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Anne frank

Discrimination in anne frank

By Jason Qiu and Matt Capece


Anne states, “I had to turn in my bike. I couldn’t go to a Dutch school any more. I couldn’t go to the movies, or ride in an automobile, or even on a streetcar, and a million other things.” Anne is describing her daily life and the discrimination involved. Her possessions were taken from her not because she was a bad child or she committed a crime, but it was because she was a Jew. It is unfair and one of the most cruel things you can do to a human because the Nazis were taking advantage of something Anne could not control. Also, before going into hiding, Anne, her family, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel had to wear yellow stars. The yellow stars were used to label them as Jews. The stars were a stigma used for humiliation and defamation. The Jews were discriminated from society as long as they had the star stuck on their clothes. I feel the star is one of the biggest acts of discrimination that the Nazis committed. It serves no purpose but to shame Jews using a significant religious symbol.

 Diary entry 1 - Jason qiu

yellow star worn on clothing

When Mr. Dussel goes into hiding, he says, “Right here in Amsterdam every day hundreds of Jews disappear… They surround a block and search house by house.” Mr. Dussel is describing how the Green Police is deporting Jews to work camps and death camps. This is discrimination because they are sending them away because of differences in their religion. I believe that this discrimination is wrong because people were being sent away due to the fact that he or she is a Jew or his or her relative is a Jew. This discrimination is unfair because Jews had no choice but to go, even if they did nothing wrong to anyone. That is why so many innocent people including Anne and her family went into hiding.

 Diary entry 2 - Jason qiu

Jewish People being taken to conentration camps

While in hiding, the Franks and the Van Daans celebrated Hanukkah differently than normal. Because of the discrimination, they cannot allow anyone to find signs of their Jewish faith. When Dussel asks about presents, they respond that they cannot have presents this year. Also, they are forced to blow out the candle early so nobody notices them. Lastly, they cannot sing religious songs loudly because people may hear them from the streets and report them to the Gestapo or Green Police. This shows how discrimination changed the Jewish way of life. I think that this is a violation of human rights because people should not be forced to celebrate their religion differently. This is an example of how discrimination against Jews affected their lives.

 Diary entry 3 - matt capece


After the thief breaks into the building and finds out that people are hiding there, Mr. Dussel says “I think some day he’ll be caught and then he’ll make a bargain with the Green Police… if they let him off, he’ll tell them where some Jews are hiding!” Mr. Dussel explains to the other attic residents how serious the situation is because any small mistake can mean death.This shows how ruthless and corrupt the Green Police were. The Green Police would actually let a criminal free to capture a family of Jews who had done nothing wrong. This shows how strong the discrimination against Jews was. I think that this is terrible because public support was given to a political party that values criminals over innocent Jews.

 Diary entry 4 - matt capece

Green police

Every day, Jews were being locked up in concentration camps to be separated from society. Mrs. Frank states, “Think how lucky we are! Think of the thousands dying in the war, every day. Think of the people in the concentration camps.” This quote shows discrimination because Jews were purposely being kept away in camps to either be killed or to work for the Nazis. The Franks were lucky enough to be safe in a hiding place. However, the reality of the situation dawns on the family when they realize the amount of Jews being sent away and possibly separated from their families not because they did anything wrong but because they were Jews. I feel that this is not right because Jews had to suffer and fear for their lives so that they will not end up in a work camp or a death camp.


 Diary entry 5 - Jason qiu

Nazis getting ready to kill a jewish man

While Anne and Peter are talking, Peter talks about his anger at being hidden for two years, waiting to be found. When Anne hears him say this she says, “We’re not the only people that’ve had to suffer. There’ve always been people that’ve had to… sometimes one race… sometimes another...” This shows the unfairness of how they are forced to hide in a cramped space due to their religion. Although it shows the unfairness of discrimination, it also shows how Anne realizes that they are not the first or last people to suffer. She thinks that the world is just going through a phase. I think that Peter’s anger at the unfairness of his life is understandable, but Anne is more mature in realizing that their sufferings, however great, are only a tiny portion of history.

 Diary entry 6 - Matt capece

bookshelf hiding the secret entrance to anne frank's hiding place

Anne Frank’s life was full of cruelty, oppression, and discrimination.  If I could have a conversation with Anne Frank, I would ask her about how she felt about the discrimination in her life and how she dealt with it. From the discrimination in Anne’s world, I have learned that the need for power is very strong. People like Hitler are willing to kill and discriminate people based on race, religion, or nationality. He deprives innocents of their rights and freedoms. For example, Anne and her family had to go into hiding despite doing nothing wrong. Mr. Kraler said, “I never thought I’d live to see the day when a man like Mr. Frank would have to go into hiding.” This shows how even the most innocent and kind people like Mr. Frank are discriminated just for being a Jew. Also, Anne says,“Then the war came, and the Dutch capitulation, followed by the arrival of the Germans. Then things got very bad for the Jews.” Anne’s quote tells us that Jews were not going to be treated as equally as other people. In fact, “things got very bad for the Jews.” Therefore, they had to go into hiding to discrimination. They were afraid that the discrimination might change into something worse such as genocide, which eventually happened. Discrimination still exists today because people around the world are constantly depriving others of rights due to aspects that they can not control. For example, in different parts of the U.S., African Americans are still being denied rights and freedoms because of the color of their skin. Although not as prevalent as before, it still exists and will continue to because the need for power is always present.


Summary - Jason qiu and matt capece

anne and margot frank's grave

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