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2001 Volume 18 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 18 • Number s • May 2001 $2.50 ISSN8750-1732 covering the world of competition in the dirt •••

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Cars TIMED EVENT Drawing For Starting Positions June 1, 2001 Clobalsta~ USA c&ooor-,,iEA6!l Official Y~i~t) BATTEAJl=S Official Battery Official Truck ~~OflTNI!~~ ~ U Ul~'u'C3C3 ~U RAC•NG ASSOC•ATION .. v@~!) ,, COMPANIES' ,. Las Vegas, Nevada ~Jt'l PLASTIC PRoou .. AfULINO, OREGON !DJ~~°" ntE ~Dr.;---i::;-;J D ~ u lll]'ii'[ffi ~LJ RACING ASSOCIATION ~ui~~ HONDA CALL FOR INFORMATION RAC-•N-G ASSOCIAT•ON Rider:SCJul,ef America [E~~~~ 4CC=l=fli~ I Motorcycles -Qu~-1 RACING ASSOCIATION N d C . . - -3475C Boulder Highway eva a OffiffilSSlOll Las(~g~):s~-~J~121 •► On Tourism Fa, RACINGFUELX-X-Fax (702) 641-2431 1 .. soo,NEVADA-s B.1ii, HIGH PERFORMANCE RAc1Na FUEL AND LuaR1cANrs 3rd Event In The 2001 ~~Best In The Desert,, Silver State Series

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Volume 18 - Number s May 2001 DUSlil • li1IIIG ~~ • ~lltomia Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin. Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Yance Scocr Contributor.s C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Jim Culp Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Mike Jenkins Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Rene Montana Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham -cries --', ''►~· .:.-~~~ "'~. ~ --lllll'WII _, Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a selfaddressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, (818) 882-0004. Copyright by Hillside Rac-ing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Periodi-cal Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at addi-tional mailing offices. · POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 9131 l. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new ad-dress, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 2076 I Plummer $t., Chatsworth, CA 9_1311. snapshot of the Month ... It was August, 1884, HDRA was at Glen Helen and there was racin' galore as evidenced here as Frank Arciero (23) puts the ·pass on brother Al, both in Cheno~th Magnum's. P.S. Frank won both days. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8xl0 will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES SCORE San Felipe by Judy Smith .......................................................... 8 TAP Rally of Portugal by Martin Holmes ............................................. 18 CODE Tecate Autoparces. 250 by Tony Tellier .. :, .............................. 20 Whiplash Parker 200k Motorcycles by Tony Tellier .......................... 26 MDR Wild wash 250 by Sheryl Cannon ............................................... 30 Jack Waldron-Memorial by Judy Smith ......................................... : ....... 35 BITD Laughlin Hare Scrambles by Mark Kariya .................................. 36 · M.O.R.E. Bushwacker 250 ................................................................... 42 .. · DEPARTMENTS Happenings .............................. : ............................................................... 5 Trail Notes ....................................................... : ...................................... 6 California Rally Series by The Director ............................................... 44 CORE Pit Report by Sandy Parker ....................................................... 44 F.A.l.R News by Wes Wisdom ..................................... ......................... 45 Good Stuff Directory ........................................................................... 4 7 Classified Ads ...................................................................................... 53 Index To Advertisers ... .......................................... ............................. 55 On The Cover Vic Bruckmann and Arturo Honold put all their experience together, ran a good fast race in their Jimco with a few problems (who needs all chose gears?) and put together a nice SCORE Lite ',1/in at San Felipe · Photo by -Trackside Photo Doug Fortin, Jr. said he really wasn't pushing his Jimco very hard at the San Felipe and his trouble free run got him the Class 1 win at the San Felipe contest. Photo by Carrera Photography Visit Our Website c:5.ubscribe 7oday lo DUSTY TIMES THE FAST.EST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year □ 2 years □ 3 years -$25.00 $40.00 -$55.00 (no credit car~s please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ----------------------Address ---------------------City ----------------------St ate Zip --------------------Primary Interest Cars O Trucks d Motorcycles 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian -· 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times May 2001 Page 3 •

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• PC/ RACE RADIOS & -SAFETY EQUIPMENT Visit us on the web @ SPECIAL! .or call us TOLL FREE (800) 869-5636 . . CREW.CHIEF HEADSET & RADIO DON'T GET INTERCOMS STUCK IN BAJA HEADSETS ROAD MASTER TRACK.MASTER No more yelling between driver & crew in the pit, hear each other loud & clear with a Crew Chief Headset & Radio. • Trackmaster 5 watt, 16 channel handheld radio & headset in red, blue, or black ................ ........... $519.00 • Track master 5 watt, 16 channel radio ............... $299.00 • Motorola Pl 225, 5 watt, 16 channel handheld radio & headset in red, blue or black ........................... $719.00 • Motorola Pl 225, 5 watt, 16 channel radio ......... $499.00 SHOW:YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. Record Your Conquests or Mistakes to Show Your Family & Friends What Off Road Racing is All About with a Black Box In-Car Digital Camera System. • System includes Sony Digital Camera & Recorder housed in a Custom Black Box with Power Supply, Charger, Cabling & Mounts. Introductory Offer. ...................... : .......... $3995.00 • Sound from your PCI Comlink VI Intercom is easily patched in · with an adaoter cable MOTORCYCLE RADIO SYSTEM TALK WITH YOUR BUDDIES WHILE RIDING, BE A MORE COMPETITIVE RACER WITH A MOTORCYCLE RADIO SYSTEM. • System includes a Trackmaster, 5 watt, 16 channel radio handheld radio, motorcycle harness and helmet wiring .................. ~ ..•............................... $519.00 GLOBALSTAR SATELLITE PHONES SCANNERS MOTOROLA VERTEX MAXON RACEAIR HELMETS SHOEI BELL SIMPSON BLACK BOX IN CAR DIGITAL CAMERA RACEAIR PUMPER MOTORS · RACESAFE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS LOWRANCE GPS PYROTECT DRIVING SUITS GLOVES DRIVING SHOES NECK COLLARS KIDNEY BELTS CROW SEAT BELTS MECHANIX WEAR GLOVES MPACT MPACTII APRONS SHOES . KNEEPADS DIRTBAGS GEAR BAGS OFF ROAD VIDEOS TOW STRAPS RATCHET STRAPS NO FEAR APP AREL I--~---· I l,.~ V '°"·". ---=:r r,r.,,-: Stay in touch · with a Globalstar · Satellite Phone Great for Pre-running, Raci ~g & travel. Call for more information. LOWRANCE GPS HELPS YOU STAY ON THE COURSE. Globalmap 1600 GPS Mapping Unit Comes with Complete Map of the World, Bracket, Power Cord, Antenna, CD-Rom, & Download Cables. Recommended for in Car Use $560.00 Globalmap 100 handheld GPS Mapping unit, Great for Chase Vehicles $199.00 ·NEW RACEAIR 2000 ROAD MASTER OFF ROAD'S WINNING,EST RADIO 50 Watts, 16 Channels VHF-FM 2-Way Radio. Over 3000 Used in Off Road Racing. Light Weight, Comfortable, Quick Release Shield, Snell 2000 Rated. $349.00 Wired with Nomex Skirt $459.00 PCI RACE RADIOS 2888 GUNDRY AVE., SIGNAL HILL,· CA 90806 ~;;{~~ 800-869-5636 562-427-8177 FAX 562-426-3589 ~<,&.,<.;~~~==

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2001 Happenings ... June 2, 2001 Pahrump Rally Sprint . Pahrump, NV RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 Pierre, SD 57501 Heraclio Patino (011 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE AMERICAN TRIALS ASSOCIATION AMA Observed Trials Southern California Championship Series Bill Markum - President (909) 860-1857 24 hr Hotline - (714) 562-7742 E Mail: April, 2001 (TBA) Aguanga/Reed Valley, CA May 13, 2001 Rowher Flat/Canyon Country, CA June 9-10, 2001 Washington WORLD Round June 23-24, 2001 Big Bear, CA ASOCIACION EST AT AL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector . Apto 42 San Jose de! Caho Baja California de! Sur. Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class l O cars only Renald Vaillancourt 3069 Dagenais West Laval Quebec, Canada H7P IT7 (450) 622-4440 June 2, 2001 Nctre Dame Du Bon Conseil Quebec July 7, 2001 Joliette Guebec July 21, 2001 UJvercon Quebec August 4, 2001 La Tuque Quebec September 15, 2001 Olympic Stadium Montreal BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 Lakeside, CA 92040 All Races Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 E-Mail: June 22-24, 2001 Tonopah 300 Tonopah, NV Pre-Run May 506 September 27-30, 2001 Vegas To Reno Las Vegas, NV Pre-Run August 24-25 November 30-December 2, 2001 Las Vegas 200 Las Vegas, NV Pre-Run November 3-4 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES Les Wolfe, NEW President 341 W. 2575 North Sunset, UT 84015 (801) 773-1651 (801) 773-9319 Fax May 4-5, 2001 Wendover Express Wendover, NV July 6-7, 2001 Jackpot 250 Jackpot, NV September 14-15, 2001 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, NV BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK- I HO (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 ' Dusty Times CAJOR Club Automovilista Juarense de Championship Off-Road Racing 7210 Gateway East El Paso, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 Ralph Garcia 01 l-52-16-17-45-42 Cesar Fuentes CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Sue Robinson - Director 845 Schoohouse Road Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 788-3809 E-Mail: Website <> John Dillon, SoPac Rally Steward Rally Series May 4-5, 2001 Rim Of The World Palmdale; CA ■ ■ August 11, 2001 Gorman Ridge Rally Frazier Park, CA October 5-7, 2001 T reeline Rally November 30-Deccmber 2, 2001 Ramada Express Rally Laughlin, NV Rallycross Series October 6, 2001 Prescott, AZ RX October 13, 2001 Las Vegas RX Jean, NV November 10, 2001 Las Vegas RX Jean, NV CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box 400 Maywood, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA Dave Ada!T'.s (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON Hi-JACKERS l.C.O. Tom Delauder Sr 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 Shon Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN Calle 6ta Fracc Cd. de San Quintin San Quintin, BC, Mexico San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 61746834) Ram6n Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637/7 0034) CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O. Box 3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3 I 78 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE Bravo 120-B Zona Centro, Mexicali, BO, MX P.O. Box 2328 Calexico, CA 92232-2}28 011-52-6-553-4087 www June 29-July 1, 2001 Laguna Salada, Mexicali; BC, MX r:J/r S & s· Motorsports Chevy S-1 o Wins Class 7S At SCORE San Felipe 250 Cory Susa_g and Doug Siewert co-drove to the Class 7S win at the 15th annual Tecate San Felipe 250 in Round 2 of the Duralast SCORE Desert Series run in Baja California, Mexico. · Driving their Chevy S-10 pickup equipped with four-year-old Bilstein 9100 Series shocks, Siewert started second in class and took the lead just six miles into the race. Susag then extended the lead and finished over 23 minutes ahead for the team's third win at this event. For all the details contact the Off-Road Racing Department: . Call Toll Free 800/537-1085 KRUPP BILSTEIN OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road • San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 858/453-7723 May 2001 Pages

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OLD FRIEND - Dear old friend Bernice Sanders is back with emap usa. Her e-mail address is sandersb@emapusa. OWNERSHIP CHANGE - Special Events has purchased the National Mud Racing Organization and formed a new corporation to manage the straight line mud racing organization. For more info contact Special Events, 317-236-6522. CORR EXPANDING - CORR announced that it is expanding it's race venue for 2002. The Unadilla Valley Sports Center will host a CORR race May 24-26, 2002. The track is located in central New York State, 30 miles south of Utica and has long been the host of the AMA National Motocross Championships. SCCA UPDATE -The Sports Car Club of America announced in March that Kurt Spitzner has been promoted to Director of Rally. "Kurt's passion, commitment and knowledge of Rally will enable the SCCA to grow Rally into one of the most exciting, extreme motorsports in the country" said Steve Johnson, SCCA President and CEO. We wish Kun the best in his new position. UNTIMELY DEATH - We were saddened to hear of the accidental death of Bob Wolleck, a man who has won races at Le Mans and Daytona over the years. The 57 year old racer was struck from behind while riding his bicycle on Highway 98 near Sebring Raceway in Florida. Bob drove mostly in Porsches and he won twice at Lemans, four overall wins at the Daytona 24 hour races and a couple of victories-at Sebring. The racing world has lost a great competitor and a great person. • NASCAR AND TELEVISION - Televi~ion ratings for NASCAR have increased 63% over last year, quite a rise in viewership. I know I fully enjoy watching the round-d-rounds and I'm glad to see that I'm far from alone. CHEROKEE TRAILS PRORALLY -The SCCA put on its first international rally in 13 years and it was won by the team of Richard Tuthill and John Bennie, from England and Scotland respectively, driving a 1997 Mitsubishi EYO IV. The rally was run in the southeast corner of Tennessee and it was a rough one, only 23 of the 61 ProRally entries were running at the end. Most of the dnt's were high centered on berms or stuck in ditches of the logging roads and, weather was not a factor. This international rally is a start for SCCA co bid on a future round of the World Rally Championship. This rally consisted of more than 800 miles in the route book and over 180 miles of special stages. John Buffum was second overall, Laughlin O'Sullivan took the coveted PGT Class, Andrew Havas was the Group 5 winner and Jeff Field took the Production win. Randy Bailey was the Group 2 winner at the heavily attended rally. Next on the schedule is the Oregon Trail Rally, Tillamook, Oregon is the place and the beat goes on. DUN FOR THE WALL XIll - Once again our own circulation manager, Yance ~cott will join thousands of other armed forces veterans who will ride their motorcycles from Ontario, California to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, "The Wall" in Washington, D.C. Bikers from all over the nation meet at the Pentagon on May 27,h, Memorial Day weekend and parade to the l0emorial. Last year over 300,000 bikers participated in the event. The west coast riders will take 11 days to arrive at their destination with 10 overnight stops scheduied as they cruise across the country. The ride is to promote awareness and support for those American prisoners of war and those missing in action, (POW/MIA) unaccounted from all wars. Dusty Times supports this effort and we hope you will lend your support als·o. For more information check the Run For The Wall Website · L. AS VEGAS SAND & OFF ROAD SHOW -The show is being held at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, 850 North Las Vegas Blvd. The show will feature hundreds of displays of manufacturers and retailers showing the latest in parts and equipment for off road and street trucks, race cars, buggies, sand and otherwise, motorcycles and ATV's. June 16-17,-2001 are the dates and it sho uld be well worth going to. The show is open from 10am to 5pm both days and admission is just $8. So, reserve the weekend and come see all there is to see. See the full page ad in this issue of Dusty Times. FACT OR FICTION - We .don't usually tell tales out of school and we hardly ever repeat a rumor in print, but this one is pretty strong so we have co alert you to the possibility that there will be yet another race in Mexico. Running south of Ensenada, probably a fifty mile lap, four circuits thereof and it will probably come off in mid December. We have talked to some of the principals involved and they are working very hard to create this new venue. We'll keep you informed as we get more info in the months to come. DEMOGRAPHIC STUDY -We spent an awful lot of time and effort on the demographic study that appeared in last months issue of Dusty Times. Now it's your turn, please answer the questions, fold it up, put it in an envelope and send it to Dusty Times. We really need your help to compile these figures and sometime in the near future we'll aver~ge out the returns and print them for you to see. Thanks in advance for your help, and please don't let us down. OLD FRIENDS Il-Just received a nice note from Bob Lewis, an old friend. We used tci sit and swap off road racing stories for many hours up at his "ranch" in Acton. Ah, the good old days. Thanks for the nice note Bob, I'll see you soon. "l. ,{EXICAN FEES - Just a bit of a reminder from our own Judy Smith. For those of ! who are part of Contingency Row at the Baja races, be sure that you purchase your "Vendors License" and have it in your possession when you are hawking your wares. Without "It", you may be subject to the annoyance and time consuming chore of getting yourself to a local Mexican bank to purchase a one time permit for yourself and each of your assistants. This is what happened at San Felipe and it really was a nuisance to have to tend co this during a busy contingency day. If you have any questions regarding these work and sale permits we suggest you contact SCORE at 818-225-8402 for pro.per information. FACT OR FICTION II - Just for the record, there is already news on the soon to be announced new race in Baja. Had a few minutes talk with Casey Folks in beautiful downtown Pahrumph last weekend and Casey informed that the race will happen. Casey and Gerado Novello will join forces to put on a four lap, 200 mile event. The race will start at the Estero Beach Hotel and run four laps, each lap finishing at the Estero Beach. There will be much thought and effort put into the event and it will take place in December, 2002. We'll keep you informed of what's going on as it-surfaces, look for the information here in Trail Notes. i,,:-rE OLD GOAT - I know lots of you folks out there remember Orris Johnson, 'The J. Old Goat". Orris and his racecar and his sons and lots of other folks, including Jean Calvin were connected to the Old Goat race car in one way or another and many a soul Page & August 10-12, 2001 T ecate, Baja. California, MX October 5-7, 2001 Laguna Salada, Mexicali, BC, MX November 30-December 2, 2001 Mexicali to San Felipe, BC, MX COLORADO I-flLL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Yahsholtz, President (719) 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP · P.O. Box392 Calexico, CA 92232 Hector Cerecer 01 !-52-65-66-4458 CORR EXXON SERIES Championship Off Road Racing 192 N. State Road 267, Suite 267 Avon, IN 46123 (317) 272-2827/Fax: (317) 272-2900 May 19-20, 2001 Fort Dodge, IA June 9-10, 2001 Antigo, WI June 23-24, 2001 Crandon, WI July 14-15, 2001 Bark River; MI July 28-29, 2001 Fort Dodge, IA August 11-12, 2001 Bark River, MI September 1-2, 2001 Crandon, WI September 22-23, 2001 Topeka, KS CORVA 1500 West El Camino, Suite 352 Sacramento, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORY A Ext 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Yan Deren_ 2405 Baker Ave. Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1865 Commander Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 (520) 855-6125 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Delauder, Sr. 1091 Township Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 ESTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing Victoria Galindo Ensenada, Baja California, Mexi~o 011-526-176-6225 April 27-29, 2001 FABTECH Off Road Short Course Series at Glen Helen Raceway P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (909) 280-9096 Contact: BBM Marketing Promotions P.O. Box 762 Norco, CA 9 I 760-0762 (562) 988-6250/Fax: (909) 280-9097 FRT Motorsports 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 Motorcycles, ATVs & Dez May 20, 2001 T azmanik Hare & Hound Plaster City West, Ca July 7, 2001 Conqulsta Gran Prix Tecate, BC, MX July 28, 2001 C/M Nite Team Race Plaster City East, CA August 26, 2001 Sweethearts Kiss Lake Superstition, CA . May, 2001 September 8, 2001 MudHen Sprint Plaster City East, CA October 8, 2001 Cheeseburger 100 Plaster City West, CA November 17, 2001 DJS Reunion Event Plaster City West, CA November 18, 2001 Notorious DawgJ Hour Team Race Plaster City West, CA December 9, 2001 Revenge Dez Gran Prix Lake Superstition, CA MX And Off Road Short Course All at Imperial Valley Expo, Imperial, CA March 10, 2001 Tentative) May 12, 2001 Round 3 June 9, 2001 Round 4 September 2.2, 2001 Round 5 November 3, 2001 Round 6 December 3, 2001 Round 7 Cha,mpionship Series For Cars, Trucks, Buggies, ATVs, Dez SuperLit,es & Motorcycles . May 20, 2001 T azrnanik Hare & Hound Plaster City W.est, CA No Buggies, Cars, Trucks July 7, 2001 Conquista Gran Prix Tecate, BC, MX August 11, 2001 Gran Prix Tecate, BC, MX No A TV, Bike, SuperLite September 8, 2001 MudHen Sprint Plaster City East, CA No Buggies, Cars, Trucks October 27, 2001 Superstition 250 XVIII Plaster City East, CA December 31, 2001 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, 0GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA Great Planes Off Road Racing Association Jesse Urwin 1842 Boyd Street Ashland, NE 68003 (402) 944-2193 Terry Fitzgerald (401) 734-2676 5710 S. 56th Street Omaha, NE 68117 June 2, 2001 June 16, 2001 July 7, 2001 July 21. 2001 August 4, 2001 August 18, 2001 (All races are short course, Stadium style. Classes: Sportsman, I/2-1600, 5, 7S and Quads. All races will be held at I-80 Speedway, Greenwood, NE IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (6i2) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. · P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 KAMLOOPSBRONCOBUSTER 4WDCLUB. P.O.Box465 Kamloops, BC, Canada VZG5L2 Bob (250) 374-7175 days Randy (250) 579-9621 eves. Wes (250) 351-2819 LAS VEGAS SANDSPORTS & OFFROAD EXPO (626) 961-3782 WWW June 1 -17, 2001 Las Vegas-Cashman Center 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NY L.I.T.R.E. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522 Jim Aruta (408) 247-4402 MICIDGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Buggy Trade Show (517) 543-7214 MICI-flGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSI-flPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517) 627-6200 Oeeps, Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Road Warriors and Quad ATV-Money Classes.) July 29, 2001 Mason, MI MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION MAORA Mike Tµrner (217) 235-2473 P.O . Box 184 Mattoon, IL 61938 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL (217) 932-2041 Off Road (800) 555-3167 Short Course Series May 5, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL May 19, 2001 Fayette County Fairgrounds Brownstone, IL June 2, 2001 Flora Fairgrounds Flora,TL June 16, 2001 Woodbury, TN June 30, 2001 Tuka City Park Tuka, IL August 4, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL October 6, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park · Casey IL Endurance Series May 6, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL June 17,-2001 Woodbury, TN August 5, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL October 7, 2001 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL MOJAVE DESERT RACING 1853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 (626) 442-9320/(626) 579-6051 Fax E-Mail: June 23, 2001 Lucerne 400 Lucerne, CA August 25, 2001 California 200 Lucerne, CA November 3, 2001 Stoddard 250 Barstow, CA M.O.R.E. High Desert Championship P.O. Box 1231 Barstow, CA 92311-1231 Fax: (760) 253-4453 May 19, 2001 Badlands 250 Lucerne, CA July 7, 2001 Freedom 250 Barstow, CA September 15, 2001 Mighty Mojave J(Y.)Barstow, CA November 10, 2001 Dusty Times

