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1999 Volume 16 Number 1 Dusty Times Magazine

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---... ( ~ ,' <. ~---::. r :..-... ,: ~ -::i , > ,,, :'-;.,.,, , ., ~ . , ~= : ~ ~ ,,, ~ -;_~;t t":;$:.,~ .. .,..., .... .,,. ~ ... _,,--::,..~ ..,.~~y;, :~-:! ..,..,.: ~,..1,": ": ' / covering_ the world of competition in the dirt ...

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Volume 16 -Number 1 January 1999 DBlliJlillllG Publisher Emeritus Jean Calvin Editor John Calvin Associate Editor Judy Smith Editorial Assistant Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Marketing Pat Caplan Circulation Vance Scott Contributors ove -aro Mi#¥ Subscription Rates: $25.00 per year, 12 issues, USA, Foreign Subscription rates on request Contributions: DUSTI TIIMES welcomes contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited mate-rial will be returned only by request and with a self ad-dressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography DUSTI TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES: (ISSN 87 50-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright by Hill-side Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the pub-lisher. Periodical Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing offices. Jim Culp . Daryl "No Brakes" Drake Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Ralph Mason Daniel Mainzer Jimmy Messick Ron Miller Troy Robinson Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith T rackside Photo Les Wolfe Art Director Larry Worsham POSTMASTER: Send address change to DUSTI TIMES, 20751Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new ad-dress, and send to DUSTI TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. NEWYEAR! AfAY 1999 BRING YOU PEACE, JOY, PROSPERITY, AND ABOVE ALL, GOOD HEALTH. AfAY YOUR RACES BE SAFE AND FUN, AND ALL YOUR CREW GET SAFELY HOME In This Issue ... FEATURES Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000 by Judy Smith ...................................................... 8 API Rally Australia by Martin Holmes ........................................................ 20 SNORE Reserve 250 by John Calvin ........................................................... 22 Trans Chaco Rally by Martin Holmes .......................................................... 26 MDR Barstow 300 by Ron Miller ................. -................................................ 28 Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000 Motorcycles by Tony Tellier ............................ 32· Australian Stadium Off Road Gran Prix by Darryl Smith ......................... 42 Glen Helen Family Fun by Ron Miller ........................................................ 46 Dusty People -Fabtech by Judy Smith ......................................................... 4 7 CRS Treeline Rally by Paul Timmerman ..................................................... 48 FRT Superstition 250 by Judy Smith ........................................................... 50 VORRA Fall Fest Classic by Troy Robinson ............................................... 52 DEPARTMENTS Happenings .................................................................................................... 5 Trail Notes ....................................................................................................... 6 Off Road Scramble by PC ............................................................................. 46 Checkers by the Big Wahzoo .......................................................................... 55 Challenger Corner by Joel Mohr ................................................................... 56 Mag 7 Race T earn by Stephen T. Stenberg .................................................... 56 C.O.R.E. Pit Report by Sandy Parker ........................................................... 57 Good Stuff Directory ..................................................................................... 60 Classified Ads ................................................................................................ 65 Index To Advertisers .................................................................................... 67 On Tiu? Cover Bekki Freeman, a vivacious young woman from Las Vegas drove her Jimco to the 1600 Class win at the Baja 1000 and Bekki was only a few points out of the overall points win for the season. Congrats! Ivan Stewart finally got the win that had eluded him for so many years as he hustled the Toyota to first overall at the SCORE Baja 1000 and put a · lot of bad luck to rest. Color Photography by Trackside Photo c5ubscrihe :Joda_y lo DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN ·THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$25.00 □ 2 years -$40.00 □ 3 years -$55.00 (no credit cards please) Take advantage of your subscription bonus ... Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (See form in Classified section) Name --------------------Address -------------------City ---------------------St ate __________ Zip----~--Primary Interest -CARS O MOTORCYCLES 0 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Canadian - 1 year $30.00 US ■ Overseas subscription rates upon request Dusty Times January 1999 Page 3 7

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WHAT DO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE HAVE IN llubst Brothers Raring PCI Raring Ruben Ramiru Ken.Lothringer Larry Ra,:land Waller Prince BIUJanss Mark Weyhrlck James Gang Racing Dave Kleeman Reuben Wood Matt Pike And....wWehe DeNunzlo Larry Plank Mango Racing Outlaw Racing GT Motorsports Ken Bunn PapasN Beer Todd Teuscher Dan Ashcraft Rod MuUer Renato Calo RMR Construction Fleet Fuels David Racing Scott Jones Jim Dossman Off Road Warehouse Stealth Racing Jose Miramontes JlmTuckrr V-Mar Racing Rick Johnson Damon Jeffries Taylor Racing Danny Drake 4 Wheel Center BIUChurch Mike Smith Fabrication Thomas Cutting Mike Jacobsen Red Eagle Racing Baja Concepts MacPhenon Chevrolet Steve Bruner Leo Brown Danny Reider Jim Peterson Gus Vildosola Richard Hoffman Suspensions Unlimited Scott Martin Steve Krieger BDRRaclng Morcan Dbon Ent. JlmPateW ThnAllen Nelson & Nelson Mitch Griffin Tom Koch Bekki Freeman McKenzie's Jeff Lewis Chuck's Speed Center Casey Jones Jim Dizney DonLampus Danny Andenon Steve Wolcott Larry Rosseter Rod HaU International Motorsports Unlimited John Hobnes Jim Knuckles Ted Randall CurtLeDuc OlffSmlth Mark Ottersberg Ty Davis Rick Paquette Tracy Rubio Roger Norman Jamie Medina Ron Satter Keith Roether John Fyke John Gaughan Patrick Timmons Bob Gordon Mike Turner Ron De Wolf Raw Racing Jim Croll Mike Long Protruck Fat Performance Tom Sturcls Frank Rusich Dick Sasser Lonnie llelmbolt Ceasar Fuentes Rockway Precut WR Racine Buddy Wilson Dan Bradley Mike Adley Wide Open Baja Tours Andataco John Alabaster Don Reynolds Brent North Barry Slatter LASDRaclng Jeff Hart Martin Brothen Racing John Yeates Tim Smith Mark Weyrich Hogbelly Racing Dan Moynahan Alan Schaible Doug Fortin Don-A-Vee Jeep ToddGatreU Fuzzy Pickle Racing Garth Hutchinson Tom Scahill Robert Chavez Wes Wisdom Randy Mottram Performance Imports JIMCO Gustavo Fhnbres Kevin Davis Jay Fogg David Villafana Yale Chase Jerry Griffin Gary Wise MIRAGE Dean Bayerle John Lucas Brown -O'Brien Racing Jim GrlUe Eduardo Zapari Tom EUingham Tim Scalzo Ace Bradford Fred Calosso Vic Bruckman Chad llall Ken Walter John Woodruff Don Koll Meacham Racing Rudy Cortez Carlos BaUestero Fabtech Brian CoUins Morcan Malaco Dave Gasper No Limits Off Shore Bradyllebn Genevieve Alken Stan Bums Gus Vildosola Miguel Medina Jana Blakeman Mike James Tom Craig Steve Roberts Scott Pearson Ramos Racing Steve Jacketti Jorge Villegas Bob Rule Mike Hart Manlio Moreno John McComb CodySwanty Marco Lopez Al Hogan ROAr[MjtSTER ·scANMASTER 99 • VHF BAND OF-24 MHz (SCORE TO CORE, NO PROBLEM!) • UP TO 99 CHANNEL CAPACITY. • HIGH PERFORMANCE RECEIVER. • DIE-CAST, METAL ALLOY CHASSIS FOR RUGGED ENVIROMENTS. • BUil T-IN CHANNEL SCANNER WITH LOCK-OUT AND PRIORITY. • LARGE, EASY TO READ, LED DISPLAY. • BACK LIGHTED CONTROLS & SWITCHES FOR NIGHTTIME USE. • EXTERNALLY PROGRAMMABLE. • GREAT FOR CHASE CARS & PRE-RUNNERS INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $495.00 PC/ RACE RADIOS COMM.ON? Carlos lrlbe Robert Primmer Darrin Skilton Phillip Dunn Kenneth BeU Rick Wiseman FodrlU Fabrication Howard Gregory John BrlndeU Damlen Mavis Jerry Wald Brent Poenlche Richard Williams Enrique MurlUo Mike Mocaby Darren Oliver Jose Elizalde Hurley McCaghren Robert Pickering Gree Anderson Gerry lbos Moel Transmissions John Hutak Manglames Pizza Rosen Motors John Currier No Limits JeffVandersweep Kelly McNeil Rich Minga Karen Van Nort Stephen S. MIUer Jay Reichert Norm Wilson Ivan Ishihara M & R Printing Sid Smith Broadway Motors Tom Dunbar Tac Moore Frank Austin Stevan Tlllach Phillip Dunn Doug Robinson Keith Pratt Paul Smith Jax Performance Pete Blood Racing Bill Holt Lee Turrlclano Todd Wittman AJ Farris Richard Foder Luis Alvarez Heriberto Armlenta Town & Country Barney Fife Keith Rob Tom Ebberts Mike Daley Off Road America Wardlaw Printing Kenny Freeman Dennis Wesseldlne American Rentals Gary Johnson Ranch Auto MartyStuU ORM Wallen & Walters Tubular Motonports Terry Lewis Roger Starkey Sandy Polling Jorge Ruffo Steve Phillips Enrique Bujanda Ed Lazzari Ben Schlllmme Dave Beeman Miguel Castillo Mario Yee R & D Motorsports Chris Taylor Bob Walter Ryan Thomas Mark Cline John Becker Pat Bell Luis Leal Tommy Bradley Mike Bean Rene Valemuela BillAlvenon Harry Trembly Schalda Boats Dave Turbysill Steve Robledo John Lucasey Ramon Castro Raul Ramos Randy Brossart Tom Harris John Strode Andy McClanahan Brian Steele Todd Dukes Burrows Motonports B. J. Baldwin T & J's Off Road RayCroU Kevin Sarbacker Kurt Hohn Mike Leung Tom Giordano Loco Graphics Robert Shlroky HardlnGMC Shawn McKenzie Brent Parkhouse James Hall Dale \\lhlte Hector Garcia Gary Dubin Stewart & Siewart Dudley Tranum Ivan De Vargas James Fredrick TimCanole Bruce Simonsen Kenny Wartluft Todd Stemmerman Eric Fisher Jim Lewis Frank Hines G. Serrano Jack Olnkenbeard Mike Lorenzi THEY ALL USE THE PCI COMLINK VI RACING INTERCOM. SOME OF THE REASONS: t. AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT, ONLY $359.0~ 2. VERY LOUD/ NO DISTORTION 3. RELIABILITY/ DURABLITY - housed in a small, rugged, water resistant, bullet proof housing. 4. No noise interfetence & PERFECT CLARITY. 5. NO SIDE TONE - you will never hear the engine or exhaust amplified thru the intercom. 6. MULTI-USER OPTION for 3 or 4 seat pre-runners. BAJA 1000 FALL SPECIAL GET $25.00 OFF A HELMET WIRING WITH THE PURCHASE OF A COMLINK VI INTERCOM OFFER EXPIRES NOV. 11, 1998. Be Sure To Visit Us On The Internet At WWW.PCIRACERADIOS.COM 2888 GUNDRY AVE., SIGNAL HILL, CA 90806 (562) 427-8177 (800) 869-:5636 FAX (562)426-3589 WWW.PC/RA CERADJOS. COM ~ VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS

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1998 Happenings-... CANNING ATTRACTIONS P.O. Box 400 Maywood, CA 902 70 (213) 560-SHOW CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICA SAN QUINTIN . Calle 6ta Fracc Cd. de San Quintin San Quintin, BC, Mexico Heraclio Patino (01152616-5-22-07) Cachanillas Off Road Promotions P.O Box 392 Calexico, CA 92232 01152 (65) 66-60 80 ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector Apto 42 San Jose de! Caho Baja California de! Sur. Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSIDP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia 011-18-07-3298-5522 November 1, 1998 Goondiwindi, QLD ' AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class 10 cars only Renald Vaillancourt 3069 Dagenais West Laval Quebec, Canada H7P lT7 (514) 622-4440 BAJA INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box392 Calexico, CA 92232 Apartado Postal 31/163 Mexicali, BC, Mexico Mexicali (65) 5542-83 Off Road Races BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 E-Mail: February 19-21, 1999 Kawasaki Team Green Laughlin U.S. Hare Scrambles Laughlin, NV April 16-18, 1999 Tonopah300 Tonopah, NV May 14-16, 1999 Nevada "200" Trail Ride Motorcycles Only -By Invitation Call For Information June 25-i?, i999 Silver State 300 September JO-October 3, 1999 Vegas To Reno December 3-S, 1999 Terrible's Town 250 Pahrump, NV BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTERPRISES Les Wolfe, NEW President 1727 N. Main Sunset, UT 84015 (801) 776-4654 May 8, 1999 Wendover Express Wendover, UT July 10, 1999 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV September 18, 1999 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, UT BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Donna Mitchell, CRS Director 530 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 280 Moorpark, CA 93021 (805) 523-1387 Michael Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 935558 (619) 375-8704 January 23, 1999 Annual Rally Awards Banquet Burbank, CA February 6, 1999 Rally Cross (NASA) Holtville, CA February 7, 1999 Rally Sprint (NASA) Holtville, CA February 27, 1999 SuperStage Event (ARSG) Laughlin, NV March 12-13, 1999 SCCA ClubRally (Div) Runoffs Doo Wops III/IV Olympia, WA March '19-20, 1999 Rally School - Rally Cross Ridgecrest, CA April 30-May 1, 1999 Rim OfThe World (2, 3) Palmdale, CA June 26, 1999 Dusty Times Rally Sprint (NASA) 01'152 (65) 66-6080 Fax · Carlsbad, CA Summer 1999 (TBA) Reno Rally (3) Reno, NV August 21, 1999 Gorman Ridge (3) Gorman, CA September 1999 (TBA) Ensenada Rally Ensenada, BC, MX September 2S, 1999 SuperStage Event (ARSG) 1.aughlin, NV October 1-2, 1999 Prescott Forest (2, 3) Prescott, AZ. CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 645 Pierre, SD 57501 CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE CORR Championship Off Road Racing Carla Reid Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico 192 State Road 267 Avon, IN 46168 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 USA Jan Wright (0ll 52 61746834) Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637/7 0034) (317) 272-2827/FAX: (317) 272-2900 Short Course Racing November 13, 1999 Treeline (3) Monrovia, CA December 1999 (TBA) Ramada Express (2, 1, 3) Laughlin, NV CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON ID-JACKERS l.C.0. Tom Delauder Sr 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course off Road Racing At Harrison Count:y Fair Grounds. Cadiz. OH CMC Continental Motosport Club · P.O. Box 3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3 l 78 Fax: (714) 367-1608 COLORADO ffiLL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholtz, President (719) 531-}642 W/(719)687-9827 H P.O Box8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 CORP May 29-30, 1998 Lake Geneva, WI June 11-13, 1999 Antigo, WI June 2S-27, 1999 Crandon, WI July 16-18, 1999 Joliet, IL August 5-8, 1999 Bark River, Ml September 3-5, 1999 Crandon, WI September 24-26, 1999 Indianapolis, IN October 6-8, 1999 Stafford, CT llllinner's Circle Ivan Stewart Is lronman Again In Winning The 31st. Baja 1000 Ivan "The lronman" Stewart scored his third four-wheel Overall victory at the 31st. Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race driving a Toyota truck equipped with Bilstein shock absorbers. Stewart's Toyota Tundra pickup was the first four-wheel vehicle to start the race and he led all 1 ,070 miles on the Baja California peninsula to take the win. Running in the Trophy-Truck Class which he also won for the first time in this race, he drove solo the entire event which has become a Stewart tradition. He averaged over 55 mph for the more than 19 hours of racing. In addition to the Baja 1000 win, Stewart also drove a Bilstein-equipped Toyota truck to victory at the Baja 500 in June, to win both primary SCORE events this season. . . Other Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Class Winners on Bi/stein Shocks ... • Carlton Beal Ill - Cla~s 3 Nissan . • John Phillips - Class 1 o Jimco • Eric Solorzano - Class 11 Stock vw • Steve Barlow.:-Protruck Class . • Larry Roeseler - Class ~ MacPhers~n Chevy Truck Go With Bi/stein! A Winning Tradition In Off-Road Racing!. For all the details contact the Off-Road Racing Department: Call Toll Free 800/537-1085 ~ KRUPP BILSTEIN OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road• San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 619/453-7723 • r::ir January 1999 Pages

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• October 29-30, 1999 Las Vegas, NV CORVA 1500 West El Camino, Suite 352 Sacramento, CA 95833 1-800-42 CORVA Ext 42 Fax (818) 957-4435 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren 2405 Baker Ave. Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 (AU events at Hannigan race track, Bellingham, WA or Thurston County ORV Park, Olympia, WA) DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641-2090 DESERT STEEL MOTORSPORTS 1865 Commander Drive Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 (520) 855-6125 EASTERN OFF-ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Tom Delauder, Sr. 1091 Township Line RoadWellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 ELLIS DESERT RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS (760) 256-0454 February 19-20, 1999 Lucerne Valley, CA April 23-24, 1999 Ridgecrest, CA October 1-2, 1999 Barstow, CA ESTERO BEACH SHORT COURSE RACING Victoria Galindo Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico 011-526-176-6225 FABTECH Off Road Short Course Series at Glen Helen Raceway P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 . (909) 280-9096 Contact: BBM Marketing Promotions P.O. Box 762 Nori:o, CA 9 I 760-0762 (562) 988-6250/Fax: (909) 280-9097 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Associaton 2750 Cozumel Drive #1116 Melbourne, FL 32935 (407) 254-5167 FUDPUCKER RACINGTEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 • Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 December 31, 1998 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA January 17, 1999 Imperial Valley Fairgrounds January 24, 1999 Barking Spider February 7, 1999 Tazmanik Hare & Hound February 20, 1999, King OfThe Desert• • March 6, 1999 Imperial Valley Fairgrounds March 14, 1999 March Madness T earn Race April 4, 1999 The Kamakazi Gran Pirx April 18, 1999 Imperial Valley Fairgrounds April 24, 1999 TheFUD200 May 1S-16, 1999 24 Hour Endurance June 26, 1999 The Conquista Gran Prix July 31, 1999 The Nice Team Race August 23, 1999 the Sweethearts Kiss September 12, 1999 The Cacti Gran Prix October 10, 1999 The Mudhen Sprint October 23, 1999 The Superstition 250 October 31, 1999 Imperial County Fairgrounds November 21, 1999 Notorious Dawg T earn Race December S, 1999 Rudolph's Revenge Desert Gran Prix December 19, 1999 Imperial County Fairgrounds December 31, 1999 Page & Dunaway Dash GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 (404) 963-0252 GPORRA Great Planes Off Road Racing Association 13621 Pierce St. Omaha, NE 68144-1122 (402) 333-0517 Eve. Keith Koesters 6716 N. 106th St. Omaha, NE 68122 (402) 4964846 Eve. (All races are short course, stadium style. Classes: Trophy, ll-1600, 5, 7S, I and Quads) IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 (AU events staged at the club grounds in Cleves. Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (612) 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714) 364-0515 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box465 Kamloops, BC, Canada VZG5L2 Bob (250) 374-7175 days Randy (250) 579-9621 eves. , Wes (250) 351-2819 LI.T.R.E. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522 JimAruta (408) 247-4402 MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS 3749 Needmore Hwy Chariotte, Ml 48813 (517) 543-7214 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517) 627-6200 0eeps, Trucks, Pilots, Dune Buggies, Road Waniors and Quad A TV Trophy and Money Classes.) MICHELIN SCCA PRO RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 February 19-20, 1999 Sno*Drift Michigan March 12-13, 1999 DooWop Washington April 9-10, 1999 Wild Wert Washington April 30-May 1, 1999 Rim Of The World California June 4-S, 1999 Susquehannock Trail Pennsylvania July 30-31, 1999 Maine Forest Maine August 27-28, 1999 Ojibwe Forests Minnesota October 1-2, 1999 Prescott Forests Arizona October 22-23, 1999 Lake Superior Michigan MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION MAORA Press: Dirty Dave Cronin (314) 838-4215 VP: Walter Flack (217) 987-6568 LTOR-Lincoln Trail Off Roaders Pres: Dean Conkling (217) 830-4215 V.P.: Brad Key (217) 446-4556 Steve Sabo (618) 327-9312 (M.A.O.R.A. sanctioned races. Series Produced /ry Lincoln Trail Off Roaders) MOJAVE DESERT RACING 1853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 (626) 442-9320/(626) 579-6051 Fax E-Mail February 13, 1999 Barstow, CA April 10, 1999 Luceme,CA June 19, 1999 Lucerne,CA August 7, 1999 Barstow, CA October 2, 1999 Lucerne, CA November 20, 1999 Barstow, CA M.OR.E. Mojave Off Road Racing Enthusiasts P.O. Box 1231 Barstow, CA 92311-1231 (760) 253-4453 January 16, 1999 Stoddard Valley March 6, 1999 Johnson Valley May 1, 1999 Stoddard Valley Jun~ 12, 1999 Johnson Valley August 21, 1999 Stoddard Valley November 6, 1999 Johnson Valley MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association Dave Barret 6363 Nightingale Dr. Flint, Ml 48506 (810) 730-9221 NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Rt. #1 - Box 380 Dave or Marlene Ryan Palatka, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TUFF TRUCK ASSOCIATION Butch Chapin Motorsports Promot.jons 1404 East 3rd Street Hastings, MN 55033-1415 (612) 437-2459 OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasquez 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 855-8899 AU races are at Mountain Shadow Lake. Take I-1 b Horizon Blvd. exit east 12 miles OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 JimKendel (216) 339-4674 AU races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds. Cadiz, Ohio ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Rick Tichbourne, Public Relations (519)-681-4192(H)/(519) 457-2913(W) PACE MOTOR SPORTS U.S. Off. Road Series Championship 630-556-6100 January 9, 1999 Trans World Dome St. Louis, MO January 16, 1999 Asrtodome Houston, TX January 23, 1999 Metrodome Minneapolis, MN January 30, 1999 Edison International Field Anaheim, CA February 6, 1999 Bank One Ballpark Phoenix, AZ February 13; 1999 Qualcom Stadium San Diego, CA February 27, 1999 UTEP Sun Bowl El Paso, TX March 6, 1999 Texas Stadium Dallas, TX March 13, 1999 Silverdome Pontiac, MI March 20, 1999 BC Place Vancouver, BC, Can March 27, 1999 Kingdome Seattle, WA Continued on page 58 January 1999 Trail Notes ... A LONG TIME - With this issue Dusty Times begins the 16th year of publication. ~ lot of dust has passed under the wheels in those years and Dusty Times came through to become the voice of the off road world. We covered cars exclusively until 1998 when we branched out to cover motorcycles and quads and that effort seems to be meeting with much participant enjoyment. The last few years have been difficult, losing our publisher/editor, but we have persevered and we will continue publishing the best off road journal in the world for many years to come. We would like to thank all of our faithful advertisers, without YI.horn there would be no publication, and I want to thank all the subscribers who support our effort and hope they enjoy reading the race and rally reports, written by the best in the business. And, as a final thought, please support the advertisers who make Dusty Times possible each month and may all of you have a merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 1999. SCORE FINAL POINTS • Just received the final points standings after a long 1998 season. The big news is-that for the first time in SCORE history a woman won a season points championship. Bekki Freeman soldiered through the 1998 season in her Jimco and won the 1/2-1600 class championship, beating out all the boys and taking the class with a 10 point margin. Bekki, we might add has been a very competitive racer in the desert since her teens and is certainly respected by all those she races against and is known as a fair but very tough competitor. Bekki was only nine points out of the overall points championship and we're glad that she had such a successful and competitive year. Overall points winner was Troy Herbst, youngest of the Herbst brothers, he took the overall and the Class 1 championship in his Smith built "Truggy" and won by 49 points over Doug Fortin, Jr. Nick Baldwin was third in Class 1 and Josh Baldwin took the fourth spot. Dave Ashley/Dan Smith won the Trophy Truck Class, Ed & Tim Herbst were second, Jeff Lewis was third and Ivan Stewart took the fourth place position. In 1/2-1600 it was Bekki, then Jason Hatz, Lorenzo Rodriguez and Vic Bruckmann was fourth. Darren Skilton took Class 3, Mike Dondel was the winner in Class 5, George Seeley was second, 5-1600 belonged to David Gasper with Victor Herrera in second. In Class 7 Larry Roeseler was the runaway winner with AJ DeNunzio in the second position, Doug Siewert won 7S by 4 points over Joe Custer, David Westhem took the Class 8 win, Brian Collins taking the second spot. Martin Christensen won Class 9 with Ed McLean taking spot number two. Darnen Jefferies won Class 10 by 13 points over John Phillips and David Callaway won the SCORE Lites class with Jerry Penhall in hot pursuit. Eric Solorzano was the Class 11 winner, Rob Reinertson won Stock Mini, Marc Stein took Stock Full and in the Protruck Class it was Jimmy Nuckles in the lead with Rick Johnson taking the second spot. In motorcycles it was Ricky Fernandez taking Class 21, Johnny Campbell won Class 22, Scott Dunalevy won Class 30, Class 40 was won by Neil Manninen, Class 50 by Bill Nfchols and in ATV competition, Gilberto Santana won Class 24 and Dennis Cox won Class 25. Congratulations to all the winners and a hearty thanks to all the competitors who make our sport a most interesting and competitive one. HELP WANTED • Due to our expanded coverage of the off road world in 1998 and the continuing effort in 1999, Dusty Times finds itself in need of some additional journalists. We need people who are not afraid to interview drivers at race end in all sorts of circumstances. Call us!!! Y.JELP WANTED! • We need your help - Sometimes it is difficult to talk to .i:-Lveryone at the finish line and some of you slip away and then we miss your version of the race. If you don't get a chance to talk to us at the finish and relate your war stories, please jot them down and Fax them to us at 818-882-0005 or 760-868-5743. There is no guarantee 1:hat this will get your name mentioned but we will do our best and it will help fill out our story of your race and your information may well be part of off road history. We appreciate your help. GASIKARA RALLYE RAID . Off the east coast of Africa lies the island of Madagascar and it is here that the Gasikara Rallye Raid will take place between the 9th and 2Jrd of July, 1999. The Rallye will cover 2684 kilometers and will be run through some very beautiful and challenging terrain and will conform to FIA rules. We have only received a beautiful brochure to date but if you have an interest in running something wonderful and different you'd better get on board now. The organizers are setting up a representative in the USA but if you want further info now, use the Internet and contact the organizers at for more information. BEST IN THE DESERT • The last race of the season was held in Pahrump, Nevada where lots of cars, trucks, bikes and quads gathered to run the 250 mile course and take a shot at $10,000 for the first place finisher on a bike and in a car or a truck. The ten grand for bikes went to Ty Davis and Donnie Book who won by a mere. 42 seconds, and the other ten went to Larry Job and Kory Scheeler who won Class 1 with a margin of 3 minutes, 17 seconds. Congrats to the big money winners. • Other bike winners were Bryan Folks/David Pearson, Daryl Folks/Ride Bozarth, Steve Hengeveld/JeffCapt, Jonah Street/raber Murphy, Bryan Freeman/Scott Wilson, Erik Griffith/Dana Van Stee, Cory Ayers, and many more which you will read all about in the next issue of Dusty Times. In the Quad Division Steve Bellman/Doug Eichner won overall and QP, the Jackimowicz/LamsonJLowell entry took QE and Warren Krugerffodd Halvorsen won QA. In cars and trucks it was Dan Smith/Dave Ashley taking their class, Harris/LeVaeck/Farley took Pro Truck, Turner/Pilarski/Beach/Del Castillo won 7S, Scahill/Lammer won Class 8, Casey Jones and Ryan Arciero took Class 10, Carlos and Rudy Cortez/George Rodriguez won Class 1/2-1600 and there were lots mor.e and they too will be covered in the next issue. Congrats to the winners after a fairly short but very cold race. WEDDING BELLS• Scotty Taylor and Kellie Wares tied the knot on October 31. We wish them lots of happiness and a long life together. FINAL lil.AG •Mrs.Meling, the owner and manager of the Meling Ranch (on the road up to the observatory) in Baja passed away at the grand old age of 82. She was well known to the Baja racers for many years and was certainly a gracious lady and will be missed by many of the Baja travelers. TRAGEDY • It could have been a quadruple fatality but it looks like the Reaper has been cheated. While waiting to turnJeft into a pit access road during the Best In The Desert Pahrump 250 race Tom Taylor, father of Kyle Taylor was rear ended by a semi at a fairly high rate of speed and the truck he and his three companions were riding in was reduced to rubble. Tom was critically injured in the accident but at this writing his condition is improving daily and it looks like he will survive the terrible accident and hopefully will soon be back at home. Gary Greene and Ken Mogi and his son were in the truck with Tom but they only suffered minor injuries. Tom is at foe University Medical Center in Las Vegas and we all wish him a speedy recovery and hope that we'll see him at the next race. more TRAIL NOTES on page 59 Dusty Times

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.. f SUSPENSION COMPONENTS AND MOHL. ~~~yawaY 20155 Marilla Street Chatsworth California 91311 I .com 818•100•9112 Fax 800•100•0941 e-mail

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SCORE/TECATE BAJA 100G Stewart Finally Gets His Dream By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Bekki Freeman and Adam Wik teamed to win the 112-1600 Class in their Jimco, and with the win, took the season points. Ivan Stewart literally flew the length of the 1068 mile Baja 1000 in his Toyota Trophy Truck to take the victory he's coveted for many years. apparently a major problem, but the But it was to be Stewart's day. He had Weatherman was back up at about 9 the lead at Bay of Los Angeles, 419 miles p.m.,andcatchinguponwhowaswhere. into the race, but Ragland was a mere Then at 11: 15, jusr two hours later, he minute and a half behind him. Dave Ash-announced that the plane had a "bad ley ran third in his old Ford, about 14 magneto" and they'd have to land to get minutes back. Jeff Lewis lost a radiator a new one. Locating and replacing the bracket which had holed the radiator of magneto took hours, and the Weather-his Chevy, so he ran a couple of hours man was off the air until mid morning, back, the Herbsts had fried their alter-· or approximately 24 hours into the race. nator when the special diode for their In the meanwhile, teams searching for huge array oflights (18 of them) failed. racers who'd been delayed were dealing Their batteries had been discharged as a with spotty or nonexistent communica-result, and they were a while getting back lions. The BFG race support team, which on the road. Curt LeDuc had remem-also had a couple of relay stations, but bered just a hair too late that he needed not airborne, worked extra hard to keep to make a left turn off of a fast graded . the lines open, and they were also using road, and the resultant rollover had tom · satellite phones, a series of them spotted the rear end out of his Jeep. He was done Ivan Stewart has more wins to his credit than most people have races, but somehow the big one, the Baja 1000 that finishes in La Paz, had always eluded him. He'd come close several times, but each · time some disaster robbed him of his dream. Not this time. Ivan started first on the road in his VS powered Toyota, and that's where he finished. It was a hard fight, and he needed all his skills to stay in front, taking the victory by just five minutes, with a time of 19 hours, eight minutes and 20 seconds for thf 1068 mile event. , This year's course started in Santo Tomas, a spot on the road about 29 miles south ofEnsenada, where all the pre-race festivities took place on Wednesday. On Thursday morning everyone trekked south, except for the few who'd planned ahead and acquired one of the eight or so motel rooms available in Santo Tomas. The town boasts a Pemex station, a small restaurant, a big campsite and the usual municipal buildings and grocery stores strung out along a piece of Highway 1 that is only two lanes wide. There is little in the way of parking. But by using all available space, and making the camp-ground the area for off loading and pre staging, the SCORE officials made it work. It was all in the name of conve-nience, however crowded and inconve-nient it seemed for pit crews and chase crews. SCORE had not wanted to send the racers off on a course that would take them east, and/or northward, which would have required additional pit crews, or more dangerous miles of travel for the chase vehicles. By starting at Santo Tomas, and sending the racers directly out to the road along the Pacific Ocean, they created a course that was simpler and safer to chase. There were no pit crews racing across the northern end of the peninsula, trying to meet their cars over near San Felipe. Everyone could simply head south and get set up with some time to spare. Typically,manycrewshadgonesouth · on Tuesday or even before, depending on the location of their pit. Some drivers had also preregistered and left for their midway point, planning on some last minute pre-running while the rest of the ream dealt with contingency and tech inspection. Thanks to this year's course layout, there were plenty of good sites with easy access for the successive driv-ers to wait for their cars. Only the long section from Catavina, down along the beach and then back up to the highway below Punta Prieta, had poor access. And in that area it was virtually nil. One spot, about ten miles before the highway cross-ing was available, but for the rest, if a team needed gas in the 134 miles stretch, they had to send out a fuel crew, who would be trapped out there until all the vehicles had passed. Not that it would be a bad place to.wait for the race car: there were miles of clean, uninhabited beaches to enjoy down in that section. For the most part the course was in Ryan Arciero and Bob Gordon teamed in their two-seat Chenowth, and even with late steering trouble, took the Class 1 win. Pages beautiful shape. In fact, on some areas atvariouspitsdownthepeninsula, which for the day, as was Ian W.alker, whose the roads had been recently bladed, mak-helped immensely. But of course, they ex0 Walker Evans Trophy Truck blew a ing them incredibly fast. The big trouble lacked the direct communications with head gasket within a mile of the start. areas would be the silt beds along the SCORE'scheckpoints,andwerenotable Between the Bay of L.A..and San beach and then again down near Santa to perform the tracking functions that . Ignacio, the sun set on the Trophy Rita, about 120 miles from the end. Some Steinberger does so well. Since the total · Trucks. It was a dark night, with no moon hoped for rain to hold the dust down. time allotted for the race was 44 hours, for navigating. Stewart was very con-The logistics of a race like this are the Weatherman was actually on duty · scious that Ragland was right behind him, mind boggling. For every race car, bike for most of the race, but for those eight so he didn't let up for a second. When or quad there is generally at least one or nine hours of silence he was sorely they got to San Ignacio he had a lead of chase vehicle, and some have as many as missed. Still, a Baja race of this magni-22 minutes, and Ragland was reported five or six, leapfrogging from pit to pit. tude always has some glitch or crisis, and to have been stuck for almost 30 min-The smaller teams occasionally manage this was relatively benign. utes on the way. Ashley was just five min-to do it with just one chase vehicle, driven While the radio folks tried to keep in · utes behind him, and Carl Renezeder, in by the off duty racer and a pit person. touch, the racers forged steadily south-one of the Baldwin Fords, was another That makes for a tense, fatiguing 24 hours ward. At the head of the line, thanks to nine minutes back. They were 600 miles or so, but if they manage to finish, the his good luck at the drawing for start po-into the race at this point. glow of accomplishment and pride is un-sitions, Ivan Stewart went looking for his At lnsurgentes race mile 838, Stew-beatable. Radios help the team segments first win in a La Paz race. He wasn't go-• art had a half hour and it was Ashley's stay in touch, but as they slide down into ing to have an easy day of it, because ·co-driver, Dan Smith, in-second now. the valleys, or when the racers are on the. behind him Larry Ragland, in his Chevy, Ragland was only 30 seconds behind east side of the peninsula and the chase was equally determined to continue his them, and Renezeder had disappeared, on the west, or vice versa, communica-streak with a record 4th Baja 1000 win apparently rolled over near Juanico. Ja-tions sometimes fail. in a row. And there were any nurnberof son Baldwin was fourth now, about two This year the Weatherman, Bob potential spoilers lurking in the dust. hours back, in another Baldwin Ford. Steinberger, had a fixed wing aircraft, a Robby Gordon was there with his new The third, driven by Jason's dad, Jim, had couple of pilots and a translator set to Toyota truck, although he'd had a wir-rolled ·early in the day and then report-function as a radio relay for the race. They ing problem just before the start, and edly lost its motor. would keep a figurative eye on the lead-didn't get to the green flag until the other Ivan had some trouble with a sticky ers, track overdue vehicles, report emer-Trophy Trucks had all started, a penalty throttle and stopped at his pit at gencies whether on course or on the high-ofabout four minutes. The Baldwin team Constitucion for a fix. This allowed Rag-way, and generally keep everyone in was out in force with three Fords, the land to close the gap, but Smith dropped touch. It worked very well during the first Dave Ashley/Dan Smith team, always a back when a wire came off his altema-ten hours or so of the race, but then they threat, were starting right behind Ivan, tor. Ivan really began to push now, and had to land to take on more fuel and a and the Herbst brothers, Ed and Tim, for the last 100 miles of the race, "I drove new pilot. The red tape involved in get-fresh off their overall win at the Primm harder ... than I did at any other point", ting the plane back up after sunset was were also ready to go in their Ford. because he knew Ragland was right there. ~-=---''-----;_,_-----------'-----='------~ At 4: 10 a.m., Stewart took the win: his Mike and Dale Dondel made steady progress all day in their unlimited Baja Bug to take the class win, and season points. January 1999 long coveted La Paz victory. He worried a bit that Ragland might follow him in and take it away, and indeed, Ragland's lights could be seen coming in to the fin-ish. But Larry, who'd been driving with no rear brakes since San Javier, was a bit further back than he liked. He took sec-ond, five minutes and 11 seconds behind Ivan. Ashley and Smith were third, an-other half hour or so later, and Jason Baldwin was fourth, reporting steering box problems. But he had nearly not made it, because his alternator went out and his batteries were dead about 20 miles before the finish. A friendly Mexican spectator donated a battery so he could get to the finish. There was a lot of talent in Class 1 also, and the racing was close. RyanAr-ciero, driving Bob Gordon's old two seat Dusty Times ,

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Chenowth, had the lead at Bay of LA., with Troy Herbst, in his Ford powered T ruggy, just seven minutes behind him. Herbst's vehicle, a twin to his brothers' Trophy Truck, was also festooned with 18 high intensity lights. Then came Scott McMillin, who hasn't raced for several years, in a I;>orsche powered Chenowth, tied to the minute with Doug Fortin, in his V 4 powered Chenowth. In fifth it was Dale Ebberts, in a Jimco A-armed car. His dad, Tom, had got in at Punta Prieta and would drive to La Purisima. Already out of the race were Jerry Whelchel and Mark Post in their beau-tiful new Nye Frank built four wheel drive 700 HP Chevy V8 powered car, after Whelchel crashed. Also out was Rod Muller, in his brand new mid-engined V6 aluminum block five liter GM powered Early front end troubles put the pressure on Steve Barlow and John Swift, but Porter chassis, from a blown transmission. they came back to win the Pro Truck class. At San Ignacio, where Arciero got ingforRyanThomas.Thomas,whoseco-problemssomewherenorthofSanJavier. out, he still held the lead, now just four driver, Steve Sourapas, had started the The Ebberts team was still fifth. minutes in front of Herbst, who was tied race and had hit a big embankment and Gordon stayed in front, and now with Scott McMillin for third. In fourth ruined'the front end of their new Chen-Herbst had moved up in front of Scott it was Fortin, who had decided he'd like owth Millennium, had headed home, so McMillin, while Corky McMillin and to get out a bit sooner than originally Fortin was stuck in the car until Brian Ewalt had come up into the lead planned, and had been on the radio look-lnsurgentes. And he was having battery pack in their new car. When the family F----------------~------, Rick Johnson and Rick L. Johnson teamed once again, to bring their Ford Protruck home in third place. had decided that all three of them would race, they'd needed another car, so Ewalt was given the job of building one, with about four weeks to do it. He got it done, fitting a four liter Ford motor into a Chenowth chassis in a mid-engine con-figuration. When the car was done Corky and his other son, Mark, flipped to see who got it. Corky won, and Mark started in the older car, which had electrical problems and lost him about three hours early on. The Ebberts and Fortin's car were still in the hunt also. Darren Ebberts Continued on page 10 --,---------------, ' Eli Yee and John MacNeil teamed in Yees pre-run Ranger, had a Marc Stein and Chris Tartar had a long trip in their Ford, finishing They led much of the way, but Dave Westhem and Randy Salmont smooth run, and finished second in Class 7. second in Stock Full after 32 hours. got their Chevy buried in the silt, ended up second in Class 8. FRIDAY & SATURDAY oo· oo· wwYl,;..fiversideresott .. ¢oiili ••1••·••·••t1••!Bi~••·~ot .. include:.jil;••l•~~j~(i•·~~~viit~~tl•ity, .• aBvancJ··•reservat,~iii••rjqJi r-e~:1 •• Standa rd Dusty Times January 1999 Page9

