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2000 Volume 17 Number 3 Dusty Times Magazine

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ISSN87S0-1732 covering the world of competition in the dirt •••

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PCISHOEI RACEAIR HELMETS • Light Weight - 3/4 of a Pound Lighter than Other Helmets • Extremely Comfortable • 6 Different Shield Colors to Choose from. • Different Helmet Models to Choose from. YOUR ONE STOP RADIO & SAFETY EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS! PCI-RACEAIR PUMPER MOTORS • Single Outlet Pumper Motor with a 105 CMF Motor • Dual Outlet Pumper Motor with a 15 0 CMFMotor • Blows More are than many other models • Heavy Duty Hose & Filters • • • • PCI ROAD.MASTER 2-WAYRADIO Race Proven with Over 3000 Used in Off Road Racing. They talk farther & Sound Better. The PCI Comlink VI Intercom was Made to Work with this Most Popular Radio Modular Construction -can be repaired easliy, even at races. PCI COMLINKVI INTERCOM • Loud & Extremely Clear -NO Side Tone • Small, Tough, Weatherproof Housing • Individual Push to Talk fo Driver & Co-Driver • Multi-User Option for 3 or 4 Seat Pre-Runners & Fun Buggies Visit us on the web @ VISA. ' . , • • • PCI TRACKMASTER &CREWCHEIF HEADSET Great Addition to Any System 5 Watt, 12 Channel VHF-FM 2-way Handheld Radio with belt clip & David Clark Type Crew Che if Headset with PTT on ear cup (Gm, Red, Blue, BIK) .AMERICAN liElCJ>·R·ESS • Cards .PCIRACERADIOS.COM Get These and Other Great PCI Products directly from PCI Race Radios or from One of Our Authorized Dealers Listed Below. BAJA CACTUS DeNUNZIO GEISER IRENE'S. CONCEPTS RACING BROTHERS EMBROIDERY 1040 S. Main St. 5153 Bowden Ave. 57 "B" Depot Rd. 3 02 W. Lone Cactus 7 414 Gateway East Fallbrook, CA San Diego, CA Goleta, CA Phoenix, AZ El Paso, TX 92028 92117 93117 85027 79915 McKENZIE'S NEVADA OFF OFF ROAD PROFAB PROPIT ROAD BUGGY WAREHOUSE 2366 E. Orangethorpe 3054 S. Valley View 7915 Balboa Ave. 525 Kuhlman 5550 Elymus Rd. Anaheim, CA Las Vegas, NV San Diego, CA Billings, MT Carson City, NV 92806 89102 92111 59105 &9701 RACE READY PRODUCTS 103 Press Lane Suite# 4, Chula Vista, CA 92010 PCI RACE RADIOS 2888 GUNDRY AVE., SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 (562) 427-8177 (800) 869-5636 FAX (562) 426-3589 WWW.PCIRACERADIOS.COM

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Volume 17 - Number 3 March 2000 Controller John Calvin Marketing · Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Jim Culp Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Mike Jenkins Rod Koch Ralph Mason Ron Miller Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith Tony Tellier Paul Timmerman Trackside Photo Art Director Larry Worsham Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request Contributions: DUSTI TIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited mate-rial will be returned only by request and with a self ad-dressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. · DUSTI TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311 -4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright by Hill-side Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTI TIMES, 20751Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new ad-dress, and send to DUSTI TIMES, 207 51 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. snapshot of the Month ... We appeal to all age groups. And, we are funny if you believe the big smile on the face of William Steven McCool, 1 ½ year old son of Billy and Jennifer. And, we might add, the grandson of Dick and Carol McCool. The McCools have been dear friends of ours for more years than we will admit to and we only wonder how long it will be before young William will be wanting his own 1600. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies" or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay$ 10 for che picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, up to 8x10 will be considered. In This Issue ... FEATURES · SCORE Laughlin by Judy Smith ....................................................................... 8 WRC Monte Carlo Rally by Martin Holmes ................................................. 20 Whiplash Grand Prix by Tony Tellier ................................................... ." ....... 22 CORP Carrera de Campeones by Tony Tellier ................. ............................ 28 FUD Dunaway Dash by Judy Smith ............................................................... 32 Whiplash Parker 400k by Tony Tellier .......................................................... 36 DEPARTMENTS Happenings ...................................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ........................................................................................................ 6 Challenger Comer by Joel Mohr .................................................................... 46 The New Wahzoo by? ................................................... ................................. 46 MAG 7 Race Tea1r; by Stephen Stenberg ....................................................... 46 Good Stuff Directory ...................................................................................... 48 Classified Ads ................................................................................................. 53 Index To Advertisers ..................................................................................... 55 On The Cover Harley Letner lets no grass grow under his feet, shown here in the venerable old race car on his way to the overall victory at the Whiplash Parker 400k. And yet another generation cakes the victory stand. Photo by Trackside Photo Mark Fodor is dedicated to winning and win he did at the SCORE Laughlin race. He had lots of competition but he took the checkers on both days and was the overall winner in the SCORE Lites class if only by 24 seconds. Photo by Trackside Photo Visit Our Website c5uhscribe :Joday lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) Name ________ ..;__ ___________ _ Address --------------------City ---------------------St ate __________ Zip ____ _ Primary Interest Cars D Trucks D Motorcycles D Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times March 2000 Pagel

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Put yourself in the winner's circle. ; ; ; ; ; , , , , , , I I I I I I I I I I I I \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' .... 1. 800. FOX. SHOX ---------...... -.... ,,,. ,,,. .... .... ,,,. .......... ---------.... .... .... ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ I I I I() ,c I -I I ffi I :JJ ,rn I , , , , , , ; ; ; ; ; ,,,. BIIC/Nll SHOJI X 0 I l/l (!) z u <t Q'. X 0 IJ. 0 0 0 N ©

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2000 Happenings ... Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (01 I 52 61746834) Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637/7 0034) P.O Box 8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector Apto 42 San Jose de! Cabo Baja California de! Sur. Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia DUSTY TIMES AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class 10 cars only Renald Vaillancourt 3069 Dagenais West Laval Quebec, Canada H7P 1T7 (514) 622-4440 BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NY 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 E-Mail: April 7-9, 2000 . Terrible's Town 250 April 21-23, 2000 Nevada 200 Trail Ride Motorcycles Only May 19-21, 2000 Tonopah 300 July 8-15, 2000 Nevada 2000 October 7-8, 2000 Tough Truck Field Meet December 1-3, 2000 Las Vegas 200 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES Les Wolfe, NEW President 1727 N. Main Sunset, UT 84015 (801) 773-1651 May 5-6, 2000 Wendover Express Wendover, UT July 7-8, 2000 jackpot 200 Jackpot, NY September TBA, 2000 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, UT BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 CAJOR Club Automovilista Juarense de Championship Off-Road Racing 7210 Gateway East El Paso, TX 79915 (915) 593-4848 Ralph Garcia 011-52-16-17-45-42 Cesar Fuentes March 4, 2000 Carrera de Primavera Start: 12 Noon - 5 Hour Time Limit May 20, 2000 Start: 10 am - 6 Hour Time Limit July 15, 2000 Carrera de Las Estrellas I 50 Night Race - Start: 8 pm - 5 Hour Time Limit September 16, 2000 Juarez 250 Start: l 0 am - 8 Hour Time Limit November 25, 2000 Carrera de La Revolution Start 12 Noon - 5 Hour Time Limit CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Sue Robinson 845 School House Road Ramona, CA 92065 (760) 788-3809 E-Mail: Michael Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 935558 (619) 375-8704 John Dillon, SoPac Rally Steward SOPacRallySteward @ Homemail ... com Rally School/SCCA Rally Cross Location TBA March 18-19, 2000 L V SCCA Region Rallycross & Rally Sprint Jean, NV May 5-6, 2000 Rim Of The World Pro Rally/Club Rally . Palmdale, CA August 18-19, 2000 Gorman Club Rally Frasier Park, CA September 29-30, 2000 Dusty Times Prescott Forest Pro Rally/Club Rally Prescott, AZ, October 14, 2000 L V SCCA Region Rally Cross Jean, NY November 12, 2000 Treeline Club Rally Monrovia, CA November 18, 2000 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O. Box 3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-31 78 Fax: (714) 367-1608 CORR Championship Off Road Racing I 92 N. State Road 267, Suite 267 Avon, IN 46123 P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON ID-JACKERS I.C.O. Tom Delauder Sr 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 CODE 0l 1-52-65-52-5928 April 14-16, 2000 Laguna Salada May 19-21, 2000 San Felipe (317) 272-2827/Fax: (317) 272-2900 June 10-11, 2000 Langlade County Fairgrounds Aritigo, WI L V SCCA Region Rally Cross Jean, NY December 8-10, 2000 Ramada Express International Rally Lauohlin, NV CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box400 Maywood, CA 90270 (323) 560-SHOW CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 Pierre, SD 57501 ■ ■ Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison County Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN Calle 6ta Fracc C'.i. de San Quintin San Quintin, BC, Mexico Heraclio Patino (OJ l 52 616-5-22-07) CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road June 30-July 1, 2000 Night Race - Laguna Salada October 6-8, 2000 Laguna Salada Fiestas de! Sol December 1-3, 2000 Mexicali - San Felipe COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Yahsholtz, President (71<'' 531-3642 W/(719)687-9827 H June 24-25, 2000 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI July 29-30, 2000 Fort dodge, IA August 12-13, 2000 Bark River Off Road Raceway Bark River, MI September 1-3, 2000 Crandon International Raceway Crandon, WI September JO-October 1, 2000 Indiana State Fair Grounds Indianapolis, IN October 21-23, 2000 Heartland Park Gary Weyhrich Wins Class 1, Overall at Laughlin SCORE Desert Series Opener Gary Weyhrich of Gresham, OR won the unlimited Class 1 race and turned in the fastest overall time at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge season opener in Nevada. Driving a Chenowth, VW desert race car on Bilstein shocks, Weyhrich came from behind to win the two-day event finishing the 10 laps at an average speed of 54.68mph. It was the first win in SCORE racing for Weyhrich, who was fourth after the first day before his strong finish. Bilstein Salutes ... Other Laughlin Class Winners: • Class 7 Jeff Lewis, MacPherson Chevy • Protruck Larry Plank, Ford Pickup Also Saluting ... Other 1999 Off-Road Racing Champions: . Whiplash Series • Class 1 o Champion - Crook/ Arthur Team M_DR Serie~ • Class 5 -1600 Champion - Marc D~shane . For all the details contact the Off-Road Racing Department: Call Toll Free 800/537-1085 KRUPP BILSTEIN OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road• San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 858/453-7723 r::Jr March 2000 Pages

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Trail Notes ... OFF ROAD POKER RUN -The Hi-Desert Charities are having their Off Road Poker Run at the Slash X Cafe on April 29 and 30. All proceeds go to the Barstow Charities. Two loops of approximately 25 miles each, one for 4 wheel vehicles and the other for motorcycles and A TV's. Any type of off road vehicle can enter, but, California registered vehicles must have a Green Sticker and be equipped with,an approved spark arrestor. (Unless equipped with a muffler). Helmets are required for ATV and Motorcycle riders. Entry fee is $20.00 and you get to go twice for your entry. There will be hats, t-shirts and sweat shirts, some free and some for sale. Please, get on out there in April and help the Barstow Chari'ties. For more information call Slash X at 760-252-1197 or 760-252-3093. TEAM GORDON - Robby Gordon and his new NASCAR team are getting ready for the season opener at Daytona in February. Fred Graves will be the crew chief on the #13 Ford Taurus, Fred was the Technical Director of Hendrick Motorsports. Robby said, "Fred Graves represented the best choice for us as Crew Chief. I feel confident that when I get off the plane at any track, the car will be ready to race." We hereat Dusty Times have known Robby since he was a very small boy and uie hope his great driving talents will 7 take him far in the NASCAR ranks . Stay turned! S NO*DRIFT PRO RALLY -The first round of the SCCA ProRally Championship took place on the lower peninsula of Michigan at Atlanta, somewhere between Hillman and Gaylord. 52 cars were ready to do battle in the very cold climate. Temperatures hovered between zero and freezing and the cold, snow and ice certainly took its toll. Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker took the Open and overall win in their Hyundai Tiburon. Karl Scheible/Russ Hughes took FIA N Class, Chris Czyzio/Eric Carlson won PGT Class, Mark Utecht/Brenda Corneliusen took GS and Douglas Davenport/Lea Hoffa won G2. RED FACE REPORT -Our apologies to Marc Stein, The caption was omitted under the picture of his truck in the BITD Terrible's :fown 250. The q1ption reads: Marc Stein and Mike McComas paired up in their yellow and blue Ford to take second place in the Stock Full Size truck class, and also second in the season championship." Sorry Marc, it was an accident. WHEW, WERE WE BUSY -We decided to take a look at some of the races and rallies we covered in 1999 and we were really amazed to see the extensive coverage Dusty Times gives to it's readers. We freely admit that we have the best reporters in the world on our staff, all terribly knowledgeable and completely committed to covering in depth all the off road functions we can get to. We cover racing here in the US of A, Mexico, Australia and we hope to expand to Canada (We used to cover races in Canada, but we can't seem to generate th'eir attention and cooperation like in the old days) . We started People Profiles and will continue to run in depth reports on drivers, pit people and Manufacturer's as frequently as we can. Our rally coverage expanded a bunch in 1999 and we int-end to continue and enlarge this coverage in 2000. Last year we reported in depth on 78·races, 30 rallies, printed 1,742 pictures in support of those stories, published 51 Club Reports and 11 Special Reports and ,. Profiles. That's a lot of work! We are committed to excellence in everything we do and we ask you to Continued on next page PIKES service center Baker, California Celebrating 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ••• THANKS! RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Mobil® SERVICE Every Day Year Round THE BEST IN THE DESERT! Page& Topeka, KS CORVA 1500 West El Camino, Suite 352 Sacramento, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA Ext 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren 2405 Baker Ave. Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (All events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1865 Commander.Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 (520) 855-6125 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Delauder, Sr. 1091 Township Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 ESTERO BEACH INTERNATIONAL Short Course Racing Victoria Galindo Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico 011-526-176-6225 April 2S-30, 2000 Estero Beach Baja California, MX October 13-15, 2000 Estero Beach Baja California, MX FABTECH Off Road Short Course Series at Glen Helen Raceway P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (909) 280-9096 Contact: BBM Marketing Promotions P.O. Box 762 Norco, CA 91760-0762 (562) 988-6i50/Fax: (909) 280-9097 FRT Motorsports 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 *denotes motorcycles & quads *March 5, 2000 Cycle Parts West March Madness Team Race Plaster City *April 9,'2000 T azmanik Hare 'n Hound Plaster City, West · April 22, 2000 FUD 200 Plaster City, West *June 24, 2000 Cerveza T ecate Conquista Gran Prix Rancho Villareal, Tecate, BC, MX June 24, 2000 Cerveza Tecate Conquista Gran Prix Rancho Villareal, Tecate, BC, MX *July 29, 2000 Affordable Rain Gutters C/M Nite Team Race Plaster City, East *August 27, 2000 Saasta Chevron Sweetheart's Kiss Lake Superstition *September 10, 2000 Cerveza Tecate Cacti Gran Prix KOA Kampground, Rancho Ojai, Tecate, BC,MX *October 1, 2000 Stuart Engineering Mudhen Sprint Plaster City, East October 21, 2000 Superstition 250 XVI Plaster City, East *November 19, 2000 Cycle Parts West Notorious Daw.g Plaster City, West *December 3, 2000 Yoder's Yodel Rudolph's Revenge Dez Gran Prix Superstition Mountains December 31, 2000 . Dunaway Dash Plaster City, West GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA Great Planes Off Road Racing Association 13621 Pierce St. March 2000 Omaha, NE 68144-1122 (402) 333-0517 Eve. Keith Koesters 6716 N. 106th St. Omaha, NE 68122 (402) 4964846 Eve. (l-80 Race Track is located 20 minutes west of Omaha ■ All races are short course, stadium style. Classes: Trophy, I 1-1600, 5, 7S, 1 and Quads) IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (949) 582-2371 May 21, 2000 8th Annual Spring Truck Jamboree Hidden Valley Park Irvine, CA August 13, 2000 14th Annual California Truck Jamboree Orange County Fairgrounds Costa Mesa, CA KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box465 Kamloops, BC, Canada VZG5L2 Bob (250) 374-7175 days Randy (250) 579-9621 eves. Wes (250) 351-2819 LI.T.R.E. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522 JimAruta (408) 247-4402 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Dune Buggy Trade Show (517) 543-7214 February 27, 2000 Lansing Center Lansing Michigan MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 4883 7 (5 I 7) 62 7-6200 July 30, 2000 Ingham County Fair Mason, MI 0eeps, Trucks, Buggies, Pilots, Road Warriors and Quad ATV-Money Classes.) MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION MAORA Steph Sabo (618) 327-9312 Short Course Events May 6, 2000 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL May 20, 2000 Vermilli~n County Speedway Danville, IL June 24, 2000 "The Edge" Trip le R Raceway Nashville, IL July 15, 2000 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL July 29, 2000 "The Edge"Triple RRaceway Nashville, IL Aug11St 19, 2000 Vennillion County Speedway Danville, IL September 16, 2000 "The Edge" Triple R Raceway Nashville, IL September 30, 2000 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL .MAORA Enduro Series May 7, 2000 !OOk Lindon Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL July 16, 2000 I OOk Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL September 1 7, 2000 100k "The Edge" Triple R Raceway Nashville, IL Octo~r 1, 2000 200k Lincoln Trail Motorsports Park Casey, IL MOJAVE DESERT RACING 1853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 (626) 442-9320/(626) 579-6051 Fax E-Mail: February 26, 2000 Wild Wash250 Barstow, CA April 29, 2000 Ridgecrest 300 Ridgecrest, CA June 17, 2000 Lucerne 400 Lucerne, CA August 5, 2000 California 200 Barstow, CA September 30, 2000 Barstow 300 Barstow, CA November 18, 2000 Stoddard 300 Barstow,CA M.OR.E. . High Desert Championship P.O. Box 1231 Barstow, CA 92311-1231 Fax: (760) 253-4453 March 4, 2000 Balls Out 250 Lucerne,CA May 13, 2000 Badlands 275 Barstow, CA July 8, 2000 Freedom 250 Barstow, CA October 7, 2000 Tumbleweed 300 December 2, 2000 Leapin' Lizard 250 Barstow, CA MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association Dave Barret 6363 Nightingale Dr. Flint, Ml 48506 (810) 730-9221 NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Rt. #1 -Box 380 Dave or Marlene Ryan Palatka, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSOCIATION Butch Chapin Motorsports Promotions I 404 East 3rd Street Hastings, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 OFF ROAD EXPO 2000 (626) 599-8622 October 7-8, 2000 Fairplex Pomona, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasquez 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 855-8899 All races are at Mountain Shadow Lake. Take I-IO Horizon Blvd. exit east 12 miles OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 JimKendel (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Rick Tichbourne, Public Relations (519)-681-4192(H)/(5!9) 457-2913(W) PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off Road Championship 495 N. Commons Drive Aurora, IL 60504 (630) 566-6100 February 26, 2000 Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas, NV PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 PROTRUCK RACING SERIES 9409 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071-2856 (619) 449-6252/Fax: (619) 449-6470 April 7-9, 2000 . Terrible's Town 250 (BITD) Pahrump, NV May 20, 2000 Closed Course Event (SCRAMP) w/Winston West Dusty Times

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Monterey, CA July 8-16, 2000 Nevada 2000 (BITD)** Las Vegas, NY November 10-17, 2000 Baja 2000 (SCORE) Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico December 1-3, 2000 Las Vegas 200 (BITD) Las Vegas, NY **Non Points Event S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. Icing P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 ' SCCA PRORALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Sports Car Club of America 9033 E. Easter Place Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622/Fax: (303) 694-3654 April 14-15, 2000 Oregon Trail Rally Tillamook, OR May 5-6, 2000 Rim Of The World Rally Palmdale, CA June 2-3, 2000 Susquehannock Trail Rally Wellsboro, PA June 23-25, 2000 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Colorado July 28-29, 2000 Maine Forest Rally Rumford, ME August 25-26, 2000 Ojibwe Forests Rally Bemidji.MN September 29-30, 2000 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ October 20-21, 2000 D&N Bank Lake Superior Rally Houghton, MI SCORE SCORE International 23961 Craftsman Rd., Suite A Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/Fax: (818) 225-8102 Laughlin, NY · March 17-19, 2000 14th Tecate SCORE San Felipe San Felipe, BC, MX • June 2-4, 2000 31st Tecate SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, MX August 4-5, 2000 5th SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NY November 10-17, 2000 Tecate SCORE Baja 2000 Baja California Norte to Baja Sur, Mexico SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NY 89106 (702) 452-4522 February 25-27, 2000 AVI 250 Laughlin, NY April 14-16, 2000 Buffalo Bills 400 Primm, NY June 9-10, 2000 KC HiLites Midnight Special Location TBA July 28-29, 2000 BUD In The Trees Lacation TBA September 22-24, 2000 Gold Coast/SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NY November 3-5, 2000 Reserve 250 Boulder City, NY SONS OF THUNDER 4WHEELERS Race Division Keith Stewart (714) 522-1899 SODA Short Course Off Road Drivers Association Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE Steve Rule (800) 313-5621 or (770) 963-0252 Mike Moore - (224) 272-5400 SOUTH EAST OFF ROAD RA.CINGASSN. President - Geoff Lee Dusty Times I 100 West Main Street D-3 Franklin, TN 3 7064 Classis 1/2-1600, 5-1600,, Class 9, SODA Class 11 & Sportsman (AU Races at Rally HiU Speedway) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TIMING ASSOCIATION AND BONNEVILLE NATIONALS, INC. 2517 Sycamore Drive #353 Simi Valley, CA 93065 (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) (805) 526-1805/Fax:(805) 584-8518 Internet: SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 4305 Wootlark Drive Tampa FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceway, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box706 Parklands, 2121 South Africa (011)788-5138 Fax (011) 880-2170 ' • SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915) 337-3437/(615) 595-8237 (All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Odessa. TX) TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 T.O.R.R.O Texas Off Road Racing Organization Marty Jackson 8307 Bauman Road Houston, TX 77022 (713) 694-0207/Fax: (713) 694-8335 TSO c/o Frog Specialties 4050 Spencer Street # I Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 370-9856 VORRA Off Road Racing 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702/Fax (916) 925-8217 March 25-26, 2000 Season Opener Prairie City SYRA Park Sacramento, CA April 29-30, 2000 Spring .Festival Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA May 27-29, 2000 Desert race Yerington, NY June 24-25 Desert Race Lovelock, NY July 29-30, 2000 Top Gun Desert Race Fallon, NY September 2-4, 2000 Off Road Desert Challenge Fernley, NY September 30-October 1, 2000 Championship Series - Round 1 Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA October 14-15, 2000 Championship Series - Round 2 Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, Ca October 28-29, 2000 2000 Championship Race - Round 3 Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA VICENTE GUERRERO OFF ROAD CLUB Profo. Cenovio Gamboa 01 l-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson (604) 538-0692 WORRA P.O.Box 3241 Sumas WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire P.O. Box376 Adamsburg, PA (412) 527-6556 WHlPLASH MOTORSPORTS 16251 North Cave Creek Road #4 Phoenix, AZ 85023-2976 (602) 971-3730 Buggies & Trucks on Saturdays. Bikes & A1Vs on Sundays January 15-16, 2000 Parker 400 Parker, AZ February 19-20, 2000 Gila Monster Gila Bend, AZ March 25-26, 2000 Vulture Mine Wickenburg, AZ April 29,2000 Rock To Rock Rocky Point, MX June 24-25, 2000 Holbrook Holbrook, AZ September 2-3, 2000 Snowflake Snowflake, AZ October 21, 2000 Grand Prix of Parker Parker, AZ December 9, 2000 Point To Point Mexico WINSCONSIN MOTORSPORTS SHOW (414) 747-1711 January 22, 2000 Wisconsin Center Arena January 29-30, 2000 Motorsports 2000 Midwest Express Center WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 so. 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RALLY/USA -The inaugural running of Rally/USA, originally scheduled for June 23-25 has been postponed to 2001. The rally was scheduled as a round of the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship on the FIA.International calendar. Dennis Dean, executive director of the event said that they have had enthusiastic reception of the rally and that they will be reapplying to the FIA for a suitable calendar event in 2001. SCORE POINTS -The points leaders after the Laughlin contests are: Trophy Truck, Tim Herbst over Doug Fortin, Class 1, Gary Weyhrich over Andy Wehe, 1/2-1600, Dale Ebberts (overall points leader) over Vic Bruckmann, Class 3 Jim Winovich, Class 5 George Seeley over Randy Ross, 5-1600 David Gasper over Victor Orellana, Class 7 Jeff Lewis over Craig Turner, 7S Kyle LeDuc over Bill Markel, Class 8 Billy Goerke over Ari Kreiss, Class 9 Forest Creasy over Brian Sallee, Class 10 Danny Anderson over Chris Harrold, SCORE Lites Mark Fodor over Tom Jandt, Class 11 Chris Woodward over Greg Horr, Stock Mini Manny Esquerra over Greg Foutz, Protruck Larry Plank over Scott Steinberger and Martin Gill leads Sportsman Truck. Stay tuned! .PLEASE!. DON'T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO KEEP REPORTING THE OFF ROAD NEWS! Page7

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SCORE LAUGHLIN Record Entry Opens season By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Whoops! He couldn't have done this too many times, because when the times were all added up Gary Weyhrich had the best time for the weekend, bar none, in his V4 powered Chenowth. A record starting field got the edge of the open spaces on the out-SCORE racing season off to a boom- skirts of the town. The new infield ing beginning at their three day was similar to last years, with four Laughlin event in January. Some 213 hair-pins, a right handed jog, and a had actually entered, but practice on long sweeper, sprinkled with jumps, Friday got the best of an even dozen, holes and moguls and about a mile and only 201 took the green flag. and a halflong. In front of the grand-Still, that's the best entry the event stands, which were on the southern has enjoyed since going to the two side of the infield, was the "Laugh-day format. !in Leap", the flying jump that was The desert part of the course was used for the long jump contest on identical to last year's and roughly Thursday night. 11 miles long. Then there was a new The leap looked about like last infield, laid out in an east to west year's, but proved just enough dif-orientation, thanks to the new paved ferent that the winning distance was road running along the southern considerably shorter than last year's, Martin Gill ran in the Sportsman Truck class, which was required to run only two laps each day, and managed to get them all done, to take the win though still entertaining for the spec-tators who jammed the stands on Thursday evening. Before the leap contest, which happened after dark, there was a Pit Crew contest, which was once again won overall by Dale Ebbert's crew, an accomplishment worth a nice cash purse of $3,000. In the truck division the winning crew was Ed & Tim Herbst, winning the same amount. Cleverly, SCORE had scheduled a full lunar eclipse to occur during the same time as the leap contest, to keep spectators entertained between jumps. It worked like a charm, the moon grew smaller and smaller as the trucks flew further and further. There were three divisions for the Laughlin Leap, and the winner of each wtm $1,000. In the Open Wheel class, Mike Thomas won in his Chevy powered "T ruggy" by fly-ing 97 feet, and in Small Trucks it was Jeff Lewis in the Class 7 Chev-rolet, soaring 89 feet through the air. The Big Truck division, always a good show, was won by Tim Herbst in his Ford powered Trophy Truck, with a leap of 103 feet. Racing was scheduled to start before sunrise and run almost con-tinuously until just sundown. Each class or group of classes had an 85 minute race, and only laps completed within that time would be counted. Depending on their speed, classes Smooth and apparently error-free, Danny Anderson thought it was a Jot of work, but he finished his weekend as the Class 1 O victor in his Toyota Jimco. were scheduled to run two, three, Sunday's start, a big handicap for the four qr five laps. This year for the first day winners). This means, of first time, SCORE started the race course, that the Gasper car was out with a two-at-a-time drag race, each in front from the beginning. Brother pair of competitors going off the line Bill was now driving, and he had just 30 seconds apart, except in Class 1 as much fun as Dave had had on Sat-where they were started 15 seconds urday, even though the course was apart, because it was feared that the considerably rougher. He had over first starters would come around be- a minute at the end of the first lap, fore they'd al been flagged off other- and Victor Orellena was running wise (as indeed they would have). second, with Daniel Pratt in third. Scoring was simple this year. The This group was needing 20 to 25 total times of each car would be minutes to make a clean lap, so it added together to get a two day time, was obvious that any problems would and the fastest one would be the win-mean a non-finish. ner. In the event of a tie, the one Gasper had no problems at all, who had the fastest lap for the two and completed his three laps in front, days would be the winner. Nothing to earn a two day time of 2:25:29, complicated about that. and first place. Orellana, with sagged After Thursday's Laughlin Leap out rear suspension, finished second and Pit Crew Showdown, Friday was on Sunday, and since Fresh hadn't relatively calm, with contingency even started Sunday, that gave tech inspection and practice. There Orellana second place. They were was plenty of time to pre-run many the only two to complete the re-laps of the desert part of the course, quired three laps both days (Pratt, and each car would be allowed who'd rolled his car and damaged a · through the infield three times. shock, finished about two minutes The first group of competitors, a over the time limit), thus, were the mixture of Class 11, Class 5-1600 only official finishers in 5-1600. A and the Class 9 cars, staged in pre- forecast of things to come. dawn darkness, and took their green Class 9 ran with the 5-16s, and flag at 6:30 a.m. both days. In Class they had a healthy sized group out 5-1600 Dave Gasper, last year's forthis race, at 16. Brian Sallee, in a champion, took the early lead, with Chenowth, took the early lead,.and about 12 seconds on Dan Fresh. had about 14 seconds on Forest They'd needed their lights for the Creasy in his Suspension Unlimited first lap and a half, but it quickly car. Joseph Sheble ran third, two sec-brightened as they went on. Gasper, onds later. They were having a dusty who'd started fifth, had put himself race. And some had problems, like into first on the road by the end of Bill Rodriguez, who was racing with the lap, considerably reducing the a broken bone in his foot, and also a dust for his race. he went on to fin-broken shock on his Jimco. ish first, with Fresh second, only a Sallee and Creasy, though sepa-little over a minute back and then rated by about three minutes on the Victor Orellena was third, less than track, were having a neck-and-neck a minute later. This class ran only race. Eventually, Sallee took the Sat-three laps, or 38 miles, and Gasper's urday win by a minute and four sec-average speed was 38.6 miles per onds. His average speed was 38.636 hour on the rough course. He'd re- miles per hour. Creasy was second corded the f;,ist lap for the class, at for Saturday. 19 minutes and 29 seconds. On Sunday these two started the On Sunday they were started in parade with a drag race, and Creasy the order in which they finished (you was a bit quicker off the line, but he will remember that last year the Sat- had a gaggle of 5-l 600s in front of urday finish order was reversed for him to try to pass. And that was tough, because the two classes are so even in many ways. Nonetheless, Creasy got around six of them, to put a gap of 24 seconds between himself and Sallee, who'd also passed his share of Bugs. Andy Kisner, in his tidy red Jinico, was running third. They ran steadily after that, fin-ishing in the same order, though at a slightly slower pace than 5aturday. Creasy's two day times added up to 2:37:34, giving him the win, and Sallee, just 49 seconds slower, was second, followed in by Kisner. Creasy, who usually races with VORRA, reported that this was his first finish in any event other than a VORRA race. Forest Creasy, a highly competitive and dedicated racer, and racing journalist, won the Class 9 pack one day, second the next, looking good all the way, td take the win in his Suspensions Unlimited car. Mark Fodor was clearly the man to beat in the SCORE Lite class at t,aughlin, but no one was able to. It was close but he won both days in his Chenowth. The Class 11 cars, three in all, ran· with this group, but were re-Continued on page 10 Page a March 2000 Dusty Times

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'' A RACE INTO THE MILLENIUM'' -~~ ~o ~~ eD <'?0<1 Offici_!!I Truck '-6 .-~OOlllllfi~ ·~A RACIIIO ASSOCIATION ~ t> D1111R,s1st ~4 Official Battery ~6 .. =;;::;.. ~~ Official Tire 0~ · Cff30u'lllluim~ -«.I ~:::::::::=i llACING AISOCIATIOH . -( · 'I!! Nevada Commissiof % ~·-On Tourism ~ ~ '-1-800-NEVADA-8 .,?;,, _ '7~ 6'6/-/,~ ,, M C 0 T A 0 R R s C • T y C R L u E C s K • s Q u A JULY 8-15 .2000 BESTi■THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION