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Wild Turkey 200Luceme, CA MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association Dave Barret 6363 Nightingale Dr. Flint, Ml 48506 (810) 730-9221 MOTOWEST WINTER TRIALS SERIES . All events at Perris Raceway Bill Markham (909) 860-I 85 7 (At Reed Valley with a school) NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Rt.#! - Box 380 Dave or Marlene Ryan Palatka, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSOCIATION Butch Chapin Motorsports Promotions 1404 East 3rd Street Hastings, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 NORTHERN OHIO OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. Gary Wulff (724) 283-2678 May 27, 2001 July 1, 2001 August 5, 2001 September 16, 2001 October 7, 2001 October 21, 2001 (All events are at Spring Balley Raceway, Miliport, Ohio) OFF ROAD EXPO 2001 (626) 599--8622 October 6-7, 2001 Fai~plex, Pomona, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasquez 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 867-7788 All races are at Mountain Shadow Lake. Take 1-10 Horizon Blvd. exit east 12 miles OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 JimKendel (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONT ARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Rick Tichboume, Public Relations (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) · May 19-20, 2001 Kincardine June 9-10, 2001 Brockville June 30-July 1, 2001 Kincardine August 4-5, 2001 Kincardine August 18-19, 2001 Brighton Speedway September 22-23, 2001 Kincardine OUTLAW SEVEN PICKUP 9269 Ummelman St. Louis, MO 63123 (314) 631-8140/Fax: ((314) 631-1921 June 9-10, 2001 Antigo County Fairgrounds Antigo, WI June 23-24, 2001 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI July 14-15, 2001 Bark River Off Road Raceway Bark River, MI August 11-12, 2001 Bark River Off Road Raceway Bark River, MI September 1-2, 2001 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Championship 495 N. Commons Drive Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80?34 (719) 685-4400 Dusty Times PINE BARRENS ROUGH RIDERS OFF ROAD RACING Sana Drags, Tuff Trucks, Desert Short Course Trucks, Buggies & Quads Kenny Dean (609) 660-0402/(609) 660-0066 Chatsworth, NJ June 2-3, 2001 Spring Sand Blast September 8-9, 2001 Fall Round UP April 8, 2001 * May 5, 2001* September 23, 2001 * October 28, 2001 * · *Races at Southwick, MA (960) 829-0213 -Bob PROTRUCK RACING SERIES 9409 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071-2856 (619) 449-6252/Fax: (619) 449-6470 June 22-24, 2001 Tonopah300 Tonopah, NV September 27-30, 2001 Vegas To Reno December TBA, 2001 Las Vegas 200 Las Vegas, NV PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box50 Ricketts, IA 51460 (712) 679-2221 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. Icing P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 SAN DIEGO OFF ROAD EXPOSITION (888) 836 7918 SCCA ProRally series Sports Car Club of America 9033 E. 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TX) TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 T.O.R.R.O Texas Off Road Racing Organization Marty Jackson 8307 Bauman Road Houston, TX 77022 (713) 694-0207/Fax: (713) 694-8335 TSO c/o Frog Specialties 4050 Spencer Street # 1 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 3 70-9856 VORRA Off Road Racing P.O. Box 3362 Carson City, NV (775) 246-5545/(775) 246-9089 Fax May 26-27, 2001 Yerington 300 Yerington, NV July 21-22, 2001 Lovelock 250 · Desert Race Lovelock, NV September 1-2, 2001 Yerington 250 Desert Race Fernley, NV Short Course Championship Series · Se-ptember 22-23, 2001 Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA October 6-7, 2001 Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA October 27-28, 2001 · Prairie City SVRA Sacramento, CA * + Mechanics Race & ladies Race May 2001 Trail Notes ... put in.some race time, sharing the driving on the longer races. Well, sad to say, Orris is now at the Marriott Ridge Assisted Living Community, 1177 S. Palm Avenue, Hemet, CA 92543 and I know he would appreciate hearing from some of the old guard every once in a while. So, when you have a minute, drop him a line at the address above and I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Thanks for your consid~ration. OREGON TRAIL RALLY -The Oregon Trail Rally was run in all sorts of weather, they had rain, snow, fog and hail and were also blessed with.horrendous temperature variations. After all was said and done the team of Mark Lovell and Ste'Ve Turvey took the Open Class win as well as the overall in their Subaru. The Richard Tuthill/John Bennie Mitsubishi Evo was a close second and Seamus Burke took third on the podium, a great feat as he rolled his Mitsubishi on day one of the rally and clawed his way back up to bronze medal. Karl Scheible and Brian Maxwell took the Group N honors with Ramana Lagemann and Russ Hughes in pursuit. Patrick Richard and Ken Kwong took the GT Class, beating out Mark Utecht and Brenda Lewis. Group 2 went to David White and Jimmy Brandt, just ahead of Nate Tennis and Nate Pettit. The,Group 5 win went to Tad Ohtake and-Kurt Winkleman who bested Niall Donnelly and Eoin McGeough while the Production Class went to David Coleman and Josh Jacquot and they were followed in by . Craig Peeper and Ian Bevan. We'll do our best to get a full story and pictures in the next issue of Dusty Times. CODE/FRT UNION - CODE and FRT Motorsports are joining forces to produce the "Lazo de Amistad Gran Prix." Saturday, August 11, 2001 is the date and the location is the Rancho Villarreal, just a few clicks outside the hospitable town ofTecate. We know that Alfonso Lacarra, Joaquin Rodriguez and Fud will put on a great event so make your plans now. For details call 619-427-5759 BITD TERRIBLE'S TOWN - April 7 was race day in beautiful downtown Pahrump _ and there was a great turnout of 114 cars and trucks along with 81 motorcycles and quads. Everything was great except the weather, it rained, it snowed, it hailed and it blew and without all that it would have been a perfect day. Troy Herbst took the overall and Class I and dear friend John Gaughan took second in class. Class 8 went to Kyle Taylor while Dave Westham took second. Gary Vosburg was the first Trophy Truck, sixth overall and Darnen Jefferies was second in that division. Jason Cobb took the Protruck honors and Richard Hoffman came in second. Kevin James took first in Class 10 and James Cochran was second. Class 5 went to Michael James and Guy Peterson was half an hour behind. Manny Esquerra was the Class 8 Stock winner and Jeremy Spirkoff was second. Eric Williams took the 1600 class and Mike Harvey followed him in second. Jason Jerrigan took the 7 Unlimited win and Craig T umer came in 5 minutes later. Class 7100P went to John B~ker and Joe Custer was right on his heels. Marc Stein took the Big SUV Class and Trail Notes Continues on Page 53 VICENTE GUERRERO OFF ROAD CLUB Profo. Cenovio Gamboa OJ l-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 Sumas WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire P.O. Box376 Adamsburg, PA (412) 527-6556 . WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 16251 North Cave Creek Road #4 Phoenix, AZ 85023-2976 (602) 971-3730 June 30, 2001 Badlands 200 Sonora; MX July 14, 2001 Haulapal 200 Peach Springs, AZ September 1, 2001 Snowflake 200 Aripine, AZ October 6-7, 2001 Grand Prix of Parker Parker, AZ December 8, 2001 Laughlin, NV "Bike & A TV Series April 21, 2001 Rock To Rock 100 Sonora, MX May 26-27, 2001 Sunrise Gran Prix Greer,AZ June 17, 2001 YounglOO ·Young, AZ July 15, 2001 Haulapal 100 Peach Springs, AZ September 2, 2001 Snowflake I 00 Airpine, AZ October 6-7, 2001 Gran Prix of Parker Parker, AZ November 4, 2001 Vulture Mine 100 Wickenburg, AZ December 9, 2001 Laughlin, AZ WINSCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTlV AL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 so. 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TECATE SCORE SAN FELIPE 250 Herbsts Take overall In Close Battle By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Chris Harrold had _his Honda powered Jimco flying low as he charged to the front of the Class 1 O pack for the victory. Tim and.Ed Herbst teamed in their Ford powered Trophy Truck to take the overall win at the March San Felipe 250, but it was a hard won victory, with a mar-gin of only one minute. The total overall went to the motorcycle team of Steve Henge-veld and Jonah Street who com-pleted the 208 miles in a time of 3:33:22 on a Honda. Once again, San Felipe wel-comed the off roaders with mild weather and gentle breezes, a nice change from the grey skies and near-continuous rain some had been living with for weeks. The Fri<lay cunLingency uisplays an<l tech inspection were held on the Malecon, convenient to local businesses and restaurants and just a sidewalk's width off the beach. The course, exactly i:he same as last year, had lost some_ of it sandy cushioning in some areas, exposing a lot of rocks, and the 208 total miles included some _ unpleasantly rough stuff in the fi-nal 20 or 30 miles. On the other hand, thanks to the winter storms, some of the loveliest wild-flower. displays were in that area. The racing was great. The bikes and quads started at about 6:30 a.m., and allowing a gap of an hour between the last quad to leave and the first trophy truck, the four wheeled vehicles took off at 8 a.m., leaving the start line one at a tirrie, spaced 30 seconds apart. The limited classes were happy for the 30 second interval which at some events is reduced to 15 seconds, because the first 12 miles of the course were known to be very dusty. A nice breeze, stiff enough to move the dust off course started up just as the green flag flew and did help some, but visibility was a bit of a problem early on. First off the line, the Trophy Trucks numbered only six this Lime, an<l were quickly down to five when James Baldwin went out to pass a quad or bike and hit something big and solid. Maybe a stump. The rear end was torn right out·of his Ford and it went over and over. It was the end of Baldwin's weekend. The others carried on in a tight clump, and when they reached Check 1 at roughly Mile 49, Brian Collins and his Chevy, Dave Ashley in the Ford and Mark Post in an-other Ford were within a ·half minute of one another, while the Herbsts were a minute or two off the pace in fourth. By the time they got to Check 2, 82 miles into the race Ashley had the lead, but was only a minute up on Collins, who was two minutes in front of the Herbsts nd Post was another two minutes back in fourth. Gary_ Vosburg, in his Protruck turned - Trophy Truck (bigger brakes, big-ger fuel cell and bigger motor tha·n allowed in Protruck) was about· two minutes behind them. His truck is still very close to a Protruck ''in case we ever want to go back," he said. When they arrived at the Sul-fur Mine, at the beginning of Azufre Wash, and 94 miles along the way, Ashley, and co-driver, Dan Smith, still led, followed by Collins and then the Herbsts. Post and .co-driver Jerry Whelchel were another six minutes back in fourth. But by Check 3 (Mile 122) they had lost a top of a shock can (it blew right through the hood) and Whelchel had gone to can-nibalize parts while navigator Barry Beacham drove the injured truck down Matomi Wash (the fulfillment of an old dream). The Herbsts had two flats, one early in the day and one in Matomi, and both times had trouble with their jacks sinking into the sand. But then they made up time. At the "secret check" designated as Check "A", about 50 minutes after Check 3, they were tied with Collins for the lead, and now Smith, who got in Tim and Ed Herbst got their third-in-a-row win at San Felipe in the Ford Trophy Truck, beating Class 1 by a minute. at Mile 97 had fallen to third af-When they got to the first check, ter a major tire problem. He'd it was a two-way tie between Troy gone six miles down the road Herbst in the shark-faced Ford when he flattened two tires on the _ powered Truggy, and Scott Mc-left side of his truck. Since he car-Millin .in a V8 Chevy powered ried only one spare, he changed Jimco. A minute later it was Steve one tire and motored for 17 miles Sourapas in his V6 Chevy pow-on a flat to his next pit, losing ered Jimco, and then Doug For-about 20 minutes all together and tin with a V4 powered Jimco tied dropping to third. Post and with John Herder in a Chevy V8 Whelchel, after serious repair Truggy. First and fifth were sepa-work on their truck, were about rated by just three minutes at that two hours and 20 minutes down. point, and a whole gaggle of cars And Vosburg was another. four were just as close behind them. hours behind them. When they got to the Sulfur Collins had only one flat, and Mine they'd thinned out some, he sat serenely while both of his and Sourapas held the lead, about passengers got out to make the two minutes up on Jeff Quinn in change. His problem was with his six cylinder Porsche Jimco, gearing. He "couldn't pull the and he was about 40 seconds washes" - a major difficulty when ahead of Fortin. Jeff Darland ran abqut a third of the course is up- fourth, another 30 seconds back hill washes. He was also under-in a Chevy V 6 powered J imco standably distracted by the fact • with overheating trouble. In fifth that he'd run over pit person' it was Mark McMillin, in a Ford Barry Singleton, who'd been tak- powered Chenowth. It was still ing a last look at something un- only four and a half minutes from der the truck when Co.ilins was first to fifth. signaled to start out of his second Bob Lofton and Mike Julson pit. Singleton was air-evacuated were ·already out, their flywheel to the states, and at the last re- broken, and Mike Dondel's Nye port was recovering well, with no Frank was also gone, as was Rudy major injuries. Cortez' Bunderson. About 30 miles before the fin-Herbst had a flat and so did ish the Herbst truck moved to the Sourapas, who had to change his frunL of Lht: pack, an<l Lhe1e L11t:y by hi1mdf, sinct: ht: ha<l nu pas-stayed, physically first (except for sengers this race. Fortin moved to bikes of course) and first in their the front by the time they got to class. About ten miles before the secret Check A "just cruising", finish their power steering went and trying to avoid the rocks. away, but it didn't slow them no- Sourapas felt he "hit most of'em". ticeably, and they came in for the Quinn was having a ball, since win. Collins was only eight min-he'd discovered that he ran the utes behind them in second place, Laughlin race and the Parker and Ashley and Smith another 13 event after it with what was es-minutes back thanks to those sentially half throttle. Now he was flats. Post and Whelchel and "givin' it pretty much all I had!". Beacham were fourth, and Vos-He said he hit "only seven rocks". burg came across the finish line Quinn was second now and fifth, but missed the 0fficial cut- Randy Wilson moved into third, off time by four minutes, so he his V6 powered Jimco without earned a DNF. third gear, but otherwise running The Class 1 car took off sec- well. Sourapas dropped to fourth, ond, with 24 teams, almost any and Herbst was fifth. He'd lost one of them capable of the win. time when the studs on his right rear wheel pulled out and he'd had to wait for the chase truck to get to him with spare parts. Doug Fortin, J,.-said he "just cruised" around the course in his Jimco, but he won Class 1, only a minute behind the Herbsts. Rob MacCachren had absolutely no problem, except with his competition, and brought his Fraley back first in 1-2/1600. Fortin ran a trouble-free day, even though an area that he said reminded him of the old Mint race "rock garden". He took the win, finishing only one minute behind the Herbst Trophy Truck. Quinn was second, three minutes later, and Wilson finished third. He said they "were leery (without that third gear) and had to short shift", but had avoided getting any flat tires. Sourapas was fourth, driving the last few miles with a rear flat. And Troy Herbst was fifth, 15 minutes behind Fortin. Herder was a DNF after some-thing gave up in his steering, and Continued on page 10 Page 8 May 2001 Dusty Times

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Brian Collins had a problem with gearing, but his Chevy ran well Jeff Quinn gave his Porsche Jimco a real work out, missed most Randy Wilson drove the family's new six-cylinder powered Jimco, and even with a missing gear, finished third in Class 1. enough to get him back to the finish as the second Trophy Truck. of the rocks and took second in Class 1. Mark McMillin had a rare non-son lost second gear on their three calated from then on, Pat Dean finish also. Darland's too small speed automatic, Corky. McMillin ran out of gas, and Scott McMil-radiator got the best of him very rolled his Chenowth, Rick Ro-!in ran into "San Felipe Bob" late in the race, but everyone else mans was spewing oil, Ron Brant's Surmon who was racing in the finished. A total of 18. They new car "beat me to death". Mark 125cc bike class and made an un-didn't do it without problems. and Gary Weyhrich lost an alter-expected lane change. Surmon John Gaughan and B.J. Richard-nator early and their troubles es- went flying and McMillin waited Clive Skilton, Class 3 Jeep, was elated to get his first victory while actuany at the wheel of a car. for help to get there before he went on. We're happy to report that Surmon was seen strolling around the finish line a few hours later, a broken tail bone and bruises the result of his sudden stop. The Protrucks took to the desert next, and all five of them made it all the way. Bob Shepard and Dan Ragland had their Chevy in the lead by Check 1, with Scott Steinberger, Ford, running sec-ond, a minute back, and Ryan Herzog in thir in his Ford. Steve Olliges was about 17 minutes back in his ford and Richard Hoffman had lost about two hours with his Chevy. He'd lost a push rod, so he'd stopped and removed the spark plug and was now running An Intimate Gem Adjacent to Bellagio, Caesars & Baily's on seven cylinders. their only problem on the second Shepard and Steinberger were half. Steinberger had dropped to having a close race, and at one third, 12 minutes back from point while trying to get around Shepard. Olliges was fourth a half him, Shepard flattened a tire. But hour later and Hoffman was an-then he closed up again. Herzog other hour and a halfback in fifth. had a rear flat and Olliges was The Class 8 trucks started having a terrible time with is car-next, with six entries. They all buretor loading up. It bogged es- ma·de it through the first check-pecially badly in the washes, and point, where Jesse Jones had the finally fouled the plugs. Not an lead in his Chevy. Joe Patelli, in a easy day for Olliges. Chevy Blazer, ran second there, At the Sulfur Mine Steinberg-nine minutes later, and Pat Bell, er was in the lead, but only a few also Chevy, was third another 13 seconds ahead of Shepard, and minutes back. This class spread Herzog was running third. And at out more quickly than some. Beny Check B - the second secret check Canela had already lost over an at about Mile 178, Steinberger hour when, eight miles into the had two minutes on Shepard and race, he hit one of those big rocks. Herzog's co-driver, Grayson He broke two shocks, a brake line, Smith was another five minutes blew the tire, and broke the back. Olliges was by now 40 min- wheel. Time for- repairs. But if utes off the pace. anyone knows how to make on-In the short distance to the fin- course repairs, it's Canela. ish line Steinberger had a flat and At the Sulfur Mine Jones had Shepard went by to take the win. a lead of over an hour. By now Herzog and Smith moved into Craig Corda and Joe Patelli were second place, a sticky throttle both out, .but Canela, and co-'"'-"-'"-"'-'"o'--"'"'"" o ~ Ask About Our Special Headliner Show and A Room Packages Page 10 @~tr Flamingo & The Strip 1-888-227-2279 The Place Las Vegans Call Home'" West Flamingo & Valley Vtew 1-888-402-6278 May 2001 West Tropicana & Arville 1-800-675-3267 orlea,:, Ask About Our Room & Golf Packages ~rnm~~TI . -----·"" ,, Alta & Rampart 1-877-677-7111 . Dusty Times

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Steve Sourapas drove his Jimco with no rider, which he regretted Adam Pfankuch Jost a throttle return spring on his Kernco, which Kash Vessels was really fast, but a flat tire cost him some time when he had a flat to change by himself. He was fourth Class 1. gave heim some trouble, but still earned second in 1-211600. and he took third in 1-2/ 1600 in his Chenowth. driver, Dennis Milner, were run-Cummings, Mike Williams an stoppe or a new spare, was ea -as was Sellars' fourth place. And having no trouble at all, and Let-ning again. Jones was driving "a Jim Dizney. Williams lost his mo- ing by eight minutes. He had a in fifth it was Sandoval and Jack-ner liked the course. Penhall and good conservative race" and hav- tor and Dizney's motor would idle, tennis ball sized rock rolling son. Another three teams fin-Kennedy were fourth and Rick t. ing no problems .so far. Bell was but wouldn't move the car. We around in the cockpit, playing ished: Dan Myers, Danny Ander-John and Steve Misciewicz were second, but a little over an hour don't know what happened to the havoc with the pedals. It jammed son and Steve Myers (the Myers fifth in their Kernco. Rick got al-down, and Nick Vanderway had others. the throttle full on at one point. brother ran two cars in this class). most no distance before breaking moved his Chevy up to third At Check 1 Martin Chris-Hutchins' co-driver, Kevin Soder Eleven teams didn't get back. the power steering ram. He then place. Canela and Milner were tensen had the lead in his Jimco was now second, and Scott Sell-The SCORE Lites had the had two rear flats in Matomi catching him, only another nine which sports a new higher horse- ers in another new Chenowth, same number of starters as Class Wash, used all his spares and minutes back. power BMW motor this year. But this with a Honda VTec motor, 10, but they did somewhat better, started walking to look for help. When they'd all rounded the Chris Harrold was only a minute ran third, about 14 minutes later. and finished a total of 12 cars. Vic He found Christensen's crew and southern tip of the course and got behind him in his Honda powered He'd had a problem with a Bruckmann had moved into the they gave him a tire. But he lost a back through the first secret Jimco, and tied with Sean Sessa clogged fuel filter and a lack of lead by the first checkpoint, in his couple of positions with all this check, Jones had a scare when he in another Jimco. James Price was tools to fix it, but at this point the Jimco, but he had only a minute trouble. broke the bolt that holds the wish- fourth in his Bunderson, and then car was running well again. Croll on Kory Halopoff in his Bergdahl Arturo Honold took over for bone. When he'd got it repaired Steve Myers, in a Toyota Jimco was fourth, five minutes later, and chassis who ran second. Then Bruckmann at Mile 96, and he he discovered he was stuck, and was tied for sixth with Andrew then there was a gap. Blase Jack-came a tie fot fourth, between lost fourth and fifth gears. But, he lost 19 minutes all told. But it Wehe in Don Hatch's Jimco. son and Mike Sandoval ran fifth, Ron Dalke in his Tatum and said, "I think it's better." He was didn't matter, because he'd had Harrold and Christensen were an hour down after their shifter Steve Greinke in a Porter. Behind still the leader at secret Check such a good lead, no one caught enjoying a very close race. broke off. Once repairs were made them was another tie, with Jerry "B", with seven minutes on Let-him. He still led at Check B by a When they got to Mile 94, the the Meco was running fine. Chris-Penhall and L.J. Kennedy, in a ner and Halopoff. Tom Ridings, margin of over two hours, and Sulfur Mine, Harrold had taken tensen, who ran such a good race, Penhall, tied with Ross Craft in soloing in a Mirage, was now now it wa Canela/Milner in sec-over the lead, with a little less never got to Check 3, nor did Kevin James' car. Craft had al-third. The top had come off his ond pla~e as Bell had dropped out. than two minutes on Christensen. Price. Rick Ellison and Ken Flip- ready had some trouble with the car, and he had a problem that Jones went on to take the win Mark Hutchins, in another Jimco, pin were also both out of it. The throttle sticking full on and the we've never heard before. Every with the time of 4:30:29, and had moved up to third place, field was shrinking rapidly. brake pedal going to the floor. time he stepped on the brake to Canela and Milner were second, about eight minutes later, and fol-Harrold had another flat, and About 10 miles further into the show down the floorboard came saying that other than that rock, lowed by Hatch and Wehe in stopped for another spare, and race the CV bolts on the left side up and pushed on the throttle so "it was a good race." Vanderway fourth, about two minutes further came on in to finish first. He was sheared off at the drive flange. the car would go faster. Will and was third, making the cut off time back. In fifth it was Steve Croll also 14th overall. Hutchins and They were done for the day. Jerry Higman ran fourth now in by just 24 minutes. But he did°get in a beautiful new Chenowth. S-oder were second'. with ii.lark's Bruckmann fed' clear down their Krueger Fab chassis. Aside there. The car wasn't yet set up quite daughter, Kelly riding all the way. through the Sulfur Mine, where from hitting a tree they'd had no The Class IO cars were next to right, but Croll wasn't having any (More of an lronman than either he had about three minutes on trouble. And Dennis Boyle had go, and they had 19 entries tak- major trouble. of the divers apparently.) They Greinke who'd moved up to sec-moved _up to fifth in his Mirage. ing the flag. Four of them couldn't They all found the secret said the "car ran as good as it's ond. In third now it was Halopoff Bruckmann and Honold ran makethefirstcheck.ltwasavery checks, and at the second one ever run!" Croll moved up to andhiscousin,HarleyLetnerwho steadily on to take the win. short race for Eli Yee, Willie Harrold, who'd had a flat and third, a good finish in a new car, drove the second half. They were Honold said it wa "a very nice car, Pete Sohren dusted off his old Class 5 car and went right to the front, taking the win easily. Craig Turner had his Ford in front of the Class 7 race all day, had no trouble, and took home the first place trophy Dusty Times Alberto Santos did all the driving in his 5-1600, and in spite of one small incident, ended the day as the winner. perfect car, very strong motor and it works terrific." He wasn't very happy with the win! Halopoff and Letner were second only 10 min-utes later, saying it was a "good, rough course." In third it was Rid-ings, who survived his weird throttle/brake problem, and he was followed in by the Higmans, who said it was a "nice, rough course." Boyle was fifth, another .nine minutes back. Bob Hummel and Mike Cohen, in a Jimco, had major repair work done to their shock towers, and said they had an off road dream team doing the work: John Marking, Andy Anderson, Charlie Watters, Scott Prill, Gus Vildosola and Gerry Scott. They fixed the problem in less than 20 minutes and went on to finish sixth. The unlimited Baja Bugs, Class 5, took off next, and they mus-tered up a group of 10 cars for this race. Pete Sohren had completely rebuilt his old car (the one he did the terrible endo in at the SCORE race in PIR in the eighties some time). It was new for the snowy Parker race in '84. He had a two minute lead at the first check. Hector Ledezma ran second, and Michael James had his car tied with Dave Cua another minute back. Then Michael Jakobson was tied with Enrique Bujanda, another two minutes later. Peren-nial winner, George Seeley, was seventh, discovering that his "car Cory Susag and Doug Siewart had their new Chevy out for the first time and doesn't like the sand." Actually, want home Class 7S winners. Continued on page 12 May 2001 Page 11

Page 12

t Alfonso Hernandez put his Bronco II to the test and finished the Michael James and Mike Kalicki had only a tossed belt to trouble Daniel and Mario Gutierrez had a problem with too-soft shocks, but once fixed their 5-16 worked well and they took second. day as the second place vehicle in Class 3. their Class 5 car and earned second place. it was more a matter of tires, 42, and was also blowing oil, so troubles were still ahead of him. which he'd inflated to a high pres- he was a spectator early. In fourth it was Jakobson, and his sure, so he wouldn't have to worry At the Sulfur Mine Sohre still co-driver, Todd Sanderson, who so much about the rocks. Guy led, now six minutes in front of described himself as a "rookie" Peterson had a short day. He'd Ledezma, and Bujanda had since this was only his third race. lost his clutch completely by Mile moved up to third. But his James and co-driver Mike Kalicki were now fifth. he was still leading, 15 minutes up Sohren was having wonderful on Ledezma. But then. Ledezma fun, his car, powered by a 2700cc never got any further. James and 914 motor, ran steadily on, and Kalicki who'd tossed an alterna-he was having no flats. All he tor belt, were third, Seeley had stopped for was fuel. At Check B come up to fourth, and Jakobson __ !'!!"" _____ 'l""!l'_""ffl! ________________________ , and Sanderson were fifth. DJUSTABILITY TO OBTAIN OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE ,, _;"< X t Rl;,SIST FADING CAUSED' BY HEAT AND CAVITATION t ,:it'"✓ ..... ~ fc' •2 AND 3 TUBE DEStGNS,.fOR l=JNE TUNING SUSPENSION . . ,, . ' -, ,_ °"' I '-• t \ ,RACE PROVEN OUAllt: AND ; ,E~FORM~NCE / \ •2.5" AND 3" DIAMETER,A:AILABLE . ,'.) ·. _·•.-4, ~ ... '.'./ \ 7 ~ - . .. / ' ' ,,,;/' ,,, ,. ~·''. :·.-.. / ~;,,&f!f;$, '"'-~\,.,.., ..,.,y·· --vi . :,_~ Distributors Baja Concepts Kartek 760-723-2117 909-628-0833 McKenzie's Raceshock Co. Off-Road Warehouse Prowlers 114-441-1212 602-49s-a100 ass-sss-n92: 661*28a-~zs1 to learn more or call (B 7 • 7 Sway-A-Way, Inc. Chatsworth, CA Page 12 May 2001 ..A.- .... Sohren got to the point where the course makes a right tum onto the trail about 200 yards before the finish and his motor made a horrible noise. When he got to the payement he turned it off and coasted the last few yards across the finish line (it's downhill) to get the win. Once he got home he saw a big hole in the top of the case. He said he could put his "whole hand in from the top." The timing was right. James and Kalicki had no problems beyond that belt and took second place. In third it was Seeley who had it right with the tire pressure, be-cause he had no flats, but the sandy washes were tough. Cua, who had broken a steering ram and lost 25 minutes while he got it welded uo. finished fourth. Ja-kobson and Sanderson, who said we "took our time, played it safe", finished fifth. Bujanda who drove the whole second half of the race with no power steering, was sixth. Class 7 was next to go. Six of them started, but Hector Sarabia couldn't make it to Check 1 in his Nissan, so they were down to five very early. It looked as if they might be down to three for a while. Mike Becker got to the first turn of the course and the weld that held the wishbone heim on his Toyota broke. He just turned around, came back into town and by serendipity drove right up to a welding shop. He had to wait while a chase crew had their trailer fixed, but all together it took very little time and he was going again, after paying the $30 fee. While his truck was being re-paired, in came Perry McNeil, in the same class, needing work on his Ford. He had to wait for Becker to get finished, but then he, too, was back out on the course. In the meantime, Craig Turner had his Ford well down the road. He was leading by eight minutes at Check 1 and it was Scott Sells, in a Toyota, in second place. Ernest Cervantes had his Ford Ranger in third, but he was down about an hour and a half after a lengthy repair on a broken spindle. Then it was McNeil and Becker. Turner was having no prob-lems and had a lead of 11 min-utes at the Sulfur Mine. It was still Sells in second place. Cervantes was third and McNeil ran fourth. But Becker was out of it. He broke a uni-ball down by the Percebu access road, about 87 miles into the race. He said his luck was good however, because he was Dusty Times

Page 13

Victor Orellana did all the driving in his 5-1600 car, finished on Scott Sells had a bunch of flats and needed some welding, but Eric and Jared Hardin ran a steady race in their GMC to take second place in Class 7S. three cylinders in third place. staying at Percebu and it was no problem to get back to his digs. Turner had about 45 minutes on Sells by the time they got to Check B, thanks to the three flats Sells had. Cervantes held steady in third place, but then at about Mile 190, 18 miles before the fin-ish, he lost an engine. But (and this is what happens with most racers), he lost about eight or nine minutes fiddling around, wonder-ing what it could be, before he switched to the new ignition, and voila, everything worked. Turner went on to take the win, finishing 52 minutes to the good. He said it was a "great course, marked wonderfully." Sells had a front wheel bearing back off, and he felt it before the wheel took off into the desert, stopped for help at Los Mocos, and got things welded together again. (This class seems to require a lot of welding.) The Locos Mocos are the pit team that ser-vices an one who needs he! and happens to fall into their pit. A bolted the class. Bought herself a bunch of great ·guys! Cervantes Class 1 car and was prepared to was another hour back in third race it, but the motor wasn't place and McNeil was fourth, ready.) So the first five were coming close to the cut off time. within three minutes of one an-The 1/2-1600 class measured other, and another five were right up the 1 Os and 12s, with 19 el).-on their heels. tries also. By the time they were MacCachren had done his at Check l Rob MacCachren had homework and decided the rocks his Fraley in the lead, but he was were enough of a threat that he sharing it with Kash Vessels in a ran some narrower tires than Chenowth. This was a surprise to usual on the rear, with the square MacCachren who hadn't raced in edges thoroughly shaved off. This this class for a while (except at the made it hard going in the sand, recent Laughlin event). He was and Vessels, with a fatter, softer watching out for Adam Pfankuch rear tire could catch him there. and Vessels surprised him. "He's MacCachren said he tried to keep fast!" he said later. Vessels, still a · his ·car in second gear, but every relative newcomer, is indeed, fast. now and then he'd have to go Brian Logan ran third in his Loth-back into first and the motor ringer, and then came Pfankuch, would be "just screamin'." At the his Kernco tied with Dale Ebberts Sulfur'Mine he had a clear lead, and his middle-aged Chenowth, but he was only 41 seconds up on with rear suspension that's still Vessels. Pfankuch was third about not working right. Laughlin had a miriute later, and then came been its first race in 10 years. Ebberts, two minutes behind him. (Fans of this class may wonder Matt Sherard, in a Suspensions where Bekki Freeman was. She's Unlimited car, ran fifth, about still got his Toyota to the finish second in Class 7. P R· E C /· S I D N everything yau need ta build. · maintain and operate a racecar Fire 5ystems 5ilicane Turba Hase Neo 5ynthetic Lubricants four mmutes later. MacCachren was having no trouble. He still led at Check B. Pfankuch had lost a wire from the coil, and his throttle-return-spring had also fallen off, sticking the throttle wide open. Vessels, now in third place, had a slipping clutch and couldn't let off the gas. He'd had a flat at Mile 170 and that's where he lost his first-on-the-road position. Ebberts created a little comic relief when his front Continued on page 14 Jesse Jones led all the way, had a mostly good day, and finished in first place in Class 8. 2B65 Gundry Ave. 5ignal Hill. CA 9DBD6 BDD.959. 7757 56i!!.4i!!7.i!!375 FAX: 5i!Ei.4i!Ei.5294 Baits, Nuts and Hardware 5parca 5eats, 5teering Wheels, 5uits and 5aFety Equipment Craw Belts and Harnesses Bell Helmets Aurora. NHBB and FK Rad Ends Fuel 5aFe and Triangle Fuel Cells 5etrab, Lang and F/uidyne Di/ Caa/ers We/dun Fuel and Di/ Pumps Fresh Air Driver Ventil_ation 5ystems lntercamp 5ca/es and Alignment Equipment Aeraquip &. 5peedF/aw 5talnless Braided Hase &. Fittings !!iee our complete anline catala at 111111111111.baker reci!!!iiian.can1 Dusty Times May 2001 Page 13

