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2004 Volume 21 Number 10 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 21 • Number 10 • October 2004 $2.50 ISSN8750-1732 serving The OFF Road communi~y 1=0, 21 Years covering the world of competition in the dirt ...

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HUGE KC Contingency Awards available for the 2004 racing season in the following sanctioning organizations' events: 8 Inch Lights New KC RALLY 800 8 inch diameter HID and Halogen lights are now available in competition long range and rally driving styles. Best In The Desert, CORR, SCORE, SNIJRE & VORRA KC rack crawling contingency x programs available. Celebrating our 34th year supporting OFF-ROAD RACING Checkout for KC HID r .org info. systems for ATVs • OIBA MEMBER

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I' Volume 21 -Number 10 October 2004 DUSliJ • li1IIBS ~--alifornia Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Sheryl Cannon Carrera Photography Mike Chamberlain J&L Photography Jim Culp Mike Del Col Martin Holmes Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montana Byrle Moore Troy Robinson Jeff Straw Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham • allv -~cries "·-.. ,_ Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite IA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copyright by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 9131 l and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot of the Month ... Do you recognize this guy???????????? W e do, it's an old friend and an old Oat.sun driver, Jim Conner, who now represents many, many companies in the contingency areas at the major races. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES MDR Mojave 200 by Ann Donaldson ............................................................... 8 54th Neste Rally ofFinland by Martin Holmes .............................................. 14 Short Course at Kamloops by Bruce Angus ................................................... 18 CRS Treeline Rally by Scott Bottomley ........................................................... 2 2 Pikes Peak Hillclimb by Tony Tellier . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . .. . . .. ..... ... . .. .. .. .. .. .. . 2 4 CORR At Bark River by]. Preston Bradshaw ............................................... 3 2 23rd Rally of Deutschland by Martin Holmes ............................................ 40 ORW Lazo de Amistad by Byrle Moore ...................................................... 44 CRS Gorman Ridge Rally by Scott Bottomley .............................................. 4 8 DEPARTMENTS Happenings . ..... .. . . ... . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . .. .. .. . .. . . .. . . .. . . . . . . ... . . .. . . . . . . . . ... . . . 5 Trail Notes ................................................................................................. 6 American Jeepspeed Challenge by Clive Skilton ............................................. 3 8 Baja Pits USNBaja ................................................................................. 38 CORE Report by Ann Donaldson ................................................................. 3 8 ORBANews ............................................................................................ 38 Good Stuff Directory ............................................................................... 51 Classified Ads ........................................................................................... 5 8 Index To Advertisers ................................................................................. 5 9 ON THE COVER Ivan Penchansky did most of the driving, Ollie was ill and just drove a tiny bit, but the brothers overcame a fuel problem and took the Class 8 honors as well as taking first overall at the MDR Mojave 200. Photo by Jared Milgrim, Trackside Photo Bill Wingering and Greg Ayers drove the really neat looking Jimco to a nice Class 1 win at the MDR Mojave 200, they ran trouble free and the big V8 power launched them into the second overall position. Photo by Jim Ober, Trackside Photo Visit Our Website at c5ubscr.ibe :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY ' IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year □ 2' }y~ars □ 3 i" State Primary Interest Cars O Trucks O Motorcycles 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 Y~!~,jJ0.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times October 2004 Page RM

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2004-2005 Happenings ... 1 OK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 CLEVES, OHIO 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) .AMERICAN CuSTOM WHEELS }EEPSPEED 1826 N. WINDES ORANGE, CA 92869 714-538-7434/FAX: 714-033-1724 December 4, 2004 Las Vegas 200 State Line, NV .AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP, INc. 3650 SOUTH POINTE CIRCLE, SUITE 205 LAUGHLIN, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/FAX: (702) 521-0597 E MAIL: A.MERICAN TRIAIS ASSOCIATION AMA OBSERVED TR.w..s SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES BILL MARKUM · PRESIDENT (909) 860-1857 24 HR HOTLINE· (714) 562-7742 EMAIL: <> ASOCIACION EsTATAL DE AuroMOVILISMO SAM l.AsELL, TECH INSPECTOR APTo42 SAN JOSE DEL CABO BAJA CALIFORNIA DEL SUR. MEXICO AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP DARRYL SMITH 19 SOMERS ST. CASHMERE, QUEENSLAND, 4500, AUSTRALIA DUSTY TIMES AUTOC;ROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD CI.ASS 10 CARS ONLY RENALD VAILLANCOURT 3069 DAGENAIS WEST LAVAL QUEBEC, CANADA H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG AssN. P.O. Box 1521 LAKESIDE, CA 92040 WOODLAND H1us, CA 91365 760-578-6258/760-578-6259 FAX: 818-348-4648 E-Mail: All Events At California Cii,, CA October 23-24, 2004 Cal-City Off Road #5 December 18-19, 2004 Cal-City Off Road #6 BRIGIITON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 BRIGHTON, ONTARIO, CANADA KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/FAX (613) 475-3250 CAJOR CLUB AUTOMOVIUSTA/UARENSE DE CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING 7210 GATEWAY EAST EL PASO, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 RALPH GARCIA 011-52-16-17-45-42 CESAR FUENTES CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Rall~ Calendar Octo r 2-3, 2004 Prescott Forest Rally Michael Taylor E-Mail: December 10-12, 2004 Ramada Express Rally <> Rallysprint Calendar October 9, 2004 Perforce Software Rallysprint John Dillon E-Mail: November 20, 2004 Baldy Run Rallysprint Pete Morris E-Mail: December 12, 2004 Ramada Express Superstage Ray/Donna Hocker <> Rally Schools TBA Thunderhill Rally School Greg Montgomery E-Mail: CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box 400 MAYWOOD, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SourH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 PIERRE, SD 57501 DAVE ADAMS (PILOTS AND BAJAS) (605) 224-9481 DON ENGLEMAN (BIKES) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY. RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. RICHARDS P.O. Box 332 FAIR HAVEN, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS l.C.O. TOM DELAUDER SR 1091 TWP. LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison CountJ Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH Cum AuroMOVIUSTICA SANQulNTIN CALLE 6TA FRACC Co. DE SAN QUINTIN SAN QUINTIN, BC, MEXICO HERACLIO PATINO (011 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AuroMoVIUSTico . SAN VICENTE SAN VICENTE OFF ROAD ENSENADA, BC, MEXICO USA }AN WRIGHT (011 52 61746834) RAMON CASTRO & RUBEN ACEVEDO (61637/7 0034) CMC CONTINENTAL MOTOSPORT CLUB P.O. Box 3187 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690-3178 FAx: (714) 367-1608 CODE OFFRoAD CODE Offroad USA P.O.Box 2328 Calexico, CA 92231-2328 USA Phone 760-455-8069 Happenings continued on page 6 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Racewa1, Lakeside, CA INTRODUCING_ BBMMARKETI:NG PROMOTIONS OFF ROAD SHORT COURSE RACING & SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING 4344 VALLEY VIEW AvE. NORCO, CA 92860 (909) 340-64 74 BEST IN THE DESERT\ RACING ASSOCIATION 3475 BOULDER HIGHWAY LAs VEGAS, NV 89121 702-457-5775/FAX: 702-641-2431 -E-MAIL: October 15-17, 2004 Las Vegas 200 December 3-5, 2004 Henderson's Terrible 300 Henderson, NV All Classes January 7-8, 2005 A Duel In The Desert Motorcycles & Quads Only February 4-6, 2005 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 425 Cars & Trucks March 4-6, 2005 Kawasaki Team Green Laughlin U.S. Hare Scrambles April 1-3, 2005 Pro Circuit Nevada Trail Ride April 29-30, 2005 Terrible's Town 250 July 6-10, 2005 McMillin Nevada 1000 October 6-8, 2005 TSCO Vegas·To Reno December 2-4, 2005 Henderson's Terrible 300 B.O.R.E. BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W 2575 N SUNSET, UT 84015 801-773-1651 BP MoToRsPORTs P.O. Box 411 Dusty Times YKENWOOD~~~ 110 Watts of Power 1160 Channel Alphanumeric I Water Resistant I Mil Spec I Baja 1000 Proven "_1 was in Ensenada. and my crew in San Quinlin could hear me 150 mil 11 need these in ALL of my lruckslu -"'°' L"'°'/flW l"".tr=LIL/E:61~ PROTRUCK WINNER, 2002 TECATE/SC0RE BAJA 1000 _The best communicaHon we've ln over 15 years of off road racing!" ~~E,....--«.~ '1:JltlET T#l•'i,,,;j, ,-Cill~C.,...W TCtlP~# Remote Head opHon available. Call for details. 800.869.5636 562.427.8177 • Fax 562~26.3589 WWW.PCIRACERADIOS.COM 2888 Gundry Ave.. • Signal Hill, CA 90755 October 2004 Pages

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Trail Notes ... Ei\N STEWART ON TV -Toyota Motor Sales is presenting a new truck nd off road television series, "Tough Truckin"', with Ivan Stewart eginning on Saturday October 2. The show airs at 11:30am (Pacific and Eastern) on Spike TV. Ivan says, "The truck and off road enthusiast base is hungry for information and is ready for a television show that addresses its interests specifically. With Tough Truckin', Spike TV feeds the hunger with 13 half hour programs (7 original episodes) premiering in the 4th quarter of 2004." Anchored by the most respected off road racer in the world, Ivan Stewart, each episode of Tough Truckin' will be going to the extreme. Tough Truckin' will be testing, building and torturing the toughest trucks around. Seeing how to race and modify trucks like an off road champion and going behind the scenes and featuring highlights of some of the best off road racing around, (including Ivan Stewart's Protruck Series), Tough Truckin' will be the ultimate television show for the truck enthusiast. (From a press release August 19, 2004) BILL AMICK R.EsIGNS FROM AMA • The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has announced that Bill Amick, its Vice President of Events and Entertainment since 1997, tendered his resignation on August 19, 2004. The resignation takes effect August 26. Amick, 53, completed his 30th year of service to the Association in May. Prior to his transfer to head up the AMA's Events and Entertainment Department, Amick had ser-ved as editor of American Motorcyclist magazine and as department head in AMA communications and AMA Pro Racing. Amick is taking time off to recuperate from a series of successful cancer related surgeries before opening a small business. He will remain as an AMA delegate to the Motocross Commission of the FIM where he has served for 18 years. "My time at the AMA has been extremely rewarding and has provided opportunities, experiences and friendships I never imagined when I joined the staff in 1974. The AMA will always be a big part of my life and I will continue to be supportive of its work in any way I can". MACCACHREN ls THE MAN To BEAT-In a press release from Bud Pico at the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau, a bounty :will be placed on driver Rob MacCachren in Henderson's BITD Terrible's 300 Desert Race, scheduled for December 4. Race officials announced a bounty has been placed on desert racing legend Rob MacCachren in the 1/2-1600 class. The first driver to beat MacCachren in the Terribl~'s 300 will receive a $1500 bonus. MacCachren has been racing competitively since 1982 and has over 100 race wins in his career. In 2001, after winning four championships with four different promoters in one season, MacCachren was named "Driver Of The Year" by the American Auto Writers and Broadcasters Association. "I'm flattered to have a bounty placed on me, it's a challenge" MacCachren said, there's obviously a lot of people who are going to be out there trying to beat me, and that's a good thing. At the same time, I want to win." A total of $16,500 will be paid out to the top five places in the 1/2-1600 class. The prize money is contingent on 20 or more vehicles entering the race in that class. The race, sponsored by the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau and the city of Boulder City will take place in the Eldorado Valley, located between Henderson and Boulder City. There will be two race courses, one for motorcycles and A TV's and one for cars and trucks, running in a figure 8 style. The start/finish line will be positioned so spectators will be able to view both races at the same time. Time Trials, for starting positions will be held on December 2, Technical Inspection and Contingency will be on December 3 and the race and awards will take place on December 4. Best In The Desert Year End Award ceremonies will be on December 5. For more information call the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau at 877-775-5252 or 702-267-2171 CORR TV LISTINGS • The tentative TV schedule for the last three races in the CORR 2004 series are: Bark River, October 9, October 16 and November 6. Crandon will air on November 20, November 27 and December 4. New Berlin races will air on December 11 and December 18. All events are shown on Speed Channel only. If you don't have it you'd better get it now! SCORE PRIMM-SCORE will be running their penultimate race of the 2004 season at Primm, Nevada. Going into this race the top 15 in points are: Brian Jeffrey/ Adam Pfankuch (1600), 226 points. Rob MacCachren/Danny Anderson (1600), 206 points. Travis/Brad Fletcher (1600), 200 points. Rick Boyer/Steve Roberts (1600), 193 points. Andy/ Scott McMillin (Class 1), 190 points. Mark Post/Jerry Whelchel (Trophy Truck), 189 points. Leonardo/ Alejandro Navarrete (1600), 189 points. John Marking/Chris Harrold (Class 1), 183 points. Jason Baldwin (Trophy Truck), 176 points. Tom Watson/Tim Noe (SCORE Lite), 176 points. Mark/CJ Huchins (Class 10), 173 points. Chuck Hovey (Class 1), 170 points. Troy Herbst/Larry Roeseler (Class 1), 169 points. Bobby Altimirano/Jeff Knupp (1600), 167 points. Mark McMillin (Class 1), 165 points. JimAnderson/JeffHunt(Class 10), 165 points. Stan Potter/ Dan Worley (SCORE Lite), 165 points. Gerado Iribe/Javier Hernandez (5-1600), 165 points. After the drawing on August 7 the entrants in each class were: Trophy Truck - 21, Class 1 -35, Class 1/2-1600 - 32, Class 3 -1, Class 5 - 2, Class 5-1600 - 7, Class 7 - 6, Class 7S -3, Class 7SX-1, Class 8 - 4, Class 9 - 2, Class 10 -17, Class 11-1, SCORE Lites - 16, Protruck - 6, Stock Mini -1, Stock Full - 2, Sportsman Buggy -1, Sportsman Truck-2. That's 160 entries at the drawing, so it will probably go over 200 by race day. You'll read about the race in great detail in Dusty Times -stay tuned! MMILLIN NEVADA 1000 -The McMillin Companies have teamed p with Best In The Desert to offer the Nevada 1000 to all you esert racers. This is a four day long staged event, similar to the Page 6 Mexico Phone/Fax (011-52)686-553-4087 <www mx> October 16. 2004 Mangiamos 300 Laguna Salada, Mexicali, BC, MX December 11, 2004 Rafce Ready Products 275 Ensenads, Mexicali, San Felipe, BC, MX CoLORADO lln.L CLlMB ASSOCIATION BARB VAHSHOLTZ, PRESIDENT (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 COLORAOO SPRINGS, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box 392 CALEXICO, CA 92232 HECTOR CERECER 011-52-65-66-4458 CORR 2004 LUCAS OIL SERIES 192 N. STATE ROAD, SUITE 267 AVON, IN 46123 317-272-2827 /317-272-2900 fax CORVA 1500 WEST EL CAMINO, SUITE 352 SACRAMENTO, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA EXT 42 FAX (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS DAVE VAN DEREN 2405 BAKER AVE. EVERETT, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (Al! e11ents at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA ar Thurs.ton County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY DARREN SKILTON BAJA AUTOMOTIVE ADVENTURES 455 E. OCEAN BLVD., SUITE 208 LoNG BEACH, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/FAX: (562) 590-7925 DF.CATIJR FoUR WHEEL DRIVE Cum DECAruR, 1X 76234 ToMALLEN (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1863 COMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU Cm, AZ 86403 (928) 855-2208 EAsrmN OFF-RoAD RACING ASSN. TOM DELAUDER, SR. 1091 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD WELLSVILLE, OHIO 4 3968 (330) 532-4589 ENsENADA BAJA OFF RoAD RACING Av. REFORMA 1136 ENSADA, BC, MX 011-52-646-1818989 Eus10 011-52-646-1715230AARON Races far buggys & Motor9cles Esrmo BEACH INTERNATIONAL SHORT CoURSE RACING VICTORIA GALINOO ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 011-52-646-176-6230 FORDA FWRIDA OFF ROAD DRIVER'S AssN. )ASON LEIBIN (727) 376-4176 Mar, Apr, MaJ, Noo at Da11idson Raceway FuoPUCKER RACING TEAM 1855 PARKWAY DRIVE S. EL MONTE, CA91733 626-442-9320/959-579-6151FAX 2004 Racing Schedule Date-TBD Off Road Warehouse Jacume, Baja, CA Buggies - Trucks October 9, 2004 C/M Nite Team Race Plaster City, East, CA ATVs -Bikes October 23, 2004 Superstition 250 XXI Plaster City, East ATVs -Bikes -Buggies - Trucks November 6, 2004 D-38 Reunion Plaster City, West, CA ATVs -Bikes November 7, 2004 Notorious Dawg ATVs -Bikes December 5, 2004 October 2004 Rudolphs Revenge Superstitions, CA ATVs -Bikes GORRA GEORGIA OFF RoAD RACING ASS'OCL4TION 4 20 HOSEA ROAD LAWRENCEVILLE, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA GREAT PLANES OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION TIM HODGE (402) 991-6048 · SCOTT MORROW (816) 792-2126 (AU races are slwrt course, stadium sc-yk Classes -Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5-1600, Spart Truck, Quads, Tough Truck Nebraska RacewaJ Park, Exit 420 on l-80 between Omaha and Llnroln.) For latest info check <> HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING 22000 W. Quincy Unit B ENGLEWOOD, CO 80110 303-806-8062/303-7 81-0974 Fax October 10, 2004 November 7, 2004 December, 2004 (Open) INTERNATIONAL lcE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 ST. PAUL, MN 55108 STEVE BEDOOR (612) 937-3816/FAX 474-2769 INTER-SHows MoTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, !Ne. P.O. Box 2910 MISSION VIEJO, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 ]EEPSPEED RACING FOR STREET LEGAL JEEP CHEROKEES 1826 N. WINDES DRIVE ORANGE, CA 92869 (714) 538-7434 <www> E-MAIL: KAMI.oops BRONCO BusTERS WmsPERING PINES SPORTS & REcREATION CENTER P.O. Box 465 KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA VZG5L2 DALE NYESTE (250) 579-8039 TONY (250) 554-97801. Craig Byers (250) 376-8466 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & 0FFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 <> <> L.I.T.R.E. )EFFELROD (408) 926-0522 )IMARUTA (408) 247-4402 MAMARRrrA OFF ROAD RACING LUIS CARLos N.VAREZO PANAMERICANA AVE #5105 Co. JUAREZ, CHIH., MX 011-52-1637-1799 Ml:ClllGAN BUGGY BUIIDERS DUNE BUGGY TRADE SHOW (517) 543-7214 <> MicmGAN OFF RoAD CliAMPIONSlilPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 )ONES ROAD GRAND LEDGE, ML 4883 7 (517) 627-6200 Motarc:,cles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots onlJ MAORA MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD AsSOCIATION P.O. Box 184 MATTOON, IL 61938 (217) 235-6528 E-MAIL: <> Short Course Series** Endurance Series*** October 2, 2004** Lincoh1 Trail Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL October 3, 2004*** Lincoln Mtrsprts Park Casey, IL MoJA VE DESERT RACING 1853 PARKWAY DRIVE SOUTH EL MONTE, CA 91733 626-442-9320/626-579-6051 FAX E-MAIL: November 20, 2004 Stoddard 250 Barstow, CA M.O.R.E. HIGH DESERT CHAMPIONSl:llP P.O. Box 1231 BARSTOW, CA 92311-1231 760-253-4453 December 4, 2004 Holiday 200 Barstow,CA MSBA MicmGAN SPORT BUGGY AsSOCIATION . DAVE BARRET 6363 NIGHTINGALE DR. FLINT, ML 48506 (810) 730-9221 MoTOWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES BILL MARKHAM (909) 860-1857 <> A!! e11ents at Perris RacewaJ (At Reed Va!l,,J with a school) NATIONAL Mun RACING AssN. RT. #l -Box 380 DAVE OR MARLENE RYAN PALATKA, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK AssN. BUTCH CHAPIN MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS 1404 EAST 3RDSTREET HASTINGS, MN 55033-1415 (612)437-2459 NOORA GARYWULFF(724) 283-2678 E-MAIL <> Buggies, Pilot/Odysseys, Trucks, Quads (Spring Valle, RacewaJ, on route 518, 20 minutes SW of Lisbon, OH) (Thunder Valle, located 15 minutes from Spring Valley) NoRTHERN Omo OFF RoAD RACING ASSN. GARY WULFF (724) 283-2678 OFF ROAD EXPO 2004 (626) 599-8622 OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERED SERIES PRESIDENT • GEOFF LEE 124 3 TRICE ROAD LEBANON, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 CLASS REP. -1/2-1600 BRUCE MEYERS (865) 453-1005 CLASS REP. -9 & UNLID. MICHAEL MOORE (334) 271-7035 OUTLAW REP. DoNPONDER (314) 631-8190 (All Races at Wheeling in the County 900 Acres) OFF-ROAD SAND & SPEED EXPO Omo OFF RoADERS !Ne. 1427 GOSHEN HILLS ROAD S.E. NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO 44663 )IM l<ENDEL (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadi~ Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION RICK TICHBOURNE, PUBLIC RELATIONS (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) 0UTLA w SEVEN PICKUP 9269 UMMELMAN ST. Lou1s,M063123 (314) 631-8140/FAX: ((314) 631-1921 PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP 495 N. CoMMONS DRIVE AuR9RA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 <> PlKEs PEAK P.O. Box 6962 CoLORAOO SPRINGS, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING CHATSWORTH, NJ (856) 875-7591 Dusty Times

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r PRO 1600 SHOOTOUT CoREYGOIN 559-647-6132 GOINRACIN@HO1MAIL.COM December 10-11, 2004 SNORE -Cal City, CA Pao TRUCK RACING SERIES 9409 ABRAHAM WAY SANTEE, CA 92071-2856 (619) 449-6252/FAX: (619) 449-6470 November 18-21, 2004 Baja 1000 Baja, Mexico December 3-S, 2004 Las Vegas 200 Las Vegas, NV PuRE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 50 RICKETTS, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 ROCK CRAWLERS ASSOCIATION OF AwluCA P.O. Box 1406 RIVERTON, UT 84065 (801) 446-5337/FAX: (801) 253-3176 SAN DIEGO SHORT COURSE WINTERNATIONALS A New Series lry Snowbird Off Road Racing Pro Trucks, Desert Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Tough Truck <> (858) 571-5088 SAN DIEGO OFF RoAD ExrosmoN (888) 836 7918 SCCA PRoRAu.v P.O. Box 19400 TOPEKA, KS 66619 800-770-2055 <www> October 2-3, 2004 Trackrod Rally Yorkshire, England October 16-17,2004 Lake Superior Houghton, MI October 20-24, 2004 Rally International de Charlevoix La Malbaie, Quebec October 30-November 1, 2004 Tempest South Of England Rally Aldershot, England November 6-7, 2004 Heart Of Dixie Pro Rally Preview and Awards Southeastern USA November 19-20, 2004 Rally Of The Tall Pines Bancroft, Ontario Canada SFX MoTORSPORTS GROUP 49 5 N. CoMMONS DRIVE, SUITE 200 AURORA, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 FAX SCORE SCORE INTERNATIONAL 23961 CRAFTSMAN Ro., SuITE A CALABASAS, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 <> November 17 -21, 2004 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Ensenada To LaPaz Baja, California, Mexico Motorcycles/ATVs Included January 13-16, 200S Laughlin SCORE Desert Challenge Laughlin, NV February 2S-26, 200S Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 San Felepe, BC, MX June 3-S, 200S Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, MX September 9-11, 200S SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV November 17-20, 200S Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 BC,MX SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS P.O. Box 270516 LAs VEGAS, NV 89127 (702) 452-4522 October 1-3, 2004 Gold Coast SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV November 12-13, 2004 Western Desert Championship California City, CA December 10-12, 2004 Baja In Primm Primm,NV (Non Points Race) Dusty Times SONS OF THUNDER 4 WHEELERS RACE DIVISION KEITH STEWART (714) 522-1899 SODA SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS AssocIA TION TERRY WOLFE 7839 W. NORTH AVENUE WAUWATOSA, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA SOlJTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE STEVE RULE (800) 313-5621 OR((770) 963-0252 MIKE MOORE· (224) 272-5400 SPEED SPORTS EXPO MEGA PRODUCTIONS 3129 S. Hacienda Blvd. #322 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 961-6522 8CrA SOUTHERN CAUFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION & BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INc. P.O. Box 10 OROS!, CA 9364 7 (559) 528-6279 (559) 528-9749 FAX <> October 13-16, 2004 Bonneville Salt Flats World Finals Vehicle inspections begin October 12, 2004) El Mirage Dry Lake October 3, 2004 November 13-141 2004 SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 4305 WOOTLARK DRIVE TAMPA FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (AU Race.sat Eastbaz Racewaz, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 PARKLANDS, 2121 SOUTH AFRICA (011)788-5138 FAX (011 ) 880-2170 TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 UNADillA V AllEY SPORTS ONrER P.O. Box 5119 EDMESTON, NY 13335 (606) 965-8784/FAX: (606) 905-8784 <> VORRA V AllEY OFF ROAD RACING AssN. 920 HILLCREST ST. PLACERVILLE, CA 95667 (530) 622-03 70 <> Short Course Races Prairie City, Sacramento, CA October 16-1 7, 2004 October 30-31, 2004 Awards Banquet November 13, 2004 Location TBA VIQNI'EGummlo Ow RoAn Cum PROFO. CENOVIO GAMBOA 011-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 P.M.) WfSTERN OFF RoAD RA.ONG AssoaAnON LARRY HENDERSON (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 SUMAS WA 98295 WESTERN Pi!NNsYLVANIA WHEEL To WHEEL OFF ROAD RACNG PATRICK McGu1RE P.O. Box 376 ACIA.MSBURG,PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2325 E. KINGS AVENUE PHOENIX, AZ 85022 (602) 971-3730 <> Trucks & Buggies October 2, 2004 PMP Extreme GP Tucson,AZ November 13, 2004 Vulture Mine Wickenberg, AZ December 4, 2004 Point To Point Rocky Point, Mexico WISCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FEsTIVAL TERRY OR BEV FRIDAY 5913 so. U.S. HWY 45 OSHKOSH, WL 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP XTREME INTERNATIONAL 1863 CoMMANDER DRIVE LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ 86403 (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 BAJA OFFICE: 011-526-6225 :z:r. PROMOTIONS RENE MONTANO P.O. Box 2122 CALEXICO, CA 92231 4x4 FOREVER, Lm. 1665 DELAWARE ST. 0sHKOSH, WI-54901 Attention Race & Rally Organizers List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailiing list. Don't call, but mail your 2004-2005 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: 20761 Ply.mmer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-5003 October 2004 Trail Notes ... Paris/Dakar Rally. One of the most popular features of the event is the nightly one hour of free time to work on the vehicle. The McMillin family now has three generations racing in three different vehicles. The McMillins, like the Herbsts and the Weyhrich family all love off road racing and they enjoy giving back to the sport in any way they can and now the McMillins are added to that prestigious list of title sponsors and Best In The Desert is proud to announce the Corley McMillin Companies will be the title sponsor of the 2005 McMillin Nevada 1000. The race will be held in central Nevada with Tonopah as the hub of the event. The first day, July 7, will run 212 miles with five pit stops. Day two, July 8, will run for 329 miles with nine pit stops. Day three, July 9, will run 306 miles with seven pit stops and the final day, July 10, will run 114 miles with three pit stops. Casey Folks promises you some spectacular racing and some spectacular scenery as well, traveling through the beautiful mountain ranges, ghost towns and mines in the Tonopah area. Make sure you're a part of the McMillin Nevada 1000. BORGWARNER SHOOTOUT -Crandon International Raceway was the host once again for the 10th annual BorgWarner $100,000 Shootout. When all the dust had cleared it was Johnny Greaves taking home the win and the big bucks. Johnny drove his Toyota Tundra 4WD into a $34,935 jackpot of cash and prizes. This was his first win in the Shootout and he had nothing but praise for his powerful and great handling Toyota truck and for the condition of the Crandon Raceway course. Curt LeDuc came in second in his Skyjacker Ford, the monetary reward being a lot less than the winner. Scott Taylor came in third, Evan Evans came in fourth, Steve McCrossan was fifth, Mike Oberg was the sixth finisher, Jason Baldwin was seventh and Steve Barlow was the eighth and final finisher. The BorgWarner Shootout is a big dollar addition to the Annual Labor Day event at Crandon Raceway, usually attended by thousands of spectators. You should try and put it on your calendar to see some great short course racing. BAJA 1000 PIT SUPPORT· If you need pit support for your November effort, the Baja 1000, check out the Baja Pits, get all the information you need on the Club Pages, under Baja Pits. U;ys FOR TOTS· It's that time of the year again! The Off Road Poker un is once again working out of the Slash X Cafe on October 30 and 1. There are two courses, one for motorcycles and quads and the other for buggies and trucks. Any type off road vehicle can enter, California vehicles must display a green or a red sticker and you must have an approved spark arrestor if not equipped with an exhaust muffler. Entry fee is $25 or $20 with an unwrapped toy. You get two laps for one entry fee. All the proceeds go to help the Barstow Charities. Co-Sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management. Go out and have some fun and know you're doing some real good for those who don't have it so good. For more information call the Slash X at 760-252-1197 or MaVConnie Wessel at 760-252-3093. SCORE BAJA 1000 DRAWING• Drawing for starting positions for the SCORE Baja 1000 will be held at the Off Road Expo at the Pomona Fairgrounds, Saturday, October 9, 2004. Sal Fish, his own self will conduct the drawing on the opening day of the 5th annual Off Road Expo event. This years Off Road Expo will again be occupying Halls 4,5 and 6 at the Pomona Fairplex where last year close to 40,000 off road enthusiasts came by for a look-see. Come and see a lot of equipment, a lot of racers and almost racers and attend a spectacular midway with all your desires somewhere within the halls. SCORE PRIMM 300 -Nobody complained about the heat, the temperature was balmy but there was lots of the wet stuff and the muck to contend with for the 184 entrants. It only rained on the southern portion of the course so, some running was in the good ol' dry desert sand. In the Trophy Truck Class, it was Alan Pfleuger taking the win as well as the overall, Gus Vildosola and Rob MacCachren were second and Jason Baldwin was third. Darnen Jefferies was the Class 1 winner, Rick Romans was second and Mark McMillin came in third. In 1/2-1600, Rob MacCachren and Danny Anderson took the gold, Leonardo Navarette was second and Brian Jeffrey came in thircf. In Class 3 it was Don Moss taking the top honors. Chris Bowman was the Class 5 winner. Dave Collier took the Class 5-1600 honors, Marcos Nunez was second in that class. In Class 7 it was Craig Turner taking the win, Hector Salazar was second in and Randy Sorenson came in third. In Class 8, the only finisher was Todd Wyllie. Eric Fisher was the class 9 winner. In Class 10, Martin Christensen took the gold, Steve Myers came in second and John Cooley was third. Vic Bruckmann took the win in the SCORE Lite Class, Mike Voyles was second and Mark Kyle came in third. In Class 11, Eric Solorzano was on top of the podium. In Stock Full, Mark Handley took the win and John Griffin came in second. Kreg Donohue was the Stock Mini winner and Ricardo Ramirez took the Class 17 win. The Scaroni's, Matt and Steve took the Pro Truck win, Rob Reinertson came in second and Steve Staats was third. Arthur Basile took the Sportsman Buggy win. Stay tuned for next issue of Dusty Times where Judy Smith will give you the entire race in detail and Trackside Photo will have tons of pictures for your pleasure. MDR SUPERSTITION SERIES· The Superstition Series contingency will be held on October 16, 2004 &om 9am to 1pm at the Imperial Valley Expo in Imperial, California. KXO Radio, AM 1230 and FM 107 El Centro will do a live remote from the Budweiser trailer on Contingency Row. Several new vendors to the series will be attending. Let's all get down there and support the Superstition Series. Page 7

