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1996 Volume 13 Number 5 Dusty Times Magazine

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Volume 13 - Number 5 - Mlly 1996 $1.00 ISSN 8750-1131' ·Covering the world of .competition in the dirt1 ---------. .

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resen s THE SNORE CALIENTE 250 $1500.00 guaranteed minimum purse to the first place finishers in Class l/2-Unlimited, l/2-1600, 5-Unlimited, Class 10, Heavy Metal, and Mini Metal with a 10 car Minium classi $1000.00 guaranteed minimum purse to the first place finisher in Class 5-1600 and Class 9 with a 10 car minimum class! $$00.00 additional honus to first in Mini Metal !!! Entry forms for pre-registration are avail-able from SNORE. Contact Joe Ross c/ o Tate & Snyder Architects, 709 Valle Verde Court, Henderson, NV Tel. 702-456-3000 for forms. Entry fees/ deposits are not refundable. How-ever, if notification is made to SNORE prior to race registration that you cannot compete in the event, fees may be transferred to another SNORE race within the same calendar year. There is a $10.00 fee on all returned checks. Express Registration will take place at the Knotty Pine Restaurant on Friday, May 17th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday, May 18th for the first hour of registration. This time will be reserved for those entries that are paid in full and require no changes or additions to the entry form. All pre-registration entry forms need to be received by SNORE no later than Mon-day, May 13th, 1996. Any received after this date are not considered eligible for "Express Registration". Registration will take place from 7:00 am to 9:00 am at the Knotty Pine Restaurant, Saturday, May 18th. Technical Inspection will be held on Saturday, May 18th at the Start/Finish Line from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Barbecue will be held at the Knotty Pine Restaurant, Friday, May 17th Starting at 6:00 pm Drawing for starting order will be Saturday May 18th at 9:15 am at the Start/Finish Line. Mandatory Drivers Meeting will be held at the Start/Finish Line Saturday May 18th at 9 :15 am SHARP! Race Starts at 10:00 am SHARP!!! The Course is 250 miles total (approxi-mately 42 miles per lap) Class 1/2-Unlimited, 1/2-1600, 5-Unlimited, & Class 10 will run 6 laps. Class 5-1600, Class 9 , Heavy Metal, Mini Metal, Sportsman Truck, & Sportsman Buggy will run 5 laps, Class 11 will run 4 laps. Awards Banquet Saturday, May 18th at 7 :30 pm there will be an awards banquet at the Shamrock Club with "No Host" Food and Beverages. REMEMBER OUR ENTRY l=EES ARE ONL CLASS 1/2, 1/2-1600, 5, 10 $310.00 HEAVY METAL, MINI METAL $310.00 CLASS 9 $165.00 CLASS 5-1600 $165.00 CLASS 11 $7 5.00 SPORTSMAN BUGGY AND TRUCK $7 5.00 RACE MANAGMENT FEE $10.00 INSURANCE ALL CLASSES $95.00 Hotels & Motels are nearby, here are some names and reservation hotlines of the ones right in Caliente. There are limited rooms so make sure you call now! The Hot Springs Motel 702-726-3777 Rainbow Canyon Motel 702-726-3291 702-726-9985 Shady Motel 702-726-3106 Midway Motel 702-726-3199 Young's RV Park 702-726-3428 Aqua Caliente Trailer Park 702-726-3399 d"ARACING ~GASOLINE The Official fuel of SNORE Don't forget to pre-order your race fuel from Screamer Enterprises at 310-802-8913 or Tommy Bradley at 702-739-7 469

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Volume 13 - Number 5 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Auistant Michael Ward Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Circulation 0. Osborne Contributors Jim Baker C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Carol Clark Don Dayton John Elkin Homer Eubanks Don Holbrook Martin Holmes Daniel Maimer Troy Robinson Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith Judy Smith Tony Tellier T rackside Photo Inc.. Art Director Larry E. Worsham ~ -ILLS 0Fn0AD IM:11111 -May 1996 CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Subscription Rates: llrld&ritsc.f<r11mf.Racing19 $20.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editi_ng. . DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marill~ St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class ' Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address chapge to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. . . . CHANGE OF.ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. SNAPSHOT OF THE MONTH ••• Welcome to Mexico! Actually units like this are positioned along the highway south from Mexicali to San Felipe on weekends, stopping traffic to inquire about drugs and other contraband. Taking a break this group is busy watching the race on Saturday. Actually the ones we have encountered are polite and friendly. The tough ones they keep at the US/ Mexico border, in this case Mexicali. Photo by Trackside Photo Inc. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies"or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 will be considered. Dusty Times May 1996 In ·This Issue ••• FEATURES Page SCORE Tecate San Felipe 250 by Judy Smith ................ l 0 SCORE San Felipe Trophy-Trucks by Judy Smith ............ 17 SODA 1995 Awards Banquet by Michelle Halverson ......... 18 Bridgehampton Divisional Rally by Thomas Barker ........... 20· Ontario (Canada) Off Road News ....................... ... 23 Granada-Dakar Rally Raid by Martin Holmes ................ 24 Australian Stadium Race by Darryl Smith ................... 26 YORRA's Season Opener by Troy Robinson ................ 29 WRC Swedish Rally by Martin Holmes ..................... 30 Northwest Rally Report by Jim Culp ....................... 32 Sears Pressure Washer by Homer Eubanks ................. . 34 SNORE Southern Nevada 200 by Jean Calvin ........ ........ 36 Sand Hills Sand Blast Rally ............................... 39 Doo Wop SCCA National Rally by Jim Culp ..... . ...... ... . 40 DEPARTMENTS Soap Box ................................................ 4 Trail Notes .............................................. 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Checkers by the Big W ahzoo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 FAIR News by Dave Massingham .......................... 35 Baja Pits by Julio Barcia .................................. 39 Pony Express ..... ...................................... 39 Rally News, Points and Results ............................ 42 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Classified Ads . .............. ........................... 49 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 ............. ................................. ...... ...... ON THE COVER-We feature Robert and Mike Harman in their Class 10 Lothringer that has been winning races in three different series lately. They have had a remarkable winter of successes with La Rana, SNORE and now SCORE, winning Class 10 at the San Felipe 250 out-of 24 starters and placing seventh overall in their Lothringer. Congratulations to the brothers Harman. Although Neal Grabowski usually shares the driving with brother Mike, at San Felipe they elected not to take the time to change drivers; lucky they didn't because they only won Class 5 by 4½ minutes in their sparkling Class 5 racer. It was the second win in a row for the team, having taken top honors in Class 5 a the SCORE Parker 400 as well. Our congratulations to all the Grabowskis who work hard to keep the car race ready. Color Photography by Trackside Photo Inc. S~7fUUUf DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$20.00 □ 2 years -$30.00 □ .3 years -$40.00 (no credit card& plea&e) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Take advantage of your subscription bonus •• 1 Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name ______________________ _ Address ____ :.__ _______________ _ City _________________________ _ Stace -----------Zip __________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004 · C:anadian - 1 year $25 .00 U.S. • Overseas subscription rates on request) Page 3

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Soap Box ••• To Whom It May Concern: I have been racing with your , organization for quite some time. Within the last year you have made some major changes in your organization and race procedures. The majority of these changes have not benefited the ones who are the racers. I have been involved with many different race promoters, and the majority of them cared about their racets. I hope your organization will be the same. 1. ENTRY FEE: What did this increase do for the racer? The pay back did not increase. As far as the t. v. coverage ( what's that?), if you were to take a poll of the racers, you would be amazed at what they think about this. You have taken this family sport and made it so expensive that even persons With a really good income can't afford it. You are probably saying, "What's a couple of hundred dollars?" It's a lot to the average racer. As for your last couple of races, I think your total entries indicate something is up. You can win overall in a very competitive class and not even get your entry back. 2. CONTINGENCY: Look at your last two races. Where was everybody? Forcing the contin-gency distributors to be at the I' ..,. -·• - -~ races, does this help the racers? No. The racers are interested in contingency no matter what. The name of the game is getting as much support and products to help the racer. I don't understand why you would restrict who and how the racer gets his product from just as long as the racer gets his products. Why does 76 or any other company have exclusive right to sell their products? Does this help the racer? What happens if the racer uses TRICK RACING FUEL? I had the opportunity to talk to a Trick Distributor and they told me that they could not sell their product at your races, as 76 has Exclusive rights. Does this benefit the racer? I understand that contingency needs to be monitored to assure thatthey(contingency),do benefit the racer and pay the racer for advertisement. This can be done with little difficulty. As with my past experience with contin-gency, they rarely pay and you have to chase them to get the product. So does restricting and making it difficult to become a contingency participant benefit the racer? 3 . DRIVERS' MEETING: Should go back to the morning of the race when everybody is awake and have taken care of their race needs. It's tough enough to get to the races, set up a· pit, then go to tech and contingency, then wait around for 7:30 p.m. for this meeting. When you changed this, did you think of the racer? As far as the slide show, why? At this last drivers' meeting you didn't even show the new drivers the course markings. Isn't this also a driver safety meeting? What about the prompt time the meeting was started? If 7 :30 is the time of the meeting, then start at 7:30, not 8:00 p.m. In conclusion, we, the racers, really enjoy La Rana but the majority of changes that have been made do not benefit the racer. They make it harder for them. Remember this is not a profession for the majority of us, and when the fun and affordabil-ity of racing with La Rana is no longer there, we, the racers, will move to the other racing organizations in the Southern California area. Concerned Racers For La Rana Desert Racing Volunteers are invited to climb on their "Soap &x" and fill this space with their thoughts about what is good and what is not so good about the state of the sport. Your words, short of being libelous, will be print-ed. So, send along your praise or damnation on your Soap &x topic to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA91311-44o8. Trail Notes ••• THE VEGAS TO llENO RACE is over and it was quite a trek. A great entry, 237 motorcycles and a few quads took off at dawn's early light, and at the more sedate hour of 10 a.m. the 62 cars took off heading for somewhere west of Pahrump, NV. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze and in the south the weather was perfect for the race. Jeff Stiles left first in the Raceco he shared with brother Jim, and they stayed out front in the car ranks all the way, had a good lead most of the distance, and lost nothing at gas stops. They had a perfect race. Most of the other cars had trouble, in fact only 28 finished and the last official finish was the 1600 Lothringer of Peter and Josh Rosenstein, six and a half hours behind the winner. Everyone remarked on how well the course was marked and how nice the pit route book was, making things easy to locate and get set up long before the first car was due. As of now we don't have official results but for sure the Stiles brothers won the bash for cars and Class l / 2 in their 10 car. Mike McGee and Jimmy Tucker were second, 50 minutes back in a Class 10 Raceco, and Dan Martin and company that included Billy McCool brought the 1600 in third overall and first in Class 1-2-1600. Old Buddies Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen brought the Class 7S Ford in fourth overall and first in Class 7S. Bud Feldkamp and Jerry Penhall finished 18th overall but were first in the Stock Pro Spec trucks ranks. Paul Krause and Ty Davis won the motorcycles overall on an Open Kawasaki, just four minutes ahead of Greg Zitterkopf and Dave Ondas also on an Open class Kawasaki. Third overall and Open Pro just nine seconds behind Zitterkopf on a Honda came Johnny Campbell and Jeff Capt. Both Kawasaki and Honda had massive pit support, and KTM wasn't far behind. At the awards organizer Casey Folks thanked one and all for their support, his staff and his 465 volunteers that manned the road crossings, the checkpoints and the pit areas. It was a monumental effort and it came off very well. Read all about it next month in Dusty Times. Our congratulations to Casey Folks for a job well done! NEW OFF ROAD TRACK AND SERIES - Perris Auto Speedway just opened this week with an open wheel car race, and they have announced a series of races coming up for off road vehicles. They advertise a 125% payback in Pro Classes which are Classes 112, 1-2-1600, Class 10 and there is a Sportsman Class and a Superlite Class. There is also Pro 4 wheel ATV and Sportsman 4 wheel ATV. The entry fee is $100 for Pros and $50 for Sportsman with a 100'¾, payback. All vehicles must meet current safety requirements. Additional classes will be added as warranted by participation. The Daytime Event ** TORSION BARS** AXLES** SPRING PLATES** COIL SPRINGS** , Schedule is the gates open at8:00 a.m ., Practice 10:00 to noon, and the 2 moto system of racing starts at 1 :00 p.m. and will be over at 5:00 p.m. Perris Auto Speedway is located to the south of Riverside, CA. .. .. en a: w 0 c:( a.· en w ..J X c:( .. .. en a: w I-en ·:::::, .., C c:( .. .. en C, z a: a. en ·u. ·ct w . ..J .. .. . en C :::::, I-en ..J w w ::c . 3: .. .. SWAY·A·WAY MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY OFF ROAD SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR OVER 20 NEW PRODUCT JNIEBNAJ,-BYPASS SBQCK THE ONLY INTERNAL-BYPASS SHOCK IS NOW ON THE MARKET • • C z + 10", ll", 14", 16", 18" TRAVEL -" + 6 REMOVABLE BYPASS TUBES !! + EXTERNALLY INDIVIDUALLY &.INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE~ + ANY COMBINATION OF COMPRESSION & REBOUND TUBES + 3 1/2" PISTON + COIL OVER/BYPASS/BUMP STOP IN ONE SHOCK + GREAT FOR "A-ARM" FRONT ENDS · *INTERNAL-BYPASS SHOCK RESULTS* • • " z G') • • Cl) ::z LA RANA CLASS 10 POINTS LEADER - LARRY BOLIN f ,2ND IN CLASS, 2ND OVERALL - LA RANA JOHNSON VALLEY 200 "! '.2ND IN C:LA~S, 4TH OVERALL - SCORE FffiEWORKS 250 BOLIN DOES IT AGAIN! 1ST IN CLASS, 2ND OVERALL - LA RANA CALIFORNIA 200 DON'T BE LEFT IN IllE DUST SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER TODAY! CALL OR WRITE. FOR YOUR FREE CATALOG .. ,... C G') z . C cri • • 20755 MARILLA ST.I CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA 9·13.11 /818-700-9712 Page 4 May 1996 , U.A.E. DESERT CHALLENGE - If you missed the Granada-Dakar, last winter, there is more of the same coming, the 1996 U AE Desert Challenge will be held from October 30 through November 2 in the United Arab Emirates. The event will be the final round of the 1996 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies and will be open to cars, trucks and motorbikes. This is a rally raid in the finest tradition of international clesert rallying .. An adventure into desert wilderness that promises to excite the minds and stir the hearts of the most adventurous rally drivers in the world. The UAE Desert Challenge, 1 started in 1991 by Mohammed bin Sulayem, is now firmly placed in the FIA W orld Cup for Off Road/Tout Terrain Rally Raids. The four day format of the event comprises a stage per day varying in length from 250 kms to 520 kms, and with two bivouac halts at the same location. The route includes all types of desert terrain and is almost 100% sand driving with no rough or rocky surfaces. The famous 500km Rub Al Khali stage on Day 2 of the rally is one of the toughest stages on the W orld Cup calendar. Towering dunes, mountainous sand-walls and fast gravel plains test the skills of drivers and navigators from around the world. For more in(9rmation and entry forms please contact: Heuvink Consulting, Liaison Officer for North America, Hengeveldstraat ,. 29-416, 3752 KH UTRECHT, The N etherlands, Europe. Tel. 133 - Fax 632. , KAWASAKI CELEBRATES 30 YEARS IN THE USA - Kawasaki . i Motors Corp U.S.A., known for distributing high performance motorcycles, personal watercraft, and all terrain vehicles, as well as utility prod ucts, will , j mark its 30th anniversary this month. The company has grown from offices in a one-time Chicago meat warehouse to annual sales exceeding $800 million . .•,N Reodviewing the pa1s tth1ree decadeshof acitbvity ink the U .Sh, KMC Pre~ident Henry a sees severa mi estones as avmg een ey to t e company s success. Noda lists Kawasaki's street motorcycle performance image precipitated by the models of the late 1960s and early 1970s -and the popularization of personal watercraft, brought on by the introduction of the JET SKI watercraft, as foremost among those milestones. He also rei;ognizes the role played by the 1975 start of production in Lincoln, NB ( the first Japanese-owned vehicle plant in the U .S. and the nearly 25 years of the "Let the Good Times Roll" slogan as being paramount to company growth. " Kawasaki has experienced much in its first thirty years here, 11 said Noda, "and it is with great pride that we look back at our accomplishments as well as looking forward to what promises to be an exciting end of the centruy. 11 • The company's well deserved performance has been fostered as well through its racing heritage that is so much a part of Kawasaki's first 30 years here. It has fielded successful motorcycle racing teams on the pavement, in the dirt, and since 1972 on the man-made Supercross courses in the world's largest stadiums. With the late 1970s enthusiast inclin.ation towards competitive personal watercraft activity, KMC aided in the growth of a race sanctioning organization for the category. Last year Kawasaki became the first company to launch a full service factort racing effort, propelling JET SKI watercraft to the nat/.onal and world racing titles . Along with recognition of its performance oriented products, Kawasaki is also viewed as a benefactor to the many communities in which its facilities are i based. Company officials take pride in knowing that involvement has covered a , wide spectrum -from "loaning" Lincoln production workers to the city for public works projects, to involving all of its employees in the selection of causes for corporate donations. Noda views this component of Kawasaki's growth process as one of his most personally satisfying. "It's a measure of our success as a company that we are in a position to play a positive role in many areas of community aid.and support. And as we continue to grow,· Kawasaki will also , grow its commitment to others. 11 j Dusty Times

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.z:--;;;;; --=--~ ---=::.-----=::--;;;;; ... -- --- ----- --. - -- ------ - --· - ----------------........__..,, ------... _ _, --·-~=----·--- - -BFGaadricH --------r~, SATURDAY,· MAY 25th SUNDAY, MAY26TH ~/((;,-~·~ l.VLJ~ Performance Exhaust ( 1. , · . ( I . )-. ,,. ,- -. ) E>:' !!f . ~ f0 -•·. 1" . I / C ✓ I %ti~ : jVl,<l .• . t JI! -f-~ The Most Dependable, LonuesHasllng Trucks. CHM TRUCKS ~ ~ Am,.e..rLc..cui R.a-c)> - ' ~~~~~~~ ~ -:;-;;~~~ i\.; jOI'\: ~~~=-=~;-'--~-.,;-d jSS ~ . ,........,...._. . _:......,,~ -~ -;;~. --P. oo\'/ 03'/ - -:":-'a per ftiterl ake,11 'R.e,sort 1Cou11trySpa ss.oo --,.... - PLUS $10,000 AVAILABLE ADDED PURSE! +Racing Starts at· 11 A.M. Both Days♦ A\.t-he abbey ~on lake geneva GOOOJl'iEAR ·········rs ........ .. ....... ~ HYDRA•MATIC _,. One Mile South of Lake Geneva on Co. Rd H, Then 1/2 Mile· East on Bloomfield Rd. (KQ)KCHiliTES For Information Call (414) 248-8566 . DON'T FORGET THE CHEVY OFF ROAD GENKVA - JULY 6 & 7 1996 SODA RACE SCHEDULE Short Course Off Road Drivers Association World Series of Off Road Racing Jun,e 22, 23 Lake Odessa, Ml July 6, 7 Lake Geneva, WI Chevrolet Memorial Day 100 Kevin Dawson 4141248-8566 1015 Bloomfield Rd. Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Chevrolet Off Road Championship Joe Servi,Jr. or Tom Schuh 715/623-4134 P.O. Box 339 Antigo, WI 54409 Chevrolet Off Road Nationals Mike Brunton 517/627-4044 MTB Enterprises, Inc. 15529 Jones Rd. Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 . Chevrolet Off Road Geneva Kevin Dawson 414/248-8566 1015 Bloomfield Rd. Lake Geneva, WI 53147 July 20, 21 Luxemburg, WI August 3, 4 Bark River, Ml Aug. 31,Sep.1 Crandon, WI September 14, 15 Oshkosh, WI December 6, 7, 8 San Bernardino, CA Chevrolet Luxemburg Off Road Challenge Dick Shinnick 4141468-8878 1801 Industrial Dr. Green Bay, WI 54302 Chevrolet U.P. Off Road 100 Brian Adams 906/466-2723 or 909/446-9961 Box 26 Bark River, Ml 49807 Chevrolet World's Championship Off Road Race Cliff Flannery 715/478-2222 P.O.Box 101 Crandon, Wl54520 Chevrolet Off Road Finals Terry Friday 4141688-2317 5913 S. US Hwy.45 Oshkosh, WI 54901 Chevrolet Off Road Winter Series ** Brian Church 909/383-1488 Glen Helen Raceway P.O.Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 .. non-points race for SODA drivers

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1996 Happenings ••• ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector APTO42 San Jose de! Caba Baja Calif. de! Sur, Mexico AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD -CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia Ol 1-18-D7-3298-5522 AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class 10 cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blainville, Quebec, Canada K7B lHl (514) 434-5792 BAJA INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 392 Calexico, CA 92232 Apartado Postal 31 1163 Mexicali, BC, Mexico (Mexicali (65) 55-02-83 Off Road Races BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 August 9-11, 1996 Midnight Romp II 150 California City, CA October 4-6, 1996 Cal City Fall Final 250 California City, CA BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-5775 IFax (702) 641-2431 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. May 4, 1996 Wendover Express Wendover USA July 6, 1996 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV (tentative closed course) August 10-11, 1996 Salt Lake City, UT September 14, 1996 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-lH0 (613) 475-1102/ Fax (613) 475-3250 1996 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O . Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2222 June 28-30, 1996 Spring Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI August JO-September l, 1996 Chevrolet World Championship Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Donna Chizma, CRS Director 521 LoS-A.ngeles Ave., #F Simi Valley, CA 93065 (805) 523-1387 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 May 3-5, 1996 Rim of the W arid Palmdale, CA Info' Mike / Paula Gibeault (619) 375-8704 Page 6 July 6-7, 1996 Reno Rally Reno, Nevada John Forespring (360) 943-2191 August 10-11, 1996 Gorman Ridge' Frazier Park, CA Harris Done (310) 458..()199 September 7-8, 1996 Treeline Rally Lake Hughes, CA Bob/ Adrienne Scott (818) 901-8667 October 5-6, 1996 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ Jeff Hendricks (602) 778-7312 C.O.D.R.A. CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 (503) 389-2044 April 27, 1996 Bear Butte 300 Millican, OR June 15, 1996 Brother 300 Millican, OR October 12, l 996 Whisky Springs 400 Millican, OR CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 Pierre, SD 57501 Dave Adams (Pilots and Bajas) (605) 224-9481 Don Engleman (Bikes) (605) 224-4967 GUMBO BUTTES BAJA & MOTOCROSS Communications & Information Scott Olson (605) 224;-5822 FAX (605) 224-5822 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 617-46834) Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (6163717 0034) CMC Continental Motosport Club P.O . Box 3187 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-3178 (714)367-1141 Fax: (714) 367-1608 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholtz, President (719)531-3642 W 1(719)687-9827 H P.O . Box 8286 Colorado Springs, CO 80933 (719) 653-8449 May 4-5, 1996 Apple Blossom Festival Technical Inspection Canon City, CO May 11-12, 1996 Temple Canyon Canon City, CO May 31, 1996 Paradel B-Que Salida, CO June l-2, 1996 Continental Divide Salida, CO July 27-28, 1996 Victor/ Cripple Creek Victor, CO August 23, 1996 Paradel B-Que Buena Vista, CO August 24-25, 1996 Buffalo Peake Buena Vista, CO September 14-15, 1996 (Tentative) Four Mile Road - Teller County November 23, 1996 CHCA Banquet Location TBA CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 D&T PROMOTIONS Dave Van Deren 2405 Baker Ave Everett, WA 98201 (206) 339-9079 ( All short course events at Thurston Couni, ORV Park) June 15, 1996 Short Course July 6, 1996 Short Course July 7, 1996 Two Hour Enduro August 24, 1996 Short Course September 15, 1996 Short Course DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-36491(214) 641-2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 2750 Co:umel Drive #11 16 Melbourne, FL 32935 (407) 254-5167 FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 May 5-6, 1996 24 Hours le Fud Plaster City, CA July 19-20, 1996 Conquista 200 Tecate, BC, Mexico October 18-20, 1996 Superstition 250 XII Lake Superstition, CA December 30-31, 1996 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (714) 880-1733 (Contact BBM Marketing Promotions, P.O. Box 582, Lakewood, CA 90714 (310) (}88-0250 1996 Off Road Series Points Races June 30, 1996 July 28, 1996 August 25, 1996 September 29, 1996 October 29, 1996 SPECIAL EVENT December 6, 7, 8, 1996 Chevrolet Off Road Winter Series GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 ( 404) 963..()252 GREAT PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION GPORRA 13621 Pierce St. Omaha, NE 68144-1122 ( 402) 333..()517 Eve. Keith Koesters 6716 N. 106th St. Omaha, NE 68122 (402) 496..()846 Eve. (all races at Weslfair Fair Grounds, Council Bluffs, Iowa on a ¼ mile course similar to the MTEG tracks, and Classes 1, I-I6oo, 7S and Quad under SODA rules) IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves, Ohio) INTERNATIONAL · ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (612) 937-3816/ Fax 4 74-2769 v · May 1996 more Trail Notes ••• PIKES PEAK AUTO HILL CLIMB is not far away even though it is still snowing in some parts of the country. Entries received by Aprill were eligible to participate in a lottery system which rewards race teams with favorable qualifying positions depending on the luck of the draw. The lowest number drawn gives the competitor's car or truck the advantage of starting last on qualifying day, July 2. The advantage of starting last comes from being able to obtain increased traction on the groomed gravel race course because preceding race cars apply a layer of rubber to the hard-packed surface. Late entries are placed at the top of the qualifying order as they arrive at race headquarters so that late-corners will face a less favorable surface on qualifying day. RIDGECREST RACE REPORT -As most local drivers know in March there was a date conflict between SNORE and La Rana Desert Racing on March 9 with SNORE in the El Dorado Valley near Henderson, NV and La Rana running the California 200 on the course near Ridgecrest, CA. The result was that SNORE had about46 starters and La Rana about 56 starters. SNORE can live with under 50 starters, being a non-profit, all volunteer outfit. hut La Rana, with a paid staff and office facilities in Apple Valley will have a hard timt• making ends meet with that low an entry figure. At any rate they had good weather for the Ridgecrest race and Kyle Taylor drove his Class H Chevy inro the overall victory at 3:55:06. Danny and Marty Letner were second overall. first in Class 150 in their Trophy-Truck Chevy and Mark Post with co-driver Jerry Whelchel was third overall and first in Class 200. In fourth overall was Berry Philpott in his De: Fab race car and he won Class 1000. Bob Suchy won Class 1600, sixth overall in hisJirnco and Daniel Drake won Class 5-1600 with Rich Fersch at ninth overall. The Class 9 title went to Scott and Todd Johnson in the Meridth and they were 12th overall. The final class at Ridgecrest was the new Class 1400 and the only finisher out of four that started was the Chenowth of Robert Wilkes and Mike Haddock at 7:53:43. Look for an in depth report on the Ridgecrest race by Judy Smith in the next issue. The SNORE race is in this issue. GLEN HELEN RESULTS -Class l went to Brian Collins, fi:>llowed by Torn Maynor and Mike Hawley. Class Super 1600/10 belongs to Gary Gall, ahead of Andy Holder and Pat Bean. Class 1-2-1600 went to John Hulsebough, Gary Bussjaeger was next followed by Kathy Fay. Class 9 was Dan Mustoe out front, second was Arto Ylikangas and third, Art Velasco. Of course it was Mario Bustamante out front in Class 5-1600 followed by Steve Borio and Richard Kent. In Class l-2-l 600SC Steve Bishop returned to his winning ways, followed in by Rick Boyer and J.C. Dean. In Superlites Rennie Awana won, followed by Joe Price and Stacey Fay. In Class 8 Gerald Foster won, followed by Greg George and Jason Taylor. In Class BS it was Sean McKen:ie in front of Dan Cannon. Class 7S went to Ramiro Gon:ale:, followed by Dean Williams then Jim Crawford. Among the Pilots Denise Wittham won over Chris W ortrnan. The ATV Pro honors·went to Mark Ehrhardt, followed in by Steve Owens then Jason Greenham. The final Class ATV ADV. went to Kevin Zieder, then Adam Campbell then Christopher Alvarado. We hope to have the full story plus pictures for the next issue. . T~E ATLAS RALLY will have already happened in May by the time most of you get this issue. It is a rally raid in the tradition of the Paris-Dakar and this year T .S.O., organizers of the Granada-Dakar rally, and for the first time, this year organi:ed the Atlas Rally. This year it will start in Jerez, Spain which will also be the scrutineerfng center on May 16 and 17, 1996. Jere: will also be the European starting point of the 14th Atlas Rally. A 70 km stage will take place around the town on the 18th of May. Famed for its wines and brandy.Jere: also claims fame as the home of the Andalousian breed of horses. There is horse show activity just before the rally starts and continues after the start. Casablanca will be the arrival point in Africa and will mark the start of the Moroccan stages. The fourth largest city in Africa, Casablanca is known as the economic capital being home to 60% of the industry. After two days in Spain, the rally heads for Morocco, with six legs wth stages averaging 250 km each day, i.e. nearly 1500 km in total. Every night you will enjoy the warmth and freindliness of the bivouac. Marrakech will host the rally from Friday the 24th of May, with the traditional Marrakech Grand Prix the following day: two stages around the town which should provide easy viewing for spectators. Monday is a bank holiday_ so you can enjoy Marrakech with no pressure. Get full information from T.5.O ., 2 rue Rouget de Lisle, F-92130 Issy Les Moulineaux. Fax ( 33-1 ) 41 33 14 50. RHINO LININGS CHARGES FORWARD to save the Endangered Rhinoceros. Rhino Linings, the world's leading manufacturer of sprayed-on truck bed liners, is proud to announce their support of the Black Rhino Foundation. The Black Rhino Foundation is committed to the preservation and protection of all rhinoceroses worldwide. Through education, economic support and research, the foundation is able to maintain the existing population of rhinos as well as assisting in the protection of safe areas for breeding. The creation and preservation of the rhino sanctuaries along with education programs are just a few of the projects funded by the foundation. "We feel strongly about protecting this endangered species that has represented our company so well for many years," says Lou Frank, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. "We know that along with providing protection for truck beds and hundreds of other speciali:ed applications, protecting the endangered rhino helps preserve a balanced world for generations to come." The effort to preserve this awesome animal is also a testimonial to its legendary endurance and strength, qualities for which Rhino Linings' Tuff Stuff polyurethane bed liners are well known. Rhino Linings looks forward to and encourages others to seek involvement with the Black Rhino Foundation. For more information contact Rhino Linings USA, Inc. 9537 Candida St., San Diego, CA 92126. On behalf of the Black Rhino Foundation, Inc. we would like to welcome Rhino Linings USA, Inc. as new members to our organi:ation! As you are· aware, the entire rhino species is on the brink of extinction. A creature which has survived the past 45 million years is about to fall victim to man's greed in one single human generation. With the support of companies such as Rhino Linings USA, Inc. however, the rhinoceros has a strong chance for survival. There are many positive forces at work in Africa and Asia working to protet the animal in its natural habitat. Memberships such as your own and corporate donations in support of these sanctuaries are critical in maintaining protection and ensuring survival for the rhino -Map.,gie A. Heydt, President, Black Rhino Foundation, 1250 Cherry St., Winnetka, IL 60093. Dusty Times

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fil oil-C>ver design~. ·oel.ron s_p1-i1-.g: guides'le for duo.I spring o.pplica.tion$. CC> 1996 Fox Factory, Inc. All Copyrights Reserved

