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2004 Volume 21 Number 12 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 21 • Number 12 • December 2004 $2.50 -----------serving The OFF Road communi~y Par 21 Years covering the world of competition in the dirt ...

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HUGE KC Contingency 1ward~ available for the 2004 racing se'a'son in ·the following sanctioning organizatforis' events: New KC RALLY 800 8 inch diameter HID and Halogen lights are now available in competition long range and rally drividg styles. ""'"" {f)Q Best In Tfia.,Desert, QORR, --S61JR{ SNORE & VORRA ! ; . , I Celebrati'!g our 34th yearjsupporting 'OFF-ROAD RACING Checkout for KC HID systems for ATVs" ,/

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7, Volume 21 -Number 12 December 2004 DUSlil • li1UIBS '1--- alifornia Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Sheryl Cannon Carrera Photography Mike Chamberlain J&L Photography Jim Culp Mike Del Col Martin Holmes Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montana Byrle Moore Troy Robinson Jeff Straw Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham ~ " ~ ~enes Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Sub-scription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POS1MASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA91311. snapshot of the Month ... What can we say, this photo was taken at the 1980 Riverside SCORE Off Road Championship races. The land rush starts were thrilling for the spectators, a pain in the neck for the drivers and death defying for the photographers. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self, addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be considered. Dusty Times December 2004 In-This Issue ... FEATURES BITD Las Vegas 200 by Juay Smith ............................................................... 8 60th Wales Rally Great Britain by Martin Holmes ...................................... 16 The Wish Ride by Maryetta Bowman .......................................................... 19 35th Annual SNORE 250 by John B. Calvin ............................................ 20 5th Annual Off Road Expo by Juay smith .............•..................................... 26 MDR Promotions Superstition ·250 by J. Preston Bradshaw .................... 28 Ojibwe Forests Rally by]. Preston Bradshaw ............................................. 34 BFG Goondiwindi 400 by Steve Hilton ...................................................... 36 Whiplash PMP Extreme Grand Prix by Mike Del Col ............................. 40 Rally Italia Sardinia by Martin Holmes ........................................................ 4 3 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ................................................................................................ 5 Trail Notes ................................................................................................. 6 Soapbox by Mike McClintock ...................................................................... 38 FAIR News by Tom Sobray ............................................................................ 38 SCCA ProRally News by Curtis Kitchen ..................................................... 38 Good Stuff Directory .............................................................................. 47 Classified Ads ........................................................................................... 5 4 Index To Advertisers ................................................................................ 5 5 ON THE COVER It was a good day for Chad Hall and his Hummer, after adjusting some soft suspension he inotored on to the Class 8100 win at the Best In The Desert Las Vegas 200. Photo by Trackside Photo Pat Dean had a great race, he took the Class 1 win at the 35th Annual SNORE 250 and he was first overall as well, resulting in a very big dollar win. Photo by Trackside Photo Visit Our Website at c5ubscrihe :Joday lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE C_OUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 years !'" $40.00 □2 □3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ RENEWAL Name ---------------------A-= Address :;: . City ----'------State Zip --------------------Primary Interest Cars D Trucks O Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - I year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Page 3

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Page4 December 2004 Dusty Times

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2004-2005 Happenings ... 10K FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) AMERICAN CUSTOM WHEELS }EEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES ORANGE, CA 92869 714-538-7434/FAX: 714-633-1724 December 4, 2004 Las Vegas 200 State Line, NV AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SouTH POINTE CIRCLE, SUITE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E MAIL: AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA OBSERVED TluALs SouniERN CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKUM • PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTI.INE • (714) 562-7742 EMAIL: <> AsocIACION EsTATAL DE AUTOMOVILISMO SAM l.AsELL, TECH INSPECTOR Avro42 · SAN JOSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AusTRALIAN OFF RoAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY AuTOCRoss QUEBEC OFF RoAD CLASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All Et1ents At California Cit), CA December lS-19, 2004 Cal-City Off Road #6 BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CLUB AUTOMOVTUSTA/UARENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAsT EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES R~Calendar Decem r 10-12, 2004 Ramada Express Rally <> Ral/ysprint Calendar December 12, 2004 Ramada Express Superstage Ray/Donna Hocker <> Rally Schools TBA Tirnnderhill Rally School Greg Montgomery E-Mail: CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box 400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE N:\o\MS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box 332 FA1R HAvEN, vr 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TwP. LINE Ro-.o WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison Counry Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN CALLE 6TA FRAcc Co. DE SAN QulN!lN SAN QulNllN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE SAN VICENTE OFF ROAD ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA JAN WRIGHT (0115261746834) RAMON CAsTRo & RuBEN AcEVEoo (6f637/7 0034) CMC CoNTJNENTAL MOTOSPORT CttJB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 FAX: (714) 367-1608 CODE OPFROAD CODEOffroad USA P.O.Box 2328 Calexico, CA 92231-2328 USA Phone 760-455-8069 Mexico Phone/Fax (0ll-52)686-553-4087 <> December 11 2004 Rafce Ready Pr~ucts 275 Ensenads, Mexicali, San Felipe, BC, MX COLORADO HILL CLIMB AssocIATION BARB V AHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.OBox8286 CoLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP Happenings continued on page 6 P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Races AU Races At &rona RacewaJ, Lakeside, CA INTRODUCING_ BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS OFF ROAD SHORT COURSE RACING & SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING 4 344 VALLEY VIEW AvE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340-6474 BEST IN THE DESERT\ RACING ASSOCIATION 3475 BoULDER HIGHWAY LAS VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX: 702-641-2431 E-MA11.: December 3-5, 2004 Henderson's Terrible 300 Henderson, NV All Classes January 7-8, 2005 A Duel In The Desert Motorcycles & Quads Only February 4-6, 2005 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 425 Cars & Trucks March 4-6, 2005 Kawasaki Team Green Laughlin U.S. Hare Scrambles April 1-3, 2005 Pro Circuit Nevada Trail Ride April 29-30, 2005 Terrible's Town 250 July 6-10, 2005 McMillin Nevada 1000 October 6-8, 2005 TSCO Vegas To Reno December 2-4, 2005 Henderson's Terrible 300 B.O.R.E. BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W 2575 N SUNSET, UT 84015 801-773-1651 BP MoToRsPORTS P.O. Box411 WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365 760-57 8-6258/760-57 8-6259 Dusty Times 110 Watts of Power 1160 Channel Alphanumeric I Water Resistant I Mil Spec I Baja 1000 Proven "_I was in Ensenada, and my crew in San QuinHn could hear me 150 miles awayl I need these in ALL of my hucksl" -~ ~,,,.,, ,,..r-=LLM:DE"~ PROTRUCK WINNER, 2002 TECATE/SCORE BAJA 1000 _The best communicaHon we've in over 15 years of off road racing!" ~~>' a~~ &c-:-T Tl6«-,-c,,~41EiJriir TClPL7~1 Remele Head opHon evalleble. Cell l'or details. 800.869.5636 562.427.8177 • Fax 562~26.3589 WWW.PCIRACERADIOS.COM 2888 Gundry Ave. • Signal Hill, CA 90755 December 2004 Pages

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Trail Notes ... F:NAL FLAG -We were saddened to hear of the passing of a very dear friend, Martin Collins who left us on October 21 for the other world. Martin, and his brother Al, who passed away in 2001 were residential and commercial developers in Las Vegas since the 1950's and many of their huge projects are testament to their genius. Martin was a very good friend to the off road community and was a winning racer, winning the Baja 500 in 1970, finishing third in the Baja 1000 in 1971, this along with his friend and business partner of many years, Jerry Herbst who shared offices with Marty to this day. Marty is survived by his wife, Pauline, his son Brian, daughter Laurie and four grandchildren. Marty was a presence at the races, first as a racer, then when he retired from the dirt he was always present when Brian, his son was in the drivers seat and lately he was always on hand when his grandchildren, Courtney and Brian, Jr. were racing in the dirt. Mart:, will be missed lry many. Our deepest s-ympathy goes out to his family. God Speed, Mart:,. SUPERSTITION 250 -It was a very long day for David Scaroni and Justin Loftin. They both ran the Best In The Desert Las Vegas 200 early in the day, won their respective classes, loaded up the race vehicles and headed for the low desert near El Centro. They made the 6pm start time for the MDR race and went out and blew away their competition in Class l and Class 10. Scaroni ran his 250 miles in 4: 12:37, he was the overall winner as well as the Class lace, Loftin was first across the line in Class 10 and he ran second overall as well, his time was 4:26:31. Congrats to these two guys, their crews and especially to their equipment, obviously well prepared and well maintained. MR BONUS DOLLARS -The MDR Bud Light Dash, December 31, 004, Plaster City West, California. MDR announces bonus money, ourtesy of The McMillin Companies, Alford Distributing/Bud Light and Alu mi Craft. Thanks to these companies, the class bonus will be: Class 1600 • $2,500, Class 800 • $1,500, Class 1000 • $1,000, Class 500 • $1,000, Class 550 • $500, Class 725 • $500, Class 900 • $500, Overall winner• $500. Note -No minimum entries in class are required for the bonus monies to be awarded. If you're looking to take a little bit of the expense out of your racing activities, these companies are offering $8,000 in bonus money, yours for the taking, all you have to do is win your class. Best get down there on New Years Eve and try your skill and luck. LAKE SUPERIOR PRORALLY -Mother Nature ruled as lots of rain and strong winds hampered the contestants who were having a hard enough time with the special stages without the adverse weather chiming in. The big battle for the Open Class win was between Seamus Burke and Tim O'Neil and when the smoke cleared it was Burke/Sharkey taking the Open Class win in their Hyundai, O'NeiVHeadland were just a bit short, 3.3 seconds, to be exact in their Subaru, so it was a very close contest. Doug Shepard and Pete Gladysz took the honors in Group 5 in their Dodge. The Group N win went to Jonathan Bottoms and Carolyn Bosley in their Subaru, Henry and Cindy Krolikowski were second in N, also in a Subaru. Matt Johnson and Marc Goldfarb were the big winners in Production GT, their Subaru performed flawlessly, second in PGT were Eric Langbein and Jeremy Wimpey in a Toyota. Mark Brown and Ole Holter took the win in Group 2, their VW performing well and Eric Burmeister and Dave Shindle were second in Group 2, driving a Mazda. Michael Merbach and Jeff Feldt were the Production winners in their VW. OCK CRA WUNG -Rock Crawling is the fastest growing motors port in he world. The sport features customized off-road vehicles, many in the 40,000-$50,000 range, climbing over some of the most impossible obstacles imaginable. The sport, which traces its roots to off road enthusiasts challenging the durability of their Jeep, SUV or truck on difficult obstacles and trails, today features professional drivers facing 60 degree walls and eight foot crevasses. The first professional competition was held in 1999. Today, the UROC Series features six Pro-National events and eight Regional Championship events around the country, witl1 the majority nationally televised. The sport consists of two classes, the Super Modified Class and the Modified Class. Teams competing in the Super Modified Class typically drive the most progressive four wheel drive vehicles in use today. Restrictions on this class are intended to keep the vehicles of automotive type and design. The modified Class is intended to resemble the majority of highly modified four wheel drive vehicles currently in use for trail riding. Restrictions on this class are intended to keep the vehicles to two seat, front engine, full frame vehicles. Scoring is similar to golf, where the lowest score wins. Obstacles are marked with Start/Finish gates and cones that define the course and competitors must maneuver their vehicles between the gates without touching them. The driver must also complete the specified course within a set time, depending on the difficulty of the course design. Competitors are assessed points for numerous faults, including stopping (l point), backing up (1 point), hitting a gate (10 points), missing a gate (40 points), not completing the course within the allotted time (40 points), hitting banners or markers (40 points), leaking fluid ( 10 points), safety violation ( 40 points), multi-axle steering (5 points), tool usage (10 points) and using a winch (30 points). T!1ere are also additional rules and points additions in place to ensure the safety ot both the driver and the spotter. The maximum points any team can receive on any obstacle is 40 points, unless they are disqualified from that obstacle. A team can receive an additional 10 points should they fail to remove their vehicle from an obstacle within 20 minutes of the time when they complete the course. More later on Rock Crawling. SCORE BAJA 1000 -The fever is building as the race to La Paz draws closer and there is lots of feverish activity being expended getting all the vehicles ready for the long race as well as all the logistics of pit support. There were 181 names pulled at the Off Road Expo drawing for the car and truck contingent and 51 motorcycles and ATV names also were drawn, so we have 232 entrants with more to come as time goes by. No less than 28 Trophy Trucks will col).test the peninsula, 25 Class 1 cars will be out for the big win, 18 Class ½-1600 cars are entered, 10 each 5-1600 bugs, 11 Class 8 trucks, 11 Class 10 cars and 15 SCORE Lites, all looking for a prestigious wiri in their respective classes. An added attraction this year is the $40,000 Terrible's Bonus Purse, which includes a $20,000 bonus to be awarded to the first overall 4 wheel vehicle, all this money being provided by Herbst Gaming of Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, there is the $10,000 Kartek Off Road Bonus and the $12,000 Toyota True Grit and Milestone awards. SCCA/RALLY AMERICA -Sports Car Club of America and Rally America officials met on Thursday, October 7, discussing the transition of the ProRally and ClubRally programs from SCCA to Rally America. After the productive talks closed, several key components of the transition, including Page 6 P.O. Box 392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORR 2004 LUCAS OIL SERIES 192 N. STATE ROAD, SUITE 267 AVON, IN 46123 317-272-2827/317-272-2900 fax CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, SUITE 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 FAX (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (AU events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston Coun!J ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OCEAN BLVD., SUITE 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DECATIJR Foua WHEEL DRIVE CLUB DECATUR, TX 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MoTORSPORTS 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAs:rmN OfF-RoAD RACING .A$N. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WEUSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 fNsENADA BAJA OH' ROAD RACING Av. RER)RMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 0l l-52-646-1818989 Eus10 011-51-646-1715230MRON Races for buggys & Motorcycles Esrmo BEACH INTERNATIONAL SHORT COURSE RACING VicroRIA GALINDO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIR)RNIA, MEXICO 011-51-646-176-6230 FORDA FLORIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S AssN. JASON LEIBIN (727) 3 76-4176 Mar, Apr, Ma,, Noo at Davidson Racewa:, FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE S. EL MONTE, CA91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX 2004 Racing Schedule Date-TBD Off Road Warehouse Jacume, Baja, CA Buggies - Trucks December 5, 2004 Rudolphs Revenge Superstitions, CA ATVs - Bikes GORRA GEORGIA OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 4 20 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT PLANES OFF RoAD RACING ASSOCIATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 SCOTT MORROW (816) 792-2126 (All races are short course, stadium stJfe Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Sport Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Nebraska Raceway Park, Exie 420 on 1-80 between Omaha and Lincoln.) For latest info check <> HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING 22000 W. Quincy Unit B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-781-0974 Fax INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING AssocIATION December 2004 P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDDOR (612) 937-3816/FAX 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, I.Ne. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 ]EEPSPEED RACING FOR STREET LEGAL JEEP CHEROKEES 1826 N. WINDES DRIVE ORANGE, CA 92869 (714) 538-7434 <www> E-MAIL: KAMI.oops BaoNco BusTERS WHISPERING PINES SPORTS & RECREATION CENTER P.O. Box 465 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5L2 DALE NYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 <> <> L.I.T.R.E. JEFF ELROD (408) 926-0522 JIM ARUTA (408) 247-4402 MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING Luis CARLOS ALvAREZo PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX 0ll-52-1637-1799 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS DUNE BUGGY TRADE SHOW (517) 543-7214 <> MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 JONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML 48837 (517) 627-6200 Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots only MAORA MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD AsSOCIATION P.O. Box 184 MATTOON, IL 61938 (217) 235-6528 E-MAIL: <> Short Course Series** Endurance Series*** MOJAVE DESERT RACING 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/626-579-6051 FAX E-MAIL: M.O.R.E. HIGH DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92311-1231 760-253-4453 December 4, 2004 Holiday200 Barstow,CA MSBA MICHIGAN SPORT BUGGY AssOCIATION DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FLINT, ML 48506 (810) 730-9221 MoToWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <> All events at Perris Raceway (Ac Reed Valley with a school) NATIONAL Mun RACING AssN. RT. #l • Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PALATKA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK AssN. BUTCH CHAPIN MOTORSl'ORTS PROMOTIONS 1404 EAsT3RoSTREET HASTINGS,MN 55033-1415 (612)437-2459 NOORA GARYWULFF(724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valley Raceway, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder Valley located 15 minutes from Spring Valley) NORTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RAcING AssN. GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 OFF RoAD EXPO 2004 (626) 599-8622 OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERED SERIES PRESIDENT• GEOFF LEE 1243 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP.· 1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. · 9 & UNLTD. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OUTLAW REP. DON PONDER (314) 631-8190 (AU Races at Wheeling in the Counry 900 Acres) OFF-ROAD SAND & SPEED EXPO Omo OFF RoADERS I.Ne. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 JIM KENDEL (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison CountJ Fairgrounds. Cadit, Ohio ONT ARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TtCHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519}-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) OUTLAW SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/FAX: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 Pao 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREY GOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HOTMAIL.COM December 10-11, 2004 SNORE. Cal City, CA PaoTaucK RAcING SERIES 9409 ABRAHAM WAY SANTEE, CA 92071-2856 (619) 449-6252/FAX: (619) 449-6470 December 3-5, 2004 Las Vegas 200 Las Vegas, NV PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 50 RICKETTS, 1A 51460 (712) 679-2221 RocK CRAWLERS AssocIATION OF AMERICA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337 /FAX: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DIEGO OH' ROAD EXPOSITION (888) 836 7918 SCCA PaoRALLY P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <> SFX MoTORSPORTS GaoUP 495 N. COMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 Dusty Times

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AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 FAX SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN RD., Sum A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> January 13-16, 2005 Laughlin SCORE Desert Challenge Laughlln, NV February 25-26, 2005 Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 San Felepe, BC, MX June 3-5, 2005 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, MX September 9-11, 2005 SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV November 17-20, 2005 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 BC,MX SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAS VEGAS, NV 89127 (702) 452-4522 December 10-12, 2004 Baja In Primm Primm,NV (Non Points Race) SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SODA SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS AsSOCIATION TERRY WOLFE 7839 W. NORTH AVENUE WAUWATOSA, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 MIKE MOORE• (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. Hacienda Blvd. #322 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 SCTA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 93647 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF RoAD RACING AssN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at EastbaJ RacewaJ, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 PARKLANDS, 2121 SOUTH AFRICA (011)788-5138 FAX (011) 880..2170 Tovs FoR ToTs (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADILIA V AllEY SPORTS CFNTER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA V AllEY OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 920 HILLCREST ST. PLACERVILLE, CA 95667 (530) 622-0370 <""'> Short Course Races Prairie City, Sacramento, CA VIONIB GutRRmo Ow RoAD CuJB PROFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 0ll-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 P.M.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RAONG A.ssoaATION LARRY HENDERSON Dusty Times (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WESTERN PENNsYLvANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING PATRICK McGUIRE P.O. Box 376 ADAMSBURG, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <> Trucks & Buggies December 4, 2004 Point To Point Rocky Point, Mexico WISCONSIN MoTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 OSHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 zr. PROMOTIONS RENE MONTANO P.O . Box 2122 CALEXIOO, CA 92231 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 DELAWARE ST. OSHKOSH, WI 54901 Attention Race & Rally Organizers . list your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they qon't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2005 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: DDSli15ilDBG 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 DDN'T FDRGET TD SUPPORT. THE ADVERTISERS WHDKEEP DUGI.YlilfflBG REPORTING THE DFF RDAD NEWS! Fuel Sale's "Pro Cell" is our top-at-the-line racing cell that comes ready to install and it's backed by a full 10 year warranty. • Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety foam baffling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers • FIA-FT3, SCORE and SOOA approved • Custom manufactured fillers • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline • Over 25 years experience l'~r more info ca..ll or vri te to: Aircr~t Rubber/l'Ual Srle 250 S .E. Ti.mbar• Redmond, OR 97756 800-433-6524 SU-923-6015 http://www. :fuel.aa.te. C<:D December 2004 Trail Notes ... rules, licensing and tentative scheduling had been resolved. "Our meeting with SCCA was extremely productive", said President of Rally America Doug Havir. "I would like to personally thank Steve Johnson and his staff for helping to make this transition as smooth as possible. They are doing absolutely everything within their power to assist Rally America, and because both sides are working toward a common goal, I have no doubt that rally in the United States will grow stronger than ever." Havir also said that Rally America is currently in negotiations with multiple insurance brokers. After discussions were completed, the following agreements were set for 2005. Rally America will begih issuing its own competition licenses January 1, 2005 and will honor current SCCA competition licenses until their expiration date. Rally America will use the 2005 SCCA Rule Book, Event Operations Manual, Log Books and Class Structure. Competitors who hold a valid SCCA membership will receive a rebate on their event entry fee in 2005. Rally America plans on releasing a 2005 rally schedule at the SCCA Lake Superior ProRally ~vent (October 23-24), the final round of the SCCA ProRally Championship, presented by Hot Wheels. Dusty Times will keep Jou informed in Trail Notes as we receive statements from the two parties. BAJA 1000 "BI.ACK BOXES" -Attempting to increase safety, verify route and speed, SCORE has announced it will require mandatory use of SCORE GPS data loggers in four of the four wheel classes in the upcoming Baja 1000. In what SCORE hopes will become mandatory for all classes, cars, truck, motorcycles and ATVs, the black boxes will be installed on all Trophy Trucks, Class I cars, Class 10 and ProTrucks prior to the Baja 1000 race. l11e black boxes are being provided through, Lakewood, CA. "After testing four of these units at the SCORE Primm event, we are convinced, not only with their reliability, but also their accuracy in providing us instantaneous data for review." Within minutes of finishing the race, the data from the GPS Data Loggers will be downloaded and reviewed by Rally personnel and SCORE officials. This will insure that racers stayed on the prescribed course and within the posted speed limits for the approximate 100 miles of paved highway the event uses. For all race vehicles, SCORE will continue to have monitors posted at various locations around the course, 14 checkpoints that racers must stop at as well as personnel with radar equipment on the highway sections. BAJA 1000 ON TV -The Baja 1000 will be telecast as a one hour special in December on the new Jeep World of Adventure Sports show on the NBC Television Network. The show will air on Sarurday, December 11 at 2:30pm (Eastern Standard Time). A special pre-running preview segment with Terrible Herbst Motorsports and NASCAR's Robby Gordon will air on the show on _ Saturday, December 4 SNORE 250 PAYOUT -Just thought we should mention here that the monies won at the SNORE 250 looked pretty good. Pat Dean, who was the I" Unlimited car as well as the overall winner took home a very tidy $12,500, Jim Tucker, 2,.i Unlimited got $525. Scott Steinberger was the first Trophy Truck, he collected $525. The Class 10 win went to Charles Lathrem, he won $2,500, Mike Gaughan, Jr. was second in class, he got $425 and Brian Freemal was 3n1 and he got $175. In Class 1600 it was Rob MacCachren taking home $2,500, Cody Freeman was second, he collected $610, Randy Jones was 3,d, he got $310 and Jeff Carr, 4th got $185. In Heavy Metal, Monte Tibbetts took $465 back home. John Burns won Class 9, he left with $2,000, Corey Torres was 2..i, he got $410 and Damon Gill, 3"1 in Class 9 got $140. In 5-1600, Mike Blanks took the win and $470 while Bill Brady, 2nd, got $195. In Mini Metal, Tom Giordano was $620 richer for his win. OFF ROAD EXPO FACTS -We just received the particulars on the 5th Annual Off Road Expo from George Thompson, the Communications Director for the Expo. A few more than 40,500 off road enthusiasts crowded the expo during it's two day run, early in October. More than 260 manufacturers and distributors were on hand, their exhibits ranging from 100 square feet to over 1500 square feet. In 2003, the Expo was held in three buildings with 645 exhibitor spaces and 305,000 square feet of display area. In 2004, the Expo expanded to 685 exhibitor spaces. In 2005, exhibitor spaces will grow to 737, increasing the total area of the Expo to 372,000 square feet. The 2005 Off Road Expo is scheduled for October 8-9, 2005 at the Fairplex, in Pomona. To reserve your space reservation call 626-599-8622 or check out See Ja all their next :,ear. 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His recovery and rehabilitation is expected to take up to four weeks and the long term prognosis is that Sal will have fully recuperated just prior to the start of race week and the celebrated SCORE Baja 1000. Sal was unable to participate in the course marking safari, but with the help of Frank DeAngelo and Dave Walter ofBFGoodrich Tires and the SCORE Course Marking Crew, the 1,016.3 mile course is all ready for the racers. "Marking the course is a part of my work that I enjoy the most" Sal said, "but at least we did our homework prior to my operation which made the job much easier for the SCORE crew. The GPS coordinates will take the racers into some areas along the Pacific Coast of Baja that we haven't used for more than a dozen years. This course will rank with some of the toughest in the history of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000." We wish Sal a speed:, recovery, we hope he will take it eas:, for a while and that he goes on to live a long . and health:, life. NOVEMBER PIC OF THE MONTH - Last months caption had poor Walker Evans doing his damage at Barstow, but when we dropped in at David Bryan's Al Rentals in Indio, he informed us that the actual place the wreck happened was at Parker, in 1980. When we asked David how he was so more TRAIL NOTES on page 53 Page 7

Page 8

~llllut:Il~ ■ - V 200 RACING ASSOCIATION a.AS EGAS Hovey Wins By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo David Binns finished his day with no power steering in his Ford truck, but he was still the winner in Class 7200. blind the following traffic. TI1e sun was up behind the clouds somewhere, but was having no effect, and while the rac-ers like the cool weather, they did not like the lack of visibility. Mike Falkosky later said that he never saw the first pit until the third lap, he said, "I didn't know it was there." Chuck Hovey drove his V4 Chevy Jimco to the overall victory at the BITD Las Vegas 200 on the Jean Dry Lake, finishing the 225 miles in a time of 4:09:25. Casey Folks, the jefe of the BITD had decided that it was time to start the Class 1500 cars in front of the Trick Trucks because they've been finishing better for some time. And so it was. This meant that Hovey got the first off the line position thanks to the luck of the draw, and he hoped to take advan-tage of it. But that wasn't to be. He had an early flat, and had to drive about five miles on it to his pit. He said he "didn'tevenhitanything."111isallowed a couple of cars to get by him, and he lost his dust-free opportunity. Pat Dean had his V8 Chevy powered Bunderson tied with Steve Croll's V8 Chevy Jimco as they cleared the first check, and then Gary Weyhrich, in a V8 Chevy J imco, B.J. Richardson, in John Gaughan's V6 Chevy Bunderson, and Tim Rockenbach, in a Jimco, were all on the same minute, only one minute back. Hovey, and the entire balance of the field, was another minute back, all on the same time. Things spread out a bit as they arrived at the second check, . Chuck Hovey proved once again that horsepower isn't always the an-swer, when he took the overall victory at the BITD Las Vegas 200 on a cloudy weekend in October. Hovey, who drives a four cylinder Chevy powered J imco, backed up his win on the same course last year, finishing the 225 miles in a time of 4:09:25. This year the event was moved up about seven weeks, to mid October, rather than the first weekend in De-cember. The race started and finished on Jean Dry lake as it has done for the past three years, but the date change made a big difference in the ambient temperature. At least it was nice on Friday for contingency, with temps hovering in the 80s, and the dress code leaning to shorts and T-shirts. But on Saturday (race day) it was hard to tell whether the sun had come up or not. A thick blanket of clouds had settled in, temperatures had dropped drasti-cally, and there was no wind. · Even with all the rain in September in this area, the dry lake was just that. Dry. BITD officials had sent a water truck out to dampen the start area, but it was an impossible task. Every-thing else on the lakebed was dry (dry as dust, bone dry: take your pick) and even walking on the surface kicked up small clouds of silt. As the cars and motorcycles took off across the surface of the dry lake a growing cloud of silt began to loom up, and by the time all 76 cars and trucks had started the offi----------~----~----~ Tim Braden and Mitch Griffin teamed in their Ford to take the win in the 7100 class, with a nearly picture-perfect day. Gary Dircks broke the seat mount in his Ford and ran in dust all the way; but still brought home a victory in the Trick Truck class. Page a cials, media and spectators were en-closed in a murky cloud that pennit-ted no long distance vision. But it was apparent that the racers would be driv-ing into the same kind of cloud, and there was not a breath of air to move it off course. It was even difficult for the pit crews and support teams to move their vehicles from the south end of the dry lake, where the start had been, to the north end, where the racers would fmish. TI1e silt enveloped the area like a noxious cloud. Once everyone was settled on the north end, vision was a bit better and it could be seen that out on the course the same still-as-death conditions pre-vailed. The dust just billowed up as eacl1 car passed by and then hung there to Dane Crawford, of Parker, Arizona, brought his 5-1600 Baja Bug to the Jean Dry Lake and went home with a win in the class. Scott Douglas said he never got out of his Ford, had no flats and no problems at all, on his way to winning the small SUV class (3100). December 2004 and Croll was leading by a minute, with Dean second and Gary Weyhrich in third place. Hovey had moved up to fourth. When they cleared the start/ finish area at the end of Lap 1, Croll was first on the road and Hovey was second, about three minutes behind him. The rest of the class came through at fairly lengthy intervals, eacl1 moving just out of the cloud of dust kicked up by the car in front of him. The race course started and fin-ished on the lake bed, which was at the low point of a shallow three sided bowl. The course ran along the edge of the hills surrounding the lake, and nor-mally it would be possible to see a car approaching for many miles. But on this morning they couldn't be seen un-til they reached the final quarter mile or so. A pall of dust hung, just off the ground, obscuring the view. Croll, who was driving a V8 for the first time, lost all but third gear some-where in here. Hovey, having no trouble, moved into the lead on the second lap, and took over the first on the road position, but by now, of course, he was into lapped traffic. Gary Weyhrich ran second, followed by Rockenbach and then Dean. Weyhrich was dealing with a sticky throttle, and ultimately fried his clutch, but it didn't slow him much. Croll put his dad, Ray, into the car midway through the sec-ond lap and his pit crew fixed his shift linkage during the driver change. Hovey had to deal with a lot of lapped traffic on the third lap, but he stayed out of trouble and stayed in front. He said he'd been "a little over aggressive in the dust", but managed to cool down, and with no further prob-lems, took the win. He was seven min-utes in front of the second place car. TI1atwas Gary Weyhrich, who'd driven the entire distance since his brother, Mark was in another car for this event. In third it was the Crolls. Ray finished on a rear flat that was just a smoking shell of its former self. Ray said he hadn't known it was flat 'til he made the final tum just yards from the finish' line. TI1e Crolls had really enjoyed their first race with V8 horsepower, and were glad they moved up from Class 10. Kelby Pepper finished fourth in his V6 Toyota powered Jimco, reporting a "lot of dust out there!" In fifth it was Mark Weyhrid1, who had a new Jimcowith a high horsepower motor. He had, he said, a "myriad of problems" including the fact that the engine bobbled when under power, and on the last two laps it "died a couple of times." B.J. Richardson was sixth in John Gaughan's V6 Chevy Bunderson, and he drove all the way. He reported that he'd been without brakes for the last two laps. In seventh it was Pat Dean, in a V8 Chevy Bunderson; and he'd had a flat and broken a coil. Sam Berri, in a V4 Jimco, was eighth, the last to fin-ish, sighing "what a workout!" TI1e Trick Trucks were next off the start line, with four entries. For the first Dusty Times

