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Dear Sally,

Act 1 ,scene 2

1.I would be able to be a protector like Miep,and Mr.Kraler even though I would know I would suffer the same fate as jews because I would stand up for what I believe in , for what I believe is the right thing to do . I would be their protector because I know if I were in there place and I was a jew I would want  someone to help me ,and help my family stay safe during the unpredictable,bearing ,fearful time of the holocaust. 

I would be willing to be sneaky to help someone else survive because then I would die happy for something I believed in. I would also be willing to take a risk because then I would know somewhere in my heart that I tried my best to help them, Iwould feel so bad if I didn’t .

-Summer Sanders

Act 1, Scene 3

      2.) In the Secret Annex, I feel that the hardest person to get along with would be Mr.VanDaan. Some examples of his negative behavior is when he constantly complains about the living conditions, the quantity of food, and the people he is in hiding with. He is even rude to his own family at a time when he should be comforting.He is always being unkind to Anne and he continues to throughout the hiding because no one says anything to him about his rudeness.  Mr. Van Daan even complains about not having enough food when  Mr.Dussell comes to the Annex. I found this very rude because this man needs help and he is acting very selfish. I think that he is not kind to anyone in hiding, but the Franks look over it because they want to keep them safe.

-Kayla Bissell

Dear Sally,


Act 1,scene4

2.If I were hiding for 25 months I would miss my childhood,friends,school, and just being a kid and having a normal life in general. I would miss school because that is where I learn, see my friends, and can have a good laugh. I would miss my childhood because when you're in hiding you can't really be yourself you have to be quiet,and do as your told otherwise bad things could be the result of your poor behavior.When you're a kid you want to  have fun and be yourself . If I were anne in hiding I would miss not being able to create more fun memories with my friends. I would wish that jews  wouldn't have to be so different.

-Summer Sanders


Dear Sally,


1.) If I was in the Annex and the telephone was rings repeatedly, I would be terrified just like Mr.VanDann and Mr.Dussell. I thought it was smart of Mr.Frank not to answer because if it wasn't Miep, they would be caught faster than they were. If I was in this position I would try not to answer it because I would be to scared of the risks of answering it. There are risks for not answering, but I feel it is more dangerous to answer it instead. It would be dangerous to answer because you don't know who would be on the other line, it could be a trap to see if anyone is there also.

 -Kayla Bissell


Dear Sally,


Dear Sally, 


1. I believe yes you need friends to be happy and no you don't need friends to be happy. I

say yes because I now think what would I do without my friends. They are always there to

cheer me up,and I can always talk to them about anything. I say you don't need friends

because some friends come and go you don't need them to be happy,you could be

happy with your family or something.Also when you get older all the friends you have

now are not going to be your friends when you get older,maybe some of them but not

all. Im just sayign no you dont need friends but they do help you get through rough times. -Summer Sanders



Act 2,Scene 3

      1.) When Mr. Frank says "we don't need the Nazis to destroy us, we are destroying ourselves" I think this means that when they found out Mr.VanDann was stealing the food they toke very drastic measures and were too hard on him. I bet it was very hard to find out that he was eating food that could keep them alive or starve.

Dear Sally,

 I feel that him and his family shouldn't be thrown out though, by throwing them out they would die or be sent to the Concentration Camps. I think Mr. Frank knew was right when he said this quote because once they found out the secert of Mr.VanDann,  they were ready to throw him out this instant. Then Mrs.VanDann got into the argument,  and so did Mr. Dussell. Everyone in the Annex was mad and being rude to each other which was what Mr.Frank meant when he said. -Kayla Bissell

Rememberance of the Holocaust happened in many places. This is called the hall of remembeance, there is pictures of all the people who died in the Holocaust.


In rememberence of when the Holocaust happened, there is a memorial plaque for the people who have died.










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