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2005 Volume 22 Number 9 Dusty Times Magazine

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volume 2 ~ ~\:} i MWMM5-DIGIT 91311 Pl<G 1 SAC!< 65 !iuG 2 (: 2005 ll,l,,,,,ll,,11,,,,ll,,,ll,1,l,ll,,,ll,,,,,ll,,11,,,,,1111,,,1 serving The OFF Road communit /:or 22 Years covering the world of competition in the dirt ... 1 l l I I l i

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FOR THE RACE ••• bfk}::i[JfifIJIJ DIIuTP • Designed to Provide an Outstanding Combination of Filtration and Performance • Allow High, Virtually Unrestricted Airflow While Maintaining Filtration Levels Critical to Your Engine • Fits Inside the UMP Off-Road Air Box with 3" Outlet • Includes Sealing Grease aRd DryCharger® Page • Guaranteed Horsepower • Includes K&N High-Flow, Washable/Reusable Air Filter that will Last up to 100,000 Miles Between Cleanings (Depending upon Driving Conditions) • Available in High Quality Finishes • Includes Powder Coated Heat Shield (Most Applications) • Easy to Install (in 90 Minutes or Less) • Street Legal in Most States ////IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Order Toll Free: 800.416.6079 Secure 24/7 Ordering: i OJI1 ~ • 1-lnch Nut Easy-On/Easy Wrench-Off • Drilled Safety Wire Holes for Racing • Heavy-Duty Construction • Premium Filter Media Provides Outstanding Filtration at High-Flow Rates • Anti-Drain Back Valve (Where Applicable) • Manufactured from a durable polyester material and pre-treated with a proprietary hydrophobic process • Designed to prevent splashes of water or mud from saturating your K&N air filter • Will also stop small dirt particles; yet add little restriction to the air flow of the filter • Designed to Increase Horsepower and Acceleration • The Original High-Flow Air Filter • Washable and Reusable • Lasts Up to 50,000 Miles Before Cleaning is Required • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty® • Available for Most Vehicles On and Off the Road • Over 800 Individual Part Numbers Available ."' t • . •:\.~ t. If..... t. ® THE WORLD'S BEST AIR FILTER September 2005 Dusty Times

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Volume 22 -Number 9 Septmeber 2005 Publisher Emeritus Jean Cah-in Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Par Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Sheryl Cannon Carrera Photography Mike Chamberlain J&L Photography Jim Culp Mike Del Col Marrin Holmes Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Monta11a Byrle Moore Troy Robinson Jeff Straw Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Lury Worsham Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Sub-scription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be rentrned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject ro editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 87 50-17 3 2) is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suire lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copy-right by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTYTlMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot of the Month ... A spectators view of the action in a desert race can be a problem, these folks solved the problem as they gaze at a 1980 desert race outside of Las Vegas. DUSTY TIMES will feantre picn1res of similar "funnies" or woes on this page e:id1 month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some dis:ister for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay$ IO for the picnire used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, sel~addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be considered. In This Issue .... FEATURES Best In The Desert Nevada 1000 by Judy Smith ...................... ..................... 8 52nd Acropolis Rally by Martin Holmes .................................................. 18 CORR At Topeka by J Preston Bradshaw ................................................ 22 Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame by J Preston Bradshaw ................... 28 25th Rally Argentina by Martin Holmes .................................................. 30 MORE Freedom 250 by J Preston Bradshaw ............................................. 36 BFGoodrich 30th Anniversary by Judy Smith ......................................... 44 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ............................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ................................................................................................ 6 Checkers Report by The Big Wahzoo ........................................................ 4 7 CORE Report by David Girdner .............................................................. 47 Good Stuff Directory ............................................................................. 48 ClassifiedAds .......................................................................................... 54 Index To Advertisers ............................................................................... 5 5 ON THE COVER Rick Johnson was the big winner in Class 1200, Pro Truck, at the BITD evada 1000, he happily took the checkers in his Toyota, seen here ready for the carwash. Photo by Track.side Photo Chad Hall took the Stock Production Full Size win (Class 8100) at the BITD evada 1000, his Hummer seen here making a perfect landing. Photo by Jim Ober - Track.side Photo Visit Our Website at dubscribe :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ----------------------Address ---------------------City -----------------------St ate Zip ---------------------Primary Interest Cars D Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times September 2005 Page 3

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DISTRIBUTOR FOR ; ; ;;;;; 4 :1 A , f'I • Page 4 818-612-6081 @~ ~ ~ I {JfJJ}/0 ~~ September 200s Dusty Times II

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2005 Happenings ... Co11ntv Farr Gro11nds. Cad,~. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN I OK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All e<1ents staged at the club grounds in Clet1es. Ohro) AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, lNc. 3650 SouTH Po, TE CIRCLE, SulTE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 EMAIL: AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA OBSERVED TRIALS SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKUM • PRESIDENT (909) 860.1857 24 HR HOTLINE· (714) 562-7742 EMAIL: <W<> AsocIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM WELL, TECH INSPECTOR APro42 SAN ]OSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD CLASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS OFF ROAD SHORT COURSE RACING & SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING 4344 VALLEY VIEW AVE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340--6474 BEST IN THE DESERT 3475 BOIILDER HIGHWAY LAs VEGAS, NV 89121 70--457 5775/FAX: 702-641-2431 October 6-8, 2005 TSCO Vegas To Reno December 2-4, 2005 Henderson's Terrible 300 B.O.R.E. BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W. 2575 N SUNSET, UT 84015 801-773-1651 September 2,3, 2005 Ely200 BP MoToRsPoRTs P.O. Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760. 57 8-6258/760. 57 8-6259 FAX: 818-348--4648 E-Mail: All Et1ents At California City, CA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-I HO (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CLUB AUTOMOVILJSTA]UARENS£ DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593--4848 RALPH GARCIA Ol l-52-16--17--45--42 CESAR F1JENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES October 1, 2005 Las Vegas Rallycross III October 7-8, 2005 Tentative Prescott Rally - Coef 2&3 October 29, 2005 Las Vegas Rallycross IV December 2-4, 2005 Ramada Express Rally - Coe( 2,3& 1 CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 Dusty Times (323) 560.SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224--4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.]. RICHARDS P.O. Box332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-TACKERS I.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532--4589 Shore Course off Road Racing At Harrison CALLE 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN Q1 ,,, TI, SAN Q1 IINTI , BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616--5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE SAN VICENTE OFF ROAD E;NSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA ]AN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAM6N CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MOTOSPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690.3178 FAX: (714) 367-1608 CODE OFFROAD CODE OFFROAD USA P.O. Box 2328 CALEXICO, CA 92231-2328 = ,;p'_s ~I! LOWRANCE • • --•-z.,..,.,..z.....,..,....., 800.869.5636 • Fex 562.'126.3589 2888 Gundry /Jt./e.. Signal ~ CA 90755 •PO~ no~ tit CPS cone rnlltM'Q. l..-Scan Spmal ~ • yo.1 a-n ,-.. September 2005 760-4 S 5-8069 L 'SA 011-52-686-55 3--4087 MEXICO ""'"'·.,odeolfroadxo,n.nLx October 14-16, 2005 Mcxicana Log,sncs 300 Mexicali, B.C. December 9-11, 2005 Race Ready 275 Ensenada-Mexicali-San Felipe, B.C. COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION BARB VAHSHOLT/, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box8286 CoLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92231 HECTOR CERECER 01 l-52-65-66--4458 CORR LUCAS OIL SERIES 192 N. STATE ROAD, SUITE 267 AVON, IN 46123 317-272-2827 - For au SCORE and BfTD races 317-272-2900 fax September 3--4, 2005 Crandon, WI Pro & Sporrsman September 17-18, 2005 New Berlin, NY Pro Series Only TBA One additional e,·enr To be announced *Night Race-Friday & Sawrday n1gltt CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, S111TE 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1--800--42 CORVA EXT 42 FAx (818) 957--4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All event! at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Th1mton County ORV Park, OL1mpia, WA) Happenings continued on page 6 - Plot lialls else available rar MOR and SNORE -Available via e-mail or at conHngency • Di(rerenHale Trail Colors -Race Course. Chase Roads, Checkpoints. and Pit Locatrons • Danger Markers • Customize Your GPS Noles To 'rtlur OrMng Style • Display Features Include: -Accurate Speedometer/Tr1pometer -Average/Max Speed -nme/Oistance Traveled -Clock/Volt Meler • Extremely User Riendly PC! ~ecommenddtions: The most important consideratron when adding GPS to any race vehicle is ease or viewing -PCI recommends our 7' models for all race vehicle applicatrons - Greater Visibility at High/Sharp Angles for bolh Driver and Co-Rider wilh Color Models -Globalmap 6000C - Large, Color Display -Globalmap l!OOOM-Same Great Features as 6000C. with Monochrome Display PCI offers and strongly recommends our Race Modiftcatrons -Keeps Your GPS Working in the Most Brutal Environment -Won't Vold Manuladurers Warranty Pages

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Trail Notes ... HOD FOR THOUGHT -Think about this1 A car company can move its actories to Mexico and claim it's a free market. A toy company can ursource ro a Chinese sub-contractor and claim it's a free market. A major bank can incorporate in Bermuda to avoid taxes and claim it's a free market. We can bur HP printers made in Mexico, we can buy shirts made in Bangladesh. When I need co speak top someone about my computer, I speak to someone in India. We can purchase almost anything we want from 20 different countries. BUT, heaven help the elderly on fixed incomes who dare to buy their prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy. That's called un-American! And you think the pharmaceutical companies don't have a powerful lobby? Think again! Pay attention to this message, sooner or later we're all going to be in this boat. ZR NIGHT RACE RESULTS -The results of the ZR night race held on July 16d, at Laguna Salada are: MIC Pro - l. Aaron Tuck, 2. Rudy Iribe, 3. Dewey Belew. MIC Expert -l. Francisco Septien, 2. Rene Magana, 3. Jorge Hernandez. M/C Novice -l. Joel Leal, 2. Alfredo Osomio, 3. Daniel Banuelos. Quad Pro -l. Javier Robles Jr., 2. Jose Escudero, 3. Eduardo Aguirre y Fierro. Quad Expert -l. Alberto Aguirre y Fierro, 2. Indalesio Jiminez, 3. Julio Banda. Quad Novice -l. Ricardo Villafana, 2. Adrian Villasenor. RALLY -Volkswagen has announced that Carlos Sainz will compete in the Dakar Rally driving one of their cars. His navigator will be Andy Schulz. Ir will be the first time that the two time World Rally Champion will compete in a cross country rally. Sainz retired from World Rally Cup competition last year. He won 26 WRC rallies in his years in the sport. Let's hope that his success wit! follow him into this new venue. MA.DD WALK -Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) WOrange Counties Strides For Change will be held in Long Beach on Saturday, October 22, 2005 at 8:30am at the Queen Mary Events Park. Strides For Change is a SK, non-competitive walk that allows corporations and individuals co team up with MADD in keeping our children and communities safe. There is no entry fee, the walk is pledge based. Participants are given a goal of raising $100 each and to form teams of 10 or more. Te register as an individual or as a team, log on to For additional information visit or ca!I 1-800-GET-MADD ORBA PRE-RUNNER RAFFLE CAR - A top of the line prerunner will be raffled off by ORBA. As part of a wide spread effort by well known companies in the off-highway vehicle industry to show support for the Off Road Business Association (ORBA), top quality products were donated ro complete a very special off road car. John Cooley, owner of Alu mi Craft used nothing but the best quality products when building this four seater dual sport pre-runner as a fund raiser, raffle car for ORBA. With a 430 hp engine by Redline, a Mendeola sequential shift transaxle, powder coating by ECP, fancy graphics by Ape Wraps, Beard Seats, 21" travel Fox Racing Shox and the new Walker Evans Bead lock Wheels running 35" Pro Comp Tires, this beaury catches everyones attention. Other items were provided by Fiber-Tech, CNC, ORW, Howe, McKenzies, BTI, Kartek and Precision Metalcraft, all top names in the industry. A maximum of 2500 tickers will be sold. The winning ticker will be drawn at the Off Road Impact Show in Las Vegas in January, no matter how many tickers have been sold. Ticker cosr is $ 100, a heck of a gamble for a $100,000 off road car. Pictures of rhe car can be seen at Look for the car being displayed at most major off road races and purchase your ricket(s) or call ORBA at 619-449-0778 LEAVING THE FOLD -We just received news that Christian Flathman is leaving BFGoodrich Tires, effective August 4, 2005. Christian has been the Public Relations Manager for some rime and said he is leaving to pursue other venues, particularly being a new father. No replacement was named in the release but you may contact Tom Jupena at 864-458-4943 or CORR SHORT COURSE IN CALIFORNIA -Just so you all know, CORR is having two, count 'em folks, two short course races, Sep~ember 24-25 and October 1-2, 2005. Officially dubbed the Nissan Oft Road Nationals and the races will be run on the Otay Ranch in Chula Vista, South San Diego. Desert racers and CORR racers will race one each day of both weekends. The first weekend will determine starting positions for the Cup Races the following weekend and will also determine the CORR 2005 National Championships. The second weekend will be cup races with a total purse of $332,000, more money than has ever been paid out in off road racing history, anywhere. CORR and desert vehicles will race on different tracks designed to bring our the best of what these vehicles have been designed to do. All racers will have a gold rush start which means you line up side by side and go for it when the green flag flies. Races will be 15 minutes long for all vehicles except Desert Unlimited Buggies and Trucks and CORR Pro 2 and Pro 4 Trucks in the second weekend. These races will last 20 minutes and will include a mandatory pit stop with two tires being changed. A crowd of 25,000 is expected along with a Speedvision national audience. These weekends will feature a Manufacturers Midway, open pit areas with scheduled driver autograph sessions, reserved grandstand seating and catered hospitaliry tents. Tickets will be available through TicketMaster. For more information, entry forms, etc., contact Nathan Roberts at 317-272-2827 or visit The 2006 CORR season will include four weekends of racing in Southern California, two in the spring in the Los Angeles area and two in the fall in the San Diego area. CORR NISSAN NATIONALS PRIZE MONEY -The prize money for the racers is as follows: Unlimited Desert Truck -l" place $30,000 - 2nd $5,000-3,d $3,000-_4d, thru 15d, $1,000. Pro 4 -l" place $30,000 - 2,.i $5,000 -3,d _ $3,000 -4d, thru 15'" $1,000. Pro2/Sportsman 2 -l" $25,000 - 2,.i $4,500 -3,<l $2,500 - 4"' thru 15"' $1,000. Pro Lite -l" $25,000 -2"1 $4,500, -3,t1 $2,500 -4'h thru 15t1, $1,000. Unlimited Desert Buggy -l" place $20,000 -2nd $4,000 -3'd $2,500 - 4'" thru 15d, $1,000. Super Buggy/Desert Class 10/12 -l" place $20,000 - 2nd $4,000 - 3"1 $2,500 - 4'" thru 15t1, $1,000. Single Buggy/ Desert 1600 Buggy -I" place $20,000 - 2'.i $3,000 -3,d $2,000 -4t1, rhru 15d, $ 750. Desert Truck 7/7S -l" place $20,000 - 2nd $3,000, 3"1 $2,000, 4t1, $1,000 -5t1, $1,000, 6rl• rhru 15c1, $750. Total posted awards coral $332,000. This is definitely the largest purse ever offered in off road racing, check with CORR for entry forms, etc. Page 6 DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AtJTOMOTIVE ADVENTllRES 455 E. OCEAN BLVD., SUITE 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAx: (562) 590-79~5 DECATUR FouR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB DECATUR, TX 76234 TOM ALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MoToRsPoRTs 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EA.srmN OFF-ROAD RAaNG AssN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 ENsmADA BAJA Ow ROAD RAaNG Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0ll-52-646-1818989 Eus10 0l l-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for buggys & Motorc:,cles EsTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL SHORT CoURSE RACING VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 011-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FLORIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S ASSN. JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, MaJ, Nov at Da11idson RacewaJ FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE S. fa MONTE, CA91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAx GORRA GEORGIA OFF RoAD RACING AssOCIATION 420 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT PLANES OFF RoAD RACING ASSOCIATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 Scon MORROW (816) 792-2126 (All races are short course, stadium scyle Classes-Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Tmck, Quads, Tough Trnck Nebraska RacewaJ Park, Exit 420 on 1-80 between Omaha and Lincoln.) For latest info check <> HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 FAX September 11, 2005 October 29, 2005 November 27, 2005 INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING AssocIATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDDOR (612) 937-3816/FAX 474-2769 INTER-SHows MoToRsPORTs PROMOTIONS, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 }EEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES ORANGE, CA 92869 714-538-7434/FAX: 714-633-1724 October 29, 2005 MOR Superstition Series Plaster Ciry, CA December 2-3, 2005 Best In The Desert Henderson, Nevada KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTERS WHISPERING PINES SPORTS & RECREATION CENTER P.O. Box465 l<AMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5l2 DALE NYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & September 2005 OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 <"·> <"ww.megashow.co1n> L.I.T.R.E. ]EFF faROD (408) 926-0522 ]!M ARUTA (408) 247-4402 MAMARRITA OFF RoAD RACING LlJJS CARLOS ALVAREZO PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHn:L, MX 011-52-1637-1799 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS DUNE BUGGY TRADE SHOW (517) 543-7214 <> MICIDGAN OFF RoAD CHAMPIONSIIlPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 ]ONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML 4883 7 (517) 627-6200 Motorc:,cles, Quads, A TVs and Pilots on!J MAORA MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD AsSOCIATION P.O . Box 184 MATTOON, IL 61938 (217) 235-6528 E-MAIL: <www Short Course Points Series August 27, 2005 Greenup, IL Soggy Bottom Raceway September 18, 2005 Charleston, IL Charleston Speedway October 8, 2005 Casey, IL Lincoln Trail Mtrsprrs Park Endurance Points Series October 9, 2005 Casey, IL Lincoln Trail Mrrsprts Park 200km Enduro MOR RACING CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACING SERIES 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 2005 California Championship Series September 24, 2005 Mojave 200 Barstow, CA November 12, 2005 Stoddard 250 Barstow, CA MDR Productions 2004-2005 Superstition Championship Series All Races at Plaster Cicy OHV Area October 29, 2005 Superstition 250 December 31, 2005 The Dash 200 M.O.R.E. MOJAVE OFF ROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 760-253-4453 September 1 7, 2005 Location To Be Announced December 3, 2005 Barstow MSBA MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY AsSOCIATION DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FUNT, ML48506 (810) 730-9221 MoTOWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <""> A!I e11ents at Perris RacewaJ (At Reed Valle) with a school) NATIONAL Mun RACING AssN. Ri-. #l - Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PALATKA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSN. BUTCH CHAPIN MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS 1404 EAST 3RD STREET HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NOORA GARY W1 ILFF (724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <\\> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valle) Raceway, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder ValleJ !ocared 15 minutes from Spring Valle)) NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RACING ASSN. GARYWIJLFF (724) 283-2678 OFF ROAD EXPO 2005 (626) 599-8622 October 8-9 2005 OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERED SERIES PRESIDENT -GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. -1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. -9 & UN LTD. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OUTLAWREP. DON PONDER (314) 631-8190 (All Races at Wheeling in the County 900 Acres) OFF-ROAD SAND & SPEED EXPO Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHtA, OHIO 44663 ]IM KENDEL (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison Count) Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONT ARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) OUTLAW SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/FAX: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <www> PIKES PEAK P.O . Box 6962 ~ COLORADO SPRINGS, CO ~09)4 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRO 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREY GOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PR.oTRuCK 14402 BOND COURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 September 9-11, 2005 SCORE Primm 300 Primm, Nevada October 6-8, 2005 BITD Vegas To Reno Nevada November 17-20, 2005 SCORE Baja 1000 Baja, CA, Mexico PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 RocK CRAWLERS AssocIATION OF AMffiICA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/FAX: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONAI.S A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD EXPOSITION (888) 836 7918 SCCA PRORALLY Dusty Times

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r P.O. Box 19400 TorEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <"> SFX MOTORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE, S111TE 200 Al !RORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/ (630) 556-6180 FAx SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., S1 IITE A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <,.-...-...·> September 9-11, 2005 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV November 17-20, 2005 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 BC,MX SNORE • SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 702-452-4522 www.SNORERACING.NET October 1-2, 2005 36'h Annual SNORE 250 November 11-12, 2005 Western Desert Challenge SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE D1v1s10N KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SOUTHEASTERN OFF RoAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 MIKE MOORE• (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. Hacienda Blvd. #322 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SOUTHERN C ALIFORNIA T IMING ASSOCIATION & B ONNEVILLE NATIONALS, lNc. P.O. Box 10 OROSI, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <"""> SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF 'RoAD RAcING AssN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (81..3).962-2857 (All Raw at Ea.itbaJ Racewaz, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 PARKLANDS, 2121 SOUTH AFRICA (011)788-5138 FAX (011) 880-2170 Tovs FoR ToTs (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADIIl.A V ALl.EY SPORTS CENTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <"""""·> VORRA VALLEY OFF ROAD RACING AsSOCIATION 920 HILLCREST STREET PLACERVILLE, CA 95667 530-622-0370 w" September 2-4, 2005 Hawthorne, Nevada Desert Race October 1-2, 2005 Prairie City Short Course October 29-30, 2005 Prairie City Short Course November 12, 2005 Awards Banquet VIONIE GumRmo OH' ROAD Gl.lB PROFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 01 l-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 P.M.) WES'I'J!BN OFF RoAD RACING ASSOCIATION l.ARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 Dusty Times WORRA P.O.Box 3241 StJMAS WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING PATRICK McG111RE P.O. Box 376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AvEN\JE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <,> Trucks & Buggies WISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 OSHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVAS\J CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 zr. PROMOTIONS RENE MONTANO P.O. Box 2122 Calexico, CA 92231 September 25, 2005 Round #5 November 27, 2005 GP de Campeones 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 DELAWARE ST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 Attention Race&Rally Organizers List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail yo~1r 2005 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 Coming Next Month SCORE Terrible's Cup At Las Vegas WRC Rally of Finland SNORE KC Hilites Midnight Special MDR California 200 And much, much more September 2005 Trail Notes ... tention All Subscribers - Puleeeeze, when you are going ro change you r nailing address, please notify Dusty Times as far in advance of your move s possible. This will ensure that you won't miss an issue of Dusty Times. Thanks for your help. NEW 'HEAVY METAL" OFF-ROAD CUP AT CRANDON -Crandon lnternationa_l Off-Road Raceway-the country's premier professional off. road racing facility-and the Forest County Potawatomi -the Raceway's premier title sponsor - have jointly announced the renaming of one of off.road racing's most prestigious awards. TIE FOREST CO UNIT POT A. WA TOMI "GOVERNOR'S CUP" -the srerl ing Iver award for winning the annual "heavy metal challenge" race between 4x4 race trucks and similarly configured 2-wheel drive race trucks -has been renamed the Forest County Potawatomi "Chainnan's Cup". The name change was announced in C randon Raceway's victory circle after awarding of the final Governor's Cup to 2005 race winner Josh Baldwin, Laguna Beach, CA. Baldwin won more than $20,000 in cash and prizes by winning the 10-lap challenge event over Crandon's rough and tumble I. 75 mile track in the most dramatic finish to the heavy metal challenge race in history. It was the 12th annual running of the event and is the longest running race of its type in the nation, attracting drivers from across the country. The 2006 race will see the unveiling of the "Chairman's Cup" as the trophy prize for the winner of that event. A permanent trophy, on display at the Pocawatomi Bingo Northern Lights Casino, Carter, WI, will also be changed. That award lists all 12 winners of the race since its inception in 1994. BITD COURSE EXTENSION -The Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau and Best in the Desert Racing Association will add 100 miles to the previous 300-mile race, in fact creating the Henderson's Terrible 400. The race will be held on December 1-4, 2005. The announcement comes as a result of feedback race officials rece ived from the racers. The 400-mile race will effectively increase the time to race completion from 8 co 12 hours. The course will be extended from 65 miles to 80+ miles per lap. Racers will be challenged with five full laps on what has been regarded as the fastest course in the Best in the Desert race series. The tentative schedule of race events includes: Dec. 1, Time Trials for starting position and course reconnaissance; Dec. 2, Manufacturer's Midway, Vehicle Technical Inspection and street parry with live entertainment; Dec. 3, Race Day; and Dec. 4, Awards Celebration. Details and pre-race activities are still being finalized. For more information regarding Henderson's Terrible 400, visit or SCORE LAS VEGAS TERRIBLE'S CUP - Well, it certainly was hot enough but most of the racers had a good time on their short course excursions. Complaints, we heard some, the course was not lighted well enough and the flagmen left something co be desired, end of bitchin'. A !or of people paid for good seats, the attendance was really good for chis event. There were two heats and a main event for each of the six classes. We'll just give you the top three in each heat and the main event. We'll have complete coverage and lots of pictures in the next issue of Dusty Times. Trophy Truck -Hear I -MacCachren, Jones, Steele. Hear 2 -Coyne, BJ Baldwin, Huffman. Main -Marry Coyne, Jesse Jones, Pete Sohren. Class 1 -Heat l -Dean, Troy Herbst, Ronco. Heat 2 -Christensen, Boyle, Tieman. Main -Rich Ronco, Par Dean, Martin Christensen. ½-1600 -Heat I -Cody Freeman, Arden Dennington, Rick Boyer. Main -Arden Dennington, Cody Freeman, Bryan Freeman. Class 7 /7S/7SX -Hear l - Roeseler, Karakas, McNeil. Hear 2-Roeseler, Karakas, Chamlee. Main - Larry Roeseler, Barry Karakas, Dan Chamlee. Class 10 -Heat l - MacCachren, Hardesty, Ridings. Heat 2 - MacCachren, Hardesty, Ridings. Main -Rob MacCachren, Darren Hardesty, Tom Ridings. SCORE Lite -Heat I - Bruckmann, Naughton, Matrensen. Heat 2 -Bruckmann, Naughton, Greenway. Main - Vic Bruckmann, Robert Naughton, Rob Martensen. SNORE DON DAYTON MEMORIAL KC HILITES MIDNIGHT SPECIAL -There :,vas a great turnout for the race, in spite of extremely hot weather and lots of thunderstorms in the neighborhood. Curt LeDuc took the Heavy Metal crown, Mark Gonzalez was second, Terry Yoakum cook C lass l, Mike, Wichman took Class 10, Carlos Carter was second, Corey Cook was the Class 1200 winner, Matt Gumz cook 1600, Jeremy Harmon was second, Corey Torres was the Class 9 winner, Brandon Hughes was second, Billy Worthing won Class 5-1600, Gary Messar was second, Bryan Adams was the Champ Car winner, Kenny Freeman was second, Tom Hood won the Unlimited Sportsman race, Jason Gubler was second, Jeff Shiroky won Sportsman, Paul Sheldon took second and, in Sportsman Truck it was Robby Woolsworth caking the win and Sosh Hamman taking second. Read the full race report with loads of pictures in the next issue of Dusty Times. MAINE FOREST RALLY -Defending North American champion Pat Richard claimed his second overall victory of the season at the Maine Forest rally. Richard was worried for a while as WRC champion Stig Blomqvist fought back co the front after suffering mechanical problems. They went head to head for quite a while but in the final stages Richard pulled ahead and cook the victory by 42.7 seconds. Ken Block was third overall, first in Group N. The Production GT win went to Matthew Johnson. Next on the schedule is the Ojibwe Forests Rally, it will be run on August 26 and 27 in Bemidji, MN. OUR HELP NEEDED - Joey Vasquez, Off Road Productions of El Paso was stricken with Pancreatic Neurosis in May. In a coma for a couple of months, 1e was recently awakened by his doctors. Please keep a good thought for Joey and you may contact him through his sister, Pat Escarcega, 11272 Tenaha Street, El Paso, TX 79936 915-592-3386. We are sure Joey would appreciate hearing from some of his many friends around the country. nYS FOR TOTS POKER RUN - It's never too early to start planning to ompete in and enjoy the Barstow Charities Toys For Tots Poker Run. Two oops, approximately 25 miles each, one for 4 wheel vehicles and one for motorcycles and ATV's. 12 best poker hands from each day win prizes. Entry fee is $25 or $20 and an unwrapped toy. All proceeds go to help the Barstow Charities. The date is October 29-30, 2005. Make plans now to attend the Poker Run, held at the Slash X Cafe on Hwy 247, 12 miles from Barstow. For more information call the Slash X at 760-252-1197 or MaVConnie Wessel at 760-252-3093. Stay tuned here in Trail Notes for more info. Page 7

