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2001 Volume 18 Number 9 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 18 • Number 9 • September 2001 $2.50 ISSN8750•1732 covering the~ world of competition in the dirt •••

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PCI RACE RADIOS & SAFETY EQUIPMENT Visit us on the web @ SPECIAL! or call us TOLL FREE (800) 869-5636 CREW CHIEF HEADSET & RADIO No more yelling between driver & crew in the pit, hear each other loud & clear with a Crew Chief Headset & Radio. • Trackmaster 5 watt, 16 channel handheld radio & headset in red, blue, or black ........ ............ ....... $519.00 • Trackmaster 5 watt, 16 channel radio ............... $299.00 • Motorola P1225, 5 watt, 16 channel handheld radio & headset in red, blue or black ............... ... ......... $719.00 • Motorola Pl 225. 5 watt, 16 channel radio ......... $499.00 SHOWYOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. Record Your Conquests or Mistakes to Show Your Family & Friends What Off Road Racing is All About with a Black Box In-Car Digital Camera System. • System includes Sony Digital Camera & Recorder housed in a Custom Black Box with Power Supply, Charger, Cabling & Mounts. Introductory Offer. .. ....................... ...... .. $3995.00 • Sound from your PCI Comlink VI Intercom is easily patched in with an adaoter cable MOTORCYCLE RADIO SYSTEM TALK WITH YOUR BUDDIES WHILE RIDING. BE A MORE COMPETITIVE RACER WITH A MOTORCYCLE RADIO SYSTEM. • System includes a Trackmaster, 5 watt, 16 channel radio handheld radio, motorcycle harness and helmet wiring ..................................................... $519.00 CJ DON'T GET INTERCOMS STUCK IN BAJA HEADSETS ROAD MASTER TRACKMASTER GLOBALSTAR SATELLITE PHONES SCANNERS MOTOROLA VERTEX MAXON RACEAIR HELMETS SHOEI BELL SIMPSON BLACK BOX IN CAR DIGITAL CAMERA RACEAIR PUMPER ¥OTORS RAQESAFE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS LOWRANCE GPS PYROTECT DRIVING SUITS GLOVES DRIVING SHOES NECK COLLARS KIDNEY BELTS CROW SEAT BELTS MECHANIX WEAR GLOVES MPACT MPACTII APRONS SHOES KNEEPADS DIRTBAGS GEAR BAGS OFF ROAD VIDEOS TOW STRAPS RATCHET STRAPS NO FEAR APP AREL Stay in touch with a Globalstar Satellite Phone Great for . Pre-running, Racing & travel. Call for more information. LOWRANCE GPS HELPS YOU STAY ON THE COURSE. Globalmap 1600 GPS Mapping Unit Comes with Complete Map of the World, Bracket, Power Cord, Antenna, CD-Rom, & Download Cables. Recommended for in Car Use $560.00 Globalmap 100 handheld GPS Mapping unit, Great for Chase Vehicles $199.00 NEW RACEAIR 2000 ROAD MASTER OFF ROAD'S WINNINGEST RADIO 50 Watts, 16 Channels VHF-FM 2-Way Radio. Over 3000 Used in Off Road Racing. Light Weight, Comfortable, Quick Release Shield, Snell 2000 Rated. $349.00 Wired with Nomex Skirt $459.00 PCI RACE RADIOS 2888 GUNDRY AVE., SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 ~~~~c.=~~~ 800-869-5636 562-427-8177 FAX 562-426-3589 ~~~

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Volume 18 -Number 9 September 2001 Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wi-kel Controller John Calvin Ma~keting Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Jim Culp Homer Eubanks · Martin Holmes Mike Jenkins Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montana Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham ~ -----Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Sub-scription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is n<;>t responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self addressed sramped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 87 50-17 32) is published monthly by Hill-side Racing Corp., 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004 with additional Dusty Times, LLC offices at 415 N. Higgins Avenue, Suite lA, Missoula, MT 59802. Copy-right by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: SencJ address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot of the Month ... Jack Irvine and Kit Trenholm took the Class 9 victory at the 1983 Frontier 250 and the win cinched the '83 points for the class. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be.considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES Best In The Desert Tonopah 300 by Judy Smith ........................................ 8 48 th Acropolis Rally by Martin Holmes ............................................. , ...... 16 FRT Tecate Gran Prix by Judy Smitli···························•····:··················•······· 18 Finke Desert Race - Aus~ralia by Darryl Smith ....................................... 22 Ojibwe Forests Club Rally by Jerry Winker ......................... : ...................... 24 MDR Kartek 400 by Sheryl Cannon ................ ,. .... : ..................................... 26 Best In The Desert Tonopah Bikes by Mark Kariya .............................. 32 CORR At Bark River by John Calvin .......................................................... 38 CODE KC Hilites Niqht Race by Byrle Moore ........................................ 40 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally by Jerry Winker ....................................... 44 M.O.R.E. Freedom 250 ....................................................................... ..... 47 DEPARTMENTS Happenings .................................................................................................. 5 Trail Notes .................................................................................................... 6 CRS Director's Report by Paula Gibeault ...................................... , ........... 49 Checkers Report by John Hastings ............................................................ 48 CORE Pit Report by Wayne Nosala ............................................................. 48 Los Campeones ...................................................................... , .................. 49 Mag 7 by Stephen Stenberg .................................................................... 50 Good Stu ff Directory ................................................................................ 51 Classified Ads ............................................................................................ 57 Index To Advertisers ................................................................................. 59 On The Cover The brothers Weyhrich, Mark and Gary pooled their considerable talents to take the Unlimited Class win as well as the overall at the BITD Tonopah 300. Photo by Trackside Photo Randy Jones and Rob Myerly got back together and ran away with the 1600 class at the MDR Kartek 400, besting 15 other competitors for a very nice win. Photo by Trackside Photo Visit Our Website c5ubscrihe :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -sss.oo· (no credit cards please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ----------------------Address ---------------------City State Zip --------------------· Primary Interest Cars O Trucks O Motorcycles 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - l year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times September 2001 Page 3

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... S.N.O.R.E·. The state of Nev~da is in the process of designating areas throughout the state. In the Las Vegas district, the BLM has suggested 194,615 acres. The Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the Sierra Club have recommended 4,326,865 acres of wilderness in the Las Vegas district. The wilderness that the Eco groups are _pushing for will put half of the SCORE Primm race off limits. It will take away parts of the Mint 400 course, just north of Las Vegas, and will close the area around Pahrump, making Terrible's Town 250 and Vegas To Reno history. The Dusty Times 250 in Caliente, Nevada will also be affected. Please help us stop this from happening. The Southern Nevada Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts will be trying to get the message out to all off roaders in the west. In order to fight this battle we will need your help, your financial help. Please send your donations to P.O. Box 270516, Las Vegas, Nevada 89127 to help defray the cost of-advertising. The Sierra Club will spend 100's of thousands of dollars to spread lies about the wilderness, they are even telling people . that the roads will stay open in the wilderness areas. NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call 702-452-2522 for more information on this attempted land grab. We must act quickly, or lose these lands forever! Jump in here and lend a hand!

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2001 Happenings ... Maywood, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 SAN QUINTIN Calle 6ta Fracc Cd. de San Quintin San Quintin, BC, Mexico Heraclio Patino October 5-7, 2001 Laguna Salada, Mexicali, BC, MX November JO-December 2, 2001 Mexicali to San Felipe, BC, MX AMERICAN RALLY SPORT GROUP,INC. 3650 South Pointe Circle, Suite 205 Laughlin, NV 89208 (702) 298-8171/Fax: (702) 521-0597 E Mail: December 14,16, 2001 2001 Adventure Rally Laughlin, NV AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA Observed Trials Southern California Championship Series Bill Markum • President (909) 860-1857 24 hr Hotline -(714) 562-7742 E Mail: ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector Apto 42 San Jose del Caba Baja California del Sur. Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class 10 cars only Renald Vaillancourt 3069 Dagenais West Laval Quebec, Canada H7P 1T7 (450) 622-4440 September 15, 2001 Olympic Stadium Montreal BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 Lakeside, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At.Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BBM MARKETING PROMOTIONS Off Road Short Course Racing & Special Event Marketing 4 344 Valley View Ave. Norco, CA 92860 (909) 340-6474 BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION t Casey Folks, Director 3475 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 E-Mail: September 27-30, 2001 Vegas To Reno Las Vegas, NV Pre-Run August 24-25 November JO-December 2, 2001 Las Vegas 200 Las Vegas, NV Pre-Run November 3-4 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES . Les Wolfe, NEW President 341 W. 2575 North Sunset, UT 84015 (801) 773-1651 (801) 773-9319 Fax September 14-15, 2001 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, NV BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax.(613) 475-3250 CAJOR Club AutomovilistaJuarense de -Championship Off-Road Racing 7210 Gateway East El Paso, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 Ralph Garcia 0ll-52-16-17-45-42 Cesar Fuentes CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Sue Robinson - Director 845 Schoohouse Road Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 788-3809 E-Mail: Dusty Times Website <> John Dillon, SoPac Rally Steward Rally Series October 5-7, 2001 Treeline Rally November JO-December 2, 2001 Ramada Express Rally Laughlin, NV Rallyeross Series October 6, 2001 Prescott, AZ RX October 13, 2001 Las Vegas RX Jean, NV November 10, 2001 Las Vegas RX Jean, NV CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 Pierre, SD 57501 Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON ID-JACKERS l.C.O. Tom Delauder Sr 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA 9-" (011 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road fa1senada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 61746834) Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637/7 0034) CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O. Box 3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3178 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE Bravo 120-B Zona Centro, Mexicali, BC, MX P.O. Box 2328 Calexico, CA 92232-2328 011-52-6-553-4087 WWW COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholtz, President (719) 531-3642 W /(719)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP P.O. Box392 Calexico, CA 92i32 Hector Cerecer 0ll-52-65-66-4458 CORR EXXON SERIES Championship OH Road Racing 192 N. State Road 267, Suite 267 Avon, IN 46123 (317) 272-2827/Fax: (317) 272-2900 , September 1-2, 2001 Crandon, WI rJj= September 22-23, 2001 aypaea h eke by SWAY-A-WAY® ---~ %a<, i. }t ~, ~ :;,,., 0 fXT;fRN,A~~DJU_STABILITY TO OBTAIN OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE SERVOIR TO ~ESIST FADING CAUSED BY HEAT AND CAVITATION ·2 AND 3 TUBE DESIGNS FOR ANE TUNING SUSPENSION ·RACE PROVEN QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE •2.5" AND 3" DIAMETER AVAILABLE Distributors Camburg Engineering Off-Road Warehouse Race Ready Products Donahoe Racing 714-848-8880 858-565-7792 619-691.g171 714--632--3033 ' Baja Concepts McKenzie's Prowlers . Kartek Raceshock Co. 760-723-2117 714-441-1212 661-288-5757 . 909-628--0833 602-493-3700 ~eptember 2001 Goto to learn more or call [f!w~y-~Ja!~~=!!?.c, e Pages

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Trail -Notes ... LAS VEGAS SAND & OFFROAD SHOW -The show was held June 16-17 at the cavernous Cashman Center and was a mighty success. More than 80 companies were on hand to · promote their products and there were multitudes of people looking at the vast display of items. Attendance was high and the show was considered to be a great success for both the exhibitors and the public at large. Stay tuned to Dusty Times for the next show dates. OTRUCK HEADS TO GUAM - Ivan Stewart and his rotruck group are heading across the Pacific to run the rotruck Challenge at the new Guam Motor Raceway Park. August 4-5, 2001 are the race dates and it should be a great race and a memorable occasion. Nine Protruck teams are shipping their equipment over there for the race, including Larry Ra~land, Tom Koch, Rick Johnson and many more. This is the 20th -.' Miller Lite Smokin' Wheels" event and there will be Class 1 and 1600 buggies, Motorcycles, quads and much, much more. Ace reporter Judy Smith will be winging her way to the event and it'll all be here in Dusty Times next month. _ · FNAL FLAG - We were terribly sorry to learn of the death of Bob Larson, long time aide to Fud, helping to layout and mark race courses and he was also the chief timer and scorer at Fud's races. Bob had been active with Fud since 1980 and he and wife Vickie made sense out of all the lap times and kept everyone straight. Bob was only 52 years of age and succumbed to a heart attack. He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him. ROBBY GORDON - Saw Robby interviewed on.NASCAR tonight outside the garage and they, the ESPN types were asking Robby about him possibly having a new job next year with the Richard Childress team. Although most of Robby's friends from the off road world would love to see him in a good ride, Robby said "I haven't heard anything along those lines. Finishing 25th at Louden wasn't the greatest so we have to start finishing further up the ladder." We here at Dusty Times hope something good comes along for Robby real soon. RED FACE DEPARTMENT - We apologize to Roger Allison and Ray Hacke_r, ~ead honchos of the Ameri~an Rally_ Sport Group for om1ttmg them from the Happenmgs section of Dusty Times. Their four day event out of Laughlin and into the Grand Canyon area is one of the best in the west and we suggest you get hold of them and get ready for some heavy rallying in mid-December. See the listing for American Rally Sport Group in Happenings for phone numbers and dates. 0 1600 - Latest Pro 1600 news· flash - If you are racing a 1/ -1600 and you are interested in racing against some serious ompetition for some very serious money during the 2002 racing season, you had better call the Pro 1600 series honchos and get signed up. Their three race series paybacks will rival the Mint 400 payouts. There are more than 40 cars already in the membership and they are looking for you. Call Scott Steele at 661'-268-1557 or Rick Boyer at 661-589-5872 or Joe Giffin at 714-632-1240 or check them out at ADELANTO GRAN PRIX - Best In The Desert Racing Association, aka Casey Folks has joined forces with the Desert Vipers for the upcoming 2002 Adelanto Gran Prix. The Gran Prix will be sanctioned by BITD next year. The event is open to all motorcycle and quad riders and usually attracts many hundreds of riders from all over the country. For more information contact the Desert Vipers MC 714-779-5313 or Best In The Desert 702-457-5775. You don 't want to miss this one! S CCA MAINE FOREST RALLY · They all came back to Rumford, Maine another time for the SCCA Rally and it was a good one! The stages were fast bur they were also very dusty and there was some very close competition. Seamus Burke took the Open win in his Mitsubishi Lancer EvoVI as well as the overall. He narrowly beat Paul Choiniere (Hyundai) and Mark Lovell (Subaru). Ramana Lagemann won the FIA-N Category, Patrick Richard took the Production GT win and Jean Sebastien Besner was the Group N winner. Brian Hourt took the Group 5 honors and Chris Havas was the Group 2 .winner and Guy Anderson won the Production category. Hopefully we'll have a complete rundown with pictures in next months Dusty Times. . CORR FORT DODGE - They finally got in the rained out round #2 at Fe-rt Dodge as well as rounds 9 and 10. In a nutshell, Pro-4 saw Rob MacCachren take round three but he posted his worst rounds of the season with a 4th and a 7th. John Greaves won Round 9 and Scott Douglas took Round 10. In Pro-2, Evan Evans took the Round 2 win while Scott Taylor was the winner in the ensuing rounds. In Pro-Lite, Rick Huseman took the second round and Round 9 while Jeff Kincaid was the Round 10 winner. In Super Buggy it was a definite sweep as Scott Schwalbe took all three rounds and Scott has a horrendous points lead in that class. In the Single Buggy Class, Mark Steinhardt took the Round in~ as well as Rounds 9 and 10 for a really great sweep. In the Light Buggy Class, the Andrews/Bowen duo took Round 2, Ben O 'Connell was the Round 9 winner and Hintz/Mathews took Round 10. Mark Page& Topeka, KS CORVA 1500 West El Camino, Suite 352 Sacramento, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA Ext 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren _ 2405 Baker Ave. Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (AU events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston Counl:J ORV Park, Ol,mpia, WA) DAKARRALLY Darren Skilton Baja Automotive Adventures 455 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 208 Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 755-2278/Fax: (562) 590-7925 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 ' DESERT STEEL MOTORS;t>ORTS 1865 Commander Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 t520) 855-6125 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Delauder, Sr. 1091 Township '..ine Road . Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 ESTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing Victoria Galindo Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico 011-526-176-6225 . FRT Motorsports 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 Motorcycles, A TVs & Dez Superlites August 26, 2001 Sweethearts Kiss Lake Superstition, CA September 8, 2001 MudHen Sprint Plaster City East, CA October 8, 2001 Cheeseburger 100 Plaster City West, CA November 17, 2001 D38 Reunion Event Plaster City West, CA · November 18, 2001 Notorious Dawg3 Hour Team Race .Plaster City West, CA · December 9, 2001 Revenge Dez Gran Pri)c Lake Superstition, CA MX And OH Road Short Course All at Imperial Valley Expo, lmperia~ CA) September 22, 2001 Round 5 November 3, 2001 Round 6 December 3, 2001 Round 7 Championship Series For Cars, Trucks, Buggies, ATVs, Dez Superlites & Motorcycles September 8, 2001 MudHen .Sprint Plaster City East, CA No Buggies, Cars, Trucks October 27, 2001 Superstition 250 XVIII Plaster City East, CA December 31, 2001 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA Great Planes Off Road Racing Association Jesse Urwin 184 2 Boyd Street Ashland, NE 68003 (402) 944-2193 Terry Fitzgerald (401) 734-2676 5710 S. 56th Street Omaha, NE 68117 September 2001 (AU races are short course, Stadium s[Jle. Classes: Sportsman, 1/2-1600, 5, 7S and Quads. AU races will be held at l-80 Speedwa1, Greenwood, NE IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio -45002 · (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. BoxWlO Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER . 4WDCLUB P.O. Box465 Kamloops, BC, Canada VZG5L2 Bob (250) 374-7175 days Randy (250) 579-9621 eves. Wes (250) 351-2819 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 LI.T.R.E. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522 JimAruta (408) 247-4402 MAMARRITA OFF ROAD RACING Luis Carlos Alvarezo Panamericana Ave #5105 Cd. Juarez, Chih., MX . 011-52-1637-1799/0l l-52-1619-224 2 (915) 727-8866 USA Classes l, 5, 1600, 5-1600, 8, 9, 10 May 26, 2001 September 8, 2001 N011ember 24, 2001 Motocross/ A 1V Racing October 20, 200 l MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Buggy Trade Show (517) 543.7214 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD · CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517) 627-6200 (Jeeps, Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Road Warriors and Quad ATV-Money Classes.) MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION MAORA Mike Turner (217) 235-2473 P.O. Box 184 Mattoon, IL 61938 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL (217) 932-2041 Off Road (800) 555-3167 Short Course Series October 6, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey IL Endurance Series October 7, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, lL MOJAVE DESERT RACING 1853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 (626) 442-9320/(626) 579-6051 Fax E-Mail: August 25, 2001 California 200 Lucerne, CA November 3, 2001 Stoddard 250 Barstow, CA M.O.R.E. High Desert Championship P.O. Box 1231 Barstow, CA 92311-1231 Fax: (760) 253-4453 September 15, 2001 Mighty Mojave 300Barstow, CA November 10, 2001 Wild Turkey 200Lucerne1 CA MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association Dave Barret 6363 Nightingale Dr. Flint, Ml 48506 (810) 730-9221 MOTOWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES AU events at Perris Racewa1 Bill Markham (909) 860-1857 (At Reed Valley with a school) NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Rt. #l - Box 380 Dave or Marlene Ryan Palatka, FL 3 2177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSOCIATION Butch Chapin Motorsports Promotions 1404 East 3rd Street Hastings, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NORTHERN OHIO OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. Gary Wulff (724) 283-2678 May 27, 2001 September 16, 2001 October 7, 2001 October 21, 2001 (All events are at Spring Ba!le1 Racewa1, Mi!iport, Ohio). OFF ROAD EXPO 2001 (626) 599-8622 October 6-7, 2001 Fairplex, Pomona, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasquez 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 867-7788 All races are at Mountain Shadow I.Ake. Take l-10 Horizon B!vd. exit east 12 miles OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 Jim Kendel (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison Counl:J Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONT ARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Rick Tichbourne. Public Relations (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) September 22-23, 2001 Kincardine OUTLAW SEVEN PICKUP 9269 Ummelman St. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 September 1-2, 2001 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. OH Road Championship 495 N. Commons Drive Auoa,LaBJl 6:?£))%6100 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING Sand Drags, TuHTrucks, Desert Short Course Trucks, Buggies & Quads Kenny Dean (609) 660-0402/(609) 660-0066 Chatsworth, NJ September 8-9, 2001 Fall Round UP September 23, 2001 * October 28, 2001 * *Races at Southwick, MA (960) 829-0213 · Bob PROTRUCK RACING SERIES 9409 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071-2856 (619) 449-6252/Fax: (619) 449-6470 September 27-30, 2001 _.Vegas To Reno December TBA, 2001 · Las Vegas 200 Las Vegas, NV PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box 50 Dusty Times

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Ricketts, 1A 51460 (712) 679-2221 s.c.A.T. INC. Michael R. Icing P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD EXPOSITION (888) 836 7918 SCCA ProRally series Sports Car Club of America 9033 E. Easter Place Englewood, CO 801 li (303) 779-6622/Fax: (303) 694-3654 September 7-8, 2001 Wild West Olympia, WA October 5-7, 2001 Prescott Forest Pre~cott, AZ October 19-20, 2001 Lake Superior Houghton, Ml SFX MOTORSPORTS GROUP 495N. Commons Drive, Suite 200 Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100/(630) 556-6180 Fax SCORE . SCORE International 23961 Craftsman Rd., Suite A Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/Fax: (818) 225-8102 September 14-15, 2001 Primm NV November 8-10, 2001 Baja 1000 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 270516 Las Vegas, NV 89127 (702) 452-4522 September 28-29, 2001 Gold Coast 32nd SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV November 16-17, 2001 Reserve 250 Las Vegas, NV SONS OF THtrnDER 4.WHEELERS Race Division Keith Stewart (714) 522-1899 SODA Short Course Off Road Drivers Association Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, Wl 532.13 (414) 453-SODA SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE Steve Rule (800) 313-5621 or((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore• (224) 272-5400 OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Volunteered Series President -Geoff Lee 1243 Trice Road Lebanon, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 Class Rep.• 1/2-1600 Bruce Meyers (865) 453-1005 Class Rep. - 9 & Unltd. Michael Moore (334) 271-7035 Outlaw Rep. Don Ponder (314) 631-8190 October 20, 2001 Enduro Race Classis 1/2-1600, 5-1600,. Class 9, Class 11 & Sportsman (AU Races at Wheeling in the Count) 900 Acres) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION AND BONNEVILL.J;: NATIONALS, INC. 2517 Sycamore Drive #353 Simi Valley, CA 93065 (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) (805) 526-1805/Fax:(805) 584-8518 Internet: SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 4305 Wootlark Drive Tampa FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastba1 Racewa1, Tampa, FJ-) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 Parklands, 2121 South Africa (011)788-5138 Fax (011) 880-2170 SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series . 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915) 337-3437/(615) 595-8237 (All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Odessa. 1X) TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 T.O.R.R.O Texas Off Road Racing Organization · Marty Jacksoi1 8307 Bauman Road Houston, TX 77022 (713) 694-0207/Fax: (713) 694-8335 VORRA Off Road Racing P.O. Box 3362 Carson City, NV (775) 246-5545/(775) 246-9089 Fax May 26-27, 2001 Yerington 300 Yerington, NV September 1-3, 2001 Yerington 250 Desert Race Fernley, NV Short Course Championship Series September 22-23, 2001, Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA October 6-7, 2001 Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA October 27-28, 2001 Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA *+ Mechanics Race & ladies Race VICENTE GUERRERO OFF ROAD CLUB Profo. Cenovio Gamboa 0ll-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) · WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson • (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3 241 Sumas WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire P.O. 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Box 2122 Calexico, CA 92231 Motorcycles & ATVs Onl1 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 Delaware St. Oshkosh, Wl 54901 ♦-····························· : Attention : ■ • · ■ ■ : Race & Rally Organizers : ■ List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know ■ about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but ■ mail your 2001 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you ■ ■ some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: ■ ■ ==== ■ : IIGliJi.l■II : ■ 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, ■ • CA 91311 • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dusty Times September 2001 Trail-Notes ... Kleiman was the Round 2 winner in Stock Class, and he had such a good time he won Rounds 9 and 10 also. In Sportsman 2 Dan Badoux took Round 2 and he also won Round 10. Mike Oberg was the Round 9 winner. In the Drivers Points, MacCachren leads Pro-4, Scott Taylor is the Pro-2 leader, Jeff Kincaid leads Pro-Lite, Mike Oberg has the advantage in Sportsman 2, Eric Dawson leads Sportsman Stock, Scott Schwalbe heads the Sportsman Super Buggy contingent, Mike Seefeldt leads Sportsman Single Buggy and John Huven is leading Sportsman Light Buggy. Toyota has.a 134 point lead in Pro-Lite, Chevrolet leads in Pro-2 by 517 and Ford has 477 points in hand in Pro-4. Stay tuned! MORE ROB.I;JY GORDON - Robby still has two races to go with the Richard Childress Racing Team, he'll be driving the 31 car at Indianapolis and then at the great road course ..of Watkins Glen. We here at DT are hoping he does real well and gets himself a permanent ride next year. C ORVA -CORVA, the California Off Road Vehicle Association, Inc. is constantly acting on our. behalf to keep many area of the desert and forests open for us to use. The Sierra Club and their minions are busy all the time attempting to close all our recreational areas. We urge all Dusty Times readers to support CORVA, send them a donation of $5, $10, $100, whatever you can spare. Your dollars will help defray the costs of legal bills on the desert lawsuit. Send your donations to: CORVA, 1500 West El Camino #352, Sacra~ento, CA 95833-1945. BRENDAN GAUGHAN WINS AGAIN - We were elated to watch Brendan win the Food 4 Less 250 at Irwindale, July 21st. It was Brendan's fourth win in seven races with eight top five finishes as well. Brendan leads the NASCAR Winston West Series with 1,767 points, 32 ahead of his competition. Here's hoping you win another Championship! SNORE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL -It was hot and so was the racing. There was lots of money to be won and everybody wanted some of it. There was a great turnout of cars and trucks an all concerned had a great time. The big winners were Jeremy Gubler and Danny Anderson, taking Class 10 and the overall and that was worth $6000. Bruce Fraley and Rob MacCachren took the 1600 honors and that was $4000 in their bank. Jeremy Harmon got back into his winning ways an Cfass 9 and took home $3000, and last but not least, Jesse Jones took home $2000 for the Heavy Metal win. In Class 1, Stuart Chase and Billy Robertson took the win, Don Johnson was the 5-1600 winner, Billy Shapley took the Sportsman Buggy Class and Tom Giordano won Sportsman Truck. There will be a full story in next month's issue of Dusty Times. OFF ROAD POKER RUN -It's that time again; the Toys For Tots Poker Run is coming up on October 27-28, 2001. Two loops of 25 miles each, one for 4 wheel vehicles and one for motorcycles and ATVs. Best poker hands from each day win prizes. $20 entry fee, all proceeds go to the Barstow Charities. California vehicles must be plated or have a green or red sticker, an approved spaFk arrestor or muffler and helmets are required for motorcycles and ATVs, For more info call the Slash X Cafe 760-252-1197. ZR PROMOTIONS - ZR announced points standings · after three events and the class leaders are: Open Pro, Daniel Nichols, Open· Expert, Tomas Lara, Open Vet, Bryan Salley, Open Novice, Oscar Gutierrez, 125 Pro, Cameron Corfman, 125 Expert, Jose Antonio Aguirre, Novice, Juan Melero, 80 Novice, Jose Roberto Villalobos. lx:i Quads the leaders are Open Pro, Tito Alvarez, Open Expert, Gerado Sepulveda, Open Novice, Gilberto Perez. In the youngsters classes, 50cc, Lucas Rangel, 60cc, Eric A. Vela, +65cc Enrique Pineda, and in kids Mini Quads, Class A, Levi Rangel, Class Be Carlos Enrique Rodriguez. SCORE POINTS -With two races left in the 2001 series, Primm and Baja 1000, many of the classes are certainly up for grabs. Here are the standings to date. Trophy Truck: David Ashley 125, Tim Herbst 112, Brian Collins 89. Class 1: Steve Sourapas 162, Troy Herbst 159, Jeff Quinn 154. Class 1/2-1600: Rob MacCachren 181, Kash Vessels 155, Adam Pfankuch 157, Dale Ebberts 151. Class 3: Alfonso Hernandez 69. Class 31: Clive Skilton 105. Class 5: George Seeley 125, Michael James 125. Class 5-1600: Allan Gregory 132, Daniel Gutierrez 125, Ernie Negrete 109. Class · 7: Ernesto Cervantes 105, Craig Turner 83 . Class 7S: Dan Fresh 85, Jared Hardin 75, Kevin Davis 74, Cody Swanty 73. Class 8: Jesse Jones 100, Nick Vanderway 96. Class 9: Cisco Bio, Ivan Gomez 118. Class 10: Mark Hutchins 159, Danny Anderson 153, Steve Myers 139, Chris Harrold 128. SCORE Lite: Dennis Boyle 139, Ron Dalke 133, Tom Ridings 128, Kory Halopoff 121, Vic Bruckmann 117. Class 11: Eric Solorzano 122, Fernando Flores 92. Stock Mini: Dr. McRae Glass. Stock Full: John Griffin 119, Marc Stein 90. ProTruck: Richard Hoffman 111, Ryan Herzog 102, Scott Steinberger 101. Sportsman Cars: Marq Prince 105. Sportsman Trucks: Enrique Guerrero 30. In the motorcycle divisions: Class 21: Jose Ruvalcaba. Class 22: Steve Hengeveld 108, Johnny Campbell 96. Class 30: Eddie Zeller 96, Oton Guzman 90. Class Trail Notes continued on page 50 Page 7 ~-;:;,. ·:-·'., "· :'-·•. ·~· "?, ... , i ,'