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Terry and Eric Henn, Don and Mark Floyd and Rod Hall took turns driving the winning Hummer in Class Stock Full. The Arizona team of Dave Sundquist, Dwight Lundell, Rick Geiser and John Phillips, Sr. took the win in Class 10 in their Jimco. Terry Kiely. Eric Solorzano and Miguel Haro teamed to win Class 11, even with two clutch replacement . Fan belts were trouble for John Becker and Jack Glazener, in the Sportsman buggy class, but they still managed a win. was driving now, and Steve Wragg had taken over for Fortin at Insurgentes. For Gordon the final 200 miles was the hardest part of the race. Something went wrong with his steering and his steering wheel would tum only five or six inches, total. He was having to use his turning brake for nearly eyery tum. Still, he kept moving along, and while his competition was closing up, they hadn't caught him. Then when Gordon came into the area just before the finish, a section of the highway had been tom up in preparation for new pavement, and there was a lot of confusion. Mexican fans seemed to be parked everywhere, signs and arrows were impossible to find, hav-ing possibly become souvenirs of the event, and pohce gave ambiguous arm signals. The finish area couldn't be seen until a driver was actually there, so it had to be found by instinct and luck. And Gordon's luck had run thin. He got good and lost, and spent ten minutes, with his miserable steering, trying to get back to where he felt the finish would be. When he finally got there he was in an agony of impatience, and worried that the second place vehicle would have caught him because of the lost time. But Scott McMilhn's co-driver, Gary Arnold, also lost time trying to find the finish line. He got into crosstown traffic, slammed on his brakes to miss a traffic jam, slid side-ways and peeled a rear tire off the rim. Eventually, he found the finish and took second place, 14 minutes behind Gor-don. In third it was Troy Herbst and his a lead of two hours by the time he got to signed on because "I knew it'd be a hell co-driver, Jimmy Smith, who'd had all San Ignacio, where Johnson and Barlow of an adventure." At mile 130 he hit a kinds of problems. The special diode for continued to follow, roughly 20 minutes rock that tore off the back mount of the all their lights had turned out to be tern-apart. But down below San Ignacio, transfer case and ripped out the back half peramental, and it sometimes didn't work where the race vehicle can travel as fast of his transmission. He spent a long, chilly well for a while, 'til the car would hit a as the chase vehicle, he ran into trouble. night waiting to be rescued. bump, and then it would work all right Somehow, hekeptgettingtohisgasstops But in the meantime the Nissan again. They'd also had five flats, and then, before his gas got there. By the time they driven by the Beal family moved steadily down near the end of the race their trans-got to Insurgentes, Nuckles was only an southward, shepherded by Bryant Hibbs mission developed trouble and they had hour and five minutes up on Barlow, and who sits in the passenger seat all the way. to change the fluid three times. Still, they Johnson ran 32 minutes back in third They had no mechanical trouble, except were a scant 31 seconds behind the Mc-place. a httle fuel pump problem near the end Millin/Arnold car. In fourth it was Corky Nuckles continued to be fast while of the race. They did get stuck once, but McMillin and Brian Ewalt, (eportingonly he was moving, but he lost too much time also pulled 11 people out of the silt. The two or three flats to trouble their trip. waiting for his fuel. Barlow and his co-driving chores were handled by Kelly, The Ebberts family finished fifth, an em-driver, John Swift, who drove from San Spencer, Carty and Carl Beal and Craig barrassed Darren at the wheel at the Ignacio, went on to take the win. A very Duke. They had a wonderful time, as they checkered flag. It seems he'd spent some disappointed Nuckles finished second, always do, and finished in 27 hours and extra time down in the La Paz area so he about an hour and four minutes down. 39 minutes with an average speed of could pre-run the confusing last miles. Johnson was third, 22 minutes later. 38.698 mph. He really knew the course - but some-In Class 3 there were five entries for The Class 5 contingent was small to how during the race he made a wrong this event, but only one of them got any start, with only three entries, and one of tum, and lost about 20 minutes. distance at all. The Japanese champion, them, Juan Campos, doesn't show up on In the Pro Truck class the leader at Ikui Hanawa, in an Isuzu, was moving our unofficial records anywhere, so he the Bay of LA. check was Jimmy Nuckles fast early on, but didn't get to the Bay of presumably came to grief before the Bay in his Ford. Rick Johnson, in another LA. Darren Skilton, on the other hand, of LA. On the other hand, Mike and Ford, ran second about 54 minutes later. got there in his Kia, which was reported Dale Dondel had their Jimco Bug mov-Steve Barlow had his Ford 25 minutes to be "shooting ducks." He also reported ing along smartly, and by that point were behind him. He'd had real trouble about some sort of electrical problem, and then about an hour up on George Seeley, in 20 miles into the race when the upper wasn't heard from again until he showed his Snoddy Bug, who was playing the cross member that holds the front end up in La Paz at about twoo'clockonSat-conservative game, hoping to ensure a together broke right in the middle. He urday afternoon, a non-finisher. finish. He'd never been to La Paz and drove 40 miles before he got to a pit, "'TheMidwestemteamofChrisRaffo wanted togetthere. where the Baja Pit folks did some excel-and Gerald Foster had a short day. Fos-AtSanignaciothedifference was still lent welding for him. It held together for ter, who is an aggressive short course almost exactly an hour, and also at the rest of the race. driver, was to start. He'd never been to Insurgentes. Then as Dondel's car kept Nuckles was really flying, and he had Mexico, had not pre-run, but said he' cl moving right along, Seeley's, now driven ~--------------------~ by Bruce Anderson, began to have prob-iems. The air cleaner packed with silt and eventually sucked in so tight that it tore, and then sanded the motor. He lost cyl-inders one at a time until he was down to one and the car wouldn't move. Word came that he was out of the race at mile 1048. Only 20 miles to go! Seeley and his crew hustled on down the highway and found their way in to where he was. They did a Baja fix on the motor: replac-ing the plugs, cleaning up the air cleaner and spraying all the belts with carbure-tor cleaner, and made it run. George got in to drive to the finish, crossing the line in a big cloud of blue smoke, almost five hours behind the winning Dondels, but a finisher in La Paz. Class 7 produced ten entries for this epic event, and managed a 50% finish rate. Up at the front of the pack it had the old familiar look, with Larry Roeseler in the Chevy at point, but there was a pack chasing him. Roeseler had a lead of an hour at Bay of L.A., and it was Elisandro Yee running second in his Ranger. Then came Carlos Ibarra, in third, and after him, Bob Lund in an-other Ford, several hours down, appar-ently having had some problems. Meanwhile, Roeselerwas not having an easy day either. He said it was a clean run all the way to Catavina, which was at mile 234. But there had been a lot of dust, and then the air cleaner collapsed. They started to lose oil pressure, and from then on had to put in two gallons of oil about every 100 miles. He had thought he'd like to have a stab at the overall win, theoretically possible, but now that went out the window, and it became a matter of nursing the truck to La Paz. Behind him Land's co-driver, Mike Jenkins got stuck in the silt before Punta Prieta and lost four hours, but Eli Yee was still mov-ing along steadily. He's more usually seen in a Class 9 car, ·but was racing his pre-runner this time. It was its third race, first SCORE event, and Yee had John MacNeil signed on to relieve him from Punta Prieta to San Ignacio. Ibarra was third at San Ignacio and Alejandro Abaroa, who lives in La Paz, was teamed with John Anderson in a Jeep, and they had moved into fourth at that point. Also running steadily were Herman and A.J. DeN unzio and Mike Abbott, in their old Toyota. This was to be the final race for the 18 year old truck. Roeseler held the lead, and he had two hours on Yee and MacNeil at Insurgentes, with Abaroa and Anderson another four hours later and Ibarra had dropped out. The DeN unzio Toyota ran fourth and Land was a distant fifth. All five made it to the finish in the same or-der. Class 8 had a pretty good entry, with nine of the full size two wheel drive trucks, at least three of which were Mexi-can Nationals. Randy Salmont started in Dave Westhem's Chevy, and he put the truck into the lead, with 12 minutes at Bay of L.A. It was Brian Collins, in an-other Chevy, in second, followed by Steve Krieger and Bud Feldkamp in one more Chevy. Then came Ari Kreiss and Michael Frank, both residents of Cabo Continued on page 13 George Seeley and Bruce Anderson sanded their motor, but salvaged Brady Helm, Pete Swift and Jeff Lothringer finished third in the very Scott McMillin and Gary Arnold had trouble finding the finish line, but a second place in Class 5 after some engine first aid. tight Class 10 race in their Lothringer. still finished second in Class 1. · Page 10 January 1999 Dusty Times

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Play The ~y ¼u Like It. '1999 SCORE International Off-Road Racing Action! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Thursday, January 21, 1999 5:00 p.m. Pit Crew Competition followed by uThe Laughlin Leap" long-jump competition. Friday, January 22, 1999 Course Orientation, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Official Race Course Tech Inspection and Contingency Row, 10:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. Saturday, January 23 & Sunday, January 24, 1999 *Classes will race in six groups. Starting at 6:00 a.m. Group 1: Classes 3, 5/1600, 9, 11, Sportsman Buggy-6:15 a.m. Group 2: Classes 1-2/1600 -8:15 a.m. Group 3: Class 1 Unlimited -10:15 a.m. Group 4: Trophy-Truck, Class 8, ProTruck, Baja Truck -12:15 p.m. Group 5: Classes 7, 7S, Stock Full, Stock Mini, and Sportsman Trucks -2:15 p.m. Group 6: Classes 5, 10 and SCORE Lites -4:15 p.m. *Times subject to change FOR LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE ENTRIES, CALL SCORE INTERNATIONAL (818) 225-8402

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Slumped over the steering wheel, he sat motionless, dust spiraling around him. Drenched in a thousand miles of sweat and wearing a bleary-eyed smile, the exhausted champion was pulled from his PPI/Toyota Trophy-Truck. Ivan Stewart, running the TRD Tundra Racing V8, had once again taken on the Baja 1000 and once again prevailed. We're proud to be pulling for you, compadre. Now get some well-deserved rest. After all, you're only 364 days away from next year's start. TOYOTA RACING DEVELOPMENT TOYOTA Everyday

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They added 60 liters of oil on the way. but Edmundo Fernandez, Marco Novelo was stuck early on, but after recovering, he and Glenn Larry Ragland wanted a fourth win in his Chevy. but settled for second by 5 minutes, after a day-long close race. Roberto Norberto and Marcos Nunez took second place in 5-1600. Harris went on to 2nd in 7S in their Ford. San Lucas, in a '94 Ford Bronco. They're Class 9 fielded an even dozen entries, also not having any trouble to speak of. local racers, and Kreiss is the current and incredibly, eight of them finished Fisher and Arambula were up to third Class 8 champion in Baja Sur. They within the time limit. The teamofTodd now, with a very fast time on that sec-would have some advantage in the area and Scott Johnson, Brian Hansen and tion, while Christensen and Mendiola show up for another hour and a half. entries, six of them managed to finish. One other team in this class deserves Race teams seem to get more persistent mention. Ed McLean, who represented when it's a matter of getting to la Paz. the senior citizenry of off road (though For one thing, the chase crew doesn't he wasn't alone as a septuagenarian) at want to have driven nearly HXX:l miles age 72, headed what he called a "politi-fornothing, and they tend to become very cally correct" team. In addition to him-innovative and energetic in the effort to self the team included Kevin and Rhonda get their team to the finish line. south of Santa Rita, because their Cabo Mike Shatynski (who would drive in that had dropped to fourth. . based off road racing club races smoothly order) had their T-Mag out in front at After Santa Rita, only 130 miles from in that part of the peninsula. the Bay of L.A., area, leading by 12 min-the finish, the Johnson, Hansen, Salmost stayed in front all the way to utes. This class, equipped with limited Shatynski car developed a mysterious coil San Ignacio, and Collins continued to suspension and 1600cc motors, had problem. It would quit, and then as it run second, now just 16 minutes back. reached those bottomless silt beds before cooled off, woul~ run again. The Bios and Kreiss, who said he gotlost several times Punta Prieta after dark, and they Gutierrez went past them to take the win. up in the early section of the course, was wouldn't have daylight again until some-Pancho, who hasn't raced for a few years, now in third, several hours back, with where south of San Ignacio. In second at said "I was retired for a while, but I guess Krieger just 17 minutes behind him. Bay of L.A. it was the team of Martin I'm back now." His son, always a part of Walsh, a husband and wife team who In this group Ben Schlirnme had the both drove, and Philip Breedlove, an-early lead in his Toyota powered Jirnco, other driver. Then they had Enrique andwas21 minutesuponJohnPhillips, Ayala, a Mexican National, who navi-Sr., Rick Geiser, Dwight Lundell and gated and Ralph Finisterre, a black, who Dave Sundquist, all from Arizona, in also navigated. They. spent ten hours their Toyota Jirnco at Bay of LA. In third stuck in the silt, got a tow out, made re-it was Rick Ellison and John Penner in pairs and went on to finish. Ed's driven their Chenowth Millennium, about 45 in three La Paz events and finished all minutes back, and followed by the Toyota three. powered Lothringer ofBrady Helm, Pete Collins put his partner, Dale White, Christensen and John Mendiola, in a his dad's crew, is surely one of the young-behind the wheel for the lower part of Jirnco, only eight minutes back. Behind est ever to drive on a winning Baja l 000 the course, and he moved into the lead. them came a couple of veterans, Pancho team. The J ohnsons, Hansen and At lnsurgentes he had 32 minutes on Bio and Sergio "Coyote",Gutierrez, and Shatynski recovered in time to save sec-Westhem. Kriess still held third, and Bio's 16 year old son, Francisco, who ond place seven minutes later, while Feldkamp ran fourth, though he'd started the race.-Their car is a Tubular Fisher and Arambula, in third, didn't Class 10, on the whole, had a good Swift and Jeff Lothringer, nine minutes day of it. Though there we(e only eight Continued on page 14 dropped back a bit more. Designs chassis, and they ran four min-White, who had a couple of flats, was utes further back. Eric Fisher and Ado-able to cool it a bit near the end because lfo Arambula ran fourth, about a half they knew where everyone else was. And hour later, in a HomeMade Challenger. they knew where Westhem was, stuck The Johnson, Hansen, Shatynski in a silt bed. He'd been charging down team continued to lead through San the course, then hit the silt, sent up a big Ignacio, and now they were nine min-cloud of dust, which got into the air utes up on the Bios and Gutierrez. Chris-cleaner, caused the truck to choke and tensen and Mendiola had dropped to then stall, and he was buried. He had to third, but only 30 seconds behind them, do a lot of jacking and pushing to get and Hector Sarabia and Federico out, and lost a lot of time. White and Montez, in a Chenowth, were now Collins took the win, with Salmont and fourth. Westhem in second place, only 17 min-Down at lnsurgentes the Johnson, utes later. In third it was the local champ, Hansen, Shatynski team continued to Kreiss, and Frank, who had only one flat. lead, having a very-good race. Now the Krieger and Feldkamp finished fourth. Bios and Gutierrez were 21 minutes back, David Callaway and John Holmes had bad brakes on their Dunrite, yet took the win, and the SCORE Lites championship for the second year. Carl, Carty, Spencer and Kelly Beal and Craig Duke all drove their Class 3 Nissan, had no problems, and took the victory. Dusty Times § I &SU 2 & d t (I e f--(/) u::i Cl (.) 0 ...J 6 <I: w co z 0 a: ::E <I: I (.) er Cl co Cl) ...J w w I 3: w z :J er w f--z w (.) Cl) er w ~ co ~ <I: co Cl) er w ~ u:: z c(j :,:: SUPERTRA AUTO ETE L CNC i,-~YO~U111111'R-0.1111~1111111F-1111---Ri-Q .. t4 ... D .... I SPECIALISTS/ ~ * Catch us on the Net! PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 I BILLET AIR CLEANERS Made from Billet Aluminum. Deep grooves top arid bottom to keep air cleaner from collapsing. Fits 40, 44, 48IDF and all new 48 IDAs. DZUS BUTTONS/TABS DZU-EHF5-50 Ejected Head - Small Button DZU-EHF5-50W Ejected Head - Winged Button DZU-EHF6-55 #6 Ejected Head Button DZU-AO65-40 Round Head. 400 Long Button DZU-AO65-50 Round Head, 500 Long Button DZU-AO65-55 Round Head, 550 Long Button DZU-A065-55A Round Head, Aluminum - 550 Long Button DZU-FO65-40 Countersunk Head - 400 Long Button DZU-FO65-50 C/rsunk Head - 500 L. . • DZU-FO65-55 C/rsunk Head - 550 L. ' (,_ r 4IP DZU-200-D Dimpled Solid Std Tab J11111 ~ DZU-200-F Flat Standard Tab ..,, fj lt DZU-300-D 3" Long Dimpled Tab O 1o1 1., h · t;., ........... DZU-300-F 3" Long Flat Tab .-P< ~ ~-c;---., DZU-TAB-D Dimpled Tab DZU-TAB-F Flat Tab ~ ~ DZU-946 Lightweight - -Dimpled Tab DZU-S6425 Tall Spring - d'1fa Large Button · a:IJ DZU-S6300 Short Spring - Large Button FOX RACING SHOX Every Fox Racing Shox ever made can be rebuilt as needed to insure it's delivering the very best performance in every race. ~ PO Yokohama OFF-ROAD TIRES Exclusively de-signed for Off-Road Racing. Both the com-puter-aided de-sign with variable pitch block pattern and the heavy-duty undertread construction gives you outstanding desert terrain traction and are cut resistance. The large overall diameter with a tall section height improves rolling and handling over the toughest terrain. 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Page 14

The fans love the Candy Cane Raceco of Walter Price and Doug Ben Schlimme and Dan Worley had to repair a mangled front A-arm, Steve Taylor and Wayne Lacher teamed in their Chenowth to finish second in 1/2-1600, only six minutes out of the lead. Browne, who toss candy the length of Baja. They were 2nd Sportsman. still pushed their Jimco to second in Class 10. further back. The surprise was that Da-his motor. While he waited for someone with 25 minutes on Geiser who'd taken men Jefferies, who had Andrew Wehe to come tow him out, he kept his jack over for Phillips. The Helm, Lothringer, standing by to drive the second half of handy, and helped a bunch of people get Swift team was now third, about an hour the race, didn't get there. He'd appar-themselves unstuck. John Bartolotti's back, and William Alverson ran fourth, ently had an air cleaner failure in the silt motor had gone away at about Mile 50. just a half minute behind them. Ellison beds before Punta Prieta md had sanded At San Ignacio Schlimme still led, ran fifth, another nine minutes back. Worley took over the driving, and lost about three hours in the doing. Now before he got to Purisima he'd hit some-Lundell was driving the Arizona team's thing that flattened his front tires and car, and they'd moved into the lead. At broke the A-arm. He did some Insurgentes they had about an hour and Mexicaneering and limped down course 4 5 minutes on Helm, Lothringer and to Juanico where he found help. But he Swift. Ellison's co-driver, John Penner, GERMAN AUTO was third and Schlimme and Worley had dropped to fourth. The Arizona team stayed in front, Sundquist, who'd never been in the car before, and never driven the 1000, stayed on track and got to the finish line first. He was especially pleased since he'd just bought the car, and liked the feeling that he'd bought a winner. Worley, once fixed, was fastest on the road, and did the stretch from Insurgentes to the fin-ish 31 minutes faster than the next quick-est car, to move back up to second place for himself and Schlimme. Helm, Swift and Lothringer, with two flats in the fi-nal 25 miles, finished third. Penner, who'd been doing so well, reported a litany of problems that would have been enough for an entire race, happening in the final 230 miles. He said it was "a whole bunch of driver errors." First he blew a corner, hit a rock and got stuck. Seeley's co-driver, Bruce Anderson helped him get going again. Then he was lost for a bit, not far from Insurgentes, and then he ran too hard and rolled the car. He needed spectator help to get go-ing again. Then he got stuck in the silt near Santa Rita, and needed help one more time, to get moving again. But he was still third. And then he broke an axle. His chase crew came in and fixed that, and he went on, and when he was al-most at the finish someone tossed a bottle at him and broke his face shield. Trying to see things in a good light, he said, "I don't think my nose is broken." He and Ellison were fourth. DEIST SEAT BELTS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-point sand rail seat belt RACE BELTS 2• • 5 point mount 3"·5pointmount SIDE COVERS IRS . Swing axle KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# 200mm-up to 3()()()1, GERMAN AUTO PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700# -2400# RACING PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks 4 puc ferramic 4 puc ferramic with spring hub SACO MAGNUM RACK tJ111et housing, 1 'lz • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930 or T-4 cages 930 or T-4 or T-2 flanges Trick boots /specify) 930CVstar "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8 " travel-stock width 8" travel-widened beam 10• travel-stock width 10• travel-widened beam TRI MIL EXHAUST T· 1 1 'lz • chrome T-111/z"raw T-11518' chrom T-1 1 518 ' raw T·4chrome T-4 raw GERMAN AUTO HATS GERMAN AUTO 'T-SHIRTS. specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator. Includes alternator stand MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ MK/I _,/ ~ \ ~ v I ... J,-a::::::!.::J.::J-'°' PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies /or . cable throttle With black pedal With chrome pedal. With hydraulic throttle Replacement slave SACO RACK AND PINION The toughest available anywhere, alloy gears, full contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion Mount plate Coupler . Rack steering stops VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1.7, 1.8, and2.0 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears _lite spindle mounts too FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin ............ 4130 <:hromolv Stock length ......... pr. 1 'I• • longer ......... . pr. 21/, • longer .......... pr. 4• longer-coil over style pr. CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromo/y tie rods wlends. l.sneclfv Ford or International) set . . . SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3• X 3• . . . . . . 1-2 1600, 5-1600 CATALOG. Class 11 has a hard time at one of these long point-to-point events, because there's seldom a way to shorten the course for them. And so it was this time. They were required to run the full dis-tance. Only four teams entered, and only one made it -officially. Eric Solorzano, Terry Kiely and Miguel Haro teamed in their '74 VW sedan for this one. Th•·y had no flat tires, but they had to replace their clutch twice, a major job which means pulling the engine each time. Other than that the car ran "beautifully" they said, and they never even had to add oil. They got to La Paz in 39 and a half hours. The other team, Garth Awkeny and Christopher u,mpton, who drove the car from Colorado to Ensena-da and then entered, with no pre-run, actually got to La Paz also, but were about three minutes over time, so it didn't count.Talk about sad stories! Then they were going to have to drive the VW back to Colorado. The SCORE Lite class showed up in pretty good numbers, and the team of David Callaway, Scott Mapes and John Holmes, in their Dunrite, m:,ved into the lead by Bay of LA., with almost 40 min-,utes on Scot Jones and Erik Perkowski. :In third it was Marty Fiolka, who'd put together a team with short notice, and then had run out of money to buy a mo-11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 562-863-1123 FAX 562_929_1461 tor. He leased one from Jim Greenway, ·who was driving someone else's car in an:-Page 14 January 1999 Dusty Times

Page 15

After leading much of the way, Jim Nuckles and Larry Wyatt missed Mike Shatynski, Scott & Todd Johnson and Brian Hansen had a connections with their gas crew, dropped to second in the Protruck In SCORE Lites Marty Fiolka, Tim Smith and Mike Groff got lost a frustrating coil problem, still took second in Class 9. ~cl_a_ss_. ~-~-~~~~-~-~~--~-~~ couple of times, but still finished a beautiful second place. other class this time. Along with Fiolka Manning, moved up to the front in the developed clutch problems also. Steven fronts, but this team is used to dealing later it was Quade, Manning and in the Junco, were Tim Smith and Indy next section. Smith and Groff had both Greinke and Dave Bonner, in a Suspen-with adversit'/, and Holmes, who drove Sandoval, who'd lost some time with a car driver, Mike Groff. In fourth it was been lost, not too surprisingly, and they sions Unlimited car, now moved up to the final section, just kept moving right flat. Herzog, Smith and Perriw finished Mickey Quade, Jay Manning and Luis and Fiolka dropped to third, also slowed fourth. along. The team took the win, followed fourth, six minutes later. They are a Sandoval, all based in the Caho area, in by a slipping clutch. Callaway, Mapes and Callaway, Hohnes and Mapes lost the in a half-hour later by Fiolka, Smith and rookie team, and did really well for them-a Junco. Quade, who drove the first sec-Hohnes were still second, about a half pods outofa caliper and had to pinch off Groff, who'd ended their day with no selves in their first yearofracing. tion, had been hit by a truck which flat-hour behind the lead car, but their car one rear brake. They'd already lost their third gear. In third, al:xmt 50 minutes Continued on page 16 tened both his rear tires, and of course, he had only one spare. Ryan Herzog, Paul Penizo and Grayson Smith ran fifth in their Suspensions Unlimited car. Among the missing were George Erl and Jerry Penhall, usually in the hunt, already in the process of replacing their transmis-sion. That replaced transmission also broke, ending their day. Fiolka, Smith and Groff moved into the lead at San Ignacio, with about a 35 minute cushion on Holmes, Mapes and Callaway. Mapes did 160 miles of his part with his left hand holding the steering shaft together. It had developed a major break, and needed serious work. In third it was Manning, Quade and Sandoval, followed by Herzog, Smith and Penizo, now only an hour and a half behind the lead car. The Baja team, Quade, Sandoval and Brian Collins and Dale ·white teamed in their White Lightning Chevrolet to take the win, but said it "wasn't easy.· 1 Demonstrating their Baja-worthiness, the Baja Touring Car of Robert Mullis made it all the way to the finish line. HONDA Power . .. Equipment KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ POWER TO_~-D Racer· and Spectator D'iscounts •GENERATORS •WELDERS •GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES =-·-· , . • WATER PUMPS •OUTBOARD ENGINES I_ , . ::~ , •LAWNMOWERS •LAWN TRACTORS .EBSSOOSX J . •RIDING MOWERS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS AND INVENTORY -IF We DoN'.r HA VE Ir, No ONE Does! DEUVERY TO 1HE ~CES AVAIi.ABLE • PLEAsE CAIL AHEAD EX1000 KAWAGUCHI HONDA 3.532E.3RoS1:Las~CA<JaJn3•213.264.3936, 264.SSSS FAX 264.2136 I ' .HONDA Power Equipment. Dusty Times : VISA i s A L E s ' s E R .V I C E ' p A R T s 1'. T----. ... h;Y\t'Y~ . ii H O N D A P O WE R E Q U I P-M E N T S P E CI A L I S T 1 ~U ~ ~S easlef. ~ fiJr op11mum pcr!'or.n.&.nC'C' and ~J.!ety. pk.\!>C, r-:id lr.C' 0,,.,111."r·s m..:inu:tl b<fore Opt"r:1:ing your Hond:1 Power Equipment Spt'clfkatlons subJC'<'l to d•.J..r.~e ",L~out noll,..·e. ~.-eEnlm.ltc only b:u•ed on r:ued load. •B;11tcry· not uu:lud~ ",th E~1J5v()SXK1. E~15000S.'u\l a11d E90500SX. ••\\'ilh b.t.aery tr.,y kit . .,,:ht>ds ~ ... h.l..-:~er. Conn«Uon 10 hoL1st> power requires tr,u1.skr dC'\1tc h> .wm,! po:ss1blC' injury to pmA'C'I" company pc.'nonnel. Consult 3 qu,1.Jified elc-clrt"•ian. · J~nuary 1999 Page 15

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Joe Custer, Troy Cline and Steve Pixley made it two wins in two races, motoring serenely to the Class 7S win in their Ford. In the Sportsman Buggy class the teamofJohn Becker and Jack Glazener, in a Mirage, were leading at the halfway point, San Ignacio, where they first show upon our unofficial timer's sheets. Walter Prince and Doug Browne, in the Raceco Candy Cane car, ran second, but were about five hours down. Becker had al-rea~y had a problem with his car losing belts, and had been towed out of the silt beds. Once the belt was replaced how-ever, his car apparently worked all right, and the team went on. From that point on they led all the way, finishing in 41 hours and 42 minutes, for the victory. Prince and Browne were second, and had only 33 minutes of their allotted time left when they finished at dawn on Satur-day. In the Sportsman Truck class the Canadian team of Dale Yrancky and Richard lzerlan, in a Hummer, got almost to San Javier and blew their turbo. They somehow ended up in Loreto, and report-edly loved their first Baja 1000. The other entrant, Rod Stevens, apparently got an even shorter distance, and was also a DNF. The competition was fierce in the 1/ 2-1600 class, and the season points would be decided by the outcome. Jason Hatz put his Dunrite into the lead by LA. Bay, and he had about 30 minutes on Bekki Freeman, in a Jirnco, whose power steer-ing had quit. In third it was the team of Steve Taylor and Wayne Lacher, in a Chenowth, only ten minutes behind her, and Lorenzo Rodriguez and Jim Green-way, in a Lothringer, ran fourth, another 30 seconds back. Bruce Conrad and Matias Arjona were fifth in their Neth, another hour down. At San Ignacio the lead still belonged to Hatz, and now he had 48 minutes on Freeman's car, which had Adam Wik at the wheel. In third it was still Taylor and Lacher, while the Conrad/Arjona team and RodrigueztGreenway team battled it out for fourth and fifth. Hatz kept moving southward, and ,. __ ..,,_.. ___ ._~ ....... ' Jt Page 16 ~®&~tf Flamingo Road & The Strip 888-227 -2279 had seven minutes on Victor Herrera who'd lost a little time when he had three flats at once. He showed up in that con-dition at Catavina. In third place it was Javier Yee and Marco Antonio Yee, both from I.a Paz. Javier Tiznado, from San Francisquito, ran fourth, while Dave and Bill Gasper were fifth. Larry Roese/er, on his way to another Class 7 win in his Chevy, had to stop over and over to add oil this time. Herrera, whose cerdrivers were Mario Ledezma and Gerardo lribe, was in the lead at San Ignacio, after a fuel pump problem, and the Fernandez/Norberto/ Munoz team was 25 minutes back. They were using oil. In third it was Tiznado, followed by the Gaspers, who split the driving half and half, and were only four minutes behind Tiznado. They had changed a couple of c.v.s and an oil cooler. The Y ees had dropped to fifth. When they drove through lnsurgentes, at about 10 of 5 in the a.m., Herrera, lribe and Ledezma were still in the lead, but their brakes were going away. Fernandez, Munoz and Norberto were using a lot of oil now, but still hung on to second place, about 40 minutes back. In third it was the Gaspers, who'd lost some time when their chase truck rolled on the access road into San Javier and Bill had to wait for his fuel. No one in the chase truck was hurt. Tiznado was fourth and the Yee team held fifth place. The last three were within three minutes of each other. when he went past lnsurgentes his lead was still at 48 minutes, and now it was Taylor and Lacher in second, with Free-man and Wik just two minutes behind them. Rodriguez and Greenway were fourth, while Arjona and Conrad (who'd got out of the driver's seat and into the passenger's seat) were in fifth. Freeman, certain that Hatz would win, paced the finish line waiting to hear the news. And when word came that her car, with Wik at the wheel, was the first through Check 10, she could hardly be-lieve it. Hatz had broken a throttle cable. Sure enough, after 22 hours and 4 7 min-utes the team of Freeman and Wik had the victory, and with it took the season class championship. Taylor and Lacher were next to cross the line, only six min-utes behind them after over a thousand miles. And in third it was Hatz, just an-other 16 minutes back. Arjona and Conrad were fourth, and Arjona also took the Governor's Cup, for the Mexi-can National with the best finish in the Tropicana Ave. & Arville 800-675-3267 January 1999 race. They were followed in by Rodriguez and Greenway, who'd broken two tie-rods at once and lost several hours be-fore repairs were made. While Greenway sat at the side of the course he watched Fiolka go by on his way to the finish with his motor. In an example of particularly good luck, disguised as bad, Dave Yan Ness, who was teamed with Chris Eberz, missed a turn and cartwheeled the car. He ended up unconscious, for a minimum of 45 minutes as close as he could figure, and maybe longer. Luckily, there was no fire, nor was the car in a position where it would be hit by another. Eventually he came to, got the car on its wheels, and decided they were done for the day. In fact, Yan Ness thinks his driving career may be over; thinks he may have pressed his luck just about far enough. The 5-1600 class had a good battle. At Bay of L.A. the first car belonged to the team of Edmundo Fernandez, Rob-erto Norberto, and Marco Nunez. They Coming toward the finish Herrera still fought the bad brakes, but he finished first to get the win for himself, lribe and Ledezma. Fernandez, Munoz and Norberto kept adding oil, a total of 60 liters or more they said (they also said they thought the case was broken), and finished second an hour and 15 minutes behind the winning team. In third it was the Yees, two minutes later, and the Gaspers followed them in another half Continued on page 18 ............. ......, ...... ...,..--..,,..,,_,'"'ml __ _ West Flamingo & Valley View 888-402-6278 Dusty Times

Page 17

I Troy Herbst and Jimmy Smith teamed in the Truggy, had some electrical the McMillin family was out in force, and Gorky, teamed with Brian Javier and Marco Antonio Yee avoided the worst of the silt, and took a problems, but ran hard for a third place. Ewalt, finished 4tf! with his Ford powered Chenowth. nice third place in Class 5-1600. •l'@W Baja Sur Class 8 champion, Ari Kreiss, hustled his Bronco to a third Alejandro Abaroa and John Anderson, a La Paz team, piloted their But for a loose alternator wire the story might have been different. place finish in Class 8. Class 7 Jeep Comanche towards home, and finished third. Dave Ashley & Dan Smith were 3rd Trophy Truck in their Ford. Brothers Dave and Bill Gasper had some trouble with the silt, but After leading most of the way Jason Hatz broke a throttle cable and Hector Sarabia and Federico Montez, in their _"Spirit of Ensenada" emerged in time to finish fourth in the 5-1600 race. dropped to third in Class 1/2-1600. Chenowth, took third in Class 9. Lorenzo Rodriguez and Jim Greenway Jost two tie-rods at once, and Rick Ellison and John Penner were 4th in Class 1 O in their Chenowth Eric Fisher and Adolfo Arambula motor past some of the nicest scenery dropped to fifth in the 1/2-1600 class in their Lothringer. Millennium. Penner had a miserable day of it. in Baja here. The• were 3rd in Class 9. Jay Manning, Mickey Quade and Luis Sandoval, who all live in the Ryan Herzog, Grayson Smith and Paul Perrizo capped their rookie Matias Arjona and Bruce Conrad shared driving in their Neth, to take Cabo area, took a hit near the etld of the day, finished 3rd in SCORE year with a fourth place SCORE Lite finish in La Paz. fourth 112-1600. Conrad was in the car all the way. =L:..:.ite:..:s:..:.· _____________________ _ Dusty Times January 1999 Page 17

Page 18

Pancho & Francisco Bio and Sergio Gutierrez had a trouble-free day on their way to the Class 9 win in their Tubular Designs car. hour down after a late (they got a spare from Seeley's co-driver, Anderson.) Tiznado finished fifth. In Class 7S it was Joe Custer's Ford all the way. The Sprint Car racer had a little over three hours by the time he got to Bay of LA., and at that time it was Marco Novelo in second, after he'd had his Ford buried in silt somewhere. He broadcast a call for help early in the day, but had the mileage figures wrong, so it took his crew a while to find him. In third it was Javier Sacio in his Nissan. Custer had Troy Cline and Steve Pixley to help with the driving chores, and they each took a stint in the middle. At San Ignacio they still led, now by almost exactly four hours. Sacio was another hour back. No one else had made it past the Bay of LA. Custer, Pixley andCline had no flats and never opened the hood. They sun-ply drove steadily on to take the win. Behind themNovelo and his co-driver, Glenn Harris, were second, followed in almost six hours later by Sacio, in third and iast. Gary Mecham, in a Ford, was the hard luck story of this class. He first had a flat tire, and then, while trying to make up time he ricocheted off the side of an-other vehicle while passing it and the bump sent him over the edge of an em-bankment. The other vehicle stopped, but Gary was okay, and came running up the embankment, looking for a fire extinguisher: it seems the trans fluid had poured out and the truck had caught fire. And, although he got the extinguisher, it was too little and too late, as it usually is, and the truck was reported to have .burned to the ground. In the one car Baja Touring car class, Robert Mullis drove his two seat buggy -to a finish in 38 hours and 36 minutes. We have no other information about this entry. In the Stock Full truck class David Sykes had a new motor for his Ford and it blew within the first 100 miles. But the others all went on to finish. At Bay of LA., the lead belonged to the Hummer ofT erry Henn, Eric Henn, Mark Floyd, Don Floyd, and Rod Hall;. They had four hours on the next vehicle which was the Ford of Marc Stein. Behind hi!fi about 40 minutes, was another Hummer, be-longing to John Griffin and Mike Cegiellski. • The lead Hummer had a leaky front differential and stopped five or six times to fill it up, but other than a lot of driver changes, had nothing else to slow them down. They led by four hours at San Ignacio, but had dropped back to a three hour lead at lnsurgentes. Stein ran steadily behind them, and the Griffin/ Cegiellski team followed along in third. The Henn/Floyd/Hall Hummer took the win, giving Hall his 16th vic-tory. They were three and a half hours in front of Stein who was second. The other Hummer, Griffin/Cegiellski, lost a lot of time in the last section, but made it to the finish in a time of 42 hours and 17 minutes for third place. In the Stock Mini class John Kear-ney got Bob Land's Isuzu Amigo to the Bay of L.A., but by then his sec-ond fuel pump had gone away and he had no more spares. There aren't too many Isuzu Amigo parts to be found in that part of the world, so he was out. The Oregon team of Frank Szubert and David Capell never show up on our unofficial timing sheet at all, and Rob Reinertson, who appar-ently got as far as San Ignacio, didn't get his Ford to lnsurgentes or the fin-ish. So the Stock Mini class had no finishers. One more Baja 1000 goes into the record books. If SCORE has its way, they will have the Baja 2000 in the year 2000. Right now Sal Fish, CEO, is looking at the possibilities, includ-ing having a layover in La Paz or not having a layover. The question of the exact return route, whether to allow work on cars during a layover, how to handle the slower classes so there are, no head-on accidents, and so forth. Stay tuned for the latest as time goes on. Many thanks to the BFG Radio Relay team who compiled the pit to pit times for all vehicles in all classes at t:.1us overwhelmingly long event. Without their data we'd have no story. · ■ Victor Herrera, Gerardo lribe and Mario Ledezma were a tough team in 5-1600, took the win in spite of bad brakes. Page 18. 1998 SCORE TECATE BAJA 1000 NOV. 11 - 14, 1998 SA."ITO TOMAS TO LA PAZ RESULTS POSITION CAR# DRIVER/CO-DRIVER VEHICLE OACLASS Trophy Trucks -11 entries, 6 finishers l 11 I vrui Stewart 2 2 80 Larry Ragland 6 3 8 Dav,, Ashley/Dan Smith 11 4 66 Jasaa Baldwin 20 'J 72 Jeffl-ewis Class l - Unlimited cars - 20 starto rs, 11 £nishors 3 I 115 Bob Gordon/Ryan Arciero 4 2 120 Scott McMilliu/Gary Arnold 'J 3 100 Troy Herbst/JIIllllly Smith 7 4 107 Corky McMillio/Bri:m Ewalt 8 'J 102 Dale, Darren & Tom Ebberts Clas, 1-2/1600 - buggies, 1600cos - 20 starters, l0·finiihors 16 l 1614 Bekki F~eeman/Adam Wik 17 2 1612 Steve Taylor/Wayne Lacher 19 3 1604 Jasa~ Hatz 31 4 1616 Matias Arjona/Bruce Conrad 47 'J 1619 Lorenzo Rodriguez/fun Greenway Class 3 -4WD Utility Vehicles - 4 starters, 1 finisher Toyota Chevrolet Ford Ford Chevrolet Toyota Chenowth Porsche Chenowth Smith Built Ford Chenowth Ford Jimco Jimco Chenowth Dunrite Neth Lotluinger 48 1 349 Carl, Carty, Spencer & Kelly Beal/Craig Duke Nissan Class 'J - Unlimited Baja Bugs - 3 !:tarters, 2 £nishers 18 1 'J02 Mik,, & DRle Dondcl 27 2 'JOO George Seeley/Bruce Anderson Class 'J-1600 - Limited Baja Bugs, 1600ccs -IO starters, 9 £nishers Junco Snoddy Bug 29 I 'J'J4 Vict~r Herrerat'Gerardo Iribe/Mario Ledezma Baja Bllg 39 2 'J76 Edmundo Femandez/Roberto Norberto/Marcos Nunez '\f\V Bug 41 3 S7'J Javior Yee/Marco Antonio Yee Baja Bug 46 4 577 Daw & Bill Gasper Baja Bug 49 ''J SS9 Javior Tiznado / Baja Bug Class 7 • mini or mid sized tru.cks • 10 starters, S finiihers lS 1 700 Larry Roeseler 37 2 702 Eli Yee/John MacNeil 6'J 3 701 AlejandroAbaroa/John Anderson 69 4 711 AJ. & Herman DeNunzio/Mike Abbott 75 5 703 Bob Land/Mike Jenkins Class 7S - stock mini or mid Eized "trucks - 9 starters, 3 £niihers 3 'J 1 722 Joe Custer/f royCline/Steve Pixley 64 2 738 Mar>:o Novelo/Glenn Harris 76 3 736 Javior Sacio Class 8 - 2\VD Utility vehicles -IC, starters, 6 finishers 9 1 804 Briaa Collins/Dale White 10 2 801 Daw Westhem/Randy Salmont 36 3 806 Ari Kreiss :'14 4 803 Steye K.rieger,BudFeldkamp 60 'J 807 Rud:, Amaya Class 9 - buggies, 1600ccs, limited suspension - 12 starters, 8 .finishers Chevrolet Ford Ranger Jeep Comanche Toyota Ford Ford Ford Nissan ChevTolet ChevTOlet Ford Bronco Chevrolet unk 32 1 90S Pancho & Fran,:isco Bio/Sergio Gutiettez Tublr.Designs 34 2 903 l\1ik,: Shatynski/Brian Hansen/Todd & Scott Johnson T-Mag 4S 3 948 Eric Fisher/Adolfo Arambula HomeMade S2 2 90 l Hector Sarabia/Federico Montez Chenowth 53 :'I 904 Mar.m Christensen/John Mendiola Jimco Class IO - l & 2 seat, water-coole<~ 16'J0ccs - 8 starters, 6 .finishers 12 1 1003 John Phillios Sr./Rick Geiser/Dwight LundelllDave-Sundqnist Jimco 22 2 1002 Ben Schlimme/Dan Worley Jimco 24 3 1004 Brady Helm/Jeff Lothringer/Pete Sv.ift Lothringer 44 4 1006 Rick Ellison/John Penner Chenowth Millennium SO S lOO'J \Vilham M & William L. Alverson Wlknov.n SCORE Lites - I & 2 seats, VW suspension & motors - 12 starters , 6 finishers 28 1 1200 David Callaway/John Holmes Dunrite 33 2 1208 !\,laii:y Fiolka/Iim Smith/Mike Groff Junco 38 3 1207 Mickey Quade/Jay Manning/Luis Sandoval Jimco 40 4 1211 Ryan Herzog/Grayson Smith/Paul Perri~o Susp.Unltd S9 5 1203 Steve Greinke/Dave Bonner Susp. Unltd Class 11 - Stock VW sedans - 4 st11rters, 1 finisher 78 l 1101 Eric Solorzano/ferry Kiely/Miguel Haro '74 VW Class Protru.cks - Spec Class - 7 starters, 6 finishers 21 l 299 Steve Barlow/John Swift 26 2 288 f1m111y Nuckles/Larry Wyatt 27 3 243 Rick Johnson/Rick L. Johnson 43 4 252 Kip Whitnac:k 'J7 'J 222 . Glen Greer/Thomas Greer Class Sto:::k Full - stock full sized tmcks - 4 starters, 3 finishers Ford F-150 FordF-1:'10 Ford F-150 unk Ford F-l'J0 56 l 861 Terry & Eric Henn.Don& Mark Floyd'Rod Hall Hummer 69 2 860 MaN Stein/Chris Tartar Ford 83 3 879 John Griffin/Mike Cegiellslci Hummer Class Stock Mini - 3 starters, no firishers Class sportsman truck - 2 starters, 110 finishers Cl11ss sportsman buggy - 7 starters .. 2 £nishers 81 1 1400 John Becker/Jack Glazener 84 2 1404 Walter Prince/Doug Browne Baja Touring Car - specialty buggy - 1 starter, 1 .finisher 77 l 180 l Rob,)rt Mullis Total starters: 145 £nishers: 84 Point to point: Santo to La Paz mileage: 1068 Time limit: 44 weather: clear, warm, perfect Mirage Raceco Baja Tour's car Th\.1.E 19:08:20 19:13:31 19:'Jl:21 22:05:47 23:17:36 19:31:27 19:45:54 19:46:35 20: 12:26 20:59:46 22:47:17 22:53:24 23:09:07 25:20:34 27:31 :.59 27:39:05 ~3:00:02 27:51:58 25: 11:40 26:26:39 26:28:36 27:03:34 27:42: 17 22:39:28 26: 16:39 30:51:2.3 31:57: 14 35:31:35 25:46:14 30:48:31 36:23:41 21:02:59 21: 19:30 . 26:03:08 28:31:49 30:20:3.5 25:33:56 2.5:40:10 27:02:41 28:09::'13 281034 22:06:20 24:17:38 24:27:07 26:52:10 27:44:08 24:58:42 25:31:22 26:21:28 26:27:40 29:25:44 39:31:23 23:26:34 24:32:12 24.54:09 26:42:41 28:50:.53 28:39:13 32:00:19 42:17:26 41:42:00 43:27:04 38:36:12 January 1999-Dusty Times

