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2005 Volume 22 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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volume 22 • Number 5 • May 2005 $2.50 ISSN8750·1732 --serving The OFF Road communi~y Par 22 Years covering the world of competition in the dirt •.. c:::===============::::::==---========================----================---=========::.::::

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Volume 22 - Number 5 May 2005 UGli Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki W1kel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Sheryl Cannon Carrera Photography Mike Chamberlain J&L Photography Jim Culp Mike Del Col Martin Holmes Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montana Byrle Moore Troy Robinson Jeff Straw Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham Subscription Rates: $25 .00 per year, 12 issl1es, l)SA, Foreign Sub-scription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for .. such material. Unsolicited material will be remrned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. · DUSTI TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copy-right by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-. lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot Of the Month ... We don't know who was in the ·chenowth when the earth exploded beneath it but we can tell you it was at Barstow in 1980. Wonder how it felt! DUSTY TIMES will feamre picn1res of simUar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picmre used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self.addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be considered. ' ---in-This .issue ... FEATURES SCORE San Felipe 250 by Judy Smith .......................................................... 8 6th Corona Rally Of Mexico by Martin Holmes ........................................ 16 MDR Fud}viemorial 200 by J Preston Bradshaw .......................... _. ............ 20 Contingency_Procedures by Judy Smith ....................................................... 24 Doo Wop Rally by Jim Culp ........................... :: ...................... .' .................... 26 MORE Balls Out 250 by Ann Donal.ason ................................... : .. '. ... : ......... 28 CODE OSA Circulo K 275 by Byrle M;ci~ ... : ............ _ ... :; .. .' . ." ..... : ... : .......... 36 VOI3-RA Season Opener by Cindy Monroe ..... ,.: ....... .' ... :.-................. ·-······· 40 . , . DEPARTMENTS - t -.. Happenings .......................................................... :.~.: .... : ............................ 5 Trail Notes ................................................................ ~ ................ : ............... 6 BFGoodrich News by Christian Flathman .................................................. 42 Checkers Report by The Big Wahzoo ........................................................... 4 2 EA.LR. News by Allen Mad.den .................................................................... 44 JeepSpeed News by Cli11e Skilton .................................................................. 44 Demographic Questionaire ............... : ..................................................... 47 Good Stuff Directory·····················:·········:···············~···--························· 48 Classified Ads ....................................................... : ................................... 54 IndexToAdvertisers ................................................................................ 55 ON THE COVER Adam and Bekki Wik had a great race, they bested the other 25 entries in Class 10, had a completely trouble free run in their Jimco Honda and took the Class 10 win at San Felipe. Photo by Track.sick Photo Scott McMillin and his son, Andy beat all their competition in the Class 1 battle at San Felipe, they ran tr\:)Uble free in their Jimco Chevy and averaged over 63 miles per hour for the race. Photo by Track.sick Photo Visit ~T Website at . . c:5ubScr.ibe.:7od_a_y lo DUST~Y TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name --------'---------------Address -------------'---------City-------------------State ___________ Zip _____ _ Primary Interest Cars O Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - I year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times May 2005 Page 3

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Tr 2005 Happenings ... DAVE N:lr\MS (Pll.OTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DoN ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 Cum AUT0Mov1usT1co SAN VICENTE SAN VICENTE OFF ROAD ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO ORW Lazo de Amistad Gran Prix Jacume Tecate, B.C. October 14-16, 2005 Mexicana Logistics 300 Mexicali, B.C. 10K FouR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SOUTH POINTE CIRCLE, SUITE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 EMAIL: AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA OBSERVED TRrALs SOUTHERN CAUFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKUM• PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE -(714) 562-7742 E MAIL: <> ASOCIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM lAsELL, TECH INSPECTOR APTo42 SAN JOSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AUSTRALIAN OFF RoAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD CLASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILl.ANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lake.side, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS OFF ROAD SHORT COURSE RACING & SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING 4344 VALLEY VIEW AvE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340-64 74 BEST IN THE DESERT 3475 BOULDER HIGHWAY I.As VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457 577 5/FAX: 702-641-2431 April 29, 30 May 1, 2005 Terribles Town 250 July 6•10, 2005 McMillin Nevada 1000 October 6-8, 2005 TSCO Vegas To Reno December 2-4, 2005 Henderson's Terrible 300 B.O.R.E. BoNNEVJLLE OFF RoAD RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W. 2575 N SUNSET, UT 84015 801-773-1651 May 14-15, 2005 Red Garter 200 July 1,2, 2005 Jackpot 200 September 2,3, 2005 El 200 BP MoTORSPORTS P.O. Box 411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All Events At California Ciry, CA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CLUB AVTOMOVTUSTAJUARENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES w" April 30, 2005 Las Vegas Rallycross II May6-7,2005 Rim Of The World Rally - Coef 2&3 June 17,2005 Dusty Times Ensenada Mexico Rally - Coef 3 July 16, 2005 Treeline Rally - Coef 3 August 20, 2005 Gorman Ridge Rally - Coef 3 October 1, 2005 Las Vegas Rallycross III October 7-8, 2005 Tentative Prescott Rally -Coef 2&3 October 29, 2005 Las Vegas Rallycross IV December 2-4, 2005 Ramada Express Rally - Coef 2,3& 1 CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box 400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 PIERRE, SD 57501 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box 332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CumTON Hr-JACKERS I.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 Twr. LINE Ra..o WELI.SVIU.E, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison CounlJ Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVlllSTICA SANQUINTIN CALl.E 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN Qu1NT1N SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO H ERACLIO PA TINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) USA }AN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & R1 IBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MOTOSPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 FAX: (714) 367-1608 CODE 0FFROAD CODE 0FFROAD USA P.O. Box 2328 CALEXICO, CA 92231-2328 760-455-8069 USA 011-52-686-553-4087 MEXICO www April 29-30, May 1, 2005 Grupo Tersa San Felipe 200 San Felipe, B.C. June17-19,2005 Accesorios Amado Night Race Mexicali, B.C. August 5-7, 2005 December 9-11, 2005 Race Ready 275 Ensenada-Mexicali-San Felipe, B.C. COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION BARB VAHSHOLT7., l'RESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 CoLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box 392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 0l 1-52-65-66-4458 CORR LUCAS OIL SERIES 192 N. STATE ROAD, SUITE 267 AvON, IN 46123 Happenings continued on page 6 · . ..; ~ . , . J r Dr1 -r E;2·. ~o . .~T--C:I~ -l! LOWRANCE ~ BUQB6B5636•-56".4263589 2888 Guidll,I JJe;e.. Signal .... CA 90755 •PONIURillrci ~ bGPSauwrrwN9-U..Ston~Oo.w1Dad'Sllt'JG6«-1,_ May 2005 ,: - For au SCORE and B - Plot lieils also available for MOR and SNORE -Available via e-maTI or et contingency • Differentiate Trail Colors -Race Course, Chase Roads, Checkpoints. end Pit LDcatians • Danger Markers • Customize Your GPS Notes Ta Your DrMng Style • Display Features Include: -Accurate Speedameter/Trfpameter -Average/Max Speed • Time/Distance Traveled -ClackNalt Meter • Extremely User Riendly P[I Recomnwnddtion~: The mast important consideration when adding GPS lo any race vehicle is ease al viewing - Pet recommends our 7'" models far all 1ace vehicle applications - Greater Visibility at High/Sharp Angles ror both OriVer and Ca-Rider with Color Models -Globalmep 6000C -Large, Color Display -Globalmap LIOOOM -Same Great Features as 6000(. with Monochrome Display PCI allers and strongly recommends our Race Modincations -Keeps Your GPS Working in the Most Brutel Environment -Won't Vold Manufacturers warranty Pages

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Trail Notes ... CORR CONTINGENCIES -The latest round of press releases from the now Baldwin owned Championship Off Road Racing group gives us the following info: CORR will now have a Tire Manufacturers Championship for the 2005 season. Kuhmo, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Toyo and Pit Bull Tires will each be a part of the championship and each company will have an opportunity to claim the honors. Points will be awarded to each contestant from 1" place through 1511, place and at seasons end one of the drivers and one of the participating tire companies will claim the championship. KC Hilites will be providing more than $100,000 in product and cash for the 2005 CORR season, along with an f\ssociate Sponsorship with the CORR Lucas Oil Series. "The racers that are competing and using KC Hilites products have supported KC for over 30 years" said Jim Connor, CORR Contingency Director. "We owe them these contingency awards for making KC Hilites so visible at all off road events. In addition to their substantial contingency package, KC Hilites is also supporting a Year End Championship for the drivers using KC Hilites. SCORE LAS VEGAS TERRIBLE'S CUP I - Official entry forms and the race format and schedule have been released for the July SCORE Las Vegas Terrible's Cup 1. Technical Inspection and Contingency will take place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Friday, July 29•h_ Practice is in the afternoon and the racing gets underway at seven o'clock in the evening. Saturday is basically a repeat of Friday, Technical Inspection and Contingency will take place from 9am to noon, vehicles will practice in the afternoon and the racing will commence at 7pm. Terrible's fireworks will be seen at the conclusion of racing each evening. For more information call SCORE at 818-225-8402. F:NAL FLAG -Bea Meyer, a big supporter of the Craig Dillon Team passed away on Monday, March 21 ", 2005. Bea Succumbed to cancer. She was the wife of Bud Meyer, long time desert racer. Bea was a big part of the Dillon Racing Family and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her. CORR SCHEDULE CHANGE -Through a mutual agreement, CORR and the Unadilla Valley Sports Center (New Berlin, NY) will cancel the September 17-18 event, allowing the series to end the season in Southern California. "The Robinson's have been great supporters of the CORR Lucas Oil Series" said Nathan Roberts, Director of Events for CORR. "They understand the importance of CORR's expansion to the west coast, and they are allowing us to make this move right away. The date for the final event of the 2005 CORR Lucas Oil Pro Series will follow the September 3-4 event in Crandon. The exact date and location in Southern California has not yet been determined. CORR will provide the details of the event when they are finalized. You can contact the CORR office at 317-272-2827 RALLY AMERICA NEWS - As part of its continuing effort to raise the professional standards of rallying in the United States, Rally America has recently signed on with SFI as a member sanctioning body. The SFI Foundation is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty and performance automotive and racing equipment. Member sanctioning bodies agree to follow stringent specifications within their rulebooks. SFI and Mike Hurst, Rally America's Technical Director , are currently developing a standardized test to certify Rally America Scrutinizers, ensuring the highest degree of safety and consistency at every event. For more information contact J.B. Niday, Managing Director, Rally America. 763-553-2742 TIYOTA TRUE GRIT & MILESTONE AWARDS - After two of the five aces in the SCORE Desert Series, 44 racers are still in the race to earn 005 SCORE Toyota Milestone Awards. In addition, four of those racers could split this year's $12,000 SCORE Toyota True Grit Award. Toyota is presenting these awards for the 20•h consecutive year. The Toyota Milestone Awards go to those drivers who finish every required mile of every race in the five race SCORE series. The $12,000 Toyota True Grit Awards will be split among the point champions in the non-factory supported classes: ½-1600, 5, 10 and SCORE Lite. A total of23 drivers in those four classes are eligible for the Toyota True Grit dollars. The number of drivers remaining eligible for the year end awards, by class are: Trophy Truck - 2, Class I -6, *Class 1/2-1600 -11, Class 3 -1, *Class5 -1, ClassS/1600-3,Class 7-2, Class 7S-1, Class8-2,Class 9 -1, *Class IO - 5, *SCORE Lite - 6, Stock Full - 1 and ProTrnck -2. The* denotes those classes eligible for the Toyota True Grit Award. MR WILDWASH 250 -The MOR clan met at Barstow on April 2 for 1eir traditional meet. They were blessed with good weather and some good competition. Kory Halopoff took the Class 1 honors and the overall as well, Barry Karakas took the Class 7 win, Noe Sierra was the Class 7S winner, Mark Handley was the Class 8 winner, 'ol friend Jim Greenway took the gold medal for Class 10, Cory Van De Mark was the Class 11 winner, Terry Ingold took Class 13, Steven Michael was the winner in the Class 14 contest and Bob Scott took the Class 1600 honors. Look for the full story with lots of pies in the next issue of Dusty Times. , BRONCO OWNERS -Be advised chat the Early Bronco Brotherhood of Southern California is having their fourth annual Big Bear Bronco Bash. BBBBIV will be held on June 10-12 in the San Bernardino Mountains. Early Bronco enthusiasts from all over the southwest will get together for several days of great trails and fellowship. The Bash has grown steadily, over 50 in attendance last year and 60-75 are expected to hit the trails chis year. If you would like to get involved contact Stephanie 'Sharp at 951-769-6434 or check it out on MAXXIS INTERNATIONAL -Mojave Desert Racing has a new sponsorship agreement with MAXXIS Tires. In an agreement inked for the 2005 MOR racing season, MAXXIS will pay $1500 in cash for first place in class, second place will receive $500 in cash and four tires and third place in class will receive four tires. Needless to say, your vehicle must be shod with the MAXXIS brand. A team on MAXXIS Tires who wins their class for 10 races will receive $15,000 for their efforts. This program is in effect for all 12 MOR races and MAXXIS will have a support team at all the MOR races. MAXXIS has been making tires for 38 years, has over 10,000 employees and has tire distribution in more than 100 countries. Check with MOR for more details. Page 6 317-272-2827 317-272-2900 fax June 11-12, 2005 Antigo, WI Pro & Sportsman June 25-26, 2005 Crandon, WI Pro & Sportsman July 8-9, 2005* Topeka, KS Pro & Sportsman August 13-14, 2005 Bark River, Ml Pro & Sportsman September 3-4, 2005 Crandon, WI Pro & Sportsman September 17-18, 2005 New Berlin, NY Pro Series Only TBA One additional event To be announced *Night Race-Frida-, & Saturdaz night CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, SUITE 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 FAX (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston Counry ORV Park, 01-,mpia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OCEAN BLVD., SUITE 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATIJR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE CuJB DECATUR, TI( 76234 ToMAilEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MoTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsmtN OH--RoAD RACING A.s5N. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 f..NsENAOA BAJA Off ROAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 01 l-52-646-1818989 Eus10 0ll-52-646-1715230 AARON Races for buggys & Motor9cks EsrERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL SHORT CoURSE RACING VICTORIA GALINOO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 0ll-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FWRIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S ASSN. JASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, A/}r, Ma-,, Noo at Davidson Raceway FuoPUCKER RAcING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE S. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX GORRA GEORGIA OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 4 20 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT PLANES OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 SCOTT MORROW (816) 792-2126 (AU races are short course, stadium sryle Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Nebra.ska Raceway Park, Exit 420 on 1-80 between Omaha and Lincoln.) For latest info check <> HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING 2000 W. QUINCY AVENUE #B May 2005 ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 FAX May22,2005 June 19, 2005 July 16-17, 2005 August 18, 2005 September 11, 2005 October 29, 2005 November 27 2005 INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDOOR (612) 937-3816/FAX 474-2769 INn:R-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-23 71 ]EEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES ORANGE, CA 92869 714-538-74 34/FAX: 714-633-1724 May28,2005 MORE Lucerne Valley, CA July 6-9, 2005 Best Inn The Desert Las Vegas & Tonopah, Nevada (Non points race) August 13, 2005 MOR Barstow, CA October 29, 2005 MOR Superstition Series Plaster City, CA December 2-3, 2005 Best In TI1e Desert Henderson, Nevada KAMLoOPS BRONCO BUSTERS WHISPERING PINES SPORTS & REcREATION CENTER P.O. Box 465 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5L2 DALE NYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANOSPORTS & OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 <www> <> L.I.T.R.E. )EFF ELROD (408) 926-0522 )IMARUTA (408) 24 7-4402 MAMAmmA OFF RoAD RACING Luis CARLOS ALvAREZO PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX 011-52-1637-1799 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS DUNE BUGGY TRADE SHOW (517) 543-7214 <www> MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSIIlPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 )ONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, A TVs and Pilots only MAORA MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD AsSOCIATION P.O. Box 184 MATTOON, IL 61938 (217) 235-6528 E-MAIL: <> Short Course Series** Endurance Series*** MDRRACING CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP OFF ROAD RACING SERIES 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SoUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/FAX626-579-6051 2005 California Championship Series May 14,2005 Ridgecrest 250 Ridgecrest, CA June 25, 2005 MDR400 Lucerne,CA August 13, 2005 California 200 Barstow, CA September 24, 2005 Mojave 200 Lucerne,CA November 12, 2005 Stoddard 250 Barstow, CA MDR Productions 2004-2005 Supers66o~ Chanipionship Series All Races at Plaste,-Ciry OHV Area June 11, 2005 Coyote Wash 200 NlGHTRACE October 29, 2005 Superstition 250 December 31, 2005 The Dash 200 M.O.R.E. MOJAVE OFF ROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92312 760-253-4453 May28,2005 Location To Be Announced July 23, 2005 Barstow September 17, 2005 Location To Be Announced December 3, 2005 Barstow MSBA MICHIGAN SPORT B UGGY AsSOCIATION DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FUNT, ML 48506 (810) 7 30-9221 MoToWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <> All events at Perris Raceway (At Reed Valley with a school) NATIONAL Mun RAcING AssN. RT. #l -Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PAlATICA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSN. BUTCH CHAPIN MOTORSl'ORTS PROMOTIONS 1404 EAST 3RD STREET HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NOORA GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from Spring Valley) NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RACING ASSN. GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 OFF ROAD EXPO 2004 (626) 599-8622 October 8-9, 2005 OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERED SERIES PRESIDENT• GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. -1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. -9 & UNLID. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OuTIAwREP. DON PONDER (314) 631-8190 (All Races at Wheeling in the Gmncy 900 Acres) OFF-ROAD SANO & SPEED EXPO Omo OFF RoADERS INc. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHllADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 )IM KENDEL (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison Counry Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONT ARIO OFF RoAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RElATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) OUTLA w SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMEI.MAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/FAX: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Dusty Times

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495 N. COMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 PRO 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREY GOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM PRoTRuCK 14402 BOND COURT EL CAJON, CA 92021 619-390-6252 April 29 - May 1, 2005 BITD Terrible's Town 250 Pahrump, Nevada June 3-5, 2005 SCORE Baja 500 En;enada, Baja CA Mexico July 6-10, 2005 BlTD Nevada 1000 Las Vegas, Nevada September 9-11, 2005 SCORE Primm 300 Primm, Nevada October 6-8, 2005 BITD Vegas To Reno Nevada November 17-20, 2005 SCORE Baja 1000 Baja, CA, Mexico PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 50 RICKETTS, 1A 51460 (712) 679-2221 RocK CRAWLERS AssocIATION OF AMffiICA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/FAX: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough T ruck <w.,> (858) 571-5088 S AN DIEGO OFF RoAD EXPOSITION (888) 836 7918 SCCA PRoRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX M o TORSPORTS GROUP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 FAX SCORE SCORE l.NTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., SUITE A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <"ww> June 3-5, 2005 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, MX September 9-11, 2005 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV November 17-20, 2005 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 BC,MX SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF R OAD E NTHUSIASTS P.O. 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M ail your race o r rally schedule to: 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 PLEASE. DON'T FORGET TD SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHDKEEP UUGliYlilmUG REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! Trail Notes ... CRANDON RACEWAY -Crandon Raceway announced their 2005 event schedule, to wit: June 10-12, Thunder Valley Biker Rally, big name entertainment, such as Creedance Clearwater and Grand Funk Railroad. June 24-26, Forest County Potowotomi Brush Run Races, featuring the Heavy Metal Governor's Cup Race and a full two day schedule of the CORR Lucas Oil boys running for dollars and season points. A 10 lap shootout for $35,000 is bound to get your heart racing. September 2-4, BorgWarner Shootout, $100,000 up for grabs for the fastest of the off roader guys. The CORR Pro and Sportsman guys will be there in force for a full two day race schedule. What can we say, if you're in the area on these dates drop in to the Crandon Raceway and see some really great entertainment, both on the stage and on the race course. SNORE B UFFALO BILLS 500 -SNORE held their second race of the 2005 season with headquarters at the Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino in Primm, Nevada. The day was perfect for racing, around 70 degrees and with a steady 15-20 mph wind all day long. There were 63 entries in the almost 500 mile race and 30 of them made it to the finish line, although they were spread out all over hell and gone as they staggered in to the finish. Brian Collins took the Class l win as well as the overall. Mark Hutchins was the Class 10 winner in a brand new Kreger built car, Tammie Gubler took the Heavy Metal Challenge with ease, Kenny Freeman, with help from sons Brian and Cody took the Champ Car laurels, Dan Folts beat out 16 other Class 1600's to cake that class win, the Class 9 crew only had to run five laps to finish and that win went to Glenn Dicton, the big Sportsman Buggy win went to JeffShiroky, the Unlimited Sportsman four lap contest went to Jason Gubler and Rick Gutierrez finished his five laps to take the Class 5-1600 win. A long, fun race, everybody had a good time, there were no major injuries and SNORE tucked yet another race under their belt. There will be a full story and loads of pictures in the next issue of Dusty Times. K1&S MARKETING - Ken Schwoerer, an old business acquaintance, ~ he other day to tell us he was retiring from the rat race and heading down o the lower desert to play a lot of golf. We certainly wish Ken all the best in his retirement and a very low handicap. • PORTABLE • POWERFUL • PRECl!!iE 2" Capacity, 180" Bends Steel, 4130, Stainless, Aluminum Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perfect for the: • Race Car Builder • Small Fabrication Shop • Home Shop Call for a FREE BROCHURE (541)382-1573 ·--------------------------------· : REDL!NE PERfoRP\ANCE, !NC. : 1 LSI & N-STAR PRE-RUN DR RACE PACKAGES 1 I ~~ ~-!lg I I ~ •- ---:. I I ~~~ I I I I ~~~ I I I I c;=~ I I NORTHSTAR PACKAGES FROM $7500.00 COMPLETE 400HP I I LS1 PACKAGES FROM $13500.00 COMPLETE 485 HP I I WE OFFER COMPLETE DYNO SERVICES, ENGINE MAINTENANCE I I PROGRAMS AND AND UNMATCHED REPRUTATION FOR CUSTORMER SATISFACTIONIII I I (714) 777-5758 PHONE (714) 777-5759 FAX I 4531 EISENHOWER CIRCLE, ANAHEIM, CA 92807 ·--------------------------------· May 2005 Page 7

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1§_0.D SAN FELIPE 250 McMillins Take overall By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Jason Baldwin took the Trophy Truck win in his Ford at SCORE's San Felipe 250 in early February. The father and son team of Andy it used to be (before last year's Baja 500). side of it, but Baldwin becomes the pro-and Scott McMillin drove their Chevy The companies that sell racing products moter, and according to Jason, he does powered Jimco to the overall win at the stayed away, as did any who didn't want plan to move at least some CORR rac-SCORE San Felipe 250 in late Febru- the potential hassle of dealing with un- ing to the west coast. ary, enjoying one of those days when certainties of the Mexican customs offi-The San Felipe course hadn't ben-everything goes right. Not only did they cials. BFG and FoxShox had their Mexi-efited from the rain down there-there beat everyone in Class 1, but also all the canaffiliatesdotheirdisplays, but Kreger, hadn'tbeenenoughofit,although there Trophy Trucks and all the bikes. They Sway-A-Way, Transaxle Engineering, was a thick layer of sand deposited in were the absolute overall winners, with Bilstein, Custom Wheel Metal Spinning, the washes. For the most part the course a time of 3:48:06. King Shocks, Dirt Bags and DirtSports has been used a lot recently, and it's The course was pretty much what all had displays mixed in with the Hhirt rough, with miles and miles of whooµ;. it's been for the past several years, ex-salesmen. The weather was nice after a The washes are rocky, especially Matomi, ceptthatSCOREadded about 12 miles couple of weeks of rain and cold back in and ifa racer gets off course it's easy to up at the northern tip, in the San Matias California and points north, and people end up in a cactus or a tree. And late in Wash area. Other than that it used all were happy to be in San Felipe. the day the spectators near the end of the same lumpy roads, went up and TI1e big buzz in contingency was the the race tend to set up booby traps here down d1e beautiful canyons, and spent fact that Jim Baldwin (father of Jason and there. This year a couple of nitwits some time on the old Puertecitos Road and Josh) had just purchased Cham pi-were shooting paint guns at the finish-for a total of 240 miles. It both started onship Off Road Racing (CORR), the ing cars, so many came in with splatters and finished at the arches that mark company that promotes the Midwest-of blue and green paint on their sides. the en trance to San Felipe. em short-course style races. It's long been All told -it's not an easy race. True, it's Contingency row was on the owned and run by Matty Reid, the tele- short by Baja standards, and the weather malecon, but it was not back up to what vision producer. Reid will keep the TV is usually benign, but the terrain is tough. Ernesto Arambula had a trouble-free day in his 5-1600 and went back home to Ensenada with the win. The time limit was ten hours. Once again, SCORE had installed Rally Loggers on the Trophy Trucks, Class ls, Class 10s, SCORE Lites and as a test, a couple of bikes. TI1e bikes and quads started just at dawn, and then SCORE left a two hour break between the last quad and the first Trophy Truck. TI1at was Jason Baldwin in his Ford. He'd been sick for three days, he said, and would be driv-ing in "survival mode." Some others ap-parently didn't know how to attain "sur-vival mode." Luis Soto's Chevy was out early, and Alan Pflueger hit another racer so hard he broke his own Chevy, and Clyde Stout rolled the Cameron Steele Ford and put it out. Jesse Jones had his new Ford at the race, unexpect-edly. He and Scott Steinberger had planned to race the old truck, but it broke a crank, so they brought the new one which wasn't really prepped. It didn't last long. And Gus Vildosola got to Mile 55, when the transmission got hot. The main seal burnt, a fire devel-oped and the oil lines and wiring were all engulfed. Gus and Willie Valdez used their halon extinguisher and both the handhelds and just barely got the flames out. Too much was destroyed, so they were done for the day. Of the ones that kept moving, Jason Baldwin was in front at Mile 130, the entrance to Chanate Wash. He had about three minutes on Tim and Ed Herbst in their Ford. Nick Baldwin was in third place, in another Ford, and Steve Sourapas, still another Ford, ran fourth. B.]. Baldwin, Ford, was fifth, about 40 minutes down to the leader. TI1ere were another 11 trucks still mov-ing, but some were making repairs. Curt LeDuc, in Mark Post's Ford, had bro-ken two shocks at Mile 75 and repairs cost about an hour and 20 minutes. Pete Sohren had bent his driveshaft at Mile 20, and then ran on it.111at broke the Ford's transmission and the replace-ment at Mile 130 took two hours. Carl Renezeder' s new Chevy quit running at Mile 120, and it took a while to figure out that it was a broken distributor cap. He was towed to his pit,and lost about three and a half hours all told. Gary Dircks, Chevy, lost two bolts in his steer-ing at Mile 16 and drove back into San Felipe fora fix. He lost about four hours. Bobby Baldwin blew his Ford's trans-mission at Mile 111, and spent three and a half hours doing a change. Luis Wallace was also replacing a transmis-sion in his Ford. Most of them gor things patched up and made it to the finish, but Sourapas disappeared somewhere in the second half of the day. Jason Baldwin, how-ever, kept moving on. In spite of the two hour wait, he got up into bikes and quads, but said they were good about moving over. He reported that "we had events all day long." TI1ey hi.ta tree, ripped the OPS off the truck, did part of the race with no power steering, and ran for 120 miles with only 20# of oil pres-sure. But he made it back to the finish ftrst, to take the class win. And only four minutes and 37 seconds later, in second place, itwasTimand Ed Herbst. They'd had three flats, and said the course was "reallyrough". "We hit some stuff", they said. Tom Brown drove all the way in his Class 5 car and with no major problems, finished with the victory. Dave Turner and Billy Bunch got their first finish in the new Ford Stock Full truck, and it was a winning finish. In third itwas Mike Jakobson. He'd rolled his Chevy four times on Friday and he and his crw l1ad worked all night to getthe truck back together, with some help from the Geiser brothers. In the race he lost a front shock early in the day, but nothing else fell apart. He was an hour and ten minutes behind the Herbsts. Five minutes later Marty and Travis Coyne took fourth place in their Ford, reporting nothing but a "couple flats". But while they sat the finish line talking, a big puddle of oil grw beneath Nick Baldwin "blew the back of the trans off' his Ford, but still finished Chris Bowman and Jerry Longo took second place in Class 5 even John Cooley and Dave Richardson paired up in Cooley's VW powered fifth in the Trophy Truck class. after having two rear flats at one time. AlumiCraft chassis to finish fourth in Class 10. Pages May 2005 Dusty Times 11

