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1996 Volume 13 Number 6 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 13 • Number 6 - June 1996 $1.00 . Covering the world of co~petition in the dirt

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%, Fox; Pro-Series She>x are ava.ilnblc ln both. N"on. C::oil-C>ver a..n..d C::oil-C>ver de.slansw I:>el..ron spring guides are av.o.1.lo."ble for dual spring appllcatlon.~.

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Volume 13 - Number 6 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Michael Ward Bekki Wilcel Controller John Calvin Circulation 0 . Osborne Contributors Jim Baker C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Carol Clark Don Dayton John Elkin Homer Eubanks Don Holbrook Martin Holmes Daniel Mainzer Troy Robinson Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith Judy Smith Tony Tellier Trackside Photo Inc._ Art Director Larry E. Worsham --..VII.LIi -IIACI• -June 1996 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Subscription Rates: 1lril Sriscf<r,• $20 .00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may · be subject to e~iti_ng. _ DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. 'No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA ~1311-4408". CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY 1:-JMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH ••• We know you will find this hard to believe, but this is the crew that gets all the cars in line, in class, before every SCORE race. It is a lot of work for the small crew. However they are furnished with the latest in equipment; notice the comfortable chair, the clip-boards, and they are even furqished with two hats, one visor and for Roberta Lavelle a very expensive T shirt. The scene is just north of Stateline, NV before the Primm 300. Photo by John B. Calvin. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar " funnies"or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. DustyTimcs June 1996 I I I I I I I I I I I j In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page Vegas to Reno Off Road Race by Judy Smith ................ 10 La Rana California 200 by Judy Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Wild West SCCA PRO Rally by Jim Culp .......... ........ 22 Road to the Incas by Martin Holmes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Australian Stadium Racing by Darryl Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 VORRA Spring Special by Troy Robinson .................. 28 Northwest SCCA Divisional Rallies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Havasu Happenings by Jim Russell ......................... 32 Akan 5000 Rally by Tom Grimshaw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 WRC Safari Rally by Martin Holmes ...... . ·. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 1996 Chevrolet Blazer by John B. Calvin .................... 39 Whiplash Vulture Mine Bash .............. .". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Glen Helen OHV Park -Round 2 .......................... 42 Marlboro Desert Challenge by Ed Heuvink . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 DEPARTMENTS Soap Box ............. ......... . .......................... 4 Trail Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Happenings ................................. ............ . 6-Checkers by the Big Wah.zoo ................. . ............ 17• FAIR News by Dave Massingham .................. ........ 31' Pony Express ............................. .............. 33 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Baja Pits by Julio Carcia .............. ....... ............. 52 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 ON THE COVER -We feature a pair of big winners in two vastly different events.Jim and Jeff Stiles were the first car off the line and also . the first car to arrive in Ft. Churchill in the Vegas to Reno race. In between they got welded, got help from bystanders, all the good things about desert racing.Jim drove the majority of the distance and Jeff took the last dark legs and they had a lead of over SO minutes at the checkered flag. They only had one big problem, and otherwise a smooth trip to glory and cash. Our congratulations to the Stiles brothers driving an older Raceco. On the other side of the mountains La Rana held the California 200 near Ridgecrest, CA. He has been threatening to take one of these races overall, and Kyle Taylor did just that with James Galloway riding shotgun. The potent Chevy from Hemet' swept Class 8 by over an hour, and won overall by a full 15 minutes. Kyle hails from Hemet which has given us a great many great racers and race cars. Our congratulations to Kyle Taylor for a job well done. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Inc. (6 S~7odatf ~USTYTIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $20.00 □ 2 years - $30.00 □ 3 years - $40.00 (no credit carda please) Take advantage of your subsaiption bonus •• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name _ _____________________ _ Address _ _ _ __________________ _ City Stace ---------~Zip- ·-------- - -Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004 (~anadi~ - l_year $25 .00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates on request) Page 3

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1,rail Notes ••• Soap Box ••• By Herman de Nunzio ----------------------------------Radio communication has. same channel as you, it is also very . no problems". That's all. There is no need for an in depth report, unless there is a t>rohlem. A driver who's constantly on the radio cannot concentrate on driving and loses time. Maybe your consistent jabbering distracts him, just like it distracts us, only he won't tell you. When a driver tells you there's a problem, use all the air time necessary to rectify the situation, then get off the air. It's not necessary to probe the driver for the next half hour about a problem that has been fixed. If your driver calls and tells you that he just blew up the transmission, tell him that you are on the way and will be there in 15 min. Talking to him for the next 15 min. won't fix the transmission. Even though everyone gets caught up in the heat of racing, let's all try to remember that we're not the only ones out there, and exercise a little more radio courtesy. expanded the way in which pit . distractive to other drivers, in . crews are ablt to quickly react to a other classes, who have to listen race related problem. It's a far cry to your inch by inch progress. At from "Stuck Stubs". There are the PRIMM 300, the conversa-two relay channels that help us tions became so distractive, that communicate with remote our driver had to turn off his locations. Drivers are no longer radio. The only time that he stranded, alone, for hours on end, turned it back on was to until they are found. That's the communicate with his pit crew to positive side. On the negative apprise them of a problem. We· side, radio time is precious, and, were unable to communicate with as the requirement for air time him. When one of our pit crews becomes more and more demand-was trying to communicate with ing, we all need to be more another pit crew, to inform them considerate of each other and use that our entry would be a little late the limited air time more reaching them, due to a mechan-efficiently. With more than one ical failure, we w~re told by a team team using the same channel, that shares the same channel with ra-dio courtesy is paramount. us, "get off the air, you 're During a race, the stationary interfering with our race." Now participants want to know as come on boys, it doesn't matter much about what is happening as who you are, or how much money they can. Unfortunately, talking you have, no one has exclusive to your driver, or talking to your rights to a specific channel. pit crew, on a constant basis, Everyone needs to exercise sending or receiving information courtesy, and try to remember mile by mile consumes .valuable that you are not the only ones air time, and is very discourteous racing, or the only ones on that to others who share the same channel. channel with you. It also restricts If you intrust your vehicle to a a team, with a real problem, from driver, you must have enough communicating with each other confidence in his ability or you on how to solve their situation. wouldn't let him drive in the first Another problem with the place. If your driver has a problem constant, insistent, needless he'll let you know. If you want conversations, is that it not only progress reports, all your driver annoys everyone that is on the has to say is "XXX thru Check 4 Volunteers are invited to climb on their "Soap Box" and fill this space with their thoughts about what is good and what is not so good about the state of the sport. Your words, short of being libelous, will be print-ed. So, send along )'OUT praise or damnation on )'OUT Soap Box topic w Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-44o8. ------------------------NEVADA'./ LARGEIT OFFROAD, .IAND, flREET VW PART.I flORE WE CARRY AURORA, PYROTECT, PARKER PUMPER TURBO BLUE, VDO, CACTU.f RACING BAKER BATTERIE/, JWAY A WAY WRIGHT PLACE, EARlJ, YOKOHAMA .fllPER TRAP, JWEPCO, TANAKA BUG PACK, .f&f, CHENOWTH UMP, BELL HELMET.I, KEP, .fACO FODDRIL, UNI-FILTER K&N, TRI-MIL, PERMA COOL BEARD.I, PIM, DIRT BAGZ ------------------------THE SCORE PRIM 300 is long over but the pleasant memories live on. It has been a few years since we have felt welcome in Las Vegas, they don't need us anymore. Of course Michael Gaughan pulls out all the stops for the Gold Coast SNORE 250, but he is the exception that proves the rule. Of course last March the Rio was a gracious host for the pre-race activities and supplied generous space in the rear parking lots for tech and contingency activity for the Vegas to Reno race. So maybe the worm is turning. It sure had turned at State Line for the Primm 300. All three hotels there are owned by the same family and the designated hitter was Buffalo Bills, with interior motif to match its name and the world's most frightening looking roller coaster. The Primms gave SCORE a couple of meeting rooms near the door out to contingency row, one for registration and one for the drivers meeting. They even put a couple of snack stands in the contingency row, which was a paved parking lot right next to the start/finish line. You felt welcome! We have results that show Ron Brant won Class 1, Don Lampus Jr. won Class 1-2-1600, George Seeley won Class 5, but not without a struggle. Jerry McDonald won Class 7, and Scott Steinberger took Class 7S. Dan Smith took Class 8, again, Mark Bunderson won Class 9, Roy Croll won Class 10, and Victor Barajas and family got around two of the three laps to win Class 1 L. The Pro Truck win went to Chuck Harris, Stock Full went to Steve Olliges and Michael Martin took Stock Mini trucks. Robby Gordon won the Trophy Trucks early in Watch for an in depth report by Judy Smith complete with pictures next month. GLEN HELEN HAS A NEW PRESIDENT! Glen Helen Raceway Park, producers of the Shoei Helmets 125cc/250cc National MX Championship and the highly successful Chevrolet Off Road Winter Series, is pleased to announce the appointment of Brfan Church as president. "We are extremely pleased to have Brian Church accept this position." said Bud Feldkamp, CEO of the park. "This is really a big expansion year for Glen Helen and Church's expertise and Knowledge will be an extremely valuable asset." Church, who originally hails from England, has long been involved in motorsports. Moving to America in 1963, he actually met Feldkamp when they raced motocross together. "Feldkamp and I have actually known each other for about fifteen years and have worked together off and on duri,ng that time," explains Church. "The growth potential for Glen Helen is phenomenal and I am looking forward to a long and successful relationship." Church continued "Glen Helen provides the perfect facility for all kinds of racing. Last year we added the Chevrolet Off Road Winter Series which was a huge success. This year we are bringing back AMA professional motocross, plus a year-end AMA Amateur National Championship Week. Future plans include flat track, speedway, drag racing, etc. We have the space and the ability to make this park into a virtual motorsports playground and that is what we plan to do." THE OHIO Off Road Racing Season kicked off with a lot of excitement at the Harrison Gounty Fairgrounds last April. There were blown motors, broken axles, bent up cars and too"many crashes to count! The warrior cars were flying off the jumps like they were buggies, only they managed to stay on all four wheels! The buggies were flipping end-over-end and rolling.sideways landing on each,pther! Even though it was cold, many spectators stuck it out and got their money's worth when Mike Facemire and passenger Paul Randall rolled over in tum one in Class 11! Later in Class 1-1600 Dave Havel from Pennsylvania decided to join the upside down club. It didn't slow him down any, he still finished a good third. Rick Schmitt joined the elite end-over-end , rolling club in Class 9 as he did his rear over front, side over side stunt! Everyone walked away safe and sound. All in all it was a great first race. Come join the fun at the next one! For the record Stock Class went to Dale Rauzi, Class 11 to Mark Webber, Class 1-2-1600 and Class 9 were won by Dan Baudoux, and Robert Wardell won Class 1 and the Road Warriors honors went to Randy Parrot. · SOUTH AFRICAN OFF ROAD RACING. By way of introduction I am the managing director of Super Series (Pty) Limited promoting and staging stadium and short course off road races along the lines of events at Glen Helen while Videosport is the leading producer of sport and motorsports television programing, including off road racing, for broadcast in South Africa and Europe. Vehicle wise South Africa is considerably ahead of Australia with Raceco being the dominant buggy. Races cater for quads, motorcycles and production based vehicles like Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Nissan Pathfinders and Toyota Hilux pickups. · With the advent of stadium/short course racing a number of ex-Mickey Thompson vehicles are now being imported eg. we have bought the two Venable Ford Grand N~tional Sport Trucks as well as the Mike Lesle Jeep Cherokee which raced in Class 8. Another driver has bought the ex-Walker Evans Dodge Dakota and two Super 1650s have been imported so far. We note that reports of Australian off road racing feature regularly in Dusty Times and would like to propose that you carry reports and photographs on the South African Off Road Championship as well as the TOT AL Super Series 96 in your Publication. We ·would enjoy having you aboard with reports and results, some black and white or color print photos will do nicely. Thank you for thinking of Dusty Times ( ed ). -------FOX .fHOXf, COMP-U-FIRE WEBER CARB.f , .fAND TIRE/ & RIM.I RIP ROD, CNC, CENTERLINE, ULTRA, CWTOM & COMMERCIAL WHEEL /IMP/ON, ./CAT & MORE -· -----MUROC REUNION LAND SPEED RACE. For the first time in over · fifty years on Saturday and Sunday late in April land speed racers competed on . the dry lake bed that is now Edwards Air Force Base. This giant flat lake bed in the Southern California desert, now famous as the landing site for the space shuttle, was known as Muroc Dry Lake until the Air Force took it over and closed it to public use before World War II. It was here beginning in the 1920s that the Southern California Hot Rod industry was born. The Air Force embraced the idea of a "Reunion" meet, and the public and racers responded. There were over 250 competitors, and spectators approached 10,000. Without question this was the largest land speed racing event in history. The "Spirit of Havasu" Vertex Radio, KC HiLites and BFGoodrich sponsored Nissan land speed racing truck was there making history as well. Competing in E Modified Pickup class, the 2400cc four cylinder entry was driven by Carl "CJ" Jackson ofLake'Havasu City, Arizona. It roared through the timing lights at the end of the 1.3 mile course where only experimental jets and the space shuttle normally venture, setting a new record of 130.780 miles per hour and earning the team another place in the automotive history books. 'Carl has driven this truck to two previous records; one on El Mirage Dry Lake 1111111 11111111 --111111111 Page 4 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM TO 6PM SAT 9 AM TO 5PM (702) 871-491.1 (702) 871-5221. FAX June 1996 ------in 1994, and another at Bonneville Salt Flats in 1995. .,,,. ' Dusty Times

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1996 Happenings •• ~ ASOCIACIONESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector AfYfO42 ' San Jose del Caho Baja Calif. del Sur, Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia 0l l-18-07-3298-5522 AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class 10 cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blainville, Quebec, Canada K7B lHl (514)434-5792 BAJA INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box392 Calexico, CA 92232 Apartado Postal 31/ 163 Mexicali, BC, Mexico (Mexicali (65) 55-62-83 Off Road Races BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD. S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 August 9-11, 1996 Midnight Romp II 150 California City, CA October 4-6, 1996 Cal City Fall Final 250 California City, CA BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775/Fax (702) 641-2431 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. July 6, 1996 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV (tentative closed course) Au" 10-11, 1996 Salt Lake City, UT September 14, 1996 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 1996 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon,WI54520 (715) 478-2222 June 28-30, 1996 Spring Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI August 30--September 1, 1996 Chevrolet World Championship Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Donna Chizrna, CRS Director 521 Los Angeles Ave., #F Simi Valley, CA 93065 (805) 523-1387 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 July6-7, 1996 Reno Rally Reno, Nevada John Forespring (360) 943-2191 August 10-11, 1996 Gorman Ridge Frazier Park, CA Harris Done (310) 458-0199 September 7-8, 1996 Treeline Rally Lake Hughes, CA Bob/ Adrienne Scott (818) 901-8667 October 5-6, 1996 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ Jeff Hendricks (602) 778-7312 C.O.D.R.A. CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 (503) 389-2044 June 15, 1996 8rother 30Q _ ~IGGER IS BETTER _ Upgrade t_he_ C.V.s and torsion axles on your, IRS BaJa Bug or limited off roaa race car by letting us convert your stub axles and. transmissio·n1output bells to accept the lar er C.V:Join~s.. ' • . Convert Type I stub axies and output bell to_acc~pt Type II or T'ype IV or 930 C.V. . onvert Type 11 stub axles and output be.II to accept 930 C.V. joints. . All axles and bells for Type II or Type IV, g.v.s can be threaded %-24 or stock ai-nm. II axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be .threadAd 3/4-24 o[\,stac:k.10mm threads. FIT YOUR OFF ROAD Elli --. .WITH UPGRADED AXLES .ANDlBELLS . . Only $49.95..JJer ~l!DUli on your su11plied p~~·- _ _ _ _ HER Stop the up-trave on your suspension w,ith this advanced bump stop system. T~a5E: Bump Stops come ~rr:iplete with a mounting sys,em, poiy-eurethana 1,J piece, and enough valvtrig 'iO l,,':lt the job done. · ECONOMICALLY P~l9ED AT$319.90 per pair. Including the mounting hardware and the GAS bolts SEE YOUF!. OFF FOAD RACING PARlS SUPPLIER OR CALL US DIRECT. Yarnetr Specialties, Inc. 102 crntv1tw i-eo2-42l-355i P. 0. Box M5 • Yarnell, ~ 1531 Page 6 Millican, OR October 12, 1996 Whisky Springs 400 Millican, OR CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 Pierre, SD 57501 Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967" GUMBO BUTTES BAJA & MOTOCROSS Communications & Information Scott Olson ( 605) 224-5822 FAX (605) 224-5822 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLAIRTON HI-JACKERS I.C.O. Tom Delauder Sr. 1091 Twp. Line Road Wellsville, Ohio 43968 (330) 532-4589 Short Course and Cross Country Off Road Racing at Lil' Beaver Park, Lisbon, Ohio June 29-30, 1996 Thunder in the Hills Off Road Race August 17-18, 1996 Northeast Off Road Challenge September 21-22, 1996 Eastern Off Road Championships Lil Beaver Park, Lisbon, Ohio CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 617-46834) Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (61637/ 7 0034) CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O. Box3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3178 (714)367-1141 Fax: (714)367-1608 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholtz, Pres.ident (719)531-3642 W /(719)687-9827 H P.O. Box 8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 May 31, 1996 Parade/ B-Que Salida, CO June 1-2, 1996 Continental Divide Salida, CO July 27-28, 1996 Victor/ Cripple Creek Victor, CO August 23, 1996 Parade/B-Que Buena Vista, CO August 24-25, 1996 Buffalo Peaks Buena Vista, CO September 14-15, 1996 (Tentative) Four Mile Road - Teller County November 23, 1996 CHCA Banquet Location TBA CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren 2405 Baker Ave Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 -( All short course events at Thurston Count, ORV Park) June 15, 1996 Short Course July 6, 1996 Short Course July 7, 1996 Two Hour Enduro August 24·, 1996 Short Course September 15, 1996 Short Course June 1996 ,,,,.. more Trail Notes ••• WENDOVER EXPRESS RESULTS - Bonneville Off Road Ent~rprises kicked off their season on May 4 at Bonneville, actually at Wendover the town that straddles the Utah/ Nevada border. There was no word on the weather -hot, cold, wet, dry, so it must have been nice. There were five in Class 10 and three finishers, led by the combo of Jim Price and Mike Baker with 2:55:22 total time for four laps. Class 1-2-1600 had six starters and George Kautz Jr. led them all home. with a six lap time of 4:48:51. There were a trio of 5-1600 cars with a very tight .fight all just a couple minutes apart all the way. At the flag Jeff Robinson and Craig Holt came out on top by 56 seconds over Scott and Chris Smith. This class covered five laps, and the winners time was 4: 11 :25. The Heavy metal had four starters and all but one did five laps. Out front were Jeff Neagle and Garth Hanson. The Challengers also did five laps for a finish and four teams managed to do just that. Ahead of the pack by just over three minutes was Brett Notrh, Craig McKnight and Dave Jones and it was tight all the way thru fourth. There were three small trucks in Mini Metal but only one did five laps. That was Scott Noall and Mike Dalmon who got through five laps in 4:54:29. There were only two Sportsman entries and only one got a lap time let alone a finish. Jake and Sharon Maness covered three laps in 5: 12:50 for their win. That is all we know at the moment. We'll have a proper story next month. ROD MILLEN READY FOR PIKES PEAK • Rod Millen is ready to capture the 1996 title at Pikes Peak next month. He is ready to push himself and his Toyota Celka GT to the top to reclaim his title as overall Pikes Peak International Hill Climb champion at the 74th running of the "Race to the Clouds" on July 4 in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Although Millen is currently the overall record holder for the fastest time up the hill at 10:04:06, last year's poor weather conditions hindered Rod Millen Motorsports efforts to better that overall record set in 1994. Nobuhiro Tajima recorded the fastest time on the shortened course in 1995, a mere seven-tenths of a second quicker than Millen. "We're not looking back - only up, over and around the next turn," said Millen, the Newport Beach, CA resident. "And with a 12.42 mile course, 14,112 foot summit and more than 150 corners, a victory and the record are all we have in our sights." Miiien will navigate his Pennzoil iubricated, four wheel drive Toyota Celka GT through the second oldest sanctioned automobile racing event in the United States. The vehicle, equipped with specially designed BFGoodrich Tires, is powered by a Toyota Racing Development, USA, (TRD) modified turbocharged, four cylinder, 2 .1 liter engine based on the power plant that was under the hood of Dan Gurney's championship OTP cars. "Testing, testing, testing," said the transplanted New Zealander. "That's been the key to our success in the past and I believe it will continue to be one of our most valued tools." If anyone knows what it takes to win the "Race to the Clouds" it's Millen. Earning Pikes Peak championships in 1989, Production Class, 1991, Open Rally Class, 1992 Showroom Stock Class and most recently 1994 Unlimited Class and overall winner. He is ready to add a fifth title to his Pikes Peak collection. Millen's career highlights include winning an unprecedented three consecutive MTEG Stadium titles, and in 1994 he was named to the American Auto Raing Writers and Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) All America first team. In addition he has earned three New Zealand Rally Titles, two North American Race and Rally Championships, two SCCA Pro Rally titles, as well as receiving top honors three times in SCCA National Rally competition. That is a widely varied group of titles! Good Luck Rod Millen and Company on July 4, 1996. TEAM TOYOTA READY FOR BAJA. Meanwhile Millen's former teammate in the MTEG truck racing Ivan Stewart is preparing for the 25th anniversary Baja 500 happening on June 1. With help from Precision Preparation Inc. (PPI) and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) crews Stewart will navigate his Toyota TrophyTruck511.6 miles to vie for his 14th Baja500 victory, the race where he first earned the Iron Man Title. He has more wins at this race than anyone in the history of the event. "I've always had great luck in Baja," said the Alpine, CA resident. "The people, weather and terrain have always been good to me. There are some very competitive teams out there this year, but I'm confident that Team Toyota has what it takes to bring home another victory. Stewart is tied for second place in point standings after the Parker 400, San Felipe 250 and the Las Vegas Primm 300. Robby Gordon, the current points leader with three wins, will not race in Baja because of Indy Car commitments. Jimmy Smith, however, will be driving in Gordon's place . Before the race Stewart and the PPI team will have pre-run the course four times to pick out problem areas, the best driving lines and where to place their support crews. DAN ASHCRAFT ENTERS PIKES PEAK - Five time Baja 1000 winner and former AMA D-37 champion Dan Ashcraft will compete in the 1996 Chevrolet Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, July 4. Although Ashcraft is an accomplished desert motorcycle racer with impressive off road credentials, as a rookie he will join a talented and experienced field in Open Pro Motorcycle Division. Others slated to compete in the top motorcycle group are returning stars Davey Durelle and local pros Brian Anderson ( a three time winner in '91, '91,'92) and Paul Zinke. Absent this year is three time consecutive winner and current motorcycle record holder Clint Vahsholtz. After receiving high marks at the Bondurant Driving School last winter, Vahsholtz switched to cars and will race a '96 Ford Mustang in Super Stock Division. Ashcraft will compete on a KTM 550M/XC against a predominately four stroke field. LA TE FLASH! We just returned from the SNORE Caliente 250 which is held in God's country, 150 miles northeast of Las Vegas and light years away in the society. It is 50 years ago when you arrive in the hamlet but we digress. The race course held water crossings, cliffs shrouded by trees, all sorts of mountain style hazards not usually found on SNORE race courses. It was six laps of a 40 mile course for Classes 1.10, 1-2-1600, five lapsforClass9andSportsman. Danny Anderson with a two lap assist.from Rob MiicCachren won the race overall and in Class 10 at 4:52:59. Neither Class 1 car went more than three laps. Jeremy Gubler returned tohiswinningwaysin Class 1-2-1600 at5:14:05, 16 minutes ahead o~.J. Almberg in second. Doug Ingram returned to the winners' circle in Class 9 at 4:39:2 7 top time in the 18 car class. Kevin Streety won Class 5-1600, John McCorrmick won Sportsman overall and his brother did two good laps to win Class 11. We'll have the full story and photos next month. Dusty Times

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an Present The SNORE MJo·--=NJGHT SPECIAL SATURDAY AUGUST 3RD, l 996 NElUS DUNES, lAS VEGAS, NEVADA $$00.00 additional prize money honus to first in Class 1/2-1600 !U $1500.00 guaranteed minimum purse to the first place finishers in Class 1/2-Unlimited, 1/2-1600, 5-Unlimited, Class 10, Heavy Metal, and Mini Metal with a 10 ca_r Minium class! Entry forms for preregistration are available from SNORE. Contact Joe Ross c/ o Tate & Snyder Architects, 709 Valle Verde Court, Henderson, NV Tel. 702-456-3000 for forms. Entry fees/deposits are not refundable. However, if notification is made to SNORE prior to race registration that you cannot compete in the event, fees may be transferred to another SNORE race within the same calendar year. There is a $10.00 fee on all returned checks. Registration will take place at a 'to be announced • locati~,n Friday, August 2nd from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. All preregistration entry forms need to be received by SNORE no later than Monday, July 29th, 1996. $1000.00 guaranteed minimum purse tc the.first place finisher in Class 5-1600 and Class 9 with a 10 car minmum class! Technical Inspection will be held on Friday, August 2nd at Hotels & Motels are nearby, here ore some names and the 'to be announced location from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. reservation hotlines of the ones close to the race course. The rooms go quickly so make sure you call now! Drawing for starting order will be Friday, August 2nd at 9:30 pm immediatly following registration and tech inspection. Mandatory Drivers Meeting will be held at the St~rt/ Finish Line Saturday, August 3rd al 7:00 pm. Race Starts at 8:00 pm SHARPIII Awards Banquet TBA (SNORE's Preferred Hotel) The Gold Coast Hotel &. Casino 800-331-5334 The Fiesta Casino Hotel 702-631-7000 Texas G01mbling Hall &. Casino 702-631-1000 The Santa Fe Hotel &. Casino 702-658-4949 i!'ARACING ~GASOLINE ~Ir■■•■■-~~ .. • • ar■~• • ■ The Official Fuel of SNORE REMEMBER OUR Elll'RY' FEES ARE OIi& CLASS 1/2, 1/2-1600, 5, 10 $310.00 HEAVY METAL, MINI METAL $310.00 CLASS 9 $165.00 CLASS 5-1600 $165.00 CLASS 11 $7 5.00 SPORTSMAN BUGGY AND TRUCK $7 5.00 RACE MANAGMENT FEE $10.00 INSURANCE ALL CLASSES $95.00 ~~/ {/!J1 CACTUS RACING r.,RA(ING :.,.,,.,,.)"0.-~r'T'{ DUSTY TIMES s~r~aadricli ,.. IITJ ~"~'/.••-<uv,~, -..v"'"•, . ~r-•-.;a,_i __ r_ JiACl'Iii HiiJitti ~ ACCESSCRIES re,~, •-~..,..., .. , -i::14...,.. . TOTAL PERFORMANCE FOR MORE INFO CALL THE SNORE HOTLINE 702 .. 452 . .4522 l)t..J, '(lsitif T._e~~ =r~".'~. .,! ~ ~ 'ifffB_x_ LE I •ANcHa .1,-. [I oe ~_yr:g1Q)j ENGINEERING lffl'susPENSIDN. \V-ISP'

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DECATUR November 15-17, 1996 Jim Kendel November 8-10, 1996 (908) 369-6550 FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Spangler 300 (216) 339-4674 Tecate Baja 1000 ( All eiJel\ts at Owego Motor Sports Pa;k, Decatur, TX 76234 Ridgecrest, CA All races held at Harrison Baia Norte, B.C., MX Rte. 434, Owe£o, NY) Tom Allen SUMMER HEAT County Fairgrounds, Cadiz, Ohio SONS OF THUNDER VORRA (800) 662-3649/ (214) 641-2090 TROPHY DASH SERIES June 1, 1996 4WHEELERS Valley Off Road Racing Association FORDA June 22-23, 1996 July 13, 1996 Race Division 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Florida Off Roaders Round #2 (Fair week invitational) Keith Stewart Sacramento, CA 95838 Drivers•· Association Barstow, CA August 3, 1996 (714) 522-1899 (916) 925-1702 2750 Cozumel Drive #1116 August 10-11, 1996 August 24, 1996 S.C.T.A. July 27-28, 1996 Melbourne, FL 32935 Round #3 Southern California Fallon 250 at Night (407)254-5167 Barstow, CA September 7, 1996 Timing Association Fallon, NV FUDPUCKER MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS Se2tember 28, 1996 Elice Simonis Tucker August JO-September 2, 1996 RACINGTEAM 3749 Needmore Hwy ONTARIO OFF ROAD 22048 Vivienda Ave. Yerington to Fallon and Back 250 Kennedy, #2 Charlotte, MI 48813 RACERS ASSOCIATION Grand Terrace, CA 92324 Yerington, NV Chula Vista, CA 92011 (517) 543-7214 Bob Joseph, President (714) 783-8293 September 28-29, 1996 (619) 427-5759 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD 80 Hempstead Dr. SNORE Fall Special July 19-20, 1996 CHAMPIONSHIPS Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Southern Nevada Off Prairie City SVRA Park Conquista 200 M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. l..BW 2E7 - (905) 574-7068 Road Enthusiasts Sacramento, CA Tecate, BC, Mexico 15529 Jones Road June 15-16, 1996 P.O. Box 4394 October 26-27, 1996 October 18-20, 1996 Grand Ledge, MI 4883 7 Cayuga International Las Vegas, NV 89106 VORRA's Championship Race Superstition 250 XII (517) 627-6200 Dragway Park (Tentative) (702) 452-4522 Prairie City SVRA Park Lake Superstition, CA June 22-23, 1996 Cayuga, Ont. August 2-4, 1996 Sacramento, CA December 30-31, 1996 Chevrolet Off Road Natipnals July 6-7, 1996 KC HiLites Midnight Special WESTERN OFF ROAD Dunaway Dash Lake Odessa, MI Cedar Springs Nellis Dunes RACING ASSOCIATION Plaster City West, CA July 28, 1996 Cold Springs, Ont. North Las Vegas, NV Larry Henderson GLEN HELEN OHV PARK Mason, MI July 27-28, 1996 September 27-29, 1996 (604) 538-0692 P.O . Box 6950 August 1, 1996 Cayuga International Gold Coast SNORE 250 WORRA, P.O . Box3241 San Bernardino, CA 92412 Sandusky, MI Dragway Park (Tentative) Jean, NV Sumas, WA 98295 Cayuga, Ont. October 25-27, 1996 (714)880-1733 WESTERN PENSYLV ANIA (Contact B]3M Marketing Promotions, MID-AMERICA August 10-11, 1996 KC HiLites Twilight 200 WHEEL TO WHEEL P.O. Box 582, Lakewood, CA 90714 OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION Off Road Rumble Eldorado Valley, NV OFF ROAD RACING (310) 988-6250 Steph Sabo, Vice Pres. MAORA Grand Bend, Ont. December 6-8, 1996 Patrick McGuire 1996 Off Road Series 19 Lakeshore Dr August 24-25, 1996 Vegas 300 1255 Waverly Drive Nashville, IL 62263 Points Races (618) 327-9312 Janetville Jamboree Jean, NV ' Latrobe, PA 15650 June 30, 1996 Mike Turner, Vice Pres. LTOR Janetville, Ont. SUPER SERIES (PTY) LTD. (412) 532-0802 July 28, 1996 2508 Pine September 21-22, 1996 P.O. Box 706 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS Mattoon, IL 61938 Cedar Springs Parklands, 2121 2939 E. Grovers August 25, 1996 (217) 235-2473 Cold Springs, Ont. South Africa Phoenix, AZ 85023 September 29, 1996 June 22, 1996 October 5-6, 1996 (011) 788-5138 (602) 971-3730 October 29, 1996 Vermillion County Speedway Off Road Rumble Fax (011) 880-2170 June 15, 1996 SPECIAL EVENT Oakwood, IL Grand Bend, Ont. June 7-9, 1996 Thunder Valley December6,7,8,1996 July 6, 1996 PERRIS AUTO SPEEDWAY Toyota 1000 Desert Race Mayer, AZ Chevrolet Off Road Winter Series Washington County Fairgrounds 18700 Lake Perris Drive July 27, 1996 August 31, 1996 GORRA Nashville, IL Perris, Riverside County, CA TOT AL Super Series 96 Snowflake Georgia Off Road July 20, 1996 1-800-976-RACE August 9-10, 1996 Snowflake, AZ Racing Association Vermillion County Speedway June 15, 1996 Settler400 November 2, 1996 420 Hosea Road Oakwood, IL Off Road Races August 24, 1996 Buckeye Blast Lawrenceville, GA 30245 August 1 7, 1996 A£fRst 4, 1996 TOT AL Super Series 96 Buckeye, AZ ( 404) 963-0252 Perry County 4-H Fairgrounds 0 Road Races September 20-22, 1996 December 7, 1996 GREAT PLAINS OFF ROAD Tell City, IN September 22, 1996 Caledon 400 P.oint to Point RACING ASSOCIATION September 14, 1996 Off Road Races September 28, 1996 Sonoyta to Rocky Point To Be Announced Sonora, Mexico GPORRA October 6, 1996 TOT AL Super Series 96 13621 Pierce St. October 5, 1996 Off Road Races November 7-8, 1996 WISCONSIN Omaha, NE 68144-1122 Lincoln Trail Motosports Roof of Africa Rally OFF ROAD FESTIVAL ( 402) 333-051 7 Eve. Casey, IL PIKES PEAK Terry or Bev Friday Keith Koesters October 6, 1996 P.O . Box 6962 SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD 5913 So. U.S. Hwy 45 6716 N. 106th St. Lincoln Trail Motosports Colorado Springs, CO 80934 DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Oshkosh, WI 54901 Omaha, NE68122 L TOR will present a non-points (719) 685-4400 Terry Wolfe ( 414) 688-5509 ( 402) 496-0846 Eve. endurance race S.C.A.T. INC. 7839 W. North Avenue FIA WORLD RALLY (all races at Weslfair Fair Grounds, (M.A.O.R.A. sanctioned races. Series Michael R. King Wauwatosa, WI 53213 CHAMPIONSHIP Council Bluffs, Iowa on a ¾ mile course produced by Lincoln Trail Off Roaders) P.O. Box277 ( 414) 453-SODA similar to the MTEG tracks, and Classes r, Morrisonville, NY 12962 June 8-9, 1996 June 1-5, 1996 r-r6oo, 7S and Quad under SODA rules) MSBA (518) 561-3208/ (518) 236-7897 Antigo Kiwanis Off Road Race Acropolis Rally Michigan Sport Buggy Association Antigo, WI Greece IOK FOUR WHEELERS Dave Barrett SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES July 3-6, 1996 P.O. Box36 6363 Nightingale Dr. Sports Car Club of America June 22-23, 1996 Rally of Argentina Cleves, Ohio 45002 Flint, MI 48506 P.O. Box 3278 Lake Geneva Raceway Buenos Aires, Argentina ( All eiJel\ts staged at the club grounds (810) 736-9221 Englewood, CO 80112 Lake Odessa, MI in Cleves, Ohio) (303) 779-6622 July 6-7, 1996 July 26-30, 1996 NATIONAL MUD RACING June 1-2, 1996 Road America Off Road Race Rally of New Zealand INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION Lake Geneva Raceway W2L an Asia Pacific ICE RACING ASSOCIATION Rt. #1 - Box 380 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally Lake Geneva, WI August 23-25, 1996 P.O. Box 8105 Dave or Marlene Ryan Wellsboro, PA July 20-21, 1996 NESTE 1000 Lakes St. Paul, MN 55108 Palatka, FL 32177 July 26-28, 1996 Luxemburg Off Road Race Finland Steve Beddor (904) 325-5422 Maine Forest Summer Pro Rally Luxemburg, WI September 13-16, 1996 (612~ 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK Rumford, ME August 3-4, 1996 Telstra Australia INTER-SHOWS . 1360 Kleppe Lane August 23-25, 1996 UP Off Road 100 WC-W2L-AP MOTORSPORTS Sparks, NV Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally Bark River, MI Australia PROMOTIONS, INC. (702) 331-4800/ (702) 331-5107 Fax Bemidji,MN August 31-September 1, 1996 October 12-16, 1996 P.O. Box 2910 OFF ROAD ADVENTURES September 27-29, 1996 World's Championship Italia Sanremo Mission Viejo, CA 92690 Four Wheel Drive Excursions Sunriser 400 Pro Rally Crandon, WI Sanremo, Italy (714~ 364-0515 P.O. Box 1154 Chillicothe, Ohio September 14-15, 1996 November 3-6, 1996 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER Arcata, CA 95518 October 5-6, 1996 Wisconsin Off Road Festival Catalunya Costa-Brava 4WD'CLUB (707) 822-8508 Prescott Forest Pro Rally Oshkosh, WI Spain P.O. Box465 June 14-15, 1996 Prescott, AZ November 24-27, 1996 Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 Ghost Town Adventure '96 October 18-20, 1996 -SWORDS Network QRAC · Bob (604) 374-7175 days South Lake Tahoe, CA Lake Superior Pro Rally South West Off Road Racing England Randy (604) 579-9621 eves Houghton, MI Desert Series Keith ( 604) 828-1795 anytime August 16-17, 1996 November 8-10, 1996 4209 So. CR 1300 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. Gold Rush Adventure Odessa, TX 79765 1665 Delaware St. ( All events start 7 miles NW of Kam loops) Nevada City, CA Pacific Forest Pro Rally Olympia, WA Mike Parker Oshkosh,WI54901 LA RANA DESERT RACING September 20-21, 1996 (915) 337-3437 (414) 426-0470/ ( 414) 982-7306 P.O. Box 1365 Kern River Jamboree SCORE (All races held at Notrees, TX Apple Valley, CA 92307 Kernville/ Lake Isabella, CA Score International 25 miles west al Odessa, TX AffENTION (619) 240-1335/ (619) 240-1312 OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. So. Fax: (619) 961-7407 OF EL PASO Las Vegas, NV 89124 TORA (702) 361-5404 Truck Racing Association RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS July 19-21, 1996 Joey Vasquez May 31-June 2, 1996 Ray Camey, Director List :,our coming =ts in DUSTY Barstow 250 13180 Round Dance 7 Prutell Drive Barstow, CA El Paso, TX 79936 Tecate Baja 500 Apalchin, NY 13732 T{MES free! It is the only way some fans September 20-21, 1996 (915) 855-8899 Ensenada, B.C., MX (607) 625-5676 knowabout:,ourevent, if they don't happen Sidewinder 300 (All races are at Mountain Shadow Lake July 5-7, 1996 to be on :,our club mailing list. Don't call, Barstow, CA Take I-10 Horizon Blvd exit east 12 miles) Fireworks 250 UORRA but mail your 1996 schedule as soon as October 18-20, 1996 Barstow, CA United Off Road Racing Association possible for listing in this column; it could OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. September6-8 {13-15), 1996 Dave Urbanowicz, President bring you some extra entries! Mail your race High Desert 200 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. Laughlin Desert Challenge 589 Amwell Road rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 2075 r Johnson Vallev, CA New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 Lau~hlin, NV Neshanic, NJ 08853 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA21JI I-fj_Of: Page 8 June 1996 Dusty Times

