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2002 Volume 19 Number 3 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 19 • Number 3 • March 2002 $2.50 ISSN8750-1732 covering the world of competition in the dirt •..

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PC/ RACE RADIOS & SAFETY EQUIPMENT XPEED RACEAIR HELMET • Snell 2000 Rating ~ • Quick Release Shield • Molded Air Inlet • Sizes S-XXL • With Nomex Skirt $289.00 • WIRED with Nomex Skirt $359.00 SHOE/ RACEAJR 2000 HELMET • Snell 2000 Rating • Super Visibility • Larger Opening- No more folded over ears • Quick Release Shield • With Nomex Skirt $359.00 • WIRED with Nomex Skirt $459.00 Mastercard VISA SHOE/ RACEAIR 900 HELMET • Snell 2000 Rating • FITS GREAT- Plush Interior with Lots of Padding • Quick Release Shield- 6 Colors • Light Weight • Great Air Distribution • WIRED with Nomex Skirt $499.00 PC/ COMLINK VI INTERCOM ROADMASTER TRACKMASTER INTERCOMS HEADSETS GLOBALSTAR SATELLITE PHONES SCANNERS MOTOROLA VERTEX KENWOOD MAXON RACEAIR HELMETS SHOEI BELL SIMPSON BLACK BOX IN CAR DIGITAL CAMERA RACEAIR PUMPER MOTORS · RACESAFE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS LOWRANCE GPS PYROTECT DRIVING SUITS GLOVES DRIVING SHOES NECK COLLARS KIDNEY BELTS LAST CHANCE Discover •VERYLOUD-Loudness-7wattsofaudio ON ROADMAS perchannel CROWSEATBELTS TE R •PERFECT CLARITY-No noise interference MECHANIX WEAR GLOVES MPACT MPACTil APRONS SHOES KNEE PADS SPECIAL •NO SIDE TONE-you will not hear the Get the Legendary Roadmaster engine or the exhaust amplified thru the intercom. Radio Proven Tough in the AMEX •RELIABILITY-housed in small rugged, Off Road Enviroment weather resistant, bullet proof housing For Only • INDIVIDUAL PITS-for Driver and S Co-Driver ,/'I 9.~ C:-00 DmTBAGS GEAR --r .:..7. • AFFORDABLE investment: Regularly $589.00 · . .)359_00 BAGS (j}o~o[fo PCI RACE RADIOS OFFROADVIDEOS 2888 GUNDRY AVE., SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 TOWSTRAPS 800-869-5636 562-427-8177 FAX 562-426-3589 RATCHETSTRAPS ~ NO FEAR APPAREL FOR SALE BUY A WINNING TRUCK FORD Protruck -Race Proven Lots of Spares. Call Scott 562-427-8177 or Baja Concepts 760-723-211 7 -----· -------

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Volume 19 -Number 3 March 2002 Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki. Wikel Controller · John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Sheryl Cannon Carrera Photography J&L Photography Jim Culp Mike Del Col Martin Holmes Mike Jenkins Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montana ·Byrle Moore Troy Robinson Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Sub-scription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSITTIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp., 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882--0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copy-right by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Fotir weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot of the Month ... Larry Ragland and Jerry McDonald battle for the lead at the 1984 SCORE Barstow Classic, Ragland ·went on to take the Class 1 win. · DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for considei,-ation. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES Whiplash/SNORE Parker 400 by John Calvin'. ..................... · ......................... 8 Network Q Rally by Martin Holmes .................................................................. 18 SCORE Laughlin by Judy Smith ....................................................................... 20 SNORE 2001 Awards by John Calvin ............................................................. 30 Rob MacCachren A Champion's Champion by Judy Smith ..................... 32 FRT Dunaway Dash by Judy Smith ................................................................. 34 Whiplash Parker GP Motorcycles by Mike Del Col ..................................... 40 CODE Mexicali To San Felipe by Byrle Moore ........................................... 44 Ramada Express Rally by John P.M. Dillon ...................... · ...................... 48 JAOS Rally by Ricardo Rodriguez ............................................................. 56 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ...................................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ....................................................................................................... 6 CRS (California Rally Series) by The Director ....................................... 51 F.A. I. R. Report by Wes Wisdom ..................................................................... 51 Locos Moros by Baja ]ones .............................................................................. 52 Mag 7 Race Team by Stephen Stenberg ................ : .................................... 53 American Racing Jeeps peed Challenge .................................................. 55 Good Stuff Directory ................................. : ............................................... 56 Classified Ads ............................................................................................... 62 Index To Advertisers ........................................ : .......................................... 63 on The cover Besting almost 70 cars in their class, Rob MacCachren and Bruce Fraley drove to the front ::ind captured the 1600 class win at the Whiplash/SNORE Parker 400. Photography by Jim Ober -Trackside Photo Dale and Mike Dondel had a great weekend at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge, they won the Laughlin Leap on Thursday n1ght and scored a second place in the weekend's racing. Photography by Ken Drylie -Trackside Photo Visit Our Website at duhscrihe :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.09. □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name Address ---------------------City State Zip --------------------Primary Interest Cars O Trucks O Motorcycles 0 Send· check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA.91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times March 2002 Page 3

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2002 Happenings ... Frazier Park, CA September 28, 2002 · Treeline Club Rally West Covina, CA November 1-2, 2002 Prescott Forest AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP,INC. . 3650 South Pointe Circle, Suite 205 . Laughlin, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/Fax: (702) 521-0597 E Mail: AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA Observed Trials Southern California Championship Series Bill Markum - President (909) 860-1857 24 hr Hotline - (714) 562-7742 E Mail: February 24, 2002 Reed Valley/ AT A March 17, 2002 TBA/VOTE May 19,2002 McCain Valley/SDTR ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVIIJSMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector Apto42 San Jose del Caho Baja California de! Sur. Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSIIlP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class 10 cars only .Renald Vaillancourt 3069 Dagenais West Laval Quebec, Canada H7P 1 T7 (450) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 Lakeside, CA 92040 AU Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside. CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS Off Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing 4344 Valley View Ave. Norco, CA 92860 (909) 340-6474 BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION 3475 Buu!Jt:1 Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 E-Mail: February 23-24, 2002 Adelanto Grand Prix Adelanto, CA April 5-7, 2002 Terrible'sTown 250 Pahrump,NY April 19-21, 2002 Nevada 200Trail Ride Motorcycles only Invitation Only May 3-5, 2001 KTMVegas 150 Motorcycles & Quads only June 19-23, 2002 Nevada 1000 August9-11, 2002 Tonopah300 Tonopah,NY October 4-6, 2002 Baja Mex 300 World Championship Baja California, Mexico December 6-8, 2002 Las Vegas 200 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES 341 W. 2575 North Sunset, UT 84015 (801) 773-1651/(801) 773-9319Fax May 3-4, 2002 Wendover Express Wendover, UT July 5-6, 2002 Jackpot 250 Jackpot, NV September 6-7, 2002 Ely200 El ,NV BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 Dusty Times CAJOR Club AutomovilistaJuarense de Championship Off-Road Racing 7210 Gateway East El Paso, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 Ralph Garcia 01 l-52-16-17-45-42 Cesar Fuentes CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Sue Robinson - Director 845 Schoohouse Road Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 788-3809 E-Mail: Website <> John Dillon, SoPac Ray Steward sopacralilteward~ ho ay 3-4, 002 Rim OfThe World Pro & Club Rally Palmdale, CA August 24, 2002 Gorman Ridge Club Rally RACING SERIES -AWARD Pro & Club Rally Prescott, AZ December 13-15, 2002 Ramada Express International Rally Laughlin, NY CMJNING ATTRACTIONS P.O.Box400 Maywood, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O.Box645 Pierre, SD 57501 Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 · Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY REQUIREMENTS t PlaCe • All classes in which three mpete. Exclusive use of product visibl ers or covers installed displaying th · t to verification with Constructed of lightweight polycarbonates for shatterproof durability, lightforce performance lights are tougher. bdghter and more efficient than any comp~titive off-road Halogen light, An exclusive variable-focus design and easy-to-use filters allow you to adjust your light pattern in seconds without tools,. r,ce-to-race or pit-to-pit. This kind ofperformans~pan hrlp you finish the ~illte faster than ever before. Using our lights once wiJI prove to you what off-road legend Rod Hall already knows ... March 2002 RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O.Box332 Fair Haven, VT05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS I.C.O. Tom De Lauder Sr 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harris.on County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SANQUINTIN Calle 6ta Fracc Cd. de San Quintin San Quintin, BC, Mexico Heraclio Patino (01152 616-5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SANVICENTE San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (01152 61746834) Ram6n Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637n 0034) CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O.Box3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714)367-1608 CODE Bravo 120-B . Zona Centro, Mexicali, BC, MX 011-52-553-4087 www April 26-28, 2002 San Felipe 200 San Felipe, Baja California Mexico June 22-24, 2002 KC HiLites Night Race Laguna Salada Mexicali, Baja California Mexico August9-11, 2002 ORW Gran Prix Tecate Tecate, Baja California Mexico · October 4-6, 2002 rJfr Pages

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Trail Note3 ... TOYOTA TRUE GRIT & MILESTONE AW ARDS -In order to award the participants of the SCORE International Off Road Racing series, Toyota will continue to present their True Grit and Milestone awards in 2002, For the past 16 years Toyo.ta has presented these prestigious awards to the desert racers who finish every mile of every race in the SCORE series. Non-factory backed competitors in ½-1600, 5, 10 and SCORE Lites who complete every mile of every race in the· series and have the largest cumulative point total in e;ich class share in the $12,000 Toyota True Grit prize fund. The awards will be presented at the year end SCORE awards banquet. SCORE ADDITIONAL RACE -SCORE announced a new venue for the 2002 season, a 35 mile course near Nevada highway 93. To be known as the SCORE Henderson's Terrible 250 the race will take place in July, the 11th through the 14th• Co-sponsored by the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Herbst Oil Company, the 7 lap race has the potential of becoming one of the very top motorsports events held annually in Southern Nevada said Sal Fish, CEO of SCORE. CARLISLE COLLECTOR CAR SW AP MEET & CORRAL - Carlisle, Pennsylv,ania will be the opener for the east coast car show season. Thursday, April 18th through Sunday, the 21st are the event dates and more than an eighth of a million people are expected to attend. Covering 82 acres, with more than 8,000 vendor spaces available selling parts, accessories and much, much more. Also, there is the famous Carlisle Car Corral where more than 1800 collector cars and trucks from all eras and in.all conditions will be offered for sale. For more information call the Carlisle Events hotline at 717-243-7855 or see · RED FACE DEPARTMENT -We goofed! The great story on the Whiplash Parker Grand Prix showed story and photos by Mike Del Col. Mike did in fact write the story but the picture credit should have gone to Trackside Photo. Sorry about that! Kia Moves Up - Kia announced that they ar~ moving into the Trophy Truck Class in the SCORE series. Kia has won the Class 3 championship four times in the past four years and they will have Darren Skilton drive the new truck, hoping he will have the same result as he has had the past four years. The truck sits on a tubular chromoly chassis, 118" wheelb_ase, A-Arm suspension with three inch coil-over shocks and is powered by a Kia 3.5 liter V6 engine producing 350 horsepower at 6200rpm. First outing will be SCORE at Laughlin. Stay tuned! CHECKERS -The Checkers held their annual banquet at the Palms Country Club, and a good time was had by all. After the usual awards and accolades the new Hierarchy was announced and the presiding officers for 2002 are: Peter Rosenstein, President, Reese King, Vice President, Roy Moore, Treasurer, Jim Gregory, Secretary and Michael Thompson and John Hastings are the Pit Co-Coordinators. We wish them all a successful year in office. -PUBLIC LAND ACCESS -On November 29, 2001, 11 access groups got together and committed ·to spending over $90,000 for hiring attorneys to fight the latest BLM closures of public land in 13 separate actions. This Action Program is desperately trying to raise funds for this issue and your help is needed. If you can help the cause, and it certainly is a worthy one, call CORVA at 800-42-CORVA or contact them Anything you can do to help will be sincerely appreciated. Y REPORT - A very serious injury occurred at the Whiplash/SNORE at Parker. Dennis McCarthy, attempting to pass a buggy in his #8 vy Pickup hit a deep rut in the blinding dust and the damage was done. Dennis suffered severe back injuries and was flown to Parker Hospital where, after X-Rays and MRI tests found, thank goodness, no severe permanent damage and Dennis was allowed home to consult with his own physician. Dennis' co-driver, Brad Kelley was uninjured in the crash. Dennis is the Auto Shop teacher at Burbank High School and we're sure the class will be anxious to get their hands back on the truck. Get well soon! OFF ROAD POKER RUN ..: It's that time again, the High Desert Charities are presenting their two day event, a poker run with all _ proceeds going to the Barstow charities. There are two laps of25 miles each, one for 4 wheel vehicles and one for bikes and A TV's. You can run as many times as you want, on Saturday and Sunday. Green or red sticker required if a California vehicle and helmets are required for bikes and A TV's. The entry fee is $20.00 and you get to go around twice. There will be a Saturday night all-you-can-eat BBQ chicken, ribs, etc. at the Slash X Cafe starting at 5pm for $12 per plate. There are facilities for camping, portable Johns but bring you own firewood and water. There will be a raffle each day with lots of prizes to be given away. For more info on this very worthy cause, call the Slash X at 760-252-1197 or Mal Wessel at 760-252-3093. See ya there! SNO*DRIFT RALLY -SCCA ProRally season kicked off their 2002 season at Atlanta, Michigan, one of the few times there was no snow for the Sno*Drift rally. The rally was described this year a "Truly well run event" by many of the competitors and spectator attendance was well up from previous years. Frank and Dan Sprong! made the short trip down from Canada to take the Open class win and the overall in their Hyundai Elantra. Mark Lovell and Steve Turvey, the Englishmen, were second to finish in their Subaru WRX. Welshman Mark Higgins and Irishman Michael Gibson were third in their Hyundai Tiburon and Irishman Seamus Burke took the fourth overall position. There certainly is an international flavor for the rally circuit this year. The Group N win went to Mark Utecht and Jeff Secor in their Subaru WRX. The GT win went to Jouni Pohjolainen and John Matikainen in an Eagle Talon while the Group 5 gold went home with Doug She herd and Peter Gladysz in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Eric Burmeister and Eric Adams took the Group 2 category in their Mazda Protege and the Production winners were John Hamilton and Ken Sabo. Next on the schedule is the Cherokee Trails Rally, March 15-17 at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Stay tuned. 2002 SCORE POINTS -Starting the 2002 SCORE series with the points lead is always nice and Dennis Kordonowy, Class 10 and Protruck driver Steve Barlow are the overall leaders with 54 points each. Close behind and never to be counted out are the Dan Smith/David Ashley duo with 51 Page & Los 200 Millas de Botica Santa Maria Fiestas del Sol Mexicali, Baja California Mexico November 30 -December 2, 2002 Mangiamos 300 Mexicali To San Felipe Baja California Mexico COLORADOIIlLL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholtz, President (719)531-3642W/(719)687-9827H P.OBox8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box392 Calexico, CA 92232 Hector Cerecer 011-52-65-{i6..4458 CORR EXXON SERIES Championship OH Road Racing 192 N. State Road 267, Suite 267 Avon, IN 46123 (317) 272-2827/Fax: (317) 272-2900 May 25-26, 2002 Pro Series ~ Edmeston, NY June 8-9, 2002 Pro & Sportsman Series Antigo, WI June 22-23, 2002 Pro & Sportsman Series Crandon, WI July 13-14, 2002 Pro & Sportsman Series Bark River, Ml July 27-28, 2002 Milan, MI August 10-11, 2002 Pro & Sportsman Series Bark River, Ml August 31-September 1, 2002 Pro & Sportsman Series Crandon, WI C,ORVA 1500 West El Camino, Suite 352 Sacramento, CA 95833 1-800-42 t!:ORVAExt42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&TPROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren 2405 Baker Ave. Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (AU events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DAKAR RALLY Darren Skilton Baja Automotive Adventures 455 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 208 Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/Fax: (562) 590-7925 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 TomAllen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1865 Commander Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 (520) 855-6125 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION TomDeLauder, Sr. 1091 Township Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 ENSENADA BAJA OFF ROAD RACING Av. Reforma 1136 Ensada, BC, MX 011-52-646-1818989 Elisio 011-52-646-1715230Aaron February 8-10, 2002 May 3-5, 2002 Pacifico/Home Saga 200 OjosNegros August 3-5, 2002 · Corona-Budweiser/Home Saga Ensenada 300 Above Races for buggys & Motorcycles Motvcross April 7, 2002 Rosarito ESTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing Victoria Galindo Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico Ol 1-526-176-6225 FORDA March 2002 Florida Off Road Driver's Association Jason Leibin (727) 376-4176 • Marchl6-17,2002 April 20-21, 2002 May 18-19, 2002 June 1, 2002 , July 13, 2002 A,ugust, 2002 TBA $eptember 14, 2002 November 17, 2002 Mar, Apr, May, Nov at Davidson Raceway FRTMotorsports 250Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 Motorcycles, ATVs & Dez Superlites MX And OH Road Short Course (All at Imperial Valley Expo, Imperial, CA) 2002 Buggies·& Trucks March 30, 2002 I-RT200 Plaster City East May 18,2002 Conquista Lake Superstition August 10-11, 2002 CODE/FRT Tecate, Baja California Mexico October 19, 2002 Superstition 250 Plaster City East December 31, 2002 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West Motorcycles, ATV's & Desert Superlites March 1 7, 2002 March Madness T earn Race March 30, 2002 FRT200 April 14, 2002 T azmanik Hare "N Hound May4,2002 Thunder In The Valley Imperial Valley Fairgrounds May 11,2002 Conquista Gran Prix June8,2002 Thunder In The Valley Imperial County Fairgrounds July 14, 2002 Desert Sprint July 27, 2002 C/M Nice Team Race August 10-11, 2002 Lazo de Amistad Gran Prix August 25, 2002 Sweethearts Kiss September 21, 2002 Thunder In The Valley Imperial Valley Fairgrounds September 29, 2002 Cheese Burger 100 October 19, 2002 Superstition 250 XIX November 2, 2002 Thunder In The Valley Imperial County Fairgrounds November 17, 2002 Notorious Dawg 3 Hour T earn Race December 1, 2002 Rudolph's Revenge Desert Gran Prix December 8, 2002 Thunder In The Valley Imperial County Fairgrounds December 31, 2002 Dunaway Dash GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA Great Planes Off Road Racing Association Jesse Urwin 1842 Boyd Street Ashland, NE 68003 (402) 944-2193 Terry Fitzgerald (401) 734-2676 5710 S. 56th Street Omaha, NE 68117 (All races are slwrt course, Stadium style. Classes: Sportsman, Il2-1600, 5, 7S and Quads. AU races will be held at I-80 Speedway, Greenwood, NE IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box8105 Sc. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 JEEPSPEED Racing For Street Legal Jeep Cherokees 1826N. Windes Drive Orange, CA 92869 (714) 538-7434 www .Jeep;t; e-mail: Jeepspee KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box465 ~mloops, BC, Canada VZG5L2 Bob (250) 374-7175 days Randy (250) 579-9621 eves. Wes (250) 351-2819 LASVEGASSANDSPORTS& OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 www LI.T.R.E. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522 JimAruta (408) 247-4402 MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING Luis Carlos Alvarezo PanamericanaAve #5105 Cd. Juarez, Chih., MX .01 l-52-1637-17r:» MICIIlGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Buggy Trade Show (517) 543-7214 www MICIIlGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSIIlPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 1. 5529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 4883 7 (517)627-6200 July 28, 2002 Mason; MI Motorcycles, Quads, ATVs and Pilots onl MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION MAORA Mike Turner (217) 235-2473 P.O.Box 184 Mattoon, IL 61938 www Lincoln 1 rail Motorsports Park Casey, IL (217) 932-2041 Off Road (800) 5 -3167 -Todd Ashworth • (217) 932-3216 Planet X-treme MSP Mason, IL 618-686-2650 Short Course Series April 27, 2002 LTM, Casey, IL May 18,2002 Bonpaw MSP, Sumner, IL June 15, 2002 Luka, IL July 13, 2002 Planet Xtreme, Mason, IL August 3, 2002 Bonpaw MSP, Sumner, IL August 24, 2002 . Planet Xtreme, Mason, IL September 7, 2002 TBA September 28, 2002 LTM, Casey, IL Endurance Series April 28, 2002 LTM, Casey, IL May 19, 2002 Bonpaw MSP, Sumner, IL July 14, 2002 Planet Xtreme, Mason, IL August 4, 2002 Bonpaw MSP, Sumner, IL September 29, 2002 L TM, Casey, IL MOJAVE DESERT RACING !853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 (626) 442-9320/(626) 579-(5()51 Fax E-Mail: April 12-13, 2002 Ridgecrest 300 -Dusty Times

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Ridgecrest, CA BITDTerrible'sTown 250 Las Vegas, NV June 21-22 2002 April 11-14 or lS-21, 2002 November 15-16, 2002 Trail Notes ... Johnson Valiey 400 Protrucks on Guam Western States Championship Lucerne Valley, CA May 31-June 2, 2002 Barstow, CA August 9-10, 2002 SCORE Baja 500 December 14-15, 2002 points in Trophy-Truck, Dale and Mike Dondel have 53 points for their Class California 200 June 19-25, 2002 Baja250 Lucerne Valley, CA BITDNevada 1000 LasVe~s,NV 1 win, Mitch ·Griffin has 48 points for his 1600 win, Don Moss won Class 3 and September 27-28, 2002 August 16-18, 2002 SONS OF TIRJNDER garnered 45 points, George Seeley won Class 5 and won 45 points and Allan Lucerne300 BITD Tonopah 4WHEELERS Gregory won 5-1600 and he amassed 47 points. Craig Turner won Clas_s 7 and Lucerne Valley, CA September 13-14, 2002 has 48 points, Doug Siewert won 7S and 49 points, Joe Patelli was the Class 8 November 22-23, 2002 SCORE Primm Race Division winner with 45 points and Tony Modica picked up 45 points with his Class 9 Stdddard 250 October 4-6, 2002 Keith Stewart win. Vic Bruckmann has 50 points for his SCORE Lites win, Scott Pellerin has Barstow, CA BITD Baja Mex 300 (714) 522-1899 45 in Class 11, Dr. Macrae Glass also has 45 points for winning Stock Mini and M.O.R.E. November S-9, 2002 SODA Dave Sykes has 45 for his Stock Full win. High Desert Championship SCORE Baja 1000 Short Course Off Road December 6-8, 2002 · Drivers Association s CORE SAN FELIPE DRAWING -The drawing for San Felipe was a P.O. Box 1231 BITD Las Vegas 200 , Terry Wolfe good one, more than 200 vehicles in the drawing and there are bound to Barstow, CA 92311-1231 (7(-J.)) 253-4453 PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS 7839W. North Avenue be more before race time. March 2 is race day and the lead vehicle will be March 23, 2002 P.O.Box50 Wauwatosa, Wl53213 the Honda of Andy Grider and Danny Cooper, they will leave the starting line Lucerne, CA Ricketts, IA 51460 (414) 453-SODA at 6am. Cars and trucks will start at 7:30am and Bruce Greer will be first to go May18,2002 (712) 679-2221 SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD in his Trophy Truck, splitting the drivipg with Steve Smith. Glen Greer will Lucerne, CA S.C.A.T. INC. CHALLENGE start 11th in Trophy Truck and Thomas Greer, youngest of the brothers will July 20, 2002 Michael R. Icing Steve Rule start 8th in Class 8. The trucks are all Dodges and they all were originally built Barstow, CA (800) 313-5621 or((770) 963-0252 by Walker Evans. As of this date there are 12 Trophy Trucks entered, 29 Class September 21, 2002 P.O.Box277 Mike Moore- (224) 272-5400 1, 8 each Pro Truck and 1600, 9 in 5-1600, 11 Class 8, 23 Class 10, 13 SCORE Barstow,CA Morrisonville, NY 12962 Lite and a bunch more in the other classes. Bike entries seem to be low, only 25 December 7, 2002 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 OFF ROAD RACING entered as of now and 10 A TV's round out the field. See Dusty Times next Lucerne,CA SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION month for the whole San Felipe race story with lots of pictures. EXPOSITION Volunteered Series MSBA (888) 836 7918 President - Geoff Lee Michigan Sport Buggy As!!Qciation 1243 Trice Road Dave Barret SCCA Lebanon, TN 37087 (604) 538-0692 October 21, 2002 6363 Nightingale Dr. ProRally series (615) 453-5830 WORRAP.O.Box3241 C,myon Flint, Ml 48506 Sports Car Club of America Class Rep. - 1/2-1600 Sumas WA 98295 November 4, 2002 (810) 730-9221 9033 E. Easter Place Bruce Meyers WFSTERN PENNSYLVANIA Canyon MOTOWFSTWINTER TRIALS Englewood, CO 80112 (865) 453-1005 November 11, 2002 SERIES (303) 967-9660 Class Rep. - 9 & Unltd. WHEEL TO WHEEL Canyon All events at Perris Raceway March 14-16, 2002 Michael Moore OFF ROAD RACING November 18, 2002 Cherokee Trails (334) 271-7035 Patrick McGuire Can:ton Bill Markham P.O.Box376 (90')) 860-1857 Chattanoga, TN Outlaw Rep. April 6-7, 2002 Don Ponder Adamsburg, PA WISCONSIN (At Reed Valle:t with a school) Oregon Trail (314) 631-8190 (4l2) 527-6556 MOTORSPORTS SHOW Portland, OR (All Races at Wheeling in the Cou~ 900 Acres) WHlPLASHMOTORSPORTS (414) 747-1711 NATIONAL MUD RACING May 3-4, 2002 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 2325 E. Kings Avenue WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION Rim OfThe World TIMING ASSOCIATION AND Phoenix, AZ 85022 OFF ROAD FESTIVAL · Rt.#l-Box380 Palmdale, CA BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INC. (602) 971-3730 Terry or Bev Friday Dave or Marlene Ryan June 1,2002 43807 40th Street East Desert Tour Buggy & Truck Series 5913 so. U.S. Hwy 45 Palatka, FL32177 Susquehannock Trail Lancaster, CA 93535 February 23, 2002 Oshkosh, WI 54901 (904) 325-5422 Wellsboro, PA (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 1 :00 p.m.) AVI250 (414) 688-55()<) NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK June 2S-29, 2002 (661) 949-6986/Fax:(661) 946-6483 Laughlin, NV Pikes Peak Hillclimb FIA WORLD RALLY ASSOCIATION Colorado Springs, CO Internet: March 23-24, 2002 CHAMPIONSHIP Butch Chapin Motorsports Promotions Gila Bend July 26-27, 2002 SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE Gila Bend, AZ 1404 East 3rd Street Maine Forest XTREME INTERNATIONAL Hastings, MN 55033-1415 Rumford,ME OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. May4,2002 1863 Commander Drive (612) 437-2459 August 16-17, 2002 4305 Wootlark Drive Rock To Rock Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 Ojjbwe Forests Tampa FL 33624 Rocky Point, Mexico (520) 855-RACE/(520) 855-2208 NORTHERN OHIO OFF ROAD (813) 962-2857 August30-31, 2002 Baja Office: 011-526-6225 RACING ASSN. Bemidji,MN (AU Races at Poker Run Gary Wulff September 7-8, 2002 Eastbai Racewai, Tam~, FL) Snowflake/Airpine, AZ zr. PROMOTIONS (724) 283-2678 Wild West October, 2002 Rene Montafio Olympia,WA SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD . . TBA P.O. Box 2122 OFF ROAD EXPO 2001 October lS-19, 2002 P.O.Box706 November, 2002 Calexico, CA 92231 (626) 599-8622 Lake Superior Parklands, 2121 Parker Gran Prix Gran Prix Houghton, MI South Africa Parker, AZ March 24, 2002 OHIO OFFROADERS INC. November 1-3, 2002 (011)788-5138 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. December 7, 2002 June 30, 2002 Prescott Forest Fax (011) 880-2170 Point To Point August 4, 2002 New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 Phoenix,AZ TOYS FOR TOTS Sonoyta, Mexico September 1, 2002 Ji.mKendel (216) 339-4674 SFXMOTORSPORTS GROUP (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3()<)3 Desert Challenge Bike & ATV October 20, 2002 AU races he/a at Harrison 495N. Commons Drive, Suite 200 February 24, 2002 OHRoad County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio Aurora, IL 60504 VORRA Off Road Racing AVI April 26-28, 2002 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax P.O. Box 3362 Laughlin, NV San Felipe 200 --. ONTARIO OFF ROAD Carson City, NV 89702 March 17, 2002 October 4-6, 2002 RACERS ASSOCIATION SCORE (775) 246-5545/(775) 246-9089 Fax Hare&Hound Las 200 (MXL) Rick Tichbourne, Public Relations SCORE International Lake Pleasant November 29-30, 2002 (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) 23961 Craftsman Rd., Suite A March 23-24, 2002 April 13 - 14, 2002 Mexicali-San Felipe OUTLAW SEVEN PICKUP Calabasas, CA 91302 Season Opener Canyon Gran Prix 4x4 FOREVER, _LTD. (818) 225-8402/Fax: (818) 225-8102 Prairie City SVRA Canyon Off Road Park 9269 Ummelman March 1-3, 2002 Sacramento, CA May4,2002 1665 Delaware St. · St. Louis, MO 63123 Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 April 27-28, 2002 Rock To Rock Oshkosh, Wl 54901 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 San Felipe, Baja California Spring Special Rocky Point, Mexico Attention PACE MOTOR SPORTS Mexico Prairie City SYRA August31-September 1, 2002 U.S. Off Road Championship May 31 -June 2, 2002 Sacramento, C::A Poker Run & Race 495 N. Commons Drive Tecat~SCORE Baja 500 May 25-27, 2002 Airpine,AZ Aurora, IL 60504 Ensena a, Baja California Yerington 300 Desert Race Octoh~r, 2002 Race & Rally (630) 566-6100 Mexico . Yerington, NY TBA www July 11-14, 2002 July 13-14, 2002 November 2-3, 2002 Organizers Terrible's 250 Fallon 250 Desert Race Parker Gran Prix PIKES PEAK Henderson, NV Fallon, NY Parker, AZ P.O. Box 6962 Septe.mber13-14,2002 August 31-September 1-2, 2002 December 7, 2002 Colorado Springs, CO 8.0934 Las Vegas Primm' 300 Lovelock 250 Desert Race Point To Point (719) 685-4400 Primrn,NY Lovelock, NV Sonoyta, Mexico List your coming events in DUSTY November 7-10, 2002 September 21-22, 2002 Desert Mini & Peewee Tour PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 September Sizzler February 23, 2002 TIMES free. It is the only way some OFF ROAD RACING Baja, California• Prairie City SVRA Avi fans know about your event, if they Sand Drags, Tuff Trucks, Desert Mexico Sacramento, CA Laughlin, NV Short Course Trucks, Buggies & SNORE October 12-13, 2002 March 16, 2002 don't happen to be on your dub Quads October Land Rush Hare&Hound (6o<J) 660-0402/(6()<)) 6(-J.).0066 Southern Nevada Off Prairie City SVRA Lake Pleasant mailing list. Don't call, but mail June 1-2, 2002 Road Enthusiasts Sacramento, CA April 13, 2002 your 2002 schedule as soon as pos-September 7-8, 2002 P.O. Box 270516 ·October 26-27, 2002 Canyon Gran Prix April 14, 2002 Las Vegas, NV 89127 Fall Finale Canyon Off Road Park sible for listing in this column; it May5,2002 (702) 452-4522 + Mechanics &Ladies Race August 31, 2002 could bring you some extra entries! September15,2002 April 12-13, 2002 Prairie City SYRA Snowflake October 13, 2002 Buffalo Bills 400 Sacramento, CA Airpine,AZ Mail your race or rally schedule to: Southwick, MA Primm,NY October, 2002 June 7-8, 2002 VICENTE GUERRERO TBA DUS5J511101 PROTRUCK RACING SERIES Dusty Times 250 OFF ROAD CLUB November 2, 2002 9409 Abraham Way Caliente, NV Profo. Cenovio Gamboa Parker Gran Prix Santee, CA 92071-2856 July 26-27, 2002 Ol l-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6p.m.) Parker, AZ (619) 449-6252/Fax: (619) 449-6470 KC Midnight Special November18,2002 March 1-2, 2002 Boulder City, NY WFSTERN OFF ROAD Whiplash Stadium Style SCORE San Felipe 250 October4-5, 2002 RACING ASSOCIATION Canyon Oval 20761 Plummer St., April 6-7, 2002 Gold Coast 32nd SNORE 250 Larry Henderson Motocross & Stadium Cross Chatsworth, CA 91311 Dusty Times March 2002 Page 7 ---- ------- -

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WHIPLASH/SNORE PARKER 400 Maccachren-Fortin-Melton Win Big By John Calvin Photos: Trackside Photo Starting 65'1' in class doesn't sound too appetizing, but Rob MacCachren and Bruce Fraley ran like the wind and took the class win, 15'1' overall out of 207 entries. · What a weekend! 207 cars and about 8am and there was a steady_ they were everywhere! No less than trucks pitted their skills and h~rse- flow of vehicles until dark. Pre-race 66 entries in the 1600 class and that power against a very tough Parker- tech was performed by the Whiplash is a hell of a lot of cars. race course and against some of the crew and the post race inspections Traffic was a bit of a problem, very best racers in the desert. It was a were carried out by Art Savedra and most drivers complained only that it step back into the old days when hun- his crew out at the finish line area. was hard to pass in the dust and it dreds of cars contested and the pit This was basically a Whiplash race was pretty dirty out there. Most of area was a medium size city growing with SNORE supporting in many ar-the vehicles had to run three laps of out of the desert and it certainly did eas, including timing and scoring. It's an approximate 130 mile course to seem like the old days were back. a reciprocal deal as the Whiplash finish, while some.of the slower classes Contingency and Technical In-racers are going to support the wouldrunonlytwolaps.Theystag~d spection were held at the river's edge SNORE Avi 250 on the 16th of Feb-the cars on California Avenue in the down n the Blue Water Resort and ruary. The Pro 1-2 guys were at · heart of downtown Parker and the Casino beach and everything was Parker in force, as were the Pro 10 official finish was out on the Whip-neat and tidy on Friday morning. cars, a great showing. But, everywh~re lash "Gauntlet", slightly east of the The line of cars started forming you looked there were Pro 1600 cars, airport. The Hines Tire car had a good day, they took the gold medal in Class 5 but it was a close race all day long. The weather gods were smiling that weekend, there had been terri-bly high winds just a few days before but outside of some near freezing tem-peratures early in the mornings, the weather was balmy from mid morn-ing to mid afternoon and there was just a slight bit of a breeze, not really enough to help the visibility in some of the dirtier parts of the course. Compliments go out to the Parker Police, the La Paz County Sheriff De-partment and even to our old friends at the BLM for a job well done herd-ing a huge bunch of anxious people and helping out in a big way. The Unlimited Trucks were first to start and it was Larry Ragland first off the line, followed by Glen Greer, Stan Steele and finally Glen Greer, Jr. It was a no-brainer for Ragland, ' Doug Fortin had 26 cars to beat and beat them he-did, taking the Class 1 win by 8 minutes and first overall as well. Tom Greer and Larry Foddril pooled their talents to take the Class 8 win by 25 minutes. he led all the way and, stopping for repairs at the end of Lap 2 for a bit less than an hour he still came across the line in first place. He didn't stop for an interview so we don't know what his problem was. Glen Greer was second across the finish·line, his day not being the greatest, he had a battery go south and it took the MSD ignition with it, went through two fuel pumps and, to make it even more a fun day he got stuck on the last lap and spent half an hour diggin out. His second place was well deserved and he was glad it was all over. Stan Steele was the third and last finisher, his last lap stretching out for a long while and he was glad it was over. Glen Greer, Jr. never completed his first lap but we have no idea of what put him out of the fray. There were only four trucks in class but they put on a great show. Their finishing per-centage was 75. Class 1-2 was next off the line and · there was sure to be plenty of action as there were 27 of them all ready to do battle. Bob Lofton took the first lap lead and had almost seven min-utes in hand and at the end of the second lap it was nine minutes but, alas, Bob never completed his third ,lap. A gaggle of eight cars never got one lap completed, namely Jeff Tom Schilling and Mike Cohen had a great day, taking the Pro 12 Wi[I by 12 minutes - Kevin Davis and Brett Turley split the drive, had a mechanical/electrical problem on Darland, John Gaughan, Josh Wad-dell, Johnny Kaiser, McMullin Broth-ers, James Martin, the Wood Broth-ers and Randy Wilson. Ronny Wil-son and Brian Parkhouse and Tom Koch got two good laps in bur then disappeared from the charts and Pat Dean suffered through a five hour plus second lap before calling it a day. With Lofton's demise, Doug Fortin took over the class lead and after turn-ing 1 ;57 for the last two laps came in a winner, his Jimco looking none the worse for wear and Doug said it was a challenging course with lots of dust. Doug collected $2,025 for his run. Running just a bit qff th~ winning pace, Chuck Hovey was next in, also in a Jimco, remarking that the last time he ran Parker was in a Class 9 car in 1997 and Chuck picked up $1,215 for second place. Eight min-utes later Brian Brown arrived, also in a Jimco and he remarked that pass-ing was very difficult 011 the last lap, he took home $810. Ron Brant, who is getting to be known as the Grand Old Man of Off Road Racing also reported a trouble free run in his Jimco and he too remarked it was hard to pass on the last lap. Tied for fourth place with Ron Brant was Gary Weyrich and just a few minutes later the Bud and Buddy Feldkamp car arrived for a nice fifth place, they had one flat to live with and had to air the front shocks but had a good day. Yet another Jimco arrived with Jesse Jones at the helm, he too happy with his finish. The Whitted family, Joel, Robert and Kyle had a few flats to contend with but still took a de-cent seven th place and they were fol-lowed in by Mike Becker, who didn't stop for a chat with us. Next in was Becky Freeman, finishing the maiden race in her new car and she didn't have the best of days, getting stuck on the first lap, a flat on Lap 2 and a broken front end to contend with on the last lap, but saying she lt:arned a lot in her seven hours out on the course. Rbbby Gordon was next in, . a very slow race for him but a lot of lost time fixing the roll cage on the at the Parker festival. lap 2 but came on in for the Class 7 win. Page s March 2002 Dusty Times

