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By Joey Stallings 

Liz Daniel



Days of Hiding 


Act 1, Scene I Question 2:



Dear Josie,

My father  Mr.Frank should not have  returned because it will bring so many bad memories that will not want to remember, that will haunt him. How everything was destroyed and also how we were hidding by the Nazis. Also how they Nazis found us every was destroyed.


Act 1, Scene III Question 2


Dear Josie,

 The person I got along with was my father  Mr. Frank because he is understandable and supportive. He understands me when I had problem, how I act different from others not acting mature. In one occation my mother always  compared me with Margot how I can’t be like  Margot. My mother does not understand me like father does. This is why I always get along with my father more than my mother.


 Act 1, Scene 3


Dear Josie,
Let me tell you what I think it would be harder to get along with both Mr and Mrs.Van Daan because they are so judgemental and rude and they always talk about their problems and they always argue. And Mrs.Van will never stop talking about her fur coat and she says if we touch it she will kill you. And Mr.Van Daan won't stop starting arguments.





Act 2, Scene 1


Dear Josie,
I think I have changed by getting mad all the time at my mom for babying me and saying that I'm is growing up and that I'm not a baby anymore. But my mom just wants to keep me safe and wants to spend time with me but I don't want to, but all that I do is start arguments with my mom saying that “ You grownups have had your chance. If we begin thinking about all of the horror in the world, were lost! Were trying to hold onto some kind of ideals when everything ideals, hopes everything, are being destroyed! It isn't our fault that the world is in such a mess! we weren't around when all this started! So dont try to take it out on us all the time!





Act II, Scene IV Question



Dear Josie,                                      

The phone was ringing and Mr. Dussel was telling my father Mr. Frank how the phone rang so many time and none of the workers are here. Also how Meip has not been here since three days, it strange. I might have been a clue that Meip tried to warned us about the Nazis but if I was my father  Mr. Frank I would have gone down stairs and pick up the phone and hear if it was Meip or not. If it was Meip and she warned us about the Nazis we would have escaped and been safe somewhere else.  If not it would give me relief that it was just someone else.

Act II, Scene III Question 2


Dear Josie,

If I welcomed someone to my home and they would stealing like Mr. Van Daan I would might done the same thing as my mother  Mrs. Frank. We are starving and hiding to not be caught. How Peter, Morgot, and me need food to be strong and health. See ourselves thinner every day and someone eating our food every night and eating well and not thinking about the others in the attic how selfish can he be. I would not have kicked them out because they might have told where we are and we not have been safe.





Final Choice


Dear Josie,

If I had a conversation with someone today and they  ask me how my life was like in hiding in a attic because it was weird to meet new people. And was it hard to be silent all day because usually you liked to talk. Also  it was hard to not move around a lot all day so we won't make a noise so no one would hear us down stair where the workers work at.



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 Act One

Liz Daniel~ Act 1, Scene III Question 2 

Liz Daniel~ Act 1, Scene III Question 2

Joey Stallings~ Act 1, Scene 3

 Act Two

Joey Stallings~ Act 2, Scene 1

Joey Stallings~ Final Chocie

Liz Daniel ~ Act II, Scene IV Question

Liz Daniel ~ Act II, Scene III Question 2