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START 'YOUR ENGINES FOR TWO BIG RACE DATES . IN 1996! BRUSH RUN June 29 & 30 The world's foremost off-road drivers rumble into Crandon to compete for one of the largest purses in off-road racing-$50,000-and the covetetl sterling silver Governor's Cup . Chevrolet World Championship Off-Road Races August 30-September 1 Labor Day Weekend ... Featuring World Championship Drivers Scott Taylor, Walker Evans, Scott Douglas, Curt LeDuc, Rob MacCachren, Flannery Racing, Jimmy Crowder and Team·Alligator!. AND THE LARGEST ANNUAL PURSE IN OFF-ROAD RACING! For registration and spectator information call 715-478-2222. > O ,,_, .,,._ INTERNATIONAL -$ t-~ -I?. ~ o~o R~c

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BEST IN THE DESERT VEGAS TO RENO Stiles Brothers Take · Overall By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. fa Jim and Jeff Stiles had their older Raceco prepared just right for the long trek and despite an early mishap the pair built a considerable lead on the field and they won big, first in Class 1 and first overall of the 62 cars, Paul Krause and Ty Davis, both Californians, rode the Kawasaki through the rugged desert in record time, 8:44:57 to score the overall victory by four minutes. Jeff and Jim Stiles put their old. Raceco two seater through its paces to win the inaugural Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno race. The race, aiming to be the longest point-to-point off road race in the United States, attract-ed a huge crowd of motorqrcles and ATVs, along with 62 cars and trucks, many of whom remem-bered the old HORA events from the mid-eighties. Originally · scheduled to finish in Reno, as the HORA had set out to do, the BITD event fell short also, ending, not in Dayton as the HORA had, but just a bit southeast of there, at a convenient spot called Fort Churchill. Casey Folks, the head man at the BITD, explained that due to the heavy snows, which were now beginning to melt, the mountain pass he'd planned to use between Ft. Churchill and . Page 10 Terry McDonald, who said it was his last race, and Mario Vetraino drove the Funco to second in Class 1 /2, and finished tenth overall in the car race. June 1996 Reno would have become an im- by SCORE, but the numbering passable mud bog with race traf- system was a little different to fie, so he and the BLM decided to avoid conflict with the numbers drop that end of the course. His on the many bike and A TV clas-total mileage was still a hefty 505 ses. Thus a Class 1 car ran a num-or so, starting just south of Sloan. her like 1009, while a 1-2-1600 Race headquarters in Las Vegas car's number started with 12: be-were at the Rio Hotel, which pro-coming 1209. There wert Profes-vided a very comfortable and effi- sional and Sportsman classes, and cient contingency area, along with only four teams elected to run as ample parking and off-loading for Sportsmen. The entry fee was racers and their vehicles, as well as high for the car classes, at $1050, a spot for the fuel trucks to work and only four driver/ co-drivers in. Indoors they had a generous were allowed per car, limiting th~ area for sign-up and the drivers' possibilities for sharing expenses meeting, and they thoughtfully set that many driver teams like in the up a couple of snack stands in the limited classes. contingency area. The on_ly draw-The motorcycles and ATVs back was the 40 to 60 mph wind had a crack-of-dawn start, but the gusts blowing all day, which kept car and truck drivers got to sleep contingency folk eyeing their sun- in a bit, as they didn't get the green shades, except for those who flag until 10 a.m. They had 18 never set them up. The wind, pre-hours to get to the finish line. courser of a brief rainstorm, Jim Stiles took the first part of brought cold weather for the the course because he'd raced it in weekend. It even snowed in Reno some of the old events and felt on Friday morning. more familiar with it than his There had been one guided pre-brother, Jeff. And he pulled out a run of the race course, which good lead early, putting himself in began out on the old road not far front where he started, before he from Sloan, and then headed gottohisfirstpit.Butitdidn'tlast under the freeway and northwest long because he clobbered a fence into Sandy Valley, and then up. post and bent and cracked a trail-Following the course on Highway ing arm. He silso knocked a wire 95, chase crews went through off the volt;ige regulator, which picturesque old towns along the had him down to two cylinders way, occasionally able to spot a for a while. Jim found a couple of bike or car as they slowed for a pit spectators, Mike and Greg, near or road crossing. One real im- the Cherry Patch Ranch, and ask-provement since the days of the ed for help, and they located the HORA events when the speed loose wire and reattached it. He limits were 55 mph and the High-then headed for his pit where he way Patrol was diligent -now-needed some serious welding. adays the speed limit is 70 mph in Once repaired he charged hard many areas. As the chase crews again, and he p\lt 25 minutes on came into the outskirts of the the second place team by the time small towns, where speed limits he got to the first check. It was the dropped to 35 or 40, they noted team of Todd, Terry and Sonny that the local gendarmes had park-Vandawalker in second, in an-ed just on the edge of town to other Raceco, and followed by keep an eye on traffic. Not until Terry McDonald and Mario Vet-they were abreast of the police traino in their Funco. This team cars would it be possible to see had already replaced a spindle, that there wasn't anyone in them. victim of a rock, a job that cost One crafty cop had even hung a them over an hour. cap on the dividing screen, mak- Stiles kept moving along, but ing it harder to tell if the car was he worried about that trailing occupied or not. The locals say arm. When he got to the second that they park a real car with live checkpoint, at Tokop, Mile 203, cops in it out there on the street he had a lead of a little over an just often enough that it's nut safe hour, and it was now the McDon-to take a chance. ald/Vettraino team in second, as The BITD didn't print a map of the Vanda walkers lost some time. the course, but they handed out a At the Goldfield pit, where they very detailed book with direc-had planned to switch drivers, tions to all the gas stops. Since the Jim's brother, Jeff, decided to stops were planned to accommo-leave Jim in the car, because the date bikes, there were lots of repairs had made it a very close them,andthus,plentyofplacesto race. They had more welding meet a race car, and all with ac-done at Goldfield, along with tak-cess, though some wouldn't allow ing on a load of fuel. He had a a big motor home to get close in. good lead on the cars in his own The car and truck classes were class, but had only a minute on ~essentially the same as those used . . the lead Class 10 car according to .. Larry Plank with Pat Bell riding along, had a good ride in the big Ford in Unlimite_d Trucks, the only finisher in class, the winner and 17th overall.· Dusty Timcs

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Teammate to Krause was Greg Zitterkopf and Dave Ondas on a Kawasaki, and they were only four minutes off the winning pace. Their time was 8:48:44 and that 500 plus miles takes good Mike and Charles McGee and Jimmy Tucker had their Raceco ready for the race but they admitted to a few problems along the way. They gained a good lead late in the race and held it to the flag, winning Class 10 and second overall. conditioning. their reckoning, and he was look-ing for an overall win. :I Stiles said the course was until he got to the Gabbs Valley, and the Rawhide pit, somewhere around mile 405, and then Jeff took over. It was just getting dark, and he discovered that one light now pointed up, and a couple didn't work at all. He also discov-·ered that a lot of the course mark-ers on this part of the course were gone, knocked down by the bikes and A TVs, or blown down bv the strong w(nds of· the previous couple of days. Stiles stopped one more time to have some welding done on that trailing arm, but by now his lead seemed safe. He pushed on through the dark and took the overall win with a margin of.42 minutes. Although they had needed to stop for repairs several times, thev, IJlr Clayton Etcheson, Rick Taylor and Ron Dalke hearded the Bunderson through the rough stuff in fine style. They were second in Class 10, seventh overall. There was plenty of silt right off the line as James Martin and Stanley Steele found out the hard way. The pair from Texas and New Mexico ended up third in Class 10 and eighth overall anyhow. Rick Romans drove solo from start to finish and got his Raceco in fQurth in Class 10 and 11th overall. Breakage delayed him but he got it together before the finish line. Dusty Timcs. "scary fast" after Goldfield, and he moved along at a good clip, arriving at the Tonopah check a little over an hour in front of the second car, still McDonald and Vettraino. The Vandawalkers were now about 20 minutes fur-ther back. Stiles stayed in the car cKE ZIE'S I F LTERS & ·------------.. 0 U l•F LE S YOUR 01'1'-ROAD SPECIALISTS/ ;;j JJ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 17J PERFORMANCE PR'ODUCTS 23_66 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 _J w w _J ai C w g u en ~ z w w :::, _J ID DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME T2 BOOT HOLDER .......................................... MRB-86-9305 930 930 934 BOOT HOLDER-CHROMOLY .................... MCK-0108 DUAL BOOT HOLDER ................................ MCK-0108-3 DUAL BOOT HOLDER ................................ MCK-0108-1 930 CV .................................................... MCK-0250 934 CV ............................................ : ....... MCK-0251 LIGHTEN 930 CV ................................... MCK-0254 930 POLISHED CENTER STAR ............ MCK-0237 930 CENTER STAR .............................. :McK-0232 934 CAGE ............................................... MCK~0142 930 CAGE 300m .................................... MCK-0140-1 930 CAGE ............................................... MCK-0140 TYPE 4 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0138 TYPE 2 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0136 TYPE 1 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0132 CV JOINT TYPE I··········'"······:, ............... HDR-113-Sof:331 CV JOl:NT TYPE II .................................. HDR-211-501-331B CV JOINT TYPE IV ................................ HDR-113-501-3310 875 STD BALL ............................. : .......... HYP-19005 934 STD BALL ................................... : .... H:VP-19006 DUAL SNAP-RING DIFF ........... MCK-0113S THREADED DIFF .... , ................. MCK-0113T ECONO DIFFT-2 ...................... MCK-0101 RACE DIFF T-2 .......................... MCK-0101-1 T1 SPIDER GEAR ..................... MCK-0103-1 T1 SIDE GEAR .......................... MCK-0103-2 SIDE COVER S/A ..................... MCK-0111 IRS SIDE COVER ..................... CLA-4560 CV GREASE ................. , ............................. SWE-101 CV GREASE ...... _ ......................................... SWE-103 CV GREASE ............................................... SUP-400 CV GREASE CARTRIDGE ........................ WES-4401 CV GREASE CHALKING ........................... WES-4601 '. CV• GREASE ............................................... RED-CV2-MOL Y STD BOOT ................................................. SUP-101 SM BOOT ···············;········· .. ·············•····· ... ··SUP,.102 BATES BOOT ........ .-.: .................................. BAT-BOOT 930 ~OTAT LEATHER ................................ STC-6000 934 ROTAT LEATHEl;t ................................ STC-6001 E FLOATER NO BAG - LEATHER ............. STC-6010 L FLOATER NO BAG - LEATHER ............. STC-6020 $1 _so EA DS S .. C BIE L GHTS . ~ > a, 5 m JJ () > r () ;;j C m r en () "O 0 z a, 9 8 o. ~ s June 1996 Page 11

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Dan Martin and Billy McCool had problems late in the race, front brakes only, and they were losing second gear, but they carried on quickly and not only won Class 1-2-1600 in the Penhall, they Brian Steele and Larry Rosevear drove their Suspensions Unlimited car to second place in the · 1:£:1.§Q0 c//1.Sfi, and th{!V fini~/1f!.<l. fiftlJ,pverall to pqlish off the day. placed third overall! · John Watkins and Todd Martella rode desert bikes in Baja for years and just Frank and Sean Krepsz rolled their car, had broken a torsion bar and had only recently tu~ned to cars. Their Jimco carried them to third in Class 1-2-1600 one light that was blinking, but they finished fourth in 1-2-1600 and 13th and sixth overall. overall. ,,,.. . reported that they had _. state who reattached that wire ==================-,---------not had any flats. Jim was partic- early in the day. And Jeff reported ularly thankful for the presence of that he had earned his American the two heroes from Washington Karate Booster Club in Antioch, West·coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND · OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PlrICE ($695.00) GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 RatiQ's .Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley. Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 891 '1l 702/873-1002 McKenzie Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212. The Don Lampus, Sr. & Jr., drove their Jimco to a keen fifth in Class 1-2-1600 and they were 15th overall despite two barrel rolls and an endo. California a total of $363 thanks to the penny per mile pledges he'd collected before the race.Jeff had promised to double whatever was collected if the team won. McDonald and V ettraino were second, and the last to finish in Class 1. Scheeler and Richardson lost some time. Then Romans broke some c.v. bolts and lost time with repairs, while Tucker and McGee moved into the lead. They weren't having an easy time of it either, as Tucker had two rear flats and a front flat . . · Now Clayton Etcheson and Ron Dallke had-moved their Bunder-son up into second place, while · Martin and Steele struggled. At one point Matin hit a rock and _ flattened two tires at once, got the · rear fixed then found his battery was dead and the car wouldn't start. At Dunlop Canyon Tucker and McGee had a lead of 16 minutes on Etcheson and Dallke. McGee, who drove the top half of the course, was finding the arrows . gone, but the sticks they'd been on were still there, so he navigated with their help. He broke a throt-tle cable and the throttle was stuck full on for a while, to com-pound his problems. Tucker and McGee held their lead and took the class win, finish-ing second overall. Etcheson and Dallke were second, 45 minutes later and followed in by Martin and Steele. In fourth it was Rom-ans, who drove the whole length himself. None of the others made it. The Class 1-2-1600 leader at Beatty was the team of Don Lampus,Jr. and Don Lampus, Sr. in their Jimco, with five minutes on the broth rs Frank and Sean Krepsz, in another Jimco. Run-ning third it was Brian Steele and Larry Rosevear in a Suspensions _Unlimited chassis, with Todd DEALER INDUiRIES INV/-TED In Class 10, Rick Romans had the lead in his Raceco when they got to Beatty, 155 miles into the course. He was just a minute in front of Kory Scheeler and B.J. Richardson, in a Jimco, and they were only eight minutes in front of James Martin from Texas and Stanley Steele from New Mexico, in their Chenowth. Romans stay-ed in front through T okop, Mile 203, and now he had 12 minutes on Martin and Steele, and Jim Tucker and Mike McGee had moved their Raceco into third as Mark and Dave Howe were sixth in Class 1-2-1600 in their Bunderson. They were 17th overall and had a Jot of good stories to tell to the folks. Page 11 June 1996 Dusty Times

Page 13

Peter and Josh Rosenstein had a race to remember but they finished 7th in 1-2-1600, last overall, in the Lothringer with troubles that would fill a book. Burt, Greg Wood and Chris Rigs- . and Dean Hove in their Toyota by by, all from Colorado, in a Bund-•. rhe _time_ t_):t~y got to the first . race. Vinje and Hansen ran smoothly on, and by T onopah they had a lead of 57 minutes. Cirillo and Hove :-an second, and Braden and Griffin, who divided the driving by quarters, so they'd each be sure to get a chance, were having some miscellaneous troubles. They were high-centered a couple of times, lost a radiator, and lost a muffler. Vinje and Hansen had no prob-lems with the truck at all, but pas-senger Michie Vinje, Malcom's wife, got gas in her eye when they stopped for fuel, and they had to make a brief stop for the first-aid folks to wash her eye out. She was grateful for their skill. At the Rawhide Mine checkpoint Han-sen and Vinje had over two hours, · Bud Feldkamp did the southern part of the course and Jerry Penhall got the upper and the darkness. They won the Pro Trucks, the only entry, in their Chevy. a:nd they just kept moving along, Ford, another hour down. Their_ not even having any flat tires. truck was out for only its second They con_~i~ued ,,r checkpoint. T im Braden and :Mitch Griffin ran third in their erson, fourth, but only 11 min- · utes behind the lead car. · Lam pus, Sr. was doing the : early driving, and he stayed in front through the second and third checks, with Steele and Rosevear hanging right on his bumper, just three minutes. behind them when . they got to T onopah, 290 miles into the race. 1• Both teams had been lost for 20 minutes in this stretch. At this ' point the Colorado folks, Burt, · Wood and Rigsby were still third, another three minutes back, and now Dan Martin .and Billy McCool had moved up to fourth · in their Penhall, only nine minutes behind the leader. Martin had made a good recovery after rolling off an embankment about 30 miles into the race. GERMAN AUTO Lampus, Sr. had a very scary moment when his car took a bad bump and flew into the air, doing two barrel rolls and then an endo. When it landed there was a brok-en motorcycle nearby, and for a 1 few sickening moments Lampus thought his car must have landed on the biker, who was nowhere to be seen. It turned out the biker 1 had broken his leg and had been · taken safely away some time be- ' fore. By the time th1s group got to . the Dunlop Canyon check, at mile 340, the Martin/McCool car was in front, with Burt, Wood and / Rigsby in second , only six min-utes later. Steele and Rosevear ran third, with John Watkins and Todd Martella, a pair of ex-bikers, up to fourth in their I Jimco. Watkins had already rolled over, but cleverly landed on his wheels. McCool and Martin were los-ing their second gear in the later stages of the race, and they had I only front brakes which gave them.some trouble. At one point' they hit a stuck truck and broke off their front bumper, but for the I most part they kept moving for-ward, and got to the finish line first for the win, and third place in the oyerall standings. Steele and Rosevear, who also had no rear brakes, were second, about 17 , minutes·later. In third it was Mar-tella and Watkins, who'd been lost up by Gabbs for a while. Fourth place went to the Krepsz I brothers, who had also rolled their car, had broken a torsion bar, and had only one light to see by, and it was blinking on and off. Frank said they'd "be back, that was the best time I've ever had." In Class 7S the team of Malc-olm Vinje and Mark Hansen took the early lead in their Ford, with over a half-hour on Steve Cirillo . DustyTimes . . ..:-h-~~-.... l-~ . ~ DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greates! name In driver safety equipment. 4-polnt sand rail seat belt .. $7 4.95 RACE BELTS 2"-5polntmount : ........ $79.95 3"-5polntmount ...... . . . $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS ..................... $54.95 Swing axle .... ·: .. ....... $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSORE PLATES 200mm-1700# ............ $79.95 200mm-up to 3000# ........ $99.95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# .. from $54.95 PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks ....... ........ $39.95 4pucferramlc ..........•. $44.95 4 puc ferramlc with spring hub ..... . ....................... . $54.95 SACO MAGNUM RACK BIiiet housing, 11/, • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops ...... ............ $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES · 930orT-4cages ........ ea $44.95 930orT-4orT-2flanges .ea $15.95 Trick boots (specify) .... ea $15.95 930 CVstar ................... call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS Ir travel-stock width . ... $199.95 B"trave/-wldenedbeam .$219.95 10• travel-stock width .... $224.95 10• travel-widened beam . $244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T-1 l½" chrome ......... $ 98.95 T-1 l½'raw ............ $ 65.95 T-11518' chrome ..... , . . $105.95 T-115/8' raw ........... $ 72.95 T-4chrome ......•.•.... $189.95 T-4raw ................ . $154.95 GERMAN AUTO HATS .. .. $4.95 GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS .............. $8.50 specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, includes alternator stand . $299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ ................... $489.95 MK/I . ................ . $589.95 I ~ )) --t,I" I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal ... ..... $164.95 With chrome pedal . ...... $184.95 With hydraulic ttrrottle . . . $259.95 Replacement slave . ..... $ 44.95 SACO RACK AND PINION The tolf!lhest available anywhere, ailoy gears,' full contact housing, hard anodized. 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Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen had the Ford Ranger in fine shape: they had no troubles, not even a flat, increased their lead to over two hours in Class 7S and were so swift they were fourth overall. Gary Mecham and Greg Foutz raise a little dust with the Ford, changed a power steering pump, but came back, regained the lead, built it u·p and finished over an hour ahead of second place in Class 7, and they were ninth overall. Tom Dunn and Mark Snow got some help from the Rio Hotel, and despite a Of the seven starters in Class 5-1600 only one finished. It was driven by Dale few troubles they finished second in Class 7 and 14th overall and were lost Smith and Allen Gibney. The boys from Reno won the class in good time and once. were 12th overall. IJlr to run strong to the finish, and took the win, and a terrific fourth place in the overall -----------------------,-------standings. Ciriilo, who rolled his be righ.ted by a course official. He .. course was f~n, especially in the truck between Tonopah and and Hove were also lost "a lot of snow. They finished second, fol-Gabbs. landingon his roof, had to. times", but they thought the, lowed in by Braden and Griffin, just seven minutes later, who reported that they'd been lost three times. No one else in the class got to the finish line. Class 7 had five entries, but two of them didn't get to the first check point. The team of Gary Mecham and Greg Foutz were in the lead there, their Ford 12 min-utes up on the Ford ofT om Dunn and Mark Snow. In third it was Barry Slatter, Michael Young and Howard Fried, all from Pahrump, which is right on the course. They were seven minutes back in their Ford. Dunn and Snow took over the lead for a while, getting five min-utes up on Mecham and Foutz, who had to change a power steer-. ing pump after driving without it &RACING VGASOLINE for sixty miles. Slatter, Young and Fried held on to third, but fell off the pace a bit. At mile 340 Mecham and Foutz, who both stayed in· the truck the entire time, simply switching seats, had seven min-utes on Dunn and Snow. Slatter, Young and Fried had fallen back some more, and then couldn't get to the next checkpoint. Now Mecham and Foutz built their lead, as Dunn and Snow who had no mechanical troubles or · flats, got lost in a really narrow creek bed, where course markers had been run over or otherwise knocked down. They figured they lost at least an hour. Mecham and Foutz went on with no problems, and took the win, finishing 9th overall. Dunn . and Snow were about an hour and 15 ~inutes behind them in sec-ond place. Class 5-1600 didn't do well in this long event, and most of them apparently had their problems early in the day. Three cars never got to the first check, and of those three we know only that Vince Alcouloumre, with the surf-board on his roof, succumbed to motor problems. At the first check it was Duane Eldred and Tom Heyser in front, with ten minutes on Dale Smith and Allen Gibney, who were two hours ahead of Esteban Geraldo and Samuel Flores. Also running, but too late to be recorded at Check One, where Frank Omboli and Jim Cochran, who'd been rear-ended hard at about mile 30, and needed to make early repairs . . They decided they were going to For the distributor nearest you c;.11: 800-345-0076 Spencer Jr. & Sr. with Kelly Beal riding with Bryan Hibbs, had a huge lead, two hours over the other three starters, and the Beals finished in the lead, winning Class 3. . Page 14 June 1996 Dusty Times

Page 15

go ahead and run the race anyway, though they knew that they wouldn't get a legal finish because of missing the cut-off time at the first, and subsequent checks. Eldred and Heyser couldn't get to the second check, so Smith and. Gibney moved to the front, with Geraldo and Flores second, two and a half hours later. But from that point on Smith and Gibney had the race to themselves. They ran a steady pace, had no prob-lems at all, and got all the way to the finish to get their win. They were 12th in the overall standings, a fine showing for a 5-1600 car. Nobody else got an official finish, although Omboli and Cochran made it all the way to the finish line. i.,,,._,s;air.; . .., In Class 3 the early lead went to John Herman had a see saw battle all the way north but when it shook out he Tom and Mike Barnett also drive a Class 8 Jeep Honcho and the race .~as ;~ ·· had the lead in Class 8 in the Jeep Honcho and won Class 8 at 14:48. tight they were second by three minutes. They were 22nd overall too. the Nissan of the Beal family, _ . .. Kelly, Spencer and Spence, Jr .. Hibbs, who did get lost in that:· ing flats. But he did get to the.· They had 50 minutes by the time deadend creek/wash, had no finish line for the win. they got to the first check, and it mechanical troubles, and went on Only one of the new Pro Trucks was Tom and Scott Murphy, Bob to take the win. entered, and it was the team of Jacobs and Mitch Montague in In the Trick Truck class, a Bud Feldkamp and Jerry Penhall second in their Jeep, with Dick catch-all for highly modified two in their Chevrolet. They had early Sasser and Genaro Curiel in third wheel drive pickups, there were trouble when Feldkamp hit a rock • in their Scout another 30 minutes only two entries, and at the first and broke his steering ram, which back. checkpoint Larry Plank had his meant they had to replace the When they reached T onopah Ford in front of the Mohr family, steering box, a nasty job on those the Beals, who had Bryant Hibbs Kim, Brian, Axel and Werner, trucks. But it was better than riding along, and handy in case also in a Ford. Plank was a little driving without power steering, they should have problems, were over two hours in front, although which Feldkamp had tried for 80 nearly two hours in front, but the he'd already had some new car miles. Penhall took over about Jeep and the Scout were having a problems with brakes, and had half-way. He's been driving occa-good battle forsecond place, with run out of gas. sionally in Danny Letner's only two minutes separating The Mohrs were unable to Trophy-Truck in SCORE races, them. They continued to run make it to the second check, so andreportsthattheProTruckwas close together, but the Beals and Plank, who drove all the way, was a good ride, fun to drive, even Hibbs stretched their lead, having racing the clock. He reported that after all that unlimited suspension no trouble. After Mile 340 the the rear end of the truck is eight and power in the T-T class. Scout disappeared, and the Jeep inches wider than the front, and Up in the mountains, in the disappeared after the fifth Check- he kept hitting things with the snow, which Penhall said was cold point, at Mile 425. The Beals and. rears, which cost him time chang- . he came r,r. ~'.; ;; .. ~~ •<1~ .. ; ! .,, ·,_ ,-$ """"-~ ·-» .... Steve Cirillo and Drew Hove had a good day in the Toyota. They gave their sponsor Hooters big signs and they also finished three hours behind the winner in second. HONDA Power Equipment KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ Po WER Racer and Spectator Discounts •GENERATORS •WELDERS •GENERAL PuRPOSE ENGINES • WATER PUMPS •OUTBOARD ENGINES • LAWNMOWERS • LAWN TRACTORS • RIDING MOWERS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS AND INVENTORY WE DoN'T HA VE IT, No ONE Doest ASK FOR ART AT LA RANA RACES AT THE G&R PIT # 1523 DEllVERY TO nm RACES AVAil.ABLE • PLEAsE CAIL AHEAD ~ - ---'ffill!cr:::) r,:,,J . . .,,.,.. ,, ~~ F EX1000 KAWAGUCHI HONDA 3532E.3RoS£Las~CA90063•213.264.3936, 264.SSSS FAX 264.2136 IV/SAi SALES, SERVICE, PARTS HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST -Nlthings easier. !iai ""ro-,o-p,-,n-,u-m-pc--;no_rman_·_c_•_and-:--w-:-•1-y.-:pl-:,,..-c-t•-•d'""lh'""•-o"-,..-.,..,..,-nw.-ua..,.,l~-,,...o,-,o-po-r,-:1ln-&-)'O\-,-:,H.,.-on-:d-:,Po=-,.--.-:,£=-q-:ulp_m<_n-,.-=s-pcctJ\-::-<a.:..,ll-on-••-u,.,.bJtt-1-,o-c.,•-,.1,-.lh-ou-,no-.ll~-.------------, •£•Umatc- only. b:ind on rat~ load. •&"uc-ry not tncludn:I -11h £M3500S..XX l. £).15000S.XX I and EBd$00$.'I(. H\\'ith batltry tr.Jy kit, wh«I• tc han1cr. Conn«Uon to houM' powc-r ttqulre-a tr.ina(cr dC'\1tc to a,•oiJ possible injury to po-.-.·tr company personnel. Consult .i qu~llRtd tlttU1cbn. Dusty Times June 1996 Page 15

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j! before falling out. But Jason, Bill and Maureen A very and Robert Uszynski didn't even make it to Check One. Austin Robison and Mike Bailey won Stock Full Pro in their Hummer. They Chad and Rod Hall placed their Hummer second in Stock Full Pro and they As with all the other classes, the Sportsmen were required to run the full distance. But these poor folks were started at the back of the entire pack, rather than at the back of their Pro class as happens at SCORE races. Not that it made any difference. For some reason they were all in rare form, and all but one of them finished. Paul Shaver and Ken Walters ran a Nissan in the Sportsman 7S class, and were with a group of trucks who were lost in that narrow wash so many reported trouble with. This was an old truck, formerly raced by Spencer Low, but they had no trouble, and would have earned a nice second place in Class 7S if they'd entered as a Pro. were 19th overall at 14:42 for the run from Sloan to Ft. Churchill. were 20th overall too! They were using the turbocharged engines this trip. In Class 3 Sportsman it was Dennis Lightle and David Edel-stein, in a '77 Bronco. They, too, were lost in that creek, and they reported no trouble. They had a good race with the Nissan, and would have been a second place finisher in Class 3 if they'd entered as Pros. In the Unlimited class it was Walter Prince, Doug Browne and Tony Vanilla, in the Candy Cane Raceco. They lost brakes early, and also broke a link pin, so their day grew long. But the way things went in the Pro division of the class, their time would have been good for a third. Tim Braden and Mitch Griffin charge past another truck. You don't slow down or you are done. Braden finished third, 7 minutes behind Cirillo. ,_ Terry Henn and Joe Duke took third in Stock Full Pro in their Hummer at 15:52 and they were proud of the fact that the Hummer was 25th overall. Casey Folks, chief of the Best In The Desert, has already an-nounced a three race series for 1997, to include the Vegas to Reno event, as well as a T onopah to Tonopah loop and another point-to-point race. • narrow the Hummer rubbed on both sides. Now the Henn and Duke car was just two minutes in front of the Floyds and Wilkin-son. make it. The team of Frank and Bob Baird, Bob Olsen and Jason Alvarez, in a VW Werks car, did get through three check points Robison stayed in front, had no problems at all, and took a lot of guff at the finish line about beating his boss (Hall). The Halls were just a minute behind in second place. Both reported being • lost a couple of times. The Floyds 1009 and Wilkinson put on a late burst 1001 of speed and moved into third place, finishing so close on Henn 1109 and Duke's bumper that they beat· ::~~ • them. These folks also reported 1113 LAS VEGAS TO RENO 1996 by a..t In the 0.Nrt Offlclal Affulta • March 30, 11191 Poa Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle a.aa112. Unllmlwd Single &Two -t -5 start• 2 finish 1 .Im & Jeff Stiles Raceoo 2 Terry McDonald & Marlo Vettralno Funco aaaa 10 - I l 2 -t Iesocca - 8 start - 4 finish 1 Mike McGee & Jimmy Tucker Raceco 2 Clayton Etc:heaon, Rick Taylor, Ron Dalke Bunderson 3 James Martin & Stanley Steele Chenowth 4 Rick Romans (aolo) Raceco a... 1-2-1800 -1800 Reetrlctad Engine - 12 start• 7 ftnl•h 11:04 12:52 11:46 12:31 12:49 13:09 trouble free days, except for getting lost. Only the Henn and Duke car had a flat. 1202 1210 1209 1211 1212 1 Dan Martln,Joah Brown, BIUy McCool Penhall Fab. 12:07 Don and Mark F(oyd and Gary Wilkinson share~ the Hu':'mer all t~e wa.l:' an_d Class 8 had a good race all day they had no ser,ous delays. They were fourth, Just 1 minute behind thtrd in d . d . h T d M·k' class. an 1t starte wit om an 1 e .:....:..~------------------------. --r Barnett, in a Jeep JlO, in front by 1302 fir upon a 1600 driver Don Floyd and his 15 year old 'll minutes. In second it was John who'd run out of gas. The driver, son, Mark, and Gary Wilkinson, Herman in a Jeep Honcho. The 1551 whose name Penhall didn't get, in another Hummer, about 40 Barnett brothers were driving a was dressed only in a drivers' suit, minutes behind them. truck that Roger Mears drove to :~: with no jacket, and Jerry felt he Since there was limited chasing victory many a time about 15 was in serious trouble, so he allowed for this event, the Hum-years ago, and they lost a brake i towed him out, losing a bunch of mers planned to run a buddy sys- line at one point. 1754 1755 1756 time in the process. However, tern, staying in pairs, so they When they got to Tonopah the later in the day when Penhall was could help each other. Robison Barnetts had just 22 minutes on 1002 stuck, someone else stopped and and Hall stayed virtually nose to Herman, who'd had an electrical 1803 pulled him out. Penhall and Feld- tail, but the Henn/Duke team ran fire, but had managed to stop it 1453 kamp got to the finish line in a bit ahead of the Floyds and before it did major damage. At plenty. of time for a finish, Wilkinson for a while. Mile 425 they were still separated 1402 enjoying the race immensely. AtMile290itwasstillRobison by a little over 20 minutes, and 1883 1881 1884 1882 2 Brian Steele & Larry Rosevear Suspension Ultd. 1224 3 John Watkins & Todd Martella Jlmco 1228 4 Frank & Sean Krapsz Jlmco 13:59 5 Don LafT1)US Sr. & Don Lan,ius JI. Jlmco 14:17 Clue 3 • Short WB 4x4 - 4 start• I finish 1 Keay, Spencer & Spence Baal Jr. Nissan a... 5-1&00. 1800cc Baja, Bug - 7 alert -1 finish 1 Dan Smith & Anen Gibney Baja Bug a... 7 - Unlimited Mini Pickup - 5 etart • 2 finish 1 Gary Mecham & Greg Foutt Ford Ranger 2 Tom Dunn & Mark Snow Ford Ranger a... 7S - Stock Mini Pickup• 4 alert• 3 flnleh 1 Malcolm Vln)a & Mark Hansen Ford Ranger 2 St8118 Cirillo & Drew Hove Toyota 3 Tim Braden & Mitch Griffin Ford Ranger a. .. 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup· 2 etart • 2 flnlah 1 John Herman & Kevin McEneney Jeep 2 Tom & M Ike Barnett Jeep Trick Truck Pro Cla .. - Unlimited truck • 2 etart • 1 finish 1 Larry Plank & Pat Bell Ford a. .. Pro Truck - epec truck - I etart -1 finish 1 Bud Feldkan,i & Jerry Penhall a. .. Stock Full • 4 etart • 4 flnleh 1 Austin Robison & Mike Balley 2 Rod & Chad Hall, BIii ThofT1)&0n 3 Joe Duke & Terry Henn, Gardner Armstrong 4 Don & Mark Floyd & Gary WIikinson Chevrolet Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer 1421 1326 12:50 14:08 12:11 1520 1527 14:48 14:51 1429 14:33 14:42 14:43 15:52 15:53 In the Stock-Full class, which in front and now Chad Hall, the Barnetts had broken a leaf was required to run the full dist-Rod's son, was driving the second spring and had a flat. Herman had ance at this event, the early leader car, but was tied for the lead, lost his torque convertor, and was was Austin Robison in his Hum-although second on the road. adding oil a lot. mer. Fresh off his 4,000 mile Henn and Duke were now about In the final miles of the race Granada to Dakar Rally, Robison 26 mintues up on the Floyds and Herman closed up on the Barn-must have thought this was a Wilkinson. etts, and at the finish line he was in sprint. Right behind him was Rod The lead Hummers, both front, taking the win by just three Hall, in another Hummer, also turbo-charged, were having a minutes after over five hundred Total starters -62 -to1al finishers -31 ---denotes overall winner Course approximately 500 miles. starting outskirts of Sloan, NV -finishing In Ft. Churchill -Terraln:d-rt, foreat mountains, river beds Weath~r: cool to cold, very windy, aome snow fresh from the long rally. About good day. The Halls lost a trans- miles of racing. Herman was the 45 minutes back it was Joe Duke mission line, but were quickly good samaritan who'd helped and Terry Henn in another repaired. They were still right on Penhall get unstuck. Hummer. Duke, who was driving Robison's tail at Mile 425, and he Class 9 had only a couple of the first part, was enjoying his was having a a flawless day. He did entries, and were required to run first race as a driver. They had . report that one canyon was so. the full distance. They didn't Subscribe to Dusty Times See Forni on Page 3! 0/A 1·· 10 2 7 8 11 3 5 8 13 15 18 12 9 14 4 23 24 21 22 17 18 19 20 25 26 Page 16 June 1996 Dusty nmes