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r Bud Feldkamp and son Buddy ran a good race, Bud glad to be back Ken and Clay Flippin had a good run, no major problems, just some Greg Frechette had a good race day at Parker, he took a nice second in the drivers seat and the took a nice (Jh in Class 1 at Parker. flat tires to deal with and they took a nice second place in Class 10. place in Limited Sportsman, 12 minutes away from the class win. Kenny Freeman split the driving with youngest son Cody, 16 years old, and they finished a very respectable £311' in 1600. Bryan Freeman was right there in the huntfor the 1600 win but a pair Day Gang_ had an off course excursion and a broken front end to of broken wheels dropped him to a not too happy 11th place. brighten her day, not the happiest lady in town with a 12"' place finish. first lap took its toll but he did sol- the class finished. dier on to the finish. Eric Pavolka Class 10 was next off the line. finished three minutes after Robby, There were 26 registered to go bur Rick Romans had a tough day, spend- only 23 actually took the green flag. ing almost eight hours on the course Steve Melton leaped into the lead on but he did finish and Livinov Lalama . the first lap with a nifty 2: 11, came was the last of the Class 1-2 finishers, through on the second lap with a almost nine hours on the course with 2:01, John Herca got in for the last ove_r a four hour second lap to make lap and turned a 2: 10 with a few flats th~ day. Just for the record, 52% of and they took the win with almost 18 minutes in hand and took home a ton. Their biggest problem was los-had a trouble free run to the fourth nice $1,725 for their trouble. Sec-ing the Parker Pumper when another, place spot in class._ Fifth across the ond in the class were the car put its wheel inside the left pod finish line was Bob Mathews, who brothers, Ken took the first half of and destroyed the blower and then, drove the first two laps and Dan Ben~ the race and Clay the second. They to add a bit more drama to the run, ley, last lap driver who had a flat en reported no problems, just a lot of Don rolled the car about 100 yards · route to brighten his day. Whit Cour-dust and they took a nice finish back from the finish1 embarrassing, but not tenay drove the first lap of the sixth · home to Vegas as well as a check for really costly. Mitch Mitchell, Will place car, Shane Brown took the last $1,035.00. Third to finish was the Higman and 64 years old Jerry twoandtheircommentwas, "We had duo of Neil Kliene and Don Kennis- Higman each drove a lap and they Continued on page 10 ---------------------------------------------Dusty Times An Intimate Gem Adj'acent to Bellagio, Caesars & Ba/ly's --~--0-~ @~tr Flamingo & The Strip 1-888-227-2279 The Place Las Vegans Call Home' .. West Flamingo & Valley View 1-888-402-6278 March 2002 ... Ask About Our Special Headliner Show and Room Packages West Tropicana & Arville 1-800-675-3267 Ask About Our Room & Golf Packages ~rn•-Alta & Rampart 1-877-677-7111 Page 9

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I t Glen Greer had a fairly long run at Parker, taking his Dodge to Kory Halopoff started the last lap with a nine minute lead but a sick Jeremy Harmon.had a fairly good day. he took a neat second place second place in the Unlimited Truck class. =====--motor on lap 3 dropped him to second spot in Pro 12. in Class 9, 5 minutes off the winning pace. Sam Hilfiker and David Marini shared the drive in Class 10, finishing Chuck Hovey pushed the envelope all day long but he had to settle CJ Hutchins took a very nice fifth place in the huge 1600 class, in the seventh position. for second spot in Class 1, less than 10 minutes off the pace. driving solo and having a trouble free run. lots of flats!" 'Nuf said. Seventh place trouble free run except for four flats, ley Letner got in one fast lap and dis-was Pro 12 and there were 10 of they picked up $750 for the win. Sec-went to Sam Hilfiker and David how do you say "except for FOUR appeared from sight. Having a ter- them. Tom Schilling led the first lap, ond to take the checkers was Rory Marini only 11 seconds away from flats?" Terrie Tavis came in 13 min- rible day were those who didn't even then he handed over to future son- Halopoff who thought he had it won sixth place. Sean Sessa had electrical utes later, rounding out the top ten get one lap under their belts, namely, in-law Mike Cohen for the balance, but he lost a belt on the last lap, the problems on his first lap, costing him in class but we didn't get to chat with Chris Harrold, .John Tavis, Arthur they dropped to second spot on the ·motor went sour and he added about about half an hour, he went on for him. Charlie Lathrem was next in, Crook,JeffMoore, Bob Baldwin, Bill second lap and then regained the lead 20 minutes to his lap time and it was his second lap, turned the car over to 11th place and he was the last of the _Witt, Ray Croll, Ed Beard and on the final lap and they were a pair a very expensive belt. He did recover Rick Geiser for the last lap and they three lap finishers in Class 10. Michael Gaughan, Jr. 48% of Class of happy winners, suffering through $450 for his second place. Red Burgin finished in eighth. Dave Sundquist Mike Williams only got in two 10 were finishers. one flat and both commented on the was third in class to finish and he was next in, he drove solo and had a laps, the Hayosh Team also and Har- Next class to leave the starting line amount of dust on the course and Continued on page 12 PRECISION everything yau need ta build. 111aintain and aperate . a racecar 5pal Fans Fire 5ystems 5ilicone Turbo Hase Neo 5ynthetic Lubricants Aurora. NHBB and FK Rod Ends · Fuel 5aFe and Triangle Fuel Cells 5etrab. Long and Fluidyne Oil Coolers .. !!iiee aur ca,np/e te anlil1-B i!Bli5 Gundry Ave. 5ignal Hill. CA 9DBDEi BDD.959. 7757 562.427.2375 FAX: 526.426.5294 · Baits. Nuts and Hardware 5parco 5eats. 5teering • Wheels. 5uits and 5aFety Equipment Crow Belts and Harnesses Bell Helmets Weldon Fuel and DI/ Pumps Fresh Air Driver Ventilation 5ystems lntercomp 5cales and Alignment Equipment Aeroquip Ii 5peedFlow 5tainless BrfJided Hose Ii Fittings Page 10 March 2002 Dusty Tim,s

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[I3[3~Vtm1iru I =I [Q)[3~[3Wif RACING ASSOCIATION 11:1:;+a•i PIDVMP•Jl(ftlll Presents EST.1996 BaUf'11elal ATE .. The Richest Off-Road Race In Nevada•• Las Vegas, Nevada Official Truck· ~lmfflm~ RACING ASSOCIATION /it RACING FUELX-» GO~~,.,,E-!i• HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING FUEL ANO LUBRICANTS Off I c I a I TI re Nevada Commission ---~m:H~ $10,000 Guaranteed Purse To 1st Overall .Car or Truck Race Is On Saturday u-rt PLASTIC PRooo tat AfUUNO, OREGON On Tourism I 01r=1r~ ~ 1-800-NEVADA-8 D ~...._ ~---~ LJ □OO'iirnl] D ,._ -_..__,,._ ......,._,LI\..S..LJ HONDA RACIJAl<a ASSC,CIAY-IC,/AI Ridlrs0'6t(Anll!riaz 3475C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 • (702) 457-5775 • Fax (702) 64.1-2431 •

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Eric Deen took the 5-1600 lead on the first lap and there he remained, taking the gold medal by eight minutes. Steve Melton and John Herda had three flats on the last lap but it didn't stop them from taking the Class 1.0 win. had troubles on the first lap but car-ried on to take the bronze medal. Jerry Penhall was running quite well for the first two laps but he never com-pleted his third lap and Michael Voyles had a four hour second lap and dropped from the charts. The Boyle Tire car only got one lap in before disappearing and Steve Mamer had a seven hour first lap and called it a day. Bruce Lierman, Morley Williams and Dave Cookman Skyjacker puts the FUN in FUNction. _Page 12 At Skyjacker Suspensions, our engineers have calculated a winning formula that will take your 4x4 to a new performance level. (4x4) +~= FUN2 .,__,..OF..,_ We've got an extensive line of off-road fun boxed up and ready to go! So get what you need and LET'S GO HAVE SOME FUN! SKYking™ Coil Over Applications 3" 4", 6", 8", 1 0" 3", 5", 7" '95 1/2 -'01 Toyota Tacoma '97-'01 Jeep Wrangler T J '94-'01 Dodge Ram v2 Ton '94-'01 Dod e Ram 314, 1 Ton 2 112", 4 112", 7" . SKYking™ Shock Applications March 2002 FRONT FRONT FRONT FRONT never got to complete their first lap. Next off the starting line were the Class 8 trucks and they were all primed and ready for combat. Robby Fallers took the Class 8 lead on the first lap, had troubles on the second lap, recov-ered and turned the second fastest lap for the class but was only able to grab third in class, spending almost eight hours out on the course. Jim Beaver ran second after the first lap, held that position for the second lap, then either Dan Beaver or Randy took the third lap and they ended up in the second spot, after enduring a flat and losing the power steering and they collected $450 for their run. The Greer Racing Team had Tom Greer driving the first two laps, he had a flat on Lap 1, run-ning fourth at the end of 1, picked up some time on Lap 2, moving into the lead, Larry Foddrill took over the driv-ing chores and cranked out the fast lap for the class and they took the win with over 20 minutes to spare and they added $ 7 50 to the team coffers. Bucky Strunk was a bit off the pace but he managed a nice fourth place, but it was a long day out on the course. He was the last finisher in class. Tommy Brad-ley turned a fairly fast lap out of the chute but he never completed his sec-ond lap. Don Koltwas about 15 min-utes off the pace on his first lap and he too never came around again. Mike Doherty wasn't having a good day, a terribly long first lap and his only cir-cuit of the course. Ben Myers spent al-most five and a half hours on his first lap and he too disappeared into the woodwork. Dave Raimonde never completed his first lap and neither did Dennis McCarthy who crashed badly overtaking another car in the dust. He did damage to his back and was air lifted to the hospital where, after much examination he was found to be in decent shape and will spend a few months getting his back in racing or-der. Glad you're going to be ok. Class 8 had a 40% finishing rate. Class 5 only had five entrants but there was some good racing to be sure. Tom Brown took the lead on the first lap, had 10 ~inutes on the second car, then took seven hours to get around on Lap 2 and was officially a dnf. Roger Lord found himself in second place on Lap 1, moved into the lead on Lap 2, but a four hour third lap dropped him into the second spot, a minute and 38 seconds out of the win. The Hins Tire car had a fairly slow first lap, run-ning third, a longer second lap but they moved into second spot and a slightly shorter lap time on Lap 3 put them . into the winners circle by a minute or so and they picked up $525 for their efforts. Matt Engstler' s day didn't go as planned, a six and a half hour first lap had him wondering w9-y he was there, a dnf. The only other Class 5 entry, Don Clarke, never completed his frrst lap. 40% of the class completed the race. In the Stock class there were only three entries and all three finished the race. This class only had to com-plete two laps and I think all three of them were within sight of each other during the race. Randy Merrit led Lap 1 with a 2:42:06, Greg Foutz was second with a 2:42:56 and Tracy Rubio was third with a time of 2:44:55. Randy took the second lap and the win with a 2:33:35, Greg a 2:44:23 and Tracy turned a 2:50:03. So Randy won by 12 minutes, and Tracy was seven minutes behind sec-ond place Greg. Finishing ratio of 100%. The Class 7 contender had three laps to run and it was an 11 hour haul, even for the winner. There were six trucks entered. The teams of Kelly Mc-Neil and Dave Wanzek failed to com-plete their first lap. Bill Masche had a DUStJ Times

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1~1,,~-~ "ti= i;_; _ __;·c:c~zea 'It.• -~,.,. ~v: • -•A ~ I Bryan Anderson had only one flat to contend with, but it was a severe The Beavers had a flat, lost the power steering and a stop to fix it Joe Bourland ran the second race in his career quite well, third in handicap, he finished 14,,, in 1600. relegated them to a second place finish in Class 8. Sportsman Limited is pretty good. Rick Boyer had a trouble free run and a very nice sixth place finish in Ron Brant, aka as one of the· Good Guys soloed his Jimco to a very respectable fourth place in the Class 1 conflict. Clay Carr and Robby Guevera had good runs and a bit of fun, taking the seventh finishing place in the 1600 group. the very crowded 1600 class. six hour first lap, cut it to a bit over three hours for his second lap but he never completed his third. Brechin Gil-bert spent more than five hours on his first lap, had high three hours for the second lap and low three for his third and this put him in third place with twelve and a half hours total time. Ja-son Jerigan spent almost six hours on Lap 1 overcoming various troubles, Dusty Times whipped off a fast lap of 2:40 on his nice 3:05 on the third lap and took second go around and then nudged a the checkered flag, 11 minutes in the 2:38 for his final lap, but it was in vain, lead and 11:07 total time and $525 he finished in the second spot, 11 min- richer. 50% qf the class finished. utes away from the win. Kevin Davis OnlyonevehiclewasenteredinClass led the first lap with two hours and 3, Tom Swanson was the driver but he change in hand, a flat tire well behind (ailed to finish his first lap. him. Brett Turley took over the steer- There were 11 5-1600' s ready to go ing wheel, had a slight distributor prob- at it for three laps and although the lem but stayed in the lead. He turned a competition was good it was no con-March 2002 test as Eric Deen took the lead on the settle for the third place award. Michael first lap and there he stayed for the Harris had a good first lap, got a bit duration, finishing his three required slower on the second and third laps laps in just under eight hours and pick-and was relegated to fourth place in ing up $750 along the way. Brent class. EmmettBrinkerhoffhadabunch Shermak ran in second place all the of trouble on the last lap and he was way, just a tick off the winning pace 12 hours on the course in total time, and he finished 20 minutes out of the finishing in fifth place. Mike Powada, win on total time. Marc Deshane ran usua_lly on the podium had a decent three highly consistent laps but had to Continued on page 14 Page 13

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Brian Brown ran solo in his Jimco, reported no problems but a lot of Whit Courtenay and Shane Brown shared the driving chores, had Arden Dennington was running in the top five but a long third" lap dust and he finished third in Class 1. lots of flats to hinder their run to sixth place in Class 10. dropped him into the ninth place finish in 1600. Marc Deshane kicks up the rear end as he heads to a third place finish in the 5-1600 class battle. Neil Kleine and Don Kenniston had some·real problems but ran on for Bob Fallers· and son Robby ran a good race. Led lap 1, but problems a fine third place in Class 10. dropped them into third in Class 8 at the finish. . first lap but failed to ,appear again. It took Mike Kellogg eight and a half hours to complete his first lap and that was all she wrote, Jasper Dyer had a nine and a half hour first lap and he wisely retired from the fray. Andy Ripberger and Rick Christian failed to complete their respective first laps. 50% of the class finished the required three laps. There were 16 Class 9 Challerigers waiting for the green flag. They only had to complete two laps for a finish and there was some very close racing on the first lap. Dwaine Walters was first away but at the end of the first lap he was 48 seconds in arrears to Jeremy complaining about the dust Rick Poole considerable front end damage and it laps. Ken was lucky in a way, he missed Harmon. Besting his first lap time by and Mike Faulkner shared the drive at cost them some time but they did fin- a comer at speed and flipped himself four minutes Dwaine came around for Parker, they had a flat and had to stop ish, in eighth place. The ninth place down into a gully but only the car was the Checkers and a nice win over 15 for another wheel and tire, then to add finisher was driven by Jay Duncan and hurt. 68% of the Class 9 cars made it other competitors and he fattened his insult to injury they also lost the alter-John Kelty. They had severe shock prob- to the finish. wallet by $800. He had a trouble free nator belt and ended up in fourth spot lems on the first lap, which probably In the Sportsman Unlimited class it run and he, like so many others com-in Class 9. Clay Lenard was the fifth dropped them three or four positions was Todd Elam running two trouble plained only of a lot of dust on the finisher in class, said it was difficult pass-in the finishing order. Tenth to finish free laps and coming home in less than course. Jeremy Harmon was next in, ing on the course. We missed .Tom was Brandon Hughes, he drove solo six hours, not too bad a run. Second he lost a fan belt on the second lap and Vanderpfloeg after the race but he and reported a trouble free run and a in class was Daniel Moore, he had a had to stop and change it and itwasan · turned two good laps and came in for good race. Brad Leakey was the 11th fairly good lap on the first go-around expensive stop, he trailed the winner by · a sixth place finish. Ken Ta pert turned and final finisher in the class, experi- ·but disaster struck on the second lap, five minutes into the finish line but at two almost identical laps for the sev-encing a minor problem on the last five hours worth and he ended up a least won $480 for his finish. Third enth finishing spot. Mike Ault and J irn lap. Stuart Baxter and Mike Accordino long second place finisher. A 100% fin-into the finish was Rob Kisner, he too Neal each drove a lap in their car, Mike each finished only one·lap in their re-ishing rate always looks good! had a trouble free run and he too was hit a tree and the tree won, there was spective cars, problems preventing them In the Sportsman 10 class Eric Zizzi & RACESHOCK o--tlllllllllOPHOEN/l,Al Present the 2002 PARKER 400 Video from completing the second lap. Nolan led the first lap by a mere seven min-Blackwell, Jim Mansfield and Ken utes, then he turned on the heat and Thatcher failed to complete their fast Continued on page 16 Watch ALL the racers tackle the "goat trail!" Feel the power of Ragland's Silverado! Hear over 70 ½-1600's buzz like killer bees! Page 14 See -Bill Witt as the "Cable Guy!" ... All just part of this two-hour video ORDER TODAY! VHS-$20 Call RaceShock (602) 493-3700 .MC/Visa March 2002 Randy Merritt led the first lap by 50 seconds but when all was done he won the Stock Truck class by 11 minutes. Larry Ragland set fast lap for the race on lap 1, had some problems on lap 2 but still took the Unlimited Truck class win. . Dusty Times

Page 15

. Mojave Desert Racing. Inc APR. 12-18,R.l/JGECREST, CA 16 CLASSES -INCLUDING STREET LEGAL r MDR PRO ENTRY FEE * r MDR200] A CONTINGENCY PROVEN succEss $3 60. 00 ~1!f'.oVf/ ~EJiNRftu~~1s SPORTSMAN ENTRY FEE* 2002AVAILABLE EQUAL PAYBACK CONTINGENCY TOALL - $200.00 ISOVER t.s , CLASSES . .. 1 ST PLACE SPORTSMAN t.s S3oo,ooo .. / s CLASSES RECEIVE $100.00 p1JJS1 ce~/500IN ENTRY FEE BACK** c~S11ov1JC 4-l-l '{.fic4r.e ------------.. $1:: 1r-i l'fJ\ct: s ...... ~I4c· .l'q4.N;4Ss_e0S 2002RACESCHEDULE· $415,rC~ i$St,..0 ~ep '>? ~S .7'.ou FEB. 1-2 WILD WASH Z.50 BARSTOW v~ $ ._ ~?fo APR.12-13 -RIDGECREST 300 BARSTOW itJ.J A~l( -aCJ1 Se .l'f~ ~p~ JUN. 21-22 KARTEK 400 LUCERNE ~ '{11~ '{fOJ.~ Vf.V 4 117M coNLJ ~s 0N AUG. 9-10 · CALIFORNIA .200 LUCERNE 1Gll 11'lvoL 1l ¾L)j{~c /~~iON 0,. SEP.-27-28 LUCERNE 300 LUCERNE Lf:C0~£ 111£ ~iGV~ ~ Je.e.~~d/N,_ ~ Nov. 22-23 sToDDARD 250 BARSTow » 101~-cf:ll rll Pon Pspp '47'/011,. ~~ JV .q .2002 .e:eb ~y voiu! .. Santek Trailers Brea, CA 714-449-1395 US FOREST SERVICE APPROVED SPARK ARRESTOR & GREEN STICKER OR_ LICENSE PLATE REQUIRED ON ALL RACE VEHICLES * ENTRY FORM & FEES DUE 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE RACE DATE - ENTRY FEE FOR THE DRIVER ONLY, NO FEE FOR CO-DRIVERS, SUPPORT CREW, SPECTATORS OR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. ** WITH 3 IN CLASS. *** EXCLUSIVE USE OF PRODUCT -WITH 3 IN CLASS (NOTE: IF VEHICLE DOES NOT MAKE THE STARTING LINE I 00% OF THE ENTRY FEE IS ROLLED OVER TO THE NEXT RACE) FOR MDR RACE RESULTS/ INFORMATION -PHONE: 626 442-9320 - FAX: 626579-6051 E-MAIL - MDR TECH INFORMATION-A.R.T.S ALL RACE TECH& SAFETY -702-897-3583 E-MAIL

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Jack Farmer had a long second lap and was relegated to a second Jason Jernigan had a tremendously long first lap and it cost him Don Johnson ran trouble free and took a tenth place finish in the lace finish in the S rtsman 10 class. dearly, he finished second in Class 7 at Parker. f:Jeavily populated 1600 class. ;'============================ I The Rob Kisner/Clay Lenard duo drove to a third place finish in Class Jeff Knupp and Eric Greener had a few problems but went faster Clay Lenard had no problems, just in passing other cars and he took 9. each lap for a lucky 1 :Jh place finish in 1600. the fifth pace finish in Class 9. did Lap 2 in 2:36 and he took the win than nine hours finishing, albeit in which, Christopher Peterson never got absolute lose_r_s _e_n_,d~, -.th_o_s_e_t'h_a_t _n_ev_e_r---:i-n-to---..lim--.b_o_a_n_d"'Paa:-u-.-l·Ke.--.-.ll-er_tu_rn_e_d-r,;-2--::4=7 with an obviously trouble free run. Jack fourth place. Joe Bourland took the a lap in but, good 'ol Dennis Sletten made a lap were plentiful and there and fell off the face of the earth. Brad Farmer was close on Lap 1 but a three bit in his teeth and was not a lot slower ran his two required laps with ease, a were some good size names on the ros-Inch drove off a cliff in the dust and and a half hour second lap relegated than the winning car, he finished his four hour lap and a five and a half ter. Frank Rascon, Buster Harling and broke a torsion bar, that entled his at-him to the second finishing position. two laps in 6: 13 for a nice third place hour lap put him in the winner's circle Aaron Hawley never made a lap. They tempt, Jim Blankenship came around Lonny Stroup should have stayed finish. Greg Frecettewas just a few min- after nine and a half hours out on the weren't alone, Russ Winkler, Scott in 2:31 for his one lap, Davy Girdner home as his first and only lap was a utes off the winning pace both laps, -course. Congrats and we hope you Smith and Travis Aetcher joined them turned 2:30 to no avail and Corey horrendous seven hours and 15 min- ran trouble free and took a nice sec-didn't get tapped too many times out in the no-laps-completed club. Randy Goin turned a nice 2:29, his only lap. utes, an unofficialthirdinclassandTy ond spot, 12 minutes away from the there on the course. A50% finishing Jones, Brad Maurer, Roland Barry, Frank Wagner was out there for 2:29 Loyd never got his first lap finished. A win. The big winners, Eric Shepard and rate is tremendous considering the lim-Aaron Shupp and Mark Milne also but that was his only time, Steve Dodd finishing rate of 50% ain't too bad! John Phegley each drove half of the its on the class. · joined the no-laps-completed club ar was also in the 2:29 category but he In the Sportsman Limited class there race, and in spite of losing a belt and Saving the.huge Class 1600 for last, Parker. roo only gor one lap into the books. were eight guys ready to win but for spitting out a plug they came in for a we'llattempttogiveyou some inkling There were 13 cars and drivers thar Kurt Brewer came around in 2:24, but three of them, they shoulda stayed in . nice first in class, five and three quarter of what happened out there. There managed to coniplete their first lap, he only came around once and Alex bed. Oscar McClure, Billy Shapley and hours spent on the course. They had a were 68 cars registered to start but only only rheir first lap, so they weren't all Koons came in at 2: 23 but he roo only David Nelson never got to complete 50% finishing rate, quite good for a 66% of them actually started. We smiles v,hen the race was over. Brady finished one lap. their first lap. Travis Rackley, Sr. only very grueling race. haven't seen a class that large for many Wisdom suffered a lot with a seven and Five of the entrants managed to get got to complete one of the required Sportsman Mini only had one en- a year and 37 of them managed to a half hour lap, not a lot of fun. Brian two laps into the books but failed to two laps, and it was a long one, a bit try, Jacob Forbis but he never recorded make it to the finish line, and those Logan turned a 3:26 before disappear- come around for rhat final time. Leo· over six hours. Bruce Johnson had -a a lap time so he spent th~ day some- that did and those that didn't will be ing, Mike Leung ran a 3:22 lap bur he Nenortas spent more than six hours not too quick first lap, cut an hour off where out on the course. . talking about it and bitchin' about it too went off the charts after Lap 1, on the course for his two laps before hr-is_t_im_e_o_n_la~ p_2_b_u_t_st_il_l~sp'----e_n_t_m_o_re ___ C_las_ s_l_l_h_ad_tw_o_e_n_tr_an_ts...:,_o_n_e_o-,f for a long, long time. Starting at the Curt Geer turned a 2:50 before going retiring. Team Adams was out there for a bit over six hours before they too called it a day. Brian Wilson turned two almost identical laps before he too disappeared into the abyss. B.J. Alm-berg only took a smidge over five hours for his two laps but he was unable to complete his final lap. Craig Forrest was running quickly, a 2:24 and a 2:21 but he was never seen again. Eric Shepard and John Phegley had a few problems but the took the gold medal in the Sportsman Limited class by 12 minutes. Dwaine Walters was second on lap 1, but he moved into the lead on the last lap and took the Class 9 honors. Tony Murray was the 37th Class 1600 finisher, a six hour middle lap being his demise, but he did finish after almost 12 hours on the course. Ray Newton had three long laps, thn;e hours each but he did finish with a nine and three quarter hour total time. Joe Sheble was in a different car for this race, had a very long middle lap and finished nine and a quarter hours after he started. Jack Clinkenbeard had a good first lap, two not so good laps Sean Sessa and Rick Geiser had a few problems but the still finished Brent Shermak had a good day, he took the second place finish in the Dennis Sletten can't get enough racing, shown here churning up the eighth in the 23 car class 10 entry. 5-1600 category at·Parker. dirt on his way to yet another Class 11 win. Page 16 March 2002 Dusty Times

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Roger Lorri thought he had Class 5 won but problems on his last lap Adam Pfankuch rolled on lap 1, had a few flats to slow him but he still The Rick Poole/Mike Faulkner duo had some belt problems but on dropped him into second place in Class 5. managed a fine third place finish in 1600. they came for a fourth place finish in Class 9. Brian Steele ran quick but not quick enough, he finished fourth in the Tom Vanderploeg was off the winning pace in Class 9, he finished sixth in the very competitive class. Gary Weyhrich was fast but not fast enough this race, he finished fifth in the very competitive Class 1 group. very large 1600 class. and a bit over nine hours later he took the checkered flag for a 34th place fin-ish. There were a few drivers who were sorta in the early hunt but they also all had a three or more hour lap included and that put them down to the bot-tom of the pile. These unfortunates were: Brent Parkhouse (33rd), Bill Stoner (32nd), Bill Krug (31st), Bobby Altamirano (30th) and Scott Webster (29th) . . Three of the 1600 entries stayed under the three hour lap bracket but still spent over eight hours on the course, namely, Cortney Whipple (28th), Don Bowler (27th) and Guy Evans (26th). In the seven hour total time b.rackets you needed to be in the low sevens to get into the money, un-fortunately, lots of drivers were in that bracket but still way off the pace. Mike Lorenzi was 25th, Greg Blakeman was two minutes quicker for 24th, Kevin Walsh finished six minutes sooner for J3rd place and Ken Browne took home 22nd place honors. 21st place went to Lorenzo Rod-riguez, Kash Vessels went home un-happy with a 20th place finish and Mike Boyd broke into the teens with a 19th place finish. Steve Roberts turned three respectable laps and took his place as the 18th finisher. Robert Naughton and Greg Geiser each drove half the race, had one flat to hinder them and finished 17th. Dan Martin was a solo driver, lost the clutch bolt right off the start, had a flat on the last lap and a possible fifth place finish turned into 16th place. Garit Wallace gave it his all but this time could only gamer a 15th run and had a nice sixth place finish to place finish. Bryan Anderson has a flat talk about. on the first lap, had to drive a long way C.J. Hutchins was another solo on it and cost him 13 minutes and put driver, was in the top 10 all race long him into 14th place instead of a pos-and grabbed a fifth place with no sible fourth or fifth place spot. problems to report. We didn't get to Eric Greener drove the firstlap,Jeff talk to Brian Steele after the race but Knupp the last two laps and after stall- he ripped off a pair of 2:25's, a 2:19 ing the engine on the start, they lost on Lap 3 and he was fourth across power steering on the second lap and the finish line. Adam Pfankuch to add insult to injury had a flat 10 thought the race gods were angry with miles from the finish and limped in for him, he drove solo, rolled his car once, 13th place. The ever effervescent Day had three flat tires but still finished Gang finished 12th after going off a in the third spot, a very nice podium cliff on Lap 1 and then suffering steer- finish and he collected $1,980 for ing proble~ beginning Lap 3. Bryan his drive. Jeff Carr drove solo as Freeman was looking good, running in usual, turned a 2:25, a 2:20 lap and the second spot when, on the last lap, he broke a rear wheel and then had the other rear wheel break 20 miles down the road. Losing his power steer-ing on the last was the crowning glory to an 11th place finish. Don Johnson had a trouble free run and came in for 10th. Arden Dennington was running second on the first lap, held that posi-tion on Lap 2 but slowed on Lap 3 and he ended up in the ninth finishing spot. finished with a very nice 2:17 to take ing 2:09:27 and coming home with a great second place in the huge 1600 an overall time of 6:54:07, besting class and it was worth $2,970 in prize second place by a bit less than eight money. minutes and taking home the lion's What can you say about Rob share of the purse, $4,950. MacCachren and Bruce Fraley? Last Just for the record, the season was certainly a winning one MacCadhren/ Fraley duo collected for Rob as he won everything in sight • $2,700 from the Pro 1600 pool, Jeff and then some. Well, he and Bruce Carr got $1,755 and Adam Pfankuch didn't disappoint their fans at Parker took home $1,035,.all of these monies but they must have aggravated their in addition to the race purse. fellow racers in 1600 as they split the The race was a great success, lots of driving chores this race, had three cars and lots of racing. The Whiplash flats to contend with but yet led all folks and the SNORE folks did a great the way on time and took a fabulous job. Next up in the SNORE/Whip-first/ overall in 1600, setting fast lap lash Avi 250, just down the river from for the class on Lap 2 with a blister- Laughlin. See ya all there! .. ·.lfU Kenny Freeman drove the first half · of the race, turned the car over to 16 year old son Cody and they took a very decent eighth place finish, reporting no problems along the way. Clay Carr shared his driving time with Robby Guevera and although Robby said he hit a tree along the way, they really had no problems and took home the sev-enth place trophy. Rick Boyer was in next, he drove solo, had a trouble free e . comn_J source for ra dCre • Driving Suits • Crew Uniforms • Crew Shirts • Polo Shirts • Team Jackets • Hats • GearBags NOW FEATURING: In-House Embroidery Driver Names • Team Logos • Sponsor Logos Eric Zizzi had a good day, he was quite happy with his first place finish in Sportsman 10. 1.800.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive·• Mira Loma, CA 91752 Dusty Times MarcJi 2002 Page 17

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David Higgins and Craig Thorley took the Group N win, were 11th Armin Schwarz and Manfred Hiemer drove their Skoda Octavia to a Richard Bums and Robert Reid on their way to third overa[I and, best overall, seen here running through the low cloud and fog. nice 5th overall at the Network Q rally. of all, the FIA World Rally Championship. · 57TH NETWORK ORALLY OF GREAT BRITAIN Granholm Wins· Rally, Burns Wins Championship won the rally outright. sport, entitling them to rep-By Martin Holmes Once again the Network Q resentation on the Policy Rally was run as a gravel sur-· Advising WRC Commission. faced event through the for-There was a distinct end-ests in the south of Wales, ' of-term feeling, many people where cool, damp and slip-planning to move to new pery conditions are tradi-teams and some not knowing tional. The maximum num-what they would be doing at ber of 120 entries were ac-the end of the season. This cepted and British drivers was the last rally for Didier Photos : Maurit:e Selden were favorites for victory, the Auriol at Peugeot, Delecour Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen drove their Peugeot 206WRC to a fine win in the final rally of the 2001 season. Richard Burns cruised to no mistakes making this his teams, the sadness of Ford third place and went into the own. Subaru and Peugeot and deepened when Sainz crashed history books as England's Michelin and Pirelli shared into spectators which led to first world rally champion. the spoils from the s~ason. the of the team in For Burns, the title was all Ford and Mitsubishi were re-respect and Mitsubishi as that mattered and he made ally the only disappointed their new rally cat still had We Are Looking For . . F.A.S. T. Drivers ... FRESH AIR SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. "THE HELMET VENTl!-ATION EXPERTS" CALL NOW! 1-888-466-RACE 2002 Driver sponsorship applications and packages still available. Page 18 problems that led to retire-ments. The prospects for the 14th and final round of the 2001 FIA World Rally Champion-ship were beyond imagina-tion. Because of the Colin McRae affair in Australia, the number of drivers able to win the Drivers-Championship increased from three to four, three of them so long as they -• -·--IISllCIIIIIIIII March 2002 last six times the rally had run had already left Ford, the last as a full championship event, rally for Richard Burns and British drivers had been vie-· M arkka Martin at Subaru. torious. The route was even Skoda announced that Ken-more compact than before. neth Eriksson and Toni Gar-For the first time on this demeister would be their event, all the servicing took regular drivers. · place at the same location This was also the final (Felindre), 74 kilometers west round of the Super 1600 se-of the headquarters town of ries. Outside •the champion-Cardiff. ship a new manufacturer was Peugeot had three test ses-represented at Super 1600 sions in Britain for this event. level. VW's newly homolo-They were also likely to have gated Polo Super 1600 would an effect on the drivers title be driven by Kosti in any case. Colin McRae, Katajamaki. Homologation "It's winner takes all for Ri-delays for the MG ZR Super chard, Tommi and me, but 1600 meant that the car we ·know that (reigning c'ham-would not be ready to com-pion) Granholm is the joker pete on this event. in the pack. If he wins it will Leg 1 -Eight stages, gravel, upset all our calculations." 139kms.Whatadayitpromised Ford had not carr.ied out any to be, how soon the drama started recent testing, McRae's rival, to ebb away. Halfway through the Burns had been vacationing first suspension. For the first time in South Africa since Austra-in six years, since Colin McRae lia. A victory for Burns would was champion, the world cham; not only give him the world pion was not going to be a Finn! title, he would become the And, for Pirelli, the end of event's first ever fourth sue-Makinen's hopes 1neant that Pir-cessive winner. Makinen had elli had another world champion, his third co-driver in as many be it a Ford or a Subaru driver. events, ·Risto Mannisenmaki Colin McRae was trying hard, still recuperating. The fourth fastest on the first two stages and contender for the. title, Car-the leader for the first three, then los Sainz needed to win the it was all over. He cut a c·orner rally outright and for his ri-and the car launched itself into a vals not to score any points. series of end over end crashes. Neither Mitsubishi nor Colin'shopesofbeingchampion Subaru could win the Makes remained, as-long as Burns and title, nor could Skoda or Sainz retired, but the crash was Hyundai. Both Skoda and very bad news for Ford's hopes Hyundai had ~ntered three of beating Peugeot in the Makes car teams, Hyundai hoping to title. Eriksson lost fourth gear on finish the Makes champion-Stage 3. ship in the top five, strength-Granholm took over the lead, ening their influence in the making fastest times in succession, Dusty Times 7