Page 8

MOJAVE DESERT RACING ·cool' could Be The word For The Mojave 200 B:y Ann Donaldson Phoros: Trackside Photo Mike Barnett took second place in the Jeepspeed Pro Class but he gets our award for flying highest at Barstow. Ivan Penchansky ran solo and fast, he had some down time but took the win in Class 8 and he took the overall win as well. RacinginAugustinBarstowoonjures up thoughts of heat stroke. But on Sat-urday, August 14, the racers who showed up for the MOR Mojave 200 were given a break from the extreme heat. lbat day the hazy sun and a breeze kept the course dear and temperatures down. Scattered thunder showers in the area also helped keep the thennometer lower. TI1e Bu-reau of Land Management were high profile. BLM Rangers were riding quads and using a sand rail to keep problems to a minimum. Ongoing problems created by people running up and down the start/finish line all night needed theattentionofMOR and got it . .T o put a stop to this behavior, the MOR crew patrolled from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. to warn the misbehaving race fans. TI1ose creating safety problems at the start/finish were told if anyone con-tinued these antics and another warning A big Cadillac engine in a hot Jimco Class 1 car was the winning combination, Bill Wingeming took the win with ease. Pauldin Hepler was alone in class 5-1600, he ran his five laps quickly and consistently and finished 14"' overall. had to be issued to the san1e person, and that person was associated with a team, then the team would be penaliz.ed. The event started at 7 a.m., ead1 lap covered 38 miles. Races for individual classes ranging from three laps to five laps. MOR rules that pits needed to be 100 feet away from the race course for safety purposes. Infom1ing the race teams about it was another activity that kept MORbusy. The smoking hot lap of the day was recorded by driver of record, Kory Halo-poff in the Harley Letner truck. His first lap time was 37 minutes and 35 seconds. This black truck is one of a kind vehicle in more ways than one. For example, it uses independent rear suspension. But being unique is no protection from the bagaries of desert racing. A broken spindle at a high rate of speed put the m1ck out of the race afrer the first lap. The Penmansky brothers, Ollie and Ivan, who, after spending a long tin1e parked, brought out their old 8 truck and took both the class win as well as the overall win by a slin1 54 seconds. Ivan drove the whole race and reported a down time of 15 minutes for a fuel prob-lem. Ollie was suffering from the flu, so Craig Johnson did the co-driving duties. Ollie eventually jumped into the driver's seat about 100 yards before the finish line for the checkered flag. Class 1 winner was Bill Wingeming in the silver with blue and )ellow flamed painted Jimco, gaining this win two times in a row. Powered by a Northstar V8 ,......---------------------------, Bob Miller had no competition, he had major problems on the second Richard Boyle was off his pace on the fourth lap, he was second in The Class 7 win went to Barry Karakas, seen here at touchdown on lap but he soldiered on and took the class win. ~----~, Class 1 and sixth overall at the Mojave 200. his way to the Checkers at the Mojave 200. Mark Shoaff had really big problems on his second lap but he carried Second place in Class 10 went to Jim Gledhill, he had no troubles but Travis McGee had his board with him, in case of flooding, he was the on and took a nice second place in Class 8. was just a bit off the winning pace. second finisher in the Class 11 battle. Pages October 2004 Dusty Times

Page 9

Second in Sportsman Buggy was Greg Crew. his slow second lap Second in Class 1450, Chris Wrublevski drove his Ford hard, he was Archie Floyd had a long last lap and it cost him, he finished second in was costly, he lost the class win by a mere 45 seconds. six minutes away from the gold when the checkers flew. Class 1600, seen here at a bad moment. that uses pump fueL this car looked good the right seat many times, but this was his in a race car: when fastvehides come by, in fifth. And Keith Cunningham in a Martin. Everything was going good with and sounded good. Driving duties were first time driving in a race in a Pro.truck, rocks can and will be tos.sed by the tires. I bright blue two-seat car claimed sixth the exception of a flat tire until the last split between Bill Wingeming and Greg no less. It makes it hard to not be green would suggest stepping back from the race place. 20 miles of the final lap. A frustrated Ayers. Co-driving also was divided be-with envy. Mike suffered two flats on the course.) For ma;tof the race, the team of Ryan Dan Martin reported, "The spark plug tween Will Cato and Mike Holvey. TI1ey fourth lap and still brought the truck Wayne Lugo driving the blue and yel-Harbottle and Dan Martin led overall in wires kept falling off the distributor. I reported no problems except a malfunc- home for a nice finish. Oust a side note low Raceworks built truggywas next with a single seat Olenowth. Ryan drove three had to stop five times to have spectators tioninghom.Usingprovenmedmdswith thattoan)Onewatmingorbrokendown afourthplacefmish.JohnGouldcan1e laps then tumed the car over to Dan Continued on page 10 consistency, this tean1 brought" the car home for the first place finish. Mike Holvey's observation seemed to be an understatement: "We had a good race." Richard Boyle was second with an average speed of 41.1 mph. Boyal hit the Hodge Road crossing at a high rate of speed and got out of shape, but, to the amazement of spectators and pit person-nel, he saved it and kept his foot to the gas pedal J.R. Stanley drove his bright yellow (ex-John Becker) Pro-tmck to a third place finish. Using the race as a shake down for the Baja 1000 race, J.R. drove two laps. At one point he stood the truck on its nose. The resulting bent front bumperwasmuchbetterthangoingover end over end. J .R. then turned the wheel over to Mike Grover, who had never driven in a race before. Mike had been in Dusty Times The Class 10 win, and the third overall position went to Ryan Hardbottle, a long Bob Henderson led the Class 11 contingent the entire race, he won the class with fifth lap cost him the overall. _o_ve_r_h_a_lf_a_n_h_ou_ r_in_ha_n_d_. ____________ _____ _ An Intimate Gem Adjacent to Bellagio, Caesars & Bally s @~ Flamingo & The Strip 1-888-227 •2279 b.-wburteoas1cm;m.can The Place Las Vegans Gall Home"' West flamingo & Valley View 1-888-402-6278 g¢ldcicmt.1cnsino.c:om October 2004 Ask AbOut Our Specml Headliner Show and e Room Pa.ckages 'Nest Tropicana & Arville 1-800-675-3267 cd.enacaEino,com Ask AbOLlt our Room & Goff Alta & Rampart 1-877-677-1111 ~ , .. tc .. &m,c;a/1 Page 9

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Second in the Jeepspeed Stock class was Bill Frey, he was a scant JR Stanley ran his truck in the Class 1 battle, a long fourth lap help Third place in the Class 1 conflict went to Arthur Basile, seen here five minutes out of the lead at the end. relegate him to the bronze medal at the Mojave 200. heading for the checkered nag. ,---;===================~==========,----p~ut-th'em------.b' a'dc."'"''This......,... -prob---.-'lem----.--kep- t'th-em-from the overall win, but they did take the clas.s win. Sportsman Buggy Class win went to Jennifer Clemison, it was close, but setting fast lap for the class did the trick. The Class 1450 win went to Bob Quarnstrom, he set fast lap for the class and took the gold medal with six minutes in hand. The bright orange two seat Jirnco driven by Gledhill team was serond. Driv-ing duties were divided between Bill Gledhill, who drove three laps, and Jim Gledhill, who drove two. Yes, the cxxlriv-_erswere Gledhills too.Alexcodrove three laµ;, and Ja,h two laµ;. The Gledhill team reported no problems except losing the use of the front brakes. Theywere able to stop by using the rear brakes, but the resulting driving problems were eyeopen-ing at times. Arthur Basile was next to finish in that clas.s, taking third. He had a couple oflaµ; thattook over an hour. Three Class 8 trucks made the trip to Barstow. With the previously mentioned TIie Dlfferencel Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assembly Short or Tall Master Cylinders Features steel pedal with large foot pad, non-skid foot surface and total seal rubber boots. Adjustable balance bar for precise front/rear pressure ' ratios.Standard pedal length is 10.25". (5.2 to 1 ratio) CNC-204SD Steel Pedal, Short or Tall M/C Floor Mount. Fluidyne Heat exchangers & Transmission Coolers DUN-D830500 Heat Exchanger DUN-D830503 · Heat Exchanger DUN-D830504 Heat Exchanger DUN-D830612 Trans Cooler w/Fan 2-pc Aluminum Drums Driving Suits Standard Fire Retardant Cotton Proban Driving Suits. Race Prep'ed CV 's MCK-0250-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-930 MCK-0251-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-934 IRS Axles from Sway-A-Way™ 300m 930 Race Axles For more information give us a call or visit us online @ Page 10 October 2004 Continued on page 12 Adam Ashcraft took the Class 1600 win, he took the class lead on the second lap and never looked back, he won by 33 minutes. Charlie Peltzer took the Jeepspeed Pro win, he set fast lap for the class and took the gold medal with 25 minutes to spare. Driving a wounded Jeep the whole way, Jonathan Gymer was more than pleased to take the win in the Jeepspeed Stock class. Dusty Times

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what have you aot to sayl MDR MESSAGE BOARD , , " www.11ilruc111.u11 ,. ~ THE CAlIFORN~ .. CHAMP. . WSHIP SERIES BARSTOW, CA. START / FINISH OFF OUTLET CENTER DR. RACE STARTS AT 7:00 AM 18 CLASSES• INCLUDING STREET LEGAL PRO ENTRY FEE $360.00* SPORTSMAN ENTRY FEE $200.00* 1 ST PLACE SPORTSMAN CLASSES RECEIVE $100.00 ENTRY FEE BACK•• Ulllf!~ 2004 MDR RACE SCHEDULE SEPT. 25 CALIFORNIA 200 NOV. 20 STODDARD 250 WCERN~ CA INigbt race) .. o .. r:;,»sru,,.., VW TRANSAXLEB BARSTOW,CA , . TOLL FRE.E :1-86f;D(~J:UFF 760-72,-8878 90~4 5 FAX 809-654-5787 OCEANSIDE I SAN JACINTO, CA.. EMAIi,. ... ~ ... ..... . ·--········RACING TRUE GRIT AWARD Year End Award U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor and green sticker or license plate required on all race *Entry form and fees due two weeks before the race date. 0Wlth 3 In class. Entry fee for the driver only, no fee• for co-drivers, support crew, spectators or the general public (Note: if the vehicle does not make the starting line, 100% of the entry fee is rolled over to the next race) FOR MOR RACE RESULTS/ INFORMATION: Dusty Times PHONE (626) 442•9320 FAX (626) 579•6051 1853 Parkway Drive So. El Monte, CA 91733 EMA'IL MOR Tech info: ALL RACE TECH & SAFETY-Phone (702) 897-3583 EMAl:L October 2004 Page 11-

Page 12

An almost three hour second lap was costly for Leif Christensen, Chris Parr was running in second, close to first place but a terribly Kenny Walker drove his Ford well but he was unable to garner a seen here heading towards a third place finish in Class 11. long last lap dropped him into third in sportsman Buggy. better position that third place in the 1450 contest. class winner, the old Nelson and Nelson take the body off. But a second place was won by Barry Karakas driving his red went the distance with Pauline Helper Four 1/2-1600 buggies came out to ttucktooktheclasswin. Fmishinginsec- finish is better than no finish, and the ttuck. winningtheclas.s. Barstoor.1hesilversinglesearJirnooc.lrMn ond place with no body panels with the ttuck completed the required five lap,. Unable to complete under the seven Class 12, Stock mini-trucks, had one ·by Adam Ashcraft and Eric Allen won. numbers drawn on the side of the sheet Matt Towery had a one and only lap hour time linlitwas Lance Magin driving entry, Bob Miller, who was able to keep Adam started the race in the driver's seat metal with a black Sharpie, Mark Shoaff before calling it a day in his Ford. his black Ford Ranger. his red TC¥>ta running even though he for the first three lap,. He then turned had a long day. A roll forced the team to Oass 7, the Unlinlited mirutruckclass, The one and only 5-1600 Baja Bug suffered through a couple oflong lap,. over the wheel to Eric who drove the last - , / MOTDRSPORTS ~ \ ,.,.,,,, . /"" Manuf a~~ur11~ /. Qistri~~t(!r of an expanding and unique pr(!duc~ line qt mq;qrSP,Qr~~ P,r'!t!l!~t!• ~ (G-FORCE) -···---Pro Force Air • SignificanUy outffows other ' blower type· helmets ':j • NOT a converted motorcycle helmet! . . ...-r e lightweight Composite Shell "-..$~ '9 g • 9 9 : :~=l~:::~1:;:otive Rated Special wl FREE ._ _________ IIIIM Helmet Bag .I!. ,LOWRANCE ""'!~ (,,,...At1 ltie PiryJ. You ~•\/:ti " fiP§ §y.-ten,• • BNJ & Color Displays • 2" to 10.4" Screen Sizes • Portable & Panel Mount • Unlimited Mapping Vertex High Performance Radio !iy•tem■ · • 128 to 250 Channels • 50 to 110 Watts of Transmitting Power! • Alphanumeric Digital Display • 3 Year Warranty • Exceeds Mil-Spec Standards Page 12 19.~V Cordless lmpactKit • ½" Drive • 216 ft.-lbs. Torque • Carrying Case & Charger • Only 6.6 lbs.! • Vehicle Holster Available -tt CDMMU ICATION !iOLVTIO !i ffJR RACINli& RECREATIO • Intercoms & Radios • Satellite Phones • Base Station Antennas • NEW! Carbon Fiber Headsets · • Scanners • 105, 135, 150, & 235 CFM Models Available • Ligh1Weight & Reduced Amperage • 3M Hepa & CO Fitter Options ' . • BAJA PROVEN H ~-1:::Taol ii!/ Satellite Phones October 2004 two. Eric reported that on the last lap the powersteeringwentout Eric had to muscle the wheel for the checkered flag. Second place was Archie Hoyd in his wllitetwoseatcar. Third was Mike Ward inhistwoseatwrutewithcheckeredgraph-ics painted buggy. Neal Andrew blew a transmission that ended.his day of rac-ing. The Spomman buggy class was re-quired to drive four lap,. The winner wasJenniferClemison,drivingafourseat Jann, Playtek sand-rail buggy, powered by a Vorce V6 motor. Jennifer reported a "flawless day". On the last lap she and Greg Crew battled it out to the finish. She said the support from her family, husband Tony, and son Nick, alongwith Playtek made it possible for her to race. A little over a minute later after Clenlinson's finish, Greg Crew and Leon-ard Perez took second in an older two seat Raceco buggy. A flat tire on the sec-ond lap slowed them down. The car also has a small fuel tank, so on the second lap they ran out of fuel and coasted to the pit TI1e amber light seemed to be the only carnage on the car. The lightwas zip-tied and taped on the car. The Lucas Oil team was happywith the finish. Driving a Chenowth Mini-mag, Christopher Parr broke a rear shock. Since he did not have a rear spare, he in1provised using a front shock rigged up in the rear. It worked, and he took tllird. Bringing home a fourth place finish was Evan Dixon in his single seat buggy. Fifth was Terry Ingold in his older two seatbuggy. The two Jeep,peed classes, Pro and Stock, had a good turn out. The Pro class was required to run four lap,. Post-tech took place after the race. Wheel traveL engine displacement and the valve covers were taken off to in-sure equal trucks for each class. Out came a High Life jack to jack up the Jeep. Art Savada was under the first Jeep with a tape measure. In tech, we worried it would come off the jack, since the truck looked unstable. A modified bottle jack was brought out and used to lift the rest of the Jeepspeeds in order to check wheel travel. Berrie Thompson was in the lead by a couple of minutes along with the lead for points until he was disquali-fied by MOR. The race officials said Berrie twice slid through the start/fin-ish line instead of coming to a com-plete stop as the safety rules require. The tllird time he did this, he was black flagged and stopped for a two second penalty. Berrie, upset reportedly re-sponded with an angry two word phrase. MOR officials called that" abu-sive language" and Berrie was DQ'd. Charlie Peltzer won the class with co-driver Kevin Reardon. They re-ported having no problems and were thrilled with the win. Driving the first Jeepspeed that was built, Mike Barnett Dusty Times

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Mike Ward gave it the old college try but he slowed down a bit on the John Copitas was a bit off the winning pace for his 4 required laps, he Jim Hunt was a bit off the pace for his three required laps, he ended last couple of laps and ended up in third place. ended up in third place in the Jeepsf}eed Pro class. up in fourth place in Jeepsf}eed Stock. with co-driver Bruce Kerstner came in Wrublevski and Danny Guernsey said the end of the race, Keith and Mark Tim Krueger codriving. A flat on the The one and only Stock mini-truck second place. They also reported a "cruised to the finish." Citing a rough Growe came in fourth driving the white frrst lap put him down on time along entered was driven by Bob Miller. He . problem free day. The last finisher in course and suffering a flat on the sec-"Air-Bourne" Ford Ranger. Fifth place with a stop to add another spare on went the required distance of three laps. the class was John Copitas. ond lap, Kenny Walker and Jose Perez went to Scott Leuty. the back of the truck. Matt said The next MDRcompetition will be Jeepspeed stock class had eight start- made it to a third place finish. With a In his first time behind the wheel, "Thanks to my Dad for all his help a night race being held in Lucerne Val-ers and six finishers. Three laps were flat on the firstlapandweakbrakes by Matt Kelton came in sixth place with and for the use of his motor home." leyonSeptember25. ~ required for this class. Jonathan Gymer drove with Mike Bledsoe in the right seat. On the first lap the steering box broke along with the front of the frame. The driver stopped in Main Pit, the team told him "It will make it to the finish line." So off they went for the three laps without realizing just how much damage was done. Taking the finish in first place, the team was happy to have completed the trip. The blue Jeep driven by Bill Frey with co-driver Matty Berron suffered a broken stabilizer bar, making it tough to steer. They did manage to get the Jeep to the finish line for second place. When they got out of the Jeep, they realized they had lost their spare tire somewhere on the course. Ex-9 class driver, Tim Hayosh came in third. Away from racing for 13 years, George "Giti" Gowland made the de-cision (with his wife's support), to come back to off road racing. This was his first race with co-driver, Jeff Zimmemian. But the race was not with-out problems: two flat tires, a broken dampener, and electrical problems with their Parker Pumper. Their car's front end also had to have a weld in the pit, and that put the team down on tin1e. Despite that, the team completed all the laps for a fifth place finish. Giti also raised over $1,000 for the Ameri-can Diabetes Association. Giti, said "The money is raised from supporters on laps completed, finishing, place fin-ished." Why he raises funds to fight diabetes is easy to understand. Girl lost his former co-driver and best friend to the disease. Giti plans on continuing and hopes for better results next time out. Three Class 11 VW Bugs ran the required three laps, and all three fin-ished. Robert Henderson won the class, bringing his red, white and blue car to the finish line with only one flat tire. Second place went to Travis McGee's VW Bug that was bone stock down to the stock steering wheel. McGee drove the distance with a surfboard strapped to the roof. (Maybe he was heading off to the beach after the race.) Rounding out the class and finishing close to an hour later in third was Leif Christensen. The growing category of street legal pre-runner trucks is broken down into two classes. The only requirement for the classes is the truck at one point had to be street legal, not allowing for tube chassis trucks. The Pro class is open, and the Sportsman (1450) is limited. Class 1450 had 19 starters. The red Solo Motor-sports Ranger driven by Bob Quarnstrom with co-driver Scott Bracci reported, "No problems and thanks to the crew for all their hard work." The team was thrilled with their first place finish. Deciding to enter the race at the last minute, the team of Chris Dusty Times Sales Information: Payment may be made by credit care!. money order or cashier's check. Personal or business checks are not accepted. C.0.0. orders accepted with 50% pre-payment. $5 Handling charge on all orders. California residents include 7.75% sales tax. Customers responsible for all freight charges. Minimum order is S25. The use of Volkswagen by Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. is for descriptrJe purposes ONLY and in no way is the name used to infer or intend a direct connection between Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc. amt Volkswagen. Volkswagen is a registered trademark. 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Tie Oown. 2' x 7' for Lil' Sportster. ............... 125 Strap. 10.000I CapaClly .. Bracket and Slide Moon! Only .. 50 Axle Str.p ........ Page 13

Page 14

54TH. WRC NESD: RA!,LY FBILAND--Gronholm/Peugeot Win On Home Turf By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Per-Gunnar Andersson had a great run in Finland, he drove his Suzuki lgnis to the win in JWRC, f(Jh overall in the rally. had a three car team (Armin Schwarz, The FIA officially announced that not-Toni Gardemeister and Jani Paasonen). withstanding financial penalties to be There was also a semi-official entry for levied on Mitsubishi, and that their Juuso Pykalisto in a Citroen Xsara en- world championship activities were tered by the Belgian team Kronos High deemed never to have happened, they costs coupled with exclusion from the would not bunch up the teams whose promotional images of the rally, discour- results had been affected when Mitsubi-aged the country's top national Group shi had finished higher on individual N drivers from tal<lng part. Several for-events. Towards the end of the event eign competitors however did take up a MMSP announced that a new team chance and come to Finland one week manager had been appointed in place earlier to compete on the Pirelli Rally, of Derek Dauncey, who was moving on run at nearby Tampere. Markko Mar-to the private RED team: this is to be tin, who had also been on the entry list Marco Pastorino, who has previously for the Pirelli Rally, had needed another worked freelance with many teams in-week to continue recovery from his Ar- eluding Ralliart Italia. gentina crash so Janne T uohino took It was the first occasion since the de-Marcus Gronholm had tranny problems in Finland, but he overcame them and took the win in his Peugeot 301. his car and won the event outright. Kris cision by Peugeot to use Pirelli tyres for Nine rallies on and finally the 307 is finished fourth. Martin himself was still activities. There was noOremonialStart Meeke won the Super 1600 category. the 2005-2007 seasons, a decision an unchallenged winner. After an in-recovering from his rally crash three of Superspecial stage on the Thursday Martin was pronounced fit to drive the charged with curiosity. Peugeot's Italian tense half year of disappointment, tribu- weeks ago in Argentina, and this result evening instead there was time for an world championship rally but Petter tean1 chief Corrado Provera explained: lation, political crisis, deception and comes as a welcome relief after a period official Welcome reception and the offi-Solberg had a heavy cold and was "This is only a sporting decision. Not a countless near-successes, the revolution- ofbad events ... The Junior World series cial start took place in the Paviljonki car granted permission to miss the pre-event political decision. The rally tyres of Pir-ary 307 World Rally Car has delivered witnessed a thrilling battle for the lead park in Jyvaskyla on Friday moming. Press Conference. elli and Michelin virtually match each its first bom victory. Marcus Gronhohn between the Swede Per-Gunnar The route had been extended after This was the first public appearance other, Pirelli are one ofa wide variety of drove a most remarkable event to over-Andersson and the Finn Kos ti initial submission to the FIA, it being for Mitsubishi since the announcement original equipment. It also gives the sport come second day gearbox problems and Katajamaki after the British driver Kris too short in total stage distance. This they would cancel their entries on all a better balance." Was this a political the crashes of his two teanunates Harri Meeke led on the first day before suffer-was particularly important because this world championship rallies starting device to end once and for all the FIA Rovanpera and Sebastien Llndholm. It ing a puncture. Loeb has now extended is the fastest rally in the championship, from Japan until the end of the season. President Mosley's wish to have a single was the Finn's fourth win on home soil, his lead in the Drivers series to 22 points, so it is already very short on total time While alluding to the way that the recall tyre supplier in world championship ral-and a boostto corporate moral, at low more than two victories'-worth, in front taken on the stages compared with other scandal for commercial vehicles had be-lying? "Not at all. And also, we have had ebb from misfortunes earlier in the sea-of Petter Solberg, who retired on the events. The basic problem was that only smirched the name of all Mitsubishi no argument or dissatisfaction with son. Peugeots had led all the way with first day when he damaged the suspen- certain roads within easy range of the products, especially in Japan, Sven Michelin." only the Subaru of reigning World sion. Citroen hold a 26 point lead in central Service Parks were suitable for Quandt stated at the pre-event Press Jyvaskylaseemedstrangelyunready Champion Petter Solberg able to the Manufacturers' series. double usage. In the end the route was Conference that there were three op-to receive the world championship this threaten them, and finally Gronhohn The second half of the 2004 cham- altered by extending Srages 20/22. tions facing MMSP' s world champion-year. Apart from a very upsetting price won from the Ford of last year's winner pionship started in Finlan_d, the tradi- The event attracted easily the gr~aJ-_ ship programme in light of a demand heist to the already expensive accommo-Markko Martin and the Citroen of tional event formerly known as the "100 est nuinoer of works entries this year - to be seen saving costs. "We could stop clarion (despite official statements that Carlos Sainz. Championship leader Lakes". This was another "five and a 15 ! Previous best this year was the development, in which case we had no the prices had been frozen), the local Sebastien Loeb suffered the enervating half days" rally, Reece started on the Acropolis with 12. ln addition to a third future. We could sack staff, in which airport was in complete disarray because aftereffectsofatestingcrashbeforethe Tuesday afternoon and finished on entry by Peugeot for Sebastien casetherecouldneverbeanymorede- ofrebuildingworkandtherewasabag-rally in Germany and then on the event Wednesday evening. Thursdaywas given Undholm, there was a third entry by velopment, or we could cancel entries gage handler's strike on the day most from running first car on the road but over to Shakedown and promotional Ford for Janne Tuohino while Skoda on rallies. There was no real option." Continued on page 16 r-------------------------------------------------------~ I I I I I I I I I Performance Proven· for Desert & Off-Road Use 150 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Detail & Pressure Wash Tanks Marine Holding & Water Tanks Bulk Storage & Waste Tanks R.V. Tanks Quality Products & Friendly Service RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkwav Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX Us to Receive a Free Cata/oq ~------------------------------------------------~------~ Page 14 October 2004 Dusty -Times

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Dusty Times October 2004 Page 15

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Petter So/bergs Subaru lmpreza new nicely but an accident put Petter Sebastien Loeb screams by a pastoral lake with spectators watching Toni Gardemeister has the lights on for the dark forest running, he finished eighth overall in the Finnish Rally. out of the rally on the fourth stage. intently, he was fourth overall in Finland. people arrived. Strikes are hardly known one, except the various passengers who mission. After leading a powerful Peu-in thecountry.Aftertwoweeksofmost were still waiting for their cases from geotdominationatShakedown(Gron-unpleasant weather it turned out warm Finnair after the baggage handler's strike, holm 2m05.6s. on only his second run, andsunny. werehappy.Maybealsowiththeexcep- Rovanpera 2m05.7s, nobody else less In Super 1600 Guerlain Chicherit tion of the top running drivers. The than 2m06.5s) he lost 4-5 seconds on arrived in a Citroen Saxo, again, no openingsixstages(atotalof80km)were thesecondstagewhenheovershotajunc;-sign yet of the CZ he was announced to be run on fresh roads, and in the tion, while Jani Paasonen had some before the season as driving. Mathieu conditions the front running drivers good luck when his fuel system failed Biasion had got fed up with the cost of were expected to suffer badly. And so it after the end of Stage 3 on the way to running his Fiat Punto and changed to was. Fastest on Stage 1 was Harri Ro-service. A big blow came to J usso a Renault Clio. Jari-Matti Latvala found vanpera, running eighth. Next was Pykalisto, after making sixth and then the same with his Ford Fiesta and ap- Sebastien Lindholm in the five speed fourth best times, when his engine oil peared with a Suruki lgnis. The two Hi- Peugeot, running 16th, third was Mar- pressure failed and the engine stopped. Tee Fiats appeared, after both having cusGronholmrunningfifthinfrontof So at the first service Rovanpera was rolled(within300metresofeachother) Janne Tuohino running ninth. 5.9 seconds ahead of teammate at the start of the Pirelli Rally, repaired Sebastien Loeb was fourth, second run- Llndhohn while Solberg's Subaru was with the help of old friends at new ner Petter Solberg was 11th. For the 7.2secondsbehind,jl!Sf0.4sinfrontof Tommi Makinen Racing facility. diampionship leaders Friday was going the third Peugeot. Loeb was 12th, 29.5 Leg 1 to be a day for dan-iage limitation. Gron- seconds behind Rovanpera. A nice warm sunny day and every-holm (four speed Peugeot) was on a The prelude was now over, the main Worldwide benchmark manufacturer of military-specification wiring systems for all motorsport applications MoTeC Engine Managen-,ent and Data Acquisition Systems Robust 32-bit sequential fuel and spark control systems built to withstand extreme racing ar·,d pre-running punishment. Turn-key systems available for all popular off-road er,gine packages.-Di git a I display ar.d data acquisition systems for all levels of competition. Engine and chassis dynamometer services available. Sakata Motorsport Electronics, inc. 689 s. State College Blvd. Unit K Fullerton, CA Tel: 714-446·9473 Fax: 714·446-9247 www.sa1< Page 16 Utilizing the finest . Raychem System 25 components, the industry standard for all professional racing sanctions. Engineering. assembly, and compreh~nsive testing performed 100% in-house. Complete harness assemblies and circuit control components are available to suit your budget. High-Accuracy Air-Fuel Ratio Meters Lightweight, stand-alone system works w ith all engines and alternate fuels -carbureted or fuel injected. For the dedicated engir,e tuner who needs to know exact;ly what their engine is doing. No flashir,g lights - just the facts ... Nail it; co a nurnber! ,<"': ~ ..-r---~ _,,,,,;;;:::~~<~-=~, IVIClTClRSPClRT ELECT,RClNICS IN'e're making connec:;t,1ons ... October 2004 battle was about to commence. Third of casualties was frightening. Fifth placed placed Solberg slid wide on a comer on Mikko Hirvonen landed awkwardly and Stage 4, hitting a rock embedded in the went into the barriers, removing a wheel grass ditch and retired with suspension and retiring. Both Subarus were now damage.MeanwhileRovanperawasedg-out through driver errors. Antony ing ahead of Lindholm. By Stage 5 Wannboldretiredduringtheafternoon Gronholm had got the better of when the front suspension failed on a Lindholm and moved into second place, straight stretch of road Paasonen stalled but then on Stage 6 Rovanpera slid hisSkodaatthestartofStagelOandthis wide, on the exit of a bend, hit a tree let Carlos Sainz up from seventh to fifth and overturned. He lost a little less than place. Carlsson continued as best non-two minutes but at the arrival back at works driver, now 10th, nine seconds in service the FIA declared the car was too front of Henning Solberg. Henning had badly damaged to continue. So now a huge moment when he landed side-Gronholm was in the lead, Peugeots 1 ways but, "When I saw all the people and 2, Fords 3 and 4, Paasonen's Skoda standing alongside the track I realised I lying fifth! Road sweeper Loeb had couldn't just give up hope, I just had to climbed to ninth, 45 seconds behind fight and regain control of the car!" Gronholm. Behind the tean1 drivers the Paasonen' s speed was a revelation, caus-highest placed non-works driver was ing gloom among the other Skoda driv-Daniel Carlsson, despite driving ten ers. Schwarz looked glum and said he kilometres with a broken rim, 13.5 sec-oontinued to have a differential problem onds ahead of his Peugeot 6-team team-while Gardemeister confessed he had not mate and rival Henning Solberg. Kristian got the right feeling. Sohlberg was 10th, best placed Mitsubi- In JWRC 20 crews started and the shi while tean1 leader Gilles Panizzi was first departure was that of Jari-Matti struggling with strange handling, "Go- Latvala's lgnis, off the road that would ing into comers it understeers, leaving have been flat out in a World Rally Car, them it oversteers, and each comer it but it wasn't for our lgnis." Kris Meeke gets worse! Toni Gardemeister had a (Opel,despiteaheavylandingwhichdam-prcblem with wastegate failure on his aged the radiator) led four Suzukis, Skoda, and then he also had trouble GuerlainChicherit'sSaxodelayedwhen with brakes and gear selection, but he he went wide on a junction and then a was ahead of teammate Armin fifthlgnis.GuyWilkshadspunandwas Schwarz, who lost a half minute when the fourth lgnis. Luca Betti in the only the engine stalled at the start of Stage 4. S 1600 Peugeot on the event had gear-At the end of the virgin stages, Gron- box trouble and arrived stuck in third. holm was 3.6 seconds in front of OnStage4Anderssongotaheadwhen Lindholm, Tuohino (delayed by Kris Meeke, UrmoAava, Alex Broccoli Rovanpera's dust) another 9.6 back, andMathieuBiasionallpunctured,ap-and teammate Martin 9 .09 further away parentlyall hitting the same rock. Mirco still. The fun and gan1es were now over, Baldacci was delayed, stuck in soft sand there should be good dean, fair compe- at the start of Stage 4. The engine on tition from now onwards. Guerlain Oucherit's Otroen stopped on Gronholm was on his way. In the fi-Stage 4, for about 10 minutes, before nal four stages of the day he pulled out agreeing to restart, while Conrad another ten seconds on Lindholm, but Rautenbach's Opel stopped for five min-the Ford threat still loomed. Gradually utes as well Oliver Marshall damaged the Martin was gaining confidence, learning underneath of his Renault on a rock to live with his strained neck and his con-which in turn broke the gearbox mount-tinuing eye problem, but gradually he was ing and smashed the alternator pulley. In able to match the pace of T uohino, so the last loop of stages in the day Nicolas that when T uohino spun and stalled on · Bernardi got up to third place, best non-the final stage of the day, the Kilierisuper- Suzuki, ahead ofBaldacci after Baldacci special, the Estonian slipped into third was delayed by dust from Xavier Pons, place. The superspecial was extremelyun- who had suspension failure. Andersson pleasant for the drivers. The route had still led, although delayed when teammate been dianged since last time, and the list Wilks crashed in front of him, but the Markko Martin is a flyer, seen here taking off in his Ford Focus RS on the way to second overall in Finland. Dusty Times