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Marty and Travis Coyne had no problems on the course with their Arden Dennington soloed his Fraley to fifth place in the big 1/2-1600 Caleb Gaddis was racing in only his second race (Laughlin was the first) and soloed his Curry to second place in Class 1/2-1600. Ford Trophy Truck and finished fourth in the big class. class, and did it with ignition problems. their Ford. Nick Baldwin (no relation was "flawless". And last to finish, a~ and they pulled out. to Jason, Josh or Bobby) was fifth, an- dark with no lights, was Bobby Baldwin Dale Ebberts had to change a clutch other 13 minutes later, saying he'd had in his Ford. He'd been doing all right on his Toyota Jimco, and Mike Julson one flat and that he'd "blown the back and might have made it in during day-discovered that his Jimco Chevy was set of the trans off." Josh Baldwin Qason' s light, but stopped to help a Class 7SX up too stiff, while Corky McMillin, in a brother) was sixth in his Ford. He re-truck who needed fuel. That cost him ChevyChenowth, whosrartedlight, with ported hitting another Trophy Truck just enough time that the dark caught less than a full fuel tank, paid for that three times to get him to move over. The him. His time was 9:32:47. bit of strategy by running out of gas. third time he hit him his own bumper Class 1 had a field of28 starters, but Many teams used more fuel than ex-fell off, taking with it his shocks and res-seven of them had early problems and peered, as the sand softened up. Mark ervoirs. Repairs cost an hour. didn't get to Chanate. At the front of McMillin lost the transmission on his In seventh it was Mark Post and thepacktherewasagoodduelbetween Chevy Jimco at Mile 100, and the re-LeDuc. After the early shock repair Troy Herbst in his Smithbuilt T ruggy placement took two and a half hours. things had gone well until about three and Scott McMillin in his Chevy Jin1co. The substitute transmission had no first miles before the finish, when another Herbst had just 27 seconds on McMillin and no reverse. out there with my helmet off." Troy Jim Tucker and Tom Koch in a Chevy Herbst finished third, reporting two flat Jimco. Kocl1 said he'd "tipped it over at tires, and saying "we've got to get stron-Mile 200011 the pavement." What's new? ger and faster." Herbst was only 21 sec-Sixth place went to Kevin and Michael onds behind Hovey. Jefferies was fourth, James, in a Chevy Jimco and Scheeler, aboutaminuteandahalflater,saying, who'd had a flat, and his teammate "Wow-a lot of bumps!" In fifth it was Continued on page 10 frontshockwent. Theywerefourmin-at that point. In third it was Kory McMillin put his son, Andy, in to utes behind Baldwin. In eighth it was Scheeler in his RPS T ruggy, and Darnen finish the race, and he had no problems B.J. Baldwin (son of Bobby, no relation Jefferies ran fourth in his Porter Chevy, at all He moved to the front and stayed to Josh, Jason or Nick). And in ninth it whicl1 ran hot in the firstwash, followed there, finishing in the time of 3:48:07, was Bob Shepard, in a Chevy. Neither by Chuck Hovey in his V 4 Scat J imco. with an average speed of 63. 2 miles per stopped to talk. Tenth place went to Hovey was finding the sand to be tough hour. Andy had little time to spare at Sohren, and Brian Collins and Larry going for his small motor. Behind them, the ftnish line, because he had to fly back Ragland were 11th in their Chevy. Gary Weyhrich lost his shocks early, and to San Diego to play in a high school Renezeder managed to earn a 12th so did his brother Mark, bothinJimcos. basketball game that night. In second place,sayinghelikeshisnewtruckalot. Brian Ickier was out before the day placeitwasHovey,who'dlostfirst,third Dircks' truck finished 13th with Jeff started, ill and with a temperature of and fifth gears along the way. "Other Darland at the wheel, reporting that 102degrees,heandhisdaddecidedthat thanthat",hesaid, "itwasareallygood Eric Fisher and Hector Sarabia are hard to beat when their Garibay has no once they fixed the steering their run discretion was the better part of valor, run foronce. Usually by now I'm sitting problems, and they earned another Class 9 win at San Felipe. Dusty Times An Intimate Gem Adjacent to BeHagio, Cllesars & Bal{y s The fface Las Vegans Gall Home"" May 2005 Ask About Our Special Headliner Show and . Room Packages v.iest Tropicana & Atv!O& 1-800-675-3267 ~i~ Ask Abollt Our Room & Golf Packages ~ oorn~u . ... Alta & Rampart 1-877-671 • 7111 ~ l'JCOOS!<:a'ilt'K>J:l)lti ' Page 9

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Hector Garcia and Jose Robles shared the driving in their Curry and Jose Garcia and his nephew, Jose Garcia G., teamed to take fourth James Golden soloed the distance in his SCORE Lite jimco, had finished the da with third lace in Class 112-1600. place in Class 5-1600. s ark tu rob/ems and finished fourth. ~------'------'----------------'-----.--~---------....-,~-------=--,,,---........,-----'--~-~--~--------Victor Herrera and his son, Victor Jr., shared the driving in their Class 7 Ford and took second only ten minutes out of first. Larry Job, were seventh. Job lost some time when the battery, which sits on the floor between the passenger and the driver, broke loose and moved around, knocking the throttle cable off. In eighth place it was Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt, who had some fuel feed prob-lems. Ninth went to B.J. Richardson in a Bunderson Chevy, who reported no clutch for about 180 miles, and said he ran out of gas at the finish line. Steve and Nathan Melton were 11th in their Chevy Jimco, saying they'd been "too conservative off the start", and had no problems.Twelfth went to Mike Julson and Bob Lofton. Lofton, in at the fin-ish, reported three flats, and said, "I'm havin' a bad day." Ron Brant and Ri-chard Boyle finished 13th in their RPS One. TI1ey'd had to change a c.v. boot and a flat and didn't have their suspen-sion figured quite right. Kory Halopoff rode with Boyle, because his grandpa (Danny Lemer) thought he needed more "seat time." Said Kory, "I like driving better. 11 Josh Rigsby drove all the way in his Penhall Chevy, and finished 14th, in spite of some steering problems which meant the car wouldn't tum left. In 15th it was Dennis Boyle and Frank Hines in a Chevy Lothringer. They'd had power steering problems, been out of gas and had three flats. Gary Weyhrich lost part of his steering in Matomi, and dropped from sixth to 16th at the fin-ish. Ebberts and Ernie Castro, Jr., got their clutch changed, then had a leaky fitting and lost a clutd1 pedal Ultimately, theywere 17th.And in 18thitwasRonny Wilson, in a Chevy Jimco. He started the day in the # 126 car, and broke an axle at race mi.le 16, so was out of the race. Butthen he heard that his brother, Rick, in the# 116 car, had become i.11 at John Holmes and Scot Jones, long time racing partners, copiloted their Ford to the Class 7S win at San Felipe. race mile 42. So Ronny hitched a ride to that point, got in that car, and drove to the finish. Jack Whirlow fmished 19th in a VW powered Aceco that used to belong to Hovey. Whirlow did a triple endo at some point during the day, sur-vived that, but the seat mounts had sort of folded up, and the seat lay back too mud1 for him to reach things comfort-ably. He said he was "really beat". And the last Class 1 car to finish was Mark McMillin' s Chevy J imco, with Cameron Parrish driving. Parrish usually rides; this was his first race at the wheel. He didn't like chat replacement transmission much. The Class 10 cars were the third group to start, with 26 entries. Some reports started coming in early, and probably the first heard on the radio· was that Car #1003, the Honda pow-ered Elite ofBrandon Aymar was stuck in a tree at Mile 26. It never went any further. Mark Weger in an RPS Ten lost his motor and went out early, and Chris Muller's new Porter was also out about two hours into the race, along with Rudy Cortez whose Kreger was re-ported broken at Mile 104. At the front of the pack there was a good battle going on, between Darren Hardesty, who had his VW Alum.iCraft in front and Bekki Wik, who was eight seconds behind him in her Honda Jimco. In third it was Bill Witt, in a Honda J imco, another 31 seconds back, and followed by Andrew Wehe, in a Toyota, and in fifth, the team of Tom Bryant and Phillip Finch, in a Honda Chenowth. Bekki got out and her husband, Adam, took over. The car started to miss, and he knew he was running out of gas, so he made a quick stop at Butch Dean s pit at Mile 218 to get some fuel. But otherwise they had no problems. Adam and Bekki took the win by a minute and 20 seconds. Adam said, "I tookmytimein therockssowewouldn't have a flat II It worked. Hardesty, on the other hand, changed a flat at the top of Matomi. Hedidn'thaveanyotherprob-lems, and drove "like a madman the last 40 miles. 11 But he was a minute and 20 serondsshyofthewinningtime. In third it was Wehe' scar, with Kash Vessels do-ing the second half of the race. He had two flats at once when he tried to pass a Trophy Truck, then Hardesty went by him and he said, "I got so excited, I got another flat!" He was nine minutes and 16 seconds back. In fourth it was John --COOley and Dave Richardson in a VW powered AlumiCraft. Richardson thought he'd "saved the cartoo much" · early in his section. He said the race was "pretty uneventful • could have used better communications." The fifth place car was the Honda Jimco of Brian Walsh, Sr. and Jr. They'd have one flat, but at the finish their transmission was locked in one gear and the motor was sputtering. Travis Brookshire and Joel Whitted, in a Honda J imco, were sixth. Whitted had run out of gas in the dump, coming in to the finish, and Brookshire brought fuel out to him with the pre-runner. The car is heavy they said, and uses a lot of fuel. Ron Dalke finished seventh in his Toyota Tatum. He'd been out of the car five times with various problems. A connection broke off the alternator, a ground wire broke several times, and he'd had a flat. He did all the driving. In eighth it was Jerry and Will Higman in a Honda Kreger. TI1ey'd had early electrical problems cost-Second generation racer Darren Hardesty had fun driving his VW Brothers Eric and Terry Henn split the driving in their Hummer and Troy Herbst drove all the way in his Smithbuilt Class 1 Truggy and powered AlumiCraft to second place in Class 10. came away with second place in the Stock Full class. placed third, only 21 seconds out of second. Brothers Tim and Ed Herbst drove their Ford Trophy Truck to second Chuck Hovey drove his V4 Scat powered Jimco all the way. needed Blaise Jackson drove the entire distance (the last 20 miles with no place. They said they'd "rather have first." more horsepower in the sand, but still took second in Class 1. power steering) in his MEGO and finished third in SCORE Lite. Page 10 May 2005 Dusty Times

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Mike Jakobson, Chevrolet, rolled his truck the day before the race Brothers Michael and Kevin James shared the driving in their Jimco Darnen Jefferies drove his Chevy Porter to fourth place in Class 1, his first finish in San Felipe since '99. and then after an all-nighter, pulled off a third place finish. Chevy and finished the trip in sixth place in Class 1. ing 4 5 minutes early in the clay, then ran what happened. They are clearly the best left them that way. Gus Vildosola, Jr., in out of gas about five miles from the fm-thing that's happened to the sport in a a Tcr,ota, lost a shock before he hit Mile ish, losing another halfhour. Ninth went long while. 30, but he was still leading at Mile 130. to Lobsam Yee in a Honda J imco. He The Class 8 trucks were next off the Craig Smith, in a Ford, ran second there, had only first and fifth gear most of the line with just three starters. Dave with McDowell just four minutes be-day, and used ftrst most of the time, R.aimonde lost the driveshaft of his hind him and David Scaroni, in another because it was so hard to shift up to Chevynotfuroff thestartline,so he was Ford, about 14 minutes further back. fifth. The final finisher was the team of down about 45 minutes from the get-They all kept moving along. Rick Ellison and Bill Witt. They'd fin-go. Todd Wyllie had his Chevrolet hum- Vildosola, who was enjoying only his ished first of all the Class 10 cars, and ming along, and led by a half hour at third race in the Protrude, later said he's Ellison told us he hadn't pre-run the entrance to Chanate Wash. Jeff feeling"moreandmoreconfident."He enough. He said he really hadn't known Stowers ran second in his Ford. held the lead all the way and took the his way up through Chanate Wash. A Things closed up a bit when at Mile win by 50 minutes. McDowell, also new few minutes later that was graphically 202 Wyllie broke a lower control arm to Protrucks, added a flat tire to his demonstrated when the Rally Logger right out of the frame. His on-board problems, and finished second.Twelve people looked at the printout of his welder wouldn't work, so he had to call minutes behind him Smith finished progress through the day, and saw that his pit to send help in. That lost him third, and in fourth it was Scaroni and he'd missed the "hidden" check at the abouttwoandahalfhours.Meanwhile, his brother, Matt, who drove the sec-top- Check 3. When Ellison was told Stowers kept moving, and so did ond half. He said their "shocks were about it he wad distraught, and asked Raimonde, who lost his second blowingallday." Hefinishedjustsixmin-pennission to go back and run it again. driveshaft in Matomi Wash. He got a utes behind Smith, giving their class a 100% finish record. of Chuck Sacks in his Chenowth. There The SCORE lite cars were next, with were only eight minutes separating the 24 cars starting. Plaintive calls started five, and another dozen still moving coming in fairly early; among them, Vic along steadily behind them. Bruckmann telling his crew to "go back Tom Watson, in his Jim co, had-to the condo" at about 11:30 in the bumtsomesparkplugsandwouldhave morning. J irn Greenway and Ty Godde to change them at the drivers' change, had their new toy, the Henry chassis that and Kelly Ross, in a Desert Dynamics Harley Lemer and Kory Halopoff raced chassis, had a couple of flats and a bro-with mixed results. Greenway and ken throttle cable. Ricardo Malo started Goddedidn'tgethalfwaythistime.And the race in his Curry, then got out at John White broke the front end of his Mile 68 and gave the car to Arturo car. Bill Stoner and Paul Meyer had Honoldtofinishtheracewhilehewent steering problems and "other things" on to a wedding in Mexicali. and ended their day early also. Potter, who "planned to run conser-But James Golden had his Junco out vatively" early in the day, handed over in front at Mile 130, with a little over a to Dan Worley and he carried on. He minute on Jake Batulis in his Prep by said, "I took my time in the rocks, used Jake car. In third it was Stan Potter in a fourth instead of fifth." They had no Jin1co, and Blaise Jackson ran fourth in flats, nor any other problems, and took his MECO. Fifth place was in the hands Continued on page 12 SCORE let him do that, so he picked replacement from Bob Shepard, but it up the course at Chanate, did the full was a little too short, which meant they loop down to the Puertecitos road had to stop again at Puertecitos Road again, and SCORE gave him a time to install one that fit properly. based on when he went through that Wyllie recovered from his problems hidden check. He was the last finisher in sooner than the others, and hustled on Class 10. to take the win. Stowers finished sec-TIie Difference, Ellison wasn't the only driver to miss ond, only eight minutes later. And thatcheckpoint. Therewasatleastone R.aimonde and Geiser were third, 18 other Class 10 car, and a Quad. And seconds behind him. It was probably there was a racer who forgot to do the the closest finish that class has seen in last wash all together, and just turned years. left and came back up to the finish. The The Protrucks were next, with four Rally Logger printouts make these de-starters. Charlie McDowell had gone viations from the marked course very only 25 miles when he blew the seals out obvious. There's no question about of his Ford's left front shocks. He just Danny Anderson, Bryan Freeman and Rob MacCachren didn't have much motor left in their Fraley at the finish as they won Class 1/2-1600 by less than two minutes. The father and son team of Scott and Andy McMillin shared the driving'in their Chevy Jimco, had a flawless day and won Class 1 and the overall, beating even the bikes. Dusty Times Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assembly Short or Tall Master Cylinders Features steel pedal with large foot pad, non-skid foot surface and total seal rubber boots. Adjustable balance bar for precise fronUrear pressure ratios.Standard pedal length is 10.25". (5.2 to 1 ratio) CNC-2045D Steel Pedal, Short or Tall M/C Floor Mount. Fluidyne Heat exchangers & Transmission Coolers DUN-D830500 Heat Exchanger DUN-D830503 Heat Exchanger DUN-D830504 Heat Exchanger DUN-D830612 Trans Cooler w/Fan 2-pc Aluminum Drums Race Prep'ed CV 's ' I HRD-311-501-615E ~ -MCK-0250-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-930 MCK-0251-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-934 IRS Axles from Sway-A-Way™ May 2005 Driving Suits Standard Fire Retardant Cotton Proban Driving Suits. 300m 930 Race Axles 300m 934 Race Axles For more intormation give us a call or visit us online @ Page 11

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R. C. Jones co-drove with Jim Richardson in the very same Jimco that Richardson's late dad, Rich, drove to many Class 9 victories. They were second this time. L. J. Kennedy paired up with Wayne Lacher in a Porter to finish fourth in the competitive 1600 class. Tom Koch and Jim Tucker shared the driving in their Class 1 Chevy Jimco and got to the finish line in fifth place. the win by 11 minutes. Theysaiditwas their firstvictoty ever. Sacks handed his car over to Gregg Ryan, who then handed off to Frank Orozco. They had a good run also, and ended the day in second place. In third it was Jackson, " j \.....$1299~99 Special wl FREE Helmet Bag who soloed, and drove the final 20 miles was going away. In fifth it was Watson with no power steering. Golden, who and co-driver Tim Noe, who had a also drove all the way, broke a spark "goodrace"afterthesparkplugchange. plug and ran on three cylinders for a Jake Batulis and Jeff Lothringer were while. He also had a flat and as he fin- sixth, and Lothringer said he'd lost three ished in fourth place his power steering fan belts in one 30-mile section. lo sev-G-Ff►R(~t: -···--Pro Farce Air • Significantly outflows other 'blower type' helmets • NOT a converted motorcycle helmet! • Lightweight Composite Shell • Snell SA-2000 Automotive Rated • Fire Resistant Interior 19.i!I/ Cordless Impact.Kit • ½" Drive • 218 ft-lbs. Torque • Carrying Case & Charger • Only 6.6 lbs.! • Vehicle Holster Available enth it was Ken Stroud, who drove all tenth itwas Kelly~d RandyRos.s, who'd the way and said the "stupid drover got broken a shock bolt in the second half three flats." He also "kept hitting trees." of the day. Ruben Gutierrez was 11th Mike Belk finished eighth in his Porter, in a Porter, and Luis Barragan, Jimco, and Honold had a fire in the back of his had to replace a torsion bar at Mile car and had to change all the wiring. In 155. He was the last to finish, just nine minutes before he ran out of time. The 1/2-1600 class went off the line next with 29 starters. Five of them failed to get to the halfway point, but the rest of them were having a good race. The first six cars all went through Mile 130 within ten minutes of one another, led by Adam Pfankuch in his KIT car. In second it was Danny Anderson in a Fraley, then Arden Dennington in an-other Fraley, and in fourth, Brian Bur-gess, followed by Justin Smith in a Prep by Jake, and in sixth, Hector Garcia in a Curry. I! LOWRANCE mMMLJNICATIDN !iDLLJTIDN!i FOR RACINli& RECREATION Pfankuch and Burgess both went away in the second half of the race, as did Daniel McMillin, who lost his mo-tor. But most of the rest of them kept moving along. Anderson handed the car to Biyan Freeman, and he held the lead but at Mile 228 the motor "started dyi~g", and Bryan was worried. "Oh, man, I wassayin' my prayers!" He said. But he got the car to Rob MacCachren, who hopped in for the final little bit, to take the win. Behind them, Caleb Gaddis finished second, only two minutes slower in his Curry. The 19-year-old Gaddis was driving in only his second race. In third it was Garcia's co-driver, Jose Rob-les, who'd lost his right rear shock, but hadn't had any flat tires. Wayne Lacher and L J. Kennedy finished fourth in their Porter, reporting no problems at all. Dennington, who'd been third, dropped to fifth. His car had died at Mile 160. So he took apart the ignition and reassembled it, and then it ran. But he had to do that twice more before he got to the finish. liP!i §y.-ten1• • 8/W & Color Displays • 2· to 10.4" Screen Sizes • Portable & Panel Mount • Unlimited Mapping Vertex High Performance Radio !iy•tem■ • ·128 to 250 Channels • 50 to 110 Watts of Transmitting Power! • Alphanumeric Digital Display • 3 Year Warranty • Exceeds Mil-Spec Standards Page 12 May 2005 • Intercoms & Radios • Satellite Phones • Base Station Antennas • NEWt Carbon Fiber Headsets • Scanners • 105, 135, 150, & 235 CFM Models Available • Lightweight & Reduced Amperage • 3M Hepa & CO Filter Options • BAJA PROVEN Eli Yee and Cruz Munos, in another Fraley, had no trouble, and finished sixth, followed in by Clyde Stout, Smith's co-driver. Stout had got in at Mile 200, after disabling the Trophy Truck he started in Bob Altamirano and JeffKnupps finished eighth, report-ing one flat and adding oil And in ninth it was Misael Arambula and Daniel Lopez, an Ensenada team in a Curry. They had no problems. Tenth place went to Rodrigo Ampudia and Salvadore Hernandez F., in a Fraley they bought from Rob MacCachren in Januaty. Hernandez had a busy day. He started the morning racing on a bike in the small motor Pro class, with co-rider Tim Morton. They won the class, and then Hernandez hustled down the road to get into the 1600 car and get it to the finish line. In 11th it was Roberto Medina, in a Curry, who said his motor was "no good." Rick Battey, in a Baja Shop chas-sis drove all the way, finished 12th, and leaked a big puddle of oil as he sat talk-ing about his day. Thirteenth went to Eric and Hiram Duran, in a Jimco, who'd had to replace a broken torsion bar. Brad and Travis Fletcher, in a Baja Shop, finished 14tl1, after a pair of flats, some ignition trouble, and being stuck in second gear from Mile 228 to the Dusty Times

Page 13

Rob Taylor and Jason Lakin wished they had pre-run, but still managed Andy and Ken Leavitt had fuel starvation problems with their Ford Jeff Lloyd broke a spindle on his Ford, but quick work by a terrific pit third place in Class 5-1600. finish. Rick Boyer finished the last bit of the race in his Lothringer, but his kids, Qiry and Greg did most of the driving, coping with a flat, power steering trouble and alternator problems. Scott Wisdom drove his Mirage all the way, with dad, Wes, riding along. They had a rear wheel bearing come apart at Mile 207, and had to cannibalize parts from a pre-runner. They were the final finisher in theclas.5. There were eight Class 5 cars in this event, and George Seeley wasn't one of them! Jerry Longo put his Bug into the lead in the early part of the day, with Tom Brown running about a minute behind him. Jeff Nutter ran third, but he was about 40 minutes back. Ulti-mately, only five of them managed to finish. Tom Brown drove into a ditch at one point, but didn't lose much time, and he also had a flat tire. He enjoyed a battle with Longo'sco<lriver, Chris Bow-man, and came in to the finish first, to win the clas.5 Bowman and Longo were second, about an hour later, having lost a lot of time when they had two rear flats at once after being hit. They put a spare on one wheel, put a front on the other rear and the flat rear on the front and drove about 25 miles that way to their next pit In third it was Troy Adams, Dave Veiria and Nancy Spirkoff, who reported they'd had a flawless day, with-out even any flat tires. In fourth it was Victor Gasca and Voelker Luivan in a new car, dressed like a New Beetle. They broke second gear about 17 miles into the race, and ran that way all day. Todd Stemmennan drove the start and the finish sections, and his partner, Ken Schemer did the middle. They had fuel Bronco, but still took second place in Class 3. person got him going again to finish second in Class 7SX. Ken and Don Moss had their first flat in 16 years of racing, but still managed to win Class 3 in their Ford Bronco. Stan Potter and Dan Worley stopped their Jimco for nothing but the driver change and finished the day with the SCORE Lite win. pump issues, two flats, water in their times, and Dan Chamlee had his Ford drivers said their "battle" had been fun. but not very fast. They had no power gas, broke their steering, ran out of fuel about a half hour behind him after run- Chamlee reported that his lug nuts had steering, it leaked water, their rear sus-and were down toonlyonelightwhen ningoutofgas. loosened and a hub came apart He'd pension was gone, and the truck was they arrived at the finish line fifth, and Turner put his foot in it for the sec-cut a piece out ofa chase truck to make mashed all out of shape in addition. last, after dark. ond half of the race, and with abso-a hub cover. Chamlee's good at on- They had to keep bumming water. The Class 7 trucks were next to take lutelynothing going wrong, he was un- course Mexicaneering. No one else fin-Jones and Holmes went on to off. There were seven of them, and two beatable. He said he had "no problems, ished. take the win, and no one else got to wereoutearly.ScottBrady's Ford broke no flats, the motor stayed strong, and Class 7Swentnext, withsixstarters. the finish. Well-the Moncures actu-a radius rod and he ran out of time theshocksdidn'tfade."Tenminuteslater Buttheclas.5quicklyfadedawayforthe ally got there, but they were over trying to get it fixed, but we don't know itwas the Herreras, who'd broken a heim most part.Tyler Fox and Joe Rice both time. They said it had been a "down-what happened to Frank Thing. At. any while still in front and lost about 20 went out for the first half, and so did ward struggle." At least they kept rate, only five of them made it to the minutes. They' dalso had a flat tire. Kilroy Jesus Luna and Bill Rodriguez who had moving. base ofChanate Wash at Mile 130. At handed the truck over to Doug Siewert, alternator problems and also ran out Class 7SXacruallyflelded five start-that point, Victor Herrera and his dad, who had taken a year off to buy a house of gas at Mile 110. But Scott Jones and ers at this race, one of which, Cody Victor Herrera, Sr., were in the lead in and get settled in, but was ready to race John Holmes, in a Ford, kept moving Swanty's Jeep, disappeared in the first their Ford, and Hector Salazar had sec-now. They finally realized that the alter-along in the front of what was left of the half of the day. Of the rest, Rich ond place in his Ford, only about three nator belt was coming off because some pack, in spite of fuel delivery problems. Severson had his Ford in front, but he minutes behind them. Another nine bolts were loose, so they fixed that and Ted and Nick Moncure, in a Toyota was only 16 minutes ahead of Noe Si-minutes back was Craig Turner, who then things went better. They finished Tacoma were second, and Brian Cavitt, erra. In third place it was Jeff Lloyd, had decided to "take it easy" for the first third, an hour and ten minutes behind in a Chevy S 10, ran third Cavitt disap-who'd broken a spindle on his Ford at 150 miles. John Kilroy's Chevy had the Herreras. Behind them just 34 sec-peared, and the Moncures, who had Mile 108. He'd had his crew come out tossed an alternator belt a couple of ondslater,wasChamlee,infourth.Both rolledhardafterCheckl,keptmoving, Continued on page 14 r="'T"=~~-==~==~=,.,.,,,,.,=======T7 Ernie and Larry Negrete had carburetion problems and spent a long Marcos Nunez and Norberto Rivera had an almost clean day and Chuck Sacks, Frank Orozco and Gregg Ryan shared the driving in time in a pit, but ran hard enough to finish fifth in Class 5-1600. took second place in Class 5-1600. ~ Chenowth and took second place in the SCORE Lite class. Doug Siewert and John Kilroy had repeated trouble with an alternator Troy Adams and David Vieira drove and Nancy Spirkoff road and the Andrew Wehe and Kash Vessels teamed in Wehe's Toyota Jimco to belt on their Chevy, but finished third in Class 7. team took third in Class 5. take third place in Class 10. Dusty Times May 2005 Page 13

Page 14

Father and son Brian Walsh Sr. and Jr., split the driving in their Honda Tom Watson and Tim Noe had spark plug troubles in their Jimco but Eli Yee and Cruz Munoz teamed in a Fraley. had a problem-free day. and were sixth in Class 1/2-1600. Jimco, were down to one gear when they finished fifth. still took fifth place in the SCORE Lite class. Bobby Quarnstrom and Carl Niemetschek enjoyed their first trip south of Tijuana, and even with no pre-run won the Sportsman Truck class in their Ford. to make repairs. Greg Zamarripa was dateones,butthereweren'tenoughfor fourth. But then he was lucky to be there the third seat passenger, so he had to get at all, because while staging before the out. At that they started only about 10 start, he'd had the tech crew do a late or 12 minutes behind their class. tech inspection and they'd discovered ltwas to no avail, however, because out of date seat belts. Someone had the truck didn't make it to the finish gone hightailing off to get some up to line. Severson's did however, in spite of SACHUSE1TS iVE • Page 14 Tony Robles and Alfredo Bueno drove their VW powered Catco chassis to the Sportsman Buggy win with only a 12 minute cushion. a litany of problems that included a togettohispitandthenhome. lttook. broken pitman am1 and running out about 25 minutes. And Severson got of gas. This was the team that Bobby the win. Lloyd, who'd thought he'd be Baldwin so generously helped. They took in before dark, had worn an amber face one end off a line on his electric fuel shield and had trouble seeing. He flat-pump and filled up a one gallon jug tened a tire late in the day because ofit. seven times, to give Severson enough fuel But still, he got to the finish line in sec-May 2005 ond place, less than a half hour behind Severson. None of the others made it. The 5-1600s went off the line next, 20 strong. Oddly, half of them didn't make itto Mile 130. It's hard to know why they didn't, perhaps there was too much soft sand, or maybe they just jolted to bits in all the whoops. It's a hard course for that class. Hard on the driver and passenger, that is. Maybe they de-cided to stop at Three Poles for lunch. At any rate, they were gone, and Ernesto Arambula was out in front. He had a lead of 13 minutes when he got to Mile 130, and it was Jason Lakin in second place. Then came the team of Marcos Nunez and Norberto Rivera, followed by Gustavo Avina, three minutes later. Then there was a gap of about 25 minutes, and along came Jose Garcia and his nephew Jose Garcia G. On the second half of the course the Avina car fell out, and so did Mark McAnelly. That left just eight cars still running. Arambula drove all the way, and he had a clean run, without even any flat tires. He took the win by 20 minutes. Nunes and Rivera finished sec-Dusty Times

