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1995 Volume 12 Number 8 Dusty Times Magazine

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Covering the world of competition in the dirt-

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R 0 u N D & @@~~®ITiJu@@[P @□i]@ 0 (1@2ru]~[m0orru~ OO@W@@@ . J J 14 Pro and Sportsman Classes For Cars andTrucks SPECIAL FORMAT • 40 M1LE Loop Drawing: Aug. 26 Publicity Run: Aug. 26 1ro2.J 3&1-s404 ·sFGaadric:ti -----Tires uliPJ .._.... a lriileT.,_ ~ ..... 9'<

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Volume 11 - Number 8 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Michael Ward Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Circulation 0 . Osborne Contributors Jim Baker · C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Carol Clark Don Dayton John Elkin Homer Eubanks Don Holbrook Martin Holmes n:,iniel Mainzer Ken & Nicole Ruff Bob.Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smitr Judy Smith Tony Tellier _ .I rackside Photo Inc._ Art Director Larry E. Worsham SNAPSHOT 'August 1995 CALJFORNM RALLY SERIES Subscription Rates: lllrfd&riescf~Racing• $20.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may · be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. OF THE MONTH ••• This does not look like fun racing, but these intrepid midwestern racers learn to live with mud in their short racing season. These peep holes must be cut from something rigid but they don't supply much vision. This looks like a limited engine car, and if the owner of this racer will contact Dusty Times we'll have a pleasant little surprise for the team. Photo by Jim Ober ofTrackside Photo Inc. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar interest on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Black & white prints, 5x7 or 8xl0 preferred but clear color prints will be considered. Dusty Times August 1995 In This Issue ••• · FEATURES Page_ SCORE Tecate Trophy-Trucks in Baja by Judy Smith . ........ 12 SCORE Tecate Baja 500 by Judy Smith ..................... 14 Bonneville Off Road Racing by Jim Baker ................... 22 Rim of the World National Rally by John Elkin .............. 24 Mitsubishi Montero Driver's Report by John B. Clavin ........ 27 Australian Round 2 at Goondiwindi by Darryl Smith . . . . . . . . . 28 Glen Helen Off Road Racing in April . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 SNORE Caliente 250 by Jean Calvin ....................... 34 Isuzu Rodeo Driver's Report by John B. Calvin .............. 37 VORRA Yerington 300 by Troy Robinson .................. 38 R,im of the World Divisional Rally by John Elkin . . . .......... 42 Q,,mbo Buttes Baja by Scott Olson ............... .......... 45 Whiplash Motorsports in Sonoyta by Tony Tellier ........... 46 La Rana Lucerne Valley Jam by Carol Clark . ................ 48 SODA Memorial Day 100 by Barb & Marilyn Schultz ........ 52 Goodbye Mark by Jerrv Garrett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 DEPARTMENTS Soap Box by Ed Robinson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Trail Notes ............................................. • 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 FAIR News by Dave Massingham ...................... . ... 32 New Zealand Championship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Checkers by the Guest Wahzoo ............................ 33 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Equipment Loss in Baja by Charli David .................... 61 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 ON THE COVER-Rob MacCachren made his SODA short course debut in spectacular fashion at the Memorial Day 100. The talented Las Vegas racer drove the Rampage Racing Borg Warner Ford to a flag to flag victory in Class 4 and had somt. of the locals saying "Where'd he come from"? He came from spending a good part of his young life on desert wheels, first bikes, then buggies and trucks, while at the same time he was driving a Ford in the Mickey Thompson stadium series. He was truly happy that he won for Rampage Racing the first time out. On the left coast the annual SCORE Tecate Trophy-Truck and off road race was happening out ofEnsenada. Normally one of the many factory sponsored trucks wins the Baja 500 Trophy-Truck honors, but in this high attrition event many fell by the wayside. Curt LeDuc had little trouble and sailed right into the victory and did his traditional tap dance on the roof of the Don-A-Vee Jeep Grand Cherokee. Our hearty congratulations to both men who competed in both races just four days and over 2000 miles apart. Color Photography by Jim Ober of Trackside Photo Inc. S~7fUUUI DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year - $20.00 □ 2 years - $30.00 □ .3 years - $40.00 Take advantage of your subsaiption bonus •• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. I . (Form on inside back page) Address ____________________ _ City Stace ___________ Zip __________ _ Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004 f(Canadian - 1 year $25.00 U.S. • Overseas subscription rates_on r~quest) Page 3

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SOAP BOX ••• The Deliberate Forced Cancellation of the VORRA/Fernlcy ·150 Desert Race by a Reno Radn9 Group Dear Off-Road Racer, Race Supporter and Friends of Off-Road Racing: VORRA has worked 20 years putting on off-road races in Northern California, Nevada and Oregon. In putting on off-road races it takes weeks, months, and sometimes years putting together areas to run off-road races, working together with the Bureau of Land Management, ranchers, land owners and towns that will be affected by the race. VORRA is always looking for new places to race. A few years ago VORRA started looking at Fernley, Nevada as a new place to race. We met with the owner of the Truck Inn, the BLM, and road motorcycles in the area. We felt -that the area could be a possible place to run a race; but, with a busy schedule we were unable to finalize a date in the Fernley area. In 1992 another race group was formed out of Reno, Nevada wanting to put on a race. Not knowing the mechanics of putting on a race they contacted VORRA to help them out. Their first choice was the Paiute Indian Reservation. A lot of work was put forth to make it work, but at the last minute the tribal council did not approve of the race. This Reno group then asked VORRA where would be another good place to hold an off-road race. VORRA suggested Fernley, Nevada and the Truck Inn. They put it together and a race was on. Again, they asked VORRA to help out with the race. All the VORRA officials set up, marked, and ran the entire race. The race was a success even though only 15 participants showed to race. In 1994 VORRA made a decision to move the Virginia City race to Fernley, Nevada and run the same area that had been run before. In January of 1995 VORRA met with the Truck Inn and the BLM, a date was set and we started putting everything together to put on a race. Several months before the event advertis-ing went out in magazines, full page ads in our sports newspaper, and monthly mail outs. VORRA started working with residents, ranchers, and land owners to make everything work. After a couple of small course changes, meeting with a key rancher and his son getting approval from them with a good hand shake the race was finalized and on. Racers started coming from hundreds of miles away to compete in VORRA's fourth points race to be known as, The VORRA/ FERNLEY 250 RACE in June. The entire course was marked, start/ finish area set up, conting-ency companies in place. Less than 18 hours before the start of the race, this race group out of Reno, Nevada through a lawyer said they have a ten year contract with the rancher ( that VORRA already had a gentle-man's agreement to hold the race) that they were the only group that could cross the rancher's land. ( Only to find out that the contract had not been upheld for a year and a half until only two days before the VORRA event.) Of course, we went to work to try to run under their contract. The rancher said that he would agree, but our so-called fellow race group from Reno, Nevada refused to agree to any changes of the contract what-so-ever. Thinking that if they could stop the race it might bring more racers to the race that they have scheduled in the near future, with the total disregard to the racers and the town of Fernley, Nevada. The VORRA association for the first time in 20 years of promoting races was forced to tell hundreds of racers, families and friends the race was off, also leaving the town of Fernley that had prepared and expected a large crowd of race fans, empty and disappointed. VORRA is asking you to please stop and think about this type of back stabbing conduct. Support-ing and/or doing business with a group like this only encourages future action like this, and jeopardizes the future of the sport of off-road racing. The Valley Off-Road Racing Association Interested folks are welcome to send us their version of this rather serious contr~t1ersy which could cause the cancellation of all off road activity in this area east of Reno. Already we hat1 a few letters from folks who hat1e been affected by the race being canceled, so send us your t1ersion and next month we'll hat1e a full page on the subject. New Sportsman Kit This kit contains all the outstanding features of the highly successful PRO Race Box. Bolt your existing bus box, 1st through 4th gears, bellhousing, end covers and carrier on to these PRO Box Parts and achieve the same competitive results and reliability that Rose transaxle racers have seen during the last three years! The best news, if you haven't heard it already, is that this kit is available for only $2800.00 in kit form! Making your standard bus parts obsolete, if not foolhardy to reinstall. Kits are in stock and ready to race!, Builders & Distributers: CALIFORNIA PERFORMANCE / Doug Ingles (909)699-8898 Page 4 ITS Mike Thorton (619)579-260 I J:IG HD J:EARIN~ J:IG HEAW Dll1Y f-1AIN CASE J:IG PINION WRING HOUSING J:fG 300'1 INPl/T SHAFT J:(G ml~Y Sf!)£ CO~ERS AU Nl/TS, J:OlTS ~ SPA<!ERS Sf-1AU ON PR/Cf/ Slf-1PLY Il:IE J:E~I ~ CHRIS ROSE (619) 579-8861 JG Transwerks Joe Giffin (714)632-1240 MIRAGE CHASSIS DanBaudoux (517)642-2333 August 1995 Trail Notes THE SCORE FIREWORKS 250 was a good race despite the tragic accident on Friday during the Trophy-Truck race. For this reason all we can tell you is that Paul Simon in a Ford won the race and either Robby Gordon or Jason Baldwin was second, and with only the first two listed on results, they don't even agree. On Saturday the regular race began about6:30 a.m. Bob Gordon won this in his Chenowth powered by a Type 4 VW engine. Frank Arciero was standing by in case the heat got to Bob, but as usual Gordon finished looking cool and collected, as he won Class 1 as well as overall. In the other classes Scott Webster and Todd Teuscher won Class 1-2-1600 by one second over Brent Grizzle and Dale Ebberts! Greg Diehl and Brad Person won Class 5 while Robert Hayley and Vic Bruckmann got another win in the Class 2 Ford Bronco. Class 7 went to Gerado Novelo and Delfino Alpizar, Nissan, and Class 7S went to the Rick Johnsons of Barstow and Victorville in a Ford Ranger. Class B fell to the swift team of Dan Smith and Dave Ashley in a Ford F-150, while Brian and Jim Jeffery won Class 9 in their Raceco. Ray Croll won Class 10 by 12 minutes in a solo drive in his new Toyota powered Jimco. In Class 5-1600 Gustavo Vildosola and Charlie Watters won again, a nice habit, this time they won by eight minutes. In the classes that require three laps instead of four for an official finish, Terry Kiely and Tom Preston won Class 11. Among the stock Full Size trucks James Hall and Richard Handel took the win in a Ford. It was Ford again, this time a Ranger that won in stock mini trucks, Michael Martin and Tim Magee scoring first place. It looks like the Class 11 of Bill Swisher and Thomas Mangione were the fastest to cover two laps and the apparent Sportsman winner. That is all we can glean from the results booklet. We will have a full report with pictures in the next issue. TO THE OFF ROAD RACING COMMUNITY -On behalf of the Pugeda Family and the Swift Motorsports Team, we would like to thank the racing community, our teammates and friends for the unselfish concern that you have shown during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers have brought comfort to all of us. (Dino Pugeda was seriously injured, in fact he is still in a coma atthis writing, in a racing accident during the SCORE Baja 500.) During contingency at the SCORE Fireworks 250 several of our team members sold T-shirts to raise money for the Dino Pugeda Benefit Fund. We had an enjoyable and very successful day! A thank you to everyone who bought T-shirts, donated money or just stopped by to give moral support. We'll do it again at the Laughlin race, since we sold out and many people still were asking for shirts. Many thanks to Allen Repashy of SouthSwell Screen Arts in San Diego who donated hundreds of T-shirts and hours of time to create the fabulous "Dino" shirts. He has been enthusiastic and supportive from day one. A fund has been set up to help Dino's family with medical costs. If you would like to help, please send donations to: The Dino Pugeda Benefit Fund, c l o Sue Wales, Ventura County National Bank, P.O. Box 5246, Oxnard, CA 93031. PIKES PEAK HILL CLIMB NEWS:..... The course had to be shortened this year because of constant snowfall on the top few miles. Early reports say that Japan's Nobuniro Tajima defeated Rod Millen of Newport Beach in the Unlimited division by seven-tenths of a second. Millen's Toyota had been the odds on favorite to set a new record and win overall. Robbie Unser scored his seventh victory at Pikes Peak. He was second in last year's super-truck division, and last month beat 1994 wnner Leonard Vahsholtz by less than three seconds. We should have complete results and a story next month. MORE ON THE BAJA 500-We heard a somewhat frightening tale from a Goodrich pit team driving a semi back from Valle de Trinidad about9:00 a.m. Sunday morning; as they started into the twisty up hill road from Ojos Negros to Ensenada the big rig caught up to a truck which then proceeded to speed up and slow down but not let the semi make the pass. The semi had to lock up the brakes on this mountain road with no guard rails at least three times as they were trying to force the semi to crash off the road, which depending on the curve could be a long way down. The offending truck had the race number required for pit vehicles, covered with a towel, and the Goodrich team reports it was getting more than scary by the minute. They hope the people held up behind them see this notice and realize they were not holding them back from passing on purpose, and wish to appologize for the delay. They said it was a miracle that their rig didn't jackknife under the hard braking. They suggest that any complaints be addressed to the Perry or Rex McNeil team. This report was filed by Gary Johnson, driver of the Goodrich semi tractor/ trailer. BRUSH RUN 101 -That is the name the Crandon folks are assigning their Spring race now and the Labor Day event is now the W arid 's Championship Off Road Race. At any rate, points through the first three events in the series, Memorial Day 100, Antigo Kiwanis, and Brush Run 101 will set the tone for the rest of the season. We only have points for three truck classes, 4, 7S and B led respectively by Rob MacCachren, Art Schmitt and Walker Evans. At Crandon last June Jason Crowder won Class 2-1600, was third in 1-1600 and second in the Limited Challenge; then his sister Tina Crowder won the Women's Unlimited Buggy race in the same car! Dan Baudouxwon Class l lD, was second in 2-1600, won Class l lS, 1-1600 and the Limited Buggy Challenge. He was a busy man! Mike Mishler, Jr. won the new Class BS in a Chevy, and Bill Graboski won Class 6 in a Chevy Lumina. Jeff Probst topped the Class 9 /10 race and also the Class l / 2 race next day plus the Unlimited Challenge race. Geoff Dorr put his Ford in first in Class 4 and Art Schmitt won Class 7S in a Nissan and also won the 6, 7S and BS Challenge event. Brendan Gaughan was the Class 13 winner and he also won the 3/ 13 Challenge race on Sunday in a Dodge. Walker Evans grabbed the Class 8 victory in his Dodge and was second in Sunday's Challenge race. Michael Brue won Class 5-1600, Jack Flannery was happy to win the Production Challenge. Sarah Sawall won Women's Class 11 and the Women's Heavy Metal champion was Sherri Parsons in a Chevrolet. We'll have a full race report by Judy Smith in the September issue, complete with pictures. SCORE INTERNATIONAL has their first Desert Championship Series sponsor in many a moon in Eveready Batteries for cars and trucks. They came on board starting with the Fireworks 250 in Barstow, and were highly enthusiastic about the program. Johnson Controls is the parent company and had some executives on hand who rose early in the morning to flag off a few of the Trophy-Trucks. Bet those folks from the home base in Milwaukee found out what hot weather really is on the 4th of July weekend near Barstow, CA. Actually it wasn't much over 100 F race day and there was a slight breeze which helped a lot. Dusty Times

