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2000 Volume 17 Number 9 Dusty Times Magazine

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volume 17 • Number 9 • September 2000 $2.50 covering the world of competition in the dirt •.•

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Put yourself in the winner's circle. I I I I I I I I I I I \ \ \ --------- ----.... , .... .... , .... .,. ' .,. ' , ' , ' ~ ' ~ , ' ' , , ' ' I I I \ \ \ I ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , ' , .... , .... _. ------------Fox Racing Shox Congratulates Jean Louis Schlesser on winning the the 2000 Dakar Rally. \ \ \ \ I \ \ I I I I •o ,c '-I I~ I ::JJ I f77 1. 800. FOX. SHOX RAC/Nil SHIIJI X 0 I l/) (!) z o-<( er X 0 u. 0 0 0 N (9

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Volume 17 -Number 9 September 2000 DllliYlilDIBG MIA y Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Yance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Jim Culp Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Mike Jenkins Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Oarryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham o._ Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request 'l:S Contributions: DUSTI TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited mate-rial will be returned only by request and with a self ad-dressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTI TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 , (818) 882-0004. Copyright by Hillside Rac-ing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permissfon from the publisher. Periodi-cal Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at ad-ditional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTI TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new ad-dress, and send to DUSTI TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. snapshot of the Month ... Jeff Cummins has the gift of gab, he is both articulate and interesting but he couldn't talk the BLM Ranger out of the citation. That's what happens when you park eight feet off the road Jeff! Photo by Bruce Conrad, F&L Fuel DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up ro 8xl0 will be considered, · :.._ In This Issue ... FEATURES Best In The Desert Nevada 2000 by Tony Tellier ............................... 8 4 7th Acropolis Rally by Martin Holmes ............................................. 21 CODE KC Night 200 by Tony Tellier ................................................ 25 SNORE KC Midnite Special by John Calvin .................................... 28 Susquehannock T_rail ProRal by by Darius Greene ........................... 32 CODE Tractorland San Felipe 200 by Tony Tellier .......................... 38 MOR Kartek 400 by Ron Miller .......................................................... 42 Best In The Desert Nevada 2000 Motorcycles by Mark Kariya ....... 48 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ............................................................................................ 5 Trail Notes ............................................................................................. 6 In Case of Fire by Jeff Hibbard ... ......................................................... 56 Pony Express ............ , .............................................................. , ............ 57 Challenger Corner by Joel Mohr ......................................................... 58 CORE Report by Sandy Parker ........................................................... 58 MAG 7 by Steve Stenberg .................................................................... 59 Classified Ads ...................................................................................... 66 Index To Advertisers .......................................................................... 67 On The Cover Troy Herbst, youngest of the brothers, showed everyone the way home at · the BITD Nevada 2000. He brought the Smith Built Truggy home for a great first Overall, shown here as the shark takes to the water. Photo by Trackside Photo Dave Westham and Chuck Harris drove a fast but calculated race to take the truck win at the BITD Nevada 2000. Shown here cornering hard to maintain their four hour lead. Visit Our Website c5u6scrL°he :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) □ NEW □ RENEWAL Name ---------------------Address --------------------City ------------------State Zip --------------------Primary Interest Cars O Trucks O Motorcycles 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times September 2000 Page 3

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0 FF ROAD RACING is the roughest form of Motorsports competition there is. That's why you should be using the most durable and powerful competition lighting ... KC HILITES HID. With our solid state circuitry, shock mounted optics packages and producing 600,000 candlepower each, KC Hills are the finest high power competition lighting available. =:;t::;;, For 2QOO we continue our 30 year continuous contingency support program for off road racing with increased awards: ■ KC Hills: $400 Class Win - All classes ■ KC Daylighters: $200 Class. Win -All Classes We pay all classes in all races put on by these sanctiooing organizations: ' ■ SNORE ■ Best in the Desert ·■ CORR ■MOR , lli ■ SCORE ■ VORRA ■ CODE ■ Estero Beach Our famous 23 year warranty even covers racing failures. Our only exclusions are accidents and abuse. For KC Lighting products, accessories and more information about our 2000 contingency program, see Jim Conner Racing at the races or call Jim at 520-855-0912, e-mail: Ask about our special Racer's pricing. KC is a proud corporate sponsor of: SNORE KC MIDNIGHT SPECIAL -June 9-11 CODE KC NIGHT RACE -June 30 -July 2 CRANDON RACEWAY

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Happenings ... C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637/7 0034) CORP .P.O. Box 392 ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector -Apto 42 San Jose de! Caho Baja California del Sur. Mexico September 15-16, 2000 Loreto 400 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSIIlP Darryl-Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class 10 cars only Renald Vaillancourt 30p9 Dagenais West Laval Quebec, Canada H7P 1T7 (514) 622-4440 BARONA SAND DRAG ASSN. P.O. Box 1521 Lakeside, CA 92040 Septl6,2000 October 21, 2000 All Races. Are Night Races All Races At Barona Raceway, Lakeside, CA BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 E-Mail: October 21, 2000 Tough Truck Field Meet December 1-3, 2000 Las Vegas 200 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES Les Wolfe, N):W President 341 W. 2575 North Sunset, UT 8i0.l.2 d r rt8M)(t7el5~ ~prember 15-16, 2000 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, UT BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 . Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 CAJOR Club Automovilista J uarense de Championship Off-Road Racing 7210 Gateway East El Paso, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 Ralph Garcia 011-52-16-17-45-42 Cesar Fuentes September 16, 2000 Juarez 250 Start: 10 am - 8 Hour Time Limit November 25, 2000 Carrera de La Revolution Start 12 Noon - 5 Hour Time Limit CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Sue Robinso - Director 845 Schoohouse Road Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 788-3809 E-Mail: Website <> John Dillon, SoPac Rally Steward September 9-10, 2000 Rally School & Rally Cross Location TBA September 29-30, 2000 Prescott Forest Pro Rally/Club Rally Prescott, AZ October 14, 2000 L V SCCA Region Rally Cross _ Jean, NV November 12, 2000 Treeline Club Rally Monrovia, CA November 18, 2000 Dusty Times L V SCCA Region Rally Cross Jean, NV December 8-10, 2000 Ramada Express International Rally Laughlin, NV CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 Maywood, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 Pierre, SD 57501 Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION ■ ■ Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS I.C.O. Tom Delauder Sr 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN Calle 6ta Fracc Cd. de San Quintin San Quintin, BC, Mexico Heraclio Patino (011 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 61746834) CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O. Box 3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3 I 78 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CODE 011-52-65-52-5928 October 6-81 2000 Laguna Salada Fiestas del Sol December 1-3, 2000 Mexicali - San Felipe COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholtz, President (719) 531-3642 W/(119)687-9827 H P.O Box 8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 . Calexico, CA 92232 Hector Cerecer 011-52-65-66-4458 September 29-October 1, 2000 Carrera Fiesta del Sol 2000 Laguna Salada November 24-26, 2000 Carrera de Campeonata Mexicale Area CORR Championship Off Road Racing 192 N. State Road 267, Suite 267 Avon, IN 46123 (317) 272-2827/Fax: (317) 272-2900 September 1-3, 2000 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI September JO-October 1, 2000 Indiana State Fair Grounds Ace Motorsports Ford Expedition Posts Class Win At Nevada 2000 With Marc Stein as the lead driver, the Bilstein shock-equipped Ace Motorsports Ford Expedition won Class 4100 at the grueling Nevada 2000 and with it claimed their first Best In The Desert class championship. Their cummulative times for the six days netted this Ford factory SUV team the class victory. Running exlusively on Bilstein 9100 Series shocks, the team has now won three straight SCORE class titles and this first BITD crown. Stein and two co-drivers led three of the six days in this first ever 2,000 mile off-road race. "Our Bilstein shocks continue to perform flawlessly allowing us to win," noted Stein. Other Nevada 2000 Class Winners Included: • Class 1200 , $teve Barlow, Ford F-150 Protruck . • Class 3000 · John Swift, Ford Explorer • Class 7200 J~ff ·Lewis, Chevrolet S-1 o Pickup _. • Class 7300 Deputy Steve Williams, Ford Ranger For details on Bilstein 9100 Series shocks contact the Off-Road _Racing Department: Toll Free 800/537-1085 KRUPP BILSTEIN .OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road • San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 858/453-TT23 September 2000 Pages

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Trail Notes ... A BRAND NEW REFf_:RENCE BOOK - We don't often tout a product here in the Trail Notes column but we have to let you all know about this one. It's the Road & Track Illustrated Automotive . dictionary and it really is a must for just about anyone. It is 250 pages, 1300 definitions and over 400 photos and illustrations to help you decipher even the most complex automotive terms. The dictionary is soft cover, $19.95 and will be money well spent. It's available from Bentley Publishers, 1734 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138. 800-423-4595 and on the web at Tell 'em you read about it in Dusty Times. BAJA 200 PITS -It just fell in over the transom and we had to pass it on to you all. Mag 7, in conjunction with 76 Ra'cing Pit Service and FAIR will have 20 pits; approximately 75 miles apart for the Baja 2000 in November. Mag 7 will be the controlling club, collecting the money and paying whatever fees are required. Applications will be mailed to members right after the Primm race. If you need pit service in November you'd best contact one of the clubs mentioned above and get yourself signed up. SAL FISH HONORED -The elders of San Felipe hosted a surprise, formal sit-down dinner to honor SCORE CEO Sal Fish for his 30 years of Baja racing promotional expertise and the impact that has had on the Baja tourist/fishing city. The dinner was held at the La Hacienda Red Lobster restaurant/hotel with over 50 guests in attendance. Present were Jorge Sterling, Mayor of San Felipe, the Chief of Police, the Commandant of the local Mexican Armada Base and the Mexican Army commandant were also in attendance. Sal was accompanied by his associates, Memo Rodriguez and Oscar Ramos. Sal was presented with a hand tpoled leather plaque detailing his benefit to the community. In addition to the ceremony, both SCORE and BFGoodrich made a donation to the La Amistad Grammar School. Tony Reyes presented Sal with an inscribed photo history of Baja and Rafael Navarro stres;ed that the city fathers would do everything in their power to continue running the SCORE San Felipe 250. The city will also work to reduce the impact of the Southern California based envfronmentalists who have curtailed events in and around the Borrego area. The city fathers stressed that San Felipe sees its future as an upscale tourist destination and that off road racing spells growth in the most positive way: being beneficial for the citizens_ of San Felipe. Congrats Sal, we all know how much time ·you put in down in Baja to keep things going. · HLP NEEDED - LESAR Desert Rescue, a completely volunteer rescue organization in the lower desert lost their rescue bus to ori'endous mechanical problems this past weekend. They are now in desperate pursuit of funds to purchase another rescue unit, preferably a trailer that can be converted to a rescue/communications unit. They are seeking your contribution! Your name will be listed on their web site, If you can help please send your donation to: LESAR, P.O. Box 338, Ocotillo, CA 92259-0338 Thanks for your help V:ORRA FALLON 300 -Just got the results from the VORRA Fallon race run on July 29 and thought we'd throw in the winners. Hopefully, there will be a full story and pies in next months Dusty Times. Sam Berri was the Class l winner, Richard and Ryan Lesher took the Class 10 win, Steve Bruner took Class 8, Dan Morose was the VET-8 class winner, Michael Lehners won the Veterans C1ass, Rich and Tito Gonzalez took Class 7, Tom Hatch was the Class 9 winner and Tony Bond was first in Novice. MORE FREEDOM 250 -More held its Freedom 250 in Barstow on July 8th and it was a well attended race with lots of action. Tom Koch won the Unlimited Class, Brian Spencer won the Trophy Challenge Class, Reid Ferguson was the 5-1600 winner, Doug Goodenough took the 7A Class, Gary Watson won Class 8, Todd Craig was the Class 9 winner, Jim Tucker won Class 10 and Mike Malloy won the 1600 class. See next months issue of Dusty Times for the complete story. CORR EXXON SUPERFLO SERIES AT FORT DODGE, IOWA -The CORR guys broke in a brand new track in Iowa on July 29-30. In Pro 4 Rod Millen's Toyota Tundra took the gold for the third time this season and on Sunday Rob MacCachren was the big winner, his fourth win of the season. In Pro-Lite, Chris Brandt took the honors on day 1 and Rick Huseman won on Sunday. In Pro 2 it was Evan Evans Chevy taking the gold both days. In Single Buggy, Mark Steinhardt took the win on Saturday and Tracy Crump won that class on Sunday. In the Light Buggy Class it was no contest as Gary Behrens took the gold on both days as did Jerry Edgerton in the· Sportsman Stock Class. In Sportsman 2, Tommy ·Bradley was the winner on both days and Tommy has a big points lead in his class. In the Manufacturers Points standings, Toyota leads in Pro Lite, Chevy is walking away in Pro 2 and in Pro 4 it's Ford. CHECKER FANTASY -The Checkers are raffling off a brand new Yamaha Banshee and if you want to take your chances on winning the so-called "crotchrocket" you'd best find a Checker somewhere and give him $5 for.a ticket. The drawing will be held on October 8, 2000 at 1300 hours at the Off Road Expo. Winner need not be present. Page 6 Indianapolis, IN October 21-23, 2000 Heartland Park Topeka, KS CORVA 1500 West El Camino, Suite 352 Sacramento, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA Ext 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren 2405 Baker Ave. Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All e11ents at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurswn County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1865 Commander Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 (520) 855-6125 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Delauder, Sr. 1091 Township Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 ESTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing Victoria Galindo Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico 011-s26-176-j22s d ta'l!rfla'ch$ Baja California, MX FABTECH Off Road Short Course Series at Glen Helen Raceway P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (909) 280-9096 Contact: BBM Marketing Promotions P.O. Box 762 Norco, CA 91760-0762 (562) 988-6250/Fax: (909) 280-9097 . FRT Motorsports 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 *denotes motorcycles & quads *August 27, 2000 Saasta Chevron Sweetheart's Kiss Lake Superstition *September 10, 2000 Cerveza Tecate Cacti Gran Prix· KOA Kampground, Rancho Ojai, Tecate, BC,MX *October 1, 2000 Stuart Engineering Mudhen Sprint Plaster City, East October 21, 2000 Superstition 250 XVI Plaster City, East *November 19, 2000 Cycle Parts West Notorious Dawg Plaster City, West *December 3, 2000 Yoder's Yodel Rudolph's Revenge Dez Gran Prix Superstition Mountains December 31, 2000 Dunaway Dash Plaster City, West GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA Great Planes Off Road Racing Association 1362 I Pierce Sc. Omaha, NE 68144-1122 (402) 333-0517 Eve. Keith Koesters September 2000 6716 N. 106th St. Omaha, NE 68122 (402) 4964846 Eve. (1-80 Race Track is located 20 minutes west of Omaha ■ AU races are short course, stadium style. Classes: Trophy, 11-1600, 5, 7S, I and Quads) IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Becldor (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 465 Kamloops, BC, Canada VZGSL2 Bob (250) 374-7175 days Randy (250) 579-9621 eves. Wes (250) 351-2819 L.I.T.R.E. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522 JimAruta (408) 247-4402 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Buggy Trade Show (517) 543-7214 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M. T .B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (SI 7) 627-6200 Oeeps, Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Road Warriors and Quad ATV-Money Classes.) MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION MAORA Steph Sabo (618) 327-9312 Short Course Events September 16, 2000 "The Edge" Triple R Raceway Nashville, IL September 30, 2000 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL MAORA Enduro Series September 17, 2000 100k "The Edge" Triple R Raceway Nashville, IL October 1, 2000 200k Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL MOJAVE DESERT RACING 1853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 (626) 442-9320/(626) 579-6051 Fax E-Mail: August 5, 2000 California 200 Barstow, CA September 30, 2000 Barstow 300 Barstow, CA November 18, 2000 Stoddard 300 Barstow, CA M.OR.E. High Desert Championship P.O. Box 1231 Barstow, CA 92311-1231 Fax: (760) 253-4453 October 7, 2000 Tumbleweed 300 December 2, 2000 Leapin' Lizard 250 Barstow, CA MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association Dave Barret 6363 Nightingale Or. Flint, Ml 48506 (810) 730-9221 NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATIO~ Rt. #1 -Box 380 Dave or Marlene Ryan Palatka, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSOCIATION Butch Chapin Motorsports Promotions 1404 East 3rd Street Hastings, MN S 503 3-14 I 5 (612) 437-2459 NORTHERN OHIO OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. Gary Wulff (724) 283-2678 September 1 7, 2000 October 15, 2000 (All events are at Spring Balley Raceway, Miliport, Ohio) OFF ROAD EXPO 2000 (626) 599-8622 October 7-8, 2000 Fairplex Pomona, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasquez 13180 Round Dance · El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 855-8899 All races are at Mountain Shadow Lake. Take I-10 Horizon Blvd. exit east 12 miles OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. New Philadel~hia, Ohio 44663 Jim Kendel (216) 339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Rick Tichbourne, Public Relations (519)-68I-4192(H)/(Sl9) 457-2913(W) September 9-10, 2000 Tiverton September 23-24, 2000 Eaglesnest Raceway Oshweken PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Championship 495 N. Commons Drive Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 February 26, 2000 Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas, NV PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PROTRUCK RACING SERIES 9409 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071-2856 (619) 449-6252/Fax: (619) 449-6470 November 10-17, 2000 Baja 2000 (SCORE) Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico December 1-3, 2000 Las Vegas 200 (BITD) Las Vegas, NV **Non Points Event PURE ENERGY PROMOTIONS P.O. Box SO Ricketts, IA 5 I 460 (712) 679-2221 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. Icing P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 Dusty Times

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SCCA PRORALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Sports Car Club of America 9033 E. Easter Place Englewood, CO 80112 . (303) 779-6622/Fax: (303) 694-3654 August 2S-26, 2000 Ojibwe Forests Rally Bemidji.MN September 29-30, 2000 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ October 20-21, 2000 D&N Bank Lake Superior Rally Houghton, MI SCORE SCORE International 23961 Craftsman Rd., Suite A Calabasas, CA 91302 · (818) 225-8402/Fax: (818) 225-8102 November 10-17, 2000 Tecate SCORE Baja 2000 Baja California Norte to Baja Sur, Mexico SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 270516 Las Vegas, NV 89127 (702) 452-4522 September 22-24, 2000 Gold Coast/SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV November 3-S, 2000 Reserve 250 Boulder City, NV SONS OF THUNDER 4WHEELERS Race Division Keith Stewart (714) 522-1899 SODA Short Course Off Road Drivers Association Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE Steve Rule (800) 313-5621 or((770) 963-0252 Mike Moore• (224) 272-5400 SOUTH EAST OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. Preside·nt • Geoff Lee 1243 Trice Road Lebanon, TN 37087 (615) 453-5830 Classis 1/2-1600, 5-1600,. Class 9, SODA Class 11 & Sportsman (All Races at Rally Hill Speedway) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION AND •BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INC. 2517 Sycamore Drive # 353 Simi Valley, CA 93065 (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) (805) 526-1805/Fax: (805) 584-8518 Internet: SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 4305 Wootlark Drive Tampa FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceway, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box. 706 Parklands, 2121 South Africa (011)788-5138 Fax (01 I ) 880-2170 SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (9/5) 337-3437/(615) 595-8237 (All races held at Notrees, TX Dusty Times 25 miles west of Odessa. TX) TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 T.O.R.R.O Texas Off Road Racing Organization Marty Jackson 8307 Bauman Road Houston, TX 77022 (713) 694-0207/Fax: (713) 694-8335 TSO c/o Frog Specialties 4050 Spencer Street #1 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 370-9856 · VORRA Off Road Racing 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702/Fax (916) 925-8217 September 2-4, 2000 Off Road Desert Challenge Fernley, NV Septe~ber 30-October 1, 2000 Championship Series • Round I Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA October 14-15, 2000 Championship Series • Round 2 Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, Ca October 28-29, 2000 2000 Championship Race - Round 3 Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA VICENTE GUERRERO OFF ROAD CLUB Profo. Cenovio Gamboa 01 l-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 Sumas WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire P.O. Box376 Adamsburg, PA (412) 527-6556 . WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 16251 North Cave Creek Road #4 Phoenix, AZ 85023-2976 (602) 971-3730 Buggies & Trucks on Saturdays, Bikes & ATVs on Sundays September 2-3, 2000 Snowflake Snowflake, AZ October 21, 2000 Grand Prix of Parker Parker, AZ December 9, 2000 Point To Point Mexico WINSCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 so. U.S. Hwy 45 Oshkosh, Wl 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. . 1665 Delaware St. Oshkosh, WI 54901 zt. PROMOTIONS Rene Montano P.O. Box 2122 Calexico, CA 92231 Motorcycles & ATVs Only September 3, 2000 Tijuana GP Tijuana, BC, MX November 2, 2000 zr. Grand Prix Atte;tion Trail Notes ... R & R U NEW RACER -Scott and Kelly Steinberger are proud to announce ace a Y the birth of a brand new son, Ryder Jordan. Ryder was born on July Or.oanizers _25~h, 2_000, weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and both mom and 1'' . son are doing fme. Congrats you guys List your coming events m · DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 2000 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 SHORT COURSE IS COMIN' BACK -December 8-10, 2000 are the dates, Lake Havasu City is the locale as Desert Steel Motorsports presents a "Stadium Type" short course event. The race will be run at the Havasu Speedway, adjacent to the London Bridge. The race will be run under the CORR Rule Book but it will be a local event and all classes, including des~rt are invited to participate. The course will be 7 /10 of a mile in length, payback will be 100% of the $100 entry fee and Jim Conner promises a contingency package including BFGoodrich, Goodyear, KC HiLites, American Racing Wheels and CompComm and many morels For more information contact Monica Skuse at 5 20-8 5 5-2208 or TOYS FOR TOTS -Once again the Off Road Poker Run benefiting Toys For Tots will be held on October 28 and 29. This is a two day event. All proceeds go to help the Barstow charities. Four wheel vehicles, motorcycles and A TV's get to run the 25 mile loop twice for the $20 entry fee. Best poker hands from each day win prizes. There is a $10 dinner Saturday night and camping facilities are available. Off road type vehicles must have a Green Sticker and a spark arrestor if not equipped with a muffler. It all takes place at the Slash X Cafe on Highway 247, 12 miles south of Barstow. For information please call the'Slash X at 760-252-1 I 97 or Mal/Connie Wessel at 760-252-3093. Your participation or donation will be greatly appreciated. FINAL FLAG -It is with deep sorrow that we repor.t the deaths of Bill and Richard Fodor. They were killed in a tragic accident while pre-running the Barstow course for the Mojave Desert Racing California 200 event. Our sincere sympathy goes to the entire Fodor family on their loss. CAI.I. TOI.I. FREE 1-888-755-5900 WE CAN SHIP UPS TO YOUR DOOR WE NOW OFFER THEJE .IERVICEJ ** WE.$EIIV-ICE--FOX,iltl;SflEN,-KING,-$WAY-A WAY--5HGC--KS ** MAGNAFLUX SERVICE ( WITH QUICK TURN A ROUND .. ) * * GEAR BOX REBUILD SERVICE (NO MORE WEIRD NOISES •• ) ** VINYL GRAPHICS AND LETIERING ( NOW YOUR CAR WILL LOOK GOOD •. ) CLASS 9 KENNEDY CLUTCH KIT STAGE I II & Ill PRESSURE PLATE 4-PUCK DISC RELEASE BEARING $150.00 OWEL BALL JOINTS UPPER & LOWER $13.50.EA. NORB ONE PIECE AXLE BOOT $10.00 EA. BRAND NEW SWING AXLE TRANS 4:37 8 BOLT 3:80 -2:06 -1:32 · :85 $550-00 CLASS 1/2 1600 5/1600 - SPORTSMAN KENNEDY CLUTCH KIT STAGE I II & Ill PRESSURE PLATE 4-PUCKDISC RELEASE BEARING $150.00 NORB "930-CV'OVER BOOT (SAME AS BATES) $10.00 EA. WOVEN BRAKE SHOES TRONT, TYPE Ill, THING '$50:00 A SET MAGNAFLUX SERVICE BEL RAY CY GREASE $16.95 EA. ...... '1 ~ RW~~~~M •••• 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #3 * LAS VEGAS, NV * 89102 September 2000 HOURS: MON-FRI S~PM * SAT S~SPM (702)871.-5221 FAX CLASS 10 5 UNLIMITED KENNEDY CLUTCH KIT STAGE I II & Ill PRESSURE PLATE 4-'PUCK DISC ,RELEASE BEARtNG $150.00 WEBER 40-44 IDF CARB ONLY $ 295.00 CLAMP ON 2" SUPER TRAP $37.00 CALL ABOUT SMOKIN' BFGOODRICH PRICES Page 7

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BEST IN THE DESERT NEVADA 200G Herbst Rules As PPI Feels ··Fuelish''! By Tony Tellier Photos: Trackside Photo Rob MacCachren and Steve O1/iges teamed up in their Ford to run the 7300 (pure stock-mini truck) in the Sportsman class, and took the victory. bettertoworklatethanbelate. Day 5; July 13, 2000-Teno The silt was so bad that start-(Dayton) to Tonopah HS; 300 ing behind was to be way behind. miles/6 pits. Strategy. . Day 6; July 14, 2000-3. You were allowed one Tonopah to Pahrump complete engine change during "Terrible's Town" Finish; 218 the event, with a five hour pen-miles/6 pits. alty assessed plus time over the The total: six days of 1465 work allowance. race miles were punctuatea 4. You could DNF either on-with 29 silty pits, six seedy mo-course or DNS any two days tels, 12 greasy spoons, six jam-and still be considered a "Fin-packed gas stations, and hot isher". beer and pop. It could not have 5. If your team had an addi-been any better! One experi-tional entry in the same, or enced couple on the RHI team Jeff Lewis and Ted Hunnicutt paired in their Chevrolet Clas~ 7200 {modified mini trucks) to win the class by 18 hours at the BITD Nevada 2000. · lower, class that be used as a asked to be relieved and was chase vehicle. The racer-chaser summarily flown home. would stay behind carrying "Promoter and Race Director Make no mistake about it, the Herbs ts do own the Nevada desert. Period. The three Las Vegas brothers, and Troy in particular, unequivocally proved this over this grueling week long battle through the sage-and-silt infested high-, and low-, deserts of the Silver S-ta te by coming out on top over a veritable "Who's Who of Off Roading." The metric "2000" sent racers on a coun-terclockwise tour of Nevada from Vegas (500 feet) up to 9500' paralleling NV 93 north to Elko, 1-80 and US 50 ("The Loneliest Highway in America") east to Reno ("The Biggest Little City in the World!"), and NV 95 to down Pahrump along the margins of Death Valley. The shark-mouthed Mike "Smithbuilt" Truggy of Troy beat his four wheel driving brothers Tim and Ed Herbst (who were challenging for the Overall when they had an un-usual transmission failure on Day 4, then lost an engine). On the way to his victory Troy also defeated the fuel impaired Ivan Stewart/Larry Roeseler PPI Toyota, Vortec co-favorites Larry Ragland/Ricky Johnson who were flipped out of the ~ ·.' .. ;.J ~;~~ ,k - -~ . . 'fi . . - ~ competition; the Four Horse-men of Herzog Motorsports, Brian Stewart, Mark Miller, Bekki Freeman and Ryan Ar-ciero in the other Vortec Trai!Blazer, a flat tired Dave Ashley/Dan Smith (Enduro Racing); Brian Collins; Dave Westhem's strong "Eight", "Coasties" Pat Dean and-John "The Disseminator" Gaughan; recent Tonopah 300 winner Sam Berri, and the resurgent onslaught of the three McMil-lin buggies piloted by Corky, Mark and Scott. Troy was not the race leader . until the final days, other than after the first short day, he did win three of the six stages. But Troy kept the program viable and when Toyota faltered he was the top dog when it counted in Pahrump, parked up on the Goodyear Mesa. And in the "Terrible's Town" casino where the crew bonuses were distributed! · Troy was stuck in second place, overall, on the beginning fifth next-to-the-last day as the VS Toyota Tundra of Ivan and Larry was holding a not-big-enough lead for the Overall, seven minutes. As LR got ready to leave the line first, by virtue of Ivan winning the previous Wes, Scott, Brady and Joshua Wisdom battled the silt, a tired motor and very long days to take the Class 2000 win in their 1600cc Mirage. Pages day's stage: "It's a long way to parts and tools. Casey Folks ran an almost perfect go. 11 But a confusing fuel sup-THE COURSE event, technically speaking. Aside ply problem, judged earlier to Can you say "Silt"? Sure you from a few glitches with supply-be somewhat minor, finally can. Can you also say "Long ing scoring reports in a timely blossomed to full glory to halt Days"? Of course. With an fashion, it was a great race, equal-LR dead in his tracks, a mere event equal to five and a half ing virtually any race I have been ten miles ou~ of the Stage 5 fin-Terrible's Town races back-to-involved in during the past 40 ish, His lead evaporated under back-to-back-to-the Nevada years or so. 11 Best in the Desert the blazing Nevada sun to be-2000 was a chore for everyone. provided an invaluable, highly-come an -hour's deficit in Racers and chasers alike. Plus detailed and accurate "Pit Sup-Tonopah. LR said: "We'll need the ran-ragged BitD personnel. port Book" complete with a little luck, but if bad luck can The scheme was deceptively odometer resets and route con-happen to us, it can happen to the simple: drive 250-300 miles ev-firmation points. There were no others. You never know, so you ery day -both racers and chas-reported "incidents" on the run as quickly as you can. 11 ers -then do some work on the roads, no hassles, and virtually But Troy did not have any of rig in the hotel pits for an hour NO authority figures cropping these hoped-for problems and plus 10. Or a lot more. Then up. And best of all, the BitD finished the n~ce in 26:06:32, put the thing in impound then people were courteous and, 20 minutes ahead of the Brian try to sleep before the 0430 im-oddly, in good spirits. The Stewart team and 57 ahead of pound call. And don't forget Mayor and City Manager of the Toyota. Eighty-seven cars the 2000 hours Drivers' Meet-Elko said that they loved the began the race on Sunday and ing every night. show. N2K was an amazing 68 were credited with a Friday Day O; July 08, 2000-Las Ve-event. Casey put his heart into finish (although not all ran ev-gas Tech@ The Orleans. it and it was not broken. ery mile). The last car to finish Day 1; July 09, 2000-N. Las THE RACE: How it un-the event was the #4111 Ex-Vegas Start (SR604) to Mes-folded -Top Daily Finishers plorer of David Elris in quite Omni Station: Time Trial (DORs only): 79:18:42. -92 miles/I pit. Day 1: IMPORTANT RULES and Day 2; July 10, 2000-Alamo 1. Troy Herbst (Truggy) IDEAS: to Ely (NV 93); 289 miles/6 {Overall); 2. Mark Weyhrich 1. Starting position was pits. {Buggy); 3. Brian Stewart (T-based on the previous day's Day 3; July 11, 2000-Ely to T); 4. Brian Collins (T-T); 5. overall finish. Elko (Ruby Valley); 268 miles/ Larry Ragland (T-T); 6. Ivan 2. You had only 70 minutes 5 pits. Stewart (T-T); 7. John Gaugh-of vehicle maintenance each Day 4; July 12, 2000-Elko to an (Buggy); 8. Scott McMillin day. Any time after that was East Fallon (Salt Wells); 298 (Buggy); 9. Gary Vosburg (T-T added to your next day's time; miles/5 pits. ----~ Protruck); 10. Ed Herbst (4WD ~---'------'----------T-T). Vince Wavra and Ben Abatti, Jr., who haven't been racing for a whiles teamed up to take the .win in their Class 5000 Baja Bug. September 2000 Day 2: 1. Larry Ragland (Overall); 2. Ed Herbst; 3. Ivan Stewart; 4. Brian Stewart; 5. Troy Herbst; 6. Dave Ashley {T-T); 7. Mark McMillin (Buggy); 8. Brian Collins; 9. Darnen Jeffer-ies (Buggy); 10. John Gaughan. Day 3: 1. Ivan Stewart (Overall); 2. Troy Herbst; 3. Ed Herbst; 4 . Brian Stewart; 5. Mark McMil-lin; 6. Pat Dean (Buggy); 7. Mark Weyhrich; 8. Scott Mc-Millin; 9. Darnen Jefferies; 10. Dave Ashley. Day 4: 1. Brian Stewart; 2. Ivan Stewart (Overall); 3. Troy Herbst; 4. Dave Ashley; 5 . Dusty Times

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Brian Collins; 6. Darnen Jeffer-ies; 7. Jason Baldwin (T-T); 8. Dave Wes them (8000 GMC); 9. Doug Fortin (T-T); 10. John Swift (3000 Explorer). Day 5: I. Troy Herbst (Overall); 2. Brian Collins; 3. Brian Stewart; 4. Corky Mc Millin (Buggy); 5. Scott McMillin; 6. Darnen Jef-feries; 7: Mark Weyhrich; 8. Dave Westhem; 9. Jeff Lewis (7200 S-10); 10. Kevin ~ McGillivray ( 1200 Protruck). Day 6: 1. Ivan Stewart; 2. Troy Herbst (Overall); 3. Brian Stewart; 4. Scott McMillin; 5. Brian Collins; 6. Dave West-hem; 7. Darnen Jefferies; 8. Mark.Weyhrich; 9. Jeff Lewis; 10. Corky McMillin (Buggy). Overall: 1. Troy Herbst (1st Buggy & Overall); 2. Brian Stewart (1st T-T); 3. Ivan Stewart (2nd T-T); 4. Darnen Jefferies (2nd Buggy); 5. Brian Collins (3rd T-T); 6. Scott Mc Millin (3rd Buggy); 7. Dave Westhem (1st "8000"); 8. Jeff Lewis (1st "7200"); 9. Corky Mc Millin (4th Buggy); 10. John Phillips, Senor (5th Buggy). Note the appearance of Swift, Lewis and McGillivray in their Limited cars? Strong performances, indeed. The or-der and the mix of classes run-ning together after a few days was interesting: "8000s", "4100s", "5000s", "1000s", Manny Esquerra's "Stock Full", the Ace Marc Stein "Stock SUV", the Hardins' GMC Sonoma, Chad Hall's Hummer, Aamingo & The Strip Joe Custer had some very experienced help in the form of Darren and Doug York who brought or along their old Ford also, and the team drove to the Class 7100 (stock mini-trucks) win. and a howling Herbst T-T. An interesting mix, huh? CLASS 1400 -T-T rucks This was where the heavy hitters came to play. The Herbsts had the lead until Larry Ragland took over the next day. After the Trailblazer's race ending endo, Ivan Stewart and Larry Roe-seler accepted the challenge while Lonnie Hembolt's ex-Walker Evans' Dodge broke every part possible at least once. Brian Collins kept up the pace in the Collins' Motor-sports Chevrolet but was never quite "there." The multi-driver #2 Vortec team of Brian Stew-a rt, Bekki Freeman, Mark Miller and Ryan Arciero came up to take a stage from Ivan al-though the Toyota still held the overall heading into the !:_ifth day after Troy Herbst blew a transmission, putting his ef-fort out of the picture. Josh Baldwin rolled the family's truck. Dave-n-Dan had so many flats that it was not funny, if that ever could be. Bi-zarre fuel problems on the Tun-dra sidelined LR within sight of the Day 5 finish as Troy Herbst forged ahead in the Truggy to take the Overall and seal the deal at Pahrump. Dave Ahsley (Duralast Ford): "We're planning on keep-ing it on the road. Casey'll have every type of terrain out there, getting off the road woula lead to disaster." However, the team had crapola for, tire luck: six flats in the first three days. Four had to be changed by the driver. Mark Miller gave an over-view of his July: "The one big surprise to me about N2K is how John Swift came back after a long absence to drive in Class 30001 and brought his Ford home in first place, and an astounding 12th overall. hard everyone pressed each day; Protruck for me on the day I drove it was six short sprint races. I the Trailblazer. We finished 4th thought it may have been a little T-T in that .Protruck-based car, easier pace; the GMNortec equip- which is also pretty cool. Bekki did ment we were using is so good we a great job, she had very little didn't need to take it easy, that truck time (a tiny half hour was really made it fun. the pit talk). I don't know how many drivers The first 50 miles of Day 2 I werefortunateenoughtodriveev-followed the Troy Herbst's ery mile, but going into the event Truggy, and the Mark Weyhrich I had two goals, to finish every buggy off the start. I stayed right mile and to win the second stage off their dust and cruised along overall. Goal No. I wasn't easy until Weyhrich made a mistake. but I did it. Goal No.2 probably Then it was the Truggy; we were sounds lofty but I have been driv- really running about 85% and got ing with and learning from Larry on some ridges and could pull up Ragland since '95. All that time I within 100 feet of Truggy but dust spent pre-running and testing with was really too thick to take the risk the master gave me the confidence and pass so we just held our posi-to know I could do it. tion. (Barry Beacham and I were Brian Stewart drove Days 1, 4 waving at the Herbst chopper and and 6, I drove Day 2; Bekki Free- laughing!) man drove Day 3 and Ryan Ar-Then it got a little worse; the ciero drove Day 5. Brian drove the fuel filler was jammed closed and Vortec-VB-powered (pack) 'mule' Continued on page 10 -·••-. ' West Tropicana & Arville West Aamingo & Valley View 1-888-BARBARY 1-800-0RLEANS 675-3267 1-888-GOCOAST Alta & Rampart 227-2279 402-6278 1-877-636-7111 • Dusty Times September 2000 Page 9