Page 19

Running to fourth overall was the team of Alister McRae and David The Super 1600 winner, Citroen Saxo, unbeaten all season was Mark Higgins and Bryan Thomas, their Ford Focus was withdrawn Senior, Hyundai's best finish if the season. · driven by Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena was 15th overall. after Sainz's accident. and after five stages he was nearly n on-ch amp ions h i p class , In S up e r 16 0 0 , Andre a remained, th:r:--:a-::t:--:o:-;fr;G=,:-alr:a-::n:--:t::-i.•Trhre-=--r---e------,i,--n ___ t_o ___ tTh--=-i-rd,-a-n'dr.O,._...-li,....v_e_r...,,C"l'a-rk',-s-o-n half a minute ahead of teammate Katajamaki retired with clutch Dallavilla lost some of his sump was a disaster for Dallavilla, on of British Rally driver Roger was · Auriol. Rovanpera's car was not failure and Rowe's engine was not guard on the first stage. He spun the final stage the engine failed in sixth. And, Leon Pesticcio suf-working well, Sainz had a flat at performing well. Valimaki had on the second stage, letting and so did Llovera's. In Group N fered a broken, wishbone and the end of Stage 2, losing little driveshaft failure. Basso went off McShea into second place, Cit-Higgins finally caught and passed failed to reach the end of the time on the stage but he did dam-the road and damaged the roen was one and two. Ferreyros on the penultimate age the front and rear brakes and sumpguard and the engine case During the evening news came stage, going into the final stage got a 40 second penalty in time and Martin Rowe retired after ex-that Sainz's crash had not caused with. 7 seconds in hand. The fi-control lateness trying to make periencing almost any trouble you any serious injuries to the specta-nal gap in favor of the Subaru repairs. Loix lost boost pressure could think of and Galanti said, tors. Only one person was held was 2.8 seconds, the record of 28 which took away the power to the "I never knew fog until I started overnight at the hospital. Sainz, consecutive wins by Mitsubishi fi-central differential. Arai reported to drive in Europe." nonetheless was horrified at what nally at an end. Reece Jones had that he and his Subaru went for Leg 2 -Four stages, gravel, had happened while Ford also a flat and fell to 11 ch in the a spin, Markko Martin had a bad 106kms. This turned out to be a withdrew the Mark Higgins entry. group. Backlund retired on the brake balance which caused him strange day. It started with the The day ended with a second stage final stage, Alistair Ginley moved to hit a rock. Subaru lost two of longest stage of the event, but at the Cardiff superspecial where their cars, Solberg ran out of fuel through circumstances, most driv- Alister McRae scored fastest time. and Gronholm arrived at service ers had only driven two stages Leg 3 -Four stages, gravel, also out of fuel: seems both had before nightfall, half of the num-108kms. With news that the spec-been serviced by an official fuel ber planned. Richard Burns' car tators injured had all gone home, rig which had mis-measured the wouldn't start after the overnight· there was a feeling of relief at the amount of fuel put into the cars. pare ferme but a quick spark plug rally. Peugeot was embarrassed by Then, Martin's car stopped with change got him going. Auriol fell Ford's withdrawal and the way engine failures. Hyundai lost Li-down the leader board when he they won their second World atti when the clutch burned out. went off the road, it took 10 spec-Title, so much so that they didn't Panizzi cam_e to a stop after he taters to get him going again. Al-· even announce their new title at spun on a corner and stalled the ister McRae lost front cliff pres-the rally that night. The cars went engine. sure, Higgins lost fourth and fifth off to the final four stages and Gronholm was now settled in gears, Loix lost third and fifth the climax of the season and the the lead, ahead of Burns and Au-and had shock troubles as well. question was: would Burns reach rioi. A..urioi thought he had iost Neii Weardon hit a post and the finish in one of the top four a driveshaft when he spun and wrecked the steering so he was places? The stage comprised one stalled but it was a differential out. stage run for the first time and problem. Burns had trouble in Loix was in big trouble, the other three as repeats. Rovan-the evening stages when the map they repaired his gearbox, pera immediately took second light broke. Co-driver Reid used then on the second stage he place from Burns and building up a tie-wrap to connect a flash light lost third, fourth and fifth, behind them were two particular to his fingers. Rovanpera lost his they tried to repair it but on battles. First between Skoda and fog lamps on a muddy stretch of· the next stage it was no bet-Hyundai, between them three of road and he was having trouble ter so he retired. There was whose cars were now in the top navigating. Sainz went off the disaster on the third stage. six. Then came the end of the rally road and lost a minute, his cham-Sainz braked too late at a "T" charge by David Higgins in his late pionship hopes now all but gone. and he went into the specta-model WRX who was closing up In the non-factory ranks, tors, injuring several people. on Ferreyros. With two stages to Papadimitriou retired his Im-This caused the stage to be go a Subaru victory was only 8.1 preza with engine failure, Higgins' stopped. On instructions, seconds away. As they prepared car was oversteering and Evans Sainz drove to the end of the for the stages there were reports had clutch failure as he was leav-, stage and retired. Ford ex-of fog, standing water, falling ing service. Jalo went off the road pressed their sadness and did rain and a lot of loose gravel. for good on Stage 7, the two pri-not mention that Sainz' s Schwarz was gradually gaining vateer Accent WRCars disap-withdrawal gave the Manufac-time and took a quarter minute peared, Littler went off the road turers championship to Peu-off Mc Rae's time. He got up to while Petch had a broken exhaust, geot. All that remained now fourth when McRae fell back with and a small fire. was the race to the Drivers wiper troubles. The standing wa-Mitsubishi decided to change championship between terwas getting worse. On the pen-Loix's gearbox and Alister McRae Burns and McRae. If Burns ultimate stage Eriksson also had was frustrated, having to run finished the event in fourth wiper troubles and Rovanpera Stage 7 in the dark, unlike the cars place or better, the champi-was having alternator troubles he was trying to beat. onship would be his. If not, with the heater and the fog light In Group N there was a three then McRae, at home in operating. way battle Backlund, Ferreyros Scotland would take the title. In Super 1600 Dallavilla re-and Higgins. Stage 11 was interrupted and passed McShea into third place This Is the ~ystem • run by inost off road race winners stage. It was quite a day for Ri-chard Burns. He was the first ever English World rally champion driver, the only driver to win the title after winning only one event in the series. Now they all get ready for the 2002 rally season. ..-affW TRI-MIL BOBCAT q(ROME 1984-91 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR l" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER In Super 1600 Loeb started off drivers were· given Armin but the retirements continued. in the lead, then Oduval passed Schwarz's time. Stage 12 was Stenshorne rolled in the ruts, went him, only to crash and give the canceled. on but the suspension collapsed lead back to Loeb. Quite a few In Group N there was still a and Rousselot also had his front cars retired. Stohl had an engine close three car battle for the lead. suspension collapse. Cedric Rob-mount failure, Vallejo and David Higgins made fastest time erts' car had electrical troubles af-Macaluso went off the road and in his Subaru WRX, well ahead ter the first two stages and could Magaud had electrical trouble. In of his rivals in their Evo Vi's. not be repaired. Only one Ford Network O IWly of Or-l!ritAlin aa/25 N.,._ 2001 Cerdilf (OBI WC Round l4. ~ \600 Aa.mcl 6 l Ill M•r:11110IIOHHOI.M/TlmollaUll_, PIH "-"-l06 WllC l34NQZ75fl'l . 2 (l6) Karri IIOVANPUA/lulo ~ P1N lwgeot 206 WPi; 945NVll7$ (l') J ~) lldwd BUNrll/ll0boft Roiid OB . ~ lm!,res. WRC ll2<l8K1' {OB) 4 (tO> Allotet WdWVDl,.td Senu,c O!I !iy,mda,._ WI\C ltlSHMC (011) WCp)mle :U..23111.44.Be.' 3h.2Sm U.9o :n,_21m .oo.:i. :n...30111.33.lie. 311.llm 16.h. 3b3lol.!U• A33m.06.9o. 3h.l4m.40.4A. Jl,.J1111.02.S.. 3h.38m.Ol 2e. Ml WP 11N St& lO 10 e e 4 • l ) 13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 5 (11) Armin IICHWAltt/Monftlld Hiomer D Skoda Qct8'n• WRC M80t.1-l0 !CZ! o (Ill 9'anM<h 11!1100JSOlf~ iw,,,....i« I Hyundai -'-1\ W1'C lt14KNC (091 7 (2) o,c1,o, Awl~ Oinudo• P ~ 208 WRC 950NV11'75 IP) a (12) - TKIJU'/!llepllan,, ~at II ~ 0<:tffl• W1IC M8011-G !CZ) 9 (25) o,~. da Mrnuo/ lloJ•• 11/P ~ JCS WRC VIIQOS (II) 10 (21) Toahihilo Alai/l'ai,y Si:r~ J/H'l. iu-.. Imp,<1u_ WI':) XlBRl' (0!1) Dusty Tim-es 2 1 l 1 March 2002 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 19

Page 20

SCORE LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE Dondels Take -overall Honors By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Dan Smitb drove his big Ford both days when partner Qave Ashley turned up sick. He took· the Trophy Truck victory by a margin of 45 seconds. Brothers Dale and Mike Dondel had it all their way at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Chal-lenge in January, winning the ex-citing Laughlin Leap contest on Thursday, and then taking the overall victory for the weekend of racing. bumps and went on out of the Dale Ebbert's crew, which had infield. It was a much safer set-up won the contest the three previ-then previous years, which had the ous years. They also competed Alan Pflueger. from Hawaii, drove an inspired race on Sunday to take the Protruck victory for that day in his Chevrolet. As in previous years, the sched-ule called for four days of action, beginning on Thursday night with the "Leap" and the Pit Crew Showdown. Then Friday was given over to rolling through con-tingency and course reconnais-sance, along with any last minute changes or fixes. Racing started on· Saturday at 6:30am and con-tinued until dusk, then picked up again at 6:30am on Sunday, and -Went through sunset again. There were seven separate races each day, some events with four or five classes running together, some with just one. The course stayed the same as in previous years, but the direc-tion was different. This year the cars entered the infield along the base of the "Happy Hills" where spectators perch for a good view of the action. Then they went through the mile and a half or so of turns, bumps, moguls and the leap, and as they neared the end they had an either/or. If they needed their pit they went to the right and entered their pit at a slow pace, otherwise they stayed left, negotiated a couple of tricky cars peeling off into their pits with Dale's car, and messed up a insurmountable handicap in a from a hundred mile an hour-plus bit by setting the car down be-short event like this. Pellerin got stretch of paved road. . fore the lug nuts were tight .. But the win for Saturday morning. On Thursday evening the with Bruckmann's car they per-The two were both back on Dondels flew their Nye Frank formed flawlessly, to give them-Sunday, and again they were close chassis, which is powered by a V6 selves a four The teams at the end of the first lap, and Chevy, a very long 130 feet and really love this contest because Solorzano had a lead of 19 sec-11 inches, and landed gracefully, Laughlin pays the awards in cash onds. On the second lap Pellerin to win the Open Wheel Division immediately after the event, giv-managed to get into the lead, of the.Laughlin Leap and a cash ing the first, second and third bulling ahead in the dust, and he -purse of $3000. In the Small place teams a bit of extra cash stayed there. He was first to the Truck division it was Doug for their weekend. · finish, coming in with a flat left Siewert in his Chevy who went On Saturday morning, in the front tire. The weekend ;vin went home with the $3000 after flying cold pre-dawn, spectators already to Pellerin, who said, "there's no 95'2":-Ed Ilerbst took the Big lined the top of the Happy Hills, more fun than desert racing!" Truck division with a leap of 124 bonfires blazing, to watch the first In the Sportsman Buggy class, feet and three inches, to earn him-event. The grandstands were the aUotted time was just enough self the third $3000 purse. slowly filling up also as Class 5, to let them complete three laps. Before the Leap contest the Pit 5-1600, 9, 1/2-1600, 11 and the Jeff Buss had his Raceco about Crew Showdown entertained the Sportsman Buggies staged for three minutes in front at the end crowd as Truck and Open Wheel their race. Each group had a time of the first lap, and he just stayed teams vied with one another in limit, and these folks needed to there. George Jackson was having their efforts to change four tires be finished in 85 minutes, which a tight duel with Milt Moore, and and speed their driver on his way. wa~ anticipated to be four laps. Arthur Basile ran about a minute There were plenty of goofs, but The Class 11 cars would do only back. some mighty fine performances two laps. After the second lap Buss had and the Rick Johnson team On the first lap the two Class about a six minute lead, and he earned first place in the Truck 11 cars came around about two maintained the pace to get the Division, with a time of 1:05: 12 seconds apart, but then, as Scott Saturday with. Moore was sec-and added $3000 to their cof-Pellerin went out on his second ond, about eight minutes behind fers. In the Open Wheel group it lap, Eric Solorzano pulled into him, and Jackson was third two was Vic Bruckmann's car, and the the infield, got'out of his car and minutes later. Basile didn't get his crew finished their chores in slid in under the back to check third lap done. Actually, Buss was 1:07:89 to take their $3000. The things out. Turns out he had a doing so well he completed a interesting thing is that the crew broken c.v. It took Solorzano a fourth lap, the flagman appar-that performed with very quick 16 minutes to replace ently being uncertain which Bruckmann 's car was actually the broken part, but that was an classes should be flagged in when. ~-----------------------~ Nick and Larry Vanderwey had the Class 8 win on Saturday in their On Saturday they had started side by side, two at a time, eac·h row 30 seconds behind the one in front of them. Then on Sun-day they inverted the order of the Saturday finish, putting the win-ners at the back of the pack, ex-cept that the non-finishers were put behind them. Confusing, but they were trying to make it so no one started way at the back both days. It didn't always work, but seemed to be the best solution. So, on Sunday, Basile and Jacksuu were iu Lhe fruut ruw, anJ Buss and Moore started behind them. And once again, at the end of the first lap Buss had the lead, about 25 seconds ahead of Basile, whose motor sounded very slick. In fact, after the big jump he pulled off into the infield to try to solve his problem. Moore was also very close to the lead ve-hicles, but Jackson ran a couple of minutes back. Basile never got another lap done, but Buss went on to win again, finishing about five min-utes. in the lead this time. He went home with the weekend win, and Moore, with two second places, was second. Class 5 ran with this group also, but only George Seeley elected to show up. Seeley drove Continued on page 22 The Riviera Ford, driven by Jerry Whelchel, was the Trophy Truck winn~r on Saturday, but had less luck on Sunday with Mark Post at the wheel, was fifth for the weekend. Chevy, but had trouble on Sunday and ended the weekend with_ Ruben Gutierrez had a first on Saturday, a fourth on Sunday and second piace. ended the weekend as second place in the 5-1600 event. Page 20 March 2002 Dusty Times

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•f . . ,.,,, } ' 1 • -I) () lJ (; 1= () It T I N -~·········~·············· PA'flK,E:R 400 .E1Ff< . ..... · 1NNER . y 1 t 1 > ':::'.f.' • R 400 ·. 'l CK FUL\. .,:· ,Sa· ~:~ . · LAUGHLIN 1st in CLASS· Class 7 Ope·n ~.iii-' . (818)700-9712 . Coatsworth, CA

Page 22

i,:'.;;i:/4;;.:-,:;,;,, .• :c<:J·_,.. ~ ✓.- : "-o&• . Dave Hendrickson didn't even get a lap done on Saturday, but then Troy Herbst fought dust in his Smithbuilt truggy on Saturday to finish took the 5-1600 victory on Sunday with a fine come from the rear second, then took second by one second on Sunday for a weekend drive. result of second in Class 1. Darnen Jefferies earned a fifth and a second on Saturday and Sunday, to give his Ford truck a second for the weekend in the Trophy Truck group. --~--~-------,----------,---~--around at a steady pace, enter-on the first lap. So now Modica the citizenry into driving at a le-abut sixteen and a half minutes to 18 or 20 minutes. One new car was of interest: Billy Gereghty, more familiar to most racers as the man with the green flag in the morning and the checkered flag at the finish, \\'.as racing his 5-1600 for the first time. He was also discovering that he had the taining the spectators who liked led. At the end of the second lap gal pace. As a car goes by it has a his "New Beetle" body. He did his lead dropped to seven min-screen that lights up with your _ four laps each day, and went utes, and at the end of the third rate of speed in big letters, to let ·home from the weekend with fin- lap it was five minutes, as Velazco you know how fast you're travel-isher points to apply to his cam-slowly crept up. On the fourth ing. The local gendarmes had it paign for yet another season lap Modica finished just a bit over set up to read the time as the cars championship. two minutes in front of Velazco. cleaned the top of the Laughlin In Class 9 Arturo Velazco had So, since he started with an eight Leap. For the most part, these his Chenowth in front at the end minute· handicap, it appeared classes took it at about 30 mph, wrong gearing. of Saturday's first lap, and Tony that Velazco had beaten him. But while the Trophy Trucks and Gutierrez drove at a steady Modica was second in another then a sharp-eyed scorekeeper Class 1 cars had hit 100 mph the pace, his lap times all within Chenowth. Velazco built his lead added up the total times and re-night before during the leap con-about 20 seconds of each other, a bit more each time they went alized that Velazco had finished test. to take the win. He finished only around, and at the end of four 27 seconds over the allotted time class 5-1600 enjoyed 'the early 13 seconds up on Gregory, last laps he had about eight minutes of 85 minutes. Thus, his last lap morning start also, and except for year's season champion, who on Modica. Since the weekend didn't count, and Modica became Dave Hendrick who spun the moved up to second. Sack was winner would be determined by the winner for Sunday. Then, splines ut of a torsion center be-third, seven seconds later. adding everyone's Saturday times when the total times were added fore he got any distance at all, they On Sunday they all came back, to their Sunday times, this meant up, Velazco had only three laps all got through the first lap. even Hendrickson, who'd worked that Modica would be starting on Sunday, so Modica got the win Ruben Gutierrez, Jr. had the lead, many hours to replace the stock Sunday with an eight minute for the weekend. with 15 seconds on Jeffrey Sack. torsion center with a torsion ad-handicap. For the enlightenment of the And in third it was Allan Ore-juster, a complex job more usu-But Sunday wasn't Velasco's spectators, therewasoneofthose gory, another two seconds back. ally undertaken in a well-day. He lost about riine minutes police gizmos that's used to scare They were running with laps in equipped shop. At the end of George Seeley started his 2002 season off just right with a victory in the record books, and a handful of finisher points also. Page 22 ~--------------------------~ Doug Siewert and Cory Susag teamed in their Chevrolet to win not only the Laughlin Leap in the small truck class, but also the Class 7S race. March 2002 Sunday's first lap Gregory had the lead, with 47 seconds on Hen-drickson, and Ruben Garcia ran third another two seconds back. After two laps the order was still the same: Gregory, Hendrick-son and Garcia. But Garcia couldn't get his third lap fin-ished. And Gregory started to hear a "clunk" he didn't like. It worried him enough that he "slowed down". In fact, his third lap was 18 seconds slower than his second, and he still led. But Hendrickson decided to go for it on the fourth lap, and Gregory slowed a bit more, add-ing another nine seconds to his lap time. The result was the fast lap for Sunday'~ 5-16 beat for Hendrickson, at 16:59 and he moved to the. front to take the · win, with Gregory following 22 seconds later. But since Hendrick-son hadn't finished on Saturday, Gregory, with a first and a sec-ond, was the weekend winner for the class. Gutierrez, with a second and a fourth, went home with second place honors for the week-end. The 1/2-1600 cars ran in this same bunch. On Saturday Brian Ickier put his Jimco into the lead on the first lap, with Ernie Castro behind him about 14 seconds in his Chenowth. Mitch Griffin, Lothringer, ran third another 20 seconds back and then Gus Vil-dosola, Jr. was fourth, in another J imco, another 18 seconds later. Behind them Jimmy Hook rolled his car over, and so did David Scaroni, who damaged a front s_hock tower in the process. Sca-roni, at 15 was listed as the Dusty Times

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Rick Johnsof_lhad his new Ford Protruck in fourth on Saturday and Shad Kennedy had his Raceco working just right on Saturday, and Wayne Lugo and Craig _Stewart_ ~hared the driving in Lugo's new second on Sunday to finish his weekend with a very nice second went away with the SCORE Lite victory. Bad luck reduced him to a truggy, which Stewart bwlt, and finished the weekend in third place in place. 7dn_f_fo_r-=S_u_n_da....:.y_u_n_~_or_tu_n-=a_te-<-ly._. -------=-------=--=-._C_la-:s;-;:s:--1_.7';'"" __ ;:-.---.-----,-.,.-------,------"youngest driver" racing at this ers, but Donald Moss, from Sac-star t in the season points chase. stock looking Kia. None of them had the win, with Winovitch sec-everit. These cars were going off ramento, drove his Bronco the I n the Stock Mini ranks had any trouble and the Ford ond. th e jump at about 56 mph ac-required three laps with no mess, McCrae Glass put his Ford into and Isuzu had a good race, while T hey all returned to the fray cording to the police gizmo. . no fuss, to take th e win/finisher the lead, with Jim Winovitch run-the "Kia came around gamely, lap on Sunday, but the course was so Ickier, who is all of 16, stayed points. And then h e did it again n in g second in his Isuzu, and .after lap. When their required m uch rougher that they ran about in front through the second lap, on Sunday to give h imself a head Chris Bainum in third in a very three laps were completed, Glass Continued'on page 24 but on the third lap Castro too.k over the lead, with about two sec-onds on him. Ickler was still sec-ond and Griffin was third. Ac-cording to the official lap times, Hook recorded the fast time for the class on this lap, playing ca,tch-up and running by himself with no dust, at 12:26. But he'd lost so much time it didn't help him much. Castro went on to get the win, with Ickier second and Griffin third. But during the post-race tech it was discovered that Ickier' s motor had a Brazillian built car-buretor, which lacks a vacuum tube, and is therefore not legal for the class. He was disqualified, and so was Gus Vildosola, Jr., who had finished fifth, but had the same carburetor (and the same engine builder, who was con-trite about his error). These driv-ers reported that the course was dusty. They all came back on Sunday, including the two with the wrong carbs. But they had new carbure-tors by then. Kash Vessels was now at the wheel of Hock's car (after driving at the Parker event on Sat-urday) and he enjoyed a front row start position thanks to Hook's misfortune on Saturday. Scaroni shot to the front this time, keeping his wheels on the ground, and led by 13 seconds over Vessels at the end of the lap. Brian Jeffrey ran in third place in his Jimco, another one second back. Castro, Ickler and Jake Maness all disappeared on the firsr lap, never to be seen again. At the end of the second lap Vessels was in front, with a lead of 43 seconds, and it was jeffrey in second, with Scaroni third, still all very close. Sixth place was a minute and one second behind first place. They were running very similar lap times. Vessels stayed in front, and on Lap 4 recorded the quick time for this group at 14:46 to increase his lead to a minute and 38 sec-onds. He took the Sunday win, but Griffin, with a very good time on Saturday as well as a nice fourth on Sunday, took the over-all honors. Jeffrey was second on Sunday, and third for the week-end. Jake Maness, of Red Stone, Colorado, put together two good times to finish the weekend in sec-ond place. The second event for the day was another combination, includ-ing Classes 3, 7, 7S, Stock Mini and Stock Full. They ats·o had a time limit of 85 minutes, with varying numbers of laps. Class 3 had a shortage of play-Dusty Times ■ ■ Steve Barlow (center), received the Bilstein Protruck Drivers Award from Krupp Bilstein's Doug Robertson and Protruck Racing Series founder Ivan Stewart. Steve Barlow Wins Bilstein Protruck Drivers Award Steve Barlow of Temecula, CA received the Bilstein Protruck Drivers Award after winning the 2001 Protruck Racing Series championship. two wins, one second and a third-place finish in the six-race Protruck season. "The Bilstein shocks on our Red Bull Ford Protruck performed flawlessly again all season long," noted Barlow. "Bilstein shocks are the best components we have ever used in racing. We've never had a problem with our Bilsteins." Barlow drove his Bilstein shock-equipped Red Bull Energy Drink Ford to a victory in the season finale to win his first Protruck Racing driver's · crown. · Barlow won by 25 ·points after scoring Other Top Protruck Series Finishers Included: 2nd. Place Rob Reinertson Ford Protruck 3rd. Place Steve Scaroni Ford Protruck 4th. Place Jason Cobb Ford Protruck 5th. Place Chet Hoffman Ford Protruck For details on Bilstein 9100 Series and the full range of Off-Road shocks contact the Off-Road Racing Department: Call 800/537-1085 KRUPP BILSTEIN OF AMERICA 14102 Stowe Drive, Poway, CA 92064 • Phone: 858/386-5900 March 2002 · we23 •

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two minutes a lap slower. Once again it was Glass in the lead, and the Isuzu second, this time with Bob Land at the wheel. He owned up to getting himself stuck on a berm for a while. Bainum lost about six minutes on the second lap, and then got only part way through his third lap. Glass and Land reported no mechanical problems, and Glass got a second win, to become the weekend win-ner. The Stock Full trucks ran in this group, and Marc Stein put his Ford into the lead, with 10 seconds on his brother, Dave Sykes, in another Ford. Travis Walser, in a Chevy, was enjoying his second race and running third, while John Griffin made the best of an awkward situation in his Hummer. There's no way the Hummer -is suited for short-course racing, but Griffin, last season's points champ, was obvi-ously there to start his season off with some finisher points at least. On the third and last lap, Sykes recorded the quick time for this group, at 14:32, and snookered his brother, to take the win by three second. Stein was second, Griffin third, and Walser got only two laps done. They all returned on Sunday, ru_nning about two minutes a lap slower due to the condition of the course. Stein started their day with a five second lead over his brother's co-driver, Dave Turner, \ Dave Syke~ and Dave Turner took turns driving their Stock-Full Ford and with wins both days, took the weekend victory. who'd never driven that particu- . in the lead by five seconds at the lar truck before. But on Lap 2 end of the first lap, and Eric Har-Stein went missing when a wheel din was chasing in a GM, followed and tire fell off. At the end of the by Dan Fresh in another Chevy. second lap, with Turner leading, A.J. Rodriguez had a problem it was Walser in second place, get-with a mis-matched drive line and· ting the hang of things and actu-was already out, while Bruce ally looking a little quicker this Landfield had lost a spindle on time. Griffin was, in his words, his Ford. He was, therefore, able just.taking it "easy". to h'elp Jamie Campbell put his Turner got the win, with Ford Ranger back up on its WalserinsecondplaceandGrif-wheels when it rolled over. fin third. That gave Turner and Eduardo Gonzalez also failed to Sykes the weekend win, and Grif- · finish the first lap, for unknowil fin went home with second place. reasons. Also included in this melange Siewert's lead was just six sec-were the Class 7S trucks and a onds at the end of Lap 2, and nice selection showed up to race. Fresh ran third, about a minute Doug Siewert had his Chevy (the -back. Campbell was running, with one that won the Leap contest) only a few crumpled body pan.els C TRANS will get yau in gear . ATIBITIIIII IU 1·2/1111111 • • • 8 • 5 • 5/181111 •IRIS NEW llllli I P■IIIS Ill IIAl.lllll RII Y8111 TU--IIISS■-1111111111-2/111111 • ID • 5 • 5/1-a...USES 1111 11111 IWIIIEI 4.8& ■INli I •■-IS ■EIEI fllY8118t:IIIS TIE Ml PIIPlllll UJ ■ ■ID IS IIEIIEI '11111'■ ., TIIESE - a PN8NS Alil -■E FllaM ■111211 liEIIII STIB.. DAT MEIi-·fflll STil■-111 'IIUUl·STIICIL un UE MAIIIE DCIIISlllfll.Y Page 24 11Y PREl:ISIDN &EAR FIIII RI: TRIIIIS. WE IDS■ c .. n a f■ll ma • T1U1arass•• •ms Clll U WIii DH JIWllll■I-PIIIUII . :mu"' DI 11111.1111111 cmt1n •am:■ WITH DUR .DEAI.EIIS fllll PRICIN&• *HCI Nl.111.4411 * llll'1 llf■II ■HI tmlll.1111 * 111111 IICll&a l■.IH.HII 3455:1. PllUIS #5 lll VIGIi, 11111111112 (1121 221-4383 March 2002 Craig Turner had some very tough competition in Class 7, but when the two-day total was added, he was the winner in his Ford. still attached, but otherwise mov- · bunch was the Class 7 trucks. In ing well. this group it was hot 'n' heavy for This was a three lap group, and a while. Rick Taylor put his ford Siewert put on a burst of speed into the lead, with Craig Tui:ner to record the fast time for this in another Ford, in hot pursuit group, at 14:03, and picked up a four seconds behind him. Gary solid win. Hardin lost about 40 Dircks had his Ford in third minutes on this lap, and finally place. These folks were running finished just 30 seconds shy of the low 13 minute laps to a bit over cut-off time. In the meantime, 14 minutes, and were prepared Fresh took second place, report-to do four laps. They found it ing a flat tire on the last lap. Hap-dusty out on the course, <lt least pily, he'd been near his pit and through the first lap, after which they got it changed quickly. Steve traffic had thinned some. Lawrence was third, another five Taylor continued to lead minutes back in his Ford. through the second lap, but was They were all back on Sunday, down to a three second cushion. and once again, Rodriguez was Dircks held third. Hector Salazar, out on the first lap, still not un-driving a Willie Valdez rent-a-derstanding what his problem truck Ford until his own new race really was. This time Hardin truck is finished, broke a spindle, jumped to the front, and led by but everyone else was still mov-19 seconds at the end of the lap, ing. thanks to a front new start. Turner, whose second lapwas Siewert's co-driver, Cory Susag the quick one, at 13: 11, for this ran second, and in third it was group, moved into the lead on the Campbell, the truck still missing third lap, as Taylor dropped to some panels, but running fine. second, with Dircks firm in third Steve Lawrence had a flat on the place. Then Turner went on to first lap. win, as Taylor came to a stop. He Susag moved up to the lead on was reported to be by the side of Lap 2, and Campbell slid into sec-the track giving the o.k. sign to ond, about 30 seconds back, passing competitors. Dircks while Landfield ran third. Gonza-moved up to finish second fol-lez was still having problems and lowed by Ernesto Cervantes and lost about 13 minutes on this lap, then Tim Carroll, who reported as Hardin spent five minutes solv-that his suspension was too soft. ing some difficulty. On Sunday they all came back On the final lap Susag re-except for Taylor, and this time corded the fast time for this Carroll had his suspension work-group at 14:32, and took the win ing the way.he wanted it to. He · with about a minute and a half put himself into the lead on the to spare. Campbell, reporting no first lap, with 46 seconds on trouble, except that he was a Turner. Both Dircks and "little under-geared", finished sec-Cervantes disappeared on the ond. And in third place it was first Jap, leaving the playing field Dick Susag, Cory's dad, who fin-to Carroll, Turner and Salazar, ished on a left rear flat. They'd who was under-equipped. had a great tiJI1e racing one an-Carroll whipped off a very fast other. When the two-day totals 12:33 lap on his second loop, were added up, the weekend win-and had about a minute and a ner was the Siewert/Susag team, half on Turner by then. Salazar while Fresh and Susag were sec-had a rear flat, which cost him ond. about three minutes. Then as they The final group racing in this Continued on page 26 Dennis Kordonowy had his homebuilt single seat chassis Class 10 car in the lead pack in both heats, won the second, .and won the weekend also. Dusty Times

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Thc.11••• l:ii•·~E!!!I: 111/1/V/· Cliii:11. as s · Eil~.1171 Eill V:=E!f!F-__ .;..___ R•~M•l11# !!r-LJ.lp,, LJ1r11ll••-.ltw--d r ,

Page 26

went into their fourth lap they were catching q_p with slower cars from the other classes and sud-denly they were in dust. Carroll, who'd been out in the clear until then, had to slow a bit to stay safe, and it worried him with Turner breathing down his neck. Still, Carroll kept his head and took t he win, with Turner in sec-ond p lace , 51 seconds back. Salazar was third, the only other one to finish on Sunday. When the results of the two heats were added together the winner turned out to be Turner, by 31 seconds. Carroll, who was second, probably had the last lap dust to thank for that. They were the only two in the class to finish all the laps. · The third race of the day started at 9: lOam., and was for the Class 10 cars all by themselves. They had an 80 mii;iute time limit and were expecting to run four laps. Right off the bat they lost · three members, a~ Steve Myers, Allen Gibney, }t.:. and Dennis Hunter were unable to finish the . crucial first lap. Mye·rs had found he couldn't shH~ _because his "hockey stick" ha:d become de~ tached. And, surprising all the SCORE regulars who weren't fa-miliar with him, Dennis Kordon-owy put his home-built single seat VW powered car into the lead. He had only five seconds on El_i Yee in a Jimco, who was 14 sec-onds up on Kevin Soder in Mark Hutchins' Jimco. • ' Kordonowy held his lead, even though he was a minority of one when it came to the leap. He was the only one who did not fly off· it, choosing to slow down and safely roll off the other side. He gave up vital seconds every lap, but later said he preferred to "not break" right there. Jason Hunter moved into the lead at the end of the second lap, in a Dunrite, but Tony Modica had a second and a first in Class 9 with his Chenowth, and finished the weekend by taking the class victory. his motor was missing, and sure Allen Gibney and Will Akwari. enough, he didn't make it around Ellison was driving his own car, again. Yee had dropped to third and now Chris Harrold h'ad and Soder was fourth. taken over for Kenny Stroud in Bill Hernquist was driving Rick Stroud' s SCORE Lite car with Ellison's Chenowth, and on the 1776ccs. Harrold had driven at third lap he recorded the quick the Parker race on Saturday and time, at 12:32 and pulled into the was now taking his turn here, lead. Kordonowy was now 18 sec- hoping to earn SCORE Class 10 onds back, followed by Yee and points to get his season off to a Soder. The balance of the class good start. Hutchins had raced was right there, everyone·running Parker also, and was now in his 13 to 13 and a half minute laps car. consistently. It was impossible io At the end of the first lap it know who led without either a was again Kordonowy in the lead, computer or a pencil and paper Yee second, Hutchins third and to do the addition. Myers in fourth place. Louis Hernquist did another sub-13 Grivas didn't get the first lap minute lap, and solidified his lead done this time, nor did Ellison. to take the Saturday win. Yee was This class was running so close less than a minute back in second, together that it became impos-followed in by Martin Chris- sible to know just from watching, tensen irt his BMW powered who led. There was less than a Jimco (now with a Honda minute's difference between the throttle-body, thanks to the new first and last car. And Kordon-rules) six seconds later, and then owy was still n ot flying off the Soder, 13 seconds further back. jump. He still had his lead at the Kordonowy was fifth, a nother end of th e second lap, and now four seconds behind. Hutchins was second and Yee was A bunch of folks didn't come third. Yee was h aving a problem back on Sunday. They were miss-with his gearbox, and was stuck ingJason Hunter, Dennis Hunter, in fifth gear. Myers still hadn't got FIT Champions and Winners 2001 SNORE -Buffalo Bill 400 1 st Place Class 1 O: 1st Place Class 1/2 1600 Jeremy Gubler/Oanny Anderson Bruce Frailey/Rob MacCacrhen FATVWType I FATVWType 1 SCORE -Baja 500 1st Place Class 5 Mike James 1st Place Class 1/2 1600 Rob MacCacrhen SCORE -Primm 300 1st Place 91ass 5 George Seeley Best in the Desert -Vegas to Reno 1st Place Class 1 1st Place Class 10 VORRA -Yerrington 250 1st Place Class 1011st Overall 2001 POINTS CHAMPIONS CORR CORR MOR MOR 'Super Buggy Single-Seat Buggy Class 1 Class 10 Dale Ebberts Steve & Ray Croll Mike Lehners Scott Schwalbe Mark Steinhart Richard Bovie/Tom Koch -Whit Courtenay Follow their Leadl This space available for your team. We 1n & rKOmmend Visit us at Page 26 FAT VW Type IV FATVW Type I FAT VW Type IV FAT Toyota V6 FAT Toyota 4AG FATVW Type I FAT Toyota 4AG FATVW Type I FAT VW Type IV FAT Toyota4AG -· . 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637_-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 • March 2002 Donald Moss put his Ford Broncq through the loops both days, to_ go home to Sacramento with a Class 3 win under his belt. the hockey stick fixed properly, and he was stuck in second. Ron Dalke's motor was going away and he lost fifth gear and reverse not that he'd have had a chance to use fifth with the motor as sick as it was. He had a 27 minute sec-ond lap and went out on a third, never to return . They were still in a tight pack at the end of Lap 3, and it was still Kordonowy in the lead. Now he had 12 seconds on Chris-tensen, who was five seconds in front of Steve Schmidt, in a Hon-da powered Chenowth two seater. Steve hadn't raced for a while and was having "more fun than ever!" Yee was fourth now. Kordonowy had the fast lap time for Sunday's heat, at 12:55, and stayed in front to take the win. Christensen was second and Harrold moved up to third, fol-. lowed in by Schmidt. O nce the timers and scorers had run it all through th e computer it was dis-covered that Kordonowy had the weekend win by 10 seconds. Chris-tensen went home with second and Yee was third. The next race was obviously the main event in the eyes of most of the spectators, because sud-denly every knoll or hill sprouted a fores·t of people, the grand-stands. were completely out of seats, people pressed up against the fence, stood in their vehicles and stood on top of the big p it vehicles. It was time for the Tro-phy Trucks, and they were run-ning by themselves. There were 11 of them. Sort of. Darren Skilton' s new Kia Trophy Truck had blown its motor a few days before the race and the team decided not to thrash and go racing with an un-tested vehicle, so he was driving his old Class 3 Kia. And Gus Vildosola's new Trophy Truck was not complete, and he'd de-cided to use Rodrigo Ampudia 's beautiful Ford pre-runner, so they could get some points. Sam e reasoning that was behind Skilton's choice. Todd Gatrell was also there in a propane powered Chevy, running for points and hoping his new truck will be com-plete soon. Everyone else had full-blown Trophy Trucks. The spec-tators were in for a great show. Scott Steinberger was driving his new (to him) Ford Trophy Truck for the first time, and at the end of the first lap he had the lead, with 12 seconds on Jerry Whelchel in Mark Post's Ford. Then came Dan Smith in his Ford, and in fourth, Jason Bald-win, in still another Ford. Every-body made it through the first . lap. But Jim Baldwin didn't get much further. As he came into the stutter-bumps in front of the west grandstand he flew off the first one, hit the second with his suspension all compressed, nosed into the th ird o ne and went over and over an d over. Part of the rear end was torn out of the truck, but Jim an d his passenger were both ok. It was the end of their weekend. And Ed Herbst dis·ap-peared on the second lap; the new sequential transmission had some problem and put an end to their day, at least. At the of the second lap Whelchel had the lead, followed by Steinberger, then Jason Bald-win and Dan Smith. Everyone was still very close, except of course for the three who weren't really Trophy Trucks. By the end of the third lap Whelchel had a lead of 45 sec-onds, and then it was Baldwin, Smith and Brian Collins. Stein-berger showed up late dragging the remains of a flat tire, which · was hanging from a rear axle. He'd ·lost about seven minutes with it. Whelchel had been fairly fly-ing around the track, but he got even faster on the fourth lap and recorded his fast lap for the day, Joe Pate/Ii had some close competition in Class 8, but kept his Chevy Blazer moving steadily both days, to go home with the win. . Dusty Times 1 I

