and trucks on a loop event. The BITD held their popular Time Trials two days before the race, to determine the start order of the fastest 20 race cars. Anyone can run in the time trials, but only the first 20 get a big advantage. They get to start at the front of the pack, one minute apart. That one minute can make a big dlfference in the early stages of a race. The rest of those who ran the Time Trials start at the front of their class, in order of "qualifying" speed. The inherent problem with the Time Trials is that, inevitably, someone breaks his car and never makes it to the start line. Others may do damage that means a lot of work for the pit crew to get it back into racing condition, but in spite of those dangers, most of the racers in the Trick Trucks and Class 1500 are very enthusiastic about the concept. The night before the race, at the Drivers' Meeting, Cliff Irey, of Ford Motors, made a special presentation Gustavo Vildosola Jr. and Bryan Freeman had a wonderful day, They took the Pro Truck win by six minutes in their Toyota. to Rob MacCachren. In recognition of the honor accorded MacCach-ren when he was named to the "first team" of the American Auto Rac-ing Writers and Broadcasters Asso-ciation (AARWBA) for 2005. He presented Rob with a plague'd let-ter signed by Raj Nair, Executive Director of Body on Frame Plat-forms, and William C. Ford, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Ford. And racing technology took an-other step forward; with 50 cars and trucks equipped with the lritrack sat-ellite tracking system. This system al-lows both pit crews and friends and fans at home to follow the progress of the racer around the track sim-ply by watching their computer screen. A big screen was put up in the main lobby of the Blue Water and fans could watch various cars (or, more accurately, the symbols of the cars) as they moved along a rep-resentation of the track. One unique feature signals headquaters when a vehicle is stopped for a period of time, and another signals when it has tipped or rolled over or has hit some-thing with a hard jolt. In the interest of safety, these systems are expected to gradually become required equip-ment for all BITD race cars. The weather was perfect for the spectators, with a cool morning, but clear sunshine and the temperature in the 80's. Buttherewasn'tenough breeze to suit the racers, and it was a dusty race. One racer told us that he had to catch other cars in the "rough, twisty stuff" or else it was impossible to pass. Others talked about "follow the leader", or "too dusty to pass". The infield "short course" sec-tion, which led the cars through a series of tight turns, moguls and fly-ing jumps, was longer this year, and some said, more fun. Called the "py-thon", it entertained the spectators hugely, and they weren't more than ten minutes from downtown Parker. The main pits were lined up in a long semicircle, all along the outer perimeter of the python, so spectators could watch the pit crews at work also. All in all, a nice setup. They could send a buddy to McDonald's to bring back lunch and the burger~ would still be warm. Almost immediately after the race started on the pavement, the cars made a left turn onto a dirt road and went right into the python, be-fore getting onto the desert part of the course. This could spell disaster for a racer who was all pumped up with adrenalin. This meant that the three-lap cars actually ran the py-tho11 _ three times, at the beginning of eacp. lap, and then on the last lap they would tum right and head down to the finish line on a sepa-rate short section of dirt road, be-fore getting to the main pit/ python area. The actual finish was along-side the river, close to the Blue Wa-ter beach area. Larry Roese/er flew his Ford to the Class 7200 win, he finished 11th overall and more than three hours ahead of his competition. Randy Miller took the Class 10 win in his Jimco, but it was close, he only had 34 seconds in hand at the finish. Herder was the first driver off the line, having been quickest in the Time Trials. It gave him a real advantage to have an entire lap dust free. All told, there were 34 of the unlimited class cars (Class 1500), but five of them disappeared on the first lap. The Wood brothers, Robert and Reuben, lost their motor, and Danny, Dale and Torn Ebberts had a trailing arm come off their car. At the front of the pack it was Herder leading in his LS6 powered Jimco, but he had 13 minutes at Check C. Gary and Mark Weyhrich, in an LS 1 Jirnco, were second, and having a trouble free run, except that, start-Steve LaRoza and Austin Robison had a great race, they took the Gary and Mark Weyhrich had a trouble free run in their Jimco, they Pete Sohren had a flat or two to slow him down, he finished 2nd in the Class 7300 win in their Ford, they're seen here at speed. finished 2nd in Class 1 and they were 2nd overall as well. Trick Truck Class, seen here hustling towards the finish. Pages April 2006 Dusty Times

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Will Staats, with daughter Emily riding, had a fairly good day. they Andy Kisner and Scott Martenson were oh so close in their Tatum, Jeff Knupp had steering problems, a rollover, etc. to hamper him but finished 2nd in Pro Truck Class in their good looking Ford. they were second in Class 10, just 30 seconds out of 1st place. he finished 2nd in Class 1600 at Parker. ing sixth off the line, they felt the didn't want to take any chances. of dust, perfect day, just got beat". ange Trick Truck", to get back up porting that it was his first race and dust was "horrible". Behind them Another two minutes behind them He was three minutes behind Hovey, on his wheels. Todd Cuffaro and he'd had "a great time". Dale Ebberts Chuck Hovey, in his four cylinder it was Shawn Croll in his Fotd Por-and five minutes behind him were Rich Beck, in a Porter, had a com-and Ernie Castro, Jr., were 14th, af-J imco, Nathan Melton (Steve's ter and on the same minute with brother Nathan and Brandon puter problem, and when they fig-ter having run fifth on Lap l. They'd nephew) in a Chevy Jimco, and Dale him, B.J. Richardson in a Bunder- Melton (Steve's nephews), who fell ures out what it was they unplugged had two broken axles. When the Ebberts, in his Toyota J imco, were son. back a little on the last lap with a it, then plugged it back in and it ran first went they had a spare, and were running on the same minure, about Melton's lap was trouble free, al-front flat on their Jimco Chevy. B.J. fine from then on. Then, on the last near where Dale's brother, Danny, four minutes behind the Weyhrich though as he sat at the finish line his Richardson was sixth, having had section of the third lap, with the sus-sat with his broken car. So he helped car. left rear tire deflated, thanks to a two flats and a broken tie rod on pension fading, they broke the studs replace the axle. The second time Herder held onto the lead, but stick in the sidewall. He said that he'd the last lap. Scott Kincaid drove his on the left rear tire and the tire went Ernie was a mile out of a pit, and he on Lap 2 he had a flat and had to just gone "out there and cruised Porter all the way, butlost his GPS rolling past them. As they were try-had to run to the pit for another change it himself. He said he was "in- around." Herder and Melton took on the first lap and had to learn to ing to get fixed, the car fell off the spare, and then jog back out to the experienced at changing flats", and the Class 1500 win by 18 minutes. navigate without it. He also lost an jack, and they had to dig a big hole car with it.Somewhere along the line thought it had cost him about ten The Weyhrich brothers were second, alternator belt. Lloyd and Derrick in order to get the new tire installed. their starter went out also, but they minutes. The team lost a bit more and Gary, who finished, said his big-Sproule, who travel down from In 12th place it was Kory Halopoff did get to the finish. In 15th it was time in the pit with a driver change, gest problem has been "John Canada to race here, were eighth in and Harley Lerner, in a Tatum. Kory Kirk Kontilis, a winner at Parker a new spare and a new right rear (Herder) starting first." Other than their Aceco, and Greg Hansen and had a rock under the throttle pedal about 30 years ago. He'd had c.v. tire. Steve Melton got in, and took that he and Mark had also had a Paul Keller (a graduate from the early on that made it stick full on. boot problems, and had also rolled off about eight minutes in front of trouble free day, even avoiding flats. 1600 class), finished ninth after los-Then their temperature gauges the car. A "local" racer, Kontilis was the Weyhrich car, which Gary was Third went to Hovey, who was three ing their torque converter pump showed that the car was running re-disappointed, because he'd wanted now driving. He said that the only minutes behind the Weyhrich car. belt on the second lap, a mishap that ally hot, but they finally deduced to get a good finish to honor Bill way to pass someone in the heavy After talking about the dust he said, cost them a half hour. And in tenth that the gauges were broken. And Herrick, owner of Badenoch's, who dust was to catch them "in rough, "I love this place!" - a sentiment ex-it was Shawn Croll, who put his dad, finally, Harley had two flats, and passed away not long ago. Herrick, twisty stuff." Hovey and Nathan pressed by many of the racers dur- Ray, in for the last lap. That act of then rolled the car. It landed on its an old off roader himself, was a Melton were still on the same minute, ing the day. filial confidence cost the team an wheels however, but he admitted source of help and information and another eight minutes back. Hovey Pat Dean did all the driving in hour, because Ray rolled and landed that it "leaned a little bit" since the hospitality for many, many racers also talked about "too much dust" his Chevy Bunderson, and finished the car on its side and needed the roll-over. Robert Beaudoin, in a over the years. We'll all miss him. and said it was hard to pass and he fourth, saying it was a "long day, lot help of a friendly driver in "an or- homebuilt chassis, finished 13th, re-Continued on page rn Dusty Times An Intimate Gem Adjacent to Bel/agio, Caesars & Baily's Flamingo & The Strip 1-888•227•2279 bat'ba~OMlcalWIO,COOl The Place Las Vegans ca11 Home,. West Flamingo & Valley View 1-888-402·6278 ~•t¢uino.«,m April 2006 Ask About Our Special Headliner S/Jow and Room Packages \ii/est Tropicana & AMlle 1-800-675-3287 Ask About Our Room & Golf Packages Alta & Rampart f-877-677-7111 ~.t;Qfll Page9

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Randy Merritt had a good race, he took a nice second place finish in Marl< Beeler had some mechanical troubles, got stuck twice but still The McNeil clan and Brendan Mills drove their Ford truck to a nice Class 8100 in his Ford, he's seen here at speed. managed to finish second in Class 8 in his Ford. second place in the Class 7200 fracas. reg oster mts e t , in is Hustler concept chassis, thanks to problems with front end bushings. Steve Croll and Darren Ebberts got stuck and lost their brakes, and fi-nally finished 17th, while Mile Bilek was 18th, and he and his co-driver, Dan Myers, had fought a long, frus-trating problem all day. They'd lost their voltage regulator, and replaced their alternator three times. Finally, some knowledgeable spectator helped them figure out that it was a short in the lights on the dash. Sam Berri was the final finisher in the class, apparently having a trouble filled day. He'd been towed some-where early in the day, but finally made it in after 13 hours 18 min-utes and 46 seconds. The Trick Truck started up at the front of the pack - there were five of them right behind Herder, and then it was Weyhrich, and another three Trick Trucks. But this time, for what-ever reason, they didn't seem to be able to stay up front. At the end of the first lap Jesse Jones, who'cfbeen the line, had the lead in the Trick Truck class, and was second on the road. Com-ing up to the big jump in the "py-thon" he decided to showboat a little, radioed his crew, "Watch this, I'm gonna go big". He went big all right, onto his nose and almost over. His crew was horrified, but he kept it on its wheels and all was seemingly o.k. Behind him about two minutes, there was a trio on the same minute: Drew Belk and Marty Maine had a good run, they took the Class 5 contest in their Jimco, they had more than three hours on their competition. Gary Dircks in a Ford, Garron Cadiente, Ford, and Andy McMil-lin, Chevy. Then came Robby Gor-don in his Hummer, another seven minutes back, not looking as aggres-sive as usual. He was on the same minute as Curt LeDuc in his Ford Class 8 truck, which is being cam-paigned as a Trick Truck this year. On the second lap Gordon moved into the lead. He had just a1 minute on Mike Voyles in a Ford. Then it was Pete Sohren, Ford, and Mile Childress and Steve Hengeveld, Ford, on the same minute. LeDuc was now welding on a broken tie rod, McMillin had lost a tire, and then a rear end, and was out, Jones had a leaky oil cooler line that threw oil on the motor and caused his ac-cessory belts to fly off. He'd stopped for a fix at Pit 2 and lost about 18 minutes. Kevin McGillivray had moved his Chevrolet up into fifth. Sohren had flattened a tire on the first lap and had lost about 10 min-utes trying to get it off the wheel. Childress and Hengeveld, winners of last year's Baja 1000 on a Honda bike, were both in their truck. Childress drove the first lap and a half, and was now riding while Hengeveld drove. It was a borrowed ride, thanks to the generosity ofJesse Jones. Jones had bought it when he thought his own new truck wouldn't be completed on time for something, some time ago. It was actually John Grant Fluegge rolled on lap 1 but he was away again rapidly, took the Class 1/2-1600 win by more than half an hour. Herder's old Truggy, which had been morphed into a trick truck about five years previously, and had been mostly parked in the meantime. Childress and Hengeveld were hav-ing a wonderful time driving it. Gordon, whose truck had had to be air-expressed back from Dakar in order to make it here, had a trouble free day. He had one time-saving edge on the other teams, in that with a 110 gallon fuel cell he didn't even have to stop for gas. He said his day was "flawless -no dra-mas". And he took the win. He re-ported that the bumper, which had fallen off in Dakar and holed his radiator in the process, was now welded on rather than bolted on. He'd had no flats and no mechani-cal problems of any sort. He took the win by nine minutes. Sohren finished second, report-ing that he'd been in dust late on the last lap and flattened a tire about five miles before the finish. Childress and Hengeveld were third. Hengeveld said the biggest difference between riding a bike and driving a truck was that in a truck "you can hit anything and not get hurt". They'd had to stop for fuel each lap, and also stopped at the Midway pit for a splash, because the truck has a small fuel cell. Childress, discussing the difference in racing bikes and trucks, said, "The truck doesn't stop as well when coming into the cor-ners -you have to be really careful". He went on to say they'd had a "ton of fun", and Hengeveld stated that "this is the next step", and then said he's "very open to the idea of racing a truck". Greg Foutz had some troubles along the way but it didn't stop him from taking the Class 8100 win in his good looking Ford. David Bryan, with Kyle and Kathleen riding along took the Class 8 win, he's seen here at speed out on the course. Curt and Todd LeDuc finished fourth, about nine minutes later. Curt took responsibility for that broken tie rod, and Todd reported only a "lot of close calls". In fifth place it was McGillivray and Nils Castillo, who drove the second half. Their rear suspension was going away for the final 60 miles or so, and they'd had a flat about five miles before the finish. Castillo called the race a "dust bowl". Will Staats, who drove all three laps in his Ford, had his daughter Emily riding on Laps 1 Continued on page 12 Scott and Keith Hewitt had a bit of an oil problem but they overcame Miguel Alvarado ran most of the race without power steering, he still Mike Falkosky said the course was a little bumpy, he managed to it and finished 2nd in the Class 5 contest. finished a nice 2nd place in Class 7100 in his Jeep. drive his Ford to a second place finish in Class 3100. April 2006 Dusty Times

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rnrn~vcm1'iID ,:1 [])[§~[§[ffir RACING ASSOCIATION BatoffheBut fATES [:ltff H(•J PAIIIVMJI. )([VIJIi P resents EST.1996 "The Richest Off-Road Race In Nevada" $10,000 Guaranteed Purse To 1st Overall Car or Truck Official Truck r.;-)r::;,~ OF THE~~ ~ UDG!lWll~LI RACING ASSOCIATION ,:,~ ,t 4!! Official Racing Fuel . ~lmrell~ RACING ASSOCIATION 50% Payback of Entri Fee for A L Pro Classes Plus Guaranteed Purse /1//, ,,1, ./ t (KQ)KC HiliTES 01orcy~le Official Lights s fo"')~~ OF THE r.::·,r.:u··;;zr-=i~ ~Ulmfflm~U RACING ASSOCIATION Time Trial Event for Car/Truck Starting Positions Friday, April 28 Drawing for Starting Positions for MC/Quads April 13, 2006 Race Is On Saturday 0,\ladS $5,000 Guaranteed Purse To 1st Overall Pro Quad $5,000 Guaranteed Purse To 1st Overall Pro Motorcycle April28,29,30,2006 a H:ONDA Riders Omq AnU!riaz GOOD)#YEA,. Official Tire ~irn"mn~ RACING ASSOCIATION -dr. DONAHOE RACING Official Suspe~.f@:fil ~c&"~ D • RACING ASSOCIATION ~ -----00 u11]]~ '--___,_ D RACl,..G ASSC,CIATIC:,lttl 3475C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 • (702) 457-5775 • Fax (702) 641-2431 ·-• Dusty Times April 2006 Page 11

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The Sunderland team, A&R, were having "stuck" troubles but they Chuck Hovey drove his good looking Jimco to a third place finish in Mike Childress and Steve Hengeveld drove their Fabtech Ford to a third place finish in the Trick Truck category. ninth overall. still managed a second place in the 4100 Class. Class 1, he finished third overall as well. and 3. They had a "great race all was "My favorite day of racing- I got ter for the remainder of the race, day". But they'd flattened the right to race against MacCachren (his old and periodically poured some out front and left rear tire at the same partner)!" And, finishing behind to cool the fuel pumps. Cadiente time on the Goat Trail. Those were Olliges was MacCachren himself, in explained that they'd changed over their only flats all day, and cost them Gus Vildosola' s Ford. Gus had to dual exhausts, not realizing that seven or eight minutes. They were started and they'd had fuel pump they'd created a problem for the fuel six minutes behind McGillivray's problems on the first lap, and then pumps in so doing. Beyond that one truck. Another eight minutes back changed a transmission and torque thing, they had no other difficulties. was Ron Whitton in his new Ford. converter on Lap 2. On the third The passenger deserves a medal. This was its second race, the first one lap, with MacCachren at the wheel, Behind them Voyles and Dwaine completed. He'd been high-centered the belts had fallen off about five Walters finished 11th, reporting about five miles out from the finish, miles out, and he finished with no they'd had a flat, the tire had come and had to do some digging, before power steering. Garron Cadiente off and they'd been stuck. The BITD a BITD official happened along and was tenth, reporting that his truck officials brought a pit person out pulled him free. Steve Olliges, who had started missing on the second with a jack and a new tire, but they drove all the way in the Wayne Lugo lap, and the problem had been di- lost a "ton of time". It had also tom Craig Stewart Truggy, said he'd had agnosed as over-heated fuel pumps. off a brake line, and they had trans-a spark problem and had lost oil To cool them down, his crew emp-mission temperature trouble. In pressure, but he'd had "more fun tied out a jug of antifreeze, filled it 12th itwasTodd Wyllie, in his Class driving this than anything." That's with water and taped a hose into it, 8 Ford, driving Laps l and 3, while easy to understand, since he's been with its other end emptying on the Mark Julius drove Lap 2. Wyllie racing a stock mini truck for about fuel pumps. The passenger in broke a tie rod, and then Julius five years. He went on to say, this Cadiente's truck held the jug of wa-rolled and lost the power steering NO MORE Spline Wear! Stronger Core! 50% Stronger! 6.s· & _a.s· Sizes Built-In Starter & Ballast Die-Cast Aluminum Hous, 35 Watt H.I.D. Bulb Driving/Euro Beam Pattern Knurled Adjustment Knobs Page 12 Ne111r Pradu1. • Ii aar A WhBBIS Beadlock Black I Blue Colors Red / Polished size an cenrer Mounr Hub KIi a Sliding Axles Available for Plunging + NonPlung. CV's w/ CNC or Brembo Calipers Ultimate Strength 300M Size 30 Center Star ngAxles nPlungin Size 30 34CV~-.. April 2006 box. In 13th it was Matt and Steve Scaroni, who said it was a "charac-ter building day". They were, as it happens, the fastest vehicle through the main pits clocked by a gentle-man with a radar timing device at 105 mph at the end of their first lap. Then they had an alternator problem. And after that their brakes jammed up and completely stopped the truck. Then they were stuck in the silt behind a stuck lim-ited car. Jesse Jones, who'd started his day looking so good, lost his transmis-sion at the end of Lap 2, and his crew changed it in 45 minutes and sent him on, but at Mile 53 the in-put shaft on the replacement trans-mission broke. Jesse' d had an inter-esting thing happen while he waited for the new trans. He'd been sprawled on the roof of his truck, resting as he waited to be able to leave, and he'd apparently been ly-ing on the Iritrack gizmo that sends messages about the truck's where-abouts and condition. It, naturally reported that the truck was stopped and that there was a pressure on the roof." Next thing they lcnew, Casey Folks was on the radio, wanting to know if Jones was o.k., or had he rolled over or something. Appar-ently those devices are more sensi-tive than anyone had realized. The Protrucks were next off the line with the biggest entry they've ever had anywhere: 20 trucks. At the end of the first lap Craig Smith had his Ford in the lead as he passed Check C, but then lost his power steering reservoir and lost an hour. The next three trucks were on the same minute, and included Tavo Vildo-sola in his Toyota, Tom Koch in his Ford, and Darren York in Joe Custer's Ford. Two minutes later it was Al Hogan in a Ford. All but two trucks completed that lap. The two included Jason and Rich Voss, and J .R. Stanley. On the second lap Vildosola had the lead by two minutes, and York was in second place. Steve Staats was third in a Ford, Hogan was now fourth, and Koch ran fifth. He'd been high centered for a bit after stopping for the road crossing at Shea Road. David Creagan became a DNF on this lap after losing con-centration while adjusting a radio and running off the road into a big cactus. Passenger and driver were seriously skewered, and they took on a new passenger, but had to clean the spines out of the seat first. It was aH to no avail, because then the truck w~nt belly up. Vildosola put in his new partner, Bryan Freeman, to drive the final lap, and' they went on to take the win. Said Freeman, "It's fun, you don't beat yourself to death. It's a What can you say? Rod Hall took the Class 3100 win in his Hummer, he had more than two hours in hand at the checkers. Manny Esquerra, Tudy Joe Esquerra and Gabriel Naranjo each drove a lap, they took the Class 7100 win at Parker. Dusty Times

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r Tom Koch and Jim Tucker finally got their Ford to a finish, they took Allen and Scott Gerber drove their Lothringer to a third place finish in Russ Winkler and the Shupp brothers drove their Winkler to a decent third place in the Pro Truck action at Parker. Class 10, seen here at speed on the course. third place in the Class 1600 battle, they're seen here at speed. new challenge-change is good." Free-his distributor gear and had to make Tatum, was already out, as were Three of them failed to complete the at the wheel. man, as our readers should remem- repairs and then re-time the motor; Keith Hughes, Loren Brown, Kevin first lap, but Mark Beeler, in a Ford, Brown didn't get far into the her, has been driving with Rob Mac- he was tenth. Robbie Pierce and Jim Kelly, Alejandro Jimenez, Terry moved into the lead, with 32 min-third lap before becoming a DNF Cachren in a 1600 car for the past Chick had battery problems and Stevens and Victor Almeida. So utes on David Bryan in another and Belk and Maine moved into the several seasons. In second place it Pierce rolled the truck, landing on seven of the 13 starters were out Ford. Jeff Bracale ran third, over lead. They ran trouble free, except was the Staats truck, and Ryan, his wheels, and finished 11th. And before the first lap was completed. an hour behind them. that their light bar fell off because it Steve's son, had done Lap 3. His in 12th it was Bill Driggs and Mike Miller moved into a clear lead on On the second lap Beeler contin-hadn't been properly fastened. As it only comment was that the steering Blanks. Thirteenth was Wade Kelson the second lap even though he'd ued to lead, and Bryan, who had happened they finished before dark was "a little loose." Tom Koch shared and Todd Bogh, and 14th went to changed a flat on course, with Scott his kids, Kathleen, 18 and Kyle, 15, anyway. Brothers Scott and Keith the driving with Jim Tucker, and Craig Smith and Jason Jernigan, Martenson, who took over for riding with him, was regretting that Hewitt finished second, reporting they were third, with only one flat who, after leading on the first lap Kisner, now second by three min-he'd set the truck up too soft. He two flats and a broken oil cooler to report. Said Koch, "It's nice to got stuck, killed the batteries and had utes. Kent Lothringer took over for was a half hour down. All the oth- which spewed oil into the cab of the finish a race." In fourth it was Joe to get a jump. Then they had a flat Harman on Lap 2 and was third, ers had fallen by the wayside by now. car. They said they noticed it "right Bednar, driving only the third race and got stuck again, and they "blew six minutes back, after changing a Beeler broke a steering ram at the away", so it did no damage to the in the truck. They had a bad fan, out" their shocks, but they "had a flat. He said, "I thought I was gonna beginning of the third lap, and motor, but itwas "messy". They were but it was o.k. as long as they kept blast." In fifteenth it was Ryan have a heart attack!" Gerber was one Bryan firmed up his truck. He had a bit over three hours down, and moving. Rick L. Johnson and Dane Herzog, who had a broken balljoint minute back in fourth, and he got a skinny lead by Check Bon the third the last Class 5000 car to finish. Cardone finished fifth in their and suspension problems, while out half way through the lap and lap, and then Beeler got stuck in the Class 7200 was next to start, with Toyota, after early brake issues and Alan Levinson, the last to finish, handed over to Scott Gerber. silt for a half hour, as Bryan sailed eight entries. Chuck Brechin and a stuck throttle on Lap 2. They also broke a steering ram and hurt his Bruce Mills took over for Miller on to the finish. Bryan took the win, Buster Harling broke a spindle be-had to work on their carburetor a wrist badly enough that he thought and drove the last lap, holding on while Beeler got stuck a second time, fore they were well and truly into couple of times. it might be broken. to their lead. Kisner and Martensen, and then finished second, five•min- the first lap, made lengthy repairs Sixth place went to Rob In Class 1000, which had 13 who actually finished first, were sec-utes back. and then broke again, and were Reinertson and Rick D. Johnson, in starters, they started the morning ond, only 34 seconds behind the The Class 5000 cars started next, done for the day. Shawn and David a brand new Ford truck. In seventh with a two way tie between Randy winning team. In third it was the and there were four of them. Drew Wanzek were also out early. And at it was Geno Licitra and Macrae Miller in his Toyota Jimco, and Gerbers who'd had a sticky throttle Belk went into the lead on the first the front of the pack Larry Roeseler Glass. Licitra rolled early on, and Andy Kisner, in a Honda Tatum. cable at the end, and Harman, Lo-lap, with Tom Brown in second said there was "dust, dust and more had power steering problems, but They were four minutes up on Allen th ringer and Allen Russell, who place, eight minutes later. On the dust", but he put his Fmd into the Glass had no trouble during his Gerber in his Type IV Lothringer, drove the last lap, finished in fourth second lap, Brown took over the lead. He had a haif hour on Gary, stint. In eighth it was Cody Swanty who finished the lap on a right rear place. Ken Grove and Brad Etter, lead, but he had only one minute Stewart and Derek Dixon, Ford, in a Dodge, reporting two flats and flat. Fourth place belonged to Rob- who said their car "ran fine" and on Belk's co-driver, Marty Maine, who'd had a flat on the first lap. being stuck behind a stuck ert Harman, in another Type IV they had no flats, were fifth, the last - who was driving that lap. The team Kelly, John and Duane McNeil and JeepSpeed. Ninth place was Al Lothringer, which was geared too in the class to finish. of Joshua Gilliam and Billy and Dick Brendan Mills were third in their Hogan who said he had a bad day. low. He'd been "punted" into the The Class 8000 trucks started McCool went out on the second lap Ford three seater. John Swift, Ford, "Flat after flat", he said, and he also bushes early on, and a coil wire had next, and there were six of them. with a blown motor, while Dick was Continued on page 14 broke a balljoint. Charley come loose also. Ed Beard, who'd McDowell, Ford, broke the pin in started the morning in Ron Dalke's Marc Stein and Travis Walser drove their Ford to a nice win in Class 4100, they had a couple of hours on their competition at the flag. John Herder and Steve Melton had a great race, they took the Class f win in their Jimco, were 1st overall as well. Dusty Times TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING INC. SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of the Year congratulations 2006 Battle At Primm Short course Tim Lindsey 1st in Class -1st overall Jim Temple 3rd in Class 1 Johnny Burns 3rd in Class 9 TRANS.AXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 9763VARIEL AVENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 April 2006 Page 13