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INTER-SHOWS. MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714) 364-0515 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 465 Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 Bob(604)374-7175 days Randy (604) 579-9621 eves Keith (604) 828-1795 anytime ( All events sran 7 miles NW of Kamloops) LA RANA DESERT RACING P.O. Box 1365 Apple Valley, CA 92307 (619) 240-13351(619) 240-1312 FAX: (619)961-7407 May 17-19, 1996 Lucerne Valley Jam 300 Johnson Valley, CA July 19-21, 1996 Barstow 250 Barstow, CA · September 20-21, 1996 Sidewinder 300 Barstow, CA October 18-20, 1996 High Desert 200 Johnson Valley, CA November 15-17, 1996 Spangler 300 Ridgecrest, CA SUMMER HEAT TROPHY DASH SERIES June 22-23, 1996 Round #2 Barstow, CA August 10-11, 1996 Round #3 Barstow, CA MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS 3749 Needmore Hwy Charlotte, Ml 48813 (517) 543-7214 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517) 627-6200 June 22-23, 1996 Chevrolet Off Road Nationals Lake Odessa, Ml July 28, 1996 Mason, Ml August l, 1996 Sandusky, Ml MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION Steph Sabo, Vice Pres. MAORA 19 Lakeshore Dr Nashville, IL 62263 (618) 327-9312 Mike Turner, Vice Pres. LTOR 2508 Pine Mattoon, IL 61938 (217) 235-2473 May 18, 1996 Lincoln Trail Motosports Casey, IL June 22, 1996 Vermillion County Speedway Oakwood, IL July 6, 1996 Washington County Fairgrounds Nashville, IL July 20, 1996 Vermillion County Speedway Oakwood, IL August l 7, 1996 Perry County 4-H Fairgrounds Tell Citv, IN _ Page 8 September 14, 1996 To Be Announced October 5, 1996 Lincoln Trail Motosports Casey, IL October 6, 1996 Lincoln Trail Motosports L TOR will present a non-points endurance race (M.A.O.R.A. sanctioned races. Series produced by Lincoln Trail Off Roaders) MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association Dave Barrett 6363 Nightingale Dr. Flint, MI 48506 (810) 736-9221 NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Rt. #1 - Box 380 Dave or Marlene Ryan Palatka, FL 321 77 (904) 325-5422 NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK 1360 Kleppe Lane Sparks, NV (702) 331-48001(702) 331-5107 Fax OFF ROAD ADVENTURES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95518 (707) 822-8508 May 10-11, 1996 Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka, CA June 14-15, 1996 Ghost Town Adventure '96 South Lake Tahoe, CA August 16-17, 1996 Gold Rush Adventure Nevada City, CA September 20-21, 1996 Kern River Jamboree Kernville/ Lake Isabella, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OPEL PASO Joey Vasquez 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 855-8899 (All races are at Mounrain Shadow Lake Take I -10 Horizon Blvd exit east 12 miles) OHIO OFF ROADERS INC. 1427 Goshen Hills Road S.E. New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663 Jim Kendel (216)339-4674 All races held at Harrison County Fairgrounds, Cadiz, Ohio May 11, 1996 June 1, 1996 July 13, 1996 (Fair week invitational) August 3, 1996 August 24, 1996 September 7, 1996 September 28, 1996 ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Bob Joseph, President 80 Hempstead Dr.-Hamilton, Ontario, Canada LBW 2E7 -(905) 574-7068 May 4-5, 1996 Skydome Supercross Toronto, Ontario May 25-26, 1996 Off Road Rumble Grand Bend, Ont. June 15-16; 1996 Cayuga International Dragway Park (Tentative) Cayuga, Ont. July 6-7, 1996 Cedar Springs Cold Springs, Ont. July 27-28, 1996 Cayuga International Dragway Park (Tentative) Cayuga, Ont. · August 10-11, 1996 Off Road Rumble Grand Bend, Ont. August 24-25, 1996 Janetville Jamboree Janetville, Ont. September 21-22, 1996 Cedar Springs Cold Springs, Ont. October 5-6, 1996 Off Road Rumble Grand Bend, Ont. PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-32081(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O . Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 ( 303) 779-6622 May 3-5, 1996 Rim of the World Pro Rally Palmdale, CA June 1-2, 1996 Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally Wellsboro, PA July 26-28, 1996 Maine Forest Summer Pro Ra1ly Rumford, ME August 23-25, 1996 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally Bemidji, MN September 27-29, 1996 Sunriser 400 Pro Rally Chillicothe, Ohio October 5-6, 1996 Prescott Forest Pro Rally Prescott, A:z October 18-20, 1996 Lake Superior Pro Rally Houghton, Ml N0vember8-l0, 1996 Pacific Forest Pro Rally Olympia, WA SCORE Score International 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. So. Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 April 19.-21, 1996 Nevada 250 Stateline, NV May 31-June 2, 1996 T ecate Baja 500 Ensenada, B.C., MX July 5-7, 1996 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA September 6-8 (13-15), 1996 Laughlin Desert Challenge Laughlin, NV November8-10, 1996 Tecate Baja 1000 "Your One Stop Trailer Shop" C R R~~~,R & s~R\J\C~ 1R~\\..€ • FINANCING AVAILABLE •COMMERCIAL• RECREATIONAL •UTILITY• CAR •LANDSCAPE• CUSTOM CAR HAULERS • CONCESSION UNITS• ENCLOSED & FLATBED TRAILERS • TRANSPORT & MOTORCOACH CONVERSIONS• PARTS • REDESIGN EXISTING UNITS• LIVING QUARTERS UNITS Quality Metal & Aluminum Construction Large Stock Of Trailers, Parts & Accessories May 1996 Baja Norte, B.C., MX SONS OF THUNDER 4WHEELERS Race Division Keith Stewart (714) 522-1899 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Elice Simonis Tucker 22048 Vivienda Ave. Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 783-8293 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 May 17-19, 1996 Caliente 250 Caliente, NV August 2-4, 1996 KC HiLites Midnight Special Nellis Dunes North Las Vegas, NV September 27-29, 1996 Gold Coast SNORE 250 Jean, NV October 25-2 7, 1996 KC HiLites Twilight 200 Eldorado Valley, NV December 6-8, 1996 Vegas 300 Jean, NV SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA May 25-26, 1996 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, \Xll June 8-9, 1996 Antigo Kiwanis Off Road Race Antigo, WI June 22-23, 1996 Chevrolet Off Road Nationals Lake Odessa, MI July 6-7, 1996 Lake Geneva Raceway Lake 6eneva, WI July 20-21, 1996 Luxemburg Off Road Race Luxemburg, WI August 3-4, 1996 UP Off Road 100 Bark River, MI August 31-September l, 1996 World's Champicmship Crandon, WI September 14-15, 1996 Wisconsin Off Road Festival Oshkosh, WI SWQRDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915) 337-3437 (All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Oclessa, TX TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association Dave Urbanowicz, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NJ 08853 (908) 369-6550 (All events at Owego Motor Sports Park, Rte. 434, Owego, NY) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 l.os Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 May 25-27, 1996 Yerington Desert Race Yerington, NV July 27-28, 1996 Fallon 250 at Night Fallon, NV / August JO-September 2, 1996 Yerington to Fallon and Back Yerington, NV September 28-29, 1996 Fall Special Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA October 26-2 7, 1996 VORRA 's Championship Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson (604) 538-0692 WORRA, P.O. Box 3241 Sumas, WA 98295 WESTERN PENSYLV ANIA WHE~L TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire 1255 'w'averly Drive Latrobe, PA 15650 ( 412) 532-0802 WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ K5023 (602) 971 -3730 June 15, 1996 Thunder Valley Mayer, AZ August 31, 1996 Snowflake Snowflake, AZ November 2, 1996 Buckeye Blast Buckeye, AZ December 7, 1996 Point to Point Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 So. U.S. Hwy 45 Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 68K-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP May 1-5, 1996 Tour de Corse Corsica, France May 10-12, 1996 Indonesia Rally ,. WC and Asia Pacific June 1-5, 1996 Acropolis Rally Greece July 3-6, 1996 Rally of Argentina B_uenos Aires, Argentina .July 26-30, 1996 Rally of New Zealand W2L an Asia Pacific August 23-25, 1996 NESTE 1000 Lakes Finland September 13-16, 1996 Telstra Australia WC-W2L-AP Australia October 12-16, 1996 Italia Sanremo Sanremo, Italy November 3-6, 1996 Catalunya Costa-Brava Spain November 24-27, 1996 Network Q RAC England 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 Delaware St. Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414) 426-04701( 414) 982-7306 AffENTION RACE&RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES fr eel It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 1996 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 2075 z Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 9 z 3 1 I -4404. Dusty Times

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SCORE/TECATE SAN FELIPE l50 Ebberts & Grizzle Do It Again By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo I~. ;,.::<¾ ,.,,.,. , .Z.W ,;.;-; .. j/ ·w.. ·" Dale Ebberts and Brent Grizzle followed their Parker overall victory with another overall victory at the SCORE San Felipe 250. Ebberts drove most of the distance in the Jimco A-Arm car powered by a Fat VW. The old air cooled engine just won't die and go away. Brent Grizzle and Dale Ebberts followed their victory at Parker with a victory in Baja, taking the Pro class overall win at San Felipe in their VW powered A-armed Jimco. The SCORE San Felipe event has a more relaxed atmosphere than most events, surely due in part to the fact that it's a mere 250 miles long, and in part to the location. It's hard to find a more casual place _than San Felipe. It brought out the entry, with 166 cars and trucks taking the green flag, and a gaggle of bikes and ATVs also. For this event the schedule was easy, with tech and contingency on Friday, an early morning start on Saturday for the bikes, and an 8 a.m. green flag for the Trophy-T rucks. The Pro classes took their starting flag about 15 minutes after the last Trophy-Truck left, at 8:30. The weather was good, with maybe a bit less breeze than the racers would like, but terrific for the sun worshipers amongst the spectators. The course was a bit different this year, although racing started at the arches at the entrance to town, and headed out through the dump as always. However, when the racers got up north of town they didn't cross the highway and take the beach route. Instead, they paralleled the highway (more or less) all the way up to and sl!ghtly past Three Poles, then went across Highway 3 and moved northward to the neighborhood of La V entana. At that point the course did a broad hairpin and headed back toward the south, and Highway 3 again, crossing it in the Borrego area. From Borrego it ran down across Diablo Dry Lake, and continued south, past Huatamote wash, to a difficult uphill sandy wash about 30 miles south of there, and a tight, rocky ~ area, and out onto the old • Puertecitos road, and a straight Fourth in class and fifth overall came the Tom Bradleys, Sr. & Jr., who run a shot up into San Felipe and the Type 4 in their Aaceco, had a fading motor but got their good finish. finish line. Bob Gordon ran close, almost tied on time in his Toyota powered Chenowth and he led at Borrego: then he lost his power steering, but later regained thi lead on the road, but Grizzle beat him on time and he was second. Mark Miller had a pretty clean day in his Porsche Chenowth, no big problems to report and he was third and in class, just 2½ minutes behind. After the Trophy-Trucks the Raceco. In third it was Troy Class 1 cars were first off the line, Herbst in a Porsche powered but they were cautious for the Mike Smith, and Tom Bradley in first five miles or so because word a Type IV powered Raceco was had come back from the Trophy-fourth, followed by Greg George Trucks to SCORE officials, who in Carlton Post's Type IV passed it along, that the spectators powered Jimco. had built a hellish booby trap Ebberts, who was going to have about four miles out. Once past to do most of the driving, had to that obstacle it was clear sailing, change a flat near the check, and and they hustled right along. lost a few moments. Baldwin's car When they· had arrived at the lost a motor just past the check, northernmostpointofthecourse, and he retired. But Gordon, near La Ventana, there was a George, Miller, Bradley and virtual tie for the lead between Ebberts were in good shape. They Bob Gordon with his big V6 were still close at Borrego, where Toyota in a Chenowth, and Nick Gordon led with about 51 Baldwin, with a Chevy motor in a seconds over Mark McMillin in his Porsche Chenowth. In third now it was Ebberts, followed by Miller and Bradley, all within three minutes. The only Class 3 entry Todd and Jim Gatrell, and they had. big trouble when the Chevy Blazer had a transmission fire. They thank the Anda taco crew for their help and transmission fluid, and they finished, the winoer. Dan Smith takes off sideways in his Class 8 Ford; he had pre-run carefully and · had no serious problems along the way to winning Class 8 in the F-150 and he was also fourth overall, with almost the same time as Mark Miller. Gordon lost his power steering, and MiHer lost some rear shocks, while somewhere down past Morelia Bradley had a flat and put a small front tire on in place of his rear. Everyone was still moving at a good clip, and still close. Down by Huatamote, with the tough stuff still in front of them, Gordon had a lead of about two minutes, with Ebberts and McMillin tied for third. Miller ran fourth here, three mintues later, followed by Tom Bradley, Jr. in fifth. Somewhere still further down the road Gordon' blew a corner and Ebberts went past him. McMillin had a flat in the uphill wash and elected to drive on it to the pit, which was only a mile · away. But the A-arm broke, and then he needed welding also. As the leaders headed toward the finish it was Ebberts in front, Gordon, Now Ebberts had to stop to put Brent Grizzle, his partner, into the driver's seat for the run to the flag. Grizzle was the driver of record and had to be in the car at the finish. But he'd been in Katrnandu (honest!) for an agricultural convention and had just flown back, so he was jet-lagged and tired, but not too tired to keep up the pace to the Dave Westhem has a fancy new paint scheme on his Class 8 Chevy and it must be lucky; he and Randy Salmont were second in Class 8, with no big trouble. Page 10 . Robert and Mike Harman kick up a lot of dust in their Lothringer but it didn't keep the Checker boys from swinging right into first place in Class 10 and seventh overall in the single seater. May 1996 Du$ty Times

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finish line. Gordon had gone past again, but Grizzle stayed on his tail, and finished close enough behind him to secure the win. Gordon, thinking maybe he . should have let co-driver Frank Arciero get in after all, was second. In third it was Miller who'd had a pretty clean day, and the Bradleys, whose motor had just about given up from about five miles out, were fourth. McMillin lost about five positions with his repair, and George and his co-driver, Carlton Post, moved into fifth place. Class 8 was a small but choice group, and the lead at La Ventana was virtually a tie between Dan Smith in his Ford and Dale White in his Chevy. Dave Westhem ran third in his Chevy, with Dave Crinklaw fourth in a Ford. Smith had pre-run carefully, and had developed a "Game plan" which he was now following. But he was thinking ahead all the time to that nasty uphill wash. It had him "scared to death". At Borrego he had a lead of five minutes over White, who said he "ran out of talent" a few times and tore up some fenders. W esthem ran third, only seconds later, followed by Crinklaw, who had flattened a tire when he hit a rock and broke a wheel. Joel and Kyle Whitted got their new Jimco A-Arm car roaring in the hot desert Jerry Penhall and Ben Schlimme have a FAT Toyota tucked in the tail of the and moved from third to second at the checkered flag and had no big woes. Penhall, ran smoothly all the way in the dust and took third in Class 10. Smith's worries were for nothing. He made it through the wash just fine. But Westhem was stuck in Huatamote for 40 minutes. Smith motored on to take the win, never having got out of the truck for anything. White finished second about four and a half minutes later. Westhem was third followed in by Crinklaw. But the post-race tech uncovered something illegal on White's truck, and disqualified him. That moved •Wes them to second and Crinklaw to third place. Alto-gether, out of eight starters in this class there were seven finishers. Class 10 got the next green flag, and at Check 1 the lead belonged. The Class 5 · cars ran tight most of the way. Neal Grabowski ran third, so passed on a driver change and carried on to lead on the southern loop, ran out of fuel. but his crew was handy so he went on to win Class 5 at 11th 0 /A. Michael James and Mike Kalicki, defending point champion, ran first, then second in Class 5, had no serious trouble and finished second by four minutes. George Seeley soars over the crowd at a choice viewing spot, and he and Bill Gasper had a good run in the new Bug and finished close in Class 5, third. Dusty Times to-Robert Harmann in his single seat car. He had about a minute on Jim Pierce and Jim Kirk in. their Toyota powered car, and they were right around a minute up on Kyle and Joel Whitted in an A-armed Jimco and Kevin Basore and Bill Hernquist, teamed in another A-armed Jimco, and tied for position. In fifth it was Carlos Rivera, in an A-armed Chenowth. Only three minutes separated the five of them. When they got to Borrego Hernquist and Basore were first on the road, but Harman had them on elapsed time, by about five minutes, running just behind them. In third now it was the Whitteds, Rivera up to fourth and Pierce and Kirk, who'd elt1 custom colors. Iner eliminates: corrosion, cracking, noise, loss of space, slippage and the problems associated with drop-in bed liners. Perfectfor industrial, · commercial and custom applications. Getthe one liner you never have to worry about! Diamond Liners-forthe liner that fits ... and the protection that lasts! tangled with a l~te running Trophy-Truc:k, in fifth place. Harman lost reverse and first gears, and managed to get stuck, but got going again and stayed in front. He had about 11 minutes by the time go got to Check 4, at Mile 164. The Whitted brothers were second, with no power steering, followed by Arturo Honnold and Ernesto Santana in their Jimco, in third. Rivera, who was driving all the way, was now fourth, with no power steering, and having some motor prob-lems. Running neck and neck, and battling for fifth place, it was the team of Jerry Penhall and Ben Schlimme in a Toyota powered Penhall, and Rod Muller, who was soloing in a Pontiac powered Jimco. He'd had big brake problems, and was finding this-course "the toughest". As Harman neared the finish he braked for a washout and - wham! - a Class 1 car ran into him. It tweaked Harman's neck smartly, but didn't hurt the car, and he kept on going, knowing there was a horde of cars coming behind him. Harman got the win, but sat in the cockpit of his car, gingerly testing his neck, and hiding from all the enthusiastic bear hugs and back poundings his crew wanted to inflict on him. The Whitted brothers were second, followed in by Penhall and Schlimme, about four minutes behind them, Muller, in fourth. In fifth it was Rivera, ~ ♦ HIGH-TECHNOLOGY POLYMER FORMULA ♦ SEALS YOUR TRUCK BED ♦ SKID-RESISTANTPERMANENTSURFACE ♦ SAME-DAY SERVICE .•• DRIES IN SECONDS AND CURES DIAMOND-TOUGH INJUST24 HOURS! For Samples, Brochure & Dealer Information Call: DIAMOND LINERS INC. 5430 Tweedy Blvd., Dept DT South Gate, CA 90280 (213) 567-1032 INCA 800-543-1032 May 1996 Page 11

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Tom or Frank Rusich plows some silt here and they had a good run despite the lack of power steering. He led Class 1-2-1600 quite a distance, Webster got by, but Tom repassed to take the lead and the victory, despite blistered hands. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis are not having good luck with their new car and paint scheme. They did bring the new car home third in Class 1-2-1600. ' Rick and Jamie Galles had their Chevy in the second spot in Flro Truck by Borrego, but had front end woes, but they got home second in class albeit over an hour behind. [}ff' while Honnold and Santana had problems and dropped to sixth place. The Class 5 cars started next, and at the second checkpoint, 65 miles into the race, it was Michael James in front in his convertible. He had a minute on Neal Grabowski, who's hard to recognize without the red checked paint job he and his brother sported for years. In third it was George Seeley in his Snoddy convertible, who spent a minute in his pit, followed by Morgan Malacca in a Penhall sedan, two minutes back. When they got to the Borrego road crossing Seeley, James and Grabowski all arrived at the same moment. On elapsed time Seeley was in front by a flicker, with James and his co-driver, Mike Kalicki in second place, and Grabowski third, eight seconds behind them. Grabowski decided there would be no time for a drivoc change. Everyone else put their second driver in. At Mile 164 Grabowski had the lead by two minutes, and Mike Kalicki, James's co-driver, ran ..• ~t;t;:,1&/4@;£t1i,,.,...,. \._.., ... ...,£,fur Scott Webster and Rodney Wolff had the desert bred ORBS in great shape and but for a late breaking flat tire would have won Class 1-2-1600. Instead they were second. Gustavo Vildosola and Brian Stewart are on a roll in Pro Trucks. They began by stopping to replace a steering box on the Ford, but they recovered by Borrego and now had the lead and they held it to victory. second, followed by Bill Gasper, minutes on Webster, and the rest Seeley's co-driver. Malacca, of them followed in order. But who'd been fourth, put Richard when they headed south after Boyle in his car, and they had a Morelia, Webster had moved into rear shock problem and a major the lead. He was driving all the front end disaster, and couldn't way and had not made a driver get through the checkpoints on change. When he got to Check 4 time to make a finish. his lead was only a minute, with Grabowski ran out of fuel once, Tom Rusich second, and fighting but his pit crew was right there the lack of power steering. with gas, and he lost virtually no Porter's co-driver, Mark Ruddis time. It was a good thing, because ran third here, with Don Lampus, he got to the finish line only four Sr. now at the wheel and in fourth and a half minutes in front of place, followed by Rafael Navarro Kalicki and James. They recalled in his Lothringer. their two minute and 11 second About 50 miles outside of the driver change with some chagrin. finish Webster, who doesn't carry In third it was Seeley and Gasper, . spares, lost a front tire, and finishing on a flat front tire. Bob Bryant, who'd blown reverse and then spent an hour and a half being stuck, was fourth ·in his sedan. The Class 1-2-1600 cars were next to take off, and at Check 2 this batch was led by Frank Rusich in a Jimco, who'd already lost his power steering. He had about seven seconds on Scott Webster in his ORBS. In third place it was Patrick Burton in a Homebuilt car, followed by Danny Porter in his Porter. Don Lampus,Jr. was fifth in hisJimco. At Borrego Rusich was still in front, and now he had about four decided to drive in on the flat. Rusich, his hands blistered by now, got past him, and went into the lead, to take the win.Webster finished on just a rim, second only three minutes down to the winning team. In third it was Porter and Ruddis, followed by Jim Dizney and Todd Teuscher, who'd had two flats in their Jimco. The Lampus team was fifth, reporting only being high-centered on a bush for a few moments. The new Pro Truck class was next off.the line, and there were seven of them for this race. They had a busy race. At Mile 24 Rodrigo and Rogerio Ampudia, , in a Chevy, were in the lead, followed by Steve Barlow in his Ford and then Charles Harris in another Chevy. Gustavo Vildo-sola and Brian Stewart had a long pit stop to replace a steering box on their Ford, while Todd Clement and Rich Minga had alternator belt problems with their Ford. When they got to La Ventana, it was still the Ampudias in the lead, with Barlow second, and Dave Ashley third in his Ford. But about 10 miles past the check point Ashley's ttuck broke, and he coulan't radio for help because the radio wouldn't work if the engine wasn't running. By the time they got to Borrego, Vildosola and Stewart had moved into the lead, with Rick and Jamie · Galles in second place in their Chevy. Clement and Minga were now third, with Ampudia fourth, but his motor was missing, and a faulty fuel pump put him out a bit further down the road. Barlow was now sidelined with power steering trouble. Vildosola and Stewart managed to stay in front all the rest of the way, and took the win, a source of much surprise to them after that long early pit stop, with an hour to spare. The Galles team, which had lost their left front suspen-sion and then broken a tie rod, as well as being stuck once, pulled it all together in time to finish Seo~ 1995 ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR! : Jerry McDonald and Larry Roese/er ran the Class 7 Chevy hard, and Larry, who started, really digs truck racing. He had the lead quickly, led by half an hour at Check 2, handed over to McDonald, who had no trouble and they won Class 7 by 2'h hours . ., ... ,... .. ,..., c,.c..-..... -. ~ , • ..,_,, .. .,. _;.,. .,. _.,_,, .. -~-.... -~-... i:-, ;.,~-., .,. ,-,.-, ...... ,_, •• , -.. .._.a-, • .,-_..,_,, .. ,_,._ ", ... ,, .. ..,.,,,r _,...,.__...,.. ,_ ·«..-,..,_..,.,_...., -, .. , ,,,., ... ,,.. _.... FAT MOTORS WIN AND WIN: SCORE SAN FELIPE 250, MAR. 8-10 Class I: First· Brent Grizzle/Dale Ebberts r,tW Type IV) Second· Bob Gordon/Frank Arclero (TOY OT A V-6) Fifth -Carl Post/ Greg George r,tW Type IV) Class I 0: Third -Ben Schllmme/Jerry Penhall (TOYOTA) Fourth -Rod Muller (PONTIAC) Class 5: Second -Mike James/Mick Kallckl r,tW Type IV) Third -George Seeley /Bill Gasper r,tW Type IV) lARANA CALIFORNIA 200, MAR. 15-17 Class 200: First· Mark Post r,tW Type IV) Class I 0: First· Eric Philpott/Chris Berry 0/W Type I) Third -Michael Daws/John Garcia r,tW Type l) Fourth -Brian Walsh/John Criswell r,tW Rabbit) RACING ENGINES, TRANSMISSIONS AND OFFROAD PARTS . Send or call for our new u1talog $5.00 . - - ' - " - - - - - -Page 12 SCORE Engine Builder of the Year for 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993 and 1995! PERl'ORIIIICB 1558No.-case • Orange, CA92667 (714) 637-2889 • fax (714) 637-7352 May 1996 Steve and Tim Lawrence had a good day, even with brake problems in the Ford. Young Tim finished second in Class 7 with no brakes and running on a flat. ·ousty Times

Page 13

';.J..,,, < .. ~ ...,,,.~ ·,, --~---~-,!·, '¥Jlc• _.,,, ~.. w.,, y • ~~ ts - ~~~..y ~-~ ~" ...... ·j.•;'" ,.,;,_ .. ...,, )~ , ,,,., ..,. ~--=?if~ -1r! This is a great passing shot as the Ford Ranger zooms down the road to third in Class 7, the Class 11 crew prudently waits for the road to clear. Chris and Rick Taylor finished third in Class 7. The Class 11 was a DNF. second. Even with all the long stops for repairs Jamie feels that this kind of racing is less demanding physically than his Trans Am ride. In third it was Clement and Minga, with Barlow a distant fourth. In Class 7 the early lead belonged to Larry Roeseler in a Chevy. Steve Lawrence, second behind him in a Ford, was having some rear shock problems, while Chris and Rick Taylor had fuel line trouble with their Ford. G:c\ry Mecham got through Check 1 with his Ford, but not to Check 2. Roeseler had no trouble, and had a half hour on Lawrence by • • i:'-"m •• :< Check 2. The Taylors now had a starter problem because the starter housing was broken, and every time they stopped to mess with the fuel lines the car wouldn't want to start. When they figured out what it was they jammed a rock in between the starter housing and the frame to keep the housing from backing out. Then the truck started just fine. So they had to carry the rock with them for the rest of the day. Roeseler's co-driver, Jerry McDonald took over for the second half of the race, and he had no problems either. In fact, his passenger, Benny Metcalf, said Dave Winner two wheels the Toyota, whose fuel pump cut in and out, and he also got stuck on the sand hill, but never lost the lead he held all the way to victory in Class 7S. Gerardo and Carlos lribe swapped off the driving chores this race, had a few problems, but they soldiered on to finish second in Class 5-1600, just seven minutes behind. Dusty Times the most exciting thing that happened all day was when they hit a booby trap and he spilt his Dr. Pepper. Lawrence put his son, Tim, in for the second half, and he was running a couple of hours behind, with brake probiems now. The Taylors were also·still moving along, rock and all. Roeseler and McDonald took the win by two and a half hours, followed in by the Lawrences who finished with no brakes and a rigbt front flat. The Taylors were third, just ten minutes shy of the cut off time. The 7S trucks went next, and in this group it was David Winner in May 1996 front in his Toyota, leading by 14 minutes at Check 2. Bob Graham was in second place in another Toyota, and he'd already had a flat. In third it was Charles David, in a Ford, about seven minutes back. Winner's fuel pump was cutting in and out, but he stayed in front, and had 29 minutes on Graham and his co-driver, Brady Helm at Borrego. -David was another 10 minutes back. Winner got stuck for about 15 minutes on a sand hill, but managed to stay in front, ar,d went on to take the win. Helm lost his alternator belt, and the motor was dring, so he stopped to put on a new belt. When he was ready to go on he discovered that the sand was really soft, and he was really stuck. It was an hour and a half before someone came along willing and able to pull him out. In the meantime, David ran into trouble, and never got to Check 4, but Sergio Duron, in a Nissan, was still running, although over an hour behind Helm, and in danger of not getting to the finish line in time. Helm and Graham took second place, and were the last to finish, as Duron ran out of time. Class 3 had only the entry of Todd . !}7' Page 13

Page 14

~ Class 9 ran in a virtual tie tor the top spots to Check 2, but Luis Guevara and Federico Montes were out front. Then Daniel Mora and Eric Fisher took over by Borrego. But Guevara/Montes came back, despite shifter trouble to win Class 9 by just four minutes. P" _ and Jim Gatrell in their able to finish because of them and Chevy Blazer. They had a tough were wholeheartedly grateful for day which included a transrnis-their assistance. sion fire just past Mile 188, in the In Class 5-1600 they found it uphill sand stretch. They used up tough going. Mario and Elias their fire extinguisher, and Ledezma had the lead at Check 2, finished off the flames with sand. with a minute on their cousin, Then the crew for the Andataco Danny Ledezma, who'd had a flat. Stock Full team gave them some And he was just a minute in front transmission fluid, and they were of Gerardo lribe, who had some able to go on and get to the finish brake trouble and in fourth it was on time. That Anda taco crew Jorge Sanchez. At Borrego Danny helped several teams who were Ledezma had moved into the lead, . SCORE Tecate San Felipe 250 Reaulta - March 8, 1896 # Paa Drlver/Co-Orfver Vehlcle Time 0/A ClaH 1/2 • Unllmiled alngle & two aeat • 23 atart • 15 finlah 115 1 Dale Ebberts/Brent Grizzle VW Jimco A-Arm 4:32:54 1· 109 2 Bob Gordon Toyota Chenowth 4:35:44 2 110 3 Mark Miller Porsche Chenowth 4:38:07 3 103 4 Tom Bradley Sr/Tommy Bradley Jr. Type IV Raceco 4:51:14 5 105 5 Carlton Post/Greg George Type IVJlmco A-Arm 5:00:28 6 Claas 1/2-1600 • 1600cc Restricted Engine• 19 start• 12 finish 1604 1 Tom & Frank Rusich Jimco 5:32:36 22 1603 2 Scott Webster/Rodney Wolff am 5:35.54 24 1600 3 Danny Porter/Mark Ruddis Porter Race Car 5:40:58 26 1606 4 Jim Dizney/Todd Teuscher Jlmco 5:53:35 30 1618 5 Don LaJ1l)US SrJDon Larr4)US Jr. Jlmco 5:59:07 32 Claas 3 • Short WB 4x4 -1 atart -1 finish 349 1 Todd & Jim Gatrell Chevrolet Blazer 9:50:09' 85 Claas 4 • Long WB 4x4 - O atart • O finish Claas 5 • Unlimited Baja Bug - 8 atart • 5 finish 505 1 Neal Grabowski Baja Bug 5:15:28 11 500 2 M lchael James/M Ike Kall ck I Baja Bug 5:20:03 14 504 3 George Seeley/BIii Gasper Baja Bug 5:36:58 25 507 4 Robert Bryant Baja Bug 7:40:39 66 506 5 Hector Teran/Sergio Moreno Baja Bug 8:18:55 76 Claas 5-1600 -1600cc Baja Bug -13 eta_!l -5 finish 559 1 Hector & Danny Ledezma Baja Bug 6:04:13 36 554 2 Carlos & Gerardo lribe Baja Bug 6:11:44 38 553 3 Manauel Covarrubia/Jorge Sanchez Baja Bug 6:35:12 45 557 4 Carlos Davila/Pietro Brassea Baja Bug 8:48:33 80 579 5 Tom Dittfieid/Bryan Moynahan Baja Bug 9:43:29 84 Class 6 -Production Sedan - O start • O finish Class 7 -Unlimited Mini Pickup - 5 start - 3 finish 701 1 Jerry McDonald/Larry Roeseler Chevy S-10 4x4 5:33:5t 23 714 2 Steve & Tim Lawrence Ford Ranger 8:03:59 72 7Q2 3 Chris & Rick Taylor Ford Ranger 9:50:33 86 Claas 7S - Stock Mini Pickup - 6 start - 2 finish 721 1 David Winner Toyota 6:29:37 42 739 2 Brady Helm/Bob Graham V-6 Toyota 8:11:52 73 Class S-- 2WD Standard Pickup. 8 start - 7 finish 800 1 Dan Smith Ford F-150 4:38:42 4 804 2 Dave WesthemlRandy Salmont Chevrolet 5:15:45 12 805 3 Dave Crinklaw/John Penner Ford F-150 5:23:t8 15 808 4 Broe Glover/TRoy Patterson Ford F-150 6:00:09 33 806 5 Dan Beaver/Randy Hoef1 Ford F-150 Class 9 • Restricted Buggy - 13 start -10 finish 6:00:44 34 902 1 Luis Guevara/Federico Montes Tubular Design 6:39:23 48 906 2 Daniel Mora/Eric Fisher Chenowth 6:43:27 49 905 3 Monso Lacarra/Lalo Mayoral Jimco 7:11:30 56 944 4 Ed McLean/Phillip 8'eedlove Jimco 7:20:41 58 907 5 Jesus Luna/Bill Rodriguez Homemade 7:37:00 64 Claes 10 -Unlimited 1650cc - 24 start -17 finish 1025 1 Robert & Mike Harman Lothringer 5:06:10 7 1011 2 Joel & Kyle Whitted JimcoA-Arm 5:13:38 10 1001 3 Jerry Penhall/Ben Schlimme PenhalVToyota 5:25:06 17 1020 4 Rod Muller Jimco/Pontiac A-arm 5:29:37 19 1009 5 Carlos Rivera Chenowth A-arm 5:32:34 21 Claas 11 - Stock VW sedan - 7 start - 1 finish 1149 1 Juan MayoraVRuben Espinoza VWBeetie 9:53:01 87 Claas PRO Stock - 2WD Spec Truck - 7 start - 4 finish 210 1 Gustavo Vildosola/Brian Stewart Ford 6:32:27 44 255 2 Rick & Jamie Galles Chevrolet 7:34:47 62 260 3 Todd ClemenVRich Minga Ford 7:55:10 69 299 4 Steve Barlow/Nils Castillo Ford 9:57:07 88 Class Mini Stock • Stock Mini Truck• - 5 start - 2 finish 760 1 Steve Williams/Charles Braden Ford Ranger 8:39:58 763 2 Jeff Richardson/Steve Harris Toyota 9:24:59 Class Stock Full • Stock Pickup Truck• • 7 start - 3 finish 870 1 Steve Olllges/Rob MacCachren Ford 6:32:13 861 2 Mark Stein Ford F-150 7:30:20 860 3 David Sykes Ford F-150 8:16:41 Sportsman Classes - 7 start - 2 finish 580 1 Enrique Troncoso/Rudolfo Valenzuela Baja Bug 7:47:13 597 2 Joaquin & Gres Gonzalez Baja Bug 8:33:47 SCORE Tecate Trophy-Truck -12 siart - 8 finish 5 1 Robby Gordon Ford F-150 4:04:48 1 2 Ivan Stewart ToyotaSR5 4:09:05 21 3 Rob MacCachren Ford F-150 4:31:01 72 4 Jeff Lewis Chevrolet 4:31:16 80 5 Larry Ragland Chevrolet 4:31 :54 Total Starters, cars 166 - finishers, cars 97 -58.4% - Raca Distance - 245.1 miles Time f,liowance 11 hours all classes. Weather: very warm, not much breeze. Page 14 By the time they got to Borrego Olliges had closed up a little, and Sykes had just 13 minutes lead on him. Stein, who was having recurring front end problems, was about another half hour down, still in third. As they charged around the south end of the course Sykes was feeling his motor go away. His lead was down to 12 rnintues at Morelia, and now it was Rob MacCachren, in Olliges' truck, corning after him. Olliges and MacCachren had no problems and moved up front to take the win. It's hard to believe that anyone would voluntarily Daniel Mora and Eric Fisher had the Chenowth out front for a time, but had drive the southern half of the suspension settings too soft. They dropped to second but held on there and course twice in one day, but finished second, only four minutes behind. MacCachren said that the Stock with less than two minutes on got to celebrate a Full truck was so much slower lribe. Now Ma~io and Elias ran fourth place alaong with that 70th than his Trophy-Truck that it third, another two minutes back, birthday, reporting no trouble didn't beat him up, it felt smooth followed by Sanchez, and his co-but a fading motor. And in fifth it by comparison. Stein, who went driver, Manuel Covarrubias. was Luna and Rodriquez, who'd through three front ends during Behind ·the lead pack more then had a flat and a broken shock to the course of the race, was second, half the field had broken by now. slow them down. and Sykes, who was finally Danny put his father, Hector, TheStockFulltruckswerenext running on just six cylinders, in for the second half of the day, to go, and for this event they got salvaged a third place. and he had a lead of about five to race the whole distance. They The Stock Mini trucks started minutes when he got to Check 4. enjoyed the same time limit as right after their bigger brothers, It was still the lribe team in second everyone else also; a flat 10 hours. and they, too, ran the full course place, with Gerardo's dad, Carlos, As they reached Check 2 David with the regular time limit. It at the wheel, still struggling with Sykes had his Ford in front, with wasn't easy. Steve Williams had the brakes. In third now it was 21 minutes on Steve Olliges in-: his Sheriff's Dept. look-alike Covarrubias, as Mario and Elias another Ford. He was just one Ford truck in front from early on, Ledezma lost their wheel bearings. • minute in front of Marc Stein, in with Allen Russell running second Carlos Davila and Pietro Brassea still another Ford truck. in his Toyota, andJeffRichardson ran fourth, over an hour further down, followed byTom Dittfield and Bryan Moynahan, still another hour later. Hector Ledezma had no troubles at all, and brought the car home in front for the win. He and Danny were just seven minutes in front if the lribes. In third it was Covarrubias and Sanchez, who reported a late flat tire. Then Davila and Brassea were fourth, with Dittfield and Moynahan fifth, and last. Class 9 took the green flag next and they battled hard right down to the end. At Check 2 it was Luis Guevara and Federico Montes in front in their Tubular design car. But they had only a minute on Daniel Mora and Eric Fisher in a Chenowth. Then came a tie, five minutes later between the team of Jesus Luna and Bill Rodriquez and the team of Ed McLean and Phillip Breedlove in a Jimco. McLean was celebrating his 70th birthday. When they got the the Borrego area it had evolved into two close races. Mora and Fisher were in front, with just a bit over three minutes on Guevara and Montes. Last year's champs, Brian and Jim Jeffrey, were third a minute later in their Lothringer. Then about nine minutes back came McLean and Breedlove, just 21 seconds in front of Alfonso LaCarra and, Lalo Mayoral in their Jimco. The. Jefferys never got to the next check however, having reportedly lost their motor. Montes and Guevara had some trouble with their shifter, and lost second gear about 30 miles before the finish, but managed to hold onto their lead, and continue their tradition of success at San Felipe. This team was second last year, and took first place in '94. Fisher and Mora, who had no problems other than a too-soft rear suspension, finished a close second, only four minutes later. In third it was LaCarra and Mayoral, who'd flattened a tire when a bigger vehicle they were passing moved back in too soon and bumped them. McLean and May 1996 ·.,.«~~,"',_. . · ... _ ... ~ ,. ,. J.'_ ) __ ,. ~-:. ~,~~~;,~:~A;t-t~~~:-",M,s ::.:~~,. , -·-h> ~ .I • .. ... ~:?"~_:,•_; .. ~ -.. ~---~~ ~ ~;, l'-~ +f':.::.~-:~-,p...~-~---::_J., ... y.: --~t~ \t:~,~ ~ •'~ Alfonso Lacarra/Lalo Mayoral have a...9.ood time racing the Class 9 Jimco on both sides of the border. This round fney were third after an unfortunate flat tire. but they do carry a spare. Juan Mayoral and Ruben Espinoza took care of the Beetle. Of seven that took the green flag, they were the only ones that came back, finishing with just seven minutes left on the time allowance. Steve 01/iges had a little help from Rob MacCachren, and it was the magic touch, as the 01/iges Ford was first in Stock Full Size trucks, still wearing the Rough Rider colors. Dusty Timcs

