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he first 3 months with Boomering is a crucial part of your long-term success. It is
where you find out what works for your company and what doesn’t. Where you ca n
implement your research and utilise any new information that may arise. Here you will
also develop and cultivate your professional relationship with your offsh ore employee.
It is basical ly the feeling out process to check whether outsourcing is the right fit for
your company.
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1. Meet Your Offshore Manager
You’ll be assigned a Boomering Manager. They will be your main point of contact during this
process and will communicate with you the dependencies, timelines, risks and the overall status
of the project. This person will be your guide, your advisor for thr whole 3 months. Ask questions
and make sure you understand the progress.
2. Scalable Solutions For Your Business
Using your projected business statistics, the Boomering management team will analyze the data
and determine solutions for your business to ensure a high quality level of service to help you
scale your business. One of the most beneficial factor of working with a contractor is the ability
to easily adjust to the climate of the business.
3. Reviewing Your Training Materials
The Boomering team will work closely with your training expert. The expert will carefully review
your training materials and will provide any recommendations to ensure your operations stay
modern and relevant to your business.
4. Training Your Candidates
Boomering management and onboarding will train your agents through this process and assist
with agent readiness. We can offer live feedback giving your candidates a taste of what to expect
in the real world as a way of training them. Pitting their skills in a low risk environment can help
build their confidence and help improve customer interaction and experience.
5. Data Gathering & Program Optimization
For the first 30 days, we will be gathering the data from your operations as well as the
performance of your employees to fully optimize your program. Your involvement will lessen
but you’re still an integral part as refinements will be made to ensure KPI’s are met. Ongoing
optimization will ensure continued success.
6. Lets Grow Your Success!
You are now running a smooth and successful outsourced program. This leaves you more time
and resources to try new ventures and experiment on new business models. We’ll be
checking in with you regularly for any updates but for now, congratulations!