Page 17

Chris Meeke was the highest flyer on the Finnish rally, unfortunately Spewing gravel, the Ford Focus RS of Janne Tuohino scored a fifth Not too happy with his run, Gilles Panizzi came in 11th overall in his Mitsubishi Lancer, seen here in flight. his Opel Corsa was out of the rally due to an accident. overall position at the Rally of Finland. big dramas were further back. During longer stages, while Gronhohn had the 6, which they easily achieved within the the afternoon, Chicherit landed heavily distraction of a strange metallic noise in 20 minutes allowed. and smashed the front of theSaxo, Meeke the car, "Very up,etting when )OU are go-Thirteen JWRC drivers were still in spun into a tree after the car jumped out ing flat out through the trees." the event and among the drivers who of ruts, Broccoli had loss ofoilafterdis-On the second group of stages, rejoined the event was Conrad cussing, but not carrying out an exercise Peugeot' snighonare came true. Just when Rautenbach, his Opel complete again in ride height raising, Rautenbach and they thought the four speed unit was after its damaged suspension was re-Luca Tabaton both landed heavily on reliable Gronhohn lost top gear. On paired, but he wished he hadn't both-the superspecial. They all retired. the fastest rally in the championship, ered. He became the first person to re-Leg 2 Peugeotalreadyknewthatwithonlyfour tire twice from a world championship As if Friday had not been exciting gears they would have a major handi- rallyforcrashesonsuccessivesrages.Alan enough, Saturdaywas to be the Big Day. cap top-speed wise, so without fourth Scorcioni had trouble restarting. He Alreadythetirneshadbeenfast:onlyone gear it would be a catastrophe. When pushed the car out of Pare Fenne and orthodox stage had been won atless than the rally returned two stages later to round the Service Park, through ser-120kph. With the restart before six in Ouninpohja, Granholm was still near vice, through the refuelling zone, and the morning, final service did not come the pace. At the finish he cheekily ex-just when the crew were about to col-until after nine that evening. Spectators claimed "Three gears, top speed· 160kph, lap,e the Pun to 's engine sprang into life were pleased to see that Petter Solberg flfth best time, not bad, eh?" He lost again. On Stage 12 Um10 Aava got and Antony Warmbold had both only 6.1 seconds on that 33km stage to ahead of Larry Cols into fifth place who emerged after retiring the day before, Martin, whose car had twice the num- commented, "Oursuspensionset-upjust under the SupeRally system, again run- ber of working gears! Gronhohn's lead wasn't right, every change we made ningbehindtheremainingpriorityland haddin1inishedonlyslightly,from45.8 seemed to make it worse." Kosti 2 drivers and in front of the Junior driv- seconds to 31.1. It was gradually becom- Katajamaki took eight seconds off the ers. Road sweepers today, on the µms of ing clear that Gronhohn' s drive was bri\. leader Per-Gunnar Andersson, but at the route traditionally most prone to lia.nt. lfGronhoh11 was to win this event Ouninpohja the Finn slid into the un-loose gravel on hard based surfaces, were despite these troubles, it was going to be dergrowth and let the Swede win the Annin Schwarz, Gilles Fanizzi and Toni a most monumental achievement. Fast-stage ... 13 became 12 when Oliver Mar-Ga.rdemeister. While Ma.rcusGronhohn est again though was the foreigner shall went off the road on Stage 12. and Sebastian Lindholm maintained Solberg, fastest driver still in the event Second time round "PG" again bear their domination, other drivers were was Sainz, another foreigner ... End of the finn at Ouninpohja. On Stage 15 straightaway jostling to make up for ear- the rally for Kristian Sohlberg came Andersson then had a fi;ontwheel punc-lier lost opportunities. On the first stage, when he was comfortably well over a ture and lost a quarter minute, enough Carlos Sainz got ahead of Janne minute in front of Daniel Carlsson. to let Katajamaki slide in front. The T uohino, Sebastien Loeb in front of Jani Sahlberg crashed his Mitsubishi, lost a Swede: "Not the end of the world Quite Paa.sonen.OnthesecondsrageSeba.stia.n wheel and wrecked the suspension. good, really. It puts the pressure on Llndhohn slid off the road, rolled a1Jd Schwarz's brakes were better but dur- Katajamaki." Nicolas Barnardi had retired. So at half distance in the rally, ing the day he faced 130km of virgin gearbox problems and dropped behind Gronhohn had a three-quarter of a stage as first car on the road, an unprec- Mirco Baldacci (Suzukis were now lying minute lead over Ma.rkko Martin. Petter edented distance in the current idiom 1-2-3-5), 12 became 11 when Scorcioni Solberg, a foreigner who was not even of rallying. Loeb was feeling the strain. A retired with driveshaft failure. Luca still in the event, made fastest rime on pre-event testing crash in Genna.ny had Betti's Peugeot looked sad, being pushed Stage 12, the stage called Ouninpojha left him with a weak neck and codriver into service with overheating. which Finnish drivers regard as the most Daniel Elena with sore ribs, which the As the cars set off for the final three definitive of them all. That was sobering high speed three-dimensional stages were stages of the day, Peugeot technicians for the national enthusiasts. Subaru's beginning to aggravate. Francois Duval examined the gearbox removed from team manager Luis Moya could under- had a broken exhaust manifold, the time Gronhohn 's car and found that fourth stand. "When Carlos and I made best taken for repairs led to penalties which gear had indeed been smashed, but the time there in 1991 the Finns were horri- allowed Carlsson up to seventh place. originating problem was clutch trouble. fied. We knew it had been quite an But the talk was all about Gronhoh11. That discovery eased the frowns on the achievement" Martin: "Marcus certainly knows how Peugeot faces as it made sense, also to The Skoda drivers Schwarz and to drive round problems." Codriver Gronhohn when he discovered that the Paasoneri were having brake trouble. Sainz Ttmo Rautia.inen: "On Ouninpohja, he curious sound experienced before was was still unhappy with his set-up, "Better was brilliant ... " Now with neither Harri the warning of transmission trouble to than yesterday, when I was so nervous I Rovanpera nor Llndhohn demanding come. Anyway Gronhohn set off at a had to keep making steering corrections in attention, Peugeot could call on all their pace matched only by Solberg and Mar-the corners." Martin was still finding itdif- mechanics to help change the damaged tin gradually fell back, ending the day ficult to keep concentration as he fought gearbox on Gronhohn' s car, for that 35 .1 seconds adrift. Francois Duval had to overcome weakness during the already removed from the car after Stage his Focus' manifold repaired, at the cost Carlos Sainz had his share of fun, he's seen here winging his way to a decent third overall in Finland in his Citroen Xsara. Dusty Times of five minutes lateness, leaving service (50 seconds penalty). T uohino chose tyres which were too hard and this let Loeb into fourth place and the Finn ended the day only 6. 9 seconds behind the world championship leader. Schwarz was still unhappy as his brake trouble continued. In non works Peugoets, Henning Solberg had a rear wheel bearing failure on his 206WRC but kept 10th place, while seventh placed Carlsson had both Gardemeister and Duval within 10 seconds of him. In JWRC Per-Gunnar Andersson had another puncture but this time still beat Kosti Katajamaki and promptly re-took tl1e lead, but it was all very close. At the end of tl1e day tl1e Swede was leading tl1e Fmn by 3.4 seconds. Nirolas Bernardi fell back another place, to fifth {best non-Suzuki) when tl1e clutcl1 cable became October 2004 disconnected. Cols suffered intercom troubles, and Luca Cecchettini's Renault was stuck for a minute on the start line of Stage 17, beached on its sumpguard. Leg3 Marcus Gronhohn started the final day with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The gearbox now in the 307 had a noisy third gear but he had to stick wid1thisunitfortheremainingfourstages. The team meanwhile had repaired Sebastian Llndhohn's car, ma.inly just bent body panels, because they desper-ately needed more real-life test mileage with the five speed gearbox, and under the FIA rule new this year, private testing in August is banned. Otherwise itwas a day when enthusiasts held their breath for Gronhohn and Peugeot. Janne Tuohino found it hard to match the pace of the Citroens and settled for fifth place, his sixth successive finish in the championship points. Francois Duval got ahead of Toni Gardemeister. Carlos Sainz finished the final stage, 31 seconds in front of Sebastien Loeb. In the battle between the non-works driv-ers, Daniel Carlsson finished 40 seconds in front of his Peugeot teammate. Jani Paasonen was all smiles, "I knew it would be alright. I am a Tommi fan. Fourteen years ago Tommi won Group N here. Four years ago I did the same. Ten years ago he scored his first World Rally vic-tory. I did not do that, but I beat my teammates. And at all times, we were ex-actly the same age!" Behind the world championship drivers came the SupeRally cowboys, unnecessarily tear-ing up the tracks before the JWRC cars and the privateers could pass, making a confusion of the results. In JWRC Luca Betti not restart. The team opened up the engine which had been damaged by overheating and found it was too badly damaged to carry on, but the battle for the lead was in-tense. For nearly a day the gap between Per-Gunnar Andersson and Kosti Katajamaki was less than five seconds. Nicolas Bernardi was trying hard to catch Unno Aava, losing time when he spun and with two stages to go their gap was 13 seconds in the Suzuki driver's favour, then with one stage to go he got into fourth place, then on the final stage of tl1e rally he passed Marco Baldacci into third place. For Marcus Gronhohn and Peugeot this was tl1e successful arrival at the end of a long nmnel. Now comes the next cl1allenge, the introduction of the 307 on to clear asphalt in two weeks' time in Gennany. Would it work on asphalt as well? Don't ask questions. Justenjoytl1is moment for now.!c= 54th Neste Rally Finland 618.06.2004 Jyvaskyla (FIN) WC round 9 JWRC round 4 WC points WR WO JC 1 (5) Marcus GRONHOLM/Timo Rautiainen FIN Peugeot 307 WRC G□851 (FIN} 3h.07m.16.1s. HJ 10· 2 (7) Markko MARTINnvlichael Park EE/GB Ford Focus RS WRC ET53UNY (GB) 3h.07m.50.8s. 8 8 3 (4) Carios SAINZIMarc Marti E Citroen Xsara WRC 76CXN78 (Fl 3h.09m,00.6s. 6 S 4 (3) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara WRC 24DOM92 (F) 3h.09m.39.4s. 5 5 5 (8) Janne TUOHINOIJukka Aho FIN Ford Focus RS WRC AA3932 (FIN) 3h.09m.52.8.s 4 4 6 (16} Jani Paasonen/Jani Vainikka FIN Skoda Fabia WRC 3S31942(CZ) 3h.11m.52.3s. - 3 7 (15) Francois OuvaUStephane Prevot B Ford Focus RS WRC EK52LNP (GB) 3h.13m.07.1s. - 2 8 (12) Toni Gardemeister/Paavo Lukander WRC 353 1946 (CZ) 3h.13m.19.3s. - 1 FIN SkcdaFlilbia 9 (17) Daniel Carlsson/Mattias Andersson S Peugeot 206 WRC 950NVB75 (F) 3h.13m.57.2s. -10 (18) Henning Solberg/Cato Menkerud N Peugeot 206 WRC 282NNN75 (F) 3h.14m.20.7s. -11 (9) Gilles PANIZZI/Herve Panizzi F Mitsubishi Lancer WRC AC3017 (FIN) 3h.14m.49.1s. 3 12 (11) Armin Schwarz/Manfred Hiemer D Skoda Fabia WRC 3S3 1948 (CZ) 3h.19in.14.4s. -14 (61) Gianluigi Galli/Guido d'Amore I Milslbish Lancer Evo VII N CA815BV (I) 3h.26m.54.7s."" -16 (45) Per-CuMSr Andersson/Jonas Andersson S Suzuki lgnis JWRC JFR212 (H) 3h.29m.11.6s.• - 10 17 (3.5) Kosti Katajamakimmo Alanne FIN Suzuki lgnis JWRC AC5724 (FIN) 3h.29m.24.9s. - 8 1~ (39) Nicolas Bernardi/Jean-Marc Fortin FIB Renault Clio JWRC 938AQJ83 (F) 3h.32m.17.3s. - 6 20 (31) Mirco Baldacci/Giovanni Bem8cchini RSM/I Suzuki lgnis JWRC IVY484 (H) 3h.32m.28.6s. - 5 23 (32) Urmo Aava/Kuldar Sikk EE Suzuki lgnis JWRC IVG651 (H) 3h.34m.00.8s. - 4 24 (51) Larry Cols/Filip Godde B Renault Clio JWRC 871AMC83 (F) 3h.34m.'48.6e. - 3 28 (46) xavier Pons/Oriol Julia E Fiat Punto JWRC BZ564.ZV(I) 3h.42m.19.7s. -~ 31 (37) Luca Cecchettini/Nicola Arena I Renault Clio JWRC 8W326KT (I) 3h.43m.31.8s. - 1 32 (42) Mathieu Biasion/Eric Domemech F Renault Clio JWRC CHJ.51XG (I) 3h.46m.03.3s. -34 (41) Natalie Barrett/Carl Williamson GB Renault Clio JWRC SS02RMS (GB) 3h.53m.25.1s. -Page 17

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KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTERS Legendary Heat -Awesome Entertainment By Bruce Angus Broe Ross drove his Ford pickup hard and it certainly paid off, he took the Pro Truck win at Whispering Pines. The racers got a first hand taste end to battle for over $3500 in prize call home every spring and fall. of why racing breaks for summer and contingency money, from as far An added attraction at the Whis-holiday around Kamloops after mid away as Alberta and Oregon. pering Pines facility introduced Off June as tempts closed in on the 30C The teams started arriving at the Road Racing to some of the local (approximately 92F) mark on the last Whispering Pines property early Sat- Rodeo crowd as the weekend pro-scheduled event for the spring. Over urday so they could choose the best vided non stop action no matter 30 race teams rolled into Kamloops pit/ camping area available in the where you parked your ass. Satur-for the June 20th, Father's Day week- freshly cut field they have come to day the 19th provided some great entertainment for the racers as they were treated to a day of Bull riding, Barrel racing, and roping, while the cowboys familiarized themselves with a new bread of bucking broncos in the KORRBC pits. While the Rodeo continued on Sunday, the spectator focus was definitely on the speed and non stop action on the Off Road Track. My entertainment started early on Sul)day morning as the trip down Westsyde Road found a small car following John Tordoff's race truck rather erratically. The car turned out to be driven by JTs wife, and her driv-ing inconsistencies were intentional and well founded as I found out a little further down the road. All the swerving and unusual hand gestures were suddenly blurred through a light fog that smelled somewhat like burn-ing rubber, OK exactly like burning rubber, so I started my own dance from curb to curb to get a better look at what was happening in front of us. Sure enough JT had a tire start-ing to shred itself and apparently there wasn't much drag on the trailer from the bad tire to warn him of the potential disaster. I imagine the ste-reo was also pounding out some major decibels, which would explain why he never heard the chirping horn behind him as JT owns one of the top stereo shops in Kamloops. For these reasons we'll let him off the hook for not hearing anything, but I hope he'll start checking his mirrors a little more frequently from now on. Once I could see the tire's condi-tion, which had begun flying apart by now, I decided to use my F150's bright red colour, flashing lights, and real horn to get his attention before his truck experienced its first roll-over of the season, without the driver. After we got everyone pulled over we found that the trailer was short a spare and JT would have to finish the drive on three tires, while praying the sparks from the steel rim wouldn't start another fire in the dry grass. The memories of the 2003 fires through-out the Thompson Valley are still fresh and none of us want to be re-sponsible for a repeat. Back at the track Bob Nyeste and Craig Humphries were finishing up tech just as JT arrived. Tony Caputo held a brief drivers' meeting and the two lap practice began on schedule for the growing number of specta-tors who continue to show their sup-port for this exciting forn1 of motor sports. Bob Nyeste dropped the green flag shortly after 12 noon to start four hours of the most entertaining motor sports action in western Canada with the Sportsman Buggies hitting the track first. Ken Ewart had some company in the Limited class buggies during this event as he wel-comed Al Wesnoski, a converted mud hogger, to the track. Al decided he enjoyed this new form of racing so much that he pur-chased Brendan Chamberlin's old Sportsman buggy so he could kick it up a notch for the September 12th event, so the Sportsman buggies bet-ter be ready for him. I believe Ken will continue to have some competi-tion in the Limited class as Al's car has been sold again to a friend who wants in now. Craig Humphries, one of the tech guys has also purchased a Limited car, which used to belong to Kim Easterbrook. Word is that Craig's intentions are to resurrect the full bodied bug for his daughter. There you go ladies, we've been hear-ing the whispers for a couple of years Clark Woolford at the feed lot, he extricated himself and went on to Grant Baylis chums up the track as he heads for a nice win in the Pro Steve Edgar gets nicely airborne in the Sportsman Truck clash, he take first place in the Sportsman Buggy contest. Buggy battle, he leads the class in season points. took the class win and he leads the class in points. Page 18 October 2004 Dusty Times

Page 19

Tim Clark finished second in Sportsman Buggy, seen here leading Chris Boucher led Pro Buggy for a while but when the checkers new Chris Pace (left) makes a move on Ian Krull. Chris finished second in Allan Lowman, who didn't have the best of days. he was only able to take second spot on the podium. Pro Truck while Ian dropped to third in the contest. now that there are ladies who say they Wes eased up on the air time a little, day with a spectacular crash, doing it to rest and build a new truck. 46 points and Shane is not letting up want to race, but want other women but he was pressing hatd to increase near the Beer Gardens would be a Steve Edgar was put to the test all with 33 points. Unless something goes on the track. Well, what do you say? his point count when he rolled his good location. The Bronco looked day as Shane Daly and the rest of the horribly wrong with either of these The last article you read from the truck right in front of the Beer Gar- pretty tough at the end of the day so Sportsman trucks continued to push trucks I believe the next two events May 16th event mentioned that dens. we aren't sure if Wes will bring it back . him, waiting for a mistake that just will be extre~ely entertaining as we Clark Woolford finally had his little I guess if you are going to end your to finish out the season or just put it never happened. Steve has a total of Continued on page 20 rotary powered car breathing hard enough to make everyone pay atten-tion and he kept their attention June 20th, including mine. Always looking for a good spot to catch the action I decided to hide behind some buried tractor tires at the south end of the track. The loca-tion was proving to be ideal as I man-aged to catch Troy Daum in car #20 rolling over at the first race of his career, but I chose to move soon af-ter. Only a few laps after Troy's roll-over I felt the ground at my feet move quite violently, followed by a sudden gust of wind. As I reluctantly looked up in the direction of the wind I saw the cause, Clark was sitting there as large as life as he spun out in the cor-ner and drove full force into my safety guard. TI1e yellow single seater stopped abruptly as he nailed the tractor tire, which made for a unique photo op-portunity once I got my fingers work-ing again. I would like to take this moment to thank Bill Pearse and Mike Bebek for doing such a great job on planting the tires that protect us around the track. Tim Clark made up for his ab-sence during the May 16th event, by pulling off a second place finish for the day and collecting 31 points for his season points total. Murray Allison finally got his car running flawlessly for a third place finish on the day and 29 points for a total of 36 on the season, just behind Clark Woolford with 39 points in second place. · Bill Hart continues to run hard as he maintains the season points lead with a total of 45 points to his name as of the summer break. Ron Hart, Brian McLaughlin and Rod Marsolais currently round out the association membership in the Sportsman field, but they continue to find new cars at every event and we suspect they will continu~ to have more company in September and October. June 20th was a successful event for just about everyone in the Sports-man Truck class except for Chris Turner as he managed to keep his new box attached, but lost his motor early in the day. Peter Friedel worked sorile of the May 16th bugs out of his new Ranger so he could lay down some reasonable lap times and get the feel of his new suspension com-ponents, while adding ten points to his season total right behind Wes Yeomans. JT arrived safely at the track and overcame his earlier fuel problems for a third place finish on the day and 19 points for his season to date. Wes Yeomans brought his little blue Bronco back to Kamloops to wow the crowd, and wow them he did. Dusty Times October 2004 ' mid-air Clffl!m S lights Willi flllr lat~ tu .. shatterP,root lights: Iha nge llftlllf mid •. '•ms as fasras 11m ~in ltse Page 19

Page 20

Craig Byers didn't get on the podium this race but he did win the award for the highest flying Pro Truck. Roger Mercier literally leaps onto the table top at Whispering Pines, alas, Roger didn't have the best of days in Pro Truck. Shane Bourel didn't let the broken right wing slow him too much, he is third in points in Pro Buggy. watch the battle between Steve and Shane for first place followed by an even larger battle between everyone else for third. Grant Baylis has positioned him-self well in front of the Pro Buggy pack as his car performed flawlessly on June 20th as he collected another 24 points for a total of 41 points on the season. Chris Boutcher has acquired 29 points on the season, Shane Bourel is right behind Chris with 28 points and Scott Peterson has 22 points, creating a great three way fight for second. With a spread of only seven points separating sec-ond place from fifth place we can expect to see some of the most in-tense racing we've seen this fall, but Grant is well aware that the gap be-tween him and the rest of the pack could be closed dramatically if he were to have any trouble before the end of the season. Chris made his debut to Pro Buggy on May 16th and had to over-come a few of the problems associ-ated with any new car, but he has Page 20 apparently got everything under con- his spectacular combination roll-trol now as he chases down Grant. over on the back transition. Shane Bourel, who was running I heard that Scott lost his vision relatively trouble free for the past for a moment as a vehicle in front couple of years has fallen on some of him blew a coolant line, which bad luck this season. Shane's season covered his goggles with anti-freeze, started with a spectacular end over causing a miscalculation on the tran-end crash at the first VORRA event sition from the south corner to the of the 2004 season, followed by back straight where he clipped a tire. transmission trouble attheir second The crash was spectacular enough event. His luck appeared to have to receive the hard luck award from changed on May 16th back in the spectators over all of the other Kamloops as he led the pack until spectacular events that happened the main event when more mechani-right in front of them on the front cal problems cropped up, pushing stretch. him out of the lead so Grant could Broe Ross continued to dominate reap the benefits that day and the the Pro Trucks on June 20th with bad luck has continued into June Chris Pace hot on his tail. Ian Kroll 20th with some major suspension drove his white International Scout problems. Better luck in the fall in from Vancouver Island for a re-Shane, we want to see your competi- spectable third place finish on the tive streak return. day, while his brother Jerry had his Scott Peterson had all of his ear- big orange Dodge pushing his way lier carburetor and ignition prob-through a large field of Pro Trucks. lems out of the way for this trip and This was the second time in so many he had everyone working hard to races that Craig Byers had his Cool-keep pace with him. Scott may have ant line split and take him out of the taken the entire day if it weren't for race, but he was having trouble get-11E October 2004 ting around Roger Mercier' s Purple points by the end of the day. Chuck's CJ7 anyhow.. blazer is one of those trucks that Roger's CJ7 produces over 500 should probably be running in the Hp and backs it up with a limited Sportsman class, but the motor has suspension travel, which keeps every-been moved back on the frame ap-one around him on their toes as the proximately 12" so he inadvertently fire breathing CJ changes lines on a bumped himself up a class. regular basis. If you've ever driven Dan Barrett is also running one through B.C. during the summer of those Sportsman trucks in the Pro holiday months and found yourself class due to a body change, a Cor-behind an Alberta license plate you vette body on a Ford frame and so know how hard it is to pass these guys. on, but Dan continues to play the Now imagine that same scenario on game hard with his eye on the prize at a race track where the drivers are af-all times. David Fahimi managed to ter prize money and bragging rights, grenade his transmission during some good luck! practice runs back home following Craig patched his cooling line and the May 16th event and while he pulled off 20 points on the day for a couldn't get the little Bronco back season total of 34 points. Darin together for June 20th he still drove Mydonick was fighting his own de-into Kamloops from his home in mons on race day, but after a few Washington state to support his com-mechanical improvements and some petition, albeit from the beer gardens. welding Darin tacked 18 points next The next scheduled events in to his name. Chuck Munro hauled Kamloops at the Whispering Pines his Chevy Blazer into Kamloops from Extreme Sports Centre will be held Calgary, AB and showed everyone on September 12th followed by the that he could be competitive through season finale on October 3rd. The consistency as he notched up 19 Kamloops track is 1.2km or just un-Dusty Times

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Troy Daum gets a bit over the edge in the Sportsman buggy race, nothing was hurt but his pride. Chuck Munroe had a fun day in his Chevy pickup, he picked up 19 Flyin' high, straight and level is Scott Peterson, Scott finished off the points for his efforts and is currently fifth in Pro Truck points. podium in Pro Buggy but not too bad a race. der one mile in length with 12 jumps including a rhythm section and a mild table top. The Whispering Pines Fa-cility offers camping with flush toi-lets, a concession, beer gardens, and a playground for the kids. Kamloops is also home to several golf courses, great resorts and river tours only a few minutes from the track. If you are interested in hauling your truck or buggy into Kamloops as a competitor or you just want to pull up a seat and watch the show, we would really like to see you this fall. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Tony Caputo at (250) 554-9780 evenings, Craig Byers at Trucks Plus (250) 376-8466 days, or Bob & Dale Nyeste at or visit our website From the Driver Seat Kamloops Round 2 June 20th by Grant Baylis Round 2 was promising to be the cars 1-boned into a corner and ap-buretors once the car landed up- victory tall from his grasp that eas-race to attend as there were lots of pea red to block the track. Half the right. After the restart Chris took ily, and sure enough, he stayed right things happening at the Whispering cars stopped, ending the race. Scott the hole shot and never looked back, on Grant's tail. While Chris gets full Pines Motorsports Complex. Besides held first place, Shane was in sec- finishing with a healthy lead. Results marks for badgering Grant to the the racing, there was also going to ond. Grant held third, and Chris for the second heat were Chris in finish line he just couldn't regain the be a rodeo. Rodeo and loud engines was in forth, followed by Phillipp in first, Shane in second, and Grant in lead from his experienced rival. don't usually mix well, so this was fifth position. third place. The weekend was a great success going to be something to see. By Fri-Heat 2 always starts in reverse or- Main event (double points). Start-as the celebrating started with the tra-day night the pit area was already der from the first place finishing po- ing in finishing order of Heat 2 there ditional Jello shooters from the half full and the racing was not un- sition as the cars line up in a rolling were five Pro buggies remaining with "Team JELLO" camp, after the main ti! Sunday. line, two by two. The flag drops and their eye on the prize. From a rolling event of course. The spectators went Pro class had seven angry look- half the pack is caught sleeping, Phil start Chris and Shane took off with home with smiles on their faces and ing cars show up. After the practice and Chris take the lead followed by Grant in third. Two laps into the the racers were already planning their laps and the Sportsman race, we all Scott, Shane and Grant. The track, race, Shane breaks the front suspen- strategy while looking forward to the lined up for the traditional Okla-whichhaddriedoutbynowwasvery sionandisslowedseverely,beingrel-September 12th event only 2-1/2 homa land rush start. After getting fast as we were approaching speeds egated to forth position and if that months away. more than my share of mud in my around 70mph down the back were not enough bad luck he broke On a sad note, we would all like face I came out of the start in sixth straight. an axle on the last lap giving him a to share our thoughts and prayers position. The track was wet with a The third lap into the second dnf. with one of our Sportsman Buggy lot of slippery sections to deal with heat, coming off the first corner, This made room for Grant to racers from Team JELLO as he lost early in the day, but it dried out per- which leads from the south transi- move up on Chris, where he began his father in a terrible traffic accident fectly as the day went on. Scott Peter-tion to the back straight, Scott hounding him into making a mis-on his way home from the Father's son, who got the hole shot left the clipped the tires and was sent flying take that caused Chris to drive out Day event. Our deepest respect and line like a bullet, followed by Shane through the air completing four bar-too wide on the third corner lead- condolences go out to him and his Bourel and Chris Boutcher in close rel rolls, and destroying his car. ing onto the back straight. After family. third. Second to the last lap a cor- Clearly his day was done from where passing Chris, Grant drove like a Next race September 12th. Check ner worker mistakenly pulled out a we sat, even though he was search-man possessed knowing that Chris out for information red flag instead of a yellow as two ing for a gear and clearing the car-wouldn't just roll over and let the and pictures. . .·a'tw /HONDA Power Equipment POWER UCEI & SPECTATOR DISCOUNTS • GENERATORS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES • WELDERS • WATERPUMPS • LAWN MOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS • TILLERS Calilornia's Largest Source lor Bonda Power Equipment Parts 8 Inventory IF WE DON T HAVE 17: NO ONE OOE9I Check Our Website: Kawaguchi Honda Corp. :El:OND.A 3532 East 3rd St. • Los Angeles, CA 90063 CilENERATORB & PUMPS (323) 364-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2004 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Dusty Times October 2004 Page 21

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CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Treeline Rally By Scott Bottomley Photos: Motorsports Memories Ralph Kosmides and John Dillon were 1" overall, 1" in Open and 1st Open CRS 4WD, in their Subaru lmpreza. After nearly a three year absence Ralph Kosmides, paired with the ing them 20 seconds. Quickly, he Treeline Rally was back on the Di-ubiquitous John Dillon in Ralph's settled down to set fastest time on visional Calendar, although held Subaru lmpreza, they dominated the first four stages. But, it was not earlier in the year than usual, it the event by winning five of the six all fast times for this team, their wasn't without excitement, scary stages. Ralph had this to say about right rear suspension gave out on moments, close finishes and contro-his performance, "Treeline de- the end of SS$, creating negative versy. mands technical driving skills and I camber, and with the help of com-Held in July to avoid the Santa was excited to apply all I learned petitor Jim Wright (Group 5) they Ana winds that have plagued this recently at Team O'Neil's Driving managed a quick fix with a ratchet event in the past, 23 teams started School." Excited indeed, he nearly strap to remedy the malfunction. the rally held over six stages on threw away the rally on SS 1 in the Making right hand turns created a tight, twisty roads in the Angeles first 300 yards while under late problem for the remaining stages National Forest. braking on loose gravel the front and that became evident on SS6 Overall and Open class winner end launched up on to a berm cost-when they eased off a bit and 0 ip ,'f: I iM:A RAfTERlf-~ ~Ul.tN.Vtl'IJWEaSOuac:£-ZTREME TIRE co. NE:V AD'. OFFROAD BUGGY T-SHIRT SM-MEO-LRG-XXLRG ONLY $10.00 CROW I .' I I I 1l ... l ' 1,. _..,..,. - •v,; -SOI D •. • .· HFRF WE CARRY AWIDE ASSORTMENT OF WELD ON TRICK TABS """'~~~-----GIVE US A CALL FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD & SAND NEEDS CALL TOLL FREE Page 22 1-888-755-5900 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #130 * LAS VEGAS, NV* 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM * SAT 9AM-5PM (702) 871-5221 fax September 2004 First PGT, First CRS GT honors went to Jamie Thomas and Matt Gauger in her Subaru WRX, Jamie ran in the top five all day. coasted to a fifth place. Second in Open 4WD were the team of Vartan Samuelian and M. Harders, in their Subaru WRX, pushing as hard as they could to make up time they lost in the early stages. They finished three and a half minutes behind despite finishing in the top three on SS4 and SS6. Third went to Gary Rea and Alan Perry in their Mazda 323 GTIC, they came in 11th place followed by Bob Pendergrass and Jon Weigley in their Chevy Blazer. Others in class were Randy Dowell and Scott Rader, their day ended early with turbo failure. Nick Korpal and navigator Eric Schleicher's day ended quickly when their Lancer Evo had a ter-rible off after only a quarter mile of SSL Both were okay, they ex-ited the totaled car by climbing out of the rear window. It was Brian Scott and David Hackett in their Group 2/Open 2 Ford Focus SVT who finished sec-ond overall, first in class who nearly won outright when a scoring snafu at the beginning of SS5 would have put the leaders down six minutes (Kosmides/Dillon) but Steward Pat McMahon rescinded the penalty thus allowing the results to stay the same. Brian jumped to a 30 second lead on SS 1 and the rest of the field pretty much played follow the leader the rest of the day. Second place went to Dean Burnett and Guido Hamacher in their Toyota Corolla, they would finish second on all stages but SS4 still they ended nine minutes behind. Third went to an eighth seeded driver by the name of Clive Skilton who I'm told is drag racer from the U.K. and raced in SCORE in the 80's and 90's. He teamed with Rex Lair in their Jeep Cherokee to finish first in SCCA Group 5, 14th overall. Fourth place went to Scott Harvey and Bob Gough in their Porsche 911 while John Hsu and James Hill, VW Beetle, came in fifth giving it their best on SS5 and 6 finishing third on both stages. Sixth went to Jon Rood and Jen Tully in his Ford Festiva. Jamie Thomas and Matt Gauger making the long tow from Wash-ington, picked up valuable WSRC points by taking the CRS POT class win in her Subaru WRX, they fin-ished fourth overall running in or near the top five. The only adver-sity to a near perfect day was some overheating after SS2, and their gearbox just couldn't give them what they needed -either first was Brian Scott and David Hackett were second overall, first Group 2, first Open CRS 2wd in their Ford Focus. First Production, third Performance Stock honors went to Patrick Rodi and Jonathan Schiller, seen here in their Mazda RX-7. Dusty Times