Page 15

third in another Toyota.. By the time they got to Borrego Williams had hit a rock and taken out his front wheel d:rive, so he was a two-wheel drive truck for the rest of the day, and not too crazy about the idea. Russell was still in second place, now only about 11 minutes back, but Richardson had run out of gas and lost about 45 minutes. Williams said his truck handled differently in two-wheel drive, and he stopped every now and then to get out and check things over. Then, when he got to the infamous uphill wash he got stuck. But the nice Andataco folks were still there, and they helped him, so he could move right along, still in first. Meantime, Russell was in second, and they'd been dicing a bit, but then Russell also got stuck, and he got stuck, and stuck again, probably 10 times in all, and then he just couldn't make it up the last hill. Richardson, who'd been fighting ingition troubles, moved up to second place at the finish, and he was also the last in the class to get home. Class 11, another class that often enjoys shortened courses, had to run the whole thing this time also. There were seven of them. When they got to Check 2 it was close, with Victor Barajas tied with Hector Sarabia for the lead, and they were only seven minutes in front of Juan Mayoral and Ruben Espinoza. In fourth it was Eric Solorzano another 15 minutes back. All seven made it through here. At Borrego, which all seven managed to reach, it was Sarabia in front, with about 11 minutes on Barajas. Mayoral and Espinoza ran third here, another 15 minutes back, followed by Solorzano in fourth. When they got to Check 4, at Mile 164, Barajas was still in front, with 24 minutes on Sarabia who was now second. Mayoral and Espino~a were still third, only eight minutes later. Solorzano was still moving and was the fourth one through this point, but now was nearly two hours behind the leader. Only four made it this far. And only one made it to the finish line. Barajas was reported to have lost his motor, and Sarabia just disappeared. Mayoral and Espinoza made it to the checkered flag just seven minutes before their time ran out. Their ecstatic crew and friends shower-ed the car with beer as it r~ed into the post-race area. They said they'd had no flat tires, but had been stuck three times. They were ready to drink some of that beer. Of the Sportsman entries, none finished in Classes 3, 6, 7S or 10. But two of the four 5-1600 Sportsmen made it back. They were required to run the full course also, in the same time limit. Enrique Troncoso and Rudolfo Valenzuela had a little collision with a Class 10 car, and · lost a fender, and they did the last couple of miles with no oil pressure, to take the win. In second place it was Chris and Joaquin Gonzalez who lost their hood, and didn't have too many problems. They were about 45 · minutes in back of the winning car. The CRB didn't have any serious adjustments to make to the finishing order, so it was all over but the celebrating fairly early on Saturday night. Dusty Times =-..:;:,,,_1i_ Marc Stein went through three front ends just to get around the course in his Stock Full Size Ford. He ended up second in class, almost an hour behind. SCORE's next race takes them to Las Vegas, or more correct! y, Stateline, for the Buffalo Bill 250, on April 19-21, and then it'll be time for the Baja 500, on the weekend of May 31, through June 1. Many thanks to Howard 'w~¥':_,.. *~irk~:1.1~ .,._ .. _,t'\,-~ , Steve Williams drove the LA County Sheriffs' Ford in Stock Mini Trucks, and yes he is a real deputy. Despite losing the front drive, he went on in 2WD to chalk up yet another victory for the project truck. Anderson, Lisa Greenway, the cars passed them, and forwarded FAIR pits at La Ventana and the information to me. Thanks Morelia, and the BFG Relay )Bob also go to Paul Fish of SCORE for Hynes) wh~ ~ecorded _ti!lles as !h<: his efforts. First Place C/ags I 0 SCOIIE San Felipe 250 HARMAN DFF FIDAD Thank5 to Our 5pon5or5 ~ 7 n Performance U Producl".!i Engineering Lothringer Engif18erin!J - Killer car Kent! Thanks for all the help & last minute prep's (thanks Rick, Keith & Kevin!) that are always first class. F & L Racing Fuel - Thanks for comping us the fuel Bruce! Wike, Racing Enginn - Thanks Adam, running the b-motor at 1650, and take jt from worst to first! Pyrotect - Brady, thanks for the deal on the driving suits! WR Racing - Lorenzo, you said it would work & it d-id! Thanks for the quick turn-around! Checkere, Off Road -Fourth car into the pit, and first car out -with fuel! Proud to be one of the Few Good Men. Jeff Lothrinf}8r - Thanks for always being there! May 1996 Page 15

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Todd Clement and Rich Minga recovered from alternator belt problems to work back to third place in the new Pro Spec Truck class. growing fast. Enrique Troncoso and Rodolfo ran the 5-1600 in Sportsman Class and they won it in good time, 7:47:13. That would be quite an effort in Sportsman. Rod Muller chases down Arturo Honold in Class 10 action past the Ocotillo. Muller finished fourth in class and Honold and Santana finished sixth. Don Lampus, Sr. & Jr., had an excellent day in their Jimco in Class 1-2-1600 despite being high centered on one of those bushes: they were fifth in class. Brady Helm and Bob Graham out lasted all but one in Class 7S and their newish V-6 Toyota carried them to second place in Class 7S action. Page 16 ~ M W. David Sykes sails his Ford off a lump, led the Stock Full Size class for a time, the engine faded and he finished third in class · on six cylinders. This is the only picture we have of the Joaquin and Chris Gonzales Baja Bug, but they soon lost the hood and were second Sportsman, about 45 minutes back. Carlos Rivera had his slick Chenowth A-Arm race car going very well in the Class 10 battle. He finished fifth in class, only three minutes behind 4th. Carlton Post and Greg George in the Type 4 powered Jimco A-Arm. They drove the new looking racer to a fine fifth in the 23 car Class 1 ranks. Dave Crinklaw does a little grand standing for the crowd in his Class 8 Ford. Dave and John Penner broke a wheel and tire, but came in third in class. May 1996 Jeff Richardson and Steve Harris ran out of gas, later had ignition woes, but they kept plugging along in the Toyota to move in to second Stock Mini. Jesus Luna and Bill Rodriguez revived the Tijuana Taxi theme with this Class 9 bug·gy and they did quite well for not racing often, fifth in Class 9. Jim Dizney and Todd Teuscher were doing fine in their 1-2-1600 Jimco, but they did have two flats to slow their pace. They came in fourth in class. _.,,;;"" Edgar Casanova and Jorge Sanchez hop through the spring over-growth on the trails en route to third in Class 5-1600 with Manuel Gavarrubias. Ed McLean is 70 years young and having a good time racing in Class 9 with Phillip Breedlove in his new Jimco. They finished fourth in Class 9. Dusty Times

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Ivan Stewart corners hard in the Toyota in the ti9ht, silty, twisty section. but his effort was not quite enough, horsepower won the day and ivan was second in Trophy-Trucks. Rob MacCachren had his new Ford Trophy-Truck humming, slowed once by shock troubles, and motored on into third place, very pleased with such a good finish in a new truck. For a few miles this was a beautiful Chevrolet, then the booby trap, but Larry Ragland and his crew patched it up from pit to pit and Larry came fifth in what was left of this Chevy. SCORE/TECATE SAN FELIPE TROPHY-TRUCKS Robby Gordon Gets Two In A Row -LeDuc had·his Jeep in third, and citos Road, Gordon had 1\ist two , Jeff Lewis was fourth in his ex-minutes on Stewart. LeDuc was · Class 8 Chevrolet. Dave and Paul nine minutes back in third, with Simon were sidelined -about 22 Lewis fou~th and MacCachren, miles out, their Ford having lost who'd repai~d that s hock its transmission. Danny Letner problem, but had been fighting parked his C hevy early, with steering trouble all day, in fifth. unknown problems. Ragland was still sixth. But things By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. At Borrego, Gordon had taken changed. over the lead, and he had about Gordon held on to that lead, three minutes on Stewart, with a and Stewart got a rock stuck in his lot of flare ut running ahead of linkage and was stuck in fourth him. LeD.uc had flattened a tire, gear for the last 10 miles or so. but was still in third place, LeDuc ran out of gas about 10 followed by Lewis, still fourth, miles before the finish, and Lewis another six minutes back. had a flat at Mile 216, and the Baldwin, who'd repaired his truck fell off the jack. Ragland shocks, got out on the dry lake moved up a position. and lost his motor, and Marty Stewart finished first, but knew Coyne's Ford was out early, and he was second, with Gordon calling for a trailer. sliding through the finish line Gordon continued to have the right behind him, a rear tire, tread lead, but when they reached the worn off, just then beginning to area of the tight, twisty section, go flat. Gordon had the win by Stewart closed cm him, and in four and a half minutes, with fact, regained the lead from time Stewart second. MacCachren, to time. But a horsepower section very pleased at such a good finish would give it back to Gordon. In in a new truck, was third, with the meantime, Ragland, running Lewis in fourth and Ragland in in sixth, got to Mile 160 and his fifth. LeDuc had dropped to exhaust mount, damaged in the sixth, and Simon and Simon were rollover, fell off and tore up a fan a late seventh place after replacing belt. that transmission. The las t At Mile 221, where they finisher was the Ed and Tim dropped down onto the Puerte-Herbst truck, in eighth. Robby Gordon flies his Ford Trophy-Truck in grand style past a bunch of local spectators, who always know the good spots. Robby was in and out of the lead all day, and although Ivan Stewart · ... -----------------------------------------. finished first, Robby had started behind him, and finishing on a flat tire he took the win by four minutes. Robby Gordon put his Ford truck through its paces at SCORE's San Felipe event in March, to take his second win in a row in the 1996 Trophy-Truck series. The race attracted 12 trucks, and their start time came between the motorcycles and ATVs and the Pro Classes. There was a big gap after the last biker and before the first T-T, for obvious reasons, and then after about a 15 minute gap behind the last truck, the first Pro Class car took off. Unfortunately, the party animals had been at work overnight, and a huge.booby trap had been built about four miles into the course. Apparently it hado 't bothered the bikers, for word hadn't filtered back. The first Trophy-Truck to hit the obstacle, built of telephone poles, tires and packed dirt, was Ed Herbst. He tore one of his Ford's rear trailing arms off, sent a quick • message out to his crew, and work was started on repairs right away. But in the meantime, since they started at one minute intervals, along came a couple more T roph y-T rucks. Larry Ragland took a tumble, his Chevy going completely over, but managed to pull off to the side under his own power, to start working on the damages. It had torn off a tire. They replaced that and he went on, but the impact had also Dusty Times loosened the exhaust and that caused his spare to catch fire about 10 miles down the road. They put out the fire and went on, but that wasn't the end of it. Most serious! y damaged by the booby trap was the lone Mexican Trophy-Truck entry, Javier Espinoza, who was out for the first time in a new truck, a Chevy. He rolled hard enough to put an end to his race, nearly landing on Ragland, and was seen later in the day walking very gingerly, his back and neck hurting; as he was on the way to let the doctors have a look at him. Down the road a bit, Rob MacCachren was very quick in his Ford, and had the lead for a while, but suspected something was wrong in the right rear corner of the truck. He made a quick stop got his pit to check for a flat, they saw nothing wrong, and he went on. Ten miles down the road a shock reservoir let go, and he was in need of work. In the meantime, Ivan Stewart had his Toyota in front at check 2, but he had only a minute on Robby Gordon who . was working up through more traffic. Ivan had startd fourth, but Ragland and Herbst had both been waylaid by the booby-trap, and Jason Baldwin, second off the line in his Ford, had blown his rear shocks, and pulled out for repairs, leaving Stewart in front on the road, a big advantage. Curt sland21· _r:;)t13z,,,,,,.,-,,,, -THE WORLDS FINEST RACING EQUIPMENT Will Be Introduced To Off Road Racing leuROPARTNE~YMoroRsPoRrl Come see our booth at the Baja 500 We will display the F1 World Champion driving suit and helmet of ALAIN PROST STAND 21 will be on contingency row for the SCORE & SNORE Racing Series. Also available, the P1 program: a $2500 revolving credit line. Congratulations to John Herman (BIG JOHN), winner of Class 8 cm the longest US off road race, THE LAS VEGAS 500. STAND 21 Raceware is worn by EMERSON FITTIPALDI, AL UNSER, JR. , PAUL TRACY, BUDDY LAZIER, STEPHAN JOHANSON and many other fine drivers. EUROPARTNER MOTORSPORT Tel: 520-774-7605 Fax: 520-774-2557 At The Races 520-699-9027 WWW.EUROPARTNER. COM/STAND 21.html May 1996 STAND21HEADQUARTERS NEWPORT BEACH, CA 1-888-ST AND 21 Page 17

Page 18

Short Course Off. Road Drivers Association Honors Champion Drivers and Dedicated Support~rs -were discussed and decisions made before it was time to shed the jeans and t-shirts and put on the suits and ties and beautiful dresses, never seen by many of us during race season. By M ich.elle Halverson _ recognized the many whose support and dedication have aided in the tremendous growth of the sport of short course off road racing at the 1995 SODA Awards Banquet held at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, Illinois, on January 19 and 20, 1996. The weekend kicked off on Friday evening with a hospitality night sponsored by Bilstein, BFGoodrich, Goodyear and SODA. Everyone had a chance to catch up on the events of the winter while enjoying delicious food and beverages. Everyone also heard the many stories of what will be new and improved, and bigger and better for the 1996 season. A delicious meal was enjoyed by everyone present before Saturday night's presentations started. Terry Wolfe, President of SODA, began by announcing that over $100,000 in prize money would be given out over the course of the evening. A figure in itself that proves the tremendous growth that this sport has undergone.Just a few years ago, in 1988, only $2,000 in cash and $3,000 in gift certificates were given out. This incredible growth shows no sign of easing up as more and more drivers. and sponsors become involved and public awareness increases. All dressed up in their tuxedos, the Class 9/10 drivers at the banquet were, from the left, Jeff St. Peter, Jeff Probst, and Class 9/ 10 champion Todd Attig. '= During Friday night's event, Rampage Racing unveiled their 1996 Class 4 truck, introduced their new driver, Scott Douglas, President Wolfe recognized the 1995 SODA Series sponsors and thanked Chevrolet, BFGoodrich, American Racing Wheel, Good-year and True Value for their incredible support of the ser-ies. New sponsors for the 1996 SODA Series were also welcomed and recogni:ed. These included DynoMax, Hydra-Matic, and KC Hilites. ' Bob Silloway, left, and Terry Friday accepted the inaugural SODA Promoter of the Year Award on behalf of the Badger/and Off Road Club for the Chevrolet Off Road Finals held in Oshkosh, WI. The sport of off road racing and those involved in off road involves extreme dedication, racing gather together for a gala, grueling competition, long days black tie event in which the and many nights, with every . months of hard work are driver striving for a win and every recogni:ed and applauded and the person behind the scenes striving champions are crowned. for a successful race weekend. The Short Course Off Road There is one time out of the year Drivers Association (SODA) when hundreds of off road drivers crowned these champions and PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS • McKENZlE'S AIR FILTERS • K&N • UNl•FILTERS • YOUR OFF-R0/10 ~ SPECll1l/STS! I PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX:(714) 441-1622 0 2366 E. QAANGETK)RPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 • DEALER INOUIRtEB WELCOME ~ ► ; ii: • §! • ~ t'i I • 4-SPYDER SUPER DIFFS g i " ~ . ~ . 0 "' w Tl IRS The Cast Oiff is back! I ~ • Made from ductile iron. I • This 4-Spyder Super Diff comes suppplied • Utilizes 4-Spiders for added strength. !!!~z with precision-ground pins and block. ~ MCK-0265 . GreatlY Reduced Price!· T21RS All New to the industry! Economica/lY Priced! • Ultimate strength/ • Made from ductile iron. • Available in 3 different configuratio'ns. 002 CAST 4-SPVDER DIFF MCK-0114-0Q2·15 Fa10-TcmSp)(BS MCK-0014-002-17 Fa1HcmSp)(BS ~ ~ ; ~ ~ . I ~ ~ I' 6 0 . ~ '!i . ~ • 091 BILLET RACE DIFF 091 CAST 4-SPVDER DIFF ~ Made from 4140 Chromoly. MCK-0114--091 Supplied with pins and block. 0 . ~6~~~ 0~i~~ Billet Cover, pins and block. 09_1 BILLET COVER ~ • j _,.MCK-0102 Made from 4140 Chromoly. ~ ,. _________________________ . • SIMPSOH • 8EAAD SEATS • !PF • KC • CIBIE LIGHTS • BUGPACK e REDUNE OIL e FUEL SAFE e OEM e SWAY.J,,,.WAY e S&S Page 18 -and announced their new spon-sor, DynoMax. Nicole Schlueter also presented the inaugural Rampage Racing "Stand On It" Award to Jamey Flannery, whose hard work and dedication to the sport can be seen both on and off the track. DynoMax also conveyed their excitement about their Associate Sponsorship of the SODA Series and announced their contingency program. DynoMax will pay a maximum contingency of$30,000 in six classes. First, second and third place finishes in Class 4, Class 8, Class 7, Class 8S, Class 13 and Women's Heavy Metal will all qualify. Payout includes $350 for first, $175 for second and $ 100 for third at each event. Saturday, for many, was a day filled with shopping and relaxing, · or, for others, a day filled with meetings. Many important topics Jim Englehart of Ford took the podium and stressed the import-ance of off road racing as a proving ground for Ford. He presented an Award of Recogni-tion to Dennis and Paulette Schlueter on behalf of the tremendous effort put forth by Chad Schlueter's Rampage Racing T earn in their Class 4 Championship. He also recogni:-ed the hard work and dedication given by Valerie Rehn in the Women's Heavy Metal, Scott Taylor in Class 8 and Geoff Dorr in Class 4. Scott Taylor also received an Award of Excellence. Ford's contingency program in 1996 will include Class 4, Class 8, Class 7S and Women's Heavy . Metal able to qualify. Those present in the Women's Limited Class were Champion Sarah Sawall-Tate. left, Sheri Huven, Tracy Silloway, Annette VanWychen, and Karen Christensen. (' I t Class 13 was well represented. Left to right R.J. Flanagan, Thorton (Ed) Schultz, George Schultz, Don Gregoire Jr., Champion Brendan Gaughan and Dan Vanden Heuvel. May 1996 $3,000 for first,.$2,000 for second and $1,000 for third. Glenn Maddox of Chevrolet, Title Sponsor and supporter of the SODA Series for several years, thanked many for their _ help and support, including Jim Conway and Olga Vernon of Off Road Entertainment, Marty Reid and his crew, Dave Parsons, the spouses who put up with a great deal being involved with this sport, Gordon Stoney of Hydra-.tviatic, the Flannery's, all of the promoters, the competition, and especially the fans. He reminded everyone to never forget the fans. John Brubaker of DynoMax was next at the podium, announc-ing again the contingency program for DynoMax. He also stressed how glad DynoMax was to be a part of the SODA Series as an Associate Sponsor and part of the Rampage Racing T earn. In Dan Newsome's absence, Jack Cummings announced that 1995 had been the most success-ful year as of yet by BFGoodrich, Official Sponsor and supporter of the SODA Series for several years. 1996 will bring over $80,000 in contingency, along with an open testing weekend and several BFGoodrich sponsored dinners for their drivers and crews. The 1996 Officers reelected to their positions were Terry Wolfe and Melanie Probst. President Wolfe thanked several individuals who worked behind the scenes but were no less important than those in the spotlight. Without them, deci-sions to better the sport would not be made, every race weekend would not run smoothly, and this Series would not be possible. Those that were recogni:ed and thanked for all of their hard work and support included the Board of Directors, the tech. inspection crew, the MORA Board, class reps/alternates, the SODA newsletter, SODA registration, those who helped with voting, apparel, memberships, SODA points, decals, all of the promo-ters, the monetary contributors, contingency donors, sponsors, those who put on the hospitality both Friday and Saturday night, those who donated door prizes and the exibitors. Doug Davis then handed out the World Championship Off Road Race Rings from the International Off Road Raceway in Crandon, WI, to Todd Attig in Class 112, 2-1600 & Limited Challenge, Jason Crowder in Class 1-1600, Steve McCrossen in Class 3, Rob MacCachren in Class 4, Terry Wolfe in Class 5-1600, Al Fannin in Class 6, Art Schmitt in Class 7S & 6, 7, 8S Challenge, Walker Evans in Class 8, Kelly Worrall in Class 8S, Jeff Probst in Class 9 110 & Unlimit-ed Challenge, Glen Mathews in Class 11D, Mike Oberg in Class l lS,Joe Zilisch in Class 13, Scott Douglas in the 3, 4, 8, 13 Challenge, Holgeir Oksnevad in SODA Lites, Sherri Parsons in Women's Heavy Metal, Sarah Sawall-Tate in Women's Limited Buggy and Gwen Holmes in Women's Unlimited Buggy . Terry Friday, promoter of the Chevrolet Off Road Finals in Oshkosh, WI, thanked all of the racers that took time out of their busy race weekend to sign autographs at the Children's Hospital. Terry also announced that they were now at the Dusty Times

Page 19

Corporate Level with Children's Hospital because of the large donation they were able to make from the profits of the 1995 Chevrolet Off Road Finals. On ,behalf of himself and fellow announcer Ronn Krueger, Terry also presented a Mr. Congeniality Award to Brendan "Smurf" Gaughan. Marty Reid was next to the podium to receive an Award of Appreciation for his tremendous involvement in the growth of short course off road racing. Marty informed everyone of the incredible increase of television coverage on ESPN and ESPN2 which started with two hours in 1989 and will now include 68 hours in 1996. Marty also thanked all of the sponsors and WI. Present for a picture from Class 6 were Champion Bill Graboski and Leonard Gehl. as soon as 'the weekend was over the long hours and hard work would resume as the 1996 SODA Series quickly approaches. But Women's Unlimited Buggy Champion Ruth Schwartzburg (middle) accepted her award along with Melanie Probst and Barb Schaden. this is time well spent as the as long as dedicated drivers, SODA World Series of Off Road sponsors and volunteers, such as Racing has grown in leaps and these, are part of it. bounds and will continue to grow promoters, SODA, ESPN spon-Everyone visited, danced and sor Chevrolet, ESPN2 sponsor enjoyed themselves well into the True Value, Arlen and John who evening. Each of them knew that head his award winning crew, all of the drivers and crews, Larry Rice who will join him with the color commentary and Jim Conway and Olga Vernon of Off Road Entertainment. GERMAN AUTO The next Award of Apprecia-tion was given to Jim Conway of Off Road Entertainment. Jim awarded Dan Baudoux the Master Mechanic Award and Art Schmitt the Hard Charger Award. A thank you went out from Jim to Olga Vernon, ESPN, and SODA and he presented the 1995 Series Sponsors with beautiful marble clocks with each sponsors name on them. True Value Pro Series Champions were Rob MacCach-ren in Class 4, Art Schmitt in Class 7S and Walker Evans in Class 8. True Value Off Road Series champions were Jason Crowder in Class 1-1600, Jeff Probst in Class 9/10, Dan Baudoux in Class 11 S and Brendan Gaughan in Class 13. Special SODA Awards were handed out by Terry Wolfe to Tracy Silloway, Janice Attig, Jack Coleman, Sarah Sawall-Tate, Bill and Karen Schirm and Dick Shinnick. Championships honors in 16 classes went to Todd Attig in Class J /2,Jason Crowder in Class 1-1600, Dan Baudoux in Classes 2-1600 and l lS, Rob MacCach-ren in Class 4 , Terry Wolfe in Class 5-1600, Bill Groboski in Class 6, Art Schmitt in Class 7S, Walker Evans in Class 8, Mike Mischler, Jr. in Class 8S, Jeff Probst in Class 9110, Glen Mathews in Class 11 D, Brendan Gaughan in Class 13, Ruth Schwart:burg in Women's Unlimited Buggy, Sarah Sawall-Tate in Women's Limited Buggy, _ Valerie Rehn in Women's Heavy Metal and Phil Doyle in SODA Lites. Several special awards given to individuals who showed trem-endous dedication to the sport over the course of the racing season rounded out the evening. The SODA Driver of the Year Award was given to Jeff Probst from Joliet IL, SODA Sports Person of the Year Award was awarded to Corry Friday from Berlin, WI, SODA/Joe Plummer Rookie of the Year Award was• given to George Schult: from Park City, IL, SODA 1995 Promoter of the Year Award went to Terry Friday for the Chevrolet Off Road Finals held in Oshkosh, WI, and the SODA/Mel Freimuth 1995 Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Terry and Bev Friday from Oshkosh, Dusty Times DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. ' 4·polntsandrailseatbelt .. $74.95 RACE BELTS 2"·5pointmount ......... $79.95 3"·5pointmount ......... $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS . .................... $54.95 Swing axle ... ............ $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm•1700# ............ $79.95 200mm·up to 3000# ........ $99.95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700# -2400# .. from $54.95 PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cush/ocks ............... $39.95 4 puc lerramic ............ $44.95 4 puc lerramic with spring hub ..... . ........................ $54.95 SACO MAGNUM RACK BIiiet housing, 11/, • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops ........... . ...... $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930orT-4cages ........ ea $44.95 930orT-4orT-21/anges .aa $15.95 Tr/ckboots{speclly) .... ea $15.95 930 CV star ................... call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8" travel-stock width ... . $199.95 8" travet-widenedbeam .$219.95 10• travel-stock width .... $224. 95 10• travel-widened beam . $244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T-111/,"chrome .... ..... $ 98.95 T·11'h"raw ........ : ... $ 65.95 T-115/8" chrome ........ $105.95 T-115/8" raw ........... $ 72.95 T-4 chrome ............. $189.95 T-4 raw ................. $154.95 GERMAN AUTO HATS .... $4.95 GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS., ............ $8.50 specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, Includes alternator stand . $299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ ................... $489.95 MK II . . . . ....•.•....... $589.95 I _,,,,, PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle ' With black pedal ........ $164.95 With chrome pedal ....... $184.95 With hydraulic throttle . . . $259.95 Replacement slave ...... $ 44.95 SACO RACK AND PINION The tou!lhest available anywhere, alloy gears, lull contact housing, hard anodized. Standard rack and pinion .$269.95 Mount plate ............ $ 9.95 Coupler . . . ........ ..... $ 8.95 Rack steering stops ...... $ 19.95 VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1.7, 1.8, and2.0 ........... .... pr. $44.95 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Polished finish, bolt together rears lite spindle mounts too from $99.95 FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin ............ 4130 Chromoly Stock length ......... pr. $449.00 1¼"/onger ....... . . . pr.$474.00 21/,"longer ......... . pr.$4.99.00 4 • longer·coil over style pr. $549.00 CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods w/ends. {specify Ford or International) set ... ........................ $89.95 SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3 • X 3• ................ $435.00 1-2 1600, 5-1600 .......... $415.00 CATALOG ............. US$4.00 OVERSEAS $10.00 .11324 Norwalk. Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 310-863-1123 FAX 310-929-1461 May 1996 Page 19

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Mantopoulos/krg Win Last Bridgehampton Rally Constantine Mantopoulas and Barry Berg in their Audi 200 Quattro won the rally officially. not all that far behind Kreibich. and their final tally was a fast 30:43. t , .. )~" .,, ..... ••····· ... ,,. ;;>k Uifa1Wi%;..,L,,@,,%bi/4ib,s .. ,, ,};. ,:;;;;::J~ t ,,:,: Bruno Kreibich and Jeff Becker ran as the "zero" car, and were setting the pace on the track at Bridgehampton. They did set fastest time for the ratty at 30:08. The fifth running of the Bridgehampton Rally was likely to be the last. The rally was run on the grounds of the Bridgehamp-ton Race Circuit (a short distance from the town of Bridgehampton in Long Island, New York), using a combination of the paved track and dirt/sand access roads for special stages. The circuit's owner has announced that he will close the facility in July in order to replace the historic but minim-ally-profitable track with two golf courses. With the closing looming, the New York Region IS.C.C .A . decided on one more fling for the special stage crowd on the old site. The rally was lengthened from the pr'evious 20-25 miles to about 3 7, to qualify for coefficient two sta-tus in the S.C.C.A. Northeast Division PRO series. And a cere-monial finish was planned in the town of Bridgehampton itself, at a local pub where the post-rally party would be held. {Previous Bridgehampton rallies and rallys-prints had started and ended at the track.) During the weeks before the rally, it shaped up as a battle between two New York-area entries, Ivan and Olga Orisek {Audi 4000 Quattro) and Con-stantine Mantopoulos {Audi 200 Quattro). They had previously . staged a close race for first in the season-opening Apple Hill Rally near Albany, New York last October, with victory going to the Oriseks. But preparation on the _ Orisek 'scar was not completed in time, so that they had to scratch their entry. (Being New York Region members, they quickly volunteered to help on the organ-izing team.) This made Constan-tine a shoe-in if he didn't make a serious mistake. Riding shotgun with Constantine on this occasion was Barry Berg, a Minnesota resi-dent who had arranged to co-drive because he had heard about Bridgehampton, and didn't want to miss the last one. However, there was another team to keep Mantopoulos/ Berg "honest. 11 The locally-based 1990-91 North American champion team of Bruno Kreibich and Jeff Becker were reunited to handle course-opening duties in Bruno's Audi Quattro Coupe. S.C.C.A. regulations prevent a Seed 1 driver such as Bruno from enter-ing a coeffident 2 divisional, but CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Comp,lete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' -any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $299.oo WITH SKIRT '-5153 Bowden Av~. • S~n Diego • CA • 92117 • (619) _279-2509 Page 20 there was nothing to keep him from making a race of it for the "moral victory. 11 The first leg of the rally con-sisted of three standing-start laps of the track in the counter-clockwise direction, and three regular clockwise laps. The track was slight! y damp from the morn-ing rains (and the skies were still a dreary gray), but this seemed to matter little to the 4WD Audis. Bruno fired his turbo-wunder-car around the hilly Long Island cir-cuit with 2:36, 2:28, and 2:25 for • the first three laps. Constantine was just. a little slower in his "limo" with 2:40, 2:32 and 2:25. At tne end of six stages, Bruno's total time was 14:Cl7, Constan-tine was just a little slower in his -""' "limo" with 2:40, 2'32 and 2:25. At the end of six stages, Bruno's total time was 14:07, Constan-tine's was 14:28. The only other 04 class (all-wheel-drive) entry, the Thomas Brann/Stanley Olin-Dabrowski Subaru RS, was being left behind with a time of 15:56. Meanwhile, in the U2 ( under two liter) Class, '95 196 NEDiv title holders Sylvester Steph-niewski/ Adam Pelc (Volkswagen Scirocco) were trading bests on the stages with Gerry Brinkman/ -Bob Barrall(VolksGolfGTI), the difference never more than a few seconds. After leg 1, Sylvester had a total of l-5:38, Gerry had 15:40, and they were second and third overall. The next car in the class, the Arthur Wojcik /Igor Cuk-rowski Ford Escort, was over a minute adrift. The rally was not especially punishing, but there were dnfs anyway. Carlos Felipe/Nelson Barbosa stopped on special stage one with a broken throttle cable on their VW Golf GT!. Then M irek Madej /Darius: Szerejko parked their Suzuki Swift after ss 5 when the clutch pac,ked up. Leg two was a replay ofleg one. As the track dried, Bruno set a string of fastest laps, with Con-stantine a few seconds back in ~y 1996 Gerry Brinkman and Bob Barra/I in a VW Golf G Tl had a tight race all day /n the U2 category. They finished second in the U2 class and fourth overall at a good 34:25 just two minutes behind the winner. each case. At the end of the leg, in on the U2 cars. And among the thetotalwasKrebich27:08,Man-U2-ites, Sylvester managed to topoulos 27:42. In U2, Sylvester heat Gerry by a little hit on every Stepniewski was several seconds stage to wrap up the class win. faster than Gerry Brinkman over In the final tally, Constantine special stages 9-12, so that the won cifficiall y with a total score of total at the end of the segment was 30:4 3, hut Bruno had done better Stephiewski, 29:59, Brinkman still with 30:08. Sylvester Step-30: 11. niewski was second overall and In leg three, the competitors U2 winner in the Scirocco at alternated between a run down a 33:30, beating Thomas Brann's dirt access road in the track's 04 Subaru with 33:35 and Gerry infield, and a similarly-surfaced Brinkman's U2 GTI with 34:25. loop of the main access roads and Arthur Wojcik placed third in U2 main parking lot, each run three in the Escort, hut well back with times. Both stages were dotted 40:30. with puddles and with soft, sandy \lv'ith the impending closing of patches, although no one became Bridgehampton, the eyes of the stuck. For this segment the sun New York area rally crowd are emerged from behind the clouds, turning to the proposed Mid but the air remained cool and Atlantic facility near the town of bree:y. Bruno set the majority of Riverhead, which would he an fastest times again, but Constan-airport-type circuit surrounded tine beat him on one stage and tied hy a number of dirt trails. If it on two others. Thomas Brann opens, then special stage rallying even managed to heat both of on Long Island is likely to them narrowly on stage 14 with continue. the Subaru, in the process closing · Dusty Times