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Dale Ebberts started the weekend by duplicating last year's win in the pit crew contest, and then went on to take the win in Class 1-2/1600. quired to finish only two laps. For put Solorzano out. Woodward went Greg Horr, that was not possible, on with no problems, to take the as he faced what must be the worst win, while Horr, with no trouble possible scenario in a short race, this time, finished second. Wood-when he broke not one, but two, ward, very excited at his victory, did drums in his 1967 car. Chris Wood- a couple of sedate Zanardi-style , ward put his sedan out in front, fol-donuts in front of the grandstand. lowed about six minutes later by Somehow, in an old VW, they Eric Solorzano, who'd tossed a fan don't have the same effect. For the belt. weekend, it was Woodward and Woodward, having the time of Horr as first and second, with So-his life, went on to finish in front, lorzano a DNF. while a frustrated Solorzano re-The second event on the sched-placed a flat tire in the infield, and ule both days, was the all one Class came in second about five minutes 1600 race with 32 cars starting. back. Woodward's average speed Whew! This was a dusty one. And was 29.02 miles per hour on the on this course that can be a prob-chunky course. lem. There are big electrical tow-On Sunday, Woodward got the ers to run into, embankment to fall hole shot, but Solorzano got by, and off, giant rocks to hit and turns to took over the lead. Then, out on miss when a driver is in the dust. the course, Woodward caught back But Lorenzo Rodriguez, in a Loth-up, and as he attempted to pass, col- ringer, got the hole shot, and was lided with Solorzano's right front first on the road. He was still there comer, and the resultant damage at the end of the first lap, and he The Gasper brothers, Dave and Bill, shared the driving chores, had a marvelous time, and were not seriously challenged as they motored their way to first in Class 5-1600. had a lead of 19 seconds over Cindy Greinke, in a Jimco. In third it was Arden Dennington, in a Suspen-sions Unlimited chassis, while Dale Ebberts ran fourth in his Chenowth and Dan Martin sixth in his Sus-pensions Unlimited. Martin was only 38 seconds behind Rodriguez. Only three cars failed to get the first lap done, so there was lots of traffic on COUfSe. Rodriguez was having no traf-fic. Even the back runners were quick enough that he wasn't catch-ing them, so he had another dust-free lap, and held his lead. Den-nington moved up to second, Greinke dropped to third, Ebberts held fourth and Sammy Ehrenberg, in a Jimco with a good looking new paint job, was now fifth. Nobody else was very far behind, and the spr:ead from first to fifth was still only 56 seconds. Keep in mind that two laps meant they'd gone only about 25 miles. Just the beginning of the warm-up for a real desert race. Not that this wasn't real desert, but the drivers didn't have the luxury of easing into the race at Laughlin; they were forced to go full on right from the green flag. It was very fatiguing and hard on both car and driver. Only one more car dropped out, and then the rest stayed in to the finish. Rodriguez could hardly believe his good fortune. He still had no traffic, and at the end of the third lap, led by 18 seconds. Dennington was pushing hard behind hirri, but he'd had to pass a bunch of cars. he'd started 19th, or in the 10th row, and was now the seventh car on the road. Fine driving! Ehrenberg was third, Greinke was fourth and now Vic Bruckrnann moved his Chenowth to fifth place. He'd started 25th and was also do-ing some masterful driving in the dusty traffic. On the last lap Rodriguez scared himself by tipping the car up on its side, but got righted quickly, and didn't lost his lead. He passed his one and only car that lap, experi-encing his first taste of the dust that was the hallmark of the race, and took the win. His time was 1 :07: 13, and his average speed 43.67 miles per hour. Dennington was second, only one second later, followed in by Bruckmann, Ebberts and Ehrenberg, who, in fifth place, was exactly one minute behind the first car. Dan Martin, who'd started out so well had broken his reverse gear and had trouble finding first, while Rick Boyer had a flat tire on Lap 4, as did Bekki Freeman. A.J. Rod-. riguez broke a stub axle on the first lap, but with some very quick pit work was still able to get all four laps completed. Buster Harling, one of the non-finishers, had rolled over. On Sunday they all came back for another go. The dust was, if any-thing, heavier, and the course was rougher, but only two of 'em failed to get around the first lap. And Dennington had the lead, with 12 seconds on Ebberts, who was 12 seconds up .on Rodriguez. Ehrenberg was fourth and Martin ran fifth, only 35 seconds behind the lead. Ebberts had made one change for this day, and lightened his car by putting in a passenger who weighed 100 pounds less than his Saturday partner. He said he was looking for whatever advantage it might bring. By the end of the second lap at-trition was beginning to tell, and another three cars had dropped out. Sl■ll■ASI Aamingo & The Strip 1-888-BARBARY 227-2279 Page 10 West Tropicana & Arville 1-800-0RLEANS 675-3267 West Aamingo & Valley View 1-888.;G8C0AST 402-6278 March 2000 ,, . Alta & Rampart 1-877-636-7111 Dusty Times

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Mark Hutchins, from Henderson, Nevada, blazed around the track in his multicolored Jimco, to finish in third place in Class 10 for the weekend. Reuben Wood put his high-flying Subaru powered Jimco into fourth Bill Markel had a great weekend, finishing second in his Class 7S place in Class 1, consistently moving up through traffic after starting Toyota, after some very close racing, by a scant 32 seconds. _w....,.a~y....,b""ac.--k_o-:nc-;-S-;-a_tu_rd_a-=.y._. -.---.---:-:~-----~ ~--now sixth on the road, a masterful tinue. whole lap on it. Chuck Hovey had when Herbst went over the big in-There was still a lot of traffic, and dust, and Dennington continued to lead. Ebberts held second, Rod-riguez third, Ehrenberg fourth, and Jason Hatz, in Bruckmann's car, had moved up to fifth. They lost another three cars on Lap 3, and Martin was one of them. Dennington now had a lead of a minute and seven seconds on Ebberts. He'd recorded the fast time of the class .(according to our unof-ficial timer) at 15:47, the only sub-16 minute lap of the class. Rod-riguez was holding firm in third and Hatz was up to fourth with Ehrenberg now in fifth place, five seconds behind him. As they went into the final lap it was clearly anyone's race. But it wasn't Dennington's, nor did it belong to Rodriguez. They both disappeared on the final lap. Ebberts came home first, followed in by Hatz, then Ehrenberg, with a noisy c. v. that had him worried. His was a brand new car out for its first race, and he'd blown its original motor on Tuesday, and had to make a quick substitution. The Greinke's car was fourth, and this time Cindy wasn't driving. She'd hurt her knee when she rolled over in the SCORE Lite race on Satur-day, so today she rode while .her brother, Steve, did the driving. In fifth it was Mike Malloy, who said he'd had no problems beyond the dust. When their times were added together, Ebberts got the weekend win, Bruckmann and Hatz were second. Ehrenberg was third, the Greinkes were fourth and Malloy took fifth. Next to come were the Class l cars, who also got a race all to them-selves. There were 30 of them. This is the group that started two abreast every 15 seconds, putting a lot of cars out there all at once. Amaz-ingly, they all made it back around at least one time. They were re-quired to run five laps in their hour and 25 minutes. At the end of the first lap it was close, as anticipated, and Darren Ebberts (Dale's brother) in Josh Waddell's Honda powered Chenowth Millennium, had a skimpy lead, with 15 seconds on Gary Weyhrich in an older Chenowth (a two seater with no passenger) powered by a V4 Scat motor. In third it was Pat Dean in another Chenowth, and then came Andrew Wehe in his new Jimco, powered by a Scat V4. Ron Brant was fifth in an Aceco powered by a 3.3 liter Porsche. As the traffic eased a bit (four cars fell out on Lap 2), and they stretched out, the folks who started further back got a chance to move up a bit. Ebberts still held the lead at the end of the second lap, and W eyhrich still ran second, seven seconds back, but now Troy Herbst had his Ford powered Truggy up into third, another 15 seconds back. He'd gone off the line 15th and was Dusty Times bit of driving on this demanding Herbst continued to lead now, lost two plug wires on the first lap, field jump, spectators. were sur-course. Pat Dean was now fifth. with Weyhrich following in second, and Reuben Wood had a mysteri- prised that he did not fly it, but se-Ebberts, who'd startedatthe over a minute down, Ebberts third, ous rattle to check out over night. <lately crept down the other side. It front, had stayed in front on the Wehe fourth and Dean fifth. A On Sunday only 25 of them was clear that he thought he had road, and his car's motor made the third of the field had dropped out made it back. This time Josh Wad- some kind of suspension trouble. most beautiful sound as he flew by now. Herbst had no trouble dell was in the Millennium while And he was so right. down the long, straight, downhill other than seeing through the dust, Ebberts played spec ta tor. And this · Herbst still led through the third pit road into the start/finish line and with another good lap, stayed time Herbst started out with the lap, and while his time was a couple each lap. It must have been music in front for the victory. Ebberts fast lap, at 13:03, a little slower than of minutes slower, he still looked to the ears of the pit crew. But who'd actually crossed the line first, Saturday's. John Marking put his plenty fast, but he crept down the Herbst had moved into the lead at took second place, with Wehe in V6 five liter Chevy powered Jimco big jump again, so it became appar-the end of Lap 3, by recording the third. Weyhrich fourth and Dean into second, starting from the back ent that whatever was broken was class fast lap at 12:54. He was now fifth. In sixth it was Darnen Jeffer-of the pack because his car had not fixable -at least not in such a fourth on the road. Weyhrich still ies, out for the first time in new new done only one lap the day before, short race. Weyhrich was second ran second, and Ebberts had Class 1 car, a Porter chassis pow- with Steve Sourapas driving, before now, only 12 seconds behind him, dropped to third, six seconds later. ered by an all aluminum Chevy V8, being rear-ended and put out with Marking third, another seven Wehe was still fourth, and Dean with an Audi transmission. Ronny Wilson, with a V4 Scat seconds back, and Jefferies in ran fifth. Weyhrich, racing here for the motor in his Jimco, ran third, and fourth, while Wehe had moved to But bad news was filtering first time, said he needed more Jefferies was fourth, with Weyhrich fifth. There were only 14 cars left through to the officials. Out on the horsepower for the uphills. Wehe, fifth. It was very tight, and there on the track now. Waddell, whose back of the course tragedy had whose car is brand new, said "I'm was a big pack very close behind the car had done so well on Saturday, struck. Larry Deaton, from Clovis, happy to be in a buggy again", but leaders, and five cars had already had fallen out on the second lap. California, had rolled his single noted that his car needed some fine. broken irretrievably. At the end of the fourth lap seaterandthenstalledhiscarwhile tuning. Jefferies said the dust was Herbst, running first on the Weyhrichhadtakenoverthelead, parked sideways to the trail. Two terrible. Ronny Wilson: had lost his road, continued to lead, with Jef-Wehe moved up to second and following cars did not have time to suspension on the third lap, and feries moving up to second, Weyh- Marking was third followed by Jef-stop, and hit his vehicle. Deaton RandyWilson'sentirerearcagehad rich third, Marking fourth and feriesandReubenWoodintheSu-was unconscious when SCORE fallen off on the second lap. He said Wehe fifth. Marking later said that baru powered J imco. Herbst, con-medical personnel arrived within th€ car "handled funny" after it someone with a radar gun had siderably slowed down, was clearly minutes of getting the call for help, went. Eli Yee had a flat, went into timed his gar at 114 mph on the pit without rear shocks, his side pan-and he was airlifted to the Univer- his pit and told his crew he had a road. Anxious to show what his car els covered with oil and dirt. The sity Medical Center in Las Vegas, flat, they checked and the tire was could do, and a little angry still reservoir lines had blown out, let-where he was pronounced dead. o.k., so he went back out on an-about Saturday's DNF, he was ting all the oil escape. Another The other drivers•5uffered only mi-other lap. Sadly, he'd told the crew clearly a man on a mission, not let- driver reported seeing it happen as nor injuries, but were in severe dis- to check the wrong tire, the flat was ting off for anything. the Truggy bottomed in a big hole; tress, and neither was able to con-on the other side and now he ran a At the end of the second lap Continued on page 13 ,-------------~--------------~ No one had more fun than Chris Woodward, who ran two laps each day. starting at dawn, and brought his '67 VW home as the Class 11 winner both days. George Seeley, in his yellow Baja Bug, out lasted a serious challenger, held his ground and ended the weekend in first place, tor once, his front end all in one piece. March 2000 Uncatchable and unbeatable, Jeff Lewis fairly flew around the course both days in his Chevy, becoming the only driver to get a finish in Class 7, and thus, the win. Ed and Tim Herbst took turns driving the family Ford powered Smithbuilt Trophy Truck, got the weekend win by about five minutes. Page 11

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Mo-t-oro por-t-o OONSRATULAr,oNC TO . SARV IIVEVHR,aH · fgf-Plaee t'!latZtZ I • fgf-Plaee Overall llJjJ(l/Nff!:J(l/ {Mll($ff!lff . (&{!/~fl/1/S --- .

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The racing was good'in Class 5, and Randy Ross steered his brightly painted Bug to second place, avoiding the disasters that befell some of the class. Darnen Jefferies debuted his new Porter chassis Class 1 car, and, with virtually no testing time, made a great showing, tuning as he went, to finish in third place for the weekend. Andrew Wehe was back in a buggy and liking it, fighting a breathtakingly close battle with Weyhrich, Jefferies, and Herl:Jst, to finish second in Class 1 in his Jimco. he said a big spray of oil jetted into the air from the rear shocks. At any rate, it slowed Herbst to about 65% of his earlier speed. And he was sorely disappointed. This race was the first his dad, Jerry, had missed (he'd had bypass surgery over the New Year holiday, and is recover-ing nicely) and Troy had wanted to dedicate a win to him. Through the final lap they didn't change position. Weyhrich and Wehe recording the same lap time, finished one and two, fol-lowed by Marking, Jefferies and Wood. Herbst, obviously very un-happy, finished, but was overtime by about 40 seconds, and was an official DNF. Only 10 cars got to the finish line in time. Wehe said he still hadn't got his shocks right, but he liked the event, "This is great racing, excel-lent." Weyhrich said it was the roughest course he'd ever been on, and complained that his "muscles hurt." Jefferies said he'd lost third gear midway through Lap 3. Wood's car continued to rattle, but it apparently didn't matter. When their times were added up, the winner for the weekend was W eyhrich, with Wehe second, Jefferies third, Wood fourth and Brant, who'd been seventh on Sunday, in fifth place. Marking, of course, was a DNF, along with Herbst. Only nine cars managed to finish all the laps both days. Tough race. After the Class 1 race it was time for some thunder and smoke. The Trophy Trucks, Class 8 and Protrucks went next, with a com-bined total of 2 7 vehicles, the Protrucks being the biggest class, with 12 of them racing. The T ro-ph y Trucks went off first, and when they came around again, about 14 minutes later, Tim Herbst had the lead in his Ford Smithbuilt. But Dave Ashley had his Ford only seven seconds behind him and then it was Doug Fortin, out for his maiden voyage in the big Chevrolet. He'd had almost no seat time before the weekend, and was just a bit excited and nervous. He and Lonny Helmbolt, in a Dodge, were tied for third. On the second lap the high pitched song of Ashley's Ford came down the road first, and now he had five seconds on Herbst af-ter recording the fast lap for the class, a 14:01, with Fortin a solid third and Helmbolt in fourth, nine seconds behind him. It was 29 sec-onds from first to fourth. Mark Post ran fifth in his ex-Robby Gor-don Ford, then came Rod Thomas, in a Chevrolet. He was followed by Todd Gatrell, last year's winner, who's still driving his Chevy pre-runner, which is now propane powered, while his new truck awaits completion. And Josh Bald-win ran last in a Ford, having lost a full lap somehow. At the end of Lap 3 it was still Ashley in front, but by only two seconds, as Herbst ticked off his fast lap, another 14:01, and closed up some. Helmbolt closed up to third, 25 seconds later, and now Fortin, whose front transfer case had overheated, was fourth, ·an-other nine seconds back. Fortin, still trying to learn how to drive the big truck, was having to put it in and out of 4WD as the transfer case heated up and/or cooled off, and he found that it was harder to handle in 2WD, causing him to oc-casionally get too wide in a turn. The dust on the course was mis-erable and passing was a major challenge for these guys. Helmbolt had started first, and was just fast enough that Herbst and Ashley had to really work hard to get around him. Then his steering went out on the fourth lap and he retired. Ashley was still leading at the end of that lap, with 10 sec-onds on Herbst, and Fortin back up to third, 15 seconds later. Post now ran fourth, but about three minutes back Thomas was fifth, Gatrell sixth and Baldwin seventh. On the final lap, which was Herbst's slowest, he nevertheless closed up on Ashley by enough to take the win by 24 seconds. Fortin came in third and Thomas was fourth, while none of the others Brian Collins and Billy Goerke took turns driving their Class 8 Chevrolet, and took the win both days, for a weekend first place. Dusty Times finished in the time limit. On Sunday they all came back, surely remembering last year when almost no one finished, and won-dering if it would go the same way. No quite. Ed Herbst was in the Ford, and he took the first lap lead, but flying hard behind him was Jerry Whelchel in Post's Ford, in second place, while Dan Smith, taking over for Ashley, ran third, 18 seconds later in his Ford. Helm-bolt got as far as the infield and parked, never to get a full lap in, and Rod Thomas didn't come around at all. Gatrell lost his mo-tor on the pit road before complet-ing the first lap, and they were down to five trucks. Shades of 1999. Herbst, finding it a rough course, was concentrating on con-sistency and getting to the finish (he said) and he recorded a zippy 13:01, faster than his bro's lap on Saturday, to cement his lead. Josh Baldwin moved into second place with Whelchel in third. Fortin was playing catch-up. On the first lap, . before he'd even got out of the in-field, his truck had arbitrarily made a right turn off the track, and wouldn't turn any other way. He parked and his riding advisor/me-chanic, Ben Metcalf, Jr., hopped out, found an errant bolt and fixed the problem, but they'd lost about five minutes, a big handicap. He FOR SALE Flannery Racing Liquidation If you want to go racing, this is for you. ⇒ Three Pro 4's ⇒ One Pro 2 · ran fourth. Smith never came around the second time. Now they were down to four trucks. But it was a good race. At the end of Lap 3 Herbst had a lead of eight minutes, and Fortin had moved into second, with Whelchel, after losing about five minutes, in third. Baldwin didn't come around, and now there were only three trucks. And on Lap 4, Whelchel disappeared, leaving the game to Herbst, who had a seven minute lead, and Fortin, still strug-gling with the overheated transfer case. They were unexpectedly late getting back to finish that fifth lap, ·Continued on page 14 ⇒ One Ultimate Pre-Run - possible street legal hot rod ⇒ Three semi trailers equipped for racing All five trucks are championship trucks. Spare parts for each truck if wanted. Motors, rear ends, shocks, etc. Parts will be included or however consumer wants to buy. Eyerythlng priced to move. If Interested, call Flannery Racing. Contact Jack@ (608) 254-4788 Auction Flannery Racing Liquidation All shop equipment: ⇒ Welders, grinders, sanders, benches, tables, framing jig, drill presses, break, shear, and lots of other necessary ⇒ Radiators, shocks, chromoly plate and tubing, mopeds, and all the racing parts you can imagine will be ready to go out the door with you Auction of the Millennium! This is something you will not want to miss! Auction is scheduled for April 2000. Day of auction to be set by April 1, 2000. Any questions, call Flannery Racing@ (608)254-4788. Ask for either Jack or Jamey. March 2000 Page 13

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r Cindy Greinke had a good finish Saturday, then let brother Steve drive Sammy Ehrenberg, from Las Vegas, proudly displayed his new paint Sunday because she hurt her knee in a rollover, and the team ended job while moving steadily forward to third place in the huge 1600 class. up in fourth place in Class 1-211600. Ron Brant, one of the fe.w with "only" a 3.3 liter Porsche motor in his Class 1 car, tried a David and Goliath trick, and brought his Aceco home in sixth place. and it turned out that Herbst had off the line behind the Trophy fourth in his Blazer. Art Kreiss, all come up on a stuck Protruck and Trucks, and at the end of Lap 1, the way up from Cabo San Lucas, hit it in the dust, then got stuck the lead belonged to James Hall, where he lives (poor soul), couldn't himself. It cost him about four min- with Billy Goerke, in Brian Collins' get Lap 3 finished. utes to get unstuck, but he'd had Chevrolet in second, just seven Gerke, Hall and Canela ran in a good cushion, and still came seconds later. In third it was Beny front through the fourth lap, but home the winner, with Fortin now Canela in his Ford F-150. Every-none of the others got that one just a bit over four minutes behind one was still running, but Craig done. Canela, when just heading him in second place. No one else Corda, Ford, had lost a full lap with out onto his final lap, found him-got a finish. Herbst said, "We ran some problem. self with a burning truck, and while nice consistent laps ... didn't take On the second lap Goerke he fumbled, trying to find his fire chances, and here we are." moved to the lead, with Hall just extinguisher, Jimmy Nuckles (rac-When the two day totals were 21 seconds behind him and Canela ing in a Protruck) and another uni-added together, the winner was in third place. Corda put in a good dentified racer stopped and pulled Herbst and Fortin was second, and lap, but was too far down to catch him and his passenger out of the none of the others were even fin-up. Lap 3 looked about the same, cab. Canela was very grateful for ishers. with Goerke, Hall and Canela lead- that friendly and timely assistance. The Class 8 trucks were flagged ing the parade, and Jim Patelli in Goerke and Hall went on to finish Bilstein • Sway A Way Eibach • HM • QA 1 · CNC Sparca • PRP • Fuel Sate Ron Davis Radiators Setrab Oil Coolers Optima Batteries Mechanix Wear Page 14 March 2000 one/two, separated by only 18 sec-onds, and there were no other fin-ishers. On Sunday they all came back except Canela, whose truck was too damaged to be repaired overnight.· Now it was Brian Collins in his truck, while Goerke spectated. And the truck was out in front very quickly. Art Kreiss got off to a shaky start when he rolled his truck at the top of the infield and shed all his body panels on one side.The audi-ence loved it. And early in the lap word came over the radio that Hall was parked on course somewhere, with "motor parts all over the truck!" Corda's truck, with Joel Whitted at the wheel, was in sec-ond place, and Kreiss was third. Collins was holding a steady pace, and he stayed in front, while Kreiss, recovered from his faux pas, moved into second place at the end of Lap 2. Whitted, who later said, "It's no Class 10 car!", lost his power steering, and dropped to third. Patelli was fourth and Kelly Johnson, from Canada, ran fifth in a Chevy. Collins continued to mo-tor on smoothly, holding the lead, while Kreiss was firmly in second. Whitted, his truck overheating, held on to third, and that's the way they finished. Collins said they'd had a "really clean day", and re-ported that while their suspension remains the same as during last year's season, they do have a new Shaver motor. They said the Goerke will be the Driver of Record this year as they tty for the Class 8 Championship. Kreiss and Whitted had not got their laps done in the required hour and 25 minutes, so they were declared non-finishers. In fact, it had been close for Collins, who was just 42 seconds ahead of the cut-off time. And he'd had a near perfect run, taking only about two minutes to stop and have oil added to the rear end. For the weekend, the Collins/Goerke team was declared the winner, and none of the others had finished all 10 of the required laps. The Protrucks were the third group running in this race, and Larry Plank took the lead from early on, in his Ford. He had 40 seconds on Scott Steinberger in another Ford, who was just two seconds ahead of Jeff Hoskins in his Ford. In fourth it was Jim Nuckles, in his Ford, newly repainted in a color he · called "fertilizer Brown." Steve Sca-roni ran fifth in his Ford. All 12 of the Protrucks made it through the first lap. -Plank, his truck still set up the way it had been in last year's Bar-stow race, which he won, had a 22 second lead at the end of Lap 2, and now it was Hoskins in second, with Nuckles third, cheerfully waving to the spectators as he flew off the big jump each lap. Rick Johnson was fourth and Steinberger had dropped to fifth. All the trucks were still run-ning. At the end of the third lap it was still Plank and Hoskins, and now Johnson was third while Nuckles and Steve Barlow, in a Ford, were tired for fourth, still only 4 5 seconds behind the leader. This was close racing, and all the trucks were still healthy. Lap 4 was the end for Mike Griffiths, but Plank stayed in front, followed by Hoskins, Johnson, Bar-low and Nuckles. Hoskins was smoking a bit, but it wasn't clear what was causing it. On the fifth lap Plank ticked off another smooth lap, to take the win. Nuckles turned up in second place, as Hoskins lost a few seconds when his motor popped out. He finished third, fol-lowed in by Johnson and Steinberg-er. Seven out of the 12 starters managed to get all five laps finished. And on Sunday all 12 came back to try it again. Plank went right back into the lead, enjoying a bit less dust (but he was behind the 8s and Trophy Trucks). At the end of Lap 1 he had a minute on Barlow, who was, nine seconds up on Gary Vosburg, and Johnson ran fourth. Hoskins didn't get the lap done, nor did Tony Licitra, whose weekend had started with an endo in prac-tice. On the second lap Plank re-corded the fast lap for the class, at Continued on page 16 Slow and steady wins the race, especially in the Stock Full Class. Maybe Manny Esquerra doesn't know that, but it didn't matter, because he put his Ford into Victory circle anyway. Dusty Times

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In Class 7 it was hard to catch Lewis, but if anyone could, it would have been Chris Taylor in his Ford. Unfortunately. he broke early on Sunday. becoming a DNF. A rollover after the long jump contest may have dampened his spirits a bit, but Tom Jandt recovered nicely. and finished second in SCORE Lites in his Jimco. Vic Bruckmann and Jason Hatz teamed once again to run in their Chenowth, and finished second in the 1-2/1600 class. 14:55, and held firm. Barlow was still second, with Larry Wyatt (who'd taken over for Nuckles) in third and Johnson fourth. Vosburg had dropped out. On· the third lap Plank sailed along serenely with a four minute lead. Steve Scaroni, who'd been close all along, moved into second place, and Barlow dropped to third, with Johnson still in fourth. Lap 4 was the end of things for Wyatt, but Plank was still having fun, and Sca-roni, held second, while Jay Reichert, who was in Steinberger's truck, now moved up to third. He'd had to stop to let out his passenger, who'd injured his back earlier in the race. Johnson was fourth. Plank went on with no crises, up, but they'd been too late to get to take the win, followed by Sea- a finish at any rate. Only the first roni and Reichert in second and three trucks managed to do that. third. The others were already run- For the weekend, it was Plank, ning too late to finish in time, but then Steinberger and Reichert in the final lap was further compli- second, and Scaront in third. cated for Johnson and Barlow. It Next came the most crowded seems that the Post Trophy Truck event of the weekend, a combined (with Whelchel at the wheel) had group, with Classes 10, SCORE quit on the course for some rea- Lite, and 5, totaling 51 race cars son. Johnson hit it and got stuck, out on the track. That's roughly then along came Barlow, who tried one car every quarter mile. Talk to miss the mess, and got sideways about dust! These cars were all in the ruts and high-centered for supposed to_ complete five laps. his trouble. Herbst, leading the The Class 10 cars went off first, at Trophy Trucks, had then hit him about 10 minutes before 2 p.m., and got himself stuck, but was with 22 cars, and by the end of the quickly pulled out and sent on his first lap John Penner had his Chen-way. Everyone eventually got freed owth Millennium in the lead, but SUPERTRA P U 0 TEA L CNC YOUR OFF-ROAD SPECIALISTS! PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 Rallye 4000 HID Lamps G) -i 0 m -i ~ 0 z 35 watts ~ Black -HEL-74801 Rallye 4000 Euro Beam ~ HEL-74802 Rallye 4000 :D en ...J w w I :!: Designe~ by Raceco in 1990 for military use, re-designed by McKenzie's for Off-Road use in 1994. This unit gives you more travel, less stub axle load and lighterweight, comes complete with arm mount-ing flange, disc brakes with billet calipers and pads, bearings and chromoly stub axles . ..-=·,,,-." Batte~ Bo~::,. ~ ~ MET-229 Optima Battery Box 4lllllllr 0 MET-22900 Optima Dimple Die d MET-236 Stock VW R Box ~ MET-237 U-1 Battery Box w z ::J a: w 1-z w (.) en a: w Fresh Air Helmets Comes with shield & Hardware" CAC-100 Helmet Wired - Small CAC-200 Helmet Wired - Med" CAC-300 Helmet Wired - Large CAC-400 Helmet Wired - X-Large CAC-500 Helmet Wired - XX-Large CAC-101 Non-wired Helmet - Small CAC-201 Non-wired Helmet - Med CAC-301 Non-wired Helmet - Large CAC-401 Non-wired Helmet - XLarge CAC-501 Non-wired Helmet - XXL (8) UMP Air Filters ((7:) MET-2370O U-1 Dimple Die Power Steering HOW-1000 Sweet Servo HOW-7530 Top Coupler- 30 Slpine HOW-7548 Lower Coupler -48 Spline HOW-8000 P/S Pump -1300 psi HOW-8000A P/S Pump, Alum -1300 psi .. 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Manual ULT-5352 15 x 3-1/2 VW en ~ SAF-RC-1000P 10 lb" Manual, Push Activater ULT-5752 15 x 7 VW ~ ~--------------------------------------·~ • C OW S SON B ARD SEA S HEL KC HILi ES FOOD ILL RE LI E OIL U P S S EADE S Page 16 March 2000 Danny Anderson, in a J imco, was ing. a mere two seconds back. An-Nevertheless, on Sunday, those other second later came Steve that could all came back, for a total Myers in his Penhall/Myers, and of 20 starters. SCORE had decided then Chris Harrold in a Honda to make Sunday's race a four lap powered Jimco, was three sec- " event, but everyone except Ander-onds behind him, followed by son had a DNF on their score sheet. Mark Hutchins in a Jimco . . This time Harrold had the first lap Penner had started 18th and was lead, with 20 seconds on Rick making remarkable time through Ellison who'd taken over for Penner. the traffic, as was Anderson, Anderson was third, followed by who'd started 14th. But it was Mike Sandoval in his Meco, and very clear that they would all then Charles Lathrem in a Jimco have to hustle and avoid trouble was fifth. Two cars had fallen out if they were to finish the five laps. already. They were running 16+ minutes Harrold, whose replacement re-each lap, which works out to 80 verse gear hadn't got to the race minutes, without adding in any of track .i.mtil noon, had also done the odd seconds. That's just a five some work on his shocks, and minute cushion on the cut-off looked like a rocket on Sunday. he time. And it was to prove too had a lead of a minute and 17 sec-close. onds at the end of Lap 2, and it was By the second lap Anderson Sandoval in second place, followed had taken over the lead, but by Lathrem, and then Ellison, with Penner ran second, one second Hutchins and Ron Brookshire, tied behind him. Harrold was third, for sixth. Three more cars had Myers fourth and Hutchins fifth. dropped out, including Myers, Things switched again on Lap 3, who'd done so well on Saturday. as Penner went to the front again, Harrold led through the third now five seconds up on Ander-·lap, "increasing ·his cushion to over son. Myers bounced back up to two minutes. It was now Lathrem third, with Harrold, who'd lost his in second, with Hutchins third and reverse gear, in fourth, two sec-Anderson in fourth place. Brook-onds later, and Hutchins fifth. Of shire was fifth. Both Sandoval and the 22 who'd started, only five Ellison had gone out on Lap 3. had dropped out so far. Harrold, with everything going right On Lap 4 it was back in on Sunday, ticked of another good Anderson's hands, with Penner lap and took the win. Anderson slid second, Clay Flippin second in his up to second place, with Hutchins Jimco, Harrold fourth and Myers in third and Sean Sessa, in a Jimco, fifth. Another five cars disap- in fourth. peared on that lap. On their fifth, Originally, SCORE declared that and final lap, Anderson was still Anderson was the winner, and all in front, with Penner second and the others were DNFs. But that Harrold was third, followed by didn't set well with the drivers Flippin, Myers, Hutchins and who'd done four laps both days. Don Hatch. But everyone after They figured that if four laps was Anderson was over the hour and good for a finish on Sunday, they 25 minutes, and were listed as should have been good for a finish non-finishers. There were some on Saturday. And, after some dis-seriously unhappy Class 10 driv- cussion SCORE agreed with them, ers. Chris Harrold particularly, and "backed off' Saturday's scoring since they'd sent him out on a to the end of the fourth lap. Then sixth lap, and while he was trying they added the two day times to-to figure out how many laps he'd gether and came up with Danny done, he got distracted and rolled Anderson as the winner. But now his car (not doing serious dam- . there were other finishers, and age), and then it all was for noth-Harrold was second, Hutchins third, Doctor Macrae Glass turned in a fine weekend performance, taking the Stock Mini win both days, in his Ford Ranger. Dusty Times

Page 17

Victor Orellana drove his 5-1600 car both days, maintained a steady Andy Kisner, his new red paint a bright spot against the dust, ran a John Marking and Steve Sourapas paired in Marking's Jimco, brought a pit crew wearing matching Hawaiian shirts, and after a DNF on Saturday, did some inspired driving Sunday. pace and avc,ided misfortune, to finish the weekend in second place. pair of clean races in his Jimco to take third in Class 9. Hatch fourth and Brookshire was Fodor second and Tom Ridings, in his car, was third, and Shawn fifth. who hasn't been around for a McCallum, who'd taken over for The SCORE Lites, with a start-while, in third in his Mirage. Larry, was fourth. The second lap ing field of 24, ran with the 10s. Worley was now fourth and Pen- looked the same except that Mc-They were supposed to do five laps hall was fifth. Bruckmann had Callum dropped out and James also, but as Saturday's 85 minutes dropped out, and Worley wouldn't moved into fourth place. was used up, none of them had get the fourth lap finished. Seeley was running very made it in, so SCORE immediately They w~re all driving very con- steadily, and stayed in front, with "backed off' their scoring to the sistent lap times, and a matter of Ross now about 30 seconds behind end of Lap 4, and called it a com-15 seconds could lose two or three him. Ledezma was struggling some-plete race, rescheduling Sunday's positions. Fodor moved up with his what, having lost fourth and fifth event for four laps also. fastest time for this day, at ·16:04, gears right off the start and was At the end of the first lap the and took the win. Jandt finished thi,_rd now, a second behind Ross. lead belonged to Tom Jandt, in a second, followed in by Ridings, Seeley went on to. finish in first, Jimco, with Steven Greinke, in a Penhall and Dalke. Altogether, 13 Ledezma moved back up to sec-Porter, in second place, followed of them managed to finish all four ond, with Ross third and James in by Mark Foder, in a Chenowth. In laps. And when SCORE added up fourth. None of the others made fourth it was Vic Bruckmann, one the times, Fodor took the week- it. When the times were added up, of the few drivers running in more end win, with Jandt second, then Seeley had the win, Ross and than one class, and Ron Dalke, Penhall, Ridings and Greinke. · with a new electric green paint job, Class 5 ran with this group, and was in fifth. Things switched found themselves in the same pre-Delaney were second and the Le- field with a broken axle. dezmas were third. By the end of the second lap The final race was a group of Lewis had a lead of a minute and a six truck classes, which put 29 ve- half, and Taylor was still in the lead, hides out on the course. Class 3 three and a half minutes ahead of didn't even show for Saturday's Turner. Lewis ran trouble free, and event for some reason, but since maintained his pace and his lead, but that was just one vehicle, it didn't Taylor was pushing hard behind him, lessen the traffic much. They led not losing much ground. Turner also off with qass 7, and to no one's stayed firm in third. Barry Karakas surprise, Jeff Lewis, back in the couldn't get the third lap finished in perpetually winning Chevrolet this his Toyota. On the last lap, Lewis year, immediately went into the had clear sailing again, and took the lead. Rick Taylor was second in his win by just over two minutes. Tay-Ford, but already a minute back, lor was second, mighty pleased to be while Craig Turner, another Ford, so close. Scott Sells, ina Toyota that was third. Gary Dircke was alr_eady was out for its first race, was happy out, and A.J. DeNunzio, did a lap with third place, while Turner, who and parked his Toyota in the in-Continued on page 18 around on the second lap and dicament as the SCORE Lites. Fodor moved into the lead, with They were supposed to run five Jandt second and Bruckmann laps, but it wasn't possible, so, third, and Jim Greenway moved his though some had actually gone out Jimco up into fourth, while on a fifth lap, SCORE officials Greinke dropped to fifth place. "backed off' those times, and de-The five places were separated by dared this a four lap class also. less than -a minute. By the end of There were seven of the Baja Bugs, the second lap they'd lost four cars. and Larry McCall um put his car . KS Fodor continued to lead, and into the lead, about 19 seconds in Jandt stayed in second place, but front of George Seeley at the end Greenway moved up to third, of Lap l. Mike Jakobsen ran third Bruckmann dropped t fourth, and and Jimmy Delaney, in Randy Greinke was still fifth at the end Ross' car, was fourth. of Lap 3. There were still 17 cars On the second lap McCallum running. On Lap 4, Fodor stayed stayed in front, with Seeley second, in the lead, but he had only two and Jakobsen and Delaney were seconds on Jandt and Greinke, tied for fourth, Mike James ran who tied for third place. Dan fifth and Hector Ledezma was Worley moved into fourth place, sixth with Steve Griffith last, and and Bruckmann was fifth as apparently having some mechani-Greenway dropped out. Only 12. cal troubles. cars managed to get the fourth lap Seeley went into the lead on the finished. third lap when McCallum broke a When they came back on Sun- tie rod. Jakobsen moved up to sec-day, there were only 20 of them. ond, with Delaney third and Le-Jerry Penhall put his Penhall into dezma, whose suspension was too the lead, with Worley second, stiff, in fourth place. And that's the Fodor third, Bruckmann fourth way they finished, even though and Jandt fifth. On the second lap Seeley had a flat on the fourth lap. ~orley moved into the lead, Jandt · On Sunday they all came back was second, Bruckmann third, exceptJakobsen who'd cracked his Penhall fourth and Fodor fifth, but tranny Saturday and couldn't get only 12 seconds behind the lead. a replacement part. Seeley took It was very close racing. Then the first lap iead, with Danny Le-Jandt took over the lead, with dezma in second, Randy Ross, now The Protruck class ran a total of 130 miles (5 laps), the max for the weekend. Larry Plank took the win, with a total time of 2:38:29 in his Ford, and ah average speed of 49.22mph. Dusty Times KICKS Ford Diesel Trades _Banks PowerPack adds up to + 120 hp and +256 lb-ft to 7.3 Power Strokes As your diesel hauls up-hill 60% faster, you'll pass those gas rigs like they're tied to posts! Dodge Diesel Trudcs Banks PowerPack delivers best gains of+ 127 hp ond +311 lb-ft to Dodge/Cummins 5.9s Got a serious load to tow? This'll slash 977 feet off your 0-60 mph distance. GIT-KIT™· STINGER®• POWERPACK® High-performance big-blocks better cover their behinds! Banks diesel-engine pow~r systems out-accelerate, out-pull and out-live 'em all. No gas rig can match the stump-pulling work power, mileage or durability of a Banks-equipped diesel. Kick some major gas-burner butt, the Banks way: so much fun, it should be illegal (but it's not!) March 2000 Page 17

