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The Purpose of the FWA

was to ensure that all of

the institutions of human

subjects research

activities, regardless of

whether the research is

subject t o the U.s. or not.

    Federal Works              Agency







29 1929-




Sadie Hager


Purpose of




Reform &



  The end of the program has a 10 bullet point list of facts about FDR. It also has a list of the effects the FWA had on the economy. Which is much like the nutrition facts on a cereal box. It will show unemployment rate,  Government spending, GDP, & confidence Building.

   This program is based on the FWA or the Federal Works Agency. In the program, you can find facts about FDR, games, and cartoons. There is no shortage of knowledge in the program.  You will also be able to find the phrase of the FWA.

Facts About FDR


* Had Polio

 *Only Child of rich parents

 *Him and Eleanor Roosevelt were related

 *He was misdiagnosed with polio he actually had Gullian-Barre Syndrom

*He was the governor of New York

*He had a brief law career

*He was the editor of his college newspaper

* He had a hard time adjusting to school

*His 5th cousin was Theodore Roosevelt

*Eleanor Roosevelt was his brother's daughter


Fwa´s Effects on the economy


Unemployment Rate: 25%


Government spending:$103.6 Billion


GDP: $103.6 Billion


Confidence building:1%


Role of government: Achieve best resullts