Page 14

Beny Canela and Dennis Milner, Ford, started their day with big Some motor changes didn't work out well, but Luis Guevara and Mark Hutchins and Kevin Soder, Jimco, drove. Mark's daughter trouble, but got to the finish line in second place in Class 8. Federico Montes still managed to take second place in Class 9. Kelly rode all the way and they took 2nd place in Class 10. bumper fell off and he ran over it MacCachre went on, free of "to its full potential." Vessels was about 15 minutes, but other than the lead in his newly purchased and flattened a tire. (He probably trouble, and with no flat tires, to third, about two minutes later, fol-that had a good day. Another seven Chevy S 10, one of MacPherson's didn't think it was funny.) Logan, take the win. He had about 10 min- lowed in by Ebberts, less than two cars in this class made it to the fin- champion Class 7 trucks. The team who'd been third early on, report- utes on Pfankuch, who reported minutes behind him. In fifth it was ish line. had been required to shorten the edly rolled over, but he did get go- that his rear shocks were gone and Hector "Pacho" Garcia, who'd been The 7S trucks were next to take front suspension to bring it back to ing again. he hadn't been able to push the car high-centered on a big rock for off. At Check 1 Doug Siewart had 7S specs, but the four liter motor MICRO STUBS KC HILITES KC offers some of the-most durable and powerful competi-RACE EXHAUST KARTEK 's micro stubs are used by some of the tion lighting in off-road racing today, KARTEK is pruud tu offer a large selection of KC KARTEK designed race exhausts are the best on the market. Available in jet coat-ed or raw with gussets on #-2 & 4. Features super thick flanges, u Megaphone style collector, and a flange to allow the addition of SUPER-biggest names in off-road racing today. KARTEK takes pride in the quality and durability of their micro stubs, and in the quality parts from which · they are assembled. Hi lites and accessories to meet all of your lighting_ needs. TRAPP"' 5-inch discs. Page 14 These trick KARTEK designed units consist of a stock drum precision machined and aug-mented with a billet plate and heat treamed chromoly splined center for maximum durability. Accept NO substitutes. YOKOHAMA TIRES SUPERDIGGERS are the best off-road tires 911 the market today. Their aggressive tread pattern and increadible durability has made them the preferred tires of many off-road race teams. BATES BOOT.FLANGE & LIGHTENED 930 & 934/5 CVs This KARTEK exclusive was designed to elimi-_ nate the CV overheating that is associated with the use of Bates boots. This trick flange sets the poot away from the CV. This flange allows for the use of lightened and standard CV joints. KARTEK's. lightened CVs are precision machined to allow them to stand up to the rig-ors associated with off-road racing. May 2001 was newly legal, and Siewart was liking that. It's a 4x4 which was new to them, but they were willing to learn. In second place it was Daniel Fresh in his Jeep, followed by Eric and Jared Hardin, another four minutes back in another old MacPherson team Chevy. Um, ex-cuse me, GMC. Kevin Davis was fourth in his Ford Ranger, and his day was turning into an off road epic. Cody Swanty, another Jeep driver, ran fifth, but another 40 minutes down for unknown rea-sons. Joel Stankavich~ Ford, was already out, as was Ernesto Gutier-rez. At the Sulfur Mine Siewart and co-driver, Cory Susag, were still leading. They had a leaky rear seal and had to stop to add fluid several times, But they were 11 minutes in front of Fresh. He'd lostthe bolt on his panhard bar, and tried substi-tuting a screwdriver to keep it in place. When the screwdriver fell out he used a seat bolt, and that worked. Davis was third, 16 min-utes later. He'd had a broken oil ·line, a broken rocker shaft and a bunch of down time. He got stuck three times. Macrae Glass (in the Stock Mini class) pulled him out once and a Mexican family got him unstuck another time. As if that wasn't enough trouble, he hit a rock and stuffed the skid plate into the .drive shaft, and that cost another 45 minutes to fix. A true Baja race. When they got to secret Check "B" Siewart and Susag, whose right rear springs had lost a bolt, had 26 minutes and now it was the Hardins in sec9nd place. In third it was Fresh, another half hour down af-ter fiddling around with the panhard bar, and Davis was more than an hour behind him. Swanty was still running., but almost an-other hour back. Siewart and Susag took the win, finishing 24 minutes in front of the second place Hardins. (It was ex-MacPherson trucks first and sec-ond.) Fresh was third, Davis, with a very persistent and hardaworking team keeping him going, took fourth. And Swanty was fifth and last in the class to finish. There were 15 of the S-l 600s, and they were next to start. At the first check the lead belonged to Victor Orellana, and he had a minute on Steve Kobayashi. Then it was a three-way tie between Al-berto Santos, Eric Deen and Curt Geer, all two minutes further back. They were almost all still running, as only Daniel Lopez failed to get to the first check. Deen picked up the pace a bit and got into the lead by the Sulfur Continued on page 16 Dusty Times

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., Steve Croll drove his very good looking new Chenowth all the way, to finish third in Class 10. Kory Halopoff and Harley Letner took second place in SCORE · Tom Ridings soloed his Mirage to a nice third place in the SCORE Lite in their Bergdahl chassis, with an untroubled run. Lite class in spite of a weird problem. Mine. Geer, with whom he'd been tied, didn't get that far. Alberto Santos moved into second place, finding his car heavier than the oth- · ers. He said they could pass him in the sand washes. He put it on its side once, but lost only a few sec-onds. Ruben Gutierrez was third now, only 36 seconds behind the lead car, and Kobayashi, and co-driver, Allan Gregory were fourth. They'd lost their clutch at about. Mile 20 and were just doing "with-out it." In fifth it was Victor Orellana, who had just one flat for the day. Check B he was three minutes to place. That was Orellana who'd said, "the crew made a big mistake." Im, who's about the same age, 1s.) the good and it was Santos in sec- done the final 20 miles on three I'll say. Once recovered from that It was tough for this class,. what ond. Then Orellana and the Ernie cylinders. Negrete and lribe were error, they went on at a pretty good with limited engines, limited sus-Negrete car were tied for fourth. fourth, after running out of gas clip, but late in the day Salazar hit pensions and lots of sand and rocks. Negrete's was new, this was its first three miles out. Gerardo got some a deer. That's another first for this But they all got through the second race. Co-driver, Gerardo lribe was donated by some spectator and race. He claimed it was a 10- check and on to the Sulfur Mine. in for the second half of the day. ' came in for fourth place, less than pointer, but said he thinks that now At that point Guevara had the lead, Ruben Gutierrez had the bad two minutes behind third. In fifth it's "venison." A total of ten 5- less than a minute ahead of luck to break a c.v. at about Mile it was Kobayashi and Gregory who 1600s made it to the finish, two- Navarrete. Fernandez was third and 190, and that dropped him way were only another 21 seconds back, thirds of their entry. Bio ran fourth, about three and a down. Santos went on to take the apparently not missing that clutch The Class 9 buggies took to the half minutes behind the lead car. win, reporting no flat tires to mar too much. The top five cars finished trail next, with an entry of seven McLean was running well, but his day. He finished nine minutes within a 12 minute stretch. Any cars. Eric Fisher, in a Garibay, is back, and Velazco had dropped to in front of Daniel and Mario Guti- one of them could have had the usually a finisher, and usually well sixth, 20 minutes behind. Now Deen fell out, his season beset by bad luck so far, and Ruben Gutierrez took over the lead. At errez, who'd had to stiffen up their victory "Vith a little more luck. In up in the standings, but this time Most of the teams switched driv-shocks a bit halfway through the sixth place it was Roberto Jiminez, he didn't even make it to Check l. ers somewhere around here, and day. Other than that they had a Jr. and Mario Salazar who said they Everybody else got at least through now Sergio Gutierrez took over for clean race, and were a scant minute ran out of gas at Mile 40. While we the second check. And when they Bio, and put the car into the lead. and 14 seconds in front of third tried to absorb that bit of data, they went through Check 1 the best was Guevara let Federico Montez take in the hands of Alejandro over. They'd made some changes ·Navarrete. One minute behind him to their motor and it wasn't run-there was a three-way tie for sec- ning well at all, not the results ond, or for fourth, depending on they'd hoped for, though their sus-you r point of view. Francisco pension changes worked just fine. Fernandez in the Gomez family They were second now. In third it Raceco, was on the same minute was Ivan Gomez, taking over for with Luis Guevara in a Tubular Fernandez, and about 15 minutes Designs chassis and Cisco Bio in further down after a rear flat at Mile another Tubular Designs car. Then 120. He had onlv a front spare and it was Arturo Velazco, three min- didn't like the way the car drove utes late, in his Jimco. About a half with a front on the rear, so he had hour behind them was Ed McLean, to stop for another rear, and a new who, at 75, may have been the old- spare. Velazco was now in fourth, est driver in the race, already down but _almost two hours further ~ack. after being high-centered for a Ar:d _ McLean and his co-dnve~, while in hisJimco. (Ed note: If he's Phillip Breedlove, had lost thetr not the oldest, then Corky McMil- engine and were on a tow rope. Cl) ::, 1-(.) <( (.) 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Manual, Push Activater ULT-5752 15 x 7 VW ~ ~---------------------------------------... ~ S&SHEADERS • C 0 SI PSO BEARD SEATS E LA C I ITES FOOD ILL RE LI OIL u p Page 16 May 2001 Cisco Bio and Sergio Gutierrez teamed in a Tubular Designs chassis to take the Class 9 win with an untroub_led drive. Vic Bruckmann and Arturo Honold teamed in a Jimco, lost some of their gears, but took the SCORE Lite win anyway Dusty Times

Page 17

.. The Candy Cane Raceco has passed on to a second-generation Chuck Deck and Greg Horr brought their almost-new car out for a Ryan Hersog and Grayson Smith, Ford, had only a sticky throttle team, and Marq Princet Ben Shepard & Sean Cummins took the run, and took second in the close Class 11 race. to trouble them.I and finishetd sehcond in the Protruck clalss. d _S~p_or_t_sm-,t.,..al_n .... B_ut~g~g~y_w.,..h{n_.--,-l _ r_a~-c-e-,-a-n- d-,-,Wrur.,,--,l,--t_e_r_,P..,.r~1.-n-c_e_,..1·s- n-o 1e ot ers went on to mis , 10 t ere. c ose racmg or t 1s group. p anne to run mos y m wow ee a and Gutierrez taking the win, their At the Sulfur Mine Griffin had Glass tried unplugging his "mass drive. The truck had a motor with longer the owner of the striped only problem had been hitting a 56 minutes on him. He kept mov- airflow meter" which made his an incredible sound, and it ap- two seater, but has sold the car to tree. Guevara and Montez took sec- ing along gingerly, because he runs truck run pretty well, and then he peared to be hard to hold back. his son, Marq. The tradition of ond. Gomez and Fernandez were only 19 pounds of air in his rear tires changed to the new "brain", and it But it wasn't to be. The new toy tossing out candy canes will con-third, and Velazco was fourth, just and worries about the rocks. He has· ran "good". He was off and running. had very little testing on it, and it tin ue, however, as that was a shy of nine hours after he started. to keep the tires soft in order to get Land never got to Check 4. didn't get much racing either. The stipulation of the sale. A long, long day. a little more rear suspension. Porter lost some time before transmission went out before he got Sergio Silva was out of things Most of the Stock Full trucks Foutz finally got all his ducks in Check A, and Glass went into the to Check 1. It's to be hoped he's early, when his Baja Bug failed to didn't come to San Felipe, but the a row and came on steadily, gain- lead again. And then he stayed not too discouraged to try again. get to the second check. But the two that did had a heckuva race. ing a little every check point, but it there as Porter continued to lose Kovel, who never seems to be dis- rest went on, 'Carraway still lead-Jonn Griffin and his Hummer were wasn't enough. Griffin, whose time. Or maybe it was just that couraged, also failed to make Check ing there, ad Jackson, Woodward leading at Check 1, but having a power steering went out just as he Glass was runningwellgain.'He said 1, though we don't know why. and Sharp still second. Prince and problem with the transmission crossed the finish line, took the vie- they had to use their four-wheel- But Skilton and Hernandez were his co-drivers, Ben Shepard and which was running hot due to over tory, his first. Foutz finished second drive for 90 or 100 miles this race, on their way. Skilton had 36 min-Sean Cummins were a close third. filling. But that was nothing com- only 12 minutes later. and was muttering about "sand, utes by Check 1, and over an hour When they got to Check "B", pared to what Greg Foutz and his The Stock Mini trucks started sand,sand."Glasstookthewinwith by the time he got to the Sulfur which was about Mile 178, big Ford truck were dealing with. the day with four entries, and they a 39 minute cushion on Porter, who Mine. He was having a great day, Carraway had an hour on the Something went awry with his I-all got through Check 1. But Greg was second, and the only other with no flat tires, and just kept Candy Cane team which was one beam, and that caused a shock Ekman, in a very stock-looking Kia, Stock Mini to finish. moving ahead. About 30 miles from minute ahead of Jackson, Wood-mount to break. By ilie time repairs was already an hour and a half down Class 3 went next, and this was the finish he had to switch to a new ward and Sharp who were now were made they were stuck. at that point, and he didn't make it an interesting group, for a while. ignition computer, but other than third. Tim Price ran fourth. At Check 2 Griffin had 34 min- to Check 2. Macrae Glass, in a Not only was Clive Skilton driving that nothing went wrong. Skilton Disaster befell Carraway, and utes. And it was a good thing, be- Ford, had the lead, but it was a his Jeep, but there was Kirk Kovel got his first victory wiili nearly three he didn't make it to Check 4 or cause his chase crew, in a big flat scant one, and David Porter ran a in his elderly Bronco, and Alfonso hours on the second place car. He the finish. Prince, Shepard and bed truck, got stuck and radioed for minute behind him in another Hernandez in a Bronco II and Hiro was excited to get the win, saying Cummins piloted the candy canes help. He figured the only thing big Ford. Bob Land, Isuzu Yehicross, Matsushita, now retired from "my cars have won, but not with over the finish line in first place. enough to get them out was the was third. CART racing, in a brand new Mit-me at the wheel!" Jackson, Woodward and Sharp, Hummer, so he backtracked to Ekman didn't get to the second subishi. It seems a bit odd to find a The Sportsman Buggies had with no more problem than a bro-where they were and rescued them. check, but the rest went on. Glass pavement racer moving into off five starters, and they all made it ken limiter strap, were second, 13 A distance o(about five miles. This was still leading, thopgh his truck road, but Matsushita saidhe;d origi- through the first check. At that minutes 'later, and Price moved up was the first time he'd ever used his was "running ratty". At the Sulfur nally started on bikes as a moto-point Jay Carraway had the lead to finish third, almost another tow strap. Meanwhile, Foutz got Mine we didn't get their times, but cross racer, and he seemed to think by about 10 minutes. The team of hour down. stuck, and had a flat. In fact, he got at Check 3, 122 miles into the race, it all made sense. He also did some George Jackson, Ray Woodward Class 11 had a good race. Ex-stuck four times, got high-centered Porter had a lead of two minutes, rally driving in the past, in a Toyota. and Jack Sharp was second. And • cept for Miguel Haro, who didn't in-a wash and had four flats. He also Glass was second and Land was just This would be his first race in a the Candy Cane Raceco ran third. even get to the first check. At broke a coil spring somewhere in three minutes behind him. Very truck, and while it was a 4x4, he A new era has begun with this that point, Fernando Flores and Eric Solorzano fought a bogging carburetor for half the race, then got things working and took the Class 11 win. - . .. ~ -. " . John Griffin got his first win in Stock Full with the big white Hummer and the Jackson/Woodward/Sharp trio took second in Sportsman Buggy at San Felipe. Dusty Times .. Bob Shepard and Dan Ragland teamed in a Chevrolet to take the Protruck win after a hard-fought battle. Macrae Glass thought it was something of a "miracle" that he even finished and he took the Stoci< Mini win in his Ford. ----------------May 2001 Miguel Mejia had the lead, three minutes up on Chuck Deck and Greg Horr, in their near new car. It was only its second race. Eric Solorzano, with his carburetor bogging, and having flat spots, ran third, 11 minutes back. But when they arrived at the Sulfur Mine Deck and Horr had the lead, with Solorzano about 10 · minutes back in second and Flores and Mejia third, another 10 min-utes down. They said their steer-ing box was "not right", and they had some flats. When they came around to Check "B", Solorzano had taken the lead, and he had just two min-utes on Deck and Horr. Flores and Mejia were now 25 minutes behind them. Solorzano, who had only two flats and "no stucks" went on to take the win, but it was close and Deck and Horr were only nine ·minutes behind him. Flores and Mejia also fin-ished, another 17 minutes back, •in third. There were-no actions for the CRB, so everything was· official and finished fairly early in the evening. There had been some injuries, including a trio of ·spec-tators hurt when a 1600 car rolled over and off course in a crowded area. None were· life threatening, and all were on the road to recov-ery as of this writing. SCORE now has a break until the June 1 and 2 Baja 500, in En-senada on the west coast of the Baja peninsula. Page 17

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WRC 34TH TAP RALLY OF PORTUGAL Portugal Belongs .To Tommi By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Tommi Makinen and Risto Manninsenmaki took their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to the big win ir:, Portugal, his 100th rally and 22nd win. Tommi Makinen cel-ebrated his 100th World Championship Rally start with his 22nd outright win on the 2001 Portugal Rally, ce-menting his position at the head of the World Champion-ship, and enabling Mitsubishi to move further in front in the Manufacturers series. Carlos Sainz pushed him had in un-believably bad conditions,. Fog, rain, water, ruts, mud and rocks were the conse-quence of a terribly bad win-ter full of terribly bad weather. Four stages were abandoned altogether, many others wee cut short before all the competitors could pass. Mitsubishi also won the Group N category. Manfred Stohl led almost all the way but he relinquished his posi-tion to allow Marcos Ligato to score his maiden win in the category. Pasi Hagstrom dev-astated the Teams Cup cat-, egory, making fastest time on all but one stage, while Hyun-dai, on the debut appearance of their second generation Accent WRC finished with both cars in the points, the only team not to suffer retfre-ment along the way. The Portugal Rally was Round 3 of 14 in the 2001 World Rally Championship and Round 2 of six in the FIA Teams Cup. Regarded as the first round of the 200 l sea-son, it was held on gravel roads, ranging from rocky sec-tions in central Portugal to sandy sections further north. Very fierce _conditions d':1rin_g the winter together with al-most non-stop rain in recent weeks meant that many roads were badly damaged. It be-came a race against the ele-ments for the organizers, first to keep the roads open for ·re-connaissance and then to make them passable for the event itself. There was a new location for .rally headquar-ters but the route was essen-tially the same as before. The pressure was begin-ning to tell on Peugeot who had scored no manufacturers points on the first two events. They had a three car team with Rovanpera as the third driver and he was told there would be no team orders but to please finish ahead of n·on-Peugeot drivers. Peugeot was running with special cylinder head bolts and revised trans-mission bearings. A total of seven 206 WRCs were en-tered, more than ever before .. This was Ford's first official rally entry for the Focus on gravel with Pirellf tires. "Two days of testing m Portugal proved nothing but we do have good water proofing," said Gunther Steiner, the Project Engineer. They had water cooled the fly by win; throttle motor and all three of their drivers had won the event previously. This was the fhst dme since Sweden 1996 that Subaru had entered a four car team. Mitsubishi had continued their rear sus-pension development work and had added a new engi-neer to help with tl-.e World Rally car. The engineer, Ed Wood, came from Ferrari, an unusual career move. In Group N, the only rival to the three South American entries was Stohl, also the twice Group N winner Campos had withdrawn his entry. Skoda was anticipating a very rough event although Armin Schwarz thought rough roads could be good for the Skoda team. Citroen had entered Bugalski and Puras but Puras had two accidents during recce and volunteered the car· to be driven by Tho-mas 'Radstrom. There were 10 contenders entered in the Teams Cup competition and nine of them were Toyota Co-rollas, five by the Toyota Swe-den team and they were all privately entered. ,---------:7' Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya ran hard in the Ford Focus but could only garner second place, a bit over eight seconds out the win. This was Makinen's l 00th entry in a WRC rally and in this period he has won no fewer than 21 rallies and taken four World Titles. He is the ninth driver to reach this level of experience. His first appearance was the 1000 Lakes -Rally in 1987. He is currently the longest serving member of any team, now in his seventh season with Mit-subishi. The weekend before the event the weather seemed to change for the better. The sun was seen briefly in the north but soon was replaced with rain. Nobody knew what it would be like for the rally but Peugeot was using mud ties as one of the two tread patterns they would be using on the event. Local authori-ties were repairing the roads but recce was a nightmare. Private drivers were fre-quentiy stuck and needed help to get going again. Hyundai was the only team using two wheel drive recce cars. Kenneth Eriksson said, "on nearly every stage we nearly got stuck and just try-ing to drive through the m110 made it almost impossible to make proper pace notes.". Leg 1 -Eight stages, gravel, 138 kms. The rally started on the Thursday evening with one superspecial stage held at Baltar. Rumors abounded that it would have to be can-celed but it was a major oc-casion for the region and huge effort had been expended to rebuild the track before the event. In the end it was not · as bad as some bad feared but the conditions were still ter-rible with fog and mud. Maki-nen made fastest time, a full second in front of Granholm and another 3 .1 in front of Rovanpera. After about 40 cars had run it was necessary to stop the stage. McRae's Focus en-gine stopped momentarily and the electrics of Thiry's Skoda failed and he became the first retirement. The Peugeots were using their mud tires but Makinen had a normal gravel tire with a big groove cut all round it and he finished the stage ·a full second in front of Granholm. Friday morning saw the start of the regular stages with the clouds hung low over the hills and the amount of mud on the tracks was amazing: On the way to the first stage Schwarz's Skoda.stopped with clutch failure and both Octa-via WRCs were out. After the first two stages the rally came alive with Makinen's amazing time· on Stage 4, the third of the day, when he was 25 sec-onds faster than anyone else. "It was water and mud all the time and it must have been good to be the -first car on the1 ;oad. Visibility was so 'bad' you ·could hardly see where to go, it was often down to 20 meters." Rovanpera, running second on the road, led the rally after the first two stages but admitted he had been too r::=111tio11s on the muddy roads. Loix was going well in sixth· place but damaged his Mitsu-bishi on a rock. There were cows on the stage to add to the excitement, only affecting four cars, three of them were Subarus and Gronholm's Peu-geot. The Hyundais were run-ning trouble free. Panizzi felt his suspension was too hard · and h,e was having a _hard time in the fog and he lost 20 seconds at service with elec-trical problems. Auriol broke a suspension arm on Stage 3 along with a water hose and the times spent making the repairs cost him 20 seconds road penalties. On Stage 3, Arai hit a rock and damaged the power steering, did some-thing to the alternator and he was out. Tapio Laukkanen gives his Toyota hard right rudder on his way to Pasi Hagstrom drifts his way around a corner in Portugal on his Crowds brave the rain to watch Manfred Stohl slither his Mitsubishi 9th overall, best private entry. way to 10th overall, first Teams Cup finisher, through the mud to 15th overall 2nd !!:_G_r_o~up_ N_. _____ _ Page 18 May 2001 Dusty Times

Page 19

Looking clean for the conditions, Alister McRae drove his Hyundai Finally, "dry ground", says Richard Burns as he moves his Subaru Marc Blazquez and Jordi Mercader drove their SEAT Cordoba to the 18th finishing spot in Portugal, shown here before a rain drenched crowd. Accent to 6th overall at the Portuguese Rally. lmpreza to a fine 4th overall in the Portugal Rally. In Teams Cup, Blomqvist eased off at evening and Maki-tial and Burns was having retired with gearbox failure nen found that running first power steering troubles. Dele-and Natalie Barratt flipped on the road was not at all easy. cour and Eriksson were hav-her car. Dor was having elec-McRae's car went onto three ing visibility problems and Al-tronic troubles with his Suba-cylinders near the end of ister McRae had starter motor ru nd Al Wahaibi broke a Stage 8 and he retired. Solberg troubles. Auriol was not mak-front strut when an EMI retired with suspension failure ing good time, presum-ably for mouse exploded and he was and Makinen complained that poor tire choice. Granholm re-very lucky that the next two the day had been long and dif-mained in third, nearly two stages were canceled. He ar-ficult with fog, water and mud minutes behind. Even on the rived at service with a piece everywhere. Only 57 crews final two stages of the day of rope holding the strut in finished Leg 1 and all were re-there were problems. Stage 17 place. lieved when the first day's -was clear but 18 was wrapped In Group N Stohl had contest ended. in fog. Granholm had a stone stalled the engine of his Mit-Leg 2 -Eight stages, gravd, lodge in a wheel which caused subishi on Stage 1 the night 153 kms. The rally headed his car to pull to one side then before, and three different south. The time schedule had Delecour was left with only drivers led on the first three been moved forward by half an first, third and fourth gear. stages, Trelles, Pozzo and hour after teams that the risk Burns had electronic gearbox Stohl. Then Trelles and Pozzo of dust at dusk would be·un-problems on 17 and then went retired, both with rear sus-fair on drivers. The conditions off the road for 30 secouds on Marcus Granholm and Timo Rautiainen took their Peugeot 206 to third spot, shown here slinging mud everywhere. ' pension damage caused by the meant the fears were un-18 and Panizzi's car was hit a rock and broke his drive-0.3 seconds in frorit of Maki-de~p ruts on the course. founded and eventually the swerving from side to side, shaft and the little Citroen nen. In the way for which he When Ligato arrived and saw · stage was canceled altogether. even on the straight sections. Saxo of Araujo was out of it has become famous, Makinen the carnage he wisely backed The challenge of the stages in In the Teams Cup there with electrical failure, the last pulled this and more back and off his pace. the hills was not so much mud, were two retirements on Stage of the two wheel drive en-eventually won the rally with In Formula 2 both Citroen but fog, anrl drivers found one 12, both for the same cause. trants. 8.6 seconds in hand. Saxos of Bugalski and extra hazard: on the wrong Kulig (Ford) and Lundgaard Group N leader Stohl fell In Group N Stohl retook Radstrom went off the road side of a flat out crest there (Toyota) both had driveshaft back behind Ligato when a the lead on the first stage of and. only \/{tor lopes came was a safety car parked on the faiiure. Pasi HagsHom stiii ied front driveshaft-broke. The the day and stayed there 'til through uhscathed. Radstrom track. Granholm was not hav-but Al Wahaibi was now sec-back markers were really hav-the finish with 14.1 seconds in finally got going again but on ing a good time, h,e was hav-ond and Papadimitriou Dor ing troubles, in the first 24 hand. However, Stohl was told the following road section just ing trouble focusing his eyes in ran third and Heath was in the hours they had done only two to check in early, receive a missed a truck going in the the fog and therefore, was fourth spot and he was de-stages, today they had done one minute penalty and thus opposite direction. He driving cautiously and his lighted that the fog was slow-four and 10 of them were time Ligato would win the category. swerved, went down a steep front differential was losing ing down the cars in front of barred at the end of the leg (Nothing like team orders.) In bank· and into retirement. hydraulic pressure and his him. 'Dor retired after Stage 14 and only 28 remained in the Teams Cup Hagstrom led all Leading the category after all mechanics were also working when his gearshift stopped rally. Ligato was 28 seconds the way and won all the stages, this was Araujo in a Group A on a fuel filter problem. shifting. ahead of Stohl at the end of save one. Citroen Saxo car. Later in the Panizzi lost his front spoiler on Amongst the Privateers, the day. It has been four years since day Lopes came around a cor-a good sized dip in the road Carlsson lost time with power Leg 3 -Two stages, gravel, Makinen won this event and ner and found two cars stuck and Freddy Loix was learning steering problems, dropped 34 kms. The day dawned he said the past three days in front of him, his Saxo to drive in the fog. Markko behind Hagstrom and finally cloudy, but dry but the dam-had been difficult indeed. smashed into one of them and Martin was also learning to retired on the final stage when age suffered earlier meant that Sainz said he took many risks he too retired from the fray. run in the fog. Eriksson's en-his suspension collapsed. the first stage of the day had to try and beat Makinen. "It The weather was taking a gine was running better but Highest place was Laukkanen to be canceled. Sainz took the is perhaps the most difficult heavy toll on the route. The his windshield wipers gave up in a Toyota Corolla. Solberg lead on Stage 21 and was now rally of my career." · first three stages of the day the ghost and Rovanpera 's en-~--_:._ ________ __:::::...._ _____ ...:a:... __________ ..:.._ _ __.: ______ ....... L...:Jir::; were to be repeated but it was gine quit coming up to the ser-not to be. Stage 2/3 was held vice park. · twice, in some respects not too Stages 14/16 were re-r·uns rough exce-pt for excessive rut-of the first three, the fog had ting. Stage 6 was canceled be-eased but the ruts were cause course checking vehicles deeper. Makinen's lead oscil-could not get through. Private lated but he was always be-drivers in two wheel drive cars tween a quarter to a half had already" experienced a lot minute in front of Sainz. On of trouble. Stage 7 was can-Stage 14 Loix stopped with celed for safety reasons. The ·transmission failure, which organizers said it was because left Hyundai with the only low clouds prevented the secu-complete team still running. rity helicopter from flying, oth-Martin cut a corner a wee bit ers said it was because the am-too close and ended up with bulance was stuck up to its ax-the front wheels out in space les in the mud. Delecour had a and the car bottomed out on braking problem, Colin the track. The front runners McRae's engine stalled in. mid were still angry with the orga-stage and Panizzi incurred an-nizers, this time for wanting to other 20 second penalty and send cars down the stage with-Burns, like many of the drivers out a zero car .in front of them complained as to how deep the and in Makinen's case, being ruts were and that they were warned that there were some scraping bottom most of the stray cars on the course. He time. refused to start the stage un-Three st~ges remained that til all was in readiness. Sainz evening, 8 and 9 were close to slid wide on Stage 16 and Amarante and then Stage 10 bounced off a bank, Gron ho Im was run as a Superspecial at made three more stages with-the rallycross circuit. The rain out an effective front differen-Dusty Times 34™ TAP-Rally of Portugal !>-11 March 2001 Santa Maria da Feira (P) 1 (7) Tommi MAKINEN/Risto Mannisenmaki FIN M~subishi Lancer Evolution 2 (3) Carlos SAINZ/Luis Moya E Ford Racing Focus RS 3 ( 1) Marcus GRONHOLMIT1mo Rautiainen FIN Peugeot 206 (5) Richard BURNS/Robert Reid GB Subaru lmpreza 5 (17) Francois Delecour/Oaniel Grataloup F Ford Racing Focus RS 6 (10) Alister McRAE/David Sen,or GB Hyundai Accent 7 (9) Kenneth ERIKSSON/Staffan Parrnander S Hyundai Accent 8 (2) Didier AURIOUOenis Giraud et F Peugeot 206 9 (25) Tapio Laukkanen/KaJ Lindstrom FIN Toyota Corolla 10 (27) Pas, Hagstrom/Tero Gardeme.h;ter FIN TQyota Corolla WRC WRC WRC WRC WRC · .WRC WRC WRC WRC WRC WC points X66MMR (GB) 3h 46m.42.1S • X4FMC (GB) 3h 46m.50 7s 206NLM75 (F) 3h 49m.37.7s X4SRT (GB) 3h 50m.06 4s VSFMC (GB) 3h 56m.48.9s X11HMC (GB) 3h 58m.50.5s X10HMC (GB) 4h oom.14.6S 206NOM75 (F) 4h.02m.50.7s K-AM928 (D) 4h.03m.18 Os K-AM442 (D) 4h.06m. 14.6s •. WR WD GN TC 10 10 6 6 3 2 . J '1£•~.Dl-~iiill1lU.l.l.1Uil!lll.lJIUDI FAT RACF:RS SCOl<fi: AT L/\UGIILIN JAN 19 21 LAUGHLIN l)J,~s1,:1n CIIJ\LI..F:NGl1: 1ST CL 1/2 1600 ROB MACCACW:RN [,'AT TYPI•: I 2ND CL 1/2 1600 ADAM Pl•'ANKUCII lr'AT 'l'YPI•: I ;mo CL 1/ 2 1600 13RYAN m1mMAN foAT TYPI•: I 1 ST CL 5 GEORG Ir: Sf.P.Lfo:Y P'AT TYrl•'. 1 2ND CL 5 ENRIQUE BUJANDA fAT TYPf•: 4 :mo CL 5 MIKE JAME:S F'AT TYPE 1 l ST CL IO DANNY ANDERSON lr'AT TOYOTA I '/.'I. ~lRD CL IO GARY WIS!~ foAT TOYOTA 1AG RAUN<, EN<,INES, TRANSMISSIONS ANDOFFROAI> PARTS Send or call for our new catalog SS.00 We use & recommend 1[1~l~~-J ............................................................................ ,.,.,. ___ .,_ ............... , ...... .. May 2001 SCORE Engine Builder of the Year for 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 & 1997! ·uta . PBRFORMDCE 1558 No. Case • Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 Page 19