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This has been an incredible year for me. I want you all to know that I could not have done it without your support this year and for the many years before. Your dedication to help me win the SCORE 1-2/1600 Championship will be one of the most memorable accomplishments of my life. Thank you for your friendship and for a lifetime of unforgettable memories. Thanks for your Help: Carrera Photography Brian Hilderbrand-Las Vegas Sun Dave Folts Transmissions Don Shoemaker Productions Dusty Times Freeman's Carpet Fox Racing Shocks Jimco McKenzies The Riviera Racing Team SCORE News-Dominic Clark The Super-Pits SPECIAL THANKS TO: MOM AND DAD Adam Wik Day Gang Kenny Freeman Kerry Freeman Bryan Freeman Cody Freeman Jason Briscoe Mark Bunderson Eric Brannstrom Mitch and Jill Canepa Eddie Chastaine Ray and Christina Cleal Jack Clinkenbeard Butch Dean Bruce Fraley Ken Gracy Jeff Holifield Todd Hunter George Jiminez Tony and Lora Leonard Gary McC_lu~key Phil McCluskey Lorna McNeil Jeff Moore Todd Olcott Greg Price Randy Reid Jason Schumacher Jay Sahain Mike Snodgrass Mike Stapelton Angie and Bruce Vanderhorst Toni Vesser Becky Wik Rick Wilson Robert Young Wilson's Motorsport Racing Team WIK'S RACING ENGINES

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API RALLY AUSTRALIA Makinen/Mitsubishi = Gold Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Tommi Makinen, ably assisted by Risto Mannisenmaki were the big winners in Australia, shown here in flight in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V. Tommi Makinen overcame an apparently devastating loss of two minutes when he went off the road in the first full day of the Australian Rally, but he ral-lied (no pun intended) and took the overall win with 1 7 seconds to spare. This Australian event, where stage conditions played a very important part had Tommi running in the right positions on the road for a iarge portion of the time and he gave Mitsubi-shi their 25th World Rally win and it was the 15th win of Tommi's career. Carlos Sainz, completely de-moralized by the stewards' de-cision to cancel a one minute penalty on the Finn for jump-ing the start had to run through less favorable conditions in or-der to finish in the second spot and Carlos was further dismayed by the fact that Tommi is now two points ahead in the cham-pionship with only one rally left in the series. Colin McRae was also run-ning in the best conditions and took the lead of the rally on the finai day but he suffered turbo failure of his lmpreza, costing him not only the rally but his chances of the World Rally Driver's Championship as well. Yoshio Fujimoto stayed ahead of his rival Yoshihiro Kataoka to take the Asia-Pacific Series win, the first Japanese BUMP STOPS HERE Stop the up-travel on your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. These bump stops come complete with a mounting system, polyurethane end piece and enough valving to get the job done. ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT 319.90 PER PAIR. (lnch1dea mounting har°!ware & grade 8 bolts) See your off road racing parts supplier or call us direct Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 1-520-427 -355 1 . Page 20 102 Crestview P.O. Box845 Yarnell, AZ 85362-0845 driver to win the title in ten years and it was the only cham-pionship title decided in Austra-lia. The World Rally Champion-ship had been rising to a cre-scendo in the past few weeks. After the Sanremo Rally, Car-· los Sainz went to the API Rally Australia, the penultimate round of the series with his Toyota and a two point lead in the Driver's Championship. Af-ter a disastrous start to the sea-son Tommi Maldrien, the reign-ing world champion was closing in on the title in a hurry. Hav-ing won the title for the past two seasons and the last two rounds of this year's events, Makinen was hoping that all good things come in threes. Subaru driver McRae was only six points fur-ther behind Makinen. Three different teams and three differ-ent nationalities were racing for the 1998 title. The Toyota Corolla World Rally cars for Sainz and Didier Auriol were once again fitted with the traditional sequential gearshift rather than the elec-tronic system. The main tech-nical changes for this event in-cluded the revised engine man-agement systems for the Mitsu-bishi which caused the exhaust sound to become quite promi-nent and there was a torque control system in the Toyotas which they had used previously on other rather slippery event stages. Ford and SEAT were no longer in the running for the World Manufacturers title al-though Ford's driver, Kankkun-en theoretically could still win the Driver's Cup. This time of the year is the beginning of summer in West-ern Australia and two days be-fore the event started the orga-nizers put on a full speed shake-down test for the drivers at the Langley Park oval track. Sainz was .3 seconds in front of Au-riol, his Toyota teammate, and Makinen was one second slower than Auriol. The next day the official January 1999 Cargos Sainz didn't have the best of rallies, but he managed to salvage the second spot and is just a few points away from the Drivers Championship. shakedown occurred south of with a tree stump near the.start Perth on a track that became of Stage 5 and this misaligned more sandy as the day drew on. his steering for that stage and McRae landed wrong on a large the next one also. Sainz went off rock and bent a cross member momentarily on Stage 2, stalled but it was repaired prior to the at the start of Stage 5 and then start of the rally. Fastest here had a gearshift problem. Liatti was Loix, a full half second retired after an argument with quicker than Sainz and another a tree on the 8th stage. half second faster than Auriol. Rovanpera was unhappy with Makinen was testing at another the handling of his SEAT while locale and it sure looked like it his teammate Marc Duez found was going to be a Mitsubishi/ his gearshift almost too stiff to Toyota race. operate. Bates had to stop and Leg 1 -11 Stages, gravel, 135 change a tire. Kankkunen was kms. The rally started on Friday struggling with the proper tire morning on a route run east of bite and his mate, Bruno Thiry Perth and then back. Sainz slid was having power steering prob-off the road but managed to lems. take the lead with Kankkunen On Stage 8, Makinen hit a and by the third stage a fifth rock and damaged the rear strut driver had the lead. Richard and the rear cross member. He Burns. Burns recounted. "When lost 40 seconds on the stage and I realized I had made fastest 80 more in service, falling from time on Stage 3 and then on third to eighth. The Toyotas Stage 5 I knew this was a bad finished the day as they started, thing to clo. On this rally it ·is two cars in the top three and not always good to be the first three in the top five. In the car on the road unless you have Teams Cup Volkan Isik went off a tremendous lead", and this is the road for 20 minutes in his what Richard set out to do. On Celica and leading the category the Friday stages he set fastest was Sebastian Lindholm in the time on seven of them. Russian Escort. McRae had an argument It was interesting· to see that Alister McRae and David Senior launch their SW Golf Kit Car towards the first place position in W2L at the AP/ Australia festivities. Colin McRae and Nicky Grist have their gear and flaps down as the Subaru lmpreza heads towards 4th overall in Australia. Dusty Times

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The Evans/Davies SEAT lbiza Kit 9ar corners hard left on ihe· way to Eriksson/Parmander kick up lots of dust in their Hyundai Kit Car as Ready for landing are Nobuhiro Tajima and Glenn Macneal/, 4th place 2nd in W2L and they were 20th overall as well, they head towards the 22nd overall position and 3rd in W2L. in F2, 27th overall in the Suzuki Baleno Kit Car. Out of the water comes the SEAT WR Car of Harri Rovanpera on his Fifth in W2L was the Renault Maxi Megane of Nejat Avci and Erkan Richard Burns and his Mitsubishi Carisma lost the battle with the tree way to the 11th overall position in the AP/ Australian Rally. Bodur, their neat looking car Shown here running through the forest. and were forced to retire on the 24th Stage. the chief contenders for the ter left the fray with transmis-obligation of running second on battle with a tree stump and Al the road wasn't such a bad championship were running in sion troubles, Rosenberger went the road on the final day. On Wahabi quit the rally after hav-thing. McRae's pace was as-fifth (Sainz), sixth (McRae) and off the road jumping over a the final stage he jumped the ing a series of tires come loose tounding, he started the day eighth (Makinen), ready for the cattle guard. start, incurring a one minute from their rims. 60.8 seconds behind the leader, next day when the road surfaces In Group N Trelles was in a penalty and dropped him to Through the night the ques- Sainz and after three stages he would favor the later running battle with Guest's Subaru. sixth place for the following day. tions continued about Makinen. was in the lead! cars. Trelles was in the lead but he Another shock was that Sainz He was 83 seconds behind and Carlos had led the first two · In Formula 2, Eriksson led for put on tires that were too soft, was the leader, not Bums. Bums had the benefit of running five stages and then there was a big the first seven stages then twice allowing Guest to close up. had fallen back as the result of cars behind Sainz. Mitsubishi upheaval. On Stage 22, McRae had driveshafts become de-Stohl had an electrical fire but an accident which cost him half was protesting the time penalty jumped from fourth to first. Bums tached. Alister McRae had his was able to continue and a minute and then on the next and eventually the Stewards from third to fourth. On Stage 23 rear axle beam come loose after Taguchi had a flat that caused stage he dropped another upheld the protest and with-Burns overshot a turn, went off the l~ng Stage 5 and.Evans had him to veer off the road and minute with a crimped turbo drew the penalty so Makinen the road into a tree and by the the alternator belt come off damage his suspension. connection.. started the final day 22.B·sec- time.they got help to get the car twice taking the po\Ver steering Leg 2 - 8 Stages, gravel, 161 Sainz, in four stages had risen onds behind Sainz. upright and back on cours~ they belt with it. When Eriksson was kms. Makinen was on a roll, ris- from fifth to first! McRae was In F2 the lead passed from had lost 15 minutes and their en-delayed. Evans took the F2 lead. ing to the second spot in seven not having too much luck; on Evans to McRae. Hyundai gine was in its death throes. Meanwhile, Toni Gardemeis-stages. 22 seconds behind the the first stage he broke a drive-changed Bell's transmission to a McRae then had turbocharger leader, but with this came the shaft putting him in three wheel plate type and he was going bet-failure only four kilometers from Rushing through the darkness the Lindholm/Aho Ford Escort WRCar was ninth overall and the first Teams Cup Car. The Subaru lmpreza WRX of Michael Guest and David Green fords one of the many water hazards on their way to 15th overall and 15th GpN. Dusty Times drive, then he went off the road. ter, though Eriksson kept the the checkered flag and his loss of Bums had the power steering go other type tranny and was setting power cost him the win and al~o away and he soon dropped to fast F2 times and was now up to his hopes of the championship. fourth, just a few seconds in third in F2. McRae, on his last Makinen was suddenly 17. 7 front of Kankktinen. Auriol was drive for VW was having no seconds in front of Sainz and Au-powerless to do anything, run-problems. riol and McRae was fourth. Sainz ning second on the road and it In Group N Guest led through- was disgruntled after a near miss was only by Burns and out the day and was slowly pull-with some rather large birds. Makinen's misfortune that he ing away from Trelles. Recalde Freddy Loix lost a couple of min-finished the day in second place. went off the road and by the time utes after a water crossing and Sainz was happier than the he clambered back onto the road Lindholm had no brakes for over day before. "It's good to be run-he was still running in third. Stohl 30 kms. The two Fords staggered ning further back!" Rovanpera still had electrical problems and to the finish. Kankkunen Escort was having problems with his was fourth and New Zealander consuming vast amounts of oil SEAT, the handling was getting Ross Meekings was in fifth and and Thiry was short in the gear better but there was a clutch had already taken the Tasman department. problem and the engine was Cup title and Cody Crocker, the In Group N Guest led all the stalling every now and then. Australian Group N champion way to the checkered flag and· Loix was slipping towards the suffered a broken driveshaft in his Alister McRae won the WZL cat-rear as he lost fourth, fifth and Subaru. egory for the second time this sixth gears. Fujimoto had eased Leg 3 - 5 Stages., gravel, 109 year. up to ensure that he finished in kms. Sainz announced to any-The Network Q Rally of Great front of Kataoka and that would one who would listen that the Britain will be the major contest guarantee his APC title. Marc Steward's decision to lift with Makinen now just two points Duez retired as his car ended up Makinen's penalty was a scan-ahead of Sainz and who knows? a long way off the road and dal and Makinen said that run-There will be a winner but who??? Taguchi quit when he lost the ning sixth instead of second on Stay tuned. ■ 11th APT Rally Australia Perth (AUS) 5/8.11. 98 we round 12 World Ch.Jmp1oosh1p points: WCR WCD W2 TC i\P (1) Tommi HAKINEN/Rtsto Hann1senmak1. FIN Hitsubisht Lancer Evolut 10n gA. RJHRE (D) 3h.52m.48. 7s.• 10 10 ( 5 I car los SAINZ/Luu Hoya g Toyota corolla WRCar A K-AM8~ ( D) 3h.53m.05.2s. • • J ( 6 I AURIOL/Denis Giraudet F Toyota Cor-ol la WRCar A JC-AHL060 (D) Jh. 53m. l J. 7s. • ' • I J l Colin HcRAE/N1cky Grist GB Subaru Impreza WRCar A RlOWRC (GB) Jh.53JR.20.Js. J J 5 (7) Juha KAffKKUNBN/Juha Repo FIN Ford Rscort WRCar A RiFHC (GB) Jh.SJ1n.◄◄.Ba. 2 2 6 (111 Freddy Loix/Sven Smeets B Toyota corolla WRCar A K-AH307 (D) Jh.56,m. 42.9s. -l 20 7 ( 8) Bruno THIRY/Stephane Prevot B Ford Escort WRCar A RJFHC (GB) Jh.57m.0J.6a. -a ( lJ) Possum Bourne/Craig Vincent NZ Subaru Impreza 555 A ROJ (NZ) Jh.59m.J0.2s. -B 9 ( 14) Sebastian Lindholm/Jukka Aho FIN Ford Escort WRCar A R771GTII (GB) 4h.02rn.5-0.1S.t --10 -10 (15) Ed Ordynski/Hark Stacey AUS Hi tsubish1 Lancer Evolution A AFE76B ( NSW ,AUS) 4h.0◄m.15.Js. 12 11 ( 9) Harri RDYANPERA/Risto Pietilainen FIN SEAT WRCar A B4904UP ( E) -10 12 ( 12) Heal Bates/Coral Taylor AUS Toyota corolla WRCar A K-AH534 (D) 4h.05m.45.5&.♦ - --6 a lJ ( 16) Yoah10 Fujimoto/Tony Sircombe J/NZ Toyota Corolla WRCar A K-AH5040 (D) 4h.06m.09.8s. -- -6 14 ( 32) Yoshihiro Kataoka/Satoshi Hayashi J Hitsubishi Lancer Evolution A 8NY854 (WA,AUS) 4h. 07m.19 .0s. - - - -• IS ( 29) Michael Guest/Dav id Green AUS Subaru Impreza WRX N C00795 (TAS.AUS) 4h.111R.09.0s.• - - -J 16 ( 28) Gustavo Trelles/Hartin Christie ROU/RA Hi tsubishi Lancer Evolution N AXl88AN. (I) 4h.llm.40.5s . 2 17 ( 20) Alister HcRae/David Senior GB VW Goll Kit Car (1st F2) A N6SBG (GB) 4h.14m.02.Js. - -10 --18 (35) Jorge Recalde/Joroe Oel Buono RA Hitsubishi Lancer Evolution N C608J9 (PY) 4h.16m.J2.8s. - - - -1 19 ( 18) Abdullah Bakhashab/Arne Hertz KSA/S ToyQta Cel1ca GT-Four A K-AM51JJ (D) 4h.16m.J8.9&.♦ --• -20 ( 25) Gwyndaf Evans/Howard Davies GB SEAT Ibiza Kit Car (2nd F2) A B94J6TX (E) ◄h.17111.00.0s. -22 ( 19) Kenneth Eriksson/Staff an Parmander S Hyundai Coupe Kit Car (Jrd F2) A H6HSD (GB) ◄h.19111.20.8s. -27 ( 23) Nobuhiro T_aj ima/Glenn Hacneall J/AUS Suzuki Baleno Wagon (4th F2) A TKT71SOJ6JO (j) 4h.22m.12.8s. ---- -29 ( 26) Nejat Avci/Erkan Bodur • TR Renault Hax i He9ane (5th P2) A J4UF95S5 (TR) 4h.JOm.18.6s. -JO ( 48) Dean Herridge/Jim Carlton AUS Hyundai Coupe Kit Car (6th F2 I A Hl 997 (WA,AUS) 4h.JOm.24.9s. JJ ! 17 I Volkan Isik/rlham Dokumcu TR Toyota Celica GT-Four A K-AHOS18 (D) 4h.J5m.18.Js., -J -January 1999 Page 21

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SNORE RESERVE 250 . Gaughan Gets The Gold By John Calvin Photos: Carrera Photography Jim Price took the Class 10 lead on the first lap and there he remained to take the checkers for a nice win at the SNORE Reserve race. overall win. spending about 45 minutes get-ting it unstuck and then having to try and make up a lot of lost time. Well they did run hard from there on in hut it was an impossible task to catch the leaders and they finished about 40 minutes away from the class leader in fifth place for the day and they were the. last finisher in Class 10, all the other ma-chines succumbing :to one ail-John Gaughan and BJ Richardson shared the driving fun and took the Class 1 win and the overall as well, shown here flying towards the checkers. Eric Brannstrom was the fifth Class 10 car to get the green flag and he and J.C. Dean ~hared the drive. They were fourth in class after the first lap, dropped to fifth on the second and third laps but started their climb to the second spot on the fourth and that's the way they came in, second in Class 10. They had one flat tire to slow them along the way and J.C. wants to i a great big thanks t crew. , Third start in Class 10 ent or another and not allow-ing them to finish. The Rick Duncan/Rob Mac-Cachren entry was first to start in 1/2-1600 and although they had a very narrow lead after lap 1 they continued to extend that leap and having a ·trouble free six laps they came in the class winner, their margin of victory was nine minutes and they were second ovetall as well. It was supposed to be a bit on the cloudy side, the temperature was supposed to be a bit on the cool side and the winds were supposed to be of medium strength throughout the day. Guess what? There were no clouds, the temperature hov-ered in the middle seventies and there was only a slight breeze, enough to keep the dust mov-ing on the course and all in all it was a perfect day for racers and spectators alike. There was a new overall win-ner in the SNORE ranks as John Gaughan and B.J. Richardson shared the driving chores and took the very powerful Class 1 racer into the overall lead on the first lap and there they were to stay, suffering no problems other than one flat and that was conveniently changed by a Freeman pit and John and B.J. certainly want to thank them for that help. It was a gop~ day for John Gaughan, he has had nothing but bad luck on the course all year and this final race of the year was a needed win for him and he got a great round of applause when he ac-cepted his winners trophy and a nice check at the Sunday morning awards at the Reserve Hotel and Casino. John Phegley was first off the line in Class 1 in his very tall Oldsmobile station wagon, very bright yellow and sitting way up there in the air but once again, it was not their day as various problems assaulted them throughout the race and they finally hung it up after finishing four of the required six laps. Lonny Helmbolt_was next away but some disaster struck him and he never completed a lap. Last away was John Gaug~IL.- .J. Baldwin and he ran who drove the first three1aps, solo. B.J. ran third and fourth and it was a good race, staying in class for the first few laps then just ahead of Jim Price in his started his move upwards and in Class 10 car the first lap, losing spite of losing fourth gear on the some time on the next two laps, last lap he managed a nice third about one minute, and then place in a highly competitive Richardson got in and drove to class. the finish, taking the Class 1 Tom Sturgis and wife Ann win and the overall as well. started second in Class 10 and Class 10 had some very pow- were in the hunt for the win all erful machines entered and it day 'til disaster struck on the was a good race 'from the start. 'fourth.lap ~hen the car decided Jim Price was the sixth car to to flip. Tom hurt his neck stan in Class 10 but he estab-enough to get another driver lished his lead on the first lap into the car so they·enlisted the and there he stayed for the six help of Chuck Martin who required laps. He had no prob-drove the last lap and brought lems until something went them into a fourth place finish-wrong in the engine some 20 ing position. miles from the finish but he was Dan Bentley and Bob not to be denied and he took Mathews were all fired up and the checkered flag with 1 i min-ready to race but a slight prob-utes on his competition and he lem erupted on lap 1, like bury-wa~only nine minutes out of the ing the car in the sand and then Second off the line in 1/2-1600 -was Clay Carr, he was in second spot after lap 1, and he stayecfin that spot"tor i:he rest of the race in spite of losing the clutch on the last lap and los-ing two or three minutes be-cause of it. Bryan Freeman was sixth to start in 1600 and he and his crew gave it their all. They did have a slight altercation with John Phegley, getting stuck un-der the. big yellow machine but that only slowed them a bit and Continued on page 24 ~~--------------------~ The Ryan/Pettit/Humphries Chevy pickup was the easy winner of JC Dean and Eric Brannstrom shared their driving talents in the good BJ Baldwin ran solo in Class 10, had a few flats and lost 4th gear on Sportsman Truck having nothing but a pair of flats to hinder them. looking Barbary Coast car, taking the silver medal in Class 10. the last lap but he was the third place finisher in Class 1 O. Tom Sturgis laid the car over and hurt his neck, had to get another driver (Chuck Martin) to fill in on the last lap and they were fourth in Bob Mathews and Dan Bentley lost lots of time on lap 1 but they Clay Carr flies his great looking car to a nice second place finish in 1/ Class 10. recovered and flew to a nice 5th place finish in Class 10. 2-1600 driving the last lap with no clutch. 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Robbie Guevera was having a great time 'ti/ a few miles from the Bryan Freeman didn't have the best of days at the SNORE Reserve, finish when big troubles hit and the best he could muster was 4th in John and Bryan Anderson fought suspension and clutch problems all but he got unstuck and took the third finish position in 1600. 1600. day but they finished fifth in 1600 in their third race. Mike Powada suffered a few flats and a broken throttle cable but they Ryan Schank had some problems with a small cliff but it didn't deter Bill Avery and Tom Brown were up their ears in torsion bar resets but they had a good r; and finished third in Class 9. soldiered on B[ld were second in 5-1600 at the SNORE Reserve. him from taking the second place spot in Class 9. they carried on for a nice third with SNORE and they did ex-able to garner the finish after place in their class. perience some suspension prob-five and a quarter hours. Robbie Guevera was fifth to lems during the race, com-Jeff Carr, ever casual at the start in 1600 and was looking pounded with clutch problems finish suffered greatly from forward to a good day. He was also but they did get in their six brake problems all day. Various fourth after lap 1, third after laps and took a nice fifth place attempts were made to correct laps 2 and 3, and continued his finish at the end of a good day. the situation but to no avail, climb towards the top but disas-Sixth place in 1600 was the there still weren't any brakes ter hit him hard just a few miles ever changing Day Gang who and Jeff finished a disappoint-from the finish when the car had her share of problems dur-ing seventh in 1600. overturned and there was stuck ing the event. Losing the power Class 5-1600 only had to for about 35 minutes but he did steering belt is not that big of a complete five laps at the Re-finish f~urth, aithough l~e was deai, but when you iose the serve Race and Dee Towies was not a very happy camper when steering box it can get pretty in second spot after the first lap, · he arrived at the checkered flag. hard to get around. But, thanks took the class read on the sec-John and Bryan Anderson to a great pit crew the steering ond lap and there he was, cruis-were running their third race box was repla~ed :md Day was ing in for the checkered flag TRANSAXLE ENGINEERING; INC EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE RACEAUTO AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OVER 250 FINAL DRIVE RATIOS WITH ADAPTERS & CONVERTERS COMBINATIONS FOR ANY ENGINE $250 RING & PINION, FULL MANUAL 3SP AUTO 1997 SCORE MILESTONE WINNER Transaxle Engineering Jeff Field 9763 Variel Avenue Chatsworth, CA 91311 with a 16 minute lead over his There were 14 entries in the competition and hurting a bit by ·venerable Class 9 group and racing just a short time after a they were all ready to race. shoulder operation. Mark Bunderson was the fifth Mike Powada didn't have the car to take the green flag. He best of days, a broken throttle was in second spot after lap 2 cable is always a pain in the -, and Mark took the class lead on but break it did, and coupled the second lap and continued with a brace of flat tires they on his winning way to the were very happy to take the sil-checkered flag for yet another ver medal and call it a day. nice win in Class 9. Mark com-Dennis Wesseldine and son pleted his trouble-free five laps Tyier were first to go 1.n 5-i600. 1n iess than four and a haithours They were third after lap 1, got and picked up a whopping up to secpnd on lap 2, dropped $1,500 for the win. to third again on lap 3, really Ryan Schank was the ninth turned up the wick on the Class 9 starter, took the lead on fourth lap but never completed the first lap with a very hot lap lap 5. Wha' happen, Dennis? time, then took a nose dive off Rick Duncan and Rob MacCachren led on lap one and Continued to extend that lead to the finish, taking the 1600 Class gold medal. 818-998-2739 Dee Towles was racing shortly after shoulder surgery but it didn't slow him down ,,. too much, he took the 5-1600 Class with ease. Page 24 January 1999 Dusty Times

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Todd Dukes and Don Haze had no reportable problems, had a good The brothers Gremm, Eric and Andre had a cranky carburetor that Jay Shain had all sorts of problems during the race but he carried on race and they ended up fourth in Class 9. defied fixing all race long; they were second in sportsman Buggy. and finished third in sportsman Buggy. Dennis Wesseldine ran with some problems for four laps then disappeared into that great desert abyss so we dtJn't know what put Day Gang is a wee bit nose heavy, didn't have the best of days in the Mike Torres had a slight problem, laid the -car on its sltJe but he was him out. · race car but came on in for the sixth finishing spot in_t 600. undeterred and drove on to the finish, fourth in sportsman Buggy. a small cliff and buried the car more than 32 seconds apart for Third in Sportsman Buggy Sportsman Buggy and was glad evening. The awards were and spent some time digging all of their required four laps. was Jay Shaen who spent part to be done with the season. held on Sunday morning in and pushing but finally got go-Jason Gubler ran solo, was sec-of the day working on a broken There were only two entries the hotel mezzanine and there ing and was able to remain in ond after lap 1, took the lead on tie-rod end, adjusting torsion in Sportsman Truck and there was a goodly crowd on hand. the second spot. That's where the second lap and there he bars and just little things like was no doubt that the day be-There were all sorts of good-he finished, only oQe minute stayed, taking the win by 23 sec-that which always make a fun longed to Mark Pettit and Bob ies for the attendees, compli-and fifteen seconds out of the onds and having no problems day. Mike Torres tried to speed Ryan as they cruised to the ments of the Reserve. Hotel gold and was content with a along the way. things up on his first lap, put the gold medal after their compe-and the awards went good race. Second car across the finish car on its side, got it erect and titian suffered a four hour and smoothly. There was a great Bill Avery and Tom Brown line belongs to the brothers took off after the rest of the change first lap. The winning -round of applause for Kenny didn't have a great day, they Gremm, always strong contend-pack. Mike's times got better truck had a few flat tires to Freeman who has dedicated had to keep resetting the torsion ers. They suffered a severe en-and better as the race wore on contend with during the race his heart and soul to the course bars and-to ad_d_ insuit to injury g1ne fire on Friday, while test-and he manage4 to take a nice but the victory was theirs. selection and layout for the '98 the engine decided to spit and ing the car and after a lot of fourth place in Sportsman The 9:30am start-made for SNOREraces. Wife Kerri gets cough on the last lap but _they midnight oil they ran the race, Buggy to cap off the season. an early finish and before we a lot of the credit also for she did manage a fine third place in finished in the second spot and Bill Haywopd bent a shock, knew it th~ race was over, it and Kenny are certainly a team Class 9 and were not too disap-said they had some problems had a flat tire but wasn't too was still daylight and we were and a great one at that. Thanks pointed in their efforts. with an untested carburetor chagrined at th() outcome of his on our way back to the Re-for everything, see ya at the Todd Dukes and Dan Haze which spit at them all day. day. He took a fifth place in serve Hotel and Casino for the awards. ■ were the next Class 9 car to fin-ish, they reported no flat tires during the race, no other prob-lems and were in fourth place, only a minute and a few seconds out of a podium finish. Terry Vandawalker was out for a solo drive in Class 9 and he had lots of problems to keep him out of the hunt. There were clutch problems to contend with, a flat tire here and there and the loss of a gear or two did not brighten Terry's day. He did finish fifth and was glad to call it a day af-ter five and three quarter hours out on the course. We saw Mandy Dixon's car in the impound after the race, but never found Mandy to query her only finishing four laps and what put her out of the running, she was having problems all race long as shown by her lap times. Car #931 was 13th to take the green flag. Tom Taliaferro is the driver of record but he is still recovering from a badly bro-ken thumb at the last SNORE race so Greg Anderson drove lap 1 and had lots of trouble, then Tom's wife, Seanea drove the second lap (over four hours) and the combination of a bro-ken ball joint and a broken steering shaft didn't really make for a fun day. Back to Blythe to lick their wounds. The Sportsman Buggies were next to start and this was a battle all the way as the first and second place cars were never Dusty Times Mark Bunderson didn't lead every lap but he led the lap that counts and drove his keen looking Class 9 to ths win. Jason Gubler lost second gear but you'd never know it as he took the win in Sportsman Buggy but he only had 23 seconds on his competition. January 1999 Valley Performance Custom Accessories Competitive Prices Now Available Barbary Coast Class 2 Two Seater $45,000 Cal Dave or 702-247-1266 or 702-873-1962 3636 Mead Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-247-1266 702-873-1962 Page 25 •

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TRANS CHACO RALLY Planas Prefers Paraguay · Text & Photos: Martin Holmes Gerardo Planas and his Toyota Ce/ica struggled with turbo problems. yet emerged the overall winner at Paraguay's Trans Chaco Rally Veteran driver Gerardo Planas won one of the most amazing Trans Chaco Rallies in the 25 year history of Paraguay's road rally. Virtu-ally every fancied crew failed to finish the event and in particular Toyota, with a large entry of Group A Celicas as well as Marco Galanti 's Corolla World Rally car, faced a most hu-miliating defeat, until a sud-den reversal of fortune just before the finish. In second y_,,, ____ ,,,,, ,,. J,911-(,1 ----------·---,-,,,,,,,,,, ____ /,,__,,,. ____ ,, ________ ,,,_,, ___ ,,,_,.,_,,,: ~ ' I ' I TEMECULA OFF ROAD & PERFORMANCE j I ! 1 + COMPLETE LINE OF OFF ROAD COMPONENTS I; + OUR OWN LINE OF HIGH QUALITY 4130, 2WD LIFT KITS: ARMS, jl,• I . COIL SPRINGS, TORSION BARS, AND SPINDLES. • + VW 4130 REAR TRAILING ARMS: OXl A:ND 3X3'S. I ♦ STREET /OFF ROAD FRONT & REAR BUMPERS ! f ♦ PRE-RUNNER FRONT & REAR BUMPERS j I ' i : J DISTRIBUTOR FOR: : S RANCHO SHOCKS, BFGoodrich, PIAA, SWAY A WAY, JAMAR, DOUGLAS, EAGLE, AND BUG PACK. l I ! ' ' ! T.O.R.P MANUFACTURING ! i CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION ! ,, ' ' DESIGN * DEVELOPMENT * PRODUCTION : i $ I : I • 20 Years Off Road Racing Experience : 1 + Over 20 race cars & race trucks built from the ground up , : • Extensive Experience: 1 /2 1600, 10, and Clas~ 5 cars : ! + Trophy Truck Technology ... Affordable Price : I : ; Custom Components to Complete Chassis, ALL Aspects of Steel and Sheet Metal Fabrication, : ' Modifications and Repairs on: Race Cars, Race Trucks, Pre-Runners, Buggies, 2 & 4 Wheel Drives. : ~ ' i ~---.::=~:--::---:----, : 1 SERVICES OFFERED: : I ' I -~n~~~= : ~ + Custom Welding: Mig, Tig, and Arc : : • Tube Bending : ~ • Sheet Metal Work ~ ' ' , • Production Runs : ~ • Machine Work : : • Electrical Wiring i.;__ __ __;; --------.:.a..-' : 1 The "OUTLAW" ' , • Complete Race Prep : : : I Check Out What's New... : ' : i + The "OUTLAW", Off road go-kart. Single and two seater's are powered by Honda, fully ' ! independent s.uspension, and fun for the entire family! ) j : : + Long Travel Sand/Play cars : ' ' I ' ; With all our years of racing experience and working with the best, we're not just another Fab : ~ shop! : I. ' , Call today! : ,, ~ ~ #~~~----!!!!!!!~ ' I ' - : ! i-:r;:C~~!ali!!& : ' : ! 27599 Commerce Center Drive, Temecula, CA 92590 : I 909.695.1300 Phone * 909.695.1600 Fax : . • t,,,_,_,,,,,,_,,,,,.; __ , ___ ,, _______ ,~,--_,,,,, _____ , ._,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,_,,_,,_,,,,,,_,,,,,,,,,l Page 26 January 1999 Paraguay's president, Raul Cubas (L), is the owner and team manager for the Lancia Delta driven by guest driver, Markku Alen (R) at the Trans chaco. place came the Group·A Su-go there." . baru Impreza of Razen The Chaco region is a Anhahas while in third mecca for the Paraguayans, place, in another Impreza, and the Trans Chaco Rally was the Group N winner is a social event. For a coun-Anibal Mora. Formula 2 try which must claim the winner was Enrique highest proportionate own-Chamorro with a VW Golf ership of 4x4 vehicles in the Kit Car ahead of Sever world, a weekend at the Brizuela's Toyota Corolla Trans Chaco Rally with Levin. friends, food and fun is the One of the world's most perfect annual occasion. extraordinary, but least There were 119 teams en-known, rallies was again tered in the event, not in-highly supported by the na-eluding the 13 4x4 "Pioneer" tional Paraguayan automo-vehicles entered in a-sepa-tive and promotional indus-rate and equally competitive try (this is the country'.s big-category. Star of the entry gest annual happening) and was without doubt the Co-was as usual the biggest rolla World Rally car of event in the FIA Codasur Marco Galanti, one of few Zone· Rally Championship. Paraguayan drivers who has The guest entry for Markku rallied abroad, but this was Alen in a Lancia Delta car, withdrawn after the super-owned by the nation's Presi-special stages. The central dent, Raul Cubas, was a ma-differ~ntial had failed for the jor attraction, and one of the second time in four events. very few occasions the event The leader after these stages has attracted a competitor therefore was Martin Masi in from Europe. This was a fit-a Ford Escort RS Cosworth, ting way to celebrate the who for nearly three days, 25th anniversary of this was to provide a severe unique ev~nt, where perfor-threat to the pride of Toyota, mance and safety in driving as one by one nearly all the on straight gravel roads is remaining Celicas retired. more significant than driv-After Marco Galanti retired, ing round corners. It is a his younger brother rally which is different in al-Alejandro with a Celica most every respect you can ST185 took over the chal-imagine. lenge and drove flat out. On The Paris Dakar has the second stage he went alerted the world that there into the lead. On the third is a place for wild card stage his rally was over. He events, events which do not hit a muddy patch at high conform with the norm. The speed and the car Trans Chaco owes a lot to cartwheeled off the road and rally raids but it is an event caught fire. in which the vehicle must From then onwards Masi comply with orthodox rally pulled consistently ahead car regulations, to which and half way through the only a few exceptions are first day in the Chaco he was permitted. It takes place in a quarter hour ahead of the remote Chaco region in Alen. The Finn had been the north of Paraguay close driving cautiously, hardly to the Bolivian border, believing just how fast the where the only vegetation is tracks were -and the speed close-packed dry scrub of his competitors. On the bushes with trees. It is far third stage (where Galanti from civilization. The event had crashed), there :were • is run out of the garrison muddier conditions which town of Mariscal Estigaribba, were more to Markku's style some 500km up country and he rose up to second· from the capital Asuncion place. On the second day in and the route stretches well the Chaco Alen had prob-over 200km further into no-lems. On the first stage he where. The tracks are fast had to stop on a stage when and straight, often quite like his wipers failed in a section Kenya. "Much about the with a lot of water lying on event here can be compared the track. His service heli-to Kenya in terms of speed copter landed close by to and driving challenge, "but carry out repairs, but one the difference here", ex-section later his mechanics plained Markku, "is that the noted white smoke coming terrain is only two dimen-from the exhaust and he had sional. There is only one hill to retire with engine trouble. in the Chaco and no roads A stra chief Mauro Dusty ·rimes

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The president's Lancia featured a local embellishment, a set of rods from the front bumper to the roof, aimed at slicing any fallen tree branches on course. A Trans Chaco service stop some 750km north of the capitol of Paraguay, in what is almost totally uncivilized country. Paraguayan expatriate rally specialists John O'Connor (L) and George Botha. Pregliasco, running the Lancia rally cars in the coun-try, was distraught with dis-appointment. Things had seemed to be going just right. At half distance Masi was far ahead of the field with the Group N car of Hector Elizeche in second place and the VW Golf of Enrique Chamorro third. The Toyo-tas were dying like flies. Hector Risso, another vet-eran, retired with engine trouble, as did Roque Aranda and Marcelo Toyotoshi's car burned out. Passions ran high among those remaining. Planas pushed his Celica into the back of the Group N Mitsu-bishi of Elizeche to persuade him to pull over, doing seri-ous body damage to the Mit-subishi, for which .Planas graciously later apologized. Other competitors were run-ning hours behind. Toyotas wei:e not alone in position to take over the their miseries. On the first lead despite losing a lot of section in the Chaco time earlier with turbo prob-Markku's Lancia teammate lems. "This problem dropped Francisco Gorostiaga, the ~s a long way down in the Codasur championship field and we spent a lot of leader, retired when his car time driving in the dust of landed nose down after a other drivers." Elizeche re-jump and did a lot of dam-tired on the final day when age. Several competitors, re-his Evo IV gearbox broke quired by national champi-and the second remaining onship rules to enter this VW of Safuan abandoned event to qualify· for points, with engine failure. The vie-had withdr.awn, including tory of Planas was a legend. the Toyota of Jose Grillon. Fifty-two years old, he is one Chamorro was leading the of only three drivers who F2 category but his team-have competed on every mate Luis Fustagno retired Trans Chaco Rally, first win-with engine failure and the ning in 1972 with a VW car of Rodrigo Safuan lost a Beetle and then three fur-lot of time having a gearbox ther times with Toyota. changed. Masi pulled ahead The Trans Chaco is some-in the next 24 hours but thing everyone in the coun-shortly before the finish his try knows about. It is sport, engine failed and his lone ef-fiesta and traditional culture fort on behalf of Ford came all rolled into one. Nowadays to an end. And to the relief people further afield $ill, of Toyota, Planas was in the through Markku, -have a Formula 2 winner Enrique Chamo"o, in a Volkswagen Golf KC, soft pedals it through one of the muddy sections of the course. glimpse at this special world. And nobody is more happy than the Paraguayans them-selves. It is all part of a gen-eral awakening of interest in South Americans. There is much increased interest in M.O.R.E. Mojave Offroad Racing Enthusiasts All other classes Class 9, 5-16,-and Trophy class TOTAL Entry Fee including TOT AL Entry Fee including Insurance Insurance the FIA Codasur Zone Champi•onship ·these days, and it should not be long be-fore all the countries in the region will find that their na-tional sport is benefiting from this interest as well. ■ $225 with $100 $275 with$150 payback per car payback per car Again M.O.R.E. offers you more for your money: More fun for the family. More payback for your wallet. More course markers for your eyes!!! (No one gets lost at our races. Ask our racers.) SIX RACE 1999 SERIES We arc not going to be part of the gossip world. We arc here to have fun rctcing.We were the first promoters to give you a multiple payback series to give back more to the racer. We will not feed you the crap about high B.L.M. fees and increasing insurance fees.Even if the BLM and insurance fees double, at January 16, 1999 March 6, 1999 May 1, 1999 June 12, 1999 August 21, 1999 November 6, 1999 Stoddard Valley Johnson Valley Stoddard Valley Johnson Valley Stoddard Valley Johnson Valley the money some promoters are making now, their current entry fees would not have to go up. Certain poeple have put us down and talked bad about us but we arc racers just like you and arc trying to give you the most for your money . We invite you to talk with anyone that has raced with us, and they will tell you our races are always fun, you win more money, and you take home two trophys. If we can have 20 to 25 cars support us; we can make this work; just give us a try. Don't be misled by the trash talkers who just want part of your wallet. We arc here for you the racer. If there is something you want us to do, or a different area you want to race in let us know. Tell us what you want in offroad racing. We arc working for you LET US KNOW BY THE FIRST OF JANUARY, CALL US WRITt US, LET US KNOW! IFWECAN'TGETTIIESUPPORTWEWONTBEABLETO PUTTHESERIESON. YOU HAVE A LOT TO GAIN AND NOTHING TO LOSE!! M.O.R.E. P.O. BOX 1231 BARSTOW CA. 92312-1231 PHONE/FAX 760-253-4453 ----------------------Dusty Times January 1999 Page 27