Page 9

Dave and Doug Blakely came close to disaster early on in their John Copitas drove all the way in his Jeep Cherokee, and even Meco, but managed to keep going and finished second in Class 2000 though he had throttle cable problems and got stuck, _he managed to Steve and Ray Croll tried out a VB motor for the first time, and really (1600cc buggies.) finish second in the "Pro" JeepSpeed division. liked it. They brought their Jimco home in third place in Class 1500. lap it was a tight race between Gary Avalanche, on the same minute. Huffman, who flatswerechangedinthepits, Dircks in his Ford and Kyle Taylor, in ran third, followed by Chet Huffman was having a "lot of flats", ran third and he didn'tlose much time. He took another Ford. They were separated by in his Chevy. He was having a bad time and Porter was fourth, concentrating the win by 26 minutes. Taylor, who'd only a minute at Check B, and went with the dust. on getting to the finish line. had some kind of problem on the third through the start/finish with Taylor DircksandTaylorcontinuedtheir Dirckshadtwoflatsduringhisday, lap, was second. In third it was just 30 seconds behind Dircks on cor- tight duel through the second lap, and and said he was in "dust all the way." Huffman, and a half hour behind him, rected time. Torrey Porter, in a Chevy at the second check on that lap were He managed to arrange it so both his Porter, who said he'd had "really good ~-----=-------''------------------..:.....=---, Bruce Fraley; Vic Bruckmann and Bryan Freeman tested their Fraley by running in the Sportsman class, and took home a first place. Bill Frey drove his Jeep Cherokee to the win in the Stock class even with some mechanical woes and a mysterious clanking noise in the front end. An Intimate Gem Adjacent to Bellagio, Caesars & Ballys @~ pit support" to help him get to the fin-ish line. The Pro trucks went off the line next, and there were just four of them. This time David Scaroni got to do all the driving in his family's Ford, and he was in a hurry, planning to get to the MD R night race west of El Centro, in time to race there too. He had the lead mid-way through the first lap, and behind him Steven Staats had his Ford tied with Kevin McGillivray's Chevy. Then it was Will Staats, with his daughter, Emily riding in their Ford. McGillivray had his daughter, Sara, age 14, riding with him for the first time. Scaroni was still leading through the second lap, and now McGillivray moved up to second place about two minutes in front of Steven Staats. Will Staats came to grief coming off the end of the dry lake. He kept going wider and wider to get out of the dust, lost control at about 107 miles per hour and rolled his truck. Back at the start/ finish officials and spectators heard on Continued on page 10 Ask About Our Special Headliner Show and .Room Packages Flamingo & The Strip 1-888-227•2279 West Tropicana & Atvllle 1-800-675•3267 Dusty Times biri)grycoaalci!srtO,CCffl The Place Las Vegans Gall Home™ West flarnfngo & VaUey View 1-888-402-6278 ~t,t,;.;.;;ino,com December 2004 orissnacamci,oom Ask About our Room & Golf Packages Alta & Rampart 1-877-677-71-ti ~W:il& Page 9

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Mike Falkosky got sidetracked in the dust, got a little off course and stuck in his Ford, and ended the day in second place in Class 3100. Carl Fitts blew a tum early and got stuck, but came back to finish Allen and Scott Gerber raced in Class 1000 for the first time in their third in Class 7300, even without brakes on his Ford for half the last Lothringer and finished the day in third place in the ve,y competitive lap. · race. the radio, "This is Rescue One -um -a truck has just rolled-um -into Rescue One." As it happened, none of the in-dividuals were injured, but the trucks were badly damaged. Staats' Ford got the worst of it, but Rescue One's new Excursion didn't look too chipper ei-ther. Scaroni had no mechanical prob-lems, and only a couple of flat tires, and he stayed in front all the way. He took the win by only a minute and 56 seconds over Steven Staats. The Staats effort was a family one, with two sons, Ryan and Alex riding. They liked the course, thought it was "dusty" and fin-ished on the only flat they had all day. In third it was Kevin McGillivrayand his daughter, Sara, who drove the fi-nal two miles. l11ey' d cooked their right rear shocks, and had to change a tire on course. Chad Hall had a really close race in the stock full size truck class (8100) and his Hummer came through with flying colors, in good shape, and with the win. Josh Hall drove his Hummer to first place in the big SUV class on what he felt was a "rough, rough course for a stock truck." Scaroni no sooner finished and got through post-race Protruck tech, than he had the truck loaded and the whole crew was on their way south to the MDR/Fud race. And he got another win. Class 10 was next to start, with seven starters. In this group it was Justin Lofton and Matt Loiodice who were in a hurry. They, like Scaroni, planned to finish here and then head south for the MD Reven t. And they got right to work on the project, putting their J imco into the lead before they'd completed the first lap. Lofton was driving. It was tight, however, with Steve Strobel and his Bunderson only a minute behind him, and on the same minute with Allen Gerber, in a VW powered Lothringer. Gerber was enjoying his first race in a Class 10 car. It seems he caught on quickly. Dennis Hunter's Dunritewas out before the lap was over, and so was Shawn Croll's Chenowtli.. His co-driver, Darren Ebberts had been at the wheel when the air cleaner fell off the car. They'd also lost a belt, and all things being equal, decided they might as well call it quits. On the second lap Lofton, having no problems at all, built his lead to about six minutes. It was now Strobel in second and Gerber was running a minute behind him in third. Another ten minutes back was Tony Mclaren in his Penhall Toyota, and in fifth, al-ready over two hours down, was the Buster and Rusty Harling drove their "Buster Built" car to victo,y in the 1600 class, with almost nothing going wrong all day. team of Michael Deardorf and Denane Fiedler. Lofton handed over to Loiodice and he maintained the lead pace. They had seven minutes at the second check on Lap 3, and he had to keep his foot in it because Strobel was running equally hard behind him. At the finish it was Lofton and Loiodice by seven minutes. TI1ey hustled tl1rough tl1e post race formalities and headed south. Strobel had only six minutes on Allen and Scott Gerber, who said they'd had "a lot of fun" in meir first Class 10 race. TI1ey didn't even seem to have minded when they had "a great, big, ole' prickly pear in the cab" with they. They had no flats. In fourth place be-hind them was Tony Mclaren, who drove all the way in his Toyota Penhall. He said he'd had no problems, just a "few flats", and he'd liked the "nice, cool day." Mclaren was the last in the class to get to the finish line. Deardorf and Fiedler got about halfway through their final lap and disappeared. Lofton also made it a two-win day, taking a first place at tl1e MDR/Fud night race. At about the time mat the Class 10s started to finish me clouds parted and the sun shone tl1rough. It became hot almost instantly, and people started shedding jackets and sweatshirts. And then the wind came up. It blew relent-lessly from the southwest, carrying bil-lows of silt across the dry lake and dust-ing all me officials and spectators with Curt LeDuc had his Class 8000 Ford moving smoothly all day,· and with son Todd riding along, took the win by 45 minutes. Eric and Terry Henn paired up in their Hummer to take third place in a crust of dirt. Out on the course it sometimes helped, but sometimes kicked up enough dust on its own that the drivers still couldn't see. The Class 8000_ trucks took the green flag next, witl1 seven starters. Only one, the late-starting Ford of Ron and Randy Wilson of Oregon, failed to make the first lap. And at tl1e front of the pack it was Curt LeDuc, in his Ford, with his son, Todd, riding shotgun. For half a lap or so it was close and Todd Wyllie had his Chevy right in LeDuc's shadow, but by me end of the lap LeDuc had a full 20 minutes on him. Wyllie would later say it had been a "rough day." Mark Shoaff ran third in his Ford, another few minutes back, and then it was George Armanino in a Chevy. LeDuc continued to lead. He said that on the second lap he inadvertently ran into Larry Roeseler's Class 7000 truck, which was unmoving on me course, but it cost him little time. He led by about a half hour after two laps, and it was now Shoaff in second place, as Wyllie had mree flat tires at once. Doug Seymour and Alex Baker, in a Ford, became a DNF statistic on this lap, and so did Rick Harrah, in an-other Ford. Armanino's co-driver, Todd Galli had to stop to have his cracked flame welded, and lost lots of time. LeDuc kept moving ahead steadily, and took the victory by 45 minutes. He said he'd "had some pucker factor this race", referring to the heavy dust, Continued on page 12 Mark Handley had a "pretty flawless" day in his Ford, and finished the full size stock truck class, even with a motor that overheated Chet Huffman drove his new Chevrolet Trick Truck to third place, the run in second place, only 11 minutes behind the winner. right at the ve,y end. fighting lots of flats and terrible dust all the way. Page 10 December 2004 Dusty Times II

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11lhe Biggest & Most Exciting Off-Road Race in 200511 fili ~m:1Em 3 ~~ ~ ~/~~ii/Ifill ITlilll!Tirn7 ~ BLUEWATER RESORT I, CASINO ~~ GtflnutliID M fJillfil ~ID□ 8 B ~ lTI OW IBffimffliID-Q ~~□-~@□ffil1lfil~ DfFf?[J=f]@ ~@@@m}/ D) ~OW@~ @mJDU Event will be televised on the GOOO(iEAII Outdoor Channel/SpeedZone on· . I y· Off. ■ A.~NORTHRIDGE 1c1a ire 1c1al Truck •~EQUIPMENTRENTALS ••s-r.Nc;;-1DESERT 1/1/J'AIT. ---RACING ASSOCIATION BEST.:;;1DESERT ---RACING ASSOCIATION ~ For More Information: ef 3475 Boulder Highway• Las Vegas, NV 89121 ~&:-:-.,. e~nA (702) 457-5775-• (702) 641-2431 • Dusty Times December 2004 Page 11

Page 12

Kevin McGil/ivray brought along a new second-generation racer, his James and Jim Hunt took second place in the Stock JeepSpeed daughter Sara, who rode all except the last two miles, which she category in their Cherokee, after repairing a broken track bar. drove. They took third in the Protrucks. Mark Shoaff drove his Ford Class 8000 pickup to second place, declaring that it had been the "funnesr• day in his life. bur otherwise they'd nor had any prob- drive upon the BITD finish line "mesa" eight hours and 39 n1inutes to do it. lems. In second it was Shoaff, whore-for an interview. He wasn't even sure There were just four starters in the ported that it had been the funnest exactly what was broken. In fourth it 7200 class, and of those; Larry day of my life." Wyllie came in two was Annanino and Galli, who'd had Roeseler's Ford gave up at Mile 32 hours; his left front wheel so widely the BFG pit weld the cracked frame a when it lost its ignition. He had led to decambered that he· was too wide to second time, and made it in, using up and through the first check. Shawn Wanzek' s Ford went out even before went any further on the timing charts. that, and Randy Sorenson's Ford lost That left just David Binns, in a Ford, its transmission sometime after the first moving on the course. He maintained check on the first lap. Another racer, a steady pace, and arrived at the finish John Copitas in a JeepSpeed, brought line in plenty of time to claim a victory. them a new transmission, but they never He'd had no power steering for the Pro Farce Air i • Significantly outflows other 'blower j/ type' helmets - · • NOT a converted motorcycle helmet! --·• . • lightweight Composite Shell \___ $"2'9 -f.'9 9 • Snell SA-2000 Automotive Rated • Fire Resistant Interior Special wl FREE '1!111!11!!!!!11111 ________ _,_ Helmet Bag I! LOWRANCE li_P!i Sy.tern• • B!W & Color Displays • 2" to 10.4" Screen Sizes • Portable & Panel Mount • Unlimited Mapping Vertex High Performance Radio System■ · • 128 to 250 Channels • SO to 110 Watts of Transmitting Power! • Alphanumeric Digital Display • 3 Year Warranty • Exceeds Mil-Spec Standards Iii -__ _.___ . Page 12 19.i!V Canlle!!i!!i Impact.Kit • ½"Drive • 216 ft.-lbs. Torque • Carrying Case & Charger • Only 6.6 lbs.! • Vehicle Holster Available December 2004 CDMMlJNICATIDN !iDLlJTIDN!i FOR RACINli& RECREATION • Intercoms & Radios • Satellite Phones • Base Station Antennas • NEWt Carbon Fiber Headsets • Scanners • 105, 135, 150, & 235 CFM Models Available • lightweight & Reduced Amperage • 3M Hepa & CO Filter Options • BAJA PROVEN final 50 miles, so must have been ready to get to the finish. Class 3000 had only one entry this time, but they still had plenty of excite-ment. Andy Waters started in John Swift's Ford, and he did half the race, then handed the race car over to JonathanSwift,John's 16yearoldson. Jonathan did fine, but had a recurring problem with a "horseshoe" that broke several times in the right front corner. When this happened the car would develop a severe lean to the left. After the third one broke, they decided just to "leave it that way." Then, about eight miles before the finish, the Ford tipped up on its side and stayed there. It took Jonathan and his passenger a long time, using their jack and piling up rocks, to get it back on its wheels. In the mean-time their transmission fluid and power steering fluid ran out. It wasn't a good handling car after that, but they did make it to the finish, for a win. The 1600 buggies, three of them, were next to take off. Dave Blakely had his Meco in front for a while, but then he flattened two tires at once. Up to this_point Dave was one of those racers who liked to keep his light and thus, didn't carry a spare. Now he started to rethink that decision. He started limp-ing in on the two flats, but that was a slow and damaging process. In the meanwhile, Buster Harling put his Buster Built car into the lead. Blakely was second, and the team of Steve and Alison La Roza, and Jesse and Cody Ochoa, all from Tracy, California, were third, having had some very time con-suming problem on the second half of the first lap. Harling kept moving along, while Blakely struggled. But then Allen Gerber, by then on his second lap in his Class 10 car, took pity on Blakely and gave him a tire. That got him into his pit a bit sooner, but the crew had some damage to repair, since the flat rear had torn up his c.v. boot by then. Harling was about an hour and 15 minutes in the lead at the end of the second lap. He put Rusty Harling in to do the last lap, and Rusty put the car on its side about 30 miles out. Appar-ently that didn't take much time to fix, and he got going again and came in to take the win. Blakely handed the steer-ing wheel to his brother, Doug, and with no further problems, they brought the car in for second place. Dave did say that he will carry a spare from now on. The LaRoza and Ochoa team got into their third lap, but never got to the finish line. There were ten of the 8100 trucks (stock full size) and most of them had as good a chance at a win as any other. Everyone got through the first check still moving, bur the team of Dave Turner and Billy Bunch, Ford, went out before arriving at the second check. That left only nine still running. Greg Dusty Times II

Page 13

Bob "Weatherman" Steinberger drove all the way in his Kreger built pre-run car. He had bad brake problems and one flat tire, but took second place. Steve Strobel pushed hard in his Bunderson single seat car, but Kyle Taylor ran neck and neck with the class winner for most of the couldn't quite get to the front of the pack. He took second in Class race, but late trouble with his Ford dropped him to second in the Trick Foutz had his Ford in the lead, with Chad Hall close behind him in his Hummer. Dave Morrison had his Ford tied with Mark Handley in an-other Ford, about five minutes further back. On the second lap the Ford of Mike Harris and Scott Dunlap fell out, and after losing a lot of time, Morrison also went missing. Foutz was still leading, with Hall, who said his suspension wai; a little soft, in second place. Handley was now third, but only four minutes in front of Eric and Terry Henn in their Hummer. Eric, who drove the first lap, had quadruple bypass surgery just four months previously, and this was his first time to drive since then. Charley McDowell, in a Ford, was mak-ing good time, but he' cl lost many min-utes on the first lap when he'd had a flat and discovered that two of the studs were stripped and he couldn't get the nuts off to change the tire. After some hammer and chisel work they got that accomplished, but then had to stop at a pit for a new axle/wheel assembly, so they'd have the full complement of studs on the new wheel. Between the start/finish pits at the end of Lap 2 and the first pit on the third lap, Foutz felt a rear spring break. He had to limp in to the first pit, and Hall went into the lead. Hall, who'd "tightened up" his suspension a bit for the last lap, found they' cl overdone it a bit, and now his teeth were "rattling". Other than that he had no complaints and the Hummer perfonned beauti-fully, so that he took the victory. While Foutz and his crew labored, Handley moved up to fmish second, 11 minutes behind Hall. He said his day was "pretty flawless", with just one flat, which he had changed in the pits. The Henns limped to the finish in third place, pleased at the good finish, but disap-pointed because the motor had appar-ently been overheating for a while, un-noticed. It was barely running by the time they stopped in the post-race area. They were worried, because they needed it as a good spare for the Baja 1000 which was coming up fast. They re-ported that they' cl lost a shock reser-voir during the day also. Randy Merritt finished fourth, cit-ing "electronic concerns" with his Ford, and in fifth it was Foutz with the re-placed spring. He'd also "used up" his shocks on the rough course, but he'd 1000. Truck class. had no flats. His truck was a matter of some interest to many, because of the big hole the broken spring had punched in its bed. Charley McDowell, after messing with that early flat and the stripped studs, had also broken a shock, but he did make it to the finish in time for sixth place. He was the last one to finish. Robert Cramer and his Chevy had done two laps, but disap-peared on the third. Class 7100 ran next, with five en-tries, four Fords and one Jeep. They all got through the first lap, and at the end of the 7 5 miles it was Tim Braden in the lead in his Ford. He had 16 min-utes on Mike Coleman, who was just one minute in front of Miguel Alvarado in the lone Jeep. Kevin Davis was having "belt issues" and Julie Henn had electrical problems, but everyone was still running. On the second lap Braden contin-ued to lead, with Coleman still chasing him. But Coleman had some transmis-sion problems and some fuel pump trouble and he was now about 20 min-utes back. Julie Henn gave the driver seat to her brother Blake and he had a fuel leak and lost a driveline. Davis changed a driveshaft, and then half-way through lap 2, handed the truck over to Brett Turley. Alvarado wasn't able to complete the second lap. Mitch Griffin shared the driving with Braden, and he brought the truck across the finish line in good shape. He said they'd had a good lead on the last lap, so he just" pre-ran." They won by a margin of just four minutes. Coleman sunnounted all his problems, had no flats, and finished in second place. Then it was a two hour wait for third place, which was the Henns, who'd lost a driveline. Another 50 minutes later Davis and Turley finished.Turley had put the truck on its side, they' cl lost a radiator fan and had a flat, but they finished the race. They were the last in the class to make it in. There were three of the full size SUVs, Class 4100, and for a while it was a very tight race. Josh Hall had his Hummer in front from early on, duel-ing with John A. and John R. Sunderland in their Ford. Also in the battle was Marc Stein, in another Ford, and he was also close. Hall jumped into the lead early on; having no problems, beyond the dust kicked up by other racers. The Sunderlands ran within two minutes of him at the end of the first lap, and Stein, who'd already had a flat tire, was another 12 minutes down. On the second lap Hall held the lead, and the Sunderlands were now about 16 minutes back. Hall called this a "rough, rough course for a stock truck like this." Stein broke an upper shock mount, and had it replaced and ran about 15 minutes behind the Sunderlands. Hall continued to have a good day, enjoying a "great competition with Sunderland", and came to the finish line first. Stein lost his four wheel drive· and got stuck, but still moved up to finish second, as the Sunderland truck had some time-consuming problem. Justin Lofton and Matt Loiodice teamed in their Jimco to take the Class 1000 win, enjoying a trouble free day. not even any flats. Robert and Justin Mamer teamed in their Stock division JeepSpeed Cherokee to take the victory with no more trouble than one flat tire. They finished, but didn't stop to talk dust" on the fmt lap, now in second about it. place. They were only five minutes Class 7300 fielded eight entrants, apart. Fitts was now third and Magin seven Fords and one Nissan. John was fourth. Webster ran in front the first lap, with Olliges was supposed to drive the third Rob MacCachren in second place, only lap, but the team felt that Websterwas too a minute behind him. Steve Olliges, closeforcomfort,sotheydidn'tstopfora MacCadrren'susualseconddriver,rode driverchange.MacCachrensailedon,hav-the first lap to get a look at the course, ing no problems, and took the win,. and then he got out. Jerry Fisher had his Webster, who said he also had a clean day, truck in third place, followed by Lance except that his radius arm bushings were Magin, who drives with hand controls. clanking on the last lap, was second, only Only the lone Nissan of Ron Isaacson 11 minutes later. In third itwas Rtts, who'd failed to finish the lap. Carl Fitts was beenwithoutbrakesforthefinal40miles. down a bit after blowing a turn and Fisherhadbrokenaheimendandhadto getting stuck for about 15 minutes. limp in to a pit for repair, then he finished On the second lap MacCachren thefinalfivemilesoftheraceonaleftrear moved up to the front, with Webster, flat He was fourth. In fifth itwasAaron who thought there'd been "a lot of Continued on page 14 Rob MacCachren drove his Ford all the way this time, and took the victory in the stock mini truck class (7300) by 11 minutes. John Webster drove his Ford to second in the stock mini truck class, Gary Weyhrich drove all the way in his VB powered Jimco, and in Steven Staats gave rides to both his sons, Ryan and Alex, and had enjoying a day free from problems, except for some radius arm spite of a sticky throttle and a fried clutch, he took second place in no problems except for a flat that developed just before the finish. He bushings that were clanking. class 1500. was second in the Protruck class in his Ford. Dusty Times December 2004 Page 13

Page 14

Mike Coleman drove his Ford to a decent second place in the hotly contested Stock Production Mini Class. Larry Roese/er, always a winner or a top contender lost it all at the Marc Stein was the second Pure Stock Production Full Sized SUV to Las Vegas 200, he was the victim of an unusual dnf. make it to the checkered flag, seen here on his way to the finish. Dixon, who said itwas "prenynastyrough out there." He'd broken a spindle and had a short as well as losing a shackle bolt. Magin dropped back to fifth place after the motor mounts broke and he had them welded, and the radius arm bush-ings fell out. He'd spent40 minutes in the pit, and had also put the truck on its side. Arthefinishhesaid, "ltwasfun!" Andsaid he'd enjoyed dicing with Dixon. Magin was the final finisher. John Baker, after getting halfway through he final lap, didn't get to the finish. Class 3100-thesmallSUVs, was next, with three starters, all Fords. Scott Douglas went into d1e lead byd1e first check, while Mike Falkosky pulled over to get out of someone'swayandgot himself stuck. David Moore, in d1e meantime, bt: his frontdrne Moore use; hand rontrols to drive his truck. Douglas was having a good day and about 20 miles into the second lap, so he stayed in front, while Falkosky seemed to was lucky to getto the finish at all. be mired in dust. He said hedidn'tseed1e In theStockdivisionoftheJeepSpeed first three miles of the rour.;e until the third group, it was a two car race. Some of the lap (by which time the wind had rome entrants expecred to run only two laµ; up). here, buttheyran the full course of three None of them had any serious trouble, laµ;. Jim Hunt had his O1erokee in front and Douglas motored on steadily to take at the end of the first lap, with about 22 thewin. Falkoskyfinishedserondabouta minutesond1esecondplaceO1erokeeof half hour later. Moore handed the driv-Bill Frey. ing over to Steven Arlia for the third lap. On the second lap they held their posi-1bey said they "just tookiteasy", and were tions, and Frey had some problem with a pleased to get a finish with the car still in fuel pump. Then on the third lap Hunt, good shape. who had his son, Jim, do the second and Therewasonlyonel.imitedBajaBug, third laµ;, broke a track bar and had a and it was driven by Dane Crawford of flat. They lost a lot of time. Frey had a Parker, Arizona. He was entered in the transmission mount come loose, and de-Sportsman class, and d1us needed to drive veloped a big mystery "clank" in the front only two laps. It was a good thing. end, but he moved up to d1e front and Crawford was down to justfrrstgearafrer went on towin. l11e Hunts finished about TIie Dlfferencel Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assembly Short or Tall Master Cylinders Features steel pedal with large foot pad, non-skid foot surface and total seal rubber boots. Adjustable balance bar for precise front/rear pressure ratios.Standard pedal length is 10.25". (5.2 to 1 ratio) CNC-204$D Steel Pedal, Short or Tall M/C Floor Mount. Fluidyne Heat exchangers & Transmission Coolers DUN-D830500 Heat Exchanger DUN-D830503 · Heat Exchanger DUN-D830504 Heat Exchanger --~ DUN-D830612 Trans Cooler w/Fan ---Page 14 2-pc Aluminum Drums Race Prep'ed CV 's MCK-0250-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-930 MCK-0251-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-934 IRS Axles from Sway-A-Way™ Driving Suits Standard Fire Retardant Cotton Proban Driving Suits. " -300m 930 Race Axles 300m 934 Race Axles For more information give us a call or visit us online @ December 2004 Eighteen-year-old David Scaroni drove the family Ford Protruck all the way, had nothing worse than flats, and took the win by a minute and 56 seconds. 4 5 minutes behind hin1. In d1e "Pro" divisionofJeeµ5peedcars, John Copitas had his Cherokee in front byaboutfiveminutesattheendof the first lap. He did ruM: a problem wid1 his throttle cable coming loose, and by d1e end of d1e second lap Justin Mamer was in d1e lead by about 25 minutes. Justin's dad, Bob, had done the first lap and had no prob-lems. Justin had none on d1e second lap eid1er. On d1e third lap Mamer had a flat, butnod1ingelsewentwrong so he held his lead and took the win. Co pitas however, had wandered off course in d1e dust and got himself stuck, had losta little time deliv-ering that transmission to Sorenson, and his d1rottle cable was still giving him prob-lems. Still, l1edidgetto the finish line about a half hour down, to finish second. l11e 1800 class is a Sportsman class for buggies. It was required to run only two laµ; for this event. On d1e first lap the team of Dave Brieley and Don Blakely lost the motor in d1eir Jimro, and their day came to an early end. They'd been entered as a "chase" vehicle for d1e Blakely 1600 car (d1e one that had two flats at once) and would have been handy if they hadn't broken before Dave Blakely had the flats. l11e Fraley oNic Bruclamum, Bruce Fraley and Bryan Freeman was entered as a shakedown, or test drive. The dm:e plan to race in the Baja 1000 and since this car hasn't been used in over a year, they de-cided they'll give ita go and see hem every-one felt in it, and hcmeverythingworked. Bruckmann started and had no prob-lems. Fraley drove the middle part and also had no problems, and Freeman was thefinaldriver. He'ssotallthathedisrov-ered he couldn't see below the visor d1at goes across the top of the cage. He said he guessed d1ey' d have to shorten that a bit for the Baja race, because he'd "like to see". They took the win in this class, while behind them Bob Steinberger drove his Kreger four-seater toserond place. He had one flat. He said, "It had so many plugs in it, it finally gave up." He also had brake problems. His fronts locked up and the rears were gone. Buthewasonlyabouta half hour bel1ind the first car. The Las Vegas 200 was all over before sunset. Most of the drivers enjoy the for-mat, and it's an easyweekend for the pro-moters. While it's fiercely busy for the du-ration, everything basically happens in one place. Follcs starts the bikes and quads at the same time as the cars, but when the cars veer to the left, the bikes and quads angle to the right and a separate course. So d1e spectators and the promoter get two races for one start/finish set up, and ~tthe bikes and quads don'truM: to worry about being run over byd1e four wheeled vehicb. The next event for the BITD is their new Henderson's Terrible 300, December 4th in the El Dorado Val-ley. It will be a loop race, including bikes and quads as well as the cars and trucks. ~ Andy Waters and Jonathan Swift shared the driving in their Class 3000 Ford. Swift -got it up on its side, but got it going again to reach the finish and take a win. Dusty Times

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Dusty Times This Is Your Last Chance! Promoters -Ifwe don't have your 2005 schedule in our hands before ·December 5, 2004, your schedule WILL NOT appear in the January, 2005 issue of Dusty Times Centerfold Calendar . . So -Get the schedules into us as soon as possible Racers, Subscribers, Pit·crew Members -now is the time to order new subscriptions for your friends and family, and to get your Thank You advertisements into Dusty Times in the January,2005issue. There isn't much time, so we suggest you act on _ this information promptly. Call our offices for help in designing your ad. Thanks to all those who support Dusty Times and have supported us for th~ past 21 years. John Calvin and the staff at Dusty Times December 2004 Page 15