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CODE TECATE ··vw .AUTOPARTES 2soa· By T any Tellier ' Na Race Is A Race Without A McNeill Photos: Mario Vasquez ~~ .... :l!lt , . ' •¾«P. ;t(l!l.·_. ·. Carlos Mack/is and Victor Barajas had a good day in their Class 11 car, winning the two-lap race in a time of 5:30:45. Perry McNeil dazzled the Salada. McNeil started way 107 other off road cars. The desert fans with his almost back at 9:35:30 -the first car first car to finish, Hector new Class 7 Ford Ranger as off the line was the Sergio "Pacho" Garcia, the "1600" he came through the ranks Nunez "1001" which left at winner, waited for Perry and to take the $500 Overall 9:11 -and got to terrorize all waited and waited at the award at Code's 2001 season the front-starting racers on finish line for 20 minutes but kick-off race at Laguna his onslaught to the win over was timed into Second Place The 5-1600 race was really close, and Edmundo Fernandez, Miguel Resales, and Eduardo Aceveda edged out a one-second win. on the ET clock by 1 :52. It was McNeil's day. Mike Jones swore that "If you closed your eyes you'd swear that Perry's truck was a Trophy Truck. That thing flies!" Code kicked off the 2001 Mexicali racing season with a few new twists, the major one being the realignment of the Sportsman class, which have always played a large role in their events: 50% of their entries have been the no_ payback racers, who enjoy a 40% reduction in fees and usually one less lap to run. Previously the Sportsman classes reflected all of the usual Pro classes -plus the catchall run-what-ya-brung "Safari" VW based cars. The 2001 Code rules now have only four Sportsman classes, similar to SCORE's layout (plus the popular Safari class as follows. One class is the aforementioned: "Safari", which is the pre-runner-ish VW cars with · limited suspension "Class Pf" -composed of 1, 10, 1600, and 5; "Class 15" - a mixture of 5-1600, 9, and 11 cars, and "Class 18" -all truck classes. The Sportsman (and the Pro 11 s) run less laps than the Pros, in this event two as opposed to three. And a Sportsman class winner gets his 1500-peso entry fee returned. The change in the classes caught non-readers of the race fliers unawares: there was a land office business selling new race number ... Continued on page 21 I Eibach Springs is proud to announce it's complete line of ultra high qualilv off-:-road springs. Available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch free lengths With 3" ID. A ·well designed & manufactured spring will last thousands of cvcles, even in the cruelest desert environments. That's whv top chassis builder Mike Julson chooses Eibach Springs. He knows what it takes to win ... Now so do vou. Spring to Success ... ~. lie. • Plllit 948 752 8700 • __,.. l'IPII• 1'111111111' 8118 380 1854 Page 20 May 2001 Dusty Times

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• riday, August 3 Driver Registration -5:30 pm-10 pm Tech Inspection -5:30 pm-10 pm Drivers Meeting (Poolside) -10:15 pm ~ugust 4 Fun Run - 8 am Test Track Opens• 12 noon Race Start - 6 pm (8 hour time limit) _ August 5 · Awards Brunch • 12 noon More information available at SNORE website: l1B'~Beser1l~Ellffl

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Abel Encarnacion, Ford, seen here in someone's dust, took home Fernando and Hector Real came within a minute and 4 seconds, the trophy for second place in Class 8. · but had to settle for second place in Class ls. Chad McNeil had a problem on the second lap, but still managed to bring his Ford home second in the Class 7 race. McNeil's Overall was car over past Check 3 on his while upside-down within unexpected what with ·the initial lap while potential six miles of the finish and· heavy hitters entered .in the challenge Jack and Manlio blew the lubricant-starved "1600" ranks. But Martin "Mangiamo's" Moreno engine. Steve Downing had "Padre Gailo" Gonzalez stumbled. Moreno rolled suffered no serious wear and turned the "Auto Stevens" losing precious motor oil tear during his ride in the Steve Sourapas "Corona" "Ten" was leading·when it DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-point sand rail seat belt RACE BELTS 2• · 5 point mount 3" -5point mount SIDE COVERS IRS . Swing axle KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# 200mm-up to 30001 GERMAN AUTO PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# RACING PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks .............. . 4 puc ferramic ........... . 4 puc ferramic with spring hub car at the Whiplash "Parker rolled over. · 400" the Saturday prior and The "Rayos" car of Leo was Third overall in the and Ali Navarrete began '01 Tommy Watson single where they left off last year seater. The Lopez Jimco· with a win in "9". Edmundo CERMANAUTO Fernandez surprised a large field of 5-l 600s with a hotly contested one second win over Alberto "Beto" and ...,"Pelon" Soto in the Tractorland car. Jason Gregory and Matt Peterson were third driving the "Big Al" Gregory's "T earn Agro" Bug. The Duron family's Nissan won "7S" a-gain. What's new huh? Well, this win was just over a minute over Fernando Real. Ricardo Co.ns Molina moved from "Safari" to the n ewly formatted Class 15 Sportsman ranks and won SACO MAGNUM RACK Billet housing, 1 ½" allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930 or T-4 cages 930 or T-4 or T-2 flanges Trick boots (specify) . 930CVstar "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8 " travel-stock width 8" travel-widened beam 10• travel-stock width to• travel-widened beam TRI MIL EXHAUST T-11 ½•chrome T·11'h"raw T-11 518" chrom T-11 518" raw T-4 chrome T-4raw GERMAN AUTO.HATS GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS. specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator. includes alternator stand MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ MK/I I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and bri,ke assemblies for cable throttl~ With black pJda/ With chrome pedal. With hydraulic throttle Replacement slave SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion Mount plate Coupler. Rack steering stops ·~ y;''. ♦-·::,. ;:-~ ·~, ~ -~ ' ,,-a ~✓ ....... VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1.7, 1.8, and 2.0 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears lite spindle mounts too FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin ......... . , . 4130 r.hromolv Stock length . ·. .. .... pr. 11/, • longer .......... pr. 2 'I• • longer .......... pr. 4 • longer-coil over style pr. CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods wlends. l~necifv Ford or International) set .. SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3" X 3" . . . . . . . 1·21600, 5-1600. CATALOG ... once again. . THE COURSE The Code crew wrapped in some new sections. They started off on a knoll so that the radios worked rea·I well; •it was a hard 240 miles with new stuff that was rough! The results showed that over 53% of the 108 entries did not finish· the race! Fifty-seven Pros started and 29 finished (51 %), five l l s with three finishing (60% -the Onces were required to run "only" two laps) while 46 Sportsman started with 20 completing their two laps -43%. The late winner storms from the Pacific Coast coated the Sierra Juarez with snow; the evenings were chilly and the 8:00pm course closing was almost too late for the underdressed. THE CLASSES PROS Pro 10 4 Entries, 1 Finisher. Pro 1600 8 Entries, 5 Finishers Pro 5-1600 16 Entries, 8 Finishers The little VWs had all the action as the "Tractorland" .team was caught unawares: "We were tracking the Gregory car -we originally thought that it was Agro's race -when we discovered that Edmundo Fernande~ was in the hunt. We were pacing the potential winners -we had three chasers. We had a 2 7 second pit stop for a full fuel load and were pulling away from Fernandez when we 'lost a tire.' Edmundo slowed due to losing the torsion retaining strap on one side. We lost 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 9.0670 562-863-1123 FAX 562-929-1461 · five seconds at the finish line as they looked for the car number on the check sheet BEFORE checking our Page 22 May 2001 Dusty Times

Page 23

Danny Street lost about 25 minutes on lap two, but recovered Jesqs Mendez and Genaro Zamudio lost time on their third lap, but Francisco Fernandez, Amado Mayoral and Jorge Cordova brought nicely, and came home 3rd in 7S in his Ford. their Ford still brought them back to the finish as 3rd in Class 7. their very neat Class 9 car home in 3rd place. time." Soto called 'Chase 2 ', replaced but -this put Jones) called from the the engine well and it would There were 18 Class 5-Arturo Cervantes and Jasen Fernandez in the lead by two Tractorland radio telling the take more revs: 'Trust me'. 1600 pros signed up. Two Jones, that they had a front minutes. The radio was Sotos to pick up their speed Tractorland's pit was were out of the race even tire going flat .. Luckily the smoking with times between as they were behind and not located one kilometer from before it started leaving 16 chase car was just a quarter the two cars, both teams to worry about the engine, the finish line. When the with.only eight finishing. The mile away with a new tire; were aware that it was a very telling them that their Soto Brothers passed the pit race was down to three cars the wheel was quickly close race. 'El Jefe' (Mike father, David Soto, had built Continue.don page 24 -Beto Soto, (Tractorland Racing), Jason Gregory (Team Agro) and Edmundo Fernandez. The first 80 miles -Lap 1 -was a 1.55 for both Soto and Fernandez and 1:57 for the Gregory car. After the second lap, 160 miles •into the race, Soto was in front by two minutes over Fernandez and seven minutes ahead of Gregory. On the final 80 miles to the finish all three cars ran fast and had Gregory recording a 1 :55 lap time to finish Third, The Tractorland Report: "The race for First was between Beto Soto and Edmundo Fenandez. At 181 miles (out of 240) 'Pelon' Mario Salazar was the only survivor in Class 10, to get the win. Less than 50% of the total entries finished the race. Leonardo and Alejandro Navarrete had three really evenly paced laps and went home with the Class 9 win. ;'' ower _Equipment KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ POWER TO_~-lJ .. Racer· and .spectator Discounts •GENERATORS •WELDERS _ •GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES • WATER PUMPS •LAWNMOWERS • RIDING MOWERS •OUTBOARD ENGINES • LAWN TRACTORS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS AND INVENTORY ' -IF WE DoN'T HA VE IT, No ONE Does! Check our website. KAWAGUCHI HONDA EX1000•323.264.3936, 264.5858 FAX 264.2136 ·HQNDA Power Equipment ' . U'ISA I s A L E s ' s E R V I C E ' p A R T s ~-,• HONDA POWER EQUIPM~NT SPECIALIST Nothings easier.. [iai f'or optimum pc~or.TUnc-" ;\Jl,d ~:s.frty. pit-.~ l"::id L'!c." 0\\,1l"r·s tx.•rore OJ)<'r:t:lng your Honda Po,.1,l"r Equipment. Sp<-cilkallons subJect to d• ~1L~out nolil"C. •E:Hhn.ite ?nly. b:l~C'd on r.::i~ed load. ♦8:mery not uu:ludc.-d "';th E~t35vOSXKI. E'.'-15000SXK1 :uid C:96500$X. ♦ •\\"it.h batt('ry tr~1y kit. y:ht"ds ~\ ConnC'C'tlon to house power re-quires tr.msr..-r dt"\1tl" to ,wot.! po:ss1bl(',tnJury to pov,er company p('rsonniel. Consult a qua.llfll"d elC"ClJ1c~n. I Dusty Times May 2001 Page 23

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Eric, Hiram and Evan Duran teamed up in their Chenowth to take Tom Watson and Steve Downing blew reverse gear out of their Eric Fisher and Isaac Chapluk had a slow second lap in their third place in Class 1-2/1600. Jimco, but still took second place in the 1600 class. Garibay,,but went on to finish second in Class 9. ;;;::;:,==~r======='========o====="--==;;;;;==-;;;;,="';'.F""ITr-~Ro:-:u:-:v-:::a:il--::c--=ai:b:-::a:---.-------Ma tt Peterson supplied his thoughts: "For four days I have been sniffin' and pulling my belt up and generally acting like a dork over our third place finish on Saturday. Jason and I are pretty excited being our third race and all, and I have to brag a little bit. Even more rewarding was that we finished WELL ahead of some very skilled and seasoned veterans. Aaaahhh ... what a sweet day it was!" Pro 5 ' Perry McNeil brought has yellow Class 7 Ford to the fray, won the class and also took the overall victory in 5:05:29. 1 Entry, no finishers. The new course was tough for big trucks, but Ricardo and Gustavo Coronado The tricked-out "Thing" kepttheir Ford on track and took the Class 8 win. of Juan Trujillo and Luis they were three seconds ahead, holding onto first place. 'El Jefe' sent another timekeeper to the finish line to double check the finish interval. At the finish the . Trac torland was 3 -4 seconds in the lead and had won the race. Or so they thought. As it turned out, tho.ugh, the official timekeeper used a different method of recording the time for the Fernandez, giving First Place to him by one ( 1) second! An official protest was initiated by the Soto Brothers and a meeting was held in Mexicali on Tuesday, February 13, between Code officials and Tractorlancl. Time keeping in off roa:d racing can be very difficult and a one second difference in 250 miles is not at all common. The finish will stand in favor· of Fernandez at 5:49:52, the Soto Brothers at 5:49:53, and Gregory at 5:55:10. After all the official time has the say!" (What happened at the finish line is this: the scorer waited until the Jones car reached the finish line then he flipped through the entry list to find the car number and then wrote down their time at THAT time; the car sat for several seconds before getting "timed". By this time (!) the officials were now aware that the Fernandez car was coming in hot and looked up the car's number BEFORE it reached the actual finish line. Therefore, the scorer did not have to fiddle with · the paperwork but "timed" the car right as it hit the line. Therein lies the win-less delta-t. A cynic migh,t say that they, i.e., Code, biased the scoring in favor uf a lucal. But in actuality Code, being honorable and ethical, would actually like to have Americans win, lead changing back and Morales -or call it an "It", too ... it's good for "gringo" forth by minutes, and then a "Kubelwagon," a "Safari," business. Besides, by seconds, the entire or perhaps a "Tipi 181" -Tractorland sponsored a Tractorland Racing Team had a slow first lap and no Code race last year. .. they had their adrenalin second one. are friends of the family.) pumping for the entire six Pro 7 Alan Gregory's guys hours of the race. Thanks to 6 Entries, 4 Finishers video the start -with a Code for putting on another While Perry was getting time-code "stamp" -and the great Class 5-1600 race." ready to tear up the desert, finish with the same The changes in the another McNeil, Chad, was camera. "We're going to do Sportsman classifications -just registering at the last that, too, now," Jones in the past all Pro classes minute. As is often the case planned. A wise move. were duplicated for the· at a Code race, he was still "After giving you all Sportsman -resulted in looking for a radio antenna these gory details," Jones more Pro entries in 5-1600. just before his start. He got later said, "I can still tell Sportsman VW champ Jose second place, an hour back. you this was the most Angel Soto moved up, The Jose Gonzalez "Gova" enjoyable race we have ever however, with limited truck was a DNF in spite of participated in. With the results, a DNF, as did Jorge ZR Designs' Rene Montano ~----------------------------, ~--------------------------~ Romeo Rodriguez and his Ford were the only Sportsman Truck able to do the required two laps, to get the win. ·,/~pf!---./ ~~:,I'»_ , ~:¥·•·· ... ~-,;~ 'i ).:, .. ~ --~-., ~ ~ .. .. ::....~ ...,,, .:s-.... , ~.,. ... ~ ~-~~~:--~ The Duron family, always a top team, did it again, taking the 7S win in their Nissan by a minute and 4 seconds. Jason Gregory and Matt Peterson drove their very strong 5-1600 Hug; and Rene Avila, Luis Carapia and Enrique Rodriguez Alberto Soto and Jasen Jones finished the day second in Class 5 car to a nice third place in the highly competitive class. survived the tough course to take second in Class 11. 1600 by a margin of just one second. Page 24 May 2001 Dusty Times

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Alberto Ortega churns through a hole here as he heads for his In Class 15 (Sportsman 5·16s, 9s and /Is) the winner was Ricardo Cons and Carlos Chavez in their limited Bug. In the big Safari class (pre-runner type VW powered cars) the winner was Pedro Morquecho with a time of 4:48:54 for 2 laps. third place finish in Class 11. assistance. A Long Day's Journey Into Night: Cruz Jaime, #716, was the final car, the 29th, to finish all tJ,.ree laps. It was a long day, indeed, a bit over ten hours on an 11-hour time limit. Pro 8 6 Entries, 2 Finishers The new sections did not favor the big trucks although the Empresa Coronado Ford survived to . a distant 12th. Pro 9 9 Entries, 6 Finishers Pro 11 5 Entries, 3 Finishers Gerardo Montijo: "Bertha and I raced the Alberto Ortega 'Cerillo' car on the second lap, we finished third. It was her first ride in the Mexicali races. 'Cerillo' and I had some problems in the sand -we were stuck twice. Thanks to the Lalo Mayoral pits for their support! The winner was Carlos M.icklis from Tijuana, they had a good day, and the second place was Hugo Avila, also from Tijuana. Saturday was a Tijuana Citizens Day in the Class 11." (Note: "Cerillo" refers to Ortega's hair, red on top like a stick a minute and some change. match.") Adolfo Ayala slid a bigger Pro 1s· motor into his SP 5-1600 7 Entries, 3 Finishers but the extra grunt didn't The Dan Street team has help much, needing a to buy dinner for the Duron couple of four hour laps to family again. This is going get the job finally done. to be an expensive bet, I'd Class 15 bet. "Los Arcos" this time? Sportsman "Little" VWs SPORTSMAN (2 Laps) Sportsman Safari (2 5-1600, 9 and 11. Laps) 1 7 Entries, 8 Finishers 13 Entries, 6 Finishers Arnulfo Lopez, the 2000 The course took its toll Sportsman 5-1600 runner-on the Safari cars: the up, followed a number of luckless Omar Dipp only rivals to Class 15 with made it to Check 1 while decent results, but Cons Jose Luis Sanchez took a tad continued his winning ways over five hours to travel the -his brother, Cesar Cons first 80 miles onto his tow Molina, did not fare bar. On the other hand· anywhere as well in Pro winner Morquecho was 1600 with a n unusual DNF. certainly competitive with Class 18 Sportsman Trucks (2 Chassis Prep. . Laps) Just Like The EU 8, 7, 7S and 3 Code and their racers 6 Entries, 1 Finisher have to kick in $40 per The Sportsman trucks entry for one of those had a rough day. Romeo mysterious "Land Use Fees" Rodriguez split the Pro 7 like the Americans always scene and found greener seem to dream up. Another pastures with a win while cost to the racers, that his five erstwhile actually makes some sense, competitors fell by the is the mandatory, $300 peso rugged wayside: medical fund fee. · EL CHISMOSO Contingent A Wrench In The Code has a ton of Works contingency donors including The Code "Mechanics Jim Conner Racing, Race Championship" started o(f Ready, ORW, ZR Designs, 76 with a new name in the Racing Gasoline, ad Tersa/BFG power plant area: Gustavo tires. For example, if they used Pinuelas heads Ensenadan all four MasterCraft products a Frederico Montes, who is class winner could receive $400 the main gearbox man. US; K&N kicks in $100 US for Carlos Chaves leads the class winners. ..~ the other Sportsman cars, garnering a fourth, two lapper overall. Class 14 Sportsman "Big" VW s (2 Laps) 1, 10, 1600 and 5 ~qq,:~\·,~~~·,,r,4 7·~.:J'!'ii't U!!!iR.E!D!!filOD!!fi-= N. PALM ST#103 10 Entries, 5 Finishers Mauricio Ibarra was the "Overall" two lap racer. Humberto Rodriguez moved his "5" up from Safari and ·finished behind Cisco Rojas' "1600" car by FORMERLY FABTECH MOTORSPORTS FULLERTON, CA 92835 6" ULTIMATE LIFT , :,-CAST Uf'T SPfHDUS Uf'PEt CONTltOt. A1tMS COIL SrRJNGS ~ IU.OCKS .. u aoLn 4 FABffCH l'DfORMAHCI" SHOCKS s1749.95 <NSlNllD 6" ULTIMATE LIFT r UPT srtNDUS U...-0 CONTIIOL ARMS CCML S"'UNG$ 1tVU1 ILOCKS 6 U BOLTS 4 "AlnWCH ~ SHOCKS -s 1 549 • 95 INSWJ.ED 2WD F150 6" ULTIMATE LIFT :,-UfT SPWDUS ~ CONTitOl.NtMS C0tt.Sl'lt9IIGS a.MSLOOCS6UIIOln 4 ,.MTKH PUlfOltMAHCa SHOCkS 1988-98 CHEVROLET 1<2500/3500 4" LIFT S1599.95 INS'IIU1S> 1988·98 CHEVROLET K1500 6" LIFT st 599.95 INSlllW.ED JEEP WRANGLER TJ 4".LIFT S889.95 INJlllU.1.ED MON-FRI 8:00-6:00 SATURDAY 9:00-4:00 ..,..FINANCING AVAILABLE //_..,-.,, =--'~ Race Runner Hector "Pacho" Garcia had three steady laps in his good looking car, and came home the winner in the 1600 class. $ 1699 • 95 INSWJ.ED Mauricio Ibarra and Jose C. Robles were the Class 14 (Sportsman is, 10s, 1600s and Ss) winners with a two-lap time of 4: 13. _ Dusty Times ltUNJS-nU:SWTntOlffA BOOW'Ufl'T FORD SUPERDUTY 4WD F250/350 5.5" PERFORMANCE LifT SOPT 1110• AtOHf l.&N' SPIUNGS NONr BOX JOT UNI BlOCKS 4 "MTKff ,.Dlf"CMIMANC.- SHOCKS s 1 349 • 95 INnw.£D 8" LIFT ALSO IN STOCK FORD SUPERDUTY 2WD F250/350 4" PERFORMANCE LIFT ~~tJ ::.:---1<:...: ~~;:-::; PD~l§!l.~ BFGaaclrlcl]® !CENTER ~!!I ~.s·~:==c?' trailmaster GOODJ1YEAR BRIDDEtmJRE ===;==6=·~=~.arK=!r=~="[=·=f:=s=~:-.UU=~=o=~=N:::::::!plAA Bl LSTEI N {J!t/J:£! TOWING ACCESSORIES May 2001 SMITTYBILT SURESTEPS FROM $189.95 A\AIL.Mt..r IN Ill.ACK, CHROME, S.S. Page 25

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2001 WHIPLASH PARKER 200K Phillips Needles Parker Pros; Wylie Too Wily By T any Tellier Photos: Track.side Photo Todd Johnson flies his Yamaha towards the checkered flag and the win in Senior Pro, only a few minutes out of the overall win. Jacob Phillips and his KTM were the big winners at the Parker 200k, taking the class by 19 minutes and the overall win by five. · KTM rider Jacob Phillips pretty much had it his own way at the Whiplash Parker 200K (which measured 111 miles). The Needles (CA) racer beat four other Pro riders by 21 minutes and the Overall by five. He said that he passed on the Adelanto GP in order to pick up some cash. "I race 'Best in the Desert', (SoCal) D-3 7 Gran Prix, and .. some (AMA) Hare and Hounds. I came here instead of to the Adelanto GP, actually expecting to pick up some cash but there were only five Pros!" His 300 KTM seemed perfect for the rough parts of the course such as the infamous Goat Trail but still had enough beans to keep Too-In MC1-it was Tony French taking the win and he was fifth overall as well, shown here in his usual position. ultimate long travel Get the benefits of our Long Travel system and 3° lih spindles, creating 6" of lift for incredible ground clearance. !f!@r-@ll . ■ 3' lift spindles ■ Upper Control arms (M~@W)' ■ Lower Control arms ■ Coil springs ■ 3 way front s.liocks ■ Performance rear shocks ■ Rear kit 3-wau adjustable shock absorber c~ touota long travel system Our Toyota 2 wheel drive, 6' 'Ivan Dan' long travel system. Built to satisfy all the serious off readers out there. Page 26 custom i beams OHroad bullet proof design provides maximum strength with 4130 Chromoly steel 118th' thick plate and tubular inner structure. I 990-94 lord ranger .,-performance system Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard offering increased tire clearance and 4 • more wheel travel Dual Shock System 2 shocks per front wheel, adds high performance dampening. Tall Todd Johnson's 426 Yamaha off his back. Johnson, second overall, was an easy winner in the senior Pro ranks as perennial favorite Gwin Vaughan dumped his Kawasaki in one of the numerous Gauntlet hairpins and broke out B' Suspension System used in a racing ' application with coil over shocks. Using Fabtech custom I beams, this configuration cycles out at 19' of wheel travel. extended radius arms Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard for increased tire clearance. Ranger models shown, which include new pivot mounts. 1998-on lord ranger z.s·· performance sustem 2.5' of lift with a 2' increase in wheel travel 1913-81 ClO ., .. tong travel ~gstem Gives you the needed clearance for 33' tall tires. angled e g e «be!!! include front fenders, bedsides and hoods. The front fenders and bedsides are flared with wheel travel in mind. spare tire mount ~ Constructed using 1 114' steel tubing and MlG welded at the joints for long lasting strength and durability. flat spare tire mount Over 25 Styles stamped steel tabs Our vast assortment of stamped steel tabs simplify your fabrication needs . Call for a distributor nearest y Phone 714-990-8850 -Fax 714-990-8854 wwwJabtechmotorsports_com DR E-MAIL US AT May 2001 Dusty Times

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Just slightly airborne is Jasper Dyer as he flies his trusty steed to Ryan Best heads for home at the Parker 200, taking the silver Joe Gallagher gave it his all in MC1 but he was relegated to second a great second in MC2, finishing a mere three minutes away from medal in the 80cc Beginners Class. place in class, less than two minutes out of the win. the win. -...... Ron Cox rushes his Yamaha to the MC2 win at Parker, taking the coveted win with three minutes to spare. some front snappers. David Wylie rode his 250R to a five minute Overall over the morning's ATV field and Colby Turner. In a most somber note, "last year's senior Pro champion Mark Oberparlieter was taken down by a half-buried boulder is Osborne Wash and subsequently died in Phoenix' Barrow Neurological Institute from massive head injuries. The America West B757 captain never regained consciousness. An organ donor, his passing gave life to four other people. -... ~ . q'' ( ,.,. •• ,. ' \:4 His obit read, in part:. "At the time of his death, in addition to his many other activities, Mark, and his wife Tiffany, were building their dream home in Fountain Hills. Mark's life was honored in a forma.tion flight fly-over at his Fountain Hills property on February 10, 2001. One of the planes broke away in the traditional 'Missing .Man' maneuver and flew away towards the setting sun." Speed on. MOTORCYCLES 167 bikes left the line: 62 Kevin Andrade takes his brand new Yamaha for a spin at Parker, taking the MC6 win-with a two and a half minute margin. Arthur Sims was the MCB class winner, only he and his Honda were the only three lap finisher in tbe usually very competitive class. Dusty Times Bi/stein • Sway A Way Eillach ·HM· IIA·1 · CNC Sparco • PRP : Fuel Sate Ron Davis Radiators Setrall Oil Coolers Optima Batteries Mechanix. Wear May 2001 AT LEFT: Doug Reid leans hard right as he moves towards the checkered flag at Parker, taking the ATV2 win by almost six minutes. riders completed all three laps; 65 did two; 27 got in one; and an unlucky 13 did "nada" -make that a low 3 7% finishing rate. That pesky "Goat Trail"? The three lap bike course used the worst of the area, parts that had been used and abused by the cars and trucks on Saturday -except for the bladed Mineral Wash road. No rest for the wicked or the weary. Top Ten Riders: 1. Phillips, Jacob 2:31:30 Continued on page 28 Page 27