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Brian Sallee, from Barstow, must have felt right at home in the desert, Out for his first excursion in the Chevrolet Trophy Truck, Doug Fortin After a beautiful drive on Saturday, Troy Herbst lost the rear suspension as he trundled his two seat Chenowth around to a second place in had a steering malfunction one day, still looked good, finished second • of his Truggy on Sunday, couldn't quite finish in time, became a DNF. _C_la_s_s~9 •. ~--~--=~--~,-----,-~~--~~-~ _fo_r,;th,e_Wl_e_e.k,e_nd_.-;-------.--- --~-----~-~~--lost about 12 minutes on Lap 4, was the same order, but all the rest of the ond lap Esquerra pulled to the front, class to finish all three laps. At that, with a victory, and a good begin-fourth, the last to finish. - cars disappeared on that lap. LeDuc now 25 seconds in front of Sykes, he was within two seconds of bomb- ning to his season. . When Sunday rolled around had five minutes by then, and Mar- while Foutz dropped to third. All of ing out himself. The lone _Class 3 car, as Isuzu there were . still seven of them, but kel was four minutes up .on Siewart. the cars were still running. On Sunday only three of them Amigo, was to be driven by Jim not for long. As he charged through LeDuc actually finished his fourth Esquerra continued his winning returned. Turner's problems had Winovitch. It didn't have a happy the infield, keeping pace with Lewis, lap, but it made him five minutes ways through Lap 3; to earn the vie- apparently been unfixable, and now weekend. On Friday, while doing Taylor developed a rear flat and a over the 1 :25 allotted time, and, tory. Foutz was second; a little over Duffield couldn't get the first lap some publicity with a TW news per-broken heim in the front end. He since the other trucks hadn't been a minute behind him, while Stein finished. Glass once again went into . son, it suffered a front end break-pulled off the track, and since repairs allowed to start·a fourth lap, it didn't took third, Sykes fourth, and Tracy the ·lead, with Lund in second. ~ge, that apparently took so long to took 40 minutes, was out for the count anyway. So it was LeDuc, Rubio was fifth. Only John Griffin, Glass had built his lead to eight repair it couldn't get to the track duration. Lewis, meanwhile, went on Markel and Siew art on Saturday, in the Hummer, didn't earn a finish. minutes at the end of Lap 2, and on Saturday. Then, about 4/5ths of in front, with Turner chasing in sec- and no other finishers. He was a little over a minute over- Lund was having serious overheat~ the way around the infield on the ond and Sells in third. They ran that On Sunday IO of them returned time. ing troubles, pulled into his pits and first lap Sunday, the other side of way for two laps, Lewis once again to the fray. Now Matt Scaroni, OnSundaytheyallreturned,and never returned to the track. Glass the front end broke, in the same having no problems. He later re- Steve's son, was driving his first race Esquerra charged to the front, fol-went on to do another lap, getting way. So Winovitch got the short-ported that he'd been tracked by ra-in the LeDuc truck. He's been a 1600 lowed, 25 seconds later by Foutz and the Sunday win. He was, of course, est race of the weekend. dar at 104 miles per hour on pit road. driver, but will team with LeDuc for Sykes was third, about a minute the weekend winner, and the only Except for the tragedy on Sat-By the end of Lap 3 he had a six the rest of the 2000 series. It was back. Stein fell out on the first lap, finisher in his class. urday afternoon, the event was a minute lead, with. Turner second, Matt's .17th birthday, and he was surprisingly. He's usually there at the In the Sportsman Truck class, great start to the season. Racers and. and now Karakas in third as Sells had finding this a great way to celebrate. finish. Martin Gill drove his Chevrolet the spectators alike enjoyed the close a long lap, and then dropped out. And, he was leading at the end of Esquerra led all the way, with required two laps each day. Satur- racing, the convenient and hospi-Lewis went on to take the win, say-the first lap. Eric Hardin ran secon~ Foutz holding steady in second. day was not without trouble, since table surroundings and the gener-ing the course was really "torn up". in a Chevy, with Siewart third. At Sykes in third. They finished in the both motor mounts broke, but af-ally mild and inoffensive weather. When they added the times to- the end of the second lap Scaroni same order, with Rubio in fourth and ter repairs he came back to do it Next on the agenda will be the San gether, Lewis was, of course, the had nearly three minutes on Hardin, Griffin in fifth. Foutz said he'd had again on Sunday, and walk away Felipe 250 on March 17-19. ■ Class winner, and none of the oth- whowasjust41 seconds upon Cody no trouble except for the dust, and ,-::------'--- ---_.:..._ _ _ ....:._ _______ _ _ ~ ers had managed to put together two Swanty in his Jeep. Scaroni went on Esquerra said it was "one of the good days, so they were all DNFs. trouble free, to take the win, giving · toughest races I've been ... bad ... bad." The 7S trucks were next to take the LeDuc/Scaroni team the week- When SCORE added the times to-off, and they were required to run end victory in their first time out. gether, Esquerra took the weekend four laps each day. But it became Hardin was second on Sunday, fol-win, followed by Foutz, then Sykes apparent that that was over optimis-lowed in by Swanty. But when things and Rubio. tic, and they too, were "backed off" were added up, Markel was second The Stock Mini class was fairly to only three laps each d~y. On Sat-for the weekend, and Siew_a_r_t ~.a.s small_, with only four starters on Sat-urday,' the first iap lead w~nt to KyJe third, and none ~f the others got all urday. Macrae Glass put his Ford into LeDuc in his Ford, with Bill Markel six laps finished. the lead on the first lap, followed by second in a Toyota, and Doug Next to start on Saturday were Bob Lund in his Isuzu Vehicross, and Siewart, another Toyota, in third. the Stock Full trucks, only six of then Curt Duffield in a Ford Ranger. Three cars had already become them lined up, with just three laps The lap times for this class were DNFs. required. David Sykes charged to the roughly 28 minutes and a few sec-LeDuc was having a good day, front in a Ford, while Manny Esq-onds to 32 or 33 minutes. They were and ticked off the fast lap, at 21 :46, uerra, in his old Ford, and Greg Foutz scheduled to do three laps. Mark to build his lead to four minutes. It in his very new car, tied for third at Turner couldn't even get that first was still Markel in second, and the end of the firstlap, and they had one done in his Mazda. Siewart third. The three way duel over two minutes on Marc Stein, Glass stayed in front and went on continued through the third lap, in who also runs a Ford. On the sec- to earn the win, the only one in the Teenagers Kyle LeDuc and Matt Scaroni teamed up in LeDuc's Ford to win both days in Class 7S, which ran three laps each afternoon, a total of 78 miles, more Wjnf Wll1h 76 Racllna Gasolllne Page 18 cng ._ One entry fur each 25 gallons or 76 100 or 110 Octane Rac:lng Ga&0llna purchased from CL Bryant or an authorized distributor from Jan. 1, 2000 through October 31, 20001 Win Free 76 RaclngGasollne (up to 250 gallons.) To Enter: Send your proof of purchase, along with Name, Address, and Phone to: Cl Bryant, Inc. Attn: Mitch 0RACING 237 E. Whitmore Ave. L~~~ Modesto, CA. 95358 Falrplex - Pomona October 7 &8 March 2000 t!'ARACING. ~GASOLINE ~----rlYY'-•~.w.w Authorized Distributors -Southern California, call: KRS Distributing 71 4-81 6-8 98 3 Cosby Oil 1-800-54-COSBY www.cosbyoil:com For a Distributor Nearest You - 800-399-4176 Dusty Times

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I g 3~~c::cFtm1w I a ~Tu [[)~~~(]Bi_f B D -· RACING ASSOCIATION iME~~OF~lRnll" Presents "!' "The Richest Off~Road R.ace In Nevada" ~ .... .,___ $10,000 Guaranteed Purse To lst Overall Motorcycle · 50% Payback of Entry Fee for ALL Pro Classes Over and Above Guaranteed Purse $40 I 000 Guaranteed Total Purse II\ $10,000 Guaranteed Purse To 1st Overall Car or Truck $10,000 Bonus To 1st Overall If You Are Driving Any Class Ford Truck OiTi!ll!Ia AT&T GOOOrrEA• Official Tire ~im"wn~ RACING ASSOCIATION !t!!P April 7 - 8. -9, 2CXX) JlRflf!lll(@' lit !!Af,!!!!E'lf.~;::F:f:?,: - Race Is On ~d ...a--~...... ~ ~ Saturday ~QI~ ott· · · 1 Tr k ~ D I 0,.,.a:=.:.:=~ ~~ ICl8 UC HONDA . u•a ast ~~~ Ridw)a,J,q An . ■ 1 Nevada Commission RACINa ...... Assoc:iATio'N irriaz BATT"ER•es On Tourism ID)~~ ~~~~ Official Battery 1 800 NEVADA 8 ~ LJ(]OO'iffi{](3~Ll\..S.LJ ~~m~ .,;m RACING ASSOCIATION RACINQ ASSOCIATION 3475C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 • (702) 457-5775 • Fax (702) 641-2431 •

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&&TH MONTE CARLO RALLY Makinen Makes Merry In Monte By Martin Holmes Photos: Maurice Selden Toni Makinen and Risto Mannisenmaki corner hard on the snow in their Mitsubishi f..ancer Evo on the way to victory at Monte Garia. Tommi Makinen secured his 20th World Championship Rally victory at Monte Carlo, in spectacular style! He was the fastest driver on the rally, just like last year and just like the last two years, he took the initiative when the conditions were most icy. This time he found himself well in front when four of his rivals could not start their cars on the sec-ond morning. The failure of all three Peugeots and Richard Burns' Subaru to start the Gap was certainly not to be ex-pected. Carlos Sainz was sec-ond overall in the Ford Focus and Juha Kankkunen took third in his Subaru lmpreza. As usual, the World Rally Championship Series started ai: Monte Carlo. At the end of last year's series, there had been seven manufacturers fighting for title honors and six of them were present at this year's Monte. The rally this year The Winningest Pit Club in Baja History! Is now accepting Racer sign ups for race support and emergency repair service for the !!!,f o!!}P!l!d~m!a!~J!ti~e~a!, · get the advantage that has helped win and finish more Baja Races than any other Pit Crew in History. Mag 7 OF~ERS • Full Service Pit Support • RefueJing Service • Haul Fuel & Spares • 50 Mile Pits When Required • Tire Service • Welding Servic~ • Friendly Pit Exchange • 30 years of Winning • Emergency only Repair Service at Reduced Rates Call 619-582-3728 e-mail On the web at ---Sf,ed4l7~ to""" S~: ~LL✓AA#.s RAc-✓N~ ~E-===WILLIAMS ~-',f:f.1ce_ , ==~==TEl:.□ATA .la ~ . Designs 619 698 3904 . -r-J b ~ C - - o site upp y o. . promised to be a straight for-ward asphalt event, but there was no guarantee. The weather in the Alps Maritimes can change drastically in a short time and they all had to be pre-_pared for any eventuality. Snow demands a radically different suspension set up with the abil-ity to change. into asphalt mode at the drop of a hat. The major challenge to the teams was equipment choice, particularly tires. There had to be a complete selection at ev-ery service park, and with the possibility of snow, a much wider selection than usual. Crew members drive the rally route in advance of the rally cars, note the weather and road conditions and pass this information on, hoping their suggestions for the drivers will be on target. . Main difference this year is the absence of Team Toyota. Carlos Sainz was driving a Ford Focus and Didier Auriol was driving a SEAT Cordoba. Luis Climent, FIA Teams Cup winner in '99 was now a regu-lar driver with Skoda. Former Subaru driver Bruno Thiry was driving a Corolla entered by the private Grifone Team, the car used last year by Team Alain Pellerey and Jose Boyer are all business in the Citroen Saxo Kit car, heading here to the FS win at Monte Garia. Toyota in their World Many-facturers title win. The pressure of preparing cars for the first three events of the year, each of them far more specialized than the av-erage World Championship event, prevented too much technical innovation this time. Most planned changes were being reserved for rallies ll!ter in the season. The Subarus were in the same specification as before and the team placed their en-ergies in tactics. "Forget all the testing, what wins this rally is having the right infor-mation at the right time from the crew making ice notes" said team manager, John Spiller. "The better their feed-back, the more chance the driver will have to choose the right tire, and._that is ~ow y_?u win!" Mitsubishi was also rela-tively unchanged, the first time the cars have been rallied in wintry conditions with fully active transmissions. The entry list was full. It was limited _to 95 cars, al-though 91 actually started. Entries were limited due to the difficulty in finding sufficient room for service parks. The Toyota factory was ab-sent but Toyota was well rep-resented by the Grifone Team with Thiry, Burri and Lundgaard each driving one of last year's factory cars. The World 2 Liter Series had been canceled and this meant that more attention was certain to be paid to Group N . Nobody was entered in Teams Cup competition on this event. Leg 1 -Five stages, asphalt, 112kms. Sunny conditions ·seemed to be the order of the day. The special stages were mostly clear of hazards but in the dark corners that were shielded from the sun by the mountains there were rainy icy patches. There was hardly any snow lying on the stages. In soon became evident that there were only three fully competitive drivers on the event, Makinen, Burns and-Panizzi. Makinen started with a problem, for half of the first stage he had a bad vibration coming from a rear tire. This was changed before the second stage and he immediately made the best time, despite spinning and damaging a rear corner of the car. The initial leader was Panizzi, fastest by five seconds on Stage 1. He then fell back after damaging the left rear sus-pension on an icy stretch at the end of Stage 2, dropped to fifth place and for the next two stages Burns was the leader. Despite two spins, Garde-meister was fourth after three stages. A litde further back, Delecour had identical damage to his suspension as Panizzi and their teammates Granholm was also in trouble. he lost the cen-tral differential and then sec-ond as well. The gearbox was changed at next service. The Fords were having prob-lems in the opening sections. McRae was having steering problems and Sainz was taking his time, getting used to the car. Freddy Loix was taking his time, remembering his disaster early last year. Auriol was hav-ing troubles, his rear differen-tial failed and the Skoda ranks were not happy. Climent went off the road for the two minutes on Stage 3 and Schwarz was having troubles as the turbo and the wastegate were not talking to each other. This was repaired after Stage 1 but the fix didn't hold. On Stage 3 he stalled the engine and it re-started on only three cylinders. ~r.a•f}/,,NE .,.. 619-295-6100 Red-d-Arc Welding ~'~~~ :(:i::: Pacific Rim Mechanical 858-268-4585 619-390-7007 :: (858) 974-6500 . Bruno Thiry and Stephane Prevot were the first of the non-factory sponsored cars to finish, taking fifth in the Toyota Corolla. The spectators found it dif-ficult to find places where they could watch. the stages. They congregated in very large numbers at the end of Stage 2 where the stage was downhill and extremely slippery. After the first 21 cars came through, the dangers increased so the. stage was stopped and the rest of the cars came through at cruising speed. The rally con-tinued into the evening, the cars were held back for a while to ensure that the light con-ditions were the same for all the competitors. As the full moon rose, the temperature dropped and Makinen made a successful gamble on tire choice. He selected half studs, only on the inner edge, and the gamble paid off. His rivals Page 20 March 2000 Dusty Times

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The Ford Focus of Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya capture the crowds Juha Kankkunen and Juha Repo slide into a comer in the Subaru Gilles and Herve Panizzi retired their Peugeot 206 when it failed to attention on their way to second overall at Monte Carlo. lmpreza going for third overall against a magnificent backdrop. start, shown here cornering at speed. Talk about narrow roadsmThe Gardemeister/Lukander SEAT Cordoba wound its way to a fine fourth place. Armin Schwarz and Manfred Hiemer took their Skoda to a great 7th Nittel led Group N until his fuel pu_mp expired, here being passed by place after suffering turbo pipe problems throughout the rally. new leader Manfred Stohl who went on for the Group N win. 30. had full studs, inside and out-side edges and they were safer, but slower. Tommi was,, faster on the last two stages of the day and went into the lead and was the third leader in the third different type of car for the day. From being eight seconds behind, he was now 12 seconds ahead of the field. . The three top drivers were well ahead bµt the icy condi-tions had enabled Sainz sud-denly to jump into fourth place. "It's the studs, you don't rely ~ on knowing the limits of the car to go fast on studs!" McRae was still having steering problems and Panizzi said that the setup on his engine was "too aggres-sive", making it difficult to drive hard when it was slippery. Auriol was having problems, four times in two stages the engine quit when he was changing gears and the car seemed to spin at the slightest chance. The two Skoda drivers were still unhappy: Schwarz said he chose the wrong tires and Climent had a wheel rim break. Best non-works driver was Thiry, now in ninth place, his car being set up for wet or snowy conditions. In Group. M, Nittel found the car with its Michelin tires easier in the conditions than his rivals, led by the Pirelli tired cars of Manfred Stohl, Gustavo Trelles, Gianluigi Galli and Andrea Masselli. Galli had flipped his car when a spectator stood in his line on a corner, causing him to slide on the grave at the outside of the turn. Leg 2 -Four stages, asphalt, l 30kms. Before the cars reached the first stage of the day, four factory cars w.ere out, including second place Rich-ard Burns, third place Gilles Panizzi and fifth place Francois Delacour! All of these cars and Gronholm in third Peugeot failed to leave the pare ferme under their own power. In Burns case, it was flooding of the engine that was the culprit. New spark plugs and the car, late, was in action again. Two of the Peugeot's were eventually started but their problem was not known. The fact that they sat out all night in impound in zero weather probably had a lot to do with the problems. Then came another drama. There was to be only one stage before lunch because the first was canceled altogether due to inadequate spectator con-trol. The organizers immedi-ately put out a communique publicly disagreeing with the FIA Delegate safety recom-mendation. The cars drove through and then into the en-suing service park. Then, Makinen found the road into the park blocked and was or-dered by officials to ·take an-other route to the control. Speculation was that he was about to be exch1ded but in due time the matter was dropped. On the second stage, which was now the first stage, Kank-kunen was fastest, Sainz had his brakes overheat on the downhill portion, McRae had 60th R~llye Honte-C~rlo (HCl 20/2J.1.00 WC round 1 changed his gearbox the night troubles of his own. Their. hope of overtaking his fellow before but didn't like the new pacenotes were a poor copy, countryman the night before one so had it changed back to hard to read and Luis Moya lost and Schw_arz once again had the old box. Makinen, despite his place and that destroyed the same turbo pipe fail, for the losing time with a suspension Carlos' rhythm. Thiry was hap-fourth time! Climent struggled setting which did not work, in-pier with revised suspension to the end, having complete creased his overall lead. Au-settings and Freddy Loix broke brake failure on Stage 15. Di-riol was unhappy again, his his gearbox. Burri went off the dier Auriol retired on Stage 14 rear brakes were locking up. road on Stage 10 but kept on with engine trouble and on the Loix was happier, finally solv-going. "These Toyotas are in-final stage, McRae went onto ing the prohlems he had ·been credibly strong:·,, three cylin.ders, the engine o·il having with the "ice crew." In Group N, Nittel, easily light lit up and the car stopped, Schwarz was going well but the fastest car in his category his ninth no-finish in a row Climent reported his Skoda 's on his Michelin tires, stopped with the Focus car. Lundgaard engine was running out of on a stage with a fuel pump retired when he went off the revs. problem and retired. This road at the same place previ-Stage 8, at 48kms, the long-_handed the lead to Manfred ously visited by Gardemeister. est of the event and had seen Stohl. fn Group N, there was a much drama last year, passed Leg 3 - Five stages, asphalt, race for the second spot. Galli calmly this time. Makinen was 137kms. This time there was no had been a comfortable sec.-back on his original suspension restarting troubles. The first ond but he flatted a tire on the setting and made another best two stages were the same as the penultimate stage. Trelles time. Sainz was in fine form last two on the end of the first pressed hard on the final stage with second best time and Gar-day where Tommi had taken and took the spot when Galli demeister lost his rear brakes the initial advantage on the had a brake line go south. but still was third. McRae was event. This time the pressure It had been a strange going better and made fourth was off but he continued at full Monte Carlo Rally. Virtually best time and Auriol was more speed for the first three stages everywhere there was dry as-than a minute slower on the of the day. Gardemeister had a phalt with ice patches and stage than Makinen, reporting car that was not feeling com-there was no wet snow, t h e that his car felt "unstable." fortable , then on Stage 13 conditions were clear all the Schwarz lost his boost pressure (where there was no show), he time and only very short when his wastegate pipe broke spun and damaged something stretches had snow. There was again. which made the car even more a familiarity of result with The last two stages of the uncomfortable. On the first Makinen winning for the sec-day were run together without stage McRae passed him, going ond time running and for a a servif e halt between them. into third place, two stages third time launching his attack Makinen lost time on the first, later Kankkunen passed him when the icy conditions were his lead over Sainz dropped into fourth. Loix had given up their most treacherous. ■ from 118 to 89 seconds, but CJ1-C71U.S R~G'/JNG then on the second (more icy) stage it reverted to 110 sec-onds. Said Tommi, ·"We made a mistake, the stage was drier than we expected so we fitted tires that were too soft." In fact, the time loss wasn't seri-ous as Sainz was having 1 I 1, Tommi MAKINEN/Risto Hann1s~nmak1 FIN H1tsub1sh1 Lancer lvolution 9A V2HHA (GB) ◄h.7.Jm . .l!>.81;. • '4h.2~m.OO.'/'!'.. 4h.26m. 57 .2s. 4h.27m.20.9s. 4h.28m. 24 .2s. · 4h.30m.J9.9s. 4h. 34m. l7. 2s. 4h.Hm.l7.6s.• 4h.Hm.25.3s. l'. (t:) Carlos SAINZ/LUlS HO}'U E Ford Focus WRCar A V2FHC {GBl J 14 i Juha KIINKKUNEH/Juh,l Repo PIii Subaru Impreza WRCar II T16SRT 1GB) 4 (5) Toni GIIROEHEISTER/Paavo Lukander lift SEIIT Cordoba WRCar A BJ233VK (E) ~ (18) Bruno Thiry/Stephane Prevot a Toyota Corolla W~Car A K-AH608 (DI 6 (2) Freddy LOIX/Sven Smeets 8 H1tsub1shl carisma GT A V2211MR (GB) 7 (11) Armin SC~WARZ/Han!red Hiemer O Skoda Octavia WRCar A H8S94-06 {C;} 8 l20} Olivier Burri/Christophe Hofmann CH Toyota Corolla WRCar A K-AH607 (D) 9 (2¥) Hanfred Stohl/Peter Huller II H1tsubishi Lancer Evolution N BD477ZD (I) 10 (12) Luis CL1H£NT/Alex Romani E Skoda Octavia WRCar A HBS97-68 (CZ) Other important f1n1sher1 11 (161 Gustavo Trelles/Jorge Del Buono ROU/RA Hit&ub1sh> Lancer Evolution N AZ939CZ (II 4h. 47m . 45 .8s. 12 (25) G1anluigi Galli/Guido d'A,nore I Hltsubishl Lancer Evolution N AX933CT (I) 4h.47m.S4:2s. 13 (SI) Ol1v1er Gillet/Freddy Delorme CH/HC H1taub1shl Lancer Evolution N VD7000SS (CHI 4h.5lm.06.0s. l◄ (24) Andrea Haselli/H1cola Arena J Mitsubishi Lancec Evolution K AX099CT (I) 4h.S8m.43.9s. 15 (23J Boris Popovic/Anton10 Horas&i SLO/I H1tsubish1 Lancer Evolution N S602KKG (GB) 16 (◄◄J Al~1n Pellerey/Jose Boyer F Citroen Saxo Kit Car A 6720WA8• (F) 5h. 02m .09.6s.•• 91 starters. 57 finishers. •Group winners. ••r2 winner. HANU1ACTUR!R'S REGISTERED DRIVERS. Winner's avera~e speed over stages 86. 79~ph. Dusty Times March 2000 Complete Blower Systems for single or double seat cars. Helmet conversions, cool boxes, Complete line of PYROTEC1, FILLER Safety . Products & BE Motorsports. We shi\> UPS daily. 5153 Bowden Avenue - San Diego -CA - 92117 - 619-279-2509 Page 21

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WHIPLASH PARKER GRAND PRIX Williams Gang Cleans House At Parker By Tony Tellier Photos: Trackside Photo Mike Williams drove his mid-engined A-armed MEGO to victory in the Pro 1 - 2 division at the Whiplash Parker Grand Prix in late November. The well known Morley Wil-liams entourage made a surprise visit to the Whiplash Parker Grand Prix and made it pay off, in spades, so to speak. ly{ike Williams dominated, pretty much, the Pro Unlimited races while Mike Sandoval, in the same named Mike Williams "10" car, won in the small(er) engine class and actually beat Mike in the second moto. As-sociate L.J. Kennedy was the second "1 O". Eric Fisher and Scott Brown totally spanked the "1600" bug-gies as did Mike Del Col in the "5-1600" ranks. Noted trouble maker R.J. Newton was the Challenger winner over Rick Poole and George Ladwig. In the "Stadium" moto, Jeff Geiser and Todd Wittman put on a most terrific show for a "One-Two". James Adams was the "Perro Caliente" in the Sports-man ranks while the vast Mc-Mullen clan won the Pit Crew Effort Challenge. The course was short and it was sweet. Five miles, maybe. It was not rough, except for a long row of rollers, so it was fast. The number of turns, however, con-founded the big desert cars; the Mile of Whoops bugged every-body. The spacing of those SX rockers was not quite close enough for anyone to get up on top and make it work. Other than Ed Beard. It was a ring and pinion eater. Reliable sources · report two axles snapped and two final drives failed. Plus a spindle ... or, make that two. The C,P was the final points race of rhe 1999 Whiplash sea-son and some class champion-ships were on the line but ev-erybody was in a "fun" mood. For example, Mark Beeler had his '65 Highboy Ford out on the corners, up on three while the McMullens raced in their V6 pre-run four seater. Eric Fisher and Scott Brown won the over-a 11 points championship in their, OK, unbeatable "1600". Mike Del Col and Todd Ben-nett, and Those McMullens, were champs in "5-1600" and "l ", respectively. Yeah. THE RACE Race control was governed by the "white", which was dis-played five minutes before the scheduled end of the Moto -one hour -then with the "check-ered" coming out on the clock, bringing in the next car and any subsequent vehicles. The num-ber of laps completed deter-mined the finishing position. Note: to be counted as a "Fin----------------------, isher" the racers had to "take" the flag within three laps of the first "flagee." . The Parker GP was the Battle Between The Race Shops: Shop, TUF Off Road vs. Fin-ishing Motors ports; 5- l 600s, Mike Leung vs. Mike Del Col; 10s, Ron Dalke vs. Croo·k and Arthur; 9s, Ray Newton vs. Todd Ford; Cities, Tucson vs. Phoenix; Schools, UofA vs. ASU (It's never a pretty sight to see the Mildcats get whupped like that. -Ed.) The pit access road was well watered and the chow trailer did a land/office business in breakfast burros and coffee. Early on, anyway. Most re.ams came out with coolers and grills and more coolers and the whole damned family: There were enough Whitmoyers and McMullens, alone, to fill a sta-dium. The bike racers brought the scenery SPORTSMEN Race 1 - Saturday Jason Adams' Sportsman buggy was actually a legal "1600" with three extra top shock spuds on the front and one on the rear, suggesting nu-merous development changes in the car's history. Which makes some sense as this is the old Jason Adams, in only his second race, put his old MEGO 1600 car into victory circle in the Sportsman Limited class. Kennedy and Smith "Meco" car, so that figures. (Note: Meco stands for "Masterpiece. £ngi-neering Co." They do concrete saws.) -Jason ... with a "Rob Zombie" deal on the.helmet ... was in only his second race on the car. At Snowflake they broke right off the bat so the GP was his first seat time at a race. Jim Adams' "Action Gear" in Prescott makes straight cut gears for con-crete cutters, telescopes, and big floor polishers. "We mainly do custom machine work," Jim said, removing suggestions about the company being a sport clothing firm. Jason said that the car ran great, "But I just couldn't get any rhythm in the whoop section. I just had to run mid power in second gear." Don Johnson's buggy was running on the rev limiter as he missed the course, going off into the b{ke section. Don was ·bor-rowing Jeff Wells' "10" motor in his new ( to him) "1600" car. Wells' car had tossed the Men-deola transmission: "The pinion just spalled pieces off," Wells explained as to why he was not racing but his engine was. "We're going to run all the Whiplash races in 2000." Jeff put one of those rotor rev limiters on his motor. Novice Don is running yet another of seemingly unlimited store of re-cycled "TUF Off Road" cars, this one back in town from Las Vegas' Keith Roether. Don sprays Accurate Auto Body in Tucson and had painted a num-ber of racers from the Old Pueblo: "I did Ron (Dalke's) car and we must have stripped off 50 pounds of old paint," Don said. "The car jumped up onto the up-stops!" Well, maybe. Race 2 -Sunday The second race of Sports-man saw Don Johnson now out-fitted without a rev-unlimiter and he smoked the drag race start. The newly discovered po-nies assisted Don in "breaking the tranny (the ring and pinon) while getting the spin-out record and the longest jump. Jeff's engine eats trannies," Don said, passing the blame. Jason Adams, who also rode in the Novice motorcycle race, admitted that "We spun twice." "And the starter button wasn't working", reported passenger Daryl Eve. "Details are sketchy at this time", according to dad Jim Adams. Mike Gale had new tie-downs for the yellow Val's Ser-vice Center truck out of Chan-dler. His V6 S-10 engine lost the water pump seal therefore "We stopped every two laps co add water." Whether it needed it or not. It did. They had no gauges or warning lights. At all. "Saturday it seized, it got that ·hot!;, An ·hour and a half later it started. There was no oil in the water" ... and vice versa. "We are building a four point, three liter engine but we'll run this small one until it blows. But maybe it doesn't want to give up." Could be sooner'n you think. "Rhoda's" did the cage and "Custom Off Road" did the rest. They run a mini-spool, "Beards", and "Explorer" ES3000 dampers. "It used to be a four wheel drive but that gave us only six and a half inches of travel in the front. Now we have nine. The whoops? Ooo, some ones were evil!" SPORTSMAN RESULTS First Limited Sportsman: 1. Jason Adams & Daryl; Eve; 2. Travis Rackley, Sr. Unlimited Sportsman: 1. Don Johnson Sportsman 10: 1. Lynn Venter Sportsman Mini Truck: 1. Mike Gale STADIUM The "Stadium" race had a strange mixture of stadium '.' 1600" buggies, a 460 old pre-. runner, a CORR mini-truck and a VW Beetle. Jeff Geiser's Ford runs his own chassis, built to conform to the CORR wheel base and track limits. The 2.8L 4-cylinder engine is out of Jimmy Smith's old UltraStock. Tom Brown's Class 5 car is an old classic that's been updated, and it worked well enough to give him the win in the Pro 5 division. Mike Sandoval took the win in his Class Pro 1 O MEGO, which ran fn the same heats Dennie Lee's old ZTC hemi Corolla engine "used to be Brad Person's old '10' motor with a Kevin McMullen tranny on a Brand wood chassis ... seven years old and the last of the BBRT.. Rodney Hayes is into ro~k crawlers." Dennis r@ported that "I 'went to Sturgis ... I as the Class 1 and Class 5 cars. Continued on page 24 Page 22 March 2000 Dusty Times