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60TH WALES RALLY - GB 2004 Solberg/Subaru Win In Britain By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Covered with mud, the Subaru lmpreza of Petter Solberg and Philip Mills took the gold medal at the 6(Jh Wales Rally GB. "My heart sank when the rain started to fall as we arrived at the last long stage of the rally. In those con-ditions we knew that Sebastien should win. We had the wrong tyres. But half way through the stage the road was suddenly all dry and it was perfect. We could now drive flat out • and eventually we won the rally!" The gap was just 6.3 seconds. Petter Solberg won this rally for the third successive time while Sebastien Loeb, who had led the event for all except three stages, was absolutely baffled. Loeb finished second heading inexorably towards gaining the Drivers' title, but Solberg smiled. "Everything is still possible, and I am not going to stop trying ... !" Although there were no British driv-ers in the manufacturers' teams, na-tional pride was upheld with Alister McRae and Guy Wilks winning the Junior and the Group N categories respectively. There was little in Cardiff to say that the famous old "RAC Rally" had reached another landmark in its amav ing history. The only major change in the 60th running Britain's premier rally was the move of date from No-vember, the month in which the cli-mate traditionally turns from autumn to the approach of winter, to Sep-tember. The theories were straightfor-ward, September had longer daylight hours, good for promotion and safer for spectators and it made more sense to swap dates so that Australia would be at the end of the series as it eased logistics for team and organisational equipment. The climate in Wales was expected to be quite different (there had been very few recent dry RAC Rallies) to such an extent that the teams had serious uncertainties as to how many of which types of tyre they should register in advance. It was the second of three successive World ral-lies to contain a huge number of un-known factors. Despite extensive enquiries as to whether the rally could rely on ex-tending the use of Remote Tyre Zones (RTZ), in order to reach different territory in Central Wales, the route returned in the middle of each day to the Service Park north of Swansea. There was only one completely new stage venue, situated to the north of the Eppynt Military Ranges. The rest of the stages were run in the South Wales forests. Although Cardiff was the central headquarters, the event was in fact based at Swansea, where this year the cars were parked each night. RTZs were used this time on the first and second days, however, once each day. Another change was the abandonment of a Ceremonial start. The cars started as they made their first run at the purpose-made superspecial course in the old Cardiff Docks area, with a reverse situation also happenin at the finish, where the cars drove from the superspecial directly on to the finish ramp. Since last year's event there had been a three-part battle involving the police, the organisers and the FIA. The FIA demanded to know why the rally was run in an area recognised as being so dangerous it was necessary for the police to locate many dis-guised speed cameras, knowing full well that the police in the South Wales area are widely regarded as using visitors for fund raising pur-poses. The inclusion of the event in the World series was in the balance until this could be sorted out. The agreed deal was that if the police an-nounced in advance where the speed cameras would be located, the event would go ahead. The police agreed but, when a huge and comprehen-sive list was finally issued, a proviso had been added: the list was "not ex-haustive ... " In fact, the general relationship was improved, notably in that, pur-ported traffic offences were reported to the organisers and the police left the stewards to impose penalties. Not good news for some £500 Kris Meeke, £600 Peter Bijveld and £1,125 for Ray Bellum) but at least the competi-tors knew exactly who to deal with. Although only five manufactur-ers' teams entered, including the non-registered three car team from Skoda, there was quality as well as quantity Guy Wilks and Phil Pugh took the JWRC crown in Wales, their Suzuki lgnis somehow kept a clean nose in the muck. in the entry list. It was the biggest en-try so far this year (still limited to the regulatory 90, but remember in Rally Japan not every driver competed on the Friday stages) and there were 26 World Rally Cars. When the cars arrived in Cardiff, there was an un-expected application of rules for cars in the 1600cc Group A (A6) cat-egory. Secreted inside the JWRC rules is a clause that on events counting for this series, as here, saying any A6 class car had to be Super 1600cc, even if properly and currently ho-mologated. The problem was discov-ered by the FIA Technical delegate Jerome Toquet although the organiser had accepted entries from, and twice the FIA central office had approved the inclusion of the non-Super 1600 cars, of a 206XS and a Proton Sarria, knowing they could never have been Super 1600 cars. Although the problem did not apply at Monte Carlo or Greece, many non-S 1600 cars had been accepted and run in the preceding JWRC rounds in Turkey and Finland. In the end the problem was finally resolved by MSA' s chief executive Colin Hilton. With just 24 hours to the start of the rally, he organised a second event (it took an hour to arrange, including all necessary insurances) to be called the Wales Rally GB (National Rally) for which there were two competi-tors. Stuart Jones in a Proton Sarria • Kit Car, and Matt Jessup in a Peugeot 206XSi. They had to run at the back of the field and for insuperable in-surance reasons were forbidden from driving in SupeRally, if the occasion demandea. Seen for the first time on a world championship rally was the name of the British-based haulage company Eddie Stobart, which had been present on certain M-Sport cars on some British national championship events in 2004. On this event they sponsored four cars, including that of the son of M-Sport director Malcolm Wilson, 17 year old Mat-thew Wilson. Born 29th January 1987 Matthew is the youngest driver seen on world championship rallies this season and this event, by law, was one of only two rallies on which he was licensed to drive on the roads. Australia is the other. In all other rallies drivers must be at least 18. Before the event Peugeot chief Corrado Provera held another of his 'state of the. nation' press confer-ences. In Japan he had emphasized that if only the FIA stepped one year back in time, "we would be back again in happy times". Here he took the chance to confirm the team would be in full action in 2005, but warned that unless the authorities listened to advice and acted accordingly, it would not be long before somebody started seriously to question the use-fulness of the sport for marketing pro-motional reasons. "We noticed just how few European journalists were in Japan. We already said that edi-tors did not have an unlimited bud-get for journalists to travel the world and talk about only a handful of cars. We look forward to staying in the sport in 2006 and onwards, pro-viding the FIA does what is needed to restore the effectiveness of the sport. The championship is facing tough times, nobody knows how many teams will be in the championship even in 2005, yet still the FIA ignores the advice that the way to bolster the series is to end the two car rule and reduce the number of events." At the pre-event press conference, Malcolm Wilson had the chance to spell out the latest position with Ford. "We do not expect to know what will hap-pen until the end of September or early October. Nothing has been de-cided yet, and of course, we are seek-ing for a longer term (four year) agreement, because we need to de-velop a new Focus World Rally car." In JWRC there was a change of co-drivers for Kris Meeke, who now had David Senior with him. Meeke: "The whole change around came because Chris Patterson (here with Alister McRae) cannot do Sardinia due to a prior engagement with Nasser Al-Attiyah, so it was better to start here." Alan Scorcioni also changed his co-driver to Silvio Stefanelli. Luca Betti had finally de-spaired of his Peugeot and changed to a Fiat. Shakedown was held at a new lo-cation in a forest adjacent to the west side of the Service Park -where it was originally to be run last year -and the top four cars were timed within a second of each other, one from each registered championship make, with Petter Solberg 0.1 second in front of Markko Martin. Solberg was moti-vated, and his determination was noted by all his rivals. Leg 1 Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena gave it their all in their citroen Xsara, they were just six seconds off the winning pace. Second in JWRC and an impressive 2(Jh overall was the Opel Corsa of Kris Meeke and David Senior, seen here at speed. The 60th running of the "RAC" Rally had no grand official start out-side Cardiffs City Hall, as before, instead the (83 plus 2) cars had to Page 16 December 2004 Dusty Times

Page 17

Markka Martin and Michael Park ran as hard as they could but their Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen had a short rally, they were Ford Focus RS could only muster third place. out after an accident on the !Ji' special stage. Water and mud, lots of it, just ask Mark Higgins and Michael Gibson, they finished 1fJh in their Ford Focus RS. wait in a crammed make-shift car park to get going again. Wilson had the oil straight on Stage 2, but by Stage 3 he on reclaimed land in Cardiffs old pressure warning light come on due was up to second. Kosti Katajamaki docklands, ready to drive straight into to a blocked filter. was struggling and went straight on the Superspecial stage. As dusk fell, Solberg got ahead of Gronholm at a comer on Stage 4. Larry Cols so Francois Duval made fastest time, on the 32km Rheola (Stage 6) and started badly and suffered a punc-0. 7 seconds ahead of Sebastien Loeb, was 12.0 seconds behind Loeb. It ture on Stage 2, he stopped to change with Duval's teammate Markko Mar- was a little misty on the higher the wheel and also suffered tin third. Overnight the sunny skies stretches of the stage and Granholm windscreen misting on Stage 3. Luca disappeared and there was rain at confessed not to being fully confi- Cecchittini stopped to change a flat Felindre Service Park for the restart dent. Mikko Hirvonen had trouble tyre on Stage 3 and then his gearshift on the Friday morning. Once the rally when the tyres seemed too hard and display failed. Mathieu Biasion had reached the stages it was clearer, his caused him many dodgy moments. a front puncture. Alex Broccoli lost though there was some fog on Stage Harri Rovanpera had power steer- time on a road section (four minutes 2. Loeb was also on a mission, run- ing failure three kilometres from the = 40 second penalty) when a ning first car on the road this time end of the stage. In the Peugeot B-driveshaft failed and later had power was no handicap. By the time the cars team Daniel Carlsson was lying ninth steering failure. Jari-Matti Latvala reached the RTZ after Stage 3 he was but then slid off the road and broke had a clutch master cylinder fail while 219.5 seconds in front of Marcus the clutch when trying to regain the Alan Scorcioni lost a quarter hour Gronholm. Loeb: "The conditions track. Janne Tuohino lost hydrau(ic when a main electrical cable broke were unpredictable, sometimes there pressure so the gearshift, and the cliffs and the battery was flattened. Natalie was good grip, then there was mud, were all kaput. Mark Higgins had Barratt spun, went off the road and but there was none of the usual wiper failure. Then forthe final stage broke the power steering system. Two trouble of cleaning the roads!" Petter of the day it was back to Rheola cars retired. Urmo Aava with dam-Solberg was third, albeit off the pace. again ... Conditions were much worse, Several drivers had big moments and with fog and rain a lot of the way, arrived with branches sticking out of and of course, Solberg was well on the front of their cars including Mark the attack. Schwarz, after almost a Higgins, Janne Tuohino who spun day of near-misses, finally rolled his 360 degrees and Toni Gardemeister Skoda and had to retire. Duval lost who spun and stalled. Big excitement a minute after a rock damaged the was the arrival of Daniel Carlsson pedal box and affected both the hotly pursued by a police car, the of-clutch and the brakes and dropped ficers having noticed that a tyre had a place behind Hirvonen. Meanwhile been stripped of its tread, which Hirvonen had narrowly escaped a big clearly contravened the British laws. accident, "Happily we hit a bank Co-driver Matthias Andersson "Ac-which made us spin. Otherwise we tually all four tyres had lost their would have had a major crash." treads, and the local police were re-Granholm went well despite hitting allyunhappyuntilapparentlyamore a gate post. Tuohino had his first senior man told his colleagues not to stage without mechanical trouble, but make a fuss. We have no idea why the he was in discomfort having hurt his treads failed. Second time through ribs in a pre-event karting race. The the same stages, there was no such man having mechanical problems, problemwhenwefittedhardertyres." however, was Peugeot driver Matthew Wilson slid off for about Rovanpera with, guess what, gear se-aged front suspension and Conrad Raurenbach after gearbox failure. Second time through stages Bernardi (the highest placed non-Suzuki) dropped a place when his Renault lapsed on to three cylinders, while the second non-Suzuki driver Kris Meeke looked depressed. "I can't keep up with them ... !" Oliver Marshall had a puncture and then a top gear spin, while Cols arrived at the start of Stage 4 16 minutes later (which eventually put him out of the rally at the end of the day) after discovering at the RTZ that the sumpguard was about to fall off. Scorcioni stopped to change a flat tyre and Luca Tabaton had power steering trouble. On the runs through Rheola, Nicolas Bernardi punctured and stopped to change the wheel which dropped him from third to sixth. Suzukis were now 1-2-3, though Wilks had a near-miss when he followed someone else's wheel marks off the road, and only just got going again. Meeke lost five minutes (50 second penalty) leaving service when the throttle body broke but still kept fourth place. Broccoli managed to have his gearbox changed and in-curred a one minute penalty and lay 10th. Cols continued until the organisers refused to issue him with a new time card. Latvala was 12 min-utes late (two minute penalty) due to having a clutch cylinder changed (which also involved removing the gearbox). Baldacci finished the day 51 seconds ahead of Andersson and another five in front of Wilks, with Suzukis holding the top four places and Meeke fifth in his Opel despite a bad misfire. There was, however, a spate of problems for the also rans. On Stage 6 Biasion went off the road, Continued on page 18 Worldwide benchmark manufacturer of military-specification wiring systems for all motorsport applications Utilizing the finest Raychem System 25 components, the industry standard for all professional racing sanctions. Engineering, assembly, and comprehensive testing performed 1 00% in-house. Complete harness assemblies and drcuit control components are available to suit your budget. 20 seconds on Stage 2. lection trouble. "We hit a rock in the Third and fourth stages of the day road, and it was a bit like our trouble (SS4/5)wererepeatsofthefirsttwo, in Turkey." Skoda had more but Loeb reported they were even troubles. Jani Paasonen said his car more slippery and his front-running was inexplicably nervous while advantage had gone. Solberg reek- Gardemeister said he was taking no oned his tyres had been cut too much chances, and went through the rut-for the first run, and was now start- ted parts of the route very carefully. ing to catch up on lost time. Martin Alistair Ginley's Subaru went into arrived with half a tree protruding safe mode after a pipe under the bon-through the front of his Focus. Mikko net melted. Antony Warmbold fin-Hirvonen had overheating troubles, ished the day but with power steering "I think it is because mud collects in failure. At the end of the day Loeb the front grill, bur it is worrying. I was 8.4 seconds in front of the Nor-have removed one of the grills, hop- wegian, Henning Solberg, however, ing this eases the trouble." Armin was surprisingly happy despite con-Schwarz found the Skoda Fabia's tinued engine trouble. His brother engine power faded away disconcert- Petter acknowledged he had this time ingly and had a lot of high speed using tyres that were too hard but, moments because the car constantly all things considered, he eyed the sec-understeered. Manfred Stohl arrived ond day with a lot of hope. MoTeC Engine Menagerr,ent and Data at the RTZ to find the tyres the team The start of the JWRC event was had planned to fit to his Peugeot had exciting. Four different drivers (PG no mousses, so he elected to continue Andersson, Guy Wilks, Mirco with the same set as were already on Baldacci and Nicolas Bernardi) made his car (115km of stages on the same fastest times on the first four stages. set of tyres), Jani Paasonen found the Three drivers had held the lead, going very tricky, not helped by hav-Andersson initially followed by ing soft brakes, while teammate Toni Wilks, until he had a rear wheel punc-Gardemeister had a loose driveshaft ture and then, when the intercom on a road section, and found he failed on Stage 3, it was Baldacci who needed to use the handbrake to make had gained a lead of over a quarter left hand turns. Nicolas Vouilloz slid minut~ by midday. Bernardo lost off the road for a while but was able time, going off at the end of a long Dusty Times Acquisition Systems Robust 32-bit sequential fuel and spark control systerns built t;o withstand extreme racing ar· d pre-running . punishment. Turn-key systems available for all popular off-road engine packages. Digital display and data acquisition systems for all levels of competition. Engine and chassis dynarnorneter services available. Sakata Motorsport Electronics, inc 689 s. State College Blvd. Unit K Fullerton, CA Tel: 714-446·9473 Fax: 714-446-9247 December 2004 High-Accuracy Air-Fuel Ratio Meters Lightweight, stand-alone system works with all engines and alternate fuels -carbureted or fuel injected. For the dedicated engine tuner who needs to know exact;/y what their engine is doing. No flashing lights -just the facts ... Nail it; -co a number! <= =""-----~---~ ~~~<~-=~, IV1CJTCJASPCJAT ELECT.RCJNICS vve're making connect;;1ons ... Page 17

Page 18

Toni Gardemeister and Paavo Lukander didn't have the best of Henning Solberg and Cato Menkerud finished 11th in their Peugeot Alister McRae and Chris Patterson ford yet another stream in their weekends, they finished 22"1 in their Skoda Fabia. 206, seen here with mud and bits of fiberglass flying. Subaru lmpreza WRX, they finished 14th in Wales. and eventually his co-driver Eric one stretch of narrow road in which tyre left or maybe change some but drivers including Xavier Pons and if it would be dry. Solberg lost time Domemech was taken to hospital for rainwater collected and did not eas-not all of their tyres after the third Alan Scorcioni had a lot of in the middle of Stage 16 when he a check-up, then on Stage 7 Chicherit ily drain away. Only one top driver stage. Main news was the retirement windscreen misting trouble.Two driv-slid wide. Loeb beating him by 1.3 did the same, and his co-driver was running under SupeRally rules. of Marcus Gronholm, off the road ers retired in the morning, Oliver seconds, the gap was now 8.6. "I twas Matthieu Baumel also had to be taken Carlsson, who confinned that clutch on Stage 9 after hitting another post, Marshall (broken engine mounting a fifth gear corner, and I had to for a check-up. A curious coinci- failure was the main cause for him to "I saw a straw bale on the inside of a bolt) and Natalie Barratt (tl;e engine change right down to first before I dence. It had evidently been a fraught abandon earlier. TI1ere was the usual corner, avoided this, but hit the post drowned when driven through the could get going again." Stage 17 (a occasion. Chicherit's car had rolled reverse seeding order and for one it was hiding." TI1e front suspension standing water) leaving 10 still run-repeat of the same 30km stage) saw off the road, bounced on to and off more time this season Antony was deranged. ning. Running under SupeRally the Norwegian take 5.1 seconds back. the roof of the stricken Fiat and then Warmbold opened the course. He TI1e RTZ dilemmas were duly re- rules, Conrad Rautenbach now had The gap, with one long stage and one rolled further away. The rally press was lucky to survive as his starter solved. Loeb stayed on the same tyres a new gearbox and was starting to superspecial to run, was just 3.5 sec-office, wishing to underplay the motor failed the moment he headed (90km on the same set of very soft learn the forests for the first time. onds. As the cars arrived at the start drama, said the impact was merely a off to the first of the three stages. tyres). Solberg changed only one Second time through the Eppynt of Stage 13 it started to rain. Loeb "glancing blow!" Cecchettini retired There were wet conditions, with fog tyre, H irvonen changed three, Mar- stages saw the end of Andersson' s ef-started off as he proposed, 1.6 sec-being over the time limit, after having hanging over the higher ground, and tin took a full new set as did Duval. forts. He discovered a rock had onds ahead at the first mid-stage split to change a steering arm on a stage. the teams now started to worry Competition over the two laps had smashed a brake line only when he timing point, 0.5 at the second, 1.2 Nicolas Bernardi went off the road whether they had nominated enough been intense. After the second lap was 50 metres from a sharp bend at at the third-and then something he and retired. Then Broccoli was dis-of their softer tyres. Few teams had of Eppynt stages (six ,stages), Loeb the end of a straight. The car was could not understand happened, he covered to be missing. He finished the correctly expected such a lot of wet had increased his lead from 8.4 to irretrievable. So Suzukis were now 1-started losing time. He was suddenly last stage but retired with engine fail-weather on the rally ... Sebastien Loeb 10.6 seconds. Martin had an exhaust 2-3 and with Latvala in fifth. The 4.8 seconds behind Solberg at the ure on the way to service. At the end and Francois Duval opted to use a recirculating valve fail, causing loss Finn had to stop to change a flat tyre fourth, and at the finish Solberg was of the first day 12 cars were officially set of their softest tyres, with the in-of turbo boost and lack of proper but still held fifth in front of Xavier 8.2 seconds faster, 5. 7 seconds in the classified out of the 20 that had tention to keep these on their cars response, and he dropped a half Pons. Luca Betti's gearbox was lead with only the superspecial left to started. for six successive stages, notwithstand-minute on Stage 13. There was an _ changed and was now working fine. run. He hadn't done anything wrong, In the other categories, in Group ing an RTZ after the first three. Be-unusual interruption on the second In Group N Alister McRae again won nothing was amiss with the car - so N Alister McRae had won every stage tween them they were fastest on the lap of stages, created by hunt sup- every stage of the day and was leading how did it all happen? Eventually it of the day and was over three min- first three stages on the first lap of porters. They succeeded in having the category by six minutes from all became obvious. Solberg was us-utes ahead of second driver, the vet-stages, even though Duval lost the use one stage blocked after the top driv- Evans. TI1ere was not much luck for ing hard wide tyres which did not eran Gwyndaf Evans. The four Fiat. of his start "launch control" system. ers had passed, but failed in their the Stilos today, either. Running un- work well in the wet but they worked Stilo 2-litre Group A cars were all In the damp weather many drivers intent to block the whole event un-der SupeRally Pesticcio got through perfectly in the dry. At just the right out in the morning. Leon Pesticcio suffered windscreen misting. Manfred ti!, as they put it, "all the media ar- to the late afternoon then retired with moment for Solberg, in the middle retiring with clutch failure, Chris Stohl had a spin. Toni Gardemiester rived". (This was in an area banned a broken fuel guard. There were only of the stage, the conditions changed Davies with driveshaft failure, Andrea drove right off the road, into a field to media!) The drivers were even tu- four classes still represented on the in his favour. The rain stopped, the Perago with water loss, and William and back on the road again, while ally able to reach the start of Stage event, led by Loeb, McRae, Baldacci surfaces were dry again. The final su-Bonniwell with a broken clutch. many drivers had trouble driving 11 on account of the fact that a and the Group N MG ZR 1600cc of perspecial was simply a formality. Leg 2 through deep standing water on the farmer's car was caught up in the Formula 1 television commentator Meanwhile Mark Higgins lost his After the marathon Day 1 (no narrow stretch on the new stage. blockage! Henning Solberg damaged Tony Jardine which headed the 2-li-hopes of gaining a world champion-less than 183km of stages!), Saturday Mikko Hirvonen drove a long way the front of his Peugeot when water tre class into which his car had been ship point going off the road on the was "Eppynt Day", where the major-on three cylinders. Henning Solberg spun the car into a bank, and he merged. And, of course, there was penultimate stage for 20 minutes. He ity of stages were run on the forestry lost time when a turbo pipe became also lost the rear wing in circum-the special "National Rally" Peugeot apparently hit the very tree which and the army land near Brecon. Af-detached. The tyre problem created stances he never understood. Jani 206 of Matt Jessup, now running ended Richard Burns' rally in 2002, ter complaints about the dangers of curiosity, Markko Martin and Petter Paasonen never reached service, his along after Stuart Jones retired his so now eighth place went to Manfred the asphalt stretches of stage last year Solberg also wondered if they should car stopped with a clutch related Sarria on the first day with trans mis- Stohl in front of Nicolas Vouilloz and some new roads were used, including conserve tyres or use up every soft problem, having already lost ten sion trouble. Antony Warmbold. 60TH Wales Rally GB 16/19.09.2004 Cardiff (GB) WC round 12 JWRC round 6 WC points WR WO JC 1 (1) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB Subaru lmpreza WRC NT53SRT (GB) 3h.42m.39.5s. 10 10 2 (3) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara WRC 350CZM78 (F) 3h.42m.45.8s. 8 8 3 (7) Markka MARTIN/Michael Park EE/GB Ford Focus RS WRC EF04WB (GB) 3h.45m.33.2s. 6 6 • 4 (4) Carlos SAINZ/Marc Marti E •Citroen Xsara WRC 357CZM78 (F) 3h.46m.21.6s. 5 5 5 (8) Francois DUVAUStephane Prevot B Ford Focus RS WRC EK52NWN (GB) 3h.47m.20.8s. 4 4 6 (6) Harri ROVANPERA/Risto Pietilainen FIN Peugeot307 WRC 274PWX75 (F) 3h.49m.24.4s. 3 . 3 7 (2) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Subaru lmpreza WRC LT53SRT (GB) 3h.49m.47.8s. 2 2 8 (16) Manfred Stohl/Ilka Minor A Peugeot 206 WRC 3976XR69 (F) 3h.52m.59.6s. - 1 9 (61) Nicolas Vouilloz/Denis Gifaudet F Peugeot 206 WRC 814NYT75 (F) 3h.57m.51.8s. -10 (20) Antony Wannbold/Gemma Price D/GB Ford Focus RS WRC Y6FMC (GB) 3h.58m.28.8s. -Other important finishers 11 (17) Henning Solberg/Cato Menkerud N Peugeot206 WRC 282NNN75 (F) 4h.02m.35.8s. -12 (19) Alistair Ginley/Rory-Kennedy. CB/IRL Subaru lmpreza WRC S400WRT (GB) 4h.03m.29.0s. -13 (62) Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin GB Ford Focus RS WRC S708ART (GB) 4h.05m.11.8s. -14 (66) Alister McRae/Chris Patterson GB Subaru lmpreza WRX N WX03RED (GB) 4h.07m.36.1s ... -16 (21) Marl< Higgins/Michael Gibson GB Ford FOOJs RS WRC · 1ES (GB) 4h.15m.17.0s. -18 · (33) Guy Wilks/Phil Pugh GB Suzuki lgnis JWRC JCES19 (H) 4h.16m.25.6s.• - 10 20 (36) Kris Meeke/David Senior GB Opel Corsa JWRC X20PEL (GB) 4h.18m.26.2s. - 8 21 (35) Kosti Katajamaki/Timo Alanne FIN Suzuki lgnis JWRC JFR211 (H) 4h.19m.05.1 s. - 6 22 (12) Toni Gardemeister/Paavo Lukander FIN Skoda Fabia WRC 3S3 1946 (CZ) 4h.22m.14.4s. -Page 18 minutes in the road section before Leg 3 In theJWRC, the first stage of the the stage. The penultimate stage of Overnight the rally organisers day brought disaster for Mirco the day (14), the 30km of Margam found Chief Technical Officer Ri- Baldacci. He found himself upside Forest, was a dry stage for the first chard Parry-Jones, who shed more down halfway through the stage, at time on the event. Solberg's hopes light on Ford's quandary about its the same corner where Kris Meeke rose as he took 3.8 seconds off Loeb, rally future. "The decision is critical had crashed the year before. Guy reducing the Frenchman's lead to because we have reached the end of Wilks now led the category. There 6.8, bur this was largely due to the the life of the old Focus. Do we make were eight drivers still left so every fin-Citroen suffering a front wheel punc- a new rally car from the basis of the isher would gain points. Luca n1re. Warmbold found himself in a new road car? I would like to say I Tabaton then had gearbox trouble battle for 10th place with Vouilloz would like to see (Ford) continue, which dropped him behind Alan but the Ford driver was slowed with but it has to come with the right for- Scorcioni, but he limped to the end gear change troubles. Gardemeister mula. (In considering the future for of the rally. Jari-Matti Latvala, Luca went off the road three kilometres the Jaguar programme) the lack of Betti, Scorcioni and Tabaton all before the end of the stage when the speed in reforming F 1 was not very reached the finish for the first time car snapped round and spun back- helpful. I hope the WRC is heading this year. The only drivers now still wards off the road and needed in the right direction." Following waiting to score points are Mathieu many spectators to lift it back again. Peugeot chief Corrado Provera 's Bias ion and Natalie Barratt. In the He lost a half hour but at least one comments before the start of this Stilo world Chris Davies, running Skoda was still in the rally although rally it sounded like a second WRC again underSupeRallysystem, retired none of the cars had gone well, evi- manufacturer was expressing dissat-when the gearbox stuck in first gear. dence of a lack of testing on the isfaction with the way the FlA was Alister McRae won Group N, win-specialised British forest roads. directing top level rallying. ning every stage except the very final Janne Tuohino retired on Stage 14, On the tracks in Wales, Jani superspecial. with transmission failure. For the Paasonen was back in action under With four events now to go, an-superspecial at the end of the day SupeRally rules, but the big question · other new location and rally in Loeb swapped his tyres round, fit- was whether there would be a third Sardinia awaits the team in two ting a left hand tyre on the right hand successive win in Britain for Petter weeks time. Another opportunity side of the car and it worked, the Solberg, or would Sebastien Loeb for Loeb to secure the drivers' title Citroen was 0.5 seconds faster! The move even closer to the drivers' title? or for Solberg to keep his own hopes overnight gap was 7.3 seconds. Solberg admitted: "Whatever hap-of retaining the title alive! Although In JWRC the Suzuki armada con- pens it will be a hell of a fight!" The statistically the manufacturers title tinued on their way. Wilks had a weather and the tyres were the key to remains a three way fight, realisti-puncture but his was only 2km from the outcome.Tyres had to be selected cally it looks like going Citroen's way, the end of a stage. The Fiat Pun to for the final three stages. It looked as at the moment. l.ftJ'2c:: December 2004 Dusty Times

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WISH RIDE SNORE Makes Wishes come True Regen Gubler gets Ben Wood accustomed to the four seater before the 10 mile run began. On October 16, 2004, the lives of many children in the gether to give rides to many "Wish Ride", in support of Las Vegas area. Don Wall, a children, all with life threat-the Make-A-Wish-Founda-SNORE member got a ening illnesses. Regen tion was able to brighten the bunch of the race troops to-Gubler, President of ~,,"'·•· Driver Don Wall, who created this event, adjusts the five point harness forSteve Marare. SNORE and Don Wall, the creator of the "Wish Ride" hosted this first annual event, benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundationi. SNORE was able to grant over 21 wishes to these de-serving children. The "Wish" children were able to do a 10 mile ride in state of the art race cars with the professional driv-ers of SNORE. The Pabco Road course, used for the Gold Coast SNORE 250 two weeks previously was the site for the event. There were about 75 people in at-tendance and all enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs, served beneath a large tent. There was also a huge jump-ing inflatable for the kids to enjoy. SNORE was proud that they raised over $5;000 to present to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for future wishes for other children. When the day was over, all the drivers agreed that they were ex-tremely happy to have been involved and they all stated it had been a fun and fuilllling outing for all con-cerned. Dusty Times would like to commend Don Wall, Regen Gubler and all the other vol-unteers that gave selflessly of their time and equipment to promote this wonderfui event. We're sure next years will be big er and be t~t~e~r..:.. -.--.,,,411~111\t Steve Johnson gets set to rumble as Shaun Hilton gets his belts Mike Ault is ready to roll with Tyler Hughes in the right seat, Jim Neal Driver John Phegley (foreground) buckles Nathan Hughes into the adjusted prior to his 10 mile run. ~a...;iiiia::c====~ is the belt checker. right seat, Jerry Stewart is assisting. ' j Sportsman driver John Pellissier heads out onto the course with a Don Wall has Chris Duran in the car, Jim Kirchefer and John Pellissier Mike Moore assists Guy Parker, father of Alena Parker get ready for distaff rider, Aubree Doan. assist on the side. the fun 10 mile ride. Kenny Leventry is all set, driver Tom Hood buckles up and off they Driver Mike Moore gets Lance Hilton (Ir), Garrett Empey (If) and Ben Wood had a great day, here he tries on a helmet with Regen 900000000000. Lance's brother Geof set, looks like they're ready to go. Gubler ready to assist in any way. Dusty Times December 2004 Page 19