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.• •• The McMillin family went to the Nevada 2000 in full force. Here it's Kyle Taylor, driving his very competitive Class 8000 Chevrolet, had a Gorky, the 71 year-old scion who teamed with Brian Ewalt to take Oh Scott McMillin, in perhaps his last race in the old car, drove the venerable Chenowth to a nice third in the unlimited class, and sixth overall. run-in with a cow. but still managed to finish in second place. in the unlimited buggy in their Chenowth. no fuel. About three minutes and at Currie, Stewart wa_s_s_u_p-:--to--t:-o~g=et~in-:--to_ m_y_g_r_o_o_ve-_-.It:---w-o-u' l1d---,;=====----=======================:::;-a seven-or-so-minute stop Barry second. There-they had a blaz-only go 105 - normally it can go leans over and says: 'I slid her into ing (!) JO-second pit -taking on 130. I'm looking forward to con-neutral, we're gonna be here a a full load of fuel and had a trolling the pace ut front. I think while. ' So we left the pit in 10th right rear tire, all well choreo-this format of racing in stages is place. Once we got going again graphed. more difficult. If you have a flat ~. Barry and I talked strategy and Big MacAdoo Matters:-Car you can drop back five or six spots, decided we needed to go for it. # 14 72 had the steering rack re-and you could be stuck there all Now it's pinned, full lock-to-built (according to unofficial day,." lock 'Pike's Peak' slides on all the team spokesman Carl-Mike Ivan Stewart won the fourth 'Ii, greasyroads,runningthroughand Perez). "OnDay2wehadaholt stage and maintained the over anything to get back in the come just a little loose and it team's overall. Stewart and load. We pass the Herbst Trick- 'rocked' it until it fatigue-failed." Roeseler held a nine minute Truck as he pulls into last pit and Doug Fortin (Sr.) used the lead over the Herbsts' Truck with 80 miles to go, we have Light-Dura last lathe in their trailer to while Brian drove the Herzog ning, Truggy and Roeseler in front make a new power steering T-T from fourth past Troy of us. It took about 20 minutes to bushing. Doug. Jr., got -hit by Herbst in the Truggy, to finish pull up on Roeseler and then we Lonnie Hembolt, which dam-second behind his daddy. Ivan: were stuck. I tried for 20 miles to aged the tire basket. Jeff Lewis "The team did a great job yester-get a good run through the dust, did the TiG weld repair. They day to fix"a fuel pick-up problem. bu( there was no wind to help out. removed the carb for a high al-It's great to be in the lead, but With the 20 miles to go we had titude re-jet. Jerry MacDonald there is still along way to go." to concede that we weren't going was seen getting his hands dirty (Fateful words, indeed!) to win this day, but that Third !ace in a four-barrel. They also re-Roeseler smoked the 11th wasn't bad for my first race in a placed the left front axle. stage -until that fuel pick-up Trick-Truck.BarryBeachamwas TRDdida"CYA"changeon problem halted the Toyota a great co-driver!" (Note: Barry half of the injectors at Elko. "It within 10 miles of the finish. used to be on the Herbst team.) was close to ·the 70 minutes," said LR was able to get the truck Ivan Stewart was first on Greg Thome. TRD PR-er. running and finished 16th. He Day 3 and had the overall by "They thought that it sounded bet-had started the day in second two minutes, finishing ahead of ter. The miss was intermittent. It's behind the Vortec driven by the elder Herbs ts. Stewart had either a fuel flow problem or elec-Arciero with the overall lead of started the day third behind the trical. It's a hell of a job to change 6:43. Larry took the physical Herbst truck and Ricky injectorsonthiscar."lvan:"The leadfromArcierojustafterthe Johnson. By the fourth pit stop fuel problem made it a little harder third pit, Rawhide, when Trail-TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING. INC SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year Congratulations. Buffalo Bill's 400 1st Class 1 1st Overall Damon Jefferies . Transaxle Engineering Jeff Field 1st ½-1600 Rob Guevera 9763 Variel Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 10 September 2000 Troy Herbst's shark bedecked Smithbuilt Truggy used its Ford power to great advantage to take the overall win, finishing in only a bit over 26 hours for the 1400 plus miles. blazer had a flat. Roeseler built his lead to 11:53 over Herbsts' Truggy, then inexorably went backwards to third place by 57:07 overall. "Jeff Lewis ('L'il Mac') was flagged over by the Toyota team. Under the guise (subterfuge?) of looking at his front end other crew members strapped in a gas can to be delivered to Roeseler. Appar-ently when the fuel level got lower) the pickup's pickup would not pick up. So the Tundra re-quired to keep it topped off. Larry stopped once and only shot in a couple gallons." Eric Record of the Lonnie Hembolt Dodge team had a lot to say: "On Friday, Dan Smith graciously pulled us four miles to Pit 2 for repairs." That pesky PTO shaft broke again -and there had never been any spares. "I know Lonnie caged the bas-ket of 'Big Mac' and plunked the rear of Foutz, too, but he never said anything about hitting Marc Stein," reported gad-about Record. "We went the entire race Continued on page 12 The stock full class had a close fight, but Chad Hall, dad Rod, and Roger Norman turned up winners in Class 8100, their Hummer ahead by just four minutes. Mike Falkosky, Wayne Wolar, David Clay, Brian Wicka, Mark Engstrom and Steve Cowart teamed in their Ford to win the stock mini class, a recurring event for this team. Dusty Times

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Roger Norman teamed with Rod Hall in his be-flagged Hummer, to Carlton, Spencer, Kelly and Carl Beal, and Craig Duke and Bryant take second place in the big SUV class (4100), a bit over an hour Hibbs veterans of many a Baja 1000, put their experience to work, behind the winner. · finished 3rd in Class 3000 in their Nissan. While waiting for his new Truggy to be completed, Darnen Jefferies drove his old-Jimco pre-runner and finished second in the unlimited class, about an hour-and-a-half behind Herbst. without even one tire failure on the-Goodyears. Two were changed after Lonnie had to gas them down to get out of a sea of silt." They certainly made up for that with hardware failure. On Day 6 Roeseler immedi-ately began reeling them in front from 16th place. He was ninth by his first stop and fin-ished sixth; on time just ahead of the overalling Troy Herbst. A disappointed but still smiling Larry said that "for all intents and purposes it was vapor lock on Day 5. We had a really great week ... with the exception of one bad hour. Yesterday I was cruis-ing at about 80 percent .. Today we showed what we could really do." CLASS 1500 -Unlimited Buggies This was all "The Tro_y Show," although Darnen and Casey Jefferies did very well in their Type IV Jimco pre-run-ner. Scott McMillin had one of his finest races in some time, at sixth overall. In fact, all three .M.cMillin men showed their mettle with Scott's third, Corky's fourth and Mark's eighth. Sam Berri had to change a Fortin and was rel-ee:ated to sixth. Darnen Jeffer-ies showed off his pre-runner: "We even painted the frame," he boasted. He also confirmed a poorly-held rumor - a T-Truck is now being fabricated at the Danny Porter facility and his VB car goes to Scott McMil-lin. The McMillin chaser-eighter pre-runner came along right after Corky had stuck the V6 race buggy and pulled them out. But not before they shelled first gear in the Fortin. The McMillin crew got to the fin-ish and changed gearboxes within the 70 minute limit. "We got three of 'em," a crewman dis-missed the question whether Doug (Sr.) would repair the pricey gearbox assembly at the race. The buggy of Jim Temple runs an Audi slush box against a twin plug Porsche. They blew out the torque converter just before the Pit 1 RM42 on the initial day and towed in. The guys were hoping for a junk yard along the race route to obtain a replacement Audi part. Their repair -they did not quit, after all - was with an-other torque converter brought up from '_Vegas: "And it was an 118th too long. We grabbed a grinder and cut 'er down to size!" Desperate times require des-perate measures from desperate men. They still DNFed. "The car is (semi-) perfect," said Rick Geiser of the yellow "NGM" John Phillips Jimco. They had trouble on Day 2 with a sloppy shifter box and a lost circlip. Jeff Geiser reflected on the race plan: "Pre-run for five days, then race!" The easy going gang quietly slipped into 10th Overall, fifth in class. The #1528 KennyOttA&K Earthmovers "5" car broke a shock canister right off the start and limped it to the RM42 Pit 1. On Day 2 Ott needed a rocker arm. The Jason Nash car lost two A-arm uniballs and simply called it quits! The own-ers split back to California and left the crew with no money, no food, and a Ryder truck bill due. One of the orphans ex-pounded: "We had a banded co-driver and could have fixed the (Nash) car, easy. But they wouldn't let us. (Greg Foutz' F250 had hit Nash on Tuesday. "Greg came up to tap the car and the (buggy) driver hit the brakes. Pow!") These guys marshaled RACERS Page 12 PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT WTIH PHYSICAL DAMAGE INSURANCE FOR YOUR OFF-ROAD RACING VEIIlCLES Call the experts at Michael E. James Insurance Agency. We can satisfy the insurance needs of all off-road racers. Physical Damage Insurance for Race Vehicles Trucks Trailers Tools/Equipment EXAl\lIPLE Liability Insurance for Special Racing Events Value of Race Vehicle.$30,000 x3% = $900 Annual Premium $1,000 deductible Coverage for fire, theft. V &MM, limited physical damage pr~tection Call for free quote and details Michael E. James Insurance Agency 619-445-5797 September 2000 their attitude and jumped in to were two McMillins broke out help the under-staffed "Bug" of there. One before the check (Scott Ott.TheVWmadeitOKtoPit #1536) and Mark (#1526) af-4 on Day 4 then broke a steer-ter it. Weyhrich was down, they ing belt, rolled it, and also went were out looking at the car with off a cliff. They lost a RR cali-their driving suits off." The per and the mount and had to McMillins got Mark back on fabricate a weld-on tab with the the road after a swap of a fly-help of the marooned Nash wheel that had spun out the crew. center. Scott McM had stopped The Pahrump-based Truggy to fix a steering arm - "Yeah! We of Bobby Woods stopped twice HAD a spare one," swore the on Day 2 to allow the passen-taciturn racer -and who then ger to pee. Twice! In 43 miles. towed Mark into Pit 3. Every-Then he would not hook up his one is gun shy about potential anti-sub crotch strap! Some pit· rumors, tales, and DQ-able sto-kid summarily heaved in sev-ries. The Weyhr~chs broke a eral jugs of oil, to· carry, to throttle body control arm on break, or to get beneath the Day 4 just out of Pit 3: "We put brake pedals: "Here!" Sam a Visegriponthestubandgotgo-Berri's guys were happy at Elko: ing," said Jim Zupanovich, who "He got here! We're trying to take harbored no ill will. it easy ... we went from 82nd start Preventative Pit Practices: to 64th. We changed the transaxle Ricky Geiser spouted oH about and the 140 mph car went to 120 Andrew Wehe's flame-up at 'cause of a different ratio. Day 4 the "500". "The fuel puddle on will be tough, there are crusty the] imco 's side pod ran back onto hills, long valleys and harsh ter- the brakes. Poof!" Now the Gei-rain. It will be the toughest sec-ser Broz splash the pod with tion, I guarantee it." Casey said water after fueling. Ricky: "I that the first section of Day 4 was running 5500 on the Scat and was a twisty' mountain road the water was at 240F. Bob Shep-with ball bearing pea grav~l: herd smoked me on the flats. It "Be careful. We cannot mark all was 20 miles flat-out in fifth. That the turns!" pea gravel mountain section was Ri~k gave a quick review of wide and really fun." Jeff Geiser downed "1500" cars: "There had a flat which changed Kevin McGi//ivray and Don Angel had a good week, and brought their Chevrolet Protruck back to the finish in second place. Steve Barlow and Andrew Wehe paired up in Barlow's Ford Protruck to get the win and finish 11th in the overall standings. Dusty Times

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Having a good rookie year, Eddie and Nicole Saxton added Jeremy Tom Geringer and Kurt Brewer splash through a water crossing on Gubler to their team and drove their Class 1000 (Class 1 0) Jimco to a their way to a nice second place in the 1600 class. _m_·c_e_th_i_rd_,p_l_ac_e_. __________________ _ Manny Esquerra had help from Robert Hayley, the original owner of the truck, and the team drove to second place in full stock (8100) in the old Ford. at an unspecified pit by an un-OK, we lost a power steering bolt nation buggy had good days and four hours." named crew member. The im-and thought that I could drive it he had bad days: "Sunday we CLASS 1600 -Exhibition fer case, which "is what they use in rock crawling," said owner Roget Norman, who drives the "US Flag" Hummer. "This uses '930' CVs and Auburn diff s with a Detroit locker in the pact wrench produced that way. But it tried to wrench had to change a fuel coil in Mes-The "1600" Super/Hummer insufficient torque on the nuts the wheel our of my hands. The quite. Tuesday it was a lower had a 572 cid Arias gas engine and the wheel came off, as they bolt came off on a twisty road and front arm and shock. Wednesday -derived from a Daytone-type say, "at speed." I almost lost it." Pat Dean fin-he was Sixth. Thursday it was endurance sports car -with It was reported that John ished in the Las Vegas Disserni-the rear hubs. That took three-Dart heads and an Atlas trans-Continued on page 14 Gaughan had torn off the rear end of his Las Vegas Dissemi-nation car: "The trailing arm was off, the shocks, the transmission, the accident ripped the axle flange out of the tranny. They started next morning, 7 I st." Winners Darnen and Casey Jefferies never got out of the car between impound to Finish on all six days! "We had no flats. We did lose #2 cylinder at about RMJOO this last day." The team had a spare 3L Type IV from the Fleet Fuels team but did not use it. "Our horsepower deteriorated to about half with the loss of '#2'," Darnen said at Terrible's Town. "We were struggling in shitty up-hills." Scott McMillin: "I don't have any race stories! Dusty Times Dave Westhem, Chuck Harris and Randy Salmont were up front all the way in their Class 8000 Chevrolet, not even slowed much by a rollover, and took the win, finishing 7th overall. September 2000 Andrew, Steve, Dan and Gary Myers made a great team, and brought their Toyota powered Jimco back to the finish as the winner in Class 1000. M/T off-road race tires and Dale Ebberts teamed up for a win at the S.C.0.R.E. Laughlin Desert Challenge, beating 34 other competitors in the toughest, closest race on the circuit. The exclusive cut-resistant compounds, unique sidewall designs for extra protection and a strong, lightweight, race tire construction helped Ebberts finish almost two minutes ahead of the competition. And over three races, M/T's Desert King• race tires have carried Ebberts without any flats. M/T also dominated the Wildwash 250 Race with Craig Dillon, running 35" Baja Belted" tires, finishing first in class 10 and overall, while Jim Patelli took first in class 8 on 35" Baja Claws"'! Isn't it time you made your mark? Bolt a set on today. Available at more performance outlets than any other brand. Call 800.700.0394 EXT. 6004 and be directly connected to your local M/T dealer. Page 13

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~·....,: \' ;.._~ .. , ¥-.;;, ·•-.;~:~\•': Ivan Stewart and Larry Roeseler's Toyota Tundra had serious vapor-Rob Reinertson, always a top contender in his Ford stock-mini, took lock problems up in the hills, but managed to move fast enough most second place this time, only an hour back after six days of racing. of.the time to finish second Trick Truck, 3rd overall. .Brian Collins and Billy Goerke drove their still-new Chevrolet Trick Truck, now looking a bit crumpled up front, to a fine third place, and fifth overall. rear. It has King shocks with 24 CLASS 8000 -Big 01' flipped on Day 2 at RM70: "It inches of wheel travel." It over-Trucks went all the way over in the air at heated and toa$ted the engine The "8" class was all West-the first flip" reported a by-on Day 2. The stock Hummer hem as they were up front all stander. Chuck must be finding hubs carry a 2: 1 reduction gear race long. W.esthem's GMC -that GMC a "little" faster than set, vertically off-set. with Chuck Harris driving -his old Pro truck! Everyone else struggled just to keep going, al-though the solid-axle 4WD truck of Keith Fontana was a consistent finisher. Dave Westhem was the first car through Pit 3 with a gaggle KC HILITES RACE EXHAUST MICRO STUBS KARTEK's micro stubs are used by some of the biggest names in off-road racing today. KARTEK takes pride in the quality and durability of their micro stubs, and in the quality parts from which they are assembled. KC offers some of the most durable and powerful competi-tion lighting in off-road racing today, KARTEK is proud to offer a large selection of KC Hilites and accessories to meet all of your lighting needs. KARTEK designed race exhausts are the best on the market. Available in jet coat-ed or raw with gussets on #2 & 4. Features super thick flanges, a Megaphone style collector, and a flange to allow the addition of SUPER-TRAPPT" 5-inch discs. Page 14 These trick KARTEK designed units consist of a stock drum precision machined and aug-mented with a billet plate and heat treamed chromoly splined center for maximum durability. · Accept NO substitutes. YOKOHAMA TIRES SUPERDIGGERS are the best off-road tires on the market today. Their aggressive tread pattern and increadible durability has made them the preferred tires of many off-road race teams. BATES BOOT FLANGE & LIGHTENED 930 & 934/5 CVs This KARTEK exclusive was designed to elimi-. nate the CV overheating that is associated with the use of s·ates boors. This trick flange sets the boot away from the CV. This flange allows for the use of lightened and standard CV joints. KARTEK's lightened CVs are precision machined to allow them to stand up to the rig-ors associated . with off-road racing. September 2000. of buggies stacked up behind in the cloying silt. Casey decided that all times between "2" and "3" were discarded. Just like the big kids do in Dakar, SCCA national Rallies and AMA Enduros. Fair? Maybe. Uni-form? Sorta. The best solution? You bet. Complaints? Sure, desert racers can be whiners, too. Eric Lane was stuck prior to the Currie Pit 4 on Day 3; stuck so long that they almost hour-ed out. Eric Williams reported that if it had not been for the good graces of the BitD people at the final check it would have been. closed and they'd have been assigned a DNF. Lane's "8000" had been a complete basket case just a week prior to the Nevada 2000, nothing but parts and a frame. Eric's truck was one of the few that did ~ NOT require a transmission change but they lost a lifter and had to run on seven cylinders to Pahrump. Keith Fontana "knew about his dangling shock at the super-silty Spruce Mountain Pit 5. The "8" finished with two header tubes crushed flat by a loose shock -he just didn't want to take the time to change it. "We'll cut those right off it we have to," said Keith to his crew, but they did repair the damage and went on to finish. On Day 4 Kyle Taylor hit a cow at 85: "Cow grenade," said Brett King. He, Kyle, not the cow, continued on and finished the day. Taylor lost the input shaft on his automatic before Spencer Pit 5. "Just after Pit 4. Somebody is towing him up here." Taylor was able to hold on tp second place in class. Nick Vanderwey's Flying Dutchman Team "Cow Car" had two DNFs: "The starter went out near Pit 5/Day 3. I had to wait for the course to close." Nick had a chase "8" that was so much trouble they didn't start and that was when they actually needed a part off of it. They determined that one truck was so much work that they withdrew their mule en-try after the first day. Driver Kevin Patrick: "The course was a silt fe st. The Herbst 4WD started two entries behind us and it took them 50 minutes to pass us. I was fallowing one of the McMillins. It was lots of 'blind man's bluff.' Suddenly he was behind on SUV and I slammed him prerty hard. Mark pulled over and we passed; about 20 miles later a lower A-arm joint let loose on a nice gravel road. After I 00 yards of uncontrol-lable skidding, we sat there for a DNF at RM59. Oh yeah, I did . Continued on page 14 Dusty Times

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race track, that we were, oh, 30% power. 11 Steve and the Vegpackers had huge Bar-B-Q spreads -Scaroni re-ally takes care of his people! Scaroni stopped at Pit 3/Day 4 to have a Heim uniball replaced on the right rear wish-bone just around the corner from where Bob Shep-Craig Turner, Curt LeDuc and Tim Cecil had problems with their Ford '-------"'"'--------'---"~""'"' herd had laid the modified mini truck (Class 7200), but carried on to finish second in Steve Cirillo had suspension problems on his Class 7100 (stock mini Larry Foddri Il-e/ass. truck) Toyota, but nevertheless managed a second place finish. p rep p e d C - 1 5 O O go up to Mark McMillin the next formed an alliance and was biker and we had to slam on the Protruck over on its right side. morning and told him it was un-towed for ten miles by Greg brakes. We'd dig and move, dig When they got it back on its intentional. He wasn't happy. 11 Foutz; the "" truck and move a little more. The feet, a few short miles before CLASS 1200 -Protrucks had a blown automatic. They Henns' Hummer pulled us out." the pit, it would not crank. Steve Barlow took the "Red set to changing it right then (The Henns, way out of Bob was in a bad place to ex-Bull" by the horns and devas-and there: "It'll take an hour," contention in Class 8100 from pect any help. It was a tight tated the spec truck ranks. reckoned Mike. Well, OK, "al-early Day 2 on, spent the race and silty and blind gulch. End of story, pretty much. Al-Hance" may be too strong, af-either fixing their trucks or "Swifty" couldn't stop -be-though a hard-charging Kevin ter all. Griffiths is Foutz' extracting people. Word has it sides he'd done two "Good McGillivray was 10th on the customer. that they pulled Dave Ashley Sams" so far. Bob said that last day. Barlow and co-driver Kevin McGillivray's crew out of some dire straits and "the cars before me had been Andrew Wehe had over a four had two heavy duty technoids also towed Dave Sykes AND going straight through a fence hour lead at the beginning of on hand to assist and to con-a Class 8000 truck 20 miles to line. Nothing was marked Day 6 so they just cruised. At template: Nils Castillo and a pit. Three trucks in a line: (now) . We went straight too, but the Currie store (Pit 3/Day 2), Bill Varnes; a good pair to An unID-ed truck crewman took it too early and hooked a Andrew Wehe talked about draw to in anybody's hand. remarked that: "That's the wheel and tipped over." Bob racing with Steve Barlow's "This was a bad day," under-fastest I've been able to go so would soon trash his VB en-Protruck: "I'll get in at '5' stated Nilsy at Reno. "We lost far!") gine (at a wide-open section (RM200). I'll do the afternoon the balance weight on the /1ex The Steve Scaroni F350 passing Ricky Geiser in the sections to give Steve some rest plate, had a leaky quick-discon-chase truck came into the Fin-Phillips Jimco. time." nect - the transmission has to ish with a flat front: "We had "Initial inspection showed At .Day 1/Pit 1 Mike come out. We were two hours such a dirty air filter (on the bent valves on Number I and 3 Griffiths' Protruck quickly stuck in a silt bed: there was a cylinders," said wrencher Scooby. Bob and Phoenix 4agr.,..:J11~~--f.:JII· ~'\ (21!'\ Alli'\ partner Dan Ragland had no • a;;;;;;::::11::::11• W' a;;;;;; ~ ~ ~ spare engine. ''Being in Reno, A N D A c c E 5 5 o R I E s 71_!:!170•9422 . the home of Summit Racing, we Usgens~Dns vtSA· •·. --considered buying a new set of - heads. But we also suspected .:::e:;.~~ C: :Z~~! more internal damage. (Rumors FORMERLYFABTECHMOTORSPORTS MON-FRI B:00-6:00 of a broken timing chain cir--~i. ...,~--~=ffl f!;_. ~ · ~ « ~iti~;;wiASH.w~-""...,;;_"""~ ~::. ---•:,. \ ~ Page 18 1999-2000 CHEVY SATURDAY 9:00-4:00 c1,1lated.) We would have had to 2WD C1500 FINANCING AVAILABLE take two DNF days, the limit, 6" ULTIMATE UFT •MCAff..,. ....... Ul"NaCONntOI.AaMI COIL~ NM aa.oacslo U aol.1S 4 MnllCH NM'OIIMIWCa lHOCIU s1749.95 INSWWm 6" ULTIMATE UFT s• WT JIIINDUS ....,. CON1'1101.ADII CO&......,,,.,. ~ -.OCXS 6 U 9CK.TI 4 M9TK.H ~SNOOCI s1549.95.,.._..,, 2WD F150 6 " ULTIMATE UFT . ~ UPT 1P9NDU1 ..._ CONnOL AIIMS CON. INWGS aM -.oatl 6 U ao&.n 4MaTKHl'Df'OIIN,IWCl(RtCIOCS s1699.95__,_.,, FORD SUPERDUTY 4WD F250/350 5.5" PERFORMANCE UFT SOl'T..,. PltOHT .....,SP...c.s fltONT aGlt lOT aA11 -.OCXS 4 l'MNOt ~SHOCXS s1349.95 INnW.D> 8" UFT ALSO IN STOCK FORD SUPERDUTY 2WD F250/350 4" PERFORMANCE UFT I just to get going again." Dave Sykes, Greg Foutz, . __,~ and Shepherd all suffered a "tip-over" then subsequently A;;,, blew an engine. This common-l'f8CBRUOOBF ality suggests a hydraulic-ing I~. uacu .,, .. ,y., ... ,y of one or more cylinders while t:=,:;;;:;::;;;:::;;:;::;;:;:;;:;::;;:;:;;;;:;;::::i the carbureted vehicles were STOCK on their sides. Shepherd re-1988·98 CHEVROLET KZS00/3500 • · u" 11S".9SINSN.UD 1988•98 CHEVROLET KIS006"U" 11599.95 INnlU.l.m JEEP WRANGLER TJ CALL FOR September 2000 ported a "bad starter" after his accident. Carlo Caya of the Scaroni team told this similar story: "Yesterday was a total nightmare. We had a fuel miscalc. Swift towed us the dis -tance from RM200. We put a wrench on the crank pulley and the engine was locked. Appar-ently, the carb's needles were stuck and the engine was hy-draulic-ed on gasoline. We pulled the plugs, cranked it, and got going a half hour later, dust free . This was great. We were cruising through the silt." Carlo was also in the Sca-roni truck when a cooling fan motor failed: "The repair was not particularly difficult but it was detailed: lots of little 1 /4 inch screws to remove. 'Zonnie" Cowen had stuck a spare in the truck." (They smoked a sec-ond fan on the run to Pah-rump. What's up?!) CLASS 1000 -1650cc Un-limited Buggies. The Dennis Hunter car stopped at Pit 1 on the first day to replace a flat front tire spare -then, when that was completed, the driver unbuck-led, got out, and took a pee! He got passed then, too. His crew was adding another spare tire carrier in the work zone at Mesquite. They would DNF the event. The Weyhrich "20" had had a serious throttle body problem; the assembly came apart and the engine swallowed a lot of moon dust. DNF. Totally. This was to be a mini-epidemic for the two car team. Steve Scaroni lost some time pulling the Myers "Thou-sand" car out on Day 3. "We actually pulled him out so we could get up a silt hill. We got him out then had to go back down and run up it ourselves. We were doing great; that cost us some time." The Eddie Saxton people replaced their outer CVs in Elko: "We had spline damage on the left one. Luckily we had a spare on board. BFG was lots of help." Steve Myers stopped for fuel at Pit 3/Day 4 and the engine sucked in a pre-filter into the intake. Hard starting, huh? He then dusted his pit guys big time. The family was the "Class 1000" winner. They only changed two CV boots and had one flat on their BFGs. CLASS 2000 -1600cc Lim-ited Buggies Three of the four restrictor cars finished and all battled broken parts and getting stuck innumerable times. But the Wisdom clan had built a great cushion during the first few days and sailed home # 1. The Kurt Brewer B&K car ("2001 ") had two fiats, on the · same side at the same time on Day l," car builder/owner/ driver Kurt Brewer said. "We put the two good 'smalls' on the back and the remaining 'big' and '/1at' up front. And we got stuck on two silt hills." Brewer's ef-fort was hampered by "little shit, stupid shit. The front tor-sion adjuster broke. We had to weld it. We busted of a zerk. The air cleaner was plugged at RM 100. The power steering acted up. We just added a back-up battery, we were stalling it so much." Duane Parker's #2009 "Ob-Gyn" team: "We were skid-plating it on the silt but we pulled out a 'l' car." (Helping each other was the order of the race. "Alliances".) "We had changed the clutch yester-day - lost three hours." Brew Crew "1600" driver Tom Dittfeld: "All we know is... WFO! The only two Checker cars broke right near each other. We lost the ring and pinion then Dennis Crowley came by in the #4106 Bronco: 'Look' Here's my Checker tow car!, I thought. But he didn't stop!" He would, later, brake down. The George Burbach (III) car spent a late night trash to pull the tranny out of their chase VW. "We also had another one FedExed to the ho-tel in Reno." The team was 30th starter on Day 2 but went back to 76th on "3". Dittfeld drove all of Wednesday in the Brew Crew car and was only concerned about the #3 cyl-inder head temp: "375F is 'OK' but we went up to 500!" Dittfeld got loads of brush in the fan. "We'd have to stop and clear it out." The McMillin chase truck pulled in the Brewer buggy to Pit 5 on Day 4. John Yule: "We Dusty Times

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broke a throttle cable then the battery was too low to start. _ We got a bump but the engine died. The truck only had a ten f oat strap. It was hairy!" The Wisdoms won "1500" (i.e., 2000) and Brady said: "We really enjoyed the format. It kept up Limited class guys pretty busy as we didn't finish racing until late afternoon. That meant that after the transfer sec-tion, one hour of work, clean up, drivers' meeting, and dinner ... it was time for bed. But it was an adventure. Most days went fairly trouble free. We had some new CV boots split on us so we changed axles/CVs a couple of times. My 14 years old son and I ran Day I with absolutely no problems and were 28th overall. Caya and Matt Scaroni (Protruck) said that on Day 5 they drove 40 miles in "zero visibility." Matt admittedly hit the "2000" leading buggy of the many Wisdoms. "(One of the Wisdoms) said that I bent in the back of his car. Well, I used to race those (' 1600s') and I know that you have to watch your mirrors all the time!!!" Brady continued: "Day 5 had Scott starting. He ran well until about six miles from the d-river change when the engine started losing power. The alter-nator stand had broken off from the impact the previous day. This was causing the fan belt to slip and the motor overheated. Oil had also been blowing out the stand. With only a four hour lead, we couldn't afford the five hour penalty for an engine swap. Sam Berri had been running our race channel and was behind us. We asked for a tow. Sam agreed and within a few minutes arrived at the scene. They got hooked up on about a IO foot tow strap and they got in. Scott didn't bother putting on his helmet or buck-ling in as they were only going to tow about five miles to the pit. What he didn't realize was that Sam Berri only had fourth gear. What this meant was tow-ing at a very high rate of speed. Apparently Scott couldn't see anything and thought that the car was going to roll · over and get dragged for a while after whipping around some of the turns like a water skier. Luckily they came upon a very steep hill and Sam didn't think he could tow over the hill with only fourth gear. Scott was very happy to get off that wild ride! But that still left them with a few miles to the pit. Soon a mini-truck stopped just a few feet in front of them. They were excited because they thought this guy was stopping to give them a tow. What they found out was that he was · out of gas. A quick deal was made; gas for a tow. The tow got the car into the pit where the repairs were completed. It would be tough going in the soft stuff with only three cylinders working 100%. We used the work time ·to re-to~que head ·studs and dd-ju·st the valves. We started Day 5 wit"h a tame motor but with-a three hour lead; we felt we could nurse it in. The ' co-driver carried a case of oil and a couple of quarts were added every 40 or 50 miles. Some was leaking but a lot was burning. By the time we finished;. the law oi_i pr/?.SSJ,tre fight was on.· Dusty Times The top-drawer team of Brian Stewart, Bekki Freeman, Mark Miller and Ryan Arciero stepped into the gap when the other-truck dnf'd, and got the Trick Truck victory for Deputy Steve Williams and Chuck Braden paired up in their Ford to take home Chevrolet. another stock-mini (7300) first place at the end of their long week. steady. But it did its job and we Rod took over for Roger at won with a little over three hours Day 2's Pit 4-Bristol Wells -and ·white steel spokes on the to spare. Mr. Burbach (a class as Roger went over to con-rear. And carried no spare. competitor) had partaken the front the bewildered crew of Nor a radio. Their "cyclo" air 'All You Can Eat' BBQ. So Wes Dennis Crowley's #4106 for cleaner is the smallest ever gotagreatbigBBQ-sauce-con-aninfractionofsomesortthat made. They might have gratulatory handshake and bear was never explained. Rod later trailered the VW up to Elko, hug. All of the teams in our class -said that he braked for a ditch it is on the way home. were great guys. Everyone was and Sam Berri'-s "Unlimited" CLASS 7100 -Stock Mini pulling for each other to do well. smacked him: "Well, at least he -Trucks. That really added to the overall missed that $700 tail gate!" The Day 1: LAS VEGAS fun factor. Weyhrich's Unlimited buggy ST ART to MESQUITE: Second place Kurt Brewer would settle that issue on Day Joe Custer hired the origi-had to use first gear along the 6. Passenger Brad Fehlen nal owners of his Ranger as mountains heading into Pah-asked Rod: "Can't you make consultants: Darren and Doug rump: "The cross drainage was this go faster?" '"Yeah,' Rod re-York were racing the Ford in vicious. We only stopped, today, plied. 'Get a faster driver.' Ev-which they won a car load of for fuel." . ery time I think that I want to SCORE events. Doug said CLASS 3000 -SWB Utility quit, they make the suspension that "lt's an old car but it is a Vehicles. better and out I go again! Now good car. It is comfortable, like John Swift made his pres-Corky (McMillin, at a strong an old pair of shoes." But with-e nce known in one quick #2), he can keep it up, with his out the holes in the soles. The hur:ry; the Explorer was 12th good suspension." dad-n-lad team alternated Overall. The first day started The hard-charging Crow-with Custer day-by-day. poorly enough for the Darren ley-Sutherland Bronco threw Custer and the Yorks fin-Skilton Kia Sportage #3008. a rod on Day 2. "We've got the ished First in class on Day 2. The little Sport Ute was along DNF twice. We got back to the "We had a flat," said Doug. side 1-15 on the way to the Elko pits at 0400 hours. We "but that's not a problem, that's Time Trials with an overheat-bought one engine from Ford," in inconvenience." They a_lso ing problem. It turned out to said Dennis Crowley. The new had the Stock Truck syn-be an air pocket that had not engine immediately spewed drome ... but with other ca-rs. been bled. water off the starting line. A "There was an '8' - a full sized #3006 was a 3.21 gasoline quick assessment by Dennis truck, anyway -and we pulled Isuzu Trooper originally discovered that the FoMoCo him out then it immediately got badged in Australia as a crate motor had a reverse-ori-stuck in front of Malcolm Vinje. "Jackeroo." Driver Bruce Gar-ented water pump, suitable Malcolm stopped to pull him out land has run Dakar. "He'll do only for a serpentine belt. The of the way. We needed to keep well," Bob Land said. "Rallies original "bomba" was installed up a good pate, though. If you give you patience." The flat and they finished the event. go too slow you hit things that "bread van" rear door should Rod Hall said that he you normally wouldn't," said have had a target painted on stopped for David Ashley Darren. it, although most people (D_uralast Ford) outside of Malcolm Vinje (#7101) seemed to have no trouble Mina (Day 5): "He was way off had a terrible race: "We blew two motors on consecutive days. Two three-thirty nights. We tossed a wrist pin and destroyed the block. The next day we broke a timing belt and bent most valves. Sleep? How much sleep can you get between 0330 and 04 3 0? You lie a wake until the alarm goes off." Malcolm would pack it in. Javier Sacio's Peruvian crew changed the tranny in the Reno Hilton parking lot. Of course, most everybody did. It was a seasonal thing. Steve Cirillo's "Fuzzy Pickle Racing" broke the bolts on the . LH torsion adjuster on Day 3. "The splines spun at RM 12." They "sagged" in to the Fin-ish. · Class winner Doug York smiled: "We were down by 32 minutes Friday morning and Joe Custer (Hass CNC) made it all up on Cirillo! We ·haa to change a transmission last night and got done at 4:30." Custer said that: "I gotta tell you, I had so much fun! We started in the back and t.assed (Robert) by RMB0." What changes would you do for another "Six Days"? "I would have totally different c'rews from the chase and '70 minute' people. Give everyone a chance to get some rest." . CLASS 7200 -Unlimited Mini Trucks. When Jeff Lewis ::ind the McPherson "Lil Mac" are "on" Continued on page 20 finding it. the course. Facing backwards• ~l;i~~-~~~t~~~~-~t~t~~~~l~l~t~i~~-~ij~~ii~;;:lliji~~~~i~~ CLASS 3100 -Pure Stock He told me to 'wait a minute' a Mini SUVs. until someone else came. I said The "Ace Uniforms" Ex-'Hell, no. I'm trying to win, too." plorer suffered drive train If I had a big lead; maybe I'da problems and that· was that. stayed." Rod and Roger were "They broke the rear axle hous-still in a battle with Stein and ing," said team potentate Marc Mike McComas at the time. Stein. Plus they lost the Stein had an hour's lead at tranny and had no 4WD -"It the day's start but. began to came and went," said DOR· fritter it away with cracked Marc Winocur. "We NEVER lower control arms: "We had any clean air all day on Day stopped to check and re-weld 3!"BcibbySibbo(#3107)blew them. I held off Jeremy out a spark plug on the Ex-(Spirkoff) for a I 00 miles. I plorer on Day 2. "We had couldn'tjustpullover, ifhechal-tossed a spare plug into the truck lenged me, well, OK. But the silt just this morning! Only one - we was so bad that there was no just got lucky." Sibbo's "FMI" passing at all. If I could have Explorer had rear brake woes caught up to anyone I would on Day 3 and they set _up a have nerfed them; even if they complete rear axle assembly had a flat." Stein got the win for the "70 minute" work pe-37:14:06 to 38:26:10. "I did riod -easier; so they say, than hctve the time of my life"," Marc doing a drum-brake job: laughed. . _ CLASS 4100 -Pure Stock -CLASS 5100 -Limited Baja Full Sized SUVs. Bugs Marc Stein had sworn that The Baja.., Bug from they would beat the Hummer Crestwell (OR) lost a distribu-in his "Ace Uniform Racing tor drive gear on Day 2, eight Special" Expe9itio_n. Anp tha._t'. i:niles Ollt, foi: a.DNF. The Rick they did, with a little -help_ -PalHn/Scott Ban·gle car ·r_a·h -froln Ro:ger" Norma n . The stock VW wheels on the fro"nt September 2000 FROM FLANNERY RACING THREE PR0-4 FOUR WHEEL DRIVE RACE TRUC CORR LEAGAL FOR YEARS TO COME COIL OVERS ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BEST OF EVERYTHING WITH OR WITHOUT ENGINES ONE PRE-RUN 1W(? WHEEL DRIVE TRUCK CHANCE OF A LIFE TIME TO RACE IN CHAMPIONSHIP TRUCKS CALL TODAY · SERIOUS CALLERS ONLY TALK TO: JACK FLANNERY OR JAMEY FLANNERY _608-254-4788 Page 19