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Bill Krug didn't figure things correctly, and ran out of gas during Rex and Russ Whitmoyer flew strcJight and true oft the jumps, as they Saturday's race in the Pro Small cars event. Ultimately he was second Dennie Lee took a bump that sent him off-sides for a ways, but gathered piloted their car to a second place finish in the Pro 1-2 Division. _in_P_~_o_-1_-21_1_60_0_._~----------------himself together to finish second in the Stadium Buggy Division. trailered it. I have a Soft Rex is a manufacturer's rep in pig!" Pete Sohren scooted into had to climb all over them!" TailTM and I wouldn't want to Atlantis for, among many other Todd Wittman was putting Parker and rummaged through Sounds like a Flying Wallendas ride it 1,300 miles -one way!" firms, "Ricardo of Beverly Hills" on quite a show during practice a "junk" Junk Yard and found pit stop. They had to beat the Rex Whitmoyer was running the - up-scale luggage. : You get out in his "crated" Ford -when the an old (er) Ford pickup with the pins out of Todd's I-beam like a old Renault engined car of of Atlanta? It's really different," right front spindle sheared right correct spindle. "The truck was steel drivin' man but stock's hot Danny Foddrill with a beam alluding to "Deliverance" - off. "Crystallized", some might balanced on top of a couple of and it was no big deal. Other chassis as re uired for PACE ishness, I guess. "Squeal like a say. "Fatigue", I might say. otl?-~!_car~.!_'.~Jete laughed. "You than subsequently discovering a · bent tie rod. Fact: the tie rods DEIST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-point sand rail seat belt RACE BELTS 2• • 5 point mount 3" • 5 point mount -SIDE COVERS IRS . Swing axle KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# 200mm-up to 3000/.. GERMAN AUTO PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# RACING PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks .............. . 4 puc ferramic ......... . . . 4 puc ferramic with spring hub GERMAN AUTO SACO MAGNUM RACK Billet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930 or T-4 cages 930 or T-4 or T·2 flanges Trick boots (specify} 930CVstar "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8" travel-stock width 8" travel-widened beam 10• travel-stock width 10• travel-widened beam TRI MIL EXHAUST T-11 'It• chrome T-11'/z " raw T-11 518' chrom T-11518" raw T•4chrome T-4 raw GERMAN AUTO HATS GERMAN AUTO 1T-SHIRTS. specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, Includes alternator stand MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ MK/I -,---=~ PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal With chrome pedal. With hydraulic throttle Replacement slave SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion . Mount plate Coupler. Rack steering stops VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1. 7, 1.8, and2.0 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears lite spindle mounts too FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin .... . ....... 413(1 C:hromolv Stock length ......... pr. 11/, " longer ....... ... pr. 2¼ • longer .......... pr. 4" longer-coil over style pr. CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods w!ends. lsoeclfv Ford or International} set ... SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3• X 3• ... , . . . 1-21600, 5-1600. CATALOG .... 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 562-863-1123 FAX 562--929-1461 Page 24 March 2000 are bent, anyway, to clear the radius rod's, but this one was "bent" bent. The return trip to the wrecking yard (PC-term) was crazy ... they knew the sub-ject vehicle well, (The Wittmans, by the way, are an old Valley Of The Sun family. Granpa dug all the ditches in Maricopa County. The town of Wittman is so named. Ain't no "Whitman's Sampler Assorted Chocolates" bein' tossed out here. Not any 'Leaves of Grass", either. Sorry, Walt.) _ Rex Whitmoyer got in a few laps of practice in the stadium car and could only smile that "I'm getting a feel for it. It's (more) like a soorts car -<Ri:x has extensive experience on the tarmac.) -but with a cutting brake." Rex laughed that "I just have to remember which way the turning brake goes -it's backwards from the big car (i.e., the RX7 two seater desert)!" Dennie Lee had to do some scrambling after easing his car off the jumps during practice: "I bottomed the (engine) skid plate and peeled if off." Not only that, the impact moved the power plant around to such a permanent degree that there was an untoward gap between the engine and the tranny: "!!!?" Dennie did a quick ap-praisal and determined that the Engine Stays, which were sim-ply clamped onto frame tubes, had migrated aft. A push here, a shove there, and a quick touch with a (Lincoln) magic wand and he was back in bidnuss. Wittman and Jeff Geiser had a great race as Wittman went crazy with his right foot and Jeff kept his engine wound tight. Todd banged that big dog into the berms full power on, full lock ... tossing the loam way up into the sky while Jeff Geiser bicycled the Ford, saved it by turning with it -then just as quickly went over .. . all the way ... and continued on with-out a hitch. Rex W. worked hard to get by Dennie Lee. Dennie Lee: "He tucked inside of me. I knew it and I couldn't stop him. I went off the track." After Rex apologized for the bump, Lee laughed: "That was no bump, that was just a kiss. Look! My nerf bars are still intact!" Did the car work for you? "Sure! I finished and drove it on the Dusty Times _

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trailer, didn't I?" Dennie com-plimented Rex, telling him that he "did real good ... and without spinning out!" Rex pondered "what would it (racing) be like with lots of cars?" Wittman races a pre-runner-ish '72 Ford pickup outfitted with a 460 cid SVO "crate" en-gine. "It is about 500 horse-power with Greg Holman heads." The final drive is through a 5.43 Ford "9" high which is what Wittman had for the Glen Helen series. It has a Summers 40-spline carrier with a spool. It once used to be a street legal California car with Wally World paint and still has some fine under-hood sheet metal work. Todd. touts-"Team 'Slope"., "RFC", and "Penhall Fab." '{he vehicle is pretty ba-sic, down to a stock brake pedal. Nie Lyon down from Lake Havasu City, said that the race was certainly more than he ex-pected; besides, this was his first race. His basic "Bug" has stock rear arms and an 8-inch wider beam supporting steel wheels, via Rancho 5000s on the rear and KYBs up front. Nie had just installed the turning brakes be-tween the Beard ·seats. The engine is a stock Type I 1600 dual-port breathing through a little sock type filter and running into a stock VW box with a close third and fourth. "It started out as a "11" motor and has been on the floor for three years. We installed it and it fired right up!" The fab work was out of Tortoise Rac-ing in LHC with help from "Jon" (KC)Kc HiliTES Mud from the freshly watered course obscures his number, but we're assured this is Don Johnson, the winner in the Sportsman Unlimited class. Second from left, Eric Fisher and Scott Brown teamed to win the Pro 1-2/1600 Class, while Ray Newton, here being passed, took the win in Pro Challenger, which raced at the same time. at The Converter Shop with some help from the guys at MK downhill bikes. N ic and his friends were stoked. After all; he got to race -with grown-ups, he didn't break anything, he didn't do anything dumb, he's gotta be hooked. STADIUM RESULTS 1. Jeff Geiser; 2. Todd Witt-man; 3. Rex Whitmoyer; 4. Dennie Lee; 5. Nie Lyons. PRO SMALL CARS Race 1 - Saturday Eric Fisher and partner Scott Brown wasted no time in taking charge. The "Sorry Vista" pair were never challenged. Rival Bill Krug was ecstatic about his newly-Geiser-ed Fox dampers on his "1600". "Their (re-work) makes all the difference in the world." Too bad they don't pro-duce fuel, too. Bill Krug ran out of gas on his last lap. "I ran only ten gallons and that was (obvi-ously) not enough. I tried the electric fuel pump and got the last little bit out of the bottom of the tank to get me to the fin-ish." Steve Long's" 1600" was hav-ing a good run until he heard "expensive noises. It must have dropped a valve or something on the top end. Then it went low· on oil, fast." Long then packed up and left for Tucson. Long was amazed by the Chal-lenger of George Ladwig. "On the land rush start, I thought . that I got a hole shot then I looked over and that '9' car was right there with me!" Of course, there was also winner Rick Poole in the "Woody's II" car. Poole has won many a "Parker 400" in this same car. Sociological Note: "Woody's II" is a road house out in Poston. Poston, on the Parker to Blythe farm road, was the site of a little known Japanese in-ternment camp. during "The· Good War", from '42 to '45. There is a monument standing. Challenger challenger Ray Newton could only offer that "all the spark plugs are in it? But it ran good." Like all the desert guys, he was mystified by the re-quirements of "set-up": "I guess that I'll have to play with the tire pressure. When (the car) was spinning out, all I could do was let go of the wheel and hope for the best." At least R.J. saved his thumbs. "5-1600" racer Mike Leung tore out his rear adjuster ... just like at the Point-to-Point: "I came up here tied in the 5-1600 points with Mike (Del Col) and now this DNF makes it tough. fie (Del Col) KC HILITES SPECIAL HID LIGHTS $999.99 -$100.00 $899.00 Per Pair After Rebate will have to DNF tomorrow, and me win, for me to win the (class) championship." Leung and the TUF crew dug out the ol' Lincoln stick welder for a lengthy fix. Race 2 - Sunday (Note: Whiplash ran the Sportsman and Limited Pro cars together to keep the program moving along.) · Eric Fisher almost missed his "1600" race, his turn to ride the right seat with Scott Brown, ar-riving at the track with but 15 minutes to spare. (So ... I stepped back and put my helmet down.) Scotty Brown said that they took the whoops in third gear ... probably faster than any-one. Eric Fisher: "That '9' car was-cookin'. In the second Land Rush Start, Don Johnson got way out Continued on page 26 $400.00 1•t Place Contingency Award for All Classes Contingency Program Information: SCORE, CORR, SNORE, MDR, VORRA, BEST IN THE DESERT, AND ESTERO BEACH. For Product, Technical Information, Contingency Requirements or Award Information for the following Products: RANCHO, MSD, KC HILITES, MECHANIX WEAR, DYNOMAX, K&N, RACERS EDGE, OFF-ROAD INNOVATIONS 2169 Daytona • Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 • (520) 855-0912 • FAX (520) 453-9641 • E-mail: March.2000 Page 25 • l

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Todd Wittman and his Ford had a good race with Geiser, in the Stadium George Ladwig, still looking clean and neat here, tip-toes his Pro Truck event. Looking a little battered here, he flies toward his ultimate Challenger t~ a landing as he heads for second place in the class. _sec_ o_n_d.,_p_la_ce_ in_t_h_e_s_ta_n_di~ngc'-s_. --,...---=-c-,-------L. J. (Jon) Kennedy (#1011) resurrected an old car, put on some new paint and came to Parker to play. Seen here dicing with Ron Dalke, Kennedy finished second in Pro 1 0. in front in the now unrestricted a beer!" My kinda raceF. went out the window. "Mike is was a conversation piece. Like car. Bill Krug, Adams, and Mike Leung thoughtfully let changing classes so I could have it's big brother, the Mendeola Brown/Fisher had a neck and Kim Bailey of TUF Off Road used (Leung's good) body RX7, it was A-armed and mid~ neck drag race with Adams drive the now repaired VW. parts," said Del Col. "They engined but most unusually jumping on the situation and "This will make the set ups more aren't any 'good' now." with a Type 1 engine. Morley passing a slithering Johnson obvious to him ... and, it's his Rick Poole, Saturday's "9" Williams, Mr. Meco, said that during a big spinout with Don turn." Mike laughed: "Now he winner, went out on Sunday they were running up front at and Krug with Del Col just stay- really owes me one! It makes no with an alternator that broke in the recent 'Baja 1000' until Ll-ing out of the melee. difference how we· do", Mike half: "Listen, this is NOT a 'Big ano Colorado, when the engine There was confusion on the remarked, forgetting the off A of Blythe' part. Got that?", went 'Boom'. We had seen low first pass through the jump sec-hand chance of a Del Col DNF Rick stressed, saving his spon- oil pressure before the race, but tion, with ol' Bill Krug getting handing over the champion-sor any untoward woe and grief. Fat's Greg (Aaronson) told us to hung up over a berm. A passel ship! Kim forgot too, as he laid Todd Ford related his Point-to-run it anyway. So we did." They of enthusiastic bike racers the car over on a slow 180 and Point "9" battles. "I broke a ball .had a replacement VW engine rushed out to straighten him up. had to "hang" around until he joint, I got a flat on every cor- ready but will be changing to a Del Col's Bug then passed was righted. ner 'cept one; there was a foot Ken Major Honda water Johnson to get into the close Mike Del Col was caught up of dirt in the car," he exagger-pumper. The car of Sandoval battle that was raging between in the excitement of the race ated. "We lost the chase crew was very strong. The only thing Newt and Krug. and dropped a wheel off the side and they got stuck, then the car that they changed or touched Newt and Johnson then of the first hill but happily was fell off the trailer." after their "1000" (or call it tangled in a corner. Krug's car able to prevent the little car LIMITED PRO RESULTS their "245") was the broken en-was pushing as he raced with from rolling over and thus . Class 1600: Hoe Shelde's Challenger. After handing the "5-1600" champi-1. Eric Fisher and Scott dispensing with the swing axle onship to Mike Leung! "Todd Brown; 2. Bill "Alte" Krug. brigade, Krug went after the (Bennett) intercommed that I Class 5-1600: "Adams" car and in his haste 'better keep this thing on the 1. Mike Del Col and Todd smacked a berm, losing a load track, OK?'" Mike said that his Bennett; 2. Mike Leung and of time! Bill Krug was very ag- car was pushing really bad in the Kim Bailey. gressive, sticking a wheel here mud: "It just didn't like to Class 9: and a bumper there. Unfortu-turn." 1. Rootin' Tooti.n Ray New-nately, it was usually off the When Kim Bailey turned ton; 2. George Ladwig; 3. Joe course where he Huck it. Bill over the Leung car, the previ-· Shelde. was in fine form, putting the ous deal between Del Col and PRO BIG CARS wheel and bumper on everyone Leung -"I want to buy your Race 1 -Saturday within sight. "I had fun! Have doors and your body shell" -The Mike Williams "10" car TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING. INC SNORE 1999 Transaxle Builder Of The Year Congratulations Jeff Carr SNORE Overall Points Champion SNORE 1600 Po~ts Champion Transaxle Engineering Jeff Field Jeremy Harmon SNORE Class 9 Points Champion SNORE Rookie Of The Year 9763 Variel Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-998-2739 Page 26 March 2000 gine. L.J. Kennedy brought out a single seat "10" car. The chas-sis is a Bobby Neth with rocker shocks in the back. It used to be the "Reliable Lumber" car of Jerry Higman. Until the quick sale of the race car before the "1000", L.J. raced with Jim Dizney. A lot of work on the Williams rotary rocket was performed by Derek Kreger of The City of Or-ange: "Black Widow Race Cars." Derek is another of the young lions -self-taught. His work is laid out using AutoCAD software: "I have a new design for outboard 'floaters'. They are six pounds lighter than 'Microstubs' and can accept ei-ther 930s or 934 CVs. They will be marketed through (Bob Hummel's Chula Vista) 'Race Ready' shop." In a different tack Derek places the front suspension's uniballs in the spindles, mounted vertically and laterally as opposed to the "standard" horizontal plane. The arms are of airframe-like design: wrap around sheet and tubing construction. Williams' RX7 runs a surprisingly wide power band: four thousand up to eight. Unfortunately, the battle of the RX7s between Williams and Whitmoyer, failed to material-ize. The Whitmoyer car was just too desert-y to handle the close confines of the tight stuff and not as "friendly" over the whoops as the A-armed Will-iams racer. There were four "5" cars. Tom Brown runs the old Sage Council "5" car. Sort of. "I bought it from a guy in Bend, Oregon and now it's all changed, other than the bare chassis and the fu e I ce 11. I brought it up to the '90s." The big car has a Fortin driving into 934s and 11-inch rotors up front and a big Type IV. He put a fuel-return-to-tank system on the dual Webers. Brown "skied" the "Regal Homes" car more "pretty damned bueno" than anyone. Scott Baxter was in Class 5 with the 'Bust A Nut Desert Racing" Special. And "bust" he did. Scott twisted off an (old?) axle just inboard of the out-board splines. Lots of "Kt" right there. Scott was helped by a lot of racers: Tom Brown offered him anything in his chock-full-o-axles tool box but they were BIG ones. Long ones. Of course, Ron Dalke knew that he had ·several sizes and one magically fit. Baxter had to get out the flat bastard to clean up the CV star but he was back in business be-fore the night got cold. The first moto started with a (land) rush. Mike Williams, Ed Beard, Kasey Crook, Tom Brown, Kevin McMullen driv-ing their V6 Toyota four seater with Kevin and Kim up front and Jimmy and Debbie in the back. Quite a load. A troubled Ron Dalke went down and out right away.-Ron broke the right outboard CV. (Jay pushed Ron off the course with the A TV mule. A farmer Quad.) There was a good battle be-tween the Franks/Brush "5" and L.J . Kennedy, followed by Mark Beeler, who entered Class 1 in his Ford. Kennedy stopped on the course with a coil wire that had to be reattached. L.J. got the problem solved but not quickly enough to get back into the game far enough to chal-lenge Sandoval in the ~eco "10". Mark Beeler missed a 180 corner and did a 360 plus a 180 to get on track. "I don't know ANYONE who would do that", Mike Doherty remarked, refer-ring to a "Zanardi". that he had pulled at the Gila Bend race. Dalke got back after a not-so-quickie CV change but was not credited with a finish. In fact, only Sandoval, first, and Kennedy, second, were scored in Class 10. "Five" winner Tommy Brown's car was reportedly not symmetrical... "it would run great -'sprint car' .. : on the right handers but it would bobble on the left turns", Tom shrugged. "I have to look at the float lev-els." Kevin McMullen was towed in with a "fried" tranny. The four seater was fully loaded, running a three liter V6 power plant with over 200 horsepower plus aggressive tires and a 1/4 mile of whoops. Add Kev be-hind the throttle and, well, no wonder. "We 'roasted' the pin-ion", tranny man Kevin said. The crew jumped into action and hand-pulled the heavy mo-tor and changed gearboxes. All Dusty Times

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in 30 minutes. Kasey Crook was towed in with a ripped off steering ram, no brakes , and no fire. Crook said that he "got behind B_eeler in that watered section and I never got so much mud thrown at me. T here was water and mud everywhere ... like on my face shie1'1,l" The C & A guys did a Krug: "It was NASCAR gamble and we lost. Ten gallons was not good enough." Kasey and K.C. have brother Mike Arthur doing the suspension. Mike, now with Kar-Tek, used to be the right hand man for Lee Finke. Scott Baxter, the Point-to-Point Class 5 winner, broke a SAW axle and complained about his Mile-High jetting ... Baxter is down from The Duke City, named for the Duke of Al-buquerque. "I need to re-jet, and find an axle." Race 2 - Suriday For the second go-around Tom Brown borrowed a set of "3 5s" to replace the 33 inch tall BFGs he usually runs. The word was that Brown was looking for a bit more top end, like six per-cent more (35*100/33 = 106. l %). K.C. Arthur went the other way since "the rear was biting and I was getting a push so I went down in diameter" ... 31*100/33 = 93.9%." Todd Witmann entered "Class l" and the crowd hoped for a Beeler battle but you needed a low <logger to handle the tight corners with any speed or power at all. Beeler was over-designed for the rough. Ed Beard took the inside line on the mass start and led to the first corner while Wittman tried to outside run and got a good launch off the line. The ground was not amenable to 600 bhp so Mark Beeler just sat and spun his BFGs. Great rooster-tail, Mark. Into the infield it was Todd's truck, Ed, the RX7 Meco of Mike Williams, and the mid-motored Meco of Mike Sando-val. Todd kept the hammer down once too often and seri-ously bicycled the big Ford, al-lowing Williams to take the lead followed by Todd, Beard, and Tom Brown. K.C. stalled the two seater al-lowing Rex Whitmoyer to pass and on the subsequent lap it was both Meco cars up front. Rex then went wheel to wheel with the K.C. built Rabbit. "It's a 16 to one stadium motor, you gotta i-un it, 7,700 to 8,700." Then K.C. caught and passed Mark Beeler. Beeler's truck is set up for heavy desert, riot tight 180 turns! Only good driving pre-vented any number of roll-overs. In the turns the outside rear end would c:lrop and the opposite Tront corner would rear up so high that visibility was limited, at best. Whiplash added some water during the race and suddenly "rail" turns became serious pushers: Ed Beard went WAY off ·and spun hundreds of de-grees. Then Dalke spun. K.C. got past Scott Baxter as Albert limped in with a folded-up left front wheel. The Mc-Mullen crew jumped to the task and replaced a broken lower link bolt. Albert's wife, Sandy (wisely), got out and put in Tom Lake, who had a hand-held cardboard camera for action Dusty Times Jeff Geiser made dusty rooster tails with his CORR Ford, and drove off with the victory in thtt Stadium Truck division. shots. Having a good time at the races, or what? Harry woulda approved! Albert and the trio got back out with little wasted time just as Todd's Ford ground to a halt out on the whoops. Lit-erally "ground", as the ring and pinion made exp_ensive grinding and clanking noises ... like one per wheel rev, suggesting a snaggle-toothed ring gear. Lake said-that "We were go-ing side by side with Ed (Beard) and he doubled one of those whoop!" Albert then bicycled the huge four seater. Heavy squeals and hoots from inside the car! Their finish actually put them into the Class 1 cham-pionship as the Whitmoyer's did not have a "GF" day. Beard blew yet another corner racing with Albert while Tommy Brown got into a power play with the Ken-nedy" 1 0" and the three liter ex-Ruben Wood motor just mo-tored away. After the race Crook spoke about how Ross is the Good Guy of the races. We needed a (brake) bleeder screw and Ross stopped what HE was doing so to help us!" Both Crook and Arthur have "day jobs" in addi-tion to Finishline Motorsports. "Hey, it allows us to race and pay for the parts!" Kasey Crook: "As good as we did in Mexico, we did as bad here!" Arthur said that "Beeler got turned around out on the back section on a turn and was coming right back at us out of the dust." He later reported that the Trail Of W hoops "had only one good line, off to the right, and it re-ally kicked you side-to-side. We were hittin' helmets." The Meco " 1 0" was really making time on the " l " car to-ward the end of the final moto and got the lead on the last half a lap. Morley said that they had sanded the engine and it was losing oil and oil pressure. With the unexpected win, Sandoval did a big old "Doherty". Then Beeler tried it but for the first time in two days finally got the big truck hooked up and then got it way too squirrelly. "5" runner-up Damon Franks le t pal Tim Brush drive at Parker. "He does a lot of work on the car. After all, he has the shop and the bender." The car is the old Pete Dunshie DirTrix rig. Ken Moore at "European Auto'.' is the engine man for the 23 3 2cc T ype I. H e left Jim Cunningham's expansive en-clave and is now located right next door to Bill Capatch's "Arizona Transaxle Exchange", who does Damon's tranny. Franks runs Lee-Bob RaceShocks. The two mentioned how Rex Whitmoyer had smacked them at Snowflake and then stopped to ask if they were alright. "At the 'Point-to-Point' we broke the eye off a right front shock. There was oil EVERYWHERE," Tim said. "Mostly on me!" They Mexigineered it with zip-ties and ratchet straps to the finish. An up~beat Scott Baxter had to be towed in. Again. "I had half a lap to go and I got lots of noise out of the clutch. But the 'Don-.key' axle held", he smiled. UNLIMITED PRO RE-SULTS Class 1: l. Mile Williams; 2. Rex and Russ Whitmoyer; 3. Mark Beeler; 4. The McMullen Mob: Albert, Kevin, Jimmy, Tom, Sandy, Kim & Debbie. Class 10: 1. Mike Sandoval; 2. L,J. Kennedy. Class 5: l. Tom Brown; 2. Clark and Stark; 3. Tim and Eric Brush; 4. Scott Baxter. · EL CHISMOSO (Note: A GP has lots of BS opportunity, so bear with us for some Zonie News.) Gearbox Greetings Pete Sohren was lamenting the damage to his back: "Man, I got a herniated disk - where the disk material is off-center and rubs on the spinal cord. It hurts so bad, sometimes, that the only thing I can do is lie on the floor and grit my teeth." Sohren has taken some· serious shots in racing cars. His SCORE-winning "5" car treated him wrong on only one whoop at PIR, once upon a time, and Petey got, his bell rung BAD. The con-tinued jarring in his Pace truck has forced him to finally hang up the old helmet. His truck is re-portedly now working real good: "It's at the 'Third Level' and I hope to have Rob MacCachren drive it next year." Northern Arizona Refrigerator's Dave Sundquist is recouping well from his bad-news accident at the "1000" where part of his "l0's" A-arm went into his leg at Erindera. Man Of Steele Mike Sulgar's "1 0" is the ex-Stan Steele two seater. Stan is now doing that quarter mile stuff, Farmington style. Eleven Dana Andrews told of his old "11" car still lurking out back in the weeds. "I moved it, once. But it needs work, being out in the Arizona sun and under the sprinklers and all." Ouch! There were, surprisingly, nu-March 2000 RfJX Whitmoyer displays the Correct driving style and flair for stadium racing. He put his checkered flag bedecked buggy into victory circle in the Stadium Buggy class. I merous equipment failures on the easy course: Albert McMullen, Link Pin Pin; Bill Krug, Out of Gas; C&A, Brakes; C&A, Out of Gas; C&A, Steering Ram; Kevin McMullen, Ring & Pin-ion; L.J . Kennedy, Coil Wire; Mike Gale, Water Pump; Mike Leung, Torsion Adjusters; Mike Williams, P(oil); Pete Sohren, Disc; Rick Poole, Alternator; Rick Poole, Kirk Kontilis; Ron Dalke, CV; Scott Baxter, Axle; Scott Baxter, Clutch; Steve Long, Engine; Todd Wittman, 9-inch R&P; Todd Wittman, Spindle. Time Flies Danny and Cathy Foddrill celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary recently. "Well, if they had Gary Anderson there, YOU coulda come!", smirked Larry Fod. Complaint Department The RV show over in Parker was complaining about the air-born dust. Maybe I can com-plain about Q-Tips using their RV's to run errands in Yuma. And what is the status of that "Snowbird Nerfing Referen-dum?". Desert Center Racer Makes Good Matt Murphy has certainly made the grade. Murphy will be racing the desert for KTM with '00 125 and 200 two strokes. "I will be riding for Malcolm Smith Motorsports, Race Tech, and VP fuels. Scot Harden (of KTM) has me riding the '200' specially for th e D -3 7 races where the small bikes are '0 to 200cc'. It's the same bike as the· 125 except for the engine bore and the pipe. It hits abrupt, like a 125." Matt was eighth at the recent BitD "Vegas to Reno". Matt will race all the District 3 7 Hare and Hounds, all the D03 7 GPs, and all of the AMA -Na-tional H & Hs. Sounds like nary a weekend oft. Bedside Manner? Dr. Nels Dutton, MD, has quit the prestigious Mayo Clinic in "Snotsdale" and moved to Mesa Lutheran. Dutton now has a Harley. First to Mesa; then a Harley. Funny, he never seemed that old. Baja 2000 Bill Krug is already gearing up for the Nevada "2000" As-sault with Jeff Knupp and Brian Wilson Jeff will race at the January "Parker 400" with Krug. Racing Farmers? Mike Doherty got into a spir-ited discussion about using "tractor bushings" ... non-spherical rod ends that rotate in only one plane ... rather than uniballs. Like used on John Deere, Case, Ferguson, Ford, IH combines, I guess. Beating Bib-lical swords into Class 8 plow-lihares? Disarmed _Lee Finke reported going over in his A-armed "5" car out in Fudland. "We were just go-ing out to check the shock set up," said Mr. RaceShockTM, when they got sideways in El Centro. That was nothing until the two clipped a big creosote bush and vaulted through the air. The convert went over many times, always landing on the right rear engine cage. The body was not particularly dam-aged, other than a squozed-in top panel. Geiser Brothers re-pair time. The Shimp Gang .Mike Shimp "who", according to Keith Raether, "went to high school in Las Vegas with Don Weiser, believe it or not", said that next time he's bringing his SNORE "9" car down. Perhaps he will have better results. At the last SNORE race Mike only did one lap. Mike's dad doesn't ride with him. he's 82. He just pits. Wow. That's even older'n Bill Krug! ■ n the Sportsman Mini Truck div{sion, Mike Gale used all of his little Chevy's suspension as he drove to victory. Page 27

Page 28

CORP CARRERA DE CAMPEONES • MEXICALI A SAN FELIPE Yee Home Free In San Felipe By T any Tellier Photos: Mario Vasquez & Betillo Eli Yee took the Class 1 Pro win and the overall victory at CORP's last run of the 1999 season, the Mexicali to San Felipe race in early December. Elizandro Yee, in the three liter "Jimco 2000", put together a good run from Mexicali to San Felipe -taking the Overall in the final race of the Cachanillas Off Road Pro-motions 1999 six race series. For two thirds of the race, it looked eas_y. But Yee was do_gged on the final run to Los Arcos by the strong performance of Manuel Herrera in the "Tarzan Toy" Tecare Ford. Herrera's big truck was slowed, just a bit, by the tight, rough, and rock strewn conditions between Saldana and Borrego, while Yee apparently picked up some crud in one of the huge carburetors on the way to the Power Line Road and the San Fe-lipe dump. Eli hunkered down, watched his mirrors, and held on to win by six minutes. Two min-utes back of Herrera at La Meta was 1999 SCORE Overall Champ Vic Bruckmann in the Rafael Echegollen single seat "Ten" car. There were more penalties and dis-qualifications than at an SCCA event! THE COURSE The race started at the upper end of Laguna Salada, by the Pemex plant, making up race dis-tance by running north to the Aqueducto before heading south under the Mexicali La Rumarosa Autopista. The road south past the dry lake bordered the majestic, up-thrust Sierra Juarez that loom above the ancient sea bed. From Saldana the successful racers would charge up the "fines" I the silts, past the well field and into the wide sand wash which would narrow into a tight mesquite-and-palo verde labyrinth. They then tra-versed over ·the basalt headlands up into The Crack of Doom. On the other side of the surface water divide, they beat cheeks through the over-used chop to the Laguna Amarga Road crossing, a.k~a. "Borrego". trom tl:ien on it was the usual run near the Tres Palos Pemex arid sou th to the Power Line Road through the dump to the Arches and, theoreti-cally, the checkered flag. Two hun-dred miles of desert, with a lot of it poorly accessible to chase crews. If there ever was a rain hard enough and long enough to "blade" the course smooth, Noah would be gathering the racers on board, two by two, "OK, now bring on the '1 ls'!" Phwew, and which two Checkers would they select? THE RACE Yee did the deed ... no doubt. But the story of the event was deeper than that. A number of class championships were on the proverbial line, so to speak, as it were. And a number of contests, and championships, were decided by, well, let's call it "Bad Judg-ment." Checkpoints were blown, courses were cut, and well, rules were broken. Ramiro Escobedo had the toughest of tough classes won. But the "1600" driver got a pen-alty on Check 3 and was set back one position. This stroke of impu-dence gave the class win to Adam Pfankuch, who actually went back to Carlsbad believing that he had lost the race and the champion-CUSTOM ACCESSORIES, FABRICATION & MANUFACTURING, QUICK, CLEAN, QUALITY SERVICE AT A DISCOUNT PRICE· CALL US! We can do almost anything in steel, aluminum or stainless. All work is guaranteed on time at the original estimated price. Installation available. It you have a special need not listed or you think it can·t be done, don't hesitate to call and ask. ;,JSTOM FIBERGLASS & BILSTEIH SHOCKS DEALER• ,If BUILD EVERYTHING FOR STREET TO FULL RACE • PRE-RUNNER BUMPERS • SPARE TIRE MOUNTS • IN-CAB ROLL CAGES • MULTIPLE SHOCK MOUNTS • AXLE BRACING • CUSTOM SUSPENSION WORK w/Custom Control Arms ship. The class strong man Martin Gonzalez was disqualified due to another check violation. The perennially tough Chal-lenger team of Alejandro and Leonardo Navarette were sent packing one position back after a dominating race. They beat Luis Rivera and "El Gato" by 20 min-utes. But not after the final total. In a more bizarre situation, the ultra-experienced Perry McNiel was disqualified due to short cours-ing in the Yee/McNiel Class 7 Ford. Perry was photographed tak-ing a "short" route. Joaquin and Mario Vazquez were there. Reli-able sources, each, I would say. Perry lost the class championship by this move. McNiel knows too much, I guess. "Once" racer Fernandez Flores was spotted using the 5 Highway for assistance of the south end of the dry lake - DQ. Continuing in the litany of miscreants, Jose An-gel Soto was tagged with a one po-sition penalty for a violation at Check 3. CORP ruled this race with un mano dura - an iron fist in velvet glove. In addition to this rare group of penalties, Bob Hummel reported that there were lots of cars broken and one within the first 30 miles. Three 1999 Class Champions did not even bother to attend. I will Manuel Herrera ran hard in his Ford Class 8 Pro truck, to win the class, and finish second in the overall standings. He was also the Class 8 champion for '99. leave the definition of that triad to the careful reader. (Hint: see "Class Results" listings.) · PRO CLASS 1 · Yee was the first car into Check 4, at 1145 hours, stopping only for five gallons of gas and a snug on all 20 wheel nuts ... and was gone in 40 seconds. Later, Yee said that he liked the ex-Johnny Phillips car "very much ... maybe Johnny needed bigger balls. 11 Eli had what they thought was a clogged carbon the way to the finish and was wor-ried about Herrera catching him in the big Rob MacCachren Ford. "Next year we will have a Seat V 4. I bought one from Doug Fortin." Yee broke off one of the dual SuperTrapp stingers, but did not care. Class Results: 1. Eli Yee (1999 Class Cham-pion). PRO CLASS 10 Of the five "Ten" cars entered only two would see the Arches in the manner in which they would wish to become accustomed. Slick Vic Bruckmann was able to take advantage of the gearbox ills of Ray Santos del Prado for the win. Luis Barragan struggled to Check 4 while the "Miguel and Jaime Show" got to Check 1 before (reportedly) blowing the Tomei/Medina "Union 76" Toyota motor. Barragan tore up the left front wheel bearing". Jose Canchola never even went that far. Vic Bruckmann was in the Ray Echegollen "1 O". He REALLY smacked a section of old asphalt highway at the Borrego crossing. This was Vic's first" 1 O" race since the 1997 "1000" when he teamed with local favorites Arturo Honold and Manlio Moreno for third place. "This is a Don Hatz '1776' with a 'special' Hatz set up, a short stroke and big pistons. Victor Romo did the car prep. It runs a Mendeola bus box. It was easy to drive, I ran mostly in fourth gear. Rafael drove the car to Saldana. It was getting low on oil so I stopped when I came into Borrego. The dog house cooler was cracked so we kept putting in oil." Vic's set for the Year 2000 SCORE series: "I will prep the car and Rafael will fund it. I met him through Ray Gastelum, who is his good friend and was his racing part-ner." And Michele's "VP Fuels" dad. Referring to Santos de! Prado, Bruckmann said that "I caught him on the Pole Line. He musta been sleeping, so I tagged him." SdP's "1 O" car was only six minutes be-hind Yee at "4". Ray then broke fourth gear by Tres Palos and ended up finishing in second gear. So much for "sleeping." Vic applauded Echegollen: ''Rafael did particularly very well, considering he hasn't raced in some time. I thought that he might be a little rusty but, no. And my championshie '1600' is for sale!", he advertised. Class Results: 1. Rafael EchegollenNic Bruck-mann; 2. Ray Santos del Prado ( 1999 Class Champion). PRO CLASS 8 Manuel Herrera actually reached Check #2 a minute quicker than Eli Yee's "l" car, what with the wide-open spaces and all. They were but one minute after Del Prado at Check 4, running hard and throwing lots of rocks. Herrera drives the crap out of the big car. (He entered Trophy Truck at the recent" 1000" and was mak-ing serious waves until hardware troubles held him up. He still fin-ished fifth.) Five minutes later Coronado came across Highway 3 carrying a flat spare and did not, could not, pick up a replacement. He would be sorry. But for other, more seri-ous reasons, however, Coronado subsequently lost 26 minutes be-tween Borrego and the Finish with a failed transmission. Backing in, through The Arches, doesn't really cut it though. You never appreci-ate those mirrors until a time like that. Mike Hardaway's Protruck lost a half hour just getting to the first check and was never truly in the hunt. "We got stuck under the sec: ond bridge crossing along with a bunch of VW cars that followed me, the wrong way", Mike la-mented and laughed. The "VW cars" including Jimbo Zinn's "5". Mike had to dig the truck out: "They aren't that light and with 'only' 400 horsepower, well... .J/rmNGA OIEATIONS ~ACING I IT'.]~-• CUSTOM TUBE BENDING • CUSTOM FRAMING & MOUNTS for Fiberglass Skins 333 CLARK AVE.• POMONA, CA 91766 • 909/629-4711 Adam Pfankuch had a solid 2 place after a broken tie rod, but was bumped to the victory in Class 1-2/1600 Pro when another racer was penalized. "Then there was a lot of traffic after we got out. The '5-1600s' and the '9s'. Man, they got a lot of pride; they went to hold off a truck as long as possible." Hardaway thought that "racing CORP was a Page 28 March 2000 Dusty Times