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MOJAVE DESERT RACING INC. Barstow JOO By Ron Miller Photos: Trackside Photo Dave Massingham led most of the way, but lost about 10 minutes on lap 7, held the class win, and dropped to second overall. was gobblin' up ground in the the 1998 MOR Class 100 early going, didn't seem to "Champion". Frank Wagner ran nine consistent laps, and aced the overall win by three minutes and three seconds in his 1600 car. leave the other poor souls with Eric Heiden wrapped up a even a ghost of a chance. Num-"gold medal" season with an-her 7 wasn't lucky for the other easy win in Class 800. circuit's hottest racer though, Heiden checked in fifth over-and D.M. had to settle for over-all for this event, while posting all second place finishes in this fast lap in class (43:01) and fin-event and in Class 100 for the ishing just 18 minutes behind year. Finishing a close-up third the race winner. Heiden mon-overall was Roger Starkey. ster mashed his class rivals for Starkey checked in just over the 1998 Championship, and five minutes behind Massing-finished up an excellent third ham, to secure the runner-up in point totals among all spot in Class 1600. It was the classes. Dave Cua raced to the end of another excellent season Class 500 victory, while finish-of racing for Starkey, who ing this event in sixth place earned the overall Class 1600 overall. Cua posted fast lap Championship for the second time for his class on lap 2 straight season. Starkey fin-(41:18), and also averaged a ished about eight minutes healthy 42.0 mph for the day. ahead of Ron Osburn, who was Steve Myers powered his way to second in Class 100 and fourth the Class 1000 win with a final overall. It was quite an inter-clocking of 6:53: 10. Myers' es ting year for Mr. Osburn who, solid vie tory run was just despite posting this race's fast-enough to out finish classmate est lap (37:28), always seemed Shane Brown, who was less to ·be radng "in somebody else's than three minutes behind him. shadow. Osburn quietly put to-That 2:44 minute margin was gether a very solid season, the difference between the sev-while classmates Tom Koch enth and eighth place overall, and David Massingham seemed with Myers taking the former to get all the attention. Well, .and Brown earning the latter. "dancing every dance" sure Rick Gamble finished well to made a difference, as Osburn earn the ninth spot in overall out scored both of those rivals scoring. Gamble narrowly on the year, and will reign as edged Randy Miller for the The sixth and final race on the MOR calendar brought the club's super sophomore season to a close on October 31, 1998. The weather couldn't have been better, as a warm autumn day greeted fans ano partici-pants alike. In a mass invasion, witch resembled trick-or-treaters filling the streets on Halloween, desert racers seemed to be ev-erywhere. Four score and some odd entrants were dressed up for action, each prepared to go door to door to bring home the victory candy. Most classes were required to complete nine laps, with Classes 1100-1400 given six lap assignments. At-trition clearly played a big role in deciding the outcome, as well over half the field was TKO'd. Even so, this race turned out to be one of the most exciting events of the year, as a-handful of contes-tants were still vying for the overall win on the final lap. At the finish, the top three finish-ers were separated by a slim eight minute margin. It was a most fitting conclusion to this year's MOR series with excite-ment, enthusiasm, and the number of entries, all finishing on a high note. If you 're inter-ested in finding out who the big winners on the day and the en-tire 1998 season were, you can't DNF. You've got to read on! In a sensational perfor-mance, it was Class 1600 racer Frank Wagner who captured In Class 8 Eric Heiden took the win in his Ford, and also won the season championship. the "Barstow 300" victory. Wagner's consistency )Vas re-warded big time, as his 44.3 mph speed and 6:29:40 final time, carried him to first place finishes in class and overall. Each of Wagner's nine laps was completed in under 46 minutes, with his 40: 18 minute lap 4 clocking proving best in his class. Wagner out finished overall race runner-up David Massingham by just three min-utes and three seconds. Mass-ingham, who led the majority of the race until suffering some lap 7 difficulties, was brilliant in defeat nonetheless. Massing-ham still captured the Class 100 victory, and flew like a "bat outta hell" all day long. The frightening rate with witch he ,;---7'fims;;r;;;a;;;--::7iSR'--------------~ third spot in Class 1600. A 2: 26 Dave Cua had the class fast lap at 41: 18, and was sixth overall while winning the Class 5 race. minute margin was the differ-ence there, as Miller settled for fourth in class and tenth over-all. Dennis Sletten got credit for the Class 550 victory. Sletten finished in just over seven and a half hours, to se-cure the 11th spot overall. Fin-ishing in the 12th spot overall was Scott Johnson. In addition to posting Class 900 fast lap time 47:56, the Johnson team also finished first for the day, first for the year, and first in Class 900 in each of the MOR events held in 1998. Their phe-nomenal season ended in per-fection, as their 360 points landed Scott the MOR "Racer Ron Osburn had the fast lap of the day, took second in the unlimited Shane Brown, second in Class 1000, tip toes through the rocks at the Steven Greinke ran well but a couple of troubled laps dropped him to class, and the season championship. MDR's Barstow 300. third place in Class 1000. He took the season championship also. Dusty Times January 1999 Page 28

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Dennis Pruett finished the day second in Class 1200, and second in Roger Starkey flew his 1600 Mirage into second place, and third place Randy Miller's tv,,o-seater took the bumps neatly as he headed for fourth place in the 1600 class. the season points race. overall. Steve Myers drove his Toyota powered Class 1000 car to victory, by just a tv.o-and-a-half minute margin. of the Year" title. Congratula-tions are hereby extended to the "Johnson Team" for finish-ing this year's series with an un-defeated six for six record (who says "You can't win 'em all."). Steven Greinke finished · three and a half minutes behind the Johnsons, to place third in Class 1000 and 13th overall. Greinke was another of the big winners of the season, scoring the overall Class 1000 Cham-pionship. While his point totals fell shy of Johnson's for the year, Greinke did manage to Matt Vaughn's crew hustles to fix a rear flat. Vaughn won both the Class 1200 race and the season championship. place fifth in that same cat-egory, despite taking part in one fewer event. The overall 14th place finishers was John Strode. Strode finished runner-up for the day in Class 550, while posting that group's fast-est lap time (45:56). Strode's highly successful 1998 cam-paign saw him finish up in sec-ond in Class 550. The 295 points he amassed along the way landed Strode in the sev-enth position in overall point totals for the series. Finishing just over five minutes behind Strode was the runner-up in Class 900, Joel Mohr. Mohr, who placed 15th overall for the day, had perhaps the finest sea-son of any racer who went winless for the year. Mohr was competitive in every event, and his excellent total of 311 points for the MDR series earned him the second spot in Class 900 and the fourth spot for all classes combined. The unfortu-nate thing for Mohr was that by racing in the same class as Scott Johnson all year, his super sea-son still found him repeatedly · relegated to the role of runner-up. Marc Deshane finished the day in third place in Class 550 and earned the 16th spot over-all. Deshane finished his nine lap assignment in just over eight hours and averaged a fine 35. 7 mph. Brent Loughran, the fourth place finisher in Class 1000, fini!lhed about 30 seconds behind Deshane for 17th over-all. Loughran's year-end stats found him also placing 17th in DAVE FOLTS TRANSMISSIONs wouLD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE THE I998 MDR POINTS CHAMPIONS GEARED TO SERVE YOUI Dave Folts Transmissions 631 E. Lambert Rd. #C La Habra, ~A 90631 (S62) 694·SS91

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John Strode had the fast lap in the class, at 45:56, but ended up as second place 550. Marc DeShane piloted his colorful 550 car to third in class. Joel Mohr finished the day second in Class 9 and also took second place in season points. total points earned, while se-curing the third place position in Class 1000. Completing his assignment a mere four seconds behind Loughran for the day, was Kash Vessels the overall 18th place finisher. Vessels' similar 35. 7 mph average speed carried him to a fifth place fin-ish in Class 1600. Completing the top 20 positions on the day were Mark Fodor and Rob Her-man, respectively. Fodor, who finished with a 49 second cush-ion over Herman, finished fifth in Class 1000 and 19th overall. Meanwhile, Herman's match-ing 35.2 mph average speed propelled him a sixth place fin-ish in Class 1600 and 20th place for the day. Chad Cummings completed the Class 1000 scoring by fin-ishing up in sixth place. Cummings, who took 21st over-all, finished the '98 season as the Class 1000 runner-up be-hind Steven Greinke. His 224 total points for the series placed him a fine 14th in that category. Rob \iVaiters, the third place finisher in Class 900, checked in 22nd in over-all scoring. John Becker, the winner in Class 725, was next across the finish line. Becker placed 23rd overall, while post-ing fast lap time in his class with a 48:03 minute clocking. Keith Sato wrapped up his championship season with a fourth place finish in Class 550. Sato, who finished 24th over-a 11, edged class rival John Strode by just seven points to capture the Class 550 Champi-onship for the season. Sato's 302 points for the series, earned him a tie for fifth place in totals with Steven Greinke of Class 1000. Harry Dunn fin-ished just over a minute behind Sato, and completed the Class 900 scoring. Dunn finished fourth in his class and 25th overall, while also earning third place for the season in year-end point totals. Daniel Fresh of Class 550 took just over nine and a half hours to complete his nine lap assignment. Fresh held a seven minute margin over his classmate Sean Bennett when the two reached the finish. Fresh placed fifth in class and 26th overall, while Bennett completed th~ 550 scoring in sixth pace {2ith overaffj. Among those racer.s handed six lap assignments, Matt Vaughan proved best. Vaughan scored the Class 1200 victory with an overall time of 6:4 7:53, while averaging 28. 2 mph. Scott and Todd Johnson had a great yea,; winning seven out of seven events, and Scott won "Racer of The Year" also. Mark McKinley churns through the dust to win the six lap 1100 race in his VW Sfdan. Dusty Times Vaughan cruised home with nearly an hour and a half mar-gin of victory over runner-up Dennis Pruett. That same pair also finished in the same 1-2 positions, with respect to the Class 1200 results for the en-tire season. Classmate Joel Hutak was the one who actu-ally posted the fast lap in class for the day (56:26), but his ef-fort went for naught when he was unable to complete his fi-nal lap. Mark McKinley scored yet another victory in Class 1100. McKinley raced at a 22.4 mph clip, while complet-ing his half dozen laps in 8:33:37. McKinley, like Vaughan in Class 1200, fin-ished first for the day and the season. McKinley totaled 260 points for the year, which was the eighth highest total in all classes. Vaughan's 258 points landed him in a tie with Den-nis Sletten for ninth place in year-end totals. Dennis Sletten took the win in Class 550, limited Baja Bugs, by a margin of 16 minutes. A few other "mentionables" worthy of print include the fact that both Mike Ismail and Bill Burrows were on their final lap, when each was forced to call it a day. Ismail posted fast lap time in Class 850 (54:55), be-fore his day ended. Burrows, despite coming up short on the day, will reign as the Class "Champion" for the year. Ismail came up 25 points short of win-ning that same honor in his class, but did finish as the run-ner-up behind Fred Nelson. Steve McMullin posted the fast lap time in Class 1000, and the third fastest lap in all classes with a 38:44 minute clocking. Kent Fagernes' third lap time of 1:13:00 was the fastest in Class 1100. And finally credit John Eastburn of Class 1300 (1 :05:40) and Steve Ruddick of Class 1400 (1:17:44) with fast lap times in their respective classes. 900) and Victor Bussey (Class 1600), all gave commendable efforts. Each member of that trio made it into their ninth and final lap before "clocking out." Also before I forget, Phil McCluskey was the '98 Class 500 "Champion", and Scott Sells won the Class 700 title. I'll include a rundown of all the top finishers in each class, along with the final MDR scoop from their "2nd Annual Awards Banquet" held on No-vember 21, 1998. In closing, I'd like to offer congratulations to Frank Wagner, this year's "Barstow 300" winner. Also, kudos to Paul Duffy and his expert staff and crew, for an-other exceptional year of rac-ing. And last, but certainly not least, a special thank you to Patricia Williams for all your assistance this season. That will do it on the racing end of business for the 1998 Mojave Desert Racing Inc., season. I thank you, as always, for your faithful readership, and I'll see you at the races next year. ■ Let's see now, what else did I miss? O.k., Mike Norris (Class 550), Art Velasco Jr. (Class John Becker should get a nibble on his "For Sale" Ford after taking the win at the Barstow 300. FAT DOMINATES PRIMM 300 PRIMM 300 -Sept. 11-12 Class 1 1st Dale Ebberts (VW Type IV) 2nd Gus Vildosola (Toycta V6) Class 5 1st Mike Dondel (VW Type IV) 2nd George Seeley (VW Type IV) Class 10 1st Class 12 1st 2nd 3rd CONGRATS TO CORR POINTS SERIES CHAMPS! Class Pro Lites John-Greaves (Toyota Tacoma) Class 1-1600 Mike Seefeldt (VW Type I) Class 2-1600 Mike Seefeldt (VW Type I) Darnen Jefferies (Toyota 4AG) 2nd OVERALL!! George ErVJerry Penhall (VW Type I) Dave Gallaway/John Holmes (1/W Type I) Ryan Herzog Racing (VW Type I) We use & recommend RA< IN<, [N<,INE.\, TR-\N\1\11\\ION\ AND OFFROAD PART\ Send or call for our new catalog S5.00 . - -January 1999 SCORE Engine Builder of the Year for 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 & 1997! /}ta PBRl'Ollllllr.B -1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92867 (714) 637-2889 • Fax (714) 637-7352 Page 31

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1998 TECATE/SCORE BAJA 1000 Johnson & Jimmy Jam The Peninsula By Tony Tellier Photos: ,Trackside Photo Francisco Castro and Arturo Davila took the win in PJo Class 21 on their Honda. Displaying skills and determination far above the norm, Johnny Campbell and Jimmy Lewis, Honda, paired to win the 1068 mile-long Baja 1000 overall by just over nine minutes. The two man American Honda "A" Team ofJohnny Campbell and Jimmy Lewis rode like the wind; overhauling and overalling the 30th SCORE "Baja 1000", defeating Ivan "The Ironman" Stewart and Larry "Lightning" Ragland, who both drove Trophy Trucks, i.e. did not have to put their foot down when they stopped: f & f did. the 1068 mile course in 18:58:48 on their Honda XR600, Stewart in 19:08:20. The Honda "B" team of Greg Bringle, Craig Smith and Jonah Street were the second bike, the second big bore and the eighth vehicle in 19:57:39. Joel Tarquin, Alan Roach, Eric Brown, Chad Petrilli and Richard Jackson were third in class and third two wheeler in 22:06:08. The first A TV was Dennis Cox and Denny Wolf on a Honda Four Trax 400EX in 23:59:33. The first smallbore quad was Gilberto Santana on a Honda 250 in 29:11:43. Johnny and Jimmy made it look easy. Of course, it was not. How-ever, their winning margin of about an hour was mitigated by the me-chanical troubles of Smith and Bringle and Street. Too much time in the pits set the "B" team back, which is unfortunate more for the fact that both teams had clean rides otherwise. Rumor has it that when Campbell was notified of the prob-lems of Smith they backed off a bit. They went just fast enough to over-all the race, so to speak. Honda had twenty pits: one ev-ery fifty miles, according to Honda's "Red" Austin. "(Campbell) has a greater range than to require that many pits but why ride with so much weight?" Red rhetorically posed. Honda pilted eighteen bikes and three "magazine" quads, the new improved· E5(466s with the · XR400 engine. John did the start to San Quintin. Lewis got on at SQ and rode to Guayaquil then John went through L.A. Bay to San Ignacio, then Jimmy solo-ed all the way to the La Paz finish. (And ob-viously on a roll of bueno suerte, Johnny has the # l draw for the coming "Terrible Town", the final Best in the Desert Race.) By the Honda "7" pit Campbell (lX) had a 17 minute lead on the Craig Smith (4X) entry. Campbell made Honda "8" at 1401. He came through the Bay of L.A. - Honda "9" -ai: 1434 with a fine wheelie off the Checkpoint. He was trailed by a red and black Jet Ranger rotor-craft that made many believe that a Herbst vehicle was close behind. Craig trailed Lewis by 24 minutes at this point. Hell, it was still day-light out! Ricardo Malo (3X) was another HOUR back. Class 22 Pro Big-Bore Winner Jimmy Lewis said that they had no mechanical problems: "No, zero, none. And no flats. Johnny had the front (brake) pads changed and we did the normal wheel changes." They ran Pirellis with heavy duty tubes. They did the chasing out of a Honda van and the only highway incident was at the fruit inspection station where the guardbird wanted a Honda T-shirt. "We were in a rush and didn't want to dig around in the back of the van, so f was taking off my gear to give the guy my undershirt. I guess undressing isn't the thing to do as they waved me on." The secret of his success was to "ride really slow. After we pre-ran I knew that we could never beat the cars. If I had been driving a truck I woulda beat me!" His pre-running covered three weeks where some places were pre-run ten times. "I did the lower section in '95 so I knew the place. It was even more graded and even more fast this time." The silts gave Lewis no woes: "It was that deep, sure, but if you 're am idiot you'll have trouble. On a bike you have plenty of options." The differences in weight between Johnny and the lighter Lewis were . unimportant to him: "As the Off Road Editor (for 'Cycle World' magazine) I can pretty much have to be able to hop on and ride any-thing with any set up." Students of off road motorcycle racing will re-call that Lewis had finished very well indeed in the multi week '97 Dakar RaHy and completed this year's "Baja 500" on an XRlO0. Jimmy affirmed the tale that the f;, XR WAS, indeed, a 600 "with a cam and a pipe. The tank was alu-minum but pretty much the stock capacity." (It's gotta look "stock" for the ads, you understand.) "I don't know much of the details ... Johnny builds the bikes. I am just a hired guy, the only guy that Johnny trusts." Jimmy's Dos Centavos: This (course) was the pathetically-marked course, ever. I did not see one danger marking. Not .one "down' arrow. If it hadn't been for the McMillin's blue reflec-tive tape no one could have found his or her way. If I hadn't ridden the course in '95 I would have had no idea were to ride! Like, you had to go right were it said 'left'." (Note: I believe that the route notes were cut by BFG - but were still provided by SCORE.) On a slight positive note, damn-ing with faint praise indeed, he did admit that the 'trophy was better than (the normal) couple otTecate cans giued together: It was a glass plate. We overalled the whole race and got (a) $1600 (purse). We spend this much and get that in return. I bet Ivan, who got Second, got a lot more. (Note: there is no pri$e for the "Overall". The four wheel entry fee is $700 and the motorcycles pay $500; there were 11 Trophy Trucks and 10 Class 22 entries therefore the pots are dif-ferent: $7,700 vs. $5,000, respec-tively. Oddly enough, Sportsman entries in both groups only get a $50 price cut but apparently do not fork over the additional $360 in "Fees".). "Overall ( the Overall), was a pretty uneventful ride: the way we wanted it to be. I have always dreamed of winning the 'Baja 1000' and always gave it 100%. Now I did it, but if I had not been riding for Honda, if I was on my bike, at the finish, I would rather hit Sal Fish in the nose rather than shake his hand." Greg Bringle (4X) took the bike from the start to the Hwy 1 cross-ing south of San Quintin and Jonah Street, who went to the Bay of L.A. Joel Tarquin, Richard Jackson, Eric Brown, Chad Petrelli, and Alan where Bringle caught up and rode to Craig Smith rode to La Paz San Ignacio: a Io n g 330+ miles. "Greg broke a link bolt in the rear suspension and sat for fifteen minutes until a local dug through a bucket of bolts and found one that 'kinda' fit." Craig said during a tele-phone interview "It broke near the gravel pit on the highway to San Ignacio. He pinned it down the highway and rubbed a hole in the back of the air box." They lost al-most an hour lengthening a short in the stock wiring loom. They had to change the lights due to a bulb that went out. Craig said that he "had to ride like a girl. Oops, maybe I shouldn't say that since Freeman won!" He laughed, referring to the "1600" car class winner. "See, the rear suspension wasn't quite right and I had to stand way up over the forks otherwise it was so harsh sitting down. And the lights were pointed 'up'." They found out that the grommets in the Hght bar had augured out and the adjustments were moving around." "I rode good from San Javier down to Zaragoza but on the pave-ment (south to lnsurgentes) I was running wide open and suddenly ran out of gas. I pulled in the clutch and, wow, the lights died and when 1 popped the clutch the rear tire just slid. I was skidding sideways, in the dark, at top speed." Smith had begun to use gas at a higher rate and, thankfully, carried a fanny pack jug. "My dad poured gas, re-filled my jug and I hit the silt beds with that hole in the air box. I ran out of gas before every Honda pit and had to use the jug I was carrying." Oddly enough, even though they changed filters they proved (after the race) not to be that fouled. "I got a little sick the last forty miles. It was a long week and a half. It was a lot of work. But my ride was super clean: no cars, not even ONE cow." "I saw a little booby trap but they were still building it when I came through! There were people sitting Indian-style in the course, like they Continued on page 36 Greg Bringle, Craig Smith and Jonah Street, Honda, had a small Roach tried the new HID lights, liked 'em. They were third in the open Second place in Pro Class 21 went to Tom Grisham, seen here early problem with running out of gas, finished second. class. _______ _ in the day, riding a Honda. Page 32 January 1999 Dusty Times

Page 33

Tires: ~?{] ;'J; ( ..J I ~ J OliverMotor1>port1> ~est In The Desert ( Do "Best In The Desert" because it is.) · . l'l'I& --&100 '5toG~ . t:HAMVION'5-specia1 Thanks to our Sponsors & Team GoodVear Tires Truck: _Ford Trucks Thank you Jim Alexander & Joe Agguire for your confidence and supplying us with the best tire in the desert. Thank you Dan for the contingency, support and to Ford, for supplying one tough truck to compete in. Sharps Transmission, Ra~ Precision & Machine, Photo Finish The Best Co-Drivers in the business; Wallace Wong, Geoff Eaton-, Doug Mathern, Walter Wong & Gabe Briggs (Special thanks to Wallace for being there from the beginning through the championship in our 1st full year in racing) The Best Pit crew in the Desert; Wallace, Geoff, Doug, Michael, Walter, Gabe, Chris, Mike, Rich, Betty, Paul & Klause Drivers; Darren Oliver & Chris Heryford A special thanks to Chris Heryford for great prep work all season and_ being the Best Driver in the desert, you take a lot of pressure off. Other teams; Taylor Motorsports and their team, Jim Bosman and Marauder Racing, Terry Shelton and his gang, Gary Turner Racing & T ~rrible Herbst Racing for their pit help and efforts. Rod, Chad and Josh Hall for their competitiveness and keeping our class legal. Thank you Debbie, Rebecca, Jessica & Matthew, . Cindy, Ryan and Lauren for giving us the time and support to enjoy this incredible adventure. Our love and prayers are with the Taylor family. A Great family, Deserving of a Great ·Healing. God be with you.

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TRACKSIDE PHOTO OFF ROAD PHOTOGRAPHY SINCE 1970 -WHEN ONLY THE B~T WILL DO 805-578-3470 SUMMIT OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION WORKING TOWARDS THE BETTERMENT OF THE SPORT 888-698-7289 SWAY-A-WAY The f"mest Suspension Components 20755 Marilla Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-700.-9712 Fax 818-700-094 7 S.B. ENGINEERING SUPER BOOT DRIVE LINE COMPONENTS HCR 66 Box 11030 Pahrump (Crystalt NV, 89048 775-372-5335 RACE READY PRODUCTS Competition Proven High Performance VW Equipment Specializing In The Off Road Market 103 Press Lane -Suite 4 Chula Vista, CA 92010 619-691-9171 800-656-3376 UNI~FILTER, INC. 1468 S. Manhattan Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831 714~535-6933 Website -www .UNIFILTER.COM WEB-CAM Performance Camshafts Automotive-ATV-Motorcycle 1815 Massachusetts Avenue Riverside, CA 92507 909-369-5144 · WIKS-RACING ENGINES From Parts To Complete Engines 535 East Centrai Park Anaheim, Ca 92802 714-956-9457 B&RE VWANDOF &ACC I 1523 S. Co1 Oceanside 760-72 1999 Dusty Tim Off Road competition 1 2 3 Jan Feb Mar 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 ! PACE -rans World Dome -St. I tiuis, MO - ! C WHIP -barker 2001 Parker, A2 - M WHIP - I arker 400, arker, AZ - D SNORE SNORE SNORE -WI 250 -L,~ghlin, NV· D MOR - I arstow, CA - D WHIP -~ ckenbu1 PACE - I ank One Ba lpark -Phoe~ix, AZ -SC CRS - R lly Cross (I ASA) -Holt ille, CA - R CRS - R jlly Sprints NASA) -Hal ville, CA - I FRT -Hzmanik Hm & Hound PACE -exas StadiL m -Dallas, X -SC MORE - , ohnson Vall 1y, CA - D FRT -In perial Valle• Fairground M DR -Lucerne, CA - D CRS SCCA PACE -~ualcom Sta~ium - S1 PACE - ! ilverdome -bontiac, CRS - S 'CA ClubRal y (Div) I FRT - M rch Mai SCCA - [ oo Wop - W shingtw FRT -Tl e Kamakazi Gran Prix -11 SCCA SC CA -Wild West -V'ashington - R Apr ESTER - April, n999 -TBA Ensenada, BC, MX -SI May Jun CRS - R m Of The ~ arid (2, 3) -Palmdale, .C ~ - R SCCA -im DI The I arid -Calif, rnia - R MORE -toddard Va ey,CA - D BORE -,Vendover E press -Wen~over, UT - b SCORE ' SCORE SCORE -lrecate/SCD ~E Baja 500 -Ensenada, BC, MX - D CORR SCCA SCCA - l usquehanno~k Trail -Pe~nsylvania - R BITD BITD FRT CORR CORR-I ntigo, WI - ! C MORE -ohnson Valley, CA - D CRS -Summe1 1999 -TB1 -Reno Ral ~ (3) -Reno NV - R Jul WHIP -,urprise or I ye, Surpris, or Bye, AZ D WHIP - C nders or Su prise, Cinde s or Surpri! e, AZ - M BORE -Jackpot 20( -Jackpot, NV - D VORRA VORRA -op Gun 30( Desert Rae e -Fallon, N ~ - D PROTRUCK Making Things Happen we•re Making Opportunities For You To Be Able To Enjoy Some Of The Benefits That I Haver-----+---+---+-----l---!---+---+--+---+---+--~~--+----1----1-----+---Had In Off Road Racing 9419 Abraham Way -Suite B Santee, CA 92071 619-449-6252 P .C.I. RACE RADIOS PYROTECH MOR - Bmtow, CA D SNORE SNORE -NAPA At Aug CORR CORR CORR - E ark River, ~ I -SC CORR CORR CORR -Crandon, WI SC SCORE SCORE -as Vegas P imm 300 -rimm, NV - l S WHIP - ; nowflake, l nowflake, I 1 - D · . e p VORRA VORRA VORRA -ernley Cha enge -Fern ey, NV - D FRT - Tte Cacti Gra Prix - M CRS -Sept, 1999 -TBA -Ensbnada Rally 3)-Ensenai a, BC, MX _ R WHIP -~nowflake, nowflake,, Z - M RADIOS-INTERCOMS-ANTENNAS r------t--;:B-;-;IT~D-t-::B-;-;IT~D-t...:....:B::-::IT:::0--:+ le-ga-s~T,-o :::-R111-to---=o:-----!-----,-----,f---~--~--I---I---I---I----I--MDR -Lucerne, CA D CORR CORR CORR - tafford, CT -SC HELMETS WIRED 562-427-8177 800-869-5636 NEVADA OFF ROAD BUGGY EVERYTHING FOR THE RACE CAR ALL THE MAJOR BRANDS 702-871-4911 888-755-5900 Fax 702-871-5221 MOJAVE DESERT RACING (MDR) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OFF ROAD RACING IN BARSTOW AND LUCERNE 1853 Parkway Drive S. El Monte, CA 91733 626-442-9320 626-579-6051 Fax CRS CRS - P escott Fore t (2, 3) -Prescott, AZ - R FRT _ T e Mudhen : lorint _ M EDRC EDRC - I arstow, CA - D Oct SCCA SCCA - I escott Fon sts -Arizon - R VORRA VORRA -Snort Course -Round 2 Prairi.e Cit SVRA Sac. CA -SC ESTERO -October 1 99 -TBA I nsenada, B MX -SC MORE -~ohnson Val ey, CA - D SNORE SNORE SNORE -he Rese Nov SCORE SCORE SCORE SCORE -fecate/SCO E Baja 1000 -TBA, BC MX - D BITD BITD BITD -errible's To r1n 250 -Pa rump, NV - D Dec FRT-Rudolph's Re, enge Deser Gran Prix·- M CRS -Dec, 199S -TBA-Ramada Expres1 (2, 1, 3) -aughlin, NV - R MILLER & CANNON Your Racing C.P.A. Let Us Help You Sort Out Your Racing Paperwork Sheryl Miller, CPA 260 S Glendora Aven,ue West Covina, CA 91790 626-919-1011 MENDEOLA RACING . Home Of The MD4S 290 Trousdale # l&J Chula Vista, CA 91910 619-691-1000 619-691-1324 Fax McKENZIES PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Off Road Is Our Business 2366 E. Orangethorpe Avenue Anaheim, CA 92806 714-441-1212 Fax 714-441-1622 CRS - T eeline (3) -fonro\lia, LOTHRINGER I Fabrication/Rae To Your SpE 416 Fleetwood Glendora, CA 9174<l 626-857-RACE

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_, _______________ ...,.... _________ .,.... ________ __,----------, lUGGIES iROAD PARTS SSORIES ast Highway , CA 92054 !2-1266 CALIFORNIA PRE-FUN RACE TRUCKS -PRE RUNNERS 84-89 RANGER FIBERGLASS DIMPLE DIES CURT LeDUC 909-845-8820 1es Calendar CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY P.O. Box 306 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-969-6820 -Mail CARRERAPHOTO@MINDSPRING.COM Website: DENUNZIO -RACING PRODUCTS Bilstein, Bella, Pyrotect, Fuel Safe, Wright, Jamar 805-683-1211 or 800-622-3939 LECEND: BITD -Best in the Desert, 3475C Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV ESTERO -Esten Beach Resort, Ensenada, Baja California, MX, 89121, (702) 457-5775/Fax 641-2431 011-526-176-6225 BORE • B.D.R.E., 1727 N. Main, Sunset, UT 84015, (801) 776-FRT -Fudpucker Racing Team, 250 Kennedy 12, Chula Vista, CA 4654 92011, (619) 427-5759 CRS -California Rally Series, 530 Moorpark Av., Suite SCCA -Michelin SCCA Pro Rally Championship, P.O. Box 327B, 280,Moorpark, CA 93021, (805) 523-13B7 Englewood, CO B0112, (303) 779-6622 CORR -CORR Exun Superflo Championship Off Rud MOR -Mojave Desert Racing, 1 B53 Parkway OR., S. El Monte, Racing, 192 State Road 267, Avon, IN 4616B, CA 91733, (626)) 442-9320/Fax 579-6051 (317) 272-2827/Fax 272-2900 MORE - M.O.R.E., Mojave Off Rud Racing Enthu1i11t1, EDRC · Ellis Desert Racing Championship, (760) 256-0454 P.O. Box 1231, Barstow, CA 92312-1231, (760) 253-4453 -16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 n. PACE -strodome -ouston TX SC MORE· BITO SNORE FRT - I perial Valle Fairground fey, CA - D BITD EORC SCCA s Ill/IV -01 mpia, WA - R SCORE -M CRS BITO EIID onopah 30 SNORE SNORE-uffalo Bill' FRT-1 perial Valle Fairground SCORE. SCORE SCORE -Laughlin De ert Challen e -Laughli NV - D BITD EORC · L cerne Valle , CA· D FRT -Ki g Of The D sert PACE-CAN-SC Edison lnternationa Field -Ana eim, CA - S -PACE etrodome -Minneapoli , MN -. SC PACE -TEP Sun B ,wl • El Paso, TX -SC CRS - S perStage E ent (ARSG) -Laughlin, NV· R SCORE e E San Feli e 250 -Sa Felipe, BC, MX • D WHIP -ock To Ro -Rocky P int, MX - D CRS - R fly School-ally Cross , Ridgecrest, A - R PACE -ingdome -eattle, WA SC VORRA VORRA · 999 Seaso -Tonopah, V- 0 400 -Prim • NV - D EDRC EDRC- - 0 FRT-VORRA WHIP· ock To Ro · Rocky Pont, MX · M Rim Of he World -alifornia - R -SCCA Rim f The Worf (2, 3) -Pal dale, CA • -CRS I -Prairie ty SVRA, S c., CA • SC ke Pleasan , Lake Plea ant, AZ - M DONAHOE RACING ENTERPRISES 2831 E. White Star Unit H Anaheim, CA 92806 714-632-3033 714-632-3835 Fax PACE -PACE Matmparll, (630) 566-6100 SCORE -SCORE lnternatianal, 23961 Craftsman Rd., Suite A, Calabam, CA 91302, (B18) 225-8402/Fax 225-8102 SNORE -SNORE, P.O. Box 4394, Las Vegas, NV 89106, (702) 452-4522 VORRA-VORRA, 1833 Los Robles Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95838, (916) 925-1702/Fax 925-B217 WHIP-Whiplash Matmparll, 1651 North Cave Creek Rd #4, Phoenix, AZ 85023-2976, (602) 971-3730 D=Desert, SC=Short Course, R=Rally, M=Motorcycle EDRC "Where To Win The Money" 760-256-0454 E-Z UP CANOPYS FREE STANDING RUGGED STEEL 55 NYLON SHELTERS THAT SET IN SECONDS AUTHORIZED DEALER CASTEX 213-462-1468 i-BITD-vada "200 Trail Ride FRT-2 Hour Endu nee M Lake G n&va, WI - C CORR CORR olbrook, Ho brook, AZ - -WHIP H !brook, Hof rook, AZ - -WHIP Yerington 300 Desert Race -Yerin ton, NV - D -VORRA VORRA ABTECH MOTORSPORTS Off Road Suspension Kits, Pre Runners bumpers & Cages VDRRA Fiberglass Fenders & Bedskins Silve State 300 D -BITO BITO BITD C Hilites idnight Spe ial -TBA - -SNORE SNORE SNORE MOR - L cerne, CA -CRS-ally Sprint ( ASA) -Car bad, CA· CORR CORR CORR-randon, WI SC FRT-e Conquist Gran Prix SCORE SCORE SCORE Fir orks 250, arstow, C - D The Nite earn Race - M -FRT CORR CORR CORR -oliet, IL - S Maine For t -Maine - -SCCA SCCA ito arts 250 -ly, NV - D CRS -orman Ridm (3) • Gorm n, CA • R FRT - T e Sweethe rts Kiss -SCCA SCCA -jibwe Fores s -Minnes a - R MORE -Stoddard Vt lley, CA - D 30th Gold oast SNO E 250 -La:S Vegas, NV D SNORE SNORE -SNORE Vega To Reno - -BITO CRS - S perStage E ent (ARSG) · Laughlin, V • R BORE -onneville C allenge - W ndover, UT - D CORR CORR CORR -dainapolis, N -SC VORRA VORRA -Short Cours -Round 1 Prairie Cit SVRA, Sac • CORR CORR WHIP -urprise or ye, Surpris or Bye, AZ D FRT - T e Superstit on 250 Las V gas, NV - S -CORR SCCA -ake Superio -Michigan - R perial Vall Fairgroun s · FRT SCCA WHIP -ierra Vista/ urprise, Si ra Vista/Su prise, AZ -Short Co rse -Roun 3 -Prairie ity SVRA, ac., CA -SC· VORRA VORRA irve 250 -Hend rson, NV -MOR· arstow, CA - D WHIP -pache Got -Globe, AZ - D FRT -torious Da g Team Ra - M ,.c -R WHIP • pache Gal -Globe, AZ - M FRT - I perial Valle Fairgroun unaway Da h -FRT LEE POWER STEERING Go With The Best JOHNSONFAB RACE FUD -HAVE FUN!!! Prerunnlng Encouraged -Low Entry Fees Toyota-Ford-Nissan, etc. 4010 N. Palm Street -Unit 103 Fullerton, Ca 92835 888-2WD-KITS FAT PERFORMANCE Off Road Racing Engines, Parts and Dyno Services Centerline Wheels & accessories SCORE Engine Builder Of The Year For Many Years 714-637-2889 F & L RACING FUEL Fuels & Lubricants Company 1537 E. Del Amo Blvd Carson, CA 90746 310-603-2200 Fax 310-603-2257 DAVE FOLTS TRANS Geared To Serve You 562-694-5591 FORTIN TRANSAXLES !:NGINEERING ce Preparation !cification Cuatom Chuala Race Prep Gears, Pumps, Pulleys, Tanks Servos, Cylinders Everything you Need Custom Off Road Fabrication sportsman & Pro ATV's -Blkea -Buggies GET YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER Cars -Superlltes -Trucks t Aluminum Work Welding Roll Cagea Magnaflux Service For Your Steering System 818-768-0371 Voice 818-768-2687 Fax 2061 Third St, Unit A-Riverside, CA 92507 909-779-9395 Southern California Desert And Tecate too!!! Plus MX & Off Road Short Course 619-427-5759 Anytime Fantastic Web Page 3006 COLINA VERDE LANE JAMUL, CA 92035 619-669-4727

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l f I [ l I In the Sportsman Big Bore class it was a team effort. Riders Taber Murphy. Don Weyer, John Fredericks, and Ken Patrick teamed for the win. were playing cards or something. They were some drunk guys in full-on suits. It would be like sitting in front of an on-coming train." "My race lights had sat around the house since '92: just some Su-per Oscars ... fork mounted. Honda likes to run frame mounted ones. I don't like those. I'm used to lights that turn with the bars. Why change now, before a big race?" The bike was prepped by Bob Bell's "Pre-cision Concepts." Smith, who will begin his last two years of college at Cal Poly Pomona in Agricultural Business Management, also races mountain bikes for Yuma ORBS fabricator Mitch Scott. The alumi-num "Itchy Mitchy" state of the arters feature nine inches of rear wheel travel: "Craig's FAST on those downhill courses like Big Bear!", said Mitch. Partner Jonah Street was glad to have "no fall downs and no 'weird' stuff." Although there were a few chase crews or lookie-lous on the course ... but no booby traps. Past Catavina there were quite a few cars on the course." Street, from Ellensburg, Washington, pre-ran his sections four times, with some parts five. Asked how much the course had changed between recon and the race Jonah said that the course got pretty gnarly. "San Quintin to Punta Prieta was pretty rocky ... into Honda Pit 4 and In Sportsman Bikes under 250cc Enrique Legaspy took the win in 28 hours and 11 minutes. Guayaquil. Plus the ridge on the beach loop. Fifty miles of rocks. The pre-running kept turning up new rocks, they were never in the same place." He did not have any trouble in the (northern) silt beds: "You were locked in by a fence line on one side and a mountain range on the south. It was not easy to find a line but the best one was by the fence on the high ground. It was still nasty." "Pre-running," he continued, "I had tried the middle of the valley but spots where the silt looked like only six inches deep dropped right out from under you. I met a guy on a Husky who needed Vise grips to get his carb slide out. Then there were these Italians in an Isuzu who were stuck with no food and no water. My brother was going to come in from Punta Prieta to help but they had found another other help." . "Honda gave me a pretty neat deal: 'Just show up and ride'." I'm going to stay here (Southern cal) and race (AMA) District 3 7 in '99. I got to go with Bruce (Ogilvie) in September, setting up the pits. Next month I will work with Tim (Morton's 'Baja Bound'.tours) tak-ing a group to Loretta. , "The '1000' was tough men-tally ... there is a lot of responsi:bil-ity when it is not your personal ride. I wanted to stay close to Johnny and Jimmy but my job was to get on and deliver (the bike) 250 miles." Chad Petrilli (Joel Tarquin ROR, l0X) got at L.A. Bay off to hand the XR over to Richard Jack-son and said that "It was ****ing COLD. I hit a cactus in my right hand." It broke the brush guard and stapled the glove to his fingers. "I hope I didn't break my hand." He was obviously an old customer at the Villa Vita Hotel... the waitress ran over and gave a verbal High Five: "OLA!" "The suspension is really soft", said Chad ... so the crew grabbed a spanner and went under the legs to the clickers to stiffen it up for RJ. "It was freezing cold", he con-tinued. "Catavina was super rocky then the beach was gorgeous with the waves breaking on the shore." Chad got on at Catavina and hit his cactus at the Punta Prieta "air-port". "The silt was flowing over the top of the seat. There were a couple of hot lines and a lot of really bad ones. It was super fast after the silt. I ran off an embankment racing with this dude. It was all two track with a couple of booby traps. The spectators would try directing me to the bad sides. I wasn't buying that." "I was going about a hundred with a strong side wind. The bike was dancing all around. There were Continued on page 38 FRT. _MotorSports PromotiOBS;(JJ Alford Distributing and the King of Beers Budweiser Pepsi-Cola Bottling of Imperial Valley Proudly Presents NOTOCIIOSS 125 • 250 & Up • Vet • Pro's • Sportsmen Plus 50 • 60 & 80cc Mini Bikes OFF-IIOAD IIACING Super 1600 • ATV's •Trucks• Superlites 1/2-1600 • Desert Class SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, 1998 California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds Imperial California • Races Start at 11 :30am Saasta Chevron• Best Western Imperial Valley~• LIDCO Shamrock Foods • Broken Spoke CC • KXO 1230 • KSIQ 096 FM Palomar Communications • Valley Harvesting and Packing MX & Off-Road Tracks designed by Randy Bringle Celebrate New Year's Eve December 31, 1998 with two great events The FRT Budweiser Dunaway Dash 6 times around a 25 mile loop Round 6 of 6 of the 1998 FAT Budweiser Superstition Championship Series ATV's •Motorcycles• Desert Superlites@ 7:00am It's a High Noon Showdown for the Buggies• Cars· Trucks and then when the sun goes down Everybody gets to have fun at the San Diego Off-Road Coalition1s Fun Time Off-Road Rallye Open to all vehicles with lights that can navigate across the desert at night. The only skill required to win is LUCK! The average time to finish of all vehicles determines the winner. There are no markings, it's up to you to find the Check Points. We furnish you with a route map and notes. Start time is 7:00pm You can't finish before 9:00 or later then 11 :OOpm Plaster City West 20 miles West of El Centro • 90 miles East of San Diego 619-427-5759 • Page 36 January 1999 Dusty Times .... •-•• ll .aJIP