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GOOD/YEAR OFF-ROAD NATIONALS & SWAP.MEET KALAMAZOO Ml Sat. & Sun. Aug.26-27 * ALL FEATURE WINNERS RECEIVE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY* FEATURE CLASS ENTRY MAX ADDED PURSE Unlimited Buggy 1,2,9 $100 $1000 Class 10 Buggy 1650cc VW Air Cooled $100 $800 Limited Buggy 5,6,7 (5-1600, 1-1600, 2-1600) $100 $800 Class 11 Buggy lls, lld $50 $400 Class 3 Trucks 3 $50 $400 Heavy Metal Truck 4,8,8s,13,14 $100 $1000 Mini Metal 7s $100 $800 QuadATV#l 0-250A $100 $500 QuadATV#2 0-200 2cy & 0-350 4cy $35 Trophies QuadATV#3 0-500B $35 Trophies QuadATV#4 0-500C $35 Trophies Bike #1 125cc $35 Trophies Bike #2 250cc $35 Trophies Odyssey 350ss $35 $100 Odyssey 350mod $50 $200 Pilot 400ss $35 $100 Pilot 400mod $50 $200 Road Warriors Demo Derby Car $25 $250 Swimsuit Contest FREE $250 Feature payback: Competitors will receive 80% of entry fees per standard SODA payout chart. Promoter will add money to SODA Payout up to maximum listed above if 7 or more vehicles start the feature race. AMA trophy classes which will receive 1 trophy per 3 entrys in feature race. All Competitors will race in two heats. Lineup for Feature Race will be determined by finishing position in Heat Races. No additional fee to enter feature race. All money will be paid in feature race. First and second place finishers in buggy features can move up to next feature. For Pre-Registration or Swap Meet Form Call (517) 627-6200 1995 Michigan Off-Road Championships -------. Monday Saturday Sunday Thursday Saturday Wednesday Saturday * Saturday Thursday Saturday-Sunday July 10 7:00 pm Hartford, Ml July 22 7:00 pm Fowlerville, Ml July 30 4:00 pm Mason, Ml Aug 3 7:30 pm Sandusky, Ml Aug 5 5:00 pm Vassar, Ml Aug 9 7:30 pm Bad Axe, Ml Aug 12 4:00 pm Corunna, Ml Aug 19 4:00 pm *(ATVs, Bikes, Pilots only) Mt. Morris, Ml Aug 24 7:00 pm Hudsonville, Ml Aug 26-27 OFF-ROAD NATIONALS Kalamazoo, Ml 5:00 pm Sat. - 1 :00 pm Sun. AVA STADIUM MOTOCROSS .. ... ' MTB ENTERPRISES, INC. 15529 Jones Road ... ' .. ' '. ,~~"1i;g]~ ~' ~ BURGER KING Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 ( 517) 627-6200

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1995 Happenings ASOCIACION ESTATAL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector APTO42 San Jose de! Cabo Baja Calif. del Sur, Mexico August 26-27, 1995 Corona 500 miles San Ignacio to La Paz Baja Calif. del Sur October 15, 1995 T odo Santos to La Pa: 180 miles La Pa:, B.C.S. November 20, 1995 Short Course Race Cuidad Constitucion Baja Calif. del Sur AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. Cashmere, Queensland, 4500, Australia 011 -18-07-298-5522 September 10, 1995 Mt. Gambier South Australia November 12, 1995 Puckapunyal Victoria AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class 10 cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blainville, Quebec, Canada K7B 1 Hl (514) 434-5792 BAD DOG'S OFF ROAD SHOWDOWN Callaway Fun Inc. 3825 No. Main Cleburne, TX 76031 Barry Don Callaway (817) 645-00031(817) 641-9985 · Gene Peugh (817) 790-8268 nights 1995 Season Canceled BAJA INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box392 Calexico, CA 92232 Apartado Postal 311163 Mexicali, BC, Mexico ( Mexicali ( 65) 55-62-83 October 7, 1995 Mexicali 400 Laguna Salada Mexicali BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O . Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 · Golden Crown of Baja Series October 6:.S, 1995 Gran Carrera de Sonora 150 miles, multi-lap December 15-17, 1995 Gran Carrera de Campeones . 250 miles, multi-lap The first Annual Off Road Open for Cars, MCs, ATVs, Trucks etc. will be on July 14-16, 1995 California Cir:,, CA BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 C Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89121 (702) 457-4775/Fax (702) 641-2431 March 1996 Vegas to Reno Off Road Race Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATVs BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1533 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. September 9, 1995 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-lH0 (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 1995 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon,WI54520 (715) 478-2222 September 1-3, 1995 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Debbie Turner, CRS Director 25885 Stanford Off Road Races Hemet, CA 92544 August 26, 1995 (909) 925-0870 Rancho La Ponderosa Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward La Rumorosa 200 149 No. Rawhide ·--------------------· I SUPER GIGANTIC I I Wheels OFF ROAD I I Exhaust Systems I I Gear Sets GARAGE SALE I I A A A I I Brakes I ENDURO RACING I : Off-Roa<;! Lights SIMON & SIMON RACING I I Oil Coolers SWIIT MOTORSPORTS I I Shock Absorbers VENABLE RACING I I • I Springs I Four super off-road racing teams I Weber Carburetors I team up for one incredibly big I I Air Cleaners off-road parts and equipment sale. I I Radiators • I I Drive Shafts Tons & tons of off-road race parts I I and equipment for your truck, I I Gauges pre-runner or buggy I I Engines • I : Seats SATURDAY : I Etc., Etc. JULY 22, 1995 I I 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM I I • I I 15 Year I ENDURO RACING I Accumulation of 375 South "G" Street I I Race Parts San Bernardino, CA I I...__ ____ ....., (909) 381-4088 I ·--------------------· Pagc6 Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 September 30, 1995 ( tent) Gorman Ridge Rally Gorman, CA October tba, 1995 Treeline Rally December 2-3, 1995 East of Indio Indio, CA *Final 1995 So. Pacific Divisional championship e,ients C.O.D.R.A. CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 ( 503) 389-2044 October 14, 1995 Whiskey Springs 400 Millican, OR CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 Pierre, SD 57501 Kevin Miller (Baja) (605) 224-6923 Don Engleman (Motocross) (605) 224-4967 GUMBO BUTTES BAJA & MOTOCROSS Communications & Information Scott Olson (605) 224-5822 FAX (605) 224-5822 July 23, 1995 Pierre, SD August 27, 1995 Pierre SD CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O . Box332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 617-46834) Ramon Castro & Ruben Acevedo (6163717 0034) CMC Continental Motosport Club Sand Drags P.O. Box830 Adelanto, CA 92301 (619) 246-7262 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholt:, President (719)531-3642 W 1(719)687-9827 H P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 COLORADO OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS Bertram Productions Inc. 15073 Hwy 119 Route #4 Golden, CO 80403 ( 303) 936-5960 CORVA 1601 10th-St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649/(214) 641 -2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 2750 Cozumel Drive #1116 Melbourne, FL 32935 (407) 254-5167 FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619)427-5759 July 29, 1995 Rancho Santa Veronica Gran Prix 4 laps around a 40 mile loop ATVs, Bikes, Desertlites, Buggies, Cars & Trucks Tecate, Baja California, MX October 21, 1995 Superstition 250 XI 4 times around a 60 mile loop ATVs, Bikes, Desertlites, Buggies, Cars & Trucks Lake Superstition El Centro, CA August 1995 more Trail Notes ••• PLAN AHEAD FOR DAKAR 1996 -For years the Paris - Dakar Rally Raid captured the imagination of enthusiasts from all over the world. Now political problems in North Africa make it difficult if not impossible to use the traditional route to get to Dakar. Along comes a new event to make your dreams of driving to Dakar come true, Granada to Dakar in 1996. Cars, trucks and motorcycles are eligible to compete in this event, which last year garnered extensive press coverage around the world. Bear in mind when they say trucks, they mean big trucks, six wheels and over. There are a number of classes and we don't quite understand the categories, but there is a place for almost any motorized vehicle, gas or deisel powered. Last June 1 the Publication of the pre-regulations and the opening of entries reserved for" Amateurs" took place. August 1, 1995 the entry opens for all competitors, October 1, Publication of final regulations, November 30, Entries close and on December 31, 1995 the event starts from Granada. January 14 to 15, 1996 is the scheduled finish in Dakar and the prize giving. That is all we can figure out from the handsome four color brochure. If you want more informatin write to TSO ASA Paris-Dakar, Moto Club Paris-Dakar, 2 Rue Rouget de Lisle 9213 7, Issy-les-moulineaux, we think that is in Paris, France phone (33-1 )4133 14 60-Fax (33-1 )41 33 14 69 or Telex: 203 426. THE FINAL FLAG -Mark Olecki was sadly killed by a truck driven by Walker Evans approaching the finish line at the Barstow Fireworks 250 Trophy-Truck race on Friday June 30. The accident occurred near the end of the ninth lap, when the truck suddenly veered toward the spectators, collecting Mark who was filming the action and coming to rest against a Land Cruiser. The cause is unknown and a full investigation is underway. Mark Olecki was a veteran TV and video cameraman from Dana Point, CA. Services were held July 5 in Dana Point for Olecki, a highly respected independent producer of action sports video. He left a widow, Maria Olecki, and two small children, Anthony and Amy. The family said a foundation in Gleckl's honor will be set up for friends and people in racing to contribute to in lieu of flowers. A tribute was aired on the ESPN broadcast of Saturday Night Thunder on July 8, a farewell from long time friend and associate Terry Linger, producer of that show and ESPN SpeedWeek. Olecki was a contributor to other motorsports shows as well. At the time of his death he was working with Chet Burks of Atlanta, GA on the Eveready Desert Championship Series. Burks produces other shows for TNN and ESPN. GLEN HELEN RACEWAY PARK announced plans last June to greatly expand the facility near San Bernardino, CA. Bud Feldkamp, President of Glen Helen Racing, Inc. the concessionaire for Glen Helen Racewayu Park at the San Bernardino County Regional Parks and Recreation Area in Devore is proud to announce future development of their 273 acre OHV (Off highway vehicle) Park. "Regional Parks and Glen Helen Racing have received final approval from the county to construct the only half-mile dirt oval track facility in Southern California," said Jay Ellington, director of the Department of Community and Cultural Resources, which oversees Glen Helen Regional Park. "Now that we have the permit in hand, plans are being finalized tor the dirt-track facility-with a goal of starting construction within 60 days (about September 1 )" noted Bud Feldkamp, president of Glen Helen Racing, Inc. Construction of the track, which will feature seating for up to 12,000 fans, is expected to be complete by Spring 1996. "Glen Helen's half-mile track will host an exciting array of motorsports events," noted Feldkamp, a five time Baja winner. ''We plan to entertain all the events appropriate for this type of venue. Southern California used to be a mecca for dirt racing, but one by one, the tracks closed. The fans' demand had been unmet since Ascot Park in Gardena, CA close<;! Thanksgiving 1990. We mean to meet this demand.". Projected events include: SCRA and Outlaw sprint car races, stock car races, midget and micro-midget car races, Mini off road stadium events, AMA flat track and MX . races, demolition derbies, monster trucks, mud bogs and other auto thrill shows and Figure 8 car races. , Added Ellington: "This long awaited addition will further enhance the popularity of Glen Helen Raceway Park with off road and MX racers and fans. We're very proud to have been instrumental in helping Glen Helen bring world class racing back to this area. San Bernardino should be very proud that this facility is being built and run by a local businessman who is committed to staying in the County. We're looking forward to seeing Glen Helen's new dirt track facility attract sponsors, racers and fans from all over the world here to San Bernardino." Glen Helen Raceway has oeen Southern California's premier off road facility since 1985. Five miles north of San Bernardino at the San Bernardino County Regional Park in Devore, the raceway is at the Palm Avenue/ Kendall Drive exit off the 1-215 freeway (exit west to Park) near the junction of the 215 and 15 freeways. For racing info, call (909)880-1733. For info about sponsorship opportunities or to be put on the Inside Track mailing list, call (909) 383-1488. A TIENTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS-You should have noticed by now that we raised the price of the subscriptions five dollars across the board, bringing a one year sub to $20.00, two years to $30.00 and three years to $40 .001 Therefore we must also push a classified ad up to $20, but you still get one free with your new subscription. We are sure our readers realize that we absorbed several postal rate hikes, and a rise in the printing costs due to the paper, over the last couple of years: But the roughly 18 percent rise in the cost of second class mail from the postal authorities last winter was the straw that really broke this camel's back. We run close to the margin anyhow, trying to keep the ·ad rates within reach of our faithful and new small business owners who are the bulk of our income. So bear with us and pony up $20 per classified ad from this day forward. LARANASHORTCOURSE-A new three round "Trophy Dash:'Series for off road race cars and trucks is coming from La Rana Desert Racing. The Summer Heat Trophy Dash will be contested in the Mojave Desert south of Barstow, CA and will be held on land designated for recreational off road use under permits from the U .S. Bureau of Land Management. Round One, the Sign Tech Trophy Dash will be on August 12 and 13. Racing starts at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and runs all day until 5:00 p.m. The organizer, LRDR's Eddie Castro states, "Spectators will be able to see most of the five mile long race course from several Spectator Areas around the course. We have designed the course so that the race vehicles wind their way in and around the spectator viewng points. The whole course uses existing roads and tracks and starts and finishes at the Sidewinder Road exit off Interstate 15 and is within sight of the fast food array at the Len wood Road exit, just down the road. There is no admission or parking charge." Contact La Rana for complete information as the race date draws closer. Dusty Times

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Blg ...... Time Down and D1 c~~E~rMq~fTAUGUST19-20 £//<hart Lake, Wisconsin L._ ~ -- O· . Q. • · 'A1 . •. ~ . . ,, ) ~ ' I . . ·' :[m·o ··n·@· ·, . ' ! ' ; . . . ~ • ; . ~ . , i . ~ : . : . ~ " · · The nation's top .off~road racers -including Walker £vans, Jack :Flannery and the Probst Brothers*-take ,.on the Sport's most challenging closed course in a Factory vs. Factory truck &.. buggy shoot-out. • 16 Bone-.Jarring Races/ • 22 Competition Classes! •Panoramic Views of Action! • Great Food/ • Free Parking/ . /) V Sheboygan Fond=-'1 mAm.,ka Milwaukee ILLINOIS Chicago ·Expected to compete • '-:::~ e Elkhart Lake, WI ROAD .AMERICA Road America is located midway between Milwaukee and Green Bay on Wisconsin Hwy 67 and County J-obout one hour from Milwaukee,. 2-1 /2 hours from Chicago and ~ 1 /2 hours from Minneapolis. Enter thru Gate 4 on County J ADULT ADMISSION: $10,.00 Children 12 and Under Admitted FREE with Paying Adult