Page 29

blast. Joaquin (Rodriguez, El Jefe de CORP) does a great job. T he course is we ll marked and, al-though we got third, we got a tro-phy and $65 ! 11 Mike said that the section using the SCORE 250 was "rough as hell." Dr. "Dry Eyes" Ibarra spent two hours just getting to Check 3 when everyone else took only a half an hour. So went his race. The Mario Montes Zobeck Racing (a.k.a. "ZR Designs") "El Forjado" truck dij not finish. ....,,.. "':-<j> .,,.;.~.,,, -4f,.z•_ <t "'~ .t ( ; . . ,( El Maestro Ernesto Montafio sez: "About the tenn 'El Forjado'. 'Forjabo' means the men who work with metal. Do you remember the guy in the old movies who was work-ing with a hammer and steel -and then creating a sword?" (A forge; the blacksmith - Ed.) Antonio Gutie"ez and Cesar Rodriguez teamed up and took the win in the Pro Class 5 race by a scant three minutes. In the case, "El Forjado" is someone who makes things hap-pen ... like in the old days ... with a big hammer; someone who works very hard." Temp Espinoza personnel spent some time removing LOTS of iron-wood (Olneya Tesota) from the co-driver ... "Someone who works very hard." Class Results: 1. Manuel Herrera (1999 Class Champion); 2. Gustavo Coronado; 3. Mike Hardaway; 4. Dr. Carlos Ibarra. PRO CLASS 5 Bill Wesley and Jimbo Zinn tried their damnedest to make the time that they had lost the "hard way" on the first section, and barely missed pulling it off. Anto-nio Gutierrez won by three minutes although the hard charging G. Scott Asphalt car nibbled away at their lead. Class Results: 1. Antonio Gutierrez; 2. Bill Wesley/Jimbo Zinn; 3. Ruben Gar-cia. . PRO CLASS 1600 Adam Pfankuch and Ricky Kern came across Highway 3 as the fifth car on the course. They stopped at Jorge Penunuri's Baja Pits for gas and nothing else. Ricky Kern had a glazed look -in his eyes. Adam had a strong lead when he broke a tie rod end. Adam was sec-ond on time but was bumped to winner when Escobedo was penal-ized for a check point violation. It was chaser Rick St. John's unsolicited-but-experienced opin-ion that "Adam's car need changes to the rear suspension. But since he got out of a '9', he feels that it is OK. His attitude is that 'ifit ain't broke, don't fix it! It goes as fast as I can drive it!' But if the car is swapping ends on the rear, you are scrubbing off speed. He needs to run side by side with a similarly strong car to prove that." H ector "Pacho" Garcia was through "Four" some 14 minutes after Adam and was sounding good. Garcia and Jose Guzman then ripped off a rear limit strap down near Highway 5 and tore up an over-articulated CV. They lost Mario Montes "Zobeck" truck in the pits. And was glad to. But was not happy to get kicked back to second place. Steve Phillips stopped and asked the Baja Pits for some gas, any gas. "No, we only have a few dump cans worth for cars yet to show up. Sorry." Phillips had be_aten their chase crew to Borrego. Steve eventually got some race fuel from Billy Wesley, Bob Hummel, and the Jimbo Zinn "502" crew: "We had enough, said Wesley from the G. Scott Asphalt car. It's good Baja karma." That gas helped the Baja novices take third place. Eight cars started in "1600" and four fin-ished. Phillips was racing a Raceco two seater in his first CORP race. "We 'probably' had enough gas but why take a chance?" This was co-rider "Sr. Wenches" Lao Parotid's first time in any race car. The engine is by Larry Weiser at TUF Off Road in Tucson. Phillip is fluent in Span-ish ... and his wife is from Mexicali. "I was impressed with CORP's run-ning of the race 111 said the Douglas (AZ) Customs man. Steve is a Whiplash racer who "got the car from a racer named 'Ramirez' in El Paso." Class 1600 Results: I. Adam Pfankuch; 2. Ramiro Escobedo (1 position penalty); 3. Steve Phillips; 4-Hector Garcia. PRO CLASS 5-1600 This race-within-the-race was a serious run for the roses. The long lasting Cova's Racing Team was going neck and neck, toe to toe, for not only the limited VW class win and championship, but for the overall CORP championship. The Cova's Team came into Borrego, first, and stopped only for fuel and an oil check, which was "OK". J .A. went back out just as the #501 of Antonio Gutierrez, and the Hardaway Protruck, passed through. The Allan Gregory gang even built a new car for this race. Of an hour, or more, to finish fourth. Hector ended the season with 90 • points, the same as Adam. Garcia, however, was the class champion over Pfankuch as determined by his three victories over to his adversary's two. course, they pretty much had to do that, anyway. They literally tore the hell out of the old Ledezma machine at the last CORP "Fiesta dei Sol" race. There, the rear sub frame and the torsion housing were, literally, torn out of the car. Then, they patched 'er together to get a late finish. The "new" car was whipped up out of a pre-runner but looked pretty much A-OK, how-ever, the car looked way too tall and tight on the rear suspension. Gregory had a flat and was forced to run over the pass to High-way 3 with a front on the rear. So to speak. The jack wa~ the usual Costco/Price Club type, i.e., heavy: "We built an air jack but we haven't tried it yet. 11 The chase crew had a bad lug wrench; the socket was worn and belled and not OK. They said that they had got-ten the car stuck under the free-way crossing. Not the "easy way", either, but the "hard way." Gregory then slowed to the fin-ish as did the Cova's Team while Jason's chaser lost a Sand Seal and oiled the back of the motor. The #552 "Terrible" car was flat towed with a nice Ranger chase · truck. "We had no problems, no nada, in getting fifth", said Victor Gonzalez ( who drove all the way). "There were just too many fast guys." His brother, Jose Luis Gonzalez, who (as the passenger) "had to make sure that no one passed us" in the ex-Eric Harris car with a motor from the Flores "11 ". What with all the "Champion-ship" flap, nobody paid much at-tention to the #579 "Diablo" car of Javier Hernandez who had one of the best "VW" drivers around, Gerardo Iribe, in to help. And "help" he did, as they won the 16 car class. Alberto Castro was hauling ass at RM169 but it was a little too late. While Ed Fries' car died in the "Gnarly" whoops. Class Results: 1. Javier Hernandez; 2. J .A. Martin Gonzalez was through eight minutes later. His race was all for naught as he had violated Check 1. "I thought that I had won; Adam was fixing a broken tie rod. It was a good race (other than the DQ ! ) . I only had one flat. 11 Al- Jesus Mendez lost part of the bed of his Class 7 Ford, but that didn't hurt the most winner Escobedo passed the running of it any, and he went on to take the win. Dusty Times March 2000 Javier Hernandez and Gerardo tribe put their very neat and tidy red 5-1600 car through its paces, and took home the win. Coves (1999 Class Champion); 3. time they reached the San Felipe Victor Orellana; 4. Allan Gregory; desert. The radiator was "Old 5. Jose Luis Herrejon; 6. Efren-Faithful", spouting hot coolant Gastelum; 7. Jose Luis Gonzalez; 8. into the air. Baja Pits tossed in Albert Castro; 9. Dave Collier; 10. . bottles and jugs of water into the Carlos Davila. three occupants. This was all for PRO CLASS 7 naught, the yellow Ford was pho-Pe rry McNeil's three man tographed short coursing up by Ranger was overheating by the Continued on page 30 YEA ~ Rm o J: .. ~OAD . RACIN 2000 RACE SCHEDULE SHORT COURSE SERIES PRAIRIE CITY SVRA PARK, SACRAMENTO, CA MARCH 25 & 26 2000 SEASON OPENER 1 MILE TRACK APRIL 29 & 30 SPRING FLING SPECIAL 2MILETRACK SEPT. 30 & OCT. 1 CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES ROUND 1 1 MILE TRACK OCT. 14 & 15 CHAMPIONSHIPSERIESROUND2 1 MILE TRACK OCT. 28 & 29 CHAMPIONSHIP RACE ROUND 3 PLUS MECHANICS AND LADIES RACE SHORT COURSE RACE INFO: SATURDAY: 3 PM-5PM: EARLY RACE REGISTRATION AND TECH. INSPECTION 4 PM- 5 PM: HAPPY HOUR PRACTICE SUNDAY: 8 AM- 10 AM RACE REGISTRATION AND TECH INSPECTION AND PRACTICE 11 AM : FIRST RACE ENTRY FEES: PRO CLASSES: $175.00 LIMITED PRO: $125.00 SPORT VET: $100.00 SPORT NOVICE: $50.00 PILOTS: $50.00 VALLEY OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 1833 LOS ROBLES BLVD. SACRAMENTO, CA 95838 (~16) 925-1702 FAX (916) 925-8217 WWW. VORRA.COM Page 29

Page 30

Pedro Mercado and his son, Pedro, Jr., in their very neai and clean 7S truck, took the win by a margin of 45 minutes. Saldana by Mario Vazquez (with Joaquin Rodriguez - Senior CORP himself) standing along side. DQ! Not only that, Perry, the partner of overall winner Yee, then lost the 99 Class 7 championship by four points to Jose Gonzalez, who did not even ENTER this event! Or the previous, either. Winner by default, Jesus Mendez, finished with no left hand bed left but \\'.as still running well. On the other hand, Victor Islas' truck also sounded very clean late in the race but sounds can be deceiving. Islas was WAY back at the end, taking over 4 hours just to go from Borrego to the finish. Oscar Rebeles got to the starting line late and still took third place. Oscar might wisely use his winnings to buy a good alarm clock! Second place was the "Taller Jaime" truck of mechanic Cruz Jaime. Page 30 Class Results: 1. Jesus Mendez; 2. Cruz Al-berto Jaime; 3. Oscar Rebrles; 4. Victor Islas. PRO CLASS 7S · Sergio Duron and "Los Traviesos" needed an upper left h and rear arm bushing. "We went from second to third getting here", Sergio remarked along the highway as he changed the part. It was quite fast: they pulled the fender panel with a few Dzus quarter-turns and loosened the cross shaft. Bingo. They were back on the "road" after no more than five minutes and two rolls of camera film were consumed. They took third place but, more important, they earned the 7S championship for 1999 over . Refugio Fonseca. They were, ob-viously, happy to finish. "The race started out not so good," Sergio said. "At RM30 we broke a front In Class 3 Sportsman, Xavier Reyes ran the whole distance in his yellow Samurai, taking the class win, and placing 13th in the overall Sportsman standings, no mean feat with that short wheelbase. axle and everyone passed us. We were 40 minutes behind. Then we had to change that bushing. This is a family team." Too true, the race crew included Sergio and Sergio, Jr., Armando and Ar-mando, Jr., and Pedro Duron. You can't even count the chase crew. Hector Real popped a front coil spring out of the socket at RM16. They borrowed a small jack to wrestle it back in. That took 20 minutes. So he went to fourth. Ricardo Navarro and Jose Villa, #729, reported that they broke two spark plugs, "the elec-trodes", which is never a good sign. But the trusty 22R plugged · on to second place. Their four speed runs 31" BFGs· and uses double Fox Shox. "We had to run second and maybe third gear to get through the well field 'road'." We bought it used for $5000 from "DOA" out of Lakewood and we took second place." Stoked. Winner Pedro Mercado is the "Alpa Racing" truck. Class Results: 1. Pedro Mercado; 2. Jose Villa; 3. Sergio Duron (1999 Class Champion); 4. Hector Real; 5. Refugio Fonseca. PRO CLASS 9 Luis Rivera came in to Baja Pit 4 with a loose lower left arm ball joint. Miguel tacked it into place and the ball joint worked well enough to get the car to the fin-ish and to the class win. Partner Guillermo Saltern is "El Gato", announcing his presence with a "Garfield" cartoon "gato" on the . lid. The Alejandro and Leonardo Navarretes got ·a one-position penalty taking their dominating win, turning it into a runner-up. Tony and Ivan Gomez had sev-eral problems. "The biggest, and the most time consuming, was a clog in his carb. Ivan tore it down, put it back together, and it still would not run right! ", so de-scribed Bill Hanson. "Ivan finally showed up (to the pits) so they tore it down, again, and found a 'pikachu' in the float valve. Next, second gear gave up while trying to catch up." Class Results: 1. Luis Rivera; 2. Alejandro/ !Jeonardo Navarrete (] position penalty); 3. Francisco Fernandez (1999 Class Champion); 4. Ivan/ Tony Gomez. PRO CLASS 11 Winner Gerardo and Fernando Montijo "had no real trouble ... we only added gas and · ran full throttle all day". Gerar-do drove the first 100 miles then his brother Fernando finished. One week after this win and getting· the "11" championship, the Montijos had to rush back to Ensenada to prepare for the coming Saturday's "Ensenada to San Felipe" Club Automovillistico San Vicente race, which they won last year. Gerardo showed a large basalt slab that had ridden along with them, stuck up in the right rear fender well for a goodly number of miles, as determined by the bur-nished portion of the rock... and the undamaged tire. "The BFG "KOs" worked great during the race, no flats'\ Gerardo remarked. "But we had a flat in the parking lot this morning." Gerardo showed the under-the-hood spare tire mount that had fatigued. "The mount pushed the spare tie rod into the steering but that was PERFORMANCE March 2000 1558 No. Case • Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 Dusty Times

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Luis Rivera and Guillermo Soltero had ball joint problems on their Pro Ray Santos Del Prado had serious transmission problems with his Ramiro and Carlos Escobedo thought they had the 1600 class win, Class 9 car and dropped to second, but a competitor's penalty moved Class 1 o car, but managed a nice second place, as well as taking the but a penalty for a· checkpoint infraction dropped them back to second them up into the win. '99 Class 1 o season championship. ~-.,,.,........, place. For J. A. and J. C. Covarrubias it all came down to the final race of the season. They took second in class, but that was enough to walk away with the Class season championship and the Overall CORP Championship. Victor Orellana finished third in the biggest class of the race, the popular Pro 5-1600 Baja Bugs, and he was only 20 minutes back from the winner's time. Cruz Alberto Jaime, seen here motoring on a flat section, took second place in the Pro Class 7 standings in his black Toyota. removed when we lashed down the tire. Look, the engine shows no oil leak!" There was some fine wiring by Koky. "Gracias a la Plebe" -"Th·anks to the guys" and father Gerardo Montijo A., who is a CPA with offices in Ensenada and in San Quentin. Miguel Mexia of the Calexico Freight Lines car was second by almost an hour. . Class Results: l. Gerardo/Fernando Montijo ( 1999 Class Champion); 2. Miguel Mexia. · SPORTSMAN CLASS 8 Just to prove that you don't have to have the latest Trophy Truck to have a good time, Ar-mando Bravo and brave gang hammered the yellow IH "Cornbinder" to a win and the 1999 Sportsman Heavy Metal championship. Class Results: 1. Armando Bravo (1999 Class Champion); 2. Emilio Rodiguez. SPORTSMAN CLASS 1600 Class Results: · 1. Francisco Pacheco (1999 Class Champion). SPORTSMAN CLASS 5 Class Results: 1. Martin Lizarraga (1999 Class Champion); 2. Mario Cabanillas; 3. Joel Cardenas; 4. Michelle Gastelum. SPORTSMAN CLASS 5-1600 "Troncoso Trounces Large Field" would be a snappy enough lead. But unfortunately it would not be quite true. The Sportsman VWs had a good battle -and Troncoso was very happy to eke out a slim three minute win over Rene Prieto, whose car sounded as if it had a leaky exhaust or a failing engine. But Prieto finished only two more ahead of Adolfo Ayala. The 1999 5-1600 champs, Arturo Cervantes and Mike Jones of the "Tractorland" car, was moved up to fourth when Jose Soto was docked a position for a check point infraction. Join the club. Jones and Cervantes had hoped to nab the overall champi-onship but -this race did not go their way. Dusty Times Arnulfo Lopez had rope tiedowns holding things together late in the game. Not enough, I guess, as they were a DNF. Jorge Ruvalcaba did not have enough of his buddies to help and he was one of the 50% in the class that · did not get to see the arches. Class Results: 1. Marco A. Troncoso; 2. Rene Prieto; 3. Adolfo Ayala; 4. Arturo Cervantes/Mike Jones (1999 Class Champion). SPORTSMAN CLASS 7 Class Results: 1. Alberto Iriarte. SPORTSMAN CLASS 3 Xavier Reyes drove his little yellow Samurai the whole way and did it pretty up and walkin' good: 7 :41. The high, short wheel base vehicle must have been a handful. Reyes knows how it keeps it alive, apparently. How-ever, no thanks. Class Results: 1. Xavier Reyes ( 1999 Class Champion). SPORTSMAN CLASS 11 Class winner was Roberto Montero in the #1151 "Club En-duro" car. Class Results: 1. Roberto Montero; 2. Anto-nio Pena (1999 Class Champion); 3. Luis Lopez Moctezuma. SPORTSMAN SAFARI Luivan Voelker was the #40 Gerardo, Hector and Fernando Montijo and Sergio Madrueno took the Class 11 win by 40 minutes, and were also the '99 Class 11 champions. . -. , _.~ ~-.d;:;:t:/· ~.. . ,. ·~:_Jt~);; Rafael Echegollen and Vic Bruckman finished with a first place in Class 10 while driving to a third place Overall in Mexico. March 2000 first Safaritnrough RM169 but ed, and "hamburguesa"-ed. lost an hour between there and Their pit was six strong and the finish. Humberto Rodriguez ready to handle most any nor-won the class in the "#41" mal or emergency. I manned the Tropico Motel as the eighth fire extinguisher. Sportsman, too, 30 seconds be-As opposed to the hectic Santa hind Martin Lizarraga's winning Veronica pit, where they serviced Sportsman "5". 62 racers, they had but 15 cars to Their race number "41" is in- pit and NO Safaris! Their equip-famous in Mexico, according to ment list included two wire weld-teammate Gustavo Rodrig_uez (an ers, a generator, a large air com-El Centro Ford mechanic) "There pressor, a griil, food, coolers, and were these 41 'gays' that were ar- more food. And they distributed rested in Mexico City a long time Summit trash hags ... courtesy of ago and it was a famous incident. Bob Hummel. All Baja Pit pitters Now "41" is a number everyone are from TJ and/or San Diego. Pit wants to avoid." fees are $50, if you use Union 76 Class Results: race gas, and $ 7 5 if not ... for four 1. Humberto Rodriguez; 2. (4) pits. Francisco Delgado; 3. Luivan Top Tech Tip: their race jack Voelker; 4. Ricardo Cons (1999 had a lever welded to the valve's Class Champion). spur gear in order to lock it and A MOMENT AT THE PITS release it with only a kick. No I took full arid blatant advan- twisting of the handle and all tage of the hospitality of the that. The handle can, thus, be Baja Pits at the "Laguna permanently locked into the Amarga" Check 4 where I was jack frame for pulling and ma-wi~ed -~nd dined ... OK, "7-Up"-nipulating. ■ HOURS M-F 9:00 - 6:00 Sat. 10:00 - 3:00 Daily UPS Visa and Mastercard We are happy to announce our new 800 toll free number. (800) 656-3376 Use it to call and inquire about our "Quick Fi>( IRS repair boots or our 11 gallon· "FasfFill" dump cons. Both new products can save you race time. Race Sman-Be Sate 103 Press Ln. #4 • Chula Vista, CA 91910 • (619) 691-9171 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Page 31 I, I

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FRT 1999 DUNAWAY DASH Marking and sourapas Win overall By Judy Smith Photos: C&C Race Photos John Marking and Steve Sourapas shared driving in Marking's Chevy powered Jimco to take the overall victory at the FRT year end Dunaway Dash. The FRT closed out the 1900s with their annual New Year's Eve race at Plaster City West, .attracting 4 7 entries, who braved howling winds and blow-ing sand to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime end of an era. As it happened, the wind didn'r bother the racers, least of all John Marking and Steve Sourapas, who teamed in Marking's V6 Chevy powered Jimco to win the event overall. The spectators didn't exactly love it, but underst.ood that it was working to keep the course clear of dust. As usual, the FRT presented a motorcycle race in the morning, to soften things up for the cars and trucks which didn't start until noon. The course was a 19 mile loop, de-scribed as "very rough" by Marking, who probably had the best handling car out there. There was some silt, but not too much soft sand. Racers were re-quired to run eight laps, except for the Sportsman classes, who ran six. -Everything was shut clown at about sunset, and then .folks were free to go on to the serious business of celebrating the holiday. Traditionally that includes massive fires made up of stacks of pallets and Christ-mas trees, but the high winds put a damper on that part of the partying. The Unlimited cars were first to start, a fact determined by the winning car at last year's version of this event, which, as it happens, was John Marking, • Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless Fuel Salo's "Pro Ct/I" is our tap-of-th,-line racing cell that comes ready la Install anif ii 's backed by a lu/110 year warranty. super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety loam baffling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers • FIA·FT3, SCORE and SODA approved • Custom manufactured fillers • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline • Over 25 years experience for more info call or write to: Aircraft Rubber/Fuel Safe 6325 7 Nels Anderson Road Bend, Oregon 97701 whose Jimco was Subaru pow-ered at that time. Chuck Hovey put his old Type IV 2800cc pow-ered beam suspension Raceco into the lead with the fast lap for the day, at 18:07. Marking had started in front of him, and he was trying to catch him. Marking ran second on cor-rected time, only three seconds slower, and very aware of Hovey back there flogging his old car. Marking decided that this could be a very close race (as it was last year), so he'd started with a big load of fue 1, 4 7 gallons, so he could run with no stops if need be. All that fuel weight makes the car too soft, Marking says, at first, and then as it emp-ties out, it becomes too stiff. Scott McMillin, in a Ford pow-ered Chenowth, ran third, 38 seconds behind Marking, and in fourth it was Reuben Wood in his Subaru powered Jimco, 42 seconds later. On the second lap Marking moved into the lead as Hovey's car threw a power steering belt and he lost about four minutes. Wood, whose power steering popped out an o-ring, had decided to park it rather than make the necessary time consuming repairs (be-sides, he and his crew had a Chris Harrold and Scott Reams partnered in their Honda NSX powered Jimco to win Class 10 and third place overall. Shawn McCallum finally got to drive a race all the way. and turned it into a Class 5 victory, while dad, Larry, was relegated to chase duty. New Year's Eve party to get to in Arizona). Scott McMillin was now second, Hovey was third, and Corky McMillin in another Ford powered Chenowth, was fourth. They were within four minutes of one another. Those McMillin Fords, for those who like to know this stuff, are re-ti red Busch Grand National motors. They're 4.5 liter V6s. They ran in the same · order for another lap, and then Scott McMillin fell by the wayside. Perry McNeil, in Eli Yee's J imco, moved up in to fourth place. He was having a problem with a fuel filter, which was get-ting worse and worse. There was some driver changing after the first four laps. Sourapas took over for Marking, and was told to cool it a bit because they had a four minute lead by now. Hovey was back up to second, but his car was now popping our of third and fifth gear. Brian Ewalt, who took over for Corky McMillin, ran third, with McNeil in fourth. Josh Waddell, driving his Honda powered Chenowth Millennium, lost 20 minutes on the third lap when a wire shorted out against the frame. It took him and his crew a long time to find the problem and make the repair. Joe Heger was running in this class also, in his Ford Pro truck, because it isn't legal for the FRT Big Truck class since it does not have a truck frame. He was having fun, but he'd been lost right off the start, and this was a rough course for the heavy truck, and he couldn't take advantage of his horsepower the way he'd have liked. Sourapas kept the car in front, with six and a half min-utes on Hovey at the end of Lap 5. Ewalt ran third, with McNeil fourth, still struggling with the fuel filter. Hovey's trans was really messing up badly now, and he was hoping it would last. He also had a blown front shock. Sourapas was sailing along with no difficulties, and at the end of the sixth lap had seven minutes on Hovey who was still second. Ewalt was third, and McNeil was fourth, and he now handed the car over to Yee, who is still recovering from a hard knock on the head that hap-pened during a violent endo in a race down in the Mexicali/San Felipe area and didn't want to do too many laps. On the seventh lap, as Soura-pas maintained his lead, Hovey found himself stuck in first gear for a while, and he dropped back to third as Ewalt moved up to second in McMillin's car. His car wasn't handling well, and he suspected a blown shock. Yee was still in fourth, still dealing with the fuel filter. (541) 388-0203 (541 )388-0307 tax Jody Mason enjoys a lot more horsepower these days, but still drives his Ford truck as steadily as ever, taking the big truck win, and the season overall championship. Sourapas and Marking just motored around smoothly on that final lap to take the win, followed in, eight minutes later, by McMillin and Ewalt, on a flat rear tire. Hovey was third, an-other seven minutes back, hav-Page 32 Dusty Times

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ing picked up a bit after fin ally locating second and fourth gear. Yee and McNeil finished fourth, with Heger in fifth and Waddell sixth, still off the pace by about the 20 minutes he lost on the third lap. Waddell won the Un-limited class season points championship for 1999. The Class 10 cars went next, but they didn't have such a suc-cessful day. On the first lap the_ brother team of Marc and Jo-seph Flores, in a Jimco, had the lead, with 49 seconds on Ron and Travis Brookshire, who haven't raced here for a while, but apparently hadn't forgotten much. In third it was Dan Worley and Stan Potter, more familiar to us as SCORE Lite racers, in a Jimco, and Chris Harrold ran fourth in his Hon-da powered Jimco, off the pace a bit after having a flat tire. On the second lap the Flores brothers continued to lead, now almost two minutes up on Harrold who was back in form. In third it was Worley and Pot-ter, and the Brookshires were fourth. Richard Beck and John Vermillion, in a VW powered Jimco, had done only the first lap, and then disappeared, while Jason Reed, a late entry, was a bit off the pace, in fifth. After three laps the Flores team had just five seconds on Harrold, and Worley and Pot-ter were a tad over two minutes back. A minute and 20 seconds later it was the Brookshires. and then Reed, but he was already about 20 minutes down. On Lap 4 Harrold recorded the fast lap for the class, at 18:55 (only 48 seconds slower than Hovey's fast lap for the day), and now he led by a minute and 19 seconds. The Flores brothers ran second, fol-lowed by Worley and Potter, a little over three minutes down. The Brookshires were fourth, and Reed, in fifth, was still 20 minutes back, and didn't get any more laps in. Scott Reams, who's been out of racing for a few years, took over for Harrold and main-tained their lead. He had about eight minutes on the Flores car, which had lost about six min-utes on that lap. In third, only 12 seconds later, it was the Brookshire car, and then an-other three seconds back, Worley and Potter. But they didn't get any more laps done after that. Now Reams, who said he "had to re-learn how to drive", proved that it's like riding a bi-cycle evidently. He stayed in front. He hadn't forgotten any-thing that we could see. The Flores brothers were still sec-ond, and the Brookshires were third, about four minutes later. No one else was running. At the end of the seventh lap even the Flores team was gone. Reams and Harrold now led over the Brookshires by 13 minutes. But . as the Brookshires finished that lap, they pulled off to the in-field, ·their transmission making horrible noises .and smelling burnt to a crisp. Reams and Harrold went on alone for the last lap, to take the victory, which was also good for third overall. Reams, while "re-learn-ing", did all four laps in very stead y times: 20:50, 20:33, 20:34 and 20:08. Not bad for Dusty Times Erik Baumgartner, a reformed quad racer, surprised his competitors by taking the win in his first try at racing his 1-2/1600 car. someone who's been a sushi chef for the past few years. The Class 10 season points champi-onship went to Joseph Flores. Class 5 had enough cars to make it fun this time, but most Rodd Fantelli and Charlie Bignell had a bunch of probl~ms -i~ their small truck but still got through all eight laps to take the Class 7 win. . ' of them didn't make it a!l the ible_ of Don Clarke and Andy way. Unfor~unately, the mte_r- We1ske was the first to go, never estmg Rabbit powered convert-Continued on page 34 t.iJ BILSTEIN•FOX SHOX•SWAY-A-WAY•K\'B•HOWE•CNC•JAMAR•ENGLE•BUGPACK•PROTHANE•SCAT• $ ~ o m i KARTEK ... "Where Off-Road is On!!!" ~ t.iJ ~ ~ .--------~ ----------, --------~ ---------. ~ ~ ~ • ; ~- -l~J,,;_ \:.J ,... -/} i < ✓~-~,,.. .., ~ --------------_____ _. -------~ .J B C A i, < ILLET AIR LEANER BILLET NC LINKAGE CLASS 1600 RACE NC R CE EXHAUST i, Q.., Our billet air cleaners This linkage kit is a KARTEK KARTEK's billet air cleaner Jet coated or raw exhaust • Cl} provide a large surface area e)(clusive, uses our billet air for classes 1/2 & 5-1600 uses with gussets on #2 & 4. :,:: UJ and resistance to particle cleaner design with heavy a special velocity stack to Super thick flanges. Mega-~ a:: entry. 2 or 4 post designs. duty down rods and heim increase carburetor air flow. phone, supertrapp adaptable. '2 ~ For IDF, IDA. & DRLA. ends. For IDF & DRLA Fits 30/31 stock carburetors. Class: 112 or 5·1600, 10. & 12. m . 0 ~ ------------------. -------------------, ~ 0.. • ~ ~ 0 -u t . -a:: r ~ . ~ ~ w ._ ______ ___. _______ __, _______ ___. ._ ______ __. F -? 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Eric Allen soloed the race in his Kernco, took the Class 9 win and also won the FRT Season Championship points. _____ ________ _ even getting through the crucial first lap. Shawn McCallum, Larry McCallum's son, who got his first chance to drive at this year's Fireworks 250, was in front at the end of the first lap, with about three and a half min-utes on Todd and Scott Stemmerman. Stemmerman, whose car was more of a short course car than a desert car at the beginning of the year, had been working to make it desert compatible, and it sho'wed. Jeff Searle and Hector Fonseca ran third, but had lost 24 minutes (a full lap) on the first lap. McCallum. continued to run steady laps, and by the end of the third lap he had 15 minutes on the Stemmermans. By then Searle and Fonseca were a half • Largest Selection Of Rodends & Spherical Bearings • BACKSAVER • FIREBOTTLES • BATTERIES • SPAL FANS • SETRAB COOLERS • SILICONE HOSE I\IED !iYI\ITHETIC LUBRICAI\IT!i • MOTOR OILS • GEAR OILS • GREASES • COOLANTS WE HAVE D VER THE COUN TER !!iERVICE WE !!iHIP UP!!i DAILY TO ORDER OR FOR MORE INFOFRMATION CALL 800.959. 7757 OR 562.427 .2375 Fax: 562.426.5294 CHECK OUT DUR PRICE§ ON THE WEB AND DUR HUNDRED§ OF NEW ITEM§ AT: www 2865 Gundry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90806 I VISA I r•I - -Page 34 Tony Steingraber, Jim Grill and Telly Philo shared the driving in their Baja Bug to take the Class 5-1600 win. hour further back, and then they couldn't get any more laps done. Searle did win the season points championship, which must have brightened his day. McCallum, who had only one flat all day long, and limped into a pit for service, got thirsty when his drinking tube broke, so he pulled into a pit to grab a bottle of water, but otherwise had an uneventful day. On the fourth lap he recorded the fast time for the class, at 23:00, and by now he had a 20 minute lead. McCallum went on trouble free to take the win, with the Stemmerman car in second place. In the Big Truck class, it was Jody Mason out in front all the way. His Ford had a lead of 57 s·econds over the 51 0c.i. Ford of Craig Corda and Joel Whitted at the end of the first lap, and it was Robert Edgmon and Ron Ryerson, in another Ford, in third, but 10 minutes back. Pat Barbee and Ted Godfrey, in a 429 c.i. Ford, had a bad day, used two and a half hours for their first lap, and over an hour for their second, and then called it a day. Vance and Ernie Allen were in another Ford, which had been expected to add to the excitement but proved to be a dud, at least as far as the spec-tators went. It didn't.even get the first lap done. Mason had Corda right be-hind him for the first three laps, ' but then Corda lost an hour and moved Edgmon and Ryerson into second place. They were about eight minutes back at the end of the fourth lap. Mason was having a trouble free day, as usual, and stayed in front. Edgmon, also running well, held onto second, while Corqa and Whitted were a distant third place. But Edgmon and Ryerson were done after six laps, and that moved Corda and Whitted back up to second, though they had another long, troubled lap. But Mason, who's recently in-stalled a 408 c.i. motor, capable of 511 HP, in his truck, just went steadily on to take the win. The victory also ensured his season class championship, but this third in a row. He said this one was "especially sweet" because there'd been more com-petition this year, and he'd had to work on both the truck and his driving skills. He was also the overall season champion for the 1999 FRT Superstition Se-ries. the end of the first lap, in his Kernco two seater. He was only 11 seconds in front of Kevin Graves, who's finally bought himself a 1600 car, a Jimco. In third it was Steve Laputz, in a Chenowth, and Tom Watson ran fourth in his Jimco, with Erik Baumgartner, in a Jimco, and driving in his first car race, in fifth. Baumgartner is also a quad racer. Only 58 seconds separated first and fifth places. On the second lap Pfankuch _was even a little quicker, barely touching ground as he skipped from bump to bump, and he had 52 seconds on Graves, who was still in second place. In third it was Laputz, anothe_r 57 seconds back, and Baumgartner had moved up to fourth, while Eric Williams, in a Jimco, was now fifth. Watson broke a fan belt and lost about seven minutes. Everyone else was still running, some dose· enough to be threat-ening. Pfankuch had just under three minutes on Laputz at the end of the third lap, while Graves, who'd lost about four minutes when his clutch went away, dropped to fifth. In third it was now Baumgartner, and Williams was fourth. Baumgartner, whose car is a se-date blue and white, was the · surprise of the day, but no one knew it yet, because, since they didn't know him, no one was paying any attention to him. On the fourth lap Pfankuch recorded the fast lap for this group, at 22:32, and now he had two minutes and 36 seconds on Laputz. Baumgartner was still third, Williams fourth and Graves fifth. Pfankuch bounded around another lap in first and Laputz was still second, only three min-utes back, with Baumgartner still in third and Graves had moved back up to fourth while Williams stopped to change co-drivers and dropped to fifth. Pfankuch put his dad into the car for the final three laps of the race, and Mike, who hadn't driven for ·a while, and wanted to be sure he still could (he's planning to be one of the drivers during the SCORE Baja 2000), did just fine, but the car didn't behave that lap. A spark plug wire fell off and he had a flat. They also had to stop and change passengers, because Megan Allen (14 year old sister of Class 9 driver Eric Allen) could no longer "feel her head" and needed to get out. (I'd say!) Baumgartner moved into the lead, with the Pfankuch car sec-ond, and Williams in third place, Graves fourth and Watson's nephew, Matt Sca-roni, in fifth, in Tom's car. Graves was losing spark plug wires repeatedly, and he also had two flats for his day. Baumgartner held the lead through Lap 7, with the Pfankuchs second and Williams in third, followed by Graves and Scaroni, who, driving with no power steering, rolled his car over. It did no major damage, but it startled Matt. At the end of the eighth lap Baumgartner sailed past the fin-ish line and went out on another lap. Fud, who is generally infal-lible, had missed him a lap, and didn't know he was due for a checkered flag. Baumgartner was having fun, and had no idea what lap it was, and his pit crew knew, or thought they knew, but de-cided to let him go, thinking they'd rather be safe than sorry. Meanwhile, Fud flagged in the next three car, who came in al-most nose to tail, and they thought they were first, second and third. As I said, no one was paying attention to Baumgartner. When he came around again, they all flocked over to the tim-ers to see what was what, and whaddya know? Baumgartner was the winner! He did a great job for a first time car racer. His fastest lap was a 23:30 and his slowest was 25 flat. You can bet that Fud's racers will never overlook him again. Graves finished second, about three minutes later, happy with his first outing in his new car. He was followed by Williams, who had a perfect day. He had no flats, and in fact, has had no flats all year. Williams also won the sea-son points championship in this class. In fourth it was the ·Pfankuchs, and Mike has decided he'll be able to help out in Baja. Watson and Scaroni finished fifth. In sixth it was Dave Hen-drickson in his two seat Raceco, The 1/2-1600 class showed up 13 strong, and developed into a· good race. Adam Pfank- Daniel Alvarez drove his 5-1600 in the Sportsman class, got all the required six uch, flyin ' low, had the lead at laps finished in good time, to take the win. Mar·ch 2000 Dusty Times