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1995 Chevy Class 8 (score Legal) . Reacend - Chrisrnann 5.0 x 1 O" Geac's Brakes - Grand National ~ Willv,ood 1 ¼ Rotor's Shocks - Coil over/bye pass Kuster -every wheel Truck dialed by Russ Wernimont Wheel Bake - 118" Travel - Rear = 26'' Front = 15" 1996 Body Style -New Aluminum cockpit New gauges Ne·N Wiring New Switches New lights 75 Gal Fuel Capacity Complete Rebuild/prep - brand New New Drive Lines New Plumbing This truck has the best of everything· .No $ spared. Finished all but San Felipe & Barstow 95 Ready to race Call for more infonnation Will Send Photos Offered by Bob Delozier Serious inquires only Extra Parts lr.c,u::ie: 3 -.Spa~e ciil coolers 5 - Radios wi:h intercoms 4G - .Tires BFC 12:50:x , 5 x 35 20 - Bead loci< wheels.1 extra t:>ea::i5 included 1 - Spare gr} 1 - Spa~e hood 1 - Spare rear ferider 2 - Spa·e frc:it ferders 2 - Doo, sk,ns 1 - Drive sha:'t 1 - Spare rea, end. coripiete ~ub to hub 1 - Spare complete 3r: r,err.ber 1 - Set ~o new axles 2 - Spare Kus:er coil over 2 - Spa·e fresh a;r oumps '1 - s~are spri~g box 1 - Sta rtar 1 - Alternator 1 - Spare air clean and sock 2 - Horns 1 - Spare dis:ributor 2 -Aluminum ni,roger bottles 2 - Horns · 2 - Spare frcnt hubs wit1 rotors Complete fror t 1ub assemb:y 8 - Spare fue: pumps 4 - Fox bu:-no stops 14 - Spare (new) lights 4 - Ball joints 10 - Spindles . Lots of spare pLimbirg Lots of miscella:ieous - too rr.uch to l:s~ 1 - Tie rod 1 -Weter purr.p · 6 - Gas dump ca:1s 1 - set. of complete Kuster air jacks 3 - sets of coii over s;::rings 1 - tool box 1 - set of plug \Vires 3 - Oil coolers 2 - Master cyiinders 2 - sets. Limit stra::is 1 - extra halon bottle Many belts included 2 - spare bat:eri8s 2 - s;:iare coils Mariy More Included BOBDEWBER .\IOTORSl'ORTS ,<;P(}.\'SnRf:f) Ill' nor.~~EllJ!IER IH OO~ S P d R TS (800) 249-9829 ~S'-/1 METALWORKS ;t--,:,,. R&B .-!UTO CE'vTERS Hella l.owTHnp . <, · 0:-1 1sr ALEXANORIAINSl.nANCE 16020 FOOTHILL BLVD. -FO~TA?\A-CALIFORNIA- 92335 - (800) 249-9829

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DECEMBER ·3195_ Ontario mately i3 tickets ordered and meals reserved and these tickets are still outstanding. The good news is that the Association did cover the cost of the ordered meals, the bad news is that it has left the Association with a cash flow shortage. someone with experi~nce and dedication as they will be needed at all races. Gup has graciously offered a-training course for the new applicant at your first race. Memberships for the 1996 Race Season are $40.00. There is an application for membership included in the newsletter. Send application along with check or money order to:Ken Selkirk, 18 Country Club Drive, Cayuga, Ontario NOA 1 E0. Off Road Racing Association We send our thanks and good wishes to Gup and Mel in their new endeavor. P.S. You can always come back to Off-Road if it doesn't work out. Ha Ha!!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. First of all, I would like to thank Kim Desu:a for all her hard work and dedication to the O.O.R.A. newsletter. Due to the fact that the Ii ttle one now demands much more time KIM has had to resign as editor of the newsletter. Your new editor is Teresa Worster. She can be reached at (905) 692-9389 or (905) 692-3460 (ans. ma.chine). Please call if there is anything you want in the classified or if you have a change of address. This is the only way we have to commun-icate with our membership other than at the events, so keep in touch by letting us know if you _move. Back to last year· for a second. The only word I can use to des-cribe the 1995 race season was awesome. There was some excel-lent racing in all classes. The rac-ing was so close that the year end finishes came down to the last race. Next year promises to be even better, with more cars com-ing out in all classes. J. would like to thank all the people who attended the Awards Banquet. Our D.J. kept the place rock in and the floor hoppin. Eve-ryone had a GREAT TIME. A Dusty Times special thanks to OFF THE RECORD D.J. SERVICE. Just to recap for those who were absent: FIRST OVERALL IN EACH CLASS: CLASS 1-2-1600 Ken Selkirk #600 CLASS 7 Thomas McCamey; _ Ian Smith #766 CLASS 10-R Ray Jennings #66 CLASS 3 Steve McCrossan #333 CLASS IO Paul Robertson #965 CLASS 4 Steve McCrossan #333 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR CLASS 3 Arnoud Bratt #375 HARD LUCK AW ARD CLASS 10 Bill ·LeFeuvre #923 DRIVER OF THE YEAR CLASS 3 & 4, Steve McCros-san #333 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! .. Unfortunately, this year, the tickets were not available before the banquet as had been the case in previous years. For this reason the Executives allowed pre-reserved tickets to make it easier for those who wished to attend. Although the majority of the people who reserved tickets did show up there were approxi-For payment please contact:KEN SELKIRK (905) 389-5536 or send check to Mr. Selkirk, 18 Country Club Drive, Cayuga, Ontario NOA 1 EO. Most of our members are anx-iously awaiting the January Meet-ing in which we reveal our dates for the upcoming season. Due to the cash flow problem that we find ourselves in, we must cancel this meeting and rely on the fact that all our members faithfully read the newsletter. Here within you will find your 1996 O .O .R.A. Race Schedule, rule changes that were voted and passed at the Dec. 1995 Drivers' Meeting and all other important information that would have been given at the meeting. Once again, like every other year, we appeal to our member-ship to take on positions during the races to help our event run safely and smoothly. So here goes. The following positions need to be filled for the 1996 Race Season and are as follows: Track Marshals Scorers Staging GUP IS MOVING UP. He's hanging up his flags for a chance to grip a steering wheel once again. We will miss Gup and his orderly way of running the races. This position should be filled by ■Free 60Pa I Technical A ■ Quality Parts! Also, we need some extra hands for our sanctioned event at Sky-dome SuperCross May 4 & 5. Anyone interested in filling any of the a_bove positions please contact: Bob Joseph (905) 574-7068 Ray Je1'.nings (905) 692-3460 At this time I would like to tell you the Reps for each Class for the 1996 Season. CLASS 1-2-1600 Bob Joseph CLASS 7 Ian Smith CLASS 1 OR Andre Berube CLASS 3s Simon Obey CLASS 10 Paul Robertson CLASS 4 Ric Tichbourne Any problems that occur, such as rc>Ugh driving, protests or dis-crepancies will be handled by your class representatives and the executives ONLY. Two people have come forward that are willing to help the club raise a little bit of money for the club expenditures. At every race there will be tickets avalable for a 50 /50 draw. The rules will be available at the race track in case of misunderstanding. The tickets will be available all weekend until the end of the last race on Sunday. Th draw will be held on Sunday at the Awards Presentations. YOU MUST BE THERE TO WIN. DRNER'S' MEETING REPORT Oo BAKER BEARINGS SETRAB COOLERS NEW RULE VOTED Co-drivers MUST be members. Non-members are only allowed in vehicle during practice. This is done at the passenger's OWN RISK! All drivers and Co-drivers must have wrist bands for the . 1996 race season. These bands will be presented and checked by the line up person and must he shown or access to the track will he denied. RULE CHANGES (Topic from the floor) Class 3 is now Class 3s Rad and engine in stock location. Engine must he stock with cast components. 365 c.v.i. maximum Maximum overbore .060 All other classes remain the same as stat~d in 1995. Subscribe to Dusty Times See Forni on Page3! ; I • I BAKER ROD ENDS BAKER Precision Bearing carries one of the largest selections of rod ends and spherical bearings in the United States . We represent companies like NHBB (NMB), Radial, Aurora, Timken and SKF. We only stock the best products in the industry and we are the largest stocking dealer in the U.S. Our bearing & rod ends are made of 17-4 stainless steel and high quality chrome molly. Call us for prices! The largest selection of cooler sizes and types for all your cooling needs. The finest race car coolers made in Europe. Used in all forms of European automotive racing. Made of aluminum. PERMA COOL PRODUCTS Complete line of PERMA COOL products, fans, coolers, remote & sandwich adapters. PERMA COOL, The Industry Leader in High Quality and Innovative Design for Over 20 Years. Also available billet remote adapters. . I I ' ' PUR-O-SIL HOSES Vacuum, heater, turbo or coolant hose PUR-0-SIL silicone hose is the best. The leader and pioneer in silicone hose. The only one in the business with the "Million Mile Warranty". BAKER BATTERIES EARLS PRODUCTS EARLS has provided 1st class quality products to the performance industry since the early 1960's. There isn1 another competitor that even comes close to their list of winning customers. FLUIDYNE COOLERS All Fluidyne coolers are of the finest race quality, hand-welded, for hi-flow excellent cooling capabilities. Complete line of waler to oil heat exchangers to heat oil to maintain temperature in the engine. FIRE BOTTLES The "Firebottle" system discharges completely when activated, and can be recharged saving you the cost of a new system. Once extinguished, no messy residue remains. CALL FOR PRICES TODAY! WE WILL SHIP IT AS FAST AS YOU NEED IT! TO ORDER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: BAKER High Performance Batteries are gel filled, deep cycle, vibration resistant, and totally sealed. Large selection for RV, off-road, marine, passenger cars, and Indy. Also available is a battery tender. Just plug it in! NEO SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS NEO lubricants are 100% synthetic. The NEO line consists of Motor Oils, Gear Oils, ATF Fluid, Motorcycle Lubricants and more. With NEO lubricants you can expect long drain intervals, increased performance & protection. ~ (310) 427-2375 ~. FAX (310) 426-5294 "~ 2865 Gundry Ave. [iilll·•) !UPS 11 nsA I " Long Beach, CA 90806 ~ -May 1996 Page 13

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GRANADA-DAKAR RALLY RAID Picnc Lartigue Docs A Hat Trick in a Citrocn Text & Phot.os: Martin Holmes ..c.,~; '"~~¥,{~, Third overall and in T3 class were Jean-Pierre Fontenay and Bruno Musmarra in a Mitsubishi Pajero. There are trails across the desert, and also some nasty looking rocks. Page 14 Forty-seven year old Pierre Lartigue, three times champion cross country driver, won his third successive Paris-Dakar, at the wheel of a Citroen, which were in a class of their own this year. After a gentle start he and M. Perrin took the lead on the seventh section out of sixteen, when Ari Vatanen, leading at the time, suffered one of innumerable punctures which afflicted the top drivers and finished a stage on three wheels. With literally super cars, Citroen's only serious rivals were Mitsubishi, who contested all three passenger car categories and won the prestigious produc-tion group Tl: Citroen only contested the top class T3. The event started once again in the South of Spain with the 295 etitors facing unusually wet. ""'" ~._a!l/;'.Z.;_ ~~~.w--·· ~§,~~;~-:~;;;~~~' · ~-· !£~~~ ;·:;:·;-,,~, ~';~-~\ff;~~t:~ t ':"..,_ ,;f! l't\ ' Pierre Lartigue with Michel Perin won his third successive Granada-Dakar, took the lead midway in the Citroen ZX Ra/lye and won by about 56 minutes. The Citroen team, four strong at the start, finished 1-2-4-5 in Dakar. Quite a performance for Lartigue and teammate Ari Vatanen, who led most of the first half. conditions. Instead of running competitive sections through the mountains, only two short timed sections were held, firstly a sprint on gravel surfaces which the winners covered in 13 seconds, and a shorter section through a very wet and muddy 4km course. Shinozuka_ won the first, Saby the second, both successes for Mitsubishi. From that moment onwards however the lead was always going to be held by Citroen, whose drivers won all except three of the remaining sections as well. It was a formid-able team with Lartigue, Pierre Wambergue, Ari Vatanen and S. Servia. Once in Africa Vatanen pulled ahead and Mitsubishi suffered their first major problem, when Shino:uka had a rare accident and his car ended up in a ravine. "This car is quite the most powerful car I have ever driven", lamented the veteran of over 20 years of Mitsubishi competition. Even-tually with the help of his service crews he could restart, many hours behind. On the seventh section Vat;men lost the lead and Lartigue went, ahead with Cit-roens lying 1-2-3, after Bruno Saby had a big accident and had to wait for help from his service crew before being able to carry on. His teammate Jean Pierre Fontenay pulled up to third place before he fell back with suspension trouble. As the rally came to the halfway halt, the Japanese driver Masuoka was third in the last remaining trouble free Mitsubishi, on his first outing with a T3 Model car which he was gradually learning ·how to drive competitively. The rally halt was at Zouerat in north Mauritania where the air was charged with controversy, mostly surrounding Citroen. Two days earlier one of their service vehicles crashed mysteriously and the driver died. Immediatdy there was suspicion that the vehicle hit a landmine which had not been removed after the recent fighting in the area. But two other queries remained. The vehicle may have crashed because of a high speed puncture, and the vehicle may bave burst into flames and burned fiercely because special tuels were being carried on board. The second scandal was that five of the remaining seven service crews were excluded for arriving too late. This severely jeopardized Citroen's chances in the days to come. Chad Hall and Chris Jensen were the first Hummer to the finish line, 65th 0 /A, but Rod Hall and company finished right behind them. It was 'the first ever finish by an American team driving an American built vehicle on this event and they were proud of that. Vata·nen 's visions of success were further hampered by an accident which dropped him from fourth down to fifth place, but he climbed up one place when Masouka swerved to avoid an oncoming truck and broke his suspension. By this stage the rally was leaving the relative safety of the open deserts and was how in green Africa, the areas which the organi:ers feared for safety reasons. On almost the first May 1996 Dusty Times

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This tidy sport utility is listed as the Ssang Yong Special and was driven to eighth overall and in T3 class by Giacomo Vismara and Mario Cambiaghi. The first T2 was this Nissan Terrano driven by Thierry Delevergne and Luis Arguelles and the team finished ninth overall as well as first in class. Looking tidy here, one of the Kamaz big rig trucks rushes across the desert. The Russian entry lists the drivers as Kabirov, lakousov, and Strakhov. -~---,It' . ·J ,I,;~ .. Imagine racing in this Mercedes truck being recorded for daily TV reports by a low flying helicopter. Drivers were Galgani, Levy and Pata/ in the rig. How about this rock pile? K. Masuoka and A. Schulz got this Mitsubishi Pajero to Dakar placing a keen sixth overall and in T3 class despite the rocks. This Nissan Terrano of Takeda and Sudimoto looks lost alongside of the endless dunes, and the dunes went on for several days in the Sahara Desert. village visited by the event a local inhabitant died in an accident, a great sadness after the trouble taken to reduce this risk in their route planning. After years of conflict with the sport's governing bodies, the Dakar was again accepted into the FIA Cross Country world cup. The standard of organi:ation had been consistently improved since the early days of blatant adven-ture, which ended with the death ten years ago of the event's founder Thierry Sabine. This year the top cars had to fit 34mm turbo restrictors, estimated to drop power outputs by some 50 bhp, but such have been recent chassis and suspension improve-men ts that the T3 cars were further advanced compared with the cars in other classes than ever before. Some interesting novelties were to be seen this year. Hummers were brought from America and bemused the Dakar habitues with their 6.5 liter diesel engines, their 3 .9 ton weight and a top speed of only 140 kph. The Korean SsangYong company were again active with a vehicle featuring Mercedes engine and chassis and Nissan six-speed transmission. There were pri:es for nearly all the serious contenders. Nissan won the T2 category with 1995 FIA Tl champion driver Thierry Dela.vergne while Mitsubishi finished 1-2-3 in the production Tl category headed by veteran Jean-Pierre Strugo, with Pajeros. Toyota won the category for diesel passenger vehicles with Sarra:in. Once again the event was full of emotions, which started a few days before the start with reports of the death of one of the event's most significant promoters. Mano Dayak had worked along-side Sabine in the former days when the event crossed the Tenere desert in Niger and opened up doors which seemed impenetrably shut. This kind multilingual man was chief of a travel agancy in Agadez, and without his help an event of the scale of the 'Dakar' could never have passed the Sahara. He was one of few enthusiasts from Niger ever to have entered the' Dakar' as a competitor. There were ironies in his death: he died in an aircraft like his friend Sabine, and he died in the cause of his beloved T ouareg movement. It was the activity of rival factions in recent years in various African countries which ended the chances of the 'Dakar' passing through Niger. Of the 295 motorcycles, cars and trucks that left Granada only 121 ( including 50 motorcycles) reached Dakar last January. Of the 176 starting caus and truc"ks · 71 finished and two of them were the two Hummers, surprising old hands on the event with their finish especially since they lost GRANADA· DAKAR RESULTS January 1996 Poa Driver/Co-Driver 1 P. Lartlgue/M.Perim (FR) 2 P. Want>ergue/Fred Gallagher(FR) 3 JP Fontenay/8. Musmarra (FR) 4 Ari Vatanen/G.Picard (SF/FR) 5 S. Servla/J. Puig (SP) 6 K. Masuoka/A. Schulz (J/D) 7 B. Saby/D. Serieys ( FR) 8 G. Vismara/M. Carrbiaghi ITA) 9 T. Delavergne/L. Arguelles (FR) 10 JP Strugo.'JP Ca!arenl (FR) 11 M. Prieto.'J. Olave (SP) 12 C. Souza/P. Larroque (FR) 13 P. Tambay/R. Melge (CH/FR) 14 V. Moskousklkh/V. Kouzmine (AUS) 15 K. Loprals/Tomecek (CS) 16 K. Shlnozuka/H. Magna (J/FR) 17 G. Sarrazin/T. Fupsawa (FR/J) 18 T. Andrettatt... Simoni (ITA) Dusty Times Vehicle Citroen Citroen Mitsubishi Citroen Citroen Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Ssangyong Nissan Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Kamaz Tatra Mitsubishi Toyota Mitsubishi Time Claaa Behind T3 65:44:38 T3 01:11:54 T3 01:42:13 T3 01:49:53 T3 03:16:45 T3 06:26:20 T3 11 :06:06 T3 28:22:48 T2 21:17:09 T1 23:38:51 Tl 24:27:42 Tl 25:25:14 T2 25:34:00 T4 26:18:39 T4 26:33:06 T3 26:35:10 Tl 26:59:02 T1 27:41:17 their servke truck and had no spares, not even tires. If you were lucky you saw a series of half· hour programs on ESPN TV on the event as it happened, and they concentrated on the Citroen the overnight stops. It was team, especially Ari Vatanen who refreshing to see American TV has won this event in years past dtivote so much time to the odd and the motorcycles, who hall style of motorsport half a naturally were_the first to arrive at world away. • 10oowausof1)uw1.·r • Oil Alert' • ~mulla11l'OU:t Al· / 1 >L u::,,: • ~Upt: I C!Ult l • Ek...:mmk 1J.!1uuu11 Welder/Generator EW171 • -1000 Walt \VekJerlGcc:ntrator • llunda 11 HP OIIV Cumrntn.:ial Engine • 170 AMP OC ior \Vdding • Oil .-\lt!rt" • ..\utomalit: Idle" RACER DISCOUNTS PARTS SHIPPED BY UPS DAILY HONDA MOTORCYCLES • SCOOTERS .._ ATV'S & GENERATORS ~ -....._, ~i ·---5,,•-"> BMW MOTORCYCLES SEA DOO WATERCRAFT BILL ROBERTSON+ SONS, INC. IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 30 YEARS ' ' ' • N 5626-Tujunga Blvd., North Hollywood ~HONDA 1 ·(800) .808-6134 Q»neridewithus. 1 "(818) 766-6134 May 1996 Page 15

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AUSTRALIAN STADIUM OFF ROAD GRAN PRIX Wild a Crazy Stadium, Downunder. By Darryl Smith Race fans went to Canberra Speedway in Australia, hoping to see some action as the Off Road cars competed in the Holden Rodeo/BFGoodrich Stadium Gran Prix. What they got was a night that was more spectacular than had ever been seen before in the country. The man-made track was one of the toughest yet and this combined with packed fields, . resulted in a show that will long be remembered. As expected the Sports Trucks & Tin Tops put on some top racing. 14 cars in all, which included two trucks debuting in Australia. One was the Wayne Attard, USA ex-Walker Evans Dodge, the other was a locally built stadium truck. Fully supported by Mazda was the Bond · Roll Bars built machine powered by an awesome twin turbo Rotary, and driven by Gavin Mickle. Heat 1 saw the big Chev of Richard Bennett fighting with Chris Owen for the lead when the Chev was spun around. Soon after Mark Manns closed in on Owen and the Owen Nissan was spinning off the track. Manns was penalized for the offe:nse and--Owen took the win over David Mendham and then Manns. Heat 2 saw the Manns' Holden Rodeo take command and open up a lead. The beautiful Mickle Mazda copped an early initiation as· the front corner was torn off. Mendham again had his Nissan in the lead pack. The finishing order read Manns, Mendham, and Owen. In midfield thou h, Attard rode up on the bank on the last corner and rolled the once immaculate Dodge. Heat 3 afid the action was happening. Manns and Owen headed the field but behind them there was a tangle which saw the Bennett Chev go over, taking the Mendham Nissan with it in spectacul~r fashion. On the restart Owen led the field bttt spun in froitt of the pac"k: Somehow everybody was missing Glenn Owen ·won a heat. had an axle break in the final, but then came out and won the big. Feature Final in the turbo Nissan Buggy. him until Mansell came through door closed and a heavy impact in the Toyota and slammed the with a barrier the result. Owen truck. Owen was Ok but Mansell then came after Bennett and for was done for. On the restart lap after lap the panels on the Manns led with Owen staying in Chev were torn into shreds. second and that's the way they Owen even tried the earlier finished, with the Bryant Corvette maneuver to spin Bennett but that 3rd. only put Ow~n back and allowed The Class final was a copy of Manns back into second. Bennett . the heat before with Manns was tiring and soon Manns took running away with the race in the the lead, after some more hits supercharged V6 Holden, and from Owen, Bennett gave up Owenfollowinginthet\vin-turbo second place. Then it was V6 Nissan. Bennett was hanging Attard's turn to attack the Chev's on to third with Attard now last remaining panels, and with getting a handle on the Dodge, Manns and Owen across the close behind. Mendham was finish line Attard moved inside fading with a smoky motor. The Bennett and grabbed third by a end result saw the trucks superior couple of inches. Mendham and with the order; Manns, Owen, Mickle once again took 5th and Bennett, Attard, M(!ndham, and 6th. David Mendham who jumped out of his truck and into his turbo buggy for this race. Heat 2 saw Mendham really flying and edging away. Both Jobe and Paul Styles were putting in hard laps and 2-wheeling for the crowd. Daren Wells came out of the pack and . challenged Mendham. The two swapped the lead but in the end Mendham took the win over Wells, and Leach. . The big Chevy of Richard Bennett rears up as he successfully runs at the front of the field. He took some seconds and a third in the feature final. Mickle. The Feature Final was the As for the unlimited buggies, race that sent the crowd wild. the action was just as hectic. Heat With fastest to the rear, Manns 1 saw the high powered buggy of had some work to do as there Glenn Owen shoot to the lead, were still 12 cars in it. Before long behind him was a scuffle which Bennett moved up to the lead. saw Howard Ford end up on his The smaller, nimble Stadium roof. On the restart Owen trucks were coming after him grabbed the lead and a fired up though and it was Manns that Ford went after him. David Leach moved alongside only to get .!_h~ was out early with a flat tire. In the Heat 3 saw Mendham driving at his best and leading the rest. Owen went after him but then got caught by Wells and Leach to make it a real dog-fight for second place. In the end it was Mendham over Wells and Leach. It was then time for the Class Final, which saw Mendham and Wells off the front row, but when the green came on the grunt of Owen put him in the lead from row 2. Bdore long Ford was done with gearbox failure. Owen was doing fine keephg Wells, Mendham and Leach at bay, then Owen pulled off with a broken axle. Wells went into the lead over Leach and Mendham. Then Mendham landed on Leach with the latter pulling out. In the end it was Wells winning over Mendham Page 16 E•~E----M·E .. -.L l.ltltll ·. t· Off-ROADv ICJION~--DIRT; DANGER BIG:JRUCKS BIG:NAMES: May 1996 end Owen won with Ford second and close for third with Col Jobe just edging out a fast finishing The 1600s pro11,ded some wild action as here Bruce Walman rolls, then lands on top of Daryn Maggs. There were no injuries in this, just bent cars. The brand new factory Mazda, made in Australia, of Gavin Mickle suffered from a miscalculation, and got its front corner cut off right here. Dusty Times

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The Chevrolet of Richard Bennett, left, got tangled with the-- Thej1ug.gfes-tfad t-heir-mishaps a7so. Action in a.~1600 heat here Nissan of David Mendham with spectacµJ;ar results. Bennlft(liad ·-shows the result of Andrew Ziems going for a wild ride in his Chris Owen's Nissan, right, nails the rear corner of Richard Bennett's Chevy. The big truck must have been an easy target for the smaller rigs. a· very b-usy night. - - · new car. ------------------------with a close battle for third with catch him and went for the big Martin just holding out Styles. rollover. He and the car were OK, If that wasn't enough for the in fact, on the restart Chris crowd the 1600 buggies came out Watman was the leader. Bruce and put on their typical never-say-Watman was picking off the field die. racing. A top field of 9 cars and soon came through to follow fronted up for heat 1, and it was his brother across the finish, Paul Allport in a brand new car Graham held out Maggs for third. that took the lead. It was Bruce In the Class Final, Graham Watman putting on the early jumped to the lead while Ziems action though as he was forced up suffered a badly bent front end. a barrier and he rolled onto Daryn Then Graham and Maggs had a Maggs. The. two cars had to be hefty coming together and this forced apart for the restart. It was allowed Chris Watman through Maggs leading this time with Matt to the lead. Matt Owen was Owen and Bob Graham close sidelined ~ith a broken gearbox. behind. Andrew Ziems cut a Bruce Watman caught up and the corner too fine and went for a roll two W atmans swapped the lead in the Yokohama car. Maggs took position numerous times. In the the win over Graham and Owen. end it was Chris winning over Heat 2 saw the Watman dominance Bruce, with Maggs, Graham, and come about as Chris lead his older Medrano following. brother Bruce. Graham was Topping off the night was a holding out Mark Medrano for Feature Final with both classes of third. The win went to Chris buggies together. 12 cars in total, Watman over Bruce. Graham and again it was Glenn Owen took the third place. Heat 3 and leading by the main straight; this Bob Graham shot to the front. time coming from row 3!!! Styles Chris Watman tried too hard to was running a good second. Mick Dusty Times Cowie stalled on a corner and Maggs avoided him but in doing so put Styles up on a tire barrier. Shortly after Matt Martin rolled his car and brought on a restart. Owen didn't make such a good start and Maggs and Bruce W atman took command for a few . laps. The pair eventually had a tangle allowing Owen to grab the opportunity to resume as the leader. Mendham was progressing through the field until hit in the rear wheel, damaging the bearing. The 1600's were fighting for second with Maggs, Bruce Watman and Medrano in close company. Around the 10 lap mark Owen still lead but out of nowhere came Chris Watman to pressure Maggs for second. Wells finally got a clear run and made his way past Bruce Watman who was running on a flat tire. At the finish it was Owen who took the win making it two Feature wins in two meetings. Maggs had his best result by far taking second with Chris W atman holding out Daren Wells for third. It certainly seems that Off Road Stadium racing is a boom motorsport in Australia in 1996, just ask anyone that was at Canberra, the only downfall is that you spend most of the night standing ~p, this typ_e of acti~m can't be taken sitting down. Make sure these dates are marked down for future events: 27 April-Newcastle, 18 May-Parramatta. Also, don't be surprised to see a top USA driver competing very. soon against Australia's best. Mark Manns, center, hits the Bennett Chevy, left, but then gets hit by the Owen Nissan, right. This was a busy corner. DESTI May 1996 Page 17

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•••••• -~.ii~i.c;❖ .-.-.-.... -... tThe Straight Poop' From the BigWaywo SAN FELIPE 250 • Young Bullhorn, our recent ex-Prez and half of the Club's reigning 'Driver of the Year' team, had the classic Checker-like run this race: Haul ass, break some shit, deal with it, and still win gain' away! It was picture Baja weather as a total of about 200 bikes and cars left on this 250 mile loop starting and finishing in San Felipe. Iritat-ingly, this fine SCORE event was marred at the start by some locals who used old tires, plywood and dirt to build a wall-like jump about three miles out from the green flag. The first two Trophy-Trucks flipped after hitting it. One of them was a Mexican entry whose driver reportedly got out of his totaled truck and 'went nuts' chewin' the asses of his country-men who were peeking out from behind the nearby bushes. Other than that, this race was an excel-lent example of why the Checkers have always been drawn down to the freedoms of Baja. When brother Mike turned up sick, Robert Harman once again got a chance to solo the family Class 10 car. And solo it he did. Starting at the rear of the pack, Robert moved up through the class, while seemingly stopping at every Checker pit for something or another. Shit-happened, it was handled, and he continued on. When our hero stopped in at Al Long's pit out at the end of Zoo Road for fuel, four other Class 10 cars were already in for fuel or other service in the pits at that location. Now even those Form-ula 1 pit geeks would have been impressed if they coulda seen our boys in action in this last one in, first one out precision Checker stop. Later, Robert radioed to the last Checker pit: "Gimme a time between me and the leader". About then he flew by, and Crowley waved and radioed back, "Hey Pude, you are the leader"! Brother Robert didn't leave anything unused during this im-pressive march to the money. When he took the 'checkers' seven minutes ahead of his closest pursuer, the Harman's family single seaterlooked·and sounded bad. The rear cage had been badly rammed in, there was no first or reverse gears, and the rest of the tranny sounded like there wa a cat inside. Robet Harman, first in Class 10 and seventh overall. This Club hot shot also showed a glimmer of class and maturity, when at _the awards presentation, he made a point to dedicate his victory to the memory of his brother Checker Ray Bennet. Congratulations on a great run, Dude! The Club had nine Checker cars in this race, with eight finish-ing and one not. Here are the rest of those stories: George Seeley got back up to his regular third place spot on only the second time out with his new Class 5 car. But since he gases with BFG and has been noticeabiy absent at recent meet-ings, I have no details other than the typical: "Hey man, he looked good when he came by me". Bryan Moynahan drove a 5-1600 car to an acceptable fifth place finish despite having to stop for awhile to fix a fuel pick up that only /Jicked up about 10 gallons from the fuel cell. Joe Giffin, our Club Secretary, fought handling problems all race long in his 1-2-1600 car, but still was the eighth car across the line in that 21 class. During his run down the Matomi Wash he diced with the Bates' tandem for awhile before Gary went on by. Then a bit later, he came around a corner and saw that his Checker bud had just rolled it off into the rocks. Some-thing didn't look right, so he stopped. 01' man Bates had suf-fered a badly cut hand, but he had tied a red rag aroung it and was in-sisting on continuing on. Unself-ishly, Joe got out and helped get the car straightened around, started up, and Gary on his bloody way. This is the type of attitude that makes the Checkers the brotherhood that it is, and he surely deserves·a big Checker Atta Boy for once again so clearly demonstrating it. Ironically, after the race, it was Giffin who checked into the hospital back home for some unrelated knee surgery. Get well Dude! ' Speaking of the Bates'. BJ suffered through some c.v. boot problems early in the race, with Tiffany ridin' tail gunner. At the halfway point Gary took over, with his wife replacing Bruce in the rumble seat. Mr. & Mrs. Bates then ran across Giffin, rolled it, visited with Joe again, and then lost a c. v. joint almost within sight of town. But, it didn't take long before Gary found some non-Checker help installing the spare c.v. joint he'd borrowed from the last Checker pit (it's amazing how nice that ol' fart can be when he want~ somethin'). This dogged persistence produced an 11th place finish. Tom Koch, with Reider in the passenger's seat, had shifter problems in his open car. At the driver change Jimmy Tucker took over, with McGee replacing Danny, but the team could only manage a 12th in Class 1. Kevin Davis's non-Checker co-driver, driving 'Sprinklerman's' Class 10 car, had a flat early and pulled into the first Checker pit at 3 poles. His non-Checker chase crew showed up at this John Files pit right about the same time as the car, and excitedly joined right in. Then, one of these 'yahoos' banged on the roof and sent the car out before a ratchet strap was installed to hold the spare tire down in it's cradle. Well, of course, it wasn't too long before the spare exited the vehicle. And, not too much longer after that, he had another flat. When Davis's engineman finally limped Kevin's 3 'wheeler' into Greenway's pit, the damage had been done and Kevin could only salvage a 12th in class. Files benevolently decided not to ma"ke an issue over this un-Checker-like pit screw up since Kevin's co-driver had gone out of his way to radio a repeated warning to all the other Checker drivers behind him, citing the danger after ·the start and exact location of the 'Local's jumt>' they were headed for. Billy Robertson started Dan Blain's Class 10 car and almost immediately had electrical problems with the engine. 'Creative wiring' was eventually diagnosed as the problem, i.e. two coils wired together.? Hey Frenchie, you haven't been lettin' Taber work on that thing again, have ya? Frenchie & Boner Billy finished 13th in Class 10. Morgan Maiocco and his Class 5 car were the Club's only DNF this race as his non-Checker partner ran out of time just short of the finish line. Shocks and front end failure caused the down time. NEVADA 200 -Two Checker cars ventured up to this five lap SNORE event run on a 40 mile loop southeast of Vegas, and both of them came home draggin' their tails. Generally the Club does good at the SNORE races we run, but not this time. Fresh from their big win down in Mexico, the Harmans broke a kingpin on their second lap and parked it. And, Duenas's non-Checker co-driver took a turn at rollin' Da Penis's car. This time the damage to Mikey's 1-2-1600 buggy was more severe than last time and the car was withdrawn. Oh, well... We'll be back! LA RANA UPDATE . At Eddie's second race of the year, his entry dropped off to 40 plus cars from the sixty some entries at his first race. At that rate his fourth event might be a very lonely affair indeed. To put it bluntly, Castro appears to have taken a good local off road race promotion and flushed it down the drain with his delusions of grandeur. Besides the Checkers, Core has also abandoned Eddie, with now Fair being the only established support team ·still supportin' this sinking ship, Hmmm? Now why ddtsn't that Fair does, Castro is gonna have to go back to what worked, and do it pretty damn quick, or kiss his promotin' ass good-bye. VEGAS TO RENO · In a definite role reversal compared to our other off road races that include motorcycles, at this event the cars were far out numbered by the bikes. In other works, this was basically a classic long distance point to point motorcycle race that also allowed the cars to run. About 280 bikes/ quads left in the early mon;1ing before about 60 cars. This format apparently suited our six Checker entries just fine as every one of them finished, and three of them won their class! Due to a pressing deadline, what follows is only a superficial overview of how our boys did. More details and race stories regarding this inaugural event will follow next month. Jimmy Tucker and Mike McGee pushed Mike's Class 10 into the winner's circle despite suffering through two simultan-eous flat rear tires early in the race. Our heroes were also the second car across the finish line in this cold and windy race. With Reverend Roy and Capt'n Hook ridin' shotgun, Dan Martin and Billy McCool drove to a big win in Class 1-2-1600, and also the third car to the finish. Shortly after the start, Dan demonstrated the classic desert barel roll to the Rev, who was on his maiden voyage in a Checker race car. With some driving help from Tony 'Millie' Vanillo, Walter Prince picked up a first in Sportsman Class in his open buggy. Congratulations to all our winners! . surprise me? Hey Fair, wake up! Your continued support of this gouger is just postponing the inevitable. But no matter what Brian and Scott Steele were close in_ their 1-2-1600 single seater taking a second in class behind their Checker teammates, and ·the fifth overall car. Frank and Sean Krepz broke a torsion bar early in their 1-800-collect sponsored 1-2-1600, but recov-ered enough to grab a fourth in class. Good Run Guys! Our final finisher was the Dead Cat Racing T earn, banged and bruised, but still runnin' hard at the end. Seems Brother Josh rolled a reported three times before turning the Rosenstein 's 1-2-1600 single seater.over to Peter. Considering this was the Kosher Express's first outing in a real race car, a finish dnd seventh in class would have to be looked on as a qualified success. Good show guys. Five Checker pits spread out over this 500 mile course, with individual chase crews covering the spots in between. And, with 340 entries, this tBest in the Dez' event had the look of a winner on it's first time out . Casey Folks definitely deserves an Atta Boy if for nothing else but his substantial effort in bringing this legendary desert race back to life. Page n A RACING ~ GASOLINE For the distributor nearest you call: 800-345-0076 May 1996 AfflNTION PITTIAMS Send us your tales of triumph and troubles and they will be featured on th~se pages. Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Dusty Times