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l . I BEST IN THE DESERT TONOPAH 300 weyhrich Brothers Take It All By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Greg Foutz had a perfect day in his Ford, avoiding flats all the way. and took the win in the Pure Stock Full-size Truck class. He was ninth in the overall standings Mark and Gary Weyhrich put together a good effort and ended the day with the overall win at the BITD Tonopah 300 in their Chev-rolet powered Chenowth. The Best in the Desert folks reworked ~he course for this year, turning it around to travel in a counterclockwise direction out of Tonopah, and introducing about 100 miles of brand new terrain. Some pf the new stuff was very narrow and winding, slowing the bigger vehicles considerably. The motorcycles were quicker on this course, with Steve Hengeveld and Jonah Street taking the absolute overall win, in a time of five hours and 10 minutes, a full 50 minutes in front of the Weyhrich; team af-ter only 287 miles. There was also a lot of dust, which sometimes was blown off the course by the pre-vailing breezes, and there were rocks to get the tires. The BITD decided to forego the dreaded "impound" on Friday, and let the racers sort themselves out in the morning in the pre-stag-ing area. They'd been concerned that if cars came in from all direc-tions they wouldn't be able to stage properly. But there was no . problem, the cars lined up neatly and in proper order and the start went off as scheduled. The Trick Trucks, or unlimited trucks, were first off the line, and· there were only three of them this time. Darnen Jefferies had his Ford. powered Porter built car, ancf Lonny Helmbolt was in his Dodge, with Jason Baldwin driving his Ford. Jefferies had six minutes on the other two by the time they'd gone 64 miles, and his lead grew to nine minutes at Check B, about 122 mi.Jes along the way. Baldwin Gary and Mark Weyhrich teamed up in their Chenowth to win the Tonopah 300 overall, finishing the 287 mile course in six hours and 40 seconds. was second, and Helmbolt was. bolt moved up to finish second, only two minutes behind him. citing a couple of flats, and· de-By Check C, which was halfway scribed the course as "three times around the course, Jefferies had 16 worse than it was last year." Bald-minutes, and Helmbolt was sec-win was third only four minutes ond, with Baldwin only two min- later. utes back. He'd lost second gear Thr Unlimited Buggies, Class early on. Helmbolt was also hav- 1500, were next off the line, and ing "a little tranny problem." Jef-this group numbered five. The feries had a different problem, Weyhrich car led by four minutes when he got up in the passes his at Mile 64 (Check A), and then truck was vapor-locking. He kept Sam Berri, in his Mirage, Kevin adding fuel to cool things down, Colan in his Ford powered Chen-and that helped, but cost him pre-owth Millennium, and Casey cious time. Jones and Ryan Arciero in their At about Mile 216, Check D, Aceco Truggy were on the same Jefferies was 20 minutes up on the minute, with Kory Scheeler and other two, and they were on the Larry Job just a minute back in same mintite. But by Check E, their Jimco. heading in toward the finish, Jef-When they arrived at Check B, feries had only 14 minutes, and out near Fish Lake Valley, the Baldwin had just a minute on Weyhrich team had seven min-Helmbolt. But then Baldwin flat- utes, and it was Berri in second tened a tire, about 10 miles out. place. Scheeler and Job were only Jefferies went on to take the win, a minute behind them, and Jones but he didn't get the overall vie-and Arciero were another minute tory, which wouid usually be ex-back. Coian was out. pected from this class. He was 13 When th!!y got to Check C, · minutes behind the Weyhrich Mile 155, the"Weyhrich car had 10 time, and fourth in the overall minutes and ~twas Scheele.r -and standings. Jefferies liked the Job in seco~d place, and now Berri course, "a lot" and said his new· was reported to be out of the race truck is "good mechanically", but and coming back in to town on the the vapor locking cost him. Helm- highway. Arciero and Jones were also gone. The Weyhrichs motored on with ·no problems, and had seven minutes on Job and Scheel-er at Mile 216. But then Job and Scheeler disappeared also and left the Weyhrich team all by them-selves for the final section. They said they "backed way off", and re-ported no flat tires all day. Their impression of the course was that it was "mostly smooth, with some rocky areas." Said Gary, "I tip-toed through there." Kyle Taylor once attain took the Class 8000 honors in his Chevrolet truck, this time finishing second overall also, in a time of 6:06:25. · Dave Westhem and Randy Salmont paired up in Westhem's Chevrolet to finish second in Class 8000, third overall, just three minutes behind Taylor. The Class 8000 trucks were the third group to take off into the Nevada desert, and there were eight of them. Bruce Greer and Eric Pavolka didn't manage to get their Dodge to Check A. Keith Clugage and Joe Knapp, whose Ford let them. down early in the day, were also out before there. But in the group that was still go-ing, the competition was hot and heavy. Kyle Taylor had his Chevy on the same minute as Keith Fontana's Chevy, and they were only a minute up on Randy Salmont in Dave Westhem's Chevy. Taylor had already changed a flat. The rest of the pack ran about two to 11 minutes further back. Damen Jefferies fought some "new car" problems with his Ford Trick Truck, but still won the class in the trucks third race. Pages_ Lonny Helmbolt had a "little tranny problem" with his Dodge, but hung in there to finish second in the Trick Truck class. September 2001 Through Check B it was Fon-tana, but he had only a minute on Taylor, who was only another minute ahead of Salmont. Eric Lane was now fourth, four min-utes later, in his Ford, and Michael Ortiz, of Columbus, Montana, ran fifth in his Ford, with Dudley Tranum and Rick Tucker, in their Dusty Times

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r Jeep, sixth, only 18 minutes be-hind the first truck. So it was still a very close race. Taylor had a clear lead by Mile 155, with two minutes on Salmont, who was three minutes up on Fontana. But in the next section things changed. It was still Taylor, now with nine minutes on Westhem, who'd taken over for Salmont and promptly had a flat tire. But Lane had moved into third place, about 15 minutes back as Fontana lost about four hours with some disaster. Taylor liked the way his truck was working, and he thought the course was "fast and rough", while the new section was narrow, with-out berms and a little hard to pick his way through. He had widened his lead to five minutes at Mile 268, and it was still Westhem in second place and Lane in third. Tranum, who was fourth, had lost a bunch of time with a battery problem that got him stuck in the "switchback". He'd finally been given a n'ew battery by a small truck, and got going again, but was three hours off the lead pace. Taylor had a total of three flats for the day, but moved fast in be-tween them, and took the Class 8000 win by a little over four min-utes. He was also second in the overall standings. Westhem and Salmont were second, Dave saying "I feel like Kyle Taylor's brides-maid!" Lane; who drove all the way, was third, finishing on a rear flat, another 35 minutes back. Ortiz, whose truck ran hot all day, reported no flats. This was the third time out for the truck, and he was pleased with the fourth Dusty Times Rob Reinertson and Rick Johnson took over the Protruck lead about halfway through the race, and then stayed in front to win by two minutes in their Ford. place. Tranum and co-driver, was done for the day. Steve and Tucker, were fifth another two Matt Scaroni were also reduced to hours later, and then Fontana spectating, after blowing a freeze came in sixth,· in a time of plug. 11:33:56, 48th in the overall At Check B things were still standings, the last vehicle to fin- very tight, and now Reinertson's ish in the time limit. truck, with Rick Johrrson driving The Protrucks came next, with (Reinertson had injured his shoul-eight entries, all Fords, and they der on a motorcycle not long be-had some very close racing. Greg fore the race and had decided that Lewin had Chet Huffman's truck 88 miles was enough driving), was in the lead at Check A, but he had on the same minute with Lewin. only a minute and then it was Rob · And just a minute behind' them Reinertson and Jason Cobb, tied were Cobb and Dickerson, also on with one another. Jeff Dickerson the same minute. Then it was nine was a minute further back in minutes back to Gary Magne~s, fourth place. Steve Barlow sat 18 from Colorado, who ran fifth, and miles out from the start with a Wally Hrdlicka was sixth, an hour broken distributor gear, and he down after breaking a ball joint didn't get the message to his crew and A-arm. Actually, Magness had until it was too late to catch a start-started in that broken truck, but ing racer and send a new part out since he owns both vehicles and with him. Essentially, because of is the boss, he hopped into the the BITD rules about chase crews non-broken truck and went on on course, it meant that Barlow while Hrdlicka and his passenger, Chet Huffman and Greg Lewin battled hard in their Ford Protruck, but a messed-up fuel stop cost them. They finished second after a very close day of racing. Vince Collins, made repairs. Col-him. Then came Allen and lins badly smashed his left ring fin-Dickerson, followed by Magness ger in the process, and bandaged and, still an hour down, Hrdlicka. ' it with duct tape, hopped back in Johnson later said the course and rode the rest of the way, let- was "fast and fun", and he was , ting adrenalin work as a pain having no problems. He went on killer. steadily covering ground and took At Check Cit was still anyone's the win, finishing just over two race, but at least Johnson had minutes in front of Huffman and Reinertson's truck in front, with Lewin. He was fifth in the overall three minutes on Huffman, Cobb standings, and Huffman and ·and Dickerson and his co-driver, Lewin were sixth. Another minute Tim Allen. Then came Magness, .back it was Cobb, who reported and an hour behind him, no flat tires, but said he'd changed Hrdlicka, Huffman and Lewin had co-drivers at Pit 4. He also re-made an extra fuel stop because ported getting stuck behind some someone had neglected to un-tape Class 8000 trucks that were hard a vent, and they'd dumped only to get back around. Allen and about two gallons at one point. Dickerson finished fourth in their They were finding the course tight new-to-them truck, and Magness and technical, and "a lot of work." was fifth, with Hrdlicka sixth still At Check D Johnson had built an hour behind him. his lead to four minutes, and now The Class 10 buggies were next it was Cobb in second place, with to get the green flag, with just Huffman only a minute behind Continued on page 10 I~ ~t_: :;_ :: :: :: :< ~ ., ., .,., .... ~' ,,, l I t ! ·• " 4 ,. , ; I.~ . . •~~~~~ • -"'.' ~~ ~-" -~ : ~,-~--,=,;· l. ,-:4-4 .,-........... ~ An Intimate Gem Adjacent to Bellagio, Caesars & Baily's . I) . I)~ @~tr Flamingo & The Strip 1-888-227-2279 The Place Las Vegans Call Home™ West Flamingo & Valley View 1-888-402-6278 September 2001 Ask About Our Special Headliner Show and Room Packages West Tropicana & Arville 1-800-675-3267 Ask About Our Room & Golf Packages ~ TI Alta & Rampart 1-877-677-7111 Page9

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three entries. B.J. Baldwin and Rick Paneck entered one of them, a Bunderson with a Toyota motor, a five-speed transmission and a nine inch Ford rear end with live axles. Unfortunately, it didn't even get to Check A, so we didn't get to see how it would do. Gary Wise, in a more conventional Chen-owth, went into the lead, and had an hour and a half on brothers Kevin and Gary Moore, in a Loth-ringer. They'd lost a coil early in the day, and must have had to wait for a spare to arrive. At successive checkpoints Wise was in front, even though he had an alternator problem fairly early in the day. The Moores also had "some flats and things", but no problems after Mile 100. They thought the course was "such a fun course -way better'n last year!" Wise also had a couple of flats, and his exhaust fell off, so the noise was closer to him and deaf-ening. Also, somewhere along the line he developed some kind of weird short that made it impos-sible to shut the car off. By the time he got to the finish line, as the winner, he was deaf and ready to shut it off, not caring by then if it ever· started again. He got the win by an hour and 40 minutes, finishing 18th in the overall stand-ings. The Moores made it back for Eric Williams and Kevin Graves brought their 1600cc Jimco up to the Nevada mining country, and got a win, finishing 19th in the overall standings while they were at it. Marc Winocur and Dave Turner shared the driving in their Class 3100 (Sma/1-SUVs) Ford, finished the day in front, still in as good shape as when they started second place. . Class 7 Unlimited, the 7200s, were next off the line, with 11 starters, every one of them a Ford. Three of them, belonging to the Missouri team of Michael Kelly and Robert Halbman, the Arizona team of Kelly and John McNeil and the Las .Vegas team of Cody Kruger and Kevin Chomcey failed to get to Check A. But the rest went on in a tight clump, except for a couple of them. Bill Manfroy had already lost almost two hours and Shawn and David Wanzek were down about two hours and 20 minutes. Gary Dircks was lead-ing, with three minutes on Rick Taylor, who was another minute ahead of Craig Turner, and then came Tim Carroll, about nine minutes further back. Jason Jernigan, with his new truck, ran fifth, another couple of minutes back. But when they got to Check B Mike Falkosky had an eventful day in his Class 3100 Ford Explorer, including serious tie rod troubles, but eventually went home with a second place. PIKES service center Baker, California Celebra~ing 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ••• THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Mobil® SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page 10 Turner had the lead, with a minute on Taylor, who had a minute on Dircks. Carroll was still fourth, with Jernigan fifth. Man-froy and Wanzek both seemed to be running well but had a lot of time to make up. John Holmes, from San Diego, was having prob-. lems and dropping back. Taylor had enjoyed a str-oke of luck when he felt a strange vibration. He stopped ta pit to see what it might be, and Tim Lawrence was there and happened to notice that the lug nuts on one wheel were loose. They'd spotted it early enough to prevent a problem. Things changed again by Check C, and now Taylor was leading. He had four minutes on Turner, who was one minute up on Dircks. Then it was eight.minutes back to Carroll. Holmes was a distant fifth, and Jernigan had a major problem in this section, and went through the check on the same minute as Wanzek. Manfroy was 20 minutes behind them. Holmes dropped out in the next section, and now Turner and Taylor's co-driver, Joel Whitted, were on the same minute, vying for the lead. Carroll was third, but was now 58 minutes behind them. Jernigan was fifth, another half He later reported hitting a tree. hour or so back. Maybe that was in this section. The stock full-sized trucks Dircks was fourth, another hour started next; Class 8100, seven· back. Manfroy, Wanzek a:nd Fords and two Hummers. Eric Jernigan were bringing up the rear. Henn was out early, his Hummer Turner was having electrical apparently stuck in a sandwash problems, and in fact, he lost two and then needing soine repair. But alternators. Finally they'd turned it must have been something his off the helmet pumper motors. crew couldn't help with, or maybe Turner's wife, Shelly, was riding there was no way to get parts to with him the second half of the him. He never got to Check A. race, to celebrate their 10th wed-Nor did Tim Mitchem, who came ding anniversary. down from Oregon to race his By the time they ran through Ford, or Darren Oliver, from Chec1c E, only 20 minutes or so Colorado, in another Ford. Of the before the finish, they were in the six left running, Greg Foutz was order they'd have at the checkered in the lead, his Ford three minutes flag. Turner had only one flat all in front of Manny Esquerra in day, and except for the alternator another Ford. And one minute problem, it was a smooth day. He further back it was Dan Beaver in · took the win, celebrating his 10th a third Ford. Foutz was trying anniversary in fine style: Taylor something new· this rac~. He'd and Whitted, who said their truck been discouraged by a number of ran hot the final 50 miles, re- flat tires in his last event, and the ported only one flat also. They BFG folks had told him the prob-were 14 minutes back in second lem was that he was trying to miss place and Whitted reported that the rocks. They told that the "silt was bad." In third it was when he did that he often didn't Carroll, who also reported only quite miss them, and tore up the one flat (and that dratted tree). sidewalls, letting the air out. What Manfroy finished in fourth place, he should do, they said, was hit over three hours later, and the rocks squarely with the part of the tire that "was meant to run over rocks," and he would save his tires. He was a little uneasy about the concept of the "hit 'em in the tread thing", but was determined to try it. At Check B Foutz had 13 min-utes and now Beaver was second and Jeremy Spirkoff, another Ford, was up to third place as Esq-uerra lost about a half hour and fell to fifth. Al Hogan was fourth now, in another Ford. Chad Hall, driving the other Hummer, was having all kinds of problems, which apparently started when he put the fan through his radiator. He did that early enough that an-other racer was able to load up a Marc Stein and Mike McComas co-drove their Class 4·100 (Pure Stock Full SUV) new radiator in his vehicle before Expedition to a victory with a day entirely free of mechanical woes. Continued on page 12 Gl•l.d_liWUWU~.l.1llJl•Ui•l .. llU.l.ll.l Fi\T Ri\Crms SCORP. AT Li\UCIILIN .JAN 19 21 LAUGHLIN Dl~Sl1:1n Cl·IAU,l1:Nc1,; !ST CL 1/2 1600 ROB MACCACIIJ>:RN VAT TYPI•: l ·2No CL l /2 1600 fDAM PFANKUCII PAT 'l'YPl1: I :mo CL 1/2 1600 ORYAN fR!mMAN PAT TYPI~ I 1 ST CL 5 GEORGE SEF:LF:Y VAT TYPI~ ~ 2ND CL 5 ENRIQUE BUJANDA F'AT 'IWfi: 4 :mo CL 5 MIKF. JAME:s F'AT TYPE 4 I ST CL IO DANNY ANDERSON FAT TOYOTA 1 ZZ :mn CL 10 GARY WISF. PAT TOYOTA 4/\G RA<.ING EN<,INES, TRANSMISSIONS AND OFFROAD PARTS Send or call for our new catalog S5.00 September 2001 We use & recommend SCORE Engine Builder of the Year for 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 & 1997! Ota PBRl'OIDIOCE 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714} 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 Dusty Times

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Rod Hall and Roy Davidson teamed in the GM Hummer to finish second in Class 4100, despite some hard to diagnose early problems. Rick Long, Jr. and Tim Cecil took turns driving their Class 7100 (same as SCORE 7S) Ford to the win, enjoying a problem free day. starting and deliver it to him on course. But once he got the Hum-mer repaired Hall couldn't get it Tie-Downs Headrest Pad Page 12 started and somehow pumped the crankcase full of diesel fuel. He was eight quarts overfull when he got to Check 1, late. Ford was now in third place. Bea-At C Foutz had 13 minutes on · ver had lost over an hour with an Spirkoff and Al Hogan, another electrical fire in the dash, and Hall ith the e of2 Seats. Standard Features: Powder Coated Steel Frame Double Pirelli Rubber Supports Grommeted 1 Piece Mesh Liner High Density Foam Removable Cushion 2" x 20' recovery strap (#32200) • External Shoulder Belt Loops 5-Point Harness Compatible Embossed Logo Adjustable Cle11is & Lin1iting §trap s A $25.00 value! Mall In rebate. Available in Black or Gray • 4 time class one champion, '97, '98, '99 & 2000 • 2 time trophy truck champions, '99 & 2000 '01 - Trophy truck winner, San Felipe 250 '01 - Class 1 winner, Terrible Town 250 September 2001 was still struggling. Esquerra was gone. Spirkoff was having flat tires and Hogan broke tie rod ends a couple of times. But Foutz was having no prob-lems and to his amazement the trick of hitting the rocks square on was working. He said that each time he did it he expected the tire to go flat, but they never did. At Check D he was 18 minutes in front of Spirkoff, who had one minute on Hogan. Beaver's co-driver, Randy Merritt was now two hours behind the leader, and running without brakes. Hall was another hour-plus behind them. At Check F Foutz had 40 min-utes. Hogan had run out of engine oil, but got that corrected, and was still second. Spirkoff had problems with "bolts on an axle plate -twice", and that contributed to a bent front end which occurred when he hit a turn in the middle of a dip. By now he was running with only one rear axle. Foutz ran on serenely to take the win by 50 minutes. His passenger, Steve Wheeler, said he "had his head on all day today - he was out-standing." By this he meant that he, Wheeler, didn't have to get out of the truck to fix broken parts even one time. Hogan was second, fin-ishing on a broken ball joint. And Spirkoff was third, another 20 min-utes back, limping in all bent and crooked, and saying, "It wasn't day to race." Beaver and Merritt were fourth about another hour and a half later, and followed in by Hall, an hour and a half later, in fifth . place. There were only two buggies in Class 1100 -which is for the BITD version of SCORE Lite. for VW powered and VW type suspended cars of limited engine size. One of them, the Venier Built car driven by Lyn Venier, went off the start line with that telltale noise that indicates that the throw-out bear-ing has given up. Her crew was on the radio, telling the chase folks to get a replacement up to Pit 1, whid1 wa~ abuut 40 miles into the race. But she didn't make it. The other car was an old single seater that had been sitting in someone's garage for a long time. William Minteer, the driver-of-record, was so new to off road rac-ing that he didn't know what class he was running in. All he knew was that t was an 1835cc VW motor. Good enough. That's probably all he needed to know. He hadn't pre-run -didn't know about the BITD guided pre-runs, and he'd never raced off road at all, though he was a roundy-round racer in the past. He had all the right competitive in-stincts. He was 65 years old and said he!d been asked if he'd be able to do it (the race) and told his questioner, "I won't know until I try, will I?" Minteer decided to have a co-driver, and put 19 year old Brent Slobe, another off road rookie, into the driver's seat for about half the distance, a chunk taken out of the middle of the race. They lost a clutch, lost the front skid plate, had five flat tires, and both declared the experience as "awesome!". They had no mo-tor problems at all, and declared they would be back to do it again. They got a win their first time out, finishing in nine hours and 56 minutes. Good job guys! In the 1600cc buggies only one showed up. To the disappoint-ment of Eric Williams and Kevin Graves, they did not get to renew the duct they'd enjoyed at the Pah-Dusty Times

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Joe Custer and Gene Haas, in a Ford, had a couple of flats, but still managed a nice second place in Class 7100. rump race earlier in the year. Wil-liams and Graves had no problems with their Jimco two seater. Graves described his part of the trip as "like a Sunday drive", and Will-iams said his was "flawless". They reported no flat tires, saying this was the ninth race with no flats. (They must have understood about hitting the rocks squarely.) They finished in a time of 7: 15:57, 19th in the overall standings, with their 1600cc motor. Class 7100 went next. These are the more-or-less stock small trucks (equivalent to 7S in SCORE's rule book). There were 10 of them; nine Fords and a Jeep. All of these guys made it through Check A, and the lead belonged to Mike Coleman and Tim Lawrence in their Ford. In second place, and only a minute later, it was Ricky Long, Jr. and Tim Cecil, another Ford. Running third was Joe Custer, his Ford another three minutes back, and followed by Tim Braden and Mitch Griffin in yet another Ford. In. fifth it was John Baker, one minute further back. Jim Gilchrist, driving Mal-colm Vinje's Ford, lost his power steering, changed all the belts, and then the new belts broke. He then changed the alternator and all the belts again and lost a bit over an hour. Wayne DeMonja, who hasn't raced for about 11 years, lost about 40 minutes in the early going, and both Kevin Davis and J.C. Andrews lost nearly an hour and a half. Miguel Alvarado was running fifth in the lone Jeep. At Check B Long was still in the lead, by just two minutes. Custer was still third, Braden fourth and Alvarado fifth. An-drews didn't ever get there. They switched positions a bit by Check C, where Long still led, now 10 minutes in front of Custer, who'd had a flat and twisted his kneed painfully while changing the tire. Coleman was now third. Alvara-do was fourth and Baker moved up to fifth. Braden was having trouble with all his alternator and plug wires falling off. Between C and D both the Al-varado Jeep and Coleman's Ford gave up the ghost. Long handed over to Tim Cecil and they now had a 'lead of 21 minutes. Braden and co-driver Mitch Griffin were third, with John Baker just eight minutes behind them. And Mal-colm Vinje, who was now driving, was fifth. . Steve O1/iges drove all the way (Rob MacCachren had official leave to race in Wisconsin) and got the victory in Class 730.0 -the Pure Stock Mini Truck class. Gary Wise soloed his Class 1 O Chenowth to a win, even though he had all kinds of problems along the way. He was 18th in the overall standings. Dusty Times Craig Turner celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary by getting the victory in Class 7200 (unlimited small trucks) with his wife, Shelly, riding in the passenger seat. Cecil was having no problems, not even flats, and at Check E he had 34 minutes. Custer's co-driver, Gene Haas, was second, with Griffin third, and he' cl had a couple flats. Baker and his co-driver, Greg Warren had a day full of troubles, including a broken wheel, which took out a brake early in the day. They were also overheating, and then a similar problem at the Pahrump race, and thought they had solved the mounting question. They were fo1=1rth and Vinje, still fifth. The only other car still running was Davis, about another 40 minutes back. Cecil and Long had a trouble free day, and went on to take the win, finishing 36 minutes in front of second place. Custer and Haas were second, saying they liked the curse "a lot", and Braden and Grif-fin were third, about 21 minutes behind them. In fourth it was Baker and Warren, followed in by Gilchrist and Vinje, and then. Davis was tale-end-charlie, Sixth, with a time of 9:54:39 after his long repair job early in the day. The full size SUVs started next, with four Fords and one Bummer. Marc Stein had his Expedition in front at Check A, with just one minute on Jon Sunderland in his Bronco. Rodney Hall was third in his Hummer, about 33 minutes later and then came Matt Scaroni in his diesel Excursion, another five minutes out after a rear flat took out a brake. In fifth it was Ken Leavitt, another 20 minutes back in his Ford. Stem and Sunderland were hav-. ing a good race, and at Check B Stein still had only a minute on Sunderland. Hall was still · third, about a half hour back. Scaroni was next, then Leavitt. At Check C things had changed. Stein still led, but now Hall was second, 36 minutes back and Scaroni had moved up to third. Sunderland lost over an hour when a rear shock broke and had to be welded, and then welded again, and now ran fourth, while Leavitt was al-most another hour in back of him. At Check D, when Stein's co-driver, Mike McComas, had taken over, their lead was still about a half hour and it was still Hall's Hummer in second place with Roy Davidson at the wheel now. Scaroni's co-driver, Tom Watson, was now third, with Sunderland about a half hour further back. Leavitt didn't get that far. Stein and McComas were hav-ing a trouble free day, and held their lead to 35 minutes, as Davidson was now running well behind them, but just couldn't seem to catch them. Watson held the same position, still about the same distance back, and then it was Sunderland, Jr. ("Boogie") catching up a bit. Stein and McComas got the win, finishing 35 minutes in front of Davidson and Hall who were second. Scaroni and Watson fin-Continued on page 14 CAil TOil FREE ._-1188-755-5900 NOW YOU CAN GET THE SAME GREAT SERVICE AND PRODUCTS THE WINNERS IN SNORE-SCORE·CORR•BRD-MDR•BORE•MORE•VORRA·PRA·ASDA HAVE BEEN GmlNG FOR YEARS BEL RAY CV GREASE SWEPCO GEAR OIL #203 -#212 ~ 11201 10% OFF CASE LOTS HEAVY DUTY CHALLENGER RIMS GERMAN THING DRUMS GERMAN FRONT LINK PIN DRUMS GERMAN TYPE Ill DRUMS 1.:1 GALLON DUMP CANS WOOYEN BRAKE SHOES OWEL BALL JOINTS HELLA ff - i - D UGHTS PIAA HIGH - LOW LIGHTS YOKOHAMA TIRES SUPER 1>1GGER 111 33 X 10.50 X 15 -WHAT WE CAN DO TO PUT YOU IN THE WINNERS CIRCLE -* MAGNAFLUX SERVICE * VINYL GRAPHICS (WILD TO MILD) * TRANSMISSION SERVICE * SHOCK SERVICE (REVALVE/REBUII.D) * DRUM STUDDING * PLENTY OF FREE ADVICE ON WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN! ... ot=c9c ... c s-QE:-,., s~\ . :i :.;q-~ ST·J~I September 2001 -···-~ . ~ t1W~ "1Mar~w_,ogrm 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #3 * LAS VEGAS, NV * 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI !IAll,J.Q'llfl * SAT !IA/tJ.SPIIII (702}871-S221 li4X Pag~ 13

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Tim Braden and Mitch Griffin had troubles with some loose wiring on Rick Taylor and Joel Whitted, Ford, had the Class 7200 lead for a Tim Carroll did all the driving in his Ford and, in spite of a conflict with their Ford, but held on to finish third in Class 7100. while but fell back to finish in second place after some flat tire trouble. an interfering tree, finished in third place in Class 7200. ished third, enjoying their massive trucks, started next, with five leading in points in three other in the big truck class there. Hap-MacCachren's case, an illness or race vehicle, and the Sunderlands Fords. There was an interesting series (SCORE, SNORE and pily, BITD has a policy of giving injury, a family emergency, or were fourth, reporting that their situation in this class, which needs CORR). He needed to be at Cran-special consideration to Drivers of whatever. All the D of R has to do air-cleaner fell off, another 34 min- a little explaining. Rob MacCach-don, w ·isconsin for the CORR Record who have some kind of is let the BITD know in advance utes later. ren and Steve Olliges are leading race on the same weekend as the conflict. It may be something like of the race, then fill out an entry Class 7 300, the Stock Mini the class points, and Rob is also Tonopah race, in order to compete a race calendar conflkt, as in form as if he were going to be DEIST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. -4-polnt sand rail seat belt RACE BELTS 2 • · 5 point mount 3"·5pointmount SIDE COVERS IRS. Swing axle KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# 200mm-up to 3000! GERMAN AUTO PRESSURE PLATES RACING 200mm 1700# • 2400# PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cush/ocks .............. . • puc ferramic . .......... . 4 puc ferramic with spring hub GERMAN AUTO ,-d·*-•~...5?· --~· SACO MAGNUM RACK BIiiet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, ANO FLANGES 930 or T-4 cages 930 or T-4 or T-2 flanges Trick boots (specify/ 930CVstar "WEEKEND-WARRIOR'' LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8" travel-stock width 8" travel-widened beam 10" travel-stock width 10 • travel-widened beam TRI MIL EXHAUST T•11½"chrome T•11½"raw T· 1 1 5/8" chrom· T-11518" raw T-4 chrome T-4raw GERMAN AUTO~ATS GERMAN AUTO tt-SHIRTs.· specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, Includes alternator stand . MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ . MK/I I ... (f . {, -J--===ci. PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal With chrome pedal. With hydraulic throttle Replacement slave SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion . Mount plate Coupler. ·Rack steering stops _,, 00 -✓ ,,,..,,, •. j VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1. 7, 1.8, and2.0 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt toaether rears lite spindle mounts too FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin .. .......... 413() Chromo/v Stock length ......... pr. 1 v ... " longer .......... pr. 21/, • longer .... ... ... pr. 4 • longer-coil over style pr. CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1" chromoly tie rods w!ends. l~oecifv Ford or International) set ... SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3• X 3" ...... . 1-21600, 5-1600. CATALOG ... 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 562-863-1123 FAX 562-929-1461 Page 14 September 2001 there, and get it to the BITD be-fore sign-up day. Then his team may campaign the car, but they will be short one armband, and can't substitute a different driver. So, in this case, Olliges was going to have to drive all the way by him-self. Four of them got to Check A close together, with Steve Will-iams leading, Olliges second and Frank Szubart in third place. Aaron and Ian Dixon were al-ready nearly an hour down with fuel line problems, but still mov-ing. At Check B Olliges had moved into the lead, and now Szubart was second, nine minutes later, and Williams was a minute behind him. David Porter and Doug Payne ran fourth and the Dixons were fifth, "putt-putting" their way along. At Check c: Mile 155, Olliges had a 19 minute lead, and Porter/ Payne and Williams were tied for third, with the Dixons another 38 minutes back. Szubart's race had come to an enii. Olliges was hav-ing no flat tires and no mechani-cal trouble, but he did break a side mirror. At Check 4 his lead was 27 minutes, and Porter/Payne were second, while Williams fell back about 35 minutes with a cu111LiuaLiu11 -of problems. He had som~ flats and also two bent drive shafts. He said, "Some little grem-lins bit us on the behind." (Ed Note: They took pretty big chunks out, I'd say.) The Dixons were ac-tually in front of him, putting Williams in the unusual position of being last. A~ Check E Olliges had 17 minutes on Porter and Payne who were also not having any flat tires. Williams and the Dixons were having a good race now, and Wil-liams was just four minutes in front of them, in third, but al-most a full hour behind the win-ning car. Olliges went on to take the win (and MacCachren won his class at Crandon also, giving him two victories in one day), fin-ishing 16 minutes in front of Por-ter and Payne, who said the "course was wonderful, there was no silt on it." Williams was third and the Dixons came in fourth, seven minutes behind him. The small SUVs went off the line next, with just four starters, all Fords, and one of them, Robby Woolworth, broke his transmission at Mile 28, and was done for the day. But Anthony Napoleon had his Bronco II moving rtght along, and he had the lead at Check A, with two minutes on Marc Winocur and Dave Turner in their Explorer. Dusty Times