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Michael and Steven Taylor drove their Ford Ranger to 2'd in Clive Skilton and Rex Lair drove their Jeep Cherokee to 1st in Group Production, 4"' in CRS Performance Stock, the father and son team Jay Streets and Ole Holter were 2'd in Group 2, 1st in CRS Performance S. 3" CRS Open, they were 14"' overall as well _w._e_re_el._a_ted._. ----~---~-~-~-~-~-Stock, their Dodge Neon performed flawlessly on the event. too tall or second bogged down. to overcome 10 hundredths or six not have been possible without the hindering him as in the past. ence was Mike Gibeault, Kudos to Competition in POT class came seconds. Sadly, it was not to be after help of the following people. First Thanks to Pat McMahon, for writ- Denise for rounding up the time only from the Browns, Bruce and pushing so hard, he gave up rwo congratulations to Peter Morris who ing his first route book and who control workers and lending a hand Pat finished 18th overall, second in more one hundredths finishing the put on a successful rally with Mother bore the brunt of the scoring snafu, anywhere she could and Mike and class. day just 12 back of Patrick. Nature's cooperation by providing as steward, that occurred at the end Paula Gibeault for their efforts in In the CRS Performance Stock This year's Treeline Rally would him with her warm climes and not of SS4. Assisting Pat with his experi- timing and scoring. . _-.,,., brawl seven teams started SSl; Jay Streets and Ole Holter took the CARRERAUGHTSYSTEMBVBAJADESIGNS O RACETRUCKS n O SANORAILS n n PRERUNNEAS O n RACE CARS□ class win (third overall -second in · U U U U · Group 2) by nearly a five minute margin in their Dodge Neon, he won the first three stages and only on SS 1 by the narrow margin of rwo hundredths over Tony Chavez and Wendy Nakamoto, Tony's day would end on SS2 succumbing to transmission failure. The margin of victory for Jay over second place fin-isher Tom Masano was established on SS2, when Jay finished nearly six minutes ahead. Whatever hap-pened to Tom and Linda on SS2 proved to be the decisive measure, they drove the remaining stages like they were possessed running in the top three winning SS4, SSS and SS6. Taking third was Patrick Rodi and Jonathan Schiller in his Mazda RX-7 Patrick ran inthe top five fin-ishing second on SS2. The Taylors in their Ford Ranger ran on the top five all day finishing as high as third on SS2, they finished the day fourth in Performance Stock class. Fifth place went to Craig Hollingsworth and Jason Grahn, VW Jetta JU, who also were visited by the rally gods on SS2, they reached the time control six min-utes behind Jay Streets but were unable to make it up despite run-ning in the top three the remaining four stages. Rounding out the field was Joshua Milos and Michael Mi-los in their VW Golf. They finished third in Production and fourth on SS2. It would be unfair to write only about the Performance Stock teams without mentioning the best rally of the day in Production. A true club rally with sportsmanship (helping one another push starting), good competition (12 hundredths of a second margin of victory- how much better can it get?) and loads of FUN. After the first three stages the mar-gin was only six hundredths berween Patrick Rodi and Jon Schiller and the Taylors, Michael and Steven, and that was after 50 minutes. Patrick picked up four more hundredths on SS4 making their margin 10 hun-dredths. SSS was the most memo-rable for Rodi because as he told it, "Our car suffered driver error as I executed a 90 degree left turn, even though Jonathan (co-driver) called a 90 right. Fortunately there was some run-off and after a five point turn we got going again. On the short transit between SSS and SS6 we learned that we both set the same time over a 26+ minute stage!" "Pretty exciting knowing we're this close after all these stage miles", Michael describing his feelings just before entering SS6 - Pine Mtn. a 4.3 mile stage. His one objective was Dusty Times > THE PRE-BUILT eee-w1REQ NQ-HEAQACHE gu1cK-MQUNJ LIQHJ SYSTEM < = Tel/ (760) 560·2252 ··-Fax/ (760) 560..0383 bajadeslgns · Web/ 185 Bosstick Boulevard Email/ San Marcos. CA 92069 September 2004 Page 23

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FALKEN TIRE PIKE'S PEAK HILLCLIMB weather Peaks -Unser & Dallenbach ··overall Cha111pions·· By Tony Tellier Photos: Peak Moments Photo The big winner in SCCA Pro Rally Open Class was Leon Styles, he beat all the competition up the hill in his great looking Mitsubishi. tus to Paul Dallenbach and irascible Robby "It's My Mountain" Unser. Race Director Phil Layton an-Page 24 nounced that Unser and Dallenbach would share the title of"Co-Overall Champions of the 2004 Falken Tire Pike's Peak International Hill Climb." Normally only one driver earns the title of "Overall" ... the "champion-October 2004 Clint Vahsholtz, in reverse lock, throws lots of dirt on his way to the win in the Super Stock class in his Ford. Stig Blomqvist was the big winner in the Unlimited Class at the peak, seen here speeding up the hill in his Ford. ship" is obtained by running the fast-est time (obviously) of all racers, in all divisions, up the mountain to the top. Weather and tech "issues" at "The Hill" made determining an overall winner difficult. Unser's "Pike's Peak" Open Division was one of only three car classes that ran the full course to the summit, beginning at 1000 Sat-urday morning. "An afternoon light-ning storm dropped snow, rain, and hail, which made it 'too' (all things are relative) unsafe for the full course. (Race Control said that at the top that they couldn't see past the hood of their truck due to clouds= "high" fog.) After the noon break, the remain-ing classes, including Dallenbach's "Open Wheel" division, only ran the halflength qualification course, from the start line to Glen Cove. Layton originally said after the race that the "Overall" would be awarded to the driver who had the fastest time to Glen Cove, since that was the only part that all drivers drove. Unser ran that distance in 4:27:80, compared to Dallenbach's 5:06:23. However, problems with the scoring system made Unser's· time appear unsound. "Basically, I wasn't convinced by my Director of Timing that the times for the first group were accurate, due to an equipment malfunction," Layton said. (All vehicles had a scor-ing transponder installed.) "We had problems with (unspecified) equip-ment at Glen Cove, so we went to the backup system, which is hand-held timers. But rather than having sev-eral people with 'hand-helds', we only had one. I wasn't going to base a criti-cal decisiQn, like this championship, on one individual's ability to start and stop a 'watch' (accurately, pre-cisely and consistently). This was my decision and I'll take whatever grief comes from this," Layton averred. Unser believed, however, his time was accurate. "I had a great car, I had a fast run," Unser said. "They're not sure about the time on the bot-tom, so I can understand that. I know what I did in my heart." (Note: It rained/ snowed every af-ternoon for four days prior to the "Run To The Clouds" so track con-ditions should not have been any big surprise! We drove to the summit Wednesday and it was sloppy. Same for the following days, though.) With most people plugged in and listening raptly, Unser said to us all that he was "pissed off. This is un-safe. I almost went off five, or six, time; and I'm good up here!" (I know, I'm an 'Unser!) The FCC must have taken that Saturday off; otherwise this could have ruined it for everybody. The in-terviewer did nothing to stop the rants and the raves; in fact, he egged Robby on! "This is f"*ckin' danger-ous ... " Robby continued, getting into full swing. Listeners hooted and high-fived! And more: "It was a stupid deci-sion. There needs to be an option (for weather). "I'm not gonna be 'Mister Nice Guy' (!) and keep my mouth shut!" (!!!, Unser said. Then started again: "I'm not gonna like it; I'm not gonna say anything good about it. I'm pissed off and I cannot believe ... " trails off). "1240" then, wisely, got Race Honcho Layton on the air and he told 'em how the hog ate the cab-bage. "We had a breakfast drivers' meeting and (Unser) didn't mention it there. When he brought up the issue, two cars had already left the line on ("rule" tires. You can't very well allow a change, like that, mid-event.)" Layton read the rule over the air and said, "It's the rule. It's always been that way,." The rule book states that a car must have the same make, model, and size tire during the race as it had dur-ing qualifying. Unser qualified with a tire made for a dry road. He reported to the start line with mud tires and officials made him change to the same tires he used for qualification. Now, if EVERYONE had agreed, before hand, then we would have consid-Dusty Times

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ternoon ... but you gotta ride what-ever you get!" It did rain. Emphysema Note: The nominal atmospheric pressure at 14,000 feet is 8.6 psia; 59% of sea level pressure (which pushes the air into the engine). You could expect a reduction in power at around that level. "Boost" is, therefore, terrific. The turbo-charged SCCA Rally cars screeched their waste gates with grace and ease. EXHIBITIONISTS Big Rig's have their own class at the Peak, Mike Ryan drove his baby up the hill in the quickest time and won the class. The Mini Sprint Class win went to Todd Cook, seen here at speed in his lethal looking machine, note the July snow. Often the "Exhibition" class is composed of electric or hybrid test vehicles. Race Control chatter re-marked that they really needed a "heads-up" on the "Ex" cars since "We can't hear them coming." This year that was not an issue; the first car off was the kit Cobra of Randy Schranz ... which was one of the loudest of cars. The normally-aspirated 410 old Chev really bellowed through the canyons. He's running a sprinter-style quick-ered it." The most-very-best part of all this was the fact that ALL competitors, other than Unser, raved about how good the course was! "Obviously, I got heated and I shouldn't have done that, so that's 'my bad\" a pseudo-contrite, dam-age-controlling Unser was quoted later. "Also, I should have had some help separating me from the press, so that's 'their bad'," Unserdivertingly added. "At the end of the day, I'm 'OK' with Phil's decisions, most of the time, when it's all settled down. You've got to understand, I'm passionate about running up here. I have a lot of my heart in it. Sometimes I get a little bit (!) excited," Unser CYA-ed. For Unser's outburst, Layton fined Gunnar Heuberger, owner of Heuberger Motors and an autho-rized agent of Unser, $2,500. Dallenbach thought the decision on Co-Champions was fair. "It's what they had to do," Paul said. "What else can you do? Robby? I talked to him and I think he seems to be 'OK' with it. I think it worked out for ev-erybody." Dallenbach's car sprouts more wings than an F-16 squadron. THE COURSE The 12.42 mile course might be described in one word: "Intimidat-ing." Or two. "Frightening." Or even three! "Challenging." "There are 156 turns, I know 50," said Pro 500 rider Dana Perri. The first 2.25 miles are paved two-lane; the rest is groomed, packed dirt ... admittedly wide but "The toad gets skinny at a hundred!" said CR500 rider Darryl Lujam. "Pike's Peak" is the second oldest au-tomobile "race" in the US; the "Indy 500" is the eldest. The highway is leased by the Pike's Peak Auto Hill Climb Educational Museum from the City of Colorado Springs and operates under a special use permit from the United States Forest Ser-vice. "The (ever-increasing) pavement has been an issue that has been con-troversial all along," Leonard Vahsholtz said. "But I always look at the course as being the same for ev-eryone." The race starts at 9,390 feet and ends at 14,110. The "tree line" be-gins/ends at 11,000, so, from then on, you can easily see the precipitous switchbacks. Hell, you can't avoid see-ing them; like a horrendous highway accident: you just gotta look. Drop a car off there and it would roll all the way to Scottsdale! In the pines, you might convince yourself that they would catch you. Three years ago "Super Stock" driver Chandler Bruning went off early and was killed by an intruding tree branch. Dana Perri $54, Woods-Rotax, raved about the course condition af-ter the previous day's late afternoon rain: "It was in great condition! Lots of drive." Darryl Lujan #69, agreed: "The (CRS00) worked good but a two stroke lacks a little (at altitude). I hope it rains like that again this af-Continued on page 26 Leonard Vasholtz won all the marbles in the Super Truck and SUV Division, seen here on the way to victory in his low slung Ford. f ,'". 'kt·:. ·;-2.6" &tll"lll&.~SHOCK · . .._. ... ..,_,,nJCHNO&OGY 714.530.BTOI • FAX714.530.s,02 . 12842 JOY STREET, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 . WtltltN;/,r, Dusty Times October 2004 2.5" - -€'bi!£~ Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! We have custom and produdion coils in stock, and the experience to get you what you need. Call today! Page 25

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Jimmy Angel was all business as he look the gold in the Quad division, seen here at speed on his way to victory. change "live" axle; oddly enough, the car uses propane and it is not Todd Gatrell. Randy told me: "The (mix-ture) is self-adjusting, which is great for the (large) altitude change here. It puts out about 358 horses at the 'Start' altitude. And fueling is simple," he laughed. The other Exhibition entry was none other than the unceasingly self-promoted Jesse James of "West Coast Choppers" and TV's "Monster Ga-rage." Driving the #69 (Heh, heh) su-percharged, on-the-deck Blazer was not to prove as simple as he had ear-lier boasted. "I'll flat-foot iJ: all the way," he was reportedly to have said. James then supposedly viewed an in-car tour of the course from one of the Vahsholtz cars. He did NOT "flat-foot" it, of course -although his time of 15:05: 15 was good enough to beat the Vintage motorcycles, i.e., Triumph vertical twins. "l bought this car off of some dude in Long Beach for 3,500 bucks and 'we' (with input from Larry Ragland and Rhys Millen) built it in fiue days," James said. "I bogged down a little bit in the altitude, but it still ran pretty good." SCCA The SCCA Rally Program, under the close direction of Sue Robinson (Sue used to write the "California Rally Series" column for Dusty Times before moving to Topeka, KS, where the SCCA headquarters reside), had a five-stage rally in concert with The Hill Climb. On Thursday, they ran Stage 1 from the Start to Glen Voce, while the bikes practiced from three up to the top. Stage 2 was a freaky night section followed in the AM by Stage 3: Glen Cover to the Summit. Stage 4 on Saturday was the formal "Race To The Clouds", to be followed by Stage 5 which was cancelled due to the conditions. A number of the SCCA cars were truly only interested in the Hill Climb, or, at least, that was a major impor-tance (as opposed to series points.) 1. GN - FlA Group N: Similar to "Production" and "Production GT"; must follow FlA rules. There are four classes within Group N. 2. 0 -Open: Must retain produc-tion appearance but anything else goes; AND essential. 3. P -Production: "Showroom Stock" 2WDs that are unaltered ex-cept for safety requirements; engine < 2.65 liters. HE RESTRAINT • Slows forward motion in the event ol a crash • Allows head movement • No cumbersome collar to wear • Quick, one-time adjustment • Does not hooi into lap belt • Reduces neck tension by 45-70% • Great for all types ol motor racing, especially where driver changes are common TIP DRIVERS UTILIZING THE D•CEl George Seeley • Ed, Tim & Troy Herbst • Larry "LR" Roese/er Mark Post • Nick Baldwin • Jerry WheJcfiel • Alon Pflueger Jason & Josh Baldwin • Rick, Randy & Ronny Wilson Mike Julson • Bob Lofton • Mork & Gory Weyhrich • Oave Ashley Don Smith • Kyle Taylor • Gus Vildosola • Rob Moc(ochren / ,,r,;:'l{ l.''-"S.,.,ib.,r7 1.B00.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 Page 26 John Hornbrook is llyin' low as he heads up the hill to take the honors in the Vintage Motorcycle class. 4. POT -Production GT: "Show-room Stock", often turbocharged and 4WD; engine> 2.65 liters. SCCA Pro Rally Group 0 During "training" T. Pastrana (Yes, tluitTravis ofSX, MX, X Games, etc., fame) "lost" his Subaru Impreza WRX STi on a" 1" level tum - "Engineer's Comer" • and rolled several times. Parts and parcels littered the comers ... his extreme stunt was then repeated by the local "Flatiron" team of Tan-ner Foust. (Note: As opposeq to some often-maligned racing dilettantes, Pastrana has been well received by the Pro Rally ranks, fast and he delivers with, for example, a fourth OA, third "Open" at the Lancaster (CA) "Rim of the World" rally in May. That was Pastrana' s second gravel rally and "con-sidered one of America's most diffi-cult rally." Doug Navir: "Travis is un-afraid, he knows how to be sideways ... he does well.") Travis Pastrana drives Lance Smith's "Vermont SportsCar" WRX STi. "Travis has done well, this will be his third SCCA event, including Lancaster and Laughlin, NV (aka Peach Springs, AZ)." VSC ran Travis through a one-on-one "schooling ses-sion" with '02/'03 ProRally champ David Higgins. Travis did so well that VSC got him into a competitive car ASAP! The second stage was held Friday at 0300 ("o'dark thirty") -the early morning hour meant complete dark_.. ness, damp roads, and patchy fog. Travis and his co-driver Michael Fen-nell nearly had a clean run but, with less than a mile to the finish, Travis carried too much speed into a tight hairpin. His car left the road, smacked a large ditch, and rolled, eventually landing on its wheels. Pastrana and Fennell were OK but their Subaru suffered heavy damage. Vermont SportsCar feverishly repaired the damaged Subaru in order for Pastrana to compete in the full climb the following morning. Although sporting some battle scars, the car was repaired and ready to run Saturday morning. Pastrana decided to play it safe, drive conserva-tively, and make it to the summit. "We took no chances really, I know we could have gone much faster but I re-ally wanted to make it to the top. It was an absolute blast," explained Pastrana. Pastrana's conservative drive was still good enough for sixth place in the SCCA ProRally Open class for the "Run To The Clouds". JeffZwart's MitsubishVLancer Evo-lution had the cage done by New Zealand's RalliArt. The second place 05 car is actually a "daily-driver" ... "I pull the numbers for the oops' ben-efit." Zwart, a Pike's Peak regular who was a big name in rally Porsches, said, "New cars are so easy to drive. Cars are produced now that are built like old rally cars!" Brit John Lloyd was running in a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon prepared by legendary driver John Buffum's Libra Racing. "I hung it over the edges with a three thousand foot drop. Ah, the joy of four wheel drive!" Lloyd was second in the "Climb" to the OA SCCA rally car of Leon Styles and John Dillon by 21. 7 seconds, in a 1000 Mitsubishi. Jon Hamilton's VW GolfTDI die-sel ran on soy fuel. Still looked slow, but healthy. He had to pass two cars on the course and missed breaking Guy Light's Production car record by only seven seconds. The big dogs, like Paul Shepherd, Paul Choiniere, and Patrick Richards would run into sweeper courses full throttle then set it up with the brakes. Impressive. Doug Navir and Scott Putnam were caught on (digital} film with oil fire flames corning out of the Subaru's hood scoop. The (foam) fire bottle worked as planned-even inside, coat-ing the windscreen and reducing vi-sion to zippo. Owner/Operator Doug is "the guy" who developed security for on-line Vi$a purchase$. I gave him an MOD: "I like my beer cold. .. and lots of it!" Rather than take a close look at the back of a "Randy's Towing" flatbed, Doug and Scott coasted for a while then hitched up to the car for teammates Al Kintigh and co-driver Heidi Martin. SCCA TECH TALK Group N rally cars like to be WRX STi Subarus. Tum-key insanity! Doug's 2.34L flat Subaru was fit-ted with the prescribed 40mm diam-eter inlet restrictor plate (over a stock-55mm holes: that's only half the stock open area! Choke!). Power transmis-sion is through a Prodrive differential that "has to be" programmed by Prodrive technicians ("Unless you know computers ... "Not by me, of course!" Heh, heh.) The cliff is ECU-linked to: 1. Throttle position (PlA). 2. Road speed. 3. Foot brake position. 4. Hand brake position• if you "pull the bar" that overrides the cliff settings. You can set tl1e level of diff"Lock": * 0% to 100% lock. * 100% Lock is a 50%-50% front/ rear split. * 0% Lock is a 35% front/65% rear split• "So it drives like a rear wheel drive car." 2. "Mine is set so that over 25% PlA is at 'full lock'. I can set it up, pitch it into the comer at 65% rear drive, pin it, and drive out of the cor-ner in all-wheel-drive." 3. The engine uses Sunoco 104 oc-tane racing fuel with 20% methanol. 4. "I'm only here for The Hill!" "We buy the body'in white' -then add a Prodrive cage. In race trim it weighs 2,850 pounds. A dealer car weighs over 3,000 pounds, Doug al-lowed. SCCA Pro Rally Group N Rhys Miller's navigator was Chrissy Beavis, whose mother, Paula Gibeault, is an accomplishing rally racer who also used to ride in Baja with Tom Koch! On purpose, too. True. The Millen 5.? liter Pontiac OTO was origi-nally designed as a "drifter" ("Save the Last Dance for Me") and constructed in Huntington Beach (CA). Millen's car uses real-time Tein EDFC (Elec-The big winner in the Open Wheel class was Paul Dallenbach, his winged machine was fastest in the class. October 2004 Dusty Times

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Rhys Millen didn't have the best of days, he was sixth in the SCCA Jeff Swart gave it his all at the Pikes Peak climb but the best he and Third in the open Wheel class was Jimmy Olson, seen here heading Pro Rally Group 5 division, seen here in his Pontiac GTO. his Mits_ubishi could muster was 8"' in SCCA Pro Rally Open. for flat out after yet another 180 tum. tronic Damping Force Controller) on truck of Davey Schmidt was spon- time to blow out of "The Valley of the perman effort in his AWD "Wells" The wet pavement did not favor all four comers ... "This controls the sored by "The Key Lounge", a loud Sun" for cooler spots): but had to settle for third behind record attempt by the #200 huge damping lry adjusting the rate of oil flow spot on Manitou Springs Road. The 1. Canon City· May 8. Dallenbach and the formula-car-ish horsepowered Ford RS200e of "Ar-in the lrypass through raising and lower-V6 Toy of Ed Seitenbecher was a 2. Monarch· Jun. 5. carofDavid Donner. Olson's car fea-row Mach 2" piloted by rally cham-ing the control needle for 16 le.Jels. This is minute behind the winning Ford. 3. Cripple Creek· Jul. 17. tu res an aluminum frame ("Metal fa. pion Stiq Blomqvist ("Still crazy after performed lry a stepping motor installed SUPER STOCK CARS 4. Grand Junction -Aug. 28. tigue? Nah, the thing only has 200 all these years"). The car started life as on the top of piston rod (the top of the The "other"Vahsholtz, Clint, once 5. Cripple Creek-Sept. 18. hours, at most and onlyweighs 2,150 a Group B rally car. .. they were out-shock)." again demonstrated to the other Todd, who used to be a driving pounds."). The 800 (SLS) bhp 410 lawed in 1986 due to being "too fast Chrissy was unconcerned abut the NASCAR-like "Super Stocks" why instructor at the Jim Russell and Bob old Chevy drives into a Turbo 400 to race". The Garrett turbocharger, event: "This (run) is short, (the road Pike's Peak should be called Bondurant schools, now owns TCE then splits at a Casale V-drive into a in concertwithasophisticated "Pectel is) wide ... so it should be easy -we just "Vahsholtz' Mountain". Clint also Performance Products, originally spe-Corvette IRS, with Pantera half-shafts T6 ECU -plus water injection and an have to go to the top!" upped his record of Hill Climb victo- cializing in SH Os but subsequently and a Subaru differential up front: IMSA-sized intercooler. maintains a ***LUNCH BREAK*** TRUCKS AND SUV The dropped 1996 Bronco of Leonard Vahsholtz was a crowd pleaser with nothing spared, not as if the family doesn't know the road like the back of their Woodland Park hands. Even with all entries burning a smelly load of alcohol the other trucks were no matches for Leonard. Dean Burling's S-10 had the engine set so far back that the rear four injector stacks were behind the windshield! The Dusty Times ries in a row to 12. He won three mo- moving on to specialized braking sys-'Like out ofa Brat ... ". The packaging two-atmosphere inlet pressure "what-torcycle titles before moving to Super terns and upgrade kits, plus Hewland is, well, let's say "close"! "It was kinda ever the altitude, at which pressure the Stock in '96. gearbox maintenance. squirrelly on the pavement, with the engine gives no less then 840 bhp with MINI SPRINTS OPEN WHEEL water, and dirt, and gravel, but it peak torque of 700 ft-lbs. at 7,500 Another "run-what-ya-brung" class A wide range of cars were entered... hooked up great on the dirt," Jimmy rpm." Well! is the Minis. Todd Cook installed a the least likely, compared to the in- said over a Coors. At the factory roll out, the thing 3.2liter-theclassislimitedto214old jectedBrodixV8s,etc.,wasthe2165cc Another good, but unheralded, went from Oto 120mph in two - Yamaha-headed (24 valves) SHO turbo VW Type I of Donner run was by Jimmy Keeney, #69 NFL field lengths; under six sec-Taurus V6 into his aluminum Wells Billingsley (#55). Working the "seal-(What's this? Three racers with the onds. ("Our car reaches 200 yards chassis with good results: He won. pel" vs. the "ax" scenario, Donner's same number... those crazy quicker than a stone dropped over a With a shop in east Tempe, Ari- car weighs but 1,250 pounds and Coloradians!). Keeneywas hampered cliff!") Stiq said, "It was difficult" zona (i.e., Phoenix) Cook must love drives through pretty basic Type I drive by the loss of two cylinders ... not the to keep the thing hooked up on to haul his trailer a mile vertically and train. He says that the engine is crisp best of situations for an ascent like the wet and dirty tarmac, but they 852 miles horizontally. He is a regular and strong, thanks to the Newman- this ... but good enough for fourth out still won the class over three other on the Colorado Hill Climb Associa- Dreggar shop. of ten. (comparatively) lackluster entries tion circuit (all of them at a perfect Jimmy Olson (#44) put in a Su- UNLIMITED Continued on page 28 October 2004 Page 27

Page 28

The silver medal in 500cc Motorcycle class went to Greg Tracy Anders Jansson plays it close to the wall as he heads up the hill for a (555), seen here one footing out of a tight comer. nice second place in the 750cc Motorcycle division. (including "Usual Suspect" Katsuo bulk, they would be a hassle to remove, turbo diesels attacked The Hill with Travis Pastrana didn't have a good day. he and his Subaru were an unfortunate dnf in eh SCCA Pro Rally GT dass. Kobayashi.) Next year? even by the multitude of "Paul's Tow- loads of boost. The Mike Ryan "Sirius" BIG RIGS "Class 8 Diesels" ing" trucks strategically placed on the Freightliner, #77, was powered by a They run these vehement behe- mountain. So leave 'em 'til last; plus it 1250bhp "501" Mercedes Benz V6. moths last, for a variety of practical is a spectator favorite. His turbos were the size of beer kegs. reasons. The wisest is that, due to their Three full size, single axle, twin Ryan runs a five speed ZF "Ecomat" sequential shifting gearbox and blows his best wheels sideways for the abbre-smoke like the Page (AZ) coal fired viated course win over Bruce Canepa Powerplant (before scrubbers. (who lopped the tandem axle off his 0,-"ftU.YIII. • M.IUlll:l'IIO .... 1.0 CNIIOMOLY •"l1CI wa...r.D •IHCU--.,.,,.__ACKsfWTO ~ -t"NO'rll ,.CauAL..,_..efffMIU.M!IJ ,.klNQli ... 1 .. ..-,,,-.. •CJIIOtlaOYIIR:STaS.RJND mancE sion wiltG _ NE:W PRObUCT'S FOR THE NISSAN TITAN -CST2WD LONG TltA.Ym.. K1T 4 CST 2WO a•• t.,......, • CS'T 4WD 6"' LIJrT .. FtBl!RGLA.$$ FENDERS • DEA.VER LEAF SPRINGS ALL IN STOCKI llflUIIPt{IJ'> Df,1'& BIWl' Kl'" Jl'(JI FfJII' ,, ... AIWUllll During practice, earlier in the week, # 1 Kenworth TIOOO) and Mike "#76" Mike put the winged truck into a ditch Gibbons (" A Novice in a Peterbilt") and shed some parts. Race day he put by0:36 and 0:56 seconds, respectively. FQIUJ RANGE:.F« :r-oN 4 LINK Kff •:ta•+°" '\f'llltJWIIL •MA'D&.,_M Al:90 GHIIIDMOLT MTI.GWd.DJHJ -t~ IIOl.'l'Otl •~~-HQIUIJINO WOJIIK •Rir,q--FUKL Csu. a Feno -g•A)CL& FABRICATIDN 96-04 "'R.WOTA TACOMA 2WD LoNG 'rRAV£L KIT NOW-IN STOCKI FOX 2.!5" 2J'n,ll!IE BYP.A.$8 $HOX HISTORY Informed Source: "They used to start 40 bikes at once until 1982 when they had a death in the dust Then in '92 they brought bikes back-starting five at a time. They also used to have a New Year's Day"Snow Run" with350 bikes ... from Glen Cove (brake check stop) to the summit. That was crazy!" INTERESTING QUALIFYING RECORDS' Gary Vosburg has a "Pro Truck" record; Mark Miller has a "Luxury Sedan" record; Jack Flannery one in "4WD F/Stadium/Heavy Truck" (small niche, huh!; Larry Ragland, "4WDSuperTruck&SUV"); Rob-ert Gayton (New Mexican in a "Leg-end Car"... erstwhile RX7 rotary racer); and Evan Evans in "HPSS Diesel Truck". You get two, one, of ANYTHING and they'll make a class! Kiwi Rod Millen holds the abso-lute record at 10:04: 1 (averaging 74 scary miles per hour), set in 1994. The initial outing, in 1916, was won in 20:55.6, not too shabby. Probably wore a cloth cap with ear flaps, a taste-ful necktie, and had no cage, right? ROUTE CHARTS The SCCA has Arne Johannson, a clever fellow, who runs the course in a vehicle equipped with a three axes accelerometer, linked to speed and map position, and records the course. A clever algorithm then computes route notes based upon "g" level of cums, dips, and "yumps". Doug Robinson (SCCA Rally Tech Director): "The program accounts for rate-of-change and, therefore, the recon tour does not have to be run at any specific or constant speed." "Jemba Inertia Notes System is the most advanced system available. It gives a consistent set of notes from a fully inertia-based system. The operator collects data about the stage by driv-ing at normal speed. A laptop com-puter creates the notes automatically according to an individual setup." He massages the route info then runs it another time until satisfied ... then sells the sheets for $150. SCCA: "Use of these descriptive Stage Notes is not mandatory. A complete regular route book will be provided to all com-petitors." An example was explained (Note: The hairiest tum is a " 1 ", the easiest is a "6". See jemba/ notesCan.htm): 1. L6 (12) R6 means A 6-level left tum (near Race Mile 12) followed by a 6-level right hand tum. lff $70CK IIORE MRT8 THNIANJtllilfi OPEN 7 D'AYS A WEEKI 951.737.2999 2. ! L2 into R2lg means: Warning! A 2-level left into a 2-level right -after a long distance. 2871 Ragle Way Corona, CA 92879 Page 28 October 2004 3. L3 <> R3 rough meansA3-level left turn opens, then narrows, into a 3-level right -rough road. . _-,I "\r Dusty Times