Page 20

35TH ANNUAL SNORE 250 Dean Draws Dawn By John Calvin Photos: Trackside Photo Pat Dean took home all the marbles, he took the Class 1 honors and the overall as well and a very big paycheck too. Whaca weekend!Whata race! What hour, but with lots of ramaraderie che Dennis Boyle was in fifth. Sixth place perfect weather! What more could any-time passed quickly. wenr to Jolm Gaughan, Jim T uckerwas one ask for? Well, )'UU couldn't ask for a Saturday morning at the crack and in seventh, Rick Wilcoxen was eighth, lot more, the 35th annual Gold Coast everything went off on time. TI1e rars Richard Boyle was ninth and Danny SNORE 250 rame off just as it was left the start line, and commenced their Prestin was running in 10th place. Mike supposed to, lots of entries racing un- respectivelapswithlotsofsunshine, lots Tieman, Adam Dafner and Todd der perfect conditions (so, there was a of dust and, thankfully, a slight breeze Jergenson never completed their first lap. little dust) and everyone we talked to to keep visibility halfway decent. Most When the second lap rame to an after the event stated that, win, lose or ciasses had four laps required· of chem,-end, Steinberger still held the lead, Pat draw, they had a great time. And the a lap being 62 miles, lots of the course Dean was still in second place, but he purse, well, the cake home dollars for was visible from the main pit area. was now only 30 seconds away from the the first overall finisher was really big, First cars off the starting line were lead, Kevin Colan had moved up a spot $12,500 which is a very large piece of Class 1, there were 13 ofchem, all after into third place, John Gaughan had change in the off road racing world. that golden egg awaiting the overall win-moved up two spots into fourth and Tedmical Inspection and Con tin- ner. Unfortunately, for them, only46% Jim Tucker had also moved up two spots gencywas held across the street from the of them would see the checkered flag. into fifth. Rick Wilcoxen was up into Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in the When they rame around at the end of sixth place, Wayne Lugo dropped well huge parking lot at Mid1ael Gaughan's the first lap it was Scott Steinberger in off the pace into seventh, Rid1ard Boyle Dealers School and was well attended his Trophy Truck in the lead, Pat Dean was up a spot into eighth and Danny by contingency folk. TI1e line of rars was second, less than two minutes in Prestin was ninth. Dennis Boyle disap-waitingfor tech inspection was longand arrears, Wayne Lugo was running in pearedfrom the scoring charts. went well pa~• the scheduled dosing cl ird. Kevin Colan was iri fo 1rth and The third lap .,aw a reversal in the Charles Lathrem had to make a couple of stops enroute to the Class 10 win, but he was the man, seen here in flight. Rob MacCachren soars towards the Class 1600 win, Rob took the win with 12 minutes to spare on a trouble free run. top two, Pat Dean had taken the lead, Scott Steinberger was now in second, almost nine minutes in arrears, Tom Koch was in for Jim Tucker and he moved up two places inro third, Rich-ard Boyle was way up into fourth place and Kevin Colan had dropped two places into fifth. Steve Kuker, who was in for Danny Prestin was up three spots into sixth, John Gaughan had a long lap and dropped three places into sev-enth and Gaughan, Jr. rame along in third, Mark Brownell rame across in fourth and Todd Stenunen11an was fifth in his Class 5 turned Class 10 Baja. T.J. Flores w:is looking for a goo<l finish this ~ race, he was in sixth place, Harley Lerner was in an unaccustomed seventh place, Mike Dunn was in eighth place and Clay Flippin was in ninth place, succumbing to a more than four hour first lap. Kevin Soder and Rick Paquette were never scored on the lap. At the end of the second lap it was still Charles Lathrem in the lead, Michael Gaughan had moved up a spot into second, Brian Freemal dropped a spot into third place, Todd Stenunennan was running fourth and Harley Lemer had moved up into fourth place. T.J. Flores was still running in sixth place, Mark Rrownell dropped three spots into sev-enth place, Mike Dunn remained in eighth place and Clay Flippin was in ninth place. Atthe end of the third lap it was still Charles 1.athrem in the lead, now 37 minutes of Michael Gaughan, the sec-ond place runner, Brian Freen1al was still l1anging in the race, he was third. Mark Brownell had moved up into fourth, Todd Stemmerman had dropped a spot inro fifth and T. J. Flores was locked into sixth place. Harley Lemer, Mike Dunn and Clay Flippin all decided to call it a day and they were in their pits, licking their wounds. Monte Tibbets, the South Dakota kid took another win in Heavy Metal, his Ford ran flawlessly for the required laps. John Burns and Todd Craig had a great day, they ran flawlessly at the SNORE 250 and took the top honor in Class 9. The fourth lap ended, and, guess what, or: ly one of the guys managed to finish the required four laps. Charles 1.achrem took the checkers, the lone Class 10 car still running. He lost some time to a flat tire and also caught a rock Todd Stemmerman tests his wings at the SNORE 250, unfortunately Michael Gaughan, Jr. there were a few troubles to slow him a bit and Cody Freeman goes for his pilots license, he had one flat enroute he was a dnf in the Class 5 action in the Nevada desert. eventually he had to retire on the last lap. and he finished a very respectable second in 1600. Page 20 December 2004 Dusty Times

Page 21

Tammie Gubler had a ball, her truck performed well and she raced it to a nice second place in Heavy Metal. Corey Torres had trouble on the second lap and it cost him dearly, he finished second in Class 9 at the SNORE 250. Bill Brady saves some tire wear on his way to a very nice second place in the Class 5-1600 battle at the SNORE 250. between his back and the seat on the third lap and that cost him time. Lost on the final lap were Michael Gaughan, Jr., Brian Freemal, Mark Brownell, Todd Stemmerman and T.J. Hores. RIP. There were 19 Class 1600 cars ready to go and, wonder of wonders 47% of them, or, nine cars made itto the finish line. They all took off in a blaze of dust and when they came around to finish their first lap it was Randy Jones in the lead, Rob MacCachren came along a minute later, he lost a fan belt and had a quick stop to repair, Cody Freeman was less than a minute behind in third place, Sammie Ehrenberg came along 30 seconds later in fourth and Bryan Freeman was fifth to the line, 30 sec-onds out of fourth. In sixth place it was Jeff Carr a minute out of fifth, Garit Wallace was running in the seventh spot, Paul Bailey was in eighth place, Ken Tapert was in ninth and Corey Goin was nmning 10th. In 11th place was Mike Leung, Dayne Bracken was in 12th place and Reuben Wilson was in 13th place with almost six hours spent out on the course. Aaron Hawley, Russ Winkler and Arden Dennington never completed their first lap. Ryan Schank, Andrew Neal and Tim Huber never took the green flag. At the end of the second lap, things were back to normal as Rob MacCachren took the class lead, Randy Jones was less than two minutes behind in second place. Cody Freeman came along in third place, some flve minutes later, Jeff Carr had moved up a couple of spo s into fourth and Sammie Ehrenberg was less than a minute be-hind Jeff in fifth. Bryan Freeman dropped a spot and was now in sixth place, Garit Wallace was still running in seventh, Ken Ta pert was up a spot into eighth place, Corey Goin was running ninth and Paul Bailey was in 10th place. Mike Leung was still in 11th place and Dayne Bracken had yet another terri-bly long lap and was in 12th place. Reuben Wilson decided to call it a day and was on the trailer. As they emerged out of the dust to end the th ird lap it was still Rob MacCachren leading the way, Cody Free-man had moved up a spot, he was now in second place, eight minutes in arrears, Randy Jones had dropped to third place, he was a minute out of second, Jeff Carr was still holding on in fourth place and Bryan Freeman had moved up a spot into fifth place. Sammie Ehrenberg was sixth, right behind Free-man, Ken Tapert had moved up a spot into seventh place, Paul Bailey was run-ning in eighth place, Garit Wallace had fallen back a few spots and was running ninth, Mike Leung was in 10th place and Corey Goin had dropped a few spots and was now 11th. Dayne Bracken decided to call it a day and retired from the fray. They went out for their fourth and final lap, still lots of dust and when the checkers flew it was Rob MacCachren taking the Class 1600 win. Cody Free-man, really enjoying his new car was sec-ond to cross the line, he did have a flat on the last lap to hamper him, Randy Dusty Tin,es Jones held on to his nice third place fln-a half lap or so, but he was thankful ish in spite of a lack of brakes most of that nothing major broke this race and the race, a couple of flats to break the Bryan Freeman was fifth, he had three, monotony and an alternator belt £lying count 'em folks, three flats to hamper off into the desert. Jeff Carr was fourth his progress, Sammie Ehrenberg came in, he had a stuck wide open throttle for in for a decent sixth place finish, seventh LIST YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YEAR, MODEL AND ENGINE SIZE! Sales Information: Payment may be made by credit card, money order or cashier"s check. Personal or business checks are not accepted. C.0.0. orders accepted with 50% pre-payment. S5 Handling charge on all orders. California residents include 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for all freight charges. Minimum order is S25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. is for descriptive purposes ONLY and in no way is the name used to infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. and Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. PRICES EFFECTIVE DURING THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MAGAZINE COVER DATE. JA-MAR FRONT BIUET DISC BRAKES King Pin Spindles or Camilo Link Sp/nd/,s. Billet Oise Braires for Sand Rails ................ $690 Bille! Oise Brakes ,..________ tor Desert Rails ................ 730 BILLET 5VW HUBS Ba/a•Pro P6rtormanc, T/r,1 Bi/111 Housing. Made In U.S.A. Saco Rack & Pmion ............... S295 Sweet U·Jolnts. lrom ... _ ......... 56 ~CONTROL ~CABLES Flnib/1. Heal"/ Duty Shielded Throl//1 Cables. Sptcily Clip End Or Bulk Hud End Available 6'-13' Long In 6" /ncrtmtnls. 6' or 6'/, Cable ........................ $28 7' or 7'i, Cable .................... 29 8' or 8'h' Cable .......................... 30 9' or 9·1: Cable ....................... 31 10' or 10'!-' Cable ...................... 32 ff or ff/, Cable .............. ... 33 12· or 12·1,· Cable ...................... 34 13' or 13'// Gable .................... 35 • Add $5 for Thrtaded Hou1ing • 3x3 TRAILING ARMS by LA TEST RAGE Will UH 930 CV Joint. Trailing Arms. Steel. pa,r ..... S265 Trailing Arm Bushlngs ............... 15 KING ADJUSTABLE SHOCKS WI RESERVOIR Full Ad/us/men/ Dual Spriog Shock with Hou and Reservoir. King 2" MjUl!tablc Shock, 8·10·12' Stroke ..... from $495 King 2 ·1, Adjusrable Shock. 12·14·16_ Stroke ..... from 585 Bille1 Aluminum Cl.imp-On Reser,01r Mount, each ....... 35 PiQgy Back Option, each ............ 35 Urethane Mount Pad. pair place went to Ken Tapert, Paul Bailey the motor was gone. Corey Goin failed came in eighth and Mike Leung was the to take the flag on the last lap. ninth and final finisher. Garit Wallace The Heavy Metal boys and girls were had it all fall apart on the last lap, he upnext.Theyonlyhadtocompletethree had a rear flat, got that fixed, then a laps to make it a race. Unfortunately, rock put a hole in the valve cover and Continued on page 22 COIL BEAM SUSPENSION •Made In USA 'I nt Ends,,. 6" Wid1r with 10" Towers to Acc,p/ Call Shoe/a Without Modification 1nd clud,s Rack and Pinion Mount. Trailing Arms"' 0.0.M. aterial, 2•;.• Larger x 1" Wider d Can UH Either Slack King Pin Splndlrs or Combo Links. Combo Link Spindles ............... 450 Combo Link Spindles. 3· ........ .465 King Shuck 2" Adj. Body VI/Reservoir , includes · . .Springs, each ................. .495 PiQPI' Back Reservoir Option ..... 65 ~dged Tie Rods. Alum .• pr .... 65 s. Chromoly, pr65 From Gttman 930s lo Ractprep 930. German 930 CV ....................... S50 Chromoly 930 Caoe ................... 45 Race Prep 930 CV ................... 125 HD.,. 930CV Boll, 12 Po1nl. ........ 1 Boot And Range For 930 ... ...... 28 930 CHROMOLY CV CAGE Allows Additional Pirating In 930 CV Joint. S/rong1r Cags Reduc,r Chance of Breaking. 930 Chromoly CV Cage. each .. S45 HEIM JOINTS Chromoly Heim Joinll Specify Leif or Righi Hand Thread 'It x •1,· Heim Joint ............... $31 1/1~ x ;,;,_. He11n Joint .................... 38 •r x;. liiQh Ano~ Heim Joinl..~9 '/, Jam Hui... ............................ .2 /, Jam Nut... ............................. 3 't• x /·· x ·,.t M1sa1icnment Spacer ............................. 7 ~,.-K ·// x "ii" MisaG!;nment Spacer .............................. 7 ,,. X •1.• X ·1, M1salign111enl Spacer ................................. 8 11/ x 11,· x 'it M1sahgnmcnt Spacer .... .............................. 8 H Thread Chromoly Tube Boss 8 'I," Ch1omoly Tube Boss 8 930 CHROMOLY STUB AXLES& DRIVE FLANGES Stub Axles lor 930 CV. pair .... $140 Stub Axles for Bus CV. palr .... S140 Onve Flanges for930 CV, pair . . 70 OriV1l Flanges for Bus CV. pair ... 70 HEAVY DUTY AXLES GERMAN CV JOINTS BurJJ"c.!!T~.Ji~ST RAGE AND BOOTS Beetle Trailer Am1s .......... s120 Bug, CV Joint .......................... S38 Bug/Bus Trans to 3x3 Arms ..... 130 Bug, CV Boot ............................. .4 Bug/Bus Trans 10 3x3 Arms Bus. CV Joint... ........................ .40 for 930 CV-s .................... 140 Bus. CV Boot .............................. 6 23' or 24' Axles for 930 CV-s ... 260 S30, CV Joint ..................... ....... 50 24·.2a-M300 for 930 CV-s .. .rr 340 930. Boot and Flange ................ 28 CROW SAFETY BELTS 3" Lap Bs/ls with Sewn•ln 2" or 3" Shoulder Hamess,s Available In 3. 4. or V Paint Black or Grey. 3" x 2•· 3 Pc111I ...... . . ....... S65 a-x r 4 Point ....................... 65 r x a· 3 Point...... . .............. 80 3- x 3" 4 Point............ . ........ 80 3• x 2·· 3 Pt VI/Shoulder Pad .... 85 3" x 2· 4 Pl w/Sl>oulder Pad .... 85 3" x 3" 3 Pt W/Shoulder Pad .... 95 3" x 3· 4 Pt w/ShOulder Pad .... 95 2 Crotch Strap ......................... 12 CROW SHOULDER PADS Available for 2" or 3" Shoulder Hamsss, Black. Blue Or Red. 2' Shoulder Harness Pads. pr .. S24 3· Shoulder H,;rness Pads. pr .... 28 l><.I LIMITING STRAPS Available in Ooub/es or Ouads. Made from 1'/," Nylon Webbing wrth a 5,0001 Ra/mg and 4130 Slee/ Brackets. Available In 12" • 20" Lenglhs. Double Limihng Strap ............. $1~ Quad Limiting Strap ............... 20 Adjustable Chr;is. Single ...... 26 Susp on'/." Steel Tw bit in: Black ~ abric; Grey Vin Combination. ( Low B 210 High 15 2.5 Power Rack .................. S1.100 2.5 Power Rack w1tt1 ConlrOI Valve ..... ........... 1.465 E78 Min, Mag ...................... $90 30 X 7.00. 4-ply ..................... 110 33 X 9.00. 4·ply ....................... 130 CENTERLINE WHEELS Control Valve • lnlme ............ 300 ChMynn Torque Genmtor ...... 336 Port Block. Chartynn .. .. .......... 30 Coupler. Charlynn ...................... 18 Sweet U·Joiots. lrorn ............. 56 Reservoir, Power S!eering ......... 94 Reservoir wi1h Filter, Power Steering ... . .. ......... 148 Reserbcir Bracke1 ..... . .......... 14 Power Steering Pump ............ 160 Power Steenng Pullo-J . . . .. . .60 Pulley for Subaru .... .. .......... 60 Pump Sracl<ets. from. .. .... 65 35 X 10.00. 4·ply ..................... 155 MICKEY THOMSON BAJA BELTED HP 30x 9.5·15 .......................... $125 3!,1oso-1s ...................... 145 Forg1d Aluminum Wheels with Polish1d Finish. 15x4 svw ....................... S145 15 X 5 5 VW ......................... 149 15 X 6 5 VW ......................... 150 15x7 SVW ........................ 151 15 X 8 5 VW ......................... 15-1 15 X 10 5 VW ......................... 161 15 X 3 '/, 4 VW ..................... 140 15x51, 4VW .................... 178 15 X 7 4 IJW .................... 182 1Sx8 'h 4VW .................... 187 December 2004 Only 19" Widt! Now You Can Use Special Order Widths Available. Suspension Suts in Narrower 2·Pass;Bench Seat, Chassis. Available in Black or Grey. 46 W,de ........................ $380 Lil' Sportster Seal. Low·Back S150 BEARD S"PER SEAT ur Spor1S1er Seat. Hi•Back.. .... 155 "' BEARD TIE DOWNS MOUNT KIT LiQhf Duly Tie Down. 1'/: x 6 Slide/Till Cornbmabon.. ... .Sl 10 Strap, 5 000IC,;p.c1ty.. S16 Slide/Slide Comb1nahon Ratchet Tie Down, 2" x 7· for UI' Sportster ............. 125 Strap, 1 O.OOOI Capacity . Bracket ar.d Slide Mount Only .. 50 Axle Strap Page 21

Page 22

Courtney Collins takes to the air on her way to a nice second place Jim Tucker/Tom Koch blast off for space in Class 1, they finished Brian Freemal was really disappointed, big troubles only allowed him finish in the Sportsman Buggy contest. third, just one minute out of the silver medal. to finish three of his required four laps in Class 10. ::s,,.;:,• Randy Jones had a pretty good day, he took a very decent third Jeff Shiroky was certainly consistent, he took a nice third place in the Certainly the highest flyer at the race, Richard Boyle ended up fourth place m the Class 1600 conflict, seen here on the way to the checkers. Sportsman Buggy category at the SNORE 250. in the hotly contested Class 1 joust. o 1n 1eg ey was una e ro comp ere his first lap. At the end of the first lap, it was Monte Tibbetts in the lead, Tammie Gubler was running second, a mere four minutes in arrears. On the second lap Monte opened up his lead quite a bit, but Tammie was still in there plowing through the dust. Monte carried on in rrue South Dakota fashion and took the class win in his Ford, he had a rrouble free race and was elated with that fact. Tanurne was abour 40 mm-utes in arrears but was happy ro say that all of their problems from the last race, and there were many, had been resolved and she and the rruck had a great race. TI1e Class 9 contingent had 13 cars ready to battle for their three required laps, but only 46% of them, six cars, would get the checkered flat. Corey Torres was the first to finish the first lap, Jeremy Evans was second in,John Bums was third to cross the line, Damon Gill was running fourth and Clint Braun was running in fifth place. In sixth place it was Joe Forte, Kenny Thatd1er was in Mike Blanks had a great day, he drove his 5-1600 to the class win, having a trouble free run to the checkered flag. Tom Giordano was the Mini Metal champ, he drove his truck fast and consistent and took home all the marbles at SNORE. seventh place, George De Sousa had the eighth spot nailed and Brandon Hughes was the ninth to cross the line. Mike Wichmann, Rick McCarty, Martin Thomas and Kent Graves lost their battle PIKES service center Baker, California Celebra~ing 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ... THANKS! Mobil~ SERVICE RESTAURANT Every Day Open 24 Hours Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page 22 with the course and failed to finish their not even a flat line. Corey Torres was fourth place went to Bill Brady, Steve first lap. next in, some 20 minutes behind, he Alexander came in fifth, the Christians, Whentheycamearoundfortheend didn't stop to chat with us sowe don't Dick and Mike were sixth and Lucas of their second lap it was Jeremy Evans know what caused his long second lap. Hand was seventh in his first time out with the lead, John Bums was second, Damon Gill was in for the third spot, bug and he was having troubles. some eight minutes behind, Clint Braun Joe Forte had moved up a bunch of TI1e second lap was kinda ho-hum was third to the line, Kenny Thatcher spots and was now fourth, Brandon as Lanier Knecht continued to lead, was fourth and Corey Torres was fifth. Hughes was the fifth finisher and Clint now with a 20 minute cushion, Mike Eric Shenberger, who was now driving Braun was the sixth and final finisher. Blanks had moved up a spot into sec-for Damon Gill had dropped a few Not completing their lastlap were Jer-ond place, Bill Brady was into third place places to sixth, due in part to a loose tie emy Evans, George De Sousa and Kenny and Lucas Hand was fourth, sti1l having rod end, followed bya roll-over. George TI1atcher. troubles with his new car. Mike Ault, De Sousa was running in seventh, Joe There were seven 5-1600 bugs lined Steve Alexander and the Christians all Forte had dropped to eighth and Bran-up for the start, only 28% of them, two failed to finish their second lap. don Hughes was ninth. cars, could complete their three required The third lap completed we saw When the Class 9 troops finished laps. When the dust cleared after the Mike Blanks taking the 5-1600 win, Bill their last lap we had Todd Craig, who first lapitwas Lanier Knecht in the lead, Brady took the silver medal and he was was in for John Bums taking the check-Mike Ault came along four minutes later, the last finisher in class, Lanier Knecht ered flag, they had a trouble free run, in second place, Mike Blanks was third, and Lucas Hande were on their respec-~--=---'-----------'-------'----'--------· tivetrailers. Tom Hood and Eric Shepard had a good race, they had a few flats en route but they took the Unlimited Sportsman win. December 2004 TI1e Mini Metal boys were four in number, they too had three required laps to make a race but only 25%, one car, made it all the way to the finish. When they came around to end their first lap it was Jeff White in the lead, Tom Giordano came along three min-utes later. Richard Blunk and Randy Sorenson failed to make the first lap. TI1e second lap had Tom Giordano coming around first, in fact, he was the only one to come around as Jeff White disappeared from the scoring charts. Giordano ran a quick third lap and went home the winner of the Mini Metal class. TI1ere were three intrepid souls en-tered in UnlimitedSponsman but only one of then\ would see the finish of the race. TI1ey had two laps to run and when Dusty Times

Page 23

Jeff Carr was fairly happy with his run, just a minor problem with the carb, he was fourth in the 1600 battle. Joe forte was a bit off the pace in Class 9 but he soldiered on and took a not too bad fourth place in class. Brian Collins had some plug wire problems to deal with at the 250, he finished a not too bad fourth in Sportsman Buggy. they came around on their first lap it was Tom Hood leading, having had two flats and, guess what?, he was the only one running. Trevor Scherer and Jer-emy Gubler failed to finish the lap. Eric Shepard took the wheel from Tom Hood and he cruised in for the Unlimited S\X)rtsman win, completing the two required laps in just over three hours. S!X)rtsman Buggy, always well at-vivaciousCourtneyCollinswasrunning tended and hotly contested didn'tvaty in fourth place and Jeff Shiroky was a twit, 14 of them were on hand for right on her heels in fifth. Milo Torres their two lap run and eight of them made was in the sixth S!X)t, Brian Collins, Jr. it to the finish, a 57% finishing percent-was running in seventh, John Pellissier age. When theyemergedoutofthedust was eighth, he rolled the car in the after the first lap it was Kevin Powers in outback, Chris Deloe was ninth and Jeff thelead, Orio Cox was right on his heels, Farshler was in the 10th finishing S!X)t. only 20 seconds behind, Todd Bauman Adam Fisher, Brian Flores, Don Wall was only one second behind Cox, the and Eric Dickinson did not complete --------~-........ ~-----.;._--~---, their first lap. Sportsman in, three minutes behind There were lots of position Courtney, he lost fourth gear early changes on the last lap, Eddie Frehner, on to make it a fun day, Brian Collins, who was in for Orio Cox moved into Jr. came in fourth, just four minutes the lead and he took home the gold out of third, he lost some plug wires medal, they had a trouble free run. and had a flat tire to brighten his Courtney Collins who drove solo, day Kevin Powers was fifth, he had a also had a trouble free run and was long lap drop him from the first place in for second, just five minutes out of finish. John Pellissier came along in the win, Jeff Shiroky was the third Continued on page 24 John Gaughan had problems on the third lap, but he kept on racing Bryan Freeman had three flats to keep him occupied, he still took a Brandon Hughes recovered from a horrible first lap and raced on to and ended up fifth in the Class 1 battle. decent fifth place in the Class 1600 fight. ~~~=~~= a fifth place finish in the Class 9 squabble . • ----=-=--------FLAMINGO RACING 2004 SCORE CLASS 7SX SEASON CHAM,ION DRIVER: RICH SEVERSON CO-DRIVERS: PAT NEVEAUIEODIE EVERETT A heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, crew and Friends. Our team's success is a direct result of your dedication and passion for off road racing. BFGoodrich, Checkers Off Road, Squaw Peak Exxon, Parker Pumper, Geiser Bros., JJ's Cantina and Monster Energy Drink , I I L-------------------------------------------------------~ Dusty Times December 2004 Page 23

Page 24

r r r ) r Kevin Powers won the high jump title, he raced to a fifth place finish in Steve Kuker was a bit off the winning pace in Class 1, he was the Sammie Ehrenberg was sixth in Class 1600 but he gets our gold the Sportsman Buggy class at the SNORE 250. sixth finisher at the SNORE 250. medal award for being a high flyin' racer. The Pellissier/Shapley entry had a decent day, they ended up in sixth place in the Sportsman Buggy class. Seventh place in the Class 1600 fracas went to Ken Tapert, he was The Gill/Shenberger entry had some troubles to contend with but a bit off the lead pace and that costs positions. they still managed a nice third place finish in Class 9. sixth place, Ed Mahoney, who was in for Torres came in seventh, he tried some gymnastics with the car on the course and Chris Deloe was the eighth andJinal finisher, fight-ing a sticking throttle cable most of the way. Todd Bauman and Jeff Farshler never made it around to the finish line. The last class to start was the Sportsman Trucks, there were three of them entered, they also had two laps to complete the race and two of the three finished. It really wasn't too much of a contest, Rudy Soriano took the first lap, Pete Claas was second, but he was over books, many were elated with their 40 minutes in arrears. Kyle Miller finishing positions and some of never completed his first lap. them just wanted to crawl into a There was no change on the sec-corner and lick their wounds. We ond lap, Rudy Soriano drove his should mention here all the dedi-Chevy to the class win, he had no cated SNORE workers who make problems, just had a bit of trouble it all happen. Under the leadership with the dust. Pete Claas was sec-of Regen Gubler and Kenny Free-ond, he was an hour and a half in man, who give literally thousands arrears and probably glad his five of hours of their FREE time to the hour ordeal was over. race effort, a special thanks from And so it ended, the 35th An- all concerned. ,.,£.~ nual SNORE 250 was in the record See ya at the next one! ~ AT RIGHT: Orio Cox and Eddie Frehner beat the other 13 Sportsman Buggys, they had a trouble free run to the gold medal. TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING, INC. SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year congratulations Bill Wingerning On Your Class 1 Victory At The MDR Mojave 200 TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING JEFF nELD 9763 VARIEL AVENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 24 December 2004 Rudy Suriano chums up a bit of dust with his Ford, no problems, no flats, just lots of dust at SNORE. Scott Steinberger drove his Trophy Truck hard, he flew to the second spot in the Class 1 battle, seen here ready for landing. Dusty Times

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OFF ROAD EXPO 5th Annual Off Road Expo At Pomona Fairplex Photos: Trackside Photo Once again, the Off Road Expo was a full house. Off Road enthusiasts came in numbers to scope out the latest in off road technology and fun. TI1e 5th annual Off Road Expo once again amazed, entertained and educated over 40,000 off road aficio-nados who trekked to Pomona's Fairplex on the second weekend of Oc-tober. Each year the attendance creeps up, and each year the show looks bigger and more exciting. Many of the exhibi-tors will have already put themselves on the list for the 2005 Expo, antici-pating next year's chance to introduce their products to potential buyers. But for those potential buyers, the Expo is more than a terrific chance to put together a comprehensive Christ-mas Wish List - it's also a time to get together with off roading friend and catch up on what's happening. Some attendees come for the weekend, stay-ing in the nearby hotels, but many just allot one full day for the experience. A person can find all the latest goodies for his off road toys, eat his fill of junk food, collect autographs for his kids and buy raffle tickets for a garage full of fine prizes. There were seats galore, for every type of If you're gonna' collect a lot of literature, you vehicle, for every size person and they will better-bring your own four wheeler to help It doesn't matter what form of off road sport a person enjoys: whether it's off road racing, dirtbiking, four-wheeling or rock crawl-ing, there's bound to be something to catch the eye. And the program that's handed out to ead1 attendee includes a road map to help the bedazzled visitor find his favorite displays, as well as an assortment of articles to inform and entertain the reader. For those who are too foot-weary to stand and visit, most exhibitors had brochures and catalogs to take home and study, but an anny of helpful experts were ready to answer ques-tions, demonstrate products and proudly explain their new and better versions of whatever it was. It's all great fun. We went on Sunday, with build anything you want. ease the strain of it all. ·--------------------------------· I I I I I I I I I I REDL!NE PERf6R'1ANCE, !NC. LSI & N-STAR PRE-RUN OR RACE PACKAGES I NORTHSTAR PACKAGES FROM $7500.00 COMPLETE 400HP I LS1 PACKAGES FROM $13500.00 COMPLETE 485 HP I WE OFFER COMPLETE DYNO SERVICES, ENGINE MAINTENANCE I PROGRAMS AND AND UNMATCHED REPRUTATION FOR CUSTORMER SATISFACTIONIII I (714) 777-5758 PHONE (714) 777-5759 FAX 4531 EISENHOWER CIRCLE, ANAHEIM, CA 92807 I ·--------------------------------· Page 26 December 2004 Clive Skilton is seen here in front of one of his Jeepspeed vehicles. There are many Jeep Cherokee's contesting off road in the west. The Freestyle Bikes put on a display of amazing daredevil stunts several times a day, entertaining the younger set with their skills. the intent of seeing the whole thing. brought to mud1 bigger audiences than Dumb idea. Itwould really make bet- ordinarily make their way out to the ter sense to just plan on a two day ex-far flung rocks that are generally used. cursion. TI1ere were three buildings full Curt LeDuc, who was on hand in of displays and outside, on all sides of the Skyjacker suspensions display, told the buildings, more sn1ff. TI1ere were us that next year he plans to campaign cars and trucks and motorcycles ga-three trucks in the midwestem CORR lore. TI1ere were trucks to drive to your series. TI1ere'll be 0one for him in the campsite, trucks to camp in, and trucks Pro 4 division, one for son Kyle in Pro you could camp under! All kinds of light and for his son Todd, the second race vehicles were on display, and in LeDuc son to take to trucks, a Pro 2. many cases the drivers were there to Curt's daughter, Valerie, will be run-autograph posters or photographs. ning in the short course off road races New products caught the eye at ev-in Rialto in a Ford Ranger. So the ery tum. TI1e Fortin Transaxle display, LeDuc family is going to be a busy which featured roving spotlights and group. moving logos that highlighted differ- We ran into RyanArciero, who co-ent parts of the display, had as its cen- drove the Chevy Trophy Truck to vic-terpiece their new six speed sequential tory along with Mark Miller in both transmission. Doug Fortin,Jr. told us the 2003 Baja 500 and Baja 1000. it's been a big seller with rally drivers, He'd just been seen on TV in a Jeep but while we sat there the people who road test, with Tommy Kendall. Ryan came up to ask questions about it were told us that not only did he have a play buggy owners. great time doing the show, but he said In Bilstein's booth a giant black Kendall,agreatsportscarracer,isnow shock absorber stood out midst all the hooked on the idea of off road racing, traditional blue and yellow. It's their and will be looking for a chance to give new "Black Hawk" radial bypass off road race shock. We talked to Bret Norgaard, the designer of the shock, who told us that its big ad-vantage is that because it's an alu-minum extrusion it's lighter in weight. Attd it also runs 100 de-grees cooler than a steel bodied shock. Phyllis and Walker Evans were on hand, as always. TI1ey told us about a rock climbing event that they were going to attend the fol-lowing weekend. It was at a race track in Salt Lake City, Utah and they were a little apprehensive, and very curious to see how it all turned out, because this was to be their first rock cJimb competition on manmade rocks. TI1ey were ap-parently to be built from concrete and rebar, and Walker was hop-ing they wouldn't all" crumble to nothing" before the event was over. But the possibilities for manmade rock climbs was intrigu- BF Goodrich was there, they do so much to ing to them, because it will mean support off road activity and are always on that the sport can easily be hand with a helpful hint on tire selection. Dusty Times