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~IRIIJ!m~ McM1LL1N's NEVADA 1000 RACING ASSOCIATION Collins and Ragland Take The overall By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo f3rian Collins and Larry Ragland were the overall winners in their Chevy Trick Truck, it was a hard 1000 miles but they gladly took the win. After four days of touring Ne-vada, the team of Brian Collins and Larry Ragland had their Chev-rolet Trick Truck at the top of the heap. The BitD McMillin Nevada 1000 started in Beatty on a warm Thursday morning, and then fin-ished in Tonopah on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Contingency and Tech Inspection and the drivers' meeting had be-gun the affair at the Suncoast Ho-tel and Casino in Las Vegas, and then the whole circus went on the move. The concept isn't a new one for the BitD, since they did it in 2000, with a 2000 mile race broken down into four or five days, and then they did it again in 2002 when it was a three day event that ran through Ely then over into Tonopah, and finally finished at Alamo, about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. It was roughly a thou-sand miles. This time they used the same general plan, but the layout made it easier on everyone. The start was on the Airport Road just south of Beatty, off Highway 95, on Thursday morning. That after-noon, after 220 miles, they fin-ished in Tonopah. There, in the vacant land adjacent to the high school, the BitD had set up a "Work Area", with room for every team to lay out a space and set up their tools and equipment. Below that, on the land across from the Station House motel, behind the truck stop and on the other side of it, were three huge parking ar-eas for the racers' motor homes and trailers. They were jam packed. Adjacent to the Work Area was an empty lot destined to be the impound area. The beauty of this event was that all those arrangements stayed the same for the remainder of the race. In 2002 everyone had to fold their tents after working on the race cars for hours and move on to another location. For this event, the final three days started and fin-ished in the same place. Much easier. Day 1 was a 220 mile sprint, generally northerly, finishing on the west side of Highway 95 just across the street from the motor home park, the Work Area and the impound. On Day 2, the start was where the Thursday finish had been, on a hard surfaced road heading briefly south. Then the course went west and north, wan-dering around in the territory be-tween Highway 6 and 95, visiting Mina and Gables and the Gabbs Pole Line road, among other in-teresting points. That day they cov-ered 331 miles. On the third day they started in the same spot, but turned west and south, all below Highway 6, and visited Smoky Val-ley, Coaldale, Silver Peak and Gold-field. They ran 323 miles before circling back into Tonopah. Sun-day was the fourth day, and they started an hour earlier, dropped southward to below Beatty, crossed over the highway and headed back to the finish, for a total of 119 miles. The grand total of the journey was 993 miles, give or take a few fractions. Close enough to 1000 miles to make it a long, grueling trip on some very dif-ficult roads. After finishing each day the race team was given one "free" hour to get the car ready for the next day. If the team needed more time than that, the overage would be added to their day's travel time. Thus, if a racer finished on Thursday in four hours, but needed an hour and a half to prep the car, their finish time on the results sheet would read 4:30:00. If a racer didn't manage to finish a day he could take a penalty which was the total time limit for the day, plus two hours. Thus, for Thursday's event, the DNF penalty was 12:48, because the time limit had been 10:48. Teams could replace any-thing on the race vehicle except the motor. All the motors had been The McMillins, Andy and Scott drove their Jimco to first place in Class 1500, they were only nine minutes out of the overall. marked during tech inspection, and they were to be checked be-fore the start each day. Each day, as the racers finished, they pulled their cars up into a "post race" area and got out to look over the vehicle. With cell phones or walkie talkies in hand they communicated with their pit crews about what they would need. No one took a race car into the Work Area until the pit crew had all the spare parts ready to go, and all the tools laid out and ready to use. Sometimes a crew person had to hustle around town looking for replacement parts in the local auto parts stores, or they'd check with friendly teams for bits and pieces they could borrow. Or they might need to use some specialized equip-ment they hadn't brought. In that case, the race car would wait in limbo until the equipment was freed up or the needed parts were found. Runners from the pit crew area would bring sandwiches and drinks for the weary drivers and navigators, but then they had to stay with their cars until it was time to head for the Work Area. For some it meant an hours-long wait. In the McMillin group, for ex-ample, they had four cars running, but could work on only one at a time. That meant the other three waited, and waited, and waited for their turns. Any team with more than one car had the same prob-lem. It wasn't impossibly uncom-fortable, but it was an anxious yet boring period for some of the rac-ers. The weather, fortunately, didn't get blazingly hot, staying in the mid eighties most days, and cooling down to very comfortable levels at night. The hardest working people were the pit crews on teams with multiple cars. Some worked long into the night every night to get everyone back out on the race course. And the team that put in the longest hours was the BFG crew in the Work Area, who helped all comers. There were JeepSpeed cars, trucks and buggies of all denominations being helped in a steady stream. They didn't limit their help to tires, but did a lot of welding, some engine work, rebuilt suspensions and generally did whatever was necessary to get the BFG shod cars back out the next day. In addition to the "penalties" that a team would earn if they spent too much time in the Work Area, there were penalties to be added if the racer failed to stop at a road crossing, was guilty of a "race course diversion", or ifhe "threw. rocks" out on the highway as he crossed over. The Nevada Depart-ment of Transportation, it seems, has been a little out of sorts about rocks left on the pavement after previous events. To prevent incur-ring their displeasure any further, the BITD put a longer controlled speed area beyond the road cross-ings, issued brooms to the road-crossing personnel, and they as-sessed penalties. The fun and games started on Thursday-morning with the time Trials, for which only the Trick Trucks, Class 1500 (Open Wheel Unlimited), Class 1000 (same as Class 10) and Class 8000 were eli-gible. Their times on this quick run would determine their start order for the race. They took off from the race start line and ran a five mile loop, which brought them back to the immediate area. It was the end of the day for a couple of entries, but for the most part, they liked having it on the morning of the race. Mark McMillin had the quick time and started first off the line, with B.J. Baldwin, in his dad's new Chevrolet Trick Truck, right behind him. For this event the BITD did not have a guided "Pre-Fun Run" as they do for all their other events, so the racers took off into the desert with no intimate knowledge of the road. They'd been given maps the day before, but those and their memories of previous events would have to suffice for this race. As Chuck Hovey later said, "It doesn't get much more exciting than doing 100-plus down a road you haven't been down before." Curt LeDuc and the Scaroni clan had a good race, they drove their Class 8000 Ford to the class win, ninth overall. Rick Johnson drove his Toyota to the Pro Truck win· at the 8/TD 1000, seen here at speed heading back to Tonopah. The start line turned into a silt bed fairly quickly, and it grew and grew as more cars took off, so that some could barely plow through the stuff. Huge clouds of dust rose up to block the view of the course ahead, where an occasional un-lucky soul would be stuck, but the start line officials kept everyone ap-prised of any hazards, and the start went off safely, giving the drivers a taste of what was in store for the rest of the first day. Chase crews and race watchers Pages September 2005 -. Dusty Times

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BJ Baldwin lets nothing stand in the way of his Ford Trick Truck, seen here on his way to a nice second place. Steve Staats, eta/, drove the Ford ProTruck to a very nice second place in the grueling B/TD 1000 mile run. Greg Foutz and Mike Mounts drove their Ford to second spot in Class 81'}(}, they were seven minutes in anears at the end. headed north, with time to get to Tonopah at a legal speed, to set up their Work Area and wait for the cars to finish. The bikes and quads, of course: had started about two hours before the cars and trucks. The race didn't attract a huge entry, with only 82 car/truck start-ers, but it was enough to fill Tonopah, and run it out of diesel fuel and some regular fuels by late on Friday. They apparently got new shipments in time to be of use to chase vehicles. What hotels there are were all full and empty apart-ments and condos were also rented for the duration. A couple of the old motels had been closed and/ or tore down, so the informal campgrounds for motor homes and trailers was a slick idea. It gave the teams a central area to head for each day, and they were conve-nient to the Work Area and im-pound. There were also 73 bike and quad teams and all their chase and pit personnel, making it a vety busy weekend for Tonopah. Dusty Times Thursday's 220 miles were silty, gone so smoothly. He'd had a flat, but the lead cars and trucks got to and discovered a stripped lug nut, the finish in about four hours. had some fuel pump problems and Brian Collins had his new Chevy had run into the back of a Class in the lead at the end of the day, 1500 car that had hit another with about two minutes on B.J. truck. He finished his day about a Baldwin. The two were running as half hour behind Ragland. Scott a team, using the same chase and Steinberger and Jesse Jones fin-pit support folks. Kevin ished third on Friday, about three McGilivray, who'd made his Chev-hours behind Ragland. They'd had rolet Protruck into a Trick Truck a power steering problem on by changing the motor and mak-Thursday, and then a mysterious ing a few other modifications, was vapor lock condition that meant third, and in fourth it was Garron that they had to stop to cool the Cadiente in what used to be Gary car down about every ten miles. Dirck's Chevrolet, but was now They'd re-routed some fuel lines sporting a new paint job along with and hoped that would help on a new team. Friday. It did, but it didn't correct Friday's course was more of a the problem. As long as the fuel challenge because of its length, and cell stayed "pretty full" they were things shifted a bit. Larry Ragland alright, but the vapor locking re-did the driving in Collins' truck, turned to bug them again and and he kept it in front of the pack. again. Not only that but the rotor Ragland thought it was a "wonder-in the distributor broke. So ful race course", and admitted to Steinberger used a feeler gauge to being stuck on a berm for a while. make a replacement pop-riveted it Baldwin had obligingly bumped in place and drove to the finish. him off of it. Baldwin's day hadn't McGilivray, who blew his motor, An Intimate Gem AdjaCMt to Be/lagto, QfesalS & Ballys Cadiente who endoed, and Bucky racers in the order in which they'd Strunk who suffered a litany of finished the day before. So Collins problems, all failed to finish. and Ragland had been at the front Strunk's problem started with the of the pack. On Saturday, when Time Trial when he broke his power Collins flattened a tire, he lost his steering pump. Once that was fixed first-on-the-road-position to he went racing, but lost his starter Corky McMillin. He also had a during the day. Friday he broke broken throttle spring and lost his part of his steering, and once that first-in-class position to Baldwin. was fixed went on, but it wasn't Baldwin's day was fairly uneven t-his day. He had a couple of flats, ful, except he did "accidentally and then, before he got to his pit drive over the back of B .J. to get new spares put on the truck, Richardson's car" during the day. he flattened his left rear and his He had the Saturday lead, which right front. Strunk: did all he could meant he'd start in front on Sun-do -put the two tires with air on day, but he was running second on the back, and empty rims on the corrected time. Collins was only front and continued on. He was about six minutes behind him. moving along alright, but hit a big Cadiente's truck was back, driven rock, tore off the brakes and the by Ron Whitton. Cadiente, who'd A-arm, and •finished us off". That been taken to a hospital for a check-was the end of his race. up, was diagnosed as having a mild Saturday's race was another concussion, and wasn't going to do long one, and Collins was back at any more driving for the weekend. the wheel. His crew had changed Whitton, who'd been planning to his transmission in their one hour drive anyway, was third, reporting allotted time the night before. no mechanical problems with the Each day the BITD restarted the C1ntinued on page 10 Wlst~AAr.111& 1-800,,8'7W287 ~ m, Prace Las Vegans ca,, Home ... Askl,/JfJqtOUr lbJln & Goll Packages Wt$t Flamingo a. ¼ll~_View 1-888-40.2-fl278 ~:tlc:Mm,Q'lffl September 2005 Pages

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-------------------------------------------------. ·---··-.. Jim Dizney and Scott Webster drove their Jimco to second place in Carl Fitts and Tom McDonald came down from Utah to take a nice Justin and Bob Mamer had a pretty good race, they scored a nice second the Class 1 o battle, seen here heading for home. second place in Class 7300, seen here dusting their Ford. place in JeepSpeed Pro, Justin stopped to help folks along the WclY-denuded truck. It had no body Overnight Mark McMillin's Saturday morning rolled seventh for the day, reporting that a couple of cylinders. They liked panels left, but had suffered no crew put a new transmission in his around with a 323 mile loop to it had gone better than the previ-that final 119 mile run. But then structural damage. Steinberger and car because the one he started with run, and as Casey Foiles hustled at ous day. There were three more so did everyone else. Fourth place Jones divvied up the day, and it had broken its mounts. Kory the start line directing flag men, DNFs in this class, including Bud went to Hovey, who lost third gear worked out that Jones had all the Scheeler, who'd broken a caliper timers and scorers and over eager and Buddy Feldkamp, who'd lost at Mile 30. Hovey said later that problems -the same old vapor lock in qualifying and thus started late, racers, he looked at a group of in-the transmission in their Penhall, he would "love to do this race problem. By now they'd created a had then broken a clutch during terested observers, grinned and and Scott McMillin's car which again, the crew loves being hands sort of air-scoop that was duct the race, and decided to park the said, •By tomorrow we'll have this had been driven by Chris Cortez on with the car." In fifth place it taped to their roof and led down-car. He became Job's co-driver. perfected!• Essentially he was do- also. It had a problem reported as was Mark McMillin, a good recov-ward to direct air to somewhere in On Friday all but four re-ing eight start lines in four days, either fuel or motor, and ended ery from his 13th place on Thurs-the depths. started. This time it was about six because the bikes/ quads took off its day on the trailer. And Bob and day. B.J. Richardson was sixth, On Sunday Ragland was driv-and a half hours for the lead cars, a couple of hours ahead of the cars Justin Lofton had power steering dropping back when he broke an ing again, and he had no problems. and at the end of the day Scheeler and trucks each time. It's hard to problems, electrical problems, axle and had to fix it on course. He said, "A lot of hard work paid and Job were in front. They re-understand why any promoter flats and a broken c.v. on Friday Seventh went to Kevin Colan who off." He covered the 119 miles in ported that they'd shared the would take that job on voluntar-and had dropped to 12th. They thought Sunday's course was 2:17:41 and took the Sunday win, drive, had two flats and ran on ily. lost their transmission on Satur-"great". And in eighth place it was as well as the overall for himself seven cylinders most of the day. Saturday's loop was reportedly day. Jim Temple and his son Mark, in and Collins. Of the race, Ragland Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt a little faster, with' more long Sunday morning they lined up an old Raceco, updated by Pen-said, "I can't believe the effort that ran second, five minutes later, re-straight runs. But there was also an hour earlier, because this day hall, and with a Cadillac motor. Casey puts in for this race. The porting only one flat on Ewalt's an area called •the switchbacks" included not only a 119 mile race, They had problems with their al-people who didn't come missed a shift. In third it was Andy McMil- which brought the racers down out but also the awards presentation ternator and fuel pump, but were great event. As close as you can lin who'd been high-centered on a of the mountains. It was treacher-at 1:00 p.m. Folks was planning delighted to get the first finish on come to Dakar." rock for a while, but then, fortu-ously steep and narrow and driv-on everyone being finished early! the car since it was built. Temple, Baldwin, who knew he couldn't itously his Gram pa had come ers had to make three-point turns This time the course headed now 75, is a bit of off road his-take up the 27 minute deficit he along and pulled him off. Chuck to get around the comers. It was south to Goldfield, ten crossed the tory. The hard-charging driver has started with, in that 119 miles, Hovey had had a day of frustra-too rocky and steep to permit just highway and came back to the fin-an overall win atthe Mint 400 on drove a "conservative" race on tion on Thursday, with the car" cut-going over the edge and going ish on the same final 40 miles it his record. Sunday which gave him second in ting out". He thought he needed a straight down, so everyone would ran on the day before. So the sec-Ninth place went to Sam Berri, the Trick Truck class and fourth new crank trigger, and at three pit have to work their way through it. ond half of the run was pretry who had mixed luck for the week-in the overall standings. In third it stops he installed a new one, but it Andy McMillin, who'd been chewed up, and fairly silty. The cars end. He:S recently put a bigger was Steinberger and Jones, a long didn't cure the symptoms. The tired at the end of Friday, got his were still being started in the or-Honda .motor in his Jimco, and way back and still vapor locking. fourth time, because he had no dad, Scott, to help with Saturday's der in which they'd finished the for this tace also had a transmis-But they'd taken the time to tow a clue what else might work, he in-run. They finished in first place, day before, with no relevance to sion with better gearing. He liked disabled 7200 truck to its pit along stalled another, and it solved the Andy saying, •rve never gone so their actual placement in the over-the combination and was doing the way. Fourth place went to problem. He'd had three faulty fast in mylife!The steering's messed all standings. Still, it was close, and well Thursday, but had a flat and Cadiente and Whitton, who had crank triggers in his pit supplies. up and there's no brakes." Second the front runners were pretty his jack didn't work. Then on Fri-a big time penalty for Friday's Friday he said he had "pretty much place went to Mark McMillin. On much in the same company they'd day a Protruck messed up in front DNF. a perfect day", and made a great Friday that replacement transmis-been running with the previous of him and in the dust he had no The Unlimited Open-Wheel recovery, moving up to fourth sion wouldn't stay in third and three days. Andy McMillin was in time for evasive maneuvers. He slid cars (Class 1500) had an entry of place. B.J. Richardson had three fourth gear, so they'd rewelded it the lead starting the morning, with into the side of the truck, and be-21 which included a lot of talent. flats and needed a new fuel pump, and he'd lost enough time to drop a ten minute cushion on the sec- fore he could catch his breath, B.J. But the Time Trials was the end of but took fifth for the day. James to 13th. It worked fine on Satur-ond place car, Job and Scheeler, Baldwin ran into the back of him. things for Pat Dean, who hit a big Mihal, in the beautiful BMW Por- day, but its mounts were cracked which because of yesterday's finish Baldwin quickly backed away, rock, rolled hard, tore off an A-ter, had been adding gear oil on just like the ftrst one. They decided was starting five spots behind him. hollered "Sorry!" and went on, but arm and took a hard knock on the Thursday and predicted he'd be to ignore it, and would just strap Andy had no one but B.J. Baldwin Berri and the Protruck were there head. His crew retired the car and doing the same on Friday. Things it in overnight. Hovey moved up in front of him, so he could expect for a long time. Everyone was o.k., took Pat to Las Vegas and an MRI, must have gone from bad to worse, to third even after driving ten miles a fairly dust free ride. And he got but the vehicles suffered severe which declared him to be just fine. because he didn't finish. Nor did on a flat tire. In fourth it was it, the only car to pass him being damage. The Friday race was Mark Weyhrich got to Mile 40 and Scott Kincaid in a new Porter, al-Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt, his Uncle Mark. Andy and Scott tough for Berri because everything blew the torque converter in his though we don't know why, and who'd had a late flat. Scheeler and took the win, and Andy reported was misaligned. But more work Jimco, and both Todd Jergensen Danny Anderson, who was in an-Job ran fifth on Saturday, report-"We just ran our own pace - we over night got it back pretty close in a Cadillac powered Smithbuilt other Scheeler/Job Jimco, and ing they'd had a couple of flats, did good!" Scheeler and Job took to good running shape, and he and Mile Bilek in a Ford powered had reportedly been stuck in sec-and with one of them the car had second, about eight minutes back also liked the motor/gear ratio Porter were out for unknown rea-ond gear, also failed to finish on fallen off the jack. B.J. Richardson at the end, saying they'd "played it combination. He was glad to fin-sons. Friday. Steve, Shawn and Ray had vapor lock trouble, a flat, and smart and stayed out of trouble" ish ninth. At the end of the first day Bob Croll were the final drop outs for then, in the switchbacks that wheel on this final run. In third it was Tenth went to Brian Parkhouse and Justin Lofton had the lead in the day, after finishing sixth on had fallen off. He finished sixth, Corky McMillin, the sponsor of the and Tom Ridings in a Jimco. their Chevy Jimco, but they had Thursday. with Kevin Colan, in a Chenowth, event, and Brian Ewalt, who'd lost They'd had power steering prob-only about 16 seconds on Andy McMillin in his Chevy Jimco. Nei-ther had had any significant prob-lems, but McMillin finished on a flat. In third it was Kory Scheeler and Larry Job, and B.J. Richardson ran fourth in his Bunderson, reporting just one flat. Fifth was held by Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt, who'd also had a flat, and in sixth it was Steve and Shawn Croll in their Jimco. Kevin Colan was seventh in his Che-nowth, and eighth belonged to Brian Parkhouse and Tom Ridings in a Jimco. They were only 17 min-utes behind the lead car and had no power steering for the last 30 miles. All together all but three of the Class 1500 cars finished on Thursday. Page 10 The Unlimited Mini Truck win went to Larry Roese/er, he brought his Ford into the finish line 13'1' overall. September 2005 Josh Hall drove his Hummer to the Class 41 OOP win with ease, his elapsed time was 23:10:29 for the long, three day run. · Dusty Times

Page 11

h'l"HE LONGEST OPP.ROAD RACE IN THE~ STATES•• CARS TRUCKS October 6,7 ,8, 2005 Life Is an Adwmfure Come I.Ive Your Adventure with Bffl ln TIie Desett QUADS MOTORCYCLES ""' "Vegas to Reno" Past overall \Winners nu Um hdll:I 11.m:~"dildt ~1111 .i. ls l,_ ~ l)IH<l!.1'Mik..-~ ~,,, '"" Ow" ~JtdoC.WfWI'--•~ ,,... tl:tt~ Oldt'-11 Mt~Ub ---u,..m t"1 ,..,._,. ....... ~.,cw.. x...-u "14111~ .-1 ~ 1-5pot\-.'tri< .....,_ """"' ,:,,..u Cull'tw&. ~ t..u..tJm n«a.. ,...., lt<Utl,) 1M '~ It--~--,..._ Xlll ti~• _, Ow S-.t ~""'-o..,.-.. uiatt --~♦.\'>~ ,..,. ,;..n,n 'W . ..._<> w••..L1.. ,BE "':a:"'._E:! _. 2005 "':a:"'S<:::;<> ...... V"E~"""-S tc:> ,.~N'<>•• C>'-'E-~L..L 'Wir--.lNE'.Q.S1'77' ~-··· . , ®,)KC HiLiTES on· . .I li . k Official Lights .... ICI! . . fUC. ~-"~ ~ . ~ ~ Ulllt'lm o . .· • RACING .ASSOC. ATIOH ____ IUCIIGAS$0CIA1IOlf " HONDA. Contact info: Casey Folks@ j3est in the Desert 702-457-5775 Office 702-641-6401 Fax GOOD/'iEAR Official Tire 3475 Boulder Hwy Las Vegas, NV 89121 1/ 1 I 2 1 'I r, r, l I (

Page 12

In Class 81 OOP it was Chad Hall taking the big win, but it was close, he only had seven minutes in hand at the end. lems, had torn off a front arm in a ditch, and "had an absolute blast" for the weekend. Everyone in this class that started Sunday made it to the finish line. But it was only 50 percent of the original start list. The Protrucks did some hard racing. There were eight entries, and all of them finished the first day. Steve and Ryan Staats had their Ford in the early lead, with about two minutes on Rick Johnson in his Toyota. In third place it was Charlie McDowell in a Ford, only 27 seconds later. Al Hogan ran fourth, another seven seconds back in another Ford, 'and Jason Jernigan and Craig Smith, another Ford, were fifth, less than a minute later. Then there was a gap of about 16 minutes and it was Gus Vildosola, Jr., in his :Toyota. Gus had come up on a 1 berm in the dust, and not seeing 1it, got himself stuck. He'd lost a ;<fair amount of time, and also ran ~on seven cylinders for a long time. '3Gus was astounded at the silt. This lwas his first race in Nevada, and he couldn't believe how the silt "went on and on for miles". He thought it was very different from Mexico where the silt comes in shorter sections (Ed. Note: Some limited class drivers might not agree with him about Mexican silt com-• POWERFUL • PRECl!!iE 2" Cap,1city. 180" Bends Steel. 4130, Stainless, Aluminum Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perfect for the: • Race Car Builder • Small Fabrication Shop • Home Shop Call for a FREE BROCHURE ing in shorter sections.) Jason Voss, in a Ford, got into some deep stuff in a turn and rolled his truck. As he and his passenger were clambering out along came Andy Waters in the Swift Class 7200 car, and anxious to miss them, he also rolled. The cars never touched. But just a few seconds later here came Scott McMillin who sees what looks like potential carnage. He assumed the worst; that a colli-sion and double roll has occurred, and expects there might be injuries, so he radios for his helicopter, which had a medic on board. Ulti-mately, everyone was uprighted, Voss loaned a tire to Waters who'd flattened two of his own, and ev-eryone went on their way, no worse for the wear. Except that both ve-hicles looked rumpled. Voss was sev-enth for Thursday, and behind him came Alan Levinson, who had some serious mechanical trouble. His crew spent nearly three and a half hours making repairs overnight, earning him a "penalty" of two hours and 28 minutes for the day. They were all back out on Fri-day, but Voss' luck went from bad to worse and he lost an upper balljoint and didn't finish, nor did McDowell, who broke a bearing of some importance. Dane Cardone, at the wheel of the Johnson Toyota, (541 )382-1573 Manufactured B l!iCD Page 12 Rob MacGachren and Steve 01/iges drove the Ford pickup to the Class 7300P win, seen here headin' for the bam. came in first, doing the final 20 miles with no power steering because of a rock that hit a filter. He had a 36 minute lead on the Staats car which had been involved in that crash with Berri. Levinson was third, report-ing that he'd changed fan belts, and in fourth it was Vildosola, who said he had four flats early. He said the day was "very long and bad." He'd also had a clogged fuel filter to trouble him and was stuck for a couple of hours after changing a flat. In fifth it was Al Hogan, who'd broken an axle and.lost two hours. Jernigan and Smith were sixth, re-porting motor problems. They all worked on their cars overnight, and all eight started on Saturday. The rules allowed one "DNF" for the event, so Friday's failures didn't mean the end of the run for those two trucks. By now the cars had about 551 miles on them, and some were starting to get tired. But Johnson's Toyota ran like a clock, and except for one flat he had no trouble getting back in front of the group. Levinson changed some fan belts, flattened a tire and added water, but still finished sec-ond, about 20 minutes behind the lead. In third it was the Staats truck, looking the worse for the wear, but with only one flat to report. Steve said it was a "pretty smooth day• beautiful country we went through up there. I could go through it again." He was expressing a senti-ment apparently felt by quite a few of the drivers. Vildosola finished fourth again, still finding the going dusty, but he had only one flat to trouble him this day. In fifth it was Jernigan and Smith who lost three hours with ignition problems be-fore they got to Pit 2. Sixth went to McDowell who'd broken a Heim joint, and Hogan was seventh with a long story. Hogan tends to have long stories, but it's because he never gives up. He's the last person to call for a trailer when he's having trouble. This time he reported that he broke the axle on the other side (from Friday's break) and it spit out into the desert. So he and his pas-senger made a new cap out of a piece cut from their number plate and shoved the axle back in. They went on another few miles, but the other axle had moved and ruined the hub. So then they decided to use the good axle in one side and the jack handle in the other. Hogan said they covered another 30 miles that way, but he had to be real careful going around things on the side with the jack handle sticking out. They got to the next pit, where they had to wait a half hour for replace-ment parts to get there, and then spent more time with the repairs. The eighth place finisher was Voss, who had a rocker stud break, but said he had no flats. September 2005 So they'd all made it through the third day, and everyone showed up for Sunday's start. Johnson, Staats and Vildosola were the lead three going into the day. Vildosola had a clean run and got to the finish line first, but less than two minutes in front of Cardone, who finished in Johnson's truck, also with a perfect day. Staats came in nearly ten min-utes later in third, and reported that this was "the toughest race I've ever been involved with." In fourth it was McDowell, and Hogan was fifth, looking for his missed breakfast. Sixth was Jernigan and Smith who'd had trouble with a fuel pump. They said their crew had consisted of only nine people and they were really proud of the job they'd done over the four days. Levinson was seventh on the day and apparently had mo-tor trouble, as he had to be towed away from the finish line. And last to finish was the Voss truck, sound-ing very sick also. On corrected time Johnson•and Cardone took the win in their Toyota, finishing 10th in the ,.,.;er-all standings. Then it was Ryan and Steve Staats, followed by Vildosola, then Levinson, Hogan, Jernigan and Smith, McDowell and Jason and Rich Voss. With another 100 percent finish statis-tic, they once again demonstrated the considerable toughness of the trucks and the teams that make up the Protruck group. Class 8 consisted of only two ve-hicles: the Ford of Curt LeDuc and the Chevy driven by Tom and Tommy Bradley. Right off the start line the Bradleys were unhappy be-cause they'd discovered that Curt LeDuc wouldn't be driving this event, nor would his sons. They all had races in Topeka, Kansas in the CORR series, and had BITD per-mission to have Matt, David and Steven Scaroni stand in for them. Curt would drive the Time Trial, and then take off for the airport. This is an accepted practice at.BITD events when a competitor has an-other event in which he's compet-ing for points, and has been done for many years. Sadly, the Bradleys hadn't been aware of it (this is their first year in the series) and they were noticeably upset by the turn of events. It couldn't have been a good way for them to start a four day race. Tommy Bradley did a great job in the Time Trials and earned him-self a 10th place start, a real adven-ture in the silt and dust. He had his daughter, Brianna, riding with him for the first day. But at Mile 24 it all went wrong. That point on the course took a sharp left, but Brad-ley misread the markers, or the marker was down (lots of bikes and quads had already been through here) and, not knowing ti¥ road, went right, and suddenly found him-self back at-Pit 1, which he'd visited · about 10 miles ago. There was noth-ing to do but go around ·the loop again, because· backtracking the shorter route would mean running against traffic. That didn't help Tommy's mood any. He lost con-siderable time in the doing. He wasn't the only one to make the error. At least two others reported making the same mistake, and who knows how many didn't bother to mention it? Meanwhile, Matt Scaroni, in LeDuc's truck, moved to the front and stayed there. He had a clean day, while Bradley bent a driveshaft and had to do some serious work on the truck in the Work Area. He was just 15 min-utes down to Scaroni at the end of the ffrst day and determined to make itup. On Friday Matt and his brother, David shared the driving and David had a flat. The jack didn't work, and he spent some time digging, but still finished the day nearly two hours in front of Bradley who must have had seri-ous trouble. He crossed the finish line and headed straight for his pit, not stopping to chat. He was one of the few with a one-car pit setup, so he didn't have to wait for some team member's car to clear out before he moved in. On Saturday Steve Scaroni started in LeDuc's truck (while Matt rode with Greg Foutz) and David finished. David drove the switchback section. He said, "It died at every switchback. I thought we were goin' off the road. It was fun!" The Bradleys also finished, but had lost more time, apparently suffering some continuing prob-lems. On Sunday ~i1e Scaroni/LeDuc truck los0t the brakes at the last pit, but still held the lead and took the win. Once again the Bradleys lost time, but they did finish for a sec-ond place on the books. Class 1000 was the next group to start, with five entries, and col-lectively, they had more trouble than any other group -or so it seemed. Jim Dizney and Scott Webster had their Hondo Jimco in front of the pack at the end of Thursday, with a little over an hour on second place. They'd had no on-course trouble, but had to put in a little over an hour in the Work Area doing some welding. Mark Weger was second in his RPS, and in third it was Allen Gerber and Dave Blakely in their Lothringer. They'd lost their clutch and had to replace the master cylinder and slave cylin-der. Then, 100 yards from the fin-ish, a wheel had exploded. In fourth place it was Wade Kelson and Todd Bogh in a J imco. They'd had an engine fire which had melted their throttle cable, and cost them three hours time. Fifth place went to Rob MacBeath and Trevor Scherrer, in a Honda Jimco. They'd been hit by a Protruck, which broke a valve cover and they'd gone back to Las Vegas for parts and to make repairs, so this was their DNF/ throwaway day, and they earned a time penalty of 12:48. That would be hard to overcome. Thinking about the long road ahead, Webster and Dizney were "takin' it easy" on Friday, but still finished in front of the pack. They were 12th overall and had three hours on the second car on cor-rected time. MacBeath and Sherrer were the second finisher on Friday, reporting one flat and that the car popped out o.f fourth gear. In t'hir~ Du,ty Times .