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Dave Porter and Doug Payne drove their Ford 7300 car to second place, Al Hogan soloed the day, driving his Stock Full Sized Ford to second moving into second place at about Mile 210 and then staying there. place, even though he finished on a broken ball joint. Vince Wavra and Terry McC/intick ran as a Sportsman, entry had a lot of fun, and reminded the old timers of some of the fine old Class 5 cars from 25 years ago. liked the new course, though if was silt. In third it was Mike Falkosky !eon finished 12 minutes behind man entry, a Class 5 car belong-The same order held at Check them in second place. About an ing to Vince Wavra a veteran B, where Napoleon was three hour and a half later, the 1100 racer Wavra and his team. Terry minutes in the lead. But at car came in, with the good tie and Rick McClintick.and Rodd Check C it was Winocur and rods still tied on the front of his Murrah enter to have fun. And Turner, and they now had five buggy. He hadn't seen Falkosky, they did that. Their biggest prob-minutes on Napoleon, who was of course, hadn't been idle while !em came when the. throttle 11 minutes up on Falkosky. waiting .. He'd hose-clamped stuck wide open on the dry lake. you've been paying attention, The next event for the Best of they described it very differ-the Desert is their September Ve-ently, depending on·what they gas to Reno race, billed as the long-were driving and how well their est off road race in the United day went. They couldn't even States. For information, call them seem to agree on whether there at (702) 457-5775. · r----'----------,-,.,..,,.-=,..,,...,.,,,.........,.,,,...,..,...,,,.. Winocur and Turner had no things together, with a couple of But they finished 35th overall, trouble and kept moving ahead, wrenches in the mix as braces, in the time of 8:41: 15. Wavra building up a nine minute lead and was driving in at about 10 said his car is dedicated to Wally by Check D. Napoleon, who had miles per hour. Minteer had and Tina Pankratz (owners of just one flat tire during the day, passed him, not knowing exactly one of off road's winningest ran steadily also, with Falkosky who he was looking for, except Class 5 cars, the "Old Glory" staying about the same distance that in his mind it was a totally driven by Dick Lee in the early behind him. By Check F Win-disabled car. A comedy of errors '70s), Dick Lee, Bob Butters, ocur and Turner had 11 minutes -not unusual in this sport. Fa!- Felisa Pipkin and Bo Anderson; on Napoleon, and Falkosky was kosky made it; happy that he'd some of the good folks the sport in trouble. He needed a pair of come in while it was still day-has lost over the years. In addi-tie rods. Vinje had tried to help, light. tion, he says, many of the com-but had no parts that would All the excitement happened ponents in their car came from work, ?o a pair was tied to the in the post-race tech in this class. "Old Glory", and they've named front of the 1100 car of Minteer It was discovered that Napoleon their car the "Spirit of Old and Slobe, with the hope tha.t had too much travel on his Glory". Off readers are nothing they'd get to Falkosky in time to Bronco II, so they dropped him if not sentiments. If get him home. from second place to third, and There were 7 5 starters, and a Meanwhile, Winoctir and moved Falkosky up to second. total of 48 finishers, which is a Turner got their win, and Napo-There was only one Sports-64% finish rate. The racers all Novice qrivers Bill Minteer and Brent Slobe did the almost impossible, and_got the Class 1100 (SCORE Lite) win in their very first race. -Dusty Times INTRODUCING THE NEW M/T BAJA PRO™ Mickey Thompson® off-road race tires have made their mark in some of the most demanding races known to man. The Baja 1000, Mint 400, Paris-Dakhar and Parker 400 aren't your average trail -hopping runs. Now the new Baja Pro™ is joining the ranks of battle proven MIT tires. The new Baja Pro™ boasts an exclusive cut-resistant compound, a unique sidewall design for extra protection, and a strong, lightweight, race tire construction. The new Baja Pro™, and the rest of the MIT lineup, are available at more performance outlets than any other brand. For Catalogs or Information Call: East: 4670 Allen Rd., Stow, OH 44224 (330)928-9092 West: 43455 Business Park Dr., Temecula, CA 92590 (909)587-0101 or visit: September 2001 Page 15

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48TH ACROPOLIS RALLY McRae Mauls ·Em In Greece By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden - ,,,;; Colin McRae and Nicky Grist cut it very close to the bank as they head to a great win in their Ford Focus. It had to be the height of ex-bit tight. Makinen and McRae occasions during the season citement, Colin McRae had a are tied in the Drivers Points; which qualified for both the FIA tooth and nail fight with team-Ford is leading the Manufactur-Teams Cup and the FIA Super mate Carlos Sainz and with Ri-ers points, seven up on Mitsubi-1600 Cup. chard Burns and survived it all, shi and it should only get tighter There were 110 entries for the beat them both and won his and more exciting as the season Acropolis Rally, the most for the third successive rally! The drama progresses. year after the 94 at Portugal. Tra-of three days of stage cleaning The Acropolis Rally had it all! ditionally, Acropolis is one of the ' unfolded, until, with six stages It was the seventh round of the hardest rallies of the year, the to go, Bums slid off the road for FIA World Rally Champion-heat and the rough, abrasive three minutes, and then, on the ships and only the second time roads making it tough for com-final stage Sainz's engine failed. all seven registered teams had petitors and crew. This year the At the halfway point in the 2001 entered the same event this year. roads were intended to be more season, things _are getting a wee It was also the first of only two competitor friendly but still it e camn_li source for ra dCre • Oriv!Jlg Suits .. • Crew Uniforms • Crew Shirts • Polo Shirts • Team Jackets • Hats • GearBags NOW FEATURING: In-House Embroidery -Driver Names • Team Logos • Sponsor Logos 1.B00.700.2350 • Fax 909.360.0436 3834 Wacker Drive • Mira Loma, CA 91752 Page 16 September 2001 Second spot went to Petter Solberg and Phillip Mills in, their Subaru lmpreza, shown here in the heavy dust. was the third out of four events Catalunya. They were hoping to in succession held on hard gravel run this event with five speed roads, the previous two having gearboxes, b1,1t that would de-seen wins for Ford in front of pend on parts availability. Like Subaru. The FIA was allowing Mitsubishi, Hyundai were back teams to carry two spare wheels, to two cars for this event, nine and it was interesting to note years after they celebrated their that Michelin users welcomed first class victory in world cham-this rule which Pirelli teams were pionship rallying. Citroen had not much bothered. two cars, Phillipe Bugalski this Thisyeartherewouldbeacer-. · time supported by Thomas emonial start in Athens, the cars Radstrom who had been respon-all driving across the start line, sible for all their gravel road test-then being loaded onto carriers ing to date. for the trip to I tea for the restart All nine drivers still remain-the following morning. Big news ing in the Teams Cup were en-was that the same single service tered, but Frederic Dor was miss-park location would be in opera-ing, due to family illness and tion every day. For the first time Yann is Papadimitriou had or-this season Mitsubishi was not dered a replacement Peugeot 206 leading the World Champion-WRCar, replacing the one con-ship! Makinen's accident in sumed by fire in Cyprus. Cyprus meant that Ford had Since the Super 1600 Cup in-taken over the lead in the Manu-auguration in Catalunya, there facturers Series, while Sainz had had been much activity between moved up to one point behind the teams. Twenty-two of the . Makinen, in the Drivers Series. original 23 entries had been re-In Group N, four time champion ceived. The drivers all had the Gustavo Trelles started seven same cars and co-driver as in points behind leader Gabriel Spain, with only one exception. Pozzo, both in Mitsubishis. In Michelin had prepared a special Teams Cup, Pasi Hagstrom of very hard compound tire and al-Team Toyota Castrol Finland though suspension and brakes was first, leading by 20 points were altered for this event, en-over Henrik Lundgaard, both in gine specs would remain un-Corolla WR cars .. In Super·l600, changed. The number of me-the leader after the first round chanics allowed to work on the was Sebastian Loeb in a Citroen car at Service had been increased Saxo. from three to four. Journalists had been ponder-Leg 1-Five stages, gravel, 112 ing the similarity of the Cyprus · kins. Stage cleaning was once and' the Acropolis events, and again the name of the game. Af-the desirability of having them ter two stages, Tommi Makinen, both on the schedule, due·to the who was first on_ the road was similar makeup, both hot, dusty, 11th overall. All the Subaru rocky and abrasive. Gunther works drivers started off with Steiner, Ford Project Manager only one spare wheel, but Ford explained the difference is: "The was not so confident, only Sainz Acropolis is much faster, this relying on a single spare. On the means you hit the rocks harder, first stage, Didier Auriol was out so suspension setup is critical." with clutch failure. The Subaru were back to a four car Hyundais were also in trouble team, Markka Martin making a early, Alister McRae had turbo welcome return to active compe-boost failure on Stage 1 and Ken- · tition for the first time since neth Eriksson lost hydraulic pres-Throwing Jots of red dirt, Henrik Lundgaard and Jens-Christian Anker powerslide their Toyota Corolla to a great win in Teams Cup, 11th overall. Dusty Times .,,

Page 17

sure. Bruno Thiry had his rear brakes bn fire and Bugalski was having brake troubles. Markko Martin reported there were many large stones in the road and driving fast was difficult .. Makinen was 15th after Stage 3. Solberg took the lead on Stage 2, he held the lead on Stage 3, even though he was having brake troubles. Rovanpera broke the co-driver's window on a tree and filled the car with dust. Marcus Gronholm, the reigning world champion, landed on a rock and that punctured the sump, all over. Alister McRae had troubles, following Arai's Suba-ru throwing dust and dirt from a puncture·, then he was further delayed by the fire truck at the burning Subaru of Arai. Thiry continued to have rear brake problems, Eriksson lost boost pressure and power steering and lost 15 minutes on Stage 4, drop-ping back to 60th overall. Stage 5 was canceled due to crowds of spectators, so the rough Stage 6 was all that was left for the day. Before the stage, Subarus were first, second and fourth, afterwards Fords were first and second. Makinen de-clared he had gone flat out over the roughest sections and luck-ily, nothing had gone wrong with the car, but even so he only made third fast time. Sainz was lucky, he had shut his engine off wait-ing for the stage to start and had much trouble getting it fired again. In Teams Cup, both Lundgaard and Hagstrom had gearshift problems with their Corollas and Lundgaard lost a boit f~om a shock and was lucky to make it to service. Hagstrom had his gearshift change gears two at a time and he spun. Al Wahaibi went off the road on the second stage, but he found another road down the hill and was able to get back on course. Lundgaard hit a rock on Stage 3 and wrecked the sumpguard, Hagstrom stalled at the start of the stage and, despite his earlier downhill travels, Al Wahaibi led all the way! On Stage 6 Lundgaard holed his sump, Al Wahaibi lost his brakes and Papadimitriou's engine quit for 20 minutes in the middle of Stage 4 but by the end of the day the top three were only separated by 40 seconds. In Group N, Blomqvist was the first leader but then Porto took over. Ligato's gearbox was stuck in second, Blomqvist re-tired when his engine quit. Super 1600 initial leaders were Galanti but •he fell back with brake problems after lead-The big winner in Super 1600 was Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena in their Citroen Saxo, shown here in a fairly dust free area. .. Andrea.Dalavilla and Massimo Chiapponi drove their Fiat Punta to a great 2nd in Super 1600 and 20th overall. ing the first two stages, then Rousselot took over, both in Fords. Loeb picked up three min-utes in road penalties. The two Spanish Puntos had shock prob-lems, Basso had gearbox failure. Henny retired on the final stage of the day with suspension fail-ure. Ford Pumas led all the day, followed by a Peugeot, a Citroen and a Fiat. Leg 2 -Seven stages, gravel, 117 kms. Drama began before the first stage of the day was reached.• Eriksson changed a turbo at service but it failed on the way to the first stage and he was out. Martin had a front tire explode on the first stage and the front suspension collapsed un-der the strain. McRae's tactic was to "go for it" and build up as much lead on Burns as pos-sible. Burns was happy running third on the road. Both Mitsubishis were jumping out of gear and both Skodas were hav-ing suspension problems. The next group of stages (9 to 11) were to be critical. Burns should have had enough time to catch McRae, but it was not to be. The organizers lopped 5. 75 kms off the middle stage, the teams were complaining that driving flat out downhill with no protection along the roadside. Then Burns, who started Stage 9 26. 7 seconds behind .arrived at the end of 11 oniy 22.1 behind and he said, "As long as I am within 20 seconds of Colin at the end of the day, I'll be alright." Colin had mentally written off the Burns challenge and now looked closer to home for a ri-val, Sainz, who was now only 13.6 seconds away. Solberg had a flat which affected his suspen-sion geometry, Loix badly bent an intercooler pipe and Makinen had to ease his paee after a flat caused escape of the mousses. Delecour had power steering fail-ure and Alister McRae was stopped with driveshaft failure but was able to keep moving in three wheel drive. In the final two stages the game livened up. In two stages, Burns came from 22. 7 seconds back to 14.8 and Sainz was only 9.8 behind McRae. The final day was really going to be tense. Panizzi was slowed by fuel pres-sure problems and Freddy Loix incurred road penalties because the mechanics had to change the turbo and the intercooler and he dropped from seventh to 11th place. In Teams Cup, Al Wahaibi lost his brake fluid, having to bleed the system himself b~fore the following stage, but he kept the lead while Lundgaard again had suspension troubles and had d riveshaft failure as a result. Bakhashab had right front sus-pension damage and inadvert-Throwing tons of muck, Harri Rovanpera and Risto Pietilainen plowed their way to third overall at the Acropolis. -Philippe Bugalski and Jean-Paul Chiaroni corner hard on the uphill on tJ:le way to 6th overall in their Citroen Xsara. ently held up Pozzo's Group N car, which in turn helped Trelles close up behind him. Heath. re-tired after Stage 8 with clutch failure. On the penultimate stage, Ai Wahaibi st~pped to fix a flat tire and then wore out his . tires completely on the last stage and Pasi Hagstrom ended the day in the lead. In Super 1600, Duval retired with suspension problems and Rousselot, who had led the .day before also retired with suspen-sion failure. Cedric Robert, the leading Peugeot driver lost a wheel as he arrived at service af-ter Stage 11. It ·was a great day for Sebastien Loeb, he was fourth in Day 1 but after two stages on Day 2 he took the lead despite problems with a sticking clutch. Fastest driver on the stages was Andrea Dalavilla who had risen to second place_ Leg 3 -Seven stages, gravel, 126 kms. Overnight Skoda dis-covered Mat the handling prob-lems they had been having were due to the new construction in their tires, not in their shocks as they had assumed. Ford was happy with their Pirelli tires. On the first stage of the day Burns was quickest, reducing McRae's lead to 12.8 seconds. On the sec-ond stage it all went wrong for Burns as he went off the road and lost more than three min-utes and dropped back to sev-· enth place. Solberg was now al-most a minute behind the leader, Makinen was in fifth, Thiry' s engine cut out on him twice and Panizzi's front suspension failed and he was out of the chase. The tension was rising as was the closeness of the top runners. The gap was 16.6 seconds after Stage 14 and it now was 7.5 af-ter· the 18th stage. It was all touch and go. Solberg had to stop twice on stages first when dust inside the car became too dense and then when his engine quit. Kahle retired when he hit a rock and broke the steering on his SEAT With two stages to go Burns was in seventh place, 12.4 seconds behind Delecour, but he never reached the end of the stage, driveshaft failure. With one stage to go, Sain~ was 5.9 seconds behind McRae, but he too retired with engine failure! McRae was greatly relieved to reach the end of the stage and take the win. Solberg was having gear selection problems and wasn't sure he would make it to the end, but he did, and he took a great second place 'and Harry Rovanpera came in for third. In Teams Cup, Lundgaard had a wheel collapse, bent the front suspension and lost the front brakes. After Stage 14 he was third in the category, four minutes behind. Then Hagstrom retired with overheating. Lundgaard was 28.6 seconds be-hind Bakhashab and yet another race was on! On the final stage Lundgaard got through to win. In Group N, Pozzo was the winner with Trelles a very close second. In Super 1600, Sebastien Loeb took the honors and Andrea Dalavilla came in for second. Yet another tough competi-tion is over and the crews wend their weary ways to the next test of man and machinery. -4t'l'-AC1Opous "auy·,,.. ,, J11nt ~001 wr rouno., Teams· r .up rouno ... :-,uper 1NX> rouna .:-we po,nis ..,.,," vvr gN ,, :,,1t' The Mitsubishi Lancer Eva of Tommi Makinen and Risto Mannisenmaki throws lots of dirt on the way to 4th overall at Acropolis. Dusty Times 1 (4) Coltn McRAE/N,cky Gr,sr (6) Penor SOL8ERG1Ph1llp Mills J { 16) Ham Rovanpera/R~to P.etitainen 4 (7) Tommi MAKINEN/R~to Manr119,enmak1 5 CF) Francoi9 Delecou,/Oamel Grataloup 6 (14) Philppe BUGAI.SKI/Jcan-Paul Chmroru 7 ( 11) Armin SCHWARZ/Manfred H.emer 8 {JO) S,mon Jean-JoH:ph/Jack Boyere 9 {8) Freddy LOIX/Sven Smeets ,r, ( 12) Bruno THIRY/Stephan Prevol September 2001 GB Fo,d Focus RS WRC NJG8 Subaru lmp,eza WRC FIN . Peugeot 206 WRC FIN MitsubtShi Lance, Evolution WRC F Fo,d Focu• RS WRC F Citroen xsara WRC D Skoda Q<:tav,a WRC F Peugeot 206 WRC B Mrt,.ubisr11 Cansma GT WRC B SkocJa OCtav'-t WRC Y◄FMC (GB) 4h 190101 9S. '~ lQ X10SRT(GB) 4h 19m 50 9s C. b JJONQZ75 (F) 4h 20m Ji' ~s 4 W2MMR (GB) 4h 21m 17 ::!s 4 3 V9FMC (GS) ◄h 21m 37 J:s 28CSP92 (F) 4h 23m 02 1s MB012·30 (CZ) 4h.Z4m 58 6s J 1206XB7 4 (Fl 4h 26m.29 Os V2MMR (Gil) 41'1 27m 02 8s : MB011-42 (CZ) 4h ?7m 'J,7 "s Page 17

Page 18

FRT TECATE GRAN PRIX south Of The Border Fun By Judy Smith Photos : C&C Race Photos Rob Archibald put the VB Ford powered two-seater into victory circle in both heats, and went home with the win for the unlimited class. It was fun in the sun tor some folks, and confusion and disap• pointment for others. Depending on what schedule a racer checked, the FRT Tecate Conquista event was on either the June 16 date or a date in July. Those who got there on the 16th got to race on the new and improved long short-course that Fud and his Mexican land-owner friends have created. The rest of them missed a good day of racing. Apparently, a date that had been switched got stuck on a couple. of schedules and racers who referred to them were misled into believing they had a couple of weeks before the race would happen. But for the few who showed up the racing was fun, even though there weren't many cars. About 15 minutes east ofTecate, the course.was about six miles long, a serpentine that included some good hills, lots of turns, a few "ei-ther-ors", some sand, some whoops, a little water and good viewing for the spectators. There is ample park-ing for the racers and spectators, Kent Graves piloted his Jimco steadily through both heats, avoided most of the hazards, and finished the day in second place in Class 9. and lots of shade trees, many of laps. By that time the 5-1600, with which provide shade for goocl race- Tony Steingraber at the wheel, was watching spots. The more adventur- knocking at her rear bumper, and ous can climb up one of the steep found a way around. He led the . hills and perch on a giant boulder pack the rest of the way, enjoying to keep track of the cars in several the fun of a win, but Kern held on areas. to her. Class 9 victory with no This was a two-heat event, with trouble. There was plenty of trouble classes combined as expedience to be had and Gillingham was deep demanded. Each group had ap- into it on the first lap. His motor proximately an hour of racing in was reported smoking, and he ra-each heat, which worked out to six dioed to say he was going to get out laps. A racer had to cross the fin-and "take a look." But the next ish line with a checkered flag in at communication from him was a least one of the heats to be declared request for a truck to tow him out. a finisher. No points would be Trey Somers ran very well for a awardea to a team that fell short in while, but was suddenly upended, both heats. his embarrassed radio voice report-The first heat was a grouping ing; "I wasn't thinking." That left that included the Class 9 cars and Steingraber to take the 5-1600 vie-the lone 5-1600 that had got the Cory, and Kern got the Class 9 win, right date and Mark Gillingham in with Kent Graves in second place his Class 100 Funco. Julie Kern got in his Jimco. the hole-shot with her KIT car, and When they lined up for the sec-fended off the challengers for three ond heat Gillingham was missing. Eibach Springs Is proud to announce It's complete nne or ultra high quamv off-road springs. Available In 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch free lengths Wilh 3" ID. A well designed & manufactured spring will last thousands or cvcles, even in the cruelest desen environments. That's whv top chassis builder Mike Julson chooses Elbach Springs. He knows what it takes to win ... Now so do vou. Spring· ta Success •• ~ IIIICIISprqs, n:. • Phone 849 75l 8700 • lllslrllutor: Parter ~ 909 3611 1854 Page 18 September 2001 Dusty Times

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ken ball joint up at the top of the hills. Stemmerman did a fine job, driving fast enough to stay in front, but not pushing his car to the point of damaging it. He runs a 2240cc motor, and Burnworth's is a 2180. By the end of the third lap he had about six minutes on Burnworth, who for some odd reason, had to stop ad take on fuel. Fantelli was right behind him. And that's the way they stayed to the finish. Stemmerman was first, Burnworth second and Fantelli third. Tony Steingraber and Telly Philo ran their 5-1600 car against the Class 9s and came up lookin' good, finishing second for the day's efforts. Todd Stemmerman had some tough competition to fight off, and lost a fender in the process, but still finished his day with the win in Class 5. For their second heat there only the three survivors. This time Charlie Bignell was driving Fantelli's truck, but Stemmerman and Burnworth were back in their cars. They fell into the same or-der, Stemmerman, Burnworth and Bignell. But Burnworth was push-ing hard and by the end of the sec-20 seconds later. At the end of the first lap Todd Stemmerman led in his 5 car, with Richard Burnworth in second Continued on page 20 And Adam Pfankuch was driving Kern's car, Telly Philo was in the 5-1600, and Somers was back, noth-ing damaged but his pride. This time Pfankuch got the hole-shot, and then he just stayed in front, though Philo ran right up behind him from the first lap. Somers ran third for three laps and then faded away again, this time victim of an old fuel cell which was disintegrating and clog-ging his fuel filters and lines. Graves moved up to third and stayed there. place, and then came Rodd Fantelli lap finished, thanks to a blown in his hybrid Ford, followed by Paul motor. At the end of the second lap Kay, Sr., in a Toyota. Jeff Searle, in it all looked the same, but the the third Baja Bug, never got the Toyota was gone, victim of a bro-r--------------------=i,,,-=------,-----, ~ ......... --.....;;..~-~---~----....,.-------~ ........ -~ Kern and Pfankuch were the winners, and Steingraber and Philo got a second for the day, with Graves in third place. Both Gillingham and Somers were DNFs. The second heat was a mix of three Class 5 cars and two small trucks. The Class 5 cars took off first, with the trucks starting about Richard Burnworth had a new motor in his Baja Bug since last year, but he gave away about 60ccs, and had to push hard for his second place finish. Eric Allen had his Jimco fairly flying, but ran out of competition when the others broke. He ended up battling Class 1 and got a second place. Thunder in the Valley Round3of5 Saturday Night SepteJDber 22, 2001 IIDperial Valley Fairgrounds, lm.perial Ca Pro Cars• Buggies• SuperLites • Trucks on the Short Course Track Pro and Sportsman ATV • Mini Bikes • Motorcycles on the MX Track Pit Gates Open: Noon 1st Scheduled Practice: 1:30 Racing Starts at 6:00pm sharp Pro Payback: 240% 619-427-5759 • Dusty Times September 2001 Page 19

Page 20

Trey Sommers had brain fade in one heat and a clogged fuel line on the Jimco, in the next, which made him a DNF, though he have it a good try. Rodd Fantelli and Charlie Bignell drove their Ford powered small truck to a close third behind the Baja Bugs, their truck competitors having fallen out early. Jim Mihal and Ewald Gruber raced their '84 Raceco for the first time, had serious brake and suspension woes, but still finished third and had a good time. · ond lap Stemmerman had some new dents and was missing a fender due to a really close en-counter with the second car. The two bugs were having a good time, but Bignell was watch-Page 20 ing the oil temperature gauge, and who finished about five minutes he backed off a bit just in case. off the pace, were third in their Stemmerman got another win, to overheated truck. take the Class 5 victory for the day, The third heat brought out the with Burnworth second. And for big cars, with four Class 1 entries the weekend, Fantelli and Bignell, and then two 1600 cars. Chuck September 2001 Hovey was in his new V-4 powered Shawn McCallum in his Toyota Jimco, and he got the hole shot, powered Jimco, and then Jim disappearing into the wash in a Mahi!, driving his first race, in a cloud of dust and hotly chased by 1984 Raceco with secondary sus-Rob Archibald in a VS Ford pow-pension. ered two seater. Behind him was The two 1600 cars, driven by teen-agers Eric Allen and Dave Scaroni, both J imcos, dropped into the wash pushing and shov-ing and banging on one another. Allen was in front, but just barely. On the second lap the Class 1 cars held their positions, but of the 1600s there was only one. Sca-roni had gone part of the lap with an ominous clanking, recursor to ring and pinion failure. On the third lap Mahi! was missing, having to do some tidy-ing up after one of his rear brake calipers fell off. He lost two full laps. Meanwhile, Hovey held the lead for five laps, but sounded a bit odd on that one, and then dis-appeared, as a c.v. flange pulled off the transmission. McCallum dis-appeared on the fifth lap, with a broken trailing arm, and Archibald inherited the lead, and the win. Allen was second, and Mahi! managed a third place. Hovey and McCallum didn't come back for the second heat, nor did Scaroni. So it was Archibald, and Mahil's partner, Ewald Gruber, and Allen in the 1600, who decided he might as well have some fun. Archibald got the hole shot, but All~n was right in there,. actually a twitch faster with the throttle pedal, if under-powered. Archibald went into the lead, and Allen ran second, while Gruber, another first time racer, fought his one-sided rear brakes from third place. Archibald led all the way, his "crate" motor, which runs pump gas, growing weary, but lasting long enough to give him the win. Archibald's girlfriend, Colleen, rode with him in both heats, and enjoyed herself im-mensely. Allen, whose car had no problems at all, ran second all the way, with Gruber, whose second-ary suspension gave up on him, in third place. Even with all their problems, the two new racers seemed to have a great time. Archibald was the winner for the day, with Allen second and Mahi! and Gruber in third. The racing was fun and the spectating was also. It' too bad there was that confusion about the date, because the reworked course was an improvement over last year's, and those who tried it en-joyed it. The next FRT even·t will be the August 11th Gran Prix, at Tecate again. This event will be run in conjunction with the CODE folks, from the Mexicali area, so there should be plenty of cars and trucks there to play with. For date and time verification call FRT at (619) 427-5759. ..-., .. Dusty Times

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Information, contact: --~t~,.-Gerardo Novelo / Victor Mercad ",, .. . '