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There were many vehicles on display. this one obviously made for Kar Tek was there, their vast range of products drew many. many ve,y rough terrain. Is the good looking blonde included? people to their display at the Expo. Light Force was there in force, they displayed their Production Truck with it's array of lights, how handy at night. iirniicmrnoi;;;.;;;;;mim;;;;:;;;:======. They don't come too much bigger, this huge, good looking truck Harold Nicks was on hand with the Eibach ~pring display. always The line of people waiting to get into the Expo was always long, yet it dwarfed the horde of people, especially kids, who stared in awe. able to help those who need some good advice. moved rapidly with little grousing to be heard. it any some time soon. He andArciero family toys in good shape when they autographs, as was Mouse McCoy, Expo, and also signed autographs for you don't miss the Expo next year. did their "test" on the roads of Baja weren't being used. who was featured in the film. folks who stopped by. And, as always, wear your most com-just south of Santo Tomas. They in- Mastercraft seats had a big display McCoy, who soloed last year's Baja There's always plenty to see and fortable shoes and prepare to be eluded a run up the beach, which of seats to fit any kind of race vehicle 1000, and finished well, was one of do at this highly anticipated annual amazed, amused and educated by wouldn't normally happen in a race, and some models of Jeeps and other the story lines followed in the film. event. You'll need to mark your the wonders available to you at the but as Arciero talked about it he 4x4s.Peoplealwaysseemtolikesitting He had his bike on display at the 2005 calendar well in advance, so OffRoad Expo ..... couldn't stop grinning. He said he'd in those display seats, and seem to have · · like to see lots more truck manufactur- a hard time getting up and walking ers do such off road tests, and he'd like away. Mastercraft now includes five to get to do the driving, because it was point harnesses in their line, so a racer so much fun. can buy the entire cockpit setup in one Ryan, and his teammate in the Tro- place. They've even got a new model phy Truck, Mark Miller, are both work-seat designed especially for short course ing on getting to Dakar to race, prob- off road truck racing, which has wing-ably in 2006. LeDuc is also planning a shaped protrusions in the shoulder race effort in Dakar in 2006. area, designed to keep the driver from As we wandered the show we saw sliding around as he's subjected to the some interesting stuff. C.L Bryant now heavy G forces of short course runs. has an "Eco Mat" for sale. This mat, in While catching up with our off a variety of configurations, helps the road friends is fun, and learning about racer keep fuel and oil spills from run- new products is edifying, there were ning into the desert soil. In many areas lots of things that provided entertain-we're required to use something of this mentvalue. If nothing else, it's a great sort, and the BLM keeps a sharp eye event for people-watching, but there out for infractions, so this could be a were entertainments going on. Three handy item to stuff into the pit box. times a day the freestyle bikes aston-Raingler's display showed off a line ished folks as they launched themselves of"nets" which can be used to enclose from their ramps, and flew through the sides and tops of your Jeep Wran-the air while performing flips and gler, allowing you to stuff lots more turns. Mind boggling stuff. And also luggage or camping equipment into outside, there was an R.C. track for what is basically an open space. Made pint sized off road cars, where it was of fabric, the nets wouldn't add a lot possible to try some hand-on maneu-of weight, nor would they clank and vering of the tricky little cars. rattle as you bumped down the trail. For slightly more adult entertain-They looked handy. ment, the Herbst team had a great Kilby Enterprises has an item called display of their pit equipment, includ-"On Board Air", which is an engine ing their very sophisticated tractor-driven air compressor. This looks like trailer rig, and were inviting visitors to something we could have used a time tour the trailer and see how all their or two. If you've managed to get your race equipment was set up. And Alan vehicle stuck in soft sand and had to let Pflueger, the Hawaiian Trophy Truck theairoutofyourrirestoescape, you'll racer, had a sort of pit set up, and remember that the next item on your invited show visitors to try their hand agenda was to find a way to reinflate at making a tire change, in competi-the tires before you killed 'em on the rion with a Pflueger pit crew. This was rocks. Well-with one of these little gems more like a learning process than en-nestled in your engine comparnnent, it tertainment, actually, because it's for would be a simple matter to get the sure that the show attendees came tires back up to the right pressure for away with a new appreciation of how running through the rocks. heavy and ungainly a 37-inch tire and Toybox Covers had a neat line of wheel can be. fabric covers for anything you might At the far end of the big hall was a park in your back yard. Their display treat of an entirely different type. The included a nice travel trailer, the type producers of the new off road film, that will carry all your quads and the "Dust to Glory" had set up a display, barbecue and then sleep the family at and were showing a special clip from night, and they showed it with their the film, that was about 12 minutes cover in place. Their signs said they had long. Dana Brown (son of ~ruce covers for ATVs and motorcycles also. Brown), who was the producer, was It looked like a good way to keep the there to talk about the film and sign Dusty Times December 2004 Page 27

Page 28

r ' r r ' r r r r r , r r r r r r r MDR Superstition 250 By]. Preston Bradshaw Winner of the Class 1 contest and the overall winner as well was David Scaroni, seen here in his flyin' Ford. The Superstition 250 was not well attended, much to the chagrin of the MD R Promotions folk but, we feel that it will get better as time goes by, the racers will see the MOR folk as loyal, hard working souls and more and more race cars will find their way to the MOR/Corley McMiliin Series. This year's Superstition 250was run at Plaster City East, just a few miles west of the thriving city of El Centro, California. Most of the classes were re-quired to run seven laps of the approxi-mately 35 mile course and, of the 40 cars and trucks entered, a mere 17 of them made it all the way to the check-ered fla8'. , The Class 1 chargers were the first call to enter the fray, there were seven of them roarin' to go, one of them didn't start and there were four dnfs this day. At the end of the first lap it was Scott McMillin in the lead, he set fast lap for the class and he had about a minute on Todd Cuffaro, Tom Wood was next along, he was a mere two minutes out of the lead, David Scaroni was in fourth place, a bit over three minutes in arrears and Jason Jernigan was fifth, seven min-utes behind the leader. Brent Miller was sixth, he was eight minutes behind the leader and Scott Young failed to start the contest. As they came around after their sec-ond la_p, Tom Wood had moved into the lead spot, Todd Cuffaro was still in the second spot, David Scaroni had moved up a spot into third place, Jason Jernigan moved up a spot into fourth place and Brent Miller was running in fifth place. Scott McMillin had major problems and retired ftom the race. Sam Suhr was the only entrant in Class 3 but he drove his Bronco well, had troubles on the ~ lap and took the gold. Justin Loftin was the easy winner in the Class 10 battle, he ran trouble free and took the win with more than an hour in hand. Paul Keller was the big winner in the 1600 Class battle, he took the win with seven minutes in hand. Ralph Mauzy was the Class 5 winner, he ran his seven required laps in less than six hours for the win. r---------------~---------------------------------------~ I I I I Performance Proven for Desert & Off-Road Use 1·50 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkwav Looo, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX Us to Receive a Free Cata/oq I I I I I I I ~-------------------------------------------------------~ Page 28 December 2004 Dusty Times

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Jason Jernigan drove his ultra plain wrap truck to a nice second overall in the Class 1 battle at the Superstition. Chris Hancock was a bit off key on his fifth lap but he came on strong and finished second in the Class 9 battle. Brandon Aymar had troubles on his first lap, he was quick as lightning for the rest of the race and finished second in Class 1 o. The third lap saws major changes, David Scaroni had moved into the class lead, Jason Jernigan had moved up into second place, Tom Wood had some problems, had a long lap and dropped into the third spot and Brent Miller was now running fourth. Todd Cuffaro disappeared from the scoring charts. On the fourth lap Scaroni kept the lead, he now had about 14 minutes in hand, Jason Jernigan was still running in the second spot and Brent Miller was running in third. On this lap we lost Tom Wood. On the fifth and sixth laps there was no change in position, it was Scaroni, Jernigan and Miller. The seventh and final lap saw David Scaroni take the checkered flag, he ran the required seven laps in 4: 12:37 for an average speed just under 55 mph. Jason Jernigan hung in there all the way, he was second in but he was almost 25 minutes behind the leader. Brent Miller almost made it, he retired in the last lap and was not scored as a finisher. Class 3 onlv had one entry, Sam Suhr, in his really great looking Ford Bronco. Sam had no competition but he went out and ran his six required laps. He ran his fastest lap on Lap 1, he had a major problem on his third lap but he soldiered on and happily took the checkers at race end. Ralph Mauzy was the only entrant in Class 5. He had seven laps to run for a finish and that is just what he did, he ran his required laps and was in for the official finish in less than six hours. He ran his fastest lap on his last lap. There were three cars entered in the Class 5-1600 skirmish. There was re-ally no contest as the only car that ran the seven required laps was Tony Steingraber, he ran his laps in six and a half hours and was the only finisher in the class. His fastest lap run was on his seventh and last lap. Kris Schulz and Jesse Lopez were entered in the class but both drivers failed to start the race. In Class 7 there was also only one entry, Neil Heffernan, Neil started his first lap but failed to come around, another dnf. There were two entries in Class 8 and they too had seven laps to run to make it official. At the end of the first lap it was Jeff Norton in the lead, he had about 15 minutes on Scott Wil-son. There was no change in position on the second lap although Scott Wil-son ripped off the fast lap for the class. They remained in the same order for their third and fourth laps, Norton now had a 16 minute lead. On the fifth lap, Scott Wilson dis-appeared from the charts and Jeff Norton motored on for the rest of his seven required laps and his total time for the Class 8 win was just under five and a half hours. There were five Class 9 cars entered and three of them made it through their six required laps. At the end of the first lap it was Julie Kern in the lead, Jose Victoria was second across the line, Chris Hancock was running in third place and Kyle Bonillas was in the Dusty Times fourth spot. utes on Julie Kern, Jose Victoria was Matt Arnold started but didn't com- running in third place and Kyle Bonillas piece the first lap. was fourth. Whentheycamearoundattheend The third lap saw some major of the second lap it was Chris Hancock changes, Julie Kern was back in the lead, in the lead, he had about three min- by less than a minute and by virtue of December 2004 setting fast lap for the class, Chris Hancock was in the second spot and Jose Victoria was in third place. Kyle Bonillas had major problems and was retired from the race. There were no position changes for the remaining three laps and when the sixth and final lap was complete it was Julie Kern taking a nice win, Chris Hancock was a long second place and Jose Victoria, who slowed quite a bit Continued on page 30 Rob Hall, Kyle Taylor, Chad Hall and Team Lightforce's own Kevin Davis push the envelope season after season. Speeds that feel like Mach 3, barrel rolls, free falls, mid-air collisions ... Lightforce·s HID Blitz and vartable·focus lights with our innovative filter system translate to shatterproof lights that can change color amt beam patterns as fast as the terrain ttself. Visit to find a dealer near you. Page 29

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David Santa Cruz had a very long third lap but he carried on and he Joe Laff led the Class 1600 contingent for a few laps, he ended up in Scott McMillin set fast lap on his first lap, problem is, his first lap was finished a decent second place in Class 1400. the second spot, seven minutes out of the class win. his last lap in the Class 1 struggle. on the last lap was the third and final the checkered flag. At the end of lap 1 At the end of the second lap the of the race. There was no change in position on finisher. it was James Ederer in the lead, he set positions remained unchanged, all five At the end of the fourth lap it was the fifth lap but on the sixth and final There were five Class 10 cars on rap fast lap for the class on this lap, Chris- trucks were still running. still James Ederer in the lead, Brandon lap we saw Brandon Whitehead rake for their race but, alas, only two of tian Carr was in the second spot, Bran-At the completion of the third lap, Whitehead had moved up into second the checkered flag, Davis Santa Cruz them would make it to the finish line. don Whitehead was running third, positions 1 through 4 remained the place, David Sanra Cruz was now in was second, albeit, a long second place Justin Loftin was in the lead when they David Santa Cruz was in fourth and same, David Santa Cruz had big third place and Christian Carr was out and James Ederer, who had led the first came around at the end of the first lap, Heather Garcia was in the fifth spot. troubles and Heather Garcia was out of the race. Continued on page 32 Rubin Gutierrez was running in the second spot, David Gardner was in third, Jose Lopez was running in fourth spot and Brandon Aymar was fifth, after encountering major problems. The second lap saw big changes, Jason Loftin still held the class lead, Brandon Aymar was now in the sec-ond spot, but David Gardner, Rubin Gutierrez and Jose Lopez were all on their trailers. Justin Loftin continued in the lead for the remaining laps, he set fast lap for the class on his last lap, Brandon Aymar was just as fast, or sometimes faster but had too great a time deficit from the first lap and had to settle for the second spot. Class 14 had six laps to go for a race, there were five trucks entered but, in this class also, only two were to see Tony Steingraber was the only finisher in Class 5-1600, he ran fast all seven laps and had a trouble free run. Jeff Norton ran trouble free, he finished his seven required laps in 5:25 and took the Class 8 win with ease. To locate an Authorized Skyjacker® Dealer near you call 1.866.4 A DEALER ext. 5022 or visit us on the web at -~ ·E&1 THE BEAR DF !iU!iPEN!ilDN!i r~ -_.._ ,_ . --Page 30 December 2004 Dusty Times

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Jose Victoria wins the high flyer award for the Superstition, he finished Billy Skinner was fast, but he wasn't fast enough, he finished third in Fourth place in the Class 1600 fight was Nick Tiedemann, his sixth lap was a bit slow and it cost him a Spot or two. a decent third place in the Class 9 battle. the Class 1600 battle at Superstition. five lap.5 was a dnf, cause unknown. Billy Skinner was fifth. Chuck Durbin It was hot and heavy on the fifth There were 10 Class 1600 cars en- was in sixth place and John Krempp lap, Joe Laff took the lead again, Paul tered, and for the most pan they had a was on his trailer. Keller dropped to second place, Nick pretty good race. When the smoke At the end of the fourth lap there Tiedemann was third and Billy Skin-cleared after the first lap we saw Joe was no change in the first three cars, nerwas fourth. Daniel McMillin had Laffin the lead, Nick Tiedemann was Billy Skinner was now in fourth place terminal troubles and was out. in second, Daniel McMillin was run-and Daniel McMillin was fifth. There was a lead change on the sixth ning thii;d, Tommy Gaddis was in " w founh and Paul Keller was in fifth. Billy Skinner was in the sixth spot, Chuck Durbin was running seventh and John Krempp was eighth across the line. John Manring and David Hendrickson didn't stan the race. At the end of Lap 2, it was still Joe Laffholding the lead, Nick Tiedemann was still running second, Paul Keller was third, Daniel McMillin had dropped a spot into founh and Billy Skinner was fifth. Chuck Durbin had moved up a spot into sixth place and John Krempp was up into seventh place. Tommy Gaddis was out of the race. ,. On the third lap, Paul Keller set fast , lap for the class and went into the lead, Joe Laff was in the second spot, Nick Tiedemann was running third, Daniel McMillin was still in fourth place and Julie Kern was the Class 9 winner, she set fast lap for the class and took the win with half an hour in hand. Page 32 December 2004 lap, Paul Keller was back in the top utes in anears, Billy Skinner came along spot, Joe Laff was two minutes behind two minutes later and Nick Tiedemann in second place, Billy Skinner was in was the founh and final finisher. third and Nick Tiedemann was founh. As usual, there will be a major event There were no changes on the sev-at Plaster City on New Year's Eve, hope enth and fmal lap, Keller took the 1600 we see lots of folks out there for the honors, Keller was second, seven min- final event of the year,. Nil..~ Brandon Whitehead was a little slow on the third lap but he took the Class 1400 win with more than an hour lead. Dusty Times

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I r Ensenada-San Felipe: December 10, 11 & 12, 2004 <e_oop DFF-HD.iD '11iE1YhEl OFF-ROAD SERIES Evita el exceso ROCKODILE L.M. Equipment Sales s soo-~1~ f)1300 2so-~~tfTAUTOWRECKERS Overall CARS PRO ~ 1St place Clase 5 $ 300•~1~_ dlls.1-----------l OVERALL M/C PRO ~S400·dlls. · -TONKE 1st. place Class 9 TIJUANA-ENSENADA ¢00-r, DFF-RD.ilD 1st. place 7s ----------------------... HOST HOTELS : ·~ W I : Ensenada: San Felipe: I rJ..;:'~--\ e come I San Nicolas (646) 176-1901 E\ ~Ortez (686) 577-1055 : ~~' 5-1600 Coalition: R1v1era (686) 577-1185 , .; · . . , (From USA dial 011-52 + telephone number) : Special Pnzes at: , ~~(~·~ ~ -... ~ Oa;t:1-amM1w,t:1-M • x, co SAN FELIPE ' ---- ---------- ------~ -I 1q ' \'~7 --Euseuada ., .............. -.. _, ... ','I.. Ariel Gutierrez 0 COTUCO (686) 553-4087 (760) 455-8069 BRAVO 120-8, ZONA CENTRO, MEXICALI, BC., MEXICO P.O BOX 2328, CALEXICO, CA 92232-2328 USA TEL y FAX (Mexico) (646) 176-16-37 Dusty Times December 2004 Page 33 I .I

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-· SCCA OJIBWE FORESTS RALLY Split Decision By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: Tim Buchkoe Lauchlin O'Sullivan and Scott Putnam had a great rally, they took the Open Class win as well as the overall in their 1999 Subaru lmpreza WRX. Two overall winners, one new, one a veteran, a club rally (the last with SCCA) and an unprecedented finish order, summed up this year's Prescott Rally. Winning Friday's stages overall (scheduled for four with three being run due to Roger Hull's mishap) were George Plsek and Jeff Burmeister in George's lancer EVO completing three stages in 22.49 minutes. Finishing sec-ond without much of a threat to George's win was Bill Malik and Alex Gelsomino in his Subaru lmpreza; he finished the course in 24: 10. Off to a good start on Friday Ryan Lord and Chris White took their Plymouth La-ser to the PGT class win. Unfortunately he couldn't complete the sweep, he rolled out the next day on the third of eight scheduled stages. Winning all stages on Day 1 were Jim Pierce and Adrian Lengsfeld in the mighty Group 5 Ford Ranger. Second place went to Cable and Tyler Rhodes in GS, de-spite his not liking night driving they still finished in the top 10 seventh over-all but a minute and a half back of Jim's fourth.A competitor in this event Dusty Times 12 times Production winner Tony Chavez (Golf GTI) knows just what it takes to win. Taking "professional co-driver" Sue Robinson along, they swept all stages Friday, their nearest rival Patrick Rodi and Jonathan Schiller fin-ished 15th overall. Eighth overall first in Group 2 were the Mosers, Tim and Dick drove their VW Golf GTI to a 30 second win over Mike and Linda Masano in their Toyota Corolla. Winning the Performance Stock showdown taking two of the three stages with a time of 25:35 was Tony Chavez, following on the heels ofTony and taking the early lead after SS 1 was Jay Streets and Ole Holter (Pirelli shod-Dodge Neon) who overcame a multi-tude of mechanical problems to finish the night in second place just 23 hun-dredths back. Third place finisher Tim Moser couldn't beat Tony's fast stage times but finished second on SS2/3. Next in fourth were the Masanos in their Toyota Corolla, Mike and Linda could do no better than fourth fastest on SS2/3. Fifth went to Don Shreyer and Ken Tooker in Don's second gen-eration Mazda RX-7; in sixth place was Patrick Rodi in his Mazda RX-7 and in the seventh spot was Brian and Nick Hudson in their Toyota Corolla. Day 2 saw the Friday's front run-ners succumbing to problems with Plsek out with a worn strut and mechanical problems sidelining Bill Malik' s efforts, the finish was wide open for an all front wheel drive parade. After Ryan Lord's mishap, Jim Pierce explained being first out, "With no dust and first car out we cruised all the way, with lots of cam-ber dialed in and our Pro Comp tires working great we overcame the rocl-y, rough sections; and for a little drama we smacked a bridge siding on the last stage." Nothing could stop the Group 5 overall winner, he won all eight stages by a comfortable margin of two min-utes over the gallant fight by Cable Rhodes. Never satisfied with yesterday's equipment, Jim has since sold his Ford Ranger and is looking to do a collabo-rative effort with a rival engine manu-facturer for next year. Driving with no notes and a new car Cable did all he could to stay with the speedy Pierce. A December 2004 Mark Utecht and Jeff Secor were the Group N winners at Ojibwe in their 2002 Subaru lmpreza WRX. Chris Whiteman and Mike Paulin were the Group 5 winners and they were an impressive eighth overall in their 2004 Dodge SRT-4. four year hiatus from rallying only in-creased his hunger to compete; doing his own prep work he fitted the daily driver in two months and drove a flaw-less rally. Eighth overall and third in GS were Jim Wright and Lourna Barnett in their Suzuki Swift. Group 2 driver Tim Moser contin-ued his winning ways on Saturday but not without a great fight from Brian Scott and David Hackett in their Ford Focus SVT. After SS8 Tim had built a small lead of three hundredths, he in-creased it to 28 hundredths by SS 10. The tension was mounting for both when things quickly changed on SS 11/ 12 to Brian's advantage, he carved off 20 hundredths off and nearly took the win. A meager eight hundredths• the final margin of victory -separated these two indicating just how well this pair had driven. ' ,..., .rfDJJJ Meanwhile, six time winner of this event Tony Chavez along with Sue were on the winning track taking the Pro-duction class win. Explaining why he does so well here "I know the character of the stages and may be hard to be-lieve but all the n1rns as well." Indicat-ing how comfortable he is doing this event "We drove in third gear today which I think surprised Sue, most drive in a lower gear." Second in Produc-tion were the Hudsons, Brian and Nicholas, in their Toyota Corolla. They took the stage win on SS7 but couldn't loosen the grip the front runners had on the field. last in the parade of front wheel drive cars to finish in the top six were two time Prescott winner Jay Streets · and Ole Holter, he took the class win on a combined score in Open. Vartan Samuelian and M. Harders Page 34

Page 35

A great Group 2 victory went to Brooks Freehi/1 and Sean Elliot, their Pat Moro and Neil Smith had a great weekend in Minnesota, they Mark Tabor and Kevin Poirier were the Production Class winners, 1990 Volkswagen Jetta performing flawlessly. took the Production GT win in their 2002 Subaru lmpreza WRX. taking the win in their 2003 Acura WRX S type. intheirSubaruWRXweregoingto SS9 to finish the day in third in secondthatwastheonetowatchwith andlindaMasanowhocouldn'tim-Pat Brown in their Subaru make it easy for Jay, they won SS6, Open. Jay up by 42 hundredths over Tony prove on their finish from the night lmpreza, they finished 15th over-7 and 10 and were knocking on the Eight started Day 2 of the Perfor- after SS9 that things began to un- before, meanwhile fifth went to the all, fourth in Open, while Scott door at the end of SS 10 but Jay mance stock fracas with Tim Moser ravel with mechanical woes prevalent Hudsons who took third on SS7. Clark and Marie Boyd took second doubled his margin on SSll and Friday's third place runner-up emerg- for Jay in the latter stages. By SSll Doug Robinson and Wendy place honors in GT. increased it on SSl 2. Doug Chem is ing from the pack taking the early with a slim lead of one hundredth, Robinson-Nakamoto drove to a Thank you from all who partici-and Alan Perry aboard their Subaru lead from the start. Clearly the team Tony caught him on the final stage sixth place taking the fifth spot on pated to the organizing staff and WRX STI tied for the fastest time to beat they won all eight stages tak- with a faster time of 8:30 compared SS5, 7 and 11. workers of Prescott Rally and a spe-on SS8 with Jay while managing two mg the class win by nearly a two to 8:40 resulting in a MOY of nine Taking the CRS GT trophy cial thanks to Michael Taylor for second place finishes on SS6 and minute margin. It was the fight for hundredths. Fourth went to Mike home were the team of Bruce and his efforts. __ ·,I 7W John Lloyd and Pauline Gullick slipped right into the second spot in Second in the Group N contest were Jonathan Bottoms and Carolyn Doug Shepherd and Pete Gladysz were really flyin' but mechanical Open Class, seen here in their 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. Bosley, enjoying their 2002 Subaru lmpreza WRX. woes dropped them to an undignified dnf in their Dodge SRT-4. • GENERATORS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES • WELDERS • WATERPUMPS • LAWN MOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS • TILLERS Calilornia's Largest Source lor Honda Power Equipment Parts 8 lnve·ntory IF WE DON T HIIVE IT: NO ONE DOE$/ Check Our Website: . www.Kawaguchihonda.·com Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 :HOND.A N h. ' · GENERATaRa 1. PUMPa (323) 364-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 ot ing s easier. For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible irtjury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2004 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Dusty Times December 2004 Page 35 J

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-OFF ROAD RACING IN AUSTRALIA Border Tyres BFGaadrich Gaandiwindi 4aa Text & Photos: Steve Hilton The big winners in Class 2 were Chris Coulthard and Danny Bartell, seen here driving their Toyota powered car towards the checkers. It was a good day for Shannon and Ian Rentsch, they took the Class 1 win and were the overall winners as well at Robert Knott and Jeff Emmins had a good race, they drove their Mazda to the Goondiwindi. Class 4 Unlimited 2WD win. ----------------------------and was allowed an- hoping to better their position, the other run, he ended up slowest would run first. Auricht was fastest followed by first and set about the job at hand he Campbell in the Porsche bettered his time set in the morning and Grant in the Ford run and ended up seventh. Schmidt powered Nissan. in the 1650cc car was next improving Pickering in the histimebutmaintainedeighth, Kyhna Mitsubishi Pajero led in the Rivmasta single seat buggy im-Class 7 with Hunter in a proved his time and shifted to posi-Jeep leading Class 8. The tion five, Coulthard in another single seat Unlimited 1650cc car started his run but on the Rivmasta of Kylma was first tum had some electrical prob-first followed by Cottee !ems, this put him back to tenth, Joe and Spizzo. Bulmer in the Mazda powered Jimco Fir~t in <;:lass B: Unlimited 4WD was the perfectly stock looking Jeep Trevor Copeland drove his Jimco to the win in the Class 9, Unlimited After the prologue he has been building over the past two the top ten would race years was next, he had a small loose over the course again in and could not improve his time leav-the top ten shoot out ing him to start in position nine, Irvin of COiin Hunter and Brownyn Humphrey. Single Seat class, seen here at full right lock. Goondiwindi in south west V6turbopoweredJimco,theywould prior,thedamagecouldnotberepaired Queensland again hosted the last watch the race from the spectators hill, and they also became spectators. round of the Australian champion- also out with engine problems in the A hot morning faced drivers and ship and as in past years the weather Ford powered Jimco was David Fel-crews as they readied for the running conditions would play a part in de- lows, he had travelled three and a half of the prologue, this would give them ciding this year's champion. Mark thousand kilometres from Alice Springs their starring positions in the race later Burrows, the current champion, was in central Australia to compete, others in the day. The prologue course set behind in points and needed a win to travel a long distance were the over an eight kilometre section of the and some luck to be a contender. Sh- Robinson family from Western Aus- track, dust would be a factor as the annon Rentsch was in front after some tralia, they had purchased the Jimco wind was inconsistent in its direction good finishes throughout the series. from Paul Zacker and had come to the some times blowing over the course Some of the big names in the sport east coast to take delivery of the car making visibility poor, first out would were out before the start, Terry and and compete in the race but had dam- be the Unlimited buggy class. Rentsch Maureen Rose with their new Honda aged the Ford engine in testing the day was the fastest setting a time that could Tot1I Po ,-ct bdttcri ~r ·handmade to n~mu$ mili~ry sundard Providin~ supcrior ,-ibr.uion 2nd shock resistance, noo-spilbblc; Jesi#J'. :and deliver up to 1500 CrJnkin~ Arn1)s in a lightwCi;-!ht b2ttcry Y°'' c-JJl count on. Call us oow fo, more infoonaoon. 7DTAL POW'l!R ............ ..,,....._ J Pbaae: 160.134.1618-Fax: 760.134.1323 Page 36 not be beaten, Burrows second fol-lowed by Napier in the Honda V6 turbo powered Raceco, Glenn Owen was fourth closely followed by Danny Auricht in the ex-Kittle owned Toyota Jimco. Class 2 1650cc Buggy's was led by Shannon Irvin with a time fast enough to claim fifth overall, second Kaleb Schmidt in the Rimco Suzuki, third Chris Coulthard in another Rimco. Graeme Julis held the lead in Class 3 1300cc. Class 4 Unlimited trucks 2WD and the currenrchampion Greg Gartner needed a good starting position, the Ford sounded strong and from the start he was on a mission to post an overall winning time but at the half way point rolled the truck leaving many to ponder what could have been. Greg was taken to hospital at Goondiwindi and later transferred to Toowoomba hospital for knee sur-gery. Robert Knott in the Mazda had stopped to give assistance to Garmer December 2004 _,....------------ra-The big win in the Class 5 Limited 2WD went to the neat looking Holden skippered by Jason and Maree Telford. Jeff Pickering and Glenn Watson were the happy winners in Class 7, Stock 4WD, seen here in their good looking Mitsubishi Pajero. Dusty Times