Page 35

Gorky McMillin and Brian Ewalt, a long-time race team, drove "their The father and son team of Mike and Adam Pfankuch led for a Jong Richard Burnworth celebrated his victory in the Class 100 season Fo,:d V6 powered Chenowth two-seater to second place in the unlimited time, but a spark plug wire undid them, and they ended up in 4th points, by parking his car early, and watching the race. _cl_ass_. _____________________ place in the 1-2/1600 class. and he'd brought Cameron Steele Rodd Fantelli had his 2800cc only two laps, took the season Bebieff ~an_d,..,K.,...e_r_n--,---le-dr-r-fo.-r_a_n_-_ m_u_c~h--,---6-e-tt_e_r_, _t_o_o~k-th~e_s_e_a_s_o_n to co-drive. Steele is another who Ford in the lead at the end of the championship, on the basis of other two laps, and then their championship. . hasn't driven in years, but he still first lap, with Harvey and Jason much better performance during ·transmission went belly up. The Sportsman entries looked good out there. Joe Jernigan, in a nice looking Ford, the rest of the year. Allen, whose day was "flawless", turned out to be two 5-1600 Hamner and Tod Ferguson, in a second. Rex Dale had his Toyota In Class 9 the early lead be-went on to take the win, thank-cars, so they ran along with the Mirage, were seventh, only 23 in third. But on the second lap the longed to Julie Kern and Tim ing the Kern family and all their two Pro 5-1600s, and it looked minutes behind the winner. And Jernigan Ford got quicker and Bebieff in their Kernco. They had crew, for their help and exper-like fun. But Jim and Cain B.J. and Gary Bates brought their Fantelli had the first of a long just one second on Eric Allen in tise throughout the season. Eric McGinley, who started the day Raceco Tandera home in eighth, string of problems, and the another Kernco. In third it was also took the season Class 9 in the lead, and had the fast after a long frustrating wait for Jernigans moved to the front. Troy Sommers and David Perea points championship. Sommers time on Lap 2, at 33:43, man-help when a coil wire fell off on Fantelli was now about two min- in Hovey's old Jimco, and Ron and Perea kept moving stead1ly aged to complete only three their sixth lap. utes down. Dale ran third, but Plunkett ran fourth. and had the distinction of be-la·ps. That left Daniel Alvarez Richard Burnworth came to didn't get any more laps in. Allen moved into the lead on ing the last car to finish, just at running alone, but he kept mov-race in Class 100, but no one else Lap 3 was a bad one for the Lap 2, and now he had 23 seconds dusk, taking second in Class 9. ing at a steady pace, completed did. So Burnworth, who usually Jernigans, and Fantelli went back on Kern and Bebieff. Sommers In the 5-1600 class Frank Bon- his required six laps and took runs the whole race with little or to the lead, now almost an hour and Perea ran third, and Plunkett giovanni and Kurt Mauzy paired the win. Jim McGinley was the no trouble, did the unexpected. up on the Jernigans. They ran this had a short day and was already up, but didn't last long. Or rather, season points champ. He ran a lap, to make sure of his way for another two laps, with out. On the third lap Kern and they didn't get far. It took them a The race ·was over by sunset, season points championship in Fantelli in front, and then the Bebieff recorded the fast lap for loooong time to do two laps, over the partying was over by dawn. the class, and then he parked his Jernigans never came around this class, at 27:33, and moved three hours in fact, ending their Once again, the FRT capped race car, went out on the course again. Fantelli put Charlie Bignell back into the lead. Allen was sec- season on a frustrating note. But their year with a challenging but with his wife, and watched the into his car for the second half of ond, now about three and a half Tony Steingraber, Jim Grill and entertaining event. The post race. Said he had a good time! He the day, and he recorded the fast minutes back. By the end of Lap . Telly Philo teamed up to have a race brunch on New Year's Day ·also said he thinks he'll move to lap on Lap 5, at 26:46. Then he 4 Bebieff and Kern had over five good day. They ran steadily, and was attended by a large crowd, the Unlimited class. All he needs had a couple of troubled laps, but minutes, and Allen, who soloed on the last lap Philo recorded the the wind be damned. They is a chassis. in general kept moving forward, the race, ran second, while fast time, at 28:36, and they got brushed the blowing sand off · The small trucks were next to getting all eight laps in and tak- Sommers and Perea ran steadily the win, ending their year in style. their dou~hnuts and made the go, and this class also had it rough. ing the win. Rex Dale, who did · in third. Bongiovanni, who usually does 1::fft:ofth:h:::J3. ■ ~ . ,.... . Spring to Success ... lllacllSprlnp, n:. • Phone 948152 8700 • INstrlbutor: Parker Pumper 808 380 1854 Dusty Times March 2000 Eibach Springs is proud to announce it's complete line of ultra high quamv off-road springs. Available in 10.12. 14 & 16 inch free lengths With 3" ID. A wen designed & manufactured spring will last thousands of cvcles. even in the cruelesf desert environments. That's whv top chassis builder Mike Julson chooses Eibach Springs. He knows what it takes to win ... Now so do IOU. Page 35

Page 36

WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS Y2K PARKER 400K Third Generation Latner Wins At :Parker Photos: Trackside Photo Tim Highfill, seen here dusting the competition, outlasted some of them and out-ran others, to take the win in Class 5. ❖~:? , 1...,=:·..:.; ---.. ,.,......< 'f,¥ ...:. 1 assignment was the John and Kelly McNeil's "7" Ford operating in "8": 7:24:38. No race is a race without a McNeil! The last two lap Sportsman· finisher was Charles Sutherlin (Sportsman Truck) in 5:14:33. No - this is not an old photo. Just a bit of deja-vu, showing Harley Letner looking just like his dad, Marty. as he heads for the victory at the Parker 400K. The third generation racer has obviously learned well. The Larry Ragland V ortec Herzog "Arnold" cockpit is loaded with data loggers, mysterious black boxes, and EECs. The wiring looms are up to an inch in diameter. Larry and the GM development team came to Parker in the "Baja 1000" winning Yortec Chevrolet to test power train corriponents. There was an army of GM engineers out of Michigan. Parker might be a good duty in January, huh? An unusual amount of minute behind was Mike attrition brought the old two Sulgar (10) with classmate seat "Ten" car of a surprised James Martin a slim 30 Harley Letner into the seconds further back from Overall winner's circle at the him. Russ Stewart was fourth Whiplash Motorsports Y2K Overall in his TCS Class I Parker 400K. Letner was winning V6 bug_gy. Mark happy to finish, let alone Beeler and Bill McCormick take the win as his air-cooled out0waited failures by Mike VW engine was running on Doherty and Danny Beaver less than all four cylinders at to win Class 8. Again, Brian the checkered flag. And the . Wilson played catch-up and left front coil-over was bent won "1600" over the Adams about 30 degrees, making for clan while Jo-Jo Sheble bet one rough rider. Only a Andy Kisner for the "9" OBA: Discount Foreign We Have In Stock: Ultra Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15x 7 $84.05 $89.10 Centerline Wheels 15 X 3.5 & 15x6 $117.45 $111.75 15 X 10 $131.99 Call for Prices 3636 Meade Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 Page 36 (702) 247-1266 We Now Do. MAGNA FLUX crown -that was a good race. Tom Swanson's pretty red CJ hung in for the Class 3 victory. Tim Highfill spanked the "5s"; there were NO "5-1600s." Seventy-two cars started, 61 were Pros, 2 9 did all three Pro laps. 48%. Only four Sportsmen, out of 11, completed the required two • laps. 36%. Steve Martz inadvertently did three in his Sportsman Mini Truck win. The last Pro three lap racer to complete -the Larry was not officially "in" the race for the Overali, as they stopped to change set-ups and components. Drivers, too. Larry's son Chad got the quick tutorial on Lap 1 then took over for the last two circuits. Larry: "I am a lot better driver than a rider! Chad did Jo Sheble put tog_ether three really nice laps to take the win in Class 9 in his two-Brian Wilson, whose fast lap was an amazing 1 :34:43, had two other nice laps, and they added up to a first place finish in the 1600 class race. March 2000 great. .. this was his very first time and without throwing it away. It's a lot faster and a lot rougher on (the right) side. I can't believe the truck ... we can't break it. It's a horrible race course; the fast is real fast and the rough is real rough! They want us to run and run and try and break (the drive train)." Chad: "Dad said that 'You 're doing OK.' ."I didn't feel like we were even moving very fast. I guess that right seat goes twice as fast and twice as far. Don't worry: (Larry's) driving his own race and has his feet on the (phantom) brakes. Did he give you any tips? "Yeah, Slow Down!" DO you slow down? "Of course, it's my dad!" Tim Kellison, GM Powertrain Motorsp0rts Manager, Willow Run, MI. has 20 years with GM and Chrysler before that. He gave an overview of the day's activity. "Yeah, we enhanced some of the components in the transmission and looking at this as a durability test. I really can't say how close these parts are to OEM, as there are some things we do to massage it. We're not doing anything "Rocket Science", we just 'enhance' them." The test is monitoring oil temperatures, not metal. "Right now we are monitoring speeds and temperatures. Strain gauges? No. We already have done that for a base line." They measure fluid temperatures across the coolers to determine the rate of heat rejection to ascertain that an inadvertent overheating condition is not queering the test information. "The engine and the transmission are being monitored as a system. After this we'll download the data. The scan. rate? Russ, the gentleman who'll be riding this last lap with Chad, knows that. I really don't know." Russ was from GM's Tech Center in Warren. Chad Ragland E-mailed that: "The team was definitely testing: in fact, we changed complete brake pads each lap and ran some added equipment on the truck to test durability. The guys at Whiplash were extremely nice and the race seemed to run pretty smooth. I hope to race the 'Rock to Rock' Whiplash race in May. Dusty Times

Page 37

Mike Su/gar had some problems with traffic on the course, but drove Tim Sims found a broken shifter mount a t the last minute and after James Martin traveled from Texas, got a rare finish, and was fourth in an aggres3ive race to finish second overall in his Class 1 0 car. hasty repairs went out to place fourth in his Class 10 car. Class 10 on the very tough course which wiped out 50% of the class. Anyway, I really enjoyed the section to Mineral Wash was so some competitors were left put the big Toyota car way Letner/Brant "Blackie" while race ... and we always waved to a dream come true. That is, high and dry. An out in front. Tom "ORO" Albert McMullen continued the -BLM guys each lap as we if you were comfortable at "Unclassified" or Greer got by Rex in the lead in the V6. Tom zipped passed them at an Mach 0.85 (beyond that you "Unqualified" -motorcycle Whitmoyer's rotary two Greer and Tommy Wood indicated 127 mph!" experience separation and race was scheduled for 1600 seater a t the Goat Trail as were trying to play catch-up. After the race Larry came severe buffeting). The wide hours. Two thirds of the nine the RX7 was burbling a bit in Albert cut an amazing over to personally open sections ran to Midway "1600" buggies finished, a the wash. In his first rough 1: 26:33 first lap while congratulate Letner on his on BLM roads and back to fine showing for a tough race, Rex, and dad Russ, Letner's car did 1:31:28 and win. Harley was speechless. the Wash via the Power Line class. hung in there and got third Reuben 1: 3 2: 40. The THE COURSE "road." Shea was not used as BLM Rangers encounters place in Class 1. Buckeye Wood Brothers had The race course used the a pit although a number of were stand-up. One racer -The first part of the another unrewarding day, worst and the best of Parker, spectator areas were Charles Lathrem -had to course, of course, favored the however with a too long depending upon your designated. The pits were pack it in and decided to run better suspended cars. Russ second lap and the trip back suspension, your gearing and lined around The Gauntlet, down Shea to pick up the Stewart's # 12 7 was hit by to Buckeye. A quad popped your horsepower. Right off which was a series of stadium return to the Main Pits. A the "10" of Mike Sulgar on out of nowhere out on the the starting line on jumps, tight turns and an Ranger stopped him. I the Trail as Danny Beaver back section of the course downtown's California unending whoop section. stopped to offer a BMW tow and Gary Vosburg's Protruck and Wood evaded the Avenue the cars were sent The day began with scattered but the BLMer · told the were very close together. moron, flipping the Hay east to run The Gauntlet clouds and little or no breeze. driver that he could just Five miles out Mark Beeler Hauler and breaking the then rocket up the lower Other than The Gauntlet's scoot over to the course and (8), Gary Anderson ( 1), radiator. reaches of Osborn Wash into whoops, the Goat Trail, the take it back in. In the older Skippy Kontilis (1), Mike Lathrem's #1099 suddenly the Goat Trail, which is a lower end of Osborn Wash, days he would have been face Doherty (8) and Ron Dalke became the top doggie in great wake-up call if there and the Power Line Road it down, cuffed and maced in a (10) were missing in action. "10" as the first lap wound ever was one. "Hel-lo-oh! was an easy course. Midway Minute. By the time the cars were down, with James Martin and Hugh rocks and severe chop The coun~e was closed . THE RACE NOTES coming down Osborn Wash the KC/Casey Caper and ahead!" eight hours after the first car Albert McMullen started for the first time, Mike Stealth Sims playing catch-After the CAP Canal ridge left the starting line on after the Trophy Truck of Sandoval, in the green Meco ups. Steve Kuker was route terror, the bladed California Avenue -15:20 -Larry and Chad Ragland and rotary, had passed the -Continueilonpage38 HONDA Power Equipment KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ Pow-ER Racer·and Spectator Discounts -•GENERATORS •WELDERS ~ •GENERAL PuRPOSE ENGINES =--,,._ • • EM3soosxK, •WATER PUMPS •OUTBOARD ENGINES I ., . . e LAWNMOWERS e LAWN TRACTORS EB6500SX ; •. • ~IDING MOWERS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS AND INVENTORY IF WE DoN'T HA VE IT, No ONE Does! DEUVERY TO lHE RACES AVAilABLE • PLEAsE CAIL AflEAD -=--- :::-:=--::- = ' . ';ffac:::cl · · · oo ~ .. ,t _-:::.-:-//iZ~ll ~· ~. )ii_ EX1000 KAWAGUCHI HONDA 3532E.3RDSJ:I..cs.AN3H.Es,CA9CXJ63•323.264.3936, 264.5858 FAX 264.2136 '_·ll()NDA Power ' .. i.a-. ......... · : VISA j S A L E S , S E R V I C E , P A R T S No+-h;~n-7 · -HoNDA PowER EQUIPMENT SPECIAL IST 1u~15Seastef. Equipment . . ' Dusty Times ~ For opumum performance" and safety. pl.:.\k: tC"3d thC" cm.,1c-r·s nununl bcrorc 0pt"r3tlng your Honda Po"·cr Equipment. Sp«<lfkatlons subject to ct"..ui~c "1lhout noth.·c. ~ "Efthn.uc only. bucd on r.u~ Joad. •Battery not mcludt'd 141th E:0.13~SXKI. E,.1500()SXK1 and £80500S.X.. u\\.ith battery tr.,y klt. ~:h~ls &. h.mic-r. Conn«Uon to housr power nqulrn u-.msfcrd~1« to ,wol,! pouible Lnjury to J)O'A·cr romp.any ~rsonnc-l. Consult .i qu3llflC"d C'lt-etJ1l•bn. March 2000 Page 37

Page 38

Class 9 had a fairly good day, with only four out of the ten starters Threading his -way over typical Parker terrain, Jeff Hustin wends his failing to get to the finish line. Seana Taliaferro ran an evenly paced Andy Kisner ran hard all day, but some broken suspension parts slowed way towards his second place in Class 5. ~ra_c....:e,~to_ fin_is_h_fl~ou_r_th_. ~--~~--~----=-----~ him a bit. He finished second in his newly repainted Jimco. o v e rheard "look in g " for each other -no time for flats! Snoddy an d D anny Porte r beats cheeks. Gary an d M ark Mike in the M e c o c a r a nother gear goin g down Win ner Harley Letner cut a did the chassis on the two just need th a t one clean run.. pulled off at the once Shea Osborn. 1: 2 7: 11 second lap. The year old car. T he 4.3 liter Rex Whitmoyer had a Pits. "The oil light was Beeler was taking it easy, quick "1600" lap was Willy in aluminum "Bowtie" power speedy pit stop where Ross coming on, then staying on. throttle-wise, in the Wash. l:34:43onCircuit2.Beeler's plant feeds a TCS auto, and the entire(!) family It'swaypast'saving'it."Ron T hat is to say that the big second "vuelta" was 1:3 4:16 based on an A ud i. Too hip: dumped seven gallons, Brant also had the big Letner 460 '65 was not a t nine- with a 1:35:11 final lap. th e air jack is stowed under swapped the filter skin and car on the trailer: "The grand. V isine Time: McCormick m usta been th e spare with a snap-on air greased the beam . Rex tranny went after we blew a Cummings ran a full lap in begging for mercy. bottle on board. radioed that he got tapped by shock. It's an old HewlanJ. I Beeler's dust. And that CLASS 1 Gary A nderson's big 3.6 Doherty who had been, lost third and fifth. This is would be a lot of d ust. Russ Stewart's aluminum liter Porsche was well laid unfortunately, lying dead in Willy Hamilton's old two The top five "Ten" cars car had a front end "like a out with aircraft quality the pits all day long. (Wiser seater. Henry made it so it finished within 20 minutes of Mik e Smith T -T. Dave plumbing and lock wire. The souls said that it was Kyle looked 1 ike (the original • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • power steering runs off the Taylor.) "We moved over to 'Blackie')." The McMullens 2000 RACE SCHEDULE NORTHERN NEVADA DESERT SERIES MAY 27, 28 & 29 YERINGTON 400 RACE HEADQUARTERS: CASINO WEST YERINGTON, NEVADA JUNE 24 & 25 LOVELOCK 250 RACEHEADQUARTERS: STURGEONS LOVELOCK, NEVADA JULY29 & 30 TOPGUN300 TOP GUN DRAGSTRIP FALLON, NEVADA SEPT. 2, 3 &4 OFF-ROAD DESERT CHALLENGE RENO MOTORSPORTS COMPLEX FERNLEY, NEVADA ENTRY FEES: PRO CLASSES: $450.00 PAYBACK: 50% LIMITED PRO: $325.00 PAYBACK: 40% SPORT VET: $250.00 PAYBACK: 25% SPORT NOVICE: $200.00 TROPHIES ONLY PILOTS: $150.00 PAYBACK: 50% VALLEY OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION 1833 LOS ROBLES BLVD. SACRAMENTO, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 FAX (916) 925-8217 WWW. VORRA.COM •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 38 forward end of the left hand let him pass ... " -No harm, no headed out to the desert well intake camshaft. Gary was foul. At the end Ross found before Albert's ride was late right off the start when that the sheet metal K&N officially over. What was the engine threw a belt and filter enclosure had oil-originally reported as a CV Uncle Leo had to run to the canned to such a degree that problem turned out to be a local Dick Nolan NAPA the center stud was not really shelled ring and pinion. store for a replacement. tightly holding the filtration Kevin McMullen: "I fried a Gary would break an A-system to the intake. Where tranny at the GP so (Fortin) arm uni-ball spud right at the was Carl-Mike when you had me try this Porsche set weld. The field fix actually really needed him?! in the race car. I shouldn't looked pretty damned bueno. With everyone trying to · have." Reuben Wood Gary broke at the CAP canal give the game away, Stewart finished Lap 1 on the left rear and sent out a flotilla of was the class winner by over rim alone. helpers including such heavy 25 minutes. They only did a CLASS 10 hitters as Dan Spencer and driver change. Greer and Pilot Tim Sims last race John Emerson. Gary wou.ld \X/hitmoyer were the only was the "Fireworks. How ya' then have to spend some other cars to complete all the been?" Sims lucked out in time in the Main Pit laps. Tommy had a flat that the parking lot of the Blue replacing a left front brake he had to change himself. He water: "We were going to eat line. It's always something on said that he didn't lose the dinner and found that the this car that possesses so car off the jack, either. This shifter mount had broken. A much.potential: a big block, was his first Big Car race. service truck was next to us an auto, and A-arms. It really Trailer Time and th e guy whipped out the Eventual Class 1 winner, Russell Stewart, hustles past Mike Sandoval who had a tough day and couldn't get to the finish line. The Sportsman classes were required to run only two laps, and it was plenty. Here, Randy Merritt smooths things out for his Ford, as he flies to first place in the Sport Truck Crass . March 2000 rod and fixed it for 20 bucks." Charlie Lathrem 's new #1099 car has a Ken Major twin cam, fuel injected Honda VTEC driving into a Fortin. "It's a '98 Jimco that we received tabbed out and finished it ourselves. The engine puts out 145 at the wheels. It really has a good bottom end. The Toyota that was in there had 145 at the crank. I only had 45 minutes of test time and it's a little harsh yet." -Later, C ha.des said that he could run the G oat Trail in second gear: "It would lug way down then pull hard." The p o we r b and is from 5,000 to 8,000 rpm. The on-course proble m was a multiple s t ack-up of the c r ank pulley, the crank· trigger and the UMP power steering pulley th at made the monopole 's air gap too variable for the Honda -plus "one of the spark plugs was missing t h e e lectrode." ! Detonation and FO D in one fell swoop. Kory Halop off's Letner/ R aceco single seater is Toyota powere d with slippers. You don't see those t o o much any m o re. The "Withers" -badged car was burbling and got passed by H arley Letner on the Trail of Continued on page 40 Dusty Times

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Page 40

Steve Martz was running only his second race, and, a real enthusiast, actually did an extra lap in his Ford, though he'd taken the win at the end of the second lap. Mark Beefers truck looks as if it had a hard day, but it started without the side panels. Didn't slow the team down any, and they took the win in Pro Class 8. Tears. The "Pitchit" # 1023 is "Vulgar" Mike Sulgar at the wheel. Mike radioed about almost hitting bikes on the course. Sulgar was very aggressive, which paid off with a second place. Poor Ronnie Dalke. If it ain't one thing, it's two others. "Donkey" and Keith Roether lost a battery four miles out and the engine ran . like, well, badly. They checked the cylinders. They changed the distributor. They could only putt-putt. Tom Surdez and Larry Weiser were manning the TUF pits at Midway and they pinpointed the problem, eventually, and got the car back on the road, the power line road. Ron had a three hour lap while everyone else was running 100 -minutes. They had two flats, too. And he's still smiling! Steve Kueker had a failure of the high pressure Fl pump. It was a sheif Bosch unit, better make that "shelf" in Phoenix, anyway. And that was in Tech! Race day Steve would bend the right hand drive axle like a "bow and arrow" bow. "We had a CV go out on the left side and when we were fixing that we Advanced Manuf of High P Torque Converters saw the axle. We drove it back, easily, but didn't have a spare. I have no idea·when that happened." Steve and Dalke ought to share some of their luck with the other racers. Jeff Wells was down for 40 minutes on his first lap. "I got hung up in a tree out by the CAP canal. I blew by Lathrem and I hit a berm and went over it! I had to wait for the Whiplash sweeper to pull . me out." Fifth place Ed Beard said that "I'm too old, it's too tough and too dusty. I had to nurse the tranny; shift early its tom h Axles -ii$, s DeSi$J)11ed Hubs 4 • . '.. . i.&f" ~"' 41$% Se The Tiatasmissaon J:'ndust~Jfor Over 34 Years. Let-Our Expfrience Put You n, ffie Winners Circle! ;::~ '❖ 4 .:.: §+:.-:2 Hq fcAxle Floater Hubs are · e of airc · rials and uses two. rge timke , anngs per Hub. With the TCS Hub you can atheive a full 25 Degree Axle Angle. .. ""' Custom length 930 & 934 Axles are . * made from 300m materials. Also avialable 31, 35, 40 & 44 Spline Live Axles. TCS can make any size and/ or length. Page 40 March 2000 and often. I just couldn't get going." Texan James Martin shoulda been smiling more, what with his first finish since, oh, 1905. The Odess an said that he got about eight miles per gallon through his air cooled, Mendeola-boxed car. "Or is that obvious that I didn't have my foot in it enough?" Did James pre-run? "No. This is a tough course to get lost on." Stan Steele was down from Farmington to assist Martin if need be. Stan had been doing a lot of rock crawling. "I run coil-overs all way round. We've gone beyond the ·swivel shackle, leaf spring boys." Martin did say that he "stood er straight on the power line road! It scared the 'pee' outa me", he rhymed. ii At my age that happens once a lap. I don't want to scare myself twice each time around, though. I could feel my heels rubbing." Wayne Withers faxed that "16 year old Harley Letner, the Class 10 and Overall winner is a third generation winner of the "Parker 400s." Harley's father, Marty, was a four time overall winner (I believe in the 80s). His grandfather, Danny, was an Overall winner (I believe in 1989). The aging vehicle burnt a valve in the last 20 miles. The shock damage was in the last miles of the desert: "I figured that if they were gonna catch us, then they'd catch us!" said the young philosopher. Harley's cousin, Kory Halopoff, also drove in Class 10, but had a DNF with a motor failure. Jon Kennedy tossed a transmission for speedy trailer trip home. CLASS 1600 Pre-race Jive: "Now it's time (for the Adams family # 1680) to dominate (after successfully running Sportsman at the GP)," said Jason. Team ID Time: Big Bro, is Jason; the bike racer is James "J.C." Christopher, Dad is James. I think, maybe. (George Foreman, the boxer, named all of many kids "George".) Jeff Knupp and Bill Krug have latched onto Husky Tools for some support in the Nevada 2000, three tool boxes and three sets of tools. That assault will include Parker winner Brian "Willy" Wilson, Jeff, and the vene rable Kr u gmi:istei. Home Depot is the next sponsor to be announced. Paul Sullivan's #1677 had Kings on the ex-John Prosser "Dunrite." The clean car is out of Elsinore. They suffered a hugely dinged and dented right rear Centerline within a few miles of the start. Their third place was well deserved. Willy was making up serious time on leader Brad .Rowland, who would soon succumb to a broken right rear torsion on Lap 2 and limped to the trailer. Remember, the SCORE racers are still gunning for · Brad after his amazing class win at The Primm. A "5" driver got hit so hard by a "1600", he said, that the back bar went into the engine and spread the tranny case apart for a DNF. The driver came over at the finish and laid into Brian Wilson about the incident. Willy did not have to "play" dumb. "Uh, gee, I don't think so, look at my bumper. It's got no marks at all!" The offended driver muttered away. The Adams family car swapped crew right and left, left and right -then left and Wrong! Jason Adams drove the first lap and then Daryl and Travis Eve handled Lap 2. James Christopher -"J.C." -did the last one. Leaving the pits on the car's last lap. J.C. caught a berm in The Gauntlet and did a slow roll, to the amazement of the large crowd. When. the 16 year old turned the car over their helmets came unplugged and there was no communication over the final lap. "It was a great course, all types of terrain," Daryl raved. Jeff Knupp put the Krugmob:le into, as the radio said, "a crevasse!" It's 15 feet .deep and 20 feet wide -"Is it on the course?" The Radioman asked? "NO", was the reply. "Good", Tom said. "Let them deal with it." Tom "KD7 A VH" McFadden said the crew did·an excellent job on the communications; sort of like a less-·acerbic Weatherman. Jeff s,aid that he caught first "1600" car and suddenly found three holes. "Two were flagged and the third not. I went over sideways. It was deep." Jeff also felt pretty low. The Kurt Brewer "B&K Racing" two seater is entirely home built. In his garage he saw race cars in Hot VWs (Magazine) and thought it all up himself. A true Renaissance Man. CLASS 3 Mark Wright's yellow/ black shell-less Bronco had a b_rand new cage. Mark was treated to being passed by Ghad Ragland on the Goat Trail. Scott "Scooby" Maloney (#311) said that the Vortec truck caught them on the Wash and just hung right off the bumper without any aggressive action. Mark Wright writes: · <'Hey, I drove my Stone Stock Bronco up to Parker, Dusty Times

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He took fast lap for the class, at 1 :49:26, but Rick Poole, a winner as John Clark made a round-trip of 1, 192 miles to race at Parker, took Chris Gray put his Chevy through its paces at Parker and took a fine often than not, had problems on lap two, and finished third in Class 9. home a third place trophy in Class 8 for his trouble. second place in Class 8 after five-and-a-half hours and three laps. took second place and drove "Scoob, in the lead for the At the Awards, Scoob told Young said that they would the use of a $75 alternator on it home. The only guy I ever Class 3 win, had trouble with Tom that "You're lucky I had take it easy and let the others a Type IV rather than a $400 heard of doing that was Perry rear spring center bolts near trouble!" "Yeah? Well, we'll fall apart. They bent a tie item. This was a La Rana car McNeil" (and El Scoobster -Midway Pit on his second lap. settle it at Gila Bend!" rod. "We use aluminum ones. five years ago. The Herbsts Ed.). Mark lost the right rear Scoob and AC broke both Sounds like another We'd rather bend them than supplied the fuel and the shock mount and only had a helper springs across the Doherty-Beeler rivalry in the break something tougher. It's helmets for the race! The stock shock. So that's what center bolt. The spring pack making. a 'mechanical fuse'." team was to complete only they used to finish. Of was, therefore, un-snugged CLASS 5 The Tucson Report: two laps. course, he was using last and the bolts were too long Winner·Tom Highfill had Jeff nerfed his competitor CLASS 8 year's model of Doetsch Tech to tighten fully. Randy a 2180 Type I with a bus box. in The Gauntlet area, on the Winner Mark Beeler said dampers, i.e. 1974s. Mark Merritt's "Mongo Maniacs" The self-prepped Palm second lap, and accidentally that they made the old truck operates under "Adrenalin came up with two brand new Springs car was from the rolled Highfill! This guy tried faster! "The bedsides are on Entertainment" as a DJ and cars. With an 'unreasonable' early '80s by Larry Bitcon. It to pass in a real stupid place. ordern, he swore, "and, no, singer. His karaoke rendition time limit of eight hours. Team was an old Malcolm Vinje Well, Jeff gets out and helps there are no changes." of" I did it MY way!" is #311 was not.allowed a shot drive ... "old" as in thetime right the car! The Hustin Mark's arch nemesis Mike optional. at a third lap and had to settle period, not as in Malcolm's guys lost First to the same Doherty and Greg Kraznow Our Bronco was made to for third place. It was a good age. Tim's last race was at guy because of that stop. had gone but three miles compete in the Stone Stock race in Class 3." (Now the the October MDR race. They After the race, those guys when the motor blowed up. (BitD) SUV class. It is still course has four pieces of leaf have tested at Barstow and came over to their pit to It blowed up real good. "Greg street legal, complete with spring lurking to spear the really loved the bladed complain! Duh! hit the horn switch to warn windshield and license plate. unwary at next year's event. sections out toward Mineral Aaron McEraine had a a slow '10' and the engine We had a hard time in the -Ed.) Wash. VW alternator mou,nted on a died. 'Did you shut it off," I rough stuff, we could not get While they all fixed the Jeff Hus tin partner Roger SECO fan shroud, allowing Continued on page 42 on top of it to save our lives. spring pack, AC popped out We have a very fast motor, the windshield: "What a we just lack in the travel and difference!" After the race shock department. The they reinstalled the Bronco is very fast -100 + windscreen for the drive back easily with.out breaking a to Tucson. Scott said that sweat. Unfortunateiy, it took they (iew (the Biazer ) a us two hours to get to the fast bunch ... without the add-a-stuff! leafs. That might be th e ho t The first part of the race ticket. we h a d t o stop about five Tom Swanson took the red times with numerous little CJ down to the frame and , problems. Our first stop was added SA Ws for the 550 bhp to lock the 4 WD in. We like 401 AMC. Tom had trouble to run (in four wheel) in the right off the start when he sandy stuff -and 2WD on the tossed his front driveshaft. fast not-so-rough stuff. He had too much Another time we stopped articulation on the yoke and was to take rocks out of the it snapped. "I didn't want to disc-brake shields. The next go on but Rich Franklin said, time we stopped I thought 'Let's pull the stub and go!' that the bar that holds our So we raced the whole thing second set of shocks on in in two wheel drive." They the rear had busted. We only lost 20 minutes. pulled over and I could not (Swanson had been ready to see any damage. So we backup Greg Foutz at the pressed on only to go another BitD "V to R".) 1/4 mile before I pulled over "I had tried (2WD) once again insisting that the 'and, well, I was worried shocks were broken. After about the Goat Trail. The closer examination, we found funny thing is that the rear that the bar that holds on the end got real squirrelly." second shocks on the rear The ever-popular-but-was busted just past the weld. seldom-seen John Dyck -Dir As with much of the truck, Trix -drove the second lap. we leave "stock" in place so Rich was in for the whole we can always go back to deal. Dyck figured that the "stock", so we bolted our front axle needs a top link to Deutsche-Tech shocks to the prevent over-a n gling the stock shock mounts and did front yoke. not h ave any more problems. John said that he had a We were down for about 15 blast: "It was fun to drive in m inutes to fix this. W e took two wheel drive. You can som e hard hits after that, 'sprint car ' it around ·the which m ade us pull over and corners." Jo h n ran the car check. Better (be) safe than fast: "We were doing fifty-sorry. five-hundred in high gear. W e d id , h owever, have a That's a 115, on th e road to great view of Larry Ragland's Mineral Wash and in The truck in action. W e did also Gauntlet." H e said that the see the (Jesse Jones) truck car ran real good. "Th e roll. He rolled just after engine is out of my old '4' passing us. The Speedvision Jeep. Tom's old motor was a helicopter was on us a lot 450-horsepower one. The during the race. Great race! extra hundred makes a Mike Doherty wrote: difference." Dusty Times o so -va · . • wide teflon coated piston wear band for s witl1 big tubes so that it does not drop into large ports. r-... .,,,..,..,.,.., -...._,/"-• sealed piston for low speed control in external bl pa~s. • high temperature stainless steel all \ • unique rod end design and ma · d ends from breaking. • high temperature Viton seals , • large aluminum reservoir for ion (2X) and weight savihgs. • 1" shafts are micro-polishe ish of a 3-5 RMS. / / • stainless steel teflon lined 1/2" or 5/8" ID spacers. '..f • shock are all own · ois to purchase. I / ,P, tijg~ flow (weld on kits a { ,able se arate). e p(aced to order or weldea on b the customer. ,f,• ,. ti piston for smooth damp'lng'transitions. • C om 4140 and heat trea,ta'fi 17-4 s~a·n1ess for long durability. """ ve spring designed J i'th low op~r ting stress levels. • 1"5tyle reservoir mounting for the rear o buggies and trucks. ( :. h#;ttfoB§I, --:~It-MM£ rJ Custom d ·springs for 3" shocks in h''springs available. We do custom shock work and vehicle s Custom designed and mfg. shocks & parts ava a e· air shocks, water cooled, pistons etc.). Designed and manufactured by the same person that designed all Kuster Shocks. King Shock Technology A Shock Manufacturing Company (714) 530-8701 Fax: (714) 530-8702 10402TraskAve., Unit C, Garden Grove, CA ~2843 March 2000 .. Page 41

