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2004 Volume 21 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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, I S.2. I serving· The OFF Road community Po, -21 Years· covering the world of competition in the dirt ...

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• I _..,_'-~-· AOO , HUBE KC Contingency Aw~r_tl~ ~ Best ,, Tlie 1esert, DORR, available for the 2004 racing se,son in the , · 1 _~·---· · following sanctioning organizatiOIIS'-eveills~"B ' !I slid 'E & VO~RA New KC RALLY 800 8 Inch diameter HID and Halogen lights are now available in competition long range and rally driving styles. f"""; . I Celebrati'! g our 34th yearjsupporting t OFF-ROAD · t. RAC/NS Check.out for KC HID to. . systems tor ATVs_ A 1+,..,,. ·. /. r\,tt:.,;, r·, / f i : I i . /. / l ~OBBI MEMBER

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Volume 21 - Number 5 May 2004 DllliJ~IDIHI Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate E!iitor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Sheryl Cannon Carrera Photography Mike Chamberlain J&L Photography Jim Culp Mike Del Col Martin Holmes Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montafla Byrle Moore Troy Robinson Jeff Straw Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham fl Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, UC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite JA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage _paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. · CHANGE OF ADDRESS:' Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send ·to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer. St., Chatsworth, CA 913U. snapshot of the Month ... Bob Gordon does a real 360 during qualifying at the MTEG Pomona Fairgrounds event in January, 1985. Bob came off a whoopee a bit too fast, landed nose first and inertia took over from there. Bob wasn't hurt but we're sure his bell got rung a few times. Pictures by Thom Rosian -Imagine Design Studio DUSTI TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES SCORE San Felipe 250 by Judy Smith ................................................... 8 5th Corona Rally of Mexico by Martin Holmes ..................................... 18 MDRFUDMemorial200 ..................................................................... 24 CRS Banquet by Scott Bottomley ........................................................ 27 DARPA Grand Challenge by Judy Smith ............................................ 28 M.O.R.E. Balls Out 250 by Ann Donaldson .......................................... _34 Off Road Racing Names at Irwindale by Sheryl Cannon ...................... 38 MOR Lucerne 250 by Ann Donaldson ................................................. 40 CRS RallySprint by Scott Bottomley .................................................... 46 Pre Run Fun Revisited by Judy Smith .................................................. 49 DEPARTMENTS Happenings .....................................................•...................................... 5 _ Trail Notes ........................................................... : ........................... .-..... 6 CORE Report by Ann Donaldson ..................... ; .................................. 47 GPORRAbyTimHodge ..... : ............................................................... 47 Good Stuff Directory ........................................................................... 51 Classified Ads ...................................................................................... 58 Index To Advertisers ........................................................................... ~ o·n The Cover Mark Post and Jerry Whelchel used their considerable talents and·their great looking Ford Trophy Truck to take the TT Class win as well as the overall. Their second overall win at San Felipe., 1998 in Class 1. Pictwre by-PJ Springman - Tradcsiae Photc> Mark McMillin drove his Chevy powered Jimco to a great win in class 1, he bested his brother Scott and nephew Andy by one second, seen here at speed in his gre-it looking car. Picture by - Byrle Moore -Tracksiae Photo Visit Our Website at ~~erMe ~~ to DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name -------------------Address ------------------City State Zip -----------------Primary Interest Cars □ Trucks □ Motorcycles □ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times May 2004 . Page 3

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BENO HILTON ~--~,.us£ SPECIALTIES COMP414~~ ........... Over-500 Miles -of Pure Raw Adventure!· SPORTMOTORCYCLES ycle JUNE 24 -26, 2004 -RACE IS ON FRIDAY JUNE 25, 2004 Rental Service ase· HONDA Ridff-s Oub cf A»umar !!:~ Las Vegas, Nevada _GoooJ'rEA• _-. _-· Officli!J Truck · 9~!,~!flJJl'tr Dav1Mrtap, ~lllllilm~ RACING ASSOCIATION ' .IID I .NH I /1~,lj ,. . RAc1Nc Assoc1A-r10N ~ ___ . J:;;. J ~OO'i1Cffi3 D . -=-,_ [ilil. A,--~~ •'-. -,..A.CING .A.S-SOCI.A.TIO.lttl -1~.,_-=--,~-~-' · -_ _ -, ; '.·, .. <3475C ~ould~_r-.Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 ·•. _(.702) .457.5775··;. Fax _{702)° .641_-2431 .,_ WWW.bit~fc~m:.• ·. -·'· ·_ · ·. · -'· :._• ·," .,.·. __ ;--A ·n,.B.i;e,,i.t:I_~ The :2004~~B~st-Jn-. The-Desert,! ~ .. ilver Stlzt,/sJ:;ii s•·· .,,,_ ... ' .-.,.-. ,, . . . - . ·-r • • - . • :-: • • ."; • • .. • . • -· • • -...... ·---·•-----•-·-.. -~ .. ----~------~--·--'•-·~ ---: :-___ , .. ..: ' .. -_·:--.,·'-•• ~-. ·,..~~--·:_;',.: .. P:'-~i _ - . ---··· - --•----.. -· _..,_. ____ . -----... -....... ~•-

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.-2004 Happening$ ... CLUB AUTOMOVIUSTAJUARENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210GATEWAYEAsr Rall,J!i_sprint Calendar ay 29, 2004 Baldy Run Rallysprint Pete Morris P.O.Box400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW 10K FOUR WHEELERS . P.O BoxJ6 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) AMERICAN CusToM WHEELS ]EEPSPEED 1826N. WINDES ORANGE, CA 92869 714-538-7434/FAX:714-633-1724 June S, 2004 Baja500 Ensenada, BC, MX August 14, 2004 Wildwash 250 Barstow,CA September 2S, 2004 California 200 Luceme,CA December 4, 2004 Las Vegas 200 State Line, NV AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SolJTH POINTE CIRCLE, Sum 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 EMAIL: AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA OBSERVED TRw.s SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKUM -PRESIDENT (9o<J) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE-(714) 562-7742 EMAIL: bmark9o< <www.atatnDls.rom> AsocIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM LASELL, TECH INSPECTOR APTo42 SAN JOSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CiiAMPJONSHTP DARRYL SMITH 19 SoMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUS!lWlA AUTOCROSS Qu"EBEC OFF ROAD CLASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LA VAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1 T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 . LAl<ESIDE, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BBMMARICETING PROMOTIONS OFF ROAD SHORT COURSE RACING & SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING 4344 VALLEYVIEW AYE. NOROO, CA 92860 (9o<J) 3~6474 BEST IN THE DEsERT\ RACING ASSOCIATION 3475 BoulDERHIGHWAY LAs VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775 E-MAIL: June 24-26, 2004 TSCO Vegas To Reno All Classes September 24 - 26, 2004 Baja Mex 300 World Championship All Classes October 1S-17, 2004 Las Vegas, 200 December 3-S, 2004 Henderson's Terrible 300 Henderson, NV All Classes B.O.R.E. BoNNEvn.LE OFFRoAD RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W 2575 N SUNSET, UT 84015 801-773-1651 April 30-May 2, 2004 Wendover Express Wendover, UT July 2-4, 2003 Jackpot200 Jackpot,NV September 3-S, 2004 Ely 200 Ely.NV BP MoTORSPORTS P.O.Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-578-6258n60-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: AllEventsAtCalifomiaCity, CA May 1-2 2004 Cal-CityOffRoad #2 June 19-20;2004 Cal-CityOffRoad #3 August 28-29, 2004 Cal-City Off Road #4 October 23-24, 2004 Cal-City Off Road #5 December 18-19, 2004 Cal-City Off Road #6 BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ON'f ARIO, CANADA KOK-IH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA Ol 1-52-16-17-45-42CESAAFuam:s CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Rally Calendar May77-8, 2004 Rim Of The World Ray/Donna Hocker <> July 10, 2004 Treeline Clubrally Pete Morris E-Mail: August 21, 2004 Gorman Ridge ClubRally Ray/Donna Hocker E-Mail: October 2-3, 2004 Prescott Forest Rally Michael Taylor E-Mail: December 10-12, 2004 Ramada Express Rally -<www.rallyusa.can> E-Mail: October 9, 2004 Perforce Software Rallysprint John Dillon E-Mail: November 20, 2004 Baldy Run Rallysprint Pete Morris E-Mail: December 12, 2004 Ramada Express Superstage Ray/Donna Hocker <> Rally Schools TBA Thunderhill Rally School Greg Montgomery E-Mail: September 18, 2004 Ridgecrest Rally School Mike/Paula Gibeault E-Mail: CANNING ATTRACTIONS CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O.Box645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAYE ADAMs (Plwrs AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DoN ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O.Box332 i:A1RHAYEN, VT05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON Ht-JACKERS I.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TwP.l.JNEROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison Happenings continu■d on pag■ 6 INTRODUCING_ by KEN\ y AQQDPREMIUM w, PRODUCTS 110 watts of Power I 1so Chann.;I Alphanumeric _I wa1er Reslslant I Mil Spec I Baja 1000 Prrn,en ~~s ~«...#«E'~&Wt>"' E:~...-....,& ~ ~~ ?"u::::Z:i' 0 0 • _1 was in Ensenada, and my crew in San QuinHn could hear me 150 miles awayl I need these in ALL of my truckslu -...::.11..~_,.,,,, PROTRUCK WINNER. 2002 TECATE/SC0RE BAJA 1000 •-The best communicafion we've in over IS years of off road racingr ~~ .. ,..,..~ 6iiE' V E' r"Cl'W~ ~· Remele Head apHan avalleble. Can for details. 800.869.5636 562.427.8177 • Fax 562~26.3589 WWW.PCIRACERADIOS.COM 2888 Gundry Ave.. • Signal Hill, CA 90755 "Maj 2004 Page:s

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Trail Notes ... C HECKERS VIC VAN ELLA AW ARD -The cherished Vic Van Ella Award, given by the Checkers for "The organization or Individual who has made a significant contribution to the sport over the years" was awarded this time-to a dear, dear man. FUD, aka Otis Fudpucker, who left us_ suddenly in October, 2003 at the tender age of 59. Fud started promoting the Superstition Series in 1984 in and around Plaster City, west of El Centro, CA. He created the AMA District 38 for the bikers to race in and was well loved by all who knew him. FUD also put on races in Tecate, Baja California and he was· recognized for his efforts in 1999 by the Governor of Baja, California, Norte. FUD put on a lot of races every year, many for cars and tru.cks and many more for m·otorcycles and quads. Some years he put on over 30 races and he did most of it by himself. He always had help from his dearest friend, Bryan Saasta, but the bulk of the work fell on FUD's shoulder&. FUD also put on races at the Imperial Fairgrounds as well as in the desert. Other recipients of the Vic Van 'Ella a ward were Jean Calvin, Ed Pearlman and Jeff Hibbard, aka "The Big Wahzoo". FUD is among the missing now but his series has been picked up by the Mojave Desert Promotions with an assist from the McMillin Companies. The Van Ella trophy will be on display at Off-Road Warehouse for the first half of the year and at Race Ready Products for the second half of the year. Dusty Times thanks the Checkers for their wisdom in this year's award. D ARPA BARSTOW TO VEGAS RUN -The Defense Advance Research Project (DARPA) invited teams to con'struct autonomo·us robotic ground test vehicles to co·mpete in an off road contest, in search of some type of military vehicle for use in the future. There were 21 participating teams attempting to run the course first and fastest and take home the big prize. After the qualifying runs at California Speedway in Ontario, 15 teams were selected to attempt the 142 mile run from Barstow, CA to Primm, NV on Mar-ch 13th. But, unfortunately for the teams competing for the one million dollar prize, none of the entrants completed the course. Most of the team·s were discouraged but considered this a learning process. and were not too disappointed with their first effort. A full story on th.e contest and lots of picture's can be found in this issue of Dusty Times. FINAL FLAG -ACE BRADFORD -1930-2004 We were in error in the· March issue of Dusty Times when we reported the passing of Steve Bradford. In fact, i.t was the unfortunate passing of Ace Bradford, Steve's father who passed away while racing his car in the MORE F &L Fuels 400 on January 31 in Lucerne, CA. Ace was a Texan by birth, born in Menard, Texas in 1930. Ace was a Boy Scout in his youth and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He enlisted in the US Navy in 1947 · and in 1950 he married Betty Thomas, they had four children, Steven, Donna, Jerry and T _erri. Ace lived in the Monterey California area for most of his life. He later married Bernadean Crouch and later still married April Smith BJum. He is survived by his children, Steve, Donna, Jerry, Terri and Tammy, his step-children, Tracey, Karen, Kim and Mike as well as his grandchildren Matthew and Garrett, Steve and Travis, Joey, Courtney and Sierra. He is also survived by his brothers Donald and Doyle. Ace was a Drag Racer and a circle track racer. Since 1974 his passion was off road racing and he won 12 different off road championship awards in his career. He was a VORRA member for many years. Ace was a great mechanic and he owned an operated Bradford Automotive and Rose Automotive. As Ace approached the end of his life he wrote, "I have lived a very good and rewarding life with 54 + years of doing what I wanted to do (racing with my family). There is nothing better than a loving and understanding family. Amen to that. Rest in Peace Ac~, you'll win lots of races up there! F ABTECH SUSPENSION -Fabtech Suspension Products are strengthening their hand· in the CORR Series. The Fabtech Suspension Pro-Lite truck, driven by Rick Huseman won 16 races over the last three sea_sons; Fabtech will bolster their marketing efforts by sponsoring the Winners Circle segment on Speed Channel as well as the BorgWarner Championship for the 2004-CORR Lucas Oil Series. "Fabtech is proud to be involved in the Winners Circle Segment and the 2004 BorgWarner Championships that are televised on the Speed Channel", said Fabtech owner Dave Winner. Fabtech will also.sponsor the BorgWarner Manufacturers Shootout, where the Pro-4, Pro-2 and Sportsman 2 drivers compete agains_t each·other at the same time: Page 6 . . ' County Fair Grounds. Cadiz: OH Cum AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN Q UINTIN CALLE 6T A FRACC Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (01152 616-5-22-07) Cum. AuT0Mov1usnco SAN VICENTE SAN VICENTE OFF ROAD ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USAJANWRIGITT (01152 61746834) RAM6N CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO . (61637/7 0034) CMC CoNTINENTAL MOTOSPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 FAX: (714) 367-1608 CODE OFFRoAD CODE Offroad USA P.O.Box2328 Calexico, CA 92231-23 28 USA Phone 760-455-8069 Mexico Phone/Fax (0l l-52)686-553-4087 <> June 12, 2004 Accesorios Amado Night Race Laguna Salada, BC, MX July 31, 2004 ORW Lazo de Amistad Gran Prix Tecate, BC, MX October 16. 2004 Mangiamos 300 Laguna Salada, Mexicali, BC, MX December 11, 2004 Rafce Ready Products 275 Ensenads, Mexicali, San Felipe, BC, MX CoLORADO Hill, Cw.m AssoclAnoN . BARB VAHSHOLTZ, I'REsIDENT (719) 531-3642W/(719)687-9827H P.OBox8286 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O.Box392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 0l l-52-65-(,6..4458 CORR 2004 LUCAS On. SERIF.S 192 N. STATE ROAD, Sum 267 AVON, IN 46123 317-272-2827/317-272-2900 FAX May 29-30, 2004 Dresser, WI Pro/Sportsman June 12-13, 2004 Antigo, WI Pro/Sportsman June26-27,2004 Crandon, WI Pro & Sportsman July 10-11, 2004 Topeka.KS Pro & Sportsman August 1415, 2004 Bark River, MI Pro & Sportsman September45,2004 Crandon, WI Pro & Sportsman September 1M9, 2004 New Berlin, NY Pro Series CDRVA 1500 WEST EL CAM~o. Sum 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA ExT 42 FAX(818)957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA ar Thurston Count:Y ORV Park, Olympa, WA) DAKAR RAu,y DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE AoVFNTURES 455 E. OcEAN BLvo., Sum 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 I DECATUR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE Cum . · DECATUR, TX 76234 ToMAuEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 l>PsERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS U!63 COMMANDER DRIVE · May 2004 ' LAKEHAVASUCITY,AZ86403 (928) 855-2208 FAsrmN~RAONG.Afl:N. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 f.Nsew>ABAJAOH'RoADRAONG Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0l l-52-646-1818989 EuS!o 0ll-52-646-1715230 AARON Races far bums & Motorcycles Esmu>BPAOI~ONAL SlauCalRsl!RAl::N; VICTORIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 0ll-52-646-176-6230 . IORDA H.oRiIM O,,,Jlo..w~&w JASONLEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Alm May, NOii at D:ividson Raceway FUDPUCKER RACING TFAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE· s. EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320t959-579-6151FAX 2004Ra~Sdiedule MaV:2004 Dez Sprint Plaster City, East, CA ATVs-Bikes May23,2004 Sweethearts Plaster City, West, CA · ATVs-Bikes Date-'IBD Off Road Warehouse Jacume, Baja, CA Buggies -Trucks October 9, 2004 C/M Nite Team Race Plaster City, East, CA ATVs-Bikes October 23, 2004 Superstition 250 XXI Plaster City, East - A TVs -Bikes -Buggies -Trucks November6,2004 D-38 Reunion Plaster City, West, CA ATVs-Bikes November 7, 2004 Notorious Dawg ATVs-Bikes December 5, 2004 Rudolphs Revenge Superstitions, CA ATVs-Bikes GORRA GEORGIA OFF ROAD RACING AssvcLtnav 420 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GllEA.T Pv.NIJsO,,,Bo,,r; A¥it:mmv PAUL HUFFMAN (402) 296-4349 JESS URWIN (402) 944-2193 All races are short course, stadium style. Classes -Sportsman Buggy, 1/2/5-1600, Sport Truck and Quads. Nebraska Raceway Park is just minutes west of Omaha, NE. <www.f¥XI3£001> HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING 22000 W. Quincy Unit B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-097 4 Fax May 23, 2004 June 13, 2004 July 11, 2004 August 15, 2004 September 12 2004 October 10, 2004 November 7, 2004 December, 2004 (Open) INTERNATIONAL let RACING ASSOCIATION P.O.Box8105 ST. PA~ MN 55108 STEVE BEDDOR (612) 931-3816/FAX 474-2769 INrER-SHows MoTORSPORTs PROMOTIONS, INc. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 JEEPSPEED. RACING FOR STREET LEGAL JEEP CHEROKEES 1826 N. WINDES DRIVE ORANGE, CA 92869 (714) 538-7434 <www.Jeeµ;> E-MAIL: KAMI.OOPS BRONCO BUSTERS WmsPERING PINEs SPORTS & RECREATION CENTER P.O.Box465 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG~L2 DALENYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFFRoAD EXPo · (626) 961-3782 <www.prerunners.ccm> <www.rnega5001V.ccm> L.I.T.R.E. JEFF ELROD (408) 926-0522 ]IMARUTA (408) 247-4402 . MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING Luis CARI.Os ALv AREZO p ANAMERICANA A VE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX 0ll-52-1637-1799 MlcmGAN BuGGY Bun.oERS DUNE BUGGY 'TRADE SHOW (517) 543-7214 <> MicmGAN OFF RoAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M. T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 JONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML 4883 7 (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, A TVs and Pilots only MAORA MID-AMERICA ()pp ROAD AsSOCIATION P.O.Box 184 MATTOON, IL61938 (217) 235-6528 -.E-MAIL: <www.maoraracing.ccm> Short Course Series** Endurance Series*** May 22, 2004** Lincoln Trail Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL . May 23, 2004*** Lincoln Trail Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL June 13, 2004** Charleston Speedway Charleston, IL June 26, 2004** Stone City Ranch Bedford, IN June 27, 2004*** Stone City Ranch Bedford,IN July 17,. 2004** Soggy Bottom Raceway Greenup, IL . August 1, 2004** Charleston Speedway Charleston, IL August 7, 2004*** Lincoln Trail Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL August 21, 2004** Stone City Ranch Bedford,IN September 4, 2004** Soggy Bottom Raceway Greenup, IL September 19, 2004** Charleston Speedway Charleston, IL October 2, 2004** Lincoln Trail Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL October 3, 2004*** Lincoln Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL MoJA VE DEsERT RACING 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/626-579-(,()51 FAX E-MAIL: May 15, 2004 Ridgecrest 300 Ridgecrest, CA June 26, 2004 MDR400 Luceme,CA August 14, 2004 Mojave200 Barstow,CA September 25, 2004 California 200

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., Night Race <> Lucerne CA PIKF.sPEAK November 20, 2004 Stoddard 250 P.O. Box 6962 Barstow,CA COLORAOO SPRINGS, CO 80934 M.O.R.E. (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRINS ROUGH RmERS ()pp HIGH l>EsntT CHAMPIONSIDP P.O.Box 1231 RoADRACING B~ow,CA92311-1231 CHATSWORTH, NJ -7(i()..253-4453 (856) 875-7591 May 29k 2004 Pao 1600 SHoorour KarTe 300 Lucerne,CA COREY GoIN July 2-4, 2004 559-647-6132 Freedom250 GOINRACIN@H01MAILCDM Barstow,CA June 4-5, 2004 Sepcember 18, 2004 SCORE -Baja, Mexico Kar T ek Challenge August6-7, 2004 Luceme,CA SNORE/MORE - Primm, NV December4, 2004 December 10-11, 2004 Holiday 200 SNORE -Cal Ci~, CA Barstow,CA PaoTRuCK RACING SERIES MSBA 9409 ABRAHAM WAY MICHIGAN SPoRI' BuGGY AssoclAnON SANTEE, CA 92071-2856 DAVE BARRET (619) 449-6252/FAX: (619) 449-6470 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. June 4-6, 2004 FUNT, ML 48506 Baja500 (810) 730-9221 Baja, Mexico June24-27,2004 MOTOWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES · VegasToR.eno BILLMARKHAM September 12-14, 2004 (9()()) 860-1857 Las Vegas, NV <> Primm 300 All events at Perris Raceway Primm.NV (At Reed Valley with a school) November 11>21, 2004 Baja 1000 NATIONAL MUD RACING AssN. Baja, Mexico RT. #1 -Box380 December 3-5, 2004 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN Las Vegas 200 PALATKA, FL32177 LasVe~,NV (904) 325-5422 PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSN. P.O.Box50 BUTCH CHAPIN MOTORSPORTS RICKETTS, IA 51460 PROMOTIONS (712) 679-2221 1404 EAST 3RD STREET SAN Diwo SHORT CoURSE HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 WINTERNATIONALS NOORA A New Series by Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Tn«:ks, Desert Tn«:ks, Buggies, GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 Pilots, Tough Tn«:k E-MAIL <> <> (858) 571-5088 Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 51 B, 20 SAN DmooOw RoAD ExrosmoN. minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (888) 836 7918 (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from ROCK CRAWLERS ASSOCIATION ()p Spring Valley) AMERICA NoR1HERN Omo Ow RoAD P.O.Box 1406 RACING AssN. RIVERTON, UT 84065 GARY WULFF (801) 446-5337/FAX: (801) 253-3176 (724) 283-2678 SCCA PaoRAuY ()pp ROAD ExP0 2004 P.O. Box 19400 (626) 599-8622 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 OH'Rcw>RACN.~ <> VOLUNTEERED SERIES May 7-8, 2004 PRESIDENT -GEOFF LEE Rim Of The World 1243TRICERoAD Palmdale, CA LEBANON, TN 3 7087 May 15-16, 2004 (615) 453-5830 Rally Of Wales CLASSREP.-1/2-1600 Wrexham, England BRUCE MEYERS May 22-24, 2004 (865) 453-1005 Bighorn Rally CLASS REP. - 9 & UNLTD. Edson, Alberta, Canada MICHAEL MOORE May 28-30, 2004 (334) 271-7035 · Rocky Mountain Rally .. \ OUTLAwREP. Calgary, Alberta, Canada DoNPONDER June 5, 2004 (314) 631-8190 Susquehannock Trail {AllRaces at ~intne County SWAcres) Wellsboro, PA OFF-ROAD SAND & SPEED EXPO June 11-13, 2004 Scottish International Rally May 14-16, 2004 Dumfries, Scotland Orange County Fairgrounds June 11-12, 2004 FOR BooTH INFORMATION CALL: Pacific Forest Rally (714) 241-9055/FAX (714) 241-0821 Merritt, British Columbia, Canada June 24-26, 2004 Omo OPP RoADERS INc. Pikes Peak International Hillclimb 1427 GOSHEN HILLS RoAO S.E. Colorado Springs, CO NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 July 2-4, 2004 JIM KENDEL Jim Clark Memorial Rally (216) 339-4674 Berwickshire, Scotland AU races held at Harrison July 2-3, 2004 County Faiwounds. Cadiz, Ohio Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs ONTARIO OPP ROAD New Richmond, Quebec, Canada RACERS ASSOCIATION July 30-31, 2004 Maine Forest RICK TICHBOURNE, Pusuc RELATIONS Rumford, Maine (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) July 30-August 1, 2004 OUTLAW SEVEN PlcKUP Mame International Rally 9269 UMMELMAN Castletown, Isle Of Mann ST. Louis, MO 63123 August 27-28, 2004 Ojibwe Forests (314) 631-8140/FAX: ((314) 631-1921 Bernidji,MN PACE MOTOR SPORTS September 3-4, 2004 U.S. ()pp ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Ulster Rally Belfast, Northern Ireland 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE September 10-11, 2004 AURORA, IL 60504 Rally Defi Ste-Agathe/Duhamel (630) 566-6100 Sainte-Agathe, Quebec Dusty Times September 16-19, 2004 Rally Great Britain Wales, England September 24-26, 2004 Colorado Cog Steamboat Springs, CO October 2-3, 2004 T rackrod Rally Yorkshire, England October 16-17 ,2004 Lake Superior Houghton, Ml October 20-2.+, 2004 Rally International de Charlevoix La Malbaie, Quebec Odober JO-November 1, 2004 Tempest South Of England Rally Aldershot, England November6-7,2004 Heart Of Dixie Pro Rally Preview and Awards Southeastern USA November 19-20 2004 Rally OfThe T~ Pines Bancroft, Ontario Canada SFX MOTORSPORT'S GROUP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE, Sum 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 FAX SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAITSMAN RD., Sum A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> Date To Be Announced SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 Henderson, NV 4 Wheel Classes Only June 4-6, 2004 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, Baja CA Motorcycles/ATVs Included · September 10-11, 2004 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV 4 Wheel Classes Only November 17-21, 2004 TecateSCOREBaja 1000 Ensenada To LaPaz Baja, California, Mexico Motorcycles/ATV's Included SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OPP ROAD ENnroSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 (702) 452-4522 May 21-22, 2004 Dusty Times 250 Caliente, NV August 6-8, 2004 KCHilites Midnight Special Primm,NV October 1-3, 2004 Gold Coast SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV November 12-13, 2004 Western Desert Championship California City, CA December 10-12, 2004 Baja In Primm Primm,NV (Nan Points Race) SONS OF THUNDER 4WHEELERs RACE DIVISION KEITH STEW ART (714) 522-1899 SODA SHORT CoURSI! ()pp ROAD Dluv!!RS AssOCIATION TERRY WOLFE 7839 W. NORTH AVENUE WAUWATOSA, WI53213 (414)453-SODA SOUTHEASTERN Qpp ROAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 MIKE MOQRE -(224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. Hacienda Blvd. #322 Hacienda Heights, CA 91 745 (626) %1-6522 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. 43807 40TH STREET EAST LANCASTER, CA 93535 (MON-FRI 8:30 A.M. TO 1 :00 P.M.) (661) 946-6986/FAX:(661) 946-6483 lNrERNET: <h~://> MORE Happenings-page 57 May 2004 Trail Notes ... The non-points battle·takes place each fall at Crandon International Off Road Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. "All of us at Fabtech look forward to the upcoming season and are proud to support the Huseman Racing efforts in their quest for the 2004 Pro-Lite Championship." SCORE/DARPA -SCORE and Sal Fish were honored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for their significant participation in overseeing the route development and logistics at venues in Fontana, CA, Barstow, CA and Primm, NV, along with three proposed routes between Barstow and Primm. Sal said, "I was pleased that our SCORE crew was able to meet the challenge and equally honored that DARPA has recognized out contribution to ·their overall effort. For SCORE to be asked and then to fulfill its responsibilities so well, relative to such an important national defense project speaks· volumes about our experienced and dedicated SCORE staff." Paul Fish, SCORE VP oversaw the daily operations of. nearly 200 SCORE personnel involved with the ground operations and facility setup. Kudos to SCORE for a job well done. S CORE POINTS -After two races in the SCORE Series, Brian Jeffrey and Adam Pfankuch (1/2-1600) are the overall points leaders. 10 points behind, 2nd overall is Travis Fletcher and Brad Fletcher, also 1/2-1600. Rick Boyer and Steve Roberts are 3rd with 116 points, also in 1(2-1600. 4th place is John Marking, Class 1, 113 points. In 5th place is Andy/Scott McMillin, Class 1, 110 points. Mark Post and Jerry Whelchel are 6th overall, Trophy Truck, 109 points. 7th overall is Rob MacCachren and Danny Anderson, 1/2-1600, 106 points. Rick Wilson/Bekki Wik and Leonardo/Alejandro Navarrete are tied for 8th in points, in Class 1, and 1/2-1600 respectively. They each have 105 points. Rounding out the top 10 is Gary Dircks and Mark Porter in their Trophy Truck with 103 points. Leadit;tg Class 3 is Don and Ken Moss, George Seeley leads Class 5, Gerardo lribe is the 5-1600 leader and Craig Turner leads Class 7. Bob Graham heads Class 7S, Rich Severson leads 7SX and Dave Raimonde is leading class 8. Eric Fisher heads Class 9, Jim Anderson heads Class 10, Stan Potter heads SCORE Lite and Eric Solorzano is on top of class 11. John Griffin heads Stock Full, Jeff Dickerson is the ProTruck leader, John Baker heads Stock Mini and Ricardo Ramirez leads Class 1 7. Next on the tour in the Baja 500 early in June. GET WELL SOON -Just heard through the grapevine that Albert Stichle had a heart attack but the good news is that Albert, who is 81 years old is recovering nicely. Albert is the guy who introduced Bilstein to the off road racing market some 40 years ago. Get well Albert and get well soon! KC HILITES -KC Hilites has joined the CORR Lucas Oil Series as an Associate Sponsor for 2004. KC is offering $11-2,000 in product or $40,800 in cash in their 2004 CORR contingency program. The KC Hilites Year End Championship Award will add an additional $3000 available to the drivers. Obviously, lights are not necessary for the CORR drivers but the lucrative KC Hilites contingency program provides some large rewards for the use of the KC Hilites products on the racing cars and trucks. For more information on the KC Hilites Contingency Program, contact Jim Conner at 928-855-0912. 2 004 OFF ROAD EXPO -The Off road Expo will be held in Halls 4, 5 & 6 at the Fairplex in Pomona on October 9 and 10, 2004. This will be the fifth anniversary of this very popular off road exhibition where nearly 40,000 people attended last year. There are still some good locations left and, if you're interested in displaying your wares you should call 626-599-8622 as soon as possible. NEW DRIVER -Dusty Times is pleased to announce a new addition at the John Gaughan household. A daughter, Gwyneth Rose, joined the household of John and Barbara Gaughan on March 26th. Congratulations to the proud parents. May Gwyneth have a very long and happy life. GOODYEAR/CORR -Goodyear Tire announced that they will once again be back at the CORR/Lucas Oil Series as an Associ·ate and Contingency sponsor. "Goodyear is proud to have been associated with CORR since its inception in 1998" said Jim Alexander. "We have watched the series grow and become more professional with more TRAIL NOTES on page 57 Page 7