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Jake Maness, from Colorado, drove his Jimco at a steady pace to Tim Carroll didn't like his Ford's suspension on Saturday, so he made eam a second place in Class 1-211600 when the two-day totals were Jeff Buss had his Raceco in front all the way both days to take the some adjustments, then took the win on Sunday and was second figured. weekend win in the Sportsman Buggy class by 13 minutes. ~pl_ac_e_,_·n_C_la_s_s _l_fo_r_t_h_e_w_e_ek_e_n_d_. __________ _ at 11:18, and cemented the win. were almost as much fun to watch ond, but now Herbst had 're-area, and pulled to a stop down Herbst, who'd started in the Then came Baldwin, Smith and as the trucks. Darnen Jefferies had corded the quick time for this by the flagman who used up two fourth row in his Ford-powered Collins who'd lost second gear. the lead in his Ford at the end of heat, at 11 :20, and was a very fire extinguishers before someone Smithbuilt Truggy. Steve Soura-Whelchel, who said he'd got only the first lap, and Smith ran sec-close third place. Everyone but thought to get the water truck pas had his V6 Chevy powered one dust-free lap, declared that ond, with Steinberger in third Baldwin was still running. over to help. That had the fire Jimco in third, 19 seconds later, all the stadium racing he'd done place. Their times weren't slgnifi-The three lead cars all re-out in no time. and Lobsam Yee ran fourth in his in the past "taught me a lot." candy different from those of corded less than 12 minute times When the scoring team did V4 powered Jimso. Keith Cun-When their race rolled around Saturday. Apparently the course on the last lap, and finished in their computing, the weekend ningham, in a Bonner Hawk, was on Sunday everyone was back ex-wasn't rough enough to effect the same order they'd been run-winner was Dan Smith, followed the only driver unable to make cept for Jim Baldwin. But this them much. Herbst'finished the ning in. Word came over the ra-by Jefferies, then Collins and that first lap. A rear tire had "ex-tirne Mark Post was driving the lap on a left front flat, pulled in dio that Steinberger had a rear Steinberger. ploded", ta~ing other parts and Number 3 truck, Josh Baldwin to his pit and was out again in 28 flat and would probably drop The fifth race of the day be-pieces with it. was in the Number 66 and seconds. Whew! back, but Steinberger wasn't longed to the Class 1 cars, who The lead pack was making Rodrigo Ampudia was in his pre-Smith moved into the lead on . about to let a rear flat slow him started at 12:30, and had an hour j t around the course, offi-runner, which carried Number 9. the second lap, with Jefferies sec-down. He ran on it. It got hot and 15 minutes to get their four cially declared to be 13 miles Dan Smith was still driving the ond and Herbst third, only 35 and as he came into the infield laps in. Dale Dondel, who started long, in-less t:han 12 minutes. Ford, because Dave Ashley, seconds behind the lead truck. thetirewasinflames.Hemadea inthefrontrow,wasstillthereat On the second lap Dondel who'_d beefi. scheduled to drive, Baldwin disappeared on this lap, • very. dramatic finish, hu_stled the end of the lap, and he had held his lead and Herbst re-was still recovering from an iptes-after rolling over and damaging through the post-race interview the lead with 24 seconds on Troy Continued on page 28 tinal ailment, and didn't feel well a spindle and the rear corner of enough to drive. his truck. Not a great weekend for As they staged a· corps of heli-the· Baldwin family vehicles. copters showed up,·hovering over Smith stayed in front and had the track, and then following the a 12 second lead at the end of race through to the end. They Lap 3. It was still Jeffereis in sec-Steve Barlow had one really good race in his Ford Protruck, got the win, then backed it up with a fifth place, but it added up to the weekend win in his class. -PIKES service center Baker, California Celeb,ating 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR • TRAVELING FRIENDS •.• THANKS! Mobil® SERVICE RESTAURANT Every Day Open 24 Hours Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Dusty Times . -Tfte Dlfferencel Dual Cylinder Brake Pedal Assembly Short or Tall Master Cylinders Features steel pedal with large foot pad, non-skid foot surface and total seal rubber boots. Adjustable balance bar for precise front/rear pressure ratios.Standard pedal length is 10.25". (5.2 to 1 ratio) CNC-204SD Steel Pedal, Short or Tall M/C Floor Mount. Fluidyne Heat exchangers & Transmission Co_olers DUN-0B30500 Heat Exchanger DUN-0B30503 Heat Exchanger DUN-0830504 Heat Exchanger DUN-0B30612 Trans Cooler w/Fan 2-pc Aluminum Drums Race Prep'ed CV 's March 2002 • MCK-0250-1 . CV Jt w/Cage-930 MCK-0251-1 CV Jt. w/Cage-934 IRS Axles from Sway-A-Way™ 300m 930 Race Axles 300m 934 Race Axles Driving Suits Standard Fire Retardant Cotton Proban Driving Suits. For more information give us a call or visit us online @ .I; / Page 27

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Martin Christensen drove his BMW powered Jimco to a third place on Saturday, a second on Sunday and finished his weekend with second place. Dan Fresh and Gick Susag (father of Cory) teamed up to take Bill Hernquist drove Rick Ellison's Chenowth to the Class 10 win on second place in Class 7S, by getting a second on Saturday and a Saturday, but Sunday their luck wasn't so good and they dnf'd. _th_i~.,..d_o_n_S_u~n_d~ay~in_t_h_e_ir_C_h_e_v_ro_le_t. __ --=-cc,--------=,----___,,.-----,-corded the fast lap for all classes for the weekend at 11: 16, but he was still second and 31 seconds back. Soura-pas held on to third and Yee was tied with Dale Ebberts, in his Toyota powered Jimco, in fourth. Tim Lawrence and his TLR truggy had disap-peared on this lap. And Scott McMillin was running late in his V8 powered Porter after a flat that cost him 10 min-utes on the first lap. Dondel, who was still out in front and dealing with no dust, held onto his lead. Herbst, who was fourth on the road on the other hand, was finding it "too dusty", but he held on to his second place, and Sour.apas was firm in third with Ebberts now fourth. Yee and Andrew Myers, in a Toyota Jimco, were both hanging right on his rear 'bumper. Doridel made no errors, and he'd run all four of his laps within six seconds of each other, to finish with a 68:69 mph average speed and the win. He wouldn't have gone much further, because one boot had come com-pletely disconnected from the c. v. , releasing all the lu-bricant. His crew had a little work to do overnight. Herbst, battling dust, aver-aged 66:35 in second place. Then it was Sourapas, Ebberts and Wayne Lugo in his new Craig Stewart built truggy. He said he "took out ~ce and almQs_t went ove!J b u t I had the best time!" Cunningham was fourth. As running, and so it was. pace, and Bruce Friedman and Myers, driving in Class 1 for Herbst circled the infield, be-Steve Barlow finished the Scott Steinberger each lost the first time declared it "was ginning his fourth lap, he re-first lap in first place in his about 17 minutes. Matt Sea-an adventure." alized he had a flat , so he Ford, but he had only 28 sec-roni, in the truck Olliges drove All of them returned for headed for his pit crew. It ands on Scott Steinberger in on Saturday, never did come Sunday's race, and this time took them 32 seconds to get another Ford. Jeff Dickerson, around at all. They'd somehow both Dondel and Herbst the change accomplished and in another Ford, was third and been involved in a big pileup, started in the back. Herbst in he thought he might have Steve Olliges, in Steve and things got jammed up for the fourth row and Dondel lost the lead right there. Scaroni's Ford ran fourth. a while. Dickerson and Barlow in the fifth, thanks to the But when it was all added Alan Pflueger had lost about both had to stop for new spare inverted start. And this time up at the end of the fourth lap, five minutes in his Chevy and tires and Steinberger had a flat it was Mike _Dondel, Dale's he had the win by one second. Dan Hunt lost a full lap when in addition to kind of brother. Brian Ewalt was driv-Dondel, who lost second gear he rolled his Chevy and peeled suspension problem. ing McMillin's car. on the final lap, was second,-off most of the body panels. Dickerson had the lead at There were not so many followed in by Stewart, 18 sec-On the second lap Barlow the end of the first lap, but had sub-12-minute laps in this onds later, and Cunningham, held his lead and Steinberger only a 12-second cushion. Alan event. Herbst took the lead ·another second back. Ebberts continued to push hard. Pflueger, who hails from Ha-on the first lap and then it hustling to finish in the top Dickerson looked good in waii, has learned a lot in the was a three-way tie behind five or six, took a bad bump third ·and Olliges was still brief time he's been racing a him, including D _ondel, or something just before the fourth. Jim Stiles, who has re-truck, and he slid into second Sourapas and Myers. Craig entrance to the infield and his cently begun racing in this place looking very competent. Stewart, in the car he'd built car rolled savagely, going over cla~s after a long hiatus with Stiles was in third place and for Lugo, was fifth, and Cun-many times. Sal Fish, only pccasional races, and Rick Johnson ran fourth. ningham, who'd gone out on SCORE's president, who wit-those in a buggy, was running Dickerson had to stop for a the first lap on Saturday, was nessed the accident, thought in the top half of the pack in new spare tire, which cost him looking good in about sev-it might have rolled six times. his Ford as he finished the sec-about 35 seconds. enth place. At any rate, it was scary. Both ond lap. He misjudged.the turn On the second lap both On the second lap Herbst Ebberts and his passenger were in front of the grandstands at Steinberger and Friedman dis-held his lead and the pack airlifted to a hospital to be the west end of the course, and appeared, and Dickerson lost ·thinned out. Myers ticked off checked out, though they had rolled his truck over, sending about six rninutes. Pflueger the fast lap for this heat, no visible injuries. They were some body pieces flying. It moved to the front, followed proving that he was getting released later the same day. cost him about five minutes, by Stiles, then Hogan and used to Class 1 pretty Darnen Jefferies hopped into but course workers got him Johnson. The third lap was quickly, at 11:38, and moved Ebberts' car, which, though back on his wheels and going tough for several trucks. Stiles into second place. Dondel subtly bent, had no visible again. got stuck on a hill and then ran third and Sourapas was damage to the cage, and drove Things looked pretty much was run into by Dave Hunt fourth. They were all within it to the finish to get the fin-the same through the third lap, (brother of Dan who drove on 18 seconds of one another. ishing points for Ebberts. and Steinberger recorded the Saturday), who'd lost his Herbst was having a good It took the computers to fig-fast time for the heat, at 12:41, power steering. They had the time, and held his lead, but ure the weekend winner be-but couldn't catch Barlow. It course blocked for a while and Myers dropped back when he cause the times were so close, was still Barlow, Steinberger, both teams lost about 14 min-acquired a front flat and that and when it was all done, the Dickerson and Olliges. But utes. Gregory Hansen, in a helped him roll his car over. Dondels had the victory, and then Dickerson disappeared on Dodge, lost six minutes with a He lost about six minutes. the quickest time of the week-the last lap. Barlow and Stein-mishap of some sort. And Now Dondel was up to sec-end, at 1:33:28 for the 104 berger finished their duel in somewhere· along the line Rein-ond, Stewart ran third and total miles. Herbst.was second, first and second, with Olliges ertson hit a rock and flattened I Chair. ProSeat Mandated by and Lugo and Stewart finished third and Rick Johnson up to a tire. third. fourth in his Ford. In fifth it Rick Johnson ticked off the The Protrucks and Class 8 was Al Hogan, who recently fast tim e for Sund ay's heat on trucks were next off the line. moved from Stock Full to this the fourth lap, at 13:32, but Originally this grou p had class. He decided it was "fun."-it didn't help mu~h . Pflueger planned to run on a five and a They all came back oh Sun-still took the win, with four half mile course, and to do day, but they didn't all finish good dust-free laps. Johnson about 10 laps. But after their the first lap. N ine of the m was second and Hogan third, course reconnaissance they ap-came around about as ex-followed in by Greg Lewin in parently decided that they pected , but Barlow and Rob Chet Huffma n 's Ford. Huff-would prefer the same long R einertson in a Ford, were man did the driving on Satur-course that everyone else was about four minutes off the day. For the most part, the % trucks were looking very used, up. It took a few minutes, but the scoring team got th e numbers sorted out and the weekend winner was Barlow, with an average speed of 55:76 mph. Rick Johnson was second and Al Hogan was third. · Back in the pack, Stiles said of his race, "the driver ain't what he used to be." But all agreed they'd had fun. The Class 8 trucks ran at the same time and they also completed four laps each day. Or, they tried to. On Saturday Nick Vanderwey put his Chevrolet into the lead early and then just stayed there. Keith Moore, in another C hevy, couldn't Vic Bruckmann drove his Jimco to the weekend win in SCORE Lites by putting finish the first lap due to a roll-over, togetherathirdandafirst. but D ennis Milner, in Beny Page 28 March 2002 Dusty Times

Page 29

Alan Gregory drove hfs 5-1600 car to the weekend win by getting a Mitch Griffin took his 15-year-old-niece along for the ride and with a second and a fourth in his Lothringer, finished the weekend with a first place. · John Griffin pulled a turtle-and-hare kind of deal with his big Hummer, and finished the weekend with a second place in the Stock Full class. hind him. Kennedy, who'd won mann, DeAtley and Kawell the first heat, got only three laps taking the first three posi-done this time, and then fell off tions. pair of second places in the heat races. Canela's Ford, ran second. He was having a good race with Joe Patelli in a Blazer. Vanderwey had no trouble and stayed in front but Patelli moved to second on the second lap, and then he and Milner switched posi-tions again and Milner was second on the third lap but there was smoke issuing from somewhere at the rear of the truck. Jeff Broughton had got stuck on the second lap and never made it around again. Vanderwey had the quick time for the h eat at 13:30 on his fourth lap, and he got his victory. Patelli moved up to finish second when Milner lost his alternator. H e also lost almost a full lap. Then he came around the last little bit of the course as the next race was staged and ready to go. As he neared the flagman the truck, with an innate sense of drama, stopped. It would not go. Milner and his passenger hopped out and messed around looking for the problem, but then de-cided they'd have to push. Flag men, course marshals, media people and various SCORE offi-cials stood by in sympathy as driver and co-driver literally put their shoulders to the tires and moved it forward about eight inches at a time. Then it would roll back four inches on the slight incline. After many minutes and much sweating and pushing, they made it to the finish line flagman and were declared official finish--eYS. All except Broughton came back on Sunday. This time Vanderwey went into the lead with Moore running second. But on the second lap Moore's truck began some serious backfiring, and he pulled out of the race. Patelli moved to the front on the second lap while Vanderwey, brother Larry at the wheel this time, lost about 13 minutes with a flat tire. The tire wasn't much of a problem, but the jack got stuck and they'd had to dig it out. Beny Canela, at nearly 66 years old, the oldest competitor at Laughlin this weekend, moved into second place. And through the third lap it was Patelli and Canela; and though Vanderwey was running strongly again, he'd never make up the deficit. Canela's third and fourth laps were quicker than Patelli's, and that moved him to the front and ·the win, by just 50 seconds. Patelli was second and the Vanderweys third. The weekend winner turned out to be Patelli, with an average speed of 50:26 in his Blazer. The Vanderweys were second and Canela and Milner were third. The final race of the day was for the SCORE Lite group, and they wen t off the line at 3:30, Dusty Times planning to run four laps in their ished first and second, and Bruck-allotted hour and 25 minutes. mann moved up past DeAtley to The cast of characters included finish third. The four leaders were Robert Lupfer who came all the within 59 seconds of each other. way from Florida to get in on the On Sunday the course was fun. RobertNucklesdidn'tgetto much rougher, and Jesse enjoymuchoftherace,sincehe Ashcraft was starting his couldn't finish the first lap, but Jimco with no second gear. ShadKennedyfinisheditandwas That wasn't so bad, but he in front in his Raceco. Behind also had an electrical prob-him it was Tom Ridings in his lem, and he needed a little Mirage, then Jeff Kawell in a pit work to clear that up, all Dunn tech, and David DeAtley, a of which set him back about local dri.ver from Needles, in a seven minutes right out of the Jimco. Kenny Stroud, driving this infield. Bruckmann went in to race in his Jimco (he drove Class the·lead this time with seven 10 in a different car) said the seconds on Ridings and coursewasmuchrougherthanit Kawell who were tied. In had been in the morning. fourth it was DeAtley, an-On the second lap Ridings fell other six seconds back. by the w ayside, victim of a bro-When they came around ken transmission and now Ken-the next time Bruckmanm netiy had a 38 second lead over had 15 seconds and DeAtley Kawell and DeAtley who were was second, followed by Rid-tied. Another 15 seconds later ings. The gentlema·n from along came Vic Bruckmann in a Florida, Robert Lupfer, had Jimco, in fourth P.lace. Kennedy's a long second lap and then second lap was the fast one for did no more laps. At the end this heat at 13:21. of Saturday's heat, when At the end of Lap 3 Kennedy asked how he liked his first had 37 seconds on Kawell, and west coast race, he'd said, "I then DeAtleywas third. Everyone loved it! This is the most fun else was running very close, doing I ever had in my life!" Won-similar times; so any mistake up der if he still felt that way? front would surely cost a position After three laps Bruckmann or two. But they didn't make any had 17 seconds, with DeAtley and mistakes. Kennedy and Kawell fin- Ridings still hanging in there be-Dale ani:J Mike Dondel combined their talents to win not only the Laughlin Leap, but also the Class 1 victory, and ended the weekend with the best time, at 1 :33:28 for the 104 miles. Macrae Glass put his Ford into Victory -Circle both days in the Stock Mini class, and finished the weekend as the victor. March 2002 the charts. Bruckmann ran Once again, the Laughlin event steadily through his fourth lap, got the SCORE season off to a to take the win, finishing with an rousing start, with some of the average speed of 56:64 mph. closest racing ever seen. It gave the DeAtly recorded the best time for spectators a chance to see close the heat at 13:31 on his fourth up just how competitive this form lap, and finished just 15 seconds of racing can be, and how closely shyofBruckmann's time. Ridings matched the teams are within was third, followed in by Kawell. their classes. It all bodes well for When the weekend times an exciting and highly competi-were computed it was Bruck-tive season in 2002. . ........ GOT SHOCKS? Your main source for the all new RaceRunner shock series from Sway-Away. Now avail-able in 2", 2 1/2", and massive '8C8 'llnner 3" body coil-over design. •11oc•• • Y 61t'A r -A •WA,. ,,~ THE SOURCE for off-road racing . equipment and services We now offer complete shock service~ induding custom . revolving and rebuilding. We sell and ser-vice FOX, BILSTEIN, and all SWAY-A-WAY shocks, including the new RACE RUNNER series. Play cars or race cars, Class 9 or trucks, 1/2 1600, even super-long travel A-arm cars, KARTEK gets you handled! ~ fiiil1!i 909-737-RACE ~F~O.d.J. 2871· Ragle W~y Corona, CA 92879 . open 7 days a week! Page 29

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SNORE AWARDS -BANQUET Tribute To The Champions By John Calvin Photos: Bob Bowers Frank Puglia worked hard all season to achieve the 5-1600 class award and spoke highly of his team. · Rob MacCachren (r) and Bruce Fraley were the overall points champions and TOP: Eric Shepard was the proud took the 1600 honors as well. winner of the Sportsman Buggy Some of the recipients of the Jimmy Schaeffer/Al Perino award pose for photographer Bob Bowers. OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wh.eels 15x3.5 & 15x7 $84.10 $89.10 Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15x 6 $129.95 $135.95 15 X 10 $146.95 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 247-1266 We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX Page 30. Class champion award. BOTTOM: Dennis McCarthy was all smiles as he accepted his Heavy Metal championship award. The winners group was a proud and happy one, loving what they do and doing what they love. Scott McMullen looks quite serious as he accepts his 10th overall points position for the 2001 SNORE season. Seventh overall in points was Day Gang (I), being hugged by aunt Kerry Freeman with Heather Hawley. March 2002 Mark Petit (r) and Mike Pinkerton took home the award for the Sportsman Truck Class championship. Kerry Freeman was honored for all her work for SNORE as was husband Kenny, the president of SNORE, a great pair. • Dusty Times

Page 31

Danny Anderson (I) and Jeremy Gubler collected a few th0usand for Andy Kisner was sixth in points and he also was awarded the lronman Jeremy Hannon was fifth o_verall in points tor 2001 and his $1000 Class 10 champs and third in points, Kerry Freeman and Chessa Of The Year award. award was gratefully accepted. assisting. -----"---"'---~-----------Jeff Carr didn't have the best of years but t,e still was ninth in overall points tor 2001. It was a full house at Michael -Gaughan's Gold Coast Hotel and Casino as the SNORE group gathered to reward and award their champions for. the year 200L . The festivities started early so that would be ample time for the awards and the raffle, the raffle usually consisting of so · many items that it literally takes hours to go through the ticket numbers and get the donated prize to the recipient. Dinner was a delightful buffet, loads of re-ally good food and lots of des-serts. • The Series Champion award went to Rob MacCachren and Bruce Fraley, they collected almost $40,000 in purse and took second in points, Jeremy Gubler was third, Bryan Freeman was fourth, Jeremy Harmon took fifth, Andy Kisner was sixth, Day Gang was seventh, Joe Sheble was eighth, Jeff Carr was ninth and Tom Craig was tenth overall in points. Mark Petit took the Sportsman Truck ho11ors, Eric Shepard took the Sportsman Buggy trophy, Frank Puglia took the 5-1600 honors, Dennis McCar-thy was the Heavy Metal winner, Mike Gaughan took home the True Grit Award and Jeremy Evans was named Rookie of the Year. Denny Selleck presented the most coveted Jimmy Schaeffer/ Al Perino award to Regan Gubler who was just slightly flabber-gasted when his name was called. After long hours of awards and raffles, th.ere was lots of dancing 'til the wee hours, As usual for a SNORE ban-. quet, the main ballroom was full, lots of people were dancin' into the wee hours and a great time was had by all. · Now we say goodby to a long 2001 season, the racing is done, the festivities have been enjoyed and we 're off to yet another year-of rac-ing, welcome 2002. . _-..,,. Dusty Times MENDEOLA RACING'S NEWEST OFFERING THE 'MDS' HITS 'BIG' AT THE PRIMM 300!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS IN . CLASS 10 AND CLASS 12 CLASS 10 - 1st PLACE CHRIS HARROLD #1006 Jimco-Honda (Major Performance) CLASS 12 2ND PLACE MIKE COHEN #1205 TOM SCHILLING Jimco-VW (Wik's Racing) CLASS 12-1 ST PLACE KORY HALOPOFF #1214 · HARLEY LETNER Bergdahl".'VW (Dave Bonner) * A~ excellent compliment to off-road racing's finest chassis and engines * The perfect 5-speed gear system fro pre-runners and dual sport recreational vehicles * The MOS is now available from all authorized Mendeola Dealers 290 Trousdale Dr. #J Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 691-1000 Fax (619) 691-1324 W\YW ,.rr1erideola r dC. i r1g. CO'l'l March 2002 Page 31

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FOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ONE YEAR! Maccachren Tells us How By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo & Bob Bowers Rob MacCachren Made it look easy. but it wasn't, he won four off road championships in 2001 in four different series, a feat not likely to be repeated. In 2001 Rob MacCachren accomplished a feat that looked impossible at· first glance: he ran a full season in four off road series and won championships in all of th~m. When MacCachren, who lives in Las Vegas, planned his 2001 season late in 2000, the idea of running multiple series never entered his mind. He planned to race with CORR, the midwest short course series in which he drives a Ford truck, and he kriew he would push hard with a goal of winning that series. Everything else was up -. . . •. ........~....-' -t.'fefnMJ . . '' '. 'li[] ......... w • • • • . NOW YOU CAN .GE1' 'JHE·$AMEaEAT SERVIC£ -AND PRODUC1'S 'RI£ WINNERS-GET-IN SNOR~ .; SCORE • CORR • BITD • MDR • BORE • MORE • VORRA • PRA • ASDA HAVE BEEN GmlNG FOR YEARS BEL RAY CV GREASE SWEPCO GEAR Oll #203-#212 --#201. 1.0% OFF CASE LOTS HEAVY DUTY CHALLENGER RIMS 930 cv·s AT A LOW PRICE $44.95 EACH OR BUY 4 AT 39.95 EACH NEW 4.86 002 BUS RING & PINIONS USA MADE 11 GALLON DUMP CANS WOOVEN BRAKE SHOES OWEL BALL JOINTS HELLA H - I - D LIGHTS PIAA HIGH - LOW LIGHTS YOKOHAMA TIRES SUPER DIGGER Ill 33 X 1.0.50 X 1.5 WHAT WE CAN DO TO PUT YOU IN THE WINNERS Cl~LE * MAGNAFLUX SERVICE * TRANSMISSION SERVICE * SHOCK SERVICE (REVALVE/REBUILD) * DRUM STUDDING IIEVADA DFFRDAD WOULD UKE TD CDll8RATUUTE DAIIIIY AIIDERSOII ....................... 2001 SCORE CUSS CHAfflPIDII fflACCACHREII/FIUU.EY mo,a■aPGRTa -----· 2891 acGIIE-8VERAU. & CIJlaa-CHAMPIGII · ....••• 2001 SIIORE OVERALL & CUSS CHAfflPIOII mqCCACHREII fflDTORSPORTI ••....•.. 2001 BllD CLASS CHAfflPIOn 2001 ffllll PRO 4 CHAfflPIOII 1-888-155-5900 Rob MacCachren (right) and SNORE partner Bruce Fraley took the 2001 SNORE championship, the climax of a winning season that was not to be believed. in the air. For one thing, Marie, decided they wanted CORR's calendar wouldn't to go to San Felipe to watch even be announced until the SCORE event in March, sometime in January, so he soak up some sun, do some couldn't be sure what date pleasure riding, and in gen-conflicts there might be. eral have a brief vacation. It Then his friend, Bruce sounded good to Rob, and Fraley, became sole owner of he and Bruce decided they a car he'd been racing with a might just as well take along partner. It was a 1600 car, the race car and give it a go and MacCachren knew it was as long as they were going to a good one. Fraley wondered be there anyway. They won if he'd be interested in com-again. And then they won the ing in as a partner. Rob de-late March SNORE event, cided it would be fun to use and discovered they were lead-the car to race in the SNORE ing the points in both series. series, which would be easy In the meantime, Mac-for him since it's right in his Cachren and St;eve Olliges back yard. AH he had to do made plans to compete in the was supply t h e motor, trans-Best In The Desert series, mission, shocks and some because, after all, it was close, miscellaneous parts and most and consisted of only four of the labor for prepping the events, so it'd be easy to do. car. Bruce was too busy with They drive a Ford Ranger in his business (race prep) to the stock-mini class (7300) in take much time out to work tha t series. The first race on his own car. MacCachren came up in April, in Pah-made the deal, and after work- · rump, and they got the class ing on it every day after two win. Now MacCachren was weeks straight, they had the leading the class points in car together. The SCORE three desert series, and he Laughlin race was coming up, hadn't even got to his first and they decided to run the short-course race. They nearby event just to see how started in May. the car worked. Altogether there were five It worked really well, and SCORE races, six SNORE they won the very cough 1/ races, four BITD races and 18 2-lo00 race. Then they went CORR races for a total of 33 on to the first race in the separate events. Eighteen of SNORE series, the first week them were short-course races in February. In this series on various midwest tracks, they'd decided to make and 15 were full blown desert Fraley be the Driver of or Baja races, In order to Record, just in case a con-keep the three vehicles on flict with the CORR series constant readiness, MacCach-would mean that Rob ren Motorsports had one couldn't be there to drive. It man on a weekly salary back turned out to be a good plan. in the midwest, and one part They got another win. Great! time employee, also in the They were off and running in mid west. He was a student the SNORE series. who worked after school Then M·acCachren's wife, hours. Rob also flew car Shannon, and his sister, builder, Nye Frank, out to HANNEMANN FIBERGLASS, ~C. Conversion Kits 84-88 Ranger _84-88 Toyota · 89-95 Toyota Fenders, Hoods and Bedsides for Chevy S-10, Chevy Full Sitt, Ford Full Size, Toyota and Nissan 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #3 * LAS VEGAS, NV * B9102 HOURS: MOfU'RI SA/IMiPM • SAT SAM-5PM (702}87:l.·5221 FAX -----1------11132 W:-Kirkwall Road, Azusa,eA--9t'10z--626-969-7317 www ' Page 32 March2002 Dusty Times

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the midwest for the races. For all the rest of the work on the other cars the prep work de-pended on MacCachren and a corps of volunteers. Rob, who was trying to not spend money, did most of the work on the buggy himself, with occasional help from his dad, Bob. He also prepped the. Ranger for three of the four events it ran. After the first weekend of CORR racing Rob was lead-ing the points there also. Once they realized that they led in four series, they de-cided they really _ought to race the Baja 500. They brought home a second place, and were still in the lead in class points and over-all points as well. Their fate was sealed. They were going to have to go for it. Rob said that when they had decided upon their ob-jective, "I was lookin' around goin' uh oh, there's not enough funding coming in from the sponsors to do it. That's why I worked so hard at winning races!" He needed the purse money from each · event to get the cars prepped for the next race. A shot in the arm came in June when he won the important "Governor's Cup" event at Crandon, Wisconsin, which rewards the winner with a fat $10,000 purse. He's now won that event two years in a row. And a couple of the SNORE races paid nice bo-nuses to his class for the win-ning car, and Ford has a healthy contingency program for Ford trucks racing in the BITD series. And he does, of course, have BFGoodrich tire sponsorship, as well as Ford (in the midwest) and some others. And he tells us he gets to buy buggy parts at a good price at his father's store, Ne-vada Off Road Buggy. He had a busy season. There were 23 race dates (in the midwest they race both days on the weekend, a·nd then the Governor's Cup event and the Borg Warner Cup event) and they weren't neatly spread over the season. A couple of times they had to turn the buggy around in a week's time. Having a.spare transmission and some extra A-arms and things like that helped a lot. They also had a couple of real conflicts, which meant that Driver of Record Fraley had to drive one entire SNORE event, and partner Steve Olliges did the duty at one BITD event. At the Vegas to Reno event he ran the first half of the race on Friday, then got out· of the truck, motored home, caught about three hours sleep, and went to the SNORE 250 the next day where he won the 1600 class. Rob tells us he spent 55 days traveling for the CORR events and another 27 on the road for the SCORE, SNORE and BITD. That meant a total of 82 nights in motels, away from his family. There were a few pre-run trips also, which he neglected to a-d.d-tnro- th-e-mta-1. The cosr of rooms, meals and volun-teer support runs highest at Dusty Times the SCORE races, where he typically gets charged $125 a night for rooms, and gener-ally has to have four rooms. At SNORE and BITD he of-ten had no motel expense be-cause they were in his back-yard. He saved a bundle by pitting with Danny Ander-son and Mark Hutchins, us-ing the same crew of volun-teers for all three cars and having everyone on the same race radio. He said that worked extremely well. He got another big boost for the race team wallet when he won the Borg Warner Cup at Cran-don in September. This presti-gious cup goes to the winner of a balls-to-the-walls event for the big trucks on the Labor Day week-end, and comes with a purse of close to $25,000. This was the third year in a row that Rob won the race, an accomplish"ment no -one else has matched. There was, he says, a lot of per-sonal sacrifice. There was little time for his wife, Shannon, or lilre-school daughter Hailey, or family in general. He spent many, many late nights working on the vari-ous vehicles, and loss of sleep and stress took a toll. Rob says the championships in SNORE and BITD couldn't have happened without partfl.ers Bruce Fraley and Steve Olliges. MacCachren reminisced a bit about how it all started back i 1982, when his dad asked him if he'd like to go buy a buggy and do some off road racing. His dad had been involved in racing for many years. Rob said, "But what if I don't like it?" His dad told him that would be O.K., they'd just sell RACE DRUMS These trick KARTEK designed units consist of a stock drum precision machined and augmented with a billet plate and heat treamed chromoly splined center for maximum durabil-ity. Accept NO substitutes. March 2002 the car if that happened,. But if he was going to race, he was going to have to learn to work on the car. He'd have to be the race prep man. He says that now he's glad about that, because he know how · the cars work. But at the time he hated it. He'd much rather have been out riding his bike with his buddies than in the shop work-ing on the race car. Now, he says, "I'm glad he made me do it." CORR series he won the Pro-4 season championship, as well as the two feature events. And then to top off his sea-son the American Auto Rac-ing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) named him their Driver of the Year at the At Large cat-egory. After 19 years of racing Rob MacCachren has done what no other off road rac·er has accom-plished. He won four champion-ships in one season. He took the Class l/2-_1600 season points at both the SCORE and SNORE se-ries, and in both of those he also won the overall champion-ships. Then he won the stock mini truck championship at the BITD series, and in the Rob's dad is justifiably proud of him. After reading an article abut his season in a lo-ca-1 paper he said to Rob, "It all finally came together didn't it?" Rob says it wouldn't have without the help of a lot of people, and particularly his dad, Fraley and Olliges. He also says luck was a big part of it, "When you have all your ducks in a row, if you don't have luck, it ain't gonna hap-" pen. 934/5 RACE BOOT & FLANGE For years KARTEK has been aware of the problems associated with the industry standarddouble boot flange design for 934/5 CV joints. Keeping these problems in mind KARTEK has designed a boot and flange to eliminate the boot failures that have plagued off-road racing in the past. KJ\RTEK's new Design teams a large durable high polymer boot with a chro-moly flange to provide maximum perfor-man.ce with minimum weight and size. KARTEK's micro stubs are used by some of the biggest names in off-road racing today. KARTEK takes pride in the quality and durability of their micro stubs, and in the quality parts from which they are assembled. Accept no substitutes. BATES BOOT FLANGE & LIGHTENED 930 & 934/5 CVs This KARTEK exclusive was designed to elimi-nate the CV overheating that is associated with the use of Bates boots. This trick flange sets the boot away from the CY. This flange allows for the use of lightened and standard CV joints. KARTEK's lightened CVs are ·precision machined to allow them to stand up to the rig-ors associated with off-road racing. Page 33

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FRT DUNAWAY DASH Chuck Hovey Claims Victory _in 2001 Finale By Judy Smith Photos: C&C Race Photography Chuck Hovey was first to start and he was first to finish the Dunaway Dash, shown here at ve,y high speed. Chuck Hovey had every-thing his way at the FRT year-end celebration at Plaster City, and he took the win in the Dunaway Dash, the last race of the year. As usual, fine weather greeted the competitors. and many made the race the end of a holiday week of off roading, with family camping at various favorite spots in the desert or dunes. The bikes and quads had their fun in the morning, while the cars and trucks didn't get to start until noon. The rest of Southern California had clouds and showers, but Plas-ter City woke to warm sun-shine and clear skies. with slight breezes to move the dust off the race course. Per-fect racing weathe~. Hovey was first off the line in his V4 powered Jimco, and as expected, took full ad-. vantage by recording a very quick lap of 29:05 for the 27.3 mile loop. He later said that the last 10 miles of the course "was abut the rough-est stuff I've ever seen." The course was entirely to the north of Highway 80, skirt-ing the Navy's bombing range, and including several trips through various sections of Coyote Wash. TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING, INC. SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of_ The Year Congratulations Dale & Mike Dondel SCORE Laughli~lass 1 Winners Laughlin Leap Winners TRANSAXLEENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 9763 V ARIEL A VENUE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 34 March 2002 Mark McMillin moved up through the pack and was able to grab the second spot in Class 1 with a trouble free run. Fast as Hovey was, he had only 55 seconds on second place Scott McMillin in his V8 powered Porter. But Mc-Millin was watching the tem-perature on his transmission, which had been reading hot from the green flag. In third it was Shawn McCallum in the 3.2 liter powered Jimco, another 50 seconds back. And Larry and Miles Wyatt ran fourth, another eight sec-onds behind him. McMillin stopped at •his pit to pou.r water on the transmission, in hopes of cooling it enough to make it last. But it was to no avail, and before the second lap was done, the trans was finished. At the end of the second lap Hovey had two minutes and 29 seconds on McCal-lum, and Mark McMillin had moved his V6 Ford powered Chenowth (actually his dad's car) up into third, another minute and two seconds back. The McMillins were having an interesting few days. They'd made the Saturday before race day (which was Monday) into "Employee Appreciation Day" and in-vited all the McMillin em-ployees out for a day of play-ing in the desert. They catered a nice lunch for everyone and then offered rides to any of their employees who wanted to know what it was their em-ployers did on those long race weekends. They marked · out a six mile long "course", . using parts of the actual rac~ course already marked for the race, and all told, using a fleet of six cars (race cars and pre-runners) they gave 163 rides. Hovey had his only "prob-lem" on the second lap,-when his tool kit came unstrapped and it started banging against his feet. He rescheduled his fuel stop, and pitted on the end of Lap 3 instead of the planned Lap 4 stop, and tossed the annoying tool kit out. He had a lead of just less than three minutes at that time, with McCallum still running second. Bu.t McCal-lu m was tiring, struggling with only front brakes, and Continued on page 36 Steve Mamer had a great day, just a quick fuel stop on the way to a nice Class 10 victory. Todd Stemmerman may look out of control but he isn't, just ask all the guys who finished behind him in Class 5. Dusty Times

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SNORE PRESENTSTHE BUFFALO BILLS "400" . . -APRIL 12-14 '~ 'P~o f 600 Sanctioned 6velft" $2,500.00to 1s"t in class 10 & .1600 * , $2,000.00 to 1st in class 5-1600 ~nd 9 * This is the 3rd race in the Race Details Location: Primm, NV Course: 80 miles 5 laps: class 1, 10, 1600 &5 4 laps: class 5-1600 & 9 3 laps: Heavy metal, Mini metal & Sportsman buggy 2 laps: Sportsman truck & class 11 · Rooms: Call 1-800-Fun-Stop and mention SNORE and recieve a ~pecial room rate Official Fule of SNORE 2002· SNORE POINTS CHAMPION WILL RECEIVE A 2-1600 BUILT BY FRALEY PERFORMANCE AND THUS FAR HAS THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS INCLUDED ......... lllliaiiMli8ilMiill lFoDDRILL ARMsl ai&{Llf::, . Fr_iday, April 12 Fun Run-2pm Driver Registration 5pm -9pm Tech lnspection5:30pm - -9:30pm Drawing 9:30pm Saturday, April 13 Drivers Meeting 8 am Race Starts 9 am ( 10 hour time limit) Sunday, April 14 Awards Ceremony 9am at Primm Valley resort conference center SNORE HOTLINE 452-4522 / SNORE WEBSITE WWW.GO-DESERT.COM