Page 29

¢000 DFF-HDaD MEXICANA LOGISTICS 300 October 15 - 17, 2004: Laguna Salada, Mexicali FIFTH RACE OF THE CODE TECATE 2004 OFFROAD SERIES COURSE 115 mile laos PRO, 2Iaps Class 14, 15 SPT, 1 laps Class 11 M/C, Quads 1 lap PRERUNING From Saturday October 2nd. Remember, do it with extreme CAUTION START M/C 7 Quads: 6:00 AM Cars & Trucks: 9:00 AM Al 30 second Intervals. At the "Aut6dromo" (Salada Speedway) (Km. 28 carretera Mexicali - Tijuana) DRAWING Wednesday, October 6, at 8:00 pm at MEXICANA LOGISTICS, Km. 6, Mexicali -San Felipe Hwy. Fill out Your entry form and mail or fax it in. AWARDS Sunday, October 17 at 12:00 noon at _ltlSllll "Molcajetes Bar & Grill"; Mexicali ---·---HOST HOTEL From USA 1-800-437-2438 (686) 556-1312 01-800-02-65-888 I TIME LIMIT 9 hrs! CONTINGENCY & TECH INSPECTION Friday at Vicente Guerrero park, from 4:00 to 10 PM. RACE FUEL Remember it is not allowed to cross race fuel through the US-Mexico Border, there will be Fuel available Friday and Saturday at the race. ~! r.OFFICIAL G/\SOUN · . CODE DFFROAO v mxli USA (760) 455-8069 MEX (686) 553-4087 ,.,,....,_-, ,,,.-.-.... ~ODb DFF-HD.dD CERVEZA OFICIAL DE CODE OFF·ROAO Evita el exceso ,.,,.,3 autopartes ~ H MAaw2iaH10.,6 ... ''\ ;J PIZZAS i;t....,.Mexicali 2004 CODE TECATE OFFROAD SERIES SCHEDULE P.O. BOX 2328, CALEXICO, CA 92232-2328 USA From USA (760) 455-8069 CODE Tecate VW autopartes 250 I January 30,31 & February 1 / Laguna Salada, Mexicali CODE Tecate Grupo TERSA 200 / April 2-4 / San Felipe, Baja California* ' CODE Tecate Accesorios AMADO Night Race/ June 11-13 / Laguna Salada, Mexicali CODE Tecate ORW Grand Prix/ July 30, 31 y August 01 / Tecate, Baja California* CODE Tecate M'ANGIAMOS 300 / October 15-17 / Laguna Salada, Mexicali CODE Tecate RECORD RACE READY 250 / December 10-12 / Ensenada-Mexicali-SF.* (*) Races with cars and motorcycles Dusty Times October 2004 Page 29 l ) i

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Page 31

You don't get to be the leader by following the palt Piftte-in, ... ,~ tile world leader in monotube gas pressure sholfc teeh]lolqgy, introduces the next evolutioaln offrtJall race shocks ... the Black Hawk 9300 Series. Big and hold wifh its RadiaJ Bypass Damping technology and hard anodized finish, tbis shock is like nothing you've ever seen, or experienced, before. Don't run ~ith the pack, get out and lead ... GET BILSTEIN! GO FASTER! zym -~~ \ -v ., I 1/ SHDCKBODY ■ Rapid heat dissipaUng, one piece extruded 6061 aluminum construction featuring Radial Bypass Damping (RBD) technology ■ Approximately 30"/4 faster cooling efficiency than steel and up to 100• lower peak operating temperatures ■ Stanger and 10"/4-25"/4 lighter than similar welded steel bypass shock bodies without the distortion from welding INCREMENTAL BYPASS FLOW METERING VALVE (IFMV} ■ Extremely accurate, incremental flow adjustment within a sealed mechanism for extreme resistance to dirt contamination ■ Easily adjustable color-coded Rebound (red) and Bump (blue) bypass adjusters with an Internal detent feature providing prominent "clicks" to each of the 9 settings ■ High impact, copolymer check valve piston providing excellent wear characteristics SHOCK PISTON & ROD ■ 3" O.D. 6061-T6 aluminum, Type Ill hard anodized piston with high-flow ports and 1" tall low friction bronze backed wear band with 0-ring seal ■ Industries largest Hard-Chromium plated piston rod cu"ent/y offered at 1-1/BH 0.0. REMOTE RESERVOIR ■ Massive 4-1/2" x 1r 6061·T6 aluminum reservoir housing ■ High oil volume allows gas pressure to be greatly reducea (130%-175"/4 on average), lowering the piston rod pressure and giving the vehicle greater damping control and "driver feel"

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CORR AT BARK RIVER The 2004 season Winds Down By ]. Preston Bradshaw Photos: J&L Photo Carl Renezeder had a good weekend, a 1" and a 5" place finish in the rounds, Carl is second in Pro-4 points. Nice weather and lots ofcompeti-of the Pro-4 rounds and it was Carl tion greeted the 154 entrants, ready Renezeder taking his second win of to race for the gold and the glory at the season. Second to take the flag Bark River, Michigan. There are eight was Johnny Greaves, Josh Baldwin had racing classes in the CORR make-up, a nice third place, Steve McCrossan there are only four more rounds of came in fourth and Scott Douglas was competition and, for all practical pur- fifth. Sixth place went to Al Drews, poses, all but one of the classes are still Curt LeDuc was seventh, Jason Bald-up in the air as to who will win each win came in eighth and rookie Dave class after the final round at New Ber-Christoferson was the ninth and final lin. In the Sportsman 2 competition finisher. Dan Badoux has his season win all In the second Pro-4 round, Curt sewed up. LeDuc finally got his first win of the There were nine entrants in the first season, Scott Douglas was running better this round and took second place, Jason Baldwin took a third place finish, Johnny Greaves was fourth and Carl Renezeder was fifth across the line. Al Drews took yet another sixth place finish, Josh Bald-win dropped down to a seventh place, Steve McCrossan came in eighth and Dave Christoferson failed to take the green flag. In Pro-4 season points, Johnny Greaves has amassed 152, Carl Ren-ezeder is second, only nine points out 6950 Guion Road • Indianapolis, Indiana 3 1 7-... 2 9 3 4 1 0 0 www.crracing .. com ~CHCO/lPO/lATEO Page 32 October 2004 Evan Evans took both rounds at Bark River. he tails the leader in points by 10 with four more rounds yet to be played. of the lead and Jason Baldwin is in third spot, only one point out of sec-ond place. Curt LeDuc has 128 points, Scott Douglas has 126 and Josh Baldwin has 109 points. There were 12 Pro-2 trucks ready for the battle land when the check-ered flag flew for the first round it was Evan Evans taking his third con-secutive win in the class. Carl Renez-eder tried hard but could only mus-ter a second spot in the class, Kevin Probst came in for third place, Larry Goudie had a nice fourth place and Brian Hinman was fifth. Sixth place went to Steve Barlow, Paul Seidler came in seventh, Scott Taylor was a long eighth and Josh Baldwin came in ninth. Steve Federico ran his first Pro-2 race of the season and finished 10th, Dan VandenHeuvel was a long 11th place and Chris Hansen failed to fin-ish. Pro-2, second round, and guess what? Evan Evans took yet another win in his Chevy. Carl Renezeder took another second place and Kevin Probst was third once again. Dan VandenHeuvel picked up the pace this round and finished in fourth place, Josh Baldwin came in for fifth place, Scotty Taylor was sixth, and not very happy, Steve Barlow came in seventh, Larry Goudie dropped back to eighth place and Steve Federico was ninth. Paul Seidler was the 10th finisher and Brian Hinman came in 11th. Chris Hansen once again was amongst the missing. The Pro-2 points chase had turned into a real horse race, Scott Taylor leads with 153, Evan Evans is right there with 14 3 points, Carl Ren-ezeder has 131 points and Kevin Probst is in fourth place. Dan VandenHeuvel has 117 points and Steve Barlow is sixth in points with 108 points won. There were 21 trucks in the Pro-Lite battle but only 15 of them fin-ished in each round. 1n the first round Jeff Kincaid got his second win of the season, Rick Huseman was right there in second place, third place went to Steve Federico, Chad Hord came in fourth and Kyle LeDuc came in fifth. Shayne Pagles came in sixth, Jim Kandel came in seventh, Mark Oberg came in eighth, Randy Eller was ninth and Javier Sacio came in 10th. Todd LeDuc came in for an 11th place fin-ish, rookie Josh Hintz was 12th, Mark Krueger came in 13th, 14th place went to Don Ponder and Art Schmitt was the 15th and final finisher. The second Pro-Lite round also went to Jeff Kincaid, his third win of · Continued on page 34 Jeff Kincaid and his Toyota racked up a pair of wins in Pro-Lite at Bark River. Jeff has not had the best of finishes this year. In Light Buggy, Jeff Virnig aced the fl" and 10" rounds, his first wins of the 2004 season, he's now fourth in points. Dusty Times

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I ~~ ~~..__.P□ooucm~I 0) ~j 3llhl RACIIVG ASSOCIATIOIV Separate courses for Cars/Trucks & Motorcycles/ Quads Three 65-mile loops for the Motorcycle/Quad course. Three 75-mile loops for the Carl Truck course. Twenty minutes to Start/Finish from Las Vegas PRESENTS I SE.RT OCTOBER 15, 16, 17, 2004 Motorcycles Quads !f!!!!!Ttal H ~£~IM~~~~ CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST INDEPENDENTLY OWNED RENTAL COMPANY Dusty Times October 2004 in1lnntr1fBR£1TL-Rental Service ® HONDA RidersOu/Jef Ameriai Both races run at the same time Race Is On Saturday 10-16-04 Las Vegas, Nevada Page 33

Page 34

John Fitzgerald took the honors in the first round at Bark River, seen here flying towards the checkered flag. In Super Buggy it was Aaron Hawley taking the win in both rounds at Bark River, seen here speeding towards victory. Keith Steele took the first round win at Bark River, seen here flying his Chevy to victory, he's second in points. 2004, Rick Huseman took another second place, Kyle LeDuc moved up a few spots to finish third, Chad Hord was fourth once again and Art Schmitt was back on it and came in fifth. Mark Krueger was the sixth place finisher, Steve Federico came in sev-enth, Shayne Pagles dropped a few spots into eighth, Jim Kandel came in ninth and Don Ponder came in 10th. Mark Oberg was way off in 11th place, 120, Steve Federico is in fourth place Todd LeDuc was 12th, Javier Sacio with 111 points and Art Schmitt is came in 13th, Rookie Colby Eller was fifth with 105 points. the 14th finisher, Randy Eller was No less than 30 entrants showed 15th across the line and rookie Josh up ready to battle for the Light Buggy Hintz was the 16th and final finisher. win. JeffVimig got his first win of the In Pro-Lite season points it's Kyle 2004 season, Chad Dewall had a great LeDuc in the lead with 146, Rick Huse- second place finish, third place went man is in second place with 136 to Craig Metz, rookie Mike points, Chad Hord is in third with VandenHeuvel had his best finish of the year with a fourth place and Trac Fleishman took the 13th spot, Jamie Kleikamp came in fifth. Ben Tom Thomas was the 14th finisher O'Connell, the class points leader and Gerald Kleikamp was 15th to fin-was sixth this race, Greg Stingle ish. The rest of the finishers, in order came in seventh, Todd Lemke was were: Brian Glime, Randy Oman, eighth to finish, Steve Schuch had John Bauman, Tom Vimig, Adam hisbestfinishoftheyear,ninthand Behm, Steve Oman, Carol Brian Bloomquist was 10th across Gunderson, Barry Whalen (rookie), the line. 11th place went to Kevin J. Schulze, Nick Lemke, Matt Gerald, Huth, Craig Rabe came in 12th, BrantAmdtandTracyPeebles. Mark Steinhardt won the second round at Bark River, Mark leads the Mark Kleiman drove his Ford to the win in the second round at Bark Whose timing is off? Dan Badoux had a terrible weekend, the Single Buggy crowd by 16 points. River. Mark leads the Stock points for 2004. Sportsman 2 Class winner had to settle for a 3" and a :?NI this time. RESTRfCTID FOR AACE FANS ONLY Page 34 October 2004 Dusty Times

Page 35

' I Chad Dewall notched a pair of 2"' place finishes at Bark River, he's fifth in season points in Ught Buggy. Steve Krieman (918) had a show and a place, he's 2"' in Super Rick Huseman took a pair of 2nds in Pro-Ute, Rick and his Ford are buggy points, Corry Heynan has an 8 point lead in Super Buggy. 10 points behind the leader in points for 2004. e secon roun o Lig t Buggy action saw JeffVirnig once again on top of the heap, another nice first place finish. Not to be outdone, Chad Dewall once again took the second spot, Jamie Kleikamp got onto the podium with a third place finish, Craig Metz dropped a spot into fourth place and Ben O'Connell was fifth this round. Mike YandenHeuvel came in for sixth place, Matt Gerald was back in fom1 with a seventh place finish, Brian Bloomquist came in eighth, Greg Stingle was ninth and J. Schulze was the 10th finisher. 11th place went to Steve Schuch, Tracy Peebles came way up to 12th place, Todd Lemke was unlucky 13th, 14th place went to Trac Fleishman and rookie Brad Arndt was the 15th finisher. The bal-ance of the finishers, in order were: Steve Oman, Gerald Kleikamp, Kevin Huth, John Bauman, Tom Thomas, Randy Oman, Mike Tikkanen, Brian Glime, Adam Behm, Barry Whalen, Craig Rabe, Carol Gunderson and TomVimig. In Light Buggy Season points, it is Ben O'Connell in the lead with 130, Craig Metz is knocking on the door with 124 points in his pocket, Greg Stingle, not to be denied also has 124 points, JeffVirnig is in fourth place with 100 points and Chad Dewall is · fifth with 95 points earned. The Sportsman 2 contest was a good one. The season champion has already been decided, once again it is Dan Badoux, taking his second con-• POWERFUL • PRECISE 2" Capacity, 180° Bends Steel, 4130, Stainless, Aluminum Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perteet for the: • Race Car Builder • Small Fabrication Shop • Home Shop Call for a FREE BROCHURE In Sportsman 2, Ross Hoek won the 9" and 10" rounds, Ross is sitting in second place in season points. Curt LeDuc finally got his first win of the season in his Skyjacker Ford, seen here heading to victory in Pro-4. secutive Sportsman 2 championship. There are 11 guys ready for the chal-lenge and when the checkers flew on the first round at Bark River it was Ross Hoeck taking his second win of the season. The second spot went to Ben Wandahsega, Dan Badoux, the champ, was third this round, Mike Savage came in fourth and Sam Konitzer was fifth. Sixth place went to Mike Oberg, Don Williams was the seventh finisher, Ken Hallgren came in eighth and Bob Gersmehl was the ninth and final finisher. Gordon Zima didn'tfmish theroundandJ. Keehnan didn't start. The second round, Round # 10 was a repeat as far as the winner was concerned, Ross Hoek took his sec-ond consecutive win, his third win of the season. Dan Badoux was second, securing his class championship, Mike Oberg was the third man on the po-dimn, Mike Savage was fourth once more, fifth place went to Sam onitzer and Ben Wandahsega fell to sixth place. Ken Hallgren finished in seventh place, Bob Gersmehl finished in eighth place, Gordon Zima was an unhappy ninth and Don Williams was the 10th and final finisher. In Sportsman 2 season points Dan Badoux has the championship with 177 points earned. Ross Hoek is sec-ond with 131 points, Mike Oberg sits in third place with 129 points, Ben Wandahsega is fourth with 114 points and Sam Konitzer is sitting fifth with 107 points. Single Buggy had 27 would-be win-ners waiting for the green and they had quite a battle. At the finish of their first round it was John Fitzger-ald taking his second wii:i of the sea-son. Mark Steinhardt, the points leader came in second, Bob Blaney was third across the line, Adam Guberud was fourth and Mike See-feldt came in fifth. Steve Socha was sixth to finish, Brad Erickson came in seventh, eightl1 place went to Heather Sullivan, Terry Fitzgerald was ninth and John Svanda was 10th. Brett Ellenson was the 11th finisher, Jace Shubert was 12th, 13th went to Dustin Gray, Jason Janusz was 14th and the 15th finisher was Dan Mar-tin. Other finishers included Tracy Crump, Allen Plawman, Lisa Grint, a Continued on page 36 r,c1 8 •aBIMEBB IIB BACE TEAM Dririog SuHs • Grow UoUorms • Grew Shirts Polo Shirts• Team Jae/tots •Hats• Goar Bags TEIIIIIIR.E #EIDIJST MIITllll6PIIBTS • ,a,rw 11.ACINII • Elllllllllll 11.ACBIIII 'OrrE l.lllWIIBI • t:IHI F.IIIIWIIRIIS • R.At:E RE.ADY ,,,,,aall&TS • Tll,TIIII 11111.Alffl EMPIRE II.BII/HRIIE • IIIBUI.A t:.ARS a, t:aBaN.A (541)382-1573 Dusty Times October 2004 Page 35 --

Page 36

-rookie, Eve Baldwin, another rookie, John Huss, Cissy Baldwin, yet another rookie, Bill Hart and Leonard Lind-quist. The second round in Single Buggy saw Mark Steinhardt back to his win-Page 36 ning ways, Mike Seefeldt grabbed the second spot, Brad Erickson held on to the third spot, Bob Blaney was a nice fourth and John Huss was very fast into fifth place. Sixth place went to John Svanda, Terry Fitzgerald was seventh, Adam Guberud was the eighth finisher, Jason Janusz was ninth and Dustin Gray was 10th. Steve Socha dropped to 11th place, Allen Plawman was 12th to finish, Heather Sullivan came in 13th, Daniel Martin was 14th and rookie Lisa Grint was the 15th finisher. The following fin-ished in this order: Brett Ellenson, John Fitzgerald, rookie Cissy Baldwin, Eve Baldwin, another rookie, Tracy Crump, Jamie Monson, Jace Shubert and Leonard Lindquist. Mark Steinhardt holds the lead in Single Buggy points with 159 earned, Mike Seefeldt is second with 143 points, Brad Erickson and Adam Guberud are tied for third place with 105 points each and Steve Socha is fifth with 101 points to his credit. Super Buggy had 25 cars entered but unless your name was Aaron Haw-ley you couldn't do any better than a silver medal. In the first round Aaron took his third win of the 2004 sea-son, Corey Heynan was the second finisher, Steve Krieman was third across the line, David Johnson came in fourth and Mike Geiser was fifth. Sixth place went to Ryan Mulder, Gary Nierop was seventh, Scott Schwalbe came in eighth, Scott Olson was ninth and Scott Powell came in 10th. 11th place went to Todd Crump, TomSchwartzt",urgwas 12th, Scott Peterson was 13th, Paul Bort came in 14th and Todd Wallace was the 15th finisher. The rest finished in this order: John Mason, John Prana, Jack Haenlein, Paul Heynen, Ray Rayeski, a rookie, Bob Klaus, Hennan Barnum, Tim Christensen and Jeff Sands was the final finisher. The second round of the Super Buggy saw Aaron Hawley taking his fourth win of the 2004 season. Steve October 2004 Krieman came in second, David Johnson finished a nice third place, fourth place went to Scott Peterson and Todd Wallace came in fifth. Scott Powell moved up a few spots into sixth place, Paul Heynan was the seventh place finisher, Todd Crump came in eighth, Gary Nieropwas the ninth fin-isher and Craig Biesik was 10th. 11th place went to Paul Bort, Tom Schwarzburg was 12th again, Hennan Barnum was unlucky 13th, Jack Haenlein was the 14th finisher and 15th place went to rookie Ray Raeski. The balance of the finishers, in order, were: Mike Geiser, Corry Heynan, Ryan Mulder, Jeff Sands, Tim Chris-tensen, John Prana and Scott Olson. The points race in Super Buggy is close with only four rounds remain-ing. Corry Heynan leads with 129 points, Steve Krieman is second with 121 points, Ryan Mulder sits in third place with 104 points, Aaron Hawley is up into fourth place with 102 points and Scott Schwalbe is in fifth place with 97 points. The Stock class had l9 entrants ready for battle and, battle they did. Nothing new there! When the smoke had cleared after the first round it was Keith Steele taking the win, his third of the season, Mark Kleiman was second, he already has four wins this year, third place went to Rhonda Konitzer, she has been in the top five every round this year, Scott Beauchamp, a rookie, came in fourth and Jason Bort was the fifth finisher. Tim Konitzer was the sixth place finisher, Randy Zimonick came across in seventh place, eighth place went to Don Demeny, Rick Hinman came in ninth and J .R. Wagner came in 10th. Rookie Robert McDermid was the 11th place finisher, Randy Rundhaug made it an even dozen, Al Konitzer was the 13th finisher, 14th place went to Rod Wells and Dave Waldvogel was the 15th and final finisher. Four racers never made the checkered flag. In the second round of the Stock class, Mark Kleiman got back to his winning ways and chalked up his fifth win of the season, Dave Waldvogel picked up his pace and finished second, Rhonda Konitzer chalked up another third place, Keith Steele took the fourth place finish and Al Konitzer came in for the fifth place finish. Tim Konitzer racked up another sixth place, Bob McDermid, a rookie was seventh, J.R. Wagner came in eighth, Victor Anderson came in ninth and 10th place went to Rick Hinman. Rod Wells was 11th, Jason Bort was well down in 12th place, Scott Beauchamp, a rookie, came in 13th, Don Demeny came in 14th, Don was the final finisher in the heat. In the Stock points chase, Mark Kleiman has the lead with 159 points earned, Keith Steele is second with 149 points in his pocket, Rhonda Konitzer is third with 141 points in her portfo-lio, Dave Waldvogel is fourth with 113 points and rookie Scott Beauchamp is in fifth place with 95 points. Round 11 and 12 are next on the schedule, they take place at Crandon, Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend at Crandon International Raceway, if you are ever in that area get yourself over there, the action is terrific. Then the Pro Types go on to New Berlin, New York for the final two rounds of the season. Next, the racers retire to their shops and start the entire prepa-ration series for the upcoming 2005 season. . _ . .,.., Skyjacker® is "Fired Up" about its involvement in Off-Road Motor Sports. Whether it is on the dirt tracks of CORR, deserts of Mexico, or on the rocks out west, watch these Skyjacker® sponsored vehicles smoke the competition. Dusty Times

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1st ace $1500 Class 1600 $500 Class 1450 $500 Class 900 $500 Class 550 $500 overall ,.,..r; i ' ♦ . ~ '~-=--""~--DISTRIBUTING ~ C::~A,...F-C. OFF•ROAD RACE • OCT 16, 2004 PLASTER CITY EAST IMPEIIAL VAUEY. CA TECH, REGISTRATION & CONTINGENCY OCT, 16 2004 9:00AM TO 1 :OOPM IMPE.RIAL VALLEY EXPO IMPERIAL, CALIFORNIA -SOUTH PARKING LOT 18 CLASSES -INCLUDING STREET LEGAL PRO ENTRY FEE $360.00* SPORTSMAN ENTRY FEE $200.00* IIB■111 NOra·. ·. 8ffl8SP.ORTS 1 ST PLACE SPORTSMAN CLASSES RECEIVE $100.00 ENTRY FEE BACK*• 2004 MDR RACE SCHEDULE OCT. 16 .. THE SUPERSTITION 250 PLASTER CITY EAST DEC. 31 -THE DASH PLASTER CITY WEST WIii hst a drawlaa tor 1t1rt11u p11ltl1■ 1 Sat Oct 8th 2UIC @ 11:118■ 103 Prass La I Ill #' 1:h■la Vista. ca 81810 J1Mco ~ 'Ptz4a«d4 at,rr will •• ll11ll11 I ,, .. -·· It Tl■ ,,,1rallt111 111. let. II. ?IH crSTUFF1' VW TRAN8AXLE TOU,_. 1-86~~UFF T60-'12~-887& 909-e~8" FAX~ OCEANSIDE I UN JACllffO, CA. EMAJL mlkeftbugtrans.c:om DVANCED ,-w..r:------TY lRELESS, .INC. U.S. Forest Servtce approved spark arrestOf' and 9reen sticker or llcense plate required on all race vehtcles. •Entry form and fe" due two _.._ before the raee date. 0W1th 3 In class. Entry, .. for tlMt driVM' only, no ,.. for co-drlv.,.._. &upport crew, •..-etalon or the g~al public (Note:. If th• ¥ehlcl• does not maic. tit• st.ting lh,e, 100% of the .ntry f .. Is rolt4td oww to the next race) FOR MDR RACE RESULTS/ INFORMATION: PHONE (626) 442-9320 FAX (62G) 579-6~1 1853 Partl;way Drive So. El Mont-e1 CA 91733 EMA1L lnf~rracing,com WEBSITE -mdrraclng,com MOR Tech Info: ALL RACI! Tl!CH & SAFI.TY-Phone (702) 897-3583 l!MAIL wattarw5h@ao1, The Corky McMillin Companies R,u'~ l•.Y'n~\11•tt' ~ 1 fle'\t" OIi •.: n~t'

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JeepSpeed Cherokees have been making guest appearances at many other events this year/ A few of the note-worthy mentions are the rookie 16 year old Justin Marner winning his class at the BITD Vegas To Reno with dad Bob and teenage friends. Also, Barrie Thompson's back to back wins at BITD Terrible's Town 250 and SCORE Baja 500. Thompson's win at the B Terrible's 250 illustrates how fast Barrie and these Jeeps are going. He was only 8 minutes behind Rob MacCachren'swinningClass 7 truck, 6 minutes behind the V8 4100 Expe-dition of Marc Stein and\ Vas 12 min-utes AHEAD of the winning 3100 Ex-plorer of Scott-Douglas. The Jeep was 47th overall out of 101 .starters. This is a good time to update every-one on our 2004 season. Round 1 - This years challenge opened at the BITD Parker 425.15 JeepSpeed Cherokees took the green flag. 10 Pro Class and 5 Stock class. JeepSpeed elected to run two laps of approximately 140 miles on this classic course in Parker, Al., estimating that their winners would finish at about the same time as the overall winners in the Class 1 andTrickTruckentriesrunning three laps; The plan worked wen ,with JeepSpeed winner Barrie Thompson being the fourth car to cross the fmish line in his red Skyjacker Motorsports entry right behind his teammate, Curt LeDuc's Skyjacker Class 8 Fl 50. Thompson ran a very credible av-erage speed of 42 mph, foiled in sec-ond place by Ray Currie and third place went to rookie John Coleman. The Stock Class had a surprise first time win by Tun Ha)USh with JeepSpeed veterans Bill Frey and Jon Gymer sec-ond and third The, Ray Currie team was featured on the Outdoor Life Net-work one hour TV coverage of the event Contingency awards continue to grow - American Racing, - BFGood-rich and Valvo line are giving $14 50 to the Pro Class and $ 1000 to the Stock Class. JeepSpeed Prize money payback presented by Mojave Desert Racing based on $100 per starter, $ 1000. JeepSpeed contingency monies are: Beard Seats $700, Full Traction $ 1000, Skyjacker $600 and Rubicon Express $600. The grand total available payout for each race is $6350, There are many more$ available for contingency, check with MOR or )eepspeed ... -. fW [!!JA)'P.fsA IM»lllot:OI ~~~ [-BA----JA) BAJA Baja 'Pits, USA & Baja Bits, Baja w/LocosMocos will have 17 pits for this years 37th Baja 1000, Page 38 Ensenada to La Paz. Pit # 1 - Mile 60, Cerro Colo-rado, Pit #2 - Mile 122, San Matias Pit #3 - Mile 170, Morellia Jct., Pit #4 - Mile 221, Sign Campo Christina/Puertecitos Road Pit #5 - Mile 280, Gonzaga Bay Pit #6 - Mile 332, Crucerito/ Hwy. l Pit #7 - Mile 382, Bahia De Los Angeles Pit #8 - Mile 440, San Rafael/ Fansisquito Pit #9 - Mile 502, El Arco Pit #10 - Mile 557; San Ignacio Pit # 11 - Mile 616, Rancho El Cuarenta Pit# 12 -Mile 666, San Juanico Pit #13 - Mile 732, SA Jose De Camondu Pit #14 -Mile 787, Leos Comer/lnsurgentes Pit # 15 - Mile 845, Hwy 22 San Carlos Pit #16 - Mile 903, Santa Rita Pit # 17 -Mile 961, Punta Conejo Finish, La Paz, mile 1017. Same a Baja 1000, 2002. For more info call Carlos Orozco at 1-619-596-8033 or e-mail questions to Remember, October 10, 2004 drawing for Baja 1000 Racers Raffle Grand Prize, one paid SCORE Baja 1000 entry fee, any class, 2 drums of VP 100 race gas and full service pit support far this years Baja 1000 from the world famous Baja Pits USA/Locos Mocos and Baja Pits Baja Super Pits. Drawing tickets are only $25. Drawing to be held at the Off Road Expo (Pomona), Sunday, October 10. Winner need not be present. To purchase tickets call Carlos at 1-619-596-8033 or mail checks to: Baja Pits, 1000 West Bradley, Suite Q, El Cajon, CA 92020 or send $25 per entry with PayPal to: Baja The purpose of this raffle is to provide aircraft radio relay for operational race support pit to pit, race car to pit, chase team to race car, and status, any medical emergency communica-tion, race related or otherwise for this years 37th Baja 1000. Baja Pits is a nonprofit organi-...• fW pJt/lS By Ann Donaldson Do you remember the Fireworks 250 race in Barstow? How about when it was called the Firecracker 1,50? Back when Walker Evans or Ivan Stewart had huge chase crews and pits set up across the desert. You could not turn a corner with-out seeing the matched painted trucks and well marked pits. I know I miss that race even in the summer heat in July. The now long gone Fire-works race was a night race this year, MORE held their night race this past July 24 in Barstow. The CORE pit club tried to match the past race support with the amount of pits set up along with rovers. CORE even added a pit in an area that was felt it may be needed. Pit "E" was added for the reason of safety. No one wants to be stuck in the heat without help and like any of the clubs out there, CORE will try to help you if you pull in. At this race, motor prob-lems seemed to be the main issue. Out of nine cars, only two com-pleted the required laps, and one Bug was timed out. The CORE club had a total of nine cars to pit for. The cars in-cluded just about all the classes from Class 1 to Sportsman. Motor problems seemed the reason many in the CORE club called it a day. In the Main pit we watched Jimmy Messing cartwheel his 1600 car. It happened in the roller section af-ter the start/finish line. Jimmy was taken to the hospital and we hope he is feeling fine. Todd Jergenson (#1560) driving his single seat Mike Smith built Class 1 car. It looked good at the start. Soon after the flag waved, he started to overheat. Todd made the decision to make a second lap, but not at speed and to help the many other racers he saw out there. Todd helped rolled Paul Smith's car back on its wheels. The team ofWayn!! Nosala and Tim Baker ( # 1064) in the single seat Class 10 car started the race first in Class 10. The car was running fine but soon started to overheat. The motor leaned out and fouled the plugs. Without wanting to do fur-ther damage to the motor, and two hours down on time, Wayne parked the car. Also in Class 10 was Steve McMullin (# 1022) who brought out his home-built car. He also had motor troubles. After one lap, Steve put the car on the trailer. Out of the four 1/2-1600 cars that CORE was to pit for, only one was able to make it to the finish line. Bryon Ziegler (#1609) was late getting his car to the starting line and started behind Inch. Bryon fin-ished in sixth place but not with-out troubles. He had three flat tires to change that caused down time. Along with the clutch cylinder was acting up. The problems resulted in lost time, but Ziegler and his team were not unhappy. Brad Inch (#1637) has made nu-merous trips to the desert to get the shocks on his single seat to work the way he wants. With the help of Mike Malloy, they managed to get the shocks dialed in the way that worked best for the car. Brad started third in a large class of 1/2-1600 cars. Brad went about seven miles and blew his motor. Once back at the Main pit, Brad helped out with the crew there. Don Johnson (#1698) also blew his mo-tor and was unable to complete a lap. Timothy Graig (# 1616) was making good time but was only able to complete before his motor gave up. The blue 5-1600 (#575) driven by Patrick Oliver and Mark Naugle (of the Locos-Mocos Pit Club) in the right seat, drove about six miles before the battery mount broke. The wires grounded on the cage, bringing the car to a halt. The sec-ond lap the same things happened. Any racer's best friend is zip ties (next to duct tape), they were used to re-mount the battery. After com-pleting the second lap Joe Oliver and Rob Dutcher got in. On Lap 4, they stopped and helped roll over a Class 9 car. This was the last CORE car running. After it was fig-ured out that if the car tried for another lap, the time limit would October 2004 run out. Rich Clark (# 1355) brought out his car to run in the Sports-man class. He was one of the lucky few who had a trouble free race. He finished in third, less than a second behind the second place finisher. Rich has been consistent and had brought the car to the finish line in the past two races. MAIN: Wayne Nosala and his brother, Bob, drove to Barstow Thursday before the race. The two roped off a large area for the Main pit, knowing there would be quite a few people CORE would pit for and would need the acre-age. Bob DePue towed the CORE trailer out. His better half, Allison Chase ran the radio to her usual high standard. Main pit was a maze of motor homes and trail-ers. The pit was highly visible in the day or night. The crew kept busy by watching the race. The hardest thing they had to perform was taking the light covers off of car #1355. CORE skipped setting up Pit A and set up Pit B through E in-stead. All the pits were well lit and well stocked with tires and tools. PIT B: Tim Lindsey with his wife. INNER HODGE: Johnny Burns and Larry Altolf ran this pit on the plateau. They reported a day of watching the race and having a good time.) PITC: David Girdner along with his grandfather made up three gen-erations of off road racing, there-fore the BG Racing name for the family effort. PITD: Long time CORE member Gary Hall along with Jeremy Eck set up this pit. PIT E: Thom Singer, Matt Goodyear along with Travis Bergluno, Jason (Purple) Trombly, Robert Romo and Collyn Berling set up this pit. When Wayne Nosala was having motor problems, this crew was ready to tear down either one of their two sand rails to help Wayne keep going. Jason reported that they had a "blast". Thom Singer said "For their first time to pit they did an excellent job and were ready to tackle any job." The CORE Pit Club will be at the next MORE event in Lucerne Valley, September 18th. If you have any questions please e-mail Wayne Nosala at or call him at (818) 703-1971. The CORE club is always looking for a few good people. __ .• .., ■■■■■■■■ --ORBA/NEVADA BLM An important meeting took place on July 21, 2004 between representatives from the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recre-ation community and key mem-bers of the Nevada State Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staff at the BLM offices in Reno, Ne-vada. During a recent National Rec-reation Forum in Las Vegas; Na-tional BLM Director Kathleen Clarke stated that the BLM can no longer provide the resources necessary to manage BLM recre-ation areas on it's own. She indi-cated that the agency will be rely-ing on partnerships with recre-ation groups and gateway com-munities that can provide volun-teer support to help with land planning and land management efforts. With that goal in mind, Roy Denner, President and CEO of ORBA met with Bob Abbey, 'Ne-vada State BL director, to offer the support of the OHV recre-ation community to help with the huge task underway to develope land management plans for the state of Nevada. Abbey invoted Denner to bring a few off road leaders to the Nevada BLM's quarterly state leadership team meeting. Abbey stated that, "with 48 million acres of BLM land in the state of Nevada, we need all of the help we can get to make sure that recreation interests are adequately considered in the BLM's new plans being developed for Nevada. Assisting Benner with the OHV presentation to the BLM Managers were Del Albright, rep-resenting the national BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC): Jon Crowley, past president of Friends of Sand Mountain, and Nate Littrell, president of the Pine Nut Mountain Trails Associa-tion. Albright told the managers group that "There is an army of volunteers available that the BRC can enlist to help with on-the-ground efforts such as route and trail identification and recreation area management." Growley and Littrel each gave a short history of current OHV recreation area planning efforts in Nevada that that their organizations are al-ready ivolved in. Both expressed concerns about potential large-scale closures to OHV recreation in their areas of interest. During his summary, Denner stated "The OHV recreation community understands that there will be areas in Nevada that will be excluded from OHV rec-reation to satisfy environmental concerns. Most OHV recreation families are rational environmentalists. We only ask that decisions made regarding en-vironmental concerns be based on sound, proven science. We would also ask that when neces-sary closures of public lands, based on sound science, are deemed necessary, those closures be mitigated by designating areas where OHV recreation is appro-priate to compensate for neces-sary closures." Director Abbey made it clear that "The BLM welcomes the OHV community's support as we attempt ot engage all stakehold-ers in the development of Nevada's new land management plans.It is important to the BLM that OHV opportunities are in-cluded in new management plans. Furthermore, with,the ever in-creasing interest in OHV recre-ation, we also need to provide for future needs of the OHV recre-ation community." __ .• .., Dusty Times