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-FINKE DESERT RAC'!= • ALICE SPRINGS, AUSTRALIA Finally Fellows Takes The Win Text & Photos: Darryl Smith He had lots of problems along the way but David Fellows was able to take the overall win much to the delight of the hometown crowd. • state of the art high flow piston designed to sto valve washes,srf~m bending inwards. • wide teflon coated piston wear band for use in ternal bypass with big tubes so that it does not drop into large ports. // ,t; ,,. ' "'-.. ✓ • sealed piston for low speed control· a d~ ximum dall)prng in external bypass. • high temperature stainless steel alloywatvi ~ / ~ • unique rod end design and materiartoitosYsh fts and rod ends from breaking. • high temperature Viton seals and 0".'rtng✓." ; , · • large aluminum reservoir for increfs,'7hea di!sipation (2X) and weight savings. • 1" shafts are micro-polished tD';{mirror s6rface finish cf a 3-5 RMS. • stainless steel teflon lined sp eri ~I be£rings \vith 1/2" or 5/8" ID spacers. • shock are all owner rebuild bl~ wit!J,rio !i''ecia( to-ois to purchase. • electric blue anodized color. / 1 ~ -~..,",~ ~·,.ii ~~~ \ , , ;; , • La(ge,3/4'' tubes for high flow (weld on kits ava·lable separate). . ,,,. . ,. .... ~ • Tube locations ca r~e placed to order or wefde on bx_,t~~customer. ~ , . Nalvin i_: ~ piston for smooth damp:n~rtra-9Jttions. • Chee val'(~ machine 1 rom 4140 and heat treated 17-4 stawfe'ss for long durability. • larae OD~ heck'v~lve spring desianed with low opeflraling stress levels. , r ~ ..:.,;;? """' l /. •;"~Iggy ~ I< ' reservoir mounting 'for the rear o buggies and trucks. " ,, y 7 ... ~~~ . ,~1§1;§6fa§::MUP),M§lt'" · - - · Custom wo:nd,.,springs for 3" shocks in stfc . Eibach springs available. We c!o custom shock work and vehicle se't up. Custom designed and mfg. shocks & parts avallab e ( air shocks, water cooled, pistons etc.). Designed and manufactured by the same person that designed all Kuster Shocks. Page 22 King Shock Technology · A Shock Manufacturing Company (714) 530-8701 Fax: (714) 530-8702 10402 Trask Ave., Unit C, Garden Grove, CA 92843 September 2001 Paul Styles was the big Class 9 winner, shown here churning up the red dirt of central Australia heading towards a great win. The Finke Desert Race in central Australia has a special meaning to off road racers, to David Fellows it was something he was trying to win as a driver, since navigating to a win in 1992. This year that dream came true, after many attempts came so close, this yea,r was al-most another to get away. Firstly he went from qualifying first to dropping to tenth after a shootout saw his clutch go off. Then he ended up leading into the half way point at Finke some 230 km away only to develop a misfire due to extreme rain on the way back. Then hitting a tree and killing the motor and losing gears. Only to be pushed back into the race and eventu-. ally come home a very popular winner with the entire Alice Springs crowd, which is abut 99% of the town's population. This year's race was as big as ever with over 100 cars and weii over 300 bikes all trying to con-quer "The Finke". The car filed was one of the best yet and qualifying was sensational. ln the end, after the shootout it was Terry Rose taking Pole over a controversial Dion Simpson, and then the winner of the last three Finkes, Mark Burrows. The class winners were Rose (Class 1), Simpson (Class 9), Matt Owen (Class 2/3), Steph-en Caulfield's Celica (Class 4A), Anthony Kuhn's Mazda Sta-dimn Truck (Class 4B), Trevor Growden's Nissan Stadium Truck (Class 4C), Harley Cooke's Ford V8 Truck (Class 5), and Bruce Garland's Jacka-roo (Class 7 /8). CLASS 1 Day 1 of the race was as usual a survival test and first to go was Rose with a shattered pulley on the Chev V6. Bur-row.s was leading on time but then slammed Dion Simpson in the dust and all but burnt out his clutch getting out of the deep sand. Glenn Owen was also out after a fuel rail split starting a fire. Peter Kittle blew a diff, while Trevor Brebner broke his suspension. With one section to go on Day 1 it was Warren Rossow leading· overall. Local Fellows was down in seventh but sure enough by the end of Finke it was Fellows leading and ready to start ·Day 2 in Number 1 Wayne Attard drove his good looking Chevy pickup to the Class 4C win, although he drove the last miles with a missing front tire. Australia's Class 5 is always hotly contested and this race was no exception, Harley Cooke took the honors in his Ford, besting all comers. ---------Dusty Times

Page 23

Colin Hunter pushed his Jeep Cherokee hard and it paid off, he took Stephen Burrows rolled his 1600caron day 1 but he persevered and Eric Schmid took the silver medal in Class 1 and was second overall a fine third place·in Class 7/8 and was ninth overall when the dust came back the next day for the Class 2/3 win, fifth overall as well. as well in his great looking, high performing, beetle bodied race car. _d1_·e_d_d_o_w_n. __ ----,------,-----------~~---spot. Brian Robinson was sec-class survivor and also home in there were no finishers. happy Hunter next in (ninth rain it was expected the cars ond in class, second overall. fifth overall. CLASS 4C overall). Siviourwas also happy would do it again. But it was, Kurt Johanssen was next ·in CLASS 2/3 The big boys in the up to withtheresultofhisfirstFinke the aptly named Michael ahead of Burrows, who had No real surprises here as all 6000cc 2WD group were out attempt to be fourth in class Vroom on a Honda CR 500 Bob Mowbray on his tail. the country's best 1600cc bug-in force. Two of the favorites and 11th overall. Ken Callanan that spoilt David Fellows' party Overnight i:he race took on gies were in a great battle after were gone early: Glenn Wallace pushed his mighty Suzuki ute by completing the race some a new appearance as heavy rain Day 1 it was local Locky Weir broke the front end and Chris all the way home to grab fifth seven and a half minutes fell and turned the tra0k into a leading over Greg Hicks. Then Schembri rolled the Rodeo. in class. Indeed, only one 4x4 quicker than Fellows. But one mud bath. Fellows got a better came a tight bunch in Werner Wayne Attard in the huge USA didn't make it home. thing is fov certain, Fellows and run than most at the front and Zettl, Stephen Burrows, and import Chev truck moved up The only other battle that is everybody else will be back next even missed some further Matt Owen. Derek Wright had toleadatFinke,withGrowden probably the highlight, is the yearalon.gwiththehugecrowd storms. Burrows didn't get far blown an engine, Lindsay Fos-next and then Steven Jentsch car versus bike debate. So far that makes the Finke Desert at all and the clutch let go. ter broke an axle and Ben Erceg third in the Chev truck. As ex-in the history of the Finke the race one of the best Desert Mowbray then had gearbox had a gearbox problem. Simi-pected the two wheel drives cc.a!:r~s~h::_av:e~w:::o~n~o;:n~ce~·:_W.:'.,!:it:!h~th~e ..... ,!R~a:;c~e:s:.,1~·n~th~e~w:'.:o~rl~d!,:. __ ._;:_-1~~7!D~ woes, a fate that then took out lar to Class 1 it was a huge drop struggled in the mud bath and • J ohanssen, and Robinson as out rate the next day. Mainly quite a few dropped out. Attard well. Then when Nev Day hit a due to over wet motors. In the continued to move up and de-gate post in the slippery condi-end it was a fine drive by Steph-termined to make it saw him tions it was obvious all Fellows' en Burrows to take the class drive a lot of miles to the fin-opposition was gone and he win despite a roll-over the pre-ish with a flat front tire. In-, was amazed as ever to find.he vious day. He came home in deed, there was no tire left at had lost time but still won the fifth overall too. Locky Weir all as he took the class win and race, to the applause of thou-hung in there to grab second a fine fourth overall. Chris sands of fans who loved to see in class over Matt Owen, Wallace came home next in the a local win. Next home in Class Danny Atwood and then Colin Falcon ute. Growden took 1 was the ever reliable Eric Johnson who had actually lead third place over Jentsch who Schmid who grabbed third the class the day before when lost time on the last corner in overall too. Then came the electrical g·remlins slowed him. a huge mud hole. Only four fin-Julie Creek pair of Warren CLASS 4A ishers. Rossow followed. by Chris The up to 2000cc 2WD cars CLASS 5 Soiiitt. Paui Heirt"zei took fifth always struggle and this year The near standard 2WD in class. was no exception. At the end cars were expected to have CLASS9 of Day 1 only Matthew troublesbuttotheircreditthey As mentioned it was Dion Lawrence's Datsun 1600 and mainly faired well. Larry Zaglas Simpson leading on the road David Kerr's 120Y remained in brqke the gearbox in the fast until the unfortunate incident the race. Then OR Day 2 XB Falcon ute, while at the where a blinded Burrows dam-Lawrence blew a head gasket, front it was Simon Hall lead-aged the rear of Simpson's car and Kerr lost a wheel. So that ing into Finke in the FlO0. Bill in heavy shunt. That left his was all with no finishers. Montgomery was next in the father Paul Simpson to lead the CLASS. 4 B HQ VS ute. Cooke had slipped class into Finke and sit in third The up to 4000cc 2WD to fourth behind Peter overall. One of the early retire-group faired better with more Pittaway. The next day and ments was Jakko Kylma (who getting through the first day. again the weather was the was fifth overall in qualifying), Kuhn was out early with a bro-dominating factor. Hall was who rolled after losing a wheel. ken gearbox. At Finke it was gone while Cooke moved back Also out was Jon Pata rd with the neat VW Beetle with Suba-up ahd Pittaway got a flat tire. electrical troubles, but he went ru power of Andrew Mowles Montgomery lost the wipers further than Wayne Bannan getting up into the top 20 and and drove on leaning out the who broke a gearbox in quali-leading the class over the amaz-open door! In the end it was fying and did not start. Both ing back seat driven HiLux Cooke taking a fine win, Craig Downes nd Bernard dual cab of Wayne Sanderson. Pittawaywas next in the Falcon Singer both succumbed to the Next it was David Hewitt's Mit-ute while Montgomery took difficult conditions and it was subishi ute. The next day and third with a face full of mud. left to Paul Styles to fly the class the atrocious conditions hit Peter Treis and then Robert flag although he too stopped to this class hard as one by one Tanner were close behind. In clean the mud out of his they dropped out and eventu-all five proud finishers. electricals. Styles kept going ally Julie Wallace's Datsun ute CLASS 7 /8 and in the end was the sole was the last to stop, The 4x4 drivers were the Bruce Garland was the Class 7/8 winner, his 4x4 conquered the dust on day 1 and the mud on day 2 for a nice win and a great second overall .. Dusty Times ones that welcomed the rain. · The dry run down to Finke saw Garland slip back but still lead the class. Bruce Muir was next then in equal third was Colin Hunter's Jeep Cherokee and Les Siviour's Patrol. All nine 4x4s made it to Finke, and then woke very happy with the news of the mud. Garland was one of the quickest moving up from 18th overall to challenge the top three! Hunter moved past Muir on the road and was en-. joying passing buggies like Gar-land was. In the end Garland almost did it; he in fact, had finished second overall! Muir held on to the quicker times from D ay 1 to take second in class (seventh overall), with a September 2001 GOT SHOCKS? Your main source for the all I new RaceRunner shock series / _ _...-. from Sway-Away. Now avail-=-~ able in 2", 2 1/2", and massive RBCl!l!J!lll!J!.r 3" body coil-over design. ,RTEK.~. .THE SOURCE -for off-road racing equipment and services We now offer complete shock services including custom revolving and rebuilding. We sell and ser-vice FOX, BILSTEIN, and all SWAY-:-A-WAY shocks, including the new RACE RUNNER series. Play cars or race cars, Class 9 or trucks, 1/2 1600, even super-long travel A-arm cars, KARTEK gets you handled! ~ ~ 909-737-RACE ~F~C>.d&i 2871 Ragle Way Corona, CA 92879 open 7 days a week! Page 23

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2001 OJIBWE FORESTS CLUBRALLY Utecht/Lewis Persevere to Win Text & Photos: Jerry Winker Power sliding to a great Group 2 win, Aaron Hatz and Brendan Higgins blew the competition away in their GT/. Eric Seppanan and Jake Hines took the Production Class win in their neat looking Nissan Sentra, shown here cornering at speed. Mark Utecht and his co-driver Brenda Lewis claimed the victory for this year's Headwaters Clu-bRally held the Saturday prior to Mother's Day as a trial run for Sus-quehannock Trail ProRally three weeks later. Utecht was victorious by winning the Production GT class at Sno*Drift ProRally last January, but still is trying to get more seat time while trying to get used to Mitsubishi Eclipse he built over the winter. Utecht and Lewis were the SCCA ProRally Group 5 and Woodner Cup (two-wheel drive) co-champions last year and have their minds set on getting used to four-wheel drive and win-ning the POT championship this year. The northern Minnesota wil-derness suited them just fine. Mark's most serious challengers were all Open class cars while Mark was driving his near-stock Eclipse. Last year's winner Todd Jarvey in his rapid Mitsubishi Galant as well as the Mitsubishi Evo 4 of Paul Dunn and the Eclipses of Chris Gilligan and Dennis Martin had all been seriously fast at past Central • Division events. The 4WD Chevy S-10 of Ken Stewart and the re-cently built Mazda 323GTX of Darisz Bosek were also in the Open class and could challenge if the oth-ers faltered. The other cars in Pro-duction GT were the newly Eclipses of Paul Peters and Thomas Sama-ras. In Group 5, Colin McCleery brought his Merkur XR4-Ti and Jerry Brownell brought his Chevy Citation to do battle against Mary Utecht competing in her first rally in the Dodge Omni GLH Turbo that her husband ran last year. Sev-• Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety foam baffling • Custonl' manufactured aluminum containers • FIA-FT3, SCORE and SOOA approved • Custom manufactured fillers Fu,t s,1,·s "Pro c,11· is • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline :;f,':[;,•;~":;;:1',;,':;:' • Over 25 years experience install and ii~ bact,d by a e for more info call or write to: tu/110 y,ar wamnty. Aircraft Rubber/Fuel Safe EL SAF 63257 Nels Anderson Road , Bend, Oregon 97701 Jladll&O/lls (5-41) 388-0203 · (5-41 )388-0307 fax hllp:1/ Page 24 eral years back Mary used to do pretty well in autocrosses held in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and actually let Mark borrow her Omni GLH so he could compete in his first ever autosport event back in 1987. Needless to say, Mark had this Omni well sorted out for her. Mark Utecht and Brenda Lewis took the overall in their Production ST Mitsubishi Eclipse at the Headwaters ClubRally. · In Group 2, the 2000 National Champion Bob Nielsen is taking it easy this year and competing in selected events. He brought his GTI out as did National Group 2 co-driver runner-up Al Kintigh in J.B. Niday' scar. J.B. was supposed to have his new GTI with a stron-ger motor ready for the event, but was a last minute scratch as the car wasn't ready on Friday night before the event. Aaron Hatz also had his similar car ready to do battle and has been becoming less intimidated by fast sections after his high speed roll at LSPR a few Colin McCleery and Jeff Secor ran through the forest in their Merkur XR4 and went to a nice win in Group 5, seventh overall. HANNEMANN FIBERGLASS, INC. Conversion Kits 84-88 Ranger 84-88 Toyota· 89-95 Toyota Fenders, Hoods and Bedsides for Chevy S-10, Chevy Full Size, Ford Full Size, Toyota and Nissan 1132 W. Kirkwall Road, Azusa, CA 91702 626-969-7317 ·· September 2001 years back. Mark Buskirk was fi-nally in the driver's seat of his new car as well. He has been compet-ing in the co-driver's seat of Na-tional driver Eric Burmeister for the past two years. Eric's dad, Art, ran that car at LSPR last year as his car wasn't ready. Art debuted his newly built GTI at Headwaters this time out. Production class· had three strong contenders in Eric Seppanen in his Nissan Sentra SE-R, Jim Cox in his Chevy S-10, and Dave Johnson in his Dodge Neon. Seppanen had a fresh motor in his car after destroying his old one at Magnum Opus last year, Cox was fresh off his two wins at Sno*Drift ClubRallies last Jllnuary, and Johnson was fast at Cherokee Trails two months prior to his ex-Neon Cup car. Utecht had the fastest time on every stage of the rally during the first half, but was followed within seconds on every stage by J arvey. Paul Dunn was third still coming to grips with his newly purchased Evo prepped by TAD. Behind Dunn were the battling Eclipses of Gilligan and Martin. Unfortu-nately, after SS8 Martin retired with suspension problems. Steve Nielsen was putting in an excel-lent run though moving up rap-idly from the back to put himself up into fifth at the halfway point in the event. In the two wheel drive classes Colin McCleary was dominant in Group· 5 and just tried to main-tain his lead over Brownell. In Group 2, Bob Nielsen was clearly the leader, but after the first ser-vice his car sputtered to a stop beside the road with an electrical gremlin. Although the problem was eventually fixed Bob accrued 23 minutes worth of road penal-ties and was a finisher, but took second to last. That left the door open for the rest of the Gro:up 2 field. Al Kintigh was putting in a fine run until the engine expired Dusty Times ,.

Page 25

Todd Jarvey and Rich Faber slide out of a corner in their Mitsubishi Ga/ant, running to a nice second overall. Jerry Brownell and Jim Windsor took their Chevy Citation to a nice silver medal in Group 5. Almost taking more road than there was, Dave Johnson savl/(i it and continued on in Production Class. on SS8. That left the door open for Aaron Hatz who was putting in the best drive of his career. Phil Schmidt's Toyota MR-2 was in sec-ond just under a minute back by the second service with Mark Buskirk running in third. In Pro-duction class, Jim Cox was lead-ing Eric Seppanen by just a smidge when he rolled the S--10 hard af-ter he hit a rut the wrong way. The side windows were both out and the right side a-pillar was collapsed so that the windshield glass stuck out a bit from the rest.of the ve-hicle. With his trusty roll of duct tape he formed window nets and was allowed to continue although now a bit behind Seppanen. Also requiring service after center-punching a tree was the Thomasi Samaras Eclipse. The crew used its van to try to pull out the damage. Unfortunately, the pull was a bit TOO strong and the bumper was pulled off the car. Eventually, thanks to a long.dinner break, the bumper did get reattached while spectators watched the crew thrash to get the job done rather than not finish. In the end Utecht won the event first overall with a time of 1:08:04 with Jarvey just over a minute behind. In third Gilligan just edged out Dunn during the final stages with Ken Stewart fifth overall in the S-10. Steve Nielsen was set to finish well unfortunately his co-driver felt otherwise. After SS8, Steve retired after his navi-gator was dehydrated from "ex-treme motion sickness". Aaron Hatz was 3/100 of a minute faster than Colin McCleery to take sixth overall and first in Group 2 while McCleery won Group 5. Eric Seppanen was a minute and a halfback in eighth overall and first in Production class. Steve Irwin and Mark Buskirk rounded out the top ten. Where was Jim Cox in his S--10 after the roll? Unfortunately on SS9 he rain fell and he couldn't see the road briefly through his cracked windshield. Jim said he went off the road at speed back-ward down a hill. Fortunately, a stump stopped his scare and he was pulled out and continued with the truck even more dam-aged. He plans on having it rebuilt by Ojibwe Forests ProRally in August to compete on a National. level. He took home dead last, but finished (21st out of 30 starters). The Headwaters was not as heavily fielded in past years due to the rising gas prices during late spring. Last year the field was 52 cars strong and this year had only 30 entries. Many teams this year just decided to make the trip out to Susquehannock Trail Pro--Rally in Pennsylvania a few weeks later rather than do both events. Fortunately, several new cars are in the works for some competitors in Dusty Times the Central Division and others who competed here in May will were just avoiding the high gas bills have the home field advantage of for the rally cars and tow vehicles. running these roads later. The field Fortunately, the Ojibwe Forests for the ClubRally participants plus ProRally in August will be using the Pro field could bring the total many of the same roads so those number of entrants near 100. RACE DRUMS These trick KARTEK designed units consist of a stock drum precision machined and augmented with a billet plate and heat treamed chromoly splined center for maximum durabil-ity. Accept NO substitutes. September 2001 Don't ever count out the Minne-sota ClubRally gang when it comes to making a difference in the Pro--Rally points chase toward the end of the year. last year proved that with the likes of Mark Utecht, Bob Nielsen, and J.B. Niday finishing high at Ojibwe Forests and then coming on strong at the end of the season in Groups 2 and 5. Don't be surprised if the same ~Llts this year. .. 934/5 RACE BOOT & FLANGE For years KARTEK has been aware of the problems associated with the industry standarddouble boot flange design for 934/5 CV joints. Keeping these problems in mind KARTEK has designed a boot and flange to eliminate the boot failures that have plagued off-road racing in the past. KARTEK's new Design teams a large durable high polymer boot with a chro-. moly flange to provide maximum perfor-mance with minimum weight and size. MICRO STUBS KARTEK's micro stubs are used by some of the biggest names. in off-road racing today. KARTEK takes pride in the quality and durability of their micro stubs, and in the quality parts from which they are assembled. Accept no substitutes. BATES BOOT FLANGE & LIGHTENED 930 & 934/5 CVs This KARTEK exclusive was designed to elimi-nate the CV overheating that is associated with the use of Bates boots. This trick flange sets the boot away from the CV. This flange allows for the use of lightened and standard CV joints. KARTEK's lightened CVs are precision machined to allow them to stand up to the rig-ors associated with off-road racing. Page 25

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Mojave Desert Racing KartekGDO By Sheryl Cannon Photos: Trackside Photo Kevin Ohnstad took on all comers in his Jimco and he took the Ciass 1 win as well as first overall in a smooth, fast run. MDR's longest and most de-(6:24:51):Ohnstad averaged an impressive race of their own. manding race of the season, the even 58 mph en route to a 14 Rusty handled the driving 400 mile "KarTek 400", was held minute victory over Class 100 chores for Laps 1 and 2, before June 23rd at Lucerne. As ex-and overall runner-up Ryan Ryan came on to complete the pected, the mercury and the Stewart. final four. Together, the ·duo number of entrants topped the "Things went pretty good all overcame a couple flats to post century mark. Officially, 103 day long," said Ohnstad, who re- a superb 6:39: 10 (55.9 mph) started in the marathon event, ported a Lap 5 flat as his only clocking. Despite his early finish, and a healthy total of 53 fin-trouble. The 2001 KarTek 400 placing-wise, rhe checkered flag ished. None of those finishers winner also· benefited from his could not come soon enough for was more impressive than the team'·s first front-running tactics. the race's overall runner-up. ''ft race's overall winner, Kevin "We started quickly and got out was a· long, hot day," said Ryan, Ohnstad. K.O. knocked out his front, so we had no dust," he shortly after arriving at post opposition by recording both the said. tech, "and the course got really day's fastest lap time (58: 12) and The Stewart brothers, Ryan rough at the end." There was a swiftest overall clocking and Rusty, put together a pretty very tight finish in the race for the day's overall third spot. The Guy Peterson also gives flying lessons, seen here on his way to the Class 5 victory at the MOR Kartek 400. Class 5-1600 had a good entry and Curt Geer took them all to the cleaners, winning the class by almost an hour with some help from dad, Brian. nod went to Rick Ellison, whose nine minutes and 48 second vic-6:42:30 clocking proved 19 sec- tory. The aforementioned Todd 'onds faster than the one posted Jergensen emerged third in Class by Todd Jergensen. Ellison and 100 and fourth overall. With a teammate Bill Hernquist pow-bit better luck, Jergensen could ered their way to victory in Class have been second in both those 1000, averaging 55.5 1U:ph along categories. "I had one flat by the way. Hernquist, who drove Bessemer (Mine Road) and a the first half of the race, kept his long pit stop where the car took team in contention, despite suf- a bunch of oil," said Jergensen. fering three flats. Ellison took Next across the finish line was over on Lap 4, and put the fin-Paul Keller, who helped Richard ishing touches on his team's Beck place second in Class 1000 and fifth overall. Beck and Keller each drove three laps, combin-ing for• a strong final time of 6:52: 18 (54.1 mph). Keller re-ported "a (virtually) trouble free run with just one flat." Beck, meanwhile, was just glad his team's. fortunes had finally changed. "It's been a long time since we've been close," said Beck. "ihe first year was a real learning experience. We had ter-rible luck, broken axles, a finger selector getting stuck here, an . arm breaking there, a power Scott Sells really gets airborne, but it sure works, he took the gold medal with ease in Class 700. Jesse Rodriguez, brother AJ and father Pepe split the driving chores and pulled off steering pin breaking. It was al-ways something." Troy Pomeroy finished five minutes behind the Beck/Keller entry to secure sixth overall. Pomeroy, who placed fourth in Class 100, was under-standably weary after completing his 6:57:32 (53.5 mph) effort. "It was a long day, a long race and the heat exhaustion was worse than the track," he said. Before CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES BELL,. SHOEI, SIMPSON B!!!"....,. From $299:oo Helmets Helmet & Skirt SNELL 95, SA 95 FOR SODA Complete Blower Systems for single or double seat cars. . Helmet conversions. cool boxes, Complete line of PYROTECT, _FILLER Safety Products & BELL Motorsports. We ship UPS daily. Vi~-Mastercard 5_153 Bowden Avenue -San Diego -CA-92117 - 858-279-2509 Page 26 a great win in Class 725. . exiting post tech, Pomeroy heaped praise on both his crew and his tire supplier. "The TDP Team is just incredible, and this was our second race since switch-ing to Goodyear tires and we've had no flats," he said. The re-maining three positions in over-all Top 10 scoring were secured by the Class 1000 third through fifth place finishers. Topping that trio was Neil Kleine, who, with a big assist from Mike Juleson, required 7:08:29 (52.1 Dan Folts took the Class 9 lead from the get-go and he took the win with about six mph) to complete his assign-minutes to spare. ment. Juleson's contributions in-September 2001 Dusty Times

Page 27

Todd Jergensen had a pretty good day, he ran pretty consistent laps His second lap wasn't his best but George Seeley soldiered on and Steve Jacketti had a long lap when a leaky oil cooler had to be replaced but he continued on and took second in Class 725. and took the bronze medal in Class 1. was able to take the ·second spot in Class 5. eluded Class 1000 fast lap tune both Class 500 fast lap time superb effort. Geer, with an as-· (1:04:53). Brian Walsh checked (1:07:51) and runner-up honors sist from his father Brian who it, two minutes further back, to (7:49:28) Dale Ebberts, Jerry posted the division's fastest lap place fourth in 1000 and ninth Longo and Craig Forrest, in that ( 1: 23: 10) reached the finish overall. Completing the Top 10 order, completed the Top 20 nearly an hour ahead of runner-scoring was Tom J ant Jr. at scoring. Ebberts placed fifth in up Kurt Puhl. The Geers' final 7:14:20 (51.4 mph), Dan Fresh, Class 100 and posted a good time was 8:35:25 (43.3 mph). who drove Laps 4-6, helped Jant 7:56:54 clocking, despite suffer-Puhl finished well clear of the earn fifth place in Class 1000. ing through an arduous 2:24:45 division's third and final fin-Defending Class champion, final loop. Longo and Forrest isher, Thomas Westhoff. There Whit Courtenay, landed in sixth were the respective third and was a good battle waged for the position this time. Courtenay's fourth place finishers in Class top spot in Class 900. A field of . final time of 7:22:29 (50.4 mph). 1600. Longo and Tom Soberay, nine took part, with Jeremy Har-was 11th best overall. Next came who took over for the final two mon, Joel Mohr and Kevin Randy Jones, who combined loops, polished off their six lap Kopitch vying for the Lap l lead. with Rob Myerly to post the assignment in 8:02:35 (45.2 Harmon secured theearlyadvan-day's 12th swiftest clocking mph). Forrest and teammate tage for the Folts team, when re-(7:24:08). Jones and Myerly par-Roger Starkey were right in the cording the Class 900 fast lap layed a 50.3 mph average speed thick of contention until losing time (1:21:27) on Lap 2. Mohr into a first place finish in Class their power steering pump at the 1600. Jimmy Hook was the run-beginning of Lap 5. In light of ner-up and placed 13th overall, thefr power steering difficulties, when his team arrived at the fin-the duo did quite well in com-ish *seven minutes after Myerly. bining for a final time of 8:21:31 A couple of hard-trying guys (44.5 mph). Kevin Walsh fin-claimed the 14th and 15th spots. ished three minutes further back Guy Cordon required slightly .. to claim fifth in 1600. Randy more than seven and a half Miller was credited with that hours to secure seventh place in division's sixth spot, when he Class 1000, and. Guy Peter~en and a pair of teammates com-7:42:44 (48.2 mph) to win Class bined for an 8:36:40 clocking. It 500. Bart Van Voorhis followed was a long way back to the final Petersen in overall scoring, fin-two 1600 finishers, Art Velasco, ishing 16th in that category and Jr.. and Brian Steele, who placed eighth in Class 1000. George seventh and eighth respectively. Seeley ( 17th overall) also turned In Class 550, Curt Geer made in a solid performance, claiming it back-to-back wins with another fought back gamely, taking ovet finishers. In Class 700 action, the lead on the following lap. Scott Sells grabbed the early lead Before the issue was ultimately and improved his position from decided, the two teams utilized there. By the time Sells posted another four drivers. Harmon 700 fast lap time (1: 11: 15) on was spelled by the father and son Lap 4, his victory was virtually team of Dave and Dan Folts, and assured. Jeremy Barnes drove the that pairwithstood the challenge final two laps and reached the , of Steve Holmes and Dan Owen checkered flag in 9:58:52 (37.3 to win by eight minutes. The mph). A representative field of winning trio got their half dozen seven set out in Class 725. Jesse laps in 8:50:31 (42.1 mph). Rodriguez seized control early, Mohr, Holmes and Owen were speeding through a 1:20:27 ultra-game in defeat, finishing opening loop which ultimately more than an hour clear of third proved the division's fastest. piace finisher Russeii Jones. Three of Rodriguez's ciassmates Cody Rash checked in 40+ min-disappeared on Lap 2, another utes later to place fourth and exited after Lap 3 and still an-complete the order of Class 900 Continued on page 28 SU R PP U 0 TEA LEE CNC YOUR OFF-ROAD SPECIALISTS! PHONE(714) 441-1212 FAX (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 Rallye4000 HID Lamps I ~ m -i ~ 0 z 35 watts - Black HEL-74801 Rallye 4000 Euro Beam ~ .HEL-74802 Rallye 4QOO ::o (/) ::::> ~ (.) Designed by Raceco in 1990 for military use, re-designed by McKenzie's for Off-Road use in 1994. This unit gives you more travel, less stub axle load and lighterweight, comes complete with arm mount-ing flange, disc brakes with billet calipers and pads, BatteryBo~~:•~m • .,,£. ~ MET-229 O~ima ea,.!'!!!11411/1 C MET-2290D Optima Dimple Die d MET-236 Stock VW B. Box ~ There were 21 Class 10 entrants but Rick Ellison beat them all home in his Chenowth with a ten minute cushion. Class 12 only had to make four laps and Nicholas Beall made four fasi ones and took the class win with more than 20 minutes to spare. Dusty Times '.1 w w I 3:: w z ::J cc: w 1--z LJ.J (.) <( ~ <( I 0 ~ 0 >-(/) cc: LJ.J 3:: 0 _J ID <( ~ ID (/) cc: LJ.J ~ u::: z ~ ~ (.) ~ CD ::::> ID bearings and chromoly stub axles. Fresh Air Helmets Comes with shield & Hardware. CAC-100 Helmet Wired - Small CAC-200 Helmet Wired - Med. 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HOW-8001 P/S Pump, Charlyne -1000 psi HOW-8004 4-1/2" Pulley - Press On HOW-8005 5-3/4" Pulley - Press On HOW-8006 2" Howe Ram HOW-8007 Custom Ram HOW-8008 Reservoir ~~ HOW-6004/8005 HOW-8006~ ;,; m z z m CJ -< (ll ;= ~ m z '-)> ~ )> ::IJ (/) )> () 0 Mickey Thompson Tires § Are The Best! ~ Designed for Off-Road with Tuf-Treads and Side-Biter Sidewalls ,, 0 X (/) I 0 () ;,; (/) >-SAF-RC-SOOP 5 lb. Manual Push Activater Ult Wh I ~ SAF-RC-SOOCP 5 lb. Manoal ,Compact/Push Activater ra ee S )> C ::IJ 0 ::IJ )> < SAF-RC-1000 10 lb. Manual ULT-5352 15 x 3-1/2 VW ~ ~ SAF-RC-1000P 10 lb. Manu<!l, Push Activat1:r ULT-5752 15 x 7 VW -i ~--------------------------------------.. ~ C HILITES FOOD L R OLINE OIL U P S S E DEAS • C 0 SI PSO BE ROSE TS LLA September 2001 Page 27