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The Loidice/LoftonNance trio gave it a good run in their pre-run Kenny Stroud ran second all race long, made one quick stop and Carlos Ayala's first race in this car was·quite successful, he ran up to Jimco and were fourth in the fast running class. flew in for second spot in Class 10. second spot in Class 5 for a nice finish. the fact that this was "one of iter strap mount to replace Bill Pate, out to play for the be a good one, and at the end change and Shawn's dad, the roughest races I've ever the broken one. The Wyatts first .time in a long time, of the fourth lap he led by Larry, got in to -do the last driven." He also stopped at had moved up to third place, didn't manage to get through five minutes. Now McMillin. two laps. The Wyatts didn't the end of Lap 3, for fuel, an another minute and a half his third lap in is Type IV was second and the McCal-· finish this lap, and now Matt air filter change and a bit of back, and Mark McMillin was powered RCD chassis. lum car had dropped to third Loiodice (Mike Julson's step-welding to make a ne:w lim-clos'e behind them in fourth. Hovey's day continued to after they made a quick driver son) Justin Lofton (Bob DEIST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-polnt sand rail seat belt RACE BELTS 2• · 5 point mount 3• • 5 point mount SIDE COVERS IRS. Swing axle KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# 200mm-up to 31XXH. GERMAN AUTO PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# RACING PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks .............. . ~ puc lerramic .......... .. 4 puc ferramic with spring hub · · .. ·~· Lofton's son), and John GERMAN A. ·uTa Vance (their crew chief), in · -:he team's pre-run Ji1nco, and SACO MAGNUM RACK Billet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930 or T-4 cages 930 or T·4 or T-2 flanges Trick boots (specify) . 930CVstar "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS s• travel-stock width 8" travel-widened beam 10• travel-stock width 10• travel-widened beam TRI Mil EXHAUST T·11½"chrome T-111/z"raw T-11 518" chrom T-11518" raw T-4chrome T-4 raw · GERMAN AUTO .HATS GER.MAN AUTO ct-SHIRTS. specify M.LG.XLG . .. .. ,,.~~ driving a race for the· first .d:~k'~• time, had moved up to PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4englne, utilizes T-1 alternator, Includes alternator stand MAGNUM SPINDLES. MK/ . MK/I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal With chrome pedal. With hydraulic throttle Replacement slave SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion . Mount plate Coupler. Rack steering stops ~-" C:'~IIC.""~;;, fourth. From that point on they VA_LVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1.7, 1.8, and 2.0 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears · lite spindle mounts too FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin ............ 413() Chromolv Stock length ......... pr. . /¼"longer ...... .. 2 ¼ • longer .......... pr. 4" longer-coil over style pr. CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods w/ends. lsoecl/v Ford or International) set . .. SACO REAR TRAILIMG ARMS 3" X 3" .......• 1-21600, 5-1600. CATALOG .. .. ran in the same order, Hovey slowing a bit each lap as his crew kept him informed of the amount oflead he'd built up. At the finish he was all grins, saying "What an awe-some run! I really love this car!" He was by then about six and a half minutes up on the McMillin car, which re-ported "zero trouble" for the day. The McCallums who fin-ished with a left rear flat, the sh.redded tire still clinging to a badly broken wheel, were third another four minutes later, and the Loiodice, Lof-ton 9-nd Vance tea 1n was fourth. The Class 10 cars were next to go off the line, and · . when they came back around Steve Mamer had his J imco in the lead by about a minute .and a half. Kenny Stroud was running second, in the old that made history when Steve Sourapas drove it (then a Class 10 car also) to the overall victory in the 1985 Baja 1000. In third is was Sam Hilfiker and David Marini in another Jimco, about a minute further back. Charlie Watters, in the Gerry Scott Honda powered J imco usually driven by Chris Harrold, was surprisingly far back, his roof flapping after a hurried climb out and back in on Charlie's part. It seems his steering shaft had broken, just below the wheel, and he was finishing the lap with vise-grip steering. On the second lap Mamer had built his lead to almost three minutes, and Stroud was still in second with Hilfiker and Marini third. Watters had dropped even further back, after having his steering wheel welded back on to the shaft. Mamer and Stroud contin-ued their one-two chase through the third lap, witn Hilfiker and Marini running steadily in third place. Rich-ard Beck and Bill Derose were running-fourth in their •Jimco, and Toby Gaerin had fifth place in still another 11324 Norwalk Blvd-~ Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 ·s&2-863-1123 J imco. Watters was las-t, try-FAX 562•929-1461 ing to move up, and pushing hard, but he had s01ne flats. Page 36 March 2002 Dusty Times

Page 37

Matt Scaroni was quick in his. Pro Truck, having to ~top once for Steve Reynolds and Jason Corfman were third in 1600, having to Lance Magin finished a great fourth in class after losing mucho time water he settled for the second spot in class. overcome some shifter problems and a bit too soft suspension. _re~p_la ...... c,~·ng~th.,,.e_t,.ra_n_sm.,,.,__,·ss,--io_n_. _1,...e_a_d.--o"f_4,....,2=--s-e_c_o_n_d.---s _--:T=-h_e_s_p_e_c-T hi n gs stayed the same They all got through the first to five minutes, and it was took the win, his sixth of the through the fourth lap, lap in pretty good shape, with now Ayala in second place. year, a clean sweep for 2001. taters loved it as they dueled though Harrold took over for Todd Stemmerman in the This was Ayala's first race in Ayala was very happy with his past the long pit row. Barbee Watters, and they still ran lead by just two seconds. Ken this car, and he was having no second place, and he also re-was a distant third, having last. This proved to be the Schertzer was second, and he problems with it. Schertzer ported no problems at all lost about 15 minutes on this last lap for Beck and Derose, had just 57 seconds on Rich-had fallen to third, another with the new car. lap, and Edgmon never came as well as Hilfiker and Marini. ard Burnworth. Then came 12 minutes back. And Wyatt The Class 8 trucks took off around again. At the end of Lap 5 Carlos Ayala in fourth place. had a quicker lap but went next with a lot of noise and On the third lap Mamer had seven minutes on The only one who'd had straight into his pit, his mo-dust, and Matt Scaroni was Dickerson was in front, but Stroud, who had 14 minutes some trouble was Josh Wyatt tor not sounding good this first on the road at the end Scaroni wasn't giving up eas-on Gaerin, who'd been driv-(Larry Wya_tt's nephew), and time. He never got any more of the lap in his Ford ily and was in hot pursuit. ing with no power steering he'd already lost about 23 laps completed. Protruck. But he wasn't first They put on a tremendous since the first lap. The ram minutes and was running on At the end of the fourth in class. That was Jeff show. Barbee lost a couple of had broken and he had no three cylinders. lap there were only two cars Dickerson, in another Ford hours, and ultimately com-spare. He also had a badly At the end of the second running. Stemmerman had Protruck, running behind pleted only three laps, but we bent tie-.rod, adding to his lap Burnworth was gone. the lead, and Ayala was about Matt in a perpetual dust don't know what went wrong misery. Harrold was only six Stemmerman still led, with three minutes behind him. cloud, but still 27 seconds with his truck. Dickerson had minutes behind him. three minutes on Schertzer, Stemmerman was enjoying up because he started 45 sec-lost a fuel pump on this la·p, Mamer, who says he's re-who had about two minutes his new 22.80cc motor, and onds behind him. Robert but made a quick switch to worked his front end a little on Ayala. Wyatt was still hav-had no problems at all. He Edgmon was third in another the spare and lost no time. since the last race, had a clean ing trouble, and used over an stopped a couple extra times Ford and Pat Barbee, still Scaroni hadn't prepped his day, stopping only once, on hour to do his second lap, to give rides to a pair of new another Ford, ran fourth. truck since the BITD race ear-the last lap, to dump a little but he made it around. co-riders, but had no me-_On the second lap lier in the month, and he lost fuel. He sailed cleanly On the third lap chanical trouble. And at the Dickerson was right on a circuit breaker, and was run-through the last lap also and Stemmerman built his lead end of the day Stemmerman Scaroni's bumper, and had a Continued on page 38 took the win by about eight ,--------------------------~ minutes. Stroud was second, also having stopped only for fuel, and he added some oil also, because his oil light was on almost the whole race. Then as Gaerin messed up a turn thanks to his steering, and got stuck, Harrold and Watters moved up to finish in third place, about 16 min-utes later. After someone helped him out the sand where he was stuck, Gaerin came on to finish·fourth, say-ing, "Am I glad that's over!" +le had blisters as big as quar-ters on both hands. There were five Class 5 cars at this event, but it was too tough for several of the m . Jeff Dickerson led all the way on time in his Pro Truck, had a great day, took the win and was third overall. Eric Allen had a slight memory lapse in the fuel department but he soldiered on to take the 1600 win with his brand new motor. 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ning hot. He had to make a water stop on the next lap. Dickerson continued to run with no problems, stop-ping only to take on fuel and change passengers. He took .the win and finished third in the overall standings. Scaroni took second, saying he needed "more gears." The 1600 cars were next to go, and they all made it around for the first couple of laps. At the end of Lap 1 the lead belonged to Eric Allen in his Jimco. But he had only 24 seconds on Brian Ickler, also Jimco, who was a minute and 14 seconds up on Garit Wallace in a Dunrite. Steve Reynolds was fourth in his Bunderson, Manlio Moreno i:an fifth in his Curry Chas-sis, and the rest of the cars were all running close enough to be threatening. Eric Will-iams, usually in the thick of things fn his class, was miss-ing from the race, too sick with the tlu to even want to Rod Fantelli and Charlie Bignell took the Group 7 win, overcoming distributor problems on the first lap. The Kern/Pfankuch/Neff trio had some problems but they managed to take the Class 9 win in Neff.'s first race. race. . At the end of Lap 2 Allen had only 21 . seconds on Ickler, and then· Re.vnolds had moved up to third, with Moreno in · fourth and .Wallace in fifth. But Moreno lost his transmis·sion on the next lap and Wallace disap-pear'ed also, changing the pic-n.tre . . Allen was still leading.; at the end of the third lap, and Ickler and Reynolds were third and fourth, but now· David Scaroni, in a Ji,1:nco, -was four-th and Dan Alvarez and Humberto Rodriguez ran fifth in their Chenowth. At the end of four laps it was still Allen, but he still had less than a minute on Ickler. Reynolds, whose sus-. pension was too soft in the rear, was third and Scaroni was fourth. Scaroni had run into someone hard on the first lap and was worried that he'd damaged the front end of his car, but it was all hang-ing together. Alvarez and Ro-driguez were fifth. On the fifth lap Ickler took over the lead for a while, out hen had a flat tire and lost it again·, and at the end of the lap it was still Allen in front. Ickler wa·snow _ne;uly five minutes back, with '.Reynolds six minutes behind hi"m. But Reynolds had put . Jason ·corfman in to do the last two. laps. 'Corfman, who'd ridden in .. the Dickerson truck for the first three laps, allowed as how the "Protruck was a little bit". Scaroni was still ' fa"urth, followed by Alvarez and Rod.riguez. Allen pressed on to take the win. He reported that his major problem had been ab-sent-mindedness. He'd for-gouen to stop for fuel on the assigned lap, and when his crew radioed frantically, he had to backtrack about an eighth, of a mile to get back to them. His motor, bought from Tommy Watson just the day before, had been brand new at the start of the race except for one. "break-in" SYSTEMS BY PARKER PUMPER PU'9f!IIT helmets . ,,.,,' . $24 !!!!00(wired} ~ MPER The complete source for racers andCTeWS 1.B00.700.2350 fax: 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • /\/lira Loma, CA 91752 Page 38 lap the length of the pit row. Ickler finished second, that one rear flat his only prob-lem. Some spectators had changed it for him quickly, and put· on his spare, but the spare was a front and he made another stop at .his pit to get a rear, losing a few more precious· minutes. Reynolds and Corfman were third, reporting !1 little "shifter problem" alox:ig with the too-soft suspension. In fourth it was Scaroni, who drove an entire· race himseif for th_e first time. He said, "It's not as much fun, but I can do it." And Alvarei and Rodriguez said they'd had carburetor problems, so that the car stalled in the rough stuff, but otherwise, "it was perfect." The FRT people put all small trucks in the same class, and this time there.was an entry of eight, a mix of Class 7 (highly modified) 7S (slightly modif\ed) and Stock Mini (hardly modified), all out to have a good time. To no one's surprise, Perry Mc-Neil had his Class .7 Ford in the lead,. at the end of the first lap, with 44 seconds on Ja-son Jernigan in another Class 7 Ford. In third place it was Lance M-agin, in a Stock Mini Ford, driving with hand con-trols, in only his second race in the vehicle. He's not a nov-icl:! racer, just new to this truck. Magin lost the use of his legs many years ago, and in the interim has been do-ing some stock car racing. On the second lap McNeil still led, and was now about two and a half minutes in front ofJernigan (McNeil has about 20 years experience on everybody else in the class). Magin was still third. McNeil's other truck, a Ford 7S, with Perry's son, Justin, driving, dropped out on this lap. On the third lap McNeil got most of the way around developed some problem and abruptly pulled off course and motored to his pit, never to come around again. That left Jernigan in the lead, and now Rod Fantelli moved his very reliable Ford into second place, while Jeremy Johnson and Justin Gentile had their Ford irt third. Magin had a disaster'. As he went p·ast his pit on the very beginning of this lap he hit a bump and the driveHne pulled off and ·broke the transmission, For-tunately, he was right in front of his pits, so the crew went to work making the re-placement.· But it cost him an hour and a half. J.C. An-drews and Khris Kading were now fourth in their stock-mini Ford. Jernigan continued to lead through Lap 4, with 40 min-utes on Fantelli, who put Charlie Bignell in to drive the final three laps. Johnson and Kading ran third, an-other houi:. and 20 niinutes down. By the end of the fifth lap there were basically only Jernigan and Fantelli/Bignell running, Jernigan in front. But then Jernigan _had some crisis out on the course, and never made it to the finish. Bignell and Fan-telli, who'd lost about 12 minutes on the first lap with a distributor problem, but had no trouble the rest of the day, took the win. Jernigan earned second place with his five laps, and Johnson and Kading were third. Magin re-corded a fourth place with just three laps finished (he did one more after the trans replacement). He was-a little Jason Lakin and Todd Cunningham made their maiden trip in a new car and were more than overjoyed with the 5-1600 win. March 2002 disappointed to be flagged in after that long·lap, feeling he could have completed one more lap before the -six p.m. closing time. But it turns out he'd have ended his day in fourth place either way. The Class 9 cars were next to go. At the end of the first lap Ray Neff, age 15-1/2, and in possession of a brand new learner's per'Init, was in the lead in the Kit car of Julie Kern. Neff was driving in a race car for the first time. He had nearly two minutes on Trey Somers and Wally Palmer in a Ji mco who were second. In third it was B.J. Bates ih' a HiJumper, and in fourth it was Daniel Reyes and Jose Gonzalez, another eight minutes down. Reyes and Gonzalez were unable to get their second lap com-pleted. Neil's luck didn't hold, and a balljoint broke on the second lap, but he was at the point where the course pinches in very near the pits, so he just headed in for re-pairs. But at the end of that lap Somers Palmer had taken over the lead. Bates had moved up to second place, about four and a half min-utes down. And when Neff finished hi's lap he was in third place, and hopped out of the car to let Adam Pfank-uch have his turn at driving. Somers and Palmer still led at the end of the third lap, but Pfankuch had moved back into second, about two minutes behind "them, while Bates ran third, another five minutes down, having discov-ered that his new toy didn't handle "worth s-" to quote his dad, Gary. By the end of the fourth lap Pfankuch had the lead, with 13 minutes on Somers and Palmer, who"d lost about 10 minutes with some kind of problem. Pfankuch now got out of the car, and Julie got in, ready to finish the race. Bates was a minute down to Somers and Palmer, in third. He also got out, to let his dad, Gary, drive the final two laps. Kern held on to the lead, and still had 10 minutes at the end of the fifth lap. Som-ers and Palmer now had 10 minutes on. third place Bates. It was getting to be a· little late in the day, and when Bates came around, he was flagged in, flagman Fud thinking he'd not be able to complete another lap in the Dusty Times

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Jason Jernigan led the class for a few laps but disappeared on the T;ey Sommers and Wally Palmer led for a few laps in Class 9, had fifth lap for a not-too-nice dnf. problems on lap 4 but hung in for a nice second place. Megan. Allen and Cera Lindsey actually didn't finish due to motor problems, they were still awarded the Sportsman win. time allotted. Bates wasn' t ningham uncontested on end of that lap. Megan happy,. but ultimately, i t the course. This was the Allen and Cera Lindsey didn't change his finish position. fir~t time out for both the were second, and they Itdidmeanhedidn'tgettodrive caf and the drivers, and kept moving through twol~ps, however.. they had a small prob-their second lap, looking Kern, Pfankuch and lem with the throttle like finishers. But then, Neff got the win, finish-hanging up. They drove while Lindsey was driv-ing nine minutes in all six laps with every ing, the fan belt br,oke front of Somers and even times, and earned and it wrapped itself Palmer who were second. themselves a finish and around the spare thx:ottle Pfankuch said they'd a win in their first. try. return spring, and s_ome-had a really good race, Good_ job. · how jammed the thro,ttle because they broke "only The Sportsman classes full-on, giving Cera a one balljoint." . ran only fur laps, but quick and short ride off In the 5-1600 class it some of them found that course and out of the was only a two car entry, difficult. Paul Kay's way. Although she .shut and then the Troy Toyota bombed out on it off as quickly as she Steingraber/Telly Philo the first lap, and Rod could, it had already spit car h it a truck on the McCain's Class 9 Chen-the dipstick out of the first lap, and were unabl e owth made o·nly one lap, engine, which· didn't sur-to go on. That left.Jason though he had the-vive the trip. Still: Allen Lakin and Todd Cun-Sportsman lead at t4e and L indsey go into the . '' HONDA Power Equipment POWEil record books as the Eve celebration was de-Sportsman winner for layed quite a bit because this event. . . the vehicle that went out In the Sportsman to fetch them in also Truck cat·egory, there broke its transmission was only one entry, the and everyone spent way diesel pow·ered Ford Ex-more time ·out in the curs ion· of Steve Scaroni. desert than they'd in-Soaroni was giving rides tended. (th.e car has a third seat) As always, the New a,~d taking his time go-Year's Eve race was a in.g around, but did get good one. The FRT pro-fpur laps done to get a vided a challenging finish and a win. course, and the weather ' In Class 11 only the stayed clear and mild, team of Greg· Horr and while the competition Ghuck Deck came to was fierce and friendly. ring out the old year_ The FRT starts the They got three laps ac-2002 season off with the complished, and then King of the Desert event, broke I their transtnis-at Lake Superstition,. on sion. Their New Year's February 16th. ..-.1"'6 RACER & SPECTATOR DISCOUNTS EB6500 . HONDA Power Equipment Dusty Times •GENERATORS• OUTBOARD ·ENGINES • GENERAL PURPOSE. ENGINES •WELDERS• WATER PUMPS • LAWN MOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS • TILLERS California's Largest Source for Bonda Po~er Equip1ne_.t Parts and Inventory If WE 0011'1 HAVE IT, NO ONE OOES! Check our website: WWW.KAWAGUCHI HON-DA.COM KAWAGUCHI HONDA CORP. . I • 35;32 East 3rd St.• Los Angeles, CA 90063 Nothings easier. (323) 264-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 For optimum performance and safety, please read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2000 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. .,_2=1• z_108 March 2002 Page 39 ◄ l

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WHIPLASH PARKER GRAND PRIX Desert Bikes And ·ATVS By Mike Del Col Photos: Trackside Photo Todd Johnson takes the checkers high in the air, he took the Pro 10 motorcycle win at Parker. Whiplash's Parker Grand Prix is an event on the Whiplash calendar that stands out for bike and ATV racers. It's a race that is real interest-ing, and one of those races that you really like; or you really hate. The trick is a land rush, or "smoke bomb" start on a long field, that funnels 'l, through a very tight corner. If you 're.;· out front -no problem. If you are ' more than a few places back -the dust can make it really tough going, and a very long one hour race. The race track was created by Whiplash a few years ago, and is a-three mile lap that has lots of flat out, straight sec-tions, a really nasty whooped out cen-ter section that has no rhythm, and a really big table top jump for the fans excitement. All of this takes place on the outskirts of Parker just west of the airport -and is called "The Gauntlet". Open Pro Todd Johnson on the #3 Yamaha earned an easy victory after a not so great start. Todd wanted to thank John and Alan at Damitio Construction for their sup-port, and Ben over at Ben's cycle works for getting his bike running great. Johnson came thru the first tum 'in sixth position in the race, but had passed the lead riders by the completion of the first lap. Kyle Beshaw (Wickenburg Oil, Valley Ka-wasaki) blasted to a hole shot lead into the first turn, looking very fast in the land rush start, and was the runner-up in the class. Kyle's crew also got an added bonus for the week-end, with a swarm of angry bees that made a home in their trailer. A num-ber of people got stung, and an offi-cial beekeeper type person was dis-patched to the scene to remove the bees. It made for an interesting after-noon. Bradley Fuhrmann on the # 11 Terminal Velocity Racing Team Ka-wasaki got the bronze medal. Bill Williford was the fourth bike through the comer at the end of the land rush start, and was the winner in the MCM class on the #33 bike. Steve Richards was the runner-up in the class on the #36 bike, and ran a good race. Brian Steber (Beetee Per-formance) was the third place win-ner in the class. Chris Godfrey on the # 108 bike (Pll, MSR, Marley Racing)nad a great race getting the win in the MCI class, besting nine other racers in the class. Crazy man and frequent Ebay shopper Cecil Schrader had the hole shot going into the first turn, but could.not maintain the lead. Pernell Yazzie was the second place finisher and J. D. Duffey (Luxury Wheel Co.) finished third. Jeff Sims (Zmoto Cycle and Sport) had a good race for a· fourth place finish, and Kevin Ecker (Meyer Dist.) brought home the fifth place trophy. · Joey Jochen-McDonald (Arizona Paint Specialties) bested 11 other rid-ers on the #2:10 machine and got the win in the MC2 class. Joey had a rsTRIC7.LY 'ERFORMANCE tight race with Ben Huchinson (MKB Construction) on the #229 bike. Ben had to settle for sec-ond place. Michael Parks (Vic's Plumb-ing, Scott USA) fin-ished a good race in the third spot in the class. Scott Young (White Brothers) and Rodney Bell (Pre-mier Motorsports) finished out the top five riders in the class in some very close racing. f· . --Page 40 Duallty product!i built in hou§e along with Fabtech, PIAA. BF6oodrlch, Weld, Camburg Engineering, Autofab, King 5hock!i, Fuel 5afe, plu!i hundred!i of other quallty product!i and acce!i!iorle!i. • Shacks • Rall Cages • Exhaust Kits • Wheels & Tires • Suspension Kits • Off Raad Bumpers • Custom Fabrication We !ipeclallze In Cu§tam Fabrication And Lang Tra11EI !iuspenslan !iystems. Tall F,-ee: [B66) 4B0-3556 B49 Mitchell Road #40i:!, Newbury Park Tel: [B05) 480-3556 • Fax: [BOS] 4B0-3557 §trictlyP-erformance. net In theMC3 class Robert Kinnaman (Rainbow Studios) was flying at the start, getting through the first turn in class, ancl · third overall. Rob-e rt brought the #320 machine home for the win over · a dozen very · fast racers. Robert March'2002 Chris Godfrey passes Kyle Beshaw on his way to the MC1 class win, besting 8 other riders. Palmer (Western Honda) on the # 302 bike lost a narrow decision for the second place in class, with Joseph Enz (OB's Pub, Woody's H) a close third. Travis Jones (Zmoto), and Nathan Gerberich (Riefkohl Con-tracting) rounded out the top five finishers in the class. The MC4 division is one of the most competitive Whiplash classes in the desert, and fielded ten tough rac-ers in the class. Mark Brewer (PV In-teriors) won a close race over James Gainey (M&G Repair). Ron Simp-·son, Richard Epperson and Jayson D. Fails were the top five of the class. Jeremy Butler (Tucan Racing, Butlers Roost R.V.) was the first to the checkered flag in hotly contested MC5 battle. Anthony Castillo on the #592 bike was a close second place and Cary Wallace got the bronze medal. Bill Drew :md Kevin Steber also had good races for top five fin-ishes. Honorable mention should also go to Michael Wyckoff on the Bob Kinnaman takes to the air as he heads towards his fine win in the MC3 class at the Parker Grand Prix. Neil Goodell gets ready for touchdown as he heads to his win in the 06/40+ category ' I •

Page 41

I I There were 11 in the running for the MC2 win but it ended up in the lap With the overcast sky as a backdrop, Marl< Fisk sails to a nice win in Arthur Sims flew to a great win in the 07/50+ category, besting seven of Joey Jochen-McDonald. the 06/40+ category. other riders. ======================= Mark Brewer shows perfect riding form as he heads for the checkers Flying to the MC5 win, Jeremy Butler beat out 18 other riders for his Making it look easy and showing perfect exuberant form, Kyle Jones in the MC4 category. ~go_l_d_m_e_da_l._-=--------,c-----,---=-------=------,,-----=-,---,-,c---=-=------,--- _to_o_k~t~h_e_M~C_9~w,_·_n_w_i_th_ea~s_e_. -~~-~-~--~~-~ #57 8 Suzuki who was the fastest racer bike. Shop) and Larry Beshaw (Valley Ka- out the race and finished in second took home the silver medal with a down the land rush start, and took a Neil Goodell(Hale's Motors) had wasaki, Wickenburg Oil) completed and third respectively. Mark good race. Olen Webb Jr. (Dirt & spectacular tumble going into the sec-it going from the start, taking the first the top five positions. Sinkovich finished in the fourth Street) finished in the third position, ond tum of the race that definitely turn among the first five racers. Neil Mark Fisk (Ben's Cycle Works) spot, and Lonnie Demarsh (L&M with Don Bull ·falling back into would have made the highlight reel got the win with a fine race in the was the fastest rider of the class on Racing) finished fifth after running fourth. Don was running strong on Sportscenter. Fortunately, MC6 class. Mike Becker (Progressive the #747 bike in the MC7 class. second in the class early in the race. early, but faded. Emory Brocher had Michael was not seriously hurt, Motorsports) had a good race on the Mark had a great start, and stayed The MC8 class was a tight race· a nice top five finish for the day. crashed right in front of a well posi- #638bikefinishingsecond.Steve Feld out front for the entire race. Jim withArthurSims(Zmoto)getting the Kyle Jones ran away with a win in tioned Whiplash EMT, and contin- (Eastside Cycle) took th third spot. Chapman and Craig Bell (Bell Auto win on his #825 bike. Cuffy Crabbe the MC9 first time racer's class. The ued the race on a slightly damaged Eugene Bryan (Motorcycle Accessory Service) chased each other through- (Interstate Battery, Luxury Wheel) Continued on page 42 The Suspension Company. Dusty Times March 2002 Page41

Page 42

Dave Maserang showed 'em all the way home in the ATV2 class, It was an easy pass for DJ Martinez, he went on· to take the win in the Carl Stoeckel had a great debut, taking the win in ATV9, shown here -. taking the win in fine fashion. ATV3 class at Parker. in flight. - ~---------------------Bi/stein • Sway A Way Eillach · HM · QA 1 · CNC Sparco • PRP • Fae/ Bate Ran Daris Radiator, Setrab Oi~Caoler, Optima Batteries Mechanix Wear * Page 42 newest racers to the desert saw Kyle looking like an Open Pro, running down nearly everyone in the race. He had a shot at an overall win• if over-all times had been kept. Daniel Mc-Donald Jr. had a good race finishing se·cond in the race, and Chris Steele finished tlrird. The other top five fin-ishers were Jay Connor and Jason Weatherford both having very good races for their first time out. In the Open Pro ATV class Max Hernandez (Tecate, Engine Trix) was the class winner with a great race on the #SO machine. The ATV classes found the course to their liking and were really moving. Colby Turner (Turner Racing), and Kyle Beshaw also had good races to .fill in the top three spots in the class. In the ATVs class Frank Zeiter (AZ Exclusive Car Repair) had a great race getting the class and overall win. Frank was fast all weekend, getting a tough fought victory in class. Kyle Krause, Kirk Schreier and Jason Castner were all finishers. Gary Schonfelder (Apache Rac-ing, Lonestat Racing) had a good race in the ATVl class to get the win. Shiloh Strunk (R.W. Strunk Exca-vating) had to settle for second place with Terry Cook bringing it home in third place. Jeff Henson and Lynn Prosser completed the top five finish-ers. Class notable Tony Pedotto had some tough luck, and a crash on Sat-· urday broke his handle bars, and in• jured his wrist to the point that he could not compete on Sunday. Tony took the green flag for points, but could not complete the race. Dave Maserang (The Door Shop) bested 10 other racers in the ATV2 class. Getting second place was Dal-las Culp (Red Neck Racing) who must have healed from his injuries at Snowflake. Allan Gordon (G&G Custom Welding),-David Hall, and Doug Eldridge (Tatum Motorsports) all carried top five finishers in the class. D.J. Martinez earned victory in ATV3 class over a dozen competitive racers in the class. Carl Plemmons was not far behind for the second place trophy, and Paul Deusterman earned a third place finish. Joshua Edwards and Brad Ermenio raced to top five finishes in the class. Carl Stoecker got a cool win in his debut in the first time racer class. Finishing second was Chris Wilson, with Alex Wells, Tommy Temple (Half Track Marine) and Dennis Nolen not far behind. ,. Look for many of these racers at the next Whiplash event - the Point to Point race. Expect a good turnout, and some great racing south of the border. Rocky Point is always a good time in December with mild weather and cold Tecates. Last chance to earn points toward some very competitive class cham-pionships! -~ CACTUS RACING RACEA/R HELMETS & ACCESSORIES BELL, SH0EI, SIMPSON ""'"""_.._ From $299 .. 00 Helmets Helmet & Skirt SNELL 95, SA 95 FOR SODA Complete Blower Systems for single or double seat cars. Helmet conversions, cool boxes, Complete line of PYROTECT, FILLER Safety ,Products & BE Motorsports. We ship UPS daily. Vi~-Mastercard _5153 Bowden Avenue -San Diego -CA-92117 -858-279-2509 Dusty Times

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Arn.e-rLca-n JeepSp .Ctialle · BAt:E BEPOBf': BOUND OIIE -•BB Wl£D WASH llBO leepSpeed Invades Season Opener The JeepSpeed entry list of 12 race teams, in a field of 85 cars, gave us the largest class in the race. The race got underway at 8: 15 a.m. and the JeepSpeed teams started at 8:51 a.m. The first Cherokee off the line was the return-ing team of Brian Rogers in the A-Fab car. He was followed by Eric Helgison, the rookie nephew of Ray Currie, whos's car was con-structed in 14 days using one of the new Currie Enterprises kits. Third car in hot pursuit was 2001 Champion, Barrie Thompson, in his new 2-wheel drive Skyjacker-sponsored entry. After-Barrie it was another rookie, Ms. Alexis Alexander for Gene Jacobsen, with St:OBBBaja Thanks · to Sal Fi International, there will be a ' sp belonged to Charlie Peltzer, who's Peltzer Farms family supplies all the pumpkins and Christmas trees to half of Orange County, California. · Next came the fast yellow 2-door 4 x 4 of Casey Currie, then the rapid white Cherokee of Gavin Skilton (Barrie Thompson's 2001 car), now sponsored by Rusty's Off-Road ofTrusville, Alabama.-After Gavin, the green flag waved for Redondo rookie Carlos Kuttler, Mike Barnet from T & J 4x4 Center, Ryan Wallace of Rubicon Express. 17 year old rookie Mathew Ke-amey, and last, veteran off roader Billy Bunch. At the 30-mile Challenge" as part of the 2002 Baja 500, May 3 . be a stand alone category, but will not be part of the year-.. Bublt:an Express t:antlngsncy JeepSpeed racer and Rubjcon Express chief Ryan Wallace, pro11d)y announ stantial contingency prize program for the 2002 American Racing JeepSpeed Bill Bunch had moved from last place, to third on the road. Four minutes behind Billy were Skilton, Rogers, and Bamet, all one minute apart, with the rest of the fie1d fol-lowing. Four miles later it all changed when Barrie Thompson dropped a driveline in the Mojave Desert, probably as a result of heavy rear contact by a pick-up truck in another class. At the end of lap one it was Bunch, Currie, Rogers, Barnet, Helgison in the top 5 . spots on corrected time. On the second lap, Thompson got the Skyjacker Jeep back on track to turn in the fastest 38-mile-lap of t,he race at I hr. 2 ,mins. only t the 4rive line again, ·but terminally; 6, year old,. Cody Curr' to Any racer that uses any Rubicon Express product, and displays Rubie . wress on both sides of their race Jeep, qualifies to win $300 first place, $200 second, and $100 third at;, any JeepSpeed event this season. Additionally the 2002 Championship winners can receive $1,500 $750 for 2nd, and $250 for 3rd. · JeepSpeed officially thanks Rubicon Express for their support on behalf of all competi BOOB B_t:hedule 2002 Mojave Desert Racing Series Apr. 12-13 ............................... Ridgecrest June 21-22 ................................... Lucerne Aug. 9-10 ...... Lucerne (Djfferent Course) Sept. 27-28 ............ Lucerne (Night Race) Nov. 22-23 .................................. Barstow · 2002 Pro Invitational Events May 31-June 2 .............. SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, Mexico Nov. 29-30,: ..... ARSG Ramada Pro Rally Laughlin, NV Bound Ona Results I ................. Casey Currie (33.6 mph avg) 2 ..................................... , ...... BiUy Bun 3 ........................................... Mike B 4 .......................................... Ryan Walla 5 ......................................... Gavin Skilt 6 ............. ,.,. ......................... Brian Roge 7 .................................... Alexis Alexande 8 ........................................ Eric Helgersen 9 ........................................ Charlie Peltzer 10 .................................. Mathew Kearney 11 ................... : ................... Carlos Kuttler 12 ....................... Barrie Thompson(DNF) · First Rookie Finisher .... Alexis Alexander Fastest lap 1.02.31.. ...... Barrie Thompson stopped at a checkpoint, for a failed rear amber light. Mike Barnet moved up to 2nd place, followed by Helgison, Bunch and Wallace Lap 3 saw the order as Casey Currie, Mike Barnet, Billy Bunch, Ryan Wallace and Gavin Skilton moving up to 5th place. The 4th and final lap saw Bunch pass Barnet followed by Wallace, Skilton, Rogers, Alexander, Helgison, Peltzer, 'Kearney, Kuttler and Thompson as D.N.F. It is important to note that all the entries were very professionally turned out with excellent paint schemes, representing many sponsors. The performance of the Jeeps was improved from 2001 as 11 finishes out of ' ers was the best finish record of any event ecial note should be made of Alexis Alexander and Michelle Nelson, ho were the ' Kuttler, all bles, but all and went on swill all be Club·JeepSpeecl· F'HCJNE 7'14..l!!!!ii::3B. 74::34 • FAX 7'171/!!:1... &:33 .. '17"24 ~El2B N. 'VVl1'1C::,ES C::,Al'VE • -C:,AANcr;;;E, -CA S2Ell'fSEI E5-/VIA.IL ..IE~P#ESC::,C:::C:,IVl{glACIL..C:C::,~·

Page 44

CODE RACING ASSOCIATION Mexicali To San Felipe By Byrle Moore Lobson Yee was uncontested in Class 1 but he ran fast as usual and took the overall win, -running part of the course on a flat tire. During the last race of the season, for the CODE Racing Association, a sh9rt drive from Mexicali to San Felipe took place. Well, maybe 11 hours and 200 plus miles isn't what the average person would call a short drive, specially when you have to go across the desert and over the hills and Grandmother's Place isn't even on the course map. It's a good thing. The race was held between Thanksgiving and Christmas 'cause nobody had time to go to Grandma's. 103 cars and trucks, and 24 motorcycles and ATVs started the trip on Saturday morning, the 1st of December. The MCs and ATVs took off at 7:00am. and the cars and trucks followed . at 9:00am. With the time limit of 11 hours Laguna Salada was the launch point and the arches at San Felipe were where everyone hoped to touch down. This was the last points race of the season, and some classes were close enough that the leader of the class just couldn't finish, he had to drive like it was a race. Others were far enough ahead that they could have used the 11 hour time limit, but that is not' the Mexicali way. Usually it was all or nothing. The overall winners in this little jaunt were Aaron Tuck and Craig Smith, who shared the riding chores and averaged 5 2-5 4 miles_ per hour to blast the MC/ATV competition·. There were several other MCs and ATVs -entered, but this winter got n-o reports from the. two, three and four wheel side of the house. · Lobson Yee, repea·ted as Class 1 and was Overall winner by ten minutes, and similar to last year, he ran I part of the 260 mile course on a flat tire. The 1000 class was headed by Elizandro Yee who was headed for the Overall win but ran out of gas. Lui~ Barragan drove a clean race, took second place and pulled out the Class 16 Points Championship by a Steve Downing and Tom Watson took the 112-1600 honors, beating their competition by 12 minutes and they were third overall as well. Aaron Tuck and Craig Smith took the Open Pro win with ease, covering the course in less than five hours. slim two points over Mario , Salazar who was a DNF in this competition. The team of Steve Downing and Tom Watson completed a championship year as they were first ~o San Felipe and with that finish took the Championship Points in the-1/2-1600 <!'lass. Jorge "Yiro" Sanchez ran strong the whole day but finished 13 minutes behind the winners. The third place winners of this race, Eric and Hiram Duran, continued their year long battle with Downing and Watson. Their placement in the last race of the season gave them the second place points spot for t·he year in this tightly contested class. In Class 8 Juan C. Lopez, out ofTecate, was running up with the leaders in his red and white Bronco. At one point he was challenging the Yees for overall honors, but electrical problems, in the last few miles, cost him valuable time. Lopez was stUl able to finish first in class and earned enough points to finish second in the year's points competition. Hector and Fernando Real, ran to the arches with no problems and took second. Benny Canela, from Indio, Ca, broke an axfe somewhere out of Borrego, and finished in third place in Class 8. However, Canela was one of those )Vho had his first place points locked in, but still came out to race. Congratulations to Benny for another good year. Juan Carlos Lopez was really flying, but electrical problems late in the race slowed him a lot, he still took Class 8 by a yard. Jorge and Bemado Delgado made a day of it, they ran well and took the Class 5 honors and finished under 1 O hours total time. Class 5 was limited to only two entries. Jorge and Bernardo Delgado drove the 260 mile course in just under Jorge Sanchez tried as hard as he could but he had. to settle for Eric and Hiram Duran did all they could to win this race but winning Luis Barragan chums up the dirt as he heads to a nice second place second place in 1600, 12 minutes off the winning pace. was not to be, they finished third in 1600. finish in Class 10, fourth overall in the standings. Page 44 March 2002 Dusty Times