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'The Straight Poop' from the Big Wafuoo VEGAS/RENO FOLLOW UP -Some folks run for the competition, others apparently for some possible TV coverage. But, whenever there's real money involved, the Checkers always run for the cash! Casey Folks, alias BEST IN THE DEZ., an established mdtorcycle race promoter, offered the desert cars a chance to run his new Vegas to Reno 'motorcycle' race. "Pony up a thousand bucks per car" he said, "and I'll promise ya a first class 500 mile point to point Nevada event, complete with whore houses along the way and a legitimate payback". Six Checker teams liked the idea and entered this latest resurrection of an off road classic. The Club results were 3 firsts and a second, with most of our racers coming home from the Silver State money ahead. Despite having only 60 cars, this race would have to be considered a success with its 340 total entries. If Folks can keep _his Vegas to Reno route open, this event has the potential of rivaling the old Mint races. Hey Casey, the Checkers liked the color of your money, and we'll be back. CHECKERS IN SPACE -Currently the IDRA's Off Road Racing World Wide W eh Site is· not quite up to full speed. It seems that a number of the other support teams, who originally agreed to contribute, have dropped the ball by not even submitting a logo(icon)and a few paragraphs describing their organization. But, whatever, the Checkers are now on-line! Just dial up: idra and you'll get the IDRA's web site. Click the Checkers icon, and there's Uncle Max explainin' our Club to Checker wannabes, plus the Big Wahzoo dishin' out the latest poop. Compared to the print media, in Cyberspace the Big W ahzoo can use a few more descriptive four letter words and be a little more politically, ethnically, and obscenely in-correcfshould the need arise. But more importantly, I need to offer a word of warning to all my Checker buds. I mean, it won't be long before I figure out how to actually scan photographs into our little bit of cyberspace. And obviously at that point, all the rules regarding good taste, will change. Constructive suggestions with regard to establishing some guidelines is hereby requested ... along with any really embar-rassing photos. The W ahzoo E-m ail connection is still in. the works and will eventually be replacing the mayonnaise jar hanging in· the shitter at the Dugout as the most direct way to communicate with the Wahzoo: NEW MEMBER -After 12 months of being a prospective member, Mike McGee finally faced that dreaded marble box. Thr~>Ugh a series of rule changes over the last few years a black ball/white ball secret vote is now regularly taken on any serious question regarding full Checker membership, especially on initial membership. Three or more, black ones and it's "shape up, or beat it". Mike obviously had. DustvTima proved to the Club during the last fees. Granted, ya still gotta put up . year that he was of Checker with Lou for the weekend, but material, so members recently even his critics will admit that he's bestowed him with "Offical mellowed out over the years. I Checkerhood". This newest mean, where else are ya gonna go Checker lives in Ridgecrest with these days and see the Race his wife and two kids, is a Promoter out there moonin' his 'Tireman', owns a race car, hangs overall winner at the finish line? with Tucker and those other Lou's last scheduled Cal City race northern Checkers, and is often a in August definitely deserves to passenger on Koch's Air Express be supported by our local off road Wednesday night flights into Van racing community. No, no, not Nuys Airport. As a full fledged for the benefit of Peralta, but Checker member, this new Club rather for the benefit of us! A hotshotnowobviouslydeservesa tough desision? Well, lets see nickname. I'm kinda partial to now, if I'm not a regular high 'Bubbles', but I'm wide open for dollar racer of SCORE or La suggestions. Welcome aboard Rana, who do I support? A local Mike! low budget racing series that's run CAL CITY 200 -Speaking of entir.ely on private property? Or, McGee, he was the Club's only do I haul clear up to Vegas and loser at this race. This embryo run on that over-regulated Checker did drive his car to a 2nd government land? Duh! in Class 10, and 2nd overall, but COLUMN NOTE ~ The every other Checker who ran this order that items are covered in event won their class. Hey Mike, this column is determined by the ya knew comin' in that this was order in which they happened, gonna be a tough crowd to run not by any relative importance. with. Press deadlines also sometimes Koch coaxed Kelling down cause a story to get under from Lake Isabella and out of reported, since the Wahzoo retirement to help him drive his strives to only report what I Class 10 car, and the pair won the know, and not make any shit up. whole enchilada. Tom and Rex And lastly, any team who fails to not only won Class 10, but as also send a representative down to the the overall race winner they following meeting to recount picked up a $200 Promoter's your racing heroics, has a pretty bonus, plus a driver's pool for a piss poor chance of getting a full total of about thirteen hundred report on your effort. The bucks. That was a bunch consid-preceding bit of information was ering the small number of entries presented to you as part of this at this second race in Lou's Cal Wahzoo's continuing Whiner City series. Danny Reider was 1st Control Program. Please dis-in Class 5 and 3rd overall in his I regard if that hat don't fit. Bug. Billy Robertson and pros-MUMBLES, a.k.a. Richard pective Burl Beverage were 1st in Young, recently underwent Class 1 and 6th overall .in quadruple bypass surgery. This Beverage's open buggy. Robert-long time Checker and past Prez is son also rode a bike in the reportedly recovering nicely, but motorcycle portion of the race. In just as un-understandable as ever. the early morning hours, Peralta Get well Richard! graciously waived the 30 second SUMMER PARTY -This interval and sent both of his two year our Sum~er Party will be rpotorcycle entries off in a drag held out at our iegular spot on race. Boner Billy diced for two Saturday June 29th. Tickets and laps with one of our brother 'Bike complete details are now available Checkers', with both of them at the Van Nuys Dugout on any winning their respective classes in Wednesday night. Impressively, a close finish. Frank and Sean K repsz have This was widely reported as a volunteered to act as Party fun event for everyone involved. Co-Chairmen this year. Anyone An unusually large number of wishing to get jnvolved, or just 'seldome seens' showed up to pit, tell'em how thay oughta do it, party, and bullshit. The 46 mile· should call them immediately at loop, 4 lap course, was fast and 1-800-COLLECT. fun to drive, and since it was all LAS VEGAS 300 -Held on run on Cal City property most of about an 80 mile loop north of the various Desert Gestapo were Stateline, Nevada, the 3rd race in absent. Race rules, entry costs, the •SCORE Series drew about payback, and outlying pit access 135 cars to do battle in this were all very racer friendly. Plus, Primm Brothers event. And, out the current powers to be in Cal City of that dust charged Seeley! Yep, are solid supporters of these George, ''I'll make it good", Seeley events. But ... Lou only drew 19 finally got that big win in Class 5. entries to this event. Hmm? Apparently George has finally Obviouslynotagoodsign.Onthe exorcised those evil 3rd place other hand, compared to his first demons that have been hauntin' Cal City event the number of him for years. Could it be those entries at this race was a big vitamins? Not only did our hero improvement. But, unless his solo to the 1st Place money by third race on August 3rd shows over 15 mintues, he also pocketed another big jump in entries, Lou an additional $500 when he will obviously have to abandon successfully fought off a post race this Cal City effort. If that technical protest over his happens, the Checkers and the wheelbase. Supposedly, when the other L.A. based racers, will lose second place guy measured to see this opportunity for a very if George's car was over the 105" convenient and racer friendly class limit, he lifted up· on the venue. I mean, this is probably the front end to unload the suspen-only desert race series in existence sion. He came up with about 108 that is relatively free of govern-inches. (everybody knows that a ment regulators. No stinkin' lmggy'swheelbasegrowswhenalong green stickers required, and none travel front suspension is extended). of that "You people shouldn't be But, out boy had read that _book allowed to do this" attitude from too, and he knew the rule clearly those Eco-Cop wannabees in the stated: "The measurement will be puke green 4x4s, plus none of taken at ride height". So wisely, those racer rip off BLM land use . this Class 5 Rep had an Official June 1996 measure his new car's wheelbase right after he crossed the finish line, and still fully loaded. That official measurement was 104" plus. Protest denied! The bottom line to all this, was that the second place whiner who protested was both out-driven in the desert and out-foxed in the rule book. Not to mention, 500 bucks poorer. Good job George! Seeley finally has a piece of equipment to go with his long Class 5 experience and I'm sure this will only be the first of a number of victories as he continues to run the Score Series. Congratulations to George Seeley, 1st Place Class 5 ! I wonder how long he's gonna wear this wristband? Brian Moynahan once again co-drove a non-Checker's Class 5-1600, and picked up a 2nd place this race after a close run with the leader. Good show Brian. Larry Bolin and the Harmans finished 12th & 13th in Class 10 respectively. Larry had a broken exhaust and other problems, while the Harman's suffered through c.v. and power steering woes. At one point they put Jeff Lothringer in the driver's seat for a lap, but he faired no better. Luport and Duenas went through 2 tranny's in the hotel parking lot before the race. With a 3rd tranny finally working fine, Steve only got about a·lap and a half before all his rear shocks took a shit for a DNF. Despite these irritating problems, State Line is definitely growing up to he another Checker-kinda town. AfflNTION PIT TIAMS-Send us your tales of triumph and troubles and they will be featured on these pages. Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Thu-is the ~ystem run by most TRI-MIL BOBCAT QIROME off road race winners 1984-91 CORVETTE 2 112" OR l" S-.S. TARGA MUFFLER --111-• I 13220 HAU.DALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 17

Page 18

LA RANA CALIFORNIA IOO Kyle Taylor Overall Winner By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Kyle Taylor swept the field in his Class 8 Chevrolet, first in Class 8, 1st overall; he turned the fast lap of the day at 45:06.85. Like a good Hemet boy Kyle had no mechanical woes, but a lot of dust when he was lapping cars. He finished 15 minutes ahead of the Letner truck. Kyle Taylor blasted his Class 8 Chevy truck around La Rana's California 200 to take the overall win in mid-March. The race site, a bit south of Ridgecrest, nestled in a scenic part of the desert, where giant boulders made dramatic back drops for the action. Originally scheduled for an 8 a.m. start, the event was flagged off at nine, when BLM officials reminded La Rana head Ed Castro that the desert tortoises were no longer hibernating. It seems that competition events can start early in the day during the hibern; tion . period, but after they've come out to catch some rays, which is apparently March 5th, all competition events must wait until nine a.m. to start, at which time the tortoises have fled back into their burrows to avoid the heat of the day. This was a five lap event, each lap being 40 miles long, and it was dusty, in spite of rains as recently as the day before. The unlimited trucks took the green flag first, going off the line one every 15 seconds. At the end of the lap Scott McKinney, in a Dodge recently purchased from Walker Danny and his son Marty Latner whipped their Chevrolet Trophy Truck around to a first in class and second overall, about 15 minutes behind Taylor, but they were second overall despite problems. Evans, had a lead of a minute and 10 ·seconds over Danny Letner in his Chevy. Brian Coats had his Chevy's transmission under reconstruction, which cost him an hour and Rick Holmes and Bill Jackson were having problems with their Chevy also. Larry, Brett and Brian Deaton never got that first lap done. McKinney had a front flat on the second lap which let Letner .move into the lead and he now had a little over three minutes, with Coats· in third, a full hour down, but moving at a good clip, his new truck running times equal to those of McKinney. Holmes and Jackson didn't complete the second lap. On the third lap McKinney was trying to make up time and had Letner in sight, but was blinded in the dust of an intervening vehicle, and as he said, he "made a mistake", and did a twisting roll-over. The jolt broke the four-link in the rear, and McKinney needed his crew and a welder. It took an hour and 45 mintues to make the repairs. In the meantime, Letner rolled his truck also. But he got lucky and landed on his wheels. His hood shook loose and for a while would blow up and blind him, but it finally fell off. He had a lead of an hour and 52 minutes by the end of the third lap. 1 McKinney was still second, and . .. now he had Coats just 14 minutes behind him, after he'd lost another hour fixing his power steering. Letner ran an untroubled and quick fourth lap, and led by nearly two hours, while the race was for second place. Coats was now gaining, and was only 10 minutes behind McKinney. Letner had a flat on the last lap, and lost some time, but still took his win by almost two hours. McKinney had a borrowed V 10 motor in his truck for this event, was second, with Coats third just nine minutes later. No one else in the class finished. In the unlimited buggy class, Class 200, the first lap leader was Mark Post driving the car his father (Carl) usually drives, a Type IV powered Jimco. Com-pared to the V -6 Chevy powered car he usually drives, this was low on power, he said. Still, lie had a minute and 35 setonds on Nick Baldwin in his V6 powered Raceco, in second place. In third it was Steve Houston in another Raceco, 23 seconds back and followed by Ron Osburn in yet another Raceco, just 20 seconds later. Already sidelined were Mike Adley, Raceco, who didn't get the lap done, and Nathan Ellis, in one more Raceco, who had terminal c.v. problems and was also out for the day. On the second lap as Post held a steady pace, in spite of a left front flat, Baldwin was firm in second, only a minute and 40 seconds back, but Houston had lost about 1 7 minutes and Osburn moved up to third. On lap three Post continued to lead, but Baldwin lost his transmission and parked, while Osburn moved up to second place, with Houston in third. But on lap four Osburn disappeared, and that left a two-car field. Post continued to have no real troubles, though he drove 20 miles in on a front flat, to take the win, finishing third overall. He lamented that the Type IV motor wouldn't let him catch those pesky. trucks. Houston took second place, reporting three flat fronts. This was a rocky course. Class 800 was next to start, and Kyle Taylor put his Chevy out in front early on, obvious! y trying to catch the unlimited trucks that had started before him. He had 28 minutes on Mike Bragg in his Ford, who'd lost a lot of time searching out an ignition prob-lem. Taylor kept the pedal to the metal through the second lap, while Bragg was slowed again, this time with a flat. Now Taylor had nearly 45 minutes on him, but hadn't caught the unlimited trucks yet. He was finding the course unusually rough. On the third lap Taylor stopped for fuel and two new rear tires, and got in and out of his pit so fast he became the first vehicle on the course. Bragg was moving steadily now, but had a lot of making up to do, and not much time to do it in. On the fourth lap Taylor recorded the fastest time of the day, at 45:06:85 for the 40 mile loop. Though he was having no mechanical problems, he was finding the course very dusty, and later reported that he'd had to come to a complete stop because of the dust at least three times. Bragg had put his brother, Greg, in for the last two laps, and they held firm in second. Taylor churned out one more steady lap, and took the class win and overall victory, followed in by the Braggs about an hour and 10 minutes later. Eric Heiden and Reuben Herndon, in a Ford, had a hard day, with four troubled laps, and couldn't get. that fifth lap completed. The Class 1000 cars were next to get the green flag and at the end of their first lap the leader was Michael Daws in his Jimco, with Larry Lariviere, in a Rowland, in second place, only a minute and 34 seconds later. In third it was Eric Philpott, in a Dez Fab, just another 35 seconds later. On the second lap Daws held his lead, but Lariviere was gone and Philpott had moved to second. In third now it was the team of David Callaway and John Holmes, in a Dirt Tirx chassis. Brian Walsh was working on his Jimco, trying to fix a shifting fork problem. Daws continued to lead, driving a very steady pace, through lap three, and he had six minutes on Philpott, who put Chris Berry into the driver's seat halfwaythrough the lap. Callaway and Holmes were still third, and Walsh was finally up and running, moving fast, but a long way behind. It was still Daws at the end of lap four, and now he had just eight minutes on Berry in second. Callaway and Holmes lost nearly an hour and Walsh was another 50 minutes back, after a slow lap. He was doomed to lose his transmission on the final lap. And Daws also lost something, though we don't know what it was, that cost him three hours to repair. In the meantime, Philpott and Berry ticked off another good lap, and took the win, finishing fourth overall. They'd had a close call with a truck on the course and had been stuck on a rock for a few minutes, but had no mechanical trouble at all. Holmes· and Callaway had broken a tie rod end and also a shock bolt, but their biggest problem came on lap five when they ran out of gas. Holmes jogged back to a pit to get a can of fuel, and had a time getting · permission to have a ride back out to put it in his thirsty car. They were second, over an hour down, and then Daws finished third, another hour back. The first lap leader was Mark Post in the Raceco he shared with Jerry Whelchel. He too said it was dusty despite the rain the day before, his main trouble was three flats, and he won Unlimited Buggy class. B?b Suchy_and Randy Mottram led the 1-2-1600 class from flag to flag in the J1mco, having a trouble free day, changed a tire when they stopped for fuel just kept going around for the victory and 6th overall. ' Class 1600 went next, and in this group the first lap leader was the team of Bob Suchy and Randy Mottram in a Jimco, with two minutes and 25 seconds on Brady Wisdom in his Mirage. The team of Paul Lane and Mitch Griffin ran third another 25 seconds later in their Lothringer. On_ the second lap Suchy continued to lead, and now had a little over four minutes on the Wisdom car. Page 18 June 1996 Dusty Times

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Griffin and Lane were still just 25 seconds behind them. On the third lap Suchy continued to lead, and when he pitted he put his co-driver, Mottram, in to finish. The Wisdom car lost a plug wire and ran on three cylinders for a while, so Griffin and Lane moved up to second place, now 17 minutes in front of the Wisdom team. Mottram had a good lap in the lead car, and at the end of four was about five minutes in front of Griffin and Lane. Now it was Scott Wisdom in the second place car, and he rolled it over and had to set it back on its wheels, and then stop to take on oil, but didn't lose much time. He was 11 minutes in back of the second place car at the end of the lap. Suchy and Mottram, who'd stopped once for fuel and changed a tire with a bent rim, had another trouble-free lap, and took the win, finishing sixth overall. Griffin and Lane, who'd lost a front tire when it came off and rolled down a wash, were second. Scott Wisdom had got out of the car and let Wes Wisdom do the last section, and they took third, finishing about 21 minutes behind second place. In Class 850 the first lap leader was the team of Ray and John Currie in a Ford. They were just under a minute in front of Kelly Mahan and Jerry Griffin in their Chevy. In third it was Mike, Jeff and Debra Ismail in their International, 22 minutes further back.Tom and Mike Barnett were. having problems with their Jeep, and Ray _MacMillan and Chris Murdock never got their Scout through the first lap. On the second lap the Curries continued to lead, and now they had 4 7 minutes on the Ismail team who were second after Mahan and Griffin lost about 50 inutes. The Currie brothers, who were • ;..-,..<'• ~-•·¥·~., Daniel Drake and Rich Fersch had a remarkable trouble free race, ran in second most of the day, and took the lead on the last lap when the leader had trouble and won the race. Ray, Charles and John Currie herd their Ford through the deepening ruts; they had under a minute lead on the first lap, 47 minutes on the 2nd lap, had no problems at all on their way to victory in Class 850; all three got to drive! having no trouble, had increased problems all day, stayed out their lead to 57 minutes by the front, all three getting some end oflap three, and it was still the driving time in, and took the win. Ismails in second. But Mahan.and Mahan and Griffin pushed their Griffin were running again, and truck hard and with several good their times were quick. In fact laps, brought themselves back up they were quicker than the lead to finish in second place, with the truck at this point, but had a lot of Ismail team third only six minutes lost time to make up. behind them. The Curries, who had no ~ In Class 700 there was only one Robert Wright drove alone in his 5-1600 had no troubles, but held his lead down to nine seconds, jammed his thumb on the steering wheel on the last lap, and Fersch or Drake sailed by. A weary Wright salvaged second place. Shad Balch took the lead immediately in the refurbished Nissan, lost a bit of time on lap 3 and some body panels, had no mechanical problems and won Class 725 by 18 minutes. truck, the Chevy of Gary Keller Johnson and Bill Graham in a and Dave Signent. The team Tubular Designs chassis. In third managed only three laps, two of it was Rodney Stoye, Jr. and them very long, and then ran out Rodney Stoye, Sr., in their of time. Raceco, less than a minute back. Class 9 left the start line next, At the end of the second lap the and Scott and Todd Johnson put . Johnsons still had 17 minutes their Meredith chassis into the over the Hanberg, Johnson and lead right away. They had 17 _Graham car, while the Stoyes had minutes on Max Hanberg, Don dropped r,r THE WORLDS FINEST RACING. EQUIPMENT Will Be Introduced To Off Road Racing leuROPARTNE:YMoToRsPoRTI Come see our booth at the Baja 500 Kathy Fay with sister Stacey navigating, buried the competition by hours in Class 750, they won by over four hours on their two lap race in the Ford, which is aging but keeps on rolling. We will display the F1 World Champion driving suit and helmet of ALAIN PROST STAND 21 will be on contingency row for the SCORE & SNORE Racing Series. Scott and Todd Johnson just keep winning in Class 9, and this time they a/so finished 12th overall. This year at Ridgecrest only four showed up in Class 9, and the Johnsons won. Dusty Times Also available, the P1 program: a $2500 revolving credit line. Congratulations to John Herman (BIG JOHN). winner of Class 8 on ttie longest US off road race, THE LAS VEGAS 500. STAND 21 Raceware is worn by EMERSON FITTIPALDI, AL UNSER, JR, PAUL TRACY, BUDDY LAZIER, STEPHAN JOHANSON and many other fine drivers. EUROPARTNER MOTORSPORT Tel: 520-774-7605 Fax: 520-774-2557 At The Races 520-699-9027 WWW.EUROPARTNER. COM/STAND 21.html June 1996 STAND 21 HEADQUARTERS NEWPORT BEACH, CA 1-888-STAND 21 Page 19

Page 20

Scott McKinney had a good time with his newly acquired Wafker Evans Dodge, and he ran in unlimited class. He made a mistake and rolled in the dust, but his crew got him together and he finished second in class. Mitch Griffin and Paul Lane had a clean run in the 1-2-1600 Lothringer, and they moved up to second on the third lap, lost a front tire, but came on in for second in class, seventh overall. Mike Bragg loves driving his big Ford and with brother Greg as navigator, the second generation racers eventually solved an ingition problem that delayed theln and they were second in Class 8. ,,,.. back a bit. The team of Jay Fogg, Jim Malinowski and Kevin Foge didn't get even the first lap done in their Jimco. The Johnsons, who'd blown their motor while testing the previous Saturday, and rebuilt it in a hurry, thought the course was rough. In fact it seemed so rough that they kept thinking something was wrong with their shocks. But they were fine. At the end of the third lap their lead had dropped to nine minutes, and it was Hanberg, Johnson and Graham in ·second. The Stoyes were out. The Johnsons continued to push hard, but Hanberg, Johnson and Graham had major trouble on the last lap, and then couldn't get their final lap done. The Johnson brothers took the win, the only team in the class to get a finish. In Class 550, the limited Baja Bugs, which started next, the first lap lead belonged to Robert Wright, but he had less than a minute on Garth Hutchison, Dean Martin and Mike Rebolle~ do. In third place it was Dan Drake and Rich Persch, who were six minutes up on fourth place Keith and Tony Sato. On the second lap Wright continued to lead, and now he had two minutes on Persch and Drake, who'd stopped to put more nitrogen in their shocks. The Hutchison, Martin and Rebolledo team was out, and the Satos had moved up to third with Victor Bussey, Renee Perez and Art Velasco in fourth now. Wright held his lead through the third lap, and Fersch and Drake were less than a minute back. The Satos, who were having some minor problems, ran third, with Robert Moore, a rookie driver, and Eddie Faulkner now in fourth place as Bussey, Perez and Velasco lost an hour. On the fourth lap it was still a battle between Wright, who was soloing this event, and the Drake/Persch team, who were now only nine seconds behind him. The Satos, with a broken steering stabilizer, were third still, and Moore and Faulkner, who'd La Rana Callfomla 200 RESULTS· March 15-17, 199& • p,. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time 0/A Clue 1-Unlimited 81ngle aeat • 5 atart • 3 flnlah 159 1 Danny & Marty Letner Chevrolet 4:10:07 2 157 2 Scott McKinney/Mike McKinney Dodge 6:06:00 13 153 3 Brian Coa1s/Nevllle Sharpe Chevrolet 6:15:34 17 Claaa 2 - Unlimited two aeat - 6 atart • 2 finlah 210 1 Mark PosVJerry Whelchel Raceco 4:10:53 3 204 2 Steve Houston/Alvin Yamaguchi Raceco 4:50:50 5 Claaa 1/2-1600 -1600cc Ree. Engine - 4 atart • 3 flnleh 1610 1 Bob Suchy/Randy Mottram Jlmco 4:54:51 6 1612 2 M ~ch GrKfin/Tlm Braden Lothringer 5:00:06 7 1601 3 Wesley , Brady and Scott Wisdom Mirage 5:21 :48 10 Claaa 3-Shori WB 4x4 -0 atart - 0 flnlah Claaa 4-Lm,g WB 4x4 - I atart - 1 flnlah 401 1 Mi ke & Jeff Ismail IH Scout 10:06:58 30 Claaa 5 -Unlimited Baja Bug - 0 atart - 0 flnlah Claaa 5-1600 - 1600cc Baja Bug - 8 alert. 5 finish 551 1 Daniel Drake/Rich Fersch Baja Bug 5:20:36 9 569 2 Robert WrighVFrank McClain Baja Bug 5:31:20 11 558 3 Keith & Tony Sato Baja Bug 6:11:29 15 576 4 Robert Moore/Jack Zandbergen Baja Bug 6:20:40 19 552 5 Keith Westerfield/Brian Logan Baja Bug 6:39:37 21 Claaa 6 • Production Sedan - o etart - o finish Claaa 7 - Unlimited Mini Pickup - 1 alart. o flniah 708 1 Gary Keller/Dave Slgnent (3 laps) Chevy S-10 7:45:53 33 Claaa 725 • Stock Mini Pickup - 4 atart - 2 finlah 726 1 Shad Balch/Ralph Knecht Nissan 6:12:05 16 747 2 Steve Cirillo/Chad Milledge Toyota 6:30:02 20 Claaa 750 -Stock 4WD Mini Pickup -2 atart - 2 flnlah n1 1 Kathy & Stacy Fay Ford Ranger 2:50:15 (31aps) 767 2 Dennis Pruett/Michael Dill Toyota 7:25:18 (31aps) Claaa 8 - 2WD Standard Pickup· 3 a tart· 2 finish 803 1 Kyle Taylor/James Galloway Chevrolet 3:55:06 1· 800 1 Mike Bragg/Randy Fiscus/Greg Bragg Ford 5:09:13 8 Claae 850 • 4WD Standard Pickup• 5 alart • 3 finleh 888 1 Ray, John, & Charles Currie Ford 6:09:51 14 887 2 Kelly Mahan/Jerry Griffin Chevrolet 7:08:03 22 852 3 Mike lsmaiVJeff Ismail IH Harvester 7:14:15 23 Claaa 9 - Restricted Buggy - 4 start - 1 finish 996 1 Scott & Todd Johnson Merldth 6:01 :42 12 911 2 Max Hanberg/Don Johnson W/(41aps) 6:39:00 Claaa 10 -Unlimited 1650cc • 6 atart • 3 finleh 1002 1 Berry Philpott/Christopher Berry DezFab 4:27:04 4 1016 2 David Callaway/John Holmes Dlrtrlx 6:19:09 18 1020 3 Michael Daws/John Garcia Jimco 7:25:18 24 Claaa 11 -Stock VW Sedan • O atart • O finish Claaa 12 • Mini Mag - 0 atart - 0 finlah Claaa 1400 • Vintage Racing - 4 atart - 1 finish 1405 1 Robert Wilkes/Mike Haddock Chenowth 7:53:43 25 Claaa 1500 - Stone Stock Mini Truck • 0 alart • 0 finish (this class was only required to run 3 laps) Claaa 1525 • Stone Stock 4WD Mini Truck • 0 atart • 0 finish (this class was only required to run 3 laps) Claaa 1550 - Stone Stock Full Size Truck • Q etart • o finish (this class was only required to run 3 laps) · Claaa 1575 • Stone Stock Futl Size 4x4 -0 start. o finish Entries total • finishers (5 laps) to1al • 31 • Race Distance 300 miles Course • 50 miles, five laps, 1 o hour time limit Weather-windy, dusty and eariy dark. Page 20 had a couple of flats, held their fourth place. On the last lap Wright jammed his thumb in the steering wheel, and in pain and now weary, slowed a bit. Persch and Drake went past him and into the lead. Their race had been remarkably trouble-free, without even flats to mar the day, and the team went on to take the win. Wright, tired and in pain, was second, 11 minutes later. In third it was the Satos with Moore and Faulkner just nine minutes behind them in fourth. Keith w ·esterfield, Brian Logan and Dan Cannon were fifth, another 19 minutes back. Class 725 took the green flag next, and at the end of the first lap · it was Shad Balch, a second 1 generation driver, in front in a . Nissan. He had over three minutes on Steve Cirillo and Drew Hove in a Toyota. Mike Yarman, Mike Johnson and Steve Prescott, in another Toyota, were 35 minutes further back, and Bill Markel, John Daly and Donald Harper had not completed the lap in their Toyota. Balch, whose truck once belonged to his dad, Sherman, zipped off another very quick lap, and had a lead of 15 mintues by the end of the second lap. The Nissan used to be four-wheel~ drive, but he'd removed the front drive, and was running as a two~ wheel~drive for the first time. Cirillo and Hove were still second, and were also running in two~wheel~drive, thanks to a rock that also took out a tire. Yarman, Johnson and Prescott were still in third. Chris Berry and Eric Philpott in their Dez Fab sweep around a bend en route to first in Class 10 and a keen fourth overall even though they got stuck on a rock for a few minutes. Steve Houston and Alvin Yamaguchi started out strong, but with a flat but they came back in the Raceco to garner second in Class 200 and finished fifth overall. On the third lap Balch lost a little time and Cirillo and Hove closed up a bit, but didn't catch him. And that's the way it went for the rest of the day.,Balch lost some of his body panels, but nothing mechanical went wrong, and he went on to take the win by 18 mintues, with Cirillo and Hove in second place. Yarman,Johnson and Prescott never got their fifth lap completed. .at the end of the first lap, with · On the third lap both the four minutes on the team of Lehtone/Hefner team and the Sergio Nunez, Eric Hanaway and Norgard/ Haagenson team broke Jon and Steven Jacobson. In third down. That left Wilkes and it was the t-eam of Sally' Hefner Haddock all by themselves in the and Jennifer Lehtone in aJeep. On race. But they kept moving at a the second lap, with the Norgards steady pace, getting faster as the and Haagenson still in front, day progressed, and went on to Hefner and Lehtone moved to take the win, completing all five second place as Nunez, Hanaway laps just before their time ran out. and the Jacobsons broke. That La Rana's next event will be the put Robert Wilkes and Mike Johnson Valley Jam, on May 17~ Haddock in third in the ir 19, to be followed by the Barstow ,Chenowth. 250 Ni ht Race on ul 19-21. Class 750, which was required to run only two laps, started at about 10:24, which was figured to get them to the finish line while other finishers were coming in, so there'd be some people to talk to. Kathy Fay, with her sister, Stacy, riding shotgun, ran two evenly paced laps, with no flats and no problems of any kind in their Ford. They did say the course was rougher than they'd remembered . The team took the win easily, with Dennis Pruett, Michael Dill and Barry Karakes a long way back in their Toyota, after a second lap problem that cost them four hours. They finished with only a half~hour of their time limit left. In Class 1400 the t~am of Jim and Greg Norgard and Robert Haagenson had their car in front June 1996 --------------Gary Keller and Dave Signent were the only entry in Class 7 so they did three laps in their Chevrolet at an easy pace and retired the class winner. Dusty Times

Page 21

Brian Coats got his neat looking Chevrolet home third in Unlimited Trucks and he was only nine and a half minutes behind the second place truck. Keith Westerfield and Brian Logan do a little nose dive here but they went on to a good fifth in Class 5-1600, the largest class, in 21st overall. Max Hanberg and Don Johnson had their Tubular Chassis built Class 9 almost ready but a major problem on the last lap kept them from a five lap finish. Brian Walsh and John Criswell had trouble on lap one, then had three good laps and were in the running, but the trans g11ve out, robbing them of a finish but they were 4th in Class 10. Dusty Times Brady, Scott and Wesley Wisdom took turns driving the 1600 Mirage, each did a lap and they were rewarded with a third place in Class 1600, and 10th overall. Steve Cirillo and Drew Hove carry lots of signs on their Toyota, had some trouble, but carried on to second in Class 725 and were 20th overall. David Callaway and John Holmes certainly let the sponsor have top billing. They had two slow starting laps, then got going well and finished second. Robert Wilkes and Mike Haddock were the sole survivor in Class 14, the only one· who finished. They did the five laps in good time in the Chenowth, 7:53. June 1996 Robert Moore, Eddie Faulkner and Jack Zandbergen kept the 5-1600 together and finished the race fourth in the close running class, 19th overall. -l~• ... ,r.J,~\W-o\\ <,:(>Wt> 4,,cm ·'"· Dennis Pruet, Michael Dill and Barry Karakas had a long day on the trail in the Toyota, numerous problems, flats, but they finished second in Class 750. Mike, Jeff and Debra Ismail got the IH Scout for another try at the desert around Ridgecrest. They entered in Class 850 and they finished third in class. Michael Daws and John Garcia had four super laps then nearly four hours on the last lap, but they soldiered on in to take third in Class 10, a finish. · Keith and Tony Sato had a few bumps on their way to third in Class 5-1600. They included a broken steering stabilizer, but thfly finished well, third. Page 11 ,.