Page 13

Jonathan Swift and family had a good run, they ran their Ford pickup Chuck Hovey overcame lots of nagging troubles and he and his The Hunts had some problems, especially fuel pump type but they to the second spot in the Class 7200 division. Jimco ended up in fourth place after the 1000 mile trek. soldiered on and took third place in the JeepSpeed Stock class. it was Gerber and Blakely, who they'd lost their brakes at Mile 50 a couple of bad moments appar- dusty today." Nine minutes later it DNF. drove 120 miles with no power on this last day, and while they fin- ently, and something to rag Roe-was Jon Swift, who ran trouble free. On Saturday Hall got into the steering. Their spare tire had moved ished fourth for the day, they were seler about. He still had about an He hopped out of the race truck rocks in some dust and had a in its mount and knocked off the third for the race on corrected hour and a half lead on the second and into a ride to the airport, and couple of flat tires at the same time, power steering fluid reservoir, time. Fourth on the day was the place car. back to his 4H obligations. The which meant a slow trip to the next draining the system before they re-team of MacBeath and Scherrer, That was Binns' truck, with Dixon truck was third for the day, pit. Later he had to have a boot alized what had happened. Kelson who finished in a cheerful mood, Benny Fenn driving. He'd been and then Roeseler finished fourth, and half-shaft repaired. He lost his and Bogh were fourth, with no and said they liked the format and stuck early in the day and was now only 50 minutes behind the first lead while repairs were being made, clutch, although they said they had would "do it again in a heartbeat." running back in heavy traffic. truck. He said he'd lost "maybe an and the other truck went into the no other problems. And Weger They were also fourth for the race. Dixon was enjoying his first day hour and a half" all together. Binns lead. Stein had started, but Walser didn't get a finish on Friday, taking Weger was the fifth finisher for the with no problems. But Swift and and Fenn were last in the group to took over midway. They got to the a hit with a time penalty of 15:57, class, although he actually fihished Waters reported a broken crank finish. finish just four minutes in front of because he'd lost his ignition. third for the day. and didn't finish, and Sorenson When they computed the cor- Hall, reporting "no problems . a On Saturday Webster started There were five entries in the also failed to finish. rected times, Roeseler was the win-lot of fun." Hall also reported the and Dizney finished, saying the 7200 class (modified mini trucks), They were all back out again for ner, finishing 13th overall. The days "fun." "clutch is dragging and it's hard to all Fords, and all give got through Sunday. Swift and Waters had dis- Swifts and Waters were second, It all came down to Sunday. Hall shift." They were still three hours the first day. The lead belonged to covered that it was not a crank af-Binns and Fenn took third place broke an idler arm which cost him in front of Gerber and Blakely, Larry Roeseler and he reported ter all, just a flywheel. So the truck and Dixon was fourth. Sorenson about 15 minutes, but still man-who had put a new tie strap on only one flat tire near the end of was repaired, and Jonathan, John's was fifth. aged to finish first, and take the race that errant spare tire so it wouldn't the day, and finished about an son, was at the wheel. He had to Class 4100, next in the line-up, win. Stein was about six minutes cause them any more trouble. hour up on Andy Waters in the hustle because he had to get back had only two entrants: Josh Hall back on Sunday, but nearly seven Problem was, the tie strap was John Swift car. Waters was the one home to the county fair, up Santa and his H2 Hummer and Marc hours down for the race as a whole long, and it dangled down and got who'd rolled to avoid hitting the Barbara way, to show his 4 H pig. Stein and Travis Walser in their because of his Thursday DNF. into a c.v. boot and ruined it. Their rolled-over Protruck, and his ve- Roeseler maintained his pace Ford. Hall had a day Thurs-There were nine 8100 cars in this motor was also '-utting out at low hide looked terrible, but appar-through Check C, but then word day, stopping for nothing but to race, seven Fords and two Hum-end speeds and their power steer- ently wasn't seriously damaged. In came that he'd lost his transmis- switch passengers when his first rider mers. At the end of Thursday's race, ing wasn't right. In fact, they third it was David Binns, and sion. It "exploded", he said later. became ill. He got to the finish line Chad Hall had his Hl Hummer in "couldn't depend.on having power fourth was Randy Sorenson who He radioed for his crew, and hitched in good shape, while Stein and the lead, with about a nine minute steering" at any given time. Weger lost an hour and 47 minutes to over- a tow to Pit 4 with Jesse Jones, and Walser failed to finish and took the cushion. He'd had a pretty good was b;l ' md he was credited with time work after the drive. Gary they met him and got right to work. 12:48 DNF penalty. day, reporting that the car was a a thir or Saturday, because the Dizon was fifth, almost five hours Binns, meanwhile, had electrical On Friday Hall had another "little bit stiff", and also that he'd othe1 two spent overtime in their off the pace after taking a 50 problems and lost a lot of time. "very good day", even avoiding flats. torn two boots. Dave Morrison, Work Area. Weger himself re-minute penalty for overtime work Sorenson, who hadn't finished on Stein finished almost exactly an who was second, reported missing ported he'd lost a fan; overheated in the Work Area. This was due to Saturday, was first to the finish line hour behind him, but had a long the same turn that Bradley did, and all day, torn a c.v. boot and had damage caused when a battery cable on Sunday, saying it was "dustier'n way to go because of Thursday's Continued on page 14 broken his exhaust, not to men-fried and set fire to a brake line, · tion a couple of flats. Apparently leaving him with no rear brakes. He his crew fixed it :i 1' within the hour. also had clogged fuel filters. Mac Beath and Scherrer were On Friday Roeseler continued fourth after the overtime penalties to lead, explaining that "this is all were assessed. They reported that about not stopping -no down their radio fell out of its housing, time". He said he was "just cruis-into the passenger's lap. He tried ing". At the end of two days he riding along that way, but the had a lead of about 50 minutes. course was rough and the heavy John Swift ran second in his radio was banging on his knees, so crumpled car, finding it difficult they stopped to put it back in its to pass in the dust after starting so place and tie wrap it more solidly. far back. Sorenson was third, They also ran into a power pole many hours later after apparently they couldn't see in dust and bent extensive problems. Both he Binns a tie rod. In fifth, Kelson and Bogh truck and the Dixon truck failed had a flat, a bad c.v. boot and an to get to the finish on Friday. alternator going bad. They also Dixon's steering snapped in half almost ran out of fuel coming in and Binns bent an axle housing on to Pit 7. a big rock. He had to cut it in half, Overnight they all got things to-straighten it and weld it back to-gether, so everyone started on Sun- gether. day. Things changed drastically. It Saturday morning they all suddenly became apparent that the showed up, and this time it was Roe-Dizney/Webster car wasn't at the seler who had some early trouble. front of the pack. And not until For some reason this throttle link-Vince Wavra towed him into a pit age stuck, and he couldn't get mov-with his Baja Bug did it become ing. Looking very sedate at the start known that he'd stopped moving line, he found a wide spot to pull forward, apparently the victim of over and took 10 minutes to make a broken input shaft. He and a fix. His day then went along Webstertookatimepenaltyof6:49 smoothly until he got to the for the day, for their DNF. Mean- switchbacks, where he got into a while, everyone else went on. Allen jam. He somehow got hung up in and Blakely had a good day and one of those tight turns, and reported that they'd had no flats couldn't get himself backed around for the entire race. They were first to make the turn. Looking for an to finish on Sunday, and moved up alternate route, he spotted what into the win for the race. Dizney "looked like a big gravel slide" - so and Webster dropped to second he took it, although "not by place with their final day failure. choice." It went straight down, and In third it was Kelson and Bogh, right back to the road without dam-still five hours down to Dizney and aging anything, although it gave car Webster. They reported that owner Mike Ruane, who was riding, Dusty Times 7CI B BBSl#ESS 011 IIACE TEAM Dri,iog SuHs • Crew U11Horms • Crew Shirts Polo Shirts • Team Jackets • Hats • Gear Bags ,,.,,,,.,,, #EIIIIIIST IWOTlllllnl¥llflT6 • IUfTl/fa.11 •.111:1NS • ~ a.,:;aa; lillOVI I.IIIII/IIBI • t:llill ,AatlRIIIIIC/t • IIAl:I IIDIIIY l"IIIIIIUl:TS • Tll..71111 lltlLII.IIO E'MP:1111 IIIUITELIIIIE • IRMIO.II l:.IIRS Ill CIIIIIIN.II September 2005 Page 13

Page 14

The big Class 10 win went to Alan Gerber and Clay Johnson, their Lothringer seen here doing what it does best. having to re-do that loop at the bottom of the course. In third it was Greg Foutz another 23 min-Page 14 utes back, followed by Mike Alden, who was an hour behind him. Billy Bunch and Dave Turner didn't Vince Wavra drove his Leighton powered Bug to a nice win at the BITD 1000, looks like there was enough dust and silt for everyone. make it to the finish, nor did Mark on Friday morning. Handley. Handley didn't return, The second Hummer, driven by but Bunch and Turn er were there the Henns, was the first casualty on September 2005 Friday, losing its motor at Mile 19. They didn't make a comeback. Hall went on to take the day, saying he didn't have enough power or enough <;ooling, but had had no problems. Then he noticed that a right rear shock had blown and the truck had pounded out .a corner of the bed. "Hm", he said, "that explains why it's ridin' so bad." Greg Foutz finished second after doing some work on his power steering. In third it was Morrison who'd had a flat when he hit a big hole, and fourth went to Mike Alden. Only seven finished on Friday. All seven started on Saturday, and Hall's crew had managed to re-pair the serious damage to his right-rear corner without going overtime. Foutz had gathered up his entire crew and some extras, it appeared, and had changed axles and bush-ings and shocks and anything else that might wear or break. It was preventive maintenance on a grand scale. Maybe it paid off. He took the Saturday win, reporting that he'd "nearly jackassed off the switchbacks." Morrison was second, and he'd welded his cage and bro-ken his headers but had no flats. In third it was Hall, who'd had five broken half shafts. It was decided that was probably because when the crew made that late repair the lim-iter had been left a little too long. It was a mystery, and it cost two places for the day, and about 45 minutes or so. David Moore was fourth, saying he'd had no flats for a change. But his brakes went out and "we ran into a few things." In fifth it was Randy Merritt who re-ported "lots of mechanical woes", things breaking. Once again, Bunch and Turner failed to finish, and that made them a permanent DNF for the event. Six trucks lined up for Sunday's run, and it could easily turn to ei-ther Foutz, Hall or Morrison. Their times were close enough that some problems or an error could make the difference. Foutz had a great run, no problems and no mistakes and took the Sunday win. But Hall was second and had built up enough of a cushion on the previ-ous days that he got the win by just seven seconds. Morrison was third for the weekend, about 20 minutes later, thanking his crew for "bandaiding the truck every night." In fourth it was Alden, who'd had some ignition problems, but other-wise ran well. In fifth it was Merritt, who barely made it in. Lance Magin towed him almost to the finish, and then he cranked over what little was left of his motor and drove across. He had no idea what the problem was. In sixth it was David Moore, and he was the last to finish. Four trucks started in Class 7300 - all Fords. Rob MacCach-ren and Steve Olliges had the lead at the end of Thursday, with 15 minutes on the second place car. They'd "tried to put time on every-one." Aaron and Ian Dixon ran second, saying they'd been "cruisin' - paced ourselves." In third it was Carl Fitts and John Webster ran fourth, and he'd lost over three hours somehow. On Friday Steve Olliges started and MacCachren finished, and they had "a little fuel hiccup" that cost about eight minutes in the pit. They were still leading. Fitts finished sec-ond reporting a" challenging day." He'd rolled before Check 5 and Mark Stein had pulled him upright, but then he'd had three flats, changed an alternator and lost his brakes. And his truck looked aw-Dus~y Times

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Gorky McMillin, the event sponsor and Brian Ewalt had a pretty good Fifth place in the Class 1 battle went to Marl< McMillin who needed a long weekend, they finished third in the Class 1 contest, fifth overall. new transmission amongst other things for his Jimco. ful. The Dixons were third after far as to carry a five gallon jug of In the modified or "Pro" they'd had "some sort of electrical water in the cockpit for the final JeepSpeed class, there were three problems -only half power from few miles, but they made it to the entries. All of them finished all four Gabbs" to the finish. They spent a finish line. They said it was "a great days, but it wasn't easy. Justin and lot of time in the Work Area... adventure." Clearly, they had en-Bob Mamer had the lead after Webster's truck was rolled by joyed the weekend. Thursday's run, with a half hour Jim Temple and son Marl< had a pretty good race in their old Raceco, they were eighth in Class 1 and 2(Jh overall. Kenny Brager, and didn't get to the finish line. They all started on Saturday, and once again, Olliges started and MacCachren finished. This time they had "no real trouble." They now had 45 minures on Fitts who called it a "long, rough day", but had no problems. The Dixons were third, and had replaced a bad in-jector, which helped, but didn't fully correct their problem. Their truck was still not running right. Webster was back, but had exhaust problems and also lost a radius arm bushing, and had down time total-ing about four hours. Sunday rolled around to a full house. Olliges and MacCachren "just putted around" and took the win. They were not only the week-end winners, but had worked up to 18th overall, inside the magic "top twenty overall" line. The Dixons' truck still wasn't running right, but they finished second for the day, third for the weekend after replac-ing all the injectors. They said it ran at "about 90%." In third, but sec-ond for the weekend, was the crumpled Fitts team. They said they "took a Sunday drive." The Webster truck, with Alyssa Lehr at the wheel, finished fourth, and took fourth for the weekend also, thanks in part to Friday's DNF time pen-alty. Vince Wavra and Terry and Rick McClintick were the only Class 5000 entry, but as always, they had more fun than anyone. Their Baja Bug features a 227 5cc VW motor built by Lee Leighton, and it rolls along smoothly out there in the Nevada rough stuff. They were apparently not beset by any serious troubles, although they did finish on Friday dragging their right rear fender. Saturday they reported "no trouble, no flats, no nothing", and on Sunday their major excitement had been towing Dizney to his pit. At the end of the weekend they were 26th overall, and they'd had a won-derful time. They'd still like to have some Class 5000s to play with. The JeepSpeed folks had three classes out for this race, or tried to. They added a more modified class, hoping to attract some models other than Cherokees, but appar-ently word didn't get out soon enough because only one vehicle showed up. That was another Cherokee, driven by Colin Hunter and Gavin Skilton. They got stuck on a sidehill on Thursday and when someone tried to pull them off, they rolled over. That day became a DNF. But on Friday they finished, so they continued on. Saturday was another finish, in spite of overheat-ing seriously. Sunday they went so Dusty Times UST YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YEAR, MODEL AND ENGINE SIZE! Sales lnfonnalion: Payment may be made by credit card, money order or cashlefs check. Personal or t>uslness checks are not accepted. C.O.D. orders accepted with 50% pre-payment. $5 Handling charge on all orders. California residents Include 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for all freight charges. Minimum order Is $25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no way is the name used to inler or intend a direct connection between Pacilic Customs Unlimited, Inc. and Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. ET DISC BRAKES King Pin Sp/1111/a or Com/lo Lint S,/lld/a. L--.....::a.-.-.::;i;iiL......1 Billet Oise Brakes for Sand Rails ................ $690 Billet Oise Brakes for Desert Rails ............... .73:1 BIUET SVW HUBS O KP or Com/lo L/aUp/lldla. HOWE POWER STEERING 2.5 Po-Rack .................. $1.100 2.5 Power Rack w~h Control Valve .................. 1.465 Control Valve· lnline ............... 3:10 Chartfnn Torque Generator ...... 295 Port Block. Chanyoo .................. 30 Coupler. Chartynn ...................... 18 Sweet LI-Joints. from ................. 56 Reservoir. Power Steering ......... 94 Reservoir with Filter. Power Steering ................. 148 Reserboir Bracket ...................... 14 Power Steering Pump .............. 160 Power Steering Pulley .............. <60 Pulley for Subaru ....................... 60 Pump Brackets. from ................. 65 King Pin Spindle Hub Kit ...... $335 MICKEY THOMPSON PERFORMANCE TIRES aa1.-Pro Perform111u T/r,1 E78 Mini Mag...................... $92 30 X 7.00. 4·ply ....................... 114 33 X 9.00. 4-ply ....................... 156 35 X 10.00. 4-ply ................... .160 MICKEY THOMSON BAJA BELTED HP 30x9.5-15 ............................ $120 31 X 10.50-15 .......................... 152 33 X 10.50-15 .......................... 146 on Clive Skilton and Barrie Th- placed itwith two wheel drive which ompson. Skilton and Thompson didn't exaglv--thrill Thompson. had broken their front end, and Bruce Anderson ran third, about their crew went into overtime with an hour and 20 minutes later, re-repairs. At that, they'd removed a porting "lots of problems." broken 4WD front end and re-Continued on page 10 COIL BEAM SUSPENSION •llad• ill USA. Front &di Ml,. W/tl,r wltll 111" T 1111t1n lo .vu,t Coll Sllod'I Wllhoal Modlf/ralloll 11111 ""'""' Rai:t ,,. Pinion Mo111t. Tt11//llf Anni Ml 0.0.M. Mll1rfal, Z'J,· L,,,.r X 1· Wlnr Alltl CIR Use Eltlllr Sloi:t K/119 Pi• sp111111,, or Com/lo Lina. Fron! Beam for Coil Shocks ... $250 Combo Link Spindles ............. $440 Chromoly Fron1 Beam for Combo Link Spindles. 3' ......... 465 Coil Shocks ....................... 3:lO King Shock 'Z Adj. Body D.D.M. Trai6ng Arms. set ol 4 .285 lw'Reser10t. includes D.D.M. + 4' Trailing Arms (4) .. 335 Sl)rings. each ................... -495 Thru Rods w/Nuts. pat .............. 50 Piggf Back Reser10t Option ..... 65 Urethane Beam Bushings ......... 24 Swedged ne Rods. Alum. pr .... 65 H.D. Link Pins ............................ 48 SWedgedT·Rods. Chromoly. pr65 SACO HD RACK & PINION II/Ill Ho111//lg. /lladl In U.S.A. Saco Rack & Pinion .....•......... $295 Sweet LI-Joints. from ................ 56 ~CONTROL ~CABLES F/1x/b/1, Hll'ff Dtlt, Sh/1/dltl Tllroll/1 C,b/11. S,,.Clly Clip Ea Or Blllk /lfad &ti Anl/1t/1 6'-13' Long hi 6• Jnmm,n/J. 6' or 6'/,' Cable ........................ $28 1· or7'h' Cable .......................... 29 8' or 8W Cable .......................... 3:1 9' or9'/t" Cable .......................... 31 10' or 10'1t' Cable ...................... 32 11 · or 11 '/,· Cable ...................... 33 12' or 12'/r' Cable ...................... 34 13' or 13'/,' Cable ...................... 35 • At/ti $5 lot Tllrutlld Hoosl•I • 313 TRAIUNG ARMS lwLA1ESTRAGE Will u,, 1130 C'I Joint. TraiUng Arms. Steel, pair ....... $265 Traiing Arms. Stock. pair ........ 240 TraiUng Arm Bushings ............... 15 ~I KING ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS WI RESERVOIR FIii/ Atl/111/m,III 0111I Sprla, Sboi:t wltb Hall ,,. RHlmlir. King 2" Adjustable Shock. 8-10·12" Stroke ...... frorn $495 King 2 •1,· Adjustable Shock. 12-14-16" Stroke ..... .lrom585 Biftet Aluminum Clamp-On Reser;oir Mount. each ........ 35 Urethane Mount Pad, pair ............ 8 • RACE PREP 930 CV'S FromG,nn11183111 lo Rac,pr,p 131. German 930 DI ....................... $55 Chromoly 930 Cage ................... -45 Race Prep 930 D/ .................... 140 HD¼ 930CV Bol. 12 Point ......... 1 Boot And Range For 930 ........... 28 930 CHROMOLY CV CAGE Allon Alftlll/ollll Pl'roU-, Ill "' CV Jollll. Slrollflr ca,. R1tlllm CIIIIU ot Bflltl ... 930 Chromoly DI Cage. each .. $45 HEIM JOINTS CllromoJr Hllm Jo/116 S,,elfy L.n or Rlglll Halld TllflN '/, X 'Ii Heim Joint .................. $31 '// x '// Heim Joint .................... 38 '/," x'/, High Angle Heim Joint .. -49 ¼" Jam Nut .................................. 2 '/, Jam Nut .................................. 3 'la" x 'It' x '// Misalignment Spacer ................................... 7 ¾" x '/," x 'h" Misalignment Spacer ................................... 7 '/, x '/,' x '/,· Misalignment Spacer ................................... 8 '/ .. X ¼' X '/," MisaliQnment Spacer ................................... 8 '/,"Thread Chromoly Tube Boss .8 'I/ Thread Chromoly Tube Boss .8 CENTERLINE WHEELS Far,ttl Allm/RIIIII W"'1 Polls/I# F/1/M. 1sx4 svw ....................... $159 15x5 5VW ......................... 163 15x 6 5 vw ......................... 163 15x7 5VW ......................... 166 15x8 5VW ......................... 169 15x10 5VW ......................... 176 15x3'/, 4VW ..................... 1S4 15x 5 'I, 4 VW ..................... 197 1sx 7 4 vw ..................... 200 15x 8 '/, 4 VW .................... 206 930 CHROMOLY STUBAXLES& DRIVE FLANGES Stub Axles for 93:1 DI. pair .... $140 Stub Axles for Bus DI. pair .... $140 Drive Ranges for 930 DI, par ... 70 Drive Flanges for Bus DI. pair ... 70 HEAVY DUTY AXLES GERMAN CV JOINTS lit LA TEST RASE DOTS BU0'9us Trans to AND B Beetle TraMer Arms .......... $120 Bug. DI Joint ........................... $42 BUO'Bus Trans to 3x3 Arms ..... 13:1 Bug, DI Boot .............................. 4 BUO'Bus Trans to 3x3 Arms Bus. DI Joint ............................. 48 tor 930 D/·s ...................... 140 Bus. DI Boot ............................... 6 23" or 24' Axles for 93:1 Di's .. .260 930. DI Joint ............................ 55 24"-28" M300 tor 930 CV's ... fr 340 930. Boot and Flange ............... 28 CROW SAFETY BELTS 3• Lap BIiis w1• s, .. _,,, r or 3• Sbo/111,r H,,,,,,,,, Anl/1b/1 I• 3, 4, a, V Po/at 8/11:t or Grty. 3" X 2" 3 Point ....................... $68 3· x 2" 4 Point ......................... 68 3" X 3" 3 Poiri ......................... 80 3" X 3" 4 Point ......................... 80 3" x 2· 3 pt v.'Shoulder Pad .... 88 3" x 2" 4 pt w/Shoulder Pad .... 88 3" x 3" 3 pt w/Shoulder Pad .. too 3• x 3• 4 pt 'WShoulder Pad .. 100 2 Crotch Strap ........................... 12 CROW SHOULDER PADS Anl/ab/1 lor Z" or 3" Sbo11/d Hamm, Black, Bhle Or Rel. Ider Harness Pads. pr. UM/TING STRAPS Anl/1t11 Ill Ooat/11 or 01111&. 111a• 1rom t't,• #Jloo Wlbb/llf wltll I 5, IIIOI RIii Rf IRI 4131 SIHI Brawls. AnHab/e ,. fl". 21" Llllglbs. Double Limiting Strap .............. $18 Quad Limiting Strap ................... 24 Adjustable Clevis. Single .....•..... 28 LIL' SPORTSTER Olly fr' W1'1/ #llllt YOII C,o Uu S.,,IIIIIOII ma 1, #lrrower ,,,. ,.,. Wide $400 Ctlnb.Allilall IIBJdo,Glly. "" or"'° ··•·•······•·• ur Sportster SeaUow-Back$165 BEARD SUPER SEAT u~s;;J,i, ~i~om0 MOUNT KIT light Duty Tie Down. 1W x 6' Slid&'Til Combinttion .......... $110 Strap. 5,000# Capacity ...... $16 Stid6'Slide Combination Ratchet Tie Down. 'Z x 7' for Lil' Sportster ................ 125 Strap. 10.000# Capacity ...... 24 Bracket and Slide Mount Dntt .. 50 Axle Strap .................................. 10 September 200s Page.15