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' -f ( 0 l_, December 31, 1995 Omaha, NE 68144-1122 Lucerne Valley, CA (M.A.O.R.A. sanctioned races. Series P.O. Box 15 Dunaway Dash (402) 333-0517 Eve. produced by Lincoln Trail Off Roaders) Stonecreek, Ohio 43840 ATVs, Bikes & Desertlites Keith Koesters MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS (216) 339-4674 or (216) 897-5100 '-. Double Points 6716 N. 106th St. 3749 Needmore Hwy 5 times around a 25 mile loop Omaha, NE 68122 Charlotte, MI 48813 Buggies, Cars & Trucks (402) 496-0846 Eve. ~517)543-7214 Plaster City West July 29, 1995 MICHIGAN OFF ROAD El Centro, CA August 19, 1995 CHAMPIONSHIPS District 38 Schedule (all races at Weslfair Fair Grounds, M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. All events near El Centro, CA 15529 Jones Road Council Bluffs, Iowa on a ¾ mile course Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 August 26, 1995 similar to the MTEG tracks, and Classes 1, (517)627-6200 Night Team Race 1-16oo,'7S and Quad under SODA rules) July 22, 1995 September 1 7, 1995 IOK FOUR WHEELERS 7:00 p.m. The Stuart Engineer Desert Sprint P.O. Box36 Fowlerville, MI October 1, 1995 Cleves, Ohio 45002 July 30, 1995 --The Smitty's Cycle Center Mudhen II ( All events staged at the club grounds 4:00 p.m. November 19, 1995 in Cleves, Ohio) Mason, MI Notorious Dawg 3 hour Team Race INTERNATIONAL August 3, 1995 December 3, 1995 ICE RACING ASSOCIATION 7:30 p.m. n.udoleh 's RevenGe Desert Gran Prix P.O. Box 8105 Sandusky, MI GLEN HELEN OHV PARK St. Paul, MN 55108 August 9, 1995 P.O. Box 6950 Steve Beddor 7:30 p.m. San Bernardino, CA 92412 ~612i 937-3816/Fax 474-2769 Bad Axe, Ml (714)880-1733 INTER-,SHOWS . August 12, 1995 McKe11%ie Series Races MOTORSPORTS 4:00 p.m. PROMOTIONS, INC. Corunna, MI August 6, 1995 P.O. Box 2910 August 19, 1995 October 22, 1995 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 Motorcycles and ATVs only December 3, 1995 !714i 364-0515 Mt. Morris, MI Glen Helen Special Events KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER August 24, 1995 (Contact BBM MQ Promotions, 4WDCLUB 7:00 p.m. P.O. Box 582, La , CA 90714 P.O . Box 465 Hudsonville, MI (310) 988-0250 Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 August 26-27, 1995 USA Sand Drags Bob (604) 374-7 I 75 days 1:00 p.m. Randy (604) 579-9621 eves Off Road Nationals (909) 877-5045 Keith ( 604) 828-1795 anytime Kalama:oo, MI September 16, 1995 ( All events start 7 miles NW of Kam loops) Other Dates Pending October 14, 1995 LA RANA DESERT RACING November 4, 1995 November 11, 1995 P.O. Box 1365 Banquet at 7:00 p.m. GORRA Apple Valley, CA 92307 Diamondale, MI Georgia Off Road (619) 240-13351(619) 240-1312 MID-AMERICA Racing Association July 21-23, 1995 OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION 420 Hosea Road Johnson Valley 200 David Cronin, President. MAORA Lawrenceville, GA 30245 Lucerne Valley, CA ( 404) 963-0252 September 22-24, 1995 GREAT PLAINS OFF ROAD California 200 RACING ASSOCIATION Ridgecrest, CA GPORRA November 17-19, 1995 13621 Pierce St. High Desert 300 FLAMINGO RD. & THE STRIP • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 1-800-634-6755 WEST FLAMINGO & VALLEY VIEW • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 1 -800-331-5334 2590 Mullanphy Florissant, MO 63031 (618) 765-2199 September 9, 1995 Lincoln Trail Motorsports Casey, IL Page 8 August 1995 MSBA Hill Climb & Stadium St,le Michigan Sport Buggy Association Off Road Racing at · Dave Barrett Bear Creek Amphitheater 6363 Nightingale Dr. Bolioor, Ohio Flint, MI 48506 July 29, 1995 (810) 736-9221 September 9-10, 1995 August 12, 1995 Mt. Baldy Hill Climb September 9, 1995 Silver Lake St. Park, MI Bear Creek Amplitheater September 23, 1995 NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Cadi: FairGrounds Rt. 111 -Box 380 ONTARIO OFF ROAD Dave or Marlene Ryan RACERS ASSOCIATION Palatka, FL 32177 Bob Joseph, President (904) 325-5422 80 Hempstead Dr. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK 1360 Kleppe Lane LBW 2E7 -(905)574-7068 Sparks, NV July 29-30, 1995 ( 702) 331-4800/ ( 702) 331-5107 Fax Brighton Speedway August 23-27, 1995 Brighton, Ontario, Canada Truck Show August 12-13, 1995 Reno 300 Off Road Race Janetville Off Road Jamboree N1W Consumer Truck "Ex~" Janetville, Ontario, Canada OFF ROAD ADVENTURES August 26-27, 1·995 Four Wheel Drive Excursions Kalamazoo Fairgrounds P.O. Box 1154 Kalamazoo, Ml, USA Arcata, CA 95521 September 16-1 7, 1996 (707) 822-8508 Cedar Springs August 18-20, 1995 Cedar Springs, Ontario, Canada ·Gold Rush Adventure October 7-8, 1995 Nevada City, CA Grand Bend Octoberft:st September 15-1 7, 1995 Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada Kern River Jamboree (Tentative) Kernville/ Lake Isabella, CA PIKES PEAK P.O . Box 6962 OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Colorado Springs, CO 80934 Joey Vasque: (719) 685-4400 13180 Round Dance S.C.A.T. INC. El Paso, TX 79936 Michael R. King (915) 855-8899 P.O. Box 277 September 2-3, 1995 Morrisonville, NY 12962 November 4-5, 1995 (518) 561-32081(518) 236-7897 ( All races are at Mountain Shadow, Lake SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Take I-10 Hori?:on Blud exit east 12 miles) Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 OHIO OFF ROADERS Englewood, CO 80112 ASSOCIATION ( 303) 779-6622 SECOND TO NONE Dusty Times

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July 28-29, 1995 Maine Forest Summer Rally Rumford, ME August 25-26, 1995 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally Bemidji, MN September 1-4, 1995 United States Road Rally Challenge John Emmons Reeistrar (608) 534-6839 'Two Tour events and one Trap rally National Pro Rally teams will Challenge the Divisional road rally teams. October 20-21, 1995 Lake Superior Pro Rally Houghton, MI December 1-2, 1995 Maine Forest Rally Rumford, ME SCORE Score International 12997 Las Vegas Blvd. So. Las Vegas, NV 89124 (702) 361-5404 September 8-10, 1995 Nevada 300 Laughlin, NV November 8-11, 1995 Tecate Baja 1000 The Peninsula Run Baja California December 2, 1995 Awards Banquet S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association Elice Simonis Tucker 22048 Vivienda Ave. Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 783-8293 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 452-4522 October 27-29, 1995 Double Trouble Las Vegas, NV December 1-3, 1995 Eldorado 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W . North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (414) 453-SODA/(414) 257-0422 July 22-23, 1995 Great Northern Challenge Lake Odessa, Ml August 19-20, 1995 Road America Elkhart Lake, WI September 1-3, 1995 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 16-18, 1995 Wisconsin Off Road Festival Oshkosh, WI SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915) 337-3437 (All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Odessa, TX TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORR.i\ United Off Road Racing Association Dave Urbanowic:, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NJ 08853 (908) 369-6550 (All events at Owego Motor Sports Park, July21-23, 1995 R O NY) Midnight Special te. 434, wego, Las Vegas, NV VORRA September 29-October 1, 1995 Valley Off Road Racing Association SNORE 250 1833 Los Robles Blvd. lii,~&amrnm CA 95·8 ·3""8•-C.... Weekend Payback ~ Entry Fee Per Entry ¾. Class Stadium 1650 $150.00 $150.00 Stadium 1600 $100.00 $100.00 14.~ PRO Buggy $ 50.00 $ 50.00 PRO Baja · ~ _ $ 50.00 $ 50.00 Superlites ,~ $ 75.00 $ 75.00 PRO Pilots ~ $ 75.00 $ 75.00 Bike PRO ------$ 50.00 $ 50.00 Sportsman Buggy $ 35.00 Trophy & Stuff Non-PRO Bike $ 35.00 Trophy & Stuff Mini & Pee Wee Bike $ 25.00 Trophy & Stuff (916) 925-1702 July 29-30, 1995 Fallon 250 at Night Fallon, NV September 2-4, 1995 Yerington to Fallon and Back Yerington, NV September JO-October 1, 1995 Fall Short Course Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA October 28-29, 1995 Championship Off Road Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA November 18, 1995 Awards Banquet Reno, NV WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson (604) 538-0692 WORRA, P.O. Box 3241 Sumas, WA 98295 WESTERN PENSYLVANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire 1255 Waverly Drive Latrobe, PA 15650 ( 412) 532-0802 August 26, 1995 Challenger Raceway 4x4s Only Indiana, PA September 23-24, 1995 Challenger Raceway 4x4s Only National Race Indiana, PA September JO-October 1, 1995 Steel City Raceway All Classes Pittsburg, PA October 14-15, 1995 Steel City Raceway All Classes Pittsburgh, PA WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ 85023 (602) 971-3730 Red/lite Per/or11tt11tee~lttitea ATV1SHOO'l'OUf'1-: ATVPRO , -,._ - $ 75.00 $ 75.00PlustheRPM -~ $1000.00Guarantee!7-~i::II._..AI ATV Non-PRO $ 35.00 Trophy & Stuff ~~-ATV Limited $ 30.00 Trophy & Stuff ~ ~ ATVJr&PeeWee $ 25.00 Trophy&Stuff iJf----,.--ALL A TV Entrants will recieve a $20. 00 Gift Certificate from RPM daY ALL MONEY and PRIZES Sat~ ---PAIDSATURDAYNIGHT Practice Qualifying· &FINALS PreEnter SAVE Time & Money and You Get ONE $15.00 Pit Pass Pit Pass includes General Admission Veterans Memorial Coliseum Fairgrounds - Phoenix,. Arizona 1-10 to 19th Ave. exit, tum North to Fairgrounds For infonnation call: <ii'"----: ..,..-..-:,,.c:::::::::::--:_::_::_~~ .... Q",,-✓-September 2, 1995 Snowflake 200 Snowflake, AZ . October 7, 1995 Buckeye Bash 125 Buckeye, AZ December 2, 1995 Point to Point 150 Rocky Point, Sonora, MX WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 So. U .S. Hwy 45 Oshkosh, WI 54901 (414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP July 27-30, 1995 New Zealand Rally -WC1F2 , AP New Zealand August 1 7-25, 1995 Rally of 1000 Lakes -F2 Finland September 15-18, 1995 Rally Australia - W C , AP Australia October8-12, 1995 Sanremo Rally -F2 Italy October 22-25, 1995 Spain/ Catulunya -WC November 19-22, 1995 RAC Rally-WC England 4x4 FOREVER, LTD. 1665 Delaware St. Oshkosh, WI 54901 ( 414) 426-04701( 414) 982-7306 August 11-12, 1995 Third Annual 4x4 New London Off Road Jamboree (Near) New London, WI Attention RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free! It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail your 1995 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail your race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 2075 1 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-44o8. Coming Next Month ••• Spring Brush Run 101 SCORE Fireworks 250 Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb SCCA Pro Prescott Forest Rally Antigo, WI Kiwanis Race WRC Acropolis Rally -F2 ••• Plus all the regular features -WhiplashMotorspom•(602J971-3730-=-.... ~ ~ ....- • ~-...,._-=-• ::z: c::. JNr ~ Page 10 August 1995 Dusty Times

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PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS /'9 $p.o.naoAA S SHORT COURSE SllllllYA\Y~ O[UJ ..... ~· Championship Series An Approved ~ Concessionaire ol '(__~} I TO Ur.t ANC1:J.~ I .,o.oo -ADVLT!!i •s.oo-Ji! ta 15 'Yll!!i OLD VNDER Ii! YTR!!i OLD-FREE