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SCOTT JOHNSON 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 TROY HERBST MOR .... Class 900 -Overall Points Winner TEL: 714-441-1212 FAX: 714-441-1622 E-MAIL: SCORE .... Class 1-Overall Points Winner Congratulations/ To All Users of McKenzie Performance Products and to the Winners of the ? 1998 Racing Season and Thank you/ We appreciate your business and all the hardwork that it took you to achieve your goals. Hard Work& Teamwork is what it takes to Win! STEVE GREINKE WALTER PRINCE MOR ................................... Class 1000 SCORE ............................. Sportsman MIKE SEEFELDT TOM S fRUTTMAN CORR ............. Single & Double Buggy Whiplash .................................. Pro 1-2 JEFF ST. PETER THOMAS GERINGER CORR ....... Sportsman & Super Buggy Whiplash ...................... Class 1/2-1600 DAVE SUNDQUIST Whiplash .................................... Pro 10 DAVID CALLAWAY SCORE ............................. Score Lites ROGER STARKEY CRAIG TURNER K.C. "JONES TOM STURGIS MOR ................................... Class 1600 Best in the Desert ................. Class 7S Best in the Desert .................. Class 1 O SNORE .................................. Class 1 O

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Jerome Law soloed to second place in Sportsman 250cc & over; got Third place in Sportsman Bike over 250cc went to Honda rider Joseph Tadao Ikeda and Takemi Abe, here clearing the cowcatcher; finished lost late in the race, and finished in second place. Cochran. fourth in Sportsman Class 250cc & over. Mike Barnhill, Cliff Matlock, Matt Barney and Brian Schmuckle, Honda, won the Class 30, (Pro - Over 30) race. only a couple of on-coming (spec- light mount hitch pins (quick dis-tator) cars. I am just glad that the connect retainers) which had an trucks hadn't caught me," he _ extra 120 bend on the free end. laughed. Ha, ha, indeed. He dis- They were easy to install but could mounted off a scant 18 minutes not be pulled off without a deliber-before Ivan got there! ate motion. The XR was then taken from A week later Richard reflected L.A. Bay to La Purisima by the ven- on the fork readjustment made af-erable Richard Jackson. Richard ter Chad came into L.A.: "I weigh has ridden, and won aii, of Casey at ieast 56 pounds more than, say, Folks' 1998 Best in the Desert se- Chad or Alan, and that sacked out ries so far, with Gary Colbert and the rear and made it tough to sit Gary Vanderpool. The Baja De- and slide the comers. But I was able signs XR had two PIM lights, one, to get past the Ron Bishop KTM the·normal halogen and the other and rode dust free to El Arco." Jack-a ray gun High Intensity Discharge son was soon to experience all of unit that only draws 35 watts. the human emotions: fear, glee, dis-These things do require a starter may, relief, anger, more fear, etc. battery under the seat to zap the He had just caught one of the YXs system and get those tightly bound when suddenly the two were simul-ions running free and giving off taneously reeled in by Ivan mucho light. Stewart's V8 Toyota. "I pulled over They had a dual 100 watt sys-to let Ivan by and he dusted me so tern wound up. Their hot tip was much that I lost contact with the PIKE'S SERV;ICE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ..... THANKS! RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS Mobil SERVICE EVERY DAY YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Page 38 --,T"""a_r_q_u..,·sk'e-d'J'a-c,..k-so-n-to_r_a-ce Gary Tepner; Fred Deane, Doug Reynolds, Eric Hodel and Ross Gregory teamed to take the win in Pro Class 40 on a Honda XR600. Yamaha." to be able to see quite well at night. Another almost incident was out Although 5 2, he neither wears nor 0 .1· the silt plains south of San needs corrective lenses. Here a few Ignacio when he caught a 250 rider free Top Vision Tips: in the dark. "I hit the HID light and Put flat black tape on everything the guy mus ta thought that a T ro- shiny within view: bars, levers, plas-phy Truck was coming up behind tic, etc. him. He immediately pulled right Wear glass lensed goggles: "You over ... into my lane!" R.J. raved can wipe 'em and not get about the iights: "Over the roiiers l scratches.11 could see two ridges away. What a Apply Rain-X on those goggles: difference." As he continued to try Sheds dust and any moisture." to catch the Yamaha the Number Tape the side(s) of helmet and 2 buggy caught them both. Jackson visor toward the sun. was passing the YX on the right... Now YOU know. which was on the downwind side... Richard also played one of those and the car slipped between them olde tyme tricks: "I dragged my feet and dusted Richard. He lost con- in the dirt to dust anyone that I tact with the blue bike again. passed." (Hell, Holladay does that He saw the Roy Bueina -bike to his FRIENDS!) (49X, of the Federal Highway Po- "I saved the bike for Alan and, lice team) and the Ricardo Malo Hell, he made up lots of time. I Honda stuck in the southern silt · thought that Roach might be a beds ... which were so deep that "If 'Technical' rider ... which actually you tipped ove·r you'd disappear." means 'slow in the fast stuff.' Not The bike's light brackets started to now." come loose: "The aluminum sock- Jackson is a. Petroleum Engineer ets got beat out. I stopped at a 'Baja specializing in facilities and reme-Pits' and got some zipties. I make a dial well work. He was off to Ven-rule of never stopping except for a ezuela after the "1000". No Kuwait pit stop." Just keep on keeping on. oil field fire extinguishing, however. "I never had to kick start it at all. It "You realize," he smirked over the was a clean ride other than one phone, "that many of the Miss corner I overshot on an off cam- World and Miss Universe winners ber, graded road." have been from Venezuela and I He said that his big advantage is met this woman down there, see, and ... " OFF ROAD SCRAMBLE ANSWERS: Spindle Decal, Points Promoter TIE ROD with them since "he's the fastest guy I know." Joel raved about the HID lights by PIM: "They were unbe-lievable. Plus I had no bike prob-.lems and no gets-offs." He thanked Moto Pro and Baja Designs for their help. "And we had Mike Deller and Hot Rod Sweet chasing. We were very pleased with the American Honda pits. He par-ticularly thanked Cliff Matiock and Matt Barney for help in pre-run-ning. "They took us by the hand for a week and a half. I made secret marks for getting around the silt beds." Tarquin did remark on the un-nerving aspects of being passed by cars with multiple HID lights: "The cars' (lights) are so bright that it seems as if yours went out! I got passed by three Class ls and the (Ashley/Smith) Duralast truck. Most went by in a professional man-ner but it was so narrow there. Bob Gordon got real close ... I got a mark on my boot!" Hisahide Uneo, Yoshiaki Isomua and Tomoki Hayashi, hardly household names, all finished. Malo did not. Class 21 Pro 250cc Favorite Ricky Femaridez failed to complete the event and Fran-cisco Castro and Arturo Davila were the winners over Tom Grisham. Class 20 Pro 125cc There were no finishers in the "tiddler" class. No entries, either. Hint: here is a REAL soft class for those resume packing rides. Class 30 Pro Over 30 The winning Mike Barnhill, Cliff Matlock, Matt Barney and Brian Schmuckle XR was another "Precision Concepts" job. Barnhill decided to enlist the services of the ream that beat him at the "500": Cliff and Matt. If you can't lick 'em, then stick 'em, huh, I mean, join 'em. Earl Roberts, a.k.a. "Bebe", The Earl of Roberts, Oral Roberts, etc., Jim O'Neill, Gene Dempsey, Sam Dempsey, Steve Dutton, and Bill Nicholls made up the winning Pro over-SO team. January 1999 Dusty Times

Page 39

In the over 30 year old class, second place was Eddie Garcia, shown here looking energetic in the first stages of the race. Chris Haines was seen parked early ii]. the day, but the KTM went on William Yokley and Kim Kuhnle came from Kentucky and Ohio, to to finish second in the over 40 year-old class. finish second in the Pro big-bore Quad class. rode the" 1000" on an IMS XR with Joe Bolton (306X) and some oth-ers. They raced Class 30 and fin-ished second, fourth overall bike. Class 40 Pro Over 40 Ross Gregory and four other over 40 riders won their class on, what else, an XR600. This one ac-tually was a "600", although they credit, who else, but Bob Bell's "Pre-cision Concepts", for some exten-sive cylinder head work combined with an HRC cam and pushing on a stock piston. "We geared it only for one oh five for fuel mileage and who wants to go a hundred and umpteen anyway?" Safari Racing wired up 200 watts worth of electrics to drive their two Pacific Racing PIAA lights. It was a good thing that they had two but sepa-rate lighting systems as one light failed and they still rode to victory on one lone lamp. Dennis Cox and Denny Wolff took the win in Class 25 (Pro over 250cc quads) on their Honda. The winning team consisted of Ross, Fred Deane, Doug Reynolds, ,-.._ ·-· Tepner, Doug Reynolds, Eric Hodel, Doug Renolds and Eric Hodel. (Note: Hodel is noted for loving old, hand-grenading, Husky four strokes.) Eric and Doug leap frogged down from San Ignacio to get the bike to the finish while start-ing rider Ross went back to San Diego and slept at home. "The next morning I caught a flight to La Paz for the (hoped for) victory celebra-tion", he said. "I didn't even know if they had finished when I landed. Then they were all in bed, anyway." The self-prepped team credits IMS ("It was a five gallon tank with a range of 140 miles!") and South Bay Motorsports in National "Mile of Cars" City for support. George Erl's "Up-Tite" did the exhaust sys-tem and L.R.'s Stroker built the suspension. The ride was pretty simple: "We cut a Michelin on the front end and the mousse was com-ing out so we changed that at Punta Prieta. We finished on the same rear that we started with. The rear suspension was getting a little soft," but whose wouldn't? They pitted themselves with an additional six splash-n-goes from Mag 7. "They were $600 cheap[er than Honda." Ross explained. They started third, re-passed Chris Haines, who was stopped off the course early in the race and then Doug got Chris Eberz and "500" winner Neil Manninen by La Purisima. Eberz (401X) finished last fin-isher in class and is further note-worthy of also being the DOR in "1600" car # 1611... under the flambeaux "Porno Star" sponsor-ship. Class-:60 Pro Over 60 The winning half-century team used a full hand of old hands: starter Jim O'Neill to Catavina, Gene Dempsey to Punta Prieta, Sam Dempsey to the San Ignacio High-way, Steve Dutton to La Purisima, Bill Nicholls to Insurgentes, Dutton to Santa Rita and Nicholls (ROR) fo the finish. Dutton said that he was up all night but, "We did pretty darned good." In spite of a blown base gas-ket that was using about a quart of oil every hundred miles. "That was from slipping the clutch so much in the silt. Plus we had a slow leak in the rear tire. It wasn't bad enough to actually change it. We just kept checking it and adding air." At about a hundred miles frolh the finish the bike wouldn't idle ... In the Sportsman ATV Class, the four-wheel-drive Yamaha of Mike Penland, from Georgia, won in 33 hours and 11 minutes. Dusty Times which is hell at night. . The XR628HRC was '"prepped" so to speak, by a shop that will ap-preciate its anonymity: "Dempsey went to pick up and (the bike) wouldn't run. The rings were bro-ken. And the forks were as stiff as a board! We've yet to figure that one out. We set the adjusters as soft as they would go and it was still stiff." The lights were an old set of Baja Designs with a pencil and a flood with high/low beams. "You could flip back and forth between the four options." "We used the Honda pits ... that's the only way to go." Steve offered. "We had a chaser on the lower half - Scotty Baerst. They changed wheels at Chapa la. "We had chunked all the knobs in those rocks." Dutton, a retired City of Tempe (AZ) mechanic, got to experienc-ing the best and the worst of Baja: "A Trophy Truck caught me at about seven Friday morning. Then he got a flat and was behind me again." He had the Guadalupe Two-Step around San Ignacio: "I could HEAR my guts rumbling." Steve pre-ran with the Dempseys for three weeks from San Ignacio to La Paz. "We did 4000 miles in the truck! One time we couldn't get any Diesel so we made our own: five how very "Baja", huh? The Ron Bishop effort (549X) was on a "rare" two stroke 440 KTM. Carl Donellson came way out from St. Louie to team with Bill Menchen and Bill Rogers. (Bishop is well known for his Rokon efforts: "I still have two that run." The KTM gave up its Austrian ghost on the highway to San Ignacio with-out pitching the rider onto the tarmac. "It just quit", and all the engine spares were in the chase truck waiting in La Purisima. Not good. "Our chase plan got altered when SCORE re-routed a section up north and we had to have a truck for a splash and go." Those thirty two strokes, again. Ron got an award from Sal for running in all thirty-one "Baja 1000s" ... along with Rod Hall. January 1999 The Tijuana based team of Gilberto Santa and Ruben Martin took the win in Pro Class 24. Some time back, Ron made decals for Ron Bishop Motorcycles incor-porating his "RB" initials into the familiar Rolls Royce "RR" logo. The Brits quickly dispatched a solicitor and a barrister with a cease and desist order. Those pesky blokes! QUADS Class 26 (Pro Big Bore) The trick XR400 powered EX400 of Dennis-es Cox and Wolf were the top dogs with a 29th vehicle finish. Pretty damned bueno. Frenchperson Luc-Miehel Falchaud solo-ed to a fourth in A TV 25 class. Again, pretty damned bueno. Class 24 (Pro 250cc) Gilberto Santana was the only finisher. "Macho" Bernabe Camacho P. was a DNF and the Carmen Cafro crew went illegally-agricultural through the Santa Maria tomato fields and was "Paul Fished", i.e., DQ-ed! SPORTSMAN Class MU Sportsman 250cc Both 250 Sportsman teams finished with Enrique Legaspy beating John McGovern. Class MO Sportsman Big Bore Don Weyer edged solo stud Jerome Law by 64 seconds. Law was race number 252XD and the Weyernumberwas254X. Weyer beat Law by 1:04 and started 1:00 behind. Therefore, they must have finished together! In fact they were 13th and 14th Over-all: 21:49. Another outlaw was Dennis Law, who was seventh. Class ATV Sportsman A TV As usual, Mike Penland won the single entry class. The Geor-gia-based team ran their four wheel drive, fou·r stroke farm trac-tor just like they did in last year's "1000" and, just like last year, they won. Mike, with his la~e Pancho Villa mustaches, could pass for a local... well, until he opens his mouth: "Well, Suh, ya see. Aht's lak thee-us." He told Red Longacre that since "We'a live out in a county 'n' we'a don' have any sponsors. A road house gave us ten bucks, tho." *********** Plagiarism? "No Way, Jose!" A point-to-point "Thousand" is a difficult event to cover, at best. Lo-gistics and time constraints pre-vented a lot of hands-on reporting, plus my being in the Bay of L.A.'s radio shadow removed the Weath-erman from my data sources. I have been lucky, however, to get help from a variety of Roving Reporters. Or Ravi~ R~rters. ■ CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES .BELL, SHOE I, SIMPSON Helmets SNELL 95, SA95 for SODA compiete biower systans · for Singie or doubie seat cars. Helmet conversions, Cooi·boxes, compiete iine of PYROTECT, FILLER Safety Products & BELL MOTORSPORTS We ship OPS Daiiy From $299.00 Helmet & Skirt Visa-~stercard .51.53 t:IP\IV(ien_Ay~. • SjiJ1 .Qi~P. ~~~117 • (~19L27j-~09 Page 39

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o. D · 11,e Hemsl Faml/y would lie lo . say tl,an" you to 11,e Sponsors ---.......__ .and Crew Mem/Jers wl,o l,e/ped ma"e our 1998 • roang season an •ou/Jlanrlng one. O,anl You All! onsors BFGoodrkn !ires --Terrible Her/Jst Oil {o. • {ohime Metals D D Anoniem HiHs Auto Body Potrkl<s Signs • Snover Spedohies Terrio/es Town Casino • Dirt Bogz Uhro Custom Wheels • Forti

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1998 J998SCIRE Trophy Truck Class Mike Smith • JeH Hur/el• AJ. Norlin • Tor/ti Gorsuch • Borry'Beochom •lurer/Cooper• {roig {oringello • Don Or{!goo Tom Olivo • Steve Wiseman •Heir/Norr/in • Chris Kemper• Kur! Schoen • Doug Peters • Mork Durham • Steve Cul/Jone Tony Borrozo • Mike Gronowski• Neol Grobowski • {/Jori fl}'mon • Brion Berle//• Bob Blonchord • Burl e Nici< Gulo • Drew Bell• Johnny Heu/gen • Hon Shover• Kur! Hooker• Greg Till• Steve Bolling Willis Griffin • Steve Essex • Deon Rener/id• /gnodo Guevoro • Or. & Mrs. Sosey • Torld Sosey Scoff So1ey • Debbie Norlin • Dennis Hogers • Bob Bl}'onl • Tim Wuerful • Terry Cooper• Trevor Cooper Pol {ompbe/1 • Lori}' Moson • Oki< Forti• Kris Oieson • Fronk Oomme • Mike Domme • (/Juel< Hoehl Hick Nunez• Jim Yocksyzn • Joson llomorlo • Hoger Dolliver• Bill Goodmon • Scoll Goorlmon • Brion Hogers • Senn Heil Mori< Kehrer• Doyle Myrick • Heggie Pruill • Herb Neis • Mike Neis • Bob Stump • Brion Morevi//e • Jose Orliz

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7 AUSTRALIAN STADIUM OFF ROAD GRAN PRIX Plenty _Of Action In Downunder Stadium Racing John Hederics, in an ex-Walker Evans truck, delighted the crowd with his aggressive driving style, and took the Feature win. The wild antics of .the Australian K&J Radiators, teammates of Paul A good field of eight trucks Paul Wee/, in another Evans Dodge, finished the evening with the truck Championship after a series of tight battles. · Taylor got hooked up. Wee! went on two false starts showed this. Again to win with Attard and Mark Manns there were plenty of hits on the open-close for second, Attard getting the ing lap as Attard assumed the lead. nod. Heat 2 saw the tension rise and Continued on page 44 Stadium Off Road scene hit Wee! and John Hederics that took fronted. Heat 1 saw immediate action Newcastle recently arid the result was most of the wins in their ex Walker as Paul Wee!, Nev Taylor (in the one of the fastest most exciting night's Evans Trucks. The buggies provided Mendham truck) and Mark Manns racing ever. The truck and buggy di- · just as much action as well as a vari- run three wide into the first turn. visions were the highlight and in the ety of winners. Wayne Attard came through to get Chris Watman lost his power steering, but had.a good enough lead to stay in front action-packed Truck class it was the Trucks up to second, while John Hederics and _an_d_w_,_·n_th_e_l_in_al_b_u=gg=y_Fi_e_a_tu_re_. ______________ _ NOW THAT BAJA'S OVER LET'S GET READY FOR 1999 YOUR SUSPENSION SPECIALIST We Have Parts For All Your Off Road Needs New Lobro 930CV Joint $42.50each 42425 5th Street East Unit D Lancaster, Ca. 93535 (USA) Phone:{805) 940-5515 Fax:{805) 940-5514 Page 42 January 1999 Dusty Times

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we Are The Largest Manu#aeture a, oualitv 2wa suspension svstentsl on't settle l=or seeond Bestl TOYOTA '79-'95 31/2' Lift Kit 4010 N .. Palm St., Unit 103 Fullerton, California 92835 Voice: 714-870-9422 Fax: 714-870-9132 60 FRWY ~ en :s r Ci!' N ;■ IMPERIAL HIGHWAY 91 FRWY

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Mark Manns spent some time on his lid, but managed to get to every The fans got a good show at the Stadium Off Road Gran Prix in event and was up near the front when moving. Newcastle. Here Daren Wells flies past a competitor. Col Jobe, looking almost too tall for his roll cage, took the stadium win in the 1600 class. Hederics tried too hard and rolled, but declared. Heat 3 saw Attard; Wee!, Scott Brown who pulled up in the Ro-landed on his wheels and continued. Manns and Hederics racing so close deo, Wee! grabbed the edge at the re-Weel was without power steering as yet so fast at the front. Hederics and start and led Attard. Manns was third Manns rolled and stayed upside down. Manns were rubbing with Manns roll- and holding out Chris Owen. In the The order prior to this was Attard, ing again. There was a full restart, but end it was Wee!, Attard and Manns. Manns and Wee! then the race was without Alex Fitcher (misfire) and The class final saw Wee! take the lead. His teammate, Hederics, was putting on a show with many two wheel antics. Weel pulled out a gap over Attard but the Dodge driver found himself under pr.essure from Hederics. With only a couple of laps /";,-------------------'---------'..;._ ___________________ _ warnet Shootout uo-Duc won the cov~ted ~ili'\J.SD Ignition supply-Curt Le 1 Wisconslll, Wl • Jack f\annef)', · Chainpion, · ite 199S CORR Pro-4 p~;D Ignition syste(l\ to ign chooses to te~y on : \ant! his Chevro\ets pow rp h t Cranuon, P Y a ,.:~a chotCS• ing the spatl\lUi, arr-road racing denJand!!!i the most from every component on the truck. That is why winning racers choose MSD Ignition to power their desert pre-runners, short course trucks or Baja racers. They know that an MSD Ignition is the best performing and most reliabk ignition availabk! MfiD &ALN, PN 6430 The MSD 6ALN Ignition Control is designed specifically to handle the harshest racing conditions. The powerful capacitive discharge circuits are held secure in a vibration-proof epoxy compound and the wiring is routed through sealed and locking Weathertight connectors. High Vibration Cail, PN Bi!i!i! The abuse of CORR racing is no match for the Blaster High Vibration Coil. The low resistance windings are encased in a metal canister potted with epoxy for reliable and powerful spark delivery! · MfiD P~Billet Di§tributars Combine a strong CNC machined billet housing with a high output magnetic pickup, sealed ~all bearing guide, oversized shaft and accurate mechahical advance and you have the best performing distributor available. Many models available. B.S,:nni fiuper Conductor §park Plug Wires Less than 50 ohms of resistance per foot means more spark energy reaches the plugs! MSD wires also have a durable sleeve, heavy duty boots and dual crimp terminals that lock to the spark plug terminal. Custom and Universal Kits available. For a catalog, send $3.00 to: AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1490 Henry Brennan Dr.• El Paso, Texas 79936 • Phone: (915) 857-5200 • Fax: (915) 857-3344 Page 44 January 1999 to go Hederics made a mid air pass on Attard. In the end it was West taking the win and enough points to regain the truck Championship. Hederics took second over Attard, Manns, Owen, and Taylor. The Feature Final provided little action but very high speed. The early lead was gained by Hederics, with Weel battling Manns for second. The field formed into single file and just simply raced flat out. Wee! shook off Manns snd set for Hederics. The laps , were running out for Weel who des-perately wanted an incident for a re-start. At the chequer it was Hederics over Wee!, Manns, Attard, Taylor and Owen. Buggies A somewhat poor roll up of bug-gies saw both 1600 and Open cars pooled _into one group of 11 cars to keep the action going. Heat l saw Bruce Watman lead from pole and was never headed. In second came Daren Wells after an amazing recovery from a certain rollover. A. tight pack fought out third but it was Chris Watman getting the ·better. ·1n Heat 2 it was Col Jobe and Paul Styles battling for the lead. Chris Watman applied pressure to Styles, while Jobe moved further ahead. In the end it was Jobe the win-ner, with Styles and Chris Watman behind. Heat 3 saw plenty of pushing off the line. Jobe was to lead Bruce Watman. Before long though, Bruce would slip under Jobe and go on to take the win. Jobe followed with Chris Watman in third. The class final provided plenty of action. The lead pack was Bruce Watman, Jobe and Wells. Styles and Mark Medrano got locked to-gether, while at the front Bruce Watman gave away his lead with a blown head gasket. Scott Brown landed heavily on a tire and had Medrano slam him as well. The or-der was Wells, Jobe, Byron Murfer, and Chris Watman when the race was declared. When broken down into classes though the order was: Open = Wells, Murfet, C. Watman, Vesty, Medrano, and 1600 = Jobe, Ziems, and Brown. The Feature Final saw Chris Watman get a great start to leave the pack behind ro battle it out. As in the truck race it was almost single file flat out racing. Andrew Ziems was struggling after having his front end bent. Watman had a good lead 'but began to smoke from loss of power steering. Wells had worked on Jobe and got passed for second. He sensed the smoking Watman and closed in. However, the laps ran out and Chris Watman took the win with Wells and Jobe close be-hind. Murfet and Ziems were the only other finishers. It was a great night's racing and capped off the 1998 Australian Sta-dium Off Road Championship in fine style. Hopefully next year's races will see bigger fields to add to the excitement already produced by the Stadium drivers. ■ Dusty Times

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• t GLEN HELEN RACEWAY PARK Still Number 1 in Off Road Family Fun By Ron Miller Guy Savedra is very close to his father and sister but perhaps closer to his Odyssey racer with which he has won a few championships. You've heard it countiess times before, but the words still ring as true as ever. Glen Helen OHV Park remains the track of choice for America's racing families. Sev-eral of off road racing's brightest stars have sung a most familiar tune, while praising the park's thoroughly enjoyable "family" at-mosphere. Perennial champions like Rennie Awana and Brian Collins are two of the many rac-ing greats, who've expressed a keen fondness for this unique track and it's surrounding rolling hills. The irresistible lure of Glen Helen's scenic beauty and "fun in the sun" off road action, act like a giant magnet which draws rac-ers from Nevada, Arizona, and all parts of California. It is indeed a fact that "the family that plays together, ~tays together". And this track's lengthy list of extended family regulars is quite impressive. Todd and Denise Wittman of .~ OFF ROAD SCRAMBLE bypc Unscramble the four words below and the resulting scrambled letters in the boxes and you will have the answer to the question or statement. What Most Dads Need After Christmas! LIPNEDS ·□ ------□ LEDAC -□ TONISP --□·-RETROMOP --□---□ A . ------Page 46 January 1999 Dan and Mait Cannon are part of the backbone of Glen Helen, Dan in Class BS and Mait in Class 7S, and they are both winners in anybody's book. Scottsdale, Arizona rarely miss ished 1-2 in last year's Super 1600 any of the Glen Helen races. The class standings. There's also a tal-same goes for that pair's hand-ented pair of brothers in the some young sons Tanner and "Open Odyssey Class", the Trevor and also Todd's charming Hoogeveen's. Rick is the current mother Dee, who is quite a racer leader in the point standings, herself. Todd usually competes in while his brother Briari is one Class 8 and Deni~e in 8S, but each pretty fair driver himself. (along with Dee) have also seen The Beyer family is, of course, recent action in the Pilot class. synonymous with Glen Helen rac-The talent rich Fay family is an- ing. John is currently enjoying a other group that regularly graces banner season as the runaway the grounds with their presence. points leader in the Stock Mini Father Jim is always formidable in 2WD class. Bob is merely the man the 1/2-1600 class, and the same that makes the entire show go, as is true of his daughter Kathy, Glen Helen's Race Director and whenever she takes a seat behind Official Starter. The "Beyer Boys" the wheel. Gentleman Jim's other are not alone in this family en-daughter Stacy and her racing deavor either. 'Fhat ultra-talented hubby Doug Goodenough, split pair is also joined by "Ma Beyer" their time between competing in (affectionately known as Mom), the Superlites class and the Stock who is one of the many unsung Mini 2WD class. heroines who work behind the Appearing on the scene more scenes as a course worker. There often than not are Pat and J.C. are many more families that race Dean, who make the trek from on this same circuit including the Las-Vegas, Nevada and usually go Taylors, Kyle and Jason, and the home winners. Ditto for Guy Sa-Cobbs, Erik and Steve. The vedra and his father Art, another Taylors are full size truck com-pair of proven winners from the petitors, while the Cobbs race in Silver State. Art is Glen Helen's the A TV Pro and Novice Classes. Tech Director, and Guy is the The Alvarados, Chris and reigning back to back champion Nathan, the Yonans, Bryan and of the Odyssey class. The Daniel, and the Scaronis, Matt McKenzie's are another family and Steve, compete locally too. unit that's always tough to beat. The Bennetts, Stanley and Dennis competes in the 5-1600 Shirley, the Browns, Henry and class. Jim in Class 8, and Sean is Jacob, and the Ziegerts, Marshall the defending champ in Class BS. and Sean are just a few of the 0th-The Borio brothers, Steve and ers who have also done well in the Paul, are always in the thick of past at Glen Helen. things in the 5-1600 class, as are I should apologize to those rac-"The 11 Brothers". Robert Hen- ing families whose names have derson and Dennis Sletten, when-temporarily escaped me, but I ever that talented pair see local think you readers out there get action. the idea. Glen Helen really is one Then, of course, there's big happy family, and that family Covina, California's Cannon ascribes to the theoryof"the more broth~rs, Dan and Mait. Dan is a the merrier". But don't just take mainstay and former Glen Helen my word for it, come on out and champ in Class BS, and Mait has see for yourself. Once you do, you been quietly putting together a and your entire family will be solid debut season in Class 7S. counting down the days until the Chad Gall and his father Gary fin-next reunion. Todd and Denise Wittman, mom Dee, sons Tanner and Trevor all come over from Scottsdale to race at Glen Helen and they all do quite well on the track. Dusty Times

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DUSTY.PEOPLE By Judy Smith If you've got a two wheel drive truck that needs a little toughen-ing up, you need Fabtech. Founded in 1989 by David Winner, this fast growing business specializes in ac-cessories for the two wheel drive enthusiast. Winner, who worked for an off road fabrication shop for years, de-cided he wanted to go out on his own in '89, so he set up shop in a 1666 foot building in La Habra. lt took just two years for his business to outgrow that building, so had to move. This time he went to Fuller-ton, to an 8000 square foot shop where the business still is today.· But in the ensuing years the company has purchased and sprawled out into two additional buildings, and is now in escrow for a 20,000 square foot manufacturil;lg and distribution cenfer in Brea. They plan to be moved into it by January r of 1999. From the small beginning; the aptly named Winner was developed Fabtech what is now the largest manufac-turer of two wheel drive suspension systems in the world. They actually manufacture 95% of their line, and what they don't make themselves is manufactured in the United States. The business now µas a huge machine shop which employs 23 full time employees. That part of the business will move to the new building, while retail sales will re-main at their current address in Ful-lerton. When Fabtech introduces a new product into their line, they do all the research and development right on site. Except for what is done on · the race\rack. Winner, who along with being the President of the company, is also the R&D man, has been racing a Class 7S desert truck for the past several years. For some time he raced in SCORE events, and is currently competing in the Best In The Desert series. Jerrod Wedell, who co-4rives with Win-• Custom Pro Cell Bladders with seamless Fuel Sale's "Pro Cell" is our top-at-the-line racing cell that comes ready to Install and it's backed by a lull 10 year wamnty. Dusty Times super-tough, triple coated construction • 10 year Bladder warranty • Safety foam baffling • Custom manufactured aluminum containers •. FIA·FT3, SCORE and SODA approved • Custom manufactured fillers • (800) 433-6524 technical hotline • Over 25 years experience " for more Info call or write to: e Aircraft Rubber/Fuel Safe 63257 Nels Anderson Road Bend, Oregon 97701 (541) 388-0203 (541 )388-0307 fax htlp:// ner, is the production control man at Fabtech, and their head fabrica-. tor, so he's getting hands on infor-mation in the field when he races also. Wedell also drives the Fabtech short course at the Glen Helen Fab-tech Short Course Series and at the Estero Beach races in Baja Califor-nia. In addition, they're currently building a stadium truck, for the Pace stadium series in 1999. It will also be a Class 7S Toyota, and will function as ano,ther racing R&D project. They also build turn key trucks for their customers from time to time. While Winner still seems to have a special fondness for Toyota, which is the line he started with, he has also developed a full line for Ford Rangers and now is heavy into the Chevrolet S 10 and the full size Chevy. But Fabtech makes two wheel drive lift kits for full and mid sized Fords and Chevys, all Toyo-tas, including the TlO0, Mazda, Nissan, and full and mid sized Dodges. They also make them for some Sport Utility Vehicles: the Surburban, Tahoe, Yukon and Ford Expedition. As we said, Fabtech doesn't manufacture products for four wheel drive vehicles, but they do sell a broad variety of items to accessorize or upgrade them. They sell suspension parts manufactured by many other companies. The re-tail store carries a full line of truck accessories, including items for street and race, seat belts, seats, safety equipment, and. fiberglass. Some of the lines they carry are Rancho, Go Rhino products, K&N, Jet Performance, Simpson, Perfor-mance Accessories Bodylifts, Gib-son Exhaust, ·Sway-A-Way, Fox and more. They also sell Phoeni'x Micro Lite products, and they're working with his company by do-ing their off road High Intensity Discharge (HID) testing. These are a new type of light with no filament, and Fabtech is working with the manufacturer to develop a full off road race light which should be on the market almost immediately. It works from a ballast, which is part of the wiring loom, and it'll be pos-sible to convert any standard off road light to HID. This will give the racer lights that are ten times brighter than standard Halogen lights, and will draw approxi-mately one third the amps that regular lights draw. The folks at Fabtech are excited about this new product. They recently tested a set, at the Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno race, and found that for once they couldn't out run their lights. According to Gary Woofter, the National Accounts Director at Fab-tech, everyone is also excited about the coming move to their new quar-ters. They've been planning it for some time, and Woofter expects the move to go smoothly, but just in case there are some glitches, it might be wise to call ahead if planning a visit to Fabtech. Their toll free phone number is 888-2 WD-KITS, or you can visit them on the Internet at ■ • state of the art high flow piston designed to stog valve washersy;,nl,,bending inwards. • wide teflon coated piston wear band for use in e ern~bypas with big tubes so that it does not drop into large ports. ,· r ~ I , ,.//" • sealed piston for tow speed control and'(llaximum damping i:, external bypass. • high temperature stainless steel alloy vatvin'g. • unique rod end design and material to stop shafts and rod ands from breaking. • high temperature Viton seals ar;td a-rings. 1 .,; • large aluminum reservoir for inc~eased heat dissipation (2X) and weight savings. • 1" shafts are micro-polished to l'mirror surface finish cf a 3-5 RMS. "JI I .. • • ~tainless steel teflon lined spherical bearings with 1/2" or 5/8" ID spacers. • shock are all owner rebuildabte with no special toois to purchase. • electric blue anodized color. -~-..,...,,.~~ ~-...iiir..W~i. • Large 3/4" tubes for high flow (welci on kits available separate). • Tube locations can be paced to order or wefded on by the'customer. • . Valving 09 tt:1,,e piston for smooth damp1ng transitions. • Check valveS'machined1rom 4140 and heat treated 17-4 stainless for long durability. • large OD check valve spring designed with low operating stress levels. • "piggyback'' style reservoir mounting for the rear of buggies and trucks. -_, , - r . ¾ f"iW,~~hliMiFB§l,t§,tP-~1IM9il:f I • • • Custom wounfsprings for 3" shocks in stfck. Eibac~prings available. -We do custom shock work and vehicle set 1-.!s>'· ~ r.f Custom designed and mfg. shocks. & parts available ( air shocks, water cooled, pistons etc.). Designed and manufactured by the same person that designed all Kuster Shocks. King Shock Technology A Shock Manufacturing Company (714) 530-8701 Fax: (714) 530-8702 10402 Trask Ave. , Unit C, Garden Grove. CA 92843 .-January 1999 Page 47

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CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Treeline Rally Report By Paul Tiimmerman Photos: Trackside Photo Tony Chavez and John Elkin took the 4WD win at Treeline, taking the water crossing in stride in their Mitsubishi Ga/ant VR-4. The 7th Annual Treeline PRO Rally was held on Novem-ber 14th, was headquarters at the Holiday Inn in Monrovia, California, and ran through the Angeles National Forest, north of the San Gabriel Valley. It is the second to last event of the season for CRS competitors. This rally was awarded the Di-visional Pro Rally of the year last year, in its first year on the present course. Unlike many of the Califor-nia rallies, this event featured well graded roads with few waterbars or rough sections. Treeline Rally uses Rincon WE CARRY AURORA, BFGOODRICH, PARKER PUMPER P.C.I., HELLA LIGHTS, VDO, SIMPSON J.T. INDUSTRIES, SWAY*A*WAY WRIGHT PLACE, RIPROD, EARLS YOKOHAMA, SUPER TRAPP, AUTO FAB SWEEPCO, BEL-RAY, OGAWA, S&S BUG PACK, CHENOWTH, UMP SB ENGINEERING, KEP, FODDRIL UNI-RLTER, K&N, TRI-MIL, PIAA PERMA COOL, BEARDS SEATS, SCAT COMP·U-FIRE, WEBER CARBS, FOX SHOXS SAND TIRES & RIMS, BOGART WHEELS, CNC VP FUELS, CUSTOM & COMMERCIAL WHEELS MECHANIX WEAR, WCM, FUEL SAFE · VISIT ROB MACCACHREN'S WEB PAGE WWW.MACCACHREN.COM VISIT OUR WEB PAGE AT CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-755-5900 Page 48 WE CAN SHIP UPS TOYOUR DOOR II•■■■ " '4'f/J~~*?Jl 3064 S. VALLEY VIEW #3 * LAS VEGAS, NV * 89102 HOURS: MON-Fill 9AM4PM * SAT 9AM-5PM (702)871-5221 FAX January 1999 Steve Bender and Craig McHugh get the feet of their VW Rabbit wet as they charge toward a great 1st U2, 1st Stock at Treeline, a great day. Road, running east to west, be-take the lead. Tom Bier/Ole tween Highway 39, north of Holter were in third, but show-Azuza, and Highway 2, north of ing steady progress in the stand-La Canada. This takes the ings. teams up to 5000 ft. altitude Holding a slim lead in 4WD several times in the six out and Open are Paul Timmerman/ back stages through the Ange-Suzanne Martin in a Mazda 323 les National Forest. Entrants GTX. In second place, Vartan travel along high ridges, Samuelian/Ara Manoukian through live oak forest, and missed the starting line up. Ron along secluded streams. It treats Wood/Kelly Walsh were less the drivers to some of the tight-than 100 points out of first go-est and twistiest rally roads in ing into this event, and are the U.S. Co-drivers are some- looking for their first CRS 4WD times less enthusiastic about the Open Championship, after roads, depending upon their ·Vartan and Ara grabbed it last constitution. Third gear is used year. A confident Tony Chavez only rarely in this rally, because was teamed with John Elkin, ion another turn is always just a cool running Mitsubishi Gal-ahead. The smooth roads and lant. Rui Brasil/Carlos Tavares relatively low speeds would ap-were also hoping to scoop up pear to make a car friendly some late season points with a course, but the results show an-win in their perennially fast, other story. Audi S2 Quattro. 19 cars lined up for the The first car to break on event, including seven 4WD stage 1 was Timmerman/Martin Open class cars, five 2WD in the 323 GTX, which suffered Open class cars, three Perfor- a transmission failure after less mance Stock class cars, and four than one mile, opening the way Stock class cars. Two of the cars for a new season points' leader. were seed six entries, indicating Ron Wood/Kelly Walsh set the rookie status for the drivers. fastest time on this stage with They included Jack Smith/Mark Lauchlin O'Sullivan, Rui Brasil McDivitt in a Plymouth and Tony Chavez just behind. Sapporo and Lu/Ecke Ryba in Rui was experiencing boost con-Robert Tallini's Toyota Corolla. troller problems on stage 1, hit-Lauchlin O'Sullivan last drove ting 2 7 psi if he did not feather a rally car seven years ago, but the throttle. Tony had the op-he seems to have forgotten very posite problem with only five psi little. He was teamed with co-of boost, before a turbo hose was driver TimC:,thy Ng in the ex-reattached. Harris Done/Larry John Brasil Audi 4000 Turbo Scott also had problems on the Quattro. first stage, flatting a left front The stock championship tire, and driving on it to the end battle was far from resolved, as of the stage. Eric Oyaque/Alfredo Oyaque The second stage had still and Steve Bender/Craig more troubles on tap, with Har-McHugh were tied going into ris Done's car breaking a front the event. Both teams were spindle, DNF'ing. Rui's car blew ready to grab the lead going into a water hose, forcing them to the end of the season. improvise, and use Gator Aid as The Performance Stock class a coolant until the end of stage championship was prolonged by 2, when stream water was avail-the Mark Brown's team's visit to able. Ron Wood had .trouble southern California from Ari-maintaining the pace, as they zona. This forced Doug and Sue found they had a bad half shaft, Robinson to run their RX-7 one a lingering effects of the rock more time before selling it. encounter at Prescott. Lauchlin Since Mark's son Shane will be took over setting the fastest running the RX-7 next year, it times, with Tony Chavez, Steve was agreed to not crash the cars Bender, Ron Wood, Tom Bier, just before the sale. The and Doug Robinson stretched Robinsons· have already taken out behind. delivery of a TAD prepared The third stage took the cars · Mazda 323 GTX to compete in through some of the tightest next year. switchbacks and across numer-The Open Class 2WD class ous stream crossings, winding was lead by the national back up the mo4ntain up to-ProRally competitors, David ward service at Red Box. No White/Dave Watts. Neither will changes in placing occurred on be contesting the remainip.g the third stage. The race CRS 2WD events, although seemed to be settling down. Dave White will co-drive for Mike Gibeault's scoring of Guy Light in Laughlin. With the first three stages showed Harris Done in second place in Lauchlin O'Sullivan leading his RX-7, it looked like he could Tony Chavez by 82 hundredths. Dusty Times