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........ Barrie Thompson took the JeepSpeed Pro Class win in Nevada, he had almost an hour on his competition at the checkers. On Friday Skilton and Thomp-ished third. son went into the lead with a better Saturday the Thompson/ day, finding their two wheel drive Skilton team held the lead, with no front end better in the rocks, but problems beyond a couple of flat cough in the silt. Justin Mamer tires. Anderson, who'd also had to stopped five times to help various weld his differential at some point, friends in trouble (anyone who hails finished second just under an hour from the Brawley/El Centro area), later, while Justin Mamer and his driving his dad seriously nuts be- co-driver undertook to rebuilt their cause he wasn't keeping him abreast transmission out on course. They of his progress or lack of it, on the said it wouldn't shift out of second, radio. He also broke a front shock so they "cook it apart, took out a mount. Anderson broke a trans- couple pieces, got all the gears work-mission mount, and Larry Roeseler ing except park" then reassembled helped him fix it overnight. He fin-it and went on. le took chem an Off-Road Racing Insurance Fram Off-Raad Racers wha happen ta also sell insurance! What more can you ask for? As racers, we understand the ins and outs of Off-Road Racing and can assist in revving up an insurance program specifically for you. Special Physical Damage Programs for: • Race Vehicles • Trucks • Trailers • Tools & Equipment Racer,s Liability Insurance & Auto Physical Damage for: • Race Cars • Prerunners • Chase Vehicles • Trailers Special Racing Event Coverage is CK! Ask about our low rates and low deductibles. We've got the expertise and the programs for you. JMichaelE. ames INSURANCE AGENCY Off-Road Racing Insurance Experts Call Mike er Kevin far FREE Oluate & Details 6 '1 9. 445. 579 7 Lie. #0875146 Page 16 bar and carried it along. le muse have been a miserable trip. His time for the day was .11:42:30. It was impossible to cell who was in the car at the finish line, his face was so covered in dirt, and he said, "I don't even want to talk about it." The BFG team helped him gee things working again, and thought he'd be at the start on Sunday, but the team must have discovered an-other problem, or else they were ter-ribly disheartened, but they didn't make it to the start on Sunday, and so took a DNF for the race. Too bad. Mike Falkosky and Brian Wicka were the big winners in the Class 31 00P contest, seen here dusting the course. Class 3100, the small SUVs had three entries. For a while. They were all Fords. Scott Douglas was en-tered, but he was at Topeka with the LeDucs, so Tim Lawrence, his car builder, was driving chis week-end. Lawrence got Douglas' truck to the finish first on Thursday, and Mike Falkosky came in 45 minutes later wondering how it could run so hard and stay together. Matt and Noah Pike and Zachary Churchill didn't get to the finish for unknown reasons. Bue they were all at the start the next morning. hour or so. And they finished only an hour and a half off the lead car's pace. On Sunday Skilton and Thomp-son both drove, and they had shock mount problems and air filter problems, which let the Mamer team move to the front. They ran "full blast", having done nothing further to chat transmission. Anderson also finished, second for the day. Once the times were com-puted for all four days, Thompson and Skilton had the· win, the Mamers were second and Ander-son was third. In the JeepSpeed stock group there were four cars, but one of chem, a new racer, didn't make it to tech on time Wednesday, so he couldn't start on Thursday, because there was apparently no lace tech arrangement made. It would have been difficult in any case with ev-erything moving from Vegas to Beatty. So three cars started. Jim and James Hunt took the Thurs-day win, with what they called a "very uneventful" day. They did pull two people out of difficulty, but had no troubles themselves. In sec-ond it was Giti Gowland who was about a half hour back, and in third Guy Alldredge another 45 minutes down. Friday went to the Alldredge car, while everyone else failed to make it. Gowland because of motor mounts and the Hunts because of fuel problems. Jacob Briones, who hadn't got to start on Thursday, did start Friday, but failed to get to the finish. It was, according to Skilton, who organizes this group, his first race ever, and probably not a good one for a first try. Even the logistics of it made it tough, not to mention the course. Three cars came back for Satur-day, and chis time Gowland finished the day first, with Alldredge second. He'd had vapor locking problems, torn off his exhaust, lost his power steering, overheated and had been stuck in the silt. He was cowed out by a Ford he said, and was "very happy about chat." In third it was the Hunts, still dealing with fuel pump problems. They were running late, so when Tim Hanna had trouble with a front wheel assem-bly, they helped him remove it from his Class 9000 car, and they tucked it into their Jeep somewhere in the back, so it would get back to the finish area. Unfortunately, they lost it in the switchbacks, where they couldn't stop to look for it, and they went on, feeling bad for Hanna. On Sunday things were bright again. The Hunts had the best time for that day, finishing just six min-utes in front of Gowland, whose motor was now held in with a tie-down strap, because all his motor September 2005 mounts were gone. He'd also had a lot of flats. Alldredge finished about eight minutes lacer, talking about broken motor mounts also, clogged fuel filters and oil pump trouble. When the times were added for the four days, Alldredge had the win, with Gowland in sec-ond, and the Hunts finished third. The lone Class 9000 car, Tim Hanna's Baja Shop single seater, found chis race tough. His team in-cluded Jason Cohn, Art Ruiz and James Telford, and we don't know who drove which day. They did fairly well on Thursday, complain-ing about a dirty oil filter and "lots of first gear silt." But on Friday they became a DNF thanks to their mo-tor. They thought they were out, but the BFG team got curious about what was wrong, and they found chat they could do some can-nibalizing and repair the motor so they could race again on Saturday. When he lose the front wheel and balljoint assembly about 90 miles before the finish the driver thought he was done, but the Hunts helped him remove it and he kept on go-ing. When he got to the switchbacks where the Hunts had lost his wheel, he found it. He just drove up and there it was. So he tied it to his nerf Within a very short time word came that the Pike vehicle was on fire at about Mile 15. They report-edly used both their fire extinguish-ers and then resorted co throwing dirt, but got the flames out before the truck was destroyed. Bue they were done for the weekend. Lawrence had some kind of motor problem with Douglas' truck and he didn't get to the finish either, but he went to the Work Area to get ready for Saturday. And in the meanwhile, Falkosky had no trouble, and even pulled a Protruck up a hill. He said the transmission started acc_ing up after that, but then it fixed itself. He was the only finisher·on Friday. On Saturday only Falkosky and Douglas' truck started, and the Douglas truck was on four cylin-ders. It didn't last long, reporting The winners of the Sportsman Class were Dan Moore and Bob Peacher, framed here by the tunnel walls on the BITD 1000. Guy Alldredge and Cale Wood drove their Jeep to the Class 1750P win, seen here traversing the easy part of the course. Dusty Times T

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Gus Vildosola had a bunch of flats during the race, didn't like all the Marc Stein had a one day dnf and it was expensive, he ended up Dan Street and son Dan were stuck for a few hours one day, had some other minor problems but took the win in Class 7100. silt but still came through a third place in Pro Truck. second in Class 4100 in his Ford. that the motor had given up early only Nissan in the race, as it hap- minutes behind them, and Ramsey in the day. Falkoskywent on alone pens. Tim Braden and Mitch Grif-and Howe were third, but two to finish another day. And then he fin didn't finish. Ramsey and Howe hours down. They'd torn up the finished Sunday also, calling it a had lost a fuel pump, and then rear suspension and had to be "smooth, easy day." And he took when an exhaust header broke, welded up at Goldfield. Then Mike the weekend win. they'd melted a front A-arm bush-Alden pulled them out of the silt, In the Sportsman class there ing. This being Ford country, there and even though the strap broke were three buggies, but only two of had been no one to borrow a Nis-three times he kept at it 'til he got them managed to finish on Thurs-san bushing from, nor did they them out. Then they had a flat ten day. Paul Rasmuson and Butch think to carry a spare. So they miles out from the finish. Howe did Jensen had their Alumicraft in found an old tire and cut out a the last section and was still able to front, finishing about 25 minutes bunch of doughnuts from the say, "It was fun." ahead of Dan Moore in his Arlia's sidewall, piled them up together Saturday night the BFG crew Precision chassis. The Sidewinder and made a "BFG Bushing" for welded the frame on Street's car, of Charles Rodrick didn't finish. their Nissan. It held up. In fact, it and changed a bushing. They took Nor did he race the remainder of held up for the remainder of the Sunday's win, and the weekend win, the weekend. race. with about three hours to spare. In Moore then went on to be the If the name "Sandy Howe" second it was the Henn, Bailey, only finisher, reporting no prob-sounds familiar, that's because he Herman truck, looking disrepu-lems Thursday, nothing very event- hails back to the seventies when he table, but sounding fine. They said ful Friday or Saturday, but on Sun- used to race with his brother, K.J. their Sunday run run was flawless. day he and his passenger had to dis- Howe, publicity maven for all the Ramsey and Howe were third, their assemble and reassemble a hub out old Mint400 events. Sandy was de- BFG bushing apparently still per-on the course. Still he made it to lighted to be back racing. the finish every day, to earn another On Friday the Streets were stuck win. Rasmuson and Jensen never got for two hours and had to dig out, back to the race course either, re-but nonetheless had the best time. cording a DNF. Blake Henn rolled his truck at Mile The Class 7100 trucks had four 41, and they didn't finish the day, entries, three Fords and one Nis-but Braden and Griffin came back san. Mike Bailey, Tyler and Blake for a long day and a second place Henn and John Herman took the finish. Ramsey. and Howe didn't get first day's honors with nearly an to the finish that day either. hour to spare. The Dan Streets, On Saturday the Streets were Junior and Senior, were second and once again in front, with a prob-in third it was Russ Ramsey and lem free day. Henn, Bailey and Sandy Howe in the lone Nissan. The Herman finished second, only four Colin Hunter and Gavin Skilton drove their Jeep to the Exhibition Class win, seen here sans a bit of bodyworl<. Lance Magin drove his Ford to the Class 3000P victory, their short wheelbase vehicle seen here in· its element. Dusty Times Septe_mber 2005 forming well. came off. His riding pit crew duct Lance Magin was the only entry taped it back on for him, and they in Class 3000, with his three seater carried on. Then he came upon equipped with hand controls. Randy Merritt struggling to get to Magin is a paraplegic, and it's tak-the finish line, so he towed him ing him some time to get the truck, about five miles, until just where it a Ford, all figured out. He has two was legal, and cut him loose. It was co-drivers who ride in the rear seat, great to see him at the finish line, brave men both. Magin didn't get but of course, since he'd DNF'd it all figured out at this race either, two days, he had to be recorded as but he's getting considerably closer. a DNF for the weekend. He failed to finish on Thursday, It was a long, difficult trip having major motor mount prob-through the desert, but most of us !ems, and getting only through who tried it, liked the idea, and Check A. He'd also had two flats would do it again. It's yet to be at once. But he restarted on Fri- seen whether Casey Folks, CEO of day, last in line, and running like a BITD, liked it well enough to do it bat out of hell, and this time he got again. through Check D. Saturday he Their next event is another long made it all the way. His only prob-one, the Vegas to Reno race on Oc-lem so far had been with the motor tober 6, 7 and 8. The Dusty Times mounts. Sunday he was having a will be there, so we can tell you all good day until his steering wheel about it. • · Page 17

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lJ\J2C: 52ND ACROPOLIS RALLY 2005 By Martin Holmes Loeb/Citroen Does It Again Photos: Maurice Selden Sebastien Loeb is the first ever driver to win five consecutive WRC rallies, his Citroen Xsara performing perfectly. Sebastien Loeb made WRC his- isfactorily resolved, and which led was more than 200km from Lamia, tory by becoming the first driver to to many unrelated problems later for the first time "Free Transit" win five successive world champion-on. (transport of rally cars by team per-ship rallies. His win in Acropolis This was the end of the first half sonnel on transporters) was al-put him further ahead in the Driv- season of both the overall World lowed after the first competitive ers' championship and launched his Championship and the Junior stage had been run. Because Thurs-team Citroen in front of their ri-World series, and this was the day was a long day, Shakedown was vals Peugeot in the Manufacturers' fourth and last of the Mediterra-brought forward from the usual series. The only driver able to chal-nean gravel events. The Acropolis 0800 to 0700. Among other curi-lenge Loeb was Marcus Gronholm, Rally proved the most popular of osities, this has been the only rally but he gradually slipped back, and them all! It was the first time a Eu-in WCR where world champion-was then badly delayed by ropean round of the WCR had at-ship ("Pl") cars could carry two driveshaft failure. Ford driver Toni tracted so many competitors since spare wheels, a rule with no obvi-Gardemeister eventually finished Finland 2001, equalling the num- ous reason other than a throwback second, fighting off a challenge her (90) who entered Rally Japan from days when the Acropolis (like from Loeb's guest teammate Carlos in 2004. There were some serious the Safari) was an inordinately Sainz. On the final official appear- specialities about the event. Rerurn rough event. ance of the Super 1600 Suzuki lg-of the Start to Athens after missing Once again, Citroen lured nis, these cars finished 1-2-3-4 in this in 2004, even though the event Carlos Sainz back from "retire-JWRC, proving faster and more itself was based at Lamia. lmmedi- ment"! Like in Turkey, he was their reliable on this occasion than the ately after the start in the Olympic guest number two team driver. He Citroen C2 cars. This event was a stadium, there was a side-by-side was entitled to a new engine with-disaster for Subaru, who were in- superspecial stage run on an asphalt out penalty for this event, because volved in a pre-event underweight surface, although the cars were fit- Duval had retired the number two scandal which has still not been sat- ted with gravel tyres. Because this car in Cyprus. Duval meanwhile Page 18 September 2005 Per-Gunnar Andersson, eta/ drove their Suzuki lgnis to the JWRC win, seen here parting the brown sea on the way. had been taken back into the team, from Argentina onwards, and the luckless co-driver Stephane Prevot, who first brought to the team's at-tention the problems with Duval, appeared to have received the blame for the crisis. Ford ran their Cyprus Rally cars, duly refurbished and whetted appetites by giving pre-rally explanations about the '06 model, which they are currently developing. No fewer than seven Focus WRC cars were on the start list. Mitsubishi used their Sardinia cars, but in the light of the recent team upheavals (the resignation of Technical and Managing Director Mario Fornaris), further planned modifications to the Lancer 2005 had been deferred. At Peugeot, there was a change of planned car for Marcus Gronholm: now he had the famous Finland winning car, and he had permission to use a new engine without penalty. Markko Martin meanwhile had the car in which Gronholm led last year's Acropolis! For the first time this year Skoda fielded a three car en-try. Jani Paasonen was back in the team again for the first time since his disgrace at Mexico but there was a late decision that Janne Tuohino should continue to be their num-ber two driver. Subaru also ran a third entry for Stephane Sarrazin (fresh from Le Mans, where in a GT Aston Martin he had been ly-ing in front of Loeb in a Pescarolo prototype) in an old '05 test car that had never been rallied before. Petter Solberg was the only cham-pionship driver to start the event with a new car and because he did not finish in Cyprus, he could also start with an unsealed engine with-out penalty. It is expected that the new Suzuki Swift Super 1600 will make its debut in Finland, so the team have decided not to send non-cham-pionship entries to Argentina. This then was likely to be the final ap-pearance of an lgnis in the hands of team drivers. Because of the re-turn of Carlos Sainz with Marc Marti alongside again, there had to be a co-driver change for Daniel Sordo. The co-driver for Sordo was now Oriol Julia, former co-driver to Pons, as Xavier Pons has become teammate to Manfred Stohl on six events which do not clash with Pro-duction Car World Championship events for which he is registered. Pons is now partnered by co-driver Carlos del Barrio. Who would win? At Shakedown (3.95 km long) the top four times came from different teams: Petter Solberg (Subaru) ahead of Gronholm (Peugeot), Rovanpera (Mitsubishi) and Loeb (Citroen), but the form guide stayed with Loeb. It he won here, he would become the first driver to have won five successive world cham-pionship rallies, and the statistics were with him as well. And if Citroen's "never one win without two" policy was valid, Loeb (in chas-sis 32) was favourite, on account of the fact this was his New Zealand winning car! Peugeot team manager Jean-Pierre Nicolas was, however, gung-ho. "We have a car which has already proven to be competitive Dusty Times

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Harri Rovanpera and Risto Pietilainen wrestled their Mitsubishi Lancer to a sixth overall finishing position. Mirco Baldacci and Giovanni Bemacchini drove their Fiat Punto to a Carlos Sainz and Marc Marti piloted their Citroen Xsara to a ve,y fifth place finish in JWRC, seen here at speed. creditable third overall, seen here making lots of dust. here, and we now have the type of tyres which won here last year. It looks good." Team leader Marcus Gronholm, looked less confident. "He has forgotten I have only ever finished this event one time in six ... " Leg 1 6 Stages, gravel, l 25.66kms. No fewer than 88 cars took the start, the highest number on a World rally since the Network Q Rally in 2001, when 112 started, and since the 90 limit came into force. The Superspecial at Athens was a great success, despite the 420km return journey from and back to Lamia. There was "Free Transit" for the crews (gone are the days of the exhausting road sections on the Acropolis!), there were sev-eral transporters taking four or five cars each, while Ford had a trans-porter and a trailer carrying all seven Focus World Rally Cars! George Philippedes drove his Skoda Octavia to Athens but broke down on the journey. His car had to be pushed to the start line and he in-curred a three minute penalty for put on to teams' own transporters El0,000 respectively). The same in the top five places. After the first missing the Superspecial. The and taken back to Lamia and all cars in the same condition were three stages the leader was Mikko Octavia had a broken cambelt, and three Subarus and Galli's Mitsubi-then weighed again back at Lamia Hirvonen running 23rd car on the the engine was damaged as a result shi were found to be underweight. and different weights were re-road, the first privateer to lead a but he was able to make the Friday TI1e organisers impounded the cars corded. Something was wrong, but WCR since Toni Gardemeister at restart. Paying attendance for the and brought them back to Lamia which set of weights were wrong? Monte Carlo in 2001. Hirvonen Superspecial was almost $63,000 in the teams' not organisers' trans- For us all our calculations are based explained the roads were not nec-(minimum price E20), there were porters, accompanied by one FIA on the pre-event weights." For Mit- essarily better for him. "Sure they about 5,000 non-paying and about official, where the cars were to be subishi, Technical Director Roger had cleaned, but they had also cut 2,000 seats were unsold. It was weighed again. News was awaited... Estrada said "Both our cars were up badly. Twice we had broken surely the best spectacle in recent Subaru's and Mitsubishi's press on exactly he same specification, so wheels in the first three stages!" rallying, a splendid occasion. The personnel were missing. It proved a says 2-3kg different. This was con- Petter Solberg lost time on Stage 2 crowds roared their excitement, long night for everyone involved. firmed at the pre-event (first stage of the day) and damaged and the drivers were generous in Both Subaru and Mitsubishi ac- Scrutineering. The cars were in iden-the rear of his Subaru on a rock, their praise. Sainz said the crowd cepted responsibility for the illegal- tical condition for the Superspe-removing the boot lid and rear was fantastic, Kresta (the Czech ity of their cars, but did not accept cial -so how come one was mea- lights, which allowed dust to enter driver used to large crowds!) said the cars themselves were wrong. sured at 5kg too light and the other the cockpit. Gronholm slipped he had never seen anything like it. David Lapworth of Subaru: "It was too heavy? We just do not under-down to second when he suffered Loeb was quickest, only 0.1 seconds clear something was wrong. The cars stand". gearshifting troubles, while Harri in front of Mark Higgins' private were weighed at Scrutineering, and After the restart from Lamia it Rovanpera dropped from fourth Focus with next driver Martin we used the results as the basis for was the usual Acropolis system. The to seventh as the handling on his nearly a second slower. Further calculating what would be the first few cars on the road had a bad Mitsubishi deteriorated. Gigi Galli back the Swedish driver Peter weight on the Superspecial, when time because of road cleaning. fell back to tenth when a heavy land-Zachrisson was the fastest of the all the correcting factors had been Marcus Gronholm (fourth car on ing winded co-driver Guido Superl600carsinhisprivatelyrun takenintoaccount.Butwhenthe the road) initially lead Toni d'Amoreandleftthedriverwith-Suzuki Sweden car. Then came cars were weighed they were respec- Gardemeister (fifth car) while open-out pace note instructions for a drama. The cars were weighed af-tively 11, 6 and 4 kg under the limit ing caT, and leader after the Super- while. ter the stage, before they were to be (Penalties E30,000. EZ0,000 and special, Loeb struggled to remain Continued on page 20 I C=-1--1-Y-~ -.-1:::: IVI ~ Formerly Carrera Light Systems ..... ~ -~ Dusty Times September 2005 Page 19

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Toni Gardemeister and Jakke Honkanen drove their Ford Focus to second overall at the 2005 Acropolis Rally. Skoda were in early trouble. Armin Schwarz stopped, and with-drew, after the first stage of the morning when the engine cut out completely. It seemed that the wa-ter cooling system had enabled wa-ter to leak our on to the engine ECU. Then Janne Tuohino had clutch failure and retired, while third driver Jani Paasonen had brake troubles. Both Skoda's n01ni-nated drivers were out. Xavier Pons was going carefully on his Xsara debut. "You drive this car com-pletely differently ro a Peugeot. With the 206 you can brake dur-ing a corner. With the Xsara you must brake in a straight line or the car spins. My set-up is exactly like Loeb's." Other people in trouble were Manfred Stohl (Citroen) -off the road, Antony Warmbold (Ford) -crashed, Roman Kresta (Ford)-front steering arm failure. So after the first round of stages, Hirvonen led Gronholm by0.2 sec-onds, in front of Sainz (tenth car on the road). Now conditions changed. For the second run through the stages the temperatures were higher and the conditions basically cleaner. Rally techniques had to change completely. Loeb immedi-ately started to make up for lost time, third overall after Stage 5, second after 6 and leading at the end of the day. Loeb judged things to perfection, arriving with both front tyres completely bald, while Guy Wilks and Phil Pugh gave it their all, they finished in second place in the JWRC contest, seen here at speed. teammate Sainz also arrived with similar wear pattern. It ~as again a Michelin benefit, the only Pirelli driver able to match the times of the Michelin drivers Gronholm. It had been a bad afternoon for Subaru. Petter Solberg hit another rock which damaged the steering and the front suspension, and then a driveshaft appeared to have failed, reducing traction from the rear as well but worse was to come for the team. Chris Atkinson got to the end of Stage 6 when the en-gine stopped without warning. The team ordered him to wait and have the engine opened up and exam-ined, and not try to carry on. Then Sarrazin had punctures on Stages 5 and 6 which led to suspension damage and he also had to with-draw. At Skoda Paasonen had a nightmare experience when the throttle stuck fully open, while Tobias Johansson reached the evening halt despite engine over-heating which forced the Subaru into "safe mode". Daniel Carlsson went over time limit trying to make his Subaru safe for driving after a driveshaft broke. Higgins had power steering failure for the last two stages of the day, costing him six places and dropping him to 16th, which sounded a disaster but in fact gave him a far better restart posi-tion for the second day! Mirco Baldacci had brake prob-lems, but Luca Cecchittini retired after engine ·mounting failure. Andersson continued to control the formula into the afternoon, firstly in front of Sordo who suf-fered rear suspension failure and then stopped, then Baldacci who retired with gearbox mounting fail-ure and finally Aava. Wilks' hopes of recovery from the morning's troubles were frustrated when Mar-tin Prokop changed a wheel on the stage, and baulked the Suzuki driver for 8 km. He finished the day fifth out of the seven remaining runners with Katajamaki lying fourth over-night, with a broken third gear. Leg2 8 Stages, gravel, 122. 72kms. Seventy-four cars took the re-start on Saturday morning. In the WRC category Sarrazin, Carlsson, Kresta, Schwarz and Stohl all re-started but Atkinson did not. In addition to the seven JWRC cars still running, four more (Baldacci, Sordo, Meeke and Scorcioni) came back to the event. Higgins cheered up a bit when he realised that being 16th place would give him a clear run through the stages, whereas had he been lying 15th (as was Vovos) it would have been very dif-ficult driving on uncleaned roads. All the points zone WCR drivers had completed the whole route so far, but two of the JWRC points drivers (Sordo and Baldacci) had missed some of the route. WWW.JETAGEFURNITURE.CCM Conditions were also special for the Super 1600 drivers. Of the two S1600 (non JWRC) drivers Zachrisson and "Iaveris" there was no sign. After 11km of the first Fri-day stage fastest driver Zachrisson slid off the road when the power steering on his car failed, while sec-ond placed driver "Iaveris" had gone home. The JWRC drivers had complete control of S1600 with Per-Gunnar Andersson ahead first of Guy Wilks, who fell back with gearbox casing problems, then Dani Sordo, with Kris Meeke always third. Wilks lost time but was able to stem the flow of oil from the transmission, Sordo like many driv-ers experienced his tyres losing their grip. Kosti Katajamaki punctured and his dust caused Alan Scorcioni to go off the road, while Urmo Aava lost time changing a flat tyre. There was an interesting and less sordid side to the weights of the cars. For one of the first times, weights were taken at the same place on both systems: the weights of the cars alone, and the weights of the car plus crews. It explained why Stohl's car is traditionally heavier than Loeb's because it needed ex-tra ballast to make up for its di-minutive crews ... Kresta restarted, but on'l.y momentarily. The car stopped with electrical trouble on the way to the first stage of the day. On Stage 9 Paasonen crashed heavily and had no hope of regain-ing the road and retired. Loeb meanwhile was not having such a comfortable time as he would have wished, for Gronholm was still pressing hard. The Citroen however had pulled ah~ad nearly 29 sec-MATEJUALa! SRUSHIEO STAINUE11■ BTSCL Tt.~Pf.A!tQ GLMHI !11:ZIE■J COF'F"£C: • 4e"L X 26"w Jt 1 a•H DINING • 7D"L X 33'"w X SD"H Page 20 September 2005 PIKES service center Baker, California Celebra~ing GO YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ... THANKS! Mobil® SERVICE RESTAURANT Every Day Open 24 Hours Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Dusty Times

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Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen were fourth overall in their Engine failure on the sixth stage put Chris Atkinson out of the contest, Petter Solberg and Philip Mills drove their Subaru lmpreza to ninth overall, seen here getting their picture took. Peugeot 307, seen here passing an adoring crowd. gee, I wonder how it all happened? onds over the Peugeot during the forts, he fell to fourth and was now Katajamaki was suffering a fever and morning's four stages. Gronholm towards three minu res behind not enjoying the event al all. Betti explaineci, "The main difference Loeb. Loeb was proceeding serenely had front right suspension prob-seems to be that we lose time to with no problems. The battle be- !ems and missed two stages in order Loeb towards the end of long tween the top Ford and the second to be able to restart for the final stages". Loeb meanwhile was very Citroen also took a turn when Sainz leg. happy with the set-up of the had gearshift troubles and Leg 3 Citroen. Henning Solberg retired Gardemeister moved into second 4 Stages, gravel, 98. 79kms. from seventh place when he went place. Galli's power loss problems The final day was over all off the road, down a bank and into were traced to a faulty wastegate, uncleaned stages, so for the first a tree. The closest battle of the leg but teammate Rovanpera had a time on the event the front run-however was between Sainz and bad afternoon with punctures and ners had to face the whole leg Gardemeister. From a 0. 7 second gearshift trouble. It was a good day driving on uncleaned roads. Once lead after Stage 6 Sainz progressed for Hirvonen, still fifth, and bad again the conditions were fine, to 4.8 seconds after Stage 11, but forHiggins.Atthesameplacewhere warm and dusty, and this time at the expense of new fewer than Paasonen retired earlier in the day, all the priority drivers started at four punctures. Galli fell back a Higgins crashed and ended up side two minute intervals. It had the place when he had a power loss af-down on Stage 13. makings of a memorable day for rer the start of Stage 11. Higgins Eleven JWRC cars restarted. Citroen. After the first two meanwhile had more power steer-Andersson spent the day calmly in stages, both their drivers were ing trouble, even though he had the lead. "I looked round every cor- two stages away from celebration, progressed from 16th to 13th. ner first, I looked at the roads be- a record fifth successive win and Schwarz had more clutch problems fore they had a chance to hit me!" a glorious WCR retirement. Sainz which affected the launch control Teammate Wilks got ahead of Betti, eased his pace and Gardemeister system, and he suspected he was los-and Baldacci started to catch driv-was going well in second place, ing power as well. Loeb's pressure ers who had completed all the nearly a half minute ahead of the eased on Stage 13. On the road sec- stages so far. Wilks finished the day Spaniard. The dust was terrible, tion after Stage 12 Gronholm suf-third behind Andersson and Aava. coupled for the early drivers with fercd a broken driveshafr and he Both official C2s rcsraned, Meeke strong low sunlight into the eyes. had ro struggle-through the last overtook his teammate Sordo for Johansson slid off the road into threesragesofrhcdayinthreewhecl ninth place bur both were under retirement for just this reason. drive. This was disastrous to his ef-orders to finish "at a 11 costs". Both Gronholm and his team-52nd Acropolis Rally 2005 23/26 06.2005 Athens-Lamia (GR) WC round 8 JWR round 4 WC points WR \/VD JC 1 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara WRC 583DEX78 (F) 4h.12m.53.7s. 10 10 2 (3) Toni GARDEMEISTER/Jakke Honkanen FIN Ford Focus WRC EG53AVO (GB) 4h.14m.29.9s 8 8 mate Martin went into the first two stages on tyres which were un-suitable for the sandy conditions. Carlsson was spared the task of windscreen. This was his second running first car on the road untoward incident, on the final when he had a hydraulic leak and stage he crashed his Subaru into was late at the start of Stage 17. a tree and swiped off the rear Galli reverted to manual gear-spoiler. Not Subaru's rally. shift, and had a panic when the E60,000 fines with just one engine would not restart outside point to show for it, now a bill service, having to be pushed into coming from Citroen ... the control. Kresta's terrible rally Rovanpera came sixth ahead of came to a climax when co-driver Galli, while the final points Mozny collapsed while waiting scorer Martin was eighth. outside the control before ser-Kristian Sohlberg had power vice. Kresta retired forthwith. steering failure before the final Hirvonen also chose tyres which stage and dropped from 10th to were too hard and this allowed 11th, so that Pons overtook him Rovanpera to close right up (2.3 for 10th place on the line. Main-seconds). Hirvonen was on a raining his lead in JWRC despite charge, making best times on the clutch trouble was Andersson. last two stages of the rally as he Aava punctured and Wilks passed fought off the challenge from him into second place. Sordo was Rovanpera, while Gronholm delayed by a broken alternator, ahead was getting nervous at his Rautenbach punctured and fellow Finn's progress, especially changed the wheel. lt was an im-as he preferred XR tyres fo r these pressive 1-2-3-4 for lgnis cars on stages but had run out of them their final official appearance in earlier. Loeb came serenely to the JWRC events. The final day of a finish to meet an ecstatic gather-rally is when the Five Minute Rule ing of friends outside the arrival does not apply, so when both control. One of the people keen Betti and Sordo stopped with to congratulate rhe Frenchman gearbox failure they officially re-was rival Petter Solberg who tired. Scorcioni lost his climbed over the Citroen bonnet sumpguard completely. Nine o f to shake the driver's hand, but the 11 starters actually qualified misjudged his footing and as finishers, and six of them com-smashed the Citroen's pleted the whole route.1...1\Ji:!C 3 (2) Carlos SAINZ/Marc Marti E Citroen Xsara VI/RC 176DAL78 (F) 4h.15m.04.8s. 6 6 4 (7) Marcus GRONHOLM/Timo Rautiainen FIN Peugeot 307 WRC 984PPQ75 (F) 4h.15m.50.1 s. 5 5 HAC/N6 7/NCOHPOHATED Formerly Performance Drivetrain, Inc. (POI) presents another innovation in drivetrain technology ... 5 (24) Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Ford Focus WRC EJ02KMV (GB) 4h.16m.06.9s. - 4 6 (9) Harri ROVANPERA/Risto Pietilainen FIN Mitsubishi Lancer WRC KX05AUR (GB) 4h.16m.38.1s. 4 3 7 (10) Gianluigi GALLI/Guido d'Amore I Mitsubishi Lancer WRC KR53YPO (GB) 4h.18m.13.3s. 3 2 8 (8) Markko MARTIN/Michael Park EE/GB Peugeot 307 268PWX75 (F) 4h.18m.31.2s. 2 1 9 (5) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB Subaru lmpreza WRC LC54WRC (GB) 4h.18m.56.7s. 1 10 (19) Xavier Pons/Carlos Del Barrio E Citroen Xsara WRC 559DHK78(F) 4h.21m.57.1s. -Other important finishers 11 (25) Kristian Sohlberg!Timo Hantunen FIN Subaru lmpreza WRC YT53SRT (GB) 4h.23m.02.1s. -12 (22) Aris Vovosf'EI-Em" GR Subaru lmpreza WRC UT53SRT (GB) 4h.25m.44.6s. -13 (21) Stephane Sarrazin/Denis Giraudet F lmpreza WRC OU04XNZ (GB) 4h.29m.52.5s. (1) 14 (16) Daniel Carlsson/Mattias Andersson S lmpreza WRC CT53SRT (GB) 4h.34m.15.4s. (2) Subaru Subaru 15 (31) Per-Gunnar Andersson/Jonas Andersson S Suzuki lgnis JWRC JFR211 (H) 4h.41rn.21.4s.• -10 17 (32) Guy Wilks/Phil Pugh GB Suzuki lgnis JWRC JFR212 (H) 4h.44m.11.8s. - 8 18 (11) Armin SCHWARZ/Klaus Wicha 4S5 3380 (CZ) 4h.44m.54.1s. (5) D Skoda Fabia 19 (36) Urmo Aava/Kuldar Sikk EE Suzuki lgnis JWRC JFR210 (H) 4h.44m.57.0s. - 6 20 (14) Manfred StohVllka Minor A Citroen Xsara WRC 322DFQ78 (F) 4h.45m.53.8s. (6) 21 (33) Kosti Katajamaki/Timo Alanna FIN Suzuki lgnis J\NRC IYY483 (H) 4h.50m.00.5s. - 5 WRC 22 (34) Mirro Baldacci/Giovanni Bernacchini RSM/I Fiat Punto JI/I/RC CM501HS (I) 4h.51m.12.6s. (1) 4 23 (71) Oimitris Nassoulas/Mihalis Patrikoussis GR Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII N BW783PS (I) 4h.54m.34.0s. -26 (35) Kris Meeke/Chris Patterson GB Citroen C2 JWRC NWY001 (B) 4h.56m.36.7s. (3) 3 27 (43) Martin Prokop/Petr Gross CZ Suzuki lgnis JWRC 1J7 7113 (CZ) 5h.00m.14.2s. - 2 28 (40) Conrad Rautenbach/Carl Williamson ZW/GB Citroen C2 JWRC 7214NE52 (F) 5h.01m.09.6s. - 1 36 (37) Alan Scorcioni/Silvio Stefanelli I/RSM Suzuki Dusty Times ~KAC/N6 ~NCOHPOHATED 169 Gasoline Alley Suite 5 • Mooresville, NC 28117 704.799.0955 • 704.799.1191 fax September 2005 • Center Support - Stabilizes the input and counter shahs keeping them from nexingand moving out of alignment, allowing gears to mesh at optimal levels. • Splined Connection -The splined lever allows the shift cam to connect directl':j to the shift lever allowing for smoother and continuous shifting. The direct connection insures optimum efficiency thereby reducing stripping and breakage. The entire transmission spins easier and requires less horsepower. •Flexible-The innovative design allows for installation of the car's shifter on eitherthe left or right side of the transmission. • Safer-The option to locate the shifter on eitherthe left or right side of the transmission allows for installation of the driver·s seat further from the left door. Increasing the distance between the driver and point of impact reduces the risk of injury in a driver's side collision. •Lighter-The streamlined construction reduces the weight of the unit by 7 pounds [as compared to similar models]. • Cleaner-0-rings located on the shift cover, mid plate, bell housing, and front bearing retainer eliminate the need for sealer. 0-rings are not only better protection against potential leaks the!:j allow for quicker and easier adjustments and cleanup. • Longer Wear-The design of the gear teeth and the stability of the center shaft support both reduce the wear on gears thereb':J extending the life of the transmission. Thomas!lBetts Visteon ra.,__ HAC/Nli ~~NCOHPOIUTED 6950 Guion Road • Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 317.293.4100 • Page 21