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SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 By Judy Smith Post And Whelchel overall Photos: Track.side Photo John Baker was the only Stock Mini truck to run at San Felipe, but with nothing more than one flat tire, he managed to get to the finish in his Ford to claim a victory. Ronny and Randy Wilson had a beautiful day and a lot of fun racing with their brother. And when the day was over they'd placed third in Class 1 at SCORE's San Felipe 250. San Felipe, Baja Ca. Mex: Mark Post and Jerry Whelchel drove their Ford Trophy Truck to the over-all win at SCORE's San Felipe L.50, earning the team their second over-all victory at this event. A month earlier than it has been in the past, the 250 attracted a huge entry, with a total of 196 car and truck starters, there to enjoy cooler weather and a damp track. A late winter storm had swept through the area a few days before, drenching San Felipe and the surrounding desert. The happy result was that in the cool temps the soil didn't dry and the race was nearly dust free. -One unhappy after-effect was that just enough sand was carried down into the washes to hide the rocks, but not enough to dull their tire-biting teeth. This year's course was a loop of 22 7 miles that started at the arches that decorates the entrance into San Felipe. From there the racers went north to Highway 3 (the road to En-senada) then skirted its southern edge for a while before dropping southward along the eastern edge of Diablo Dry Lake. When they had reached Zoo Road, they turned westward, picked up Morelia Road for a while and then zigzagged into Huatamote Wash, which took them down onto the old Puertecitos Road. After a short time on the road they turned west again, up Chanata Wash, and then made a long loop in a southeasterly direction, until they got to Matomi Wash, which then brought them down onto the Puertecitos Road again. They then turned north, until they neared the point where the course hit the road earlier, and slid eastwards to skirt the old road for a while, until finally, just past the airport, at Mile 220, they ,,·.,.l crossed the road, headed into the dump, and thence to the finish line. The course was rough, with a lot of whoop-de-doos. There hasn't been a truly big rainstorm to smooth.things out, and it's been used for many races in the past couple of years. The race started a little late be-cause the medic helicopter wasn't allowed off the ground as early as SCORE officials had anticipated so everything got moved back about 25 minutes, meaning that the first Trophy Truck didn't leave until about 8:55. There was a nine hour limit. The pre-race festivities were much as they've been for years. Wjth the contingency and T-shirt cfr'cus on the Malecon, the atmo-sphere is generally more festive than at other contingency rows. It doesn't seem so much a required duty as it does a fairly· entertaining way to spend a few hours. For the team that hasn't finished its pre-race work it's still a big chunk of time, but on the whole the pit crews like the near party atmosphere, and the specta-tor-types go into full party mode by about 11 o'clock in the morning. The Trophy T rocks were the first group to take off, and they went off into a cool, breezy morning. The last Tom Brown soloed in his Baja Bug, changed three flat tires, and had some oil EricFisherandHectorSarabiamadelotsofadjustmentstotheirGaribayChallenger, pressure gauge problems, but still took the Class 5 win. finally got it working right, and took the Class 9 win. JamesGoldensoloedthiseventinhisJimco, andenjoyedsomegooddueling, had Mike Horner and Bob Graham had to add water to their over-heating Toyota almost no problems and took the win in SCORE Lite. Tacoma, but otherwise their day weni well, and they took the win in Class 7S. Pages May 2004 Quads to start had been gone for almost two hollrs, so unless they'd had problems they wouldn't be in the way ( or in danger). There were 21 of the Trophy T rocks, but six of them didn't get halfway into the race. Ed and Tim Herbst didn't even get as far as Mile 70. We know that Luis Wallace broke a steering box early, but there was no word on what happened to Juan Ibarra, Robby Gordon, Richard Hoffman, or B.J. Baldwin. They just all disap-peared. Of the ones that continued to move along, the lead belonged to Whelchel, but he had only 56 sec-onds on Brian Collins in his Chevy when they reached Mile 115, the BFG pit at the entrance to Chanate Wash. In third place it was Jason Baldwin, about four minutes back in his Ford, and then Pete Sohren had his new Ford in fourth, 27 sec-onds later. Scott Steinberger ran fifth in his Ford, about six minutes behind them. The racing was close, they were in sight of one another and because there was no dust, they were hav-ing fun. Those who changed driv-ers did it at the Chanate turn, which must have been a busy place. Some in the class had early trouble, like Dave Ashley whose Ford had a flat, and then the lug wrench didn't work. And Gus Vildosola had a flat near Diablo and his air jack sank into the dirt. Then, at Mile 112 he lost his alternator and there was no spare. Nick Baldwin broke the left side front shocks on his Ford, and got them repaired, but later, when he broke the ones on the other side, he had no spares left. The lead pack stayed close to-gether, and averaging 63 miles an hour, Post led them into the finish . line. He and Whelchel reported a clean race with absolutely no prob-lems. Their time was 3:36:40. While this was the team's second overall win at San Felipe (the first came in '98), it was the first time they'd done it in the Trophy Truck. The previ-ous overall was in their Class 1 car. Interestingly, this year's time was just 10 minutes and 29 seconds faster than '98's time. Jason Baldwin fin-ished second reporting a good duel with Dan Smith. He said it was "tough out there - hard not to have flats." In third place it was Sohren's three-seater, with Rick Geiser driv-ing the second half. They also re-ported no trouble, and "no dust", though they thought they ought to "smooth out that last 25 miles." Larry Ragland brought Collins' truck back in fourth place, with no spares left in the mounts and muttering some-thing about the ring and pinion. Ashley and Smith were fifth. Smith had also had a flat, and the · lug wrench hadn't worked for him either. They had a small mystery Dusty Times

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l ' Jim Anderson and Guy Evans had their VW powered Dunrite running Just one of several brother teams radng at San Felipe, Josh Baldwin Gerardo Barragan had some trouble with an electric fan on his Range throughthebushesfortractionpartoftheday. ltgotthemtosecond brought his Ford Trophy Truck back to the finish line in seventh Rover, but otherwise things went well and he finished second in place in Class ta place. _c..,...1a.,...ss_3_._----,-=---=------~---,~-=-~---~ electrical thing, but said their trans- plan didn't pan outand they had to The Class 1 cars went off next unknown problems, and Doug For- strap, and Buddy Feldkamp, .in his mission (the cause of their Laugh- put new batteries in to send him on witlian astounding 36 starters. Ten. tin, Jr., Jimco, was also out early. Chevy Penhall.had flattened a tire,, lin dnf) had run cool, and things to another pit. Eventually he got the of them failed to make it to the half- Tom DeNault, in Alberto Coppola's and had to fix it himself. Brian' were looking much better in that new alternator and went on to meet way point. Dennis Boyle was re- · . Chevy Marking, lost his transmis- Parkhouse has a new car, a V8 department. Gary Dircks was sixth, Rob,·who was also planning to drive ported to have lost the motor in his sion at Mile 20, and Josh Waddell Chevy Jim co, and he'd already · in his Ford, and his passenger was · his 1600 car in this event. When-he Chevy Lothringer, and Jeff Darland was another early dnf in his Chevy rolled it and torn off the roof, but it happy to get ~o the finish, since·he'd got in the_ truck he tried to make up and John Herder lost their power TLR. Also early dnfs were John was still going. Cam Thieriot, in his been carrying their floor jack in his tim~. _He had a flat. Then, in the steering early. When they got their Gaughan in his Chevy Bunderson, Robby Gordon built car, had lost a lap· ever since the .mount broke. big sand whoops near the end the Chevy Jimco into a pit for a fix some- · Robbie Groff in his Chevy Jimco, fan belt several times. . That amounted to 210 miles. transmis-sionwent.Robgotoutand one noticed that both c.v. boots andBobLoftoninaChevyJimco. Mike Accordino, in Brian-They'cl had five flat tires. In sev- rolled in under the car to.see what were tom ·and all the grease was Thatleft 26of them charging on Coneen's Porsche Chenowth had enth it was Josh Baldwin, in a Ford, was wrong and rolled into a nest of gone. Thev. decided that was the down the course. At Mile 115 the "some issues" that slowed him, and just four minutes behind sixth. ·cactus balls. It wasn't a really good -end of their day. : · lead belonged to Dale Ebberts in his Rick Romans was having "wiring Eighth-place went to Steve Soura- day. Eventually they got the trans- ·Alsooutinthe first half was Da-VB ToyotaJimco, and he had about trouble" and "tire trouble". And pas wl:,.~ }}ad two very ~rly flats artd . · mission replaced and w~nt o~ for men Jefferies _in new l'or!er._He 51 seconds on Richard Boyle in his Bobby Baldwin lost the steering on one·late in the day in his Ford. Al- the 12th place finish. · got 12 miles. Bis car got hot and Chevy Jimco. In third it was Scott his Ford Porter and went through a . lan Pflueger, Chevy,_ who'd lost a Nick Baldwin was :Lucky 13~h, tossed a belt, but the alterna,tor light · McMillin in a Chevy Jimco, another tree, which cost him 40 minutes. driveshaft and had a 'flat, followed _. after getting all his shock problems didn't. come on. Realizing some- minute back. Behind him came Pat Not too many of them fell out in him in. _ repaired, and in 14th it was Marty thing was wrong, Darnen stopped Dean in a Chenowth, and then the second half of the race. But Rich Scott Steinberger and Jesse Jones Coyne who started, and his.-son, and when he and his brother Casey Mark McMillin in his new V8 Chevy Ronco, in a Chevy Tatum lost his were 10th in their Ford, while Mike Travis, in their Ford. They had driv-· hopped out of the car they discov- powered Jimco. Michael planned to clutch just four.miles before the fin. Jakobson, in bis new Chevy, was eline problems, losing both eredthewiringinthebackwasall drive, but came down sick and ishline.AndJimTucker,inaJimco 11th, finishing with no brakes and driveshafts, which cost them two on fire. The hand held extinguisher Kevin-was soloing. Ronny Wilson Chevy is reported to have had ma-no steering. Vildosola· and Mac- hours. And they said they had some put it out quickly. Casey theorized was seventh in his Chevy Jimco, jor throw-out bearing problems that Cachren were 12th. When the al- flats. Eric and Jared HardiIJ., in a that something got into the water· about eight seconds behind him. stopped him. Pat Dean disappeared ternator went Gus had turned ev- GMC Sierra that was more Protruck pump and stoppe_d the flow of cool- Some drivers were having some in the second half, and so did Troy erything off and tried to make it to than Trophy Truck, were 15th, the ant. Ron Brant drove his Chevy trouble. Bekki Wik, in Rick Wilson's Herbst, in his SmithbuiltTruggy. a pit with a replacement. But that last in the class to finish. Jimco back into town by 10:35, with Chevy Jimco, had broken a limiter Continued on page 10 Da,sty Times An lnttm11te Gem Adjacent to Belfagio, Caesats & Ballys Raml~o & The Strip 1-888-227-2279 bmb11,yeoae1r?amo.cem The Place Las vegans ca11 Home"' West Flamingo & Valley View 1-888-402-8278 i)¢ldeon1cuinc>.(;Qffl May 2004 Ask About Our Special Hea.d/lner Show and . ROOf!1 Packages -West Tropicana & Atville 1-800-8754287 or1ee:necamo;= Ask AbOllt our Room & GOif Packages Alta &: Rampart 1-877-677-7111 ~iiohc:u ;<an Page 9 ..,

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Rick Boyer and Steve Robetts teamed in a Lothringer, had a quick There were six Spottsman Buggy entries at San Felipe this time, but "-'--"=-------------....... _._~-----'------------"'----' rollover, and brought the car back in sixth place in Class 1-211600,· some had trouble finishing. Bob Carr brought his buggy back in John Cooley drove his good looking VW powered Alumi Craft Class 10 car to third ifJ class, repotting no problems along the way. the biggest group at the event. second place. John Griffin and Mike Sabbarese had major rear suspension problems with their Hummer, but tied it all together and took the Stock Full win. But up at the front of the pack in second place it was his brother, things were going right for Mark Scott and 16 year old nephew, McMillin. He sailed along doing all Andy. Andy had flattened a tire the driving, and thinking that he late in the day, when he'd had Mark really wanted a podium finish. It has in sight. There was a big group there been a long dry spell for Mark. As to celebrate that one-two finish. he got to within 20 miles of the fin-When the Tecate beer rep handed ish and it became fairly certain he'd_ a can of beer to Andy (as he did be there, and in a top position, he with all finishing drivers), the teen-suddenly had tears in his eyes. He ager looked at it yearningly, and pulled in to the finish with his when his crew said, "Go ahead, nephew, Andy, right behind him, Andy, you deserve it!" he had it and thought he'd been beaten. But downed in about three swallows. when the timing and scoring folks Mark McMillin's time was 3:48:55, had worked their magic, Mark had with an average speed of 59.6 miles the Class 1 win by one second. And per hour. .,.....,,.,.....--,-....,.......,,.........,.__..,..._ _ _, Behind the McMillins came an-other family. Ronny and Randy Wilson were third, and two and a half minutes behind them were brother Rick and co-driver Bekki Wik in fourth. Their celebration was as big and cheerful as the McMillins, and there were serious connotations for chief mechanic Mike Stapleton. He'd promised that if both cars could finish in the top five he'd shave off his beard. Nei-ther team had any problems, once the limiter strap was fixed. In fifth place it was another fam-ily team, this time a father and son. Bud Feldkamp did the second half, and said, "that's a rough old course - it was kinda fun." He'd had no trouble at all. And in sixth it was Kevin James, another racing brother, but without his brother this time. His only problem had been some flat tires. Tom Ridings took over for Parkhouse and brought the new car in seventh, followed by the team of Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt. Ewalt had four flat tires. And when he pulled off for one of them he dis-.covered that the car was on fire be-cause of a loose oil line. That was quickly snuffed, and did no dam-age . John Marking came in next, in his Chevy Jimco. He said he'd had a flawless race, except that a wire fell off the alternator and it "took me too long to figure it out -but I'm Robertson, whose Chevy Silverado getting closer!" Bobby Baldwin fin-lost a ball joint The rest of them went ished in 10th place, and in 11th it on, with Dave Raimonde leading was Thieriot and his co-driver, thepackinhisChevy.Hesaidthere Glenn Harris. Harris is considerably was some "pretty rough dirt out shorter than Thieriot and sits on a there" but added that his truck pillow; one left over from his days of went over it "like it was smoothed racing with Tracy Valenta in the out." Elias Canchola was second in Tracy's Party Ice car. He'd also lost his Ford, only five minutes back, the fan belt a few times. and in third it was Mark Julius in a In 12th place it was Romans, Chevy another ten minutes back. then 13th went to Chuck Hovey Mac Randall, a member of the who'dlosttheclutchinhis V4 Jimco. Randall family that used to race in They pulled the motor to replace. it the 70s and early 80s, had his Jeep and discovered that the pressure in fourth place, but he'd had some plate was cracked in half. The re- problems and was another three pair took an hour and 20 minutes. hours off the pace. Brian Coneen and Mike Accordino At the finish it was Raimonde were 14th, reporting dirt sucked and Jeff Geiser, who drove the sec-down the carburetors. And Dale ond half. Geiser said he "screwed Ebberts and Ernie Castro, Jr., who'd up in Matomi" and flattened a tire, started the morning in the lead, fin-which he then ran on for a while. ished in 15th place after replacing But other than that they'd had a their transmission. They said every- clean day. Their total time was thing else "works great" on their new 4:42:20, with an average speed of car. Steve Melton was 16th in his 48.3 miles per hour. In second it was Chevy Jimco, reporting a flat and a Julius and Todd Wylhe, who did lost c.v. joint. And last in the class, the second half, and they reported in 17th place, was Richard Boyle, no problems at all and finished about who'd been second. His time was 40 minutes behind the winning six hours, four minutes and five sec- truck. Canchola had transmission onds. problems and was another hour The next group to leave the line down in third place. Randall never was the Class 8 trucks, with just six got to the finish. entries. Jeff Stowers and Rodd Fan-The Class 10 cars started next, telli and their Ford were out early, with 23 starters. A whole passel of and so were Mike Doherty and Billy them faded in the first half of the ~----------------------'-----; race, with no reports about why . Brian Freemal, Charles Lathrem, Mike Williams, Brian Walsh, Will Higman, Mike Sandoval, Carlos Cortez and Drew Belk all went out. Harley Letner, in his Honda Chen-owth, said, "I passed six cars before Zoo Road - never'had to lift." But he broke a camshaft. And Tom Bry-ant radioed he'd lost the motor of Smitty Schmidt's Honda Chenowth seven miles south ofMorelia Junc-tion. Brian Jeffrey and Adam Pfankuch paired up in Jeffrey's Dunrite. They had a Mark Growe drove his Ford in the Spottsman Truck class, had no trouble of his problem with a traffic jam and some brake trouble, and took the win in the 1600 own, but stopped to help Griffin, and finished the race a winner. class. At the Chanate pit, at Mile 115, the lead belonged to Lobsam Yee in his Honda Jimco. He'd lost the face shield off his helmet and had an un-comfortable time of it. In second it was Mark Hutchins in his Honda Jimco, eight minutes back. Ron Dalke was third in his Tatum, an-other 38 seconds down, and in fourth it was John Cooley in his VW powered Alumi Craft. Fifth place · belonged to Scott Sellers, who hadn't raced in a couple of years, in his Honda powered single seat car. Andrew Wehe ran sixth in aT oyota Jimco, feeling that his motor was down on power. In seventh it was Guy Evans in Jim Anderson's VW Bonnerhawk. Mark McMillin got to race with his brother, nephew, dad and son at San Felipe and Brothers Ken and Don Moss shared the driving in their Class 3 Bronco, repotted a as if that wasn't fun enough, he drove his Chevy Jimco to the Class 1 victory. high-speed vibration, but no other problems, and took the win. Page 10 May 2004 In the second half of the race, Eli Yee took over for his brother, and he charged hard toward the finish. As he rounded the final tum on the pavement his transmission let go, but his momentum carried him over the finish line for the victory. He said they'd had two flats during the day also. Their time was 4: 26: 17, and Continued on pa1e 12 Dusty Times

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Mike Malloy and Sammy Ehrenberg teamed in Ehrenberg's Jimco, ran second for a while, but a couple of Oats dropped them back to fourth in 1-211600. Dr. Bud and Buddy Feldkamp shared the driving in their Penhall. Buddy had a Oat, Bud thought the course was rough, and they were Rhh in Class 1. Brothers Brad and Travis Fletcher had a pretty good day in their Baja Shop car, except that Travis got cactus all over him. They were their average speed was 51.2 miles per hour. Just two minutes behind them was Jim Anderson, his car stuck all over with shrubs. He said, "We were bushwackin', tryin' to get traction!" Cooley finished third, another three minutes behind re- it was Wehe and co-driver Kash portingnoproblemsbeyondacouple Vessels, who'd had one flat. He of oozing shocks. agreed with Wehe that the motor Dalke was fourth, 15 seconds was down on power. Sellers was later saying he'd had a flawless day, sixth, a bit irritated about a "flat tire with no trouble at all. In fifth place fiasco". Seems he'd had a flat and -. , / MOTORSPORTS ~ \ ~ ./' • ½" Drive second in Class 1-211600. · some folks in Ebberts' crew had went past him. But he still finished changed it for him. Then, as he fifth, and at that was only 19 min-went back out on the course he flat- utes off the winning time. In sixth it tened the new tire. Then he had to was Travis Brookshire and Joel drive on it to a pit, and that ruined Whitted, in one of Whitted's dad's the wheel, and several other ~ars old cars. They had a flat and the brakes were "terrible", but Whitted said, "any day racing at San Felipe is a good day." Brookshire is await-ing the completion of his new ra~e car. Significantly outflows other •blower type' helmets ..,. • NOT a converted motorcycle helmet! ...-, e lightweight Composite Shell • 216 ft.-lbs. Torque Carrying Case & Charger Eighth place went to Scott Martenson and Andy Kisner, who had no problems. Javier Robles, in a VW Jimco, WlS ninth, and in 10th it was Mark Landersman in his Toyota J imco. Landersman had an adventure. At about Mile 185 (north bound on the Puertecitos Road) he detected a flat tire, and so, plan-ning to pull off and fix it, he loos-ened his belts. Then, because of the flat the car suddenly veered off course and went into what he called a "very, very big ditch." It stopped suddenly. Because his belts were loose, Landersman was thrown for-ward. His knee hit and bent the dash and his chest bent the steering wheel. Luckily, his crew was nearby, on their way to help him. They got the tire replaced, the steering-wheel straightened and buckled him back in safely and sent him on his way. He said, "I'm so glad to be here!" ,-:; 9 g • 9 9 • Snell SA-2000 Automotive Rated • Fire Resistant Interior Special wt FR.EE'._ _________ _.,, H ltr1 t ag I! LOWRANCE fiP!i!!ii • BN-J & Color Displays • 2· to 10.4" Screen Sizes • Portable & Panel Mount • Unlimited Mapping • 50 to· 110 Watts of Transmitting Power! Alphanumeric Digital Display 1 3 Year Warranty l • Exceeds Mil-Spec Standards Page 12 • Only 6.6 lbs.! • Vehicle Hol.ster Available May 2004 CDMMIJNlCATIO !iOWTION!i FOR RACINli& RECREATION • Intercoms & Radios • Satellite Phones • Base Station Antennas • NEW1 Carbon Fiber Headsets ·., Scanners • 105, 135, 150, & 235 CFM Models Available • lightweight & Reduced Amperage • 3M Hepa & CO Filter Options BAJA PROVEN •!/ SetellitePnones Steve Myers and George Erl, in their Toyota Jimco, had ignition problems all day, and were down to two cylinders for a while. Because of that they spent some time stuck. But ultimately got going again, to finish 11th. And Dave Mason and Martin Christensen, in their BMW Jimco, were 12th. Early in the day Dave came to a stop when the mani-fold air pressure sensor failed. He radioed for help, but Martin, down at Mile 115, waiting for him to ar-rive, was unable to explain how to fuc it. So he got in his chase vehicle and hustled back up course, and out onto where the race car was, to make the repair. Mason went on with no problems and Christensen, back at Mile 115, got in the car and brought it to the finish. C.J. Hutchins took over the car from his dad and he broke a rear shock mount. Actually, it was more like ripping off the rear comer of the chassis. The car squatted down with the left front tire and wheel up in the air, and the right rear comer of the skidpan dragging. They did a major weld job, incorporating some big bolts and scrap metal into their repairs and sent him on. But then as he rounded the dump turn it col-lapsed again. So C.J. skootched along on his skid pan for almost all the rest of the way. The clutch was also nearly gone. At the very end, for some reason, believing it was the legal way to do it, C.J. and his pas-senger shoved the car the final 100 feet or so and over the finish line. It wasn't 'til they'd been in for a while that they were made to understand that it might not be a legal finish. Dusty Times

Page 13

Victor Herrera, Sr. and Victor Herrera Jr. teamed in their Ford truck, Gerardo tribe had a broken shock mount, but after repairs he drove Ed McLean, 77. came out from Maryland, teamed with Phillip Breedlove had some trouble with third gear and took second place in Class 7. 'like a madman• and finished the day second in Class 5-1600. . in their Jimco, and went home with second place in Class 9. The phrase "must cross the finish cost them 20 minutes or so. Luis sion ar. o See ey sett e in or line with the engine running a_nd Barragan finished 12th and in 13th another long repair job. Once that propelling the vehicle" was the one it was Randy and Kelly Ross in their was completed he went on his way, that applied to their situation. So, Desert Dynamics. They said that only to run into Steele again. This after they'd sat there a while, they Kelly had a "plethora of problems" time he was parked off course with yanked things together again, tight- in the morning, but had solved th«;!m a sign that read "need battery" ened things up, helmeted up and all and Randy had a good run. They taped to the side of his car. Seeley got back in, drove around, up onto said they wanted to thank their had two, so he stopped to hand one the course and made a legal finish. dad, Bobby and mom, Clare for all over to Steele. They were the final finisher, at their help. Bobby is the gentleman Brown took the Class 5 win, fin-8: 19:29. who was riding at Laughlin and in- ishing 13 minutes in front of Reyes, The SCORE Lite cars took off jured his back coming off the who also drove all the way. Brown's · next, with an entry of 19. This group Laughlin Leap. He's recovering, time was 5:25:07 and his average lost only five entries to the first half they said, but slowly. They were the . speed 42.01 miles per hour. Seeley of the course, but Bill Stoner didn't last finisher in the class. came in three hours and 20 minutes get to the first check, and Arturo · The Class 5 cars were next off later, too late to get an official fin-Honold's Jimco gave up right there. the line. Rafael Reyes and Mike-ish. Also out early were Mike Voyles, Callaway both disappeared early in The Class 7 trucks were next in JerryPenhallandRicardoMalo. themorning,butTomBrownsailed line to start. There were eight of In the lead group it was very on,enjoyingaleadof39secondsat them. Unfortunately, Jorge close. Stan Potter had.his Jimco in the halfway point. Enrique Reyes Lameda, Barry Karakas, Dan front, but he was only 14 seconqs in ran second right on his bumper, Chamlee and Rick Taylor all failed front of James Golden in another while George Seeley was about 12 early. Taylor didn't even get to the Jimco. (He bought the car Brian minutes further back. first check. The remaining four bar-lckler had such success with last The race stayed close through reled on, with Jason Jernigan lead-year.) T.hird place belonged to the second half of the day, but tng in his Ford. He had six minutes Tatum, and in sixth it was Rick St. up on its side, but said he didn't lose was Victor Herrera, Sr., in another John, in a K.I. T. car. He was less . much time w1th that. Seeley broke Ford and Jason McNeil was fourth, than seven minutes behind the an axle outofMatomi. He'd already . nearly an hour down, instill another leader. lost a few moments helping Cam- Ford. Golden had a good day. He said eron Steele set his car back up on Jernigan disappeared in the sec-he overshot his fuel stop, and he had his wheels, and now he lost more ond half of the day, and McNeil one flat and he enjoyed a "good time with the axle. Then about a was out at Check 2, or, right at the duel" with Rick St. John. He stayed mile down the road he broke a tor- midway point. T umer took over the in front and to_ok the win, in the rime of 4:44: 14. His speed was 48.05 miles per hour. Dan Worley, who took over for Potter, was weary at the finish line, having driven the last 70 miles with no power steering. Dean Bayerle took over for St. John, and brought the car in for a third place finish, reporting one flat tire each. In fourth place it was Watson and his co-driver, Tim Noe. The motor, he said, was not running right and it had "gone bad" on Wat-son. It certainly sounded bad at the finish line. Basso, who soloed, had cracked his case, and had to add six quarts of 9il along the way, but he finished fifth. Kenny Stroud, who also drove all the way, said he had a rear flat and drove on it a ways to a pit for repairs .. He added that he's now hit the same rock for each of the last three years and flat-tened a tire each time. Stroud was sixth. In seventh it was Mark Kyle, in a Mirage, who did not stop to talk. The eighth place team was E~esto Cervantes and_Flavio Navarro, who told us they'd had five flat tires. Blaise Jackson, whose wife, Donna, rode half the way, finished ninth in his Meco. He'd had some electrical trouble, a flat, and the nose cone fell off his transmission and had to be welded back on at the halfway point. Jake Batulis, in a Prep by Jake,· was 10th. In 11th it was Rich Rob-erts and Rob Martensen (son of Ed Martensen who ·raced some years ago). They had a flat on their Chen-owth, and a plugged fuel filter that Dusty Times Dave Raimondeand Jeff Geiser shared the driving in Raimonde's Chevrolet Cf 500. They had only one flat tire and took the win in Class 8 by a little over an hour. Brent Shermak drove his 5-1600 carthe full distance, had terrific pits, always ready to help him, and came back to San Felipe as a winner. May 2004 Mark Post and Jerry Whelchel shared the driving in Post's Ford Trophy Truck. They had a "flawless• day, and took the overall win by a little over three minutes. lead but Victor Herrera, Jr. now in his truck, which has a new motor since its last race, hung in there. Turner, who said he'd done a "lot of pre-running", had nothing worse lem with their truck not wanting to go into third gear, but they made it all the way, only 28 minutes behind Turner, for second place. The 1/2-1600 cars had the big-gest gro·up in the race, with 39 start-ers. Eight of them, including Marcos Reyes, Edgar Alvarez, Francisco Pacheco, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Mike Leung, Hiram Duran, Fernando Flores and Wayne Lasher, broke during the first half of the day. Of the rest, Dave Hendrickson had the Ehrenberg's car. Hector Garcia was third in his Curry, using a borrowed ·motor because he'd blown his own a few days before the race. Brian Jeffrey was fourth in his Dunrite, having a clean run, and Sergio "Coy-ote" Gutierrez was fifth in a Tubu-Continued on page 14 -'t Rich Severson 's Fo,:d was the only finisher in Class 7SX, and he managed that in spite of a.rear suspension that pretty much fell apatt. So he got another win. Eric Solorzano had a long day and a very close race in his Class 11 car, and took home another San Felipe victory. Page 13 •

Page 14

• Andy and Scott McMillin shared the driving in their Chevy Jimco, and Daniel McMillin and Gary Amold both enjoyed some tight radng in the with a near petfect day finished in second place in Class 1, only one 1600 class in their Jimco, and they wef9 third, only eight minutes Alejandro and Leo Navarrete, in a Jimco, had one Rat and tore up a c. v. boot, but still managed a fine fifth place in the 1600 class, the biggest class in the race. second behind first place. behind the winner at the end of the day. lar Designs chassis. In sixth place it rear brakes. At it was Wash. But he'd landed on his was Andrew Rusich, and the 1 7 discovered that there was something wheels, and was able to keep on year old was having no trouble with about Garcia's borrowed motor that going. Three seconds behind him it his Jimco. Alejandro Navarette was wasn't kosher and he was Dq'd on was Brady Wisdom who drove all seventh in a Jimco, and Rick Boyer a technicality. That moved Jeffrey the way. He said it was "just rough", had his Lothringer tied for ninth and Pfankuch into first place. Their . and his car wasn't quite set up right. with Victor Orellana, in a Jimco. time was 5:23:4 7, with an average His son, Josh, rode all the way and Sixteen year old Daniel McMillin speed of 21.1 miles per hour. wasn't really sure whether he'd was 10th in his Jimco, enjoying some For a while it looked as if there'd liked the experience or not. Thirty-good dicing, and Brad Fletcher had been nothing but 1600 cars out on one seconds behind Wisdom it was his Baja Shop car in 11th after a flat. the course. They were coming to Rusich's co-driver, Mike Halliday, Most of the racers who got half- the finish in a steady stream. Daniel who got stopped behind a stuck way also got to the finish, but not McMillin (who made it a three-gen- truck for about 15 minutes. Thirty all. Chuck Sack, Todd Cuffaro, eration race, what with his Grandpa seconds behind Rusich's car was Mario Montes and Ed Fernandes, Corky, his dad, Mark and himself Orellana, who'd had a flat near the all of whom had been doing fairly all there at the same time) and his end of the day and watched three well early on, became non~fmishers co-driver, Gary Arnold, finished in cars pass him. Otherwise he said his during the second half. Things third place followed in by Sammy car "ran great" and he had a good moved around a little in the order, Ehrenberg, who said he'd blown two time. A minute and 53 seconds later and when they started showing up tires at the end ofMatomi wash. In Jeff Knupp finished in Bob at the finish line, at about 3: 15 in fifth place it was Leo and Alejandro Altamirano's car. He reported that the afternoon, it was Hector Garcia Navarette. Leo had a flat in Matomi Altamirano had flattened a tire, and in front. He had just a little less than Wash and he'd torn up a c.v. boot. he'd had a slipping clutch the last two minutes on Jeffrey and his co-He was just 27 seconds behind 20 miles. He said the sand "is hor-driver, Adam Pfankuch. Pfankuch Ehrenberg and Malloy. In sixth it rible, non-stop, no fun." It would be had some suspension trouble, and was Steve Roberts, finishing in with a bad clutch. had been caught in a traffic jam in Boyer's car, and reporting that he'd Tony Murray, who drove all the one of the washes, and he'd lost his rolled over coming in to Matomi wayinhisJimco, said, "In retrospect, . Page 14 May 2004 that may have been a mistake." He had no brakes the final 50 miles, and finished 11th. Four minutes behind him was a cranky Cisco Bio who took over for Sergio Gutierrez. He said, "I forgot how to drive! I never had flats before, and got three in the last 50 miles." They were 12th. Thirteenth went to Hendrickson and his co-driver, Ed Stout, who rolled the car and lost time digging it out and jacking it up, to get it back on its wheels. He thought he'd broken his thumb in the process. Brian Burgess brought his Porter home in 14th place and Ken T apert, in another Porter, was 15th. Carlos Escobedo finished less than a minute behind him in 16th, and Bick Battey, in aJimco, was 17th. Dave Caspino said he'd had three flats on his Chenowth, and ran the final 50 miles with only three cylin-ders, to finish 18th. Luis Martinez, in a Curry, was 19th, and Ruben Coto came home 20th. In 21st place it was John Scharf, and James Coates, who finished the Lothring-er, citing air cleaner problems. And in 22nd place it was Danny Ander-son and Rob MacCachren in their Fraley. While Anderson was driv-ing he'd blown a hole in a head. The fan had been plugged with brush arid shrubs. The crew got that all fixed, and MacCachren, who'd already done his stint tin Vildosola's Trophy Truck, hopped into the 1600 car at the Sulfur Mine and brought it to the finish. Twenty-third place went to 75 year old Bill Krug in a Mirage. Krug had tipped the car up on its side on Zoo Road. J arnie Campbell got his Lothringer to the finish in 24th place, and Cameron Steele, thanks to George Seeley be-ing a Good Samaritan, had his Prep by Jake car at the finish in time to earn 25th place. Chuck Collins be-came the last finisher in his Chen-owth, just nine minutes before the cut-off, and 26th in the class. The 7S cars started behind the 1600s. It was a small group, and it became smaller fairly quickly. Nick Moncure, Toyota Tacoma, broke Dusty Times 7