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23RD OMV ADAC RALLEY DEUTSCHLAND Loeb/Citroen Uber Alles By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Xavier Pons drove his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII to the PCWRC win in Germany, seen here ready for takeoff. Kresta was back in a works Skoda for the first time since Britain 2002. A surprise num-ber two (nominated) driver for Peugeot was Cedric Robert. Cedric had done a lot of test driving on the 307WRC project and in 2003 entered on all the asphalt World ral-lies in a 206WRC and finished highest privateer on each. Getting a thumbs up from a spectator, Sebastien Loeb drove his Citroen Xsara to first overall in the German r;J!!y. just as for Finland, testing for Germany was carried out ear-lier in the year. An official from one of the smaller teams commented, "It's fine for the big teams who have dedicated test crews, but for smaller teams it makes things diffi-cult." While from one of the top engineers, "It is just more rules nobody needs. All these changes are taking the fun away from our work." There was a bizarre coincidence. Both Francois Duval (just be-fore Argentina) and Sebastien Loeb (just afterwards) crashed on the same stretch of road in testing in the Baumholder re-gion. Perhaps the biggest change came with the extended life experiment. Twice there were 85km between full ser-vice, once it was 104km, with facilities for quick checks in Re-mote Tyre Zones (R TZ) in be-tween. One bizarre note, whereas on the Saturday the RTZ was within the Baumholder complex, for the first time this was situated alongside the official service area itself on the Sunday. This was the fifth out of seven rounds of the 2004 PCWRC. Competitors have to enter six of these rounds: driv-ers who opted to miss this event included Top Run driv-ers Marcos Ligato and Mark Higgins, and Daniel Sola who this time was Panizzi's team-mate in an MMSP World Rally Car. A recent entry change was allowed for Nassar Al-Attiyah. He originally planned to con-test this rally but was allowed by the FIA to change his pre-season nomination and go to Corsica instead, on account of being chosen by his national Qatar to represent them in a shooting discipline in the Olympics! Among the Group N amateurs was Sandro Wallenwein making the world championship debut for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII MR. There was also a special Ralliart-built Group N Evo VIII for Gianluigi Gallli, fit-ted with an underfloor fuel tank. Because of the short time between Argentina and Ger-many only two cars did both events, Karamjit Singh's Pro-ton and the car which Stohl drove in Argentina driven here in Germany by Jani Paasonen. Singh's car had been brand new when he crashed at the superspecial in Argentina on the Thursday evening, and af-ter the (delayed) boat from South America docked in Antwerp the car was repaired "These were the most diffi-cult conditions I have seen here", explained the winner Sebastien Loeb. "All the time we were aquaplaning. I guess we nearly went off the road once in every two corners ... !" Three times Rall ye Deutschland winner recalled the horrendously changeable conditions which highlighted concerns about crew safety and procedures. The controversy was sparked after a series of top drivers crashed and when standard procedures were not immediately followed. Francois Duval's chance of victory was hampered by a Steward's curious decision on how to decide interruption times after an accident. This was the first asphalt rally since new controversial FIA rules were imposed limiting avail-ability of traditional pre-warn-ing systems. Loeb and Citroen meanwhile have pulled well ahead in the championships, Ford has established them-selves in second place and their driver Markko Martin has risen to second in the Drivers' se-ries. Many new things had been planned for this year's event. The eternal difficulty of decid-ing where the rally should be based continued, the cars spending the overnight halts in Bostalsee, a convenient central location in the middle of the various groups of stages, rather ERPRECISION.COM 2865 Gundry Ave. . nal Hill, CA 90755 562-427-2375 . . Pedormanc .. • • • . . · ........ ·.•.· ... '.·· ,. , .. Page 40 than at Trier, the town of the headquarters and Ceremonial Start and Finish, 60km away. The style of route itself re-verted to that used in 2002, in which stages in each of the three suitable regions were re-stricted to use on the same day. There was a new overall spon-sor, OMV and a major new spectator initiative. There was a marshals' tra1n1ng programme with 2000 officials participating. The route had been altered to provide better independent access facilities for competitors, officials and spectators. The number of in-dividual spectator points had been greatly increased, from 29 in 2002, to 88 in 2003 and now 111 this year. Germany was the first of only three clear asphalt events of the season and with it a whole new scenario. This was the first asphalt rally on which gravel note crews were banned, although, under instructions · from the FIA, the organisers had an obligation to warn crews where conditions, in their opinion, would have changed since the Reece often some days before. It was also the first asphalt rally under tyre nomination restrictions. The new rule banning all test-ing in August continued, so There was news from within the teams with 14 manufactur-ers' entries and a total of 25 World Rally Cars in all. On his home event the 41 year old Armin Schwarz celebrated his 100th world championship en-try (two litre only events ex-cepted). Skoda, however, did not think the occasion was worth celebrating, which was a pity. During his career Armin has rallied for Audi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Skoda and H yundai, and is the 13th driver to reach this level. This event was the final world cham-pionship appearance planned this year for Mitsubishi but they had a new team manager, Marco Pastorino. Roman ·--------------------------------· REDL!NE PERf6RMANCE, !NC. LSI & N-STAR PRE-RUN DR RACE PACKAGES NORTHSTAR PACKAGES FROM $7500.00 COMPLETE 400HP LS1 PACKAGES FROM $13500.00 COMPLETE 485 HP I I I I I I I I I I I I WE OFFER COMPLETE DYNO SERVICES, ENGINE MAINTENANCE I PROGRAMS AND AND UNMATCHED REPRUTATION FOR CUSTORMER SATISFACTIONIII I (714) 777-5758 PHONE (714) 777-5759 FAX I 4531 EISENHOWER CIRCLE, ANAHEIM, CA 92807 ·--------------------------------· October 2004 Dusty Times

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On his way to third overall at the German Rally, Carlos Sainz negotiates The Peugeot 307 driven by Freddy Loix ended up sixth overall at the a very tight left hander in his Citroen Xsara. ~h_afi_d_fi._o--'ug"-h_t_R_a~ll.,_y_D_e_u_ts_c.~h_la_n_d_. ~-~-~~--~---Speed blurred here, Toni Gardemeister drove his Skoda Fabia to a seventh overall finish in the German contest. with only two days to spare. emonial start on Thursday but was happily released that the cars waiting at the start of The OMV car was air freighted eveµing having had only four afternoon. In less than two Stage 2 to find, suddenly, the to Europe. The tightness of hours of sleep. "What is the stages, every manufacturers' heavens had opened and the times accounted for the rush fun in fighting fatigue?" asked car that finished would gain road were awash. Schwarz re-of new cars in PCWRC includ-Phil Mills, the world champion championship points. covered from his earlier delay ing quite a spate of new Evo co-driver, "it is pointless." The conditions for the top and when the cars reached ser-VIlls, many in completely new Conditions were ·dry for the drivers were varied. Rain on vice after Stage 4 he had colour_ schemes but not all Thursday evening ceremonial Stage 1, mixed on 2, drying on climbed back up to seventh. were as reliable as the older start in Trier, but pre-event 3 and mostly dry, but with The afternoon saw a repeat cars. worries about the weather con-damp patches, on 4. It was of the morning stages, now in Being the first full asphalt tinued. horrendous. Francois Duval dry conditions. Loeb steadily event of the year it was inter-Leg 1 was charging hard, but on pulled away. As they left ser-esting to see how times have As cars lined up for the of-Stage 4 he twice went off the vice, Duval found that there changed. Only Ford now re-ficial start out of the Bostaisee road, once into a field from was an hydraulic leak so the tained the large rear brake Service Park, ready for two which he drove out, then he semi-automatic gearbox failed discs, the fad was gone! Peugeot laps of the vineyard stages, the overshot a junction but still and he had to drive all after-and Citroen had reverted to top cars were all fitted with dry made second best time and noon using the manual gear-smaller discs. The new tyre tyres and messages started to held his second place behind shift. On Stage 5 Duval stalled nomination system meant that arrive from Stage 1 that it was Loeb and in front of Sainz. and dropped back nearly a terms made compromises in raining. Subaru manager Luis Mikko Hirvonen had a bad quarter minute, this let Sainz their selection, and most felt, Moya predicted that the uncer-morning, the car needed care-ahead to second place. Markko unless there would be a con-tainty was going to continue fol driving in the wet, and in Martin dropped back from stant challenge in conditions, through all three days. At the dry the tyres did not work. eighth to 10th when he spun they would run out' of ideal least, Stage 2 would be dry... Gilles Panizzi rose to sixth, de-but soon recovered lost tyres. During Reece there was Citroen took softer compound spite trying to adjust the sus-ground. There was a major trouble for the Subaru driv-tyres that their rivals, but no-pension settings to suit the battle for fifth place between ers. Petter Solberg was caught body really knew what to do! conditions. Over at Peugeot, Martin, Roman Kresta and speeding, 109kph in a 100 The times were interesting. Freddy Loix suffered misfiring Panizzi. Loix was trying hard limit, and incurred a Euro 900 Carlos Sainz was quickest over on almost all the first four to'recover from the morning's penalty. Mikko Hirvonen do-the opening 17km stage in stages. Skoda, Armin Schwarz problems and made some ex-ing l 16kph, which cost him front of Sebastien Loeb, while lost time on the final stage cellent times -but then had E1600. And then there was a third on the opening stage was when the handbrake failed and trouble. He arrived at service penalty for taking a wrong Daniel Sola in a Mitsubishi. then had brake failure on with only first and second route, for which each of them Not everyone's times were Stage 2, while teammate Toni gears working. The Peugeot was also fined E 10,000. there. Marcus Gronholm never Gardemeister was the first of nightmare lived on. Shakedown activities were completed the stage, his 307 For most drivers their brakes were the biggest worry. Gardemeister ran out of brakes and went straight off the road into a field, manag-ing to drive round and regain the road. Schwarz got to the end of Stage 5 with his rear brakes on fire. The crew dis-connected the hydraulics and carried on with just three working brakes. Kresta found himself the highest placed Skoda, despite also having brake troubles. Solberg had a puncture on Stage 6 while Hirvonen had a miserable af-ternoon with tyres which were too soft. Robert had a scare on Stage 6 when he had a very high speed spin. Among the privateers, Antony Warmbold had three spins in four stages and made two bad tyre choices. Jussi Valimaki lost his differential pressure, then went off the road, found he had no reverse gear and had to wait for spec-tators to help him on his way again. Alistair Ginley had tyre mousse failure on all four tyres, then a rear transmission problem. Alexandre Bengue was lying eighth overnight, extended. Marcus Gronholm was off the road right ar the was again scintillating with a start of the stage. It was his time of lm47.4, nearly one sec-shortest ever rally. "I think we ond quicker than anyone else. had been driving for 12 or 13 Petter Solberg was next, fol-seconds, coming to the second lowed by a man with a message corner of the stage. When I to deliver -Freddy Loix! It was braked the car went sideways. Loix's first World rally under I then accelerated and the rear the latest set of FIA rules, of the car hit something and TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING, INC. "Some of these rules were com-wrecked the right rear up-pletely illogical, I am ap-right." On the second stage palled." Carlos Sainz was the Sebastien Loeb got ahead, quickest of the Citroens, in while Sola was out, off the fourth place. Gilles Panizzi road. It was only 200 metres gained the same time as after the start when the Mitsu-Francois Duval (lm49.4s, the bishi went straight off the road fastest Ford) which was most into a tree. It was a heavy im-encouraging for Mitsubishi. pact with the pedal box, steer-For the co-drivers it was back ing column and transmission to the bad old days, with Reece coming into the passenger starting on Wednesday morn-compartment. Sola was taken ing they arrived at the Cer-to hospital with chest pains Francois Duval drove his Ford Focus RS to a neat and tidy second overall in Germany, seen here at a road crossing. Dusty Times SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year We are celebrating our 25th ANNIVERSARY. Thanks to all our dedicated customers, winners and future winners Free car mag with transmission service for the rest of the 2004 racing season _ As Always -$200 contingency for class win -credited to your next transmission service Thanks for le'tting Transaxle Engineering help you TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING JEFF nELD 9763VARIEL AVENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 October 2004 Page 41

Page 42

highest placed privateer in the famous very last Peugeot 206WRC to be built. Former European champion Armin Kremer crashed his Toyota and retired. Flying through the vineyards, Niall McShea and his Subaru lmpreza WRX drove to an impressive second spot in PCWRC. Gianluigi Galli led PCWRC and Group N right from the start with h is special fuel tanked Evo VIII, but behind him not everyone was lucky. Series leader Jani Paasonen had to drive kilometres on a flat tyre which dropped him from se.cond to third, behind Xavier Pons who, for the first time, was showing his pace. Both Joakim Roman and Ser-gio Fombona retired with gear selection trouble, while Man-fred Stohl returned to service ,. •• • ••'-•-•• ... • ,._, A,n-..,. :·r , a • ,q-.;~. .::An'All' ,, ,. . ,! ' ..... · . .-~, .,. •· : nish -~::_ ob .•., :'< . .-.. ,,. . "'./ .ii1n··tti.eia . ' and·e "· rv~\of adve_nture ;-1000 at a time ..,. .... ,.," -· ·ntler~ " ;~t· --;✓·,. ~ ". • 951-737-0336 RodKoch Mag 7 is preparing to assist your suocess in 1he upcoming Tecate SCORE Baja 1 CXX). Buggys. trucks. bikes, quads - we serve them a11. Each pit will be equipped to fuel both high octane or mix with dry breaks, jazz cans, and 11-gallon dump cans or racer supplied containers. Raoe radios will be used to communicate with racers. chasers and spotters. Equipment at the pits will also include racer 6Upplied spares, lubricants, tools. welders, lights. generators, first aid, water and sodas--end most important of all. competent pit crews who have been serving racers for over 35 years. Fees can be paid by credit cards or PayPal with disoounts for early application and pit support. -The "Brotherhood" is looking for good plt help. If you are interested in a fun, inexpensive and adventurous time in Baja, contact us ( and be a part of the legend. lf you are a first timer, what better way to learn the Baja-with those who know it well. Page 42 Applications are available at www.mag7race,com Email: Phone:619-917-6725 P.O. Box l7923l San Diego. CA 92177 October 2004 stuck all the time in either sec-ond or fourth gears. Alister McRae had a _problem with the differential. The team changed the transmission unit at service but it did not solve the prob-lem and that evening they then changed the rear differential as well. Niall McShea spun into a field on the first stage. Karamjit Singh confessed he "wasn't u·sed to all this". Ricardo Trivino did three stages with no brakes at all. In the afternoon Pons caugh·t and passed Galli, despite brake troubles, Galli had a gear se-lection problem (stuck in fourth), which let Pons ahead, but still managed to end the day only 8.3 seconds behind. Georgi Geradzhiev had over-heating brakes, as did Trivino. At the end of the day 12 of the 15 runners were still going. Leg 2 Another day, another SupeRally opportunity. The only top driver with a car fit enough to restart was Marcus Gronholm, so in this month when any testing is banned, it was good to continue. After the dramas the day before Skoda had fitted a bigger water cool-ing system for Schwarz' brakes. But the topic of the day, how-ever, was the safety of this event. Daniel Sola's accident was a warning of the perils of this rally with its unpredictable surfaces and even less predict-able weather. The ban on gravel note crews and the even longer period of time beforehand when the tyres had to be nomi-nated. But nobody could define what made the event so danger-ous. Was it the new rules or the place itself or the combination of everything? There was rain at Bostalesee when the rally re-started, but conditions on the Baumholder ranges, were not so bad, which if anything was more dangerous than full rain because it might suddenly be-come just as bad. Stage 9 was chaotic. Roman Kresta went off the road, broke two wheels and had to retire, and then Gilles Panizzi went off the road as well but this time the driver had to be taken to hospital. Happily early reports of a broken arm were exagger-ated, but for sure, both the MMSP team's WRC04's were now wrecked. Conditions wors-ened, and just after Cedric Robert started the stage the heavens opened, there was a thunderstorm and the condi-tions were terrible. Robert, "Twice I spun on the stage -and both times it was on a straight stretch of road!" Markko Mar-tin was shown an emergency alert "SOS" board at the scene of Panizzi's crash and dutifully stopped to alert the officials. The stage was halted and a va-riety of different interruption times were issued. These were a little puzzling in their effect, and as a result of a stage which was cancelled, the French driver Stephane 8-arrazin jumped up from 12th place to seventh, overtaking Mikko Hirvonen, Gardemeister and Bengue! Duval was furious. He had been busy catching Sainz when arbitrarily the Spaniard was given a time 13 seconds better -and (because of the re-verse order rule) he had not even had to drive the stage. Back to square one again. There is a passion with the FIA officials to issue results, any results, rather than admit defeat and allow a s~age to be cancelled . Going from bad to worse was Schwar'z who had turbocharger failure on Stage 12. But then came more drama. Just as Gar-demeister confessed he never knew when he could trust his tyres, came news that Petter Solberg had crashed heavily just 200 metres into Stage 12. It was a wide fast road, over a long left curve over a crest when the Subaru slid wide into one of the famous Baumholder "hinkelstein" concrete tank-trap stones and overturned. Phil Mills' side of the car took the worse of the impact, and the luckless Welshman .was taken to hospital after being trapped inside the wreckage for 20 minutes. Eventually it was Dusty Times

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Daniel Carlsson and Mattias Andersson were out of the rally in Gilles Panizzi went off the road, thought he'd broken his arm but, Cedric Robert makes a hard left turn through the grapes, his Peugeot 307 came in a decent fifth place in the German Rally. Germany, an accident did them in late in the running. fortunately, he was ok, just a badly bruised ego. discovered Phil had no broken front of the Japanese, five the task of holding his lead. bones or injuries but was kept stages later the Japanese was His job was to contain the in overnight under observa-0 .4 ahead, and the gap was hard charging Duval who re-tion. never greater than 0 .8 sec-duced the difference between Xavier Pons' Evo VIII main-Warmbold and took one point rained his lead in PCWRC in from eighth place in the Driv-front of the Subarus of Niall ers' series and three for Suba-McShea, Toshi Arai and Alis-ruin the manufacturers'. The ter McRae, while Jani Paasonen two rivals in 307s finished fifth was safely in fifth place. On the and sixth, with Robert in front. third stage of the day, Fabio Now it is off to Japan for the Frisiero stopped unable to se-eight lucky world championship lect gears and retired, so ten manufacturers' drivers. If there drivers now remained. Karamjit were exciting stories from Ger-Sing hj had a broken rear many, what will be coming in shocker for over two stages and two week's time? Six more hobbled to the finish. rounds to go, Citroen are now The rally started off again, onds ... Jani Paasonen went them from about a minute at the second lap of the carefully and dropped down to the start of the day to 29.1 Baumholder stages (13-16). On sixth but was keeping pace a seconds. Anyway, Loeb scored Stage 13, Schwarz went from half minute behind the two bat-another win, bringing his ra-bad to better (his turbo-ting Subaru drivers. On Stage tio of podium finishes to starts charger (now changed) was 13 Pons lost both his rear wing up to 50%, even better than quickest, the first scratch time and his exhaust, this cost him a Sainz's. Toni Gardemeister achieved on a WRC event by a half minute. Galli started Stage had a camshaft belt jump a cog Fabia, five seconds faster than 16, 33 seconds in front of Pons and the engine was off song the the next driver! Markko Mar-but then crashed just round rest of the rally, but he finished tin had a puncture on Stage the corner from where Carlsson the best Skoda driver. All the 14, the same place on the same had gone off. McRae fell back manufacturers' entries that stage used earlier in the day. when he had a half spin and finished scored points. Armin Schwarz (still using 29 points ahead of Ford, while ABS) made up some of the time Sebastien Loeb is by coinci-he lost earlier and passed dence also 29 in front of Nicolas Vouilloz and Antony Markko Martin. 1AJ2C: Then on Stage 15 the quickest then immediately there was an car was Loix's 307, while Loeb electrical fire. Paasonen's car suffered a 15 second loss from was wearing thin. He came to rain which his rivals ahead did the place where he had crashed not suffer. last year, happily went past -but Meanwhile there were other 300 metres further on he went interesting times coming from off, and damaged the rear of the stages. Mikko Hirvonen was the car in the process. going better as well. Cedric Paasonen found the car started Robert was upset because twice to behave strangely, with too he just missed making fastest much torque going to the front stage times. Duval started to wheels. His team leader Stohl, catch Sainz, and before the fi-however, had more trouble. "It nal long stage (40km) the Bel-is an absolute disaster rally! gian was only 7.5 seconds off Now we have no brakes!" Pons second place but then Sainz was 31.9 seconds in front of finished Stage 16 some 6.1 sec-Niall McShea. Arai another onds ahead of Duval, despite 34.8 further back ruefully going off for a few seconds. realised that the car that Among the gentlemen driv-McShea was driving was in fact ers Pieter Tsjoen had a front Aral's old car from last year! differential problem. This was Leg 3 changed the evening before but This was the day the rally vis-then on the run out to the first ited Saarland and the day when stage he found it was the cen-people had things to prove. Two tral differential that had bro-people who had wanted the ken and he abandoned. honour of being Peugeot's num-Alistair Ginley also went miss-ber two driver on this event. ing with a broken driveshaft. Freddy Loix, once again disap-Daniel Carlsson, lying 11th, pointed by an awful first day, went off the road on Stage 16 wanted to show his return to the and retired, his Peugeot hav-307 team was well justified. ing hit a "hinkelstein". The fi-Cedric Robert, who has consid-nal stage of the day was the erable testing experience of the first of two superspecials held 307 right from the start of the round the streets of St. project, had been nominated as Wendel. Here Sainz spun and the official second driver on stalled the engine which al-this occasion. Robert wanted to lowed Duval up to second show that the team made the place. Loeb overshot a junc-correct decision. In the first tion, the same place that he three stages they each made one did the same thing last year, scratch time each, and Francois and his overnight lead was Duval the other. Carlos Sainz 54. 7 seconds. started off with tyres which were Earlier PCWRC leader too soft and soon fell more than Gianluigi Galli had the gear se- a quarter minute behind Duval, lector mechanism on his Evo while other drivers were careful VIII replaced and set about with the extensive dirt and chasing Xavier Pons, who slid stones on the corners and the wide on two corners on Stage greasy surfaces under the trees. 11. Galli was now only four sec-The day, however, was dry and onds behind. Manfred Stohl as the roads warmed up the was sure all his problems were stages were much easier the sec-differential created so the ond time through. By the later transmission unit was changed stages and for the first time all as well. Alister McRae's rear rally, drivers reported they had differential was changed and made ... correct tyre choices! now the car was fine and he set Robert finished fifth and Loix off to get the better of Toshi sixth. Arai. They started the day with Sebastien Loeb started the the Englishman 0 .2 seconds in day cautiously but warmed to Dusty Times 23rd OMV ADAC Rallye Deutschland 20/22.08.2004 Trier (D} WC round 10 PCWRC round 5 WC points WR WO PC 1 (3) Sebastien LOEB/Daniel Elena F/MC Citroen Xsara WRC 23DDM92 (F) 4h.01m.57.4s. 10 10 2 (8) Francois DUVAUStephane Prevot B Ford Focus RS WRC EG538OU (GB) 4h.02m.26.5s. 8 8 3 (4) Carlos SAINZ/Marc Marti E Citroen Xsara WRC 972DAM78 (F) 4h.03m.06.9s. 6 6 4 (7) Markka MARTIN/Michael Park ET53UJP (GB) 4h.04m.37.8s. 5 5 5 (6) Cedric ROBERT/Gerald Bedon 468PWL75 (F) 4h.05m.27.5s. 4 4 6 (16) Freddy Lobe/Sven Smeets B 66PYK75 (F) 4h.06m.03.4s. - 3 EE/GB Ford Focus RS WRC F Peugeot307 WRC Peugeot307 WRC FIN Skoda Fabia 7 (12) Toni Gardemeister/Paavo Lukander WRC 3S31964 (CZ) 4h.07m.41.6s. - 2 8 (2) Mikko HIRVONEN/Jarmo Lehtinen FIN Subaru lmpreza WRC YT53SRT (GB) 4h.08m.38.5s. 3 1 9 (21) Stephane Sarrazin/Patrick Pivato F lmpreza WRC S800WRT (GB) 4h.09m.26.3s. -1 o (22) Alexandre Bengue/Caroline Escudero F Subaru Peugeot206 WRC 283NNN75 (F) 4h.12m.24.1s. -Other important finishers 11 (11) Armin Schwarz/Manfred Hiemer D Skoda Fabia WRC 3S4 5611 (CZ) 4h.15m.22.3s. -15 (47) Xavier Pons/Oriol Julia E Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII PCWRC 2096CZG (E) 4h.24m.11 .4s. * - 10 16 (34) Niall McShea/Michael Orr GB Subaru lmpreza WRX PCWRC GMG300NO9071 (J) 4h.24m.41.8s. - 8 17 (39) Alister McRae/David Senior GB Subaru lmpreza WRC PCWRC WR04RED (GB) 4h.25m.57.0s. - 6 18 (3t) Toshihiro Arai/Tony Sircombe J/NZ Subaru lmpreza WRX PCWRC TKT300YA6663 (J) 4h.26m.03.4s. - 5 20 (41) Jani Paasonen/Jani Vainikka FIN Evo VII PCWRC GF222BF (A) 4h.28m.29.3s. -Mitsubishi Lancer 4 22 (32) Karamjit Singh/Allen Oh MAL Proton Pert PCWRC YT53BWN (GB) 4h.30m.34.6s. - 3 25 (50) Sebastian Vollak/Michael Kolbach D Mitsubishi Lancer Eva VII PCWRC GF355BX (A) 4h.34m.22.3s. - 2 29 (38) Georgi Geradzhiev/Nikola Popov BG Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII PCWRC PB4166XG (BG) 4h.45m.47.9s. - 1 31 (36) Ricardo Trivino/Jordi Barrabes MEX/E Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII PCWRC ET4648BBC (E) 4h.50m.28.5s. -32 (40) Manfred Stohl/Ilka Minor A Mitsubishi Lancer Eva VIII PCWRC GF356BX (A) 4h.52m.16.7s. -October 2004 Page 43 T

Page 44

ORW Lazo de Amistad By Byrle Moore Photos: Foto-Baja-Mex There were 18 Class ½-1600 ca_r~Jn the fray, and when the dust had settled it was Edmundo Fernandez, Ens(Jnada taking the. class win. 'In the hotly c9ntested 5-1600 class, Jason Gregory, from Alpine, CA, was the big winner, making the most of the two heat formQt. All the participants in the fourth running, of this particular, CODE promoted rate, were more than happy to dedicate the three days of racing, to the '1ne1nory of "Fud", who came up· with the idea of making it in a two-coun try event. With that vision and the co-operation of ORW and CODE starting four FOR SALE 2000 Suspensions MerCruiser V-6. 300hp, dead reliable. Type 2 bus by Folts. 930 300m axles, A-Ann, 21" front, 19" rear. Chromoly frame, removeable rack. Car can be brutal pre-rwmer or sand rail. All tires for dirt or sand included. Many spares, PCI Intercom, Roadmaster, stereo MP3 hookup. 30 gal cell, 400 mile range. Sway A Way 2.5, full circuit breaker dash, I 02mph. A must see for the Baja and Glamis group. Both pies are same car. $72,000 build cost, yours for $47,500. Call Jim for info at 818-974-8977 or 661-299-9200. Page 44 years ago, the race ca1ne into being and has grown like the prover-bial "Topsy." This; the 2004 ver-sion, had a new wrinkle. Cars and trucks ran on Saturday and Bikes and Quads did their thing on Sun-day. There were a total of 147 entries in the double-heat morning a-nd afternoon runs. The driver's finishing posi-tion, after the three, 20-mile laps and not total times, decided the winnei and there was no overall because of the Grand Prix style race. Class 1 _ . -Raul Montiel, Tecate B.C. started the first heat but burned the transmission before completing the first lap. There was some hot and heavy repair work going on between the two heats. The team changed out the tranny, before the second heat, but again ran into prob-lems and couldn't fin-ish either heat race but since they went further than anyone else in October 2004 There were six Class 8 fire breathers in battle but it_ was the high flying truck of Juan Carlos Lopez that took the class win. Jeff Milke gets ready for a hard landing in his Class 7 truck, Jeff went on to take the class win and end the race on a really high note. class they were declared Mexicali B.C. who was the winners. the Overall Winner in 104-DerrickandTay-CODE's last Leffler/Poway, CA. ported no problems and Also broke a tranny on took the Class 10 win M de 2 , of the firs t again. They ea r.n e d lots heat, but the didn't of points toward the h a v e a c h a n c e t o g e t a n y s e a s o p. t o .t a l f o r C l a s s r e p a i r s d o n e a n d .t o o k 1 0 . 1 0 0 0 L u i s second place. Barragan/Mexicali B . C . Class 10 reported no problems 1002 -Javier Robles/ had a clean race and There were 13 in the Class 9 contest, and the team of Eliseo Garcia and Ramon Marquez took home the gold medal. Dusty Times