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everyone else seems way "off." Lewis was a striking 8th Over-all. Jeff totally smoked the course, then when finished put on his Tig-welding hat to work on "Big Mac." This was Lewis' race, no doubt. Curt LeDuc and Craig Turner lost ground in the Gary Turner Racing Ford Ranger and never came back as a threat: "We ran a conservative pace, the first half to keep the truck intact ... then on the third day we lost two rocker arms causing the push · rods to be pushed into the block. So we took a bye day and changed the motor in Reno. Then we couldn't chase down Lewis the second half." CLASS 7300 -Pure Stock Mini Trucks. Why was Rob Reinertson's #7302 crew cutting off the rear bump stop in the Mes-quite parking lot? It's a mys-tery. Many teams were quite tight-lipped, you never know who might protest you! Rob MacCachren was reported to have noted that in these little trucks you can't just smack stuff like in a T-T. It may not be as fast but it is certainly rougher. The Sheriffs won -again -this time by an hour. CLASS 8100 -Stock Full Sized Trucks. If this class isn't the biggest pain in the rear ... everybody says that they're just out for FUN. So long as they can lead and/or win. The race was ex-pected to be between Chad Hall and the Fords of Jeremy Spirkoff and Nancy Shearer. Greg Foutz and Steve Wheeler, and Dave Sykes. But Manny Esguerra, in the ex-O1-liges/Hayley "Herb Reno" Ford, was the fly in the oint-ment as the three Dearborn favorites, stumbled leavil;lg Manny to do battle with the Hummer. Alan Hogan (#8120, an ex-Sykes car) was the first day leader but would fall further back having to repair the up-per rear RH control arm bracket -that cheap, stamped U-shell on the upper frame rail -after only 90 miles, at Mes-quite. The Randy "Not That" Wilson #8121 ran chrome steel wheels to an early DNF. Jeremy Spirkoffs Spirit Racing Team F--150 suffered the Stock Syndrome. Sorta like Marc Stein who, while not ac-tually stuck himself, un-stw;:ked racers like bro W .D. Syko, Greg Foutz, and who knows all. Jeremy got stuck several times: "We stopped to see what was what," said Steve Wheeler, Greg Foutz' right seat man. "We were the 'helper', today. Karma, man. What goes around comes around here." The Henn's Hummer had top speed problems, recognized _before the start in Ely: "It won't go over 60. No power, smokes a lot and a high EGT Darren, Clive and Gavin Skilton had some overheating problems Robert Sibbio had spark plug troubles and fought brake problems -11 00F when on with the Kia Sportage, finally managed a second place finish in also, buthispure-stockminiSUV(Class3100)Explorercamethrough the gas," was the Class 3000. _~_ith_a_fi.,..m_·sh_in_s_,ec,-o,_,n_d~p_la_c_e-s.;----,,-------:---=----=--..,, radio report. "If it has a bad tank sideways until the dnve would have to change it him-leaned it way out and fried it." turbo, I'll nm it as it is,'' Eric wheels were against the ditch self on the race course. Three The second time? "Oh, I have Henn decided. It would be a wall. Then Wolfe got in, side-minutes and 17 seconds shot? no idea right now. The oil (pres-long battle for the team. They ways, fired it up and walked "This race was run on the sure) and water (temperature) ran "sweep" for you Enduro the thing backwards, on its same set of BFGs!", Chad re-readings were great. It just quit. riders. side, out of the ditch. ported on the Goodyear Mesa It would fire but not really Steve Wheeler in the Foutz Steve Wheeler reported at drive-in podium after finishing start." Cam chain, anyone? FMI Ford was out of action af-Mina that the second Vl0 had well after Manny but within Last But Certainly Not ter Day 3 with a dislocated left · expired in the Greg Foutz the overall elapsed time win-Least: The Henn brothers' shoulder: "I came up to this "FMI"SuperDutyFord."You dow to get the win by three Hummer had a veritable bunch of stuck cars in a silt bed. gonna have ·a brew, now?" he minutes: 3 3: 3 7: 5 3 to litany of woes that would cer-I was going to go around them was asked. "Hey, we've got that 33:41:09. tainly require multiple "70 on the left and found a huge box of beer right here." Steve Herb Reno was more than minutes" of attention at Ely, ditch. At 50. I damaged the left said that the loss of the first disgruntled over allegations of Elko, Reno and Tonopah. beam, radius rod, the pitman engine occurred on Day 3 "Hummers on the course" Half of the fan blades were arm, and I dislocated my left when he he was injured. "They around Pit 3 on Day 4, "Chad missing, the motor mounts shoulder. Ooo, 1 put it back in didn't tell me at Impound that on the pavement on Day l" and were broken, the transmis-myself." .It took the FMI crew they were gonna change one, so "taking radiators in." Casey sion was slipping, and that many hours to go in, get the I would go get some rest." Folks said that the Day 4 water pipe was leaking. car, and then repair it. The Foutz' demise was considered check-to-check times for both "We're in so deep we can't crew did an all-nighter, Gor-a huge surprise by the rank Manny and Chad were consis-quit,". said Terry Henn. "We don DiCarlo looked and file. Or, at least, the rank. tent with their race pace. Ac-gotta finish. We want to do ev-WHUPPED! Hall's previous day's 1 7 cording to the www bitd race ery #*$ mile!" Of out time, Chad Hall later reported minute class lead would results Manny did Day 4 in they simply chained the en-that off the start he "drove change right off the start of 6:28:23 and Hall in 6:33:32. I gine into the truck and made maybe 90%. Then I saw Syko -the last day. "Senor" Manny watched the Henns' change a Pahrump; the last car to he had rolled it. I heard that his passed Chad and kept pushing Hummer radiator and it takes drive in. engine blew up." Sykes con-as only that wily veteran can. for-ever; the turbo's inter-OIL ON TROUBLED curred: "Our Patton motor did What a battle: Esquerra vs. cooler is on top of the radia-WATERS give out, again! Fourth race Hall, names from those glory tor plus an expanded metal Torco Oil provided an in-in a row! We brought our four days of yesteryear• And so crud guard is sandwiched in valuable service for the post-year old motor. It did not have on ... Chad Hall: "I drove the between. If Hall had changed stage maintenance sites: they enough power to get us Hummer on this leg harder than a radiator he would have been had a solvent washer suitable through the washes. Thank anyone should push a Hummer. an hour or more back. for parts and K&Ns, and God the Henn brothers were Anything that I learned about Jeremy Spirkoff: "We had drums in which to dispose of behind us. They had to tow us driving, anything that I no suspension problems all week oils, noxious fluids, and cool-twice ... they are great guys! TEACH about driving, went long. 'Baja' Billy (Holmes) ants. Although Torco Rep The first time .they pulled me out the window today," Chad 'laid' the truck over and the Chris Real was not equipped out, they told me that I had to laughed. · · team had to replace the left to handle used filters he did stay behind therri for 45 miles Manny's rear end had a beam on the F250. The roll-provide plastic bags to facili-or they would not pull me out. leaky rear outer seal the pas-over was pretty slow but we tate their disposal. "Casey But what a great race!" senger side. "Yeah, we'd stop wanted to keep an eye on Billy asked us to help and Torco VP Eric Henn, with Glenn to add gear lube. Why take the so we had him to a short drive Don Lancaster 'donated' my Wolfe {"two 'Ns' and one 'E"') change? I had two flats today, on Day 5, only 50 miles. Thurs-time. We also have 'emergency' aboard, rolled the #8104 too. We took out all of the day Billy got into tossing the lubricants ... for free! I have Hummer, twice, once on the spares and extra stuff to make belts. The truck overheated and storage drums and barrels, 40 pea gravel mountain road out · the truck lighter today. I it took two gallons of water to rolls-of paper towels, and 600 of Elko. Hummers were sup-couldn't tell the difference." Ex- top it off after we got it cool pair of latex gloves." posed to be unrollable, but perienced "8100" driver Rob- enough. We had a steam poc_ket Thanks to George R. Th-nothing is impossible for the ert Hayley and Manny somewhere in there and the sys-ompson and Paige at 'Rod man who really pu-ts his mind swapped driving days. At the tern wouldn't accept the water.. Hall's Team Hummer. Con-to a problem. One roll was Specter pit stop #5 the Reno The silt beds were real tough." grats to all the finishers, be into a ditch, laid sideways: you · pit crew reportedly noticed "We've never had a problem they racers, chasers, pit could only see the left rear that the Ford that had a low with the V l O Ford engine," squids or BitD people. It was wheel. Roger Norman (before left rear tire after they sent Greg Foutz commented re-a long week. And "OK" to all he broke a half shaft) hooked Manny back racing and then garding his two failed mo-the townspeople that we in-up to Henn and pulled the notified him by radio that he tors: "The first time we had a truded upon. Like a plague of bad fuel pump, maybe we locusts. ■ NEVADA JAC:KPOT$ SCORE Engine Builder of the Year for 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 & 1997! JULY 8-:J.5 NEVADA 2000 1ST CL 10 IVJ:YER.S DR.OS TOYOT.A. AUGUST 4-5 SCORE PRIIVJ:IVJ: 300 1ST CL S !MIKE JA,...ES FAT TYPE IV /&l 1ST CL 10 IVJ:AR.K. HUTCHINS TOYOTA FAT P<>VVE.a.·s :WINNERS I R.\< I\<, ENf,I\F.\, TR.\\\\11\\10\\ ..\Ml OFFRO.\D PART\ Scud or aill tor our Ill'.\\ catalog S5,(JO Page 20 We use & 18Comrnend PIRl'ORIIAICB 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 September 2000 Marc Stein and Mike Mccomas, (here being passed by #7311, Ed Curran) had lower control arm problems on their Ford Expedition, but persevered for the win in the big SUV class (4100). Dusty Times

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47TH WRC ACROPOLIS RALLY Mccrae Wins His Twentieth In Greece By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Seldon Splashing through the mud and water Colin McRae and Nicky ·Grist took the overall win on the ever tough Acropolis rally Ford scored their second championship scoring no an anniversary win IO years win in three world rallies when points and the leading manu-after he had scored his first Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz facturers lead reduced from 23 ever world win here in Greece. finished the Acropolis Rally points to 11, the 2000 series He incurred the wrath of the one-two in Ford Focus World has neatly opened up at the FIA for stopping before the fi-Rally cars. With the top three halfway point. Ford team or-nal time control to let Colin drivers in the world drivers ders barred Sainz from scoring win, but Ford wanted to be (KQ)KC HiliTES absolutely sure they would get their maximum points. They had been laying 1-2 since the first day and were the only team out of the seven that en-tered to finish the rally with-out losing a wheel from their cars. On an unprecedented number of times, cars reached the service points on three wheels, SEAT and Mitsubishi had retirements because their drivers failed to reach the next service park and Hyundai was outside the necessary time limit. This was McRae's 20th world rally win, more frustra-tion for Sainz who is now ap-proaching his second year since he has had a victory. The rally was run in hot weather, which coincided with the FIA's recent order that crews must now wear fuliy fireproofed coveralls. However, after reports of crews collapsing due to the excessive heat, this uniform order was suspended for the second and third days of the event. The seventh round of the 2000 FIA World Champion-ship had the cars back in Eu-rope on what is traditionally the toughest rally on the con-tinent. The precise challenge can never be gauged in ad-vance, because each year the stages change just enough to alter the most significant fac-tors. Some years the Acropo-lis challenge has been exces-sive overheating of the cars, other years the excessive tire wear on the super ab_rasive surfaces and the very rough stretches of road where the drivers dare not slow down for fear of being passed. Although most of the route is known from previous years, the full meaning does not become ap-parent until the crews begin their reconnaissance five days before the start and the weather is always a very big factor. . Subaru, winners four times on the last six Acropolis ral-lies started with their driver, Richard Burns well ahead in the FIA driver's championship and well in the lead in the manufacturers contest. David Lapworth, Technical Director of Suban,1 said, "These days, the cars hav_e to be able to go flat out everywhere on this event. In the past this rally was known for its car break-ing roads, but it is now much faster than it used to be. Here we need speed a'nd cornering performance out of our tires as well." The FIA's new rules de-manding the crews wear full fireproof clothing came into effect on June 1. This rally, usually the hottest of the year was first to comply. The thought of excessively high in car temperatures was on everyone's mind and all were worried about the discomfort of their drivers. The Hyundais were fitted with fans to direct fresh air from the roof scoops onto the drivers and Skoda Continued on page 44 C& Wh.eelb• ~KCHiliTES SPECIAL HID LIGHTS $999'9 - $1000" $B99"" Per Pair Rebate After Rebate s40(1'0 1st Place Contingency Award for All Classes • Contingency Program Information: SCORE, CORR, SNORE, MOR, VORRA, BEST IN THE DESERT, ESTERO BEACH, and CODE. F.or Product, Technical Information, Contingency Requirements or Award Information for the following Products: RANCHO, MSD, KC HILITES, MECHANIX WEAR, DYNOMAX, K&N, OFF-ROAD INNOVATIONS, AMERICAN RACING 2169 Daytona• Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 • (520) 855-0912 • FAX (520) 453-9641 • E-mail: Dusty Times September 2000 Page 21

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Phillipe Bugalski and Jean Paul Chiaroni corner hard on their way to the Formula 2 category in their neat looking 1600cc Citroen. Juha Kankkunen and Juha Repo were third overall in Greece, shown Armin Schwarz and f',,fanfred Hiemer were fifth overall in the final appearance of the Skoda Octavia WRC, shown here high an the here cornering hard in their Subaru lmpreza. First Group N and 11th overall, Gabriel Pozzo and Rodolfo Ortiz run high in the mountains in their Mititsubishi Lancer. now had directional control of outside air for the crew in the cockpit. Ford was trying to get rid of the heat under the hood while Peugeot added on an-other roof scoop. Subaru fit-ted bigger fans and radiators and they had their drivers spend four days of hot weather training in Majorca at a driver physical training camp. All seven registered teams entered the event; only Peu-ge◊-t having all new tars while Loix had a new Mitsubishi. All six registered Teams Cup en-tries were in, including the all new Arab World Rally Team for the Omani driver Hamed Al W ahaibi. Citroen, planning to become the eighth world championship team in 200 I., officially entered a car for Philippe Bugalski to gain ex-perience of the event. It was a major year for an-niversaries. Ten years ago, Carlos Sainz won his first world championship rally and Prodrive began their associa-tion with Subaru. Twenty years ago, Ari Vatanen scored his first world rally win and 25 years ago, Walter Rohrl and General.Motors scored their first win. The Acropolis Rally, in the past the slowest clear weather rally on the tour this year has a rival, the Cyprus rally. This event is much slower, twistier, and often ev.en hotter. There-mountains. . fore, any car or crew that wilts under the heat in Greece • could face an even sterner test when the championship re-turns to the eastern Mediter-ranean in September. Leg 1 -Five stages, gravel, 88.8 kms. The three stages in the morning were run in the flatlands between Athens and Thives before two afternoon stages in the mountainous sec-tions toward Loutraki, but the drama came long before they were reached. Freddy Loix reached the end of the first stage with his rear suspension mortally damaged and he re-tired. Then came news that the third stage had claimed many victims and that both Marcus Gronholm and the other works Mitsubishi of Tommi Makinen were running on three wheels. Richard Burns, first car on the road ar-rived with a leaking front shock and Makinen's right rear wheel was missing after sliding into a wall at the 12 km mark. Gronholm arrived, the right front wheel tucked un-der the car, hitting the same rock Auriol hit last year! The Fords were running trouble free although Colin admitted he had a dramatic two wheeler moment on one corner. Kank-kunen said his tires were not hard enough and Auriol was having excessive under hood temperatures. His power steer-ing had failed. The throttle was sticking, the shocks were soft and the engine electron-ics went into "safe mode." In spite of all this he was in fourth place! Teammate Gar-demeister lost his power steer-ing after only three kms and he lost four minutes. Solberg had a great start, second be-hind Gronholm but he went off the road on Stage 3 and lost seven minutes before spectators got him going Eibach Springs is proud to announce 11'.s complete line or ultra high qualilv on-road springs. Available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch free lengths With 3" ID. A well designed & manufactured spring will last thousands of cvcles .. even in the cruelest desert environments. Thai's whv top chassis builder Mike Julson chooses Eibach Springs. He knows what ii takes to win ... Now so do JOU. Spring .to su·ccess ... lllllcllSllrlnl, Ille. • PIIDna 849 71i2 8700 • - -l'IIIIIPll" 11119 380 1854 Page 22 Septem_ber 2000 Dusty Times

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Francois Delecour/Daniel Grataloup had lots of problems, including fire but they soldiered on in the Peugeot 206 to a nice ninth overall. Leaving a marvelous dust trail the Bakhashab/Wi/1/is Toyota Corolla Hamed Al Wahaibl and Tony Sircomb drove their Subaru lmpreza in ran to a great sixth place at the Acropolis rally. the first rally for the Arab World Rally Team, alas they ran out of time. again. Further back, Skoda was in trouble. Schwarz had a throa t infection and his car's traction was unpredictable. Climent said his steering felt strange, the car spun without warning and suddenly the car was on three wheels. On the Hyundai team, Alister McRae had three flats and Kenneth Eriks-son had a gearbox problem at the end of the third stage and then his engine just stopped. At this point, Colin McRae was 15. 7 seconds in front of Carlos Sainz, Burns was in third, another 13.2 back. Gronholm had fallen to 28th. As the rally now headed into the hills the damage to the cars was exacting its toll. Leaving the Inoi service park, Solberg, who was in 45th po-sition was delayed another 20 seconds in penalty, Schwarz 30 seconds, Gronholm 70 sec-onds and Alister McRae 110 seconds, all caused by emer-gency repairs. Burns began to feel the heat, on Stage 4 he lost 15 seconds, fell to fourth, and then lost his brakes and at the end of the stage his co-driver, Robert Reid collapsed from heat exhaustion. Not all were suffering however, Kank-kunen climbed to third place behind the two leading Fords. Makinen left the rally with terminal rear suspension dam-age, noth~ng to do with the los_t right rear wheel on the first leg and the team realized that Loix had retired through mechanical rather than by driver error. Meanwhile, the Fords were having it all their way. Sainz fell back when he lost boost pressure on Stages 4 and 5 but Mc:Rae was going well. Also the private Focus of Stephen Finlay was up to sixth overall. He was the best non-works driver and was ahead of all the Teams Cup drivers. Gronholm's damage had mostly been repaired except for the shattered windshield but he made best time on Stage 4 nonetheless. Delecour rose to third, then fell to fifth with tires too hard for the fi-nal stages of the day. Auriol was not happy, power steering failure for the last two stages and he went from fourth to 12th. Hyundai was in more troµble; Alister reached the end of Stage 5 with two flats and was unable to make it to the final service park, now only on three wheels, he was un able to carry on and both Accents were out of the rally. Of the non-factory drivers, Vovos had rear axle problems; Bakhash a b was having tire problems and Richelmi lost Dusty Times Fourth overall and first in Teams Cf.Ip, Toshihiro Arai and Roger Freeman drove their Subaru lmpreza to a remarkable up front finish. Michael Guest plows through the water in his Hyundai, heading for the win in the 2 liter Group A class. engine power right after the start. Holowczyc damaged the suspension on his Subaru and retired with an injured arm. In the Teams Cup, Al had led for three stages then slipped be-hind Bakhashab when he had to drive 7 kms on a front flat tire and then Arai went into the lead. In Group N the heat was greater than ever. Trelles said they had to drive with the heaters on; otherwise the en-, gine gets too hot. Claudio Menzi took the lead with Stohl, Pozzo, Nittel and Trelles not too far behind. Nittel's engine kept cutting out, Stohl was losing a shock and Mendez broke his front differential. In the afternoon, Stohl fell back, Nittel's engine was still cutting out and Mendez suffered a rock into the windshield. In F2 Kris Princen led ·all day, repairing no problems. Holowczyc dislocated his shoulder when his steering suddenly snapped. Al W ahaibi drove 13 kms on a flat tire which broke the wheel, col-lapsed the brakes so he changed the wheel but he lost too much time and was unable to carry on. Leg 2 -Seven stages, gravel, 159 kms. The day started hot again and the FIA Stewards said that the hot but fireproof coveralls would be optional for the rest of the event. The first two stages of the day were probably the roughest on the rally and those waiting at the first service park were rt;ceiv-ing messages of broken sus-pensions. Auriol's SEAT lost the suspension, he was on three wheels and he decided to retire. McRae had a flat on Stage 6, slowed a bit and lost about 10 seconds. Sainz had a front tire co llapse, Delecour lost a wheel whe n the suspension collapsed and Kankkunen was having similar problems as his front suspension collapsed. It was quite a sight as the two three-wheelers came into ser-vice. Gronholm's Peugeot had a differential problem, Garde-meister had suspension dam-age, making right turns more than difficult and Solberg had power steering failure at the end of Stage 7. In the afternoon the two Fords continued to pull ahead. McRae had brake failure on Stage 9 and lost surprisingly little time and Sainz had yet another flat. Burns and Kank-kunen were having shock prob-lems. Kankkunen fell behind Arai (who was now fourth) and Schwarz. Solberg hit a boulder and for three stages ran with a broken right rear hub and was · now in 22nd place. Gronholm lost oil pressure, had rear sus-pension damage and a seized turbo caused him to retire. Gar-demeister broke a steering arm and he too retired. Things went better for the Subarus on the rough final two stages of the day. Arai had flat-tened his exhaust and lost some engine power but it was Delee-our in the Peugeot who really had a problem. The r.ight front suspension failed then a fire started in the rear of the car, which the extinguishers failed to control. Finally with specta-tor help the fire was put out with sand but 10 minutes were lost and Delecour fell from sev-enth to 13th. McRae was now 48 seconds ahead of Sainz and Burns· was over two minutes further back. The highest non-works driver was Toshihiro Arai who was nursing a sore arm con-tracted in testing in England. Papadimitrious went off the road twice, Richelmi continued to have a loss of power and Yazici had a broken windshield, thanks to an over zealous spec-tator. Then came Colard with his right rear wheel missing, Dor with an overheating engine ahd Vovas had a second broken driveshaft followed by an off road excursion which smashed the sump and he retired. Also out was Stephen Finlay with broken front suspension. Menzi lost the lead in Group N when he stopped to change a tire while the new leader Pozzo broke a strut. Nittel lost two sump guards, Trelles lost time with wiper failure after a water crossing and Mendez' engine was over he a ting and he finally retired with engine fail-ure. Nittel was driving with no undercarriage protection and then Menzi retired on the final stage of the day. In F2 leader Princen had a broken shock, then the rear beam collapsed. Bugalski was running well but Guest lost his right rear wheel and hobbled into service. Princen retired with a broken hub, letting Bu-galski into the lead and Guest <17th Ac,opoli• fl&lly 9/lL06. 200(J Ath•ns-tt•• \,:R·I into the second spot. Leg 3 -Seven stages, gravel, 141 kms. Ford was anxious, winning was still not auto-matic. Their anxiety would not have long to run. Burns was in fifth gear on the first stage of the day when his power disappeared and it was obvious his turbo had packed it in. Arai fell back with a se-vere engine miss and Kankunen was now third. There were still five Subarus in the top ten. Delecour's car was running great but he broke his jack and could not swap tires between stages. Just as it seemed the event was all over, word came that Colin was slowing down on Stage 16 and Sainz had taken the lead. With eight minutes between the Fords and the Subaru, Colin was making sure there would be no problem. Plans were made to inform Carlos of how long he would have to stop on the final stage to en-sure Colin's victory and that's how they finished, McRae, then Sainz and Kankkunen over six minutes behind and Arai a minute after third. In Group N Trelles felt his engine was losing power but that cleared up and on the fi-nal stage Nittel retired with clutch failure. In Formula 2, Bugalski won both the category and his class. Guest broke shocks but still finished in F2 and also won his class. ■ we potnu WRWIJTC,.; J IS\ C.ol1n Hc:RA[/tf1Cky Grilt GIi 2 (fl C.rlo• SAJl<Z/Luh !!Oy• E l , , I Jul\a QlflO<UMEN/Julul Roo Flll 4 (231 'roohlhlra llral/Roger Pruau J/(;B Ford R•c ifl9 f"ocua '-'RC Ford R•c- Ing: Tocu• VRC Subaru la;>r1•• W'JIC Sub•n, I■pr•z• W'r:tC $,Coda Oc-t•.,i a WRC Taynt• Co-rol la VRC Subaru h1p,re1a WllC' Subaru l•pre.~• W1lC Peugeot. 206 tlRC 911 V~FMC ICII) A Vlf'IC (G9) A V19SIIT (Cl l A VJOALL {GIil 4h.S.6.,.54.&a.• 10 10 - • 411.S7•.17.9a. 6 6 Sh.03,, 4 4 Sli.04.,.JS.6■.•• - l JO -Sh.06.,.05.IJ•. 3 2 -~h.09• ... 9 . 7e.•• ~ J 6 Sh .lC.•. H .60.•• - - 4 ~ { 111 Arajn SCIIIIAIIZ/M•nfred 111.,.er I> 6 (l~l llbdullat, kkhuhab/llobby Willia SA/CB , t22\ Je•n-Pierr• Aiche1•1fthiec-r-y ••riou ~C 6 t 26 > F'rcdectc Dor/Didier a,eton 'F 9 (9 l ,,ancola DELECOUR/Daniel Gnuloup r Subll"\.I I•pr•i• WllC 10 ( l8l John Papadl.,ltrlou/Nlkoa Petropooloo GIi Other l.,.Port•nt l'iniahera 1 1 \ l ~,l G•bri. ■l POt.ZO/Rodolfo Oruz RA M:ltaubiahi L•ncer [vo . 12 \281 Cv,: t ,avo TrelJ•a./Jorg• Dal Buol'\O FlOU/ Jl.\ Mit.aub1thl Lancer Evo . 13 l 29 ·, l'f•nfred StohltF•t•r Mull•r A Milsubiahj t•ncer £n,. 14 ( l 2 ) R■..-on P■rreyr-o■/Con:a:alo :Saenz n:R Ki.t5ub1ehi t.ftnt•r t:vo. l~ (27> Serk•n Y•i-Jci/£rtt11' 8odvr TR Toyot■ C-orol.L1, WRC 16 138) PhJ J.ippe Buga)aki/Jo1an-P•vl Chi•roni r Citro•n s;ao KH Car 21 (66) Bob • To• Col11oul 8 Mttaubt1hi Wncer f.vo. 22 (45~ P•vloa Hoahovtlt/£11'#1a11C>Uel V•rdu:h • CR MitsubJahi l.anc■ r £vo. September 2000 A H9S,◄-06 (Cl: l A IIL0298 (SJ A SISIIT (C81 A V86:rn."L I CBI A 206NOLa !fl A lf9Wl!C ( G8 l 1' IIROJ9S11 11 l H CG·R\1395 ( 01 II IIN022SN ( I l H C4290CG I!:) A lt-AM9J7 (01 A 9064MVS2 fr) N PSlltfSS (8) II ES-04130 !DI Sh. 12,a.07. lo. Sh.llo,.16.•a. 5h. \81'1.St .ea.• Sh.20,o.04.6". Sh . 20JO. 47. 7t. Sh. 2 3,o. 17. l c . S.h.Z6t11.◄l .la.•• Sb. 3611.SS.Jc.• ~h.S7•. ~h.571',4S.3o. 2 • -" - ' • ) l -Page 23

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CODE KC NIGHT 200 Hector Garcia''Hectors·· Hermanos Chancholas By Tony Tellier Francisco Fernandez teamed with Amado Mayoral and took first place in the Class 9 race, while finishing fifth overall in the tough CODE KC Hilites 200 night race. Hector "Pacho" Garcia once again demonstrated his prowess in his Curry "1600" by edging the Chanchola Brothers and fellow "1600" racer Martin Gonzalez at the Code "KC Hi-Lites Night Race" in Baja, Mexico. The Chancholas finally put in a good run in their red Bartolotti-Lothringer dual seat car but their effort was just not strong enough to take the Overall from Garcia. They were two minutes out of the US $500 bonus while Gonzalez was six behind. The Code event had all the aspects of an interesting race including an Overall by a "Pro 1600"; a position decided by a few seconds ("Pro 5-1600"); an aggressive nerf resulting in crumbled tin ("Pro 11 "); and a peeved protest and disqualification (ibid). The "FranFer" Challenger beat Marcos Nunez' "5-1600" and Sergio Duron regained his winning ways in "7S". It was a long night for many. There were 52 Pro entries and 32 physical finishers. There were 32 Sportsmen (seven of those Safari cars) and 15 which finished the nine hour event. THE COURSE The route was a counterclockwise tour of the usual margins of the silty Laguna Salada and the rocky bajadas of the Sierra Juarez. With no surprises. Other than needing a strong gully-washer of a rain storm to rearrange things a bit. Four laps for Pros, three for Sportsmen and two for Safari. Joaquin and the gang started the race at 1930 - one hour later than last year to avoid the low sun blinding westward-bent teams. The last cars off the line pretty much had to have their lights on and "On". The wind blew steady and all night. The mountain winds swept the track of dust, so long as the racers were heading north or south. But east and westward the dust would clot around the car like a curtain, reducing visibility to nil. And the pit crews got a face full from dusk to dawn. The "Seca Ley" prohibiting the sale of beer and liquor due to the Mexican presidential election did not deter the partners. Dusty Times THE RACE A Curry car seems to be the way to go down here in Baja. The first three "1600s" were out of that Mexicali shop. "Pacho" was indeed a lucky man. After sitting in Tech for 10, 20 minutes, the dipstick on the Victor Romo single-port showed no oil (as in "none"); it still showed "Zero". The engine didn't even seem hot after Garcia drove the Ventura Prep two seater to a wild finish. A close encounter with one of the many palos verdes tore off the left-hand rocker cover breather line and Garcia lightly oiled the track. His oil light came on but with victory so close at hand he still didn't lift on his rush to the finish line. Competitor Martin Gonzalez, also in a Curry and third overall, suffered an oiling situation, too: "I had to stop on the third lap and add three quarts," he shrugged. "It was · a good race." That lap, six minutes longer than Garcia's, was the margin of victory. The hairpin clip on the top light bar rubbed through the insulation and required some tape. His right seat was filled by Mario "Zobek" Montes. PRO 10 1. Alfre<lo & Elias Chanchola. The Chanchola Brothers finally put in a good run in their red Bartolotti-Lothringer dual seat car but their effort not just good enough to take the Overall from Garcia. They were two minutes out of the U.S. $500 bonus. "Hasten" Jason Cobb suited up in the A-arm Race Shock rasta car of Lee Finke in an attempt to duplicate their strong finish at the recent MDR KarTek 400 in Barstow, where in spite of various mechanical woes they finished third out of 17 "1 O" cars. In Baja it was not to prove such a rewarding experience. Their night descended into blackness as Cobb suffered a flat rear even before the Guadalupe Canon turn -RM7 - and then battled melt-downed terminals on their Optima battery. The final straw was the mysterious demise of their engine one mile past the "Puente" bridge. Lee-Bob, Jason and Chris pulled the valve covers, fearing that the valve-train had suffered something like a broken rocker. They found nothing obviously amiss but the car (still, · anyway) · had no "power" so they went for the trailer. Finke confided that he used this race as a "prep check" for the crew. "We did nothin_g after (the MOR) race, 'cept change a clutch," Jason offered. PRO 1600 1. Hector "Pacho" Garcia (Overall Pro); 2. Martin "Auto Stevens" Gonzalez/Mario Montes; 3. Pietro Brassea; 4. Cesar Cons Molina & Simon Ruiz. Pietro Brassea was in third behind Garcia and Gonzalez but almost an hour back. "I had a collision! I came up to pass this '5-1600' and at the last minute he jammed on his brakes!" The impact tore off one of the "VW Autopartes" buggie's race lights and ripped away part of the bumper: "It is a very light car," it was explained. "Better light fast than heavy and slow," they laughed! Brassea killed his car at the finish line checkpoint on his third · lap and had to be push~restarted. C_esar Cons, perennial fourth place finisher, overshot the right turn at the Guadalupe Canon Road and dodged the spectators' cars, honking as if they were somehow in the wrong. The elevated access road was packed with chasers and gawkers, it was dangerous, at best. PR05 1. Gerardo Gonzalez. Gerardo Gonzalez' green "Puro Valle" convertible had a good run and took just over five hours for his finish. Last year's class champion, Gonzalez has won all four Code races this year. PROB 1. Armando Bravo. The Armando Bravo IH Scout bounced its way to another finish as tenacious competitor Jorge Ramirez' topless "CT A" Honcho was not awarded the finishing flag. PRO 5-1600 1. Marcos Nunez; 2. Ernesto Fernandez & Raul Sinohul; 3. Javier Medina & Frederico "Motores" Montes; 4. Jorge Montalvo; 5. Raul September 2000 Marcos Nunez and Norberto Rivera got the win in Class 5-1600 giving them three wins in four attempts in the CODE series: Solano; 6. Arturo Cervantes, Mike .Jones, Beto "Pelon" Soto & Jasen Jones; 7. Luis Leal; 8. Carlos Davila. Somerton's "Tractorland" race team struggled at the Code Laguna Salada "KC Hi-Lites 200" night race. Arturo Cervantes and Mike Jones broke a CV joint on their "Baja Bug" and spent 30 minutes performing the dirty repair out in the lonely desert night. Note: a broken CV joint is also very hot. The somewhat scheduled driver change to Jasen and. Beto at the midway point had been summarily blown off by "Rocketman" and Mike just before they frantically radio-ed that they were at the Guadalupe Canon Road and "it sounds real bad. We broke something!" The team then struggled to get their lighting system back into reasonable condition; Mike and Arturo only had two KC's operational until the beginning of their fourth and final lap. They spent an inordinate amount of time in the pits and were lucky, but not too happy, to get a sixth place finish. While archenemy Allan Gregory (San Diego) failed to complete the course, Marcos Nunez, the winner of the recent Baja 500, added yet another Class 5-1600 win to his other two victories Code. He is now three for four - the "T ractorland" San Felipe race was a rare DNF -and should be virtually untouchable for season's championship. Perhaps. · Nunez stopped for a "retard" on the course. No, they had a crew man . on site with a 10mm and a short extension. He· set the timing back . by ear: "The engine was going ping-ping-ping. It was getting hot." Mus ta worked; they finished; they won. "We do not like 'gauges' on the · dash," Marcos explained. "Only (idiot) lights. Gauges distract the driver. We have some but we put tape over them." Marcos' only woe was a broken throttle cable, which they fixed in the field. "The course was very dusty and we broke the front shock," a team spokesman said. "We had a flat tire and the engine got hot so we had to slow down:" The car's engine and gearbox was built by second half driver Miguel Montes, as were the top three "5-1600" finishers at the 500. Ernesto Fernandez and Raul Sinohui finished third, physically, behind Javier Medina but were second by seconds. Twenty-two to be exact. Carlos Davila was hot on the gas right off the start moving up three positions to lead a freight train of Bugs into the night but the Pinuelas gang could only salvage a distant Eight. The Gregory gang had to change the transmission: "We heard some noise putting it on the trailer," said chaser Jason Lee. "We took the tranny. out of the pre-runner." Lee had humped to such a degree that Allan G. had him suited up for the first two laps in appreciation for a job well done. (Is "getting to" - or, perhaps, "having to") ride with Al a "deal" or. .. what? I vote for "what", myself.) The Agro guys had a set of HiD lights up on top and went for BFGs on all corners - "Bajas" on the rear. They had the tires cut by Parkhouse "for 10 bucks each. Sure beats hacksawing them." They got a flat on a Baja and Al drove 'er in. The sidewall is so stout that even totally shredded it still supported the car. Be real fun to mount with a couple of motorcycle irons, huh, Jason? The Gregory gang was one of a few teams that got lost down at the lower end. Jasen Lee said that "we were making our own road. We were going through bushes six feet high; we couldn't see any other lights. Somebody before us must have run over the signs. -we saw "Tractorland" running around there, too. Out on the dry lake, it looks like the road goes way straight. But you have to turn. Somebody musta cleaned the signs." The post-Championship Season Blues are catching up with the Covas. They experienced a DNF, only completing a bit over one lap. PR09 1. Francisco Fernandez; 2. .Alejandro & Leonardo Navarrete; 3. Jose Gonzalez; 4. Bill Hanson; 5. · Juan Mayoral; 6. Arturo Perqueira; 7. Ivan & Tony Gomez. In an impressive drive Francisco Fernandez, the 1999 CORP Challenger champion, actually beat the Marcos Nunez "5-1600": 5:45 to 5:51. Fernandez teamed with Amado Mayoral, the brother of the famous Lalo Mayoral. The FranFer buggy took down the Hermari.os Navarettes by 10 minutes. Francisco drove all four laps and was a bit tired at the finish, lying stretched out, beat, on the hood. Leonard's Navarette's ride finished in spite of a torn axle boot that oiled the skid plate but did no apparent damage. The right rear wheel was tweaked but what "9" is not? The #947 of Alejandro Lopez was racing without a spare. They spent an excessive amount of time at the Guadalupe Road adjusting their lights. They had almost been lapped by the Chancholas at that time. The self-proclaimed "San Felipe Deans of Racing" - Dean Moore LH, Dean Watkins RH - were one of two "9" cars not to finish. They overshot their pits then spent "some" time adjusting the carburetor and the lights. PRO 7 Continued on page 26 Page 25