Page 15

Abundio Pichardo and Juan Zamarripa had a very close race al/day Stan Potter and Dan Worley teamed up in a Jimco, and even though Ricardo Ramirez and Brett Fredrickson were the only JeepSpeed long in their VW sedan, and finished in second place, only four Potter did the last 70 miles with no power steering, they were second entry at San Felipe. Their pitman arm came off, but once welded they minutes and 12 seconds behind the winner. in SCORE Lite. went on to finish. -----------------------. before the first check and Eric Swanty and his Jeep were out early and a half minutes on last year's Ruben Garcia, Juan Diaz and Hee- point in about the time it took the Hamann, in a Ford, disappeared inthedayleavingRichSeversonall champ, Mar-cus Nunez. J.A. and torGarcia.Hectordroveonlyashort winning Trophy-Truck to do the before the first half was complete. alone in his Ford. But he found J.C. Covas ran third, about eight part of the.course because he had a entire race. As he headed for the But at the midway point Bob Land people to play with. He and a 5- minutes later, and Eric Pavolka was _ broken hand. They had an oil leak, finish the right rear shocks broke . . and Jim Winovitch had the lead in 1600 car collided early on and in fourth, another eight minutes back, and added 15 quarts ofoil through- They got to a pitandhadsomeweld-their Chevrolet Sl0, with about five trying to separate from the Bug, and followed by Gerardo lribe, out the day, but were still fifth, only ing done, but it apparently didn't minutes on- Mike Horner in his Severson hit a tree. The Ford and who'd had a broken shock tower 11 minutes behind fourth place. last. Ultimately, they broke off the Toyota Tacoma. Greg Zamarripa, the Bug went on relatively un- and had to repair it. He said that In sixth it was Dave Collier and control arm; and Griffin managed in a Ford, was third, but he'd lost an scathed. At the halfway point he after that he "drove like a madman." ' Mike Baldwin, who reported that to tie them up with a strap so they hour. stopped for what he thought was a On the second half of the course they'd had no trouble, but had been wouldn't drag, then drove the Land and Winovitch disap- flat and discovered a broken rear . Nunez faded away and so did without their radio and intercom all Humm~r in with no suspension on peared in the next section, and so spring. They had· no spare so his Delgado, leaving just ~ight cars run-the way. In seventh it was the his right rear corner. His total time . did Zamarripa, who didn't make it crew did some time-consuming ning. Shermak, who drove all the Negrete brothers, another two min-was 8:55:28, just five minutes shy of to Check 3. He's reputed to have magic with a come-along, a ratchet way, stayed in front and had no me- utes back, and in eighth place, af- the cut off time, and his average lost his transmission. But Horner strap and hose clamps and the re- chanical problems and only one flat. ter looking so good in the morning, speed was 25.5 miles per hour,. didn't have any trouble, and he pair held together until the finish. He said all his p,it crews were there the Covas brothers, who ran out of In the Stock Mini class, which handed over to Bob Graham at the Severson got another class win, in a for him, and ready. He took the win gas after Percebu. The car used went next, there was only one en-halfway point. Graham overheated time of 8:31:32, and an average in the time of\6: 15:24, with an aver- more than they'd expected, and try, the Ford Ranger ofJohn Baker. in Matomi Wash, so he stopped and speed of 26. 7 miles per hour: age speed of 36.3 miles per hour. In they lost an hour and a half and Baker had a good day. He drove all dug out some of the bottles of water The. 5-16_00 cars were next to second place, only a little over four five positions, getting going again. the way, had ont: flat and one tire he keeps -under his seat ("never leave, with 13 entries. Three of minutes later, was Iribe. And in The next group to head out into that leaked, but no mechanical prob-know when you might need some" them went away early on, includ- _ third it was Steve Landis and Greg the wilds of Baja was the two Stock lems, and finished in 7:21:40 with he said) and added enough to get ing Oscar Hernandez, Ernesto Ferruzzo, who said their car "ran like Full trucks. Unfortunately, it turned an average speed of 30:9 miles per him to the finish line with the win. Arambula and brothers Jeff and a champ" all day, with no problems. intc a one-car show when Mark hour. Their time was 7:03:24, with an av- John Holmes in their very aged, pre- Pavolka's co-driver, Milt Moore was Handley's Ford F-150 broke before Class 9 attracted six entries this erage speed of 32.2 miles per hour. rolled car. next to come in, reporting two flat -halfway. But John Griffin, and Mike time, but one of them, Luis Gue-The 7SX trucks were next off BI,ent Shermak had the lead at tires, and he was only four minutes Sabbarese tooled along in their vara, was out testing the da_y before the line, with just two entries. Cody the midway point, with about two behind third place. In fifth it was Hummer, getting to the halfway Continued on page 16 Dusty Times May 2004 Page 15

Page 16

Enrique Reyes drove all the 1tay in his Class 5 car, and even though he tipped it up on its side, he got to the finish only 13 minutes behind second place. Rick St. John and Dean Bayerle teamed up in a K.I. T. car, and with Pete Sohren and Rick Geiser shared the driving in this Ford three-one flat tire each brought it back to the arches in third place in the race and was hit by a car. That caused him to roll over, damaging the car so much that he withdrew. Luis was all right, so he switched his entry to the 1600 class, and ran the race with a friend iJ;l his car. So there seat Trophy Truck, and with no troubles at all, finished third. _S_C_O._'R_'E_L_i_te_s_. _________________ _ were only five Class 9 cars at the b.elonged to Juan Gallo, who had busy morning. He had to change one minute behind him came 78 start time. One of them, Sigal eight minutes on Julie Kem in her his timing, change a fuel filter and year old Ed McLean in his Jimco. Greenberg, in a Chenowth, didn't Kemco. She'd run out of fuel and clean his carburetor. In all he McLean had already had a broken get halfway, and we never heard lost about 15 minutes getting filled stopped for one thing or another shock mount, and he got help from what happened to him. up again. Eric Fisher, in his Garibay eight different times. He was 16 Griffin's Stock Full pit, betting it At the midway check the lead Challenger, was third and having a minutes behind the lead car. And welded back together. LIST YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YEAR, MODEL AND ENG!IIE SIZE! Sales Information: Payment may be made by credit card, money order or cashier's check. Personal or business checks are not accepted. C.0.0. orders accepted with 50% pre·payment. $5 Handling charge on all orders. California residents include 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for a11 freight charges. Minimum order is $25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacific Customs Unlimned, Inc. is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no way is the name used to infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimned, Inc. and Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. CENTERLINE WHEELS For11,it Alumhlllm Wbe,ls w/111 Polllb1d Finfsll. 5 VW ·····-···············$143 s vw ............•. ·-·······141 5 vw .... ·-··············-··14a svw ......................... 149 15x8 svw ... _ .. , ................. 152 15 X 10 5 VW .•.••..••• , .••••.••••..• 159 Su1p1nslon Seat Construct,d on •;.• St11/ Fram,, Vinyl Sides with Tw11d Cloth c,nt,r. Avallab/1 In: Bladt Vinyl with Bladt Fabric; Gray Vinyl with Gray Fabric; Gray Vinyl with Ebony and Opal Fabric Combination. (Add $7). Low Back Super Seat... .......... $180 High Back Super Seat .............. 190 LIL• SPORTSTER Only 1!r W/d1/ Now You Can Use Susp,nslon S,ats In Narrow,r Cflassls. 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Stock Width Beam with 8" Travel Towers ............. $140 6" Wider Beam with 8" Travel Towers ............... 180 6" Wider Beam with 10" Travel Towers ............. 195 Shock Mounting Hardware ........ 18 Urethane Axle Bushings. set 4 ... 20 ,~1 WARRIOR AXLE BEAM For Use Wh,n Top Shotlt Mounts are tntorporat1d In th1 Chassis. 6" Wider Beam for Thru Rods .. $80 6" Wider Beam for Leafs .......... 11 O • TRAILING ARMS 1 '/, x ¾" Front Arms. set of 4 For Use with Leafs .......... $200 2'1, x 1 Front Arms. set of 4 ..... 200 Link Pins. set of 4 ...................... 48 THRURODS For 6" W/d,r Beam with Lon11 Trav,t Arms. Thru Rods, pair ........................ $50 COMBO LINK SPINDLES Aval/ab/s In Standard Hst11ht orRalsedJ" Combo Link Spindles. pair. .... $475 Bearing Kit. Set of 4 ........... : ....... 60 H,avy Duly Off Road Us, Or Laf/llr Sand Ralls. Off Road Rack & Pinion ......... $132 U·Jolnt for Rack· & Pinion .......... 20 Chrome U·Joint for R & P ......... 25 Mount for Rack & Pinion ........... 15 TIE ROD ASSEMBLY For Warrior B1am with Off·Road Ratlt. lnt/Udll Ends. ne Rod Assembly. pair ............ $62 · Mounts Sts,rln11 Shan to Rai:t and Pinion. Billet Steering Bearing Carrier..$60 U-Joint '/,"to'/," Shaft .............. 50 U·Joint 11,· Shafi to Rack ........... 58 Steering Wheel Hub Cover ......... 20 Chrome Steering Shaft .............. 22 Trailing Arms. Steel. pr .......... $225 Trailing Arms. Chromoly. pr .... 295 STUB AXLES& DRIVE FlANGES Aval/ab/s for Bu11, Bus & 930 CVs. Stub Axle. pair ............•.......... $140 Drive Range. pair.. ..................... 84 HEAVY DUTY AXLES For 3 x 3 Tra/1/ng Arms. Bug Trans to 3 x 3 arms. pr...$130 Bus Trans to 3 x 3 arms. pr ..... 130 Bus Trans to 3 x 3 arms. using 930 CVs, pr ....................... 150 r· .. . . .. KING ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS w/ RESERVOIR Full Adjastm1nt Dual Sprin11 Shott with Hos, and Rusrvolr. King 2" Adjustable Shock, 8·10·12" Stroke ..... .from $495 King 2 '/," Adjustable Shock, 12·14·16" Stroke ... .from $585 Billet Aluminum Clamp·On Reservoir Mount ................. 35 SHOCKS FOR TORSION BARS King 2" Shock, 8-10-12" Stroke w/Res ... $225 King 2'/i Shock, 10-12-14" Stroke w/Res ... 295 .JAMAR BIUET PEDAL ASSEMBLIES Pedal Assembly w/ Roller Pedal ................ $215 Pedal Assembly wl Foot Pedal .................... 230 Ultra Slide Plate ......................... 60 Uttra Slide Thrott1e Kit ............... 26 Uttra Slide Hose Kit .................... 55 JAMAR 4·WHEEL BRAKE PEDAL ASSEMBLY Comp1tltlon Pedal AIS1mbly. lntlud,s B/11,t Thront, l'lda/, Brak, AIS1mbly, Clutch AIS1mb/y and Slav• C,llnd,r. Competition Pedal Assembly $430 Single Brake Assembly ............ 155 Tandem Brake Assembly ......... 230 Clutch Assembly w/Slave ......... 170 JAMAR SUPER SHIFTER Black Super Shifter .................. $90 Chrome Super Shifter .............. 105 Optional Shift Rod Kit ................ 48 JA-MAR FRONT BIUET DISC BRAKES Kf/lf Pitt Splttdln or Co/llllll LfQt $JIJIIIII#. BIiiet Ftont Disc Brakes for Sand Rails ............... $670 Billet Front Disc Brlkes .__ _______ __, !Of Desert Rails.. .•.•••. ,_ .•• 710 BILLET GOODIES F/ts.1•;,• Tubtn11. Green Sticker Bracket $10 GPS Bracket & Mount ................ 60 Brake Line Bracket... .................. 17 Tachometer Bracket & Mount .... 32 3·Panel Mirror, 18" Long ........... 82 Clamp-On Mirror Brackets, pr .... 32 MICKEY THOMPSON PERFORMANCE TIRES Baja-Pro P1rtonnant1 Tires E78 Mini Mag ....................... $86 30 X 7.00, 4-ply .................... 106 33 X 9.00, 4·ply .................... 125 35 X 10.00, 4·ply .................. 148 BAJA BELTED HP 30 X 9.5·15 ............................ $119 31 X 10.50-15 .......................... 140 BIUET5VWHIJBS llP or CamJJo Llllk Splttd.Jn • King Pin Spindle Hub Kit. .... .$310 Combo Llllk Sl)lndle Hub Klt..320 Stin11sr or U·Bsnd Collsctor. 1 '/," Unpainted Bobcat ............. $95 1'/,' Unpainted Bobcat ............... 95 · 1'/," Chrome Bobcat... .............. 145 1'/•" Chrome Bobcat... .............. 145 Baffle ........................................... 8 Replacement Springs, set of 4 ..... 8 JET COATED Balt1d-On Co1t1n11, Won't Ch1n11s Color or Rust. 1'/," Jet Coat Bobcat .............. $190 1'/,' Jet Coat Bobcat ................ 190 For Thldt Flan111 end Pol/1h1d Loot J1t Coatln11 on Any Tri MIi 1'/," Stin111r Exhaust Add $30. SS SPARK ARRESTOR Flis BobJ:at 2" Stln111rr & U-B,nds. Spark·Arrestor, 18" Length ...... $68 Spar1< Arrestor, No Bracket... ..... 50 Spar1< Arrestor W/Bracket .......... 56 T-Bott Clamp ................................ 5 L-...=-:;__ _ _. LAZER STARS Avallab/1/n Spot or Flood. 100 Watt Lazer Star, pr. ......... $144 75 Watt Lazer Star, pr .............. 132 Billet Clamp·On Light Mounts .... 36 Micro·B Lazer Star (Red), pr ... 120 Micro·B Lazer Star Dual Filament (Red), pr ..... 175 Replacement Lamp, Spot, ea .... 24 Replacement Lamp, Rood, ea .... 24 Replacement Lens, ea ................ 18 Lazer Star Covers, pr ................... 8 .May 2004 Fisher gave his car to Hector Sarabia for the second half of the day and Sarabia had no problems, except, they said, a "stretched throttle cable." With things going smoothly they moved to the front of the group, and took the win, fin-ishing in 7:20: 16, with an average speed of 3, 1 miles per hour. McLean handed his carover to Phillip Breed-love, and with one more stop for a fix on that shock tower, they were in good shape. They needed a lim-iter strap replaced late in the day, and finished in second place a little over an hour behind Fisher. Kern's co-driver, Ray Neff, was out on the second half of the race when the transmission went away, and Gallo also disappeared in the later section. The Class 3 cars lined up behind Class 9, with five entries, but two of them, Alejandro Cancino in a Ford Explorer and Ken Leavitt in a Bronco, were out early. We didn't learn why, but Leavitt radioed for a trailer to come get him. In the mean-while Donald Moss had his Bronco in the lead, with Gerardo Barragan, in a Range Rover Land Rover, in second place, about 35 minutes back. Chris Raffo, in a Chevy Blazer, was third, another hour down. Don Moss gave the car to his brother, Ken, to finish the race, and he had no major trouble. He did hit a rock and bend the rear driveshaft, which made·a wicked vibration, but it bothered them only in the very fast sections. So Ken and Don Moss took home another first place tro-phy, finishing in a time of 6:42:40, with an average speed of 33.9 miles per hour. Barragan, who did all the driving in his Range Rover, finished two hours later, reporting trouble with an electric fan. He said he de-cided to race this vehicle because "no one else was." It got to the fin-ish line in good shape. Raffo disap-peared in the final half of the race. He'd had adventures before ever getting to San Felipe, involving a driver's license forgotten, but not noticed until he was nearly in Cali-fornia. He had to fly back home, which is in Illinois, to retrieve it be-cause, of course, he knows better than to drive around down in Mexico with no driver's license. The JeepSpeed cars were next to run, and for some reason Billy Bunch was a no-show, so there was only one entry, the Jeep Cherokee of Ricardo Ramirez and Brett Fredrickson. Ramirez started and he had a clean run, getting the Jeep to Fredrickson in a bit over three hours. But Fredrickson had the pitman arm come off and needed to have it welded back in place. Still, they managed a finish, in 8:08:05, with Dusty Times 7

Page 17

Rick Wilson and Bekki Freeman shared the driving in Rick's Chevy Todd Wyllie and Mark Julius co-drove in their Chevrolet C1500, and Jimco. They lost a limiter strap, but finished fourth in Class 1, right they had a clean day, and found themselves in second place in Class Jason Baldwin soloed his Ford Trophy Truck, and said he had a good duel with Dan Smith. He finished in second place, three minutes and 17 seconds behind first. behind Rick's brothers. 8 at the finish line. an average speed of 27 .9 miles per therefore wearing one -a-s-=-iz-e--:t_o_o_'d--:ri-v1-:-.n-g-, -an-d-,----,h-ad,-n-o'fl'a--:t--:tl-:-.r-es-,-a-n'd-====-===================== hour. small, he had a good ride as far as no other problems. He was handy The Class 11 cars came next, he got. Which was to Mile 103 for John Griffin, because wh~n they with just two entries this time. But where the motor quit. were working on the rear suspen-this class got a 100% finish rate, and Daniel Swann, in a Raceco with sion problem, Growe, who is some-they had a good race. Eric Solor- a 1650cc Toyota, held the lead at times a part of their team, stopped zano had an early flat and ran on it the halfway point, with 27 minutes and helped with the for a few miles before he realized onGeorgeJacksoninhisbuggy.Bob mexicaneering. He then stayed that was what. was wrong. He had Carr was still running, and so was behind them to be sure they got to the lead at the halfway point, but Lyle Smith, another four minutes the finish. So Grow was a finisher was just four minutes in front of back. in 8:45:49, with an average speed Abundio Pichardo and Juan Swann said they'd driven a "very of 25.9 miles per hour. Zamarripa, who shared the driving good" first half, and then, knowing Everyone, even the classes \\jth in their sedan. They were having the competition was all behind lots of suspension, was in agree-no serious trouble, and enjoyed the them, they'd "slowed and were very ment that the course was rough. close racing, with passing and re- careful" for the second half. They But they enjoyed the cool, and passing. had no flat tires. They took the win, sometimes breezy day. They also At Mile 120 Solorzano broke an finishing in 6:54:26, with an aver- enjoyed the lack of dust. axle, but he had a spare set up in age speed of32.9 miles per hour. Bob SCORE went almost straight the car. However, when he went to Carr was the second place finisher, from San Felipe to Fontana and install it he discovered that the c.v. an hour and a half later, and none Barstow to get ready for the boot was torn, so he had some work of the others made it in. DARPA Grand Challenge, the to do there also. That cost about a In the Sportsman Truck cat-first-ever autonomous vehicle half hour, and it meant the two cars egory, there was only one entry, the competitor, for which they'd laid had a close race coming out of Ford ofMark Growe. He did all the out the course and would be han-Matomi. It continued to be close right up to the finish line. Solorzano took the win, finishing in 8:19:53, with an average speedof27.3 miles per hour. Pichardo and Zamarripa were just four minutes and 12 seconds behind him at the finish, in second place for one of the best races of the day. Daniel Swann drove all the way in his Sportsman class 1650cc Toyota_powered Raceco buggy, to take the win in six hour and 54 minutes. dling all the usual racey stuff. for SCORE with the Primm 300 Then they will move on to the on September 10 & 11, and then Baja 500 on the first weekend in the Ensenada to La Paz Baja 100 June. The season will wind down on November 18-21. SCIIE There were six Sportsman Bug-gies, but Dave Vieria and his Baja Bug and Tim Price and his 1600cc Lothringer were out early. Price, who'd done some updating and was happy with the performance of his car, detected a small oil leak before the start, but in true "sportsman" fashion, had decided, "no big deal". He figured they'd just add oil half-way. Aside from the fact that he'd grabbed the wrong helmet and was Lobsam and Eli Yee teamed in their Honda Jimco, and had a nearly perfect day in Craig Turner did all the driving in his Class 7 Ford, and ahhough he lost a couple of Class 1 O. But they made it across the finish line first, two-and-a-half minutes in front Dusty Times ahemator behs he was still first at the finish line. of second place. -------------------------oyota Performance .............................. = ...... ..11 Perfonnance Parts Specialist wer: up to 118 Horsepower* & 119 lb•ft torque* .. 4.7l v.a. Powot lncreasedepll!'ICSCnton •PJ?licat.k'm. • .· ••• .,,...,. ••• 11 A.vallableSuperchargerApplicatiol'IS! Land Cruiser and lX470 (1998-2003, 1995-1991'-6) 4Runner (2003 V~, 1996-2002 V-6) Tundra (2000-2003 V-8, 2000-2003 V-6) Sequoia (2001-2003 V-8) Ta.coma~1997-2003 V-6) Other models: Matrix, Corolla1 Camry. Solara Smog Legal (50st:ak!s), Full l<itincludes ECU add-on, 12 Month WarrantybyTRD (when lnstafted by Cabe TO)'Ota} ,; Secure Shopping Cart and 0\clusive low Pricingt perforrnance. com May 2004 Page 17

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5TH CORONA RALLY· MEXICO By Martin Holmes Markka Wins As A Tortoise Photos: Maurice Selden Markko Martin and Michael Park Ry high and long on their way to victory in Mexico in their good looking Ford Focus RS. The hare turned tortoise in great ~uccess in every way. The changes. Perhaps the first big Mexico. Markko Martin, the man promoters displayed a competence hurdle was to encourage local en-who loves the high speed rally and assurance which was vital thusiasts to acquire cars which tracks round the world, won one when so much surrounding the complied with FIA vehicle rules. of the strangest world champion-event was ~ncertain. It was an On the 2000 event the Qumber of ship rallies in history, by going event in wnich the competition FIA legal vehicles had been - one! slowly. With just one stage win to was. only half the story, the fact The event was therefore run un-his credit, the Estonian came that it ran at all, let alone der local rules instead. The FIA, home 42.5 seconds in front of his smoothly, with such a history of however, had enthusiastically sup-teammate Francois Duval; who sudden regulation change, was a ported the work of the organisers, scored no fastest times at all, gain- miracle. not only because they could see a ing maximum points for Ford, on The scene in Guanajuato on genuine and worthwhile vision their first 1-2 result for nearly four the evening of Thursday, 11th among the event's promoters, but years. Martin said, "This victory March, at the Ceremonial Start of also because a championship rally had nothing to do with speed, it the Corona Rally Mexico, was in Mexico furthers the FIA's wish was luck. For a change, luck was therefore quite momentous, not to globalise the series. Mexico is the on our side. It is the first time I only for motorsport in Mexico but closest available and most viable have benefited from other people's also for the sport as a whole. Many event outside the USA, where the hap luck. Maybe this is the way to of the rule changes were adminis-FIA very much wants a world win this type of rally". This type trative, factors which affected the championship presence and which was a reference to the collection running of the event, challenges continues to elude them. of new technical and mostly sport- which could be overcome as much The world championship teams ing rules which came fully into by careful and thoughtful simula-had difficulty giving a precise effect in Mexico, which have ere- tion by the teams as mul,h as fac- definition for the event because a ated a complete change in the way tors which were obvious to the eye. few world championship drivers the events are tackled. The main The one thing that was immedi-had competed here before. Their thrust of change came with tyres, ately and noticeably different, of tasks were made even more diffi-how many to use and when to course, was the location for this cult because of the ban on testing nominate what you want to fit, but event. Corona Rally Mexico anywhere in the country before-there were many novelties in al- brought to Central American coun- hand. From intensive questioning most every other aspect of running tries the world rally championship of officials who had been before, the cars. Ford, on the final appear- for the first time. National champi- it seemed that this was going to be ance of the 2003 version --<,--·-onship rallying has been held in a fairly fast, smooth gravel event, scored a memorable victory and Mexico since 1957. The first rally that the weather conditions were pulled ahead in the championship. in the build-up to world champi- likely to be stable, and the surface This was the first world champi- onship status was run in 2000, and temperatures, if the event was go-onship rally in Mexico and it was a with it began a long series of ing to be run under "2+ 3" format Daniel Sola and Xavier Amigo were the big winners in PCWRC, seen here ready to land their good looking Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII. (which eventually it was), were alternative Production Car World expected to be averagely warm. Rally Championship, a series in These predictions were vitally im- which competitors must nominate portant not only because of the six of the seven rounds to take need to set the cars up correctly, part. Of the 20 drivers registered but also to choose the right quan- for the PCWRC series all but four tity and of which type of the 60 nominated Mexico as one of the tyres per crew. The tyres had to events on which they would com-be nominated for this event four p~te. The entry level, for such. a weeks in advance. The set-up new event with such a lot of un-challenge was further increased proven variables enforced on by the sharp reduction in time for them, proved popular. Of the 59 pre-rally Shakedown. drivers on the entry list, 26 are pro-There were several late items of fessional world level championship top news in the WRC camp. The competitors. Group N drivers were first was the debut appearance for on more familiar ground than the the 2004 version Subaru lmpreza WRC crews. The top entries in the WRC. After Peugeot and Mitsubi-Production Car Championship shi, this was the third new World category followed closely those Rally Car seen this year. Citroen seen on the Corona Rally Mexico and Ford are expected to introduce in 2003, when the invited foreign their new models on the following drivers all competed in Group N round, New Zealand. In the driver's cars. Of the six drivers who were market, 'the main story was that here last year Daniel Sola and Freddy Loix, Peugeot's number two Marcos Ligato compete this year driver, was being rested after dis- in the PCWRC series. Sola will appointing r~sults in Monte Carlo again be in a Mitsubishi while and Sweden. Replacing him for Ligato, the 2003 winner, was mak-here and New Zealand was the ing his appearance with a latest 2002 Corona Rally winner Harri model Subaru on a gravel rally. It Rovanpera making his first public was also his first event with Jorge appearance in the 307 WRC. He Del Buono (Argentina's most ex-was the only top driver on the perienced current co-driver). event to have experience of these Ligato, "Many new things for me! rally roads in a competitive car, but The rally uses the roads I know when he was here before he won from last year, but usually now in the rally by virtually one hour, and the opposite direction. The at no time did he push his car v~ry . pacenotes I made last year cov-hard! At Mitsubishi, the second ered only about 30% of this year's driver was again Gianluigi Galli stages. I am happy to have the who impressed the team with his chance to work with Jorge but it speed at Monte Carlo, where he will take a long time before we are was faster than team leader Gilles working perfectly together. We Panizzi. Both Mitsubishi's other have so much to learn about each contracted drivers, Daniel Sola and other". The only top ranking Kristian Sohlberg, took part in the PCWRC driver to have opted not event in Group N cars. In Group to qualify on thi~ ev~nt ~as_Galli, _ N, Mitsubishi had homologated two driving a WRCar instead. Niall new pieces in time for this event a M.cShea and F umio Nu tahara roof inlet scoop, and a hydraulically made their first appearances this operated handbrake. Both these season. Very few of the stages features are already permitted on were actually the same as used the Subaru cars. . before, and it was sad to see that Mexico was selected as one of the previous winner of those the seven rounds in the parallel stages, which were the same, was the late Janusz Kulig. Toshihiro Arai and Tony Sircombe hit the water on their way to second spot in PCWRC in their Subaru lmpreza WRX Throwing dirt and making lots of dust, Jussi Valimaki and Jakke Honkanen were seventh overall in their Hyundai Accent. The main stories before the event, however, were those from behind the scenes. Any new event is difficult to organise, but here there were so many factors that had never been experienced be-fore and could only come as un-welcome shocks to any organisers, let alone first time championship rally promoters. The organisers, led by Juan and Patrick Suberville, had already gained re-spect in the international scene by showing the key rally workers how things happen on other events, but that would only help so far as the predictable problems were con-cerned! Everything looked as if it was under control until the FIA changed the requirements in the Page 18 May 2004 Dusty Times

Page 19

format of the event, allowing "2+3" instead of Mille Pistes. Overnight much of the planning work was wasted, even though in reality a much more suitable for-mat was being offered. So it was that six weeks before the event, the layout and timetable of the event were altered. Normally the format and timetable has to be settled six months beforehand ... The original system demanded by the FIA called the "Mille Pistes" system, was already _ unpopular with organisers as it meant the rally would not start each day until late morning, and because of Mexico's time-of-day (seven hours after central European time), this would have been a media catas-trophe, denying any meaningful daily news coverage in the East-ern hemisphere. The biggest uncertainties, however, came 'Yith the range of new rules which were now in force. The biggest difference that was immediately noticeable was that everything now had to be compressed time-wise. What used to be handled within a seven or·a six day timetable now had to be run in five Tiredness, especially for co-drivers, was expected to be a new issue. With this clime flexiservice and, like in Sweden, a ban on gravel note crews. Flexiservice is the system in which the same mechanics from each team can work on their cars in se-quence, rather than at die same time. Whether this would result in the desired effect of teams tak-ing fewer technicians to event, at the cost of making them work longer every day, remained to be seen. Another tiredness worry. The ban on gravel note crews had been likewise intended to save costs. Consequent on the time shortening format, Shakedown now ran on Thursday and only for two rather than four hours' dura-tion. Coming on top of other changes, notably the new tyre limit, this time compression was daunting for organisers and com-petitors alike. There was abso-lutely no room for maneuver if anything untoward happened. The other major change for competitors was the first full ap-plication of the new tyre limit rules. On this event there were six tyre changing locations, this meant the total number of tyres that could be brought to the event for each crew is 60. In Sweden the number was 90 and for winter ral-lies the choice of tyre was far less plentiful, so the effect was mini-mal on that occasion. There are very many available designs of rally gravel tyres on the market, each ideal for a given condition, but how can teams choose what is best if, through lack of testing, they have no experience of what they need? And if the teams hedged their bets and selected some of each, they would not have enough of the ideal tyres. At the centre of all this was the "bar code" system of marking tyres. Basically the tyres vary in tread pattern, width, construction and compound, all of which have to be ordered in advance, all ideal for specific conditions. The iden-tification codes of the individual tyres which the teams want to have the chance to use on the rally are then registered with the FIA. Two months before the event teams had to choose two different tread patterns and widths. Miche-lin recommended their teams Dusty Times ' should ask for the normal Z tyres and the GW tyre (a special tyre suitable for hard surfaces found in Greece and Cyprus). Pirelli, who serve Subaru, opted for the K and KM gravel tyres, without the XR tyre, which is ideal for clean sur-faces. Then for Mexico, every team was forced to decide what types of construction and com-pound tyres, and how many of each type, by Wednesday 11 Feb-ruary, just after Sweden, one month before the start. This situa-tion was particularly critical for Mexico because for European events the decisions about how many tyres of which type only have made on the Monday before the start. There are many interesting cu-riosities about Leon as a venue for the world championship. At 1780 metres above sea level Leon is the highest base for any world cham-pionship rally in the current cal-endar and the route travels up to 2700 metres. World Championship rallies have gone higher, particu-larly the Safari and the Argentina Rallies but only in old times, not nowadays. The spectacular Poliforum Expo-Center in Leon is a remarkable venue for the head-quarters, a vast air-conditioned exhibition hall which also housed all the manufacturers' service crews. This building on its own will set new standards in the world championship. Most of the stages were to be run twice, but there was one stretch run four time and · some stretches run in both direc-tions. Also, no fewer than three roads were run as both stages and liaison sections. Multiple use of the roads as stages, coupled with the ban on gravel note crews led to interesting scenarios. However, do not under-estimate the abilities of the FIA to dream up new rules, nor of the teams to adjust to them. Mexico 2004 provided new cir-cumstances in full me~sure. In PCWRC 16 competitors started (8 Mitsubishis, 7 Subarus and 1 Proton). Co-driver changes: Chris Patterson now with Nasser Al-Attiyah, Gordon Nobel with Niall McShea and Jorge Del Buono with Ligato. Ragnar Spjuth's co-driver Joakim Roman had to withdraw for reasons of ill-ness and was replaced by Bjorn Nilsson. To be at the start line had in itself been a successful end to a tremendous period of anxiety for Niall McShea. The Japanese team which provided his car (Arai's 2003 Subaru) were no longer able to run it, and finally plans were made for the Belgian team who run the Subaru of Joakim Roman to help. This was the first PCWRC event this year for both Niall McShea and also Fumio Nutahara, who drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII. In addition to all the new rules, there was another new regu-lation for PCWRC cars, notably that a limit of 24 tyres that each crew could use. Marcos Ligato, who won this event outright in 2003, explained "We can only use a total of 24 tyres all event. There are only six places en route when tyres can be changed, which means if the driver has a puncture on the first day he will have to start some stages on previously-used tyres". While the World Rally Car teams were forbidden pre-event testing in Me~ico, PCWRC crews are allowed to do this, and drivers immediately found that the high altitude had its effect. Karamjit Singh: -"It means the character of the engine is completely changed. There is no effect response at all. When you are in a corner, you cannot control the car with the throttle like normal". Fastest driver on the official Shakedown was Marcus Gron-holm nearly one second (over a 6km route) ahead of world cham-pion Petter Solberg. Sebastien Loeb damaged the undershielding of his Citroen on a rock, and was given permission to miss the cer-emonial start so that mechanics could repair the damage in time for the restart at 0900 Friday morn-ing. Dry conditions had been ex-perienced at Shakedown but heavy storms were in the area. Rain started to fall at the Ceremonial Start in the historic city of Guanajuato and got progressively heavier. Hopes by the teams that they could at least trust a stable climate during the rally were dis-appearing. At the pre-event press conference Carlos Sainz, himself sad for the bomb tragedy in Madrid that morning, said driver$ found the roads were nice but lacked any specific character that identified them. "A lot was like Argentina and Greece. The bad thing is that we had to choose our tyres a month before, without even being allowed to see the roads first." Although virtually all the roads had been used in previous Corona rallies, most were run in the other direction. Leg 1 Four stages to be run, the first and last of the day being the same. The conditions were dry but there had been a lot of overnight rain i_n the hills. On the first stage there were various damp patches but gradually as the day warmed up so the surfaces dried out. Petter Solberg shot into a lead, 8. 7 sec-onds on the first stage, ahead of Marcus Gronholm and Markko Martin. Sebastien Loeb had brake problems and also a puncture, was lying fourth. He kept the punc-tured tyre on the car (the mousse had worked properly) because had he changed the tyres he would have upset the delicate tyre selec-tion programme for later in the event. With a car with air in only three wheels Loeb made best time on the second stage and gained second place! Brake problems were the story of the first two stages _ of the day, drivers like Harri Ro-vanpera and Gianluigi Galli driv-ing stages with no brakes at all. Francois Duval also had a punc-ture. Tyre choices were anoth~r story. Martin made a compromise and the tyres were too soft as did Sainz. Solberg's lead oscillated be-tween five and ten secohds through the day. On the third stage the conditions started to clean with the passing cars, help-ing cars running further back - if they could stay in the newly cleaned tracks. Mikko Hirvonen found it impossible, Solberg found it easy. On the final stage of the day Loeb had more brake trouble, but made fastest times. Solberg hit a rock which damaged the steer-ing and rear suspension. So as the cars made their way back to Leon, Solberg led Loeb by 5.6 seconds. Martin had a top gear spin which ended with the car jammed against a rock face, after revers-ing and stalling twice they con-tinued. Duval eased his pace be-cause of a noise in the front sus-pension. Hirvonen had a problt,m with the fuel feed pressure. There were problems impending for Peu-geot though. Gronholm was lying third but reported intermittent gear selection troubles while Ro-vanpera, lying sixth, had lost all gears except fourth. Peugeot's transmission troubles were revisit-ing them. In the P2 cars Jussi Valimaki lost hydraulic pressure and Luis Compano, running in a sudden thunderstorm near the end of the fourth stage, went off the road, while Anthony Warmbold was delayed when his wiper blades failed. There was a sensation to come when the cars checked in to the Service Park at the end of the day. Overall rally leader Solberg had a flat battery and could not start his car. He and co-driver Phil Mills pushed the car towards the con-trol, but this was up an incline, with a yellow arrival board near the top of the incline. It was obvious the Subaru could never reach the top Continued on page 19 Worldwide benchmark manufacturer of military-specification wiring systems for ell motorsport applications Utilizing the finest Raychem System 25 components, thl!l industry standard for all professional racing sanctions. . . ' /.' Engineering, assembly, end comprehensive testing performed 100% in-house. Complete harness assemblies end circuit control components ere available to suit your budget. "-,,W . . . . • ... , ,., -~ / ·" / / .. .. . . ·, . .... ' '-· , / , MoTeC Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems Robust 32-bit sequential fuel and spark control systems built ·t;o ·withstand extreme racing er·,d pre-running .,_Punishment. Turn-key systems available for all popular off-road engine packages. Digital display and data acquisition systems for all levels of competition. Engine and chassis dynamometer services available. 5akata Motorsport l!lectronlcs, Inc 689 s. 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Francois Duval and Stephane Prevot took home the silver medal. Carlos Sainz and Marc Marti save some tire wear as they head to a Flying was the order of the day, Harri Rovanpera and Risto Pietilainen new to 10" overall in the Corona Mexico Rally. They made it Ford first and second in their Ford Focus RS. third place finish in their Citroen Xsara. with only the two crew members Spanish driver Daniel Sola led the then he was overtaken by Fumio pushing. An official then obligingly category on the Corona Rally Nutahara. On the final stage moved the yellow board, which al- Mexico. Four stages were run, on Ligato dropped from fifth to sev-lowed helpers to move the car to each stage there was a different enth. There was a heavy thunder-the control. Slowly things were driver scoring fastest time. At the storm (strangely coming after the pieced together as more was dis- start of the day the Japanese driver world championship cars had al-covered. The people who pushed Toshi Arai took the lead, then a ready passed!) which made the Petter's car into the control area best time on Stage 2 enabled Sola tracks trea~herous. Ligato was were Norwegian journalists, anx-to go ahead. On Stage 3 the Japa- slowed by bad visibility problems ious to help their hero! Solberg nese driver Fumio Nutahara made after the windscreen misted up checked in four minutes late, an exceptionally fast time,.helped badly. Some of the biggest troubles which dropped him from the lead, by running well behind his rivals, on the rally were experienced by allowing Sebastien Loeb to inherit on tracks which were becoming the brakes. Many of the top drivers the lead at the end of the day. progressively cleaned of loose and PCWRC drivers had to slow Citroen became the first team gravel, and finally, after Nutahara when their brakes failed, because to fall foul of the new tyre rules, had to drive six kilometres with a of the stress of slowing on long, fast when they arrived at the "three flat tyre, Sola regained the lead. downhill stretches of road. minute zone" entering a service Jani Paasonen was fastest. Karamjit Singh also had troubles area. They nominated the tyres Of the 16 drivers eligible for the with his differential which operated which they would use for the fol- PCWRC who took the start, two inconsistently as it had done in lowing section, duly fitted four retired during the day. Firstly the Sweden. Spanish driver Sergio Lo-tyres for Sainz, but accidentally put Subaru of Mark Higgins from Brit- pez-Fombona lost ten minutes with an unnominated tyre as the spare. ain had gear selection trouble, electrical problems, while Manfred The Stewards accepted this genu- shortly into the first stage. On the _Stohl lost a lot of time driving his ine error and simply issued a repri- third stage the Qatari driver Nasser car firing only on three cylinders. - mand. Al-Attiyah stopped with a broken Alister McRae (second on the open-In PCWRC, after an excep- driveshaft. Ligato started with ing round in Sweden) lost a minute tional fight on the opening day, fourth fastest time on the first stage, on the first stage ~ith a flat tyre, HONDA Power and spent the rest of the day catch- their cars. The French company ing up. Jani Paasonen, the Swed- could not have been happy at the ish Rally PCWRC winner, had a outburst of Gronholm at the end-day without problems. The day was of-leg press conference: "We frustrating for Ligato's teammate quickly need a five-or six-speed Higgins. They had an event full of gearbox like the other teams. I only problems which did not end when have four gears, not good for my they retired. The organiser's offi- confidence". So much for their pro-cial recovery vehicle collected the motional position about the advan-stricken car and transported it to tages of four-speed gearboxes! Mar-the nearest main road. Unfortu- cus was disappointed, this was the nately, the truck went off the road first rally which he had not led ... - while it was carrying the ra'lly car! Leg 2 The organisers interviewed Overnight the news came Solberg at the end-of-leg press con-through that Solberg had been ference and he blamed a "stupid" given a five minute penalty. The new rule banning people from offence for which he was convicted bringing emergency batteries "in was having his car pushed by out-pare ferme". It was itself a stupid siders once it had passed the yel-thing to say, because that rule was low control board. The effect was nothing to do with this situation at to drop the world champion to 13th, all. Mitsubishi and Peugeot, the giving Loeb an 8.4 second lead over teams with transmission troubles, Gronholm, who was 20 seconds in · reviewed the day's events. Sven front of Sainz. The rules stated the Quandt (Mitsubishi) was happy only people who could push were the cars were running well. Both the crew and the officials working Mitsubishi and Peugeot, however, at that post. The Stewards noted had to change the gearboxes on Continued on page 22 Equipment POWER· UCEI & SPECTATOR-DICOIINTS EM3500 H:OND.A GENERATORS & PUMPS • • GENERATORS • OUTBOARD ENGINES GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES WELDERS • WATERPUMPS LAWN MOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • • • RIDING MOWERS • TILLERS Calilornia's Largest Source lor Bonda Power Equipment · Parts fl Inventory IF WE /JON T NAVE IT, NO ONE /JOE.II Check Our Website: Kawaguchi Honda Cprp. 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 (323) 364-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2003 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Page 20 May 2004 Dusty Times