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PRAIRIE CITY SVRA, SACRAMENTO, CA, MARCH 10, 1996 29) followed by Charlie Ketten ( 181 ) making his short course and pro class debut. By the second lap, Gary Steele ( vet-44) was around Ketten as Ketten fell finished the moto and what a moto. Tyler Mort driving Everett Paul's car would take the holeshot and hold on for the first lap until Berri would go past. Brian Holloway ( vet-14) was up to third with Schultz, Jerry Wald ( vet-46) and Rob Chavez ( vet-33) giving chase. These positions would stick until the end and set up the other half of the main event. VORRA's 11st Season Opener ~~~~ I . Who called for the rain? With 80 degree, sunny sky weather on Friday and Saturday leading up to the race, who would have thought to load the mud tires. But on Sunday morning the skies opened up and natures water truck took over. All the racers kept asking VORRA officials, "What are you going to do"? Track conditions were less than ideal even on Saturday. The valley the race track is in all drains into a natural low spot right on one of the straight-aways in the track. With careful grooming, it was determined that it could be raced with a one line track and any passers were going to need a snorkel; at any rate, it was an ugly sight, and was nicknamed the "sippee hole". A new corner this race was developed as the back straight-away was lengthened and the east turn was tightened to near 180 degrees in hopes of slowing the cars down a tad. The track was widened also and was about 40-45 feet wide all the way around except for the "sippee hole" and the front straight which was 50 feet wide. This was requested at the rules meeting to create more passing areas. A few changes to this years VORRA staff including the absence of announcer Garland Dyke. Garland is on sabbatical for a while to enjoy the racing more. Replacing him is last years head tech inspector Brian Butcher. · Brian had things under control and was able to keep the crowd excited with the racing with new wake up songs and an announcing style different from what the VORRA regulars are used to. One other change to VORRA short course is in the scoring of the overall winner of the day. VORRA has always taken into account the laps completed at a short course race but only in the event of a tie breaker. The new scoring gives 1 scoring point for each lap completed. Added to those points is finish position points; 20 for 1st; 16 for 2nd, 13, 11, 10 etc. At. the end of the day these are added up and the highest number of points wins for the day. The overall season points is still calculated the same; 25 points for entering the race, 3 points for finishing a moto, 3 points for every car you finish in front of and the finish position points. With all the rain on Sunday morning scaring off a few racers, 46 cars decided to enter and take a bath in the mud. Taking the track first as always was the nine car Sportsman Novice class. It was really exciting to see these new drivers out on the wet, slick track. Taking the lead off the get go and the first few laps was a newcomer I oldcomer to VORRA Chris Vian (6). Steve Millward (61) and Joyce Biggs (81) decided to take a mud bath on lap 2 and not join the rest of the race. At the end of three laps Jeff Vanderzweep (86) was chasing V ian followed by Mike Vandeburgh ( 15 ), and Shane Zerlang (22) as the field was cut to six running cars.With two laps to go, V ian, Vanderzweep, Zerlang and Fletcher were all in the mud and Vandeburgh was out in front Dusty Times by almost a half a lap. Zerlang and over it as did the other cars. By the Vanderzweep were the first of the end of lap 1 though, Ben Wald pack to unstuck themselves and (99) was out front challenged by continue. At the checkered brother Andy (34) and Flud. Vandeburgh was the winner with After six go rounds, Ben Wald Vanderzweep second and Zerlang was still up front but now Tammy third, Fletcher fourth. Vian was Brown (37) was in second and one lap back in sixth place. Clint Wolsey (7) was in third. At Mato 2 had Vandeburgh jump the end of eight, Ben Wald was to an early lead with Fletcher, the winner and Andy Wald Vian, and Zerlang close behind as second Tammy Brown third, only six cars made the second Clint Wolsey fourth. moto. By lap two Vian was Clint Wolsey holeshot and led around Fletcher as was Millward. the first five laps of moto 2 The Mini Mag of Vandeburgh followed by Lee Faraola ( 11) and would drop out after three laps Ben Wald and Andy Wald. handing the lead to Vian. Vian Wolsey would fall victim to the would go on to ~in and Millward sippee hole giving the lead to retired after six laps. Fletcher Faraola with Ben Wald and Andy would come in second followed Wald in tow. On the white flag by Zerlang as these three were the lap, Ben Waid would overtake only finishers of moto 2. Final Faraola and go on to back to back results had Chris Vian bringing moto wins with Faraola second, home the bacon, Rich Fletcher Andy Wald third and Keith Haas the potatoes, and Shane Zerlang fourth. Overall top three would had scrambled eggs. be Ben Wald, Andy Wald and Lee In Heavy Metal action, Don• Faraola. German (401) set off his multi-With 14 open cars entered in championship winning ways by the race the decision was made to taking the first and last lap leads in split the class into two divisions front of the four car field. Curt because of the nasty track Wengeler (478) was back in conditions. Division I consisted second and making the jump to mostly of vet drivers and was vet heavy metal was John holeshot by Gary Pinheiro (vet-Champan ( 68) in his Ford Bronco · in third place. . victim to the mud just a couple of laps later and dropped him back a couple more positions and laps. Steele was in hot pursuit of Pinheiro and actually was in front a couple of times. But in the end Pinheiro held on as Steele ran out of laps to make·a pass stick. Vim Nickel ( vet-26) would round out the eight lap finishers for third place. M oto 2 would have less attrition and the same good action. Ace Bradford (208) took the lead off the green followed by Steele, Pinheiro, and Ketten with Nickel in close tow. Nickel's more experience got him around Ketten while Bradford, Steele, and Pinheiro battled up front. On the white flag lap though Bradford's motor let go as the mud was caked on. This would gi:ve the moto win to Steele with Pinheiro second and Nickel third. Division II had some fast boys and it was Sam Berri (149) taking the holeshot and the uncontested moto win. Tom Schultz ( vet-13) would hang on for second and Everett Paul (243) rounded out the finishers for moto 1. Mato 2 had a dry and tacky track that brought some good racing action as all starters With the top five from each division going to the main the stage was set for a heads up, winner take all race. Taking the lead early was Sam Berri with Tyler Mort giving challenge. Steele, Pinheiro, Holloway and Schult: would battle for third, top spot in vet class. About mid race Mort started to gain and give serious challenge to Berri but Mort just couldn't get the job done as Berri was the first across the line. Steele held off the other challengers finishing third 0 1 A, first in vet and Pinheiro, fourth vet, one lap back. At the end of the day the real heroes were the 4 W D towers who spent the day pulling cars out of mud and off the track. If it weren't for these guys, the race could not have been a success. After the awards VORRA "buck stops here" Ed Robinson took a shot of whiskey: he had wld somebody earlier in the day that "if this race goes off, l 'm going to take a shot". cKENZIE'S FILE S K& U l·FL s ·--------------0 C m · Chris German handled moto 2 taking the flag to flag moto and the overall win followed by W engeler and Cham pan. Cham-pan would drop out after five laps with front suspension damage. ~ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 (J) PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 23.66 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 YOUR OFF-ROAD SPECIALISTS! There were three cars entered in 1600's and Arden Dennington ( 1661) had the field in domina-tion in the muddy 1st moto as Keith Robb ( 1628) was stuck in the mud on lap 1 and Abreu Rac-ing ( 162.8) just had the w.rong tire combination and couldn't keep the car going.straight. Mato 2 was just the same with Dennington out front but this time Abreus were on the lead lap and kept Dennington on the straight and narrow. Dennington would overall with Abreu Racing second and Keith Robb third. Class 9 had a decent turn out with six cars entered all in hopes of breaking Lance Rhineharts four race, four win streak. Off the green Rhinehart (916) was on top followed by Dave Tarrant (904 ), Forest Creasy (917) and Tom Hatch (911 ). On lap 3 , Rhinehart would get out of control in the "sippee hole" turning over the lead to Tarrant with Hatch in second, one lap back. At the checkers, Tarrant was on top followed by Hatch, Creasy and Rhinehart. Moto 2 had Rhinehart with the early lead with Tarrant challeng-ing. Creasy was in third followed by Hatch. Rhinehart would hold on to the lead and take the moto 2 win followed b y T arant and Creasy. Final results had Tarrant b reaking the w in streak as Rhineh art would settle for second.Tom Hatch was third and Forest Creasy rounded oat the top four. With nine Pilots on the line, questions throughout the crowd were, "how are these little cars going to make it through the sippee hole?" That question was answered as the leader didn't go through it,Johnny Flud (24 ) went DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME ~ )> a: w Cl w 0 a: :c u Cl) T2 930 930 934 BOOT HOLDER .......................................... MRB-86-9305 BOOT HOLDER-CHROMOLY .................... MCK-0108 DUAL BOOT HOLDER ................................ MCK-0108-3 DUAL BOOT HOLDER ................................ MCK-0108-1 z w ~ ...J ii5 i5 w z w ...J Cl) ~ w :c 930 CV .................................................... MCK-0250 934 CV ............ : ................................ ....... MCK-0251 LIGHTEN 930 CV ................................... MCK-0254 930 POLISHED CENTER STAR ............ MCK-0237 930 CENTER STAR .............................. :MCK-0232 934 CAGE ............................................... MCK-0142 930 CAGE 300m .................................... MCK-0140-1 930 CAGE ............................................... MCK-0140 TYPE 4 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0138 TYPE 2 CAGE ... , .................................... MCK-0136 TYPE 1 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0132 CV JOINT TYPE I ................................... HDR-113-50f;331 CV JOl_NT TYPE 11 ............•..•••.••............. HDR-211-501-331B CV JOINT TYPE IV ................................ HDR-113-501-3310 875 STD BALL ........................................ HYP-19005 934 STD BALL ........................................ HYP-19006 CV GREASE ............................................... SWE-101 CV GREASE ............................................... SWE-103 CV GREASE ............................... , ............... SUP-400 ~ CV GREASE CARTRIDGE ........................ WES·4401 ffi CV GREASE CHALKING ........................... WES-4601 ~ '. 8V. GREASE: ..... .......................................... RED-CV2-MOLY o STD BOOT ................................................. SUP-101 w u 0.. I-(!) a: SM BOOT ........................................•.......... SUP..102 BATES BOOT ............................................. BAT-BOOT 930 ROTAT LEATHER ........... ..................... STC-6000 934 ROTAT LEATHEl3 ................................ STC-6001 E FLOATER NO BRG - LEATHER ............. STC-6010 L FLOATER NO BRG - LEATHER ............. STC-6020 s1 ~so BEARD S A S IPF C CIBIE L HTS BU PAC DUAL SNAP-RING DIFF ........... MCK-0113S THREADED DIFF ...................... MCK-0113T ECONO DIFF T-2 ...................... MCK-0101 RACE DIFF T-2 ........... ............... MCK-0101-1 T1 SPIDER GEAR ..................... MCK-0103-1 T1 SIDE GEAR .......................... MCK-0103-2 SIDE COVER S/A ........... : ......... MCK-0111 IRS SIDE COVER ..................... CLA-4560 a, 5 m JJ Cl) (') .... m JJ ,--z m :c m m ,--(J) (') ,, 0 z a, ~ 9 8 (') z (') Cl) ,, m ~ ,, ,, S&S May 1996 Page 29 <.

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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SWEDISH RALLY Tommi Makinen Ran Hard. And Won In The Snow Text & Plwtos: Martin Holmes Tomas Jansson plus a Celica pre-pared by the Paraguayan dealers T oyotoshi for 21 year old South American champion Marco Galanti. Tommi Makinen got his revenge for suffering from the famous Mitsubishi stay-put order 12 months ago; this time he was urged to go flat out to win, while the preferred man last year, Ken-neth Eriksson, made a disappoint-ing first appearance with his new team. The only person voicing any disapproval was Sweden's ral-lying legend Erik Carlsson, who said it would have been better for the sport if a non-Scandinavian driver had won the event for the first time! Carlos Sainz finished second on his first outing with an Escort, Ford's best WCR result for nine months and the first time th9 had scored a fastest stage for seven. A disaster for Subaru with their tire studs on the first evening when the cars had to run some stages on gravel rather than icy surfaces, set them back. Four dif-ferent makes finished in the top four places and scored fastest stage times, three makes (VW, Opel and Ford) were in the top Formula 2 placings. The Mitsubi-shi team had a grand slam perfor-mance, leading the world cham-pionship, winning overall and top six in Group N was impressive, although they only entered one The route of the three day event held few surprises. Based at Karl-stad with the first night spent at Falun, the main novelty was using two stages side-by-side on the fro-zen lake at Torsby on the second day. There were a high number of 16 service parks though after the Safari Rally there will be a limit of four per day. In the last days before entries closed, both Ford and Subaru announced four car teams and the entries of two former World Champions. Sub-aru's trump card was the appointment of former Toyota driver Didier Auriol while Ford's surprise was Ari Vatanen. Ford's biggest problem was the inexpe-rience of their top drivers Sainz and Francois Delecour at this event; between them they had only covered 20 stages in previous years. Much of their champion-ship hopes rested on the shoulders of their veteran guest driver Stig Blomqvist. Subaru's entry of four identical cars for World Cham-pion Colin McRae, Eriksson, Auriol and Liatti was a surprise move. Although Toyota are out of the official championship this year, the Swedish team were active with cars for Juha Kank-kunen, Thomas 'Radstrom and One special feature of this year's rally was a Press Confer-ence held the day before the start, . Tommi Makinen/Seppa Harjanne continued their winning streak in the north woods in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ill, and Makinen Jed all the way to the checkered flag with others close behind him. _ full works Group A car. p •~ec. .. * Spaniards Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya had scant experience on this event, but it didn't seem to make any difference. If? their first year with Ford they finished second overall 23 seconds back. given by the FIA President Max real. He held third at the end of Mosley and Vice President Bernie the day, only 14 seconds behind Eccles tone. This was the first pub-Makinen, after scoring best time lie appearance by Ecclestone at a on the final stage of the day, the World Championship rally and first scratch time since New Zea-came at a time of discontent espe-land last year. The efforts of the cially in Sweden not only about Toyotas were a surprise. There national rally television coverage was a Toyota in first or second but also radio coverage, for which place all day, always ahead of Ford Eccles tone's company just and Subaru. At Subaru there was announced strict fi na ncia I gloom, a suspicion that something demands from radio stations. He was wrong with their tires, and a said if a country did not want to World Champion driver looking pull itself out of its amateur sport-very upset having been off the ing image and if the local TV peo-road and dropping from fourth to pie were uninterested in (Paying?) tenth. The tire studs fell victim to for the rally coverage there was no the gravel damage and on only one reason for a country like Sweden stage, 6, had Colin McRae made a to continue in the series. Tough fastest time, on the more snowy talk indeed! · final two stages of the day he was The weather was fine, crisp but second each time. clearforEtapel,withlongsunny Sainz was going well, but spells during the day. The start teammate Delecour in the second was moved to a car park at the Repsol colored car was not. He outskirts of town. There were few had power steering trouble on the of the usual snowbanks, against first stage a turbo failure on stage which drivers are protected from 5, and he wiped the active trans-sliding off the road into roadside mission data off the computer at rocks, which meant drivers one point as well! Vatanen was needed to drive with an unusual going well in his older specifica-neatness. There was a thin coating tion Ford after a cautious start, of compressed snow on the icy but Blomqvist was unhappy with tracks, but in some places the the traction of the car. Others gravel had already worn through who suffered first day misfortune the snow, and this was to become included Liatti and Thomas Rad-a focal point of the final day's strom, both of whom lost two rallying. minutes off the road. Makinen ·There was a noticeable change held the lead virtually all the time in attitude among the Ford team. butgraduallytheotherswer:eclos-Carlos Sainz, despite his lack of ing in. Kankkunen was six detailed knowledge of this event, seconds behind on arrival at Falun had installed in the team a new and Sain: another eight further purpose. When Sainz made third back. best time on the first stage behind In the Formula 2 category Makinen's Mitsubishi and Kank-Volkswagen cars were supreme. kunen's Toyota, t~e jo_y became Harry Joki led initially then went Colin McRae and Derek Ringer seemed to have the wrong tires for conditions ' often, but they got the Subaru lmpreza 555 into the fast stage times, and held third after the first day. .r-Juha Kankkunen and Nicky Grist drove as a Swedish team entry, a Toyota Celica GT-Four and did well on the second day, leading some of the stages in fact, and they were fourth, a minute, 28 behind. 45th Swedish Rally February 1996 Tommi Makinen/Seppa Harjanne /:F Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution A • 4 :37:10 Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya E Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 4:37:33 Colin McRae/Derek Ringer G3 Subaru lmpreza 555 A 4:38:15 Juha Kankkunen/Nicky Grist SF/GB Toyota Calica GT-Four A 4:38:38 Kenneth Eriksson/Steffan Parmander S Subaru lmpreza 555 A 4:39:36 Thomas Radstrom/Lars Backman S Toyota Calica GT-Four A 4:40:00 Marcus Gronholm/Timo Rautiainen /:F Toyota Calica Turbo 4WD A 4 :41 :58 Stig BlomqvlsVBenny Melander S Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 4:42:56 Tomas Jansson/Ingemar Algerstedt S Toyota Calica GT-Four A 4 :43:54 Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelll F Subaru lmpreza 555 A 4 :43:56 Francois Delecour/Daniel Grataloup F Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 4 :45:43 Piero Liatti/Mario Farfaglia I Subaru lmpreza 555 A 4 :47:30 Kenneth Backlund/Tard Andersson S Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution N • 4 :51 :15 Uwe Nlttel/Tlna Thorner D/S Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution N 4:55:28 Joaklm Andersson/Micael Eriksson S VWGolf GT! 2.0 A • • 5 :07:46 Winners average stage speed 106.21 kph 95 starters - 55 finishers - •Group Winner •• F2 winner World Championship Points - Mitsubishi 47, Subaru 43, Ford 40 WRC Drivers Points - Makinen 20, Salnz 15, McRae 12, Kankkunen 1 O, Group N Drivers Points- Backlund 13, Walfrldsson 10. Nlttel 7 Page 30 \ii ~ Kenneth Backlund and Tord Andersson made a bad start, spinning in two early stages, but led the first day in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Ill and won Group N by over four minutes. May 1996 off the road for a while and later went off for good on stage 6. Jur-gen Jonasson held the lead from then on. Mats Jonsson went off the road on stage 3 in his Astra, while the Clio Maxi of Jonas Kruse had a broken driveshaft on the first stage then a double punc-ture later on, but was still third in the category. In Group N Kenneth Backlund made a bad start spin-ning on stage 1, and then again on stage 6, but was in the lead ahead of a big surprise, the Mitsubishi Germany driver Uwe Nittel. Arne Radstrom's Toyota had power steering trouble, while initial leader Mika Korhonen Mitsubi-shi went off the road for a long time and when he saw the pro-posed restart order list for the second etape he went home. Colin McRae began his attack right away on Etape 2. On the first stage of the day he rose from sixth to fifth, on the second stage he was fourth, and gradually, very gradually, through the day he was able to close on the leader. He was 95 seconds behind Makinen at the start of the day, 76 behind at the end. The predicted snow which Mitsubishi had feared would ruin Makinen's chances had not fallen overnight in the expected quanti-ties, but all the same the roads were very slippery. Pirelli 's disas-ter of the day before had been traced to the carbon tips of the studs breaking free, and the driv-ers being harder on the tires as a result of thinking that the studs had come away altogether at that point. In fact, this made things worse, because the rest of the studs were wrenched away from the rubber, pulling t~e glue and large chunks of the tread blocks with them. It was clear the prob-lem was most serious when the tracks had gravel showing through. Pirelli 's alternative Y type tire had a bigger tread block pattern and was the best for Sub-aru but the team did not have enough, so M tires were used on the cars of Auriol and Liatti. Auriol was not really at ease. "The car seemed fine the first time I tested it, not so good the second and on the rally I found it quite difficult. I hope ifl have the chance to d'rive a Subaru again, I will first be able to adjust the car to my style of driving." Ford continued to be cau-tiously optimistic. Would Carlos go for victory? "Too early for that. This is only the second day of my two year contract. I am concentrating on finishing as well as I can." Delecour had the front electronic differential discon-nected which made the car turn-in better but caused the rear to be too loose, while Blomqvist went off the road, hit a rock which bent the cross member and suffered road penalties. He also struggled with no brakes for a while. Dusty Times

Page 31

During the festivities there was a presentation made by World The Formula 2 winr:1er was perhaps Christe, Steen and Per The Mitsubishi Germany Team (L-R): Uwe Nittel, Tina Thorner, Champion Colin McRae to Garry Connelly, right, of Rally Westman in this Opel Corsa GSi. The fine print on the result Ian Grindrod and Richie Ho/fed. It looks good enough to be a A4s_traJia with-the Rally of the Year Prize for 1995. sheet is impossible to read. Christmas card. --=----=-----:-----,---------~~-------Vat an en started the day having stresses, the snow had suddenly fell oft." This let Christer Steen , fluctuating. Delecour finished the been unable to sleep the night poured down from the sky, (Opel Corsa) go ahead for a while final stage with smoke pouring before: Sebastian Lindholm who remained. before Joakim Andersson's VW out of his gearbox due to an oil had a shortage of tires due to non-Backlund. continued to lead caught up. Kruse retired his Clio leak. Vatanen crashed and retired delivery of his supplies found the Group N while Walfridsson rose Ma~i with engine failure. ( sixth gear spin on ice when the problem got desperate and went up to second place. "Yesterday On Etape 3 Kankkunen spoiled studs had worn away; he drove off the road into retirement, the Backlund had been radioing his chances of holding third place the final four kilometers of the first top driver to disappear from through tire recommendations on the first stage of the day when stage, but the radiator was too the event. for me, but all the time the condi-he spun, nudged a snowbank, badly damaged to carry on, while The Toyota drivers were not tions were changing and every blocked the cooling apertures and Per Svan had transmission trou-enj oyi ng the fresh snow and time he suggested tires which were caused the screen to be covered by ble but struggled to the end. Jans-Kankkunen gradually fell back. too soft." The team was also frozen snow. "The car was just son went off the road and had a He started six seconds behind the relieved he got ahead of Nittel. too wide for driving on fresh puncture while Bror Danielsson, leader, immediately fell back Mitsubishi Sweden's team man-snow." This was the break that whose Subaru was the only behind Sain: and ended the day in ager had confided he had been McRae wanted. Two stages later Group N car to challenge the Mit-third place 36 seconds behind uneasy in the way Nittel had been he was up to third place. On the subi~his, was slowed by gearbox Makinen. Kankkunen, running going earlier. -"We had asked narrow and twisty stages of the problems. second car behind Makinen, BacklundtogiveNittelsomedriv-day the Toyota couldn't match "This was the second best noted how his car was a lot wider. ing tips before the event ... "Ho!-the pace of the Subaru. On the result of my career, after my • "If our car had been the same feld had a couple of punctures on first stage of the day Eriksson got • maiden win in Finland in 1994," width as the Mitsubishi, we could a stage, Nittel stayed third and ahead ofVatanen into fifth place, ~ Makinen said afterwards, "As for have driven in Tommi's ruts, but Lancers were in the top six places so the championship chances of the unpleasant memories of last as it was we had n > chance to do in the Group. Gustavo Trelles Subaru which 24 hours before year's rally, this is a new year." this." While Jansson and Rad-retired his Subaru with a fault had looked so bleak, were not World champion Colin McRae strom had a patchy day, Makinen with a fuse. In Formula 2 the crazy quite the disaster they expected. said "Conditions were. predicta-kept a steady lead, but looked war of attrition continued. Jon-Blomqvist still felt his car \1/aS not ble, you had to be much more -anxiously at the sky. The final day asen went off the road and right after his accident the day careful, and of course, I went off would start with him once again straddled some rocks, with no before, while Sainz's hope of the road in stage 7!" Had Colin running first car on the road, and spectators close by. "We lost a lot catching Makinen was taken away overacted wken he knew he had a the memories of the year before, of time, and then as we were driv-when a central differential pres-tire problem, whereas other driv-when in addition to the political ing out of the stage a rear wheel . sure valve stuck and the effect was ers had gone more carefully? At HONDA Power Equipment Luxury in the frozen north was the indoor arena servicing at Borlange. The service crews loved the setting. least the team was able to bury the memory oflast year! So ended the only cold rally in a championship which is marked this year by going to warm countries, the next round of which is the Safari Rally in Kenya. KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ POWER TO-~-D Racer and Spectator Discounts •GENERATORS •WELDERS •GENERAL PuRPOSE ENGINES =---. ---,,._ •~J\TER PUMPS "?UTBOARD ENGINES I : .· ;,:. ··•. LAWNMOWERS LAWN TRACTORS EB6500SX ' . • RIDING MOWERS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS AND INVENTORY IF We DoN'T HA ve IT, No ONE Does! ASK FOR ART AT LA RANA RACES AT THE G&R PIT # 1523 DELIVERY TO lHE RACES AVAIi.ABLE • P1EAsE CALL AI-IEAo KAWAGUCHI HONDA -w-::.-... -=-::--' • lll'l!l&lc:i::=i · 00 ~·. ,, :ii.z-=: Jii--EX1000 3Ei32 E. 3RD Si: CA 90J63 • 213.264.3936, 264.SSSS FAX 264.2136 HONDA. Power Equipment Dusty Times /v1sAj SALES, SERVICE, PARTS HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT SPECIALIST Nothings easier. li1i F'or opumum pcr!or:nancc- and safety. plC'.l~ tt:id th.:-0\\1lt-r·s nunual ~fore-o~r:iUng your Honda Po,..·er Equipmenl. Spttirlc:11lon$ subject to ct-..m!!?c ...,1thout no(h.·e. •EsUm.1tc-only. b:i~d on rated load. +S.·utc-ry not U1dudt"d u.1th E:'\t35v0S.XK1. E'.\15000S.XKI and £B0500S.X. H\\"it.h baac-ry tr.1y kil. wh«ls lit ha.n~c-r. ConnttUon to house" powc-r requlrc-s tr.tnsfier d<"\1k to .woi,! po-:5siblc-tnJury to po..-:u company pcnonnc-1. Consult a qualified c-lecU1clan. . May 1996 Page 31

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Northwest Rally Report Text & Phot.os: Jim Culp Janice Damitio and Amity Trowbridge were shining in the Crazee Espresso Toyota Celica, finishing second overall in both Doo Wop 1 and Doo Wop 2. Scott Fuller and Ben Bradley in the 4WD Ra/lye Golf howled through the Porter Creek S-·curves in route to an overall victory in the Lucky Eagle Casino Rally -Doo Wop 1. Volkswagen Rallye Golf driven by Scott Fuller and Ben Bradley, captured the opening Doo Wop event, the Lucky Eagle Casino Pro Rally. The Portland duo howled into the lead on the day's second stage and held on for the win. Howling is really the only way to describe the unique sound that precedes the supercharged 4 WD VW as it storms through the woods. Fuller and Bradley were first away from the Casino start-ing line, and after easing through some snowy patches on the first stage, they took the lead on the stage two just abo~t t_he time the New cars and new crews were February 24125 in Oakville, the stars as the curtain went up on Washington. The first two the 1996 northwest rally season, . rounds of the Doo Wop rally ser-This is the system run by most TRI-MIi., BOBCAT CHROME off road race winners Page 32 198~91 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER .. 13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED ies featured tight competition in almost every class and a return to. the familiar gravel roads of the Capital Forest. Doo Wop 1 One of those new cars, the Todd Harmann and Kirk Knestis in the VW Golf were the first two wheel drive finisher in both of the February Doo Wop rallies in Washington. f¼,,. Gary Caffroy and Carolyn Russell swing a corner hard in their Mazda RX3. They teamed to take first in regional Class two at the Lucky Eagle Casino Rally. .,.,,ik· .,Jh,.,.~ . Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes slid the Ruby's Restaurant Toyota Supra to the 02 class trop_hy in the Lucky Eagle Casino Rally. May 1996 sun burned through the morning overcast': The Golf posted fastest time on half of the day's six stages, including a blazing run through stage three that left the competi-tion far behind. Fuller and Brad-ley zipped through the 43 stage miles in a time of 53:37, grabbing both the divisional 4WD trophy and the regional class one crown. Janice Damitio and Amity Trowbridge in the Crazee Espresso Toyota Celica All-trac finished second. The 1995 Div-isional Runoff Champions accel-erated over the late stages to nar-row the gap and finished just 22 seconds back. Only three seconds separated the second place Toy-ota from another VW, this one the two-wheel-drive Hartmann Motorsports Golf driven by Todd Hartmann and Kirk Knestis. Their third overall was also good for the divisional under two liter class win. First in the over two liter class, and fourth overall were Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes in the Ruby's Restaurant Toyota Supra. The Toyota supercar led the rally after stage one, but was slowed by the narrow and twisty forest road used for stages two and five. Fifth overall, but first in the regional group 2 class were Gary Caffroy and Carolyn Russell in a Mazda RX3. A one minute road penalty dropped the Monty Horn and Scott Simons Datsun 510 into second in Class 2, sixth overall. Seventh were Bill Nation and Erik Thompson in a flower covered Mazda RX7. Eighth and ninth overall was the battle for the Rally Lite class crown, with Larry Furst and Mike Fenter, in a Datsun 210, edging lack Horn and Eric Schild, in a Mazda GLC, by nine seconds. Tenth overall were Jack Brod-head and Jason McCarter in the new Jump'N Jack Espresso Toyota FX 16. Brodhead and McCarter's first outing with front wheel drive was a success as the pair captured the regional class three prize. Twelve of the twenty starters made the run back to the Lucky Eagle Casino to finish the event. Notable among the DNFs were Rick Beson and Tim Mealy in the 4WD Ma:da Protege. Spluttering through the course, Beson dropped four minutes behind on the first stage and retired after stage two. Chad Dykes and Bill Gutzmann were another DNF but only after putting an explanation mark next to the term gas guzzler when they ran out of that essential liquid less than 100 feet from the finish of stage one. Since Dykes and Gutzmann were entered in the most unusual rally car this side of Dakar, there was no thought of Dusty Times

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pushing the Dave T umerMotorsports Cadillac Sedan de Ville up the hill to the finish. ' DooWop2 · Mastering the mechanical gremlins Rick Beson and new co-driver Tim Me;ily captured the Oakville Forest Products Pro Rally, the second round of the Doo Wop Series, in the Wes tern Turbo 4WD Mazda Protege. An overnight snowfall made the first two stages a slippery adventure for the crews. As the snow melted in the morning sun, the Portland based Protege proved master of the changing road conditions. Second once again were Dami-tio and Trowbridge in the Crazee Espresso Toyota, 25 seconds back at the finish. Third were FulleriJ.nd Bradley in the VW Ral-l ye Golf. Starting first on t\1e road, the Golf's skid plate made a nifty snow plow for the first stage run up into the white stuff. Dave Turner's Cadillac Sedan de Ville driven by Chad Dykes and Bill Gutzmann ran out of gas on stage one in the first Dao Wop, but came back to finish 13th in the second round of the series. ,w,· Rick Beson and Tim Mealy in. the 4WD turbocharged Western Turbo Mazda Protege finished first overall in the Oakville Forest Products Rally. Hartmann/Kneistis were the first two-wheel-drive car to.finish, placing, the Hartmann Motors-ports Golf in fourth overall and first in the divisional under two liter class. Fifth and sixth posi-tions were occupied by the regional class two battle between Horn/Simons and Caffroy/Rus-sell. This match-up also turned into the fight for the divisional over two liter tide, with the Horn and Simons Datsun 510 coming from behind on·the final stage to collect a narrow two second victory. Dave and Rick Hintz survived a · wild finish-to win the novice class and take seventh overall. The Hintz RX3 took the flying finish on the day's final stage in the ditch lining the road, then leaped across the road to collect the opposite ditch before collecting the cl~ss Dave and Rick Hintz drifted their Mazda RX3 to seventh overall and first in regional class 3 in the Oakville Forest Products rally. Larry Furst and Mike Finter had a few interesting moments in the snow, but still finishe first in Rally Lites Class at the Oakville Forest Products in a Datsun 210. The new Jumpn'n Jack Esppresso Toyota FX16 brought Jack Brodhead and Jason Mccarter home first in regional class 3 at the Lucky Eagle Casino Rally. Dusty Times crown. Nation/Thompson in the RX7 were eighth, followed by Kosmides/Noyes in ninth with the Ruby's Supra. Tenth overall was the Rally Lite class winning Datsurll 210 of Furst/ Finter. The Datsun crew edged John and Chris Fore-spring' s Toyota Starlet by a single second to take the class win. Rally Lites are a Northwest Region class for cars with engines 1500cc or less. Modifications to both car and engine are limited. Competi-tion in the class tends to be tight .,.. and it's not at all uncommon to . see Lites cars crack the top ten in l/ northwest events. Sixteen of the Monty Horn and Scott Simons took the Wagonwheel Nursery Datsun 510 eighteen starters finished the through the snow to victory in regional class two at the Oakville Forest • second Doo Wop event. _Pr_o_d_u_ct_s_R_a_ll_y. ____________________ _ l Box 1 1 1 1 1 Pr. 1 1 3 Pr. 1 1 1 35 Gal. 1 Set 1 2 10 Gal. R.C.R. RACING MISC. PARTS AND TOOLS FOR SALE Misc. Taps Peacock Dial Bore Gauge 20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack Motorcraft 150 Al\lP Alternator Roadmaster Radio Head Sets To Fit Roadmaster Radio Uniden Radio Mikes To Fit Roadmaster Radio Tilton Starter To Fit SmaJI Block Ford w/C.6 Transmission Small Block Ford Valve Covers Hossfeld Bender 1" & 11/2" Dies Snap On Plasm11 Cutter, Model #YASS50 110 Gal. Fuel Tank w/Stand & Hoses Maxima O Fade Shock Oil Champion Bead Locks To Fit 17'' Rirns, New Champion Bead Locks To Fit 17" Rims, Used Ultra 17" Rims Son S 1/2 W/Bead Locks On Outside of Rim Non Bead Lock Rims (Ultra) S on 5 1/2 Snap On Floor Jack, Aluminum Sides & Solid Wheels Misc. Boxes of Fittings, From -3 to -12 Carter Electric Fuel Pumps Bilstein Shock Oil Complete Stock Of Bowman Bolts & Nuts Over $171000 Value, Too Much To List s 110. s 175. s 35. s 125. S 375. s 125. s 250. s 10. ea. $ 275. s 40, ea. 53,500. 51,350. S 600. s s 60. e?, s 45. ea. s 70. ea. $ 60. ea. s 250. Make Offer s 30. ca. s Make Offer CALL (909) 371-8334 or (909) 371-S000. Ask For Rick. May 1996 Page 33