Page 45

Hector and Fernando Real had a trouble free day and took a nice second place in the Class 8 fracas. Javier Medina chased the 5-1600 win but it was not to be, he took a nice second place, 14 minutes out of the win. In a happy but sad win, Jeremy Johnson took the bronze medal in Class 7S in his good looking truck. ten hours to win first place. The other entrant, Hector Pimentel, had various problems and was a DNF. In the 5-1600 class, Tractorland Racing won top honors in this always competitive class. Alberto Soto drove the green and yellow "bug" to another CODE win, their third this year. Javier Medina drove to· the second spot in class, and J os~ A. Soto took third. This season the Tractorland team was what could be called The Reliables. They completed every mile/ kilometer of every race in 2001 and on the way, won the CODE Tecate 2001 C lass 5-1600 Championship. They also won the Overall Points in the Pro division for the year. Congratula tions to Alberto, H erman and David Soto, to Moke and Jasen Jones, to Arturo Cervantes and all the rest of the than three hours. Of course, Tractorland Racing for an. part of this ease of winning exceptional year. was the fact that the "Rayos" In the 900 class, first time team of Leonardo and Alex winners, Tom McAdams and Navertette were forced to Mile Stroh, easily out change their transmissi.on distanced the class by more out shortly after the second Alberto Soto took the Class 5-1600 win, his third win of the year in the good looking Tractor/and car. _____________________ _.. ........ _.._.._,_,_._ Dusty Times IJ£Jlll"llll&•lflll!!!!!!! SHOCK ...... ..,,,ntCHNO&OG 714.530.B701 • FAX714.530.B702 1040:/l 1RASKAV£, UNff A• GARDENGROV£ CA 9.:2843 INW'fN.ldngshoc~corn March 2002 check point. These guys of only two CODE class needed the finish to retain champions to repeat this their lead for championship year. There were three other points in this class, so the starters in this class, Alberto dirty hands and scuffed .. Mendoza, Alejandro Lopez knuckles· were probably worth and Eric Fis her, who were all it. The Rayos Team was one Continued on page 46 Tom McAdams and Mike Stroh decided to make this race their first win and they were quite happy to_ take the checkers first in Class 9. 2.5"" --€i!!A~ Need coil springs? Call King Shocks! -We have custom and produdion coils in stock, and the experience to get you what you need. Call today! P~ge 45

Page 46

Fernando and Mario Flores had a great trouble free day, taking the Miguel Mexia lost a couple of gears on his ride south but he soldiered Humberto and Gustavo Ro(Jriguez took a nice second place finish in the Class 14 conflict, about 20 minutes off the winning pace. Class 11 win in a little over eight hours on the course. on and took a very nice second place in Class 11. DNFs and, therefore, no place)ustinMcNeilrantosecond but was able to nurse the car times. withatimeof8:21:28.Justingot into San Felipe for second There were ten entries in some help from his dad Perry, place and finishing points to Class 7, six finished. Hector' who broke his ride and was, beat out previous points Salazar drove a clean race to therefore, able to focus on Justin leader Alberto Ortega for ,the finish at 6:19:37, Enrique in the other Ford Ranger. In Class 11 Championship. Guerrero was second with a another side light third place Third place winner Hugo time of 6:44:59 and Victor finisher Jeremy Johnson, Avila was elated with how Islas and Cuco Fonseca ran dedicated his win to his girlfriend, many bigger cars he passed in third in the time of 7: 18: 18. Amber Soule, who passed away the silt beds, "I just went None of the top finishers had recently. The only other driver in right past them," he grinned. any problems and reported a 7S with a time of 10 hours and The other 11 car, driven by trouble free race. The other 29 minutes was Eduardo Alberto Ortega, was a non-three entrants with times Rodriguez for fourth. Six finisher. were Luis Chavez fourth, other entries had DNFs and Class 14, true to its name, Jesus Mendez fifth and Jeff no times. had 14 entries. Maurico Gain sixth. · 8: 17: 15 was the finishing Iberra and Jose Robles, Class 7S was headed by time for Fernando and Mario teamed up to become the Enrique Loam and Alberto Flores who won Class 11. fastest Sportsman Overall. Iriarte out ofTecate. The team They reported no problems Their time of 6:02:03 got had a trouble free race and took during their Saturday drive · .them the win in the first place by almost an hour. south. Miguel Mexia lost Magiamos 300 and cemented Their time was 7:45:05. lnsecond second gear and later fourth · their points win for the 2001 Page 46 6" ULTIMATE UFT •-CASTL,tSPINDLa UPNIICONTIIOlARMS Cot&. Sl"IIWGS nAI' aa.oaa: 6 U ao&.TS 4 PAITKH Nlf'OIMANCI SHOCKS s1749.95 INSW.UD 2WD C1500 6" ULTIMATE UFT r WT SP1ND1.1S W?D CONTitOl MMS COllSNWGS nM IIU>OCS 6 U 80LTS 4 PMTKHPDPOIIMANCaSHOCICI s1549.951NSNUD 2WD F150 6" ULTIMATE UFT • -WT SITMJUS ...... CONY110L AIIMS CO& SWINGS nM ROOCS 6 U aot.TS 4 PMTaOt ~ SHOCXS s1699.95 INnW.m FORD SUPERDUTY 4WD F250/350 5.5" PERFORMANCE UFT son...,. P1tOHT u.v SPfUNGS ,woNT ltOX KIT llSAlt •LOCKS 4 ,-Affl'CH POll'ORMANC■ SHOCKS $ 1 349 • 95 INSIUllD 8" UFT ALSO IN STOCK FORD SUPERDUTY 2WD F250/350 4" PERFORMANCE UFT IIADIUI ARMS I BEAM DttOf' BIIACKEn RlONT CON. SNWGS REAR ■LOCKS U90l.TS AUGNMENTCAMS HOODS FIBERGLASS ..;.,..s89.95 ~ 1988-98 CHEVROLET 1<2500/3500 4•• UFT S1599.95 INS'IUilD 1988-98 CHEVROLET Kl500 6" UFT S1599,9S INS'IU.LED JEEP WRANGLER TJ 5.5" UFT NEW FABTECH PERFORMANCE SYSTEM ~ -"""~~t 1'. --· •-f-12349.9S--Wfllll,N.PltONT-·.!!!?;?..,,5-:= REAR &iAF SPRINGS AYAH.MU ~---YOUR TRUCK ACCESSORY March 2002 Class 14 Championship. no problems and was one of .Humberto and Gustavo five starters to finish with a Rodriguez drove a clean race time. Luivan Volker, who was to second spot with a time also in at just over eight of 6:25:29 and Guadalupe hours took second and Garcia took third with a Daniel Reyes took third with 7:24:39 barely edging out a time of 9:48:07. However, George Jackson with a Reyes' third place finish gave 7:24:54. Four other Class 14 him enough points to win the drivers had times ranging Safari class Points Run by a from 8:06 to 10:21. Those scant one point, 99 to 98 drivers were Adolfo Ayala; over Pedro Morquecho who Hector Quintero, Armando was one of the six dnfs in this Roman, and Luis Floriano. class. The 1400 teams are always fun This brings us to the end to watch. Let's hope they of CODE's 2001 season. All come back in force in 2002. in all, a very successful one. Jose Montoya ran 6:38:04 Six races were held with an for first place in Class 15. average of 100 entries or And with this finish Montoya more per race. The old timers also took second spot in the welcomes the newcomers and 15 Points Championship for a good racing season was the season. Johnny Ledezma enjoyed by all. The Class took second in his last race Championships were close; a of the season with a time of couple came down to the six hours and 51 minutes. final race of the year. Below Ricardo Cons and Carlos is a listing of the top three Chavez, who like to spend class winners. If you want to time . on the winner's see all the point totals, go to podium, took third spot with the CODE web page and a time of 6:59: 12. This finish check it out. By the time you also gave Cons the 1500 read this CODE will already Points Championship and have had the first race of the Overall points for the season under its belt and Sportsman class. This was their next race will be in San another team who finished Felipe in April. (See full every mile of every race; so schedule elsewhere in Dusty now we have a second set of Times.} Till next time have a reliables. Co-driver Carlos great year. "We all know it's Chavez, also won the Chassis a 'dirt thing', but, you have Prep Points for the year in to do it to·understand it." the Mechanics 2001 Point Winners Championship. Class 1: In Class 1800 only one car Lobson Yee, 25 points. made it to the finish line and Scott McMillin, 19 points. that car was driven by Raul Chuck Hovey, 15 points. Arguilera who got there in 10 Class 5: hours 24 minutes and 19 Jorge Delgado, 1 7 points. seconds. Five other entrants Todd Stemmerman, 1 7 were dnf/no times but points. Ruben Godoy, one of the G. Gonzalez, 16 points. dnfs won the 1800 Points Class 10: Championship for the year. Luis Barragan, 69 points. Last, but not least, the Maruio Salazar, 67 points. Safari class. Omar Dip took Elizandro Ye, 38 points. a little over eight hour~ and Class 5-1600: 14 minutes to make the run Alberto Soto, 119 points. to The Arches. Dip reported Marcos Nunez, 109 Enrique Loam and Alberto lrarte had a great day, taking the Class 7S win by more than half an hour. Dusty Times

Page 47

... Second place in class 15 went to Johny Ledezma, 'he was less than 13 minutes off the winning pace. The Safari Class was tightly contested but Omar Dipp took the win with a great time of eight and a quarter hours. Luivan Voelker spent eight and a half hours on the course but he took a nice second place in the Safari Class. · points. Jason Gregory, 87 points. Class 1/2-1600: Steve Downing, 95 points. Erick Duran, 80 points. Miguel Flores, 55 points. Class 9: Leo Navarrette, 110 points. Eric Fisher, 106 points. Bill Hanson, 71 points. Class 8: , Benny Canela, 7 5 points. Juan C. Lopez, 59 points. R. Coronado, 46 points. Class 7: Perry McNeil, 95 points. E. Guerraro, 75 points. Jeff Gain, 85 points. Class 7S: Armando Duron, 95 points. . Danny Street, 63 points. Jose Martinez, 54 points. Class 14: Maurico Ibarra, 11 7 Humberto Rodriguez, 84 Rub~n Godoy, 67 points. Jose Montoya, 134 points. Victor Gasca, 82 points. points. Romeo Rodriguez, 60 Evaristo Nunez, 106 The next CODE race will Class 11: points. points. be the San Felipe 200 at the Miguel Mexia, 76 points. Emilio Rodriguez, 47 A. Ortega, 69 points. points. Carlos Macklis, 45 points. Class 15: Safari Class: end of April, more of you Daniel Reyes, 99 points. guys and gals from up north Pedro Morquecho, 98 need to come down and try Class 18: Ricardo Cons, 149 points. ·. CODE racing out. · points. Mauricio Ibarra and Jose Robles took the win in Class 14 and took the class JoseMontoyadrovehisgreatlookingBajaBugtoanicefirstplaceintheClass 15 Victor Lugo, 108 points. championship for2001 as well. _co_n_te_s_t. ______________________ _ Dusty Times March 2002 Page 47 •

Page 48

Ramada Express Hotel casino ·international Rally By John P.M. Dillon Photos: Lome Trezise Mark Cox and Jim Gill celebrated their first outing with their Mitsubishi Evo VI, finishing seventh overall. DeDominicis made the Ramada Express Rally his U.S. debut. Like Higgins, "DeDo" had never raced blind. And, like Higgins, DeDo trusted an experienced U.S. ral-lyist to navigate, in this case, Alex Gelsomino. On the first stage, Mike Whit-man and Pau1a Gibeault served notice that they planned to con-tend for the overall win, their Ford Sierra Cosworth finishing three seconds ahead of Higgins and Holter. Third on the totem was Dedominicis and Gelsomino, five seconds ahead of Lon Peter-son with new co-driver, Bill We-strick. Peterson's regular co-driver Bill Gutzman was riding ballast with Knight Racing team owner Tom Ryther, who drove a smart, conservative race in his rookie event. David Higgins and Ole Holter didn't make it looktoo easy but the came through the snow and all the other hazards to take the overall win at the Ramada International. Though a lot of attention was focused-on the imported talent of Higgins and Dedominicis, there were plenty of local drivers. ex-pected to shine in Laughlin. Rhys Miller, Mik.e Whitman and Lauchlin O'Sullivan finished 1-2-3 last year. Millen wanted to de-fend his title while Whitman and O'Sulliyan each hoped to move up a rung or two on the podium. Drivers like Lon Peterson, Roger Hull, and Keith Roper held plenty of experience, forcing their competition to race in "maximum attack" mode throughout· the weekend. The eight miles of Stage 2 fea-tured more of the same, but nar-rower, with 18 inches of powder. Holter reported that "only a few cars, just those of the workers, had been on this stage since it snowed. David said he'd never raced in such deep snow and that this stage had been the hardest he had ·ever worked to go that · slow." Higgins set the fastest time Tradition insists that sports stories begin with results, imme-diately recognizing the victorious and relegating the vanquished to later paragraphs. Accepting these onerous responsibilities we're here to report that Patrick Rodi and Jonathan Schiller took home Stock class honors at the 2001 running of the Ramada Express Hotel Casino International Rally pre-sented by Mitsubishi. Jim Pierce and Shane Sims claimed the Production class win while Robert· Olson and Conrad Ketelson won a dual Group 5 and Vintage trophy. Tony Chavez and Doug Robinson finished first in Group 2. Brian Scott and Dave Watts won in Group N and Laughlin O'Sullivan and John Dillon reprised their 2000 POT victory, reprising as well their third place overall result. Fastest overall across the three day rally Page 48 was David Higgins in a Subaru WRX ably assisted by co-driver Ole Holter. · This rally, sometimes called "Laughlin" for short, is named for the host hotel Ramada Express, the primary sponsor for the fourth straight year. Situated across the river from Bullhead City, Arizona, this little burg fea-tures a homey, comfortable alter-natfve to the gambling mecca of Las Vegas to the north. Plenty of story lines were in the making this mid-December week-end weather, always variable at higher elevations this time of year, proved to be a deciding factor for several results. Further, the three days of racing all counted to-wards the California Rally Series championship, with several titles decided on the very last short stage · on Sunday~ Some racers used the Laughlin rally to prepare for the 2002 U.S. season. Lastly, rally dignitaries from Mexico, Canada and the U.S. were all on hand to observe the event, and at the awards banquet, the new Cham-pionship of North American Rally (CNAR) organization was announced. The CNAR series is a seven race series in 2002 and is working to become an FIA zone championship in the following year. Higgins, fresh from his Group N victory at Rally Great Britain 2001, promised to be a serious contender right out of the box despite never having run a U.S.-style "blind" rally before. His WRX was <levelupe<l Ly AV Sport out of Tempe, Arizona. A month earlier AV Sport brought in Seamus Burke to test drive the car at the Treeline Club Rally in southern California. Like Higgins, Italian Alex The Ramada rally always pre-sen ts unique cha}l~nges along with its impressive roads for the many competitors. Racing on Hualapai Indian Nation land af-fords the rallyists an opportunity to explore parts. of Arizona not seen by casual tourists. Because of the December date, weather is a major factor. Friday's stages featured snow -plenty of it-while Saturday's stages started off dry the Colorado River, but climbed into snowy mountains the closer the teams got to the ser-vice area. Sunday's SuperStages were run adjacent within view of the Ramada Express in bright, clear, cold conditions. on thi-s stage, the first of many, but it was Keith Roper and Chrissy Beavis who came up sec-ond, just four seconds behind Higgins and two seconds ahead of Mark Cox and Jim Gill. Cox .and Gill had just taken delivery of a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, prepared by TAD Motor-sports, and this was their first op-portunity to drive the car. Leon Styles and Larry Scott were an-other three seconds back, their time sufficient to move them into third place overall though gravel tires hindered their performance. Do Nore Than Jus1 Klick Up DIINI Congratulations to C & C Motorsports 2000·s Winner of 250 Gallons of 76 Race Oas! · Win Free 76 Racing Gas for the 2001 Season! One enby for each 55 gallons of 76100 or 110 Octane Racing Gasoline purchased from CL Bryant or an authorlzed.dlsb'lbutor from Jan. 1, 2001 through October 31, 20011 Win Free 76 Rael ng Gasoline (up to 250 gallons of 100 Octane or 110 Octane Only.) To Enter: Send your proof of purchase, along with Name, Address, and Phone to: CL Bryant, Inc. Attn: Mitch 237E. Whitmore Ave. Modesto, CA. 95358 l!'ARACING ~GASOLINE ~--NH.-.~ -,,,,.f:111, ., ... •... ,, ... CONGRATULATIONS! TO 76 CONTINGENCY WINNERS IN MOR, VORRA, BEST IN THE DESERT, · AND SCORE (NOW ALMOST EVERY SCORE CLASS WINS WITH 76 RACE OASD 0!6i6iJ gr"s'"" . . IIJi!?Jr:t!) ff~ Authorized Distributors in Southern California, call: · Fairplex - Pomona October 7 &8 March 2002 KRS Distributing 714-816-8983 ' Cosby Oil 1-800-54-COSBY Southern Counties Petroleum 714-516-7300 Mexico -Auto Sports Baja 619-247-1798 For a Distributor Nearest You• 800-399-4176 Dusty Times

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Brian Scott and David Watts took the Group N honors and were sixth overall as ,,, well, a fine finish. Dave Tur~er and Mike McComas hustled their Jeep through the narrow, stump-filled path to claim fifth fastest on the stage. Since FIA timing rules were in place, the competitors waited at a regrouping control before en-tering the service area. While the top cars were in service many of the two·wheeled drive cars were struggling through the snow. Tony Chavez and Doug Robinson, hav-ing just clinched the SCCA Pro-duction championship and Roy Donison Cup, explained that "being the first 2WD car on the road was fun, slippery, and at times outright scary, but we man-aged to finish and didn't get stuck anywhere." Driving in the snow requires a different style from gravel rallying. A couple of times Robinson admonished Chavez, smackil}g him with the route book and saying "Don't do that!" _in-cluding one time when Tony pitched the car sideways going into a narrow, snowy corner. After the service break, com-petitors faced the 15 mil~ Pros-pect Ridge stage. A combination of tight, technical stuff blended with wide open sections to give the drivers a real workout. Higgins was fastest again, 13 sec-onds ahead of DeDominicis, with Brian Scott (Group N Evo IV, not Brian Scott POT Eclipse) 30 seconds in arrears. Arizonan Roger Hull was the fastest of the POT cars, fourth overall on the stage, just five seconds ahead of O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan's crew had just fitted snow tires to the Wid-get Team's Eclipse and he took part of the stage to get used to the feel of the Blizzaks. Ole Holter, co-driving for Higgins, wrote "the stage was ex-actly as I remembered it: fast, flat 9ut second, third, and fourth gear sweeping, over small crests, very tight, trees very close to the road, but with David's driving and the suspension of the WRX, it felt ki~da like riding a jet ski... smooth. It was this stage that claimed last year's winner Rhys Millen. As he and Josh Jacquot came around a tight right hander, they got caught out and broke their sus-pension, blocking the stage. The next car on the scene, Peterson/ Westrick's Knight Racing Suba-ru, was forced to stop. After a moment's consultation, Westrick and Jacquot began moving rocks off to one side, _leaving a narrow space for other competitors to get through and complete the stage. Further back in two wheel drive, Dennis Chizma (with Paul Timmerman working the odom-eter) wrestled with Chavez, who lost the first stage to Chizma by six seconds, took the third stage by just 14 seconds to claim the class lead. Rather than worry about snow tires, Chavez reported "we put two new rally tires in the front and two used gravel tires in the rear on Friday. Those were the tires we ran all weekend - we didn't even take them off the car the entire event." In Group 5, Robert Olson and Conrad Ketelsen held the advan-tage of "engine above the drive wheels" with a rear-engined Por-sche 911, but their only competi-tion, the Mazda RX7 of Jim Gillaspie and Don Shreyer, sur-vived only one stage before retir- . ing due to engine overheating when the fan blades exploded into shrapnel. . Stock class competitors Patrick Rodi and Jonathan Schiller in another RX7 were never really challenged, with Bob Wager and Randy Sleep's VW Bug finishing the first stage over eight minutes in arrear . The Bug logged only one more stage fin-ish, a common time allotted to 18 competitors that were stuck on Elk Loop One. With t,he snow making condi-tio.ns treacherous and racing alone in the Production class, Jim Pierce and Shane Sims had every-thing to lose and nothing to gain by pushing hard through Friday's stages. Instead they played it smart in their Ford Ranger, run-ning at a conservative.pace about 30% slower than Higgins and Whitman, thus securing the class win at the day's final tally. The fourth stage of the day, Laguna Valley, offered 14.2 miles --~FREE!---: Bring Satellite Radio to Your Car! DIRECTV : r--------, : 10%OFF SYSTEM** I With purchase of any Pioneer stereo, in car Nintendo, DVD player, or navigational system .. Installation not included Some restrictions apply I I I I I I I I I I L, _________ _, 100 Channels of digital quality music, comedy, · news, sports, and entertainment ANYWHERE in the United States. PERFECT FOR CHASE TRUCKS! ALSO Available: Universal Cellular Phone Hands Free Car Kit In Car Nintendo In Car Navigational Systems In Car DVD Players I Cellport : Universal 1 Hands Free : Cellular 1 Phone Car I Kit I .. lnstalla1ion not I included 1 ________ _ 1-888-875-0577 Dusty Times of slippery excitement. Because of delays, event organizers decided this would be the last of the day's runs, scratching the repeat runs of Frazer Wells and Elk Loop from the schedule. "The two wheel d.rive cars were struggling with the ice and snow," noted clerk of the course Ray Hocker, "and we were concerned that fur-ther delays would leave our work-ers out far too late into the night. We decided it would be safer for competitors and stage crews to cancel the last two stages." The horsepower of the open and POT cars came through on Laguna Valley. Once again Higgins set the fastest time, not quite a minute clear of Whitman. One second further back was O'Sullivan, leading the quad squad of POT cars, first Hull, then Roper, then Larry Roe-seler. Yes, this is the same Roeseler whose fame comes from the off road racing world -at the Ramada Ex-press he had a chance to drive on-road rally style and dem-onstrated is natural ability for car control. His co-driver on Friday and Saturday, Dave Weiman, reported "This guy is good. I've raced with a lot of people over the years and he's one of the best: He's got tremendous talent behind the wheel." Including Roe-seler, seven drivers finished the stage on the same minute, all ahead of DeDominicis who experienced brake prob-lems. Higgins topped out on the icy main line at about 140 mph according to his co-driver. Meanwhile-, even the smaller 2WD cars built up a good head of steam on the three mile long middle sec-tion of the road. Doug Rob-inson noticed that Tony · crossed himself just before shifting the VW into fifth gear on the long straight. "Is there something I should know about?" asked the co-driver as the two climbed to-wards the 100 mph mark on the speedo. Said Chavez, "We topped out at 98 mph, on the ice, in a 2WD car. It moved from side to side for about three miles but we didn't lift until the end of the straightaway. It was fun!" Greg and Bill Montgomery didn't have a chance to see the same speeds as they struggled with overheating problems all day. N onethe-less they managed to finish the day about five minutes ahead of John West with his new co-driver Paul Nelson. The father/daughter team of Scott and Tamara Clark were the last to finish the Friday's stages, relieved to be clear of treacherous conditions late in the afternoon. "This rally was all about tire choice," noted Laugh_lin O'Sullivan. "Snow was preva-lent but we had to run the first two stages on rally tires,. costing us almost three min-utes to the cornpetition. When we fitted snow tires on the Eclipse for the next two stages we were able to regain half of the that time, putting us in a better position for the Saturday sequence." Saturday's stages are, by many accoul\ts, the fastest, finest rally stages anywhere i.n the country. The day begins in glorious fashion as teams launch from the Diamond Creek stage at the bottom of the Grand Canyon near the Colorado River, then race to the top. The 25 miles start off tight and twisty, open up to plenty of high speed top gear curves, then finishes with a tricky double caution left hander named "Pete's Corner" in honor of Pete Morris who threw his Toyota down the cliff a couple of years ago. Devoid of snow and ice, Diamond Creek gave the big boys another chance to shine. It was Higgins at the top again (averaging almost 80 mph), followed · by DeDominicis just six seconds back. Whitman, O'Sulliva·n, and Lon Peterson had about a minute between them as they finished the stage third through fifth. In 2WD, Dave and Ryan Cavalier out drove George Pisek and Jeff Burmeister's Audi Quat-tro, who in turn held off Chavez and Robinson by 23 seconds. Dave Turner and Mike Mc-Co mas, racing a Jeep at Laughlin, were overtaken near the end of the stage by Peter-son and Westrick. As the Subaru went past, Dave turned to Mike and said "Look how much speed they carry through the corners." Trying to keep up, he realized too late that he entered Pete's Corner too quickly and the Jeep tumbled down the mountain before. landing on its wheels. They looked at each other a moment, then Dave jammed it into gear and clambered back to the top. Despite the roll they still of-fered a mid-pack stage time to the ere~! Because of a funeral for a tribal elder, the Hualapai Na-tion stage could not be se-cured in its entirety. Rather Continued on page 50 OUTLAW RACING FOR SALE SCORE CLASS 5 UNLIMITED 45,000 OBO 20,00 NO ENGINE OR TRANS • JIMCO CHROMO FRAME • FAT 3 LITRE TYPE IV • 12 QT DRY SUMP • BILSTEIN COILOVERS FIR • BILSTEIN BYPASS REAR • FORTIN 5 SPEED TRANS • CENTERLINES, BFG'S 1967 FORD PRERUNNER 55,000 OBO ·• SCORE CLASS 8 READY • FORV SVO 520 Cl • CHRISMAN REAR END • KING COIL OVERS • BUILT BY STEW ARTS RACEWORKS • ONLY BEST PARTS AND EQUIPMENT For more information call Mike James (619) 445 5797 ext 115. For more piLtures and detail go to E-mail March 2002 Page 49 •

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Alex DeDominicus and Alex Gelsomino gave it the old college try but had to settle for second·overall at the "Rally Of The Year." than throw the stage com-pletely, the. organizers were able to salvage the latter part of the section and thus give racers several more competi-tion miles to run. This time DeDominicis and Gelsomino defined the fast mark, 17 sec-onds ahead of Higgins and Holter. Third and fourth quickest were once again Whitman/Gibeault and O'Sullivan/Dillon. At this junction tire choice once again entered the picture. The closing section of the Ha ulapai Nation stage reached higher elevations and snow and ice became more prevalent, with the following two stages progres-sively more slippery/slushy/ snowy. Roeseler and Weiman, whose Eclipse wore three snow tires and a rally tire, proved fast-est on the next two stages as con-ditions grew steadily worse. With everyone else on gravel tires, they even outran Higgins and Holter by eight seco'nds on the nine mile Black Canyon stage and by almost a minute on the equidistant Grand Canyon stage. More amaz-ingly, Roger Hull and Sean. Gallagher took second overall on the Grand Canyon stage despite using rally tires on his POT Eagle Talon. The eighth stage took the competitors into the service area at the west rim of the DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME With INTERCOMS & RADIOS from THE SOLDER JOINT (Or we can help you do it over) Grand Canyon, an amazing vista for any rally. Those who had snow tires, including the · Widget Rally Team, returned them to the car. Those who didn't, including Hu 11/ Gallagher and Roper/Beavis, knew they had a struggle ahead of them. Once again the organizers were forced to shorten the day's last stage, this one be-ing the famous "Canyon Challenge." Instead of 45 miles of competition, it was shortened to just 18 miles for safety, which still summed to more than 60 competi-tion miles for the day. This time it was O'Sulli-van and Dillon who oroved to be untouchable. The pair finished well over 30 seconds ahead of DeDominicis and Gelsomino, while Higgins and Holter claimed third on the stage despite losing their brakes. Said Holter, "About two miles in; coming up to an ice covered K-right over crest going flat-in-third, David exclaimed 'Ole, we have no brakes!' My heart raced for about a mile till I realized that David was again under complete control." Coleman and Cavalier were unable to complete the last stage, leaving Chavez and Robinson to lead the 2WD charge. Meanwhile, in Group DO IT RIGHT with the MAXON SP-4150 • Milita!Y Spec • 45 Watts • 16 Channel • Two-Year Warranty • $385.00 You think you're hard on your radios, you ain't got nothin' on the military! DO IT RIGHT with the RADIO LAB INTERCOM • Fully Digital, Fully Modular, Fully Custom • Fix on the fly with swappable parts • Two-Person $365, True Four-Person $480 DO IT RIGHT with HELMET KITS and HEADSETS • Race today, Play tomorrow with interchangeable headgear • Helmet-Kits from $83.00 • Headsets from $94. 00 -=-==---1, Let ou.r 26 years in the business help you! ~ERJ.1•111~ 808 N. Tustin Street • Orange, CA 92867 '!:!aa., e~ 800-345-7234 • Page so March 2002 2/5, Jim Gillaspy and Don Shreyer held off the hard driving Richard Byford and Fran Olson by just one sec-ond by the end of the day. Third for the day was Flynn Baglin -and Peter -Kreder, who had earlier set the fastest class time on the Grand Canyon stage. In Group N it was Brian Scott and David Watts who took over the class lead from Mark Cox and Jim Gill on the 1 as t stage , Rhys Millin didn't have the best of rallies, he was an unusual 1 ea p frog g i n g dnf at this showpiece of rallying skill. three posi-tions overall in the process. Dennis Chizma and Paul Timmerman went the other way in their Group 2/5 Toyota Celica, losing four positions overall in the sn-ow. The final day of rallying covered only about four miles, broken up into one mile chunks. This, the SuperStage, gave teams a chance to race side by side, though scoring was still time-· based. By the way, the new start and finish clocks pro-vided by Tag Heuer impressed practically everyone. Their large displays, countdown timers (for the start) and printing timers (for the fin-ish) simplified the work for the stage crews. The overall CRS champion-ship hung in the balance of Sunday's SuperStage for more than one competitor. At the top, Lauchlin O'Sullivan battled with George Pisek, Dave Turner and Leon Styles for the overall CRS championship. While in Group 2/5 it was Paul Timmerman and Fran Olson vying for the co-driver's title. While every class would end up with a winner and a loser, there were only winners for the Boys and Girls Club. As in years past, charity rides in rally cars raised several thousand dol-lars for this worthwhile cause. Fierce battles raged through-out the day in th~ side-by-side ac-tion. The organizers did their best to pair similar cars against one another. Higgins and DeDominicis were naturally· placed on track together, as were the POT teams of O'Sullivan/ Dillon against Hull/Gallagher, and Roper/Beavis against Roe-seler/Chizma. In the last two runs, how-ever, because the CRS cham-pionship was on the line, O'Sullivan/Dillon raced against Pisek/Burmeister. Whoever won the last mile long SuperStage would claim the championship. When it came down to the wire, they posted identical scores -an absolute tie -forcing the tie-breaking rules to go into ef-fect and naming O'Sullivan the 2001 CRS champion. As for Olson's bid for the co-driver title, her driver Byford held his own against Chizma on the first two runs, but overcooked it on the third run and spun out, thus dashing her hopes for the title. Dave Turner fell the fur-thest on Sunday's stages, los-ing a position after almost every run. He and Mike Mc-Comas eventually dropped from sixth overall to ninth, just one second behind Keith Roper and Chrissy Beavis. Despite transmission prob-le'ms, Larry Roeseler and new co-driver Dennis Chizma sol-diered on, enabling Roeseler to finish his maiden rally third in POT, 30 seconds adrift of Roger Hull and Sean Gallagher. Nor was the front of the pack immune from drama. The Suba-ru o"f Higgins and Holter proved reluctant to start. The crew fran-tically swapped out the PCM and other electronic components, drained all the race gas and re-placed it with pump gas, but still the car didn't want to run. Though it finally ignited, they decided they couldn't risk an-other failure. As long as it ran it seemed okay, so between stages they slowly drove. the car all around the back lot behind the venue. If you read the first paragraph you already know the end of the story. What you may not know is, that people came from far and wide, not only to compete, but to support the rally. The Tabor Rally Team, associate with the Oregon Rally Group, Scott Clukey, Scott and Toni Dicks, Kengo Takahashi, Bill Jones, math professor Barbara Shabell, and many, many pther workers all pulled together to make this event another success. Competi-tors came from Connecticut, Colorado, England, Arizona, Italy, New Mexico and all around California for a chance to race on the most spectacular scenery an rally as to offer. And, in the end, the American Rally Sport Group handed out $25,000 in cash to the winners. It was a great way to conclude the 2001 rally season. . _ . ., ... Dusty Times

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CRSNews From the CRS Director: The CRS wound up another year of c9mpetition with their annual Awards Banquet on February 2, 2002. The big bash was held at the Ontario . Airport Marriott tl}js year. About 80 members attended the dinner and awards. John Perrige was our DJ again with great music and colorful comments during the awards. John Ditton acknowledged the 2001 SCCA SoPac award winners. Unfortunately there were no trophies for the class winners as no trophy fund was collected for them by the SCCA. Hopefully next year this problem will be remedied. Phil Pausmer of Subaru of America announced the 2002 Subaru ClubRally contingency program for our West Coast rallies. Phil has supported the CRS over the y~rs and Subaru is stepping up their support for tally teams this year in the form of cash. Also they have donated an event tent to the club and soon a generator to help our scoring team. This year Subaru will host the pizza and beer fests after our two rally schools. In gratitude for all of his generosity with Subaru's money and product we presented Phil with an engraved desk set. Thanks! Leon Styles of Tombstone handed out the rally cross championship trophies and some cool cash that Tombstone had donated to the rally cross series. The top three drivers in each class received cash and a trophy with a rally car and.cones on it. Leon has announced that he will once again provide a trophy fund for the CRS rally cross series in 2002. This year the CRS recognized their HAM radio operators as the outstanding, tenacious and persevering workers of the year. Dean Chambers, Alvin Brown and Gary Mork were all awarded plaques to express the club's gratitude for their great volunteer efforts. The CRS GT class awards were definitely a family affair this year. Bruce Brown was the class champ along with his cousin, Bob Moe, in the co-driver seat and his wife Pat also took home a co-driver award. Bruce also received a set of "Geezer" glassware in honor of his Geezer Racing Team. This was a real treat to have him in attendance as this is the guy who would not even attend the award ceremony when he was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame! Does the CRS rate or what? Donne Hocker and Paula Gibeault helped roast Tony Chavez and Doug Robinson this year with their skit of "Rallying with the Boys" or "Why you don't put two drivers in a rally car." I thought Tony was going to fall on the floor laughing at Paula's rendition of him, sunglasses and cell phone included. Donna had Doug's "lightening" responses down as well. The CRS Stock class awards went to the Chavez and Robinson team in first. Brad Boli accepted his and Chris Burns awards for second place. Patrick Rodi was also present to receive his third place trophy and his co-driver, Jonathan Schiller's, fourth place plaque. Mike and Linda Masano drove out from Arizona to pick up fifth place in the class. This is their first year of rallying and it looks like they are hooked for many years to come. Our rally t-shirt show has become a tradition each year. This year the boys strutted their stuff with the Gorman, Treeline and Rim t-shirts. The vivacious Gary Garman, the every lovely Brad Boli and Studmuffin Lauchlin O'Sullivan were our comely models. In the end Brad Boli and this Treeline t-shirt was the clear winner with his smooth moves. Each year we present the Galai Souki award to a driver or co-driver in the Stock/GT class whom best represents the spirit and sportsmanship of the class. This year it was awarded to Doug Wlrited. Rookie of the Year went to the GT team of Stephen Verdier and Allan Walker in their GT class Mazda 323. Congratulations. We only had one team present to present the Capt. Crupch award to this year. Dave Coleman and Paul Timmerman. Dave's comment was "Which roll?" This year they had to reverse roles in the car and give a rendition of their now famous Prescott Forest Rally wreck. As you will recall Paul has won numerous Capt. Crunches over the years. After a very tight competition this ye,!.r in the Four Wheel Open class Lauchlin O'Sullivan was the class winner and Alex Gelsomino took co-driver's honors. George Plsek took second and John Dillon, Lauchlin' s co-driver, took second in the right seat. Dave Turner and Larry Scott were third in the class with Leon Styles and Mike McComas taking home the fourth place trophies. In fifth were Julius Vasan and Stuart Oater. This year's Bill Moore award which is presented to a co-driver in the club who not only co-drives, but also belps organize a rally and contribute many hours of time to the CRS was given to Doug Robinson. Doug co-drove for Tony Chavez, co-organizes the Treeline rally, was Stock class chairman the past few years and helps at all of the rally schools as an instructor. Thanks for your many contributions to the CRs, Doug. The Hocker, Gibeault and Dicks gang presented th_e "CRS Newlywed Game" as part of the fun for the evening. Bruce and Pat Brown were couple number one. William and Julie Yates were couple number two and Dave Coleman and the lovely Paul Timmerman were couple number three. Amazingly the teams tied after six difficult questions testing 1I1eir rally knowledge and familiarity with each other - however, this could also be attributed to a large amount of cheating being done by all of the teams. Group 2/5 winner Richard Byford and second place co-driver Fran Olson arrived in the nick of time to receive their trophies. First place co-driver was Paul Timmerman and second pla(.e driver was Dave Coleman. Third place was awarded to the :Newlywed" team of William and Julie Yates. Jay Street and Doug Mitchell took fourth place honors and John Shults and Bill Feyling came in fifth. Tony Chavez had a special presentation of the Condor award this year. He presented his co-driver Doug Robinson, with a beautiful trophy as a thank you for an incredible season. They were SCCA National Production Champions, SCCASoPac Production Champions and CRS Stock Class Champions in 2001. This will be a hard one to repeat any time in the future. Well done boys. The firtal award for the evening was the prestigious Kenneth Zimmerman award for outstanding contributions to the CRS by an individual. We were pleased to award the plaque and Cobra racing seat donated by Sube Sports to Mike Gibeault for his many years of hard work as organizer, club secretary and points keeper, rally school instructor and organizer, scoring master and all around great guy. That wrapped up our award program for the evening. It was fun to ~e everyone in something other than a firesuit and without a serious case of helmet hair. Congratulations to all of our winners in 2001. Coming up is the March 2nd Rally Cross in Phoenix, Arizona and the Seed 9 Rally Sprint in Corona, CA on April 6th. Check out our website for further information <> See you are the start line. . FIRST ASIOCIA110N OF INDEPENDEN1 RACERS /3y Wes Wisdom The January races always come quickly after the holidays. The promoters should work together to avoid setting races on the same date. Scheduling Laughlin and Parker on the same weekend made racers and pitting teams lose out on one of the races. It doesn't seem to make good business sense. M.O.R.E. held the first race of the )"eat at Barstow. Richard Lesher in Class 10, Stacy and Kathy Fay in Class 7S and Mike Norris in Class 9 started off their racing seasons with Jim Clements. Lesher, with his Honda powered 10 car, had a big weekend, starting off with a "photo shoot" for Honda Tuning magazine. Some FA.LR. people and our van were in a lot of the shots so Continued on page DAV' FOLTS TRANSMISSIONS WOULD.LIKE TO CONGRATULATE ALL THE PARTICIPENTS OF THE PRO 1600 RACE AT PARKER, ARIZONA. A SPECIAL CONGRATULATION GOES TO THE TOP TWO FINISHERS .. .-ROB MAcCACHEN & BRUCE FRALEY JEFF CARR Dusty Times FIRn PLACE PIIRltER 400 PRO 1600 SHOOTOUT -SECOND PLACE PARKER 400 PRO 1600 SHOOTOUT DAVE FOLTS TRANSMISSIONS 631 E. LAMBERT RD. -#C LA HABRA, CA 90631 (562)694-559I GEARED TO SERVE YOU! March 2002 Page 51