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Sixth overall went to Marcus Gronholm and Timo Rautiainen, seen Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena hit the water, they failed to finish in Fourth in PCWRC was Karamjit Singh and Alan Oh, they won the here fording a stream in their Peugeot 307. their Citroen Xsara, sump damage being the cause. trophy for most spin-outs on a rally in their Proton Pert. the moveable yellow boards but avoid hitting. Gronholrn lost power "We still had two left tyres on the manual gear changing. ''Funny car, _ a dip. Sola's engine temperature that was irrelevant, ev.en though steering. By the time he reached wrong side of the car, as well as our this. One stage is good, two stages remained dangerously high but he the private opinions of most of the service, Gronholm was sixth, more airless tyre. The spare tyre was are bad ... " kept his lead. Arai stopped to competitors was that Subaru had than four minutes behind the shredded, so there was no option". The big story in PCWRC was change a flat front tyre, losing only been very lucky to prevent the car leader - who was neither Loeb or For the second time a Citroen the first stage crash of Alister two minutes. McShea had to strap from being excluded. The team Sainz. It was Markko Martin, who driver started a stage without air in McRae, when lying fourth. "It ·was up his sumpguard. Down to eight meanwhile were cagey about why had started the day fourth! Loeb one of the tyres, on this occasion a fast, tightening right hander and manufactm-ers' entries still in the the battery had gone flat but were had hit a rock and damaged the making second best time overall. we slid irito rocks on the outside of event, just eight in PCWRC as well. forced to admit to the Stewards it sump 5km into the second stage. Troubles meanwhile affected the bend, the car flying over a Leg 3 was all the driver's fault, as he did They tried to effect repairs on the Mitsubishi. Galli had a suspension fence into a netball field nearly hit- -Low sunlight and dust from ear-not realise the wait outside entry side of the road but it was hopeless. collapse. He was eventually able to ting a building". Manfred Stohl, to lier cars made driving very diffi-to the Service Park was unusually For the second time the rocks of repair the car but arrived at the his surprise, found the engine dam- cult on the opening stage on the long (around a half hour). and Mexico had wrecked their car. ensuing control six minutes too late . aged on the firstleg was repairable final morning. Petter eased his pace failed to shut down the electronic Sainz meanwhile was biding his to be allowed to carry on. Then and set off with high hopes, but "nothing to gain, everything to lose" equipment in the car. The drivers time, looking for all the world like Gilles Panizzi reported problems then in a water crossing the turbo - a new philosophy for the World looked on knowingly. Loeb re-themanwhoplannedtoinheritthe with the car which he could not pipe became detached and the Champion?"- Valimaki again lost called his agonies at Monte Carlo lead at half distance. At half dis- immediately explain, these were engine. would not .rev faster tan hydraulic pressure, Martin lost his in 2002, Martin his problem in Por- tance he was 9. 7 seconds behind eased when they refitted his origi- idling speed, so he retired. Sola led brakes on the final stretches of tugal 2000, they had all been Martin, when a catastrophe struck nal gearbox, but he still had shock the first lap, despite a seriously over- Stage 11 and was 0.2 seconds faster through the mill at one time or an-the team. At the entry to the Ser- absorber troubles and some over-heating engine and a fuel leak than Sainz, then on the second other. vice Park, according to the new heating. At Peugeot there was a ·caused by a detached fuel tank. stage Sainz had brake trouble and Leg 2 included two laps of three "bar code" rules, they had to nomi- disaster for Rovanpera. He had the Second placed Arai lost a half slid into a bend too fast, rolling his stages, with service in the middle nate the individual serial numbers steering break as he entered a cor- minute off the road on.Stage 6 and car on to its side, dropping a minute of the day and in the evening, 77km of the tyres which they would use ner when he was fifth. He lost 16 some seconds with a puncture on and falling behind Duval. This of stages between tyre changes, the for the-second loop. Unfortunately minutes reaching the end of Stage 7. Paasonen was driving steadily in ended the pressure, two more longest distance in orthodox world the numbers they gave the officials, 7, on three wheels. He had a police third in front of Niall McShea. Pons stages to run and Ford were antici-championship rallying under re-by error, were the same numbers of escort into town for service, but he was delayed with a collapsed rear pa ting a one-two finish, their first cent rules. Loeb started with a lead the tyres they had just used for the was down in 22nd place. Hirvonen . · suspension. Singh had handling since Cyprus 2000. Subaru were of 8.4 seconds, 34.0 seconds over last 77km of stages, meaning Sainz damaged his left rear suspension·on troubles and a spin. Ligato started putting their house in order, with Gronholm, but it was not long be-had to go on the same tyres again. a rock he could not avoid, but held the day in seventh place but then Hirvonen being caught by Solberg, fore things happened. Solberg said, It was a human error which was a fourth, behind the 23 year old suffered a lack of engine power and at a fast rate through the day and "I really don't know why I am both- nightmare for the coordinators in Duval who was driving the event overheating. On arrival at service on the penultimate stage letting the ering, but let's have some fun", and every team. It was Citroen's sec-of his life. He escaped the first lap he had.fallen to eighth place and World Champion rise to fourth. made fastest times on every stage. ond tyre management mistake carnage with a broken anti roll bar the cause was discovered. Mud In PCWRC, Niall McShea The stages were tricky with long they had made in 24 hours. Carlos _ linkage. Ford were in the ascen- thrown up when crossing a damp started nervously. He found the and fast stretches, then almost with- confirmed how lucky he had been dant, first and third. For leader patch in the road had becorn:e em-car had a completely flat battery out warning, hideously rough to escape the tyre debacle rela- Martin the only problem had been bedded in the water radiator, and and had to push his car to ser-rocky stretches. There were some tively lightly and was looking for- stalling at the start of a stage. when mechanics hosed the radia- vice. Daniel Sola had gear selec-rocks which drivers could hardly ward to keeping Duval behind him. As the day progressed Martin · tor clean, full power was restored. tion troubles. Singh spun again "I OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15 X 6t5 $135.00 $145.00 & up Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15x 6 $129.95 $135.95 15 X .10 $146.95 Call for Prices 3636.Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 Page 22 (702) 247-1266 ·we Now Do. MAGNA FLUX gained a half minute advantage Nutahara slid back when he had have never done this so often on over Sainz, as the Spaniard brake failure for two stages. Joakim a rally before", the eight remain-struggled with old tyres. Indeed by Roman lost his brakes again! ing cars made their way to the the penultimate stage Duval had Fombona retired when the rear sus- finish. In the non-championship edged into second place. But Mar- pension collapsed, just like that of category Ramon Ferreyros led the tin was having his own dramas-with his teammate Pons. way in front of part time Mitsubi-an engine fire, which allowed some During the afternoonPaasonen shi works driver · Kristian oil to leak away so that on the final crashed and retired, then on the Sohlberg, before Sohlberg had a stage of the day all the working penultimate stage of the day, Ligato major crash on a narrow track temperatures increased, and he landed badly after a jump and-while Sola, Sohlberg's WRC slowed down halving his lead at the broke the water radiator. Kuchar teammate, made no errors and end of the final stage. Martin spoke retired when he broke a radiator in cruised home to victory. IJIJi:!C: about alarm signs warning him of• overheating, then we heard that the team had supplied wrong in-formation about split times during· the stage, which had persuaded him to slow down unnecessarily. Finally, however,· it seemed that Martin had-entered the time con-trol before the start one minute too late, by accident. Tiredness was real. Anyway the official time gap at the start of the final day was 14.4 seconds. Sainz, struggling along said: "We were lucky about the tyres because some of the morning stages w,ere damp and this meant the tyres were not as worn as ex-pected. Actually we had chosen tyres for the morning which were harder than ideal!" Duval contin-ued a most respectable event, not getting fazed in the battle with Sainz. "So long as I finish on the podium, I will be happy!" Things were going better again for Gron-holm until the final stage of the day when he lost hydraulic pressure which forced him to resort to May 2004 5th Corona Rally Mexico 11114.03.2004 Leon (MEX) WC ltXlld 3 PCWRC round 2 we points WR. WO PC 1 (7) Markko MARTIN/Michael Park EE/GB· Ford Focus RS WRC ET53URO (GB) 4h.06m.-46.2s. 10 10 2 (8) Francois DWAL/Stephane Prevot B Ford Foa.18 RS WRC E003YWC (GB) 4h:07m.28.7s. 8 8 3 (4) Canos SAINZ/Marc Marti E Citroen Xsara WRC 76CXN78 (F) 4h.08m.07.1s, 6 6 A (1) Pelter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB &.,baru lmpreza WRC OT53SRT (GB) 4h.10m.00.9s. 5 5 . 5 (2) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Subaru lmpreza WRC CT53SRT (GB) 4h.10m.22.4s. 4 4 . . 6 (5) Marcus GRONHOUNTimo Rautiainen FIN. Peugeot 307 WRC 984PPQ75 (F) 4h.10m.44.6s. 3 3 . 7 (12) Jussi Valimaki/Jakke Honkanen FIN Hyt.lldai.Acc:ent WRC · X14HMC (GB) 4h.18m.03.1s. - 2 . 8 (9) Gilles PANIZZI/Herve Panizzl F ~shi lancer WRC KX53BKY (GB) 4h.18m.16.8s. 2 1 9 . (11) Anthony Warmbold/Gemma Price 0/GB Fo,rd Ford RS WRC . Y3FMC (GB) 4h.20m.46.6s. -10 (6) Harri ROVANPERA/Riato Pietilainen FIN Peugeot 307 WRC 9$)PPq75 (F) 4h.26m.06.5s. 1 11 (33) Daniel Sola/Xavier Amigo E Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII PCWRC GG-RA97 (0) . 4h.26m.44.9s. • - 10 13 (31) Toshihiro Aral/Tony Sircombe J/NZ Subaru lmpreza WRX PCWRC TKT300YA6663 (J) 4h.28m.51.2s. · - - 8 14 (34) Niall McShea/Gordon Nobel GB Subaru lmpreza WRX PCWRC GMG300N09070 (J) 4h.29m.21.8s. - 6 15 (32) ~it Singh/Allen Oh MAL Proton Pert PCWRC VT53BWN (GB\ 4h.30m.51.7s. - 5 ; · Dusty Times

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• • •• (faof,-~ . P--i :~ ~ r1 -'::-:< -/ OflRoad acuon IUJiD! 'i.--ffl~EE~~,t=~.~~ 11,,-1111411 -June 11, 12 & 13, 2004 Tim Noe/ Tom Watson-Overall Winners TERSA 200, San Felipe, B.C. . CODE OffRoad (A~-~~ Welcome~ .. · · \. \:· · 5-1600 Coa/1t1on ' , . IIC CAsH! Prizes --~, ~E OffAoad . :11,lll::::! .. ~;,;;;eo.o::_on __ -:--, •~l$-5ooQ2} Must use our products and stickers ~g; 7'YOKOHAMA $300Q2-1st place Class: 1, 10, 5, 1/2-1600, 9 Must use our products and stickers Photo by: (01152) (686) 553-4087 USA (760) 455-8069 $3QQ2!1 [LM~~t:;pment]$250Q2 H1,\411gia~ · . . 1st Class 5-Open _ ,♦ f f ♦ y J Must use our products and stickers Min. 25 ~allons of VP Fuel-Mexicali @ab IIFF-Rll.411 ,;_1/(1;;; °""""" mx . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ·- - - - - - - - - • autopartes ~ . ! ~ 5 QOQ2] Overall PRO l (g~ i - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.; - - - - - - - - - I ,, '"~ ! ·~~ ~ ~ l_gJW! f M•••co Mexicali .... ~116111cie l s TEL (686) 553-4087 MADERO 621-A, ZONA CENTRO, P.O. BOX 2328, CALEXICO, ~ TEL (760) 455-8069 MEXICALI, B~C., MEXICO CA 92232-2328 USA :..-

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MDR FUD MEMORIAL 2DO Steve Mamer Wins By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Dave Ahles did all the driving in_ his Mazda Class 725 truck, and he had a clean run, and went home with the win. mile loop in the Plaster City East OHV area, with four checkpoints (including the start/finish). As al-ways at an MDR event, all the checks were stop checks. There was a seven hour time limit, and the faster classes all were required to do six laps. Depending on class, others did only four or five laes, And the race started early, at 8 a.m. Steve Mamer had everything go his way at the Fud Memorial 200, and no trouble at all as he pushed his Jimco SCORE Lite to the Class 10 and overall win. At least it was supposed to start at 8 a.m. As luck would have it, the crew sent out to man Check-point 2 was new to the area and they got lost. After some frantic radio conversation it was deter-mined that the search and rescue · folks should go out to lead them to their position. But the search and rescue motorcycle wouldn't start. Eventually they got there, about 40 minutes late, and the race -was flagged off the line at roughly 8:40 a.m. . . Steve Mamer outdrove and rewarded for their yearlong efforts. outlasted his competition and In the meantime, the MJ)Rpeople brought his Class 10 Jimco back to alsq_ applied for the permits that the finish line first at the first an- FUD already had in place for 2004, nual MDR Fud Memorial 200. and planned to carry on the series The event drew a misera 1:,le in much t,he same way that Fud date, and was just after the BITD had done for years. The big differ-Parker race and a mere week be- ence is that there are no longer any fore the SCORE San Felipe event, motorcycle races happening on the so it didn't draw many racers. Those same day as the car/truck event. that caine enjoyed mild weather, MDR doesn't-do motorcycles. with a desert nicely dampened by In orde'r to properly move into a storm that passed through the day the FRT slot, the MDR had to re-before. apply for 2004 dates, and had little This was the first event pro- to say about the choice offered to duced in the area by MDRon their them. Thus, the miserable Febru-own. After Fud's sudden death in ary date, right between the two October, they had stepped in to do opening events of the two larger the New Year's Eve Dash race in promoters. So be it. They were de-order to help bring the FRT Super- termined to have a race, and they stition Series to a traditional finish, had it. wtth points champio.ns all properly This will be an interesting year ~-..c..._------''--'----...c...__c._ _ _c__ ____ ~ Jeff Norton drove all the laps in his Chevy Class 800 truck and he had a trouble-free day. He took the class win as well as finishing second overall. for the MDR. They will be running two entirely separate series, in dif-ferent desert areas. Their long-standing MDR series goes on as usual, with events in Lueeme, Bar-stow, and Ridgecrest, with seven races. And then, simultaneously, they'll produce four races for the Corky McMillin Companies Super-stition Championship Series. In addition to this first event, there will be a race on April 10th, an-other on October 16th and the grand finale on December 31st. It means a truly busy year for the MDR folks. The series will be en-tirely separate as far as points and championships go, although they have brought their unique classes to the Fud racers. The course they laid out for the Fud 200 Memorial race was a 26-Only two Class 1 cars had en-tered, and of the two, only one ·started. Brent Miller worked on his car for much of the night, but never got it running to his satisfaction. So he sat this one out. The only one left was Larry McCallum (that's right, Larry, not his son) in a Jimco. He figured he'd have a pretty good race with Steve Mamer. Mamer was driving a SCORE Lite car that belonged to McCallum also. Part way through David Santa Cruz and Greg Cornelius shared the driving in their Sportsman Street Legal Ranger, and.went home with the victory. • James Ederer drove all the way in his Sportsman Street Legal Toyota, the first lap McCallum heard a bad noise and discovered he had a big transmission problem. He moved the shifter around and discovered only low gear. Then he realized that Mamer was behind him, and he really didn't want Mamer to catch him with that SCORE Lite car. So he jammed it in low, gear and "hauled butt.-" He got to the end of his first lap, but then imme-diately went into his pit and parked for the day, an admiring circle gath- -ered around to study the big hole in the top of his transmis~ion case. And he did beat Mamer. He went around in 30:20, and Mamer was eight seconds slower. The Class 10 race had only two cars: the aforementioned Mamer and the nice Jimco owned by Jimmy Slaughter. Slaughter was the starting driver. He was less than , a minute behind Mamer at the end of the first lap, but then on Lap 2 he was a bit faster. and moved into the lead, by nine seconds. Mamer then pushed a bit harder, and at the end of a Lap 3 was back in the lead by about 38 seconds. But Slaughter had stopped for-a driver change. It was now Matt Loidice in his car. On the fourth lap Loidice re-corded the (ast lap for the day, at 27:32, and moved back into the lead. But on the fifth lap Loidice heard a funny "pop" and thought he'd flattened a tire. But as he pulled off to the side to have a look, the cab filled up with smoke. Not knowing what was on fire, he pulled the release for the on-board system. Then he and his passenger climbed out. "It was kinda scary", he said, "big flames!" A rod had gone through the case and spewed hot oil everywhere. The power steering lines were all burning. Loidice put the flames out with his handheld extinguisher,· and that was the end of his day. Mamer went on at a steady pace, not letting up any, and took the victory, both Class 10 and over-all. He said he was "just getting warmed up" and was "ready to do another 200 miles." Matt Arnold was driving his first race and he had some problems with and even though he had some mechanical woes, he managed to get Chris Hancock was right in the thick of things in his Class 900 car for his Jimco Class 900 car, but surmounted them all and took the win. a second place finish. a lap, but he disappeared entirely on the s"econd lap. Page 2~ May 200;4 Dusty Times

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I' Jon Kay had one really difficult lap in his Class 700 truck, and then Joe Laff just about wore his Chenowth out, especially the front end, John Manring had a pretty good first lap in the 1600 class, but then failed to finish, recording only three completed laps. but he finished the race with second place in Class 1600. couldn't follow up with any more laps at all and became a dnf. There were two Class 8 trucks gears, however, because the three back, was James Miller in another Jose Victoria, in a two-seat Chen- fast time for rhe class, at 40:43 and out to play, but one of them didn't lead cars were all nose to tail, a_nd one-seater, and in third it was owth, had a long first lap, losing continued to lead through the sec-get off to a good start, and then all in the proper gear _as they le(t Hancock, another 3 2 seconds almost an hour, but was still mov-ond lap. Interestingly, he had.a flat things went downhill. Scott Wil-the start/finish. Matt Arnold, in a back. Tom McAdams didn't make ing. front tire as he sped past the pits son spent an hour and 13 minutes Jimco one-seater, was in the lead. it. He lost his left front comer.and Arnold, who was driving in a and through the start/finish area. getting his first lap done, and then In second place, only 54 seconds limped back to the pits a bit later. race for the first time, recorded the Continued on page 40 couldn't complete any more. But · Jeff Norton, in a Chevrolet, was having a good day. With lap times in the 31 minute range he kept coming around like clockwork, and ultimately took the Class 8 win, finishing second in the overall standings. He said the truck had gotten pretty _warm while waiting for the delayed start, but otherwise he'd had no problems. He finished on a flat rear, but hadn't even known it. They'd had to stop twice for fuel, since the.truck averaged 2. 77 miles per gallon. In the 1600 class there w~re just five cars. Only four of them got through the first lap. Dave Dorworth and Timmy Lawrence bombed out on Lap 1, and the car was later spotted without its left rear comer. Joe Laff put his Chen-owth into the lead with a lap of 34:49, which turned out to be the quick time for that class. Billy Skin-ner ran second in his Jimco, with Nick Tiedemann, in another Jimco in third and John Manring in fourth. Neither Tiedemann nor Manring got any more laps done. Tiedemann broke a stub axle, but Manring was able to drive back in under his own power, though the · car sounded as if the heads had come loose. Skinner and Laff proceeded to have a good, close race. Laff led by less than a minute after Lap 2, by two and a half minutes after three laps and by a minute and 49 sec-onds after four laps. But on Lap 5 his front end started to go away. Skinner, with a healthy car, ' went into the lead and stayed there. Laff, his front end drooping lower and lower, thanks to broken front adjusters, was digging trenches as he moved along the course. Skinner took the win by nearly an hour, and reported only one flat tire, that he'd been lucky enough to get to a pit for a fix. Laff said that in addition to the droop-ing front end, his motor wasn't run-ning well and his torsion housing bushings were beaten out, and an axle boot was tom. Time for some serious race prep. Class 7 had only one entry. Jon Kay had a long first lap, then a very long second lap, and his third, at 1:02:52 was his best time, but also his last lap. He became a non-fin-isher, and never reappeared near the finish line to say what had hap-pened. Class 9 had the most entertain-ing race. They started the day with five entries, and for some reason, : Chris Hancock went off the line . ·with his.two-seater in third gear.· When they finished that lap it was apparent that he'd found his other Dusty Times. ... " ' GET MICROSTUBS!.. 934 PRO VERSION Now IN STOCK! l.lM !'<·T'./'-W.KJIRTEK.CD/11 ~ UNNE/FISPEC TUND/lA4WD LONG TRAVEL ~--. ~-~~-: ~ COILOVER & BYPASS SETUP WITH 4V✓DI ~PErformancE ~ E:f SuspEnsion 99-03 .fILVE/lADO COILOVER KIT. LIST --·-___ ..,._.. IHt.. t..Ul:lt.. ADVANCED SUSPENSION 4WD .fUPERDUTY LIFTKIT.f 3" TO 12" AVAILABLE! WE STOCK MORE PARTS THAN ANYONE/ .OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! .909.737.RACE (7223) ~~ Majorfc~:~~e~a,ds 287l Ragle W"y Corona, CA 92879 · ,3 ll'L!i) ~ DISC :VER .,· ,~. "-• ~~.,""'lc:.~-1-.·-1.,_,~,..e,;.:.Oc. • ·•A• •• • •• .;.:~;:,.,. )J✓-May 2004 Page 25

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.. Rick Sanchez and Luis Imperial took turns driving their Chenowth Jimmy Slaughter and Matt Loidice teamed in the Slaughter Jimco, Larry McCallum pushed his Jimco hard on the first lap and he had a buggy in the Sportsman Prerunner Buggy class, and finished their and had the Class 1000 lead when the motor let go. That was it for ood time, but there were no more la s left in his transmission. required four laps in good shape. the team. -;::=================::::::; Nick Tiedemann is usually there at the finish in his Jimco, but this time Jose Victoria had problems on his 'first and third laps but got his Scott Wilson had a long first lap in his Class 8 truck and then was he broke a stub axle on the second lap and called it a day. Chenowth moving again and took second in Class 900. unable to get around again, becoming a dnf. , . · Now he had about a minute and On the fifth lap he finally gave late, it was the right front comer wheel bounced out ofits perch and whoops in the world!" They ran 50 seconds on Miller. Victoria was in (at the end of the lap) and got a that was missing. The balljoint he had to stop and chase it down. without problems except for losing now third, over an hour down to new tire. Then he headed out on broke just a mile into the final lap, At the finish line he said, "that sixth part of their exhaust. Ederer, on the the leaders, as Hancock faded his sixth lap. By now Miller was but the wheel and tire didn't come lap was tough!" But as he chatted other hand, said, "We did more from view. gone, towed in with unknown off. The brake line tore and doused with his crew, he explained, "I' than driving!" They'd broken On the third lap Arnold b11ilt troubles. It was just Arnold and Arnold with brake fluid, and he couldn't not finish!" Clearly, he's a torsion bar, broken off a rear his lead to about four minutes, and Victoria still out tbere. The time decided he needed to do some- a born off road racer. Victoria fin- shock, and a rear spring bolt broke. he still had the flat tire. Miller con- for Arnold to show up came and thing. So he worked and worked, ished second, the only other Class They fixed the spring bolt, but had tinued to run second and Victoria went, his crew started to gather at with no tools, twisting the whole 9 car to get all the laps done. He, no way to fix the shocks. third. And on the fourth lap it the finish, looking nervous. Then mess around and around, until it too, had had a long day, and he Class 1300 (pre-runner buggies), · looked, the same, except _that word came that he was on three came off the car all-together. Then was nearly an hour behind Arnold. another Sportsman class, had only Arnold's tire was completely flat. wheels. The crew assumed he'd feeling conservative, he jammed In Class 725 the only entrant one entry this time. This group, like His crew was begging him to stop damaged the left side comer while the wheel and tire into the space was Dave Ahies in a Mazda, who the 1450s, gets a healthy entry up for a change, but he felt that since driving on the flat and now some- between his rear cage and his air did all six laps with "no trouble at in the MDR high-desert races, and he didn't appear to be losing any thing had happened. But when he cleaner, and headed for the finish. · all." His fast lap was 51:47 on the should grow in the Superstition time, he'd just run with it that way. finally did show up, over an hour Every now11nd then the tire and final loop, and he thought, "the first Series also. But for this event, there TRANSAXLE ENGINEER,NG, INC. SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year congratulations M.O.R.E. F&L 400 Wayne Nosala . Mike Malloy 1111 Class 1 - 1111 ·Overall 1111 1/2-1800 - 21111 Overall BIii Markel - Class 1 - 4th Overall TRANS.AXLE ENGINEERING JEFF nELD 9763 V.ARIEL AVENUE . CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739· half of the course is a little rough was only one. It was a 1776cc VW for this class." powered Chenowth buggy, driven Class 1450 had two entries, and by Rick Sanchez and Luiz lmpe-this group had to run only four laps. rial. They were both in the car the This is the Sportsman Street Legal whole time; simply switching seats group. On the first lap James when it was time to change driv-Ederer, Toyota, had the lead, with ers. They said they had no prob-· about 13 minutes Of! David Santa lems, and everything went Cruz in his Ranger. He'd recorded "smooth" but they "got a little lost the fast time for this class, at 45:24. on the first lap." They were happy This was Ederer's first race. On the to get to the finish line. second lap Santa Cruz and his co-The racing was all over by mid-driver, Greg Cornelius, moved into afternoon, which meant there was the lead as Ederer lost about 45 time to play before cranking up minutes with repairs. the barbecue. This being an OHV They were both moving well area, there were play buggies and through the· third lap, and trucks scattered all over the place Cornelius and Santa Cruz had their and having a great time all day, best lap, and now led by about a and once the race is over it's often half hour. The fourth lap was a little time to give the pit help a chance slower for both, with Santa Cruz to drive the race car if it still moves. and Cornelius finishing their day Race on April 10th. Dusty with the win. They said this was "a Times will be there to tell you typical Fud course, the deepest what went on. ·