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_ Second in Class 1, second overall was the good looking Toyota powered buggy of Danny Auricht and Brian Shearn. Mark Burrows and Colin Hodge had a flat to slow them a bit, they finished :Id in Class 1, :Id overall in their Jimco. Kevin Hufschmid and Ian Prescott were second in the Class 4 contest, seen here in their good looking Baja Bug. in yet another 1650cc car was also and Fay Grant third. quicker but still held sixth, Glenn Jason Telford in the Holden ute Owen improved his time but not po- won Class 5 Limited 2WD and fin-sition and started in fourth, the same ished 16th outright, his time over the for the Raceco of Napier he would nine laps were always consistent. start in third, this left the two con- Geoff Pickering in Class 7 was un-troubled throughout the race and fin-ished 15th outright and another class championship under his belt. Colin Hunter in the Jeep took out Class 8 and finished the day 19th. Trevor Copeland in the Jimco tenders for the championship left to run, Mark Burrows set off on his run and at the end had set an eight second faster time than his morning prologue and three seconds faster than Rentsch' s morning time, was it going to be enough, Shannon Rentsch had one chance and he took the bull by the horns and set about covering the course in a record run, 15 seconds faster than the previous time and 12 seconds faster than Burrows, he held first position. CARRERA LIGHT S'ISlEM Bt BAJA DESIGNS Rentsch sat quietly on the start fine ready to head out on to some of the biggest melon holes where suspension would be the key to a fast and success-fu l race, the Nissan powered Chenowth sounding strong as he set off followed by Burrows and Napier, at the end of Lap 1 the positions had not changed, Lap 2 and Napier was out, leaving Owen to move into third position but he stopped later with a blown engine. Lap 3 and still no change to the top two, but Auricht moved into du.rd. Rentsch was in com-mand and set for the next six laps on Sunday. previously owned by David Fellows distance proving once again won the Class 9 battle and in his Goondiwindi is a tough race, ironically first year driving the new car the class at the very end of the event as the last championship. car passed tl1e line the heavens opened At the end of the day only 25 out and rain fell settling the dust and leav-of 56 starters finished the entire race ing a very muddy paddock. ~ Sunday morning and some over-cast skies, it looked as if it might rain. Rentsch first away again followed by l3urrows and Auricht all looking for a brake in conditions, the dust was still a problem for some. Passing cars was to be a real headache for some with the dust hanging in tl1e paddocks and tight tree sections, Rentsch came out still in front and increasing his lead. Burrows had a flat rear and had to stop allowing Auricht to move up to second, at the end of this section there was a one hour break but with no service allowed on vehicles before the start of the last three laps. Rentsch had the race in the bag and crossed the finish line 15 minutes in front of Danny Auricht followed by Mark Burrows another four min-utes behind, this gave the young Vic-torian his first d1ampionship win and with Burrows finishing behind him Rentsch had enough points to claim the Australian Class 1 win as well as the overall Australian championship, a well deserved win. > JHE PRE-BUILT PRE-WIREQ NO-HEADACHE QUICK-MOU NJ LIGHT SYSTEM < In Class 2 1650cc Chris Coulthard finished a creditable fourth outright and with tl1is win came tl1e class cham-pionship, he was followed home by Kaleb Schmidt in 12th and 13th was David Bennett. Class 4 was won by the Mazda truck of Robert Knott, finishing 14th outright, with Garmer out of the event and receiving no points. Brett Milton took out the Australian cham-pionship for the class even though he did not compete at this race. Milton has sold his Rodeo truck to the Coleman family who are preparing to race it in 2005. Kevin Hufschmid in the Baja finished second with Paul Dusty Times _,,, Tel/ (760) 560-2252 ·- Fax/ (760) 560-0383 bajadesigns ,. Web/ 185 Bosstick Boulevard Email/ San Marcos. CA 92069 December 2004 Page 37 -

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----By Wes Wisdom From the reports I heard, ev-erybody had a good time in San Felipe even if our President, Brent "Flashdance" Parkhouse didn't find any tables to dance on this year. We learned some things, too. Scott Steinberger, second in Trophy Truck, had a great race except for a flat. Lesson 1: Be sure to check that the lug nuts that were glued onto the spare are still there. Lesson 2: Keep track of the lug nuts that come off the flat. It cost Scott some time finding the nuts an d then he only found four. Still, it was a great race for Scott and its only his second race in the Trophy Truck class! Good job! Brian Parkhouse was running well when a tire came off his Class 1 car. He had replaced a flat at the previous pit using their new cordless impact wrench. Lesson 3: Things that work well in the shop don't always work like they are supposed to in a race. This is one of Murphy's Laws that we are all familiar with. This didn't stop Brian, though, as he went on to finish the race. John Miller took his 1/2-1600, with Erik Brown driving, to the race. The car developed a fuel delivery problem shortly af-ter the start of the race. Erik fixed that and returned to ac-tion. Then the shifter started to be a problem. It kind of came apart. But they were able to make it work again. Then he put the car onto its side on the dry lake but that didn't stop them, either. Finally, the brand new u-joint on the steering shaft came apart. Lesson 4: Sometimes brand new parts are a problem or cause another problem. I didn't get a report directly from the Baja Shops. Second hand information says they only made it 10 miles when the throw out bearing on the clutch came apart taking out the transmis-sion. Lesson 5: I don't know what can be learned from this except "Stuff Happens." Next month's column will have three races to report on, the M.O.R.E. Balls Out 250, the MDR Ridgecrest 300 and SNORE's Buffalo Bill's 400. We are looking forward to support-ing these races. Jim Clements lays out a fast and fun course and runs a good show. Ridgecrest is a nearvenueand,dependingonthe course that MDR lays out, it can be a fun place to race. SNORE's Buffalo Bill's 400 is another of the PRO 1600 races so there should be a very large field and, with the big hotels, Stateline is always a good time. Unfortunately, MDR and SNORE scheduled their races for the same day, April 12th. F.A.l.R. has the equipment and manpower to handle this because all of our members pull together to support each other. This is what the club is all about. It looks like there will be seven to nine pits between the two races and we will be at all of them. Its just too bad that some of us must choose one race or the other. I'm sure both promoters had their reasons for picking those dates. But, as was shown in January with the SCORE Laughlin and Whiplash Parker races, there are only so many rac-ers out there. One race or the other will have have the entries they could have had. Somehow the promoters must work this out. A big F.A.l.R. thanks to Brian Hintz for rebuilding our third pit trailer. It almost required build-ing a complete new trailer. Jerry Longo has volunteered to wire it up and Brent Parkhouse is going to paint it. Another example of F.A.l.R. members pulling to-gether. Anybody out there that wants to get involved, and I mean re-ally involved, in off road racing. Come to one of our meetings or check us out at one of the races. If you want to join us you will actually be "in the race". You don't need your own race car but you'll be part of the·best racing team in the desert and get expe-rience on every type of car from Unlimited Class l to Stock Trucks and everything in be-tween. Meetings begin at 8:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. We meet at the Fullerton Radisson Hotel just off the 91 Freeway at Harbor Blvd. Check with the front desk for which room the meeting is in. You should also check out our website at CROW ~ ' . .' ' 1' Ii . l , ~ · ' J i. l . • :~ SOI I) •. • .• HFRF RATTERlf-S NEVA06. OFFROAD BUGGY T-SHIRT SM-MED-LRG-XXLRG ONLY $10.00 WE CARRY AWIDE ASSORTMENT OF WELD ON TRICK 1ll£ lll.t1MA11 Jvn~ SOUICE• ZTREME TIRE co. TABS A,ut 1/t«d 1/t«d ~ . , , .. GIVE US A CALL FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD & SAND NEEDS CALL TOLL FREE Page 38 1-888-755-5900 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #130 * LAS VEGAS, NV• 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM * SAT 9AM-5PM (702) 871-5221 fax December 2004 soap Bax ... By Mike McClintock NOT ME strikes again. Most of us have heard or said this many times while we were growing up. Some of us did not grqw up, and even more of us still say NOT ME. You are now wondering as to what I am referring to. Hopefully, this will cause you to read on, and possibly learn something, or maybe make you open your eyes to what is going on in our sport. The government is unfor-tunately lopsided with people who would love to see the de-mise of this sport we have all come to love. They are look-ing for reasons to fuel this drive to take away the lands we use. We have all heard about the desert cleanups that have taken place in the past; desert racers do not leave behind most of the trea-sures they find. So, that does not cause an unusual amount of looking ou r way, just about how lazy or irresponsible the public has become as a whole. But, when we leave debris in pit areas that could only be-long to racers, it gets the looks directed to us. This is where the NOT M E part comes in. ~~ -~,,,,,, By Curtis Kitchen To say capturing the 2004 SCCA ProRally Over-all Driver Point Champi-onship was a struggle for Pat Richard would rank as one of the all-time under-statements. Sure, from the outside, looking in, the nine event journey looked anything but tough for the Canadian as he won the first three events in his FIA Group N 2000 Subaru Impreza WRX, often thanks to self-inflicted early exits suffered by other com-petitors. Nothing came easy how-ever, after those three victo-ries. If it wasn't a mechanical issue, it was money. If it wasn't money, it was getting protested at the end of an event by other competitors. (None of ever which stuck, for a host of reasons. Through it all, Richard showed · remarkable, championshi -liber poise in handling the years adverse conditions. Though he didn't win another rally out-right, the 31 year old cap-tured crucial points by add-ing two well timed, second place finishes behind the pair Everybody denies that they or their crew have done this. But, shortly after SCORE's last race at Primm, pictures of trash left behind found their way to the internet. This is not the first time trash has been left behind, and, unfortunately, not the last time that this will happen, just the most publicized to happen recently. Team names were on a fair amount of this stuff. From pit signs to, pack-ages shipped from their own shops to the race site. With evidence like this, the govern-ment believes it has the rea-sons to take more land away from us. So, if you really do enjoy this sport and wish to con-tinue in it for years to come, please be sure that you and your crew pick up after them-selves. This is the growing up part. Dusty Times believes it would behoove the promoters to hire the local Boy Scout troop to cruise the course after race day with their leaders/fathers and remove all remaining trash from our desert. Check it out; they are always ready and will-ing to help. of victories earned by Cali-fornia driver Leon Styles,· who unsuccessfully chased Richard all season and fin-ished second in the point standings. "I came into this year not really knowing what to ex-pect, and this year, in the states, ranks right up there in terms of having to dig down deep, persevere and overcome everything that was thrown out there" Richard said. "We had all those ob-stacles thrown at us, but we finished every rally, which says something for the Rocket Rally Team and the attitude we wanted to take forward this year. Consistency was Richard's trademark in 2004. In the eight events he at-tended, he didn't suffer a single dnf in his WRX, some-thing no one else, with as many events, could say. His ride did limp to the end a few times but his finishing record left a mark on his competitors. He now has a 2004 over-all title to prove his talent. Actually, he has three titles: along with his SCCA title, he also earned the Canadian Championship, and, most importantly, the North American Rally Champion-ship. Richard gives a lot of the winning credit to his codriver, his sister. Nathalie Richard realized that, thanks to a quick learning curve and her brothers high level driving talent, it was a winning team. Richard says that at the moment he is making great effort to get a corporate sponsor, pUt something to-gether to do something in tern a tionaL Dusty Times Ti

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L r.y J n J J U l\ '1 /\ ) ...,_,,..__.~~~~H ~ u ihl .,.,,, .. ~""' ' ; -~ C ," ' . . . . 2 . ), ; FJ&.~SHOCK • .,._,,nN:HNOI.OGY 14.530.B701 • 'FAX714.530.B702 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840,n •• ■ , 8';"4"11 .. l'Bli ··;-2.1" 2.5" Bu1plap 61!!!£, Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! We have custom and produdion coils in stock, and the experience to get you what you need. Coll today! ----

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WHIPLASH AT P1MA MoTORSPORTS PARK PMP Extreme Grand Prix By Mike Del Col Photos: Kim Cook Harry Edwards put together a first and a second in the heats and that gave him the big win in the Unlimited class. Whiplash has put together a cool little race track in Tucson, Arizona called the Pima Motorsports Park. So far, it's a pretty well kept secret. Whiplash follows their extremely popular Snowflake race every year with the PMP Extreme Grand Prix in October. Whiplash has devel-oped a solid following of racers who really like to compete at the PMP, and this race was no excep-tion. Entries were down just slightly, as there were conflicting dates on the calendar. Whiplash and the racers are continuously improving the PMP course, and this race was again no exception. Racers love the rough stuff, the tight stuff, and the fast stuff, call-ing race track a mix between a stadium course and a desert course. Speaking of extremes -there were two elements that gave racers fits this race, being the ex-treme dust, and the mud. The dust was best described by Class 10 racer John Gardner, who said that it was so thick, that you could "cut it, and stack it!" Whiplash used a format of two heats, with the second heat counting the most, as the tie breaker for the day. Pros and Sportsman were run separately in the first heat, and together in the second heat. It made for some tight, and interesting racing. Whiplash did not keep indi-vidual lap times this race, so no overall winners could be de-clared, officially. Unofficially, Don Kolt, Todd Elam, and Jeff Knupp were all in the running for the overall. Todd Elam had luck on his side, and was the winner in Class 10 at the PMP. Todd had big trouble in the first heat, when his shifter broke, and the car got stuck in third gear for the bal-9 Indianapolis, Indiana 3 . 4 1 0 0 r JC........ llACIH5 ~~NCO/lPOHATEO Page 40 December 2004 Todd Elam was second in the first heat, got the coveted win in the second heat and that gave him the Class 10 overall win. What could be better that a nice win in each of the two heats at Tucson? Just ask Jeff Knupp, he had the magic pair of wins, 1st in 1600. ance of the race. The team was able to make a quick repair after the heat, and was flawless in the second heat to earn rhe victory. Todd said that at times, the dust was so thick that he could not even see the bumper on the front of his Jimco. John Gardner had the "big" car in the running at the PMP, and ended up in the second place spot in the class. The guys had a good race, and put the car thru her paces just as fast as she would go. Ron Dalke fin-ished third in the class, after elec-trieal problems pestered him in both races. Dalke finally found two broken electrical wires on his fuel injection, and was able to make repairs. He was unable to catch the other guys in the class. Billy Tsakiris got around the track and earned the fourth place position. Don Kolt was up to his thun-derous ways in his Class 8 truck. Don Kolt put together a pair of first places at Tucson and his low scoring number gave him the Class 8 win. In Pro 3, Tim Wiley took a second in the first heat, a first place finish in heat #2 and that gave him the win in the class. Dusty Times R

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1 1 All alone in the Pro 7 class, Chris Keller had no one to beat, he drove There was only one entry in Sportsman Truck, Joe Weining made In the Limited Class it was Andy Ripberger taking a second and a his two heats and took home the checkered flag in each. the best of it, he ran his required laps and took the class win. first in the heats, that gave him the overall class win. Kolt seems to like the PMP, and of the car, and into the muck. zealous on the last jump, doing also in the process of building a dead heat with Adam Crowley in streaked to a first place in the Chris Keller has the Class 7 his best "lawn dart" imitation, new truck to compete in the the first heat, until Tim quit a class. Bruce Bonestroo was the championship wrapped up with and bending up his bumper and class. . lap early after seeing the white second place finisher behind his win at the PMP. Chris had a breaking an I-beam on the truck. Tim Wiley ran well in Class 3, flag. He had been tagged very Kolt. Hopefully more of the very good weekend, finishing No worries, as Chris has season earning the win ·in the short hard by Don Kolt, blowing out a Class 8 guys will get out for both heats. He did get a little over-points all wrapped up. Chris is wheelbase class. Racing was a Continued on page 42 Wickenburg, and the Rock to Rock coming later in 2004. Jeff Knupp ran very well in the Class 1600 ranks, putting her hurt on his competition, and lap-ping many of them en-route to a win. Jeff has his 21600 put back together and earned his second straight victory in the class. Jeffs talking a little smack going into the Wickenburg contest, and is looking to make it three straight, with the possibility of an overall win in Wickenburg. A couple of years ago, he was darn close to that overall at Wickenburg, so we'll see if he can follow thru ... Krissy Sullivan ran very well in 1600 to earn the second tallest trophy of the class. Krissy showed up ready to race, and didn't look back. She was on fire right from the get go, and didn't make any mistakes on this day, with only one minor mishap at the PMP, breaking a nail on the steering wheel. Ric Sanders ran long enough to get the nod for the third place in the class, despite blowing out his ring and pinion after four laps in the second heat. Nollan Blackwell was credited with fourth place in the class, af-ter a disastrous race. Nollan Blackwell was credited with fourth place in the class, after a disastrous race. Nollan and wife Deb made some major mistakes, after getting doused in mud, and then covered in dust early in Heat 1. The couple could not get the mud off their lenses, and were forced to race with open helmets to be able to see. This didn't last long, and the dust got in their eyes, and blinded them for much of Heat 1. Deb then directed hubby Nollan thru a barbed wire fence to add insult to injury. The dynamic duo were still hurting in the afternoon, and were unable to see well enough to race the sec-ond heat, so they enlisted the help ofWyld Bill Krug, who went a few short laps, and was then ill from the heat, and the dust. In steps Ray Newton to relieve the ailing Krug, and finish out the race. Bruce Johnston had a tough day in 1600 at PMP, but was credited with the fifth place in the class. Bruce spent Heat 1 in a ditch, and didn't fare much bet-ter in Heat 2. Bruce was follow-ing the high horsepower car of Luis Wallace, when Luis powered thru a mud hole on the back side of the course. Bruce followed, but didn't have the poop to get him thru the puddle, and was hopelessly stuck. He watched the race from the side line, after los-ing his shoes when he stepped out Dusty Times MIQLY wm.os.o ---•A&.&.-•GK.snlTO .. --Cclll.w.UEN•TH ... PMIJ •klNGli~•".-ne-. •CIID-.oYIDI.~ ance Ion NEW PRODUCTS FOR THE NISSANnTAN -CST2WD LONG TltA.Vl!L KIT .. CST 2W0 eu l..iFT -CST 4WD 6"' LIPT .. FtSE:RGLA.$$ FENDl1ZR$ • DEAVER LEAF SPRINGS ALL IN S'rOCKl II/IUllf1'1I> DU(; ..IIIUlfE KIT-' JIDI FfJ,B ,,,,,. AWl4AIIU . ORD RANGE:R ~4LINKKlT \11',f OP~ PROM ,4130 CHIIIIOMOLT ~ . Ml..'11-oN ~~ JILK Ullla.,.,._Clu.1.6Foll.D AXI.& FA1111l£ATll1N 9604 T0YOTA TACOMA. 2WD 'LONG TRAVE.L l<rr NOW IN STOCK.I Fox 2.s~ 2.-'TUBE BYP.A.$$ $MOX PERFECT FOR PR.EHUNNERS! lt'EtTOCK IIORfi MRD THMANl'Oliil OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKI 951.737.2999 2871 Rllgle Way Co~ CA 112879 December 2004 Page 41

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John Gardner was only able to grab a third and a second place in his The Sullivan/Anderson Team had a pretty good time, a third and a A second and a first place finish in the Unlimited class gave a nice heats but that gave him the silver medal in Pro 10. second place gave them the silver medal in Class 1600. second overall finish to Russ Florance. new u erra111 tire m t e pro-cess. Racing was again close in the second heat, but Adam broke early in the race handing an easy win to Wiley. Sportsman Unlimited had a very good race at the PMP, with Harry Edwards and Russ Florance charging to first and second posi-tions, respectively. Bob Myers and the MASK racing team finished third, after running out of gas in the first hear. This is a family af-fair for the Myers team, with Bob's kids racing bikes with Whiplash for many years. Keith Hughes was in the competition again at PMP, in his second straight appearance with Whiplash. Keith mustered fourth place in the first heat, but was unable to make the start line in the second heat. Scott Zimmerman took the win in both heats, and that gave him the overall win in the Sportsman 10 competition. Ir was a battle of "Scotts" in the Sport 10 class, with Scott Zimmerman earning a win over Scott Cebulski. Scott Zimmerman ran solid all weekend, and is enjoy-ing his first season in desert racing. Scott built this car from an older Raceco chassis, and a used up bucket of bolts that came with the car. Scott rebuilt the car, and chucked all the junk, and has a solid race car now. It's got air cooled power, and runs very well with the -hE water cooled guys in the class. Scott Cebulski had an entertaining week-end despite a DNF in both heats. Scott has a pro caliber Honda V-Tec motor in his racer, and after running great in practice, did not run well in the first heat. Cebulski corrected the problem by getting his motor builder, Ken Neil, on the phone and.getting some assistance in troubleshooting the problems. Cebulski was able to get the car run-ning great for the second heat, and was well on his way to victory when • Slows forward motion in the event of a crash • Allows head movement • No cumbersome collar to wear • Quick, one-time adjustment • Does not hook into lap belt • Reduces neclc tension by 45-70% • Great for all types ol motor racing, especially where driver changes are common TIP DRIVERS UTILIZING THE D•CEl George Seeley • Ed, Tim & Troy Herbst • Larry "LR" Roese/er Mork Post • Hick Baldwin • Jerry Whelchel •. A(an Pit ueger Jason & Josh Baldwin • Rick, Randy & Ronny Wilson Mike Julson • Bob Lofton • Mark & Gory Weyhrich • Dave Ashley Don Smith • Kyle Taylor • Gus Vildosola • Rob Mac(achren t. ~'H:':!.f";.,.,N.rrl 1.800.700 .. 2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma~ CA 91752 Page 42 he had a clip come off of one of his c.v.s, and had the axle pull out of the assembly. Race over. He did want to extend a BIG THANKS to Ken Neil for his help in getting the Honda back on track for Heat 2. Joe Weining ran unopposed in the Sport Truck class, to earn his win. There was a pretty good shootout in the Sport Mini class, with Ruben Frederico getting the win in the class over Adam Lucas and Tom Fisher, who both had problems. Lucas was credited for second place in the class, December 2004 In Sport Mini, it was Ruben Federico taking the win in both heats, that gave him the gold medal for the class. after a broken part on his front tor-sion bar put him out of the race in the first heat. Tom Fisher also had problems in the first heat, with bro-ken motor and tranny mounts. It caused some major problems with the (ruck with the motor flopping around. Punctured radiator core, torn up heat shield, damaged fluid lines ... and the list goes on. Hopefully Mr. Whiplash Tech dude can make repairs in time for Wickenburg. There is a contest going on for the points, and Lucas and Fisher are both look-ing to put it away. The Whiplash Racing season is winding down, and there are points races galore that will be decided in • POWERFUL • PRECISE 2" Capacity, 180" Bends Steel, 4130, Stainless, Aluminum Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perfect for the: • Race Car Builder • Small Fabrication Shop • Home Shop Call for a FREE BROCHURE the next couple races. These next two courses will certainly discern the "men from the boys" ... or will Girl Power prevail? The next stop on the Whiplash tour is a dusty little tow11 outside of Phoenix called Wickenburg. This track had a nasty reputation for hurting machines, and people alike. The last race of the season is the Point to Point. Word on the street is that the course is changing to a lap race, instead of the point to point format due to Mexican environmental concerns. Either way -get those machines prepped, and get ready to finish up a great season. . See ou at the rac .4· .... ~ (541 )382-1573 Dusty Times

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48TH 5UPERMAG RALLY Italia Sardinia 2004 By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Petter Solberg/Philip Mills fly across the terrain on their way to their third win in a row in their Subaru lmpreza. Three rallies in a row, all new werealsoinvolvedwithorganisingthe kept its allure. The famous large events or events in substantially new Sanremo Rally, though these were rocks, big as boulders, proliferated conditions, all won by Petter Solberg. mainly key personnel. Invited to be the countryside. Tantalising glimpses While Solberg's chances of winning Clerk of the Course was Simo of the Mediterranean Sea could be the 2004 World Drivers' title may Lampinen, who already holds this gained from many areas. The event still be extremely slim, the Norwegian position for the world championship had a dedicated title sponsor is not giving up until the last, and rallies in Turkey and his native Fin-Supermag-makers in this region of probably will not go slower even if land. It was the first time the event an innovative children's construction Sebastien Loeb becomes the Cham-had not been held at Sanremo -but toy. Even if the island was not, as as-pion! Solberg started off in Sardinia on an off shore island. The head- sumed, named after a type of fish, as he meant to continue, gaining a quarters were in Olbia, with the starts the delights of the Mediterranean way lead of almost 20 seconds on the and finishes at the yachting harbour of life were everywhere. opening stage - despite an incident of Porto Cervo, some 30km north, This was the 50th World rally for which damaged the suspension and in the centre of the Costa Smeralda Sebastien Loeb, a driver who already slowed him down until he could reach region. The route of the rally, how- early in his career has achieved an service two stages later. He con tin- ever, was something different. It had enviable record of podium finishes ued to pull ahead, by over a minute, been widely assumed this would be a in more than half his entries. There when closest rival Marcus Gronholm re-run of the Costa Smeralda rally, was increasing excitement at the pos-had a turbocharger failure, and fi-but there were only some 20km of sibility that Loeb could be one of the nally won from Loeb by over two stages which had been used by that world title winners here with Citroen, minutes. No titles were won in event. The stages for Rally d'Italia in with a mathematical chance of Sardinia, but these are sure to start were quite different. They were nar-doing so as well. In the Bozian team coming in Corsica in two weeks' time. row, bumpy, slow, with soft sandy Miguel Campos reported a lack of Citroen are nearly at their goal, while patches -not the wise, smooth tracks funds to tackle the event and his car in the JWRC Guy Wilks (British) is which made Costa Smeralda so was taken over by the Argentine now three points clear of his Suzuki popular. And, for good measure, driver Luis Perez Companc. With the teammate Per-Gunnar Andersson there was a possibility that no fewer pressure of events at this part of the (Swedish), who gained his third than three World rally titles could season,therewerenonoveltiesamong JWRCwinoftheseasononthisevent. have been won here. Marcus theregularteams,butSkodahada Another "new" rally, the second Gronholm said "We had been expect- range of new parts on their cars. They all-new event in three successive world ing a very nice rally. When we made had decided on the specification of championship rallies! With the inevi- the recce, we realised it would be very the 2005 car, and gained pennission table end of the long and illustrious difficult. One small error and you to homologate at this time some of history of the Sanremo Rally the could lost a wheel". Loeb: "I just don't the various parts which they will also move to Sardinia meant that this was know how it is possible to drive on need to use on the '05 car. This was the first time the Italian round of the this type of road for three days with-the penultimate round in the 2004 world championship rally had been out making at least one mistake ... " JWRC series, in which Guy Wilks. all gravel. There was essentially a new The high profile leisure land de- stood a possibility of becoming world organising team with only a limited veloped 25 years ago under the Aga champion. Conrad Rautenbach number of officials included who Khan's ownership of the region had continued his year of discovering Gianliugi Galli and Guido d'Amore were sixth overall in Sardinia, an impressive Group N win for the Mitsubishi Lancer. Dusty Times about different parts of rally car and now was seen in an lgnis for the first time. There was mounting curiosity, following the FIA's initiative to seek comments about the idea of ending the World Rally Car formula at the end of 2005, as to whether Skoda, Mitsubishi and Ford would take the opportunity of withdrawing from the championship. On the afternoon before the start both Skoda and Mitsubishi confinned tl1at they would be present in the championship in 2005, but only Skoda said they would register. Skoda competition chief Martin Muhlmeier said it was a decision supported by VW and it was a turnaround for the team. "Annin Schwarz's contract continues until the end of 2005 but, for the second December 2004 Not the best landing for Sebastien Loeb/Daniel Elena in their Citroen Xsara, they were a long second overall in Sardinia. seat, drivers from other places are contacting us. It was the other way round ... " When asked at a press con-ference whether Mitsubishi would also register, there was an embarrass-ing moment when the new President of Motor Sport Isao Torii would not answer. In the end it transpired that general approval for a full programme had come from board member Akira Kijima, but that full board approval for official registra-tion (which creates a contractual ob-ligation to contest all 16 events), had not yet been given. But they did not want to say it publicly ... At Shakedown there was trouble with the times, but in any case Francois Duval was either quickest or second best behind Marcus Gronholm, with Markko Martin third quickest overall. In the JWRC Jari-Matti Latvala was quickest in a Suzuki Ignis. Conrad Rautenbach had a bad baptism with his Ignis, damaging his car when the suspen-sion broke which required overnight work by his mechanics. They sought and received permission to miss the ceremonial start in Porto Cervo. TI1e harbour side venue was an idyllic place to start the event.) Leg 1 6 Stages, gravel, 158kms. A bright warm sunny day brought good feelings, and the only worry was that the usual two and one minute gaps were to be applied between competitors, so later run-ners were sure they would suffer dust problems. Toni Gardemeister started off badly, firstly suffering clutch failure on the road out of the start, and then becoming the first car to retire when he damaged the suspension. Petter Solberg was fastest straightaway. Sebastien Loeb was a half minute slower on the first stage ("maybe the driver was still sleeping", his co-driver Daniel Elena suggested) while Markko Martin, lying second, was 16.8 sec-onds slower than the leader. Marcus Gronholm pulled up to second place on the second stage when Martin stalled. Although Martin is the driver who sits the lowest in the cars these days, Gronholm was not enjoying the rally. "There are so many little crests, the road keeps disappearing out of sight under the bonnet and you cannot see where you are go-ing". Francois Duval had slowed on the first stage with a vibration (dis-covered later to be a puncture) but he had earlier in the season told the engineers he wanted his seat to be higher than teammate Martin's. Solberg's pace was impressive, de-spite running second car on the Continued on page 44 OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15 X 6!5 $135.00 $145.00 & up Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15x6 $129.95 $135.95 15 X 10 $146.95 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 247-1266 · We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX Page 43