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Class 9 had a pretty good battle going but Dan Owen was able to Russell Jones didn't have the best of days, but he did hang in there Jimmy Hook was "hooked up" but evidently not enough as he took second place in the 1600 battle, seven minutes off the pace. latch onto the second spot, eight minutes out of the win. and he took the third place finish in Class 9. other was all but el11nmated ever, Jacketti was slowed on Lap mg no stgns of his 15 year ab-when his third loop took nearly 3, when replacement of a leak-sence from competition, P.R. four hours. Brother A .]. had ing oil cooler led to a 2:24:55 throttled through the final two taken over the driving duties for loop. Meanwhile, the opportu-laps of his team's winning the Rodriguez' at that point, and nistic Rodriguez built a substan-10:03:51 (37.0 mph) effort. Jack-i:he only remaining threat ap-tial lead, then turned the wheel etti, who was clearly second best, peared to be Steve Jacketti. How-over to his father, Pepe. Show-clocked out 46+ minutes after the winners. Roger Byrd was the a few six lap divisions need to third 7 25 entrant to reach the be wrapped up. The first is Class finish line. Unfortunately, his ar-100, which had six finishers rival came four minutes after the from 11 starters. Andrew Gaston 13 hour time limit had expired. was credited with a sixth place Before we turn our attention finish in that division. Gaston to the three and four lap classes, and Co. averaged 40.6 mph dur-. ing their nine-plus hours in the sun. Steve Griffin required a similar amount of time to secure third place in Class 500. Offi-cially, Griffith's workday con-cluded 8:56: 16 after it began. Chad Cummings and Terrie Tavis, ninth and tenth place fin-ishers in Class 1000, also deserve some credit. The bulk of Cummings' 8:42:49 (42.7 mph) final time was the product of a nearly three hour second lap . Michael Parr took the Class 1300 lead on the first lap and that's all she wrote, he won with over an hour in hand. In the Pre-runner Sportsman it was Mark Growe jumping into the lead and there he remained, taking the class win with ease. . The tale of Tavis' tumultuous trek was even worse. Pity poor "Double T", whose third lap lasted an ungodly 4:23:21. Ku-dos, nonetheless, to the ultra-ga me Tavis, who withstood Lucerne's fury, for 11:59:34. Let us now turn to those divi-Pag_e 28 Dusty Times is looking for De·alers. You can sell Dusty Times to your walk-in customers, add to your income and give your customers an added bonus. September 2001 Call Dusty Times for details 818-882-0004 Dusty Times

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n In Pre-runner ~rtsman, Barrie Thompson got it on on the middle Brian Walsh drove quickly every lap but it wasn't enough and he had Robert Altamirano onfy got in one lap in 1600 and, from this picture lap but it wasn't enough to take the win, finishing second in class. to settle for fourth in Class 10. we can deduct why his day ended e_a~rly.~·--------swns whose entrants received Lap 2 clocking, unfortunately it ers" Z0+ mmutes to the good, g1v-three lap assignments. In Class turned out to be her last complete ing him a 9:38:20 clocking and 1100, Jeff Anderson ·and Mark loop. Wallace's third lap was the Class 1200victory. Dill's run-McKinley were the lone partici--nearly as cl isastrous, taking a ner-up effort took a shade over 10 --pants. Although neitherwas able mind-bogglinp-:51:48 to negoti-hours-to complete. A trio of com-to go the distance, Anderson did ate. Barrie Thompson made a petitors squared off in Class come close, completing all but good late run, but could not col- 1400. Dan Vance sped through a Lap 3. His effort was not entirely lar the leader. Growe hung on 1: 18:52 opening loop, which ul-in vain, as Anderson did emerge gamely to win by five and a half timately earned him 1400 fast lap with Class 1100 fast lap honors minutes in 5:25:24 (34.3 mph). time honors. At the conclusion (3: 13:08)_ Things were a bit more Thompson finished a clear-cut of Lap 1, Billy Bunch was trailing contentious in Class 1300, where second. It was more than a half Vance by *18 minutes and Scott a field of eight faced that starter. hour back to Kurt Youngs, who Spindol had disappeared from ac-Michael Parr secured fast lap hon-wound up third. Craig Pearson tion. Vance put another seven ors (1:25:25) on his opening loop, checked in fourth, followed by minutes between himself and and was never seriously menaced Bill Frey III in fifth and Steve Bunch on Lap 2. Unfortunately, thereafter. Parr drew off to win by Ruddick in sixth. Casey Currie Vance's day was all but ended by more than an hour in 4:33:20 (seventh) and Ryan Wallace a six and a half hour third loop. (40.8 mph), while also improving (eighth) completed the order of According to Vance, things got a his 2001 record to a perfect three Class 14 50 finishers. Entrants in bit hairy when the trouble struck. Randy Jones and Rob Myerly pufit all together and kept it together, taking the 1600 for three. Chris Underwood fin-Classes 1200 and 1400 were Continued on page 30 ._wt_·n_~_,_.th_s_e_1.1_e_n_m_in_u_t_es_in_h_a_n_d_. ________________ _ ished in the runner-up spot, 17+ handed four lap assignments. minutes clear of third place fin-There was a match race on tap in isher Tut Cote. It was quite an Class 1200, pitting Nicholas Beall auspicious debut for Cote, who against Mike Dill. Beall had built the car himself, and was par-opened up an 1l~minute advan-ticipating in his first race ever. rage by the time the pair had com-The final three 1300 finishers pleted their first loop. Beall's were Jeff Nutter (fourth), Art 1:26:05 Lap 1 clocking ultimately Zabala (fifth) and Greg Crew proved 1200 fast lap time. Beall (sixth). In Class 1456, the padded his lead considerably dur-Prerunner Sportsman division, a ing_ the next two laps, which took field of 11 took part. Mark Growe Dill the better part of six hours grabbed the early lead, with a to complete. Dill shaved nearly an close-up Ryan Wallace prompting hour and a half off Beall's lead the pace. Carolyn Hines won fast Lap 4, but it was still not lap honors (1 :42:58) with a swift enough. Beall reached the "check-Kurt Puhl had a handicap, his laps times were a bit longer each lap but he still took second spot 600. Richard Beck's lap times were wonderfully consistent but he was only able to glean second place in Class 10, eight minutes off the pace. Dusty Times AwLca.,n - . -JeepSpeed FUN.~!iallenge DI]□ OFF-ROAD RACING & RALLYING! Arn..e.4-Lc:,,&l=~====~e,::=:.&J~iiilrl!E~lia&e!!!=======-====·T'I J~~= 0 1401 *" Race with MOR for $6000 prize fund ** 2001 Championship finals November 3"', 2001 ** Cherokee Race Kits from $10,000 Recommended constructors: T&J 4x4 714-633-0991 Dave Turner Motorsports 909-487-5944 Desert Station 760-244-6676 *" 6 race series in 2002 with increased prize fund. Open to Street Legal Cherokees 1984 thru 2001 Club JeepSpeed Phone: 714.538.7434 • Fax: 714.633.1724 1826 N. Windes Drive • Orange, CA 92869 E-mail: September.2001 Page 29

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.. ¼ - ' ~. N~· ~:i',\,. -~ .... Tom Jandt, Jr. turned some very fast lap times but all he could squeeze Christopher Underwood drove his keen looking car to a nice second Craig Forrest and Roger Starkey were running just minutes off the out of it was a fifth place finish in Class 10. =====. place in Class 1300. pace 'ti/ disaster struck on lap 5 and they ended up 4th in 1600. (1 :09: 19). And perhaps occurred in a dusty stretch around an even bigger gaffe the 34 mile mark. Reportedly, would be failing to re-Tom Koch hit a 9-car, then got late some of the ster- tat;ered by another 1-car. Enter ling displays of sports-Carolyn Hines, who put her own manship that took race on hold to pull Koch's dis-place behind "the a bled vehicle safely off the course. scenes. The most note-On Lap 3, Hines experienced worthy occurred * 18 some trouble of her own hear the miles into Lap 1, when "sand hill of death". Hubby Frank, Dale Hines and co-who was .working on her vehicle, driver Greg Gagnon stopped his repair wcrrk to aid were involved in a Vance, who had become stuck on nasty roll. Hines' ve- a rock. Hines ended up having to hide ended up on its watch Vance up the hill about 40 side, in the middle of feet, so he could back up and clear Billy Bunch took the Class 1400 honors as well as winning the Jerry Longo and Tom Soberay pooled their talents lo take the third the course, with the the. rock. We at Dusty Times ap-American the Jeepspeed challenge, seen here in winning form. · _fin~i_sh_in_,g~po_s_it~io~n~i_n~C_la=s_s~1~6_0_0_. ---------~-~ roof facing oncoming plaud the great sportsmanship dis-"The chromoly steering tie rod away with two first place finishes. like? Collecting purse money traffic. Without hesitation, Dan played by the Vance and Hines broke in half while we were do-In addition to his Class 1400 vie-from more than on~ source, for Vance blocked the course With his teams. ing about 100 mph," said Vance, tory, Bunch also won the special the same race, will undoubtedly truck to protect his fellow racers. And that will do it folks. Con-whose truck came to rest on the JeepSpeed class. Good friend prove popular with racers. Case He and his co-driver David Ayala gratuiations to MDR on another side of the track, facing the wrong Clive Skelton was pumped about in point, Billy Bunch. helped right the downed vehicle big turnout, and to Kevin Ohnstad, way. Bunch cruised to the Class the JeepSpeed craze, and for good That will just about wrap up and push it to the side of the this year's "KarTek 400" Cham-1400 victory, stopping the clock reason. "Jeep entrants are actually our look at this year's KarTek 400. course. It wasn't until Hines and pion. It's now crunch time for as-in 6:57:43 (35.6 mph). It turned competing in both their MDR We would certainly be remiss in Gagnon had convinced Vance piring class champs, since MDR has out to be a rather productive day classes and the JeepSpetd class," failing to recognize Brad Inch's they were alright, that he finally entered the final third of its 2001 for Bunch, who actually came said Skillton. So what's not to posting of Class 1600 fast lap time resumed racing. Another incident season. Hammer down! .. -..... PRECISION i:!B65 Gundry Ave. !:iigna/ Hill. CA 9DBD6 BUU.959. 7757 562.427.2375 FAX: 526.426.5294 everything ynu need tn build. 111aintain and nperate a racecar Baits. Nuts and Hardware !:iparca !:ieats. !:iteering Wheels. !:iuits and !:iaFety Equipment Craw Belts and Harnesses Bell Helmets !:ipal Fans Fire !:iystems !:iilicane Turbo Hase Neu !:iynthetic Lubricants Aurora. NHBB and FK Ra d Ends We/dun Fuel and Di/ Pumps Fresh Air Driver Ve n tilation !:iystems lntercamp !:ica/es and Alignment Equipment Earl's. Aeraquip Ii. !:ipegdF/aw !:itainless Braided Hase & Fittings Fuel !:iaFe and Triangle Fuel Cells !:ietrab. Lang and Fluidyne Di/ Caalers see aur complete anline catala at www.baker Page 30 September 2001 Dusty Times

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BITD SILVER STATE SERIES • ROUND 3 • TONOPAH 300 Hengeveld and street The Team To Beat By Mark Kariya Photos: Trackside Photo Justin Wray, Jonathan Martinez and Chris Garnett combined their !alents to take the 125 Expert Class on their Yamaha. These guys are 14, 15 and 16 years old. There's a new number one on the horizon, judging by the results that Steve Hengeveld and Jonah Street have been putting in lately. The American Honda team won both SCORE's Baja 500 and Best in the Desert's Tonopah 300 in the space of three weeks, unofficially putting them into the points lead of both . series. As a result, things are looking up for the pair which now runs the number two plate in their Precision Concepts/HRCA/Pro Honda Oils-sponsored XR650R. The Tonopah victory marked the first time atop the podium this sea-son for Hengeveld/Street in Best in the Desert's Silver State Senes, and it came after spending five hours, 10 minutes, 54 seconds on a 290-mile course that promoter Casey Folks put tremendous effort into making new and different. "It was a good course," defending race and series champion Tim Staab said. "Casey put in a lot of effort to make it different that's really good. It's good that Casey does that; he doesn't just run the same course ev-ery race so you've got to give hin1 a lot of credit for that." This year, Staab and partner, Johnny Campbell finished third in 5:20:31, victims of an unfortunate draw that saw them start last in the Open Pro class, get hung up in dust early on, then Campbell cartwheeled while trying to make up time on their Precision Concepts/IMS/Dunlop-backed XR650R. Sandwiched between them was the Price Racing/Team Green/Pro Circuit KX500-mounted duo of Shane Esposito and Andy Grider. The top placing two stroke team also encountered a few setbacks during their 5:16:12 ride, with Grider slid-ing out at speed while going for the lead then having to stop at the last pit to replace worn out rear brake pads. Hengeveld led the motorcycles, having drawn the first starting posi-tion, with Dayton Raper on the XR's Only/Moose/Ram Line Pro XR650R, Esposito and the rest of the 66-bike and 20-ATV field following The lronman amateur win went to Jet Peery, the 40 year old rode his Honda to a nice win. ~t one minute intervals in the early morning. Right off the bat, Hengeveld started worrying because in the many fast sections that comprise the typi-cal Best in the Desert course, he couldn't get up to top speed. "The bike just wasn't pulling that good in the morning; it was running a little too lean so every time I'd shift into fifth, it'd bog out," he admitted. "l could mainly run only in fourth gear." Still, he fmmd no one coming up to challenge him. He held onto the lead through Pit 1., though by Pit 2 Esposito and Destry Abbott on the Green/Dunlop/Trick KX500 he shared with .Brian Brown were close enough to possibly be ahead on corrected time. Raper came through in fourth, with Staab close behind and frustrated by the dust. "We pretty much just got stuck behind the Dayton Raper Nl8 team," Staab said "Johnny came in right be-hind ·them at Pit 1 [where I got on], and from there every time l got on a fast, silted-out road where I should be going 100, I was going 60, so we were just losing minutes upon min-utes there. I could look past him and see the Kawies just walking away, walking away, getting out of sight. It was just extremely frustrating.for me because there was basically nothing l could do. Just luck of the draw, and we didn't have it this time. We didn't have any breeze; it was just dead calm out there." Lance, Kevin and Jerry Fisher spilled their Honda but, undeterred they rode on for the 250 Expert win. Jimmy Stephenson and Eric Dollente were the overall Quad winners, shown here with their Honda in action. From Pit 2 to 3, crashes affected two of the top teams, with Grider going down in a play for the lead. "Leaving Pit 2 I was about a minute behind Jonah, and I caught up to him and his dust," Grider reported. "I went to go through his dust on a fast road and chopped the throttle [in a corner) and slid out at somewhere be-tween 60 and 80 miles an hour. Luck-ily I was on top of the bike! It kind of blew my confidence for a while. Brian got by me, and we got going again Jonah Street and Steve Hengeveld took the overall win on their Honda Honda riders Johnny Campbell and Tim Staab gave their all but they The 250 Pro win went to Danny Cooper and Kennon Walch, their as well as the Open Pm class with a time of 5: 10:54. were nine minutes off the winning pace, taking third in Open & overall. Yamaha shown here in it's natural state. Page 32 September 2001 Dusty Times

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Matt Lyman and Daryl Hamblerton teamed up on their Honda and Bruce Chaplin and Jess Koellermeier came down from Washington The 0-35 A class went to the Honda ridden by Brent Robinson, Steve rode off to the 0-35-E class win, shown here in action. to compete and they were second in QUAD Eon their Yamaha. _Wi_e_id_1e~r=a_n_d~R_a_nd--=y~B~l_er~m_s_. ~-~~-~-~-~~-[repassing Brown]. contmued on to Ptt 4 where the Ron- the teams when the factory has two their Pro Circuit/Dunlop/Tsubaki claimed, sounding like a bike com-Campbell also went down, though da pit crew made quick adjustments, teams, but as far as support and stuff YZ250 in 5:31:56. "We took the lead mercial. "It's so much like the two-he got banged up quite a bit more. leaving behind Hengeveld/Street, out of Honda, we get the same sup- [after rival Bryan Folks and Robert stroke anyway. There's no change in "Tim got hung up in a lot of dust Esposito/Grider and Abbott/Brown. port as Johnny does. Bob [Bell of Pre- Marshall DNFed when Folks crashed styles or getting used to any of it, it's between [pits] 1 and 3 so [when I] got However, the Abbott/Brown ma-cision Concepts] builds our bikes and injured his shoulder] and had a so close to the two-strokes, and that's back on, I finally got some clean air," chine wouldn't survive, reportedly because it would just be a big pain in great day," Cooper noted. "It was a the selling point of the bike. Campbell said. "I knew I had to make due to a broken radiator, and that the butt for Johnny to build our bikes great day. "Part of [our reason for riding it up some time so-I put the hammer moved Campbell/Staab to third for [in addition to his own)." "I think all I've got to do is finish is testing] the reliability of the 520 in down and was making up good time. good. There would be no repeat win Esposito and Grider's runner-up the next two races (Vegas to Reno and these race conditions. I know I rode "I came up around a corner, the for them. Instead, Hengeveld and finish, while not as satisfying as win- the Vegas 200), and I win the [250cc it hard; I'm sure Rick did, and I told course turned down to the right, I Street -their bike finally running ning, could take heart in the fact that Pro) championship again." him. 'We need to ride this thing went straight, and there was a sand properly as the day warmed up - got this marked their best finish to date Rick Bozarth and Daryl Folks hard.' Obviously, the goal is down the wash with a rock cropping. I jumped the glory thi~ time, perhaps helping in the series. The former rounded out the top five in winning road [to) put some real fast guys on over the rocks [and) made that okay, them shake the stigma of being motorcrossers seeni to be getting Over 30 Pro in 5:33:43. But instead it." but the 18-inch boulder that was 20 mislabeled the Honda "B" team. closer to running the pace consis-of their usual two-stroke KTM 300 Just a couple minutes behind in feet further down the sand wash I "Bruce [Ogilvie, Team Coordinator tently. M/XC, the Sportsman Cycle/KTM 5:35:59 for sixth overall were class didn't miss. So I ended up doing a for Honda's Off Road Team) has told Behind the top three, Danny Coo-of Gresham/Dunlop-backed duo runners-up Darrol and Kevin Brown big endo, and the bike came back and us for a long time that he doesn't con-per and first-time partner Kellon used a 520 M/XC electric-start· on their D&S Waste RemovaVBig got me preti:y hard. I was pretty for-sider there to be an'/\ team or a 'B' Walch steadily dispatched those thumper for the first time. Obviously, Valley Motor Sports/Willis Guy tunate not to get too hurt." team," Street explained. "Obviously, who'd started before them to win it didn't prove to be a handicap. CPA-sponsored XR650R. "We didn't Shaken and bruised, Campbell everybody likes to put a notation on 250cc Pro and nab fourth overall on "The 250, it's just fun," Folks ex-Continued on page 34 HONDA · Power -Equipment' EB6500 HONDA Power Equipment Dusty Times POWEil TO-RACER & SPECTATOR DISCOUNTS • GENERATORS • OUTBOARD ENGINES • GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES •WELDERS• WATER PUMPS •LAWNMOWERS• LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS • TILLERS California's Largest Source for Bonda Po~er Equipment .Parts and Inventory IF WE DONT HAVE IT, NO ONE DOES! Check our website: WWW.KAWAGUCHI HONDA.COM ~'f~~!~~J L~~~~! ~~!!~ Nothing's easier. (323) 264-3936, 264-5858 • FAX (323) 264-2136 For optimum performance and safety, please read the owner's manual before operating your Honda Power Equipment. Connection of generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. ©2000 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. ..2~1• z.108 September 2001 Page 33

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t ► r The Quad E category went to the duo of Allen White and Danny Rudd The 0-30 E class was taken by the team of Mark Goelz and Lenny who rode their Roll Desi n to a nice win. Sheckt shown here on their Honda en route to the laurels. · ave any pro ems, t e 1 e ran go , I ran good, Kevin ran good - it's just that Daryl and Bozarth, unless one of us makes a mistake, that's the only way we're going to catch those guys!" Darrol Brown joked. Taber Murphy and Phillip Zieger claimed seventh overall, first four-stroke Pro, in 5:52:04 on their Golden West Cycle/Precision Con-cepts/GPR Stabilizers XR650R. It marked the first time they'd ridden together, and· they bested class run-ners-up Todd Davis and Justin Drake on their Acme Curb/Pro Circuit/ Kings Tire Yama a y 53 seconds. opment portsman ye e Childress and Raper ended up Dick's Racing KTM 380. ninth overall and fourth Open Pro Steven Carver, James Henderson in 5:54:32, while third four-stroke and Steven Rich earned top Expert Pros Brian Cunningham and Earl honors at 12th overall in 6:20:49. The Desiderio rouI)ded out the top 10 in winning Open Experts used an im-5:57 :08 on their Race Support Ser-a_ge Werks/Online Bu!lders/Preci-vices/DSP/FMF Yamaha. All of the s1on Concepts Kawasaki. first 10 motorcycles bested the trucks One place behind them in and buggies. 6:22:34 was the top four-stroke Ex-Among the many other teams to pert team of Josh Wilson, Mike Wil-earn class victories were 11th overall son and Shawn Wilson on their motorcycle Bill Maxim and Ross Gone Wild/Ely, NV Yamaha. Williams, the Over 40 Pro winners Donnie Campbell, Eric Caudillo in 6:00:48 on their Williams Devel-and Michael Caudillo took 250cc Expert at 15th overall in 6:26:13 on their Race Tech/Answer/FMF KX250. ·-. Darrol Brown and Kevin Brown were second in the 0-30 P category, shown here on their Honda on the way to the finish. The winning Over 35 Expert team probably deserved the award for com-The lronman Expert ~in went to Tom Willis, flying beautifully on his KTM, six and ing from farthest away: Honolulu. At _a_h_a_lf_h_o_ul_s_fo_r_t_he_ n_de_. _ _________________ _ .. This Is the ~ystem run by most TRI-MIL BOBCAT qJROME off road race winners Page 34 1984-9-1 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER 13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED. least one of them did, anyway. (Two Hambleton currently lives in SoCal, other all-Hawaiian teams also en- partner Matt Lyman is from the 50th tered, though they didn't match the state. "We had no flat tires, we didn't mixed team's results.) While Daryl change an air filter, nothing, Lyman Scott and Bill Clarey and Ashley Vaughan tooti their Honda for a nice spin and a win in 4STK A at Tonopah. -September 2001 recalled of their ride on the Pflueger Honda/IMS/Dun lop-backed XR650R. "At [pit] 2 we were a minute behind the two leaders, and by [pit] 4 we'd passed them both so we had a four minute lead on them at [pit) 4." At the finish, their time of 6:31 :46 easily put them ahead of runners-up John Frederick and Scott Vanbargen of Washington, who stopped the clocks at 6:42:50 on their I-90 Mo-torsports/GPR Stabilizer/Sue & Sherri Johnson Honda. O'Neal USNZ Racing/Sports-man Cycle KTM-mounted Tom Wills beat all the other Ironmen Experts and placed 18th overall in 6:32:30. The next Ironm:m, in fac.t, was Iron-man Amateur winner Jet Peery on his All Hours Carpet/NTC/IMS CR500R. Peery's time of 6:59:19 placed him a commendable 28th overall. Mark Goelz and Lenny Scheck took the Over 30 Expert win in 7:00:07, good for 29th overall on their Roy and Val Tool Grinding/ Afterburner Prec./LoEt Angels M.C. Honda. Moore Family Dentistry/Canyon Lake Dentistry Honda-mounted Randy Bierms, Brent Robinson and Randy Weidler were the first yellow plate racers to finish, winning the Over 35 Amateur class in 7:04:15, good for 33rd overall. Rich Jesse and Mike Roth took 250cc Expert and placed 36th over-all in 7:09:58 on their Pro Sport/ EBC Brake/Bridgestone Y2. Beach boys Bill Clarey, Scott Clarey and Ashley Vaughan were next to finish, winning. the four-stroke Amateur class in 7;14:58 on their O'Neal/ HRP /Factory Effex XR. While 125s have become rare in the desert team races except for Laughlin, there are still those who enjoy buzzing one all day. Chris Garnett, Jonathan Martinez and Jus-tin Way ran their Sports West Yamaha/Peak Pool Plastering YZ to the 125cc Expert win in 7:29:21, fin-ishing 46th overall. That was 30 seconds and one spot in front of Over 40 Expert winners John Karell, Bill Pallotto and Bruce _ Continued on page 36 · Dusty Times

Page 35

D ., Oc(ober 5, 6 & 7, 2001 H MAaMAia1110A ... 1 '\ ';J PIZZAS La Raocherita ~~ sl·~~ ~~ DUSTY TIMES 1~ anvc:o Mexicali (~ MEXICALI -.. c:.:::-..:; .... -'• ..... Botica Santa Maria Medicinas y Material de Curaci6n Las 200 mil/as de Botica Santa Maria Date Contingency October 5-7, 2001 FEX Park, Friday 5th at "Las Fiestas del Sol" Drawing Race September 25 at Molcajetes Laguna Salada, Mexicali; Saturday 6th at 9:00 am Pre-Running Awards ~[~~-· Erom September 29 Sunday at Noon at FEX Park, Fiestas del Sol "' PayBack! Contingency Prizes! THE OFFICIAL BEER OF CODE OFF-ROAD P.O.BOX 2328, CALEXICO, CA 92232-2328 DFF-HD.dD mail@codeoffroad:com Tel & Fax: (011.5-2-6) 553-4087

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f Phillip Zeiger and Taber Murphy rode their Honda hard to a nice win in The Over Forty Pro win went to Ross Williams and Bill Maxim, who Taking the Open Expert Class was the trio of James Henderson, 4STK Pat the BITD Tonopah 300. rode their KTM to a great victory. Steven Rich and Steven Carver, shown here on their Kawasaki. The 250 E Class went to Eric and Michael Caudillo and Donnie It took eight and a half hours but Ed Palacio and Denny Wilson The 0-25 E class went to Rich Jesse and Mike Roth, a nice wan for them on their Yamaha. Campbell, riding their Kawasaki to the gold medal. persevered and rode their Suzuki to the 0-48 A win. Steigleman, who rode an Orange Country Wide Estate Planning/Gal- long section of volcanic rock in the County Honda/BRP /Westcoast leria Neck & Back/Pit Crew-assisted final stretch between Pit 6 and the Motorsports Honda. Honda. finish. Doug Eichner and John Gre-Washington residents Jerry Allen And Ed Palacio and Denny Wil- gory hit the finish line first ad two and Howard Larson once again took son took their D & D Racing Suzuki rear flats on their Golden West Over 48 Expert on their Yamaha, to the Over 48 Amateur win in Cycle/Duncan Racing/IMS Roll placing 49th in 7:46:09. That put 8:32:20, good for 56th overall. Design machine. Perhaps it was them one place ahead of William In the ATV classes, flat tires harder to get a drive for them, be-McKinley and Robert Watts, won seemed to oe the rule for the first cause of adjusted time they clocked Over 25 Amateur in 7:48:56 on their finishers, undoubtedly due to the in at 6:32:09 which was slower than the 6:29:52 Eric Dollente Jimmy Stephenson turned with two front flats. Quad Pro winners Dollente/Stephensen rode a JS Pest ControVCT/Timmy Boy Yamaha. Todd Hunter and Russ Ramsey used their Ram Pro-Line Ceramic Coating/f &M Lawn Maintenance/ XR's Only Honda to round out the top three in 6:42:02. They finished with only a flat front tire. Danny Rudd and Allen White took the Quad Expert win 25 seconds later on their Golden West Cycle/ IMS/Duncan Racing Roll Design. Mike Johnson and Dwight Lowell rounded out the top five on their Edelbrock/Quick Silver/Works Hon-da in 6:43:26 finishing fourth Quad Pro. • Bill Palotto, John Karell and Bruce Steigleman rode their Honda to a The Over 25 Amateur class went to the riding skills· of Bill McKinley The Hughes family, Blake, Bryce and Brandon rode to third place in nice win in Over 40 Expert. and Bob Watts, riding their Honda to a nice win. 4STK A, just under 7½ hours on the course. Performance Prove~n-for Desert & Off-Road Use J 5 0 Heavy Duty Sizes to Choose from Some Uses: • Pit Truck Showers & Washdowns • Non Corrosive Polyethylene • One-Piece Seamless • Heavy Wall Construction • Cooking & Kitchen Facilities · • Extended Stay Water Storage Tanks • Bike Trailer Water Tanks • Car & Buggy Trailer Tanks • Pressure Washing Storage Tanks • Custom Fitting Locations • New Systems • Auxiliary Systems • Replacements RONCO PLASTICS, INC. • 714-259-1385 • FAX 714-259-0759 • 15022 Parkway Loop, Suite B • Tustin, CA 92780 • CALL, WRITE or FAX Us to Receive a Free Catalog .. Page 36 September 2001 Dusty Times """I

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THE SNORE 250 IS COMING!!!!!!! Septenibe·r 28-30, 2001. Set that weekend aside for the race-of races. . , For immediate additional info Call 702-452-4522 - -