Page 15

ond, reporting that they'd holed the muffler and lost some power. In third place it was Lakin and his co-driver, Rob Taylor. Taylor said, "A little pre-running would have helped a lot." But it was "pretty much clean sailing" for them, and they were only seven min-utes further back. The Garcia family had one flat tire, and a big tranny fluid leak, and they were almost another hour back, in fourth place. Ernie and Larry Negrete had early carburetor problems which kept them in a pit for a long time early in the day, but then the second half of their race was trouble free. They were fifth, and followed in by Armando Garcia . .In seventh it was Richard Garavito and T-ito Rodolfo Martinez, who'd lost two hours with a filter problem and a distributor prob-lem. Steve Landis was the final.finisher, after nine hours and 15 minutes, in eighth place. Rich Severson ran out of gas in his Ford but got help from a late Trophy Truck team, which allowed him to get the Class 7SX win. The Stock Full trucks lined up next, with six starters. Bob Graham didn't get to Mile 130 in his Nissan nor did Todd T ruelson. "Mark Handley made a good try in his Ford, but first he broke a linuter strap, then a distributor cap broke, then they found a broken leaf spring. He got going again, only to have the distributor bomb out again. Thatwas theendofhis day. John Griffin's Hummer broke a shock, and needed extensive welding. He apparently ran out of time. Eric and Terry Henn had their Hum-mer in front at Mile 130, with 40 min-utes on Billy Bunch and Dave T umer in their Fotd. Butthen the Hennshadsome kind of ignition problem they couldn't identify fora while, and they lost an hour. Bunch and Turner broke both front shocks off their truck at Mile 200, but they just kept going down the road Ulti-mately, Bunch and T umer got the win, enjoying the first finish for their truck. TI1e Henns were second, only six and a half 1runutes later. Class 9 was next, with seven entries, and everyone of them made icto the race Mile 130. Eric Fisher had his Garibay in first place, with a lead of just four min-utes over Phillip Breedlove in Ed McLean's Jimco. In third place it was Luis Guevara in his Tubular Designs chassis, and R.C. Jones, a name from the past, was driving the late Rich Richardson's pretty Jimco in fourth. He'd had a flat at Mile 5. Fisher put Hector Sarabia into his car to drive to the finish, and with no problems all day, they took the win. Jones and Jim Richardson, Rich's son, moved up to finish second. TI1is was quite a feat, since the car hasn't been raced since 1997. Guevara's co-driver, Federico Montes, had no starter, and also broke something (which I was un-able to translate) about ten miles before the fm°ish. He still made it in, finishing third. Breedlove handed over to McLean, one of the senior dt:ii.ens of the race, at 7 8 years old, and he had a good drive until Mile 196 where he broke a balljoint. Fortunately, some friendly lo-cals were right there and they made quick work of the repair job with a piece of chain and some twisted wire. It worked • they made it in to finish fourth. Fifth place went to Tim Hanna and AJ. Rodriguez, in a Baja Shop chassis. They blew out their left balljoint and had one rear flat and finished with no brakes. Sixth place went to Juan Gallo, and Sigal Greenberg in a Chenowth. Sigal's hus-band, John Halla!, rode with her. TI1is tean1 had fuel pump problems and had to stop" every few minutes" and take the fuel pump apart and blow through the Bekki and Adam Wik split the driving evenly in their Honda Jimco, "never put a wrench on the car", and won Class 10. Todd Wyllie lost an hour and a half with a big repair on his Chevy, but still won Class 8 -by just eight minutes. Dusty Times hose. They said itwas "very frustrating." They were the final finishers in the class, with only 14 minutes left before the cut off time. Heath Mitchell, in a Mitchellbuilt car, was the only non-fin-isher in the class. The Class 3 cars went off the line next, with four starters. Gerardo Barragan, in a Land Rover, was the only one to break before reaching the half-way point. In fact, he was the only one to break pem1anently. The Moss broth-ers, Ken and Donald, put their Bronco into the lead early on, with Andy and Ken Leavitt, in another Ford Bronco, running second. Chris Raffo was third in his Chevy, but started having fuel pump problems at about Mile 25. His crew met hin1 at Mile 45 to rejet the Blazer. The Moss brothers had a flat tire in Matomi Wash, but didn't have any other trouble, and drove smoothly on to take the win by about an hour and 25 minutes. In second place it was the Leavins, who reported a problem with fuel stavation all day. TI1ey said they couldn't go fast in the fast stuff, it was "brutal" they told us. Behind them Raffo's early fix didn't work, and he and his crew messed around with the fuel proble1:n for a while, and finally bypassed the primary pump and that was the fix they needed. By then they were very late and in danger of missing the cutoff time. Raffo drove hard to finish on time, making it across the fin-ish lien just five and a half minutes be-fore it would have been too late. He was third, and the last official finisher for the race. In Class 11 there was only Eric Solorzano and his VW. He made it to Mile 130 in four hours and 47 minutes (an hour longer than it took the McMillins to win the whole shebang), and looked as if he'd fmish, but then, at Mile 160, he broke a shock tower. He detemuned to finish, but he had to slow way down because of the missing shock. Solorzano got to the fmish, but was about ftve minutes over time. He said "It's sad" He was right 1he Sportsman buggy class wentnext, with four starters. One didn't make it very far, but the other three got all the way around. Brian Silar, in a VW pow-ered George Peach, had the early lead, but was less than a minute in front of Alfredo Bueno in a Carco chassis. Tiffi Price was third, about 30 minutes later in his Lothringer two-seat 1600 car. Bueno handed over to Tony Robles, and he brought the car home in first place. They said they had no problems at all, and it was a good thing, because the second place car was only 12 minutes behind them. That was Price and his co-driver, Darren Sto!L They reported some booby traps near the end of the course, and they cleaned off their antenna on some low trees, but had no mechanical problems at all. Another 18 nlinutes back and it was George Jackson, Silar's co-driver. He'd been stuck once, but got lo-cals to help hin1 get out without too mucl1 May 2005 Craig Turner took it easy early in the day, had a good trip in his Ford and took the Class 7 win. Gus Vildosola, Jr. drove his Toyota ProTruck for the third time, says he's •getting used to it", and took the win. loss of time. He also reported no me-chanical trouble. Maybe the "pro" teams should ask these guys how they do it. The final class to start was the Sports-man Trucks, with three entries. Only two of them made it any distance. Bobby Quarnstrom had his Ford in front at Mile i30, a pretty good feat because tlus was his first San Felipe race (his first time south ofTijuana) and he hadn't pre-run the race. He had about 40 minutes on Mark Growe, whose Ford's motor was running hot. Quarnstrom and his co-driver, Carl Niemetschek ran out of gas, but got some from some locals, and kept on moving. They said they "never experienced so muchsand "Theytookthewin, finishing over an hour ahead of Growe, whose transnlission was also running hot and slipping. He just plugged along, and fm-ished in time for second place. For those who may have wondered just exactly what it is that the person sit-ting in the right seat does, we have a little insight from Ken Moss in the winnii1g Class 3 Bronco. It seems that after they'd gone through "one really offensive rough section" before Check 3, his navigator, Dave Gnmdman, told him that in the one mile of fence line "tl1ere were two hundredandsomethingwhoops". He'd counted them all ... SCX)RE's nexteventwill be the June 3-5 Baja 500, starting and ending in Ensenada, and then they move to Las Ve-gas for their Terrible's Cup 1 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Dirt Track. After that it'll be the Primm race, and then the Baja 1000 to finish the season. SCIIE PIKES service c-enter Baker, California Celebra~ing GO YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ..• THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours MobilQO SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page 15

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6TH CORONA RALLY· MEXICO 2005 Solberg/Subaru Are Tops By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Guy Wilks and Phil Pugh had a good run in their Suzuki lgnis, they were the JWRC winners with more than nine minutes in hand. was not as severe as expected. For the fitted with active central differential teams there was one particular com- transmission systems for the first time, plication, and that concerned the fact while at Peugeot, Jean-Pierre Nicolas that New Zealand, the following event, assumed the position of Director of another "long-haul" rally, had to Peugeot Sport on the retirement of bring forward its calendar date to Corrado Provera. Skoda finally had accommodate the Fl race. This the definitive version of their 2005 meant that the usual "self.contained" car, featuring new bodywork panels service kit could not be sent to both and some engine changes on this event. For some teams it meant they event, while Jani Paasonen was nomi-had to make up a second kit of parts, nated as No.2 driver for this event. for others it meant that a lot more Excitement and sadness came to equipment had to be air-freighted to Subaru. This event saw the debut of Petter Solberg and Philip Mills drove their Subaru lmpreza to a great victory in Mexico, they had 30 New Zealand. A big surprise to com- 2005 model lmpreza WRC, the fi-seconds in hand at the finish. petitorswhen they started theirrecce nal new World Rally Car expected First time win for the new Subaru ished the whole route. event. This event was the second was the quality of the roads. Clerk of this season, but on the day the car lmpreza WRCar brought Petter For the third round of the 2005 round of the Junior championship, the Course Jose Gallo explained: was first seen in public came news of Solberg to the top of the world cham-World Rally Championship there the first time the JWRC had ven- "This year the state took over the the death of Ryuichiro Kuze, the pionship tables after the third round were a lot of new things to notice. To tured outside Europe, and indeed the maintenance of the roads, which was former director of STI who person-in Mexico. Reliability brought more accommodate the media, on account first time a Super 1600 car had been a great encouragement for us." It ere-ally pushed Subaru in world cham-championship points for Peugeot, of Corona Rally Mexico being lo-run on a major event in the New ated another dimension in the mys-pionship sport, and who in his life-with Marcus Granholm and Markko cated the furthest west in the cham- World. Only five of the 13 registered tery of the tyres. Cleaner and harder time witnessed the lmpreza become Martin finishing second and third pionship, the third leg (Sunday) was drivers opted to enter here, so every-roads meant more abrasive surfaces the world's most successful model of respectively, who are now well ahead designed to be a half day, so that the one who finished would score points. than expected. rally car. Suzuki were present with of Mitsubishi and Ford. In a superbly official finish was at 1230. In keep-The character of the event re- News from the teams: Citroen's their Super 1600 cars, making their run event which was unfortunately ing with the current FIA policies, this mained, nevertheless, basically un- new chief engineer Xavier Mestelan return to the New World! It was at ridden with debates about the mean- was to be easily the shortest world changed from last year's event, which took technical command of the team. the Olympus Rally (WA, USA) in ing of new FIA rules, notably the en- championship rally ever. It was 40km was the first time Central America Although in Sweden Loeb was the 1986 where Suzuki were first repre-gine-pairing system, there were end- shorter in overall length than the pre- had been in the championship. This first victim of rally's new "two rally sented on a world championship less braking troubles for every team vious shortest, which was held two was the third event in which flexi ser-engine" rule, this was in fact the team's rally. except Citroen, so that by the finish years ago in Corsica. Also in pursu- vice system had been abandoned, first retirement through mechanical The big surprise to other the top three drivers were forced to a nee with general trends, there were which freed up good rallying hours failure since Germany 2003. Ford organisers was that locally run 1600cc drive cautiously to the finish. Mexico new tyre demands. The minimum in the middle of the day, but the played their musical chairs, this time Peugeot 206 cars were admitted on was the first orthodox event in the stage distance between permitted tyre SupeRally system had been replaced it was Daniel Sola who was their No.2 this event into the Class A6, under a championship and brought a 1-2-3 changing points was up to 63km, the by the "Five Minute Rule" regula- driver, the guest second driver this rule allowing cars which comply with win for Pirelli tyres. Solberg dedicated organisers RO doubt encouraged by tions, which was just as bad ... Tyre year for the team, while regular driver a "Manufacturers' Cup" formula to the win to the memory of Ryuichiro Citroen's experiences last year when, technicians found last year the stages Roman Kresta had a new co-driver, contest a world championship event Kuze, the founder of the Subaru on account of an administrative er- were softer than expected, and most Jan Mozny, after medical tests on Jan even though it also qualified for the World Rally Team who died two days ror, Sainz had to cover 144 km of important, the effect of loss of power, Tomanek showed a neck injury which JWRC. Normally when an event also before the start of the rally. Poor en- stages on the same set of tyres, which on account of this being a rally run made active competition medically qualifies for JWRC, the A6 class can try levels did nothing to lessen the he accomplished without a deflation. generally at higher altitudes than any hazardous for him. Mitsubishi took only be entered by Super 1600 cars. excitement of the event, and in the And there were to be only five places other world rally, was greater than one further step forward in their Without these cars, the entry list JWRC category only one driver fin- where tyre choices could be made all expected. This meant that tyre wear technical progress, their cars being would have totalled 28. A total of r-------------------------------------------------------~ I I I I I I I I Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkwav Looo, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX Us to Receive a Free Cata/oq L-----------------------------------------------------~-~ Page 16 May 2005 Dusty Times . , .. --. ·------------ --------·-·· ············~--···-···-··-···· I • • -------------- . -------····-

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Markka Martin and Michael Park were able to grab the bronze medal Pavel Valousek and Pierangelo Scalvini charge along in Mexico on Daniel Sola and Xavier Amigo were out of the rally on the t(Jh stage, an accident put their Ford Focus in the garage. in Mexico, seen here at speed on a gravel stage. their way to a 1!Jh overall finish in their Suzuki lgnis. only 44 entries were accepted. The Citroen's tactics were. They gave no- the Paasonen affair. Sko.da were be-new engine pairing rule required that tice that Loeb would again be absent mused to note that the second FIA engines used here must also be used from the Ceremonial start (like last Steward was Radovan Novak, a fel-at Rally New Zealand. year), and it looked like they delayed low Czech, but realised that the lead-Ford came to Mexico with a three a decision on what to do until the ership in decision making would point lead over Peugeot and Mitsubi- Stewards had decided how to handle come from the experienced Chair-shi in the Manufacturers' champion-ship while Toni Gardemeister held a one point lead in the Drivers' series over Markko Martin. The number of top drivers who had rally experi-ence of Mexico was very limited. Rovanpera had his victory here in 2002 but this was such a walkover (his winning margin was almost one hour!) that technical feedback ben-efit for Peugeot, for whom he then drove, and for Michelin whose tyres he used, was virtually nil! man, Jonathan Ashman, who was New Zealand, the current World noted for his wider interpretations. Rally Championship regulations were After two hours decisions had likely to be amended to allow engine been taken by the Stewards, who changes before the start of Leg 1 un-recognised that the rules were fu.r from der a fixed penalty for breaking a seal definite but that before the next event, Continued on page 18 Rob Hall, Kyle Taylor, Chad Hall and Team Ligbtforee's own Kevin Davis push the envelope season after season. Speeds that feel like Mach 3, barrel rolls, free falls. mid-air collisions ... liQhtforce's HID Blitz and variable-focus lights with our innovative filter system translate to shatterproof lights that can change color and beam patterns as last as tlie terrain itself. When the times from the long (7.6km) Shakedown test came through, French cars held the top three times with Peugeot driver Markko Martin 1.4 seconds ahead of teammate Marcus Gronholm, and Sebastien Loeb another 0.6 seconds behind. There was a big surprise when Antony Warmbold made equal fifth best time, best Ford and equal with Francois Duval's Citroen. Petter Solberg's new Subaru was the best non-French car, fourth overall, while Chris Atkinson was seventh. With the specialist events at Monte Carlo and Sweden behind them, this was as Peugeot's technical chief Michel Nandan commented, the "real start" to the season. The first orthodox event of the year. The big story about Shakedown, however, was a rock ly-ing in a fast right hand bend which struck the underneath of some of the cars very hard. Loeb (for the second year running), Paasonen and the JWRC driver Rautenbach all in-curred broken sumps and the cars were brought straight back to the ser-vice park at Leon in the Expo centre. Mechanics set about changing the Skoda and the Citroen Saxo engines for all to see and shrouds were placed round Loeb's wounded Citroen as engineers worked out what they should do. The big problem was not so much mechanical as legal. The new two-rally rule (which had already claimed Loeb as its first victim, in Sweden!), meant the WRCar engines used here had also to be used in New Zealand. The engines were already sealed, as Shakedown counts as part of an event for this purpose, and seals must be intact until the end of the New Zealand Rally. Would the cars be allowed to start the rally? (Engine changes are traditionally forbidden during an event.) What was to be the penalty? And would it be applied on this event-or at New Zealand? At the FIA's pre-event press conference, Citroen team chief Guy Frequelin said his team had not had enough time to adjust their cars to take ac-count of the two-rally rule. Unfortu-nately, the only people at the FIA who had masterminded the endless que-ries about the engine rules were not in Mexico and were out of contact. In due course one could guess what "HOICE Visit to find a dealer near you. Dusty Times May 2005 Page 17 .__

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Fourth overall went to Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, seen here in their Citroen Xsara at a water crossing. Francois Duval and Stephane Prevot didn't have the best of days, Harri Rovanpera and Risto Pietilainen drove their Mitsubishi Lancer they voluntarily withdrew their Citroen Xsara after 14 stages. to a decent 5"' overall in Mexico, seen here at speed. (which would be increased from 20 to 60 seconds). As the penalty was likely to be changed after this event, the Stewards decided not to issue a penalty for breaking the seals, but would convict Skoda under the ba-sic clause Article 7.5, which demands engine blocks and bodyshells remain the same from the start of Adminis-trative formalities until Prize Giving, on pain of receiving a penalty which was discretionary. So, Paasonen's team were fined USD 10,000 but had not time penalty, Conrad Rautenbach was given only a repri-mand (it wasn't compulsory for JWRC cars to attend Shakedown), and it only remained to hear what Citroen would decide to do. As dawn broke before the official start of the rally, the extent of the carnage suffered at the Shakedown became apparent. Frequelin ex-plained: "It is not true we waited to hear how the Stewards would penalise Paasonen. We carefully ex-amined the engine (which had a crack in the block) and contacted our base at Satory (in France) and asked In the end, 38 out of the 44 en- his tyres before the next stage, and tomatic gearshifts and their new ac-whether it was safe to run with the tries started the rally. Mexican driver Elena noticed with horror the right tive differentials, though Rovanpera engine as it was, or whether it was Ricardo Trivino changed his Group rear shock absorber had broken. As lost his brakes and Panizzi punctured. better to take the risk and change the N Mitsubishi for an old Peugeot he tackled two stages and road sec-At the end of the first loop Solberg, engine. In the end they advised us to 206WRC from Bozian, which was tions progressively the suspension despite his own brake problems, was change the engine which is what we painted bright yellow. Four of the collapsed and the wheel came off and 9.3 seconds ahead of Granholm and then did." Ford had to change a cross one-make Peugeot 206XSs failed to he lost a lot of time, eventually arriv- Duval, who both reported lack of member on Toni Gardemeister's car, appear, Guerlain Chicherit never ap-ing at service in 18th place, nearly traction. Best Ford driver was and three of their four cars had a peared with his Fiat Punto and nei- four minutes behind the leader. Gain-Warm bold (7th), ahead of sump guards which were so damaged ther did the American Gubelmann ing a remarkable third place on the Gardemeister, Kresta who had two they needed repairs. Mitsubishi had with a Group N Subaru. It was a opening stage was Chris Atkinson, punctures and Sola who was un-both the engine sumps changed, disappointing entry. One of the running seventh on the road, but he happy with the set-up of the car. Miss-which does not lead to a broken seal organisers explained: "It seems that then slipped back on the next two ing was Paasonen, off the road, the penalty so long as this is officially most of the competitive drivers in the stages as cars ahead of him cut cor-front of his car smashed. He took a observed by Scrutineers, Subaru had Central American and Caribbean ners and showered dirt on top of an penalty of five minutes per missing to change the front cross member on region have Group N cars, and when otherwise clean and clear road sur- stage to restart the following day. both cars, and rear suspension dam-they heard the rally would be a face. Up came Gronholm (despite Two of the three drivers involved age had to be repaired after Petter JWRC, rather than a·PCWRC event, constant brake problems, and on the in pre-event engine-swop problems Solberg hit a bridge. Peugeot changed they lost interest. road section into service, the loss of were out of the event, the third was the steering rack on Marcus Leg 1 consisted of two runs of a the clutch as well) and Francois running on three wheels! The repair Gronholm's car for safety. New rules group of three stages, each with 73km Duval. Championship leader work on Loeb's car took 32 minutes, stated that steering racks and cross of stages, each of the same set of tyres, Gardemeister was running first car meaning that he clocked out of ser-members have to be sealed, but one on roads which are the highest of the on the road but went off on the sec- vice two minutes late, a further pen-spare is permitted per car. And the event - with descents which tax the ond stage, however, he was able to alty of 20 seconds but the work was financial damage? Citroen were then stopping power of cars. Solberg reverse back again. Then he lost his done and the car was competitive also given a USD 10,000 fine. jumped into the lead, finishing the brakes as well, arriving ninth at ser- again. Solberg made best time on the Leg 1 first stage 2.2 seconds in front of vice. Both Mitsubishi drivers reported next two stages with Loeb second fast-Six Stages, gravel, 146kms. Loeb. Loeb then stopped to pressure good performance of their semi-au- est. By now Solberg was 25.8 seconds • GENERATORS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES • WELDERS • WATERPUMPS • LAWN MOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS • TILLERS Calilornia's Largest Source lor Honda Power Equipment Parts 8 Inventory IF WE /JON T NAVE IT: NO ONE /JOE$/ Check Our Website: Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 !!2~~~ (323) 264-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 Nothing' s easier. For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2005 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Page 18 May 2005 Dusty Times

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Jani Paasonen and Jani Vainikka drove their Skoda Fabia to a 13"' Third place in JWRC went to Luca Cecchettini and Massimo Toni Gardemeister and Jakke Honkanen piloted their Ford Focus to overall finish in Mexico, seen here at speed. Daddoveri, seen here in their Fiat Punto throwing gravel. a not so bad sixth overall, seen here on a gravel stage. ahead, and he eased his pace on the same hazard, was Loeb who was hop- the next stage the oil temperarure be-point the engine temperarure went race was on for fourth place. At the ultra fast Stage 6, where his gear ra- ing to climb well up the field during gan to rise. Frequelin considered care- to over 105 degrees. end of Stage 13 Rovanpera had tios were not ideal, and ended the the day from his 14th position, fully whether the Belgian should re-Leg 3 passed Gardemeister in fourth, with day 20. 5 seconds in front of though the only driver he acrually over-start on the following day on account Two stages, gravel, 692kms. Loeb still 24 .5 seconds behind. Loeb Gronholm. Loeb meanwhile had took in the first three stages was Xavier of the risk that an engine failure here Evenrually decisions were made. was not worried. "We had a hard climbed up from 18th to 14th, Pons' Peugeot. Thedaywassunny, and would be a 20 second penalty in New There were 11 manufacrurers' cars compound tyre because the final stage 4m21s behind Solberg. Duval was the main question was how much Zealand. still able to carry on (Sola's being the (at 44km) was very long." And so it suffering launch control problems Gronholm would expect to fall back Solberg meanwhile marched on only car too badly damaged) and was, Loeb's final stage time was over a and lost time on Stage 6 for uncle-on account of his brake problems. and his lead at the end of the day was something might happen to make a half minute faster than anyone else's, fined reasons, dropping three sec-"We lost brakes before halfway almost a half minute. After the morn- restart worthwhile for points. Thus and he sailed into fourth place over-onds behind Martin. Both Peugeot through every stage, and after each ing temperarures which had been Duval (9th makes' eligible car) would taking both the others. Duval with-drivers were complaining of brake stage I changed the brake pads. My around 30 degrees, his brakes were start even though his engine had a drew from the rally voluntarily after problems, especially Gronholm. In co-driver then poured water over the working better in the cooler air of cracked cylinder block, so did the end of the last stage, assuming that the race in the Ford camp, Kresta rear brakes between each stage." His the afternoon. Gronholm and Mar- Atkinson and Paasonen, who admit- the rules in this case would allow the held the lead for five of the six stages, nearest challenger was teammate Mar-tin had little to report. Up to fourth ted being under severe orders after team to replace the damaged engine one stage being led by Warmbold: at tin, who was also nursing his brakes. now was Gardemeister, despite the his first day accident, to be sure to before New Zealand, and when the no time had either of Ford's nomi- Duval had slipped down to fourth, driver feeling like death and the car reach the finish. The mania for keep- oil pressure on Atkinson's car started nated drivers been in front! reportinghewaslosingtractionevery-snaking down straight roads. ingcarsinaneventcontinued.JWRC toflucruatehewithdrewaswell. Warmbold felt he was being slowed where, unable to keep up with Mar- Rovanpera in fifth found his car was driver PG Andersson was allowed to It had been a strange rally because during the afternoon by differential tin. Now in fLfth place, the highest the getting better all the time. Loeb was restart even after an overnight engine of these new rules. Pons came tenth troubles. In the Skoda camp Armin team had been all rally, was up to sixth, having passed Warmbold change. overall but did not contest two of the Schwarz had his car mysteriously stop Gardemeister in the best placed Ford. and happily running with no brake Meanwhile the driver missing the 14 stages, Paasonen was classified 13th on Stage 4, then twice he nearly went Sola had more problems. He spun troubles. Fourth place by the end of rest of the party was Sola. Co-driver overall (9th best makes' entry) and off the road on Stage 6. On Stage 5 and had two puncrures on Stage 8, the rally was now surely within his Amigo said they slid into a bank on missed five. Wilks came home winning Johansson stopped when he missed then on Stage 9 he puncrured again grasp. There were more dramas else-the side of the road which upended the JWRC category, the only driver to his braking point and damaged his and lost the mousse, having to drive where. Missing were Pons who had the car. "We rolled down the road complete the whole route, running on front suspension. 9km on a rim. Warmbold had tried broken the radiator and Trivino who for about 70 metres, then the car his maximum allowed lateness after a In JWRC Wilks and Andersson to make his driving more smooth but stopped on a stage with an electronic went over the edge of the road and long service delay on Sunday morn-arrived at service, already nearly three found it did not work. "I found I lost problem, while Johansson was snick we continued rolling 20 metres more ing, when the Ignis' chassis was so badly minutes ahead of Luca Cecchittini speed into the comers and this lost upside down in the stage for a long before it came to a stop." Stiff and bent it was very hard to refix the sump who was now the only other runner. time. I then changed my style back while. Warmbold had a bad after- bruised the crew were then flown guard. And the winner of the non-Pavel Valousek disappeared off the again." It worked, so with the retire-noon, spinning in a narrow section back to Leon. Also taking the restart championship Group N category was road on the first stage and Conrad ments of Atkinson and Kresta, he was road on Stage 10, a heavy landing on was Pons. "The radiator was broken the Mitsubishi of Michael Kahlfuss, Rautenbach reached the end of Stage now up to sixth. Atkinson hit a rock 11 and hitting a wall on 12. Dani after we hit a stone on the inside of a the German enthusiast who originally 1 but then retired as a result of a which damaged the power steering, Sola had a big accident, out of sight corner." His Bozian teammate commanded respect from the water leak from a loose water hose then hit a hole on a slow corner which from the rally road but happily with- Trivino whose car had stopped with motorsport community for his efforts not connected properly as a result of took off the wheel. Kresta retired with out injury. Down to two Fords, now! electronic problems. The all-yellow driving a Trabant in the Safari Rally. the freak engine change the night be- damaged suspension. Solberg lost ten In JWRC Wilks was pulling away 206WRC had really looked nice. For such a fine rally it was tragic for fore. But neither of them had given seconds or so on the second stage of all the time from his teammate When the team was congrarulated the event to have been plagued by such up hope of continuing. Their cars the day when the water temperarure Andersson, but all the other three on the paint scheme, the enquirer was bad championship rules. In relation were retrieved and their mechanics went very high, but this did not stop JWRC drivers restarted again. given a blank look. "It isn't paint at totheenginechangingrules, teams like set about making the cars ready to him making fastest time on Stage 9. Cecchittini found his car was turn-all, it's all adhesive plastic ... " On closer Citroen and Subaru had to make restart, under the "five minute rule" At service the Norwegian now led ing-in badly as a result of the damage inspection, yes it was! decisions here in Mexico not knowing the following day. In Rautenbach's Gronholm by 16.0 seconds. The mid-from the day before, while There were only to be two stages what the World Council (end of case,itwasnecessarytocannibalize day service saw dramas. Rovanpera Rautenbach's hybrid Saxo (parts onleg3,62kmofstages.Loebstarted March) will decide that they the old engine, taking a piston from arrived with an oil leak and the team from one engine with parts from the in sixth place, 36 seconds behind should have done in order to the discarded engine and putting it discovered a cracked sump, which they other!) began to lose oil pressure, so Rovanpera and another 1.4 seconds avoid incurring penalties when into the replacement one, all permit- changed, and then they discovered the it was again withdrawn from the behind Gardemeister. While Solberg, they arrive with unsealed engines ted changed ... Then Cecchittini same problem for Panizziaswell. Four event. Andersson hit a stone which Gronholm and Martin cruised to the on the next round of the cham-stopped with suspension damage so sump changes so far for Mitsubishi... broke a radiator, and the team set finish at the head of the event, the big pionship. ~ now only two JWRC cars were still On Panizzi's car they also fitted shock about making the car able to run running, though the others all hoped absorbers with different settings and again in the morning. Under the "five to make the restart in the morning. this made his car easier to drive. The minute rule", he would not even lose Leg 2 Citroen people looked at the effect of a place in his category! Wilks now Six Stages, gravel, 146 kms. a heavy landing on Duval's car and had the only car in the category Thedayencompassedsixstages, in discovered that his engine had also which had run the whole distance, two identical loops of three, each loop been damaged. Broken pieces were though not without worries. Radia-containingvirtually the same stage dis-repaired, but on the road section to tor fans stopped working, and at one ranee as the day before. Thirty-five crews lined up at the restart, including five who were still active because of the "five minute rule". The day started badly for Rovanpera with his Mitsu-bishi misfiring when it was about to leave service, so the crew urgently changed the injectors which led to them leaving service 80 seconds late and then on the road section to the first stage the crew had to change the ECU as well. Rovanpera's teammate Gilles Panizzi, however, was losing time everywhere. "I do not know what is the problem at all. It is getting worse and worse to drive." One of the "five minute" driverswasTobiasJohansson, who was given the job of opening the road, in conditions which were ex-pected to clean up with the passage of cars. Right behind him, facing the Dusty Times Second overall were Marcus Grooholm and Timo Rautiainen, seen here flying their Peugeot 307 to the delight of the fans. May 2005 61h C01'011,1!11 Rally Mexico (MEX) Leon 11/13.03.2005 WC round 3 JWRC round 2 . WC points WR I,\{) JC 1 (5) Petter SOLBERG/Phjlip Mills N/GB Subaru lmpreza \l'vRC AC54\l'vRC (GB) 3h.41m.06.2s. 10 10 2 (7) Man;ws GRONHOLMtnmo Rautiainen FIN Peugeot 307 WRC 952PRV75 (F) 3h.41m.40.7s. 8 8 3 (8) Marl<ko MARTIN/Michael Park EE/GB Peugeot 307 V'.RC 967PRV75 (F) 3h.42m.44.5s. 6 6 4 (1) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen XMra \l'vRC 350CZM78 (F) 3h.44m.57.3s. 5 5 5 (9) Harri ROVANPERA/Rlsto Pietileirien FIN Lancer lfvRC KN041M.40 (GB) 3h.45m.Q4.3s. 4 6 (3) Toni GARDEMEISTER/Jakke Honkanen WRC EN02UCT(GB) 3h.45m.11.8s. 3 3 Mitsubishi ◄ AN Ford Focus 7 (15) Arl.ony 1/1,farmbold/Michael Orr O/GB Ford Focus WRC EO03XYG (GB) 3h.◄7m.07.2s. - 2 8 (10) Gilles PANIZZI/Herve Panizzi F Mitsubishi Lancer WRC KP54GXY (GB) 3h.47m.07.9s. 2 1 . 9 (11) Armin SCHWARZ/Klaus Ykh8 a SkodaFabia 3831946 (CZ) 3h.49m.11.5s. 1 10 (17) Xavier Ponsllucas Cruz E Peugeot 206 '.\RC 175ABG69 (F) 3h.59m.55.2s. - -11 (32) Guy Wilks/Phil Pugh GB SUzuki lgnis .MRC JFR212 (H) 4h.03m.00.1a.• -10 12 ('18) Ricardo Trivino/Car1oe Del Barrio MEX/E Peugeot 206 '.\RC 3976XR69 (F) 4h.04m.05.7s. -13 (12) Jani PAASONEN/Janl Valnlkka AN Skoda Fabia 11\RC 3S45612(CZ) 4h.1<l'n.11.0s. -14 (31) Per-GlrnarAndersaon/JonasAnderason S &IZukl lgnls JWRC JFR211 (H) 4h.12m.04.◄a. - 8 15 (62) Michael Kahlfuss/Ronalc:I B..r D Mltaublahl Lancer Evo. N CNC-461 (B) 4h.26m.26.9s.--17 (39) Luca CecchettinVMassimo Daddoveri FlatPl..nlo JWRC BZ564ZV (I) 4h.30m.12.1s. - 6 19 (42) Pavel Val0usek/Pienw1gelo Scalvini CZ/I SIJZUkl lgnis ~C PUS001 CH) ◄h.39m.22.1s. - 5 Page 19 • -~···••""&"• ............... •.•~·-···-·· ................ -•• ,. ... -.............. -...... -............. - - ---- • - - - -·---.......... - - - -......... ---·------·-