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California Rally series Banquet The big winners in the highly competitive Open Class were Piers O'Hanlon and Julie Un, pleased with their perfonnance in 2003. Piers was also awarded Rookie Of The Year in CRS. This year's event held at Pomona Valley Mining Co., con-cluded the California Rally Se-ries season for 2003. Director Chris Burns began the evening with a brief review of the year's highlights before turning over to Master of Ceremonies John Dil-lon, who welcomed the 60 at-tendees, before explaining how the CRS ladder system works. Poster couple Jim and Lourna Wright are the ideal club mem-bers John stated who have en-tered rally-x competition and moved up to sprints and then to stage rallying. Continuing on John stated the California Rally Series' position of being up to the challenge after the fatalities in SCCA Pro and Club Rally activi-ties. It was after Club Rally events were suspended did the CRS find alternative sanctioning with NASA and their willingness to jump in feet first and assist the club _to continue its programs. John commended RallySprint or-ganizers for their continued sup-port and solid schedule in 2004 despite the cancellations that occurred the past year. This year's humorous take on the game show format was the contest called, "So You Think You Know Rally?" Ent~red in the big show were Tony Chavez, Bruce Brown, Chrissy Beavis, Gabe Pari and Anton Musev. Asked of their knowledge of rally either behind the scenes or on stage, the five contestants were asked the toughest questions, all were equally challenged and all knowing. Tied for the most cor-rect answers were Tony Chavez and Bruce Brown, the tie breaker resulted in Bruce Brown being declared the winner. For his efforts he received the "Stick", a momento of the evening, signed by all th6se who attended. Presented by John Dil-lon, the evening's first trophies were given to the RallyCross win-ners. Finishing first in the Street Stock 2 WD class was Kengo Takahashi followed by Dave Turner, Toshimi Hashimoto, Don Shreyer and Guy Sappington. Next up was Street Stock 4 WD class, the winner of this class was David Wilhelmy followed by William Tinnel Jr., Zack Zacharias, Michael Hoche-Mong and Robert Brinkhurst. In Modified 2 WD Class the win-ner was Jim Wright, CRS Mem-· bership Chair, followe·d by Charles Aoun, Jacques Levy, Craig Hollingsworth and Marco Pasten. In Modified 4 WO, the Gravel Crew cleaned up the awards in this division with first going to Marti Silvola followed by George Scott, Marvin Ronquillo and Bristol Keele. Pre-sented by outgoing CRS Direc-tor Chris Burns, awarded the Performance Stock Class tro-phies. In first place was the fa-ther/son team of Ian Hudson and Brian Hudson. Second place went to Andrew Grady and Chris Powell; third went to Jun Andrada and Ricky DelaCuesta; fourth place went to Marco Pasten and Daniel Nichols and fifth went to Sean Otto and Tim Sardelich. In the GT category first place went to Dan Brink and Tina Lininger; seconq place Sean McKenna and Neil Killey; third went to Bruce Brown and Pat Brown and finishing fourth was Marvin Ronquillo and Allan Walker. In Class Group 2/5, the winner was Dave Coleman and Amar Sehmi; second place Jim Pierce and Chris Navarro; third Justin Hill and Adrian Lengsfeld; fourth Jim Gillaspy and John Burke; fifth place Mustafa Samli and Matthew Lovell. · · Saving the best for last, Open . 4 WD competitors were pre-sented their hardware. Winning this class was Piers O'Hanlon and Julie Lin; second place went to Wolfgang Hoeck and Chrissy Beavis; third place was Leon Styles and John Dillon; fourth place Tony Chavez and Ken Cas-sidy and fifth went to Carlos Narbais and Juan Lago. The evening's first perennial trophy was awarded to the individual who exemplifies the GT and Stock class driver. This indi-vidual goes the distance to help fellow competitors while he him- . self tries as hard to win. The win-ner of the Galai Souki was Michael Taylor. As a Seed 8 driver, the Rookie of the Year that is chosen is a driver who has exceeded all expectations in his class and abilities. This year's winner w Piers O'Hanlon. The fo_llowing award singles out the co-driver who has contributed to the sport of rally as a worker, or-ganizer and Board of Governors member. This year's recipient of the Bill Moore Award went to Gabe Pari. This year's recipient of the inaugural WSRC Worker Challenge Award, presented by John Dillon, went to Nick Hudson. Nick accumulated the most points over many of the workers who signed up to work WSRC events. For his hard work Nick will receive a Subaru parka and a trophy. The top 20 work-ers receiving recognition were Dave Belcher in second followed by: Mike Gibeai.+lt, Janice Damito, Scott Dicks, Toni Dicks, Donna Hocker, Ray Hocker, Carl Schmid, Casey Kobyluk, Greg Luikko, Denise McMahon, Pat McMahon, Ron Wood, Jessica Luiko, Dave Ped-erson, Brittany Schmid, Bradney Boli, Paula Gibeault and Bill Jones. .Presented by Paula Gibeault, this year's winner of the highly coveted CRS Worker of the Year prize went to Dave Belcher. Dave's contributions have been a real asset to the . California Rally Series and any organizer who Dave has volun-teered his services to can be as-sured he will do a top notch job . Winning the "Best T-Shirt" from an event was Treeline Club Rally which ironically wasn't · held. Who says you can't look good all the time even though you haven't anywhere to go. The Captain Crunch Award was presented to Anton M usev, you guessed it, for sustaining the most damage and still manag-ing to finish. Longtime rally en-thusiast John Dillon received from National Champion Chad DiMarco the Kenneth "Doc" Zimmerman. Currently serving on the cRS board he co-drives throughout the year, organizes events and brings a high level of enthusiasm to the sport of ral~. 4-~-The father and son team of Ian Hudson and Brian Hudson went First in the GT category were Dan Brink and Tina Lininger (r), Bruce The CRS Worker Of The Year award was presented by Paula Gibeault home with the Performance Stock Class 1•1 place troph_ . and Pat Brown were third in the class. ______ to the super hard working Dave Belcher. ~==========;;;;;;;;;;;; In CRS Rally Group 215 it was Dave Coleman/Amar Sehmi taking Bruce Brown was the big winner of the •so You Think You Know Winning in Ra/lySprint GT and Group 215 were Carlos Narbais, Bob the win, Pierce/Navan-o were second and Hi/1/lengafeld were third. Rally" quiz, just beating out Tony Chavez in a tie breaker. Brinkhurst, Tony Delacuesta and John West . Dusty Times_ . May 20.04 . Page 27

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DARPA GRAND CHALLENGE M iave DeSert Wins By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo The modi.ied Hummer put together by Csmegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, featured a suspended box i(1 its midsection to hold its sensors. It proved to be the most successful effort. SCORE's involvement with the DARPA Grand Challenge re-sulted in an exciting event, well run and well promoted, that had no winners. But DARPA (Defense Ad-vance Research Project Agency) figures they came away winners from this one. Their whole point in the exercise, which offered a $1 million dollar prize to the au-tonomous vehicle that could travel from Barstow to Primm in the fastest time, was to get people working on autonomous vehicles. It seems that congress wants to have 30 percent of our battlefield Page 28 vehicles autonomous by the year 2015, and DARPA has been try-ing to fiend the cheapest and fast-est way to do this. They tried work-ing with a couple of big "defense" contractors, but that bogged down and got no useful results, so they decided to try a contest. What they are hoping, we were told by a DARPA spokesperson, was to bring out the genius who's been pottering with robotics in his base-ment for the last ten years. They want to get him to apply his skill to their problem. They are also hoping to engender more enthusi-asm for robotics, and specifically the idea of autonomous land ve-hicles, and they want that enthu-siasm to filter down into the schools and colleges. And, they seem to have achieved their goals. When the competition was an-nounced a great furor went up among the robot hobbyists and professionals. When it was time to submit entries, DARPA received 106 ap·plications expressing their interest. Of that group, 86 were able to get their technical papers submitted by the October 2003 deadline. Then DARPA evalu-ated the papers, checked out some sites, and narrowed the final field IUIDIIUID dia ors illlor acers acers May 2004 The •Terrahawk~ a hybrid diesel electric vehicle, featured six-wheel drive, variable height suspension, three articulated segments and a GPS sensor. It broke a hydraulic line. to 25, of which 23 actually got their vehicles to Fontana, to the California Speedway, for the "field tests." In the meantime, DARPA had been working with SCORE, who'd been asked to find and lay out an off road course. After some dis-cussion they'd decided that a route going from vaguely near Los Angeles and vaguely near Las Vegas would suit their purpose. Anyone who's done much off roading in the area would imme-diately think "Barstow to Vegas", and that's indeed where they ended up. But it took a lot of wheeling and dealing with all the agencies. First, of course, the BLM, and Fish and Wildlife, and Edison and some private property owners had to give permission. There was discussion about the tortoises, and the Fish and Wild-life folks decided they'd send people out to temporarily fence in any tortoise burrows near the track. Others would gently remove any tortoises that had come out of hibernation already, and make sure they were safe. Apparently, no one felt sure that no autono-mous vehicle would "see" a tor-toise. Fish delegated most of the work · to his nephew, Paul Fish, who'd recently begun working at the SCORE races again. It was enough to keep him busy full time. The Slash X ranch was chosen for the start area and the Buffalo Bill's Hotel in Primm would host the fin-ish line. The Slash X underwent a ma-jor transformation. The grounds were cleaned up and miles of tem-porary fencing were installed. Parking areas were laid out and about 20 big pit areas were marked off for the competitors. Grand-stands were set up at the start area and an entire small village of tents were erected. Generators were brought in to provide lighting, and the whole area was lit up like day-light. Coming over the rise on Highway 24 7 at night, the first view of the renovated Slash X was astonishing. It made you think of alien ship landings and mysterious installations in the middle of the desert. The local law enforcement folks had even posted temporary speed limit signs, bringing the limit down to 35 mph in anticipation of the traffic. And they were smart to do so. While the Slash X was being redone, the finish area at Primm was also being redesigned, with grandstapds, a podium, more pit areas and miles of fencing. It was similar to, but much more elabo-rate than what would normally be done for one of SCORE's normal events. But before all this even started, Sal and some assistants had spent many, many days laying out the course. It had to be representative · of many types of terrain, and the concomitant hazards, but it needed to be kept to a realistic level. And they had to mark thou-sands of OPS waypoints, so they could be plugged into the vehicles on race morning. No one was to know the exact course until two hours before start time. Of course, savvy off roaders. could guess where it went fairly easily, but the exact mileage was hush hush. As the preparation wound down, the various teams started making their way to Fontana for those field tests. The raceway ga-rages were put to use for the teams' purposes, and a one mile test track was laid out on the infield area of the road course. There were grandstands right there so specta-tors and team members could . watch each trial. After a brief press conference, there was time to wander through the garages and talk to the team members, and peer at the vehicles. Most of them were nearly complete, but practi-cally all of them were in need of last minute fine tuning. Most used The "Rascal" was based on an A Tl/, and carried a load of sensors including GPS, INS, video, LIDAR, ultrasound and RADAR. Dusty Times

Page 29

The "Spirit of Kosrae• was a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee to which its Based on so_melhing like a golf cart, this vehicle, named "Cliff', was builders added Differential GPS, LADAR, RADAR, SONAR, stereo assembled by a team from Virginia Tech, it looked good early, but its get around the test track. This "track" was about 30 feet wide, marked off by ·traffic cones, and it was a long, narrow oval, with some man-made ob-stacles in it. The first was a narrow ridge, made of dirt and broken concrete pieces. It would not faze any good truck, though you wouldn't want to drive your PT Cruiser over it. cameras and servo actuators. brakes locked up. off the start line. some kind of existing vehicle for a One of the smallest vehicles mostly ENSCO employees, modi-base, though a few were "purpose- was the work ofE?--JSCO,·Inc., an fied it drastically. They nick-built". There were ATVs, a mo- $80 million corporation with 725 named it "David", _and it, too, torcycle, a couple of "buggies", a employees. They star~ed with an looked like a fairly good bet to few pickups, an SUV, a salvaged "off the shelf" A TV; and then with cover some distance. Isuzu, a converted Hummer and a team of volunteers who were But first they all had to try to · a huge Oshkosh six wheel truck. Every one of them contained miles and miles of wiring, jammed into every open space in the vehicle. Some were built around one com-puter, and one bragged of contain-ing eight of them. AU had myste-rious looking sensors, utilizing OPS, radar, sonar, laser, ladar, ul-tra-sound, and stereo cameras in various combinations. Not every vehicle used all of these, but all used some very sensitive sensing equipment, and one team said their vehicle was "equipped with five new technologies that cannot be mentioned at this time." It was all astounding. Some left their wir-ing exposed to the elements, and some put it tidily into near boxes. The team from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA had their "payload" neatly tucked into one huge box, which was well sealed and suspended in the mid-section of the vehicle, with shock absorbers on all corners, to-protect · the components from shock. Carnegie Mellon, called "The Red T earn", had decided to use a Hummer for their vehicle, and they had sought out Rod Hall for advice on suspension and the like. Their vehicle was the favorite to get to the finish. But there were some others that looked viable . . These included the modified Honda Acura-MDX SUV put to-gether by the Palos Verdes High School Road Warriors. They called their vehicle "Doom Buggy", though it looked like nothing more than a Honda ACura with an odd agglomeration of stuff stuck to it. The race had attracted atten-tion in many areas, and some of the teams had some helpful spon-sorship. Two of them had BFGood-rich as a sponsor, and the familiar big yellow van sat in the parking lot. The Cal Tech team, which had a modified Chevy Tahoe, was -using a set of BFG racing tires, and the Red Team had BFG tires also, and had chosen to run liners in their. Gary Enterline, BFG's Light Truck man, was there to be sure . they were all running the proper tire pressures. Another one that looked 'like a good bet was the Oshkosh truck. Painted bright pea-soup green, it was so huge it was impossible to think of im obstacle that could stop it. The thing was named "TerraMax" and was the result of a partnership between Oshkosh Truck Corporation and a team of . scientists/students at Ohio State University. It was a massive six wheel vehicle, reportedly weigh-ing 32,000 pounds. Dusty Times May 2004 Then there was a "fence" made by pounding some wooden uprights into the ground and attaching long lengths of galvanized tin -to Continued on page 31 The •cajunBot" was a low fuel mileage six-wheel ATV that the Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana thought would do the job with the addition of 3 computers. Page 29

Page 30

Mark Dee • 1st Place _HI• ~~~---~~ PERFORMANCE Jeffery Sack • 2nd Place Guy SavecJra • 3rd Place All Three Racers Use· Lucas 20/50 Racing -Oil, Heavy Duty. Oil Stabilizer, 75/90 Synthetic Gear Oil and X-tra Heavy Duty Grease to Gain the Winning -Advantage! _ Page 30 May 2004 Dusty Times

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them. Near the middle they had left an opening, just wide enough for the biggest vehicle. After that a couple of vertical obstacles, wood posts with metal adhered to the base (representing power tow-ers) were to be avoided, and then they'd parked a vehicle on the track. After a left tum and an off-camber down hill with a drop of about six feet; they ran over a big• tarp covered with gravel, repre-senting a change in terrain . .Then there was another parked vehicle, and beyond that another "fence", and this time the opening was paved with big metal pipes, repre-senting a cattle guard. After one more parked car the vehicles had to negotiate a narrow opening be-tween two big panels, beneath the pedestrian bridge, and then they ran a straightaway down to the big left sweeper tum, then a hairpin, and then a stretch of grass with medium sized boulders piled along the edge (all painted bright white). From there it was a short right tum and then a left to the finish line, where they were re-quired to come to a complete stop. There were 53 OPS waypoints re-corded on this course, and the teams were not given the infor-mation until just before the trials started. They started their attempts on the test run on Monday afternoon. A few of the first attempts at the course were complete washouts when the vehicles simply failed to move. It turned out some were having trouble with their "E but-tons". Each vehicle had emer-gency stop buttons strategically placed every so many feet around the body. These were big red but-tons, clearly labeled, and meant to stop a vehicle in an emergency or dangerous situation. They were all alike, and all supplied by DARPA, and apparently there'd been some glitches in their instal-lation. Cal Tech's Tahoe, nicknamed "Bob", was the first to actually take off. It was an awe-inspiring mo-ment, as the audience realized that real history was happening down on the test track. A great cheer went up. Every eye followed his progress as he made it past the first several obstacles. But then, as he neared the "cattle guard", he paused to think about it. Obvi-ously something didn't look just right, and after so,:ne "thought", Bob made a left tum and neatly · and efficiently went completely . around the entire obstacle, fence, cattle guard and all. One of his engineers later said that his sen-sors apparently "read" the metal bars of the cattle guard as a verti-cal wall, so it looked like a solid wall in front of him. He went effi-ciently on to the pedestrian over-pass, and then as he went beneath it he momentarily "lost" his OPS signal. That somehow messed up his orientation and he made an incorrect right tum that caused him to finish his run with his front bumper up against a solid wall. With no reverse gear, Bob was done. But he'd m3:de a huge step forward in the history of autono-mous vehicles. , The Palos Verdes High School Acura was the next one to get moving, but it didn't go very far. As it neared the first obstacle the sensors apparently decided that the thing to do was to go around it . on the right, which would have worked, except it went a little too · far right and hit the wall separat-ing it from the grandstands. The teenaged teammates who'd built it were visibly crushed, but headed back to the garage to scope out the problem. All the entries were to get at least two tries at the test track. Things continued in.that vein through the _rest of Monday, with no one making a full circuit around the course. But on Tues-day, as attempts continued, the Red Team got their Hummer all the way around and eight other teams made it part of the way. . Things were lookin' up. On Wednesday three more teams went all the way around, three teams "nearly completed" the course and six teams "partially" completed it. Thursday went about the same, except that they'd now changed the waypoints, and were apparently using fewer of them. One vehicle tried twice and ran into one of the parked-car ob-stacles both times. Another took aim at the opening in the "fence" and missed by about three feet, moving down part of the fence. Still another squeaked through, then ground to a halt, because it had triggered its "E" stop button on the fence post. One, The Spirit ofKosrae, a modified Jeep Chero-kee from Axion, LLC in Westlake Village, California, got to the sec-ond parked car and stopped. It was pointed right at the .left rear cor-ner of the relic, which had its hood open. After some cogitation, the Jeep put itself in low gear and moved forward, slid up onto the hulk a bit, and shoved it about 15 feet into and along the solid wall it was parked next to. The "Spirit" had a sad bleat of a horn that tootled when it was in difficulty, and it tootled as it shoved. The audience loved it. The control folks "paused" the Jeep, bringing it to a halt. Actually, the "pause" feature was one that got used more often -,------,...---,-SciAutonics based their autonomous vehicle on an Israeli built dune buggy. The vehicle looked good all week, and had the second-best attempt at the desert. Dusty Times than not. Every vehicle had a "Control Vehicle" (C.V.) running behind it. These C.V.s were all four door Dodge rental trucks. Inside there was a tangle of radio equipment and three people. There was a driver, a "judge" and a communications person. The judge was to determine when the autonomous vehicle had gone astray, and then he had a "kill" button, that triggered a "pause" function, putting the robot in neu-tral. These teams were mostly made up of folks who'd been work-ing for SCORE, or racing with SCORE for years. They would also follow every autonomous vehicle during the run from Barstow to Primm. If at any time a vehicle seemed about to do something dangerous to others or to itself, the judge could "pause" it. Once Thursday's tests were over, DARPA made the big deci-sion about the eligible vehicles. They announced that 15 vehicles had been approved for the com-·petition. Although some of them had not made it through the test track, DARPA was mainly con-cerned with their ability to con-trol them in the event of a mishap, and all of the chosen 15 had func-tioned well in that regard. Ac-cordingly, on Friday, the whole shebang moved out to the Slash X where they were fed with the typi-cal Slash X barbecue, and then settled in to fine tune their ve-hicles before an.. early bedtime. The DARPA folks would give them .the OPS coordinates of the race course at 3 a.m., and that start was scheduled for 6:30 a.m. They ranked the vehicles by attainable speed, and started the fastest ro-bots in the front. They were to start five minutes apart, each with a Control Vehicle right behind it. All the proceedings were being fed to a large screen television at the Star of the Desert Arena at Buf-The "TerraMax~ built by Oshkosh Truck Corp. and updated by students at Ohio State University, could do all kinds of things, including backing up, but it didn't understand creosote bushes. · falo Bill's, in Primm, where the fin- storm", it didn't raise any dust · ish line, and all the post-race.cer- cloud as it left, but it did indeed emonies were to take place. The leave. It navigated the gentle left press was encouraged to go di-turn in front of the press grand-rectly to Primm to watch the pro-stands, and then another, an ceedings on TV. headed out the road which was But they stayed put to watch bordered by big, healthy creosote the start, and it's a good thing they bushes. The first autonomous ve-did. The, crowd was huge. Robot hide to start the race motored el-fans had come in from all over, off egantly through the desert as the road race fans showed up, old bik- audience hooted and hollered in ers (even one Barstow to Vegas glee. winner) congregated in the Slash The next vehicle off the line X, and people who'd been read- was the work of the SciAutonics ing about it in their local newspa-II team in Thousand Oaks, Cali-pers and were curious had driven fornia. Their vehicle started life out from town to watch the start. as a small off road vehicle, a And there were representatives "buggy" with A-arm front si.tspen-from all kinds of magazines, news- sion. It was manufactured in Is-papers and television. The press rael. It had done well in the trials, grandstands were-full t6 overflow- and the team expected to do well ing and prickled with cameras on here. It certainly looked as if it their tripods. TV cameramen would, taking off smartly, negoti-hustled around with shoulder- ating the curves well, and head-mount cameras. The excitement ing out into the desert, dwarfed and anticipation was heavy. bv the bushes. They lined the starting vehicles Cal Tech's "Bob" went next, up three abreast, but only one took and it took a very tentative ·ap-the green flag at a time. The first proach to getting past the wall of car "off the line" was the modi- K-rail that separated the press fied Hummer of Carnegie Mellon, from the course. But it did keep in Pittsburgh. Nicknamed "Sand-Continued on page 32 · Bri,iog suns• Crew DaHorms • Crew: Sb/rls Po/8 Shirts• Team Jackels • -Hats• GearBags TEIIBIIME RBDnlT MaTlll/l4/lPOlilnlt • .,, ... lflal:BIIB • EIIIIIIIIIII lflal:llflll lillllrl t.lllWIIEII • 1:11111 FJIIIWOIIIIS • RJU:E REJIIIY PIIIIIIIR:'IS • TIU1HI IMUl.lal EMPIRE DBI~ • IIOJIIII.JI l:JIIIS IIF CIIBIIIUI May 2004 Page 31

Page 32

The "NaviGA TOR" was a cooperative effort between University of A favorite with the locals, "Bob" was built at Gal Tech in Pasadena, FloridaandAutonomousSolutions, Inc. Theyfeditmoviesofnavigable and equipmf]nt included two pair of digital cameras, two LADAR This truck, called ·o.A.D.: had computer chips analyzing 30 billion dirt trails to use for comparison. _um_·_ts_a_'l1d_e,_,g.~"1_t_lB_'M_P,_C._s_.______________ pixels a second, to determine if there were obstacles in its path. going. Team Digital Auto Drive track, came off the start line with early. "David" had somehow man- plained, was essentially "transpar-The giant pea-soup green Osh-("D.A.D. ") started next, and their its distress horn tootling, and went aged to roll-over during the week's ent" to the sensors, and when we kosh truck, "Terra Max", started modified pickup took a zigzag ap-'round and 'round in circles, ap- testing, but started out looking asked if it could "see" a chain link next. It looked so massive and omi-proach to getting around the turns, parently nqt able to find its first great at the Slash X. Until it got to fence, he thought that would also nous that the guards asked every-but then kept moving along at a waypoint. They "paused" it and the outside of the second tum, got be "transparent". Back to the one to step "at least three feet" good clip, good enough that it drove it away, citing a "malfunc- up on the berm, and flipped over drawing board. further back from the K-rail. No passed "Bob" within the first mile, tioning of the OPS Track System". on its side. That was the end of The Palos Verdes High School one thought for a minute that eliciting a huge cheer from the Then they had a course "block- "David's" race. "Doom Buggy", went out of the three feet would make a differ-audience. age" for about 45 minutes, and no The "Navigator", the rede-chute in a straight line, stopped ence. There was a wait while they Virginia Tech used a gasoline cars were started while they re- signed Isuzu, built by students at before it hit anything, and didn't got Navigator separated from the powered 4WD "utility vehicle" -covered "Bob", who'd driven the University of Florida, looked move again. They drove it away. fence and off the course and then something like a golf cart - manu- through a fence and couldn't get good coming out of the chute, and The next vehicle was "Rascal", TerraMax headed out. As it went factured by Ingersoll-Rand. It disentangled and back to the headed out as if success was in its which stands for "Robust Autono- through the first couple of turns it started out energetically, but then course. They had about nine car grasp. Unfortunately, no one on mous Sensor Controlled All-Ter- could be seen to neatly avoid a stopped to have a look at the first haulers and tow-trucks in the their team had any idea that a rain Land Vehicle". Also put to- creosote bush that jutted into its turn, then put itself in gear and area, but it was something of an nasty thing like barbed wire might gether by SciAutonics, this was path, delicately sliding by without didn't move. After a bit smoke ap- effort to get through the shrubbery be lurking just past the bushes in based on an ATV Corp, Prowler, touching a branch. But about a peared. So it "paused" itself and to the distressed vehicle. Once a the desert. It was programmed to and aside from a predilection for mile and two-tenths later some-tried again. Same result. It looked vehicle had to be assisted by its run through bushes if necessary, running into one of the parked ob- thing went askew. Bemused ob-for all the world as if someone had team it was a dnf. and apparently found it necessary stacle cars on the test-track, it had servers saw it hesitate at some ob-forgotten to release a parking The next starter, the "Cajun at some point (still within a mile performed well. It took off onto stacle, then move off course into brake. After a few moments the Bot", a six-wheeled ATV put to-or so of the start} only discover a the course in slow but sure fash-the shrubbery, in an apparent at-crew came out and took it away. gether at the University ofLouisi- barbed wire fence in its path. The ion. But 3/4 of a mile down the tempt to avoid something. Word came back later than the ana, made a good attempt, but wire did the usual thing, wrapped road it went off course, and there TerraMax was one of the few ve-brakes had locked up. brushed a wall and did some dam- itself around a front axle and tore it sat for 90 minutes, trying to re-hides with the capability of put-The "Spirit of Kosrae", which age to itself. After that it was time off the brake lines and brought the gain the road. It didn't move. They ting itself into reverse gear. So now had had the run-in with the for Team ENSCO's "David", the Navigator's day to an end. The finally "paused" it and took it it backed up. Then it stopped and parked car obstacle on the test little A TV that had looked so good fence, one of the students ex- back to the pit. studied the situation, and then it · Page 32 May 2004 Dusty Times

Page 33

The Go/em Group, from Santa Monica, Califomia built this robot, A popular group, the Palos Verdes High School Road Warriors, all Team ENSCO's little "David• had the misfortune to be the only vehide which was one of the more successful efforts, completing 5.2 miles teenagers, fumed their Honda Acura into a ·ooom Buggy-. They quick enough on the course to get itself in trouble. It ran up on the before it ran out of steam. had better luck with the r!eld tests• than in the race. _berm __ , _a_nd_tipped~_o_v._'ef._. _____________ _ backed up some more. Soon it way from being a successful au- vehicle applied power, but the rear And at Mile 6, the D.A.D. over seven miles with no human had reversed itself by about a tonomous vehicle. He estimated wheels didn't move, and the fronts truck was stopped to allow a control whatsoever. To quote a quarter mile and when it was they'd need another four or five were in the air. Then it applied its wrecker to get through for an-robot fan, "World record estab-unable to "find" the proper course years to bring it to the point where brakes, while the wheels were spin-other vehicle, and when it was lished: 7 .4 miles." again, they had to call it quits. it could navigate the desert on its ning furiously, and snapped both restarted it couldn't find the DARPA had systems set up to The next starter was the own. It has a built-in gyroscope halfshafts. Before it got to the proper route. The sensors tried allow it to download information "Golem", a modified pickup put that is supposed to keep it upright, point of no return, it had spun its unsuccessfully for· three hours, from all the vehicles entered in together by the Golem Group in even when it's not moving. Sadly, wheels so furiously that the left and they finally called it a dnf. the event, so they went home Santa Monica, California. It even that failed during the demo, front tire had been spinning So the Hummer and the Red with plenty to occupy their time started out just fine, straightened and the Ghost Rider just fell over against the ground just enough to Team were the most successful until the next event. The purpose out the tum a bit by charging right on its side, wounded, and had to cause it to start to smoke, and raise team, traveling 7 .4 miles autono-of giving the military a fleet of through the creosote bush, and be wheeled back to its pit. a big cloud of dust, prompting some mously, and coming to grief be-autonomous vehicles is to save went snappily on its way. It was Back at the front of the pack to report that the Hum-cause of automotive, rather than American lives. They plan to use · one of the more successful entries, the Hummer was looking very mer was on fire. It was not. electronic reasons. Behind it, autonomous vehicles for deliver-and got up into the hills a bit be- good, and at one point, according Meanwhile, behind the Hum-SciAutonics II got their TomCar ing supplies to our troops. Dr. fore coming to grief. At Mile 5.2 it to its chase crew, had even at- mer, the Israeli buggy was doing buggy to go 6. 7 miles, and it, too, Anthony Tether, Director of had a throttle problem while go- tained a speed of 42 miles per hour. fine, but it had to be paused to was stopped at least in part due DARPA, said that he expects ing up a hill, and they let it try to But then it ran over a big rock, wait for the Hummer, and the to mechanical difficulties. The that "within ten years this tech-get going again for about 50 min- really bigger than it should have "judge" must have pushed the third place team, D.A.D., cov- nology should be in use in the utes, but finally gave in and taken on. It bumped and clumped button just as the buggy started ered six miles before losing the military." stopped it permanently. over it, but after that seemed to to crawl up on a rock. There is route. So, although the desert won Back at the start line the lone tend toward the left. Mike about a five second delay from DARPA was pleased with the the day, the event went into the motorcycle, called "Dexterit - Sabbarese, riding along in the button-push to stop. So the buggy result, and once all the cars were history books as a rousing success. Ghost Rider", was wheeled out for C.V., thought maybe a rear axle came to a stop on the rock. It spun back off the course everyone At the finish area celebration, Dr. a demonstration ride. The Team had been broken by the rock. At its wheels also, trying to get going headed north to Primm to eel-Tether announced that there Leader, Anthony Levandowski, any rate, it finally got so far to the again, but all that happened was, ebrate the conclusion of the his- would definitely be an event in from Berkeley, California, had al- left that it got hung up on a berm to quote a team member, "it ate tory-making event. For the first 2005, and that SCORE would ready explained that it was a long and couldn't extricate itself, The our tire!". time ever, a vehicle had traveled once again be involved. m. •Coilover, external adjustable bypass & smooth body models •2.5" & 2" dia. monotube shock bodies •10" thru 17" travel •Nickel plated •Rebuildable •Schrader valve and remote reservoir models •2" dia. monotube shock bodies •5" thru 14" travel •Nickel plated •Rebuildable •Race jnspired fixed CrossFlow reservoir design •Available in 6.5" -14" travel •Patented digressive split valving •46mm working piston •Adjustable mounting allows. reservoir to be positioned as needed •For lifted pickups & SUVs •Zinc plated shock body •Multiple valving available for specific applications .'Spljt compression and rebound valVing tuned for each specific application BILSTEIN? .. the world leader in gas pressure shock absorber Dusty Times May 2004 Page 33 ◄

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MORE BALLS OUT 250 The Beatles Invade Barstow By Ann Dcmaldspn Photos: Track.side Photo Brett Maurer was the heavy hitter in the Class 1 battle, he took the class win with ease, his competition falling by the wayside. Byron Ziegler was fast! He turned his six required laps in 5:30:01 to take the Class 1600 win as well as the overall win. The second race in the MORE left broken race cars all over the it to the throttle. Stuart was driv-season brought out an amazing 24 · 'course. With 11 entered in the ing and throttling the car and Stu-John Criswell had a good race, a slight slowdown on the third lap didn't keep flim Class 5-1600 Baja Bugs. I doubt that, Brett Maurer drove (or had) art was shifting. They finished five _fro.:....m_the-C..:....1._ass_S_wi_in_. -------------------many Bugs have been in one race the only car that finished the re- laps. Billy said "Everything Wayne the team of Wayne Nosala and Tim out of the race. since the 80's "Hey Day"; of off quired six laps. Using black elec- Nosala prepped on the car was per- Baker. Tim started the race in the It has been a long time since a road racing. The Baja California is trical tape his team crossed out the feet." Billy was surprised to learn single seatJimco beam car. On Lap real good looking Class 8 truck responsible, and we can thank Ron number "9" in their number so it he won not only second place but 3 around Mile Marker 26, the front raced in Barstow. Heath Mitchell Plunkett for the large number of became number 161. It worked. He took home $1,500ofMORE money left shock tower ripped out at the from Barstow changed that when Bugs. It was a sight to see that many walked away with over a $2,500.00 too. chassis. Calling it a day the car was he brought out his M&T Racing Bugs lined up at the starting line. from MORE. Art Velasco went four laps in limped back to main pit and on the built Ford with a new stroked 351 The course was set with five Second in class was the two seat his home built A-arm buggy, tak- trailer. CORE pits were vital in motor built by Barstow Motors. This outlying pits along with main pit. pre-runner Moulton, Subaru pow- ing home third place and $1,000 of tracking down Tim. A big thanks truck fit the "Wow, look at the" Pro classes were required to com-ered car owned by long time MORE money. Fourth place went goes to Thom Singer for roving and bill. Warren Messinger drove with plete six laps with all other classes Checker, Billy Robertson. Billy to the open car of Brian Byfield. chasing for this team. Steve Johnston co-driving. They doing five laps. Again Class 1 and started the race with Mikey Chil- Brian did have the fast lap of the In his third year of racing, Ryan had a smoking first lap time of 52 10 combined for MORE money. dress as co-driver. They were run- race on his first lap in a time of 50 Lesher was looking strong when minutes and 32 seconds. They ran The overall victory went to a 1600 ning smooth for the first 13 miles minutes and 10 seconds. testing the single seat, Honda pow-out of fuel on the second lap mis-car with an average speed of 45.5 until a tie rod end broke. After Next was Mike Voyles, brought · ered·Lothringer A-arm buggy when calculating the amount the 351 mph. The team of Bryon Ziegler about three hours to repair, the car out his two seat (Class 12) beam testing. A brand new Fortin trans- would guzzle. After fueling, they was overjoyed with that win. was back on the course. After it car, sporting a nice ·pastel paint job. mission had been newly installed. got back on the course only to have Class 1 was an assortment of completed the lap, Stuart and Eric This car looked good going through Two flat tires on the first lap put the input shaft brake ending the V8's, VW's, beam cars, A-arm cars, Chase jumped in. As they were try- the rough but unfortunately it was him down on time, and on Lap 3, a day. Fans hope to see this truck run two truggys and one Class 8 truck. ing to ma~e up time, the throttle only able to complete three laps. hose came off the transmission. again. A 1600 car won the class. But the cable broke. They found an old Running strong and second Overheating resulted. That blew Jesse Rodriguez went one lap be-real winner was the desert, which radio wire in the car and they tied overall until carnage happened was up the transmission and put him fore dropping out of contention. r-------------------------------------------------------~ Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkwav Looo, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • · CAU, WRITE or FAX Us to Receive a Free Catalor:1 I I I I ~---------------~---------------------------------------~ Page 34 May 2004 Dusty Times