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CORR AT TOPEKA wandahsega & Kyle LeDuc Have Back To Back Wins By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: J&L Photography (9'le LeDuc finally had a good weekend, he drove his Ford truck to the Pro-Lite win in both rounds at Topeka. Hard to believe, but the CORR Baldwin slid in for a fourth place to take the bronze medal and Rick ucas Oil Series is more than half finish. Josh Baldwin came across the Huseman came across in the fourth iway over, eight rounds have been line in fifth place in his Ford, Johnny spot. Curt LeDuc was the fifth place ompleted and there are six yet to Greaves was sixth in his Toyota and and Carl Renezeder came in seventh, o. The battles in class have been seventh place went to Steve his worst finish of the season. hard and, as expected, they will con- McCrossan in his Chevy. In the Pro-4 points, with six tinue in that vein for the rest of the The second round of Pro-4 ac-rounds remaining it is Carl season. tion was really hard to keep track Renezeder in the lead with 132 Heartland Park, the short track of. When the green flew it was Rick points, Jason Baldwin is in second at Topeka brought out the best in Huseman jumping into the lead, he place with 116, Johnny Greaves is the drivers and their equipment held on for a few laps but had to third with 102 points, Josh Baldwin and there was more than enough give way to Steve McCrossan on the is fourth in points with 101 accu-racing to go around for everyone. third lap, then, on Lap 7 Jason mulated and Steve McCrossan is In the first round of Pro-4 rac- Baldwin moved up into the front fifth in points with 91 to his credit. ing Rick Huseman took the early spot. Baldwin was cruising for the There were 13 Pro-2 trucks ready lead and was looking real good but win but Johnny Greaves was on the for their battle and did they ever have Carl Renezeder was slowly coming move and when Baldwin bobbled a race! Five of them went around the up in his Chevy to fight for the lead Greaves jumped into the lead. He track like theywere glued together and and on the ninth lap Renezeder took held on to take the checkered flag, it certainly made for an interesting control of the race and cruised in his second win of the season. Near raceandanevenmore interestingfin-for his fourth win of the season in the end of the race Jason Baldwin ish. When the checkers flew it was Pro-4. Huseman held on for second and Carl Renezeder collided, both Dan VanDenHeuvel taking his first place in his Toyota, his best finish of trucks were on their sides and that win of the season in his Chevy truck. the season. In third place it was Curt gave Steve McCrossan the ability to Scott Douglas was moments behind LeDuc, Ford, three places behind slip into the second finishing posi- in his Ford to take a nice second where he'd like to be and Jason tion, Josh Baldwin was right behind place, after leading for the first 14 Page 22 September 2005 Carl Renezeder had a win and a seventh place in the Pro 4 contest and a third and a first in Pro 2, he sure gets lots of seat time. Keith Steele took a fourth and a first in the Stock battle, he leads Stock points in his good lookin' Chevy. laps, Carl Renezeder, Chevy, was a few seconds behind in third place, the Ford of Scott Taylor was fourth and Kevin Probst, Chevy, was the fifth finisher. Evan Evans was the sixth place finisher in his Chevrolet, Brian Hinman, also in a Chevy came in sev-enth, Josh Baldwin, Ford, was eighth, his worst finish of the season. Steve Barlow, Ford, was the ninth place fin-isher and Todd LeDuc, Ford, was the 10th and final finisher. In their second round, the Pro-2 trucks weren't as close in their racing but the action was still good. Kevin Probst took the lead from the green flag, he remained there until the ninth lap when Carl Renezeder was able to get by and Carl kept right on going to take his second checkered flag of the season in Pro-2. Dan VanDenHeuvel backed up his first round win with a very nice second place, Kevin Probst came in third, his best finish of the season, fourth place went to Evan Evans and Scott Dou-glas came in fifth. Todd LeDuc was the sixth place finisher, Josh Baldwin, not having a good weekend, was sev-enth, Scott Taylor had his worst fin-ish of the season, eighth place, Steve Barlow was ninth again and Brian Hinman had to settle for 10th place. In the Pro-2 points battle, Scott Taylor holds the lead with 121 points, Carl Renezeder is second, he has 201 points, Dan VanDenHeuvel is a very close third, he has 100 points, Josh Baldwin is fourth with 99 points and Brian Hinman is fifth with 88 points. There were 20 contestants wait-ing to do battle in Pro-Lite. Kyle LeDuc, who had won two of three races held here last season was able to once again rise to the top and take Dusty Times

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Dave Waldvogel captured a first and a 10th place finish at Topeka, A pair of fourth place finishes for Craig Metz puts him in third place in Don Williams flew his Chevrolet to a third and a fourth place finish at he's second in points in Stock class with his Ford. ,_po_in_t_s~in~th=e_L__,ig=--h,_t_B.,...,ug=g.a...y_co_n_fl_,ic,_t. ___ --,--=--,----,--=-=--,,-,.....,,-Topeka, Don is fifth in points in Sportsman 2. thebigwininhothroundsofracing. again took the lead, this time Jeff ished a very close second, Mark Kande!.LeeO'Donnellcameinninth In the Pro-Lite points, Chad In the first round it was a see-saw Kincaid was right on his heels. Krueger was third, his best finish of and 10th place went to Javier Sacio. Hord leads with 108, Steve Federico battlefortheentireracebetweenKyle ThroughouttheraceKincaidwasright the season, Chad Hord pulled into Eleventh place went to Stacy Pike, is right there with 102 points, Art andArtSchmittbutKylewasableto on LeDuc's tail but never could get the fourth spot and Steve Federico MarkObergwasthe 12thfinisherand Schmnitt has garnered 101 points get his Ford to the checkers first and around him so Kyle LeDuc took his came in fifth. Sixth place went to Art Josh Hintz was unlucky 13th. Shayne and sits in third place, Jeff Kincaid take his first win of the season. Art second win of the weekend, and of Schmitt, Randy Eller came in for sev-Pagles took another 14th place finish, is fourth with an even 100 and Kyle Schmitt, Nissan, finished right be- the season, we might note. Kincaid fm-enth and eighth place went to Jim Glenn Grint was the 15th finisher. Continued on page 24 hind for the second place medal and third place went to Jeff Kincaid in his Toyota. Steve Federico, in another Toyota was the fourth place finisher and Mark Krueger, in a Nissan came in fifth. Sixth place went to Randy Eller in his Chevy, Jim Kandel, in a Toyota came in seventh Lee O'Donnell, Nissan was eighth and the Ford of Mark Oberg was ninth. Rookie Glenn Grint, Toyota finished in the 10th spot, Javier Sacio, Nissan came in 11th, Josh Hintz, Toyota came in 12th and Stacy Pike was 13th in his Ford. Shayne Pagles, Toyota came in 14th, Don Ponder came in 15th in his Ford and Chad Hord, Nissan finished 16th, his worst finish in a long time. When the green waved for the sec-ond Pro-Lite round Kyle LeDuc once Dusty Times Aaron Hawley finished 1st and 11th in the Super Buggy rounds, he has a huge lead in points in his class. Brad Erickson took a sixth place and a win at Topeka, Brad is cu"ently third in points in Single Buggy. NORTH CAROLINA -NASCAR Employment opportunities available for experienced fabricators, me-chanics, gear/transmission specialist and brake specialist. Must be well organized, willing to follow specific direction, and work as a team player. Must be willing to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina. Please e-mail resume and salary requirements to No phone calls please. CALIFORNIA Opportunity available for an experienced mechanic/fabricator. Must be able to TIG weld aluminum, stainless steel and chromolly. Must have some machining and mechanical experience. Must be self motivated and possess the •drive to win." Professional appearance required. Please e-mail resume and salary requirements to No phone calls please. September 2005 Page 23

Page 24

Jeff Kincaid flew his Toyota to third and a second place finish in the A second place and a fourth place were the weekend results for Rick Pro-Lite battle, he's fourth in the points standings. Huseman, seen here in his Pro 4 Fabtech Chevy. Mike Steinhardt took a second and a third at Topeka, he leads the points chase in the Single_B_u-:=g"'g~y_co_nt ..... e....,st""'. ,--.. --:-~..----.---Jeff Virnig captured his third win of the season, coupled with a 7th place in round 2, Jeff leads the points race in Light Buggy. LeDuc has boosted himself into the of the season, in fourth place it was fifth spot with 84 points. Mike Savage, also driving a Ford and The two rounds of Sportsman 2 fifth place went to Ross Hoek in his were hard fought but the weekend GMC pickup. Sixth place went to belonged to Ben Wandahsega as he Rhonda Konitzer in her Ford, Sev-swept both rounds for his third and enth place went to Greg Adler in yet fourth wins of the season and a dra-another Ford, Chris Kalka was the matic rise in the points race. The first eighth finisher, he was in his Chevy, round came to an end with in ninth place it was Dan Baudoux, Wandahsega driving his Ford an easy obviously not up to snuff in his win, Mike Oberg, in another Ford Chevy. Jim Wrobleski was the 10th came across the line in the second finisher in his Chevy and Ken spot, third place went to Don Will- Hallgren, Chevy, was the 11th and iams in his Chevrolet, his best finish final finisher. coma_, source for ra dC,, • Driving SUils • Crew Unifonns • Crew Shirts • Polo Shirts • Team Jackets • Hats • GearBags NOW FEATURING: In-House Embroidery Driver Names • Team Logos • Sponsor Logos Ben Wandahsega won both Sportsman 2 races, Ben has a large lead in points, seen here in his great looking Ford. The second round of Sportsman 2 saw Ben Wandahsega running off with the gold medal once again. Mike Savage picked up a few spots and came in second, Mike Oberg finished in the third spot and Don Williams came in fourth. Greg Adler ripped off the fifth spot, Ross Hoek took the sixth place finish, Jim Wrobleski came across the line in seventh place and Rhonda Konitzer was eighth and Dan Baudoux was a very unac-customed ninth place again. The top five in the Sportsman 2 races are: Ben Wandahsega with 138 points in hand, Dan Baudoux is second with 113, Mike Savage sits third with 105 points, Ross Hoek is fourth with 94 points and Don Williams is fifth with 91 points. There was lots of action in the Stock contest and when the smoke cleared after ·the first round it was Dave Waldvogel taking his third win of the season in his Ford. Scott Beauchamp, Chevy, continued his great season with a second place fin-ish of the season and fourth place went to Keith Steele in his Chevy. Eric Ruppel, Ford, was the fifth place fin-is er an Tim Konitzer, For , was the sixth place finisher. Seventh place went to Rod Wells, Chevy, in eighth it was Don Demeny in his Dodge and ninth place went to Jason Bort, Chevy. J.R. Wagner, Chevy, came in for a 10th place finish. In the eighth round both Al Konitzer and Don Demenywere put-ting on the heat but Keith Steele was able to hold them off and take his third win of the season. Al Konitzer was second on the podium, his best finish of the year and Don Demeny had his fourth third place finish of 2005. The fifth spot went to Jason Bort, Scott Beauchamp came along in sixth place, Tim Konitzer came along in seventh place and eighth place went to Eric Ruppel. Jason Bort took another ninth place finish and Dave Waldvogel was way off the pace in 10th place. The Stock points standings shape up like this: Keith Steele leads with 130 points in hand, Dave Waldvogel is second with 119, Scott Beauchamp is in third place with 110, Don Demeny is fourth with 92 points and Rod Wells holds fifth place with 74 points. There were a ton of Super Buggy entries, 27 in all and, in the first round it was Aaron Hawley taking his sec-ond win of the 2005 season, Corry Heynan was right on his tail and took the silver medal and the third spot A sixth place finish and a win made it a decent weekend for Johnny Greaves, he's third in points in Pro 4 in his Toyota. 1.B00.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 Dan VanDenHeuvel piloted his good looking Chevy to a win and a second place in Topeka, he's third in points in Pro 2. Page 24 September 2005 Dusty Times

Page 25

Steve McCrossan drove his Chevrolet to a seventh and a second The best Kevin Probst could muster this weekend was a fifth and a Steve Federico, looking a bit the worse for wear. took a fourth and a place at Topeka, he's fifth in points in Pro 4. third place finish, he's seen here in his good looking Chevy. fifth in Pro-Lite, Steve is second in points. went to Gary Nierop. Chris Haenlein wentto Cissy Baldwin, Len Lindquist In Single Buggy points, Mark fourth with 93 in hand and John first round JeffVirnig took his third had his best finish of the year, a nice crune across in ninth and Eve Baldwin Steinhardt had a very slim lead of Fitzgerald and Steve Socha are tied win of the season and that put him fourth place, Todd Wallace came came in 10th. Terry Fitzgerald slipped one point, Mike Seefeldt is second, for fifth place with 91 points each. back into the points lead, Chad across in fifth, TomSchwartzburgwas back to 11th place, Rick Welch came one point behind with 114 in There were 29 eager entrants in Dewall tookaverynicesecond place, the sixth finisher and Herman in 12th and Luke Zoetmulder was hand, Brad Erickson sits in third the Light Buggy contest and they cer- Brian Glime had his best finish of the Barnum came across in seventh spot. the 13th and final finisher. with 97 points, Adam Guberud is tainly made a weekend of it. In the Continued on page 26 Eighth place went to Ryan Mulder, Scott Schwalbe came in ninth and, Scott Olson was 10th. John Frana took the 11th finishing position, Jon Steiner came in 12th, Lisa Grint eatne in 13th and Craig Biesik was 14th. Fifteenth place went to Jack Haenlein and Stephanie Krieman, a rookie was the 16th and final finisher. In the second Super Buggy round it was Corry Heynan taking his sec-ond win of the season, right on his heels came Scott Schwalbe, Chris Haenlein came across in third place and Todd Wallace was the fourth place finisher. Ryan Mulder moved up a few spots to finish fifth, John Frana was sixth in, his best finish of the year and Herman Barnum was seventh once more. Eighth place was taken by Craig Biesik, in ninth it was Lisa Grint, 10th went to Jack Haenlein and Aaron Hawley was way back in 11th place. Jon Steiner took his second 12th place finish of the weekend, Gary Nierop was way back in the 13th spot and Don Olson came in 14th. Tom Schwartzburg was a very unhappy 15th place and Tim Lemons was only able to grab the 16th and final spot. In the Super Buggy points chase, Aaron Hawley has a commanding lead with 121 points, Corry Heynan is a long second with 88 points, in third it's Gary Nierop with 82 points, Todd Wallace is in fourth with 80 and Scott Schwalbe is in fifth with 77 points. There were 26 staunch souls await-ing the green flag in the Single Buggy contest and they certainly made a show of it. When the smoke cleared at the completion of the first round it was Adam Guberud taking his first career win in Single 'Buggy, Mark Steinhardt came in a close second, Terry Fitzgerald had a nice third place finish, Mike Seefeldt was the fourth finisher and John Fitzgerald came in fifth. Sixth place went to Brad Erickson, Cissy Baldwin was a very nice seventh place, Allan Plawman came in eighth, ninth place went to Rick Welch and Len Lindquist came in 10th. Eleventh place went to Eve Baldwin, Mark Morton came in 12th, 13th place went to Luke Zoetmulder and Steve Socha was a rarely way back there 14th place finisher. The second round of the Single Buggy race saw lots of changes in fin-ishing positions as the battle played out. This round it was Brad Erickson taking his first win of the season, Adam Guberud was right there in the second spot, Mark Steinhardt came in third, Mike Seefeldt took another fourth place and John Fitzgerald was the fifth place finisher again. Sixth place went to Steve Socha, Heather Sullivan came in a decent seventh place, eighth place Dusty Times Rubiconsha with opt/anal lumbar 1 800 565 4042 Pl Major Off Road -vent Choose MasterCralt Seats and Restraints Including: Scott Douglas Evan Evans Mike Julson Curt and Kyle Le Due Rob Maccachren John Marking Carl Renezeder Matt Scaroni Dave Smith and Dave Ashley Scott Steinberger Shannon Campbell Aaron Dusenbery Walker Evans Johnny G. Mitch Guthrie Joachim Schweisow Tracy Jordan Jason Paule www.mastercraftseats"com September 2005 f; Page 25

Page 26

Jaime Kleikamp took a 20th place finish and a win at Topeka, he's Al Konitzer drove his Dodge to a third place and a second place A fourth and a third place finish went to Chris Haenlein, Chris is currently 13th in the Light Buggy points contest. finish, seen here straight and level in flight. eighth in points in the Super Buggy contest. season, a third place, fourth place placewenttoMattGerald,JeffVirnig came in 13th, 14th place went to 19thand20thandfinalfmishingspot place with 73 points and Tracy went to Craig Metz and was a disappointing seventh place, Stephanie Paid and John Bauman wentto VanDenHeuvel. Peebles is fifth with 65 points. VanDenHeuvel came across in fifth Craig Rabe had a decent eighth place came in 15th. Brad Arndt dropped Jeff Virnig took the top spot in Rounds 9 and 10 of the series place. Sixth place went to Randy finish, Brian Glime came in ninth and a few spots to 16th, Mike Tikkanen Light Buggy points with 112 in will take place in mid August at Oman, Tracy Peebles came in seventh, John McDonald came in 10th. In was way down in 17th place, Ben hand, Ben O'Connell is second Bark River. Read all about it here Mike Tikkanen was the eighth finisher, 11th place it was Randy Oman, Chad O'Connell, having a bad weekend, with 96 points, Craig Metz is third in Dusty Times with loads of pie-ninth place went to Matt Gerald and Dewall was 12th, Carol Gunderson came in 18th, Todd Lemke came in with 91, Matt Gerald is in fourth tures. · John Bauman came in 10th. Brad Arndt was the 11th finisher, Todd Lemke came in 12th, 13th place went to Ben O'Connell, Stephanie Paid was 14th and Craig Rabe came in 15th. Greg Stingle was way back in 16th place, 17th place went to John McDonald, Steve Oman came in 18th, T ra-c Fitzgerald was the 19th fin-isher, Jaime Kleikamp took the 20th finishing spot and Carol Gunderson was the 21st and final finisher. The second round of Llght Buggy was just as interesting and diverse as the first round. This time it was Jaime Kleikamp taking his first win of the season, Greg Stingle had a very nice second place, third place went to Steve Oman, Craig Metz took another fourth place and Tra-c Fleischman came across in the fifth spot. Sixth Page 26 Cory Heynan captured a really great second and a first at Topeka, Cory is second in Super Buggy points. In Single Buggy, Adam Guberud drove to a fifth place and a win at Topeka, Adam is fourth in points in Single Buggy. ,.,,,,,,,... 0/y p..O ...qMP/ONSHIP Off RO From The Track to the Street ... This LeDuc is Making it Happen! Kyle LeDuc takes to the track for Skyjacker® Suspensions in the CORR Pro-LITE division where he hopes to repeat his amazing rookie Championship season from last year. When he's not behind the wheel of his race truck he drives a 2WD Ford F-150 equipped with a Skyjacker® 3" suspension as his daily driver. To locate an Authorized Skyjacker® Dealer call 1.866.4.A DEALER ext. 5031 or visit us on the web at September 2005 Dusty Times

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OFF RoAD MoTORSPORTS HALL OF FAME Six New Members Inducted By ]. Preston Bradshaw The Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, located in Reno, Nevada recently inducted six new members from the sport of off road motorsports at its an-nual induction ceremony at the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) in Reno, on Saturday, June 25th, 2005. The nominations, which were submitted through a vari-ety of groups, associations, sanctioning bodies and event promoters from the off road Page 28 community throughout the United States, were reviewed by a voting committee, which in-cluded members from off road racing, four wheeling, rally and sand sports. The six new induct-ees into the Off Road Motorsports Hall of fame for 2005 include: . Rodney A. Hall, Reno, Ne-vada • Off Road Racing • In a sport where a few major event wins can define a successful rac-ing career, no one even comes September 2005 c ose to o a . en time win-ner of the Mint 400, ten time winner of the Parker 400, 12 time winner of the Fireworks 250, 12 time winner of the Baja 500 and the only 17 time win-ner of the Baja 1000. Over the course of his racing career, Hall has won 14 major class points championships in Production 4 wheel drive vehicles. In 1969, Hall was hired as a driver for Bill Stroppe and, after winning numerous races for Stroppe and Ford, Hall switched to Dodge in 1975 when Stroppe entered into an agreement to manage their off road program. The team had moderate success in the Production 4WD Dodge during the first year, but in 1977, Hall, along with his long time friend and co-rider, Jim Fricker, began a winning streak that lasted into the next decade, driving the Class 4 Dodge to an unbroken string of 37 consecu-tive SCORE and HORA victo-ries, a record that remains in-tact to this day. With more than 160 major off road racing vic-tories, spanning five decades, across four continents, Rod Hall is the most successful driver in off road racing his-tory. Scott McKenzie, Agua Dulce, CA • Industry Pioneer -Among many things, Scott McKenzie was one of the finest fabricators, team owners and innovators in off road and sand drag racing history. Driving Sandmaster vehicles which he designed and fabricated, he won 108 sand drag hill climbs dur-ing the 60's before retiring as a driver and turning his attention to the design and construction of successful race cars. Some of McKenzie's early innovations were the first rear engined VW powered sand buggy, the first single seat buggy and the first use o(turning brakes on a buggy. He built his own engines, as well as producing the first large displacement VW motors for performance use in the early 60's. The evolution from sand racing to desert racing was a natural one and off road rac-ing is where McKenzie set a stan-dard for others to follow. With the cars he designed and built, first with his Sandmaster brand, and later, as McKenzie Automo-tive, his drivers dominated the sport. Five Mint 400 overall wins in a row and nine Baja 1000 overall wins are just some of his many racing victories. The cars that McKenzie pro-Dusty Times

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duced all had one thing that set them apart; reliability. Having a good car is only part of the combination and Scott had some of the best drivers on his teams to back up his technical work. Rick James, Gene Hurst, Johnny Johnson, Rick and Roger Mears, Ivan Stewart, Malcolm Smith, Bud Feldkamp, and even Parnelli Jones drove Scott's cars to numerous victo-ries. Akton (Ak) Miller, Whittier, CA -Off Road Racing -Ak Miller is a legend among racers. Ak has accomplished almost everything a racer wants to do. He has set records on the dry lakes, Bonneville Salt Flats, Pikes Peak Hill Climb and road races in Italy and Mexico. He was a mem-ber of the Roadrunners, one of the original car clubs that ab-sorbed the remnants of the Muroc Timing Association and formed it into the fabled SCTA (Southern California Timing Association). He was elected President of the SCTA and served as Vice President of the newly formed NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) with close friend and fellow Roadrunner, Wally Parks. When turbocharging was ready for mass production, Ak was pio-neering its attributes. An early pioneer, innovator and propo-nent of propane fuel, he held patents on turbocharging designs and propane carburetion. He built several trucks which he en-tered in the NORRA Mexican 1000 during 1967-1969, win-ning his class in 1967 in a 2WD Ford Ranchero. He also de-signed and built hot rod sports cars that dominated Pikes Peak during the 60's, winning the sto-ried hill climb nine times, with Ray Brock as his crew member. Larry Minor, San Jacinto, CA -Sand Sports -As a member of the Hemet Jeep Club since 1961, Larry Minor became in-terested in competitive Sand Drag racing and in 1963 he won the Butter Cup Meet driving a 409 powered Jeep. In the year that followed, Minor won nu-merous top eliminator titles at Pismo Dunes, Bakersfield, Fallon, Glamis Dunes and San Jacinto, CA. In 1966 Minor built the first fiberglass 4WD competition Jeep. Named "Flower Power", the new Jeep was powered by a 350cid small block Chevy with a 6-71 blower to help it breathe. Minor went on to win numerous competi-tion events with his famous Jeep. He had Sand Drag legend, Herman Buoy build rear engined dragster and funny car frames and using top fuel 500 cubic inch aluminum Hemis in the sand diggers dominated unlim-ited sand racing well into the ?O's. In 1967, Minor teamed with Rod Hall to win the first NORRA Mexican 1000. This remains the only 4WD vehicle to ever win the race overall. Roy Spuhler, Georgetown, CA -Recreational Four Wheel-ing -Roy Spuhler's involvement with off roading began in 1959 with the purchase of his first beach buggy. This began a pe-riod of almost weekly trips out to the Oso Flaco Dunes on the central California coast with his family. In 1963, he bought his first Jeep, a CJ2-A and in the spring of 1964 he became one Dusty Times of the founding members of the Santa Maria 4-Wheelers. In 1964, Spuhler bought a blue Jeep CJ-6 that became his trade-mark for many years. Following a fatal crash in the dunes in the early 60's, Spuhler spearheaded the efforts to form the Sand Dunes Safety Committee. In addition to organizing a pro-gram whereby all vehicles would be required to have a flag so a vehicle could be seen coming over a hill, he also spent week-ends marking and flagging routes in the dunes so that off road enthusiasts would not get lost. With so many people us-ing the dunes in the late 60's and into the ?O's, Spuhler be-gan hauling port-a-potties out to the dunes for the events and then he hauled them out after-wards. The crowds at the dunes "11lJJ continued to grow and Spuhler began spending days and nights attending meetings to help de-velop guidelines for the proper usage of the dunes and deter-mining just how the local Pismo State Park was going to manage the dunes. Spuhler joined the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs when the Santa Maria 4-Wheelers Club was created in 1964 and worked on many events and committees until his age simply would not permit him to keep going. Edward Waldheim, Califor-nia City, CA -Off Road Recre-ation -Waldheim has been riding and racing motorcycles since the early ?O's. He formed the Clean Sweep Racing Team in 1976 and was the 1977 Desert Open Se-nior champion. He won over 30 G-110RCE IIACIN88UIII Pro Farce Air • Sign;ficantly outflows other ' blower type· helmets --• NOT a converted motorcycle helmet! · • lightweight ~0s1te Shell \___ $,2;9 9. g g • Snell SA-2000 Automotive Rated • Fire Resistant Interior Special w/ FREE .._ __________ ,,, Helmet Bag I.! LOWRANCE • B/W & Color Displays • 2" to 10.4" Screen Sizes • Portable & Panel Mount • Unlimited Mapping Vertex High Performance Radio !iy•tem• • 128 to 250 Channels • 50 to 110 Watts of Transmitting Power! • Alphanumeric Digital Display • 3 Year Warranty • Exceeds Mil-Spec Standards September 2005 trophies racing with D.R.A., C.R.C. and AMA District 37. He has raced the Check Chase, The California City Gran Prix and at Adelanto, Riverside and other events. He is a former member of the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Com-mission and because of his vast background on OHV issues, he was recently appointed to the commission again. In this recent difficult time, he has forged working relationships with all commissioners and is working to return the commission to a po-sition of advocacy. Waldheim attends more than 200 meetings each year and has a close work-ing relationship with land man-agement teams for the BLM and the National Forests in Califor-nia. Virtually all of his activist activities are funded out of his own pocket. Waldheim has been President of the California Off Road Vehicle Association since 1992, during which time mem-bership has tripled and the As-sociation has maintained a lead-ing position in the advocacy and education about off i-oading sport. Dusty Times joins the rest of the off road community in sa-luting these men, pioneers all in their respective fields. Dusty Times urges you to visit the National Association Mu-seum (The Harrah Collection) when you visit Reno, especially Building #4 which houses the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. ORMHOF now has 27 members. For more information on the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, visit their website at .. ·.lily 19.~V Cordless Impact.Kit • ½" Drive • 216 ft-lbs. Torque • Carrying Case & Charger • Only 6.6 lbs.! • Vehicle Holster Available COMMUNICATION !iOLlJTION!!i FOR RACINli& RECREATION • Intercoms & Radios • Satellite Phones • Base Station Antennas • NEWt Carbon Fiber Headsets • Scanners • 105, 135. 150, & 235 CFM Models Available • lightweight & Reduced Amperage • 3M Hepa & CO Fitter Options • BAJA PROVEN ~ ,:::Tool Page 29