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The Dixon Clan, Gary, Derek and Stewart ended up third in Class Wayne Demonja had a few problems to slow him down, he soldiered Justin and Bob Mamer were the winners of the JeepSpeed 3 Class, 7200, their Ford is seen here heading for the finish. on and took third place in Class 7100 in his Ford. they were first overall in the Jeep contingent. broke a ring gear at Mile 20, and driving his old truck while waiting for final finishers, as Donahoe lost his with eight trucks. Two of them went trying all the usual tricks, but finally did a four hour repair job on the new Ford, was third, and discov- transmission at the end of Lap 2, and out on the first lap, and another two a BITD official helped extricate all course. ered that he had about 10 inches of also discovered two broken balljoints. went out early in Lap 2. But up at the stuckees. They finished second, Roeseler's lead grew to an hour toe-out. Randy Merritt ran fourth, They "timed-out" in the pit, and the front of the pack Wayne De- with a time of 15: 13:47. and 52 minutes by the end of the two minutes later, and Chad Hall weren't able to make repairs in time Monja had his Ford a skinny minute Class 7 300 came next, with six second lap, and it was still the Dixon had his Hummer in fifth, and had to start Lap 3 before the cutoff time. in front ofTudy Esquerra, another starters, all Fords. Two of them family in second place. They said already run out of gas as he entered There were three Class 1100 cars Parker resident. The two old, experi- dropped out on the first lap. Steve they'd "stood it on its nose" once, the python area. racing here. These are VW based enced racers were out there having a LaRoza, racing in his first truck race, but had avoided breaking anything On the second lap, with his tie rod buggies, comparable to the SCORE great race. Tudy said he had a good went into the lead, with five minutes apparently. The McNeiVMills team adjusted, Foutz went into the lead. Lite class. All three made the first lap, lap, but admitted he'd hit a stuck on Ron and Statton Isaacson in sec-was moving steadily in third, only He had two minutes on Morrison with Corey and Terry Cook, L.J. truck. BehindthemMiguelAlvarado, ond. Mike McCarthy ran third, seven minutes further back.And way who'd had an alternator wire break Kennedy and Daryl Cowley in front, in a Jeep, was tied with Sean about a half hour behind them and back, Swift got his truck repaired and and that killed the batteries. Then it in a Porter. Michael and David Camp- Malabanan, who's moved up from Carl Fitts was fourth, another hour handed over to son Jonathan, who was a tie between Donahoe and bell and Rusty Stewart, in a Tubular Class 11 to race trucks. Alvarado was and a half down. McCarthy and Fitts then ran out of gas. The Scaroni Trick Merritt, nearly 30 minutes back, and Concepts car were second, and Rob-without power steering from about both went out on the second lap and Truck pulled him out to a place in fifth, Hall,who'drunoutofgas ertThomasandDougMcAfeewere Milel5on. didn't come back. That left just where he could get some. They were again. third in a Migilante. The Cook team DeMonja led through the second LaRoza and Isaacson out there rac-well over four hours down. Foutz's day wasn't exactly smooth, and the CampbelVStewart team lap, and was two minutes in front of ing. Roeseler took the win, with no and he broke a rear shock and had a both bombed out on Lap 2, but the Esquerra's co-driver, Gabe Naranjo. LaRoza had gone into his first trouble. He said "Parker's always such rear leaf spring come apart, but man- Thomas/McAfee team went on to do Alvarado was still third, hitting "so truck race with some thought. He's a great race• a great way to start the aged to stay in_ front of the group a second lap, and then disappeared. many rocks", and really missing his been a bike racer for a while, so it season". The McNeiVMills team kept and take the win. "We had a day!" he So there were no finishers. power steering. Malabanan had some was natural that he'd enter the moving, even though their engine was said at the finish. In second it was There was a surprising number of electrical problems, and was still Parker bike race a couple of weeks going away for the final 40 miles or Merritt, who lives in Parker. He was 1600 buggies here for this event-an fourth, but three hours down. before this. It was, he said, "almost so, and they took second place. They just eight minutes back, reporting that even dozen of them, and all of them On the third lap Manny Esquerra the same course - a good pre-run." said, "It was rough, but it was awe-his limiter straps were breaking and made it through the first lap. At the took over the truck, and he had some And, he'd bought the Ford truck some." In third itwas the Dixon fam-he'd run the entire last lap without front of the pack there was a tie be- ignition problems, had to get a jump that Rob MacCachren and Steve ily, who each drove one lap. They were them. Third went to Hall whose crew tween Grant Fluegge in his Porter and restart, but still took the win, finish- Olliges had campaigned with such pleased that they'd beaten last year's had reorganized his fuel stops to bet-Russell Winkler, in a Winkler. Fluegge ing about 33 minutes in front of success for the last few years, so -he time by three and a half hours. They ter serve his thirsty truck, and he'd had rolled, but lost little time because Alvarado. It was the Esquerra broth- knew he had good equipment. And were just 20 minutes behind second also had a mysterious something .J his passenger and some spectators ers' first race since Manny "retired" then he'd got Austin Robison, a very place. In fourth it was the Swifts and shoot up through the hood, leaving helped put the car back on its wheels. when he hit age 60 a couple of years experienced navigator, driver and/ Andy Waters, who did the final lap. a jagged hole. He still hadn't figured Winkler had a rear flat and limped ago, and they, and a huge crowd of or mechanic, as a co-driver. He had no problems, and they took out what it was by the time he fin-to his pit with a front on the rear family and friends were exited to do By the end of the second lap fourth place, seven hours behind the ished. He said that was "pretty excit-and the flat on the front because he so well. Tudy said, "I feel a little old, a La Roza and Robison had about first place truck. None of the otl1ers ing!" Morrison dropped to fourth, carries no spare. He'dalsohadasticky little excited, and very happy!" three and a half hours cushion on finished. after losing a rear shock and being throttle. In third place it was Jeff Alvarado made it in, his arms "very _ Isaacson. And then Isaacson faded Class 8100 (Stock Full) went off stuck in a bottleneck. Larry Tunnell, Knupp, who'd had a flat on his Volk-tired", for a nice second place. away and LaRoza and Robison took the line next, with 11 starters. They in a Chevy, had lost all power for a spower. He'd also sheared a bolt in Demonja reported that he'd broken the win, theironly problem along the lost two of them on the first lap. Dave while on Lap 1, then broke a couple the steering and rolled over, losing a tie rod, had a spark plug wire fall way, one flat tire. Morrison, Ford, led the first lap back of leaf springs, and had a couple of some time in the process. Terry Tol- off, and broke a leaf spring, but man- There were four 3100 trucks in to the main pits, with about four hours down time all together.Tunnell bert, in a JFK chassis, had rolled his aged third place, just 20 minutes be- the race, three Fords and a Hum-minutes on Kreg Donahoe in his die-and his co-driver, Glenn Gilbert, are car in the python before getting out hind Alvarado. And Malabanan was mer. Matt and Noah Pike and sel powered Ford. Greg Foutz, still Parker residents also. They were the onto Lap 1. He was fourth. fourth, and last to finish. He'd run Zachary Churchill were out early but PIKES service center Baker, California Celebra~ing 60 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ... THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page 14 On the second lap Fluegge moved out of gas, had electrical problems all the others got the first lap finished. into the lead, and the team of Will-and been stuck. Scott Douglas, in a Ford, and Rod iam Janss, Lenny Loftin and Greg Class 4100 went off the line next, Hall, in the Hummer, were in a dead Hawks ran second in their Jimco, with three starters. Travis Walser put heat as they ended Lap 1. Mike Fal-about a half hour back. Knupp's co-Marc Stein's Ford into the lead on kosky, Ford, ran about 20 minutes driver, Eric Greener, was third, and the first lap, with 26 minutes on John back in third. Rick and Troy Waszkiewicz, Kirk R. Sunderland. Behind him Josh Hall On the second lap Hall built up a Steenburgen and Rick Vasquez were ran third in his Hummer. lead of one minute on Douglas, and fourth in their Ree Fab. But attri-Walsergotoutmidwaythrough Falkosky,who'dbeenstucktwice,was tion played a big part in this class, the second lap and took over, still in still third. He said he kept moving andJanss, Loftin and Hawks lost their the lead at the end of Lap 2. By then over to let faster cars go by, and he'd transmission on Lap 3, and the Wasz-they'd spent a lot of time in the pit, get stuck. On the last lap Hall broke kiewicz, Steenburgen and Vazquez car welding on a front A-arm. The his power steering pump, so at a pit was also a dnf. Sunderland car was second, and stop, where his son Josh was unoccu-Fluegge had no more problems John A Sunderland Qohn R.'s son) pied thanks to that fire in his own and ran smoothly to the finish to take had take over the driving. By now race vehicle, Rod invited him to take the win by a little over a half hour. Hall was out, thanks to a failure of the Hummer to the finish line. It was Knupp and Greener had to thread a transmission component that let a tough drive, but, Josh got it done through a couple of traffic jams on ATF run into the engine compart- and helped his dad get the win. Fal-the last lap, to finish second. Winkler ment and start a fire. There was sig-kosky, who found the course "a little and his co-drivers, Chad Shupp and nificant collateral damage to the bumpy", came in second, and Dou-Leon Knowles, who'd had another wiring harness, and the team parked glas, who had some unknown prob-flat on Lap 2, but had· no trouble on the Hum mer, ending an eight race lems on the third lap, came to a stop Lap 3, finished third. In fourth it was winning streak. somewhere in the last 20 miles of the Tolbert and his co-driver, Kevin Reid. Stein and Walser went on to take third lap. He was a DNF. They'dbeenstuckinOsbomeWash, the win, tha_nks to some creative TwotrucksstartedinClass3000, and discovered their lights were dam- welding by Mike McComas that kept but it wasn't a good day for either of aged and they'd had to work on them. their front end together. The them. Lance Magin, who drives his They were another half hour back. In Sunderlands had a bad "stuck" just Ford with hand controls, got into his fifth, it was Buddy Rossorelli, Bunder- at the end of the race. They'd lost third lap before disappearing, and son, who said it as "real rough out their front drive, and came up on a Gale and Noah Pike and Karl there." And in sixm, and last to finish, small truck already stuck in some soft Hartmetz, in a Blazer, fell out on Lap Ian Jameson and Lee Jackson, in a time stuff two miles before the finish, and 2. of 13 hours and 38 minutes. couldn't extricate themselves. They The JeepSpeed classes have under-Class 7100 was next off the line, let air out of their tires and were gone a big change between seasons. A April 2006 Dusty Times

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Chad Hall ran out of petrol a couple of times but still managed a third Ray Griffith took the win in the JeepSpeed 1 category. not too bad for Second place in JeepSpeed 1 went to Eric Heiden.he was just two minutes out of the class win at the Parker race. place finish in Class 8100, seen here moving earth. his first race, seen here at speed. new class, JeepSpeed 3, has been entered, but some were obviously hour on Oscar McClure, who was formed for any Jeep, and any engine, planned as chases vehicles for racers second. But then Moore disap-and they will run with BITD Class in the Pro classes. Eight of them peared and McClure went on to take 3000 rules, but not in Class 3000. never did the first lap. Dan Moore, the win. He said he'd had a long day Forthis race only one team entered-who's a true Sportsman racer, led and zip ties holding his alternator Justin and Bob Mamer. They were at the end of Lap 1, with just an on, and baling wire on the. header. required to run only two laps, and the team split the driving, one lap each, and finished in seven hours and 20 minutes. Justin got sruck in the infield for a while, but Bob, his dad, had no problems. They're hoping to have some competition in the next race. The rest of the JeepSpeeds, which used to be called Stock and Pro, have all been lumped together into one class, called JeepSpeed l. Another new class, JeepSpeed 2, will be for Wranglers, but none are expected to be complete in time to race in But he finished. Pahrump race at the end of April. As usual, the Parker race en-Different in character from .chanted some, frustrated many, and Parker, because i:t's a point to tested the talents and patience of all. point race, it's nonetheless guar-it was good racing. anteed to be another go0d day of The next BITD event will be the racing. ~ COIL BEAM SUSPENSION *Made In USA,. uni Ends are 6" Wider with 10" Towers to Accept Coll Shocks Without Modilication and eludes Ra~k and Pinion Mount. Trailing Arms are 0.0.M. terlal, 2•;.• Larger x 1" Wider nd Can Use Either Stock King Pin Spindles or Combo Links. 2006. Combo Link Spindles ........... $460 930 CHROMOLY STUB AXLES& DRIVE FLANGES In the meantime, there were 19 JeepSpeed 1 cars, and they had to run just two laps. Six of them found it impossible to get the first lap done. But there were close racing in the surviving bunch. Gary Garman had the lead, but Jason Lafortune was only a minute behind him and tied with Ray Griffith. Another five min-utes back it was Roger Spielman. Another four dropped out on the second lap including both Garman and Spielman. But Griffith moved to the front and stayed there. It was his first race, and he said he'd had no problems on course, but had "a knock in the front end." Two min-utes behind him Eric Heiden finished second, and in third it was Mike Barnett, who drives the first JeepSpeed car ever built He said the "first lap was kinda bad" because he'd broken a track bar bolt, which cost him about 15 minutes. After that things went all right, and he was only ten minutes behind Heiden. Guy Alldredge was fourth, an hour behind him. LaForrune, after being third, was the last one to finish, re-porting that he'd been "stuck five times". There was one limited Baja Bug racing at Parker, with Jacob Kelly and Michael Sivak listed as the team. They didn't even get to the first checkpoint on the first lap. At least their car is probably ready for the next race, once they fix whatever stopped them. Only one started in Class 4000 (which is for stock Volkswagen se-dans), and it had to do only two laps. Dick Dahn was the starting driver, and he's a man with years of experience. Among other things, old timers will remember his cheerful smile as he drove the heavy equip-ment used to build short course jumps and moguls for Mickey Th-ompson. Dahn, who's 70 mow, had a valve cover leak, but fixed it, and then Steve Patton did the second lap. They said they "went slow in the slow stuff, and fast in the fast stuff'. And they made it to the finish line in 10 hours 40 minutes and 46 seconds,. The sedan is named "Molly". There were 10 Sportsman cars Dusty times LIST YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YEAR, MODEL AND ENGINE SIZE! Sales Information: Payment may be made by credit card, money order or cashier's check. Personal or business checks are not accepted. C.0.D. orders accepted with 50% pre-payment. $5 Handling charge on all orders. California residents include 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for all freight charges. Minimum order is $25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no way is the name used to infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. and Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. JA-MAR MICRO STUB BRAKES JA·MAR FRONT BILLET DISC BRAKES King Pin Spindles or Combo Link Spindles. Billet Oise Brakes for Desert Rails .... , .......... 820 BIUET 5VW HUBS 5-Lug Micro Stub Disc Brakes KP or Combo Link Spindles. W/four Piston Caliper... King Pin Spindle Hub Kit... •.. $3/15 Chromoly Micro Stub Kit .... $1,050 Combo Link Spindle Hub Kil.365 M300 Micro Stub Kil ··••·••····· 1,200 " HD M300 Micro Stub Kit... .... 1,350 • HOWE POWER STEERING 2.5 Power Rack ................. $1,275 2.5 Power Rack with Control Valve ................ 1,650 Control Valve • lnline ..... . .. 345 Charlynn Torque Generator .... 295 Port Block, Charlynn ................ 25 Coupler, Charlynn .................... 18 Sweet U·Joints, from ................ 56 Reservoir, Power Steering ........ 94 Reservoir with Filter, Power Steering .. . ... 148 Reserboir Bracket ........ 14 Power Steering Pump ............. 160 Power Steering Pulley, from ..... 60 Pulley for Subaru... . ......... 60 Pump Brackets. from ................ 65 MICKEY THOMPSON PERFORMANCE TIRES Baja·Pro Performance Tires E78 Mini Mag .... $92 30 X 7.00, 4·ply .. . .. 114 33 X 9.00, 4·ply ... . .......... 156 35 X 10.00, 4·ply .. 160 MICKEY THOMSON BAJA BELTED HP 30 X 9.5·15 ............................ $120 3t X 10.50·15... . .... 152 33 X 10.50·15... . .... 146 Billet Housing. Made In U.S.A. Saco Rack & Pinion ............... $295 Sweet U-Joints. from ................. 56 IO I Cflll'/l Flexible, Heavy Duty Shielded Throllle Cables. Specify Clip End Or Bulk Head End Available 6'-13' Long In 6" Increments. 6' or 6'/,' Cable .................. $28 7' or 7'/, Cable .......................... 29 8. or 8'/, Cable .......................... 30 9· or 9•1,· Cable .... 31 1 o· or 10'/,' Cable .... 32 11· or 11'/, Cable ...................... 33 12' or 12½. Cable..... . .... 34 13' or 13½' Cable ...................... 35 • Add $5 for Threaded Housing • ¥ KING ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS WI RESERVOIR Full Adjustment Dual Spring Shock with Hose and Reservoir. King 2" Adjustable Shock, 8· 10· 12" Stroke ..... .from $495 King 2 '/," Adjustable Shock, 12·14·16" Stroke ...... from 585 Billet Aluminum Clamp·On Reservoir Mount, each ....... 35 Urethane Mount Pad. pair. .......... 8 Combo Link Spindles, 3", from.495 King Shock 2" Adj. Body w!Reservoir • includes Springs. each ........•...••..•. .495 Piggy Sack Reservoir Option ..... 65 edged Tie Rods, Alum., pr ...• 65 Chromoly Heim Joints Specify Left or Right Hand Thread '!, x 'I• Heim Joint .................. $31 •1: x '/." Heim Joint .................... 38 'I,' x •1: High Angle Heim Joint..49 'lo' Jam Nut.......... . .............. 2 'I." Jam Nut.................... ..3 5/," x ½" x 1/4" Misalignment Spacer. .................... 7 5/ , " x 1/i" x 'h" Misalignment Spacer. ................................. 7 3/: x 111" x 1/?" Misalignment Spacer ................ . .8 l/? x 5/ , " x 1/1" Misalignment Spacer ................................... 8 ¼" Thread Chromoly Tube Boss .8 '/." Thread Chromoly Tube Boss .8 CENTERLINE WHEELS Forged Aluminum Wheels with Polished Finish. 15 x4 5VW ....... : .......•....... $178 15 X 5 5 VW ................... 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5No*DRIFT By ]. Preston Bradshaw Comrie-Picard Take The Gold Photos: Tom Buchkoe Andrew Comrie-Picard and Rod Hendrickson took the win at Sno•Drift, seen here in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV in the elements. · ,rs ro uc 10 an a remar. a e , overa was e eam o anner oust and Scott Crouch, seen here in the dark of ni ht. Andrew Pinker and Robbie Durant took the Group N honors, they finished ninth overall in the ice and snow world of winter rally. The big win in Group 2 went to Eric Duncan and Matt Duncan, they finished inside the top 20 for this first winter rally. Second in Open, second overall was the team of Travis Pastrana and Christian Edstrom, seen here perfonning before a watchful crowd. Applying some left rudder correction, the team of Patrick Moro and ,. Pamela McGarve drove _to a very nice 2nd place in PGT, 6th overall. Page16 TI1ere were nearly half a hundred cars ready to attack the ice and snow covered roads of Northern Michi-gan late in January for the annual Sno*Drift Rally. Some of them would find the roads and climate hospitable but many would find only disaster on the 130 mile set of Spe-cial Stages. Forty-eight cars actually started the rally. Of those, 26 are ru_nning the Sno*Drift National Rally and the rest are running the Sno Re-gional Rally. Sno*Drift has a total of 128.26 stage miles and runs for two days. Sno*Drift is the first round of the 2006 Rally America National Championship. The Sno Regional Rally runs Friday only for a total of 38.6 stage miles and runs concurrently with Sno*Drift. The cars entered range from tq.e 2006 Subaru lmprezas to 1987 Volkswagen Golfs and while all are alike in required safety precautions, the range of"rally" preparation var-ies extensively, anywhere from Open Class, where there are minimal re-strictions; to Production Class where only minimal changes are allowed. The roads are said to be in very good condition and range from wide and fast to narrow and twisty. Many of the roads are expected to have a foot of hard packed snow in the wooded areas, the snow is covering hard, compacted ice. There are ex-is ting tire tracks through the unplowed snow. April 2006 A well earned win in the Production category went to Michael Merbach and Jeff Feldt, 15th overall in a tough to finish rally. The gold medal in Group 5 went to Eric Burmeister and Dave Shindle, seen here setting up for one of hundreds of right handers. Dusty Times 1 '

Page 17

Matt Iorio and Ole Holter only got four stages completed, a rollover Kyle Sarasin and his father Stuart finished their second club rally with Karen Purzycki and Bob Pierce finished the club rally, Karen was the on SS 5 put an end to their Sno•Drift aspirations. ease, Kyle, 16 years old is already a veteran driver. Let the festivities commence. much." and snow. He has focused his efforts It was a hard fought victory for Despite his Saturday afternoon on the Spanish Series in the past two Andrew "ACP" Comrie-Picard, disappointment, Pinker put in a sur- years, but plans to contest the Rally who drove cleanly into first place prisingly strong performance at his America Series in 2006. If his early overall after several of the top teams United States debut, particularly performance at Sno*Drift is any in-fell victim to slick/slippery condi- given his limited experience on ice dication, he will be a threat for the tions on the 130 mile winter rally through north-central Michigan. "It's pretty exciting, it's been a long time coming and it's a real thrill for us, being a privateer team, to take the win" said Comrie-Picard. It was the first ever top fin-ish for the Canadian and his Mit-subishi Evo IV in the U.S.A. Second place overall went to Subaru Team USA driver Travis Pastrana. It was a stunning third place overall finish for Production-GT competitor Tanner Foust, who edged out Pastrana teammate Ken Block for the podium. Comrie-Picard and co-driver Rod Hendrickson, who started the day's leg more than a minute and a half out of first, credited strategic driving for the win. They had said they had planned to drive conserva-tively early in the rally to focus their effort on a pair of make-or-break stages on Day 2, a treacherous 24 mile section of road that competi-tors tackle twice during the rally. only distaff driver out there on the stages. win at any rally. Class Subaru WRX on a tricky turn. Matthew Iorio, who took second Canadian drivers have stood atop place at the 2005 Sno*Drift en route the podium at Sno*Drift four of the to the Rally America Open Class past five years. Pat Richard won Championship title was out of the Sno*Drift in 2004 and 2005. Frank rally on Day 1 after rolling his Open Sprongle won in 2002. cMF Ken Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino had been early favor-ites for the overall win, blazing to the front of the pack to finish Day 1 seven seconds ahead of Subaru teammates Pastrana and co-driver Christian Edstrom. But, both Subaru crews were caught out during the first pass of the crucial long stage, vaulting Aus-tralian Andrew Pinker, a snow and ice novice, into first place in his Group N Subaru STi. Pastrana suffered two flat tires on his Open Class Subaru GTi, while Block slid his identical car wide on a corner and found himself stuck for several minutes in a snowbank. Top Competitors in every Major Off Road Event Choose MasterCraft Seats and Restraints However, Pinker's lead was short-lived. He slid off the road during his second run at the stage and dropped well out of podium contention. "I think that bit of road is laughing at everybody" he said. Block said late on Day 2 that his fourth place result was a disap-pointment. "I'm feeling like I gave away the win" he said. "I felt good. I have the speed I need, but I made a mistake!" It is no small feat to bring a Pro-duction GT car onto the podium but third place finishes Foust and co-driver Scott Crouch are snow and ice experts. Foust, last year's Rally America POT Champion who works as a professional stunt driver and also competes as a Drifter, has taught winter driving courses in his home state of Colorado. He ob-served that slick conditions level the field and reward careful driving. "This is a rally where the horse-power doesn't matter all that Dusty Times 3& Seat shown 1 800 565 4042 April 2006 ., Including: Scott Douglas Evan Evans Mike Julson Curt and Kyle Le Due Rob Maccachren John Marking Carl Renezeder Matt Scaroni Dan Smith and Dave Ashley Scott Steinberger Shannon Campbell Aaron Dusenbery Walker Evans Johnny G. Mitch Guthrie Joachim Schweisow Tracy Jordan Jason Paule Page 17

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M.O.K.E. DAMZL250 Brant Beat The Best By Steve Ruddick Photos: Trackside Photo fu Ron Brant made it look easy, ·he led the Class 1 contest all the way and took the overall as well in his trusty steed. January 28, 2006 at Lucerne Valley, CA: It was cold and breezy, but it was still dirt and adrenalin time for the 98 racers who entered the M.O.R.E. Damzl 250. Friday night Contingency at Lucerne High School was downright cold, with temps in the 30's, 50% humidity, and the desert winds blowing in the 15mph range, with gusts up to 19 mph. Most of the action was bundled up around the several pro-pane-powered 'campfires' along Contingency row, a welcome relief from the weather. But a little wind and weather wasn't enough to chill the spirits or slow the flow of adrenalin for the racers who lined up for the green flag on race day. The M.O.R. E. Dan1Zl 250 was a 40 mile course twisting and turn-ing its way through the souther California desert in the B.L.M.'s Johnson Valley OHV area, near Lucerne Valley off SR #247. Start/ Finish was at Anderson Dry Lake, off Camp Rock Road. The race course looped all the way over to Check 2/Pit C at Bessemer Mine Road, and included a couple of Road X-ings of Power Line Road at MM17 and again at MM27.5, and another close encounter around MM36, too. Up and over and through and around the elevations of Fry Mountains and upper Johnson Valley they raced: six laps for Classes l, 10, 5 & 1/2-1600, five laps for Classes 9 and 5-1600; and four loop-de-loops for the Sportsman and 1450 classes. There were 98 entries and 82 finishers. CLASS l: A field of eight Class l cars took the green flag for the ---,,-------,,.......,-------------.,.,----.,,,, start of the first event of the 2006 M.O.R.E. race season. First to see the checkers was Ron Bryant in car # 134, who took first place in Class l. Ron Bryant drove his :"under 500hp" Chevy LSI-powered Jimco chassis, Motion Tire #134 to take the Class 1, and Overall Winner awards in just 4: 10:03 and 57.6mph. Ron drove Laps 1-3 along with co-driver Wayne Laird, and also took the Fast Lap Award at 60.1mph on Lap l. Richard Boyle took over the wheel duties for Laps 4-6. Ron is still looking over the Contingency sponsor list to see if he qualifies for any 'frequent flier' miles, too. Todd Jergensen in car #156 was next to pass the checkered flag in 4: 14:47 at 56.5mph, to take sec-ond place in Class l. Coming in a Tom Gilhriese had a tight race in Trophy Challenge, he took the win with a scant 57 seconds in hand at the checkers. distant third place at 5:00:54 was the 400hp Cadillac Northstar-powered #127 of MW Motorsports and Rick Wilcoxson, at 47.9mph. Troy Johnson drove the #127 Jimco chassis on Laps 1-3, and Rick Wil-coxson took the wheel duties over for Laps 4-6. Joehy Westhoff was along for all six laps in the co-driver's chair. The MW Motorsports car performed flaw-less all day, except for a failed CPU on Lap 5 which took about 40 min-utes to fix. Rick reported the course was "fast in spots and all dust in others", but his overall enthusiasm was still apparent ... "I love this Car!" Jennifer Clemson arrived at the checkers in 5:16:56 in the #132 car, averaging 45.4mph for the day, to take fourth place in Class l. Matt Brunning drove his #131 Playtech car to fifth place in Class 1 at 41.7mph in 5:45:29. Finishing in sixth place in Class l was Mike Pacewich in the DunTech Motors ports car # 135, averaging 34.5mph in 6:56: 19. The Complete Off Road car #143 of Bill Markel lost a cliff at Check 1 on their sec-ond lap. John Gould in car #113 had a serious roll-over on Lap .l to end his race day. CLASS 10: A field of 13 count them ... 13, Class 10 cars rolled up for the green flag at the DAMZL 250, but only eight racers com-pleted the required six laps. Scott Wisdom and Frank Wagner had "no flats and a flawless race" to take first place in Class 10 in 4:26:57 at 53.9mph, in their F&L Fuel car #1205. Scott only had the new JFK Racecars chassis for a month be-fore the race, and this was their first time in the car under actual race conditions. Scott and Frank summed up their win nicely: "What A Blast!" Getting the checkers just three minutes later to win second place in Class 10 was Michael Deardorff in car# 1094, completing his six laps in 5:29:59 at 53.3mph. Deardorff also took the Class 10 Fast Lap Award at 56.2mph on Lap 2. Dear-dorff drove the Type II VW-pow-ered Jimco chassis car all six laps with co-driver Dustin Miller at his side, and reported "a flat, a lot of dirt, and a rough course". Asked to describe his 'most.fu1i.' moment, Scott said -"It was ALL fun!" Third place in Class 10 went to Larry Ahoff and co-driver Randy Jones in car #1032, who completed the required bumpNbounce in 5:25:26 at 44.2mph. This was Ahoffs first race in his Ideal Grind-ing Type IV-powered Raceco chas-sis car, and it wasn't without a few breaks and bruises either. Ahoff and Jones had three flats (two at the same time on Lap 1), no brakes the last four or five laps, and also managed to manhandle the beast to a victory on Laps 5 and 6 when their power steering went out. That's true grit, guys and gals. Taking the fourth place victory in Class 10 in car #1047 was the father/son team of Richard and Ryan Lescher. In spite of two flats, a starter going out, and a lean-run-ning cpu most of the day, the Leschers were "still happy to just finish a race!"; doing so in 5:25:26 at 44.2mph. You can always tell when car #1047 is around because it sounds like a whole herd ofkiller-beeZ on steroids. Bob Schreiner drove his good looking GMC to the Ultra Truck class win, he's seen here heading for the coveted checkered flag. John Criswell led the Class 5 contest all the way, he finished with a bit more than eight minutes in hand. Mike McGee in car #1011 took the fifth place win in Class 10 in 5:44: 10 at 41.8mph. Arrivin at the Second place in Class 1 went to Todd Jergensen, he's seen here Alex Danze gave it all he had, but he fell short at the finish, he was Chris Bowman had a long first lap and it cost him, he finished second making a nice landing at the MORE Damzl 250. less than a minute out of the class win. in Class 5, some eight minutes in arrears. Page 18 April 2006 Dusty Times

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Tom Bo/ha was a bit off the pace in Class 5-1600, he took home the Noe Sierra led the first lap but when the checkers fie w he was Jared Benson had a ve,y long second lap but he still managed a silver medal, he was eight minutes behind at the finish. relegated to second place in Class 7 A, six minutes in arrears. decent second place in the Class 9 contest. checkered flag just a minute or so CI.ASS 1/2-1600: A whole herd 2-1600 was Curt Geer in car #1619, some" win. The Lothringer chassis Fast Lap Award at 53.7mph on Lap laterat5:45:36wasJohnWhitein ofl5Classl/2-1600buggieslined in 4:32:41 at 52.8mph. Geer #l619hadnoflats,andevenman-2. car # 1210, averaging 41. 7 mph, to up for the green flag, and seven tangled with a Class 10 car and aged to get in some fun time "chas- Lorenzo Rodriguez drove all six take sixth place in Class 10. That would go on to the finish at the broke a couple of torsions, and even ing everybody down through traf- laps in # 1602 to take second place one-tench of a difference in mph DAMZL 250. Leading the herd had to use his backup motor, but fie over a really nice but rough and in 4:37:45 at 51.8mph. Rodriguez translated into an elapsed time dif-home to cake first place in Class 1/ still beat the bunch in an "awe- dusty course." Geer also took the Continued on page 20 ferential of one minute and 26 sec-onds over 40 miles x 6. Seventh place in Class 10 went to Jim Gle-dhill in car #1012, in 5:51:27 at 41.0mph. Sean Dunn in car #1035 placed eighth in Class 10 in 6:51: 14 at 35.0mph. Brian Walsh in car #1002 man-aged to complete three laps, before being taken out in the end by a BiG rock in the sand wash on Lap 2; which broke and jammed a tie rod. Nice try anyway, guys. Scott Stice in car # 1009 was also racing with the front runners in Class 10 through Lap 4, but it was no more after chat. Dave Wood blew the tranny in car #1091 at Check 1 on Lap 1. Boch Craig Brabant in #1216 and Matt Klenske in #1025 managed respectable times on Lap 1, but ended their fun in the dirt somewhere on Lap 2. CLASS 5: Si~ Class 5 cars started the Danul 250, and first to see the checkered flag was John Criswell in the #501 Kartek car, in 5:05:41 at 47.1mph. John Hays drove Laps 1-3 with John Criswell taking over the driving duties for Laps 4-6. They reported two rear flats and a "rough track", and a tug-of-war race with Geer. Second place in Class 5 went to Chris Bowman in car #502, com-pleting the six laps in 5: 13:49 at 45.9mph. #502 also took the Fast Lap award for Class 5 at 53.0mph on Lap 3. Jerry Longo drove car #502 thru Laps 1-3 along with co-driver Chuck Militello. Longo broke a bolt that holds the power steering ram to the rack and pin-ion on Lap 1, and lost some 24 minutes making the necessary re-pairs. However, once repaired and stopping on Lap 2 to check it out, it was 'game on' to see if he could make up time. Bowman did the driving duties for Laps 4-6 and tried to keep up the fast pace that Longo had set -"We never gave up and just kept on driving hard thru some nasty dust conditions", and they made up over 16 minutes in five laps in the process! Nonetheless, Longo re-ported 'lots of fun ... lots of dust, but fast laps!", despite breaking a power steering bole on Lap 1 that cost them time to fix. A win to be proud of. Shad Kennedy in #505 had problems with a loose distributor on Lap 2, but still kept on racing on to win third place in Class 5, in 6: 10:54 at 38.8mph. The other Class 5 racers didn't fair as well. Jeff Nutter in #529 was out of con-tention with tranny problems on Lap 1, and #524, Erik Earnest, and Jim Varshay in #511, also dnfd. Dusty Times April 2006 Page 19