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Of the six entries in the Class 10 battle, it was Javier Robles having a trouble free run and taking a nice win, second win in a row. There were 11 in the Class 11 heats, but it was Gilberto Arreola who took the gold medal in both heats and walked away with the glory. took the second spot. all day. Meanwhile 1006 1049 -Dean Watkins, -Alfredo Canchola, out and Dean Moore, out of of Mexicali, B.C. had San Felipe, B.C. had power steering prob-some carburetor prob-le1ns, and the. 1001 -car lems and a flat tire, but of Jose Lopez and Pedro managed to pull off a Morquecho, down from great third place finish. El Centro, CA were dis-Not a good day for qualified for being on 1003 -Doug Aleman, the course when an-over from Indio, CA. other heat race was in Who had to contend progress. with shifter problems Class 8 Talk about beautiful flying, Jose Gutierrez,makes it look easy as he sails his car through the air and into the Class 15 win. There were 11 entries in the Safari Class, David Morquecho showed them all how it's done, he took home the gold medal. Dusty Times Danny Street had a good run, his Ford Ranger took the win in both heats and took home all the marbles in the Class 7 contest. Jose Luis Sanchez, out of Mexicali, was the big winner in Class 14, seen here flying over a jump on his way to yet another checkered Rag. 805 -Juan Carlos Lo-fastest, three lap combi-pez/Teca te B.C. was nation heat of the week-first in his great "PIN end. 802 Elias built" Ford he reported Canchola/Mexicali had no problems during his to make repairs to a run for the gold. Sec-broken accelerator ond place went to 801 cable on the second • Ricardo and Gustavo heat, but still had Coronado/Mexicali enough left for the who had a great race. third spot. These guys also had the Class 5 October 2004 505 -Rafael Reyes/ Tijuana B.C. was the only Class 5 entry and finished for the win. Class 1/2-1600 This class had the largest number of en-tries, w ith 18 starters, who conducted some of the m ost competitive racing all weekend. 1602 Edmundo Fernandez/Ensenada B.C. had a great run on both heat races with al-most the exact time on both and won the class. 1605 Hiram and Evan Duran/Tecate B.C. took the silver and 1621 -Hector "Pacho" Ga rcia/Sonoyta Sonora was third. 1616 -Jose A. Soto reported two rollovers, which broke the rack and pinion,. 1618 -Victor Lugo had electronic ign1t1on problems. 1614 • Jorge Sanchez fought bad spark plug cables all day and the 1619 Omar Trujillo destroyed his tranny. Class 7 703 ~ Geoff Milke, and son Tyles Milke/El Cajon, CA had a per-fect weekend with no reported pr.oblems and two clean fast heat runs for first in class. Sec-ond place 702 -Rene Cuevas/San Luis So-nora had a radiator hose come off on the first heat but were able to replace it and took the second spot. 704 -Perry McNeil/Lemmon Grove, CA had engine problems all day, but Continued·on page 46 Page 45

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Second place in the Class 10 contest was Mexicali Native, Luis Ricardo Coronado's good looking Ford pickup was just a bit off the Hiram Duran spent a lot of time in the air as he leapt his great looking Barragan, just short of the win, he took home second place money. pace as he finished second in the Class 8 battle. car to a nice second overall in Class 1600. Rene Cuevas didn't win Class 7, but it wasn't due to lack of trying, he's seen here giving it his all for the second spot. Second place in the Class 5-1600 hec1ts went to Arturo Cervantes, seen here giving it hell in his neat looking bug. Class 9 had some great battles, one of the almost winners was Eric Fisher who took home the coveted silver medal. Carlos Heraldez likes to fly and he flew well at this race, he sailed to the Class 18 win with style, as shown here. OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15 X 6!5 $135.00 $145.00 & Up Centerline Wheels 15x3.5 & 15x6 $129.95 $135.95 15 x-10 $146.95 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 Page 46 (702) 247-1266 · We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX still managed the bronze. 701 -Gabriel Barragan/San Luis So-nora was disqualified for having a chase ve-hicle go the wrong way on the race cours e while the race was un-derway. Class 5 -1600 554 • Jason Gregory/ Alpine, CA took the top spot with two n ear p erfect heat runs. 5 6 3 -Arturo C ervantes, Jus-tin Lindes/Summe rton , AZ took the silver and 551 -Mig u e l Rosales/ E nsen ada B.C. took the bronze. Class 9 Noe Ibarra, Tijuana, spent much of his timein the air, seen here flying towards the win in Motorcycle Pro Class. 905 -Eliseo G arcia and Ramon Marquez/ Ensenada B .C. won their second consecu-tive race with two g r eat runs. 907 -Eric Fisher, Juan G allo/Ensenada-San F elipe both teamed up for-the race and were second. 906 -Trey Som1uers/Escondido, CA had great support and a class pit team "Al-ways Racing" (Dean Hovie). Tre y r e p orte d no problems on his way to the third spot, in his October 2004 Showing almost perfect form, Adolfo Arellano was the big winner in the Sportsman motorcycle contest. very familiar "Jimco" two seat race car. Class 7s The current Class Champ Dan Street and with co-driver Rene Bruger from Chula Vista, CA reported no problems during both runs in their always im-maculate Ford Ranger. 748 -Jose and Carlos Diaz Martinez and Man-uel Lopez from Mexicali had a big rollover on the first heat but got it running before the sec-ond heat and were able to salvage the second Nick Destoud, from San Diego, was the big winner in the Quad Pro Class, seen here flying towards the checkered nag. Dusty Times 7

Page 47

Diaz Off Road, aka Jose Diaz, gave it all he had in the Class lS Class 11 is tough, very little suspension and a hard landing hurts, just Second spot on the podium in the Class 14 contest went to Hector races, he ended up in second spot on the podium. ask Daniel Salas, he finished second in the class. Pimentel, from Mexicali, seen here landing the hard way. Another hard landing in the Class 15 battle, Carlos De Los Palos gets Miguel Angel Jimenez, he's from Tijuana drove his neat looking pickup You had to fly long and hard in these heats, Heriberto Chavez took a nice second overall in the Safari class. a bit shook up, he went on to take second overall in the class. to a nice second place in the Class 18 contest. spot. 724 -Noe Sierra ing their first race in a Adolfo Arellano took Tony Sierra/Ensenada, "Garibay Class 11 Car" the gold and Marco B.C. finished third. were third. Cornejo took the silver. Class 11 On Sunday the bikes Both of these riders are 1103 Gilberto and quads took to the from Tijuana. The Arreola/Yuma, AZ had track and those results bronze went to Alfredo first place on both heat follow. Results, very Silva, no address given. races and won this al-few notes. Noe Ibarra The Pro Quad class ways competitive class. racing out of Tijuana was headed by Nick 1146 -Daniel Salas, headed the Motorcycle Destoud, riding out of Jose Felix Garcia/Mexi-Pro class. Antonio San Diego. Second cali took second and Ayala, a Jacume home place went to Marco 1101 -Ruben Camacho boy, took second. In Moreno over from Ti-and Javier Gomez, driv-the Sportsman class juana and the third ,,. spot went to Jesus Selem. Selem calls Mexicali home. The tarps and canopies Sportsman class had 17 across the track. Luck-entrants and Juan Car-ily the tornado hit be-los Lopez/Tecate took tween heats and fans on all comers for the were only embarrassed win. Javier Robles who and not run over. The reports KM 4 3 B. C. ·as p e op 1 e from CODE as home base took second always want to thank all and Jorge Luis Puente/ the drivers, crews, fam-Mexicali was third. ily support and all the All in all this was a fans. lt just keeps get-very good racing week-ting bigger and ·better, end. Not too hot and down here on the Baja. there was only one Hipe to see you down small windstorm that here in October. managed to move a few Via con Oios. Juan Carlos Lopez, from T ecate, had a great weekend, he took the gold medal in the Quad Sportsman Class. MOR superstition 2so Danks For -nu us. ~onsttlasVqas/Prfmm300Classl)Winner lnd2ndOVdM8111D&lutstenso11 Tofltl P()wcr batrwos are hind m~de to rigomu.~ milita.ty mnd.tltls. Pto\iding superior vibt.tdon and shock rcsismnce. non-1ipillablc desii,.-n, and d¢lh"tt op to 1500 Cr.aoking Amps in a lightwcigl'lt battery you dUI count on. 0..11 us now fo, more inform:uioo. IW"6,I Phone: 160.134.1618-Fax: liDJK.1323 Cl -Dusty Times Plaster City EAST • lJl• I I J BBO starts at Noon -Get there ear1,1 Proudly Sponsored Bv J5 Motorsports 760.722.0366 . -------------and-------------STUFFTRANSAXLES 1.866.VW.STUFF October 2004 Page 47

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CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Gorman Ridge Rally Pierce in his purpose built Ford Ranger rally truck.Jim has had a string of great performances this year, at Rim, then Treeline and now Gonnan, where he won his class winning ten stages by nearly six minutes over the second place of Murat Okeuoglu and Burak Tuglu. Sharing the laurels of the class win was co-driver Adrian Lengsfeld. Jim best described his day as, ''A dream, real smooth, a great rally and lots of fun." Seeded 8 and finish-ing in third place was Aaron Laeng who has been in the right side seat with some of the top drivers in the club, helping Aaron this time was M. Hoche-Mong in their Toyota Celka, Englishman Clive Skilton and Rex Lair took the next spot in their Jeep Chero-kee, while Dean Burnett and Guido Hamacher took fifth and taking the final position was Jon Rood and Piers O'Hanlon, last year's CRS Rookie of the Year. As always the Performance Stock class contest exceeded the hype and expectations by crowning another new winner this year. Heavy favorites Tony Chavez and Jay Streets didn't figure in this contest, Tony again failed to finish dropping out after SS6, rotten luck this year for him while Jay Streets didn't complete more than three stages. It was a new rally for Mike Masano of Scottsdale, AZ., after SS6, with Tony out and Bill Feyling and Matt Gauger over a minute behind. With everything going his way and a comfortable cushion heading into the Del Sur tum around stages lightning struck not twice but three times, on Del Sur, we lost our steering when the Tokico strut top was ripped out and left the wheel hanging loose (resolved by some handy strapping), a motor mount broke and we couldn't see turn-ing right, our lights were knocked out, bur Linda (his wife and navigator) could see enough to give me the call, she did a great job." Good news for Bill Feyling and Matt Gauger in their Toyota P /U, taking advantage of the Masano's bad breaks, Bill took the lead on Del Sur (SS8) by a margin of 20 hundredths, he then gave it up (lead) on the following stage (Maxwell) when Masano won the SS9 by a mar-gin of over 30 seconds. It was match point for Masano when he won his fifth stage and the last of the day in his Tom Lang Motorsports prepared Toyota Corolla by a margin of over 20 hundredths. Feyling incurred a time penalty of 60 hundredths, on SS2, resulting in Mike's final margin of victory to be less than it appeared. By Scott Bottomley Photos: Motorsport Memories 1" overall, 1" in Open 4WD, George Pisek and Alex Gelsomino ran flawlessly all day in their Mitsubishi lancer Evo VII. For the CRS GT class winner Amy Bebervanzo, this rally year was sup-posed to be a season ofleaming, but taking the class win was, well, not nec-essarily planned! Using braking and turning techniques learned in an AWDvehicle ata recent Tim O'Neil's Rally School, has helped her confi-dence and with the help of Claire Chizma's navigating; the pair were unbeatable in their Mitsubishi Galant VR4. Teaming up for the third time this year Amy and.Claire have found a winning combination that clicks. By taking all stage victories they won by a margin of eight minutes over second place Chris Wilson and Martin Plumeri. Amy completed the ten stages in one hour, 37 minutes. Fast and flawless, is how Open Jonathan Schiller (who usually teams ished fifth in class with Stuart Gater 4WDwinner George Plsekdescribed with Patrick Rodi in his RX-7), turned making the calls. Rounding out the his day at the recent Gorman Ridge in a great perfonnance in his all stock group were Bill Malik and Bob Rally. With Alex Gelsomino on Subaru lmpreza. Taking stage wins on Pendergrass and Jon Weigley. board they took the overall position Stages 5 and 9 wasn't enough to gain Another competitor who was and class win by a minute and 40 sec-the ground needed to seriously threat ready to jump into the lead should onds in their Lancer EVO VIL George George's hold on the lead. Attribut-the opportunity have arose was Jim Back at the hotel after the rally, completed the 10 stages in one hour ing his second place to his co-driver, ---------------------------------------and 25 minutes winning eight of the "Jonathan made all the difference, 1'!;01V• e,or ••t, $ ten. With George's main competition driving with notes was a new experi-11 I -, r1 • ., either dropping out (Woifgang Hoeck ence for me and Jonathan made me 10# ~614$ andJulielin)earlywithdifferential feel comfortable and kept me fo-O· FF--· __ ..,, __ ·O n_11)_ · ... 1'>0• _., __ ·o•a·. R. -u· .. ·-H .. . · problems or hindered by battery cused". Third place in this class went '-I',.. .,... .--• ..... c;.., problems (Bill Malik and Amity Trow-to Vartan Samuelian and M. Harders bridge)lateintherally.BytheDe!Sur intheirSubaruWRXsixminutesbe-October 30th & 31st -A 1\vo Day Event stages Alex got George to let up and hind to Dowell and Schiller. Driving """$",,.._.~ ~;a:;he~~~t~!:ec~~;~;ta°1%~ ~ew~;~~:U~;rAf~~t~::~1~:~ T ~~~g~~~~-E-.-~-l:"'_:__,www. __ : __ .·. ~ .. bamo~. WCHA~~:s ~~-~3~~. last two stages when the engine tern- Musev's son who finished an impres-~-.,.,,. ~J perature began to climb hinting that sive fourth in class, sixth overall. Shar-BOlll>AU ()FUND MANAGEMENT . . • a head gasket was ready to go. (Re- ing the ride was the veteran Chrissy -It POKE.. R.. FIJ.: N. * peat: Fast and flawless.) With Randy Beavis, who I'm sure had something Dowell close to the leader late in the to do with their great finish. Back ral-rally, a serious bobble by Plsek could lying amongst friends, was Julius have resulted in a win for the Seed 7 Vasari, whose name hasn't appeared driver, Randy, who co-drove with lately on the result sheets. Julius fin-PIKES service center Baker, California Celebra~ing 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ••• THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours .M ·-b•I® -------•· .0 ·I .. SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page 48 Twdw.(Jl)Bmpok«~bm~dqwmpri=. YouOA~~.$lmetayorbotbdaysummy«mc:us )'(kt wi$h. S~andgoftom.8:00a.m.toN«,n. ; . MUST COMPLETE COURSE BF 1:30pJ& A~ytypc Oft'•.Roid Vcmclocacatcr;~-all Catiloaiil.Off-RO.S-Vcbidc:s:moSl bavca "~«Rc:dSticlcer1". Allotf~w.fueleu,.istbaw:aa~~~«(~ptif~qtiJpp,N/..,,;,J,a,,,,,_ffkr)~Tll1$£111'WlU.BB ST8.1CTLF SNF()Jl,C£Dlll Btlmctsn-:qund tor-'KrV &mofono/clcrideti.. Notidiogdoiibl6oa AT'h. $Z.()O <attyf~or$20.00Mdaci,ew-..-.1~ti0y. &dari4¢rldrivcr~IWicoforsiagloCft1tyfcie. N~~ffld ~.rcf,is(ratioa at Tech ln,pecciall if'G~ « 'Red Scidccr is DOt available. FR.Ell hats to (be. tint: 250 ~ Sa(urday-1S0cic~y. 1'-«lins.bAS&~avaibiblcfor~attbo$lad.itlnWlarca. * SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER. SiOOp.m. -SwhX C4fe .d-,rMH,V1..,_BD~ ~Ba..---~-·"" ,12.00 + lax perlUle * FACILITIES AND CAMPING ~,~~~meek" & Lot, ot~ ~ for C.•pmg 8riog:,o•own •&kl' mt~. No~ ~wood with. ..a.~ RAFFLE .t..t. •f PlUZ'ES to be tJ,-.- nra1 aeh ..,_ • 2:00 p.m. AWARDS 'l\N:ln (12) Belt lluds. ,,,_ dte Poker lt,m llrill •1n Pl'UIQ a.cb d.y • %;QI) p-.m BBQ Jf-.mburpn, H-a J)op apcl Rcf'NSNMtl\t aV11il.W«t M ab. •vent. &ii~ 10100 L& • ltP Roll• & Cotreo • flam. BMQll ors ..... & ...... ~ San~h • S.t~ ~ .1 .... - 9 .... Ram. BaNn ~ ~ & F,t.p R~ut SU1dwkh, • Sunday-~ -1..._ · TO GETTO THIS EVENr . c;.12--...--. J1J......,•~ 1'7~v!lwXCafe} ""'..-W--~ ~ 11w 9-o X r..-,.. •• (160) :U-1197 ...- Md 4i: C:.•'114 ,,.._. .a (TCWJ 2$~S f>lERSE DONT DRINK AND DRIVE October 2004 Dusty Times

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, Bill Fey/ing and Matt Gauger had a good run, they were 1" in Jim Pierce and Adrian lengsfeld were 3" overall, 1" in Group 5 and First in Production GT and 1" CRS GT. the Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR4 Production, 2"1 in CRS Performance Stock in their Toyota pickup. 1" Open 2WD, a great performance in their Ford Ranger. piloted by Amy Bebervanzo with Claire Chizma was a su,prise victory. Mike and Linda Masano drove their Toyota Corolla to a beautiful 1" Randy Dowell and Jonathan Schiller drove their Subaru lmpreza R$ Alan Musev and Chrissy Beavis drove Alan's dad's car to a not too bad 6" overall, 4" in Open 4WD at Gorman Ridge. in group 2 and and 1" in CRS Performance Stock. Well Done! to a very nice 2"1 overall, 2"1 in Open 4WD. the celebration and the swapping of the most fun events to run on the CRS teur Hams across the net. race tales began for all who finished calendar. Doing his usual great job A rally of this size can't survive on and for those who didn't. A great rally Timing and Scoring was Mike Gib-an empty stomach and pitching in to had taken place and it was time to eault keeping all in sync, while provid-help was Phil Pausmer of Subaru talk about it with Tri-Tip and Tequila ing the fastest results in club rally, and Western Region. Preparation of the on Let the fun begin. Viva to his better half Paula for stepping in traditional Tri Tip BBQ was done by Cazdores!! for the missing Harris Done (Orga-Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for A BIG "thank you" goes to Ray nizer), working in Europe, who kept Humanity is an organization that re-and Donna Hocker for their time all on the same page as Chief of Com- ceives funds from events like Gom1an and effort to make this event one of munications working with the Arna- Ridge to help pay for building low cost homes for people who would oth- grade operator taking ill this year erwise never own their own home. roads at Hungry Valley Recreation There. were a few surprises at Area were especially rough to say the Gorman regarding the last minute least. As a result of Liebre Moun-use of Del Sur after the use of Liebre tain not being used, Maxwell was run was not permitted by the USFS be- twice as the last two stages. The or-cause of the recent Pines fire. Ru- ganizers wish to thank the radio mors are that Liebre Mountain stage hams, time control personnel and will permitted the next two stage captains for their help in mak-years due to restoration. With the ing this event a great one . . _-,I, fir Herman Motorsports anti Damen Jefferies are Proud to Announce A Limited Production Run of Our Winning P0RTER PR1 Class 1 Race Car. Dusty Times To Inquire Call 760-948-2898 October 2004 Page 49

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... RUIIIIIIIG THE BAJA Baja 1000 Crews Search Due to the impressive success of Wide Open Adventure's 2003 Baja 1000 race Effort, our field is again growing to 12 cars, and a larger race support team will Be needed. This year's Baja Challenge Class has attracted professional drivers, celebrity Drivers and off road enthusiasts looking to make the run to La Paz. Wide Open is looking for additional Pit Service and Chase Crew volunteer Personnel to help get these cars to the finish. Lodging, meals and fuel expenses will be paid, and the promise of a truly unique Baja experience. Not to mention being a part of history. Volunteers are needed for the opening and closing celebrations at Horsepower Ranch, just outside Ensenada. We are also currently looking for a qualified, experienced driver/co-driver team To transport our tractor-trailer rig from Rancho Santa Margarita to the La Paz Area. This crew will need to be available from Friday, November 12 to Monday, N·ovember 22. If interested, please contact our administrative office at 949-635-2292 or e-mail us at: Thank you, and we hope to see you at the 2004 SCORE Tecate Baja 1000.

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY 19076 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503 • Custom fabrication • Prerunners • Suspensions • Custom exhaust (310) 542-2977 ~,r-,/ ,~a~,.,..,,.,...,a- .,.,.r: .... =• r>Q'r I Stainless Hard Line / 23ss E. arange<horpe /!Ne. Performance Plumbing f A.'laheim. CA 92806 / Pt,one714441.a:J30 /::::':,w;,: Forbes / ::,::-;;;::;; A1·s RACING WILDOMAR CA. Tc>yota IFS auapenslon apeclall1t8 Long tr.1vel kits and race trim packar,a for 2wcl. & 4wd. Pick-Up, Tacoma, Tundra, 1·-100 and 4-Runner Yf'tW,ATSRACING,com (909)471-2418 Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages Ford Truck Specialist • 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santer. CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 SIIOl-flOOF PEIIFOl-11 Silver Faced lFG's Liquid.Filled Gauges from Auto' Meter are notorious for being th·e.tu4gl)es~ on the market. Combine that with the fact Auto Meter also is known for it's reliability and you have shock-proof performance that will rattle the competition. ir'iD . · Y, Send $4.00 for a catalog to: Auto Meter Products, Inc. , . e 0ept. DUOO • 413 W. Elm St.• Sycamore, ll60178 • (815t8~141 ~ ... . - / ·., i . . ' • - \ . ' 'I • . J ~ ~ r ~ ~ s P ~ = 7 s ,: -; SAND BUGGIES • PRE-RUNNERS ., RACE CARS· 'h' p I./·~ -.,. < ~ · if FAB1IICA TION & ALUMINUM WORK . • Orange, CA 92865 • fax (714) 279-0945 !-' . Steve Baker 800-564-1510 702-257-2300 C, :..w.,--3 1m111■ I CYLINDER HEADS 145 Gibson Rd., Ste. B Henderson, NV 89014 • Custom porting for any application • Over 30 Years Experience GUBEARDl~I Limiting Straps & Tle-Do1111Vns RE!dArt_c~m/dtc ph. 714. 774.9444 t'x. 714. 774.2244 A Oi11i~io n f e. int'o@RedArt.corn RED~ , Phone: 920/833-7266 • Fax: 920/833-9505 e-mail: BRANOWOOD CARS for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3107 Custom V':?hicle Shifter •. ';', ~ "Innovative Billet Prod.ucts fa~, the Oft.Road Enthus,ast" -FREE Catalog!! : .• , ""r';;, ~ande P'woo~s · ~-9525 Pathway St.-Santee, Ca. 92071 'MFJt. OF 'PEJlFORMANCE ,ARTS FOR INOUnJlY LEADING RACE CAR BUILDERS - Spindles, Floating Hubs - 5 spd. Shifters (fits Mcndcola trans & others) - Northstar Airbox Adapters S, more !! url: e-mail: (619)562-3071 CACTUS RACING Racea_ir Helmets & Accessories Bell, Shoei, Simpson · Blower systems & cool boxes 619-482-6700 708 Rocking Horse Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91914 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#. (909)845-8820 products in stock Race Proven Fabrication. Bootee Fiberglass Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Course trucks Bypass valves+tubes Paris-Dakar trucks Sway-bar Arms ACCOUNTING• INCOME TAX• CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNT ANT 536 S. Second St, Suite E Covina, CA 91723 Fall 626-653-2023 626-653-2024 Offroad to Street, Prerunner to Race -Chasis Design -Race Prep -All General Fabrication 76~7 17459 Lilac sue Hesperia CA 92345 BUlfT IDB IIACEIIS WIID IIEMANII 11IE BEST HAMPION BEADLOCK ~C!fNG WHEELS. U.S.A. WHEELS / CONVERSIONS 8"9"10"11"12"13"15"11"17" MfLAN GARRITT 1871 N. BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO CA 83722 (559) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365. CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif;f UCING PllODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103

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[CNC] CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena .. vd. San Diego, CA.'9211'10 (6J9) 275-166~ Manufacturers of Brake and Clutch Pedal Ass> Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cuttihg and Sta(:ling Brakes· Hydraulic Throttles T~rottle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• i'RONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Trl;!e, Lane RACE FUELS (805) 239-2663 • Templeton, CA 93465 OFFICIAL FUEL OF NASCAR 1 (800) 5~COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA . ,(--' F>ISTCJr--JS I.Ji' Shelf and Custom Pistons Available. CALL TODAY! PH: 949.567.9000 1902 McGaw. Irvine. CA 92614 A Member of Pankl Racing Systems CRITICAL□ ac~: 3043 Oak street ULTRASONIC CLEANING Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Oil Tanks, Radiators, Lines, Fittings CRACK INSPECTION All Components ... SuspP,nslon, Engine, Gear Box, etc. NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetran~ Ultrasonic, eddy Curran~ X-Ray Santa Ana, CA 92707 □ CNC MACHINE SHOP Phn (714) 95-7-1215 Fu (714) 957-1567 U5AC STATION •s .._ ---'''-------'AA_ST_A_TI_Ofl_.w97R211J ___ ___::°9'' for Your /l',"'9dJo» • •• STOCK• FULL RAa' • TRANSFER CASES CunJllln.<fil.1l1l ® 9 ~ Jffi.artce:ftllll~ PJl'11Pcfil.1I1l~JJll\lTI.~~:fl_ CID llll~ 18273 Grand Ave. #6 Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 (909) 678-1669 STEVE MatthewScl-.n'IOlce 1280 N. JOHNSON AVE .. SUITE 101 • EL CAJON, CA 92020 TEL: 619.449.5611 • FAX: 619.449.5713 MATTHEW@CUSTOMDECAL.COM Specializing ill ... ·-·-·· Sw1a1axlea Hewland Fortin Jlleadeola JID4S Jllagnum44 KNbler Automatic Parts B Machlile Shop Serrices A r.u1able [( DE r.J_y~1Q)] HERMAN De NUNZIO 59 B Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 800-622-3939 805-683-1211 FAX 805-683-8187 ---~~~-" ~ /..c; /IJlcREKNYE y ):,,./' ,• nsw.l'l.!!:!.~_ITeet-unltH CostaMesa:CA92627 / " • tel: 9'19.5'18.8533 lax: 9'19.5'18.853'1 ~ _ e-mail: dereknuellll!Olcom ~ __ ~ Team Bagz ~~~ ..:...:..,.~:,/ Private Label ,.j,j;j_,~ -.::: Custom Bag Designs --l)llfl111r1~JU{S OFF-ROAD DESIGN & FABRICATION RACE PREP PRE RUNNERS SUSPENSIONS ROLL CAGES TUBE BENDING WELDING LIFT KITS.: BILL SCOTT (909) 520-0064 Fax (909) 520-0078 !::mail· -1·1321 Sampson Ave., Unit I Rlv.erslde, CA 92503 1835 John Towers Ave. #A El Cajo~7 GA 92020 (619) 448-393 2 Fax (619) 448-3662 ;llr■war ~ ~ ~ ~ race vehicles · hot rods secunty • bugg1es · 11ght1ng mar1ne · aud1o 7b0.738.'l'173 (WlRcl · 28b5 F'C29ress Place. Sutle 2B · Escondido. CA '1202'1 - ------------~~------, IIJ. i=41'd:J1 Purchasing/R & D Position Available •·• Z ® The successful candidate will be self-motivated, detail oriented and able to multi-task, must have a minimum of 5 years of experience, strong negotiations skills,1 knowledge of inventory control techniques, MRP principals and proficient with Microsoft Office, VW aircooled experience is preferred. Please send resume c/o Erica C. HR Department at or fax 714-446-9793. No phone calls please. JILL SWANSON Sales and Marketing Director • Brand Name Helmets FRESH AIR STSIEMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC • Interior Revisions 810 A South Arthur Ave. • Fresh Air Systems Arlington Heights, IL 60005 1-888-466-RACE 1-84 7-259-3810 Fax 1-847-259-9705 ''THE HELMET VENTILATION EXPERTS" Ota PERl'ORMAICE 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 We use & recommend RA<:INli ENGINES, TRANST\IISSIONS AND OFFROAD PAR~ ,. _ · Sendor-c_:a)ITorourncw·cata111gSS.00_ :_ , RAY BAYLY 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 BRIAN GRIFFIN (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 Tm FLFlfflE LReea_Ja Bros. FmE-llamANT II~ FOR DaE1lT IMCEl/f WWW.MJMROI.COM

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1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-3633 619-449-3665 fax Doug Fortin THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~-L . call (800) 433-6524 ~ Call or write for our FREE Catalog Aircraft R·ubber Manufacturina. Inc. 63257 Nels Anderson Road Ben<!, OR ~770·1 USAph(541) 388-0203 fx(541)388-0307 RACIN HEADS 1466-110. SANTA FE AVE.• VII TOLL FREE (888) 3 PH/ FAX (760) 727-182 HARED TUBES S99,00 A sn .-... -,, 'l r~M) ,, -_, .J ,_) Buff & Kevin Owners/ Fabricators p. 760.510.9586 • f. 760.510.9559 120 N. Pacific· St. # J-1 • San Marcos, CA 91069 HONDA $SUZUKI seD..•.aaa I I l I I I I BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (800) 800-6134 FAX (818) 766-9397 (619) 561-7764 fax 561-4834 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 20 Years of Off Road Racing Experience "@tllli ,t1tfORt1lllt£ ' We Service & Sell Jeff Howe Char Lynn, Sweet, 12476 _Julian Ave. Pumps, Gears & Lakeside, CA 92040 Power & Piniol"l HP ENGINE & DYNO SERVICE 14368 Olde Highway 80 • Suite E • El Cajon, CA 92021 Jim Horne 619 443-9990 IMPACT CUSTOMS BOOR£ NHRA BOCA RAO£ SPFO ROLL OAGFS, TUB£ CHASSIS, CUSTOM BUSPFNSIONS, AIR BAGS, BODY DROPS, SHAVE, SUICIDE, PRE-RUNNERS, BAJAS, LONG TRAVEL, RACE PREP, CUSTOM WIRING, FABRICATION AND METAL WORK 881.!298. 7079 JG TRANSWERKS "Go with a Proven Winner" ~ I I 1,a I I I ■,a~ I ~ IJ I ILLI •~II Quality Racing Transmissions JOE GIFFIN 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 Fax (714) 632-1223 Do You Need To E X p A N D Your business Horizons? For Lots More Exposure Call 818-882-0004 Mike Julson President 10965 Hartley Rd., Suite R Santee, CA 92071-2893 619 / 562-1743 Fax 619 / 562-3379 e.mail J_l:weHez George Jimenez RACING ENGIN~ COMPLETE ENGINES • DYNO SERVICE 5 35 E. Central Park Ave. Anaheim, CA 92802 Tel./ Fax 714.535.5116 },:·t ~·-_:-:, - . . Specializing in custom oftroad race trucks ~ -...... J __ : . ~ 'lt~SON FABRIC~ • Prerunner& • Sand car, • Raily ca1s • Cu5to111 Fabrication • Advanced Suspsnsion Technoiogy TROY J OHNSON (909) 779-9395 2061 Third Street, Unit A Riverside. CA 92507 • R~sEal ~11 & [1EVE!Gpnisnt KAL OFFROAD RACING WWW Metal Fabrication Speed Equipment Custom Suspensions ~ Kurt Larmee (805) 466-4101 840.8 K El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. ART KAWAGUCHI 3532 EAST 3RD ST. Fax 323-264-2136 LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 323-264-5858 Derek Krager PH: 114.289.9048 Fil: 114.631.1854 Kevin Summers owner KS Motorsports offroad fabrication and race preps 15346 Bonanza RD. # C Victorville , CA . 92392 Phone:760-241-5441 Fax:760-241-5383 CT•o> 7'2'2-09&3 SUSPENSION - PERFORMANCE - SAFETY EQUIPMENT & MORE! DESERT - ROCK - SAND & RACE WE ARE YOUR #1 SOURCE FOR ALL YOUR OFFROAD NEEDS POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETON&TREET SUN VAL.lEY, CA 91352 FAX (818) 7Y-2687 (818) 768-0371 A full line of Power StMring gears, pumps and accesaoriee for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo fac:ilitieS available.