Page 30!C: 25TH RALLY ARGENTINA 2005 Loeb/Citroen Makes It seven In A Row By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Loeb/Elena/Citroen made it seven in a row! This feat has never been accomplished before, . seen here swimming well. Thirteen years after Didier Auriol became the first driver to win six World rallies in a season, fellow Frenchman Sebastien Loeb has gone one better, also becoming the first driver to win seven World ral-lies in a row. First Petter Solberg and then Marcus Gronholm led but Loeb soon went in front. Aware from last year that the countless water crossings could end the hopes of a rally driver, Petter Solberg started cautiously before a slight driving error and then a brake failure slowed him, so Marcus Gronholm made his at-tack on the fast second day roads which suited his Peugeot and finished second, under a half minute behi_nd Loeb. Fol-lowing at a distance were Toni Gardemeister and Harri Rovanpera (Ford and Mitsubi-shi) who fought closely right to the finish. While Loeb is fast reaching the uncatachable situ-ation in the Drivers' series, Peugeot still hold on to the hopes for the makes title, giv-ing away just one point to Citroen on this occasion and lying six points behind with seven rallies still to run. The smoother half of the champi-onship started here! After a long series of medium to rough world championship rallies, Argentina represented a rever-Nasser Al Attiyah drove his Subani lmpreza to an impressive PCWRC win in Argentina, seen here on the muddy course. sal of trend. Rocks still case had been on successive abounded on the tracks, and events. One more win for Loeb, the softer surfaces were ex-at any time this year, will be a pected to degrade especially further historical landmark. for the second time stages were Mitsubishi arrived with the to be run. Teams reported that long awaited changes to the there were a wide variety of rear suspension design of the challenges about the route. cars. Peugeot were specific Differing altitudes, the infa-about their difficulties, saying mous water crossings, a wide that #2 driver Markko Martin variety of speeds over the is finding the 307WRC does stages, the dust and stones not suit his style of driving, which the cars tend to throw and that he needed "a big ef-up in front of them -and fort concerning his motiva-which the cars then ingested. tion". At Skoda, Jani This was the ninth round of the Paasonen was nominated as series and the quarter century their second driver, on ac-anniversary of the event. There count of his greater prior ex-was a major change in that all perience of the event. Main the administration, the technical work on the Fabia superspecials, the Start, Ser-WRCs had been to devise a re-vice Park and Finish were all vised throttle system, to over-held at the same place, the Pro come the recent spate of Racing complex location to throttles stuck fully open. the east of Villa Carlos Paz. Subaru confirmed their main Cordoba and VCP is the re-worry.related to the _17 differ-gion where the event has been ent water crossings on ·route. held for all except five of the Missing for, the first world years of its existence. This was championship rally this year to be one of the five "single was Suzuki, who have normally tyre tread pattern" events this entered a non-championship season, whi~h meant that cor-two-car team on PCWRC rect choices of compounds events, but cancelled their were critical. Engines used here plans here because of the ac-m us t also be used in Great celerated program for the de-Britain in September. but of the S 1600 Swift in Fin-News from the teams: land. Francois Duval was back in a Of the 18 drivers still active Citroen! This time the French in the PCWRC series, no fewer speaking driver was partnered than 15 had scored points in by the Flemish speaking co-the three or four events they driver Sven Smeets, formerly had contested. Championship co-driver to Freddy Loix. competitor Natalie Barratt en-Smeets is Duval's fourth co-tered the event as a non-nomi-driver in 30 months. Setting nated driver, at the wheel of a Sebastien's record straight, the Subaru run by the local victory for Loeb and Elena in Barratero team, who also ran Greece had been a record-the official cars for Subaru breaking fifth successive World Argentina. Another European rally win. It was also Loeb's driver competing indepen-sixth win so far in 2005, a dently was Jari-Matti Latvala record which equalled Didier whose car was being run by Auriol's achievement in 1992 PCWRC driver Fabio and his own achievement in Frisiero's team, Motoring 2004, but which in neither Club. Also among the non-championship entries, Daniel Carlsson was on the move again! This time he was at the wheel of a Peugeot 206WRC run by Bozian, as teammate to Marcos Ligato. For Marcos the chance to drive a Peugeot was a dream: he deliberately chose not to nominate his home event as one of the six rallies he should drive in the PCWRC, in the hope a chance like this would arise. This was Marcos' first rally with a World Rally Car, though two years ago he did tyre testing for Pirelli in an Impreza WRC. Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen gave it their all but second was the best • they could muster, 26 seconds in arrears. At the midway point in the season, there were already many interesting pointers. While Citroen were· only five Page 30 September 2005 Dusty Times

Page 31

Second in PCWRC was the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII of Angelo Medeghini and Barbara Gapoferri, seen here nicely airborne. points ahead of Peugeot in the Makes' charts, Sebastien Loeb was 23 ahead in the Drivers' series, with Petter Solberg the next best driver. Loeb practi-cally had been leading rallies far more than anyone else: for 94 stages against 31 for Solberg and 13 for Gronholm, and had scored 67 fastest stage times against 25 for Solberg and 21 for Gronholm. At the other end, the driver who had made most use of the Five Minute Rule and still finished rallies had been Chris Atkinson ( 15 occasions) against 10 for Schwarz. Makes' points had been gained on four occasions by teams whose cars missed stages, and on two oc-casions Drivers' points were also gained in this way. The Five Minute Rule, inci-dentally was not the only rea-Dusty Times son why drivers have missed stages. In Cyprus, the top two drivers both missed two stages, but that was on account of the Interruption Rule when ap-plied to drivers running in re-verse order. This event promised to be the final happening for Pro Racing -as we know it! Over the past five years, this remark-ab le motor sport complex has existed to the east of Villa Carlos Paz. It was the initia-tive of the Bugliotti family, who acquired 500 hectares on which they erected a series of facilities which have been used for motor sport purposes, as well as a remarkable figure-of-eight superspecial course. This course was launched as a "Race of Champions" style event in December 1999, attended by some of the greatest rallying champions in the history of the sport. Since then the course has been used as a spe-cial stage location for the Rally Argentina, but not as often for other events as had originally been hoped. By this time next year it will all be gone. Shakedown was run over a short 3m course conveniently located behind the Pro Racing service area. Petter Solberg was quickest but Mitsubishis were second and fourth, on the de-but of the Lancer with the re-vised rear suspension. Team Director Isao Torii: "The main object of the rear suspension work has been to reduce squat when braking, all of which helps on a rally especially like this where you do not want to lose ground clearance." The big drama was with Citroen. Soon after Shakedown started the shrouds went round Loeb's stationary car, for all the world looking like a horse race scene when a horse is in-jured. It was reported that the engine had an oil leak and it was ordered the engine be changed before he drove the Shakedown as otherwise he would incur a penalty. At the Press Conference came the first public an-nouncement about the FIA's plans to increase the world championship, through the controversial and unproven "slots" system, up to 23 rallies. Marcus Gronholm was asked if he would be present in the Sand or Desert ~ Race or PJa Desert Pre-Runner 1 y.· Chnlm• Maly Cllnsas 13'·--25· -TrOYOI • I-& 2Tt2•• 11 rear Cllasli,o""' .... 1111 • $19 • .00' 17012-A ~A\£ IU H--,CAuus PH (760) 947-5870 Fx (76lJ) 947-5871 Dual Sport 1 518' Cl!romo Moly Choso<• 12r--20·-r, .... 11,..,,,.&u11..., ChMSG 1<111 suruog a S1M001 Sand car 11'.ChtcnltMolyCll-128"-S-1r-r.-111tOn1~'ltT11,-o-...1111s.-..,v11"200' ·-suc,«t to ClllnOO. lft)1Wne 'l!aMclO<IT,_ l006--""' For distributor locat,ons, please call or ema,t us at DesertDynamics@ver, 2007 series. He said "The whole thing can't be true, cer• tainly there would be no teams left in the championship if it was. They (the FIA) are com-pletely stupid!" He was then mischievously asked his opin-ion about the 'money for weight' scandal in Greece. "It makes you wonder if it was fair we were excluded in this rally in 2002. These days we could have bought our way out of the illegality". Francois Duval showed a rear flash of humour at the Press Conference. When asked if he was now back at Citroen for the rest of the sea-son, he replied, "Yes, so long as I keep the car on the road" ... Leg 1 10 Stages, gravel, 162.34kms. The rally started on the Thursday evening with a double stage at the Pro Rac-ing superspecial. The Subarus set their suspensions to the maximum possible height, and later running drivers con-firmed how much the surface degraded. The times were close. Marcus Gronholm, driv-ing the first stage O. 2 seconds faster than Petter Solberg, who, on going to sleep that night was 1.2 seconds in the lead after two stages. The real action started on the Friday morning on a stage used in earlier years for Shakedown, close to Villa Carlos Paz. The overnight rains had dampened the surfaces but they still maintained their firmness and adhesion, al-though they all began to cut Continued on page 32 W0,"U!8fSl!<J • ~801-L~-008" l :JSa,/\ • 9£9t·St l-008-l :JSOi D)!JIWY fO U!84'1!9 ~ SJ8CIJOSCIV }pGIIS UISJe.ld IDt) U!84'1!1 September 2005 Page 31 -

Page 32

-Solberg sprays mud and water as he speeds towards a third place Toni Gardemeister and Jakke Honkanen drove their Ford Focus to Spraying as he goes, Harri Rovanpera drove his Mitsubishi Lancer finish in his Subaru lmpreza high up in the Argentine. fourth overall in Argentina, seen here at speed. to a fifth place overall in Argentina. up, most of all on the first the steering arm. Harri he damaged the suspension continued to exercise extreme ter had rear suspension dam-stage of the day. There were Rovanpera was in sixth place and the steering. Armin caution at the water crossings. age. There was carnage in the four stages on the first loop when he spun in a narrow Schwarz lost over a minute in Carlsson retired when his car afternoon. Villagra stopped but Solberg maintained his stretch of road. Missing al-a water crossing ("I thought I stopped in a water crossing with gearbox failure and Brice slender lead, but now in front ready was Gigi Galli. He broke was going carefully"). and his Bozian teammate Tirabassi retired with fire of Sebastien Loeb. The Nor-a track control arm, replaced Francois Duval was going Ligato stopped for several damage. Higgins' run in the wegian was being cautious, this on the stage with a spare safely and cautiously while minutes before his car could lead ended when he had to stop taking no risks with the water he was carrying, but then he Stohl hit a rock which spun continue. Schwarz was de-and change a flat tyre on Stage crossings, and after the first had transmission trouble as the car round, losing a half layed with a broken shock ab-8 letting Al Attiyah into the two stages of the day Loeb the driveshaft did not fit minute. The two Bozian 206s sorber mounting attachment. lead, and then there was si-crept in front. Granholm properly. The Mitsubishi team (Daniel Carlsson and Marcos Rovanpera had a puncture lence, the results stopped com-could not match the pace of ordered him not to try to Ligato) were going well, which created a bad vibration. ing through. Eventually it the leaders, scoring third carry on, but to retire for the though Ligato was upset to be Antony Warmbold had a bro-transpired that Medeghini had place on each of the rest of the day. "This was my baulked by fellow Argentine ken anti roll bar, Companc a crashed into the timing equip-morning's stages but system-first driving error since the Luis Perez Companc. Loeb broken wheel. By the end of ment at the end of Stage 9 and atically pulling ahead of Toni end of last year", said the Ital-continued to ease ahead dur-the day Loeb had increased caused mayhem. Eventually Gardemeister. There were few ian sadly. Missing also was ing the afternoo,n, after sur-his lead to over a half minute things returned to normal and problems at the head of the Jani Paasonen, who had viving a nasty fright when he while Solberg was concentrat-only five PCWRC cars were field. Loeb punctured once touched a rock inside a cor-hit a cow on a stage. Luckily ing on staying in front of found to be still running. but this did not noticeably ner which had snapped the for him the impact damage Granholm. Rovanpera had Higgins' puncture had slow him, Gardemeister lost suspension. Of those still run-was restricted to the fender got ahead of Martin into fifth dropped him to third place be-time, though not his position, ning, Companc in the #4 and the vital parts of the car place and was now only eight hind Al Attiyah and also ahead of Markko Martin, Ford was not going well. Three were unharmed. It only cost seconds behind Gardemeister. Angelo Medeghini, who suf-when he hit a rock which bent times he spun and stalled, then him a few seconds. Solberg After local driver Federico fered a broken suspension in Villagra won both the opening his attack on the timing equip-superspecials in the PCWRC ment. Fabio Frisiero had to category, it was Mark Higgins miss the final stage of the day who leapt into the category when a stone punctured his lead on the Friday morning. water radiator. Not1-champi-Also going well were Villagra onship driver Jari-Matti and Nasser Al Attiyah. Only Latvala had been leading all nine PCWRC cars started the the national Group N crews event so it was a shame when and on one occasion was faster both local drivers Gabriel than all the PCWRC drivers as Pozzo and Sebastien Beltran well, but had to miss the final (colleagues in the Subaru Ar-stage of the day when he dam-gen tina Baraterro team) aged his suspension after driv-stopped. The former had bro-ing on a puncture. 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High-Accuracy Air--Fuel Ratio Meters Lightweight, stand-alone system works w ith al! engines and alternate fuels -carbureted or fuel injected. For the dedicated engine tuner who needs to know exact;/y what their engine is doing. No flashing lights -just the facts ... Nail it; t;o a nurnber! « ="'----------~ ~~~, l'V'IDTDRSPDRT ELECT.RDNICS vve're making connections ... September 2005 ken prop shaft bolts, the lat-Leg 2 Continued on page 34 Dusty Times

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Ninth overall went to Chris Atkinson and Glenn Macneal/, Subaru lmpreza, seen here going for a swim. Jani Paasonen and Jani Vainikka only got in four stages in their Skoda Fabia, they were sidelined after an accident. Armin Schwarz lost time in the water, broke a shaock, on and on, he ended up 16th overall in his Skoda Fabia. 7 Stages, gravel, 114.35kms. Sixty-five of the 68 drivers registered to restart Leg 2 duly arrived an hour before dawn. The fire damage to Brice Tirabassi's car was too severe to allow him to start again, so the two official championship drivers from the first leg to re-tire were Paasonen (after Stage 4, accident damage) and Tirabassi (fire, after 6). Back again in action through the Five Minute Rule were Galli (six stages missed), Carlsson and Juan Pablo Raies (two each) and in PCWRC Pozzo and Beltran (six each), Villagra (three) and Fris1ero (one). All the PCWRC cars ex-cept Tirabassi restarted. There were going to be championship points for all! When dawn came there was a disappoint-ment. Nice sunny weather had been forecast, but the pros-pect at Villa Carlos Paz was constant rain. Competitors found the stages in the south then had hydraulic pressure of the route damp in such a problems. Loeb proceeded al-way that grip levels were at a most perfectly, spoiled only by record high. Martin "It was a spin and a puncture. Hav-amazing just how late we could ing survived the long trip leave the braking this year on south "Japanese Rally road those roads". The southern-section", joked Loeb, three most stages are generally very stages remained, the first (sec-popular being fast and wide, ond· time through Stage 3 with many dramatic jumps from Friday) being quite the and very difficult fast curves. roughest stage of the event, Solberg had a bad day. It while the third was a repeat started with a bent suspension of Stage 10 which, in the re-arm which slowed him during cent rains, had become incred-the morning to such an ext~nt ibly slippery where the route that Gronholm was able to went across some fields. pass him into second place. Solberg lost touch with Gronholm himself had a Granholm when the rear cali-panic. Near the end of Stage per of the Subaru was 13 the transmission started smashed and he had to blank slipping badly and he feared off the rear brakes for the two the worst, but when they ar-last stages of the day. rived at Stage 14 it was fine. Rovanpera in fifth place was Martin went off the road twice still hounding Gardemeister (within a kilometre) in Stage while Loeb was still just un-13. Ligato having discovered der a half minute ahead of the a suspension problem, just as Peugeot. Stohl had a strut he left early morning service, snap without warning. Juan Pablo Raies retired his only minute behind. Impreza when he was involved Medeghini meanwhile was in a collision in the paddock having fun, his steering col-with Goldenhersch's Group N umn had broken its mounting Mitsubishi, which was able to but it did not seem to slow continue. him much! Al Attiyah mean-In the PCWRC Al Attiyah while was cruising along over was comfortably in front two minutes ahead. Latvala while Medeghini tried to for-soon disappeared, going off get that Higgins was intent on the road after a jump and catching back second place. In wrecking the rear suspension. fact, Higgins had more Twenty centimetres o f snow troubles, because a gearbox had fallen in the hills, the tem-locating arm broke and he was peratures were well below zero stuck for most of the morning and yet thousands of specta-in fourth gear. Rosselot was tors were camping out ror the struggling with a deranged finale. Sunday was in no way front suspension suffered the a foregone conclusion .. evening before, and which he Leg 3 was unable to repair, while 5 Stages, gravel, 64.13 m~. Frisiero, Pozzo and Beltran Saturday ended with an un-were driving along with dra-usual situation, none of the mas for the points. Higgins championship drivers invoked was five minutes late leaving the Five Minute Rule. Fifty-six midday service (50 second cars restarted for the final day, penalty) and having just got still the only championship ahead of Medeghini on stage drivers missing were Jani times, was now back nearly Continued on page 35 • GENERATORS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES • WELDERS • WATERPUMPS • LAWN MOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS • . TILLERS California's Largest Source lor Bonda Pow,r Equipment Parts fl Inventory IF WE DON T NAVE IT, NO ONE DOES/ Check Our Website: Kawaguchi Honda Corp. :El:OND.A 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 . , . 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-. _,.., --30tl..tldu.. __ l0Jl~~~~~003~ -® rn l.Ji~~=--------~~ ------$5,000.00 1st place dass 1600* $2,000.00 2nd place dass 1600* $1,000.00 31 d place class 1600* * must have 30 cars $2,000.00 1st place in 9 & 5/16QOA $900.00 211d ·n 9 and 5116CJOA . A must have 10 calS \WM.sNORERACING.NET SNORE HOTLINE 702-452-4522 D

Page 35

25th ~tin& Rally 14117 .07.2005 Pro Racing, Villa Carlos Paz (RA) 'NC round 9 PCWRC round 5 'NC points WR WO PC 1 (1) S.bestlen LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara VI/RC 350CZN78 (F) 3h.55m.36.◄a. 10 10 2 (7) Marcus GRONHOl.Mfrtmo Rautlainen FIN Peugeot '307 WRC 982PRV75 (F) 3h.56m.02.S.. 8 8 3 (5) Petter SOLBERGIPhiMp Mills N/GB Subaru lmpreza WRC MCS◄WRC (GB) 3h.56m.◄1.7a. 6 6 4 (3) Toni GAROEMEISTER/Jakke ~ FIN Ford Focus WRC ET53UNY (GB) 3h.58m.14.◄s. 5 5 5 (9) Ham ROVANPERA/Rlsto Pletlleinen FIN Mitsubishi Lanoer VI/RC KNO◄VloMO (GB) 3h.58m.20.0s. 4 4 6 (8) Mand<o MARTIN/Michael Park EE/GB Peugeot '307 WRC 66PYK75 (F) 3h.59m.58.6s. 3 3 7 (2) Francois OUVAUSven Sm-ts B Citroen Xsara VI/RC 9720AM78 (F) 4h.01m.05.5a. 2 2 8 (16) Manfred Stohlfllt<k.a Minor A Citroen Xaant WRC 3220FQ78 (F) 4h.01m.19.3s. - 1 9 (6) Chris ATKINSON/Glenn Macneal! AUS Subaru lmpreza VI/RC AC54WRC (GB) 4h.01m.35.6s. 1 10 (17) Xavier Pona/Canos Del Barrio E Citroen Xsara WRC 5590HK78 (F) -4h.04m.01 .S.. - - - , 11 (4) Roman KRESTA/J_, Mozny CZ Ford Focus '11',/RC ET53URO (GB) -4h.O◄m.1◄.6s. -12 (14) Antony Wllrmbold/Michael Orr D/GB Ford Focus '11',/RC EG53BDU (GB) 4h.04m.3◄.6s. -13 (19) MarocMI LlgatO/Rubeo Garcia RA Peugeot 206 V\oRC 175ABG69 (F) ◄h.09m.28.5a. -14 (15) Luis p.,.z CompslC/Jo-Meria Volta R Ford Focua WRC EN02UCT (GB) -4h. 1 Om.48.1 s. -15 (18) Daniel CatinonlMattlas Anderaaon S Peugeot 206 V\oRC 952NW75 {F) 4h.13m.57.0s. -(2) 16 (11) Armin SCHWARZ/Klaus lllllcha D Skoda Fabia VI/RC 3S4 5611(CZ) -4h.17m.25Aa. -17 (33) N-AIAttlyahlCtvis Patterson Q/GB Suban.l lmp,wza "Spec C" PCWRC OUS◄PU (GB) 4h.21m.41.6s. -10 19 (43) Angelo Medeghini/Berbera Capofarri I Mitsubishi L..anc:.r Evo VIII PCWRC Tl2153◄7 (I) 4h.35m.10.◄s. -8 20 (48) Lula ROMelot/Rlc:ardo Rojas RCH Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII MR PCWRC YL9163 (RCH) 4h.35m.29.8a. - 8 22 (38) Fabio Frlalaro/Giovami Agnese I Subaru lmpreza VI/RX PCVIIRC CJ782MR (I) 4h . .em.50.3a. - 5 (1) 23 (40) Gabriel Pozzo/0.-.iel Slillo RA Subaru lmpreza "Spec C" PCWRC E\I\IM873 (RA) 4h.◄7m.15.3a. - 4 (6) 24 (4◄) Seba8tJan BenranlEdgardo Galindo RA SubanJ lmpre:za "Spec C" PCWRC EIIIM871(RA) 4h.51m.34.0a. -3 (6) 72 (9 PCV\oRC) atarters. 44 (6 PCV\oRC) finishers. -PCV\ofiCIGROUP N winner. MANUFACTURERS'$ REGISTERED DRIVER (Missed Stages or Road Sec:Uona.) Winner's average speed over stages Paasonen and Brice Tirabassi. The high altitude stages were held in the early morning, the most daunting of which "El Condor", tackled twice, and the legendary "Guilio Cesare", once, followed by a double run over the superspecial before the finish at lunch time. The big fight was for fourth place between Ga rdemeister and Rovanpera. Overnight Gardemeister was 11.0 sec-onds ahead, after the first Sun-day stage it was 5.9. It was truly wintry in the hills, a lot of ice and a lot of snow, and in the conditions the two bat-tling Finns took the two best times on the "Guilio Cesare" stage. With just the superspecials to go, the gap was 7.8 seconds in the favour of the Ford driver. Daniel Carlsson lost his hydraulic pressure and had to use manual gearshift, Xavier Pons had two punctures, Mitsubishi withdrew Gigi Galli when he lost third gear on Stage 19, Ricardo Trivino had power steering failure. Mark Higgins' quest for sec-ond place in the PCWRC cat-l:RPRECISION.COM 2865 Gundry Ave. nal Hill, CA 90755 'HPFans Of/Coolers Driving Suits Rod End Boots Neo Synthetic OIi Performance Plumbing l~~IUifK~ Dusty Times 562-427-2375 o,c.,.. egory seemed to come to frui-tion on the first stage of the day when Angelo Medeghini's steering column again became detached and he lost almost five minutes on the first stage alone. The Italian made as best repairs as he could, running nearly a quarter hour late, and - -dropped behind Federico Villagra in overall classifica-tion, while Higgins had prob-lems with his brakes and went carefully. Nasser Al Attiyah's result has elevated him to sec-ond place in the series, though this is a confusing time of year, series leader Arai electing not to compete on this occasion. After the superspecials were finished however, it was an-nounced that both Higgins and Villagra had been ex-cluded from their second and third place respectively. The event truly had a sting in the tail. I.ASC: - ENGINE CONTROL .... l""'I DA~$~UMS POWERING THE OVERALL WINNERS OF THE BAJA 1000 1iHE CHOICE 0E. eHNdl?IONS ENGINE CONTROL StandaloneEnfjneManagementfor~12cylerv,,es Sequen6al lrjection and DistdJutor./ess ig'1ition Internal Loggilrg with closed-loop lambda mapping Custom hamesses made for your application Completesystm,s from $5000 DATA SYSTEMS Data Loggets with up to 128N/B of memo,y Powerftl software to collect and ana'y2e data Steetilrg wheel and dashboard cfsplays StfJPOlfavai/ab/e for SCORE and BITD Made in the USA. September 2005 EFI Technology Inc. 4025 SpencerSt #102 Totranee, CA 90503 Tel. (310) 793-2505 Fax (310) 793-2514 Page 35

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M.O.K.B. FREEDOM 250 NIGHT RACE ·yam Craig/McMullen Take Class 10 & overall By]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Trackside Photo The Class 1 win went to Alberto Coppola, he ran hard for the six required laps and took the win with 27 minutes in hand. Class 1 had a good battle going for quite a while but a lot of the entrants dropped by the wayside as the night wore on. At the end of the first of their six required laps Tim Rockenbach was in the lead, George Rosenbaum was second, some five minutes in arrears, John Gould was running in third place, Alberto Coppola was fourth' across the line and Jennifer Clemson ·was running fifth. In sixth place it was Mike Pacewiczh, Bill Markel was running seventh and Rick Romans was a long eighth place. Steve McMullen ran in second place for the first four laps, Took the lead on lap 4 and went on to take the Class 10 win as well as the overall. The second lap ended and it was still Rockenbach in the lead, in sec-A bunch of cars came out to play at the MORE Freedom night race and, for the most part, a lot o them had a pretty good time. Un-fortuQ.ately, some of the entrants got themselves lost in the dark and they were dq'd, but, that's racin'. By our count there were about desert in the summer, lots of heat ond place it was John Gould, he 90 cars and trucks in the race, 90, and it doesn't cool off a lot at was some nine minutes behind the that's close to a 100 and that's night either, so, it was a long, hot leader, in third place it was where the temperature was, hov-night for all concerned, and al- Rosenbaum, Jennifer Clemson had ering around the 100 degree mark, though night racing was new to a moved up a spot into fourth and even as the evening wore on. That's lot of the drivers, all concerned Coppola was down a spot in fifth. one of the big problems of the had a good time. Bill Markel was in sixth place and ~------..;....,..------~--~---..,-, Mike Pacewiczh was seventh. Rick Romans had departed the scene. As they came around on their third lap it was John Gould with tbe lead, Jennifer Clemson had moved into the second spot, Tim Rockenbach had troubles and dropped to third place, Mike Pacewiczh moved up into the fourth spot and Bill Markel had moved into fifth. Alberto Coppola had dropped to sixth place and George Rosenbaum was on the trailer. Lap 4 ended and Gould con-tinued to lead, Clemson remained in the second spot, Coppola was now in third and Pacewiczh re-mained in the fourth spot. Rockenbach and Markel were off the scoring charts. Lap 5 ended and we now had Coppola taking the lead, Jennifer Clemson was second, six minutes behind the leader, John Gould Jennifer Clemson had a great race, she ran in second place in Class Kevin Walsh had a decent race, he finished second in the Class Jim Pate/Ii ran second in Class 8 for much of the race, he took the 1 for the last four laps and happily took home the silver medal. 1600 fracas, he was only six minutes out of the win. lead on the last lap and cruised in for the win. Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Ranks Quality Products & Friendly Service VISA RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Su~e B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX us to Receive a Free Catalog L--------------------------------------------------~----~ Page 36 September 2005 Dusty Times