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M..Q.R'!!l: FUD MEMORIAL 200 Mccallum Takes The Win By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Trackside Photo Shawn McCallum was the big winner in the Class 1 contest, he was first overall as well in his really great looking car. The turnout wasn't too high but the racin' was good and all who put rubber onto the course had a good time. This was the first of the five races scheduled for the 2005 Corky McMillin Companies Superstition Championship Series, run on March 5th at Plaster City West. It was a 28 mile course, seven laps were required for the big guys and the mighty mites only had to run five laps. The course was unexpectedly fast. The Class 1 guys were off first and when they came around at the end of the first lap it was Brent Miller in the lead, Josh Waddell was nine seconds in arrears and Shawn McCallum was less than two minutes behind the leader. Scott Young was never seen on the scoring charts. Lap 2 saw changes, McCallum had taken the lead, Miller had dropped to second place, roughly two minutes be-hind and Waddell was another minute in arrears. There was no change in position on the next lap but McCallum did open up his lead to a bit over four minutes. Lap 4 and still Jason Jernigan lets it all hang down as he flies towards the Class 8 victory in his keen looking Ford truck. Baja 1000 Winners! Martin Christenson Billy Gasper Thanks For Choosing Us! 'l'ot:1.l Power batccrics are han<l made ro rip,orou:s miliutry smn<lar<ls. J>rm·iding superior vibration and shock rcsi~ranL-c, non•spillablc dr..-sii;n, ,md deliver up to l 500 Crmking Amp:; in a lightwcighr battery you cc>1111t on. Call us now for more information. Phone: 160.J34.1618-Fax: 161.134.1323 Page 20 McCallum led, now his lead was al-most 10 minutes and Josh Waddell had major troubles and lost almost an hour to his classmates. The running order remained the same for the rest of the race, McCallum continued to open up his lead a few minutes a lap and when the flag fell on the last lap it was Shawn McCall um taking the win, Brent Miller was sec-ond, about 14 minutes out of the win and Josh Waddell came in third, well over an hour behind the leader. There was only one Class 3 entry, Robert Buchanan, he ran his four laps with ease, turning his fast lap on his last lap and he was the uncontested winner in class. TI1ere were a couple of entrants in the Class 5-1600 contest, but one of them, Jim McGinley never made a lap. The remaining entrant, John Stevenson, had it all his own way, he ran his seven required laps in good time, nice and consistent and he took home the gold medal for the class. Class 7 only had one entry, Mike West, and it just wasn't his day. He had all sorts of troubles on his first lap, had even more trouble on his sec-ond lap and finally decided it was time to drive onto the trailer. 'Nuf said about that. Class 8 had two entries, Jason Jernigan and 'ol buddy of ours, David Bryan. Lap 1 ended and it was Jernigan in the lead, Bryan came along a bit over two minutes later. On the second lap Jernigan ran an almost identical Lap 1 time while Bryan had minor troubles. Lap 3 was a retake of the prior lap, Jernigan running smoothly and Bryan was still having nagging minor problems. Lap 4 and Bryan was only two minutes behind Jernigan for the lap, his problems solved. On Lap 5 Jernigan lost almost 10 minutes to his regular lap times, Bryan was still run-ning okay and on the sixth lap Jernigan was back up to speed. Jason Jernigan went on to take the win in Class 8 and David Bryan took the silver medal, glad to see David out there again after a long layoff. There were five Class 9 cars entered but, alas, only two of them saw the checkered flag. When they came around at the end of their first lap it was Kent Graves in the lead, Rick McCarty came along 28 seconds later, May 2005 Robert Buchanan had a fun day, he was the only one in Class 3 but he ran fast and consistent for his required laps. John Stevenson ran the good race, he took the Class 5-1600 class win with ease, seen here heading for the checkers. Rick Poole was in third place, a minute and a half out of the lead, Rudy Ludeke was running, in fourth and Mark Green was in fifth place. When the second lap was complete, Rick Poole had the class lead, Mark Green was in second place, eight min-utes in arrears and Rudy Ludeke was running in the third spot. Kent Graves and Rick McCarty were out of the race. TI1e third lap still had Poole in the lead, Green was running second and Ludeke was off the scoring charts. On the fourth lap Poole opened up his lead to more than 30 minutes but Green was still hanging in there. TI1ere was no change in position on the last lap, Rick Poole won it going away, Mark Green held on for the second spot, albeit he was 25 minutes in arrears. Class 10 was horse race ready down to the end. At the end of their first of seven laps it was Darren Hardesty in the lead, David Gardner was second, two minutes behind and Jeffery Moore was out of the contesr. ~==~""""-"""'""""'..,,,.,,"""'"'""""""""~~'T""'.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,..,. Rick Poole was the big winner in the Class 9 conflict, he ran fast and consistent laps for the entire race. David Gardner flies his way to the Class 10 win, he was super consistent in his lap times, seen here at speed. Dusty Times

Page 21

A nice second place in Class 1 went to Brent Miller, seen here at David Bryan and Daughter Kate had a great day, they ran fast, got in The second finishing spot in Class 9 went to Mark Green, shown here saving a bit of rubber as he flies towards the flag. touchdown on his way to the checkered flag. some high flying and finished second in Class 8. Lap 2, and Hardesty still had the leader. Jeff Calhoun was the seventh a minute in arrears, Wallace was still lead, Gardner was almost five min- one to cross the line. Nick Tiedemann, running third, Joe Laff was still run-utes behind. On the third lap the po-Billy Skinner and Richard Cassey never ning fourth, Graves was still in fifth sitions remained unchanged, the gap got a lap in. place, and Stout was running sixth. now was seven minutes. After Lap 2, Keller still had the Keller still led on the third lap, Gaddis On the fourth lap Hardesty had lead, Gaddis was still second, less than was still in second, less than two min-utes behind the leader, Wallace still in the lead cars, Stout moved up into the third spot, Laff still running the fourth spot and Laffhad dropped fourth, Stout was up a spot into fifth a spot to fifth. There were no changes and Calhoun and Graves were on in position on the fifth lap. their respective trailers. At the end of Lap 5, Paul Keller The fourth lap saw no changes in Continued on page 22 some problems and he dropped to sec-ond, less than a minute behind. At the end of the fifth lap Hardesty was back in the lead and at the end of the sixth lap Hardesty had opened up six min-utes on Gardner. When the seventh lap ended, David Gardner came around all alone, Darren Hardesty was nowhere to be seen and Gardner took ND RE-OPENI a hard fought win. Class 13 had two entrants, Heidi Steele and Jorge Perez. Perez was out-classed from the onset, his Baja Bug really not competitive with Heidi's buggy. They only had to run five laps to finish and at the end of the first lap it was Heidi with 10 minutes in hand. There was an eight minute gap in time on the second lap, almost 11 minutes difference on the third lap and there was a 20 minute differential on the fourth lap. Nothing changed on Lap 5. Heidi Steele rook the class win with ease, Jorge Perez gave it his all but he finished just over an hour in arrears. Class 14 had a pretty good race, seven of them took the green flag, five of them were still running at the end and a good race was had by all. When the first lap ended it was Greggory Tuck in the lead, James Ederer was second, less than 40 seconds behind, Patrick Sutalo, Jr., was in third place, a minute and a half our of second spot, Rich-ard Reeves was running in fourth, John Santa Cruz was fifth and Roy Garcia was sixth, he was 10 minutes behind the leader. Brandon Whitehead was never scored for a lap. When Lap 2 ended Tuck still led, Sutalo had moved up a spot into sec-ond, he was five minutes in arrears, Ederer had dropped a spot into third, Reeves was still in fourth place, Santa Cruz was holding on in fifth place and Garcia was still sixth. The third lap saw some major changes as Reeves turned it on and moved into the lead, Sutalo was hold-ing on in second place, six minutes be-hind, Santa Cruz was up a couple of spots into third, Ederer had dropped a spot into fourth and Garcia was in fifth place. Greggory Tuck was not to be seen. Lap 4 saw no changes in position, Richard Reeves took the win, Patrick Sutalo, Jr. finished in second place, three minutes away from the win, John Santa Cruz came in third, James Ederer was fourth, in spite of setting the fat lap for the class on the last lap and Roy Garcia was the fifth and final finisher. There were 11 entered in the Class 1/2-1600 race and those that were left running had a pretty good race. When Lap 1 ended it was Paul Keller in the lead, Caleb Gaddis was second, a mere nine seconds out of the lead, Garit Wallace was third, Joe Laff was run-ning in fourth spot, Kevin Graves was running in fifth, Ed Stout was sixth, just over four minutes behind the Dusty Times · Sat. MAY 21 sT May 2005 at KarTek Off Road -~ ,-•·,.. ' ... _ .. ' 'I-~ ~~, ~ "·¾;il''.'. ~~-~, -,/. 1'! ~-.. ;< ' ,-Page 21

Page 22

Jorge Perez ran as hard as he could in the Class 13 battle but all he Second place in Class 14 went to Patrick Sutalo Jr., he was only Garit Wallace came up a bit short in Class 1600, he was just four could muster this day was a second place finish. three and a half minutes out of the win at the finish. minutes out of the win when the checkers flew. Josh Waddel had a long fourth lap, he ended up taking the bronze John Santa Cruz drove his Ford pickup to a very decent third place Third place in Class 1600 went to Ed Stout, Ed was faster each lap and he was on/ 12 minutes out of the class win. medal in the Class 1 conflict at the FUD 200. in the Class 14 battle, seen here at touchdown. still held the lead, Caleb Gaddis was still in On the final lap Caleb Gaddis rurned came in for the second spot, Ed Stout was second place, he was nO\.V only40 seconds up the wick and took the d1eckered flag the third place finisher and Joe l.aff fin-out of the lead, Garit Wallace was still for the class win. Alas, Caleb was later dis-ished fourth. running in third, Ed Stout and Joe l.aff qualified, reason unkn01.Vn to us. So, Paul So it ended, a good race on a good were fourth and fifth respectively. Keller took the class win, Garit Wallace weekend and lots of good racing. N!JlU Worldwide benchmark manufacturer of MoTeC Engine Managernent end Date Acquisition Systems Robust 32-bit sequential fuel and spark control systems built t;o w ithstand extreme racing ar·,d pre-running . punishment. Turn-key systems available for all popular off-road engine packages. Digital d isplay ar,d data acquisition systerns for all iev e ls o f competit ion. military-specification wiring systems for all motorsport applications Utilizing the finest. Raychem System 25 components, the industry standard for all professional racing sanctions. Engineering, assembly, and cornprehensive testing performed 100% in-house. Complete harness assemblies and circuit c;:ontrol components are available to suit your budget. Engine and chassis dynarnometer services available. Sakata Motorsport Electronics, inc. 689 s. State College Blvd. Unit K Fullerton, CA Tel: 714-446·9473 Fax: 714-446-9247 Page 22 High-Accuracy Air-Fuel Ratio Meters Lightweight, stand-alone system works w it h all engines and alternate fuels -carbureted or fuel injected. For the dedicated engine tuner who needs to know exact::ly what their engine is doing. No flashing lights -just the facts ... Na!'l it; t:;o a nurnber! <= ="---~---~ ~~~<~-=~, rvl□TDRSPDRT ELECTRONICS vve're making c:onnec:t,ons ... May 2005 The Class 13 win went to Heidi Steele, she set fast lap for the class as well, seen here heading for the checkers. The Class 14 win went to Richard Reeves, he beat the second place finisher by four minutes, seen here in the air. Paul Keller was the Class ½-1600 winner, a dq put him in the winners seat and he certainly earned his win with great driving. . Dusty Times

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Dusty Times THE 2005 CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP AUG.13, 2005 SEPT. 24, 2005 NOV. 12, 2005 OFF-ROAD RACING SERIES CALIFORNIA 200 (NIGHT RACE) MOJAVE 200 STODDARD 250 LUCERNE VALLEY BARSTOW BARSTOW SOLO MOTORSPORTS CLASS 1450 YR END AWARD ;~it~tt JJJ;t . \~-ii;-·.,. ,ENJOY WEtl.E<D PIONSHi8 •• .0FF-R0AD " TE IC, NIZED, LOCAL, AFFORDABLE, , ,J;f,,!;j.A LARGE CONTINGENCY PROGRAM </:~;; 4, ;-~%:~:k:tf· :~=J?Jt'IT~., ROVIDEDtBY WSOF t' a a, or II e re · on alt1i-ace v cles. , , @~trffonn and~~~ d . o w s ~ ··~ e race ,ate. .,. Wit~}) In clan. k\; ; Entry or thit'cJrlver only, !'it,!•e,+ l .<;o-drlvers, sup"'°t cre~1,•P~tators , .r,,Jhe general publl~y.\ . , (Note: if the vehicle does not makeJh• st111~f9gJirte, ,100,~ .of th•';!ffttryfee is rol~!fd over to the next ra~e) FOR'MOR,RA:CJ!<RESULTS / l,.FORMATION"; .J¾!#ii,?\{4J+i+ '"" , , PHONE (626) 442-9320 FAX (626) 519-60511853 Parkway Drlve'So'?EI Monte, CA 91733 EMAIL WEBSITE MDR Tech Info: ALL RACE TECH & SA'ETY•Phone (702) 897-3583 EMAIL May 2005 TBA Page 23

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CONTINGENCY PROCEDURES Where's My Check? By Judy Smith Everyone knows what contin-gency is. Or -do they? The dictio-nary definition that we found says "something that occurs or exists only as a result of something else or that depends on something else." In other words, whether or not anything hap-pens depends upon something else occurring first. Whether or not the racer gets paid depends upon some-thing else happening. Let's see how that applies to con-tingency at the races. The racers know that contingency donors (manufacturers) pay money to the racers who finish the race in certain positions. (Usually, first, sec-ond or third place.) But what they sometimes overlook is the fact that there's more to it than that. The manufacturers are happy for the racer who finishes well, but he wants the racer to make it clear that his success is because of the products the manufacturers is selling. For ex-ample, if a racer runs BFG tires and wins the race, it does BFG no good at all unless there are stickers on the race car announcing that to the world. This holds true whether we're Page 24 talking about SCORE, BITD, MORE, MDR, CORR, UROC, Pro-Rock or NeuRock. Details may vary a bit, but the goals are the same. It is true sometimes all a manu-facturer asks of a racer is that his sticker goes on both sides of the car. But then he really expects to see that. If a company has given a racer some parts for his car, or a really good price on those parts, it's not too much to ask that the stickers go on each side of the vehicle. When the manufacturer spots a picture of the car in a magazine, or sees it on televi-sion and there's no sign of his sticker, it makes a definite impact, and it probably signals the last time that racer will get goods or good prices from him. It's not a one-way street. Any racer who's ever entered a SCORE race should know the drill. When he signed up he received a "driver's packet." The first thing to do upon receipt of that packet is to look inside and make certain that everything that is supposed to be there, is. There will be (along with a tech sheet, an information sheet of some sort, a program and miscella-Photo: Trackside Photo neous other stuff), :i. contingency sheet. This is a list of all the compa-nies who have donated contingency funds for the event. There's an origi-nal and a copy. Before the racer rolls through the contingency line he should fill out the contingency sheet. The idea is to tick off all of the items that apply to his race car. So, for example, if the list shows BFG, MT, Yokohama, Goodyear or Toyo, he should put a check mark next to the name of tire he's got on his car. But -and this is a BIG but -only if all four tires are of the same manufac-turer. If he's a 5-1600 driver and has BFGs on the front and Yokohamas on the back, he shouldn't tick off any tire manufac-turer. The same holds true for shock absorbers. If a car is equipped with Fox rears and King fronts, don't bother. When a racer runs more than one brand of the same thing, neither company will pay contin-gency. That defeats the point of the program. And even if he's got a big BFG sticker on the side of the car, it means nothing if those rear tires are Yokohamas or Mickey Thompsons. May 2005 The point of the contingency game is that the manufacturer helps the racer, and the racer repays the help by showing the world that he's using the product exclusively. Other things are important also. At the top of the SCORE contin-gency sheet the racer is asked to give some information. His or her name for starters, a good mailing address, what name the check should be made out to, and a social security number. The racer shouldn't leave these details up to someone who doesn't know what's going on. It's often a determining factor in whether or not he'll actually get the deserved check. Many times the con-tingency folks at SCORE have seen the pit person who's rolling the car through contingency try to deal with that information. He gener-ally knows the name, sometimes knows the address, but often has no clue about the social security number. Sometimes he'll make one up. Sounds easy. But then, if the manufacturer tries to pay and a cross check with previous files shows a discrepancy, wfia-<bappens? In general, the manufacturer decides to forget the whole thing. It's not his responsibility to try to track down the correct information. It's the racer's job to see that the com-pany has it. It's the same with ad-dresses. If it's not a good address the check will be sent back to the donor company, and it'll be filed in the round file. If the racer has not given cor-rect information or has written it illegibly, he won't hear from the manufacturer. After a while he'll start to wonder what's going on. Perhaps he'll call SCORE -but the folks in the office there won't have a clue what's going on. They'll give him Charlie Engelbart's number. Engelbart has been Contingency Director for SCORE forever. He'll tell the racer that he forwarded the information to the manufacturer and now it's in their hands. There's nothing else he can do. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the donor company says they require stickers on the car, they mean it. And they don't want the team to put the stickers in the wheel-well or on the roof where they can't be seen. The object is for the stick-ers to make an impression on people who see the car in the vie-tory circle. Some companies have rigid requirements about where the stickers should be put. And some-times they have a person taking snap-shots of the vehicles at the start, which prove that the stickers were or were not in the right place. You need to play the game in order to get the prizes. While on the subject of stickers, we should mention that the manu-facturers want the racers to use their stickers, in their color and size. Some racers spend so much money on their paint scheme that they don't want to mess it up with stick-ers in non-coordinating colors. But taking the 18-inch BFG black sticker and shrinking it down to six inches, in red, so it won't clash with the background color, doesn't meet the requirements. Paint schemes should be planned so there's plenty of room for the required stickers in the required sizes. Another requirement for earn-ing contingency awards is to actu-ally take the race car through the contingency line on contingency day. If the racer shows up a half hour before the start of the race, goes to late tech inspection and then takes off into the desert, it's not playing the game. The purpose of the con-tingency day parade is to give manu-facturers and racers a chance to meet and talk. The manufacturers want their chance to show you their new products. They've spent a bundle of money bringing their dis-play and some personnel into what-ever odd corner of the world is host-ing the race, and they expect to be able to talk to potential customers. The race teams need to factor that into their schedule, or else under-stand that they forego any chance to earn contingency money. One final requirement is that the race car finishes the race with the manufacturer's equipment still on the car. If the racer has a flat and puts on a spare of a different brand, he's out of luck if it's still there at the finish. It doesn't seem like too much to ask. The manufacturers who support our sport put a lot of time and money into developing products that work for off road racing. The least the racers can do it take the time to apply a few stickers and sign a couple of pieces of paper correctly. __ . .,,., Dusty Times

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Dusty Times Things to look into: A subscription to Dusty Times for your friends or relatives who you want to impress with your desert driving skills. Don't you want them to see your picture in the paper? Club subscriptions are available to your organized group, pit teams, race teams and other support groups. Advertising in Dusty Times can be a real boon to your business, if you aren't advertising now maybe you should check into it. You might look into becoming a dealer for the Dusty Times newspaper, either as a convenience for your customers or as a little extra profit for your business. Please support Dusty Times advertisers. Wtien you purchase from them, be sure and tell them you saw their ad in Dusty Times. May 2005 Page 25

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Doo WoP RALLY REPORT cavett·And Dillon DooTheDoo Gary Cavett and John Dillon finished first in the Doo Wop 2, they took the series championship by two seconds in their Subaru. Gary Cavett and John Dillon came from behind to capture the 2005 Doo Wop Rally Series in the last few feet, of the last stage, of the last event. After two days, and 97 stage miles, the dif-ference between the 199 5 Cavett Racing Subaru Impreza and the 2002 Subaru WRX of Dave and Rick Hintz came down to two seconds. The Doo Wop Rallies are the traditional season openers in the northwest. In 2005 they broke new ground becoming the first northwest events sanctioned by the National Auto Sport Associa-tion (NASA). Organized by Ray and Janice Damitio, and spon-sored by the historic Brooklyn Tavern, the Doo Wops are de-signed to encourage new rally participants with great roads and affordable entry fees. Doo Wop 1 started with sunny stages high in the Olympic Moun-tains. Cavett and Dillon struggled in the mountain stages when a turbo leak left them down on power and the Hintz brothers led by 20 seconds when the rally moved to the Pacific coast. Cavett and Dillon fought back with a stage win on Stage 3, but then gray skies turned into pouring rain and the final stage turned into a great site for a mud wrestling match. Hintz/Hintz extended their lead in the slop and beat Cavett and Dillon to the Day 1 finish by 54 seconds. · Hintz/Hintz took the lead on Stage 2 in Doo Wop 2, building up a cushion of 1 :25 before they lined up to start the final stage. Then the flag dropped and it all came undone, starting with ,rear half shaft. Running up th~ill from Brooklyn, the crip ed WRX ran with two wheel rive, then one wheel drive, and finally a mile from the finish the broth-ers Hintz were left coasting down-hill to the end of the stage. Cavett and Dillon raced over the stage to make up the gap and slip into the lead right at the end. So Cavett and Bothe!, WA, and Dillon from Thousand Oaks, CA claimed the series champion-ship clocks, while the driver Dave Hintz from Enumclaw, WA, and co-driver Rick Hintz from El Cajon, CA took home a pair of Brooklyn Tavern mugs for setting the year's fastest time on the Nate Tennis and Amity Trowbridge took the Doo Wop Series Group 2 title in their 20 some odd year old Saab 99. Oakville-Brooklyn Road at 7:01. That's an average of almost 60 mph over seven miles of up-hills, down-hills, and twisty bits along the ridge top, cheered on by Day 2's large crowd of sunburned spectators. Cavett and Dillon were second on the 2005 Brook-lyn list at 7:02. Nate Tennis and his co-driv-ing aunt, Amity Trowbridge, topped a strong field of 2WD cars to take the Doo Wop Series Group 2 title in a 1973 Saab 99 EMS. Tennis and Trowbridge were the first 2WD finishers in both Doo Wop events, giving them the early lead in the com-petition for the Cascade Cup. The Cascade Cup was orga-nized by Cascade Autosport in partnership with Team O'Neil to offer 2WD competitors a chance for contingency prizes and a sub-stantial grand prize. The Doo Wops were the first of the six Cas-cade Cup events to be held in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. The Tennis/Trowbridge team finished third overall in Doo Wop 1 and only three seconds separated fourth place from sixth. Todd Lengacher and Les Green in the Audi Sport Quattro S 1 replica edged in to fourth, with Derek Bottles and Jason Grahn in fifth and Jim Thomp-son and Rick Blackburn in sixth, both driving Volkswagen Golfs. Bottles and Grahn posted some very quick times in the early going, running in second overall behind the Hintz Subaru. A bro-ken c.v. joint on Stage 4 cost them some time and a loose driver's side windshield wiper arm dur-ing the downpour on the final stage left them running blind and cost them the top spot in Group 2. Seventh overall in Doo Wop 1 were rally driving novice, Erik Lyden, and his co-driver Jay Socha in a neat new open class Subaru Legacy. Lyden is only new to the left seat, he spent last sea-son co-driving for Cavett and it looks like he might just have learned a trick or two. The Doo Wop series PGT class winners, Mike Goodwin and Debbie Wenzara in a Mazda 323 GTX tied for eighth overall with the 2WD Mazda 323 of Nat Stow and Ben Bradley. The open class Legacy of Gabe Von Ahlefeld and Jody Olson was tenth. Other class winners in Doo Wop 1 included Doug Heredos and Dan Brown who captured Group 5 in their always sideways Mazda RX-7. Steve Greer and his daughter Kelly Greer overcame a flat tire and some off road ad-ventures to take the Doo Wop 1 Production class win in the Wild Irish Motorsports Impreza. The Greer family also picked up the Steve Greer and daughter Kelly had a great rally, they took the Mike Goodwin and Debbie Wenzara took the Doo Wop Series Glenn Wallace and Miller Dumaoal had a ball in their 1967 Ford Production Class win in their Wild Irish Motorsports Subaru lmpreza. Production GT class in their Mazda 323 GTX, seen here at speed. Cortina, the 38 year old car surely looks great. Dave and Rick Hintz were 1st overall in Doo Wop 1 in their Mazda, but Todd Lengacher and Les Green drove their Audi Sport Quattro S1 Derek. Bottles and Jason Grahn brought their great looking VW Golf mechanical ailments cost them the Series title. replica to a nice 4th overall in Doo Wop 1. out for an airing, seen here crossing Silvia Creek. Page 26 May 2005 Dusty Times

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Michael Rodzinski and his dad Janusz came in third overall in Doo Wop 2 in their good looking Mitsubishi Ga/ant. Bob Trinder and son Adam came south of the border to run their great looking Audi, they were 4th overall in Doo Wop 2. This great looking 1983 Audi Quattro Coupe is campaigned by Victor Bartosek and lwona Kaczynski, seen here at speed on the trail. new Fling Pu green 1974 Mazda The 2005 Doo Wop Series RePU. The rotary truck was col-was based in the southwest lected by a couple of nasty trees Washington seaport community on Doo Wop 1 but Pat Harris of Aberdeen and raised more_ and Grady May were overheard than $3,200 for local food plotting their return at the finish banks in Grays Harbor and Pa-Doo Wop series title for the class. down the charts. A couple of the early favorites Third overall in Doo Wop 2 had problems with spins on the w_ere Michael Rodzinski and his very first mountain stage of Doo co-driving dad Janusz in the Best Wop 1. Tim Paterson and John Auto Care Mitsubishi Galant. Allen lost almost an hour high cen-Just six seconds back, in fourth tered in the 2005 Cascade place was another family out for Autosport Mitsubishi Evo 7. a Sunday drive, British Jamie Thomas and Matt Gaugher Columbia's Bob Trinder and son in the 2003 WRX Wagon recov-Adam in a Subaru lmpreza. ered from their spin in front of Group 2 winners Tennis and the photographers from Sports Trowbridge finished fifth overall Illustrated but dropped out on in Doo Wop 2, followed bv the last stage when a turbo hose Lengacher and Green in the Audi. blew. Just blame it on the SI jinx. Stow and Bradley finished sev-Doo Wop 2 started with a new enth. pavement stage on Blue Slough POT winners Goodwin and Road that seemed popular with Wenzara were eighth, with the drivers and fans. Paterson and new POT Subaru 2.5 RS of Terry Allen in the Evo posted the fast Christensen and Terry Woltman time and jumped into an early only 11 seconds behind. The lead, but the Hintz brothers LegacyofVonAhlefeldandOlson roared back with the fastest times was tenth again on Day 2. on the next four stages. Paterson Lyden and Socha grabbed an-and Allen might have battled other novice class win, while Rick Cavett and Dillon for the rally win Schmeling and Rich Kasten won except for an untimely spin on the the honors in Group 5 and also last stage that knocked them well claimed the Doo Wop Series title Dusty Times in that class. Bruce Tabor and his bride Janice topped the Produc-tion class in Doo Wop 2. Back in the pack was something for everyone, including the Fling Pu rotary battle. First the 1974 RX-3 of Shadd Foster and Kala Rounds were up by seven seconds in Doo Wop 1, then the 1979 RX-7 of Ben and brother Rob Wellemeyer were up by 14 seconds in Doo Wop 2. Some other fan favorites ran well both days, including the 1967 Ford Cortina GT of Glenn Wallace and Miller Dumaoal, the 1983 Audi Coupe Quattro of Victor Bartosek and lwona Kaczynski, and the 1971 Datsun 510 of Chris and Corrie Beebe. On Sunday they were joined by the 1979 Datsun 210 of Gene McCullough and his son Brent. Maybe that historic Brooklyn Tav-ern is fueling the vintage action in northwest rally. The only real downside of the weekend was the demise of the May 2005 party. cific counties. · The Group 5 win went to Rick Schmeling and Rich Kasten. Evidently their Mazda stopped to graze along the way. Page 27