Page 22

WILD WEST NATIONAL SCCA PRO RALLY Carl Merrill 'Wins In His Ford Cosworth Text & Photos: Jim Culp • Norseman Resorts Escort scored . the victory by a margin of 59 seconds, with a time of 2:45:28 over the 140 stage miles. After slipping through the rally's first night in a secure sec-ond position, Merrill and Belle-fleur greeted the second day's sunshine by leaping into the lead on stage seven. They proceeded to pad their lead on stages eight and nine, but just when things started to get comfortable, the Escort suffer~d a stuck throttle. They call , stage ten "Money Wheel," but in #1 Paul Choiniere and Jeff B~cker had the fastest tim; on ten of th·e rally's 14 stages, but finished fourth in the 4WD Hyundai Elantra. reality it's a narrow, twisty Simpson Timber Company logging road. Through the trees, along the ridge tops, past the ditches, in a 400 horsepower Carl Merrill and John Bellefleur . drove their Ford Escort Cosworth through the foothills of Washing-ton's Olympic Mountains to a victory in the Wild West Pro Rally, the third round of the SCCA/Michelin Pro Rally Championship. The-1996 Wild West was a survival test, and Merrill and Bellefleur finished at the head of. yo textured surface. Available In custom colors. The liner eliminates: conosion, cracking, noise, loss of space, slippage and the problems associated with drop-·in bed liners. Perfect for industria I, commercial and custom applications. Getthe one liner you never have to worry about! Diamond liners-forthe liner that fits ... and the protection that lasts! the class. Sixteen cars lined up for , Escort Cosworth with the throttle the start at the Little Creek stuck open at 7000 rpm. Co-<;::asino, near Shelton, WA, but driver Bellefleur described the only ten completed the run to the scene coolly, and concluded finish, and almost all of the "This car's just got great brakes!" survivors had tales of mechanical Merrill used almost all of them woes and off-course excursions. keeping the car on the road, but Merrill and Bellefleur posted the the Escort was still in the lead as fastest stage time on only one of they limped into service for some the Wild West's 14 stages. Still, hasty repairs. the cagey veterans in the-~ Two more veterans took the ,. second spot, Selcuk Karamanoglu and Y orgi Bittner in the Produc-tion GT class Eagle Talon. For the record that's Ogunquit, Maine's Merrill first, and Bath, Maine's Karamanoglu second, as the north easterners collected the north-west's trophies. Karamanoglu and Bittner smoothly posted a string of four straight fastest stage times to lead the event by 44 seconds at the end of the first night. Four fastest stage times through the dark, and the rain, on some real slippery stage roads. Karaman-oglu never seems to put a wheel wrong at speed. Smooth, steady, and very quick are the words to describe the former Turkish rally champion's style. The Eagle crew also had· their share of mechanical worries, including a running maintenance battle with the car's production braking system. Then shortly after leaving service enroute to stage 11, Karamanoglu noticed the oil pressure gauge drop to zero. A check under the hood revealed that oil was still being pumped up to the valves, so the Eagle continued to fly to the finish. Third overall were Rui Brasil and Carlos Tavares in the Suntrips Audi Quattro, almost ten minutes behind. The San Jose crew broke a rear half-shaft during the first night, reducing the 4WD Audi down to 2WD on some slick surfaces. Brasil could only laugh, when he discovered that the damaged Audi still collected first overall in the Sou'Wester Divisional that was run concurrently with the first six stages of the national. Behind Brasil, defending national champions Paul Choin-iere and Jeff Becker had the fastest time on ten of the rally's 14 stages, but all those fast stage times would only add up to fourth overall. Choiniere's new Hyundai Motor's sponsored 4WD Elantra features more power and less weight than last year's car, but one of those innovations may have cost Hyundai the rally. Friday night, midway through a rocky ten mile stage named "Keno," a small piece of weight saving aluminum failed. "First thing I noticed was that I was down on power," said Choiniere. That failed piece of aluminum had been a motor mount. When the mount failed, the engine moved pulling loose a turbo hose. Choiniere lost power, but continued. "Then I heard the drive shaft banging," he said, "then it fell off, and we had two-wheel drive." For half an hour the champion's Hyundai sat in a gravel pit, in the dark, in the pouring rain, while John Buffum #3 Carl Merrill and John Bellefleur drove the Norseman Resorts Ford Escort Cosworth to victory in the Wild West Pro Rally. #22 Lon Peterson and Bill Gutzmann captured the production class trophy in the 1.8 liter Kia Sephia sedan. ♦ HIGH-TECHNOLOGY POLYMER FORMULA ♦ SEALS YOUR TRUCK BED ♦ SKID-RESISTANT PERMANENT SURFACE ♦ SAME-DAY SERVICE ... DRIES IN SECONDS AND CURES DIAMOND-TOUGH IN JUST24 HOURS! For Samples, Brochure & Dealer Information Call: 0~0 DIAMOND LINERS INC. o~~~~o _ 5430 Tweedy Blvd., Dept DT (213) 567-1032 IN CA 800-543-1212 00$0 South Gate, CA 90280 Page 22 June 1996 #23 in seco_nd place overall, Selcuk Karamanoglu and Yorgi Bittner captured production GT wth the Eagle Talon. Dusty Times

Page 23

#1 A failed motor mount cost the Libra Racing Hyundai a half hour service stop in the rain and the mud. #16 Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes in the Ruby's Restaurant Toyota Supra claimed the group five title, with a little help from their friends. #23 Selcuk Karamanoglu makes a small brake adjustment during service on the Eagle. and the Libra Racing crew performed magic. They wedged the old steel mount into place, patched the transfer case, refilled lost fluids, replaced the drive shaft, repaired a damaged exhaust, and reconnected hoses. It took a total team effort, but Choiniere and Becker were back in the chase. · Sure there was a sixteen minute penalty for the late start on the next stage, and Choiniere lost even more time on the stages before the night was over, but remember we're talking about survival. The overnight stop after stage six gave the Libra crew a chance to dry out and fabricate some new mounting hardware. On Saturday, the Hyundai was the fastest car on the road, almost five minutes quicker than the rally winner over the last eight stages. So Choiniere and Becker finished fourth overall, third in the open class, 12: 17 behind Merrill/Belle-fleur. Fifth were Roger Hull and Ken Cassidy in the Goodyear Eagle Dusty Times Talon. Hull's street tires cost him Even with their success, the Kia time in the wet, but as the roads crew too had that look of dried Saturday afternoon, his survivors. During the worst of times improved and he locked up Friday night's downpour, they second in the GT class. Third in lost the defroster. With the GT, and sixth overall, were Janice misted windshield obstructing the Damitio and Amity Trowbridge view, Peterson had to lean out the in the Crazee Espresso Toyota window to see and almost Celica. The 1995 SCCA divi-collided with a parked truck after sional runoff champions lost time the finish of stage three. early, when a nighttime water Eighthoverallandfirstingroup crossing splashed into the two were Colorado's David electrics. About the time the Peterson and Greg Chaloupka in Toyota stopped spluttering, a flat the Scroth Harnessbelts Volks-tire added to Damitio's problems. wagen Golf. Peterson survived a A clean run on Saturday brought broken strut to finish just ahead local favorites Damitio and of the group five winners Ralph Trowbridge a victory in the Wild Kosmides and Joe Noyes in the West Divisional that was run Ruby'sRestaurantToyotaSupra. concurrently with the national The powerful Toyota was in the rally's final eight stages. thick of the things for most of the Lon Peterson and Bill Gutz- rally. Then while running fifth mann captured the production overall, the Supra slid off the road class trophy with a seventh place on stage 8 . With the clock finish in the Kia Motors America running, and those group five sponsored Sephia sedan. The 1.8 championship points slipping liter Kia put on an impressive away, Kosmides and Noyes got a show finishing first among the little help from competitors Jon two wheel drive entries, ahead of Pizagalli and Eric Hauge who many more powerful vehicles. stopped to pull the Supra out of ■Open I Free 80 Page Catalog! ■ Technical Assistance Available ■ Quality Parts! the ditch. "Looking at that nose in the dirt, we realized how easy it was to lose this thing," said Noyes. Another survivor, Kos-mides backed off to secure the class win with a ninth place finish. Newcomer Pizzagalli and his experienced co-driver Hauge had their own off course adventure in the Vermont Sports Car Mitsubi-shi Galant. After half an hour wedged in the rocks on stage three, they returned to action and a tenth place finish. Pizzagalli may have been the final finisher, but he had a real moment in the sun on the rally's final stage, posting a time that was second only to Choiniere on that last run through the woods. Among the DNFs were Tom Ottey and Pam McGarvey in the Red Rooflnn Hyundai, wedged in a ditch McGarvey described as "about the size of the Grand Canyon" on stage three while running third overall. Four fifths of the very competitive group two class also failed to finish, including Doug Schrenk and Ooo -BAKER ROD ENDS BAKER BEARINGS SETRAB COOLERS Mike Fenter in last· year's championship winning Scandia Saab. Schrenk was running fourth overall when the Saab lost the motor within sight of the finish on stage nine. A newer· Saab, the much anticipated group five turbo of Sam Bryan and Rob Walden was a non-starter, making a belated appearance about the time the Wild West's survivors were celebrating at the Little Creek Casino. Bryan promises to make a run for the group five crown with a car that looks like it just rolled out of an ad in the New Yorker, but he'll be starting that run 34 points behind class leaders Kosmides, Noyes and Toyota. After three events in the Michelin series, the other points leaders are Merrill/Bellefleur in the open class, Karamanoglu / _ Bittner in GT, Lon Petersonl -Gut:mann in production, and D. Peterson/Chaloupka in group two. Next the series heads south to California for the Rim of the World Rally. •I ' I BAKER Precision Bearing carries one of the largest selections of rod ends and spherical bearings in the United States. We represent companies like NHBB (NMB), Radial, Aurora, Timken and SKF. We only stock the best products in the industry and we are the largest stocking dealer in the U.S. Our bearing & rod ends are made ol 17-4 stainless steel and high quality chrome molly. Call us for pricesl The largest selection of cooler sizes and types for all your cooling needs. 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Page 24

CITY TO CITY RAa The Roads to the Incas Race By Martin Holmes intervals: on the gravel the fastest . go first at two minute intervals. The controls are within each town, except for the first section out of Lima, and the time it takes to travel from one town to the next counts against each crew, not only like a rally on an accumu-lated basis but also in its own right. For this reason you can choose any shortcuts you can find! On some sections the route has changed from year to year depending on whether that year the roads have been passable or not. In 1995 there was also a short publicity section run along the sea front at Lima, used to dictate the starting order for the event, the John Buffum swings a corner in his Audi Coupe S2 as navigator Mark next day. The very nature of the Wilfiams checks the maps. Buffum said it was like no event he had ever seen, gravel roads command the use of _an_d_it_w_a_s_p_e_r_h_ap_s_u_n_i_q_ue_,_a_r_e_li_c_o_f_y_ea_r_s_g_o_n_e_b_y_. _________ , rally type cars; local rules allow In an age where the clinical and factory on the Gran Premio in curious kit car type wings, but the marketable are defined to be Argentina, which was won by increasingly the cars in FIA thebest,thereremainsafreespirit Ewy Rosqvist and I finished Group A seem to be the most in motor sport, events typified by seventh overall. The race was competitive. such non-conformist occasions as 4600 kilometers long, divided "The race has the official Pikes Peak Hillclimb and mara-into six legs; it got me thinking. It s~pport of the government as thoneventswhichtraversemany wasasuperrace,eventhoughthey well, of course, of the local countries. In Peru there exists didn't have mountains like we did authorities," says Bradley. "The another such free spirited event back home in Peru. I talked about mayors of the various cities attend which defies the passage of time, this with my friend Roman the drivers' meetings, in Cuzco the only place where cars race 'Nicky' Alzamora who was the army organizes a big party from city to city along the main immediately hooked on the idea." each year for us. The chance to roads connecting them, in the It took two years to discover the run the race is totally dependent manner which characterized the roads and in 1966 the Automovil on the work of the police to block old great street races at the dawn Club Peruano was ready to run the roads to other traffic. The race of the sport. The Roads to the the race the first time. Having sold is one of the most visible sporting Incas race is the name, but it is an the idea to the club, Bradley took activities in the country, where event which is strange beyond the a back seat because he was keen to for many people top level sport is simple fact that it exists. It is take part himself! He is now Race something they can only expect to actually quite a new event as rally Director, having competed in 18 watch on television." history goes: the 1995 version of the first 19 races and won seven The Road to the Incas race is was only the 25th edition. An-times, including the very first race one of six rallies held in Peru other strange thing is that the ide.a in 1966. every year. There are a couple of came · not from Peru but The race consists, of five legs, one day events, the others are two Argentina. the first and last entirely on the day events; most of them run Henry Bradley is the man who asphalt, ·the middle three on along the same system with long made it all happen. "I was invited gravel. On the asphalt the slowest sections held on closed public to drive in 1962 by the. Volvo cars start first, all at thirty second roads. The final 1000 kilometer section is out to Arequipa one day and back in the opposite direction the next. The record time is less than 5½ hours each way. Such speeds sound frightening, but the records show few tragedies. "Because of the mountains the roads are always dangerous. There have been three fatal acci-dents in the 25 years and six people died. The river was so strong that five of them died by drowning." Obviously there have been many alarming tales of near accidents. You could write a book. Knowing the animals is one of the tricks of driving fast in the mountains "Every animal be-haves in its own way. The sheep are stupid and tend not to move out of the way, and the huanaco, a form of llama, gets very nervous and has the habit of running back where it has just come from. When one llama crosses the road, all its friends follow on close behind, and cows are very dangerous; they are too big to avoid." A driver must judge his speed very much according to the roughness of the road. "Obvi-ously you have to keep a margin to avoid suspension trouble. Oddly enough you do not have to be so careful of the engine on the long straights as you might imagine. The engines do not have very high compression ratios because of the altitudes, and they do not develop the full power they would at sea level. "Knowing how your rivals are doing can only normally be done when you stop for fuel. We have learned many tricks of the trade over the years. On the long climb up to Ticlio we discovered the engines frequently but unexpect-edly overheated. We discovered this was due to prevailing tail winds up the valley." Even this seemingly timeless sport is changing. This was the first year with a variety of turbocharged cars on the event. Bradley had run a turbo Toyota in the early 70s, but the weight enalty was heavy. Bradley welcomes the return of these cars because they are more reliable. They are better for drivers because you don't have to drive the,m so hard. We will continue to allow locally modi-fied cars to keep the costs down. But the turbo cars arrived shortly before the race and many had embarrassing early failures. The race is like a religion to the participants. Jorge Koechlin, winner in 1985, said "this is an event where money doesn't count. All the helicopter service in the world is unlikely to help you very much." Cesar Vera, the man who won the opening stage this year in a BMW M2, gave up at the end of the section, when leading, at Huancayo. "l just wanted the fun of driving from Lima to my home town absolutely flat out. Now I know I'm the fastest man who lived in my town." The talk among the other drivers centers around stage records, a subject for endless debate. How can such an event still be held at the end of the millennium? Bradley says the main reason is that this is a country where everything is totally centralized in the Lima area, the capital. When you close a main road you are not shutting down the country's trade and industry. "I do not think we will have a problem keeping the interest of the government of our country. To hold such an event conveys many positive things about the country. The biggest threat is that the roads are inev-itably going to get better every year; it would be too dangerous to , hold this event entirely on asphalt roads. We have many alternative roads available, but then the rally would lose its character as the city to city race. We race between several of the biggest cities in our country by the best roads between them. If we do it any other way, it would simply be just another rally!" John Buffum's Eye View I have never been to any event like this before. The event runs you in carefully. The first day's section is about 90 minutes, the second day about three hours, ready for the third section which sends you across the Andes four times and takes eight hours! Compared with other marathon events like the Safari or Ivory Coast rallies the roads are often · narrower but are very much like sections you could find in Europe on the Acropolis. But when you came to the third section, that isn't duplicated anywhere! I reckon the Peruvians get themselves overawed in a way; the drop-offs, which they call 'canyons', can usually be 200 feet or so and sure some of them are blind, but we have drops of 2000 feet on some Heading into a village is the Ford Escort RS Cosworth of Ernesto Jochamowitz and Luis Soto. Done in Group A trim the Ford is typical of the top cars. Ricardo Dasso/Renzo de la Llave were OK after the accident but the Toyota Corona was not. But there were lots of willing hands around to help fix it. . American rallies! Ever lace ou Bill Nation and Ricardo Porta almost have their back window over the tires. It seems an odd way to carry tires, but they probably figured on using two. Page 24 Cesar Vera and Eduardo Aservt do not lack for sponsors on their BMW and here they fly past hordes of folks all the way up the hill. This is a big event. June 1996 Pedro Garcia Niro and Jean Carlos Buraschi rally this Lancia in Peru and drew a crowd to watch it zoom past this way station en route to the halt. Dusty Times

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They do the European ramp style start in town and Passing through a village Godfrey and Peter Hemmerde hundreds come to watch. Here the Miguel Wakeham and bring out a crowd to watch the VW Golf 1.8 (a local built Jamie Zevallos Toyota is the focus of attention. car) pass by. They are really motorsport enthusiasts. fall down 200 feet is dangerous, just jogging along the road up really compare with this event but you can find those anywhere. there I felt I nearly died! I would must be the Safari in the old days, The altitude thing is something have hated to try to change a but when you realize this is 1995, special, however. Pikes Peak is wheel at that altitude. You get so . how can they still do it? This is an 4200 meters; Ticlio is 4800; on lightheaded, you have to hold on event that doesn't seem possible the third day alone you go up to to something to stop falling over. but it exists. I was very skeptical 3800 meters six times. You can What I found difficult was about the organization before-get special pills to help you adjust. getting the correct feeling for the hand, but the spectators were very They worked well when we event, how fast I should go well disciplined and the roads checked the route beforehand, through villages, that sort of really seemed to be closed, but when we took the rally car to thing. It took us four days to go whatever you might imagine. I Ticlio the day before we didn't round the route of the rally which think everyone has done a very have the pills and that was awful. takes eight days to run, but it good job. We went to take our souvenir meant putting in thirteen hour Memories from Old Argentina pictures at the summit sign and days. I guess the only thing I can Cordoba, the region now best ES Dusty Times June 1996 The race Director is 54 year old Henry Bradley Jr., seven times the previous winner outright on this event, and now he keeps things orderly all the way. known in motorsport terms for ~ its World Championship Rally, is the town where many of the leading personalities from the old city to city racing days still live. Eduardo Gesumaria, who popul-arized the sport in his country through the medium of radio, explained how the government promoted the sport to show how their country and their continent had become accessible to its own people. The biggest ever race was in 1948, from Buenos Aires up to Caracas, Venezuela. "Drivers had to have mechanics skills, some-times 200 drivers would take part. Increasing numbers of accidents curtailed the sport. Extreme weather conditions were faced by drivers. In the mid-sixties European cars began to dominate and the traditional TC Did you ever hear of Bingo at 35000 feet? Faucett Airlines Lockheed L1011 Tristar had Bingo and our Martin Holmes lends assistance to the caller here. cars headed off the open roads, instead for the race tracks." Former driver Eduardo Cap-ello noted that the main change these days is that events all over the world are shorter. "If you wanted to win, you had to go flat out for 60 or 7 km, but the mountain roads were easier. To win you needed a good driver, good tires, good service and good team organization which could warn you when you could ease off your pace." Former driver Hector Gradassi remembers: "It was all very dangerous. I was always afraid of fire. Tires were expected to last until they were worn ou.t; standard Pirellis were the most popular in my day. The races were fast, we used to drive at 220 kph on the asphalt and slow down to about 200 for the gravel roads. Page 25

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Andy Ziems started out well in the New Zealand built Cougar. He started strong with two heat wins, and then he went on to finish second in the 1600 Final. Glenn Owen soars over the track in his purpose built buggy, he ran second in the class Final but he got held back by traffic in the Feature Final. Col Jobe ran well all night and he picked up a third in the Feature Final, but he was out of the top spots, usually fourth, in the other races. AUSTRALIA STADIUM OFF ROAD CALDER PARK THUNDERDOME, MELBOURNE Action Aplenty Downunder Stadium Style It was another top showing from Daren Wells as he scored two heat wins and was the winner in the class final, and he got second in the Feature Final. \0"%;, .• There is close racing in 1600 class. Here Chris Wafman, left, dives low and gets underneath his brother Bruce Warman and made the pass stick and he won the 1600 Feature Final combined with the big engined cars. He won overall in his 1600! ~ Brock was lucky in that he had gear selector problems off the line and missed out on the pile up. On the restart, Manns put the now battered Rodeo into the lead with Owen in pursuit. Brock again was midfield, fighting with the factory Mazda Australia turbo truck of Gavin Mickle. Bennett was third but was trying hard and went so close to an endo' standing the Chev on its nose. Bennett then hit a tyre barrier and bent the steering.·Brock was coming through and passed Attard for third. Manns meanwhile took the win; with Owen crossing the line, and at the same time breaking the steering and spearing off the There have been many various cars competing at the Calder Park Thunderdome, the most recent were the off road cars. That's right off road cars at the Nascar oval. It was due to tons of dirt coming in and producing a stadium c:ourse, right at the edge of the banked asphalt track. Heading up the list of drivers was none other than Peter Brock, who is Australia's best known race driver due to huge success racing asphalt Touring Cars. He was driving a purpose-built Holden Rodeo sports truck. Brock had only driven the truck the day before and came to grips · with the new sport immediately. He would race against 8 of the. toughest drivers in the Sports Trucks & Sedans category. Heat 1 saw the Nev Taylor VW grab the lead but before long the Rodeo team took over with lead driver Mark Manns taking the lead with Brock behind. Richard Bennett's huge Chev desert truck took third place behind the two Holdens at the end. Heat 2 and the push and shove started with Chris Owen leaning into Bennett, the result seeing the Chev pop a tyre off. The Owen (ex-Mears) Nissan held the lead but then ran a little wide and who should grab the lead but J3rock, sending up a roar from his hometown Melbourne crowd. Manns slipped _past Owen too. -track. Third was Brock over . Again it was the Holden team Attard, Mickle, and Taylor. dominating with Brock, and Brock had one more chance at Manns 1 -2 and then Owen third. victory when they lined up for the Heat3sawMannsgrabthelead Feature Final, and indeed he from the front row with Owen grabbed the lead from the start. and Brock fighting out second. Mickie's Mazda was in second and Soon Brock came under attack came under presure from the from Bennett and the Chev USA built trucks. Brock mean-muscled his way through to third. while was clearing out and looked In the end it was Manns, Owen, set to take the win when disaster and Bennett only an inch ahead of struck in the form of a broken Brock. rear suspension joint. The group All attention was on the Final behind had sorted themselves where Wayne Attard's (ex-into the order; Manns, Attard, Evan~) Dodge got a magic start Taylor and Mickle and that's the from midfield and joined Manns . wa the finished. on the first corner where all Hell let loose and the two trucks in question both rolled. Both were OK and a restart wa.s ordered . . "Your One Stop Trailer Shopll X>S f.~~\R & s~R'J\C~ °tR~\\..~R ~ •FINANCING AVAILABLE •COMMERCIAL• RECREATIONAL •UTILITY• CAR• LANDSCAPE• CUSTOM CAR HAULERS • CONCESSION UNITS• ENCLOSED & FLATBED TRAILERS • TRANSPORT & MOTORCOACH CONVERSIONS • PARTS The 1600 buggies held up ,the action as the top four cars were identical in performance. Heat 1 saw Bruce Watman leading Andy Zeims. Chris Watman had a misfire. Bruce Watman took the win over Ziems. Third was taken by Daryn Maggs who spun on the last corner but quickly recovered. Heat 2 saw Ziems take control, Chris Watman was 100% again and into second. The close battle for third between Bruce W atman and Maggs, resulted in Maggs rolling the Magnum and W atman pulling out. Ziems won, Chris W atman second and David Munn third. Heat 3 and again Ziems took control. Bruce Watman was trying everything to get past but couldn't. Putting in some of the biggest jumps was a winning Ziems with Bruce Watman second and his brother Chris third. The Final again saw Ziems and the Watrnan brothers fighting it . out. Ziems led for seven laps but on the last corner Bruce Watrnan slipped by and 'took the win. Ziems, Waterman and Maggs followed in close company. The Unlimited capacity buggies completed the action. Sadly Shane Cottee was out after • RED~SIGN EXISTING UNITS• LIVING QUARTERS UNITS Quality Metal & Aluminum Construction Large Stock Of Trailers, Parts & Accessories As the sun goes down Mark Manns is on his way to another win in the Holden V6 supercharged Rodeo, but it must have been something to handle on the tight track: Page 16 June 1996 Dusty Times

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Holden got serious about stadium racing and prepared a pair of V6 supercharged rigs and got asphalt sedan star Peter Brock for a g est drive in one. Richard Bennett still runs with the stadium sized trucks in his huge desert Chevy, and he runs it with great success on a wide open track like this one. Peter Brock, on the left, joined the Holden Rodeo team for this race, and he quickly got the. hang of truck racing in the dirt from his teammate Mark Manns. practice with a blown gearbox. Heat 1 saw Daren Wells dominate entirely and go on to win from David Leach and Glenn Owen. Heat 2 started with action. As Owen ran away, Col Jobe and Cameron Ritchie got tangled up on top of each other. As a restart was called Owen stopped with fuel pump failure. Luckily the regroup allowed Owen to find the problem, and on the restart Matt Martin and Owen led the pack. Having an impressive debut in third was the new Bob Straw-bridge {self-built), A-arm, Porsche powered car .that has to be the brightest coloured of all time. Owen took over the lead while Wells came through to be in second at the finish ahead of Martin and Strawbridge. Heat 3 saw the battle betwe~n Wells and Owen resume. Wells got the lead, Owen hung onto second with Leach third. Coljobe was entertaining with wheelstands off the start and nose in the air jumps, but then spun the Chenowth, dropping back. Wells took the win over Owen then Leach. The Final saw a Wells/Owen front row but in the confusion Owen got pushed wide at the first chicane. Wells meanwhile was lucky to jump clear and lead the pack. Jobe and Leach battled for second. Owen was soon past Leach and began many laps of side by side racing with Jobe. All the while, Wells extended the gap. Owen took the longest jump of the night to finally edge out Jobe. Jo _th_~ _!!nd it was Wells, Owen, . DustyTimcs and a dead heat between Jobe and Leach. The reverse grid, all-in, Buggy Feature Final saw 10 cars line up. Wells and Bruce W atman were off the last row. The first chicane mayhem saw Wells and Owen tangle and get caught against a tyre ba_rrier which gave the rest an even greater head start. Maggs too got spun around in the panic. Matt Martin led over Chris W atman and Robert Moore. Martin then got jabbed in the rear tyre and went out. Chris W atman took over the lead but soon had Jobe and Leach on him. Wells was carving his way through on a mission. Watman still had Jobe close behind but Wells was now in third and closing. Ziems wasn't a factor as he was suffering a bent front arm. Chris Watman was driving his heart out; his 1600 car was no match for the turbo cars behind, but he wasn't giving in. The chequered flag came out and W atman took the win; the first time a 1600 buggy has won a combined Feature Final. It was close for second with Wells getting it by an inch over Jobe. Bruce Watrnan came in fourth over Leach Owen, Ziems & co. The event was made possible by major sponsors; Holden Rodeo and Yokohama. And now the Melbourne crowd have seen why , this is a very fast growing form of spectator motor sport; close racing, high jumps, push & shove, all in a close area. Future events include; Newcastle 2 7 April and Parramata 18 May. June 1996 Wayne Attard is ·getting used to the ex Walker Evans Dodge taking off well here. He ran second in the truck Final and he will be winning soon. Page 17

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.VORRA'S SPRING SPECIAL, PRAIRIE CITY~ SACll+.MENTO, CA. Wather Prevails At VORRA's Spring Special Photos: A]'s Photograph::, A wild start for the Class 1 race with Sam Berri, center, already nosing ahead. In the mix here are both Larry Gourlie and the rotary of Phil Gour/ie. Jim Jukes ran his desert car on the tight track and he did fine, finishing both motos in second place which gave him the overall victory for the day in Class 10. -After last months mud bath at some muddy conditions. But PrairieCityfortheseasonopener, Saturday morning the rains racers were ~xpecting the same stopped and track workers got treatment as the week prior to this busy preparing the track for event the storm door was left Sunday's battles. The advertised open and constant rains created two mile course was cut short to ................ .....,,...... ........... _._ ....... __ ...... ___ _ Don and Chris German had the Jeep humming with its Chevy power and took an early lead in the seven rig field, and from there it was virtually no contest. $$$ __ FO ___ R_S_A_L_E_$$$ Turbo 400 3 speed transmission For Class 8 Chevrolet all billet components the best of everything! _ the VORRA normal track as the course extension was determined impassable. When racing started. on Sunday, the 54 cars entered · experienced one of the best track conditions ever at Prairie City with a wide first turn and a longer straightaway. Leading off the day was the novice class with 12 rookie drivers entered. Taking the holeshot from two rows back was season opener winner Chris Vian ( 6) with Rich Fletcher (2 7) giving chase. John Creasy (76) was making a ch_arge from the next to last row to about mid pack in a quarter of a lap until a tangle sent him going end over end in a violent roll over. Creasy was OK, re-fired the motor and gave chase again. At the end of lap 1, Vian was out front followed by Fletcher, Joyce Biggs (81), Chris Fallin ( 49 ), and Pat Coven ( 41 ). . Suffering from bad starting positions were Steve Millward ( 61 ) , Jeff V anderzweep ( 86) and Creasy as they were all on a charge to the front of the. pack with Millward up to fourth by lap 3 and V anderzweep and Creasy in fifth and sixth by lap 5. By lap 8, Vian had a half a lap lead over second place as Fletfher could not reel him in. At the end of the ten Vian was the winner followed by Fletcher, Millward, Vander-zweep, and Creasy. Second moto's inverted start gave Vanderzweep and Creasy excellent starting positions and left Vian to sort through the pack. 1n the first turn it was Millward getting loose and going for a ground-sky-ground-sky ride on the top of Larry Watkins (79) hood. Milward took a second to Shane Balch dominated the sma/11600 field. He had the lead on the first1ace by lap 2 and came from the last row to lead the first lap, and it was all Balch at the checkered flag. gather his marbles and take charge . third. back into the war on! y to roll The Heavy Metal race had three again five laps later taking him out classes combined in an effort to of the moto. Ali Miller (96) had a put more cars on the track at one good run going in the front of the time. Seven Heavy Metals lined pack as she was in third after the up: three pros, two veteran and first lap followed by Vian and two novice. Don German (pro-Fletcher. By lap 4 Vian was up to 401) took the early lead followed second behind Vanderzweep as by John Chapman (vet-68) and Creasy dropped back to fourth. Curt Wengler (pro-478). Weng-. Creasy, with a Ii ttle more !er would retire mid race giving horsepower, fought his way up to second in class to Chad Wilson third by the white flag where he (pro-420). Chapman dropped would finish the moto. Vander-out after three laps handing the zweep wa~ a very happy moto vet class lead to Mike Koenig ( vet-winner followed by Vian, Creasy, 85) driving a virtually stock 4x4 Miller and Fletcher. Overall ToyotaTruckwithVORRAPres. Novice results: Chris Vian first, Ed Robinson co-cfriving. Mean-Jeff Vanderzweep second, Rich while in Novice, Don Sutton Fletcher third, and John Creasy ( nov-51) was in control and fourth. keeping the car together. Some-In Class 10 action the rotary of thing that has been difficult for Phil .Goudie ( 132) held off the Sutton to do so far. Second in three car field as Larry Goudie Novice was Fred Calosso (nov: (927) dropped out after one lap; 50) debuting his clean Fo.rd Jim Jukes ( 1021) in a desert ,car Ranger. At the checkered flag held on for 10 laps and second German was the winner with place. In moto 2, Phil failed to Sutton on the same lap in second make the green as he was repairing place. On the exit road however a broken rear suspension link. Sutton's car would smoke and LarryGourliewouldgoontowin then go up with an oil fire under with Jim Jukes again in second the hood. Work crews finally place. Jukes' moto finishes gave responded with extinguishers to him the overall victory for the day put out the firs. Thankfully, no with Larry Goudie second. major damage and Sutton could Four cars lined up to do battle come back for moto 2 . in the 1600s and it was Larry Moto 2 had Chapman get the Folsom (1691) taking the holeshotfromChrisGermanand holeshot followed by Shane Balch hold on for the first ½ lap until (1602), Arden Dennington Germanwouldpass.Calossoheld ( 1661) and Lance Abreu ( 1658). · back in third followed by Sutton By lap 2 Balch got around Folsom and Koenig. Sutton would have for the front spot. At mid race his troubles and only be able to Folsom and Dennington tangled complete four laps. Calosso and in the east turn landing Folsom on Koenig were off the pace as they his side and out of the race. Balch both have limited suspension and would go on to win followed by horsepower. German was the DenningtonandAbreu. winner after 10 laps with Moto 2 was all Shane Balch as Chapman on the lead lap for he came from the last ro-w to take second followed by Calosso and the lead by the end of the first lap. Koenig with only nine laps each. Larry Folsom was running second Final results were Don and Chris at mid race until fading brakes · German winning the pros, Mike dropped him back. At the-end it Koenig winning Veteran, and was Balch, Dennington, Abreu Fred Calosso winning Novice. and Folsom. Overall results were Class 9 had five cars this race Shane Balch first, Arden Den-and it was Lance Rhinehart (916) nington second and Team Abreu . taking the early lead from Forest ~ Creasy(917), Dave Tarant(904 ), and Tom Hatch (911). Running order would remain the same in a . tight race until lap 7 when Rhine hart's air cleaner fell off and knocked the distributor cap off killing the engine. Creasy would take over the lead and the moto win with Tarrant the only other finisher in class. Built by "Transmission Specialties" _ For more info call: Bob DeLozier Motorsports 1-800-249-9829 Don Sutton ran in Novice Heavy Metal and stayed on the same lap as German in second overall. On the exit road the car caught fire briefly, started the next moto but didn't go far. Moto 2 had Rhinehart with a terrible start in fourth place after one lap as Creasy was in handle of the moto with Hatch in second. By lap 3 Rhinehart was up to runner up with 1:--Iatch in third. At mid race Rhinehart was around Creasy and went on for the moto win with Hatch in third. Final results had Forest Creasy's 1-2 Page n June 1996 DustyTimcs

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Mixing it up with the big boys Gary Pinheiro ran in Veteran class and held his own in fine style, starting last and working up to fourth overall, and won vet class. Through some wild traffic situations in the Class 1 race Larry Gourlie did not get loose and take the win, instead he spun out and got hit besides. Guess it wasn't his day! Phil Gourlie ran in Class 10, and missed the start of the second moto, but he won the first moto in the rotary powered car that usually goes well. Mike Koenig and Ed Robinson in a virtually stock Toyota truck cruised the course. Koenig placed first in Veteran a lap down from German. Lance Rhineh·art lost his air cleaner while leading Class 9 · but came back in the second moto and worked through traffic to win the moto, and 2nd overall. -rolled the car on its side. By the John Creasy puts the pass on the competition here coming from the last row, time he was upright and the motor rolled but went on and took fifth in the first novice moto, and fought his way to fired, Phil Gourlie, Mort, and third place in moto 2, in Novice class. , Berri were all past. Driving like a finish land him first, Lance· going from the second row until• manpossessed,oramangoingfor Rhinehart's first moto DNF drop he dropped out after eight laps. the overall as all he had to do was him to second and Tom Hatch Drivers had bad starting positions finish in front of Berri for the third. • but making a good charge up to overall win, Gourlie was on the Pilot action had 11 red Hondas I the front were Larry Goudie gas. In the east turn both Berri and and one Teal take the green with (927), Garry Pinheiro (vet-29), . Gourlie made a move and got Ben Wald (99) with a helmet andTomSchultz(vet-13).Bylap aroundMortandcomingintothe video cam and a holeshot. Clint 4 Gourlie was up to third behind big-berm-right-hand-turn Gour-Wolsey ( 7) was in second Chavez with Berri way out in lie was on the inside and in front followed by Lee Faraola ( 11 ), front. Everett Paul was holding on of Berri. Coming out of the turn Jason Pimentel (2) and Andy to fourth with Gary Steele (vet-Berri clipped the left rear of Wald ( 34 ). At mid race Wolsey 44) and Pinheiro giving chase. At Goudie sending him into a full was up and challenging Wald the end of 10 laps, Berri was the throttle, 360 degree spin right in until lap 6 when the pass was winner with Goudie passing front of Berri, who was also full made. Wolsey would hold on and Chavez two laps from the end for throttle, sending Berri right over go on to the moto win as Wald second. Pinheiro came in fourth, the roof of Gourlie in a wheel was unable to make up the ground Schultz fifth and Steele sixth. stand. With all this action, Mort lost. Third place went to Faraola, Mato 2 was bound to be fourth to Andy Wald. exciting as Berri would be in the Mato 2 was all Wolsey as Wald last row and Goudie up in row 2. got a flat early in the race and From the start Gourlie was out could never come and make a front with Phil Goudie ( 132) challenge. Faraola was up to behindinsecond.TylerMortwas second in front of Wald by lap 4 in Everett's car and holding on to with Andy Wald behind Ben third with Pinheiro in fourth. By Wald. This would go on to be the lap 2 Berri was already up to fifth finish order after a 10 lap bout. but was without third gear and Final standing has Clint W olsey unable to make a challenge on the with the overall, Lee Faraola top four. Steele was holding on to second, Ben Wald third and Andy sixth with Chavez and Randy Wald fourth. Miller ( vet-96) challenging as Class 1 pro and vet had 14 Steele couldn't find the right · combined entries this race, not setup to run up front. By mid race enough to split into 2 divisions, Chavez was sidelined with a rear but enough to make for some flat and a split rim and Larry great racing action. With Sam Goudie was way out front ahead J3erri ( 149) on the front row with of Phil Gourlie with Mort, Berri, Rob Chavez ( vet-33 ), the race for Pinheiro, and Steele all battling the first corner was no contest as for third. Coming around the Berri drove around the outside. final corner to take the white flag Everett Paul (243) had a good run L~rry Gourlie cut th~ inside and Chris Vian won the first novice heat going away, but h.e had to work far from back of the pack and was second in the next moto, but won the day in the Novice class. DustyTimcs got in front of Gourlie and right The final Class 1 moto left the behind Berri. At the finish line, fans wanting more but the dash-Phil Gourlie was the winner with for-cash wasn't going to happen Berri second, Mort third, Larry so we'll all look forward to the Goudie fourth, Pinheiro fifth, next race in Yerington NV on amd Miller sixth. Memorial Day weekend. Final results for the pro Class 1 On the Monday following the had Sam Berri making it two in a race the VORRA racing corn-row with 1-2 moto finishes and munity was saddened by the loss first OA with Larry Goudie of Mike Olson. Mike had been second (2-4 moto second OA), recovering from a stroke he Phil Gourlie third (14-1 moto, suffered last summer. The Olson seventh OA) and Paul/Mort in brothers racing two seat 1600 fourth (13-3 moto, eighth OA). won the overall VORRA season For the Vets it was Gary Pinheiro championship in 1994 piloted by winning with 4-5 moto finishes Roger Caddell. Mike Olson had and fourth OA followed by been a long time supporter of Randy Miller (7-6 moto, fourth VORRA and always liked to run OA). GarySteele(6-7 moto,fifth up front in the competition. We OA)andTomSchultzfourth(S-8 wish the Olson family best moto, sixth OA). wishes. Godspeed Mike. ·.,,,·.;··· . ,,., ; 1 " I EXTREME lff-ROAD ACDOI, DI■,. DAIGER lllirTRUCKS BIiii NAMES:

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#41 Wild West 02 class winners Monte Horn and Scott Simmons in their neat red Datsun 510. -f'.:,... '..,,Jr,. , -.. ,... ·-~ "" : ,o( (_:' :. -~ -~~;t~~~.:~t~i::~~~~-:-~i~~~{: ' . --#65 Dennis Chizma and Ben Bradley finished fifth in. the #46 David Peterson and Greg Chaloupka brought the Schroth Motorsports Unlimited Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, second in 4WD Volkswagen Golf home first in the U2 class at the Sou'Wester. class at the Sou'Wester. ---------------------' putting the Suntrips Audi 32 Brasil, Da111itio Take Northwest Divisional Rallies seconds ahead after two stages. Then the roads started to dry, and Damitio/Trowbridge ran off a string of quick times in the Cra:ee Espresso Toyota Celica All-trac, trimming Brasil's lead to four .way to an eighth place tinish in the Valencia Volvo. Ninth were Kosmides and Noyes, protecting their national class win in the Ruby's Supra, followed by the rally lites Ma:da GLC of J. Horn/ Schild in tenth. Text & Photos: Jim Culp ., #17 Janice Damitio and Amity Trowbridge came from behind to capture first place in the Weld West Divisional Pro Rally in the Crazee Expresso Toyota Celica. Rui Brasil and Janice Damitio captured victories in April's SCCA Northern Pacific Division rallies. The Sou'Wester rally win was Brasil 's third straight victory, a streak Damitio ended the next day as she edged Brasil to capture the Wild West Divisional. Sou'W ester Rally Brasil and co-driver Carlos Tavares in the Suntrips Audi Quattro grabbed the early lead and held oq for the victory in the Sou'Wester. Run on a very rainy night over the first six stages of the Little Creek Casino's Wild West National ally, the Sou'Wester featured a field of 24 cars, including many national series competitors looking for divis-ional points. Holding on was really all the San Jose crew was trying to do, after they broke a rear half-shaft turning the 4WD Audi into 2WD. Their early speed held up, and after struggling over some very slippery surfaces, Brasil could only laugh when he discovered that the damaged Audi still collected first overall. Second were Doug Schrenk and Mike Fenter in the return of the Scandia Autosport Saab 900. Schrenk/Fenter finished only 32 seconds behind the leaders, despite the fact that the Saab lost the windshield wipers for two wet stages and spluttered through with some wet electrical connec-tions after a water crossing. The second spot was good enough to give the Saab the over two liter class victory. Slipping through the woods with rear wheel drive flair, Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes in 'Ruby's Toyota Supra captured third overall. Aspen, Colorado's David Peterson and Greg Chal-oupka brought tLe Light Per-formance Works Volkswagen Golf GTI home in the fourth spot, first in the under two liter class. Dennis Chizma and Ben Bradley finished fifth in the Motorsports Unlimited Mitsubi-shi 3000GT VR4, second in the 4 WO class, ahead of another 4WD crew, Prescott, Arizona's Roger Hull and co-driver Ken Cassidy in the Goodyear Eagle Talon. Kirk Simmons and Tim seconds after stage five. Brasil . fought back, and Damitio's -Dutton captured seventh overall Toyota trailed the Audi by six in the Big O Tire Dodge Omni, seconds going into the event's edging the Datsun 510 of Monty final two stages. Damitio and Horn and Scott Simmons for the Trowbridge turned in two very regional group two title. quick stage times to pull off the Ninth overall, second in U2 win in those last fifteen miles. class, were Victoria, British Drying road conditions helped Columbia's Jonathan Blunt and the Goodyear Eagle Talon of Hull Jason Coakley in the Malamat and Cassidy fly to third overall on Auto Parts Volkswagen Rabbit. their street radials. Lon Peterson Dave Hintz and Rick Hintz and Bill Gut:mann finished rounded out the top ten in the fourth overall, taking the U2 class Extreme Rallying Mazda RX3. title in a Kia Sephia sedan. The 1.8 Severalfastnorthwestcompeti-liter Kia finished first among the tors were far down on the list of two wheel drive entries, well finishers. Janice Damitio and ahead of many more powerful Amity Trowbridge finished vehicles. fourteenth, slowed· by a water Chizma and Bradley finished logged electrical system and a flat fifth in the Motorsports Unlim-tire. Tim Paterson and co-driver ited Mitsubishi 3000OT VR4, Joel Wright in the Falcon Racing trailed by the neat red Datsun 510 Mazda 323GTX were running of M. Horn and Simons. Horn/ -, second overall when they slid off Simons grabbed the 02 class the road on the night's final stage, trophy with their solid sixth place they finished nineteenth. Scott finish. Seventh were Peterson and and Robert Trinder were second Chaloupka in the Northstar Golf quickest on stage one, but an off GTI, just ahead of Bill Malik and road excursion and mechanical Renn Philips who lost headlights problems dropped them to , and rear bumper parts on their twentieth in the Suzuki. Regional class winners includ-ed, new Northwest Region member Brasil/Tavares in class one, Simons/Dutton in class two, Blunt/Oakley in class three, and .l,ick Horn / Eric Schild in class four, with the Walt's Muffler MazdaGLC. Wild West Divisional The long, challenging course took a toll, only fifteen of the twenty-four starters were running at the finish. Listed among the DNFs were the Trinders, who posted the fastest time on the first stage, but then knocked a wheel off of the Gary's Autowrecking Su:uki on stage two. Todd Hartmann and Kirk Knestis were also very fast in the Hartmann Motorsports VW Golf, before a broken rear axle ended their day. Schrenk/Fenter were reduced to spectators when the Scandia Saab expired at the end of stage three. Northwest Region a 1 class winners included, Damitiol -Trowbridge in class one, M. Horn/Simons in class two, M. Hom/Schild in rally iites. Class three honors were collected by Debbie Sjodin and David Treen in a Plymouth Arrow. It was the first overall win in the northwest for the popular Damitio, a resident of nearby Montesano, WA. Damitio and Trowbridge have one other victory to their credit, the 1995 SCCA Divisional Runoff crown. · The Wild West Divisional provided the best racing of the Little Rock Casino weekend, with Damitio/Trowbridge coming from behind to edge Brasil/Tav-ares by 24 seconds at the finish. Run entirely in daylight over the final eight stages of the Wild West National, the divisional covered 101 stage miles. Brasil built an early lead, #25 Rui Brasil and Carlos Tavares ran much of the event with only 2WD. but still captured the Sou'Wester Divisional in the Suntrips Audi Quattro. #75 Debbie Sjodin and David Treen claimed class three at the Wild West in a #81 A ninth place finish propelled Jonathan Blunt and Jason Oakly to a class Plymouth Arrow. three win in the Sou'Wester with the Malamet Auto Parts WVRabbit. Page 30 June 1996 Dusty Timcs

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FAIR NEWS By Dave Massingham VEGAS TO RENO SAW 8 FAIR RACERS AND 6 FINISH-ERS: Jeff and Jim Stiles, Class 1-2 Pro, 1st in class/1st overall. Jim started with Ken Ruff, co-driver, ran into a fence post at Johnnie Road crossing. Damaged the right rear arm extensively, knocked wire off voltage regulator and lost battery. Found two guys from Washington state, Mike Higbee and Gregg, Bouma who helped do repairs. These two gl-WS were spectators and Jim refers t them as heros, thanks you two! Jim limped to Amagosa FAIR pit, got fuel and welded trailing arm. Back in the race after falling from overall lead to fifth. By Cotton-tail, Jim was back in the lead. At Gold Field Pit, co-driver change, more welding on the rear arm and refuel,Jim stayed in with 1 minute lead, Tonapah, 25 minute lead Mina pit, the lead was 1 hour and 5 minutes. Jeff got in at Rawhide and took the last 100 miles. Thanks to the Checkers pit at Top Gun for welding the rear arm for the 3rd time, Uncle Max and crew were a BIG help. THANKS CHECKERS WE CAN WORK TOGETHER! Jeff finished using fog lights only due to electrical problems. Jim wanted to thank again, Mike and Gregg from Washington for following the car to Gold Field and Weeks, helping in both pits. Welcome to FAIR Jeff and Jim, hope we can continue to help. * Dave Edelstein #1301 -1st Class 3 -Ford Bronco: Dennis Lightle helped with the driving chores with Steve Twilligent and Tim Plant riding. With only one flat they had a perfect race day. Dave wanted to thankJeffRandall for chasing and being his main man. * Larry Plank Class 14 -1st in class -Trick Truck. * Tim Braden/Mitch Griffin Class 7S -3rd in class. * Frank Omboli/Jim Cochran Class 5-1600 -DNF. * Wes Wisdom and Sons Class 1-2-1600 -DNF. * Tom and Mke Barnett Class 8 -2nd in class, 22nd overall. New sign up for Vegas from TJ's 4x4 in Orange. · * Clayton Etcheson Class 10 2nd in class - sign· up with FAIR for this race. Sorry but I didn't receive any details from any of the last 6 racers. Bill Markel took Race Manager duties and ran his butt off before and after the race. His comments, co-driver for Tom and Mike Barnett got so sick while in Reno, they had to leave him in the hospital to re-coop. All FAIR cars made a pact, everyone carries a tow strap, any FAIR car down, the next FAIR car will tow to the next pit. Since no chase was allowed, this got everyone in. Thanks to Frank Omboli for driving parts to Wes Wisdom on course! Special thanks to" Duster" Evan and Carol Harbottle for helping at Amagosa Pit. They showed up to watch and jumped right in to help. Nice to hear Evan and Carol still care about the sport. Thanks to Bob Bezzant ahd Bruce Streeper for the dedication ANNUAL to FAIR, taking a full pit (Amagosa). How could we do it without them at Amagosa pit! Thanks also to Scott and Kelly Steinberger for helping. Its nice to have FAIR members who are willing to help when needed. Thanks for the pit notes for Weeks pit. Pit Captain: Bryan Bundick, Reno, Nevada, Ken Bosse, Carson City, Nevada, Mike Highee, Monroe, \Xt'ashing-ton, Gregg Bouma, Monroe, Washington, Everett Paul, Grass Valley, California, Casey Paul, Grass Valley, California. Thanks to all who took the time off, Thursday and Friday to work the pits and watch the racers have fun. All in all, FAIR feels Casey Folks did a fine job, and look forward to next year to be even more fine tuned. LAS VEGAS PRIMM .300 s_aw 6 FAIR entries: Wayne Morgan #113 -DNF. Had a prohlem on 1st lap, tangled with another 2 seat and lost all the left raar shocks. After being down for 2 hours finished l lap. On lap 2 playing catch up in the dust of slower cars, it came to an end at Pit F. Motor quit and we called it a day. P.S. Wayne never got a chance to get in, Mac McLaughlin and I did all the damat(L'. Yes, we did run out of fuel, now do you guys feel hetter? * Martin Bros C lass I - finished 5th in class. After a lont; period of not racing, Tom started, ran 2 laps, brother Steve took the last lap. Both had no problem, no flats. Welcome back Martin Bros. * Parkhouse Class 1 - finished 12th in class. Willie started, had 2 flats l st lap, Brian took the 2nd ~alf having 2 flats also. They gav~. up running the old 10 car but gave it a try anyway. Brian has since sold his 10 car and now waits for his new unlimited Mirage A-Arm Toyota V-6. * Steinberger Class 7S -1st in class. Larry Plank took the controls for 1 ½ laps with Pat Bell riding along. Only prohlems Larry had was a brush with Collins buggy and Pat Bell was suffering from the morning after the night hefore. We think Pat stayed up all night studying the race notes and check point locations. By the end of I !Ii laps, Larry passed all in the class and had 25 minute lead on second place. Pit E was driver change for Scott and Dave \Xt'achter. After a quick check of old lightning and a full fuel cell, they set out to finish this tough race. Scott soon experienced the silt hed and had to bl' rescued by a chase truck. Those 4x4 trucks don't i;o anywhere when high centl'rl'd. Ry the time they got hack to Pit E, he had a 55 minute lead. Splash of fuel and off to a checkered flat;, not quite, just after leaving Pit E the engine started running poorly. At the powerlinL' road, Jcrl'm)' Spirkoff found thl' problem, a broken roll pin in thl' distributor. After repairs v.l're donl', they still had a 4 minute lead. As it turned out they finished hy 15 mintues. Looks like Stdnherger di·d their homework for this one! \Xt'ay to go Scott and Larry. NO\V LETS GET A SPONSOR -DAD'S OUT OF MONEY! * Dan Fisk andJeffQuinn Class I -DNF. Transmission on the I st lap, I think. * Todd Clement Class 2 truck DNF. Had a variety of problems all day, lost lots of time. Ran 2 laps, ran o.ut of time. I want to thank Willie Melan-con for the pleasure of letting me pre-run with him in his 1600 buggy. Sure was nice to sit hack and go for a ride. Thanks to \Xt'ayne Morgan for going with me the weekend hefore and marking all the pits. 'w'e had great pit locations. Thanks to the volun-teers who went to help in the pits. Gary and Joy Bancroft, Garth Hutchison, Bruce Streeper, Harry Dunne, Jim Norgard, Steve Romo, Loren:o Rodrigue: and a crew of WR Racing. Mike Rebolledo TJ from Quality Auto, Darren Morgan, Steve from Parkhouse thanks again for hauling Morgan's tires to Pit E). And to Bill Markel our Race Manager, Tom Mangione and crew for taking all Pit A equipment up there and back. We need more volunteers like Tom! A special thanks to Harry Dunne for always being there with the pit books. Since the FAIR van is still down, Gary Bancroft ofG-FAB in Brea has been keeper of all the FAIR equipment. What a tre-mendous help it's heen having equipment hand out/hand in at his very nice shop. By the way, G-FAB does race prep, pre-runners, bumpers, suspension work, just about anything having to do with Off Road racing. It's , located at 1300 Pioneer, Brea, (310) 690-5513. Let's send some work Gary's way, he is now officially settling into the shop fulltime. Anyone looking for an excellent fabricator, Gary's your man! Thanks for listening. SaturdaY; July 6, 1996 in Jackpot, Nevada at 9:00 a.m. SHARP ... SPECTATORS FREEi ENTREE FEES: Pro Racer-$245 • Class 9 & 5/1600-$165 • Sportsman.-$45 Insurance all classes: $90 • Use Fee $1 O FRIDAY, JULY 5 Pre-running 25 MPH Speed Limit Registration, Tech. Inspection & -Car Display 4:00-8:00 p.m. at Barton's 93 SATURDAY, JULY 6 Driver Meeting at 8:00 a. m. Hospitality and added purse from the Community of Jackpot · Added cash bonus for all class winners!! g~ ~luu,Ju l,o /.a,Jl,OWJ,/996~ ... * * * * * * * * * * TWIN FALLS Century Automot;.,e Machine Davison Signs Commercial Tire 4x4 Plus Curt's Car Care The Renter Genter Brico of ldaoo, Inc. The Wioocm Welder Gem State Welders Supp~ T.F. Body aoo Paint Hi-Tech Weldil}J T.F. Tru:k and Equipment Metal Research Twin Lawn MJwers S&D Automot;.,e Magic Valley Ear~ Iron Sheet Metal Fabrication looependent Auto JACKPOT Barton's Gilb 93 Cactus Pete's The Four Jacks The Horsehu Spanish Gardens RV Park State Line Liquor l Sorenson Construction OGDEN Felt Auto of Ogden Bonneville Offroad Raci!YJ Enthusiasts Kenerstrass Oil Co. RacirYJ Fuel VP Race gas available by Preorder ONLY '"" BRICO of IDAHO, Inc. 1 800 657-1062 RACE/ P.O. BOX 1583_ • QGP~N, UTAH 84~02 • (801)._.6~.7~~ORE (208) 733-9084 Dusty Times June 1996 Page 31 ...

Page 32

•r Cars, trucks, boats, bikes, ln-N-Outs - What could be better? Among the happy spectators can be seen_ a pit/chase truck, lower left. All kinds of folks came together at Havasu. The license plate on this rod is an understatement. It was more Even a helicopter was entered. Talk about your off road than nice, it was close to being a perfect example of the breed. vehicles, this has to be the ultimate extension of off road! 1996 KC HIUTIS Havasu Happening Open Motorsports Show What has 419 vehicles, 2,500 ln-N-Out Burgers, over 2,000 spectators, 38 vendors and 1 clown? The answer is the KC HiLiTES Havasu Happening event. Held under -beautiful sunny. Arizona skies in the friendly town of Lake Havasu City the second annual show was bigger and better than hoped. The weekend long party started off with a parking lot mar-• McKENZIE'S AIR FILTERS • K&N • UNl•FILTERS • g YOUR OFF-RO/lD ~ PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS SPEC/ll/JSTS! ~ .. J PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 2366 E. ORANGEn-OAPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 • DEALER lNQUIRIES WELCOME f • g 4-SPYDER SUPER DIFFS !i . Tl.IRS T21RS 8! ! la • Made from .ductile iron. ~ The Cast Ditt is back! All New to the industry! Economica/lY Priced! I • Ultimate strength/ ! • Utilizes 4-Spiders for added strength. This 4-Spyder Super Diff comes suppplied ~ili_ with precision-ground pins and block. _ MCK-0265 • Made from ductile iron. ~ • Available in 3 different configurations. i . w GreatlY Reduced Price!-~ i • 091 BILLET RACE DIFF 002 CAST 4-SPYDER DIFF MCK--0114-0Q2-15 Fo-10-Tcxll~ . MCK-0014-002-17 Fo-11-Tcxll~)<EIS . :;: 'ii . 091 CAST 4-SPYDER DIFF ~ s • Made from 4140 Chromoly. , MCK-0114-091 Supplied with pins and block. ~ Supplied with Billet Cover, pins and block. 091 BILLET COVER m ,- MCK-0101-1 ... ~ i ' MCK-0102 Made from 4140 Chromoly. ~ ,.._ _________________________ . e SIMPSON. • BEAAO SEATS • IPF e KC • CIBIE LIGHTS • BUGPACK • R!:OUNE OIL e FUEL SAFE e OEM e SWAY./lrWAY • S&S Page 32 . ,. garita cruise at Chile Charlie'.,s Restaurant where locals and early arrivals kicked tires to the sound of oldies music and dined on a special menu cooked up over the outdoor grills. Friday began with set up activi-ties on the Queen's Bay Golf Course at the London Bridge Resort, the host hotel. The fun really got underway during the evening when McCulloch Boule-vard, Havasu's main street was From a stationary antique to this full race Mini Leaf Blower took a bit of work, but don't sell it short, the trophy is for 'Best of Show' . blocked off for the Southwest There were land sleds, foreground, and semis, race cars and Harleys, it Chevrolet /ln-N-Ou t Burger seemed at least one of everything, and there were over 400 of them. Cruise. The street was filled with The fun continued on Sunday, March 1997. If you can't wait that cool cars, tru~ks and mo_torcycles, ~nd the trophy presentation for long there is good news for you. the automotive enthusiasts con-the 25 classes and door prize Jim Russe 11, of Desert Stee 1 sumed 1,440 of the famous drawings began at 2:30 so that Motorsports announced that KC burgers served up from an ln-N-those unfortunate el)ough to not HiLiTES has agreed to sponsor a Out Burger semi that was hired live in Havasu could begin their series of these "HAPPENINGS", for the show by Desert Steel drives home. Amongst the many and the next one will be in Valley Motorsports, the event doorprizeswonbyluckyentrants Center, California {near Escon-promoters. were BFGoodrich Tires and Ultra dido) September 14, 1996. As The Bud Light Show and Shin_e Custom Wheels. For the first usual, their policy is that it is an on Saturday had over 400 veht-time the BFGoodrich Fan Appre-Open Motorsports Show, and cles competing for over 100 tro-ciation drawing gave a lucky spec- an,ything neat is welcome; trucks, phies and special awar~s jud~ed tator a set of their super tires. 4x4s, you name it, if it is cool by entrant ballots. Rad10 station If this laid back weekend of enter it and join in the fun. You KFLG was on ~and to _broadcast automotive fun sounds good to can learn more by calling their 24 the fun to those m the tn state area you, book your rooms in Havasu hour recorded hotline at (520) that couldn't attend in person. now for the last weekend of 855-61-25. There was something for every-one, from a helicopter to Harleys, and semis ( the BFG off road race support semi was there as well!) Also on display was a completely restored '4 7 Cushman scooter, lots of street rods and muscle cars to say nothing of the race vehicles of all types; boats, buggies, there was even a class for trick golf cars. And the ln-N-Out Burgers were served up on the golf course for lunch. June 1996 From off road to off shore, it was all clean and shiny and all on the golf course. There was every form of transportation on display in Havasu. Dusty Times

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• • • • • Pony Express ••• Mr. Sal Fish, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Danny Cau, President SCORE INTERNATIONAL 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. South· Las Vegas, NV 89124 . this,' the rule was interpreted by. all of the premier buggy builders -Jimco, Foddrill and Chenowth -as 105" being the maximum extension. The reason for this letter is that I respectfully request that you Gentlemen: make a final ruling on this matter I hope you receive this letter in once and for all. In my opinion, the spirit in which it is intended. Bill Savage's new ruling could As a professional businessman have a profound affect on and off road enthusiast, it is SCORE. If this rule is allowed to meant to express my concern and stand, it si"mply means that any to provide constructive criticism class with a limited wheel base, about a recent ruling which could. whether it be a truck or buggy, have an adverse affect on SCORE. could extend the length of their At the end of the Prim 300, I car and as they cross the finish line protested against the length of release the pressure in all shocks George Seeley's new 5 car. It came allowing the arms to collapse and to my attention that George's car drop the wheel base back to its "".as, in fact, 108''. in length and I legal ~imit. This can easily be done did not comply with the SCORE and ts currently under serious rules. George has been trying for consideration by a number of the last 6-8 months to change the racers. rule regarding length from 105" I I know Bill Savage wants this to 108". I am not certain of problemtojustgoaway;forashe I George's motivation, butlbelieve told Neal Grohowski and me thatthe car was built intentionally during my protest that "as far as with a wheel base of 108" with he was concerned, Class 5 should hopes he could change the rule at be totally eliminated." a later date. There must have been I can assure you gentlemen that a question in George's mind as he no one wants to be told after was avidly trying to solicit investing $45,000 to build a new support and change the ruling. car that a class is being eliminated. Having failed to obtain support Collectively among the Class 5 from the other Class 5 drivers, racers, Mike Jacobsen, Neal George achieved success when Grabowski, George Seeley and I, Bill Savage deemed his car legal. we have spent in excess of Bill's reasoning was that the car $200,000 building new cars to measured 105" at ride height race in the SCORE series within upon the conclusion of the race. the last two years. If anything, it However, when lifted upright, the appears to me that there has been car measured 108". Previous to a resurgence in Class 5, and the .about the.Media Center and ~idn't have the opportunity to tell ·you our story while we were there. I look forward to meeting your people and to getting to know you at future evens. Sincerely, Hope Elms quality of the fi~ld has certainly . area. My husband is the owner of improved. This can be attested to a Class 3 Pro Truck and we came by the recent San Felipe 250 race to our first SCORE event last in which three Class 5 cars weekend at the Primm 300. We finished in the top 15. It is my drove the 1200 mile trip and opinion that Mr. Savage was more arrived on Friday just in time to interested in trying to sell go through Tech Inspection. Pro/Trophy Trucks to ex-Class 5 Being new to the racing scene, we racers than being a Technical didn't know exactly how to go Director for SCORE. about getting any P.R. for.• Wearesorrywemissedyouasyou To add to the confusion, it ourselves. We are faithful . went through the contingency row should be pointed out that BHI .. followers of the Dusty Times and and then qn to tech inspection. We Savage told Neal Grabowski and I wanted to let you know about had one of the nicest areas e11er for me that if we obtained a signed our interest and true desire to contingency row at State Line plus petition supporting our interpre-·: make an impact for Oklahoma in you could see the race track and the tation of the 105" rule, he would the world of Desert Racing. littlestadiumbitbuiltinfor the fans. disqualify George Seeley's car at We began building this truck in Enthusiasm like yours is missing the upcoming Baja 500 race. This 1992 and have put many hours as today in the hurly burly world of pro inconsistency is what bothers me more well as dollars into it. We wanted off road racing, particularl:Y, in the than anythi"ng else. Granted none to make the April race so topranks.Howeverafewletterslike of us have $250,000 invested in a desperately because it was held on yours could be encouraging for the Trophy-Truck, but collectively as the anniversary of the Oklahoma fuiure of the sport. It was not privateers all of us have a big -City Bombing which affected us intended to be a way of _making a financial stake in how rules are in a tremendoos way. Our goal living,andifyoumadeenoughtopay interpreted. was to .make the trip, enter the for the car's expenses so much the If Bill Savage's recent ruling is race and get a real feel for how the better. However things evolved. allowed to stand and I wish to truck would perform. We Thanksforyourletter,itwasabright remain competitive in· Class 5, I accomplished the goals we had set spot in the day ( ed) will be forced to extend my car. and are very pleased with the and I want a ruling on this prior to entire experience. Some would spending the money to do so. I tend to say that we were not believe you have a moral, ethical successfull since we did not finish and legal responsibility to take a the race, but we disagree stand on this issue. I think it completely. The mechan·ical would benefit all of the privateers problems we had just helped us to that race in the SCORE series to learn what needed to be improved know the rules are not subject to for the next race. We are excited change depending on which side about the interest we generated of the bed Bill Savage gets up on for ourselves and for the State of that day. Oklahoma and we can't wait to Please give this some serious come back and try it again. You consideration and respond to me can bet that you have not seen the as soon as possible. s· l end of the EMR Desert Team incere y M • hael E ] ' from Oklahoma. We have high 1c . ames h cl . r opes an great expectations ror My name is Hope Elms and our future in Desert Racing. I am from the Oklahoma City I am sorry that we did not kn(')W The hectic summer season is about to start, in fact does with this June issue. . Of course the local desert racing has not slowed a bit in the winter, which was quite mild for t~is part of the country. But the giant SODA troops are preparing for their season opener at Lake Geneva Raceway in their home state of Wisconsin. Wish. we could get some of them to· write. Remember we witl print almost anything in Pony Express, short of libel. Send your praise and your gripes about the sport or Dusty Times along to the address on page 3, and we will print most anything we feel is of interest to the bulk of the readership. CACTUS RACE AIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES INTRODUCING THE NEW SNELL 95 SHOEI CACTUS RACE AIR FRESH AIR VENTS • LIGHTEST PUMPER STYLE SUPER VISABILITY HELMET BETTER AIR DISTRIBUTION: • FIT - NO OTHER HELMET FITS 8 VENTS ONTO SHIELD SO GOOD MOLDED AIR INLET • THE SHIELD SEAL - A RUBBER 0 RING, TESTED WITH 160 lbs. LARGER OPENING - NO MORE OF PRESSURE, NO LEAKS, NO FOLDED OVER EARS MESSY FOAM SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! $369.00 WITH A NOMEX SKIRT, WIRED FOR PCI RACE RADIOS. $269.00 UNWIRED. AUTHORIZED DEALERS DeNUNZIO RACING PRODUCTS (805) 683-1211 NEVADA OFF ROAD BUGGY (702) 871-4911 McKENZIE'S PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (714) 441-1212 PCI RACE RADIOS (310) 427-8177 RACE READY PRODUCTS (619) 691-9171

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1996 Al.CAN WINTER RALLY The Glamour Boys Strike Again his writing desk in a small cabin outside Dawson, where the Yukon and Klondike Rivers con-verge. There was also the added lure of a new 500 mile run from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay up the Dalton Highway ( the infamous North Slope "haul road"), which had only recently opened to pub-lic travel. Grimshaw stares out the window, map and computer at the ready, while Johnny Unser watches the important things like when the green flag drops. Back in February, 1994 John Corser of Corser Communica-tions hired me to navigate an Isuzu Rodeo on The Akan Winter Rally for two racey type drivers who thought "rally" was a word used by Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen - "I-rally, rally do not like leeches·on my bosom dahling" -something like that. Corser's call resulted in my intro-duction to Johnny Unser and Paul Dallenbach, a nice contract with Isuzu that helped me drive the wolf from the door of my humble Florida hovel, and my second win on The Akan. I also got a new winter team jacket and boots rated for -lO0F which I wear when I go snake stomping in the Everglades. Unser and Dallenbach were a pleasant surprise. They were intel-ligent and talented drivers able to adjust to the black art of road ral-lying in a very short time. They were dedicated to enjoying them-selves while still able to do serious work when the need arose. True professionals, as you would Past two time winners of this enduro Tim and Penny Paterson were entered in a Chevrolet Tahoe. Tim is the man who invented MS-DOS, the system that drives computers. They led easily until they rolled before reaching Fairbanks. PIKE'S SERV'ICE CENTER BAKER, CALI_FORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ..... . THANKS! RESTAURANT EVERY DAY ' . OPEN 24 HOURS 'YEAR .ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Page 34 expect. Our win on the '94 Alcari marked the first time a sports util-ity vehide had ever won the event and Corser's film "The Ultimate Challenge" won national awards. Pretty heady stuff for this sixty-plus coot who's been cranking rally Curtas for the past thirty-eight years and still can't tell a wing nut from a lug nut, except that both types tend to crash on down hill hairpins. In '94 Unser and Dallenbach were fondly dubbed "The Glam-our Boys" by fellow competitors. We tried using "The Jerky Boys" as our radio handle but the others would have none of that. These boys lood good! I mean, they're just damned pretty. I suppose handsome is a more appropriate adjective, but what the hell. They dress the part and give great inter-views. A sponsor's wet dream. And they both have advanced degrees in "posing". From rugged outdoors Marlboro Man to casual unpretentious Biff The All-American boy, hey, they've got it all. Just tell 'ehi what you want. When Corser telephoned this past January to inform me that Isuzu wanted to do a rerun, I was more than eager to go. The Win-ter Akan only runs every other year so Isuzu's public relations gurus wanted to put the team back together so they could coin neat phrases like "defending cham-pions" -that kind ofbabblespeak. I ,was just eager to see the guys again. The Glamour boys and I had become good friends and I hadn't seen them for two years. I also wanted to go back to the Yukon and Alaska in the winter. Probably because the first book I ever read was Jack London'~ "Call Of The Wild" and I once stood at The Alcans always draw a mixed bag of competitors, every-thing from the serious rallyist to the clueless sightseers who carry snow · shoes and emergency dog food. Professionals to rank ama-teurs, lug nuts to wing nuts. For the first time, SUVs out num-bered passenger cars. Corser entered a second Isuzu Rodeo for he and his two henchmen, Greg Bartlett and Revere Jones (The Rev). Oldsmobile entered two· factory backed Bravadas, one driven by Road & Track Magazine writers, Andy Born hop ;md Doug Kott. Past two time winners, Tim and Penny Paterson, were entered in a Chevrolet Tahoe. Tim is the man who invented the MS-DOS system that drives our computers. There was a Ford FlS0, an Audi Quattro, Nissan Pathfinder, Mit-subishi Montero, Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Blazer, and Land Rover Discovery among the starters. The event began in Kirkland, Washington, the\norning of Feb-ruary 23rd. It was run 5,000 miles in eight days and finished March 2nd in Anchorage, Alaska, the day before the famed Iditarod Dog Sled Race was to start not far from our hotel. We averaged about six to seven hundred miles per day, traveling north to over-night stops in Quesnel and Fort Nelson, B.C.; Whitehorse and Dawson City, Yukon; and Fair-banks and Anchorage in Alaska. Most of the Akan course is made up of long transit sections. Scoring occurs on short (20 to 40 mile) TSO {Time-Speed-Dist-ance) sections where teams must maintain stated average speeds to the exact second past hidden The crew left to right, Tom Brimshaw, Paul Dallenbach, and Johnny Unser. Wonder if the Glamour Boys ever think of this while racing an oval track at 200 mph. The Autocrosses could be tricky with tire tracks going every which way. But we perserved for the glory of the team Isuzu and the cash. June 1996 checkpoints. Each second early or late was a penalty point. There were also several i,i:e races on fro-zen lakes and rivers where the fast-est car puts penalty points on the rest of the field. At the end, the lowest score wins.Just like in golf, except the spikes were in our tires not on our shoes. Nothing to it. My job was to keep the team on course and pro-gram the Timewise Rally Compu-ter. The Glamour Boys' job was to keep us on the road and on time (based on the computer's. out-put). Of course, that was of secondary consideration. Their first duty was to cater to my every whim and keep me happy. Nobody wants to deal with a dis-gruntled coot. Drivers soon learn to keep their navigators gruntled. So why was the "defending championship Team Isuzu" sit-ting unfirmly in fourth place after the thfrd day? You've heard of the computer nerdism "GIGO" -garbage in, garbage out? I admit I have not been so confused since I was seven years old and got my first kiss from a blonde girl named Donna Abbott, on the same day we won our first base-ball game and the best looking boy on our team hugged me and patted me on the bunsides. Very confusing. I kept programming the com-puter. Unser or Dallenbach ( they took turns driving the TSO sec-tions) kept the readouts on zero as we passed the checkpoints and the scores showed us twenty to thirty seconds late at every control. Our heroes were sliding down the entry list faster than a starving Cheetah chasing a four legged lunch. In fact we were lunch. Everyone else was Cheetah. In the face of such adversity T earn Isuzu No. 1 fell back on its professional expertise and mon-umental pride. Since we were inside the toilet looking out we concentrated on the brighter side of our dismal lives. Each morning I computed our "fee per mile" for the day, wrote it on a stickee and posted it on the dash. "Cheer up guys, this is a five hundred and thirty-two dollar day." And of course we continued to try and unconfuse me, to ungruntle me, to solve the mystery before we landed with a thud down in last place. It took three days of rewiring, exchanging equipment with our second car, swearing over the radios, and a lot of hair tearing and head banging. Corser's Henchmen, who had originally set up the cars, worked like dogs. They worked -but nothing else did. Until we reached a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Dawson Creek. It was there, between thighs ( where I have found most good things in my life time) that we realized we had an aluminum plate supporting our computer and the other Isuzu did not. Ours did not . work. Theirs did. We removed the plate -and took zero penalty at the next three TSD checkpoints! The plate was not wired to the computer, nor to the car. It was not touching metal. It was just a steadying shelf. I've since spoken to Jack Christenson who builds the magic Timewise -and to date no one can explain what hap-pened to us. But with the plate gone, now we were ready to rumble. At that point we had five days left to play catch up. The Pater-sons were so far in front of the Dusty Times