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Javier Medina and Federico Montes fought a good fight, but ended up Edmundo Fernandez drove his Bug, which seemed to have plenty of in third place in the 5-1600 ranks by just 22 seconds. lights, to the second place spot in the 5-1600 class. Leonard and Alex Navarrete had a torn axle boot on their Class 9 car, but things held together long enough for them to get a second place finish. 1. Victor Islas; 2. Jesus y Pablo however. But not that weak as they he would even take off his helmet PRO 7S Gamino. - Victor, Alejando Islas and Refugio as the crew added fluids, liquids, oils 1. Sergio & Armando Duron; 2. The winning Victor Islas #718 "Cuco" Fonseca beat the Gaminos, and waters. It was 0349 hours when is that silver gray Toyota with the I-Jesus and Pablo. But not by much: they cleared Check 1 in the "Taller beams and a very fine job it is, two minutes. Lara" car on their final lap and they Dave Ahles/Jason Campbell & Steve Moore/Ron Plunkett. The Duron clan bounced back from their San Felipe 200 DNF with indeed. The motor sounds weak, Ignacio Pereda had lo n g stops; were never reported again., DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-point sand rail seat belt RACE BELTS 2"-5pointmount 3"-5pointmount SIDE COVERS IRS . Swing axle KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# 200mm-up to 3000/. GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cush/ocks .......•....... ◄ puc ferramlc ...... . . ... . 4 puc ferramlc with spring hub GERMAN AUTO SACO MAGNUM RACK Billet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930 or T -4 cages 930 or T-4 or T·2 flanges Trick boots (specify/ . 930CVstar j it/it 1t "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8" travel-stock width 8" travel-widened beam 10• travel-stock width 10• travel-widened beam TRI "11L EXHAUST T-111/2 • chrome T-11½"raw T-1 1 518" chrom T-11518" raw T-4chrome T-4 raw GERMAN AUTOltATS GERMAN AUTO tt~SHIRTs.· specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, Includes alternator stand MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ MKII I ~ ~ I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal With chrome pedal. With hydraulic throttle Replacement slave SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, lull contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion Mount plate Couplar : Rack steering stops VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style lits 1. 7, 1.8, and2.0 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears lite spindle mounts too FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin .......... . . 4130 Chromolv Stock length . ........ pr. 1 ¼ • longer . . . . . .... . pr. 2 ¼ • longer .......... pr. 4 • longer-coil over style pr. CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods w/ends. lsoecilv Ford or International) set ... SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3• X 3" .... . . . 1-21600, 5-1600. CATALOG .... 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 562-863-1123 Page 26 September 2000 a win over four other mini trucks. They kept up a particularly consistent pace with three 1:39 laps and a 1:53, which was when Sergio took over driving from Armando at the halfway point. The Dave Ahles and Steve Moore Mazda were virtually even, on time, with the Durons on the final lap but a flat set them back and then they pushed. They pushed too hard, it seems. Ahles (#722) chaser Ken Montijo writes direct from Salone, AZ ("Where she danced!"}: "It was not the steering box at all (as radio-ed) but rather the upper 'chicken wing' had ripped lose from its front mount which hooked that rag joint and locked the steering. We got out there ( about a quarter of a mile south of the ( west) bridge, and found the upper A-arm was broken. It ripped out of its forward mount and snagged the steering U-joint. There was no specific hit that Dave or Jayson could attribute it to, and it was on the opposite side than the /lat that they had just changed." "An hour with a big-ass pry her, some creative use of limiting straps and the Mazda was under way for a 4: 30 am second place finish. There are some big rocks out there, boy?" And Dave hit most of them. ("Just to let you know, I don't think I 'hit most of them', just being a little aggressive at the end. At Check 2 I picked up the Duran's truck and closed to within a minute of them. I was trying to catch them at the rocky hill climb near the RM40 marker when I got the /lat. As for the A-arm going, it looks like just a fatigue failure at the wrong time, however, it didn't change the results.") The entire team was disappointed but at the same time happy to have gotten the truck across the line. It took us seven hours just to get the Quartzsite on Sunday as an electrical Gremlin decimated the coils in the Cherokee. The final leg from Ripley .(Believe it or not!) was on the back of an Everett's Towing flatbed. 'The fun never ends when you're racin'." Sidekick Ron Plunkett: "On the third lap Dave was driving like he pre-ran (he did not). We started just fine with a good pace going then we hit the end of the dry lake and the dust just sat there in those six f oat tail bushes and we were off-course. At RM20, making the tum out of the wash to head under the road, Dave overshot the tum and we sunk the truck. After about five minutes of digging and with the help of three locals we were back on course everything after that went pretty smooth." First half driver Steve Moore said that "#1604" really plowed us coming back under the highway, up in those hills. He knocked us off into a ditch. • He went into the rough, too. He almost hit a spectator." (Steve was speaking about Overall winner Hector "Pancho" Garcia.) "When he caught us, again, we let him right by!" PRO 11 -TWO LAPS 1. Hugo Avila; 2. Carlos Macklis; 3. Fernando Flores; 4. Alberto Ortega; 5. Jose Paramo. The "Once" race was not without its excitement. Some agitation Dusty Times

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Jose Gonzalez makes time through the infield in his two-seat Class 9 ~----------------------' car. Gonzalez finished the night in third place, 22 minutes down to Class 11 was required to do 0nly two laps, and Hugo Avila, here Gerardo Gonzalez drove his nice yellow Baja Bug to the win in Class 5 Pro, and finished fourth overall while he was at it. first place. occurred on the course and some in the finish impound. On the course Miguel Mexia ran up on Carlos Macklis' "Toro Viejo" Bug and collapsed the engine cover. The word was that Miguel was so far up on Macklis' car that the rear window was blocked out by Mexia's skid plate! At the finish line, where Mexia had finished some 45 minutes before Carlos and partner Eric Solorzano, a protest was lodged with Code: the gray-primer Mexia VW ran without an engine cover in clear violation of the rules. Miguel has raced this way in prior races and had been advised that another "11" team could protest and Mexia would immediately be disqualified. · This time Macklis was not so charitable, after the sheet metal bending nerf, and exercised his right to protest. Miguel Mexia was DQ-ed by Code's Alfonso Lacarra. Sometimes Lacarra is "Poncho." This time he was "Sr. Lacarra" and he told 'em how the hog ate the cabbage and Macklis was using only two of his lights, was the winner in 5:43:35. the winner. "People in glass houses Roberto Ramo's "Ten" car was not should no throw stones." Catchy, as smooth through the rough as the huh? Certainly apt, however. "Pro 11" ofJose Paramo. Alberto Ortega in the San SPORTSMAN 1600 Felipean "Hielo Alaska" car was 1. Arturo Pacheco. running five big lights. Musta paid SPORTSMAN 8 their alternator man plenty. They The red Jose Valenzuela were fourth. "Neurotic us T earn" truck was a two SPORTSMAN -TWO LAPS wheel drive Chevrolet with Ford 1. Raul Montiel. beams, not an uncommon innovation. It what appears to be an They had their stock radiator laid "oversight" by the designers the red between the bed roll bar braces; truck of Raul Montiel was not allowed virtually parallel to the air stream. OK, to race in "Class 7" but was actually it was a hot evening and they did not entered in "Sportsman l ." The "Copy make the first check. Actually, they Fast" Ford was, basically, a Trophy- lost the nut (?) off the right spindle Truck with a V6 engine. The lack of before they overheaded, it seems. a stock-based frame prevented SPORTSMAN 5 Montiel from racing in "7". The car 1. Victor Herrera. sported King coil-overs, Howe SPORTSMAN 5-1600 steering and a host of innovations 1. Nazario Orozco &Jorge Vargas including well detailed arms and a (Overall Sportsman); 2. Francisco massively gusseted rear member. Ruiz; 3. Jose Angel Soto; 4. Mateo Classy, but classless. They had a fast Pablof; 5. Arnulfo Lopez Palacios. . lap of 1:25 and a slow lap of 2: 12, .Nazario Orozco and Jorge Vargas suggesting on-course maintenance. were, once again, the Overall SPORTSMAN 10 Sportsman car, finishing in 5:06 for 1. Roberto Romo. three laps. Vargas grimaced as he massaged his wrists and hands: "This will be the-last time I drive a car with no power steering," he swore. "It was too rough. It was very fast. It has been two months since I raced last (at Cerro Prieto where they were the top Sportsman). "We had some electrical switch problems off the start and had to pull the (front clip, for access). So we ran without it. We only had some trouble with a loose motor mount bolt; my wrists hurt." The Taller J.E.F.E. owner had had hand severe wrist injuries in a number of years past and that damage is now making itself apparent with the aging process. The team is supported by Rancherita Materiales - "Do It Best" - and the Circle K and Lantas y Mas in San Luis. And AGP, a Columbian (!) manufacturer of bulletproof glass(!!). SPORTSMAN 9 1. Rodrigo Obeso. SPORTSMAN 3 1. Javier Reyes. . Javier Reyes bounced back from his Baja 500 DNF to run his Suzuki Samurai round in a leisurely 19:36 mph pace, SPORTSMAN 11 1. Joel Cervantes. SPORTSMAN SAFARI 1. Ricardo Cons Molina; 2. Lorenzo Dojaquez; 3. Luivan Voelker; 4. Jose Luis Bribiesca. Ricardo Cons Molina is getting to be pretty hard to beat in the single shock ranks. Only Lorenzo Dojaquez' yellow VW can match the lap-per-lap pace of Cons, finishing ro minutes back. Luivan Voelker was third by a few more minutes. EL CHISMOSO LAST BUT NOT LEAST The last car to complete the nine hour event was "Pro 11" Jose Paramo in 8:55:5l·for three laps. Dave Ohles and Steve Moore (#722) were the final four lap Pro in 8: 19:4 7 or O 12 hours. Overall winner "Pacho" was in and gone before the 12:30 time bell rang. The fastest two lap car was Ricardo Cons Molina's #55 "Safari" in 3:21 :34 -29.8 mph. ■ :=· ... . •.•:-: .. :/::;:tt:" ;:;~~i\ftt;;;;•·· 1MB OF · e,,..,,¾»RAl}E IN THE,,❖❖, ·· ,,., .. ,DEIRO ... ,./ ' ' ,. · ... ·. A ····· ····· ❖'XW.MX. lfNHiPUSHMotorspotts ~ 877-971-87811 lusty Times September 2000 Page 27

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SNORE KC MIDNIGHT SPECIAL By John Calvin Boyer Is overall In The Dark Photos: Carrera Photography Bill Fodor worked his way through the Class 1 0 ranks, ran trouble free all night and took the Class win at the Midnite. Richard Boyer had a grand evening, running solo and trouble free and he took the overall as well as the _ 1600 win. I don't really know how many ture start to drop 'ti! somewhere Road racing is a most demand-years the Midnight Special has . after 11pm, and it wasn't too ing sport, both physically and been in existence, but I do know much of a drop. So while we're mentally and the challenge is that KC Hilites has sponsored all standing around hot and compounded by darkness, and the event for the last 22 years. bothered, the drivers are tucked the M idnite is known for its Sponsors like-Pete Brown are into their flame resistant darkness. hard to find. Amen. Nomex and the full face helmets Technical Inspection and I do know it was HOT! All and you know they certainly Contingency were held on the the deserts, high and low have aren't relishing the thought of Friday night before the race at been baking for-a few weeks now five or six hours in their cocoon. the Terrible Herbst Bowling and the Midnite is run in the The only thing that keeps them Alley and Casino in beautiful somewhat cooler early evening going, in spite in the discomfort downtown Henderson. Forty-and into the dark night. It's sup- is the fact that they're driving two cars went through tech and posed to be cooler as the their race car and enjoying ev-they were already to do battle evening progresses but this re- ery minute of it, no matter what on Saturday evening. The race porter didn't feel the tempera-they tell you after the race. Off was scheduled to start at 7pm on Saturday and would go into the wee hours of Sunday morn-ing. . Class 10 was first off the I ine, B.J. Baldwin being the first car and at the end of Lap 1 B.J. had a little over a minute lead. B.J. had a minor problem on Lap 2 and dropped into second spot, just seconds behind Bill Fodor. On Lap 3 B.J . lost his power steering and his lap time slowed considerably and he dropped to fifth place in class, He spent the next two laps making up time and when the Checkers came out he was back in second place, just less than 11 minutes out of the Class 10 win. Bill Fodor was next off the line and he finished the first lap in the third position, moved into the class lead on the sec-ond lap. He continued to lead in spite of a power steering loss on Lap 4 and he went on to take the coveted Class 10 win. . Michael Gaughan Jr. was next to go and shared the driv-ing chores with brother John and Tom Flores. They were fifth after the first lap, moved into third on Lap 2, suffered some horrendous problems on Laps 3 Jeremy Harmon was back at his winning ways taking the Class 9 lead on the first lap and running on in for the checkered flag. Chuck Martin had a nice solo ride, had no Problems, and took the Class 5-1600 win with ease. Chaz Sutton got himself stuck on the first lap but that was the end of his problems Tony Napoleon and Brandon Hughes had a ball, their Bronco ran flawlessly and and he won the Sportsman Buggy Class easily ___ _ they took the Sportsman Truck win. __ _ _ __________ _ Page 28 September 2000 and 4, recovered somewhat on the last lap and ,although they finished the required five laps they ran out of time and were officially declared a dnf, miss-ing the time bar by just one minute, 18 seconds. The brothers Flippin and Franczak were next to start and they were in second place after Lap 1, dropped to fourth on Lap 2, moved into third on Lap 3, moved into first on Lap 4 then had a terrible right rear flat on Lap 5 and dropped to third place at the finish. Eddie Saxton was next with help from Nicole and Jeremy Gubler. They were fourth after the first lap, dropped to sixth .on Lap 2, had major troubles on the third lap and dropped to sixth place, re-covered somewhat on Lap 4 but failed to complete the required fifth lap. Dan Bentley and Bob Mathews were the last Class 10 to start. They got off to a slow start and were last in class after the first lap. They remained at the bottom of the ladder on Lap 2, moved into fourth on the third lap and there they re-mained, suffering from a couple of major flats and some soil problems. There were 16 Class 1600s ready for the nighttime run but only five of them made it to the finish line. Horrible attrition for this class! Bryan Freeman was first off the line and he com-pleted Lap 1 in second place, 20 seconds in arrears. Bryan moved into the class lead on Lap 2 but then tragedy struck: he lost his alternator and electrical power way out on the course, had a 2-1/2 hour third lap, a still not too good fourth lap and then retired from the fray. Richard Boyer was next to start and he was on a mission. He was third after Lap 2, sec-ond after Lap 2, moved into the lead on Lap 3 and that's all she wrote. Richard ran a trouble free race, complained only of being thirsty at the finish and took the honors with seven min- · utes in hand. Kenny Freeman was next up but alas, he didn't even get one lap in the books, his engine ex-piring shortly after taking the green flag. Day Gang was off next and she held fourth place on Lap 1, remained there for the next lap, moved to third on Lap 3, moved in to second on the .fourth lap but then she lost an alternator on the · 1ast lap and that dropped her into fourth place at the finish. Aaron Hawley was off next but he too suffered major prob-Continued on page 30. Dusty Times

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Joe Sheble drove his neat looking Class 9 to a third place finish, no Andy Kisner had clutch problems on the second lap but he persevered Lynn Dicton and Dale Looney shared the driving chores, had lots of problems, just a lot of dust. and took the silver medal in the Class 9 competition. flats but they ran to a nice fifth place in Class 9. Tom Taliaferro got stuck, flipped in the last lap but stuck to it and took a great fourth place in Class 9. ;,;,;;;;;;miiii,;;.:======; Doug Ingram's troubles got worse and worse as the race progressed, BJ Baldwin drove solo, lost an alternator on lap 3 and ended up second !ems and never finished the first lap. C.J. Hutchins was next to go and he was fifth after the first lap. He dropped to sixth on Lap 2 and then disappeared from the charts. Pat Dean was next and he was looking good on Lap 1, running-in fourth place. Pat had terrible troubles on the second lap, dropped to .eighth place, but he kept on motoring around and finished seventh in Class 9. in class 1 O in his keen looking car. turned a fairly good time on Lap Carr was next in the ever reli-on the first lap, over 2-1/2 hours finished, in fifth. The Greg ·3 but never completed his able car wasn't too reliable this to get around. He continued to Anderson/Jeff Moore combo fourth, end of story. night. Jeffs first lap was almost run reasonable laps through Lap was the last 1600 starter and Jeff Robby Guevara was next off four hours, second and third 4 but he never completed his was in seventh spot when Lap l and he led Lap l. He dropped laps were getting up to speed but fifth lap. Albert Rux and Barry was completed. He moved into to second on Lap 2 and from then he disappeared on the Howard left the starting line fifth place on Lap 2, into fourth there on in he fought off a dead fourth lap, never to be seen next and he ran eighth on the on the third lap and handed battery, a flat and managed to again. first and second laps. He moved over to Greg and he finished in take second in class, seven min-Bryan Anderson was next into sixth on Lap 3, fifth place that position, six minutes out of utes away from the win. Jeff and he too suffered a calamity on Lap 4 and that's where Al the second spot. ultimate lono travel Get the benefits of our Long Travel system and 3" lift spindles, creating 6" of lilt for incredible ground clearance. [il!'@tp@l ■ 3 • lift spindles ■ Upper Control arms ~~l'H~W)' ■ Lower Control arms ■ Coil springs ■ 3 way front shocks ■ Performance rear shocks ■ Rear kit 3-wau adjustable shocR a fl so rfl e ,;"""'f<W'""l""''"""'"»<""'''~,,,,,,~,---.. ~ 111' .. ,{ ~(;f!!lt~t~~ touota lono travel system Our Toyota 2 wheel drive, 6' 'Ivan Dan' long travel system. Built to satisfy all the serious off roaders out there. -"1.~~\\,.ml""'l'r -~~-... Page 30 • travel system custom i beams Olfroad bullet proof design provides maximum strength with 4130 Chromoly steel 118th' thick plate and tubular inner structure. 1990-94 ford ranger ., .. performance system Our extended radius arms are offset further mboard offering increased tire clearance and 4' more wheel travel. Dual Shock System 2 shocks per front wheel, adds high performance dampening. C 8' Suspension System used in a racing ' application with coil over shocks. Using Fabtech custom I beams, tins conliguratioo cycles out at 19' of wheel travel extended radius arms Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard for increased tire clearance. Ranger models shown, which include new pivot mounts. 1998-on ford ranger z_s--performance system 2.5' of lilt with a 2' increase in wheel travel .. 1973-87 (10 ., .. tono travel system Gives you the needed clearance for 33' tall tires. September 2000 angled Fiberglass e !! !!Jiber[!! ! include front lenders, bedsides and hoods. The front lenders and bedsides are Oared with wheel travel in mind. spare tire mount ~ Constructed usmg I 1 / 4 • steel tubing and MIG welded at the joints for long lasting strength and durability. flat spare tire mount {~ ._,c. t:: ,, '· -;,---stamped steel tabs Our vast assoriment of stamped steel-tabs simplify your fabncation needs. Call far a distributor nearest you Phone 714-990-8850 -Fax 714-990-8854 wwwfabtechmotorsports_com DR E-MAIL US AT Dusty Times

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Tim Hayosh had a great time, no mechanical troubles but he did say Mike Pinkston and Mark Petit shared the drive, lost their lights for a Fourth place was where Day Gang finished in the 1600 Class after he'd had enough dust for a while. while but still managed a second place in Sportsman Truck. losing an alternator on the last lap, dropping her from second place. Robby Guevara drove his Webbweld Mirage to second spot in 1600, Greg Anderson and Jeff Moore had a good race, no particular problems Albert Rux and Harry Howard ran the dark Nevada night and took a fifth place finish in the 1600 class. fighting a flat and a dead battery in the dark of night. and a nice third place finish in 1600. There was only one Heavy all this while getting stuck once, but, like so many of the others, Metal entry, John Phegley in his having tranny troubles and flip-he never completed his third unique very tall racer, but after ping the car on the last lap. lap. two long laps of the required Joel Davis was off and run-Chaz Sutton was the sixth three John left the course .for ning, holding seventh place on Sportsman Buggy to start and he the comfort of the pits. the first lap, not gaining any led the first lap, dropped to sec-The Class 9 contenders had ground on Lap 2 and then a ter-ond on the second lap and moved four laps to travel t make it a race. ribly long third lap, never to be into the lead on the third and fi-First off the line was Lynn Dicton seen again. nal lap for the class win, in spite who was going. to run the first two Last Class 9 to start was J er-of getting a wee bit stuck on Lap laps then hand over to Dale emy Harmon and he made it l. Tim Hayosh was last to start in Lo6ney for the finish. Lynn ran in look easy, he moved into the class and he ran fourth on the first eighth place for the first lap, re- lead on the first lap and there lap and on the second lap as well. mained in that position for Lap 2 he remained, taking the check-However, on Lap 3 he moved into with a couple of flats, Dale took ered flag for the class win, his the second spot and he did col-. the car into sixth place on Lap 3 car running flawlessly except he lect the silver trophy in ' Sports-with another flat and a front end said it was slightly down on man Buggy. that was going away and picked power on the last lap. That ex-up another spot on the last lap to plained his slow last lap time of finish in the fifth spot. 1:13:54. Yeah, real slow! Andy Kisner was next off on Class 5-1600 was next to his solo ride and he ran in second start and a surprisingly small spot on Lap 1, dropped to third entry was at the line. Chuck Last, but not least were the Truck. Sportsman Trucks. Brandon And so it ended in the wee Hughes and Tony Napolean hours of Sunday morning. The were · splitting the driving awards were at the Terrible chores, Brandon put their truck Herbst Bowling Alley and Casino into first place on Lap 1 and in Henderson where the awards Tony followed his act by keep-and the monies were distributed. ing them in front and they took The attrition was about par for the class win by about 20 min-the Midnite race, just over half utes. Mike Pinkston and Bob of the entrants finishing the race. Petit had a spot of trouble on. Now its time to get ready for the their first lap, they lost their 31st Annual SNORE 250, com-lights and spent a bit of time · ing up on September 22-24. getting that straightened out. Michael Gaughan's Orleans Ho-Bob drove the second lap and tel will be the host and we ad-the venerable Chevy came in for vise you all to be there. See ya at a nice second in Sportsman the next one. ■ on Lap 2, climbed back to second Martin was first to start on his on Lap 3 and finished in the sec- solo drive and he led all four ond spot, fighting a clutch prob-required laps, having no prob-lem and a flat tire along the way. !ems and he thought there was Shawn Sheble was next and we a bit too much dust on the OUR CONDOLENCES don't know what Shawn's troubles course. Frank Puglia ran a dis-were but he turned a very slow tant second for three of the laps first lap and was out of the race. and then retired on Lap 4, a dnf Then came Doug Ingram who ran all he had to show for the fourth on Lap 1, dropped to fifth evening. on the second lap, held that posi-Mini Metal only had one en-tion for the third lap, had a very try and Matt Cunningham ran long fourth and finished in the al, almost three hour long lap sixth spot. and he too disappeared from the Joe Sheble was next away and charts. he was third on Lap 1, rose to Sportsman Buggy had six· en-second place on Lap 2, dropped trants eagerly awaiting the green to third on Lap 3 and that's flag. James Green was first to go where he finished, ·complaining and go he did, never finishing his only of an excess amount of dust first lap. Joe Ruffo was next off the on the course. Dan Folts was off line and he suffered the same fate, next and he ran sixth on Laps 1 never completing a lap, cause and 2 but he never completed unknown. Milo and Cory Torres, his third lap and was out of the Uncle and nephew left next. They race. Joe Forte was next to the ran third on Lap 1, moved into green flag but Joe never com-second on the second lap and pleted the first lap. then disaster struck, a flat right Ken Thatcher took the green rear tire, no spare and literally and he ran in eighth place on hours 'ti! someone got to them. the first lap, dropped to ninth They finished in the third spot in on Lap 2, back up to seventh on Sportsman. the third lap and remained Tammi Gubler left next and there on Lap 4 to finish in sev-she too became one of the miss-enth place. Tom Taliaferro was ing, never getting her first lap the ninth Class 9 to start, ran in. Thomas Reck was next off fifth on the first lap, up to and he jumped into the second fourth on Lap 2, stayed in fourth spot on Lap l. He jumped into on Lap 3 and finished in fourth, the class lead on the second lap Dusty Times September 2000 CO OUT TO THE FODOR'S • SCORI Lite Drivers Ty Godde Jim Greenway Jerry Penhall Dan Worley Tom Ridings Page 31 •

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SCCA PRO RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP • ROUND 4 susquehannock Trail Pro Rally By Darius Greene Photos:]. Winker Ralph Kosmides and Ken Cassidy piloted their Toyota Supra through the dust to eke out the Group 5 win by a mere 20 seconds, and place sixth in the overall standings. The SCCA ProRally series moved back east of the Mississippi for Round 4 on the circuit, the June 3-4 Susquehannock Trail ProRally (STPR). STPR is a huge favorite, and everybody who is fast - or who wants to be fast -is there. This year was no exception. The"organizers had well over 100 entries for the 80 available starting spots. The result was perhaps the strongest field ever for the event, and a great rally run in spectacular weather. Scenic Wellsboro is set among big, heavily forested hills in north-central Pennsylvania, and gets plenty of rain. Despite that, STPR is almost always a "dust" rally. While the dust isn't quite as heavy as at some off road races, it is thick and lingers a long time. So starting first-on-the-road is generally a big advantage. For the 24th running of STPR, seven-time SCCA ProRally champion Paul Choiniere drew that slot. However, it mattered little, in more ways than one. The roads around Wellsboro are hard and fast, and they can dry out relatively quickly. However, a very wet Spring and a torrential rainstorm the afternoon before the start of the rally meant that there would be comparatively little dust for much of the event. One thing all of the wetness did do, however, was force the cancellation of the rally's traditional first stage, with its popular middle-of-the-creek finish line. The water was just too high Friday evening. Despite that bit of disappointment the rally shaped up to be an exceptional event. It was heavily oversubscribed, and the desire to compete was so great that several alternates stood by in full "battle dress" in case a guaranteed starter couldn't take the flag (one couldn't). Gathered around the Wellsboro village green in the pare expose prior to the start was probably the strongest field ever for STPR. There were eight Mitsubishi Lancer Evos, in a variety of flavors, including versions IV, V and VI. The two Karl Scheible and Russ Hughes, in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V/2, put the pressure on during the final two stages of the event to become the victors at STPR 2000. factory Hyundai Tiburons were there, for Choiniere and navigator Jeff Becker, and Noel Lawler and Charlie Bradley, plus a pair of new Prodrive Subaru lmpreza WRX Stis, one of which was being handled by 1999 Group 5 Champions Henry and Cindi Krolikowski. And there also was a car very likely never before seen in the U.S., a Vauxhall Astra Gsi. Aside from all of the regular front-runners, Japan GT champion and former Formula I driver Erik Comas was on hand for his second rally ever, with Julian Masters navigating. Past class champions . Doug Shepherd and ~teve Nowicki came back to the series, with Pete Gladysz and Scott Harvey Jr., in the right sea ts, respectively. Unfortunately, six time Canadian champions Frank and Dan Sprong! were late withdrawals, due to engine failure in their Audi Quattro S2 a few days earlier in a Canadian championship event. The weather was absoluteiy perfect when competitors began leaving the starting line - tourist-brochu re blue skies and temperatures in the seventies. Perhaps it was a little too perfect, as some would find out the hard way later. Attrition was going to be high, and it started right away. Local favorite Bruno Kreibich did a crowd-pleasing burnout at the starting line in his Audi Quattro, but lost an oil pump belt and was out less than a minute later. Defending overall champions Lawler and Bradley made it only as far as the first stage before being kayoed by a blown head gasket. Comas and Masters (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV) bashed a tree early on, but not hard, and they were able to continue. However, the tangle with the tree damaged the engine's serpentine belt, and the crew hastily changed it in the event's second pare expose. Irishman Padraig Purcell and the powerful Group N Vauxhall Astra Gsi lost an oil cooler and retired early, and former Production GT champion Nowicki (Eagle Talon) had an "off" that took him and Harvey over a bank. They were eliminated before midway. Choiniere and Becker held the lead all day, and through the end of the first ·leg. Shepherd and Gladysz (Mitsubishi Eclipse) were hot on their heels and keeping them honest. Next up were Jon Kemp and Gail McGuire (Audi Quattro). They were followed by Garen and Doc Shrader (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV), with Rim of the World winners Karl Scheible and Russ Hughes (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V) cruising along behind them playing tortoise to everyone else's hare. As night fell, the clear blue skies remained, but the temperatures dropped out of the seventies and barreled down toward the forties. Frost was actually in the weather forecast for the area that night, but it didn't happen. Brian Vinson and Luke Stvart took Production class honors in their 'BB Volkswagen Golf G Tl, finishing 20th overall. Doug Shepherd and Peter Gladysz, Mitsubishi Eclipse, had the lead for a while, but slipped back to finish first in the Open class, second overall. Because of the good weather, the roads did dry out during the day, and dust began to get heavier as the hours rolled by. Still, it didn't seem to get as thick as usual. Before that, though, the lack of dust may have bitten some STPR veterans who are very familiar with the roads with the dust. Without it, they just may Continued on page 44 Sakis Hadjiminas and Brian Maxwell throw their Subaru lmpreza Turbo Jon Kemp teamed with Gail McGuire to lead in the late going in their Chris Havas and Eric Tremblay, VW. were doing fine in Group 2 until through a hairpin at Stage 9. Later they went off the road and abruptly aging Audi 4000, but dropped to third overall. ________ they I-boned the wrecked car of Hadjiminas/Maxwe/1. _e_nd_ed_t_h_e_ir_d~ay,_. _________________ _ Dusty Times September 2000 Page 33

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You are loved, missed, and respected. From your friends at Total Chaos, Pro Coat, and Baja Concepts and evervbodv who knew vou

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Former Formula 1 driver Eric Comas teamed with Julian Masters in Garen and Doc Schrader were again a threat at STPR, but slid off the Pete Lahm and Matt Chester had their Mitsubishi Evo IV as high as an Evo IV and ran as high as second before sliding off-course and out road and down an embankment in their Open Class Mitsubishi, ending third before rolling over late in the event and ending their effort. of the event. their day. · ;;;;;;;:;:::;::::;::::::;:;:;::;::::;::;;;:;;;;;;;;;:;:::;::::;:::::;:;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;:;:::;::::;::====;::::;;:;==-Andrew Havas and Scott Slingerland get a little crossed-up in their '79 Mazda F.IX while negotiating the specfator bridge at Stage 4. They were fifth in GS. STPR was tough on the Hyundais of #1 Noel Lawlor/Charlie Bradley Thomas and Brendan Lawless, '91 Mitsubishi, ran well until hitting a (head gasket - SS2) and #2 Paul Choinere/Jeff Becker (gear box -tree and destroying their rear axle less than MO stages from the finish. SS9). Choinere led most of the event. have found themselves arriving at familiar corners a whole lot sooner than they expected ... and going a whole lot faster. Crunch. While Mother Nature continued to hand out lovely weather, attrition to hand out pink slips. Choiniere and Becker seemed to have everything going their way until the middle of the rally, when clutch and gear selector problems put them on the trailer. That gave Kemp and McGuire the lead, but they almost immediately dropped back some and handed it over to Shepherd and Gladysz. Then they, too, slipped back. All the while, Scheible and Hughes were just cruising along at a safe-and-sane pace, watching and waiting, and_ always close to the top of the leader board. When the time came, Scheible picked up the pace and nailed. down the overall and FIA Group N wins for the second time in as many events. Shepherd finished two minutes back and won the Open class. Kemp. was second in Open, a minute back of Shepherd Multi-talented Peter Cunningham (another returnee to the series after several years away} drove his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Von three cylinders for the last half of the event, but still finished fourth overall, with Jim Gill in the right seat. Ceisus Donnelly and Kevin . ·-Mitchell were an amazing fifth he drive well, he also scored it's your first rally and all, but new kid just hunkered down overall in their Eagle Talon. They Hyundai's only points toward the our two factory shoes are out and went out and did what they won PGT, less than two minutes manufacturers' championship. and it's up to you to finish well asked -just the kind of ending astern of Cunningham. How's that for a little and get ou·r manufacturers' that Hollywood would have Blazing along on Donnelly's pressure? "Okay, kid, we know points. Don't blow it." So the written. ■ tail was the battle for ·Group 5. Former class champion Ralph Kosmides and Ken Cassidy (Toyota Supra Turbo) nosed out current Group 2 champion Bryan Hourt and navigator Tom Tighe (Honda Civic) by less than 20 seconds. Hourt was making his first start in Group 5, after moving up to the quicker class. Nicholas Robinson and Carl Lindquist (Honda Civic} turned in a great performance to finish 11th overall and win Group 2. They were about six minutes ahead of Gerald Sweet and Stuart Spark (SAAB 99 EMS), who were runners-up in Group 2. As good as some of the other battles were, the battle of the rally was for the Production win, and it was tight. Brian Vinson and Luke Start (Volkswagen Golf GTI) got the win, finishing 20th overall. However, they were just 13 seconds ahead of Ted and Lise Mendham (Nissan Sentra}. They, in turn, were just 42 seconds ahead of third place. That honor went to Road & Track magazine's Andy Bornhop and navigator Mark Williams (Hyundai Tiburon}. The amazing part is that it was Bomhop's first rally ever. What's more, not only did • s a e o e a 19 ow pis on e • wide teflon coated piston wear band f not drop into large ports. • sealed piston for low speed control • high temperature stainless steel al • unique rod end design and • high temperature Viton seals • large aluminum reservoir for n (2X) and weight sav, gs • 1" shafts are micro-polishe81i: of a 3-5 RMS. • stainless steel teflon ith 1/2" or 5/8" ID spa • shock are all own toois to purchase. -~ii@4' flow (weld on kits ai!_abl ced to order or wel~ onl> ston for smooth d ~p) t1ons. 40 and heat treated 17-4 ss for long durability. ing designed fh low stress levels. · mountin .,; r the r nd trucks . Brian Houri and Tom Tighe, Honda Civic, finished seventh overall and second in Gro_up 5, moving up a class after winning the G2 championship last year. Dusty Times 5eptember 2000 Page 37