Page 28

IM~ .... -~&"~I BALLS OuT 250 Another Win For Both Geer And sack By Ann Donaldson Photos: Trackside Photo Chris Parr flew his great looking racer to the Trophy Challenge win, he's seen here flying towards his victory. Larry Roese/er brought out his toy to play with the other kids and he ran away and hid from them, he took Class 1 and the overall as well. The second race in the MORE series was held in Barstow, California. Instead of the usual start/ finish that is usually held off of Out-let Center Drive, Jim Clements worked hard to have the race festivities be-hind the infamous Slash X Cafe. Tech-nical inspection and contingency were held in the fenced area behind the Slash X Cafe. Everyone seemed to welcome the change of the usual venue. A large amount of racers signed up for this race, over 110 cars were entered. was started at 4pm to allow time for Roeseler drove a Ford Ranger owned all the cars to make the journey by Mike Ruane took the overall win through. There was a large amount along with the class win. Using this Jeff Sack led all the way in the 5-1600 battle, he took the gold medal with 25 minutes in hand at race end. The weather was cold and rain fell on and off all day Friday. The upside was this made for a dust free course on Saturday. The weather made pre-running the course essen-tial for there was standing water on the course and many mud puddles. Technical inspection and contingency of contingency booths set up, the race to test the transmission, Larry Taking second place driving a two businesses putting up money or prod- drove the entire race with Mike's son, seat Jimco was Rick Wilcoxson. Three uct for the race. Jason as co-driver. At one point the people got behind the wheel driving The course was a 40 mile lap with one piece hood and fender combi- two laps each, Marty Melendrez, Troy laps depending on the class. Four to nation came loose, they stopped, Johnson and driver of record, Rick. six laps were required with an eight took it off and handed it to some Dave Norris sat in the right seat for hour time limit. Curt Geer won not spectators on the side of the course, the duration of the race. Rick said only this race, but the previous telling them "We will find you later." the course was rough with the only MORE race held at the beginning of Larry and Mike were planning on casualty being a broken limiting strap the year. He and Jeff Sack, who drives sharing driving duties. The plan was on the rear of the car. a 5-1600 Bug were the only two driv- scrapped when it proved that Larry In the excitement of finishing, the ers to have the honors of that incred-was driving consistent lap times of 46 third place finisher blew through the ible feat. minutes to 47 minutes. Larry com- finish line without making the re-Class 1 was a variety of different mented on the race saying, "The truck quired stop. John Gould and Joe di-types of vehicles. Besides the usual A- worked real well." A side note, Larry vided driving the car. They suffered arm, V8 or V6 powered cars, a Class had already finished the race while four flat tires finishing about 19 min-8 truck, a Class 7 mini-truck and four one of his team members towed a 5-utes after Wilcoxson. seat pre-runner buggy. 1600 car back to their camp, show- Finishing in fourth was the Cam Long time off road racer, Larry ing good sportsmanship. Thieriot car. The driving duties were ~----'---..;_;;--.c....-------------~ divided with racing legend, Malcolm Smith. Malcolm commented when exiting the car, "It's been many years since I have driven in a race." Malcolm has been around off road racing since the beginning. A small sample of his off road legend status, Mr. Smith had overalled the Mint 400 in 1978 in a single seat buggy and drove to a Class 1 championship win with the defunct HDRA in 1977 and 1978. You can't forget that Malcolm won the long time defunct NORRA inaugural Mexican 1000 (now known as the SCORE Baja 1000) race in 1967 riding a Husqvama 350 motorcycle. Driving for the first time in a race, Danny Wingeming brought home fifth place in a two seat Jimco. He Rick Wilcoxon drove his great looking buggy to a nice second spot in Terry Wyrembec took borne the silver medal in the Trophy Challenge, Dane Crawford gave it his all in Class 5-1600, but this time the best the Class 1 contest, seen here ready for touchdown. seen here heading for the checkered flag. he could muster was a second place finish. It was close in Class 7A, Perry Fleming took home the silver medal, Second place in the Class 9 contest went to Scott Annand, he was a Dennis Boyle led the first three laps in Class 10 but major problems he was a mere three minutes in arrears at the finish. bit off the winning pace, seen here heading for home plate. on the fourth lap relegated him to a second place finish. Page 28 May 2005 Dusty Times

Page 29

Brad Inch finally got one in, nothing broke· and he came in for a John Gould was running a bit off the winning pace in Class 1 and at Joey Gladish Jed the first lap, Jost an hour on the second lap and that beautiful second place in the hotly contested 1600 battle. race end found himself in possession of the bronze medal. relegated him to a third place finish in Trophy Challenge. endured a flat tire which was changed had second overall if we did not lose to see the checkered flag. After tak- ter. Riding the entire race was his son, got out and handed the car over to on the side of the race course. Danny the clutch, maybe first." Driving a ing some time off of racing, Greg Andrew. Dennis Boyle driving a two Dan Martin on the start of the fourth made a quick stop at a pit and had four seat pre-runner buggy, Jennifer Dillon brought out a brand new seat yellow beam car finished in sec-lap. Dan got a flat that resulted in no troubles until the end of the fifth Clemison was only able to complete Kreger-built car and took the class ond place. the front suspension failing, ending a lap where he hit a large rock. The flat three laps before the car was parked. win. Greg took a wrong turn on the Ryan Harbottle driving his single good run. was changed at the main pit. Danny Only two cars in Class 10 were first lap, suffered a few flat tires and seat, A-arm Chenowth car was look- Driving a yellow beam car, Ryan said "I just cruised the last lap, hang- able to complete the six laps it took stalled the car in some standing wa-ing good fqr the first three laps. Ryan Continued on page 30 ing behind three 1600 ~rs, watching them dice it out for position." Driving the Class 8 truck was Heath Mitchell in a Ford. Heath dropped out of contention on the fourth lap when he lost oil pressure. Bill Robertson brought out his two seat Penhall. Driving the first part of the race was Glen Rolfe, with Bill and Mike Duenas drove the second half. Mike prepped the car when they felt something strange happen to the front end. Billy said "Mike poked his head out and looked, we were done." The top of the shock mount broke off, ending the day. Entering in both Class 1 and Class 10, Ryan Lesher finished in eighth place with a shattered clutch, ignition troubles, a fogging helmet shield and no brakes. Ryan said, "We could have Dusty Times Roger Byrd took the win in the Class 7 A contest, hes seen here in his good looking Ford truck heading towards the finish line. May 2005 The gold medal in Class 9 went to Kevin Lumsden, seen here saving a little tire wear on his way to the checkers. · Page 29

Page 30

-Gerado lribe ran second on laps 1 and 2, took the Class 5-1600 lead Third place in the heavily populated Class 1600 was Dave Girdner, Cam Theriot and Malcolm Smith had a ball they drove Cam's car to a not-so-bad fourth place in the Class 1 battle. on lap 3 and 4 but a long fifth lap put him into second place. seen here on his way to his podium finish. Russell had a long first lap. His sec-built A-arm, two seat buggy was look- Sporting a new two tone orange ond lap was made in good time but ing fast for the first two laps. During and blue paint job on his two seat the third was over two hours long. the race a rock tore off part of the beam car, Jim Gledhill had an hour He parked the car after the third lap passenger side body panel. A rear arm and seven minute first lap. On the with unknown troubles. failure put him out of the race on second lap, he was flying with a 50 done for the day. a CORE pit it was determined his Bringing out his bright blue single day was done with the rear spindle seat, VW powered Jimco, Wayne failure. Michael Deardoff driving a Nosala started off the race looking two seat Jim co was also able to com-fast. On the second lap he thought plete one lap but unable to continue he had a flat, but upon inspection at for a second one. Steve McMullin, driving a home-the third lap. minute lap. After that lap, he was LIST YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YEAR, MODEL AND ENGINE SIZE! Sales Information: Payment may be made by credit card, money order or cashier's check. Personal or business checks are not accepted. C.O.D. orders accepted with 50% pre-payment. $5 Handling charge on all orders. California residents include 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for all freight charges. Minimum order is $25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no way is the name used to infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. and Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. JA-MAR FRONT BIUET DISC BRAKES King Pin Spindles or Camba Link Spind/,s. Billet Disc Brakes · for Sand Rails ................ $690 Billet Disc Brakes ..________ for Desert Rails .......... , ..... 730 HOWE POWER STEERING 2.5 Power Rack .................. $1.100 2.5 Power Rack with Control Val\le .................. 1,465 Control Vahle -lnline ............... 300 Chartynn Torque Generator ...... 336 Port Block. Char1ynn .................. 30 Coupler. Chartynn ...................... 18 Sweet U-Joints. from ................. 56 Reservoir. Power Steering ......... 94 Reservoir with Filter. Power Steering ................. 148 Reserboir Bracket ...................... 14 Power Steering Pump .............. 160 Power Steering Pulley ................ 60 Pulley for Subaru ....................... 60 Pump Brackets. from ................. 65 Page 30 BIUET 5VW HUBS KP or Combo Link Spindllf. King Pin Spindle Hub Kit... ... $335 Combo Link Spindle Hub K"rt..345 MICKEY THOMPSON PERFORMANCE TIRES Baja-Pro Performance Tires E78 Mini Mag ...................... $90 30 X 7.00. 4·ply ....................... 110 33 X 9.00. 4·ply ....................... 130 35 X 10.00. 4·ply ..................... 155 MICKEY THOMSON BAJA BELTED HP 30 X 9.5-15 ............................ $125 31 X 10.50-15 .......................... 145 COIL BEAM SUSPENSION •Made in USA• Front Enh are 6" Wider with 111" Towers to Accept Coil Shacks Without Modification and tnclud,s Rack and Pinion Mount. Tra/1/ng Anns ars 0.0.M. Mater/at, 2'/," Larger x 1· Wider And Can Uie Either SIDtlt King Pin Spindles or Camba Links. Front Beam for Coil Shocks .. .$250 Combo link Splndles .........•... ..450 Chromoly Front Beam for Combo Link Spindles. 3' ......... 465 Coll Shocks ................•••...• 300 King Shock 2: Adj. Body D.O.M. Trailing Arms. set of 4 .285 w/Reservoir. includes D.O.M. + 4' Trailing Arms (4) .. 335 Springs. each ................... 495 Thr.u Rods w/Nuts, pair ....•......... 50 Piggy Back Reservoir Option ..... 65 Urethane Beam Bushings .......... 24 $wedged Tie Rods. Alum .• pr •... 65 H.D. Link Pins ....•.........••....••...••. 48 Swedged T•Rods. Chromoly. pr65 1-...1 ••. SACO HO RACK & PINION Billet Housing. Made In U.S.A. Saco Rack & Pinion ............... $295 Sweet U-Joints, from ................. 56 ~CONTROL ~CABLES Flexible, Heavy Duty Shielded Throttle Cables. Sp,c//y Cllp End Or Bulk Head End Aval/able 6'-13' Lang In 6" Increments. 6' or 6'h' Cable ........................ $28 7' or 7'/,' Cable .......................... 29 8' or 8't,· Cable .......................... 30 9' or 9½. Cable .......................... 31 10· or 10½' Cable ...................... 32 11· or 11•1,· Cable ...................... 33 12· or 12't,· Cable ...................... 34 13· or 13½. Cable ...................... 35 • Add $5 far Thrsaded Housing • 3x3 TRAILING ARMS by LATEST RAGE Will Use 930 CV Joint. Trailing Arms. Steel. pair ....... $265 Trailing Arm Bushings ............... 15 KING ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS WI RESERVOIR Full Adjustment Dual Spring Shack with Hase and Reservoir. King 2" Adjustable Shock. 8-10-12" Stroke ..... .from $495 King 2 ½" Adjustable Shock. 12-14-16" Stroke ...... from 585 Billet Aluminum Clamp·On Reservoir Mount. each ........ 35 Piggy Back Option. each ............ 35 Urethane Mount Pad. pair RACE PREP 930 CV'S From German 930s ta Rac,prep 930. German 930 CV ....................... $50 Chromoly 930 Cage .................. .45 Race Prep 930 CV .................... 125 HD.,, 930CV Bolt. 12 Point ......... 1 Boot And Flange For 930 ........... 28 Allows Additional Pivoting In 930 CV Joint. Stranger Cage Reduces Chance of Snaking. 930 Chromoly CV Cage. each .. $45 HEIM JOINTS Chromaly Heim Joints Specl/y Len or Right Hand Thread ¼' x ¼" Heim Joint .................. $31 '/, x '/, Heim Joint .................... 38 '/,' x •1: High Angle Heim Joint..49 ¼' Jam Nut... ............................... 2 •1: Jam Nut... ............................... 3 ¼' x •t,· x '/, Misalignment Spacer. .................................. 7 ¼' x 'Ii' x '/i' Misalignment Spacer ................................... 7 '/.' x '/,' x '/i' Misalignment Spacer. .................................. 8 '// x ,,,. x 1N Misalignment Spacer. .................................. 8 ¼' Thread Chromoly Tube Boss .8 •t: Thread Chromoly Tube Boss .8 CENTERLINE WHEELS Forged Aluminum Wheels with Pal/shed Finish. 15x4 svw ....................... $145 15 X 5 5 VW .•.....•..•.•............ 149 15x6 svw ......................... 150 15 X 7 5 VW .......•.......•......•.. 151 15x8 5VW ......................... 154 15x10 SVW •...••...••....•....••..• 161 15 X 3 '/, 4 VW .............•....... 140 15x5'/t 4VW .••••..•••...••...••. 178 15 X 7 4 VW ........•............ 182 15 X 8 1h 4 VW ············-····•·.187 930 CHROMOLY STUBAXLES& DRIVE FLANGES Stub Axles for930 CV, pair ..•. $140 Stub Axles for Bus OJ. palr .... $140 Orlve Flanges for 930 CV, pair .. .70 Drive Flanges for Bus CV. pair ... 70 HEAVY DUTY AX.LES GERMAN CV JOINTS by LATEST RAGE Bug/Bus Trans to AND BOOTS Beetle Traller Arms .......... $120 Bug. CV Joint... ........................ $38 Bug/Bus Trans to 3x3 Arms ..... 13D Bug, 1:V Boot ...............•....•......... 4 Bug/Bus Trans to 3x3 Arms Bus. CV Joint... ......•.•...••........... 40 for 930 CV's .......•.............. 140 Bus. CV Boot ............................... 6 23' or 24' Axles for 930 CV's ... 260 930 , CV Joint ........•...•....•.....•.... 50 24'-28' M300 for 930 CV's.-fr 340 930, Boot and Flange .....•.......... 28 CROW SAFETY BELTS 3" Lap Bells with Sewn-In 2" or 3" Shoulder Harnesses Available In 3, 4, or V Paint Black or Grey. 3" x 2" 3 Point... .................... $65 3" x 2" 4 Point... ...................... 65 3" x 3" 3 Point... ...................... 80 3" x 3" 4 Point ......................... 80 3" x 2" 3 Pt w/Shoulder Pad .... 85 3• x 2" 4 Pt w/Shoulder Pad .... 85 3" x 3" 3 Pt w/Shoulder Pad .... 95 3" x 3" 4 Pt w/Shoulder Pad .... 95 2 Crotch Strap ........................... 12 CROW SHOULDER PADS Aval/able far r or 3" Shoulder Harness, Black, Blue Or Red. 2· Shoulder Harness Pads. pr .. $24 3" Shoulder Harness. Pads. pr .... 28 LIMITING STRAPS Available In Doubles or Quads. Made from 1'/," Nylon Webbing with a 5, ODDI Rating and 4130 Steel Brackets. Available In 12" -211" Lengths. Double Limiting Strap .............. $14 Quad Limiting Strap ................... 20 Adjustable Clevis. Single ............ 26 Su an•;.• Steel Frame, T b/e In: 8/aek Vinyl wl abric; Grey Vinyl with mbinallon. (Add $7). Low 10 High 15 UL' SPORTSTER Only 111" Wide/ Now Yau Can Uu Special Order Widths Available. Suspension Seai. /n Narron, 2-Pass; Bench Seat. Cllffl/$. Avallab1-In BIMk or Gr,y. 46 Wide •..•.. :.,···············$380 Lil' Sportster Sea~ Low-Back $150 BEARD SUPER SEAT u~;;J,i/11too~,m MOUNT KIT . Light Duty ne Down, 1'1<' x s· Slide/Tilt Combination .......... $l10 Strap. 5,000# Capacity._ •. ,$16 Slide/Slide Combination • Ratchet ne Down. 2' x 7' for Lil' Sportster .• , ••.. ,_: ...•. 125 Strap, 10,000# capacity ...... 24 Bracket and Slide Moont Only _50 Axle Strap ...•••..•••.••••...•••..••...••... 10 May 2005 Two open Baja Bugs, Class 5, made the trip to Barstow. Joshua Gillian drove a Class 5-1600 car that had a larger motor. The car was sporting a full Bug body with a nice yellow frame paint job. He was able to complete five laps for the class win. Erik Earnest brought out his blue open Baja Bug and was only able to complete two laps. Erik broke a shock on the course, he borrowed one from from Marty Melendrez and crew in order to drive the car back to the main pit. Driving fast and hard for a huge lead in Class 1/2-1600, Curt Geer finished with 23 minutes over the competition for the class victory. Curt drove the entire race in the single seat car. The clutch started to give him troubles in the third lap, forcing him to "double-clutch" to get the car mov-ing. The Geer family and crew was ecstatic at the finish line which was not surprising with two back to back wins this year. Long time racer, Brad Inch brought out his single seat blue and yellow Lothringer car. Brad suffered a dismal race season last year experi-encing a plague of problems. A less dedicated racer would have sold off the car and looked for another way to spend time and money. Brad ral-lied it out to bring the car home for a strong second place finish. One flat tire along with an unscheduled stop for motor oil. On the last lap a JeepSpeed had rolled, blocking the course, a 5-1600 car was stopped on the best route to take to go around the Jeep. Brad high centered the car resulting in some down time, he trudged on for a second place finish. The 30 Racing Team brought the car to the finish in second place. Dave Girdner started in the left seat with Kevin Henrikson co-driving. The first two laps were uneventful. On the third lap, Dave went into a comer a bit too hot and rolled the car. Dave said "We went over one full time and stopped driver side down." With the help of a spectator, Dave and Kevin got the car back on its wheel. They checked the car for damage, especially leaking oil and found nothing wrong. They got back in and encountered no further troubles. Dave passed the car over to Jeremy Craig on the fourth lap. Jeremy's only trouble was the roof came off, most likely damaged during the roll. A temporary roof was fabri-cated and Jeremy drove on. He fin-ished on a flat tire for third place. Finishing 10 minutes later was Ryan and Mike DeNault. This was their second race and a great fourth place finish was their reward. They split the driving responsibility and re-ported no problems in their two seat Chenowth car. Finishing a little over Continued on page 32 Dusty Times

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2005 Series Sponsored b!I: 00 f!§.':.!£~.!f lf!!.@CJ!I

Page 32

r Fourth place in 5-1600 went to Jasper Dyer, seen here navigating Fourth place in Class 9 went to Cody Rash, two fairly long last laps Kevin DeNault, seen here at speed was only able to grab a fourth place finish in the Class 1600 contest at MORE. the course towards the finish line at MORE. didn't help, he's seen here on his way to the checkers. one minute later was Shane Reed in and co-driver Ian Maxwell finished · rolled on the last lap about five miles his two seat car. Sixth place went to · the race with a broken steering rack. from the old start/finish area. Other the team of Brett Maurer and Two brothers, Cory and Greg than that, we had no problems." Mike Lorenzo Rodriguez who lost the Boyer divided the task of driving the also said, "Jeff was on it all day, he power steering on the last lap but car,brotherChrisintherightseat.They neverletup." managed to muscle the car to the fin- wererunningverystrongallday, push- Dane Crawford rolled on the sec-ish line. The team of Daniel Folts and ing the car to second place. On the ond lap. He drove the entire race with Brian Burgess finished in seventh, fourth lap, Cory and Joey Woods got two co-drivers, Rick Woodley and driving a single seat Porter-built car into the car. They had bad luck on the John Savino. Dane said he had one in six hours and three minutes. Oriv-final lap when 15 miles into the lap, an flat and managed to finish in second ing a two seat silver and red car, Stan axle broke ending their day. place. Geraldo lribe was leading the Hignett finished in efghth place. Mike Leung, driving a bright yel-class by the second lap. Geraldo drove Garit Wallace had a tough ·day low two seat buggy, experienced mo- three laps and then turned the car with motor troubles. He completed tor troubles on the day before the over to Rulo lribe who drove two the six laps required in six hours and race while pre-running, he decided laps. On the last lap the torsion bar six minutes for a ninth place finish. to start the race anyway. After two broke, they limped the car to the fin-Arizona racer, Richard Cassey was laps, he parked the car. Jeff Knupp ish line. . running strong all day. A wrong turn had a horrible day, he rolled the car In his excitement of seeing the on the fifth lap set him back four on the first lap, he is okay but the car checkered flag, Jasper Dyer blew positions with a tenth place finish. was heavily damaged. through the finish line to fourth Other class notes, Andrew Neal Seventeen 5-1600 Bugs were in place. Billy Worthing is usually seen and his father divided driving duties competition at this race, with five laps co-driving with Guy Savedra, but for with his father starting the race in required. Driving his bright yellow this race he brought out his own car the drivers' seat with Pete Ocampo. Bug, Jeff Sack walked away with the and finished in a respectable fifth He rolled the car on the first lap. This win with a 26 minute lead. Co-driv- place. Ron Tolbert finished slightly resulted in some down time. Andrew ing was Mike Straka who said, "We over one minute later for sixth place. Guy Savedra started off trouble He and co-driver, George Jirka, had free, until later in the race when a a trouble free race. If the name flat and a steering problem slowed George Jirka sounds familiar that is him down. Guy finished in seventh. because he used to race the AMSA Another note for this class is Billy series back in the 1980's. Roger said · Gereghty's race adventure. For the "After passing Steve Jacketti we first two laps, Billy had a trouble free cruised the next two laps and race. He lost a c.v. boot and, after brought home my first victory." spending time in the pits to repair it, Roger wanted to make sure the he got back on the course. Thirty Checker Pit Club was thanked for all miles later he lost another c.v. boot their help during the race. and a c.v. that ended his day since he 2004 MORE class champion, ran out of replacements. Perry Fleming, driving a straight axle Class 7 s had a total of ten entries 4-wheel drive Toyota came in second. with four finishers. This class had to Perry had a trouble free day. run five laps. This class is using rules Finishing in third place was Noe that are intended to keep the class Sierra driving an A-arm, V6 Ford competitive and does not allow for Ranger. Noe fought the engine com-some of the modifications that other puter during the race, slowing him promoters allow. If you need to see down for the third place finish. the rules, check the link on the Driving a Toyota, Ken Kregal and morera<; website. co-driver, John Addison had a tough Driving a new blue Ford Ranger race. On the second lap two miles truck built by Roger Byrd and Ricky from the start/finish line in a sand Crumb, woiylfe race. This was his wash they hit a rock resulting in a first win for Roger behind the wheel. right rear flat tire. They decided to nurse the truck to the main pit to change it. When they got to the start line, they rolled the truck on its side. People came running and pushed the truck back on the wheels. They limped the truck to the main pit to view dam-age and change the flat tire. The pas-senger side of the truck was crushed and the door wouldn't close but they got back on the race course. Ken had no troubles until the last lap about eight miles from the finish line. The driveline was torn off. Ken and John managed to get creative in order to make the spare driveline work on the truck. Ken finished 11 minutes after the eight hour time limit resulting in fourth place. Class 1 O started out like a horserace, but Craig Dillon was the big winner, running fast, consistent laps to take the win. There were 25 entrants in the Class 1600 battle, when the smoke cleared it was Curt Geer taking the win and the big bucks. Unintentionally Diego Lopez thrilled the crowd at the CO RE Club main pit when at the start of his sec-Dusty Times

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Chris Dunne was right in the thick of the Class 9 battle but a long second lap dropped him into fifth place. Shane Reed ran fast and consistent for his six required laps but this time the best he could do was to finish 5'1' in 1600. Noe Sierra was a few minutes a lap off the winning pace in Class 7 A, he ended up in third place at the end. ond lap the driver's side spindle failed, sending the tire off the truck at a high rate of speed down the course and digging a two inch ditch about 500 feet in the ground. His truck sat precariously to one side. Diego was calm, cool and collected while he called Jim Paye on a cell phone to inform him of what hap-pened. Jim came to the area and re-paired the truck. Diego got back to racing. Unfortunately, Diego was only able to complete four laps for fifth place. Driving a Ford Ranger Steve Jacketti was hauling the mail. Steve, along with his co-driver Jeremy Stevens, were driving fast laps for the class when disaster struck on the start of the fourth lap. Steve commented, "At about Mile 5 on the fourth lap I made a poor choice and hit a buried rock hard. The rock must have cracked the carrier and our day was ended with the driveshaft and pin-ion attached to each other but not the truck, and the transmission was in a few extra pieces." Definitely not a repair made in the desert and the truck was loaded on the trailer. Plagued with flat tires, Robert Real finally ran out of spare tires and called it a day after the third lap. The rocks in Barstow won this time out for Chris Ramirez lost a rear axle af-ter hitting one. Making a long drive from New Mexico for this race, Dave Ewers was a DNF with fuel pump problems. Bryon Rogers wasn't able Repairing the problem slowed him to complete a lap after breaking the down a bit but he made up time later. suspension on his truck. He thanked On the second lap Jason and Karl the members of FAIR Pit Club for got out and turned the Jeep over to all their help even though he is not a Kurt Young with co-driver Randy member yet. Wiseman. On the fourth lap he had Class 9 had 12 entries with only an electrical problem but drove on five cars able to complete the five laps for the win and the prestige of being mandatory for the class. Driving a the only JeepSpeed finisher. two seat car, Kevin Lumsden finished Finishing four laps for second in five hours and 30 minutes for the place went to Bill Frey in his blue Jeep. first place honors. Caesar Arias had two very long laps Starting seventh and capturing sec-at over two hours each but was given ond place was Scott Annand who the bronze for his efforts. paced the car to the finish line. He Friday morning before the race, and new co-driver James Connely let Rex Lair motor was in need of a the competition pass them and found crankshaft. By the afternoon he had that in doing so he passed them back that crankshaft installed in the Jeep. later in the race. A driver's change was The only motor testing was loading done with Eric Strand taking the wheel and unloading the Jeep for technical and seeing the finish line with a trouble inspection. He was having a good race free race behind them. until near the end of the first lap, the Steve Johnson finished the race in motor wouldn't rev higher than 1800 third. With a red two seat car fourth rpm. Rex drove for a total of four place went to Cody Rash, who fin- laps at this speed. The inboard GPS ished in six hours and 51 minutes. said he was averaging almost 30 mph Fifth place and the final finisher of for fourth place. the class was Chris Dunn. Dave Munsterman was able to This event was an official complete three laps for fifth place. JeepSpeed event which brought out Driving his colorful JeepSpeed, Giti 19 JeepSpeeds that are split into two Gowland suffered a horrible first lap classes, Pro and Stock. Both of the that was full of many parts failing. Mike Silverson looks good here, but he had big troubles, only got in one long lap but was declared the Class winner. Starting at Race Mile 24, he lost a crank sensor which he repaired on the side of the course. Six miles later the fuel pump failed. He waited for his crew to bring parts, which they did and off he went for another six miles where a coil failed followed bya limit-ing strap breaking two miles later. Af-ter that first lap he started on his sec-ond lap. Giti was sideswiped by a 1/2-1600 car at a speed that almost caused both of them to roll. Giti trudged on when a heim on the track bar broke, causing him to roll the Jeep, landing on the roof. This happened in a can-yon where he blocked the race course. Giti and co-driver spend a lot of time directing traffic around them along with trying to get their Jeep on its wheels. Fellow racer Rex Lair came upon them and passed them some Continued on page 34 classes were required to complete five laps. Only one Jeep was able to do this and surprisingly it was in the Stock class, driven by Jason Lafortune with co-driver Karl Ambrust. Dur-ing the first lap a front axle broke. -···-" i I . , '} I ••• CROW lSlJ111ElRip>[mftBI\ ' ' ••• • I 11 1f 1 .... l £ l,-"-=--.i:i. SOI D •. • .· HFRF In the Ultra Truck Division, Mike Barnett was theonly finisher, he ran good quick o,p, r / ,Af4 RAfTl:Rlf-S NcV AD'. OFFROAD BUGGY T-SHIRT SM-MEO-LRG-XXLRG ONLY $10.00 WE CARRY AWIDE ASSORTMENT OF WELD ON TRICK laps and took the win at MORE. Josh Gilliam took an easy win in Class 5, his competition folded their toes and retired from the fray. Dusty Times 1lt£ U!.TIMAJt ~R SOU.:£• ZTREME TIRE co. TABS J41141/(«d11fMd?Jt«e ..... GIVE US A CALL FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD & SAND NEEDS CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-755-5900 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #130 * LAS VEGAS, NV * 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM • SAT 9AM-5PM (702) 871-5221 fax May 2005 Page 33

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Steve Johnson gave it his all but he was only able to take the third Sixth place in Class 9, less than two minutes out of fourth was Dan Folts was really in the running until a very long fifth lap relegated him to a seventh place finish at MORE. spot in the Class 9 battle at the MORE contest. Lorenzo Rodriguez, seen here flying to the finish. water. Giti had an uneventful third who will not only sponsor him, but in getting out of the way." lap but time restrictions did not allow let him prep his Jeep at work in his Driving a two seat beam buggy, him to continue the final two laps. spare time. Chris and co-driver Ja-Terry Wyrembec and co-driver, Driving his blue Jeep, Mike Barnet son Jones had a disappointing day Mike Rauls, came in second place. was awarded first in the pro when they hit a large rock 50 miles The only down time they had was JeepSpeed class after finishing four into the first lap, bent the rear end for two flat tires. laps. Bruce Anderson completed housing causing the rear end to self Finishing in third was Joey three laps for second. destruct. Much time was spent trying Gladish and co-driver Kevin Lyneis. Third place was awarded to Steve to replace the interior parts in the He was driving a two seat beam buggy Ghamari. Steve had an uneventful housing to no avail. The housing was originally built by the master, Mike first lap. The second lap just before bent too much that made the job Smith. On the second lap they broke Pit Che broke the steering link. He impossible out in the desert. Chris a front right shock. Mike and his crew had 45 minutes of down time while ended up in sixth place. managed to borrow one from a his crew from the main pit brought Only driving 28 miles on the first friend in a truck and finished the race a replacement. He got back on the lap was Gary Garman when the ring in third place. He was the last fin-course with no troubles until the and pinion turned into what Gary isher in the class. third lap he hit a large rock that blew described as "shrapnel." He and his Rick Wasziewicz driving his red both the front tires. He was then crew tried to tow the Jeep out but the two seat buggy was only able to com-stuck in a sand wash with two flats rear end kept locking up, making it plete two laps. Craig Reynolds also and one spare tire. Again his crew impossible. They had to remove the completed two laps. came to his help. Steve was forced carrier spending a long day in the Driving a car that used to belong to stop racing due to time limits. Ja-desert. to Danny Lerner and named son did drive his JeepSpeed home The always fast Chris Parr took "Blackie", Mike Frick brought the car which was about 80 miles, with no first place in Sportsman class in his out for the first time. Co-driving with problems. orange Chenowth Mini-mag. Chris Mike was Bill Bryant who returned Driving the Fabtech sponsored drove the entire race and reported from Iraq only three days before the JeepSpeed, Chris Amrein has not no problems. He said "There was a race. Ten miles after the green flag only the luck to work for someone lot of traffic but everyone was good dropped, he broke a torsion bar. Page 34 May 2005 Competitor Joey Gladish gave Mike one to use which he did, but the whole process took four hours. Mike was able to complete two laps before time restrictions prevented him from con-tinuingon. The next MORE race will be held in Lucerne Valley. The Kartek 300 will be held on May 28, 2005. This race is already looking to be another exciting round in the MORE series. There are already a large nun~ber of cars pre-entered for rhi:s e.vef1t. See you there. l!!cQ~.E. Jason LaFortune had a lot of competition going in but they all faded in the stretch, Jason was the only 5 lap finisher. Dusty Times