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Engineering •custom Chassis •Race Prep *Aluminum Work· -Welding *Magnaflux FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER . Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 ~~HCHAFT. ,Ra:.ceP~ www.mastercraftseats.c6m Seat.; • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags ... · 10928 Wheatlands Ave. Suite B santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 YOUR OFF-ROAD Catch us o.n the Net! SPECIALISTS/ . PHONE:(714) 441-1212 FAX:(714) 441-1622· 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA 91910 #ffMBM'illlii!'t!, (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 COIIP0NEfffS F.OJl CHASSIS FABRICATJOti ~ -m.i:i, • ~~ • .R~_t:A9!1$ stifterM.olm • 01 & Water &tile Holders 399 .E. .Hanisoa .lJnit D Corona, CA 92879-1313 Tom Moxley .(909) 272.A272 www.wrighlfab.rom 43455 Business P'dJ1< Drive, Temecula. CA 92590 Phone (909)587-0101 Ext 120 619-562-5533 For Very Few Dollars A Month Your Ad Here Can Increase Your Sales By A Bunch Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 Off Road Fabrication and Design Function/Strength/Safety/Pride • Sand Cars Made by Hand in the USA • Trucks • Race Cars • Prerunners • Rally Cars • Custom 8966 Benson Ave., Suite D Montclair, CA 91763 JOHN MOSELEY 909-949-8161 Owner/Fabricator Fax 909-949-8162 DFFRDAD ENGINEERING Pre-Runners • Race Cars & Trucks • Long Travel Sand Buggies Custom Chassis • Suspension • Cage • Sheet Metal Lifts • Shocks • Tires • Wheels • Accessories (805) 522-4499 Lance Fuller 2280 Shasta Way_ #115 Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 93065 MOTOR WORKS INC. 1490 ISLAND AVE. SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 619-233-8875 800-841-1014 FAX 619-233-4137 \fOTORCYCLE \1.-\CIU'-E WORK-STREET OR CO\IPETITIO'-Hl l!l!'\l<i. '-I H\'f'-:c;, 1;1 ·11w IHI'! -\CF\IF'-:T. R~'-' -~ F.1.C!I\;(, SEAT REPL.-\CE:\IE'-T. CR.-\.\:K GRl'-Dl'-G. HE.-\ T TRE.-\ Tl'.',;G \ ,n \ll ·n , \H)lff RACE CARS PRERUNNERS SAND CARS JIM MOULTON 42231 6TH STREET lff:ST #201 LANCA$TER C4 ltM34 661-974-7961 MSD. Mf.J fJLJr .. 1 f■ •1,~,, , ...... ,, • YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE GNITICJNS • D ISTRIBUTORS • WIRES • R ... AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY B RENN A N DR. , EL PASO, TX 7993E 19151 857-5200 • TFr.H LINE 1~151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3'' 0.0. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES 4B0-726-2B76 Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 R"R (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 HAROLD NICKS

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,~W{g3(g)V[~@'lr'I SAFETY EQUIPMENT MAXON, MOTOROLA, HOAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS ' BELL, 'sH.OEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRillilG FOR RADIO &/OR 11'1.'TERCOM STILL ONLY S12,. -. 2888 GUNDRY AVE. -SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 • 562-427-8177 ' 800-869-5636 w • .a • , - - - -'f!ENHRTD ABRICATION, INC 1660 Babcock, Building B Costa Mesa, CA 92627 TEL 19491 650-3035 FAX 1949) 650-4721 Jeny Penhall • All Type• oi Steel CJ Alumiftum Fabrication • Tube Bendinc • Aluminum CJ Steel W.ldine • Custom Machine Work • All Types oi Race Cars '4851 W. Hacienda #4 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-365-9055 TSt/S/On. Todd Francis Phone: 360.887.2000 • Fax: 360.887.7279 A High Performance Spec VB Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: ,el: 619-39CMS252 Fax:619-390-6470 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 --. ' :f! ~@IM/1/iililiiHII~ JoaDauRlan Par: Fa1: 818.361.4641 13411 Dronlield Ave. S11lmar. CA 9~-Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension• Safety• Driveline·• Accessories· (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: 1-800-929-4360 www.RACESHOCK.coM II@ Phoenix,Arimna Jrlf· ~~-. --Suspension Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock Service Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Aroundll Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy (602) 493-3700 25: • ii • Fax: (602) 493-0975 Southern cainornla's Largest Distributor al Mendeola Transaxles PH: 114.680.6131 • Fil: 114.680.3110 Toll Free: 800.304.8126 1631 Placentia Ave. Unit G Anaheim. CA 92806 CTRANS will· get you ii gear swi1g axle, •1s, •ewla1d, MD4S 3455 S. PDlARIS #5 lAS VISAS, NEVADA 89102 .110 D.D. 11111ml (702) 221-4313 . (702) 117-9724 Barry Beacham 27231 Burbank Ave. Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Office 949-837-4388 Cell 949-466-4781 fili/ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. ~ METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS BEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION MARKSMJTH LARRYSMJTH LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030,. _ . , PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV.89048 (775) 372-5335 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS • BANNERS • IWWOW LITTERll,G • CAR LETTERING.• GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Hunt1ngto1 Beach CA 92t349 (714) 897-0075 • F2, [71 4l 694-9567

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0££ road £abrica-ti.o:n.. • Metal Fab. • Welding • Suspension Kits • Custom Paint• Roll cages • Bumpers • Buy a seat and race program Sarn Puleri (323) 563-2224 Fax (323) 563-2227 f£DIJVlff£GM SJIIBT /lf8,88JIIIGf I 1-BOD-MY MUFFLER Craig Stewart I Phone: 619-449-9T.l8 Fero 619-449-?6711 Cell: 6l9-'726-a91 I Fabrication & Race Preparation I I 9419 Abraham WON F:f7W I LI ~_r_--::_~·_L_~_920_:_-_-.~-oe.-;:-_J._~;-_.:._· ---IJ..J--'11i1P ______ :_:_~_-_ice_&_I ..ST'_R.fc='T'.L.r---.-~ ~,R~ ~~ n. V•U lksf Of Offr Pwfcnwtc•. ~ts. Fabticatioft And w;tala W.,J: JKD • SFG F~tcdt •ltng Shocks And Many Mot._ S~dali%itt5 h1 Clotl1itt5 for tl,e Offroabff Sawl attb Tami V.uqwe% S'6l-6ll-SSOS RACE FUELS [209) 847-2281 [800) 527-6090 FAX [209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 (CSUNSEfj> ~ ~2 ;> " You,r QuA&.rrY S,oH CDMl'AHY'' Design Fabrication lnstailatlon (909) 340-4684 FAX {909) 340-4689 1215 POMONA ROAD• SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 ,,.., caAPUTERIZEO VINYL GR,I\PH/CS & LEITER/NG l•I I ·I I WSA I ,,.., ~COST BLOG SIGNS {,I\U: Pf/!OCESSE5) -,,.., T,V,.OE SI-OW OfSPL,A."rS ,,.._ ,,.., OET,1\/LEO & LNIQUE OESIGNS ,,.._ ~t[lf:'/t~/:i~[,l1fF5 ,..._ HJ-QLJ,',LJTY &INNERS ,,.._M,,..GNETICS ,..._ WGO REP/i!DOUCTONS ,,.._ ~E,,'\.L EST ,,._TE ,..._ LOGO & ~ OES/GN ,,.._ OEO'\LS 2180 College Drive • Lake Havasu City • AZ. 86403 Call Toll Free: 877-627-8852 or E-Mail: • Hi Performance Converters Custom Length Axles • • Automatic Trans Axles TCS Designed Hubs • (for Race & Recreation) Input Shafts • American Made Excellence!! TLR Peifarmance Fabrication Tun Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-1289 If Your Business Needs A Boost Let Dusty Times Help You Get The Word Out To The Racers Call Dusty Times 818-882-0004 ~~4£,,.v __ ~~HO.OU£ 7.:S;;u= .Av'p'EA"G.£A'SS SPECPU/S n, 1 * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 N. Buena Vista St., Hemet Ca. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 Fax: 909-654-2375 See a list of oor products at oor web site: http:/www 1MNiix1J: ENGl~EERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlet Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 0 C CD -I C ~ en o-"Tl m ffi ► n en X ► en 1/i:l/ ransworks ~Q PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLES ~ AUTHORIZED MENDEOLA DEALER ERIC LAUNDRIE STOCK & CUSTOM 24752 VIEJAS BLVD. SAND* STREET* RACE DESCANSO, CA 91916 (619) 445-3135 [UMP] UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 (619) 596-8033 1 ooo W . Bradley, Unit a El Cajon, CA 92020 ~~ Carlos Orozco FolrpJex - Pomona October 9 & 10 tl lll~\' f tl~ l" Ettu,,..3: ~H--4.:.Lt G" CLBRYANT.C0M VP RACING FUELS INC AUTHORIZE DISTRIBUTOR RR AUTOSPECIAL PARTS, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. CALLE PRIVADA FRAY MAYORGA 17026 ZONA INDUSTRIAL GARITA DE OTAY TIJUANA. 0 C TEL.: (6€<) G<7 9222 FAX: (66~) 007 1«0 E-MAIL: Advancing the S~ience of Motor Sports Ray Gastelum GER[NIF OF VENTAS Mobil : 664 648 2882 Nextel Radio: 152 * 133577 * 1 Call USA to Mexico dial 01152 •Quality F11els & Prod11cts for Motorsports"' Website· VP Racing Fuels, Inc. West Coast Region P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 KELLEY HENDEL Regional Manager Office: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Email:

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==~=-.:...PA/Kr IINI' (041/N(}S«CRAPIIKS~ J,(JG(Jf} • •~ 71J ~ MAINTENANCI'• fx~/1¥.ltf)~J,J/fFRINt;.* 760-949-1220, Remember, When vou are out and about buving goodies tor the race car, suppon DUSTY TIMES advenisers Dusty Times Adam Wik wp Racing Gears SCORE ENGINE BUILDER ..,,_ Ultra High Quality Gears with Race Proven CT) Strength and Performance. Available for VW .1 T ',£\,. .,c-·'> .. Type 1. Type 2. 091 Bus. ~tc--:-=·:~ t,_'-·--* h.: 094. MD4S. and 5-speed OF THE YEAR 994, 1998, 1999,2000 . -~ ··~ .,,..:.-..·~-'. ~ \\",~-•• ,•• transaxles. Huge selection \'. -·:. :~~~-;~::. _/ ,.:;: . _jt ra;i;~; ~:~ALOGUE From Parts To Complete Engines . . - - ~ - ,~-__;... (805) 696-9665 .:::::! 3675 W. Taco Ave. Unit 8, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522 Weddle Engineering• P.O. Box 1075 • Goleta, CA 93116 ~~~ ~ llf!IJL.IIJIIN/J ===~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!),~===!!!!! Race Cars Dun_e Buggies Baja B ugs Front & Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialist • Custom Race & Play Buggy Chassis A-Arm Front Ends • Beam Front Ends Lorenzo Rodriguez 9608 N. 21st Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85021 Jack Woods 602-242-0077 Fax 602-242-7283 Transmissions - Parts - Service - Welding V.W. - Porsche - Nissan - Toyota - Honda 850 S. Alta Vista Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 914-8147 C lc).lo) !::,OSRACe DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP DUlliJ&1m1s REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! Classified ... Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports Engine Sale: 2 FAT Toyota V6 racing engines. These are the engines that won the SCORE Class 1 Champi-onship in 2003; $7,500.00 each ($30,000.00 new). HP Engines Chevy V6 that won the 2001, 2002, and 2003 BITD Class 1500 Champion-ships; $10,000.00 ($38,000.00 new). Dan Eslick (503) 618-8823. Great 5-Unlimited buggy, Jimco body, SCORE series raced, Type 4 engine builder Kenny Major, Tee 2 ignition, Flowmaster exhaust, Twin disc clutch, Fortin shifter, Centerline Wheels, Baja TA Wheels, Beard Seats, Momo Steer-ing wheel, Autometer gauges. This car has it all. 28K OBO. Ref #903, photos are on website. Call Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117 or check us out at October 2004 FOR SALE: Ready to Race Ford Trophy Truck. All the best, Patton Motec lnj. 442 CI/750 HP, T-400 T ranz, King Shocks, Chrisman, 6 lug, PC! 110 watt, GPS, BFG 37 Projects, Sparco, Momo, 80 gal w/quick fill, Fluidyne, Lots of Spares, a steal @ $185,000.00 OBO. Call Rick for list. (623) 780-4019 Geiser Bros. FOR SALE: Car #221 - New 2004 Side Winder 4-seat desert car. King Shocks, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, 4 30hp LS 1, Mendeola MD4S-2d, 300M 934 CV's, 1.5" 300M ax-les, full body, black with graphics, $69,900.00. Call (480) 893-9757. Color photos and more info at FOR SALE: TSCO Motorsports' 4x4 Bronco Pre-Runner. With sus-pension by Curt LeDuc and finish work by Stewart's Raceworks, this is a truly awesome machine. King Shocks, GPS, Hella Lights, CD Player, AC, PW, POL, PC! Radio. Truck is immaculately maintained by Stewart's Raceworks. 100k. Dan Eslick. (503) 618-8823. FOR SALE: Chaparral Class 10/ 12 single seat 1776 motor, Bus trans coilovers 3" bypass, 4 wheel disc brakes, spare tires, parts, new fuel cell, p.s. too much to list. $11,000.00. (623) 327-0290. Mirage 1-1600 Super Nice, extra clean, very, very competitive, Saco r-p, Fox Shocks, Foddrill arms and spindles, Sway-A-Way axels and bars, Mirage CVs stubs and brake drums, Dave Folts trans-mission, Adam Wiks top of the line motor, MSD ignition, Beard seats, some spare parts included, new beam, new torsion housing, new wiring, car is fresh and ready, 14K oho. Moving must sell. Ref #899 call Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117 or check us out at Sell Your Car, Pre-Runner, Parts or Bits & Pieces Right Here ... Dusty Times Has The Off Road Readership You're Looking For. Only $25 for up to 45 words plus $5 with photo. Form on Page 59. Continued on page 59 Page 57

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mare Classified ... FOR SALE: Single Seat Limited Sportsman Buggy, Multiple Lim-ited Sportsman Championships, great fun car, extra spares, 300M bars, Optima Battery, one year old fuel cell, new rear drums and brakes, one year old seat. $4,900.00 OBO. Call Eric for more info and pictures. (702) 498-7096. FOR SALE: Class lOJimco 2000 single seater, Major Performance, F.l. Honda, Fortin DON, Hella H.l.D.s, FOX, CNC, .. .All the best with only 3500 total race miles since brand new. FULLY prepped for the Baja 1000 or 2005 sea-son. Race package includes ra-dios, 6 dump cans, 10+ spare l'ires/wheels, 24' Pace enclosed trailer $95,000.00. Contact Jim (619) 445-4155. FOR SALE: TSCO Motor-sports' 4x4 Bro nco Pre-Run-ner. With suspensio n by Curt LeDuc and finish work by Stewart's Raceworks, this is a truly awesome machine. King Shocks, OPS, Hella Lights, CD Player, AC, PW, PDL, PCI Ra-dio. Truck is immaculately maintained by Stewart's Raceworks. 100k. Dan Eslick. (503) 618-8823. FOR SALE: 1992 Ford F-150, Built 302, Art Carr Transmis-sion Fab-Tech Lift, Fiberglass Body, Fully Caged, 5-Point harness Seats/Seatbelt, Alu-minum Dash, $9,000.00 OBO (714) 915-1503. FOR SALE: Suspension Un-limited 2-seat Class 10/12 Bonner Hawk 1835 New Men-deola Axles and out board CV's, PCI, Summers, Foddrill Arms, Dual Fox on front. King by pass on Rear, 4 WDB Power Steering, flame out dual oil coolers Pro Wired, . ' . intercom, two extra sets pan-els. Car is in Las Vegas. $19 950.00. (702) 604-1139. FOR SALE: Lothringer Class 10/12 Single Seat, Dry Sump Wiks/Jimenez Type-1 1776, Fox Shocks and Summers Disc for all four corners, Woods Front Arms, Saginaw Power Steering, Willwood Pedal assy. Some spare parts. Many wins. Car and motor $20,000.00 OBO (no trans). Contact Robert Harman (310) 214-8770. FOR SALE: 2 Seat J imco 1600-King 3 ways front and rear, 300M, 930's BFG's, Saco, Charlyn, Op-tima, Comp U Fire, Ffuel Safe, Flame Out, CNC, CartekAlumi-n um Drums, Fodrill, 2002 SCORE 2nd place and True Grit-2004 BORE 2nd place-No worse than 4th place finish-Bought 10 car need to sell ASAP. $19,000.00 Optional Spare parts package available. 10 brand new 33xl0.50xl5 BFG Bajas-Make Offer. Call (801) 380-9011-Also available single seat MECO 1600. Best of everything. Lots of spares-$15,000.00 Call for info. (435) 632-9443. FOR SALE: 2002 Kreger Fabri-cation Class 10. Proven finisher with excellent Handling charac-teristics. 100% finishing rate at the Baja 1000 & Baja 500 2 years in a row. Fully prepped and race ready! Wiks Racing Engine, Kreger Floaters and Hubs, King Shocks, Mendeola 5 speed, In Dash Lowrance OPS, PCI Radio/Intercom. The Best of Everything. $55,000.00 OBO. Contact Will Higman Weekdays (714) 848-8222. email: FOR SALE: Chenowth A Arm single sea't Class 10. New 1915 Stroker VW. New Mendeola 4 spd, New Axle, Kuster Coilovers bypasss. Too much to list. Spare parts $17,500.00 OBO. (623) 327-0290. FOR SALE: 2003 Ford F250 Lariat Power Stroke Diesel, 5-speed auto trans, Brand new! Only 135K miles, over 80K invested= MT Cus-tom wheels, Oru Suspensiion, Bil-stein Bypass shocks, Air bags, 57 gal tank, stereo, Line-X. $49,000.00 OBO. Also 35' 5th wheel enclosed trailer, $5,900.00. Call Joe (310) 466-8193. FOR SALE - 7S Ford_ Ranger-2.3 5 speed, Strange Super Diff,, Esslinger Holley, K&N, Ford Mo-torsports, Keith Black, , Crower, JE, World Class 5 Speed, Centerforce, Strange spool & axles, BFG, American, Fuel Safe, Fox, Beard, Crow, spare parts. $7000 Call Dan Cannon at 626-644-6693. ',,'. '' '$ !IU .... ~;...... . ~ •<· . ~ , •· ·-· . l ,, .• ' . I ;c : • , · .. FOR SALE: Fresh Toyota Powered Class 10. Always well maintained and up to date. To much to mention. Excellent as sportsman class or Pre Runner. $8,000.00 Call weekends at (661) 965-6512. FOR SALE: 5-1600 Fresh race motor, spare race 1no-tor, fresh transmission, fully prepped, Pumper, combo spindles, new seats, lots of spares, have brand new rear arms, Fox shocks, Fuel Safe Cell, with newer dual axle trailer, ready to race. $8,500.00 OBO. (949) 290-5412. FOR SALE: Car #229 -2004 Side Winder 2-seat Pre Runner. New, Never driven. Fully boxed and heat treated chromoly A-Arms and trailing arms, King Coils and 3" by-passes, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, 500hp LSI, Albins AGB 5 spd., 300m 934 CV's, 1.5" 300M axles, Parker Pumper, PCI race radio and intercom, Lowrance OPS, full body, bright orange with graphics, roof rack, 5 HIDs. $104,000.00. Call (480) 893-97 57. Color photos and more info at FOR SALE: 2000 Suspen-sions Mercruiser V-6 300 HP, Dead Reliable. Type 2 Bus by Folts, 930, 300M Axles, A-Arm 21" front 19" rear chro-moly frame, removable rack, car can be brutal Pre-Runner or sand rail. All tires for dirt and sand inc. Many spares. PCI intercom, roadmaster, stereo MP3 hookup, 30 gallon cell 400 mi range. Sway-A-Way 2.5, full circuit breaker dash. 102 MPH. A must see for The Baja and Glamis Group. Both pies are the same car. $72,000.00 build cost. Yours for $47,500.00. Call Jim for info (818) 974-8977 , (661) 299-9200. FOR SALE: Street Legal-197 3 Ford Fl00-Class 8 Le-gal C hevy 350 Motor-2 Bil-stein shocks w/bump stops per wheel-$40,000.00. (619) 203-1112. =========:::; FOR SALE -Class 8 Ford F-150. Big HP 351, Magi trans, all billit cliff parts, huge I beams, Lee steering, K&N, Holley, Edelbrock, Moroso, Crower, Ross, Pink, Thorley, TCI, FOX BFG, MSD, AR, Howe, Fuel Safe, Cagle, Winters, misc. parts. $9,000 Call Dan Can-non at 626-644-6693 . •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUGliJ • : DUSTY TIMES. lilDIBG • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ·• Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE . REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PVT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER . Enclosed is $ ·- ----------(Send check or money order, no Cash) Name _______________________________ _ City _________________________________________ Zip _________________ _ Add res __________________________________________________________ _ Phone Please run ad times Mail to: DUSTYTIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 2004-2005 ISSUE DEADLINE November, 04 Oct 8, 04 December, 04 Nov 12, 04 • January, 05 Dec 10, 04 February, 05 Jan 7,05 March, 05 Feb 11, 05 ••••••••••• ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■ ■■■■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■ ■ ••• Page ss October 2004 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Penhall Class 12 Tibaron; 122" wheel base, all 4130, Front wheel travel 14", 4" Foddrill front arm.s, Foddrill drop spindles, CNC 4 piston cali-per, front brakes, 2 ½" Fox Coil over, 2" Fox position sensitive. Howe Oiablo rack and pinion and control valve. 26 gal fuel cell, Beard Ultra race seats, Carbon fi-ber dash, 4130 plate trail-ing arms, with Kreger mid board hubs, Fox 16" travel, 3" body, 4 tube bypass shocks, Fox 14" travel, 2" body, coil over shocks, Rear wheel travel 20", Hi Torque starter, Large setrab oil cooler with fan, Mendeola 5 speed trans, 930 CVs with 30 spline axles, 16" front Centerlines BFG tires. 33" Baja TA tires on Centerlines with headlocks. The car will be sold race prepped, less engine for $33,000.00 incl some spares. Call Jerry@ (949) 650-3035. Ex-Robbie Gordon tractor trailer, 49ft trailer, Stain-less cabinets, work benches, full av.,ning, Snap On Tool boxes, huge belly boxes, hy-draulic lift gate generator, air conditioning, work lights, end mill, 1989 Peterbuilt, 18 speed, 150k miles on tractor, refrigera-tor, water rank, under floor storage, 120k OBO Ref #896, photos are on website. Ca 11 Baj a Brokers (760) 723-2117 or check us out at FOR SALE: Car #227 -New 2004 Side Winder 2 Seat PreRunner. Fully boxed and heat treated chromoly A-Arms and trailing arms, King coils and 3" bypasses, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, 430hp, LSl, Albins, AGB 5 spd., 300m 934 CV's, 1.5 300M axles, Parker Pumper, PCI race radio and intercom, full body, red frame w/silver body, roofrack, 5 HIDs. $99,000.00. Call (480) 893-97-57. Color pho-tos and more info at FOR SALE: BITD Class 4100 or SCORE Class 4 1999 Ford Ex-pedition, Fox, King Bypass, 5.41 VB, Mogi Trans, Currie Rear end, Lee Steering, Hellas, Crow belts. All the best. 35K. Race Ready now!! Contact Matt Pike (949) 633-0773. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Proven Winner! 4x Champion. 72 Ford FlOO Class 8, 600 plus H.P./ Torque 408 John Wood CS, Summers 40 spline Floater, Strange 3rd member, 4-link rear w/quarter elliptic springs, 1-ton I-beam/ spindle Cone hubs, Kendall Racing by-pass shocks, Fox bump stops, equal length tie-rods w/Howe pump, Lee box, Wilwood brakes, 44 gal. ATL cell, PCI radio/intercom, Taylor, Mastercraft, Hella, MSD, Mastercraft, Setrab, Optima, 35" BFG. Would also make great Pre-Runner, current tags/reg., $50,000.00 OBO. $35,000.00 minus engine/ trans. (619) 443-8060. FOR SALE: 2 Seat Chen-owth Class 1 Unlimited. 3.6 Liter Porsche. Jeff Fields auto tranny. Bilsteins up front/ Kings in rear/BFG's on Robby Gordon Bead Locks, Fortin P.S. New Mastercraft Seats/Summers Rear Hubs/ CNC Brakes. 35 gal Fuel Safe Cell. Spares available. Race Ready. $45,000.00 (85 8) 39 5-4 5 6 5. FOR SALE: 1997 Jimco Class 10-Toyota 4AG, Fortin 5 spd, R. Davis radiatbr, BFG. 934's, 31 gal cell, PCI, Parker Pumper, Beard, Howe, etc. $40,000.00 OBO Call Sam (760) 427-2018. Excellent Pre-Run Truck 1985 White Ford Ranger, Fiberglass front/rear fend-ers and hood. Never raced. Sept 2000 Issue of off road. DPR chassis, Roll cage tig welded. I-Beam suspension, Ford disc brakes, Kuster shocks, Willwood disc brakes, Christman hubs, Art Carr shift kit, Ford 4.0 V-6 engine, American rac-ing 12x3 5x 15 Goodyear projects. Custom Alum dash, Beard seats, Sony ste-reo, Excellent truck ... 32k oho. Ref #904. Photos are on website. Call Baja Bro-kers (760) 723-2117 or check us out at ~.".· FOR SALE: Car #208 -New 2004 Side Winder 4-seat desert car. King coils and 3" bypasses, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, 430HP LSl, Mendeola MD4S-2D, dual Parker Pumpers, PCI race radio and intercom. Lowrance GPS, full body, red w/ graphics, roof rack, 5 HIDs. $85,900.00. Call (480) 893-9757.Color photos and more info at FOR SALE: Car #217 -New 2004 SideWinder 4-seat desert car. King Coils and 3" bypasses, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, 500hp LSl, Alb ins AGB 5 spd., dual Parker Pump-ers, PC! race radio and intercom, Lowrance OPS, full body, all silver, roof rack, 5 HIDs. $98,000.00. Call (480) 893-9757. Color photos and more info at FOR SALE -1999 50' South-west Express, G.N. enclosed trailer. 3 axle curb and roadside doors, rear ramp door, E tracks, checkerboard floor. $11,500 oho. Call Dan Cannon at 626-644-6693 FOR SALE: Car #204 -New 2004 Side Winder 4-seat desert car. King coils and 3" bypasses, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, 425hp LLSl, Mendeola MD4S-2D, dual Parker Pumpers, PCI race radio and intercom, Lowrance GPS, full body, silver w/graphics, roof rack, 5 HID's. $89,500.000. Call (480) 893-9757.Color photos and more info FOR SALE: Car #202 -Refur-bished Side Winder 4 Seat desert car. King Coils and 3" bypasses, 24" front travel, 23" rear travel, new 400hp LS 1, rebuilt Alb ins AGB 5-speed, dual Parker Pumpers, PCI race radio and in-tercom, Lowrance GPS, stereo system, full body, grayw/graph-ics, roof rack, 5 HIDs. $82,000.00. Call (480) 893-9757. Color photos and more info at FOR SALE: Class 1 Jimco, V6 Chevy Eng., Motec Fuel inj., For-tin Trans and hubs, CNC brakes, 3" King Bypass shocks with Res-ervoirs and 2.5" Coilover in rear, front have 2.5" with reservoir and 2" Coilover, Set up for Dry or Dump can fueling, Robby Gor-don whls with 35" BFG tires. Come with spare 3.2 Toyota Race Eng. $85,000.00. Call Nick or Brian (619) 336-3771. PLEASE! DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP DUSliYli1mua REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! October 2004 FOR SALE: Pre Runner/ Race Truck Chevy ZZ4 350 with aluminum heads. Manual shift TH 400 3000 Stall, Ford 9" 4:88 spool. 28" travel with Racer Run-ner remote reservoir shocks. Includes trailer with 800016 winch. $22,500.00 OBO Steve @ (509) 585-2122 Thrasher In Havasu Oct 3-10 (509) 430-77 33 cell. ACREAGE FOR SALE: 20 acres of pine trees and Joshua, high up in the Tehachapi Mountains. Within the borders of a huge ranch, locked gates en-sure your privacy. Two building pads exist with view of the entire Antelope Val-ley. Call Don evenings at (661) 268-1644. INDb.X TO AD\lb.12. Tl6b.12.6 Arizona Truck Expo ................................... 15 Baker Precision ......................................... 40 Best In The Desert ..................................... 33 Bilstein ...............................................•. 30-31 C&R Racing •........•.•••..•.............................. 32 Carrera Lights ........................................... 23 Coast Resorts .............................................. 9 CODE •••••••.••.....•...•.................................••.• 29 Fabtech ••..•.................................••.••.•......... 34 Fuel Safe ................ , •................................• 42 Glen Helen ................................... Back Cover Hella Lights ............................................... 24 ISCO .......................................................... 35 Jefferies .................................................... 49 Kartek ------·············· ........ 28 Kawaguchi Honda ..................................... 21 KCHilites .................................................... 2 KingShockTech ___ ..................... 25 Light Force Engineering ............................. 19 Mag 7 ........................................................ 42 McKenzie ................................................... 10 MOR Productions •••••••.••.•........................... 37 Mojave Desert Racing ................................ 11 Nevada Off Road ........................................ 22 Off Road Expo .............................................. 4 OMF ···-----···························44 Pacific Customs .......................................... 13 Parker Embroidery .................................... 35 Parker Pumper .......................................... 26 Parker Pumper/Competition Air ................ 36 PCI Race Radios ........................................... 5 Pike's Service Center ................................ 48 Pollard Construction Car Sale ................... 44 Race Ready ................................................ 45 RacerX ...................................................... 12 Redline Engineering .................................. 40 Rod Koch Autobiography ............................ 42 Ronco Plastics ............................................ 14 Sakata ....................................................... 16 Skyjacker Suspensions .............................. 36 SNORE ....................................................... 39 StuffTr■ns ................................................ 47 Sway-A·Way ____ ..................... 20 Team Gordon ............................................. 27 Total Power Racing Batteries ................... 47 Toys For Tots ............................................ 49 Transaxle Engineering .............................. 41 Turnkey Products ...................................... 18 Valley Performance ................................... 46 Wide Open Baja ................................•.•...... 50 Page 59

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66% PAYBACK Pre-Entry $300.00 (before 11/12/04) Post-Entry $350.00 • No membership required Park Admission • $1 0 / per adult • $5 / per child (6-12yrs) • Free for kids 5yrs & under Baja1000 ... race the WANT TO HELP SPONSOR THIS EVENT? Contact: Lori Yarnell, General Manager or Bob Beyer. Race Director at (909) 384-9342 or 909.880.3090 Five miles North of San Bernardino Follow the signs off 1-215 Freeway