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Jack Gee rode his Yamaha well, shown here heading for the checkered flag in MC4, taking the class win by 12 minutes. ,; fl"' . • ~ • . . . ~ . • ~ St ' David Wylie was one determined rider, turning very hot laps to take the ATVO class win by five minutes and change. ~ .., ... ~ ~"c: ', ,\. ,i ! ·:::: ~ . .,.}} ~ ... _,, ..... ~ ........ ~ ~~J~ ~, ;._,.:,...-~ ·(:\~i,~':·~ ,. , Nathan Gerberich gets ready to slide right on his Yamaha, taking-the MCS class win with five minutes to spare. Kevin Wilson churns up the dust at Parker as he rides to a great ATVS win, more than five minutes in hand at the end. • Urging his steed to a faster pace, Dennis Parker was unable to 0:00:00; 2. Johnson, Todd 2:35:34 0:04:04; 3. Andrade, Kevin' 2:43:07 0: 11:37; 4, Parker, Dennis 2:45:54 0:14:24; 5. French, Tony 2:47:39 0:16:09; 6. Gallagher, Joe 2:49:32 0: 18:02; 7. Williford, Bill 2:50:44 0:19:14; 8. Beshaw, Kyle 2:50:59 0: 19:29; 9. Cox, Ron 2:54:50 0:23:20; 10. Steber, Brian 2:55:48 0:24:18. MCPro Kyle Beshaw, second, was slowed by a get-off in Osborne Wash near, basically where Oberparleiter went down -"They all passed me. It was just before the last road crossing. I hit some rocks and (the bike) kicked on me," Kyle explained for the video. "My finger is still broken," he waved his hand, "from the Avi race." Kyle, whose dad Larry is the sweep rider, also races 'Best in the Desert', sponsored by Valley Kawasaki and Beshaw Off Road . MCSr Pro Todd Johnson, the Senior Pro winner and second CA was on a new Yamaha Y2426: "This is only my second ride on this Yamaha, it's geared pretty tall. Before this I had an XR600, which was a couch." "It was pretty brutal out there, after 20 miles: I finally could get a breather after the Goat Trail. My hands are killing me. And my wrists, too._" Todd was another rider who got rocked in Osborne Wash: "I hit a rock that threw me for a loop but I did not go down." He said that he lapped some riders: "One guy in Osborne, he swapped ends right in front of me and I almost T-boned him. That scared the crap outta me! Some guys would iet -me by right away, 0but ot.hers wanted to race!" Todd is supported by Champion, Pop's Racin-g, Diamond Hitch and Competition Engineering. _AT FAR LEFT: Turning ever faster laps, Jason Castner took the gold medal at Parker, winning the ATV3 class with six minutes to spare. AT LEFT: Allan Gordon had a super win in ATV9, taking the class win at Parker by almost 21 minutes . Kevin Best shows winning form in this picture, but this day he was conquer the clock and took second in MC6, two minutes out of Michael Fry and his Suzuki ran hard for three laps but were unable only able to grab the second spot in MC3. the win. to take the MC7 win, settling for a silver medal. • .JI If altitude is any hint of things to come, watch out for Eric Tolbert Colby Turner was riding fast and true but today he would only be Marty Bradford was looking for a win in ATV3 but at Parker he had and his Suzuki, second spot in MCS at Parker. able to garner the second spot in ATVO. to settle for the silver medal, maybe next time. Page 28 May 2001 Dusty Times

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#I Stoney Loran ran his Honda to win but he kept losing time to the leader Rachel Riefkohl took the 80cc ATV Class win but it was a close Brittney Wilson led 80cc ATV on laps two and three but ended up 12 seconds short of the class win and took home the silver medal. throughout the day and he took home the silver medal in ATV9. call as only 12 seconds were in hand at the end. The following moved-up bars. "The bike's box-stock, less stroke motorcycles can, riders will help fill out the Vet than a week old. Now it 'has inexplicably, temperamentally, Pro ranks: Kevin Andrade, another 111 miles on it. I didn't be very difficult to start when Dennis Parker, "Skid-Plate Bill" stall it but it has not been too hot.) "I had a '96 (Honda) Williford, Brian Steber, and hard to start for me, so long as I CR250," Kevin added, "but no Bill Williford (XR650. Last But Not ... Honda) did pretty good- -Third The last three lap A TV was -considering that he finished Carl Plemmons: 4:54:32 at 32nd with the engine plate dragging, QA. The last three lap Bike was "Smallbore" Steve Richards. do the (starting) drill." (Four-more two-strokes for me." clanking, Dave Pallas: 4:01:04 at 62nd EL CHISMOSO OA. ..-.,,,. MCI Tony French, a strong Fifth OA, agreed that the Goat Trail was "pretty tough; it separates the guys. I liked Osborne Wash, mainly since I missed the rocks." French was fifth OA behind Dennis Parker (MC6) who was styling the infield jump and almost miscued the timing ofhis landing. MC2 Desi Wolfe, of Salome, AZ ("Where she danced!") fame was following Mike Parks who fell and broke his femur in Osborne. Desi stayed with Mike for 45 minutes. Parks, who has climbed the ranks· of "Move-ups" after starting racing as, what else, as a Beginner, was enjoying his "Parker" until the end of his second lap, when he had a bad tumble and broke that leg bone. He was helicoptered out to the Lake Havasu City ER where the break was set and • cast; he will be recouping for several months. MC3 Mike Crawford, the. Racing Realtor, tore the valve stem out of his front tire by riding some distance on a flat and was not allowed back on the course after the somewhat lengthy tube change. "Many hands make ligh.t work" or "Too many cooks spoil the broth," which is it, Emo? MC4 Wes Hunter got his entry fee's worth: 3:39:51 for his 74 miles of woe. MC5 Donna Trigillo had a lack-luster rac~ with only two laps ad 18th· place. Why is this of particular interest" Well, Donna is entered in Pro Class 22 at the up-and-c.oming SCORE "San Felipe 250." What's in a name? Well ask "Jaysen Fails", two laps. MC6 Kevin Andrade -3rd O/A -was decked out in some old Hallman-brand armor while riding a new blue Yamaha WR426. His Needles riding buddies were visibly· surprised at his high finish: "My hands are pretty sore," he displayed the heels of his hands, which had ·raw spots. "Easy? Well, it was . not too bad. I am a little tired. I liked the Goat Trail," he lid. "A lot. The course was not too bad, even without a Scotts (steering damper)." The Goat Trail was mile after mile of mountain face, required the successful rider to be off the seat, on the pegs, with a dead grip on the Dusty Times ee FUN• AF~CJRDASLE CFF-RCJAD RACING &RALLYINGI ~ R.a.c.Ln.a eu...tomWh,o,e&;i{ Months of anticipation and interest have finally become a reality with the announcement of the 2001 American JeepSpeed Challenge. American Racing Custom Wheels Vice President, and long-time off-road racer, Steve Kelley, announced today that his company is proud to be the title sponsor of this new, affordable, entry-level class of off-road racing and rallying. Club JeepSpeed chairman, Clive Skilton, stated that he hoped this would .be a multi-year agreement to back this series, designed for the classic 1984 to 200 l Jeep Cherokee, to compete in the Sportsman divisions of major off-road and rally organized events. The $6000.00 prize fund, posted for 2001 by American Racing Custom Wheels, is for a three (3) race series with Mojave Desert Racing (MDR) at Ridgecrest, CA-April 21, Lucerne Valley, CA-June 23, and Barstow, CA-November 3. All of the 2001 events are under 300 miles, with approximately 35 mile loops. The 2002 series will include SCORE and Best In The Desert races. The competing Jeep Cherokee can be modified to the JeepSpeed Challenge rules, but must remain street legal, must use American Racing Custom Wheels, and must comply with race organizers sportsman safety rules. We invite you to visit for full details of our mission state-ment, club rules, parts store, and newsletter. Club JeepSpeed Phone: 714.538.7434 • Fax: 714.633.1724 1826 N. Windes Drive • Orange, CA 92869 E-mail: May 2001 Page 29

Page 30

MOJAVE DESERT RACING, INC. Wild wash 250 By Sherryl Cannon Photos: Trackside Photo Shane Brown generously shared his Jimco with Whit Courtenay and the team took the wi(I in Class 1000, finishing·second overall. Richard Boyle fought off a tough challenge to finish the day with the overall win in his Aceco at the MOR Wild Wash 250. Race 2 on MD R's 2001 schedule was contested Febru-ary 24, in Barstow. A sense of deja vu hung over the finish line when the race's 1-2 fin-ishers reached it, but more on chat later: Upwards of 70 vehicles started, with a healthy total of 42 going the distance. Class 2B65 Gundry Ave. Signal Hill., CA 90B06 1000 entrant Joseph Lacore was credited with the swiftest lap of the day (41 :05). Keith Cunningham, of Class 100, al-most earned that distinction while recording his division's fa~l lap Lime (41 :15). Unfor-tunately for Cunningham, he disappeared from action nearly as fast. And speaking of B00.9S9.77S7 S6i!.4i!7 .i!37S FAX: 526.426.5294 see our complete product line at Page 30 fast, it was a fleet and familiar foe who stood shocks and fenders above the rest at race's end. Richard Boyle followed up his thrilling Mojave 200 vic-tory, with yet another hard-fought win over Whit Cour-· tenay. ln a virtual replay of their January tussle, MDR's Mike Dill had fast lap for Class 1200, at 1:15:45, and went on to take the win in his Ford. resident stud was again fully extended by the # 1 Con-tender. The en_d result may have been the same, but the circumstances were quite dif-ferent this time around. For starters, Courtenay's race nearly ended before it began. Use What The Pros Use! May 2001 Dusty Times

Page 31

Scott Boyd and Pete Seaney had some niggling troubles, but still Ooops! Don Heinemann bicycles his two-seater past our Mike Halliday had his clean Baja Bug running hard and came up managed to finish second in Class 550. photographer as he heads for his third place in Class 1300. second in Class 1300. and fifth overall. The afore-won a bat-t'le_o_f.,..-a_t_t_,ri:-t-:-io-n-.,,B,.-e_n_n_e_t_t_c~h.-e-c.-k_e..,d--,-in-f'"'i..,.ft ..... h-,-t-o mentioned Joseph Lacore the second spot, when Jason complete the order of.Class (seventh overall) overcame a Callaway and Dale Hines 1600 finishers. Paul Sullivan's couple flats and tranny trouble failed to complete Lap 6. day had a disappointing end-to finish second in Class 1000. Robert Mauritzen was im-ing, when he was unable to Lacore edged Richard Beck for pressive, fashioning a Top 10 ·complete Lap 6. runner-up honors, while com-overall finish in his second In Class 550, Bob Wright pleting the final two laps of his lifetime start. Mauritzen, who proved best of a half dozen team's 5:23:57 (42.2-mph) ef-placed third in Class 1600, competitors. Wright took con-fort. Beck closed strongly on reached the "checkers" in trol early, and posted fast lap Lap6towindupthirdin 1000 5:43:35 (39.8 mph). Garit time (56:01) on his sec;ond and ninth overall. Terrie Wallace arrived some 22 min-loop. Despite suffering his Tavis and Mike Norris com-utes later, to claim fourth in "first flat in six years", Wright pleted the order of Class 1000 1600 and 15th overall. Sean Continued on page 32 finishers. Tavis, who placed FACTORY DIRECT FIBERGLASS PARTS fourth, had a flat on Lap 2 and RETAIL & WHOLESALE FENDERS injured her back on Lap 3. She handed the· car over to John Ta vis, who despite suffering a Ken Brents, Sr. had six steady laps in his Class 725 Ford, and finished the day double roll and broken CV with a decisive win. · · t t d th loc· k · FROM $139.00 Pr. Courtenay's prized ride suf-fered a TKO on Friday, while he was pre-running the course. Enter Shane Brown who, according to Courtenay, made him an offer he couldn't refuse. That offer included the two veteran drivers teami~ up, in Brown's vehicle, with Courtenay recognized as Driver of Record. The im-promptu Marcourt/Brown Racing partnership was a rous-ing success, as evidenced· by their overall second place fin-ish. As for the race's overall winner, Boyle's Wild Wash 250 victory was achieved in the superb time of 4:33:18 (50.l mph). Boyle defeated Brown and Courtenay by six-plus min-utes, and proved 20 minutes best in Class 100. With a big assist from the Brown Racing team, Courtenay placed first in Class 1000, and improved to two for two on the young season. The triple threat team of Courtenay, Brown and Shane's father Gene com-pleted their six laps in a very swift 4:39:49 (48.9 mph). The trio's efforts resulted in an au-thoritative .44 minute victory over La core, the Class l 000 runner-up. James Hall had a good old time, took it easy and still placed second in Class l 00 and third overall. "We took everybody for rides that we could," said Hall, who pol-ished off his six laps in 4:54:03 ( 46.5 mph). Classmate Stuart Chase (sixth overall) arrived 2 7 minutes after Hall, to place third in l 00 and complete the order of that division's finish-ers. In Class 1600, Paul Sullivan posted fast lap honors (47:50) and dominated the early go-ing. Sullivan continued to show the way, until' grudgingly relinquishing the lead deep in Lap 3. Classmate Justin Barry and Scott Steele took over at that point, and that pair Dusty Times battled tooth and nail to the checkered flag. Steele beat Barry to the finish line, but by a mere three seconds. Barry could not erase the 29 second head start his father Roland had given Brian Steele, but he made up enough of it to claim the Class 160~0 victory. The Barrys' overall time was 5:03:42 (45.0 mph), the fourth fastest clocking on the day: The Steeles took just 26 seconds longer to complete their six laps, but doing so placed them second in 1600 JOln , .S oppe e C 1n 6:43:50 (33.9 mph). Norris took an additional 14 minutes to complete his assignment and claim fifth place. John Criswell continued his mastery of Class 500 with an-other decisive win. Criswell parlayed fast lap time (48:34) into a 44 minute victory over runner-up Steve Griffith. MDR's defending· Class 500 champion polished off his six laps in 5:24:48 (41.2 mph) to take eighth overall, and im-prove his season mark to two for two. Griffith (18th overall) Martyn Atkins was the lone survivor in the new Pro Class 1400, to take the s-lap win in 6:13:07 with his Bronco. Donald Bundy in a Ford with no rear panels, had a bad third lap, but still took tho win in Class 800. May 2001 Air Scoop $29.95 Turbo Tail $199 Dash Cover $44.95 ,....,...,.~Stock Hood from $149 pr. Wide· Fender from $149 p. Doors "Racing Only" $395 pr. Custom Running Boards $109 pr. STREET FENDERS BEEnE AND SUPER BEETELS 1 . Rear Fenders, Flared • 3Wlder than Stock Pr. 159. 00 2. Rear Fenders, Flared· 1" Wider than Stock Pr.149.00 3. Front Fenders, Flared· t" Wider lhan Stock Pr 169.00 4. Stock Rear Fenders Pr. . ........ 139.00 5. Stock Front Fenders Pr .......... 159.00 6. Rear Fenders, Non-Flared-2" Wider than Stock Pr. 159.00 7. Rear Fenders Non-Flared•3· Wider than Stock Pr. 169 .00 8. Rea; Fenders Non-Flared-4'/t Wider lhan Stock Pr 199.00 9. Froot Fenders, Non-Flared-2"WK1ef than Stock Pr. 189.00 1 O.Front Fenders, Non-Flared· 3' WKler than Slock Pr 199.00 Fenders Prices are per Pair ON~ PIECE FRONT END 1. Wide Eye 1 Pc. Front End Off Road .220.00 2. Bug Eye 1 Pc. Front End ........ 220.00 3. Sedan 1 Pc. Front End .... , .... 220.00 4. Ghia 1 Pc. Front End ............ 325.00 5. Type Ill 1 Pc. Front End ......... 325.00 6. Baja 1 Pc. Rear End ......•.... 149.00 7. Super Beetle Front End ......... 325.00 Wire Cover $14.95 Stock Hood $149 Sun Visor as low as $44.95 Spoilers $79 7 PIECE BAJA KITS 1. Bug Eye Kit ................. 199.00 2. Broad Eye Kit . . . . . . .215.00 3. Broad Eye Wide Fender Kit . .279.00 4. Super Beetle Kit .. 349.00 5. Baja Racing -Rear Fenders Pr ..... 84.00 SEATS WITH COVERS-1. Standard Bucket • Flat Bottom Low Back Call 2. High Back -Square Bottom ...... _ .Call 3. High Back -Round Bottom . . _ . 79.00 4. Lay Down . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . 79.00 5. 36" Rear Bench ..... . Lowest Price MANY OTHER FIBERGLASS PARTS AVAILABLE MARKlZ: FIBERGLASS 1650 Foothill Dr., Boulder City, NV 89005 Hours: M-F 9-4 Pacific Time For Catalog Send $5 • FREE With $50 Minimum Purchase Price Subject To Change Without Notice. INFORMATION 702-293-5329 • ORDERS ONLY 800-3S0-5349 • FAX 702/ 293-5319 C: ), ... :::j < Page 31 .....

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... James Hall, wore Number 3 on his truck in tribute to Dale Earnhardt, and then drove the Ford to second place in C1. 100. Steve Griffith had some good laps and a couple not-so-good, to finish the day with a second place in Class 500. Joe Pate/Ii started with fast lap in Class 800 in his Chevy, and then had trouble on lap 4, to end the day in second place. the winner, but was clearly best of the rest. Pete Seaney drove the first three loops, before Boyd came on to com-plete their assignment in 6: 19:34 (36.0 mph). The duo secured 550 runner-up honors and 19th place overall, despite losing two fan belts and a spark plug wire. According to Seaney, Boyd reached the fin-ish "with white smoke pouring out of every hole in the mo-tor." Tim Lindsay wound up a distant third, mostly due to a broken torsion finger. Lindsay, who offered a big thanks to CORE and his race team, also reported two flats, broken ex-haust and an iced up carb. Classmate Kurt Puhl was yet another of the many entrants 6. Some of the terrain was pretty awful, but Mark McKinley steered his VW through the rocks to get a finish, and the win. (11th overall) was never s_eri-clear in 5:47:58 (39.3 mph). O',!~Y threatened and won Scott Boyd was no match for whose day ended during Lap A trio of competitors saw placed 12th overall, held sway to defeat Patelli by seven min-utes. The Class 800 winner completed his assignment in 5:52:28 (38.8 mph). Patelli claimed second and 13th over-all, by virtue of his 5:59:26 clocking. Ollie Penchansky was credited with a third place finish, but admitted playing only a minor role. "Belden Alivio drove almost the entire race," said Penchansky. "The best part is Belden drove the truck to the race, and then drove "it home atter a ·long day • e was e, _ , " . • wide teflon coated piston wear band for use i , 1 nal2bypass wit!~ bi!] tubes so that it does not drop into large ports. ., ~/~ ,.,~ , . ', ✓/ • sealed piston for low speed control and(l'o/.1xJmum,datjping in external bypasi.. • high temperature stainless steel alloy valvin . li"'/' JY-' I ~ • unique rod end design and materiarto stop sha sand rod ~nds from breaking. • high ·temperature Viton seals and a-rings'. ( p' / ,,/ <I • _large aluminum reservoir for increas~ hea dissipation (2X) and weight savings. • 1" shafts are micro-polished to a mirror sGrtacre finish cf a 3-5 RMS. • stainless steel teflon lined sph~rical be,ringswith 1/2" or 5/8" ID spacers. • shock are all owner rebuilda61e with no special' too is to purchase. • electric blue anodiz?d c_9lor. ., ,¥? .J :@·t+A'r .. • Large 3/4" t~bes for high flow (weld on kits available separate). • Tube locations can be placed to order or weided on by the customer . ., • 1/alving,on the piston for smooth damp:ng transitions. ~ ' • Check,va!ves mach1ned'from 4140 and heat treated 17-4 stainless for long durability. • ia~ge OD ~heci(~lve spring designed with low operating stress levels. •, "piggyback" style reservoir mounting for the rear of buggies and trucks. rffot;W1~h I;$ Ft%§, ,t§ ii ta rt@I iF'' Custom wou~d springs for 3" shocks ins .fck. Eibac~; prings available. . ► / We do cus~om shock work and vehicle setcup. , Custom designed and mfg. shocks & parts availabJe ( air shocks, water cooled, pistons etc.). Designed and manufactured by the same person that designed all Kuster Shocks. King Shock Technology A Shock Manufacturing Company 1_ . (714) 530-8701 Fax: (714) 530-8702 .• 10402 Trask Ave., Unit C, ~arden Grove, CA 92843 · Page 32 May 2001 action in Class 800. The first half of the race was all Joe Patelli. Patelli established the early advantage, thanks in part to posting fast lap time (51: 11). He was in control of matters, until a rocker stud . broke on Lap 4. Donald Bundy took full advantage of the situ-ation, gaining the lead and setting sail for victory. Patelli closed ground on the final two laps, but his effort proved too little too late. Bundy, who Roland Barry had a really good day with Sax very evenly paced laps, and took the win in Class 1600 by just 26 seconds. Scott Sells, Toyota, had fast lap for Class 700, at 51:03, and evf]n with one very long lap, was quick enough for the win. Dusty Times

Page 33

Garit Wallace drove his nice looking 1600 car to a fourth place Joseph Lacore had the fast lap for the day at 41 :05, but then had Richard Beck had his handsome Class 1000 Jimco in good form, finish in the very competitive· class. a bad lap, to finish his day in second place in Class 1000. and took third place in spite of one long lap. · in the dirt," he said. eventually boiled down to a edging Walters (17th o/a) by tive sixth and seventh place There was a match race on Class 900 had a representa-three way duel between 61 seconds. There was an-finishers. tap in Class 725, pitting Stacy tive field of seven entries. Walters, Dan Folts and Rob-other tight finish for the Scott Sells came out on top Fay against Ken Brents Sr. By Dwaine Walters led on the ert MacDonald. At the finish, fourth spot. The nod went to in Class 700. Sells (20th over-the race's halfway point, Stacy's clock after the opening loop. it was Folts who emerged vie-Joel Mohr by a scant two min-all) defeated runner-up Ron sister Kathy had established a Walters also had the swiftest torious. Folts (14th overall) utes. Mohr required 6:58:30 Smith by 29 minutes. Sells, clear lead and recorded fast lap final loop, with that clocking overcame a Lap 4 roll-over to (32. 7 mph) to secure fourth who completed his assignment time (1: 0 7: 14). After the (56:52) proving 900 fast lap win by five minutes in 6:02;14 place. Dan Owens checked in in 6:26:00 (35.4 mph), also re- "Femme Fays" swapped spots for time. All seven entrants went (37.8 mph). MacDonald (16th fifth, followed by John Burns corded 700 fast lap time Lap 4, the complexion of the the distance, but the race o/a) wonthebattleforsecond, and Tom Steeno, the respec-(51:03). Continuedonpage34 ~--------------..:...._----- ~ Dwaine Walters had fast lap for Class 900 on the last lap, but was The racing was hot and heavy in Class 900, and Robert MacDonald Joel Mohr, last year's champion, had some troubled laps, and still in third place, just under 9 minutes out of first. finished the day in second place, less than six minutes back. finished his day in fourth place in Class 900. ~.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,~,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,~,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,~ ~ I. .,_ .... -----~ ~~---~ I l<liBBff ROAD ! ~ '~=-RIDING ~ .,_ ~ ~ Northern California & Nevada I .,_ ~ ~ P.O. Box 3362 Carson City, NV 89702 (775) 246-5545 Fax (775) 246-9089 ~ ~ .,_ .,_ ~ ~ .,_ i YERINGTON 300 ._ MAY 26; 27, & 28 ~ ~ .,_ ~ 4 - 75 MILE LAPS i .,_ ~ ~ RACE HEADQUARTERS: CASINO WEST ~ ~ $1,0.00 TO OVERALL WINNERS POSTED BY CASINO WEST i .,_ . ~ ~ FREE FREE FREE 1 FREE entry will be given away eyery desert race this season at each drawing. ~ ~ ----.,_ I Must be pre-entered with post mark on or before May 20, 200 I. No call ins. ~ ~ $ .,_ i Also 50.00 to fast lap of each class by anonymous VORRA sponsor. ~ .,_ ~ ~ Friday, May 25, 2001 Course open for inspection. Maximum speed 35 mph. Course Inspection at your own risk! ; ~ 8:00 pm Welcome party- Casino West i ~ .,_ ~ 9:00 pm Drawing for starting positions ~ i Saturday May, 26, 2001 ~ ~ 11 :00am - 5:00 pm Race Registration and Technical Inspection - Casino West ~ ~ ' 8:00 pm Parade of all race cars down Main Street ~ ~ ~ ~ Sunday, May 27, 2001 ~ .,_ ~ ~ 7:00 am-8:00 am Late Registration and Technical Inspection- Start/Finish area ($25.00 Late Fee) ~ ~ 8:00 am Drivers Meeting · ~ ~ 9:00 am Start of Race, 1 car to leave every 30 seconds (12 hour time limit) ~ ~ 7:00 pm No car to leave start/finish line to start another lap ~ I. ~ . ~ 9:00 pm Race over for all cars 1. .,_ ~ ~ Monday; May 28, 2001 ~ ~ ~ ~ 10:00 am Awards Presentation at Casino West ~ ~ ~ i,,.,.,.,,,,,,.,-,,,.,,,,,,,,:,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,.,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,.,,,.,.,.,,.,,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,.,.,.,,.,.,.,,.,,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,,,,J. Dusty Times May 2001 Page 33

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In Class 700, Ron Smith started his day with a long lap, but then Brothers Scott and Brian Steele took second place in Class 1600, Robert Mauritzen, racing for only the second time, had a good things got better and he finished in second place. finishing fifth overall while they were at it. steady day and ended up third in Class 1600. race seemed to change. "Our signments. lnClass 1100, Mark time (1:15:45) and Nixon fail-fourth Jap was slow because I McKinley's only foe turned out ing to reach Start/Finish. Dill was a hormonal new mother to be tl}e rugged Barstow ter-finished steadily to claim the driving a dangerous weapon of rain .. The desert was tough, as Class 1200 victory in 5:4 7 :01. mass destruction, and because always, but could not stop the Entrants in Classes 1300 and we had a broken motor mount," uncontested Class 1100 win-1400 were handed five lap as-said Stacy: Neither problem was ner. McKinley averaged 26.1 signments. In Class 1300, a terminal, but the resultant mph,enroutetoafinaltimeof fieldofninetookpart.Michael down time cost the MOR 5:49:55. Parr, in the first race of his ca-Mommies the opportunity to Mikes Dill and Nixon reer, was quickest early, late run Lap 6. As a result, Brents squared off in Class 1200. and in between. Parr bolted cruised to victory in 8:05:04 Nixon led by 27 minutes after into the lead, set fast·lap time (28.2 mph). one lap, and 32 after two. Lap (55:00) on Lap 3 and went on , Entrants in Classes 1100 and 3 proved the race's turning to score by 16+ minutes. The 1200 were handed four lap as-point, with Dill posting fast lap Class 1300 winner polished off his five laps in 4:49:48 (39.3 mph). Mike Halliday took run-ner-up honors, well clear of third place finisher Don Hdnemann. Doug Silcock was Dave Folts rolled his handsome car on the fourth lap, lost some time, but was along for fourth place, followed _ -;::st=il=I =th=e=C=l=a=ss==9=00==w=in=n=e=r·=====:=:::;::::=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:::;::::::;:::::=:= This is the ~ystem run by most TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME off road race winners GO FOR Page 34 1984-91 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER 13220 HALLO ALE A VENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED by Joshua Johnson in fifth and Art Zabala in sixth. Greg Crew (seventh place) completed the order of Class 1300 finishers, barely. "I had to get out of my car and plead with them that I had enough time to finish," said Crew, who made it with seven minutes to spare .. For the first time, Class 1400 was split into two' divisions. Class 1400 will now be a Pro class and Class 1450 the Sportsman division. Dan Vance and Martyn Atkins were the lone 1400 entrants. Vance flew "to fast lap time (57:30) on his opening loop, but then van-ished from action. With his only class rival nowhere in . sight, Atkins sped merrily to the Class 1400 victory. Atkins' winning five lap tim~ was 6:13:07 (30.6 mph) . . Class 1450 was comprised of four competitors. Mark Growe recorded the group's fast lap time (1 : 13 :4 7) on his initial tour of the Barstow course. Carolyn Hines raced just off the pace, as the top pair quickly separated themselves from the others. Entering the final lap, Growe and Hines were still less than five minutes apart. Hines saw her chances for victory slip away on Lap 5, as Growe pow-ered clear to win by a 31 minute margin. The winner's final time was 6:27:55 (29.4 mph). Hines was all alone in the second spot, and Eric Berrios' day ended be-fore completion of Lap 5. That wraps up Race #2 on MDR's 2001 schedule. Next stop on the tour is April 21, 'in Ridgecrest . . If I can somehow survive the remainder of tax season, I'll see you there.--~ UPPER RIGHT: Michael Parr, (zebra stripes, being passed by Stuart Chase) had fast lap for Class 1300, at 55:00, and also took the win. LOWER RIGHT: Mark Growe had fast lap in the Sportsman Pre runner class, at 1: 14:47, a,:,d then went on to take the win. May 2001 Bob Wright had the Class 550 fast lap at 56:01, and with five more good Japs, was the winner by 32 minutes. · Dusty Times