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CODE TRACTORLAND SAN FELIPE 200 Ruben No Rube At ·San Felipe By Tony Tellier Photos: Mario Vasquez The big class at the Tractor/and San Felipe 200 was 1he 5-1600s, and Al Gregory and Steve Kobayashi took the win by 20 minutes. Ruben Sanudo, in a near perfect "1600" race, almost stole the glory from Overall winners Eli Yee and Perry Mc-Neil at Code's "Tractorland San Felipe 200." While Yee and McNeil did Overall the 215 mile "200" in the "Union 76" single seat "Ten" car, once of Miguel Tornel and Jaime Medina, Ruben, a local entry, parlayed a trouble free day into his first class win. The Overall was worth an extra $500, how-ever. Sanudo had to contend with a tough field of seven other "re-strictor" ·racers, including the already successful new Curry of Pietro "VW Autopartes" Brassea, and the overall winner of April's "Laguna Salada 200", one Martin Gonzalez. Add in the Whiplash team of Brian Wilson and Greg Branch; Call for special Bak· on HID's, Cleartexan other quality Hella pr Page 38 Frank Rascon's new ORBS, previous CORP winner Cesar Cons Molina, and Randy "Bo Noz" Anderson and it was a serious battle. Douglas (AZ) border agent Steve Phillips made the long drive to sample the San Felipe fun. It would, however, become a long and sad day for everyone. Randy Anderson's day did not go as planned: At the RM37 point, at the Bahia Santa Maria pit on the lower end, "Bo" radioed in, complaining about being too tired to go on. Second half pilot Steve Down-ing quickly finished ~uiting up and replaced the ebulHent Im-perial Valley journeyman me-chanic in their newly refurbished race car. Randy, who would have been 43 on the 28th of May, got out of the single seater and, as his wife Mari Lynn helped him off with his helmet, he collapsed, roll-ing out of his chair. '.'I knew that he was gone dght then," Mari Lynn later accepted. "His fingernails had turned blue." Repeated attempts at CPR were futile, according to Kristen Deen, who was ~!so on the scene. Bo left two children, Luke and Darcy; plus the legacy of being a nice guy.• THE COURSE Code used portions of the re-cent SCORE "San Felipe 250" but bypassed the four washes, taking an "easier" cross-drain-age route over the bajades. The route was three 67 mile laps with 11 hours allotted to do so. It was rough. "1600" racer Cesar Cons said "It was too tough; Couldn't it have been TOUGHER?" he asked sarcas-tically. "Problems? The course is the problem' Even without any flats." Most people decried the "new" section that wound north by the Aeropuerto -· the pounding, randomly spaced, blow-sand whoops -with tight turns -taxed the most power-ful "1600". George Jackson won the Sportsman "1600" class but was on the course for 7:51:21 as the last two lap racer, it was that difficult. Al-berto Gonzalez won "7" but was .the last Pro in 8:25:41. THE RACE By the northern road cross-ing on Lap 1, Yee was already history, disappearing way out front in the long legged Toyota "Ten" car. Ruben, first off, had two minutes on third-starting Martin Gonzalez while back-of-the-class Brassea was already up to third, second-starting Cesar Cons eight behind the class leader. Downing was an-other two back with Rascon trailing by three more. The first lap did little to win-now out the troops . . Allan Qregory's winning Bug led the September 2000 Eli Yee and Perry McNeil drove their Class 1 0 car to the overall victory, 17 minutes in front of the next car. Tractorland car of Jason Jones by two minutes with Jason Gregory's "Agro 2" a couple more behind. The Francisco Fernao.dez Challeng~r got up into the 5-1600s quickly, dog-ging Javier Medina's second place finishing 5-1600 some four more behind. The Covas car was a minute back follow~d by Carlos Davila and then the Navarrete's winning "9". Once they got sorted out by virtue of cojones and suspen-sion the race became one of equipment -equipment fail-ures, that it. But even the tranny problem of McNeil could not dim their run to the Overall. PROS - THREE LAPS PRO 10 Perry McNeil reported that he coulqn't get third gear but still beat Sanudo by 20 minutes. "We just came over to prac-tice," confided Perry. 1. Eli Yee & Perry "NRIARWAM" McNeil (Over-all Pro). PRO 1600 A winning but wrung-out Ruben Sanudo reported that "It very hot, very difficult. I needed a lot of energy," he gasped. "But we had very good luck in this race." Rode hard and put away wet, huh. The "Ruben's RV Park" flagship suf-fered no flats on the Pablo Lizzaraga-prepped San Felipe car, with an engine by Lalo Mayoral and a tranny by Pecas Honold. In post race Tech, Ruben was chastised for having only one (1) carb return spring: "But ... I had it this morning," he shuffled. Martin Gonzalez had torn an outer CV boot but that was nothing more than a post-race problem, but more seriously, the car was sputtering at RM27 on Lap 2. "The engine pulled a head stud. Then the discs from the Trapp (silencer) went away and we lost even more power. We lost a battery and had to push start it." Martin, as usual,· was still smiling, taking the good with the bad. Pietro Brassea (VW Autopartes) ·failed the engine oil cooler mounts, which was mounted behind the driver's head. The bond~d rubber iso-la t~r studs broke, so they tossed it and used a "-8" jumper. Luckily, happily, they had re-tained the stock VW dog house cooler on the Carlos Aguilar engine ... still, the T(oil) went to 260. Brassea has made the change from "Bug" to buggy seamlessly, getting trophies and checks in his first two races. Here, in San Felipe, the rear starting Pietro beat Cesar Cons on time, by 3 7 seconds. The class is tough. Frank Rascon (Jr.), of Frank's Trt.;cking in Somerton (S. Yuma), had his new single seat ORBS -a/k/a Yuma's Ri-chard Binder. "We took the shocks off our two seater and they weren't right. It was rough out there. I'm buying new shocks and put these old ones back on the old car for pre-run-ning." Frank and his brother Enrique -ex-sand diggers - fin-ished with a fifth place, an hour ahead of Douglas (AZ) racer Steve Phillips. Las Vegas racer Brian Wil-son was an early DNFer - as he reports: "Just prior to Checkpoint 1, the GregCo motor (a/k/a Yuma's Greg Branch) went from running great to running not-so-great. Suddenly, it was making mucho noise/nada power. From the driver's seat, I suspected that an exhaust pipe had broken or come loose. I limped seven or eight miles to our first pit and the crew started grabbing and shaking ex-haust pipes, all tight. A little fur-ther inspection revealed that the Ruben Sanudo and Ruben Sanudo, Jr., drove three evenly paced laps to take the 1/2-1600 class win by just eight minutes, finishing second overall also. Dusty Times

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.. ..,,,,..,, j Pietro Brassea and Miguel Flores had oil cooler trouble, but still Javier Medina, Pepino Montano, Javier Tiznado and Marcos Martin Gonzalez ·and Mario Montes lost power with a pulled head managed to bring their 1600 car back in third place, just 41 seconds Lopez drove steadily all day, avoided trouble and finished third stud, but hung in there to finish second in the 1600 class. _in~l_ro_n_t o_f_fo_u_r_th---'p_la_c_e_. --------~~----in_ C~la~s_s_S_-_1_6_00~------ - - - --------paint on the tin over ol' number Scout starte out on the wrong "Big Al" Gregory started off new (bare) cable outside. We was sand all over the place," he three was burned. A hole in the foot, indeed, popping bac k with brother Billy G.; at th e had trouble shifting between discovered. "It is the worst NEW (!) head. After all of the through rhe carburetor at RM I halfway Steve Kobyashi and third and fourth -without th e course that I have ever driven. other problems, I needed this like with Alberto Tiznado on board. other brother Mike took over clutch release." The David Three quarters of it was like I need a hole in the head. (Ed: • They did not last long, as ex-the car. Agro did the crew "Pe lon" Soto engine was oil H ell! This race was due to all "Joke") "The last time I washed pected. Competitor Jorge Ra - change at the halfway point tight. .. Jasen said that he could our friends," come Hell or high my driver's suit was prior to the mirez' topless Honcho was and Kobyashi got a flat a bare wring the engine to 6K in water. Blame them; thev all (Whiplash) Wickenburg race in roaring real strong off the bat, mile later after getting the time fourth. Compare that to the chipped in for the entry. ·The March, and it's still not dirty! Oh being the only car to reall y back. Not as if Allan's driving Gregory power plant: Agro's o il cooler was leaking on well , mechanical problems are hammer the first turn. But they had precipitated it. "The jack torquey Ledezma motor "pulls "Radiatores Ba ja" a n d the part of racing." ' did not finish, either. No one didn't work so we had some real strong fr o m 3-4.5K and Ke nny Majo r Moto rs motor "The CoDe series looks to be would. guys lift the car up." goes flat a t 5," said Allan G. never fa ltered, he said,. an affordable alternative to Whip-1. Abel Encarncion (DNF); Jasen Jones did the first two "We can run big, heavy 'Bajas' Southern gentleman racer lash. The course was very well 2. Armando Bravo (DNF); 3. laps ,for Tractorland while on the rear with this motor. We Ernesto Gonzalez bought the marked for those of us who don't Jorge Ramirez (DNF). Arturo "Rocketman" might be able to do 50 mph on· ex-Casanova car and did not have the time or money to pre-run. PRO 5-1600 Cervantes and Mike Jones the the Old Puertocitos Road." have time to even pull the We're looking forward to running The Pro Bugs class was the .last. A "complaining" Mike ra-Mike Jones had to be.pushed Casanova-Fouquette names with those guys again." race of the day as the two cars dioed in that "the pumper on past the checkered flag -not and only adding "La Paz, BCS" l. Ruben Sanudo; 2. Martin of the Allan Gregory Racing MY side isn't working. I'm haw-through (of course). "The fin-and "Cassia de Empeno" letter-Gonzalez; 3. Pietro Brassea; 4. Organization took on the spon-ott!" ish line had huge tire holes and ing. The long tow team finished Cesar Cons Molina & Sitnon soring Tractorland car of Mike Event sponsor Jones later we got stuck!" a respectable sixth. Ruiz; 5. Frank Rascon; 6. Steve Jones and Arturo Cervantes. said: "We took our time on the Second place racer Javier Raul Solano's broken ex-Phillips; 7. Randy "Bo" Ander-Plus all of the usual CoDe sus-last section. We broke a clutch Median "Perce bu" finished haust held him back to sev-son & Steve Downing (DNF); pects: Carlos Davila and Los cable and as we were out fixing with a right front smiley, but no enth. The Carlos Davila #555 8. Brian Wilson & Greg Branch Pinuelas, the '99 champion it we had a rear tire go down!" flat. ORW, Ventura's Prep car was aggressive but an extra (DNF). Covas', Marcos Nunez' Arturo concurred, saying that Pepinos. hour spent on the second lap PRO 8 "Kiosko" car, and Efre n the cable sheath was filled with Efren Gastelum drove all drove the m back out of the The Armando Bravo 1 H G astelum's shiny red car. dirt" ... so we just routed the three laps to fourth: "There Continued on page 40 HONDA · \ :'Power Equipment KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ POWER ·ro_~-D Racer· and Spectator D'-iscounts •GENERATORS •WELDERS • GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES =-,,.· • ': ATER PuMPS •?UTBOARD ENGINES I : -:;: LAWNMOWERS LAWN TRACTORS EB6500SX ' • RIDING MOWERS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS AND INVENTORY IF WE DoN'T HA VE IT, No ONE Does! Check our website EX1000 KAWAGUCHI HONDA . . 3532:E:.3RoS-CI..cs~CA9CXJ6.3•3·213.264.3936, ·264.5858 FAX 264.2136 -_&()NDA Power Equipment Dusty Times ~/SA s A L E s ' s E R V I C E ' p A R T s 1'. T..--.j-h;~n-' • : Iii H o N D A P ow E R E Q u I PM EN r S P E c I AL I s r 1 ~u ~15S easief. ' . ; . . ~ ~.:>r op11mum }Xrformanc-c-:>.nd ~cty. plc-.\$C 1·ead the O\\,,cr·s manual bt.·forc-Opt"ra:.lng you r Hood:\ Power Equipment. Spttlfkatlon1o subjec-t to cl'-...u,~e 'ol.1lhout notl1."t'. ~ E:illln.ite ?nly. b:i~d on r.urd load. +Ba1tery n ot included "1th EMJ!>OOSXKl. E~l5000SXKI <Uld EB0500$.X. ++\\.it..h bdttery tr.iy kit. whrtls ~ h.\l"lij:c-r. ConnttUon to house-po"'-cr rcqulrn tr.uufcrd~1fe to ,wot,! po~s1ble lnJury 10 pm1,:er company pi.'rsonnel. Consult 3 qualifi<"d l"lN:U11.;lan. September 2000 Page 39 -----~---------------------L

Page 40

Abel Encarnacion couldn't get a finish with his Class 8 Ford, but he went further than anyone else, got credit for the win. · money to eighth. Covas looked Gastelum and Friends; 5. realsoftintherearandhadan Miguel Pablof; 6. Ernesto unusual bad day, finishing Gonzalez; 7. Raul Solano; 8. ninth. Carlos Davila; 9. J.A. & J.C. Jason Gregory was in the Covas; 10. Oscar Galindo second Allan Gregory-logo-ed (DNF); 11. Jason Gregory & VWwithAl'sson-in-law-to-be Matt Peterson (DNF); 12. Matt Peterson. "TCG" Matt, Marcos Nunez (DNF); 13. Luis according to Bill Gregory, ra-Leal (DNF). dioed about hearing "a noise in PRO 9 the back" -but it went away. Class winner Navarretes So did the motor. # 553 lost all stopped at RM2 7 L2 for a very of its oil out by the mountains quick water bottle pick-up, no on their second lap, after more than a few seconds were (only?) four races on the Ma-consumed as the stop was right jor motor -"but it was fun! We after a sharp turn onto the Old had Tractorland (Mike Jones, Puertocitos Road. While et al) in an Agro sandwich for Navarrete's had an oiled right a lap!" They borrowed a quart rear shock it did not hamper of oil from some sideline per., their performance. They car-sonnel and red-lighted the en-ried no spare at the finish -hav-gine to their chase crew and ing pitched it after a flat to some R & R. keep ahead of Tony Gomez. Mike Jones, a 32 year vet-Their only problems were "hav-eran of SF and Puertocitos, said ing to hit the fuel pump and the that "the racing in this class is roughest part -north to the fin-the best that there is, with so ish." many different winners. Except Tony Gomez took full and for Marcos Nunez, with wins in immediate advantage of the the first two events and at the new SCORE C lass 9 rules by "Baja 500". Pretty good for an putting on 2-1 /2 inch dampers ex-"11" guy. with 7 /8-inch rods. "We have 1. Allan Gregory & Steve not adjusted them as much as Kobyashi; 2. Javier Medina; 3. we need to," Tony lamented in Arturo Cervantes, Mike Jones the chase truck. "Ivan radioed & Jasen Jones; 4. Efren that the car was bouncing." ~,~ ~IBtJ Are YOU re911'1 ftr BAJA? 7,uwet u,id &AS& aMt _etf)Jt'JtJ~ 11e tput'I, p~,,n& ~ WORLDWIDE AIRCRAFT CHARTER SERVICES CALL TODAY FOR PRICING Toll Free 1-866-FLY AJET (1-866-359-2538) AIS9 9ffer1111: HELICOPTER SUPPORT AIR AMBULANCE SERVICES AIRCRAFT SALES & LEASING Page 40 Nunez Jimenz was the Over-all Sportsman at 34 mph but it was close, only 15 minutes separated first from fourth. Third place fo"(;e Soto (590) is the "mi corrip,a"·y yo" car -"my buddy and me." Alejandro and Leonardo Navarrete drove their single seat Class 9 car to victory, 34 minutes in front of the second place car. Jorge Ma:ttinez, Sr. & Jr. and Cesar and Arturo Guzman -the other Tractorland car -got on their lid, so Simon (Perez) says. Passenger Chris Dotinga reported that a car in front of them had an "acci-dent" then admitted that they went over three times in the course of the race ... or the car did. Chris was responsible only for two. "We had a lot of close calls!" They were sixth. Mateo Pablofs "Mike's Place" VW came back to the pits with a busted engine. "h's a piston," said the crew. "We 're going back to change the engine." Apparently NOT! Tony got in after the second lap and brought the borrowed May-oral-Lacarra car home in· sec-ond place. The FraNfer car was third and fourth place Ernesto Gonzalez' "9" finished with an exhaust· system broken in two places and welded by the Union 76 pit crew. 1. Alejandro & Leonardo Navarrete; 2. Ivan & Tony Go-mez; 3. Francisco Fernandez; 4. Ernesto Gonzalez; 5. Juan May-oral (DNF). PRO 7 Alberto Gonzalez "Gova 700" started out with three men and finished with five pis-tons: "Valbula motor sedes compuso iso la carrera con five pis·tones." ( ... "a valve of the motor broke, so we had to race with just five pistons ... ") Now you know. l. Alberto Gonzalez; 2. Os-car Rebeles (DNF); 3. Ignacio Pereda (DNF). PRO 7S Refugio Fonseca 's new "Daffy Duck" -the brand new replacement for the yellow "Tweety Bird" -had an auspi-cious debut with a win over three other mini-truck char·g-e rs. The super-sano "Cuco Welding" vehicle routs the ex-haust up. into the bed. Fernando Real's #749 was out at RM25 while exuberant Duron c la n was noticeably missing at the finish line. l. Refugio Fonseca; 2. Ser-gio & Armando Duron (DNF); 3 . Dave Ahles (DNF); 4. Fernando ·Real (DNF). PRO 11 7 TWO LAPS Fernando Flores # 1148 stopped way out on the course to cinch up the adjusters. At RMB they had broken a torsion and lost two hours in the re-pair. "They had to pull the op-posite side (torsion bar) to pound out the stub," a crew man said. Winner Alberto Or-t~ga operates out of the local ice house, Hielo Alaska," so that is pretty cool. l. Alberto Ortega; 2. Fernando Flores; 2. Miguel Mexia (DNF). SPORTSMAN -TWO LAPS SPORTSMAN 1600 The "Snarling Challa Race Club" bought a new car -and won on its maiden outing. George and the El Dorado/ Pete's Campo consortium bought the Ray Gibson two seater, did a quick prep -and finished. The Team is under-standably excited about their new venture. There's nothing like a "Win" to re-group the group. Their success in their 5-September 2000 1600 ranged from a finish in the '97 "1000" to a broken parted DNF in the last "Mil." George laughed, now, when he told of the steering coupler coming apart and sending them toward an arboretum-sized El-ephant Tree at RM35 on their last lap. "Man! I had no steer-ing at all. It was a#### wild ride! Then I broke reverse try-ing to get out of it." Chris Andres and George used basic San Felipean methods and shoved in " ... a cheap Chinese screw driver into the cross and got to our pit at the lower end." Brian and Dan added a (what else) cheap Chinese 10mm wrench into the U-joint, wired and taped it together and sent them home. "other than that," the full time San Felipe resi-dent smiled, "the car worked great. OK, the shocks are 'off', but it was a good day! Jorge Vargas (Taller J.E.F.E.) will re-do them.llThey came off the.'5-1600' car" and the fronts were single non-reservoir Bilsteins. l. George Jackson & Chris Andres; 2. Gustavo Rodriguez (DNF); 3. Frank Rojas (DNF). SPORTSMAN 8 The Tractorland Ford of Arturo Ruiz was freshly painted in the yellow and green "John Deere" colors of the sponsor. Their C6 went out and it took nine men and a come-along to get the big rig onto the trailer. 1. Arturo Ruiz & Rafael Ar-royo (DNF). SPORTSMAN 5 Victor Herrera "Frank" runs a paper air filter element on the back. He got to Check 1. 1. Martin Lizarraga; 2. Vic-tor Herrera (DNF). SPORTSMAN 5-1600 Only one of the seven two lap Bug failed to complete the course. Class winner Evaristo 1. Evaristo Nunez (Overall Sportsman); 2. Jose Montoya; 3. Jose Angel Soto; 4. Arnulfo Lopez Palacios; 5. Sergio Nieto; 6. Jorge Martinez & Chris Dotinga; 7. Mateo Pablof (DNF). SPORTSMAN 11 Juan Carlos Ramirez, the winner, stopped at RMI (!) to change drivers. But they had plenty of time to waste: Willie Agu-irre's race team were seen driving with no helmets -DQ. "It was too hot," they told Code's Alfonso Lacarra. Then going back to the start after being radioed that they were "Ou ta there!" they found their chase truck buried to the dif-ferential. l. Juan Carlos Ramirez; 2. Willie Aguirre (DQ). SPORTSMAN SAFARI The two finishing Safari cars (out of five) ran the course at a good clip. Ricardo Cons raced his blue and gray Bug the two complete laps in 4:29, about 32 mph. Which was good for third overall ·of the two lappers, including the Sportsman. Lorenzo Dojaquez' yellow "Yosemite Sam" ragtop was 30 minutes back. It was· still a good drive. Francisco Delgado's VW runs a six foot, small diameter air cleaner hose; could that be robbing "some" power? Carlos Cardenas' Number "O" car was a "zero," ending the day on a tow rope. Note: These are like "5" cars with single shocks. 1. Ricardo Cons Molina; 2. Lorenzo Dojaquez; 3. Fran-cisco Delgado; 4. Carlos Mario Cardenas; 5. Ismael Castro (DNF); 6. Masao Shiba Okada Alberto Gonzalez finished the race with his Ford on five cylinders, but got the class 7 win nevertheless. Dusty Times

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Arturo Cervantes and Jason Jones lost time on the third lap and Ivan and Tony Gomez borrowed a car from the Mayoral/Lacarra team, Major rear suspension problems slowed down Fernando and Mario Flores, but they got repaired in time to earn second place in Class 11. on. a moose turd. "This gives Lalo Mayoral, "QRW," them all a real reason to come Brassea's "VW Autopartes" out and cheer and to chase." and "Taller J.E.F.E." dropped back to finish third in the very competitive 5-1600 race. and drove it to second place in Class 9. (DNF). did. I was glad I was there." previous function. The team EL CHISMOSO Downing was told of the has also been helped at various A Good Man Gone situation at the end of the first events of "Rice and Beans," Code and the Baja Depart-lap and immediately stopped "The Beachcomber Bar," "El ment of Tourism facilitated later saying to Mari Lynn that Dorado," "Speedy Wash," and the quick-and-easy return of he "would never get in a race "Garcia's Gym" and "Boon-Randy to the USA. "They did car again." Anderson argued -docks Bar" in Amarillo, Texas. such an awesome job," his "I told him that Bo wouldn't But the main support is from wife, Marilyn, sighed. "I owe want that. The next time Steve the retirees and part-time resi-them more than I can ever re-suits up, I'll be there, he has ·dents of the San Felipe area. pay. He died at 10: 15 and at been part of the family." "We found that these people 10:30 that evening we were ~t Mrs. Anderson plans on es-were so excited just to be as-home." Joaquin and Alfonso tablishing a perpetual memo-sociated with a racing effort," handled .all of the paperwork rial trophy with Code; a rather than being just a lookie-(which could have been a ter-rotating trophy in his name: lou! "Many of them had never minal nightmare, in addition "After all, they retired his even thought about off road Sure, some just like to sit back The SCRC sells shirts and and watch but others, like 75 hats and has a hospitality year old Sam Whaley, volun-wagon plus does theme events,. tarily take the worst spots. such as "Oktoberfest." The "He'll go to Mike's, down to team plan is the "Baja 2000." Matomi, Bahia Santa Maria. "We figure four key drivers two The people from back east are co-drivers -with everyone a particularly enthusif¾stic, since mechanic -and sell a couple of racing is so different and it co-rides." Their plan is simple: gets them out into the desert start slow then back off -and for a 'reason'," George finish. stressed. ''And this win will Tech Tsk-Tsks mean a lot to all of us." Their Several cars were chastised to the shocking loss). Code number!" racing, at all." With loads of Sportsman win brought back at tear-down for having the the $200 entry fee plus con-float bowl vent tube removed tingency from Bob Hummel's from their PICT-1 carburetors. "Race Ready," "Baja Desert," "Don't do it again!" ■ had a memorial service at Community Support extra time, the Snaders took Mexicali for Anderson and the Racers are always decrying to the pageantry and the ex-staff also came to the U.S. fu- thle cost of competing: "I need citement of the races like a fly neral. a sponsor!" The Snarling Randy had planned to run Challa Race Club of San Feli-the full Co De "2000" series pe has worked the problem out then get into more of a family by assembling a group of local deal (read "four seater"?). The gringos who have become ma-kids, Luke (10) and daughter jor fans of off roild racing. Darcy (13), were, of course, George Jackson said that they devastated. "He was supposed are almost 90 members: "We to walk me down the aisle." throw a social function each Darcy cried. month - a couple of easy poker s ER R PP ET C C "Racing was his passion," runs, an auction, a swap meet, Mari Lynn said. "Of course his a monthly party -to raise family was his love, but he was funds. Our old car was used up doing what he liked, in a place (as a '5-1600' is so wont to do) that he loved. In the morning, so we got this one for cheap before the race, he kissed me with the proceeds." They eas-and said 'I'll see you.' And he ily raised U.S. $3500 at the Refugio Fonseca brought his new "Daffy Duck• Ford out to play and went home with the win in Class 7S. Class 11 ran only two laps and Alberto Ortega, in a good looking red and blue sedan, still found himself winning by almost three hours. Dusty Times (/) :::, t5 <( (.) ~ w w I ~ w z ::J a: w 1-z w (.) <( :e <( I ~ 0 >-(/) a: w ~ Ill <( ~ Ill en a: w ~ u:: z o!l :.: :.: (.) rt <!l :::, Ill i < YOUR OFF-ROAD SPECIALISTS! PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 Designed by Raceco in 1990 for military use, re-designed by McKenzie's for Off-Road use in 1994. This unit gives you more travel, less stub axle load and lighterweight, comes complete with arm mount-ing flange, disc brakes with billet calipers and pads, bearings and chromoly stub axles. Fresh Air Helmets Comes with shield & Hardware. CAC-100 Helmet Wired - Small CAC-200 Helmet Wired - Med. 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Page 42

MOJAVE DESERT RACING INC. Karteck By Ron Miller Photos: Trackside Photo Cindy Greinke and Darnen Jefferies teamed up in Greinke's 1600 car to lead all the way, taking the class win by a skinny minute and 51 seconds at MOR's Kartek 400. MDR's longest and most demanding race of the sea-son was contested June 1 7, 2000 at Lucerne. Eleventh hour discussions with Bu-reau of Land Management officials delayed the start some, but the overwhelming feeling among racers was better late, than never. Competitors handled nearly every challen_ge posed by the desert, but they had no answer for some of the worst dust conditions imaginable. Truth is, with visibility in the "What did we hid" range, it's no wonder the majority of this year's 80 starters were unable to fin-ish. But fear no t faithful fol-lowers, for Determination, · Not Futility, will be the "DNF" focused upon in this story. After all, Dusty Times did not become the No. l off road racing publication by subduing subscribers with tales of failure. So, bearing that in mind, let us shift ou_r attention toward identifying the 33 h eroic dust devils who defeated the desert in this year's "Kartek 400." Marty Melendrez, one of 'nine Class 100 starters, led Sean DeFrank ran a steady pace for all six laps in his Class 9 car to take the victory by over two hours. CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES BELL, SHOE!, SIMPSON From $299~00 Helmets Helmet & Skirt SNELL 95, SA 95 FOR SODA · , Complete Blower Systems for single or double seat cars. Helmet conversions, cool boxes, Complete line of PYROTECT, FILLER Safety ,Products & BEL Motorsports. We ship UPS daily. V~-Mastercard 5J53 Bowden Avenue - San Diego -CA-92117 - 858-279-2509 Page 42 the parade of vehicles to the s t art/finish line. Richard Boyle, the 1999 Kartek 400 Class 100 and overall race winner, was not among the nine. Despite h is defection, the division was .very well represented, as evidenced by the fact that three of this year's top four finishers hailed from Class 100. Troy Pomeroy was the first com-petitor to complete Lap l . Pomeroy put on _an awesome display of power, flying through his opening loop in 1:06:07. Unfortunately, · Pomeroy1s scintillating ex-· hibition of speed went for naught. That's because classmate David Massing-ham bettered his clocking. by three seconds (1: 06:04), and Pomeroy was unable to comple te another lap. Mass-ingham would go on to score much more than just the day's fast lap honors. D.M. assumed command of the race during Lap 2, and re-fused to relinquish the lead. His outstanding final time of 7:27:04 earned Massing-ham the overall "Kartek 400" victory by a 12 minute margin, and the Class 100 win by 13. Whit Courtenay, the run-away winner in Class 1000, was nearly as impressive. Courtenay was in the thick of contention from start to finish, while securing over-all runner-up honors for the Marcourt Racing Team. Courtenay's hastily-traveled half dozen laps were com-pleted in 7:39:56. Tim Scalzo finished very strongly to place second in Class 100 and third overall. His torrid final loop (1 :08:06) was the day's fastest Lap 6 clocking, and drew Scalzo to within a minute of Courtenay at the finish. Ken Bunn checked in about seven minutes back of Scalzo (7:47:44) to place third in Class 100 and fourth overall. Rich Fersch also made a fine showing. September 2000 Bobby Quarnstrom, Jr. lurches out of a hole with his Ford truck as he heads for his victory in Class 1400. Fersch came away with run-ner-up honors in Class 1000, and his productive eight hour· stint (8:01: 11) proved fifth best overall. The firs t through fifth place finishers in Class 1600 rounded out the top 10 po-sitions in overall scoring. -It turned out to be a banner day for Cindy Greinke (sixth o / a ) who emerged victorious in Class 1600. Greinke had to dig deep to turn back the determined bid of runner-up Mike Mal-loy. C.G. held a 10 minute lead over Malloy as that pair entered their sixth and final lap: H owever, by the time th ey reached the checkered flag that margin was less • tha n two minutes. Greinke, who also took fast lap hon-ors ( 1: 16: 20), posted a final Continued on page 44 Mark Harber and his Suburban had a couple of long laps, but still ran well enough to take a nice second place in Class 1400. Tim Lindsay had some tough competition, but kept moving steadily and took the 5-1600 win by a margin of a half hour. Dusty Times

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Jamie Campbell and his Ford truck had the Class 1200 fast lap, at .____ _ _,_ __________________ __, 1:27:167 but a long f/rst lap marred their day. and they ended up in Brian Logan and Keith Westerfield paired up in Logan's car, and Harry Dunne had major problems on the third lap but he hung in second place. finished third in the very tight Class 1-2/1600 race. there and took a nice second place in Class 9. time of 8 :09:28. Malloy clicked off his six loops in 8: 11: 19. Next came Brian Logan, who finished third in 1600 and eighth overall. Lo-gan checked in about five minutes back of Malloy, and nearly 1 O min.utes ahead of Ed Pauley. Pauley (8:25:40) edged classmate Owen Pot-ter by 5 2 seconds to claim fourth in 1600 and ninth overall. Four Class 1000 racers followed Potter. Jason Cobb, Guy Cordon, Richard Beck and Dan Myers made up that quartet. Cobb com-pleted his six lap assignment in 8:45:58 to place third in class and 11th overall. Cor-don overcame a broken axle, generator wire and carburetor support to take fourth in 1000. His 8:49:41 clocking proved 12th best on .the day. Beck wound up five minutes in arrears to _place fifth p3th o/a) and Whit Courtenay and Don Hatch teamed in a Jimco, struggled with the silt, but still took the Class 1000 win, and second place in the overall standings. Here they pass Randy Lewis. Myers checked m nine min-utes back of him in sixth (14th o/a). Bob Wiederhold and Roland Barry com-pleted the Class 1600 scor-ing. Wiederhold earned sixth place in that division and 15th overall, with a time of 9:25:25. Barry took seventh and claimed 20th overall, while requiring 10 hours to complete his. half dozen laps. The overall 16th through Daniel Fresh had four good steady laps to take the Class 1200 win in his Jeep by about 25 minutes. 18th place finishers were all winners in their respective divisions. Tim Lindsay (16th) scored a clear cut victory in Class 550'.' Lind-say won geared down at the firiish, while polishing off h_is six laps in 9:29: IO. Sean DeFrank was an even bigger winner in Class 900. De-Frank (17th), who stopped the timer in 9:46:22, crossed the finish nearly two and a half hours before his Greg Crew and his Got Dirt? team always have fun, and this time they Boyd Scott sports a crumpled roof-line and duct-taped. 'hood as he Jason Cobb had his odd looking Class 5-turned-Class 10 car flying took second place in Class 1300 while doing it. bounces and jounces toward his third place finish in 5-1600. high as he headed toward his third place finish. ' • .. , . Page 44 Wjnf ·:·wHh 76 Racina Gasoline· One entry for each 251(,allolls of 76 100 or 110 Octane Rac:lng Gaaollne purchased from CL Bryant o, an autllorlzed dlsb1bator from Jan. 1, 2000 tllrough October 31, 20001 Win Free 76 Racing Gasollne (up to 250 gallons.) To Enter: Send your proof of purcllase, alongwltll Name, Address, and Phone to: CL Bryant, Inc. Attn: Mitch 237 E. Wllltm01'8Ave. Modesto, CA. 95358 . ~RACING ' '4.7GASOLINE ..... ~ Falrplex - Pomona October 7 &8 September 2000 ~RACING v,i::/GASOLINE Authorized Distributors -Southern California, call: KRS Distributing 714-816-8983 Cosby 011 1-800-54-COSBY !!!!!~• For a Distributor Nearest You • 800-399-4176 Dusty Times