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Sears Pressure Washer Product Evaluation Text & Photos: Homer Eubanks This Sears gas powered 6.5 hp washer can put out 2200 psi of serious cleaning pressure. While out splashing about in mud puddles or plowing through fine silt beds off road toys can accumulate their share of dirt and grime. Caked on mud and grime might be a reflection of how much fun one has had, but when it comes time for clean up how do you keep the fun fresh in your mind! I found a pressure washer from Sears to be the answer. With their new line of high pressure washers Sears has found a way to bring the effectiveness of a high pressure car wash to your home. Until now the only way to get those grimy projects really clean was to load everything up and head to the local car wash. Having your own home based pressure washer allows you to keep all your toys looking new and takes a lot of effort out of many home projects. When shopping for a pressure washer you will find Sears to be a great place to shop as they offer several models to choose from which can boost normal garden hose water pressure anywhere . from 500 to 220 psi. Pressure washers come with two basic power sources, electric or with gasoline engines. Our choice was the gas powered unit for its versatility. Smaller unit's pricing started around $200 while our heavier duty unit ret_ailed at $800. For it's overall variety of uses . we chose the Craftsman model . 580.751650. It's powered by a 6.5hp ( 190cc) overhead valve gasoline engine making it capable of handling any cleaning task imaginable. Its portability makes· it ideal for working around the house or dragging it out to the race track. It came partially: assembled and was ready for use I in about an hour." Rated at 2200 psi the unit is capable of pushing three gallons of water per minute. Admittedly this unit is overkill for most off road applications but lends itself well to many tasks around the house. Be forewarned if your spouse sees this new toy you'll quickly be drafted into projects ranging from spraying blinds to blowing loose paint off the house before repainting. However, several accessories are available to take much of the work out of these normally tough projects. The bigger the job the more help this pressure washer can be. Water pressure is boosted many times from the common 20 •· to 70 psi found coming from a •garden hose. This high pressure physically breaks up packed on mud and flushes it away. Our unit adds detergent as a pre-wash to help break down the grime which reduces the amount of pressure needed to clean the surface. Operating instructions suggest first applying the detergent and then letting it soak in for a few minutes before the high pressure rinse. I had hoped to be able to apply the detergent under pres-sure but this system doesn't per-mit this. As is, it works great for cleaning engine compartments, or knocking heavy mud deposits off, but some elbow gr.ease is still needed for shining up the paint on the family grocery chaser. If I had a gripe about this sys-tem it would be the plastic quick coupling for the water feed hose. After getting involved in a project I stepped on the feed hose while moving the washer and the coupler broke off. No problem, the hose fitting screwed directly into the wasl}er's brass fitting. It's just that heavier plastic is needed in the coupler's construction if it is to be used by clumsy people like . myself. The first test was cleaning up the dirt bikes. Motocross racing has a tendency to pack mud into areas which are impossible to reach with normal cleaning methods. Detergent was applied to the dried on mud and allowed to soak in for a few minutes before this high pressure rinse. Oops, first off I peeled one of the kid's stickers off the front fender. No problem, a simple twist of the wand's nozzle brought the high pressure stream down to a man-ageable level. Having the unit at home as opposed to having the timer tick away at the car wash meant one can take the time to aim at each built up deposjt. To test the unit's effectiveness on really built up grime the no:zle was aimed at the under-carriage of my old pickup. The engine, trans-mission and differential all look new again. Many years of road grime had accumulated on the dif-ferential housing but a few passes with the high pressure wand brought about a clean housing. Around the house uses can vary greatly. The adjustable node can produce a gentle spray or a power-ful work force. My first house project was to take all the blinds outside where the dust disap-peared and the original shine returned. Spraying the house's exterior windows with the special general purpose house wash made the annual cleaning of the win-dows a simple chore. With the turbo node installed the spider webs and accumulated dust disap-peared from the eves of the house as well. Grease and built up dirt deposits on the walkway and decks were easily pushed away in a matter of minutes. The garage floor really came back to life. Although regularly swept the floor h~d accumulated a nice layer of crust which had become accep-· table to the eye. After a few swaths of the pressure hose it was apparent the concrete should have a lot more shine it. The pressure washer got through each project so quickly I found myself looking around for other projects to tackle. All the cars got a cleaning. The hood was raised and the engine compart-ments were cleaned .. In fact the son-in-law's 200,000 miles of engine compartment grime was knocked out in a few minutes. Washing teh motor home is always a dreaded chore, But I found the pressure washer made this a simple task. The unit is so simple my teenager even asked to help. The unit stands ready. Just connect the garden hose and start up the gasoline engine. If soap is needed simply insert the pickup siphon tube into the detergent bottle and set the wand's no::le to low pressure. After allowing the suds to soak in the wand's no::le is pulled back into action and the pressure makes quick work of the cleaning project. Cars with road grime require installing the ·optional 3x7 inch brush to the pressure wand. The soft 1 ¾ inch bristles won't harm paint yet are · still enough to get down into the tight spots. After the scrubbing is over a high pressure rense delivers as good a wash job that can be had at any car wash. After using the pressure washer on the many varied tasks around the house I wonder how I ever lived without it. I found the gaso-line powered engine offers the mobility needed to tackle any task. With the supply hose hooked to the motor home the unit is ready to work at the race track or other remote locations. The washer's portability makes it ideal for working around the house or dragging it out to the race track. Engine compartments collect their fair share of grime. The Sears power washer knocked out 200,000 miles of engine grime in a matter of minutes. Page 34 Caked on grime on the differential makes the vehicle unkempt looking. A few passes with the high pressure wand brought about a well cared for looking differential. May 1996 Dusty Times

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FAIR News By Dave Massingham ing for help and found none. Even going to the Fire department and the Police station. I guess high tides made a mess of his truck. La Rana California 200 saw the I missed Bonfire Racing at the usual kick ass entries from La Rana Race January 27th in the FAIR ... 16 or more: Marchissue.BillMarkelandJohn * Wes Wisdom and Family Daly #740 DNF, within 25 miles, (Scott and Brady), #1601, third first lap they had rear end prob-in their new Mirage two seat.Wes lems, which created trans and is the only team to FAX a full page engine troubles. Rhonda Daly with detail information. Thank sent me some notes from the you Wes. Brady started having a January 27th La Rana Race. They good first lap in second place. were assigned to Pit D with FAY Stopped for adjustments in the racing. They spent most of their torsion and 40 seconds later he time working on non-FAIR cars was racing still in second place. In and trucks. I guess we need to Wes Wisdom's words, "an Indy keep a record of the vehicles we crew couldn't have done better." work on at every race, and send On lap 2, they lost power in th~ them a Membership Application · motor, stopped at FAIR Pit B, or an invoice. They loaned a non-welded up a cracked exhaust FAIR member a yellow tow strap header. Still down on power and and never received it back. If losing 15 minutes, they made a anyone knows who has it, please driver change at the end of lap return it to any FAIR pit, atten- two. Wes found a loose plug wire tion Rhonda Daly. in the distributor cap and Scott San Felipe 250 saw four FAIR was on his way. Lap 3 saw Scott entries. Jeff Randall took the first fly around setting FAST Lap for paid position as Race Manager, the class! On the last lap Scott arranging four pits. First pit was rolled the car on it's side in a soft located at check mile 65, with berm, no damage and was able to WR Racing pulling a full pit and continue. The "Old Man" Wes not racing. Harry Dunne, Mike got in the last lap to finish third Rebolledo, Garth Hutchison and place and drive the minimum Dean Martin took the work amount of time required. duties. I heard Garth and Dean * Danny Drake and Rich Fersch had a very interesting trip home #551, first in class, ninth overall! and had to do some "while in Rich started with Danny riding BAJA repairs" to Garth's truck. shot gun, at the half way mark, Borrego pit was covered by Steve Danny took over driving and his Poole and his UNOCAL 76 5th wife rode with him. He passed wheel trailer. A past FAIR mem-Bob Wright on the last lap for the ber, Chris Peterson went down to win. help with the help of Mike Dewey * Garth Hutchison and Mike a friend from work. Rebelledo #555 with Dean Moreilla Junction pit was Martin co-driver, DNF. Mike covered by Steinberger PC! van. started and had rear suspension A long ways to drive the van for problems on lap 2 putting the four cars. Frank Orasco and Alex very nice yellow Baja Bug on the Makson covered the last pit trailer. located at mile 170 for Parkhouse * Jay Fogg and Jim Malinowski, crew. #909 with Jay's son, Kevin co-* Scott Steinberger #722 DNF: driver, DNF. Lost the trans in the Four miles into race they lost first five miles. power, trying their best they were * Jeff Madrid and Gary Bancroft unable to repair the old reliable #1603, DNF. Jeff started, rolled lightning fast truck. I thought all the car, was down 1 ½ hours with their troubles were behind them electrical problems, lost c.v. after having a fire one week before which turned out to be a trans, while testing at Barstow. Due to a and called it a day. Sorry to say all non functioning pin in their flame three of the "Clearwood" race out system, they almost lost the cars DNF'd. truck. Good idea for all racers to * John Lucas anp Ron Osborn check their units. Friday night #247, DNF. Ron started and had while chasing for Todd Clements, such a good run, second or third Scott's chase crew rolled Scott's overall, they decided not to black Chevy pickup truck. Bob change drivers. On the fourth lap lost a motor in his motorhome on lost the brakes and crashed into a the way home. Looks like the rock (as big as a house) that put Steinberger crew has some them out of the race. homework to do. * Mitch Griffin and Paul Lane * Dick and Mark Weyhrich #1612, second in class ~nd sixth #1015 DNF seven miles into the overall. A pretty trouble free day, race, they suffered unrepairable just couldn't catch Bob Suchy/ suspension problems. New car Randy Mottram 1600 car. blues ... correction on my Parker * Bob Suchy and Randy Mottram, results for Weyhrich, they finish- # 1610, first place. A FAST ed 10th. trouble free day. The wives were * Jim Addis #1008 had some the co-drivers and split the race problems before the race, DNF. 50%. Randy says "A Perfect * Brian Parkhouse and Willie Day!" Melancon, #116 finished eighth * Bob Wright and Kim Wright in Class 1, driving the old 10 car #569, second in class and 11th in 5 hours 20 minutes. Since overall. Bob drove the full race Brian's new A-arm Mirage single and paid for it. His wife Kim and seat Class 1 car isn't ready, they Russell co-drove. He was leading elected to race Brian's 10 car. but fatigue set in and had to let Wilbur started, had one flat tire, Danny Drake by, still finishing Brian got in at Borrego and fin- second. ished with no problems other * Kathy and Stacy Fay, #777, than down on H.P. From what I first in class as usual, no heard they had enough trouble problems. and problems getting to the race. * Jim Norgard, #1401 DNF. Frank Orasco had his troubles * Robert Wilkes, #1405, first in also, after pulling Brian's truck class, first race. Robert was hit by out of the soft sand, Frank got Scott McKinney's truck hard stuck. Frank went to town look-. enough to_ do major damage! Hey Dusty Times Scott, lets have a little respect for your fellow racer! Thanks to Joe Jensen for a great welding job that got them going again. * Frank Omboli and Jim Coch-ran #550 DNF. Due to rear torsion and transmission. The real question is, who made it farther #550 or 555? * Bill Markel #7 40 DNF. Lost engine on second lap. WOW, what a help to stranded cars he was on his way in! * Mike O'Donnell #1012, DNF. Transmission * Jack Zanbergen #576, fourth in class. All f heard was, two flats and that they followed a chase truck the wrong way. I am sorry if I missed any other La Rana racers. When I don't receive any FAXED info or a written report from the Race Manager or Race T earn, its hard to report nothing! BBQ after the race was a huge success. Thanks John and Rhonda Daly for · cooking the burgers and hotdogs. · B, until they saw the Stealth fly over head. AWESOME, is how they described it. Dan Fisk and Jeff Quinn un-fortunately didn't race, due to losing a trans while testing Friday. Our President Bob Steinberger has set the second Wednesday as a Board of Directors meeting every month. They will meet at the Holiday Inn, 91 freeway and Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton at 7 p.m. Same location as our regular meetings. This is an opportunity to draft some new guidelines for-FAIR as I will discuss and any concerns voiced by FAIR members. FAIR has voted in to assign or volunteer a Race Manager for every event to co-o rd i na te pit support. This Manager will also be paid $100 for California races and $150 for out of California races. Bob Steinberger wants to drop the requirement of two pit people for each race. He feels we can take care of pit assignments ~ith vol-unteers, and generate a bigger pool of pit support if race teams are not obligated to provide two people. Let Bob know your thoughts. FAIR van continues to be under major repair, a complete motor and trans rebuild again. It seems we have been using cheap gas and driving the old van too hard. We need a few good van drivers to take care of it. Anyone interested, please call Bob Stein-berger at PC!. Future Activities for FAIR: June 8th-9th, Fun in the Desert; August, Nostalgia Dinner; Oct-ober Desert Adventure; Date to be announced, FAIR Swap Meet. FAIR meets the first and third Wednesday each month 8 p.m. at the Holiday Inn. Located on Harbor Blvd. at the 91 Freeway in Fullerton. We have a raffle on the second meeting each month and need donations. Anyone inter-ested in learning what FAIR is all about, come on out to a meeting. We served up 125 people. Why , can'twegetth_atmanyorhalfthat Co•i--N-... Month to go,to the pits. · ■■.---• ••• Pit Person of the Race, Joe Jensen, Joe is part of the Omboli Vegas to Reno Off Road Race Crew. He sometimes rides in the SCORE Primm 250 car and sometimes pits for Frank. Joe is the kind of guy, if someone needs help he will do anything and go anywhere. We all should use Joe as our example of a Pit Crew Manager. Thanks Joe for all your help and dedication to FAIR. La Rana California 200 WRC Rally of Portugal WRC Safari Rally Racing at Glen Helen OHV Park I understand Bruce Streeper and Rich Fersch were bored at Pit ... Plus all the regular features -------11111 -----------------------.. ----NEVADA'/ I.ARGEJT OFFROAD, /AND, flREET VW PART/ flORE WE CARRY AURORA, PYROTECT, PARKER PUMPER TURBO BLUE, VDO, CACTU.f RACING BAKER BATTERIEf, JWAY A WAY WRIGHT PLACE, EARIJ, YOKOHAMA .IUPER TRAP, JWEPCO, TANAKA BUG PACK, I&/, CHENOWTH UMP, BELL HELMET.f, KEP, .fACO FODDRIL, UNI-FILTER May1996 K&N, TRI-MIL, PERMA COOL BEARD.f, PIM, DIRT BAGZ FOX IHOXf, COMP-U-FIRE WEBER CARB.f , .fAND TIRE/ & RIM.f RIP ROD, CNC, CENTERLINE, ULTRA, CU/TOM & COMMERCIAL WHEEL .flMP.fON, .fUT & MORE 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89102 HOURS: MON-FRI 9AM TO 6PM SAT 9 AM TO 5PM (702) 871-4911 (702) 87.1-5221 FAX ----111111 ---.. -------.. ---.. ---.. -----------Page 35 i I -I !

Page 36

SNORE SOUTHERN NEVADA 200 Rob Guevara Squeaks Out Overall Victory By Jean Calvin "' Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. Bekki Freeman appeared to be headed for overall victory, but a flat tire on lap 2 cost a couple of minutes. She turned class fast lap on the last one but it wasn't quite enough. She finished second, 59 seconds back. Robby Guevara not only won Class 1-2-1600 but won "the race overall in his single seater at 4:10:44. He had no flats, no major stops, only for fuel, and a last lap exhaust breakage. Spring came to the Mojave. street rods. Add in about 50 off Desert between rain squalls, road race entries and you have a which made the Joshua trees fat busy Friday night. with stored liquid and the traces Contingency row was again set of green carpet began to appear on up on the other side of the front the ground. But the air was cold parking lot, registration was on the Ides of March, and it inside as the wind was blowing a warmed up considerably on Fri-bit, and the whole program went day March 16; it was actually shirt off without a hitch. The CORE sleeveweatherastheSNORErac-Pit Team from the California ers gathered in front of the Road-High Desert area arrived with 40 house Casino, bar and grill and people and ten entered race cars. dance hall. This big place was It was nice to see such support. almost a victim of the new free-After registration closed around way around Las Vegas to Boulder 10 p.m. they held the drawing for City and the dam, but they starting numbers, and it was still adopted a style and decor of the nice enough outside that they held 30s and 40s and had special park-the drawing in the parking lot. ing in front for classic cars and It was bright and sunny Satur-Robbie Goerke slid his Class 10 right into the class win at 4:26:00, even though he ran second midway, after having a couple of flats, he got going fast and won Class 10 by over four minutes. -~ day morning and the drivers' •. Class 10 had several heavy hitters. Pat Dean led off with fast lap of the race at meeting was brief. The course was ., 57:38 had two more taps in the high fifties, but_ a 1_:39 third lap put him down by 51 ·1 I Cl l 10 1 2 the side of the road for some time. He was th,rd ,n class. mt es ong, asses , , - -1600 would need four laps for an number considt;ring there was a Flippen, then Ken Flippen Jr. official finish, and Classes 9, 5-similar race by La Rana the very Stanley Steele had come all the 1600, Heavy Metal,. Sportsman same day across the Mojave way from Farmington, New Mex-Buggy and Sportsman Truck were Desert at Ridgecrest, CA, effec- ico to race and left in a good look-required to cover three laps for an tivel y splitting the available car ing car, followed by Ron Brook-official finish. No passing in the entry for each of the semi local shire, defending points champion pit areas would be strictly events. RobbieGoerke,PatDean,Robert enforced. The El Dorado Valley First away at 9:00 a.m. sharp Harman, Steve Thompson, and course has some tough sections was Brad Thomas in his Class l / 2 last month's winner Kevin McGil-that were once on the Mint 400 Unlimited race car. The Class 10 livraywithJimGreenwaystarting. route, the rhythm section, BLM's entry, ten strong, was next away, Pat Dean turned fast class lap Revenge, Terminal Velocity and at one every 30 seconds. By the and overall on the first lap of Boulder Highway were all familiar luck of the draw Gene Griepen-57:38 backed it with a 57:44 to but not friendly to old timers rac-trog and Kent Lothringer were hold a substantial lead overall ing SNORE. A full 46 cars lined first of the 10s to leave in their midw!Y· Robbie q_oerke turn~d a up to take the green flag, a good new car, followed by Clay 1:00:.)0 but Jim Greenway did a 1 :00:09 first lap and a 1 :08:33 to Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer had their best run yet in the new to them Class 10 car, slowed a tad on the last lap but Gene finished second. run second when he handed over to Kevin McGillivray and Goerke dropped back with a 1:17:42 second lap, a flat he changed him-self. Clay Flippen was fourth midway and Steve Thompson was running third. Mike Harman dis-appeared on the second lap after a 1 :01 :40 first lap. Harman had broken a king pin on the second lap, and Ron Brookshire did not finish lap 1. Stanley Steele had big trouble on lap 2 also, and did not finish another round. The third lap was hard on Class 10 cars. Kevin McGillivray had unusual breakage, an alternator pulley and retired. Clay Flippen had two good laps but didn't finish the third. Ken flip en, Jr. had big Steve Thompson got in two quick taps to run second or third midway, then the Class ·10 lost 20 minutes on lap 3, but still claimed fourth in Class 10. Ken Flippen Jr. had a 2:51 :53 first lap but repairs were made and he came back, did lap 4 but missed the cut off time sadly, by about two minutes. Jeremy Gubler hasn't had good luck with his new car, but he had good lap times in Class 1-2-1600, just not up to the dynamic duo up front. Jeremy finished third about 17 minutes behind. Page 36 May1996 Dusty Times

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~~,JP~ ~·-"Big Daddy" Ken Freeman Sr. had some fun in his two seater, giving the family rides, his. grandson drove a lap, and they finished fourth in 1600s. Ted Olsen had his troubles on the first lap, got fixed and got moving fast to come in just a couple of minutes behind Freeman Sr., fifth in 1600s. ·Defending points champion Doug Ingram, had a smooth run, reported no serious trouble on course, just didn't go fast enough. He was second in Class 9 by about four minutes. trouble the tirst two laps, got fixed and turned a 1: 15 third lap. So just five of the ten starters were still running heading into the fourth and final lap, and Griepen-trog was leading Goerke by a cou-ple of minutes. Robbie Goerke had another flat, got changed at the Dean pit and tied down the tool bag. He still turned a 1 :05:23 to win Class 10 and finished in 4:26:00. Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer lost a few min-utes on the last lap but were still . second in Class 10, coming in on three wheels. Kent started and Gene did the last two laps and blew the power steering and replaced a coil. It was tough going in the rough sections. Once unbeatable Jeremy rience which made his third lap -DanBradleywasthelastclassfin-Gubler got faster in the middle his longest at 1: 14:36. He finished isher about 12 more minutes in seconds back as the two cars headed out for the final 51 miles. Bekki turned the faster lap at 1:01:22, fast lap for the class, as she said the fastest lap of my life, but it was an even minute short of the victory. The flat tire had been costly. The luck was with Rob Guevera. He had no flats, no major stops, broke the exhaust on the last lap which was a l :01 :57 and won the 1600 points, $1 ,500, and finished in 4: l 0:44 to Bekki's Pat Dean broke a CV on the third lap and had to wai.t for the pit folks to get to him on course to effect repairs, about 30 minutes lost. But ever game Dean fought back with a 58:29 last lap to take third with a total time of4:33:19. Pat was the only one to turn a lap under the hour and he had three of them, and he was the last Class 10 finisher. Steve Thompson claimed fourth, good for dollars. Getting his car funning midway, Ken Flippen Jr. did a 1: 15: 10 third lap and made a run for the fourth round and finishing points. His crew was cheering him on on the last loop before the flag stand, but Ken missed the cut off time on ET by about two minutes. What a shame. Other money winners were Pat Dean and Gene Griepentrog but Robbie Goerke claimed the big $1,500 first place money. Meanwhile Brad Thomas was turning good times in his Unlim-ited car, slowed a tad near the fin-ish, stopping for fuel, to fix the front end on the Raceco and tranny linkage problems too. But he said it ran fine and he wished for some competition in class. There were 11 cars in Class 1-2~ 1600, four of them Freeman driv-ers and this was tight competition. laps, still sorting out his new car. in 4:37:49 in fourth in class. Ted He rolled in about 20 miles off the Olsen had quick and consistent start, had one flat and later lost lap times to take fifth at 4:40: 13. the front spring adjuster and the Day Gang, in her rookie year is exhaust system kept cracking another quick Freeman lady. In causing a loss of power. Through her haste to catch up she ran over it all Jeremy kept turning good the checkpoint lights, perhaps on laps and finished third at 4:28:24 . her longest lap 1. But she never Ken Freeman Sr., who is now faltered, and got down to a 1:11 known as Big Daddy, and he is a lap time. With Eric Cricco riding tall man, meanwhile was moving shotgun all the way they had no right along. He had no flats to troubles, just a rough course and slow him, only some pesky spark they were not fast enough. Day plug wires that wouldn't stay put finished behind her Uncle Kenny and he had a bad coil wire expe-Jr. in seventh place at 4:57:31. ·=wr · i{f:'$ --Brad Thom_as had a good run, the only Class 1 car, and he had two quick laps, one with a fuel stop and a slow last lap to claim the class victory at any rate, and he did finish the race. O n the first lap Bekki Freeman Brian Sallee swings around the lumps heading for the finish line. He set fast turned the fastest lap of 1:02:22, ... lap for Class 9 at 1:13:38 on the second round finished and won Class 9 in four seconds faster than defend-3:48:21 for the required three laps. · ing points champion Rob Guev-era. Sammy Ehrenberg was third with a 1:03:52, just ahead of Ken Freeman Sr. at i :04:21. Nobody else was in close at this point in the heavy dust from the traffic. Midway Guevera led Bekki Free-man by about two minutes, 22 seconds, and Ehrenberg did another 1 :03:41 to be definitely in the hunt. Michael Duenas didn't record a lap. Kenny Free-man] r., rushing to catch his sister and his dad rolled over in full view of the pits just )'ards from the start/ finish, but willing specta-tors put him back on his wheels and he recorded a 1:07:43. He also had four flats during the race, broke the exhaust but kept going to finish sixth. Dusty Times Ken Lane should have run in Class 1 as he turned some really fast laps in the Sportsman Buggy class, which he won by a full lap plus nearly two hours. May1996 arrears. But the battle for the 1-2-1600 win turned out to be for the over-all win as well and it was tight, mostly just seconds apart, nearly all the way between Bekki Free-man.and Rob Guevera. Bekki was leading by four seconds when she had a flat on the second lap and dropped over two minutes. They both stopped for fuel and Bekki gained some time, now just 43 4:11:43. f}F Off-Road Racing at The PAS _ ac among the Hrst to race at America's newest track in nearby Perris, California/ 'i2-ris Auto S,,eedwag 125% PAYBACK IN PRO CLASSES ! Classes: 4-Wheel Pro ATV 4-Wheel Sportsman AlV Superlites Class 1/2, 1600cc Buggies Class 10, 1600cc Buggies Sportsman WI vehicles must meet current sar elY requirements, addlUonal classes may be added as warranted by partlclpaUonJ Races: Sunday, May 5; Saturday Night, June 15; Sunday, August 4; SUnday, September 22; Sunday, October 6 Da:vttme Event Schedule: Gales Open: Tech Inspection: Racer's Meeting: Practice: Racing: ENTRY FEES: 8:00am. 8:00 -9:30 am. 9:30 8JII. 10:00 am. -noon 1:00 -5:00 pm. (2-molo SYSlemJ PRO ClASSES: $100 SPORTSMAN CLASSES: $501100% PAYBACK J PIT PASSES $15 & $20 FOR /KIO.· JIM WHITE m4J 692-9013 DI VINCE TIELMEJAKDU141956-0480 Page 37

Page 38

_,.., Joel Mohr had a good first lap, a little slower on the next two rounds and he finished third in Class 9, just two minutes, 21 seconds out of second. Jeff Carr had two good laps then broke a ball joint Qn the last lap which dropped him down to finishing fourth in Class 9, now 11 minutes behind third. Matt Cunningham does a perfect hop on the smoother section of the course. He started slow, had a good middle lap and trouble dropped him down to fifth. Roger Schank started with a 1 :55 lap, got fixed and did two good laps to move up to sixth in Class 9, an even hour behind Brian Sallee's time. Dennis Wess/dine had a good first lap and spent nearly four hours on the second lap. Still it was good for second in Sportsman Buggy, over a lap down. Jeff Noa/I also turned very consistent lap times in his Ford Ranger, and he was second in Sportsman Trucks, just 25 minutes behind the first place truck. All alone in Class5-1600 Kevin Streety did a 1:19:44, a 1:22:40. and a I :39:20. With three laps . done he retired while the sun was still high in the sky, the 5-1600 winner, good for points. Also alone, in the Heavy Metal Class, was Jerry Stewart and his cohorts and the formidable blue Oldsmo-bile sedan. They had a year's worth of trouble in the first lap, but they came back to the main pit on access roads, in fact were towed in, worked on the rear end and finally sent the car off again, still on the first lap. Next time the Olds drove in for repairs and once again set off to finish a lap. They did just that in 5:22:33, and got the class winning points. Class 9 fielded a lucky 13 star-ters on St. Patrick's Day Eve, and nine of them finished the three laps required of them. It was going to be another barn burner with Brian Maginnis around in 1:14:34, Brian Sallee in 1:15:11 and defending SNORE class champion Doug Ingram in with 1:15:22. Up front on time was Jason Romans at 1: 13:46, fol-lowed by Joel Mohr in 1:14:26. Folks that is a minute and a half separating the top five in one 51 mile lap. Among the missing after one lap were Brian Lope: and Earl West. Brian Sallee whipped off the Class 9 fast lap, 1:13:38, on the middle round to take the lead by about a minute from Brian Maginnis. Jason Romans did a 2:29 lap and was not seen again, and Amanda Dixon had a couple of slow laps and retired. Jeff Carr -leap frogged into the leading mix . on the second lap with a 1: 14:08 · to match his first lap I: 17:04, so it .was still very tight among the leaders. · Eight headed into the third and final lap for Class 9 and for half of them it would be a race to the flag, and at the flag it was Brian Magin-nis in first with Brian Sallee right behind him and nine seconds fas-SERVst CE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIEt-lDS ...... _ THANKS! Denny'~ RESTAURANT Mobil SERVICE EVERY DAY OPEN 24 HOURS YE~R HOUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Page 38 ter. Sallee's time was 3:48:21 to Maginnis 3:48:30, so Brian was a . clear winner. Maginnis had put a weight under a front panel and had been observed putting it there on the last lap, so the entry was disqualified from second place. Brian Sallee, Stan Hignett and rid-ers Jeff Stafford and Bobby Wal-lace were unanimous in claiming this was the roughest course they had ever seen. Stan started the race and Brian got in midway, and they had no trouble not even a flat tire, and that is how you win races. The boys from Barstow thanked Bilstein shocks, Yoko-hama tires and Willie's Off Road. in Barstow. They think racing with SNORE is great and their victory brought them $1,000.00 pri:e money. laps at 3:41 :08. He said the buggy winning V-8. He had three laps in engine was a 1600, he had no flats. the low I :30s for total time of It was his first time out and he was 4:36:39. thrilled to win his first ever race. The race was over in bright sun-He was the only finisher. Dennis light, a pleasant change from most Wessldine did two laps, the winter races. Next morning the second almost four hours, so he Roadhouse Casino hosted a com-was second at 5:27:26 with two plete buffet breakfast for all par-laps done. ticipants, and it was fresh, good Mike Snodgrass won the four food. SNORE President Joe Ross car Sportsman Truck class in a distributed the trophies, nice Ford.Hedidhisthreelapsinmost looking plaques, and checks consistent times, 1:22:29, quicklyafterthankingSteel·Engi-1 :23:52, 1 :25:07, and he won by neers who donated the stakes for 25 minutes. Second wasJeffNoall course marking. Jeff Cummins of in a four cylinder Ford Ranger, BFGoodrich had put up two sets and he was a buggy racer; this was of tires for door pri:es; Kenny hissecondtimeinatruck.Hesaid _Freeman Jr. won one set and the truck ran great, bu-t he Sportsman truck driver Fred Car-couldn't match times with the stensen won the other set. Moving into second in Class 9 was Doug Ingram with a 1: 18:37 last lap and a total time of3:52:02 and no serious trouble on course. Joel Mohr held on to third place and he apparently had no prob-lems as his last two lap times were almost identical and his 1: 14 first lap gave him a total time of 3:54:23. Popping up in fourth place was Jeff Carr who lost a wheel cylinder on the first lap, fixed by WebbWeld's pit. Jeff came back with a 1: 14 second lap to move into second place on time, then on the final lap he broke a ball joint, which caused a bit of commotion on rules. It seems thatJeffCarr and also some California cars were using Kuster built ball joints, not original equipment as spelled out by the rules, but supposedly OK. Carr had changed his Vegas based car """' Mike Snodgrass turned most consistent laps, all within two minutes of each other, and Mike won the four car Sportsman truck bash with the big V-8 by a good 25 minutes. to original equipment ball joints and one broke on his last lap. The others.....-were merely warned to have original equipment the next race. At any rate Jeff Carr was fourth in Class 9 on three wheels with a time of 4:05:37. Rounding out the class finishers were Matt Cunningham, fifth at 4:23:44, Roger Schank, sixth at 4:48:14, "' M Dayne Bracken at 5:25:21, and Travis Furey at 6:00: 19. The first finisher of all was Ken Lane the Sportsman Buggy winner. He did a 1:10:23, 1:16:20 and I: 14:25 for his required three Kevin Streety was all alone again in Class 5-1600 his bright green car blended right in with the St. Patrick's Day theme. Kevin did two fast and one not so fast lap for his three, the 5-1600 winner. May 1996 Dusty Times