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-This lovely lady is navigating a Land Rover and she looks fresh and ready for the battle here. I suspect the windows closed as the weather got cold. Our boys get the checkered flag and it must be early in the game as the car is still clean. Never have three grown men had more fun while working hard. One of the glamour boys, Unser, does his tricks on the frozen and snow covered race track, which of course he won; they kept winning in lousy conditions, the mark of a professions/. We did make the Artie Circle although the rally canceled out on that leg. Our director certainly would not miss this shot, while The roads can be breath taking like the drop shown in the left picture, and in moments be smooth plowed roads as indicated in the running one-two. picture on the right. Thats' Alaska. field that even the UniBomber couldn't dislodge them. But our second Isuzu was sitting firmly in second place -due of course to excellent nightly schooling by. T earn Isuzu's resident Coot in Car Number One. The Road & Trackers held third in an Olds Bravada. It is amazing to me how much . pressure can build up over a few ticks of a clock. There were about 6,500 seconds included in all the timed TSO sections, and we were fighting to get back about two hundred of them. It helped our cause that The Glamour Boys were winning all the high speed ice races. Unser and Dallenbach drive race cars at 200 mph inches from concrete walls desigI)ed to win all confrontations.Wall - 1, Race car -0. But in racing a slight bobble in one comer can be made up in the next one or the one after. A one second bobble in rallying is like a jail house tattoo -it's there forever. It goes immediately on the scoreboard and can't be removed. In racing (and in rally-ing) there is First -and then every-thing else. A loss is always a loss -whether it be against a wall at 180 mph or by one second in a rally. Your body might complain more about the wall, but your psyche is just as bruised in either case. It took us one day to pass the Bravada. When we reached Fair-banks and prepared to leave at 4:00 a.m. for the long trek to Prudhoe Bay we had our Rodeos in second and third with no chance of catching the Patersons. Just as I was walking out to the car someone said to me, "Did you hear what happened to the Pater-. sons? They rolled!" Very funny I thought. Rolling is not funny, but I figured someone was having me on, as the Brits would say. But it turned out to be true. The Pater-sons had indeed rolled and had to be towed into a town hundreds of miles back. Fortunately they were not injured. But their Tahoe was badly bent and in a matter of a few confused seconds we had T earn Isuzu sitting onetwo. We never reached Prudhoe Bay. It was raining when we left Fairbanks. Raining in Alaska in the Dusty Times Winter? The Dalton Highway roads were polished ice with no snow cover providing grip for the BFGoodrich Track Edge studded tires, until we climbed the moun-tains. Then the rain turned to heavy snow, and again to freezing rain as we drove back dow·n into the valleys. At about 150 m:iles out we came upon the event chairman, Jerry Hines. He was stuck on a mountain crest in deep snow with his wife and son. He'd been stuck there for four hours! When Hines was freed and announced he was cancelin~ the run to Prudhoe Bay most of the field turned back to Fairbanks. But our two Isuzus motored on. Corser wanted the primo photo op offered by the Arctic Circle Monument, another hour away. At the· crest of the highest mountain we came up on a long line of parked 18-wheel semis. They'd been parked for six hours, not daring to attempt the two mile stretch of black ice gleaming in the valley below. They were waiting 1 for a plow and warned us to turn back. · , Cameramen will sell their first born for a good photo. John ~orser flipped Mother Nature the I bird and we headed for the Arctic Circle. We tippy-toed across the ice, over another snowy mountain and into the AC turnout. One · hour later, as we prepared to leave, the two Olds Bravadas pulled in. They also had camera buttnuts on board who had heard on the radio that we'd reached the Promised Land. We were the on! y four Alcaners who make it•-but the Bravadas followed in our tracks. That same night the leading Rodeo kissed a guard rail, bent a bit of tail end body work and we moved into first place -to stay. Then I was finally ungruntled. Last weekend ( a month after our win on The 199bAlcan Win-ter Rally) l sat in my favorite old chair and thought about a bumper sticker I'd seen that morning. It read, "If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot'em?" I turned on the telly and there was Johnny Unser turning a Lola Ford Indy car sideways at 180 mph exiting turn one in Phoenix. He finished ninth and qualified for a shot at the Indy 500. Dallenbach, sitting on the pole in an earlier Shelby Can Am race on the same track, had blown an engine while leading. That night I got an E-mail from Johnny explaining his problems with an untested car. His final words in the page long message · were, "How are you doing? Let's go race something or raise hell Welder/Generator EW171 • -tO00 Wall \Vdder/(;enerator • Honda 11 liP OllV Cunuuercial • HXXJ watts or IMtWt·r En!,.rine . • 170 At-.H> DC for \Vddmg • OilAlcrt• • Oil . ..\lert " • ~11mlL.U1t.."tlll:-.At. / l>L u~v • Automatic Idle· • ;;,u1x:1 qu ll l • Ek'\'.U-Ullii..°lj,[lllllllll somewhere!" I answered, "Meet me in Cairo next week. Got a line on·a spon-sored two-hump camel named Ruby. We'll put Paul in a side-saddle. Let's get reaaaaady to RUMMMMMMMMBLE! TG." 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44 ANNUAL SAFARI RALLY 101111111 Makinen Wins In His Rookie Year in Kenya Text & Photos: Martin Holmes • Tommi Makinen and Seppo Harjane splash through a low water crossing in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Check the pipe bringing fresh air to.the engine and hopefully keeping the water out. The 'rookie' winners won overall in the Safari Rally. , and only Ford found difficulty in maintaining the pace. Constant engine heating and suspension problems slowed their drivers: Carlos Sainz was the only top-team driver retirement on the rally. The weather played havoc in the early stages, with a third of the 15 planned competitive sections either canceled or substantially modified. The second round of the 1996 world rally championship saw many faces new to Africa. The works Ford team had not been to Kenya since 1987, Prodrive, who run the world championship cars for Subaru, had only competed in . Africa on cross country events, Kenneth Eriksson and Staffan Parmander streak down a back road in Kenya while Mitsubishi Ralliart Europe past a wierd shaped tree, they grow like that, they are not pruned. . had never competed in Africa at Safari Rally first-timer Tommi Duncan. "We made our big all. Perhaps it was not surprising Makinen won his second succes-attack when we realized our car that despite not competing for the sive world championship rally, could stand constant battering world title this year, Toyota was fighting off a determined attack over potholes and the other cars the favorite for an outright win. from Subaru drivers Kenneth couldn't," explained Makinen. The local importers must have Eriksson and Colin McRae, and "We knew from pre-rally testing more experience in African helped Mitsubishi stay ahead in · that we had a very strong car; rallying than all the other teams the world championship. On one experience earlier in the event put together! The event was as of the wetest Safari rallies in a proved our car was the popular as ever; 6 7 entries were de·cade, Makinen benefited as strongest." received, a record for the past ten McRae had a driveshaft failure It is 20 years since Mitsubishi years; while like last year there and then overtook Eriksson on last won the Safari, and 11 years was a special class for cross one of the roughest sections of the since a 'rookie' won the event: country, classic and historic cars. event. The Subarus suffered many Curiously Makinen's predecessor Ford had two official team suspension problems, and wasJuha Kankkunen, who lives in drivers, former world champions eventually only Eriksson could the same region of Finland as Carlos Sainz and Stig Blomqvist, maintain the pressure on the Tommi. Thiswasthefirsttimeall the latter a veteran of Ford's winner, while third place went to the world championship teams unlucky 1987 campaign. Mitsu-_the works-prepared Toyotaoflan had entered the event together,. bishi split its efforts: Ralliart Europe ran a car for Tommi Makinen while Tusk Engineering from Japan had a sjmilar car for another veteran, Kenjiro Shino-zuka. Subaru was the only top team to enter a three car team, for world champion Colin McRae, Asia-Pacific champion Kenneth Eriksson, and former European . champion Piero Liatti. In addition to the Prodrive prepared Group A cars, the Subaru Rally Team Japan run by Koseki had three Sport Wagon Group N cars: this was for promotional reasons as this semi-estate car is the most widely known variant of the Impreza. Toyota cars have won the Safari Rally for the past four years but for the 1996 event Toyota was represented by independently run cars. Toyota Kenya had a Celica · GT-Four driven by the 1994 winner Kenyan Ian Duncan, run in Castro! colors. In addition Paraguayan driver Marco Galanti ran a semi-official Celica Turbo 4WD, helped by the service and communications assistance of Toyota Kenya which meant the South American champion had to take an English speaking co-driver, Martin Christie. Ugandan driver Karim Hijri had acquired the ST205 originally to be run by Toyota Kenya's second driver while Kenyan President's son Jonathan Toroitich again ran his ST185. Technical novelties were few but Daewoo, W2L category winners in 1995, ran a new type of car called the Cielo GTX although this year there was no separate category for the 2 liter series. This rally demands unique vehicle preparation. The cars need much bigger fuel tank capacity some 130 rather than 75 liters, there are extra lamps and frontal body protection, more cockpit com-fort, and the cars are designed to carry two spare wheels not one. Dust and water proofing demand _special attention, engine electron-ics are modified for the reater altitude; this rally is the highest in the championship generally run at around 1500 meters. The nature of the rally, high altitude which reduces the power outputs and higher speed which aids engine cooling, reduces many of the stresses experienced elsewhere. But the cars carry a lot more weight in rally trim in Kenya. The rally, formerly a five day affair or more, always ran on Easter week, because more people were available to man the checkpoints. So it moved around on the calendar but from 1997 on it must be held every year in early March. The times are changing. The weather on Etape 1 was on everyone's mind, particularly those planning service van movement. There were two service parks, but essentially this was a free service event, the last in the world championship. The organizers decided to keep the fifth competitive section in the route, so the night before rally start many went out to look at the water level, including Carlos Sainz, who left a bit later and waited 1 ½ hours for the water to subside so he could get back to town. The 59 competitors were to start at three minute intervals, which meant that there was immediately a three hour gap between the first and the last car, a difficult challenge for organizers in regions which are highly weather sensitive. McRae led the field and reported a few problems with unwelcome strangers on the competitive sections, which were open to other traffic. Ford was immediately in trouble! Shino-zuka had his throttle stick open on the first section, Blomqvist broke a rear shock absorber which damaged the brake pipe and lost almost 20 minutes while the team's helicopter service crew arrived to make repairs, while Sainz reported overheating trouble. McRae was in the lead Colin McRae, Tommi Makinen, and Kenneth Eriksson, 1-r, meet some new SCORE 1995 ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR! } ~ friends along the way. These are behind a fence but they are often seen alongside the highways, not shy at all. • --•--,,._ -~--co-.-__ o.:=.c-,--=--"'°~.,._ .. , 1;: --•-•-., ------,e.~-.. --,,....;..-,.._ -,.. ,o _., •• -•----•--;,,-r ~ -·-•,... FAT MOTORS WIN AflJ WIN: SCORE SAN FELIPE 250, MAR. 8-10 Class 1: First· Brent Grizzle/Dale Ebberts ryw Type IV) Second · Bob Gordon/Frank Arciero (TOYOTA V-6) Fifth· Carl Post/Greg George ryw Type IV) Class 10: Third · Ben Schlimme/Jerry Penhall (TOYOTA) Fourth· Rod Muller (PONTIAC) Class 5: Second -Mike James/Mick Kallcki ryw Type IV) Third -George Seeley /Bill Gasper ryw Type IV) LARANA CALIFORNIA 200, MAR. 15-17 Class 200: First· Mark Post ryw Type IV) Class 10: First -Eric Philpott/Chris Berry ryw Type I) Third -Michael Daws/John Garcia ryw Type I) Fourth· Brian Walsh/John Cr:Jswell ryw Rabbit) RACING ENGINES, TRANSMISSIONS AND OFFR0AD PARTS , Sencl or call for our new catalog $5.00 -_, - • ;,-.;;, - - - - - - --_;_-"'. - - , -i. -"'-"' -,_., r - -"" Page 36 SCORE Engine Builder of the Year for 1985, 1 •, 1991, 1993 and 1995! PERl'ORMAICB 1558 No. Case • Orange, CA 92667 (714) 637-2889 • fax(714) 637-7352 June 1996 Hideaki Miyoshi and Tiny Khan were in Group N and won it with the Subaru !mpreza Sport Wagon, and they finished eighth overall in this wet Safari. Dusty Times

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Former overall winner Kenyan Ian Duncan and Dave Williamson get the Toyota Celica GT-Four dirty but it looked good in third overall at the finish. Stig Blomqvist and Benny Melander drove the Ford Escort RS Cosworth to seventh overall, after surviving the weather, mechanical difficulties and myriad other problems. Rory Green and Tanya Gittens drove this old Comet in the historic class but they dnf'ed, but are shown here crossing the equator, on the route and a bit of extra interest, Spectators are everywhere on the Safari route. Here a group watches Sammy Aslam and Abdul Sidi in the VW Golf G Tl whip past on a g9od road, en route to first Formula 2 honors at 17th overall. though Makinen, delayed by a broken driveshaft, made the fastest times on the next two competitive sections. Liatti arrived at the Kajiado service parR after the second section on three wheels having punctured after about 15 kilometers. The section had been very fast and stopping to change a wheel wasn't so necessary. Shinozuka had his throttle stick open on the first section: this came at the same time as serious radio interference which pre-vented them calling for helicopter help and stopped Pentti Kuukkala reading the pacenotes. "I tried to indicate the instructions by my fingers, then I remembered we were now using the number system instead!" The weather was beautiful at Kajiado, the miday air was warm and you could see for miles. But only 30 kilometers away there was a flash flood across the track and car 43, a Group N Daewoo driven by the Korean Bae Soo-Oh, attempted the crossing and was swept down river. The crew escaped unharmed, and following drivers stopped without trying to cross. Then came a Land Rover driven by a service crew, which was swept down the river and the three occupants were drowned. Unfortunately this disaster so stretched the rally's communica-tions services that for some time · the only results which could be trusted were those agreed upon by the drivers themselves. The first handful of cars reached the end of the third section in the dry, but then the rains fell and the surfaces became very slippery. McRae had to cover most of the section with a broken driveshaft and no brakes, while Ford's miseries worsened when Sainz broke a rear shock absorber and noted that the water tempera-ture was still too high. Then on the fourth section a rear drive-shaft failed as well. On the same section Makinen had to change a flat tire and was astonished at the damage to the animal protection bar at the front of his car caused Dusty Times by a guinea fowl. Twice Eriksson had been going flat out when the engine stopped, only restarting itself when he had slowed down to about 50 kph. "It seemed to be a sensor for the turbo wastegate that had failed." Daewoo were leading their class with Asad Anwar's Cielo but the team leader Azar Anwar retired with engine damage after ingesting water; the third Cielo had been abandoned in the bush after the water crossing disaster. Sammy Aslam had a front strut break on his VW Golf on the first section but was leading the unofficial Formula 2 battle. Shinozuka was still unhappy, , this time w.ith his brakes which ' . snatched on when the tracks were slippery, while Galanti went off the road into a ditch and lost some six minutes as spectators pushed 1 him back. Liatti broke a rear shock absorber soon after the , start of the fourth section. With the weather getting worse, the 1 organizers canceled the fifth and final competitive section of the day and the crews made their way b_ack to the overnight halt at Nairobi with Eriksson27 seconds ahead of Makinen. Drivers· reaching the end of the section four reported the water was increasingly covering the track. Njiru joked and said when he reached the wettest part, the river was running down the rally route, not across it. He had two punctures and changed them both on the section, heading Group N teammate Miyoshi. Blomqvist came in bemused. "I think I've just crossed an ocean," he quipped! The organization got into gear again and the results for the top runners were approved, although waiting for more clarification were the drivers stuck behind the water crossing, hoping they would be given an interruption time and be able to restart the next day. 44 cars were allowed to start Etape 2, a remarkably high proportion, although many of the later runners had missed virtually all the first day. Eriksson's 27 second lead was amazingly close in Safari terms: the top four crews separated by only two minutes. The second day would take the drivers north of Eldoret, again with five competitive sections planned. With dry and dusty conditions forecast, the horrors of the previous day were not expected to recur. The first competitive section saw many dramas. Kenneth had a slow puncture 40 km from the end which finally came off the rim four kms from the end of the section. This threw up additional dust which delayed Makinen, who normally would have had a helicopter to guide him but it was grounded at the time. The section included various long straights with potholes, and these aggravat-ed McRae's earlier troubles. About 20 km from the start McRae broke both left dampers. overheating troubles. Ford's His service helicopter landed and engineers were unhappy because they were changed, but when he they said other teams had wrong! y broke another near the end he had fitted water sprays in front of the to drive on to the finish. Sainz had radiators which they said only an early puncture, stopped and Mitsubishi had correctly homo-placed his car in a ditch with the logated. The situation was made punctured wheel off the ground, worse because far bigger water-so he and co-driver Luis Moya spray reservoirs are now per-could change the whee1 without mitted. All this drama happened using a jack, but as they were on the first competitive section of about to continue they were the day. passed by Galanti's Toyota and The next center of attention they remained in the dust behind was the third section, around the him for some 70 km. Suddenly Cherangani Hills in the far north. there was no more dust; Galanti Eriksson hit a rock which had crashed and Sainz had a clear damaged his suspension but he road ahead. Shinozuka asked his did not lose time, while Makinen service helicopter. to land so a had a puncture and also overheat-loose shock absorber could be ing trouble, forcing him to drive tightened, while Duncan had all the third and fourth sections with his dampers suddenly go soft, the heater full on, in the middle of which looseneq his steering as the Kenyan day! Sainz had the well. Blomqvist arrived reporting nightmare r,r ** TORSION BARS ** AXLES ** SPRING PLATES-** COIL SPRINGS** .. .. u, cc UJ 0 <C a.· u, l1J ...J >< <C .. .. u, cc w 1-u,. ·::::, ""') C <C « .. u, c., z cc a. u, ·u. <C UJ ..J ... .. SWAY·A·WAY MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY OFF ROAD SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR OVER 20 THE NEW PRODUCT JNIERNAJrBYPASS SHQCK THE ONLY INTERNAL-BYPASS SHOCK IS NOW ON THE MARKET + 10", 12", 14", 16", 18~ TRAVEL ... ... r z " + 6 REMOVABLE BYPASS TUBES ~ + EXTERNALLY INDIVIDUALLY &-INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE ~ + ANY COMBINATION 014' COMPRESSION & REBOUND TUBES + 3 1/2" PISTON + COIL OVER/BYPASS/BUMP STOP IN ONE SHOCK + GREAT FOR "A-ARM".FRONT ENDS · *INTERNAL-BYPASS SHOCK RESULTS* ... ... " z G) ~ z u, • • u, :z LA RANA 'CLASS 10 POINTS LEADER - LARRY BOLIN s: ,2ND IN CLASS, 2ND OVERALL - LA RANA JOHNSON VALLEY 200 ~ m • g '. 2ND IN CLASS, 4TH OVERALL - SCORE FIREWORKS 250 !-~ BOLIN DOES IT AGAIN! 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.., The Nissan Pulsar G Tl of Britons Mark Tilbury and Wilfiam Kirk They come in a bus to watch their favorite turn on the course, gets a rousing send off from a restart and they broke up the The people are well mannered here and seldom leap onto the Subaru domination of Group N by fiTJishing in sixth place. route as they do in Europe. This stretch is crowded with spectators and they hang in there until the last car has gone by. It is great to see them stand clear of the road. ------------------------,... of suffering complete rear suspension completely onwards until he was stuck in breakage of the mounting point collapsed, and his Subaru dragged mud 12 km from the end. The for a front compression strut. His itself to the end of the section. engine by now was overheating to service helicopter was able to re-Makinen's puncture let Eriks-a dangerous degree and it was attach the strut with great sontakebacktheleadbutonthe obvious he would be too late at difficulty and Sainz had to drive final section of the day, Tommi the next control. His was the first 107 km to the end very slowly. took a huge gamble and regained. team car to retire. Shinozuka hit a When he arrived he found he was the lead. The Finn took five hole badly on the second section, only three minutes inside his minutes off the Swede, who causing steering problems and a maximum overall time allowance, imagined that he had simply gone puncture. "The problem was my sohehadtostartthenextsection too slowly. But when it was co-driver did not read the before a permanent repair could discovered that Makinen had instruction. He was busy talking be achieved. This cost another 40 taken 2½ minutes off Eriksson in to the helicopter at the time!" minutes. He carried on, running the first 42 km, the same stretch Njiru lost the lead in Group N -very late . .He arrived at service of potholes that had caused havoc when he had a second punture but · .. ~ . points and discovered rival teams earlier in the day, the daring of the by mistake he only had one spare .J.\~,~ had long since moved on. He had Finn became evident. Never on board. He struggled on but :~:e a~ix~~~s rt~':!fceh:f~>f~:. .~{ to tackle the last section beforehadtheSafaribeenwonby then had a fuel starvation had to drive completely through completely in darkness. His old going absloutely flat out like problem which further delayed the bush not knowing where we team rival Colin McRae wasn't drivers do in Europe. Was the him. New leader Miyoshi's only would end up or whether we having a much happier event. On first Safari limited to three days, problems were punctures, while ., would get stuck' luckily we got the fourth section his rear tires going to bring about a change? Aslam continued to lead F2 · back on the right track again." wore out completely. When the Sainz's battle against Africa despite four driveshaft failures. Otherdriversfollowedhismarkes. first failed he changed the tire, ended on the last competitive Hirji lost the rear wing on his Then Eriksson reported he had to whenthesecondfailedheneeded section. A rear camber strut Toyota Celics ST 205: "We stop to have a broken driveshaft his service helicopter to supply broke 35 km from the end of the aren't fast enough to need it. In changed; his brakes had also been (and hopefully fit) a second spare, section, which for him was held in fact, we never knew how fast you damaged, while McRae was in but the chopper couldn't land darkness and rain, long after his could drive until Sainz overtook more trouble. He had a puncture because of trees nearby; so Colin service helicopter had gone home us downhill, absolutely flat out. which his service helicopter carried on. Eventually the right for the day, and he struggled We didn't know you could drive d b h d change , ut as e was riving like that!" All the Cielos had by away he noticed the suspension now retired. Asad Anwar was Ill-Road Racing at 1h11 PAS Race at America's newest track in Perris, California! ------........... 125% PAYBACK IN PRO CLASSES ! 4-Wheel Pro A TV 4-Wheel Sportsman ATV Superlites Class 7 Trucks Class 5-1600cc Baja Bugs Classes: Class 1/2, 1600cc Buggies Class 10, 1600cc Buggies Class 8 Class 11 Bugs Class 5 Baja Bugs (AH vehk:lea muat m .. t current Nfety requirement.. additional cla .... may ~ added - warrlllnt.d by participation) Races: Saturday Night, June 15; Saturday Night August 10; Sunday, September 22; Sunday, October 6 stuck in the mud on the final was loose so he back tracked for more helR, Liatti also had loose section for too long to be allowed suspension, heard a terrible noise to carry on. b d f J There was considerable diffi-ut carrie on, ortunate y without damage. Blomqvist was culty among the organizers in knowing exact! y which drivers cruising along in high gear, the only way to nurse the engine in should be allowed to carry on, but the end. that wasn't the only problem. It The face was effectively over, had been announced that the even though an enormous 214 km second of five planned competi-section followed next. Both tive sections on Etape 3 would be Eriksson and Liatti stopped on canceled, but the latest rains caused doubt for the first as well. this section to clear grass seed which blocked their radiators, While the drivers slept the andonthefinalsectionEriksson's organizers sent out crews from brake caliper broke. McRae either end of the section, waiting confessed afterwards that he to hear if they would eventually knew there was no way he could meet in the middle. They didn't! force the Impreza in the way In the middle of the night they Makinen had forced the Mitsubi-decided the final day would only shi, and not suffer trouble. He comprise three sections. The also had a flat on the last section as trouble was that the crews would well. only know they could have Only one car finished in the F2 another 2½ hours sleep the next category, Aslam's VW, even morning after they arrived at the though four were allowed to restart ramp. Th d b r S f The cancellations were fortui-restart. e ay erore te an Reininger's Clio retired when the ~h~~~ly ~=~d~~ ~;;;s~:r:toJ~o) rear suspension broke on a b mp the list of cars elligible to continue which they hit when overtaking had not been defined. Eventually another car. Gregory Kibiti had the official list showed 22 were struggled through the mud of the :a'-l. Bamboo orest, resisting t e easy temptation of short cutting the route which cost four drivers the chance of continuing in the event, and reached the end of the etape at 0715. Unfortunately a lower suspension arm broke and in the rising waters of the second section of the final day they retired. Even unluckier were the two Hyundais of Kenyan Phineas Kimathi and South African Peter Landsell, who had arrived at 0745, 12 hours after the leaders; they were traveling together for mutual encouragement, and were refused .permission to carry on by the timekeepers at the start of the final section, even though they claimed they had another hour of permitted lateness. (It seems nothing changes in Kenya on the Safari Rally.) In Group N Njiru's dream of winning Group N came close: Miyoshi lost time on the first of three sections, letting Njiru through, but then Njiru had a broken d ri veshaft and the Japanese driver won Group N for the second year running. Of the seven Group N cars to finish six were Subarus . Only Mark Tilbury's Nissan spoiled the grand slam, in sixth place. In the separate categories John Ross· won the off road class with his Land Rover Discovery, after the earlier retirement of Rob Collinge's Toyota Land Cruiser, and ahead of four Range Rovers; while Timothy McCloy's Austin-Healey Sprite was the final remaining runner in the historic class after the retirement of Rory Green's Ford Comet, and the Classic category was won by David Horsey's Peugeot 504. permitted, that Makinen was 2 finalsectionofEtape2, the feared minutes, 11 seconds in front 44th Safari Rally II d h M h I d Tommi Makinen/Seppa Harjaane FIN Mitsubishi Lancer Ev. A• 12:41 :12 Night Event Schedule: Gates Open: 2p.~. Tech Inspection: Racer's Meeting: Practice: Racing: 2-3:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m. 4-6 p.m. 7 -10 p_m_· (2-moto system) ENTRY FEES - PRO GLASSES: $100 (125% PAYBACK) SPORTSMAN CLASSES: $50 (50% PAYBACK) Page 38 All PIT PASSES: $15 For Info_· JIM WHITE (714) 692-9013 or VINC.E TJELMELAND (714) 956-0480 over a an t at i yos i e Kenneth Eriksson/Staffan Parmander S Subaru lmpreza 555 A 12:55:28 Group· N by nearly 20 minutes. Ian Duncan/Dave Williamson EAK Toyota Calica GT-Four A 13:25:12 The other class leaders were Colin McRae/Derek Ringer GB Subaru lmpreza 555 A 13:48:16 Aslam's Golf and Gregory Piere Liattl/Marlo Ferfoglia I Subaru lmpreza 555 A 14:06:42 Kibiti's Honda. The reduction of Kenjiro Shinozuka/Penttl Kuukkala J/FIN Mitsubishi Lancer Ev. A 14:44:27 total competitive distance simply Stig BlomqvisVBenny Melander s Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 15:09:27 Hideakl Miyoshi/Tlnu Khan JIEAK Subaru lmpreza Sport Wagon N • 15:50:20 heightened the pressure at the Patrick Njiru/Rick Mathews EAK Subaru Jmpreza Sport Wagon N 1 ;;:58 :44 top, and halfway through the first Jonathan Toroltlch/lbrahlm Choge EAK Toyota Calica Turbo 4WD A 1 7:08 :41 section the service crews heard Sammy Aslam/Abdul Sidi EAK VWGolfGTI A·· 22:14:48 messages of trouble along the way. Makinen had a trouble free run except for a place where there was a deviation around a very long mudhole. The deviation however had been completely blocked June 1996 59 starters - 18 finishers - ·Group Winner •• F2 winner Winner's Average Speed over competitive sections 123. 79 kph (record) Positions in World Rally Championship - Mitsubishi 97, Subaru 93, Ford 53. Positions In World Drivers Points - Makinen 40, Eriksson 23, McRae 22, Sainz 15 Positions in FIA Cup for Production Drivers - Backlund & Miyoshi 13, Waldfridsson & Njiru 1 0, Nittel & Heather-Hayes 7. Dusty Times

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DRIVER IMPRESSIONS - 1996 CHEVY BLUER Emerald Green Is Not Only For The-Irish Text & Photos: John B. Calvin Buried beneath the maze of wires and hoses beats a noble heart of 190 horses with a marvelous power band and smooth as silk operation. The big black things that con-nect the Rla:er to the ground were Michelin Radial XW4's, P235170R 15 M&S and they were nice and quiet on the road and handled their off road excur-sions with ease. Stopping power is provided by front wheel discs and rear drums, with ABS included, of course. A full si:e spare tire is located outside, beneathe the rear floor: another plussss! The interior was in a heige cloth, with Scotchguard, of Great looking, even handsome, the '96 Chevy Blazer can be your dream fulfilled. A 107" wheelbase and 181" overall makes for a good ride and lots of room-inside. course, front bucket seats, a rear heart, always has and always wia so split folding seat, tiedown hooks whenever they come out with the built into the floor and heavy duty It has been some time since I hope that for those of you who did my last driver impression on a enjoy my impressions I will be a new vehicle, mainly due to the better reporter this year. lack of time on my part, but I Chevrolet has a soft spot in my. 1996 BLAZER 4-DOOR 4WD 43U EMERALD GREEN MET/LT AUTUMNWOOD/V6G 64H BEIGE PREMIU~ CLOTH TRIM-· ORDER NO. 686V4R/SPR STOCK Nd. VIN 1GN DT13 W8 T2141378 ft;D{?.J;l,,\ *. **. *** *~* * ••••••••••••••• * **** * ••• * .r.:; ••• * •• MODEL & FACTORY OPTIONS MSRP CT10506 BLAZER 4-DOOR 4WD 23252.00 AV5 R~CLINING HIGHBACK BUCKET SEATS N/C C3H'GVW RATING -5300 LB N/C GT4 REAR AXLE - 3.73 RATIO N/C G80 LOCKING DIFFERENTIAL-REAR AXLE 252.00 L35 VORTEC 4300 V6 SFI ENGINE 0.00 M30 4 SPEED ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC N/C TRANSMISSION WITH OVERDRIVE NP1 ELECTRONIC SHIFT TRANSFER CASE 123.00 QBG P235/70R 15 ALL SEAS W/L TIRES 133.00 TFD RETAIL AMENITY DELETE 0.00 U1C AM/FM STEREO W/CD AND CLOCK 329.00 YC5 LS DECOR W/EXTERIOR APPEARANCE 346.00 YF5 50-STATE EMISSIONS N/C ZY7 CUSTOM TWO TONE PAINT 172.00 282 HEAVY DUTY TRAILERING EQUIPMENT 210.00 1SD PREFERRED EQUIPMENT GROUP 1SD 3568.00 CONSISTS OF SAVINGS WITH MINIMUM PURCHASE OF: * LS TRIM WHICH INCLUDES COMFORTILT STEERING ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL POWER WINDOWS/DOOR LOCKS AND EXTERIOR MIRRORS ROOF MOUNTED LUGGAGE CARRIER AM/FM STEREO RADIO WITH CASSETTE REAR SPLIT FOLDING SEAT * PREMIUM SUSPENSION PACKAGE * P235/70R 15.BLACKWALL TIRES * OVERHEAD CONSOLE * REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY * 6 WAY POWER BUCKET SEAT WITH FLOOR CONSOLE 1SZ PREFERRED EQUIPMENT SAVINGS 43U EMERALD GREEN MET/LT AUTUMNWOOO LIGHT AUTUMNWOOD METALLIC 64H BEIGE PREMIUM CLOTH TRIM A6417 NAO TOTAL MODEL & OPTIONS DESTINATION CHARGE 600 .00-0.00 0.00 27785 .00 490.00 new model year I can't wait to get carpeting throughout. my hands on a new model, even The front buckets were more though it's just an update of last than comfortable, with electric year's child. power to move you -back and The 1996 4 door Bla:er, built forth, up and down, you name it, on the Chevy truck chassis for a we do it. There is a console longer life and better performance betwixt the buckets which makes gets my vote for a sweetheart of a a nice arm rest, the top opens and vehicle. Everybody it seems now there is adequate room inside for offers a "Sport Utility" vehicle of storage. Just forward of the some sort as we see the American console is an indentation of sorts population moving more and for small loose things to be tored more in that direction and inand,ofcourse,theeverpresent although I have not driven many cup holders and there are two of the new-on-the-market vehi-more on the glove box door when cles, I know this '96 Blazer can it is down. hold its own with any of them. The instrument cluster is, as Green it was, Emerald at that usual easily seen and understood. and it was gorgeous to look at. Although this particular Bla:er Nicely rounded, more than ade-did not have a tachometer, I made quate power, comfortable, fairly do, but I do like a tach. The economical and well with today's speedo is 0-100 and the fuel, oil, price range, the 4 door Bla:er is amp and battery condition gauges fun to drive on the highway and are all easy to see. The wiper con-also handles its off road chores. trols and cruise control are on the with little or no effort. left steering stalk. Gear selector Motive power is provided by for the automatic transmission is the ever popular Vortec 4300 V6 ~ with Sequential Fuel Injection providing you with 190 horse-power for your driving pleasure and 250 foot pounds of torque. We might add that the V6 Vortex engine is not scheduled for a tune-up until you hit 100,000 miles of normal use, a definite -plus in anyone's book. Connected to the Vortec V6 was the 4 speed electronic auto-ma tic transmission with over-drive, another smooth and quiet wonder, running in parallel with the push-button electronic shift steering column mounted with a lighted indicator on the dash for easy reading. Heat, air and air conditioning controls are center dash mounted easy to reach and easy to under-stand. The AM FM stereo with cassette is also located there and then: is mon: than t·nough sound to go around. Electric outsidt· mirror controls are on the drivers door as are the dectric window controls and door locks. This Bla:er came with the heavy duty towing package, an option everyont· should get; you never know when you'll need it! Fud economy was not the greatest, just ht·low twt·nty miles per gallon, hut, as you know, I never drive for economy so I'm sure there are quite a few miles per gallon to he gained with a hit of fancy footwork. Conclusions: The I 996 Chev-rolet Bla:er (4 Door) is a really great vehicle to drive. It is cert-ainly comfortahle, has plenty of power and more for passing, handles well on the road and performs quite well in the dirt and sand. Brakes are great, there is little if any hody roll during normal cornering and drivn comfort is exceptional. Passenger comfort is good too, although there is -that terrihle hump in the floor on the passenger side. We suggest you try the Chev-rolet Bla:er if you are in the market for this good looking, hard working vehicle. Take one out for a spin and see how much you like it. TOTAL 28275.00 transfer case, all of this ending up in the 3. 7 3 ratio rear axle with Great looking from any angle, the '96 Blazer is an eye catcher both on and off the road. Overall performan.ce was as good as the Blazer is good looking. All the instruments are easy to see and easy to read and all the controls are well within reach of the driver. Dusty Times locking differential. -,-----~ The rear seats fold down with the touch of a finger. Cargo capacity with rear seats down is over 74 cubic feet. Lots of room with a 34" floor to ceiling height. June 1996 With the rear hatch open and the tailgate down, your built-in seat is ready, compfete with shade! The net holds small objects in place, even during heavy cornering. 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VULTURE MOUNTAIN AT WICKENBURG Melton Melts Mountain, Geiser Grabs Gold Class 1_0 Whiplash Winners category. Pro 8 class started five with only Mike Doherty's '89 Chevy truck crossing the line on laps 2, 3 and 4 with a four hour E.T. plus three minutes. The Gila Bend class winner and current points By Rege B. . Photos: Famous Fotos leader along with co-driver Tom :;:=::======~~=====~~~~~~~~~~---:---:-~-----:---:-~---:~ . W i ttges have their Subway • melting away the elation of a . sponsored truck in top shape ..... Looking at the overall Steve Melton had his car stop within sight of the finish line. A friendly push from the eventual winner saved the win but Steve was disqualified for the push. The win was just three hundred yards away for Steve Melton and his Pro Class 10 single seat Chenowth, with its new front suspension system and that flawless Majors Performance 1776 VW engine. Three hundred yards could have been, might as well have been 300 miles for Steve to push up hill to the first overall finish when his intermediate axle broke leaving him sitting in the center of the track with the win in sight. Meltons 2 .52.09 official E.T. was posted and declared the winning time, first overall and first in class. But wait whats this. That three hundred yard push past the finish line by another vehicle caused a chorus of protests and the subsequent disqualification of car 1003, nearly flawless day. Additional since adding Empire (of Cater-suspension work is underway. pillar fame) to take over as Rick Geiser anti-hero, good primary sponsor of their 500 sportsman and seemingly savior horsepower 350 Chevy eye of the day for Steve Melton and catching ride. Mike stated the 18" his last lap woes was post-meteor that landed on track humously awarded the overall central was the biggest "rock" win with his piercing perform-he'd ever seen on a race track in ance. Driving Jim Pierce's car to twelve years of racing. Maybe tied first overall, first in Pro Class 1 -2 in to the "T .S.-E.T." saga, I didn't and First to literally push his see any Peyote on the course. competition thru the finish line Mike needs some new class mates, ahead of him to pick up the top wanna come out and play? spot of the day for himself and the Lee Finke's solo Pro 5 entry disqualification for the car in the danced a bit when Craig Simmons lead. Note: both drivers acted on tried to do the Soupy shuffle in impulse and "heat of the the stones. Lee stopped first to moment" responses with malice cool his heels and get back on • towards none. Rick's four lap track for the second dance but E.T. of 2.53.48 stands as best couldn't go the distance. Craig overall and nearly one hour and a ended up with his sides splitting half ahead of Tom Struttrnann's or was it side sitting, the offer for second place class finish with another dance from a nearby three cars of the five in the clasc; suitor was an offer too good to be unable to complete a single lap -true as the now out of breath and E.T . could mean Extra Terrestrial · with Tom's third lap, one hour disappearance and the continuing mystery. Tom ... call home ... Best version ( fact or fiction) of the . "T.S.-E.T." saga will be printed in this column next month, name( s) optional. out of gear dancer landed, and with nary a click of it's heels bei:an to begine' with El Suitor and Craig borh draggin their heels in a futile attempt to slow down the dancer. Craig must have thought his dance partner was worth the effort and jumped her right there in front of God and the camera. Without a seconds hesitation he made her look a Heifer at a Rodeo and rode her down till the dance ended in the center of the dry wash. The rest of the class in Craig's Pro 1-2-1600 category danced on to a closely contested win by Bill Krug and Bob Sanders on a double date with their fifteen year old Bunderson chassis sporting a Don Hatz (San Diego) transplanted ticker. Bill thought the dance was rough and demand-ing, not surprising for a 67 year old man that just danced across the desert for three hours 29 minutes and 17 seconds with a 15 year-old filly! Pete Gannon locked out Keith Roether by 4½ minutes with an E.T . of 3.34.08 and the second place honors congrats Pete! T .U .F.F OFF-ROAD SUPPORT TEAM mem-bers Keith, Tom Surdez, Donnie and Larry Weiser did an admir-able job achieving third place with . tranny trouble doing the two step A total of 49 cars entered the Saturday Desert event officially called Vulture Mountain located some 10 miles southwest of the fast growing, smallish town of Wickenburgpop.4,515. The cars entered and cars finished class belonged to the Pro 10 guys and gals with nearly one third of all entrants vying for and posting thirty percent of the finishing I field. With Steve heading the List Ryan Phillips nailed down second in Class 10 in only his fourth drive in of' ( disqualified list) and Reuben road competition. Working on the car is a full family project. The eventual winner in Class 1 and overall was Rick Geiser and he. sailed along smoothly to the win and was surprised to find it was overall. Wood the class King for a Day, with the First in class, Second overall, Best Lap Time and Second Best Lap Time in laps 3 and 4 at blazing forty-one minutes and forty-five seconds followed by a more than consistant forty-one; fifty-three. Reuben says the Geiser built Toyota engine lost her power steering belt in round one and the alternator connection in the final round or the official decision would have been a K.O. not a T. K. 0. but that Championship Crown fits well and Reuben may just want to keep it for a while. -john Phillips did more th~n I Five started in Class 8, but only one finished, and that was the handsome observe son Ryan place second m I Chevrolet of Mike Doherty. He had Tom Wittges riding along here to the win. class and third overall in only his ..;;:;========;-;;;;;-;;-:-;;;--;;;;;;;;;;;;;;--:::--;;:-:;;---'-------:;--;:;;; fourth turn with Dwight Lun-dell 's previously owned, (not abused) Dirt Works Car that Foddrill Fabricators has resur-rected. The family project, Ryan's brother John is involved as well, is now working on their Class 1 car. Their# 1005 Class 10 car certainly sm s 1 me O esaws, an a . n or rill caught my cameras eye as a real stunner. Bright Red, clean »tess to_Jtj)vfde lli~ 1?91'r,lhis.~~yy daty,m;tiire note es qµickly graphics anp a Big Bold "NGM" and accurately the ends of tube or'pipe up to 2" . blazened. Randy Maddux garn-For info or to orderxcafA TOIJL FREE! ered third in class in his "cream , ______ ""tJ.=tJO{J=N/(t.i · · · _k . :,.,.,,,,...,.-,,,.., ~8 ih:~:;f::r ~:~s ~i~htb~tb:~~~~ We minute spread amongst them. Ron Dalke and Dave Sundquist F"-=-.--.... """"'"' ""'• -.. ----1--m,t led the other two finishers by a P. I larger margin while spreading P their respective E.T.s by a mere . twelve seconds in the Mighty Pagc40 June 1996 Kurt Brewer drives a very tidy looking Class 9, part of the reason he does win. He won the class by over four minutes from contender Jeff Geiser . DustyTirnes