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CORR At Bark River By John Cai11in Photos: J&L Photo Steve Federico was fourth on Saturday, took the ProLite wif'} on Sunday and holds a 10 point lead in drivers points. Kevin Probst had a pretty good weekend in Pro-2, winning round 7 and taking second in round 8 at Bark River. It was the fourth race weekend of the year for the CORR drivers but only the seventh time they were on the track together as they still had a rain date to make up from ·cheir first outing at Fort Dodge. Hopefully, they will have better weather at Ford Dodge this next go-around and get the series back on schedule. Meanwhile, at Bark River the racing was calculated and tough and we saw some new winners and some new losers as well. In Pro-4, Johnny Greaves ·finally broke through and took the win on Sat-urday, his first of the season and he was mightily pleased with the gold medal. Rob MacCachren was close behind him to take the sec-ond spot, Curt LeDuc was third across the line and Kent Braseno took fourth. On Sunday MacCach-ren was back in stride, taking his fifth win of the season. LeDuc, who has not been having the best of years took the second place po-sition, Jason Baldwin hung in for a third place finish and Scott Dou-glas was fourth. MacCachren is leading the· Pro-4 brigade in points with 130 under his belt and is the overall points leader as well. LeDuc has moved into second spot in points with 92, and he has no wins yet this year, but a bunch of seconds and thirds. Jason Baldwin is third in points, also a bridesmaid in the win department, Scott Douglas is in fourth place and Greaves is fifth and is certainly ready to win again. It was a real shootout in Pro-2 with Kevin Probst taking his first win of the season on Saturday and rocketing himself into third place in the Pro-2 points. Scotty Taylor was second across the finish line and he holds a 26 point lead in points. Dan Vandenheuvel, who certainly has had better years was third ro finish. R.J. Flanagan had is second best finish of the year in fourth and Evan Evans was fifth after a flat tire dropped him from an almost certain win. On Sunday Evens blew everyone else away and took the win, his second of the year, Kevin Probst answered with a great second place, Scotty Tay-lor took the bronze medal, Vandenheuvel grabbed fourth nd Flanagan was fifth. Taylor leads the points with 124, Evans is-not too far out of it with 98, Pi;:obst comes in with 82, Larry Goudie, who has had a miserable season is fourth and Vandenheuvel sits in the fifth spot. It was a red letter Saturday in Single Buggy for Bob Blaney. Sat-urday, he took his first win of the season and moved himself into fifth in points. tied with Michael Notary. Mike Seefeldt added a fine second place to his resume, the Erickson/Wallace duo came in for the third spot, the Mortas took fourth and Shayne Pagles was fifth. On Sunday Brad Erickson picked up all the marbles for his first win, Seefeldt once again took the silver medal, Shayne Pagles took the bronze and moved into second place in points, Tracey Crumps took fourth and Michael Notary was fifth. In points, See-feldt leads with 112, Pagles is sec-ond, 28 points out of the lead, Socha lies third, Stenhardt sits in the fourth spot and Bob Blaney and Mike Notary are tied for fifth. Rob MacCachren took a second and a first in Pro-4 at Bark River, his fifth win of the In Super Buggy, Scott Peterson turned his season around with wins on both Saturday season. and Sunday. ;:======::::================================================:::; ~ t~-. '~}~. ,------. .. Bob Blaney got his first win in Single Buggy on Saturday and he's tied for fifth in · Mike Oberg took his fifth win of the season in Sportsman 2 and he has a good lead points in that class. ____________________ _in~p_o_in_t_s_in_ th_a_t_c_la_ss_. ____________________ _ Page 38 September 2001 In the Light Buggy Division on Saturday, Curt Gerald broke through the barrier and took his first win and was one_ happy fella. Paul Bore was next to finish, John Huven moved in to claim third, the Andrews/Bowen duo took the fourth position and Matte Gerald tied his best finish in the year in fifth. On Sunday Bore sailed in for his third win of the year, Jeff Virnig was only moments behind in second, Huven racked up an-other third place, Josh Hintz came in for fourth and Ben O'Connell was fifth. In points, John Huven leads Paul Bort by only five, Jeff Virnig sits in third, Andrews/Bo-wen and Peebles/Forbes are tied for the fourth spot nd Ben O'Connell comes next. In Super Buggy on Saturday it was no contest as Scott Peterson took his first win, beating Scott Schwalbe to the checkers. The Mulder boys were third across the line, Casey Johnson took the fourth spot and David Johnson was fifth. On Sunday, darned if Scott Peterson didn't do it again, taking his second gold medal in as many days. Schwalbe was again second to finish, Sean Silver was third, David Mulder took fourth and Scott Powell came in fifth. In the points race, it isn't too close, Schwalbe leads Powell by 36 big ones, the Mulders are third, just three points away from second, Don and Scott Olson are fourth, just one point away and the Krieman's are fifth, just two points out of fourth. There was another first time winner on Saturday in Pro-Lite as Mark Krueger beat out Jimmie Crowder for the gold medal, Ja-son Crowder took third, Steve Federico was fourth and Rick Huseman came in fifth. On Sun-day, Federico took his first win of the year, Jimmie Crowder notched another second place into his belt, Lee O'Donnell swept into third, Art Schmitt was fourth and fifth went to J.R. Wheeler. Jeff Kincaid came off of three straight wins for a pair of ninths for the weekend. In points, Federico leads by 10 over Kincaid, Art Schmitt sits in third, Jason Crowder is fourth and Chad Hord holds onto fifth. In the Stock Division on Sat-urday, Mark Kleiman added an-other win to his war chest, Eric Dawson came in for second, Ross Hoek was third, Rick Mcleod took a nice fourth and the Konitzers were fifth. On Sunday Eric Dawson notched his second win of the season, the Konitzers came in second, Jeff Lutzow had is season's best in third, Don Wil-liams took fourth and B. Tilkens was fifth. It's fairly close in points Dusty Times

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Johnny Greaves took a fine first place on Saturday in Pro-4, but fell to In Stock, Eric Dawson had a second and a first place finish and he's . Paul Bort had a second and a first in Light Buggy, his third win of the · · · second in points in that class. - year and he's second in points. =======================-Curt Gerald had his first win of the season in Light Buggy, taking the Brad Erikson got himself'a nice third place on Saturday, took the Mark Kleiman took his second win of the season in Stock, a nice finish for a Saturday, we won't mention Sunday. checkered flag on Saturday, but Sunday wasn't his day. Single Buggy win on Sunday for a nice weekend outing. in Stock, Keith Steele leads with 32 point the points, Savage is hanging in with 301, Nissan has 94, Eric Dawson is only six points sits in second, Morter is third, just 125 and Mazda has 24. In Pro-2 away, Ross Hoek and the Konitzers a point·away. Wandahsega holds. it's Chevy all the way, 579 points are tied with 70 points ~nd Mark onto fourth while Dan Badoux to 213 for Ford. In Pro-4 Ford has Kleiman sits just three points and Jason Janusz share the fifth the big lead with 463 to Chevy's down the ladder. place spotlight. In Sportsman 2, Dan Badoux In the overall points standings, finally saw the light on Saturday MacCachren has 130 with five and took his first win of the year, wins to his credit. Scotty Taylor sits Andy Morter was second, Ben in second with 124 and four wins, Wandahsega took third, Sam Mike Oberg is third with 119 and Konitzer was fourth and Michael he has five wins this season, Savage was {iftl\. On Sunday it was Michael Seefeldt is in fourth with business as usual as Mike Oberg 112 and only one win and Scott took his fifth win of the year, Sam Schwalbe is fifth with an even 100 · Konitzer was second, Savage came points and two wins to his credit. in for third, Ken Hallgren was In Manufacturers points there fourth ang fifth went to Jason is only one close race, Pro-Lite Janusz. Oberg has a commanding where Toyota leads with 393, Ford .~ ,.i Mark Kreuger took the Saturday win in Pro-Lite but had to settle for tenth on Sunday. The best 4-speed in the desert just got better! 154 and Toyota sits with 53 points. points races are far from decided There are still four rounds of and a ."win here or there can racing to go with the one rainout change everything. Stay tuned to to be made up, so much is yet to Dusty Times for more on the be decided. Many of the driver's CORR series. . _ ..... MENOEOLA's New Extreme Duty 5-speed Dan Badoux finally got a win on Saturday in Sportsman 2, shown here coming in for a landing. Dusty Times is now available and affordable for all compe-tition classes, where applicable. RACE PROVEN IN THE 2001 BAJA 500. Call for complete details on this latest innovation in racing transaxle technology. September 2001 Page 39

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CODE KC HiLites Nite Race Hector Garcia took the coveted Class 1600 win even after encountering troubles on the iast lap. If the thermometer reads 108 degrees at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and you wan-ta race, what do you do? No problem, just wait till the sun goes down and it's only 90 degrees. Shine a flashlight on the green and start your race. And that's just what they did at the KC Hi-Lites sponsored race which was run by .the CODE folks, the last weekend in June. As "old sol", slipped behind. the mountains the engines fired up for real and the multi lap, cars and trucks only, race was on. One hundred and ten drivers ·and co-drivers hit the hills and trails just off Kilometer marker 137 on the Mexicali-Tijuana highway. Forty-six brave souls crossed the finish line 188 miles with times ranging from four hours, plus change, to eight hours and change. Amado Lopez, running in Class 10 made the trip in four hours 11 minutes and 53 seconds and Jesus Mendez, hit the green flag about four hours and 47 minutes later. There were lots of DNFs or no times. Nine penalties were handed _out which cost some drivers a spot in the top three of each class, but no major crashes or injuries occurred. Several cars broke several parts including Dan Street, a OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15 X 7 $84.10 $89.10 Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & ' 15 X 6 $129.95 $135.95 15 X 10 $146.95 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 247-1266 We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX winner in this year's Baja 500, who hit the same rock twice. The first titne he broke the front suspension which they fixed only to go out and find the mischievous little rock on the next lap and break the rear suspension. Some people have the wrong kind of luck. Vehicles lost alternators and transmissions, drivers got lost and one guy even climbed a tree, but everyone made it back before sunrise. Just like CODE's last outing, the entries were split between PRO and SPORTSMAN, with eight classes in Pro and four in · Sportsman. As stated earlier, first in Class 10 and first overall was, Amado Lopez, driving his single seat Jimco. Lopez encountered no real problems and finished with a time of 4:11:53. Second in Class 10 and third overall was Luis Barragan, in his near new Curry car. Luis said he got tired at the end but was still able to turn in a very nice time of 4:28:06. Third in class with a time of 5:02:58 was Mario Salazar, who widened his champion$hip points lead in this class. Hector "Pacho" Garcia, was running right up there with the overall leaders when he got stuck on the last lap. Garcia still took first in Class 1/2-1600 with a time of 4: 17:38. Eric Duran, got lost for a while but took second with a time of 4:47:07. · And, remember the tree climber? It was Steve Downing who also got stuck for a short time, but still took third in class with a time of 5: 12:02. Martin Gonzalez, who is the defending champion in this class, broke a torsion bar and was a DNF. Beny Canela, the old man of the mountain, romped to first place in Class 8 with a time of 4:52:49. Beny had some overheating problems, which he overcame to lead the 8 pack and finish sixth overall. Ricardo Coronado, was having electrical ,, problems during most of the • laps but finished second with a •---•---•------------------■ time ofS:27:04. Fernando Real, Page 40 September 2001 Marcos Nunez flew through the night to take the Class 5-1600 win in his neat looking car. Lighting up the night, Leonardo Navarrete was able to take the Class 9 win after a trouble free run. finished in the top three with a time of 6:46:37. Matt Scaroni who is working the kinks out of liis huge Ford Expedition, had some transmission problems, and was stuck for a while and was a DNF. Scaroni, came to Mexico, for some night racing experience in preparation for the Vegas to Reno race later in the season. Marcos Nunez, who was defending his championship in Class 5, headed Class 5-1600. Nunez's time was 4:45:59, which was also good enough for fourth overall. Second and third in this very competitive class were only minutes behind. Allan Gregory took second with a time of 5:04:35. Third place was determined by penalty. Alberto Soto, finished one second behind Jason Gregory, but Gregory was penalized for a check violation and was Amando Lopez was the big Class 10 winner and he took the overal(too, going so fast he even confused our photographer. Miguel Mexia's good looking bug kept jumping out of gea,r but he held on (literally) and took the Class 11 win. Dusty Times '

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There were 11 entrants in the Safari Class but the gold medal went to A missing tire just cuts down on rubber wear. says Allan Gregory, as Armando Duron was the Class 7 winner yet again, his habit of winning Pedro Morquecho who beat them all to the finish line. he heads to a nice second place in Class 5-1600. ___ is frowned upon by his competitors. Beny Canela, the Indio Kid, was the easy winner in Class 8, overcoming a few problems to come in sixth overall. Second place in Class 9 went to Bill Hanson who had a trouble free run to the finish. Luis Barragan had a good run, taking the second spot in Class 10 and third overall as well. dropped to fourth. The times for third and fourth were Soto, 5:07:01 and Jason Gregory 5:07:00. But the rules will out. Third and fourth places in Class 9 were also decided by penalty. Eric Fisher turned in a time of 5:30:55, but was penalized and Jose Gonzalez, with a finish of 5:34: 19 moved up to third. Second place was finished with a time of 5:31: 10. Bill Hanson, with a time of Enrique Guerrero took second 5:27:35. The first place finisher with a time of 5:56:30 and Jesus in Class 9 was Leonardo Gamino finished third in six Navarrete, who had a clean run hours 44 minutes and .05 and a time of 5: 16:08. seconds. The winner of Class 7 also In Class 78 Armando Duron overcame some electrical took first, his third time in as problems. Eduardo Razo many races. Duron's time was managed to stay out front and 6:01:37. Armando seems well on his way toward another Class 7 championship. Steve Moore and Dave Ahles ran into some problems during the race, but still managed a second place finish with a tirne of 8: 10:49. Moore drove the first two laps with co-rider Rafael Navarro and Ahles drove the last two with co-rider Geoff Warrick. The Makena Racing Team overcame three flat tires during the race and a broken tie rod on the final lap. There were only two finishers in this class. Dan Street, as mentioned, hit the same rock twice and DNF'd. Five others in Class 78 also had DNFs. Continued on page 42 ultimate long travel Get the benefits of our Long Travel system and 3° lift spindles, creating 6" of lilt far incredible ground clearance. [il!!@r:@ll ■ 3' lift spindles ■ Upper Control arms ~ll.l.1~W\\T ■ Lower Control arins 8 ■ Coil springs ■ 3 way front shocks ■ Performance rear shocks ■ Rear kit touota long travel system Our Toyota 2 wheel drive, 6' 1van Dan' long travel system. Built ta satisfy all the serious all readers out there. Dusty Times ford long travel system custom i beams Ollroad bullet proof design provides maximum strength with 4130 Chramaly steel 1 /Bth' thick plate and tubular inner structure. 8' Suspension System used in a racing ' apphcaban with coil aver shacks. Using Fabtech custom I beams, this configuration cycles out at 19' of wheel travel - . '¥1YSPC X .. extended radius arms dur extended radius arms are offset further inboard far increased tire clearance. Hanger models shown, which include new pivtit mounts. 1990-94 lord ranger ., .. performance system Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard offering increased tire clearance and 4 • more wheel travel Dual Shock System 2 shacks per front wheel, adds high performance dampening. 1998-an ford ranger z.s·· perfor m ance s ystem 2.5' al lift with a 2' increase in wheel travel. 1973-87 C10 .,-lono travel system Gives you the needed clearance far 33' tall tires. · September 2001 angled e !! !!.'iber(!! ! include front fenders, bedsides and hoods. The front lenders and bedsides are flared with wheel travel in mind. spare tire mount .c-L ,~ Constructed using 1 1/ 4' steel tubing and MIG welded at the joints far long lasting strength and durability. Flat spare tire mount Over 25 Styles stamped steel tabs Dur vast assortment al stamped steel tabs simplify your fabrication needs . Call for a distributor nearest you Phone 714-990-8850 -Fax 714-990-8854 www_fabtechmotorsports_com DR E-MAIL US AT inl□@fabtechrnotorsp□ Page 41

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Ricardo Cons drove to a nice second spot in Class 15, less than 10 minutes away from the class win. Eric Duron did a little exploring in the desert night but he found the Steve Moore had more problems than should be allowed but he soldiered on and took the second spot in Class 7. Miguel Mexia had to hold his geai;shift in third for most of the race, he also had alternator problems, but managed to stay in front of the Class 11 cars with a time of 5:03:46. Joel Cervantes took second in a time of 7:09:29 and again drivers in the third and fourth places were penalized, but this time there were no place changes. Mele Valencia took third with a time of 7:02:04 and Alberto Ortega came in with a 7: 10: 25. There were only four cars in Class 11. Class 11 Pro and the Sportsman classes were only required to do three laps, but the competition was still evident throughout the classes. In the Sportsman 1400 class, Victor Lugo, who took second at the San Felipe 200 · because course again and took a nice second place in 1600. he rolled, took a little more care the race to his long time friend and finished right side up and and partner, Victor "El Pitufo" in first with a time of 4:00:45. Herrera, who passed away Mauricio Ibarra had no recently. problems taking second place In Class 18 Ruben Godoy, with a time of 4:25 even. Third drove to first place with a time went to Humberto Rodriguez of 5: 16: 19 and Emilio took with a time of 6:39:43. second with 7:30:46. There was Class 14 had 14 cars entered no third place in this class, and only one DNF for an almost however, Gustavo Rojas had a perfect class finishing ratio. Jose 8:23:25 but received a penalty, Montoya drove the required laps which knocked him out of in a time of 4:01:49 and took third. No other cars finished. the first place trophy. Montoya The. Safari class had 11 also too the first overall in the starters but only four finished. Sportsman class. Ricardo Cons, Again, a penalty decided one drove to second place with a of the places. Pedro time of 4: 11:06. This team is Morquecho was first in class now the leader in both Class 15 with a time of 4:28:05. Jose and is also the overall Cervantez took second at Sportsman class leader. Frank 5 :05:38 because Lorenzo Sanchez ran to third place with Dojaques, who came in with a a time of 4:14:13 and dedicated 5:01:58, was bumped down to ' FOR SALE Riviera Racing/ Nick Baldwin All Wheel Drive Car ► Nye Frank engineered and built ►. Robby Gordon Racing Shocks (Built and Tested) ► 700++ H.P. Leon Patton Chevy V-8 '► Two Speed Automatic Transmission ► Dennis Cook Computer Controlled A.W.D. Transfer Case (with Spare) ► 9" Ford Differentials (Front and Rear) ► 37" X 17" BFGoodrich Project Tires ► Many-Many Spares ► Fastest Car in the Desert!!! Proven and Tested Serious Inquires Only, Please contact Jerry Whelchel for more Details Page 42 $125,000 (949) 472-2024 September 2001 Victor Lugo was the big winner in the Sportsman 1400 Class, shown here heading for the finish line. third due to that penalty. The· only other finisher in class was Daniel Reyes, Jr., who had a time of 6: 15: 11. All-in all this was a very interesting and competitive race. A way to beat the heat of the Northern Baja desert, and gootl practice for those drivers who plan on iong ha_ui races which require nighttime driving experience. A good time was had by all. Yes, there were lots of spectators. They mostly gathered at the start/finish, but in Mexico all you need to have a weekend outing, is poquito "Cerveza, an off road race, and you have all that is needed for a celebration. CODE' s next outing will be the ORW; Lazo de Amisrad Grand Prix to be held August 10, 11 and 12 at Rancho Villerreal Tecate, BC. For information check CODE;s web page or call (6) 553-4087 in Mexico (01152) (6) 553-4087 from the U.S. You can also contact FUD RACING at or call (619) 427-5759 in the U.S. Jose Montoya beat out 13 other competitors, took the Class 15 winners trophy and was also the fastest of the Sportsman. Class 18, always competitive saw Ruben Godoy charge through the night to take the winners tmphy. Dusty Times -f

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Why aren't you a Dusty Times subscriber? It's so much easier to receive Dusty Times in your mailbox each month, getting all the , latest news and race and rally reports, written by the best off road journalists in the business. Don't miss an issue! . Subscribe now! 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years Foreign Subscriptions 1 Year .2 Years 3 Years $ 25.00 $ 40.00 $ 55.00 $ 30.00* $ 45.00* $ 60.00* *U.S. Dollars Air Mail Rates On Request Dusty Times. 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 ·

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20TH ANNIVERSARY SUSOUHANNOCK TRAIL PRORALLY Lovell/Kidd Take A commanding Win Text & Photos: Jerry Winker Ninety teams entered the rally but the overall laurels went to Mark Lovell and Mike Kidd as they dominated in their Subaru FIA Group A car. Page 44 6 " ULTIMATE LIFT J" CAST Uf'T Sl'tNDUS UPHlt CONTIIOL ARMS COil JrfflNGS REAR BLOCKS & U IOLTJ 4 •ABTWCH NffORMANCa SHOCKS $ 1749.95 INS'VILilD 1988-1998 CHEVY 2WD C1500 6" ULTIMATE LIFT r UPT SPINDLU UPnlt CONTIIOL ARMS COIL SHINGS HAIi ■LOCKS 6 U 90lff 4 PMTICH f'Ell'OlllMANC• $HOCXS $ 1549.95 INS11W-ED 1982-1999 CHEVY 2WD S10 6" ULTIMATE LIFT r Ul'T SPINDLU U"'-11 CONl'ltOI. NIMS COIL SNINGS RIIAR ,up Kff 4 l'A8TIICH PIPtl'ORMANa SHOCKS $ 1624■ 95 INSW.UD RUN Jr na:u WITHOUT A SOOY L.H'T 1998-2000 FORD 2WD F150 6" ULTIMATE LIFT S" u,r SPINDutS Ultt"ER CONTROL NIMS COIL Sf>RINGS RSAII ■LOCKS 6 U BOLTS 4 P'AIITl(CH Pl:ltf'ORMANC• SHOCKS s1699.95 INS"'1llD RUN ss- TIRO WfTHOUT A aODV un FORD SUPERDUTY 4WD F250/350 5,5" PERFORMANCE LIFT SOFT RIOff ,110NT LEA, SPRINGS FRONT BOX KIT REAR ■LOCKS 4 f'MTl:CH l'ERFORMANCE SHOCKS TOYOTA TACOMA "PRERUNNER" & 4WD 1••.3•• PERFORMANCE LIFT fRONT ADUSTAllU COILOVEflS HAR ADO A LLV Kn' Z l'ASffCH l"ERFORMANC. REAR SHOCKS /1 __ .tl,. =--'~ Race Runner :=:;:;;:;;;;::::;;;:;::::;;;:;;:;;;;:::;:;;;;:;J;:::i,~K$ BYSWAY·A•WAY 1988-98 CHEVROLET STOCK . K.ZS00/3500 4" UFT $1599.95. IN$"11U.LED 1988-98 CHEVROLET SMITTYBILT SURESTEPS FROM S189.95 September 2001 The Mitsubishi Eclipse of Mark Utecht and Brenda Lewis was first in Production GT and they were 12th overall as well. · This year's runn·ing of Sus-quehannock Trail ·Pro Rally in Wellsboro, PA_ is living proof that the series is gain-ing a · lot of popularity not only with the fans, but also with the competitors: Mark Lovell and co-driver Michael Kidd took a commanding win of over eight and a half min-utes over the runner-up Seamus Burke in his Mitsubi-shi Lancer Evo VI. Of the 90 teams that started the event 51 were still around for the end. As Mother Nature reared her ugly head by night-fall, a lot of things changed w hen the heavy rains came down. The three manufacturers were well represented here at STPR. The Hyundai team would be lucky to have multi-time winner here Paul Choin-iere first on the road in his Tiburon. Although Paul won the first event of the season at Sno*Drift last January a victory has since been elusive. His teammate, Noel Lawler, had had worse luck with a D NS, two roll-overs, and a me_chanical p roblem to keep h im from finishing the previ-ous events this year. The 1999 champio n has been very hun-gry for a victory and has been fast here in the past. Irishman Malachy Crawfor_d has now purchased the ex-Libra Rac-ing Elantra and plans to cam-paign the car this year so help acquire points. Crawford ran well at Maine Forest Rally back in 1999 in Lance Smith Racing's Evov, but had an off road excursion which placed him back many positions. He could definitely be a threat later t h is season as he has been fast in his homeland. the Productio n Tiburo n which helps th e team to a~-quire points an d is used pri-marily as a "guest" car for motorsport publications had Tim O'Neill come out of re-tirement from active compe-tition . . O!Neill runs a rally school in the New England area and has helped make a lot of people go faster in their cars. Mitsubishi was w ithout some of their key players in that Cherokee Trails winner Richard Tuthill was absent. The original plan was for Tuthill to run just Cherokee Trails, but he may be show-ing up at later events if fund-ing is acquired. Rhys Millen, Garen Schrader, and Pete Lah m also decided against the long haul from th e south , but will return later this sea-son. Mitsubishi did have Brit-ish Group N points leader Jeremy Easson on hand in an Evo IV, as well as Frank Sprongl borrowing Keith Townsend;s Evo IV as their Audi S-2 was not ready. Fast Irishmen Seamus Burke, T h o-mas Lawless and J ohh D rislane as well as Tim Pater-son nd Alec Ellsworth had their TAD-prepped Evos o n hand as well. Group N Evos were b eing run by N oel N ash and Vinnie Frontinan. The threat of late has been the Subaru contingent which seems to have the most rapid growth. ProDrive/Subaru USA was on hand again with the FIA Group A WRX for Mark Lovell as well as the Group N car for Karl Scheible. Ramana Lagemann,, running a Group N WRX, is also teamed with Vermont Sports Car who preps the cars for Lovell and Scheible and is paddocked along w ith the Tea m Subaru USA car s . Ralph Kosmides, who had a strong showing at Rim of th e World last month, had to sit First in Group N and third overall was the Subaru WRX of Karl Scheible and Brian Maxwell, shown here cornering hard and fast. Dusty Times

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Tony Chavez and Doug Robinson did it again taking the Production The Honda Civic of Nicholas Robinson and Jim Newton took the big Jeremy Easson and Mark Williams plow through the Stoney· Ford Class win over a big herd in their VW Gti. win in Group 2, 13th overall. crossing. They rolled their car on Special Stage 4. out the event as his gearbox with Andrew Havas (Mazda the other side. Fortunately, bolts shear off, and the POT Group 5 over Bryan Hourt couldn't be rebuilt in time. RX-7), Bryan Hou rt (Acura no one in either party was in-car of Celsus Donnelly as well (Integra), and Group 2 was Henry Krolikowski was back lntegra), Brian Vinson jured, but the right front cor-as English sensation Jeremy led by Nicholas Robinson with the WRX that he won (Toyota Supra Turbo), Tad ner of Alec's car was far too Easson rolled. (Civic) with a comfortable Group N with at Cherokee Ohtake (Ford ZX-2 with su-damaged to continue. The SS5 started in the late af-margin over Burmeister Trails as well. Sakis percharging), Mike Hurst POT cars of P4ul Dubinsky .ternoon with Lovell (GTI). In Production class Hadjiminas was back to do (Ford Mustang 5.0), John and Irish teammates Brendan (WRX) out front comfort-O'Neill (Tiburon) held off better than his DNF last year Daubenmeir (Chevy S-10, Cunningham and Shane ably, followed by Burke a close battle between as well in his lmpreza Turbo. Mark Bowers (Mitsubishi Mitchell also were victims of and Lawless (Evos), Choin-Halley (New Beetle), Reilly Lastly, the Rally Knight Steel Starion), Dave Hintz (Mazda cars that never made it to iere (Tiburon), Sprongl (Focus), and Mendham lmpreza of Lon Peterson, RX-7 Turbo), and Niall SS2. (Evo), Sht!pherd (Eclipse), (Sentra). Steve Gingras, and Jon Ryther Donnelly and ·Mike Curran By the mid-day break in Lawler (Tiburon), Paterson Tim Peterson was putting were set for top finishers. (both.. Mitsubishi Eclipses).· downtown Wellsboro other (Evo), and the WRX's of in another fine run il;l his Evo Also, some independents This was the best show EVER'. front runners were out. Sakis Scheible and Lagemann when he went off the road were here to help shake up for this class! Hadjiminas had the turbo go rounding out the top ten. and had the car come down the ranks up front. Doug Group 2 had the Honda out, Noel Nash lost a gear Mark Utecht led Produc-hard on the roof. Co~driver Shepherd was back with his Civic of Nicholas Robinson box, the Rally Knight Subaru tion GT over Lauchlin Scott; Ferguson had a few cuts Eclipse which was sporting a pitted against a fleet ofVolks-of Lon Peterson and Steve O'Sullivan (both Eclipses), from the accident after escap-paint scheme which made the wagen GTis. Eric Burmeister, Gingras both had flywheel Andrew Havas (RX-7) led Continued on page 46 car look like a cheetah. The Jon Hamilton, Brad Hawkins, other. car which almost won J.B. Niday, and John Rahill overall last year was the Audi could all be chasing him Quattro of Jon Kemp and though after his many fast both he and Shepherd could showings last year. definitely be a threat again. Finally, Production class Bruno Kreibich was back not only had th e Hyundai Ti-again with his 1983 Audi buron of Tim O'Neill as men-· Quattro S-1. It may have been tioned earlier, but also Mike an old car, but remember Halley (VW New Beetle), Jeff Bruno was very fast with it Field (Dodge Shadow), Tony about ten years ago and got a Chavez (VW GTI), Ted win at Ojibwe Forests in Mendham (Nissan Sentra SE-1991. From the upper R), Ivor Wigham (Acura In-m.idwest, ClubRally stars tegra), and Craig Peeper and Chris Gilligan and Dennis Peter Reilly (both Ford Fo-M artin were both present cus). with their Eclipse after run-This year the first stage was ning them hard at Headwa-again the popular Stony Fork ters C lubRally three weeks stream crossipg. At the finish prior. of the stage in the middle of Production GT would be a the stream is where the stage battle royale of the Mitsubi-ends so the choice is A) go shi Eclipses and Eagle Talons hard and make a big splash or along with a few others. Last B) save the car, go slow, and • year's class winners Celsus get booed by fans. Seamus Donnelly, Mark Utecht, Burke set a new record on the Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Shane stage while on his way to a Mitchell, Brendan Cunning-win of SS 1. Other cars were ham, Bruce Perry and Paul not as fortunate, Lesley Dubinsky were the Diamond-Suddard was in a rented Ford Star Motors continent. Gail Sierra Cosworth and stalled Truess in her Mazda i'n the stream after overheat-323GTX, Greg Healey in his ing the engine. Unfortu-Subaru Impreza, and Peter nately, she was out. Alec Workum in his 2002 WRX Ellsworth came in a bit too were all going to have one hot and shot across the heck of a battle. stream and into the back-end Group 5 was the same way of an emergency vehicle on • • Tad Ohtake and Mar.tin Dapot took the Group 5 win, shown here trying to win the controlled slide trophy as well. Dusty Times Bilstein • Sway A Way Eillacll, · HM · II~ 1 Sparco % • PR#' • .~ Ron oa .. di Setrabt ·coole Optima Batteries Mecllanix Wnr September 2001 Page 45