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Doug and Sue Robinson took their really great looking Mazda RX-7 The Mazda GLC of Bob Shibao and Matt Gabler took the water in Ron Wood and Kelly Walsh were the second 4WD to finish the Treeline stride and went on for a great first place in 2WD. Rally. although their Audi Quattro only had three wheel drive. Mark Brown and Shane Polhamus skip across the water in their Toyota The Plymouth Arrow of Peter Workum and Bill Gutzman had some FX-16, taking the second spot in U2 and second in P-Stock. electrical problems but still took the second spot in 02. Ron Wood's Audi was back at lost a drive shaft, and their myriad of problems, and "rally 1.92 holding onto third place in Quaiffe differential began to slip on" to the finish. In the end, his three wheel drive car. Steve badly. They coasted for the last Tony Chavez had the fewest Bender's Stock class car was five miles of the race, getting problems, netting his first over-ahead of Tom Bier's 2WD Open out twice to push the car over all win in six years of trying. car by only 1.38. Next, Doug small cr_ests, losing less than Tony's hard work at debugging Robinson was ahead of Mark three minutes in the ordeal. his new Mitsubishi Gallant paid Brown by only 31 hundredths, This stunt eventually netted off. John Elkin collected 300 representing the front pack of them a third overall. navigator points for his contri-P-Stock class. Just behind them, In other stories from· the butions to the win. Ron Wood/ Robert Shibac, only 62 hun-road, Lou/Ecke Ryba, veterans Kelly Walsh hung on to second d'red.ths ahead of Peter of Cal Club's road radng cfr- overaff and in 4WD Open dass, Workum. cuits, were driving on pace with taking over the lead in the sea-Lu and Eeke Ryba took their Toyota corolla to a nice second place in CRS 2WD, seen here parting the white sea on their way to the finish. Lauchlin's return to rallying the seed three entrants in the son championship 4WD Open was cut short on stage 4, when Robert Tallini Toyota Corolla. points race. They lost only 3.5 the car stopped with apparent This allowed them to catch minutes in spite of operating fuel pump failure. Tony clocked Bruce/Pat Brown in a 323 GTX, three wheel drive most of the the fastest time of the day on despite Bruce driving "as fast as way. Steve Bender/Craig this stretch of road, determined humanly possible." Bruce de-Mc Hugh claimed a surprise to catch Lauchlin. Rui was only cided to try to stay with Lou af-third overall and first in Stock 18 hundredths behind, showing ter the pass. But Lou, having class after Tom Bier/Ole Holter renewed determination and a steering rack troubles, put the were assessed a ten minute pen-radiator full of water. car slightly up a bank, just up alty. This put Bender and On stage 5, several mountain the road from Bruce and Pat. McHugh in the lead for Stock bikers had to be escorted off the Bruce, using his "advanced re- class. Doug and Sue Robinson course. Unfortunately, Tony flexes" managed to miss them were seconds behind, taking had already started when this and neither car was worse for fourth overall, and their last win problem was discovered. In an the excitement, and continued in the RX-7, and nailing down unusual step, Tony was stopped to finish the rally. the P-Stock championship. The on stage, and asked to rerun it. So while only three teams new RX-7 owners, Mark Brown/ Tony and John suffered no ad-DNF'ed the rally, many of the Shane Polhamus were just be-verse effects, as their fastest top finishers had to deal with a hind them, for second in P-stage time demonstrated. Rui found new troubles starting on stage 5, after a cv joint failure eventually made their car front wheel drive. Tom Bier/Ole Holter were having an impressive run through stage 5, running as high as third overall in their 2WD Open class Saab 900. Afrer checking into stage 6, their car refused-to start. They worked on it outside the control zone, but had to check in almost 50 min-utes late after fixing an alterna-tor wire. They we-re later given a ten minute penalty for the in-fraction, forcing them out of a fine third place finish. Peter Workum/Bill Gutzman in the Plymouth Arrow were having electrical problems on stage 6. They ended up finish-ing with only parking lights in the borrowed Arrow. Also having trouble were Steve Bender/Craig McHugh, running fourth on the road in the Stock class Rabbit. They Dusty Times c; l~ANAl)A January 1999 Stock and fifth overall. Robert tempt. Robert Garcia/Tony Shibao/Matt Gabler took first in Khan Vu took home a third in 2WD Open, and a fine sixth . 2WD Open class by finishing overall in the aging Mazda GLC. 11th overall in the Mitsubishi They were followed in by Peter Eclipse. Workum/Bill Gutzman in the The 1998 Treeline Rally was Plymouth Arrow for a second in a fine example of a low cost di-Stock and seventh overall, Bill visional event, close to most of is preparing a supercharged Ar-the entrant's harries. My tow row for Peter to run next year, time clocked out to about ten when he will move up to 2WD minutes each way. The organiz-Open class. Third in Stock dass ers put on another fine event, and eighth overall· was Eric/ with good organization, great Alfred Oyague in the Toyota workers, fast scoring, and plenty Corolla. This placing allowed of food. The chief organizer of Bender and McHugh to grab the this rally, Lon Peterson, will be Stock class lead going into the handing off the responsibili.ty last race of the season. Bob next year. The reason cited is Pendergrass/Jon Weigley took an overwhelming urge to race their oversized Chevy Blazer to these superb roads. Adrienne a third place in 4 WO Open Scott continued on from last year class, as they brought it home as well, getting mailing out in ninth overall, without any of the plenty of time, and generally tire troubles that plagued them keeping the paperwork in order. earlier this season. Bob and John Peter Morris jumped in this year, ran this event as a warm up for as a co-organizer, and is expected the Laughlin's Ramada Express to take over for Lonny next year. Casino International Rally, Kudos to Peter for giving up his where the Blazer is expected· to chance at these wonderful be in its element. Lu/Ecke Ryba roads, so that the rest of us can took home a second place in continue to enjoy them next 2WD Open in their first at-year, and beyond. ■ 99 -l)AICAI~ Page 49 . 1

Page 50

FRT SUPERSTITION 250 wood & Miller Win overall By Judy Smith Photos: C&C Race Photography Reuben Wood and Randy Miller teamed in their Jimco to take the overall win at the FRT's Superstition 250. Reuben Wood and Randy Miller teamed in Wood's Jimco to take the overall win at the FRT Superstition 250 on Halloween night. It was a double bill as usual, with the FRT motorcycles and ATVs rac-ing in the daylight hours and the cars and trucks getting the green flag at 3 p.m. That gave them about four laps of daylight, depending on their speed. The course was 30 miles long, but had originally been laid out as a 60 mile loop. Then the BLM for the area had stepped into the picture, and told the FRT that the course was o.k., but a 20 mile section of it would have to be designated as a "no passing" zone. Rather than inflict that on his racers, Fud shortened the course to 30 miles and doubled the number of laps, in order to keep the race at 240 miles. The event started and finished on the dry lake off of Wheeler Road in the neighborhood of the Plaster City Off Highway Vehicle area. The weather was, as is usual for this time of the year, warm and sunny with moderate breezes to blow the dust away until just about sunset. Then the wind stopped and the dust hung and the racers were blind as thl!y headed west into the sun's glare. Fud reported that he'd used up 600 stakes with re-flective stickers on them to mark his course, but by the time the cars and trucks were floundering around at night some of the stakes had been run over by the bikes and quads, so new-comers to the area, or those unused to racing at night, found some sections of the trail tough to follow in the dusty haze. The Class 10 cars were first off the line, and Chris Harrold in his Honda V-Tech propelled Jimco set a blister-ing pace, recording a 29: 10 minute lap on his second time around, which put him not only in charge of Class 10, but in the overall lead as well. Dewey Belew ran second in his Raceco, but was destined to complete only two laps. Harrold completed four laps, still in the overall lead, and then Kevin Basore got in to finish off the day. But after two laps he limped in, one gear . missing, and the motor on the un-healthy side also. Their day was fin-ished. Meanwhile, in the Unlimited Class, Reuben Wood was pushing hard with his Type IV powered, 2900cc Jimco. He had the class lead, followed by Josh Waddell driving his new Chenowth Millennium, beauti-fully done up in red, white and blue, and powered by a Honda NSX motor. Tom Watson and Darren Hardesty struggled through the dust in their Jimco to take the win in the 1/2-1600 class. This was the first race for the car, and it seemed probable that Waddell would need a little time to get used to it. In third was Brent Miller, in a Raceco, with a 2800cc Type IV mo-tor. Chuck Hovey, usually the favor-ite in this group, didn't start,, He'd blown a piston in testing and hadn't been able to get a replacement in time to get the car fixed. Also running in his class was Robert Wagner in his Chevy powered Ford truck, sporting a new red and white paint job, and Todd Stemmerman, new to the sport, in a Class 5 car with a 2180cc VW motor. He had no other Class 5 cars to run with and had elected to try his luck in the Unlimited Class. They stayed in that order through the daylight laps, and then Wood, who doesn't see as well as he'd like at night, put his co-driver, Randy Miller, in to drive the final four laps. Miller, usually a Class 10 driver, hadn't ever driven Wood's car before this. Reu-ben, as he watched the remaining few ·1aps, was a man ciHew worcis;he.kept saying, "Man, that Honda goes fast!", referring to Harrold and Basore as they flew around the circuit . ; Randy Miller kept Wood's car in front, and Waddell stayed in second place, with Miller in third. But Wad-dell went missing after the sixth lap, and limped in much later, showing signs of serious transmission trouble. Wagner, who'd got out of his car af-ter two laps because his back was hurt-ing, had let Tim Lawrence drive the next four, and then, feeling better, got in to do the final two loops. Stemmerman made only two laps in his~ug, and never came around again to report what happened. Wood and Miller on the other hand, had a flawless day, a first for Wood who's led many times at the FRT races, but regularly had transmis-sion problems that put him out. This time nothing went wrong and they took the win, finishing an hour in front of Miller, who had been much closer until he ran out of gas. His pas-senger had to jog about a half mile back up the course, where he found some sympathetic spectators who not only had some gas they could donate, but gave him a ride back to the race car. Wagner and Lawrence actually finished third, but then a review of the check point records showed that they'd missed one of the checks a couple of times (easy to do in the dark), and that caused them to lose some laps. So Waddell got the third place with his six laps completed, and ·Wagner an·d-Lawrence ·droppe·d to fourth. The Class 8 Ford F-150 of Jody Mason was all by itself, but Jody likes to run for overall position, and he gave it a good try. Unfortunately, he broke a tie rod on the fifth lap, and that lost him about a half hour, dropping his time to fifth overall. In Class 100 Richard Burnworth pitted his single seat Chenowth pow-ered by a 2100cc VW motor against Dave Collier and Ed Fries who were running a thing nicknamed "The Chris Harrold and Kevin Basore had a good race going in their Class Josh Waddell debuted his beautiful new Chenowth Millennium, but Steve Laputz spent his first half-hour changing a stub axle, but then 1 o Jimco, but mechanical woes put them out. was sidelined with "new car gremlins.•, moved along fast enough to take second in class. Jody Mason had to repair a tie rod, but still managed a nice finish in The Chevy powered "Beast", resurrected from the past, gave Dave Robert Wagner and Tim Lawrence had a great day in their newly his Ford 150. Collier and Ed Fries a good ride as long as it lasted. painted Chevy/Ford, but missed a check, and got themselves demoted. Page so January 1999 Dusty Times

Page 51

Steve Lawrence had brake problems in his Ford, but still took the win handily in the Small Truck division. Brent Miller ran near the front in his Raceco, but ran out of gas on the last lap and lost some time finding a supply. Newcomer to the sport, Todd Stemmerman, gave it a good try, but his Baja Bug didn't make it to the finish. Beast". It was a four wheel drive car, powered by a 350 c.i. Chevy motor. It's not new - years ago Dave Quill, who built it, ran it in Class 4 occa-sionally. Collier and Fries had lost the motor, so had popped for a new/used $400 power plant, and were out to have a good time, running in Class . 100 as a Sportsman entry. All did not go well with them, unfortunately, and they managed only three long laps before disappearing into the night. Burnworth did all his laps, zinging along at a good pace, and his only problem turned out to be a misjudg-ment regarding how much gas he'd need. He rari out on the last lap, and lost about 20 minutes. He'd also bro-ken a rotor on the third lap, and lost ten minutes waiting for his crew to bring him a new one. But he did get himself a nice finish, anyway. The 1/2-1600 Class had the big-gest group, but most of them had trouble getting to the checkered flag. Tom Watson went into the lead right away in his Jimco, while Steve Laputz got about a mile into the race in his Chenowth and broke a stub axle. He lost a whole lap making the repair. In the meantime, Keith Hovley ran sec-ond, while Adam Pfankuch and Rick St. John were third in their bright yel-low Kernco. They held those positions through the second lap, but on lap 3 Watson Telliard. Steingraber and Grill had a had a flat and Hovleymoved into the big cushion after the second lap be-lead'while Watson dropped to second. cause the Andrus/[ elliard team lost Watsonwasbackinfrontagainonthe about 25 minutes with a problem. fourth lap, and Hovley was back in That put Frank Bongiovanni and second place, while Steve Reynolds Tom Sullivan into second place in and Steve Mamer came up to third in their handsome car, but then they their Bunderson. Pfankuch and St. didn't get any more laps done. That John were gone after their third lap. left Grill and Steingraber to duel with Watson put Darren Hardesty into Andrus and Telliard. his car for the second half of the race, Steingraber and Grill had a bad and Hardesty found things very dusty. moment on the third lap when every-There were some miles of the course thing quit. They quickly discovered that he never-saw. Still, he held onto that the battery cable had broken. the lead, and they had 11 minutes on They got the car started again, and Hovley by the end oflap 5. Laputz had when they got back around to their worked his way up to third place. By pit they had to stop for permanent the end of the sixth lap it was Hardesty repairs. But they didn't lose their lead and Laputz, and now Ryan Wheeler, because Andrus and Telliard had evi-.who'd started almost a half hour late dently had problems that took even (his tow vehicle had broken down on more time. Steingraber and Grill the way to the race) was third, but he moved steadily on, to take the win'. was having some long laps, and later Behind them the Andrus and Telliard reported problems with his fuel pump, car struggled through an over two his carburetor and flat tires. hour lap and then didn't make an-By the end of the seventh lap only other, but got second place for their the Watson/Hardesty car and the troubles. Laputz car were still running. Watson In the small truck classes it was a and · Hardesty got the win, and also duel between Steve Lawrence in his placed second overall, while Laputz yellow and orange flamed Ford and was second, an hour later. James Frederick and Jason Fitzgerald Inthe5-1600stheteamofJimGrill in their Toyota. It was a short-lived and T any Steingraber moved into the duel, because the Toyota lasted only front right away, with a nine minute one lap and left the playing field to lead on Chris Andrus and Chris Lawrence. He did five laps and then, faced with brake problems and the re-great access for pit crews, so no one alization that no one else in his class got left sitting out in the cold dark was still running, he decided to park night. the truck, secure in his first place. The FR T now has a two month There was just one Class 9 car, and respite while they get ready for the Eric Allen opted to drive in the Sports-season ending, year ending man Class and have some fun. But his Dunaway Dash, which happens on fun was short lived, as he completed New Year's Eve. It's always a great only three laps, and then never came race, partly because the southern around again. low desert is beautiful in January, While the racing wasn't officially and partly because immediately af-over until about midnight, it was all ter the race it's party time. It's a done, and everyone was accounted great way to ring out the old and for by about 10 p.m. The course had ring in the new! ■ J)m Grill and Tony Steingraber teamed in their high-flying Baja Bug to take the 5-1600 win. No Entry Fee-$5,000 Purse-Easy Maintenance-Low Operating cost- Close Competition ~ match Vour Competition Rt: -Da--auc· ne Cajon Speedway Havasu Speedway Las Vegas Motorspeedway "The most fun I ever had." -Ron Hornaday Jr.· • 25 Race Schedule • The Fastest Growing Series • Highest Quality, Construction and Components Los Angeles Grand Prix Madera Speedway Mesa Marin Raceway Perris Auto Speedway Stockton 99 Speedway. LYMPIC OATINGS ~CA. • Affordable -800-869-9712 : ,. ~ r~1 ,M~1 /jrranspros 889-22'1"1 "In 811m1mln11 A:::FWIDYNE/ CCMTJN0•5""""".,,,,., ,,.J,s!!lim!lliillli,., 11111 ~RFORMANCE -::INLAND EMPIRE=- 1:aPARTS.-.-.w DRIVE LINE SERVICE .JOE MacPHERSON ONTARIO, CALF. CHEVROLET 1-80().800-0109 ""'CIJl:m:i:lillllllpil"" IRYNlli,CA. 71-'l;;;>Q .. lil:NO I I I I I 41740 Enterprise Circle North• Temecula, CA 92590 • Phone (909) 699-Dusty Times January 1999 Page 51

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► J Ben Wald won the first heat and placed second in the second, to take Chad and Jarad Wilson lost track of the number of laps and nearly The action was hot 'n heavy in the Novice Class, and Eric Jenkins second in the final Pilot results. stopped too early, but still ended up Class 3 winners. who won Moto #2, ended up 3rd in the final standings. Patty Hayos and Todd Spicer finished second in the first Class 7 moto Garry Pinheiro had a win in the second moto in the Veteran's Class, Don German and his Jeep temporarily hold off Sam Berri in the Class in their Toyota; were third for the day. and that put him into second when the points were totaled. 1 race. Berri took first, German was third. VORRA • PRAIRIE CITY SVRA, SACRAMENTO, CA Fall· Fest Classic By Troy Robinson Photos:Chris Radbome In the closely fought Class 10 race, Rob Parsons came up winners in the final standings at VORRA 's Fall Fest. We've been trying for years to get the state to prep the race track for the events out here and they finally kicked in this year and have made a beautiful race track. The holes and bumps are gone, the edges have nice burms and for this race, jumps. Twice as many as be-fore, even though that still only brings the count up to four. But then practice came and the jumps were too big for the Class 1 cars? and the jumps were taken dPwn. And the race went on, on an "off road" track. With the previous race just two weeks prior, and the race prior to that just five weeks ago, there was still a strong field of 53 entries with Novice Class having the largest field having 11 cars. Registration, tech and happy hour practice Page 52 was held Saturday afternoon to allow the early birds track time and get the paperwork out of the way. With no rain in sight or be-hind us, dust was sure to be a problem. Earlier this year, the VORRA water truck blew a motor after preventative main-tenance was performed. And for this weekend the hired wa-ter truck was called off to an-other job. This all meant that very little water was to be put onto the track. Fortunately, one load of water was applied during intermission, as the driver was coaxed to come off his job for just a bit. This was appreciated as usual by the Novice Class who always gets water right before their second moto. Taking the first green of the day was the Novice Class. Tak-ing the holeshot from the front row was Ali Miller (96) fol-lowed by Eric Eberhart (82) driving a quite large for the class Ford two wheel drive truck. Making a charge from the back of the pack and mov-ing up were JeffVandersweep (86), Lenny McLean• (69) and Tina Robinson (1051). Vanderzweep caught up to Eberhart and it took him a couple of get around the truck but eventually the pass was made and he set charge on Miller who had built up quite a lead by now. McLean had the same troubles getting around the truck but made the pass on the same lap as Vanderzweep. By mid race Vanderzweep caught up to an passed Miller to take the lead for good. Miller January 1999 Forest Creasy, always a major contender in Class 9, won both motos this time, end up the winner for the day. stayed in second at the finish and McLean finished third. With just two laps to go Rob-inson was catching up to Eberhart but rolled and landed back on her wheels. She didn't lose a_position but on the next HOURS M-F 9:00 - 6:00 Sat. 10:00 - 3:00 lap went so slow through the same corner she missed a shift and handed fifth place over to Phil Sosna (11). In Moto 2 Erik Jenkins (77) jumped out to the early lead Continued on page 54 Daily UPS Visa and Mastercard We are happy to announce our new 800 toll free number. (800) 656-3376 . Use it to call and inquire about our "Quick Fix" IRS repair boots or our 11 gallon "Fast-Fill" dump cans. Both new products can save you race time. Race Sman-Be Safe "!03 Press Ln. #4 • Chula Vista, CA 91910 • (619) 691-9171 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Dusty Times

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WORKING TOW ARDS THE BETTERMENT OF THE SPORT Summit is a new experience! It is a movement made up of drivers, co-drivers and riders, pit support folks, team owners and e,reryone with an interest in the sport, all with one goal in mind, make things better for everyone involved in off road racing. Summit needs your help to accomplish the goals we have set forth and you can help by joining Summit and giving your support to our cause. Let us all work together for bigger and better races, more and better communications between the racer and the promoter, class rules that ar 1 fair for all cor:.cerned. Please fill out the membership form below and send it along to us (with your membership money) and become a member of Summit today! HAPPY NEW YEAR! MAY EVERYONE HAVE A MOST HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS· NEW YEAR AN RACING SEASON. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT ---------------------------------------------------------1 SUMMIT is an Offroad Racing Association open to anyone who loves the sport. Introductory annual membership I dues are: General Membership $25., and Race Car Owner/Driver Membership $50. New members will receive stickers and T-shirts. Name -------------------------~---Address _________________ City/State/Zip_-___________ _ Telephone: _____ Fax _____ E-Mail ____ _ Please check appropriate category: Race Car Owner__ Driver Pit Support __ Contingency Sponsor__ Manufacturer _ _ _ Other (please describe area of interest in the sport) ___________ TEE Shirt Size ------------------------------------------------------------P.O. Box 4645 Carson, CA 90746 888-698-7289

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..... -Dennis Dugan led all the way in one moto, but got stuck in traffic in Dennis Kordonowy took the win in Motor #1 in Class 10, fell back to Ron Foster put his rainbow hued Class 10 car into 2nd in the first the second. He ended up second in Class 1. 6th in the second, ended up second for the day. Class 1 0 moto, was 5th in the second, for a final tally of 3rd. from the front row. Marcia suits declared Ler1ny'M:-,-c'L_e_a_n-"Tr1hr'-e-y_w_e_r.,__e_fro'l'lo_w_e_d-r-c1l_o....,se7I-y7bry-.=====--============================, Watkins (40) gave chase the winner with a 3-3 moto Fred Calosso (777) and John followed by Vanderzweep, finish. Second place went to Manfroy (767). By lap 2, Man-McLean, and Eberhart. Ali Miller with a 2-5 moto fin-froy had gotten around both Vanderzweep got around ish, third place went to Erik Hayos/Spicer and Calosso. Watkins on lap 3 but then Jenkins with a 9-1 moto finish Manfroy had finally worked the dropped out with mechanical and fourth place went to bugs out of the truck, or as they troubles. This moved Watkins Marcia Watkins (40) with a 7- say, it still has bugs, just went back into second place. At the 2 moto finish. faster than the other trucks, finish line, Jenkins had a huge In Class 7, five trucks di<l and went on for the moto win. margin over second place battle and Patty Hayes and Hayos/Spicer finished second Watkins followed by McLean, Todd Spicer (769) jumped out and Calosso third. Eberhart and Miller. Final re-to the lead from the front row. In Moto 2 Gary Skipton *Custom Control Arms (Upper and Lower) *Custom Delrin Strut Frames *Dual Shock Kits • .• • · CUSTOM FABRICATION MIG AND TIG WELDING CNC PLASMA CUTTING TUBE BENDING SPHERICAL BEARINGS *ROD ENDS CRO-MO/STAINLES *MISALIGNMENT SPACERS ¾-1½ *UNIBALCUPS 1"-1½" *THREDED SLEEVES ¾ - 1 ¼ OCKS Page 54 (707) jumped to the lap 1 lead with Hayos/Spicer in second and Manfroy in third. It didn't take long again for Manfroy to jump out frent again though. · He went on to the unchal-lenged moto win and overall win for the day. Calosso crossed the line in second for second· overall also and Spicer/Hayos finished third for third overall. Ben Wald (34) led off the ~ix car pilot field from the front row. Clint Wolsey (7) gave chase from second followed by Tyler Mort 14). Bill Dorsey (88) eventuaif y passed Mort and moved into third place. Meanwhile out front, Wald held on to the moto win over Wolsey. Moto 2 was a different story with Clint Wolsey taking the lead on lap 1 and ~ald giving chase this time. Bill Dorsey worked his way up to third where, at the finish line, Wol-sey was the winner and Wald second. Overall results were th·e same too, Wolsey over Wald. Class 10 had seven cars line up and Dennis Kordonowy (1011) jumped out from the front row for the lead. He was followed by a four car freight train consisting of Ron Foster (1037), Troy Robinson (1051), Rob Parsons ( 10) and Kevin Lewis (1077). Those four battled bumper to bumper and the only pass made was Parsons getting around Robinson for third. · In Moto 2, Mike Haas (1023) took the holeshot but spun in the east turn collect-ing Robinson. The two un-tangled and had a drag race into the next turn and Robin-son was forced off the track los-ing three positions. Haas had the lead after lap 1 but lost it to Rob Parsons one lap later. Robinson held onto third until the last lap when the clutch pedal fell off and lost a position to Kevin Lewis. Moto results: Parsons, Haas, Lewis and Rob-inson. Overall results: Rob Par-sons first with 3-1 moto fin-ishes, Dennis Kordonowy sec-ond with 1-6 moto finishes, and Ron Foster third with 2-5 moto finishes. In Class 9, Forest Creasy January 1999 John Manfroy got his truck working right and took his first win, making it a two moto sweep in Class 7. (996) once again dominated the class with 1-1 moto fin-ishes. Al Hiatt (917) placed second finishing the motos 2-2. Heavy Metal had some en-tries this race combining Vets and Class 3, which totaled five cars. In Moto i Chad and jarad Wilson (320) went out into the lead from the start and never looked back. Don Sutton had a good moto going and finished in second place. Bruce Fields (58) tried to get by Sutton but couldn't make the pass and settled for third. Eric Eberhart (820) double up races and placed fourth. In Moto 2, Curt Wengeler (378) jumped into the lead for two laps then the Wilsons got by then Eberhart got by drop-ping Wengeler to third. Eberhart was catching Wilson but wasn't able to do it with-out help. That help came when Wilson came around after lap 6 and started to pull off the track like the race was over. When Eberhart went by, the race was back on. Wilson tried to make the pass but couldn't do it and once went to pull off the track, with one lap still re-maining. This time Eberhart was too far out for Wilson to catch and went on to the moto win. Overall results: Chad and Jarad Wilson first, Eric Eberhart second, Don Sutton third. Veteran Class had sefen cars line up and David Kordonowy (20) jumped out to the lead and never looked back in Moto 1 . Randy Miller (96) ran strong for second, but couldn't catch Kordonowy. Rob Parsons (10) worked his way up to third. Tom "Spitler (30) made a last lap charge to move up to fourth. In Moto 2, Garry Pinheiro (1029) went out front early and didn't give up the lead. Mean-while, Spitler was running sec-ond followed by Parsons, Miller, and Everett Paul (43). Spitler spun out in the east turn col-lecting Parsons, this let Miller and Paul by. Paul would be up to second by lap 4 and Spitler to fourth by lap 5, which is how they would finish around MiHer in secon~. Overall, Randy Miller was first, Garry Pinheiro second, t'.verett Paui third and David Kordonowy fourth. In Class 1, Moto 1, Dennis Dugan (168) powered out to the lead. Don German (104) was in second followed by Patrilk Tim-mons (239) and Sam Berri (149). German and Timmons would tangle at the half way point taking out Timmons: Berri tried and tried to pass German and eventually pulled it off on the last lap for second behind Dugan. In Moto 2, Berri was out front early and pulling a huge lead over Timmons, Dennis Kordonowy ( 1011), and Dugan who was stuck back in traffic. By the time Dugan got around Kordonowy and Timmons, there was one lap remaining and Berri was quarter of ·a lap out front. Dugan reeled in the distance quick but didn't have the time to set up a pass and settled for second. Overall standings had Sam Berri winner, Dennis Dugan second and Don and Chris German third. Once again my car was fi-nally back out on the track and it was a busy day getting the car ready for two classes. Having less than ten minutes to make changes in the car from the Novice Class to Class 10 like changing tires, removing the blocks from the pedals and after Moto 1, fix-ing the roof so it would work again, can make for a very busy pit. To top it all off, we had three other cars in out pit. I .would like to thank all of my pit crew for making this day happen and congratulate my teammates John and Billy Manfroy on their first Class 7 victory. ■ Dusty Times

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"The Straight Poop" from the Big Wahzoo BARSTOW 300 -Beautiful Halloween weather greeted the 89 entries Paul Duffy_ drew out to his latest MDR event. This one con-sisted of nine laps around a 32 mile loop, with a 10 hour time limit. Roy Moore, John Files, Peter Rosenstein, and Morgan Maiocco served as Pit Captains for this season ender. Un-expectedly it was a short day for all. Our three Checker cars DNFed early, releasing all the pitters to do whatever. Most stuck around to tell stories and talk about the upcoming run to La Paz. The Dillon's Class 10 car had engine problems early, some , flats and finally more engine trouble. Fred Nelson, in a close points battle, lost a cylinder in his big Ford early. A Checker pit got it raceable again on seven cylinders only to have it lose another one a lap later. And, Jeff Lothringer parked his Class 10 ride after a multitude of breakage. De-spite all our problems this race, there was one bright spot. The Nelson Racing T eain won their Class Points Championship by one point. Con-gratulations, Fred! This Wahzoo also wants to compliment MDR on an-other successful year as oudriendly local California High Desert pro-moter. Good job, Paul. OUR FLAG -At this MDR race · the Club experienced another an-noying 'flag problem'. About four or five pits up the course from Checker Main was an independent team with an unusually high radio mast and a big checkered flag flying up near the top. Before the end of the race an officer laced delegation was orga-nized (six Checkers hanging on a quad) and they motored up the road to resolve the problem. The gentle-men in this pit quickly recognized the confusion they were causing after it was explained to them, and 'gra-ciously lowered their flag. Thanks guys, the Checkers appreciate your cooperation. The Checkers make no exclusive claim on the checkered pattern ... except as our desert racin' pit flag. For 25 years, over 35 if ya count the bike Checkers, a checkered flag fly-ing high over our pits has always identified it as home for our pitters and sanctuary for our drivers. I would hope everybody can clearly under-stand why the Checkers take any trespass seriously when it comes to our flag. BAJA 1000 - Over 200 entries . started SCORE's 31st running of the legendary Baja 1000. Bikes, quads, buggies, trucks, and some other stuff all blasted off from Santo Tomas headed for La Paz, over a thousand miles south. The Checkers supported nine Checker cars and will take credit for one last minute race car whore. Our Club was once again able to provide Checker pit support all the way down the peninsula for our members. George Espino, Roy Moore, Dennis Crowley, Greg Hawks, Robert Harman, and Uncle Max & Vance served as Pit Captains for another great Checker adventure in Baja. . George Seeley was our best fin-isher with a second in Class 5. George had a shot at the leader on the run in, but his engine decided to take a dump only 30 miles from the finish. They eventually got it running again and salvaged their second place. Walter Prine~, running in the Dusty Times . open Sportsman Class, also grabbed a second place. It was a lengthy trip that included numerous minor re-pairs, a long pause to help an uncon-scious quad racer, lotsa stops to hand out candy canes, and various other sundry reasons for keepin' the pits open for what seemed like forever. Our hero also sewed up his hold on the Class Points Championship. Jeff Lothringer got a last minute call to drive a non-Checker 10 car. As the Club's premiere mop-up driver and race car whore of the year candidate, Jeff n·aturally got assigned to run the lower leg into La Paz. Bur this time, our roy got a car in pretty good shape and charged to the finish for a fine third in class and 35th overall. Good run, guys! Jim Greenway was in a 1/2-1600 car for the second half of this race and had a typically good run. Al-though our La Purisima pit did re-port a strange incident involving this normally heads up Checker. Seems Jim came out of the darkness into a row of pits on the edge of town. As his Checker buds watched from the far end of the pits, our boy first drove through another team's pit without stopping. Next he drove through a bike pit, and then continued on through his own Checker pit almost running over the pit signs. He even-tually came to a stop about a l 00' farther down the road next to a group of locals. Bullhorn finally jogged down there and scolded him, "Hey Greenway, if you want any gas from us you're gonna have to drive this thing back to the pit. It's that last one ya drove through." After the guys got him tuned back in and gassed up, Jim continued on to a fine fifth place finish in 1/2-1600. Dan Martin started in his 1/2-1600 car, turned it over to Frenchy for the middle section, then got back in for the final leg. Blain is Baja experi-enced, having won a previous 1000 race, but Martin and his car were newcomers to the magnitude of this event. But both Dan and his car q'uickly got a proper initiation. Our Club Secretary had numerous flats, rolled his buggy after getting run off the course buy an 8 truck, got stuck in the silt repeatedly, almost lost his car in the darkness, ran out of gas, etc., etc. But, this old dude/new guy team pushed on like good Checkers and earned a respectable tenth place finish out of 20 cars. Stuart Chase started in Koch's open car and promptly had a front rim split apart, which quickly screwed up some other stuff. Then there was some lengthy downtime in the silt beds. Tom took over at the halfway point, and he also spent a period of time in the silt. The team finally pulled into La Paz 11th in Class 1. Good show, Guys. Four of our cars failed to finish. Mike Bartolotti's 10 car ride had a series of coil failures and finally lost the engine about 100 miles out. Marty Seefried and Jimmy Hook had early engine trouble in Marty's 1/2-1600. They got it running again, but then lost it for good about the half-way point. Some guys from Chicago with a Class 3 vehicle took advan-tage of one of our Club's little known pit rules: "Stick a Checker in your car and you too can get Checker pit support." Greg Hewlin got the call and was later seen driving one of their chase trucks down Highway 1, a lowered Suburban. The team's 4x4 racer had engine trouble early and went out at the 120 mile mark. Ri-chard Young's open Sportsman Buggy also went out with engine troubles at that 120 mile mark, even getting some wrenchin' help from the Chicago guys. With the exception of Koch, there were no major problems reported by any of our members who ventured down to Mexico for this race. Nobody got shot or anything. RACE NOTES • If ya ever won-dered what happens to a buggy loaded up on top of a big utility chase truck when you roll it over at speed, just ask Koch about his pre-running trip. Awhile back, the Herbsts and the Checkers developed some lingering ill will after one of Reverend Roy's outlying pits was severely blasted by "Big Red's" down wash. This quickly turned into a cµrious confrontation between the Rev and the Herbst's chopper over basic pit etiquette. I recall this earlier incident because the Herbsts and the Reverend Roy crossed paths again down at this race. While on duty at his pit north of Punta Preita, the Rev watched with interest as the Herbst's Class 1 car rapidly stopped in for a moment at all the other pits in the area before coming by to visit the Checkers. "Hey guys, ya got a spare battery we can borrow?" hey quizzed the Rev, obviously not having the slightest idea who they were talkin' to, "Might have", responded Captain Moore. Digging around the Rev found his spare battery, all topped off with holy water, and handed it to the passen-ger. And off the truggy went. Ya know, sometimes it's a very small world out there in the dirt. The Rev figures he'll probably get his battery back while up in Vegas for the Re-union. Roy is pretty sure the Herbsts will be there. If for nothing else but to help keep an eye on their place, since they supposedly are part own-ers of the Gold Coast. But more likely, they'll be there to make sure Rev gets his battery back ... just in case he can actually taik to God. Over the years the Big W ahzoo has both supported and chewed on the Weatherman over various issues. Sadly this is gonna be some of the latter. (Note: I'm not speaking for all the Checkers here, as there are a · number of our members who feel the Weatherman is way too important to publicly criticize when he screws up. Thankfully most don't.) Instruc-tions like the following were broad-cast out over the air waves a num-ber of times during the race to those seeking info on their car: "There will be no status reports now, maybe later. BUT ... if you're a "Preferred Cus-tomer", like in someone who bought their radio from me and regularly has it serviced by me, then you can simply click over to channel 6 and I'll find your car." I'm paraphrasing a little here, but that's basically what his announcement said. hey Bob, this is not cool! Think twice before ya go down this road. Any movement to-wards answering radiq calls accord-ing to how much money a guy spends at your store will surely be met with resistance from all segments. You're getting too close to becoming a leg-end in our sport to screw it up like that. Greenway, Martin, Frenchy, Seefried, and Hook now have an-other thing in common besides all being 1/2-1600 drivers. At this race they all got beat by a chick! In fact, a good lookin' blonde, who won their class. I bring this embarrassment up to soften the blow of some even worse news. Recently our brother bike Checkers actually voted a girl into the Checkers MC. Wow, just when ya think you've seen it all. She is also a blonde, and reportedly just as fast as she is pretty. As much as it pains me, the Wahzoo has to con-gratulate both of these ladies on their significant firsts in our macho-male January 1999 dominated sport of desert racin'. Hey guys; I guess that makes us car Checkers the only true pecker Checkers left. 25th REUNION -The Big Wah-zoo admits that I've treated you non-Checker readers out there badly in this column. I've often used terms like co-driver, car owner, infidel, jerk and other bland generic terms to identify my fellow off roaders when your only crime is that of not being a Checker. I'm sorry if I've hurt anybody's feelings over the years, but my duties as the Minister of Propa-ganda is clear and they don't include you. Now I know, with that kinda one way attitude, asking a favor from you non-Checker folks might be stretchin' it a bit. But hey, it's Christ-mas time and the ol' Wahzoo needs your help. The Checkers have men miss-ing!!! Some have been lost out there for far too long banging around-in their own particular space. Others may have been gobbled up by the rat race or some evil woman. Our jus-tice system has surely snagged a few. But, no matter what their reason for losin' touch, the Club needs to quickly find these escapees and drag 'em to the party kickin' and screamin' if need be. Below is a list This is the ~ystem run by most off road race winners GO FOR. of missing Checkers who have some-how eluded our extensive search. If you know the whereabouts of any of these men, or even a clue as to what town they may be living in now, please call Uncle Max or his machine at (213) 254-1531 and let us know. MISSING CHECKERS: Mark Adent, George Alderman, Don and Damon Arnett, Don Bohannan, Lonnie Boozell, Doc Brice, Bill Brockman, George Brosuman, Den-nis Butow, Pete Colbert, Dick Collre, Bernie Coyne, Ray Haley, Russ Harman, Nick Hanneman, Ralph Herman, Dan Hicks, Scott Hinkle, Lloyd and Chet Hoffman,Jon Kishi, Fritz Koyer, David Kreisler, Louie Lima, Larry Manoey, Rick Criver, Greg Dahms, Don Dalby, Andy Davis, Bob Fields, Rob Gabbert, Bob Geegg, David Gill, Ray Gilmore, Jim Gregory, Matt Hagerman, Mike McCoy, Kevin Merrill, Rick Mitchell, Steve Mudra, Tevon Murachanion, Chuck Nelson, Rick Nelson, Mike Nonemaker, Osker Olds, Mike Pappas, Lenny Payton, Paul Wheeler, Richard Wheyrich, David.Winckler, Ed Wuytack, Vic .Ziegler, Scott Zimmerman, Ray Loiselle, Jim Ouirk, Steve Rahrnn, Tony Selskie, Don Shapen, Bill Continued on page 56 TRI-MIL BOBCAT QIROME 1984-91 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER 13220 HALLOALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 55 ..I