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Mil,\; ~~ Second in Class 1-2 Unlimited was Tom Struttman who disappeared for an hour on the third lap, no doubt hammering on an axle or other breakage. We don't have many pictures of winners, but second in 1-2-1600 Pete Gannon was only four minutes ahead of Keith Roether to hold second at the flag. Eric Pavolka was second in Class 5-1600 as he had time consuming troubles on lap 3, but turned a good fourth lap to secure second place in class. Craig Simmons pulls his 1-2-1600 into the tundra to get around the Class 5 of Lee Finke (far left). They apparently touched and Simmons ended up on his side (center) and didn't finish the lap. Finke ended up well into the bushes, but got going and finished two laps. time Jeff does the honors with a second place win just four 't' minutes 11 seconds behind Brewer and almost four minutes ahead of Michael Long's third spot. Less than 30 minutes separated first thru fifth place finishers in the five car field and before race point standings had six teams with an eight point difference, keep your receivers tuned into this exciting class .of classy exciters. It is a pretty fancy Sportsman car that Kenneth Crook drives in Sportsman Unlimited class, and he also won by about four minutes over four other cars. on second gear, a roll over doing three laps to prove he's for real the Limbo and bending a spindle and comin on and what a "sano" arm on the last dance. What a looking Baja it is. The maiden class, what a race, what a dance! voyage in Stuart Baxter's Flag Allan Schaible finished on top Tool & Engineering car was a true of the three car field in Pro shake down cruise with soft 5-1600 with a steady ride and suspension, bent upper arm steady lap times for an accumul-assembly, electrical fire and ative time of 3.42.51 on the desert rewiring of the fuel pump directly tundra. Second place Eric Pavolka to the coil in order to finish lap dropped an hour twenty in lap three. Pete Mertens was a bit three with the determination to lonely in the Vintage pro class but finishandgoodtimesintheother finished with a respectable 4.36.38 in his 66 car with a standing offer from this reporter for a future feature story. Only the lonely was the top tune for Mark Beeler in his Pro3 class Jeep with the Yellow Submarine colors and magnum 357 inspired number plate with a nearly matching E.T. of 3.54.04 any gun slingers out there to challenge these solo racing classes. Lee, Pete and Mark say bring 'em on out and rock 'n roll with us. Sportsman Class Limited was indeed limited, two for the money and only Tom Rex with the· staying power to finish with a • THE three lap E.T. of 3.13.10 over the DNF of class mate Casey McDaniels. Frank Romero landed the Rex/Romero Class 2 car in the pits at the end oflap one using but three wheels. Pete Gannon the true sportsman he is gave the team a brake drum so they could break a motor mount and turn the race into a full throttle affair for the remaining two laps. Breaking the power steering unit in lap three convinced Tom to skip the gym workouts for a few days. U nLimited Sportsman entered five cars and finished Kenneth Speaking of Challengers, Pro class winner Kurt Brewer with co-driver Bob Elio aka the Brewer / Elio team proved their five race showing of first at last years point to point, third at Gila Bend and now another first place in Wickenburg they are here to stay and scoffed at the nay sayers that spoke of "top heavy". Kurt says Top Heavy means they are the Heavy's at the top of the Challenger class. The Geiser group garners another win, this WRIGHT 11420 Fffnn Springs ln. PLACE El C.,O,,, CA 120~1 INC. DustyTirnci June 1996 Crook at first of three finishers with a three lap E.T. of 2.34.52 and a sub 50 second final lap. Dropping class points leader Mike Herrick to fourth with a DNF. Jack Farmer and co-driver Jerry Langford drove the Class 10 car to second place Sportsman UnLtd. trophy for the sharp looker sporting a for sale sign, wonder what they are up to? Melissa Hall of the Hall/Harris team claimed third in class with the confidence of a new points leader. Don't overlook this class for top excitement quotient. See Ya in Mexico! Page 41 ·

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McKenzie's Glen Helen Short Course Cha111plonshlp Serles Round· -Two again followed by Rick Boyer and J.C. Dean. In the main event it was Steve Bishop who earned the win and took home the Round Two victory. In all three heats, and also • in overall placings, finishing just back of Bishop were Rick Boyer and J.C. Dean. So score it Bishop 1 and Mathews 1 going into Round Three. By Ron Miller Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Brian Collins makes the monthly trek from Las Vegas to race his Unlimited short course car. He really enjoys rubbing shoulders on the track and the people. Of course he nearly always wins or sometimes breaks. This time he won. In the Superlites, Pilot and Odyssey races, it was Rennie Awana and Denise Wittman who dominated their rivals and swept both heats. In heat one, Todd Wittman placed second and Joe Price finished in third. In the main, it was Price who chased Awana across the line, thus earning himself an overall second. Stacey Fay was next and third in the final standings, followed by Casey Mears. Todd Wittman appeared to come pretty close to taking the less desirable route off "animal leap" during one particularly rough race lap. Joe Price was in hot pursuit when he and Todd came together during a highly competitive and entertain-ing main event. In the Pilot division Denise On a day which featured a hint of summer's impending heat and a reminder of winter's chill, Round 2 of the McKenzie's sponsored Short Course Championship Series had something for every-one. With the City of Devore, and more specifically the Glen Helen OHV Park as the setting, conditions couldn't have been better for both man and machine. "Spring ahead or you'll fall back" seemed to be the theme this day, as a number of the competitors used quick starts to run on to front end victories. Although it's still relatively early in the season, the racers seem to be adapting rapidly to Glen Helen's curva-ceous design. As a result, staying in close contact to the early pacesetters has become a must. The fierceness of the competitors coupled with the radical topog-raphy of the course, is making it increasingly difficult to win from off the pace. There were obvious gains in both the number of entries and also the number of fans in attendance. Those faithful hill dwellers who dotted the land-scape were treated to a birds· eye view of the metal mayhem, which is the drawing card of off road racing. Also the seasonal debut of the Chrysler Corporation's hired guns lent a special flavor to the day's festivities. The surrounding hills were once again brought to life by the thundering mega horsepower of some of the sports up and coming superstars. Now on to the specifics, as no winds of March were needed to propel this stellar cast of Short Course Mark Ehrhardt enjoying a busman's holiday comes to Glen Helen to race his A TV. Flying off Animal Leap here, he went on to win the points battle. FOR SALE HORSE POWER!!!!! BRAND NEW! - NEVER RUN! PRO.F'ESSIONALLY .BUILT BY .RICHARD PARABOK 428 CubJc Inch Small BJ~ 18 deg. Chevrolet Disasse~bled or finished to desiftd applkat\on. BEST OF EVERYTIIING Too Much to list. Olds Core - Rocket Block ,. J. E. Pistons Carillo Rods " King ,. C. V. Products .. T. D. • Stock Car Products For More Into, Ca\l: Bob Del.,ozler 800-249-9829 Richard Parabok 800-576-0()36 Page 4i specialists. As usual, the first racers to take to the track were the 1-2-1600 Short Course set. Their all out tenacious style of wheel to wheel racing always gets things off to a flying start, and this day would be no different. The number one contender for the class champion spot, Steve Bishop, continued his winning ways by scoring a heat one victory. Rick Boyer finished in the second spot. Third and fourth place respectively went to J.C. Dean and Bruce Baumbush, in a race that might most be remembered for the nasty roll suffered by class champ Dan Mathews. Showing the resilience and determination that led to his being named "racer of the year" last season, "Big Dan" came right back in heat two to earn the win. Bisho and was . Wittman made it two for two, by adding a Round Two victory to go with her Round One score. Chris Wortman finished as the runner up in the main and overall results, while Guy Saaveedra was the only entrant in the Odyssey class. Next up were the ATVs, both Pro and Intermediate. Mark Ehrhardt was too much for the Pro class and he took the track from his rivals en route to a pair of heat victories. In both heats Ehrhardt was followed in second by Steve Owens. Jeremy Hozen finished third in the main event, but third overall went to Jason Greenhaw by virtue of his third and fourth place finishes. There were no less than 15 Intermed-iates signed up to do battle this day, and battle they did. In the · first heat it was Kevin Ziedler who . emer ed victorious. Second spot Steve Bishop leads the pack around the hairpin, which takes some respect. In short course 1600 class Bishop won the day In some very good competition. Mario Bustamante flies the lumps at Glen Helen like his car was made for them. Maybe it was but It sure is good to see a full Baja Bug flying well. Of course Mario won 5-1600 class. June 1996 in heat #1 went to Ch-ris Alvarado, with Adam Campbell third. Fourth and fifth spots in the opener went to Stan Wyman and Richard Yakkey respectively. It was more of the same in the main event as this day clearly belonged to the aforementioned Mr. Zeidler. He proved a convincing winner by besting his competitors a second time in the days main. Adam Campbell was able to beat all but Zeidler and took home second place. Richard Yakkey was third in the main and fourth overall, while Chris Alvarado was just the opposite. As a result of running sixth in both heats, John Llado placed fifth in final results. 1-2-1600 Desert, 5-1600 and Class 9 were next up, and in 1-2-1600 it was John Hulsebosch continuing his mastery over the division. He simply toyed with his rivals and the outcome was never in doubt. The aptly nicknamed "man with a plan" could not have been more impressive. His twin victories over Gary Bussjaeger and third place finisher Kathy Fay, were accomplished with relative ease. In his post race interview the very modest Mr. Hulsebosch said simply, "the car runs great". In the 5-1600 Class, Mario Bustamante also made it look easy, as he swept both heats to resume his winning ways. His smooth style and obvious race track savvy are going to make it very difficult for anyone who aspires to dethrone last years class champ. Steve and Paul Borio took turns trying to stay with Busta-mante, with both of their efforts resulting in second place finishes. Richard Kent was third in both races and grabbed second overall. While Doug Goodenough fin-ished with a pair of fourths, which earned him the third spot for the day. In Class 9, there were a trio of competitors. Dan Mustoe proved best in both heats to garner top honors for the day. Arto Ylikangas and Art Velaco Jr. completed the orders of finish in both heats and overall results. It is noteworthy that the 1st scored by Mustoe was accomplished in this his first short course race ever. This class is certain to grow in the number of entries as the season goes on. Next Classes 1, 5 and 10 /Super 1600 took over, signifying the half way point in the races for the day. There was an unusually high percentage of heats this day, in which the heat #1 winner came back and also won heat #2. This trend continued in Class 1 as Brian Collins swept both races. That's 4 heats and 4 wins on this . circuit for Collins this season. Last years Class 1 champ continues to excel on the Glen Helen course. He admitted at trophy presentations that this short course series is a favorite stop for him and his well traveled family. Finishing in the second spot in both heats was Tom Maynor, and placing third was Mike Hawley. In Class 5, it was Jerry Miller racing to an uncontested win in his #508 car. In the Class 10/Super 1600 set there was a field of five. Sweeping the two races in this class was Round 1 winner Gary Gall. Gall raced to a first heat win over second place finisher Aaron Hawley, with Andy Holder . finishing third. In the main, it was Dusty Times

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After a long wait Gerald Foster finally got to race his new truck that he has been building at Curt LeDuc's place. Foster zipped on to win Class 8. We think this is Greg George doing some real world testing in a Class 4, but we hope he didn't lose the body panels this day. But, What is it?? Dan Mustoe flies gracefully over a solid lump in his Class 9 charger, and he went on to win Class 9 for the day, and he kept the car clean and tidy. tt~-;&, ~-- · ·-;;;::~ Rennie Awana found a mud puddle right away, but they do have impromptu car washes between heats.-It didn't keep Rennie from winning the points for the day. Joe Price heads down the back stretch that is really tricky in his Triple E Superlite. Joe uses hand controls and he wins often, but not this day. Gary Bussjaeger flies nicely on the back section of his 1-1600 racer and keeps his car clean at the same time. The luck of the draw is getting the track before instead of after the water trucks do their thing. Pat Dean who finished runner up behind Gall, and Holder again finished in third. His two thirds earned Holder a second in overall results. The overall third went to Dean. Round 2 's next race was for Class 11 and the Rally Cars. Class 11 saw the triumphant return of last seasons class champ Odie Munoz. Munoz proved best out of the quartet that started, as he bested Jake Batulis in heat #1. Dennis Sletten beat out Robert Henderson for the third spot. Munoz provided an encore for those in attendance, by repeating his earlier win in the main event. Only Dennis Sletten came back to oppose Munoz in heat #2, and his The rally class is a fun group and they enjoy a rally sprint at Glen Helen. second place finish also earned These cars are highly restricted mechanically, so they don't fly too high. him the second spot in overall another sweep on the day, by McKenzie, who avoided a DNF results. Jake Batulis was placed winning both races over last thanks in part to a dime given to third. seasons champ Dean Williams. In him by an anonymous DANCO The Rally Cars were back after the main Jim Highly finished in Racing team member. That tenth a one race hiatus. With three the third spot, behind Williams. of a dollar got McKenzie's hood starters facing the flagman, it was Hovever the overall third place on opened and he was able to get Matt Sweeney who provided the the day went to Jim Crawford, back onto the track in time to sweep in this class. He defeated who was the third place finisher in salvage enough points to propel Dan Hook in heat #1, and then heat #1. him to an overall victory. took the measure of Steve Scott in After the previously mentioned McKenzie earned his second heat #2. Hook was just able to Class 1-2-1600 Short Course straight Glen Helen Class 8S win, out-point Scott for the second crew had completed their main by turning the tables on "Dyna-spot overall. event, it was on to the final race, mite Dan'', who fini•shed a Class 7S had another good which featured all the truck respectable second. turnout, but Ramiro Gonzales classes. Classes 3, 4, 6, 8 and the Last, but certainly not least wasted no time separating himself Stock Full Size/8S .• In Class were the track torching, full size from the competition. In both BS/Stock Full Size it was Dan unlimited trucks which again heats Gonzales got to the front Cannon scoring his first win since thrilled all those in attendance. and then improved his position switching over from 7S. He was a From Mike Leslie's well stocked from there. lje completed yet runaway_ winner over Sean stablecameGregGeorgeandJohn , ----------------------------Cameron, two of the Chrysler -c:4· C71-u.s· -R- - -~- - c-iN· G Carp's wiley veterans. Classes 3, 4, 6 & 8 combined and the first heat winner turned out to be Gerald Foster in car #405. He topped the #803 car of Jason RACEA/R HELMETS & ACCESSORIES Taylor, who finished in front of I third place finisher Greg George. I Coming back to gain a measure of revenge in the second heat, George powered his way to the victory. But by grabbing second place, Gerald Foster was able to take home the overall score this day. Thus George earned second, and Jason Taylor had to settle for third. Here's hoping these exciting racers are back to do battle in Round 3. • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' -any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $299.oo WITHS.KIRT \.. 5153 Bow~en Ave.• Sjin Die.go_• C~ • 92117 • {619) _?79-2509 Dusty Times When the last race dust had settled and the stands began to empty, I found myself wondering how so few people around the. June 1996 The Super 1600s go at it hammer and tong and they do it while going fast. Leading here we think is Gary Gall and he won the day at the Glen in March. country, were so blessed to enjoy rocks to come witness all the the such an exciting and thrilling spectacle taking place. Perhaps if sport. So many are missing out on everyone brings one new fan with so much, and it's something that them to the next race, we could we've got to change. At ten bucks build the support to the level that for this much entertainment, it's these truly great entertainers up to .us to pull our friends and deserve. Hope to see you all when neighbors heads out of the sand, we reconvene next at "The and to lure those out from under Helen". HOURS M-F 9:00 - 6:00 · Sat. 10:00 - 3:00 Daily UPS Visa and Mastercard We are happy to announce our new 800 toll free number. (800) 656-3376 Use it to call and inquire about our "Quick Fix'' IRS repair boots or our 11 gallon "Fast-Fill" dump cans. Both new products can save you race time. Race Smarl-Be Sate 103 Press Ln. #4 • Chula Vista, CA 91910 • (619) 691-9171 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Page 43

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SPECTACULAR RNISH OF 1994 RA RALLY-RAID CHAMPIONSHIP SchlesNr Wins Fourth Marlboro Desert Challe~se The ceremonial starting ramp was in Abu Dhabi, then a transit leg took the competitors to the first stage, at the Al Wafhba camel race track. We Wonder what a camel race track looks like, and how much distance it covers. to invest a lot; teams and press all • however had just built a new had to be invited to Dubai. It was prototype which will run in the a new event and we had not next Dakar rally. Paris-born proven anything yet. We had 28 . Bruno Saby drove the car at the cars from all over Europe and the 1 'Challenge' as a test for next Middle-East at the start and the month African mammoth rally. race was a success. The FIA The main opposition in the Bruno Saby led the first day, but we don't have his picture. Already eight cars failed to finish, lost in the sand dunes and finally collected by the Army sweeper team, shown here about to set up the overnight bivouacs. were set up by them as well. The in a soon open theme-park. stranded teams could, if they Already (locally) well known is its wanted rejoin the next day, but ice hockey team ... We expect the with a severe time penalty. local indoor ice rink should lay a The second day. heavy burden on the electricity The second leg was a long 300 costs but in the Emirates you mile stage from Liwa to Al Ain. always face surprises. But before This oasis town, some 110 miles arriving in Al Ain the route led from Dubai in the middle of the through the empty deserts of the desert, will be the Emirates Arabic peninsula and with a version of Orlando. Big hotels blistering sun shining overhead and an international airport promised to be a heavy day for dominate the landscape. The. drivers and cars. At seven o'clock dinosaurs from the movie in the morning Saby set off and Park' there , with a two rninutes interval the The last race for this year's , official FIA Rally-Raid World ' championship was held in the vast deserts of the United Arabic Emirates from November 9 till , 11. After 800 hot and heavy 1 miles, former sportscar world champion Jean-Louis Schlesser was celebrated as winner at the finish in Dubai. Driving his two-wheel drive Buggy, he was 12 minutes clear of the local Range Rover team of Bakhashab/Willis. Of the 4 7 entries who started at the Corniche in Abu Dhabi only 24 made it to the finish. In 1991, some months after the Gulf war, the Emirates govern- , ment for the first time organized this race to promote the country. The war did damage the good image of the prosperous Emirates and led by rally driver Mo-hammed bin Sulayem and Marlboro sponsoring, the idea was born. ~'The first year we had .granted us a world championship Emirates would come from Jean-status for the year after", Louis Schlesser in his Buggy and a explained Mohammed bin Sul- few local drivers who would make ayem. "Everybody was very use of their desert-driving skills. enthusiastic and we had a very The 1994 rally would cover in good coverage in Europe. The total some 800 miles of special nice weather in November stages spread out over four days. certainly favours the European To get deeper into the deserts The big winner of the second day was Jean-Louis Schlesser, driving his journalists", added Tony Lewis'; two overnight bivouacs were se; buggy without a navigator in the desert where all dunes look alike. Schlesser as press officer he is with the up. 1 was running second and took the lead when Saby's Mitsubishi went terminal 'Challenge' from the beginning. On Wednesday, November 9 and days later he had won the event overall. The 800 miles of 1994. at 10:30 hours Bruno Saby was Since the Rally-Raid champ-the first car to leave the start-ramp ionshiphadalreadybeendecided, in Abu Dhabi. U.A.E. prime Citroen did not want to send any minister Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed car to the Middle East. Pierre Al Nahyan sent him off. After ~artigue'. after winning four of the some 25 controlled miles leaving six previous events was already Abu Dhabi, the first stage started crownedaschampion.Mitsubishi · at the Al Wathba camel race dLa.p {&!9}287-M56 FAX (619}58J-/8H £,11f4i/. &iAUJNCEDrs@-.COM M-SDfCh/iZE iN rAl<itvq Ill/ THOSE UWWVTEd IINd I.N'EF<Ed OH Rew/ ,w;itvq p,,ms IINd pRoducrs rh.r NE A,itvq AROUV<i THE SHOO IINd TIRNitvq rlEM iNTo CASH. • iioY/111" Doe• :C-t AH li¥"ork? We COME TO )'OUR pl.,a of busiNBS AtW/ iM.£Nro,,y yrJIJR ,-,.. IVE,,_ TAlj AtW/ STORE THEM iN OUR WIIREho<N FOR WECTEd di<plAy. TIIE iM.£Nro,,y is,,_ MA<iE AVAl1AhiE TO po-,W "'-,£Rs AIKJUVd THE OWR!d viA !Ax ,we/ E-MAil • iioYllll"do:Cge-tPa1d? Evc_q Hd THE dATA&ISC is updATEd AtW/ ,1 yrJUR p,w,s SAIES TOTAi I J 00 OR MORE 1&£ ,ENd you A clEclt. •-iiow Jlll'"uc.h Doe• :C-t Co-? JlliTOTiI:CJl/iTG !I PANT> ARE sold ON A CONSiqNMENT bAsis AtW/ THE COST.,.,..,. by THE '>PE AtW/ ""IJE of EACI, iTEM. OR H" MAV iusT CASk K>U our ON THE sooTII. VollME discoutv,s will Apply. Our of STATE pic/c-ups ARE sclEclukd ON A itvdMduAI b.sis • iio.,.,.do:CGe-tAL1•-t? 1"': SccONd Up is ANAIITOMATEd SBMCE THAT .Uou,s ~ TO ORdoi spECific fJARTS viA • CATEqo,,izEc/ lisriNq. Tl,is lisriNc; CAN be ob wived by fut OR EMAil by CA!li,w; 1"': SccONd Up AtW/ FollowiN<; THE iNs11lUCTKJNS THAT ARE(jMN. • IIY.he.u li¥"1Il Th1• &e.rvlce Be AY&Hab:le ? ""'dATAhA<E AtW/ AIJTOMATEd !AK RE~ SBMCE-srifl uwfo, CONS1RUC1HJN~ iv,1/ be ON mE by THE MiddlrnlMAyORSOONER. UM,1,/,is riMEyouCANRFACltusAT(6 I 9}287-6J~6. • IIY.ha-t JBaizd 01.JPa.r-taA.reAYBH.ab:le? CURRENTiy 1&£ "4w • wide VARiHy of fJAR1S AVAJ1AbiE. HERE ARE• kw of THE TFAMS THAT ARE lmiNq us /,c/p THEM 1IJRN THEiR USEd pAR1S iNTO CA<k: • WlllYMiNOR • McMiU.,., RAcifw; • SlllEKd/y • Houo,; RAcilw; Page 44 track. The first day belonged to Saby, he was quickest at all stages. At the end of the day after 160 miles, his advantage was 46 minutes over the second placed car. To everybody's surprise it was the standard Geco-Mitsubishi of the German Ladies-team Kleinsch-midt/Lohman. In third position was the Land Rover of Al Attiyah Nasser/ Al Hajri Mubarak from Q,itar. Already eight cars failed to finish that day. Among them was former Ferrari Formula One driver Clay Regazzoni. The crippled Swiss drove an all manual operated Mercedes-Benz 0600 prototype. A broken suspension eliminated him already during the first day. Another 20 cars made it to the overnight stop in Liwa, but came after the time-control was closed. · They were all lost in the sand dunes some 60 miles from the camel race track. Eventually all were collected by the military• sweeper-team. The Emirates army was of great help for the organizers, not only did the Hummers collect the stranded cars, helicopters were provided for the media and the bivouacs . -June 1996 De Lavergne and Argue/es plugged along at a good average speed-in their Nissan, which they also run to Dakar. They finished third on the road on the last day. While Cyril Neveu was quickest driving a buggy but he lost hours on the first day and was 13th; Lavargne and Ague/es had beery quickest on the third day and they moved info second overall; finished, third. .,.Ji(;, Jean-Louis Schlesser and the buggy he built himself won the event overall at 17:39, that is hours and minutes. He is one of a few to tackle the Sahara and he nearly always is successful. Every season hs improves the buggy in the mechanicals and it sure would be nice to know the details. Dusty Times

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rally. However it was the Nissan of De Lavergne/ Agueles who was quickest that day, just ahead of Bakhashab/ Willis in the Marl-boro Range Rover and Cyril Neveu in his Buggy. At the end of the stage the three cars were separated °by a few minutes only. The parc-ferme was in Dubai town and after three days of desert dust, all competitors could enjoy a good shower and bath in the hotels. In the eveninff the remainin!i cars, 27 in total, headed to the parking lot of the Dubai Hyatt We don't know who this driver is, but he is sure scrubbing off a lot of speed. Maybe he spotted the photographers, or maybe he just enjoys driving fast and going sideways, at the same time. Hotel. In front of this hotel a IA This looks like a graded road in the middle of nowhere, and this pair of mile super special stage was built truckers look to be freighting right along in what may be one of the Land with jumps and water-basin Rover mutations. We'll get more information next time. included. Th<;>usands 0~ locals I advantage over the others. After severe punishments on cars and came to see this sho~ wh_ic~ was 1 7 hours and 39 minutes he had a drivers. other cars followed. Five miles after the start the Dutch team of Snippe and Korteweg got trans-mission problems and were out of the race. Towing is allowed and the Geco-Mitsubishi went behind a service car all the way to Al Ain by road. Since the right parts were not with the team, the Dubai Mitsubishi dealer" had to be visited. During the evening a new clutch was installed and the Dutch team could rejoin the rally on Friday. The penalty for not running the regular course was severe: 41 hours. For Saby there were no problems and after five hours 34 minutes the Frenchman reached Al Ain. The big winner of the day was Jean-Louis Schlesser,· driving his Buggy single handed and without a navigator, we should pay our respects to him. In the desert all sand dunes are alike and one could easily get lost. Kleinschmidt lost another hour on Saby and she dropped to sixth overall. Four cars didn't make it to Al Ain, and-eight cars had to be collected by the army Hummers, came late and got an extra time penalty. The leading cars all found their way in the desert using their GPS. The Global Positioning System is a must in this kind of event. Satellites high above the Gulf area give drivers and navigators a very much needed helping hand. The private entries who dr-ove on roadbook and compass in no-way could compete with the top teams. A new leader at the end of the third day. Soon aftenhe start of the third leg on Friday, Bruno Saby burned the clutch of his Mitsubishi Prototype and was unable to continue the rally. Schlesser now was in an ideal position to win the won_by Saby. The ~itsubishi was 12 minute lead over the Marlboro The Arabic peninsula is a per-repaire~ b~t for b~mg towe? to Range Rover. Kleinschmidt was feet place to organize a rally like the service it got a mne hour ttme-in the end fourth overall just this. Motorsport officials from penalty._ It was therefore ?ut of ahead of Sven Quandt in another I Bahrein and Oman attended the contention for the ove~all victory: , Geco Mitsubishi. Even with the event and rumours were heard but for Saby too the Challenge I misfortune of the Dutch Geco , that a larger event, covering three was a teSt. Mitsubishi ( 17th in the end), the 'or more countries might be possi-No changes on the Iast d~y. GermanGecoTeam won the team ble. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia · L~g four of ~he rally started Just prize. however still is not in favour of ou~side Dubai at the port ofJebel In the evening at the prize-any kind of motorsport. A pity, Ah. Th~ route led towards the giving banquet a toast was made I since thousands of square miles of mountai1;1s near ~he Oman horde~ to the 24 teams who made it all desert really would be a challenge and endmg agai1;1 at the ~u~ai the way. It was a heavy rally with for all. Hyatt. It was Cynl Neveu dnvmg ·----------------------------a Buggy who was quickest. How-COMING NIXT MONTH ever since he too lost many pre-••• cious hours on the first day he could only gain one place, in the end finished 13th overall. Bakha-shab in his Marlboro Range Rover took some 23 minutes on the Nissan of de Lavargne and ended in second spot. Jean-Louis Schlesser however did not make any mistakes and held a small SCORE Primm 300 -Rim of the World Rally Wendover Express -24 Hours le Fud WRC Rally of Portugal -SNORE Cali~nte 250 Glen Helen Round 3 -Tour de Corse •.• Plus all the regular features OYER ISO OFF ROAD RACE VEHICLES II ~ ! Desert Racing Vehicles The wiooiogest truck ever!! Former Robby Gordon/ Rob MacCachren TRornv TRUCK or CLASS 8. Spares package that's race ready. This truck has history and a winning tradition. 75k truck & spares, motor optional. Ref#495 CLASS 8 '93 CeEVY-beautiful work, well exe-cuted. This truck gets with it! Kusters with 22" travel front & rear. Alum. heads Great spares package. 43k Ref #428 ~pecials REF #485 53' Kentucky, loaded & fresh 48k REF #488 18' BoxVan, boxes, racks, clean 22k REF #332 45' GreatDane air ride,extras galore 22k REF #262 40' DynastarGooseneck loaded 19.5k Dusty Times aJa oncepts Brokerage BAjA CONCEPTS pRovidB A SERVicE foR born buy-ERS ANd srllEns of off ROAd RAciNG vdiiclB wonld widE. WE Ml/£ A WlGE DATA BAsE of iNfORMATION REGAOOiNG 11£1iiclB fon SAi£ ANd pEoplE THAT ARE lookiNG TO buy. Oun job is11µTcliiNG THE RiGliT buyms wim SEIIERS, ANd TO EliMiNATE THE liAsslE ANd ·ME iT would TAAE A pERSON TO do iT THEMSEIVB. WE onk foR born ooyER ANd SEIIER ANd OUR GOAi. is TO MAkE you liAppy wim youR puncliASE OR SAIE. BAjA CoNCEpTS is THE souRcE fon off-RoAdrns wonld wide. Baja Concepts 6630 MacArthur Dr. Suite B Lemon Grove CA, 91945 USA Fax(6)9) S83-18SI Our clients take this business seriously and so do we, please~ no Dickheads. Short Course REF #387 Toy/PPI ex-Ivan truck REF #506 '87 Ranger MTEG +spares REF #478 Coilover Magnum, extras REF #481 Super 1600 Rabit, Bus REF #323 Mini-Mag 3 Championships REF #471 Mini-Mag complete package Pre-Runners #424 Ranger X-cabPro-Built . #493 '73 Ford w/Dodge Motor #462 Weinerrnont Dodge, Big motor #442 Class5/ '70 Bug bilstiens,disc lt484 Class2 2.8 Porsche Fortin 5spd #260 Class 5/1600 street legal 12.5k 14.8k 14k 12.8k 9.8k 9.5k Ilk 18k 45k 7.5k 16.5k 8k t #452 '90 Moulton CL2 loaded pkg. 24k #486 '93 CL2 DG300 2240cc nice 25k S #490 CLIO 2seat Toyota pkg. 14k #487 CLIO Multi-champ. 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This is it!! · 89k Enormous amount of spares avail-able. REF #492 The best never rest!! w ALKER SPECIALS ⇒ #502 Trophy Truck 725hp Dodge smokin deal on this one! $65,000 ⇒ #SOI Class 8 Dodge brand new, · 500ci Right out of the box!!$125k ⇒ Add a 45' Semi-Trailer with belly boxes, benches, cabinets and bano for a complete package 25k Page 45

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DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 .. .Santa Barbara, CA 93111 JOHN VERHAGEN'$ IDJTI ......... ES PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS ~-0623 BLA8KFOOT ROAD 619·24c-393o APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 $5,000.00_ CONGRATULATIONS ... McKenzie's Short Course Champions!!! Dan Mathews Steve Bishop Glen Neese 440 SGaffey San Pedro, Ca 90731 Phone (310) 831-1035 Fax (310) 833-3477 'E--M1al•~·IClhra\Com. Oyer 20 Year.s experience in building & design of competition racing heads Wholesale/Retail Pickup & Delivery U.P.S. Aluminum Wheel Repairs & Polishing EDDCO Wheel Co. Street, Offroad, Production Aluminum Welding 9437 Wheatlands Ct. Suite K & l Santee, CA 92701 619-258-2575 '• . E-Z UP-i D. INSTANT· ,1: I~ SHELTER$ ~IIGlllt.'-<; FREE-ST ANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON Sl-lcl TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUTHORIZED DEAL£,R CASTEX RENTA;I,S 213-462-1468 ~Motorsport PRE-RUNNER Sf'ECIAUST • ~UMf'ERS • CAGES • SHOCF; MOUNTS SEAT MOUNTS • LIFT ms • LONERING ms • DIW.LYS AIR MG SUSPENSION • SHOW CARS & DISf'IAYS • ATV FA5 WORF; EXl'ERT INSTALLATION & FA5RICATION AVAILAeLE FIBERGLASS FENDERS i. BEDSKINS TOYOTA-CHEVY-NISSAN-FORD-ETC. 4010 N. PALM S'TREET, UNIT 103 (714) 870-9.422 FULLERTON. CA. 92635 FAX (714) 870-9132 .\lLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GL9VES . NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, C.A 91:152 818-,768-]770 FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD ·1537 E. Del Amo Blvd car~n, CA 907~ 3006 Colina Verde lane Jamul, California 91935 Phone: (310)603-2200 FAX: (310) 603-2::?$7 (619} 669-4727 Doug Fortin 4-08. 365 _ 9700 ~ifsystems" BY RAFFO RACING LTD. ' 810A S. ARTHUR AVE. ARLINGTON HTS., IL 60005 ' PHONE:(708)259-3810 . FAX:(708)259-9705 THE BEST AIR SYSTEMS IN RACING YOU CAN BUY! NOW . YIU CAN tn THE RACING GFARS THE WINNEIS ARE USING ;>»,J 1FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (810) 294-5858 Fax (810) 293-0736 THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Sale's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed.and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associations . For your local dealer ~ Call or write for call (800) 433-6524 ~ our FREE Catalog Aircraft R■-lter Ma11facturl11 lac. 18062 Redondo Circle, Hunlington Beach, CA 92648 U.S.A. Ph (714) 842-2211 Fx (714) 842-6622 G-FAB ?N-Pre Runners · Bumpers • Cages • Shock Mounts Custom Fabrication • Race. Preparation Maxon Race Radios Gary Bancroft 1300 Pioneer Blvd., Unit K Brea, CA 92621 (310) 690-5513 (310) 697-2752 +++ ______ Glassworks Unlimited besign Grahite / Cabon fiber Custom fiberglass fabrication Offroad style fiberglas fenders Owner: (714)960-9718 Tim Gerw9tosky 1166'1 M"R'TENS RIVER CIRClE "A" 7'\4-97~-6f>'..''\ FOUNTAIN VALLEY f:A. 92!(18 f~X :7'14-'37'3-':!9!,3 INT ERNA T10NAL HARVESTER ONLY SCOUT 11 ~ POLYlJRETllANI:<, AFTER MARK.t:T IN MOTOH AND TRANS MOUNTS *fCJLLY REilfJlLBABLF"' INTERNATIONAL Call for more information HARVESTER Mil<£ Ismail 805-940-8956 Lancaster, CA :~• \ ~ .. MANIJFACTUHERS IJI': . ' ttfiAKE ANn CLUTCH ASSY .-i'EllFVRU-1NC£ f'ROCllCIS MASTER CYJ. I NDERS SLAVE CYLJNnEHS TURNING,~ STAGING lll!AKES SHii•"f.t:RS AVAILABLE AT l'INEH SPE("IALTY SllOPS llEALEH JNQUHIES WELCOME 570CENTRALAVENCJE ~:-::I BLDG C LAKE ELSINORE. CA 92530 ·-S09-245-6050 FAX 909!245-6052 ,PESFORM4NCEPRODUCTS JAMES GANG RACING PRODUCTS ARLIN()TON SHEET METAL CORP. ll-424 !-,.rill Hwy. • Fe S,..tnp • CA 90670 Complete Race Car Fabrication, Pre Runners, Chase Trucks, Roll Cages, Bumpers, Suspensions, Tube Bending, Aluminum Fabrication, Engine Tuning Crew Chief Don Phone (310) 921-2693 Fax (310) 926-0699 JG TRANSWERKS "Go with a Proven Winner· Owner James Hall WNNNMYi Desert. Short Course & Street VW Racing Transmissions Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unil 0 Anaheim, California 92806 (714) 632-·1240