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... maybewe'llgetsome P.R. Then Richard smoked the field for 1st Overall. That Honda powerreallyworks. The Fay sisters didn't do as well. They broke an I-Beam at RM30. Mike Norris only went 19 miles before the ring and pinion let go. One week later 12 F Al.R. cars went to Parker for the Whiplash/SNORE Parker 400. What a great event! It was the largest number of entries in a long, long time. 212 trucks and buggies started. the race! This is the way Off Road racing used to be and could be again. Class 1/2-1600 had 69 entries, Class 1 had 27 and Class 10 showed up with 23! PRO1600, ProDIRTand Pro-10 made this their first races for 2002 and word spread that Parker was the place to race. The FA.LR van had a "river front" site on Contingency, thanks to Bill Markel, and was able to sign up a · couple of racers that have run with EA.LR. in the past, Don Johnson, down from Solvang for the race, and Kevin Walsh, both 1/2-1600 racers. Good to have them with us again. A newcomer to off road racing, Livinov Lalama with a good looking Class 1, also did the smart; thing and signed up with FA.LR This was their first race and they wanted all the insurance they could get. With the Gauntlet pit set up by Brent Parkhouse and run by Jerry Longo, the van at Midway with Bill Markel and the Graham Wells pit with Tom Mangione and Ron Osborn, the race started on time Saturday morning. For those of us who haven't been to a Parker race, there were some imporw.ut differences in the way the race is started. First, even though the rac~ didn't start until 9:00am, staging started at 6:30am for a 7:30am parade to the downtown start line. Those who missed the parade were relegated to the end of their class but time started from their original slot. Think about it. If you were up front in the 1600 class, you could be 30 minutes down before you even took the green flag! This almost got Brent Parkhouse. He was up until 3:00am working on his car and missed the driver's meeting where this was announced. He arrived at the Start area about 20 minutes late then found out about it. · After explaining his situation, Whiplash took pity and allowed him to start in his 23rd spot instead of behind the 69th car. FA.LR sends commendations to Jay and Whiplash for their wisdom in this decision. The second difference was the coned chicane at the end of the paved starting "drag strip". The object was to slow the cars down for a 90 degree left tum to avoid crashing into a local pub. If you hit a cone it was a 20 minute penalty. Ask Brian Logan about that. · In Class 1, itwas a good thing Lalana had use off A.I.R's help. With it they went on to finish the race in spite of problems with tires and brakes. The other Unlimited, Brian Parkhouse in his Mirage, was doing well up to the last lap. With 20 miles to go, a rear shock broke and took out a drive axle. The Mariposa Tavises, John and Terrie, brought their "His and Hers" 10 cars to Parker. Unfortunately, John broke his transmission on the Start line and only made it to the Gauntlet. Terrie had a good ride except for an off coui:se excursion that put her into a tree. A following truck then took the same line thr~mgh the curve and pushed her a little further into the tree. But, she continued on for a good, strong finish. There were eight FAI.R. cars In 1/ 2-1600: Greg Blakeman, Don Bowler, Curt Geer, Brian Logan, Brent Parkhouse, Brady Wisdom, Don Johnson and Kevin Walsh. The only problem Blakeman had was a tom Cl/ boot. Bowler, with Scott Boyd co-driving, had alternator and power steering belt problems after getting hit by another car but were able to finish. Brent Parkhouse, after working out all his problems before the race, finished well in spite of his co-driver, "Flipper" Ryan, rolling the car in the Gauntlet with the Finish line in sight. Best place to roll is where there are plenty of people to roll you back over without having to get out of the car! Curt Geer had a high speed crash on the first lap in their brand new car. It was bad enough to brake the engine case but they did finish the lap. Brian Logan suffer~d a broken front shock that badly cracked the front end so he only finished one lap. Brady Wisdom, after 7-1/2 hours, finished one lap and put it in the trailer. Long weekend with oil cooler and oil pump problems on Friday and distributor and stub axle problems during the race. Don ]Qhnson motored along and wound up 10th in the big 1600 class. After the first lap, Kevin Walsh finished up the race in good shape. The first lap, however, was another story. His co-driver started having chest pains by Midway. Thought it was a heart attack. They drove on to Graham Wells where he had to get out. EMT' s took over there and he turned out just fine. Kindascarythough. By the way, the long trip to Parker showed that the van heater wasn't working. Many F AI.R. thanks to IBE RADIATOR SHOP in Lancaster for donating a new heater core. There are still a couple of" cold" races coming up and the heater will be very appreciated. We should have a complete story on the MDR Wild Wash 250 from Barstow in next month's column. Preliminary info sounds like it was a good field with 90+ entries. The next race i~ the SCORE San Felipe 250 on the first weekend in March. We'll see you there. LOCOSMOCOS News Baja 1000 Action Report By Baja ]ones The crew stopped in Ensenada for Contingency and Maneadero for tacos. The 1000 was to be a calm walk of a race for the Locos Mocos crew. We had once again hooked up with Mag 7 and were running Pit #6 in a chain of 10 pits. We thought this would be an easy pit for us because Mag 7 did not have what we consider a remote pit in their schedule so we took the worst they had. Late afternoon found the crew spread out over San Telmo Road, 16 to 17 trucks over as many miles. One group at a time would stop to see if they could help out Wild Bill from BFG Relay who was having some rear spring hanger issues. All but one of the rivets had sheared off but Wild Bill had a plan and we were of little use to them other than entertainment. . Our planned pit was carefully pre-run two weeks prior by Barry Btickelow. We turned off the San. Telmo Road as the sun dipped into the Pacific Ocean. All were at ease as we . poked our way up what was supposed to be seven miles of maintained ranch road tun1ed race course. We were met five miles in by Chris Wilson ( 1999 Baja 1000 CJass 8 champ), he had started in a couple of hours before the main group. This was the· point where a rancher had closed his property and forced an eight mile detour to be cut with a bulldozer just days earlier. Chris advised us he had been a short way up the new race course in his rig and did not advise we try it with almost 20 trucks (some in stock two wheel drive trim). After a quick discussion/beer, Mark Naugle and Barry set out down course to see if they could locate a suitable pit location while the res~of µs kicked back and recounted our fondest Baja stories. After over an hour without radio contact, we got some scratch from . Barry "Do not come thisway!Take the old road. Meet you here. 11 Thirty or so of us loaded up and headed down the closed course. This was no walk in the park itself. It was 12 miles of steep hills, sand washes and stream crossing. Mark and Barry had not found a flat enough location to set up a pit in eight miles and had realized that the 45 degree silt hills they had encountered would soon tum into a real problem for the racers. They picked out the first good spot 'they came to after the last silt hill. We hooked up with them more than an hour later and began to set up shop. It was almost 10:00pm and there were 30 some odd hungry people to feed so the first order of business was set up the "Food Pit". My hat's off to Scott Dunn, Eddie Higuera and Paul Cosner of the Lakeside, Ca. Optimist Club. These guys cooked up a storm all weekend long. I won't bore you with the whole menu, just suffice it to say all Where When Registration §hot Gun §tart Singing Iii/Ii Reiorl *. El Cajon, CA Ftiday, Aptil 19, 2002 -UffJITII Dinner Haw 11:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 6:oo p.m. 4 Man Team Sctamble Dinnet • Dtinki • Ptizei • Confetti* • Raff lei Q *Confegfg: long D,ive • C/09e9f-To-Pin • Hole-In-One J.,j[1 I 1 ~ / ? I T-; 7 ? i l _:_:! I ~ Enttg Fee O~~Y $ ~2S f" pet~on -Include, Oinne, LJC ~ ... __ fl_ _ U _ ~ __ '=:!... _ l.!:t Add1f1onal Dmnet T1ckef9 Ava,lable · $2S ea. Far The Betterrnent a, the §part *Collared $hirf$ required. No denim $horf$ or pant$ allowed. ~-----------·1 I = ro .... -•· -=0,-111 Limitedtothefirst144entrie~-. = .:;;;~ L•_ ~ .---~ • j Forms and fees MUST be rec1eved by 4/12/02. Mail entry form to: SUMMIT• P.O. Box 4645 • Carson, CA 90749 Phone# T-Shirt Size Player I Player~ ---------~-----~----------__________ _ Player 3 _______________________ _ Player4 _______________________ _ 6ol-r Tea,n Name ___________________________________ _ S1~ ~lls TO Qttlm\(I ,__ ---- ~---------JEx11mple:-!'-1'he-Haek-er-s" "Santa Ana Slicers" "Los Gringos Grande" -You get the idea. Be creative. Have fun.) ,.! _. .. ~"': Singing Hills Resort 3007 Dehesa Road • El Cajon, CA 92019 P: 619.442.3425 • F: 619.442.9574 For more information contact: Bruce Conrad 310.603.2200/Judy Smith 760.868.5694/Mike Julson 619.562.1743/Mike Cohen 619.691.9171 Page 52 March 2002 Dusty Times

Page 53

the meals they whipped up rivaled what one would expect from San Diego's finest restaurants. Race Day: The Locos Mocos crew threw up the pit like a well oiled machine. The first bike was through just as dusk began to fall on the cloud soaked San Pedro Matr. Around 22:00 Weather Man started calling for chase crews to come help out race cars that were stuck in the silt. The fustwave ofMocos mounted up and headed up course into the silt. It was too soft to drive into so they parked and walked down in. It was a surreal site. Silk dust hung so thick in the air that you could not see the ground before you. The lights of stuck vehicles pointed off into all directions and their beams pierced the dust in a disorganized crisscross like a web of a drunken spider. Stuck racers shouted commands as co-drivers pushed, motors revved, tires spun and fed brown cloud with more dust. An occasional rider would pick his way thru the mechanical slalom course. Our crew of 15 or so went to work! One at a time they freed vehicles from the silt by hand. No one counted or wrote down car numbers but we estimate they pushed our between 15 and 20 cars. When the first group returned to the pit they looked like people caught in the World Trade Center collaµ;e. They had been pushing stuck race cars for over two hours. They were exhausted and we couldn't tell who was who until we blew the dust off of them with compressed air. We reported the progress to the Weather Man and he called off his chase crew requests. Except for 801, 721,5A and 502X everyone was under way. 802 had locked up his motor fighting the silt. 721, Jared Hardin (who had driven so far off the course our guys could not push him ut), was crying in his radio "Bring in the Suburban, Bringin the Z21, I need everyone here." Weather Man, in his usual fashion, informs young Hardin that "he was 13 miles down course from the last graded road of which most was axle deep silt." Young Hardin's reply was "tell them to come backwards up course." Bob points out this would surely disqualify young Hardin. Hardin says to the Weather Man "who is going to know?" Weather Man in his best sarcastic tone explains about the 5,000 radios tuned to his frequency during a race. The Locos Mocos pit explodes in laughter. Bob Curtis takes pity on the young Hardin and offers the service of his Bronco to extricate the stuck 721. It takes seven or eight tugs on the snatch strap to get the truck back on the road. No sooner are the guys clear of the race truck than young Hardin drives off the course ag-ain. 721 is now half way up a hill and there is no way for the Bronco to help so three of our guys push him back by hand. 721 stops in at the pit for an air filter cleaning and some drinking water. 721 did not finish. While all of this was taking place the Locos Mocos pit serviced or rendered advice to 30 vehicles and racers. Three of whom were riders that could not continue for one reason or another. All three were given dry Tee Shirts and sleeping bags and spent the night. The Quad 5A had broken an axle and we relayed for his chase crew to come get him. When they got him they also picked up the blown Husqvarna of 502Xat the same time. The only problem was the rider of 502X was asleep in our pit when his bike left. To my knowledge the bike was never seen again. The next morning Wild Bill called for assistance for 244 chase who was stuck out in the silt somewhere. Chris Wilson and company jumped in his F350 crew cab and headed on a 20 mile adventure where he assisted several stuck and disabled vehicles. On the way home we transported two people out of the pit. Al Perrett 502X and a spectator from Ensenada that lost the clutch on his Trooper. Chris reported his friend was down in the silt in a Jeep Comanche and had no air cleaner. The motor was so /anded it could not make enough power to climb out. The guy in the Trooper said you don't understand, it's not had an air cleaner for three years and should be fine. I would also like to thank the other Locos Mocos that helped make these adventures possible in no particular order. Mart & Nicole, Darren, Will, Jim, Ryan Mitchell, Ryan's buddy, BCG 7 Mike Koenig, Denyoe, 1 Too, Farm Boy Grading Services, Curtis (Felin!) Guise, Barn-Barn, Vern, Scott Rod, Pat &Adriana, El Norte, Steve Buckelow, Alan, Holly, Eric, Ron Nelson, Brian HHC, his buddy, the Pot Smoker in his old Datsun, Fly'n Ryan, Mark Fodor, One Adam Twelve, Spoto, Jonny & Rip, Josh, Octavio, Troy, Drew, Don, Bushkins, Klaus, Paul, Buckelew Senior, John Ferrett, Gil & Allison, Jimmy, Willy, Flat Mart, Lyric Zack, George, Todd, Gary, 3,6,6,8. Thanks to Gyger for no-showing. Special thanks to the original Locos Mocos Micky Thompson, may his killer's sons bum in hell Entries helped out #101 Troy Herbst, #108 Chuck Hovey, #1206 Kory Halopoff, #4A Greg Row, #263X Yosinobu Shiga, #lOA Glen Walraven, #500 George Seeley, Jr., # 1006 Steve Meyers, #9A Brent Tower, #502X Al Perrett, #202X Mutsumi Yamasita, #265 Alan Pfluegler, #866 Chad Hall, #261X Christian Lee, #802 Nick Vanderway, # 101A Luis Navarro,# 100 Chase Troy Herbst, #553 Daniel Gutierrez*, #868 Al Hogan, #1499 Marq Prince, #54A Brian Salley, #721 Jared Hardin, #257XScort Burch, #1211 Ron Dalka, #1501 Richard Czertau, #579 Dave Gasper, #265X Tatauya Funakoshi, #BC3 Bruce Chernof, #901 Scott Hewitt and # 10 2 Chase Scott McMillan. , The * stands for preferred customer of Locos Mocos. That is it. See you at the San Felipe 250, Baja Jones "Es Stu." Magnificent 7 Race Team By Stephen Stenberg, President Well, January was a good month for our membership drive and us! Now, we are planning the San Felipe 250 and talking about the logistics with Baja Pits about the running of the Baja 1000 in November. For the San Felipe 250 though, we will be running four pits, one ev~ry 50 miles, plus or minus fives miles. Pit Drop Off and Pickup will be held at Pete's Camp the day before the race and the day after the race has ended. You can look on our website at for race information and a copy of the sign up sheet. For the Baja 1000, Mag 7 has started talking with Baja Pits. Currently, Mag 7 has 14 pit captains they can call on. However, that is still painfully short of the 22 Captains needed to do 50 mile pit stops. We want to run pits every 50 miles for that long race in November. Baja Pits is well established in Baja California, as well as here in the southwest states. They have been in existence since the very early 1980's. Since the President of BP lives here in San Diego, it will be easier to meet with him on a one by one basis. For the Baja 500 and 1000, Mag 7 will only be running 76 Race Fuel at 97 and 110 octanes. As is usually the case, Mag 7 has their own dump cans, in 11 gallon, 5.5 gallon or 4 gallon dry brakes for bikes and quads. I'll close here for now. A complete report will happen after the stats on Mag 7 racers has been posted following the San Felipe 250. Also at the race, Tony Tellier will make the presentation to the two racers that finished dead last in last year's Baja 1000. We, along with many others, donated money to the last place vehicles and bikes. I for one, would like to see this kind of fund established regularly each season. Before this, I only knew of Dusty Times gh,ing $100.00 to the last place finisher. Mag 7 also paid their last bill left over from the B2K recently. It took some explaining and peering over the records to confirm we owed the money, but we did. At the same time, we are owed one last am.ount of money ($400.00) from local radio business here in San Diego. Once that happens, we can finally put to bed the B2K race from 2000. Take care and drive safe. See you in the local desert or down in Baja, Adios from Team Baja, ultimate long travel ford long travel system Ger the benefits al our Lang Travel system and 3" Hfr spindles, aeating 6" al lilt far incredible ground clearance. [fl@v@! ■ 3' lift spindles ■ Upper Control arms , ~iJe~W~,, ■ Lower Control arms JT ■ Coil springs ■ 3 way front shocks ■ Performance rear sh□ cks ■ Rear kit 3 -wau adjustable shock absorber ~14 toyota long travel system Our Toyota 2 wheel drive, s• 1van Dan' long travel system. Built ta satisfy all the serious □ff roaders out there. Dusty Times custom i beams Offroad bullet proof design provides maximum strength with 4130 Ou-□m□ly steel 118th' thick plate and tubular inner structure. 1990-94 lord ranger ., .. performance system Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard offering increased tire clearance and 4 • mare wheel travel. Dual Shock System 2 shocks per front wheel, adds high performance dampening. B' Suspension System used in a racing ' appllcation with coil aver shocks. Using Fabtech custom I beams, this configuration cycles out at 19' of wheel travel. extended radius arms Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard for increased tire clearance. Ranger models shown, which include new pivot mounts. 1998-on ford ranger z .s·· performance system 2.5' of lilt with a 2· increase in wheettravel 1973-87 CIO ., .. Jong travel system Gives you the needed clearance for 33' tall tires. March 2002 angled spare t ire mount Constructed using 1 1 / 4 • steel tubing and MIG welded al the joints for long lasting strength and durability. flat spare tire mount stamped steel tabs Our vast assortment of stamped steel tabs simplify your fabrication needs . Call for a distributor nearest yo Phone 714-990-8850 -Fax 714-990-8854 wwwJabtechmotorsports_ com DR E-MAIL US AT Page 53

Page 54

t JADS Adventure Rally ByRicardo Rodriguez have fun the event incorporated a "poker" run, a treasure hunt, as well as the "navigational" race. In the early stages some competi-tors worked diligently with stop watches and others were busy capturing the postcard like scen-ery with their cameras. The trails were small with elk and deer tracks everywhere. The organizers had made a fabulous course which incorporated some his-toric points of interest, and twisted parallel to the spectacu-lar Grand Canyon for many miles. A portion of the entries line up for the camera with a backdrop whose beauty defies description. There were all kinds of vehicles represented in the race. Ford F150, Mitsubishi Montero, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes G-wagen, Dodge Durango, Range Rover, Nissan X-terra, Hyundai Santa Fe, Subaru WRX; Suzuki Vitara, and even an open Suzuki Samurai driven by two brave, and cold men, Horace and Jeremy Gates. All of the entrants used a GPS unit, some for the first time and although it was a challenge for some, all had a great time on the rally. The Hualapai people were tremendous hosts and pre-pared a hot lunch for the competitors right at the edge of the Canyon. The view from their sacred land is truly di-vine. Service trucks were pro-vi de d by Mitsubishi of America, and almost a hun-dred volunteers managed the radios, controls and safety. Roger Allison has put to-gether a group of people like no other and this event will keep on growing no doubt. The second "JAOS Adventure Rally" took place in December and ran in conjunction with the Ramada Express Hotel & Casino International Rally. The race cov-ered over 250 miles (400 km) of highway and trail roads through Nevada and Arizona. The "Ad-venture Rally" is an event de-signed to attract enthusiasts to the sport where they can compete on the basis of navigational skills using their stock SUVs, 4x4 trucks and Jeeps. In fact, this year only a handful of the 26 entrants had their vehicles modified. The top places were taken by stock Mitsubishis, Nissan, Suzuki and Jeep. Participants had to master the use of a hand held Magellan OPS unit. A navigational sheet that included latitude and longi-tude coordinates was the only "route sheet" provided. The rally started in Laughlin, NV at 6:30am., and the tradi-tional rally ramp was used to send the competitors on their way. First car out was a stock Jeep driven by Joe Jasik and Yoni Pataneiscu. Every five minutes or so all the cars departed with driv-ers and navigators ready to enjoy their vehicles. In addition to the American entrants, there were some participants from Mexico, Argentina and Germany, making this a truly international affair. The first portion of the rally trav-eled the Old Route 66, then the vehicles entered the Hualapai Na-tion Reservation, near Peach Springs, Arizona, and proceeded along trails throughout this beau-tiful area. Earlier that week there had been some storms and the rain had muddied up large sec-tions of these roads. Heavy snow the day before the event ca used Page 54 some delays as the roads had a combination of snow and black ice covering them. This made the event more challenging, yet, de-spite a few off the road excur-sions, without major complica-tions, the driving experience was much more fun. Kirk Rooney, driving what seemed like a "Baja" Mazda pick-up said the snow "made his day" and gave him the new experience of driving over "white powered" trails. Since the emphasis was on After ten hours on the road, well off road for the most part, the first vehicles made it back to race control at the Ramada Ex-press parking lot. First vehicle back was #23 driven by Wolfgang Hoeck and Julie Lin, a few min-utes later Mark Vaughn (yes, from Autoweek) and Neil Chirico drove up the ramp in their Mit-subishi Montero. Third at the "flag" were Joe Jasik and Y. Pataneiscu. About two hours separated first and last, but by • Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless Fuel Sate~ "Pro Cell" is our tap-at-the·/ine racing cell that cames ready to super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety loam battling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers • FIA-FT3, SCORE and SODA approved • Custom manufactured fillers • (BOO) 433-6524 technical hotline • Over 25 years experience install and its backed by a e for more Info call or write to: tu/110 year warranty. Aircraft Rubber/Fuel Safe EL SAF 63257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, Oregon 97701 RaciltgCells (S.1~ 388-0203 · (541 )388-0307fax . hllp://Www March 2002 Ricardo Rodriguez posed the Suzuki Montero in the fresh snow which only made the fun rally a lot more fun to drive. the look on people's faces there als were (in order): Dan Metcalfe were no.losers. Some won jack-and Andy Hunt, Shanon and ets, others off road bicycles, a few Karena Essex, and Bart and priceless photographs and all Madeline Grande. made new friendships and left Here is an event where you with great memories. For he can enter, have fun, "com-record, there are no final stand-pete", and maybe even win on ings in the second annual. "JAOS national TV without "invest-Adventure Rally" since error ing" in a new car. Give RogeF points were not all counted. and his team at Rally USA a Rounding up, the six first arriv-call for this year's event. I r,-:,µ::1.,•=.:.,...,,:.-,;,:•~,.,.,........,y~.,,.,;r,w,~-..,=-"".c"~~=-"',.,._""'":;;,:it:..-,·-""'-_,'r-=r.;.,,;!le" _ _......-~:;"""'-n:-..~.,.,,;,,..._r~,,,..~~,.r.~•:.""'-~~.-,...,..·'°'··~ · i Now Available in the I L~"7."t1o~•~.::-oc-.,y.r,.~""'~.-J..,;➔:,,:,r•:-,,.;,~;::,ar.,.r.>,,~:....-~~q:,..,_..;•~.-:it•w,.'f::Q:,...-~y.>";~::C..-...,!.~<)':'JC;Y;i,:":T.-~-.~"";,".~V.~ LET US MAKE ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR ! YOUR VOICE I The ultimate in-car communica-tions system. This Australian built intercom out performs all other units on the marlcet. Supplied with either Nokia mikes or the Military spec noise cancelling mike for the ultimate in audio New Features Ibo new Pblltronlcs Rallytrlp em ⇒ Total & Interval to 999.99 ⇒ Automatic calibration ⇒ Stace Stopwatch ⇒ True AveRCe speed ⇒ MHN or Ions readout ⇒ Speed and/or distance ⇒ Count up or down or both ⇒ Freeze either dllplay ⇒ 5uper LARGE LCD reed-Off road racing * Rallying Boat racing Dusty Times

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one Man·s Opinion I've been involved in the off road racing world for well over 30 years and for all those years there have been con-flicting race dates, which put a heavy burden on the promoter, whose entry will probably be down, and also on the competitor who has an allegiance to a particular promoter but yet wants to run at a new course, or perhaps on an old course that he hasn't raced in many years. We are blessed here in the south-west with weather that is conducive to off road racing ahnost all year round (some of the summer races can get a wee bit warm), and we still have access to some public and private land to en-joy our passion, be it for pleasure or for profit. So, with an entire year of racing before us, when Dusty Tunes priflts the new year racing calendar and schedule of events, why are there always so many conflicting dates? I realize that in some instances the race sponsor, not the race organizer, selects the date for whatever reason they wish in hopes of adding more patrons to their casino or town or whatever, but this certainly isn't the case in most of the instances. I'm directing this treatise to, in al-phabetical order, Best In The Desert, Mojave Desert Racing, M.O.R.E., SCORE, SNORE and Whiplash. We all know that in the cases ofMDR and M.O .R.E. they are both subject to the BLM lottery each year for event dates in the Barstow/Lucerne area and that Best In The Desert and SNORE have casino/hotel sponsors who do dictate certain dates for their events as does the city of Laughlin for the SCORE event there each year. But, and as usual, this is a big but, isn't there anyway that the promot-ers could sit down together each year and possibly, just possibly move a date here or there and thus take a bit of the load from some of their own racers by attempting to set schedule with the least amount of conflicting dates? And, by 2" Capacity, Bends Steel, 4130, ess, Aluminum Square, Round, Bar, Pipe Perfect for the: • Race Car Builder , • Small Fabrication Shop •HomeShop Call for a FREE BROCHURE so doing, more than likely add more vehicles to their own veriue. On Dusty Times' behalf and for many of our advertisers and many of your contingency companies, the per-fect example was the Whiplash/ SNORE race at Parker and the SCORE race at Laughlin, both held on the same weekend and a logistical nightmare for a lot of us and for some of the racers also. Contingency donors, who are already contrib~t-ing product or dollars to the racers are forced to split their work force, having to bring additional personnel in ordei: to cover each event on a duplicate venue weekend. ·The new Pro Groups within Class 1, 10 and 1600 are growing steadily, as it is a means for many of the racers to actually win a worthwhile amount of money, albeit they must put some of their own money into the pot, but, they are willing to do so in order to somewhat justify the very large amounts of dollars they already ex-pend on the construction and main-tenance of their vehicles. I am not asking the impossible, merely that some· effort be made to cut some of the confusion for the average racer trying to set his sched-ule for the year. Stepping on another promoter's date hurts the promoter more than they may imagine as it _splits the entry between the conflict-ing venues and can possibly cause problems in the future with the los-ing promoter's sponsors. I'm throwing this out to the pro-moters and to the members of the off road racing community and I in-vite any and all of you to respond· with your thoughts. Th~re will always be space available in Dusty Times to make your opinions known, but un- · less you tell someone, nothing is ever going to change. Give it some thought, drop us a line and we'll share it with all of our readers. · (541 )382-1573 ______ Dusty Times 2002AMERICAN RA~]FFHPEFD CHAlJB\lE ROUND 1. MDR WILD WASH 250 The JeepSpeed entry list of 12 race teams, in a field of85 cars, gave us the largest class in the race. The field con-sisted of 6 teams from 2001 and 6 new teruns for 2002. There have been 28 race numbers issued to JeepSpeed team owners so far for this year. Contingency and technical inspec-tion was held Friday, February 1 at the T anger Shopping Mall off Interstate 15 in Barstow, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in sub-zero temperatures. While the drivers meeting was be-ing held the next morning at 7 :00 a.m., the staging area was being sprayed to keep the dust down but it simply froze the desert soil. • The race got underway at 8: 15 a.m. and the JeepSpeed teams started at 8:5la.m. First Cherokee off the line was the # 1717 returning team ofBrian Rogers in the 1988 A-Fab car. He was fol-lowed by #1708, Eric Helgison, the rookie nephew of Ray Currie. This car: was constructed in 14 days using one of the new Currie Enterprises Kits on a 5-speed, 4-door chassis. Third car in hot pursuit was 2001 Champion, # 1700, Barrie Thompson, The best 4-speed in the desert just got better! in his new 2-wheel drive Skyjacker en-try. After Barrie it was another rookie, # 17Ci5, Ms. Alexis Alexander driving for Gene Jacobien in a 1987 purchased from ro-driverMichelleNelson'sgrandmother. ThefifthJeep, #1716, belongedtoChar-liePeltzerwhosePeltzer FarmsfamilySUir plies all the pumpkins and Ouistrnas trees to half of Orange County, California. Then came # 1714 the fast yellow 2-door automatic 4 x 4 of Casey Currie, then the rapid white # 1707, 4-door, 5-speed of Gavin Skilton (Barrie Thomµc;on's 2001 car). This car is now sponsored by Rusty's Off-Road from T rusville, Alahuna. After Gavin, the green flag waved for # 1 712, Redondo rookie Carlos Kuttler, #1701 Mike Barnet from T &J 4 x 4 Center,# 1702 Ryan Wallace of Rubicon Express, 17 year old rookie Mathew Kearney in #1748 and last by veteran off roader Billy Bunch driv-ing# 1749. At the 30-mile mark it was 2001 champ Barrie Thompson in the lead 2 minutes ahead ofBrandon Currie. Six minutes later Bill Bunch had moved from last place to third on the road. Four minutes behind Billy were # 1707 Skilton, # 1717 Rogers, # 1701 Barnet, all one minute apart with the rest of the field following. . Fourmiles later it all changed when Barrie Thompson dropped a driveline in the Mojave Desert probably as a re-sult ofheavily rear ended by a pick-up truck in another class. So at the finish oflap one it was Bunch, Currie, Rog-ers, Barnet, Helgison in the ·top 5 spots on corrected time. MENDEOLA's New Extreme Duty 5-speed is now available and affordable for all compe-tition classes, where applicable. RACE PROVEN IN THE 2001 BAJA 500. Call for complete details on this latest innovation in racing transaxle technology. March 2002 On the second lap Thompson got the Skyjacker Jeep back on track to tum in the fastest 38-rnile lap of the race at 1 hr. 2 mins. only to break the drive line again, but terminally. Aftera driver change 16 year old, Cody Currie turned a 1 hr. 3 mins. lap to pass Billy Bunch to take the lead, after Billy was stopped at a check-point as his rear amber light had failed. Mike Barnet moved up to 2nd place, folbwedbyHelgison,&mchandWallace Lap 3 saw the order as Casey Currie, Mike Barnet, Billy Bunch, Ryan Wallace ~ Gavin Skilton rroving up to 5th place. The 4th and final lap saw Bunch pass Barnet followed by Wallace, Skilton, F.ogers,Alexander,Helgoon, Peltier,Kear-ney, Kuttler and Thomµc;on as D.N.F. It is important to note that all the entrieswerevetyprofes.5ionallyturnedout with excellent paint schemes repre;enting many sponsors. The performance of the Jeeps was improved from 2001 and 11 finishes out of 12 starters was the best finish record of any class in the event Special note should be made of Alexis Alexander and Michelle Nel-son who were the first rookies to finish in their first ever auto race. Other new cars of Charlie Peltzer, Eric Helgison, Mathew Kearney and Carlos Kuttler all had breakdowns with teething troubles but all repaired their Jeeps and went on to finish. These guys will all be tough at the next event. A big thank you to all competi-tors that showed at te first 2002 event, the volunteers from T &J Off .Road Center who set up our main pit, and the F .A.LR. pit that assisted some of our rookies in_ finishing. Page 55

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GOOD.STUFF DIRECTORY 4CECO,nc. Chassis And Suspension For Racing And Recreation MIKE MONOHAN -----"&:.IV P.O. Box 117 Ely, NV 89301 (702) 289-6708 19076 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503 • Custom fabrication I • Prerunners • Suspensions • Custom exhaust (310) 542-2977 ADVANCED TOYOTA SUSPENSIONS '1<A8Z '1J1<0't'Z1t S"ltS'PZ1tS9()1t S1/S7&1!tS '86-9S 4WD. TOYOTA P/U, 4-RUNNER & T-100 12-17" of TRAVEL I '77-9S 2WD P/U & T-100 12-15" of TRAVEL NEIi TA&O#A l TUN/JIU 411D l tiff) LONG TllAYEL KITS lt-14' OF TflAYEJ. COMPLETE FABRICATION SERVICES AVAILABLE, RACE CAR PREP, REAR SUSPENSION, ROLL CAGES, BUMPERS, ABERGLASS, RACE SEATS (909) 471-SII I HTTP://MEMBERS.AOL.COM/ADVTOYSUSP BUILT BY SCOTT SELLS & A.T.S. 34345 SUNRISE DR. WILDOMAR, CA -~ 'ieeee~ ~~ BATIERIES FOR ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD NEEDS BATrERY SALES UNLIMITED 651 East Alosta Avenue/ Glendora, CA 91740 (626)914-3717 / (626)-914-2121 • BJBX AUTO WRECKERS, INC. FOR ALL YOUR AUTO PARTS FROM PRE-RUNNERS TO RACE TRUCKS CALL JOHN KEARNEY 1-800-606-6043' 00000000 o ®o 0 RACING FUEL CELLS0 0SAFEST&FASTESTFOR30YE;ARS!0 800.526.5330 ° 0 FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER 0 0000000° Off Road Trucks Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages ~M□T□RSP□RTS • Race Prep. • Full Fabrication Lonny Helmbolt Owner 1941 Ramrod St. 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 920?1 (619) 562-1740 • Mig & Tig Welding Henderson. Nv 89014 Ph: (702) 454-9355 Fax: (702) 456-1755 FAX (619) 562-6151 •Tube Bending SHICI-PRIOFPEIFIRMIJICE Silver Faced lFG's Liquid-Filled Gauges from Auto Meter are notorious for being th·e t01ig1Jest. on the market. Combine thai with the fact Auto Meter also is known for it's reliability and you have shock-proof performance that will rattle the competition. Peter S. Rosenstein . F1nanc1al Consultant. Western Region. Lie 110D46204 / AXA ADVISORS AXA Advisors. LLC. 21 700 Oxmrd Street. Suite I I 00 Wood I.ind Hills. CA 91 36 7 1el (8181 587A266 F,1x: (818/ 992-6134 Ct'// (8 I 8/ 8()7-6409 peter roscnsron(<, ClX(h7dv1surs.(om 1848 S. 11111 StrHI Fallltrllk. CA 12128 OSltnHm 11&11 n3-1131 tu 11111race,itil.c111 www.hJac11ce11.1c .. cell OHi 50Hl88 ,,,,,1aae1515..t101 BITCOn vw moToRs & I TRAnsm1ss1ons STRIP• STREET • ■ OFFROAD·SA0D FIVE !iPEEDS & AUTOffiATICS ~ (702) 263-5793 ~ Los Vegas. nevodo .Your #1 Source For Fiberglass Body Panels .... . .:,.-·· OCn)@o Phone: 920/833-7266 • Fax: 920/833-9505 e-mail: BRANDWOOD CARS· C..istom V~hicle Shifter for mid-engines and other · applications 602-437-3:11)7 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN 39067 ORCHARD ST. CHERRY VALLEY CA. 92223 PH#, (909)845-8820 products in stock Race Proven Fabrication. Boatec Fiberglass Pre-Runners Dimple Dies Desert Trucks Tubing Benders Short Course trucb Bypass valves+tubes Paris-Dakar trucks · Sway-bar Arms . . ACCOUNTING• INCOME TAX· CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNT ANT 636 S. Second St, Suite E Covina, CA 91723 Fax 626-663-2023 626-653-2024 CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY P.O. BOX306 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -92648 (714) 969-6820 E-MAIL: CARRERAPHOTO@MINDSPRING.COM WEBSITE: WWW.CARRERAPHOTO.COM