Page 56

, Shiro, Tom Siftoh, Louie Silvas, Terry Smith, Ron Stebles, Jeff Strait, Theo Struyck, Al Symonds, Martin Tajars, Joe Turaseed, Bob Vanegas, Enzo Villavisencio, Don Waffle, George Wall, John Walsh, Chris Warner and Dan West. Thanks for any help you can give us, and we'll see ya at the Gold Coast on Febru-ary 6th. AND FINALLY - This is one desert racer who clearly recognizes the importance of the Baja 1000 to our sport. It's far and away our head-line event, the acknowledged Holy Grail of desert racin'. A truly inter-national motor sports event recog-nized worldwide as the definition of Off Road Racing. And even SCORE's critics gotta give them credit for their stability while hav-ing custody of this special race. The fact that SCORE has managed to keep this legendary race alive and well for so many years has benefited us all. To simply race in it has always been a true adventure. So, this Wah-zoo feels it's only fair to give the devil his due, if for nothing else but this impressive and uninterrupted streak of Baja 1000 races. Thanks for the memories, Sal. Let's hope you guys can put on 31 more! ■ Challenger corner By Joel Mohr One way to find out if anyone is reading your column is to make a mistake Jeeeeeeezzzz! The day Dusty Times hit the mail box, the phone started ringing. Last month I re-ported that front end adjusters were not allowed. Front end adjusters are allowed, and I guess there are some people reading this. Thanks to ev-eryone that called to straighten me out. Now on to race results. RACE RESULTS! MDR BAR-STOW 300: With 11 starters, the last of the six '98 MDR races proved to be just as exciting as the first. The way the points laid out going in, if the Johnsons finished, they would win the championship. If I finished and the Johnsons DNFed, I would win the championship. It didn't mat-ter in what position, just that out of the two of us, whoever finished, one of us would win the whole ball of wax. Well, it started out the way it had almost all season, with the Johnsons leading after two laps, and after I had a flat eight miles off the start, I had to try and chase them down. Max Hanberg broke an axle on lap 2 . . Rob and Duane Walters were running well but broke a tierod on lap 4. I got within seven minutes of the lead, but had to stop for fuel at Fair pit C on lap 6. When I stopped, one of the pit workers told me he heard that the Johnsons had stopped at their main pit with clutch problems. The glimmer of hope soon faded, as I had to stop for an indis-tinguishable clunk coming from the back of my car on lap 8. A loose air cleaner bolt was all they could find, and at this point I decided to con-centrate on finishing. I made it around the last lap, only to see the Johnsons already sitting in post r11ce tech. And that's the way the year ended, with the Johnsons winning another race, and the championship. I finished second in the race, and second in the points. Rob and his brother Duane finished third for the day, and I really feel these guys are going to be tough in '99. Harry Dunne soldiered in for a fourth pla~e for the day, and due to his undying perseverance, finished third in the year end points. Congrats to all, and especially the Johnsons who won all six races and the overall points championship as well. The SNORE RESERVE 250: 13 challengers started the last race of '98 and the championship was a tight battle with Ryan Schank only a few points ahead of Mark Bunder-son. Not just in the class, but, for the overall points championship. If you don't know already, SNORE has a brand new 1/2-1600 Bunderson to give away. (Them's some pretty high stakes!) Ryan had to finish third or better if Mark won, and I couldn't stand the suspense, so I went out to the rc}.ce to handle a check point and to see how the cards were going to fall. Ryan was going to have to drive this one solo because Roland Barry was on a Cruise to the BcJ.hamas that he had booked a year earlier. On the first of five 3 5 mile loops, Schank was leading but by less than a minute. Bunderson was second, Eric Schenberger third, Matt Cunning-ham fourth, Todd Dukes fifth, Bill A very sixth, then Tim Dixon, Terry Vandawalker, Kenny Thatcher, Tom T allaferro, Mandy Dixon, Al ·✓ ULTRASONIC CLEANING ✓ CNC MILLING & 011 Coolers / Radlato~ TURNING Blocks / Lines / Fittings ✓ PRODUCTION & Assembled Components PROTOTYPE ✓ TESTING SERVICES ·✓ CAD/CAM Magnetic Particle PROGRAMMING (Magnaflux / Myglo) Liquid Penetrant ✓ REVERSE (Dye Penetrant / Zyglo) ENGINEERING Ultrasonic X-Ray ✓ EDM MACHINING 3043 Oak St, Santa Ana, CA 92707 Ph 714-957-1215 Fx 714-957-1567 CRITICAL &mail: WBUNN@CRITICAL-OP.COM FAA ReparS1ation #WB7R288J Page 56 Rux, and Terri Larson making it all 13 cars getting around. On lap 2, Bunderson took the lead when Schank made his gas stop. Shenberger stayed in third and was the only other car that could keep up the pace, but, unfortunately broke an axle on lap 3. On lap 4, the car count dropped to nine, with Bund-erson still leading after Schank had an off track excursion on his third lap. After a ten car passed him, Ryan was trying to find his way through the dust and drove off a small cliff and stalled the car. He was lucky enough to get it bump started, and was back on his way. In third now was Bill Avery who was probably having fun picking off cars one by one. Todd Dukes worked his way up to fourth, with Tim Dixon fifth, Terry Vandawalker, Kenny Thatcher, Al Rux, and Mandy Dixon bringing up the rear. On lap 5, Schank pulled off fast lap in an attempt to catch Bunderson, but, came up a little over a minute short. Bunderson won the race but lost the war, with Schank finishing second, he took the championship. Bill Avery finished third, Todd Dukes was fourth, Terry Vandawalker fifth, Tim Dixon sixth, Kenny Thatcher seventh, and Al Rux eighth. Not a bad finish ratio, keep it up people! I wonder what Schank and Barry are going to do with that 1600? The SCORE BAJA 1000: 13 Class 9s took the green flag just south of Ensenada for what was to be one hell of a long day. 1060 miles one way to La Paz. OUCH! Mike Shatynski competed and took some notes for me so I could pass along all of the craziness that goes along with trying to run a 1000+ miles in Mexico. Mike enlisted the help of the Johnson brothers to try and stack the odds in his favor, and it seemed to work for most of the race. Scott Johnson started, and drove the first 250 miles putting the team in the · lead.Todd Johnson jumped in next, for roughly the next 280 miles, stay-ing out front with a small lead over Pancho Bio. Brian Hanson (Mike's brother-in-law) drove the next 200, then handed the car, and the lead, over to Mike. Mike stretched the lead out to about 1/2 hour, but with about 40 miles left to go the car started running poorly. Mike stopped several times to try and find the prob-lem but nothing seemed to help. With 12 miles to go, Bio passed Shatynski and went on to take the win by just six minutes. In third was Eric Fisher, fourth was Adolfo Aram-bula, fifth was Martin Christensen, Daniel Mora was sixth, Ed McLddddddean was seventh, and Gary Pettis was the last of the fin-ishers. Eight finishers out of 13 start-ers is better than most shorter races. I'm sure the intimidating mileage must have put everyone in triple check mode. Congrats to all that fin-ished, you should feel very proud to have conquered Baja. Also Congrats to Martin Christensen on his SCORE championship. THE RUMOR MILL: The Johnsons sold their car to a guy from VEGAS, and he told them he would be running it in SNORE next year. (Look out!) Paul Moen sold his trusty Chenowth to a couple that are going to keep it at their house in Havasu. Rob and Duane Walters will be running a full season at MDR as well as myself. It sounds like a pretty good sized group will be out there. I heard of three new teams that are going to be giving it a whirl. Max Hanberg also sold his car, and tht: guy that bought it will be racing MDR. Maybe we can break the January 1999 MDR Class 9 entry record of 13? I'd love to see it. I have received several calls from challenger owners who would like to compare notes and learn whatever they can to improve themselves and their cars. So, in an attempt to gather together the most information in one place as possible, I thought.that a day at a test area would help anyone that would like to help or learn in any way they could. On Sunday, January 10th, at the Hodge exit off of Inter-state 15, near Barstow, I'll have my new car out for testing and to give rides to anyone int~rested. Anyone interested in bringing their cars or clipboards are invited to come. This is not a race! If for nothing else, come on out and meet some of your pos-sible competitors. Or bench race with your old ones. See you there or at the next race!!! HAPPY HOLI-DAYS! ■ MAG7 Race Team By Stephen T. Stenberg, President Hello again everyone. Well the 1998 Baj a 1000 is now just a memory as is the whole racing season. Now with the holidays upon us, it's time to reflect and give thanks to those who helped us provide pit support throughout the season and those · who raced with Mag 7 Race T earn as well. To start with, I'd like to thank all of the Mag 7 Pit Captains for the 1998 race season. A mighty "Mag 7 Thank You" goes out to Mike and Terry Wickersham, Mark Cranmore, Wayne and Debbie Newell, Shawn and Terri Wells,Jerry McMurry, Tim Barlow, Steve and Cindy Meyers, Larry Bridgewater, John Venters and Bill (Krash) Kruckmeyer. To you guys and gals I tip my hat for a job well done. You gave our racers 110% every race and I'm honored to be a part of the Mag 7 T earn with such talented people. To all of your valuable pit crew helpers, I also say thank you, for without your help and dedication Mag 7 wouldn't exist either. In no certain order some of them are, my wife Melinda Stenberg, my son Michael Stenberg, Ed Johnson, Reggie Powell, John Graham, Bob Bryson, Thomas Leatherman, Carla June (Go Neb.) , Eric Williams and crew, Stuart Klein and crew (San Juanico Mag 7 Pit 14, "Fresh Cof-fee"), Hugh McLean, Brent and Barbra Hardy, Jim and Charlene Kelly, Gene, Roger, Johnny, Jeff and his Dad, Allyson and Megan Wickersham, Heather Kruckmeyer, Todd Warner,JohnSanford, and to countless others whose names I don't know, but who are just as important to Mag 7's racing effort. The Baja 1000 to La Paz is so much different than the loop 1,000s. Planning starts ten months before the race, back in February for this one race. My Race Directors, Wayne and Debbie Newell were outstand-ing in the effort they put forth. Deb-bie Newell especially stood out for all the calls she made, faxes sent out around the world and all the little things that she brought together into one neat package. I am very thank-ful that she is with Mag 7 Race T earn and I want to tell her this now. Also Mark Cranmore laid out the pit lo-cations and contacted the Pit Cap-tains as well. Eric Williams coordi-nated with RLH Communications to make sure that our radios and an-tennas were in tip top shape for this race. He also donated several FM's when the chips were down. Great Job Eric! Any Pima got all of our equip-ment in order and made sure every-thing was packed in our Mag 7 Pit boxes. Andy is a President's dream come true. A guy whom you ask to find something, and he either locates it or makes it himself. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to Mag 7 this year Andy! (His company Pa-cific Rim Mechanical provides us with a meeting hall each month for our meetings.) Mike Wickersham handles T-shirts and stickers and performed a great job again this year. The shirts looked great this year Mike. And last but not least, Terry Walsh, our T rea-surer. He has balanced the check-book all year for me, keeping Mag 7 in the black all season. Thanks allot Terry for a job well done. I also wish to thank our sponsors at this time. They are Bill Enderly of SKS Valvoline, Todd from Cycle Parts West, Joey Krys from JobSite Supply Co., Red, Jeff and Greg Nel-son from Ready Arc Welding and Andy Pina from Pacific Rim Me-chanical. These companies are. all located in San Diego, Ca. Also I wish to thank Alfredo Munoz of Union 76, Baja California, for all his help and assistance in securing fuel for the Baja 1000. At this point I wish to thank Ron Bishop and his Baja Pits Motorcycle T earn for helping Mag 7 pit the Baja 1000. His Pit Captains are as follows, Dan Cornett, Jim Hjalmarson, Don McDaniels, Di<lk Hansen, Greg Reynolds, Charlie Mort, Daryl Metzorella, Pete Springer, Gary Key and Gary Zent, Bob Henderson and last, but not least John Funderburk. Thanks goes out to all of you guys and your crews. Even though Ron himself DNF'd for only the second time since he started racing the Baja 1000 (he raced it frrst in -1967 and every year since), I am grateful to his team for helping Mag 7 provide bike pits every 50 miles along with our normal vehicle pits every 100 miles. Thanks again Ron! Now its on to how Mag 7 racers did in this year's Baja 1000. Mag 7 Race T earn pitted 16 motorcycles, three quads and four vehicles (two trucks and two buggies). Of those, ten motorcycles, two quads, a truck and a buggy finished the race within the allotted time allowed. Here's how the finishers did. In Class 7 Pro, #701 Alejandro Abano and John Anderson took third in class. In Class Pro SCORE Lites, #1207 Micky Quade and Jay Manning took third in class. In Class 22 Pro, #9x Hisahide Uneo, #6x Yoshiaki Isomura and #5x Tomoki Hayashi took fifth, sixth and seventh place in class. In Class 25 Pro, Frenchman #7a Luc-Michel Falchaud, riding a stock Honda 400 took fourth in class. In'Class 30 Pro, #304x Takayo Kawamoto took sixth in class. In Class 40 Pro, #403x Gary Tepner and #449x Chris Haines took 1-2 respectively in class. In Class MU Sportsman under 250cc, #202x John McGovern took second in class. In Class MO Sportsman over 250cc, #255x Tado Ikeda, #260x Jack Montgomery, #253x Koichi Takei took fourth, fifth and sixth in class. In A TV Sportsman class, #99a Mike Penland, riding a Yamaha 600 from George took first place in class. Con-gratulations to all of you who finished this tough race. And for those Mag 7 entries that didn't finish, better • luck in next year's racing season (1999) •. Every year now, for the last four years, Mag 7 Race Team in conjunc-Dusty Times

Page 57

r tion with SCORE and John Becker, presents the "Bruce Cranmore Mag 7 Baja Spirit Award" to a deserving privateer in one of the "VW" pow-ered classes. This award is for the best overall performance shown dur-ing the past racing season. The win-ner each year receives a plaque, a paid entry to a score event and free pit service by Mag 7 Race Team (ex-cluding fuel and parts) at the Baja 500 this year. The first award given four years ago went to Carlos Uribe. The second award went to Ed McLean. The third award went to Enrique Negrete. And now we are up to the fourth award. This year both Mag 7 and SCORE are break-ing tradition and awarding it to someone else. Both Sal and Paul Fish and myself believe that this person deserves this award because of the huge humanitarian effort he made at this year's Baja 1000 race. The story goes something like this. Thursday night (race night) an urgent radio call came out from Mag 7 Pit # 13 out on the coast at Rancho Cuarenta, at race mile 650. This pit is manned by Daryl Metzorella, one of Ron Bishop's Baja Pits Motorcycle crews. They had a downed Mag 7 bike rider there who had a serious head injury. They couldn't stop the bleeding from his head wound. A doctor and a Life Flight were re-quested, but since it was night, the helicopter couldn't fly until day light. At Checkpoint 5 in San Ignacio, 66 miles to the north, back up the course, a call was made by the Weatherman for anybody in the area with a pre-runner or race truck to report to Checkpoint 5 to assist a doctor getting out there. Hearing this call over the radio, Dusty Times this racer, whose own car was out of the race due to tranny problems, volunteered his four seat pre-runner to take the doctor out to the downed rider. So he unloaded his pre-runner and with the doctor headed down course at race speeds to aid the racer. On the way there he suffered a right rear flat tire. He jumped out of the car and changed it himself, then con-tinued going. Once there at the pit, he assisted the doctor in helping the rider and stopping his bleeding. On the way back to San Ignacio the next morning (after staying out there all night), he stopped by my pit and we chatted. When asked about the whole thing, this guy's answer was "no big deal here. I head my pre-run-ner and this guy (rider) needed help", end of the story. So it is because of this unselfish act to help save another racer (and a Mag 7 racer as well) who was badly hurt, that we nominated this racer with th,e Bruce Cranmore Mag 7 Baja Spirit Award for 1999. The racer in question you ask? His name is George Erl. Long time Baja Pits member Carlos Uribe was asked to represent Mag 7 at the banquet by Phil Breedlove, former President of Mag 7. Carlos agreed right away. The proof that Mag 7 is interested in more than money is shown by this single action. Mag 7 is about racers and has always been so. Otherwise we wouldn't have been around for as long as we have, racing in Baja. Since 1969, Mag 7 has raced and pitted in Baja racing. That's through the highs and lows of racing. And for Mag 7 Race T earn to have Carlos Uribe as a representative to give this award to George Erl, means more to us than all the money in the world. It means someone who races hard, who is dedicated to the sport and who likes to finish and win when he or she can. That's what it means to be with Mag 7 Race Team. So con-gratulations again to George Erl, for winning the Bruce Cranmore Mag 7 Baja Spirit Award for 1999. And thank you Carlos Uribe for repre-senting Mag 7 Race Team at the awards dinner. And now Mag 7 Race T earn heads into 1999 full of vigor and hope for a good race season. Our first race will be the San Felipe 250 in March. Race Apps. will be going out at the beginning of February. As al-ways you can reach us at our Mag 7 web site, or by e-mailing me directly at Our informa-tion phone line is (619) 582-3728 and you can leave a message for us there too. I'll talk about pit adven-tures in the next issue of Dusty Times. So have a safe holiday, relax and Mag 7 Race T earn will see you next year in 1999. Oh and a special note to "Race Ready" in Chula Vista. Thanks for joining Mag 7 at the bor-der on your way to Ensenada the day before the race. We always love the company. To everyone else, see you in the desert for Xmas or in Baja next year. Adios from Team Baja. ■ C.O.R.E. Pit Report By Sandy Parker MDR Barstow 200 - Tom and Mike Malloy were the only CORE team in class point contention that ran the year ending MDR race. Mike started and drove the first half of the race. Headed towards the front of the pack, Mike was attempting to pass a slow Class 8 truck who pinched him off causing him to loop the car on its side. Mike climbed out and attempted to, but was unable to push it over by himself. Mike noticed some spectators a few miles away so he ran to get some help. The specta-tor was willing to assist Mike in right-ing the car but objected to Mike's constant request to RUN back to the car. Mike said that was the slowest and longest WALK of his life but did want to thank the guy for his assis-tance. Midway through the race, Mike handed the car over to his dad, Tom and as usual Tom was taking no prisoners making their single seat 1600 fly. Tom made up a bit over 12 minutes and was closing on first place when he landed on a huge rock which smashed the skid plate up into the transmission breaking the case. It didn't take long for all the fluid to drain out and lock up the transmis-sion ending their race. MDR Year End Points Awards -The team of Tom and Mike Mal-loy with Mike being the Driver of Record ended up with second in points in the 1/2-1600. They walked away with a nice $600 check and I hear a very attractive trophy. Not a bad finish considering the team had to miss a race due to a conflict with Mike's college schedule. Congratu-lations!! NEW Members and Prospec-tive Member - Mike Lorenzi and Valerie Carmean were qualified to be voted in CORE members. The only opposition to the new members was from myself since Mike inadvert-ently (?) nerfed a challenger in the last SNORE race. Everybody, includ-ing myself unanimously and enthu-siastically voted them into our rac-ing family. A perspective new member at-tended our November general meet-ing looking for a pit support club. Kent Fagemess who drives a Class 11 car primarily in MDR events, came for a visit and met many of the club members. We would enjoy pit-ting for your team in the future if you decide to join CORE Pit Support Club. C.O.R.E. Yearly Election Re-sults -The election results are in and here are the 1999 CORE board members; President-Brad Inch, Vice President-Sandy Parker, Race Direc-tor-Mike duBois, Assistant Race Di-rector-Jim Wagner, Treasurer-Gloria McGillivray, Secretary-Hilly Smith, Sergeant at Arms-Mike Lorenzi, Drivers Representatives-Kevin McGillivray and Mike Malloy. There was a tie for the position of Drivers Representatives between Tom and Mike Malloy that was settled by a arm wrestling match. Mike must have wanted the position very badly since he almost ripped his dad's arm off. Misunderstanding and Misin-terpretations - I have been made aware of the fact that several indi-viduals interpreted one of my past race descriptions as being critical to another pit support organization. The organization's name is withheld to avoid further damage. Actually, I felt the article I wrote was comple-mentary of the excellent and profes-sional work they provide to the rac-ers they pit for. The lengthy pit stop Continued on page 58 -Bottom Rt Column 585 3 days / 2 Nights Accommodations Dinner for Two in Jane's Grill Two Breakfast Buffets per person* Code: DC2N Two Drinks in Tarzan's Lounge Two SCORE T-Shirts Two Days of SCORE Tickets (4 total) for Sat. l/23 and Sun. 1124 4 days I 3 Nigh Ls Accommodations Dinner for Two in Jane's Grill Four Break fast Buffets Four Drinks in Tarzan's Lounge Two SCORE T-Shi rts Three Days of SCORE Tickets (6 totaD for Thurs. 1121. Sat. l/23 and Sun. 1124 l I II I Ht. rt I I th s125 per person* Code: DC3N F r reservations c I ·800-950·7700 r 1 ·702-298-7222 w *Package rotes ore per person, based on d~ub\e occupancy, do not include tux and ore based on ovoilobility. Package inclusions ore per room. Single person and odditioool night rotes available. Advance reservations required. Must be 21. TARZAN'S owned by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS, INC ood used by perm~~on. January 1999 Page 57

Page 58

Happenings Continued From Page 6 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. Icing P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 SCORE SCORE International 23961 Craftsman Rd., Suite A Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 225-8402/FAX: (818) 225-8102 January 21-23, 1999 Laughlin Desert Challenge . Laughlin, NV March 19-21, 1999 Tecate/SCORE San Felipe 250 San Felipe, Baja Califomia June 4-6, 1999 Tecate/SCORE Baja 500 Ensenada, Baja California July 16-17, 1999 SCORE Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA September 10-11, 1999 Las Vegas Primm 300 Primm,NV November 5-8, 1999 Tecate/SCORE Baja 1000 TBA, Baja California SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts _ P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 February 5-7, 1999 AVI 250 Laughlin, NV April l6-18, 1999 Buffalo Bill's 400 Primm, NV June 25-27, 1999 KC HiLites Midnight Special TBA August 13-14, 1999 NAPA Auto Parts 250. Ely,NV September 24-26, 1999 30th Gold Coast SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV November 12-14, 1999 The Reserve 250 Henderson, NV SONS OF THUNDER 4WHEELERS Race Division Keith Stewart (714) 522-1899 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Office Manager: Mary Carson 2285 Tracy Avenus Simi Valley, CA 93063 (805) 526-a805/Fax:(805) 584-8518 Internet: SODA Short Course Off Road Drivers Association Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA SOUTHEASTERN OFF ROAD CHALLENGE Steve Rule (800) 313-5621 or (770) 963-0252 Mike Moore - (224) 272-5400 SOUTH EAST OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. President - Geoff Lee 1100 West Main Street D-3 Franklin, TN 37064 Classis 1/2-1600, 5-1600,, Class 9, SODA Class 11 & Sportsman (All Races at Rally Hill Speedway) SOUTHERN SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD RACING ASSN. 4305 Wootlark Drive Tampa FL 33624 (813) 962-2857 (All Races at Eastbay Raceway, Tampa, FL) SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. P.O. Box 706 Parklands, 2121 South Africa (011)788-5138 Fax (011 ) 880-2170 llllinner's Circle Another Great Year In SCORE Off-Road We salute the 1998 Laughlin SCORE Desert Series Class Champions and all of the teams and. drivers who have helped Bilstein maintain our winning tradition in off-road racing. Larry Roeseler - Class 7 Team MacPherson Chevy S-1 0 Mark Stein - Class Stock Full, Ford F-150 Jimmy Nuckles - Protruck, Ford F-150 Eric Solorzano - Class 11 , Stock VW Damon Jefferies - Class 10, Jimco VW To Join The Winning Teams On Bilstein Shock Absorbers ... Call The Off-Road Racing Department: Toll Free 800/537-1085 (i) KRUPP BILSTEIN OF AMERICA 8845 Rehco Road • San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 619/453-7723 • Page ss January 1999 SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915) 337-3437/(615) 595-8237 (All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Odessa. TX) TOYS FOR TOTS (619) 252-1197 /(619) 252-3093 T.O.R.R.O Texas Off Road Racing Organization Marty Jackson 8307 Bauman Road Houston,TX 77022 (713) 694-0207/Fax: (713) 694-8335 TSO c/o Frog Specialties 4050 Spencer Street #1 Torrance·, CA 90503 (310) 370-9856 January-:1-17, 1999 21st Annual Dakar Rally VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702/Fax (916) 925-8217 March ~0.21, 1999 1999 Season Opener Prairie City SVRA, Sacramento, CA April 24-25, 1999 Spring Special Prairie City SVRA, Sacramento, CA May 29-31, 1999 Yerington 300 Desert Race Rerington, NV July 10-11, 1999 Top Gu:i 300 Desert Race Fallon, NV September 4-6, 1999 Fernley ·challenge Fernley, NV September 25-26, 1999 Short Course - Round 1 Prairie City SVRA, Sacramento, CA October 9-10. 1999 Short Course - Round 2 Prairie City SVRA, Sacramento, CA October 30-31, 1999 Short Course - Round 3 Prairie City SVRA, Sacramento, CA VICENTE GUERRERO OFF ROAD CLUB Profo. Cenovio Gamboa 011-52-616-6-21-91 (2-6 p.m.) WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson (604) 538-0692 WORRAP.O.Box 3241 C.O.R.E. (conti,Jued) described was caused by our club members own people and did not even occur in the organization's pit. In the future you can expect that where praise is offered, and criticism is given, you can trust that both will be truthful -and deserved. No such criticism was deserved or given in this case to this organization. I ask you to reread the article a sufficient number of times to convince your-self of this fact. I honestly feel that that organization graciously supports and is one of the greatest allies to the sport of off road racing. First 1999 CORE Camp Out -CORE members will be camping out in Barstow at Outlet Center Drive on New Year's we·~kend. Stop by and bring your pre runner and join the fun. CORE 1998 Christmas Dinner-Don't forget thati:he Christmas Din-ner will be held at the next monthly meeting. Looking for a i:1tofessional family oriented off road racing pit support organization? CORE Pit Club is al-ways interested in-finding new mem-bers and offering them quality pit support. CORE has regular monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at Mulligans Restaurant in Santa Clarita. For more information please call (818) 772-77 58 or e-mail me at ■ Dusty Times

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Sumas WA 98295 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire P.O. Box 376 Adamsburg, PA (412) 527-6556 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 16251 North Cave Creek Road #4 Phoenix, AZ 85023-2976 (602) 971-3730 December 5, 1998 Point to Point Rocky Point, MX 1999 Desert Tour Buggy & Truck Series January 9, 1999 Parker 400 Parker, AZ March 27, 1999 Rock to Rock Rocky Point, MX May29, 1999 Holbrook Holbrook, AZ July 3, 1999 Surprise or Bye Surprise or Bye,AZ September 4, 1999 Snowflake Snowflake, AZ October 16, 1999 . Surprise or Bye Surprise or Bye, AZ November 20, 1999 Apache Gold Globe, AZ December 11, 1999 1999 Banquet TBA 1999 Desert Challenge Bikes & ATV Series January 10, 1999 Parker 200k Parker, AZ February 14, 1999 Wickenburg Wickenburg, AZ March 27, 1999 Rock to Rock Rocky Point, MX April 25, 2999 Lake Pleasant Lake Pleasant, AZ May 30, 1999 Jp;brppl Holbrook, AZ July 4, 1999 Cinders or Surprise Cinders or Surprise, AZ HelmiGraham Racing 41-\ 1997 Class 7S Champions Prepped at Donahoe Racing .. more Trail Notes ... RACE NOTES -The CORPffecate Carrera de Campiones was ·held in Baja last weekend and will be covered in depth in the next issue of Dusty Times by Tony Tellier. A brief rundown of the winners shows that Alfredo Torres won Class 10 Pro by 57 seconds over Arturo Honold. Class 1/2-1600 Pro was dominated by Vic Bruckmann who was chased by Tom Watson. Gustavo Coronado took Pro Class 8. Class 5 Pro was won by Arturo Lizarraga with Ruben Garcia taking the second spot and Class 5-1600 Pro was won by Danny Ledezma with Rick Fouquette taking the silver medal. Adam Pfankuch was the Pro Class 9 winner and Ivan Gomez was the second place finisher. Perry McNeil was the Pro Class 7 winner and Yfctor Islas _was the runner-up. Fernando Real was the Pro 7S winner and Pedro Mercado was second to finish and in Pro Class 11, Marco Nunez beat out Fernando Flores by less than five minutes. In the Sportsman classes it was Phred Espinoza winning Class 10, Jack Moreno took 1/2-1600, John Murillo won Class 8, Michelle Gastelum took Class 5, Hector Gonzalez won 5-1600, Jaime Boquiren won Class 9, Jaime Soto took class 7, Rodolfo Valenzuela was the Class 11 winner and Armando Cota was the Safari winner. Congratulations to al! the winners and we will cover this race in depth in the next issue. CORR LAS VEGAS -CORR had scheduled their December get together in Las Vegas for a Saturday and Sunday venue but the weather gods stepped in and Sunday racing was canceled due to the blanket of snow that fell during Saturday night. We weren't furnished with all the results but what we have shows that local Favorite Rob MacCachren beat Curt LeDuc in the first round and beat Jack Flannery in the second round of the PRO4 Division. In the PRO Lite Division, Johnny Greaves won both rounds, beating Jason Crowder in one heat and Art Schmitt the next heat. In Super 1600 Phil Gourlie won Heat 1, beating out Chad Hord and Scott Peterson took the second heat, showing Scott Schwalbe the way home. In the 1600 Buggy Division Steve Federico took Heat 1, beating Steve Bishop and Mark Krueger won the second heat while Steve Bishop again took the second spot. Ace ·..__..._ __ .... September 5, 1999 Snowflake Snowflake, AZ October 1 7, 1999 Sierra Vista/Surprise Sierra Vista/Surprise, AZ November 21, 1999 Apache Gold Globe, AZ December 11, 1999 1999 Banquet TBA WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 so. U.S. Hwy 45 Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 Delaware St. Oshkosh, Wl 54901 .... Attention Race&Rally Organizers List your coming eventss in DUSTY TIMES free. It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailiing list. Don't call, but mail your 1998/1999 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: · DUSTY TIMES 207 51 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4404. ·"' , http~:/ /www .donal-ioerac ' @Complete Race Truck Fabrication @J Prerunners . ® __ ,' . ,, \ d . . t~rprise{ , _ in anaheim ~_./ @J Consulting ~ Shock Service & -~l!I...J 714 632 303~ r • 714 632 3~ -fi11terprres □ ~ " ,. Dusty Times January 1999 reporter Ron Miller was on site so we hope to have a lot more for you in the next issue of Dusty Times. RAMADA EXPRESS RALLY IN THE SNOW - God knows, snow is the last thing you expect when you're Cruising around southern Nevada on a rally, but Mother Nature had a few surprises in store for the rallyists as a carpet of snow covered the ground on Sunday and it was quite a problem for many of those competing. New Zealander Geof Argyle was the favorite for the overall win but he had never driven in snow before and on Sunday, the third and final day of the rally the stages were over at the Grand Canyon in the Hulapai Reservation area and there the snow was in the five inch deep variety and it was here that Frank Sprong! who has lots of miles in the Canadian snow turned the tables and went into the lead and it was he who won the $5000 Grand Prize, probably the richest payoff in American Rally history. The overall results as we have them now are; Sprong! (Audi) taking the-win, Argyle (Mitsubishi) getting the silver medal, Brasil (Audi) got the bronze, Shrader in a Ford was fourth and Light in a GMC took home the fifth place honors. Hopefully we will have a lot more on this rally in the next issue of Dusty Times. · CONGRATULATIONS - I just had to go on record and give a hearty congratulation to Ivan Stewart on winning (finally) a Baja 1000 to La Paz. It truly is the year of champions, Earnhart won the elusive (to him) Daytona 500 and Ivan won the 1000. I have known Ivan for more years than I care to remember and I will never forget him helping Jean at a Nevada race many years ago, stopping to assist her while he was in the lead. Ivan is the living symbol of off road racing, no better spokesman could there be,; kids on the street who know nothing of off road racing know who Ivan Stewart is, and when he stops in contingency to pose for a picture with some youngster you see him for what he is, a racing champion, a husband, and a father to his family. There are many of us who are proud ·to call him "friend." [ftMI.~] • Largest Selection · Of Rodends & Spherical Bearings • BACKSAVER • FIREBOTTLES • BATTERIES • SPAL FANS • SETRAB COOLERS • FLUIDYNE COOLERS • AEROQUIP PLUMBING • SILICONE HOSE NEO SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS • MOTOR OILS • GEAR OILS • GREASES • AUTOMOTIVE & RACING COOLANTS WE HAVE OVER THE COUNTER SERVICE CALL US FOR A FREE CATALOG! WE WILL SHIP AS FAST AS. YOU NEED IT \ ~1 - (562) 427-2375,FAX (562) 426-5294 .<@)_I'\ TO ORDER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL \ ~ BAKER PRECISION BEARINGS ups -\ ~ .2865GundryAve.•SignalHill,CA90806 [•lll·1]loA1Lvll visA I Page 59 -----------·····._, ______ ~----------------------------------------

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1GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY ACEC01nc. Chassis And Suspension For Racing And Recreati~n MIKE MONOHAN P.O. Box 117 Ely, NV 89301 (702) 289-6708 ADVANCED TOYOTA SUSPENSIONS AND STEERING COMPONENTS WE SPECIALIZE IN OFF-ROAD IFS SUSPENSIONS◊ -86-95' TOYOTA ~RUNNER/ 4WD. P.U. AND T-100 14" TRAVEL A-ARMS ALSO AVAIL. W/ UNIBALLS STEERING ASSEMBLIES ANO,4WO. AXLES 2WD. CUSTOM CONTROL ARMS AVAILABLE (909)277-2327 DESIGNED BY SCOTT SELLS AND A.T.S. 11240 DAWSON CYN. RD. CORONA, CA 91719 Jeff Allen SALES-TECH Email: 4~~~-BATTERIES FOR ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD NEEDS BA1TERY SALES UNLIMITED 651 East Alosta Avenue/ Glendora, CA 91740 . (626)914-3717 I (626)-914-2121 • BJBX AUTO WRECKERS, INC. FOR ALL YOUR AUTO PARTS FROM PRE-,RUNNERS TO RACE TRUCKS CALL JOHN KEARNEY 1-800-606-6043 ALL-TERRA Ii O~tEUt•UU11:11:1(1 PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION PARTS "No more harsh suspension that just looks good" 16590 Aston St. Irvine, CA 92606 e-mail: (949)221-0511 Fax(949)221-0517 CHEVY+GMC+FORD+DODGE+MAZDA+TOYOTA+ ..... . ENGINEERED FUEL CELLS • Lightweight and Rugged •Complete Fuel Scavenging •Standard Sizes, 8 to 44 gallons •SODA and SCORE approved Leaders in Custom Fuel Cell Design and Fabrication. ~••■ a RACING FUEL CELLS 800-526-5330 RAMSEY, NJ USA Off Road Trucks Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 Known as the toughest gauge in racing, J.iquid-Eilled .Gauges from Auto Meter are now available in the hottest racing look. They match the anodized aluminum look of the Ultra-Lite series. . Liquid-Filled Gauges withstand the harshest race environments. (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 ( RACE CAR SALES & EXPORT Off-Road Fabrication & Accessories Export & lnt'I Sales Rae~ Car Preparation Con,ulting & Management ' ~ 1 040 S. Main St. xF allbrook, CA 92028 (760) 723-2117 FAX (760) 723-9938 FABRICATION & SHOCK WORKS ON-SITE SHOCK TESTING & OYNO SERVICE •OVAL TRACK •OFF-ROAD •ROAD COURSE' . •DRAG RACING -~SAMSTAflL 619 I 660-9822. fax 619 I 660-9824 2820 V1a Orange Way. #B Sprtne Valley. CA 91978 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOL BAGS• HARNESS.PADS AJ_L SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 OFF ROAD RACERS ! 0NobD,ly Beats Our Quality or Prices" I PllO £Ull0.I LARGE SELECTION Suits and Helmets, Crew Shirts In-Stock Wide Assortment of Colors ond Sizes -CUSTOM SUITS -In-Store Measurements (10 DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE) We also carry a lull selection of • Standard & Custom Harnesses • Fuel Cells • • Fire Systems • Shoes • Gloves • Lonkershim & 1-5 lelh1~tdTrGlleaorkollellS,0.1s,W. 9017 San Femondo Road, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (818) 768-7770 fax (818) 768-1840 BRANDWOOD CARS Custom V~hicle Shifter for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3:107 BYFIELD RACING INNOVATIONS . ,,,,-:_· - ' . . <'/ •. · SO·CAL -...~ ·~ -~--... .,.,,,,,,,. ..., -BRIAN BYFIELD CUSTOM FABRICATION SPECIALIZING IN OFF-ROAD SUSPENSIONS THAT WORK! RACE TRUCKS * PRE-RVNNERS * DESERT BUGGIES * SAND BUGGIE', * CUSTOM TRAILERS * 50" V-HEAD JA.CK STANDS WE'LL TRAVEL LOCALLY FOR FREE QUOTE! PH: (714} 534-4B1I FAX: (714} 534-5073 (909) 622-1381 Fox (909) 623-3240 4002 STATE STREET Excfu1..iaefy TRUCK PARTS FOR •IMPORTS •DOMESTIC •SUV ·s 02wo·s •4WD's USED AND NEW FENDERS. HOODS BUMPERS AND GRILLS MON THAU SAT 8 00 TO 5 30 MONTCLAIR CA 91763 MENTION AD FOR SPECIAL PRICE {:,,'lrj{/</l~u PRE-FUN Curt LeDuc 39067 Orchard St Clierry Valley, CA 92223 (909)-845-8820 • Our Specialty Race Trucks Pr~Runners 54·.59 Ranger Fiberglass Oimple Dies

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. f i ACCOUNTING• INCOME TAX• CONSULTING IRS REPRESENTATION Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. MILLER & CANNON CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 260 S . GLENDORA AYE. SUITE 201 (626) 919•1011 WEST COVINA, CA 91790 FAX (626) 919•0211 CARRERA· PHOTOGRAPHY P.O. BOX 306 HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648 (714) 969-6820 E-MAIL: CARRERAPHOTO@MINDSPRING.COM WEBSITE: WWW.CARRERAPHOTO.COM BIIILT FOi DCEIS WHO DEIIMB TIE BEST HAMPION HEADLOCK ~QtNG WHEELS U.S.A. WHEELS / CONVERSIONS 8" 9" 10" 11" 12" 13" 15" 16" 17" /Jtf LAN qAf<f<ITT Ul71 N. BRAWLEY AVE. ~RESNO CA 83722 (209) 275-5183 • FAX 276-2365 OCNc::] Man,fo<tu,eB of Broke and _Cl,t<h Pedal An> ~ Master Cylinders · • Slave Cylinders · ·. Cuttihg and Brakes Hydraulic Throttt.s _ CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morenafl!vd. ,San Diego, CA.'921'10 (619) 275-1663 . Throttle Pedals a~d all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• r-HONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone (8_05) 239-2663 2055 Hanging Trl;)e, Lane - •. Templeton, CA 93465 MIKE • GAYLE • JON • DAVE • VIC • ANDY ~ _·' .. ~.1"!\· (WIJ'~ /~~ Parts, Equipment, Accessories & Service 4-Wheel Drive - Mini Trucks Pre-Runners - Race Prep - 2-Wheel Drive 3209-A Thousand Oaks Blvd. • Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (805) 494-RACE • (805) 495-6119 • (805) 495-3344 FAX(805)495-2339 .t~RACING ~~GASOLINE TORCO RACING FUELS CALL FOR YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR 1-800-54-COSBY COSBY OIL COMPANY. SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA 1126 N. Marshall Ave. El Cajon, CA 92020 619-449-5611 fax 619-449-5713 DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O . Box 6057 . Santa Bart ara_. CA 9$1 11 Specializing in ... Bu•Boxe• Swing axle• Hewtand Fortin Mendeola MD4$ Magnum44 Krebler Auto-tio l>ONIJffOE ~A.&-:IN4 • RACE TRUCKS • RACE PREP • PRERUNNERS • CONSULTING-• 0EVELOPMEIIIT • RACE SHOCKS ENTERPRISES • FULL·FABRICATION SERVICE l<REG DONAHOE OWNER 2831 EAsT WHITE STAR UNIT H ANAHEIM, CA 92806 · PHON~ (714) 632-3033 · FAX (714) 632-3835 . re E.Sf;1_4;;::,~ER 5) ~-------ENGINEERIN G FORD RACING. PARTS:. ftAN6ER 2.3 PINTO 2.0 STOCK 2.3 OYEQ 3000 TOP QUALITY SPEED PAQTS IN STOCK. 80 PG. CATALOG PHONE (818} 444-4919 1438 POTRERO FAX (818) 444-3046 SO. £I.MONTE, CA. '• e-z ur t, INSTANT --'\f: I' SHELTERS ~lfGIII~\. FREE-ST ANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHcLTERS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS . AUTHORIZED DEALE_R CASTEX RENTALS 213-462-1468 :.AMotorsport PRE-RUNNER SPECIALIST • l}UMPERS • CAGES • SHOCK MOUNTS SEAT MOUNTS • LIFT KJTS • LO\\IERING KJTS • DUALLY5 AIR 6AG SUSPENSION • SHOW CARS & 0151"1.AYS • ATV FA6 WO~ E.XrERT INSTALLATION & FA6RICATION AVAILABLE FIBERGLASS FENDERS i. BEDSKINS TOYOTA-CHEVY-NISSAN-FORD-ETC. 4010 N. PALM STREET, UNIT 103 (714) 870-9.422 FULLERTON. CA. 92635 FAX (714) 870-913?-r.'l, RACING lrJ FUll.'C ~. FUEI.S & Ei., LUBRICANTS ·we Support Summit INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS MIL SPEC RUST PREVENTATIVES RACING GASOLINE BRUCE CONRAD PRESIDENT 1537 E. DEL AMO BLVD. CARSON, CA 90746 PHONE: (310) 603-2200 FAX: (310) 603-2257 FOREMAN ---;E>-RACE T™'1CK ENGINEERING/ DEVELOPMENT -FABRICATIONS/ RACE PREP CHARLIE FOREMAN (61.9) 467-9211 3438 LOCKWOOD DR. SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, California 91935 ~ifsystems~ BY RAFFO RACING LTD. 810A S. ARTHUR AVE. ARLINGTON HTS .. IL 60005 PHONE:, (84 7) 259-3810 (847) -259-9705 THE BEST AIR ._ __ SYSTEMS IN RACING YOU CAN BUY! (619) 669,14727 Doug Fortin