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A silver medal was awarded to Michael Deardorff for his second Lorenzo Rodriguez throws a bit of dirt around as he heads for a Rick Wilcoxon moves a bit of earth around as he heads to a decent place finish in the Class 10 contest, he's seen here at speed. second place finish in the Class 1/2-1600 contest. third place finish in the Class 1 contest. ------A third place finish in the Trophy Challenge went to Clint Fisher, he's The Kennedy/Akin car suffered a horrendously long fifth lap but still Scott Pellerin makes a sorta nose heavy landing as he drives to a seen here at takeoff, heading for the finish line. managed a decent third place finish in the Class 5 contest. third place finish in the hotly contested 5-1600 class. reported two flats, but an other- from Laverne, CA. I his was Neal's co-dnver Sean Williams still were 5:28:09 at 43.9mph to take fourth lolbert in the co-dnver's seat, they wise "perfect day" of "fast and fun" eighth race in the Cactus Commu-able to navigate the "fast and rough place in class. Fifth place went to drove their way to victory through in the DALCorp/WR Racing car. nications Racing car, and despite course" in just 4:40:22 at 51.4mph. Mike Ward in car # 167 3 who fin- a "sandy ;md deep, but fun course"; Third place in class was the #1605 breaking a front torsion, and hav- Vic Bussey in car #1614 arrived ished the race in 5:34: 17 at even though they did so with a bro-car of 18 year old Andrew Neal ing no clutch the lastlap, Neal and later in the 1/2-1600 pack in 43.1mph. Mark Brister handled the ken steering wheel the last 20 or so Page 20 April 2006 wheel duties through Lap 2, when miles. Mark Ward jumped in for Laps 3-Tom Bolha took second place 6, along with co-driver Brad in car #565 about nine minutes Crawford. Ward is in his second later, running the gauntlet in year of racing and reported "a good 4:59:21 at 40.1mph. JeffBolha and day with no problen~s" driving the co-driver Phil )ones drove Laps 1 'old' '96 Raceco chassis car to the and 2 and had a bit of a bumper-checkers. bender when they drove up under Also completing the required six car #578 and tore off the front laps in 5:35:39 at 42.9mph, and bumper fr:om car #565 ... parts is taking sixth place, was Scott Boyd partZ! Tom Bolha and co-driver in car #1615. Raul Lopez took sev-Pat Christie took over the reins enth place in car #1611 at 33.8mph from there for Laps 3-5, and had a in 7:05:50. The rest of the 1/2-bit of a different kind of'fun' when 1600 herd broke down somewhere a rock found its way behind the and dnf' d: # 1641 -Brent Maurer; clutch pedal. But on their way they # 1625 - Mike Malloy; # 1628 - Ray went to a checkered flag and the Files; #1699- Mike Meehan; #1648 winner's circle too. - Brian Potts; # 1679 - Michael Ka-Scott Pellerin saw the checkers nuch; #1677 - Wayne Rutherford. to take third place in car #577 CLASS 5-1600: Ten racers about 17 minutes behind #565, rolled up to see the green flag in crossing the Finish Line in 5: 16:47 Class 5-1600; seven went the dis-at 37.9mph. Pellerin drove #577 on tanceallthewaytothewinnercircle. Laps 1, 2 and 5, but had shifter Ken Tolbert was the Class 5-1600 problems right off the git-go and winner in car #578 at 41.2mph, drove 'the whole thing' with no sec-needing just 4:51:26 to take first ond gear. Brian Thompson drove place, as well as the Fast Lap Award Laps 3 and 4 along with co-driver at 44.8mph on Lap 2. This is KST Jay Bartley. For only his second Racing's second year of competi-'rookie' race, Pellerin reported his tion, and their 'first win' ever to most fun of the day was "finishing start the season is a sweet victory in third place!" indeed. Ken Tolbert took over the Fourth place honors went to driving duties from Matt Summers Raul Placentia from East L.A., in for Laps 3-5, and with his son John Continued on page 22 The Class 5-1600 race went to Ken Tolbert, Ken led all the way and his competition was about eight minutes behind at the end. Dusty Times

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Ken Keegal lets his suspension hang out as he flies his good looking Ron Rash was right her in the fight for the Class 9 win but a very long Third place in the Class 10 contest went to Larry Ahoff, Larry was a pickup towards the finish line at the MORE Damzl 250. last lap relegated him to a third place finish. few tics a lap off the winning pace, he's seen here at speed. car #574, who completed the ported a "fun and flawless race" Garavito in 5:59:26 at 33.4mph. fivewouldseethecheckers.Com-42.3mphonhisfirstlap.JaredBen-course in 5:21:19 at 37.3mph; and "lots of excitement", except Tim Sanchez took home a sixth pleting the required five laps in son took home the second place about five minutes after the third " ... those Class 1 cars kept spitting place victory in the Desert Bull Rae- 4:52:28 at 41.0mph to take first award in car #999 at 36.0mph and place car #577. Placentia drove the rocks!" All-in-all, Placentia was ing car #552, completing the re- place was Corey Torrez in the UTE 5:33:24. Benson drove Laps 1-3 APV /Garcia Racing ride on Laps "very happy to finish fourth in quired five laps in 6: 17 :4 2 at Inc. car #988, who drove the whole with his co-driver Roy Fulk, and 1 and 2 with Donald Navarro in class" in his first M.O.R.E. race ever, 31.8mph. Seventh place honors race. Other than one flat, Torrez Ociel Solis drove Laps 4 and 5 with the co-driver's seat. It was then Juan and extends a "special thanks" to went to David Sanchez in car #557, reported '"no problems" and said co-driver John Poole. This was the Viaz Jr.'s turn at the wheel for Laps Hector Garcia Sr. for a "fun race!" in 6:33:04 at 30.5mph. the course was "good at first and first race for the Tatum chassis car 3-5, with co-driver Hector Garcia Driving car #555 to a fifth place CLASS 9: A field of nine Class rough toward the end." Torrez also #999 crew, and they did it the old Jr. along for the ride. Placentia re-win in Class 5 was Richard 9 cars took to the dirt on race day; clocked the Fast Lap Award at fashioned way ... literally pushing It was close in 1600, Andy Neal took the bronze medal, he was less Jennifer Clemson drove a pretty good race, she finished first off the Matt Frick was off the winning pace in his Trophy Challenge run, he than three minutes out of second place at the flag. podium in Class 1, wonder where the race name came from. finished fourth in class, seen here heading for the checkers. ' For more information, contact Mike James - Phone: (619} 445-5797, Ext. 115 • Fax: (619) 445-0772 • Kevin James - Phone: (619) 445-5797, Ext. 142 • Fax: (619) 445-0772 • Karen Iverson - Phone: {619) 445-5797, Ext. 103 • Fax: (619) 445-0772 • Finally, a Comprehensive Liability Insurance Package designed especially for Off-Road Racers, by insurance professionals who are actual Off-Road Racers. You can't get any better than that! Liability Protection • $1,000,000 General Liability-No Deductible • $1,000,000 Tune & Test • $250,000 ParticipanMo-Participant Coverage • Even provides coverage in Mexico provided a lawsuit is filed in the US • Insurance for your Pre-Runner/Chase Trucks • Mexican Auto Insurance Covers you, your business and your sponsors. General Liability and Physical Damage insurance available for your prerunner. \ \ JamMif!m~!I~ \.;,.:, AGENCY Cal. Lie.# 0875146 PROTECT YOUR FAMILY • PROTECT YOUR ASSETS • PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS Page 22 April 2006 Dusty Times

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A decent fourth place finish in Class 5-1600 went to Raul Placencia, his good looking bug seen here at speed on the course. A fourth place finish was the best Cody Rash could muster this race, Ryan Lesher had to struggle through a ve,y long fourth lap, he ended his Class 9 racer seen here throwing a little dirt. up takin a fourth place finish in Class 1 o. t e car t e ast 100 yar s to t e finish line and the checkers, after blowing the motor and trans the last two miles of the race. Benson said it was a "pretty good but dusty course." Third place in Class 9 went to Ron Rash in car #973, who com-pleted the race in 5:36:48 at 35.6mph. Rash was running in first place on Lap 4 when he "got hit hard by a Class 5 car" that took him for a bit of a spin. Debbie Rash and co-driver Lynda Yul were in control on Laps 1-2. Ron's most fun of the day was "hitting 70mph flat out in fourth gear." Cody Rash, car #990, took fourth place in class at 35.2mph in 5:41:06. Michael Ward and son took home the fifth place award in the GetRDone Racing car #975, in 6: 14:37. The most fun of the day for the father and son team was "We finished!" The rest of the Class 9 cars didn't fair so well. The #980 EdCo Racing car of Ed Depina gave it a go in and.was abie to compiete four laps before Mark Dee broke it. Tho-mas Pittman was also able to go four laps in car #969, but no more. Steve Knothe got in three laps in his car #917 before calling it a day, while Rob Maconald started but recorded no laps in car #976. CLASS 7: The Class 7 trucks saw six starters at the green flag, and three finished. First place honors went to Tyler Fox in truck #721, completing the required four laps in 4: 13:49 at 37.8mph. Noe Sierra took second place in truck #759 in 4:20:05 at 36.9mph. Third place was won by Ken Keegal in truck #797, churning the dirt in 5:07:36 at 31.2mph. Karl Stokes truck #747 managed to get in three laps before taking the dreaded dnf. Perry Fleming #738 and Javier Avila #760 both got in two laps before they dnf d too. CLASS 8: There was only one entty in Class 8, and Giti Gowland in car #363 was the lone racer. Gowland managed to get in three laps before having to dnf. CLASS 2450: Three Class 1450 Flying Lessons? Not so, said Tyler Fox, he's seen here heading for the clouds and the Class 7 A win at the MORE Damzl 250. trucks took to the field at the start of the DAMZL 250, but only one, #1438, would see the checkered flag. Team UBRT Racing won first place again, taking only 3:39:16 to com-plete the four lap race at 43.8mph. This makes eight wins in a row for Team UBRT Racing! #1438 took the front starting position for this race and decided to set a pace for the rest of their class to try to keep up with. This seemed to work and by the end of Lap 1 #1438 had passed all Class 7 trucks, most Class 5-1600 cars, some Class 5 Open and 1/2-1600 cars along with a few Class 10 cars, and had an 11 minute lead on their class. The Team UBRT Racing truck worked flawless all day and you wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off their faces for a week. Uncle Bob Schreiner said" "What a blast that was!" Congrats Team UBRT! The other Class 1450 trucks didn't make it to the checkers. Truck #1488, Eric Fiorino, completed two laps, and Dennis Beckwith in truck #709 got in just one lap, before they dnfd. CLASS 1300: Eleven Class 1300 buggies took the green flag on race day, and all but one went on to see the checkers at the finish line. Tom Gilhriese took the first place hon-ors in his 500hp LS2-powered, Desert a mix chassis car # 13 77. This was the first race in his new ride for Gilhriese and his co-driver son T.J. and Rob Roy too. It was "All fun" for Gilhriese and crew, who burned up the track in just 3: 15:28 at 49.1mph. Second place honors went to Alex Danze in car #1317, who aiso captured the Fast Lap Award at 52.1mph on Lap 4. This was Danze's first race ever, who 'iron-manned' the entire race along with co-drivers Todd Lenson and Cory White. The 600hp, blown LS 1-pow-ered, BajaShop chassis, ProArmor Corey Torres was the Class 9 winner, he led the class all the way and had more than half an hour in hand when the checkers flew. Racing car reported seeing "a lot of dust" on their way to glory in 3:16:25 at 48.9mph; only about one minute behind the Class 1300 winner. Coming in to grab third place about ten minutes+ later was Clint Fisher in car #1340, at 45.8mph and 3:29:24. Fisher and co-driver Rick Escott drove it all in their four seater Lothringer chassis car. Fisher reported some electrical and ignition problems and stopped to change their cpu at MM3. A couple of flat tires and "a lot of fast and dusty course" later, the Toyota 3.4L pow-ered # 1340 saw the checkered flag for a nice win. Matt Frick won fourth place in class in the Motion Tire car #1324, taking the checkered flag in 3:34:45 at 44. 7mph. Matt Frick drove Laps 1 and 2 with Glen Allen along in the co-driver's seat. Allen then switched into the driver's seat for Laps 3 a-nd 4, with Bill Bryant along as co-driver. It was quite a day for Frick and crew ... "A day I will never Continued on page 24 Shipping frOm our TWO callfomla locatJonsl A very nice landing, Scott Wisdom flew to the Class 1 O victory, it was close, he had three minutes on his competition. f.B66.1/W.STUFF • f.B66.B97.8B33 Dusty Times April 2006 Page 23

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Vic Bussey didn't have the best of days, he was well off the winning Greg Crew flew his Lucas Oil car to a fifth place finish in the Trophy Mike Ward comes in for a pretty hard landing, Mike ended up with a pace and ended up taking fourth place honors in 1600. Challenge, he's seen here in nice level flight. fifth place finish in the Class 1600 race. A sixth place finish in the Trophy Challenge went to Judy Cullen, she Mike McGee had a couple of long laps during his Class 10 run, he Making a pretty hard two point landing, Scott Boyd ended up taking a sixth place finish in the Class 1600 race. is seen here in here great looking car at speed. ended up fifth in class when the checkers flew. forget that's for sure", Matt said. but Glen Allen blew through the fin-or eighth position. Greg put the "We got our very first finish! Fifth ish line 'a little hot' without stop- pedal to the metal and managed to try." Frick abandoned the season last ping, which resulted in a five minute get the pass on three other Class year to redo the entire car, took it penalty. "Jim Clements handed me 1300 cars the last couple oflaps on to Baja to pre-run (and drink beer the cbeckered flag and it was a real his way to the checkered flag and a and eii.t tacos), and did a 700 mile rrdt giving my own car the check- win. testit1g session; time to work out ers", Frick said. Fun, indeed, eh! The F&L Fuel car # 1399 of mbs of the bugs. "The #1302 Lucas Oil car of Greg Judy Cullen and co-driver Cindy 1 "We were trouble free the entire / Crew won fifth place, taking 3:39:53 Bayly came in sixth place in class, rac , ~xccpt for a loose toil wirct ro finish at 43.7mph. Greg's son about six minutes behind Crew in abour\rwo miles before the fini~h Bryan Crew was along in the co-the #5 spot; in 3:45:56 at line" Fhck stated. "We stopped ev-driver's seat on Laps 1-2, when 42.5mph. This was the first time erylap,whichcostussometime,but 'Crew' chief, Bruce Warden, 'the wives' were in the car, and it was all in the race plan. Gur goal climbed in for a spin. Crew was run- drove too ... And despite an "occa-was to finish ... JUST FINISH, ever ning in third place but took a flat sional navigation problem" and "a since we put our hat in the ring." tire early on Lap 3 and got passed few rocks too", Cullen reported it Technically, car # 1324 for third, up and fell back into about seventh was "hard, but fun" and "a clean I • Slaws forward motion in tire event al a crash • Allows head movement • No cumbersome collar ta wear • Quick, one-lime adjustment • Does not hoolc into lap belt • Reduces neck tension by 45-70% • Great for all types of motor racing, especially where driver changes are common TIP DRIVERS UTlllZINli THE 1-CEL George Seeley • Ed, Tim & Troy Herbst • Larry "LR" Roese/er Mark Post • Nick Baldwin • Jerry Whelchel • Alan PFiueger Jason & Josh Baldwin • Riclc, Randy & Ronny Wilson Mike Julson • Bob Lofton • Marie & Gary Weyhrich • Dave Ashley Dan Smith • Kyle Taylor • Gus Vildosola • Rob Moc(ochren I ~l!~S,,,1u,,,1 1.B00.700.2350• Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 Page 24 I 'Ii 5t April 2006 race for the car". # 1333 to a win and ninth place in The Hammer Down Racing car class in 4:45:23 at 33.6mph. Way #1316 of rookie Gene Wilson was back in the pack but also 'finishing' running fast in the lead pack in tenth place in class was Kevin Sh-through Lap 4 when they broke the annon in car #1307 at 22.7mph fromlefrshockboltaroundMM12. and 7:02:10. The car #1322 of Wilson was able to hose clamp the Nadal Habash got in three laps of shock into suitable repair and got fun and dirt and adrenalin before to Pit C to repair it, but not with- he dnfd. out losing ground and time. Wilson CLASS 11: The sole entry and still managed a seventh place win in first place winner in Class 11 was class, averaging 39.8mph in 4:01: 12, Gina Ptasinski of Glendora. This not too bad for his third race ever. was Ptasinski's first win and you Wilson reported the course was could tell by the smile on her face "dusty, but Way Fun!" His 'most fun how sweet a victory it was too. oftheday'was"passingothercars!" Other than shorting out the EighthplaceinClass1300wentto Parker Pumper, Ptasinski re-Bob Jordan in car #1311, in 4:07:05 ported a "smooth race with no at 38.9mph. Rick Wood drove car hits or flats" .JII. R.r:. Andrea Gow/and had a good race, she took the Class 68 victory. she's seen here heading for the finish line. Curt Geer led the Class 112-1600 class all the way, he did his six laps in 4:32:41, his competition was five minutes behind. Dusty Times

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11 ,.,,,,. ... Jll/lll!I!!!! SHOCK -.... ..,,,._,,'l'IICHNOI.OGY 714.530.8701 • FAX714.530.B702 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 -lltltltl'W',n 2.5" --€l!!tJ£1 Need coil springs? (all King Shocks! " We have custom and produdion coil~ in stock, and ;be experience to get you what you need. Coll today!

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M/lll,tl:, Fun 200 Steve Mamer Takes the overall By]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Trackside Photo Steve Looney led all the way in the Class 1450 race, He's seen here heading for that coveted checkered flag. Dare we say that it was a bit on hind, Eddie Zeller was running Blue still led the pack, Brent Miller the chilly side when the troops got fourth and Frank Think was in the had moved into the second spot, together for the running of the fifth spot. Shawn McCallum was some four minutes behind the Mojave Desert Racing Fud 200. scheduled to race but he did not leader, Eddie Zeller had moved up There was a goodly gathering and start. into third place, Scott Young had all the racers were rarin' to get out The Ieader was running his laps dropped to fourth place and there and do what they love best. in less than half an hour and Barry Frank Think remained in the fifth Class 1 was first away and they Blue continued to lead the second spot. were ready to show off their stuff. lap, in fact, their positions f~·om At the haifway mark it was stiii When they came around at the end the first lap were unchanged, it Barry Blue in the lead and the rest of the first of eight laps it was Barry was Blue, Young, Miller, Zeller and of the pack were holding their po-Blue in the lead, Scott Young came Think, slightly closer or further sitions as well, no one had lost or along about a minute later, Brent apart than on their first lap. gained a position although Scott Miller was another 50 seconds be-The third lap ended and Barry Young set fast lap for the class. Page 26 April 2006 Brent Miller drove his really good looking car to the Class 1 victory as well as the overall win, seen here at speed. The winner in the Class 3 conflict was Lee Orr, he's seen at landing in his Ford after a fairly short flight. There were big changes on the fifth lap, Eddie Zeller had moved into the Class I lead, Brent Miller was in the second spot, less than a minute in arrears, Frank Think had moved into third place, and, that's all there was folks. Barry Blue and Scott Young had suc-cumbed to the competition devils and were no longer in the race. The sixth lap ended and there were still changes happening, Brent Miller had moved into the Class 1 lead, Eddie Zeller had dropped to a long second place after encoun-tering mechanical troubles and Frank Think was still holding down third place. Technically, that was the end of the Class 1 contest, two laps re-maining and there was no change in position. Brent Miller came around to take the checkered flag and a nice win, Eddie Zeller was second, a long way behind, almost three-quarters of an hour and Mark Hoff drove his super clean Baja Bug to the Class 5-1600 win, his winning margin was about 20 minutes. Steve Hostetler was the only entrant in Class 7 but he hustled around for his eight required laps, seen here at takeoff. Dusty Times

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A long sixth lap didn't help Eddie Zellers race, he finished second in Class 1, more than 40 minutes in arrears. Paul Cruz ran second all the way in Class 300, well off the winning pace, he was an hour in arrears at the checkers. Matt Nystrom was a few minutes a lap off the winning pace, he finished second in Class 5-1600, 20 minutes too late. Frank Think came along eight min- laps, Matt Nystrom utes later in third place. It was a some two minutes ran second, leader. behind the On the third lap Horr picked good race for these guys. leader. The Class 3 troops only had to Horr continued to lead on the up another five minutes on Nystrom and on the fourth lap, the halfway point, Horr held a 16 minute lead on his competition. Mark Horr slowed a bit on his put four laps under their wheels second lap while Nystrom dropped for their race. There were only two another five minutes and was now entered in the class and when they about eight minutes behind the came around at the end of the first ...--~..,;;,-~----=.....,,.,.......,....,..,====,..,.,..===---====="" lap it was Lee Orr in the lead, Paul Cruz came along some 11 minutes later. Lee Orr held the lead on the second lap while Paul Cruz was having some minor problems and was now running almost half an hour in arrears. The third and fourth laps were run and Lee Orr took the class win with a 31 mile per hour average for the four laps. Paul Cruz took the runner-up spot, finishing nearly an hour in arrears when the flag flew. Class 5-1600 had three en-trants scheduled but one of them, Stephanie Lozano, failed ro start rhe race. Mark Horr rook rhe lead on the first of the eig_hr required Dusty Times Mark Culver only had to run five laps for his race. He took the Class 9 win, he's seen here landing hard. April 2006 fifth lap but still held a 17 minute he was 20 minutes in arrears at lead on Matt Nystrom. the end. They continued on in this same There was only one entry in fashion for the rest of the race and Class 7, Steve Hostetler and al-when the checkers flew it was Mark though he had no competition he Horr taking the class win, Matt certainly didn't cool it. He ran in Nystrom took the silver medal and Continued on page 28 Steve Mamer led all but one lap in the Class 10 battle, he took the win with ease, seen here flying to the checkers. Page 27

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Jeff Morrison had major troubles on his third lap, he still finished Gregg Zumwalt flew his Class 1450 truck to a nice second place second in Class 10, seen here churning the earth. finish, he's seen here in good looking flight. In Class 1600, Jake Laff ran to a nice second place finish, he's seen here hustling towards that checkered flag. Allen Bucher was second across the line, just under five minutes behind the leader, Clint McMahan was in the third spot, he was 13 minutes out of second place, Jer-emy Altman was running fourth, he was another five minutes behind McMahan and Richard Sletten was in fourth place, suffering from a very, very long lap. Alan Perrault led all four laps in the Class 11 contest, he beat his nearest competitor by more than 50 minutes. Luke Gibson had a fairly easy win, all his competition fell out of the race and he took Class 1400 with ease. When the second lap ended it was still Perrault in the lead, Allen Bucher was still running second, now some 30 minutes behind the leader, Clint McMahan was still running third, he was 33 minutes in arrears, Sletten was running much better in fourth place and Jeremy Altman was among the missing. There were no position changes on the third lap, everyone just do-ing their thing, although Sletten did have to suffer through another terribly long lap. the very low 40 minute area each lap and completed his eight re-quired laps in less than six hours at a 36.l average mile per hour. Mark Culver was the only Class 9 entrant, he had to run five laps to complete his race and, although he got considerably slower on the third, fourth and fifth laps he did his race in five and a quarter hours. Next up was Class 10, there were seven of them rarin' to go, but the dropout rate was large and fast and only two of them would see Bob Shepard the checkered flag at the end of their eight lap race. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Kyle Conlon in the class lead, he had just set fast lap for the class, Steve Mamer was right there in the sec-ond spot, SO seconds in arrears, Jeff Morrison was running in the third spot, Rod McCain was run-ning fourth and Jeff Zember was in the fifth spot. Dave Gardner failed to complete the first lap and Chris Cortez failed to start the race. G & R Motorsports On the second lap Steve Mamer moved into the class lead, Jeff Mor-rison was now in the second spot, about five minutes in arrears and Jeff Zember had moved up into third place. Kyle Conlon was out of the competition and Rod McCain was on the trailer. On the third lap, Steve Mamer continued to lead, Jeff Morrison had big troubles and turned a very long lap, he was now some 40 min-utes behind the leader. On the fourth lap Mamer Die-Cast Aluminum Integrated Starter/Ballast Quick Change Bracket 35 Watt D2 Bulb Limited Lifetime Warranty We pay Contingency 8" HID $425.00 Black 6" HID $400.00 Black Available in CHROME Cover I ncludcd Page 28 April 2006 picked up another five minutes on Morrison and he picked up an-other four minutes on the fifth lap. Mamer continued to run his re-maining laps in the high 20 minute area while Morrison was running in the mid thirties and when the checkers flew it was Steve Mamer taking the class win, Jeff Morrison took second place, glad the day was over. There were five Class 11 cars ready for battle and they had four laps to run to make their race. Alan Perrault had the lead well in hand at the end of the first lap, Lap 4, the final lap ended and Alan Perrault took the class win with ease, Clint McMahan moved into second place, quite happy with his finish, Allan Bucher dropped to the third finishing position, thanks to a very long lap and Ri-chard Sletten came in fourth, glad this day was over. Class 1400 had a good race for a while, but it ended up a one man show fairly early on. They had eight Dan Eugenio ran second for seven laps, led the last lap and took the Class 1600 win by four minutes and change. A second place finish in the Class. 11 contest went to Clint McMahan, generating a bit of dust on his way to the checkers. Dusty Times

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Frank Thing ran fifth fora while in Class 1, moved up to third place on Allen Bucher had a terribly long last lap, he finished third in the Class A third place finish in Class 1450 went to Brandon Whitehead, he's lap five and he finished with the bronze medal. 11 contest, seen here at work. seen here heading for the finish line. Nick Tiedemann led seven laps, had expensive problems on his last Kevin Walsh ran in the top five all race long, when the checkers flew Jeff Calhoun had a very long sixth lap and it cost him, he ended up in fifth place in the hotly contested 1600 race. lap and that dropped him to third place in Class 1600. he was fourth in the Class 1600 battle. laps to run and at the end of the class. Jim Holt was the second ve-Christian Carr were nowhere to first lap it was Luke Gibson hold-hide across the line, four minutes be seen. ing a minute and a half lead over behind the leader, Dennis The third lap ended and there Conner Gilmer. Heffernan came across in the was no change in the lead, Steve When Lap 2 expired Gibson third spot, he was five minutes be- Looney was out in front, Greg Zum-still held the lead, Gilmer was hold-hind the leader, Tom Artim came walt still held second, he was some ing his own and the gap between along a minute later in fourth 40 minutes behind the leader, Bran-them remained the same. place and Christian Carr was fifth don Whitehead still ran third, he On the third lap Gibson set fast to cross the line. Gregg Zumwalt was 11 minutes out of second place lap for the class but Gilmer was was sixth across the line, he was and Roy Garcia was a long fourth still running hard and was just 11 minutes behind the leader, place after a long lap. three minutes in the leader's wake. Brandon Whitehead was seventh, The checkers flew, it was Steve On Lap 4 , Gibson came he was 19 minutes behind the Looney taking a nice win, Greg around right on schedule but, alas, leader and Roy G arcia came Zumwalt was second, a very long Gilmer had been stricken by the across in eighth place. James second, Brandon Whitehead fin-gremlins and was out of the race. Ederer, Todd Richards and Luke ished third, 20 minutes out of sec-Gibson carried on for the re-Gibson failed to start the race. ond place and Roy Garcia finally maining four laps, turning times At the end of the second lap it limped in after a two and a half in the very low thirties and he took was Steve Looney holding the lead, hour last lap. the checkered flag and the class Jim Holt was holding on to second There were 10 Class 1600 cars win with ease. place, Greg Zumwalt was running ready to race and they did have a Next off was Class 1450 and third, 50 minutes behind the good race. When the first of their there were 14 of them scheduled leader, obviously having troubles, eight required laps ended it was to start. When they came around Brandon Whitehead was fourth a Nick Tiedermann in the lead, Dan at the end of the first of their four mere minute and a half in arrears Eugenio was in second place, he required laps it was Steve Looney and Roy Garcia was in fifth place. was 30 seconds behind the leader, in the lead, setting fast lap for the TomArtim, Dennis Heffernan and Kevin Walsh was in third place, he Come down to Rocky Point for Pro Desert Racing's First race of 2006! was just a few minutes behind the tion, Nick Tiedermann continued leader, Jake Laff was fourth, Jeff to lead, Dan Eugenio still held the Calhoun was in fifth place and second place spot, Jake Laff was Bob Figlioli was in sixth place. still holding onto the last podium Brett Frederickson, Carlos position, Kevin Walsh had moved Montalvan, Paul Keller and Billy up a spot into fourth place, Jeff Skinner failed to start the race. Calhoun was down a place into At the end of the second lap fifth and Bob Figlioli still ran in Nick Tiedermann still held the sixth place. lead, and the rest of the class fol-When they came around for lowed in the same order as last lap, their last lap there was a new leader, Eugenio, Walsh, Laff, Calhoun Dan Eugenio h ad moved up into and Figlioli. the first spot, Jake Laff had to When the third lap ended it was settle for the silver medal, he was still Nick Tiedermann holding the five minutes in arrears to the front spot, Dan Eugenio was still leader, Nick Tidermann had half in second spot, Jake Laff had an hour's worth of trouble and moved up a spot into third place, dropped into the third spot, Kevin Jeff Calhoun had dropped to Walsh finished first out of the fourth, Kevin Walsh was down to money, Jeff Calhoun finished in spots into fifth place and Bob fifth place and Bob Figlioli was the Figlioli was still in sixth place. sixth and final finisher. There was some good racin' go-And so it ended, another week-ing on for the next three laps but end of fun and frolic. The next there were no position changes and MOR event will be at Barstow, the the race continued smoothly on. last weekend in March. See ya all On Lap 7 there was some ac- there! ~ 2006 Racing Schedule: Rockv Point, Mx. Dusty Times May 6 - 250 mile loop race in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico. October 14 - 300 mile race from San Luis, Mexico to Puerto Penasco, Mexico December 9 - 200 mile Point to Point Race from Sonoyta to Rocky Point Pro Desert Racing is a new racing series for off-road car and truck classes with events to be held in beautiful Sonora Mexico with an emphasis on fairness, family and fun. Check out The Desert Rat 250 is brought to you by Pro Desert • Racing in cooperation with the State of Sonora Department of Tourism and Grupo Producciones for more information de Sonora. April 2006 Page 29