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Tom Swanson and John Dyck paired up in Swanson s Jeep to take the win in Class 3, running in only two-wheel-drive for virtually the entire length of the race. Charlie Williams said he drove "like an BO year-old woman", but still got the win in his Sportsman Unlimited class car. ·yelled? (Death) smoke was they had a brand new everywhere. The starte r Summers Brothers rear end. wouldn't e v e n crank the This time it was a relatively new power plant." transmission DNF then the Danny Beaver's dash . starter jammed into the flex reads: "Just like the big boys in plate ring gear. LA - only better!" Dan was to "Panic Off Road Racing's" be down a long time John Clark (#810) hails from changing a transmission only Austin, TX. They know the to discover that they h a d McNeils ... they have been actually broken the cast-iron racing at Cesar Fuentes' El spool and had been running Paso series. "(Class) 8 is big 1 WD at double the Rs. By there. Last year they started then it was too late. Not the with three trucks. Now there "LA Way", however. are nine." It is 577 miles -Brian Knapp was DOR for one way -just to race in El the Arnold Auto Ford "8". Paso: You'd need a handful Reliable sources say that of West Coast Turn-Arounds Brian's fab work for the team for this one. They made the is second to none. Bruce 1192-mile trip pay off pretty "Blanco" White said that well with a third place. We wou/,d, Lila, To IldrotiM.u Two Ne.w-VUUU>rt To Our List Of Fute,~U WE WELCOME: TRAILMASTER SUSPENSION AND BOATEC FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS FOR TRUCKS TAYLOR PLUG WIRES SPIRAL OR PRO-WIRE $24.95 TYPE Ill REAR 5-LUG GERMAN DRUMS $89.95 FOX 5/8 1 C1' COIL OVER W/ RESEVOIRS $280.00 ASK ABOUT NEVADA OFFROAD T-SHIRTS N.O.R.B. 930CV OVER BOOT $10.95 H-4 7' ROUND HEADLIGHT BULBS NEW PIAA H-3 PLATNIUM BULBS BURNS 85 WATTS PRODUCES 130 WATTS OF LIGHT MUST MENTION AD TO RECIEVE AD PRICES--··· VISIT ROB MACCACHREN'S WEB PAGE www.maccachren;com Jesse Jones' #802 sported square tubing upper arms and a bicycle toe strap-style gas pedal retainer. Jones had the quick lap in "8" save for Kyle Taylor four minutes faster. (Taylor was reported to have had to change a transmission at one point. He made up for the time spent by doing innumerable Gauntlet circuits.) This was Jones' first race after purchasing the car from Rick Holmes on Wednesday: "I have 20 minutes in it. I came off a quad," as did co-driver Travis Williams "who has been riding since 5." CLASS 9 Winner Jo-Jo Sheble CAI.I. TOI.I. .-RIJIE 1-BBB-755-5900 Page 42 WE CAN SHIP UPS TO YOUR ~OOR ···~ W1 uw~ Ml ~8JJWtfl!Lm •••• 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW #3 * LAS VEGAS, NV * 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM-6PM * SAT 9AM-SPM (702)871-5221 FAX March 2000 (#902) is out of Bullhead City: "We race SNORE out of Sheble Aviation, a flight school from novices to seaplanes and ATP." They were hoofing and hollering at the finish as Andy Kisner's Jimco blew in with the left rear upper shock bolt missing and the left front damper broken. "Man, I was trying like hell to catch you down the Wash, but the suspension went away," Andy said as he discovered the flopping dampers. "That was fun!" Six of the ten cars entered finished. Andy said that he's got SAW ball joints now: "I don't want to race for Second. I did six races last year and got two Seconds and two Firsts and two DNFs." John Lee in Ray Newton's snappy green body and yellow framed car was pushing hard. Johnny admitted that he hit a "few" · rocks then had a slow second lap whep. the MSD spade connector came loose in the wash. Figuring out that problem took 20 minutes for a 2: 18 lap. Note that Rick Poole had fast lap at 1:49. Brian Wilson (the Class 1600 winmner!) pulled over for the Greener "9" car, made some cockpit changes, then really hauled ass. Greener would quit after one turn. Andy Kisner and Rick Poole were together at The Trail with Poole hammering the horn. Kisner's car was bright and shiny with fresh new red paint, including the engine sheet metal. It looked great. Perennial winner Rick Poole went from fifth to second in one lap. With Mike Faulkner behind the wheel the Woody's II car finished with engine oil everywhere. "We put in five quarts before the lap and now it's down one," said Rick Poole. "It holds four." The air cleaner was coming off, their sheet metal was fatiguing and cracking at every hole and corner. The ignition was crapping. John Poole, who was riding right seat, pulled out some ironwood sprigs: "Rick had been hugging some trees. We were the fastest '9' out there," he swore. David Nelson was from the Phoenix area in the ex-Jeff Geiser -John Imbriale -Vic Evans DirTrix #979 car. They would only complete .one slow lap. #963 Mike Harris and Jason Butler -with co-driver Chris Wilson - are Parker locals in th e ir first race. "it's self-prepped -with Charlie Philpott's support," said Jason . They did a little testing -three hours . . Harris came by with the pa_ssenger holding onto the outside of the cage d own tube. The car was so low that it was blading the route! "The driver is a very large person. They lost their top on the first lap. Or they couldn't close it." (Thanks to Lee-Bob's notes -Ed.) SPORTSMAN TRUCK Randy Merritt was running his Full Stock in Sports Truck, otherwise it would be in "8". The car is all self-done by the Parker Mongo Maniacs and Steve Solaiza with tutoring by Danny Beaver. It is a 351 Windsor from J .D . Machine in LHC. "We broke two axles at the TT250 -one on each side. We went from 31 splines to 40 by Wes Moser." Randy looked quite strong on the way to his half hour victory over # 1885 Charles Sutherlin's Ford. Merritt had to change a couple of ball joints then a pitman arm that turned out its splines. The Sutherlin truck had chain restraints on the engine plus extra bonding straps and very high angle I-beams. They were noted as "Potential Racing" -whereas "Kinetic Racing" would be more desirable. SPORTSMAN UNLIMITED Eventual winner # 1238 -"Twisted Steel Racing" -was burbling. My first notes suggest "a long day." This was the old 2276cc Tom Brown pre-runner. Owner-Operator Charlie Winters was decked out in what was unkindly called "ballet shoes", not the best for a long desert walk. Charlie had to have a quick pit fix on his throttle return spring where he told Kevin McMullen about getting passed "by cars like yours! Man!" After the flag he said about his car's suspension. "G immee a set of old used yellow shocks and I'll do better. Was it bad on the Goat Trail? No, just on about anything with a bump in it at all." He said that getting passed was no big deal: "There were some nice Pro people who had lots of opportunities to 'move' me over. Phwew," he sighed. "I am toasted. W e drove like an 80 year old woman!" SPORTSMAN 10 One racer, I fergit who, later reported seeing some girl standing out in the desert, alone. His report was sorta like: "I stopped to see what was up -but she just waved me on! It was weird." It was just the Magpies, out squawking in the desert again. Lynn & Rhiannon Venier had succumbed to a broken input shaft on their bus box. Jeff reported that "It happened on one of those hogbacks. Th,e one where you climb and take an off-camber turn to the right? Dusty Times

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Paul Sullivan ran his very tidy Dunrite evenly through the three touch laDs to take third nls in the 1600 class. Car used to belong to John Prosser. Tom Greer had to change a flat by himself, losing a fair amount of time, but with two other laps that were quick, he finished in· second place in the hard-hit Class 1 ranks. Rex Whitmoyer had no serious trouble for his day, and piloted his two seater to third place in Class 1, becoming the last in the class to finish. Well, as we tried to troubleshoot the problem over the hand-held, Rhiannon stood out to flag down the expected sweep c!l.r. Lynn had backed the car off the trail, hidden down into a gully. We had to put someone out on the course to stop the help. Lynn was under the car checking everything that I asked about." The sweeper, however, locked his keys in the Jeep so it was two hours later when Magpie got the word that help was not on its way. While McFadden sorted out that mess, Jeff roamed the pits to find a replacement gearbox, to no avail. "While our streak of seven finishes ended there, we did find out that we had the car dialed in. It was almost five hours before another sweeper got to her." Jeffs next move is to put some King Kongs in the back with SAW bars. "Changing torsion setting with a chain fall is getting too dangerous." 2ooo·will be a big year for the ladies. Their racing. plan is large: two SNORE races, two BitD, two each MDR and Whiplash... with SCORE's "500" and the "2000" tossed in for good measure. SPORTSMAN LIMITED BUGGY Dan Traichei's day was not too bad, just short. The word was that he and Kilo Lenski "were not ready. He had shifter woes and eventually lost the clutch at RMS." He was the sole class entry. Magpie Race Report: "Daniel and Kolo (#1351) had a rough start. Having shifting problems, they were having trouble (getting) first and second gears. They immediately swung into the pits where reparations were attempted. Linkage was changed and adjustments were made but the symptoms persisted. (Anyway) they ran out into the desert, but once into the sandy sections the toll was just too much for the overheating clutch and the two couldn't persuade the car to go any further. ' SPORTSMAN TRUCK MINI In from San Marcos, CA was Steve Marks # 1 770 with help from H & M Motorsports in their second race. Their first was out in Lucerne Valley. Marks was taking it very easy through the Goat Trail... and got in his class winning two laps plus one. The late, great Ronnie Dalke was trying to make up time through these slow trucks. Ugh. Mike Dunn and James McMinn entered the blue # 1 705 truck of "Mike and Mac", out for their fir-st time. "We hadn't seen each other for a time and at a Thanksgiving party we shook hands and decided to go race Parker", Mac said. "We had to put in a clutch yesterday at 4 o'clock." Mac started and Mike was to run the second lap. "We'll probably have a fist fight about the third one." They were pretty much stock suspended: It looked pretty harsh in the rocks. Their helmets were hitting each other,' and rollin'. Their only lap ate up 6:53:07 for quite a lengthy day. Chandlerite Eric Kinyon # 1751 is with the Magpies. "We've only driven (the S 10 Blazer) five miles, off road." The truck runs with REALLY stock suspension. It used to be a daily driver. Jeff Venier said that they were going "amazingly slow, first gear." Eric and partner Scott Rush are running Desert Dogs on Chevy cast wheels. "We do have a mini-spool in it and a Fram air filter", he pointed out. I spied a new al tern a tor belt and an electric fan in place of the water pump driven one. "We pulled out the left (front) half shaft so we are two wheel drive. Look! We have a bug, deflector and Beards." Magpie Race Report #2 The rocky sections slowed Eric to a snail's pace. Shortly after leaving the Goat Trail the machine suddenly lost all of its power. After an hour of trouble shooting the culprit was discovered, a faulty ignition switch. A new switch was installed and the team was back on the course again. The course hadn't ·continued on page 44 ultimate long travel Get the benefits of our Long Travel system and 3" lilt spindles, creating 6" ol lllt for increp,l,le ground dearance. [ri (i) v CJ!I ■ 3' hit Sjlindles ■ Upper Control arms ,. (W'1e~W)' ■ Lower Control arms ■ Coil springs · ■ 3 way front shocks ■ Performance rear shocks ■ Rear kit 3-wau · adjustable shlicR absorber ~ii. toyota long travel system Our Toyota 2 'wheel drive, 6' 'Ivan Dao' long travel system. Butlt to satisfy all the serious off readers out there. Dusty Times custom i beams Offroad bullet proof design provides maximum strength with 4130 Chromoly steel 1 /Bth' thick plate and tubular inner structure. 1990-94 ford ranger 'I" performance sustem Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard □Heling increa.ed tire clearance and 4 • more wheel travel. Dual Shock System 2 shocks per front whee~ adds high performance dampening. a racing • application with cotl over shocks. Using Fabtech custom I beams, this configuration cycles out at 19' of wheel travel. e f! f!Jlfiberf!!! include ttont fenders, bedsides and hoods. The front fenders and bedsides ~-----~ are flared with wheel travel in mind. extended radius arms Our extended radius arms are offset further inboard for increased tire clearance. Ranger models shown, which include new pivot mounts. 1998-on ford ranger i!.s .. performance sustem 2.5' of lilt with a 2' increase in wheel travel 1973-87 ClO 'I" Jong travel sustem Gives you the needed clearance for 33' tall tires. angled spare tire mount ~ Constructed using 1 1 / 4 • steel tubing and MIG welded at the joints for long lasting strength and durability. flat ' , if 'I Over 25 Styles spare tire mount stamped steel tabs Our vast assortment of stamped steel tabs simplify yoW' fabrication needs. Call for a distributor nearest y□u Phone 714-990-8850 -Fax 714-990-8854 www.Fabtechmotorsports_com DR E-MAIL US AT March 2000 Page 43 . : I

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, . ,,._.,, Entertaining the spectators, testing motor and trans, and teaching In the Sportsman Limited Buggy division, there were no competitors son Chad how to drive the Chevy. were Larry Ragland's reasons for for Dan Traichel, who had enough trouble to limit him to only one lap. In the Sportsman Class 10 race, Ty Loyd had a slim lead on the first lap, but then was the only entrant to finish the required second lap, thus got the win. being there. He was not officially racing. _He_ s_t1_·11 =-go_t_th_e _w,_·n. ____________ _ lightened up yet, though, and "get that cg lower." would claim another victim: a few DINERO miles later, next to the CAP canal, Mike Doherty won the $400 thatnewcoolingfanbecameloose up for DoRs who pre-enter, then self-destructed. This time it attend the Driver's Meeting and could not be repaired. The two the Awards. At Snowflake he decided to continue, going slower, was drawn but was slurping they managed to get through the tequila next door in Tommy lap and across the finish line, a McGadden's trailer. little tired and worse for wear." RUSHIN' RUSSIAN EL CHISMOSO Eric Pavolka was all smiles as I AM SHOCKED! he related his new "l" ride: "It's Lee-Bob Finke is very busy . a Millennium with a Fortin and upgrading 5/8 inch shaft Fox an ex-Greer Scat V4." The "5-shocks to 3/4. "Bilstein makes 1600" is up for sale. What a 22 mms (0.866-inch) and Fox change of pace. has 7 /8 so they allowed that I TUF GUYS could do it. .. if I did the Just to show how tough and thinking. They offered no dedicated they were Kuker, help." Finke is also Lathtem, Stewart, Greer, Dalke, contemplating stowing the Wood, Sheble, Poole and Kisner spare down low on the kicker raced at Laughlin the next -in front of the rear tire to weekencf. ■ SNORE CORNER - First, I would like to qiank all the people Who helped make 1999 one of the best years ever for SNORE. We gave away $13,750 in cash to SNORE points winniers. Plus, SNORE's Champion won a 1-1600 race car and all entry fees paid in 2000. In the year 2000, SNORE will be racing in new places and on new courses. Last year, SNORE averaged 20 Class 9 cars and 15 1600's each race. The general membership meeting is the second Tuesday of the month, 7:30 at the Sawyer Building. Check us out in 2000 and see what you can win! ~dqel Mohr MOR.Class 9 Champion You too can be part of this winning tradition by joining F.A.I.R. Racing & Pit Support Association. F.A.1.R: Js' one of the oldest pit_ support groups in the desert, offering you full course coverage at most major offroad events. For further information please join us at the Raddison Hotel in Fullerton where the 91 Freeway and Harbor Blvd. meet, on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. Or contact our Race Director, .Bill Markel at (661) 943-1786. Page 44 March 2000 Dusty Times

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o.@~(O ... ·::::::::,:,; :w :···· .·.•.··••:·•··· .·.;···. : ;_: •. \ ,' :!\:••··.·•···· .. :::•?=t:::·::::··.··· CLASSES I, 10,4,7 & 'IS, 8& BS, 5 $ ZOO.DO DLLS RALLY, ft, SAFARY, 1-Z/1600 SC & DESE,n; I :•:,:i:••.:..::•::;::;:;: _·.·. SUPER 1600, ATV'S, MOTORCYCLES 125 & OPEN, :_ 5/1600 $ 140.00 DUS · .·_ .. : :a1&1■11M1::■■i:: . . · .. · ._::::-. ... •--:. ·. :••·· .. : .... :: .... _·• .. : .. .:::.-:· ::.::,:: ..... : .. ·,;::•:: ...... .-:_._ . .. .,c'.. ..:·-_.; . .

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-Challenger corner By Joel Mohr RACE REPORTS: SCORE'S LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE: An astounding 16 cars showed up to. the sleepy little gambling town down on the Colorado River. SCORE is not currently known for its large Challenger turnouts, but• maybe that's changing. The idea was to get in as many laps as possible in about an hour with heats on Saturday and Sunday. On Sat-urday, Brian Sallee narrowly squeaked out the win with Forest Creasy only seconds be-hind. On Sunday, Forest pulled away from Brian on the final lap with Brian getting caught in lap traffic. The mar-gin of victory was only about 30 seconds combining the times from both days. It should be noted that Joe Sheble ac-tually won both days, but was DQ'd for a carburetor infrac-tion. Andy Kisner came in third and was the only other finisher in the allotted time. I don't know for sure exactly why SCORE ran the timing the way they did, but many people are very unhappy with getting a DNF when they were within minutes of the leaders. (Oh well.) Of the notables that were awarded a DNF: Eric Fisher, Cisco Bio and Bill Rodriguez. WHIPLASH Parker 400: Ten Challengers took the flag at the Parker 400K with six finishers. Joe Sheble took the checkers by two minutes over Andy Kisner with Rick Poole finishing third after running fast lap for the class and then having some downtime. "Bro-ken Thumb Tom" and Seena Taliaferro finished fourth, not too far back but just not quick enough. "RJ'' Nelson finished fifth with Todd Ford, the last of the finishers. CHALLENGER PLAY DAY AT HODGE actually started out Saturday night with an important barbecue. Chuck Abella, Chief Gritmaster, delighted the group with his Tri-tips and teriyaki chicken. Thanks again Chuck!!! Six cars and about 30 people came out to test, talk and try to improve on what they already knew. I gave rides in my car to anyone waiting. Several people just interested in racing came out to see what was going on. We also had videos running of past races and .some in-car footage that we took last july. Art Sevedra was kind enough to join us from Vegas with his tech equipment and to answer •. questions for anyone that needed information on legali-ties. He also set up the scales so that we could weigh our cars to see if we needed to make any changes. Thanks Art!!! Sean De Frank was there with his brand new car trying to work out the kinks, while Jim Richardson was try-ing to improve his '86 JIMCO. We had a few new products on display and discussed other possibilities. A good time was Page 46 had by all, and it looks like this will become an annual event. So plan on next year in late January or early February to bring your car out to Hodge Road off the I-15, outside of Barstow. My phone number is (780) 947-6647 and my e-mail is: SEE YOU AT THE RACES!!! THE NEW WAHZOO Year End Party -Unfortunately for the past administration they had some very big boots to fill after last year's Vegas Extrava-ganza. Although the parw went off with very few problems it lacked the usual pizzazz, this year's party had an almost den-tist office appointment atmo-sphere. All in all a good time was had by all in attendance. Little Rev got some very nice raffle prizes donated to the club, he and Peter Rosenstein then teamed up to win 90% of the prizes. If bull horn has ever been right about anything this was definitely it "this thing is rigged." There was actual busi-ness to be taken care of at this party, last year's officers were gratefully shown the door like drunks after a bar room brawl. The new officers were intro-duced, speeches were given and sign of relief was heard from those who ran for office but not elected (remembering the two 2000 mile races this year). The club's most prized award was given to the guys from The party was a definite success. M.O.R.E. Barstow -On the same day of t_he party two driv-e rs went out and raced M.O.R.E's first race of the year. The club had Ridgecrest's cross town rival dueling for top honor. Jimmy Tucker & Tom Koch went to show M.O.R.E. what the Checkers are all about. Both Koch and Tucker were lead-ing their classes from flag to flag, unfortunately for Jimmy Tucker his race was cut about three miles short of victory due to a broken axle. Tom Koch did come through with the victory first in class and first overall. With typical Checker fashion Tom brought all his buds a few drinks. S.C.O.R.E. Laughlin Chal-lenge - A slew of club cars en-tered tin SCORE's first race but for the most part the best the club got out of the race were some colorful stories. Mike Duenas turned in the club's best 1/2-1600 finish for the two day event. Duenes fin-ished seventh in class. After volunteering the use of his car for the pit crew challenge. Duenas was once again a no show, luckily for the club See-ley was on hand on Thursday and agreed to help with the Challenge -although the club didn't do very good everyone had a good time. Steele Bro's had a good run on Saturday staying in the top ten but un-fortunately DNF on Sunday put them out. Having to settle for a 19th in class, Dan Mar-tin_ & Dennis Crowley teamed up with Dennis in his car -Dan reported that Dennis never got in his car either day proclaiming him to be among the living dead. Dan and his kid being the driver for hire gladly tried to drive Dennis' car into the ground. Dan was having a good on Saturday until he found reverse instead of second. Dan still finished in the top ten ·on Saturday. Checkers main helped repair the car as much as they could for Sunday's race with all the spare parts removed from the trans it was put back in the car for Dennis to drive on Sunday. But Dan's plan backfired when Dennis was too sick to drive on Sunday. Also, Dan once again had to go out and give it his all. Obviously not learn-ing from his mistakes on Sat-urday, Dan once again hit re-verse instead of second, oops, sorry Dennis this time it was all the trans could take. Dan made internal parts into exter-nal parts. Dave Shell, one of the club's newest members took his car to Laughlin for its maiden voyage. Dave's car was handling so bad on Saturday he was reported doing clean up for SCORE on his final lap. While making his way through the motorcross track on his fi-nal lap Dave was nerfed and passed -once the water cleared Dave realized he was passed by the water truck. Af-ter some late night suspension work, Dave was ready for battle on Sunday. Dave only completed two laps on Sunday and had to put it on the trailer. Good effort for a new guy George Seeley the undis-puted Class 5 champion backed up his class champion-ship with a win on both Sat-urday and Sunday for the club's only win on the week-end. It looks as though George's new car came with a few year's supply of whoop-ass. Way to go George. Tye Godde & Jim Greenway were bat-tling for bragging rights in Class 12. Tye came out the victor for the two days, snag-ging a seventh in class for the weekend. Jim Greenway was on his way to a great finish besting Tye Goode's time by five minutes on Saturday, but the cards would not fall in Greenway's favor on Sunday as he was taken out of the race on Sunday by a hit from an-other car. Wednesday meetings have become very entertaining as of late. Now that Jimmy Hook is no longer at the front table he's been showing up to stir up as much shit as he can -paybacks are a bitch. Jimmy has been as pumped up as a six year old on a sugar high. Young Hook has been so riled up he doesn't know if he's coming or going (calm down Jimmy, you got all year to get your revenge), the club had good news/bad news. Recently Ed Tiffany (Bruce Tiffany's father) passed away. Ed was a good friend to a lo.t of the old time members and will be missed. But on. the same day the Sporto family gave birth to another bouncing baby boy, congratulations Mike. Dues were due on the 26th March 2000 but were extended until the 31st after that all dues are time and a half. So, if you still haven't paid your dues by the time you receive this article then you're late -get off your butt and pay up. Until next month, watch your backs. Magnifice11t 7Race Team By Stephen T. Stenberg, President Hi everyone. Mag 7 is gearing up for the San Felipe 250, our first race of the new year. Membership packages have been mailed out to both returning members and new ones that have called or e-mailed to request an application. Mag 7 is offering a special if you sign up be-fore March 15th with us. Our new Race Director's fax line is (619) 425-3414. His telephone is (619) 426-3452. And his e-mail is His name again is Fred Schubitzke. Give him This is the :.ystem run by most off road race winners a shout if you need a sign-up packet. Mag 7 also has a new web site address now. We can now be found at We have been told by SCORE that this year's San Felipe 250 is a new course, running south of town. Depending on racer needs, we will be running either two or four pits total. Mag 7 now ac-cepts Mastercard and Visa for pit and fuel costs. Contact us for more information. Alfredo Munoz from Union 76 Baja sup-plies Mag 7 with their fuel needs at all of the SCORE races. Final cutoff for racer applications will be midnight, Saturday, March 3rd. That is in our hands and not postmarked. Mag 7 will hold their Pit Pickup in San Diego this year, instead of San Felipe as in previous years. The date for that is Saturday, March 11th from 9 am. to 11 am. You can call (619) 582-3728 (Mag 7 Hotline) and ask for directions to the pit pickup site. So, until next month, be safe and we will see you at the races. Adios from Team Baja at MAG7RACE@AOL.COM. TRI-MIL BOBCAT QIROME 1984-9-1 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER 13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES f'NVITED Dusty Times

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY ACEC01nc. Chassis And Suspension For Racing And Recreation . MIKE MONOHAN P.O. Box 117 Ely, NV 89301 (702) 28!H'i708 ADVANCED TOYOTA SUSPENSIONS 1:?A8E P~fJ1/E1t SUS'PE1tS'l()1t SfS7E11tS '86-9S 4WD. TOYOTA P/U, 4-RUNNER & T-100 12-17" of TRAVEL '77-9S 2WD P/U & T-100 12-1 s• of TRAVEL Nflf TAciJNA.f TVN/JKA 4/fl) 8 tlfl)lONG TTiAYfl KITS lt-14'0F TKAYEl COMPLETE FABRICATION SERVICES AVAILABLE, RACE CAR PREP, REAR SUSPENSION, ROLL CAGES, BUMPERS, FIBERGLASS, RACE SEA~ (909) 471-$111 HTTP://MEMBERS.AOL.COM/ADVTOYSUSP BUILT BY SCOTT SELLS & A.T.S. 34345 SUNRISE DR. WILDOMAR, CA -';E:~g,~ BATTERIES FOR ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD NEEDS BA'ITERY SALES UNLIMITED 851 East Alosta Avenue/ Glendora, CA 91740 (626)914-3717 / (626)-914-2121 • BJBX AUTO WRECKERS, INC. FOR ALL YOUR AUTO·PARTS · FROM PRE-RUNNERS TO RACE TRUCKS CALL JOHN KEARNEY 1-800-606-6043 00000000 o ®o 0 RACING FUEL CELLS0 OSAFEST &FASTEST FOR 30 YEARS JO 800.526.5330 ° 0 FOR YOUR NEAREST DEALER 0 0000000° . ·-Off Road Trucks Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 Silver Face LFG 's Known as the toughest gauge in racing, Liquid-filled Gauges from Auto Meter are now available in the hottest racing look. They match the anodized aluminum look of the Ultra-Lite series. Liquid-Filled Gauges withstand the harshest race environments. RACE CAR SALES & EXPORT Off-Road fabrication & Accessories Export & lnt'I Sales Raci Car Preparation Consulting & Managcmen 1 040 S. Main St. "F allbrook, CA 92028 (760) 723-2117 FAX (760) 723-9938 ■BEARD Cl) ~ w Cl) 12322 Penn St. Whittier, CA 90602 562 696 6686 fax 562 696 6621 Suspe,nsion Seats Limiting Straps, Tie-Downs r1-w =t •ii =t-i ill SUITS•HARNESSES•SHOES•GLOVES ~ 82,000,000 Inventory ~ AU Off-Road Safety Equipment Available Overnight Delivery Avallablel Call: 800-669-2355 air~ lANKERSHEIM & 1-5 301' o 9017 SAN FERNANDO RD., SUN VALLEY I'm • • • • • • (flP■IP flllEUAfm)fAX 118·788-1840 BITCOn vw moroRs & I TRRnsm1ss1ons STRIP • STREET • ■ OFFROAD·SAnD FIVE SPEEDS & AUTOffiATICS Baf<1 (702) 263-5793 ~ Los Vegas. nevodo Your #1 Source For Fiberglass Body Panels Phone: 920/833-7266 • Fax: 920/833-9505 · e-mail: BRANDWOOD CARS for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3j !)7 , Custom V~hicle Shifter r 11459 LILA -raa C sr. HEspERJA. C (760)949-3907 OFF ROAD-STREET Roll cages-Bumpers-Suspension All General Fabrication Worll (909) 622-1381 Fax (909) 623-3240 FOR •IMPORTS • DOMESTIC • S.U.V.'s • 2WD:s • 4WD's USED AND NEW FENDERS, HOODS BUMPERS AND GRILLS MON. THAU SAT. 8:00 TO 5:30 4002 STATE STREET MONTCLAIR, CA. 91763 MENTION AD FOR SPECIAL PRICE Ci)> // . r..1rro/"',l(/lr.a' PRE-FUN Curt LeDuc • Our Specialty Race Trucks Pr~Runners 39067 Orchard St Cherry Valley, CA 92223 (909)-845-8820 84-89 Range, Fiberglass Dimple Oies l )JV,&!!!Y. SPECIALIZING JN OFF ROAD RACING FABRICATION TRUCKS • BUGGIES • PRERIJNNERS ' MOTORCYCLES • HOT ROC6 • CUSIOM HARLEY'S • MARINE Owner Jamie Campbell "Fabmaster" 25672 Taladro Circle, Suite G Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (949) 462-3943 ACCOUNTING• INCOME TAX• CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 260 S. GLENDORA AVE. SUITE 201 (626) 919-1011 WEST COVINA, CA 91790 FAX (626) 919-0211

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CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY P.O. BOX306 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -92648 (714) 969-6820 E-MAIL: CARRERAPHOTO@MINDSPRING.COM WEBSITE: WWW.CARRERAPHOTO.COM lllfT Ill Dt:EII WII IEIIMD Jlf BEST HAMPION BEADlOCI 24CtNG WHEELS. U.S.A. WHEELS / CONVERSIONS 8"9"10"11"12"13"15"18"17" MILAN qARRETT 1871 N. BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO CA 93722 (209) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365 CHENOWTH aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif;f IACING. PRODlJCTS, INC. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (61 9) 449-7100 Fax (619) 449-7103 CROWN IIIDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS IIICORPORATED AEROSPACE, HIGH PERFORMANCE, INDUSTRIAL HOSES 8i FITTINGS HIGH PERFORMANCE HOSE & FITTINGS. (760) 599-0090 • FAX (760) 599-0070 1185 PARK CENTER DR .. SUITE G • VISTA. CALIFORNIA 92083 41Cl•ti'f41 .. X"«A'41(•Cf4 VICE PRESIDENT 1126 ·N. Marshall Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-5611 fax 619-449-5713 (I DE f'J_yrg1Q]] HERMAN De NUNZIO 59 B Depot Road Goleta, CA 93117 800-622-3939 805-683-1211 FAX 805-683-8187 re ES;;:_7,::/~ER SJ ~------ENGINEERING FORD RACING PARTS: AANG.E.R 2.3 OVER 3000 TOP QUALITY SPEED PINTO · 2.0 PARTS IN STOCK. .STOCK 2.3 80 PG. CATALOG PHONE. (tna) 444-4919 1438 POTRERO FAX ca1a) 444-3046 so. £LMONTE., CA. E-ZUP-INSTANT • . SHELTERS ~ ~•1&111~\ .... ~ ... FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHcLTERS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS. AUTHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENTALS 323-462-1468 PRE-RUNNER SPECIALIST • QUMPERS • CAGES • SHOCK MOUNT5 SEAT MOUNTS • LlfT f\JTS • LOWERING KITS • DUALLYS AIR &AG 5U5PENSION • 5HOW CARS & DISPlAYS • AlY FA& WORK Df'ERT IN5TALLATION & FA6RICATION AV..\ILA&LE FIBERGLASS FENDERS i. BE OSKINS TOYOTA-CHEVY-NISSAN-FORD-ETC. 1000 BEACON STREET 877-4-FABTECH BREA, CA 92821 714-990-8854 fax· 1-----------------------------------------l. ------- ----r:cNcq M•;::::~d~C~hPodalAui ~ ~ - Master Cylinders ....,._,_ __ .---: Slave Cylinders CNC, Inc. 1221 WestMorena.,vd. San Diego, CA''92'P'I0 (6J9) 275~_1663 Cuttiiig and Brakes Hydraulic Throttlhs T~rottle Pedals. and all of our accessories. ' Send $3.00 ior Catal_~ FLOATER REAR ENDS• r'RONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS . (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tr~e, Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 MIKE • GAYLE • JON • DAVE • VIC • ANDY ~ d_SJ, ~~~-Parts, Equipment, Accessories & Service 4-Wheel Drive - Mini Trucks Pre-Runners - Race Prep - 2-Wheel Driv~ 3209-A Thousand Oaks.Blvd. • Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (805) 494-RACE • (805) 495-6119 • (805) 495-3344 FAX(805)495-2339 ' tlhRACING E I .GASOLINE I CALL =:::r':::UTOR I 1-800-54-COSBY ~ -cos~v OIL_COMPANY, SANT~ FE SPRINGS, CA 31' ~~C~AO~ fD\i~S\11~,r ,rtOY~S 414 S. IIOllflff RD. ltMP«. AZ. •za1 CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION REPAIR-PARTS CUSTOM'S TUBE BENDING PRERUNNERS WIRE-TIG WELDING RACE PREP-SUPPORT COR't' SAPPINGTON 480-967-271, FAX 480-966-2366 OFF. ~ ......... .....,_llr"._.i.;-a..;;;a...~ .. Specialiaiy la.-a ... --.. 8wiasllllllea Bewlaad l'ertln · -deelallD4S Napum44 ltrelalft' Auwmatie Parts 8 Mat:hlne Sbop $erv/ft¥ A ¥1111able T>ONIJijOE ~A.&:IN~ • RACE TRUCKS • RACE PREP • PRERUNNERS • CONSUL TING • DEVB.OPMENT ENTERPRISES WWW. DONAHOERJ\CING . COM • RACE SHOCKS • FULL FABRICATION SERVICE KREG DONAHOE 0wNER 2831 EAsr WHrTE STAR. UNrTH A~EIM, CA 92806 PHONE(714)632-3033 FAX (714) 632-3835 TuBESHARK PORTABLE HYDRAULIC TUBE BENDERS ROUND & SQUARE BIG 2• CAPACITY NOTHING ELSE EVEN COMES CLOSE! . ' FINAL APPROACH ENGINEERING (541) 447-4852 FOREMAN :ae~~--OFF-ROAD RACE TRUCK ENGINEERING/ FABRICATION RACE PREP/ CONSULTATION TOPCALIBERPRE-RUNNERSTHRUTROPHYTRUCKS CHARLIE FOREMAN (858) 467-9211 3438 LOCKVl(OOD DR-SAN DIEGO, CA sr.z,23