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/ Don Johnson gave it his ell, he finished.second in the 1600 fracas, John Murphy really wanted the Class 1600 win, he ran fast and It was dose in Class 9, Jim Richardson ran his five laps trouble free only two minutes out of the class win. Mike Campbell's single seat buggy also went one lap. Bill Markel in-stalled a new V8 in the two seat Penhall built buggy only to have the automatic transmission blow 30 miles into the race ending his day. Class 5 (Open Baja Bugs) had two entries. John Criswell drove a bright orange Bug three laps with Steve Griffen finishing up the final three. This was one team that didn't think the course was "too rough" and had a trouble free day. The new blue Bug of Chris Bow-man finished about five minutes behind, after having some down time with two flat tires on Lap 2 - and a shifter problem on the last lap. The co-driver worked the link-age until Pit D, where the FAIR pits repaired it. This is a new car that we hope to see again. This team plans to race some MORE races and maybe with other pro-moters this year. In Class 1(2-1600 the overall win went to Bryon Ziegler in his Dun-rite car. Bryon drove the first four consistent and finished three and a half minutes out of the win. and took the dass win with a minute, 19 seconds in hand. laps, with Jeremy Sundt driving the the prep work himself and reported in a remote place. CORE members On the second lap, the yellow Bug last two laps. Jhis team had not no flats or problems. He says he is were searching for him when his lost the front brakes but made an finished in the top five in quite a still in the process of learning the team radioed that he was found and averag_e of 39m12h to the finish. Jeff while. This time they posted an car. were heading back to the main pit. thanks Mickey Thompson tires be-average speed of 45.4 mph. The Curt Geer in the single seat Twenty-four, yes, counted them cause he had no flats and he praises CORE pit club changed one tire, Lothringer finished in sixth place. all, 5-1600 Bugs started the race. his motor builder, George Jimenez. this team found it had another Curt had down time on Lap 2 due Fifteen of them finished all re- Guy "Zilla" Savada started in CORE member right on their heels. to a broken steering gear box that quired five laps. Quite a few rolled seventh off the line and finished in Don Johnson in his Bunderson car, was taken out of their old 5-1600 over but still made it to the finish third place. He had an average finished less than two minutes be- car and installed in the race car. line. This was the first Baja Coali- speed of 36.8 mph. He is two fin-hind first on corrected time. Don Otherwise his lap times were run- tion race of the four race season. ishes for two this year. After some was averaging 45.1 mph for the six ning with the leaders. Fifteen of the 24,cars were part of bad luck in the past, the burgundy laps. Don drove the entire race solo. Rod Weddle started last and the coalition that requires a $110 Bug finished in third, but paid a He reported no flats and Don finished in seventh with his yellow fee per race. The winner, Mark price. Guy and co-driver Bill wanted to make sure that his two seat car. Deetookhome$3,550fromMORE Worthing did not pre-run. Guy thanks go to promoter Jim Clem-Garit Wallace brought back along with Baja Coalition money. drove three laps and had the ents for putting on a good race. memories with the chrome wing Mark averaged 41. 1 mph and "camel pak" containing water Third went to John Murphy and mounted on the front of the single took five hours and three minutes come loose and slide under the gas Billy McCool in the Porter prepped seat car. Garit lost time with a flat to take the win in his purple and pedal. He felt "something squishy" two seater. Billy prepped the car, tire on the second lap and was in green Bug. Mark rolled passing an- and saw what happened. His co-and John drove the entire race with the process of making up for it other car on the second lap and driver grabbed it and held it. They Billy in the right seat. Fourth place when, on Lap 5 a blown rear shock lost a front shock, along with a bro- lost a few parts off the Bug, includ-was taken by Victor Bussey and put them out since they had no ken torsion bar later in the race ing the SpinTek muffler, the mir-Roger Lord in their red two seat spares. · · made for a rough ride. Jeff Sack rors, and the front shock. They also Lothringer. Rich Clark brought out The famous John Kennedy and his hard to miss bright yellow split the rear rim and broke the roof his two seat car and took a fifth started first in the· class but finished bug finished in second. Ben Black off the car. The roof was still there place finish. This is the second time in ninth. Last but not least was Ron co-drove the race. On the first lap, but barely. The famous Art "The for this car to race. Rich does all Ingalls who broke on the third lap Jeff passed eight cars in his class. Continued on page 36 ultimate long travel ford long travel system Get the benefits of our Long Travel system and 3" lilt spindles, aeating 6" of rrlt for inaedihle ground dearance. ~@V<f! ■ 3' lift indles ■ lipper ~antral arms (Wil.ll~wy ■ Lower Control arms ■ Coil springs ■ 3 way front shocks ■ Performance rear shocks ■ Rear kit 3-wau adjustable shocR absorber { -IIM_·• ~ --:::::l?RBTeCH:.~ {'f~ -r-.. PIIRPORmAnc:a lffOC:HI toyota long travel system Dur Toyota 2 wheel drive, 6' 1van Dan' long travel system. Built to satisfy all the serious off roaders out there. custom i beams Dlfroad bullet proof design provides maximum strength with 4130 Chromoly steel 1 /Bth' thick plate and tubular inner structure. 8' Suspension System used in a racing 1 application with coil over shocks. Using Fabtech custom I beams, this configuration cycles out at 19' of wheel tra""l ., n• . C 21-HihAx extended radius arms Dur extended radius arms are offset further inboard for inCTl!ased tire clearance. Ranger models shown, which include new pivot mounts. 1990-94 lord ranger ., .. performance sustem Dur extended radius arms are offset further inboard offering increased tire clearance and 4 • more wheel travel Dual Sl,oclc System 2 shocks per ~nt wheei adds high performance dampening. 1998-on ford ranger 2.s -performance sustem 2.5' of hit with a 2' increase in wheel travel l~I . :!;t,;)1 . ~ ''mt..""!lit'. ~-~-· 1973-87 CJO .,-lono travel sustem Gives you the needed clearance for 3 3 • tall tires. e !? e ~be!!!! include ~nt lenders, bedsides and hoods. The ~nt lenders and bedsides are flared with wheel travel in mind. angled ~ spare tire mount Constructed using 1 1 / 4' steel tubing and MIG welded at the joints for long lasting strength and durability. flat spare tire mount-,~c i:: 1_· r " .. ~. ;,;. :r----stamped steel tabs Dur vast assortment of stamped steel tabs simpWy your fabrication needs. Over 25 Styles www_fabtechmotorsports_com DR E-MAIL US AT Page 35 ,Qustv Tir,:aes ·----,.,-... -.. ---...-=-----------------------------------------------------------------

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Billy Robertson had major problems on the first lap, then he got it all Fourth place in the holly contested 1600 dass went to Victor Bussey, Chris Bowman had two coslly laps, he ended up in the second spot in the Class 5 battle at the MORE Balls Out 250. together but major problems on the last lap made him a dnf. his last three laps well off the winning pace. Tech Dude" Savada helped FAIR mounted on the blue Bug entered the new car. in the main pit while his son was by Ray Regan, who drove the en- Mario Salazar and the teddy racing. After the race ARTS per- tire race. Ted Tedford co-drove. bear that was mounted to the front formed post tech on the limited With one flat they finished in fifth. bumper finished in seventh with a classes. The Evil bobble head was total time of six hours and 15 min-Finishing right after Savada mounted at the SCORE San Feli- utes. Sal Moreno and his green and was Jeff Bolha with an average pe race in.February and was still white Bug took eighth. speed of 36.6 mph. A rock took there after another 250 miles in The Eleven Brothers, Dennis out the clutch cable and the oil Barstow. Sletten and Robert Henderson with light came on, he reported. He was The next Bug is a brand new their red car painted with black concerned, but it turned out that Crumco that was completed in the flames finished in ninth, with a to-the oil pressure was fine and just early hours before the race. With tal time of six hours and 34 min-the light failed. Jeff's brother, Tom no test time, Mike Wright and utes. Tenth was Steve Johnson in jumped into the car on the third Jimmy Hook drove this yellow car his white Bug. lap. Both brothers reported that to the finish line. Jimmy kept on In 10th place Steve Johnston in they "had a blast" at this race and going even after finishing the race his white Bug. After co-driving for were happy with their fourth place with the Checkers trying to stop two laps in Heath Mitchell's "8" finish. him at Pit A to no avail. Jimmy must truck, Steve then drove his Bug An Evil Knevil bobble head was have been having a good time witl:i with 15 year old daughter, Tfte Dlfferencel .... ~ ., t... Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assembly Short or Tall Master Cylinders ~ ~ ~ t fl; Features steel pedal with large foot pad, non-skid foot surface and total seal rubber boots. Adjustable balance bar for precise fronUrear pressure ratios.Standard pedal length is 10.25". (5.2 to 1 ratio) CNC-20450 Steel Pedal, Short or Tall M/C Floor Mount. Fluidyne Heat exchangers & Transmission Coolers DUN-0B30500 Heat Exchanger DUN-0B30503 Heat Exchanger DUN-0B30504 Heat Exchanger ~ I DUN-0B30612 Trans Cooler w/Fan i e t t i I t = ~ 1--Page 36 2-pc Aluminum Drums .. Driving Suits Standard Fire Retardant Cotton Proban Driving Suits. Race Prep'ed CV 's MCK-0250-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-930 MCK-0251-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-934 IRS Axles from Sway-A-Way™ 300m 930 Race Axles 300m 934 Race Axles For more information give us a call or visit us online @ May 2004 Steffany, as co-driver. This was her first time to be in a race. On Lap 4 father and daughter changed a tire in a remote area of the course. Steffany had no prob-lems getting her hands dirty and helping with the tire change. On Lap 5, they high centered the Bug on a rock. Steffany didn't want to be in the car while they pried it off the rock so she pushed the car instead while Dad was behind the wheel. This took about 20 minutes to get back on the course. Steffany was a good sport and ready to help Dad out again. Sporting an airbrushed Ameri-can flag, David Sanchez was next. Angel Vinaja was 12th with a total time of six hours and 55 minutes. Ron Plunkett, aside from orga-nizing the Baja Coalition for this race, also raced his black Bug. He has four flats, suffered a broken throttle cable and broke his fuel pump along with a pulley seal that forced him to add two quarts of oil to the motor every lap. Starting in 1 7 off the line, he finished in-13th place. Randy Lewis and his red Bug finished 14th. And Gerardo Iribe finished next, just under the tiQ1e limit of seven hours and 54 min-utes. Brent Shermak, who started first in the Bug pack, completed four laps. Mike Ault Jr. ( #577) was able to make three laps. So was Jasper Dyer (#584). Jason Gregory (#567) and Bob Wright (#573) went two laps before calling it a day. Single laps wen; completed by Dane Crawford. (T-bag Racing), John McCoy (#554), Joseph Westhoff (who had a Tickle Me Elmo tied to his light bar on the roof) and Hector Garcia and his purple with green flames painted Bug. Class 9 winner Jim Richardson pulled up at the finish line and w·as so happy h,!! performed a winner's dance. Driving the blue and yellow single-seat Jimco, Jim got lost for about 10 minutes on the first lap. Jim has been racing or chasing for Class 9 since 1986. He credits his finish to using the "mag" machine for parts between racing. Good advice since he did not break down. Kevin Kopitch finished less than a minute on corrected time behind Richardson. Kevin drove the Chenowth two laps, and then Kim Wright got in and finished the race. They had ignition prob-lems but were able to make repairs and race on to the finish. Elizabeth Metzger, in her black car finished in third. Starting last Mark Dee, seen here at speed had fun, he raced around for his five required laps in just over five hours for the 5-1600 win. ,, Wayne Guidinger drove his sanitary truck to the Class 7A win, he ran his four required laps with ease. Dusty Times

Page 37

1•· Jeff Sack was a few minutes a lap off the winning pace and that put Kevin Kopitch took the silver medal in Class 9, he was a mere minute Guy Savedra was a few minutes off the winning pace each lap and that relegated him to the bronze medal in Class 5-1600. him into second place in the Class 5- 1600 race. and small change in arrears at race end. in the class was Brian Benson us- two laps. Eric Strand then got in aging the front end. They nursed . ing number 999. He moved up five and unfortunately he finished five the car to Pit B where Doug places to finish in fourth. minutes after the time limit. Silcock helped them get the car Scott Annand driving his well Ed Depina finished in sixth back on course. But after a ball know old Sandy Parker Chenowth place with cqmpleting three laps. joint break, Ed decided to call it a "9" car, broke a spindle on Lap 2. Chris Haney drew the first place day. Scott said "One wheel was pointed start. He put first time driver, . Hany Dunn brought out his two to London and the other to Paris." Norbert Moll and co-driver Tyson seat Funrunner. He was only able After some time to repair he got Schroeder in the car, which rolled to complete one lap. Brothers Rob back in the car and drove another at Mile 8 on the second lap, dam- and Dwaine Walters also were un-. able to complete a lap. The next MORE race is DrivinganorangeToyotamini scheduled for May 29, check truck, Wayne Guidinger com-the website for more informa-. pleted four laps in six hours and tion, The 34 minutes. Bryon Rogers also in Baja Coalition website is a mini truck completed two laps. The Phillip Ferree in his white single coalition is planning on being seat buggy was only able to c·om-at the MORE race September plete a lap in the Sportsman 29 in Lucerne 'Valley. See you Buggy class. at the races. 111.0.R.E • Fourth place in Class 5-1600 went to Jeff Bo/ha, seen here slightly Elizabeth Metzger had fun in here good looking car, she finished a Ray Regan ran a bit off the winning pace in Class 5-1600, he ended airborne in his good looking Bug. very decent third place in the Class 9 race. up first off the podium at the MORE Balls Out 250 . . CLASS 5 UNLIMITED WINNER TOM BROWN VW PowERED Bv FAT PERFORMANCE .. r ~ ATV • MOTDRCYa. TEi ' •Su ,.. 1815 MASSACHUSETI'S AVE• RNERSIDE •CALIFORNIA• 92507 •USA• PHONE 909.389.5144 • FAX 909.389.7286 • WWW.WEBCAMSHAFTS.COM Dusty Times May 2004 Page 37

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Legendary o.rr Road Racing Names At Irwindale· Speedway By Sheryl Cannon From the dusty, hot, seem-ingly never-ending Baja Cali-fornia desert, to one of South-ern California's newest race-ways, some "racing names" from off road family fame are kick-ing booty and taking names. Ryan Arciero, Andrew Myers, Neil Grabowski and now Kash Vessels join the ranks of cham-pionship desert racing drivers to slide on over to local track Irwindale Speedway. Off roaders can be found hanging out at former short course driver Scott Conaway's pit at each event. Asphalt racing fans have ex-perienced the driving styles from "Hollywood" Jimmie Johnson to the "untamed, ever suspenseful" Robby Gordon; and watch for our newest and I'd "wager", brightest new star Brendan Gaughan in the Nascar Kodak Car in 2004! The Gaughans, another off road rac-ing family, not only has numer-ous family members participat-ing; but is one of the major spon-sors and perennial Hosts of off road finest racing circuits and events. Vessels Stallion Farm (from which winning Thor-oughbred and Quarter horses have come) owned by off road legend Frank "Scoop" Vessels; and the latest, his son Kash, has shown a smooth, yet enduring style all his own, in whatever class he competes in. Kash has been very successful in many circuits in various buggy classes. What is attracting our young talent; "racing at speeds in ex-cess of 100 mph, within inches of the competition", said with enthusiasm by Scott Conaway, is in direct contrast to the long stretches of lonely Baja desert, where at times you may not see the competition for miles. Having once been a major player in the drag racing cir-cuits, Irwindale, California has re-emerged with a state of the art speedway, freeway close, in the quiet suburbs just east of Los Angeles. Organizing these en-tertaining events is none other than Doug Stokes. Doug was last seen on the off road scene at Perris Auto Speedway. "The PAS" was action packed in a compact setting. Doug looked a lot more relaxed at the spacious Irwindale Speedway facility. It,seems to have brought the fun back to professional compe-tition, and at a reasonable price, again quoting Scott, he runs the Super Late Model #57 Ford Tau-rus. Look for the paint job sport-ing the likes of Yamaha of Cucamonga. Scott is also an ac-complished dirt bike rider. Mak-ing the transition for Scott was educational an exciting as he ex-plained it. The desert, although more rigorous, it does not have the head to head high speed at all times, that asphalt oval racing does. You have to fine tune your driving abilities just to stay with the competition, let alone lead them. Also very well known in the desert community is the Gra-bowski family. Fathers, uncles, sons and everyone else from the family make up this diversified team. Racing two classes, they elicit excitement at double the pace, including the very excit-ing Legends Cars. Ryan Arciero in the Ultra Wheels Super Truck Series and Nascar Featherlight Southwest Tour Series makes it look far too easy. I spoke' with the "regulars" in the circuit that I've come to know from attending special events at Irwindale. Heads quickly turned as I mentioned my link to off road and the tal-ents of Ryan; as he has been very consistent and is usually up in the front, not to mention the sµccess that he continues to experience in off road. Class 1 too has re-emerged in recent years as the cars get more and more exotic . JOCK nECHNOI.OG ~.530.8701 • FAX714.l!i30.B70Jl 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 ffNtNVJcingshodcs. Page 38 May 2004 and able to handle anything the harshest terrain can dish out. Keep your eyes on this talent. Andrew Myers, an accom-plished Class 1 driver, is also a talent that is popular in several racing circuits. Here he is com-peting in the Late Model class and is showing no signs of any problems adapting. It was nice to see him in the desert not that long ago too showing us just how it's done in this business. Many off road influences can be found at Irwindale Speedway. Jon Nelson of Nel-son & Nelson fame is the origi-n a tor of the Super Truck classes. Jon can be found at Irwindale quite often with many friends and customers. There are differences in the classes even within the truck and car classes, just as in off road. But it does seem a bit easier to get started in this type of racing and requires far less logistical expenses for cast and crew. But keep your eyes on these tube chassis, fiber glass bodied, 350 cubic inch Chev-rolet powered units and you'll get an eye full. So come on out for an evening of exciting rac-ing, good competition, good friends, good food and fun. There are usually displays of many different types of ve-hicles and related automotive products. Call (626) 358-1100 for information or go to for details. See you slide ways... =nl ,rccm AUTOMOTIVE & PERFORMANCE 4725 E. 22:n.d Street• Tucson., Ar:lzon.a 5.20-747-0563 "~et' £,yec~toh Pertfec~ton" Stand ■Iona programmabla management • •s1mpl• Dlglt■I Syatam• IIVHY TUNE A CARBURETOR,. IIVHEN YOU CAN PUSH A BUTTON Sala • J.natallaffou • l>Jno tmuq Carburetor to El'l-conwnlom • ECU up-ends ECU ap-,nde11 • Tllrbo and Sapcrc:harslq JajectDn • Sarp tanb • l'lael .,.cem components Cm1Dm intake and Tllrbo fabrication ior Jtace or Pleuare -Deaert, Sand/Dan• a. Pre-runnen 2.5" --✓€'bi!5.~ Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! We have wstom and produdion coils in stock, and the experience to get you what you need. Call today! Dusty Times

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, DONT MISS THE BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR_, COOL \A!EATHER. RACING D~ THE TREES. TRAINS_ PITS ON MAIN STREET_ AND A GREAT AFTER PARTY 13.000.00 TO FIRST IN CLASS HEAVY METAL* · . NEVADA OFF ROAD BUGGY BONUS ,3,50ro_roro TO FIRST IN CLASS lrO* * nriust have 10 cars in class FOR MORE DWO LL 702 ·452 ·4522 OR ~~w.SNORERACING .. net . · · M 15S · -~--,.---- -lblr TIE 4 IAll AI.RJsr 7TH I ~ NV Dusty Times · May 2004 · Page 39

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2004 MDR LUCERNE 250 season ~pener ~--~• II .... ~••••~••~ --iiiii,ii' _, -.-"'iii - - iiiii,ii' --~ - -1/iiiiiiiiiiiF wijiil' _, By Sheryl Cannon Photos: Track.side Photo The Melendrez/Wilson Class 1 car, a very sanitary machine took the Class 1 battle and they ~re first overall as well. Virtual time describes the Class 1 buggies that mesmerized the die hard crowd attending Mojave Desert Racing's 2004 season opener. A good turnout of entries, starters and finishers were on hand to do battle with Johnson Valley. The finishers were among the 61st percentile. The crisp spring air and bright Lucerne sun greeted the racers at the 0600/()630,0700 drivers' meeting, line-up and start times. From the beginning Marty Melendez in Car # 12 7 had command of the technical Lucerne course. Most The Class 5 win ~nt to Chris Bowman, seen here in his wicked looking, and fast Class 5 machine, 15" overall. drivers enjoyed the added mileage. Rough, dusty, but challenging was the consensus among the lu-silt experienced drivers. Onward to what.happened outside the warm pre-runner ... Competitors of 5 Laps of 50 miles each in 8-1/2 hours: · 100/500/700/800/1000/1600 Overall and class winner, Marty Melendez and co-,driver .Wilson, maneuvered the Class 100 to first in class and first overall. "The car has been unbelievable, it's just been great," boasted Wilson·, last two lap co-driver. No flats, just 11 gallons of fuel and a driver change. Course was nice, had a good mixture. According to Wilson, it had a bit of rough too. Barry Karakas likes to fly, here he aviates his pickup tllJCk to the Class 7 win at the Ddrrell Herman ran five good laps in Lucerne and that gave him the fist place Class 1 had taken back the "remote" con.trol and is the class to watch in the desert. It is resurging as the dominant desert machine, MOR Lucerne 250. honors in the Class 7S fracas. Page 40 May 2004 Dusty Times -r

Page 41

Class 11, always a tough ride, went to Robert Henderson, seen here Rick Romans had a real good run, he was second in the Class 1 Jeff Nutter had major problems on his first two laps, then three good in his neat and tidy charger. battle and second overall at the MOR Luceme race. ones gave him the second spot in the Class 5 battle. Jamie Campbell was a wee bit off the winning pace in Class 7, he Justin Miller had a very long first lap and he finished a long second Two very long laps relegated the unique Class 9 car of Michael Ward to second spot on the podium at MOR Lucetne. ended up with the silver medal, 13" overall in the race. place in the Class 8 fight at the MOR season opener. unless you are on a T rophy/Protruck we'll keep an eye on him this season. damages." Discussion was had budget. It is closely followed by Class Second behind Bowman was Jeff between the parties that be at MDR 1000 and 1500 which pretty much Nutter. No strangerto the post tech and Hardin was dq'd, without make up the MDR top 20 finishers. winner circle Jeff put together an protest by his team. These seasoned drivers had a excellent performance to get his Mark Shoaff Class 8 driver and consensus of the new and old season off to a good start. Maybe motored to first in class and 10th portions of this Lucerne course. next race dns Tom Costa can make overall. Not too bad for a past buggy Rough, dusty/silty, and fast! for more competition with his trick friendly course. Congrats on the win The next five drivers included wide chassis, high hp bug. The more fellow Class 8 coalition member. Rick Romans, Class l; Steve Vatter the merrier? Ten overall positions separated and Lee Perfect, Class 1000 and Just pporto the decision by MDR Shoaff from second place Justin again Class 1 Dave Massingham. to disqualify him, Eric Hardin Miller. Class 5 presented us the recently wanted nothing to do ·with Class 1000 normally dominates completed Chris Bowman piloted discussing the details of his race. MOR races because they can handle the rough rocky Barstow · 7S had four strong competitors, terrain, along with the silty, narrow finishing in this order: Darrell trailed desolate Lucerne Valley. Herman, Jamie Campbell, Ken Mixing it up with the Class lOO's and -Keegan and Perry Fleming. Herman a truck here and there, they once and Campbell were intensely locked again showed their superiority as a in a battle that came down an finishing class in desert racing, in overall for these forof 12th and 13th. all circuits. Steve Vatter, followed Next in class, respectfully finishing by Lee Perfect and Mark Weger, in 7:45 to Fleming's 7:52. Herman were the top three Class lOOO's. and Campbell ran 4:56 and 4:57 Barry Karakas soloed Class 7 and with seconds 54 and 35 respectively, looked prepped and ready for making it less than a minute competition. But none would be had separating the two in overall time. this day. Continued on page 42 bug. Totally stoked at the finish line Hardin declared, "I don't even care with not only a finish for a first run about the race. I care about the good of a new car, but the class win to people at MDR and I'm very sorry boot. Bowman has a cast of veterans about what happened." "I'm glad on board and the 'go to get it' so no-one was hurt and I will pay for all : Mark Shoaff drove his PacWest Motorsports to a nice win in the Class 8 battle, he was 10" overall as well. Class 1200 wasn't heavily populated this race, Bob Miller taok advantage of the fact and raced his truck to a first in dass. Dusty Times ZTREME nRE co. Ne/ADA OFFROAO BUGGY T-SHIRT SM-MED-LR~XXLRG ON.Y $10.00 CROW WE CARRY AWIDE ASSORTMENT OF \I/ELD ON TRICK TABS A,J 1Jt«d 1Jt«d ,.__ .... GIVE US A CALL FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD & SAND NEEDS CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-755-5900 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #130 • LAS VEGAS, NV• 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM • SAT 9AM-SPM (702) 8 71-5221 fax May 2004 Page 41 ......

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n PRO ENTRY FEE _ SPORTSMAN ENTRY FEE $.360 .· · 200 CIOCJCW::10:.:0COCI~ ~ ~ l DEC 111.c;n Class 1600-1 st Place -NO. MINIMUM REQUIRED $1,500 bonus plus $1,000 thanks to ALUMI CRAFT! 10 entries will receive $3,500 ~ 20 entries will receive $4,500 ~ 30 entries will receive $5,500 THE SIIPERSTD'-Dd 1•a ·THE DIISH Der •~ 2IIIPI 111111 no: 31w 2IIIPI Class 1600 -Bonus $1,500 Class 900 and 550 . $500 bonus to 1st Q!ace - -RacepaybaCk money increases $1,000 every 10 entries Dusty Times · . Class 1450 , 1st place will receive $600 $500 to overall -~ WW.MDRRAC/NC. COM1.111111....-...i 626.~~2. 9.320 May2004 Page43

Page 44

C. Long time racer Lee Perfect took the silver medal in Class 10, a mere The super sanitary Class 11 bug of Cory Vandemark had a good Second in Class 13 was Greg Crew, seen here at speed in his Lucas 35 seconds in arrears at race end. · race, some troubles on lap 2 and came in second in class. Oil racer, heading for the finish line. Geoff Falzone drove his Giant Motorsports pickup to a nice second Jimmy Messick, with two working knees had a good day, he tool< a Josh Rigsby was a few ticks off the winning pace in Class 1 but he place in the Class 14 battle at MDR Lucerne. nice silver medal in Class 1600 at the Luceme race. . drove his great looking car to the bronze medal. How consistent is that? Not to Lopez and Greg Gilbert, also and Jason Cagle. the finishing order was Clint just how it is to be done. (Ed: Yet mentionblazingfast! owners of the shop bringing the Speaking of this very popular Fisher, Greg Crew, Terry agaii:i!) Four starters and three Class 1600 was the last of the truck home. With a commanding class, so to, but not represented at Wyrembek made for an exciting finishers. Just goes to show both classes running all five laps. lead Matt won this race and this race is the JeepSpeed class. top three battle. Chris Parr had newcomers to the sport and the Unfortunately, they had a poor technically finishing first across the There has been talk of the need some trouble early, but recovered legends near Founding Fathers, finishing ratio of zero. finish line. Reporting a "virtually" for a safety review of the and made lap times identical and Stock VW Bugs can handle what Competitors of 4 Laps: flawless day, Matt finished the Pro complaints brought about by some faster than those in front of him. the Mojave Desert has to dish out. 900/1300/1400 assignment of four laps in a blazing MDR members regarding the rear Richard Wood was fifth. Cory Vandermark and Scott Peller Moving directly from the Pro 3: 10. Second went to Jeff Falzone, bumpers of this class. I'm sure this Class 900, which used to be called battled with the 11 brothers and Division to the HIP (HOPPIN) slept in, cruised around the course will have been adequately handled the "Challenger" class was just that, finished timely second and third spectator friendly Sportsman and said Jeff. Last lap they pu1led over by press time of this article, but I a challenge of man against brutal place finishes. A class so respected pre-runner classes we start with to help Fish, to whom went third. wanted to alert anyone this affects desert. The cars are limited to the by their peers for the sheer bravery Class 1400. Taking the win was Falzone ran a strong second and of the debate, who had not heard point the drivers really are "clirt of their dirt pilots. Matt Langan of desolate motor Farner was a man of few words, of this before. pilots" and this time "Miss Lu-Silt" Class 12 was uncontested, but sports. He reported a no flats, stating "I only have three words to Class 13 had many competitors won. still a hard earned win by gentleman stopped for fuel and one driver say,""WhataJoke!"Roundingout and a good ratio of finishers. A Competitors of3 Laps: &bMiller.Maybemorecompetition change, with co-drivers Dave the top finishers were Devin House competitive and fast class this time 1100/1200/1450/l 700/1750 next go round. comn_li source farm _ dCre • Driving Suits • Crew Unifonns • Crew Shirts • Polo Shirts • Team Jackets • Hats • GearBags NOW FEATURING: In-House Embroidery Driver Names • Team Logos • Sponsor L-ogos 1.B00.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 Page 44 May 2004 Class 11: Veterans Robert Class 1450 had but one starter Henderson and Dennis Sletten, who was dq'd by race's end. "The 11 Brothers" showed the class Class 1 700 and Class 1750 were Clint Fisher was ready to race in Class 13, and race he did, he took the win, seen here slighlly in the air. The Class 14 win went to Matt Langan, his trouble free run made it look easy, but, it never is, is it? Dusty Times

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Ken Keegal didn't have the best of days, he ran hard but was only Mark Weger got out of this nose dive okay and went on to take third Terry Wyrembeck was a wee bit off the winning pace in the 1300 able to grab the bronze medal in Class 7. place in the Class 10 battle. class and ended up taking third place at Luceme. Austin Farner had a decent weekend, he drove his nice looking Archie Floyd was somewhat off the winning pace in Class 1600 but Bill Wingeming lost some time on his second lap but he was still able pickup to the bronze medal in the Class 1400 battle. he sUII managed to grab third place at Lucerne. to finish in fourth place in Cla!i_s 1. Pauldin Hepler had major problems on his second and third Taps but Juan Gonzalez had a great weekend, he ran llawless/y at Lucerne Fourth place in Class ½-1600 went to Gary Stairs, he was a few he still managed a second place in the 5-1600 contest. and was able to grab the gold medal in Class 9. minutes per lap off the winning pace at MOR Lucerne. vacant, as Parker Arizona was a Stay tuned. J eepSpeed points race. We'll see Enjoy Spring, and I'll see you in the group back in action next race. May... '"""'_.,,.. lUJ!U, John Kennedy had no troubles on his five lap run, he K-t1f1 the Class 1600 race and he was sixth overall as well. Dennis Dunn had five really good laps and that gave him the Class 5-1600 class win, he finished 18" overall. Dusty Times - I I • - • I r/ I. -. -~ ~ . ~ ' /1 . ~ May 2004 Page 45 .... ....