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lJ\J2C RALLY MEXICO Loeb/Citroen an Winning Track By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena drove their Citroen Xsara to the overall win in Mexico, seen here in a typical mode. Sebastien Loeb is back winning! After two near misses on earlier rounds of the championship, he drove his privately run Kronos team Citroen Xsara WRC to victory in Mexico, but only after a long and very hard fight with Petter Solberg. ·Tl~is Ganie only ended l~te on tl~e second day when the Subaru suf~ \fered a hydraulic leak and the power ·steering was damaged. lt was the <Kronos team's first outright win since Condroz Rally 2003 and the first ever at this level, and put them and their driver in the lead of the Manufacturers' and Drivers' series respectively. In the PCWRC series reigning champion Toshi Arai won the category while Nasser AlAttiyah • POWERFUL • PRECl!iE 2" Capacity, 180" Bends Steel, 4130, Stainless, Aluminum Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perfect for the: • Race Car Builder • Small Fabrication Shop • Home Shop Call for a FREE BROCHURE took the lead in the series, being the only driver to score on both rounds held so far. The tracks in the hills behind Leon were innocuous as usual, yet once again proved im-mensely challenging for the cars as well as the crews. The FlA's Five Minure Rule was implemented many times: none of the four registered Ford drivers completed the route yet all were classified. The first orthodox gravel event of the season counted this time for the Production Car World Cham-pionship rather than the Junior, and immediately a much larger entry was received from drivers in this category than on the previous round, in Monte Carlo. The event still at-(541 )382-1573 Manuf'act:ured B,. l!iC:O Page 30 tracted numerically one of the small-est entries of the season, with only five of the six registered teams com-peting on this occasion, and with one-make Peugeot challenge cars forming over 20% of the entry. The route was much as before but with one major change -the introduction of a superspecial venue, used as the final stage on each day and in the dark on the first two occasions. There were several minor changes, a new 6.4km Shakedown stage close to Leon, and this year there was a "one tread" not-a "two tread" rule for tyre nomination purposes. The stage distance which crews had to cover between tyre change points was one of the greatest of the season (up to 73km) but the popular classic features remained. The event was again run over the rolling hills to the east of Leon with the regional capital city of Guanajuato hosting the Thursday evening pre-event Cer-emonial Start. The change in the order of cham-pionship events this year had its ef-fect. Although the order of the first three rallies this season is unchanged, the fact that asphalt rallies feature heavily in the early part of the 2006 season meant that teams came to Mexico without having carried out much gravel road test work. This fac-tor came on top of the existing rule that all pre-event rally car testing is forbidden in the countries con-cerned on "long haul" events. Would this be third time lucky for Loeb? On both his two previous attempts at this rally, Sebastien Loeb had suffered undercar damage. Once again, the Kronos team were running three cars, even though this was the first time the team had been to this event. Ford had spent the days since Sweden on a major eight day gravel and asphalt test in Spain, the first time Marcus Granholm has driven an '06 car on gravel, although after Monte Carlo teammate Mikko Hirvonen drove the car on a three day test at Chateau Lastours. Both Subaru and Ford had new cars for this event. Prod rive had not fully dis-covered the cause for Solberg's prob-lems in Sweden but noted some April 2006 seemed to relate to pieces carried over from the earlier lmpreza model. Amid a spate of personnel changes relating to Prodrive's rally team, "FX" Demaison (formerly rally en-gineer at Peugeot Sport) joined on 1st March. As for Peugeot them-selves, Henning Solberg' s victory on Rally Norway was a great occasion for the team, overall victory on only the team's third event! Henning was driving the same car that he over-turned a few days earlier in Sweden. For the Stobart team, team leader Matthew Wilson approached Mexico with cautious confidence, after successfully tackling the first two and very specialised opening rounds of the series. His officially nominated teammate this time was 34 year old Argentine Luis Perez Companc who was a fully nomi-nated world championship works driver for the first time in his career! The only missing team was Red Bull Skoda. Of the 12 starters in the cat-egory, seven PCWRC drivers made their 2006 championship debut on this event, including reigning cham-pion Toshi Arai, the three Argen-tina Mitsubishi drivers Marcos Ligato, Gabriel Pozzo and Sebastian Beltran while Mirco Baldacci made his debut for the Mitsubishi Paris Quest team in a Evo IX. This car was curiously sponsored by the "Monster" company in Japan, noth-ing to do with Suzuki this time, but a connection through Nobuhiro Tajima's alternative Mitsubishi com-petition car business in Japan. Baldacci faced opposition in Mexico from a source close to home, his 18 year old brother Loris. For the first time they were competing against each other in a world championship rally, although Loris had contested last year's Wales Rally GB. ln Mexico, privateer Loris drove a Group N Subaru lmpreza as teammate to the 20 year old PCWRC contender Jari-Matti Latvala in cars run by the Ital-ian team "Motoring Club". Only two PCWRC entries were the same as in Monte Carlo: the QMMF car for Nasser Al Attiyah (this time running Pirellis, not Michelins) and the OMV CEE entry, this time driven by Stepan Vojtech instead of Jasen Popov. Ford's wins on the first two rounds had only given them a two point lead over the Kronos Citroen team before this event, though they were already well ahead of the op-position. In the PCWRC series it was still too early to spot the trends. Petter Solberg who had always gone fast on this event was unfazed by Subaru's poor results so far this sea-son. "We have just been unlucky. When you are pushing a car to the limit, things like this can happen". Shakedown was held on a bright sunny morning and Marcus Gronholm, was fastest in his Ford, followed by Petter in the Subaru with his teammate Chris Atkinson close behind. Interestingly Dani Sordo was fourth quickest, ahead of both official Citroen drivers. Leg 1 7 Stages, gravel, 150.2kms The rally got under way under clear blue skies. The surfaces on the first three stages had a scattering of loose gravel, which meant the top runners would be at a disadv;mtage during the morning, but in fact the only drivers to beat early-running Loeb and Granholm was ninth run-ning Petter Solberg and sixth run-ning Mikko Hirvonen. On each of the first three stages Petter was quickest and Hirvonen always sec-ond. On Stage 2, Xavier Pons went missing and for hours the team had no idea why. There was no radio or telephone contact with the crew, so they had to wait for the car to be telephone contact with the crew, so they had to wait for the car to be brought back to base. Sordo had a spin and lost time trying to get going again. Henning Solberg had a lot of trouble with his brakes, "It was only on the faster, uphill Stage 3, that the problem was not so serious." Companc went off the road on Stage 2 for a minute and then had problems with his intercom. At the first service, Petter headed Hirvonen by 8.1 seconds, Gronholm was 25.3 seconds behind with Loeb just 1.2 second behind, in front of Atkinson. The first big shock of the after-noon was the exit of Marcus Granholm on Stage 4. He slid off the road on a corner at the end of a straight, smashed his rear suspension and could not drive back again. Sec-ond shock was an accident for Atkinson, who lost control on a se-ries of fast swerves and damaged his car too badly to carry on. Petter maintained his lead through the re-runs but Hirvonen was beginning to whittle his lead down, despite having to go carefully for nearly two stages with a broken shock absorber. On the long Stage 5 Loeb was 10 seconds quicker than everyone, however, with Petter complaining that his tyres were worn out. No sooner had news come through about Atkinson than Henning Solberg stopped at the same place, having to change a broken wheel and again having trouble with his brakes. Then Companc went miss-ing, again with damaged suspension. Petter was in trouble in Stage 6, "We fitted the hardest tyre available but the fronts were bald. We lost pretty much everything we had gained ear-lier in the day." Loeb was on the at-tack, gradually gaining on the two cars ahead. With only the first run through the superspecial left to go, Solberg was just 3.6 seconds in front of Hirvonen, with Loeb only 8.1 fur-ther back. Going steadily were the Ford drivers Matthew Wilson in sixth place and Gareth MacHale in sev-enth. In Group N, the rally lost both Sebastien Beltran and Gabriel Pozzo on the first stage, so two of the three car "Tango Rally Team" cars from Argentina had gone. Pozzo's Mitsu-bishi suffered transmission trouble, originally assumed to be a broken front differential while Beltran went off the road, with complete brake failure. When Beltran arrived back at service in Leon, he explained, "I had no brakes at all. The pedal was solid. I tried to use the handbrake to spin the car round, but when I realised that was not going to work, I went straight off the road and we smashed the front of the car." Team manager Akira Kawada said the Pozzo's problem was a big worry, be-cause that might also affect the re-maining driver Marcos Ligato. The team were planning to fit new parts and allow Pozzo to restart the fol-lowing day, but until Beltran's car was retrieved and the damage as-sessed, the team did not know if he would carry on.Just to rub salt into sore wounds, team owner David Nalbandian, of tennis fame, flew into Leon that morning and found out what had happened! Fumio Nutahara stopped to change a flat tyre, losing two minutes but had to regain the route in the dust of Nasser Al Attiyah. The Qatari had a bad morning, having chosen tyres and a suspension set-up which were far too soft. Jari-Matti Latvala, however, held a slender lead over Toshi Arai (0.6 seconds). Arai was slowed after bending the rear suspension against Dusty Times

Page 31

II Toshihiro Arai and Tony Sircombe had a great run, they were first in Petter Solberg and Philip Mills grabbed the second overall position in A close second place in PCWRC, 1CJh overall went to Nasser AI-PCWRC and ninth overall in their Subaru lmpreza WRX. Mexico, seen here in their Subaru lmpreza. Attiyah and Chris Patterson in their Subaru lmpreza WRX. Manfred Stohl and Ilka Minor finished third overall in Mexico, they're Gareth MacHale and Paul Nagle flew to a sixth overall finish, they are Xavier Pons and Carlos Del Barno part the waters in Mexico, alas the seen here in their Peu eot 307. seen here in their airborne Ford Focus RS. engine in their Citroen Xsara expired early in the rally. a roe on tage , w 1 e 1gato was third despite driving 10km on a flat tyre. Leszek Kuzaj was delayed after damaging the suspension, Sergey Uspensky damaged the steering and then punctured, Vojtech also dam-aged his suspension. Francisco Name in the "Guest" car stopped with elec-tronic problems but hoped to be able to continue the next day. The afternoon proved very tough on the PCWRC competitors. Leader Latvala was passed by Arai on Stage 4. On Stage 5 he hit a hole ("I think it was the same hole that ended Companc's rally"), and this broke a wheel and wrecked the front left sus-pension. And on Stage 6 he broke a driveshaft! Arai, however, had his own problems when he wiped the rear wing off his Subaru and suf-fered terrible handling through Stage 6 as a result. In second place, Marcos Ligato, who had been hop-ing to recover time lost from his ear-lier puncture, but he had the mount-ing to his sumpguard break off and the protection plate hung loosely below the car. Nutahara, who had been lying ninth (and last) at ser-vice, had risen to fourth by the end of Stage 6, despite losing his brakes on Stage 4, and then towards the end of Stage 5 had the turbo fail. Mirco Baldacci stopped to change a flat tyre and on Stage 6 his steering rack broke. Name meanwhile had withdrawn for the day and this left Kuzaj in last place in the category. On Stage 4 Kuzaj rolled, on 5 he had two punctures and on 6 he broke a shock absorber! The only PCWRC drivers who escaped trouble in the afternoon were Al Attiyah, but he had his dramas in the morning, and the Russian Uspensky. The superspecial was an impor-tant venture for the organisers but not a success for the competitors. Dust hung in the evening air and obscured the view for the drivers who followed on. Drivers obeyed the pacenote instructions implicitly. Hirvonen admitted he had to stop to see where the bridge was he had to drive beneath. At the end of the day Solberg was 4 .8 seconds in front of Hirvonen with Loeb a similar dis-tance further back. Pons' absence meant that nine of the ten drivers Dusty Times e 1g1 e or a es pomts were stttl H1rvonen and Wilson. H1rvonen re-14, the superspec1al, when he spun, cross the start !me on Sunday morn-in the event, and also meant that ported back to the team that he had stalled and lost any hope for re- ing and then place the car in pare when Granholm restarted he, not gone over a crest too fast and crashed claiming the lost time. "Something ferme at the finish. Al Attiyah got Pons as originally decided, would be the other side, that the car was not we learned, however, was that the ahead of Ligato into second place the first car on the road, for the sec- too badly damaged (that turned out car had a hydraulic leak from the when the Argentine had trouble with ond day running. to be optimistic ... ) but it would need power steering before we hit the rock the fuel pipe in the tank, which Leg 2 a crane to get the car back on the on Stage 13." caused misfiring at high revs, while 7 Stages, gravel, 148. 9kms road again. Wilson impacted a rock In the PCWRC action was im-on Stage 10 he lost more time with a After all the crises on the Friday, hard, which wrecked the front sus- mediate as well. Pozzo once again central differential problem. Latvala still 36 cars lined up for the restart pension and damaged the subframe. stopped on the first stage of the day, had a broken rear driveshaft, then on Saturday. Missing however was These incidents heiped Granholm ancl again communications were too stopped with transmission trouble Xavier Pons. The team realised that to re-enter the Makes' points zone. bad for the team to know what had on the following stage. a cylinder that had lost compression Granholm had to run first car on happened. Finally he made it back, Arai arrived at the end of the day was not repairable during an event the road once more, and his course to report that the engine tempera- 45 seconds ahead in PCWRC, not-so he stayed behind, while Beltran's opening had its dangers, as when he ture had risen sharply, for no ap-withstanding having stopped to damage was too serious for over-found a line of rocks placed across parent reason, and as soon as an change a flat tyre on Stage 12, but night repair, with the spare pieces the road at a place where he would awkward noise was heard, he there was a scandal. Nutahara had available on site. Granholm was never see them from a distance. "For-switched the engine off. Then been seen "borrowing" a tool from quite open about what happened tunately they were small rocks and Nutahara got to the end of the stage Arai in order to effect emergency re-to him. "All I could think of was tty- we could driver over them, but it with every indication of another tur- pairs to his brakes, after the final ing to catch Petter up. Because we was very dangerous". Com pane and bocharger failure -by regulation all daylight stage the night before. The had been delayed, running first car Henning Solberg both reported cars are limited to only two units Stewards excluded Nutahara for il-on the road, Petter was about a half brake troubles while local driver per event• so things looked bad for legal servicing. Ligato continued his minute in front of us after three Ricardo Trivino, in his Peugeot 206 him. All he could hone to do was Continued on paae 32 stages. That was when I went off the WRC, rose to eighth place overall. 7TH C~ Rally Mexico 3/5.03.2006 Leon (MEX) WC round 3, PCWRC round 2 road! I found the surface was more Atkinson incurred nearly two WC points WR VIID PC slippery than expected. The car slid minutes' penalty for being late leav-off the road on to is side in a ditch, ing midday service, after having his and in the impact the left rear sus- brakes extensively re-bled, but that pension was damaged and a drive-did not diminish his efforts. The shaft was broken. We could not heat on the stages was unrelenting push the car back by ourselves, and as was the intensity of the battle be-when help arrived, the car was stuck tween Loeb and Petter. On Stage 12 with its underneath on the ground." Petter complained about wheelspin Atkinson was cautious in his expla-and Loeb got back in front, but nations, "Two corners earlier we hit would the hot and abrasive condi-a rock and this evidently damaged a tions of the next stage make the situ-rim. Then the wheel seemed to col-ation even worse for the Subaru lapse, I lost control and went off the driver? At the end of Stage 13 Loeb road." The effect it had on the team was now a comfortable 28.5 sec-was serious. Atkinson's personal onds in front of Solberg. In the end engineer Richard Thompson ex- it wasn't the tyres which made the plained, "It was more easy to say difference for Solberg, it was a rock what we didn't have to repair! The in the road which appeared to cause whole left rear quarter had to be failure of the Subaru's power steer-replaced, as did the front right sus- ing. It wasn't that, however, which pension. Bodywise the boot lid, rear made Solberg angry, it was the fact door, bumper, bonnet and two that there were countless incidents wings had to be changed. It took the of animals loose on the stages. All mechanics two and a half hours to the top drivers reported having to get the car fit enough for Chris to slow down for cows on Stage 13, run today (Saturday)." Com pane Atkinson arrived with both exter-admitted that his problems started nal rear view mirrors missing when he drove too close to the edge knocked off by cows. And on safety of the road and the car grounded issues Gronholm reported he had heavily, "We had a puncture and found more, this time bigger, rocks broke a driveshaft, and could not across the road. The Ford mechan-continue." ics were not idle during the after-Second day action came without noon, readying the cars so Hirvonen delay. On the first stage of the day and Wilson for the final day. Sol-the rally lost both the Ford drivers berg had a bad experience on Stage April 2006 1 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara WRC 363DQE78 (F) 3h.47m.08.8s. 10 10 2 (5) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB Subaru lmpreza WRC HT55SRT (GB) 3h.47m.57.7s. 8 8 3 ('7) Manfred STOHL/Ilka Minor 962PRV75 (F) 3h.51m.47.9s. 6 6 A Peugeot307 4 (14) Daniel SordolMarc Marti E Citroen Xsara WRC 834DPT78 (F) 3h.52m.36.Ss. - 5 5 (8) Henning SOLBERGICato Menkeruc:t N Peugeot 307 VtRC 471PWl..75 (F) 3h.59m.44.2s. 5 4 6 (15) Gareth MacHale/Paul Nagle IRL Ford Focus RS WRC ET53UNY (GB) 4h.03m.11.1 s. • 3 7 (6) Chris ATKINSON/Glenn Maaleall AUS Subaru lmpreza WRC JTSSSRT (GB) 4h.07m.48.3s.(3) 4 2 8 (3) Marcus GRONHOIJNTimo Rautiainen FIN Ford Focus RS WRC EUSSCNF (GB) 4h.08m.53.0s.(3) 3 1 -. 9 (31) Toshihiro Araiffony Sircombe J/NZ SubanJ lmpreza WRX STI PCWRC GMG300YU9887 (J) 4h.09ni.43.4s. - - 10 10 (39) Nasser AI-AttiyahlChris Patterson QA/GB Subaru lmpreza WRX STI PCWRC OUSSHRW(GB) 4h.10m.32.3s.• -Other important finishers t1 (36) Miroo Baldacci/Giovami Apse RSMlt Mitsubishi t.ancer Evo IX PCWRC TKT301T03263 (J) 4h.15m.32.6s. • 6 12 (10) Luis COMPANC/Jose Volta RA Ford Focus RS WRC EF04'1.BW(GB) 4h.16m.03.3s.(3) 2 13 (38) Leszek Kuzaj/Maciek Szczepaniak PL PCWRC OUOSAWR(GB) 4h.19m.29.6s. -Subaru lmpreza STI 5 8 14 (4) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN EUSSCNJ (GB) 4h.23m.18.9s.(7) 1 FordFocus RS MC 15 (42) Sergey Uspensky/Omitry Eremeev RUS Subaru lmpreza STI PCWRC Y066BY (1TT, RUS) 4h.24m.30.6s. - 4 16 (9) Matthew \MLSON/Michael Orr GB Ford Focus RS WRC EF04WB (GB) 4h.26m.57.5s.(7) 17 (32) Marcos LigatolRuben Garcia RA Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX PCWRC NM641P (D) 4h.32m.38.1s.(3) 3 18 (43) Stepan Vojtech/MichaJ Ems! CZ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII PCWRC GF380CE (A) 4h.35m.30.2s. - 2 21 (60) Francisco Name/Armando Zapata MEX Mitsubishi Lancer . Evo VII PCWRC/G T3338BBC (E) 4h.56m.54. 7s.(6) 1 25 (37) Jari-Matti Latvala/Miikka Anttila FIN Subaru lmpreza WRX STI PCWRC 049AXC (EE) 4h.59m.32.8s.(9) Page 31

Page 32

Another flyer, Daniel Sordo and Marc Marti finished fourth overall in Chris Atkinson and Glenn Macneal/ drove their Subaru lmpreza to a Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen finished eighth overall in Mexico, seen here fording a water crossing in their Ford Focus RS. count of his engine failure, and ing some rewards. By the end of Sat-Nutahara for disciplinary reasons. urday he was up to 11th place over-The line up included all four offi- all and sixth in the line-up for cial Fords, each of them still in the Makes' points. Now he needed to event courtesy of the Five Minute see ifhe could get into the Drivers' Rule! Gronholm's efforts were hav- points. On a similar catch-up mis-Mexico, they were five minutes off the winning pace. seventh overall finish in the Mexican rally. miserable day, this time having very Russian had to stop and change a On the final leg there were only serious response problems from his flat tyre while Vojtech retired before two orthodox stages plus one final engine, so he was down to fourth Stage 13 with steering problems, run at the superspecial. All 34 cars behind Al Attiyah and now caused by hitting rocks in the road. on the provisional restart list were Baldacci. Kuzaj got ahead of Leg 3 present and correct, never registered Uspensky into fifth place after the 3 Stages, gravel, 60.42kms for the restart were Pozzo, on ac-Manuf ac;;ur@r / Qi~tributor of an exP,anding and unique produc\ line of mq~orsP,qrt§. P.rqduct~. .,, - -G-FORCE IIACINa ... 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Carbon Fiber Headsets • Scanners • 105, 135, 150, & 235 CFM Models Available • Lightweight & Reduced Amperage • 3M Hepa & CO Filter Options • BAJA PROVEN ~ 1::::Taal April 2006 sion was Atkinson who was lying 10th. After Stage 15 Atkinson had jumped three places, passing the pri-vate Peugeot 206WRC of Trivino and also the PCWRC cars of Arai and Al Attiyah, while Gronholm had got passed only Trivino. Gronholm explained why the task was made harder, "It was unusual, because we were getting slowed by the dust from the car in front of us -which was driven by our teammate Hirvonen!" After Stage 16, the last of the long stages on the event, Atkinson stayed put at seventh over-all and Gronholm passed the two PCWRC cars as well to finish up eighth, finally in the Drivers' points. Wilson reached the finish despite los-ing power before the first stage of the day, and Atkinson despite power steering failure. At the head of the field Petter d1eckeclhis split times on the first stage of the day, found he wasn't gaining anything and eased off appropriately. The unregistered Gareth MacHale finished the best Ford in sixth position on only his second world championship rally fin-ishing ahead of all the works Fords. The OMV Peugeot Norway team scored the greatest number of points from this event, a total of 11 points through Stohl's third place and Henning's fourth (fifth overall) manufacturer's placings. Sordo fin-ished in fourth place, his best result in only his third appearance in a world rally car. Loeb was thrilled how things panned out and did celebratory" doughnuts" outside the Polyforum rally headquarters as he drove up to the final service control. The PCWRC battle ended qui-etly with Arai holding position ahead of Al Attiyah and Baldacci, but the challenge of the three car Argentine PCWRC Tango Rally Team ended on the first stage of the day when Marcos Ligato, a former Rally Mexico winner, went off the road, causing the stage to be stopped. The circumstances of the crash are unknown, but the rally au-thorities stopped the stage because they did not receive the usual elec-tronic confirmation after the crash of the safety of the crew. In fact it seems that both crew members were unhurt and the car was repatriated to Leon and put into end-of-event pare ferme, so Ligato could be con-sidered a finisher. The best local driver was Ricardo Trivino in 10th place, but he was eventually excluded at post-event scrutineering for fitting a different type of bumper during the event to that which he started with. Every-one below him moved up a place but as he was unregistered for any of the championships this had no effect on points scored. 1.ftJaC: Dusty Times

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p R E s E N T s TH RED GARTER CASINO CFFRCAD RACE ■ ■ ■ ~ ■711, ■ M IF■ ~711 ■ 0 ■IF■■ ~,/'a•~•~■ r■,11...2,/5,~,rB_ IN WENDOVER_~, NEVADA May 5 & fi HOTEL & CASINO WENDOVER, NV 800-982-2111 Regi~tration and Tech -Inspection In the Red Garter Casino Parking Lot Friday, May 5 V -3: 00 - 6:00 pm •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Driver's Meeting In the Convention Room, Red Garter Casino Frid~y, May 5 7:00 pm ~-·························································· •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Race Will Start In The Red Garter Casino Parking Lot Saturday, May 6 8:30 am •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ENTRY & FEES PRCJ CLASS I - 1 /2 UNLIMITED, 1 □, 1 /2-1 60□, HEAVY/MINI 'METAL $245 PRO CLASS II -CHALLENGER ANO 5/1600 $16S -SPORTSMAN $1 □ 0 ALL CLASSES -INSURANCE $1 00 -LAND USE FEE $1 00 * For tbe ½ 1600 class • Dnam o .. disc brakes are allowed! COME JOIN US FOR SOME FUN IN THE DIRT! ························································~ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••r Need to know MORE about 8.0.R.E. Contact: Glenn or George Cain (801) 773-1651 Call For Special Room Rate Reservations 800-982-2111 Ext.# 712 Kathryn Byrd Ask For Red Garter Marketing Mention B.O.R.E. Racing -

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-~~~~-SHORT COURSE AT PRIMM -- -~~··.,· · lindsay Is The Fastest By John Calvin Photos: Martees Race Photos Tim Lindsay won Class 1 on Saturday, was third on the Sunday race but combined times gave him the overall win at Primm. Where? Primm, When? Febru-ary 18-19, Entrants, lots of them, Weather, Don't ask. What a weekend, SNORE put on a two day short course event at Primm, Nevada that was about as successful as you can get. About 100 entrants were ready for battle at the SNORE short course event. The start/finish area was behind the mall on the east side of the free-way, the course wound around to the regular start/finish area be-hind the Buffalo Bill's Casino, wandered out into the desert for three or four miles and then headed back towards the sand drag area to complete a lap. The weather was foul, it was cold, not freezing, but cold, there was a steady wind of 10-15 miles per hour, more than enough to make you feel cold and, on Sunday, just for the hell of it, it snowed! But, the weather wasn't enough to dampen the spirits of the competi-tors and everyone involved had a really great weekend. The cars ran four laps, five laps or six laps depending on the rela-tive speed of the class and classes were combined, 1 and 10 ran to-gether on them by individuaf dass. Class 1 took the green flag on Saturday and at the end of the first lap it was Kevin Colan in the lead, Tim Lindsay was second, John Olsen was back in third place, Bill Worthing was in fourth, Brad Falin was fifth and Mark Temple was sixth. After the second lap John Olsen had taken the lead, Tim Lindsay remained in second, Kevin Colan had dropped to third place and Worthing, Falin and Temple remained in fourth through sixth place. At the end of the third lap, the halfway point, the running order remained the same. On Lap 4, Olsen still led, Lind-say still ran second, Colan still in third, Mark Temple had moved into fourth piace, Bill Worthing dropped a spot into fifth and Brad Falin was out of the race. On Lap 5 Tim Lindsay took over the lead, Olsen dropped to second place and Colan, Temple and Worthing remained third through fifth. The checkers flew and it was Tim Lindsay taking the win, John Olsen was 69 seconds in arrears, Kevin Colan was third, Mark Steve Strobel led every lap on both days but one, he won the overall in Class 10 by more than seven minutes. Temple came in fourth and Bill Worthing was the fifth finisher. The same group was back for their Sunday race and not a lot had changed, John Olsen led the first lap, Kevin Colan was just a second in arrears, Tim Lindsay was another second back in third place, Bill Worthing ran fourth, Mark Temple was in fifth place, Jim Birmingham ran in sixth and Brad Falin was seventh. Kevin Colan took the lead on the second lap, Mark Temple moved up to the second spot, John Olsen dropped back to third place, Tim Lindsay dropped a spot into fourth place, Worthing dropped a spot to fifth and Birmingham and Falin remained sixth and sev-enth. At the halfway point Colan still had the lead, Lindsay moved up to second place, John Olsen re-mained in third, Temple dropped two spots into fourth, -Binning-ham was up to fifth, Falin was sixth and Bill Worthing was on the trailer. When they came around on their fourth lap Tim Lindsay had the lead, John Olsen had moved into second place, Mark Temple was up into third place, Jim Bir-mingham was fourth, Brad Falin was fifth and Kevin Colan had fled the scene. End Lap 5, John Olsen now had the lead, Lindsay had dropped to second, but only by three seconds, Mark Temple held onto third, Birmingham and Falin were still fourth and fifth. Last lap, Mark Temple really turned it on and he took the win, John Olsen came in for the second spot, Tim Lindsay came in third, Jim Birmingham came in fourth and Brad Falin was out of the race. Adding up the running times from each day for each car, it was Tim Lindsay taking the Class 1 win, John Olsen was second, 52 seconds in arrears, Mark Temple came in third, then it was Colan, Wor-thing, Falin and Birmingham. There were nine entrants in the Class 10 conflict and, when they came around at the end of their first lap it was Steve Strobel in the lead, Brian Freemal was second, ·31 seconds behind, J.C. Dean was in third place, two seconds out of second, Shane Brown was in fourth, Jeremy Gubler was in fifth and T.J. Flores was running sixth. Chris Wright was running in sev-enth place, Rick Lance was eighth and Bill Woodward was ninth. · The second lap saw. lots of changes, J.C. Dean had moved into the lead, Steve Strobel was now second, Brian Freemal had dropped a spot into third, Shane Brown remained in fourth place, Chris Wright had moved up a few spots into fifth place, and Jeremy Gubler had dropped a spot and was running sixth. T.J. Flores dropped to seventh place, Rick Lance held on in eighth place and Bill Woodward was still running ninth. Regen Gubler took the Class 8 win on Saturday, finished second in the Sunday race and took the overall by six minutes. The Class 7 win went to Jeff Rigel, he led every lap on both days, he's seen here flying nicely towards the finish line. Steve Strobel moved into the lead on the third lap, J.C. Dean was running a close second place, Brian Freemal was still sitting in third place, Chris Wright was up a spot into fourth and Jeremy Gubler was in the fifth spot. T.J. Flores was now in the sixth spot, Rick Lancer was running seventh, Bill Woodward was running eighth Continued on page 36 Brian Freemal ran either second or third every lap, both days, in Tommy Bradley ran really well, he only led two laps but he was fast Russ Ramsey ran second all day Saturday, dnf'd on Sunday but still Class 1 0, seen here ready for touchdown at Primm. enough to take second overall in Class 8. got second overall in the Class 7 battle at Primm. Page 34 April 2006 Dusty Times

Page 35

Presented By: ~~I;~•~;;:~~cS~j/ GSB DEVELOPMENT CLASS 10 B.ONUS RACE!! $50:00 1st Place** $500 B.onus to 2nd $300 Bonus to 3rd $6000 1st Place** $750 Bonus to 2nd $300 Bonus to 3rd **w/10 cars in class **w/20 cars in class $200 to Last Official Finis.her in Class 10 '(}j!/l!J~ Penhall Fabrication Special Contingency Class 1 & 1-2/1600 April 7th - 9th ■ Tech/Contingency Fri 5-9:30 pm @ Whiskey Pete's ■ (702) 452-4522 SNORE hotline Series Sponsor Official Tire Series Sponsor @g ~ -~ - rt · · lif '-~~~1~\~~s~,~~ Dusty Times April 2006 Page 35 _