Page 46

Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker hit the creek well but a blown head gasket ended their day all to soon. Their Cheetah ran fast, but the suspension failed failed so Doug John Hamilton/Josh Westhoven wait for the Dan Cook Datsun to ford Shepherd and Peter Gladysz dnf'd Dust before events end. the stream before going across. They were second in Group 2. ing, but fortunately all else was okay. The car itself was a mess according to other ralliests. On SS7, things started to change up front as both of the Hyundai team cars were out. Noel Lawler had an oil line come apart which caused his engine to catch fire. Paul Choiniere had a head gasket go ending his chances for an-other victory. Malachy Crawford was the lone open class Hyundai left. In the end he only had fourth gear left and was able to limp home to a finish. Frank Sprongl, who was a winner here in 1998, also retired due to losing power to the front wheels of his Eva. · By:,S7, the threat of rain became a reality and the cars had to deal with extremely slippery roads. Lauchlin O'Sullivan's hopes of catch-ing Utecht for the win were dashed when his turbo ex-pired. The Group 5 S-10 of John Daubenmeir was out with lack of power steering af-ter running well in its class. Also, Eric Burmeister had a ball joint separate on his GTI while running well in Group 2. SS9 had everything change in Group 5. Andrew Havas drove off the road and crashed hard after he determined later that his suspension had collapsed while at speed. Bryan Hourt had an off road excursion of his own and landed his new Page 46 Integra on its side. Brian Gail Truess. In Group 2, once again breathe life into those are national competi-Vinson also was a victim Nicholas Robinson beat sec-the Audi Quattro S-2. Garen tors. With the time off you and drove the Supra down ond place finisher Jon SchraderandRhysMillenwill can bet that the teams who a hill ending his chances for Hamilton by over ten min-return as will several top com-should normally be up front a win. Tad Ohtake (Escort utes. Lastly, in Production, petitors in the Canadian rally will be doing development to ZX-2) motored on and just Tony Chavez was able to series from Quebec and get some better· finishes and kept trying to stay ahead of pull off the win after taking· Ontario. As of this writing change the points race for the a hard-charging Mike Hurst it easy during the first half there are over 135 entrants, second half of the season. (Mustang). Also on that of the event. Mike Halley but the field will be limited to There's gonna be a REAL stage veteran ralliest Bruno took second with Tim 120 starters. Nearly 100 of showdown at Maine! ·•• Kreibich rolled the Audi O'Neill taking Quattro. No one will admit third after ac-how old Bruno is, but back quiring road in his heyday people said he penalties. was in his sixties and run-With over a ning up front. He can still month and a pour it on and drive hard half before the even over the most challeng-Maine Forest ing course. Rally in late July On SS 10, last year's near Subaru has de-winner Doug Shepherd had cided to build a the front suspension come car more spe-apart while battling for cific to the fourth. Open class rules In the end Lovell cruised of the SCCA for home ahead of Seamus Lovell and plans Burke, but Scheible was try-to debut the car ing wit all his might to get a there. Also, Eric one-two finish but came up Burmeister will short. He did take the Group show up in a ·N win, however, over factory-backed Lagemann who came in fifth Mazda MP3 to overall with Thomas Lawless compete with separating the two of them. for the remain-Jon Kemp brought his Audi der of the year Quattro home sixth just in hopes of get-ahead of John Drislane and ting the champi-He n ry Krolikowski. Tad onship in Ohtake kept his car on the Group 2. Suba-road and took ninth overall ru of Canada and first in Group 5 while will have its cars Vinnie Frontinan came home run by Tom in tenth. McGeer and Pat In the other classes, Mark Richard on Utecht won Production GT hand and Frank by over four minutes over Sprongl will rsTRIC'7LY 'ERFORMANCE Duality product§ bullt In house along with Fabtech, PIAA, BF6oodrlch; Weld, [amburg Engineering, Autofab, King 5hock!i, Fuel 5afe, plus hundreds of other quality products and accessories. • Shocks • Roll Cages • Exhaust Kits • Wheels & Tires • 5u!5penslon Kits • Off Road Bumpers • Custom Fabrication We !ipeclallze In Cwitam Fabrlcatlan And Lang Travel !iuspenslan !iystems. Toll 'Free: (B66) 4B0-3556 B49 Mltchell Raad #40.!!. Newbury Park. Tel: (B05) 480-3556 • Fax: (B05) 4B0-3557 !itrlctlyP-erformance. net Do Nore Than Just Njck Up Djrtf Congratulations to C & C Motorsports 2000's Winner of 250 Gallons of 76 Race Gas! Win Free 76 Racing Gas for the 2001 Season! 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Page 47

I ' Brad Inch took the Class 1600 lead on the second lap and he wailed Tom Westhoff races away from the setting sun on his way to a nice Cody Kruger took a nice win in Class 8, shown here in the twilight, from there on, wining by a large margin. win in Class 5 at the MORE Freedom 250. _sa_n_s_s_o_m_e_fib_e_rg,,__l_a_ss_. _______________ _ Wesley Huston had no problems taking the win in Trophy Challenge, winning the event with over an hour in hand. Tyler Peterson ran third for a few laps at the Freedom 250 but he took Shirley and Todd Jergensen has a great run, shown here On their the Class 9 win. way to the Class 1 win at the M.O.R.E. event. MORE FREEDOM 250 Shane Brown Takes The overall Shane Brown did it all, fastest lap of the race, Class 1 O winner and overall honors as well. fine second place in class, less had been in a tight race for when than four minutes ahead of his the dust had settled his winning com·petition. Brad Inch kinda margin was only three and a half felt it was his race to win, and minutes. he did, taking the lead on the In Class 8 Cody Kruger leapt second lap and just turning out into the lead on the first lap and fast, consistent laps all the way, there he remained, taking the taking a nice win with 45 min-win with a bit less body work in utes in hand at the end. Brad evidence and he had a good run. also was second overall at the Fred Nelson and Jim Phillips Freedom 250. diced it out for a while but Nel-Class 9 had some good hatdes son dropped back ana then out going for a while but they soon so it was Jim Phillips taking sec-petered out. Bob Stapp was the ond spot and Nelson winning initial leader, turning three fast the bronze medal. laps before he disappeared from The Trophy Challenge was a the charts. John Burns was run-disappointment for Harry ning in the second spot but he Dunne. He turned a pretty good too succumbed to mechanical lap on the first pass but then ills after two laps. Jason Cepielik disaster struck and he was over was fourth in class after the first fiye hours getting back to the lap and his times were a wee bit finish line on Lap 2. Give Harry off the leader's pace but he hung an unofficial third place finish. in there and, mosdy due to ar-Ron Kellman has a great look-trition, he got the silver medal. ing car but his first lap was a Tyler Peterson had a great day, disaster, almost two hours but he was third after Lap I, second he got it back together and after the second lap, back to turned some real good laps and third on Lap 3 but from there finished the day in second spot. on in there was no holding him, The big winner was Wesley and he took the win in his neat Huston who took the lead on looking car. the first lap and remained there In 5-1600 it was touch and go for the entire six• required laps. all race long as Reid Ferguson He won the class easily and was in second spot, then took hopes to repeat as the season the lead for a few laps and th-is goes on. went on for the entire race. He The next M.O.R. E. event is finally settled for the second the Mighty Mojave 300, Septem-spot in his really slick looking ber 15th once again at the ever bug. The 5-1600 winner was challenging Barstow Tom Westhoff and he knew he See 'ya there! The first weekend in July was the time and Barstow was the place for the Freedom 250, an annual M.O.R.E. event. The event started at 4pm on the Sa turday and ran into the twilight and the dark. line,·getting back into the artful fun of racing but he was only able to get two good laps under his belt before he was sidelined for good. Matt Engstler was next off in is really good looking Class 5 ish Class 1 car. He had problems on the.first and fourth laps but he zapped around and took second pla-ce in class. Todd and Shirley Jergensen were last to leave in Class 1, they took the lead on the first lap and there they remained to rake the class win. lap times were a wee bit slower so he gradually fell back and . settled for the second spot in the t::=============:------:===--=~""':::::, The day didn't start out too well, there was lots of rain and thunder and lightning to keep everyone occupied and miser-able but it cleared up before starting time, leaving nothing but rising temperatures and hu-midity almost too high to live with .. The laps were in the neigh-borhood of 30 miles and there were eight of them to be run.· Billy Robertson, of Robert-son Honda fame was first off the Dusty Times-Class 10 was next off the line and Shane Brown was off and running, turning very consistent lap times and taking the class win as well as the overall. Ron Smith tried to give chase but his class. · Class 1600 was the next class to start. Sean Defrank led the first lap by a minute and a half, • slipped to second place on the next lap, only by a few seconds but from there on he slowed down a bit, had a terribly long fifth lap and although he fin-ished he was quite unhappy in fourth place. Dave Girdner's lap times were fairly consistent but he was a few minutes off the pace each lap and was, therefore, relegated to third in class. Ray Wright see-sawed back and forth all race long with Dave Girdner and finally pulled ahead for a September 2001 □cs □IQltdl C:ommunIc:c,t1on =»E'fVICE'!:t 'More Than Ughtning Comes From Th'e Sky" DCS IS THE PREMIER DEALER IN THE WEST FOR: DirecPC 2 Way DirecPC DirecTV Home & Office Networks Pre/Post Wiring Home Automation 1-877-DirecPC PROUDLY ANNOUNCl!S Visit the DCS RACING Mobile Internet Pavilion On Contingency Row ♦ Check E-mail ♦ High Speed Internet ♦MS Office Applications Powered by Direc/lC• "t'SpMI /,rtw,wt Page 47 .__

Page 48

' . ~i:= ■ ■ Ir■---■■ EL PREZ SEZ ... (Ain't no Wahzoo) Well, I guess MORE is more. More Checkers means more fun at the July 7th MORE Freedom 250 held in the stormy dust free Lucerne Valley. If Jim Cleamons could have picked what the weather was to be, he couldn't have done it better. Well, maybe a little less flooding during con-tingency. A dust free race course with mucho water crossings and cool temperatures in July, whoda thunk? This race was definitely a pitter's and spectator's delight, racers on the other hand were confronted with numerous obstacles like water, mud and washouts,. which made for a great after-noon and evening of racing for all. We had seven cars entered in this event and five pits cover-ing all water crossings. Now as I said MORE is more and for the team racing with Checker Roger Byrd in a Sportsman class Baja more seemed tci be enough! Let me explain, as everyone knows, off road racing is a team sport. You build your car with the help of friends and neighbors and family members and corne race time the same group becomes your chase crew/support group. Well, as many know who are always on the sidelines the pay-off really comes with the actual thrill of racing. Now back to the point, this generous member in realizing this, banded seven of those who helped prep this car and gave each of them time ei-ther behind the wheel or riding shotgun. Now, this must have been the right formula for rac-ing because he wound up win-ning his class. In looking at this sport you see that type of sports-manship among most all partici-pants. I know from my own ex-perience of driving Richard Young's car in San Felipe, just how much this means and how involved it makes you feel. It just added to our sport and makes us stronger as a group, well done. Once again we· took to the desert for our annual Checkers Summer Party where we include all our friends and families in a weekend of activities, games, food and music. For those who have never heard of these usu-ally legendary events I'll fill you in. We go out to Nowheresville and bring the usual party sup-plies along,-i.e., a rolloff dumpster filled with water (swimming pool), a 30' flat bed trailer (stage), a 10' BBQ trailer (grub), a margarita fountain and a helicopter (cause we can) and we throw a bash. Last year was at Lou & Lois Peralta' s ranch and was as usual, GREAT. This year was once again a huge suc-cess, with a new location and some new activities. Everyone enjoyed the usual fantastic grub. New to this year's party was the first annual Big Air Bob long ball competition, which was won by Victor Bussey. We had the first annual horse shoe competition and the usual poker run and pit' crew competition. Also the al-ways popular motor meltdown. Our new location was out near C Park in Cal City and proved to be a good location for us. August was a busy month for the club with the Snore KC Mid-night Special and the MDR Cali-fornia 200 both being club races. I will give results in the 1,1ext col-umn and will also give a report on our Speed Zone meeting. Speed Zone, Checkers, Race cars, the competition. Good call President Seeley, let's do it again soon and invite our friends from FAIR. That could be a night to remember! Well, my thanks go out to the. club for purchasing the brand new energy efficient refrigerator instead of using the one with fins and a coil on top that Dan Martin: offered. Thanks Dan, but this one I can afford to keep plugged in. We qualified for the SCE 20% discount because our power usage was down 41 %, thanks. Well remember time, ticket sales seem good for the 2001 .Banshee with custom trailer, don't forget to call me or Michael Lee when you need more, also we are looking ·for more examples of our 28 years of racing to put on display. George Thompson has a hospi-tality room for us Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel. Call for details, also sign ups for the Primm are still needed. Don't miss this fun event. Maybe Uncle Max will head up another coaster run. If you're interested in becom-ing a Checker or need to contact or curse us, call (818) 790-1161. We meet every Wednesday at 1111 Foothill Blvd. in La Canada. View us on the web at www.checkersoffroad.orig. SEE YA IN THE DEZ, EL PREZ. C.D.R.E .. Pit Report By Wayne Nosala By now I'm sure everyone has heard about the passing of our fr.iend Sandy Parker. Everyone in the CORE Circle is still mourning the loss. The feeling I get from everyone in the club is he would have wanted us to press on. This feels pretty awkward for me to do this, but I'm going to try to pick up where Sandy left off in this column. · The first item of business. The trailer cleanup and service. On July 28th, we had a club trailer cleanup, hosted by yours truly. We had about 25 CORE folks show up at our house for the cleanup and barbecue. We pretty much unloaded the whole trailer. All of the pit boxes were removed, unpacked, cleaned, then repacked and stocked with all the essential racing goodies. The jacks were all serviced, the trailer axles were serviced wit new brake shoes, brakes were bled and all of the wheel bearings were repacked with fresh . grease. A few nonessential items were removed and tossed out. All in all it was a fun day. We finished by barbecuing some tasty burgers and having some cold drinks. Thanks to Joan Wagner and Melody Myer.s and leaving all that extra food in my fridge! RACE REPORTS as follows: The Kartec 400: We had three CORE entries. Team Inch Our Prez Brad Inch led the 1600 field the first two laps, but the third lap he hit a rock and had to come back to main for a quick tire change and fix a fan belt. Brad decided it was a good time for a driver's change. SNORE guy Kenny Freeman was put in to do some driving. Unfortunately, Kenny didn't get far; a failed clutch before Pit A retired the team for the day. Randy Jones/Rob Myerly Randy and passenger Johnny Burns ran almost trouble free the first three laps. Randy pulled into main, finishing out the third lap, put in Rob Myerly and Allen Hensly and fixed a power steering problem. Rob continued on until he bumped a truck and knocked a shock line loose. Brand and Randy bolted from Main Pit and caught Rob at Pit C to replace the failed shock in record time resulting in a great win for Randy and Rob in the 1600 class. Team Lindsay SANDY JOHN PARKER 1960-2001 SANDY JOHN PARKER WAS TAKEN FROM US ON JULY 14ff 2001, ALL TOO SUDDENLY AND ALL TOO SOON. SANDY HAD B££N IN AND AROUND OFF ROAD RACIN6 SINCE 1975 AND R£.LISH£D £.\[£.RY M.OM£.NT H£ SPENT CONNECTED TO TH£ SPORT. HE RAt£D IN CLASS 9 IN HJS £ARLY YEARS AND 6RADUAT£.D TO 1600 LA T£.R ON. SANDY WAS A CIVlL E.N6IN£.ER FOR Tff.E COUNTY OF LOS AN6£.L£.S AND H£ FAITHFULLY WROTE. TH£ CORE. CLUB RE.PORT TO DUSTY TIMES FOR MANY YEARS. SANDY YI AS AN OUT6O1N6 AND FRIENDLY PERSON. AI.WA Ys THERE TO 11£.1.P IF You NEEDED IT AND HE WILL B£. SORELY MISS£D BY ALL WHO CAME IN CONTACT WITH HIM. H£'S RACIN6 IN A BEIT£R. PI.ACE. NOW WITH LOTS OF OUR FRIENDS. 6OD LO\(£ You. Page 48 September 2001 Dusty Times

Page 49

Tim and Jeremy had some pretty bad crash damage to fix from the previous Ridgecrest event but managed to get the 5-1600 together at the last minute to the start line, but CV problems put them out early in the day. PITS AS FOLLOWS: Main Pit: Derrin Griffin, the Lindsay's crew, Babe and Linda Jones, Rob Myerly and Allen Hensly. Pit A: Jerry Lawless and crew, Jim Wagner and Dave Wolf. Pit B: Dave Girdner, Paul Smith, Ray Wright and tom Foudy. Pit C: Bob Depew, Gary, Kim and Kara Hall. MORE Freedom 250/July 7 CORE has seven club entries. Team Inch Brad was running his usual blistering pace right out of the gate but had a flat late in the first lap, repaired in CORE Main then proceeded without problems. Brad put Randy Jones in the 1600 racer on the sixth lap ending up with the win, second CAL and setting six of eight fast lap times. Team Wright Ray Wright started the race in fine fashion, unfortunately, he wasn't feeling well towards the end of the first lap, he radioed ahead to his teammate Bubba at Main to get ready to take over the wheel. Bubba ran a great six laps and decided to turn the car over to our own Big Bob Depew ultimately finishing second in the 1600 class. Team Girdner Davy had motor problems all day but ended up finishing th-ird in the 1600 class. Team Jorgenson Shirley Jorgenson made a great showing in the big open car the first half of the race then gave over to her partner Todd to complete. They had a few exhaust problems, but ended up with a great win in Class 1, third OAL. Team McMillin Steve McMillin made a hard charging effort but a broken torsion bar made for an early exit from the event. Team Strap Another hard charging effort, Rob's car driven by Todd Craig was leading Class 9 when the tranny let go about half way into the event. Team Burns Johnny was running right with the 9 pack on the first lap. On the second lap around Mile 20, the lead car drifted off course, Johnny unknowingly followed him into a shortcut then got lost trying to find his way back to the race course. Ultimately it ended up costing Johnny some valuable time. Frustrated, Johnny put Jason McCune in as his co-driver on Lap 3 . Jason went a few miles then got a rear flat, drove it back to Main, by that time the transmission was broken, day over. THE PITS Main Pit: Sandy Parker, Randy Jones, Jason McCune, Jeff Searock, Cassanora Burns, Torn Foudy and family. Main Pit saw a few drivers' Dusty Times. changes. Thanks to the Jorgensons for the gazillion watt lighting system! Pit B: Myself-Wayne Nosala, Bob Depew, Gary and Kara Hall. Not much action, we just helped Bob Depew and Bubba with their driver's swap. Pit D: Dave Girdner and crew. Mr Girdner had a mishap between a chase truck and his generator; I believe the chase truck won! Seriously, I hope the guy that hit it will pay for it. Pit E: Tim Lindsay and crew. There was some confusion about the course markers aiid where Tim was to pit, the race started, but the course did not run by his pit! So he had to move and re-setup. At the end of the event, his battery went dead in his truck. Luckily h e had just enough battery left to radio Brad to go up and give him a jump. OK Last: If I have left anything out or misspelled any names here I apologize. Due to the circumstances and deadline, I basically had only one evening to throw this column together from scratch. Thanks to Brad Inch and Derrin Griffin for helping me fill in some last minute details for this article. Any comments, questions, or if I just plain screwed something up here, contact me, I will fix it by the riext installment. Fax: (818) 703-0129 E-mail: News FroniThe Director Summer fun continued for the California Rally Series crowd! Sue Robinson spent June and July traversing the country on her amazing endur-ance ride following the Pony Express trail. She and her in-trepid pair of equines held up well, and only once did she and horse part company on the ride! Congrats, Sue, for a great accomplishment. We'll look forward to hearing your "bench racing!" CRS rallyists never let a lack of rallies keep them from com-petition. On Sunday, June 24, about 30 competitors and their family mern.bers gathered at Irvine Regional Park in Orange for the Annual Rally Picnic. Steve Bender went above and beyond to secure a place for us, arriving at 7:30 in the morn-ing and claiming a great picnic area. Lots of great food and rally tales were exchanged. Some of us explored the huge park on foot or mountain bikes, and others took their little ones over to the train ride and petting zoo. Four mini scooters had been brought, so naturally some racing ensued down a nearby hill. Steve Bender proved fastest driver, even with daughter Hope on board, although Bob Pendergrass gave him a run for his money. Then the whole group headed over to the Dromo One indoor Go-Kart racing facility for some serious racing. We had blocked two races and when extra rallyists showed up, we booked a third race! If you've never been to this track, it's well worth the $20 fee. You're given training, a hel-met, and driving suit, and a few laps to set fast times and determine pole position. Then you're off, with nine to 12 driv-ers per race. It's surprisingly difficult to learn the right line, and most of the rallyists at-tending, including yours truly, spent way too much time slid-ing sideways (it was fun!) and scrubbing off exit speed. Rim of the World stage captain Bill McDuffee showed everyone how to do it, however, winning two races outright with an amazingly smooth line! Warren Caswell of Sparco put in a great performance, and a lot of close racing went on through-out each pack. Even some of the younger generation got in-volved, including Chrissy Beavis and Sandra Chavez. It was a terrific end to a fun day, and the facility made a lot of new fans. In late July a lot of CRS ral-lyists headed to the Maine For-est Rally to either watch, crew or compete. The country MUST be getting smaller -this is MAINE we're talking abut -nearly 3,000 miles away! Seamus Burke/Frank Cun-ningham, local favorites, won handily, assisted by being first on the road, so important in this dusty event. In the CRS contingent, Tony Chavez and Doug Robin-son were there to try to better their second place position in the SCCA ProRally Produc-tion class championship. Alex Gelsomino, Paula Gibeault and Ole Holter co-drove in the same class. Alex's hotshoe Brit-ish rally driver, Guy Anderson, won the class in his U.S. debut -congrats! Paula ran with Road and Track writer Andy Bornhop in the Hyundai team's P Class Tiburon, and Andy did a great job in just his second rally (fresh from a re-fresher course at Tim O'Neil's Rally School in New Hamp-shire). They finished a scant three hundredths behind Tony and Doug's Golf Gti. Ole Holter held down the ballast seat for Mike Halley in the in-famous VW New Beetle, which finished a few places back in class due to a flat tire. The roads were riddled with gotcha rocks, both imbedded and dug out by rally tires, so it was tough to avoid mishaps. CRS teams that didn't make it to the end included the Knight Racing Subarus of Lon Peter-son/Bill Gutzmann and Jonathan Ryther/Janice Dami-tio; Peter Workum/Claire Chizma; and the MLM Motor-s ports Eclipse driven by Lauchlin O'Sullivan and John Dillon. Condolences to these teams who made such a long tow! Carl J ardevall finished sec-ond in Qroup 5, just .66 minute behind the class win-September 2001 n er. Josh Jacquot of Sport Compact Car magazine had a good run co-driving for Rhys Millen in the Mitsubishi en-tered Evolution 6.5, and they will probably run more events together. Also seen at the event were Ben Bradley, who won Group 2 co-driving for Chris Havas, plus Dave Coleman, Justin Benham, George Pisek, Suzanne Martin, Paul Timmerman and Shane Polhamus who were there to watch and crew. Beautiful weather and scenery and a whopping 120 entries - a new record for the sport in this country -made it a memorable weekend for all. LOS campiones Race support Team, Inc. There was a huge crowd in attendance for the July meeting, it was called to or-der by our new Sergent-at-Arms, Donny Allen at 7 :00pm. After all the at-tendees were introduced, I made an announcement that one of my dear friends had died of a· heart attack a few days before. Robert Larson had helped me with the races for 20 years be-fore dying of a massive heart attack. Quickly we moved on to the topic on everyone's mind, the 4th of July fes-tivities. Jud lee Felix got a big round of applause for her herculean efforts. W e paid Dave Dietrich a big tip of the Chefs Hat for the excellent food and cheered Gnarly Dave for his award winning picture of the American Flag. Ac-tually it wasn't the flag that got everyone's attention, it was what it was supporting. There was a big photo pic-torial hung on the wall for everyone to view and make comments about. It defi-nitely was one of the best, parties in years. We had 32, persons pitch horseshoes, ' it must have been the sign. We sold a lot of the new T's and Tops. There are still some available at $10 each, two for $25 or three for only $50. They are any color you want as long as it is white. Men's T's and Ladies Small and Medium spaghetti straps and Large and X-large scoop neck tops. The Off Road Ware-house CODE/FRT Lazo de Amistad Gran Prix was briefly discussed. It is go-ing to be a two day event because of the expected 125-150 participants. Do not be surprised if you re-ceive a phone call from me in the near future asking for help. The last item on the agenda was the Sunday July DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! Page 49

Page 50

22nd Pride of Vista Lions Club Off Road and RV Show. Andy Felix was go-ing to give us the latest de-tails, however, he deftly avoided the embarrass-ment of talking before a group as he handed the subject off to the lady run-ning the show, Eleanor. She was in attendance along with three of her helpers. Eleanor explained that we (Los Campeones) are to help with the park-ing and in return have complimentary display. She encouraged us to have our friends bring their race cars. She went on to ex-plain that if you brought your toy to display, admit-tance to the show is free. A most generous offer! Gnarly Dave requested that we have our display next to the beer garden and it was granted. I encourage every-one to attend, if even for an hour or two. A nice showing this year will make next year's possible. Thank You Eleanor for inviting us and attending our meeting. There were no other dis-cuss ions, therefore the meeting was adjourned shortly after 8: 15. Fud P.S. Judlee hung up on me three times while I was trying to help plan the party on the 4th. She told me that she would make it up to me. She did by eat-ing the pizza I had ordered! Next meeting: August 21st at Mama's and Papa's Pizza Grotto in Vista. Ar-r .ive early for tons of bench racing and great food with the meeting starting at 7:00pm. Magnificent 7 Race Team By Stephen Stenberg, President Greetings to all racers and members alike! This summer is just racing by and August is already here. Where did June and July go? Typically, we had the Barstow 250 to mark the summer by. I'm sure there are many readers and pit teams alike who don't miss that race much this year? Mag 7 wishes to welcome three new pit crews that will be working with us at the Vegas to Reno race. Greg K'.ontilis, Mike Shannon and Greg Crew head up these three crews and they all come with high recommendations each. These guys all have extensive backgrounds in both racing and running good pits, up here and down in Baja as well. We shall be seeing them at the Vegas to Reno race in September. Tom Mangoine who pitted with us at the B2K last year at Pit #18 will also join Mag 7. Glad to see you again Torn! Myself, Tim Barlow and Bill Kruckmeyer will round out the pit captains for the Vegas to Reno race . Mag 7 is running in the Score Primm 300 again this year. Last year was our first time in a while running the race. We are offering emergency pit service out on the course. The cutoff for this extends to contingency. Terry Wickersham is running the pit and will be handling signups up until contingency. He will also be handing out Vegas to Reno applications and Baja 1000 pit applications. The fees for the Prirnrn 300 are super low. For 2001 year members, the fee is only $25.00. For new members, the fee is $ 7 5 .00. This includes your membership fee for 2001. You can call or fax our Race Director, Mike Wickersham at (619) 303-6283. His e-mail is We will be out at Pit B or somewhere on the course like Score had everyone last year. The Mag 7 Race Team will be staying at Buffalo Bills starting Friday before the race. We hope to see you all there. Mag 7 is also running in the Best in the Desert series Vegas to Reno Race! We will be running six pits for all classes. Bikes, quads and vehicles must be able to go a minimum of 66 miles for some of our pits with help from their chase vehicles. We have set a limit for how many full service entries we will take in all classes, so don't delay if you want pit assistance. For those racers that don't race the Score series, Mag 7 has been in operation now for 31 years this last July. First with NORRA and then SCORE at races TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING. INC SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year Congratulations Randy Jones & Rob _Myerly tst Place-MDR Kartek 400 Transaxle Engineering Jeff Field Page so 818-998-2739 9763 Variel Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311 September 2001 more Trail Notes ... 40: Jim Oneal 105. Class 50: Richard Jackson 60. Pro ATV Class 24: Roberto Buendia 95. Class 25: John Gregory 123, Jimmy Stephenson 98. Sportsman Motorcycles: <250cc Tito Colon 99. >250cc: Alejandro Vizcaino 123. ATVs: Javier Robles 70. · GUAM REVISITED -Hot off the wire, the Miller Lite Smokin' Wheels Weekend 2001 on the island of Guam was a rip roaring success, inaugurating the brand new motor racing compound with flair and excitement. Nine Pro Trucks were part of the show and Rick Johnson was the winner after two heats and a main event. In the 90 minute "Enduro", the overall winner was Wally Hrdlicka in the Mango Racing Ford Protruck and the first buggy was local George Flores in a Chenowth. Both of Saturday's buggy heats were won by local driver Henry Simpson, also driving a Chenowth. Full coverage of this exciting event will be in the October issue of Dusry Times. such as the Mint 400, the Frontier 500 and the Parker 400. Also, through our teammate Bruce Barlow, who passed on last year, we had a 20 year association with the Los Ancianos MC and the lunch stops for the Tecate 500 and later the 250 Endures in Tecate, B.C. We sure miss those endures and especially you Bruce! We then moved on to HDRA when they were around and now we are trying our hands in Best in the Desert as well for this race. We will be using our Baja 500 scale for pit fees. Mag 7 Race Team has all our own equipment including durnp cans for both bikes and vehicles and dry brakes for the bike/ quad entries. You can either call or fax our Race Director, Mike Wickerhsam at (619) 303-6283. His e-mail address is Racedirector@mag7race.corn. The cutoff for taking applications for this race hasn't been determined yet, but will most likely be in the first two weeks of September some time. That is it from Mag 7. Take care and continue to be safe with those matches. Our fire season out here on San Clemente Island goes from May through December, so we have a ways to go still on fire protection. Have fun for the rest of the summer and maybe we will run into each other? Take care and Adios from Team Baja at www.rnag7race.corn. Attention Pit Teanis Send us your pit tales, whether they be of success or woe and they will be featured on these pages (space permitting). Although publication dates vary monthly, material received by the first of the month will generally be considered for the next issue. Submit all material to: DDlliJ(illlBG 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Dusty Times