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SCORE TECATE TROPHY-TRUCK SERIES Curt LcDuc Gets The Win By Judy Smith Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. Air;·.•·· Curt LeDuc was missing top gear in his Jeep Grand Cherokee but it didn't seem to be a big bother, as he took the lead 345 miles into the race, held on in the late stages and the Don-A-Vee Jeep is the first privateer to win a Trophy-Truck contest, we think. Curt LeDuc thought he might have a problem about a mile into the race, but it worked tp his advantage as he charged over the peninsula and back to take the win in his Jeep Grand Cherokee at the SCORE Baja 500. For this event the Trophy-Trucks ran on the same course as the Pro and Sportsmen, simply getting an earlier start to their day, taking the green flag at 9:30 a.m. There were 20 of the big trucks, and they started a couple of hours after the last of the bikes and ATVs, so they'd be pretty much by themselves for a while. They were required to make a pit stop at Alamo, because there were TV cameras in attendance at this race. From the start line in Ensenada to the turnoff into Uruapan and the dirt, was a distance of 24 miles, some of it in a river bed, and they all made quick work of it, but John Swift was the quickest by a hair. He'd started second, but passed Marty Coyne and his Ford, and was first on the road in his Ford, looking very controlled. His time for the distance was just a shade over 18 minutes. Nearly everyone else ran within seconds of him, at somewhere around 19 minutes, with a few taking as long as 21 minutes. But as they wound through the Baja countryside, the distances between them grew. Less than an hour after he passed Uruapan the radios crackled with the request for a helicopter at the site of Swift's crash. He'd gone over and over in the truck, and while Swift himself sustained only a broken arm and some bruising, his passenger, Dino Pugeda, was grievous I y injured. He was air lifted to Sharp's Memorial Hospital in San Diego, and the report came back that he'd sustained an injury to his spinal cord, as well as head and internal injuries. Pugeda was in a coma for several days, and con-tinues to be in critical condition at the time of this writing. Unaware of the severity of the accident, the competitors went on, and at Ojos Negros the lead belonged to Dave and Paul Simon in their Ford, but they had only two minutes on a pack of four, who ran on the same minute behind them. That was Walker Evans in his Dodge.Jimmy Smith in his Ford, Jack Johnson in another Dodge, and Jason Bald-win in his Ford. Nor were the rest of the trucks far behind them. Some were already in trouble,; as Carl Renezeder, in a Ford, who hit a rock and tore out his drive-line. He had to wait for his crew, and after they'd repaired it they found the starter was bad, and they couldn't get the truck going. Not far from there somewhere Roger Mears did the same thing, and began the same repairs on his Chevy. But the majority of them were pushing hard. LeDuc had dealt with a dilemma early on, when at about one mile into the race he'd discovered that he had no third gear. He debated stopping to put in a new transmission, but then decided that it was probably in the shifter, not the trans, and there-fore, wasn't likely to develop into a major problem. So, after some discussion with himself, and deciding that "all the corners were downhill, off camber, second gear", he determined that he didn't need to change transmis-sions. He lost a bit in top speed in the trade off. At Trinidad, approximately 180 miles into the race, the lead belonged to Ivan Stewart in his Toyota, and he was about three minutes up on Larry Ragland, in his new Chevy. In third it was LeDuc, only seven minutes later. Smith was fourth now, and Bald-win was fifth. Javier Espinosa, the only Mexican national in a Trophy-Truck so far, had lost a steering box, and was waiting for new parts, while Rene:eder, further down the road, had finally got his truck going again. He got to the Goat Trail, just above Valle de Trinidad, behind Jack Johnson who had steering trouble and got hung up on the big rock and blocked the road entirely. Renezeder waited patiently while Johnson was cleared away, which took about a half hour, and as he got to the bottom of the Goat Trail and onto the pavement he accidentally hit the fuel pump switch and his car died. He still had a bad starter. From Trinidad they did two loops on Mike's road, and then headed down past the grape vines, .~;,,,/\:@(~<-:-. · · i Jason Baldwin attacks a berm in his new Ford, and he reported no big problems on the road, a fueling problem in the pits, but he was second in Trophy-Trucks, just over five minutes back. across Highway l, and toward · Colonet, then out onto the beach. The big advantage to their earlier start time was that the leaders got to do their entire race in the daylight. At Erindira, 345 miles along the way, LeDuc had moved into the lead. Simon and Simon had been in front of him for a bit, but they'd missed a turn that had been hidden behind a little rise in the road, and had rolled their truck. Dave Simon was driving, and he was all right, but his passenger, Mike Harris, was airlifted out and released after being treated for a mild concussion and some cuts and bruises. Behind LeDuc now .was Jason Baldwin, whose biggest problem had been in the pits, when a malfunction slowed the refueling process. Stewart had a serious master cylinder malfunc-tion, and after spending 16 min-utes with repairs, was unhappy that it came back as he got to the beach. He settled for assuring a finish, and was now running third. In fourth it was Evans, who'd had some flats, and had lost a driveshaft, and was having to clean the little black box over and over again. Smith, who'd lost a transmission, for the first time ever, up on Mike's loop, was back in fifth place, 30 minutes behind the lead. Rob MacCachren had lost a torque convertor early in the day, and then his Ford ran hot, while Jim Baldwin, in another Ford, was having a good time until he ran afoul of one of the dammed up water holes and stalled his truck. Ragland had lost his motor about 216 miles into the race, Mears, once repaired, was stuck in a traf-fic jam behind a stuck Class 8 truck. Johnson and Rene:eder were both running again, and so was Espinosa, but he didn't like his rear suspension. LeDuc had to keep reminding himself not to try to shift into third gear, in case something might snap, and he moved stead-ily on with no flat tires or other problems. He never got out of the truck until he was past the check-ered flag, and then he slid through the window and danced on the roof. Baldwin finished second a little over four minutes behind him, and Stewart was third, fol-lowed in by Steve Kelley in a Dodge, who reported only one flat to mar his day. In fifth it was Evans, his truck leaking brake fluid at a prodigious rate. Of note was the debut of Jim-mie Johnson, who drove Ragland 's old truck and got to the finish line. He'd run out of gas, which cost an hour, had a tire separate and tear things up, and had a small fire, which turned into a small grass fire, during a refueling stop. He said it was the "most fun" he'd had in a long time. Stewart now has a big lead in the points tally with 183, and Evans is second with 159. Follow-ing in order are Smith, LeDuc, MacCachren and Robby Gordon, who didn't race in Baja due to a conflict with an Indy car event. Stewart is going to be hard to catch, but it is a mathematical possibility. ~ Ivan Stewart had his Toyota SR5 in the lead at Trinidad, then had serious down time with a brake problem, finally fixed, but it came back and Ivan finished third. Steve Kelley had a good run in the Dodge 2500 and reported only one flat for down time as he roared on to finish fourth in Trophy-Truck competition. Wafker Evans kicks up some serious dust clouds with his Dodge 2500 here. Wafker drove to fifth overall just five minutes behind his teammate Steve Kelley and Wafker was out of brakes. Jimmy Smith gets a car wash that he probably didn't need in one of many water crossings, and he drove his fancy Ford to sixth in the Trophy-Trucks. Page 11 August 1995 Dusty Times

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SCORE TECATE BAJA 500 Mike Julson Taka It Overall Photos: T rackside Photo Inc. Mike Julson led nearly all the way to the overall victory in his Jimco that is powered by a VW Type 4 engine. This round Mike made it a solo drive and took Class 1 honors by just over a minute. Mike Julson piloted his Jimco and then it rolled over and over. ada. The course included a trip up unlimited car to a close overall Swift was stunned and his arm into the Pine Forest, a fast double-victory at SCORE's early June wasbroken,buthislongtimepas-loop up towards Mike's Sky Baja 500, a race marred by two senger, Dino Pugeda, was criti- Ranch, then a drop down to sea tragic accidents. cally injured. He was airlifted to level, across Highway 1, and over The first accident claimed the Sharps Memorial Hospital in San to the beach, from where it tra-life of motorcycle racer, Danny Diego, where he was diagnosed veled northward to the finish. Hamel when a motorist made a with severe head injuries, internal Winter rains had left all the little sudden left tum in front of him. injuries and spinal cord damage. streams running, so there were Hamel, who was the first contest-At this writing Pugeda is still in lots of water crossings, and a cou-ant on the road and had ridden critical condition. ple of places where the Mexican less than 10 miles into the race, This Baja 500 was headquar- spectators had dammed things up was unable to avoid the vehicle. tered in Ensenada, where the race to make the water deeper and the In the second accident the started, but after a loop of approx-action more entertaining. Trophy-Truck ofJohn Swift, less imately 385 miles it finished in = SCORE introduced a new ser-than 65 miles on the road, hit a the little town of Santo Tomas, ies sponsor, Eveready, a division bad jump which sent it airborne, about 30 miles south of Ensen-of Johnson Controls, who will be giving their name to the series. 'Tu';../1'! Ed and Tim Herbst got their Mike Smith Porsche powered car up cl'd'se ·t~ the front several times, but they had to settle for a close second overall. Henceforth the correct name will had a harder time getting around be the "SCORE Eveready Desert the resulting residue of broken Championship Series." Eveready and sunk Unlimited cars. The manufactures automotive batter-front runners got to the Ojos ies, which they hope to showcase Negroscheck,about65 miles into in this "rugged kind ofracing", to the race, in about an hour and 17 quote a statement released to the minutes, and it was Mike Julson in media by Michael Carr, of John-front. Of course, he'd been lucky son Controls. in the draw, and had the number For this event the Trophy-onestartposition.JohnGaughan, Trucks started at 9:30 a.m., and who was the first car through the then the first group of Pro racers, jam-up, used his eight minute the Unlimited cars, were flagged separation from the three leaders off at 30 second intervals, begin- very well, and, driving virtually ning at 10: 15. There was a lot of dust free, he put himself into talent in the class, but some of it second place in his Chevy came up short less than 25 miles powered Chenowth. In third it into the race. A car that was hav- was Tom Koch, in a newly front ingtroublewashitbyanotherand A-armed Chenowth, and then shoved sideways, just in front of a came Bob Gordon in his Porsche · narrow trestle underpass. With powered Chenowth, tied with the hitter piled up on the hittee John Hagle, in a Nissan powered the course was effectively blocked Chenowth, who was running after only three cars had gone poorly after getting wet while through. Several following vehi- floundering through the stream. des came to grief as they tried to Julson continued to stay in find ways around the impasse; front in fact and in time, and up in some got their ignitions wet, some the Pine Forest, while Gaughan stuck in the soft creek bottom was still second he'd dropped that was the course, and at least back a bit. And now Gordon and one was reported to have sunk Koch were tied for fourth and altogether when he tried to get Corky McMillin, also with a new around, drove into some reeds, A-arm front end on his Che-and discovered the water was nowth, had moved into fifth des-deeper than his car was tall. pite brake problems. Tempers frayed. The course dropped down onto The jam up effected the entire Highway 3 via the "Goat Trail", a race, as vehicles of limited classes piece of the original dirt road, which is now very narrow and washed out. Then the racers ran on graded roads up into the hills to a point just six miles from Mike's Sky Ranch, then back down to Valle de Trinidad, and then around the same loop again. While he was on this loop Julson, who was driving all the way, had a flat, and had to get out and change it himself. But when he got down to the beach he was still in front, though the Herbsts, Ed and Tim, in their Mike Smith Chassis, had moved up close, and so had Frank Arciero, now in for Gordon. ·But the Herbsts were having brake problems, and had also disco-Bob Gordon and Frank Arciero on back on track in the Chenowth Porsche, had brake woes that caused Frank to roll, but they were third in Class 1, 4th OJA. ,. Corky McMillin and Brian Ewalt always seem to do well in Baja, and they put vered ~hat they'd g~ared their car • the Chenowth Porsche home fourth in Class 1 and fifth overall in a good run. z too high for this race. And Arciero and Gordon were also struggling with spongy brakes. And those brakes got Arciero in trouble, causing him to lose con-trol at a crucial point and tip his car over. He needed help to get righted again. Rick Johnson and Jerry McDonald shared the driving chores on the Class 8 Chevrolet with Rick starting out in front; he stayed there and despite a flat, Dale White had plenty of brake problems on his Chevrolet, but he kept it all in some water holes on the beach the pair won Class 8 at third overall. one piece to the finish line taking second in Class 8, seventh overall. Page 14 .August 1995 Julson was just rwo minutes in front of the Herbsts at Erindira, which was 345 miles into the race. McMillin and his co-driver, Brian Ewalt, were now third, about 12 minutes later and followed in a minute by Arciero. Hagle's co-driver, Chet Huffman now ran fifth, about 40 minutes back, struggling some, as they'd been , without power steering since · before Ojos Negros. Gaughan had disappeared after a long run in Dusty Times

Page 15

second place. Julson's luck held and he was the first Unlimited car to cross the finish line, but he knew he had several serious threats who'd started behind him pushing hard to eclipse his time. The Herbsts were next to finish, and after a suspenseful few moments the scoring team announced that Jul-son had the win by just a minute and 12 seconds. Behind the Herbsts came another tight two-way battle. Ewalt and McMillin finished, and just seconds later in came Arciero to bump them to fourth. Arciero and Gordon had third place with McMillin and Ewalt just 31 seconds behind them. And in fifth it was Huffman and Hagle, tired, but glad for a . good finish in their unique car. The Class 8 trucks had been second off the line, and at Ojos it was Rick Johnson in front in the Chevrolet, with Perry McNeil and Broe Glover, in a Ford, just a minute behind him, but they stopped to pit. Then it was a tie, with Dale White and his Chevy on the same minute with Dan Smith and Dave Ashley in their Ford, and only two minutes further back. Bob Delozier ran fifth, 11 minutes later, in his Chevy. Some of these folks had trouble getting through the early jam-up also. Johnson had a flat, but he ··>,:i,--,-": Class 10 was a fierce fight with 23 starters. Job was running solo in Baja Dan Beaver had problems that called for repairs early, power s~ee'.ing and a . because partner Rob MacCachren was in the Trophy-Trucks. Larry Job had flat, but he caught back up to the Class 8 bunch and finished third m class. . only brake trouble, moved to second midway, and won Class 10 in the Mirage, stayed in front, and at Valle de McDonald had some brake' _6t_h_O_I_A_. ______________________ _ Trinidad, about 175 miles into trouble, which is a bit scary on the groups, was next to take the green the race the first time through, last fast and winding miles coming . flag, and in this highly talented and217thesecondtime,heput into Santo Tomas, but he group,theleadatOjosbelonged Jerry McDonald, his co-driver, endured, and got the win for the to Steve Croll, in his dad, Ray's, into the driver's seat. Along the team. White also used his brakes A-armedJimco. But he had only a beach there were some tricky gingerly those last few miles, and skinny minute, and it was Rudy water holes, and one of them got he got a nice second place, fol-Townsley in a Chenowth, tied McDonald, briefly, but he was lowed in by Beaver in third. Mark with Rick Romans in a Raceco, still leading at Erindira. By now Newhan started the day badly by vying for third. Then came Larry Ashley and Smith had disap-being hung up in the traffic, then Job in a Mirage, on the same min-peared, after running second into hit a rock and broke a wheel and ute with Tom Schilling in another Valle de Trinidad, and White, messed up a tie-rod, so he had to A-armed Jimco. They were only wl;10'd run out of rear brakes, was run his Chevrolet in catch-up two minutes behind Croll, and second, followed by Dan Beaver mode all day. He brought himself there was a crowd close behind in his Ford. Beaver'd lost time up to fourth place, followed in by them. early in the day with repairs to a Delozier in fifth. Darren Skilton, By the time they'd got Jamau, power steering fitting. And he'd in a Jeep, who'd been blinded by approximately 165 miles along had a flat. De Lozier was in the lead dust and ended up high-centered the way, Townsley was in the lead, group also as he neared the finish. and losing two hours, was sixth, and Job was second, four minutes and the last to finish. later. Job was having to drive all Class 10, one of the bigger _ the way this race, because his reg-ular co-driver, Rob MacCachren, was busy with his Trophy-Truck. In third now it was Schilling and Brian Parkhouse had his Mirage tied for fifth with Carlos and Enrique Rivera, in a Chenowth. Coming up the beach route, toward Erindira, Townsley's son Charlie, leading, hit a water hole that had been dammed up and proved much deeper than it had been when he'd pre-run. He got the car wet, and stalled. A few minutes later along came Job, he saw Townsley parked on the far side of the water, made a quick judgment, slowed 'way down, and motored across safely, now in the lead. Parkhouse's co-driver, Wil-lie Melancon, moved into second place, and [P'" ** TORSION BARS** AXLES** SPRING PLATES ** COIL SPRINGS** ... ... (/) SWAY·A·WAY MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY OFF ROAD SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR OVER 20 ·vEARS NEW PRODUCT Names from the past, Rudy and son Charley Townsley hadn't lost their skill, led more than half way in the Chenowth and took second in Class 10, 8th OJA. cc LU u < D. (/) LU _J THE 1·NTERNATrRYPASS SHOCK Brian Parkhouse and Wilfie Melancon surrendered second in Class 10 to a flat tire, but recovered and Wilfie drove on to finish third, just over a minute behind and ninth overall. Mike James and Mike Kalicki had a good run in the defending champion's Baja Bug, took the lead midway in Class 5, had a couple of flats on the beach, but carried on to win the class by a slim two minutes. Dusty Times >< < ... ... (/) a: w 1-(/) ::::> 6 < ... ... (/) Cl z a: D. (/) u. < LU _J ... ... 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Page 16