Page 37

Ken Tolbert grabs a little air on his way to a nice second place finish in the Class 5-1600 battle. Lee Perfect had a good race, he took second spot in the Class 10 Keith Anfuso was well off the winning pace in the Trophy Challenge, but he still took a nice second place in class. contest, he's seen here as the light begins to fade. Paulden Hepler was now ninth and Mike Ward dropped a spot into 10th. Curt Geer was running in 11th place, Manuel Garcia was still 12th and Kevin Denault was 13th. B.J. Proctor had gone to the show-ers. John Grossini took the hard fought Class 1600 win by six minutes, he's seen here in flight, heading for the darl<ness. When the third lap ended it was Matt Gumz as the new leader, John Grossini dropped a spot into sec-ond place, Kevin Walsh was up to third place, Jeff Cepielik moved into fourth place and Ron Weddle was now fifth. Ian Jameson moved up into sixth place, Curt Geer moved up to seventh place, Mike Ward was up to eighth, Brian Potts had dropped way down to ninth place and Paulden Hepler was now 10th. Manuel Garcia was now in 11th place and Kevin Denault was 12th. Brad Inch was on his trailer. had dropped to third place and Mike Pacewiczh was fourth. There were no position changes on the last lap and the Lap 5 fin-ishing positions were the final spots in the Class 1 battle. Class 10 had nine entries, one of them Billy Tskakiris, did not start. They came around on Lap 1 fairly close together, Shane Brown had the lead, Steve McMullen was second, two minutes behind, Lee Perfect was third, half a minute be-hind, John White was running fQurth and Craig Brabant was in the fifth spot. Jim Gledhill was in sixth, Hector Garcia was seventh and Ryan Lesher was eighth. Shane Brown still led after the second lap, Steve McMullen was still second, Lee Perfect remained in third, Craig Brabant moved up a spot into fourth and Jim Gledhill was up a spot into fifth, John White dropped a few spots into sixth and Hector Garcia remained in seventh. On the third lap there were no position changes for the front five but Garcia and White exchanged places. Fourth lap, status quo, every-body remained in the prior lap po-sition. On the fifth lap, Shane Brown dropped off the charts and Steve McMullen took the lead. Lee Per-fect moved up a spot into second place, Craig Brabant moved up into third, Jim Gledhill was fourth, Hector Garcia was fifth and John White was sixth. There were no position changes on the last lap, the fifth lap results remained unchanged. There were 16 in Class 1600, one of them, Paul Keller, did not start but the rest of them had a helluva race. When the first lap ended it was B.J. Proctor in the lead, Matt Gumz was right on his heels, John Grossini was running third, Brian Potts was running fourth and Kevin Walsh was in fifth. Jeff Cepielik owned sixth place, Brad Inch was running sev-enth, Ian Jameson was in eighth place, Mike Ward was ninth and Dusty Times Ron Weddle was in 10th place. Paulden Hepler was running in 11th place, Manuel Garcia came across in 12th, Curt Geer was 13th and Kevin Denault was 14th. There were some real changes on the second lap. John Grossini slid into the lead, Matt Gumz re-mained in second place, Brad Inch moved up into third place, Brian Potts remained in fourth and Kevin Walsh still held on in fifth place. Jeff Cepielik was still running in sixth, Ian Jameson was up to sev-enth place, Ron Weddle was up for a few spots into eighth, Matt Gumz remained in the lead after the fourth lap, John Grossini still held onto second spot, Kevin Walsh still was third, Curt Geer had moved up to fourth place and Jeff Cepielik had dropped a spot to fifth. Sixth place still belonged to Ian Jameson, Ron Weddle dropped a few spots to seventh, Brian Potts was up a spot to eighth, Manuel Garcia was up a few into ninth and Kevin Denault was now in 10th place. Mike Ward and Paulden Hepler were out of the race. Literally ablaze with candlepower, Noe Sierra took the Class 7A win by less than a minute, led every lap but one. Corey Torres kept to his winning ways, he took the Class 9 contest by nine minutes, he's seen here at speed. September 2005 Gumz still held the lead, John fourth place and Matt Gumz Grossini, Kevin Walsh and Curt ended up in fifth place. Ron Geer were still second, third and Weddle took sixth and Ian fourth. Jeff Cepielik still held onto Jameson was the seventh and final fifth place, Ron Weddle was run-finisher. Kevin Denault never took ning sixth, Ian Jameson was down the checkered flag. a spot into seventh and Kevin No less than 12 entrants turned Denault was eighth. Potts and out for the Class 9 conflict, they Garcia were among the missing. had five laps to run and seven of On the sixth and final lap, John them finished the required laps. Grossini moved in to first place, When they came around at the end Kevin Walsh moved up a spot to of the first lap it was Johnny Burns finish second, Curt Geer came in in the lead, Corey Torres was right third, Jeff Cepielik took a nice Continued on page 38 · Alrc:ratlSpna" i$11 worldwide di$tributorofquality products for die rac-ing indusiry. Our product line of over 30.000 items is Olle of the most extensive from one ,ingJe tout'C¢. Out service has made us the number one supplier in aviation and is why over 3SO race lealllS have turned to us as a trusled source fur racing componcnb! i!U ~--u,tf,,. ,..,.,_,llftM-. u:a,.,.,,,,. CtNn BEST SELECTION! LtlWEST PRIDES/ SAME DAY SHIPMENT! Visit Our Corona, CA store! AIRCRAFT SPRUCE wc•r WAi,portehm <:o,qna, Gt 9288f>.25J7 ph. 9SJ-312..JJS.U /11:dSJ.312-0W lntoflaln:rat&pruce .. com :L-B77-4-SPRUCE • ., ., l • Page 37

Page 38

John Gould led Class 1 for a few laps buy a long last lap dropped him Curt Geer worl<ed his way up to a decent third place finish in Class Ricardo Cordova led Class 5-1600 for a few laps, major problems on the third lap dropped him to a third place finish. to a third place finish, seen here at touchdown. 1600, seen here airborne, ready for landing. The Class 5 contest went to John Criswell, he led all the way and took the win with almost an hour in hand at the checkers. behind him in second place, Doug Silcock was running third, Brian Benson was fourth and Jim Miller aw Products 11.I.D. l.l#IIIIS IIJI 8.8• • •·•• Slz•• was fifth. Cory Bantilan was in sixth place, Chris Dunne was in seventh place, Ron Rash was in .. ,,,., .. , .. ,.,. ... ,, . ., .,,.-c .. , ,.,,,., ....... , •• ~-•. ,, ........ ,. Orlr,lov••m IIRa l'alfllro .. ,,,.,.,, .,,, .. ,., .. , •.. ,,. Call tar Pricing! Page 38 Gerado tribe was the Class 5-1600 winner, he ran second for the first two laps, then took the class lead and ran for the win. eighth place, Nathan Himmelrick was running ninth and Cody Rash was 10th. The 11th spot went to Mike Ward and Mike Boone was 12th after a two hour lap. When the second lap ended it was Corey Torres in the front, Johnny Burns was a few minutes behind in second spot, Doug Silcock was still in third place, Brian Benson was still in fourth and Chris Dunne was in fifth place. Nathan Himmelrick was up to sixth place, Jim Miller dropped a few spots to seventh place, Cody Rash had moved up to seventh place, Cory Bantilan was eighth, Mike Ward was running ninth and Mike Boone was in 10th place. The third lap ended and Corey Torres still led the pack, Brian Benson had moved up into second spot, Silcock was still running third, Himmelrick was up to fourth place and Johnny Burns had dropped to fifth place. Chris Dunne was running sixth, Jim Miller was in seventh spot, Bantilan was in eighth place, ninth place belonged to Cody Rash and Mike Ward was 10th. Ron Raszh was running 11th and Mike Boone was a very long 12th. The fourth lap finished with no major changes in position but we did lose Cody Rash and Mike Boone. When the fifth and final lap ended it was Corey Torres taking yet another win, Brian Benson was second, some nine minutes later, Johnny Burns came in for a third place finish, Nathan Himmelrick took a decent fourth place, Cory Bantilan came in fifth, sixth place went to Jim Miller and Chris Dunne was the seventh and final finisher. Doug Silcock and Ron Rash were nowhere to be seen. Class 11 only had two entries, Steve Patton and Ann Naso. Steve cruised around his first lap and led easily, Ann's lap was more than two hours. Steve finished his sec-ond lap but Ann was nowhere to be seen. Gold medal to Steve Patton. Class 5 had four entries and they also had six laps to make a race. Upon the finish of the first lap it was John Criswell with a fairly big lead, Tom Costa came along in second place, Mike Calloway was third across the line and Eric Earnest never completed his first lap. The second lap ended and Criswell had a 20 minute lead, Mike Calloway was running second and Tom Costa was a close third place. When_ they came around for the end of the third lap, Criswell had increased his lead to more than 30 minutes, Calloway was giv-ing chase but to no avail and Tom Costa was among the missing. There were no lead changes for the next three laps, John Criswell took the win and Mike Calloway was a distant second place. There were 10 Class 5-1600 en-tries but, only four of them would see the finish line. When they came around on their first of five laps it was Ricardo Cordova showing the way, Gerado lribe was close behind in second spot, Ken Tolbert was running in third, Guy Savedra was fourth and Richard Garavito was in fifth place. In sixth place it was Jeff Sack, Mike Norris was running seventh and Brittany Sanchez was in eighth place. Tom Bolha and Chris Schutz never finished the first lap. When they fmished their second lap it was still Ricardo Cordova in the lead, Gerado lribe was second Continued an page 4D In the Trophy Challenge, it was Greg Crew all the way; he led eve,y lap and won with toms of time in hand. September 2005 Dusty Times

Page 39

Attention Subscribers Please notify Dusty Times Of your impending change Of Address. If you notify us Early on, it will guarantee That you won't miss an issue. Thanks for your help ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Dusty Times September 2005 Page 39 -

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-Ken Keegal ran in third spot in Class 7A the entire race, seen here early on as night begins to fall. Johnny Bums led the first lap but when the checkers flew he had to settle for a third place finish in Class 9. Craig Brabant was a bit off the winning pace in the Class 10 conflict, he finished in third spot in his great looking car. some four minutes behind, Rich-ard Garavito was third, Ken Tolbert was in fourth place; and Guy Savedra was fifth. Jeff Sack was holding on to sixth place and Brittany Sanchez was seventh. Mike Norris was out of the con-test. On the third lap Gerado lribe · took over the lead spot, Ken Tolbert moved into second place, second, just by seconds, Ricardo Richard Garavito remained in Cordova was breathing on his third piace, Guy Savedra moved heels, he was only 15 seconds be-up a spot into fourth and Ricardo hind and Jeff Sack held the fourth Cordova was running fifth. In position. Richard Garavito and sixth place it was Jeff Sack while Guy Savedra were retired from the Brittany Sanchez retired from the race. fray. There were no position changes Lap 4 had lribe still in the lead, on the last lap so when the check-now a good lead, Ken Tolbert was ers flew it was lribe taking a nice win, Tolbert was a long second lead, Roger Byrd was right there place, Cordova was third, just 34 in second place, two minutes in ar-seconds out of the silver medal and rears, Ken Keegal was running Jeff Sack took home first off the third, in fourth place it was Diego podium. Lopez and Bob Real was running The Class 7 A pickups had eight in fifth. Skyler Gambrell was in entrants ready to go and five of sixth position and Perry Fleming them made it to the checkered flag. was running seventh. Justin Lott When they came around after the failed to complete his first lap. first lap it was Noe Sierra in the At the end of the second lap it Mike Pacewiczh had a good evening, he ran his great looking car to A decent fourth place finish in Class 1600 went to Jeff Cepielik seen Jeff Sack ran his neat looking car to a fourth place finish in Class 5-a fourth place finish in the Class 1 battle. here at landing in his great looking car. 1600, seen here landing just before dark. Page 40 September 2005 Dusty Times 7

Page 41

The Ultra Truck Class win went to Lloyd Snyder, he's seen here at speed, getting ready for the long darl< night. was still Noe Sierra showing the way, Roger Byrd was still second, still two minutes behind the leader, in third place it was still Ken Kegal, Diego Lopez still in fourth place and Skyler Gambrell had moved into the fifth spot. Perry Fleming was running sixth and Robert Real was seventh after a terribly long lap. The third lap ended and now it was Roger Byrd in the lead, Noe Sierra was now a few minutes be-hind the leader, in second place and Ken Keegal, Diego Lopez and Skyler Gambrell were running third through fifth. Perry Fleming and Robert Real were on their re-spective trailers. On the last lap, Noe Sierra re-took the class lead and took the checkered flag as well. Less than a minute later Roger Byrd came across the finish line, and in third through fifth place it was Ken Keegal, Diego Lopez and Skyler Matt Gumz led the Class 1600 fight for three laps but problems on the last lap dropped him to a fifth place finish. Dusty Times Gambrell. There were only two entered in the Class 8 contest, they had four laps to run to make a race. At the end of the first lap it was Greg Scott in the lead, Jim Patelli was 10 minutes behind the leader. On the second lap Scott opened up another 10 minutes on Patelli, he now led by 20 minutes. On the third lap Scott contin-ued to lead, ·he now ·had 50 min-utes on Patelli, but not for long. On the last lap Patelli came around to take the win, Greg Scott was nowhere to be seen. Ultra Truck had three entries and they had three laps to run in their race. There really wasn't much of a race, Lloyd Snyder led ail the way, in spite of blowing a tire and stopping to help another car get back on its wheels. B.J . Warren ran the race in second place but he did get to the finish Continued on page 42 TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING INC. SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year congratulations Arden ne·nnington 1st in Class 112-1&00 SCORE Terrible's Short course -Las Vegas TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 9763VARIELAVENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 September 2005 Page 41 -

Page 42

i ' ~ I I • Diego Lopez had some problems on the third lap but he carried on Flyin' high, with no lights, Jim Gledhill flew to a decent fourth place in Hector Garcia was well off the winning pace at MORE Freedom, he and ended up in fourth place in the Class 7A contest. Class 10, seen here just before landing. ended up fifth in the Class 10 contest. line while Eric Fiorino never com- Keith Anfuso was fourth, another behind the leader. Chris Parr was ish line. On the first lap Rick Lee the leader. pleted his first lap. 10 minutes behind. on the trailer. had the lead, Giti Gow land was On his last lap Gowland posted • There were five entered in the At the completion of the sec-When it was finally over, Greg second, 13 minutes in arrears. his fastest lap of the day, he took Trophy Challenge, one of them did ond lap it was still Greg Crew in Crew was the almost uncontested On the second lap fortune re-the checkers while Lee failed to not start and two more failed to the lead, Chris Parr was second, winner, Keith An fuso came versed itself and Gowland was first come around and finish his final finish their required laps. When 10 minutes behind the leader and around in second place but he was across the line, Lee was more than lap. they came around after their first Keith Anfuso was third, he was way a full two hours in arrears. half an hour behind in second And, so it ended, everybody lap it was Greg Crew in the lead, behind the leader. Last, but not least, the place. packed up and settled in for the Chris Parr was second, six minutes When the third lap ended Greg JeepSpeed group, which, this race, On Lap 3, Gowland to lead and night. Be sure to attend the next behind, Hector Garcia was third, Crew still held the lead and Keith consisted of only two vehicles and he increased his margin a bunch, MORE race, September 17th. See another 10 minutes back and Anfuso still ran second, a long way only one of them would see the fin- Lee was now 50 minutes behind ya all there! !!&:.!--.!: His lap times were consistent but not fast enough this race, Ron A two hour third lap didn't help much, John White ended up taking Ian Jameson makes a one point landing on his way to a seventh Weddle took a sixth place finish in Class 1600. sixth place in the hotly contested Class 1 O battle. place finish in Class 1600, sometimes you just land this way. ---.,,.re The Suspension Company. Page 42 September 2005 Dusty Times

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··•·············-······-········---------·······-·-··-·-····--··--·········---·········-······-····---········ .. ··················--··-·····--•·-···-·-·········-··-·······-··-·-·····-··----······-------------~---l>RO l.:i\TRY FEE S3f}U SP m r .. ·. '1A111; 1TR\' FEh -~oo ~~~ ou-~~~ IIIIE250" QA. Congratulation's to Mike James winner of the "McKenzies 400" ft ,n f, ,mu IC f .t,IH'H J. l'HO\ I n1:n n \tr.l> F\ FYf l>r , ,\1,1n1: 1> •\ · ·i ·(; ) ••. '\.,_\.,I,.,,. ~ "lf)f ' f ) ,Jo_~.,, TRUE GRIT:\ \V.\RD 1rnc-o,n; J: VOi.\. KU JOI· 1'Ut-: -'lt:Ht, ot.r '.\"rt{ttt PHO(;ftA:\l 0 1-l!ci:\t ru•r co11P.\i\ Y < )F \ DR c:aa-... 1:c[ . · .... (! ,ASS 14~0 s:,rnm I' ACF Sl)Lll 'BA :..OHS SCH ED{ rI S .. r C . 29 - S PERS 11'10 '1.. :· ) · NOV. L .. , OUTLAW 2 5 0 DEC. 31 • THE DASH ,\ ,un t ,\'\('I.. P \R,\ ,\1EfllC f UH l tH t"h. . F,n ~. J \\\.,_CH t U f • . \T \1.1. )fllR E\'l:' T: 'f tt'U "-EH\ lt. '~,S I' lH \ U>IZ ll JS \ ,l(, 1'. , , .\ LI. R,\ ct: T t•:<·u .\~l) SA1 ET\. tu: ·u .T .. \L\tL:\1}1.E .\~)Ol < ((ON TU f, fl t JI L1 f, lUtSt:l.T,· t•o~·nu) 0~ I.I · 1: fH, l(l ·c; 1 tJ I:. l{A<'f.'. t:S-lOY WELL ORG.\~ IZ:KD. 1.0C,, L ,\ FFOJH>Alil.f ... IL\, trio~. U If' Of F-l(OAO ltA('f '.\(; ~-----· ·-·· __ , __ ..,..,., _, -· ____ _,, 'i•----------· t 'JU~P TUE DESERT Cl.l~A"' -THF. FUTURt•: (}F rn,:sr-:n:r RAC:lt "G DEPfJ\ 'f>S o . '. fi:Vf•:RYOJ\.E ?\tATNT AISll'\'G Tur;: ()HV /\RF.A 1·~ rrnusr !'trmv1n,: .\rf'f trvcn ~r·,su< uuu:sTOl<, can:s-: sru:"1:n oR ucr:. ·.-1~ rt, ,TJ.~ n ·.-,1.u .-:1, o, u.1. tt.HT, J.'HtC • :~ · t nt, H)lt \ts,~ f ·, ,-:~ l1 l✓E : \.\ tH'.h:.S 8 RfflHE l H[ H \Cf H •\ Tf: -.-: '1'1< \ Ff,, ort l Ht ltlH\'f,j( ff' I.,. ·o r.n~ fOR .('O.t)RI \'F.)~S • .'l:N~ffttl 1' CR.f.'\\', :M: c ,. \ TOR, on TH R (a''..\ r.:n,,1. ,~r nuc . .,. \\ 1TH ·' J fl, \ ,')\ \01'!:: tr \ 't:Jfl('l.l~ J)Of:S ~()T ;\.l,\Kt: ·n,rr .STARTL 'CU ·,:, 111-0-.:~. or Tm~ ft 'TRY rr.t: 1, R<) O\'lHl 'f( Tin: ~f.X1' tun: f()ft \1 f})f JU.Cf, n --~1,; LT,': t'\VOl(\J,\ TfO"\ -NJO 'f,: ti? ,_..J,fl.◄HZII * J ,\ ~ L Mo-~':!4t •. flif, l 1~•,tAU. infltht rtulrut'inr,rnm wnn ~nn:~ mdrrudn{!.Cll111 \lJtft 1t;·ttt,fOIOtATIO·;'\ ~ \,R,T,.♦,.-\Ll.lC,\Cl!'.TECff · 'Alf-.1' ••1:•.\1Alt.'l~j,H'j!r n lPrr~H~t~iJI!? .\l D ll I K~3 ft \Rf,.;,\".\\' OR . • SOl'TH 1:1. \I O\'T . C ,\ '()J1'.U Dusty Times September 2005 Page 43

Page 44

BFG Celebrates JD Years In Off Road· By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo The lady who got BFG into the desert, Athene Karls, with help from Ed Jacobs, started the BFG move to off road. Rod Hall and Jim Fricker probably won more races on BFGoodrich Tires than any other team or individual. This year marks the 30th anni-versary of BFGoodrich's entrance into the world of off road racing. Long-timers will remember that while they were deadly serious about their radial tires, they didn't take themselves so seriously. Calling themselves "The Other Guys", and handing out t-shirts that depicted blue skies and billowing clouds with-out a logo-emblazoned blimp, they quickly endeared themselves to the off road communiry. It took some time to develop confidence in the concept of using a radial tire to race off road, but respected drivers like Fritz Kroyer, Stan Gilbert and Scoop Vessels be-gan using them early on. Vessels won the 1977 Baja 500 on radials and from that point their popu-lariry began to grow quickly. BFG drivers took four SCORE season points championship sin 1979, in-cluding Steve Kelley in Class 1, Frank Vessels in Class 2, Henry Arras in Class 6 and Ivan Stewart in Class 8. They were also voted SCORE Contingency Company of the Year in 1979, in recognition of their efforts on the part of the rac-ers. Other racers, including Bob Gordon, Bud Feldkamp, Malcolm Smith, Rod Hall and Ivan Stewart began to race on BFGs. It was just the beginning of a long and mutually satisfactory relation-ship. BFG went to all the SCORE 3636 Meade Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102 15x4 & 15x6.5 Non-Beadlocks 15x4 & 15x6.5 Beadlocks w/Rlng & Bolts $149.95 $199.95 15x4 - 1 3/ 4 Rear Spacing 15x6.5 - 2 34 Rear Spacing 702-247-1266 Discount Foreign Car Parts Page 44 events, and participated in the SODA/CORR series also. They gradually developed some amazing off road pit crews. Their tire-groovers worked endless hours at the races, grooving tires to suit the individual. In the pits racers soon discovered that they would be quickly and efficiently serviced dur-ing the longest, toughest events. BFG held contests amongst its dealers nationwide and the winners were permitted to travel to Baja and work for endless hours in the heat and dust. They loved it. And the racers loved it. The BFG pits re-paired many a car and guaranteed The Herbst brothers, all three of them have been racing on BFGoodrich tires since they entered the off road racing world. many finishes. In '82, '83 and '84 ing out of some of the tough Baja the SCORE members voted BF-races. They used their OPS skills to Goodrich as Contingency Com- keep track of the course and access pany of the Year. Then they did it roads as well as highways and towns. again in 1987, and '93 and '97, Pretty soon BFGoodrich had out-and in another streak, 1999 standingmapsofeachcourse,avail-through 2004. able for all BFG entrants. The cov-People like Frank DeAngelo, eted BFG race books that were ere-Don Minton, Dan Newsome, ated for each race now included way Athene Karis and Jeff Cummings· points for not only the course, but were always at one race or another. also access roads and pit areas. But They got to know everyone. BFG all that information didn't come eas-people began to help with the lay-ily. They spent days and even weeks ~--------------=---'=---..::-.--.,,,...c,.,-,-----,::--, working their way around Baja, help-Steve Kelly always made his presence known, he raced for a lot of years on his BFG tires. This BFGoodrich shod MacPherson Team truck helped put Larry Roese/er into the spotlight on many occasions. September 2005 ing Sal Fish find and mark the best possible race routes. Beginning in 1982 the SCORE members voted BFGoodrich the Pit Support Team of the year 18 times. Since 1994, there's been no other winner. While they're doing all this hard work, they also like to have a little fun. For the past several years they've been having an "Outhouse Contest" as an adjunct to the Baja 1000. This all started when one team brought along a pre-cut plywood outhouse some years ago, and it proved to be so handy and comfortable (relative to bushes) that others took the plans and built the same amenities. Soon they were decorating their conveniences, and the next step was to ask the visiting BFG bigwigs to compare outhouses as they cruise from start to finish, and pronounce a "winner". Decorations now in-clude such refinements as very cre-ative paint jobs, lighting, music, flowers, steering wheels (to make the racers feel at home), magazines, cup holders and more. Old timers will remember with fondness the huge dinners that BFG hosted (under the aegis of Athene Karis) at the Estero Beach Hotel for many years. On the night before the race, the BFG folks laid out food for hundreds on the patio over-looking the beach and the bay. Bar-becued steaks and chicken were ac-companied by salads and fresh fruit and various other accoutre-ments, along with beverages of all Dusty Tip,es

Page 45

Ivan Stewart, a household name, won many, many races in his Toyota truck, always with the BFG's along for the ride. A typical BFG race pit, a big truck, lots of equipment and mechanics, fuel and food and drink are always in abundance. Let's see, how many vehicles are we supporting this race? Let's count the tires and see where we stand. sorts. All racers who were running sits on adjacent with BFO support were invited, mountains, or in along with their crew members. It tall hotels at some was a tetrific way for the BFOood- events, to bolster the rich tams to get to know one an- system. At the start/ other. Long lasting friendships were finish area of the built. Racing partnerships were de-race sits another veloped. New teams blossomed. It team, BFO Central, gave the newest, greenest racer ac-made up of Dave cess to the racers he admired. In-Walter and Brad formation was shared. Tire prob-Molinari, who pa-lems could be discussed and solved. tiently record data These dinners were more than just regarding times the dinners. They were like huge open cars start the race, forums about the race. The least when they pass by minute details would be settled, rac-the pits, where they ers knew who they could rely on break, when they for certain kinds of help or equip- declare themselves ment. They were terrific. out of the race, and Budgets changed and times when they finish. changed and those big dinners have At each BFO pit stopped, but the same sort of in-one individual is re-formation sharing still exists. The sponsible for re-race books are, if anything, still big-cording times as ger and better. A team equipped each car (not just with one of them and a OPS system BFO shod cars) goes Frank D'Angelo is BFGoodrich in the desert, Dan Newsome ran the BFG desert program can find their damaged race car past the pit. Then if you've got a problem or a question, Frank for many years, he was the accommodating Jeff Cushing was the guy to see for a few years, if you needed help Jeff was there to see that it happened. anywhere in Baja, and can find a they report that in-_,s_,~'-ou_r_m_a_n_. ___________ guy you needed to talk to. way to get to it. Dave Churchill formation to BFO Central. This the outskirts of Baja, two days be-SCORE in Baja. hoping that this year they'll record the 20th straight win: a fitting cli-max to their 30th year in off road helps the teams fine tune their OPS way the team knows if their mem- fore the 500, they presented a video In the last 19 years, BFO has re-systems and gives those new to the hers are still coming, and if they are, highlighting great moments in corded a run of 19 straight overall subject quick lessons on how to use they keep the pit open; ready to BFO's 30 years of racing with wins at the Baja 1000. They are racing! .. -.lfW it effectively. dump fuel, make repairs or offer Questions about tires: size, air sympathy. In the past few years sat-pressure, wheels to use, whether to ellite phones have been added to groove or not, come up all the time, the mix to ensure complete and and BFG personnel who have the timely communications between the answers are available at most events. pits and ·the teams. It's a huge un-If they're not there in person they're dertaking, and, while it eats up in-attainable by cell phone and email calculable hours, it does smooth out and if they don't know the answers, the running of the operation. A they know who will. BFO pit never closes if a BFO racer And another form of informa-is still making his way to the pit. It tion sharing exists at each BFO sup- provides a bit of security and com-ported race. Radio communica-fort during an undertaking fraught tions. 'Way back in the beginning, with the unknown. BFO understood the need for good In observance of their 30th an-radio communications, and they niversary, BFO has issued special worked to set up a radio-relay sys-stickers for their teams to apply to tern that would help. Soon Bob race cars and chase vehicles, and Hynes was being sent out into the there are some BFO 30th anniver-boonies to find a big hill upon sary t-shirts that were handed out which to set up his radio-relay to top finishing teams at a couple setup. Bristling with wires and an-of the races. There was a limited tennas, Bob receives requests for edition commemorative poster fea-help, parts or information and re-tu ring key desert racing highlights lays it to the appropriate party. A from the past 30 years, and at the whole cadre of other radio experts Horsepower Ranch spectacular in Scoop Vessels, behind the wheel, and Sam Posey made a race out of it, as seen in this 1981 photo. DU$tY Times www. n evad aoff ro adbu ggy. com O:P i T: / ,At.A RAfT[Rlf~ 'lllCUU..W.l'oWER SC..Ce• ZTREME nRE co .. NB/All' OFFROAO BUGGY T-SHIRT SM-MEO-LRG-XXLRG ONLY $10.00 CROW lSiJUtElRiP1IDf ' .. , 11 1f l " • l j l . .-..,,.. . . -= · \,J,,,· =-'-;()(I) •. • ·· HFRF WE CARRY AWIDE ASSORTMENT OF WELD ON TRICK TABS 14,,,t 1ltcJ, 1ltcJ, ~-, ... CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-755-5900 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #130 * LAS VEGAS, NV* 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM * SAT 9AM-5PM (702) 871-5221 fa>< September 2005 Page 45

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ad a tss.t•d ""Stranger ~-----1,;.1----Llghter other cast~• ti l'nlll'Hllt • unter Pressure Casted Aluminum atin Smooth . . . 4. 15. Beadlac:k Pa. 2DSmm -- -714 .. B25Ef la Ave J J . . I' lfrj 'r,2.5" 2.5" --€1/!iKI Beadla,;ks:·; 1 Oblue . Dblack Dred .. apallshei:J • Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! We have custom and prodvdion coils in stock, and the experience to get you what you need. Call today!