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THOMAS E. LEE LEE· MFG. co. I _~ · 11681 PENOI.ETO ... TIEET ~ . SUN VALLEY. ,c,.11302 A:,,A 7 EHCHAFZ: FAX(818)788-2687 ,R=e,P~ (818) 788-0371 A full line of Power Steering gears, pumps and acC81110ries for any type of racing. Sent-:; • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10928 Wheatlands Ave. Suite B Santee, CA 92071 TUBE BENDERS ¼" TO 3" 0.0. Capacity Models Starting at $279.00!!!! M-TECH SUPPLY TUBE BENDERS • PIPE BENDERS • TUBE NOTCHERS RING ROLLERS "-COLD SAWS • ABRASIVES Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities available. 619/449-9455 • Fax:_449-9454 -_ 4B0-725-i:B75 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROL~ CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 KENT LOTHRINGER (909) 596-5497 FAX tl. LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING MAGNAFLUX Service suspension Transmission Engine QUALITY RACE CAR CRACK CHECKING DONE BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW RACING 909-596-4076 Stephen Stenberg President P.O. Box 1484 Spring Valley, CA 91979-1484 Race Team PHONE/FAX: 619-303--6283 Pit Support Off-Road Pit Support Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 YOUR OFF-ROAD Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE (714) 441■1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 McKenzie's Ontrack Performance Center (818) 909-7487 (818) 909-7562 fax 7834 N. Sepulveda Blvd. #A2 Voo Nui,,s, CA 91405 • Offrood • Rood Course • Drag Racing • Oval Track • Fabrication • Welding • Chassis and Suspension Specialist MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA91910 (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 6ti1ll§Blll1ffij'lflm!,-eoMPONE.tffS F.Oft CHASSIS FABRI.CATI.ON ~~~ • ~ 1\19~~ • R!l~-~~ StifterMOll'D • 01 & Water &Ille tlol.deB 311.E . .Hamson Unit D .(909) Z72.-.42.72 Corona, CA 92879-1313 i 619-562-5533 Jtt1ro,qsf'ORT ENGINEERING OFF ROAD METAL FABRICATION PRECISION HELIARC & MIG PRODUCTION WELDING BYPASS TUBE KITS FOR SHOCKS ROLL CAGE & SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Gregg Hawks JO YEARS EXP 818 994 7475 14750 KESWICK ST VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA 91405 ~----a e, Off-Road & Drag Racing Fabrication Specialists Chassis-Cage-Suspension-Tin work Part & Accessory Sales (805)522-4499 LanceFu!ler 2280 Shasta Way #115 Fn (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, C A 93065 · so· Mr.3 'flL Jr.1 'f■ •1,~,, t••1,•,,. YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION, SOURCE • • - = --- - • --AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY BRENNA N OR .. EL PASO TX 799 · 19151 857-5200 • TFr.H LINE 1!'1151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: i:vww.msdignitmn7o;; - ·.r ,._ .. ~---·-. Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 -__J~-· ~ACIFICALL~ n ~ LAN.OSCAR~ ::sk~\\-u~-~~w ~~ Q ( Landscape Design & Construction) f ~'-~, -CAL LIC <;-m04109 ~~-Patc,ck A Be«ie (619) 58'2-79-99 R"R (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 !Ji!: HAROLD NICKS ,~~@'1!@3@'1f'I SAFETY EQUIPMENl MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, SHOEI, SIMPSON HELME-TS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/OR INTERCOM STIU. ONLY S 12'i. -2888 GUNDRY AVE . . ~ SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 , 562-427-8177 I 800-869-5636 W • A. R TEL (949)650-3035 FRH (949)650-4721 * All Types of Steel U Aluminum Fabrication * Tube Beaclinc • Ahmlinum U si.ei W.ldinc * Custom Machine Work • All Types of Race Cars 4851 W. Hacienda #4 Laa Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-365-9055 -r

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t ~ t ~ t ... Personal Satellite Network -~ . 800-590-2089 selling-renting-leasing satellite communications PROTRUCK RACING ORGANIZATION A High Performance Spec VB Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: Tel:619-390-6252 Fax:619-390-6470 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 CUSTOM ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR RACE CARS, TRUCKS, PRERUNNERS BUGGIES, STREET Roos, DRAG CA.Rs • - . QUALITY RACE CAR WIRING SERVING ALL OF L.A., ORANGE 8c SAN DIEGO COUNTIES JOE DAVITIAN PGR. 323/340-0277 PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR DESIGN & FABRICATION WINNING OFF ROAD RACES SINCE 1978 INCLUDING FACTORY WORKS SCORE CHAMPION TROPHY TRUCK RT 3, BOX 1970 903/683-1599 Rusk, TX FAX 903/683-8829 OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS -GlVE US A CALL Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension •Safety• Driveline • Accessories· Mike Cohen (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 {619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: 1-800-929-4360 www.RACESHOCK.coM 118 :;,;;· ~ Suspension Components For Racing And Recreational Appllcatlona· Shock Service Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Aroundll Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy (602) 493-3700 Fax: (602) 493-0975 . ' OIIO CM. IIT. DE~ SA. Ing. Alfredo Mu/ioz Rep.En-o Gasolina de Alto Rendimierrto l'llnl Vehicutol lleportlvoo. 1221Secc. loo Plno1 C.P. 22420 Toi: (66) 86-20-76 y 81-37-38, 1HT1ai1:76racing@telnor.nat W6III EIFIIIAKCE-TIAKSAIIES hathen ca1nan1a·s Largest Dlslrlblllar al Mendeela Tnnsalles PH: 114.680.6131 • Fil: 114.680.3110 Toll Free: 800.304.8126 _!~31 Placentia Ave. Unit G Anaheim. CA 92806 Y•IIICBIIII -1111'8 For·IIIQ -SWilg axle, ••s, bewla1d, MD4S 3455 S. POLARIS #5 LAS IBiAS, NEVADA 89102 .IIHN 0.0. lllllfflN (702) 221-4313 (702) 187-9724 RACING TRANSA-XLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. EL CAJON, CA 92021 LAURA CHRIS ROSE (6191 443-2480 Qua\it1 Used 'Parts 1040 South Main St~eet, Fallbrook, CA 92028 . A'-760-72J-2 I I 7 !:-MAIL hajarace •{ PHONI: 760-723-2117 ~'-C.ALL U'5 Fl~'5T! HA RACING Y-!,JV GASOLINE '"100. 110 114 118'" methanol & n1\ro . .y.y.•~,l',: G.-L. Bryant, In_ c. . .. Commercial Fuels & Lubes • High Per1ormance Lubes 1-800-399-4176 209-537-1-565 fax • On-Site fuel Distribution • Technical Assistance • Fuel & Lubes Handling Equip .. /JIJJ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Lo~ Angeles, CA 90001 (:l7..3) ·583-2404 FAX (323) 5R3-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS qEAD-MAGNETIC PARTl~LE FLOURESCENT INSPr.CTION Marl<. Smith Larry Smith , TIMCEC/L 849Lambert (714) 447-3581 • Brea, CA 92821 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS• \WIDOW LETTEP.11,G • CAA LETTEAlflG·• GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Hunt:ngto1 Beach. CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • F2x 17141 894-9567 ~ s~~&~ &~ to. '1(/itt, ~~ '&tt ~ . 45-410 # 10 ~ St. 1f!O;;:J47~sos2 'ldio-,eA 92201 -Exterra-_ P~thflnder -Frontier - Hardbod.y Nissan Parts & Accessories S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66,' BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 Lift Kita -: IV Intake System Fiberglau -Cat Back Exhaust (775) 372-5335 6350 Riverside Drive · Parker, AZ 85344

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Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks • Buggies • Pre-Runners. (619) 449-9728 FAX (619) 449-1678 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A ... , Saritee,-CA !;12071 • nt. ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31510 223rd Street East Llano. CA 93544 661-261-32~2 r.57RICTLY PERFORMANCE • Wheel!!i Call For All Of' Your On And Off Road Needs! SUNDRY METAL SPINNING Phone (562) 928-9838 Fax (562) 928-0778 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • STEEL • BRASS • COPPER • STAINLESS RACE FUELS 6831 Swa Street Bell Gardens, CA 90201 JOHN AVALOS OWNER (209) 847-2281" (800) 527-6090 FAX [209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 5_:~4 N. Sierra twe. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 Design Fabrication lnstailatlon Darren Ebberts {909) 340-4684 _FAX (909) 340-4689 1 '2•.1 5 POMONA ROAD • SUITE E • CORONA, CA 9'288'2 ,,., CCMPUTEl(JZEO VINYL GfYIPHIC5 & LET/EKING ~ I WM I ,.._l..0-Q'.)STlJLOGS/GNS(AII.Pf(()CESSES) ~ -,,_, T/IU\OE 51-0W 0/SPlJ\'rS ,.._ ft!,,',C/NG GR,,0,,l""HICS ,.._ OETAILEO& LNIQUE OESIGNS ,.._· FLEET VEHICLES "'HH2t.J",LJTY &'\NNE/tS ,...M.,.,.GNET/CS ,.._UJGO /la:PROPICTONS ,... ~E,,'\L EST.,.,.TE ""'LOGO & ~ OESIGN ,... OECALS ~ ~ SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WELOJM, • FABRICATU\/ • CNCPIASMAQJTTIAG • FFUVTENOS • REARTRAIUNGARMS RACFOIASSIS • PFERUNf\ERS • RJXRADAGSI-CJX • SANOBI.G3ES 4050 LEAVER'roN CT. ANAHEIM, CA 92807 LARRY ROSEVEAR PHONE{714)63G4482 FAX {714/6304548 ( 'all Toll Frn· 877-627-8794 Request Catalog. Specializing in Performance Torque Converters (Built for your exact application and needs.) HP Transmission Parts & More • Transmission Kits • Custom Length Axles • Friction/Steel Plates • TCS Designed Hubs • Input Shafts • 090 Differentials . Hundreds of Transmission Products 0 C CD -t C ~ C/l o-,, m ~ )> () C/l >< )> C/l · ~ ... TI.R Perjarmance Fabrication Tnn Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD El Cajon, CA 92021 (6i 9) 4:47-1289 You must have more business than you can handle if you are not advertising In Dusty Times Trackside Photo "When only the best will do" .805-57.8-3470 * Off-Road and ~H-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks-* Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 N. Buena Vista St. , Hemet Ca. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 Fax: 909-654-2375 See a list of our products at our web site: ..J(l~• .11W1NSflALE ENCilNEERINCi JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 9131 1 [uMP) UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A. SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 UNLIMITED MOTORSPORTS Complete Off-Road Fabrication SHAWN GIORDANO 375 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069 TU: 760.744.isos U.S.WHEELS REMANUFACTURING YOU BENTTHEM. WEFIXTHEM POLISH • REPAIRS 1000 W. Bradley Ave., Unit Q El Cajon, CA 92020 BF.lUCE HENDEL. Regional Manager VP Racing Fuel~. West Co~! P..O. Box 1.319 ·342!1:i 'Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 Carlos Orozco 619.S96.8033 . Phone: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Pager: (909) 694-7392 ~ ·. --~-~ '~,...~,,, ~ ,.,,..,•~~j.~ ,'tt' I'!, ' -~~'lo~.;. ·<tt Automotive • ATV. • Motorcycle 1815 MASSACHUSETTS A VENUE R IVERSIDE, C A 92507, USA 909.369.5144 • 909.369.7266FAX WWW. WEBCAM I N C.COM

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i\\e BUMP STOPS "HERE· NEED MORE SALES? Stop the up-travel on your suspension Put Your Ad Here , . For Results tMi Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • -Custom Wheels 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 8501 7 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 ECONOMICAILY PRICED AT 319.90 PER PAIR. Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 102 Crestview P.O. Box 845 1-520-427-3551 Yarnell, AZ 85362-0845 Motorcycles • KTM Dealer for over 20 years • Stock parts ROLL CAGES, RACE SUSPENSION, BUMPERS CUSTOM FIBERGLASS MOUNTS, RACE PREP SHEET METAL INTERIORS, TUBE BENDING • Supports top riders suspension • Accessories . . Tires/knowledge · ' Open • 12pm-6pm M-F Various MArr WALRATH Owner Shop (909) 560-2121 mwt Adam Wik SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR 994, 1998, 1999,2000 From Parts To Complete Engines Race Cars RIIC/NIJ . . ..... Dune Buggies Lorenzo Rodriguez Transmissions -Parts - Service - Welding V.W. -Porsche - Nissan - Toyota -Honda Baja Bugs ... Saturdays , alO■w1■ 714-449-1271 * 714-449-1374 Fax PORT MOTORCYCLES Get the word out about your business, Big or small. Put your ~usiness card In the ",GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customers Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely· $35.00 per month. 3675 W. Teco Ave. Unit 8, Las Vegas, NV 89118 702-837•2522 850 S. Alta Vista Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 914-8147 , c.:.:>.c.:.l ~SRACe Classified .... NOTICb. I . Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate lo-·cal or state authorities for informa-tion before purchase of any specific item. ALJTOtvpTlv'I FOR SALE: 1996 Bronco-54,000 miles, coil over 2.5 Bil-stein Fox air bumps, rear 2.5 Bilstein w/ National springs. Excellent shape. Goodyears, Fi-berglass, $21,000.00. Tim Scalzo (949) 289-0251. FOR SALE: 7S 1994 Ford Ranger, 114" w.b. short course and desert set ups, competitive, fast and fun. Simple to main-tain. It has all the good parts, good record. Seen on ESPN $14,000.00 (760) 788-9229. FOR SALE: Class 10/12 single seat. · 400 miles on New Folts Mendeola/ Fat type 4 motor. All new arms, spindles, Fox coilovers, CV's ect. $19,995.00 FOR SALE: 2000 Lothringer 1/1600 Racecar, prepped and • ready to race. Best of everything and very clean, too much to list. _$22,000.00 for complete car ready to race including all spare parts and many spare tires. Will sell less motor and trans. For detailed information during the day, contact Tom·or Mike at (818) 843-5249. After 6:00 p .m ., contact Mike at (818) 640-0932. · Will separate: engine/trans combo $11,000.00, roller com-plete $10,000.00. Rich Fersch (714) 441-1212. FOR SALE: 1996 Jimco Class One. Toyota FAT V-6, fresh For-tin 5 speed, new Fox Shocks, New clutch & pressure plate. BFG Projects or Ultra Wheels, Car has best of everything & is super clean & reliable. $50,000.00 obo -or trade Class 12 plus. (760) 344-3349 (eves), (760) 275-6257 (days). FOR SALE: 2000 Baja Bug-3.0L FAT, Mendeola trans, King by pass, 5 seat Pre Runner 2 mounted spares, best of every-thing. Penhall built, 0 miles offroad. $49,000.00 OBO John (562) 754-7000. FOR SALE: Truck/Truggy, Raceworks designed center cock-pit Corr, Pro-2 chassis, 800 HP ESI motor, Mogi C-6, Cone 9", 17" Ultras W/BFG's, Lots of New spare parts, 32' trailer w/ shop $65,000.00. Dwight Greene. (858) 486-4230. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • Sell or s1-vap your extra parts and pieces in : DUSTY TIMES. : Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN AD-VANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PVT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is $ ___ _ Name ___ _ Address City (Send check or money order, no cash) Phone _ __________ _ State _____ Zip Please run ad ___ times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 Classified Ad Deadlines for 2001 ISSUE DEADLINE October Sept 7, 01 November Oct 5, 01 December Nov 2, 01 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • Dusty Times September 2001 Page 57

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more Classified ... ALJTOtv}OTI 6.. CONTINU(.D · FOR SALE: Single Seat 1 car fresh Prep. Foddrill front 3" long, wide, adjustable rear by Foddrill, Summers outboards & fronts, Fresh 6 cyl. Porsche, 5 speed Hewland Flame out great sporttnan's car or prerunner, Change eng & have great 12 car. Lots of spares Call John (9 28) 77 3-9185 or (928) 526-1977 . . FOR SALE: Class 9 ready to race, proven winner, fresh mo-tor and transmission, custom built shocks, MSD ignition on car, Parker Pumper, Yokoha-mas front and rear, spare shocks, spare transmission and lots of other spare parts, $6,500.00. Call Chad Woo-druff at (520) 714-0698. Page ss 4 SEATER PLAY Car-Built using Class 1 race car parts, Summers Bros. outboard floater hubs, Summers front hubs/brakes, Brakes, Bilstein. 9100 Series race shocks, coilover front end, Bus Box-, 300M torsions, 930CV joints, ARPM 2387cc Type 1, Hezco, Deist Centerline, Yokohama, UMP, etc ... Very fast, very beefy! Ref #785. $24,000.00 Call Baja Bro-kers at (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Great Pre-Runner or Glamis Toy! Chevy S-10, 550 hp, small block, turbo 400, 4 wheel disc, Summer Bros 9", Uniball A Arms, 26" front, 32" rear travel, Goodyears on 5 Stars, Custom coil overs, in-cludes trailer, must sell $35,000.00 OB·o, Call (909) 776-0204. FOR SALE: 5/1600 good car never rolled or crashed, Foddrill front _w/SAW, Sus-Unlimited rear w/300 m Bus stubs and brakes, Parker, MSD, new Harness, K.C. Race eng & trans. Best of everything. Call for info (928) 773-9185 or (928) 526-1977 John FOR SALE: Chenowth 100" w.b. frame, 3x3 arms, 8" over beam, Coil over sus-pension, Fuel Safe, Seats, Belts, Completely wired, gauges, Full body panels and skid plates, brake lines. $6,500.00 obo (760) 471-1036. FOR SALE: Truck/Truggy/Pre Runner, Tube Chassis, glass body, Howe Rack, 37" Good-years, Kendall 3 1/2 " shocks, lots of travel, Fuel Cell, Cooler's radiator plus many parts to fin-ish 70% done rolling 30k obo possible trade for? Ask for bave Jr. (909) 982-2687. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Fibercraft. less motor, D.J. Trans, Wright, UMP, FOX, Hells, Centerline, Cactus air, Neal, Simpson, Diest, Yoko-hama, 930 C.V.'s, SAW, Fuel Safe. Car has never finished less than third. 2 class cham-pionships. $7,000.00 Eve-nings. (530) 544-8319. ATTENTION The off road community needs to chip in and help SNORE battle the arch-enemy of our sport, the Sierra Club and all their associated tree-huggers. Read the notic.e on page 4 of this issue and we then hope you will be able to aid SNORE financially in their effort to bring a stop to some of this madness. This country belongs to all of us, not to just a select few with a lot of money and a lot of lawyers who want to dictate to the rest of us what we can do and where we can do it. Please support this effort in every possible way you can. " September 2001 FOR SALE: Super Sale: J imco 1 or 10, Fox shocks, 18" travel front , 24" rear, Summers Bros outboard CV's, Custom Fuel Safe Cell, UMP, Parker Pumper, Wright Rack, This car was fast no motor, asking $12,000.00. (775) 482-9298. Leave message. FOR SALE: Jimco Class 1 Two Seat A-Arm, Wiks 2840 CC Type 4 Motor, Fortin Trans, Hubs & Steering, Kuster-King Coils and bypass shocks, CNC brakes, Ultras, prepped and ready to race, in-cludes all spares $55,000.00 OBO. Call Marty @ (909) 627-3549 or (909) 981-0526. Dusty Times

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Baja Bug Pre Runner-1914cc Type 1/Bus Box, 23 gallon Fuel Safe, +6" Beam, Porsche Spindles, 3x3 rear arms, Sway-A-Way Torsions, Spring Plates, Axles, Saginaw Power Steering, Beard Seats, full cage $7,000.00 Ref # 822 Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117. CLASS 1 A-ARM CHEN-OWTH 2 SEAT, Porsche 3.6 1/ 2 cylinder, Fields auto transaxle, 934 CV's Sway-A-Way, Fod Fab, Bilstein coilover/bypass, Howe power steering, Fortin, Jamar, Halon anti-fire system, Simpson, YOO, Mastercraft, BFG, Cen-terline+ spares, with fresh prep. $43,000.00 obo Ref #794. BajaBrokers (760) 723-2117. Class 12 Penhall-Cham.pion-ship Car in 1999 and 2000, great car for a very competitive class, Fox coilovers/bypass, Fod/Fab, CNC, Micro stubs, FAT Class 12 motor, (recently freshened by FAT), Hewland 00300, Fuel Safe, BFG, spa res package, sold race ready. Call for 1nore details! Ref # _821 Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117. Get over it and get in!!! Race winning F150 for sale, Stock Full multiple class champion, over $40,000.00 in spare parts are included in the sale, this truck is re-ally tough and has finished every mile of every race. BIG Bilstein shocks, awe-some f&r travel number, trick rear end, Ready for BITD, SCORE or ??? Go racing with a proven winner for $45,000.00. Best Value out there.. Baja Brokers #795 (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: C lass 5 Unlim-ited 2.8L Type IV motor and Foltz bus box. All FOX 2.0 coilover. CNC Oise brakes, 930 CV's, Fuel Safe, inter-com, power steering, Wright Steering & Combos, etc. Ex-cellent MOR car and winner. $12,000.00 OBO Call Jerry@ (818) 244-8811 days or (818) 242-4632eve. FOR SALE: Chenowth Millenium, 3.2 Acura NSX, Fresh for tin Box, BFG, Ultra, King Shocks, UMP Power Steering, Best parts available, car is fully prepped and ready to race. $65,000.00 OBO or will separate, Days (760) 356-2131, eves (760) 356-1503. Ask for Josh Waddell. FOR SALE: 1981 Model 20' Enclosed trailer. Two a~Js~ elec. Brakes Hi-Rubber, solid box, alum ext. paneled inside. Very good condition. Lie. good thru Jan 2002. Lie. I UA3394. Asking $2,250.00. (562) 862-9122. FOR SALE: Chevy full size PU, strong 383" Alum Heads-Trick teams, Summers 35 spline axles, spool, 35 gal. Fuel-cage, Beard Seat-Simpson Harness-B & M shifter-glass-nice paint way too much to list-over $45k invested-$16,000-Call for more info. (909) 678-1029. FOR SALE: 7S 1994 Ford Ranger, 114" w.b. short course and desert set ups, competi-tive, fast and fun. Simple to maintain. It has all the good parts, good record. Seen on ESPN $14,000.00 (760) 788-9229. DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP DUSliiYli1•es REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! Dusty Times FOR SALE: 1996 Sport 5th wheel car hauler-new tires, rims, brakes. Onan 4000, 100 gal wa-ter, 45 gal gas, A/C, Stove/ Oven, Refer/Freezer, Micro, TV, VCR, hot water, coffee maker, Awning, sleeps 7, heater, perfect for 1600. Call for complete list. Porter (520) 453-7084. $30,00::;::;0;::::.0;::::0;::::. ====== FOR SALE: Class 12 Score/ Lite. Single Seat Jimco. Ken Majors 1760cc, JG Transaxles Type 11 Tranny, 930 CY'S. Neal, Wright, Fox Shox, 3" Sway A-Way bypass. Master-craft seats and nets. Parker Pumper, 28 gallon Fuel Safe. Race Ready w/spares. All Fresh $20,000.00 (760) 385-.0721 wk (619) 463-4104 hm .. FOR SALE: Letner Racinp. (714) 633-0030, 2 seat Class 12, complete prep, chassis, trans & Bonner Hawk engine. $34,000.00 lots of wins. FOR SALE: 1980 Ford F 150 Stepside short bed, 351 WC-6 tranny, Art Carr shifter 9" rear end, 15" front wheel travel, ext. !beans & radius arms, 45 gal fuel tank, partial smog exempt. $7,000.00 OBO. ALSO FOR SALE: 78 F250 short bed, rolling chas-sis, partial caged. Make offer. Robert@ (310) 214-8770. Toyota Class 7s Truck, This truck is a proven winner, Chro-moly/TIG welded chassis, King Shocks, Cone hubs, Wilwood, Sway-A-Way, Tacoma fiberglass, 230 HP V6 motor, Auto Trans, Fresh Currie 35 spline 9", BFG Bajas, Beard, PC! radio, race ready with spares package and owners will paint it any color you want!!! $24,000.00. Ref# 823 Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: All Aluminum Shaver V-6 450 hp, Carrillo Rods-LA Crank-JE pistons. The best of everything. $18,500.00 Call Tim Scalzo (949) 289-0251. FOR SALE: Toyota Tacoma Short Course. 2 motors, Jerico tranny, Kuster Shocks. Fox bumps, Gold Star Clutches, Ford 9", 3 sets tires. Former Pace Champ. $30,000.00 invested. Asking $12,500.00. Need to sell. Larry (262) 335-0300 or (414) 870-7586. HELP WANTED: Experi-enced fabricator/mechanic wanted. Off Road Perfor-mance shop seeks enthusias-tic, quality orientated people to run shop. 3 positions avail-able, good pay, nice area. Ap-plicant must have excellent welding skills and have a good understanding of Off Road suspension and fabrication.· Call (805) 480-3556 or fax re-sume to (805) 480-3557. ProSeat Mandated by iliiJ September 2001 tv1012.i;_ l:..tv1PLOYtvJ!;_NT NEED A DRIVER?? I will race your 4-wheeled Off-Road Ve-hicle. I'm an extremely gifted individual in search of opportu-nity. Mitchell Emery (724) 659-3012. FOR SALE: 10 Goodyear 37x 15 95A's (6 excellent, 4 good con-dition) on 5/5 1/2 rims, $ 1200. Chevy Blazer '89 power tailgate complete, excellent condition. $600.00 TB! assembly with com-puter $500.00. Side windows sliding $75.00 pr. Plain $50 pr. Martyn (818) 545-0431. FOR SALE: 4 Bypass shocks 14" travel, 6 valves. Remote Res. (1) pair Fresh, (1) pair has 3 races. Built by Mike Smith $950.00 ea. and $1,025.00 ea. (760) 352-0299 (760) 996-2944. ATTENTION RACERS: 7 Car garages for your race cars & shop. 2.85 acre on park like grounds. 3619 SF custom home with awesome view of Lake Mathews. Gourmet kitchen. Relax in sparkling pool with view of mountains $699,000.00. Agent Midge Farr Kennedy (714) 771-7217. INDb.X TO ADVb.12. Tl6b.J2.6 . ~ Aggressive Suspensions ............ , .............. 44 American JeepSpeed Challenge .............. 29 Baker ............................................................ 30 Beard Seats ................................................ 12 Best In The Desert ..................................... 11 Cactus .......................................................... 26 Camburg Engineering ................................ 45 Coast Resorts ............................................... 9 CODE Off Road ........................................... 35 DCS Digital Communications Services ................... 47 Eibach Springs ........................................... 18 Estero Beach ............................................... 21 Fabtech ........................................................ 41 FAT Performance ....................................... 10 Fuel Safe Racing Cells .............................. 24 FRT Motorsports ........................................ 19 German Auto ............................................... 14 Hannamann Fiberglass, Inc ...................... 24 Kartek Off Road .................................. 23, 25 Kawaguchi Honda ...................................... 33 King Shock Tech ........................................ 22 Light Force Engineering ............................ 20 Mastercraft ................................................. 59 McKenzie Performance Products ............ 27 Mickey Thompson Tires ........................... 15 Nevada Off Road Buggy ............................ 13 Off Road Expo ............................................. 31 Parker Pumper ........................................... 16 PCI Race Radios and Equipment.. .............. 2 Pike's Family Restaurant ......................... 10 Race Ready ............................. a· .••••••••••••••• 34 Rancho Performance ................................. 39 Ronco Plastics Inc ..................................... 36 Riviera Racing ............................................ 42 SNORE ............................................•........ 4, 37 Strictly Performance ................................ 46 Sway-A-Way Corp ........................................ 5 Toyota Motorsports .................. Back Cover Trans axle Engineering .............................. 50 Tri-Mil Industries ....................................... 34 Union 76 Racing Gasoline ........................ 46 Valley Performance ................................... 40 Page 59

Page 60

► II In this ■port, It pays to be crazy. Our engineer■, for xample, dlsplay a certain anal-retentive ob■e■slon with detall. And our driver■ ■how symptom■ of good, old-fa■hloned, unhealthy fearle■ane■a. But let'• face It. The crazlne■■ I■ fun to watch. It'■ the kind that ■ay■, hey, you got a flat tint? Keep driving -you've got thnte good tint■ left. Truck did an end .. over? A■ long a■ you've landed rlght .. ■lde-up, keep going, baby. That'■ what we love about these guys. The "Just k ep going" part. The Greaves/Kincaid Potawatoml race team, for example, hat won the Pro-Lite Championship four year■ running, but they Just keep pushing, And ■o do we. That'■ whr there'• a Toyota Racing Development technician on hand every time th••• guys turn over their engine,. lpHk1119 ot 1n11n .. , lnlld1 Johnn, Qruvea• 4x4 Toyota Tuncln a NOi p pared I PORCI V8 dl1placln9 I O ltt.n tw-~ ¥OU uaotly how muoh torque It pumra-ou\ but VQUr n bor'I flMr · portl oar do .. n't have half thl1 muoh poww n. but clQ.) Anvwav. we wouldn't ml• th• C am111tcam1a111 on,. Road I Ing (CORR) IHIOft tor ··-· • whr w,•,. on hand for '"'' raoe learn To make acQu1t enta nd of n•, ocoaalonallr ••r 1omethln1 Uk• 411Nolv ,r. 1$1.tH Did I reallr Juat 111 w at I hlnk I aaw~ A.~ rat,, co A. 'I u do, keep , ur •r•• o • and MIi Klnoald, Th•J'II be up truok1andmud 1rettvl ® TOYOTA And the IONWI are tl9ht At TAD, we have long history of kicking tallga In the off-ro d aren • In C rt has a string of victories stre two decades. And In CORR, we'Ve go actlv drivers In Johnny Greaves and Jeff Ki the otawatoml Forest County Race Team. TOYOTA RACING DEVELOPMENT Tli=tC ©2001 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.