V Townsley dropped to third. Then it was the Croll car, with Ray at the wheel now, down to fourth after fixing a broken shifter, and being high centered while driving on a flat tire. In fifth it was Kirk Van Matre and Ryan Arciero, Frank's son, in a Raceco. They had motor trouble every time they hit water, and had run out of brakes. Job was out of rear brakes for much of this part of the course, but he stayed clear of problems, and took the win. Melancon blew a corner and flattened a tire, and Townsley blew past him to move up to second place at the finish. Then it was Melancon and Park-house in third, with the Crolls fourth, and Arcierc> and Van Matre in fifth. Another 11 cars finished behind them. Class 5 went next, and at Ojos Negros it was a two-way tie for the lead, with Nick Gula and Robert Bryant on the same minute with Felipe Fonseca in his '60 Dez Fab car. A minute behind them it was Mike Kalicki, in Michael James' convertible, and then George See-ley ran fourth in his borrowed car. Things changed by the time they reached Jamau, and at that point it was Kalicki in front, and Mike Jakobson, who was having a lot of flats, ran second 11 minutes back. In third it was Fonseca, who said he flew off cliffs and hit rocks Mike Jacobson tackled Baja with a solo drive, and flew high for the spectators, had four flats to slow him and he finished a close second in Class 5. all day, followed by Mike and minutes later. James wasn't quite Neal Grabowski, almost a half sure how to get back to the beach hour later. Gula and Bryant had togethispassenger.Inthirditwas disappeared. Fonseca, who'd been high cen-Kalicki's co-driver,James, took tered for a while, and in fourth it over for the second half, and he was the team of Lazaro Cardenas had a small shifter problem and and Andy Blue, in a Dez-Fab, sur-one flat, and then, on the beach, viving a broken tie rod end and had another flat. He could feel failed brakes. Jakobson breathing down his The 1-2-1600 cars went off the neck. So, when his co-driver, line next, and this was the largest whose name we failed to note, had group entered, with 25 cars taking finished putting on the fresh tire, the green flag. It was very close for rather than wait for him to get in a long way, and at Ojos, where and buckle up, James took off for Mike Halliday had the lead in his the finish line, leaving his pas- ABR Buggy, he was just a minute senger on the beach. It pald off, ahead of Don Lampus, in his because James and Kalicki got the Jimco, and Dale Ebberts in a Che-win, with Jakobson who'd bad nowth, who were tied for third. four flats, in second less than three Then there was a pack of four cars, on the same minute, only another minute back. This included Matias Arjona in a Neth, Jim Dizney in a Jimco, Josh Bald-win in a Chenowth, and Russell Root and Randall Persky in their Jimco. At Jamau Halliday had about six minutes, and now it was Diz-ney, who was having electrical problems, in second. Tied for fourth it was Arjona, and a team of venerable bikers, John Wat-kins and Todd Martella, in their Jimco. Another pair, tied for sixth, were Ebberts and the team of Miguel T ornel and Mario Rey-Splashing the mud from the Jimco Hector Ramirez and Wilfie Valdez kept it all . noso, in a Mirage. There was a big together, despite electrical trouble to place third in Class 1-2-1600. The first crowd of good cars and drivers _th_r_ee_w_e_re_l_e_ss_th_a_n_t_e_n_m_i_n_ut_e_s_ac..p_a_rt_a_t_th_e_f_in_i_sh_._________ . pushing hard right behind the lead PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS • McKENZIE'S AIR FILTERS • K&N e UM•FltTERS e YOUR OFF-RO/lO SPEC/lll/STS! I PHONE:(714) 441-1212 FAX:(714) 441-1622 2366 E. OAANGETl()APE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92B06 • DEALER l'tOUtAIE.8 WEI.COIIE E I ill • :.;;;,:--~· I Brent Grizzle and Dale Ebberts ran sixth ea·,Iy in 1-2-1600 action, then they cranked up the Chenowth as many of the 25'starters had troubles, and they got thru the traffic jam, had no troubles and won Class 1-2-1600. Gary Anderson and Mark Bowman of the Mike Halliday team ended up second in Class 2-1600, although Halliday had led for quite a distance. They said they had no serious problems, just traffic blockage. pack. Hector Ramirez and Willie Val-Some of these folks had been dez, in aJimco, who'd had trouble tied up in the Class 1 traffic jam, with water, and lost the same wire and others got caught at about three times. In third it was Halli-mile 85 when a truck, variously day's team, which included Gary reported as a Trophy-Truck or a Anderson and Mark Bowman, Class 8 entry, was broken down in and Anderson was doing the final a narrow place. A lot of Class 10 leg. They'd ha.'d no problems. folks had been caught there also. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis, And a traffic jam on the Goat who'd transplanted a new trans-T rail, probably caused by Jack mission into their Suspensions Johnson in his Trophy-Truck, Unlimitedcarthenightbeforethe trapped a few more. race, had a bunch of front flats, They had all kinds of problems but had moved up to fourth here, in the second half of the race, and followed by Jason Hatz and Brian the order changed considerably. T anklage, in another Suspensions At Erindira it was Ebbert's co-Unlimited car. Hatz had stopped driver, Brent Grizzle, in, front, to check his alternator, and eve-having no mechanical troubles. rybody had gone by, early in the He was just three minutes up on day. Tanklage drove the final leg. Dizney and his co-driver, Ross Craft had more electrical trouble, Watkins and Martella were down to three cylinders, T ornel and Reynoso had rolled, and Arjona and his partner, Bruce Conrad, had to drive a long way on a flat. They were all still in the running, but back in the pack now. 4-SPYDER SUPER DIFFS Jeff Lewis took off fast in Class 7, the Chevy leading easily for 300 miles, then he broke a spool and his crew had a long drive to get to him for the fix. But they did and he won the class by half an hour anyhow. Grizzle and Ebberts took the win, finishing five minutes in front of Anderson, Halliday and Bowman. In third it was Valdez and Ramirez, while Porter and Ruddis were fourth, on another front flat. AndHatz and Tanklage finished fifth. The Class 7 trucks were next, and in this group the early lead was in the hands.of]eff Lewis, in his Chevy. Gerardo Novelo ran second in his Nissan, with Her-man DeNunzio third in his Ford. Tim Lawrence, in another Ford, was struggling with a sick fuel pump. He stopped to repair it. Tl IRS I The Cast Oitf is back! • Made from ductile Iron. I • Utilizes 4-Splders for added strength. • This 4-Spyder Super Diff comes suppplied ~ with precision-ground pins and block. ; MCK-0265 CreatlY Reduced Price! T21RS All New to the Industry! £conomica/lY Priced! ! • Ultimate strength/ • Made from ductile iron. • Available In 3 different conflguratlons. i 002 CAST 4-SPYDER DIFF MCK-0114-002-15 Fa10-TcxflSWbs MCK-0014-002-17 Fa11-Tcxfl~)(B'S ~ i • 091 BILLET RACE OIFF 091 CAST 4-SPYOER OIFF ~ ~ Made from 4140 Chromoly. MCK-0114-091 Supplied with pins and block. ~ • ~6:~~~0~i:~ Billet Cover, pins and block. 091 BILLET COVER ~ ... j MCK-0102 Made from 4140 Chromoly. ~ ~ ... _______________________ _.. e SIMPSON • BEARD SEATS • !PF e KC e CISIE LIGHTS • BUGPACK e REDLINE OIL e FUEL SAFE e OEM • SWAY-A-WAY • S&S Page 16 A.J. and his dad Herman DeNunzio kept their Toyota humming along until the beach where A.J. got stuck, but got pulled loose in time to take second place in Class 7. August 1995 At Jamau, Lewis, who was hav-ing a good day thus far, had a half hour on Novelo and it was still DeNunzio in third. Lawrence had now repaired his alternator also, and co-driver Ron Norton was ready to do his third of the race. Lewis continued to lead, but at Mile 309, between Highway 1 and Colonet, he was reported ·down with a broken rear spool. His crew was to bring parts out from Valle de Trinidad, a long trip. At Erin-Dusty Times

Page 17

dira, Lawrence, Norton and Bob Guthrie, the third driver, had the lead. But then Guthrie got stuck in the sand, and the repaired alternator gave up the ghost. A nearby Kawasaki crew came to the rescue. After unsticking the truck, they lent Guthrie their generator. They took the spare tire out of the bed of the truck, put in a couple of pieces of lumber, loaded in the generator they'd been using to light their pit, and tied'it in with tie downs, then plugged it into the truck some-how, which then let the electronic ignition function. The truck ran just fine with the borrowed gener-ator, but Guthrie had to drive a little ginger! y, not sure how secure the bulky generator was in back of. him. Lewis' crew got him running again in time to save his win, giv-ing the team a nice double victory, in Class 7 and Class 8 . A .J. DeNunzio, who'd taken over for his dad, had pre-run a route through the edge of Erindira, but when he got there the inhabitants had closed the route, and he had to go out along the beach, which he didn't know. He got stuck, and thought he was there for the night, as waves started crashing against the side of his truck. But some helpful folks from a nearby BFGoodrich pit, who'd antici-pated trouble like this for the later cars when they saw the closure of the high trail, had stationed them-selves nearby and they pulled him to solid ground. The grateful DeNunzios went on to take · second place, their truck covered with a film of beach sand. Guth-rie, Norton and Lawrence were third with the generator humming effectively in the bed of the truck. In Class 7S the lead belonged to Rick D. Johnson, in his Ford, at Ojos Negros, and he was only· three minutes in front of Marco Novelo and Jose Luis Castro, in another Ford. In third it was John and Mike Becker, in still another Ford, while Pete Swift ran fourth in his Toyota. ...... .....-llllll& ... ~' From the High Desert came Rick L. and Rick D. Johnson with their Class 7S Ford Ranger, led the early stages, fought with the Beckers in a close duel but finished first in Class 7S in much faster time than the 7 winner! Johnson had some power steer-second, and Helm and Swift were ing trouble, but held on to the third, followed in by Novelo and lead, and at Jamau he had only Castro. The Beckers got to the last four minutes on the Beckers. In hump just before the actual finish, third it was Larry Plank, who, and could push no further . after three wins this season, had They'd like to see a regulation that all his trouble at once. His Ford forbids humps at the finish line. had a flat, then got wet and quit, They were official DNFs. and then tossed a driveshaft. In"Class3theentireentrymade Novelo and Castro were now it past Uruapan, 30 miles into the fourth. race, and already, Vic Bruck-Rick D. handed over to his mann, whogottostartforthefirst partner, Rick L. Johnson, and he time in Robert Hayley's elderly had a good race with the Beckers. Bronco, was leading. But Todd At Erindira they were still only and Jim Gatrell, with their pro-about four minutes apart. Now pane powered Blazer were tied for Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen, third with Kirk Kovel, in another in another Ford, had moved up to Bronco. Dick Sasser and Gene third, having trouble with blow-Curiel, in a '77 Scout, ran about by, so they had to keep adding oil. 15 minutes later, in fourth. Swift's co-driver, Brady Helm was At Ojos Bruckmann continued fourth, after a good race with to lead, with the Gatrells not far Vinje and Hansen. But at Erindira he'd been directed out to the beach route, and, not knowing the good way, had got stuck. The Johnson truck had a close duel with the Beckers all the way to Santo Tomas, but then the Beckers broke and the Johnsons came in for the win, their first. The Beckers, with a broken crank, were trying to push their way to the finish line, a distance of about a mile. Only the two people who've been in the vehicle can legally push it. In the meantime, Vinje and Hansen finished ' Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen have had a good time with their 7S Ranger this year, had to add oil often, but no other trouble and they were second. behind, and then our unofficial it was a tie between Dave Hen-time-keepers lost track. They drickson and Mario and Elias reported Bruckmann, but were Ledezma, for fourth, with Ger-. not paying attention when Sasser ardo lribe in fifth place, just four and Curiel went past them appar-minutes behind the lead car. ently. Bruckmann and Hayley, lnthenextstretchLedezma mis-who got in at Valle de Trinidad, sed a turn and got stuck, and his led all the way and beyond getting cousins stopped to help him get wet once, and a loose rear view unstuck. That put Vildosola into mirror, they had no troubles and the lead, with lribe running took the win. Sasser and Curiel, second at Jamau, and Ledezma, running about an hour behind at who'd also lost his windshield to a the halfway point, where they rock, now in third. His cousins, were spotted, had some trouble, Mario and Elias, were fourth, and and lost another half hour, but Miguel Flores ran fifth. There still managed a second place. The were still a lot of other good cars others did not make it in. running up close. The 5-1600 Baja Bugs were At Erindira Vildosola's co-next to go, and this was a tight driver, Charlie Watters, was in · pack for a while, with Danny front by about 40 minutes, and it Ledezma leading at Ojos Negros was Hector Ledezma, Danny's by just a minute over Gustavo dad, second, having had a couple Vildosola. Another minute back of flats, f? Welder/Generator E\\'171 • -tOOO Walt Wt:klt.:rf(;c.:ncratur • llunda 11 HP OllV C,,mmcrcial • HIOu wans 01 puw,·r • Oil AJcr t' Enb,int: -• 170 .-\MP DC fur \\'ddmg • Oil Alert" • ~111ullant."0U::.. A.,: / I Jl. u:,"· • AuwmaLic lJlt! · • :>ll)>t"I qui, I • l.h.....:lru111<,: 1),!'HIUIIJ, RAC ER DISCOUNTS PARTS SHIPPED BY UPS DAILY Class 3 fielded four rigs, as the class refuses to die, but there were no Class 4s in the Baja. Robert Hayley and Vic Bruckmann got wet, but had no real problems with the 71 Bronco and won the class by an hour 40 minutes. Gustavo Vildosola and Charlie Watters have been winning often in 5-1600 action, and they did the number again in Baja, running second early on, but moved to first, stayed there and won by 53 minutes. Dusty Times BILL ROBERTSON+ SONS, INC. IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 30 YEARS 5626 -Tujunga Blvd., North Hollywood 4'HONDA 1 (800) 800-6134 Q»neridewithus. 1 (818) 766-6134 August 1995 • N Page 17