Page 35

Waldron Memorial Dedicated Markel gather~d up do-nations from the off road community to pay for a plaque, and _then he and some folks built a small concrete pedestal on the crest of a small hill lookin g out toward the val-ley west of the Slash X cafe. Waldron's ashes had been scattered on the same hill. with the future of the are~." He also stated very clearly that the office un-derstands that off roader are not responsible for the nasty accumulation of trash, but rather, it's the lo-cal residents who've fouled their own nest, so to speak. AT the Checkers Twenty-Fi~h Aniversary bash, Jack Waldr.on (right) receives the Vic Van Ella \Award from Uncle Max, given to those who contribute much to the sport of off road racing. M a rch 2 4th, the first Saturday of spring, was a good day fqr off roaders and off roading. It was the date of the second annual springtime Desert Clean-up, organized by Bill Markel, and also the day of the installation and dedication of the memorial to Jack Waldron. The yveather was perfect with bright sunshine and mild breezes as off roaders started to gather at the en-trance to the OHV area near the Tanger Mall. Site of many races and lots· of testing, this part of the· OHV area was not the problem. It was clean. Sadly, the local folk, un-happy since the county started requiring a fee at the nearby dump on Bar-stow Road, not far from the -Slash X, have taken to their refuse out into the open desert and leaving it there. The Clean-up folks found dis-carded couches, hulks of a couple of cars and a van, many, many tires and heaps of general trash. The well-used pit areas were clean -it's the su~round-ing desert that was a dis-grace .. All told, the more than 200 people who came for the work day gathered up over 60 tons of disposables, not including the vehicles that were too big to fit into the dumpster. Dusty Times Local businesses, such as Carl's Jr., Starbucks, Bar-stow Station, and the nearby Chevron Station donated bottled ·water, trash bags, snacks and the like. The "Keep California Beautiful" organization sent items to be used as· raffle prizes, and Boy Scout Troo·p 62, from Barstow, manned the snack conces-sion. One sorry incident marred the special day. A tractor on loan from a racer's sponsor was left near the area overnight to be ready to go to work early in the day. But when the BLM people arrived on Sat-urday morning they found it had been shot at and damaged so severely that it was inoperable. But the highlight of the day was the dedication of a memorial to the memory of Jack Waldron, who passed away last summer. Waldron had worked for the BLM for many years, and though he was long past retirement age, had· continued to stay on the job right up until his death from pneumonia. He was the ideal liaison between the BLM and the off roaders, always sympa-thetic to the needs of the off roaders, while in tune with the land and animals. And he was a nice guy. Ev-eryone liked him, and he's been missed. A group of about 100 of the clean-up folks gath ered for the dedication late in the afternoon. Christopher Grimes, representing Waldron's family, several of whom were in atten-dance, said' "It's great -all you folks here to honor the memory of Uncle Jack. Off road was his life -he talked about you all his life. This is a great honor to him." H.e went on to say that "Jack was an unassuming person, I know he's totally over-·· whelmed." Also in attendance was Ed Waldheim, President of CORVA, who said "We wish we had more like him. We really will miss him." And a representative from the Barstow Field Office of the BLM s12oke briefly to say, "Thank you for the things you've done today, and the things you've done in the past. [I know] off road people are concerned It was a great day. Off roaders got some fresh air and exercise in a feel-good way, and a chance to catch up with old friends. And at the end of the afternoon the Slash X served a huge spaghetti dinner to all the workers, while raffle prizes were handed out a a little icing on the cake. Anyone who'd like to have a look at the Waldron memorial, can find it at N34 45.993 W 117 01. 765. Or, take the road along the fence on the north edge of the Slash X until you come to a two-rut road that heads right up onto a small rocky hill. There's a white cross on the left of the hill, a .tribute to a motorcyclist who apparently died in the ::irea. Jack's memorial is across the trail, on almost the highest point of the little hill. Take a few mo-ments to reflect on a man who made so many friends and did so many nice things. FOR SALE Riviera Racing/ Nick Baldwin All Wheel Drive Car ► Nye Frank engineered and built ► Robby Gordon Racing Shocks (Built and Tested) ► 700++ H.P. Leon Patton Chevy V-8 ► Two Speed Automatic Transmission ► Dennis Cook Computer Controlled A.W.D. Transfer Case (with Spare) ► 9" Ford Differentials (Front and Rear) ► 37" X 17" BFGoodrich Project Tires ► Many-Many Spares ► Fastest Car in the Desert!!! Proven and Tested Serious Inquires Only, Please contact Jerry Whelchel for more Details (949) 472-2024

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_,. BITD SILVER STATE SERIES, ROUND 1 · Kaw~saki Team ·Green Laughlin u.s. scrambles Championship By Mark Kanya Ty Davis and Russ Pearson rode their Yamaha to a great overall victory, running the course in Jess than five hours. Ty Davis has known the highs and lows of rac-ing, and the pasl few haven't treated him kindly. After an amazing run in the late '90s, he fell into a dreaded slump. The former. champion might post a win every now and then, but he also suffered a few freak me-c ha nica l DNFs that lin, Nevada. As Round 1 of Best in the Desert's Sil-ver State Series, it's the sole motorcycle-only event since its trails are deemed too tight and technical for an even ATVs, let alone trucks and buggies. It's a far cry from SCORE's event, which is closer to town. However, at first it ap-peared as if Caselli and partner David Pearson would instead wi".l it, as they led most of the race on their DH Racing/IMS/ GPR Yamaha YZ250. Un-fortunately for them and nearly 50 others, they'd taken a wrong turn a few miles off the start, mak-ing each of them guilty of in; tainted his repu ta-____,.,,.-,,-----------,,._,.,,,.._..,...,,.,....,.,.,....,,,,..,.,...--, > tion Through it all, he tried to remain upbeat, looking forward to the time when he once again would make regular visits to the vie tory po-dium, a place that had become like a second home to him once. That time, per-haps, is now. It started Davis hopes when he. and sub-stitute partner Kurt Caselli won the 2000 season-ending Vegas 200, then he and regu-lar partner kicked off 2001 with an-other win, this one at the Kawasaki Team Green Laughlin U.S. cutting however un-intentionally -so promoter Casey Folks levied a 10 minute pen-alty on each team. Officially, that gave the Davis/Pear-son team the win on their Montclair Yamaha/ Moose/F&L Fuel spon-sored YZ250, · their time for the 150 mils coming to four hours, 4 7 minutes, 50 seconds. "My partner, Russ, he rode awe-some today," Davis praised at the finish. "We had a little problem Larry Roese/er took the victory in 125P on his Kawasaki at the begin-and he was well up in the overall standings as well. ning of the race with guys then closed on Davis/ cutting that one little Pearson at the end. Ab-section off, but he did a bott smelled possible vie-great job of catch-..,. .,, · _, ing back up and -·w. gave it to me in good running or-der. I basically had two guys in_front of me, which is okay because today was real moist: we re-ally didn't have a dust factor. Every-thing went really good." Pearson added, "My loop, anyway, was just awesome. Casey does a phe-nomenal job; it was fun out there." By no means did they run away with it, though. In fact, Team Green hit men Destry Ab-bott and Brian Brown made their way up through the pack and Destry Abbott and Brian Brown chased the Open Pro win all day but caught second spot on their Kawasaki, 37 seconds awav from victorv. Hare Scrambles Championship outside of Laugh-Scot and Brent Harden won the 4STKP class on their KTM, shown here dicing with the Davis/Pearson machine. The Folks/Bozarth KTM lifts it's hind leg on the way to the O-30P class win at Laughlin, taking the class by 1 minute, 12 seconds. Ross Williams and Bill Maxim rode their KTM to a nice victory in the 0-40P class, and they picked up 225 points in the bargain. Page 36 May 2001 Dusty Times

Page 37

"Bria n and I tried our hardest, we just came up a little short," Ab-bott said. "I've got to congratulate Russ and Ty, they rode a heck of a race. It was a great day for racing, that's for sure. We really had a good time. Toward the end there, Ty and I got a little tangled, but that's racing; we had fun." With their 10 minute penalty, Caselli/Pearson ended up third over all, t h o u g h t h e y did get the 250cc Pro win in 4 :57:53. Afte r a couple yeas of dominating the 125s , Caselli has stepped up to A pair of 19 year Odds, KC Bogue and Bill Hansen 250s, which will The Open Expert Class was the domain of Bert Bradford took the 250 Expert class on their Kawasaki, shown 125 Expert class went to Jacob Cornett and Joaquin only help his ques t · and Rob Phillips, riding their KTM to a nice win. :_:_he:..:r-=e--=s:.:.:liS!;.;.IY_:a=:.i:..::rb:..::o.:.crn_:e:..:...___________ Candia on a Kawasaki, shown here in the outback. to finish further up• tory and reeled Davis in but ended up on the they exited. He picked KX250 to second overall, in the pack. Still, he on the last loop, tried to ground after tangling himself up and took the second Open Pro in didn't expect to find him-pass in the final corner with the Yamaha racer a s Cas trol/Dunlop/Trick 4 :48:2 7. Continued on page 3B=-~ The KTM of Wade and Jacob Phillips made a hard. run for the 250P win but they could only garner second spot in class. Brendan Lutes rode his Kawasaki to a nice second spot in 125P an.d being second to Roese/er ain't all bad. Do Nore Tban Just Hjck Up D One entry forf!acb 25 gallons of 76100 or 110 Octan~, Roelng Ga~tlne purchased from Cl Bryant or an authorized distributor from Jan. 1, 2000 through O!:tober 31, 20001 Win Free 76 Rac:lng Gasoline (up to 250 gallons,) To En~r. Send ~ur proof of purchase, alongwltb Name, Address, and Phone to: Phil Zeiger and Tater Murphy hustled around the course and took second in 4STKP on the Honda, less than eight minutes out of the class win. Ron Lawson and Gary Jones rode their Honda to a nice second spot in 0-40P, their lack of sponsors not hurting them too much. Wtth 7 6 Racina Gasoljne l!'hR CING 'flr,/GASOLINE •--!ill 11111 II .SJ llll lll Iii 1111 _, 1W C .. llLJl..Jt...a_l'!LJIILJLIII Ill II •• . Authorized Distributors -Southern California. call: KRS Distributing 71 4-816-8 98 3 Cosby Oil 1-800-54-COSBY CL Bryant, Inc. Attn:Mltdt 237 E. Wbltmo«iAve. Modesto, <:4. 95358 Falrplex -Pomona October 7 &8 1/1/l'll/2 www.c! For a Distributor Nearest You • 800-399-4176 Dusty Times May 2001 Page 37

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I>· "' I • •;( . . '" ~~ .~· ,. ~-_., .... \. .. ~-~ -~ -~-u= ... , :/' ,. "' east t b gon g as fas t as t his thing goes in fifth gear . The first couple laps were sh a ky, but it c ame b ack to m e the last lap, and I pulled it to-gether." Brothers Jacob and W a d e Phillips took second in the 250cc Pro class and seventh over-all in 5: 1 7:47 on their Sportsman Cycle/B&M Cycle/Phillips• Construction KTM. This · marked their de-but in the Pros af-ter spending last year dominating the Open Experts. Josh Wilson and Nick Fain rode tl:,eir Yamaha to a nice John Ruot and unknown partner rode their Xtreme Dirk Lange and Phil Stonich cover the trail to first place Steve Henge-veld and Jonah Street came in next, stopping the clocks at 5:20:18 on their Precision Concepts/Pro Honda Oils/Dun-win in 4STK E, taking the win by 23 minutes. Motorsports Yamaha to frst in 0-25E. in the 0..:30 Expert class at Laughlin. self leading Laughlin. when I got halfway out bunch; I didn't really right. At least I wasn't "I ·didn't really know I there and there were no know why. I got off and the only one." lop-backed XR650R. While they were "only" fourth in Open Pro, they were the first true Open class _pike to finish since practic ally all others in the class chose to ride ·t h e nimbler 250s in deference was in the lead," Caselli tracks and I'm following let David take it over, Rounding out the top confessed. "I got a good a virgin trail. I just and everybody said, five wer_e Price Racing/ start, and I was just riding cruised along; I didn't go "You're in first!" I was Pro Circ ui t/M a xima and passed, maybe, three too fast. kind of confused. KX250-mounted Shane guys. I was kind of think-"I came in [ to pit], and "I guess I missed a turn Esposito and Andy Grider in somethin was wron · ever bod was c heering a somewhere, but that's all in 5:00:57, third in the '""'° i:qfl!11;r~,~-Runne out competitio,n, our / skilled technicians will vide you with gearing des~ned specifically for your vehicle-,, driving style and performance need~ \ . . . " For more information call (800) 30-4Trans South1J1n.Calitornia's 1aru1st Distributor ot M1Jnd101a Transa111s1 1631 Placentia Ave. Unit G Anaheim, CA 92806 • Fx: (714)680-3110 Page 38 . May 2001 ~~ ~ n O~~~ 3c6 a;/~ .-,,,!-~,.,.>-... -l-~-0 .• ->--;-~-: .~----------~--------~ winners Luca ~ .,,,._-~ ·~•. Trussardi and Gor-~ t don Ward on a Braking/Motion Pro/Pro-Valve TM 250 in 5 :01:16. The vets. were lucky to finish, as the rear mousse came apart in the final miles. The top 125cc team took sixth overall in 5:15:37, with 43 year old Larry Roeseler and 1 7 year old Cole Calkins sharing a Team Green/Bel-Ra y /VP-backed KX. This was only the second desert race for Ohio's Calkins, who's a regular on the p opular GNCC circuit back east. (His first race was ' last year's Laugh-lin, which he and Kurt Caselli also won in· the 125cc Pro class.) "I think [riding] this is really good before [the GNCC kickoff in] Okeechobee [Rlorida], espe-cia 11 y," Calkins noted. "It reminds me a lot of Okeechobee: It's real fast • with square~edged bumps, whooped out. It gets your speed up, your confidence up. "It was a little rough in the begin-ning. It's hard to a d apt, . coming straight from out Second in Open Expert was the Honda of Cody Gremel and Chris Denver, it's tough racing against youngsters. Going so fast we lost part of the picture, Andy Nelson and Ed Dean were second in 250E on their Honda . Dusty Times

Page 39

Ben Williams and Tim Schraff came over from Vegas to take the second spot in 125 Expert, shown here on their Yamaha. John Conyer and Adam Johnston came over from Tucson, running their Yamaha into a nice second spot in 4STKE. Only 42 seconds away from the 0-40 Expert win, Rhett Higgins and Mike McGee rode their Kawasaki into a very close second place. to the course. Mike Baxter and Rob Zimmerman were fifth Open, ninth overall on their Racer Inc./HRP/ Race Tech YZ in 5:20:35. They came out on top overall, besting the first Four-stroke Pro finishers, Brent and Scot Harden, on the Michelin/Spectro/ THOR-sponsored KTM 400 M/XC. The Hardens were more than satisfied, though. As Scot waited for his son to finish, he admitted, "He was fresh. I asked [my wife] Kristi, 'How's he doing?' and he'd come in. and go, 'Hey, no problem!' He was ready to deal with it, and I was like, 'Okay, one more lap, one more lap. I've just got to do it one more time'." - - ------~~~~~-== This marked the Ron Ourvines and Don Tussing were second in 0-35 Expert, less than four minutes out of the class win. first time the fa-ther aO:d won duo has won their class in their brief his-tory of riding to-gether (this-was only the third time). Joaquin Candia and Jacob Cornett just missed the top 10, finishing 11th overall in 5:23:56 on their Team Green/GPR/IMS KX125. They weren't too upset, however, as they not only won 125cc Expert, they were the first Ex-pert finishers by a long way. The next Experts were K.C Bogue and Bill Hansen on a Delta Sports Center/Rocky Mountain M.C./DH Racing KX250 in 5:29:47, putting them 18th overall, though they did win 250cc Expert. Open Expert winners Bert Bradford and Rob Phillips were 20th overall in 5:32:33 on their Rocky Mountain M.C./Moose/ Maxima KTM. Richie Hudson and Greg Sowie won Over 3 5 Expert in 5:45:52 on their Lakeland Marine/Parker 6iiiB&M Cycie KTM. That put them 27th over-all, one spot better than four-stroke Expert win-ners Nick Fain and Josh Wilson. The thumper pi-lots rode a Gone Wild/ };:ly, NV /Moost.-backed Yamaha for 5:46: 18. The trio of Brian Donahue, Bradley Fuhrmann and John Ruof won Over 25 Expert in 5:53:01 on their Xtreme Motor Sports/The Pit/ Stalker Racing Yamaha, putting them 32nd over-a 1 1 . That was five Sp O t S better t h a n Over 40 Expert vie tors T a d Ckiimarac a n d Di Ck Yardley, w h o shared a Pro Cy c 1 e Sports/ Back Pocket Racing/ Wives-s po n -sored KTM f o r 6 :00: 15 of fun. A 1 -Mike Metzger rides his Yamaha to~ second spot in IM Expert Class, he was only three minutes and change away from the win. terna-Dick Yardley and Tad Goimarac took th~ 0-40 Expertt i v e win on their KTM but it was alfnost a photo finish. H O s e Dusty Times May 2001 Inc., backed the efforts of D irk Lange Man, I better go right says the team of Richie Hudson and Phi 1 and Greg Sowle, locals from Havasu on their way to the Stonich, who -=0-=-3_5_E_w_in_. _ _ _______ ~~----won Over 30 Expert n entrepreneur Greg Ant-· 6:02: 15 and were 40th hill and Chris Fry, who overall. were 50th overall in The first Amateurs fin-6: 11 :09 on their Ballistic ished-in 6:08:04, 47th Clothig/Parts Direct/ overall, on a Pro Cycle Sports West YZ 125. Ob-Sport/Grid iron Sports viously, they also won Grill/GPR Stabilizers 125cc Amateur. KTM. Josh Downard, Ja-Dylan and George son Goimanac and Jason Jackman took their Weeks also won Open Montcl!:lir Yamaha entry Amateur, but they barely to the Four-stroke Arna-beat the next Amateurs,· teur win in 6:21:29, good 250cc winners Wes for 59th overall and Green and -Mac Stewart -fourth yellow plate. Less on their Framecon Inc./ than a minute behind in Mad Dogs Bar/Jhett Ad-6:22:20 was Don and vertising KX. The Kawa-John Hutchison, the top saki duo were just 10 sec-· Over 35 Amateurs, on onds behind. their PEP/Temple City Third overall Arna teur Power Sports KX. They in turned out ·to be apparel Continued on page 40 DBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & . 15 X 7 $84.05 $89.10 Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15 X 6 $117.45 $124.75 15 X 10 $131.99 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vega!i, NV 89102 (702) 247-1266 We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX Page 39 ,,._

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The Adair/Milam/Montana duo plus one rode their- Greg Antill and Chris Fry took the 125 A class George and Dylan Jackman kept it all in the Shane Clark and Tory Caron flew their Yamaha Yamaha to a nice second spot in class 250 A. with ease, heading for the finish on their Yamaha. family, riding their Yamaha to victory in 4STKA. _to-:-a_n_i_ce_w,_·n---o-in_ 0-_2_5_A_. ______ _ turn were one spot and a Anthony Underwood, Oklahoma J .D. and in 6:30:47. That they saki. few· minutes ahead of who rode a· White Broth--Tod Hammock shared a rode a green bike should Boyd Abbott, Rob Over 30 Amateur win-ers/Sidirrroy Lee Designs THOR/Dunlop/Motul-come as no surprise, re-Beggs and Gene Brown ners Gabriel Dahalde and Kawasaki for 6:25: 18. backed Kawasaki for the ally, since Ted is a district shared a Destry Abbott/ ·· ··-- · Over 40 Amateur victory sales manager for Kawa-REI Brakes-sponsored . GOT SHOCKS?. Your main source for the all new RaceRunner shock series from Sway-Away. Now avail-. able in 2", 2 1/2", and massive 'BCB. rnner 3" body coil-over design. . •#Ot:lr• 6t' $WAl"· A •WAY ~·· THE SOURCE for off-road racing equipment and services We now offer complete shock services including custom revolving and rebuilding. We sell and ser-vice FOX, BILSTEIN, and all SWAY-A-WAY shocks, including the new RACE RUNNER series. Play cars or race cars, Class 9 or trucks, 1/2 1600, even super-long travel A-arm cars, KARTEK gets you handled! ~ or fi(#/H~ (909) 628-2525 ~---~ (909) 628-0833 ~c,,,...,,... ~O.dB fax (909) 627-4067 14122 Central ave. Chino, CA. 91710 open 7 days a week! Page 40 , "'>;< ,. The Beggs/Brown/Abbot trio were the 0-48 t:xpert winners, shown here on the Kawasaki heading towards ., • victory. Greg Zitterkopf flies high and long on his way to the IM Expert victory at Laughlin. The Weeks/Goimanac/Downard trio came down from Mac Stewart and Wes Green rode their Kawasaki to a nice Utah to capture the Open Amateur win on their k.TM. ~w.:.::in:._::in'..'.....'.:::25~0:...:A.:.:.· ___ · __________ _ May 2001 Dusty Times

Page 41

Coming in for a landing, the Kawasaki of Don The Mike Bull, Eric Monroe Honda settles in for JD and Tod Hammock came in from Oklahoma Jerry Fisher was the IM A class winner at and John Hutchinson took the 0-35 A win. a landing on the way to the 0-30 A victory. to ride their Kawasaki to the 0-40 A class win. Laughlin, riding his Honda to a nice win. KX for the Ove.r 48 Ex-Metzger said. "I pert win in 6:47:28. Yeah, took one break ,.. that's ·Destry's dad. and filled up gas." Brown's son is Brian who, "I haven't . of course, is Destry's part-trained, I haven't ner. ridden motos in a Tory Caron and Shane long time. In fact, Clark were the final team I haven't even winners, taking Over 25 been freestyling Amateur in 6:55:59 on. since the Gravity their River Desert Rae-Games [last sum-ing/Red Dog Saloon/Ac-, mer] bee a use I tive Towing Yamaha. broke my back and On the solo side of my heel [there]. things, Greg Zitterkopf So, I've just been spanked the Ironman playing around once again. At Laughlin, with the road rac-however, they had to do ing, but since "only" 100 miles. Unlike that's such an ex-the past couple years, pensive hobby I'm though, "Zit" rode a kind of taking thu1nper, a new VOR more baby steps provided by .the Italian than spending all factory and sponsored by my money .on that. the1n, Maxima and It's ridiculous how Zitterkopf Racing. De-much that stuff spite getting iost and costs. stalling his new n1.oun.t, "I3ul the trail Jet Peery.,rode his Honda to the second spot in IM A, he was ·18 minutes away from the win. he prevailed in the end, ridin.g down here completing his 100 mile was pretty good. It's just odyssey in 3:33:04. like going out to the Third went to maga-zine test rider Jason Webb on his own very stock RM250 in 3:42:56. Despite suffering a flat "The bike worked su-desert and riding with per," he reported. "I've Dad." only had it a couple days. It worked really well. I was really surprised I was able to get it started as good as I did -and it's stock as stock can· be. It took me a little while to get back in the groove and not want to rev it, short-shift it. I just want to thank VOR for giving me the chance to come back and ride some more." Unlike Zitterkopf, the Ironman Expert runner-up had zero experience in desert racing, though he's very, very comfortable on two wheels. However, Mike Metzger is probably best known as a freestyle jumper, though he · dabbles in road racing and freestyle BMX. The former motocross racer didn't decide until a few days before to race Laughlin and rode a Race Tech/Ecko/VP Fuels YZ250 conservatively in the beginning before charging at the end. His time was 3:36:48. "All in all, the boy lived so it was good,'· Dusty Times FOR SALE CLASS 1 2 SEAT LOTHRINGER A-ARM $.42,000.00 0B0 ONLY 1200 MILES ON CAR, ·OVER $80,000.00 INVESTED 1st Overall Winner California 200 BEST OF EVERYTHING FAT TYPE 4, MENDOLA TRANS,36 GAL FUEL CELL, 934 CV'S, 35" GOODYEARS, FA~T, LIGHT AND VERY RELIABLE JOHN LUCAS BROKEN WRENCH RACING 714-738-4653 e-mai I john@creativesportsgroup:com Enclosed off road trailer and base radio (600 watts) also available May 2001· rear tire in the final miles, Honda. He finished com-he made it to the finish fortably ahead of runner-and decided against try-up Jet Peery, who finished ing to race the following in 4:29:50 aboard is All day at the AMA National Hours Carpet/MTC/ enduro in Wickenburg, Boyeser Honda. Arizona. . Glenn Dally took Travis Sluder and Pete third in the class and Murray rounded out the 14th · lroriman in top five Ironmen in 4:31 :39 with his Wife/ 3:49:58 and 3:50:35 re-Matt/Burger King of spectively. · . Bullhead City KTM. Jerry Fisher won Iron-Tony Thurlow and man Amateur and got Ray Gulbeau rounded 11th overall in out the t'op five in the 4: 11: 44 on his Jerry class, finishing next in Fisher Cement/Hutchins the overall order as Motorsports/IMS-backed well. .. '.#If/I. □cs □IQltdl PROUDLY CommunlC:dtlcn ANNOUNCl!S !:»P(VICP!:. 'More Than Ughtning Comes From The Sky" DCS IS THE PREMIER DEALER IN THE WEST FOR: DirecPC 2 Way Home & Office Networks DirecPC DirecTV TiVo Pre/Post Wiring Home Automation 1-877-DirecPC Visit the DCS RACING Mobile Internet Pavilion On Contingency Row ♦ Check E-mail ♦ High Speed Internet ♦ MS Office Applications Page 41