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Joel Mohr did not have a good day at the MOR race, an error sent him -..~ .............. =....£=.......:~~~-.......:..:.............:~.......:~~ ........ = tumbling hard and he lost nearly three hours. He was not seriously Class 1 O struggled, with a 62% DNF rate, but Guy Cordon was one of Guy Evans had six really consistent laps in his 5-1600 car, and took second place with an average speed of 30.3 mph. hurt and finished third. PHOTO ev BILL CoTA .. .. if~ the finishers, taking fourth place with his two-seater. age. Mohr, who posted the Class 900 fast lap time on his initial loop, was not quite so fortunate. He suf-fered a broken hand during a nasty Lap 4 mishap, which ended in a spectacular roll. The on-site medical crew spent considerable time treating the defending Class 900 champ's injury. A while later, they were prompted to ask how Mohr was doing, af-ter seeing his vehicle back on the course. Apparently, they were none too pleased when the response was "why don't you ask him yourself, when he comes around next Dennis Sletten and his red-white-and-blue Class 11 cartakeabigjumphere, pushin lap." In spite of some rather hard to stay ahead of second place. Sletten won by just 20 seconds. q u es ti On able j u d gm e n t , nearest rival. At least De-Frank had classmates who finished. That was not the case with John Criswell (28th o/a), who waltzed to victory in Class 500. Three of Criswell's four foes were history by Lap 2, and the other was finished after four. J.C. took 10:03:04 to complete his virtually pres-sure-free assignment. Guy Evans had unknown prob-lems on Lap 1, but recov-ered nicely to take second place in Class 550. After re-quiring 2:09:52 to complete his opening loop, Evans posted a quintet of one hour 30 min•ute laps to finish 19th overall. It was quite a ways back to the final two finishers in 550. Scott Boyd took third in that division and 21st overall with a final time of 10:47: 11. Robert Moore (fourth and 23rd) completed the Class 550 scoring, while reaching the finish line in a shade under 12 hours. Steve Martz started fast and went on to win a battle of attrition in Class 7 50. During Lap 1, Martz posted fast lap time (1:41:43) and opened a commanding lead over his two class rivals. Three laps later, both his adversaries· were gone and Martz was home free. S.M. cruised past the finish line in 11:06:22 to win Class 750 and claim 22nd spot over-all. Somehow, Class 900 rac-ers Harry Dunne and Joel Mohr managed to place sec-ond and third respectively in their division. Both over-came extreme adversity to finish the race and claim 24th and 25th overall. Dunne, who was making his first start since being in-jured in a race last season, had a new ride for his come-back. Unfortunately, he suf-Dusty Times fered mechanical difficulties on the Dry Lake, where the dust made visibility nonex-istent. When Dunne got out to push his stalled vehicle, his luck went from bad to worse. Dunne's foot was run over by his own vehicle, when he was rear-ended by another entrant. Then, be-lieve it or not, the other ve-hicle ended up coming to rest on Dunne's foot. Ap-parently, Dunne escaped se-rious harm, but his vehicle sustained some major dam-Dunne and Mohr both de-serve credit for their cour-age and tenacity. That said, it's time to take a gander at the four lap divisions. There were only three starters in Class 1100, but there's still plenty to talk about. One highlight Julio Curiel recording fast lap time ( 1 :48:05) on Lap l. One downer was Scott Schroeder making an early exit. One big surprise was Denni-s Sletten and Robert Henderson trailing Curiel In Class 1300 Kurt Puhl had the fast lap and then went on to take the win, completing his four laps almost an hour in front of second place. David Massingham had a great race, set fast lap, took the Class 1 Gold Medal and the overall win as well September 2000 by nearly two hours with opening looe. Daniel Fresh one lap remaining. The ab-scored the Class 1200 vic-so lute shocker? The "11 tory with a final clocking of Brothers" came back to win. 7:25:04. Campbell finished The never say die dU"o runner-up in the time of ended up edging Curiel by 7:52:03. In Class 1300 ac-20 seconds in 9:56: 14. tion, only two of the six In Class 1200, four starters were able to go the started and two were out distance. Kurt Puhl, who after Lap 1. Jamie Campbell took fast lap honors posted fast lap time on Lap (1 :42:56) went on to score 2 (1:27:16), but he was un-an easy victory in 7:36:57. able to make up the time Greg Crew was unable to lost during a three hour Continuedonpage46 GOT SHOCKS? Your main source for the all I new RaceRunner shock series / . .d'-. from Sway-Away. Now avail-A;;---'~ able in 2", 2 1/2", and massive naceRunner 3" body coil-over design. •11oc«• IY 6WAl"- A -WAY . .,, THE SOURCE · for off-road racing equipment and services We now offer complete shock services including custom revolving and rebuilding. We· sell and ser-vice FOX, BILSTEIN, and all SWAY-A-WAY shocks, including the new RACE RUNNER series. Play cars or race cars, Class 9 or trucks, 1/2 1600, even super-long travel A-arm cars, KARTEK gets you handled! lNi:l};] 1ili!i1:!i (909) s;,s-2s2s "C:orr qc,,.J ta~~:J9~2:~'.'i:s1 14122 Central ave. Chino, CA. 91710 open 7 days a week! Page 45

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Ed Pauley and Rick Boyer had some trouble with an unavoidable silt Father and son, Tom and Mike Malloy ran hard and well to take second Harry Dunne had a couple of troubled laps, but otherwise did so well bed, but still managed a nice fourth place in the tough 1600 class. place in their flag-bedecked 1600 car, only 1:51 out of first place. he took second place in the Class 9 race. keep pace with the winner, final loop, and he came (1:16:30) and Bryan Geer loop (1 :09:52) while speed-marathon test of man but finished second in the through with a class best doing likewise in Class 550 ing through a trio of swift (woman) and machine. time of 8:35: 15. 1 :53 :34 clocking. The (1 :25:39). Geer was looking laps. Geoff Sanborn, of Congrats to di vis-ion win-A field of seven battled winner's final time was good until the race's half-Class 1600, was the only ners Criswell, Lindsay, in Class 1400. Bobby 10:12:59, while the runner-way point, where he was starter who completed all Martz, Defrank, Cour-Quarnstrom Jr. erased a 22 · up completed his assign-forced to exit. A similar fate but his final lap (no small tenay, Sletten, Fresh , Puhl, minute deficit on the final ment in 10: 19:57. befell Class 1000 racer feat). And that will do it for Quarnstrom, Greinke and lap to steal the win from A few other t_idbits were Chad Cummings. Like this year's "Kartek 400." last, but not least, 2000 Mark Harber. "Q Jr." Dave C ua garnering fast lap Geer, Cummings also tal-Kudos to MDR and all "Kartek 400" champion needed a big effort on the hon ors in Class 500 lied his division's fastest who participated in the David Massingham. ■ Tim Scalzo churns through the silt in his open class car (a Truggy) as Steve Martz, in a stock class Ford Ranger, had some serious problems Shown here in a good moment, Joel Mohr recorded the class fast he tries to pass a smaller Competitor Scalzo took second in class, while in the silt bed, but still managed a class win. laps at 1:30:22, before his rough rollover. _th_i~_d_o_ve_r._al_l. _________________ _ PRECISION i!B65 6undry Ave. Signal HIii. CA 9DBD6 BDD.959. 7757 562.427.2-375 FAX: 5i!Ei.4i!Ei.5i!94 everything you need ta build. maintain and operate a racecar Baits. Nu t s and Hardware Sparca Seats. Steering Wheels. Suits and Sat'ety Equipment Fir e Systems SIi/cane Turbo Hase Nea Synthet,lc Lubricants Craw Belts and Harnesses Bell Helmets Aurora. NHBB and FK Rad Ends Fuel Sat'e and Tr/angle Fuel Cells Setrab. Lang and Flu/dyne DI/ Coolers Weldon Fuel and DI/ Pumps Fresh Air Driver Vent/lat/an 5ystems lntercamp S cales and Allgnment Equipment Earrs. Aeraqulp & 5peedt'/aw Stainless Braided Hase & Fittings s e e our complete online catalog at www. b .a1' Page 46 September 2000 Dusty Times

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As part of the Riverside-style track a "Mickey Thompson" style stadium course will be created. The stadium event will feature two 8-lap heat races and a 12-lap main event for Stadium Trucks, Stadium Cars, Stadium Quads, and Superlites; two moto format for bikes/ATVs. The Stadium Event will take place on Saturday with trophies and purses paid on Saturday night. .sA~HHAfdH✓y----------------------------- --------9:00AM-9:20AM Stadium Sport Trucks-Heat 1 9:20AM-9:40AM Stadium Modified Buggies: Heat 1 11:00AM-11:20AM Stadium Sport Trucks-Heat 2 11:30AM-11:45AM Stadium Modified Buggies-Heat2 1 :00 PM -1: 15 PM Stadium Sport Trucks -Main 1 1:15 PM-1:30 PM Stadium Sport Trucks-Main 2 1:30PM-1:45PM Stadium Modified Buggies-Main 1 1 :45 PM -2:00 PM Stadium Modified Buggies-Main 2 Desert Tour ·J • • X 4 i a Q I➔ i E 11 [ a i u tfl1:i:~1:~J:j:J:!:Jj: Offroad Buggies & Trucks break down into three groups: Bikes and ATVs will be broken into three groups: 1) All Sportsman Buggies, Sport Trucks, and Stock Trucks 1) Sportsman, Beginner, and First Time Whiplash Racer 2) Limiteds (Challenger, 1/2-1600, 511600, Pro 7 and Vintage) 2) Pro, Expert, Intermediate, Novice, Senior Expert, Senior, 3) Unlimited Group (Pro 1-2, 10, 5, 8 Trucks, "T" Trucks) and Super Senior · itting) Each of the groups will race a 60 minute heat on Saturday and a 3) All ATVs LAND RUSH STARTS! (C0nd~~ns Penn_ 60 minut~ he_at on Sunday. The best combined finish for the two Sun~a't--------------------------This 1s a points racer events will wm. rARTS' (Conditions Pennitfing) · LAND RUSH S t'1 · This is a oints race! 8:00 AM -9:00 AM First Time Racers, Beginners & Sport Bikes Satui~a't _________________________________ J;}__________ 10:15AM-11:15AM Desert Pros, Experts, Intermediates & 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Desert Sportsman, Limited & Unlimited Novice Bikes Trucks & Buggies 12:30 PM-1:30 PM All Desert ATVs 10:00AM-11:00AM Desert Limited Pro Trucks & Buggies All desert bikes, ATVs, Minis and Peewees classes will enjoy a 12:00 PM-1:00 PM Desert Unlimited Pro Trucks & Buggies /and-rush start!!! Minis & Pee Wees will race on Saturday afternoon in separate 45 minute events. 7:00 PM -· Stadium, Mini & Pee Wee Awards Presentation RACE FEES: Pro Trucks & Buggies $275.00; Sportsman $150.00 Pro Bikes/ATVs $100.00; Non-Pro $60.00 RA CE FEES: Sun~a't-----------------------------------------------$100. 00 Pro entry fee with 70% payback; $25.00 ~ · 9:15AM-10:15AM Desert Sportsman, Limited & Unlimited Minis $35.00; Peewees $25.00 $100 payback per entry pro trucks/buggies; 70% payback pro bikes/ATVs Non-pro entry fee for bikes/ATV 'II/. Trucks & Buggies Trophy and awards presentation immediately mSla ,.;11.m 11 :20 AM -12:20 PM Desert Limited Pro Trucks & Buggies following final scoring calculations '1/Cno 1:45 PM-2:45 PM Desert Unlimited Pro Trucks & Buggies & Cars Desert trucks and buggies will enjoy a land-rush startf!! ~HD'~ASH Motor~

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BEST IN THE DESERT SILVER STATE SERIES · ROUND 4 consistency Nets Win For Campbell/Staab· By Mark Kariya Photos: Trackside Photo Johnny Campbell and Tim Staab rode their Honda to the overall win on the Nevada 2000, a 13 minute winning margin after 25 hours of riding. The longer the race, the ·less of a factor all-out speed be-comes. If you 're a sub-10-sec-ond 100-meter Olympic sprinter, that's nice, but chances are you won't be a threat for the top spot at the rider per bike and no course markings (placing a premium on navigational skills like correctly interpreting the road book), the Nevada Rally used a similar course during its three year run between 1993-95. end of the 2 6. 2 mile Bos-r::,,-----;,-.. _-. -:m;--=---717¥\ilJ;n;;;;CWBWf•,.,,· ,.,,,.,,~ ton Marathon. -,t No, when there are miles to go until you sleep, perseverance is what gets you to the fin-ish when those around you fall. And so it went in the · first ever Nevada 2000, Round 4 of Best in the Desert's Silver State Se-ries. A six day Ion!} off road race around the state, it definitely quali-fied as long (longest off road race in the country at nearly 1500 miles), and sheer speed ended up taking a back seat to consistency of perfor-mance. In this race to cel-ebrate the year 2000 (not to compete 2000 miles), promoter Casey Folks relied heavily upon his past experience with the old Acerbis Adven-Not coincidentally, the last man to win the Nevada Rally (and its sole American winner after Frenchman Alain Olivier won the first two) -Team Honda's Johnny Campbell - be-came an immediate favorite to also win t"he Nevada 2000. Since that '95 vic-tory, of course, Campbell has become one of the best in the country, if not the world, when it comes to gobbling up great dis-tances in the shortest time possible. He's won the SCORE San Felipe 250 and Baja 1000 three times each, the Baja 500 twice. He's been on the six man team that won the biennial 24 Hour Off Road World Endurance Championship twice, set-ting new world records both times (the latest be-ing a staggering 1362 miles). And Honda fi-~ nally came out with its newest, biggest XR -the XR650R -which seemed tailor-made for the task of desert racing. tures Nevada Rally. A motorcycle only race done in the European rally style with only one Daryl Folks and Rick Bozarth completed the grueling Nevada 2000 first in 030P with a 40 minute cushion on theirKTM. And so, he and part-ner Tim Staab left the impound area in Las Ve-gas on a warm July morn-ing full of hope, yet with the pressure of high ex-pectations as well. Hon-\ "'"J ~~ David Meek rode his Honda to a great lronman Expert win, beating his competition by 43 minutes on a 30 hour ride. da backed them up with another pair: two time Baja 500 winner Jonah Street and new team member Steve Hengeveld. But Team Green countered• with speed merchants of its own, defending series champs Destry Abbott/Brown Brown and runners-up Shane Esposito/ David Ondas on their KX500s. Abbott and Brown especially figured to make it a race, they're currently the fastest men in the desert, running 1-2 in the AMA National Hare & Hound Series. The big question was whether their two stroke moto-cross based bike would stand up to what basically were six ma-jor desert races in a row with only 70 minutes of maintenance permitted each afternoon. DAY 1 As Abbott revealed after winning the first day: "Our .bikes are basicafly stock this time. We usually never use stock -we do little mods to it as far as motor and cylinder-wise -and this [race] we're running stock so the temperature won't build up as much. "I think that'll help [as well as] short-shifting it, not letting it rev all the time and not riding it so hard -which we kind of did today. Of course, maybe on Day 3, depending on how the motor is and how it feels, ~we might do a top end. Hopefully not. I'd like· to be able to make six days on it and bring her up on the podium." A veritable 92 mile sprint from north of Vegas to sou th of Mesquite, Abbott/Brown set the pace with their 1:51:03. Camp-bell/Staab settled into second at 1:54:18 while Hengeveld/Street took third for the day at 1:55 :31. Campbell insisted he wasn't concerned, however. "We're looking really well. I know we finished second for the day which was right about where I wanted to be. I didn't expect to win the first day, I just wanted to be right there in the hunt. I just wanted to take it easy on the first day and ride smooth and be easy on equipment be-cause it's one of the roughest days - just to get through it in good shape is good for the rest of the week because we have so many days to go. "Once we leave Mesquite, we're going to travel up into some high country, and the riding's going to get a lot more fun - we can start racing!" Others got off on the wrong foot and er.::ied up doing more it The Houck/Mitchell/Zieger trio had a good ride on their Honda, taking the Open Expert wan by half an hour. Danny Cooper and Matt Gosnell rode their Yamaha to the 250P win, Bert Bradford, Rob Phillips and Cody Young Came down from Utah to Paul Krause and Garth Sweetland rode their Yamaha to a first in 4-SU their margin only seven minutes after a long, long ride. ride the,r KTM to a nice second in Open Expert. Pro and t!!_ey were tenth overall_a_s_w_e_ll_. ______ _ Page 48 September 2000 Dusty Times

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Ross Williams and Bill Maxim gave their KTM a good ride, taking the The Over 35 Expert win went to the Reger/Whipple/Glimp Honda, Bill and Lyle Perkins along with Pat Sams grabbed a bit of air on their win in 0-40 Pro at the BITD Nevada 2000. almost 32 hours of ridin to the finish. way to the Over 40.Expert win on their l(TM. __ w_r_e_n_c'h..,.in_g_t'h_a_n_ra_c-;i_n_g __ ..,,T""h-e-.=========~~==== Esposito/Ondas team got mere feet away from the starting line of the prologue (a short time trial used to determine the starting order for the actual race) when the gearbox in their bike grenaded. Fortunately for them, T earn Green technicians worked furiously to replace it and they lost minimal time en route to Mesquite. The same could not be said of the Ty Davis/Russell Pearson duo, another favored pair. While unofficially leading by their estimate, the engine on their Montclair Yamaha YZ426F let go. According to the rules of this race, such a cata-strophic engine failure could be repaired so they could continue the next day, but there would be a substantial time penalty assessed. But in a race this long, who knows what fate might be-fall those in front? The Davis/ Pearson crew carefully rebuilt the motor in Mesquite's swelter-The Taylor/Sheets/Wilk Husaberg entry rode to the Over 30 Expert win, taking 30 hours, 18 minutes for the Nevada ride. Across the river, the Honda of Rich Jesse and Mike Roth heads for the 250 Amateur win and a 19th overall at the Nevada 2000. ing heat. Team Green found itself leading the Over 30 Pro class as well, with Price Racing's Mike Healey/Scott Morris clocking a . 1:57:16.on their KX500 for fifth overall to edge Rick Bozarth/ Daryl Folks who turned a 2:00:47 on their Sportsman Cycle KTM 300 M/XC. Another close race found Chad Houck/Tex Mitchell/Phil-lip Zieger leading the Experts overall. They completed the first day in 2:06:00 on their Baja Designs XR650R, with fellow Open Experts Bert Bradford/ Rob Phillips/Cody Young just 38 seconds back on their Rocky Mountairi Motorcycles KTM 300. . Somewhat surprisingly, a trio of 250cc Amateurs led the over-all Amateur ranks with Rich Jesse/Mike Roth/Oren Wheeler sitting in 23rd overall on their Pro Sport Honda CR250R -and it wasn't a new one -in 2:23:15. That put them nearly a minute ahead of the next yellow plate, who turned out to be lronman Amateur Hisahide Ueno from Japan on a Yamaha Motocross Club thumper. The A TV ranks found Class 1 Kim Kuhnis/William Yokley out front on their Roll Design in 2: 12;24 (ollowed by Greg Row/Jimmy Stephensen's 2: 12:57 and Doug Eichner/John Gregory's 2:20: 10. Day 1 -Top 10 1. Destry Abbott/Brian Brown (Kaw; Open) 1:51:03; 2 . . Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab (Hon; Open) 1:54:18; 3. Steve Hengeveld/Jonah Street (Hon; Open) 1 :55:31; 4. Mike Baxter/ Rob Zimmerman (Yam; Open) 1:55:52; 5. Mike Healey/Scott Morris (Kaw; Over 30) 1:57:16; 6. Rick Bozarth/Daryl Folks (KTM; Over 30) 2:00:47; 7. Darrol Brown/Kevin Brown (Hon; Over 30) 2:04:41; 8. Jeff Lundgreen/Mark Lund green (Hbg; Over 30) 2:05:07; 9. Paul Krause/Garth Sweetland (Yam; 4-S U 450) 3:05: 17; 10. Danny Cooper/Matt Gosnell (Yam; 250) 2:05:56. DAY2 While the second day tech-nically began in Mesquite, that's only where crews got their ma-chines out of impound at what The Kawasaki of Seginski/Smith/Richardson Is shown on it's way to the -Over 30 Amateur win and it took 34 hours of hard riding. Dusty Times seemed like shortly after mid-night. The location of the start-ing line was actually in Alamo, some 90 miles away, and to be there in time for the 5:30 a.m. start meant. painfully early wake-up calls for many. But this would be the day that found the race going up in elevation as well as latitude, giving everyone some respite from temperatures over 100 de-grees. As Campbell had pre-dicted, they'd be heading into higher country where more trees and water are found. The finish would be 289 miles to the north, a few miles south of Ely. Abbott/Brown were first to get the green light (easy to see in the pre-dawn light), thanks to their previous day's fast time; Campbell/Staab started 30 sec-onds later, as did the rest of the field (30 second intervals). Faster than the first day as well as longer, what didn't change was the results for the top three. Campbell/Staab closed in, even taking over the lead in corrected time at one point, unofficially. However, a flat tire ruined the Honda team's chances to keep the front sport, and they had to play catch-.up again after a quick wheel change. Bozarth/Folks moved up in the standings, squeaking past Healey/Morris to record a _time just eight seconds quicker. Ex Continued on page 50 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD. RACING Sept. 16th RACE CANCELLED Due to BLM Problems with Wendover Race Course. George Cain (801)773-1651 Fax (801)773-9319 September 2000 Page 49

Page 50

. . The Yancey/Lutes/Cornett Kawasaki plows through the water on the Ron Dar/Ing/Steven Scales and Roger Russell were the Open Amateur Jonah Street and Steve Hengeveld were second in Open P, second overall on their Honda, 13 minutes in arrears. way to the 4-SU E win, just over 34 hours on the road. winners, winning on their Honda by almost three hours. perts Houck/Mitchell/Zieger week. He'd been in hot, humid [the Qualifier leaving me too made a monumental leap up-Texas racing for a berth on the beat, because I was hammered," wards, thrusting themselves U .S. ISDE team at the final Krause admitted. "In fact, the into a remarkable sixth overall ISDE two day Qualifier and left last two special [tests] yesterday just in front of Krause/Sweet-Sunday's first day entirely in [in Texas]. I was just on cruise land. The second day actually Sweetla11d's capable hands. mode, I just had to get through, marked Krause's first ride of the "I was a little worried about not make any mistakes. But I just got enough fluids back in me, and I didn't get tired at all today; I felt good, I think it's all right. "My biggest concern was the transition from first gear in the trees with stock gearing to fifth gear on a wide open road. This morning I was a little gun shy . This afternoon we had some re-ally fast, sweeping roads -per-fect four stroke heaven -just letting her drift. I was happy! Tomorrow we can go fast now. Don Bird and Jay Heying were the Over 35 Amateur winners, spending 34 hours-on their Honda during the Nevada 2000. TOYOTA PRESENTS a Tribute to the SCORE Baja 1000 Wednesday, ·september 6 2000 at the Petersen Automotive Museum Your $50 donation includes admission, dinner, beer, wine, soft drinks and parking. Reservations must be made in advance. Please respond by September 1. 2000. For information please call (323) 964-6311. Page so Petersen Autom·otive Museum 6060 Wilshire Blvd., L • • A ••• , • • (at Fairfax) Los Angeles, CA . -'~:';~:..., The lronman Amateur title went to Bill Wheeler, shown here splashing through the water on his Honda. The Evening Includes 6:00 p.m. Petersen Automotive Museum viewing, dinner, drinks and bench racing 7:45 p.m. Stage presentation, guest introductions, charity auction 10:00 p.m. Petersen Automotive Museum closes "Actually, Garth said he could only put up with me for five days so I had to figure out a way to get out of the first day," Krause joked. Esposito/Ondas came through in the pack after start-ing near the end to finish well, but Davis/Pearson found them-selves taking an oil shower all day due to the spray from a breather hose so they faced an-other engine teardown to rectify the problem. "Yeah, it's not going the way I'd like it," Davis sighed. "It's just one of those things. The first day we broke a piston skirt. It's my old motor - I've got tons and tons of miles on it -with a Continued on page 52 The SCORE Baja 1000. It's a race. It's the ultimate adventure. It's a dynamic part of Southern California aut9motive history. Join us tor an extraordinary evening celebrating the powerful history of the SCORE Baja 1000. A-fund-raising event tor the Petersen Automotive Museum, "1000 Miles to Glory" will feature a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of cars and drivers that made this world-famous endurance race legendary. Enjoy.a gourmet Mexican buffet dinner, live Mariachi music, special guest speakers, an exhibition of historic race cars, a live auction and rare video footage. Jack Arute of ABC Sports will be your host for this very special event. The Machines PPI Toyota Tundra Historic Motorcycles presented by Honda Pamelli Jones "Big Oly" Bronco "Old Red" Meyers Manx Vic Hickey's Hurst "Baja Boot" Drino Miller "Single Seat" Special Original Funco Wampuskitty Walker Evan's Class 8 Chevrolet BRE Datsun 510 Smith/Feldkamp ISS Funco VW James Garner Oldsmobile "Banshee" Mickey Thompson's Chevy Luv truck BFGoodrich Blazer "Brick Privy" Jeep McMilleo Racing Chenowth Porsche Arciero Racing Funco VW Larry R~glarid Vortec Cbevrolet Ultimate Baja Challenge car by Wide Open Adventure The Legends Ed Pearlman Sal Fish Ivan "lronman" Stewart Cal Wells Ill Parnelli Jones Walker Evans Frank "Scoop" Vessels Larry Ragland Roger Mears Robby Gordon Rod Hall Produced by Bob Gordon Frank Arciero Jr. Mark McMillen Larry Roeseler Malcolm Smith Drino Miller Dr. Bud Feldkamp Bruce Meyers Peter Brock And many more ••• THE RENNSPORT GROUP' .BFGaodricfj 4?~~ September 2000 Dusty Times

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Daffol and Kevin Brown rode their Honda to a nice second place in 0- Bryan Folks and Matt Murphy rode their KTM to a second place in Cory Ayers rode his Husky to the silver medal in lronman Expert, 30 P, and fourth overall ain't that bad. 250 Pro, less than seven minutes out of the win. spending over 31 hours oh the ride. Steve Pitts and Charlie Barney shown here on the ATX at speed were the second finishers in the 040 Pro class. David Blaylock and Preston Gerber were second in the Over 48 Expert class, shown here at speed in the Nevada outback. Williford/Edwards and Curtis had a good ride on their Yamaha, taking second spot in the Over 30 Amateur division. different ignition, pipe and carb because they changed them for 2000. So I basically run the same motor with less compres-sion. I think it's just so much torque it just grenades the pis-ton. "We rode a stock bike today which was fine but slow. You get on those roads, and you're like 'This is it?' If you gear it up for 90 or 100 miles per hour, then you have no bottom or mid, it's frustra ting.>J .Maybe, but it wasn't as frus-trating as Baxter/Zimmerman's plummet from fourth to 16th af-ter Baxter hit a rock and crashed hard, wadding the bike and tweaking himself. Kuhnle/ Yokely experienced a similar fate, dropping to last in the A TV ranks when they lost the engine. That put Row/Steph-ensen in front followed by Charles Lamson/Dwight Lowell and Expert team. Day 2 -Top 10 1. Des try Abbott/Brian Pony Express over 100 years Brown (Kaw; Open) 5:16:24; 2. ago. In fact, Over 48 Expert Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab racer Ramey Peticolas-Stroud (Hon; Open) 5:17:01; 3. Steve recognized parts of it immedi-Hengeveld/Jonah Street (Hon; ately. Riding by himself as he Open) 5:22:18; 4. Rick Bozarth/ usually does, he found the first Daryl Folks (KTM; Over 30) pit at Shelbourne Station and 5:33:37; 5. Mike Healey/Scott the mountains after it quite fa-Morris (Kaw; Over 30) 5:33:45; miliar as he's competed in en-6. Chad Houck/Tex Mitchell/ durance horse races in the same Phillip Zieger (Hon; Open Ex) area. 5:45:22; 7. Paul Krause/Garth "From Pit 1 to 2 there were Sweetland (Yam; 4-S U 450) some cool caves; I looked back 5:47:09; 8. Shane E,sposito/ and saw some caves," Abbott David Ondas (Kaw; Open) said in response to a question 5:47:51; 9. Darrel Brown/Kevin about the day's scenery. "It's Brown (Hon; Over 30) 5:48:01; been a fun day today. The first 10. Danny Cooper/Matt Gosnell part was a little fast - from start (Yam; 250) 5:59:24. to 1 -then after that it tight-DAY 3 Though the third day began at 5:30 a.m. as well, the start was just outside of Ely so a 4:00 or 4:30 wake-up call sufficed for most. Not quite as long as Day 2 at 269 miles, it would mean-der northward through some of the same territory used by the ened up." having to ride pretty hard. He continued: "Knock on That's fine, as long as we get to wood, everything's really good start out front every day. I'll be [on the bike]. We haven't had happy with that." any problems. We had a little Staab said, "We lost some fade [today] so they bled the time today. Those guys are set-brakes again so that's really the· ting a blistering pace. only problem we've had. I'm "Our strategy right now is to sure little things will be happen-go as fast as we can. Our bike ing more and more as the race we know is really reliable, it's progresses. going to make it no matter what "Honestly, I'd have figured it so we just want to go mistake-wasn't going to go this free. Hopefully in the end it'll smoothly. The pace is a lot pay off." faster than I thought it was go-With Elko marking the mid-ing to be, with Campbell and way point of the week, many Staab and the other Honda teams opted to begin the more team [pushing us]. We're not extensive preventative mainte-riding at 50 or 60 percent, we're nance in the city's convention center parking lot work area. Bozarth/Folks did a top end job on their bike and they weren't the only ones. Bryan Folks/Matt Murphy did that plus replaced a shock on the Sportsman Cycle KTM 250 M/XC that they rode to beat Cooper/Gosnell for the day. Krause/Sweetland replaced the clutch (which, upon close examination, showed early signs of failure) and suspension. Surfing through the stream, the Jackson/Wadlow/Peppel Honda took the Over 48 The Davis/Pearson machine made it to the finish with little oil spray but they did lose time with some sort of crud in the fuel that made the bike starve and die several times during the day. When it did so, the rider would have to remove the float bowl, drain it, replace it then resume the race, all rather time-consuming. Expert class win. Nevada 2000 n /-',oven That's better than what hap-pened to the Healey/Morris bike. It sucked dirt into the deli-cate internals, prompting a full blown engine rebuild in Elko. the same thing happened to the Hond~ 400EX A TV of Doug Eichner/John G~egory after the air filter popped off so they re-placed the engine with a spare, built 440. That dropped them to 11th of 13 A TVs, though they were never going to be lower than third Quad Pro (there were only three in the class anyway, in addition to nine Experts and a solitary Amateur). RacefalJ Inc. Rte 3, 80,c 1970 Ruslr, TX 757B5 Page 52 903,6B3-1599 -• Mike and Tom Vorndran and Eli Echelmeier were the class winners in 4-S U Amateur, spending over 47 hours on their Honda XR. · September 2000 Day 3 -Top 10 Continued on page Dusty Times ..,.

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THANK YOU BPBNBBRB, CREW, IAM/lY I IRIENBB fBR HElPINS UB ACHIEVE BUR PLACE IN HIBTBRY!o/ Kenny Gallentine, Dan Trask, Mark Bellows, Adam Swafford, Jason Chisnall Brian Chisnall Kevin Kanoop, Nancy Myers, Heidi, Tamara & Bri(n Myers, Te Jay Miers Casey Folks a.,n · ;;-entire Best in the Desert Racin ·· Association Staff. hank you all for your support! STEVE, BAN I ANDREW MYERS If it's happening, and you know it's happening, The only place to read about it is in Dusty Times. We've got the best journalists, the best photographers and Devote more pages to off road racing for your enjoyment. Support Dusty Times and our advertisers. ~ s+3--iOi ♦ -W 0-NIM Mk ◄k + W ¥IC • ◄ NH O MM M ➔ i4-1 #$

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Nick Warhol and Brian Aden were the Over 40 Expert silver medal winners, shown here on the Yamaha . 1. Destry Abbott/Brian Brown (Kaw; Open) 4:22:33; 2. Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab (Hon; Open) 4:25:52; 3. Steve #''f;v Hengeveld/Jonah Street (Hon; Open) 4:29:51; 4. Rick Bozarth/ Daryl Folks (KTM; Over 30) 4:36:48; 5. Darrol Brown/Kevin Brown (Hon; Over 30) 4:45:53; ... Tony Aguilera, Kelly Hall and JL Wray rode their KTM to second place Michael Sivak competes in lronman Amateur on his Honda and at the in Over 35 Expert, almost 36 hours on the bike. Nevada 2000 he took a nice second place. 6. Paul Krause/Garth Sweetland (Yam; 4-S U 450) 4:48:40; 7. Bryan Folks/Matt Murphy (KTM; 250) 4:48:40; 8. Danny Coope r/M att Gosnell (Yam; •. "' 250) 4:50:56; 9. Shane Espo-sito/David Ondas (Kaw; Open) 4:54:39; 10. Chad Houck/Tex Mitchell/Phillip Zieger (Hon; Open Ex) 4:55:35. DA y 4 Jimmy Stephensen and Greg Row rode their Honda to first in Quad Pro and a great The Honda of Dwight Lowell and Charles Lamson was the big winner in the Quad Elko marked the top of the first overall on the BITD Nevada 2000. Expert class, a long 34 hours on the Quad. counter-clockwise sweep of the But Day 4 is also when attri- Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab going than seeking to overtake and their forfeit day dropped state. Day 4 sen t competitors tion began to thin the field and (Hon; Open) 4:5 1:3 1; 3. Steve the leaders. Brown to the back of the pack west/southwest 298. miles, end-affect standings even more. Hengeveld/Jonah Stceet (Hon; However, Team Green's run for the last day's start so he ing up in Salt Wells. From Sweetland, for example, crashed Open) 4:56:36; 4. Rick Bozarth/ of luck ended shortly after Pit 2 could salvage a finish. there, they'd ge t trucked to the hard after the first pit. Besides Daryl Folks (KTM; Over 30) at T op Gun. On a fas t road be-It also put the lone Campbell night's work/impound in Reno. banging himself up fairly well, 5: 11 :08; 5. Darrol Brown/Kevin tween Top Gun and Pit 3 at in front of the race by about two Pit crews got a shock as they he broke the bike's radi ator and Brown (Hon ; Over 30) 5: 17:04; Rawhide, Abbott hit a roller, minutes over Hengeveld/Street, discove red it would be nearly hydraulic clutch so he limped it 6. Danny Cooper/Matt Gosnell go t air .at considerable speed though he still didn't feel 100 impossible to keep up with their to the next pit where they ef-(Yam; 250) 5:26:39; 7. Bert and slammed into the face of Rercent . Ironically, h e also riders from pit to pit, not be-fected time-consuming repairs Bradfo rd/Rob Phillips/Cody the next roller. T he impact did crashed some 200 miles into the cause the course was any more which dropped them to 33rd for Young (KTM; Open Ex) its best to collapse him, but he day, highsiding and landing on wide open, but because access the day. (Since they were the 5:28 :16; 8 . Bryan Folks/Matt managed to absorb much of it his back. Though he expected roads didn't parallel the course only ones in their class, though, Murphy (KTM; 250) 5:29:14; 9. with his arms and legs. H e to get up rather banged up, in-as they had in the first three a class victory was theirs.) Mark Davidge/Ross Williams couldn't prevent his head from stead he reported that he actu-days. A TV racer Ricky Davis/Pearson finally blew · (KTM; Over 40) 5:43 :50; 10. striking the bike's steering ally felt better after the jolt. Fernandez and Jeff Yoder found one engine too many so they David Meek, Jr. (Hon; lronman damper with enough force that It cost him time-wise, how-out the hard way with called it a week after the 200 Ex) 5:45:27 . it lacerated his chin, caused him ever, and Hengeveld/Street got Fernandez unable to catch his mile mark. DAY 5 to put a hole in his tongue and within 30 seconds meaning they up to his partner after their first Esposito also got off, hurting The night of Day 4, things give him a concussion, though. now had the lead on corrected engagement at Pit 1. So, Yoder his back enough to end his took a turn for the worse for the While he didn' t crash a t time, unofficially. Campbell re-simply stayed on the bike and week. Joining him on the side- red brigade as Campbell, Staab speed as a result of his high mained physically in first all the rode it to the finish, unaware lines were Houck with a broken and several others became ill speed "case-out" the concussion. way to Tonopah followed by that Fernandez missed him by collarbone and Staab with a with either food poisoning or effectively ended his day and his Street and Folks. JO or 40 seconds in their box broken foot. That left the No.2 the flu . Campbell seemed to be week. Abbott managed to slow Day 5 -Top 10 v:in (which also ran out of gas running team with only on e hardest hit. Up virtually all somewhat before falling over, l. Steve Hengeveld/Jonah on one dirt access road) . That rider who'd have to tackle the night, there seemed to be no only to be helped back onto two Street (Hon; Open) 5:09:26; 2. would be the last ride for longestdayofthe race(302mile wayhecouldraceamotorcycle wheelsbyacoupleofspectators. Johnny C ampbell/T im Staab Fernandez, too, as he received Day 5) and the roughest (the the next day. As his friend T.J. They got him going after both · (Hon; Open) 5:10:10; 3. Bryan a call that his wife gave birth to 217 miles from Tonopah to Pah- put it, "I've worked with Johnny Honda teams zoomed past, but, Folks/Matt Murphy (KTM; 250) a girl (over nine pounds) so he rump). for a long time, and this was the disoriented, Abbott wandered 5:25:04; 4. Rick Bozarth/Daryl booked a flight that night from The Abbott/Brown machine worst I've ever seen him. When off course and ended up at a re- Folks (KTM; Over 30) 5:25:59; Reno to San Diego to join her, finall y got its I left him at the start, I didn't mo t e mine. A miner there 5. Darrol Brown/Kevin Brown though he had a friend stand in maintenance in Reno, though know if I was ever going to see found him somewhat confused (Hon; Over 30) 5:27:57; 6. for him. Interestingly, it was the the crew opted to wait until the him again." and called fo r help. (Abbott Danny Cooper/M att Gosnell first time Fernandez and Yoder following afternoon to replace But Campbell managed would spend a little time in the (Yam; 250) 5:28:51; 7. Bert had ever raced an ATV, and the suspension. Things looked gamely to set out after Abbott/ hospital, but he soon returned Bradford/Rob Phillips/Cody they learned how to ride one as good for T eam Green. Brown as Day 5 got underway in home and is expected to make Young (KT M; Open Ex) they went along, eventually fin -Day 4 -Top 10 Dayton (heading east/southeast a complete recovery.) 5:38:21; 8. Mike H ealey/Scott ishing fourth Quad Expert and 1. Des t ry Abbott/Brian 302 miles to T onopah), hoping That ended Abbott/Brown's Morris (Kaw; Over 30) 5:39:02; sixth overall Quad. Brown (Kaw; Open) 4:47:55; 2. more that he could simply keep reign at the top for the week, Continued on page ~------=--------------'------''---'-, r----------------......,......,..,,==..,,,,,~= ~"'¼:•,., I : " The Greenholz/Gensemer/Sullivan Honda races across the Nevada The Tower/Martin/Penland Bombardier heads north on the Nevada Doug Eichner and John Gregory rode their Honda to a great second desert on the way to second in the Quad Expert class. 2000, taking third in Quad Expert, over 38 hours on the course. place ,n Quad Pro, shown here cornering hard in a tight turn. Page 54 September 2000 Dusty Times

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The Legend Started Here. In 1967, dune buggy inventor Bruce Meyers and partner Ted Mangels became the first duo to solo their way into the Baja record books. Banging their way up the peninsula for 34 hours and 54 minutes, their feat ignited the motorsports adventure known as the Baja 1000. As a tribute to that epic record run set 33 years ago, Wide Open Baja Adventures announces the creation of the first annual Bruce Meyers "Grand Champion" award. Together with our friends at FAT Performance and Bruce Meyers and Ted Mangels, 1967 McKenzies, we'll pay $2,500 in cash and a one-of-a-kind trophy to the first fo4r-wheel driver, co~driver or team with the guts to solo the entire distance at this year's race down the Baja peninsula. The solo runs to La Paz became the stuff of legend. Parnelli Jones. Drino Miller. Walker Evans. Ivan Stewart. Robby Gordon. And a few other hearty souls. The Bruce Meyers "Grand Champion" award by Wide Open Baja Adventures. It's all about the dirt, the dust and the glory. Are you tough enough? Let us know. ~ titrl PERFOIIMAPICE For Information Call: 888. 788.Baja Co-Sponsored by: Jeff Fields Transmissions • Bilstein • Chenowth • P.C.I. Race Radios • Dusty Times • Papas and Beer Ultimate Ba;:,a <llallenge 2000 Want to ·co~e to Baja? <:-Ne Need A Few Good Men) Wide Open Baja has created the Ultimate Baja Challenge tor this year's Tecate SCORE Baja 2000. We'll be running 1 O identical race cars with celebrity driven:; like Roberto Guerrero, Mike Groff and Johnny Unser, just to name a few. Want to join us? We're looking for a few good people for this historic event. • Welders • Mechanics • Chase crew with vehicles • Radio relay personnel • • Hospitality staff in Ensenada, Cabo and the peninsula. • Interested? . Please call 888-788-BAJA.