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Robby Woolworth shows off his suspension, he led every lap on Cody Freeman finished 4th on Saturday, led every lap on Sunday Rick Poole ran second all day Saturday, led all the way on Sunday Sunday and took second overall in the Class 1450 contest. and took second overall in Class 1600, he's seen here in flight. and ended up second overall in Class 9. and Shane Brown was out of the ended, Steve Strobel took the win, Lap 4 ended, Strobel still led, seventh. T.J. Flores was eighth and The final lap ended and only competition. Brian Freemal was second, some now by almost four minutes over Shane Brown finished ninth over-Regen Gubler was running, he Lap 4 ended and Steve Strobel two minutes behind, Chris Wright Freemal. Woodward had dropped all. took the win in Tammie's truck, still led the pack, J.C. Dean still held onto third place, T.J. Flores to third place, Lance was up a spot There were six Class S's pawing Bradley and Tibbets were in the ran in the second spot, some 90 took fourth place and Jeremy into fourth, Dean had moved up the ground and they had a fairly pits. seconds in arrears, third spot still Gubler took fifth. Sixth place went into fifth and Wright was running decent race. When the first of their On Sunday we had the same belonged to Brian Freemal, Jeremy to Bill Woodward and Rick Lance sixth. Jeremy Gubler was on the six laps ended on Saturday it was starters, except for Richard Blunk, Gubler was up another spot into finished seventh. trailer. Monte Tibbets leading in his Ford who we never saw. The Sunday fourth and T.J. Flores was now in The six lap event for Class 10 Strobel still led on Lap 5, he pickup, Regen Gubler was half a Class 8 race was reduced to five fifth place. Chris Wright had on Sunday had some good racing now had almost five minutes on minute behind the leader, Richard laps for timing purposes and dropped a few spots and was run-but it was Steve Strobel all the way. Freemal, Dean was up to third Blunk was third and Tommy Bra- Tommy Bradley led the first lap, ning in sixth place, Rick Lance was Steve led the first lap, Brian Free-place, Woodward was running dley was fourth. Adam Dafner and Monte Tibbets was a mere 11 sec-still holding on in seventh place mal was 30 seconds behind, Bill fourth and Lance was fifth. Chris Steve Ogle were nowhere to be onds in arrears, Adam Dafner was and Bill Woodward was still Woodward ran third, Jeremy Wrightwasamongthemissing. seen. third,RegenGublerwasrunning eighth. Gubler was fourth and Rick Lance The sixth lap came to an end, Regen Gubler took the lead on fourth and Steve Ogle was fifth. The fifth lap ended and Steve was fifth. J.C. Dean was way back Steve Strobel had led all the way, the second lap, Tommy Bradley Lap 2 ended and Bradley still Strobel was cementing his lead, in sixth place and Chris Wright was it was a very nice victory for him, was second, Tibbets had dropped held the lead, Dafner had moved Brian Freemal had moved into sec-in seventh place. We never saw T.J. Brian Freemal took' second place to third place and Blunk remained up into second, Gubler was run-ond place, Chris Wright had Flores or Shane Brown. and J.C. Dean was the third and in fourth. ning third, Tibbets was in fourth moved way up into third place, Jer- Lap 2 ended, Strobel still led, final finisher. Bill Woodward and There was no change in posi-and Ogle was fifth. emy Gubler was still in fourth Bill Woodward was running in sec-Rick Lance never made the finish. tions on the third lap. At the end of their third lap, place and T.J. Flores was stuck in ond place, Brian Freemal had So, the overall picture had On Lap 4, all those running Adam Dafner held the lead, Re-fifth. Bill Woodward moved up dropped to third and Jeremy Steve Strobel taking the combined held their positions but Richard gen Gubler moved into second, two spots into sixth, Rick Lance Gubler, Rick Lance, J.C. Dean and time win, Brian Freemal came sec-Blunk was among the missing. Tommy Bradley dropped to third still held on in seventh place and Chris Wright held their same posi-ond, Bill Woodward was third Lap 5 also so no position and Monte Tibbets remained in J.C. Dean disappeared from the tions. overall, Rick Lance was fourth, changes, it was still Gubler in the fourth place. Steve Ogle was off race. There were no position changes J.C. Dean was fifth, sixth went to lead, Bradley was second and Tib-the scoring chart. The Saturday Class 10 event in Class 10 on the third lap. Chris Wright, Jeremy Gubler was bets was third. There were no position changes Page 36 April 2006 Dusty Times

Page 37

Running 4th and 3rd on Saturday, 2nd and 1st on Sunday, it all added up to a second pace overall in Class 5-1600. Daniel Maurer didn't have the best of weekends, he dnf'd both days In Unlimited Pre-Runner Class, Devon Freemal ran as high as 2nd, on the fourth lap but we did lose Monte Tibbets. At the end of the fifth and fi-nal lap, it was Adam Dafner tak-ing the Class 8 win, Regen Gubler came in second and Tommy Brad-ley finished in third place. On combined time it was Re-gen Gubler taking the Class 8 win, Tommy Bradley was second, Monte Tibbets was third overall, Adam Dafner finished fourth, Richard Blunk came in fifth and Steve Ogle was sixth. Class 7 only had two entries but they made a race out of it on Sat-urday. When their first lap ended it was Jeff Rigel in the lead, Russ Ramsey was second, 30 seconds behind. For the rest of their race Jeff Rigel continued to lead while Russ Ramsey ran second and when they completed their fifth and final lap Rigel led Ramsey by two minutes and 55 seconds. On Sunday Jeff Rigel held the lead after the first lap, Russ Ram-sey was second. On the second lap Rigel opened up his lead to seven minutes, Ram-sey being noticeably slower this day. On the third lap Ramsey failed to come around so Rigel contin-ued to motor around and take the Class 7 win. Obviously, Ramsey took the overall and Rigel came second. Class 1450 had four entries and but still ended up taking second overall in Champ Class. as low as 8th but he was second overall in the class at the end. Giti Gow/and won his race on Saturday, finished second on Sunday and he took the overall in Class 1450, he's seen here in flight. Aaron Hawley led every lap on Saturday, was second every lap on Sunday and that gave him the overall win in Class 1600. they had four laps to make a race. Lap 1 ended and it was Giti Gow-land in the lead, Robby Wool-worth was second, seven seconds behind, Kyle Miller was running in third and Joshua Hammon was fourth. Lap 2 ended and Gowland still led by almost a minute over Kyle Miller, who had moved into sec-ond place, Hammon had dropped to third place and Woolworth was fourth. Lap 3 came to an end and Gow-land still led, Hammon had moved into second place and Woolworth was fourth, Miller had disap-peared and that's the way they fin-ished their last lap, in that same order. overall Class 1450 win, Robby for ninth place, Matt Gumz was Lap 4 ended and it was Gow-Woolworth finished second, Josh 12th, Jeremy Evans was 13th, land taking the win, Hammon Hammon came in third and Kyle Fernando Padilla was running came in second and Woolworth Miller was fourth. 14th, Orio Cox III and Don Wall was third. Class 1600 had 27 entered. were tied for 15th, Billy Skinner In the Sunday race, it was They had six laps to run and we'll; was 17th and Steve Haver was in Robby Woolworth in the lead at do our best to cover it here but, 18th place. B.J. Almberg was 19th, the end of Lap 1, Gow land was because of space limitations, some Steve Fuller was 20th, Rick Guti-second, more than a minute be-of the racers will not be listed. Lap errez was 21st, Mike Logsdon held hind and Josh Hammon and Kyle 1 ended and Aaron Hawley led the 22nd place, Jeff Farshler was 23rd, Miller never were scored. pack, Cody Freeman was second, Chad Shupp was 24th and Brian For their next three laps, their Jeremy Harmon was third, Dan Collins, Jr. ran in 25th place. positions never changed. Wool- Folts was fourth and Tommy Bra- Lap 2 ended and Hawley still worth led all the way and Gow- dley Jr. was fifth. Tommy was 48 held the lt;ad, B.J. Almberg had land placed catch up so Wool- seconds behind the leader. In sixth moved way up into second place, worth took the Sunday win and place it was Pat Glennon, Byron Jeremy Hartnon remained in third, Gow land took second. Ziegler was seventh, Milo Torres Dan Folts was fourth and Pat When all the times were added was eighth, Ken Ta pert, Ruben Glennon ran fifth. Don Wall was up it was Giti Gowland taking the Rodriguez and Jay Shain were tied in sixth place, Milo Torres had way ..,;,,..,..,..,,,,,,,~~..,,.....,,,,,,-.,..,..,.-,-.,,,.--=;.,,,.,..,,.......,,....--,::;.,..----,..,.,,.___:....,,.;..,,,,,,,=,_,.......,,,,.....,,._,..,..., up in to seven th, Tommy Bradley, Jr. was eighth, Ruben Rodriguez ran ninth and Ken Tapert was 10th. The third lap ended and Aaron Hawley still led, Jeremy Harmon had moved up into sec-ond place, Dan Folts was up a spot into third, Cody Freeman was back up to fourth place and Byron Zie-gler and Milo Torres were tied for fifth. Matt Gumz was in sixth place, Pat Glennon was down to seventh, Tommy Bradley still held eighth, Chad Shupp was up to ninth place and Ruben Rodriguez was in 10th. Who's in a hurry? Forrest Creasy led all day Saturday, finished fourth on Sunday but he still took the Class 9 overall win. Ready to land, John Huson literally flew to the Class 5-1600 victory, he led eight of ten laps at the SNORE Short course race. Fourth lap, Hawley still led the pack, Harmon was second, over a minute behind, Byron Ziegler was Continued on page 38 -In Limited Pre-Runner, Orio Cox ran 6th, 5th and 4th on Saturday, Marl< Temple flies past some heavily garbed spectators, Mark finished Bill Woodward didn't run too Well on Saturday, picked up quite a bit on 4th, 3rd and 2nd on Sunday gave him second overall for the weekend. third overall in the Class 1 contest at Primm. Sunday and ended up taking third overall in class 10. Dusty Times April 2006 Page 37

Page 38

Monte Tibbets led one lap on Saturday, was forced to retire early on It wasn't Jeremy Harmon's weekend, he never led a lap either day Johnny Bums ran in the top 5 both days in the Class 9 race, he Sunday, he did manage a third overall in Class 8. but he finished well enough to be third overall in 1600. ended up taking third overall for the class. Mike Simpson flies straight and level at Primm, Mike ended up taking third overall in the 5-1600 battle. Jerry Stewart had a pretty good pair of races, he took third overall in Unlimited Pre-Runner, seen here nicely airborne. Pat Glennon ran pretty well, he ended up third in Limited Pre-Runner class and was 6th overall in 1/2-1600 Class. third, Cody Freeman ran fourth and Matt Gumz was fifth. Pat Glen-non was sixth, Chad Shupp was seventh, Bradley was eighth, Billy Skinner was ninth and Ken Tapert was 10th. At the end of five laps, Hawley, Harmon, Folts and Freeman re-mained in place, Ziegler came fifth, Gumz came sixth, Glennon was seventh, Bradley was running eighth, Shupp came in ninth and Skinner was 10th. The sixth lap ended, Aaron Hawley took the checkers, Jeremy Harmon was second, Dan Folts was third, Cody Freeman ran fourth and Byron Ziegler finished fifth. Matt Gumz came in sixth, Chad Shupp was seventh, Tommy Bradley Jr. was eighth, Billy Skin-ner came in ninth and Pat Glen-Fernando Padilla was eighth, Ken non rounded out the top 10. Elev- Tapert and Don Wall were tied for enth place went to Fernando ninth and Ruben Rodriguez was Padilla, Ken Tapert was 12th, 11th. Steve Haver was in 12th Ruben Rodriguez came in 13th, place, Orio Cox III was 13th, Pat Jeremy Evans was 14th in and Don Glennon was in 14th place and Wall was the 15th finisher. Steve Billy Skinner was 15th. In 16th Haver was 16th in, Steve Fuller was place it was Jeremy Evans, Mike 17th, Rick Gutierrez came in 18th, Logsdon was 17th, Steve Fuller was Orio Cox III was 19th and Brian 18th, Chad Shupp was 19th and Collins Jr. was 20th. Jeff Farshler Jay Shain was 20th. In 21st place was 21st and Mike Logsdon was it was Jeff Farshler, Tom Burns was the 22nd and final finisher. 22nd and Ric k Gutierrez was Sunday had the 1600 gang all 23rd. set again. This day Cody Freeman The second lap ended and Cody led the first lap, Aaron Hawley was Freeman still had the lead, Aaron eight seconds back, Jeremy Har- Hawley was 16 seconds behind, mon was third, Dan Folts was Matt Gumz had moved into third fourth and Matt Gumz was fifth. place, Jeremy Harmon had Tom Bradley Jr. was in sixth place, dropped a spot to fourth and Dan Brian Collins Jr. ran seventh, Folts was down a spot to fifth. l:RPRECISION.COM Brian Collins Jr. was in sixth place, Tommy Bradley Jr. was in seventh place, Ken Tapertwas up to eighth, Pat Glennon was in ninth place and Ruben Rodriguez, Steve Haver and Orio Cox III were all tied for 10th place. Ar the halfway point Cody Free-man still had the lead, Aaron Hawley was 29 seconds back, Jer-emy Harmon was up to third place, Dan Folts was up to fourth and Matt Gumz dropped a few spots into fifth place. Brian Collins Jr. was still sixth, Orio Cox was in sev-enth, Tommy Bradley dropped to eighth place, Steve Hamer was ninth and Pat Glennon was 10th. 2865 Gundry Ave. . 'Ila/ Hill, CA 90755 WPFans l/lCoolers Driving Suits Rod End Boots Neo Synthetic Oil Pedormance Plumbing 1-.~l~Flt:}!_ Page 38 562-427-2375 Cody Freeman still held the lead at the end of Lap 4, Aaron Haw-ley was still chasing, Harmon was still in third, Dan Folts still held fourth and Matt Gumz still ran fifth. Brian Collins Jr. remained in sixth, Bradley Jr. was up to sev-en th, Orio Cox was running eighth, Jeremy Evans was up to ninth place and Steve Haver was 10th. Lap 5 ended and Cody still led, Hawley remained in second, 40 seconds behind, Harmon was still third, Folts was fourth and Matt Gumz was in fifth place. Collins Jr. was running sixth, Cox was run-ning in seventh, Bradley was in eighth place, Evans was running ninth and Glennon and Tapert were tied for 10th place. April 2006 The checkers flew and Cody Freeman took the Sunday win, Aaron Hawley was less than a minute behind in second, Jeremy Harmon and Dan Folts were tied for third and Brian Collins Jr. was fifth. Orio Cox III was sixth, Tommy Bradley Jr. was seventh, Jer-emy Evans was eighth, Steve Haver was ninth and Ken Tapert was 10th. Pat Glennon finished 11th, Ruben Rodriguez was 12th and Steve Fuller was the 13th and fi-nal finisher. When the times were added it was Aaron Hawley taking the over-all win, Cody Freeman was a minute and a half behind, Harmon was third, Folts was fourth, Brad-ley was fourth and Glennon was fifth. Evans, Tapert, Rodriguez, Haver and Cox were sixth thru 10th. Collins, Fuller, Gumz, Farshler and Gutierrez were 11th thru 15th. Logsdon, Shupp, Skin-ner, Padilla and Wall were 16th thru 20th overall. Ziegler, Shain, Burns, Torres, Almberg and Shimp finished 17th thru 22nd. The Class 9 troops were out in force, 18 of them were ready for battle and there were some pretty good tussles throughout the week-end. They had five laps to go for their race and when their first lap ended it was Forrest Creasy in the lead, Rick Poole was seven seconds behind the leader, Jim Miller was third, another two seconds back, Glenn Dickton was in fourth and Johnny Burns was in fifth place. Rusty Ruby was in sixth place, Brandon Hughes was seventh, in eighth it was Tim Dixon and Joe Forte and Rett Thomas were tied for ninth place. Rick Moran ran in 11th place, Chad Evans was 12th, Tony Modica was 13th and Mark Bass was in 14th spot. Paige Reeves, Corey Torres and Carl Radonski were never scored. Lap 2 ended and Creasy still held the lead, Poole was still in sec-ond spot, Dicton was up a spot into third, Burns was up into fourth and Ruby was now in fifth place. Miller had dropped three spots into sixth, Hughes remained in seventh place, Forte was up a spot into eighth, Dixon was down one into ninth and Thomas was running 10th. Chad Evans and Mark Bass were out of the race. At the end of the third lap there were no position changes in the top 10 places, nobody able to advance during the lap. When Lap 4 ended, the top four still held their positions, Creasy, Poole, Dickton and Burns were all running well. Jim Miller was up a spot into fifth place, Rusty Ruby was down a spot into sixth, Bran-don Hughes held on in seventh place, Joe Forte was eighth, Tim Dixon was ninth and Tony Modica was 10th. George De Sousa and Rick Moran were on their trailers. The checkers flew and Forrest Creasy took the win, Rick Poole Ed Mahoney was the only Class 11 entered but he did his thing, got in his six laps in good time and took home the gold medal. Dusty Times

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A decent fourth overall went to Rick Lance in the Class 1 O battle, he's Dan Folts ran well in the top 5 on both days, he finished with a very Joe Forte had himself a decent fourth overall finish in Class 9, Joe is seen here getting ready for a good touchdown. nice fourth overall in the 1/2-1600 class. seen here just at landing at Primm. Jasper Dyer put together two races of 1: 11: 1 O and 1: 10:40, he Ken Tapert finished fourth overall in the Limited Pre-Runner contest, A fifth place finish overall in Class 1 went to Bill Worthing, Bill is finished fourth in the Class 5-1600 conflict at SNORE Primm. he's seen here at takeoff, heading for that checkered flag. watched here by an admiring crowd. was second, 5 5 seconds back, the group, Chad Evans was sec- lucky 13th. Fourteenth thru 18th start. They came around on Lap 1 Gereghty was in fifth place. Jasper Glenn Dickton was close in third ond, 90 seconds in arrears, Burns it was Evans, Bass, Reeves, Torres and John Huson had the lead, Gary Dyer was sixth, Mike Simpson ran place, Johnny Burns finished was still in third place, Creasy still and Radonski. Messer was 22 seconds behind, seventh, Mike Norris was eighth, fourth and Jim Miller rounded out ran fourth and De Sousa was fifth. Class 5-1600 was well repre-Brent Shermak came third, Julian Steve Alexander was ninth and the top five. Rusty Ruby finished In sixth place it was Hughes, Ruby sented with 14 cars awaiting the Patron was fourth and Billy Continued on page 40 sixth, Brandon Hughes was sev- was seventh, Forte ran eighth, enth, Joe Forte was eighth, Tim Dixon ran in ninth and Thomas Dixon was ninth, Tony Modica was in 10th place. Tony Modica was 10th and Rett Thomas was the and Jim Miller were nowhere to be 11th and final finisher. seen. Sundays C lass 9 race was a At the end of Lap 4, the top horse of a different color. When five remained unchanged, Poole, the first lap ended it was Glen Evans, Burns, Creasy and De Dickton in the lead, Rick Poole was Sousa still ran in order. Forte was second, Jim Miller was third, Chad up to sixth place, Dixon was run-Evans was running fourth and ning seventh, Moran was eighth Johnny Burns was in fifth. Forrest and Ruby ran ninth. Hughes and Creasy ran sixth, Rusty Ruby ran Thomas were out of the race. seventh, George De Sousa ran in The checkered flag flew and eighth place, Brandon Hughes was Rick Poole took the Class 9 win, ninth and Joe Forte ran 10th. he had led all the way, Johnny Tony Modica was 11th, Rett Tho-Burns came in second, less than mas ran in 12th, Tim Dixon ran two minutes in arrears, Chad 13th and Rick Moran was 14th. Evans was the third finisher, For-Mark Bass, Paige Reeves, Corey rest Creasy came in fourth and Torres and Carl Radonski were George De Sousa was fifth. Sixth never scored. place went to Joe Forte and Tim On Lap 2 Rick Poole moved Dixon was the seventh and final into the lead spot, Chad Evans finisher. Rusty Ruby and Rick moved into the second spot, Moran had retired from the fray. Johnny Burns was running third, When the times were all added Forrest Creasy was in fourth and up it was Forrest Creasy taking the George De Sousa was fifth. Rusty overall Class 9 win, Rick Poole was Ruby was up a spot into sixth, second, 17 seconds out of the win, Brandon Hughes was in seventh, Johnny Burns came in third, Joe Joe Forte was eighth, Tony Modica Forte was fourth and Tim Dixon ran ninth and Rett Thomas ran in was fifth. Sixth through 10th was the 10th spot. Glenn Dickton Ruby, Hughes, De Sousa, Thomas joined the ranks of the missing. and Modica. Miller was 11th, Lap 3 ended and Poole still led Moran 12th and Dickton was un-Bryan Adams led every lap but one in the Saturday and Sunday races, he took the overall win in the Champ class. 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JC Dean dnf'd on Saturday, ran pretty well on Sunday; JC ended up Fifth overall in the Class 9 contest went to Tim Dixon, Tim is seen A nice fifth place finish in Limited Pre-Runner went to Jeff Shiroky, He's seen here heading for the finish line. fifth overall in Class 1 O, seen her ready for touchdown. here launching himself towards the checkered flag. Greg Pope was in 10th place. Adam taking the 5-1600 win, Gary Messer and Pope were tied for fifth place. Fisher was 11th, Anatolio ran 12th was second, Brent Shermak was Oyer was in seventh, Norris was and Mark Clifton was 13th. Rich- third, Julian Patron was fourth and eighth and Anatolio and Clifton ard Diaz was not scored. Billy Gereghty finished fifth. Mike were tied for ninth place. Steve Lap 2 and the top four posi- Simpson was sixth, Greg Pope came Alexander was out of the race. tions didn't change, Huson, Messer, seventh, Jasper Oyer was eighth, Lap 3 and Shermak had taken Shermak and Patron were followed Anatolio was ninth and Steve the lead, Patron ran second, by Simpson in fifth place. Gereghty Alexander was 10th. Adam Fisher, Huson was in third, Simpson was ran sixth, Oyer ran seventh, Mark Clifton and Mike Norris fourth and Oyer was fifth. Pope Alexander ran eighth, Pope was in didn't complete their final lap. was in sixth, Norris came seventh, ninth place and Norris was 10th. Sunday dawned dark and cold Fisher was eighth, Clifton was At the end of Lap 3 it was still and the 5-1600 race was on. John ninth and Anatolio came in 10th. Huson leading, Messer was second, Huson came around as the leader Billy Gereghty was out of the race. Shermak was third, Patron was on the first lap, Julian Patron was The fourth lap ended and now fourth and Gereghtywas up a spot second, nine seconds behind, it was Patron in the lead, Huson into fifth. Simpson was sixth, Pope Brent Shermak was third, Billy was second, three seconds behind, was up into seventh, Oyer was Gereghty was fourth and Anato-Shermak came third, Oyer was eighth, Norris came ninth and lio was in fifth place. Mike Simp-fourth and Simpso'n was fifth,. Fisher was 10th. son was sixth, Greg Pope was sev- Norris was in sixth place, Fisher was Lap 4 ended and Huson still led, enth, in eighth it was Mike Norris, still seventh, Clifton came eighth, he was two minutes ahead of Messer, Mark Clifton was ninth and Adam Anatolio was ninth and Diaz was Shermak was third, Patron was Fisher was 10th. Gary Messer was 10th. Greg Pope was out of the race. fourth and Gereghty was in fifth 11th, Jasper Dyer came in 12th, Last lap, John Huson took the place. Simpson was in sixth place, Richard Diaz was 13th and Steve win, Julian Patron was second, 28 Pope was seventh, Fisher was eighth, Alexander was 14th. seconds behind, Brent Shermak Oyer came in ninth and Anatolio Lap 2, the top four remained ran third, Jasper Oyer was fourth was 10th. Mike Norris had retired. unchanged, Huson, Patron, Sher-and Mike Simpson was fifth. Mike At the finish it was John Huson mak and Gereghty, then Simpson Norris finished sixth, Adam Fisher Rebate Runs March 1st • May 31st 2006 Skyjacker® has the performance shocks you need for your on or off-road vehicle. The performance components of these shocks respond to the on-and off-road conditions instantly. Whether you are going over rough or smooth terrain, the true velocity sensitive valving produces better handling, improved stability, and maximum comf art. If that is not reason enough to buy, Skyjacker® now offers an extra incentive of $30 cash back on the purchase of 4 Skyjacker® shocks. Buy 4 Hydro or Nitro shocks at any Skyjacker® Authorized Dealer and submit the rebate form to receive s30 CASH BACK! . ; To find an Authorized Skyjacke~ Dealer came in seventh, Mark Clifton was Adam won on time, Maurer be-eighth and Anatolio was the ninth ing second overall. and final finisher. Gary Messer, Unlimited Pre-Runners were Greg Pope and Richard Diaz next. They had four laps to run didn't complete their final lap. and John Olsen led the first lap, The overall stats were: Huson, Jeremy Sundt was second, Clay Patron, Simpson, Oyer, Anatolio, Flippin was third, Jerry Stewart Fisher, Messer, Clifton, Pope, was fourth and Jeremy Gubler was Norris, Gereghty, Alexander, Diaz fifth. Brad Inch was in sixth place, and Shermak. Tom Hood was seventh, Devon There was only one Class 11 en- Freemal came in eighth and Kerry try, Ed Mahoney. Ed ran his three Freeman was ninth. John Poling required laps on both days and was not scored. went home the winner. John Olsen led the second lap, There were two Champ cars en- Clay Flippin was second, Jerry Stew-tered, Bryan Adams and Daniel art was third, Tom Hood was Maurer with five laps to run. On fourth and Jeremy Gubler was still Saturday Dan Maurer led the first fifth. Devon Freemal was up to lap, Bryan Adams was second. sixth and Kerry Freeman was sev-On the second lap they reversed enth. Jeremy Sundt and Brad Inch their roles, Adams led Maurer, he were on their trailers. held the lead on the third lap, Lap 3, Olsen still led, Flippin Maurer disappeared on the fourth was still second, Stewart still in lap and Adams took the win. third, Hood was in fourth and On Sunday, Adams led all the Gubler was fifth. Freemal was sixth way, Maurer ran second but he dis-and Freeman was seventh. appeared on the fourth lap, giving Last lap and Olsen took the win, Adams the win. Stewart was second, Hood was 'EATURES • 150 PSI PRESSURIZED NITROGEN GAS (NITRO ONLY) • ORIFICE DISK • VELOCITY SENSITIVE VALVING • LEAK PROOF SEAL • BONDED IRON PISTON I near you call 866.4.A.OEALER ext. 5037 or visit us on the web at to find out more about this exciting shock offer. • CHROMED PISTON ROD • RED BOOT INCLUDED • RED POLYURETHANE BUSHINGS • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Page 40 April 2006 Dusty Times

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Brian Collins Jr. finished 12th in 1600 Class and 6th in Limited Pre- Billy Shapley readies for landing, Billy had a very decent seventh Jeremy Evans was in the top 10 most laps, both days, he finished Runner, he's seen here going into a right hander. place finish in the Limited Pre-Runner contest. seventh overall in Class 1/2-1600 at SNORE Primm. third, Gubler was fourth and Free- Wilson was 15th. Courtney Collins Dan Maurer was eighth, Brad wn .. -r====-_,;;,;..;;,,.;.~~~=~~~,.;,;,;;,:;,~~;,;;;,;,~~;;;;,;,;;,.,======. mal was fifth in. Freeman and was 16th, Dick Brady was 17th and son was ninth and Dan Bradley was Flippin failed to finish their last lap. Brian Wojcik was 18th. 20th. Ruben Rodriguez was 11th, On Sunday, only five cars con- Tommy Bradley still led on Lap Brian Wojcik was 12th, Cody Free-tested the class. John Olsen led the 2, Glennon was in second, Shain man was 13th, Courtney Collins first lap, Tom Hood was second, was third, Shirokywas fourth, Tap- was 14th, Dick Brady was 15th and Jerry Stewart was third, Devon ert was fifth and Cox was sixth. Sheldon Paul was 16th. Freemal was fourth and Kerry Collins Jr. was running seventh, Lap 2, Shiroky had the lead, Freeman was fifth. Dan Bradley was eighth, Sheldon Tom Bradley was second, Cox was Olsen led the second lap, Stew- Paul was ninth and Freeman was third, Collins Jr. was down to art was up to second, Freemal was 10th. Don Wall and Joe Bourland fourth and Shapley was fifth. In down to third place and Freeman were out of the race. sixth was Glennon, Tapert was sev-was fourth. Tom Hood was out of Lap 3, Tom Bradley still led, enth, Rodriguez was up to eighth, the race. Glennon was second, third ·was Maurer was in ninth and Wilson Lap 3, Olsen still leads, Free-Tapert, Shiroky was fourth and ran 10th. mal was now second, Freeman was Cox was fifth. Dan Bradley was Third lap, Tom Bradley had the third and Stewart ran fourth,.' running sixth, Shain came seventh, lead, Cox was second, only two sec-And, that's how they finished, Collins was eighth, Freeman was onds away, Shiroky had dropped Olsen, Freemal, Kerry, Freeman in ninth and Shapley was 10th. to third, Collins Jr. was still fourth and Stewart. The checkers flew and Tommy and Shapley held fifth. In sixth Overall, it was Olsen, Freemal, Bradley took the win, Glennon place it was Glennon, Ta pert was Stewart, Freeman, Hood, Gubler, was second, Shiroky came third, still seventh, Rodriguez was still Flippin, Sundt, Inch and Poling. Ta pert and Cox were tied for eighth, Maurer was still ninth and There were 19 ready for the Lim-fourth and Dan Bradley was sixth. Wilson still 10th. ited Pre-Runner challenge. They too Seventh was Collins, Jr., Freeman Last lap, Tom Bradley takes the had four laps to make a race. was in eighth, Shapley came in win, Cox is second, one second be-Tommy Bradley led the first lap, ninth and Maurer was 10th. Elev-hind, Collins Jr. takes third place, Brian Collins Jr. was second, Pat enth thru 15th were Wilson., BillyShapleywasfourthandGlen-Glennon was third, Ken Taperr and Courtney, Collins, Paul, Wojcik non took fifth. Sixth place went Jay Shain were tied for fourth and and Brady. Jay Shain didn't com-to Ta pert, Shiroky was seventh, Jeff Shiroky was sixth. Orlo Cox plete his last lap. eighth was Rodriguez, Wilson came was running seventh, Dan Bradley On Sunday, Lap 1, Tommy Bra-ninth and Wojcik was 20th in. John Olsen finished second overall in Class 1, he took the overall win in the Unlimited Pre-Runner battle, seen here flyin' high. Dan Bradley was 11th, Courtney seventh, Dan Bradley is eighth, Collins was 12th, Sheldon Paul was Wilson is ninth and Wojcik is 13th and Cody Freeman was the 10th. Eleventh thru 19th it was 14th and final finisher. Daniel Courtney Collins, Freeman, Paul, Maurer didn't complete his final Maurer, Brady, Rodriguez, Shain, lap. Bourland and Wall. Add up the times and Tommy So it ended, a great start Bradley takes the overall win, Cox for a new season. Be ready is second, Glennon is third, Tap-for the SNORE Buffalo Bill's ert is fourth and Shiroky is fifth. race at Primm, April 7-9. SPf' Collins Jr. takes sixth, Shapley is ya all there! • was eighth, Sheldon Paul was ninth dley and Jeff Shiroky were tied for and Cody Freeman was 10th. Joe the lead, Brian Collins, Jr. was Bourland was 11th, Don Wall was third, Billy Shapley was fourth and 12th, Daniel Maurer was 13th, Orlo Cox was fifth. Pat Glennon Billy Shapley was 14th and Brad ran sixth, Ken Ta pert was seventh, Tommy Bradley led all the laps on Saturday. all but one on Sunday and that gave him the win in Limited Pre-Runner. He was 5th 0/A in 1600. Kevin Colan led a lap on Saturday. led two laps on Sunday. but he was forced to retire on Sunday, he still finished 4th overall in Class 1. Dusty Times 1llE UUIMA?I f'OIJWE~ SOuace• Z°TREME nRE CO. NE:VADI' OFFROADBUGGY T-SHIRT SM-MEO-LRG-XXLRG ONLY $10.00 CROW lBIJ1J1SRi)D~ •, ' 1-' ' I • 11 it .... , i t. ---~-. SOI D •. • .· HFRF WE CARRY AWIDE ASSORTMENT OF WELD ON TRICK TABS //1141Jt«eA1Jt«eA~ ..... CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-755-5900 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #130 • LAS VEGAS, NV* 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM * SAT 9AM-5PM (702) 871-5221 fax April 2006 Page 41