Page 18

Miguel Flores and Alberto Covarrubias had a good day in Class 5-1600, no The father and son team of Hector and Danny Ledezma took third in Class real trouble and just kept moving to finish in second place at the flag. 5-1600, had troubles and flats along the way but made it home in good time. fP'" and a "messed ~p" front Watters had a good duel with ,'00> ... ,ttx "'11""" == -~ end from running into a bank, Iribe, until Iribe was stopped by a ·· which also took out a couple of broken c.v. Watters went on to lights. Flores was third, with Car-get another win for himself and f * los Iribe, Gerardo's dad, now Vildosola, followed in by Flores' 1 fourth. Mario and Elias Ledezma co-driver, Alberto Covarrubias & lost a wheel bearing and were who'd had no problems. In third done for. it was the Ledezmas, Hector and # 101 117 112 102 114 1612 1603 1619 1601 1610 348 300 500 505 509 507 510 558 551 550 577 559 704 705 701 738 735 724 734 737 808 805 801 811 803 906 946 947 905 907 1003 1006 1017 Poa Driver/Co-Driver SCORE TECATE BAJA 500 RESULTS-JUNE 2-41995 Vehicle Time 0/A Claaa 1/2-Unlimiled aingle & two aeat -19 atart -11 finish 1 Mike Julson (solo) JimcoVW 2 Ed & Tim Herbst Mike Smith Porsche 3 Bob Gordon/Frank Arciero Jr. Chenowth/Porsche 4 Corky McMillin/Brian Ewalt Chenowth/Porsche 5 Chet Huttman/John Hagle Chenowth Nissan ClaM 1-2-1600 -1600cc Restricted Engine - 25 start - 18 finish 1 Brent Grizzle/Dale Ebberts Chenowth 2 Gary Anderson/Mike Halliday/Mark Bowman ABR Buggy 3 Hector Ramirez/Willie Valdez Jimco 4 Danny Porter/Mark Ruddis Susp. Unltd. 5 Jason Hatz/Brian Tanklage Suspen. Unltd ClaM 3-Short WB 4x4 - 4 start • 2 finish 1 Robert HayleyNic Bruckmann Ford Bronco 2 Dick Sasser/Gene Curiel IH Scout ClaM 4-Long WB 4x4 - o start - O finiah ClaM 5 -Unlimited Baja Bug • 1 O a tart • 6 finish 1 Michael James/Mike Kalickl Baja Bug 2 Michael Jakobson Baja Bug 3 Felipe Fonseca Baja Bug 4 Lazaro Cardenas/Andy Blue Baja Bug 5 Eduardo Dela Rosa & Raymundo Pachelo Ochoa Baja Bug ClaM 5-1600 - 1600cc Baja Bug -15 atart - 7 finiah 1 Gus Vildosola/Charlie Waners Baja Bug 2 Miguel Flores/Alberto Covarrubias Baja Bug 3 Hector & Danny Ledezma Baja Bug 4 Ernesto & Armando Arambula Baja Bug 5 Carlos & Gerardo lribe Baja Bug ClaM 6 -Production Sedan - O atart • 0 finish ClaM 7 -Unlimited Mini Pickup - 7 atart • 3 finish 11 Jeff Lewis (solo) Chevrolet S-1 O 2 A.J. & Herman DeNunzio '79 Toyota 3 Robert Guthrie/Tim Lawrence/A.Norton Ford Splash ClaM 7S • Stock Mini Pickup • 11 start - 5 finish Rick L. Johnson/Rick D. Johnson Ford Ranger 2 Mark Hansen/Malcolm Vinje Ford Ranger 3 Brady Helm/Pete Swift Toyota 4 Marco Novelo/Jose Luis Castro Ford Ranger 5 Scott Sells/Stuart Klein Toyota ClaM 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup - 9 start - 6 finiah 1 Rick Johnson/Jerry McDonald Chevrolet 2 Dale White Chevrolet 3 Dan Beaver Ford 4 Mark Newhan Chevrolet 5 Bob Delozier/Randy Shoaff Chevrolet ClaM 9 • Reatricted Buggy - 9 a tart - 5 finish 1 Daniel Mora/Eric Fisher Chenowth 2 Rich Richardson/Doug Perrault Jimco 3 Brian & James Jeffrey Raceco 4 Mike Shatynski/Steve Bourgeois T-Mag 5 Raul Aguiar/Jose Gonzalez/M. Carmona C&M Off Road ClaM 10 -Unlimited 1650cc - 23 start -16 finish 1 Larry Job (solo) Mirage Interceptor 2 Charles & Rudy Townsley Chenowth 3 Brian Parkhouse/Willie Melancon Mirage 7:39:08 7:40:12 7:53:02 7:53:33 8:42:42 9:01:11 9:06:11 9:()9:05 9:14:40 9:24:54 11:48:56 13:28:51 9:11:50 9:13:51 11 :25:19 12:56:17 13:43:13 9:12:24 10:05:02 10:15:11 10:20:24 10:41 :24 11:57:38 12:29:33 12:58:01 8:52:17 9:27:51 9:42:25 11:25:47 12:21 :58 7:47:54 8:21:48 9:24:26 10:30:17 11:45:55 9:39:08 9:46:18 10:52:07 11 :42:37 12:27:41 8:10:20 8:22:31 8:23:54 1 2 4 5 13 17 19 20 24 27 68 90 21 23 58 82 92 22 45 46 48 52 70 77 83 14 30 37 60 75 3 7 26 49 67 35 38 54 64 76 6 8 9 Daniel Mora and Eric Fisher had a great day in their Chenowth Challenger and they moved into second midway in the Class 9 race, ran close to the leader and took over the front spot on the last leg and won the class. Danny, who'd had brake trouble made it in. at the last, and then came Ernesto Class Stock-Full took to the and Adolfo Arambula, who'd had trail next, and when they went two flats and some steering prob-through Ojos, it was David Sykes lems. In fifth it was the Iribes, in front in his Ford, with Chad after fixing the c.v. joint. Vildos-Hall second in a Hummer, and ola was the highest placed Mexi-then Austin Robison, in another can National in the car classes at Hummer, third. Robison was hav-this race, and that earned him an ing a nagging problem with fuses additional $1,000 purse from for his wipers. It sounds like a Pennzoil de Mexico. trivial problem, but he was virtu-Class 9 was next to start, and ally blinded by the mud on his when they got to Ojos Negros it windshield from time to time, so was Raul Aguiar in front in a C & it became crucial. Steve Olliges M chassis·. He had just a minute was fourth in his Ford, and Marc on Rich Richardson in his Jimco , Stein had got in the dust and, and then came Alfonso Lacarra blinded, fallen into a five foot and Lalo Mayoral, in another d itch, doing major front end Jimco, in third. In fourth it was damage to his Ford. Luis Guevara and Federico At Jamau it was still Sykes in Montes, in their Tubular Design chassis. Things changed around by the time they reachedJamau, and now it was Richardson, who'd had no trouble, in front by two minutes. Daniel Mora was second in his Chenowth, after two flats. In third it was Aguiar, and Jim Jef-frey ran fourth in his Raceco, after having a flat which caused him to get stuck. front, with about 14 minutes on Chad Hall. Robison ran third, and Stein was fourth. Olliges had stuffed the nose of his Ford into a hole, and had jammed his back. He was taken to an Ensenada hos-pital, and was later released, while his truck went on with Tim Casey at the wheel. At Erindira Sykes still ran first, even though he'd been caught in a booby trap, and been stuck for about 20 minutes. Robison ran second, running with no brakes, and not liking it much, and Hall, and Tom Warnberg and Jason French, in a third Hummer, were tied for fourth. Sykes went on to get the win, finishing 23 minutes in front of Robison. In third it was Hall, and then came Stein's truck, with Gordon DiCarlo at the wheel for the second half of the race. Olliges and Casey were fifth, while Warnberg and French finished sixth. The Stock Mini class went next, and this group was led by Steve Williams, in his Ford Ranger, which is painted like a sheriff's vehicle, and even has the colored light bar on the roof. He had about six minutes on Allen Rus-sell and Rodney Erranova, in a Toyota, when they got to the Pine Forest. In third it was Dennis Milner and Fred Espinoza, in another Toyota. At Jamau, Williams had about 10 minutes on Russell and Erran-ova, and it was still Milner and Espinoza in third. Williams was having a flawless day. But back in the pack was the Ford of Leo Brown and Mike Horner. Very early in the day their exhaust had broken off at the manifold. This meant that not only was exhaust flowing into the cab, but so was heat, which was radiating up under the seat. Williams went on steadily to get his win, followed in by Milner and Espinoza. Brown and Horner moved up to finish third, with a very sick passenger, Scott Mof-fell, who'd had too much exhaust. The paramedics at the finish line 1015 4 Ray & Steve Croll JimcoA-arm 1013 5 Kirk Van Matre/Ryan Arciero Raceco ClaM 11 -Stock VW aedan - 11 start - 1 O finish 1108 1 Hector Sarabia (solo) VWBeetle 8:28:58 8:38:22 12:08:59 10 11 73 Doug Perrault took over for Richardson, and almost imme-diately a gas line fell out of the carburetor. He got that fixed and went on, and he held the lead at Erindira, with about eight min-utes on Mora, who was back at the wheel, after letting his co-driv~r, Eric Fisher, drive the two Valle de Trinidad loops. Brian Jeffrey, who took over for his brother, had lost a fan belt, and reverse gear, but continued to run in fourth place. Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault had their Jimco flying high, and fixed small troubles, but lost the lead while changing a fan belt and were second in Class 9 action seven minutes back. 1106 2 Gerrardo & Fernando Montijo VWBeetle 12:16:11 1110 3 Gilberto Garcia/Jesus Hernandez VWBeetle 13:00:08 1101 4 Eric Solonano VWBee1le 13:08:36 1104 5 Ernesto & Angel Mar1inez VWBeetle 13:14:12 Glau Mini Stock -Stock Mini Trucka - 7 start - 4 finish na 1 Steve WilHams/Wil Barlett Ford Ranger 10:17:03 763 2 Dennis Milner/Fred Espinoza Toyota 11 :25:30 761 3 Leo Brown/Mike Homer Ford Ranger 11 :39:06 n1 4 Michael Martin/Tim Magee Ford Ranger 12:43:05 ClaM Stock Full -Stock Pickup Trucks • 7 start - 6 finish 865 1 David Sykes/Greg Woodington Ford 9:17:08 864 2 Austin Robison/Rod HalVGort Stoskopf Hummer 9:40:17 861 3 Chad HalVKevin Horan Hummer 11 :03:09 862 4 Marc Stein/Gordon DiCarlo Ford 12:07:19 860 5 Steve Olliges/Tim Casey Ford 14:06:30 Sportsman Oaaaes - 3 start - 1 finish 150 Walter Prince/Oouglas Browne Raceco 12:41 :36 Trophy-Trucks -20 start -13 finish 43 1 Curt LeDuc Jeep Grand Cherokee 7:24:45 66 2 Jason Baldwin Ford F-150 7:29:55 11 3 Ivan Stewart ToyotaSR5 7:40:45 13 4 Steve Kelley Dodge 2500 7:46:15 20 5 Walker Evans Dodge 2500 7:53:14 Total Entry 178 (including Trophy-Trucks) - finishers, 113 -42:5% - Race Distance 385.3 miles Trophy-Trucks· Starters· 20 • Finishers 13 • 65% -Weather-Cloudy, Dry, Breezy. Page 18 74 84 87 88 47 59 61 81 25 36 56 72 96 80 Perrault tossed a fan belt in the final section, and Mora went past him to take the win. Perrault and Richardson were second about seven minutes later, followed in by the Jeffrey brothers who'd moved up to third. Mike Sha-. tynski and Steve Bourgeois came up to fourth place in theirT-Mag, while Aguiar and his co-drivers, J.C. Gonzales and Marcos Car-mona fell to fifth after breaking a balljoint. None of the others August 1995 Hector Sarabia drove his Class 11 VW Beetle solo, ran second in the tight clump of 11 Bugs, and was a true iron man, reporting no problems and no flats as he passed the leader late in the race to take the win. Dusty Times

Page 19

dosed him with oxygen, but could do nothing much for Horner, who'd developed a blister on his butt from sitting over the hot exhaust all afternoon. The Class 11 cars came out in force for this one, and eleven of them took the green flag. As usu-ally happens, most of the folks keeping track of race cars miss the Class 11 racers, but we know that at Uruapan, only 29 miles down the road, they were all running, and within six minutes of each other. Fernando and Gerardo Montijo had the quick time to that point, with Eric Solorzano close behind them. -~; "111*H"'!f-,.,.: o.~ :.%~~-• When they got to Jamau it was still the Montijo brothers in front, and their lead had grown to 21 minutes. Hector Sarabia was second, with Victor Barajas in third, seven minutes later, fol-lowed by Carlos Agular and Alberto Soto, and a minute later, Terry Kiely and Chris Wood-ward. Incredibly, all 11 of them were still in the race. -~fe,,, i David Sykes and Greg Woodington had a super run in their Stock Full Class ! Ford and they led from flag to flag and won in 9:17:08 posting quite a Their day was long, but some of these drivers tough it out and Ironman it all the way. Hector Sarabia was one of those, and he completed the whole race with no flat tires and no problems, to take the win. He was only seven min-utes and 12 seconds in front of the Montijo brothers who finished second. They'd had one flat and had been stuck once. In third it performance for a stocker. was Gilberto Garcia and Jesus Hernandez, about 45 minutes later. Then came Eric Solorzano, who'd cracked his case early in the day. But he patched it with some glue he had for fixing gas tanks and took fourth place, another eight minutes back. Altogether, all but one of them managed to finish, and we wish we had all their stories. When the racing was done no protests were filed, so there was no Competition Review Board meeting. SCORE now moves on quickly to the Fireworks 250, and then hops over to Laughlin, Nevada for the inaugural SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge on the weekend "'3 Steve Williams had a flawless day in his Ford Ranger, the Sheriff's car. He led in the early going, held the lead, built a ten minute gap and then cruised comfortably to the victory, in Stock Mini Trucks. Dennis Milner and Fred Espinoza ran third in the early going in Stock Mini Trucks, and went forward to finish second in their handsome Toyota. ATTENTION Desert Racers!!! Dusty Times posts contingency for last official finisher at selected desert races. See us at contingency before each race. Dusty Times of September 8th through the 10th. We thank the FAIR pit folks who gracionsly sent me their time August 1995 ~~ ,>\~: :.._ t\ ~~"'----.... --~· .... ;.;,,~ Austin Robison drove Rod Hall's Hummer this round in the Stock Full Class, had brake trouble but ran third and then was second at the finish line. sheets, so that I could know who the BFG team cars, and their times was where at what time. And from point to point. On these thanks go also to the BFG Relay, point-to-point races this help is Bob Hynes, who sent a record of invaluable. Thanks! ~ Page 19