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CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES RallySprint Opener George Pisek and navigator Rob Farrow grabbed top honors in the Group N Class, seen here at the start of Stage 5 in his Mitsubishi Evo. Kicking off the SCCA and Cali-fornia Rally Series Rally Calendar in near perfect conditions was the fourth annual Seed 9 RallySprint sponsored by 7-24 AIRX. Sixteen teams took part in the five stage event with navigators and drivers earning points for their ef-forts. This year saw two new stages added by the organizers although tougher than what the teams were used to, but overall a good mix of roads used last year. Winning the CRS P-Stock class category was the father and son team ofTim and Dick Moser ('87 VW Golf). Setting fast time on Stages 1, 4 and 5 Tim drove to a decisive victory by a margin of nearly 4 5 seconds over Marco Pasten and Niam Busek ('84 Toyota Corolla). Marco drove a damn good rally, leading the class after three stages by a slim seven hundredths, but unfortunately it all unraveled on the fourth stage going down to the stage winner Tim Moser 20 seconds. By the fifth and final stage Marco couldn't make up any time falling further be-hind Third place went to Patrick Rodi and Jonathan Schiller running in an '85 Mazda RX-7, who started this event a house a fire, winning the first stage and then slowly drifted back-wards never really challenging the lead-ers. The CRS GT field was comprised of only two entries and both were Subaru's. Entered in the class were Robert Brinkhurst and Mat Stokes in their '92 Subaru Legacy and Scott Clark and Marie Boyd in their '85 Subaru RX. It was a close race between the two until they reached the faster stages and by then Robert and Mat had built up a 30 second lead. By Stages 4 and 5 the young hares put the pedal down and motored away to a two and a half minute class victory. Setting the early pace on Stage 1 helped the Brothers Okcuoglu ('87 Mitsubishi Starion) win the Group 2/5 category. Second place went to Will-iam Hofmann and Daryl DeArman ('86 Mazda RX-7) who didn't give up, they won Stage 2 by a hundredth and took Stage 4 by a margin, but it just wasn't enough. Stage 4 was the closest they would come to catching the Brothers Okcuoglu, they narrowed the margin down trailing by only to 13 hun-dredths. By the fifth stage the brothers put it away with a six second victory. Third place went to Jon Rood and GabrielleSharp ('88 Ford Festiva), who got progressively better and more con-fident as the event went on. They hit while winning Stages 2, 4 and 5. His toughest challenge had been Leon Styles and Lee Ann Korpal (Mitsubi-shi Evo), who had won Stages 1 and3 were second fastest overall until they suddenly decided to withdraw. Leon, who had been driving Nick Korpal's late model Mitsubishi Evo 6.5, by not receiving a time for the last stage fin-ished sixth in class. Before Leon's de-parture, George Plsek, who would eventually finish second could only manage to stay close to Steve on Stage 3, with the fourth fastest time. Tony Chavez and Claire Chizma {Mitsubishi Galant) had identical times as George Plsek and Rob Far-row ('03 Mitsubishi Evo) after the first two stages. Credit goes to Claire for guiding Tony to a very slim lead over George after three stages -Tony, who Group 2 driver Marco Pasten and navigator Niam Busek on their way to a decisive victory in their Toyota Corolla. They won their class by two minutes. had Claire fly in from Seattle the night · before after some lengthy delays while in transit, showed up at the drivers' meeting a little weary but ready to go nonetheless. Sadly Tony's great run came up short on Stage 4 when he posted a time 26 seconds behind George.Tony who gave it all he had posted the second fastest time on Stage 5, but could only gain two hundredths. Fourth place went to Arizona's Ken Cassidy and his wife, Karen Burrows (Mitsubishi Evo), who drove a consis-tent rally posting times that left him 39 seconds in arrears and 25 ahead of fifth place Nick Korpal. Nick Korpal and Eric Schlficher finished in fifth (MitsubishiEvo), they posted the third fastest time tied with Tony Chavez on Stage 3. Seed 9 thanks all workers for their contributions and efforts to make this an awesome event, and one that has become a must RallySprint to compete in. The organizers want to thank Nick and Lee Ann Korpal for their generosity in making this year's event, Seed 9 RallySprint a great success. Ra/lySp,fnt theirstrideonStages3,4and5posting •--- - - - - -------- - - ---- - ----- - - - - - • the third fastest times on each. Arizona's Mustafa Samli and I Desert Storm organizer Chris Powell I ('89 Honda CRX) fµushed fourth run- I ning in the top three on the first two I stages. Unable to maintain the pace set early, they completed the sprint I nearly three and a half minutes off I the leaders. Finishing fifth in class I were Scott Harvey and Bob Gough I ('71 Porsche) who have competed for six decades in nearly all types of auto- I motive competition. Scott, who is I known primarily for his road rally I savvy chooses to run in Performance Rally which amazes some and per- I plexes others. Six teams went for the I win in Open class, the largest category LIi & R_EDL!Nr PER_fc,R_MANcr !NC~ 1-ITAB PBE-BUN 1B BICE PACIAGEI IIITIITII PUIHEI FIi■ 17lill.ll U■PLETE llllP LIi PIHHEI FIi■ IIHll.11 U■PLETE Ui IP WE IFFEI U■PLETE IYII IEIIICEI. EHIIE ■IIITEIIICE PIHU■I Ill Ill H■ITCIEI IEPIITITIII FIi CHTll■EI UTIIFICTIIIIII (714) 777-5758 PHONE (714) 777-5759 FAX lUI EIIElll■EI UULE, 111IE1■. U Ull7 in the field. Taking the win was the I team of Steve Winter with Paul Nel- I son (Mitsubishi Eclipse) assisting, ,-----,.---,.;:;__ __ .__~ ____ __, ____ .__ ____________ .-or I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Arizona's Mustafa Samii and Chris Powell power their way on the Hanging it all out were SCCA Pro Rally Open Driver Leon Styles and Open 4WD driver Nick Korpal listens intenUy at the Rallysprint Drivers start of Stage 3 in the Honda CRX, he would finish third in Group 2. CerDriver Lee Ann Korpal in the Mitsubishi Eva 6.5. Meeting. Nick went on to finish fourth in his dass. Page ~6 May 2004 Dusty Times

Page 47

'/I RIIP11'1 Pi By Ann Donaldson Two separate races had two CORE members taking the overall wins. On February 15 and 16, the first race of ~he SNORE season, the AVI in Laughlin, Nevada, Todd Jergenson won not only Class 1 but also took the overall win. On March 2 7, the second race of the MORE season in Bar-stow, Bryon Ziegler won not only the 1/2-1600 class but also the overall win. Congrats to both on their wins. The Avi race brought two CORE members to Laughlin. Todd Jergenson and Brad Inch attended. Todd in his open car and Brad in his 1600 car. Brad didn't have a good a race as Todd. Brad finished seventh out of 16 cars but a roll-over on Day 2 wedged him in his car. Lucky for Brad, he rolled in front of a pit and was turned over right away. The MORE "Balls out" race in Barstow had six racers CORE set up five outlying pits and main. A 250 mile race with the usual Barstow rough terrain, many tires were sent out. CORE pitted for four 11 2-1600 cars, one Class 10 and one Class 9 this .race. Bryon Ziegler had a tire change in Pit E and with his Babe Jones built motor ran off with the win. Don Johnson, another 1600 car and CORE member was right on his heels. Don drove the entire race, had no flats and with his Wik motor was less than two minutes be-hind Ziegler. The third 1600 car was Garit Wallace who was running strong until a blown rear shock put him out of the race. The effect of Ron Ingalls was looking for him since he broke down in a re-mote area of the course. Many crews were sent out to track him down when word came that he was found. He com-plet.ed two laps. Class 9, Elizabeth Metzger finished in third place. She completed the required five laps in a total time of six hours and 1 7 minutes. Good job on any finish in Barstow. Wayne Nosala and Tim Baker team started off with a PIKES service center Baker, California Celebra~lng 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ••. THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Mobil~ SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT/ Dusty Times BFGaadricH Carner On The Rocks Battling the same tough ter-rain as UROC, a Super Crawl competition in 2003, BFG Tire Teams began where they left off by capturing the overall championship in both the UROC Pro National Series and the Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals. In the Pro National Series, Tracy Jordan won the Super Modified Class while Garrett Sisson won the Modified Class. In the Extreme Rock Crawling Nationals, Peter Mazzoni claimed victory in the Super Modified Class while Brad Lovell took home honors in the Modified Class. This was the first event of the combined series and we are very happy with our re-sults, said Frank DeAngelo, Off Road Motorsports Man-ager for BFGoodrich Tires. The courses were difficult, but well suited for our tires. The Krawler TI A @ KX tire is very durable and has the ability to grab the rocks really well. The Krawler T I A@ KX tire is available in two sizes: 35113.50R15 and 3 7 /12.50Rl 7. blazing two laps. Tim Baker started in the single seat, beam VW powered car. Run-ning in Class 1, Tim moved up to second overall by the end of the second lap. On Lap 3, a'round Mile Marker 26, the front left shock -tower broke at the chassis, ending the day. It took quite a while to find him but he was able to drive the car back to the main pit. Bob Depew again towed the CORE trailer out with his motor home. A real chore since its loaded with all the pit equipment and very heavy. Wayne Nos~la was Race Director. Planning where people, equipment and tires to which assigned pit lo-c at ion can be stressful. Wayne did a great job, along with getting his own race car to the starting line. Main pit was both well staffed and loaded with good food. Again, Allison Chase ran radio support at the Main pit with her usual profession-alism and witty rapport. Bob Depew, and Thom Singer were there. In the left corner May 2004 Tires The 17 ·inch dimension is available in two versions, a full tread and a partial tread de-sign, leaving about 50% of the tread area to be custom grooved by the consumer. The Krawler TI A KX tire features a four ply race proven nylon carcass, with slightly angled alternate plies for increased puncture resistance. Success on the street begins with winning on the track and BFGoodrich Tires fs involved in every type of racing, includ-ing OvaJ, Road, Drag, Desert and Extreme Rock Crawling. With 18 consecutive Baja 1000 wins and the most wins in rock crawling history, and an un-matched record on pavement, BFGoodrich Tires ha-s proven the only records it breaks are it's own. BFG Equips some DARPA Teams BFG tires are on the Cal Tech entry in the DARP A challenge as well as on the . Carnegie Mello University en-try. The Grand Challenge course includes a rugged com-bination of off and on road terrain and the BFG Baia TIA we had the "Nosala Clan" that consisted of Bob, Wayne, Tom and Eddie Nosala. In the right corner we had the "Baker Clan" of Ed and June, Al and wife who drove from North-ern California to attend. I must make special mention of June Baker. She cooked two dinners, breakfast and lunch, also making a home made birthday cake for me. Don't let me forget to mention that after the race, June and Ed made the blended margaritas KR tire was the one selected for use by the two teams. The tire is the racing version of the larger BFG Baja TIA tire line, the only race-proven off road tire available for purchase by the general public. BFG will also supply All-Terrain TIA KO tires for each of the 20 chase vehicles used to moni-tor the progress of vehicles during the race. Moab Easter Jeep Safari BFGoodrich is offering 20 sets of tires and wheels in a variety of sizes and bolt pat-terns to test drive during the annual off road event. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis at the BFG tire display. Featuring the TIA KM Tire, mud terrain and the TIA KX, the top rock crawling tire. A great way to choose a tire, having the op-portunity to actually test drive it said Gary Enterline, Light Truck Category Manager for BFG Tires. To be eligible for the Try Me Program, drivers must register at the BFG Tire Display and present a valid drivers license and, of course, sign a waiver. -, .. and provided fire pit goodies cons is ting of Jiffy Pop and marshmallows. Thank you again, June. You are the best. Pit A was staffed by Don Johnson's friends including Zeus, who was a friendly dog and a joy to have around. Pit B was Davy Girdner · and his grandfather, Dave Girdner, Sr., located off of Stoddard Wells Road. Pit C had the team of Garit Wallace in this pit. Continued on page 50 l!RPRECISION.COM 2865 Gundry Ave. i/C 1'Hvlng RodEndB NeoSynthe Performance Plu. 1--~I~ F 'Ila/ HIii, CA 90755 562-427-2375 Page 47 ... ◄

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Pit C (Easy) was two long time CORE members, Brad Inch and Gary Hall. They changed the tire on Ziegler's 1600 car. Echo-ing in that a lug nut would not go on and the car was missing one on the rear. Pit D was the crew of Bryon Ziegler who ran this pit in the Hodge area. Roving between pits were Larry Altoff and Thom Singer. Thom and Larry in separate trucks found Tim Baker when he broke in a remote area of the course. lhom spent some time searching for Ron Ingalls before his crew radioed in that he was found and in the pro-cess of being towed back. CORE is planning some time in April a day of cleaning the trailer. Wayne Nosala' s house is the place. Come on out and join the fun. Meet-ings on the first Tuesday of each month at the fa-mous Mulligan's in Valencia, 8pm. If you have any questions, please contact Wayne Nosala at (818) 703-1971 or via e-mail at or visit CORE on the web at www. core pits. com. . _ . .,, • POWERFUL •.PRECISE 2" Capacity, 180" Bends Steel, 4130, Stainless, Aluminum _Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perfect for the: • Race Car Builder • Small Fabrication Shop • Home Shop Call for a FREE BROCHURE (541 )382-1573 ,.. :ff: .t;;:~{;':L~'.Ii> (t'Jl%il1 .\t\ KREGER Fabric~1iOPJ,lrietpfj,~:Jt,ijl(::ciJ1{providing race ready knq,~how t~ th~'.'c~;p-;ti.ti~e r'~cer as well a~:,,the g_;Crt enthusiast. For over 10 years KREGER Fab., has been offering a_ wide range Of' products from Custom Buift'D~sert· Cars and Pre-Runners to Floaters, Hubs, and art extensive Hne,,.,, ------------, of Off-Road Accessories. We also provide unsur-passed Race-Prep and Set~Up Services. KREGER Fabrication is your one stop race shop! Give us a call for more information and experience the dif-ference a KREGER Car or Race Set-Up can make! Page 48 May 2004 Fuel Sale's "Pro c,11• Is our top-of-the-tine racing ,el/ that ,om,s ready to • Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety foam baffling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers • FIA-FT3, SCORE and SODA approved • Custom manufactured fillers • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline • Over 25 years experience install and i/'1 backed bya e · lull 10 year Wl"1nly. l"Or a:>re ~o call or wzite to: EL Airc1:a.ft Ruhbar/l'uel. •&t• 1250 S . S . 2:iabar A.venue Jlledlro.nd, Oil ,ns, RaclllgCells '100-433-652' I 5'1-923-1015 http://www.fual.eal' By Tim Hodge GPORRA, Great Plains Off For race schedules in the Road Racing Association an-Omaha, Nebraska area in 2004 nounces the new officers for go to which has -2004. contact information and tenta-President -Tim Hodge Vice President -Scott Helmberger Treasurer -Phil Cram Secretery-Milce H~ Parker Pmnper developed the Competition Rlr System wtth the b!Jdget racer in mind. Converted by the pro's at Parker Pumper to deUuer maximwn air flow, this HJC helmet is Snell fl-rated, and is auailable in sizes S-XXHL tive 2004 race schedule. the schedule will be finalized very soon and will be located under GPORRA in the Happenings section of Dusty Times . .. af Cb (starting a11 S249 0O/SJ49 00 • _ ■(Wired] I TIie MPER camqJ,.ete NE/.MFTS sou'!:tcre'WIS 1.BIIIJ.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 Dusty Times

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Pre-Run And Fun In Baja Text & Photos: Judy Smith ·,"'f♦ ~.; • t -:,,.: ......... . ., " > ... ~ : • · .· ~, :-,... - • l "~":(~ , • . ' . •"'" . "' ' . "" ~-, ~. -.. ~ , ..... , Mexican hospitality abounds at tree-shaded Santa Ynes, a favorite stopping point for old-time off road racers, and part of this year's 82K. seemed a nice e·asy project for the first time out in a new car, and would get us h9me in time to tend to our responsibilities. A familiar sight; pre-runner under repair. The throttle cable had to be replaced about 65 miles south of Bay of L.A. We entered Mexico at San Ysidro, did· the awkward turnaround and parked in the bus area and hiked off to get our tourist permits. (If you just take the bus lane before going thru, you'll be headed the correct way for the parking slots, and will avoid that hard turn.) After we hiked all the way to the old cubicle to get our per-mits the officer told us to go back the way we came to the Migracion office, We'd walked right by it. It's in a new location, easier to reach, with a much shorter walk. In fact, it's just a few steps across the parking lot to the ottice. The otticer in there handed us our permits, we filled them out and handed them back to him, along with our passports; He shoved the passports back at us, did something with the permits and told us to go to the bank. Yikes! But the bank was two doors north of the Migracion office·, and took no time at all, though the previously free tourist permit now cost us $18.50 each. (We had decided to get them now so we wouldn't have any trouble during the more crowded period when we'd come down for the Baja 2000.) The banker didn't want to look at our passports either. He took our money, stamped the permits and sent us back to Migracion. It wasn't exactly a pre-run. John and I wanted to give our new pre-run car a good road test, and we wanted to see some of the "new" parts of the Baja 2000 race course. But the car didn't get finished until rather late in the game, and we had other commitments Dusty Times pressing, so we couldn't take as much time as we'd like. What's new? In any case, we finally decided we'd go south through Ensenada, then Santa Ynes, and from there, Bay of L.A., and onto the course. (By happy coinci-dence the race course trav-els very close to one of our favorite places in Baja, Javier and Chary Tiznado's fishing resort/camp at San Francisquito.) Then we'd follow the course past EI Arco, up the new section and out across Highway 1 and down to San Ignacio. Barring misfortune, that FOR SALE Snortin Nortin's T-Shirt business. Includes 2 mobil printing shops, 1 26' and 1 30' trailer, complete with 6 color screen printer press, dryer and generator in each. Also included are the entire contents of a conventional shirt shop. A 6 color printer, a 4 color printer, flash cure, exposure table, 1 head (12 color) embroidery machine, all inks, screens, squeeges, 27 years accumulation of stuff. Comes complete with thousands of heat transfers for Glamis, Du·mont and Sand Mountain, Utah, along with the copyrights of the designs. Selling due to the death of the owner. EVERYTHING MUST GO!ll!!!l!!I $40,000.00 Please contact Sande for more info at 928-669-8364 in Parker, AZ or e-mail at f: May 2004 Continued on page 50 Page 49

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Accommodations at San Francisquito are simple and practical. Our canvas-shaded ramada was cozy and comfortable. At Migracion the man had us each sign our "permits and handed them back to us. He never looked at the pass-ports, nor did he ask for any other kind of ID. He did as-sure us they're good for six months. They tell me the Migracion office is open 24 hours. But what about that bank? Since we got a rather late that day, we decided to stay in Ensenada that night. We had a leisurely supper while watching the sunset from the San Nicolas, and the next morning en-joyed a tasty breakfast buf-fet at the Bronco (of all places) before taking off southward. We filled up the VW before leaving Ensena-da, and the first glitch showed up. The gas gauge went belly-up, refusing to register more than about a half tank, and it never worked again even though John pounded on the dash. No big deal: I always keep close track of our mileage, so we'd know when we were getting low. Of course, we didn't really know what kind of mileage we were getting, but we've had worse problems than that. The gas, by the way, cost right at$ 2 a gallon. The road's in pretty good shape these days, and almost all of the terrible pot holes have disappeared. We made good time, though John was fretting about a strange "vi-bration" in the car which he thought came from the rear. I thought it was in the front, but it was so slight it was impossible to pinpoint. My big problem was that my seat didn't fit me and it was crushing a nerve in my left leg (or something). When we got out at El Rosario it was hard to walk, but the thought of fresh fish tacos got me into Mama Espinoza's quickly enough. After lunch I put a folded up sweatshirt and a small pillow in my seat and from·-then on it was comfortable. Just needs more padding to fit my rear. The rest of the day's ride was uneventful. We always love getting to the big hills out of Rosario where the Cirio (or Boojums) start to show up, because for a while there we can spot the old course, and we start remi-niscing. The vistas that open up are wonderful, with miles Page50 and miles of nothing but scenery to look at. No phone po 1 es, no street signs·~ I don't understand why, but when we go around a turn or top a hill and come to one of those wonderful views I feel myself take a deep breath and settle more com-fortably into my body, all tensions oozing away. We stayed at Santa Ynes that night, enjoying a visit with Oscar who was happy to remember the early years (when he was a young teen-ager) when the racers stopped there to gas up from an old style gravity feed pump. The rancho was smack dab on the main road in those days. It's lights out at 9:00 p.m. at Sta. Ynes, because that's when the generator gets turned off, so bedtime comes early. But it didn't mean an early start the next morning·. We had shifted into vacation mode instead of pre-run mode, and did some breakfast-time chatting with other visitors. One man, an ex-football player, told me that his mother was "like Baja, a se-ductress who could be beau-tiful and wonderful, but then turn dangerous nd evil". Not a bad description of Baja, but a sorry way to look at your mother I thought. I'm not so sure about the evil part in any case. Dangerous? You bet. But then wandering around in any desert can be danger-ous. Catavina, incidentally, had no gas. But the man across the street had many barrels of it and a suction hose ready to go to work. Gas prices_ went up when we reached Bay of L.A., to $2.40 and $3 a gallon, de-pending on where you pur-chased it. Fish tacos were good at Guillermo's, and then we were finally actu-ally _driving on dirt roads. The first part of that 80 mile stretch to the El Arco Road was a bit washboardy/grav-elly, and we had to soften up the tires a bit, but things were working great. The weather was perfect, the road was in good shape and for once, with our extra gas tank in the back, we had no serious worries about fuel. John was, naturally, watch-ing for unexpected problems that always seem to show up the first time you drive a car a long distance. But I was perched on my pillow and enjoying the scenery, always beautiful on that section. Just before 3:00 p.m., as we neared the top of the last hill before the turnoff to-ward El Arco, the throttle cable broke and we coasted to a stop on a short flat sec-tion. John jammed a stick under the idle screw to zap up the idle speed and we put-putted up to the very top. He wanted to be at the peak in case the car wouldn't start after shutting down for repairs. He's been in Baja many times and tries to stay ahead of trouble. All went well, and the new cable was installed before we'd lost 15 minutes. The car was even agreeable and started right up, so we were back on our way, and in an-·o ther 40 minutes had reached San Francisquito. Javi, who sometimes helps mark or map out the SCORE courses and his wife Chary, were both there so we got a chance to enjoy their com-pany for a while before the dinner rush. San Francisquito has a magical effect on people, and it wasn't long before we'd decided to stay an ex-tra day. Might have had something to do with a fine dinner of fresh fish, but I think it's more to do with enjoying the slower pace of life there. There are no rooms with phones or tele-vision. There's nothi,ng to do but enjoy the sce'hery and t·he company, and if you like getting wet, swim-ming, snorkeling and fishing are no more than 20 feet awal in the beautiful, clear gul waters. Sometimes there are surprises. You might see whales or por-poises. This time it was porpoises. They woke me up. The gulf had been dead calm, making no sound at all, but suddenly (about 4:30 a.m.) I was aware that I was hearing an odd splashing noise. The full moon was still high, and I could see an outline of moonlight around the canvas "door" of our ramada. I thought someone might have decided to go for a moonlit swim, but then I heard more and more splashes, an·d I was abruptly wide awake and curious. I crept out of the ra-mada in my bare feet to have a look. Stars gleamed between small wispy clouds and the moon, almost straight up, cast shadows on the sand. It was light enough so I could see footprints and I could easily make out the water. By then I realized that I was hearing breathing. My early morning swimmers were por-poises. There must have been 15 or more would disappear. It was hap-pening all up and down the beach for an eighth of a mile or so, and then, as I stood there ·slack jawed, I saw a falling star dropping into the gulf. Wow! No chance I'd be going back to sleep. I wanted to walk closer to the water, so hustled back to get my shoes, because I'd seen the many jellyfish type things lying on the shore the evening before, and had no desire to step in them in my bare feet. By the time I had my shoes on, no more than a minute later, the porpoises had headed north and out into deeper water, and sud-denly they were all gone. Sunday was a day of eat-ing, reading, watching the water, napping, eating and talking to other visitors. A group of six young men from the Tijuana and San Ysidro area who were pre-running purely for the fun of it in their two trucks had break-fast with us. We talked about the course from Sta. Ynes to Santa Rosalillita, and they said that the silt had been pretty bad. They also told us that they be-lieved it was possible to run along the beach {providing the tide was right) all the way to Rosalillita and save a lot of time. Who knows ... maybe someone will try it. On Monday we got going again, but not until we'd had another leisurely break-fast. This time there were a couple of new visitors; two men from the Santa Barbara area. They'd been to Gonzaga the day before, and on the way out had flat-tened a tire on a rock. So they went into Guerrero Negro to buy a new tire, and while they were there the third member of their group had jumped ship, taken his luggage and headed for the northbound bus stop. Per-haps he'd been wise. The two then headed on into Francisquito, but somehow became lost, did an involun-tary side trip to the Santa Gertrudis Mission (east and south of El Arco) and started to worry a lot. They woke up the folks at El Progresso Ranch for direc-tions. but apparently didn' t understand them very well, because all told they took eight hours getting to San Francisquito. They were sucking fumes from their gas tank by then, and really con-cerned. Javi sold them some gas, and told them where to find it at El Arco (across from the church at Los Cuates) on their way out. None of us could figure out how they made a two and a half hour jaunt into an eight hour odyssey. Our trip out from San Francisquito was uneventful, except that after a couple of hours we discovered a leaky front brake cylinder. And ... we came across a pedestrian. A man in a pair of shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap was strolling along the course in the middle of no-where. We hadn't seen a rancho for many miles, and there were none up ahead, but there he was. He flagged us down, and thinking he needed help we stopped. But all he wanted to know, ap-parently, was if we were pre-running "la Carrera". Our ru-dimentary language skills weren't enough to let us fol-low the conversation, so we said "adios" and went on. This "new" part of the course is actually probably the old, original Highway! Before the advent of pavement, El Arco was right on the highway, and this road had that well-used look of the old trail. It had clearly just been worn-in around the big cardon and boojums, rather than bull-dozed into existence. It's great fun to drive because of that. When we got to Guerrero Ne-gro we bought a can of brake fluid and poured most of it into the reservoir. Then we took a vote and decided to head for home rather than add more miles. We now· had no spare throttle cable, and who knew when the brakes might give out at a crucial moment (there can be some very crucial moments on the Mexican highways). And, besides, our cash re-serves, supposedly to be saved for potential emer-gencies, had dwindled. So we turned north. The balance of the trip was enjoyable and prac-tically uneventful. We did note that the gas sta-tion at Jesus Maria was closed up tight, but all the others were open and had gas. We got back up into the states in time to go to the FRT Su-perstition 250 race in Plas-ter City, and had a great time there. Except for one thing. I'm damned pissed of£. at the low life slime ball who stole our ice chest! It's the one that fits exactly -into the back seat area of our pre-runner, and although I've of them. I'd see a ruffle of water - a gleam of moonlight on dark skin -hear a gasp-Elephant trees and cactus are part of the beautiful shopped and shopped, I but strange vegetation that grows in the area around can't find one like it. ing breath and then it Santa Ynes. Drat! . -May20M Dusty Times

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY 19076 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503 • Custom fabrication • Prerunners • Suspensions • Custom exhaust (310) 542-2977 , -~ti ':eec~~~ BATTERIES FOR ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD NEEDS BAITERY SALES UNLIMITED 651 East Alosta A~ue /_ Glendora, CA 91740 (626)914-3717 / (626)-914-2121 • BJBX AUTO WRECKERS, INC. . . FOR ALL YOUR AUTO PARTS FROM PRE-RUNNERS TO RACE TRUCKS CALL JOHN KEARNEY 1-s·oo-ao&-&043· :;t ~I-IFI!/ leeBf"'O""'""dNGE =~HO(Q{ oar./ Stainless Hard Line. Performance Plumbing Specialty Fabrication / 2368 E. Dronge<harpe J,-. ! A....,,...,,, DI 92806 ! ,,,,,,,_ 714-441.a:J30 / Fax 714-441axl1 Johnny Kaiser Dave Forbes I Cd/ 71.,,..747-1000 QUALITY PAINTING Race Truck Helmets Race Car Panels · Etc. Panels · ~ John Kurtz Steve Kurtz Affordable Prices 619·S62-S90i 10925 Hartley Road SuiteF Santee, C~ 92071 ::..·.-ROAD FUil c1,,s 44 Gal. 1or $444.00 SCORE • CORR •, SODA AORA , PRERUIIIIERS . _._..__.. -44 RAL.L._Y · ETC. _,_-,-M -, atl fu•lc•ll•.co 800-526·5330 • ••• --=• ee A1.SRACING . WILDOMAR CA. Tc,yota IFS 1uapen9lon apecl■II-. Long tr.Ivel kits end rac. trim ,,.clcegu for 2wd. & 4wd. Pick-Up, T1com1, Tundra, T-100 ■nd 4-Runner w,m.ATSRAC!NG,com (909)471-2418 Off Road Trucks Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Sant0t>, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 .•• 311F.IBFII-■· Sliver Faced LFG's · Liquid.Filled Gauges·frori;i Auto Meter are notorious for being the to.ygl)es),. ·on the market. Combine that with the fact Auto Meter also is known for it's reliability and you have shock-proof performance that will rattle the competition. Reach New Customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads Are Merely $45 Per Month 818-882-0004 · SfEOALIZING IN PRE-RUNNER ISUILD5 TO RACE OiAS51S DESIGNS -· FROM 60llON LIFTS TO FULL 6L(1,IIN QJSTOM SUSPENSIOO -· Fl6ERGL"55-·CUSTOM BUMPERS--SHOa TCMRS--INTERI~ ROLL CAGE5-·6ED CAGE5--WIL·MR 5ET·UP5-·WIDENED FROO END5-·CUSTOM A-ARMS & 1·6EAM5-&70 PROFESIONAL AVE. #402 HENDERSON. NEVADA IIIIIMIIW-BLACKMARKETFAB-COM Your #1 Source For Fiberglass Body Panels Phone: 920/833-7266 • Fax: 920/833-9505 · e-mail: BRANDWOOD CARS Custom V~hicle ShifJer for mld-en'gines ·and other application$ .. 602-437-3:J (.)7 "Innovative Billet Products for the Off-Road Enthusiast" FRl!E Catalog II 'MFR. OF l'ERFORMANCE 'ARTS FOR INDUrTR'I LEAOINt; RACE CAR BUIU,ERS - Spindles, Floating Huhs - 5 spd. Shiftc,·s (fits Mcndeola trans & others) -'\'orthstar Airho~Adapters ~I:< more!! url: e-mall: (619)562-3071 CACTUS RACING Raceajr Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoei, Simpson · Blower systems & cool boxes 619-482-6700 708 Rocking Horse Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91914 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN ' 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#, (909)845-8820 products in stock . Race Proven Fabrication, Boatec Fiberglass Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Course trucks Bypass valves+tubes Paris-Dakar trucks · Sway-bar Arms ._ ... :;...,, tt:tra~--

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ACCOUNTING• INCOM.E TAX· CONSULTING' IRS REPRESENTATJON Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNT ANT 536 S. Second St, Suite E 621Hl53--2023 -621Hl53-2024 Covina, CA 91723 Fax· Offroad to Street, Prerunner to Race -Chais Design -Race Prep -All General Fabrication l'IMG-S,07 174~9 Uac St #E Hesperia CA 92345 1•r111a,;a,_,.,,..JlflEIT HAIPIIN BEIDllCI RAC!ING WHEELS. U .S..A. · WHEELS / CONVERSIONS · a••• 10-11• 12• 13• 1,s• 1e• 11• MILAN qARRffi 1871 N. IIRAWLff Aft. PRaSN0 CA 83722 (559) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365 CHENOWTH t ?ACING PltODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103 DCNC:J' Manofactu~~of · · = B~ke arnl Cl""h Podal An> I Master Cylinders . - Slave Cylinders CNC, Inc. ·1221 West Morenatlvd. San Diego, CA '921'10 (6 J 9) 275-1663 Cuttihg and Sta~ng Brakes Hydraulic Thro~s Tl)rottle Pedals and all of our accesson,,s•. _ Send $3.~ for Catalo~ FLOATER REAR ENDS• t'RONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS • KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hangiftg Tr(!e, Lane • (805) 239-2663 Templeton, CA 93465 RACE FUELS OFFICIAL FUEL OF NASCAR 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA PISTc:::>r---JS Shelf and Custom Pistons Available CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567.9000 1902 McGaw, Irvine. CA92614 A Member of Pankl Racing Systems CRITICAL□ ULTRASONIC CLEANING Oil Coolers, Heat Exc:hangels, Oil Tanks, Radiators, U.-, Fittings oee&AtlQRS ------~ . ..... ,,,, ··-··· -3043 oak Street Santa Ana, CA 92707 PM (714) 957•1215 fax (714) 957·,l!W7 "Oac:k □ CIU.CKINSPECTION Alt Components ... Susf)enslon, Engine, Gear Box. etc. □ NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING Magnetic Pat1icle, Liquid Penetrant. UltrNonic, Eddy Cumlnt. X~y □ CNC MACHINE SHOP UMC STA~ •s · .W.. MASTA~ftW117R211.1 'IJF' for Yow P,..adlbtw CROWN -,-, ---.-.-:::.:· ... _,;.... . . INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS l#COR/IORATED AEROSPACE. HIGH PERFORMANCE. INDUSTRIAi. HOSES a FITTINGS HIGH PERFORMANCE HOSE & FITTINGS (760) 599-0090 • FAX (760) 599-0070 11115 PARK CENTER OR •• SUITE G • VISTA. CALIFORNIA 92083 ·MOCK . AJLL RACE • TRANSFER CASES CCunJJJln..filillll. ® 9 § JR{an.(eftIIIl.~ TJPfilillll.§lilllill§~ft@ nn.§ 18273 Grand Ave. #6 (909) 678-1669 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 STEVE MatthewSclimolce 1280 N. JOHNSOJ AVE.., SUITE 101 • EL CAJON, CA 92020 TEL: 619.449.5611 • FAX: 619.449.5713 MATTI--EW@CUSTOMDECAL.CDM ....,"-'-'...._ .. .=--..... _,,...-=------=----Specializing ia. .. ·---·· SwlaiaxlH Bewlaad· Fenln ■-deelallD4S Napum44 ltnblft" Autollllld• [( DE rJJ;!f:glQ)j HERMAN De NUNZIO 59 B Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 800-622-3939 805-683-1211 FAX 805-683-8187 (:DEREK NYE w.l~el-unlt H Cash! Mee. CA 92627 .9--'9.sqa.as33 1u: 9q9.sqa.as3q c-ml!ll: dcrcknuclll110Lcom .....___ Tum Begz ~J ~"'~ Private Lebel ' • : • -~~ cu,tom Beg Dulgns --l)llfl' llTJ~IU{S OFF-ROAD DESIGN & FABRICATION RACE PREP Bill. SCOTT PRE RUNNERS SUSPENSIONS ·· . , - (909) 520-0064 ROLL CAGES,.~ -· · .. ' Fax (909) ~20-0078 . TUBE" BENDING-~. ' • : ,· l:malt' Oi~•r~bcgl0bal.het WEU>ING , ,·: · -. ' · .1·Z321' Sam~dnA"Ve.{ Unlt I · LIFt KITS' 1 . . _ •• ·:,.;-.,; '. '. :.-. : . , ' Rl~rsl$, CA 92503 .,_ . . :~ i ., --:::,.·,.,_ . .. ·, 1835 John Towers Ave. #A El CaJo!17 GA 92020 e&j.l (61~) 448-3932 Fax (619) 448-3662 C\JS!om aulomo!lve Wiring and.electronics Eric F1echs1g 7b0.738.W11~E194nJ www. race vehicle:; · hot rods · security bugg1e5 • lighting • marine • audio 26b5 f'rogress f'lace. Sule. 2 B • Escondido. CA '1202'1 JILL SWANSON Sales and Marketing Directo~. • Brand Name Helmets FRESH AIR SISTEMS TECHNOlOGIES, INC • Interior Revisions 810 A South Arthur Ave. • Fresh Air Systems Arlington Heights, IL 60005 1-888-466-RACE 1-84 7-259-381 O Fax 1-84 7-259-9705 'THE HELMET VENTILATION EXPERTS" fB:a PIRl'ORMD'CB 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 We use & tecom1111nd RA<.IM, E:\:1,INF.'i, TR.-\N\"\m\lOl\,S .-\Nil OFFROAO PART\ Send or-mil for our ncu catalog S5.00