Page 42

MORE BUSHWACKER 250 Beveridge Beats Barstow Davy Girdner Jets no grass grow under his feet, he took home all the marbles in the 1600 duel at the Bushwacker 250. The M . O .R.E. Bushwacker 250 went off in perfect weather in mid January under clear skies, balmy weather and a good time was had by all. Buri Beveridge had the Class 1 contest wired all the way, turning his 12 re-quired laps between 21 and 26 minutes per lap and he was sippin' a cool one \ 2 hours and 40 ·minutes after starting the contest, first overall and of course, first in Class 1. The Sportsman· entry was small but there was no CAil TOil IFREI 11-888-755-5900 WE CAN SHIP UPS TO YOUR DOOR WE OFFER THE/E IERVICE/ ** WE SERVICE FOX, BILSTIEN, KING, SWAY A WAY SHOCKS , ** MAGNAFLUX SERVICE ( WITH QUICK TURN A ROUND .. ) ** GEAR BOX REBUILD SERVICE (NO MORE WEIRD NOISES •• ) CLASS 9 OWEL BALL JOINTS UPPER & LOWER $13.50 EA. TYPE 3 BRAKE KIT (BACKING PLATES,SHOES, WHEEL CYLINDERS,· SPRINGS AND DRUMS) $250.00 FRONT ARM STOP KIT $15.00 REAR TA1L BRAKE LIGHT (ALUMINUM HOUSING) $8.00 EA. BALL JOINT REPLACEMENT BOOTS SET OF FOUR $4.95 CLASS 1/2 1600 5/1600 - SPORTSMAN 930 CV JOINTS $55.00 TYPE 3 BRAKE KIT (BACKING PLATES, SHOES, WHEEL CYLINDERS, SPRINGS AND DRUMS) $250.00 CHROMOL Y SPINDLE WASHER AND JAM NUT KIT $69.95 7 /8 4130 LINK PIN EA. $20.00 5/8 4130 LINK PIN EA. $19.00 -··~ -G1"7lr'JJr ~ni~ •••• CLASS 10 5 UNLIMITED 934CV'S $215.00 934 OVER BOOT $11.00 7 /8 4130 LINK PIN EA. $20.00 JUMBO FODDRILL SPINDLE BEARING KIT (INNER BEARING, OUTER BEARING, AND SEAL) BOTH SIDES $89.95 CALL ABOUT SMOKIN' BFGOODRICH PRICES 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #3 " LAS VEGAS, NV * 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM * SAT 9AM-5PM (702)871-5221 FAX Congratulations Maccachren· Motorsports · for The 2000 CORR Championship Page 42 May 2001 The Class 9 battle went to Rob Stapp, shown here on his way to a great victory in his great looking car. · lack of enthusiasm. Sports-man only had to run 10 lap~ and in the 1600 category it was Harry Dunne running 32 and 33 minute laps as he· wound his way around the course for the 1600 Sports-man Buggy win. Jim Phil-lips was the Sportsman Truck winner, running 34 and 35 minute laps in his keen looking truck, taking the class win with ease. In the Sportsman Unlimited Buggy class Zach Reish put in his 10 laps in is great looking car and finished with an elapsed time of six hours and 49 minutes. In the 1600 class there were 12 required laps to be run and some of the con-test ants didn't fare too well. Victor Bussey took the class lead right off the start and there he re-mained for seven laps, the disaster struck, he lost the tranny o n the eighth lap and that's all she wrote, he recorded an unwanted dnf. Sean DeFrank was looking for a good race but it was not his day. Sean had lots of trouble on the first lap, a bit less on Lap 2 and then settled down and started goin' fast but he too was denied a finish, getting only nine laps under his belt before calling it a day due to mechanical troubles. Garit Wallace also was looking for a win this day and he certainly gave it his all, mostly con-sistent lap times but his bright yellow car was only capable of the second place spot, 15 minutes out of the win when the day was over. Davy Girdner knew he had compet1t1on when he started but his canny mind figured that if he didn't .. paint his car, left it in the natural aluminum finish he could really do a number on the rest o the class and that he did. He ran fast consistent laps, ran second until the eighth lap and then went on for the 1600 win·, having a few problems on the 11th lap but getting the checkered flag and a nice win. The Class 9 battle was a good one, they were to run 12 laps and their lap times were less than 20 or 30 sec-onds apart throughout the contest. Art Velasco was the leader for the first three laps, but he failed to finish the fourth lap and retired from the fray, cause un-known. Tyler Petersen_ was running fast and was nudg-ing the leader for that cov-eted first place but he dis-appeared -on the last °lap, never to be seen again. Rob Stapp was in a hurry, he ran second for the first three laps then took the lead and there he re-mained, taking the Class 9 win with ease. He rolled on the first lap but·all that did was bend the spare tire rack a bit and, in Class 9 aerodynamics don't count and Rob brought his good looking car in for the cov-· eted checkered flag. Tim Karas ran good fast race in Sportsman Buggy, completing his eight laps in a bit over six hours and taking home the hard earned checkered flag. Steve Landis was not too happy, he lost .the brand new engine on the first lap and he too earned the dreaded dnf. William Berman led the Sportsman Buggy class for the four laps he ran but pulled out of the Zach Reish drove his super sanitary Bug to the win in the Sportsman Unlimited Class, shown here on the way homw. Dusty Times

Page 43

~£~$-'~. -~ .. ;,) . · 1~""'-~"'-..;-J . ix-·,.·-~~~:~ .. ~, ., i i ·-i ·i - ! Jim Phillips won the Truck Class with ease, completing his 1 0 The Class 1 win went to Burl Beveridge, shown here with his Harry Dunne was happy with his day, he took the 1600 Sportsman required laps in six and a quarter hours. Checker banner flying proudly on the visor. Class at Barstow, shown here on his way to victory The Sportsman Buggy Class went to yet another great looking car, Tim Karas drove in for the coveted win. Tyler Petersen got second place honors in Class 9, his steering Garit Wallace was ready for a win but second place in Class 1600 support broke on the last lap and it sure made for a tough day was all he could muster at the Bushwacker race. race when he was notified his bother had been in an accident and he was off to family matters immedi-ately. Kathy Fay was entered in the Truck class but her day was not he day as she never completed a lap. The Balls Out 250 is the next contest on the M.O.R.E. schedule, last weekend in March and we'll make every effon to give you a rundown in an upcoming issue of Dusty Times. _...,,.. coming Next Mc;,nth ... BITD Terrible's Town FRTFUD200 WRC Catalunya Rally ... Plus All The Regular Features TRANSAXLE -ENGINEERING. INC SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year Congratulations Ed Stewart 1st Class 1 SNORE Buffalo Bill's 400 Transaxle Engineering Jeff Field Dusty Times 8.18-998-2739 9763 Variel Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311 May 2001 CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES BELL. SHOEI. SIMPSON . From. $299.00 Helmets SNELL 95. SA 95 FOR SODA Complete Blower Systems for single or double seat cars. Helmet conversions. cocl boxes. Complete line of PYROTEC1. FILLER Safety Products & BELL Motorsports. We ship UPS daily. 5153 Bowden Avenue - San Die o ,._ CA- 92117 - 858-279-2509 AVAILABLE SUBARU BOXER four cam 16 ·valve EJ20T and EJ20TT, 450* HP, 2000/2001 factory test engines, 4 cylinder -- pent roof (combustion chamber) like new low hours of test time. 5 main bearing --horizontal opposed. Water cooled/bullet proof, will not blow apart like air cooled/Porsche and VW race engines. Excellent off-road racing oc Pike's Peak racing. Will make more HP than all other engines in the world marketplace as a 2.0-Litre displacement. Single turbo W/black box ....... $2,250.00 Twin turbo ................... $2,495.00 *Allegedly makes ... Bob Walter .... 510-581-4931 19361 Lake Chabot Road, Castro Valley CA 94546 All Engines Guaranteed Page 43 . ◄

Page 44

News l=ro,n The Direceo, The first CRS rally school of the year was a huge success. Ray Hocker hosted the March 24th event in Ridgecrest, CA at the Heritage House Inn. Appr:oximately 80 people showed up to be enlight.ened on the subject of rallying. The program ran from 8:30 am. to 9:00 pm. and was chock full of . great information. Paula Gibeault, John Dillon and Sue Robinson instructed the co-driver section as well as the SCCA licensing section. Mike Gibe a ult, Doug. Robinson, Ray Hocker, Paul Timmerman and Laughlin O'Sullivan all instructed the drivers in the classroom as well as the dirt course at the fairgrounds. The drivers got driving theory as well as instruction in their vehicles. Co-drivers were given practical experience "behind the terratrip". They navigated the co-driver instructor through the streets of Ridgecrest. After the· classroom instruction on controls and timing a walk through rally was given for everyone to practice on. They were issued time cards and then walked through a "rally" to better understand the controls and calculating arrival.times. Doug Robinson presented car prep with a rally car as a prop. Students were given the opportunity to go over the car and ask questions about safety and competition prep. The evening's pizza party was an open forum for participants to ask questions of the instructors. A lively discussion ensued after someone asked about .husband and wife teams. The Robinsons, the Timmermans and the Gibeaults all weighed in on that question. The school was well attended and all of the participants seemed to be pleased. and better informed by the end of the day. From the huge response Ray got it looks like rallying is really gaining interest on the Western U.S. There were people from the San Francisco area and Utah as well as the Southern California crowd. Hopefully we will see these new folks at one of our rallies this year. Ray hosted a rally cross the day after. This event had a great turnout as well and is part of the CRS rally cross championship. Ray had 62 entries. The vehicles ran the gamut of rally car to pickup truck. Lots of Subarus and even a Mitsubishi Evo VI streetcar were seen kicking up the dust. Justin Hill set fast time in the Street 4WD clas.s. Go Justin! Chrissy Beavis won the CRS Stock class in Doug Whited's VW. Last time he loans you his car, Chrissy! Mike Johnson won the new CRS GT class. Damien Delezene was first in the Street Stock under two liter and Rich De Michele took Street Stock over ·two liter. Julius Vasari was the only open 4WD rally car and set fast time on the course. Frank Gosset won the Gro0up 2/5 dass. Ray Hocker and Ken_Bo 'Takahashi both ran unofficial fast times during the day. Leon Styles hosted the first of his rally crosses at the Tombstone Paintball Park. He had 26 entries show up to play in the mud. Simon Sirin set fast time on the course in his soon to be rally car. Leon will be holding a rally sprint on April 21st at the same location. Be sure to mark your calendar and attend is upcoming events in Corona, CA. • Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless Fuel Safes "Pro Cell" is our top-of-the-line racing cell that comes ready to super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety foam baffling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers • FIA-FT3, SCORE and SOOA approved • Custom manufactured fillers • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline • Over 25 years experience install and its backed by a e for more Info call or write to: tull 10 year warranty. Aircraft Rubber/Fuel Safe · UEL SAf 63257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, Oregon 97701 RDcingc.eils (541) 388-0203 ' , , . · (541 )388-0307 fax httpJ/ Page 44 Don't forget the 2001 CRS Rally Cross Championship has a points fund thanks to Tombstone Paintball Park and Leon Styles. Eligible classes for the points fund are Street Stock under two liter, Street Stock over two liter, Street 4WD, CRS Stock and CRS GT classes. See you at the start line! CDRE Pit Report By Sandy Parker MDR-STODDARD VALLEY 300 RACE REPORTS TEAM STEVENS (Class 9) This was an important race for this team as they had a slim chance to capture the MOR Challenger points championship if the events of the race went their way. Keith Stevens started the race and drove the first half with no problems, keeping the car in the lead. Alex Pacheco was given the controls at the half way point and was doing a great job until he rolled the car jumping into the Slash X sand wash. It took a few minutes for trucks to come from CORE. Main and Baker pits to upright the car, losing many positions in the process. After they got the car on all four feet, they noticed a broken ball joint as a resuft from the accid.ent. They hobbled the car to CORE Baker Pit, borrowed and installed a trailing arm from Perry King, strapped on the mangled roof, and strapped in Daniel Poole. the Crazy Flying Brit to bring it home for the fimsh. They finished the race and had to settle for second in class points. GREAT YEAR GUYS! TEAM KING & KING (Class 9) Perry and son Jeff teamed up to run their totally rebuilt Challenger. Perry said they made some suspension changes that didn't work at all as the car was always out of control. He jokingly said "We were so out of control, I scared him so bad that I heard my son scream." Perry drove and Jeff was to ride the entire race and were doing great all day running in second place. Leading the race on the last lap the transm1ss1on just couldn't handle the beating and the guys think they snapped an axle or ring and pinion. Dave Girdner found them on top of the camel humps and towed them to the nearest CORE Pit. TEAM INCH -(Class 1600) Brad again intended to solo the race and started out in fine style passing a few cars on the first lap, maintaining second position. Midway on the second lap he called ahead to a CORE Pit to check the power steering when he comes in. Hoping it was something simple they could repair they unfortunately discovered it was the longest hose that had a leak right in the middle. Rather than taking a few lap_s to repair it, Brad decided to park the car for the day. TEAM HOOK/MESSICK (Class 1600) · Apparently the Checkers didn't have enough cars to make an official Checker supported race so the Jimmy's (Hook and Messick) asked. CORE if we could assist them with pit support for this race. The answer was yes, we were happy to help them out. They started the race and were doing well until the engine studs broke ending their run. CORE PIT SUPPORT CORE MAIN (Sidewi~der/Outlet Center Road) Main was staffed with the Smiths. Dr. Don, wife Hilly ad son Dwayne, accompanied by the expert radio work from Derrin and Victoria Griffin, and help fro~ Ted Ferro and Keith Hurst.• CORE PIT ABLE (Hwy 247~ A last minute added pit for extra course coverage was run by Wayne and Bob Nosala, Randy and Babe Jones. The only action they saw was to diagnose Brad's power steering . problems. CORE PIT BAKER (Stoddard Wells Road) The Baker Pit was run by Rob Stapp, newest CORE member Davy Girdner, The Pat man, Andrew Frency, myself and my nephew Nicholas Parker. The afternoon was very busy with tightening a shock bolt on the King car, sending vehicles to tow in both the King and Stevens Challengers, and rebuild the entire front end to get the Stevens car back on course. CORE PIT CHARLEY HANNEMANN FIBERGLASS, INC. 84-88 Ranger Conversion Kits 84-88 Toyota Tundra Conversion Kits 89-95 Toyota Tundra Conversion Kits Fenders, Hoods and Bedsides for Chevy S-10, Chevy Full Size, Ford Full Size, Toyota and Nissan 1132 W. Kirkwall Road, Azusa, CA 91702 626-969-7317 May 2001 (Inner Hodge Road) Bob Depew, Gary and Kim Hall, and Mr. Dennis Dean opened a CORE pit somewhere in the Hodge Road vicinity. They were not asked to work on CORE cars but were able to assist non-CORE cars . by changing a throw out bearing on an unlimited car, replaced a rear trailing arm on a 5-1600, welded mounts for a rack and pinion on a 10 car. Who said these guys don't earn their pay?? MORE-LEAPIN' LIZARD 250 TEAM McGUFFIN (Class 9) This was Darin's first race back since he broke his leg in a motorcycle accident a year or so ago. He broke his leg in about 83 places and his doctor screwed and glued all the bre~ks, added pins, plates, rods, hose clamps and some duct tape. His doctor guaranteed his work so as soon as Darin soaked off the cast he decided to race it and see how it would hold up. He pampered in his plush riding Challenger, yea right! Darin was scheduled to solo the race but had Kyle Gomolka standing on the side lines just in case he had to get out. Darin was definitely on a mission, keeping the car at the front of the field for the first seven laps without any mechanical problems. On Lap 7 while passing a Sportsman car, Darin drove over their wheels which sent him flying, rolling the car three times-in a sand wash. Luckily the car landed n all fours so rea!ly didn't loose any time and ma.inta.ined second place. He did bonk his head on the cage pretty hard and his sore leg got banged around a bit, so he·asked for Kyle to take the last two laps. After a driver change, Kyle was strapped in and drove the last two and 1/8 laps with no problems. The 1/8 of a lap was extra as Ky le missed the checkered flag and continued on an extra lap until Darin radioed him to bring it back. Darin and Kyle managed to bring the car to a second place finish keeping ahead of the third place car by on! y 11 seconds. TEAM ST APP/CRAIG (Class 9) After taking some time off for a few races to do some car upgrades, Rob Stapp and Todd Craig were back at it. Rob started the race and quickly noticed that some of the suspension modifications did not work as planned and needed more testing time. Rob finished his four laps without losing too many positions. Todd drove the second half and was making up time on the McGuffin car after they rolled. Todd knew if he pushed it very hard they may be able to steal second place from McGuffin. They almost pulle it off but came up 11 seconds short. Rob and Todd ended up third in the Challenger class. TEAM BURNS (Class 9) This was the first race for the totally upgrad~d Challenger car. Johnny Burns did all· the work himself including motor, tranny and Continued on page 44 Dusty Times

Page 45

l. major chassis work. He talked Sway-A-Way into letting him do the R&D on the newly developed Challenger shock line. Johnny also intended to solo the race but did have his friend JB in the pits if he needed a back relief driver. At the end of Lap 4 Johnny pulled in to CORE Main for a drink of water but after an inspection of the car, a ball joint nut and washer had hammered off. Main pit was able to retrieve a new nut and washer and got him back on the road. On Lap 6 he stopped for a fuel change and to put a few pounds of torque into the rear axle/drum nuts. On Lap 7, Johnny, was beat and needed out of the car so he pulled in Main and was extricated and JB slithered into the car. After a lap JB called in that there was a tranny like noise and that he wanted it looked at the next CORE pit. The tranny was smoked and to avoid further damage they send a trailer to get him. CORE PIT SUPPORT CORE MAIN (Sidewinder/Outlet Center Road) The Main pits were manned by myself, Nicholas Parker, Andrew Freney, and the Stapps. We were kept busy, with scheduled fuel stops and driver changes. Ball joint nut and washer was installed on the Burns Challenger and the brake drums were tightened. CORE PIT ABLE (Barstow College) Jim Wagner and Davy Girdner had a slow day of pitting except for checking Darin's Challenger after the roll and checking the Burt's tranny later in the day. CORE PIT CHARLEY (Stoddard Wells Road) Brad Inch, T.J. Craig and Dave Girdner diagnosed and oiled up a seized steering knuckle on the Burn's Challenger. BEST-IN-THE-DESERT -LAS-VEGAS 200 TEAM McGILLIVRAY (Protrucks) Kevin McGillivray driving with rookie driver Lewis Navaro battled an 8 Protruck field in the Nevada desert hoping to wrap up the year's close points championship. Kevin wanted to thank his pit crew for the blistering quick fuel stop which only took 40 seconds. Kevin also said he discovered another key to his recent success, he did all the preparation to the truck by himself and had absolutely no part failures or down time. The only major mishap that occurred was his rider puking in his enclosed helmet a few times during the race. At one point, Kevin looked at his Lewis to see how he was doing, but couldn't see his face, only a chunky orange colored slime on the inside of his helmet shield. They had a perfect blowout ratio, having four flats for four laps but still managed to be the first truck over the finish line at the end of the day. They won their class by 11 minutes, finished third overall, and won the Best-in-Desert Protruck points championship, CONGRA TULA TIO NS!!! YEAR 2001 C.O.R.E. Dusty Times ELECTION RES UL TS President: Brad Inch; Vice President: Sandy Parker; Race Directors: Darrin Griffin, Ji111 Wagner; Driver's Reps: Davy Girdner, Tim Lindsay, Perry King; Sargent of Arms: Bob Depew; Secretary: Melody Myers; Treasurer: Joan Wagner; Entertainment Director: Cheesehead. SNORE PIT PEOPLE Brad Inch is looking for interested CORE people to pit for him in Nevada for the SNORE series, contact Brad if you are interested in going to Laughlin on Feb 3 for the A VI 250. Searching for a professional family oriented pit support club? CORE is always happy to extend its family and support. We have monthly meetings on 'the first Tuesday of the month at Mulligans Restaurant in Santa Clarita at 8pm. For more information, join us at the meetings or call me at (818) 341-1810 or e-mail me at race97 FIRST ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT RACERS By Sandy Parker I hope you all enjoyed the Vernal Equinox. It's Springtime now and the desert is blooming. The days are getting longer which gives us more daylight to work on our toys. Boy, life doesn't get any better than this!! The Jack Waldron Memorial Desert Clean-up was a big success. There were maybe 200 good people out there picking up trash. Something like 60 tons of trash!! Wow! Bill Markel deserves a pat on the back. San Felipe turned out to be a beautiful race weekend, warm sunshine, beautiful ocean, some "Spring Breakers" to party with ... a good time was had by everybody. Tom Mangione "volunteered" to be Race Manager and did his usual splendid job! This even though it took him a little longer than usual to get down there because of a problem getting across the border. Seems he didn't have enough "steekers" so the Federales sent him back for more. Tom had a good group for the pits. He ran Pit A and the other Pit Captains were Brian Geer, Pit B; Brian Logan, Pit C and Brent Parkhouse at Pit D. Pits A, B and C didn't have much to so, some fueling, some tire changes, some welding, the usual stuff. BreA:t got his new truck stuck for 4-1/2 hours but he finally made it to Pit D at the southernmost point of the course. The Pit D crew's biggest challenge was on the Class 12 car of Tom Ridings. Whenever Tom hit the brakes, the throttle went wide open. That makes it kinda hard to stop. The pitters weren't able to fix the brake/throttle assembly that had broken so Tom finished up the race by not braking! By the way, neither Brent nor Brian Parkhouse were racing but they made the trip to help out with pit support. That's the F.A.I.R. spirit! A very special thanks to them and all the other pit supporters! As for the racers, Scott Steinberger was third in Pro Trucks, Tom "Brakeless" Ridings finished third in Score Lites and Dale Ebberts wound up fourth in 1/2-1600. As is usually the case, the best stories are from the racers who didn't do so well. For instance, Brian Logan. Brian's race started off badly when he lost a coil 100 miles into his Pre-Run. Then he blew the engine on his race car Friday. George, from Wik's Engines, helped to find a San Felipe Local with a freshly rebuilt engine. The only payment asked for the engine was to let his son ride for half the race. Not a bad deal for either party. The engine was finally hooked up and they got to bed at 2:00 a.m. But, since they missed Friday, they had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to get the car tech'ed and the drivers banded. The car ran great and Brian passed all the cars that were in front of him until just before Check 2, he hit a tree and rolled. A Ii ttle later, a shock boss broke off a front trailing arm. It was welded up but then the other side broke off. Again it was welded up and then, at RM 195, they ran out of fuel! After gas was scrounged up, Brian took off for the finish. After almost having a head-on collision with a Local, a cylinder blew in the engine. But they did finish-! Perseverance pays off again. Brady Wisdom, with Jerry Longo as co-driver, was doing a stint as "Hired Gun" for Mike Long in his two set 1600 car. Everything was going well until, at about RM 70, Brady says he "put the car onto its side". Well, there was an in-car camera going at the time and Jerry brought the tape to the F.A.I.R. meeting. It showed a full-on roll-over! We had to play the tape several times before Brady reluctantly admitted it. A broken shock tower was welded at the next pit and the car was racing again. That is until the clutch started slipping. That was the straw that got them to DNF. Curt Geer also blew his race engine on Friday. They spent all day rebuilding it and missed all the fun of going through. Contingency and Tech. Curt was doing well, in second at Check 2. Then he hit a rock causing a flat, had another flat later on and then a broken spindle. He had to run on the broken spindle so long that the drum wore through taking out all the brakes. This did the car in, DNF at RM 95. SNORE's Buffalo Bill's 400 also had some F.A.I.R. racers. Randy Miller tried out his 1/ 2-1600 in that very May 2001 competitive class and Dan Owen, with Joel Mohr sharing the driving, were in the 24 car Class 9 field. Dan and Joel had a strong second going until the last lap. The car got stuck in sand and they lost first gear in the trans getting out. In spite of that, they finished third in class and seventh or eighth overall. Great finish! The best thing that happened to Randy Miller was that he drew the number one starting position in his class. It pretty much went downhill from there. The first 10 miles of the course were flat and fast turning to fairly rough. The car's suspension became so unpredictable that he rolled. A couple of cars passed while they righted the car but it put them down on time. He had a flat front tire at RM 50 and was going slowly.when a faster came up from behind. In pulling over to let him by, Randy ran through a bush. The car endo'ed landing on its roof, then the second car hit them ripping off the left front suspension. A stub axle also broke so their race was over. Three F.A.I.R. cars were at the very rough M.O.R.E. race in Barstow. Kathy and Stacy Fay drove their Ford truck to a win in spite of breaking a rear spring u-bolt. Papa Jim cut some safety chain off their trailer and just chained it all together. With a broken exhaust header the truck could be heard everywhere on the course. It was described as sounding "like shotgun blasts". Harry Dunne didn't fare as well this time as he did at the last M.O.R.E. race. He only made 12 miles before the rear torsion housing tore off the car. Oh well, he had fun at the Chili Cook Off and the car will be ready for the next race. New member Alvin Fussell ran his first race in Class 1/2-1600 an is now officially hooked. He started the race knowing there was a cracked head on the engine but wanted to see how far he could go. A little miscue cracked the nose cone on his brand new Dave Folts transmission but that didn't stop him either. Then, on Lap 7, the engine dropped a cylinder and he thought the race was over . When he came into the pit to load it on the trailer one of his pit crew found it was actually a spark plug wire. It was put back on and they motored on to a second place finish. A pretty good first ever race. On April 28th, Joel Mohr is hosting a "Challenger Play Day" at Hodge Road in Barstow. Several Class 9 cars will ride and talk about racing to anybody that shows up. Past events have drawn many new racers to the sport. F.A.I.R. is having their sometimes annual "Fun in the Desert" weekend in May. Location will be off Bessemer Mine Road in Lucerne Valley. Bring all your toys and let's have some fun! Call for more information. Attention Pit Tean1s Send us your pit tales, whether they be of success or woe and they will be featured on these pages (space permitting). Although pu blicatfon dates vary monthly, material received by the first of the month will generally be considered for the next issue. Submit all material to: DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 ---T,.,. .. PIKES service cente·r Baker, California Celebra~ing 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ••• THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Mb··:•I® 0 I_ SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page 45 . ,..

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LEE MFG. co. I _-"' . · "'" PENDLETOKSTIIIET . A--~ SUN""""· CA0,352 ,.,M. 7: H CHA,1cz: FAX (818) 788-2687 • ~ p~ (818) 7e&-0371 THOMAS E. LEE A full line of~ StNl'ing gears, pumps and accesaorlell for any ty~ of racing. Magnaflux and Zygkl facilities available. Stephen Stenberg President • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 1320 ARROW HWY LA VERNE, CA 91750 (909) 596-4076 (909) 596-5497 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER Seats • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10925-F Hartley Road • Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA 91910 . (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 _ liillfillRO'u'Jlliil/1,-.eoMPONE.fff.S FOR CHASSIS FABRICA'f.lON Prp-C~r:n.p,. ~ ~~~. _ij!I~ -~~ StifterMouJIB • 01.& Water Botlle tt.oldeB. 399E . .Hani&onUnitD Corona, CA 92879-1313 {909) Zl2.J.272 Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 J~ PAClf=ICALL'Y -. :s~~\\-~~~c~~,_ ~~ - Q ( Landscape Design & Construction) r ~'-~I -cAL uc e-17304,09 -. ~~-P otr,c~A 8erne (61?) 58'2-7999 R"R (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 HAROLD NICKS Get the word out about your business, ~\G>cJS::o.rt, 1i:~:r~7~@V[~@"lt) Big or small.· -Put your business card in the ~ ~ SAFETY EQUIPMENl LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING MAGNAFLUX "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS Service and reach new customers . Suspen&ion Transmission Engine BELL, SHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS 1·N STOCK QUALITY RACE ·cAR CRACK CHECKING Good Stuff Directory Ads . wJRiNG roR RADIO &/OR tl\'TERCOM STILL ONLY s 125• DONE BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW RACING are merely $35.00 per month. -2888 GUNDRY AVE. ~ SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 t 909-596-4076 562-427-8177 j r------------:--------+-----------------_:_L 800-869-5636 w • A .. Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-~886 YOUR' OFF-ROAD. Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714,) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 McKenzie's Ontrack Performance Center (818) 909-7487 (818) 909-7562 Fox 7834 N. Sepulveda Blvd. #A2 Voo Nuys, CA 91405 • Offrood • Rood Course • Drag Rocing • Oval T rock . • Fobncot1on • Welding • Chassis and Suspension Specialist 661-940-5515 Off-Road & Drag Racing Fabrication Specialists Chassis-Cage-Suspension-Tin work Part & Accessory Sales (805)522-4499 . Lance Fuller 2280 Shasta Way #115 . Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 93065 YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE • N S • D ISTRIBUTORS • WIR . .. AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 14!30 HENRY BRENNAN DR . . EL PASO, TX 7!3!33E 1915) 857-5200 • TFr.H LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE· -TEL (949)650-3035 FRI! (949)650-4721 (,~t•-· . ·1 * All Types of St.HI CJ Aluminum Fabrication *Tube Beaclinc : Fraley s Pc-rfonnancc En~nee1·mu . . ~ • Aluminum CJ St.NI W.lcfinc • Custom Machine Wot'k • ,\ll Types of Race Cars 4851 W. Hacienda #4 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-365-9055 ~ ·-·~Personal Satellite Network 800-590-2089 selling-renting-leasing satellite communications

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b,"\l\> Stllh ;J ~ ~ Todd Francis ~ Precision Alloy, /,Id, ~ {/'l 25805 NE 46t1o Avemie ~ .. t Ridgefield, WA 98642 ,$ ~ » Phone ~IJs. '((\"b-~ Fax 360-887-2000 '0n & 360-887-7279 ,PRO PROTRUCK RACING . ORGANIZATION A High Performa.nce Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: Tel: 619-390-6252 Fax: 619-390-6470 14402 Bond Court El Cajon, CA 92021 CUSTOM ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR RACE CARS, TRUCKS, PRERUNNERS BUGGIES, STREET Roos, DRAG CARS QUALITY RACE CAR Wffl.ING SERVING ALL OF L.A., ORANGE & SAN DIEGO COUNTIES JOE DAVITIAN PGR. 323/34.0-0277 PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR DESIGN & FABRICATION WlNNJNG OFF ROAD RACES SINCE 1978 INCLUDING FACTORY WORKS SCORE CHAMPION TROPHY TRUCK RT 3, BOX 1970 903/683-1599 Rusk, TX FAX 903/683-8829 OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS -GIVE US A CALL • Hi-Performance Equipment Suspension •Safety• Driveline • Accessories Mike Cohen (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174 (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 Press Lane, Suite #4 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: I -800-929-4360 www.RACESHOCK.coM ~ p:;~;~ 1"X JIIMJ -~-Suspensi~n Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock Service Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Around!! Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy (602) 493-3700 Fax: (602) 493-0975 •RACING '!JV.GASOLINE "100. 110 114 118" 1net!1anol & 111\ro t~t · :Orr:::J:u C.L. Bryant, Inc. • Commercial Fuels & Lubes • High Performance Lubes Tng. Alfredo Mui'ioz Rep. En M6xico Gasolina de Alto RendimHtnto • On-Site Fuel Distribution • Technical Assistance Para Vehiculos Oeportivos. •• 1221Secc. Los p;no, C.P. 22420 Tel: (66) 116-20-76 y 81-37-38 1-800-399-4176 209-537-1565 fax • Fuel & Lubes Handling Equip. e-ma~:76facing@t:9'nor.n.t swi1g axle, ••s, •ewlaad, MD4S 3455 S. POLARIS #5 LAS IRAS, IEVIDA 89102 .1111 0.0. RllllfflN (702) 221-4383 (102) &87-9724 RACING TRANSAXLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. EL CAJON, CA 92021 CHRIS ROSE (619) 443-2480 LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV.89048 (775) 372-5335 Qua\it~ Used 'Parts 1040 South Main. Stred. Fallbrook. CA 92028 Fr\:>; 760-72.l-21 I 7 L:-~1.-\11. hajarac~ ·,itth com PHONE 760-723-2117 ', C.ALL U'i> FIF-'i>i! fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE. INC. /!l!J METAL PR(lCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (123) 583-2404 FAX (3'.!3) 583-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS lJEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS • 1\INOOW LITTERll,G • C,\R LETTERING.• GMPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circle • Hunt1ngto1 Beach. CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • F2x (714l 69~-9567 Paul Dumas 805-647-7700 Phone 805-64 7-7023 Fax 805-340-6704 Mobile Sports Racing Products -LA 6338 N. Marina Pacifica Or., #K15-Long Beach, CA 90803-7010 LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS Lancaster, CA 800-462-9499 Cudahy, CA 323-562-3230 Riverside, CA 909-877-0226 Oxnard, CA 805-485-6900 Las Vegas, NV . 702-643-9200 ~ .s~e~e~ &~t6-1(/i# eU4bJH,, ~ '8ilt Ptato-45-410 # 10 ~ St. 7-60~347~.50.52 . ?lt<UO-, eA 92201 ...