Page 20

-».•:-· ,.."' .;.. ;;.,:; , ·t::::!: I Cti?I-~;;;, Chet Huffman and John Hagle had trouble after getting the engine wet in the Chenowth/Nissan, but they carried on to a fine fifth in the Unlimited Class. Felipe Fonseca and crew were tied for the Class 5 lead at Ojos Negros, then flew off some rocks and dropped a bit of time, and finished third in Class 5. Brady Helm and Pete Swift had a good race going in Class 7S until Helm was directed onto the beach and got stuck, but they finished third in the Toyota. ,~f1-. , . . t... ;_;,.. Ernesto and Armando Arambula lost the aerodynamic advant-age in the 5-1600 Bug, but they carried on anyhow and arrived fourth in the big size class. Mw a -/• & !II_~· ,'¼,i,,. ~· -~ .-,-~A@JLk.,"' ,,,,=~i.:t~~h Chad Hall started out running second in his· Stock Full Class Hummer, but dropped to third behind the other Hummer at the checkered flag. Page IQ ~-;_:;~{ -"~--. ..;/f ·• .. ,f.a,;,r. ·;.,:.,<~»c-. This could be either Ray or Steve Croll in this Dusty Times photo in their A-Arm Jimco, broke the shifter but still finished fourth in Class 10 action. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis encountered traffic Jams, had a bunch of front flats but moved up to fourth midway and they finished fourth in 1-2-1600s. Robert Guthrie, Tim Lawrence and Ron Norton had a good run in the Class 7 Ford Splash and despite fuel pump troubles the trio finished third in class. Brian and James Jeffrey had their Class 9 Raceco roaring here, lost a fan belt, and then reverse gear, but went on to finish third in the slim class. Leo Brown and Mike Horner fought a broken exhaust on their Mini Stock Ford for many miles, but stuck it out in the heat and finished third in class. August 1995 Kirk Van Matre and Ryan Arciero had wet engine woes and lost the brakes but they soldiered on in the Raceco to a fine fifth place in Class 10. Jason Hatz and Brian Tank/age ran hard in the Suspensions Unlimited buggy, playing catch up from an early stop, but they were fifth in Class 1-2-1600. Dick Sasser and Gene Curiel keep finishing races in the '77 /H Scout, and they finished again in the Baja 500, well back, but outlasting the others for second in Class 3. Gerado and Fernando Montijo corner hard here in the Class 11 Beetle, led in the early going, had a flat, got stuck once and they were second in class. Wafter Prince and crew drove this fancy candy cane special to the overall win in Class 1 Sportsman; in fact, this car was the only Sportsman finisher. Dusty Times

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CRANDON JNT£RNATJONA1 OFF .. ROAD RACEWAY WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RAC£~ S£PT£MB£R I, l & J TOT Al PURSE OVER '150,000°0 THE LARGEST IN OFF-ROAD RACING 0 I' :TI:R: !\TIC 1,AL A y f R ,, RAc'"' P. 0. BOX 101 CRANDON, WISCONSIN 54520-0101 (715) 478-2222 fAX (715) 478-58 15 .-.. ,... ---.; l\l!!~J!L NOl1IING 11111· · I ~ ~_.r~ ~~, ~ Automo we f •~ ·¼,,s: BEATS~ • ~ §~~ 41'-CASIO·-...,. A BUD~ ,..._ __ ____, Associated Bank \ sex. j Arn.e..rLc.a.n The Besl Never Rest ~ DUGIJJ- G . 1~ 91 __ ,,.(!7lb,I_,. ~m Wh,e;d,, -111mos Miller. • nu-- I· @@Mill --= CHEVYTlllDI --A,..,SKOAL • ~ BFGoodrich ~ -~ RACING-.. ~ -·--~~ GOODfiEAR

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Bonneville Off Road Report B:,Jim Bake, May 20th has come and gone, and for some of you it doesn't hold very many memories. Why? Basically because some of you didn't go very far before you became spectators, and it's hard to build war stories in the pits. The Wend over Express of 1995 will be recalled as the race where we were lucky to have nine cars still running for the checkers.Just look at these figures. Class 10 with a 40% finish, 1-2-1600 with a 33% finish. Class 5-1600 was the bright exception with a 100 percent finishing. But look at Heavy Metal at 25%, Challengers at 20%, and the Sportsman class finishing with 29% running. At first you might suspect a brutal course ... but, of course, you would be absolutely wrong ... it was a piece of cake. Just ask Jeff Neagle who was making good use of his passing gear, until a twisted drive shaft wiped out a transfer case and that wasn't all! Mike Flinn developed a major list to the right when a rear torsion relaxed after four miles, Scott Butcher went more than four miles but discovered what a shattered rear drum does to forward motion. In fact, rear drums were a plague on Glenn Cain's car too ... or should I ~eid say two, and these drums were all out of the same box. They must have been labded rejects "for Utah use only." Mike Baker didn't fare much better, heading for the trailer with only three cylinders functioning, complain-ing it was too fast on all four and too slow with three, no pleasing some people! And the Sportsman were dropping like flies with only Scott Noall and Johnnie Patterson forging ahead. Well, those are some of the sad tales of woe. What about those iron men who never faltered? I already mentioned that Mike Flinn didn't even get his engine up to temp before leaving, so it appeared to be a four car race in Class 10. Jim Price was setting the pace with a first lap time of 41:57, but Mike Hickey was less than a minute back with a 42:55 and Greg Wylie posted a 43: 11 in the Jensen Refrigeration team car. Andy Clawson was just getting reacquainted with his "re-engineered" car and posted a 46:05. Lap 2 kept Jim ahead with a 43:04, but put Greg into second with a 42:47 and Mike with a slower 47:00. Andy turned a 44:58. It was fun to watch Jim run so steady and still lose first place to Greg who had gained a 25 second advantage. Mike settled back into the pace with a 43:44 third lap and Andy turned a 45:19, but Greg and Andy were destined to disappear, Andy with trans trouble and Greg also suffered terminally, to end his moment of glory. Mike left in Lap 5 with engine meltdown, leaving Jim to cruise home for the win. No one told him to "cruise" so he set fast lap of 41 :31; followed by a 41 :36, a 47:22 (flat tire) and then finished with a 42:49 and a total time of 5:01:46. I suspect Jim likes this 10 car a tad better than his "5" car of last year, mainly because I don't recall him taking the purse plus the bonus bucks home to Denver last year. Class 1-2-1600 had some no-shows, so we only started three of them, with Mark Howe leading off, then Mike Baker followed by Todd Bingham. Mark had to be feeling good when he held the lead after the first lap. But then the other shoe was about to drop. Mike lost a cylinder and went to the trailer just before finishing lap 1 and Todd had broken a throttle cable and lost some time fixing it. This was to be his day in his "new" car and no throttle cable would ruin it. So he proceeded to set class fast lap at 44:40 on the second round, then a 44:56, a 45:52, and a 45:24, then a 49:47 and finally a 45:27 for the winning time of 5:30:20. For Mark and Dave Howe this was their first Pro race, and until a C / V gave them fits they posted times of 49:53, 48:49. A troubled 2:44:03 encouraged them to put ~~~ OFF ROAD COMPONENTS -,-,,-__v------~ ,.. MADE BETTER IN THE U.S.A. ,.. YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING ... WE HAVE BEEN LISTENING TORSION BARS ARE HERE! 300 M & Intermediate Grade Material. All Lengths & Diameters. SPRING PLATES, LINK PINS, LINK PIN BUSHINGS & SHIMS ROD END ADAPTORS, SHOCK SPACERS, TIE RODS PREDRILLED CV BOLTS, AXLES :,:::=:== am~~=~~~: :~, :~: ,", CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE PRODUCT CATALOG OR CONTACT ONE OF THESE REID PRO DEALERS KENDALL RACNG ENTERPRISES HOTLINE AUTOMOTIVE JIMCO RACING PRODUCTS DENUNZIO RACING PRODUCTS 3434 East Kleindale 6951 ldlewylde Circle 10965 Hartley Road, Ste. R P.O. Box 6075 Tucson, AZ 85716 Melbourne, FL 32904 Santee, CA 92071 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (602) 881-5224 (407) 724-1270 (619) 562-1743 (805) 683-1211 FEX PERFORMANCE M&C OFFROAD P.ERFORMANCE LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING J. PENHALL FABRICATIONS 1098 Stockton Avenue 1613 State St. #5 416 Fleetwood 1660 Babcock, Bldg. 13 San Jose, CA 95110 Barstow, CA 92311 Glendora, CA 91740 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (408) 295-0707 (619) 255-2990 (818) 857-7223 (714) 650-3035 SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED T.U.F. OFFROAD OFF ROAD BUGGY SUPPLY McKENZIE's PERFORMANCE 1345 Dynamics, Unit D 3255 E. Columbia 2525 E. 16th Street 2366 E Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tucson, AZ 85714 Yuma, AZ 85365 Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 996--6260 (602) 294-3511 (602) 783-6265 (714) 441-1212 SCHROEDER RACING PRODUCTS BRANOWOOO CARS 800 S. Flower Street 4319 E University Burbank, CA 91502 Phoenix, AZ 85040 (818) 845-8283 (602) 437-3107 '' ''" AEROSPACE QUALITY • RACE PROVEN PRODUCTS Dealer Inquiries Are Not Only Invited, But Encouraged! (619) 240-2266 ... Page 22 August 1995 Cliff Allen in for his first time in a race car, and a 1 :09:25 ain't bad Cliff. Our only perfect class featured the mighty men of those 5-1600s. We started three and three finished. The virgin team of Jason Barber and Shad Guffey led off in the former Guy Young car. Second was the team of Rick Taylor/Mark Earl in the former Sorenson car, and starting third in his own and previously raced car was Jeff Robinson who was ably assisted by Craig Holt, former driver of one of those other cars. Confused? Times were close! Lap 1 Jeff at 50:08, Jason at 50:13, Rick at 51: 12. Close enough? On lap 2 Jeff at 48:53, Rick at 50:26, Jason at 52:08 (2:21 first to third). Lap 3 -Jeff at 49:45, Rick at 49:58, but see the virgins go. Fast lap for the class at 48:01 for Jason and Shad, Lap4 wasstillJeff at 51:44, Rick at 51:24 and success went to their heads. Actually their car got upside down and stood them on their heads, costing a whole handful of time. Lap5 still had the Robinson car first at 49: 13, the Taylor car second at 59:26, and not even scared a little bit, the virgins turned a 50:05. They would finish that same way with Jeff and Craig winning a total time of 4:59:32 for the six laps to Rick's 5: 13:28. Third went to Jason and Shad for a very commendable drive for their first race, posting a 5:39:33. And then came the Heavy Metal, with five cars entered, but one car scratched. Leading off was the venerable #300 Jeep of Russ Fullmer, then Fred Nutsch in his "new" mid engined Jeep, followed by Kerry Stephenson in his Bronco. Last but not least was the Chevy pickup of Lance Raynor and Robin Doutre. Once again we would see attrition rear its ugly head. We lost Kenny Wartluff pre-running and lost Lance/Robin on the first lap, then lost Jeff/Garth on the second, which meant that Kerry and Fred would be our big V-8 noise makers, except that you can hardly hear Kerry's Bronco, mufflers you know, and Fred's wasn't much louder. Basically the race was Kerry all the way having a silent edge on the first lap, and when Fred had some overheating problems the lead increased a bit each lap. The Bronco finished all six laps for a winning time of 6:03:07 and also had class fast lap at 51 :20. Fred had made some promises that he feels he must keep, so even it he only finished four of the six laps at Wen dover, you can bet he will be back with fresh, cool water in the radiator, to pursue and attempt to catch a buggy to nerf. That's a lofty goal Fred! When the Challengers lined up we were expecting a hard fought and close battle. At the end of lap 1 we were short Scott Butcher (broken drum). At the end oflap 2 we were short Glenn Cain (Broken drums - plural). At the end of lap 3 we were short Mark Rencher with a punctured push rod tube, no oil, fried engine! So who was running? Dave Morse was last after the first with a 1:07:15, but ahead of Mark whose 56:33 was a bit slower than Vernon Smith who had a 54:20, just behind Glenn Cain who led with a53:35. Lap2 put Vernon in first over Mark and Dave. He held on through laps 3, 4 and 5 with approximately ten minutes over Dave starting lap 6. -But alas, a broken tie rod end put the ~1 on his glory for the day. Dave had a disastrous fourth lap that cost him an hour and eighteen minutes, but he proved again what we all know, and that is you have to be running at the end if you want to win. His time of 5:56:34 was good enough and his 52:01 was the fast lap of the day for the Challengers. Next came the Sportsman, all seven of them. The drawing put Tom McCall y I Greg Fraser # 1, then Scott and Barbara Noall, Lloyd Levitt, Dave Short/Shane Shrenk, Dave Bosgieter. Troy Ferrin, Cam Peacock/Sherron Mitchell and the always exciting Johnnie Patterson last in his wee little Pilot. Those persistent gremlins started early, taking Tom/ Greg out, and then Cam/Sher-ron lost the drive line ... out. Dave Short finished one lap before succumbing as did Lloyd Levitt. At the end of two it was Johnnie Patterson holding a slight lead of two minutes over Scott and Dave, having major trouble and about to disappear. Lap 3 gave the Tasmanian Devil headaches when the rear suspension of the Pilot relocated itself and made the whole machine go down the track like a bent puppy. The repair time was way too much to be made up and Scott was running too well to be caught. The winners were Scott and Barbara Noall with a four lap time of 3:19:38 to Johnnie Patterson's 4:09:55. The big bash at Jackpot comes next with forty-one of the most delightful miles of off road racing you can imagine. This course is so great that the states of Idaho and Nevada are considering it for a future development as a "Scenic Loop" . Remember the high attrition at Wendover is not likely to happen at Jackpot so you will have to work harder for a good finishing position and extra hard to pick up the generous cash bonus for winning your class. Jackpot has extra prizes like jackets, complimentary weekend fun packs, dinners for entrants and the awards held poolside on Saturday night. See you at Jackpot, July 1, be there. Welcome to J .D. Jones and the "new" 5-1600 he just bought. AfflNTION PITTIAMS Send us your tales of triumph and troubles and they will be featured on these pages. Mail to: · DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 Dusty Times

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R'Jlf,f,lJ,'!. 11REN0 40011 OFF ROAD RACE AUGUST 26, 1995 • RENO, NEVADA l'HE CERS' CE! This year the Rancho Suspension"RENO 400" has been designated as a "Racers' Race". Which means that the prize money total from the first 50 racers to enter will entirely go to the purse. Also, the first 50 racers will be given a 50% discount on the posted total fees of $395.00! Accordingly, the prize money "pot" will be: 50 Racers ~ $10,000 40 Racers - $ 8,000 30 Racers - $ 6,000 In addition to the cash purse, winners in various classes will receive merchandise and trophies . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• NORU SANCl'IONEDI This year's Ra.ncho "RENO 400" will be the first Off-Road event to be sanctioned by the newly-revived NORRA (National Off~Rood Racing Association} sanctioning body. N0RRA is the original sanctioning body established · in the United States and the entity that inaugurated the first 1,000 mile race in Baja California! BFGaadricti -----------Tires PRESENTS BFGoodriclt Tires' NATIONAL TRUCK WEEKI ·This year's Rancho "RENO 400" will also be the highlight of a week-long celebration of the Truck in the city of Reno, which runs fror:1 .. August 23-27! Racers and their families will be guests at parties, Consumer "Expo" and many other exciting events in the "Biggest Little City In The World''! YES! I WANT TO RACE IN the August 26, 1995, Rancho "RENO 400" Please send entry blank to: -----------------------------------YES, I am interested in getting more information regarding NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK, the RANCHO "RENO 400" OFF-ROAD Race and/ or THE NTW CONSUMER "EXPO"! Please send information regarding: □ NAnONAL TRUCK WEEK □ Rancho Suspension "RENO 400" □ NTW CONSUMER 11EXP011 Name; _______________ _ Addre~s: _______________ _ City, S1tate, Zip: _____________ _ Phone:: _______ Fax: ______ _ PLEASE CUP THIS COUPON AND MAJL OR FAX TO: Nation1al Truck Week • Attention: Laurie Hall 1360 Klleppe Lane, Sparks, NV 89.431 Phone 1 02-331-.4800 • Fa.x 702-331-5107