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This column ma:y, from time to time, contain adult language. We herelry request an:yone under the age of 18 to stop reading this immediatel:y and get some adult supen,ision before continueing. ed The Straight Poop 'from the BIGWAHZOO NEV ADA I 000 RACE -This BITD race was a four day event, with the approximate 150 entries running a different loop starting and finishing in Tonopah each day (except the first day which started in Beatty). Each race ve-hicle had one 'free' hour to work on their vehicle after the finish of each of the day's loops. Any more repair time spent than that would be added on to their overall race time. The Club had three vehicles signed up to race this event, but George Seeley was a no-show with -his JeepSpeed ride. So that left the Club with just two HUMMERS to pit with the help of the regular and experienced HUMMER pit personnel... no problem! Since we had Ed Jahn as the Pit Captain and Big John Hastings as his trusty helper up there to handle it. Dur-ing the four day event, Ed & Big John (along with HUMMER pit help and chase crews) shepherded the two factory sponsored HUM-MERS around the rocky Nevada terrain all during this unique for-mat to a couple of big first place finishes for the Checkers. From Gabbs, Silver Peak, Goldfield, Klondike, and a number of other less colorful named middle-of-no-where places, our relatively small Checker contingent officially es-tablished at least eight pits in four days. Plus, because of the pace of the race, they were forced to es-tablish a presence at several other locations where they didn't even have time to 'raise the flag'. Our drivers at this event held up their end as expected. Chad Hall, and his brother Josh, both soloed this 1000 mile race. Both sons of a true legend of our sport, Chad drove the Hl pickup style HUMMER, with Josh Hall at the wheel of the H2 SUV-style HUM-M ER (running in different classes). Both men are currently 'Prospective Members' of the Club, expecting a vote for full Checker membership sometime this November. Although both winning their classes, and finish-ing 16th and 16th overall respec-tively, they did have their share of problems. While replacing a couple of half-shafts, a top rear shock mount breaking apart, and having their share of flat tires, our boys did a fine job of spend-ing their leads when need be and charging hard when they were able. At one point, after Chad had cleared the last pit, 'Sheriff' Jahn was just sitting down to a little BBQ to wrap up the day. But, just about the time he was about to devour some of his wife's grub, an emergency popped Dusty Times up. Seems Chad tore the shit outta one of the top rear shock mounts on his pick'em up truck coming into the finish, and needed the big heavy duty stick welder the Checkers carry. "Din-ner will have to wait," Ed in-formed his wife as he left, "the Checkers need me!" To success-fully finish rebuilding a major heavy duty shock mount during mid-event, which took six hours to build in just 54 minutes, was a big boost of confidence for ev-eryone involved. When the Checkers left this race with two first place finishes and two happy prospective Checker drivers, they felt confident the Club could suc-cessfully work with this factory HUMMER team for the benefit of both. Josh now stands first in points in his class, with Chad in second in points in his class. Both Chad and Josh, on behalf of the HUMMER Team, generously re-warded our guys for their signifi-cant effort, and Wahzoo con-gratulations go out to all those involved! As an aside, Jim Dizney, long time racer and friend of the Check-ers, hauled a couple of spares back down to the San Diego area from Tonopah for 'Bruckmann', who had temporarily 'lost' them after the recent Baja 500 race. Thanks, Diz! SAL FISH -By the time you read this article the Kingfish of SCORE will have made his tradi-tional visit down to a Wednesday night Checker meeting. This year it was on Wednesday, August 24th where he has agreed to answer our member's questions ... and just be Sal. A complete report on this little get together will appear in next month's Wahzoo column. GEORGE THOMPSON -'Just quietl:y doing his job'. ORT is our Club's Treasurer. That means he is required to collect, pay bills, and generally keep track of the Club's money ... something he does very well. I mean, considering he's got a minor in 'finance' from Notre Dame you would expect that. But it's the other, often unseen, jobs he does for this Club of ours which I take this space to praise the lad. First, he makes his living with a computer, and is the best at it I've ever run across running and fixin' those damn things! This talent translates into many advan-tages for the Club. He does all our race maps, and excellent they al-ways are! He has compiled a very accurate e-mail list of all our Checker members who are on line ... being able to now contact and inform a whole shit pot full of members at a moment's notice. He is also the 'Moderator' of our private on-line secret Checker fo-rum, and pretty much the guy ya gotta go to when ya wanta get on the forum in the beginning. Also, being the Manager of Team HUM-MER, ORT has learned the T-shirt business well. In fact, he's figured out a way to eliminate one of the middle-men in the production process, therefore reducing the cost to our members without sac-rificing the quality. Living up in the mountains, over an hour's drive away from our weekly meet-ings, he has rarely missed one since being elected. He will be a hard guy to replace and sorely missed in 2006. M.O.R.E. FREEDOM 250 -This five and six lap race wa_s run with a reported 96 racers on a Sat-urday night over a 40 mile loop. It started and ended in the Barstow Outlet Center area around 2a.m. with six Checker supported vehicles entered, but only one finishing. New fire re-strictions were in place for this race with no open fires or BBQs al-lowed, and welding only allowed in designated pit areas without a permit. Roger Byrd, with his trusty co-rider George Jirka along as his chief finger pointer, had a tight race for the lead going all night long in his Class 7S truck. But di-saster struck on his last lap. Seems this second generation Checker got his truck hung up on a side hill and killed the engine ... then it wouldn't re-fire because of the steep angle. Our boys finally got it free, to roll back down on flatter ground, where they were able to get the motor goin' again. But they lost precious seconds in the pro-cess. That turned out toe huge, as our boys lost the class win by 42 seconds at the finish line. Damn! to help. The Class 9 guys helped Brian and his passenger get the buggy back on its wheels and made sure they were okay. But then, when they got back into their 9 car to continue on, they found their battery dead. Of course our two guys gave them a push and got them fired up and on their way, but a huge crack in Brian's tranny put an end to our guy's evening. Sadly Potts didn't get the Class 9 guy's names or car number, but the Checkers do owe you guys a big favor for your true sports-manship in stopping to help at what coulda been a serious crash. So, if either of you two mystery Class 9 guys read this please give your name and phone # to the next Checker ya run into so one of our Club Officers can call ya with 'an offer ya can't refuse'. Pit Captains at this race were Mike Wright running Checker Main, Ed Jahn at Checker Pit #l, George Seeley at Checker Pit #2, Big John Files at Checker Pit #3, 'The Rev' at Checker Pit #4, and Jim Gre-gory running the Checker Radio Relay. SCORE'S TERRIBLE'S CUP -On a manmade short course, which ran in and out of the Las Vegas Speedway, SCORE put on a successful event by all reports. There were between 10 and 15 thousand spectators and plenty of race vehicles at this two day event. Checker prospective members picked up two class wins after the dust settled on a number of heat races and main events. Congr~lations go out to 'Quick Vic' Bruckmann for an impressive win in the SCORE Lights Class, and a big win for Milo Brown's 7SX truck. Good show, guys! Jim Greenway grabbed a good third place in his class, with Ken Tapert finishing in the 1/2-1600 class ... a little different than desert racin', The club had five cars entered in the MORE Free-dom 250 night race on July 23, highlighted by an over-all victory and Class 10 win for Tom Craig. Tom's long tine partner and owner of the car was side-lined by a recent knee sur-gery so Tom solo'd the race with Matthew and Robin McMullin splitting time in the right hand seat. The team had no major issues, just a few flats and took the win by over 25 min-utes. Johnny Burns teamed up with Todd Craig (brother of Tom) to take third in Class 9. Johnny turned the fast lap for the class on lap 1 and Todd turned the quickest lap in the dark, however, a bit of trouble in the middle laps spoiled an otherwise terrific run for the duo. The trouble started with a flat on lap 2 for Johnny, then on lap 3 he decided to do a bit of "exploring", following an-other car off course just after Pit B. The three club 1600 cars didn't fare so well. Tom Koch suffered an unusual problem, as his engine kept com-ing loose from the tranny. Seems that the threads finally stripped out enough that he had to park his Unlimited buggy. Eric Chase only made it about two miles be-fore the front beam on Pop's 1/ 2-1600 car took a terminal dump. The Annand/Strand Class 9 car, with Art Velasco, Jr. sitting in for the still injured Scott Annand, lost their tranny about mid-race. Non-Checker Steve Johnson's Class 9 car, on a trial run with the Club, disappeared early in the race and has not been heard from since. Brian Potts rolled the Potts/ Bussey 1/2-1600 buggy big time on the fifth lap ... like in four and a half times while haulin' ass in the dark. After the crew got out pretty much uninjured, and were walking around a little dazed and confused surveying the damage, a Class 9 car pulled up and stopped ain't it, guys? .. -.lfW Continued on page 56 ·--------------------------------· : REDL!NE PER_fc,R_f1ANCE, !NC. : 1 LIi & N-ITAR PRE-RUN DR RACE PACIAGEI 1 • ==-:me • I I I I I I I I I I I ~~ I I NORTHSTAR PACKAGES FROM $7500.00 COMPLETE 4O0HP I I LS1 PACKAGES FROM $13500.00 COMPLETE 485 HP I I WE OFFER COMPLETE DYNO SERVICES, ENGINE MAINTENANCE I I PROGRAMS AND AND UNMATCHED REPRUTATION FOR CUSTORMER SATISFACTIONIII I (714) 777-5758 PHONE (714) 777-5759 FAX I 4531. EISENHOWER CIRCLE, ANAHEIM, CA 92807 I ·--------------------------------· September 2005 Page 47

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Pre,ision II/lo~ lid. Todd Francis 25805 N.E. 46,h Ave. Ridgefield, WA 98642 Phone: 360.887.2000 • Fox: 360.887.7279 A High Performance Spec VB Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: Tel: 619-390-6252 Fax:619-3~1~ 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 pertormance wire llarnesses Joe oaulllan Pgr:· .. ••••• .. 11 --------------13411 oronlleld Ave. Svlmar, CA 91342 · Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension •Safety• Driveline • Accessories (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803(FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: ,EIIFDII.ArlKCE• TIIIKSIIL ES Southam ca1nom1a·1 large11 Dlllrlblllor of Mendeola Transalles PH: 714.680.6737 • Fil: 714.680.3110 ..,. Toll Free: 800.3.P •. 8726 tel #909~616-1>569 fax #909-676-t l~I ,..n,hntrnn< ("Om.'-Tony Selva Jr. 21598 Commerce Center Dr Temecula, CA 92590 ~C.n1~~! £Jiaj.~ SWilg Hie, •11s, •ewlaad, MD4S TIM CECIL 3455 S. POLARIS #5 US IBiAS, IEYADA 89102 JOHN 0.0. lllllIDN (702) 221-4383 (702) &87·9724 Barry Beacham 27231 Burbank Ave. Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Office 949-837-4388 Cell 949-466-4781 A Tatum Distributor Rc,;.:"l,al/u-'k/t;uu» "t <f~ %J4e QJUt • Pl.u 9 ~ o/ e~'kluu Specializing in Off-Road Racing & Driving For Over 21 Years Mig Welding • Tig Welding Upgrades & Repairs Baja-Proven Equipment 5294 N. Casa Grande Hwy • Ste 102 Tucson, Az 85743 520-850-3693 fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. L~ METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 {323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3%5 SANDBLAST-GLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MARK SMITH LARRY SMITH LAURA Do You Need To E X p A N D Your business Horizons? For Lou More Exposure Call 818-882-0004 • RICHARD " I S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT,, HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 (775) 372-5335 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS• \WIDOW LmERll,G • CAR LETTERIIIG • GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Hunt,ngto.., Beach CA 921349 (714) 897-0075 • Fa, (7141 594.9557 = PERFORMANCE SPECJALIS7"-,..___., UIIJVIIU&M SA/ART Pf8F88AIIICf I 1-800-MY MUFFLER I . ~ Craig Stewart I •~ Phone: 619-449-97.28 ~-~ Fmr,6t9•449-767R I , -· Celk 6l9-726-8891 I , . Fabrication & Race Preparation j I I ,l~;E:~:-~,A-~ ~=~ I --.__ __________________ ! RACE FUELS WESTERN DIVISION (209) 847-2281 [800) 527-6090 FAX [209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. Oakdale, California 95361 Design Fabrl"catlon lnstailatlon (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 121 5 POMONA ROAD • SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 ,,.., COvlPUTE/i!IZEO VINYL 611:;'.PH/CS & LEITE!i!ING ltl 1,1 I I ,-. LO-COST BLOGSIGNS(,._lI. P~CES5ES) . -=-;: ~~LESS'i't.i':'~~~NS ,.., RACING GRAPHICS ,.., Hl-at.V\LfTY MNNERS -:::.tLJ~~Ji~LES ,.., LOGO !i!EP/l?OOUCTONS ,.., RE./1\L EST ,._TE ,..LOGO & GR,._PI--IIC OESIGN ,.., OECA.LS

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2180 College Drive • Lake Havasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • Hi Performance Converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race & Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! TLR Performance Fabrication Tim Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. Suite D El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-1289 * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fibergla'ss for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena Vista St., He•et ca. 92543 Ph: 951-654-7334 Fax: 951-654-2375 See a list of our products at our web site: http://www.ofl-f' I &SniLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 0 C CD -I C ~ Cf) o-,1 m ~ ► 0 Cf) X ► CfJ w co w ~o~ .s .s .s -..J.:,. -..J co u) co I\) u, I\) w6N -..J.:,..:,. -..J ~ ~ I\) Ol u> 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 ;;:a/ ransworks ~~ PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLES 11& AUTHORIZED MENDEOLA DEALER ERIC LAUNDRIE STOCK & CUSTOM 24752 VIEJAS BLVD. SAND * STREET* RACE DESCANSO, CA 91916 (619) 445-3135 (uiP] UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A SANTEE. CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 (619 } 596 -8033 1 ooo w . Bradle y , Unit a El Cajo n , CA 92020 tf>~ Carlos Orozco ,•5 o~? foH pleX • ;>omo-,~ 0 October 9 & 10 l?L lil'-\' L;.l ( l" Ell Q,._2~ S . ._4_.-l_ 7 (i CLBRYANT.COM Tel:714.526.5820 Fax: 714. 526. 58~0 1631 N. PLACENTIA AVE. , #S ANAHEIM, CA 92806 Lonely Advertising Space Looking For VP Racing Fuels, Inc. West Coast Region P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar,_CA 92595 Long Term Relationship Call 818-882-0004 "Quality Fuels & Products lor Motorsports• Website· KELLEY HENDEL Regional Manager Office: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Email: vppac1fic Taxes Group & Individual Health Real Estate Loans John 0. White, CPA, MBA 866 887 5556 3190 Calle de Marejada Camarillo, CA 93010 Cell 805 844 4665 It's about what you keep! Fax 805 830 1590 CPA 36032E, DRE 760373, Doi bD48458 Adam Wik SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YE.AR 994.1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To COmpt~t& EnglnH 3675W. TecoAw.Unlll,l.MVeaaa. NV 89111 702-837-2522 ~ 00~~~ -Front & Rear lr.iiling Arms • Spindle, Sulf)tf'l~ion Specialitl • Cuslom br;e & Pl:ay Buggy Chas~ A•Arm Front Ends • Buttt Front Enck 9608 N. 21st Ot. Photni,c, AZ 8$021 Jack Woods (,02-242-0077 F.ix 602-242-7183 Lorenzo Rodr1guez ~ . hrts • Saw:e . Wddlng I . vYv.. -P~- N1HW1 • TCl'fl)Q-Hone!.& -SSO S. Alta V«sta Ave., Monrov/3., CA 91016 (626} 914.aH7 WWW.W!'ll"atl$.~ (C..).b) "?::,OS'?.A<:e. •p~ui~~-~~ RRCE PREP SHOP • BU66IES • SffffDCIIRS •SHDCHS • TRUCHS • PRE·RUnnERS • FIIBRICIITIOn 818) lfZEi-2280 .__ _____ _ -• 1 j j

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-Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for information before h f ·fc ·rem . . . ~----------AfUT Otv10T1Vb. FOR SALE: RJR Rick Johnson /Rob Rinertson Championship Winning Ford Protruck, just completely rebuilt from the ground up, new powder coat, 100% turnkey race ready. Com-pete for the $100,000 Protruck purse with the most competitive, best handling Protruck out there. Serious inquires only, call Rick@ (760) 954-0755. FOR SALE: 2003-04 Bonnerhawk PreRunner 5 seater Northstar motor, 4 speed Mendeola 934 CV's King Shocks/Coil Overs 2 ½" rear, 2" Front 35" Beadlock Ultras all around. Kartek stub axles and hubs, (2) HID pins (2) HID Floods, 40 gal. Fuel safe cell, Kenwood stereo and PCI Kenwood Race Radio/inter-com for all (5) helmets, com-pletely powder coated, $90,000.00 invested Sac. $68,500.00. Call (714) 633-9994. FOR SALE: Stock/Pure Mini Ford Ranger 4x4, Baja 2000-2000/2001 SCORE Class Champs. King, BFG, Tig-Welded 4130, Some cheaper, none better. 25K (928) 716-2225 . FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seat race car or pre-runner. UMI LSI VS, fresh automatic, NEW front end, rear end, trailing arms, Kartek hubs, brakes, axles, 934 CV's, King Kong spindles & front arms, Water-oil coolers, dash, autometer gauges, wir-ing, 2 spare set up, dual batts, Kings coils & by-pass, complete chassis powder coated & paint job, Howe steering, halogen fire system, PIAA light bar, skit plates, K & N filter, 30 gal Fuel safe cell, 4" filler neck, runs on pump gas, Dual parkers, Mastercraft, PCI set up w/inter-com, SACO rack w/ram TCS con-verter, Centerline & ultra wheels, on BFG's, all NEW parts. Com-plete car built by Foddrill Fabrica-tion, very fast and super reliable $59,000.00. MUST SELL. For more info call Cesar Fuentes @ (915) 726-3823. FOR SALE: 2001 Ford Ranger, 4.0, caged bumper to bumper brand new custom PreRunner. 3-linked, King shocks, H & Long Travel kit, 17" front Travel, 29" rear travel. Goodyear Wran-glers, must sell for motorcycle road racing, $33,900.00 Call Chad@ (661) 904-7077. FOR SALE: Jeepspeed Pro-2 wd. Built 4.0 Ax 15 5 speed tranny, Currie 9" w/spool 35 spline axles, truck is well con-structed & equipped-Beard, Fuel Safe, MSD, Autometer, Bilstein Bypass & Bumpstops, raced 1 season, comes w/few spares & intercom $15,500.00 (702) 250-5468. FOR SALE: Alumicraft 2-seat Pre Runner-LS 1 block with af-termarket rods, pistons, cam, Weiland manifold, big throttle body, etc. Approx 450-500hp. Tilton carbon fiber clutch, Bil-let flywheel, Tilton starter, Fox bypass all four corners, dual limit straps, BFG projects· on Robby Gordon bead locks, Fortin hubs, Fortin gun-drilled axels, Fortin CV's, Fortin 4-speed, BTI front spindles, big brakes all four corners, flame-out fire suppression, all braided coolant/fuel lines, Mastercraft 30 seats, Crow b·el ts w / sterum straps, Mastercraft custom side storage bags, OPS, PCI Kenwood race radio, PCI race intercom, eight (8) Hella HID lights. Profes-sionally maintained w/1500 to-tal miles. $85k (760) 787-1737 or email at FOR SALE: 04 Penhall D iablo 4 seat Pre Runner, Redline 510 HP engine, Mendeola 54, Kartek hub's and 934 micro stubs, Fox coilover internal bypass front , Fox coilover airshock and 3" bypass rear, 4 Hella HID's, Lowrance OPS, Vertex radio and intercom. BFG Projects on chrome Robby Gordon Wheel. Too much to list, see more on Penhall (714) 891-0165. Serious in-quiries only. FOR SALE: Class 1 or 10 Jimco Single Seat, New Wik's Honda or Fortin V4. Win NOW! Call Fortin Racing (619) 449-3633. FOR SALE: 1989 Ford Ranger Race Readywith 16fttrailerandgear: 2WD, 2.3 L-4 cylinder with new heads ported/ polished, front custom boxed I-beams, with dual 2.0 Fox shocks per wheel(16"travel), Rear Deaver custom race leaf springs 2/2.5_ Fox bypass shocks (16" travel). Reinforced 9" Ford rear~nd with Currie axles and full 6.0 spool (all 6-months new), Vertex race Radio (already programmed) and RacerX 2way intercom, PRP seats and new harnesses, 33 x 12.50 Goodyear's w/15" Eagle Alloys, new aluminum extra large radiator, air pumper, 22 gal Fuel Cell, Window nets, and new Optima rear-mounted battery. Racer gear included: base radio, two helmets, 3 new race suits, extra handheld radio, 14-gal quick fill container, four spare tires, one set of new paddles and new wheels, MDR and SCORE ready. In-cludes 16-foot dual-axle trailer w/ brakes (9-months new). $25,000.00 OBO Great package! Call Mark (818-822-8296 or email questions to FOR SALE: 1965 FlOO Pre Runner 302-C4, 6 New 35" BFG Muds & Rims. Alum. dash, caged, Beards, Five Point New Kings, Alpine, Ford 9" Posi w/31 spline, Lots of Custom Fab & many extras. $12,500.00 OBO (714) 328-8988. FOR SALE: 2003·"A" Arm Two Seat Pre-Runner-Ken Major Type IV Dual Carb, Fortin 5 speed, Tom Bryant Aluminum, PCI Ra-dio, 2 way cam box (with head-phones), Autometer Pro comp gauges, CNC, Mastercraft seats and nets, Fox Shocks, McKenzie floater hubbs, Fluidyne oil cooler, Twin Holl~y red fuel pumps, TCS Gundrilled Axles, Burns stainless, Ref i).eaders CV Products, Fuel Safe 50 gals, Crowe, Fortin Pow~r Steering, rack, 120 in wheel base. Justin LaCore built chassis. Car is wired for water cooled and may be raced in Class 10. Comes with spare parts, wheels and tires. Less than 1,000 miles. $85,000.00 OBO. Call (949) 498-9250. FOR SALE: Short Course Cen-ter Coc~pit ' -n,e Truggy, 850hp aluminum. motor, Culhane C-6, Coner,9.-,..,,. ilstein Shocks, Ultra 17" Be . ,·Fuel Safe, Motorola radi , B-FG's, Many spare parts and tires, $55,000.00. (858) 748-7167. FOR SALE: 5-1600 Baja Bug, Fox shocks, Centerlines, New Trans, Beard Seats, intercom, New Front & Rear bumpers. Still under construction. $12,000.00 (626) 960-3705. Sell your vehicles, ~i;:;:, and bits and pieces ri~.1-he:p Dusty Times has the reuut:•S i ml re looking for so fill out ~ ~ below and get your ad in ,mm . our next great -;ssue. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in • • • • • • • • ■ • DUSTY TIMES . Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum site 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is$ _____________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name __________ _ ________________________ _ Address Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES City------ - -------- ------------ ------------------------------ -----20761 Plummer Street State _____ Zip __________________ Phone ______________________________ _ Chatsworth, CA 91311 DUG5J~IIBG 2005-06 ISSUE DEADLINE October OS Sep 9, 05 November OS Oct 7, 05 December OS Nov 11. 05 January06 Dec 9, 05 Febrnary06 Jan 13, 06 March06 Feb 10, 06 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ------------· ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 54 September 2005 Dusty Times

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DON"T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS VVHO KEEP REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEVVS!' Dusty Times September 2005 71Rep0rl ~Continued from Page 47 Dave Girdner and cousin Jeremy Craig (and yes, that would be Tom's son) only made it 20 miles in the 30 machine before breaking a spindle. BJ Proctor re-cruited Tim Craig (again, yes, Tom's son) to help him with the transition from the Class 9 ranks into the 1600 class. After a great first lap, BJ lost the engine on lap 2. Of the CORE 1600 cars, Brad Inch, with some help from Don Johnson, faired the best, making two and half laps before a faulty alternator ended their day. Bob Depew towed the trailed out again and he, along with his better half Alison Chase, kept every-thing in Main Pit under control. They did driver changes and fuel for the Burns and Inch cars. · Pit A was staffed by the Lindsay family. It was a quiet day for the pit other than as-s is ting non-member Bill Markel adjust his shift linkage. At Pit B we had Ted Braxhoofden and friends. They changed a tire on the Burns car and hosted Don Johnson while he waited for a trailer. Pit C was headed by Dave Caspino. While they didn't see any action in the pit, Dave did retrieve the Inch car and tug it out to Pit B. _ The club put an extra pit between C and D, which was ma n n e d by Tr-av is RUGliJlilllHI There has been a change in the Production and Contributors Schedule. For the January 2006 Issue, the revised dates are: Space Close ..... Dec 9, 2005 Camera ReadyDec.14, 2005 On Sale ......... Dec. 22, 2005 Presnell and Mike Shrum. They changed a tire on the Craig 10 car and hosted Jeremy Craig as he waited for a trailer. Joey Gladdish was a late scratch from the race so he and his team volunteered to take Pit D though they didn't assist any vehicles. Larry Altoff and Bob Proc-tor had a quiet day at Pit E only having a tire change on the Craig 10 car. The next races for the club will be the MORE Kartek Challenge in Lucerne on September 17' and the SNORE 250 on Oc-tober 1. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September & at 8pm at Mulligans in Valencia. If you have any question,-., please call President Brad Inch at 818-352-9035 or VIS It .. -.IISW Dusty Times welcomes con-tributions from all pit teams. Send your stories early so that they may be conisdered for in-clusion in our next issue. Mail your tales to: Dusty Times,20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 INDb.X TO AD\lb.R. Tl6b.R.6 Aircraft Spruce ................................ 3 7 Alpha Performance ........................... 47 Baker Precision ................................ 3 5 Best In The Desert.. ......................... 11 Bilstein .............................................. 31 BTR Racing Wheels ...... .,. ................. 46 C&R Racing ....................................... 21 California RV Show .......................... 55 Coast Casinos ...................................... 9 CORR .................................... Back Cover Desert Dynamics .............................. 31 EFI ...................................................... 35 Fabtech ........................ '. ..................... 3 9 Fuel Safe ........................................... 3 5 ISCD .................................................... 12 Jet Age Furniture ............................ 2 0 K&N Filters .......................................... 2 Kartek ................................................. 14 Kawaguchi Honda ............................. 33 King Shock Tech ............................... 46 Mastercraft ....................................... 2 5 McKenzie Motorsports ....................... 4 McKenzie's Performance Products 3 B Michael James Insurance ............. 16 Mojave Desert Racing .................... 43 Nevada Off Road Buggy ................... 4 5 Off Road Expo ................................... 2 7 Pacific Customs ............................... 15 Parker Embroidery ............................ 13 Parker Pumper .................................. 2 4 Parker Pumper/Competition Air ..... 3 2 Parker Pumper/Eibach Springs ....... 4 2 PCI Race Radios ................................... 5 Pike's Service Center ...................... 2 0 Race Ready ......................................... 41 Racer X .............................................. 29 Redline Engineering .......................... 47 Rhino Off Road Industries .............. 18 Robby Gordon Off Road .................... 2 3 Ronco Plastics ................................... 36 Sakata ................................................ 3 2 Skyjacker Suspensions .................... 2 6 SNORE ............................................... 34 Soltek Light Systems ...................... 19 Sway•A-Way ...................................... 2 8 Transaxle Engineering .................... 41 Turnkey Products ............................. 2 2 Ultra Filter ........................................ 17 Valley Performance ........ : ................. 4 4 Web-Cam ............................................ 40 Yokohama Tires ................................. 30 Page 55 ..

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• Jerel11 McGrath a es His aace truck pro oebut No Overnight Camping ... NISSAN Hear the power and feel the thunder, when the most intense side-by-__side off-road racing in the world storms into Chula Vista, California, just south of San Diego ... See Seven-Time Supercross Champ Jeremy McGrath take on CORR Race Truck Stars Jason Baldwin, Josh Baldwin, Carl Renezeder, Scott Taylor, Scott Douglas, Kevin Probst, Evan Evans, Steve Barlow, Curt LeDuc· and Art Schmitt. Live entertainment both weekends featuring performances by: (included with admission) Free Parking Open Pits Information: corracing. com 866-501-C0RR (2677) Manufacturers Midway ticketmaster. com • SFGaadrich fi,¥.:ff',w, Phil Vassar September 24th P.O.D. September 25th General Public October 1st & 2nd J