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Sunny and Wann Becomes Thunderstorms and Tomado Watch as Choiniere Pilots New Hyundai to Win in SCCA/Michelin Pro Rally Opener · In South Carolina By Andy Schupack elin PRO Rally series here yesterday, defending champion Paul Choiniere, from Shelburne, Vermont, and co-driver Jeff Becker scored a 14 second win in their new Hyundai Elantra at the Sand Hills Sand Blast Pro Rally. The brand new 1996 Hyundai Elantra Rally Car made an auspicious debut at• the Sand Hills Sand Blast PRO Rally in South Carolina in the capable hands of Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker. They won overall by 14 seconds. "In building this '96 4WD Elantra over the winter, we might have under-estimated the amount of new construction needed on this car, and we really had to scramble to get ready for this event," said Choiniere, who has won the national championship five of the last six years. "When the sandy roads turned to oatmeal after the afternoon thunder-storms, the 360 plus horsepower and Hyundai 4 WO kept us from sinking." said Choiniere. Second was the Ford Escort Cosworth of Carl Merrill/John Bellefleur, from Ogunquit, Cheraw, S.C. - March 17 - watch tried to disrupt the opening Although thunder and a tornado event of the 1996 SCCA/Mich-IIAIAPITS By Julio Garcia A big BAJA YAHOO to all you fans and critics -the word is out and BAJA PITS keeps getting bigger and better. Many BIG SHOTS have expressed their support and are avid readers of this column, along with many rajones y ardidos, who are into self-denial. REMEMBER: A FRIEND OF BAJA PITS FEARS NOTHING IN BAJA. SF250 The San Felipe 250 has come and gone, and as predicted, this years entries were up from last year. GOOD JOB SCORE. BAJA PITS assisted seven vehicles at this event with top honors going to ART for finishing 11th of 26 in Class 10, 37th 0 / A in one of his JIMCOS, CURT LEDUC pulled into BAJA PITS 1 for a tire change, and nobody took the picture. Anyone out there with said memento, contact BAJA PITS. Please. LATE FLASH THE ALFAR-OS OF SAN DIEGO TAKE THE OVERALL AT THE OJOS 200. The OJOS NEGROS 200 (3/30/96) was a big success with over 65 awesome vehicles. BAJA PITS TAKES THE OVERALL, April 12 and 13 the VINCENTE in a Class 10 rocket from THE .GUERRERO off road club will ALIGNMENT SHOP in SAN DI- have put on the ZARAHEMBLA EGO. The all family team of Mr. 100 -entry $50 bucks. This OSCAR ALFARO (alias el organization is based north of famoso COYOTE and friend of SAN QUINTIN and will be DON MIKE LEON) along with sponsoring other races. For more sons CESAR y RUBEN AL-info contact ENRIQUE AL-FARO won top honors in a Class FARO (616) 62191 or 62498 10. Last month they ead this (big frogs in a little pond column, came on down and welcome). WON.YAHOO! MOTORCYCLES, the absence Humberto and 9erardo lribe_ of TEAM GREEN in BAJA has (SCORE 5-1600 points leader) left a void WE are all to happy to rolledthecarandsufferedhipand fill. Any and all bikes are . broken arm among them. ALBER-welcome. We are currently TO OKION father and son team seeking equipment for the BAJA took third place5-1600 in V AM-500. Any mean green machine PIROS "THE GREEN ANGEL OF OFF ROAD " magical mach-ine. JESSY and JESSICA MIL-LER Class 9, third. It looks like the OJOS event is turning into a great family event where fathers come to teach their kids the art of OFF ROAD. MAJORS BLOW OUT. At contingency I ran into Mr. KEN MAJORS, NUMERO UNO ENGINE BUILDER and he invited ART and I to a big bash after the race at KM 33 - sorry I couldn't make it -STUCK AT CRB learning a lesson. ZARAHEMBLA 100, on Pony Express ••• • . I This letter is to anyone who read the article in the Dusty Times' April issue regarding the "SNORE 250". A normally accu-rate Jean Calvin apparently got a few things mixed up regarding the Class 9 melee'. Arguments aside, it was allowed. Although things may have gotten a little warm, every-one left this issue amiably. The engine was claimed by Joel Mohr. The MAIN reason it was claimed was because of a lost fan belt and a toasted motor, not because anyone thought Jeff was cheating! THE Maine, while the highly modified ( or navigator), and the exact VW Beetle and Reny and Mike course is kept secret . until just Villemure, from Flat Rock,' before the event - different from Michigan, was third. World Rally, where practice is Because of poor road condi- allowed. The cars start at one tions, organizer Greg Healey minute intervals and race against cancelled the last two stages, the clock over 6-15 stages which which was a relief for Choiniere range in length from four to 25 and his slim lead over Merrill, but miles. Most of the rallies include · disappointing to Carl. night stages, making it necessary " I understand that lots of cars for competitors to adjust their might have gotten stuck if the driving style. Speeds of more than rally went on, and the workers 120 miles per hour could be had been in the rain all day, but I reached on long straightaways, think I could have caught withtheteamachievingthefastest Choiniere in the last two stages," combined times winning the said Merrill, who hopes to chase event. Choiniere for the '96 champ-The Sand Hill Sand Blast PRO ionship. Rally was Round #1 of the 1996 In the classes, the husband and SCCA I M iJ:helin PRO Rally wife team of Henry and Cindy series, which consists of eleven Krolikowski, from Wyandotte, events. It is sponsored nationally Michigan, won the new Group 5 by Michelin Tire Corporation, class ( over 3 liters, turbocharged, and sanctioned by the Sports Car 2WD) in a Dodge Shadow; the Club of America. The 1996 Sand Honda Prelude VTEC of Jim Hills Sand Blast PRO Rally is Anderson and Martin Oapot, presented by the South Carolina from Mebane, NC, won the Regi,;:m of the Sports Car Club of Production class, while Kurt America. Also sponsoring this Thiel/George Thompson, from year's event was Pageland, S.C. Rochester, NY, were victorious in based Jonathan Corey, Ltd., the Group 2 with a VW GTI. nation's leading producer of knit In a PRO Rally, ·each team polo shirts for the imprinted consists of a driver and a co-driver sportswear market. teams that need assistance, come MORE SAN FELIPE RE-on down. SUL TS, -MEMO RODRIQUEZ STA. CATARINA 200 Class 9, seventh. TOM PRICE On April 26, 27 and 28 the (Sausalito CA) Class 9, ninth. CORONA/BUD MOBIL OIL HECTOR TERAN (owner of SERIES will kick off their 96 B1000 Class 5 winner) fourth. season. This race is located south XAVIER REYES Class 3 points of OJOS NEGROS at KM 92. · lead 3S, DNF. RUBEN FER-The event is six laps around a 33 NAN DEZ AND ELIZABET mile course. Facts: $190 entry. WAYAS(theSTUfromLaPaz) $100 motos/80% payback. lost in the desert. Way to go!!! Safari $60. T.V. COVERAGE Yahoo! Did you SCORE? The TELEMUNDO, MAXIMA NEGRETE BOYS 551, DNF. VELOCIDAD. pre run April 20, LOS TRAVIESOS NISSAN 7, 21, 25. For more info call EN-sixth. WITH TECATE YOU SEN ADA BAJA OFF ROAD TAKE A LITTLE BIT OF BAJA RACING Tel. (617) 6-2820, EVERYWHERE YOU GO. 4-3451. BAJA PITS FAX (619)428-8641. First off, due to a clerical error on SNORE's part, Kevin Geeson was inadvertently listed as Driver of record on car #964. Secondly, I can't understand how Jason Romans' picture was confused with my car and, most of all, the confusion with the protest over the 'boost bottle' on Jeff Carr's motor. There were five drivers out of the top 7 cars that felt this was an illegal device for Class 9. The rule book was consulted and no mention was made of it. Usu-ally if a device is not mentioned, it is not acceptable. I would like to applaud SNORE's Tech Director, Bill Shaply, for an excellent job hand-ling everything in an unbiased and democratic manner. As for the unforgotten claiming rule, if you ask any active Class 9 driver, I'm sure they'll admit openly they're aware of it. Brian Lopez was not involved in any way with the claiming of Jeff's motor and deserves no ill repute. WRIGHT Dusty Times Sincerely, Joel Mohr "964" 9420 FHnn Springs Ln. PLACE El c.,,;,,, CA e20i1 INC. May1996 Page 39

Page 40

Doo Wop National Selcuk Karamonoglu teamed with Y orgi Bittner to capture the Doo Wop National the second round of the Sports Car Club of America's Michelin Pro Rally Championship. Thirty cars lined up in the March sunshine for the start at the #19 The quick Canadian Suzuki Swift G Tl collected U2 class honors for Scott Trinder and Robert Trinder in both Doo Wop divisionals. West-coast Distributor f014 HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PRICE ~69-5_~00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 RatiQ's .Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE ·valley-Performance 1 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 891.(rl 702/873-1lm McKenzie· Performance-Prooucts 2366 East 0rangethorpe Anaheim, CA 920 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 40 Little Creek Casino near Shelton, WA. The start list included 13 entries for the national and 17 more for the Little Creek Divisional event held over the forest roads of western Washington. At the finish the battle came down to two cars, with the Karamonoglu/Bittner Pro9uc-tion GT class Eagle Talon edging the Audi Quattro of Rui Brasil #16 Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes drift out of a corner in the Group 5 class winning Toyota Supra Turbo. and Carlos Tavares by 31 - his family and figure out how to seconds. Karamonoglu covered stuff the remains of his wrecked the Doo Wop's 11 stages in Mitsubishi Eclipse into a used 1:52:36 to claim his first overall Eagle Talon. victory in an SCCA national Brasil's second overall put the event. The Bath, Maine resident rebuilt 300 hp Suntrips Audi at may be a first time winner, but thetopoftheopenclass.ltwasan he'd no stranger to the podium, impressive comeback for the San capturing three rally champion-Jose crew, after a battle with a ships in his native Turkey and the washout in the Ensenada Rally 1994 Michelin GT class title. One resulted in a bent frame, broken time Ankara taxi driver Karam-radiator, and rearranged suspen-onoglu, sat out most of the 1995· sion. Ralph Kosmides and Joe season to spend more time with Noyes pushed the Ruby's Rest-#22 Lon Peterson and Bill Gutzman brought their damaged Kia Sephia home with a win in the national production class. #23 The production GT class Eagle Talon of Selcuk Karamonoglu and Yorgi Bittner flew. to first overall in the Doo Wop national. May1996 aurant Toyota Supra Turbo to third overall and first in group S. The Supra was built specifically to contest the SCCA's new group S class for two wheel drive cars with large displacement engines. The best battle of the rally was the scrap for fourth, fifth, and sixth. The group 2 class winners, Bill Malik and Renn Phillips brought the Valencia Volvo 240 home fourth, just seven seconds ahead of Dennis Chizma and Terry Stonecipher in the GT class Motor Sports Unlimited Mitsu-bishi 3000 GT VR4. A one minute penalty on ,the first day of the rally, dropped Roger Hull and Sean Gallagher's Goodyear Eagle Talon well down the standings, but a spectacular string of quick times brought them up to sixth overall and third in GT, only 13 seconds behind Chizma's Mitsu-bishi supercar. Looking sharper than ever, the Retro Rally 1972 Datsun S 10 driven by Mike Whitman and Kevin Linville slid home seventh overall and second in Group 2. Finishing eighth were Lon Peter-son and Bill Gutzmann in a slightly newer car, the 1996 Kia Sephia. The new Kia Motors entry was completed on the Tues-day before the Doo Wop week-end, so testing time was obviously limited. A bent strut early in the event, was pounded "pretty straight" by Dave Wolin's crew, and Peterson limped to the finish to claim the production class title and 12 important championship points. Rounding out the finishing list with more than their share of hard luck stories were the George Pisek/Mark Ra.thsam Saab 99 Turbo, in ninth, and Rick Beson/ -Tim Sordlich, Norene Tire Mazda Protege Turbo, in tenth. Beson was dropped from third overnll on day one after the imposition of a three minute penalty for speed-ing on a transit. Both Pisek and Dusty Times

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#39 Mike Whitman and Kevin Linville prove that Datsun's live forever, taking the 510 to the 02 class title in the U.S. Bank divisional. #65 Dennis Chizma and Terry Stonecipher brought the Motor Sports Unlimited Mitsubishi 3000 home, second in the production GT class. #77 The Goodyear Eagle Talon of Roger Hull and Sean Gallagher flew to second overall in the U.S. Bank divisional. Beson lost time on the second day with off course excursions. Notable among the non~ finisher were last season's GT class runners up, Janice Damitio and Amity Trowbridge. Dami-tio's Crazee Expresso Toyota All-trac blew its engine on stage three. Scott Fuller and Ben Bradley exited with a broken gear box after the Schnell Motor T echnik 4WD RallyeGolf ran third fastest on stage one. The Doo Wop national is one of two partial points events that kick off the Michelin series. The national is run concurrently with the last two rounds of the Doo Wop divisional rally series, a northwest tradition designed to provide both beginner and veter-ans with four pure stage·format rallies that encompass all the refinements of a national event. This year Doo Wop organizer Ray Dami tio corralled sponsorship for the four divisionals. The Little Creek event was run concurrently with the first seven stages of the Doo Wop national, while the US Bank rally was held on the second day over the final four _national staees. Little Creek Divisional (Doo Wop 3) Brasil/Tavares in the Suntrips Audi Quattro cruised to an easy 4WD victory on the little Creek stages, topping the Ruby's Supra Northwest regional class winners of Kosmides/Noyes by almost included Brasil/Tavares in class two minutes over the Simpson 1, and Horn/Simons in class 2 . Timber Company's forest roads. Canadians Vic Harvey and Tony The stages west of Shelton, WA Latham captured the class 3 were fast, and attrition was high trophy in the neat University with only 16 of the 29 starters Mazda323 GTX, withJackHorn running at the finish. and Eric Schild topping class 4 in The Valencia Volvo of Malik/ - the Walt's Radiator Mazda GLC. Phillips finished third, edging the US Bank Divisional Mitsubishi of ChizmalStone-(Doo Woir4) cipher by five seconds. With the Brasil/Tavares also captured exception of seed one driver the second day's US Bank div-Karamonoglu, all of the national isional, but it was a much more entrants also entered the division- competitive event, with only one als, so the names at the top of the minute separating first from fifth. finishingorderlookthesamewith Behind the San Jose Audi, one notable addition. There in Hull/Gallagher found new speed fifth overall, only 36 seconds on the drier crowned Capitol behind the Mitsubishi supercar Forest roads overlooking Oak-were British Columbia's son/ - ville, WA. The Goodyear Eagle father team Scott and Robert edged into second overall just T rinder in their well under two four seconds ahead of Whitman/ -liter class RMT Contrack spon-Linville's ageless Datsun 510. sored Suzuki Swift GTI, the first Just seven seconds back, the divisional only finisher. T rinder IT rinder Suzuki claimed The Goodyear Eagle of Hull/-fourth overall, edging the Kosmi-Gallagher finished sixth, Peter-des /Noyes Supra by another son/Gutzmann in the Kia were seven seconds. Malik/Phillips seventh, followed by Beson /Sord-were sixth in the Volvo, with elich and Whitman/Linville. Chizma/Stonecipher seventh, Tenth overall was the second div-and Peterson/Gutzmann eighth. isional only car, the Datsun 510 Ninth overall, after a long night of of Monty Horn and Scott Simons. repair work, were Todd Hart-Little Creek divisional class mann and Kirk Knestis in the winners were Brasil/Tavares in Hartmann Motorsports VW Golf' 4WD, Kosmides/Noyes on 02, GTI. Gary Caffroy and Carolyn and T rinder I T rinder in U2. Russell captured tenth in the Issa-quah Tire Mazda RX3. Twenty of the 22 starters com-pleted the run to the finish line celebration at the Oakville Grange. Divisional class winners were Brasil/Tavares 4WD. Whitman/ Linville 02, and Trin-der /Trinder U2. Regional winners were Brasil/Tavares class 1, Caffroy /Russell class 2, Har-vey /Latham class 3, and Horn/ -Schild class 4. BIGGER IS BETTER Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepow~r off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and, transmission output bells to accept the l!rn_er C.V._ioinJs. . Convert Type I stub axles and output bell to accept Type II or T'ype IV or 930 C.V . . :Convert Type II stub axles and output bell to accept 930 C.V. joints. 1AII axles and bells for Type II or Type IV __J_g.V.s can be threaded ¾-24 or stock 8mm. -[All axles and Bells for 930 C. V .scan be j'threadArl ¾-.?4,-u:_.stock 10mm threads. , FIT YOUR OFF ROAD.Eh_ . .WITH UPGRADED AXLES ANO BELLS • On!r. S49.95_per flangll on your supplied _parts. ER Stop the up-trav~I on your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. Tt;~ Bump Stops-·come complete with a mounting system, poiy-eurethana r.J piece; and enough valving ,o ~t the job done. ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT $319.90 per pair. . lncludinA the mounting hardware and the GRS bolts ·see YOUR OFF R:>AD RACING PARlS SUPPLIER OR CALL us DIRECT. ·vamelr Specialties, Inc. · 102 Crestview P. 0. Box 845 Yarnell, ~ 85382~ 1~02-427-3551 Trackside Photo, Inc. #41 Regional Class 2 winner in the Little Creek rally was this neat Datsun 510 driven by Monty Horn and Scott Simons. #84 Canadians Vic Harvey and Tony Latham captured Class 3 trophies in both Doo Wop divisionals in this neat Mazda 323 G TX. Dusty Times Racing photography since 1970 We cover all La Rana, SCORE and MTEG events. For professional quality photos, call us! Call us for photos for: Calendars• Press Kits• Photo Business Cards• Autograph sheets May1996 P.O. Box 91767 Los Angeles, California 90009 (310) 670-6896 Page41 ....

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Car# #23 # 2 #16 #11 #65 #77 #39 Wild West PRO Rally, Olympia, WA Results - March 24, 1996 ~river/Co-driver Vehicle Class Selcuk Karamanoglu/Yorgl Bittner Eagle Talon PGT Rui Brasil/Carlos Tavaras Audi Quattro Open Ralph Kosmides/Joe Noyes Toyota Supra Group 5 Bill Mallk/Roine Anderson Volvo 240 Group 2 Dennis Chlzma/Tony Stonecipher Mitsubishi 3000GT PGT Roger Hull/Sean Gallagher Eagle Talon PGT Mike Whitman/Kevin Linville Datsun 510 Group 2 Time 1 :52:36 1 :53:07 1 :55:57 1 :56:38 1 :56:45 1 :56:58 1 57:58 #22 Lon Peterson/Bill Gutzmann Kia Sephia Production 1 58 :39 #46 George Pisek/Mark Ratham Saab 99 Turbo Group 5 2 23:53 # 8 Rick Bason/Tim Sardelich Mazda Protege Open 2 28:43 Did Not Finish #17 Janice Damitlo/Amlly Trowbridge Toyota Calica GTS PGT #43 John Foresprlng/Chris Foresprlng Toyota Starlet Group 2 Thlr1y cars starte~. Including 13 for the national, 17 for the divisional. By Martin Holmes The DC-10 Air freighter hired by the World Rally Teams Association arrived safely in Nairobi from London Gatwick on Tuesday March 26th, in good time before the second round of the World Rally Championship, the Safari Rally. Inside were eight team cars (three Toyotas -two Fords -two Subarus and one Mitsubishi). Additional Cargo on the same plane included two helicopters and 50 tons of freight. The joint effort was a first for Wotld Rally teams, but hou can bet it won't be the last, espei;;ially with 14 rallies scheduled for 1997. The Renault Maxi Megane of after a puncture, Jean Ragnotti Philippe Bugalski finished second (Maxi Megan,e). It was Peugeot's behind the Peugeot 306 Maxi of first important outright rally Gilles Panizzi at Lyon Char-victory since the RAC 1986, and bonnieres: third was Francois followed a late decision that Chatriot (306 Maxi) and fourth Panizzi should be the second Using stah r . 1 me Press t9. rovidi/tlle po · ately the ends of ·nfo orto o • . 1 F.RE " '""·lJ.:.800-NIC 88) Page 41 , Wedeal .··. Dale ~if P.O. Boxl20 Phone ! 1H6 SCCA/MICHELIN PRO RALLY SERIES Points after two of 11 events completed OVERALL Driver Points Co-dri:ver Points Paul Choiniere 12.0 Jeff Becker 12.0 Selcuk Karamanoglu 12.0 Yorgi Bittner 12.0 Carl Merrill 9.0 John Bellefleur 9.0 Rui Brasil 9.0 Carlos Travaras 9.0 Reny Villemure 7.2 Mike Villemu·re 7.2 Ralph Kosmides 7. 2 · Joe Noyes 7.2 Henry Krolikowski 6.0 Cindy Krolikowski 6.0 Bill Malik 6.0 Renn Phillips 6.0 Keith Kreeissler 4.8 Chris Erney 4.8 Dennis Chizma 4.8 Terry Stonecipher 4.8 OPEN ' Paul Choiniere 12.0 Jeff Becker 12.0 Rui Brasil 12.0 Carlos Tavaras 12.0 Carl Merrill 9.0 John Bellefleur 9.0 Rick Beson 9.0 Tim Sardelich 9.0 Reny Villemure 7.2 Mike Villemure 7.2 Keith Kreisler 6.0 Chris Erney 6.0 Dean Fry 4.8 Donald Kennedy 4.8 Group 5 Henry Krolikowski 12.0 Cindy Krolikowski 12.0 Ralph Kosmides 12,0 Joe Noyes 12.0 Lesley Suddard 9.0 Anne Thomas 9.0 George Plsek 9.0 Mark Ratham 9.0 Production GT Selcuk Karamanoglu 12.0 Yorgi Bittner 12.0 Dennis Chizma 9.0 Terry Stonecipher 9.0 Roger Hull 7.2 Sean Gallagher 7.2 Production Jim Anderson 12.0 Martin Dapot 12.0 Lon Peterson 12.0 Bill Gutzmann 12.0 Gregory Trepetin 9.0 Sonia Trepetin 9.0 Group 2 Kurt Thiel 12.0 George Thompson 12.0 Bill Malik 12.0-Renn Phillips 12.00 Mike Whitman -9.0 Kevin Linville 9.00 Serguei Beloussov 12.0 Steve Rourke 9.00 permanent team member this year. In Spain, Oriol Gomez's Maxi Megane finished fourth and best 'Formula 2' car behind Ponce (Toyota), Delecour (Ford) and Bertone (Toyota). The Skoda of W edgbury was excluded after the end of the Rally of Wales, because it ran in the wrong class. Ironically it would have won its class easily if it had run in the correct class. The DClO freighter hired by the WRTA (World Rally Teams Association) arrived safely in Nairobi, Kenya from London Gatwick on Tuesday 26th March, in good time before the second round of the World Champion-ship, the Safari Rally. Inside were eight team cars ( three T oyotas - , for Ian Duncan, Marco Galanti and it is believed the Ugandan driver Karim Hirji, two Fords -Carlos Sainz and Stig Blomqvist, two Subarus -Colin McRae and Kenneth Eriksson and one May 1996 Mitsubishi -Tommi Makinen, together with two helicopters and 50 tons of freight. Although jqint air freight movement is common-place in Formula 1, it has not happened in rallying before. With a schedule of 14 instead of nine rounds in the 1997 World series, this system is expected to be used more frequently. Safari Rally entries closed with HOURS M-F 9:00 - 6:00 Sat. 10:00 - 3:00 68 entries: the highest number since 69 cars started the event in 1986. 25 of the cars are Subarus! Making its first appearance in competition will be the new three-door Daewoo Cielo GTX: three of these will be used. Official team entries come from Subaru, Ford and Mitsubishi: semi-official entries also from Toyota, Subaru Japan and Daewoo. Daily UPS Visa and Mastercard We are happy to announce our new 800 toll free number. (800) 656-3376 Use it to call and inquire about our "Quick Fix'' IRS repair boots or our 11 gallon "Fast-Fill" dump cans. Both new products can save you race time. Race Smarl-Be Sate 103 Press Ln. #4 • Chula Vista, CA 91910 • (619) 691-9171 • FAX (619) 691-0803 Dusty Times

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START YOUR ENGINES FOR TWO BIG RACE DATES IN 1996! BRUSH RUN June 28 & 29 The world's foremost off-road drivers rumble into Crandon to compete for one of the largest purses in off-road racing-$50,000-and the coveted sterling silver Governor's Cup . Chevrolet World Championship Off-Road Races August 30-September 1 Labor Day Weekend ... Featuring World Championship Drivers Scott Taylor, Walker Evans, Scott Douglas, Curt LeDuc, Rob MacCachren, Flannery Racing, Jimmy Crowder and Team Alligator! AND THE LARGEST ANNUAL PURSE IN OFF-ROAD RACING! For registration and spectator information call 715-478-2222. ) Op./:' INTERNATIONAL 4 ~ ~ -~ ~ 0-\o Rt.C

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY Chassis And Suspension For Racing And Recreation MIKE MONOHAN 1320 N. Miller St. #8 Anaheim, CA 92805 (714) 524-1050 IENGINIEIERIED FU/EL C/ELLS • Lightweight and Rugged •Complete Fuel Scavenging • Standard Sizes, 8 to 44 gallons •SODA and SCORE approved Leaders in Custom Fuel Cell Design and Fabrication. ~••■ ■ RACING FUEL CELLS 800-526-5330 RAMSEY, NJ USA AUTOC EN PARTS - SERVICE . 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356-6586 419-4 76-3711 . ·_RACE CAR SALES & EXPORT Off-Road Fabrication & Accessories Export & Int'! Sales Race Car Preparation Consulting & Management 6630 MacArthur Dr.•Lemon Grove•CA-91945 619) 583-6529•FAX (619) 583-1851 HELMETS/FILTERED AIR SYSTEMS I , Featuring Arai & Bell Helmets . . BDR McKenzies , 714 650-4566 714 441-1212 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOL BAGS• HARNESS PADS AJ..L SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 853Z6 (602) 386-2592 BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY (714) 969-6820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK, CA 90622 8" · 9 " · 1 0 " • 13" · 15" · 16" · 17" RACING WHEEL BEAD LOCKS $ fp{g) [& if a/L (Q) rt: [j{ SIMULATED BEADLOCK COVER 1671 NORTH BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO. CA 93722 (209) 27 5-51 83 FAX (209) 276·2365 ~CNc::1 Maoufodu~Bof · ~ ~ : Bmke aod .dutch Pedal Auy . • Master Cylinders . Slave Cylinders CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. San Diego, CA.921"10 (6_19) 275-1663 Cuttihg and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog L-----...,,..;.-----------,....;....-~------------_;_----e·~--·--'-----------·-------1 Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages John Ehmke •·10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 . IN8TRUM•NTS ,<·:·•· ........................................................... ~ · A Auto Meter instruments are the [ . ' . , No. 1 choice of racers worldwide. A Our tachometers, speedometers ·· and gauges offer the finest in accuracy and durability. Fott A DEALER NEAR You: 1-800-724-7839 BRANDWOOD CARS Custom V'3hicle Shifter · for mid-engines and other appUcatlons 602-437-3107 e" t,1:-,H ?~ £0 PRE-FUN Curt LeDuc · 39067 Orchard St Cherry Valley, CA 92223 (909)-845-8820 • Our Specialty Race Trucks Pr~Runners 84-89 Ranger Fiberglass Dimple Dies Sheryl Cannon, C.P.A. M !Ll.l·.R & t 'AI\/NON <.. ElfflFIED PU BLIC ,\CCOUNTAr-.:T 260 S. GLENDORA AVE , SUITE 201 WEST COVINA. CA 91790 (818) 919·1011 FAX (818) 919·0211 FLOATER REAR ENDS~ r-'RONT HURS • AXLES BALL JOINTS • TORSION BARS• KNOCK OFF HUBS Sandy Cone (805) 239-2663 2055 Hanging Tr~e Lane • Templeton, CA 93465 MIKE • GAYLE • JON • DAVE • VIC • ANDY ~ d_~, <WIJ~~ Parts, Equipment, Accessories & Service 4-Wheel Drive - Mini Trucks Pre-Runners - Race Prep - 2-Wheel Driv~ 3209-A Thousand Oaks Blvd. • Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (805) 494-RACE • (805) 495-6119 • (805) 495-3344 FAX(805)495-2339 i!hRACINGi Vlf/GASOLINE LEADED 110,114, ~ 18 OCTANE CALL FOR YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR 1-800-669-4504 Send $4.00 foe Color Catalog Auto Mcttt Product,, Inc. DISTRIBUTQASHIPS AVAILABLE Dq,<. DU 413 W. Elm St COS_BY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA s,,..._,IL 60178 e ..L..-------------------~-------------------

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HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057. JOHN VERHAGEN'S ·m PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS . \LLE SAFET-DRIVING SUITS • SEAT BELTS NDMEX GL9YES . NDMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 ~, ~.:J.§~_-]770 FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD ~· 0623 BLA~KFOOT ROAD Gl 9-24c-393o APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 .:: ·· ·1537 E. Del Amo Blvd . car~n, CA 907~ Phone: (310)603-2200 . FAX: (310) 603-2!?5'1': KREG DONAHOE 31o-B63-0935 P•ger 31tM09-96H DONAHOE RACING ENTERPRISES R11t» Trucks • PrwuftlHH'9 • O.velopment Full Febrlcetlon Serva 3308 BAND/NI BLVD. VERNON, CA 90023 $5,000.00_ CONGRATULATIONS ... McKenzie's Short Course Champions!!! Dan Mathews Steve Bishop Glen Neese 440 S Gaffey San Pedro, Ca 9073 I Phone (310) 831-1035 Fax (310) 833-3477 "£-Mal' ~-Xahra. Com Over 20 Years experience in building & design of competition racipg heads Wholesale/Retail Pickup & Delivery U.P.S. Aluminum Wheel Repairs & Polishing EDDCO Wheel Co. Street, Offroad, Production Aluminum Welding "CASTEX RENTA;I,S 9437 Wheatlands Ct. Suite K& L Santee, CA 92701 619-258-2575 213-462-1468 , " -3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, Califomi~ 91935 (619) 669-4727 Doug Fortin .4-08-365_9700 -~ystems'" BY RAFFO RACING LTD. 810A S. ARTHUR AV£ ARLINGTON HTS., IL 6000!1 , PHONE:{708)2!19-3810 FAX:(TOB)ZJS9-9TO!J THE BEST AIR SYSTEMS IN RACING YOU CAN BUY! ·NOW I THE RACERS CHOICE . Fuel Safe's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed.and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associations. For your local dealer ~ Call or write for call (800) 433•6524 ~ our FREE Catalog Aircraft Rubber Ma■afacturlng, li e. 18062 Redondo Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 US.A Ph (714) 842-2211 Fx (714) 842-6622 G-FAB?N~ Pre Runners • Bumpers • Cages • Shock Mounts Custom Fabrication • Race. Preparation Maxon Race Radios Gary Bancroft 1300 Pioneer Blvd., Unit K 1 Brea, CA 92621 (3 10) 690-5513 (310) 697-2752 .... ___ .:...._ __ Glassworks Unlimited Design G rahite / Cabon fiber Custom fiberglass fabrication Off road style fiberglas fenders Owner: (714)960-9718 Tim Gerwatosky ; HM ENGINEERING --A PE~!~MANC£ ROO ENO & SEARING CO •_3fvh ~am11v Cflf)~ · *NO MlNIMUM *DEALER INOOJRIES WELCOME *MA.OE \N THE USA *CALL FOR FREE CATALOG 11tiM MARTENS RIVER CIRCLE "A" T14-'3n-61131 FOUNTAIN VALLEY CA. 9270B 'FAX :714-979-5953 INTERNATIONAL H.ARV1':STER ONLY SCOUT II mil POLYURETHANE AFTER M.ARKET IN. MOTORA~DTRANSMOUNTS . . "'FULLY REBUILBABI, E* · iNTERNATIONAL Call for more information HARVESTER Mike Ismail 805-940..8956 Lancaster, CA . ~--""'"'"'''"' "'' bRAKE AND CLUTCH ASSY :.__pE11£0RJ.JANCEPRc>CUCIS MASTER CYl,I NDERS . SJ.A VF. CYL I NDEliS TUR~ING & _STAGINd BRAKES SHIFT£.RS ' AVAILABLE AT FINER SPECIAi.TY SHOP:, DEALER INQURIES WELCOME 570 CENTRAL AVENUE ~~I BLDGC LAKE ELSINORE. CA 92530 .. . 909-245-6050 FAX 909"245~ 5-2 , PERFORM<NCEPROOUCTS .. YOU CAN an THE RACING GfARS TIE WINNERS ARE USING .,JAMES GANG ~Motor sport l'RE·RUNNER 51'ECW.15T • BUMPERS • CAGES • SHOCK MOUNTS SEAT MOUNTS • UfT KITS • LOWERING KITS • DUALLYS AIR MG SUSl'ENSION • 5HOW CARS & Dt5f'lAYS • ATV FA& WORK ElO"ERT IN5TAU.ATION & FABRICATION AVAILABLE FIBERGLASS FENDERS~ BEDSKINS TOYOTA-CHEVY-NISSAN-FORD-ETC. :4010 N. PALM STREET, UNIT 103 (714) 870-9.422 , 1FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (810) 294-5858 Fax (810) 2.93-0736 . RACING PRODUCTS ARLIN9TON SHEET MET AL CORP, 13424 t_w H...,. • Santa f• s,.m., • CA 90670 Complete Race Car Fabrication, Pre Runners, Chase Trucks, Roll Cages, Bumpers, Suspensions, Tube Bending, Aluminum Fabrication, Engine Tuning Crew Chief Don Connors Phone (310) 921-2693 Fax(310)926-0699 Owner James Hall 'FULLERTON, CA 92635 FAA (714) 870·913~l --------------------:..l.-----------:-=,...........---=--:-:-:--:-~~::!-~-'i!'.=-,=-----------~~-.....,,---.... ...

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... I □ Wr1oglef □ Gnod Chot0ket addreas city atate 21p · JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner" - . -~~ Desert, Short Course & Street :VW Racing Transmissions Joe Giffin 1509 N~ Kraemer, UnitO Anaheim, California 92806 JIMCO (714) 632-1240 · OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION ' (619) ?62-1743 . "OFF ROAD ·SPECIALISTS" - ·• 10965 HARTLEY RD. SUITE R SANTEE, CA 92071 MIKE JULSON JOHN COOLEY KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING ·SHOCKS • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE 2" DIAMETER, 6" TO 14" STROKE AIR JACKS ·"" • BALL JOINTS KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29th STREET, P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90805 TELEPHONE (310) 595-0661 POWER LEE .MFG. CO. ;-E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE 11661 PENDLETON STREET SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 .. (818) 76.8-0371 A. lull line o! Po.ver.Sieering gear~.· · pumps ano acc,issorie~ for a::y type ol racing. . . Magm,flux and Zyglo faciHtii:s .-~V,!il@l:e,. ' OFF ROAD SHOCK SERVICE EIGiiToll' RACING l . .. . .• .:..-~".•;f-·-•,f:' -~-.• . ... •1" , . BILSTEIN *.FOX·• MOTORCYCLE .. .-_ 15454 EL CENTRO ROAD 619-244-9075 I· . PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpt: Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel (71 4) 44 l -1212 Fax(714) 441-1622 ,. ETAL SPIN.HING ~_9.Ft ALL _INDUSTRIES C;II (310) 928-9838 SUNDRY METAL CRAFTS V =cAREO TUBE ~ m =LANGEO DISC . 6729 Suva St. Bel! Gardens, CA 90201 ... HESPERIA, C_A 92345 1-..;....._;_;_ ____ ~ _ _;__ _____ ....,...;____+==============================::::;r.------------~---- ---· RACE CAR/PRE-RUNNER ' PREP & FABRICATION CUSTOM I· LINC 0 TRAILERS Russ Jones Molorspons CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 Shop: (805) 968-1067 Fax: (805) 968-3438 . V11a & MIC bl. ..c»N ~--• Gauge Assem ,es Racer Discounts 809-F N. Lakeview Ave • Placentia, CA 92670 Tel/Fax 714-779-2316 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAST 3RD ST. . LOS ANGELES, CA 90063 ART KAWAGUCHI FAX (2)3) 264-2136 (213) %64-~~ I TEMPERATURE I STRIPS Easy to use, inexpensive & accurate! All strips are self adhesive and labeled in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Strips are $2.00 each or $1.75 each over ten. For a FREE brochure or to order, contact: LINCO 13337 E. South St., #344 Cerritos, CA 9070 I Phone/Fax: (714) 821-6542 REVERSIBLE STFIPS allow constant te_mperature monitor-ing Ran9es from 32 to 194 F. IRREVERSIBLE STRIPS record the maximum temperature reached of the item they are applied to. Ranges from 120• to 555"F. • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLLCAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 416 FLEETWOOD GLENDORA, CA 91740 818-857-RACE 818-852-8852FAX KENT LOTHRINGER Assembly-M~hhl~ Work , Parts Engine Dyno Fadlit)' .· ·, 10722 Kenney Street, Suite C San~ ~ ~92~71 . . 619-596-0886 619-596-0625F AX KenM.-I MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland Off-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 290 TROUSDALE #l&J CHULA VISTA CA 91910 619-69_1-1000 FAX 619-691-1324 ~ DrE_S_I_G_N __ ■_D-'E"'--V"--E=Lcc...O::..:...P::.:.M=E==-N.::.:T'--•--=--P=R.::::O:..:D,:.,:U"-'C=.!.!Tl:..:O~N • tll J;,,,,.",L~'--·'---/ ~ R,,;a /J,?d ~ ~ r----,r-r;y ,-_ c ~ Pre Runners • Aluminum Bodies a Dashes ~ R~f/4</I ~ (909) 877-2923 ! 1245 N. Fitzgerald Ave. Suite 107 ~ E Rialto, California 92376 o ~ ■ M I G WELDING ■ HELIARC WELDING • ~ 805-940-5515.