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M._Q._~ WILDWASH 250 vessels Is Victorious By Steve Ruddick Photos: Trackside Photo Lee Off only had to get four laps completed for a finish, he ran fast and took home the gold medal in Class 300. Kash Vessels has graduated to Class 1, he took the Class win as well as the overall win at the MOR Wild Wash 250. There was ... carnage to the left tainly qualified. This was Mojave 10) raced six laps; Classes 9, 13, and of me ... wrecked parts on my right... Desert Racing's (MDR) second 17 went five laps, and Classes 3, 11, stuck in the WildWash with you! event of the 2006 California Cham-12 and 1450 dueled it out over four And the MDR WildWash 250 on pionship Series, and their season laps. February 4, 2006 at Barstow cer-of racing. The faster Classes [1& Course A at Barstow - [the old SCORE course) is 42.4 miles of dirt and dust and rocks and boulders, spread out over 12 road crossings, ten hills, 27 major course changes, and a 'few' bumps and whoops and drop-offs and downhills in be-tween ... True Grit stuff! Seventy-two entries signed up for the MDR WildWash 250, with over half be-ing the notorious Class 1400/1450 pre-runners oflawless outlaws fame; where the only 'Rule' is: 'there are no rules'. A rough and tough course? Well, figure 57 of the 72 entries started, of which 25 finished and 31 dnf d. Not exactly your typi-cal Saturday cruise through the countryside, eh? But for the 25 fin-ishers, it was sweet indeed. CIASS 1: Seven Class 1 cars en-,-------------- --------------, Ken Donaldson had a great day, he easily took the Class 5 win at Barstow, he's seen here at speed hustling to the checkers. The Class 700 win went to Shawn St. George, he's seen here on his way to victory at the MOR Wild Wash event. tered the MDR WW250; only Brent Miller in car #lll didn't roll up for the green flag start. Danny Wingerniing was first off the line in car #148, followed at 30 second intervals by Mark Weger in car #132, Rich Volpe in car #131, Frank Thing car #134, Rick Ro-mans in car #120, and Kash Ves-sels in #121. Frank Thing, Chad McNeil and Tony Cortes had a short race day in their first race, as the 530hp, 383-Chevy stroker car #134 broke on the first lap. Kash Vessels (yes, he is 'Scoop' Vessels' son), had an eight and one half minute lead at the end of Lap 1 in car # 121 even though he started at the rear, and he never looked back on his way to the checkered flag and a first place vic-tory in Class 1; completing the course in just 5:02:52 at 49.4mph. Vessels also captured the WW250 Overall Winner, and Fast Lap Award too [Lap 1: 0:46:30 at 54. 7mph). Vessels said he was "very happy" with the car, and the win. Johnny Kaiser reports making a few adjustments to the bypass tubes on their four-inch shocks as the 670hp Chevy ~ 1 powered, Alpha Perfor-mance Tech I-type chassis stopped on every lap to take on a new co-driver, and even a girlfriend or two, along their way to the win. Kelly Ickier and Melissa Licitra [KelMel Racing] got their first outing in the race car, and from their expressions and a few "WhooHOO's" or two Continued on page 44 I I I I I Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding &Water Tanks Bulk Storage &Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service VISA RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog L-------------------------------------------------------J Page 42 April 2006 Dusty Times

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or three or more, I'd say they were 'thrilled' at the experience too. Rick Romans in car # 120 fol-lowed in second place about six minutes later at 48.5mph in 5: 11:37. Danny Wingerniing grabbed the third place honors in car #148 in 5:31:35 at 45.6mph. Crossing the finish line to take fourth place in Class l was Rich Volpe in car # 131 in 6:35:55 at 38.2mph. Volpe and co-driver James Becker iron-manned the en-tire six laps, not too bad for a couple of 'virgin' rookies in their first race. Even then, Volpe and Becker had trouble with a fuel pump relay on Lap 2, and a flat on Lap 6. But that still didn't dampen the flow of adrenaline of "doing 95mph on a smooth stretch" for the rookie duo; a nice finish and a win too for 'starters', I'd say. Mark Weeger had some prob-lems on Laps 1, 2 and 4 in car #132, Matt Towery had no competition but he only slowed a bit as he ran for the Class 8 win, seen here in his good looking truck. but was still able to finish in 7:47:05 to take fifth place in Class l; and a broken tie rod on Lap 2 didn't re-ally help matters all that much. But finish he did at 32.4mph, fast enough to make it under the eight hour limit for the race. CI.ASS 10: Three Class 10 cars Richard Garavito had little trouble taking the Class 10 win, he's seen here at takeoff at the Wild Wash race. entered the race; two started, and one finished. Justin Smith and Cameron Steele didn't make the green flag in car #1005. Ronnie Coble did see the green in car #1043, but was only seeing 'red' after that when his motor let go on the first lap; bad news. Coble and compadre William David Salyardz just got the motor back together for their first race, too. But they weren't the only ones contributing to the store of parts beginning to accumulate around the course, ei-ther. Eric Jacobus had absolutely no problem taking the Class 1300 win in spite of a horribly long last lap at the Wild Wash. Steven Herrera took the Class 1400 win with ease, he set fast lap for the class on his last lap and took the win with two hours in hand. Richard Garavito had "no prob-lems" cruising his way to first place in Class 10, doing so in 6:47:14 at 3 7 .1 mph. That was also good enough to take the Class 10 Fast Lap Award on Lap 2 in just 0:53: 14 at 47.8mph, as well as a seventh overall for the race too. Garavito used to race Class 5-1600, and was happy indeed with his first Class 10 win and his "brand new race car". Rulio Solano helped out with the driving duties for three laps, Juan Tores and Marylou did another !!f!s!J® The Suspension Company. Page 44 April 2006 Dusty Times

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'I Richard Sletten was the lone Class 11 entrant, he just cruised around Rick Romans gave it a good run in Class 1 but could only muster a Barry Karakas had it won, until the fourth lap, big troubles cost him a and took his checkered flag, seen here on the course. second place finish, seen here at speed. bunch and he ended up in the second spot in Class 700. the co-driving. Garavito described 38.0mph. Donaldson also captures found his way back onto the course buttski' (and the need for just a bit problems on Lap 2 and called it a the course as "part challenge and the Fast Lap Award for the class after about 20-30 minutes of 'navi-more seat padding nest time), Don- day after his third lap. Not exactly part nice", but it was still "a good on his last lap in 1:03:03 at gating' (whichway? thisaway?, aldson still had a "kick-@** race" a good day for the class, or either endurance test" ... for both man 40.4mph. Donaldson used to race maybe thataway?). Other than that, and a lot of fun just doing it! racer. and machine. trucks and bought his Class 5'er in Donaldson had a clean race and CLASS 5-1600: This class only CLASS 7S: Only two Class 7S CLASS 5: Class 5 saw only two September. Eric Boka did the co-no flats in his 250hp Type IV-pow-had two entries too, and similar re- trucks entered the field on race day contenders -Darrell Clifton dnf d driving on Laps 1-3, when Roberto ered car, although he did report suits. Guy Savedra recorded a DNS for the WW250, and they both in car #525 on Lapl, while Ken Tejeratookovertheco-driver'sdu-"somecloseencounterswithafew incar#569.Thatleftthefinishing dnf'd on Lap 1. Corey Tobin Donaldson drove car #503 to a ties and seat on Laps 4-6. Donald-pucker bushes" along the way to the thingy to Mark Lindberg in car brought his early Toyota 'beater' first place win in 6:38:01 at son missed a turn on Lap 1 but winner's circle. In spite of his 'sore #596, but Lindberg had some big Continued on page 46 Frank Vernola was a bit off the winning pace at the Wild Wash race Craig Reynolds led most of the race in Class 1450 but a longer than Danny Wingering took the bronze medal in the Class 1 conflict at but he hung on for a decent second place finish in Class 1400. usual last lap dropped him to second place. iiiiii-;,;;.;;;;iiiiiiiii Wild Wash, he's seen here in beautiful flight. Dusty Times April 2006 Page 45

Page 46

A third place finish in Class 1450 went to Mike Salter, he's seen here Long second and sixth laps put Rich Volpe into a fourth place finish in Jesse Ware finished in fourth place in Class 1450, he was only six at speed heading for the checkered flag. class 1, seen here at speed in his great looking car. minutes away from a podium finish when the checkers flew. A fifth place finish in Class 1450 went to Shawn Giordano, he gets Sixth place in the Class 1450 conflict went to Belden Alivio, he's seen Chris Greeley didn't have the best of days, he was only able to finish our vote for the highest flying truck in the race. here taking off and heading for the checkered fla . out for a thnll, complete with stock change a ball J0mt on t e -eam was att owery m true leaf springs front and rear and front on Lap 4, and struggle Towery completed the race in Rancho 5000 shocks at each cor-through some fuel filter problems 7:17:41 at 34.5mph to take first ner. What a blast from the past! too. In the end, it was still good place in class, as well as the Fast Lap Mike West also dnfd on Lap 1 in enough for #707 to take the check-award on Lap 1 at 38.6mph in truck #7 54. Another disappoint- ered flag to the winner's circle. 1 :05:58. ing day, but parts are partZ, eh. Barry Karakas drove his newly CLASS 13: Only one of the five CLASS 7: Five Class 7 trucks en- re-tagged FabTech Toyota hard to Class 13 entries would make it to tered, but Jeff Regal in truck #702 take second place in Class 7, com-the finish line at the MDR didn't even see the green, while two pleting the six laps in 7:48:28 at WW250, and that was Erik Jaco-others dnfd somewhere along the 3_2.3mph. That's cutting it pretty bus in car# 1367. Jacobus won first way to the finish. A.J. Rodriguez got close in an eight hour race and even place in 7:02:30 at 29.8mph. Chris in three laps before a burnt alter- Karakas admitted he "had to work Zuniga got the co-driver's duties for nator belt ended his day in truck for this one". He tallied up his win Laps 1 and 2, when Jamin Northrop #703. Raul Flores got in five laps and race day this way: flat on Lap climbed in to ride in the 'shotgun' in truck #711 before he ended his 1, a "clean" second lap; fuel pump seat for Laps 3-5. Jacobus also blis-fun on Lap 5. pressure problems for Lap 3; broke tered the first lap in 0:56:00 flat at But it was Shawn St. George in and welded the upper control arm 45.4mph to win the Fast Lap truck #707 who saw the checkers on Lap 4; Laps 5 and 6 were also Award in Class 13, too. This was to take first place in Class 7, in "clean" ... no problems and no flats. Jacobus' first race with this car - a 7: 14: 18 at 34.8mph. St. George What a day, eh! Karakas and co- JE Engineering chassis powered by drove all six laps with co-driver driver Travis Whitmore said it was a 4.3L Vortec V6. Jacobus was do-Chris Burr at his side. This is St. a "good race" and they "had fun", ing just fine until he 'got really George's third season of racing in despite a few 'hiccups' along the nailed' by a Class 14 truck on Lap his '93 Ford Ranger race truck, but way to the finish line,. As for the 4, that taco'd the whole back end a tad 'too much testosterone' in the course, Barry reports it was "rough, of his race car and broke the frame gas mix kept him from finishing too tight and technical. I like it". Kara-tubing in several places. Now this many races. So Shawn "beefed it kas also took home the Fast Lap probably would have been enough up" and backed off a bit to take Award on Lap 5 at 45.9mph in 'fun' to put most racers on the home a "good to finish" and a nice 0:55:25. trailer for home, but Jacobus liter-win, too. But even then, he had to CLASS 8: The sole entry in Class ally tied the motor down and rear Wired to Win! Wiring Going To Make It Another Season? Auto electrical experts Specializing in custom off-road wiring Race vehicles & dune buggies Communications and custom lighting Page 46 When it's gotta be Wired Right! e&j Wireworks 2865 Progress Place Ste 28 Escondido CA 92029 760-738-WIRE (9473) April 2006 in the seventh spot in the Class 1450 battle. en toget er with a big IOX strap Lap m class at 46.8mph on Lap 6 and drove 2mph on Lap 5 in 0:54:22. Herrera drove the [2:53:36) to take the win! That is whole race, with a (mending) bro-True Grit in any racer's book, eh! ken arm and thumb, in his "li-Jacobus reported this was "the censed, registered, insured, and fully roughest course he had ever seen", street legal" 1969 Ford F 100 equal-and said it was "very bad and length king pin I-beamed truck. This choppy at the last". Yea, huh! ride even has NC! and comes with Terry Ingold got in four laps of a newly rebuilt and prepped 425hp dirt and fun before car # 1303 400ci Midland power plant motor, dnfd on Lap 5. Ingold had some a new trans and rear end too. Her-serious pro°blems on lap 1, record-rera and co-driver, 2rent ing a 4.5 hour lap time. Ingold Ventimigla, reported "no problems managed to fix 'it' to complete four or flats" on their way to take the laps before calling it quits for his win either. race day. Clare Ross also drew a Frank Vernola drove some dnf in car # 1309 at the end of Lap pretty consistent lap times to take 1. Ross was running in second place second place in truck # 14 28 in when she broke a spring plate and 7:40:35 at 32.8mph, in Class 1400 the engine mount bolts came loose Pro. Other than running out of gas too. Terry Wyrembek didn't even at Checkpoint A, and again at see one lap go by in car# 1397 be-Check C, on the last lap, Vernola fore he tallied a dnf for the day too. said he "just cruised it with no prob-Jim N~ashima got to see his entry !ems and no flats" over "a pretty fee roll-over to MDR Race 3 when rough and brutal course". Smart he recorded a DNS in ar # 13 2 9. race Frank, considering all the other CLASS 1400: This is the Pro carnage and parts you saw along portion of the Class 1400/1450 your way to the checkered flag and competition ... the really fast pre- a respectable finish, and win! Ver-runner trucks whowantto race the nola races a 1993 Ford F150 with full six laps for payback. Class 1400 a ball joint front and rear leaf sus-had eight entries: four DNS, two pension, powered by a 302d mo-dnf d, and two finished. #1408 was tor and a stock trans. The right first off the starting line in Class combination for this race and a 1400 and the first to the finish line nice victory. too. Steven Herrera took first place Connor Gilmore got in a in truck # 1408 in 5 :40:4 7 at couple of laps of dirt and fun be-44.4mph. That was also fast fore #1406 was done for the day. enough to net Herrera fourth over-Brothers Robert and Charles all for the WW250, as well as Fast Continued on page 63 The Class 1450 win went to Dustyn Loppnow, he set fast lap for the class on his last lap and took the gold with only 52 seconds in hand. Dusty Times ·11

Page 47

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---~ooDOASA CIRCLE K SAN Luis 250 DFF-RDDD Yee Takes overall By Byrle Moore & Victor Gasca Photos: Foto-Baja-Mex When the dust had cleared it was Jose Lopez taking the Class 10 win, he's seen here at speed heading for the finish. plus. The leaders in the bike and quad division are as follows. Again all I have names and times, but here goes: Lobsan Yee had a really great race, he took the Class 1 win by 10 minutes and he was the overall winner as well. There were 40 starters in the com-bined field and all but nine com-pleted the entire race. Good finish percentage. First across the finish was Rodolfo Iribe who went so fast the photographer must have missed him? Anyway his time of 1:50:47 topped the field, winning the class and scoring overall points, as well. Just under 30 seconds back was the team of Adolfo Arellano and Noe We missed Valentine's Day by about four days, but some of the lovers of the off road racing per-suasion celebrated anyway. That celebration, culminating in a 250 mile race, out through the deserts and farmlands and sand dunes alongside the Colorado River, at San Luis Sonora. Enrry-wise, the first race of CODE's 2006 season picked up about where it left off back in De-cember. We had 200-plus entries, Bikes and quads cars and trucks all Ibarra in with a 1:51:01 and Mar-who had made the trip east and started and finished in the same tin Bejarano took the third spot south to try out the 85 mile, mostly area, but the quads and bikes ran a with a time of 1:57: 12. flat, very fast, high speed, with some shorter version. They needed to Daniel Diez headed the quad whoops, course. About the only complete two 55 mile laps while the pro ranks with a time of 2:01:26, place to get any air was in the sand larger classes of cars, starting an second spot went to Jeff Hancock dunes and most drivers slowed, or hour and a half later, needed three with a 2:08:07 and the bronze went got stuck there instead of flying. laps at 85 miles. And no, not every-to Esequiel Lopez in with a cor-(See photos.) one finished. It was a fast, but tech- rected time of 2:08: 18. Again, just Some new names and of course, nical, and in some spots a rough, the matter of one missed shift??? the old names went at each other little, course. Several drivers prob- Clase Moros Sportsman win and for the two and three lap runs. ably out drove their skill level 90- Francisco Javier Landeros, who ran ~=------..:..-~-~-~~~~----=-~= a very quick 1:56:29 took the Over-all. Second place finisher was Sal-vador Gallardo with his 2:04:33 and third spot went to Octavio Amador with a 2:05:14. In the Sportsman quad ranks a very large field and was headed by the team of Travis Palmer and Roberto Arel-lano who crossed the green with a time of 2: 19: 16, second place to Manuel Mercado with a 2: 19:35 (another missed shift?), and third place went to Daniel Delgado with his time of2:22: 15. There were 19 starters in this class alone. Now its ten o'clock and the heavy metal is underway. In the ranks of the Class 1 drivers it started out as a battle royal. Position changes, dust, slower traffic, flat tires, even a roll-over took center stage in this conflict. When all was said and done Lobsam Yee, sharing driving chores with his son Bruce and with Alan Campoy, were the 'top guns' in Continued on page 50 Only one Class 7S truck made it all the way, the trio of De La Vega/ Rob Kittleson gave it a good run, he finished second in Class 1, 10 Dean Watkins led most of the race in Class 12 but a few flats and Denise/Duron took the win, seen here at speed. minutes out of the class win in his Ford. other problems dropped him into the second place slot. Page 48 Specializing in LS1-LS2-LS6-LSJ complete crate engines VB Packages starting at $5,300 Home of the 5 wire Install '-Call t'or details 7&0-94 ... -274 ... _TurnKevEngine.c April 2006 Dusty Times

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Official Sat Phone and Comunic:atioms provider for CODE Offroad for race ~fety and Eficiency (858) 650.34.56 · ,mm • La eaman1lla 'oma lo buano ~a ,,~/elcel E T .O ·c OR KY: ,.:..---.;:--... "COD IIFl"-/10,iJD M6,dco tet/faK.(686)56SA0.87 USA tallfax (780)-203"2471 WWW.tCCI_.ONQOIJ!UftX ... ~···a,m,,mk

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Sabas Munoz gave it all he had in the Class 1600 battle, but he had Juan Quiroz did rather well for his second race, he finished second Jose and Alberto Garcia had a pretty good day, the took home the bronze medal for their driving abilities in Class 5-1600. to settle for the silver medal at race end. in Class 7, he's seen here at speed out on the course. Scott Zimmerman made it look easy, he took the Class 12 win with well more than an hour in hand on his competition. Class 1. These guys caught and passed Kittleson and company and out lasted Gary Magness who got stuck in our famous sand and then had some shock problems and called it a day. Meanwhile Miguel Soto, who was involved in the roll-over was a dnf. Top time and top Overall time for the Yee group wa-s 4:28:15 for the 250 miler. Silver went to the Rob Kittleson team composed of Rob, navigator Chuck Dempsey, Jeff Callaghan and Brandon Abetathy, in with a time of 4:38:37. This team suffered through a couple of tire changes a smokey engine compartment (twas a leaky tranny), and traffic. Class 10 had only two starters Page so and the # 1001 car with shared driv-ing chores was the only one to make it to the green. Starting driver Javier Lopez blew a c.v. joint at Race Mile 83 of the second lap. Limped back to the pit, fixed the problem and Edgar Alvarez took over for the last lap. Problem was he ran out-of gas at about Race Miie 206. A few spec-tators provided a little gas, the chase crew couldn't find him, he bor-rowed another gallon or two of gas and finally got to the finish line where the chase crew finally found him. Wonder where the fueling crew was during that c.v. repair. Mean-while an even harder luck story had happened back at Race Mile 5. Javier Robles blew an entire eng•ne JounceShocks are factory set at 150 psi and are fully adjustable Mounting Sleeves contain custom · gussets designed for strong, quick . installation nding Plates .250" steel ng for targeting eShocks .,. all today for more info ... 00-525-6505 Targsting high mobility suspension, chassis protection and fabrication solutions Beny Canela was the Class 8 winner, Beny averaged almost 50 miles per hour for the race in his truck, seen here at speed. and was, of course, out for the day. By the way, the winning time was 6:59:53. Class 12 has a brand new entry to CODE racing and Scott Zimmer-man, who had no problems all day and had a clean run of 5:38, dis- . played a big smile, when he said, "I will be back for all the CODE races. Great day!" Meanwhile, Dean Watkins who had been leading the class most of the day, had two tires to change during the race and some electrical problems too. The team managed to hold on to the silver with their time of 7:09:55. Guill-ermo Quintero blew a tranny about half way through the third lap. Os-car Alfaro started almost an hour after the last green. Never got word of what his final situation was. Miguel Mexia, the new Class 12 rookie who has moved up from Class 11 and 16 debuted his new Lalo Mayoral in this class is learn-ing some maturity while dealing with engine rocker arms and push rod problems, he was a very rare dnf this time out. Had no informa-tion about the #1210 car of Jorge Ruvalcaba. Beny Canela out of Indio ran into some electrical problems dur-ing a slow first lap, pitted, repaired same, strapped a spare battery in, just in case, turned the driver over to J.C. Lopez who ran quick and clean for the next two laps and they came away with the Class 8 win, in a time of 5:45:25. Jose Soto fought a bad starter and other electrical gremlins all day and was a dnf. No data reported for the 8 truck of Jesus Bustamonte. The Class 5 Open was won by Pietro Brassea, who g_ot his first win after last year's debut of his Lalo Mayoral chassis. Pietro drove the whole race, only stopping for fuel and a co-driver change. Winning time was a very quick 4:44:27, the other 5 car of Eduardo Reyes and Carlos Arias was a non-finisher. The 1600 cars had 16 starters and 11 finishers. The Navarrete brothers team of Leon and then Alex who shared the driving, had a clean race. "We only had to deal with some slower traffic", they said. But all in all a good start for the new season. Their gold time was 5:06:31. About 18 minutes back was the team of Sabas Munoz and Angel Barajas who just couldn't find enough speed or time to catch the leaders. The time for the silver was 5:22:26. Bronze went to the team of Mario Gastelum with a 5:23:45. This team has spent a few years trying to get into the top five. They had a problem free race and managed to get past some of the early leaders who had developed problems during the day. For ex-ample, Julian Machado had a flat tire in the middle of the second lap, Leo and Alex Navarrete had a most wonderful race, they took the Class 1600 win with 18 minutes ion hand when the checkers flew. April 2006 which lost them quite a hit of time. They did manag'e to take fourth with their time of 5:27:58. Fifth went to Luis Martinez who was hav-ing a great race till he lost third gear. He was nursing the car around and maintaining the third spot but got over exuberant during the third lap and rolled it. As always helpful spectators and fans helped get him back on all four but too much time had passed to make up in that last lap. No information on Jorge Vargas who finished sixth. Marco Gallo, another rookie in Class 1600 and his brother Juan, who were Class 9 drivers before, look to be a threat for the upcoming season, were seventh. Jaime Boquiren ran into a few problems including a roll-over, which again the fans helped get back into the race, was eighth. Ninth place finisher Alfredo Lugo got some bad fuel data and ran out ju!t before the end of the second lap. The team also reported they hadn't managed to get the trans-mi~sion tuned for this particular race. Brothers Melchor and Mario Acosta, have moved out of the quad ranks and so were rookies this Saturday. They are preparing a 10 car for the future. Melchor was having a good day until he rolled in the mysterious sands of San Luis. No fans around to help this team out and they were a distant 10th place. Martin Gonzalez had a bad distributor during Lap 1 and lost his tranny during the second. Vic-tor Lugo and Mike Chapa also lost a transmission during Lap 2. An-other blown tranny at the end of the first lap cost Ricardo Cons his chances for the day. Meanwhile Javier Bueina in the# 1606 car and Fernando Flores in the # 1608 both blew engines during the first lap and were dnfed. Class 7 had a couple of home-town winners. 'Perry just had to watch them go by'. Rene Cuevas had been chasing Perry McNeil all day and when he discovered him on the edge of the road he told Vic, "I just put it on cruise and finished the race." Finished the race in first place with a time of 4:50:34. Cue-vas was on his home ground on top of that, so he probably knew ex-actly what he had to do. The only other finisher in the class was an-other homegrown lad, Juan Quiroz who was driving in only his second race. Juan was a little fearful of the speeds he had to attain to keep any-one in sight but after the demise of the McNeil truck, a fuel stop and co-driver switch, he also put it on cruise to the green. His time was 6:54:58. Perry McNeil led the rest of the non-finishers in Class 7. Af-ter two exceptional laps the motor said, "That's it" and headed south. Perry stated that he shall return. Isidro Ochoa in the #707 truck had nothing to report, was a dnf. Gus Shaddock broke a spindle during the second lap, dnf. Gelacio Dusty Times

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A ve,y nice second place finish in Class 9 went to Eliseo Garcia, he's Fernando Prado got stuck twice but he kept on going for a nice seen here in his good looking car at speed. reward, he took second place in the Class 11 conflict. Arturo Rodriguez was running his first race in this class, he did rather well, he took a second place finish in Class 14. Beltran's truck suffered a blown their 6:47:26 and the bronze was We move to Class 9. Alonso differential during Lap 2. The #704 awarded to some new kids on the Jaquez was a first time winner for driver, Gabriel Barragan, was dnf block. Enrique and Eric Avalos the Mexicali team. He also had one and had nothing to report. Alex were running right up there with of the fastest laps of the day and Almaraz also reported a blown en-the big guys when they lost second no one else could keep up the pace. gine. Meanwhile, another McNeil, and third gears during the last lap, His winning time was 6:25:05. this one with the first name of Kelly, but made it in with a 6:59:02. The Eliseo Garcia drove a clean race, had nothing to report except guys were fast out of the blocks and just a little slowly. He said he was Valentine's voodoo. The truck was maybe with a couple of more races expecting to see the leader off the running perfectly during the first toward maturity will see them at the side of the track somewhere. When lap but when they stopped to topoftheplatform.OscarGalindo hediscoveredthatwasn'tgoingto change drivers the truck re fused to and Martin Garaby had been die-be the case he had run out of time start. The crew spent the rest of the ing it out in first and second most and space to catch him. Garcia's daylight hours trying to figure out of the day when their transmission time was 6:43:36. Jesus de la Torre the problem. Changed electrical, called it quits near the end of the went third with a time of 7:32:25. changed mechanical, nothing. So third lap. They managed to coax it de la Torre made it onto the they waited till the race was over; in for fourth with a time of7:19:06. winner's platform on what was al-decided they needed to get the truck Fifth place finisher was Alonso most the first anniversary of his on the trailer, and you guessed it. Angulo, nothing to report. Justin rookie year in Class 9. He never The thing started as if there had Linder had been right up front for looked in the mirror and didn't never been anything wrong. St. the first two laps but right after a have any problems with his car to Valentine's Voodoo!!! driver change with Arturo Cer-report. In fact, he never even got Rene Cuevas was the big Class 7 winner, he took the class win easily, he had almost two hours on his competition at the flag. The Class 5-1600 didn't fare vantes at the wheel they broke a tor-out of the car? David Morquecho too much better. First and second sion adjuster finger and that was it was slowed with a couple of flat tires had nothing to report except their for their day. Martin Lizarraga, and then lost the tranny. Juan May-times. Jose Montoya was gold with Gilberto Mora, Jose Gutierrez and oral blew a valve seat at the end of a time of 6:33:23, the silver went Juan C. Covarrubias all came up the second lap. DnfHector Ortega to Jose and Alberto Garcia with with broken and blown engines. made no report nor did Martin Castaneda both were dnfs. The Duran. Pedro reported not really other 9 entry, Daniel Reyes, blew caring for the soft terrain, but the his transmission at Mile 6 of the team drove through some dust and first lap. traffic, changed one flat and their Class 7S had four starters and winning time was 7:40:07. Carlos one finisher. That group was made Diaz had transmission trouble and up of Pedro de la Vega, Eliseo and lost a drive shaft. Alberto Iriarte Enrique Avalos and Armando Continued on page 52 Dusty Times ertifiec/ Ei tested OL0stranger ~-----7_CJ ___ Lighter than other cast wheels n the market • Counter Pressure Casted Aluminum 1 • Satin Smooth Machine Finish· a oc -Beadlack Lug Patte n ~D5mm - -714.578.B25B 1831 N. P/acel'ftia Ave Anaheim. "f;'A. 9J!8E15 . _. April 2006 ~ .• Bead/CJ1:ks:·:··. □blue □black □red . □polished• Page 51