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Carlos Sainz and Marc Marti fly toward the checkpoint, they finished Harri Rovanpera and Risto Pietilainen were high flyers, they dnf'd due to gear selection problems in Sardinia. Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen in a hard left turn, they finished seventh overall in their Peugeot 307. a very decent third overall in Sardinia. road and despite suffering high water temperature. Carlos Sainz was lying fifth, going carefully, aware that this was a rally where you must not slide round the bends. After the public comments from Skoda competition chief Muhlmeier about receiving appli-cations from various drivers for the number two Skoda seat, an early retirement for Gardemeister was a bad career move. Then Jusso Pykalisto went missing, off the road on Stage 2 after making sixth best time in Stage 1, another bad thing to do. Antony Warmbold was slowed when his electronics failed while Argentine driver Luis Companc said the roads were even more tricky than the sandy stages he knew well back home. Both the Bozian cars of Henning Solberg and Nicolas Vouilloz had brake troubles. On the way to the first stage on the second lap of the day Mikko Hirvonen came to a halt. It was im-possible to select a gear, and he ex-ceeded his maximum time allow-ance on his way to the next con-trol, so they were out. Even when they got back to service, the cause was not clear. On the first stage of the second lap there were many changes. Now the clouds started to arrive and the temperature dropped. Loeb got ahead of Mar-tin for third, Harri Rovanpera in front of Duval for sixth, privateer Subaru of Andrea Navarra (in vals, the conditions were Solberg's Australia (2203) and Brit-unfavourable because of the dust. ish winning car) rose to eighth af- Per-Gunnar Andersson was given a ter the demise of Hirvonen. Ford wrong time on Stage 1, so once this were off the pace on the second lap had been sorted out the leader for reasons which baffled them from scratch was found to be Mirco though Martin was handicapped b; Baldacci. Nicolas Bernardi spun on dust which had entered the car both Stages 2 and 3. Kosti through the roof scoop, and af-Katajamaki made an overshoot. fected his eyes. Duval had tyre wear Kris Meeke had more throttle troubles, one tyre was down to the trouble as well as problems with the canvas. Petter's overheating gearshiftsystemwhichalsocaused troubles were found to be due to a the engine to misfire. Meeke's cracked header tank which was rec-troubles created dust problems for tified, but then he lost his brakes both Xavier Pons, who went off the shortly before the end of Stage 6. road, and Larry Cols as well. Cols Loeb went better but both Citroens explained: "We had to stop in some had tyres which were too soft. In places just to wait for the dust to the other WRCars Henning clear, it was terrible". Guerlain Solberg had two punctures and lost Chicherit had power steering fail-his brakes again, Armin Schwarz (in ure. Alan Scorcioni had a splendid the remaining Skoda) could not first stage but struggled with worn put his finger on the trouble but out tyres on the next two stages be-was unhappy. Companc over- fore reaching service. Mathieu turned and withdrew after Stage 5 Biasion and Natalie Barratt both physically exhausted. "I had a prob-had engine overheating, while Jari-lem before the rally with my knee Matti Latvala had a Panhard rod which meant I could not train for failure on the first stage. He tried this event, and I just could not carry to continue but b~fore long the on". The Peugeot was withdrawn whole rear suspenston collapsed. completely undamaged. On Stage 4 Luca Betti crashed his Warmbold's electrical trouble con- Fiat and was stuck sideways in a nar-tinued and the team prepared to row track with a rear wheel miss-change the whole wiring loom on ing. This held up. Bi_asion, the car. Balazs Benik lost power Rautenbach, Scorc1on1 and steering while Navarra had a punc-Ceccettini and the Stewards were ture. called upon to check how to handle In the JWRC, where competitors the matter. For this loop Baldacci were running at one minute inter- chose to fit only four new tyres, not power steering failure. Oliver Mar-was Andrea Navarra. Solberg was in shal (who lost a lens from his spec- a league on his own, fastest on the first tacles in the morning) now had to three stages of the day. Although change a flat tyre and his dust Antony Warmbold's team had slowed Cecchittini. Scorcioni also changed the wiring loom on his Focus had a puncture. After the final WRC the evening before by the sec-stage of the day Chicherit retired ond stage of the day the problems when he fainted in the service park were back again -no cliffs, clutch due to dehydration. Biasion retired trouble and poor gearshift. Henning at service when they realised there Solberg also had gear shift trouble, was an incurable engine problem. afterchangingthegearboxtheevening Katajamaki was six minutes late leav-before. Martin was slowed by a punc-ing service (incurring a one minute ture and a broken wheel rim, so he time penalty) when they changed had to tackle Stages 8 and 9 with one the steering rack. The teams were airless tyre. When the cars arrived at dismayed when the organisers re- service in Olbia and Gronholm re-quired the crews wait for flexi ser- started his engine, there were clouds vice to finish before driving 30 of smoke everywhere. A turbo failure kilometres back to the overnight was confirmed! He was now down at halt at Porto Cervo -and then to 19th place, sixth and the last running wait a quarter hour for their time registered manufacturers' entry, so to check-in! three championship points were guar-Leg 2 anteed, so long as he finished. Benik 7 Stages, gravel, 148kms. was struggling with power steering SupeRally attracted Mikko trouble and was then directed byoffi-. ERPRECISION.COM the permitted six, and lost time on Stage 5 baulked by the dust of Cols, who had rear suspension damage, and who drove Stage 6 when the whole suspension collapsed. Baldacci's delays dropped him to fifth and let Urmo Aava, in the pri-vate 2003 Suzuki, into the JWRC lead with Andersson second and Bernardi third. Katajamaki hit a gate and then hit some rocks. Andersson had the power steering changed at service but the new pump was worse, giving constant kick-back and making it difficult to grip the steering wheel. Pons had to drive 12km with a flat tyre while Broccoli and Scorcioni also had Hirvonen and Toni Gardemeister cials off the rally route, to avoid a back again but not Jusso Pykalisto. blockage, and found himself down a The stages seemed to be similar to be-dead-end road. He broke the clutch fore, perhaps smoother for the open- . trying to regain the correct road and ing cars. Early morning news of retire- was forced to retire. mentscame.NicolasVouillozoffthe Gronholm's turbo problem road, Armin Schwarz who had dam-meant that Solberg's lead had sud-aged his car on a rock, and of Harri denly increased to a minute and he Rovanpera due to an electronic prob--held this to the end of the day. In the lem which prevented him selecting afternoon there were few dramas. gears. Schwarz had hit a stone and Warmbold had continued trouble broken the track rod which the driver with the electronic controls on his repaired on the ensuing road section, transmission, the team rigging up a but then the wishbone failed so he complex collection of electrical con-had to abandon. There was also a long nections round the cockpit. Duval delay for Rovanpera's teammate hadoverheatingshockabsorbersand Marcus Gronholm with engine his tyres were wearing down to the trouble. It was presumed this was a canvas. Loeb had two punctures and turbo failure, "5.5km into Stage 9, stalled at the start of Stage 12. the engine lost all its power. We Gronholm's car was fine after its stopped to check if there was any ob--turbo was changed. Henning Solberg vious problem, but there was not." retired after the final stage of the day, Gronholm's problems meant that when his Peugeot landed heavily af-Petter Solberg' s lead, by midday, had ter a jump, a water pipe broke and increased to almost a minute while the engine overheated. End of the Citroen drivers Sebastien Loeb and Peugeot B-team for another rally. Carlos Sainz were next in line. Ford Petter Solberg anxiously checked how drivers Markko Martin and Francois many tyres of the preferred type he Duval had been next along behind still had left, assuming the weather them, but then Duval lost time when stayed warm and dry on the final day he touched a stone wall and deranged -and found he had just four left ... 2865 Gundry Ave. . na/Hill, CA 90755 ·• i l,,PFans :OJI Coolers Driving Suits Rod End Boots Neo Synthetic Oil Performance Plumbing ~~Flt:€_ 562-427-2375 ~:-I•later•l ... @ «. Page 44 the right rear suspension, so fifth now Crews, even at the head of the field ,..... _______________ ..._ __ ___.'---.....:.-----, where they were running at two 46th Supennag Rally Italia Sardinia 2004 1/3.10.2004 Olbia (I) WC round 13 minute intervals, complained about JWRC round 7 WC points WRWD JC the dust, so you can imagine what it 1 (1) Petter SOLBERG/Philip Mills N/GB Subaru lmpreza WRC was like for the JWRC competitors ... MT53SRT (GB) 4h.43m.47.9s. 10 10 Nicolas Bemardi's hopes of catching 2 (3) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara WRC the three lgnises ahead of him were 173DAL78 (F) 4h.45m.SS.Ss. 8 8 lost when he had to drive each of the 3 (4) Carlos SAINZ/Marc Marti E Citroen Xsara WRC 176DAL78 (F) 4h.47m.08.8s. 6 6 first three stages with no brakes, so 4 (19) Andrea Navarra/Simona Fedeli I Subaru lmpreza WRC Suzuki were still 1-2-3-5-6, with S600WRT (GB) 4h.54m.04.0s. - 5 · • Bernardi's Renault teammate Larry s (8) Francois DUVAUStephane Prevot B Ford Focus RS WRC Cols seventh. Immediately on the first E003YRJ (GB) 4h.54m.35.9s. 5 4 stage of the day Andersson had re-6 (70) Gianluigi Galli/Guido d'Amore I Mitsubjsh Lancer gained the lead despite a short over-Evo VIII N CN199GD (I) 5h.08m.59.5s .... - 3 shoot. Third placed Guy Wilks suf-7 (5) Marcus GRONHOLM/Timo Rautiainen FIN Peugeot 307 WRC fered from Gronholm's dust on 468PWL75 (F) 5h.10m.27.1s. 4 2 Stage 9. Fifth placed UrmoAava lost 8 (16) Antony Warmbold/Gemma Price D/GB Ford Focus RS WRC the lead in Stage 7 when he stopped Y6FMC (GB) 5h.11m.51.1s. - 1 to change a flat tyre. Sixth placed 9 (45) Per-Gunnar Andersson/Jonas Andersson S Suzuki Kosti Katajamaki lost his concentra-lgnis JWRC JFR212 (H) 5h.12m.51.5s.• -10 tion when the steering wheel came 10 (75) Paolo Anclreucci/Anna Andreussi I Fiat Punta loose. Eighth placed Alex Broccoli lost his power steering while ninth December 2004 Dusty Times T

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Markka Martin and Michael Park failed to finish in Sardinia, they fell to Kris Meeke and David Senior were seventh in JWRC, 16"' overall but Armin Schwarz and Manfred Hiemer broke a wishbone on their Skoda Fabia, seen here in flight at the Sardinia Rally. a faulty turbo in their Ford Focus RS. they won the high flyer award in their Opel Corsa .,K:,;.r ..... i-'---s ;,...M-re-e .... k-e ..... h_a_d ... a-m~i--ssf...-ir_e_a_n_d-r-~p.--a-sq_u_a ..... l-e .... La.---,--tt,-u-n-e-drdru-......... r he most. ex-umpe ot t ese cars own on the first of the morning stages he citing prospect was the outcome of a place. Ninth overall for Per-Gunnar lost second gear. Xavier Pons broke a Markko Martin's challenge for third Andersson (who gained his third win driveshaft just three kilometres from place. He started the day 2. 9 seconds of the season) was Super 1600' s best the end of Stage 9, a very lucky place. behind Carlos Sainz. After the first result in 2004 in world champion-Conrad Rautenbach had a transmis- stage of the day he was equal third, ship rallying. The official Suzuki ar-sion problem on Stage 8 and retired on the second stage he was 1.3 sec-mada still led 1-2-3-4. The semi-offi-with gearbox failure. onds ahead, and then on the third cial Suzuki of Urmo Aava was lying Bernardi had a puncture on Stage stage (16) he was out. The turbo sixth but retired on Stage 15 when 11 which he stopped to change, and failed, he lost half hour in the stage he overturned. Baldacci was secure this caused a dust storm in front of and arrived at the regroup at Tempio in second place until three stages from Mirco Baldacci, then on Stages 12 Pausania 17 minutes late, and out of the end when he punctured, had to and 13 he was slowed by shock ab-the event. Marcus Gronholm re- change the wheel and fell to third, sorber failure. Championship leader started the day in 14th place. Al- letting Guy Wilks up one place. One Wilks was baulked for 22km by though safely in the Makes points stage later Oliver Marshall was out, Bernardi, who was struggling through zone he had his eye on Driver's points the front suspension on his Clio col-the stages, and feelings ran high when as well, but it was not so straightfor- lapsed one kilometre into the stage. the Suzuki team gained an impres- ward as he was running first car on Down to 11 runners. Finally Xavier sion that the Renault driver was de-the road, in gravelly conditions. At Pons damaged his car on Stage 16, liberately not letting them through, the end of the first loop Gronholm reached the finish but the car was for championship reasons ... Urmo was up to tenth, one stage later he too bad to continue. Down to 10 Aava lost time and dropped to sixth had jumped three places up to sev-runners. Wilks, who was second, now with brake troubles. Alex Broccoli enth, where he stayed to the finish. It increased his lead to three points dropped out of the JWRC points was a good day for testing for Mikko ahead of Andersson while Nicolas zonewithpowersteeringtroublewhile Hirvonen and also for Marcus BernardiissevenpointsbehindWilks. Oliver Marshall went off the road Gronholm, under pressure only to It was thought that fifth placed Larry with a puncture and lost a lot of time finish, who took new parts and made Cols would drop back to allow his restarting. The official team Suzukis the most of his front-running posi-Renault teammate, sixth placed now lay 1-2-3-4. Cols was fifth and tion. Antony Warmbold continued Bernardi, up one place, but it did the private Estonian Suzuki was sixth. with his troubles, but finally came not happen. "We aren't Suzuki, you Of the 20 starters there were still 13 home to finish in eighth place, his know", the team said when asked for in action. In Group N Gianluigi Galli fourth time in the points. a comment. They had forgotten that was leading by over 24 minutes. In the JWRC, history was almost Suzuki, at last year's Wales Rally GB, Leg3 in the making -Per-Gunnar didn'talterplaceseither,andlostthe 6 Stages, gravel, 77kms. Andersson crept up to eighth place, championship as a result. They are The final leg comprised a loop of Drivers' championship points terri-three stages, each tackled twice, close tory and Mirco Baldacci was one to the town ofTempio Pausania, the place behind, but coming through home town of the rally promoter the field fast was Gronholm who Dusty Times December 2004 Per-GunnarAndersson and Jonas Andersson were the JWRC winners in their Suzuki lgnis, [I" overall, seen here at speed. more like Suzuki than they know. In Group N Gianluigi Galli finally reached the finish with his Mitsubishi, 37 minutes in front of his nearest ri-val, but with only first and second gears still working. He finished sixth overall having overcome his gearbox problems, only the second Group N driver to gain WCD points this year. A happy day for Subaru as they celebrated having won in all their three home countries: Japan for Subaru, Britain for Prodrive and now Italy for Pirelli. With only three rounds to go the WCR circus heads to Corsica where Petter Solberg and Subaru won last year. While none of the titles were settled in Sardinia the op-tions were reduced. Citroen need a minimum of seven points from the next three rouncfs and Sebastien Loeb five, Ford and Petter Solberg respectively now their only challengers while in the JWRC the title can still go to any four drivers, each with a differ-ent nationality! ~ Page 45

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1st. ace\ $$1:Q~o c~lt:s:465000 Bu D LIGHT DA :~~~ ,a,:?t: :~g i $500 pv,rall\\ .:,P!,..US,$J00,0 ,:cb~~s 1600 • FROM ALUMI CRAFT PLUS $1500 CLASS 800 $500 CLASS 725 500 1000 OFF ROAD RACE -DECEMBER 31, 2004 PLASTER CITY WEST FROM ALFORD DIST I BUD TECH, REGISTRATION & CONTINGENCY DEC. 30, 2004 1•~ AIV£1il&BEI- 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM IMPERIAL VALLEY EXPO ,,,~ , .~ DISTRIBUTING IMPERIAL, CA. - NORTH PARKING LOT IIAIJIIIII BIIIIII IMPERIAL VALLEY, CA ffl!~, DRAWING HOSTED BY ALUM! CRAFT DEC. 18, 2004 H· · @.WJ. ·.. I: CRAFT. 18 CLASSES -INCLUDING STREET LEGAL ..... · ....... .... PRO ENTRY FEE $360.00* SPORTSMAN ENTRY FEE $200.00* 1 ST PLACE SPORTSMAN CLASSES RECEIVE $100.00 ENTRY FEE BACK * * II~■ .. : !■•11 'Dr•nu I fj D 1 IC. ~ ~ OTOBSROBTS 2005 SCHEDULE - SUPERSTITION SERIES FUD 200 MARCH5 APRIL 23 JUNE 11 OCT. 29 DEC. 31 ;::-;:;·---':t······7 THE KING -... -·, .. 2""-·>""-1. COYOTE WASH ~:: ... .)~.~----·-·· "-' ~-·---~.,, .. _,-.......... ,.::~·-..... ,,•- ~ / ----._ :.,c__.~ ~~>---.· JIMCO ~~-'Atuwd,a. SUPERSTITION 200 THE DASH r:r-STUFF~ VW TRANSAXLES TOLL FREE 1-86A-VW .. ~TUFF cT-ael-le,--aT3fl ··· 760..721"8878 909-654-5844 FAX 909-854-5787 OCEANSIDE / SAN JACINTO, CA. EMAIL l AADVAl~CEJ? ;. NEXTEIJ .. f W i RELESS, INC. >\.,;;.,,.;,..,,.;.,.,.;.,, . $•t,,~<y f',tr«-: t•!-J}~.'t t;~,.f:~ \t:"l~c) !.w:~"'N': -6:;~i;ti;;;. ... ~~-~~;:1:,;:~;;;:~~---~~-~:/:;-:i::.~ ... ::~~---~~~:~ ~--~1~~~1~ U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor and green sticker or license plate required on all race vehicles. *Entry form and fees due two weeks before the race date. •*With 3 in class. Entry fee for the driver only, no fee for co-drivers, support crew, specfators or the general public {Note: if the vehicle does not make the starting line, 100% of the entry fee is rolled over to the next race) FOR MDR RACE RESULTS/ INFORMATION: PHONE (626) 442-9320 FAX (626) 579-6051 1853 Parkway Drive So. El Monte, CA 91733 EMAIL WEBSITE MDR Tech info: ALL RACE TECH & SAFETY-Phone (702) 897-3583 EMAIL w The Corky Mc.Millin Companies Rt!;1iy,Jfom~~ftirt~il1,tt...i.,md Dt!vcl1,.1p1ncnJ,( '1ur1mcrcml

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY 19076 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503 • Custom fabrication • Prerunners • Suspensions • Custom exhaust (310) 542-2977 ~ ! CTi1 ·I-IFI I ....,,,,,,,,,,, ,vc;F= ·rEr:#-IA/0,I r,C?Y : , eeeER'""'"d - - - / Stainless Hard Line j 23sa E. arangeu,orpe .-. Performance Plumbing ! A....,,.;,n. CA 92806 ! Pho,w 714-441.(D30 /:.:::,;::.,. Fo,bes /:: :.::;:;; Al.SRACING WILDOMAR CA. Tc>yota IFS 1uapen1lon 1peclallsta Long tr.1ve/ kit• and race trim packegea for 2we. & 4wd. Pick-Up, Tacoma, Tundra, 1·-100 and 4-Runner '/!J.IW .ATSRAC!NG,com (909)471-2418 TOFJ\6 Off Road Trucks Off-Road Fiberglass• Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 ·s'9CI-IRIOF_PEIFII-II Silver Faced LFG's Liquid.Filled Gauges from Autd Meter are notorious for being th·e to4gl)est. on the market. Combine that with the fact Auto Meter also is known for it's reliability and you have shock-proof performance that will rattle the competition. ili mrJD . ~ Send $4.00 for a catalog to: Auto Meter Products, Inc. • Dept. DUOO • 413 w. Elm St.• si:camore, IL60178 • (815) 895-8141 ~ J~.l !:::..I r c.,,; ~ :::;. .? 0 F~ -r s SAND BUGGIES • PRE-RUNNERS • RACE CARS Steve Baker c., --w..,----800-564-1510 702-257-2300 1m111■ I ~YL/NDER HEADS • Custom porting for any application 145 Gibson Rd .. Ste. B Henderson, NV 89014 • Over 30 Years Experience Reach New Customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads Are Merely $45 Per Month 818-882-0004 BRANDWOOD CARS for mid-engines ' and other applications 602-437 -3j 07 'MFR. OF PERFORMANCE 1ARTS Ci.Jstorr. V~hicle Shifter FOR INOUrTRY L~DIN(; RACE CAR BUILDERS - Spindles, Floating Huhs - 5 spd. Shifters (fits Mcndcola trans & others) · "lorlhstar Airbox Adapters & more!! url: e-mail: (619)562-3071 CACTUS RACING Racea_ir Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoei, Simpson · Blower sys~ems & cool boxes 619-482-6700 708 Rocking Horse Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91914 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST, C HERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#. (951)-845-8820 products in stock Race Proven Fabrication, Boatec Fiberglass Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Course trucks Bypass valves+tu.bes Paris-Dakar trucks · "Sway-bar Arms ACCOuN1'NG · INCOME TAJ< · CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION SHERYL CANNON, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOt;NTA'-H 536 S SECOND AVE . SUITE E COVINA. CA 91723 (626) 653-2023 FM t626) 653-2024 shery1@m111eronocannoncpo com Offroad to Street, Prerunner to Race -Chasis Design -Race Prep -All General Fabrication 76~7 17459 Lilac St #E Hesperia CA 92345 lllllT fOB DCEIS WHO OEMUO THE BEST HAMPION BEADLOCI £/JC!fNG WHEE.LS. U.S.A. WHEELS / CONVERSIONS 8"9"10"11"12"13"15"18"17" MILAN GARRETT 1871 N. BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO CA 93722 (559) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365_ CHENOWTH iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFftACING PRODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103

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UCNC:J' Mom,lact"'•" af B,ake a"d _tl,t,h Podal .. ,, Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cuttihg and Brakes· Hydraulic ThrottUts T~rottle Pedals and all of our accessories. CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena-,vd. San Diego, CA 921110 (619) 275-1663 Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• t'RONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hangirig Tree, Lane • (805) 239-2663 Templeton, CA 93465 ntinenta Investment Cor ,nr J., i-,. !,1i... .. - 11~,J-.ul'111,._\/};. $0• • (Fll (928)-186-914;; !H Fl( E: 1nH\ 76-1-:'261 RACE FUELS OFFICIAL FUEL OF NASCAR Mr 1 (800) 54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA ~ ,,_,.,,,,, u, PISTC=>r--JS .J Shelf and Custom Pistons Available. CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567.9000 1902 McGaw. Irvine. CA 92614 A Member of Pankl Racing Systems CR'T'cl AL D ULTRASONIC CLEANING ft Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, mm~ Oil Tanks, Radiators. Lines, Fittings -~~ □ CRACKINSPECTION · _---~ ''·· All Components ... . •-.. Suspension, Engine, Gear Box, etx:. □ NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING Magnelic Particle, Liquid Penelnm~ 3043 Oak Slreet Ultrasonic, i!:ddy Curren~ X-Ray Santa Ana, CA 92707 □ CNC MACHINE SHOP Phn (714) 957·1215 U5AC STATION •s Fu(7_1•_>_95_7~·1_~_7 _____ ,_u_sr_A_n_ON_rNB __ 7R21&J.::::.:::..._~-for Your ProtedJon' .• fil□CK • FULL RACE• TRANSfER CASES CCmJilli:unum.® 9~ IRtartceiIIIl~ PJrIPfillllll~JJllllJl~~ji_ ® II!l~ 18273 Grand Ave. #6 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 (909) 678-1669 STEVE MatthewSd.molce 1280 N. JOHNSON AVE., SUITE 101 • EL CAJON, CA 92020 TEL: 619.449.5611 • FAX: 619.449.5713 MATTHEW@CUSTOMOECALCOM Specializing in ... Bu•B-•• Swiacaxtea Newland Fortin Jll-deola JIID4S Jllapum44 Krebler Automatic Parts El Machibe Shop Serrices A rallable YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE ONLY $45 PER MONTH 818-882-0004 (( DE rJ_y~1Q)] HERMAN.De NUNZIO 59 B Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 800-622-3939 805-683-1211 FAX 805-683-8187 / -~:"< ~ /~ /DEREK N~E -Y·):,,,~~/il' . f ! , 775 ~\z1!!.i_treet -unit H Costa Mes11~ CA 9262 7 /:. ~ • let 9'19.5'18.8533 tax: 9ll9.5ll8.853q ~ e-m11II: dereknue I ~--~ Teem Begz ~r.:~===-,o~ -.. ~°:)/ P1lvele Lebel t..!.,../,,JJ~ -.:: Cuslom Beg Designs ..,._ l)llfl' ll1l~IU{S OFF-ROAD DESIGN & FABRICATION RACE PREP PRE RUNNERS SUSPENSIONS ROLL CAGES TUBE BENDING WELDING LIFT KITS . BILL SCOTT (909) 520-0064 Fax (909) 520-0078 Email· 1 ·2321 Sampson Av&., Unit I Riverside, CA 92503 ; o M@-~~ri1Jlf1J@ sting • Pr?tectiv~ & Decorative Coatings 1835 John Towers Ave. #A El Cajo~; CA 92020 .. (619) 448-3932 Fax (619) 448-3662 ;ll""rewarRa @rr:Orrill ~ ~ race veh1cles • hot rods secur1ty • bugg1es · 11ght1ng mor1ne • aud1o 7b0.738.9'i73 CWlREJ · JILL SWANSON Sales and Marketing Director • Brand Name Helmets FRESH AIR SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. • Interior Revisions 810 A South Arthur Ave. • Fresh Air Systems Arlington Heights, IL 60005 •1-888-466-RACE 1-84 7-259-381 O Fax 1-847-259-9705 "THE HELMET VENTILATION EXPERTS" flta PBRl'OIIMD'CE 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 We usa & recommend R,KING ENCilNfS, TRANS11IISSIONS AND OFFROAO PARTh Se11dor-c_:allforour11l'W catalog SS.00 _'_ ·.-. RAY BAYLY 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 BRIAN GRIFFIN (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 Tm FLRIIIE LRDea_ja Bros. FlflE-RamAIIT ~ FOR DEIE1lT fMCEflg WWW.~.COM

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1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-3633 619-449-3665 fax Doug Fortin THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~ call (800) 433-6524 ~ Call or write for our FREE Catalog Aircr~lt Rubber Ma~ulacturinq, Inc. 63257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, OR ~7701 USA ph(541) ~203 fll(S-41}388-0307 RACIN HEADS 74'6-f 10. SANTA fl AVl. • VIIT TOLL FREE (888) 3 PH/ FAX (760) 727-1827 _FLARED TUBES S99,00 A sn -----"'---,, 'l g~Ji) ,-.....__,. -r _,S ~ Buff & Kevin Owners I Fabricators p. 760.510.9586 • ,. 760.510.9559 120 N. Pacific St. # J-1 • San Marcos, CA 91069 HONDA $SUZUKI SE~•..GDD I I l I ! I I I I I I BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (800) 800-6134 FAX (818) 766-9397 619-561-7764 Fax 619-561-4834 Jeff Howe 12476 Julian Ave Lakeside, CA 92040 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE . NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 Over 20 Years of Otf Road RJc1ng Experience We Specialize in High Performance Power Steering. Off Road Racing Rock Crawling and Sand Cms • • HP ENGINE & DYNO SERVICE 14368 Olde Highway 80 • Suite E • El Cajon, CA 92021 Jim Horne 619 443-9990 IMPACT CUSTOMS SCORE NHRA SCCA RACE SPEC ROLL CAGE9, TUBE CHA99IS, CUlJTOM 9U9PEN9IONS, AIR BAG9, BODY DROP9, lJHAVE, SUICIDE, PRE-RUNNERS, BAJA9, LONG TRAVEL, RACE PREP, CUlJTOM WIRING, FABRICATION AND METAL WORK 661.Q98.7079 Do You Need To E X p A N D Your business Horizons? For Lots More Exposure Call 818-882-0004 JG TRANSWERKS "Go with a Proven Winner" ~y.•.•.y.y.~•1i Quality Racing Transmissions J_l:weMrz RACING ENGINES COMPLETE ENG INES • DYNO SERVICE George Jimenez TROY J OHNSQN (909) 779-9395 2061 Thir,d Street, Unit A Riverside. CA 92507 535 E. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel./ Fax 714.535.5116 Specializing in custom offroad race trucks • P1erunncrs • Sand ca1s • Rail, ca1s • Custom Fabnc2ti0n • Advanced Suspsnsion T&chnolOQi' • R~SE-al ell & C•E'!Elupmsnt KAL OFFROAD RACING www Metal Fabrication Speed Equipment Custom Suspensions Kurt Larmee (805) 466-4101 840.8 K El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. www 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 ART KAWAGUCHI Fax 323-264-2136 323-264-5858 BLACK~ ~ I : !IE: Derek Kreger PH: 114.289.9048 Fil: 114.631.1854 ■--""" hj tflEi.1£ j IQ rj 9'IJPJ:Jff--C760) 7gg-09a3 JOE GIFFIN 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Sl:JSPENSION - PERFORMANCE - SAFETY EQUIPMENT & MORE! Fax (714) 632-1223 DESERT- ROCK - SAND & RACE Mike Julson President 10965 Hartley Rd., Suite R Santee, CA 92071 -2893 619 / 562-1-743 Fax 619 / 562-3379 e.mail WE ARE YOUR #1 SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD NEEDS POWER E STEERING THOMAS£LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETON&TREET SUN VALLEY, CA91352 FAX (818) 788-2687 (818) 788-0371 A full line of Po-Steering gears, pumps and accesaories for any type of racing. , Magnaflux and Zygla facilities available.