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9. Chad Houck/Tex Mitchell/ Phillip Zieger (Hon; Open Ex) 5:45:05; 10. Jeff Lundgreen/ Mai;k Lundgreen (Hbg; Over 30) 5:46:46. The 21 7 miles of desert be-tween Tonopah and Pahrump included the much-used and much-dreaded Amargosa Valley in the last half. Doing it on your own would be tough. Doing it solo while sick and trying to maintain a decent pace would be almost superhuman. That's what Campbell had to do. Unofficially, the Campbell/ Staab team had a 12 minute cushion on Hengeveld/Street. So, on the final day of the Ne-vada 2000, Hengeveld/Street needed to open up more than 12 minutes on Campbell in order to steel the win. It would be a tough order, and they knew it. "Today our goal was just to go fast enough to win the day, be the fastest bike today, and I think we did that," Street said in the parking lot finish area of the Terrible's Town Casino. "We knew that there was no This is the system run by most off road race winners GO FOR way, not in 215 miles to make 12 -minutes up on a guy. The only way we were going to win it was if they had a problem. On top of trying to win the day, we wanted ·to have no problems so if they did [have one], we would have a chance. But they didn't. Hengeveld/Street ended up winning the day for the second day in a row, but they fell short in the big picture. Still, they ably _made for a Honda 1-2, which is what the goal had been. "I knew it was going to be rough the last day, and with Tim hurt, I knew I had my work cut out for me," Campbell admitted, resting in the shade. "I was feel-ing pretty grim today down to-ward the finish. I just didn't want to let [Hengeveld and Street on] N4 get out too far so I couldn't see them. I wanted to keep tabs on them because we had.a big cushion on them, but you just feel a little more confi-dent when you know where they're at." As for the early leaders, Campbell insisted he hadn't TRI-MIL BOBCAT QIROME 198~9-1 CO,RVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER 13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 Page 56 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED been all that concerned at their dominance through the first four days: "I wasn't discouraged at all. I knew consistency was going to play a big part in a multi-day race so I was just waiting for the competition to stumble. They were having an excellent ride; they were riding real well, not making mistakes, not getting any flats. Every day they were putting time on us. You just knew it had to happen sooner or later that they have some sort of dilemma. Fortu-nately for us, we got in the there on Day 5; it gave you a little boost of confidence com-ing into the last couple days. "Everything worked out. Just like I said at the beginning of this thing, consistency is going to win it -[and we were] sec-ond place ·every day. That's what it takes." Glenn Walraven, Stuart Barlow and Darrell Maples rode their Honda to a great first Day 6 -Top 10 1. Steve Hengeveld/Jonah Street (Hon; Open) 3:49: 11; 2. Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab (Hon; Open) 3:50:05; 3. Bryan Folks/Matt Murphy (KTM; 250) 3:55:26; 4. Rick Bozarth/Daryl Folks (KTM; Over 30) 4:02:27; 5. Mike Healey/Scott Morris (Kaw; Over 30) 4:06:20; 6. Darrol Brown/Kevin Brown (Hon; Over 30) 4:06:44; 7. Danny Cooper/Matt Gosnell (Yam; 260) 4:07:37; 8. Chad Houck/Tex Mitchell/Phillip Zieger (Hon; Open Ex) 4: 17 :31; place in Quad Amateur. · 9. Bert Bradford/Rob Phillips/ Cody Young (KTM; Open Ex) 4:23:27; 10. Paul Krause/Garth Sweetland (Yam; 4-S U 450). 4:23:37. Overall Top 10 l. Johnny Campbell/Tim Staab (Hon; Open) 25:28:57; 2. Steve Hengeveld/Jonah Street (Hon; Open) 25:41:53; 3. Rick Bozarth/Daryl Folks (KTM; Over 30) 26:50:44; 4. Darrol Brown/Kevin Brown. (Hon; Over 30) 27:30:20; 5. Danny Cooper/Matt Gosnell (Yam; 250) 27:59:23; 6. Bryan Folks/ Matt Murphy (KTM; 250) 28:08:12; 7. Chad Houck/Tex Mitchell/Phillip Zieger (Hon; Open Ex) 28:36:24; 8. Bert IN CASE OF FIRE! Bradford/Rob Phillips/Cody Young (KTM; Open Ex) 29: 14:30; 9. Jeff Lundgreen/ Mark Lundgreen (Hbg; Over 30) 29:37:53; 10. Paul Krause/ Garth Sweetland (Yam; 4-S U 450) 29:37:55. Top ATVs 1. Jimmy Stephensen/Greg Row (Hon; Pro) 33: 18:26; 2. Charles Lamson/Dwight Lowell (Hon; Ex) 34:27:29; 3. Bret Greenholz/Charles Gensemer/ Clayton Sullivan (Hon; Ex) 36:04:40; 4. Stuart Barlow/ Darrell Maoles/Glenn Walraven (Hon; Am) 36:25:48; 5. David Martin/Mike Penland/ Brent Tower (Born; Ex) 38:32:37. ■ useful Fire Tips By Jeff Hibbard, Fireman, Racer, Author and Long Time Checker So, if you're in a car that has ignited, would it be better to pull the flame-oul handle as you are bailing out, or, just bail out and use a hand held extinguisher? The Halon Flameout will run for about 15 seconds and 15 seconds can be the difference between life and death. However, Halon dissipates very quickly and in an open race car the chance of the flame re-igniting is pretty good. So, if you have a Halon extinguisher installed in the car, by all means pull the handle. See the next few paragraphs for dry powder extinguisher usage. The following is the "Hibbard Method" of keeping from burning your ass up in a-race car. _ No matter what or whose race car you get into, make sure you can get the dry powder extinguisher quickly out of its mount from where you're seated, no hose clamps, no massive amounts of duct tape. Also, check to see if it's charged and there's not a bent rail or some othe r problem in quickly pullin' the safety pin. You crash, and when the car settles down you see or smell fire. The first thing you should do is get that dry powder extinguisher out of its holder and into your hands. The importance of this is that you now have your fire protection with you and not bolted to the car. (An important difference as you'll soon see.) While you're busy undoing your belts and other connections, suddenly flames start coming into .the driver's compartment. A short blast of your dry powder extinguisher towards the inside of your roof will instantly envelop the driver's compartment in a thick cloud of powder. You won't be able to see much but the heat and flames will immediately retreat. Dry chemical fire retardant is an excellent heat shield that will give you that extra bit of time to get out of the car safely. But, don't leave that dry powder extinguisher in the car! Pitch it out the window before you get out. This crash of yours was serious, and fuel was flying around during your roll-overs, so as you're crawling out of the car, some gasoline that .has splashed on you suddenly ignites from a flame or a spark outside of the car. If you're taken your fire extinguisher with you, a big blast against your chest will produce a big thick powder cloud that you can walk into. • Every crash/fire is differ_ent. But if you can quickly grab that dry powder extinguisher and keep it within your reach until you're clear of the fire, your chances of escaping a pa:inful burn is much better than relying on some system that's bolted to what you are trying to get away from. As a Los Angeles city fireman for 20 years and a desert buggy racer for · 25, I've given this topic a lot of thought so pay attention to what I've said. You've gotta have a plan!-September 2000 Dusty Times

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Pony Express ... July 24, 2000 To All C.O.R.E. Club Members: On July 8, 2000 I participated in the M.O.R.E. Freedom 250 in Barstow, CA. I drove the first three laps in Sandy Parker's 1-1600, vehicle #1675. Sandy drove the final three laps, and at the finish it appeared we had won the race. However, a controversy centered on my supposedly "cheating" by cutting the course somewhere around the seven mile mark. First, this letter will hopefully explain my position and what happened. Second, this letter is an apology to everyone concerned and affiliated with my actions during and after the race, especially to car owner and C.O.R.E. member Sandy Parker, M.O.R.E. r~~~ promoter Jim Clements and to all C.O.R.E. members. First, I want to clarify one thing: I have never willingly or on purpose "cheated" during a race, either by using illegal race cars or parts, or by actions during a race such as course cutting. However, this past week, the week after the July 8th race, has left me with a sick feeling du.e to my actions during the race. After extensive research that includes contacting people who were eye witnesses as to where I was in the desert as compared to where I should have been, and reviewing with Sandy Parker the race course map, I have been. left with no other choice but to assume I was off the marked course. While this was not intentional on my part, it is still an infraction of race rules, as everyone knows. I have, by my own admission, an aggressive • Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety loam baffling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers . * • FIA-FT3, SCORE and SODA approved • Custom manufactured fillers Fu•I Sales "Pro c,11• 1s • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline our top·of·lhe·lin• racing 0 c•II ltlat com•• rradr to • ver 25 years experience Install and its bl<k•d by a e for mont Info caU or write to:· fu/110 rear warranty. Aircraft Rubber/Fuel Safe ' EL 163257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, Oregon 9TT01 lllldltg~ (541) 388-0203 (541)38&-0307fax • hl!p1/ PIKES service center Baker, California Celebro~ing 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ••• THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Mobil® SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! ' Page 57 driving style. This driving style caused me to overshoot and miss a turn. I then decided to drive straight and catch or hop back onto the course somewhere around a 1/4 mile after the turn I overshot. However, I did not realize at the time that this mistake on my part would mean that I was cutting off a dogleg or zigzag, in the course. While I thought I was paralleling the race course, I actually was way off the marked course. Sandy and I have roughly calculated that my actions cut off several hundred yards of race course. Second, I want to apologize adamantly to Sandy Parker. I have known the Parker Brothers (Greg, Eddie and Sandy) for well over 20 years. In that time I have known these great guys to be extremely good natured, helpful and full of the "family" spirit that desert racing is all about. When I started driving for Sandy in 1991, his only rule was "absolutely no cheating!" Since I embrace this philosophy myself, that was and still is an easy rule to live with. I also want to apologize to Jim Clements, race promoter with Mojave Off Road Enthusiasts. Jim made a decision the day after the race in Barstow to NOT penalize race entry #1675 for any alleged course cutting or cheating. I believe a large part of Jim's decision to not penalize or disqualify Sandy's car was due to my insistence that I did not cut the course. I was adamant the day of and the day after the race that I did not cut the course, as I was under the impression I did nothing wrong. I now know different, and freely admit I was off the marked course. I also want to apologize to all C.O.R.E. members, as this type of action does not represent the type of professional organization that C.O.R.E. members expect or deserve. Due to the fact that I now have a much better understanding of the facts, it is very clear that I was wav off the marked course. Although I have not returned to the portion of the course where I committed this infraction, Sandy Parker has and we conferred that I most certainly was off the marked course. Because of my actions during the race, the actual outcome of the Limited 1600 class may have been substantially different had I not got cut off a portion of the course. Our winning margin of eight minl,ltes may have never materialized had the second place car, vehicle #1644 driven by Mike Malloy been closer both physically and on time . .Because it is impossible to second guess what Bilstein • Sway A Way Eibat:h • HM • QA 1 · CNC Bparca • PRP • Fuel Bate Ron Davis Radiator, Betrab BIi Cooler, Optima B1tt1rle1 MBt:hanlx Wear September 2000 th.e outcome would have been, both Sandy Parker and I have requested from race promoter Jim Clements to penalize the Sandy Parker race entry (veh# 1675) and move the Mike Malloy race entry (veh# 1644) to first place. Again, I apologize to everyone concerned. My actions during this past race are not indicative of the way Sandy or I feel about racing and the race community. I strongly respect each and every racer and would never want to win or place better than my competitors by cheating. As most of you know, any type of gain due to cheating is meaningless and shallow, especially to one's self. And finally, congratulations to Mike Malloy for driving a fine race. Tom Moessner cc: Sandy Parker Jim Clements DUSTY TIMES welcomes letters from our readers should they have good or· not so good things to say about our publication. Please submit your comments to Dusty Times, 20761 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91 311 for consideration. The Pony Express column will be printed on a space availablebasis Dusty Times

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Challenger corner By Joel Mohr RACE RESULTS! SNORE KC MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: A fat $1500 paycheck was on the line for the 11 cars that started, and everyone got in at least one lap, but unfortunately, that's all that Shawn Sheble and Joe Forte could muster. Dan Folts got in two good laps, turned the car over to Harry Dunne, and Harry lost the clutch trying to get around a car that was stuck on course. The team of Joel Davis and Bill Cobb got in three of the re- · quired four laps and of the seven cars that did finish, Ken Thatcher was the last of the fin-ishers. Doug Ingram wa sixth after breaking a ball joint on Lap 2, Lynn Dickton was fifth, and Tom Taliaferro was fourth. According to the lap times, it looks as though the top three cars had quite a race going. Once again it was Joe Sheble, Ani'ly Kisner, and Jeremy Har-mon dicing it out with Harmon coming out on top. Kisner was only six minutes behind, and Sheble came in third. CON-GRATS Jeremy, it's too bad your season hasn't been as fruitful. I really wish I could elaborate more, but I didn't get any info other than the time. sheet. If you guys have any guts or glory stories, call or e-mail me and I'll put in what I can. TECH TIP: "Swing axle hop" is a common phrase used to describe the side-to-side pitching that our cars suffer from when you get into a long roller section that seems to take over even the best driver's con-. trol. I've found that REAR toe-in can control how the car reacts. Commonly overlooked, the rear end toe-in can drasti-cally effect the overall handling, and at least on my car, works best at O to 1116th toed in. Measure at the crest of the sidewall of the tire, making sure you have straight wheels on. The tranny will probably get in your way when you try to mea-sure the front, but I just'mea-sure from the ground up to my cross measurement point and do it the same height at the rear of the tire. You should have enough adjustment by moving the axle forward or back in the slots on {he springplate, and if not, it's no sin to elongate the holes. Obviously, make sure you have straight wheels on the car, and measure at ride height. I'd like to take this opportu-nity to thank everyone that helped put my car back together at the KARTEK 400. Harold, Chris, Rick, the guys from FAIR and CORE, and all of the probably 15 guys that swarmed the car while I was in the Medic truck. THANK YOU! Without your help, we never would have finished. Also, I'd like to thank all of the people that very gra-ciously offered me their cars to use until I get my new car fin-ished. And by the way, the old car is salvageable, and I will probably fix it to use until the new car is done. Thanks again, it's people like you that make this sport so great. If you have any questions or comments, call me at (760) 647-6647, or e-mail me at MOREPRF@JUNO. COM. See you at the races!!! C.D.R.E. Pit Repoirt: By Sandy Parker RACE REPORTS TEAM LINDSAY FAMILY (Class 5-1600) Tim and Jeremy Lindsay again soloed the race and again had another great day. They started last in class and Advanced Manufacturer of High Performance Torque Converters & Transmission Parts • Hi-l?erformance ·Torque Converters • "~ustom Length Axles .J:tcs Designed Hubs ;,,erving The Transmission Industry For Over 34 Years. Let Our Experience Put You In The Winners Circle! Hubs&Axles Floater Hubs are made of aircraft alloy mate-rials and uses two large Timken 'bearings per Hub. With the TCS Hub you can acpieve a full 25 Degree Axle Angle; Custom length 930 & 934 Axles are made from 300m materials. Also A ~.-, .... V y ~ """""'-,,c,,,m"C ,.~,,.,-= -· ~ "" ~-' ""' A , ~ ,.<,<,__..,,,,,,.,.,~.-,..,. ,.,.,,_ ~,,,;, ,0.-,»C,.. ~ -available 31, 35, 40 & 44 Spline Live Axles. TCS can make any size and/or length. V-A~' "'-__ .-.--_., -~ ""'"""~~-A -~.;X:O'>~❖ll ~ ~ Dusty Times September 2000 battled the d ust the entire day. They were amazed at the number of broken and rolled race cars littering the Lucerne desert. By their second lap the guys had worked themselves into second place and by the third lap they were in the lead. Near the Boxcar on the fourth lap they rolled the car over. Tim said he would like to describe what happened but he bonked his head on the roll cage and doesn't remember the accident. He just woke up one morning out in the desert and the roof was smashed down, likely story. The best part of the dream is that when they woke up the car was still driveable and still-in first place. They pulled into the finish line "first" in class with a dominating 35 minute lead over the second place car. This only their second desert race and their first victory, congratulations to the entire Lindsay gang, excellent job! I warned you these guys were going to be good, and they proved . themselves and their abilities very q.uickly. TEAM INCH (Class 1600) Brad Inch teamed up with Randy Jones to assist him in the driving chores for the long 400 mile race. Brad started the race and began picking off cars on the way to the front. He managed to claw his way up to second place in class when he entered the very nasty Soggy Dry Lake silt bed. Unable to motor its way out of the train track ru.ts, l1e 1bur.ied t'he car very near the end. Positioning himself into the fetal position, just waiting to get rear ended by the next car on the course, the next 1600 car also got stuck behind Brad. Within minutes, Bob Depew came to the rescue and pulled them both out of the silt. Brad continued to the Main Pit where he handed the car to Randy. On Randy's first lap at the Bessemer Mine Road crossing he did what several others did that day, a spectator barrel roll. T h e road crossing violently kicked the car left then right then over three times. He started the car and had the CORE Pit check him out and was back in the running, missing the visor and roof. The MOR officials called CORE Main and instructed us to stop the car and get a roof on the car prior to the Start and Finish. The pit crew dug up the roof and delivered it to the next CORE Pit and duct taped it to the bent top cage. Finishing his first lap, he pulled into CORE Main for a closer look of the car when they noticed the front shock reservoirs had been damaged in the accident. Without any spare parts, their run was over . . TEAM STEVENS/ PACHECO/POOLE (Class 9) This was unfortunately a very quick day for the Stevens Challenger. Gary Stevens has been dialing in the►car for the last few races and now has the suspension, transmission and .. car weight just where he wants it. Alex Pacheco started the race and made it to the 22 mile mark when the engine let go. They sent out a rescue party to tow them back in to Main, very short day. TEAM GOMOLKA (Class 15) Kyle Gomolka and Bob Blanchard were scheduled to solo the race but were plagued w"ith problems almost off the start. The engine was not getting fuel it deserved, due to either a faulty fuel pressure regulator or fuel delivery system. They even wondered if it was bad pump gas, who knows. They believe it was a mechanical problem as the truck only got 1/3 the normal fuel mileage. They ended up running out of gas at the furthest and most inaccessible part of t·he. course. After much discussion they were able to scrounge five gallons of gas and meet the runner from CORE Main at the CORE Charley Pit with all their dump cans. With a full drink of fuel they were off, but only for a few hundred yards. They also got stuck Jn the silt bed and were also rescued by Big Bad Bob. They decided they were so far down and it really wasn't that much fun limping the ill running truck around the course so they called it a day. I understand t h e truc k is currently undergoing major modifications, look forward to seeing it back out on the course with the new goodies. TEAM MALLOY/ MALLOY (Class 1600) Tom started the race and was instructed to pre-run the ADA VIS GLOBAL ·MEXICAN INSURANCE FORASLOWAS $58A YEAR BY FAX-OR-PHONE 1-800-909-4457 FAX 1-800-909-1007 PLEASE VISIT US AT: or e-mail us at: INF0@MEXIC0INSURANCE.C0M Page 58

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first two laps and bring the car back in one large piece. Tom did that and after a very conservative two laps, brought the car back in sixth place. Mike drove the rest of the race getting stuck in the silt and blowing a tire and ended up in second place. PIT REPORTS CORE PIT BOXCAR The .Boxcar pit was added due to the long distance from Main to CORE Able. The pit was manned by the Lawless crew. CORE PIT ABLE (Bessemer Mine) Lex and Shashum Webb with Lane Dobbs worked the Alpha (or Able pit). The only excitement they had was checking out the Lindsay 5-1600 after the roll-over and going on a wild goose chase searching for the S tevens' Challenger. CORE PIT BAKER (Besseme r Mine Road crossing) The Baker pit was run by Paul Smith, Mitch Miller, Mike Long, Mike Brown, Chris Markum and myself. The only work done to a CORE car was checking. out the Inch car after its encounter with the Bessemer Mine Road crossing which swallowed several cars that day. CORE PIT CHARLEY (Soggy Dry Lake) Bob D e Pew and Jim Wagner headed the Ch arley Pit. The guys fueled the Gomolka truck end reinstalled the roof back on th e Inch car. Bob did a heroic job towing three CORE cars and many non CORE cars out of the Soggy Dry Lake silt beds. Thank you very much Bob, everybody appreciates your extra efforts at this race. CORE OUTING N0.3 Several of the CORE families got together for an off road fun and outing near California City. They had a nice turnout with 10 buggies attending. They went on a 60 • mile run on Saturday and a 100 mile adventure on Sunday. The highlight was driv ing all the buggies to Randsburg Ghost T own for lunch. Other h appenings included conquering Last Chance Canyon, visiting Schmitt Tunnel and Guddehay's Mine. BLMJACK California off road racing lost one of its major friends and supporters. The entire CORE family was very saddened to hear about the -passing of their "friend in the government", BLM Jack. Jack was a very special friend to us all and especially to the sport of desert racing. I know that Jack worked very closely with the racing promoters and his extra efforts will be missed. At every race, Jack always had time to stop at the CORE pits for a friendly hello. In Jack's honor, I suggest that we all attempt to work with the n e w BLM rangers to continue t h e sam e racing freedoms and protectio n of our California deserts. Searc hing for a professio nal family oriented Page 59 pit support club? CORE is always happy to extend its family and support. We have monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the mon-th at Mulligan's Restaurant in Santa Clarita at 8pm. For more information, join us at the meeting or call me at (818) 772-7758 or e-mail me at Magnificent 7 Race Team By Stephen Stenberg, President Mag 7 Race Team is working hard at preparing for the Baja 2000. Mag 7 ran a booth out in the parking area of Buffalo Bill's, showing off our newest additions to the ce·am. Dry Brake Dump Cans in both four and 11 gallon sizes. These are made by IMS Products, our newest sponsors. Mag 7 has them on sale for a ridiculously low price to our members only. Call and find out? For the Baja 2000, Mag 7 Race Team is pitting in conjunction with 76 Racing Pit Service (Alfredo M unoz) and F.A.I.R. Race Team (Bill Markel). T h ere are a total of 21 pits planned right now, one every 76 miles. That might change once Score marks the course in September, but for now we are staying at 21 pits. Regardless of what happens to the course mileage, our pits won't be any further apart then 76 miles. Every pit will have the same basic tools and pit equipment. Mag 7 is also upgrading our radios finally. Radio Bob at RLH is handlii1g the sale of our Unidens for us. We are switching to the ICOM 2100Hs. These are a 55-watt radio with 133 programmable channels. This should make it a lot easier to reach our chase crews in the field. W e have our own five and 11 gallon dump cans. For this race though, we are asking our full service vehicle racers to provide one, good condition, 11 gallon dump can with their entry for us to borrow. New for this year, are our sponsors Off Road Products, and IMS Products. ORW and IMS are giving all Mag 7 members a discount on everything sold in their stores. The ORW store to go to is the Kearny Mesa score. A valid Mag 7 ID card for 2000 and picture ID is required to get this special deal at ORW. John Brindell is your Mag 7 representative to see about this. IMS Products is offering all-Mag 7 members a special deal to Lease and/or purchase both ·t h eir four gallon and 11 gallon, dry brake dump cans for the Baja 2000. You must be a Mag 7 member for this year and all orders are placed through me & orily. The price is so cheap I can't mention it here. But call Mag 7 and you won't be disappointed. Recently, the Baja 500 was shown on Speedvision. I was watching the pit action in Valle-T where Andrew Wehe had his buggy burned to the ground. Now don't get this wrong. I'm not faulting the pit crews at all. We all [it and accidents happen all the time. But it clearly shows fuel running out the breather of the dump can into the engine compartment. That and fuel splashing back out of the fuel hole as well. Who hasn't had fuel splash back at them while hefting those heavy, 11 gallon dump cans? All the while trying to put all the contents quickly into your race vehicle. BUT with a dry brake can, there wouldn't be any splash back. There wouldn't be any fuel coming out the breather tube on the dump can. And your buggies, trucks and bikes would all have the same size filler hole. One dump can for all entries. What a concept? Ever have a vehicle pull into your pit and find out the fuel hole is too small or too big for your dump cans? Been there, done that I say. But wit h the dry brake system being used, fuel would be dumped in the right size hole every time. And in under 11 seconds flat! And any extra fue l wouldn't go anywhere. T h a e's because wh e n you remove the dump can from the receiver, the dry brake seals if off NOW! All of our IMS dump cans come with an environmentally safe stand that has a catch tube built into it. In case any accidents were to happen. Our member's applications for pit support will go out August 9th. For pre-running, Union 76 Race Fuels is offering fuel at different locations around the course. C<1ll Alfredo Munoz at 011-526-686-2076 to order fuel for your pre-runners, motor. homes and bikes. He sells 97 to 114 Octane fuel. Call him to order this fuel befor e October 1st. For names on our Mag 7 Race Team t-shirts, the cutoff for ordering them is September 30th. Final cutoff for all full service is October 17th. After this date, only emergency service will be offered for an additional fee. For our IMS, Dry Brake dump cans, we are taking orders now. You can buy or lease these cans. If you lease them, you will need to pay Mag 7 $100.00 per can up front. All leased dump cans will stay with the pit crews for the entire race. All dump cans not purchased in full by November 24th will be returned to IMS. The final date ·w order these cans is September 30th. IMS asks that we order cans ASAP to insure they don't run out of stock before the race. Again, you have to be a current or new Mag 7 member for 2000 to receive this deal. Your lease price is included if you decide to buy the can(s) outright. September 2000 !2!1 il! With our racers' help and with our team buying a few of these cans ourselves, we hope to offer these dry brake cans at all pits. We will use our conventional dump cans as well. Baja Union 76 is giving discounts to Mag 7 Racers fo•r all fuel orders totaling more than 300 gallons per entry. That can be a racer, chase crew and motor home fuel all rolled into one package. Call Mag 7 for those discount prices. I would like to thank our sponsors for supporting Mag 7 Race Team. These sponsors deserve your business as supporters of Off Road Racing. They are ORW at, Juice Designs at www. race-dezert. com/jdf ab, IMS Products at and Williams Tel-Date at So come out and race the Baja 2000 with the Magnificent 7 Race Team. A race team that has been racing and pitting now for over 30 years (July 1970). If you need to reach us you can call our Race Director at (619) 426-3452, daily from 9am to 8pm. His name is Fred Schubitzke. His e-mail is Or you can fax us at (619) 425-34 14. Finally, you can visit us on our Mag 7 web page at There you will see active lin ks to all of our sponsors. Mag 7 is also located on the Score Home Page with an active link there too. We take care of Firefighter and Police teams as well in all Score classes. So take care and watch those matches. Our fire season is off and burning. Being assigned to a Brush Station keeps me moving a lot. Let's help put where we all can. Until next month, adios from Team Baja., IAFF, F33, San Clemente Island FD. NOTE! I regret to mention that one of our members, Bill Foder and his uncle Rich Foder were killed instantly while pre-running for the August 5th, MOR Race in Barstow, California. The accident occurred on Wednesday morning, August 2nd. They were both riding in their two set buggy when a General Motors Trophy Truck, being. driven backwards on the course, slammed into tltem head on at over 70 mph in a blind corner on the course. The Mag 7 Race Team extends its deepest sympathies to the Fodor family during this time of loss. Attention Pit Tean1s Send us your pit tales, whether they be o f success or woe and they will be featured on these pages (space permitting). Al,though publication dates vary monthly, material received by the first of the month will generally be considered for the next issue. Submit all material to: DUSTY TIMES, 20761 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15 X 7 $84.05 $89■-10 Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15x 6 $117.45 $124.75 15 X 10 $131.99 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 247-1266 We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX Dusty Times

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY ACECO,nc. Chassis And Suspension For Racing And Recreation P.O. Box 117 Ely, NV 89301 SIICI-PIIIFPEIFIIMINCE Silver Faced lFG's Liquid-Filled Gauges from Auto Meter are notorious for being the toughest. on the market. Combine that with the fact Auto Meter also is known for it's reliability and you-have shock-proof performance that will rattle the competition. . MIKE MONOHAN (702) 289-6708 gl,dlriJliifo ~ Send $4.00 for a catalog to: Auto Meter Products. Inc. j '"Dept. DUOO • 413 W. Elm St.• Sycamore, IL 60178 • (815) 895-8141 APVA.NCEP TOYOTA. $USPEN.SIOIIS ~ez 1'1!01/E1t S1tS1'E1tS'Jt»t S'f/S7E1lt$ '86-9S 4WD. TOYOTA P/U, 4-RUNNER & T·IOO 12·17" of TRAVEL '77•9S 2WD P/U & T·IOO 12·1S" of TRAVEL NEW TACOMA& Tl/NIJ/l,f ,tiff) & 2lfl)L0Nfl TliAYEL KITS /2-1,f'Of TliAYEL COMPtETE FABRICATION SERVICES AVAILABLE, RACE CAR PREP, REAR SUSPENSION, ROLL CAGES, BUMPERS, ABERGLASS, RACE SEA'IS (909} 471-SII I HTTP://MEMBERS.AOL.COM/ADVTOYSUSP BUILT BY SCOTT SELLS & A.T.S. 34345 SUNRISE DR. WILDOMAR, CA -'';1/?~~~-BATTERIES FOR ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD NEEDS . BATrERY SALES UNLIMITED 851 East Alosta Avenue/ Glendora, CA 91740 (626)914-3717 / (626)-914-2121 ■ BJBX AUTO WRECKERS, INC. FOR ALL YOUR AUTO PARTS FROM PRE-RUNNERS TO RACE TRUCKS CALL JOHN KEARNEY 1-800-606-6043 0 o o o o· o o 0 o ®o 0 RACING FUEL CELLS0 0SAFEST &FASTEST FOR 30 YEARS JO 0 800.526.5330 ° 0 FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER 0 0000000° Off Road Trucks-Off•Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages , 10996N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562·6151 RACE CAR SALES & EXPORT Off-Road Fabrication & Accessories Export & lnt'I Sales · Rae~ Car Preparation Consulting & Managcmen 1040 S. Main St.xFallbrook, CA 92028-(760) 723-2117 FAX (760) 723-9938 (JJBEARD ~ Limiting Straps & Tie-Downs tnfo@RedArt com p 562 696 6686 ~ www RedArt com /dt f 562 696 6621 ""'""~ ti-W=t•ii=i-iiJ SUITS•HARNEJSES•SHOES•GLOVES ~ 82,00O,000 Inventory ~ All Off-Road Safety Equipment Available OvePalgbt Dellvepy Avallablel Call: 800-669-2355 3DB ~ 9017 SAN FERNANDO RD., SUN VALLEY ou ~ lANKERIHEIM & 1-5 Yllr • • • • • • (flPIIP HUR IAfITT)fU 111·781·1840 ~t!9QJ2 STRIP· STREE; ~ 'OFFROAD•SAnD AVE SPEEDS & AUTOffiATICS ~ (702) 263-5793 ~ Los Vegas. nevodo . ~~MOmRSPORTS • Race Prep. • Full Fabrication • Mig & Tig Welding • Tube Bending Lonny Helmbolt Owner 1941 Ramrod St. Henderson, Nv 89014 Ph: (702) 454-9355 Fax: (702) 456-1755 Your #1 ~urce For Fiberglass Body Panels Phone: 920/833-7266 • Fax: 920/833-9505 · e-mail: BRANDWOOD CARS· Custom V~hicle Shifter for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3lP7 // . . f.HI' ¥ l'/1 U.l' PRE-FUN Curt LeDuc 39067 Orchard St Cherry Va_lley, CA 92223 . (909)-845-8820 • Our Specialty Race Trucks Pre-Runners 8-4-69 Ranger Fiberglass OimPle, Oies ACCOUNTING• INCOME TAX• CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNT ANT 536 S. Second St, Suite E 626-653-2023 Covina, CA 91723 Fax 626-653-2024 CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY P.0.BOX306 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -92641 (714) 969-6820 E-MAIL: CARRERAPHOTO@MINDSPRING.COM WEBSITE: WWW.CARRERAPHOTO.COM

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•ir111,.__,IEIIMl1IEIEST IIMPION BEADLOCI RACING WHEELS U.S.A. WHEELS/ CONVERSIONS a••• 10-11• 12• 13• 1a• 1e• 11• MILAN qARRITT 1871 N. BRAWL.ff .AQ. l'RUNO CA 83722 (209) 275-5183 FAX 276-2365_ - CHENOWTH iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFfvlCING PRODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103 UCNCJ Maoufact"mn of · . B,oke ood _Cl"kh Podol Au, Master Cylinders . Slave Cylinders CNC, Inc~ 1221 West Morenafllvd. San Diego, CA''921"10 (6 J 9) 275-1663 Cuttihg and Staaing Brakes . Hydraulic Thro~s T~rottle Pedals. and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• fRONT HUBS• AXLES _BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone 2055 Han9if19 Tr\)e, Lane • (805) 239-2663 Templeton, CA 93465 MIKE • GAYLE • JON • DAVE • VIC • ANDY ~ d~-- ~ -~~-Parts, Equipment, Accessories & Service· 4-Wheel Drive - Mini Trucks Pre-Runners - Race Prep - 2-Wheel Driv~ 3209-A Thousand Oaks Blvd.• Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (805) 494-RACE • (805) 495-6119 • (805) 495-3344 FAX (805) 495-2339 TORCO RACING FUELS CALL FOR YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR 1-800-54-COSBY 3§E: COS_BY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA CROWN _,_,,:.::::.,,-;-,7,,:-:;.:.,7 •. : ... ;.;. _,;.., . . INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS INCORPORATED AEROSPACE, HIGH PERFORMANCE, INDUSTRIAL HOSES 8' FITTINGS HIGH PERFORMANCE HOSE & FITTINGS (760) 599-0090 • FAX (760) 599-0070 1185 PARK CENTER OR., SUITE G • VISTA. CALIFORNIA 92083 41CUUk11W.TG6J(•lrO VICE PRESIDENT 1126.N. Marshall Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020 ' '619-449-5611 fax 619-449-5713 [I DE rJ~r:g1Q]] HERMAN De NUNZIO 59 B Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 800-622-3939 805-683-1211 FAX 805-683-8187 a-=.......,...._,,._=--....,~:1-11--=-■ Specializing in. .. ·---·· SwiaeaxlH. Hewl-d Fortin ·-•-1a JID4S Jlapum44 ltrebler Automatie Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merel~(25-i.oo per month. ., l>ONIJffOE ~-11.:&-IN~ • RACE TRUCKS • RACE PREP • PRERUNNERS • CONSULTING • DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES WWW.DONAHOERACING.COM • RACE SHOCKS • FULL FABRICATION SERVICE · KREG DoNAHOE OWNER 2831 EAsr WHITE STAR UNIT H ANAHEIM, CA 92806 PHONE (714) 632-3033 FAX(714)632-3835 re ES;;_7,.;,~ER 5') ~------ENGINEERING FORD RACING PARTS; RANGER 2.3 OVER 3000TOP QUALITY SPEED PINTO 2-0 PARTS IN STOGK. STOCK 2.3 80 PG. CATALOG PHONE (a 18) 444-4919 1438 POTRERO FAX (818) '444-3046 SO. £.I.MONTE, CA. E-ZUP-INSTANT \~• ~ SHELTERS '5 ~ .... · '-..!!116111~\. 'i · FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON Sl-li:L TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS· AUTHORIZED DEALE.R CASTEX RENTALS 323-462-1468 cmm f=irst Association of Independent Racers "an affordable, quality pit support & social club" Bill Markel Race Director Home (661) 943-1786 PGR. (661) 538-3285 TuBESHARK PORT ABLE HYDRAULIC TUBE BENDERS ROUND & SQUARE BIG 2" CAPACITY NOTHING ELSE EVEN COMES CLOSE! FINAL APPROACH ENGINEERING (541) 447-4852 . 3819 W. Ave. K-10 Lancaster, CA 93536 ~. FUELS & ff'-, LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS 'We Support MIL SPEC RUST PREVENTATIVES 8ammlt RACING GASOLINE BRUCE CONRAD PRESIDENT . 1537 E. DELAMO BLVD. CARSON, CA 90746 PHONE: (310) 603-2200 FAX: (310) 603-2257 FOREMAN ---;E>-OFF-ROAD RACE TRUCK ENGINEERING / FABRICATION RACE PREP/ CONSULTATION TOP CAIJBER PRE-RUNNERS TIIRU TROPHY TRUCKS CHARLIE FOREMAN (858) 467-9211 3438 LOCKWOOD DR. SAN DIEGO, CA v:z,23 ....