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SNORE Presents The DllliJlilDIBI Baja Coalition Sanctioned Event Don't miss the most fun Desert/Forest race of the season. .Pine trees, creek crossings, rail roads:, forest roads, sand washes, cooi weather, main pit on main street and oneheck of a good time. , nte~ NV l May 2.0th-21 st F,or more info Call 702-452-4522 or visit www.snoreracing .. net Dusty Times May 2005 Page 35

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~ OSA CIRCULO K275 second Race in San Luis, Sanora, Mexico By Byrl~ Moore A ircran Spruce is a worldwide distributor of quality products for the rac~ ing industry. Our product line of over 30.000 jtenl$ is one uf the most ex1ensi\•e from one single soutcc. Our service has made us tJ1c nu.mber one suppli(:r in avia1ion und i~ why over 350 ruc-e reams have turned to us as a truslcd source fu:r rncing compc.mcnist www oe1t i!zi 16.MrFlltm BEST $El.EC1JONI LOWEST .PRICES/ SAME DAY SHIPMENT! ~, Visit Our Corona, CA store! AIRCRAFT SP.RWE WEST 125 Airp<Jrt Circl.i C<!"ilta, CA 9188f>.1S27 ph. 9Sl•JTl-9S."iS fax !iSJ.JtJ.()$$5 (Jrd,rqfjffJIH Fabm:atfng lbterlalsCatalogt Page 36 Photos: Foto-Baja-Mex Lobsam Yee made it look easy, he took the Class 1 honors as well as the overall at the San Luis 200, seen here at speed. At Right, top to bottom: Javier Robles took the Class 10 laurels, he was second overall as well, seen here in his great looking car. The Class 12 win went to Ricardo Malo, he ran fast and came in third overall as well when the checkers flew. Josh Westwood drove his Ford truck to the Class 8 victory, seen here putting his suspension to the test. San Luis is about 30 miles east of Mexicali and about 20 miles south of Yuma, Arizona, it was also the site of CODE's second race of the 2005 sea-son. Ninety-nine persons and their crews, families and friends, made the trip over the first weekend in March and all had a good time racing. Well maybe noc so good, for the forty plus starters that never saw the black and white checkered, but all and all, a good race. This is a new addition to the CODE race schedule and will bring to seven the number of races to be pro-duced by the stalwarts, of CODE in 2005. Contingency and the vehicle inspec-tion were held Friday just behind the "Hotel San Angel", which was the host hotel and one of the backers, then Sat-urday morning all and sundty made it out to the start/ finish line at de la Calle Nueve, San Luis. An eighty-five plus mile course, had been mapped out through the desert and farmlands, and the Pro classes were set to go out three times and the Sportsman needed to complete two laps in the nine hour time limit. Prob-lem was that some of the classes had no finishers atall. Itwas a tough little course. Lobsam Yee over from Tijuana made it look easy in his Class 1 car and ran a 3:48:46 to take the Class 1 and the over-all win. The man finished almost an hour faster than the next fastest entry. There were four starters in the Class 10 ranks and Javier Robles went 4:26:46 to take the gold and was also second overall in the Pro classes. Lance Hicks over from El Centro went second with his time of 6:34:07. Vic Brockmann and Rick Sanchez were both non-finishers what with broken stuff, here and there. Class 12 started three and all three finished. Ricardo Malo was first with his 4:36:01, Doug Aleman ran second with a 6:01:43 and Gustavo Pinuelas went 8:04:44 for the third spot. Six Class 8 entries but only one of them saw the finish flag. Josh Westwood May 2005 Perry McNeil lands hard, he took the Class 7 win with ease and he ended up third overall when all the dust settled. Jose Soto drove his great looking car to the Class ½-1600 win, he had just five minutes in hand at the end. Dusty Times

Page 37

- 11 The coveted Safari Class win went to Mario Reynoso, seen here in· Lance Hicks drove his really neat looking car to a second place The silver medal in the Class 12 contest went to Doug Aleman, seen here ready for a fairly rough landing. his good looking bug heading for the finish line. finish in the Class 10 contest, seen here at speed. down from San Diego managed to h for fourth and was the only other fin-for finishing the three laps in the 1/2-old his ride together for three laps tum-isher in class. Jeff Gain went two laps 1600 class, was that you race out of ing a 6:33:29 for the only time of the plus as did Gabriel Barragan. Alberto Mexicali. There were 15 starters and day. Elias Canchola, Jose Valenzuela, made it to Check 2 of the first lap and nine drivers, who had entered from Ramon Hurtado, Iban Rubio, nor Juan Quiroz was the other entry with Mexicali finished. The top six spots Beny Canela, made it past Checkpoint no times. were separated by a little over 27 min-2 of their second laps. The first 70 miles One of the apparent prerequisites, utes with corrected times. First across of the course was very fast with speeds into the hundreds, but the last 15 miles was really rough and that combination took its toll on the entire field. Class 8 and the Safari class were the hardest hit Well maybe Class 5 wasn't that lucky either. Four starters and nobody saw the checkered flag. Genaro Robles made it through two laps plus two checkpoints and was awarded first place, Pietro Brasea finished one lap and was awarded second. Jose Lopez and Jorge Delgado only got as far as Check 2 of lap 1 and were awarded third and fourth respectively. Perry McNeil blasted his bright yel-low Ford to a 4:28:50 for the Class 7 win and the third fastest overall time. Jesus Mendez ran a 5:05:32 for second and Rene Cuevas went third with his 5:55:08. Gelacio Beltran went 6:40: 19 Arturo Cervantes took the Class 5-1600 win with ease, he had more than 20 minutes in hand at race end. another Dusty Times May 2005 the finish line was Jose Angel Soto, Fourth spot in class and ninth overall with a 5:03:42. Second across was went to Edgar Alvarez with a Vargas Leonardo Navarrette with his 5:09:38 with a 5: 17 flat and sixth in class and and third place went to Jose J. 11th overall went to Francisco Machado in at 5:15:44. These guys Fernandezinwitha5:30:51.Asstated also garnered fifth, seventh and eighth these guys are all out of Mexicali. Three overall res ectivel in Pro class. Continued on a e 38 ~=c-:==,-, Elisio Garcia Castro was the big winner in the Class 9 contest, he had 15 minutes in hand when the race ended. The Suspension Company. Page 37

Page 38

Jesus Mendez puts the power to the ground, seen here hurtling Always fast, Leonardo Navarrete had to settle for a second place Roberto Rabago gave it his all in the Class 5-1600 contest, he ended towards a second place finish in the Class 7 battle. finish in Class 1600, seen here heading towards the checkers. up in the second spot when the checkers flew. ~~a====:,,~==c:;;;;;====, A nice second place in Class 9 went to Ramon Nunez, seen here In Sportsman Class 14 it was Rodrigo Obeso taking the second Everado Garcia drove his really good looking bug to a nice second heading for his medal and a nice landing. place finish, just two minutes too slow far the gold medal. place in the Sportsman Class 15 battle. others from the same hometown went entered, out of Mexicali, but broke finisher was Jesse Lopez in at 7:01:57. back was Jesus A. Velez with his cor-Class 7S had two starters and two seventh, eighth and ninth in class. They stuff and didn't finish. The other guy Manuel Delgado, Eduardo Pena, rected time of 6:05:58 with Ramon finishers. Enrique Loam pulled off the were Victor Lugo, 6:47: 13, Javier with a no time was Bill Hanson down Guillermo de La Herran and Oscar Guerrero was fifth with his 6:09:25. win with his 6:37:21 and Eduardo Buelna, Jr., 7:07:32, and Pete from Yuma. Galindowereallno-times-non-finishers. Juan Mayoral, Jr., had a 6:29:28, Rodriguezfinishedsecondwithatime Morquecho in with an 8:56:19. The ClassS-1600 had eight starters and Ten starters in Class 9 and all but Alonzo Jaquez went 6:31:02, Hector of 8:32:37. six non-finishers were David Reyes out four of them finished with times. Arturo one of them finished. The leader was Ortega had a 6:48:47 and Hector Perez The last of the Pro classes were the of San Diego and Juan Guevara over Cervantes led the way with his 5:40:58. Eliseo Garcia Castro with his 5:38:57. was ninth with a 6:49:30 and last but Class lls. In this class, there were six from Calexico. Gustavo Rodriguez, Silver went to Roberto Rabago with a Second place went to Ramon Nunez not leastwas Jesus de la Torre who only starters and three finishers. Gilberto Arturo Zavala and Esau Trujillo must 6:04:36 and the bronze went to Mario with his 5:54:05 and third to Daniel made it to Chec;k 2 of the first lap. Arreola ran away from the field with a not have read the 1600 rules. They Reynoso with a 6:07:06. Fourth place Reyes with a 6:05:57. Just one second What you might call a "close race." 5:00:33 for first. Jose Felix Garcia went Page 38 Apply The Legendary Skyjacke Durability To Your Ford F-150. When getting your truck muddy, dusty and dirty isn't all from work, but from some playtime too, one of these systems is the perfect set-up for you. These legends of the open road can be enhanced to ~ , a new found glory with this fully ' '\, functional, bolt-in suspension lift , from Skyjacker®. You can enjoy \ the full spectrum of everything ' this durable lift system has to offer in route to your next triumph ... whether it's work or play. '04-'05 F-150 May 2005 The Poly Value Kit provides a great off-road stance at a budget price everybody can afford. ... 3" Performance Kit / 2WD & 4WD Complete with Platinum Series Shocks, Softride® Coil Springs and Rear Add-A-Leafs. Clears 33's. Dusty Times L I

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--f-Talk about a good looking truck, Gustavo Coronado drove to a second place finish in the Sportsman Class 18 contest. silver with his 5:45:45 and the bronze went to Hector Quintero went to Jose R. Rodriguez in with a with his 3:59:08. Fourth 5:48:21. Arbundio Pichardo, Roberto spotwentto Ivan Pacheco Rabago, and Gustavo Villasenor were with a 4:25: 19. These guys all non-finishers, for one reason or an- all race out of Mexicali other. too. The fifth place finisher And now, we move on to the Sports-was Jesus Silahua down man class. This category of racers just from San Diego. Ernesto continuestogrowintheCODEranks. Ahumada, David FullyonethirdoftheentriesatSanl..uis Andrade, Eduardo were from the Sportsman field. We start Reyes, Hector Pimentel off with ten entries in Class 14 where we and Julio Valenzuela were had a 50% finish rate. Jose Luis Sanchez the five non-finishers. A headed the field with his two lap finish couple made it to Check-of 3:26:21; which time also earned him point 2 of the second lap first overall in the Sportsman class. Just but the other three never Kicking up lots of dust, Rene Cuevas completed his required laps Third place in the hotly contested Class J.2-1600 fight went to Jose and ended up in third place in the Class 7 event. Machado, seen here in his really good looking car. over two minutes back was Rodrigo finished the first go round Daniel Reyes had a decent race, he came in for a third place finish in Third place in Sportsman Class 14 was Hector Quintero, he was Obesoinwitha3:38:46andthebronze Class 15 had nine the Class 9 contest, seen here heading for the checkers. ,_,fift--;h:-.ov_e---.-ra_l---.-l ,_·n_S~po-,--rt...,smc=--=a-=-n_a_s_w_e_ll_. ----,-------,---~-~ ,=..::.:..==-=.:....:.:.~.::..:..:..:..::..:....:...::....:.::::...:::....::..:.:..::.:..::..:..=..:...._ _ __::....:.::..:...:......::..:._::.:_;:_____:_:_.:.:..:._:_::........,=====,-:s-.-ta::-:r-.-te::-:r--:s-;:b-:-u-.-t--=o--=n-;:ly-:-~r.o-:-u-.-r--=o'rf-.-th;:-e::-:1--:11--:m::-:-ad-:,-e::---c::-:o:-:-u--:rse-::-::-;.""'Ser-'-: rgio Salgado drove his 1803 never made it around twice. Second Adolfo Aguilar, Jr. had a great race, he took the win in Class 15 with more than 15 minutes to spare, seen here at speed. Ready for Takeoff, Sergio Salgado flew to the Class 18 win, he took the checkers with more than half an hour in hand. Dusty Times it to the checkered flag. Heading this truck to first place with a 3:48:57; and third spots were determined by group was Adolfo Aguilar, Jr. in Gustavo Coronado hit the tape at how farthoseguys actually went. with a two lap time of 3:57:54. 5:24:48 for second, and Gabriel Lara As reported this was the second Everado Garcia was in at 4: 13:51 managed a 6:31:30 for third. Richard race of COD E's seven race season. for second and Sergio Acosta Reeves,MathewMcNeil,JesusMiranda, Number three will be the CODE/ crossed the line at 4:54:28 for third. carlos Heraldez, and Ricardo Martinez Tecate "Grupo Tersa BFG 200" at Carlos Vasquez with a 4:54:51 took were all no times for some of the usual San Felipe; which will be held this the fourth spot. breakages. year on April 29th and 30th and Eight starters in Class 18 made the The Safari class had only one fin- May 1st. It promises to be the regu-green start flag but only three of them isher from the five starters, and that lar spring break style shoot out with made it to the black and white and was Arturo Rossene in with a 4:42:39. participants and fans alike enjoying there was almost a three hour differ-Juan Carlos Castillo, Jose Delgado, the early spring down on the Sea of ence between first and third. "Tough Alonzo Hernandez and Jorge Zuazo Cortez. If we are going to see you At Left: The Class 14 win went to Jose Luis Sanchez, he beat his competition to down here on the Baja this year, San Felipe won't be a bad choice. "Come the checkered flag with a mere two minutes in hand. May 2005 ----------on Down!!!" <@> Year after year, racers have come to rely on us to get them through 'f I the desert and across the finish line first. Call today and we1I help you cross your next finish line. -6,ff.69f,,9f7f • 6f9.69J:9f74 IOJ~Lane, SllilelH • Qacla \4$ta. CA 9'910 -~r~yp,o,!um.eom Page 39 -

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~ AT PRAIRIE CITY VORRA season Opener By Cindy Monroe Photos: High Desert Photography ·"" ',fi< '¾:"~,>,,•;,.ft When all the smoke cleared after a lot of racing it was Eric Steiger taking the Class 9 win, he's hoping for many more this season. Great weather and a good turnout combined made an awe-some season opener for Vorra Prairie City OHRV Park near Sacramento, California. Work on the park and its facilities was put off during the first race of the season while the cars, trucks and quads came out to play af-ter the long winter. Although I had not yet read Tony Bond's story about the work which has been done during the drier part of the spring, I did have to ad-mire the good job all the guys did on the announcing tower and scoring booth as well as the wid-ening and extension of the track. The only complaint I had that I always have is more porta pot-ties. No matter what the venue, I always want that. I heard rumors that Curt LeDuc was out looking over the track with possible interest of go-ing on with a race of a CORR like series. I don't know if this is as a promoter, participant or media organizer. I also hear the Baldwins are looking us over. Heard a couple of people say LeDuc says the track setup was comparable to back east. Since I was not there on Friday this is al RUMOR only. I only know it would be some great fun and rac-ing. Sunday -race day. The first race as usual was semi-pro. Al-though there were five cars on the practice lap, the #60 of Lionel Borba did not show up during OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: COMING SOON BTR Racing V\fheels June'05 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 the race. I heard rumor of a transmission problem which caused them to trailer the car. This left #31 driven by Matt Tay-lor with co-driver, B.J. Butcher (of Jackass racing car #89) #61 driven by Steve Millward, # 11 driven by Rod Donaldson and #45 driven by Jason Costro. I heard this car was built to run as a pilot, however, as there were not enough pilots to make a class he was offered the opportunity to run semi-pro. I also heard that the car was especially made, as Jason is paralyzed from the chest down. His specially equipped wheel chair fits inside the body of this machine making him able to race along with the rest of that class. The #61 car had been switched the night before from the regular frame car Steve normally drives to the red/white mini mag which has made a few appearances in prior races. Car #4 5 did not race all the laps in the first moto, leaving #61 Millward with second place and Matt Taylor, #31, taking home the first. Absent for the year are last year's semi-pro champ Jon Gurney #40 and friend, Jason Sacks, who are taking some time off due to financial reasons. Next up Class 9. This was also a five car field with all cars doing all eight laps. Evenly matched in almost all mechanical details, it was a duel for all these cars once The big win in the Class 1 competition went to Steve Sullivan, he bested some heavy competition for the gold medal. again. Surprisingly this year, For-est Creasy came back to Class 9 racing in the #936 car. This car was as fast as I have ever seen it; however Eric Steiger in the #956 came out in first after a 1-2 fin-ish by Creasy and a 1-2 finish by Vanessa Carius in the #955 car. "Class 9 in Vorra is a family." Carius explained although she came in third by scoring followed by Richard Steiger in the #952 and Carol Steiger in the #980. Carol's husband/co-driver is also healing from a heart attack. Get well soon guy. Class 1 also started the field with four cars. Tony Bond did not enter the field but two new cars, # 104 driven by Brad Falin and #150, driven by Kevin Breckenridge came out to chal-lenge pro Steve Sullivan in the # 128. Another new style of car called a "Kart" which looks like a spider to me entered this race. This was driven by Timothy Compton. It was #8 and I don't know who built Lt but I had to admit it was pretty speedy. Un-fortunately this looks like a strictly short course car to me. It did keep up with Sullivan,# 128, for quite a few laps, however Steve's familiarity with the course and his savvy driving skills earned him a well deserved first. #8 got a solid second followed by # 150 and the Falin car bringing up the rear. I seem to remember # 104 having tire trouble the first moto and also hearing rumors of jet-ting problems. You guys racing the lowlands need to remember that PC is close to Sacramento and al-most a sea level track. When we go to the desert in Nevada of course the elevation increases to around 4000 feet and the air is thinner. Falin is out of Reno, Ne-vada. I have to admit the car looked and sounded strong. With a few more races under its belt I think Sullivan's # 128 will be look-ing at a real contender. The fast growing classes of quad racers were up next. Start-ing off with the pros and experts and ending with pee wees, the quad racers put on a great show. In the pro race last year's pro champion Ed Teixeira riding #31 took a spill in the back section of the course putting him in fourth place. Luckily Ed was hurting but able to ride on the back of a friend's quad to the main pits. I am not sure what happened to his quad but he was unable to complete any laps in the second moto. Following Teixeira's acci-dent there was a re-start allow-ing Craig Teal #0 (really his number?) to take the lead fol-lowed by Rob Parsons on the# 18 who came up from L.A. Rob moved from expert to pro after winning his first and only race with the Vorra series last year. Still hanging in there was Jason Sparks, #11, who admits he does his best riding in the desert. Teixeira and Sparks have also rid-den partners in the "Best in the -Desert" series. The expert quad class had a total of six riders. If I am think-ing right two of them have moved up from the amateur class. Way to go guys. The first place posi-tion was won by Brian Kuhm on the #5 quad. I don't know much about him as a lot of these quad guys have not been racing with us long enough. He was followed by a cousin (?) of Ed Teixeira, #8 quad of Adriano Teixeira. I re-member him being on amateur quads last year. Good job earn-ing that second place in your first expert race. Next up was Courtney Kozell riding # 12 with a three place position. Fourth was taken by Derek McCabe on #351 followed by Scott Spanner on the #2 and Bill Baier #45. Bill also raced Vorra last year and has helped pit for Teixeira/Sparks in their BITD efforts. (702) 247-1266 · We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX In the Class 7 competition it was Austin Seckman taking a decent fourth place finish at the newly designed race track. Those two quad classes were followed by the newly formed vet amateur class for those riders in the + 35 age range and the ama-teur class for all those who wish to hone their skills and do not meet the age requirement or do not wish to ride with the vets. The amateur vet class is similar to the vet class in that only tro-phies are awarded. This class was started last year at the suggestion of Don Sutton #51, who raced all season last year in the ama-teur class including desert. With eight entries in the vet class and six in the regular amateur class, this was an impressive race for all to watch. I wish I could keep bet-ter track of all the racers but until I get to know more of them it is hard. I just know the addi-Page 40 May 2005 Dusty Times

Page 41

I I Glen McAdon gave it his all on the new track, he ended up third in Broe Ross didn't have the best of races, when the dust settled he The fourth finishing spot in Class 10 went to Bill Minteer, he wanted Class 1 after a good fight. was a disappointing 6'1' place in the Class 7 contest. more, but, the season is long and just beginning. Nathan Lamiaux was the big winner in the Amateur Division, seen here on his great looking quad. The bronze medal in Amateur Vet went to Bill McCoy. he's ready for In the Pee Wee Division it was Paige Murcheson going home with the the rest of the season to get underway. bronze medal, ready for the next race to happen. tion of the quads (all classes) make for a lot of fun races. The vet class was won by Jeff Fuller #34, followed by Steve Hiebert #64 and Bill McCoy #9 in third place. The amateur class was won by #3 Nathan Lemaux (another regular) with Andrew Hannah #48 in second and Sanchez #18 in third. Next up in quads were the bantam quad class, those riders 14 and under. This class gives those who are young racers to compete against people their own age and skill range. It is amazing to watch some of these racers develop their skills. Each year they hope to improve enough to move up in class, maybe one day become pro racers. There again I don't know all of their names so I will give you the top three fin-ishers. First place was won by Derek Craft #55. Second went to Karl Hannah #49 (a brother to #49 in amateur class?), and third to #29 ridden by Justin Sanchez (relation to Rod # 187). a striking black and red. He did ment by Timothy Compton #8 in like all the other classes. This I noticed a lot of these riders and not place in any races that I that spider looking car and Glen Teixeira family talent runs into family wore yellow "Cooks Rae-know of last year, but it seems McAdon # 1076, another long peewee quad, because despite ing Team" shirts. Seems like some he's been practicing because the term driver. Not to be outdone these little guys and gals racing greatfamilyracingoutthere. driving skills are that ofa pro. was Kenny Ott #1063 who had their hearts out #81 Daniel Here we took a break from Either that or Fred Calosso has trouble in the second moto, with Teixeira won the first, with quad action to go back to cars been giving him pointers. K.C . Bill Minteer # 1025 and Ryan Brendan Cook #233, taking the and trucks. Class 7 turned out came in a solid third. Sargent #1059, who switched over second and #47 Paige Murcheson for the next race with an impres-Next race of the day (cars and from Class 1 last year. getting third. Codi Teixeira #lll, sive eight trucks. Oscar Lara #724 trucks) was Class 10. Always an The last race was quads, the did not finish the second moto so took off and never looked back. exciting race, these six cars duked peewee class. The class is for all was put into last. It may be that Last year's Class 7 champion it out with Sam Berri# 1049, tak-riders seven and younger. There Ed Teixeira who rides in pro class showed his true racing style again. ing the first position. Sam has were a total of nine riders in their quads got hurt and went home Truck and driver just seemed to raced Vorra for years and his driv- class whose entry fees are paid by and Codi is a relation? I am not blend together despite the efforts ing skills are honed. Even with the Tony Bond. These riders were able sure, but I hope everyone is ok. · of his competitors. Although new track he kept the lead, al-torideatotaloftwolapsasthey See you next short challenging with her best efforts though there was lots of excite-do not ride in a second moto un-course!!! ~~ Patty Hayos #769, could never P"'"""' __________________________________ ..;:;;::;;_;. quite catch him. She said her truck is tired and rumor is that they are building a spec 7 truck. If you go to you can find out more information on this. The best improvement I saw was by K.C. Keller in the #738. A newcomer to Vorra in the last part of the season, he painted his bronze colored truck Coming Next e camo_J Month ... • BITD TERRIBLF.S TOWN ... And Much, Much More! Dusty Times source far ra dCre • Driving Suits • Crew Unifonns • Crew Shirts • Polo Shirts • Team Jackels • Hals • GearBags NOW FEATURING: In-House Embroidery Driver Names • Team Logos • Sponsor Logos 1.800.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 May 2005 Page 41 •a • • ., • • a. ., • • • •a.• .a • a • • • • • • • • • • • • • - • • • • • • • •-• • • ._ • • • • • • • • w • • • -._ • • ,.. -. • • ._ • • • • ,. • ,.. ,.. ,. .- • .,. ... ,.. • • -• • • .... "" •••

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BFGaadricH Corner tire. The new tire (size: LT335/ SSR22) fearures a concept tread de-sign and fits 22· inch wheels. The new tire will be available to BFGoodrich Tires dealers on May 1, 2005. BFGoodrich Tires Off-Road Racing Set To Hit Theatres In Dust To Glory Movie; New Movie Documents Legendary Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Desert Race By Christian Flathman GREENVILLE, S.C. -March 29, 2005-BFGoodrich tires, the World's Toughest Off-Road Tires, are set to hit the big screen once again when the new off-road racing documen-tary, Dust To Glory, premiers tomor-row in Los Angeles, Calif. BFGoodrich Tires personnel, teams and tires played a key role in the pro-duction of the new movie and the film will showcase the brand's signifi-cant involvement in the legendary Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race. "People say that the Baja 1000 is the best race no one has ever seen," said Thom Peebles, BFGoodrich Tires brand director. "This movie will change that perception and we be-lieve will really boost interest in off-road racing throughout the United States. We are extremely proud of our off-road racing heritage and we're looking forward to seeing people's reaction to the new film. There is nothing like Baja and there is certainly nothing like the Baja 1000." BFGoodrich Tires' off-road rac-ing legacy stretches back 30 years when the brand first participated in the Baja 1000. The goal was to test Page 42 Tires the durability and design of a new off-road tire, the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/ A. Today, that tire is one of the most successful light-truck tires in the marketplace and BFGoodrich is celebrating 30 years of racing in Baja and 19 consecutive wins in the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. "Racing Baja means so many dif-ferent things to so many different people," said Todd Steen, motorsports marketing manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "Until now, the only way you could experience the race and learn about its heritage was to actually attend, read about it a magazine or watch a summary on TV. This movie tells the whole story. It talks about the race, the challenges and most importantly the people and teams that make this race and sport what it is today." Dust to Glory is the full length feature documentary film about the eclectic band of adventurers who have gathered every fall since 1967 in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico for the roughest, toughest and most adrenalin-filled point-to-point race ever held. Dust to Glory re-teams Step Into Liquid producers C. Rich Wil-son and Scott Waugh of Bron Wa Pictures with Producer and SCORE Baja racing champion, Mike McCoy to help director Dana Brown cap-ture the legendary Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 on film. The massive un-dertaking used more than 50 cam-eras, four helicopters, a four passen-ger open-wheel desert race car cam-era vehicle and a crew of more than 80 movie camerapersons and crew to film the longest continuous point-to-point race in the world. The World Premiere of the film will be held on March 30 in Holly-wood, Calif. followed a nation-wide release of the film beginning April I. BFGoodrich.Tires combines techno-logical expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high perfor-mance tire for every type of vehicle from ultra high performance tuner vehicles, sports cars and SUVs to the hottest sport trucks, pickups and rock-crawling rigs in the world. BFGoodrich Tires has built its reputation on using motorsports as a proving ground. Success on the street begins with winning on the track and BFGoodrich Tires is in-volved in every type of racing, includ-ing oval, road, drag, desert and ex-treme rock-crawling. With 19 con-secutive Baja 1000 wins, the mostwins in rock-crawling history and an un-matched record on pavement, BFGoodrich Tires has proven the only records it breaks are its own. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at BFGoodrich Tires Launching Limited-Edition Mud Terrain T/AKMTire New Tire Fits 22-inch Wheels & Features Concept Tread Design GREENVILLE, S.C. April 7, 2005. BFGoodrich Tires is launching a lim-ited-edition version of its highly popu-lar Mud Terrain T/A KM off-road "This is the first time we have ever launched a limited-edition tire and it's also the first ever BFGoodrich off-road tire designed to fit 22-inch wheels," said Gary Enterline, light truck tire category manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "The new size and tread designed is aimed at consumers who are customizing their trucks and SUVs and want an off-road look on a larger wheel diameter." The new tire is based,on a proto-type design tl1at BFGoodrich Tires initially showcased at the recent SEMA Show aboard a custom Fox Racing SMA HUMMER H2 SUT. The design of the tfre is based on the Krawler T / A KX tire, which has won more rock crawling championships than all of its competition combined. The limited-edition tire, while pro-viding excellent off-road traction, also offers the right combination of style and performance for use on the street. "This tire exemplifies the BFGoodrich Tires', approach to seg-ment leading products designed by enthusiasts, with enthusiasts and for enthusiasts," said Thom Peebles, BFGoodrich Tires brand director. In order to test consumer recep-tion to the tire, BFGoodrich Tires used concept tires and consumer sur-veys at numerous off-road motorsports and trade show events to gauge reactions to the design to give consumers a voice in the tire's future. "What makes this tire unique is that consumers have had a direct impact on the design," said Enterline. e e I ertified li tested F'l0% Stranger ~~l:i,J.;;;;;,...;..,~-..:Lighter tflan other cast wheels an the market ·•Counter Pressure Casted Aluminum • Satin Smooth Machine Finish I/able In: 15x4. 15x7 Bead/acls an 'Nan-Bead/ack VW 5 Lug Pattern - 5 an ftD5mm . - . 7 14.5 7 B.aesa May 2005 Designed to fir a 22-inch wheel, the new Mud Terrain T/A KM tire addresses the growing trend of larger wheel diameters, both in the original equipment and the replacement tire markets, and features an aggressive, performance oriented tread pattern that resonates with the tire market-place. What is the future of the tire? "We'll gauge the interest of our cus-tomers to see how the tire is received. If successful, this limited-edition tire could be the basis for the design of the next generation Mud-Terrain T/ A KM tire line including a full range of sizes," said Enterline. The new Mud-Terrain T/A KM tire features a massive tread pattern that is one of the widest light truck treads the brand has ever produced. The concept tire includes BFGoodrich's proprietary TriGard sidewall construction, which features three heavy-duty plies and an ex-tremely capable, go anywhere tread design. The tire also features DiggerLugz technology, giving it the ability to power through the most difficult terrain and conditions in the world and leave the competition eat-ing its dust. The Mud-Terrain T/ A KM tire is known as BFGoodrich Tires', pre-mier do-it-all, mud-eating, terrain-taming king of off-road tires. Named one of the most influential products in the off-road world, the Mud Ter-rain T/ A KM tire has dominated off-road motorsports since its original introduction in 1980. Most recently, the MudTerrain T/ A KM tire com-pleted the Drive Around the World Longitude Expedition traveling more than 40,000 miles through 30 coun-tries and four continents. BFGoodrich Tires combines tech-□blue □ blac/.4 □red . □polished , Dusty Times