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JIMCO Q Wnngler Q Grand Cheroket address City state zip OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALIST$" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SUITER SANTEE, CA 92071 , RACE CAR/PRE-RUNNER PREP & FABRICATION MIKE JULSON JOHN COOLEY CUSTOM TRAILERS Russ Jones Motorsports CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 KARIS COM1'1UNICATION5, INC. 3463 \fass1llon Road, Su1te B Uniontown, Ohio ➔➔685 216·699·1777 Fax : 216·699·17tl Shop: (805) 968-1067 Fax: (805) 968-3438 Athene Karis + Visa &M/C bl. _.c»N K■NN• Gauge Anem •• Racer Discounts 09-F N. Lakeview Ave• Placentia, CA 92670 Tel/Fax 714-779-2316 HONDA .. Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 ART KAWAGUCHI FAX (213) 264-2136 (213) 264-!58~ KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE • 2" DIAMETER, 6" TO 14" STROKE AIR JACKS ,.., BALL JOINTS ~~o9J· :<.e,'<f. O~o . c; \'<.e,0 ~,o'<. C,~ se ~\e'<f. KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29th STREET, P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90805 TELEPH~NE (310). 595-0661 POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETON STREET SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 (818) 768-0371 A full line o! Po,ve, Steering gear,:, pumps ano acc,;ssories for ar.y type of racing. Magnr.flux and Zygto facll!tii:3 '!V.ail~~ OFF ROAD SHOCK SERVICE JERRY LEIGHTON ElliHTOII RACING BILSTEIN • FOX * MOTORCYCLE 15454 EL CENi'RO ROAD 619-244-9075 HESPERIA, CA 92345 LIN CO TEMPERATURE STRIPS Easy to use, Inexpensive & accurate! All strips are self adhesive and labeled in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Strips are $2.00 each or $1.75 each over ten. For a FREE brochure or to order, contact: LJNCO REVERSIBLE STfllPS allow constant te,mperature monitor-ing Ranges from 32 to 194 F IRREVERSIBLE STRIPS record the maximum temperature reached of the item they are applied to. Ranges from 120• to sss•F. PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS • "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpt: Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel (71 ~) 44l-1212 f,,ix(71 ,~) 441-1622 ,. ETAL s PIN.NING ~,9R ALL INDUSTRIES C~II (310) 928-9838 SUNDRY METAL CRAFTS ' =~ARED TUBE ~ =LANGEO DISC 6729 Suva St. Bel! Gardens, CA 90201 MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 290 TROUSDALE #l&J CHULA VISTA CA 91910 . 13337 E. South St., #344 Cerritos, CA 90701 Phone/Fax: (714) 821-6542 j VISA. j 619-691-1000 J/~X 619-691-1324 • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACEPREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLLCAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 416 FLEETWOOD GLENDORA, CA 91740 818-857-RACE 818-852-~852ft'AX KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly- Machine Work, Parts Engine Dyno Faclllty 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C Santee, CA 92071 619-596-0886 619-596-0625FAX KenMlVOI' ■ DESIGN ■ DEVELOPMENT ■ PRODUCTION • -~ ~~RAa/J~ I~ ~ Pre Rvnners • Alvm/nvm Bodies 4 Dashes I ~ R~fk/1 !~ (909) 877-2923 I! 1245 N. Fitzgerald Ave. Suite 107 ~ ffi Rialto, California 92376 o ~ • M I G WELDING ■ HELIARC WELDING • ~ 805-940-5515

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• •&"it& ·••1n·c11 • 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR., EL PASO, TX 79936 [94115] 1357-5200 Race Car Cnassis Race Car Parts R Aluminum 0£1.d 112-1600 Motors B And Trans . 1mggy Custom Machine Work & Fabrication S1iippRy 2525 E. 16th St.• Yuma, Az. 8.5~65 (.602) 783-6265 • 1 (800)231-8156 PARKER PUMPER HELMET NICKS 3 SAN SEVAINE WAY L MIRA LOMA, CA 91752 909-360-5906 COMPANY FAX 909-360-0436 1~U-.I...l.3LLLILJ....I_LI.I•··' PATTON ~ ··~ •1'lt; -=~----~-=~ ENGINE BUILDING, TESTING & DEVELOPMENT Leon Patton 42646 Chambers Ave. PhJFAX (909) 927-5304 Hemet, CA 92544 ,~~~~©'1tl SAFElY EQUIPMENT MAXON, MOTOROLA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS BEU~ SHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK WIRiNG FOR RADIO &/OR INTERCOM STILL ONLY S 1 ~ ;. _,,., 2888 GUNDRY AVE. SIGNAL Hill., CA 90806 310-427-8177 800-869-5636 Jerry Penhall 714 • 650 • 3035 Fax 714 • 650 • 4721 1660 Babcock Bldg. #8 ~\l\l str,h ~ ~ ~ Todd Francis ~ Pr1ci1i11n Alloy, ~Id, ~. 700 N.E. 117th StrHt ~ ~ Vancouver, WA 9868S.$ ~~ ~ . Phone ~~. ~~ Fax 360-574-5474 '0n & 360:0576-1109 RACE SHOCK • • COMPANY RACESHOCK Sizes 10" thru 17"with Reservoirs: Off-Road Racing Shocks 5/8" and 7/8" Shafts R).V-RACING ~BHPCKB OFF-ROAD Application for Off-Road Racing, light Trucks, Sport Utility, Cars and Motor Homes Off Road Racing Applications, Rebuilding Services, Shock Upgrades SERVICES. Rebuilding, Revalving, Trade-Ins a~d, • RoughCountry Take-Apart Conversions OFFICE & WAREHOUSE 1711 WEST CULVER #1 PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85007 TEL: {602) 254-0744 FAX: (602) 493-0975 MOBILE: (602) 376-0944 A"ARACING VGASOLINE "100, 110. 114. 118" methanol & nitro Steve Poole .----~-----■■■••~ ■ ■ ■J ■ -~•J - - -■ - - -C. L. Bryant, Inc. · On-Site Fuel Distribution SClleGmeli ~ · handling & storage Equip. 13415 Carmenita Rd. Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670 Phone (310) 802-8913 fax (310) 802-0274 ····~cD ••• • • • • • •••• • • • • RACE CAR DYNAMICS OFF ROAD RACE CARS 3552 FOWLER CYN RD. JAMUL, CA 9 'J 935 PH. CB'191 440-26'14 FAX CB '191 SBB-4237 JIM ASBURY RACING TRANSAXLES 1700 EAST MAIN ST. El CAJON, CA 92021 CHRIS ROSE (6191 443·2480 LAURA RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89041 (702) 372-5335 SECRETS OF SPEED (NOI .. OGY) Ignition Products Ike Bruckmann (manager) 3089-C Clairemont Dr. #249 San Diego, CA 92117 (619) 581-6214 S!!!Aft~g,! G o0"\7 Computerized Vinyl Lettering f< ,4c_ _ : ~c,\L TIM CECIL f t~ :=t2 Sr It◄? w. f,nmbcert. tt.11ad, Dre11, CA 92621 4) 5 (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 870-9132 §V@W r@~IM -==~tf~\~ ~J~==== 5101 GALWAY CR., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92649 ,714) 897-0075 FAX (714) 894-9567 X'.e SITE SK'iNS • l!!,NNERS · WltOON lfTTERHI • CAA LETIER~G • GRArttXS ~ s~e~&~ ~(4,1(/ilt, ~~ ~~ 45-410#10~:Se. 619-347-5052 '7~. eA 92201 Costa Mesa, CA 92627,__ __________ _ • All Type• ol Steel U Aluminum Fallricatioa • Tube Bendine • Alumimrm UltNI W.ldine *Custom Machin• Work * All Type• ol Race Cars SQS W. Flamiaso lld. Vepa, NV 891•3 Bruce Fraley (702)3.....-SS iTERCOM SYSTEMS -HELMETS WIRED - HAND HELD RADIOS: A.:'"ITENNAS . LEASING I 15855 Dell View Rd. DALE JOHNSON . . El Cajon, California 92021 10.319 LOS ALA.,rrros BLVD. (310)-59-4-9418 CA 90720 . 310 -594-4397 FA.X . Steve Spirkoff/Owner 619/561-2913

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All other inquiries, contact Sports Racing at P. 0. Box 610, L~ng Beach, CA 90801 310-518-7318 [f];f!f!JO (213)583-2404 SANDERSSERWC~JN~ ,METAL PROCESSING . . 5921 Wilmington Ave., Los ~ngeles, CA 90001 · SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL FLOUFlESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks • Buggies • Pre-Runners (619) 449--9728 FAX (619) 449--26 78 9419 Abraham Way, Suite "A", Santee, CA 9207 1 Straight • L. 'n c nl ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING . 31510 223rd Street East Llano, CA 93544 805-201-3202 OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WELD/1'.G • FABFIICATDV • FLAMEQJT7/l'.G • FFDVTENOS • FEAR TRA!UNGARMS RACE OiASSIS • PFERUN/IERS • FOX RAO/\G SHOX LARRY ROSEVEAR 1345 DYNAMICS. UNIT D PHONE {714} 996-6260 ANAHEIM, C4 92806 FAX {714} 996-6405 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-700·9712 FAX 8 18-700·0947 ·r,ackside Photo, Inc. JEFF FIELD 818-998-2739 9833 Deering UnltH Chatsworth, CA 91311 TRANSMISSIONS WEST • vw · • PORSCHE • OFF ROAD WERACE. WHAT WE SEU. (800).435-0416 • (310) 782-2413 22545 S. Nonnandie • Torrance, CA 90501 Get the word out about your business, big or small. ~t your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely.$.125 .oo per month. CUSTOM RACE CAR FAS. MIG & T IG WELDIN G DAN MATHEWS 6925 Aragon Circle Unit 25 · Bueno Pork, CA 90620 (714)521-2019 (714) 523-0558 So. Cal. Distributors• (310) 928-2278 Lyn, Gordon, or Mike (UJIP) 619/449-9690 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE .SANTEE. CA 92971 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEAMER SYSTEMS; BRUCE HENDEL Regional Manager VP Racing Fuels, West Coast P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 Phone: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Pager: (909) 694-7392 Ott Raad Race Truclfs • Pre Runners Chassis Design • Engineering • Fabrication Dale White Racing 3940 Maranatha Circle Las Vegas. NV 89103 lOZ·Bll-1661 Adam Wik 1994 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines Engine Dyno Service 535 East Central Park Anaheim, CA 92802 714-956-9457 ·

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~ HEUVINK CONSULTING Puqr IC REI.I\TIONS & MARKETING Eo HEUVtNK PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C . .JACOBS Off Road Products Front and Rear Tra~ing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels MEDIACENTRUM UTRECHT HF.NOEVELDSTRAAT 1'1416. 35'7? KH UTRECHT 11-IE NETHERLANDS PRESIDENT 900 STATE MILL ROAD AKRON. OHIO 44319 330-o44-777 4 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 8501 7 Jack Woods 1 (602) 242-0077 , TEL. 030-27221.H, .FAX 030-2722632 Mnsn,E 06-53'2535ss. HoME/PR~ 030-22100,s . IIAJAPITS NEWS By Julio Garcia PRIMM 300. Way to go SCORE. Now this is racing. I am pleased to say that the PRIMM 300 is a tough race in a great location. First class CASINOS, amusement for the kids, afford-able food, plenty of parking, and a convenient start/finish within walking distance.YAHOO! Could it get any better? Maybe at LAUGHLIN, see you there. BAJA PITS made the drive to State Line, Nevada and set up 2 pits for this event. Pit #1 was located at the start/ finish line next to ENSENADA's TOP GUN JAVIER ESPINOZA and his Trophy-Truck pit. The second pit was at mile 46. Our Pit chief -LEO CALDERON, ALONG with DON ISSAC (BP PREZ IN 95) along with ALEX REYES ( official BP photog.) did a great job and even got to CHOW . DOWN with the #1 BFG crew (SPIRIT RACING). A big THANK YOU Y MUCHAS GRACIAS to DON STEVE SPIRKOF, JEFE OF SPIRIT RACING. BP2 said the food was great and the "companerismo" even better. Way to go BFG. No good deed goes un-noticed, No good deed goes un-rewarded. There were about 15 MEXI- . CAN entries at this event from TIJUANA, ENSENADA, MONT-EREY AND MEXICALI. Top Mexican honors (oa) go to ART in his Class 10 JIMCO A Arm, finishing 6th in a field of 23 rockets. Class 5-1600 continues to be DOMINATED by the IRIBE's SUPERIOR RACING TECHNOLOGY TEAM. CAR-LOS and son GERARDO fin-ished FIRST (again) in class and lead the points standing going into the BAJA 500. Another BAJA PITS CHAMPION -PIPOS RACING of the BA RAJ AS family, along with the NEG-RETES STONE COLD TEAM, WON Class 11. This first place also makes them points leaders. WAY TO GO. At the finish line . IV AN STEWART congratulated this valiant effort and signed autographs for the winners. The MACHO AW ARD goes to the MEXICALI entry of ROBERTO LUJAN. This motor-cycle CHAMPION and a friend of THE L.R., drove up from Mexicali ALONE, towing his Class 7S truck. He participated in the publicity run and RACE, all by himself. ls this dedication and enthusiasm or what. (muchas huevos y felicidades). PREMIO CAMPEON. YES!!! MONEY FOR YOU. BAJA PITS will award a CASH PRIZE at the end of the year to the racer who has completed more race miles. · (The current cash prize stands at Pagc52 $500 bengies D.) This award is look for a date sometime soon. winner takes all, and the purse is BAJA 500. As of this writing growing. You must be a BP the BAJA 500 is exactly one member, and only race miles with month away and rumor has it, BP service count. this 25th running of the WORLD column.) CARLOS 0 . (6i9) 449-77,7 or BAJA PITS will set up seven (7) 281-0400 x 674. strategic pits as follows: BPI ( -----------mile61 DESCANSO; BP2 (tJl mile 120 NEJI; BP3 {!11 mile 207 GUADALUPE CANON; BP4 {!11 mile277 SALDANA: BPS@mile 314 LAGUNA AMARGA (be-fore Borrego (9; HWY) This will be BP MAIN; Br6 ~II mile 380 TRINIDAD; BP7 cu; mile 450 OJOS._ FOR sign up info call PIT TEAMS CHARITY RACE EVENT. FAMOUS EVENT is going to be The charity event is coming soon.--· fantastic. Congratulations to Closed course, downtown Rio SCORE. This 511 mile race area, in TIJUANA. Our VP course promises to be the best PERRY McNEIL has been 500 ever. Good job ENSE-working hard on this event. NADA. (also the longest ever, Permits have been authori:ed so glad to see people are reading this Send in your tales of triumph and troubles to 20751 Marilla Street Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 TH ANIVLJA~ .. JACKPOT 200 Offroa ac:e .-July6, 1996 Jackpot, Nevada " am SHAllP •••. SPStlAFORS ~_, FRIDAY: JULY /> 't!' PRE•RUNNINQ U MPH REGIIITRATION, TECH. CAR DISPLAY 4--8 P.M. COWNT'OWN Jl!t~l<t"or SATURDAY: JUL.V t,tt4 OIIIVER MEETING at• A.II.. .. RACIN'1· Sf'ltl'IT$ AT' q A ,M. AWARDS SATURDAY EVENING AT THE HORSESHU.· Hospitality & added puree from the Community of Jackpot Added bonua for all claas wlnnerall To Our 1996 SPONSORS TWIN FALLS AREA Century Automotive Machine Davlaon Signe Commerclal Tl,. 4 X 4 Plue Curr• Car Care The Renter Center Brlco of Idaho, Inc Th• Window. Welder 0.m State Weld•re Supply T.F. Body & Paint HI-Teoh W•ldlng T.F. Truck & Equipment Metal• R-rch Twin Lawn Mowere · S&D Automotive Magic Valle,y Early Iron Sheet Metal Fabrication Independent Auto . M•L &vALG''S E ... ~CTRONt~S ao ... neon Conetruotion .SUN VALf..e:~ 'RooFIN(; NAP"" A~T'o l'A'R.T.S JACKPOT Banon'• Club 93 Caotua Pete•• Felt Auto of Ogden Bonneville Offroad Raolng Enthuala•ta Th• Four Jaoka Th• Hore .. hu Spanleh Gare.ten• RV Park -••• Lin• Liquor k'fl.LER~TRA-&S ~ .... ' UNcXAL. 'FC.C~ VP Rae» gaaavallable bf Praordlr ONIY· · BRICO OF IDAHO, INC 1-IOM67•10G . RACE / PO BOX 1683 Ogden,.Ut. 84402 (801 )627•B0RE (208) 713 90M June 1996 Dusty Times

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: Class 9 2 seater, res FOR SALE: Class 10 or 1 single Doug Perrzut motor, fresh trans, I seat-Mendeola trans, Foddril Ump, Type II drums Beards seats, arms and spindles Charlyn power Sway A Way, fresh Bilstein steering, Bilstein coilovers, Major shocks, Radio(PCI) with inter-motor, ALOT of spare parts, 2nd com, spare parts, very fast place SCORE Class 10 champ, challenger race car. Won Parker Completely prepped is like new. 400 '94 & '95 n completely race Call for details Tim Scalzo (714) ready" (619) 922-2737 evenings 489-1606 daysasking$30,000.00 "Rick". \ Also selling Class 10 Major · engine and Class 10 transmission. FOR SALE: Updated Raceco, fresh Fat type JV 2666, fresh FOR SALE: SODA 2-1600 HewlandtransmissionDG300, Mirage, w/motor & tranny coii-over front, Fox Shox all $2,300.00, SODA Class 9 around, rear Summers, outboard Terminator wlmotor & tranny c.v.s, mostly of bolts, wirehoses, $12,000.00, SODA Class 9 bearing and fuel cell, Parker wlmotor & tranny $2,300.00 Pumper are new. We prep this Call Wisconsin (715)341-8507 Raceco for Baja 1000, 1995 and ask for Heath Schooley. · we don't raced. $20,000.00. Bob at Race Ready (619) 691-9171. We can sell with or without motor and tranny. FOR SALE: 1991 Tubular · design. Class 9-2 seat-best of everything-94 La Rana 4th in Class-Beard-Fuel safe-Sway-A-Way-Bilstein-PCI w/Intercom-Hells-Parker Pumper Type 3 Drums, WR Trans-Lothringer front end. Inc. tandem trailer w I tool box & tire rack 8 spares & 4 Pitt Boxes w'parts $7,295.00 oho d /818-790-9882, n /818-797-7937. .-. ' }~i:'8' -~ FOR SALE: 94 1-1600 Prism design. All moly and Tig welded, "116" wheelbase. Under 1500 tbs, best of everything, 2nd overall in V orra desert and points series. Very competitive, light and fast. $8,500.00 or trade for race pilot and cash. (510) 458-58_12. FOR SALE: Class 1/2-1600,S& K chassis. Wide interior, Beard, FOR SALE: Ford Ranger extend- Fox, Tilton, Neal, UMP, Weld, ed Tubular radius arms with 3 I 4" SAW• 930cv'S, Bus transmission heim joints, includes bolt-on . with short course gears. Soda b 1 b legal. This is the· best handling, FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum tu u ar cross-'mem er mount, most comfortable two seat car 1650 Stadium car, 5 link susp. powdercoated machinl grey you will ever find. Must sell to w/ 6 Fox Shox, MTEG Rabbit $550,00. Bolt-on air c eaner support Class 9 car. $7,000.00 Motor, Mendeola Trans wl super adapter with filter. Fits all fuel-(217) 774-9593 6:30-10:00pm cliff, 930's, Wright Combos, injected4 cylinderToyotas. Bolt-Arms, Rack, UMP PS, Master-on rear bumpers for Toyotas and c_t_. __________ _ FOR SALE: Class 9 Challenger single seater. Fresh engine and close ratio gears trans. Pumper system, fuel cell Fox Shox, Mickey Thompson tires, Master Craft Seat. Ready to Race $3,500.00. Call Dennis (702) 254-7041. FOR SALE: Lothringer Class 9 single seat, Wiks engine, WR Trans, stages Fix Shox, radio, Saganaw steering, spares, race prepped & ready to win. $6,250.00 (818) 857-7223. FOR SALE: New Magnum sty.le chassis. 1 seater, Nerf bars, front beam, front bumper rear case, all aluminum body, aluminum skid plates, D.O.M. tubing, rear setup for 4 link suspension, but can use torsion housing body & dhassis, ii.ever painted. $2,300.00 oho ALSO WANTED Off Road parts. (817) 571-7568-ZEBRA. King Cab, updated to 90 sheet-metal, Ford 9" floater, double shocked (Bilsteins) all around, 32 gal. fuel cell, fiberglass fenders & ¼ panels, 4 wheel disc brakes, real Centerlines ( 16") Xlent pre-runner. $9,400.00. Russ (818) _357-7241. FOR SALE: Ra~e~o Two_ seater, Fat type IV 2666cc, single carb. Bus trans w /091 Henry super cliff, Hewland gears and Curnutt Torque limiters. Fox coilover front end, 1 ~V' travel. Ail Fox rear, 21" travel, SAW primary & secondary torsions, Summers Bros. outboard hubs & axles. UMP Power steering, Pumper, etc. Completely prepped. $14,000.00 oho Call Tom (310) 427-2779 or (310) 430-2884. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum w 1650 stadium car-Chromoly - chassis complete coilcar 5 link 4 SALE: PreRunner Streetable, susp, w/6 Fox Shox, new built new motor ready to work. Rabbit motor, 091 trans super $20,000.00 (909) 654-4938 or \dif/FTCgears.300mmaxles.930 (909) 654-4544. 1 c.v.s, New radiator, braided lines, FodFab arms, Wright combos, Ump PS, 103""wb. Bead locks, more, $10,500.00 oho inq about· spares (602) 993-3114. ==,,,....,.---= craftseat,allgoodstuff,allorpart Ford Rangers. $125-160. Accept OFF ROAD RACE TEAM in $9,900.00 oho. ALSO Chenowth Visa-MIC. (909) 305-0533 · need of a qualified experienced Magnum 5 link, SODA legal, Duffco. race mechanic. Full time year Charlyn PS, rear suspension, FOR SALE: Simpson Parker around base Tallahassee. Must be . -"..! body, nets, Wright Rack & Pumper Helmet, Si:e /1/4,. wirt'd able to travel May-September. -· Arms, Bilstein Shocks+ coil with PCI Intercom. Used 10 Welding & Fabrication a plus, CO-RIDEROPPORTUNITIES overs, torsion bars, wheels & um~·s, excellent condition. Cost must have solid references. Call AVAILABLE for Baja 500 & tires, all or part. Call Steve ( 402-) $ 5 5 0 .00 new, sel 1 now for Jimmie (904) 575-6181 evenings Other select SCORE Races. Call I 625-2802 home or (402) 443-$)50.00 oho. Call (916) 573-after6:00est.orFAXresumeto Scott at PCI for more informa-4117 work. 122'. (904)576-1542 Attn:Jimmie. tion, (310)427-8177. FOR r----------.... -~~-~---wwwwwwwwww~----~~-~-~----~~-~ ·1 Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I ; DUSTY TIMES. __ _ __ : I Classified Advertising rate is only $20. for 45 words each ~o.nth, ~ot including ~ame,-;ddress and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of I __ I black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5x7 I I NEW _AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now ·and subscribe. If I I you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. j I I REMEMBER· CLASSIFIED AD SPACE IS LIMITED - YOUR AD MAY BE PUT OFF ONE ISSUE______ I I IF NOT RECENED IN A TIMELY MANNER/ I I I I --------------------------I I --------------------------I I I I --------------------------I I ---------------------------I I Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I I I Name ---------------------------------Mail to: I . I DUSTY TIMES I I Address ----------------------Phone-------20751 Marilla Street I I Chatsworth, CAl91311--440B-, ' City ------'-------------· State _____ Zip _______ ......, Page 54 June 1996 SALE: PPI built Class 8, numerous SCORE Class 8 wins including Baja 1000. 388ci Leon Patton motor with all the best parts, Hydromatic race trans, 4 take-apart Ranchos with reser-voirs per wheel, 55 gal fuel cell, full supply of new BFG Baja TA 's, many spares. Call for details. $15,000.00 (805) 297-8530. SALE: Unlimited Race car-all Fox, Bilstein, coil overs, single seat, Fodrill Centerline, Wright, Wilwood, Beard, Flameout, electric PS, 930cv's, Sway-A-Way, 486 tyoe IV, FTC gears, super cliff., Full race 2332, too much to list Plus tandem trailer with 4-wheel brakes, sacrifice $7,900.00 firm (602) 993-2209. Dusty Times

Page 55

NOW AVAILABLE: Conver-sion kits for Rough Country Nitro Chargers: Removable and Rebuildable rod guides 10"' and 12" x 518 Shafts ( call for pricing). Also available reservoir kits for Rough Country, Bilstein and Fox $70 each. Call Lee at RaceShock in Phoenix ( 602) 254-07 44 Note: We will take Nitro Chargers in on trade for new RaceShock units. FOR SALE: Shop for off road race facility in the heart of SODA country, minutes slw of Antigo Wis on Hwy 52, 2 buildings-one 26x100-other 40 x 30, drilled well-3/4 acre. Test track area onsite available. Needs a little TLC but otherwise perfect set up. First $23,500.00. 9-5 davs (715) 344-5445 Mark. FOR SALE: Class 9 with trailer, single seat, new motor, new trans, Sway-A-Way, Pumper, 300 mm bars, New Yokos and wheels, Beard, rebuilt Bilsteings and spares, quick dumps:spare tires and parts, turn key, everything only $4,300.00. Must sell (805) 285-8159. FOR SALE: 86 Raceco 2 seater 091 Bus Box w lFTC gears 2665cc type 4, Bunderson Air springs, Parker, Ump, Jamar, Ultra, BFG, Simpson, Fox Shox, Beards, Sway-A-Way, ground up restoration, complete with trailer, $20,000.00-$16,000.00 less motor. (702) 566-5010. FOR SALE: Shocking Deals! A) Four ( 4) Bilstein 50mm Body 12"' Travel Shocks 122mm 7 18 shafts, 60mm reservoir bodies, refurbished by Bilstein, list price $499 sale price $275 each, B) Two (2) Fox Shox 14"' Travel w/7 /8 shafts and reservoirs rebuilt and replated. List price $320 Sale Price $275 each. C) Two (2) RaceShock 17"' Travel, 50 mm Body Shocks with 7 18 shafts and Reservoirs, new $299, sale price $249 each. D) Bilstein 10"' Travel Shocks wll4mm shafts and reservoirs Sale price $129 each E) Two (2) Fox Air Shox 12"' Travel. List price $225 Sale price $185 each F) Four ( 4) Fox 10" w/Reservoir-Rebuilt and Replated. New-$165 Sale price $135 each. G) Two (2) Bilstein 50mm body 9.5" Travel Coil Over Shocks w/22mm(7 /8) Shafts-60mm Reservoir Bodies-Refurbished by Bilstein. List $549 Sale price $295 each. Call Lee at RaceShock in Phoenix (602) 254-0744 Note: We take trade-Ins. FOR SALE: Briggsbuilt Superlite or Soda Lite, former MTEG with Klemm built Honda FL350 watercooled motor, BFG tires, Champion Bead lock wheels, spare parts Excellent workman-ship, fast and fun, Race Ready $6,800.00 Phone Michigan (906) 466-2680. Dusty Times MISC FOR SALE: Type 4 engine by FAT, dual cars, dual oil coolers, headers, complete ready to run-Replacement cost $9,000.00 selling for $5,570.00 ... 3" shoulder harnesses (red) $10 per pair ... zn Limit straps-various length $10 each... One (1 ) Pair Wilwood Dynalite 4 Puck Calibers (Internal Cross Over tubes)-$100 ... Call Lee at RaceShock in Phoenix ( 602) 254-0744. . : treet ega ,.65 Smog Exempt 2 litre w/Zenith carb, Swing axle new fuel cell, Wright steering, Centerlines KC lites, Hurst shifter, full roll cage YOO cages, ex race car, _good prerunner, 8 1 Bilsteins. $1,700.00 Tom (619) , 379-4902 Cell (805) 301-4902.· FOR SALE: Class 9, T-Mag single seat, DJ Trans wl close ratio gears, Reid Pro plates, torsion adjuster, KC's Ump air cleaner, Filler belts, many new parts, lotsa spares, Race ready $3,500.00 Call Tom (619) 379-4902 or Cell (805) 301-4902. FOR SALE: Lothringer Class 5-1600, less engine, WR Trans, staged Fox Shox, Saganaw steering, a nice car. $4,850.00 (818) 857-7223. built trailer w I full living quarters, 18' closed hauling area in rear. Full restroom, microwave, oven, refrig. 60 gal water capacity, 12,000 BTU air cond. red, 8300 lbs, 93" wide x 6' tall $27,000.00 Randy Whitmore (214) 221-8417 or(817)455-7342. FOR SALE: 96 Ford Class 4 18 Score legal, full race prepped, 14,. coil over Kusters front,¼ elliptic, 18"' Kusters rear. Parabok built 430 small block 600 plus hp. Mogi C6, Cone 9"' w/40 spline. Fox ·.bumps, Ump Ram, All Chromoly, plus many spare, $35,000.00, can fax package (619) 454-8970. FOR SALE: 1965 19½'Kenskill trailer, new upholstery, awning, sleeps six, air conditioner, ¾bath, full self contained, beautiful!! Must see!! $2,700.00 (818) 363-8115. HAVE HELMETS WILL TRAVEL!! Co-Driver/ navigator 15 years experience. International pace note, route and timing systems, logistics, team manage-ment, media liaison and event organization. Available for rally, desert or offroad team world-wide. CV/ references con tact: FOR SALE: 1995 Chevy Class 8, very well built, very fast. The best of everything, SCD spindles, Kuster ball joints, full floating Dana 60 40 spline, Fox factory shocks, Valley transmission, Taylor, Diest, Autometer. Etc ... $40,000.000, less motor. ALSO:!! 81 Chevy 2wd Blazer, full cage, alum dash, tubular A-Arms, 9" full floater Taylor etc... 1 $18K (619) 596-0950. Stuart Robert, PO Box 46-147 herme bay, Auckland New Zealand. Fax: 64-9-483 5581. GOOD LUCK DAN CANNON ON YOUR NEW FORD 8 TRUCK. FROM: Little Red Chase (Spokane, WA) FOR SALE: Class 5-1600. Ready to race or the perfect street legal pre-runner. FOX, Wright, Sway-A-W a y, spare transmission. $6,000.00 or make offer. ( 714) 996-2901. FOR SALE: 87 44' 5th Wheel FOR SALE: Single seat Sand-Competetive Trailer 3 axle with master Sportsman car trick, 1600 Air Ride, all Axles wlbrakes, 60 motor only, 300 miles tranny has gal fuel tank, 36' shop area, work 500 miles. Car has been stored for bench,aircomp.,6.SONANgen, 5 years, too much to list. 8' living space wl microwave, 2 1 $3,000.00 firm. (916)938-4036. way refrig., bathroom, A.C. Call ! Mike (310) 634-7933 x216. · WANTED: Independent, know-ledgeahle ProTruck Tech inspec-tor wanted. Call IV AN STEW-ART OR BILL SAVAGE (619) 449-6252. FOR SALE: Honda Pilot, fresh ATV specialist ported barrel, milled head, 38 Mikoni carh. FMF ReeJs, Power pros pipe, raised radiator, K & N filter kit, 6.6. gallon fuel tank, powerhloc clutch, Fox Shox, Molly links with Hiems, terns more lots of spares $6,000.00 (209) 36/i-2744 leave message. FOR SALE: '7 8 M,, Ben: 450 SEL 6.9 L Excellent cond. new silver paint w ' clear coat. Blue cloth int. No rust. Lots of new parts. Runs fast., rare mid. Current smog & reg. Dave (714) 642-515K. $6,200OBO. FOR SALE: Class I 0, I t-50cc Rahbit motor, Rev-Power huilt, 215mm clutch, aries pistons, Web-Cam, carrillor rods, knife-edge crank, side-draft "ever, boost bottles, Aluma-Kote headers, head studs. Engine complete, fresh and RACE READY!! Must sell, going to Class 1. $2,300.00 ALSO Ron Davis Aluminum Racing Radia-tor with fan. Very light, like new $375.00 Call Bill (619) 435-8936. $$$C A S H$$$ I will pay top $$$$ for used B-Pass shocks "K ustt·r's, ~1 einermot's, Sway-A-Way, Randy Anderson," Etc. Please call!!! (800) 249-9829. June 1996 FOR SALE: 7S ,Ranger Vb, ex Valde: race winning truck, built 1995, Race ready, very competi-tive, spares $14,950.00 ALSO M • T Grand National Ranger, Esslinger 300 hp motor, Mogi c4 trans 6 lightning rods, 4 Fox Shox, Summers Dana 6C•, $1 (,,SQ0.00 tons morl' parts or!! Pl'ter ((,J9) 773-5550. FOR SALE: Dumpers& Tirl's-50 round dumpt·rs with hose. Acquired from Rogr Mears Racing. Bought new hy Roger for tht· Baja 1000. $40.00 each. Tht· last of the 3r Bridgestone hi1J1 $$ development tires. Had <;() only 1(, left. Trophy Truck typ~·. $12 5 .00 ( 714) 241-74M. FOR SALE: 4-New Yokohama s ll r t· r D i g Ii L' r r a d i a l s 33xl2x50Rl(,.5. $K0.0(' 12-:,S" Yokohama hi1;h $ ran· tires likl' Ml'ars StewartsTrophyTruck useJ. Excdlt-nt in sand. Perfect for pre-runner. $HO .00-$12 5 .00. 4-33xl0.5x15 Raja TA s for Class 10 scufft·d $50.00 *714) 241-7464. WANTED: 2 Fox IO" Air Shcicks or 2 Fox 1 0" Coil-Over shocks w: reservoir. FOR SALE: 1-44 Weht·r Carh. on Fat Pt·rf intake manifold for Type 4 $200.00 {H 18) 7~ 1-06,~0. FOR SALE: 1995 JIM CO A-Arm Class 10. €over Jan 1996 Dusty Times, featured June 1996 Hot VW's, Major perfc,rmance 1776cc DG300, Fortin Rack, Fox 2.5" Shocks Wally \Xi'orld paint, Tons of spares, everythin1i 1;oes. $35,000.00 with spares, $30,000.00 w, o. Bill (6 I 9) 4(,5-<~K I(,. FOR SALE: Scissor lift in good working condition. $.3 ,00(' .00 (7 I 4 ) 2 4 I -7 464 . I FOR SALE: 1-1600 Mirage 118" chassis, rear trailing arms, new front end, body panels, 20 gal fuel cell. $1,100.00. 1-2-1600 motor 20 miles old, only the hest parts. Complete from clutch to carh, bolt in and race. $2,500.00 inv., $1,900.00 hear it run. Dud 44 idf's type 4 manifolds $350.00, sin 40 idf, mani, end castings-$175.00, Duel 34 ict's-$125.00, sing 40 Delorto-$125 .00, type 41. 7 complete, needs rebuild-$175.00 (209) 532-7710, 586-1967. ENGINE MACHINE SER VICE: Complete Automotive Machine Shop, Specialized Engine Building -Custom Cylinder Head Porting-Antique & Restoration Machin-ing -Welding - Engine Balanc-ing, 8416 Osage Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045 (310) 641-7019, Fax (310) 641-4958. FOR SALE: Trail b~ggy built in 1992, Berrien 902 frame, rebuilt 1641cc engine with new Bosch starter, coil and alternator, KYB shocks and Rj's safety harness. Fast and Fun. $2,250.00 oho (715) 298-3846. INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Baja Concepts . . . . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . 45 Baker Performance Products • . . . . . . • . . 23 Barbary Coast • Gold Coast Hotels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Bilstein Corp. of America . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 7 B.O.R.E. Jackpot 200 . . . . . . . . . . . . 31. 40 Brush Run 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Cactus Racing Products . . . . . • . • . . . . . 43 Bob Delozier . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 28. 42 Diamond Liners • . . . . . . . . • . . • . . • . • • 22 Europartner Motorsport . • . . . • . • . • . . . • 19 FAT Performance • • • • . . • • • • . • . • • . • • 36 Fox Racing Shox. . . . • • . • . . • . • . . . . . . 2 German Auto • • • • . • • • . • . . . • • . • . • . . 13 Rod Hall Driving School • .. . • • . . • . • . . 41 Honda of North Hollywood . . • . . . . • . . . 35 Kawaguchi Honda • . . • . • . • . . . . . . . . . 15 McKenzies Performance Products • . • • • • . . 11 & 32 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . • . . . . . • . . . . 4 P.C.I. Race Radios & Equipment .....•.•. 46 & Back Cover P.C.I. • Cactus •••.....•.•..•.•.... 33 Perris Speedway . . • . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 38 Pike's Family Restaurants . . . . • . . . . • . . 34 Race Ready Products . • . . . • • . . . . . . . . 43 Rock Busters Video . • . . . . • • . • • . • . . . 29 Second Lap . • . • . • • • . • • . . • . • . • . • . • 44 Simpson Race Products • • . • . • . . . . . . • 30 SNORE-KC Hilites Midnight Special .••• · 7 Sway-A-Way Company • . • . • • . • • . . . • . 37 T opline Trailers • • . • • • • • • • • . • • • • . . . 26 T ri-Millndustries • • • • • • • . • • • • • • . • • . 17 Unocal Racing Gasoline ••.••••. ·. . • . • 14 Valley Performance . • • . • . • • • • • • . . • . 12 VORRA . . • • . • • • . • • • • • • • • • . • • . • • . 5 Wilch Sales ............ •· • • . • • • . . . 40 Wright Place • • • .. • . . • • • • • • • • • • • . • 41 Yarnell Specialties. Inc. • • • • • • • • • • • . • 6 Page 55

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