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17459 L/1 " -P48· "-'1C Sr. . HcspcRJA CA (760)949-3907 OFF ROAD-STREET Roll cages-Bumpen-Suspenslon All General Fabrication Work CRITICAL 0 ULTRASONIC CLEANING Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Oil Tanks, Radiators, Lines, Fittings 3043 Oak Street • Santa Ana, CA 92707 □ CRACK INSPECTION All Components ... Suspension, Engine, Gear Box, etc. □ NONDESTRUCTIVETESTING Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, X-Ray □ CNC MACHINE SHOP Phn (714) !157-1215 USAC STATION •s • Fu: (714) !157·1567 FAA STATION .w117R211J -----------' for Your Plotection• FORD RACING PARTS: RAN6.E.R 2.3 PINTO 2.0 OVER :moo TOP QUALITY SPEED PAQTS IN STOCK. STOCK 2.3 80 PG. CATALOG PHONE. (6.26) 444·4919 1438 POTRER.O FAX (626) 444·3046 SO. ELMONTE, CA. r-.. -:..-:..-:_-_-_-_-:_-_=--=_...:.___-=--=_~~-=--=_=-:_~=-=-:._:__-=-+---------:----L-----------------llllT IOI IIACEIS WHO IIEIIAllll 11E IEST HAMPION BEADlOCK ~C!tN<; WHEELS U.S.A. WHEELS / CONVERSIONS 8" 9" 10" 11 " 12" 13" 15" 16" 17" M.flAN qAf<f<ITT 1871 N. BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO CA 93722 1 (559) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365_ ·cHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFf > ACING PRODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103 I UCNC:J' Man•factu,eo of . = Bmke ond .tl.n,h Pedol A,~ Master Cylinders Slave Cylinders Cuttihg and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttlhs T~rottle Pedals CNC, Inc. and all of our accessories. 1221 West Morenafllvd. San Diego, CA.921'10 (619) 275-1663 . Send $3,00 for Catalog (IMiCl//if l~llffl'ltl Pfllll'l~Pl/1' ,,.,,_rq11yprt,,,,,/qafceRM ~-,ma 8203 /lbrthem Dri11e Crystal, Minnesota 55427 (7&1) 542-8827 Jerry Winker FLOATER REAR ENDS'• i-'RONT HUBS • AXLES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS · (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 il'ARACINGI Vlf/GASOLINEI ~ -TORCO RACING FUELS ·1 CALL FOR YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR I 1-800-54-COSBY I COS~Y OIL COMPANY, SANT~ FE SPRINGS, CA ~ CROWN •!-r:··,,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,,,,, .. ,,, ... -,.;..,. l#DUSTRIAL PRODUCTS INCORPORATED AEROSPACE_, HIGH PERFORMANCE, INDUSTRIAL HOSES & FITTINGS HIGH PERFORMANCE HOSE & FITTINGS (760) 599-0090 • FAX (760) 599-0070 1185 PARK CENTER OR,, SUITE G • VISTA. CALIFORNIA 92083 [( DE ~_y~1Q]] I HERMAN De NUNZIO 59 8 Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 800-622-3939 805-683-1211 FAX 805-683-8187 Specializing in ... BuaBoxea Swingaxlea Newland Fortin lllendeola 111D4S lllagnum44 Krebler Auto11Patie Paru B Machine Shop Services A val/able r./~ / . ,.,,-DEREK NYE .,,. ,· It,' If '• , , /' C , / ' • TIS w:17Jt:i Street• unit H Costa Mesa, CA 92627 , ~I: 9'19.5'18.8533 lax: 9'19.5'18.853'1 l)llfl1 ll1l~IU{S CUSTOM DESIGN & FABRICATION Visit Dugan Built• Contact Dugan Built • www 10943 Wheatlands Ave., Ste. B Toll Free Santee, Callfornla 92071 1-877-439-4287 / JILL SWANSON S.iles and Marketing Director • Brand Name Helmets FRESH AIR SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC • Interior Revisions 810 A South Arthur Ave. • Fresh Air Systems Arlington Heights, IL 60005 1-888-466-RACE .1-847-259-3810 "THE HELMET VENTILATION EXPERTS" 1543 W. 16th Street Long Beach, California 90813 1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 -BRIAN GRIFFIN (562) 432-3946 (714) 540-5535 FAX (562) 432-7969 619-449-3633 619-449-3665 fax / Doug Fortin FOREMAN ;E>-OFF-ROAD RACE TRl'CK F.NGl'.:\,.EERING / FABRICA110N RACE PREP/ CONStll.TATl01' TOI' C.\1.1 HER l'RE-Rt:l'l'<ERS TIIRU TROPHY TRUCKS 619-659-3538 CHARLIE FOREMAN 619-659-3638 fax 4550 Carveacre Rd. Alpine, CA 91901

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• .,. It-~~~. 1 c:7'1-Usx1!rm~ 847-259--3810 FAX847-259-9705 ~ ~-,-◄::!.""...,'" HELMET CONVERSIONS & REVISIONS. ELIMINATE FOGGING AND DUSTI LARGE SELECTION OF HELMETS, BLOWERS, COOLERS, VESTS, & SELF.CONTAINED SYSTEMS. THE BEST AIR SYSTEMS IN RACING THAT MONEY CAN BUY! THE RACERS CHOICE. fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~ Call or write for our FREE Catalog ----'-_,_ _ l~MJ ,-- ~ _,J .) Buff & Kevin Owners I f:abricators • p. 760.510.9586 • f. 760.510.9559 120 N. Pacific St.# J-1 • San Marcos, CA 92069 Hammes Bros. Racing Engines Baja Proven CUSTOM BUILT TO YOUR SPECS 760-724-2038 WWW.HAMMESRACING.COM Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "Good Stuff Directory" • and reach new cust~mers. Good Stuff Directory ads are James Gang Racing and Products . CNC Controlled Sheet Metal Manufacturing Facility Co°"lete Race Vehicle Developm:nt Design. Preparation and Fabrication SST. Alum and Tubing 13424 Imperial Hwy. Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670 James M. Hal.· Owner-Driver 562-921-2693 fax 562-926-0699 . JG TRANSWERKS -'Go with a Proven Winner' Joe Giffin 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, CA 92806 Mike Julson (714) 632-1240 · Off Road Race Cars : Complete Shock Service . Parts & Accessories • Race Preparation · :10965 Hartley· Rd. : Suite R . Santee, CA 92071-2893 · 619/562-1743 · Fax 619 / 562-3379' : e.mail · . K.AL OFFROAD RACING Metal Fabrication Speed Equipment Custom Suspensions Kurt Larmee (805) 466-4101 call (BIJ0) 433-6524 ~ Aircratt Rubber Manulacturinq, Inc. merely $35.00 per month 8408 K El C · R ---I 63257NelsAndersonRQad8end,oRg7701 USAph(541)388-0203!,c(541).388-0307 ammo ea' Atascadero, CA 93422 ,-------_,;_ ____ _,.;==='====--t--------------------+--GERHARDT GEAR CO., INC. MITCH GERHARDT Production Manager MANUFACTURERS OF PRECISION GEARS CNC GEAR CUTTING & BROACHING ISO 9002 AND as 9000 CERTIFIED 3060 N. California Street Burbank, CA 91504-2004 FAX (B18) 842-1458 Phone (818) 842-6700 GIANT C>FF-RC>AD FA.13:RICATiON - -15Yeors Off-Road ...,_ Racing Experience Aluminum Work ShockSeNlce & Modlfocotlons for. .. Trucks Buggies Trugg/es Race Cars .. 949.366.17B0 A ~ f . 1~~~:::f;l-~~~-;~1·>&?:Y \ id¾ I· 1 • f & . IA\ PERSONAL WATERCRAFT ._.__ ~ HONDA HONDA Power BILL ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (323) 877-7272 FAX (818) 753-6005 (619) 561-7764 fax 561-4834 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 20 Years of Off Road Racing Experience p£tFOR1AlllC£ We Service & Sell Jeff Howe Char Lynn Sweet 12476_Julian Ave. Pumps, G~ars & ' Equipment OUT BOARO ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 ART KAWAGUCHI Fax 323-264-2136 323-264-5858 Derek Kreger PH: 114.289.9048 Fil: 114.631.1854 Lakeside, CA 92040 Power Rack & Pinion ~5 CALLE f'INTORESCE SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92671 ---;---------------------1---========================~ 1214 N. Parker Unti #3 Oranu·e. CA 92867 Design Carbon Fiber A & D Services Custom Fiberglass Fabrication Off-Road Style Fenders 7522 Slater Ave. #114 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 GLASS WORKS Unlimited TIM GEAWATOSKY (714) 375-5992 Lee (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 FAX (714) 522-0123 Service Technician u!!@llllltY V. W. Serui~e • Porsche • Audi • BMW• All. VW • Toyota • Nissan • Honda • Street Strip and Sand Off Road • 6291 B Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 West of Beach Blvd. POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETOK STREET SUN VALLEY, CA-91352 FAX(818)788-2687 (818) 788-0371 A lull line of Po-Steering gears, pumps and accessories for any type of racing. Magnallux and Zyglo facilities available.

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• CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 KENT LOTHRINGER (~09) 596-5497 FAX LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING -MAGNAFLUX Service Suspen&ion Transmission Engine QUALllY RACE CAR CRACK CHECKING DONE BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW RACIN.G 909-596-4076 Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886. .IU4~Hc....vA.rr. R~P~ · Seat, • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10928 Wheatlands Ave. Suite B Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 (818) 886-4446 (818) 772-6470 fax 18641 Parthenia St. Northridge, CA 91324 .offroad .Road Course .Orag Racing .OVal Track .Fabrication ■Welding ■Chassis and Suspension Specialist YOUR' OFF-ROAD Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE:(714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622· 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J · chulaVista,CA91910 . (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fa]I (619) 691-1324 #iflJJ§flliRlllllil}IJ, eotlPO.NENTS F.Oft CHASSIS FABRleATJON ~~•~_P9.~•ij~-~~ stilblr'M.olns" 01 &Waterl3onte Halders 399.E . .HaaisonUnitD Corona, CA 92879-1313 .(909) 272.A272 619-562-5533 OfT-Road & Drag Ruing Fabrication Specialists Chas1i1-C1ge-Suspen•lon-Tin work Part & Accessory Sain (805)522-4499 . LanceFulln 2280 Shasta Way #115 Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 9306S A Small Ad Here Can Increase Your Business Dramatically Moulton Racing FaPrication : =~:i~~;:s .. ~-: ~~'.7•' • SandCars ~ ;.• · }•' ..... ·::.· .. ~ / '\ Jim Moulton :-- - -28355 INDUSTRY DR.1412 ,.__..,._ Vlllencla Ca 91355 661-295--0253 MSD' •t.3 ,,, Jt.,:,. -4,""; / • ' •• 1,.' ! • YOUR. COMPLETE H3NITION SOURCE r"NlllUNS • DISTF~•BLJT(.lflf-, • Wlflf S • RE'V CCJNTHOl f"' AUTOTRDNIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1 490 HENRY BRENNAN DA. , EL PASO, T X 7993E 19151 857-5200 • TEr.H LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3" 0.0. Capacity _ Models Starting. at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS • COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES 4B0-725-2B76 iEiE @aicdl Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 ,j~ ~ACl~ICALL¥ ~f~\\-~~~~c~~ ~~ .· Q ( Landscape Design & Consyuetlon) f ~'-~, -CAL LI~ c;;.27304109 ~~ Pot:r,c~A D . .. ·• (619) 582-7000 (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PFR. . PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 ~ HAROLD NICKS (~W[gl@V[~@"'lfl-SAFEO' EQUIPMENl . MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROADMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, ·sHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/ OR INTERCOM STILi. ONLY S 12,. -2888 GUNDRY AVE. * SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 . • 562-427-8177 I 800-869-5636 W • .A R (,~·; .-Fralcv s Pl'rf ormancc ~ngineermg J TEL (949)650-3035 FAH (949)650-4721 * A.ll Types of Steel U Aluminum Fabrication • Tube Bendinc • A.lumin-u Steel W.ldinc • Custom Machine Work • All Types of Race Cars .4851 W. Hacienda #4 Laa Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley . 702-365-9055 -<· ... ' W)J,£$$11'J.;J "'ff}!J!-~J,,:.. ..,, ~ ~ V'.tl'J!>-0

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.:,.. Todd Francis A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driyer's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: Tel:61~2 Fax:619-390-6470 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 CUSTOM ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR RACE CARS, TRUCKS, PRERUNNERS ElUGGIES, STREET Roos, DRAG CARS QUALITY RACE CAR WIRING SERVING ALL OF L .A.,-ORANGE 8c SAN DIEGO COUNTIES JOE DAVITIAN PGR. 323/340-0277 PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR DESIGN & FABRICATION WINNING OFF ROAD RACES SINCE 1978 . INCLUDING FACTORY WORKS • SCORE CHAMPION TROPHY TRUCK RT 3, BOX 1970 903/68.>1599 Rusk, TX FAX 903/~829 OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS -GIVE US A Q\LL • Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension •Safety• Driveline • Accessories Mike Cohen (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: rprod1 1-800-929-4360 www.RACESHOCK.coM ~ Pbornix,Ari7.ona ~ MIMlJ c~· -~-Suspension Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock Service Available on all brands ..•• Fast Tum-Aroundll Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy Fax: (602) 493-0975 PERFQHMAKCE•TRAKSAKLES southern CalHornla's Largest Distributor or Mendeola Transaxles PH: 114.680.6131 • FX: 114.680.3110 Toll Free: 800.304.8126 1631 Placentia-Ave. Unit G Anaheim. CA 92806 RANCHO TRANSMISSION Building automatic transmissions for winners Jefferies Racing McMillin Racing TRD. -From our long list of clients, just to name a few With our own CNC machine shop, we specialize in Circle Track, Southwest Tour Racing, Off-Road Racing and Automatic Transmission Sand Buggies 27598 Commerce Center Dr. (909)676-6569 Temecula, CA 92590 How can you not afford to advertise In the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" CaH D11-sty Times -now and get your ad In the next issue. idc,u~!!~! SWilg axle, ••s, bewlaad, MD4S 3455 S. PDlARIS #5 . lAS VIGAS, NfVADA 89102 JOHN 0.0. BIIIUDN (702) 221-4313 (702) 111-9124 RACING TRANSAXLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. EL CAJON, CA 92021 Barry Beacham CHRIS ROSE (619) 443·2480 (714) 259-7786 (714) 259-7792 fax 15031 Parkway Loop, Suite D Tustin, CA 92780 LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING . 11SUPER a ·ooT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV,89048 (775) 372-5335 Qua\it1 Used 'Parts l'O--tO South Main St;eet. Fall brook, CA 920:28 . IC\\: 160-72.l-2 I 17 l:-MAI I. hajaracc ·d tth.rnm PflONI' 760-7~3-~ 117 C.ALL LI'$ FIIZ-'5T! '-------------------t!'ARACING '!,?/,I GASOLINE "100. 110 114 118" 111et11anol & 11Itro ~~~Y■•J'<: C L B t I • Commercial Fuels & Lubes . . ryan , nc. . • High Performance Lubes 1-800-399-4176 ' 209-537-1565 fax • On-Site Fuel Distribution • Technical Assistance • Fuel & Lubes Handling Equip. • fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE. INC. l!l.!/ METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (:123) ·583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 . SANDBLAST-GLASS qEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Marl~ Smith Larry Smith ~T/M CECIL' 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS • BANNERS• WINDOW LffiERll,G • CAA LETTEAIIJG • GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MAAGIE COATS 51 D 1 Galway Circle • Hunt1ngto1 Beach CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • F2x (714) 694-9567 ~ - -s~e~&~ &~to-1flue e"4t<Jm ~ ?Jilt Ptato-45-45'0 # 10 ~ St. 760~:J47~S0S2 'J,ut'w., eA 92201

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-------~ ~ ----t:,V RACING ~♦9) 4;,~ Exterra -Pathfinder -Frontier - Hardbod.y Nissan Parts & Accessories Lift Kits -IV Intake System Fiberglau -Cat Back Exhaust 6350 Riverside Drive Parker, AZ 85344 Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trui::ks • Buggies • Pre-Runners. (619) 449-9728 FAX (61?) 449-2678 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A", Santee; CA 92071 nt. ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31510 223rd Street East Llano. CA 93544 6~1-261-3202 rs''IRIC'ILY fPERFORMA/VCE Call Far All DF Your On And Of'F Raad Needs/ • Fabrication • !iu!ipen!iion Kit!i SUNDRY.METAL SPINNING Phone (562) 928-9838 Fax (562) 928-0778 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • STEEL • BRASS • COPPER • STAINLESS RACE FUELS 6831 Swa Street Bell Gardens, CA 90201 JOH~AVALOS OWNER (209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra twe. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 ~UNSET)> c::£:n~~i' ,,. You• Qu,,urrY S,a,., Cow,AHY" Design Fabrication lnstailatlon Darren Ebberts (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 1215 POMONA ROAD• SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 ,... COMPUTERIZED VINYL GRAPHICS & LETT EKING 11111 I YTSA I ,.._ UrCOST BL.ex; SIGNS{Al:r. Pli!L)CESSES) -,.._ TRADE SI-OW OfSPLA'rS ,_ /11!,,.._CING G/11!,,.._PHICS ,.._ OETAILED& 1.#-JIQUE DESIGNS ,_ FLEET VEHICLES · AH~QUl".LTrY BA.NN~ .,._.M,,..,GNETICS A WGO REPRVDI.XTONS .,._. /ll!E,,'\L EST,,..,TE Af...OGO & GRAPHIC OESIGN .,._. OECA>.LS r ~ SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED .... , OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WELDING• FABRIC'ATOI • CNCPIASMACUTTING • FRCWTENDS • REARTRAIUNGARMS RACECHASSIS • PFERUN/\ERS • FOXRACINGSHJX • SAND BUGGIES 4050 LEAVERTON CT. ANAHEIM, CA 92807 LARRY ROSEVEAR PHONE {714) 6304482 FAX {714)6304548 Call Toll Free 877-627-8794 Request Catalog Specializing in Performance Torque Converters (Built for your exact application and needs.) HP Transmission Parts & More • Transmission Kits • Custom Length Axles • Friction/Steel Plates • TCS Designed Hubs • Input Shafts • 090 Differentials ~ Hundreds of Transmission Products ..... NEED MORE SALES? Put Your Ad Here For Results TLR Performance Fabrication Tun Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD · El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-1289 Trackside Photo "When only the best will do" 805-578-3470 ~ ~N'6l. __ ,, * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks . * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 N. Buena Vista St. , Hemet Ca. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 Fax: 909...,54-2375 See a list of our products at our web site: http:/wWw .off-roadfibe1" _J(ll.f.fSIY~RBJ)t 1 IQINSflXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 0 C OJ -t C ~ (/) o-m z ~ o m X l> (J) woow ..... 0 ..... .s .s .s -.J .I>, -.J CXl vJ CXl I\) C.11 I\) W b N -.J .I>, .I>, -.J .......... N en vJ I\) ~ ~ ~ .I>, ii] C.11 ::, (/) () 0 _CD C (") 5" ~z ::.;o 0 ~ 3 3 -· D> D> ::, CD 9, 0 CD g: t ,.... ~ 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 1 0729 WHEA TLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A' SANTEE, CALIFORNIA .92071 . TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 UNLIMITED MOTORS PORTS Complete Off-Road Fabrication SHAWN GIORDANO 375 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069 TEL: 760.744.2505 U.S.WMEELS REMANUFACTURING YOU BENTTHEM WEFIXTHEM POLISH • REPAIRS 1 QOO W. Bradley Ave., Unit Q El Cajon, CA 92020 BF.IUCE HENDEL Regional Manager VP Racing Fuels , West Co~f P,.O. Box 1;319 ·342!33 'Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 Carlos Orozco 619.596.8033. Phone: (909) 67 4-9167 . Fax: (909) 674-7367 Pager: (909) 694-7392 "'-

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wp Racing Gears BUMP STOPS HERE i\'\e Stop the up-travel on your suspension ..._., Ultra High Quality Gears with Race Proven cp Strength and Performance Available for VW 1'l h-, ~-. Type 1. Type 2. 091 Bus. ~ ~}i • . : . :1-. _; ~ 094. MD4S. and 5-speed _'...-\\\', ~~---. ---transaxles Huge selection . --.... of ratios in stock . Automotive • ATV • Motorcycle 1815 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE RIVERSIDE, CA 92507, USA 909.369.5144 • 909.369.7266FAX WWW.WEBCAMINC.COM .-L \~ .... ~, FREE CATALOGUE ., .............. -~~----~--~ (805) 696-9665 -= ~NOMICALLYPRIClIDAT319.90PERPAIR. Yarnell Specialties, Inc; 102 Crestview· P.O. Box 845 Weddle Engineering• P.O. BO)< 1075 • Goleta, CA 93116 1-928-427-3551 Yarnell, AZ 85362 Adam Wik SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR 994, 1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To complete Engines 3675 w. Teco Ave. Unit 8, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-837-2522 Y•mlcdllll -111'8 fll'OIQ S35 Motorcycles * KTM Dealer for over 20 years * Stock parts • Supports top riders suspension * Accessories . · Tires/knowledge · Open * 12pm-6pm M-F Various • Saturdays ff'iff 714-449-1271 * 714-449-1374 Fax SPORTMOTORCYCLES ~~ · ~ oo~n©'rID~ ~ BIICIIIIJ Get the word out about your business, Big or small . Front & Rear Trailing'Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialist • Custom Race _& Play Buggy Chassis A-Arm Front Ends • Beam Front Ends Race Cars ..... D u n e. B u g g i e s Lorenzo Rodriguez· Baja Bugs Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" a.-d reach new customers Good Stuff Directory Ads Jack Woods 602-242-0077 Fax 602-242-7283 Transmissions - Parts - Service - Welding V.W - Porsche - Nissan - Toyota -Honda are merely $35.00 per month. 9608 N. 21st Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85021· Classified ... NOTICb. Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be -legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item. AUTO~Tl'v'i FOR SALE: Kenworth Herodyne. Acrual miles 183,000. Like new coI_l-dition. Lots of chrome and alumi-num. 45' drop deck trailer upper dock lift gate airride excellent con-dition. Must see $60,000.00 OBO. (760)342-0339. 850 S. Alta Vista Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 914-8147 < lo:>.<o) ::,oS?.ACe FOR SALE: Class 7S 2000 Ford Ranger Truck 2 wheels drive XLT 4.0 V-6 electronically fuel injected engine. Built by Scudder's perfor-mance includes: Bilstein shocks, 32 gallon fuel safe, KC lights, De-troit Locker ·rear end, Autometer gauges, American Racing rims, BF Goodrich tires, Mastercraft win-dow nets, limiting straps and seats. Race ready for Best i~ the Desert and SCORE off road racing events. Price $25,000.00 ask for Dave (775) 359-4811. Pro Truck, Pro Truck Pro Truck Pro Truck, race the best.truck class ever, experience the most competitive truck class ever designed, PCI's Ford, no expense spared, super hot vehicle, best of prep, one of the fast-est in the class, comes with huge spares list, BFG tires, Bilstein by-pass/ coilover shocks, $90,000.00 Baja Brokers Ref# 837(760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Chenowth 4 seat long travel buggy like new. Major Perfor-mance. 2333 VW, Bus trans, 930 CV's. Best of everything. 24' en-closed trailer. Both for $25,000.00 Call Bill@ (909) 696-9467 . FOR SALE: Truck/Truggy, Small block, 550hp, Carillo • rods, JE Pistons, full roller, Aluminum heads, Race series holly, 26" front travel, 32" rear, 4 wheel disk, Uniball front end. Summers Bros ax-les spool, Ford 9", Full Fiber-glass body, Mastercrafts, Auto-meter gauges, $25,000.00 OBO (909) 776-0204. FOR SALE: FAT/Smart Toyota 4AG 1648cc 200 miles since new. Complete with electromodve ing. Header for mid and rear engine. Pauter rods. JE Pistons, new crank, $5,000.00. (623) 516-0406. FOR SALE: -1998 Chevy S-10 Prerunner, 4.3L V-6, 5 spd. Manual, ext. cab, full interior roll cage (SCCA race legal), 5 pt har-ness, Sway-A-Way coilover front susp. W / glass fenders, full engine cage, flared bedsides w /rear Sway-A-Ways, 32" BFG's, 410 Auburn Posi, fuel cell. $14,500.00. Will consider trade for race truck. Call Jason (805) 895-5868. FOR SALE: Chenowth 4 seat long travel buggy like new. Major Perfor-mance. 2333 VW, Bus trans, 930 CV's. Best of everything. 24' en-· closed trailer. Both for $25,000.00 Call Bill@ (909) 696-9467. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN AD-VANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is $ Name Address City (Send check or money order, no cash) Phon e ___________ _ State _____ Zip Please run ad times -------Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street C hatsworth, CA 91311 DUSliJlil■IB Classified Ad Deadlines for 2002 ISSUE DEADLINE April Mar 8, 2002 May Apr 12, 2002 June May 10, 2002 July Jun 7, 2002 August Jul 12, 2002 September Aug 9, 2002 October Sep 6, 2002 N011ember Oct 4, 2002 December N0118, 2002 • • • • • • • • • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page&2 March 2002 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Class-5 Unlimited. New Type IV 2755. FAT motor, 4-wy by-pass in back, Bilsteins & Fox shocks on car. All coilover car. Will part motor out asking $10,000.00 for mo-tor or $12,000.00 without motor in car or $22,000.00 for whole car. (505) 867-1371. FOR SALE: F-150 Prerunner/ Chasetruck, 4 50 hp, built C6 Guss. 9" 20" front travel chromoly beams and radius arms 3" coilovers 18" rear navel Deaver race springs 21/2" triple bypass 320 cell mounted pit box us-able bed space. Autometer, Deist, Beard, Art Carr full int. a/ c heater, pwr. ·everything, 35" Baja TA''S too much too list$15,900.00 OBO (714) FOR SALE: 1994 Ford Ranger 4x4 LASD Racing Stock Mi11i Race Truck, 1995,1996, 1997 SCORE Stock Mini Champion, 2"0 in 1998 BITD Series, regular cab long bed, all chromoly cage, 9100 Series Bilsteins, w/bypass, Eibach front springs, National rears, Ford Factory automatic transmission with lock up converter, fresh 4.0 liter V6 motor, 43 gallon Fuel Safe cell, complete top of the line stock mini race truck with fresh complete prep by Spirit, lots of spares, including sheet metal, can be race in 4x4, easily con-verted to 7S or race now in stock mini, Too many race wins to list. $35,000.00 obo. Steve Williams (310) 830-1123 or SKWILLlA@LASD.or . TRAILER FOR SALE: 6 x 10 Ameri-can built Tilt-Bed Trailer, with surge brake system. Great race car or mo-torcycle carrier. $1,250.00 OBO. Great shape, new tires and wood floor-in . Harve (760) 346-1080. COOL 5 CAR, very competitive, Tu-bular Concepts, Howe, Sway-AWay, Summers, Bypass, Mendeola MD4S, outboard hubs, Fox shocks, 920 CV's, Crow belts, Wiks Type 4, 170 HP, BFG's on Centerlines, PCI Radio, Eagle OPS, FlameOut, much more. Excellent condition $28,000.00. Baja Brokers Ref# 833 (760) 723-2117. Dusty Times Pro Truck, Pro Truck Pro Truck Pro Truck, race the best truck class ever, ex-perience the most competitive truck class ever designed, PCI's Ford, no expense spared, super hot vehicle, best of prep, one of the fastest in the class, comes with huge spares list, BFG tires, Bilstein by-pass/ coilover shocks, $90,000.00 Baja Brokers Ref# 837 (7€{)) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Blazer Pre Runner, Street registered 12" Front 16" Rear Double Bilsteins, 9" 4.88, Detroit locker Float-ing Axles, Wilwood calipers 350 HP 350, 700 R4, Optima Battery, Na-tional Springs, 1991 front all new 90% done. Email for pictures 661-219-2219. $8,500.00 OBO or trade. . MUST SELL: Class 12 Raceco, Single Seat, FAT motor, Fortin Trans, King bypass with coils, Foddrill Arms, CNC Brakes, 38 gal Fuel Safe, BFG on Cen-terlines, UMP Power Steering, Parker Pumper, PCI, $24,000.00. ALSO Hall-mark 24' enclosed trailer, Air, toilet, spare tire rack, $8,500.00 (520) 220-2291 (928) 567.0347 David. CLASS 8 SUPER NICE F150 Race Truck or Ultimate PreRun 4WD, 1" Place at Baja 1000 and 3ro at the Baja 2000, very reliable and many spares, 4 link rear, King Shocks, 27" travel. Front has 18" travel, full prepped, 35" Projects, CNC, Leon Patten 520 HP pump gas motor and street legal. Call Baja Bro-kers, FullPackageDeal$70K Ref#834 (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Class 9-2 seater. Com-plete car with manyextra's $6,000.00. FOR SALE: 2000 Freightliner FL604 door towing 19991/2 40' Santek-24 feet ofluxury living with 2 sides and 16 feet of garage with buggy header, cabinets and under floor storage. Can sleep 6 (all in beds), 1-7 5 gallon fuel stations. 100 gal-lons of water in trailer and 100 gallons in truck, Onan 7.5 generatorO. Too much to list. $150,000.00 (714) 434-7 500. Will sell trailer separately, call for price. LIQUIDATION SALE: Chenowth Magnum short course car and Pro-Lite Toyota for sale. Both vehicles all have top of the line parts. Extra new chassis, extra motors, trannys, headlock wheels/ tires and numerous other parts that go with the buggie. The Pro-Lite has been raced very little. I am selling everything as.50Ciated with off-road racing. Call Steve Sallenbach for details at wk: (402) 443-4117 or ho: (402) 625-2802. FOR SALE: 2001 Fallers Offroad car. Calss 12 or 10. Bus Box 930cv. Disc brakes, Woods 4in combos, FOX coilovers, Bilstein bypass, custom dash, Autometer gauges, wired by Jim Wibel. Furt, fast car, $24,900 or$30,000.00with spare motor, KC HID & radio & inter-com. (623) 878-9595. FOR SALE: 2001, 26" Dominator Trailer FOR SALE: Rear ramp door, wired for electric. Mounted tool boxes and work counter, wrapped in vinyl. Easy to remove white underneath. Asking $8,500.00. (303) 799.0477 x21. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 1, 2 seater, Ford SVO V-8, Rancho Updated Fields Auto Mike Smith Bypass, Many extras, Just prepped and ready to race. Ex-Riviera Car. $28,500.00 OBO (619) 469-D400. FOR SALE: CORR Pro lite Ford Ranger, 2000 Standardized chassis, Sway-a-way, AutoMeter, Magnesium Dana 60, less motor and transmission. $28,500.00 Crowder Racing (850) 576-6204. FOR SALE: From Flannery Racing: One Pro-4 FourWheel Drive Race Truck. Jack's Old Truck, Won lots of races, Independent front end, Walker Evans Racing Shocks, Dana 60 Rear End, Complete Body, Excellent Core Race Truck for Starting Out. No front carrier but takes stock GM front cliff, No transmission or engine. Needs some work Asking as is $20,000.00 OBO. ALSO Pre-Runner or Fun Truck Originally built by Clive Smith and raced by Larry Raglin for GM. Class 7, GM Powertrain put in new V6 engine and transmission. Built with the best of everything. Asking as is $15,000.00 OBO. ALSO FOUR ENGINES, 2-430 CI W/ Brodax Heads, 2-430 CI W/SB 2 Heads, front engine aluminum mounting plate w/all accessory drive equipment mounted to them, fresh-ened, $12,500.00 each run $10,000.00 each. ALSO FOR SALE C & C Bridgeport Vertical Mill w/ Anilam 1100 $22,500.00 OBO, C & C Standard-Modern Model 17x60 Lathe w/ Anilam 1200-$38,500.00 OBO, 1972 Kentucky44' Van Trailer $7,500.00 OBO. Please call (608) 254-4788 Flannery Racing AKA Off-Road Logging. FOR SALE: 1985 Toyota PreRunner. Totally Prepped! New Everything from front to back! Sway-A-Way bypass shocks up front, Fox bypass shocks in back, New Carbon fiber dash, rewired, new rear end. $18,000.00. (303) 799-0477 x21. Class 7 Toyota-Super Tough, depend-able, 22R motor, four wheel drive, straight axle, Bilstein 60mm shocks, super clean fab, 12" front travel, 17" rear travel, Centerforce clutch, rr disc brakes, 32 gal tank, Alcoas, BFG, PCI Roadmaster, MSD, Beard seats, Na-tional Springs, 35 Spline 9", Strange rr cliff, $18k. Baja Brokers Ref# 839 · (760) 723-2117. March 2002 FOR SALE: Class 12, SCORE lite, 1835 engine (Bonner Hawk engines) option. 2 liter Class 10 engine. Both Fresh engines, Car new rebuild. Ler-ner Racing. $49,000.00 Henry or Dann (714) 633.0030. FOR SALE: 2000 Factory Kia Sportage Cross Country Rally Car. SCORE Class 3 and FIAA Class T3. Built in November 1999 for the 2000 Paris Dakar Rally, which it finished. Won Class 3 in San Felipe 250. 2nd in Nevada 2000 in Class 3000. Can be raced and driven in 4wd. Class 3 le-gal. Race prepared motor by Dave Whitehead. King Shocks, Full Floater, 5 speed Road Race Transmis-sion prepped by Transaxle, Steering box and pump prepped by Lee. Howe Steering Ram, Heavy Duty Racing flutch. 95 gallon custom Fuel Safe t'uel cell for Paris Dakar (550 mile range). Makes an excellent prerunner, Autometer liquid filled gauges, BFG Baja 33x10.50 tires, American Racing Wheels, All the Best parts, Extremely reliable and fun. Many spares avail-able. Ready to win races all over the world. Sold with Sponsorship pack-age. $38,000.00 obo. Call Darren Skil-ton. (562) 755-2278. FOR SALE: Raceco Two Seater, Class 10 Powered by FAT, Toyota 4AG, New Seats, New Rear Arm's and brakes, All Fab work done by Penhall Fab. Radio & intercom, Power Steering, Bilstein bypass in rear, coil over in front. Very clean car. Have spares $20,000.00 Baja Brokers Ref #838 (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: 2000 Factory Kia Sportage Racecar, SCORE Class 3 International. Winner of Class 3 Championship 97, 98, 99 and 2000. Winner of the Baja 2000 Class 3. New in November 2000 3.5 liter V6 225 hp, Dry Sumped, Can be raced and driven in 4wd. Is Class 3 legal. Sway-A-Way shocks, (3" rear, 2" and 2.5'' bypass front). Full Floater Rear end. 5 speed Road Race Transmission prepped by Transaxle. Steering box and pump prepped by Lee. Howe Steering ram. Heavy Duty racing clutch. 35 gallon custom Fuel Safe fuel cell. Autometer liquid filled gauges. BFG Baja 33x10.50 tires. American Racing Beadlock Wheels. All the best parts, extremely reliable, fast and fun. Many spares available. Ready to win races. Sold with Sponsorship pack-age. $38,000.00 obo. Call Darren Skilton. (562) 755-2278. FOR SALE: Riviera Racing/Nick Baldwin All Wheel Drive Car. Nye Frank engineered and built, Robby Gordon Racing Shocks (built and tested), 700++ H.P. Leon Patton Chevy V-8, Two speed automatic Transmission, Dennis Cook Com-puter controlled A.W.D. Transfer case (with spare), 9" Ford Differen-tials (Front and Rear), 37" x 17'' BFGoodrich Project Tires, Many, Many spares, Fastest car in the desert!!! Proven and tested. Serious inquires only $95,000.00 OBO. Please contact Jerry Whelchel for more details. (949) 472-2024. NEED A DRIVER?? I NEED OPPORTUNITY. All I can say in this short ad is that I am the nobody that you'll be glad you gave a chance. It's in my blood, I've got natural ability .... Not connections. Mitchell Emery (724) 659-3012. OPPOQ. TUNITlb..6 OBFM Racing is looking for 1 or 2 new members, preferably from San Diego area, for joining us in SCORE and BITD racing in a Jimco 2-1600. We have everything, so all you have to do is go race. Members buy a share of the car, and just pay for the races they participate in. Must have some racing experience and want to have a great time trying to win the world's best off-road races. Tom Dunbar (502) 897-7733. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Aggressive Suspensions .......................... 46 American JeepSpeed Challenge ............ 43 Austecx ........................................................ 54 Baker Precision .............................. ::-........ 10 Best In The Desert .................................... 1-1 Bilstein of America ........... : ....................... 23 Cactus .......................................................... 42 Camburg Engineering .............................. 42 Coast Resorts ............................................... 9 Competition Air ......................................... 38 DCS Digital Communications Services .................. 49 Estero International ................................... 4 Fabtech ........................................................ 53 FAT Performance ...................................... 26 Dave Folts Transmissions ....................... 51 Fresh Air systems Technologies, Inc ..... 18 Fuel Safe Racing Cells ............................. 54 German Auto ............................................... 36 Greer ............................................................ 25 Hannemann Fiberglass, Inc ..................... 32 Headflow Masters ..................................... 18 ISCO ............................................................. 55 Kartek Off Road .................................. 29, 33 Kawaguchi Honda ..................................... 39 KC Hilites .................................. Back Cover King Shock Tech ........................................ 45 Light Force Engineering ............................ 5 Mastercraft ................................................. 28 McKenzie Performance Products ........... 27 Mendeola Racing ...................................... 31 Micky Thompson Tires ............................. 13 Mojave Desert Racing .............................. 15 Nevada Off Road Buggy ........................... 32 Outlaw Racinp Sale .................................. 49 Parker 400 Video ...................................... 14 Parker Pumper .......................................... 17 Parker Pumper/Eibach Springs .............. 41 PCI Race Radios and Equipment .............. 2 Pike's Family Restaurant ........................ 27 · Race Prep Services .................................. 47 Race Ready ................................................. 22 Rancho Performance ................................ 55 RC Trans .........•........................................... 24 Ronco Plastics Inc ..................................... 37 Skyjacker Suspensions ........................... 12 SNORE ......................................................... 35 Solder Joint ............................................... 50 Strictly Performance ................................ 40 Summit Racing ........................................... 52 Sway-A-Way Corp ..................................... 21 Transaxle Engineering .............•.............. 34 Tri-Mil Industries ..................................... 19 Union 76 Racing Gasoline ....................... 48 Valley Performance ................................. 30 ·······························--Page &3 ...

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l ~ t • ► f i ► ~ i f p ' ™ KC HiliTES New! HID: $400 Product or $200 Cash -Class Win_ Other KC: $200 Product or $100 Cash• Class Win Available Racing Beam Patterns: HID & Halogen Long Range Driving Fog/Dust KC HiliTES has continuously supported Off Road Racing for over 32 years! Unmatched by any other lighting company we offer the following: • 23 Year Warranty (including bulbs) • Contingency Awards (all classes) • Complete Replacement Parts 2002 con11naancu We pay all classes in all races put on by these sanctioning organizations: SNORE Be$t in the Desert CORR MDR SCORE VORRA CODE Estero Beach Special Pric~ng for Racers Find your authorized race parts dealer by visiting our web site at: KC is a proud corporate sponsor of: . • Track Side Support by Jim Conner Racing SNORE KC Midnight Special CODE KC Night Race Crandon Raceway •• '-' For additional information on our products, accessories and contingency programs, see Jim Conner at the races or contact him at 928-855-0912 or email