Page 43

nological expertise with vast motorsports experience, delivering a high performance tire for every type of vehicle from ultra high perfor-mance tuner vehicles, sports cars and SlNs to the hottest sport trucks, pick-ups and rock-crawling rigs in the world. BFGoodrich Tires has built its reputation on using motorsports as a proving ground. Success on the street begins with winning on the track and BFGoodrich Tires is in-volved in every type of racing, includ-ing oval, road, drag, desert and ex-treme rock-crawling. With 19 con-secutive Baja lOOOwins, the most wins in rock-crawling history and an un-matched record on pavement, BFGoodrich Tires has proven the only records it breaks are its own. Visit BFGoodrich Tires online at Limited Edition Mud-Terrain T/ A KM Tire Specs: Size: LT335/55K22 Overall Diameter: 36.8 inches 13.5 inches wide on an 11-inch wheel The Straight Poop from the BIGWAHZOO This column may, from time to time, ontain adult language. We hereby request anyone under the age of 18 to stop read-ing this immediately and get some adult supervision before continueing. ed First off I want to thank the Dusty Times for adding a warning about children under 18 reading this column without first seeking some adult su-pervision. It is only fitting and proper that you do hide this column from your kids until you've had a chance to check it out yourself! BALLS OUT 250 -The Check-ers fielded 13 race vehicles at this M.O.R.E. race out in Barstow. ltwas stormy weather with rain on and off into Friday night, as about 115 ve-hicles were preparing to tackle a rough 40 mile course for six laps. We origi-nally had 16, but two buggies didn't show up and Stuart Chase did not start. Seems Stu woke up about 2 a.m. and stuck his hand outside his motel room door only to find that it was still raining. Not set up for a sloppy race course, Chase decided to save his prepped unlimited buggy for another event and said "to hell with it" and went back to bed. But sure enough, as luck would have it, when he got up to go get some breakfast the next day he walked out into a beautiful sunny Sat-urday morning ... and when he went to the race track to collect his gear he found perfect racing conditions with absolutely no dust. "Shit!" Not only that, the rest of the Checker racers insisted that he be honored with the 'Little Pink Skirt' award for his ballsy attitude. The Club provided four pits around the course captained by Art Velasco, Sr., Ed Jahn, Randy Spahr, the Reverend Roy Moore, plus our Checker radio relay manned by Jim Gregory. RES UL TS -Craig Dillon soloed his Class 10 buggy to an impressive first place finish despite two flats and Dusty Times no radio. Roger Byrd and professional co-rider and finger pointer George Jirka finessed Roger's 7S truck over 250 miles of tricky Barstow terrain without any problems at all, which earned them a big First Place finish in that class. Josh Gilliam, a relatively newer Checker, was the Club's cherry picker of the race, sticking a bigger motor in his 5-1600 car then running against the big dogs in Class 5. Josh ran a smart race, using all the little suspension he had and using the big-ger engine when he could to work his way up to the front. As the race drew to a close he had enough of a lead to stick probably the Club's oldest active driver, Dick McCool, into the driver's seat on the last lap for the run to the checkered flag and the win. Congratu-lations to all our winners! Scott Annand and Eric Strand pushed their Class 9 'Dust to Glory' sponsored buggy hard enough and fast enough to pick up a well earned second place finish. The John Murphy and Billy McCool's 1/2-1600 entry had lotsa engine problems, going through two pulleys and six fan belts in route to an 11th place finish. The Bussey & Potts 1/2-1600 buggy sheared off the bolt on their power steering ram, costing them time limp-ing into a Checker pit and more time for the crew to repair it. They did manage to salvage a 13th in the class. The father and son team of Lin and Andy Neal had a frustrating day. First Dad rolled their 1/2-1600 buggy on the first lap then Andy broke the rack and pinion on the second lap. Al-though they were still able to finish the six laps for a 16th place. Dan Martin DNFed his Class 10 ride on the third lap with a broken A-arm. Milo Brown's Class 10 entry had an early flat. Plus the first driver, be-ing a truck racer, didn't know that buggies had a fourth gear so he drove all his laps in third gear. The next driver to take over tore the hell out of one comer of the front suspension for DNF on the fourth lap. Big Air Bob and Brother Mike blew the mo-tor in Mike's 5-1600 on the third lap for a Wright Brother's DNF. The Robertson/Duenas unlimited Y8 buggy was lookin' really good for a number of laps until a front shock tower peeled off for a third lap DNF. David Stevenson had the most spec-tacular ending of the day in his 5-1600 buggy. Seems he lost it at speed going into two big wide and deep rollers which produced an endo and a couple of midair rolls. He then landed on the uphill exit of the second one, which like a ski jump, shot him up in the air again for a couple of more flips. Al-though his car was toast, after all that flippin' around our boy thankfully escaped uninjured. Way to go, Dude! All time Class 5 champ George Seeley had a ride lined up in a bridal shop sponsored Jeepspeed. And, although he never got in to drive it, he was re-portedly all ready to go wearing a very fashionable off white gown w/se-quined bodice and pink veil. TIDBITS -At the MDR race, while one of the crew was loading Mike McGee's Class 10 ride (Jimmy Tucker's pre-runner) onto the trailer, the unexpected happened just at the wrong time. With the tranny mounts and hold down strap all busted up, the engine suddenly rocked back go-ing up the trailer ramps just enough to pull the throttle cable tight and put the carb into the full throttle mode. This immediately shot the buggy for-ward, up and over the tongue of the trailer, slamming right into the rear of the tow vehicle ... a nice new Chevy Duramax. But, being Checkers with Continued on page 44 l(~R A RACE FOR Jeepsneed ~NY ~ODEL ~ Challenge JEEP_ CHEROKEE / WRANGLER / GRAND CHEROKEE / COMMANCHE / J10 / SCRAMBLER CLASS 3 / 4 / 6 / "I I "IS / 1K / 8 / 1"100 / 1750 / ST1JCK MINI / ST1JCK FULL ULY 6-10, 2005 If you, or anyone you know, has a desert race JEEP, now is the time to dust it off and participate in a fantastic adventure of a lifetime. SKYJACKER Suspension will sponsor this special JEEP challenge race as part of the Best in the Desert McMillin Nevada 1000. This is a 1000 mile 4 day staged off road race. Festivities start in Las Vegas and finish In Tonoyah, Nevada. Go to for event details THERE ARE NO VEHICLE RULES except; The race Jeeps must conform to Best in the Desert safety rules (see must have a Jeep body and frame, be powered by Jeep, AMC, or Mopar engine, run BFGoodrich tires, and have front wheel travel limited to 13" to equalize performance. SKYJACKER SUSPENSION and BFGOODRICH will offer bonus prize money and trophies to Jeepspeed Open Class, Jeepspeed Pro Class 1700 and Jeepspeed Stock Class 1750. This is in addition to Best in the Desert payback and trophies. Mr. Casey Folks of Best in the Desert is offering discounted entry fees for Jeepspeed racers. Where are all those famous race Jeeps of past and present????? JeepSpeed BFGaadrich ----------Tires BES"li■THE !!§~!!..'!.'!: .JEEPSPS • PHONE 7'74.&:'SEl .. 7434 • FAX 7"'14.,~ • P<I "IEIPll!!I IV. WIIVCES CAl'VI!!!= • 5-IVIA./LJ ~ May 2005 CJAAIVGE, CA Rn@ACIL.COIVI Page 43

Page 44

insurance, all was forgiven over this freak accident. For all of those read-ers out there who are not familiar with the Checkers' Big Wahzee column, only Chckers are mentioned by name in this column. The exception to this long standing rule are assholes who screw with us, non-Checkers who lend us a hand, and of course race pro-moters. It was also discovered that The Rev generally wears his favorite 'Spiderman' underwear out to most of the races ... so it's a good bet that he probably won't be trading in his de-luxe pit captain's trailer for the 'Pope-mobile' anytime soon. Checker entries. Maybe they thought it'd still be dust free out there ... Not! Long time Checker Jim Greenway re-ally had the hammer down in his Class 10 ride, and despite a flat and throwin' belt, came away with an impressive First Place in class and fourth overall. Way to go, Jim! Robertson and Doug Brown beat Jim on the overall with a third, bur Billy's VS buggy broke a rear shock, busted a limiter strap, had c.v. problems and a flat, dropping him back to third in Class 1. Mike McGee had repeated down time with tranny mounts and strap problems in his Class 10 ride, but was still able to pick up a fourth in class after a lot of weld-ing in the pits. B.]. Bates was plagued with a mysterious engine problem in his Baja Bug ride. But once a sticking carb float was discovered he was able to work his way back up into a fourth place finish. Stuart Chase parked his unlimited buggy after four laps with serious handling problems. With this race kinda turning into being a last minute official Checker event, the Club handled the racer's needs in fine fashion at Main and two of the three outlying pit areas under the leader-ship of Reverend Roy, Milo Brown and Jimmy Tucker's Dad respectfully. A bit atta boy goes out to everyone who showed up to help on such short notice! KAC/N5 7/HCOKPOKATED Formerly Performance Orivetrain, Inc. (POI) presents another innovation in drivetrain technology ... • Center Support -Stabilizes the input and counter shafts keeping them from flexing and moving out of alignment. allowing geatS to mesh at optimal levels. • Splined Connection -The splined lever allows the shift cam to connect direct I!: to the shift lever allowing for smoother and cor.tinuous shifting. The direct connection insures optimum efficiency thereby reducing stripping and breakage. The entire transmission spins easier and requires less horsepower. • Flexible -The innovative design allows for ins:allation of the car's shiner on either the left or right side of the transmission. • Safer -The option to locate the shifter on either the left or right side of the transmission allows for installation of the driver's seat further from the left door. Increasing the distance between the driver and point cf impact reduces the risk of injury in a driver"s side collision. • Lighter -The streamlined construc:ion reduces the weight of the unit by 7 pounds (as compared to similar models]. • Cleaner- 0-rings located on the shift cover. mid plate, bellhousing, and front bearing retainer eliminate the need for sealer. 0-rings are net only better protection against potential leaks they allow for quicker and easier adjustments and cleanup. • Longer Wear -The design of the gear teeth and the stability of the center shaft support both reduce the wear on gears thereby extending the life of the transmission. Thomas~etts Visteon NEW MEMBERS & PRO-SPECTNE MEMBERS -Our new membership program is starting to produce some impressive results. Claude Archey (local) and Rich 'Stretch' Severson (7SX) from Ari-zona were recently voted into the Club as full members. Locals Lin and Andy Neal, Chris Wilson (Class 8) and Vic Bruckman (buggy racer), both from San Diego, were recently voted into the Club as prospective members. Also scheduled for a prospective vote are Chad and Josh Hall (Hummers), and Sam Edgar of the rookie Navy Seal Team (1/2-1600). This increased interest in becoming a Checker is due in a large part to being able to sample Checker pit support on a one time basis. Plus recent rule changes which make it a lot easier to join the Club when you live over 100 miles away from the Club's base of operations in North Hollywood, California. Any-one living over 100 miles away from North Hollywood and interested in becoming a Checker can e-mail our Prez at and he'll send you an information sheet detail-ing all the facts (serious racers and/ or pitters only please). ~---Ca,,__IUC/Hu ~HCO/lPO/lATED r a..,__ llAC/Hli ~HCO/lPO/lATEO 169 Gasoline Alley Suite S • Mooresville, NC 28117 704.799.09S5 • 704.799.1191 fax 6950 Guion Road • Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 317.293.4100 • rwin a e pee way ttp: By Allen Madden MDR 250 RACE-Out of the 50 to 60 entries, it started our looking like the Club would only have one Checker buggy entered in this MDR Barstow race. But a last minute change of minds produced four more Gt it be known here that '!om Sobray has resigned from the presi-dency of EA.LR. Tom cited personal reasons for leaving. is pleased to announce the hosting of the SCORE International Baja 500 starting position drawing. This will cake place at Irwindale Speedway at their Drag Strip section of the Speed-way complex on April 30th at 2:00 pm. Many activities are in the plan-F.A.I.R. in conjunction with TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING INC. SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year congratulations SNORE Short Course Battle At Primm Mike Malloy Winner 1/2-1600 Tadd Jergensen Winner Class 1 TRANS.AXLE ENGINEERING JEFFnELD 9763VARIEL AVENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 44 May 2005 o racing pro ucts a ong wit vari-ous races cars on display. There will be a live band along with concessions stands to purchase beverages and By Clive Skilton food. There is no charge for this ac-tivity, and Irwindale Speedway will make available to all attending dis-count tickets to their NASCAR rac-ing event that evening. This shoula take about 2 hours maybe 2 '/ z hours then the Speedway gates open at 4:30 pm with racing at 6:00 pm. A Jeep Owners Association for racing, rallying and l:RPRECISION.COM 2865 Gundry Ave. . nal Hill., CA 90755 HPFans !I/Coolers Driving Suits Rod End Boots Neo Synthetic OIi Penormance Plumbing 1~,~ '""~-. ~-"& · ~;I•l«•l 562-427-2375 Sfnf) Dusty Times

Page 45

be one four day race for ALL JEEP VEHICLES, including the current American Racing Wheels J eepSpeed Cha Ile nge classes. (Classes 1700 and 1750). In addi-tion to these two classes there will be a one time additional class, JeepSpeed Open (Class 1600). Prizes will be awarded to the win-ners of each class based on the four day overall race times. Skyjacker is · also sponsoring an overall winner's purse. This will be awarded to the overall winners of the Skyjacker Open Challenge. We plan to make this the biggest Jeep race ever. If you know of any owners of Jeep race vehicles who may be interested in participating, please have them contact ·us. We know of Comanches, Grand Chero-kees, V8 Scramblers and J 10' s that would be great for this event. We have requests all the time to open the JeepSpeed Challenge to Grand Cherokees, Liberty'-s, Wranglers and other Jeep vehicles. Now is the time to show us if you are really interested. The success of this event will help determine if all or part of the class is brought back in 2006 as a new division of the JeepSpeed Challenge. Special thanks goes to Casey Folks from Best In The Desert for giving JeepSpeed a re-duced entry fee of $850. low maintenance should be able to do very well with this exciting for-mat. It will be possible to chase this race with just one support truck, although two is preferable. Also, there will be numerous spectator areas for family and friends. If you ever dreamt of running in the Paris to Dakar Rally, this is as close as you can get in the United States. JeepSpeed Open Class (Class 1600) rules. The JeepSpeed Open Class will be for any vehicle with a Jeep body and chassis. Front wheel travel must be limited to 13 inches and the vehicle must run BFGoodrich tires. Vehicle must also conform to all BITD safety rules. Please see for a com-plete list of the safety rules. 2005 JeepSpeed Pro and Stock Class (Class 1700 & Class 1750) rules. The current 2005 JeepSpeed Pro and Stock class rules apply to vehicles running in these classes. If you have one of these vehicles, there is no need to change your vehicle. However, if you do change the ve-hicle and are out of compliance with the current 2005 rules, you will be required to compete in Class 1600, JeepSpeed Open. If you have any questions about the current rules, please see and click on the rules page for a complete rule book. adventure. JeepSpeed is pleased to an-nounce the Skyjacker sponsorship of our division at the Best In The Desert Nevada 1000 this July 6-9. The Skyjacker Open Challenge will Contingency and Tech will be in Las Vegas on July 6. The race will be from Beatty to Tonopah plus three loops out and returning to Tonopah to make the 1000 mile race total, finishing July 10. Com-petitors will have only 1 hour per night to service their race vehicles before the pe·nalty clock starts run-ning. A good JeepSpeed team with Dusty Times welcomes contributions from all pit teams. Send your stories early so that they may be conisdered for inclusion in our next issue. Mail your tales to: Dusty Times,20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 Let the NAG 7 Brolllerhood help you in Baja/ NAG 7 is Die lsading private p~ organization in ~~~d~nrea~~~p~nyoursuccessm t:he upcoming Tecate SCOREBaja 500, Full S-ervlce: MAG 7 crews will transport your spares to the pits and back and fill you during the race with your desired fuel (high-octane or pre-mix) from_dry-breaks, dump cans, or jazz cans. Emergencv SelV/ce: Already using BFG or Honda pits? Sign up with MAG 7 emergency support also to ensure you have help WHEN and WHERE you need it. We have more pits located around the race course than anyone else. It's inexpensive insurance for a fast finish. We support all: ? Buggies ? Trucks ? Motorcycles ? Quads We Cover the Course: MAG 7 pits seem to be everywhere! Located at 50-60 mile intervals up and down the racecourse. We'll be there when and where you need us. Mag 7 Pit Equipment: All Mag 7 pits are eqlipped with ? Dry Breaks ? DumpQms ? Welder ? Shop Tools ? Expert Staff and Mechanics ? Multiple Race Radios ? Lubricants and Auids ? Soda, Snacks, and Water ? First Aid Supplies Applications and prices are ava,lable at www.mag7race,com Email: Phone: 619 .. 518•5207, 3352 Juanita St. San Diego, CA 92105 ... 3809 Dusty Times May 2005 Page 45

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DUSTY TIMES BooK REVIEW 7 Years from start to Finish -The Baja 1000 -The Early Years By Jim Ober 7 Years from Start to Finish The Baja 1000-The Early Years By Rod Koch; 247 pp., Published by iUniverse, Inc., Lincoln NE Once you get past the long title, this book is a down-in-the dirt, on-course version of what it was like to be around and race in the early years of the Baja 1000. I don't think you can find a narrative like this one unless you are lucky enough to run into the author in a cantina half way down the Baja peninsula during a dusty pre-run .. Rod also describes the many celebrities and top racers he became acquainted with during his racing adventures. He relates how he and his family became close to Val and Judy Smith when they were getting started in the sport in the early ?O's and the families helped each other pit during the 500's and lO00's. Yes, that is the same Judy Smith, journalist, who has been writing about the sport for over 30 years. The best part of the book is how Rod relates what he was thinking and his race strategies while running the length of the 1000 mile races, and passing and getting passed by such notable competitors in his class as Ingvar Lindquist, Dick Lee,and James Garner. Rod Started racing in Baja and the 1000 in 1968, a year after the classic began in 1967, campaign-ing a VW sedan in Class 1. Yes, that's right, Class 1, which were Production 2 wheel Drive vehicles, which were the first vehicles, such as the factory Ramblers, that started Baja racing. He migrated to Class 9 (Baja Bugs) after a couple years, and ended up winning his class in 197 5 after learning how to win the hard way. Rod went on the ProRallying (again in a Baja Bug) after his off-road career, and had a successful time of that also. The book also reminds us what it was like to pull into Mama Espinoza's in El Rosario on a pre-run (a memory that is dear to the heart of this writer), getting a cold one at Rancho Santa Inez after eating pounds of silt, it seemed, and generally surviving the Baja races despite all odds. An Autobiography by Rod Koch The graphics in the book are not that clear, but they are plentiful, with a lot of program and newspaper clippings reproduced. You will see some names in those clippings that will surprise you-names of the pioneers of our sport. I consider the book as a must read for anyone who. is interested in Baja Off-road racing. Cover: 1971 Baja 1000, t11e author on his way to a 3,:l. place finish. Rod has been painstakingly correct in his facts, and there was only one time that I thought that he might have a fact wrong. (He was correct). \ TM ---1 ~---------. 1---ri.ri-------------H-----,-----1 =----1 LIGHT SYSTEM by ~•lesigns ~built ~wired [I0headache C~]•J t3 :<mount ,,, 'l "" ' . " . ~ .. ~ . .. Tig welded chromoly frame - For strength and durability Individual Quick Adjusters - Lights are adjustable four ways Premium glass optics - Provide the best light dispertion possible Pre-mounted Generation 4 ballast - Smaller size, lower weight, more reliable, greater safety Rubber mounted - Vibration isolated lamps - Eliminate the tendency for the lamp to vibrate out of position Light Weight - Single weighs 4 lbs. 10. oz. - Bars are 2/3rds the wieght of competitors lights alone Page 46 May 2005 Dusty Times

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***** H E L P ***** Once again we need your help. This is our 22nd year of reporting all the off road racing and rallying that takes place here in the good 'ol USA and elsewhere in the big wide world and we need to know more about you than we do now! Please be good enoug~ fill out the demographic study on this Page (it only takes a few minutes) and return it to Dusty Times Within the next thirty days. Your anonymity is guaranteed. Thanks for your help ~ ~-~ A. Personal 2. Do You Compete Off Road ? --1. Sex M/F_ 2. Your Age __ Spouses Age --. 3. Married Single Divorced Driver Co-Driver 3. Do You Own An Off Road Race Car Pre-runner __ Motorcycle · __ Other _____ _ Brand Name OfTir!'s You Use ___ _ 4. Self Employed __ W-2 Wage Earner __ 4. How Many Off Road Events A Year Do You Compete In? 5. Annual Household Income $ ___ _ 6. Own Home?_- _ Rent 7. How Many Children __ Ages ___ _ Sex __ _ 8. How Many People In Your Household __ 9. How Many Read Dusty Times __ 10. Highest School Grade 12th __ 2 Yr Coll __ 4YrColl __ 11.Spouse 12th __ 2 Yr Coll __ 4YrColl __ 12. How Many Television sets in Your Home? 5. How Many Times A Year Do You Support Others While They Are Racing? __ 6. How many times a year do you just go to watch? C. ANNUAL EXPENSES 1. Dollars Spent Annually On Race Vehicle $ ___ _ 2. Race Related Travel, Hotels, etc. $ ___ _ 3.Tobacco Products $ ___ _ 4. Alcoholic Products $ ___ _ 5. Race Car/Motorcycle Tires$ __ _ 6 . Fuel for on/ off road vehicles $ __ 7. Repair/Maint. on Motor Home$ __ 8. Repair/Maint. On Tow Vehicle$ __ 9. Repair/Maint. On Car Trailer$ __ D. LOCATION 1. What State Do You Reside In? 13. How Many hours A Week Do You & Family Watch TV? 2. What Is Your Zip Code? __ 3. What Is The Population Of The City/Town You Reside In? B. VEHICLES 1. Total Street Licensed Vehicles Owned __ Cars __ Trucks __ Trailers __ Motor Homes __ M"otorcycles_ Quads __ Brand Name Of Tires You Use ___ _ Dusty Times Rural __ Over 5,000 __ Over 25,000 __ Over 50,000 __ . Over 100,000 __ Please Mail To: Dusty Times Dept. DS May 2005 20761 Plummer Street Chatswor~h, CA 91~11 Page 47

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"'-GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY -----...,~■V LFTl:M-tlD . 19076 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503 • Custom fabrication • Prerunners • Suspensions • Custom exhaust (310) 542-2977 TOFJ\6 Off Road Trucks Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 t rr•~HE::.NG OFF /lfMI) 1/MiN~ CUSTOM OFFROAD RINMtlll 6, ~ SUSPENSION Larry Ehrhardt Giti Gowland 800.564.1510 702.257.2300 ~ -1111111■ ■ CYLINDER HEADS • CUSTOM PORTING FOR ANY APPLICATION • • SUPERFLOW 1020 FLOW BENCH • • PERFORMANCE • MARINE • OFF ROAD • MOTORCYCLE • 145 GIBSON RD, SUITE B •HENDERSON• NEVADA■ 89014 For The Price Of A Phone Call And A Few Bucks A Month Your Ad Could Be Here 818-882-0004 Call Dusty Times For Details CACTUS RACING Raceajr Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoei, Simpson Blower systems & cool boxes 619-482-6700 708 Rocking Horse Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91914 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#. (951)•845-8820 products in stock Race Proven Fabrication, Boa.tee Fiberglass Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Course trucks Bypass valves+tubes Paris-Dakar trucks Sway-bar Arms AccouNilNG -INCOME TAA • CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION SHERYL CANNON, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 536 S SECOND AVE . SUITE E COVINA, CA 91723 (626) 653-2023 FAX (626) 653-2024 Offroad to Street, Prerunner to Race -Cha,ais Design -Race Prep -All General Fabrication 7'~7 174!19 Lilac St #E 720 N. Ventura Ave. Ventura CA 93001 805. 797 4773 He•perla CA 92345 ~==================================~ t-----------~~-----+------c-•nd_dfa_bw_ork_s@_ao1_.c_om...;__ ____ --l {L/ffJJr Shock Rebuilding & Re-valving Two day turn around on most orders 720 N. Ventura Ave. Ventura CA 93001 805. 797 4773 l SAND BUGGIES • PRE-RUNNERS • RACE CARS , ·. ," .. -f6M FABRICATION & ALUMINUM WORK •' BRANDWOOD CARS for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3:107 Ci.Jstom V~hicle Shif~er ~ 11, . ,o· -~, "Innovative Billet Product~ "'•: 7· for the Off-Road Enthusiast" FREE C atalog!!. ' ' I~!!?!.~ -.c: 'MFR. OF PRFORMANCE PARTS FOil lNPUrTRY L~DINQ RACE CAR BUILDERS - Spindles, Vloatin!! H uhs - S spd. Shifters (fits Mendcola trans & others) - :'lorthstar Airbo~ Adapters S, more!! url: e-mail: (619)562-3071 •11ir fOI Ut:EIS WHO IIEIIMII TIE IEST HAMPION BEADlOCK ~C!JNG WHEE.LS U.S.A. WHEELS / CONVERSIONS 8"9"10"11"12"13"15"18"17" MfLAN GARRETT 1871 N. BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO CA 93722 (559) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365_ CHENOWTH UCING PRODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 · (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103

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[CNC] Manufacturers of Brake and Clutch Pedal Ass) Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cuttihg and Stawng Brakes Hydraulic Throttlbs CNC, Inc. T~rottle Pedals and all of our accessories. 1221 West Morena .. vd. San Diego, CA''921"10 (619) 275-1663 . Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS'• i-'RONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS • KNOCK OF~ HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tr~e Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 Continental Lan & Investment Corp. _1-:1-,unh 11,,). 45. l akc H,1\asu City.AZ R640-l /lJ .. ..-,_.,.. CELL: (928) ~86-9145 OFFICE: (928) 764-5263 lam:c c, ha,asus I LANCE CRAMER Associate Broker' RACE FUELS OFFICIAL FUEL OF NASCAR 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY ' SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA She'f and Custom Pistons Available. CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567.9000 1902 McGaw. Irvine. CA92614 A Member of Pankl Racing Sy&tem• CR'r'cl AL □ ULTRASONIC CLEANING ft Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, ::o:J!.;_,......,._~~--Oil Tanks, Radiators, Lines, Fittings ~ -'-□ CIWUSPECTION , ,,.. □ =:::~=TEe:~: Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penelrllnt, Ultrasonic, i!'~y Current, X-Ray 3043 Oak Street Santa Ana, CA 92707 □ CNC MACHINE SHOP Phn (714) 95-7-1215 USo\C STATION • s Fu (714) 957-1567 FAA STAllOll awB7A211.J .W.. _ _ ,;.___ ______ ____:::.'9 for Your ProhK:tion' ·• SfOCK. FULl RACE. TRANSFER CASES CCmJl.ltn.allIID. ce/;\~ lffi.ll!lce:liIUl~ rrrIPallIID.~ Till\lJl ~~ft® IIll~ 18273 Grand Ave. #6 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 (909) 678-1 669 STEVE MatthewScl-.n'IOke 1280 N. JOHNSON AVE., SUITE 101 • EL CAJON, CA 92020 TEl: 619.449.5611 • FAX: 619.449.5713 MATTHEW@CUSTOMOECALCOM a-::...L...a...1,,;..&_,.L.11~L.:11....&:~ Specializing in ... .... ._ .. Swiacaxtea Hewl-d Fortin Neadeola ND4S Napum44 Krelaler Automatle For Very Few Dollars A Month Your Ad Here Can Increase Your Sales By A Bunch Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 DUSliJ~IIDBS • .,,, · D =.°CJD = . EJ-·• -t=:I ~f:lil_·' - . . -' . fllfllf!Wl!#Jr"-~ -~, , ..,,,,,-,----.,.. ,, ::11 JI/ ~ <(.~ DEREK NYE __ .,,)_.,.,,. ~.//.!" ~~ t T75 w. lll!!_Slreet • unit H Cosla Mes11, CA 92627 _.,,,,-'~t gqg_sqe.es33 r.x: gqg_sqe.es3q ~ __ e-m11II: -C.~:;)/ Privet, Lebel ~I ~ --~ Ttem Begz~ r-==~~ -.:: Custom 811g Otslgn s __ :,i '/Jgfj) IJJ§A'M[fl ~©~mJfM@ ~b~slve Bl~sting • Protective & Decorative Coatings 4f!IVlltJJ San Diego County Since 1970' 1835 John Towers Ave, #A • El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 448-3932 Fax (619) 448-3662 ;.lrrewarR■ @!mrrill ~ XNLfi4D race veh1cles · hot rods secunty · bugg1es · llghttng marine · oud1o 7b0.738.9'"173 cwnm · 2~b~~. CA 92029_ JILL SWANSON Sales and Marketing Director • Brand Name Helmets FRESH AIR SYSTEMS TECHNOIO&IES, INC. • Interior Revisions 810 A South Arthur Ave. • Fresh Air Systems Arlington Heights, IL 60005 1-888-466-RACE 1-84 7-259-381 O Fax 1-847-259-9705 ''THE HELMET VENTILATION EXPERTS" Ota PBIIFORMAllCE 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 We use & recommend R,\<:IN(; ENGINE.~, TRANS~IISSIONS AND OFFROAO PARTS Sendo~lforournl-wcatalogSS.00 _·_--1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 ray@mail. FandLcom 1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 CELL (562) 833-2804 FAX (562) 432-7969 619-449-3633 619-449-3665 fax Doug Fortin