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MuclclOff:· PIIClt .. ....... Yoa ceclCOIII ' . KEEPS MUD, DIRT AND DEBRIS FROM STICKING . WilL NOT HARM P AINI, STICKERS, PLASTICS OR METALS . ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE COMPLIES WITH ALL TRACK REGULATIONS -. MUD, DIRT AND DEBRIS COME RIGHT OFF! • AD Tna ol lteel U Ahaainaa Fallrieatioa •TUNBeadiac •Almi,,jawflltNIW.ldiac •custom Machine Work • All Type, of Race Cars ~SW • .ll'leeinr llcL Lu Vepa. NV 89H3 Bruce Fr•~ C7ez)3-.s..-ss ~ .. \l\> stoh ~\> . ~ ~ Todd Francis ~ Pr1ci1i1111 I/Joy, /,/d, 11','TERCOM SYSTEMS -HEL~n:TS wiRED - HAND HELD RADIO~ . Ac"ITENNAS - LEASING . DALE JOHNSON 10319 LOS ALA,.'\ITTOS BLVD. (310)-594-9418 ~~~~~~~~~ p~~~-594-4397 FA.X SANDRAIL CITY fll. 700 N.E. 117th Strfft ~ i Vancouver, WA 98685.~ +Won't destroy drums ~ » T-1 & T-3 drum brake klt.s available AB.RX lfned VW o"-road drum brake shoes T-l or T-.J + Lock up -like d(sc brakes Phone ~~a. ..-A'b>~ Fax for serious performance FOR DEALER INQUJRIES OR TO F1ND A DISTRIBUTOR . Q'lon 11 .. ~-11:.£01 C .__ I ~ Hwy NEAR YOU, CALL(800) 742-2122 360-574-5474 p. , . 360:..576-1109 .,.,., ta..a Ja e r.i.,....~=-==------::--:::--::---:::---::-:-:----.-;:t===================::=!( _ 5_4_1-_8_2_6-~2_11_7 _____ C_e_n_tra-,-1.,,..P_ol_n_t. __ 9'--R-97_5_o_2---1 if if Race Car C11ass1s Race ·Car P~~ts . ·. ~ RA CESHOCK ' LAURA Aluminum· bodies . Ro£td RICHARD 1/2-1600 Mc;,tors B And Trans . uggy Custom Machine-.. S Work & Fabrication . . 1Ul ppR Y 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, Az. 8.5365 !.-'601) 783-6265 • . _ 1(800)231-8156 . .··· PARI<ER PUMPER· HELMET S VINEYARD ONTARIO, CA 9176i 909-923-7016 FAX 909-923-3118 .:.LU L.I COMPANY PATTON . ft1'. C•1'.f G -=1'1«-.-:lll"I:§ ENGINE BUILDING, TESTING & DEVELOPMENT Leon Patton PhJFAX (909) 927-5304 Hemet, CA 92544 42646 Chambers Ave. !Ji!; ,~~©7r§@7tl SAFETY EQUIPMENT MAXON, MOTOROlA, ROAOMASTER, VERTEX RADIOS. BEU. SHOEI, SIMPSON HELMETS IN STOCK I WIRING FOR RADIO &/OR INTERCOM STIU. ONLY $125. 2888 GUI\IDRY 4VE. SIGIII.U. Hill, C4 90806 310-427-8177 l 800-869-5636 HOENIX, ARIZONA COMPANY RACESHOCK Sizes 10" thru 1r with Reservoirs: Off-Road Racing Shocks 5/8" and 7/8" Shafts mVRACING I '-JA. SHOCKS OFF-ROAD Application for Off-Road Racing, Light Trucks, Sport Utility, Cars and Motor Homes Off Road Racing Applications, Rebuilding Services, Shock Upgrades SERVICES. Rebuilding, Revalving, Trade-Ins and • RoughCountry Take-Apart Conversions OFFICE & WAREHOUSE 1711 WEST CULVER #1 PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85007 TEL: (602) 254-0744 FAX: (602) 493-0975 MOBILE: (602) 376-0944 &RACING VGASOLINE "100,110.114. 118" methanol & nitre Steve Poole C. L. Bryant, Inc. • On-Site Fuel Distribution ~~ 13415 Carmenita Rd. • handling & storage Equip. Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670 Phone (310) 802-8913 fax (310) 802-0274 ····~cD ··•. •••• ··• . . . . " . RACE CAR DYNAMICS OFF ROAD RACE CARS . 35152 FOWL.ER CYN RD. 'JAMUL., CA El '7 935 PH. CB'79J 440-28'74 FAX CS'79J 1588-4237 J/MASSURY Jerry Penhall RAC/NG TRANSAXLES 714 • 650 • 3035 Fox 714 • 650 • 4721 1700 EAST MAIN ST. 1660 Babcock Bldg. #B EL CAJON, CA 92021 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89041 (702) 372-5335 SECRETS OF SPEED (NOJ .. OGY) Ignition Products Ike Bruckmann (manager) 3089-C Clairemont Or. #249 San Diego, CA 92117 (619) 581-6214 S!!!Aft,!! G,--o017 Computerized Vinyl Lettering/< ,4-c_ ~ \._ V./v\C-TIM CECIL 1 (~~ S. 4010 N. Palm Street, #103. Fullerton, California 92635'-<.) 5 (714) 447-3581 · Fax (714) 870-9132 §f(jW D~~M ~~w-~, ==l~~J~==== 5101 GALWAY CR., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 FAX (714) 894-9567 .al SITT SGIS • BmlERS · WltroN I.EmRNi · CNI lfTIERWG· MAfflXS

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I j ~.✓ s~~e~ ~(61(/(# &ltiZ'tato. 45-410#/0~St. 619-347-5052 '7~. eA 92201 15855 Dell View Rd. El Cajon, California 92021 Steve Spirkoff/Owner 619/561-2913 OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WELDING • FABRICATKJIV • FlAMECUTTING • FFICNTENDS • REARTRAIUNGARMS RACEO/ASSIS • PFIERUN/\ERS • FQXRAONGSHOX LARflY ROSEVEAR 1345 DYNAMICS. UNff D PHONE (714) 996-6260 ANAHEIM, C4 92806 FAX (714) 996-6405 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818·700·9712 FAX 818·700·0947 ,·Trackside-.. CUSTOM RACE CAR FAB. MIG & TIG WELDING DAN MATHEWS 6925 Aragon Circle Unit '25 Bueno Pork, CA 90620 (714) 521-2019 (714) 523-0558 So. Cal. Distributors• (310) 928-2278 Lyn, Gordon, or Mike ~ ' I 'C ~ ,, ·a,9;449-9590 (UJ!P]. ··Photo, Inc. :/ uN1ouE METAL PRoouci-s ·· .. , ·.t 10223PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE. CA 9207~, 0 989 4645 .Jim Ober ·310-s1p~ss91 El Centro, CA ...................... 8 0- - . . . , 1 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEAMER SYSTEMS . El Cajon, CA. ...................... 800-458-2711 ·comme;cial .Photogr,aphy 0 989 3278 FULL LINE OF POWER STEERING FOR ALL TYPES Indio, CA ............................. 80 - - • P.O. B~x 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 vF RACING.a RECREATIONAL VEHICLES Lancaster, CA ...................... 800'-46l-9499 PRODUCTION SHOP (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.)• .. Las Vegas, NV ..................... 702-643-9200 _J._._ _______ ....;_ ________ ~+-=-------------------------------1 Long Beach, CA ............. :'. .... 310-432-3946 Omard, CA .......................... 805-485-6900 Perris, CA ............................. 800-969-3835 Van Nuys, CA ....................... 818-786-8180 Riverside, CA ....................... 714-877-0226 All other inquiries, contact Sports Racing at P.O. Box 610, L~ng Beach, CA 90801 310-518-7318 5921 WIimington Ave., Los Ang~ies, CA 9000, . SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL . FLOURESCENT INSPECTION . Mark Smith · Larry Smith Custom Preparation & Fabrication Race Trucks • Buggies • Pre-Runners (619) 449,9728 FAX (619) 449,26 78 94 19 Abraham Way, Suite ''A", Santee, CA 9207 I ·atrai·ght Linc -111!111--------=nt ALUMINUM .WHEEL STRAIGHTENING. 31510 223rd street East Llano, CA 93544 · 805-211-3202 Get the word out about your biui~as, big or small. , • P-ut your business card in the "GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good St~~ff Directory Ads ~re merelv;l,r-z.s,.oo per month. JEFF FIELD 818-998-2739 9833 Deering UnltH Chatsworth, CA 91311 TRANSMISSIONS WEST / · Spsdalzlng h High Pert. Transaxlss , • vw ·•PORSCHE • OFF ROAD WERACE WHAT WE SBJ. (800) 435-0416 • (310) 782-2413 22545 S. Noonandie ~Torrance. CA 90501 /!l/lllr1·A·•1·c .K ··:11:m::tJ· #lr,;::::=::':t~~!:=:'.!~::,:'tf1t··''lil :.:::::::::::::::-:•::.~~E LEADER IN HIGH PERFORMANCE•:::::::: .. : :: .;;;;;!:;:;;:\:!::::::=::::::/~-~~o %',IE16~0i1i~s1'6~?~-::: ::::i:\:(: :: ... · . : .·.·.·.::. ·.·.· ·. · CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION ·:-:-:-.: . . · . <•:•.·.·.··: (?~ in!ormation a!')d a distributor near yo~, c~i1::: \;'.!.; :. . , ~ ,~eoo.,.444-1449 . · · · · · - .. :~-:-. Louie Unser Engines . RATTLESNAKE MOTORSPORTS, INC. LOUIE UNSER I 100 E. Ash A venue, Suite C Fullerton, California 92631 BRUCE HENDEL Regional Manager VP Racing Fuels, West Coast P.O. Box 1319 34283 Monte Vista Wildomar, CA 92595 Phone and Fax , (714) 879-8440 Phone: (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Pager: (909) 694-7392 . l 1-~M' I , ~ P/1/Nr ,f/11/J Ct14T/NIJS.:.GRAHIK5* !£GOG* · •~ llJ AAC; MAINIEAWCF•811¥/YNJ'lf;Jl/1M1KtJ.1<: t:W~MY61WB.,1oi-Bek~~ ••10• o

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Adam Wik 1994SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines PUBLIC RELATIONS ANO MARKE TING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C . JACOBS Automotive • A TV • Motorcycle PRESIDENT 1815 Massachusetts Ave 909/369-5144 Engine Dyno Service 900 STATE MILi. ROAD AKF<ON. OHIO 44319 330-644-777 4 . Riverside, CA 92507 Fax 909/369-7266 535 East Central Park Anaheim, CA 92802 714-956-9457 . ~-. HEUVINK CONSULTING PIIQI IC RFI ATIONS & MARKETINC; • ED HEtJVINK ,; 7 f!.,; ,1 Raa: rrnct .. • Pr~ IW1m1.:r". M .KlllAC:ENTR llM lilJU:CHT \U'.r-lUF..\/1':U)STRA.\.l' 2')/4\1>. '.\572 KH l lTR£CtlT TllF. M :THKRL,\NDS Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing -4lms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels , . ·"' • ries,gu • ·rrainee:i11g , r.1t11 i!.?.f.i•'H' Dale White Racing 3940 Maranatha Circle Las Vegas. NV B9103 CLASSIFIED WANTED TO BUY: Used Shocks: Bilstein, Fox, Rough Country, Kuster-Whatever you got! Call Lee at RaceSho:k in Phoenix (602) 254-0744 !-lote: We take trade ins. FOR SALE: 92 Ford Ranger, rolling chassis, ex SODA 7S and Baja 1000 finisher .,090 wall cage, would make great prerunner or ? $1,000.00 oho, other parts available ( 414) 451-9531. PROFAB-FORD MOTOR-SPORTS-Pro street-race car-4x4 fabrication & gear specialists 1966-1977 Broncos & Parts-525 Kuhlman, Billings, MT 59105 ( 406) 256-6348 Wes Nelson. FOR SALE: 5-1600, less motor, trans, seats & shocks. Comes with Centerlines, Y okohamas, 22 gal fuel cell, nets, Saco rack, rear arms, SAW 29mm bars, Adjust-ers, Chromollv spring plates, Rolling car, nice car $3,500.00 (818) 915-4999. FOR SALE: Class 9 2 seater, es Doug Perrzut motor, fresh trans, Ump, Type II drums Beards seats, SwayAWay, fresh Bilstein shocks, Radio(PCI) with inter-com, spare parts, very fast challenger race car. Won Parker 400 '94 & '95 "completely race ready" (619) 922-2737 evenings "Rick". FOR SALE: Class 9 two seater-proven winner-includes spare parts, helmets, radios tires & wheels-Must sell!! $6,000.00, serious inquires only please, Venable (619) 922-8689 evenings. WANTED: Class 9-2 seater. Incomplete preferred, but will consider complete car. For first time off road racer, must be reasonable, will travel for right deal. Call Jeff at {805) Sl.0-1511. Dusty Times Tu . 030-27221.H, .FAX 030 -2,226.U 10Z-B11-1661 Mrnm ,I£ 116-!\'.\25'.\51111, Hot\-1J<:/l'l{1vi,•.1130.221009s ANNLJA~ 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix. Al. 85017 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 JACKPOT 200 Offroa ace July6, 1996 Jackpot, Nevada II 11m SHAllP •••. SPSt:rAFORS lla&I _-FRIDAY: JULY !5°t!' PRE•FIUNNINQ aa MPH_ Rl!GIIITRATION, TECH. CAR 018PLAY 4-8 P.M. COWNT'OWN JftfKf'or SATURDAY: ·Jua..v (#QI DIIIVER MEETING at .a A.IL. .. RAC/Nt;-sri.RT$ A'r q A .M, AWARDS SATURDAY EVENING AT THE HORSESHU Hoapltality & added puree from the Community of Jackpot Added bonus for all claaa wlnnerall To Our 1996 SPONSORS TWIN FALLS AREA C.ntury Automotive Machine Commerclal Tira curre Car Care Brlco of Idaho, Inc 0.m State Weld•re Supply HJ..Teoh Welding Metal• R-rch S&D Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrlo•tlon fll\•t. &11ALG"'S Et-f:CfflONfC:S SUN VAL'-EY ~OOFINt; JACKPOT Banon•• Club 83 Caotua J».te•• Th• Four Jaoka The Ho,. .. hu Spanlah Gardtln• RV Park ·••• Line Liquor bavl•on Signe 4 X4 Plue The Renter Center Th• Wlndow.Weldw T.F. Body & Paint T.F. Truok & Equipment Twin Lawn Mowere Magic Valley Early Iron Independent Auto ·. So,.naon Conetruotlon· NA PA A ~T'O 'PA1l.T.S Felt Auto of Ogden Bonneville Offroad Racing Enthualaata · · · I< n.L ER ~TRA-&S c!>11. ,; £4 Nl)CA t. f' CA fi'L VP RI~ gaa available ~ PraoldlrON&Y, , BRICO OF IDAHO, INC 1-IOM67•10l2 RACE·/ PO BOX 1683 Ogden, Ut. 84402 May 1996 Page 49

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: 199 Class 9 Champion, Chromoly state of the art, trick, single seat JIMCO, no expense spared, prepped and ready to keep winning, water cooled Fox Shox, Wright, UMP, fresh air, SAW, flame out,Jamar, lots of spares, $8,500.00 obo, driver changing classes. Call Dave At ( 619) 743-8498 or (619) 744-9764. FOR SALE: Raceco 2 seat 3.5 Porsche, Electromotive fuel injection, Fox Shox, Summers Hubs, Fortin Trans, Fodrill front arms & spindles, $35,000.00.Stuart Chase (818) 841-2316 pager (818) 559-9193. SPEED, SAFETY, RELIABIL-ITY: Proven International Rallysport Technology can give you the edge over the opposition. Drive faster, safer with less breakage and wear.Take the guess work out of desert racing. Interested? Contact Stuart Roberts, Concepts International (NZ) Ltd., PO Box 46-14 7 Herne Bay, Auckland 1030 New· Zealand. Fax: 64-9-483-5581 for details. A Leading manufacturer of equipment for the semiconductor industry is looking for winners who want to join our team. Full-time job openings in electrical, plumbing and mechanical assem-bly are available in our Valencia, CA facility. Field service techni-cians are needed for Portland Oregon and Santa Clara, CA. We require good mechanical skills, attention to details and the motivation to succeed. Good benefits and work environment. Please send resume to: Semicon-ductor Process Epuipment Corp. 25167 Anza Dr. Valencia, CA 91355 Attn: Kevin McGillivray Phone (805) 257-0934, FAX (805) 257-1083. FOR SALE: Updated Raceco, fresh Fat type IV 2666, fresh Hew land transmission DG300, coil-over front, Fox Shox all around, rear Summers, outboard c.v.s, mostly of bolts, wirehoses, bearing and fuel cell, Parker Pumper are new. We prep this Raceco for Baja 1000, 1995 and we don't raced. $20,000.00. Bob at Race Ready (619) 691-9171. We ·can sell with or without motor and tranny. --'--------FOR SALE: Class 10 or l single seat-Mendeola trans, Foddril arms and spindles Charlyn power steering, Bilstein coilovers, Major motor, ALOT of spare parts, 2nd place SCORE Class 10 champ, Completely prepped is like new. Call for details Tim Scalzo (714) 489-1606 days asking $30,000.00 Also selling Class 10 Major engine and Class 10 transmission . . FOR SALE: JIMCO SALE! 95 Class 10 A-Arm $36,000.00, 1996 Class 1-1600 $22,000.00 1990 Class 2-1600 $17,000.00, 1990 Class 5-open $18,000.00. All ready to race extra parts available. Call Victor for details (619)422-5674 (619) 428-2824. '----'-----'-------1 FOR SALE: Jimco Single seat Class 10, Mendeola trans, Chenowth Rear hubs, 4" longer arms, Coil overs, Fox Shox, without motor $14,000.00. Call Mike (619) 434-7986. ·-it&.¾» FOR SALE: TROPHY TRUCK Unlimited Class Ford. This truck FOR SALE: '84 Toyota X Cab, Class 1500, 2nd place La Rana 300 miles new motor, 500 miles new trans, Fox Shox, National Springs. 31" BFG muds, Full cage, Beard seats, Fuel Safe, Mikumi Carbs, Sway A Way, Spare Frame, and more. $9,500.00 Patrick (818) 359-4136. FOR SALE: '89 Chenowth Mini Mag, 93 La Rana Class Champ! Yamaha built 570cc water cooled motor. 16 ... of travel front and rear, Bilstein coil overs, rear has bump stops, disc brakes aH around. Good spares package! $9,500.00 contact Baja Concepts Ref #471 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Class 9 Challenger single seater. Fresh engine and close ratio gears trans. Pumper system, fuel cell Fox Shox, Mickey Thompson tires, Master Craft Seat. Ready to Race $3,500.00. Call Dennis (702) 254-7041. AWESOME '92 Class 8, legal in any race series with minor adjustments. 22" front and rear travel!¼ eleptics rear, Kuster shocks W / bypass tubes. Cone Dana 60 w/40 spline, . custom spindles, 350ci motor, all 4130 chromoly, first·class parts throughout!! $43,000.00. Bajn Concepts Ref #428 ( 619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: PPI built Class H, numerous SCORE Class 8 wins including Bnja 1000. 3HHci Leon Pattern motor with all the hest parts, Hydromatic race trans, 4 take-apart Ranchos with rest·r-voirs per wheel, 55 gal fuel cell, full supply of new RFG Hnja TA 's, mnn1· spart·s. Call fur ch-tails. $ 1 (,., 'i() 0(1 ( 805) 291 -1--5 -:kl ' FINISHED the '95 Baja 1000. 4 SALE: PreRunner Stre~table, Just up"dated by Prism to 24" ft., new motor ready to work. 32"rr.,coiloversandtrickedout fr' $20,000.00 (909) 654-4938 or Lightning Rods. 460ci c/Mogi (909) 654-4544. C6, Cone9". Race against the best FOR SALE: RACE TEAM, l lD in SCORE, or race for Overall car and 1-1600 car, spare of Wins in La Rana, VORRA, Fud, FOR SALE: AWESOME DEAL!! Glass 10, 2 seater 1988 Race-co/Mirage. Fox shocks, Wright front arms, Woods rear trailing arm. Combos 4 wheel disc Summers Hubs, Willwood disc brakes. 1641 Toyota 2T6, 4 cyl motor. Some spares: Helmets, suits etc. Make an offer now -must sell fast! Only 3 races on the car! $18,000.00 Baja Concepts Ref #490 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: SODA Class 11-2 everything,bestofeverything, SNORE, etc. This truck was La FOR SALE: SODA 2-1600 FOR SALE: New aluminum Tripple EEE transmission. Heavy duty spooler, 7 .26: 1 gearing, custom rotor, new Wildwood caliper. New, never used. $1,700.00 invested will sell for $950.00 (715) 627-2611 after 6:00 CST Wisconsin. seat-Fox Shox, Beard seats, Fat CNC, Ump, Fox, Wright, Rana Unlimited Truck Cham-Mirage, w lmotor & tranny stuff,truckloadofsparestuff,top SwayaWay,manyaluminum pion in '93 and '94. Fast and $2,300.00, SODA Class 9 runner, Race ready, Car #1138 wheels. Drive to Indiana, lost reliable, proven winner, and even Terminator wlmotor & tranny asking $3,950.00 or ?? ALSO: partner, sponser and big$. First better now! Spares included. $12,000.00, SODA Class 9 Complete Fat Class 11 motor $10,000.00 takes all. Phone Movingoutofstate.Makemea wlmotor&tranny$2,300.00 $2,000.00 West Ben, WI (414) {219) 892-6289 or (219) 892- REASONABLE OFFER!! (714) Call Wisconsin (715)341-8507 629-9429 leave message. 5867. 855-8761. ask for Heath Schooley. ----,------ - - - ...--liiiiiliiiiia -~-~ ....--... ----- - - - -----~--... ~ ----·-~----------- ---~ ~-, . I Sell or swap y.our extra parts and pieces in ti I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ii I I I DUSTY TIMES. - . Classified Advertising rate is only $20 for 45 words each ~onth, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and, or a very sharp color print. Maximum size 5x7 NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. Enclosed is $ (Send check or money order, no cash). Pleas.e run ad _______ times. Name Mail to: Address _______________ _;_ _______ Phone--------DUSTYTIMES 20751 Marilla Street C~y -------------------State ___ _ ' Cha~worth, CAJ9_1311-4408 Page 50 May 1996 FOR SALE: 1-1600, new Major motor, fresh Mendeola trans, Wright combos, ½" Fox Shox, Mastercraft, Fuel Safe, Flame Out, power steering, new stub Axles, c.v.s, Sway-A-Way plates and springs, lite, fast, tough. Price reduced to $8,750.00. Comes with complete spare race engine, dump cans, etc. ( 619) 588-922(·. I OFF ROAD RACE TEAM in I need of a qualified experienced race mechanic. Full time year I around base Tallahassee. Must be I able to travel May-September. I Welding & Fabrication a plus, I must have solid references. Call I Jimmie (904) 575-6181 evenings after 6:00 est. or FAX resume to 'I (904) 576-1542 Attn: Jimmie. Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: 1-1600 Mirage 11 W chassis, rear trailing arms, new front end, body panels, 20 gal fuel cell. $1,100.00. 1-2-1600 motor 20 miles old, only the best parts. Complete from clutch to carb, bolt in and race. $2,500.00 inv., $1,900.00 hear it run. Duel 44 • idf's type 4 manifolds $350.00, FORSALE: 1993Class9Raceco, sin 40 idf, mani, end castings-2 seater. Built by Jerry Penhall. $175.00, Duel 34 ict's-$125.00, Only raced twice!! Kennedy built sing 40 Delorto-$125.00, type 1600 Jg Transwerks tranny. Fox 41.7 complete, needs rebuild-Shox, Wrightrack,Jamarpedals, $175.00 (209) 532-7710, 586-SA W torsion bars, Nice clean car 1967. for the money. $8,000.00 Baja··.:..;:._:...:_ _________ _ FOR SALE: Courier Pre-Run-ner/La Rana, T-Bird turbo4 cyl., C-4 trans, gate shifter, Summers bros. 9H spool, Howe radiator, Full cage, rear cell, Mastercraft, 5 point belts, Ump alum., Custom interior and wiring, 2 sets of tires/wheels, lots of spares. $1,850.00 oho Rick or Todd (619) 443-9678. jJk. FOR SALE: 94 1-1600 Prism design. All moly and Tig welded, HI 16H wheelbase. Under 1500 lbs, beat of everything, 2nd overall in Vorra desert and points_ series. Very competitive, light and fast. $8,500.00 or trade for race pilot and cash. (510) 458-5812. Concepts Ref# 476. (619) 583-6529. -FOR SALE: 1978 Ford. Pre-runner or Class 8, Fox Shox and air bumps, 400M motor built by R.C. Perf., Culane C-6 trans, Summers Bros rear end, pew fuel cell, heater and air conditioner. Must see to appreciate. (714) 842-5370. $23000.00. BITCHEN SCORE, SODA, LA RANA Class 8 4x4. TWO motors: 1=750 hp and 1=550 hp. Loads of spares and equipment. Fox Shox, Probuilt ¼ eleptic, 4x4 Class 4 Jeep gorgeously fabbed! FAST, excellent history. Steal this beauty for $22,000.00!! Baja Concepts Ref #244 ( 619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: RACE ENGINE SHOP EQUIPMENT: Mag mach-ine $5,000.00, DE Mag $500.00; Valve grinder $850.00; Rod hone $1,750.00; Valve seat grinder (-air) $650.00; 50 gal solvent tank $650.00-Can deliver CA, AZ, NV Jim Russell (520) 855-2208. :::,., AWESOME Race Ready 5-1600: Very fresh! Type II JG Trans. Best of everything. Air cooled Pro built motor. Custom shock tech 2 /by pass-6 total. Wright combo spindels & large King Pins. Neth style rear arms. Summers 28mm torsion bars. Type IV c.v.s. Excellent package: car will be sold race ready. Comes with trailer. $10,000.00 Baja Concepts Ref #454 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Class 4 or 8, Jeep-Honcho. 15H front & rear travel, ·National Spring suspension, FOX 7 /8 w / canister shocks, Carr trans 400, BFGs. Ultra Wheels, Rod Hall Racing Lights, 2 full sets fiberglass, 850 horse-AMC engine. VORRA NW champ last 2 years. Raced H(92-93 ). This truck is a know finisher with all the best eqipment! Fuel safe (new), Parker Pumper, Beard, Art Carr, Ump. With all the spares/ race ready. $30,000.00 Call (702) 673-4151. DustyTimcs FOR SALE: 67 Camero, Brand new built 502 with Mogi trans. 3500 stall, Fiber-glass front end. 15 gallon cell with gauge. Liquid filled auto meter gauges. 10 bolt rear end with 4.56's and posi transaction. This car is scary fast! Call for more info. $5,100.00 (310) 377-9639. ~-FORSALE: RaceReady5-1600: FOR SALE: 1991 Tubular design. Class 9-2 seat-best of everything-94 La Rana 4th in Class-Beard-Fuel safe-Sway-A-Way-Bilstein-PCI w /lntercom-Hells-Parker Pumper Type 3 Drums, WR Trans-Lothringer front end. Inc. tandem trailer w I tool box & tire rack 8 spares & 4 Pitt Boxes w'parts $7,295.00 oho d /818-790-9882, n /818-797-7937. FOR SALE: 1975 Jeep Cherokee 2dr wagon, incomplete restora-tion project, 80k mile on original engine, still runs good. Also have new crated 360v8 from Don-A-V e e. New paint & trim. White/grey. New carpet kit, not installed. Never wrecked nor off roaded. $7 ,500.00/offer(619) 724-1784. Dick. Scott Laufer motor, close ratio type II trans, 22 gallon fuel safe, Sway-A-Way, 2 new harnesses, 8 Yokohamas on Centerlines, rebuilt 12"' Fox Shox, 1"' longer Chromolly trailing arms, King Kong Adjusters, Fire bottle, KC Lights, Window nets, Mastercraft "' seats, complete spares package, $7,200.00 oho Tom eves (619) 752-1623. FOR SALE: 1-2-1600 Probst-Berrien Lazer 1 motor, 2 trannys, BFG's, Centerline FOX, Beard Neal pedals, CNC brake, some spares. Call Michigan (906) 466-2355, days. Brad $6,500.00 oho (906) 466-1914 evenings Todd. WANTED: A top quality Baja Bug or small pickup set-up for light off road use. Must be good driver, comfortable with good quality parts. Street legal is a must. Please no junk-Photos & details will travel for right car. Call (916) 682-7737. FOR SALE: SCORE race car, class 9 1600cc, single seat with Dico-trailer $3,750.00 (909) 585-7007 or (714) 840-3893. FOR SALE: Class 112-1600, S& K chassis. Wide interior, Beard, Fox, Tilton, Neal, UMP, Weld, SAW, 930cv's, Bus transmission with short course gears. Soda legal. This is the· best handling, most comfortable two seat car FOR SALE: 1-1600 short course you will ever find. Must sell to car-Adjustable combo front end, support Class 9 car. $7,000.00 Saco rack, Fox Shox with (217) 774-9593 6:30-10:00pm reservoirs, adjustable torsion, c_t_. ------,=-=,-,:,:-"="=,,_.., Sway-A-Way bars and axles, Flame-out. New rear trailing arms, Woven woods, spare wheels, tires, bead locks, new paint-less motor. $5,000.00 Days (310) 920-1135 eve (310) 920-.. FOR SALE: Ford Ranger extend-ed Tubular radius arms with 3 I 4 H heim joints, includes bolt-on tubular cross-member mount, powdercoated machine grey $550.00. Bolt-on air cleaner adapter with filter. Fits all fuel-injected 4 cylinder Toyotas. Bolt-on rear bumpers for T oyotas and Ford Rangers. $125-160. Accept Visa-MIC. (909) 305-0533. Duffco. -~,; FOR SALE: CLissi~ Class 8, built by Parnelli Jones and raced in Score/Hdra. This truck has plenty of wins! It has a 350 by Ron Fielder, A Dana 60, JFZ Knock Offs, Beard seats, B & M shifter, etc. $15,900.00 or best offer. Baja Concepts Ref# 145 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: WALKER EV ANS SPECIALS, 1 Dodge Class 8 with V-8, brand new truck, 725hp Ref #501, 2 Trophy Trucks V-8 or V-10, Ford. Chevv-Dodge?? Awesome record, top of the line, tons of spare parts $65k Ref #502. 1 Dodge Dakota Class 7 with V-6 motor 390 hp excellent record, tons of spares, $45k. Ref #503. 1 45ft Semi trailer with bathroom, belly boxes, cabinets, benches $25k Ref #504 Contact Baja Concepts more info at (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Bob Gordon & Butch Arciero, Class 1, 2 seat Chenowth, Awesome car, super clean, super strong, Fortin trans & a 3.3 Porsche motor (fresh) $45k firm, not negotiable, Baja Concepts Ref #459 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600 body & roll cage built by Friday's off road, engine built by Fridays, 6 Fox Shox, 2 Beards seats, 4 steel rims, rack & pinon steering, 12 gal fuel cell & more parts. Call for more details (309) 389-5144 ask for Mark $6,000.00 oho. 2719. FOR SALE OR TRADE: 3 JS550 Kawasaki Jet skis and custom double trailer. Fresh motors and ride mats. All have custom paint, need nothing $3,500.00 for all or trade toward 2-1600, 5-1600 or like prerunner. Running or not. Call Rod (619) 789-0451. FOR SALE: Class 10 short course car 1650, 930's Summer Bros, FOR SALE: 91 Meco 1-1600, · close rati_o, Bus Box all fresh all 116 b FAT 091 FOX w/ reser- braded Imes, Bead Locks, new voir: Um , Wright, Fodrill, Best Coil overs, rear spare shocks, all ' p buy Come look $arts. Great Glen Helen car, parts money can . and you will buy $7.500.00 part 5,000.00 oho or trade. Turn key trade Off Road M yrers Manx Class 9 car & parts, La Rana or (206) 284-2025. Snore ( 619) 94 7 -4897. May1996 FOR SALE: Unlimited Race car-. all Fox, Bilstein, coil overs, single seat, Fodrill Centerline, Wright, Wilwood, Beard, Flameout, electric PS, 930cv's, Sway-A-Way, 486 tyoe IV, FfC gears, super cliff., Full race 2332, too much to list Plus tandem trailer with 4-wheel brakes, sacrifice $9,800.00 firm (602) 993-2209. RCR SPECIAL BUY FORMER Robby Gordon Trophy Truck, raced last year by RCR, one of the best built trucks around, comes with different packages available, complete truck only $89k, Truck has a 650hp Parabok motor, Mogi c-6 26 to 28 inches of wheel travel, Chrisman rearend, Mike Smith bypass shocks, this truck is a runner Ref # 492 Contact Baja Concepts (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Two buggy open trailer. Used only eleven times. As new. Twin very heavy duty axles with hydraulic brakes. Droop rear and long ramps, specially built by Mighty Mover dico. To large for my drive way. Finished in white. $2,580.00 (310) 907-9444. FOR SALE: Engine only, Toyota 22R, 10.5 pistons, 50mm Webers, Header, Big Cam, 7116"' rod bolts, New bearings, PSI head, Aluminum rockers. Unas-sembled for inspection. $1,500.00 ( 414) 434-9577. FOR SALE: Enclosed trailer: 8Lx6Wx5H, 1992 Prolite white fiberglass shell, ramp door, chrome desert wheels, aerody-namic style, spare, lockable six ways, perfect for pit support, motorcycles or quad, fits in you garage, $1500 .00 oho ( 602) 396-6406. INDEX OF A~VERTISERS Baker Performance Products . . . . . . . . . . 23 Barbary Coast · Gold Coast Hotels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Bilstein Corp. of America : . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Bonneville Off Road Racing . . . . . . . . . . . 49 B.O.R.E. Jackpot 200 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Brush Run 1 01 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Cactus Racing Products . . . . . . . . • . . . . 20 Bob Delozier Motorsports . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Diamond Liners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Europartner Motersport . . . • . . . . . • . . . . 17 FAT Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Fox Racing Shox. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 German Auto . . . . . • . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . 19 Rod Hall □riving School . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Harmon Brothers Racing . . . . . . . . . . . • . 15 Honda of North Hollywood . . . • . . . . . . . 25 Kawaguchi Honda ................. 31 McKenzies Pert. Products ........ 18 & 29 Memorial Oay 100 Off Road Race . . . . . • 5 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 P.C.I. Race Radios & Equipment . . . . . . . 9 Pike's Family Restaurants ..... · ....... 38 Perris Speedway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Race Ready Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 RCA Equipment Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Rock Busters Video . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 SNORE Caliente . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . 2 Simpson Race Products . . . . • . . . . • . . . 42 Sway-A-Way Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Top Line Trailers . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 8 Toyota Motorsports . . . . . . • . . . Back Cover Trackside Photo Inc ................. 41 Tri-Mil Industries .•................ 32 Ultra Wheel . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Unocal Racing Gasoline . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Valley Performance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Wilch Sales . . . . • • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Wright Place . . . • • . • . . . . . . .. . . . . . . 39 Yarnell Specialties. Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Page 51

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To taste victory, you have to digest the whole truck after every race . . Victory isn't something you whip up in a few minutes. At Toyota, we've been perfecting our winning recipe for 39 years. We've assembled a team with an endless hunger for success. They ravenously sink their teeth into the tough task of completely disassembling our championship race truck after every grueling desert event, replacing or improving virtually every part. And it's paid off with a 13-year winning heritage of 23 championships and 81 victories. Each time we head out to race, we're not going back for seconds, we're going back for firsts. OUR MINDS ARE ALWAYS RACING