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119-449-3133 HONDA 619....,.9-3665 fax td31!d·1·# 1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 Doug Fortin PERSONAL WATERCRAFT JET BOATS BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (213) 877-7272 , FAX (818) 766-9397 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 ,:;;;:.'h_ ~ (619) 561-7764 20 Years of Off Road C--■,.,..111111!:11~.zisY.§fP,,&S. fax 561-4834 @iiirience ;;~;;Fu;=~-~~ If ~--~:.:::~~Sell LARGE SELECTION OF HELMETS, BLOWERS, Jeff Howe Char Lynn, Sweet, COOLERS, VESTS, & SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEMS. 9380 Hilhiale Ln. Pumps, Gears & LT_H_E_B_E_ST_A_I_R_sv_s_T_EM_S_I_N_RA_CI_NG_T_HA_T_M_O_N_EY_C_AN_BU_Y_l _ __,I Lakeside, CA 92040 Power Rack & Pinion NOW YOU CAN en THE RACING GEARS THE WINNEIIS ARE USING ; FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (110)-294-5858 Fax (810)-293--0736 THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~ call (800)433-6524 ~ Call or write fo1 our FREE Catalog Aircraft Rubber Manufacturinq, Inc. 63257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, OR ~7701 USA ph(541) 386-0203 f)C(541)386-0307. Off Rood Style Fiberglass Fenders Graphite/ Carbon A & D Services Custom Fiberglass Fabrication GlASSWORKS UnMmlted 15341 Pipeline Lane #8 Huntington Beach. CA 92649 (714) 903-5644 ------,, 'I e:~M) '---..,_,J~ Buff & Kevin Owners/ Fabricators p. 760.510.9586 • f. 760.510.9559 120 N. Pacific St.# J-1 • San Marcos, CA 91069 ' Lee (114) 522-4600 (114) 522-4602 FAX (114) 522-0123 Service -Technician dl!lllJlld V. W. Serulce • Porsche • Audi • BMW• All VW • Toyota • Nissan • Honda • Street Strip and Sand Off Road • 6291 B Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 West of Beach Blvd. Get the word out about your business, big or· small. Put your business card in the "Good Stuff Directory" and reach new customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $25.00 per month James Gang Racing and Products CNC Controlled Sheet Metal Manufacturing Facility Cofl1)lete Race Vehicle Development Design. Preparation and Fabrication SST. Alum and Tubing 13424 Imperial Hwy. Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670 James M. Hall owner-Driver . 562-921-2693 fax 562-926-0699 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner' Joe Giffin 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, CA 92806 JIMCO ~aeut9'1'~ Mike Julson (714) 632-1240 · Off Road Race Cars : Complete Shock Service . Parts & Accessories • Race Preparation · :10965 Hartley Rd. : Suite R . Santee, CA 92071-2893 · 619/562-1743 · Fax 619 / 562-3379' · e.mail : Russ Jones owner Russ fones Metalworks CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE SANTA BARBARA, CA ~1117 SHOP: (80~) ~68-1067 FAX: (80J) 968•Hl8 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. www 3532 EAST 3RD ST. ART KAWAGUCHI Fax 323-264-2136 323-264-6868 LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 T Affordable Family Care Corrective Care Auto/Work Injuries Se Habla Espanol Dr. Steve· C. Landis Chiropractor 3621 Farquhar Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 Ph 562-799-9969 24 hr Pager 562-901-8869 PREPARATION & FABRICATION I TOYS.PRE-RUNNERS.AND RACETRUCKS · I (702)-592-1993 - fax(702)658-4491 1941 RAMROD STREET HENDERSON NV.8S014 POWER E STEERING THOMAS£LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETOM&TREET SUN VAU.EY, CA 913!52 FAX(818)7118-2687 (818) 7tl8-0371 A full line of~ StNring gears, pumps and acc:ea>riel for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities available. • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • W!:LDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FAB~ICATION/RACE PREPARATION 416 F_LEETWOOD GLENDORA. CA 91740 626-857-RACE 626-852-8852 fax KENT LOTHRINGER LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING MAGNAFLUX Service suspension Transmission Engine QUALITY -RACE CAR CRACK CHECKING DONE BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW RACING 626-857-7223

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• p~ !!ACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 1-0722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 YOUR, OFF-ROAD Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE:(714) 441-1212 FAX:(714) 441•1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 McKenzie's Ontrack Performance Center (818) 909-7487 (818) 90907562 fox 7834 N. Sepulveda 81vd. #A2 Von Nuys, CA 91405 • Offrood • Rood Course • Drog Rocing • Oval Track • Fabrication • Welding • Chassis and Suspension Specialist ~~n7C.NAF'T. R=e /7~,te,c,att,eat,.com Seats • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10925-F Hartley Road • Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Suite I & J Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 661-940-5515 Off-Road & Drag Racing Fabrication Specialists Chassis-Cage-Suspension-Tin work Part & Accessory Sales (805)522-4499 LanceFu!ler 2280 Shasta Way #115 Fax (805) 522-4590 Simi Valley, CA 93065 • MSD M t.:J l IL Jr. 1 :' • ■4,W:/i t••4"'J! • YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE = UTOF~S • w1nE S • HEV CONTnUL~-AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DA .. EL PASO. T X 7!3!33E !9151 857-5200 • TFDl LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts. Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & · Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. ·16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 OFF ROAO CHASSIS ~ 18124 GIIAND Avrt. LAKE ELSINORE, CA 92530 Complete Off Road & Performance Preparation for Trucks & Vans CUSTOM SUSPltNSION • PIIE•RUN TRUCKS AXLIE SEIIVICIE • WIELDING 8: FA■IIICATION NO DISCO TRUCKS Bill Montague Est. 1974 909-678-1029 Get the word out about your business, · big or small. · Fax,MMSG-4721 1660 Babcock Bldg. 1B Costa Mesa. CA 92927 PORSCHE 930 4-speed • S years race-tested with no cracked gears or pinions • • S yncl)romesh or dog-engagement • 4.22 R&P (4.88 option , Shotpeened 9310 • Choice of clutches • Ge1:tTSets & componen~ . -·,.,, • Cqmplete race transmission $7,900 _ Phone oR Fax (808) 87 ,~-------( ~ . \ .-Fraley s PC"rf ormance Engineering ' • All Types ol Steel CJ Aluminum Fabrication * Tube Beadinc • Alumin-CJ Steel W.ldinc * Custom Machine Work * All Types ol Race Cars 48S1 W. Hacienda #4 La■ Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-36S-9055 ~\}\> Stllh tJ ~ ~ Todd Francis ~ Pr1ci1io11 Alloy, /,Id, tr,. 25805 NE 46ti. Avenue (&J ~ Ridgefteld, WA 98~2 $ Put your business. card in the .. GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and rea~h new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merel~.00 month. ~ »~ · Phone ~~.r.. '(0-'b-<:,j Fax 360-887-2000 7on & 360-887-7279 PACIFICALLY LANDSCAPE "&~ g'~ "1t:wae,, Patrick A Bessie DESIGN• CONSTRµCTION •IRRIGATION• MAINTENANCE• WATERSCAPES Lic. 390104 xrnisCAPING • ROCKSCAPE MPER HFJMFTS. (619) 582-7999 (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER tlELMET COMPANY 3834 Wacker Drive Mira Loma, CA 91752 !51!: HAROLD NICKS ,~~(Q)V@.3@"itl SAFETY EQUIPMENl -MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROADMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, SHOEI, SIMPSON HELME-TS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/OR 11'1.'TERCOM STILL ONLY S 125. -. 2888 GUNDRY AVE. -SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 1 562-427-8177 I . 800-869-5636 ~ a A R PJID PROTRUCK RACING ORGANIZATION A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's' Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: Tel: 619.449.6252 Fax: 619.449.6470 9409 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071-2584 CUSTOM ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR RACE CARS, TRUCKS, PRERUNNERS BUGGIES, STREET Roos, DRAG CARS QUALITY RACE CAR WIRING SERVING ALL OF L.A., ORANGE 8c SAN DIEGO COUNTIES JOE DAVITIAN PGR, 323/340-0277 PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR DESIGN&: FABRICATION WINNING OFF ROAD RACES SINCE 1978 INCLUDING FACTORY WORKS SCORE CHAMPION TROPHY TRUCK RT 3, BOX 1970 903/683-1599 Rusk, TX FAX 903/683-8329 OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS -GlVE US A CALL

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. Hi-Perlormance EquipmBnt Suspension •Safety• Drive/ins·• Accessori~ MllceCohell (619) 691-9171 (619) 691-9174' (619) 691-0803 (FAX) 103 PrBSs Lane; Suite 114 Chula Vista, CA 91910 e-mail: 1-800-929-4360 . www.RACESHOCK.coM 118 Pbotnix,Ari7.ona ~ C=UHuill. --· Suspension Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock SeNice Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Around!! Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Trade-In Policy (602) 493--3700 Fax: (602) 493-0975 . , o,r, Ol M /E~s.A, Ing. Alfredo Munoz "-J>.EnM6xlco Gasollna de Alto Rendimiento Por■ Vehiculos Deportivos. 1221Secc. I.Do Pino, C.P. 22420 T■I : 166181,,20-76 y 81-37-38 e-maW:76rating@t9' swilg axle, ••s, •ewla1d, MD4S 3455 S. POLARIS #5 lAS VBiAS, NEVADA 89102 .IIIIN 0.0. lllllml (702) 221-4313 (702) 117-9724 LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOTu HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV.89048 (775) 372-5335 Qua\it~ Used 'Parts I 040 South Main St·r~--ct. Fall brook. CA 92028 _I ,\:\ 760-71.l-2117 l'-M.-\IL hajara~~ !illhcom PHON I' 760-7~3-2117 ~RACING Y.!,;fl GASOLINE "10Q. 110 114 118" 111et11anol & n1tro ~w~~r/M.J!J G.L. Bryant, Inc. • Commercial Fuels & Lubes • High Performance Lubes · 1-800-399-:-4176 209-537-1~65 fax • On-Site Fuel Distribution • Technical Assistance • Fuel & Lubes Handling Equip. fiii/ SANDERS SERVICE. INC. /ll!J METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 5!13-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS qEAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith SANTEK TRAILERS CUSTOM TRAILER MANUFACTURlNG Larry Smith 201 Gemini Avenue, Brea, CA 92821 (714) 449-1395 Fax: (714) 449-1425 . !3lillildGlil RACING TRANSAXLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. EL CAJON, CA 92021 CHRIS ROSE (6191 443-2480 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246 JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS • l',lllOOW LffiERll,G • CAR LETTERING.• GRAPHICS SQUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Galway Circll • Hunt1ngto1 Beach CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • Fa\ (714) 694-9567 ~ s~e~&~ &~to,1(/i#, e~ ~ ~ilt'PWo-45-410#/0~St. 160~347~.50.52 1,e,,uo., ·eA 9220I SP · RACING GASOLI Paul Dumas 805-64 7-7700 Phone 805-647-7023 Fax 805-340-6704 Mobile Sports Racing Products -LA 6338 N. Marina Pacifica Dr., #K15 Long ~each, CA 90803-7010 LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS Cudahy,CA Riverside, CA Oxnard, CA Las Vegas, NV 323-562-3230. 909-877-0226 805-485-6900 702-643-9200 Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks • Buggies • Pre-Runners . (619) 449-9728 FAX (619) 449-2678 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A", Santee, CA 92071 nt. ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31510 223rd Street East Llano. CA 93544 661-261-3202 'S'IR.ICTLY SUNDRY METAL SPINNING Phone {562) 92s-'9838 Fax (562) 928--0778 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • STEEL • BRASS • COPPER • STAINLESS 6831 Suva Street Bell Gardens, CA 90201 ·JOHN AVALOS OWNER •

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RACE FUELS (209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 P.O. Box 248 • .524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 Design Fabrication lnstailatlon Darren Ebberts (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 1 21 S POMONA ROAD • SUITE E • CORONA, CA 92882 r ~ SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED ~ , OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WELDJM, • FABRICATDV • CNCPIASMAWTTll>G 'FFDVTENDS • REARTRAH.Jf>GARMS RACEa-tASSIS • PFERUN/'ERS ' FOXRACJ/1.GSHJX 'SANDBI.EGES LARRY ROSEVEAR 4050 LEAVERTON_ CT. ANAHEIM, CA 92807 PHONE /714) 6304482 FAX {714)6304548 audio video (fr • ·;....1d>· · . ~1' _,.. . security '~ ' 1 ... :._~-:-'"...;;~-----t t"fDO~~e~g:=-~-au os \rw ~ala--. . .."P;-rA e\ec\ton\C':, marine -_..-c-~'l'l\t\U~ RV ~~~~~ s ~ ij race vehicles Allen Johnston buggies 619.596.1925 11420 N. W:x:>dslde Ale. Santee. CA 92071 fox 619.596.2638 TI.R Peiformance Fabrication Tim Lawrence 1243 Greenfield Dr. SuiteD El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-1289 ,. ,. ,~ t ~ ;:; .•. ' * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Truett * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 N. Buena Vista St. , Hemet Ca. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 Fax: 909-654-2375 See a list of our products at oor web site: 1i&&fixLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE. #A· SANTEE. CAll!FORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 WHY AREN'T YOU ADVERTISING IN THE MOST WIDELY READ OFF ROAD NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD? BF.!UCE HENDEL Regional Manager VP Racing Fuels, West Co~f P..O. Box 1,'.319 ·3421:!3 'Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 0 C Cll ~c ~ Cl) o-,, m ~ )> () Cl) X )> Cl) I\) ~~ ~ .I>, I» 01 :::, Cl) 0 0 _<t> C () s: ~z ~ 0 0 ~ 3 3 - · Ill Ill :::, <D 0. ~ m· 0 )>. ~ < ~ Photie: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 . Pager: (909) 694-7392 V(rl ~~G ugs Race cars Dune 8 uggies Welding V.W. - Porsche - Nissan - Toyota Lorenzo Rodriguez 515 S. Vermont, Glendora, Ca. 9_1741 (626)914-8147 ='-'--'.t"~PAINr ,4/1/P al471NGS'l(GR~,C;11( J,(J/lOS * ·~ ro~ MAJNT£NANCl"•Sf~IIYAC~J,lfflRIN&* i .-?ifJ'"_"949--:_j5o-: Automotive • ATV • Motorcycle 1815 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE RIVERSIDE, CA 92507, USA 909.369.5144 • 909.369.7266FAX WWW. WEBCAM I NC.COM Adam Wik 1994 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines Engine Dyno Service 535 Centro.I Park Anaheim CA 92802 714-956-9457 , Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists · Custom Wheels 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 85017 Jack Woods (602) 2~2-0077 i\\e BUMP STOPS HERE Sto the u -our suspension ' "' ECONOMICAILY PRICED AT 319.90 PER PAIR. Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 102 Crestview P.O. Box 845 1-520-427-3551 Owner . Yarnell, AZ 85362-0845 MOTORCYCLES •t<TM •HUSABERG •HUSQVARNA • SERVICE & PARTS , • SUSPENSION M-F 12·6 VARIOUS SAT 10-2 2350 ORANGETHORPE ANAHEIM, CA 92806 714-449-1271 FAX 449-1374

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Classified ... FOR SALE: Late 80s X Dave Westham. Chevy Class 8, com-pletely gone thru, 4 wheel disc, Summers, Strc!nge, 383, 400 trans, Prerun, Sportsman, Tuf truck? Boxes of new & . good spares. $15,000.00. FAT 4-AG, 10 motor, Carillo, JE, Electramotive, etc. $6,000.00. Class 1 single Beam car, 3.8 Porsche, Motec injection, igni-tion, on board lap top program-mable, Data logging, realtime telem-etry expandable. Mendeola MD4S, Summers Floater, FIR, bypass $ coilover, Fod Drop spindles, Brand new front arms, coilovers, R & P. Lots of trick mods. (425hp on dyno), lots new spares for engine & susp. $55,000.00. JAG XJ6 100% restored, new paint, tranny, AC pump, radiator, Brakes, interior $8,000.00 Looking for NASCAR late model or GT 1 car. Call Dennnis at Dugan Built (209) 586-NOTICE Some of the items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all 50 states. Readers are advised to consult appropriate lo-cal or state authorities for informa-tion before purchase of any specific item. AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE: New 1999 Zero Offroad miles-Street legal, Class l Baja Bug, 2900cc FAT, Mendeola trans, King bypass shocks, 5 seater, 40 gal fuel cell, Beadlock Centerlines, Penhall built, fast and show condition. $55,000.00. John (562) 754-7000. FOR SALE: 1998 MDR Class 5 Champion, 2nd OA twice, 10 races on car, Fodrill big beam, 2" drop spindles, Wright rack, 32 gal. Fuelsafe, FOX coilovers & bypass, Kreger 930 floater, Wiks built 2180cc T ype-1, Dave Foltz bus box, competitive and reliable, $21,000.00 or $16,000.00 less motor and trans. Call Phil (909) 606-5846. FOR SALE: 66 FORB Hag Hauler. 351 Cleveland, C-6 trans, 1/4 elliptic rear, 18" front, 22" rear. Auto Meter, custom built shocks, Mark Williams rear end and axles, BFG 35". Good look-ing truck, works great $17,000.00 OBO (801) 955-1834. FOR SALE: 1996 Ford FlS0, Class 8, SCORE & BITD legal. 2nd points 1998 BITD, 3rd points 1999 BITD, 4th in Class finish BITD Nevada 2000, very reliable, 416 CI small block, aluminum heads, LA crank, 500 Hp C6 trans, Sandy Cone 9" 40 spline, Beard seats, Simpson belts, Auto-meter gauges. 18" front, 24" rear, Kings and Rancho lightning rods with many many spare parts. 12 x 35" Bajas. Phone (250) 374-7175 days, (250) 579-5875" eves. $35,000.00. For Sale: l-1600Aceco, TIGwelded. New engine, trans, front shocks, powdercoat, torsion bars, bushings, stubs, brakes, battery and power steer-ing res. Zero miles since total prep. Fox, Saco Magnum, McK's alum hubs, Charlyn, Fuel Safe, Jamar, Heim shifter & rod ends. How about you Vegas guys, I know you can win in a single seater. $17,000. Call Joe at 714-632-1240 FOR SALE: Baja 2000 Race Ready Package 98,99 Class Champion Ford F-150 Protruck 98-38' 5th Wheel Enclosed Trailer, with Generator A/C, Compressor and Toilet, 99-Ford F-350 4x4 Crew Cab, Dually Power Stroke Diesel, Tons of spares for Race truck with Short Course set-up and Extra body's. Turnkey Race Ready Package, complete $140,000.00. Call for full details. Rick Johnson (760) 954-0755, (760) 253-7906. 1967 after 7 FOR SALE: 1995 Ranger Prerunner, Extra-cab, Gray interior, 3.0L V.6, Stock 5 speped trans, Cus-tom I beams, 6" wider w/Heim piv-ots, Custom Exteftded Radius Arms w/Heim pivots and trans mount, Custom Engine cage/shock hoop (Chromoly), Sway-A-Way Race Runner 12" 2.5 dual rate coilover, Deaver rear springs (Race prepped, Glassworks Custom front fiberglass, Custom £laired steel bed sides, Cus-tom front and rear bumpers, BF Goodrich Baja TA's (33xl0.50-15) on American Racing wheels, Built by Donahoe racing 3-2000. Every-thing new, Immaculate condition. $19,500.00 obo. Please call if in-terested. (775) 265-1729. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Mirage; Mas-tercraft Seat w/Lumbar control, FOX SHOX w/res, Sway-A-Way, Saco Rack and pinon, Fuel Safe, new front arms, spring plates, belts, and nets, Powder coated chassis, zero miles on engine, many spares!!!! $14,500.00 (661) 268-0803. FOR SALE: 1978 ZWD Chevy Blazer, 1987 Autofab Glass front end, Custom Control arms and engine cage, Rancho take a parts, new 35" Goodyears, New 400 small block and auto transmis-sion, new 4:56 gears and locker, all new front to rear, Too!! Much to List!! Very fast!!! $7,000.00. 775 852-1606. FOR SALE: Super 1600 Raceco short course car. 5 link air sus-pension 21" Rear travel. Out board · cvs', chromoly frame, very light, 2 Full race trans. One bus, parts of 1835 spare part-tire-whees rim locks. Glen Helen champion car. $7,000.00orbest. 909 682-8745. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600, short course Buggy; Bob Goshen Mo-tor. Fox Shocks, BF Goodrich tires. 930 CV joints, UMP Power steering. Many spare parts avail-able. Chenowth. Like brand new $7,500.00 *$5,000.00 less motor and tranny. Please call Corry (519) 826-7755. FOR SALE: 1971 Ford PreRunner or Race Truck, full cage 400 motor C-6 tranny, Alum dash, Autometer, Beard Seats, Art Carr, Fiber hood, Wide front 5" widen rear, needs to be com-plete. $5,000.00 or Best (619) 766-4689, (011) 526-654-6172 . Bronco Zwd PreRunner-Master-c raft, Deist, Full Cage, AutoMeter, 96 Glass Frt Clip, Custom Bumper, 4.11 gears, Engine 351, Headers w/3" Flowmaster Exhaust. C6 $3,800.00 cost. Front Custom by Spirit Racing. 1 Ton Kingpin I beams, 3 Bilstein. Rear-Custom 3 link Trailing arm suspension, rear coil springs, {2) Bilsteins, 20" travel. $18,000.00 Baja Bro-kers Ref #753 (760) 723-2117. Check out our website at Moulton Class 12 Single Seat-1989 Raceco single seat, proven winner class 12, Fox Shocks, Outboard Summer's rear hubs and brakes, 16" Front wheels, Beadlock, all FAT parts on motor, CNC Pedals, UMP steering, Fodrill front arms and spindles, best of the best, lots more ! ! ! $20,000.00 firm Baja Brokers Ref #765 (760) 723-211 7 Check out our on line used parts auction at ·aconce FOR SALE: Pre-runner, A-Arm, four seater, 2888 Fat built Type 4, 091 bus box, Fox coilovers and bypass shocks front and rear, power steering, outboard hubs, Centerline Wheels, CNC 4 piston brakes, full body with windshield, 28 gallon gas tank, Very trick prerunner. Freshly prepped and ready to prerun. $38,550.00 OBO. Days (623) 516-0406 Eves (602) 938-8017. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • .. • • Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in DUSTY TIMES. Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including ~ame, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7".All Classified Ads must be PAID IN AD-VANCE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PVT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Enclosed is $ (Send theck or money order, no cash) Name Address Phone City State __ Zip Please run ad times ---Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20761 Plummer Street • Chatsworth, CA 91311 • • • • • POR SALE: Class 8 Chevrolet, • • SCORE legal, 540hp V8 400 • trans,. Custom Kuster shocks, • 22+ travel, coil springs FOR • SALE: Class 8 Chevrolet, : SCORE legal, 540hp· V8 400 • trans, Custom Kuster shocks, • 22 + travel, coil springs front/ • quarter elliptic rear, custom .. • built top to bottom, 50 gal fuel • cell, disc brakes, radio, inter-• com, spare motor, tires, much • more $58,700.00 obo. (626) : 296-9387. • FOR SALE: Roger Mears Dodge • Ram Pre-Runner, built by Russ : Wernermont. Huge motor, great ■ brakes and handling, dual air, 3 ■ ■ seat, full floater, 65 gallon cell. • Going through major prep, ready • ■ • ■ ■ ■ ■ • • • ■ • ■ ■ • ■ ■ • ■ ■ • ■ • • • • • • • • ■ • • ■ • • ■ ■ • • ■ • • • • • • • • • • ■ ■ • ■ ■ • ■ ■ • • • • ■ • ■ ■ • • ■ • • ■: 10/1. $50,000.00. (949)795-1024. Page 66 September 2000 Dusty Times

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Dodge Ramcharger-360ci Dodge Magnum V8 crate motor, 4 bar-rel carb, FRESH Mogi 727, Win-ter Shifter, Summer Bros. Rearaxle, Beard Seats, A-arm front suspensions with uniballs, 12" Travel, 4 linked rear with 3" SAW coilovers, 18" travel. Watch for this truck in the desert! $18,900.00 Baja Brokers Ref#769 (760)723-2117. Check out our website at 40' Gooseneck Trailer-20,000 lbs. Payload, Dual axle, Overall di-mension 40ft x 102in 8'6" tall, rear and side door! Located on East Coast $15,000.00 Baja Bro-kers Ref #774 (760)723-2117. Check out our website at Single Seat A-Arm- 10 car, Fresh 4AG Fat Motor, Fresh Fortin Transaxle, Fodrill Arms, Front King Coilover and by pass per wheel, 19" Front travel, SAW 300M Torsions, CNC Brakes/Ped-als, Chenowth axles, 930 CV's, King By pass, 18" Rear Travel, PCI Radio, Beard Seat, Auto Meter Gauges, as seen in April issue of Dirt Pilot magazine, lots More!!! $25,000.00 Baja Brokers Ref #767 (760) 723-211 7. Check out our website at FOR SALE, Ready for Baja 2000-Suspensions Unlimited 2-1600. Fresh Wik's and JG Trans (both with Zero miles!). New; body and paint C.V.'s , cages, Torsion bars and adjusters, stubs, CNC pedals, Also Fuel Safe, Fox, Mastercraft-Only the best parts. Recent winner, Fresh prep. $26,000.00 OBO Call Steele Bros. at (661) 268-1557 or (760) 244-7717. I .; .?:-··. ·NETS ·BAGS ·SEATS • LIMIT STRAPS Bronco 4WD PreRunner-Ford 351, Fiberglass hood and fenders, Custom Full Cage Front to Rear, 3Mastercraft Seat, Autometer gauges, Aluminum Wheels, Win-ters shifter, Aluminum dash, Re-cessed Fender Filler, 35" Baja T/ A, 3 Hella Rallye 2000's, Street legal, Custom Front and Rear Bumpers, $23,000.00 Baja Brokers Ref #775. (760) 723-2117. Check out our website at FOR SALE: Jimco 1 or 10. 18" front travel on Fox remote res coilovers, 24" travel rear on Fox remote res. shocks, Summers Bros. Discs on all four, Out-board 930cv's, Ump Pumper, Custom paint and Fuel Safe Cell, No Motor, $12,000.00 obo, Call (775)482-9298, leave message. SUSPENSION FABRICA-TORS WANTED: Expanding R & D team requires multi level fabricators with experi-ence in prototyping and build-ing of suspension components. Must have good MIG welding capabilities with Ironworker, Tubing Notcher and Press Braker experience a plus. Full benefits package, 401k, join the fastest growing suspension company in the industry. Con-tact Fabtech Motorsports, Tel (714) 990-8850. FOR SALE: Killer Type 4. 2700. Engine built by Ray Riffle, Machin-ery/Raceco-Case, Scat Crank 2.0 heads. Best of everything-Single carb. Only 200 miles on this brand new engine. Has receipts. $9,000.00. Call Scott (805) 525-3767. M~~~~ 1-aoo-565-4042 10925-F Hartley Road Santee, CA 92071 Dusty Times -.. -... ·------·--·----.... -···--····· ··········--------.. ·-····--·----·--~ FOR SALE: 1997 Race car trailer, Built by EMI Technol-ogy 48'x9'x 10 1/2, lounge area 13 1/2 x 8 1/2 w/toilet, sink, range, refrigerator, leather, storage and A/C 35'x 8 1/2" working and storage area wood and tile.floor, 2 winches, 2 gen-erator, 1 welder, 2 side doors outside lighting, rear gate, standing roof deck, 5 8' belly boxes, 8 new tires, excellent condition, $43,000 asking price or trade for exotic car. Call Fox Motorsports (915) 833-7902. Chevy Stepside PreRunner-1979 Fullsize Shortcab, 350ci motor, lsky Camshaft, MSD Ignition, Custom exhaust, est HP 350-3 70, TH400, Art Carr shifter, 14" Travel front with custom 1-Arms, Kingpins and spindles, Fox Shocks, Swing Arm Rear, 14" Travel, Coil Sprung, Baja T/A's on American Racing Wheels, Deist Belts, Mastercraft Seats, A True American Beauty!! $15,000.00 Baja Brokers Ref# 773 (760) 723-211 7. Check out our website at·aconce FOR SALE: "Lexus V8" DOHC 3 2 Valve Race Engines (3). Alum block & heads. Spares. Electronic fuel injection, Bosch injectors. Ti-tanium valves. ATI damper. Carrillo rods. Weaver oil pump. 180* Scat Crank. JE Pistons. Dry sump. Motec harness. 550 hp. Stainless headers. $55,000.00 each (new) fresh rebuild. $18,000.00 ea or $42,000.00 for everything. (714) 637-1155. Rod. FOR SALE: Class 12 or Sportsman-Funco Chassis all Chromoly 119" wheel base, 1650 Type 1, Bus tranny, 22 gal fuel cell, (4) Fox in front, (8) 2.0 Fox in rear, new Foddrill front arms, Woods rear arms, front and rear discs with CNC calipers, 300m tor-sion bars, Durablue stub axles, Ump steering, Parker Pumper, Yokohamas front and rear on Ultras, very reliable, finishing car, some extras. $12,000.00 obo Call (915) 833-7902. FOR SALE: Pro Rally car, Mazda RX3, Ready to race. KYB shocks, Cibie light-Recaro seats-Auto power roll bar, Zeron comp-very clean lots of extra parts & rims & tires. Call $3,500.00. Bill (775 849-1423. DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! September 2000 FOR SALE: 1967 International T radestar tractor with 40' trailer. Has living quarters with shower, cabinets, AC, lift gate, Honda EX5500 liquid cooled generator which retails for $4,000.00 alone, must sell all $7,900.00 OBQ Jer-emy (619) 227-0206. · FOR SALE: DG 300 Tranny-Just gone through, have receipt. $6,000.00 (949)795-1024. CREW WANTED SUPPORT CREW /LOGISTICS PEOPLE wanted to pit with large race team (10 cars) for the Baja 2000 in November. We will be taking down 100 people to sup-port Factory Mitsubishi cars from Japan, leased Wide Open Baja cars driven by celebrity and racecar drivers such as Roberto Guerrero, Sammy Hagar etc. Also support for Ryan Thomas's Class 1 Millenium Car. We are look- · ing for a few good people to round out our staff of seasoned veterans. Call Wide Open Baja (949) 489-8984. HELP WANTED Irvine CA based off road team looking for versatile FABRICA-TOR/welder/mechanic. Fax re-sumes and salary requirements to (949) 7 56-2256. INDEX TO ·ADVERTISERS Ace Motorsports ................................ 15 ADA VIS Mexican Insurance ............ 58 Aggressive Suspensions .................. 18 Baker Performance Products .......... 46 Bilstein Shock Absorbers ................... 5 B.0.R.E ..... :: ......................................... 49 Cactus ................................................. 42 Cam burg Engineering ........................ 57 Champion ............................................ 40 Coast Resorts ....................................... 9 CODE ................................................... 24 Jim Conner Racing ............................ 21 Converter Shop .................................. 58 Eibach Springs ................................... 22 Fabtech ............................................... 30 FAT Performance ..................... : ........ 20 Fleet f"uels .......................................... 43 Fox Racing Shox .................................. 2 Fuel Safe Racing Cells ...................... 57 Flannery Racing ................................. 19 German Auto ...................................... 26 Herbst Motorsports .......................... 17 Michael E. James Insurance Agency .............................. 12 Kartek Off Road .......................... 14, 45 Kawaguchi Honda .............................. 39 KC Hi lites ............................................. 4 King Shock Tech ................................ 37 Mastercraft ........................................ 67 ~cKenzie Performance Products .... 41 Mojave Desert Racing ....................... 32 M.O.R.E ...... , ........................................ 11 MT Tires ............................................. 13 Myers Racing ..................................... 53 Nevada Off Road Buggy ...................... 7 PCI Race Radios and Equipment.. .... 34 ·Petersen Automotive Museum ........ 50 Pike's Family Restaurant ................. 57 Oual Comm ..... : ................................. 35 Racefab, Inc.· ...................................... 52 Race Ready Products ........................ 38 SNORE ................................................. 29 Sway-A-Way Corp .............................. 16 Toyota Motorsports ........... 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TOYOTA RACINI DEVELOPMENT IVAN STEWART HAS ONE BIG ADVANTAGE OVER OTHER RACERS. HE DOESN'T HAVE TO COMPETE AGAINST IVAN STEWART. The lronman has won the SCORE Baja 500 an incredible 17 times. If you had to compete against that, it would weigh heavy on your mind. It'd make you sweat. It'd make your muscles go all rubbery. And that's before the race even starts. This year Ivan's got himself a race-modified Tundra with a TRD-developed Tundra Racing VS. Just relax. There's always second place. ® TOYOTA