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Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~ -L Call or write for call (81]11) 433·6524 ~ · our FREE Catalog Aircraft Rubber Manufacturina. Inc. 250 SE Timber Ave., Redmond, OR 97702 800-03-6524 541-923-<i015~ RACING C HEADS & 106-110. IANTA fl AVE.• VISTA. TOLL FREE (888) 34 PH/FAX (760) 727-1827 HONDA (818) 766-6134 (800) 800-6134 FAX (818) 766-9397 flARED TUBES S99,00 A sn $SUZUKI se~•~aa BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD. CA. 91601 HP ENGINE & DYNO SERVICE 14368 Olde Highway 80 • Suite E • El Cajon, CA 92021 Jim Horne • · 619 443-9990 IMPACT CUSTOMS SCORE NHRA BCCA RACE SPEC ROLL CAGES, TUBE CHASSIIJ, CUIJTOM IJUIJPENIJIONIJ, AIR BAGIJ, BODY DROPIJ, SHAVE, IJUICIDE, PRE-RUNNERS, BAJAS, LONG TRAVEL, RACE PREP, CUSTOM WIRING, FABRICATION AND METAL WORK BBT.fl98. 7079 JG TRANSWEIU<S "Go with a Proven Winne,. ~ ITl71111171111~ 17111171111 •~ I I I LI•~• ■TL~ Quality Racing Transmissions JOE GIFFIN 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Fax (714) 632-1223 Mike Julson President 10965 Hartley Rd., Suite R Santee, CA 92071 -2893 619 / 562-1743 Fax 619 / 562-3379 e.mail George Jimenez 535 E. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel./ Fax 714.535.5116 Just A Small Ad Here Can Increase Your Business By A Bunch. TROY J OHNSON (951) 779-9395 206 1 Third Street, Unit A Riverside, CA 92507 Specializing in custom offroad race trucks • Prerunners • Sand ca,, • Raily ca,s • Custom Fabnc2t11cn • Ad 1anced SuspEnsion T ecr,no,ogy • Research & [,evelupnient KAL OFFROAD RACING WWW Metal Fabrication Speed Equipment Custom Suspensions Kurt Larmee (805) 466-4101 ---840.8 K El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 .ART KAWAGUCHI 1 Fax 323-264-2136 323-264-5858 Derek Kreger PH: 114.289.9048 Fil: 114.631.1854 1214 N. Parker Unli #3 Orange, CA 92867 CT•o> 7'2'2-09&3 WWW. SUSPENSION • PERFORMANCE • SAFETY EQUIPMENT & MORE! DESERT - ROCK - SAND & RACE WE ARE YOUR fl SOURCE FOR ALL YOIJR OFFROAD NEEDS POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE Engineering LEE MFG. ~O. 11661 PENDLETON.STREET SUN VALLEY, CA.91352 FAX (818) 7118-2687 (818) 788-0371 A full line of ~ Steering gears, pumps and acc:euories for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities available. *Custom Chassis *Race Prep *Aluminum Work *Welding *Magnaflux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596·5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER p~ RACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 ~~HCHA...-==-T. /<=e:P~ Seat.; • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 11433 Woodside Aw. Santee, CA 92t•71 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 Catch us on the Net! . PHONE:(714) 441•1212 FAX: (714) 441•1622· 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806

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MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA 91910 . (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 #illll§flliMfi -COIIPO.NEfff.S t=Otl CHASSIS FABRICATJOH -~i:r.i_p,•~~•.R~.M~ stifblrMolns*Ol&Water&lllettakiers 399.E . .Haa:l&on.UritD Corona, CA 92879-1313 .(909) 272-4272 Tom Moxley 1900 Compton Ave. Suite 101, Corona, CA 92881 Phone (951)817-0101 Ext.120 619-562-5533 ~ ALLUMINUM FABRICATION Outam!"+imien r.,,; Ojfrot,tl SOltdC,... Sprillt c .. Strut Rods Drag Racing PO B01<4304 Huntington Beach, Ca. 92605 lllMU$ Braa (714)392-9175 Emal/: Slip&lliaJ Off Road Fabrication and Design • Sand Cars • Trucks • Race Cars • Prerunners • Rally Cars • Custom Function/Strength/Safety/Pride Made by Hand in the USA 8966 Benson Ave., Suite D Montclair, CA 91763 JOHN MOSELEY 909-949-8161 Owner/Fabricator Fax 909-949-8162 OFFROAD ENGINEERING Pre-Runners • Race Cars &: Trucks • Long Travel Sand Buggies Custom Chassis • Suspension • Cage • Sheet Metal Lifts • Shocks • Tires • Wheels • Accessories (805) 522-4499 Lance Fuller 2280 Shasta Way_ #115 Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 93065 RACECARS PRERUNNERS SAND CARS JIM MOULTON '2231 6TH STREET KEST 1201 LANCASTER C4113634 661-974-7961 MSD' M t:J :' 1 L J f • 1 :' ■ ■4-=t! , ..... ,! • YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE GNIT IONS • D ISTR!BUTORS • VVIRES • REV CONTROLS AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR., EL PASO. TX 7993E -19151 857-52nn • TFr.H LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE· TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3" 0.0. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES 4B0-726-2B76 NORB offroad superstore HEIM JOINTS-WELD IN BUNGS-TABS BUSHINGS - JOHNNY JOINTS HIGH MISALIGNMENT SPACERS IN STOCK· READY TO SHIP WORLDWIDE_~,.) 1-888-755-5900 ~ We ce.n Bee.dlock ~0--- ~ YOUR RIMS!! '-..._~ 'J S. f. ATV NNORIIK.U.-raa~ 1zes to 1t most , .,.-_____ _ & AUTOMOTIVE applications POLISHED & COLORED FINISHES SCALLOPED OR CONVENTIONAL Reinforcing Rings Also Available Phone - (951) 354-8272 WWW .QMf PERfQRMANCE. com Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 ~ (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 :!31!: HAROLD NICKS 1~W[g3~@7t1 SAFETY EQUIPMENl MAXON, MOTOROlA, ROADMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL,. SHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRi!'IIG FOR RADIO &/ OR 11'.'TERCOM STIU. O~LY S 12'5. -2888 GUNDRY AVE. mM SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 • 562-427-8177 I 800-869-5636 w • .-. • ,~ti·· . ·, ( : .-Fraley s Pc-rf onnance Rngi1w~1·ing r.JENHRID ABRICATION, INC 1660 Babcock. Building B Costa Mesa. CA 92627 TEL 19491650-3035 FAX 1949) 650-4721 Jeny Penhall • All Type• of Steel <I Aluminum Fabrication • Tube Beaclinc • Alumin-(I St.NI W.ldinc • Custom Machine Work • All Types of Race Cars 4851 W. Hacienda #4 Laa Vegas, mi 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-365-9055 --c::r

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Pre,ision Alloy, lltl Todd Francis Phone: 360.887.2000 • Fax: 360.887.7279 A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: /el: 619-39CMS252 Fax:619-39CHS470 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 oertormance w,re narnesses Joeoaunlan Pgr: 323.340.0ffl FaX: 818.361.4641 13411 Dronfield Ave. sv1mar. CA 91342 Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension • Safety • Driveline • Accessories (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: PEIFDIMIKCE• TIIKSIII ES Southern CalHomla's largest Distributor or Mendeola Transalles PH: 114.680.6131 • FX: 114.680.3110 Toll Free: 800.304.8126 tel #,909-616-6569 fax #909-676-t 14.I ,f.,.tt'nn< rom.,_ T4 ny Selva Jr. 21598 Commerce Center Or Temecula, CA 92S90 3455 S. POURIS #5 lASIIGAS,IDIDA 88102 Barry Beacham .IIIN 0.0. IIIJUON (102) 221-4313 (102) 117-9724 27231 Burbank Ave. Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Office 949-837-4388 Cell 949-466-4781 flii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. ~ METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3%5 SANDBLAST-GLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MARKSMITH LARRY SMITH Do You Need To E X p A N D Your business Horizons? For Lots More Exposure Call 81 8-882-0004 00sti'li1mes S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT,, HCA66, BOX 11030 P.AHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 ens) 372-5335 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS • \WIDOW LITTERl:,G • CAR LETTERl:lG • GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Hunt1ngto1 Beach CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • F2\ (7141 694-9567 = 'PERFORMA 1ALIS7',5 .___ SJ/IIIT PEIIF8/IMIIC£ I 1-800-MY MUFFLER Craig Stewart I Phone: 619-449-97:ZII Fero 619-449-?6711 Celh 619-726-6891 I Fabrication & Race Preparation I I I I l1;~!==~~~am ~ :::: I ~'-raig@-· _ st_ewartsrat ___ ewo_rll_~_,o_m ______________ J Spedaliih15 itt Clotl1itt5 f 01" tl1e Offroat,u SaMl att~ Tami VasqMe% S-62-622-SSDS RACE FUELS [209) 847-2281 [800) 527-6090 FAX [209] 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 ~fl! it:26627 " You• GluALn'V S,oH CoM,AHY11 Design Fabrication lnstaitatlon ,... ~PUTEKIZE0 VINYL G!VIPHICS & LETTERING 1·11·1 I YTSA I ,-.. LO-COST OCOG SIGNS(,..II. PFeOCESSES) -,._ T/i!,'\OE SI-OW OtSPL,\'rS ,-R.,.._CING GR.,..,PHICS ,-.. OET"'ILE0& LNIQUE DESIGNS ,-FLEET VEHICLES ,._ Hf-QLJ,&.LJTY !¥INNERS ,-M,..,GNETICS ,-.. LOGO RE.Pl(()OUCTONS ,-R.EV'>.L EST/'I.TE ,-..LOGO & GIV\PHIC OE.SIGN ,-OEC/1.LS

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2180 College Drive • Lake Havasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll fl;J!e: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • Hi Performance Converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs• {for Race & Recreation} Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! TI.R Performance Fabrication Tim Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-1289 :iOIC * Off-Road and Bott-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, C~evy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena Vista St. , Hemet ca. 92543 Ph: 951-654-7334 Fu: 951-654-2375 SM a list of our pnNIIICls at our welt site:• I MNiAXLE ENGINEE~NG JEFF FIELD (818),998-2739 0 C CJJ -I C ~ (/) o-,, m ffi )> () (/) X )> (/) woow ~a~ -S-S-S -.J -I>--.J CXl vJ CXl I\) {Jl I\) WON -.J -I>--1>--.J ~ ~ I\) Ol vJ 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 !fr:11 ransworks ~~ PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLES ~ AUTHORIZED MENDEOLA DEALER STOCK & CUSTOM SAND * STREET * RACE ERIC LAUNDRIE 24752 VIEJAS BLVD. DESCANSO, CA 91916 (619) 445-3135 (uMP) UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE. SUITE #A SANTEE. CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 (619) 596-8033 1 ooo w _ Bradley. Unit O El Cajon, CA 92020 u=»~ Carlos Orozco Fol, pl6x • .~;a October 9 & 10 CL Ll,.L(\:ftl~l" t;UUJ.-~£,8.~L:.~-L 7-lr CLBRYANT.COM If Your Business Needs A Boost Let Dusty Times Help You Get The Word Out To The Racers Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 VP RACING FUELS INC AUTHORIZE DISTRIBUTOR RR AUTOSPECIAL PARTS, S. DE R.L DE C.V. CALLE PRIVADA FRAY MAYORGA 17026 ZONA INDUSTRIAL GARITA DE OTAY TIJUANA, 0 C TEL.: (GG<) G< 7 9222 FAX: (66~) GO? 1«0 E·MAIL: Advancing the Science of Motor Sports Ray Gastelum GER[NTF. Df Vi:NlAS Mobil : 664 648 2882 Nextel Radio: 152 * 133577 * 1 Call USA to Mexico dial 01152 "Quality Fuels & Products for Motorsports"' Website· VP Racing Fuels, Inc. West Coast Region P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 KELLEY HENDEL Regional Manager Office: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Email: vppacific@aoLcom Taxes Group & Individual Health Real ~tate Loans John 0. White, CPA, MBA 866 887 5556 3190 Calle de Marejada Camarillo, CA 93010 Cell 805 844 4665 Fax 805 830 1590 It's about what you keep! CPA 36032E, DRE 760373, Doi bD48458 Adam Wik SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR 994.1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To comp~te Engine, M75 W. Teco Ave. Unll I, l&s Veau. NV 89111 702-837-2522 ~ . 00~~~ Front & Reir Trililing Arms • Spindlts Susf)fflsion Specialist • Cu$IOm ~c;e & Pby Buggy Chas~ A•Ann Front fndi • B~am Front Emk 9608 N. 21st Or. Pho.nix, AZ 85011 Jack Woods 602-242.0077 Fu (,02•242•7283 !lace Cars Duo,e Buggies Lorenzo Rodriguez 'hntml.s.-,s • Paru • Scnice. ~ W".- ~ - N,1a>·Torou-HAnck Baja Bugs '. 850 S.. Alta V'tSta Ave., Monrovia.. CA 9HH6{626} 9 14-aH 7 • WWW.wttnll$.(Qf'!l ( '-A4)J ~S'AA<:e

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Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: FreshSCATV-4, 48 IDF Webers, Electromotive 275 HP, includes Headers & collector, 2 alt, 2 clutches & plywheels. Built by Adam Wik, same motor won BITD championship in 2004. Putin Class 1, Rock crawler, play car. Otll Tim (626) 893-1976. $9,000.00 OBO. FORSAI.E: Ford Ranger Class 7S. BITD 04 Class Champion, Esslinger dry sump motor, C4 Rancho Transmission, TCS, Autometergauges, Howe P/Swith RAM, Cone Full Roater 9" 40 spline. GFS, HIDs, CNC, + sµrres $35,000.00 in San Diego, Call Mike (858) 453-4768. FOR SALE: $75,000 (Alumicraft 4 Seater): H-Car Acura V6 3.2 L 300+ HP, Mendeola 5 speed transmission, Fox Shox, Team Gordon Wheels, GPS system, Beard seats, Autometer gauges, 935 CV, Fortin Hubs, CNC brakes, Howe Steering, Hella HID lights, very reliable and well maintained. Serious inquires only! (760) 352-3080. mscaroni@smdmotors FOR SALE: 2004' TLR 4 seat PreRunner. Car is brand new-10-15 hours on car since built. '03 Nissan Maxim 3.SL motor with 10,000 miles Mendeola MD4-2D tranny. King Shox, 930 C. Vs. CNC brakes, Beard seats, BFG on Centerline, P.S., Race Radiow/intercom, Custom, matching trailer. Holds quads. $45,500.00 w/ trailer. (858) 395-4565. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Raceco, King Bypass, Fresh Bus trans, 1 race on Volker Engine, 930 CV's. Saco Rack, Wright, UMP Power intake, Mastercraft Seat, Crow Belts, CNC, Compu-Fire ignition, Parker Pumper, Sway-A-Way, 2003 FUD Champion, Fast $ I0K OBO. Call Doug @ (619) 933-7015. FOR SALE: ~03 2 seat ig Weld Jimco Class 50cc Honda Redline Perfo ance Engine (New). ~5 spd trans, Fox Sh~ks, ordon Wheels w/ B Tires w/6 spares), PCI Ra-di terCraft Seats, Parker Pu Prepped and profession-ally m mtained by Jimco Racing. With spare parts and dump cans (3). $90,000.00. Jim Slaughter (858) 583-0055. FOR SALE: Alumicraft 2-seat PreRunner-LSl block with aftermar-ket rods, pistons, cam, Weiland mani-fold, big throttle body, etc. Approx 4 50-500hp. Tilton carbon fiber clutch, Billet flywheel, Tdton starter, Fox by-pass all four comers, dual limit straps, BFG projects on Robby Gordon bead locks, Fortin hubs, Fortin gun.drilled axels, Fortin CV' s, Fortin 4-speed, BTI front spindles, big brakes all four cor-ners, flame-out fire suppression, all braided coolant/ fuel lines, Mastercraft 3G seats, Crow belts w / sterum straps, Mastercraft custom side storage bags, OPS, PCI Kenwood race radio, PCI race intercom, eight (8) Hella HID lights. Professionally maintained w/ 1500 to-tal miles. $90K(760) 787-1737 or email at FOR SALE: Chenowth SV16 4.3 Chev Four seater. Chromaly tubin with Tig welding. Fox shocks, Alu 1-num hood panels coated fram ne coated interior. MSD ignition/ avis radiator. Inboard Disc brakes teel braided lines. Centerline rims. 9 C.V Dual sport buggy/Custom wo and detailing. $33,500.00 Steve P (619) 987-8807. FOR SALE: 2000 Suspensions Mercruiser V-6 30G HP, Dead Reliable. Type 2 Bus by Folts, 300M Axles, A-Arm " front . .rear c romo y frame, removable rack, car can be bru-tal Pre-Runner or sand rail. All tires for dirt and sand inc. Many spares. PCI intercom, roadmaster, stereo MP3 hookup, FORSALE: FordProliteRaceTruck. 30 gallon cell 400 mi range. Corrseries,completeandreadytorace! Sway-A-Way 2.5, full circuit Racedonlyoneseason! King Shocks, breaker dash. 102 MPH. A must G-force, engine and aluminum head see for The Baja and Gla-mi5c1..i by Sellin Performance, dual 48 Group. Buth pies ate the same" Webbers, Howe, Wilwood, excep-~-$72,000.00 build cost. Yours tionalaluminumwork. $30,000.00. for $47,500.00. Call Jim for info Phone (402) 750-4163 Norfolk, NE. (818) 974-8977 , (661) 299-9200. FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seat race car or pre-runner. UMI LSI V8, fresh au-tomatic, NEW front end, rear end, trailing arms, Kartek hubs, brakes, ax-les, 934 CVs, King Kong spindles & front am1s, Water-oil coolers, dash,. autometer gauges, wiring, 2 spare set up, dual batts, Kings coils & by-pass, complete chassis powder coated & paint job, Howe steering, halogen fire system, PIM light bar, skit plates, K & N filter, 30 gal Fuel safe cell, 4" filler neck, runs on pump gas, Dual parkers, Mastercrafi:, PCI set up w/intercom, SACO rack w/ram TCS converter, Centerline & ultra wheels, on BFG's, all NEW parts. Complete car built by Foddrill Fabrication, very fast and su-per reliable $63,000.00. MUST SELL For more info call Cesar Fuentes @ (915) 726-3823. FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports' Class lJimco. Betsyneedsanewhome. This is one of the best Class 1 cars out there and really needs no introduction. Climb in and win. $125,000. Call Mark at 1-800-547-2414. FOR SALE: 1976 Ford Bronco-Street legal prerunner 302 Auto, PS, Fuel Cell, full roll cage, ceramic head-ers, new springs, 8 new Fox Shocks, Beard Seats, Jacobs ignition, Simpson Seat belts, 488 gears, front and rear lockers, warn hubs, Edelbrock, Holly, never raced and little use since built. Great looking for only $11,500.00. CaII (402) 750-4163. FOR SALE: Lothringer 7S built in 2001. Has all the best. 225 HP 4 cyl, Culhane, TCS, Deaver, Cone, PCI, Goodyear, King Shocks and Fox bumps, A very good spares package. Fresh Frame up Prep & rebuild on everything. $40,000.00 (626) 893-4178 . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in • ...) === • • Cl~,,fl,d Advocti,ing ra,, "only $25 fo, 45 w~ s:~~' !!~~~;d«ss and phone numb«. Add $5.00 fo, USO of ous5r1:_1•1on j black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. U OU • REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED • 2005 • IN A TIMELY MANNER. . Enclosed is$ _____________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name ___________________________________ _ Address City--------------------------------------------------------------State _____ Zip __________________ Phone ______________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer ·street Chatsworth, CA 91311 • • ISSUE DEADLINE • May05 AprB,05 • • June05 May6,05 • ■ July05 Jun 10,05 • • August05 JulB,05 • • September 05 Aug 5, 05 • • October 05 Sep 9, 05 • • November 05 Oct 7, 05 • • December 05 Nov 11. 05 • • . ...... ...... _________ ...i• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 54 May 2005 Dusty Times

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1,-FOR SALE: 2001 Ford Ranger, 4.0, caged bumper to bumper brand new custom Pre Runner. 3-linked, King shocks, H & Long Travel kit, 17" front Travel, 29" rear travel. Goodyear Wranglers, must sell for motorcycle road rac-ing, $33,900.00 Call Chad @ (661) 904-7077. FOR SALE: 2004 Porter Race Car, Race Ready right now. Spare tires, alts, axles, etc. Car was built with the best of every-thing. Albins 5 speed with con-verter. Call now (951)687-5118. Ask for Danny. FOR SALE: $30,000.00 (Excur-sion). Class (Stock Full SUV Le-gal Class 4100), 7.3 turbo diesel (500+ HP/1000 ft/lbs. Torque), Fox Shox, Fluidyne transmission & engine coolers, 4 speed custom transmission, 3 Mastercraft seats, Autometer gauges, tig welded chromoly chassis, many spare parts. Serious inquiries only! (760) 352-3080. FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports' Class 1 Porter. Turn-keyed by Porter Race Cars w/Redline Per-formance LS 1, Fortin 4-speed w / torque converter. This car has the best components available and has less than 1,500 total miles. The same car is $165,000 brand new. Just get in and race! $145,000. Call Mark at 1-800-547-2414. FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports' 4x4 Bronco Pre-Runner. With suspension by Curt LeDuc and finish work by Stewart's Raceworks, this is a great piece. King Shocks, OPS, Hella, CD, AC, PW, PDL, PCI radio & intercom. Immaculately maintained by Stewart's Raceworks, $75K. Call Mark at 1-800-547-2414. FOR SALE: 1996 Ford F-150 Pre-Runner. 4130 •Cage, 4-link, equal length beams, 1-ton spindles, 19" front, 29" rear, CNC hubs and brakes, Fox 2.5" C/O and -Bypasses, 37" BFG P·rojects, Walker Evans, Bead locks , Fuel Safe, Howe P /S with Ram, Wally World paint, fresh 500hp 406 Chevy and T400, Currie 9", Spool, OPS, HID's, Kenwood radios, Inter-coms, A/C, Full custom interior. Beautiful, reliable, proven pre-runner. $49,000.00 Obo. Bill Hernguist (619) 887-8275. FOR SALE: Featherlite 48' Show Trailer. Sleeps 4, refrigera-tor, stove, full bath, two roof A/ C units, 6,500 Onan generator, 40ft. awning with sides. Large shop area with numerous cabi-nets. $30,900.00 (920) 419-8300. FOR SALE: 2 seat Jimco Class 1, very competitive Beam car. First over-all at Point to Point, Gila Bend, Rock to Rock and Snowflake. Fresh, all alloy, Dan Geere 3.11. Fuel injected Chev V6. Audi automatic, electro-motive, Beard Ultras, Summers, Foddrill, 11 # fire system. Selling complete with custom trailer, Nomex suits, Pumper Helmets, radios and scanner. Lots of spares, strong long block, transmission, engine computer etc. Prepped and ready to race. $20,000.00 OBO Don in Phoenix, (480) 895-1175. FOR SALE: Two short course trucks. 396 motor runs good. 30" rear 28" front Dana 60 rear end. $30,000.00 Truck needs cage & seats & motor. (702) 361-0989. . t Sell your vehicles, ~1~ , nd bits and pieces right e: a Tmes has the readership DustY loi ki g tor so fill out the you're o n P nd form on the opposite pag:::re get your ad in our next . Dusty Times FORSALE: SingleSeatJimcoClass 1 Unlimited, Wiks LS6 Aluminum Chevy V-8 iuotorwith Moree F.l., New Fortin H.D. 4-speed, 35 spline axles, Fortin Rack & Hubs, King Shocks, Hella HID lights, Kenwood radio, com-pletely prepped & Race Ready with all spares, including spare motor. $122,500.00 Call Jeff Darland at. (602) 541-0088. FOR SALE: 2SeatJimco 12-car. New Fortin (2 races old), FAT motor, Fox Shocks, New intercom, Flarrie Out, Summers Floaters, All Foddrill, Ty Godde (661) 713-2579 Price 25 000$$. FOR SALE: 2003-04 Bonnerhawk PreRunner 5 seater Northstar motor, 4 speed Mendeola 934 CV's King Shocks/ Coil Overs 2 Vz" rear, 2" Front 35" Beadlock Ultras all around. Kartek stub axles and hubs, (2) HID pins (2) HID Floods, 40 gal. Fuel safe cell, Kenwood· stereo and PCI Kenwood Race Radio/intercom for all (5) helmets, completely pow-der coated, $90,000.00 invested Sac. $68,500.00. Call (714) 633-9994. May 2005 OFF ROAD MOTORSPORT TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR Bilstein is known worldwide for manufacturing high performance gas pressure shock absorbers. Bilstein provides an exciting and fast paced environment in the au-tomotive high performance in-dustry. Bilstein is a niche com-pany in the TyssenKrupp global community. Visit our web site at and· Our After-market and and Motorsports Di-vision in. Poway, California has an immediate opening for an Off Road Motorsports Technician Supervisor. This position is re-sponsible to provide technical support to the end user for Off Road shock and suspension ap-plications. Duties include the fol-lowing: *Build and repair shock absorbers * Assist R&D with pro-totype design and testing *Main-tain the Off Road Production Schedule, including supervisory responsibilities * Attend con tin-gency days for Off Road races to provide technical support and promote sales *Visit current and potential customers to promote sales and understand customer requirements. *Provide ride devel-opment assistance to customers *Must be able to travel QUALI-FICATIONS: Minimum 5 years technical experience in automo-tive suspension and shock appli-cations: able to read blueprints and schematics, with previous ex-perience operating a Dynamom-eter a plus. A working knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook. As a candidate, you must possess ex-cellent technical and customer ser-vice skills, be results oriented, de-tailed, team oriented, organized, and a problem solver with the ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written forms. We offer a competitive salary and benefit package, including 401(k). If you meet these qualifi-cations, submit your resume, with salary history to the Human Re-sources Department. Contact In-formation: Betty Casillas - e-mail: fax 858-386-5993 EOE EXPERIENCED FABRICA-TOR. Excellent welding skills a must. Call or send resume to Lothringer Engineering, (909) 596-4076, 13 20 Arrow Hwy LaVerne CA 91750. tv116Cb.LLANb.OU6 FOR SALE: PCI Hand held I com radios (2 each) with charg-ers. Used once. Perfect condition. Paid $600.00. Sell $300.00. Call Rich (951) 271-1685 or WANTED: Class 2/1600 car or Class 5/1600 car: needs to be in great shape; with good compo-nents and solid suspension/fuel cell w/rack and pinion power steering/5 point harness, in Cali-fornia area only. Call Greg (951) 858-5332. Approx. price $6,000 to $12,000. INDb.X TO ADYb.R. Tl6b.R.6 Aircraft Spruce ................................ 36 Alpha Performance ......................... 54 Baker Performance ......................... 44 Bilstein ............................................. 27 BTR Racing Wheels· ......................... 42 C&R Racing ...................................... 44 Carrera Lights .................................. 46 Coast Casinos ..................................... 9 Fabtech ............................................ 29 Fuel Safe ......................................... 45 lsco ...................................................... 7 JeepSpeed ....................................... 43 K&N ..................................................... 4 Kartek Off Road ............................... 21 Kawaguchi Honda ............................ 18 King Shock Tech ................................. 2 Light Force Engineering .................. 17 Mag 7 ............................................... 45 McKenzie Performance Products .... 11 Mojave Desert Racing ..................... 23 Nevada Off Road Buggy .................. 33 Pacific Customs ............................... 30 Parker Pumper ................................ 41 Parker Pumper/Competition Air ...... 55 Parker Pumper/Eibach Springs ....... 37 PCI Race Radios ................................. 5 Pikes Service Center ....................... 15 Pro Dirt ............................................. 31 Race Ready ...................................... 39 Racer X ............................................ 12 Redline Performance .......................... 7 Rhino Off Road ................................ 24 Ronco Plastics ................................. 16 Sakata ............................................. 22 SCORE ................................ Back Cover Skyjacker Suspensions ................... 38 SNORE ............................................... 35 Team Gordon Race Wheels ............. 34 Total Power Batteries ....................• 20 Transaxle Engineering .................... 44 Turnkey Products ............................ 32 Valley Performance ......................... 40 Web Cam ......................................... 14 Page 55

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' I l I . I ~ GOLDEN NUGGET ,., -~~-,,: LAS VEUAS A. El The Best of SCORE Desert Racing featuring-The 750-horsepower Monsters of the Desert SCORE Trophy-Trucks The high-speed unlimited SCORE Class 1 open-wheelers Also racing will be these SCORE desert racing classes: Class 1-2/1600, Class 10/SCORE Lite and Class 7 /7S/7SX Wheel-to-wheel racing action, up-close and personal, on a 'chunk of Baj 'des rt course at the 8,000-seat Dirt Track at LVMS. JULY 28 30 2005 LAS VEGAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY DIRT TRACK WWW.SCORELASVEGAS.COM Tickets now on sale! • Choose your seats on-line today!