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r.'I. RAtlM ,r'J 11/ElX: a:. FUEI.S & r&"j_ ti/BR/CANTS INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS ·-,te support MIL SPEC RUST PREVENTATIVES Summit RACING GASOLINE BRUCE CONRAD PRESIDENT 1537 E. DEL AMO BLVD. CARSON, CA 90746 PHONE: (310) 603-2200 FAX: (310) 603-2257 . , -~~-' -;j/1/JJ~!I@@ ~ 17641 N. Black Canyon Highway Trailing arms -Spindles Custom fabrication 1941 #E Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 '~USystems~ BY RAFFO RACING LTD. 810A S. ARTHUR AVE. ARLINGTON HTS .. IL 60005 PHONE:,!8◄7) 269-3810 I/) 2h9 9/0b THE BEST AIR SYSTEMS IN RACING YOU CAN BUY! NIW YIU CAN en THE RACING SEARS THE WINNERS ARE USING A FTC Racing . Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (810)-294-5858 Fax (810)-293-0736 Phoenix AZ 85023 Phone (602) 843-6406 Fax (602) 938-4347 619-449-3633 619-449-3665 fax Doug Fortin THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer ~ call (800) 433-6524 ~ Call or write for our FREE Catalog Aircraft Rubber MawulacturinA, Inc. ; 63257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, OR ~7701 USA ph(541) 38e-0203 flr(541).388-0307 • BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE . . (213) 877-7272 , FAX (818) 766-9397 NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 (619) 561-7764 fax 561-4834 20 Years of Off Road Racing Experience "@lfJ ,,,,oa11lMC£ ,o We Service & Sell Jeff Howe Char Lynn, Sweet, 9380 Hillvale Ln. Pumps, Gears & Lakeside, CA 92040 Power Rack & Pinion Lee (714) 522-4600 (714) 522-4602 FAX (714) 522-0123 Service Technician rl/Jjf!lJJ!Y V. W. Serulce • Porsche • Audi • BMW• All VW • Toyota • Nissan • Honda • Street Strip and Sand 0// Road • 6291 B Manchester Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621 West of Beach Blvd. James Gang Racing and Products CNC Controlled Sheet Metal Manufacturing Facility Coiq,lete Race Vehicle Developm:nt Design, Preparation and Fabrication SST. Alum and Tubing 13424 Imperial Hwy. Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670 James M. Hall owner-Driver . 562-921-2693 fax 562-926-0699 . . JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner'. Joe Giffin 3061 E. La Jolla #I Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 632-1240 Off Road Style Fiberglass Fenders Graphite/ Cabon A & D Services GlASSWOAKS. JIMCO Unlimited · Off Road Race Cars : Complete Shock Service . Parts & Accessories - Race Preparation Custom Fiberglass Fabrication 15341 Pipeline Lane #B Huntington Beach. CA 92649 (714) 903-5644 Mike Julson · :10965 Hartley·Ad. : Suite A . Santee, CA 92071-2893 · 619 / 562-1743 · Fax 619 / 562-3379' · e.mail : Russ Jones owner Russ Jones .Meta/'works CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 HONDA Power Equipment SHOP: (ao,i 968-1067 FAX: (so,) 968-3438 OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST. 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 POWER E . STEERING . THOMAS E. LEE Engineering ART KAWAGUCHI FAX (113) 164-1136 (213) 264--~~8 LEE MFG. CO. - . 11661 PENOLETOK&TREET SUN VALLEY, CA-913152 FAX(818l7158-2687 (818) 788-0371 A full line of Power Steering gears, pumps and acc:euoriea for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities available. • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 416 FLEETWOOD GLENDORA, CA 91740 626-857-RACE 626-852-8852 fax KENT LOTHRINGER LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING MAGNAFLUX-Service Suspension Transmission Engine QUALITY RACE CAR CRACK CHECKING DONE BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW RACING 626-857-7223 YOUR OFF-ROAD. Catch us o.n the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 p~ RACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886

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Ae4~HCHAF"T. ~p~ Seats • Nets • Limit Straps • Bags 10925-F Hartley Road • Santee, CA 92071 619/449-9455 • Fax: 449-9454 MIKE MENDEOLA 290 Trousdale Drive, Su~e I & J Chula Vista, CA91910 (619) 691-1000 24 Hour Fax (619) 691-1324 661-940-5515 Specialty Fabrication & Product Sales Pre-Runners. Trucks & Sand Buggies Lance Fuller (805)522-449~ 2280 Shasta Way unit #115 Simi Valley, Ca. 93065 e-mail@f-'ln25f'l2T5f'LU5@Jf'5.~€r MSD" M t.J :l J L J f. 1 :' • ■AsW:f! , ...... ,'!. YOUR COMPLETE IGNITION SOURCE • . - :: . • .. AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR . . EL PASO. TX 79936 [915) 857-5200 • TECH LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: . Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 . OFF ROAO CHASSIS -~ 18124 GRAND AVE, I.AKE ELSINORE, CA 92!530 Complete Off Road & Performance Preparation for Trucks & Vans CUSTOM SUSf'IENSION • PRE-RUN TRUCKS AXLlt SIERVIClt • WELDING 81 FA ■IUCATION NO DISCO TftUCKS Bill Montague Eat. 1974 909-678-1029 . PACIFICALLY LANDSCAPE "&~g'~~,, Patrick A Bessie DESIGN • CONSTRUCTIOf·• • IRRIGATION • MAINTENANCE • WATERSCAPES XERISCAPING • ROCKSCAPE Lic. 390104 (619) 582-7999 (909) 360-5906 . FAX (909) 360-0436 ,FR . PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 10427 San Sevaine Way., Ste. L Mira Loma, California 91752 HAROLD NICKS ;!51!: •~~(Q)V§@7I'I SAFETY EQUIPMENT MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, 'sti'oEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRil'IIG FOR RADIO &/OR 11".'TERCOM STILL ONLY S 12'>. . --2888 GUNDRY AVE. -SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 • · 562-427-8177 I 800-869-5636 W ■ A R R.C. TRANS WILL GET YOU IN GEAR SWING AXLE, BUS, HEWI..AND, M04S 3415 s. POI.MIS 15 LAS VECMS, NV 89102 rJ~· ; .-Fraley s PC"rf ormancc tngineering j JOHN D.O. HOULTON ('702) 221-4313 (702) H7-t724 Jerry Penhall 949-650-3035 Fax 949-650-4721 1660 Babcock Bldg. #B Costa Mesa. CA 92627 • All Types of Steel Cl Aluminum Fabricati-• Tube Beadinc • Alwainma Cl Steel W.lclinc • Custom Machine Work • All Types of Race Cars 48S1 W. Hacienda #4 Laa Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley . 702-36S-9055 PORSCHE 930 4-speed ·, 5 years race-tested · • ., 1 ;:!':s":r;~~~. E~ .-~ -• Synchromesh or · • dog-engagement ' .. • 4.22 R&P (4.88 option · . -• Shotpeened 9310 , • Choice of clutches . · ·, • Gearsets & componen~ • Cqmplete race transmission $7,900 Phone ·oR Fax (808) 87 -6812 ~\l\> stu1, 11 .... tJ "V; ~ Todd Francis ~ P11ci1ion Alloy, 1,/d, fl), 25805 NB 46ti. Avenue ~ ~ Ridgefield, WA 98642 S!:, -~ » Phone ~~8• 41'i\.'lJ,rw Fax 360-887-2000 7on & ~·r 360-887-7279 f/lRD PROTRUCK RACING ORGANIZATION A High Performance Spec VS Race Truck Series "The True Driver's Class" Protruck Sales and Promotion Website: Email: Tel: 619.449.6252 Fax: 619.449.6470 9409 Abraham Way Santee, CA 92071-2584 CUSTOM ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR RACE CARS, TRUCKS, PRERUNNERS BUGGIES, STREET Roos, DRAG CARS QUALITY RACE CAR wm.ING SERVING ALL OF L.A., ORANGE & SAN DIEGO COUNTIES JOE DAVITIAN PGR. 323/340-0277 PROFESSIONAL RACE CAR DESIGN & FABRICATION_ WINNING OFF ROAD RACES SINCE 1978 INCLUDING FACTORY WORKS SCORE CHAMPION TROPHY TRUCK RT 3, BOX 1970 903/683-1599 Rusk, TX FAX 903/683-8829 OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS - GrYE US A CALL 1-800-929-4360 www.RACESHOCK.coM ~ Pboroix,Arimoa !-~-, .lllill.J ~-Suspension Components For Racing And Recreational Applications Shock Service Available on all brands .... Fast Tum-Aroundll Upgrade Your Vehicle Suspension Affordably-Utilizing Our Ti:ade-ln Policy (602) 493-3700 Fax:(602)493-0975 . ' cw, Cl. INT. ll 1WW4, SA Ing. Alfredo Muiioz Rep.EnM6xico Gaolina de Atta Rendimiento l'lra Yehic:utoo lleponivoo, 1221Secc. loo~ C.P. 22420 Toi: (116) 88-20-71 y 81.J7-38 HNil:7llracing@tolnor.no1

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RACING TRANSAXLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. EL CAJON, CA 92021 CHRIS ROSE l619J 443-2480 JOB SITE SIGNS• BANNERS• \\IN00W LETTERll,G • C,\R LETTERlllG. • GRAPHICS SGUEA K & MARGIE COATS 5\101 Galway Circ!e' • Huntingto1 Beach CA 92649 (7.14) 897-0075 • F2, [714) 694-9567 ~ s~e~&~ &~to,1{/u,, e~~ 1Jdt "!)lat(,, 7-60 .... :347 ~.50.52 45-410 # !0 ~ St. 1~, 13A 92201 i LIIQ SANDERS SERVICE, INC. . METAL PROCESSING S. B. ENG!NEERING "SUPER BOOT11 HCR66, BOX 11030. PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV.89048 (775) 372-5335 I O-rn South Main Strt--et, Fall brook, CA 92028 FA:\ 760-n.l-2117 F-1'1AIL hajarace ·iitth com PflONI: 760-7~3-2 I I 7 \ C.ALL U~ FIF-~T! ·'----'----------------l!lhRACING VJ:IGASOLINE "100. 110 114 118" methanol & 111tro G.L. Bryant, Inc. 1-800-399-4176 209-537-1·565 fax • Commercial Fuels & Lubes • High Performance Lubes • On-Site Fuel Distribution • Tec~nical Assistance • Fuel & Lubes Handling Equip. TIM CECIL 849Lambert (714) 447-3581 • Brea, CA 92821 Fax (714) 672-9246 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 (323) 583-2404 FAX (323) 583-3965 SANDBLAST-GLASS '3EAD-MAGNETIC PARTICLE FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith Get the word out about your business, big or· small. Put your business card in the "Good Stuff Directory" and reach new customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $25.00 per month Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks · Buggies • Pre-Runners (619) 449-9728 FAX (619) 449-2678 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A", Santee, CA 92071 • s~ING GASOLI Paul Dumas 805-64 7-7700 Phone 805-647-7023 Fax 805-340-6704 Mobile Sports Racing Products -LA 6338 N. Manna Pacifica Dr., #K15 Long Beach, CA 90803-701 0 LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS Cudahy,CA Riverside, CA Oxnard, CA Las Vegas, NV 323-562-3230 909-877-0226 805-485-6900 702-643-9200 ----------Enl ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31510 223rd street East Llano. CA 93544 · 661-261-3202 ~STRICTLY ~PERA SUNDRY METAL SPINNING Phone (562) 928-9838 Fax (562) 928--0778 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • ·STEEL • BRASS • COPPER • STAINLESS 6831 St.Na Street Bell Gardens, CA 90201 JOHN AVALOS OWNER RACE FUELS [209) 847-2281 (800) 527-6090 FAX (209) 847-9726 -PO. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale. California 95361 ~ ~¥~ "YOUR QUALITY RACE GRAPHICS ca" Design • Fabrication • Installation Darren Ebbert• Tony Cerone {909)340-46B4 FliX {909)340-4689 490 Princeland Ct. #4. Corona, ·c~ 92879 www.sunsetsigndesigns.;.com ,,,..._ RACE GRAPHICS ,,,..._ RACE & CHASE #'S ,,,..._PIT SIGNS ,,,..._DECALS ,,,..._ ENCLOSED TRAILERS r-. BUSINESS SIGNS r-. LOOO DE!l/0/I ~ ~ SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WFLOiNG • FABRICATDV • CACPlASMA QJTT/f\K, • FFCNTENOS • REAR TRAIUNGARMS RACEOfASSJS • Pl'ERUNNERS • FQXRACINGSHJX • SANDBI.JGGES LARRY ROSEVEAR 4050 LEAVERTON CT. PH0NE/714)630-4482 ANAHEIM, CA 92807 FAX [714)6304548

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audio video ._ 1;;,~1!'t ~·t ~~ security ~--· •·,L:1.,,~~•~~-t l"fflO~.,;f_e~iJ.-=-~';;;::?-au_ os ~"W!l~:i?i. _... ~::.::,\ e\ec\tor.V:.S marine __,. ~~M1.r.\\ ... ~ 'Ii tt\-vet\ottn.9.~ -RVs ~ij race vehicles Allen .Johnston buggies 619.596.1925 11420 N. W:Jodside Ale. Santee, CA 92071 tax 619.596.2638 ~~/~e°'Rc;·_·•, ,. . . _ .. ,l'P$PbV£ ?S;,c ~Q.EHG..cASS SPE'C'PU./...,;-.Ts.' * Off-Road and Bolt-On to Street Fiberglass for: "Ford, Chevy and Toyota" Trucks * Carbon Fiber Parts and Custom Molds 1121 !Iii. Buena Vista St. , Hemet ~a. 92543 Ph: 909-654-7334 · Fax: 909-654-2375 See a list of our products at our web site: http://www.fiberglass1 -~ I i&ftiiiffE ENGINEEIING JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 BF3UCE HENDEL Regio,:ial Manager VP Racing Fuel!;, West Co~f P..O. Box 1319 '34283 .'Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 Phone: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 67 4-7367 Pager: (909\ 694-7392 ~~G ugs Dune 8 llggies Welding V.W. - Porsche - Nissan - Toyota Lorenzo Rodriguez 515 S. Vermont, Glendora, Ca. 9_1741 (626)914-8147 L'2'11li L_(gldn/n~ Powertrain Com_plete Powertraln Development, Maintenance and §upply E,:iglnes • Tramimlsslons • Drlvellnes • Differentials 6845 Speedway Blvd. K-101 Las Vegas, Nevada 89115 70i!-B71-166 1 Fax: 70i!-871-6480 Adam Wik 1994 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines Engine Dyno Service 535 East Central Park Anaheim CA 92802 714-956-9457 Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 85017 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 ---------------------1-------------------------------- --------·-----i\\e BUMP STOPS HERE ai > ~ <i:: 0 Q) :g '5 O> C nl nl --E E ~ 0 0 "" Zoi .c 0 :5 -0 Q) Cl) g Lt) ~ -.:t ~ -~ i2 C\I (I) <t: X Cl) 0 if. Ww ~o Cl) -:::> Cl) CJ§ Stop t our suspension ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT 319.90 PER PAIR. Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 102 Crestview P.O. Box 845 1-520-427-3551 Yarnell, AZ 85362-0845 MOTORCYCLES ·-• KTM •HUSABERG •HUSQVARNA • SERVICE & PARTS , • SUSPENSION (ulP] Automotive • ATV • Motorcycle M-F 12-6 VARIOUS SAT 10-2 2350 ORANGETHORPE ANAHEIM, CA 92806 714-449-1271 FAX 449-1374 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL. • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 1 81 5 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE RIVERS I DE, CA 92507, USA 909.369.5144 • 909.369:7266FAX WWW. WEBCAM I NC.COM Classified ... AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE: 1999 l-1600S.C. Attig Chassis & tranny, Wiks engine, Fox 2.5 bypass & 2.0 Shox, Real B/L rims, CNC, Beard, Simpson, Foddrill arms, & Combos, Top of the line car, 1999 CORR points champion $13,500.00 & Complete FAT motor $2800.00 Call Mark Krueger (920) 498-2495 leave message. Dusty Times FOR SALE: Class 1 single seater, FAT Performance Type 4, 2600cc 5 speed gear box. Wil-wood front brakes and Summers rear brakes, Parker Pumper, in-cludes trailer 2 axle, electric brakes, comes with spare parts, BFGoodrich tires, Centerline Wheels, $32,000.00 for every-thing, Baja Brokers (706) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Class 12 or Sports-man-F unco Chassis all Chro-moly 119" wheel, 1650 Type 1, Bus tranny, 22 gal fuel cell, (4) Fox in front, (8) 2.0 Fox in rear, new Foddrill front arms, Woods rear arms, front and rear discs with CNC cali-pers, 300m torsion bars, Dura blue stub axles, Ump steer-ing, Parker Pumper, Yokohamas front and rear on Ultras, very reliable, finishing car, some ex-tras. $12,000.00 obo Call (915)858-8787- ask for Ray 7am to 5pm Mon-Fri. March 2000 1992 Dodge 4wd PreRunner-Walker Evans' glass, Magnum 380 cid V8, est, 400hp, 727 trans by Valley Trans, 35 gallon cell, National Springs f7r, Fox 2.0s and custom 2.5" shocks, gusseted and trussed 9", 3 5 spline, 4.56, locker, discs, cus-tom interior w/Autometer, Mastercraft, Deist, Very low miles since completed, Ultra clean and great attention to de-tail! $19,900 Baja Brokers Ref #717 (760).723-2117 Check out our website at Suspensions Unltd. 2 seater-Very nice Class 10 or Class 12 car, fresh FAT 1835 and Fortin 5 speed, fresh Bilstein 60mm By-pass shocks, Outboard Hubs, Howe p/s radio/intercom, CNC-brakes and pedals, new rack, new. front arms, fresh -seats, Flame Out system, complete Baja 1000 prep with 30 miles! $28,000.00. Baja Brokers ref #737 (760)723-211 7. Check out our website at www.bajaconcel? More Classi.ieds on Next Page -Page 53 .,

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FOR SALE: Hewland DG300, Narrow center section, 4.38 R&P, zero miles since Fortin re-build, will provide invoice, $6,000.00 obo Call Pat (714)427-1100 X 102. FOR SALE: Magnaflux Wet method machine, Model 50, 15" table, 6 1/2 " coil, Hood, 1000 amps, Certified February 2000,$2,500.00 firm. (626) 794-9714. Your main source for the all I · new RaceRunner shock series / ..,..-. from Sway-Away. Now avail-A;;--'~ able in 2" 2 1/2" and massive naceRunner 3" bod~ coil-o;er design. •11oc,c• •r SWAY· A •WAY KARTEK.) ~ ~ · THE SOURCE for off-road racing equipment and services We now offer complete shock services including custom revolving and rebuilding. We sell and ser-vice FOX, BILSTEIN, and all SWAY-A-WAY shocks, including the new RACE RUNNER · series. Play cars or race cars, Class 9 or trucks, 1/2 1600, even super-long travel A-arm cars, KARTEK gets you handled! ~ ~ (909) s,;2,s-2s2s ~----~ U!I (909) 628-0833 · ............_4..,,-,- ~,c:,.td.'ifir fax (909) 627-4067 14122 Central ave. Chino, ·cA. 91710 open 7 days a week! FOR SALE: 1997 Race car trailer, Built by EMI Technol-ogy 48'x9'x10 1/2, lounge area 13 1/2 x 8 1/2 w/toilet, sink, range, refrigerator_, leather, storage and A/C 35'x 8 1/2" working and storage area wood and tile floor, 2 winches , 2 gen-erator, 1 welder, 2 side doors outside lighting, rear gate, standing roof deck, 5 8' belly boxes, 8 new tires, excellent condition, $43,000 asking price or trade for exotic car. Call Fox Motorsports (915) 833-7902. FOR SALE: Mirage Class 9, 1 seater, 1997 MORE Class cham-pion. 1998 Vegas/Reno Winner, 1999 MDR 3rd in points. Fresh Motor/Trans. FOX, S.A. W., CNC, Pedals, Mastercraft Seat. Parker Pumper, Wright Rack, UMP, Filler, Spare tires, parts. With 22 ft enclosed trailer, $11,500.obo (661)252-0772 or (661)298-3744. FOR SALE: MDR Class7s Championship Toyota '85Xtra Cab. Only 6 races on this newly built 4x4. Best equipment, Su-per reliable racetruck. Race prep'd and ready for Baja 2000 or Best in the Desert 2000. Win yourself a championship. Work assignment forces sale. $9,800.00. Call for more info, Burrows Motorsports (909)422-FOR SALE: 1989 Ford F-150, '96 front fiberglass, 351, C-6, 4.56 gears, 33" BFG's on American Racing Wheels, National Coils, Deaver Leafs, 8 Bilsteins w/res, Beard Seats, AC, CD, Headers, White. Call Rob. $9,000.00 (714) 374-9293. FOR SALE: 1996 Ford F150Stock Full Truck. The 1999 Champion for the Best in the Desert series. This truck has finished every race it has ever been in; Rob MacCachren, Steve Olliges, Robert Hayley have all won races in this truck. -With its 3 51 w 425 hp motor, Fox Shox and all the other nice parts, too many to put in this ad, this is a great buy at $40,000.00. Please call Robert at 858 279-8939. Bunderson A-Arm Chassis-Motor and trans not included, the chassis is currently set up for a Auto Trans and a Type 4 motor. The car needs mtr/ trans/battery /tach/tires/wheels. Per-fect for Class 1 or Class 10. Good parts! Summers hubs and brakes, Bunderson coilovers and bypass. Fuel Safe, big travel front and rear, $9,000.00. Baja Brokers Ref #693 (760) 723-2117. Check out our on line parts auction at 7"S Range;-ex Scott Douglas Rough · Riders Ford Ranger, This Truck Is Very Professional Anc! It Shows. Very Good History And Wonderful Race Record! Summers Bros. Front Hubs And Floater Rear End, 4 Wheel Disc Brakes, Custom Shocks W/Remote Reservoirs, National Springs, C4 Trans, Winters Shifter, Trip le Coolers With Electric Fans, All Steel Braided Plumbing, Clark Steppler 2851cc 4 Cylinder, Crower Stroker Crank, Esslinger Head, Dual 48mm W ebers, Dual Msd Ignition, 3 2 Gallon Cell, Fiberglass Front Clip, Are Wheels/Bfg Bajas, Etc. $13,500 Baja Brokers #715 (760) 723-2117. Check Out Our Website At •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in • : DUSTY TIMES . • • • • • Classified Aqvertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7" .All Classified Ads must be PAID IN AD-V AN CE. REMEMBER - CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. FOR SALE: Class 9 Watkins built, Hot VW's featured car June 92 is-sue, FAT/FEX motor, 96-97 Vorra ch~mpionships, FOX, Sway-A-Way, Fire Systems; Fuel Safe, KC, Yoko-hama/BFG, K&N, Earls, Parker· Pumper, Master Craft, CNC, Tons of spares, Trailer, $7,000.00. (408) 227-1880/(408) 365-1995x314, ask for Lance. FOR SALE: CORR Super Buggy, Probst Chassis, w([oyota engine. 98' World Champion. 98' World Cham-pion, 98' CORR Triple Crown Champion & '99' Unlimited Buggy Champion. Fox, Centerline, Earls, Wright, Summers Bros., Best of ev-erything, ALSO spare motor & . tranny and many spares. Call (906) 246-3438. FOR SALE: 76 long travel 2x4 Prerunner Blazer-Stroker, 700R, Aubern 4.11 grs, American 5 star rims, 35'Goodyears w/spare, Beard, Rear seat, AC,PW, htr, factory tack, Phyborglass fenders, custom paint job, roof rack, prerun bumpers, F&B receiver, 31 gal tank, etc. Great chase truck, runs awesome. $9,000.00. days (714) 871-2011 eve (714) 776-6227 Greg. FOR SALE: 1998 MDR 5-1600 points champ. Fox 2.5 w/posi-· tion sensitive Fox big shaft front end. Fresh prep 12.1 motor, 4.86 JG Trans, only the best of the best $10,500.00 (714)255-9501 or (714)967-5098. FOR SALE: Super 1600 Raceco • Short Course Car, 21" rear Wheel · travel, Very light car, spare parts, Wheels, Tires, everything but motor and trans, $5,000.00 (909) 682-8745. .. • • • • • Enclosed is $ (Send check or money order, no cash) ----Name _______________________________ _ Address Phone -----------------------------City State __ Zip_. _______ _ Please run ad ___ times Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 207 51 Marilla Street Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Page 54 March 2000 FOR SALE: 5-1600 2 seat (new belts), new engine, new trailer, extra racing trans(Bus). 6 tires mounted, extra shocks, Brake drum, c/v joints and many more parts, worth $9,000.00driverpassedaway, will sell for $7,000.00 OBO Call (909) 787-8549, pager 422-2701. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Toyota Tacoma Race Truck, best of everything, no motor $9,800.00. FORD 7s truck parts for sale; engines, rear end, shocks, etc. 5-link buggy chassis for sale (new) $1,600.00. Call Steve for details @ wk (402) 443-4117 ho (402) 625-2802. FORMER Robby Gordon Trophy FOR SALE: 1998 Pro-2, Truck or Class 8. Fresh motor with Sportsman-2 or Class 8, built by big horsepower hooked to a C6 trans, Walker in '89, updated by custom hand-built coilover and by-Greaves, 700 hp 18 deg. 406, pass shocks, ultra trick! 3 feet of trick Magi trans, Chrisman, wheel travel all the way around. 37" King/Kusters, Chevy body, 1998 tires on 17" beadlocks, lots of spares! Class 8 champ, too many spares This is a great truck for race or play to list, $40,000.00 w/ spares, GlamisorBaja!.Whybuildonewhen $25,000.00 less engine, you can buy one for$65,000.00?Will $20,000.00 less engine and 3 consider trades/whole or partial. transmissions, (602) 404-3046. ..(7_6_0)'-7.;...2..;..3_-2...;1_17.;.... _____ _ Sell Your Car, Pre-Runner, Parts or Bits & Pieces Right Here ... Dusty Times Has The Off Road Readership You re Looking For. Only $25 for up to 45 words plus $5 with photo. Use form on opposite page FOR SALE: Jimco 1 or 10. 18" front travel on Fox remote res coilovers, 24" travel rear on Fox remote res. shocks, Summers Bros. Discs on all four, Out-board 930cv's, Ump Pumper, Custom paint and Fuel Safe Cell, No Motor, $12,000.00 obo, Call (775)482-9298, leave message. FOR SALE: Lee Leighton built 2912 type 4 race engine, dual 48 Webers, dry sump, built with all the best parts. Very reliable and fast. Have $16,000.00 into the engine asking $10,000.00 OBO. Dyno specs avail-able, only to serious buyers. For info contact Terry at (702) 897-4568. 1989 BRONCO-351W built for su-percharger w/Paxton Supercharger, Dart heads, cam, exhaust, injectors, etc. Art Carr C6 race trans, 45 gal-lon fuel tank, Rancho suspension, Gabriel adjustable shocks, Currie 9" rear end w /disc brakes, Detroit, Hella, BFG, . great Chase vehicle, $18,500.00 or best, Baja Brokers Ref #738 (760) 723-2117. Checkout our on line used parts auction at ' INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Baker Performance Products .......... 34 Gale Banks Engineering .................... 17 Best In The Desert -Nevada 2000 ......... 9 Terrible's Town ... , ................... 19 Bilstein Corp. Of America ....................... 5 Cactus Racing ...................................... 21 Camburg Engineering ........................ 14 Coast Resorts .................................... 1 D Jim Conner Racing ............................ 25 Converter Shop .................................. 40 Eibach Springs ................................... 35 Estero Beach ...................................... 45 Fabtech ............................................... 43 · F.A.I.R ................................................. 44 FAT Performance ............................... 30 CLASS 9 Single Seater, Fox po-Flannery Racing Liquidation Sale ... 13 sition sensitive shocks w/reser-voirs, Sway-A-Way spring Fox Racing Shox .................................. 4 plates, Type 3 brakes, custom Fuel Safe Racing Cells ...................... 32 axle tubes, lots of spares, 1 7 gal-German Auto ...................................... 24 lon cell, very good well built, Hettinga Creations Racing ............... 28 well maintained car. Go racing K k Off R d 3 for cheap. $6,000.00 Baja Bro-arte oa ···························3 • 54 kers Ref# 740. (760)723-2117. Kawaguchi Honda .............................. 37 Check out our website at King Shock Tech ................................ 41 www.ba1· Mag-7 20 r-----------------------11! - -................................................. . d I McKenzie Performance Products .... 16 I 2n ANNUAL . 1 M.o.R.E ............................................... 39 I I FOR SALE: 1998 Single Seat. Nevada Off Road Buggy .................... 42 I OFF ROAD I Mike Smith shocks, Mike Smith HELP WANTED: Jimco is Off Road Swap Meet... ...................... 55 I I chassis, Fortin, DON, Pauter 3.0L looking for dedicated people to PCI Race Radios and Equipment ........ 2 = s WA p M E E T .. ?;:~:~~~1tf~Ji::r:1tco:p1::~ ~o;~ti~hnesi~p:~nfoit!e~d~~;~~~b~ Pike's Family Restaurant ................... 6 Prep ready for 2000 season. Con-bl Race Ready Products ........................ 31 I I ricators, assem y & prep per-tact $60,000.00 Mike Grabowski sonal. Call Mike@ (619) 562_ SNORE ................................................. 23 I I @ (909)822-6045· 1743 or send resume to Jimco Sports Racing ..................................... 55 I I FOR SALE: Competitive enclosed Racing Products@ 10965 Har-Summit Racing ................................... 15 I I trailer31'overall, 27' floorspace, 96" ley Rd, Ste R, Santee, CA Sway-A-Way Corp ............... Back Cover I I w_ ide_, 6' tall, observ_ a_tion_ dec_k w/lad-92071. T I E · · 26 rans ax e ngrneermg ..................... . I BUY AND SELL PARTS FOR ALL YOUR I dder. R:eadrramp, 4'hside dhoor,.dhaslvleOvn- Tri-Mil Industries .............................. 46 I OFF ROAD TOYS AND RACE VEHICLES I or wm ows on t e ot er s1 e. I lighting, 12,000 lb guw tandem axled, TSCO Motorsports •··························· 12 I -10 ACRES OF DEALS-I equalizer hitch w/sway control, elec-Union 76 Racing Gasoline ................ 18 I tric tongue 1·ack. Held mini truck_, Wanted: Ford Tall Deck Block 2.3 V II p f L, 4 cyl (714) 806-0301. a ey er ormance ........................... 36 I I Call Dennis (909) 735-6452. VORRA ........................................... 29, 38 I Saturday, April 1, 2000 :..-----------------------. I I I I 1 R & B AUTO CENTER • FONTANA, CALIF. I I Exit Citrus offramp on 10 Freeway, 4 Miles North to Foothill, Turn Leftl I Swap M-aet is Arranged to include the following Sections: 11 I Sw1m1 .Gn!llll Coit SiK I 1 USED PARTS & ACCESSORIES $35.00 10x15' I I 2 RACE TRUCKS $35.00 10xl5' I I 3 RACE BUGGY'S $35.00 10x15' I I 4 MOTORCYCLES $15.00 3x8' I I S SAND TOYS $35.00 10x15' I 6 QUADS & 3-WHEELERS $20.00 5x8' I 7 TRJ\.ILERS & TOW VEHICLES $35.00 10x20' I I 8 PR'E-RUNNERS $35.00 10xl5' I I 9 MFG. & RETAIL DISPLAYS $35.00 10x20' I I 10 4x4s & JEEPS $35.00 10x15' I I I I I I I II Bring your great Off Rc,ad Collections to thls first super Off Road Swap Meet In J History. Tell your friends and clean out your Garage! . ■ I I I $5.00 ADULTS-KIDS UNDER 16 ARE FREE! I I I I I Ir--------------·------. --------------,1 I I To reserve a space fill out this entry form and mall with a check to CaJ!!ornla Pre-1 I I I Run, 39067 Orchard St., Cheny Valley, CA. 92223 before March 20, 20UU , 1 1Nam.c,__ ________ $tree~----------I I Letty ____ ._siaie __ Zlp ______ s«uo......._ ___ JI I I I Prcsenled by Curt LeDuc·s California Pre-.l'Un I I For more Information call Curt Lceluc (909) 845-5292 or I I R & B Auto Center (909) 829-1140 I -------------------------· Dusty Times POR RACING GASOLINE IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE OUR NEW DISTRIBUTOR IN MEXICO MAQUINARIA Y LUBRICANTES DEL NOROESTE CONTACT: SONNY NAJAR PHONE -21-24-74 AL 76 Main Office Branch Office Ferrocarrileros No. 102 Mexicali, Baja Cfa Tel: 65-58-51-94 y 95 Branch Office Blvd. lnsurgentes #16310 Tijuana, Baja Cfa Tel: 66-21-24-74 al 76 Blvd. Garcia Morales #111 Hermosillo, Son. Tel: 62-60-66-20/21 For Pre-orders or information on how to obtain SPORTS Racing Gasoline in Mexico Please contact Paul Dumas at SPORTS Racing Gasoline. March 2000 Phone: 105-647-7700 Fax: 805-647-7023 Page 55

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