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RAY BAYLY 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 > 1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 BRIAN GRIFRN (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 619"'"9-3633 619"'"9-3665 fax Doug Fortin THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For.your local dealer ~ call (8~1433-6524 -~ Call or write for our FREE Catalog Alrcr'!_tt Rubber Ma~ufacturina, Inc. RACIN HEADS 206-f SO. SANTA fl AV£.• VIS TOLL FREE (8881 3 PH/FAX (760) 727-112 e:~i) . ........,. _,_s.J Buff & 'Kevin Owners I Fabricators p. 760.510.9586 • f. 760.510.9559 120 N. Pacific St.# J-1 • San Marcos, CA 91069 HONDA $SUZUKI se.,• I I ~ I I I I BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (800) 800-6134 FAX (818) 766-9397 (619) 561-7764 fax 561-4834 Jeff Howe BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD. CA. 91601 20 Years of Off Road Racing irience ,gl s,ttl\llG 11ct ,011• 12476 Julian Ave. Lakeside, CA 92040 We Service & Sell Char Lynn, Sweet, Pumps; Gears & Power Ra_ck & Pinioll IMPACT CUSTOMS SCORE NHRA SCCA RACE SPEC ROLL CAGES, TUBE CHAB!JIS, CUSTOM SUSPENSIONS, AIR BAGS, BODY DROPS, SHAVE, SUICIDE, PRE-RUNNERS, BAJAS, LONG TRAVEL, RACE PREP, CUSTOM WIRING, FABRICATION AND METAL WORK 661.Q98. 7079 HP ENGINE & DYNO SERVICE 14368 Olde Highway 80 • Suite E • El Cajon, CA 92021 Jim Horne 619 443-9990 JG TRANSWERKS "Go with a Proven Winner-~.•,-.'i-.~M~Yi Quality Racing Transmissions JOE GIFFIN I• -.,_ar,1.e r&e z: George Jimenez TROY J OHNSON (909) 779-9395 2061 Third Street, Unit A Riverside. CA 92507 RACING DIGINm COMPLETE ENGINES • DYNO SERVICE 535 E. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel./ Fax 714 .. 535.5116 Specializing in <:ustom offroad race trucks • Sand car~ • Rally cars • Custom Fabnc2tion • Advanced Suspsnsion Technology • Resiear ch & Development :KAL OFFROAD RACING . I www Metal Fabrication . Speed Equipment -Custom Suspensions KurtLarmee -(805) 466-4101 . ----. _8408 K El Camino-Real, Atascadero, CA 93422 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENER,.TOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. .ART KAWAGUCHI Fax 323-264-2136 323-264-5858 3532 EAST 3RD ST. ' LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 BLACK~~ I I I I • I I Derek Kreger . PH: 114.289.9048 Fl: 114.631.1854 Kevin Summers owner 15346 Bonanza RD. # C Victorville , CA . 92392 Phone:760-241-5441 Fax: 760-241-5383 KS Motorsports offroad fabric.ition and race preps 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Fax (714) 632-1223 Mike Julson President 10965 Hartley Rd., Suite R Santee, CA 92071-2893 619 / 562-1743 Fax 619 / 562-3379 e.mail • -CT•o> 7!2!2-09&.3 SUSPENSION - PERFORMANCE - SAFETY EQUIPMENT & MORE! DESERT - ROCK - SAND & RACE WE ARE YOUR #1 SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD NEEDS -,· . ----------·

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POWER E STEERING THOMASE. LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11681 PENDLETON.&TAEET· SUN VAU.EY, CA-913152 FAX (818) 7U-2U7 (818) 7e8-0SM A full line of Powe, Steering geera, pumps and accwria tor' any type ol radriO. Magnafk,x and ZYVIO fllcllitiN available. PO Box 3362 . . . .:Toll Free: 866-331-1958 Carson Citv, NV ,___ _ __,_ 775-331-1958 I.IG glne Parts WORK GUARANTEED DEADLINES KEPT ~YL}VJt~q;~ .!kw. Eh:6~/a.r,1· .%0/in,_y, J:.iu.lt1· and~ MIKE MCQUEEN OFF ROAD BODIES SINCE 197 2 BY APPOINTMENT FAX (310) 379-8633 (310) 374-8669 E-MAIL: MPD@MAKATAK.NET HTTP:/ /WWW.MAKATAK.NET MIKE MENDEOLA Dennis 775-224-1327 Cell Jim · 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 . . Fax775-359-9628 Chula Vista, CA91910 . Engineering *Custom Chassis *Race Prep *Aluminum Work *Welding *Magnaflux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER 4 IIACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 ~~HC.,,.,,A..FT. R= .P~ www.mastercraftseats.cdtn Seat.; • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10928 Wheatlands Ave. Suite B Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 mzzw (818) 886-4446 (818) TT2-6470 fax 18641 Parthenia St. Northridge, CA 91324 .otfroad aAolld Coulse .Orag Racing aOva!Tradl .Fabricalion .Welding .chusia!Uld. Suspension Speciallat YOUR OFF-ROAD Catch us o_n the Net! SPECIAL/STSI PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (71~) 441-1622· 2366 E: ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 .mllllll l'ltBII -COJIPONEfff.S F.Oft .eHASSlS FABRICATION ~m,,,•~~"•.R~-~ Sti!WMOIDll*Ol&Wat.rsflolllettalderl 399.E.Jiaaiaan.l.lnitD Corona, CA 92879-1313 Just A Small Ad Here Can Increase Your Business By A Bunch~ 81 8-882-0004 Mllll'IIIIN. <.....,___ . . __ __,,.,,7 <: ' .., 7 ' • 1 . . Tom Moxley 43455 Business Park Drive, Temecula. CA 92590 Phone (009)587-0101 Ext 120 619-562-5533 DFFRDAD ENGINEERING Pre-Runners • Race Cars & Trucks • Long Travel Sand Buggies Custom Chassis • Suspension • Cage • Sheet Metal Lifts • Shocks • Tires • Wheels • Accessories · (805) 522-4499 lance Fuller 2280 Shasta Way_ #115 Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 93065 Moulton Racin Fabrication • RaceCars • Prerunners • Sand c;ars Jim Moulton '.~28355 INDUSTRY DR.1412 Velenda Ce 91365 661-295-0253 MSD. Mr.l flL Jr.i~f• •1,-;11 , ..... ,! • VOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE GNITIONS • DISTR BU1 OR . -AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR. , EL PASO. TX 79936 1915) 857-5200 • TEr.H LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE,, TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3" 0.0. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES 4B0-726-2B75 iFiF @~<dl Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253

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(909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 !51!: HAROLD NICKS . ,~~@1([~©7?1 $AFElY EQUIPMENl MAXON,,MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, SHOEI, Sl~PSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/OR INTERCOM STIU. ONLY S 12'5. -. 2888 GUNDRY AVE. mM SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 • 562-427-8177 I · 800-869-5636 W ■ A R -. ....,~,- -(, , , .-•1 : Fraley s P~rf onnanc~ Engineering ' T[l (949)650-3035 fllH (9119)650-4721 • All TJJN• of Steel fJ Aluminum Fabrication • Tube Beadinc • Aluminum CJ Steel W.ldinc • Custom Machine Work ~All Types of Race Cars ·4as1 w. Hacienda t 4 La■ Vegu, mi 89118 Bruce Fraley . 702-365-9(;>55 'l'e11s1on Todd Francis 25805 N.E. 46th Ave. • efie A 9864 Phone: 360.887.2000 • Fax: 360.887.7279 A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class• . Tel: 119490G52 Protruck Sales and Promotion Fax: 111-~ Website: 14402 Bond Cou1 Email: · El_ c.,on,_ CA 92021 JaeDaUlllan '19ny Selva Jr. Par:.323.340.0ffl tel #9"9-616-65f9 FIi: 111.387.4641 ft1>t WW,-676-114..I - - ---------------------------21598 Commerce Cent~rOr Temecula, CA 9259 13411 Drontield Ave_ Svlmar. CA 91342 Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension • Safety • Drive/ine • Accessories (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: rprod1 Get The Wor~ Out About Your Busin~ss, Big Or Small. Put Your Business Card Ad In The Good_Stuff Directory. Call Dusty Times For Details 1-800-929-4360 www.RACESHOCK.coM IE)·~· ~ Su1pen1lon Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock Service Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Aroundll Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy 21!: -i:I Fax: (602) 493-0975 hdlen!Ca111M11111'1 ...... IISlrllNIIM'al■NIINl&Tr■nuln PH: 114.680.6131 • Fil: 114.680.3110 Toll Free: 800.304.8126 1631 Placentia Ave. Unit G Anaheim. CA 92806 CTRINS will· get yo1 i1 gear swilg axle, 11s, nwlad, 1141 3455 S. PIIURIS #5 lAIIIUS,IRIDA 89102 •a.o.•uo• (702) 221-4313 (702) 117-9724 Barry Beacham (714) 259-7786 (714) 259-7792 fax 15031 Parkway Loop, Suite D Tustin, CA 92780 flii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. L?l.!/ METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MARKSMITH LARRY SMITH LAURA ~ . ~ RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BDOT11 HCR66, BOX 11030 P.AHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 . (775) 372-5335 0lit.~ TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 §1rrJIIF ?;.a,~,:~ ~~,.., .!~L.~ .,;,ACE LETTE.,:;r,,n,b JOB SITE SIGNS • BANNERS • 1\11/00W LffiEP.11,G • CAR LETTERING.• uRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle· • Hunt1ngto1 Beach. CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • Fa, (714l 694-9567 . . I

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<>f:f ::r<>a.d..<>::n. • Metal Fab. • Welding • Suspension Kits • Custom Paint• Rollcages • Bumpers • Buy a seat and race program Sam Puleri (323) 563-2224 Fax(323) 563-2227 NISSAN OFFROAD PERFORMANCE PARTS • SUSPENSION LIFTS • INTAKE & EXHAUST SYSTEMS • BODY FIBERGLASS »AND MORE SPENCER LOW RACING .com I Specializing in: 7 FRONTIER PATHFINDER ><TERRA HARDBODY Ovar 37 Years Of Nissan Performance Experience 928.667.4757 6350 Rive.-.lde Dr. Pariter, AZ 85344 'DIOVITf£&M SJIIIT PflFIIJIIICf I 1-800-MY MUFFLER Craig Stewart I Phone: 619-449-9728 Fero 1119-449-?«ml Cell: 619-726-1891 I Fabrication & Race Preparation TfwV.VllafOfOHr~ Pllt,O,..act. ~ l'abtlc.&n .And IMtalittiaft. w. c.,~ JfCO. 8F6 F•t«II • khg Sftock~ .ArtdMlflVMor& ;;i;,;;: sa1-•-!J ,.. ~. •, vv a: Service --Spedali%itt5 itt Clotl1itt5 for tl1e Offroa2>ff Sawl attb Tami V.uqwe% fol-611-SSOS SUNDRY METAL SP1NNING Phone 562-801-1090 F~x 562-801-1645 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • STEEL --~ • COPPER • ·srAINLESS ' • t .,,_ ~~ ~~• !..•l,•1" .... I • ~ .. .,<: .._. .,. ,-,,.;....,,_.-;l.. ,,, .. r, ~ 7930 Paramount Blvd. Pico Rivera, CA 90680 J9HNA.VALOS OWNER I I I I RACE FUELS (209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 PO. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra twe. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 (C&UNSET)>. c£zl~~"P Design Fabrication lnstailatlon • YO&.HII QUALtn"' 9,... eo,,,.,.AHY,. (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 1 '2 1 5 POM O N A ROAD • SUITE [ • CORONA, CA 9'288'2 ,,.. a:.MPUTEICIZEO VINYL C,,C,,.f"H/C5 & LETTEICING laii.11 YIM I /".~COSTOL.OGSIGNS(I\II.PROCESeE5) ~ -,,._ T-OE 51-C)W OISPLl\'IS ,-. 11!!,A,CING G!l!!"'l""HICS ;.. OET /\/LEO & /..N/QUE OESIGNS ,-. FLEET VEHICLES ;.. Hl-au...UTY MNNEICS ,-.M/'\GNETICS ,,..LOGO ftEPfl!r)OUCTONS ,-. ll!!E,A,L EST;I\TE ;.. LOGO & GIUV"HIC OESIGN ,-. OEC;I\LS SUSPENSIONS UivLIMlTED . ... OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS ... ... WEUJ/1\G • FABRICA TDV • C1\C Pl.ASMA QJTTTN; • FR'.NTENOS • FEAR TRAJLl'.GAFIMS RACEOfASSIS • PffRL#'l'ERS • RJXRACI\GSHJX • SANDBLGGES 4050 LEAVERTON CT. ANAHEIM, C4 92807 LARRY ROSEVEAR PHaVE/714)6304482 FAX (714)6304548 Get the ward out about your business, Big or small! Put your business card In the ··coon STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customers. Goad Stuff Directory Ads are merely $45.00 per month. (818) 882-G004 2180 College Drive • Lake Havasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: info@tcsperformance.cdm • Hi Performance Converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race & Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! TLR Peiforma:nce · Fabrication Tnn Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD El Cajon, CA 92021 ~5-, Experienced Fabricators Needed • . (6i 9) 4;47-1289 Trans Am, Trophy Truck or Class 1 experience preferred. Excellent welding skills required for MIG and TIG with all metals. Must be a team player, with a great attitude and able to follow direction. 714.632.0013 211BO E. Mlralom6' -Ave.·•Jlnahelm ~ 92808 ---~ SP.I • Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks-• Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 N. Buena Vista St., Hemet Ca. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 Fax: 909-654-2375 See a list_~ oor products at oor web site: http:/wwW .off-roadfiberYJlass:com ,asam ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818)_998-2739 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 0 C CD -f C ~ (/) o-,, m ~ )> () (/) X )> (I) I\) c4 ~ .., .I>, iil 0, :::, (/) 0 0 SD c: () ~ !!!. z ::;; 0 0 .., 3 3 -· II> II> :::, CD 0. ~ cii" 0 )> .... < ~ ;;:a/ ransworks-~1" PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLES ~ AUTHORIZED MENDEOLA DEALER ERIC LAUNDRIE STOCK & CUSTOM 24752 VIEJAS BLVD. SAND* STREET* RACE DESCANSO, CA 91916 (619) 445-3135 Justin Rarrett M.wcmNO & 5ALU DIRIQfOII 6650 La Conten~ Rel, Yucca Valley, CA 922.84 ph, 760-365-7907 fax: 760-365-4742 (ujP) UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 U.S.WMEELS REMANUFACTURING YOU BENTTHEM - . WEFIXTHEM POLISH • REPAIRS ~ 1 ood W. Biadiey' AVe., ltnlt'Q • ... ~ ·• Carlos Orozco .,. El Cajon, CA 92020 ;,. '"'-' 619.S96;803k ; - .. ~--... ... ~r;:"'), ......... r .. ~· .. -:r,,; -·~ ...... •, ........ ,... ~(A"-··-. <."T:...•-

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u-~ Folrpiex • Pomona October 9 & 10 eL lZLt,tL-\.4 't:· . t;U,u,..,3;tstt~4t t 1 cr~ CL BRYANT.COM VP RACING FUELS INC AUTHORIZE DISTRIBUTOR RR AUTOSPECIAL PARTS, S. DE R.L DE C.V. CALLE PRIVADA FRAY MAYORGA 17026 ZONA INDUSTRIAL GARITA DE OTAY TIJUANA, D.C. TEL.: (GG<) G< 7 9222 FAX: (66~) G07 1«0. Advancing the S~ience of Motor Sports Ray Gastelum GERENTE Of VENTAS SCORE ENGINE BUILDER ~ OFTHEYEAR _994, 1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To Compl~te-Engines Lorenzo Rodriguez Transmissions - Parts - Service - Welding V.W -Porsche - Nissan - Toyota -Honda E-MAIL: Mobil : 664 648 2882 Nextel Radio: 152 * 133577 * 1 Call USA to Mexico dial 01152 3675 W. Teco Av.e. Unit 8, Laa Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522 850 S. Alta Vista Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 914-8147 C (o).,(o) ~Stl.ACe ~~ oo~~OOl!lilllili§ Front & Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialist • Custom Race & Play Buggy Chassis A-Arm Front Ends • Beam Front Ends Jack Woods 602-242-0077 602-242-7283 i"e BUMP STOPS HERE Sto the u -travel on our suspension ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT 319.90 PER PAIR. · Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 102 Crestview P.O. Box 845 Yarnell, AZ 85362 MORE 2004 HAPPENINGS ••• RENE MONTANO more Trail Notes ... SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE {)pp RoAD RAcING AssN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) %2-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceux:ry, T Cl1l'pl, FL) SUPER SERIFS (PTY) LTD. P.O.Box706 PARKI.ANOS,2121 SourHAFRICA (011)788-5138 FAX(011)880-2170 TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADil.lA V AI.LEY SPORTS CfNI'ER P.O.Box5119 EDMESrON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA V AI.LEY ()pp ROAD RACNG AssN. 920 HILLCREST ST. PLACERVILLE, CA 95667 (530) 622-0370 <www.VORRA.o:m> Short Course Races Prairie City, Sacramento, CA September 25-26,2004 October 16-17, 2004 October 30-31, 2004 Desert Races May 28-31, 2004 Yerington, NV July 2-4, 2004 Hawthorne, NV August 7-8, 2004 TBA September 3-6, 2004 Bend,OR Awards B11.1Jquet November 13, 2004 Location TBA ...... ,; )r,,. • • • VDNIE GumRPB0 OH' R£W> Olm J>llOFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA Oll-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6P.M.) RACING ASSOCIATION LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WFSTERN ~VANIA WHl!l!L To WHl!l!L ()pp RoAD RA.ONG PATRICK McGUIRE P.O.Box376 AoAMS&JRG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <www.wi)> Trucks & Bulll{ies May 1, 2004 Rock To Rock Rocky Point, Mexico September 4, 2004 Snowflake Heber,AZ October 2, 2004 PMP Extreme GP Tucson,AZ November 13, 2004 Vulture Mine Wickenberg, AZ December 4, 2004 Point To Point Rocky Point, Mexico WISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN ()pp R OAD FJ!STiv AL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so~U.S. Hwv 45 OSHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WoRW RALLY C HAMPIONSHIP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE IiAvASU Cm, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFHCE: 011-526-6225 u . PaowonONS · P.O. Box 2122 CALEXICO, CA 92231 4x4 FOREVER, LTD, 1665 DEIAWAREST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 each new season. Goodyear is pleased to be back for the 2004 season and we look forward to another very competitive year with _fantastic racing for the fans to enjoy at each venue." NASCAR, NHRA and CORR a·re but three of the many organizations that work with Goodyear. Alexander further stated, "In the past few years, many improvements, such as wet traction, heat resistance and longer wear can be traced back to things we learned in racing." SNORE BUFFALO BILL'S 400 -The SNORE Buffalo Bill's 400 was a howling success. It poured rain most of the race and it was a very wet and muddy race. But, in . . spite of the weather most folk had a good time. Kory List your coming events Scheeler and Larry Job were the overall winners as well as in DUSTY TIMES free. It is taking Class 1. Class 10 went to TJ Flores, the MacCa-chren/ the only way some fans Fraley/Anderson, emphasis on Anderson trio took the 1/2-know about your event, if 1600 honors, Corey Torres took the Class 9 win, Monte they don't happen to be on Tib~et_ts was the Heavy_ Metal winner, Tom Hood was the your club mailiing list. Don't Unlimited Sportsman winner and Todd Bauman and Steve 11 b t .1 2004 Downing split the driving chores to take the Sportsman ca , u mat your B -Th f 11 · · h l f · · h . uggy win. e u race story wtt ots o pictures mtg t schedule as soon as posstble be found somewhere in this issue but chances are it will be for listing in this column; it in the I}.ext issue of Dusty Times'. could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or NEW DRIVERS -Dusty Times is pleased to announce rally schedule to: the birth of·twins, a boy, Taylor Nye and a girl, Hannah Nye, Tuesday, April 8 at 12:55 and 12:56pm. The Dull:"====== proud parents, Derek and Jamie Nye, aka Dirtbagz in the UJ~ . off road world. Congratulations, may your twins live long 1:1n110 healthy and happy lives, U U ·FINAL FLAG -We were saddened to hear of the passing 20761 Plummer St., of Athene Karis' father George. He passed away at the . Chatsworth, CA grand old age of 95. Our heartfelt condolences to Athene,· 91311-5003 a very dear friend for so many years. Be Sure To Look Through The Go~d St_uff Directory Every Month. If And When You Purchase Something From ".l"hese Vendors, Be Sure To Tell Them Yop Saw It In Dusty Tin:aes • - . ' . "· ,, . . .. ~ -~ . .-'L

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Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Read-ers are advised to consult appro-priate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. Tatum Motorsports built '99 Tahoe 2 door/4 seat. Street legal with only 835 miles! Full 'tube chass'is, plate A-Arms, race truck style sus-pension. Front dual A-Arm, 21" travel, Sway-A-Way shocks, (2 per wheel), Cone spindles, CNC. Rear trailing arm 3 link with 2~" travel, Eibach springs, Sway-A-Way (2 per wheel), CNC, Gone. Mogi Turo· 400 trans, Dana 60 rear. Castillo Motorsports 400 ci. Engine, 15" Champions with Beadlock, BFG Baja T A's. A/C, stereo, PCI ra-dio, Beard, Crow, Autometer, Halon Fire System, on board welder, portable air. $180K. Ref #895. Call Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117 or check us out at'aconce FOR SALE: Ford Ranger/ Pre-Runner. Full Chromoly-Tig-Welded chassis 3.0 Kuster coil overs-dual rate 4.0 V-6-New, smog legal. Fresh rebuit trand's. Ford 9" Rear emd w/ chromoly axle's, 5.14 R & P, spool, trussed and 4 linked with Hymes-3 .1 splined Willwood rear disc brakes. Ford 1 ron spindles with disc brakes. Boxed chromply beams. Boxed Chromoly ex-tended radius arms. Equal length Hymes steering. Limit straps and Swaybarred 35x12.50 Goodyear project's. lmco 36 gal fuel tank. Beard seats,Deist belts 5 pt. Auto-meter gauges-Custom dash Art Carr shifter. Quick re-lease steering w/u joints. Fi-berglass hood and fender's. Dual Trans cooler's.Aluminum radiator w/quick release core support w/fan's. All stainless fuel and oil.lines. 24" frt travel-JO" rear travel. Dual Optima Batterey's. All painted white-Must See. More info and photo's (714) 441-1212. Over $75,000.00 in-vested, sell for $32,000.00. FOR SALE: 28" Ultra Hauler Trailer, full bath/ kitchen, king bunk, 3 couches/beds w/tables, race interior, Onan 7K generator, 2 Gas tanks 60/ 30, 2 15K A/C's W/Heat, dual Thermo windows, sat-ellite, Awnings, Hydraulic Brakes, M.T. Wheels, l0pl. tires, for all toys! $25,995.00 OBO (909) 721-1890 or 909 244-4051. FOR SALE: 1968 Ford PreRunner/Race. 351C Cobra Jet O hrs. Art Carr C-6 Currie Rear 5.14 w/ steel spool Wilwood. 2.5 Sway-A-Way front. W /air bumps. 22" Travel. 2.5 Fox rear. W/air bumps, Sway Bar 25" rear, 3 link. 2".120 chassis, 32 gal cell, Simpson, Aeroquip, CNC, much more. Kurt $12,500.00 OBO (909) 672-7406. FOR SALE: Class 3 Jeep "77", 401,550 Hp AMC, Turbo 400, D~na 60 rear w/spool, Dana 44 front, Swayaway shocks, Parker Pumper 34-gallon cell, BFG Baja Ter-rains, Quadratrac, Auto-meter, Art Carr, remote trans cooler, lights, radio, lots of spares, race ready! Class champion. $28,500.00 (623) 566-4828. FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seat 10-12 car, 2275 cc, dual 44 Webers custom intake UMP, Mendeola, Fox Coil overs and triple bypass, Foddrill arms, Mastercraft, Howe, Diablo, oil cooler MSD dual coil & MSD sys-tem, Hell a & K.C. 3 2 gal-lon fuel cell $18,500.00. Call Mike@ (909) 244-4757 or (909) 721-2960. FOR SALE: 2002 built, Ranger, SB 5.0, Silver, All 4130, 9' Rear end, C6, Howe Steering, Pro-Wire, Harness, Power every-thing, 2.5 Sway-A-Way, 2.5 By-pass, 24' travel front, 30' rear, 35' tires, Fuel-Safe, 40 Gal, Ron-Davis, Fluidyne, Beard, Art Carr, AutoMeter, Deist, Vin-tage, Air, Hella, J3FG, Flowmaster, Sony, $60,000.00 OBO, (661) 201-2825. FOR SALE: MDR Overall winning Class 1 Car. V-6 Chevy Bowtie racing engine, (New heads & Carb). King Shocks, 35" BFG's on Ultra Beadlocks. Jeff Fields Auto Tranny.Ready to Race. $55,000.00 Call Keith at (714) 746-1999, (714) 633-9994, FOR SALE: Class 10 Majors Honda, Mendeola, Fox, PCI, FOR SALE: 2004 Truggy BFG,Fortin,PowerSteering,21" MidEngine 400 HP V-6 Chevy, front, 22" rear travel, car is very G-Force Super T-10 Trans, Saco fast, very dependable, and very FORSALE: ProTruck/Trophy V-Drive, Mittler-Brothers clean. Thiscarhaslotsofwins Truck-Fresh modified Pro truck Rearend, Fox 3.0 Triple bypasses and championship·s. Includes FOR SALE: 2002 Kreger Fabri- with Leon Patton Motor. 650hp, and 2.5 Coilovers on rear with 30" some spare parts. $40,000.00. Call cation Class 10. Proven finisher 65 gallon, Fuel Cell. Great truck of travel, King 2.5 Coilovers on Frank Omboli (909)-685-6517. withexcellentHandlingcharac-to win the Baja lOOO! Big front with 21" of travel, BFG, FOR SALE: 1978 Conejo En-teristics. 100% finishing rate at Brakes, Big axles. Reliability Beard, Fuel Cell, 4 piSton brakes closed 5th wheel {goose neck) FOR SALE: Race co the Baja 1000 & Baja 500 2 years that will get you to La Paz Fa5tl front and rear, 2" Cone front 28' (33'overall) tandem axles/ Racecar, 3 race radios, 1 in a row. Fully prepped and race $85,000.00. Call Jason hubs,Allchromoly chassis,ready electric brakes/diamond plate base antennae, 2 Bell ready! Wiks Racing Engine, (562)427-8l77. toPrerunorGlamis$50,000.00or floor/electricwinch&pumpfor helmets, wired for radios, Kreger Floaters and Hubs, King FOR SALE: Honda/Men-trade? (562) 714-9013. hydraulic center strut/rear ramp 2 race suits-fire suits, 2 Shocks, Mendeola 5 speed, In deo la-Major built Class 10 Major Performance Type 4 mo- & side doors/interior lights/newly dump cans, gas pump for DashLowranceGPS,PCIRadio/ 2 seat Honda, Fuel in-tor,2.0classlO. Brandnew,su-re-wiredsystem/awning/beam& 50 gal drum, extra tires, Intercom. The.Best of Every-jected with or without per nice 44 Weber built by "A"frameenginehoist/tirerack/ Type 4 motor, 2666cc thing. $59,000.00OBO.Contact electioncs. 5 speed Men-Kenny. 911 fan shroud, Web 10,000#GVWf'NoFlexi-flyer, built by FAT. $24,000.00 Will Higman Weekdays (714) deo la, serviced by Men-Cam, perfect 2 seat Class 10. Paid Built like a Mack truck" $7,000.00 OBO (626) 575-3547 Ext 8 4 8 - 8 2 2 2 deola, reverse rotation. $8,000.00willsellfor$5,500.00. or Best offer. Don Smith (310) 0. Charles (5 20) 97 5-0456. Call Rich at (760) 505-1700. 457-1261. Malibu, CA. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUUlil : : DUSTY TIMES.lil■II • • • • • • • • • Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum si:z:e 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is$ ___________ _ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name _____________________________ _ Address ___________________________ _ Phone ____________________________ _ City _____________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 Classified Ad Deadlines 2004-2005 ISSUE DEADLINE June, 04 May_ 14, 04 July, 04 June 11, 04 August, 04 July 9, 04 Sept., 04 Aug. 13, 04 • October, 04 Sept 10, 04 November, 04 Oct 8, 04 December, 04 Nov 12, 04 January, 05 Dec 10, 04 February, 05 Jan 7,05 March, 05 Feb 11, 05 • State ____________ Zip ......................... -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.~.-.-.-.-.~ .......................................... . Page 58 May 2004 · Dusty Times

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Sell Your Car, Pre-Runner, Parts or Bits & Pieces Right Here ... Dusty Times Has The Off Road Readership You-re Looking For. On/y$25 for up to 45 words plus $5 withphoto. SeeForm onPage58. FOR SALE: Mirage Superlite-Chromoly Chassis, A-Arm front & rear, Fox coilover & bypass shocks, Wright, Mas-tercraft, Fuel Safe, Flame-out, Ron Davis Rad. 4 cyl, 4 stroke 600cc motor, Casale Trans, Green sticker, Fresh prep, Many spares, short course, Beadlocks, '$6,600.00 (760) 352-0299. FOR SALE: 1985 Ford F 150 extended cab, 3 seat, only 350 prerun miles since rebuild on motor, trans, new drive axles, new Heims, new paint, new dash & rewiring, 21 " front travel, 24" rear travel, Custer coilover & bypass shock ea. wheel, air bumps, 4 link, equal length I beams, center swing steering, 408ci small block, 500hp, Mogi C6 trans, 4 wheel disc brakes, remote power brakes, PCI race radio, AM/ FM/CD, A/C, 55 gal fuel cell, much to list, call for more info, very fast, $45,000.00 OBO Brian (562) 619-9686. DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP REPORTING THE OFF ROAD· NEWS! Dusty Times May 2004 FOR SALE: Class 10/12 2 seater. 100% Tig welded Tatum chassis. 1835 Wik Plentum. MD4S Howe PCI, Fodrill Arms, Carbon fiber top. 2 sets of panels, 30 gal Fuel safe. Mid-Bore Hubs, TCS Axles, 2 Kenwood radios, 8 BFG or Centerlines. Many spares, Kings, $33,500.00. Ready to race Keith (928) 763-1417. FOR SALE: 1986 FORD F-350 XL Crew Cab Dually P/ up. New brakes front & rear. New rear axle seals. Retro-Fit A/C R-134 Refrigerant. AM/ FM Radio/Tape Deck. New Heater core. Power Windows & Door locks. Center Con-sole, New Air Dam/Deflec-tor/Mud flaps/alum bed box/ receiver hitch/tonneau & $300.00 car cover/bed liner/ excellent upholstery/strong 460"cu. Engine & C-6 Auto trans. $4,000.00 or Best Offer. Don Smith (310) 457-1261.Malibu, CA FOR SALE: 83 Toyota, V6, 350 Trans, 9" Cone 40 Spline, Kusters, Duel Rate coils, 32 Fuel Cell, 21" ft, 25 " rr, bump stops,35", all chromoly Tig weld, Beard, Auto Meter, Art Carr, some spares, $25,000.00 OBO or trade ? (818) 845-1397. FOR SALE: Pre-Runner for sale. Street legal Baja 105" long, 2.4 Type 4 engine. 7 /8 Bilstein s & Fox Coilover shocks. Radio. Totally built stout and for endurance. Over $25,000.00 invested, asking $10,000.00 Call (949) 697-6123. FOR SALE: Groff Motor-sports Toyota Camry V6 3.2L MoteC M48 Multi-port Fuel Injected Race engine, FAT Pe'rformance prepared, (incls. Exhaust Headers, complete Mgmt Sys. & Harness.) A Class 1 Carbureted version of this engine won the 2003 SCORE Championship. $12,500.00 (818) 349-5861. FOR SALE: Featherlite 48' Show trailer. Sleeps four, re-frigerator, stove, full bath, two roof A/C units, 6500 Onan generator, 40ft. awning with sides. Large shop area w it h n,u me r o u s c ab in e ts . $39,900.00. Also 2003 Chevy Crew Cab, loaded. 12K miles, $40,000.00 (920) 378-2048. Appleton, WI. FOR SALE: LETNER RAC-ING 2 Seat Class 10 Bonner Hawk, Kings, Fortin, Race Ready $75,000.00 Many wins including Baja 500, Baja 1000-2 Seat Class12 1835 and Spare1835 or 2 Liter Brand new Bonner Hawks Kings, Mendeola. Many Wins, including overall Parker 400-$49,000.00. Call Henry or Danny (714) 633-0030. These are the only 2 cars left for sale. INDl:.X TO AD\/1:.Q Tl61:.Q.6 Baker .................................................... 47 Best In The Desert ................................. 4 Bilstein ................................................ 33 C&R Racing .......................................... 28 Cabe Toyota .......................................... 1 7 Coast Resorts ......................................... 9 CODE ................................................... 23 Fabtech ................................................ 35 Fuel Safe .............................................. 48 ISCO ..................................................... 48 Kartek ................................................... 25 Kawaguchi Honda ................................ 20 KC Hilites , ............................................. 2 King Shock Tech .................................. 38 Kreger ......................... , ....................... 48 Light Force Engineering ....................... 2 9 Lucas Oil .............................................. 30 McKenzie Performani:e Products ......... 36 MOR Products ...................................... 43 Mickey Thompson Tires ....................... 32 Mojave Desert Racing .......................... 42 Nevada Off Road ................................... 41 OMF ..................................................... 47 Pacific Customs ................................... 16 Parker Embroidery ................................ 31 Parker Pumper ..................................... 44 Parker Pumper/Competition Air ........... 48 Parker Pumper/Eibach Springs Back Cover PCI Race Radios .................................... 11 PCI Race Radios ...................................... 5 Pikes Service Center ............................ 4 7 Race Ready Prqducts ............................ 45 Racer X ................................................ 12 Redline Engineering ............................. 46 Ronco Plastics ..................................... 34 Sakata .................................................. 19 Skyjacker Suspensions ........................ 15 SNORE .................................................. 39 TCR ...................................................... 38 Team Gordon Race Wheels .................. 14 Transaxle Engineering ......... , ............... 26 Turnkey Products ................................ 40 Valley Performance .............................. 22 Web-Cam .............................................. 37 Page 59 .... -

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