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-----------~ ~ -... -c,V RACING 0"1.,~ 4-e~ Exterr11.· -Pathfinder -Frontier - Hardbody Nissan· Parts & Accessories Lift Kits -IV Intake System Fiberglau -Cat Back Exhaust . 6350 Riverside Drive Parker, AZ 85344 www Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks · Buggies • Pre-Runners (619) 449-9728 fAX (619) 449-2678 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A", Santee, CA 92071 , Straight E =+\·T)Q nt. ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31510 223rd Street East Llano. CA 93544 661-261-3202 ... SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED ... ... OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS 1/1/ELOIMJ • FABRICATKJ/11 • CNCPtASMAWTTING • FFIOVTENOS • REARTRAIL/NGARMS RACEOIASSIS • PF!ERUNNERS • FOXRAONGSH:JX 'SANDBUGG/ES 4050 LEAVERTON CT. ANAHEIM, CA 92807 LARRY ROSEVEAR PHONE {714) 6304482 FAX {714)630-4548 T& BFAB Race Prep. Full Fabrication Dream it - Build it - Race it 5642 Ruby Street S.W. Bullhead City, Arizona 86426 Tom Sturgis (520) 768-2633 TIR Peifonnance Fabrication Tim Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. Suite D t&stiiLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 0 C CJJ ---l C ~ en Oz -n m m ► o en X )> en wrow ... 0 ... 898 -.J.;. -.J a, (,J a, I\) (.11 I\) W61\J -.J.;..;. -.J ...... I\) Ol W I\) ~~ ~ .;. D> (.11 ::, en 0 0 _(1) C () s-~ z :::;; 0 0 ~ 3 3 - · 0l 0l ::, co 9c 0 (1) (.11 )> ~ ~ 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 tJjl-ili!.oad E~ Jayson Miles - Paul Hendrickson 909-279-1777 ~ -c~. ~-& s~,O#t, El Cajon, CA 92021 . (619) 447-li89-12391 Sampson Avenue, Suite #G, Riverside, California 92503 · Call Toll Ercc · 877-627-8794 Request Catalog Call For All m Your On Specializing in Performance Torque Converters (ujP) And Off Road Needs/ (Built for your exact application and needs.) SUNDRY METAL SPINNING Phone (562) 928-9838 Fax (562) 928--0778 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • STEEL • B~S • COPPER • STAINLESS RACE FUELS 6831 Suva Street Bell Gardens, CA 90201 JOHN AVALOS OWNER [209] 847-2281 (800] 527-6090 FAX (2091 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 Design Fabrication lnstailatlon Darren Ebberts {909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 121 S POMONA ROAD • SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 ,,... COMPUTEKIZEO VINYL Gf(APHICS & LETT'ER/NG 1·11·1 I l'ls..t I ,,... LO-C.OST BLOGSIGNS(AI.I. Pfi!OCESSES) -r-T/it.AOE SI-OW OfSF'LA'rS ,,.._, fl!ACING Gfl!APHICS ,,... OETAILEO& LN/QUE OESIGNS .,..._ FLEET VEHICLES ,,... HJ..QLJALrrY MNNERS -.,..._MAGNETICS ,,._ LOGO REPfi!OOUCTONS ,-.. fl!EA.L ESTATE ,,._ LOGO & GRAPHIC DESIGN ,-.. OECALS HP Transmission Parts & More • Transmission Kits • Custom Length Axles • Friction/Steel Plates • TCS Designed Hubs • Input Shafts • 090 Differentials I UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A-' SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX• 619 / 449-8424 audio UNLIMITED SHAWN GIORDANO video MOTORSPORTS " :> ~ ....,_,.~.--..... security Complete Off-Road Fabrication .-.., . • , ) , • -~ -• Qo ~mo~l!~.v.-;':i.;g· -~.:.-;--; autos \ -~;,.,;-:,.;,r,,,._.,_,,,::J_ . ac\t()'t\\C'i> • ~'..;\ ~ - . . n ancl e\b marine \t~___,. -DCt 'lf\t\'t\\, RV "''i! tc-vet\ottn.a s ~ g race vehicles Allen Johnston buggies 619.596.1925 11420 N. Wx>dside Ale. Sonfee. CA 92071 tax 619.596.2638 ~.R4/.£EH..........r;_ .#'PHO.OU£ ~G ft7.B£fi'G£4SS SP£CbU/S TS • Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 N_-Buena Vista St. , Hemet Ca. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 Fax: 909-654-2375 See a list of our products at our web site: http://www.fiberg1ass1 .oom TRAILERS PLUS ---!,II -:;:-.• _·LJ .tf*r ~--Interstate West w ~ !J2JE!ZG West Coast Price leader - Custom Orders 775-463-1483 309 W. Goldfield Ave. Yerington, NV 89447 BF.IUCE HENDEL Regional Manager VP Racing Fuels, West Co~st P..O. Box 1.319 '34283 Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 375 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, CA 92069 TEL: 760.744.2505 Phone: (909) 67 4-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Pager: (909) 694-7392 ~ PA/Kr ,w,C04T/NIJS«.GRAP/I/CS-'ILJ,(JG(Jf} ii •~==ro~~ MAJNHNANC.f•Sf~IIY.M:~J,Jf!MIN&* 760-949-1220

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I Automotive • ATV • Motorcycle 1815 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE RIVERS I DE, CA 92507, USA 909.369.51-44 • 909.369.7266FAX WWW.WEBCAM INC.COM Metal fabrication, custom suspension, • I-Beams • A-Arms, Pre-runner bumpers, roll cages, fiberglass, race a~cessories . Jeremy Johnson 10031 prospect ave suite E 619-596-WTD1 pgr 619-965-5899 Santee, CA 92071 ~ ROLL CAGES, RACE SUSPENSION, BUMPERS CUSTOM FIBERGLASS MOUNTS, RACE PREP SHEET METAL INTERIORS, TUBE BENDING MAIT WALRATH Owner Classified ... · NOTICE Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for s·ale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate lo-cal or state authorities fo1 iafu1ma-tion before purchase of any specific item. AUTOMOTIVE Shop (909) 560-2121 Adam Wik 1994 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines Engine Dyno Service Race Cars RIICINIJ 111111111111 Dune Buggies Lorenzo Rodriguez Transmissions - Parts - Service - Welding V.W - Porsche - Nissan - Toyota - Honda Baja Bugs 535 East Centro.I Park Anaheim CA 92802 714-956-9457 850 S. Alta Vi_sta Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 914-8147 ,l io:>.io) !;,0-S.i.Ace !!! ; BUMP STOPS HERE St~p the up-travel on your suspension m. Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles · t Suspension Specialists Custom Wheels ~NOMICALLY PRICED AT 319.90 PER PAIR. 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 85017 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 102 Crestview P.O. Box 845 1-520-427-3551 Yarnell, AZ 85362-0845 -·-. -------------------------Motorcycles • KTM Dealer for over 20 years • Stock parts . • Supports top riders suspension • • Accessories . Tires/knowledge · Open · •• 12prn-6pm M-F Various .... Saturdays ff 714•449-1271 * 714-449-1374 Fax SPORTMOTORCYCLES Champion truck, '99 tied for Championship and 2nd in 2000. All the good stuff; Fox, National Spring, Trans ·Pro, BFG & Howe. Great Truck, fully prepped with lots of spares ready to win. $25,000.00 Rob Reinertson (415) 716-6251. · More FOR SALE: Toyota 3.0 24 valve lMZ-FE. This new fac~ tory aluminum engine has never been fired. It's com-plete with: starter, alternator, brain, wiring, and factory headers. $5,000.00 (805) 683-1211. Trail Notes ... trom page 1 FOR SALE: 1 - 3 speed Au-tomatic transaxle 934 CV's with converter & shifter. $6,000.00. Contact Mike @ Jimco Racing Products @ FOR SALE: Great Pre-Runner or Glamis Toy! Chevy S-10, 550 hp, small block , turbo 400, 4 wheel disc, Summer Bros 9", Uniball A Arms, 26" front 32" rear travel, Goodyears on 5 stars, custom coil overs, built by Huseman Engineering, $40,000.00 obo, Call (909) 776-0204. FOR SALE: 2 Seat Raceco A-ARM front 90" wide 300 DG tranny, Type 4 Fat motor w/ dual ~arbs. Nice car $19,995.00 complete $14,500 less motor and trans. Call (949) 635-2292. FOR SALE: 1996 Ford Stock Mini Ranger for Sale. Race Best in the Desert and win $10,000.00 per race. '98 BITD continued next column Rod Hall was second. Rob MacCachren took the Mini Truck win, followed by Steve Williams, both in Ford's. Marc Winocur took 31 OOP and Mike Falkosky took the second spot. Bill Sni_tchler took the 3000S win and Gary Pentis was the 7100S winner. In the motorcycle classes Johnny Campbell took the overall and the $10,000 prize in Open P, 250 P went To Danny Cooper, Daryl Folks was the 0-30 P winner, Bert Bradford took Open Expert and Ross Williams was the 0-40 P winner. Ron Purvines took 0-35 E, Curtis Moon won 4STK E, Open Amateur went to Jason Weeks and Don Hutchinson took the 0-30 A division. IM E and A went to .Greg Zitterkopf and Gary Bosemer respectively. 250 E was Eric Caudillo, 4STK P went to Phil Zeiger, Mark Goelz won 0-30 E, Dan Natal won 0-40 E and Lance Fisher took the honors in 250 A. John Rogers won 0-40 A, Pat Wells won 125 E, 4STK A went to Denny Wilson, Ed Palado won 0-48 A How:11:d Larson took 0-48 E. Doug Eichner won QUAD P, Allen White took QUADE and QUAD A went to Bruce Chaplin. Look Joi the full report on the race in next months Dusty Times. · (619) 562-1743. P L E A S -E ! Dusty Times DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP · DUSli71ilHIBG REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! May,2001 VISITING ROYALTY - It was nice to entertain Martin Holmes and hi:s wife here at Dusty Times on the 2nd qf April. They were passing through Los Angeles on· their way to New Zealand and we were able to spend a few hours together. Martin is our link to the International World Of Rallying and his reports appear in most every Dusty Times. We11 soon be hearing of the activities down under in another issue or two. Anyway you two, thanks for spending time with us, we enjoyed it greatly. "CRT TIIUNDER VALLEY -The first round of the FRT Thunder Valley races took J.' place on April 7 at Imperial, CA and the results are as follows: Pro Superlite, Mark Williams, Pro Class 1 Buggy, Shawn McCallum, Pro Super 1600, Mark Jordan, Pro Car, J.D. Gaddis. Motorcycles and Quads: 125 & 250 P, Steven Eugenio, Vet Pro, Jim Willman. 50cc E, Kyle Corfman, 50cc N, Quentin Tucker, 60cc E Cameron Corfman, 60ccN, Les Parsons. 80cc E, Carlos Adame, 80cc N, Kameron Purdy, 125E, Billy Shields, 125N, Robby Bell. 250 & l)p E, Kris Purdy, 250 & Up N, Joey Galaz, Vet N Tim Gillard. A TV P, Mike Richmond, A TV E, Chris Strebe, A TV N, Barry Bennett. This is the first of 7 rounds for MX and Off Road Short Course. For more info see Happenings under FRT Motorsports. FINAL FLAG '_ We were saddened to learn of the passing of Larry Trimble. Larry and his brother Jeff were long time CORE members and were quite competitive in their 1600 car. We don't know the cause of his death, he was" young man, 40 years old and we know he will be sorely missed by .all who knew him. Page 53

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mare Classified ... . AUTOMOTIVE Continued · FOR SALE: Chenowth Single Seat Class 12/10, 2000 Whip-lash Class 10 Championship car, best of everything, stroked 1 776 with MSD, Mendeola, Summers outboard hubs and axles, King Bypass with Kuster coils front and rear, 33 gallon Fuel Safe, CNC, Beard, Howe steering with filter, fire system, bead-locks, Parker Pumper, Motorola radio, spares included, fully prepped and ready, $22,000.00. Call Jeff Wells@ (520) 631-0482. FOR SALE: FORD Class 7 Ranger, 4._2 liter V6, Valley Trans C4, 40 spline, 9 inch National Springs, quarter el-liptic rear, LeDuc buckets, Airbumps, Stroppe Hubs, Willwood brakes, BFG's Alcoas, Call for more info, Must sell $10,000.00 Call Jim (626) 82-S-1843. FOR SALE: Jimco Class 9, Full 100% ground up prep. Rear tor-sion adjusters totally fresh, 2 passenger, PCI Radio, intercom, Parker Pumper, 22 gal cell, Mega spares, 4 Fox reservoir shocks, Beautiful car $9,500.00 (818) 352-7900, cell (818) 421-9999. FOR SALE: 87 Mazda B2200 PreRunner, Chevy 4.3 v-6 Bil-stein coilovers in Fr<"Jnt 10" travel National Springs front and rear 13" rear travel, Full cage, aluminum & carbon fiber interior. Daily cl river for 8 years, very dependable but built for Off Road. See to appreciate $11,900.00 obo or partial trade for 4 stroke quad. (760) 985-4197 or 985-4196. FOR SALE: 94 Ford 2 axle with sleeper and 40 foot trailer. 6 speed, Dual a/c. Seats 8, CD player Cummins, less 30k miles. 5th wheel or ball hitch trailer has lots of storage, cus-tom canopy 12 volt/110. 4000 KW generator, 4 floods. Asking 45k or trailer separate, Sam. Days (209) 728-1381 eves (209) 736-4954. FOR SALE: Raceco 2-1600; Best of everything and very clean. 5th in points (2000 SCORE), Zero miles on Wik's motor and Folts trans, Fox Shocks (7 /8" shaft) 300m TCS axles and SAW torsions, Fod-rill arms and spindles, HOWE, Beard, Saco, VDO, many spares $14,995.00 obo. Call Steve at (702) 298-1112 or (702) 299-2019. FOR SALE: Brand new 5/1600 Wiks Engine, 091 Bus by Folts, King Kong Foddrill front end, King Shocks, 3" bypass rear, 2 1/2" bypass front, 930 CV's best of everything, T & B Fab built car. Must see to believe. (520) 768-2633. FOR SALE: Race Ready Class l0or 12, Single Seat 118 wb 1750 lbs. Fresh·motor and trans. New King pins link pins Heims, P/S control valve body skid plate. 32 gallon FIS Fuel Cell., Coilover shocks, ·Summer hubs, Sway-A-Way 300m axles and torsion. Includes all spares. $12,000.00 obo Tim (775) 575-2617. FOR SALE: Score Lite or Class 10. Race Haus SS-1, Single Seat has one race on it since com-plete rebuild. Brand new Fat 1835 Type 4 motor-Brand new Folts/Mendeola trans-New Fod-drill extreme arms and spindles-All new Fox coil over shox-New 300m torsion bars, axles, prepped C.V.s -CNC disc brakes. $25,000.00 firm. ALSO 24' enclosed trailer with living quarters, shower, flush toilet, sink, microwave, air condition-ing. $5,000.00 FIRM. Trailer to sell with or after car. Rich Fersch (714) 441-1212. FOR SALE: CORR Pro 4 Ford F 150, built by Curt Leduc & Venable Racing. 440 motor by Kenetics, Trans by ATD, Borg Warner T case, 17" Ultra BF Goodrich, Chrisman 45 spline . FOR SALE: '86 Chevy 3/4 ton rear end, MSD, Autometer, 4x4 Box/Svc bed, 454 engine H P f S :::.....:_.._:i.:.a.Lll automatic. Low miles on motor owe er ormance teering, FOR SALE: CLASS 1 LOTH-K h k T f and transmission,· rear Leaf FOR SALE: Bradley Racing uster s oc s. ons O spares RINGER SINGLE SEATER A-. 1 d d $45 000 00 C JI springs, F & R ring & pinion, CORR Sportsman 2 Cham-me u e · • · · a Arm front, Bilstein coil covers, $ S (905) 841 0430 roof rack, 4500.00 Call (949) FOR SALE: 2 Sea-ter, Funco Hustler II, Air Bag Suspension, Fox Shocks, Rear Disc Brakes, Mustang power steering, Chro-moly Frame, 114" Wheel base, 13" Wheel travel, state of the art new car. 12K invested, a deal! $9,500.00 OBO days (310) 325-. 0005 eves .(310) 373-3179. FOR SALE: 1998 Toyota Tacoma CORR Pro Lite Stan-dardized chassis, Formerly Jo y Greaves' championship truck. Only race two years. Some spare .parts. Excellent condition. $45,000.00. Spare Motor and Transmission. Call Chris (712) 325-0100. Ifno an-swer please leave message.- · FOR SALE: 1986 Ford Bronco II, 4x4, Automatic, Black with red interipr. V6, good condi-tion. Original owner. Perfect starter car. $2,000.00 OBO. Call Bekki at Dusty Times (818) 882-0004 or (818) 360-6593. pionship Truck, Taylor teve - · by-pass front and rear, Wilwood 635-2292. Built, Boatec Body, 412ci FOR SALE: Baja 3 seater Pre front and Summers Bros, Rear _;:..;_..c__;_ _________ FOR SALE: Score Lite, 1999--Kroyer Racing Engine, ATD runner-street legal. Full chas- brakes, Howe P.S. box w/ump FOR SALE: 1993 International 2000 points champion, great fin-Turbo 400 Transmission, sis, long wheel base, widened pump, Summers Bros F & R model 4700; 25,000 lb GVW, ishing record. 14" front travel, Chrisman 40 Spline, CNC beam, 4" longer arms, 3x3 arms hubs, type 4 FAT 2600 motor 22" rubber, International DT A Foddrill arms and spindles, CNC Brakes, Howe Performance (rear) Ump, 930 CV's, Fuel Cell, with dry sump, set-up Fortin 360, Allison 4 speed automatic . . brakes, FOX, 19" rear travel, Steering, Taylor By-Pass Setrab oil cooler, Beard Seats, trans. Car sold less tranny, Cen-20 foot box with side door ahd Micro Stub, FOX 3" bypass. DG Coilover. $50,000.00. Call roof rack, Porsche type 4 by terline wheels, lots of extras, roll up back door with lift gate. 300 trans. No motor, 930-30 Tommy at (702) 498-7245 Wik, bus box, BFG's on Center-includes trailer. $14,500.00 less Set up to go racing with tire spline axles, some spares. or v1s1t website lines. $14,500.00 (520) 768-trans, $11,500.00 less trans & rack, shelves, etc. $18,000.00 $19,500.00. CallJerry@ (949) :::.bia■dle;r;ii~i-io■~-••• .2~3; •••••••••••••••• .r3~oi· .f:l~ ~:9~ ·6'5-i2,ii. ■ .(2';0~ i~8ii2~~3-•••• I I ••• ~~o.3_0,5i I ••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES . Classified Advertising rate is $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 ·for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN AD-VANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFPONE ISSUE IF NOT . RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is $ (Send check or money order, no cash) Please run ad ___ times Classified Ad Deadlines for 2001 ISSUE DEADLINE June May 4, 01 July Jun 1, 01 August Jul 6, 01 September Aug 3, 01 October Sept 7, 01 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Name___________________________________ Mail to: • • • • November Oct 5, 01 ■ Address Phone DUSTY TIMES • ■ ----------------------------20761 Plummer Street ■ December Nov 9, 01 • City __________________ State __ Zip _________ Chatsworth, CA 91311 .._ _________ __. • • • ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■A■■■K■■■■■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■•c■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■-■■■■■■■ Page 54 April 2001 Dusty Times

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..,..._ FOR SALE: Race Ready! auto trans, 456 locker, & more! Sell or trade for Baja Bug, 500 Suzuki Quad or Sand Rail or $5,000.00 (916) 381-4621. FOR SALE: CORR Pro Lite Toyota Truck. Greaves built w/ new dyno time only Probst mo-tor. Also new radiator & Howe steering. Truck is prepped and race ready by Greaves and is in Green Bay W isc. $50,000.00 or FOR SALE: Baja 3 seater Pre trade for skip loader & small _runner-street legal. Full chas-dozer front end loader & fork sis, long wheel base, widened lift Harley Davidson trucks beam, 4" longer arms, 3x3 arms Tr~ilers open end 0; closed' (rear) Ump, 930 CV's, Fuel Cell, Play buggies. Hot rods, drag car'. Setrab oil cooler, Beard Seats, You want to race short course roof rack, Porsche type 4 by Pro Class, This is it. Call me. Wik, bus box, BFG's on Center- Lets do a trade & $$ or ? . Call lines. $1 4,500.00 (520) 768-Steve Foster (210) 533-8056 2633. CST. FOR SALE: 120" Single Seat Class 10/12, Wright front end, UMP P/S, Mastercraft, Fuel Cell, 300m, Centerlines, Alumi-num body panels skid plate, wir-ing, Air log, All new Car with one race on it. Very light and well built. Needs motor, trans & shocks, $7,500.00 obo (909) 795-9450. -----------== I FOR SALE: Alumicraft 4 seat "A" arm pre-runner, fresh award winning Major Performance 2276 cc engine w/ Mendeola "built to Dusty Times Chair. ProSeat Mandated by ,, the hilt bus box". Turbo CV"S, 1 Bilstein shocks, 4 Beard seats with 5 point harness', Roadmaster 16 ch radio, 4 PIAA lights, 26 gal fuel tank, power steering, double spare tire rack with one front and one rear windshield. VDO panel (speedometer, tach, oil pressure, oil temp, fuel gauge, volt & more). 4 wheel disk brakes and lots of I. storage areas including a large roof rack. Very spacious and very com-fortable (619) 469-9644. $38,500.00. FOR SALE: JIMCO A-Arm/ . Fat Toyota Single Seat Class 10. Total overhaul on FAT 4AG, Huge rebuild on Fortin DGN. New CV's/Fortin axles, 30g Fuel Safe, King/Kuster shocks, Howe PS , PCI, New spindles, Big Ron Davis radia-tor, Many new parts and up-dates since purchaseu. Tun'~ uf spares. $48,500.00 Ben Schlimme (310) 787-5613. rsTRIC7LY 'ERFORMANCE Duality products built in house along with Fabtech, PIAA. BFGoodrich, Weld, [amburg Engineering, Autofab. King §hocks, Fuel 5afe. plu,; hundreds of other quality products and accessories. • Shocks • Roll Cages • Exhaust: Kits • Wheels & Tires • Su!ipenslon Kits • Off Road Bumpers • Custom Fabrication We !ipeclallze In Custom Fabrication And Lang Tra11el !iuspenslan !igstems. Toll Free: [B66) 4B0-3556 B49 Mitchell Road #402, Newbury Park Tel: [B05) 480-3556 • Fax: [B05) 4B0-3557 ~trlctlyP-erformance _ net May,2001 FOR SALE: Chenowth Mag-num Super 1600, CORR legal, fresh Wiks 1650 rabbit, fresh Rancho Performance bullet proof bus, Saco power steering, Fox air front, Fox coils and air rear, new Heims, Wilwood discs, 930's, complete rebuild 1999 by PDM, Centerlines, many spares, $15,000.00 will pay shipping (562) 434-3279. • , ... ,1:1... l'· .. :-, ... ~ ·..; .. FOR SALE: Bradley Racing CORR 1996 World Champion-ship Super Buggy, Super 1600 Magnum Body, FAT Rabbit 1650cc, 091 Bus Transmission, FTC gears, Beam Front, Wright Arms and Spindals, Summer Brakes, 930 CV's, Fox Shocks and Bumps, New Goodyear's, Lots of Spares. $15,000.00. Call Tommy at (702) 498-7245 or visit website FOR SALE: Class 10 C hen-owth Magnum. Set up for Short Course. Fresh motor and trans. 1650 Rabbit motor. Excellent race car. Rear Beadlocks. Well maintained, reliable and fast . Championship car. Great buy $10,000.00. Call Chris (712) 325-0100. If no answer please leave message. FOR SALE: Chase Truck For Sale: 91 Ford Ranger XL T long bead, 4x4, 4.01 V6, A/T, A/C, PIS, by Lee Mfg, 33 x 105.0 Baja T /A's. Quick release double tire rack above bed, comes with ni-trogen bottle, regulator and hose reel mounted in bed. Spares included, excellent con-dition, extremely reliable, $8,800.00 obo Call Fred @ BOATS FOR SALE: 1996 Hallett 270 S Gentry twin turbo 496, RIGGED by Brummetti, 10 Disc Changer, Custom trailer to carry 2 Seadoos, 1 70 hours, everything perfect and fresh. White w/red, grey, yellow stripes. $127,000.00 invested, yours for $85,000.00 LA area. 0. (818) 352-7900, cell (818) 421-9999. EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTED: Will pay signing bonus plus good wages to the correct person TT expe-rience a must, all others need not apply. Phoenix AZ (602) 695-5644. MISCELLENOUS TAKE THE JEEPS PEED CHALLENGE in a street legal Cherokee at 3 events commenc-ing at MDR Ridgecrest April 21st. $6,000.00. Prize fund. Visit for details. Numerous cars are now under construction . CALL MIKE AT T & J 4X4. (714) 633-0991.We can build your Jeepspeed Challenge Cherokee to suit your budget. Buy the parts to build yourself or bring us a 4.0 Cherokee to convert. WANTED PRERUNNER WANTED: Full size or mini Ford or Chevy ext. cab preferred, Big or small block Chevy motor, Coilover front w/18" min. travel, 4-link rear w/20" min. travel, more susp. Is better. Please call with anything close under $20,000.00 Jason (805) 895-5868. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Aggressive Suspensions ......................... 25 American JeepSpeed Challenge ........... 29 Baker ........................................................ 13 Best In The Desert. .................................... 2 Bilstein Shock Absorbers ......................... 5 Broken Wrench Racing ........................... 41 Cactus ....................................................... 43 Cam burg Engineering ............................. Tl Coast Resorts ........................................... 10 DCS Digital Communications S .............................. 26 FAT Performance .................................... 19 Fuel Sate Racing Cells ........................... 44 German Auto ............................................ 22 Hannemann Figberglass, Inc ................... 44 Kartek Ott Road ................................ 14, 40 Kawaguchi Honda ................................... 23 King Shock Tech ...................................... 32 Las Vegas Sand and Ott Road Show .................................... 15 Mark V Fiberglass ................................... 31 Mastercraft .............................................. 55 McKenzie Performance Products .......... 16 Mojave Desert Racing .............................. 9 Nevada Off Road Buggy .......................... 42 Neo Oil ..................................................... :11 PCI Race Radios and Equipment .............. 4 Pike's Family Restaurant ....................... 45 Race Ready .............................................. 41 Rancho Performance ............................... 311 Riviera Racing .................. ; ...................... 35 SNORE ................................ 21, Back Cover Specialty Engine Performance .............. 43 Strictly Performance .............................. 55 Sway-A-Way Corp ................................... 12 Trans axle Engineering ..................... : ..... 43 Tri-Mil Industries .................................... 34 Union 76 Racing Gasoline. ...................... 'SI Valley Performance ................................ 39 VORRA Ott Road Racing .......................... 33 Page 55 ....

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