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NOW YOU CAN en THE RACING GEARS THE WINNERS ARE USING !llZf FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (810)-294-5858 Fax (810)-293-0736 THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Custom & .Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associatio11s. For your local dealer call (8001 433-6524 Call or write for our FREE Catalog Aircraft Rubber Manufacturinq, Inc. 63257 Nels Anllerson Road Bend, OR '37701 USA ph(541) 388-0203 fx(541)388-0307 • Off Road Style Fiberglass fenders Graphite/ Carbon A & D Services Custom Fiberglass Fabrication GlASSUJORKS Unllmlted 15341 Pipeline Lane #B Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 903-5644 HONDA. ,a;@i·t·• PERSONAL WATERCRAFT JET BOATS l I BILLY ROBERTSON (818) 766-6134 (213) 877-7272 FAX (818) 766-9397 .1e,, Howe 9.SBO MIiivaie In. Lakeside c.-92Q•o BILL ROBERTSON & SONS, INC. 5626 TUJUNGA AVE. NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 91601 Specializing in lligll per#or,nance Power s~eering #or Racing (619) 561-7764 (619) 561-4834 FAX llllagna#lux inspection a.,ailable James Gang Racing and Products·· CNC ControlJed Sheet Metal Manufacturing Facility,lete Race Vehicle Development Design. Preparation and Fabrication SST, Alum and Tubing 13424 Imperial Hwy. Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670 James M. Hall owner-Driver 562-921-2693 fax 562-926-0699 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner· Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-1240 JIMCO OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 10965 HARTLEY RD. S.UITE R SANTEE, CA 92071 MIKE JULSON JON KINNE AUTO AND MARINE WIRING 809-F N. Lakeview Ave., Placentia, CA 92870 Tel.714-779-2316 • Fax714-779-5012 RACE CAR/PRE-RUNNER PREP & FABRICATION CUSTOM TRAILERS r-~· LA~_:_ -L~ A ~ Russ Jones Motorspons CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 Shop: (805) 968-1067 Fax: (805) 968-3438 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawag·uchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 POWER E STEERING THOMAS£LEE ART KAWAGUCHI FAX (113) 164-1136 (213) 264-~~ LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETOK&TREET SUN VAU..EY, C.491352 FAX(818)798-2687 (818) 788-0371 A full line of ~ Steering gears, pumps and acceuoriee for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities available. -p~ RACING ENGINES Assembly • Machine Work • Parts Ken Major 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • W!:LDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 416 FLEETWOOD GLENDORA, CA 91740 626-857-RACE 626-852-8852 fax KENT LOTHRINGER LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING MAGNAFLUX Service suspension Transmission Engine QUALITY RACE CAR CRACK CHECKING DONE BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW RACING 626-857-7223 YOUR · OFF-ROAD Catch us on the Net! SPECIALISTS/ PHONE:(714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 236_6 E. ORANGETHORPE AVENUE, ANAHEIM, CA 92806 Phone/Fax (602) 334-0096 Kevin Mcmullen Racing OFFROAD TRANSMISSIONS, ETC. 7612 W. Comet Ave. Pager (602) 409-2526 Peoria, AZ. 85345 MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissioos Parts & Service 290 TROUSDALE #I&J CHULA VISTA CA 91910 619-691-1000 FAX 619-691-1324 805-940-5515

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l'I010R e TJflUIS 1'111!1' a Rl!l'I\IR n=•=H HP :~ • MOHR PERFORMANCE OflU.t.UlfteR Sl'l!OMJST5 •10 l'w•rs tKl"C •~ Olallo ... ~ ~n l'MTS a Sl!IIVla tunlnc 760-947-l'IOHR .JOEL 110HR MSD" a r.:J l1 L Jr. 1 la •1.-;14 t••1,•,,·-VOUR COMPLETE IONITION SOURCE L,NITICJN:.J • D l.-31 HIFJU 1 (lH~. AUTOTRONIC CONTROLS CORPORATION 1 4!30 HENRY BRENNAN DR .. E L PASO. TX 7!3!336 19151857-5200 • TECH LINE 19151 855-7123 • VISIT OUR WEB SITE: Dune Buggy Parts Race Car Parts Foreign Car Parts New Truck Acc. Dept. Custom Machine Work & Fabrication 1 (800) 231-8156 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, AZ 85365 (520) 783-6265 • FAX (520) 783-1253 -OFF .ROAO CHASSIS ~ I 8124 GRAND AVE. I.AKE ELSINORE, CA 92530 Complete Off Road & Performance Preparation for Trucks & Vans CUSTOM SUSP'ENSION • PRE•RUN TRUCKS AXLE SERVICE • WELDING 8: FABRICATION NO DISCO TRUCKS Bill Montague Est. 1974 909-678-1029 PFR (909) 360-5906 FAX (909) 360-0436 PARKER PUMPER HELMET COMPANY 10427 San Sevaine Way .. Ste. L Mira L.>ma, California 91752 PORSCHE HAROLD NICKS (888) 89 GEARS Fax (808) 8'8-6812 1[~~J'\7{gl(_g)'1JL~@'itJ SAFElY EQUIPMENT MUON., MOTOROL\, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BELL, SHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRING FOR RADIO &/OR INTERCOM STIU. ONLY S 12'i. 2888 GUNDRY i\VE. SIGNi\L HILL, Ci\ 90806 318-427-8177 800-869-5636 -Jerry Penhall 714 • 650 • 3035 Fax 714 • 650 • 4721 1660 Babcock Bldg. #B Costa Mesa, CA 92627 • All Types of Steel fl Aluminum Fabrication • Tube Bendifte .-Fra cy s Pl"rforniancc l{nginee,·mg • Aluminum fl s-1 W.ldinc * Custom Machine Work * All Types of Race Cars 4851 W. Hacienda #4 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Bruce Fraley 702-365-9055 ~RACING Y!JVGASOLINE I "100. 110 114 118" methanol & 111tro ----------------· ~w.~----------■.:a _ _; C.L: Bryant, Inc. • Commercial Fuels & Lubes • High Performance Lubes • On-Site Fuel Distribution l-S00-399-4l 76 •Technical Assistance 209-537-1565 fax· . Fuel & Lubes Handling Equip. Get the word out about your business, big or small. ' P..1t your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merel~~.00 per month. b-"'\l\l str,6 II L. tJ ~ , Todd Francis ~ P11ci1ion Alloy, /,/d, fA 25805 NE 46"' Avenue ~ ~ Ridgefield, WA 98642 S!tl ~ » Phone ~11.rJ ~'IJ,~ Fax 360-887-2000 °n & 360-887-7279 D~\\\\I • Clutches . • Flywheels • Hydraulic Release Bearings • Pilot Bushings • Bel/housings • Starte1s • Driveshafls • Quick Change Gears • Axle Tube Seals • Cambered Axle Tubes • Cambered.Drive Flanges • Pace Race Jacks Ours. assemblies # longest las racing clut available OFF ROAD RAUY LATE Moons IRL, MODIFIEDS ROAD RACE ~510 Telser Road • Lake Zurich, IL 60047 (847) 540-8999 • Fax: (847) 540-0526 . •euu Tel. 619.449.6252 A High Performance \.8 Fax 619.449.6470 luce Truck Series 9-119 At'>raham \\av. Ste. B "Tbe True Dril'er's Class" Santee, CA 92071-258-l .... ,,,.,, .... S."6 ... ,,,.,..,.. ,.,,,.,,.. .,.,. • O.M/1 ll•oillg Specializilg in Race Prep Race to Race Maintenance Chase Support-Score Series ·. Foddrill Trailing Arms-Spindles-racing parts Full Service Fabriation Magnaflux Service Shock Rebuilding co...,sappl•lt-(IOZ) .. 7-2711 -71~154 •oltll 414 S. Roltert T-,-, AZ. 15211 RACING TRANSAXLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. EL CAJON, CA 92021 CHRIS ROSE (6191 443-2480 S. B. EN·GrNEERING . "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89048 (775) 372-5335 I 0-W South Main Strt'<:t. fall brook. CA 92028 F.-\:\ 7<>1l-72.l-2117 1-:-\1.-\11. hajara.:c: iillh c:,,m f'flO'.',;F 760-7.23-2117 TIM CECIL 849 Lambert • Brea, CA 92821 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 672-9246

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JOB SITE SIGNS• B~'.INERS • l\ll1DOIV LETTEP.11,G • C,\R ~ETTEAIIIG • GRAPHICS SGUEAK & MARGIE COATS 5101 Gai·:12y Circ1e • Hunt,ngw·, B~.:;ch CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 • F2 \ (714) 69-i-9567 L s~e~&~ &~~11JiK eudoffl, ~ '8dt 'Ptato. 760~347~5052 45-410 #10 ~St. 'J,ulu,._-eA 92201 ~~o (213)583-2404 SANDERS SERVICE, fNC. METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL -FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith Paramount, CA 562-531-0192 Long Beach 562-432-3946 Van Nuys, CA 818-786-8180 Riverside, CA 909-877-0226 Oxnard, CA 805-485-6900 . Las Vegas, NV 702-643-9200 All Other Inquiries, contact Sports Racing at P.O. Box 610, Long Beach, CA 90801 800-836-5355 Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks · Buggies · Pre-Runners (619) 449-9728 FA, (619) 449-2678 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A", Santee, CA 92071 Straight E \ n C? nt. · ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING · 31510 223rd Street East Llano, CA 93544 . 805-261-3202 SUNDRY METAL SPINNING Phone (562) 928-9838 Fax (562) 928-0778 METAL SPINNING EXCELLENCE • ALUMINUM • STEEL • BRASS • COPPER • STAINLESS RACEFUELS 6831 Suva Street Bell Gardens, C,\ 90201 JOHN AVALOS OWNER (209] 847-228 1 (800] 527-6090 FAX (209] 847-9726 PO. Box 248 • 524 N. Sierra Ave. WESTERN DIVISION Oakdale, California 95361 Fabrication -Installation Darren Ebberts (909) 340-4684 FAX (909) 340-4689 '190£ PRINCELANDCT SUITE'1 CORONA CA 91719 COMPUTERIZEO VINYL GR,..PHICS & LETTERING 1•1111 I '7.£t I · LO-COST 6LOG SIGNS (,._II PROCESSES) -•• ~2=ilt'i~~~~NS --l'!ACING Gfe!APHICS ""' H>-a.v-.LrrY BANNERS ~ ::.,'-}zJ:.,'!:'fLEs ••. LOGO REP/li?ODUCTONS ,...., REAL EST,,-.TE "' LOGO & GR,..PHIC DESIGN r-DECALS Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the "Good Stuff DJrectory" and reach new customers. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely $25.00 pe~ month ,. SUSPENBIONS ~ ~,'• .. tiNL?MIPED 1-. ... -....... .... .. ...... ... OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALIS TS Vvf;LDING • FABRIJ:A T/ON • FLAME CUTTING • FROVT El✓OS • REAR TRAIUNG ARMS RACEOIASSIS • PRERUNNERS • FOXRAONGSHOX 13450YNAMICS. UN/TO ANAHEIM, Cl! 92806 LARRY ROSEVEAR PHONE /714) 996-6260 FAX /714)996-6405 Trackside Photo Off-road race photography since 1970 Fidel Gonzales 805-578-34 70 P.O. Box 747, Moorpark, CA 93020 (909) 654-7334 Hemet,CA J!'~IYJEH HEm'S I IVINSflXLE ENGl"EERINCi JEFF FIELD (818) 998-2739 9763 Varlel Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 ~ ~ <( 0 I.() Ql 0 '6 Cl) C crl crl ·-E 'E ~ 0 0 "= z ro .c () :5 . 0 Ql (J) g I.() crl 'st::: ~~ N (J) <( X (J) () <( LU LU LL ~o (J) -::> (J) CD ~ 0 [ujP) UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10729 WHEATLANDS AVENUE, SUITE #A SANTEE, CALIFORNIA 92071 TEL • 619 / 449-9690 FAX • 619 / 449-8424 BRUCE HENDEL Regional Manager VP Racing Fuels, West Coast P..O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista W1ldomar, CA 92595 Phone: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Pager: (909) 694-7392

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-Transmis ions - Parts - Service Welding -V.W . - Porsche - Nissan - Toyota Lorenzo Rodriguez 515 S. Vermont, Glendora, Ca. 91741 (626)914-8147 , ===:f':..,,....:..PA!Nr""" ltl471NGS«G.R.NWn; ... J,(J/lOS , •~ W~ MAINTt"NANCf•fxl<IIYAC-..JlhPING-* Automotive • ATV • Motorcycle 1815 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE RIVERSIDE, CA 92507, USA 909.369.5144 • 909.369.7266FAX WWW. WEBCAM I NC.COM to/1201 Lfuhrni'n~ Pawertrain Complete Powertrain Development, Maintenance and !iupply , Engine■ • Tran!llml••lon• • Driveline• • DlfferentJal• &975 lpadway 111w; D-1Di! LM Vl!gaa, NIMldll 89115-1713 70i!·871-IH1 Fax: 70i!-871-6480 THE ONLY REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS BECAUSE YOU AL-READY . . " . . . HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE Adam Wik 1994 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines Engine Dyno Service 535 East Central Park Anaheim CA 92802 714-956-9457 '' ' ·-PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C. JACOBS PRESIDENT \ ' , ' l,. 900 STATE MILL RO~D : AKRON, 01-1 44319 . V0-6¥-7.7?~; ~-'HEUVINK CONSULTING Pu111 ic Rl:I.ATIONS & MAII.KtllNC: · Eo HEuv1NK MEDIAC.E.NTRUM UTRECHT HENGEV1':LnSTRAAT 2,t06, 3572 KH UTRECHT TIIE NETIIERLANDS TEL. 030-2722133, .FAX 030-27226;\2 . Monn,E 116-5~5:\58~ HoMEIPRlV1':_ 03~-2Z11U1'5, ~ -Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists · Custom Wheels 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ 8501 7 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 Classified ... AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALE: Flying Dutchman 1998 C.O.R.R. Pro-2 race winner, many extra parts included. Race ready or will break up. Serious inquiries only. 920 739-7834. FOR SALE: Jimco Class 5 Unlimited. 96 Points Champion. Super strong and clean. Mike Smith bypass shocks, big brakes, Hewland type N, all the best parts, tons of spares. Will trade. (909)985-3553. Neal. FORSALE: ACECOClass IO Single seat racer, coil over suspension front and rear, FAT, Fodrill, Kuster, CNC, Centerline, Simpson, Very reliable vehicle, could be run in Class 10 or 12, some spare parts, all the best! Will sell complete or as rolling ch~ssis. Mike at (801) 484-3084. FOR SALE: Baja Class 5 pre-run-ner, street legal, FOX, p.s. Magnum rack, Beards, 3 + 3 rear, Fuel Cell KGs, HID Bus axle, Centerlines, oil cooler w/fan, spares, Foddrill built tube chassis 2200cc type l new 044 heads, Torsion, wired for radio, (602)582-3006, (602)439-0769. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Mirage-97 & 98 MOR Class Champion. $15,000.00 without motor, obo. ALSO Pre-runner 1971 Baja, Full cage, setup as 5-1600, $5,000.00 Call (818) 841-3906 Roger. Both tum key. FORSALE: 93 DodgeClass8desert race truck. Race ready, must sell $3,500.00. Call Kevin Mills at (702) 972-6400. FORSALE: Hi-Jumper, 2110VW, 2 seater, long travel by Suspensions; Unlimited, Adjustable front & rear Bilsteins, Fuel Cell, Centerlines, Ra-dio $5,495.00 (805)498-6049. FOR SALE: Mirage Class 2, 10or12. Fodrill, Wright, Simpson, Saco, Beard, Wilwood, Summers Bros. Sway-A-Way, PCI Intercom, Center-lines, Fox, Lots of extras! Race Ree.dy! $11,000.00obo (916) 381-8558. FOR SALE: Type 4 motor needs to be assembled, all new parts, 82mm 2 liter crank, Eagle rods, 104.5 cylin-ders; JE Pistons, 2.0 liter heads, 48x38 valves, l 3/4 exhaust, Billet air filters, 911 fan & alternator, 44 Webers. $5,000.00 obo wk (602) 934-7242, hm (602) 780-3638. FOR SALE: Mid 80s Class 2 Unlim-ited. No motor, lots of extra parts. Project car. $3,000.00. (909)985-3553. Neal. FOR SALE: CORR short course Pro-■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • u • 21998Chevytruck, Taylorsuspen-■ Se or swap your extra parts and pieces in ■ sion &shocks. 17 in rims, Beadlocks, ■ ■ BFGTires, 650hp, dry sump, Bowtie • DUSTY TIMES. • block. A TD 400 trans, Autometer : : gauges, Chrisman rear end, MSD, ■ Classified Advertising rate is only $25 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use • Fresh Air System. $40,000.00 tum : of black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5"x7". NEW AND RENEWAL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO • key. (4l4) 966-9998. DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, : enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. REMEMBER -CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED ■ -YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE IF NOT RECEIVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. ■ • • • • • • • • • FOR SALE: Taylor Stadium/Short ■ CourseBuggyl650ccRabbitwithFat Enclosed is$____ (Send check or money order, no cash) Please run ad ___ times ■ head and maniforld, Weber carb. : Name________________________________ Mail to: : Sway-A-Way, Summer Bros., Fox, ■ DUSTY TIMES ■ Woods, Neal, BFG real wheels, some ■ Address-----------------Phone ------------207 51 Marilla Street ■ spares, glass body $9,000.00 (815) • City State __ Zip Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 : 963-2530 or (815) 964-0906. : ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • ■ • ■ • • • • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • ■ ■ • • ■ • • • ■ • ■ • ■ ■ • • • • • • • • ■ ■ • ■ ■ ■ ■ • • • • ■ • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Dusty Times January 1999 Page 65 (

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FOR SALE: 70 VW Pre-runner, Gene Berg 1776, Bus Box, SAW ax-les, Spring plates, 300m torsions, front & rear coilover. 17 gal Fuel Cell, l" long susp. Unlimited rear arms, l" long front arms, Combo Spindles, pol-ished Centerlines, much more, 2 pre-runs on car. Call Richard (626) 334-0221. $6,000.00 obo Must sell. FOR SALE: Enclosed car trailer 8'xl6', tandem axle. Will accommo~ date Baja bug or sand rail. Good for dirt bikes/AlVs or PWCs, Great Harley hauler, Keep your ride locked up & out of sight. (562)863-5350. FOR SALE: Stadium Super Lite, Briggsbuilt Chassis, Klemm Honda FL 350 motor, Champion wheels, BFG tires, Front and rear disc brakes, long travel Coilover Suspension, Fox & works Shox, race or play ready, CORR, PACE, or SODA legal, $6,500.00 phone (906)466-2680. FOR SALE: Class 10 Chenowth 1997 /98 Class 10 champion for Whiplash, no dnfs in 98, Rabbit mo-tor, Ron Davis radiator, King bypass shocks, big C&C brakes, Beard seat, Electromotive ignition, Saco rack, UMP, BFG, Parker Pumper and many spares must sell ASAP, $13,000.00 obo Dave at (602)339-2904 or (602)936-8777 (602)936-9533. PARTS FOR SALE: 2 Kuster shocks 1 0"x2" w res & thumb wheel adjuster. $500.00. 2 Weber 48mm carbs, dry sumped, $300.00. 2 Dellorto 36mm carbs & linkage dry sumped $325.00. 22 gal fuel safe bladder, foam, alum skin 2 years old $275.00. 2 Summer bros 300m stub axles 13/8" 4340 hubs &Jamar hats. $350.00. 091 Bus Box. Fresh race prep Chromoly super cliff, 4:57 R&P, FTL Hewland 930. $2,200.00 obo (949)642-5158. PRP Premier Racing Products From $149.95 each plus shipping & handling Proudly introduces the "Premo" full suspension seat at an affo~d~ble price ~ith quick delivery and many styli;h colors. This 1s the premier seat for your jeep, truck, race car or buggy. • 3/4" x .065 steel frame for strength • Ballistic nylon inner liner for strength and true suspension feel. • Stylish outer cover with extra foam for comfort and support • High quality vinyl and 100% polyolefin tweed.with high resistant to fraying and fading used on cover • Slotted for harness style belts • Four standard colors in stock at all times for quick delivery, many other color combinations available. • Low backs and bench seats available Page 66 PRP Premier Racing Products 1-800-317-6253 I Fax 909-676-6311 MISC PARTS FOR SALE: Type 4, 2000 cc, good heads, Porsche alt, exh, low comp, good to Turbo, none, single or dual carb, $2,800.00 to $3,200.00. Shocks (2) 2" body, 7/8 shaft, (2) 2" Body x 10 w rr $135.00 ea, (2) Bilstein 50mm by-pass 10" travel, Fox pistons, 7 /8 shaft $290.00 ea, Yoko recap tires new $65.00 ea., dual K&N air logs $45.00 ea. Call Race Shock (800)929-4360. 2 SEAT PRERUNNER is a 2-1600 but widened 6" front and rear, 930 c.v., Fox shocks, Sway-A-Way ad-justable frt and rr, aluminum body, 4130 Raceco chassis, lights, Center-lines, Beard, 5 points, needs motor and trans. Call Rich (760) 723-2117 $5,400.00. FOR SALE: 85 Toyota 4x4 full cage 22R motor, 5 speed trans. 9" rear National springs, King 3" Coilover 3 link rear Susp.13" travel up front. 20" in rear. 4.88 gears. 22 gallon Fuel Cell. Beard Seats w/5 points. Can be street legal. $12,000.00 oho. (714)635-1852. FORSALE: BundersonA-ArmClass 10, Fat Toyota, Fortin, Fodrill, CNC, Fuel Safe 27 gal., Ultras, Summers Griffin, Kuster by-pass, Progressiv~ Coils, KC Hid, BFGs, Charlynn, Howe, Powder Coated, 930 c.v.s, Prep by Fodrill and Fox Motorsports. Very Fast car. No expense spared $29,000.00 Call Danny Fodrill ( 602) 843-6406. FO~ SALE: 70s Vintage Class 1, Wnght, Porsche ZF steering, Neal brake and clutch pedals, moon gas, Jamar, had tire liners, KC lights, fi-berglass body, swing axle with tubes etc. $2500.00 or trade for good 5-1600 engine. (510)558-1645, e-mail FOR SALE: Chevy Bowtie 4.5 lt V-6. All aluminum, Titanium valves, Calles Crank, Carillo rods, J & E Pis-tons, Holley carb, Custom Ne, wet sump, MSD ignition, Complete 400+ hp $17,000.00 ALSO Race Automatic by Jeff Fields, All new, best of everything, $8,000.00 Call Dan (714)529-9991. FOR SALE: Raceco Class 10 or 12 rolhng chassis, Fox shocks, Foddrill ft end, light and fast $6,500.00 FAT Toyota 4AF C lass 10 motor, Fresh $2,500.00 (559)486-0280 or (559)645-5716. E-mail January 1999 FOR SALE: 1998 MOR Class 7S Championship Toyota. '85 Xtra cab. Only 6 races on this newly built 4x4. Alcoas, Mastercraft, Parker Pumpers, PCI radio/intercom, Autometer, Flame out. Super reliable race truck. Win yourself a championship. Work assignment forces sale. $11,500.00. Call for more info. Burrows Motor-sports, (909) 422-1416. FOR SALE: CORR Sportsman stock, 1997 Ford F-150, total perfor-mance engine, and trans, Dana 60, Henry's ball joints, 14 Bilsteins, many spare parts, will sell as roller, $13,500.00 complete. (616) 267-5135. CLASS 8 -Newest truck built, Awe-some 500 cid V8 by Walker Evans Racing hooked to a special Torqueflite 727 tranny w/custom torque converter. 55 gallon Fuel Cell, A-Arm Front Suspension, King Coilover/Bypass, CNC Calipers, Quarter Elliptic Rear, Chrisman, Eagle OPS. This truck is beautiful! It is like new with only 6 races on it, ever! The best of everything was used and it is well maintained. Tons of spares Ref #651 $85,000.00 (760) 723-2117 Check out our website at·aconce WHITE LIGHTNING SPECIAL: For sale: Dale White's Class 8 Chevy truck, Super bitchin', By-pass shocks, 710 hp motor by Shaver, MSD, BFGs on head-locks, "Factory" Chevy, Ultra clean and professionally built, Fresh rebuild! A solid finisher, Ref #634. Support packages available through T earn White Lightning! $79,000.00. ALSO available less motor/trans for less??? Call Baja Brokers for pack-age breakdown at (760) 723-2117. Check out our NEW website at·aconce ~---, FOR SALE: 1997 Race car trailer, Built by EMI Technology 48'x9'xl0 1/2, lounge area 13 1/2 x 8 1/2 w/toi-let, sink, range, refrigerator, leather, storage and AJC 35'x 8 1/2" working and storage area wood and tile floor, 2 winches , 2 generator, 1 welder, 2 side doors outside lighting, rear gate, standing roof deck, 5 8' belly boxes, 8 new tires, excellent condition, $53,000 asking price or trade for ex-otic car. Call Fox Motorsports (915) 833-7902. FOR SALE: CORR Pro-4 Ford F150, front runner, former Rough Rider truck, Thompson auto en-gine, A TD tranny C-6, Borg Warner transfer case. Kuster/Tay-lor coil over shocks w/reservoirs. Asking $30,000.00 w/all spares, enough to rebuild truck twice. ALSO 1989 Ford F700 Motor home fully loaded, great tow ve-hicle $16,000.00. 1993 United Tri-Axle enclosed trailer lights, benches, storage, observation deck plus all the goodies, $14,000.00 Call 715 487-6098. FOR SALE: 1998 MOR points champ. Best of the best, 300 miles of comp. Prep, FOX 2.5 w/position sen-sitive susp, Chromoly l" longer arms, , Type II c.v.s w/300m 930 axles, thing stub axles, SAW spring plates, SAW 29mm 300, bars, New SAW torsion adj., new top 4;86, JG Trans, 12.1 motor, new heads, pistons, cyls, and FAT carb, Boost bottle, new Compu-fire, DIS ION, \]MP, Fuel Safe, Beards, J-Mar, VDO, Auto-meter, Susp. Chromoly beam, new Wright rack, Wright arms, & com-bos, New Chromoly tie rods & ends, Fox Big Shafts, Fox steering stab. SAW leafs, new 5/8 adjs, some spares, turn key ready to defend points title. $11,500.00 obo, (562)690-4028, or (714)967-5098. OWNER'S LOSS IS BUYER'S GAIN: Buy as a package or sepa-rate! (1) Raceco Single seater, FAT Rabbit motor, Fat built Bus box, 930, Summers Bros. Out-board hubs and brakes, 25 gallon Cell, + 12" Beam, (2) Bilstein Coilovers per wheel, New 3" Kuster bypass in the rear, SAW 300m $14,000.00 (1) Race car 5-1600, Get started for cheap, Wright rack, arms, spindles, SAW leafs, Bilstein in Front/Fox in Rear, FAT bus box, 18 gallon cell $7,000.00. (1) 37" Wells Cargo Trailer, Includes Race Radio Base Station setup, Under floor stor-age, shelving, work bench, inside length is 32" and width is 8', $9,000.00! Make us a package price, all offers considered! Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Bronco Pre-Runner-Custom built 2WD front end, (1) Kuster Coilover and (1) Big Bil-stein per wheel front and rear, air bumps, Cone Full Floater, Cone fr hubs, C6, 400 cid Ford VB, 3 seats, custom aluminum work throughout including interior, 35 Baja T/As, fresh paint job, built in spare, air bottle, winch, tool box, less than 7,000 miles $49,500.00 Ref #685 Baja Bro-kers (760) 723-2117. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: Off Road eng. 1-1600, Sway-A-Way, Woods, PRP Seat, Saginaw Power steering, Type 3 rear brakes, Custom 22 gallon fuel cell, Centerlines, CNC pedals, fiberglass body, car is complete minus motor, tranny & shocks, Asking $7,000.00 obo 909 695-3505, FOR SALE: 1995 Ford Fl50 Pro-2, Sportsman-2 legal off-road truck. 4 championships won in 4 years! 550+ hp. ProPower built motor. 4 Kuster coilover shocks. 2 Kuster by-pass shocks built by Curt LeDuc. 3 5 spline axles, headlocks and many many spare parts. Race ready. $60,000.00 invested, will take $19,500.00 (920)757-6839 or 920 733-6689. FOR SALE: · Jimco 4 seater, Kuster coilover, Type IV motor, dual We-·bers, UMP p/s, trick shroud, 091 tranny, 6 x 6 arms, drop spindles, 930 c.v.s, Sway-a-way, Mastercraft, Pro-fessionally wired and plumbed, beau-tiful aluminum body and roof, BFGs on Ultras, spares $27,000.00 cell (619) 990-7665 (619)588-9226. Ford Pro Truck-The best class in off-road, 6 of 7 finished the grueling Baja 1,000, 351w by Harness Bros racing, TI-I400 trans, Bilstein Coilover and Bypass with Fox air bumps, Chrisman rear end, includes great spares pack-age including short course suspension setup, call for more details $85,000.00 Ref #695 Baja Brokers (760)723-2117. FOR SALE: ACECO 2 seat-Com-plete car Fd arms & Spindles, Mag-num Rack, Howe Power steering, Bea-dlock, Centerlines. & Ultra W /BFG Beard, Deist, 55 gal fuel safe cell, CNC pedal & front, 4 piston Cns disc, Floater rear w/CNC cad pers, Fox coil over 300m torsion bars, SAW axle, 934 c.v.s w/cages, radiator, oil coolers, radio, all just no motor & trans. $19,000.00 obo eff 714 441-1212. FOR SALE: Class 7 Toyota 2nd overall '98 SCORE Season 10 Fox shocks, SAW 300m axles, SAW 300m T;bars, 2 Beard seats, National springs, Ford 9" with Summers Spool, radio w/1-com, Howe P/steering, Fuel safe 35 gal cell, 2 Webers, Crane Ig-nition, Includes: Tandem axle trailer, 10 mounted BFGs, 2 transmissions, extra head, driveshaft, axles, Ball joints, Spindles, sheet metal, A-arms, Plus, Plus, Plus, $16,500.00 (805)683-1211, or (805) 683-8187 fax. • Dusty Times CHEVY PRERUNNER OR RACE TRUCK - Very clean, and simple, 15+" wheel travel all around, Kuster shocks, National springs, 35" BFG Bajas w/2 spares on wheels, New 375 HP motor, TH-400 race tranny, 9" rear end, '96 fiberglass front clip and bed-sides, Autometer LFGs, Beards, harnesses. This truck is also race legal w/fuel cell, harnesses, etc ... Call for details. Mike $18,000.00 (760) 723-2117. Will also sell less motor/trans. FOR SALE: Chenowth 2-1600. Best of everything, dependable and very fast, 2nd in 98 Baja 1000, trailer and all spares go, too much to list, full pkg, will split. $15,000.00 Call Steve (949)498-5085=. ===== FOR SALE: Jimco Class 10 Single seat, 1997 Barstow 250 winner. New Wiks 1835cc, fresh Fortin 5 speed, Kuster coilovers w/3" King bypass. Summers full floaters, CNC, Master-craft, Flameout, Fuel Safe, PCI, Fast and clean, Prepped and ready to race. $35,000.00 Steve (909)625-3381 days (626)974-6624 eves. FOR SALE: Aceco Class 10 or 12 Singles Seat, Kuster Coil Over Sus-pension Front/Rear, CNC Vented Billet Brakes, Autometer Liquid Gauges, Saco Magnum Rack, Simp-son, Beard, Centerline Beadlocks, Foddrill Arms/Spindles, Vehicle Complete less engine + trans , $9.975.00 Mike at (801) 487-3478. FOR SALE: Unlimited, 2 seater, CNC, FOX, BEARD, Deist, SAW, McKenzies floaters, BFG, Fuel Safe, 4 .5 Chevy Bowtie, Aluminum V-6 + hp, Auto trans, 934 c. v.s, All the best, spares, pkg deal, $40,000.00 or trade? (714) 441-1212. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Aceco, TIG welded, McKenzie's drums, JG trans, Helm shifter & rod ends, Charlyn, Fox, Saco, Wright, 300m axles, Bars & Pins, New powder coat, Penhall susp. Fresh ground up prep, all the best stuff. Never crashed, no cracks. Always garaged. This car was built with love. Spares available. Joe (714) 632-1240. FOR SALE: I-2-1600 '1 aylor Chro-moly Fox, Beard, SAW, and St. Pe-ter Trans, all of the best stuff. 8-rims with B-locs, also spare parts, very low race hours $8,000.00 obo. Days (800)878-6010, nights (414)259-1601 Larry. FOR SALE: Fastest Chevy Class BS short course or desert truck around. Glen Helen BS & overall points champion 97, Glen Helen BS cham-pion, Estero Beach champion 97, 98, this truck has won over 90% of the races run in the last 3 years and is faster then most Class 8 trucks. Its a proven winner at a reasonable cost. Summers Dana 60 full floater, 55 gal fuel cell, Mogi turbo 400-trans, 620 hp 391 cid, Fox, Cone ball joints, Lee steering, Too many parts and spares to list. Serious inquiry only. This truck has a license plate! $25,000.00 (310) 396-0043. 1995 Ranger race truck-Class 7S or 7 open, Only 300 miles on New Es-slinger 4 cylinder, MSD ignition, Mogi C4 race trans, 44 gallon cell, 4WD front suspension w/o 4wd, very strong! Kuster 3" shocks and air bumps, Wilwood brakes, FlameOut, $39,000.00 ALSO 45ft gooseneck trailer w/30 ft. Car space/15 ft living quarters, sleeps five $10,000.00 Ref #696 Baja Brokers (760)723-2117. FOR SALE: Fortin Class 10 or 1 t.ransmission, geared for your needs. $7,000.00 obo. Hew land DG300 Class 10 transmission, geared for your needs. $6,000.00 obo. Hewland DG300 Class 1 transmission, geared for your needs. $5,500.00 obo. 091 and 002 bus transmissions, geared for your needs. Call for details. New com-plete type 4 Porsche, ready to be built, $5,000.00 obo. Call Kevin McMullen Racing (602) 402-6215 or (602) 334-0096. FOR SALE: 1986 ex Glen Harris (factory Mazda-Mickey Thompson) race truck. Fresh Racing Bead, 300+ hp rotary engine, Mogi auto trans, Custom underdrive, Winters rear end, Fox Suspension shocks, New Fuel Safe cell, Some spare parts, $22,500.00 obo. Consider deal for Toyota Corr Class 7,8,9, or 10. (416)297-7750. THE SECOND LAP-Used off road parts, Torsion bars, Spring plates, axles, etc. 3x3s $300; (2)PIAA 135/ 90W Pencil Beam $150 pair;; Pumper motor $50; (2)Fox 12" Reservoired$90each (2) 14" FoxAir Shox $110 each; Fox Steering Stabi-lizer $60; BB Chevy Manifold $125; Weaver Dry Sump Pump $350; + 4" F-150 Coils w/Urethane Insert $100; Ranger Rear Wheel Travel Kit $1500; AutoFab F-150 Bedsides $500; (2) Fox 9.5" Position Sensitive $90 each; (2) Bilstein 8" Coilovers $75; PCI Intercom $150; Comp Comm Intercom $75; SB Chevy Alum heads $750; 33x10.50 Bajas on . Centerlines $175 each. Call or stop by for your off road needs! The Sec-ond Lap (760)723-2117. Januarv 1999 FOR SALE: 93 Ford Ranger Ssp speedway 9" floater, Wilwood brakes 14" rotor fr, 12" rear Trip le shocks, Fr/rear-Fox wires & Bilstein w/res. 20" travel rear, 17" front, fiberglass fenders, 25 gal fuel cell, American Racing wheels, Beadlocks, Master-craft seats, $19,000.00obo (310)523-3857. CLASS 7 Ranger, Just won BITD Vegas to Reno, 4.01 V6, Mogi C4 trans, Custom 3" Bypass shocks and air bumps front and rear, National leafs, 40 spline 9" Full Floater, super tough rear-end, PCI radio/intercom, headlock wheels w/Baja tires, Auto-meter, Very clean, prepped, ready to win! $35,000.00 Ref #668 Baja Bro-kers (760)723-2117. FOR SALE: Jimco Class 1/10 18" travel front 24' rear, Fox shocks w/ reservoirs, SAW axles & torsion, Secondary suspension, Combs, Sum-mers Bros. Disc front & rear outboard 930 c.v.s, Professionally built trans, Fuel safe cell, UMP, Wright Custom paint, $12,000.00 w/o engine. Call (702)482-9298 leave message. FOR SALE: Rose gear box, fresh before 97 1000, 780 miles on it. 1st 3.10, 2nd 1.93, 3rd 1.50, 4th 1.25, 5.14 R & P. Gear stack is 1 year old, sold as is for $4,500.00 Dave (714)633-3635 8am to 5pm. FORSALE: HewlandFGTransmis-sion. Geared for air-cooled 177 6cc 10 or 12 car. All parts in excellent con-dition. Professionally maintained. $4,800.00oboCall (760)727-5319or 602 402-6215 or 602 334-0096. CLASS 1 TRUGGY-As Tricky as Herbst, A-Arm front/rear engine/ V-drive/Full floater rear, All alu-minum Chevy V6 w/500 hp, G-force 5 speed manual trans by Jeff Fields, Super trick suspension with King Coilover and bypass shocks, Air bumps, CNC brakes, 35" Baja's on headlocks, ready to race for overall!! $90,000.00 all trades considered Ref #667 Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117. ACECO RACE CAR-Low miles, progressive Foddrill front suspen-sion, Kuster coilovers w/Eibach springs, f&r, Kuster bypass in rear, CNC disc brakes, Charlyn PIS, Beadlock wheels w/Yokohama Tires, FAT Type 2 trans, FAT Rabbit Class 10 motes, alum ra-diator, Setrab oil cooler/fan, 32 FOOT TRAILER, triple axle, in-sulated, work bench, 12/110 volt lights, 1989 Chevy Dually 454 cid, TH400 w/2 speed auxiliary trans, Alcoas w/Michelins, Available as a pkg or separate, less motor/ trans, whatever! Call for details. Ref #692 Baja Brokers (760) 723-2117. FOR SALE: Class 8 Chevrolet, SCORE legal, 540hp V8 400 trans, Custom Kuster shocks, 22 + travel, coil springs front/quarter elliptic rear, custom built top to bottom, 50 gal fuel cell, disc brakes, radio, intercom, spare motor, tires, much more $75,000.00 (626)359::::::-::::;:l 7=68=. ===; FOR SALE: Class 7S Ranger, 2.9 , V-6 custom 3" Kuster shocks 12" front 18" rear, Beard seat, Fuel Safe cell, C-4 trans, 9" rear end, fiberglass and metal fenders, built for Desert and short course, ran 4 short course races since built, race ready, must see, $18,500.00 (408) 778-1980. FOR SALE: 98 CORR, ProLite Spec Chassis. John Greaves built 2. 7 Liter Ford, Jerico trans, Dana 60 rear, Fox coilover. Spare engine, trans gears, Rear end gears, Body panels, radia-tor, Wheels, Gold star clutch, best of everything, $38,000.00 (414) 285-3233, (414)285-3344. PROPERTIES FOR SALE: Perfect for Off-Road Race Team! In Barstow, 2 1/2 acres, 2400sq.ft. house, 3 car garage, 32x40 steel bldg. W/10 ft. doors, lots of ce-ment &grass. Great location for test-ing! $165,000.00 (760) 256-5205 or (760) 256-0363. INDII· To Advertisers Baker Performance Products ................... 59 Barbary Coast, Gold Coast, Orleans Hotels ...................................... 16 Bilstein Corp. Of America ....................... 5 & 58 Cactus Racing ............................................... 39 Camburg Engineering ................................ 54 Critical Operations .................................... 56 Donahoe Racing Enterprises ..................•. 59 Fabtech Motorsports ................................. 43 FAT Performance ....................................... 31 Dave Folts ................................................... 30 Bekki Freeman ............................................ 19 FRT Motorsports ........................................ 36 Fox Racing Shox .......................................... 2 Fuel Safe Racing Cells .............................. 47 German Auto ............................................... 14 Golden Nugget ............................................ 57 Granada -Dakar ......................................... 49 Terrible Herbst Motorsports ......... 40 & 41 Kawaguchi Honda ...................................... 15 King Shock Tech ........................................ 47 McKenzie Performance Products .. 13 & 37 Mirage ......................................................... 42 M.O.R.E ........................................................ 27 MSD Ignition ............................................... 44 Nevada Off Road Buggy ............................ 48 Oliver Motorsports .................................... 33 PCI Race Radios and Equipment. ............... 4 Pike's Family Restaurant ......................... 38 Premier Racing Products .......................... 66 Quartermaster Professional Racing Clutches .................... Back Cover Race Ready Products ................................ 52 Riverside Resort .......................................... 9 SCORE Laughlin ......................................... 11 SNORE Avi 250 ........................................... 23 Spec Truck, Inc .......................................... 51 Summit Off Road Racing Association .... 53 Sway-A-Way Corp ........................................ 7 Temecula Off Road .................................... 26 Toyota .......................................................... 12 Transaxle Engineering .............................. 24 Tri-Mil Industries ....................................... 55 Valley Performance ................................... 25 Whiplash Motorsports .............................. 45 Todd W,ittman ............................................ 29 Yarnell Specialties .................................... 20 Page 67

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" ; tapped · on and you r Pro eries 4.5" Clutch ls our small · . . metallic racing clutch ever! ries 4.5,, S disc button assem · · . r mothent-of-inertia metallic button e~4.5 m n,e parable to a 5.s~ 3 d h for a fraction of . cover ~ ...... ••special isc.mate • Clutches • Hydraulic Release Bearings • Flywheels • Pilot Bus;hings ·• Bellhousings • Start~rs ·• Oriveshafts • Quick Change Gears • :Axle Tube Seals • Cambered Axle Tubes • Cambered Drive Flanges • Pace Race Jad<s