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.... Ramon Guerrero had a good race, he drove his Ford to a nice Luivan Volker drove most of the race, Heriberto Chavez drove the Mario Gastelum was happy with his third place finish in Class 1600, he's seen here hustling toward the checkered flag. second place in the Class 18 conflict, he's seen here at speed. last portion of the race, they finished second in Safari Class. The win in Class 5-1600 went to Jose Montoya, he ran the course in his good looking bug at an almost 39mph average. and Enrique Loam ran out of time but had nothing to say about it. Eduardo Rodriguez reported a blown engine during his second lap. Class 11 and the rest of the Sportsman class had to do only two laps and their times reflect that. Mario Flores had been leading all day long when they lost second, third and fourth gear. They had enough of a lead to limp home in first gear and managed the class win with a time of 5: 16:57. Fernando stuck in the sand twice, but when the other front-runners ran into trouble, he was able to pass them and took the silver in this, his third race, ever. Juan Zamarripa ran out of gas, somewhere on the course, and his chase crew couldn't find him. Somehow, the god of fuel, ap-peared and. Juan took the bronze with a time of 6:58:06. The other finisher in class was Rene Valle who had nothing to report except his time of 7:07:46. Alberto Lizarraga, a rookie, learned a hard lesson about lost engine belts and gave the The Class 9 win went at the San Luis race went to the Jaquez/Arce/Beltran/Rojas quartet, they took the win with 18 minutes in hand. engine to those shifting whispering sands. Jose Rodriguez, Alejandro Rivas and Daniel Salas all blew en-gines. Gustavo Villasenor added insult to injury when he also blew his engine, but this was after his re-covery from a roll-over. Class 11 just seems to grow with each race and I'm fairly certain all these guys will be back. Now to the Sportsman classes, Class 14 was headed by Jose Quintero who was one of those who had nothing to report except his time and that winning time for the two laps was 3:42:49. Second spot went to Arturo Rodriguez who, on his first try as a desert racer, got lost for about ten minutes but still managed the silver with his time of 3"47"56. Subtract that ten min-utes from .his time and ·he would have gone gold. Alberto Beltran ran a 3:48:51 for third place and nothing but this time to report. Hector Perez, another rookie in the 14 ranks, just didn't manage to go quite fast enough to trophy but his 4:06: 13 might give some of the vet-erans reason to look over their shoulders. Julio Valenzuela was the only other finisher, his time was 5:22:23. Jose Luis Sanchez had been right up at the front for part of the day, but was slowed by car-buretor problems then a broken header caused further engine prob-lems so he checked himself out and is getting ready for the next race. Richard Cons Jr., Ivan Pacheco and Pete Morquecho blew their engines. Esteban Perez blew a tranny, and Mike Auguilar spent some time lost in the sand and then blew an en-gine too. The 15 class had 12 starters and eight of them made it to the check-ered flag. Gold went to Manuel Delgado with his time of 4:21:30. This is a new car for him and he has moved up from the Safari class where he was last year's runner-up in points. Sergio Silva got lost dur-ing the second lap and also ran out of gas losing quite a bit of time. But when he later found that some of the top runners were later dq'ed, he also found himself in second place. This was one o·f those races where the tech guys picked a class and impounded re-inspected after the race. Some 15 cars were found to have grown larger engines over-night. The inspection team also de-cided third place and Ruben de la Fuentes' time of 5:07:03 was good for the bronze. Omar Dipp spent -1""'I ENGINE CONTROL & DATA SYSTEMS POWERING THE OVERALL WINNERS OF THE BAJA 1000 THE e1;101ee 0E eHMAE'l0NS ENGINE CONTROL Standalone EngneManagementfor 4-12 cyl engnes SeqJen6al Injection and Distributor-less ignition Internal Loggil,gwith closecJ.loop lambda mapping Custom harnesses made foryoorapplication Complete systems from $5000 DATA SYSTEMS Data Loggers with up to 128MB of memory Powerful soflwate to collect and analyze data Steering wheel and dashboard cfsplays Suppo,tavailable for SCORE a1d BITD Made in the USA. Page 52 EA Technology Inc. 4025SpencerSt #102 Torrance, CA 90503 Tel (310) 793-2505 Fax (310) 793-2514 April 2006 Jose Quintero was hard pressed most of the race, he took the Class 14 win with just five minutes in hand at the end. The winner in Class 15 was Alberto Varela, he beat his competition by more than 20 minutes, he's seen here at speed. Dusty Times

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The Avalos/Montoya trio didn't do too bad in Class 5· 1600, they took Jesus De La Torre had a pretty good day, he ran trouble free and Juan Zamarripa ran out of gas (tsk, tsk) and that slowed him a bit, a decent third place in their good looking bug. ended up taking the bronze medal in Class 9. but he did end up finishing third in Class 11. ===============, Alberto Beltran reported that he had a trouble free race, he took Sergio Salgado lost an hour on the start line with major breakage but Alonso Angulo reported a trouble free run in the Safari Class, he home the bronze medal in Sportsman Class 14. he got fixed and went on for a third place finish in Class 18. finished third in the eight car class. over an hour after getting a flat and 2, Ramon Guerrero, a rookie in Chavez, the car owner took the problems it caused for various driv- were and they know how grateful I then getting stuck in the San Luis Class 18, got his new, for him. Ford wheel for the last 30 miles and their ers, but also because this writer am for their assistance. All in all sand. That was until some Class 11 Explorer figured out and came time was 4:48:365. Driver of photographer spent five or six this was a great race and I highly guys helped him get out and on the away with a 5: 17: 13 for the second Record was Chavez. The third spot hours stuck in the dunes on my recommend you give it a try. You road again. When all was said and spot. Sergio Salgado broke his drive went to Alonso Angulo with a Friday pre-run. I would probably might want to mount a set of sand one, Oipp's time of 5:43: 16 moved shaft on the starting line, spent an 5:28:46. Jose Carlos Castillo broke still be there if not for the help tires and make sure your gear ra-him up the scale. Back to the tech hour or so repairing that and still some shocks and got stuck twice. from the # 1404 and # 505 Race tio is set high enough for the speed committee, they found that two of managed the bronze with a time of Jorge Zoaso blew an engine, last teams. And then the driver of the part, but you will have a good the top three cars had grown some 6:28:03. Nothing to talk about year's Safari champion lost a trans-#599 car who was pre-running in time. COD E's next outing will be cylinder size between first and sec- from the other five entries. mission and was dnf. Sady Suarez his bright red truck. And finally the Mexicali to San Felipe 500 set ond check and were disqualified. I Finally to the Safari class report. had nothing to say and Miguel to the iocal guys who were just out for April. Call for intormation. won't name names but they and Manuel Delgado and son Josue re- Dario lost some c.v.'s on the first there sharing some cervesa and CODE would like to thank all othersknowwhotheywere. portedaflattireastheironlyprob-lap, had no spares and no chase pulled/pushed me out the third those supporters and sponsors, Enough said. lem as father qrive the first lap and team. He did make it home how-time. Without this help I would drivers and crews and, of course, Class 18 was also won by one of son the second on their way to the ever. have had to set up my tent and the fans. See you somewhere on the local guys. Gabie! Lara ran a gold with a 4:39:31. Luivan Volker I have mentioned the sand here maybe become a resident for a the Baja over the next year. Via clean race and topped the podium ran a clean race in sort of the cruise in San Luis. Mainly because of the year. These guys all know who they con Dios. ~ with his time of 4:01: 19. After get-mode after deciding they couldn't ting upright, from roll-over at Mile catch the leaders. Heriberto Gabriel Lara had a good race, he drove his good looking Ford to the Class 18 win, he had more than an hour in hand at the finish. The Safari Class win went to Manuel Delgado, his competition was nine minutes behind him when the checkers flew. Dusty Times HAC/Nli 7/NCOHPOHATEO GCastrot Ca,.,,_,IUC/Nli ~KCOHPOHATED 169 Gasoline Alley Suite 5 • Mooresville, NC 28117 704.799.095S • 704.799.1191 fax April 2006 • Center Support -Stabilizes the input and counter shafts keeping them from flexing and moving out of alignment, allowing gears to mesh at optimal levels. • Splined Connection -The splined lever allows the shift cam to connect directly to the shift lever allowing for smoother and continuous shifting. The direct connection insures optimum efficiency thereby reducing stripping and breakage. The entire transmission spins easier and requires less horsepower. • Flexible -The innovative design allows for installation of the car's shifter on either the left or right side of the transmission. •Safer-The option to locate the shifter on either the left or right side of the transmission allows for installation of the driver's seat further from the left door. Increasing the distance between the driver and point of impact reduces the risk of injury in a driver's side collision. • Lighter -The streamlined construction reduces the weight of the unit by 7 pounds {as compared to similar models]. • Cleaner - 0-rings located on the shift cover, midplate, bellhousing, and front bearing retainer eliminate the need for sealer. 0-rings are not only better protection against potential leaks they allow for quicker and easier adjustments and cleanup. • Longer Wear -The design of the gear teeth and the stability of the center shaft support both reduce the wear on gears thereby extending the life of the transmission. Thomas&Betts -/ Visteon Ca.,_, HAC/Nli ~NCOHPOHATED 6950 Guion Road• Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 317.293.4100 • Page 53

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BFGaadricff Report ----------r=--------------BFGoodrich@ Tires Starts OH the New Year Right BFGoodrich© Tires already has something to cheer about as the brand kicked off the 2006 racing season on a winning note. BFGoodrich's persistent domi-nance in two of the world's fore-most racing series, SCORE Inter-national Off-Road Racing and Best in the Desert; bolster the brand's claim of being "The World's Tough-est Off Road Tire." SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge Over 40,000 fans witnessed BF-Goodrich Tires gallantly kick off the 2006 racing season as drivers dominated 11 out 18 classes at the 12'th Annual SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge on Jan. 122- 15 in Laughlin, Nevada. Baldwin, driv-ing a Chevy Silverado trophy truck mounted on Baja T/ AKR tires, achieved his first SCORE win when he finished the race in 1:45:44, tak-ing home the title in the Overall class. Baldwin was in good company on the winner's podium, with fel-low BFGoodrich drivers Gary Weyrich (Class 1), Donald Moss (Class 3), Rob MacCachren (Class VZ-1600), Michelle Bruckmann (Class 5), Tyler Fox (Class 7S), Nos Sierra (Stock Mini), Greg Fouts (Stock Full), Matt Torian (Sports-man Truck), Eric Solorzano (Class 11), M. Over 40,000 fans witnessed BFGoodrich Tiles gallantly kick off the 2006 racing season as drivers dominated 11 out 18 classes at the 12th Annual SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge on Jan. 12-15 in Laughlin, Nevada. Baldwin, driving a Chevy Silverado trophy truck mounted on Baja T/ A' tires, achieved his first SCORE win when he finished the race in 1:45:44, tak-ing home the title in the Overall class. Baldwin was in good company on the winner's podium, with fel-low BFGoodrich drivers Gary A ircraft Spnatc is a worldwide distributor of quality products for the c-ac-ing industry. Our product line of over 30,000 items is one of the most ex.tensive from ooe single source. Our service has made us the llllmbcr one supplier in aviation and .is why <wcr 350 race teams ha,•c tumed to us as a trusted source tor racing components! . !-' ; ' ,.,,,,, lflild.llUutl..,,,,, UIIMrFlltn f BEST SELECTION! LOWEST PRICES/ SAME DAY SHIPMENT! Visit Our Corona, CA store! AIRCRAfl SPRUCE Wffl WAi,p<,rt Cm:k COl'tftla, CA 9188f>.1521 ph. 95l-~12-9555 /ta 951-J'IJ.05$5 Ordltrt>flf8!fi, MmldaCmloft lnfo@alrcratlspruce,.com 1-877-4-SPRUCE ... .. . .. ' Page 54 Weyrich (Class l), Donald Moss (Class 3), Rob MacCachren (Class 1/2-1600), Michelle Bruckmann (Class 5), Tyler Fox (Class 7S), Nos Sierra (Stock Mini), Greg Fouts (Stock Full), Matt Torian (Sports-man Truck), Eric Solorzano (Class 11), M. Weger (Sportsman Buggy) also securing titles in their respec-tive classes. "BFGoodrich is proud to be as-sociated with the nation's most tal-ented drivers in off-road racing," said Todd Steen, Motorsports Mar-keting Manager for BFGoodrich. "We are thrilled that rising stars such as B.J. Baldwin choose our products to get them across the fin-ish line." BFGoodrich is the offi-cial tire of SCORE International, the sanctioning body for six major desert/off-road races in North America, including the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 During the 2005 season, BFGoodrich Tires captured all five overall wins in the series, as well as 13 out of 17 class champi-onships. The most momentous win however, was secured last Novem-ber when BFGoodrich claimed its 20th consecutive overall four-wheel victory in the season-ending legend-ary Tecate SCORE Baja 10()(). Among titles claimed last season, BFGoodrich was also named Pit Support Team o( the Year and Contingency Sponsor of the Year for 2005. Best in the Desert(BitD) Similar to the SCORE series, Best in the Desert strives to provide top notch off-road racing events. Best in the Desert along with its competitors and sponsors now en-joy recognition and exposure with the longest point-to-point race in the United States, the TSCO Vegas to Reno event. BFGoodrich left the competition in the dust by captur-ing 14 out of 18 class wins at the 2006 season kick-off event, the Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 425, which took place Feb. 24 in Parker, Arizona. BFGoodrich® Tires combines technological expertise with vast April 2006 motorsports experience, delivering a high-performance tire for every type of vehicle from ultrahigh per-formance tuner vehicles, sports cars and SUVs to the hottest sport trucks, pickups and rock -crawling rigs in the world. For more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires has used motorsports as a proving ground. Success on the street begins with winning on the track and BFGood-rich Tires is involved in every type of racing, including oval, sports car, drag, desert, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock crawling. With 20 consecutive Baja 1000 wins, the most wins in rock crawl-ing history, and an unmatched record on pavement, BFGoodrich Tires has proven the only records it breaks are its own. Visit BFGood-rich Tires online at BFGoodrich@ Tires' Official World Rally Championship Debut GREENVILLE, S.C. -For 2006, BFGoodrich® Tires is set to enter another form of off-road racing to further demonstrate the brand's dominance on one of the toughest testing grounds known to man-the World Rally Champi-onship (WRC). In this overseas venture, BFGoodrich will partner with some of the series' most excit-ing race teams, including Kronos Racing, BP Ford,. OMV Peugeot Norway, Stobart VK M-Sport Ford and Red Bull Skoda. These teams consist of many of the world's most talented drivers such as the reigning, two-time World Champion, Sebastoem Loeb (Kronos Racing), BFGoodrich is working hard to make a successful transition into the WRC, building on experiences gained from a long history of off road racing victories, including four straight Dakar win-, and 20 consecutive Baja 1000 titles. BFGoodrich looks to ben-efit from each of its new partners' expertise in the World Rally Championship, while continuing to innovate its products. "When Airbus comes out with a new plane, there is always a sense of taking a step into the unknown, despite its years of experience, de-spite the skill of its engineers and technicians and despite the exist-ence of validated components, etc.," says BFGoodrich's Rallies Program Manager, Aime Cha ta rd. "It's a similar situation for BF-Goodrich. For example, we will have an evolution of our soft com-pound tire [g-Force Profiler O+] which our partner drivers vali-dated during winter testing. It's a BFGoodrich tire in its own right." Several competitors racing on BF-Goodrich Tires in its debut year made team changes for the 2006 season. This adds an additional el-ement of transition that drivers will have to account for in addition to the new championship format fea-turing two categories (Manufactur-ers 1 and Manufacturers 2) and more basic technical regulations, including the outlawing of active differentials for seeded drivers. BFGoodricb WRC Team Drivers French superstar Sebastoem Loeb (WRC titles in 2004 and 2005) will race a Citroen again in the 2006 season, but will now be competing on the Kronos Total Citroen team alongside rising Spanish star Xavier Pons. Austrian driver, Manfred Stohl also moved from the Citroen team for 2006, and will now be racing a Peugeot on the OMV team, partnering with Henning Solberg (Norway) who made the switch over from Ford. Other drivers racing on BF-Goodrich tires include: Marcus Gronholm (WRC titles in 2000 and 2002) who transitioned to Ford to team up with fellow Finn-ish driver Mikko Hirvonen after six years of racing with Peugeot; Aus-trian driver Andreas Aigner, lead-ing the Red Bull Skoda team com-prised of French asphalt expert Gilles Panizzi and Swedish racer Mattias Ekstrom, who both signed on for Monte Carlo and Sweden Rallies; British racer Matthew Wil-son will lead the Stobart VK M-Sport Ford team where he is teamed up with multiple-time Belgian Rally Champion Pieter Tsjoen. With the constant development of new race products and the large number of official and private teams joining forces with BFGood-rich Tires, 2006 promises to be an exciting year to experience World Rally Championships and BF-Goodrich race teams. BFGood-rich® Tires combines technologi-cal expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high-per-formance tire for every type of ve-hicle from ultra-high performance tuner vehicles, sports cars and S Ws to the hottest sport trucks, pickups and rock-crawling rigs in the world. For more than 30 years, BFGoodrich Tires has used motorsports as a proving ground. Success on the street begins with winning on the track and BFGood-rich Tires is involved in every type of racing, including oval, sports car, drag, desert, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock crawling. With 20 consecutive Baja 1000 wins, the most wins in rock crawl-ing history, and an unmatched record on pavement, BFGoodrich Tires has proven the only records Dusty Times

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it breaks are its own. Visit BF-Goodrich Tires online at ----By Lisa Kennedy FAIR members have had a chance to take a breather since the two busy, back-to-back weekends of racing ending January and bring-ing in February, giving them a chance to gear up for the coming races. FAIR members will be racing on March 11th at the SCORE San Felipe 250, then on March 19th at the MORE Balls Out 250, and on April 1st at the MDR Mojave 250. This break in racing news gives us an opportunity to spotlight some of the FAIR members, giving every-one a chance to get to know more about these racers and associates. CURT GEER: (2006 FAIR Race Director & 1/2-1600 Racer) Curt debuted in racing in 1997, when he co-drove in the 5-1600 class. In 1999, he began driving in 5-1600 becoming officially known as a racer. He continued to drive in 5-1600, learning all about the world of off road racing from other Geer Racing members: Bryan Geer, his father; "Papa" Dick Geer, his grandfather; and°Uncie Steve. 2001 proved to be bittersweet, as Curt obtained a second place fin-ish in Laughlin, but also crashed and totaled the car the same year. Geer Racing then decided to ven-tll re to the 1/2-1600 class, and Curt raced for the first time in this class at Parker, AZ in the Pro 1600 race. He was only able to finish one H-PE MA lap of that race before the car would go no further, but this be-gan quite an exciting few years of racing for Curt in this class. Curt had a big year in 2005 with three first place finishes, and five trips to the podium in all. He fin-ished the year as the Points Cham-pion in the 1/2-1600 class for the MORE series, and as the Overall Points Champion in that series as well. Geer Racing is sponsored by Boden Development, Lakeshore Homes, Craig Fire Protection, J&M Construction, and Mickey Thomp-son Tires. Also instrumental in Geer Racing is Curt's mom, Dor-othy, his brother, Cory, and his sis-ter, Hayley. They are on their way to another exciting year in 2006, finishing the MORE Damzl 250 once again at the top of the po-dium.' KEN & SHELBY TOLBERT: (5-1699 KST Racers) Ken was initiated into the world of off road racing when he was ap-proximately ten years old. His fa. ther, Gene "Red Owl" Tolbert, de-cided to get the family into a sport to enjoy together and he purchased a Baja Bug that they all rebuilt to-gether, along with some dirt bikes. They spent many weekends and va-cations with family and friends at the Salton Sea camping, riding, and having a great time. Along with his brother and sisters, Ken learned the importance of proper vehicle main-tenance through many hours in the garage working with his dad. Their adventures also taught them to re-spect the desert, and how to drive in the desert and read the terrain. Growing up he did not understand the significance in this all, but as he became older he discovered the im-portance of these lessons and the time spent with his family. Ken had the opportunity to meet Rich Fersch, a Class 5-1600 champion, and Rich introduced him to the world of racing, and his dream began. Ken started pitting and working on race cars, and be-ing taught by the "Master of 5-CERAMIC & POWDE QQAJI Since 1999, Ram Proline has provided ceramic and powtler coating for all vour needs with an oven 25 ft in depth. • WE CAN COAT CHASSIS, DUNE BUGGY FRAMES, TRAILERS, GATES, IRON FENCING, AND MORE IN A VARIETY OF COLORS. • RAM PROLINE ALSO OFFERS SAND BLASTING. • WE CAN COAT ALL INTERNAL ENGINE PARTS, EXHAUST SYSTEMS, BRAKE CALIPERS, INTAKE MANIFOLDS, AND MANY OTHER APPLICATIONS. RAM PROLINE DOES IT ALL Dusty Times 1600s". He did everything he could to be around the sport of racing, as it had all the things he has learned to love and respect. In May of 2004, the transfor-mation began and Ken embarked on a new racing adventure. He pur-chased a 5-1600 from another 5-1600 champion, Mario Gutierrez, in San Diego, CA. With the help and support of his wife, Shelby, and children, John and Brittany, they were able to bring the car home and make it their own. Thus, the cycle commenced once more. Ken is now sharing with his family what his fa. ther gave to him. Seven months after they brought home their first 5-1600, the Tolberts set off to their first race, the MORE Holiday, Toys for Tots, 2004. The excitement of this race got the better of Ken, and he drove only 16 miles into the first race on a flat that he didn't realize he had. They didn't seem to mind much though because they started, and they raced, and that was all that was important to them ... They were out there! They were brought back safely into their camp by FAIR mem-bers, who knew where they were at all times, and they found their place for racing with MORE. "Jim runs a great series that is lots of fun and is a good, family atmosphere", ac-cording to Ken. 2005 was their first official year of racing, and they were able to complete every race of the MORE series, except for the Holiday 200 in December. A great racing season concluded with KST 578 finishing third in points in Class 5-1600. Today the car is known as the "KST Racing Bling Mobile", aka 578. (KST for Ken and Shelby Tol-bert.) They have now started their second racing series with MORE, and speed in for a first place finish in the Damzl 250 in January. This was the first victory for them in their racing career. They have made many great friends along the way in April 2006 all aspects of racing, and truly feel they are living their dream. For more information about the FAIR pitting club and its mem-bers, you can visit the website MORE IIAPPaac5s •• SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF RoAD RACING AssN. 4305 WOOTIARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (AU Races at Eastbaz Racewa1, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 November 4-5, 2006 Gila Bend Gila Bend, AZ December 2, 2006 Mexico Whiplash Desert *Bikes/ A 1V' sand **Mini&PW ** * April 22, 2006 Mexico ** *May 27-28, 2006 Page, AZ ** July 22, 2006 Flagstaff, AZ * July 23, 2006 Flagstaff, AZ ** September 2, 2006 Snowflake, Heber, AZ *SeptemberJ,2006 Snowflake, Heber, AZ ** October 7, 2006 TBA *October 8, 2006 TBA ***November 4-5, 2006 Gila Bend GilaBend,AZ ** * December 2, 2006 MexicoWISOONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 W1scoNSIN OFF RoAD FESnv AL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 OSHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSlilP XTREME lNn:RNATIONAL 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 ZR. PROMOTIONS RENE MONTANO P.O. Box 2122 Calexico, CA 92231 April 2, 2006 ZR Poker Run Family Ride May7,2006 Laguna Salada Gran Prix Motorcycles and Quads July 1, 2006 ZR Night Race Motorcycles & Quads September 9, 2006 ZR Team Race Motorcycles & Quads September 10, 2006 ZR Poker Run Family Ride November 26, 2006 ZR Gran Prix Campeones Motorcycles & Quads List '.YOUr coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the onl'.Y way some fans know about your event, if the'.Y don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2006 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail '.YOUr race or rally schedule to: DUllliYlii BIi 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 Page 55 -

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY 19076 Hawthorne Blvd. l'orra·nce, CA 90503 • Custom fabrication • Prerunners • Suspensions • Custom exhaust (310) 542-2977 BRANDWOOD CARS for mJd-engines and other applications 602-437-31D7 Custom V~hicle ShifJer Offroad to Street, Prerunner to Race -Cha.sis Design -Race Prep -All General Fabrication '11~1 17489 lilac SUE Hesperia CA 92345 r---=~m,..-----------iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;. +--_---::._-_-_-_-_----=-=~----_-_-_-_-_-_---::._-_~---_-_-_-_-_---::._-_-_:._-_-_-_-~~-_______________ _,_j. -ROAD FUEL CELLS. SCORE • CORR • SODA • MAORA , PRERUNNERS • RALLY• ETC ; , ' ,. '/Custom { / Sizes Toll Free: 800-526-5330 Fax: 201-825-1962 .A.-.eL. e-Mall: www.atlfue/ jl.UTOFJ\6 :._ - -Off Road Trucks 1 • Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist• 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 •J. •• (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 _ The Ultimate. in Off Road Fa -. •·~ 'I ~¥ ~.. _.,, •'fli >',' ',<;, +!'."7,l:.t':2-79.0945 . i 264 N:0cipress ~~Orange.,·,.__.. · WWW."iicr-ellii· ililL-800.564.1510 702.257.2300 ~'.::;-.~< !iii_~¥,~ IIIIRI■ ■ CYLINDER HEADS • CUSTOM PORTING FOR ANY APPLICATION ■ •• 11 SUPERFLOW 1020 FLOW BENCH • • PERFORMANCE • MARINE • OFF ROAD • MOTORCYCLE ■ 145 GIBSON RD, SUITE B •HENDERSON• NEVADA■ 89014 "Innovative Billet Products · for the Off-Road Enthusiast" FREI;: Catalog I I / no~ Prod~$ 9525 Pathway St.-Santee, Ca. 92071 I "MFR. OF JIERFORMANCE ,ARTS FOR INDUrTRY LEAOING RACE CAR BUILOERS -Spindles, Floating Huhs - S spd. Shiftc,·s (tits Mcndcola trans & olhcrs) · 'lorthstar Ajrbox Adapters S, more?? url: e-mail: (619)562-3071 Lonely Advertising Space Looking For Long Term Relationship Call 818-882-0004 Call Dusty Times For Details CACTUS RACING Racea_ir Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoei, Simpson Blower systems & cool boxes 619-482-6700 708 Rocking Horse Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91~1~ CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#. (9!11)•845•8820 products in stock Race Proven Fabrication1 ~tee Fiber~ Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Bypass· valves+tubes · Sway-bar Arms Short Course trucks Paris-Dakar trucks C ~ c;IUALITY 151!:AOLCCIC WHl!:1!:LS IAMPlal ■EAaUCK SINO!!: 1915!1 ~ l 5"··1 6"··1711 ALL ALUMINUM BEADLOCK WHEELS AND CONVERSIONS CHAMPION WHEEL CC. INC. 1 B537 COLLIER (951) 471·21B3 LAKE ELSINORE CA, 92531 WWW.CHAMPIONWHEEL.COM CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii•f <ACING PRODVCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 , Fax (619) 449-7103 OCNC:J' Ma""'°""~~°' . = B,ake and tl"1<h Pedal ""' Master Cylinders . Slave Cylinders Cuttihg and StaQing Brakes· Hydraulic Throttlbs T~rottle Pedals CNC, Inc. and all of our accessories. 1221 West Morena~vd. San Diego, CA.921"10 (6 J 9) 275-1663 Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS'• f'RONT HUBS• AXLES _BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFf HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hangirig Tr~e, Lane - • . (805) 239-2663 Templeton. CA 93465 Continental Lan & Investment Corp. 3" 7 , onh ll" Y ~,. Lake H,l\asu C,ry, AZ ~6-10-1 /a-..-----CELL: (928) 486-9145 OFFICE: (928) 764-5263 lanrel_ft ha, asus I LANCE CRAMER Associate Broker•

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OFFICIAL RACE FUELS FUEL OF NASCAR 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567.9000 www. cppistons.corn 1902 McGaw, Irvine. CA 92614 A Member or Pant<! Racing Systems CRITICAL ~~ER: A'. t . I o N:,S,: . ·' ,, .. ----~---~ 3043 Oat Street Santa Ana, CA 92707 "'" (714) 957-1215 Fu (714) 957-1567 ' □ · ULTRASONIC CLEANING Oil Coolers, Heat Eicchangers, Oil Tanks, Radiators, Lines, Fittings □ CRACK INSPECTION All Components ... Suspensk)n, Engine, Gear Box, etc. □ NONbESTRUCTIVE TESTING Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic, i!:ddy Current, X-Ray □ CNC MACHINE SHOP USAC STATION •s · .W. FAA STATION rMl7R2IIJ '9' BEST SERVICE IN THE WEST <iODl~!.~~TV = KYMCO ATVS SCOOTERS IIOTORCYCLES NDTD•■-••· NEW USED CUSTOM Coty, Seely, Mike, Chril 91st I Grand Awnue 11IIOI N 91st Av Peolla, AZ 15345 Pit 123-334-3341 FAX 12S-334-3730 Toll frN: 181-745-0434 WWW.DESEllffOVZATV.COII ---------REPAIR SERVICE FABRICA110N SUSPENSION PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREP & FUEL CUSTOM RIINO FABRICATION DHEllffOVZATYOlfOTIIAIL.CO■ - t121: g~g.sqe.es33 r.x: gqg_sqe.es3q 1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or 619-449-3633 619--449-3665 fax / Doug Fortin exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~-L . Call or write for call (B'l0) 433·6524 ~ · our FREE Catalog for Your Protection' Alrcratt Rubber Manulacturinq, Inc. Sfax r---------------------+--------------'-'-------+~250~S'.!:::E..!.T!!!.im~ber~Ave~ .. ~Red~mond, OR 9TT02 .B00-433-6524 541-923-601 _ •• SfOCK • FULL RACE • TRANSA'R CASES CC millJlu.lIDllll ® 9 § Jffi.fill.ce:fi.nn.~ TIPIID.IIll§IllJDJl§§:fl. CID JID.§ 18273 Grand Ave. #6 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 (909) 678-1669 STEVE MatthewScl-.molce 1280 N. JQtlNSON AVE., SUITE 101 • EL CAJON, CA 92020 TECsrn.449.5611 • FAX: 619.449.5713 MATTHEW@CUST0MDECALCOM Specializing in. .. Ban Boa .. Swine axles Hewt-d Fortin Jlleadeola JIID4S Jllapwn44 lltrebler Automatle Get The Wor~ Out About Your Business, Big Or Small. Put Your Business Card Ad In The Good. Stuff Directory. m (g@A Ive & Decorative C fusion Designs Racing inc. Racecars Pre-runners Dualsport Fabrication & Race Preparation 8843 Wintergardens Blvd. • Lakeside, CA 92040 Office: 619.390.9055 RACIN HEADS 7466·1 SO. SAHTA ff AV!.• VIS TOLL FREE (888) 3 .-"-P~H~/F~AX~f~76_0~)-72_7_-1_a2_ ..... ~._. 1835 John Towers Ave. #A El Cajof GA 92020 ·Uta PBIIFORMIICE \ 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 (619) 448-3932 Fax (619) 448-3662 We use & recommend RA<.INli ENlilNF.'i, TRANS~IISSIONS AND OFFROAD PARTS Sc11dor-c:all fore1ur ncw·catalog SS.00 _-_ -' 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 RAY BAYLY (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 CELL (562) 833-2804 FAX (562) 432-7969 • .___EN ... G-IN_E_P_A_R_Ts_A_N_D_M_A_C_H_IN_N_IN_G_, FLARED TUBES $99,00 A sn HONDA $SUZUKI SED..• I I ~ I I I I BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (800) 800-6134 FAX (818) 766-9397 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 Custom Power Steering , Over 20 Years of Off Road Components & Accessorf Racing Experience ----~- -#.~a,ow,ilrEIRING .r We Specialize in High 12476 Julian Ave. j Performance Power Steering fo, Lakeside, CA 92040 Stock Car Racing. Off Road Roc,ng. www.howeperformance com 4x4 Rock Crawling and Sand Car5 619-561-7764 • Fax 619-561-4834 • howeperformance@sbcglobal net -