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Engineering •custom Chassis *Race Prep •Aluminum Work *Welding *Magnaflux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 ~~.RC.HAFT. ,Ra:cze.P~ Seot1 • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10928 Wheatlands Ave. Suite_ B Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 YOU) OFF-ROAD Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622· 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA91910 (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 .miM:llfiR3/'illlliilt~ eoMP.ONEtffS F.OJl CHASSIS FABRICATION -~ -~•~~:\C!!!l•_ij!l~M~ stifterM.oU'lts • OI & Water Botlle ti.alders 399.E • .HanisonUnit.D Corona, CA 92879-1313 Tom Moxley .(909) 'Z12,A272 43455 Business Park Drive, Temecula. CA 92590 Phone (909)587-0101 Ext.120 619-562-5533 ALLUMINUM rABRICATION QutomFfT{'ffie, C•; OJfrotMI otfqpq: W«-, B«MRolJilt1 SandC11n SprintC_.. StrutR.odl Drag Racing PO Box4304 Huntington Beach, Ca. 92605 a... Bntu, (714)392-9175 Slip Ro1JiaJ Emal/: nus1iJli1mos For Very Few Dollars A Month Your Ad Here Can Increase Your Sales By A Bunch Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 Off Road Fabrication and Design • Sand Cars • Trucks • Race Cars • Prerunners • Rally Cars • Custom Function/Strength/Safety/Pride Made by Hand in the !)SA 8966 Benson Ave., Suite D Montclair, CA 91763 JOHN MOSELEY 909-949-8161 Owner/Fabricator Fax 909-949-8162 OFFROAO ENC31NEERINC3 Pre-Runners • Race Cars & Trucks • Long Travel Sand Buggies Custom Chassis • Suspension • Cage • Sheet Metal Lifts • Shocks • Tires • Wheels • Accessories (805) 522-4499 Lance Fuller 2280 Shasta Way_ #115 Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 93065 MOTOR WORKS INC. 1490 ISLAND AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 619-233-8875 800-841-1014 FAX 619-233-4137 rn,,tur.1 rl-11 :1dnt r11fl\ ~10TORCYCLE ~L-\CHl'sE WORJ.:- STREET OR c m .1PETIT!O's H'1fl!Wi. '-I H , ·1-.:,;, rn 'Ill!-' lff P! .\('F\I~ '-T. !H '-I 'l'F \C!'-'; SE.\T REPL \CHIE".T. CR . .\.'-.:1' GRl:\'Dl'sG. HE . .\T TR EATl:\'G \ ' :D \ll 'CH \H)lff RACE CARS PRERUNNERS SAND CARS JIM MOULTON 42231 6TH STREET WEST #201 LANCASTER C4 IKJ534 661-974-7961 MSD •rJ ,,, Jr .. ,,. ■4s-=t4 t••1,•,, • YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE GNITIDNS • DISTRIBUTORS • WIRES • REV CONTROL AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR., EL PASO. TX 79836 !9151 857-5200 • TFr.H LINE m15J 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3" 0.0. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES 4B0-725-2B75 Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 MPER (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 HEtMETS PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 HAROLD NICKS

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!31!: ,~W~@V[~@'lf'I SAFEI\' EQUIPMENT MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, SHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/OR 11'\'TERCOM STILL ONLY S 12'i. oertormance w,re llarnesses Joe oau111an Tony Selva Jr. -2888 GUNDRY AVE. * SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 t 562-427-8177 I tel #,909~616..t,S69 B00-869-5636 w • A • · l=P=gr=: =323==.3=4=o=.o=77=7==========,.,,,.,;;'.;;;a;;11:,,;B;.:;18;:·:;3&:,:7:.:::.4::6::4.:..1 f'1X #909-676-114 I 2'1598 Commerce Center Dr Temecula, CA 92596 vfi:ENHRLD ABRICATION, INC 1660 Babcock, Building B Costa Mesa. CA 92627 TEL 19491 650-3035 FAX 19491 650-4721 Jany Penhall • All Types of Steel CJ Aluminum Fabrication • Tube Beacliq • Aluminum CJ Steel Weldin& • Custom Machine Work • All Types of Race Cars 4851 W. Hacienda #4 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-365-9055 Tet/SIOR Todd Francis Phone: 360.887.2000 • Fax: 360.887.7279 ,PRO PROTRUCK RACING ORGANIZATION A High Performance Spec VB Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: /el:619-390-6252 Fax:619-390-6470 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 13411 Dronlield Ave. svtmar. CA 91342 Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension • Safety • Driveline • Accessories (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: 1-800-929-4360 · www.RACESHOCK.coM -~ p;;=a lnX liMJ -~ Suspension Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock Ser1iee Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Around!! Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably- Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy (602) 493-3700 Fax: (602) 493-0975 PERFORMANCE, TRAKSAA'L ES Southern Calllornla's Largest DlsUlbutor of Mendeola Transalles PHt 114.680.6131 • Fil: 114.680.3110 Toll Free: 800.304.8126 1631 Placentia Ave. Unit G Anaheim. CA 92806 ~nl"'ht,t-rnn< ram CTRANS will get you in gear swiag axle, ••s, bewlaad, MD4S 3455 S. POLARIS #5 LAS IBiAS, NEVADA 89102 JOHN D.0. HDULmN (102) 221-4383 (102) &17-9724 Barry Beacham 27231 Burbank Ave. Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Office 949-837-4388 Cell 949-466-4781 fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. l!.l!I METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT fNSPECTION MARK SMITH LARRY SMITH LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT11 HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 (775) 372-5335 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS• BMINERS • 11I1/00W LffiEP.I',G • C,\R LETTERltlG • G~PHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Ga: :1ay Circ1e • Hunt,ngur Beacr CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • F:::, [714) 694-9567 ----

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-I. I .'\!...,~ ..... -·._,., ----~=--of£ :r:c;·ad.. fabricai::io:n. • Metal Fab. • Welding • Suspension Kits • Custom Paint• Rollcages • Bumpers • Buy a seat and race program Sam Puleri (323) 563-2224 Fax (323) 563-2227 UIIJVlff£CM SAIIIT P£8,88AIIIC£ I 1-800-MY MUFFLER Craig Stewart I Phone: 619-449-117211 F=, 1119 .. 449-711711 Cel~ 619-726-88111 I Fabrication & Race Preparation I I i 19419 Abraham WO"} ~ I Santee, CA 1120n , Sales & 1 .......... m,.,.t,_,.,,,._, __ Mm Service I ._<_ra_:ig@:__st_ewaru __ rac_e_wo_ril_J.c_o_m _______________ l Spcdalitit15 itt dothit15 for tl1c · Offroat>u Sawl attt> Tami V~ct S'6l-6ll-8808 RACE FUELS (209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 PO. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 <CfuNsEj;)> d:n:~¥~? " You• GuALrrY S,oH CoMrANY" Design Fabrication lnstailatlon (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 121 5 POMONA ROAD • SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 ,,._ aMPUTERIZEO VINYL GRl'IPH/CS & LETTERING 1111·11 "7SA I ,,._ LO-COST BLOG SIGNS (MT. PF?OCESSES) -,._ TRADE SI-OW OfSPLA'rS ,,.._ ,,... DETl'IILEO & LNIQUE DESIGNS ,,... ';t~Jf:J/tfl!:-,~["l:JFS A HI-QLJA.UTY BIA.NNERS ,,.._MAGNETICS A WGO REPF!OOU:::TONS ,,.._ REAL ESTATE ,,... LOGO & GRAPHIC DESIGN ,,.._ DECALS 2180 College Drive • Lake Havasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • Hi Performance Converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race & Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! TIR Peiforrna,nce Fabrication . Thn Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-1289 If Your Business Needs A Boost Let Dusty Times Help You Get The Word Out.To The Racers Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 DUBliJ~IIBB * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1261 N. Buena \'Isla St. , Hemet ca. 92543 Ph: 951-654-7334 Fa: 951-654-2375 See a list of our produds al our welt site:• I iUtliXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 0 C Ill -i C ~ (/) o-TI m ~ )> 0 (/) >< )> (/) wcow ~o~ .s.s.s -.J.,. -.J a, w a, I\) (J1 I\) WON -.J.,..,. -.J ~ ~ I\) Ol W I\) ~~ ~ .,. iii o, ::, (/) 0 0 _CD C 0 :T ~z ➔ 0 0 ~ 3 3 - · Ill Ill ::, (0 9, 0 CD (J1 )> ~ < (Tl lfm\/ ransworks ~Q PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLES '& AUTHORIZED MENDEOLA DEALER STOCK & CUSTOM SAND * STREET * RACE ERIC LAUNDRIE 24752 VIEJAS BLVD. DESCANSO, CA 91916 (619) 445-3135 (uMP] UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 (619) 596-8033 1 ooo w . Bradley, Unit Q El Cajon, CA 92020 ~r&t Carlos Orozco Folrplex • Pomona October 9 & 10 t:k.. ~b(tltt~ 1· SlU1P~1gs .. 4}.ll 'tG~ CLBRYANT.COM VP RACING FUELS INC AUTHORIZE DISTRIBUTOR RR AUTOSPECIAL PARTS, S. OE R.L. OE C.V. CALLE PRIVAOA FRAY MAYORGA 17026 ZONA INDUSTRIAL GARITA DE OTAY TIJUANA, 0 C TEL.: (GG<) G<7 9222 FAX: (613~) G07 1«0. E-MAIL: Advancing the S~ience of Motor Sports Ray Gastelum GERENIE DF VcNIAS Mobil : 664 648 2882 Nextel Radio: 152 * 133577 * 1 Call USA to Mexico dial 01152 "Quality Fuels & Products for Motorsports" Wehsite • VP Racing Fuels, Inc. West Coast Region P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 KELLEY HENDEL Regional Manager Office: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Email:

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Adam Wik SCORE ENGINE BUILOER Of THE YEAR 994, 1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To COmp~te, Engines 3675 w. Teco Aft. Unll 1. Lu Veaaa. HY 89118 702-837-2522 front & Re,u Trailing Amu • Spindles Susptnsion Specit.l»l • Cuslom bee & Pl.ty Buggy Chassis A•Arm Front .End$ • Fronl £nck 9608 N. 2tsl Dr. Phoenix, AZ 8SOlt Jack Woods 602-242.0071 fn 60:2-242-7283 more Trail Notes ... sure, he repli-ed, '"Cause that's the Jeep I was racing in the background, Anyway, thanks David and, Bob Steinberger, you had the year correct, just a bit hazy on the location, F:NAL FLAG -Yet another dear, dear friend and friend to off road racing has left us. Denny Selleck, well known and well liked in the off road community passed away on November 3, 2004. Denny's wife, Wauna preceded Denny into the great beyond on July 29, 2004. Denny was a racer, a hunter and a good friend to all who knew him. Your editor was a guest at Denny's home many times and I was proud to call him a friend. Denny is survived by his five children, Denise, Donna, David, Darryl and Daniel, 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Denny, and Wauna migrated to Las Vegas in 1959, they originally operated a gasoline station at Lake Mead and Nellis Boulevards. Denny was active with SNORE since its inception, he served SNORE as it's president and in many other ways, he raced in many races and for the past few years we would spend happy hours at the annual SNORE banquet where he always introduced the past winners of the coveted Jimmy Schaeffer award. Denny was always a bright spot in our lives and he will be sorely missed by his family, his friends and by yours truly. Sleep in peace my friend, my love goes with you. CARLOS SAINZ RETIRES - After 16 years of competition, Carlos Sainz announced his retirement from the World Rally Championship, The two time champion, 42 ye·ars old, said, "It is time, after 16 years of competing to dedicate my life to my family." Carlos has 26 victories in his pocket and was WRC champion in 1990 and 1992. The last two years he has been driving for Citroen and he was instrumental in Citroen winning the Manufacturers Championship both years. May he have a long and healthy retirement. RRA NEWS - Valley Off Road Racing Association, (VORRA) has come o an end of an era. After 29 years of being the promoter/owner of VORRA, Ed Robinson has completed the sale of VORRA to Rich Klein. For the past 29 years Ed Robinson and VORRA have Dusty Times been putting on short course races throughout Northern California and desert races in the Reno area. Rich Klein is the promoter of CalRocs and has worked with Ed for the past two years in the transition of VORRA to him. Jenny and Ed Robinson have enjoyed promoting VORRA races and have met a lot of great people in the sport. They will continue top be involved in the world of off road racing. They plan on helping SCORE, DARPA, and, of course, VORRA whenever called upon. Off road racing has been part of their lives for the past 32 years, helping out whenever asked to do so. We are sure they will be around for many years to come. The Robinsons can be reached at We are all going to miss Ed and Jenny and their crew at the helm of the VORRA races, and we wish Rich Klein the best of luck in his venture into off road racing. SNORE WESTERN DESERT CHALLENGE -The SNORE troops gathered outside of Henderson for their last race of the year. Mike Gaughan Jr. took the Class 10 win and the overall as well, Rob MacCachren was the Class 1600 winner, he was second overall, Tammie Gubler took the Heavy Metal honors this time, Corey Torres was the Class 9 winner for the umpteenth time this year, Lanier Knecht took the Class 5-1600 win, Richard Blunk was the Mini Metal winner, Jeremy Gubler took the Unlimited Sportsman win and Billy Shapley took the Sportsman Buggy win. Read the entire story, with .lots of pies in the next issue of Dusty Times. BITD HENDERSON'S TERRIBLE 300 -The schedule of times and events have been finalized. The race course has been extended to 300 miles. Thursday, December 2 - Time Trials 2-6pm, Pre-Race party/drawing at Terrible's Bowling alley 6-9pm. Friday, December 3 - Pre-Run 8-llam, Tech & Contingency on Water Street 4-9pm, Charity Silent Auction on Water Street 4-8:30pm, Concert on Water Street 5-9pm. Saturday, December 4 - Race 7am to 5pm. Awards at Henderson Convention Center 7:30-lOpm. Sunday, December 5 - Best In The Desert year-end awards at the Henderson Convention Center 9-1 lam. For more information call 702-267-2171 or 877-775-5252. December 2004 Don't Forget Promoters, we need Your 2005 schedules By December -rh For inclusion in the Centerfold Calendar In the January, 2005 issue Page 53

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-Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: Chenowth/McMullen Class 1. 24 ½ Front/Back Travel, King Shocks, Howe Trophy Truck Steering, Fortin w/rorque converter, air jacks, BFG, 934 mid boards, SummersAxels, 4 Fluidyne coolers. 3 radiators, fresh Chevy V8 625hp.Race Ready, $64,000.00, less motor. $45,000.00 OBO. Albert (602) 421- 5386. FOR SALE-Class 8 Ford F-150. Big HP 351, Mogi trans, all billit cliff parts, huge I beams, Lee steering, K&N, Holley, Edelbrock, Moroso, Crower, Ross, Pink, TI10rley, TCI, FOX BFG, MSD, AR, Howe, Fuel Safe, Cagle, Winters, misc. parts. $9,000 Call Dan Cannon at 626-044-6693. BOOKFORSALE:THEOFFROAD RACER (1976). This is a mint condition copy of the hardback book "The Off Road Racer" (1976)written by Nonnan Johnson and Gordon Grimmis. It is a 271 page hardcover book that docu-ments the beginning history of how off road racing began from 1968-1976. TI1e articlesareabouttheMEXICAN 1000, BAJA 500, BAJA 1000, MINT 400, RIVERSIDE RACEWAY, STARDUST 7-11 AND OTHERS. It has articles about the beginning of NORRA, SCORE, SNORE, HDRA and WRA There are many driver pro-files including Mickey 1homp;on, Parnelli Jones, Rod Hall, Walker Evans, Ivan Stewart, Jim Conners, Rick Mears, MalcolmSmithandmanyothers. There are may black and white photos of race vehicles, drivers and even old course maµ;. This book was printed in December 1976 and is the first printing. IT IS IN MINT CONDillON. If you ever wanted to read about the history of how off road racing began from 1968-1976, this is the book. Each copy is $43.00 eacl1 includ-ing shipping. I accept money orders, per-sonal cl1ecks, and paypal. Payment ad-dress: UMITEDQUANTITIESAVAIL-ABLE! Mike Szabo 5416AucklandAve. North Hollywood, Ca 91601 email: (818) 762-3316. FOR SALE: Fat Performance Toyota V6 3.2 Liter with Mote CM 48 Multi-Port Fuel injected race engine, includes exhaust headers, complete Manage-ment system and harness. A Class 1 carbureted version of this engine won the 2003 Score Championship. $6,500.00 OBO. Howard (818) 349-5861. FORSALE: 2005 Porter Class 1 car. New-never raced. Completed at Hem1an Motorsports. 500 HP LS 1 motor, Fortin 4 speed with converter, King Shocks, 4" in rear, Fortin Steer-ing, Kartek Hubs, Spindles, Axles, Brakes & Boots, Kenwood radio, Mastercraft, BFG's. Race Ready! $165,000.00. Damen Jefferies. (760) 948-2898. FOR -SALE: Chenowth PreRunner-Ex Class One 2 Seat: FAT Porsche dual plug, fresh Auto transaxle, new King bypass shocks, new axles, zero miles on prep. Fast and reliable. $30,000.00. Car is in Las Vegas. No trades. Call Kory (702)-477-7575 or email FOR SALE: Jeepspeed Sportsman. Race #1759. Champion Trailer Tow Truck. PreRunner, parts, tires, mies, etc. Can sell complete or separate. Any por-tion. Race car only $12,800.00 (714) 514-4308. Bryan Rogers. FOR SALE: 1999 Toyota Tacoma Pre runner extra cab, V-6 factory su-per charger with headers. Ford 9 inch rear end. Full roll cage with custom A Arnls, King Shocks front and rear. Asking $20,999.00. Call (818) 731-5614. FOR SALE: Chenowth Millenium. Fresh EFI Nascar V6 500 HP, Fresh Transaxle auto, Foddrill, CNC, Howe, Fox coil & bypass, Motec digital dash, MSD, PlAA, Hella Hid, Halogen fire system, PCI setup, Parker, Mastercraft, 30 gal cell w/ quick fill, BFG projects, Ultra wheels, New paint job, lots of spare equipment too much to list. Prep by Foddrill Fab & Fox Motorsports, Very fast & reliable, Top finisher, $59,000.00. Call Cesar Fuentes @ (915) 726-3823. FOR SALE: 1985 Ford F150 ex-tended cab, 3 seat, fully caged, coilover, bypass & air bump at each wheel, 4 link equal length I bean1S, center swing steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, 40&i, small block, slot crank, probe pistons, SVO alum heads, 500 hp. Mogi trans, Sum-mer Bros rear end, new dash & Pro comp gauges, new paint. Only 350 miles since complete prep, NC, Fuel Cell, $38,500 OBO (562) 619-9686. FOR S\IE - 1999 50' S:uftwe:t: ~G N .ax::1:m:1 bal1:r:-.3 ad:! anb av tea 1si}.... ~ lmt'lat\ p dx:n:; E ~ ch:d<ab:atd fl:xn:: $11,500 d:o. CaTI.Dcn Ccnn:n a: 626-644-6693 FOR SALE: BITD Class 4100 or SCORE Class 4 1999 Ford Expedition, Fox, King Bypass, 5.4 1 V8, Mogi Trans, Currie Rear end, Lee Steering, Hellas, Crow belts. All the best. 35K. Race Ready now!! Contact Matt Pike (949) 633-0773. FOR SALE: Class 12 or 10, New 0 mile, Mirage front end, Fodrill Big arms, Dual Sheer steering, Fox coilovers, Monohan, Rear end, Woods arms, Lightened 934 C/ V's, 300m Gundrilled axles, Fox's w/bumps, Mendeola trans, CNC disc brakes, too much to list, less motor $20,000.Q0. contact Keith (714) 931-7302. FOR SALE:2-1600 Dez Fab, Code FRT 1400 Champ. FOR SALE: Class 1 Jimco-2000 Se-+---FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports' Wright Sspindals, front & Rear tvS.mid --ngine2seatchassis,fresh Wiks FOR SALE: Race, play or 4x4 Bronco Pre-Runner. With sus-arms, Rack & Pinion, SAW Vi aluminum Chevy, fresh Fields PreRunner. 2 seater Mirage frame, pension by Curt LeDuc and finish tortion bars, Spring plates, axels 1\u:-trans, Fox shocks, completely Bridgeport 13B Mazada Rotary, 5 work by Stewart's Raceworks, this UMP power steering, Parker prepped and race ready. Currently 1 link suspension, Fox Coilover is a truly awesome machine. King Pumper, King Kong Adjusters, centerseatsetupbutcanbeconverted shocks, Wildwood brakes, Shocks, GPS, Hella Lights, CD FORSALE: ChenowthMagnum,VW 930 CV's, Beard Seats, Fox, back to 2 seat. Best of everything. 930CV's, 002Bus tranny with Player, AC, PW, PDL, PCI Radio. Rabbit, Fox air shocks, Wright arms/ Jamar, trans, Thing drums. No $85,000.00. Car is in Las Vegas. No Hewland gears and SwayAway ax-Truck is immaculately maintained spindles, CNC,Summers Bqi.kes, Car motor. Asking $6,500.00 or trades. Call Kory (702) 477-7575 or !es. $10,500.00 Call Garry (209) by Stewart's Raceworks. 100k. Dan is fast and fun. $13,500.00. Call Best Offer. Call Lupe (760) 353-email 668-3573. Eslick. (503) 618-8823. Arden (209) 321-5792. 7489 or (760) 455-6608 . • • • • • • • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in === : DUSTY TIMES. DUSliJiiiDIIS . Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN 2005 ADVANCE. REMEMBER. CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED. YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is$ _____________ (Send check or money order, no Cash) Name ------------------------------------Address-----------------------------------------------------------City --------------------------------------------------------------State _____ Zip __________________ Phone ______________________________ _ Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 ISSUE DEADLINE January, 05 Doc 10, 04 February, 05 Jan 7,05 Mann, 05 Feb 11, 05 • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 54 December 2004 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 2 Seat Jimco Class 1 Unlimited. 4.9 Liter Chevy V-6, 540 HP by H.P. Engines, with E.F.l. engine management control and data system. Fortin H.D. 4 speed, big axles, C.N.C. brakes, 46 gal fuel safe cell floor mounted, Hella HID lights, Fourteen forged Jessie Jones wheel, P.C.l. Kenwood radios, Lowrance color G.P.S. many spare parts. Prepped and Professionally maintained by Jimco Racing. $95,000.00 Howard Groff (818) 349-5861. F.OR SALE: Baja proven Stock-Mini Ford Ranger program. 2000/2001 SCORE Champi-ons w/numerous wins and only 2 DNF's in 4 years (9000 miles)! Fast and durable, 4WD Supercab. Best of the best in-cluding King, Deaver, Transpros, BFG, etc. Huge spares package also available separately-$25,000.00. Dr Macrae Glass at (928) 716-2225. FOR SALE-7S Ford Ranger-2.3 5 speed, Strange Super Diff, Esslinger Holley, K&N, Ford Motorsports, Keith Black, , Crower, JE, World Class 5 Speed, Centerforce, Strange spool & axles, BFG, American, Fuel Safe, Fox, Beard, Crow, spare parts. $7000 Call Dan Cannon at 626-644-6693. FOR SALE: Lothringer 2-1600. Best of everything. Frame recently powder coated with ground up prep. Car has one of the best finishing rates in SCORE. Micro-stub and disc brakes front and rear. Zero miles on engine and transmission overhaul. $29K OBO. (702) 298-1112 or (928) 758-2918. Sell your vehicles, equipment and bits and pieces right here! Dusty Times has the readership you're looking for so fill out the fmm on the opposite page and get your at in our next issue. . ' . . ! BRAOITEAM Dri,IDg SuHs • Crew Uonorms • Crew Shirts Polo Shirts• Team Jae/tels •Hats• Gear Hags TEIIIIIIR.E IIERIIST MaTIIIISPOIITS • lllrrlEIUI WJIClllll!I • ENIIIIIIII BACllf/B BllllrrE UIIWBBI • &Ifill FJIBWllll#B • RJll:E REJIIIF l'llllllll&TS • Tll,TIIIII IIIILll./1111 l!IWPIIIE IIIIIVl!UNE • IIIIJ!IIIA t:JIIIJ/ii II# l:OBIIIIIJI LBDll..7Dll..235D 3/G/4 IYacker llriYtl • Alirll ./1111111, GA I/Uli2 ----,. _____ ~--Dusty Times December 2004 FOR SALE: Race Ready BITD Class 8 legal Dodge 4x4 100% tig welded chromoly by Velocity Fab. King Shocks w/Hydraulic bumps, Deaver, Xover Howe Steering, Summers Bros., Mastercraft, MSD Ignition, radio, in-tercom, Parker Pumper, Willwood, Autometer, Fuel Safe, Fluidyne, Edelbrock Heads & Intake. $35,000. Call Mike (530) 269-0965 or email FOR SALE: 1-1600 Suspension Un-limited Race Car. Fresh FAT Motor, 0 miles on Transaxle trans. Good look-ing car & works good. Call for more info. (909) 288-0147 cell or (909) 350-2700. FOR SALE: Class 1 Jimco-2000 Se-ries rear engine single seat, fresh Wiks V6 aluminum Chevy, fresh Fortin HD 4 speed, King shocks, big axles, com-pletely prepped and race ready. Best oteverything. $75,000.00. Car is in Las Vegas. No trades. Call Kory(702) 477-7575 or email FOR SALE: PMC Racing Ford F-150 Class 8,652 HPV8, 100% Chromoly T igwelded diassis, Kuster/King Shocks, Mogi trans, Summers Chromoly 9", CNC brakes, Brand new custom made Chromoly I-Beams & trailing am1s, This truck won the last time it raced Class 8 in SCORE. Race prepped $55,000.00. (928) 669-2291. FOR SALE: F-150 Trophy Truck, 351 Windsor, Culhane C-6, King 3", Cone48spline9", Lowrance OPS, 22" Front 29" rear, 60 gallon Fuel Safe, Beard Seats, 37" Goodyears, Sway Bar, Custom Trailer, Contact Patrick (626) 914-5586. 120K. FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports En-gine Sale: 2 FAT Toyota V 6 racing en-gines. 1l1ese are the engines that won the SCORE Class 1 Championship in 2003; $7,500.00 each ($30,000.00 new). HP Engines Chevy V6 that won the 2001, 2002, and 2003 BITD Class 1500 Championships; $10,000.00 ($38,000.00 new). Dan Eslick (503) 618-8823. FOR SALE: Raceco Racecar, 3 race radios, 1 base antennae, 2 Bell hel-mets, Fire Suppressant on board, wired for radios, 2 dump cans, gas pump for 50 gal drum, extra tires, Type 4 motor, 2666cc built by FAT. 22,000.00 obo (626) 57 5-3547 Ext 0. EVAN EVANS Racing Inc. is looking to hire a fabricator/ mechanic. Must have own tools and be willing to travel to races. (951) 780-4490. VEHICLE FABRICATOR: Ex-perienced with all aspects of proto-type vehicle creation, fab-rication and assembly. MIG, TIO, tube bending, sheet metal, vehicle mechanic.s, assembly. Very limited travel required. Valencia CA location. Fax re-sume to (661) 702-9133. SHOP FOREMAN: Experienced shop foreman for proto-type ve-hicle design and fabrication shop located in Valencia CA. Must have 10 plus years experience with custom vehicle development. Manage and oversee 3-6 fabrica-tors. Some hands on required. Very limited travel required. Fax resume to (661) 702-9133. INDb.XTO AD\/b.R. Tl6b.R..:> Arizona Truck Expo ................................. 4 Baker Precision ................................... 44 Best In The Desert.............................. 11 C&R Racing ......................................... 40 Coast Resorts ........................................ 9 CODE ................................................... 33 Fabtech ............................................... 39 Flamingo Racing.................................. 23 Fuel Safe ............................................... 7 Hella Lights ......................................... 27 ISCO .................................................... 42 Kar Tek Off Road ................................. 41 Kawaguchi Honda ............................... 35 KC Hilites ............................................. 2 King Shock Tech ................................. 39 Laughlin ................................. Back Cover Light Force Engineering ...................... 29 McKenzie Off Road .............................. 14 MDR Productions ................................ 46 Mojave Desert Racing ......................... 31 Nevada Off Road Buggy ....................... 38 OMF .................................................... 55 Pacific Customs .................................. 21 Parker Embroidery ............................... 55 Parker Pumper ............................... ;.... 42 Parker Pumper/Competition Air .......... 45 PCI Race Radios..................................... 5 Pike's Service Center .......................... 23 Racer X ............................................... 12 Race Ready Products ........................... 45 Redline Performance ........................... 26 Rhino Off Road .................................... 34 Ronco Plastics .................................... 28 Sakata ................................................. 17 Skyjacker Suspensions ........................ 3 0 SNORE ................................................. 25 Team Gordon Race Wheels ................. 32 Total Power Batteries ......................... 36 Transaxle Engineering ........................ 24 Turn key Products ............................... 53 Valley Performance ............................. 43 Page 55

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1111/ 11() JJ<JJWW/ Uijij6no, ·JBaA a1.n Jo spua)taaM lS8Pl!M puB lS8!lJ!P 'lsapnoI s,u,I46nB7 JO auo S,ll ·aun 4S!U!J 84l Ol l! 8)!BW 8l!nb J8J\8U lB4l SWB8l 84l 81)1084 Ol 9 ~ - £ ~ AJBnuBr aJa4 88 IN I N N.. re-R Be here January 13 - 16 to see who comes '·~ · '·~ · out on top at the 2005 SCORE Laughlin ...... ~- .,.. ., ~-· · ., · Desert Challenge. You can also win a VIP I.· · . · ..; c.:. .-~ . ·• ~ • package and the chance to start a race by --- - entering at the event. For more information check out or call 1-800-4LAUGHLIN. Page 56 December 2004 ~hHn founded M /tui Dusty Times