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• · HLJS T LE~ ccncePTS g., gAJA SHOP (since 1967) 1:::u:::ic:e c:1::::11=~= i::::iAe AunneAs J:::ILLJmr-ium WCJAH I si::::iec:ALIT'-r' VEHC:LEs .1-1-· .-.._ Jesse Rodriguez I PH: 714-997-0701 Fax:714-997-0758 I _7~◄ N Lemon SI, Orange.CA. 92867 -------JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' ~ a,a •~~•~■II•~ L~~~ IL~•~• I I Quality Racing Transaxles Mendeola Dealer Off Road - Sand Specialist JOE GIFFIN 3061 E. La Jolla St. #l Anahei m. California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Fax (714) 632-1223 Email: Mike Julson -9426 Wheatlands Court Santee, CA 92071 619-596-3360 619-596-3364fax HONDA ... Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3S32 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 .ART KAWAGUCHI 1 Fax 323-264-2136 323-264-5868 BLAcK\1.,l,WIDDW ~----------Derek Kreuer PH: 114.289.9048 Fil: 114.631.1854 1214 N. Parker Unti #3 Orange, CA 92867 DUSliYli1mus p~ RACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Race Seats • Restraints • Storage Bags Window Nets • Limit Straps• Tie Downs 11433 Woodside Avenue• Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 619/449-9454 YOUR OFF-ROAD Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ . PHONE:(714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 J_ln~ewez George Jimenez Se Habla Espanol RACING ENGIN~ COMPLETE ENGINES • PARTS & DYNO SERVICE 535 E. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel: (714) 535.5116 Fax: (714) 535-5816 JON KINNE AUTO ELECTRIC 809-F N. Lakeview Ave., Placentia, CA 92870 Tel. 714- 779-2316 • Fax 714- 779-5012 T ROY J OHNSON ,(951) 779-9395 :2061 Third Street, Unit A Riverside, CA 92507 Specializing in custom offroad race trucks , • P1 erunner~ • Sand car5 • Rally cars • Custom Fabncation • Advanced Susrsnsion Te;chno1ogy • Research &. Ctevelopnient KAL OFFROAD RACING Metal Fabrication ~~~..-;>-"'--Custom Suspensions KurtLarmee (805) 466-4101 ~ 8408 K El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422 For Very Few Dollars A Month Your Ad Here Can Increase Your Sales By A Bunch Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE Engineering LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETO!t&TREET· SUN VALLEY, CA-91352 FAX(818)798-2687 (818) 788-0371 A full line of~ St-it,,g gears. pumps and ac:ceeeories for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities available. •custom Chassis •Race Prep •Aluminum Worti -Welding •Magnaflux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA91910 . (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 Todd Dwyer 1900 Compton Ave. Suite 101, Corona, CA 92881 Phone (951)817-0101 Ext.156 619-562-5533 Off Road Fabrication and Design • Sand Cars • Trucks • Race Cars • Prerunners • Rally Cars • Custom Function/Strength/Safety/Pride Mode by Hand in the USA 8966 Benson Ave., Suite D Montclair, CA 91763 JOHN MOSELEY 909-949-8161 Owner/Fabricator Fax 909-949-8162

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■TON FABRICAJJOMeom DIA~ 4HWW IIOIIIU, IIAO /11/B', R£,AIII$ 661-974-7961 Mso· Mr.:J f1L Jr.1:f■ •1,~,, t••1.•,!. YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE . . - . -· R!BUTORS • VVIRES AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1 490 HENRY BRENNAN DA., EL PASO, TX 79936 19151 857-5?nn • TFr.H LINE rn151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3" 0.0. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES 4B0-725-2B76 NORB offroad superstore HEIM JOINTS-WELD IN BUNGS-TABS BUSHINGS -JOHNNY JOINTS HIGH MISALIGNMENT SPACERS ',, IN STOCK· READY TO SHIP WORLDWIDE,.~~ 1-888-755-5900 ~ ;~~~~~~!!~£) & AUTOMOTIVE applications iFiF @~cdl POLISHED & COLORED FINISHES SCALLOPED OR CONVENTIONAL Reinforcing Rings Also Available Phone - {951) 354-8272 WWW .QMf PERfQRMANCE. com Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 MPER (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 HAROLD NICKS ~ ,~~@Vc~@citl SAFElY EQUIPMENT MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, ·suoEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/OR 11'1.'TERCOM STIL.1-ONLY S 12'i. --2888 GUNDRY AVE. mM SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 t 562-427-8177 I 800-869-5636 w ■ .A a For A Few Bucks You Can Increase Your Productivity 818-882-0004 DUSliJ~IIBS ABRICATION, INC 1660 Babcock. Building 8 Cosio Meso. CA 92627 TEL 19491650-3035 FAX (9491650-4721 w-.p• penhallfob@aotcom Jeny Penhall .-'C: _ _ _ (, •· . -1 * All Types of Steel U Aluminum Fabrication * Tube Beacliftc • .- 17ralcv s Pt-rforniance Enginee1·ing ' • Aluminum U Steel W.ldinc * Custom Machine Work • All Types of Race Cars · ·4851 W. Hacie;da #4 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley , 702-36S-90S5 :;:;e • 3055 Westhaven St Orange, CA 92865 E-MAIL PlAffECH FABRICATION 3031 E. Coronado St Suite E, Anaheim, CA 92806 Phone: (714) 238-1179 Fax: (714) 238-1183 Phone: 360.887.2000 • Fox: 360.887.7279 Ph 714-283-3537 Fax 714-283-4757 John Gould A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion · Website: Emall: ,el: 619-390-6252 Fax:819-390-&170 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 Joe oavn1an Par:'818 ...... ND

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Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension • Safety• Driveline • Accessories (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) I I I 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: 'RRCING ENGINES. Ir Building SCORE winning engines 619.420.2233 45 Broadwa~ Chula Vista. CR 91910 ,EIFDIMINCE• TIINSIII ES Seuthem Calttemla's lal'lest D strtbutor of Mendeola Tnnsuhls PH: 114.680.6131 • FX: 114.680.3110 .._ Toll Free: 800.304.8126 1631 Placentia Ave. Unit G Anaheim. CA 92806 Will get JOI ii gear swilg axle, ••s, nwla1d, MD4S 3455 S. POlARIS #5 lAI IIGIS, IOAIIA 89102 .II D.D. IIIJlmN (702) 221-4313 (102) 117-9724 R/D VE SPRINGS VALUE TRAIN PRoaucrs • CusroM HEAD WORK 760/94B-469B • FAX 760/94B-4B56 lilnNMl".RDVALVESPRIIVG-conn Barry Beacham 27231 Burbank Ave. Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Office 949-837-4388 Cell 949-466-4781 A Tatum Distributor Specializing in Off-Road Racing & Driving For Over 21 Years Mig Welding • Tig Welding Upgrades & Repairs Baja-Proven Equipment 5294 N. Casa Grande Hwy • Ste 102 Tucson, Az 85743 520-850-3693 flii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. : l«!l METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Ang~les, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3%5 SANDBLAST-GLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MARK SMITH LARRY SMITH LAURA -RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030, . PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV.89048 (775) 372-5335 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821-(714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672~9246 . s 1r"'J,/IF .7-~ .... ,-: ~ ~~,.., ~ •'!,f-;,~ -'?ACE LETTE-'?f/VG JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS• \\IIIOOW LETTEP.11,G • C,\R LETT;RlllG ... GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Hunt1ngto1 Beach CA 92B49 (714) 897-0075 • Fa\ [7 14l 694-9567 = PERFORMA E SPECIALIS1"5 '-=---'-' U/IJVlfff&M SJIIIT P£8FIIIJIIIC£ I 1-800-MY MUFFLER ■ RACEFUELS (209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 Paul Oil Company P.O. Box 24B • 524 N. Sierra Ave. Oakdale. California 95361 Design Fabrl'catlon lnstailatlon (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 121 5 POMONA ROAD • SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 ,,.. caAPUTEKJZEO VINYL Gfljo,PH/CS & LEITEl?.ING 111 I ·I I I ,,._ LO-COST t,LOGS/GNS(/1.lI. P1i!OCESSES) ~ ,,._ TIV\OE SI-OW OISPU..'rS ,,._ OET/1./LEO & LNJQUE OESIGNS ,,._, RACING GfieAPHICS ,,,._ H~~UTY &'\NNEfi!S ,;:_::,,~~~~~LES ,,,._ LOGO fa=P1i!OOUCTONS ,,._, REAL ES1A1E ,,,._LOGO & 6((/\.PH/C DESIGN ,-. DECALS 2180 College Drive • Lake Havasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-~27-8852 or E-Mail: • Hi Performance Converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race &. Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! ASA Racing Products P.O. Box 711088 Santee. Ca 92072 www "llllclaallclrsCIIIIII" Andrew Kelly \\'t st~rn Rte!IOnal D1st11buh,r Office: 1-ll66-70-TORCO Fax: (619) 582-5386 E-Mail: andr'

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Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Read-ers are advised to consult appro-priate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: Class 12 single seat. Fresh 1776 Fat Performance en-gine, CNC disc brakes, Baja T/ A, 930, PCI, Bilstein with bypass, Ultra Wheels, UMP air cleaner. Ready to race. Also have very nice car trailer. $16,000.00 for the race car of $18,000.00 for both. For more info and pies, please call (559) 707-1107 or email nuckles FOR SALE: 2001 Ford-F 150 PreRunner. Camburg 4-linked rear, front Billet A-Arms, RaceRunner shocks, bypass, coilover reservoirs. Currie rear-end. Fuel cell, BFG and beadlocks, push bars. HID lights, Bullysteps, flared fenders, OPS, Si-ren, P.A., tool box, power. $74,000:00 Awesome show truck, ran Baja 500. (562) 756-9231. FOR SALE: Class 8, 35" tires, 44 gal cell, King coilover shocks, 04 Chev body, 4 link Floater rear end with trailer. $18,000.00 (661) 713-5348 . FOR SALE: Class 5 Unlimited with WIKS 2. 7 type 4, Mendeola 4 spd 930 cv's, 33" tires, spare tires, dump cans and new Wally World paint job. Rarely raced! Must see to appreciate. $30,000.00. Contact Guy Petersen at (626) 523-1538 for more details. FOR SALE: Class 7SX, Ford Ranger 2 time MDR Class Champ 4.0, V6 Mogi C4 trans,+ spare, Full floater, King shocks, $15,000.00. (562) 989-5700. FOR SALE: 1991 Ford Bronco PreRunner. 400hp, Coilover front shocks, ½ roll cage, Lee steering, Mogi trans, 4 Mastercraft seats, OPS, Sat phone, Power windows, AC, XM Stereo, locker rear end., Bead locks, 4 disc brakes, Summers rear end, $35,000.00 OBO. (661) 259-4845. FOR SALE: 4 seat A-Arm PreRunner, Nissan 3.5 MD-4S Transmission, Boxed rear arms, King Coilovers, Charlyn/Saco rack, Beard seats, Jazz cell 25 gal., CNC Hubs, 4 wheel disc, Parker Pumper, race radio/intercom, trailer and spare tires. $35,000.00 (760) 353-4457, (760) 455-9207. FOR SALE: 2004 Pre Runner 2 seat-4130 chassis, Jimco 2" spindles, FOX 2.5 C/O + by-pass ea wheel, Chevy 4.3 300 hp, Audi Auto-manual, BTR Wheels 35" BFG Projects, Mastercraft, CNC, Fuel Safe, Hella, Autometer, Howe p/s, Ready to Pre-Run Baja. $38K/ OBO. Greg-(858) 279-2943, FOR SALE: 2003 Ford Expe-dition Eddie Bauer Pleasure-Runner. Just finish a month long 3000 mile trip in Baja with 4 people and luggage. Full roll cage, 6-37 inch BFG's, Fox sec-ondary shocks with remote res-ervoirs, Lowrance OPS, icom race radio, alarm, custom bumpers and 4 Hella's. Many new spares included-trans, transfer case, alternator, starter, radiator, rack & pin-ion, drive shafts, axles, differ-entials and suspension parts. $28,000.00 OBO. Marv Schmidt (702) 807-4777. FOR SALE: Chenowth two seat A Arm car. 3.5 twin plug elec-tronic fuel injected Porsche with Jeff Fields automatic. Fox by-pass front and rear, rears are new. New Goodyear tires, RO wheels. Clean, race ready, excel-lent PreRunner MORE/MDR racer. PCI radio & intercom OPS. Email for pies. $44,500.00. (818) 841-2316 or Email FOR SALE: Scat V4, complete. Fresh, fuel injection, dry sump with hoses, computer, spares, $15,000.00 OBO (209) 728-1381. FOR SALE: 78 Ford PreRunner, 400 Midland with Isky cam, beefed automatic trans, floating rear with Detroit locking 4: 11 gears in a Nodular case, 4 wheel disc brakes, Saginaw power steer-ing by Lee Mfg, Mastercraft seats & a console, roll cage, 3 shocks per wheel, Flame Out system, air & etc. Spare driveshaft, hi-lift jack, 2 spare tires, cooler & stor-age boxes mounted in bed. Spare frame, cab, doors and front fenders included. $,9,500.00 OBO. Marv Schmidt. (702) 807-4777. FOR SALE: Class 8-MDR 2004/ 2005 Class Champ. Ex Scoop Vessels truck. NEW: 351 w C-6, 50 gal Fuel Safe, Front triple by-pass, rear C & D Fabworks 3-link, Currie 9", power steering pump & box, Heims, braided lines, trans & oil coolers. Everything else re-built or reconditioned. Sandy Cone, Wilwood, all good stuff. $55,000.00 incl trailer. I'm build-·ing a new truck. (661) 304-5864. FOR SALE: FORD, New 514 CI Crate motor, 625hp, 3' King Coilover/bypass. 2.5in King Bumps all around, C6 Mogi tranny + spare (both new). Mastercraft seats, Parker Pumper, Lee Steering, CNC brakes, 85 gallon Fuel Safe Cell, PCI radio, OPS 5.0 gears, Crisman 10 ¼ ring, Cone axles and hubs, tube works, Housing by LeDuc. New Dave Ashley ex-tra cab body, suspension by Dave Clark! All the right stuff! Las Vegas, NV. $80,000.00 OBO. Contact Rick or Greg (702) 303-2883, or (702) 498-0267. FOR SALE: Dual purpose PreRunner Buggy. Street legal. Chevy V8 500 hp, Jeff Fields trans, King Coilover/bypass, heat ex-changer, trans cooler, 26 gal Fuel Safe, Fortin power steering, XM satellite radio, Sand/ dirt tires w/ headlocks, great for prerunning or Glamis. Over $110,000.00 in-vested, asking $68,000.00 OBO. (951) 634-5546. FOR SALE: 2 seat Class 1 Jimco, Patton Fuel injected Chevrolet smallblock, 5 speed Fortin se-quential shift with converter, Fox 3.5" shocks, top of the line. $160,000.00. Call Brian (858) 243-2107. FOR SALE: 2000 Ford Fl 50 Extra Cab 4 door Prerunner. 500hp new. Gordon Stoney built 4180E transmission, Chrisman rear-end w/5.0 gear, Coil sprung, A-Arm(front), three-link (rear) suspension, 4.0 King Kong damper complete w/ bypass tubes King 3.0 coilover King Shocks on each wheel, R/ G Chrome wheels/BFGoodrich 37" project, 90"wide, 135" length, All tube chassis 4130 Chromemolly powdercoated by Pro-Coat, 25" front wheel travel, 33" W/B, Ron Magus In-terior, Eclipse sound system 600 watts/6 disk in dash CD player, Custom built hubs by Wade Weaver, Gigantic Brembo rotors and caliper, REF Unlimited manufactured the custom eight-to-one headers, Ron Davis alu-minum radiator, Converter by TCS, Auto light gadges. Fresh paint, fresh prep, $195,000.00. Frank Rusich (951) 288-0147. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in === • ~ Classified Advwising rnt< is only $25 fo, 45 w~ ~~~t :!:!!1:~~~dms and phone numb«. Add $5.00 fo, use of ouo5,~IIBG ~ • • • • • • • • • black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. 2006-07 • REMEMBER -CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PVT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED : IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is$ _____________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name ----------------------------------Address-----------------------------------------------------------City --------------------------------------------------------------Sta~ _____ Zip __________________ Phone ______________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 • ISSUE DEADLINE • May06 Apr 7, 06 June 06 May 10, 06 July 06 Jun 14, 06 August 06 Jul 12, 06 September 06 Aug 9, 06 Octobere 06 Sep 13, 06 November06 Oct 11, 06 December06 Nov 15, 06 January 07 Dec 13, 06 February07 Jan 10, 07 March07 Feb 7, 07 • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 62 April 2006 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 1989 Toyota PreRunner, V6, 5 spd, Full cage, Fiberglass, street legal, 17" wheel travel, Dever Springs, call for more info. (818) 425-6038 $11,000.00 OBO. FOR SALE: Trophy Truck •for sale, New motor by.Jim Horne, trans. Turbo 400, Crisman header, King shocks, single seat, Roger Mears old truck, very nice truck. $85,000.00. Please call (619) 628-7389. . d bits and pieces h. l quipment an Sell your ve ic es, e . h the readership , D ty Times as right here. us f'll out the form on the , l k. g for so i • You re oo in d . o••r next issue. d t our a in .. ·t page an ge Y 0pposi e l!llLIQ Wild wash 250 ... from page 47 Anderson only saw one lap in the Ford 4.0L V6 truck #1402, when their race day was over, too. CLASS 1450: The 'No Rules' outlaw class, where you 'run what ya brung', for fun! And 28 racers turned out for the MDR WW250 to do just that! What a herd this was, too ... from almost bare bone stockers to some mighty nice rides, Class 1450 is definitely where the action is for this race. Six from the herd were DNS no-shows at the green flag on race day. Of the 22 that did start, 12 would dnf, and ten would finish. · But it was Driver of Record Dustyn Loppnow and his dad, Bryan Loppnow, who shared the real wheel duties to take first place in Class 1450 in truck #1473 in 4:29:01 at 37.5mph. This was Loppnow's first finish, and his victory included the Fast Lap Award too at 42.3mph on Lap 4 [4:00:03). Bryan Loppnow was the first driver in # 14 7 3 for Laps 1 and 2, with son Dustyn along in the co-driver's seat. Then it was Dusryn's turn at the wheel for Laps 3 and 4, along with his co-driver Wes Nemec. "A flat tire" at MM23 on Lap 1, and "getting whacked by a 1 car" were the only problems for the 5.8 Windsor motor powered 1989 Ford, as dad and son navigated #1473 through a "brutal" course with "lots of slow sections" and "a re-ally rocky last lap", to take the win. Despite being the last to see the green flag in the rear of the 1450 pack, the Giant 4-linked, king-pin front, suspension worked well all the way through the pack and the course to take # 14 7 3 to the winner's circle. Motoring home to take second place in Class 1450, just 52 sec-onds later was Craig Reynolds in truck #1456; in 4:29:53-at 37.3mph. Reynolds started second to last in his I-6L powered Ford F150, with a king-pin front and trailing arm rear suspension,. This was Reynold's fourth race in the truck, and his first finish; and his first, first place finish as well. Rey-nolds drove all four laps with co-driver Nick Lee, and reported a "clean but brutal race with holes and*#@*! rocks everywhere". It must have been, because Reynolds described his "most fun of the Dusty Times day" was "just seeing 'the end'," and a checkered flag and victory to boot, too. Third place honors went to Mike Salter and co-driver Roy Thomking in ODR Fab truck #1477 about an hour later, cross-ing the finish line to victory in 5:24:43 at 31.0mph. This was Salter's first race in his stock 1-6 powered, 1995 Ford F150; equipped with leaf spring rears and a ball joint front suspension. Other than blowing his P/S cap on Lap 1, and the co-driver's side front bump stop somewhere, Salter said "the course was nice but a little rough in spots". Jesse Weer and his co-driver An-drew Lee also started near the rear of the Class 1450 pack in truck #1474, but drove his rear-leaf sprung 2000 Ford through "some real rough and rocky stuff" in their "third race ever", to a fourth place finish in 5:34:06 at 30.5mph. Weer's only problem for the day was a stubborn jack that wanted to stay up when he wanted to go, at MM34 on the last lap. Shawn Giordano drove the #1478 truck to fifth place in Class 5:34:06 at 30.3mph. Beldin Alivio and the Dog Eater Racing team had a dawg's d day in the red Chevy truck #1457 at the MDR WW250, but still overcame a broken rear axle and a persistent breaking rear track rod to take the sixth place in class award in 5:37:48 at 29.8mph. And believe me folks when I say Alivio and his team were r~al 'madd dawgs' when it came down to it too. I watched in their pit as they changed the 40-spline Dana60 rear axle shaft in about ten minutes and then they were on their way again. Great effort! And "the one time we brought the spare axles" to boot. No kidding, huh. Belden and his co-driver Hansen had "a blast!" passing three or four other cars while flat our 'racing', especially with Greely [#1494], and then topping it off with 'a finish', over "a rough course". That's called 'the thrill of racing', eh. Chris Greeley finished in seventh place in 5:50:00 in truck #1484 at 28.8mph. Driving his 22RE-pow-ered Toyota all four laps to the checkered flag Greely said other than a flat tire at main at the end of Lap 3, the giant-equipped Ford FOR SALE: Short Course Su-per Buggy FAT Rabbit, 091 box w/457 R&P, Fox shox, Wilwood disk, Bead locks, 930 cv's, 300M axles/torsions, Power steering, PCI radio, steering brakes, 20 good or new tires ½ mounted, 5 boxes or spare parts, spare bumper & nerf bars, extra tranny. Extra Rabbit motor NEW, two axle trailer w/tire tack, storage bins and tool box. Complete Race Ready Every-thing you need to go RACING. (209) 772-0215. Calif. $13 900.00. I-beam front suspension worked 'Y.cllalldayeven dwttgh "the.course was all chopped up and boulders from Lap 2 to the finish". Greely was quick to add his most fun was "getting the pass on another 14 truck". Eighth place in Class 1450 went to Matt Helton in truck #1486, completing his four laps in 6:39:48 at 25.2mph. Matt Belcher grabbed the ninth place award, in his first race ever in his A-arm Toyota truck, #1483, completing the required laps in 6:51:43 at 2 4.5mph. Another "first race ever" rookie, Jerry Allen took two years to build his four cylinder Toyota Tacoma to be race ready, and then took 6:51:43 to complete the WW250 with co-driver Hassin Mendez for his first finish and victory too. Pretty good for a 'rookie' rookie, and over "a rougn and unforgiving course.,, to be sure. Welcome to desert racing, SoCal style. Twelve Class 1450 racers dnfd for one reason or another: Record-ing three laps in Class 1450 before seeing the dreaded dnf was Cameron Reeves in truck #1462, and Chris Russell in truck # 1465. Russell and co-driver Paul Ransom had a pick-up tube problem in their fuel cell on Lap 2, but still ran some consistent lap times before an eight-inch crack in the tail shaft of the 1993 Ford Ranger transmis-sion took our #1465 at MM14 on the last lap of the race. Brian Metcho and co-driver Michael Allen from Ventura, CA also 'first race ever' rookie 'rook-ies', made it through Lap 2 before their total Chaos II 3.0L V6 Toyota gave it up. Craig Wilk, yet another 'rookie' in truck #1472 also made two laps before the old 7S truck called it a day. Likewise, Shawn Kepler made it two laps too, before truck #1475 was out of the race too. First time racers Bran-don Kawalski and co-driver Eric Rehm joined the two lap rookie dnf pack in truck # 1463. Ryan Dowe also gave it a two lap go in truck #21458, but still had lots of company in the Class 1450 dnf bunch. Class 1450 racers who only recorded one lap dnf's at the WW250 included: Mike McKlintock #1497; Rubin Amaya #21471; Eric McKelvey #1461; Wes Featherstone # 1492; Cole Whitcher #1496; and Joshua Amagrande #21498. CLASS 3: Of the six Class 3 en-tries, only Lee Orr would see the checkered flag in his Ford Bronco truck #300, crossing the finish line for first place in Class 300 in April 2006 FOR SALE: Jimco 2000 Single Seat Class Score Lite, Winner of 2005 San Felipe 250 and Baja 1000. Prepped car includes: Summers, CNC, Foddrill. Howe ijO C.V's and axles 25 gal cell, Beard, Momo Pumper, fully plumbed; wired, radio, belts, Jes motor, trans, shocks $19,500.00 or includ, FAT, Fortin, King $48,500.00. Call (760 310-7424 or (760) 791-4749. 6:34:09 at 25.6mph. Orr's win wasn't without its problems though, when he broke the co-driver's side tie-rod at MM39, only four miles from the finish line on his last lap. Yoikes! This was Lee's first time out on Course A at Bar-stow, which he described as "rough, lots of rocks and holes, and tight". But that didn't deter Orr and co-driver Brian Porter from having their share of fun in a "first lap, back and forth, battle with Giti Gowland [#363] and a Fore Runner". Orr also won the Class 3 Fast Lap Award on Lap 3 at 33.0mph in 1:17:03. Fun times for all, I'm sure. Gowland certainly gave Orr a race through Lap 2, but water in the gas and pick-up tube problems put him out of contention after a frustrating five hour plus Lap 3. Better gas ... er luck, next time Giti! Robert Buchanan in the #305 Wee Bee Racing truck had the big-gest support group ever seen for Class 3, but he wouldn't be racing any more after Lap 3 when he dnf d along with Eric Helgison in truck #307. Bill Nissley also dnfd in truck #319 on his first lap. CIASS 1600: Three entries: one DNS and two OTL (Over Time Limit). Jody 'just let me finish' Hunt in car# 1671 gave it a great go, and the first race rookie 'gringa' did get her finish too, but OTL, in 8:04:27 at 31.2mph. From her smiles, I'd say Jody did indeed have "a lot of fun!" She ran a "clean race" and "just stopped for gas and oil" and a driver/ co-driver change, when the official clock just ran out of time. But 'finish' she did, nonetheless! . Hunt drove Laps 1 and 2 with co-driver Keith Hawkin, and said the course was "rough in spots". Hawkinds then took over the driv-ing duties for Laps 3-6, along with co-driver Chuck Eichelberger. Hunter said it was still a "fun race!" Paul Bailey also ran a full six laps, but OTL'd too ... by just 40 seconds in 8:00:40. Bailey broke a co-driver side king-pin and front shock on Lap 2 that took him al-most three and a half hours to fix. Bailey and co-driver Michael Licari "got it fixed and drove fast as we could, over some rough and !@*! dirt to finally catch #1671 on the last lap". Close, but no cigar. And that's the way It was at the MDR WildWash 250. Course A at Barstow is rough and tough dirt, and the racers who made it to the finish line and the checkered flag can be proud of their accomplish-ments. It ain't always easy, but it sure is fun! ~ WANTED: Full or part time ,ne-chank: for Class 1 r.~am. E.xpcti •nee nec~sarv, Fab skilk_a_plus. Oood-wor kcnvir.onmenl w/fl.:xibk houCt. San Diego. Contact lodd Cuffaro @(619) 807-7372 or 619-239--4176 ---~ -- . . . -tv1l-=>CUJ...AN~OU6 .. : FOR SALE: John Peerc Lawn Tractor STXj8 with a 38 inch mower <leek. it has a 12l-i F Koh i~r motor, an auton1alic transm bsi,ln -and a light bar. It hasn't been used for the last 3 vears and is in perfect couditio11. · $998.00 Call -Don at (661) 268-1644. INDb.X TO ADVb.R Tl6b.R6 Aircraft Spruce ........................ 54 AZ Expo .................................... 21 Baker Precision ........................ 38 . Best In The Desert .................... 11 Bonneville Off Road Enterprises .......... 33 BTR Racing Wheels ................. 51 C&R Racing .............................. 53 Coast Casinos ............................ 9 CODE ......................................... 49 Competition Air Systems ........ 16 E&J Wireworks ....................... 46 EFI Technology ........................ 52 Eibach Springs ......................... 44 Fabtech ..................................... 25 Fuel Safe Racing Cells ............. 26 Fusion Designs ......................... 54 ISCO .......................................... 30 Kar Tek Off Road ..................... 19 Kaw~guchi Honda ................... 47 KC Hi lites ................................... 2 King Shock Tech ...................... 25 light Racing ............................. 50 Mastercraft Seats ................... 17 McKenzie Performance Products ........ 12 Michael James Insurance ........ 22 Mojave Desert Racing ............. 43 Nevada Off Road Buggy ......... 41 Pacific Customs ....................... 15 Parker Pumper Helmets .......... 24 PCI Race Radios ................. : ....... 5 Pike's Service Center .............. 14 Pro Desert Racing .................... 29 Race Ready Products .............. 55 Racer X ..................................... 32 Radflo Suspension Technology .......................... 20 RAM Praline ............................. 55 Ronco Plastics ........................ 42 Sakata Motorsport Electronics ........................... 39 SCORE International ........ Back Cover Skyjacker Suspensions ........... 40 SNORE ...................................... 35. Soltek light Systems .............. 47 Stuff Transaxles ..................... 23 Team Gordon Race Wheels ..... 27 Transaxle Engineering ............ 13 Turnkey Products .................... 48 Valley Performance ................. 45 Vision X lighting Systems ...... 28 Web-Cam Racing Cams ........... 36 Page 63 -

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