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Ri f th W rid Thirteen stages faced the areseriousabouttheirassaultfor ffl O • 0 mighty 26 over a two day format. the Production class title this year N i I PRO R lly Day one was a five stage affair · and as such came west for the two at ona a through the r·ocky and twi'sty National events. Their plan went Acton and Mill Creek Summit well at Washington as they won By John Elkin Photos: Trackside Photo Inc./D.E. Baer area located 40 miles north of Los the event, collecting valuable -------................................................................................................................... ~--------------~ Angeles. Day two would be eight points. Then came Rim, where -· run them at th r i 11 in g and stages long on the well-known they had never been before, and unimaginable speeds next to a Lake Hughes stages. One legend- had no conception of what lay precipice. And we have Mike and ary stage was missing this year as ahead. The other principal in the Paula Gibeault and Terry Stone-rain damage made the Tule Ridge class was Lon Peterson and Bill cipher to thank(?) for all this. stage impassable, and while that Gutzmann. Lon and Bill have had In its purest form Rim appeals may sound bad it had drivers extraordinary success at Rim to many teams because of the doing back flips and cartwheels many times in their Plymouth challenge that it does present. The ( can you imagine Carl Merrill Arrow, but this time a factory roads are slightly rougher than a doing a cartwheel?) as it is known took notice of their unequaled typicalnationalevent. The speeds as the twistiest and most skill and gave them a car to run. are slower at Rim because of the demanding stage in PRO Rally, The company was Kia, the car was twisty nature of the roads, lower ever! And funny thing was, no-a Sephia. The car was built in two speeds make the margin for one seemed to miss it. weeks. When you think of a rally finding a faster line through a Dave Turner and Ben Bradley car the Sephia would enter the stage harder to find, thus closer were the defending Production normal rallyists mind right in competition in most classes. At class winners from last year, and between thinking about rallying a the top in the fight for the overall Turner went on to become the Yugo and a Edsel. Still it is Lon lead every single highly favored class champion. But this year his Peterson and Bill Gutzmann, and Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker got a slow start, third the first night, the national competitor (Joy, Choin-Eclipse was parked but the these two seem to possess talents Hyundai Ela~ta on the wrong t_urbo ~00st; all fixed they charged hard on day 2 iere, Moodie, Merrill) had his diamond star brand was not as that are, shall we say, sanctified. and took the,r fourth overall victory ,n a row by 11 seconds, shot at the overall lead at least Turner decided to run truck class In stage one Peterson jumped You have read about rallying the Frappe' button. You could r once during the rally. More on in an ex-Chad Dykes machine. out to a two minute lead, in stage for years now, both .here and in climb into the clothes dryer with a this later. Turner and Bradley had a huge two fifteen more seconds, you get several other publications. In pound of dirt and hit the start Palmdale, California, serves as lead in day two and were keeping the idea. Oh take was not general you should know that button. Or you could take a 55 the headquarters for the Rim of the truck together and on the road outclassed, he did win some stages most rally competitors, no matter gallon drum, climb inside, and the World PRO Rally, and the when they came across a stuck car as he adapted to the roads quickly whatseattheyoccupy,areinsane. have someone thrust you over city gets behind the rally, not (if I tell you who, it will ruin wi,:mingfourstagesbuteverytime Most events on the 1995 Niagara Falls. unlike most stops on the another class story later). Being a his Ford Escort came into service SCCA I Michelin PRO Rally "If Rim is so bad, why run?", SCCA/Michelin circuit. The couple of giving and helpful guys the rear suspension would be Championship have some degree you ask. Because it is there. I am Ramada Inn was again the patient they decided to stop and tow the sitting lower and lower, and while of insanity to them that test cars, not sure what that is supposed to host with the rail y's odd hours car out of the sand. In backing up that is good for straight line speed teams and basic physics. And then mean, but the phrase, "because it and large number of people to the car Turner fell victim to the this rally has none of that. there is Rim. If rallying is an is there", has caused men smarter involved. And all the companies soft earth and his truck was stuck. Peterson and Gutzmann gave Kia insane act (and it is) then Rim is than the average rallyist to go do that make Rim special were back. Another car happened along and a dream debut in American insanity personified. There are dumber and crazier things like Budweiser, Del Taco, America's freed the first car, the first car motorsports, winning by a. sections of road that challenge scale tall mountains, only to get to Tire Company, Antelope Valley then tried to free the truck, but it ridiculous amount of time. While what an automobile was initially the top and look around, and then Mall, R&E Racing and Antelope would not. Dave and Ben, again some laughed and were skeptical engineered to do in stock form at climb down again. Lindbergh flew Valley Distributing were back being givers and helpful, told the before the rally there were more every rally, but at Rim the entire to Paris solo in 1927 because it along with a host of contingency first car to go and try to salvage its than a couple of future Kia rally is nothing what Henry Ford, was there. Byrd decided that he companies. rally. Dave and Ben dug_ and owners after it. Oh take and Louis Chevrolet or Horace and needed to store some perishable Twenty-six teams started the cursed, and then dug some more Martin return to the east coast John Dodge had in mind when things so he went to the south rally with all six classes being until the Mitsubishi was free ana · with a ve-ry good lead in the they designed their first "horse-pole, because it was there. Some represented. Group 2 was again mobile again. They finished the championship and will have the less carriages". people voted for Clinton because the largest class with nine starters rally and collected the win in an Hondas scrambling for points for So what is Rim like you ask? he was there. Go figure. followed by Open with eight. The eventful drive for the twosome. the rest of the season. You can experience all the wonder But Rim is there, and as long as battles were, for the most part Production class was bizarre, Group A was a well deserved and excitement that is Rim in it is people will continue to take wild and up front. Others were yet when you consider the win for Makio Yamanaka and your own home. You could strap multi-thousand dollar cars and shut outs, in other words, a principals involved it really was Fumiaki Yamazaki as after three yourself into a Cuisinart and hit im ale them into waterbars and typical rail . not. Tad Ohtake and Bob Martin . tries in a right hand drive Mazda Peter Moodie and Michael Fennell had brake fire on the Mazda 323G TX off the start, but got repairs, were fourth the first night, then ran many fast stage times, but fell seconds short and were second overall. Goran Ostlund and Steve Baker won four of five stages on Friday night, picked up a little edge each stage on Sunday, and despite a dented floor pan they won Group 2 and finished fifth overall. Page 24 Henry Joy and Chris Griffin were tied with Merrill for first place after the first night, stayed in the lead until breaking a drive axle on the Eclipse and ended up finishing third overall. Local CRS heros Lon Peterson and Bill Gutzmann got the factory Kia Sephia ride for Production Class, and despite the small engine Lon jumped out to a two minute lead on stage 1, never iooked back and was sixth overall as well as winning Production Class. August 1995 323 the Falken Tire Sponsored car won the class. These two come from Japan every year for Rim, they say the roads here are like the ones they rally on in Japan. The winning pair do not speak English but the smile on their faces after the rally transcends all language barriers. Chris W eleff and Brian Paul took the Toyota Celica All Trac to second place in seven minutes back. Weleff and Paul now lead the Group A point championship by two. Production GT stood to be quite a battle as Selcuk Karaman-oglu and Constantine Mantop-· oulos (spell those names five times fast!) fought through most of the rally with Janice Damitio and Barry Berg. It was a whale of a battle·' with Damitio leading the first night by a minute in her Crazee Espresso Toyota Celica All Trac, Selcuk and Constantine ( easier than spelling their last names) had some troubles on the rough stages with their Eagle Talon TSI. Going into day two Janice and Barry were swapping precious seconds back and forth with Selcuk and Constantine; it was looking to be a whale of a last couple of stages when in the dinner break service the Eagle was withdrawn from the event for personal reasons. A dejected Damitio and Berg finished the final stages uneventually taking the win they had hoped to be battling for over every last inch of. Dusty Times

Page 25

j .. .,, Mike Whitman and Kevin Linville put their Concours looking Datsun 510 third in Group 2 and ninth overall in their uneventful Rim rally. Tad Ohtake and Bob Martin came from Michigan to gain some Chris Wefeff and Brian Paul ran their Toyota Afltrac in Group A Production Class points but were second in class behind the in the National Rally and they ended up second in class about dirt. Damitio now leads the GT class points and plans to run more events back east to see if she can . bring a title to the northwest region. Group 2 was a wild seesaw battle for the first half of the rail y. Goran Ostlund, who is in the process of relocating to Estonia (a country in Europe) for his new position with Boeing. When a window of opportunity opened for him to return to the states to run the two west coast nationals he jumped back into his Scania Autosports Saab for a farewell tour. Dave White is hot right now, he has a hot VW GTI prepped by Light Performance Works, he is driving smart and quick and he pulled in Ben. Greisler to navigate for him on his west coast swing. It looked good for the VW driver. Standing in their way was a slew of talent led by Harris Done, Mike Whitman, Matt Sweeney, Dave Peterson ( no relation to Lon that we know of) and Bill Malik. Harris Done and Larry Scott stirred up the field by posting the fourth overall best time in stage one for the whole rail y and leading the class by 40 seconds, stage two saw the team take another few seconds on the field. By stage four it was looking good for the Ma:da RX,7 until an axle broke, stranding the team on a lonely and freezing ridge for much of the night. Ostlund and Steve Baker had put up a lead of 30 seconds after the first night with Ostlund winning four of the five stages, but not by much over White and Greisler. Mike Whitman and Kevin Linville came next in the Datsun 510, close to the action. Matt Sweeney and Lucinda Strub were fourth in the Toyota truck, attacking the roads very hard, but still two and a half minutes back from the leaders. A minute back was .Bill Malik and Raine Andersson in the Valencia Volvo Independent 240. Dave Peterson and Greg Chaloupka were fifth, still getting to the unfamiliar roads of amazing performance of the KIA. seven minutes and change back. Dave Peterson and Greg Chaloupka tied the KIA on total time in the Group 2 VW G Tl, took seventh overall and second in Group 2, getting used to Rim roads. Makio Yamanaka and Fumiaki Yamazaki come to the Rim ra{{y each year from Japan, and after three tries the Fa/ken Tire sponsored Mazda 323G TX won the Group A title and finished tenth overa{{. southern California. Day two saw White and Greisler strike back with fast time in class on the first stage. Ostlund and Baker got back a couple of seconds next stage despite a dented floor pan from a large rock. White pulled 28 seconds back his way and the lead, but it would be short,lived as in stage nine Dave and Ben put the VW off into the soft stuff ( remember the truck class?) and were eventually pulled out by class competitors Dave Peterson and Greg Chaloupka, the leading VW lost 25 minutes and would finish fifth in class. Ostlund and Baker would hold their lead and garner fifth overall. Dave Peterson and Greg Chai, oupka were another two minutes back in second, even with their act of kindness towards White. Mike Whitman and Kevin Linville brought the Datsun 510 home third. Bill Malik and Raine Andersson finished fourth. With just one stage to go Matt Sweeney and Lucinda Strub were in third place in class and running well, until stage 12 when a valve broke in the engine and destroyed the entire motor as it bounced and slammed its way through the block and head. Gerry Valentini and Tim Sardelich took their Mazda RX,7-[P'" RACING PRODUCTS & CHASSIS WE CAN HANDLE ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION NEEDS FOX RACING SHOX REBUILDING STATION Fox RACING SHox VP RACING FuEL BEARDS SEATS SUMMERS BROS FUEL SAFE SWAY-A-WAY CNC WRIGHT PLACE UMP PRODUCTS JA -MAR PRODUCTS 42425 5TH STREET EAST UNIT C & D LANCASTER, CA 93535 (805) 940-5515 · Dave Turner and Ben Bradley moved into the truck class this year driving the Mitsubishi pickup, so they won the class, being the only one in it, and were 17th overall and last overs{{ on a weekend cruise. (805) 940-5514 FAX DustyTimcs AUgust 1995 Page IS

Page 26

IP'" to fifth spot in class. Dave White leads the class points standings now but will be unable to continue back east due to his demanding schedule at his dental practice. The Open class battle was waged between the four principals in National PRO Rally. Not all had a clean first night and for one team it looked over before it began. Peter Moodie and Michael Fennell were on the transit section on the highway heading for stage one when their rear brakes locked and caught fire on the Executive Motorsports Mazda 323 GTR. On the side of the highway the crew found and repaired the car, Janice Damitio and Barry Berg won the Production GT Class in the Toyota but not before a minute in late Celica G TS, led the first night, but had to fight for seconds almost all the way and won the class. penalties was accumulated by the ---_----------------------team. They were down, but not ,. stage. The Choiniere and Jeff help things on the rainy first out. Carl Merrill and John Becker Hyundai was running at night.Merrillwasslowedbyaflat BellefleurputtheFordEscortout the wrong turbo boost and the at the end of stage five and in first place with a hlistering fir<.t loss of a windshield wiper did not Moodie had more brake trouble ',lg,..,. Paul Choiniere learned his winning • ways from stepdad John Buffum, and has a perfect record this year driving the Hyundai Elantra, four for four. Living in Vermont doesn't hurt his program either. on stage tour. Henry Joy and Chris Griffin were in the trusty Mitsubishi Eclipse and doing well all night as at the end of the first AN 110PEN LETTER'' TO Page 16 VORRA RACERS On June 24, 1995, a VORRA race scheduled for the Fernley, Nevad_a,area was cancelled when one of the property owners involved in the race course notified VORRA officials that th~y did not have permission to use the property. Since thot cancellation, there have been a number of statements issued obout the reason for the race being called-off. As stated above, the reason for the cancellation was that VORRA did not receive permission from landowners to use their land for a race course. That fact, and that fact alone is the reason there was no VORRA race on June 24, 1995. At no time in the organization of said race was DOUBLE BARS PRODUCTIONS, Inc., involved in any way, shape or manner with the VORRA organization. DOUBLE BAR S is the sponsoring entity of the Rancho Suspension "RENO 400" Off-Road race scheduled for August 26, 1995, and is likewise not affiliated with any other organization in the staging of that race. DOUBLE BAR S PRODUCTIONS, Inc. August 1995 ... Jeff Becker has the distinction of having navigated for John Buffum as well as his current job navigating Paul Choiniere to his many victories. Jeff is a New Yorker. night they were tied with tht: Merrill Escort for the lead. Choiniere was third followed by Moodie and then the Mazda 323 of Tom Ottey and Pam McGar-vey, who were experiencing Rim for the first time. In day two on the first stage Joy and Griffin jumped into the lead with the Stopped Motion IT AD Motorsport Eclipse. Choiniere and Becker started a chase as Merrill stepped up the pace <;m stage seven to catch Joy. Moodie and Fennell were strong, posted many fastest stage times. Stage eight rocked the field as Merrill and Bellefleur were running at speed when a steering arm broke on the Escort. Merrill was the picture of control as he literally wrestled the Ford into a berm to scrub speed and the Ford stopped, looking like a thorough-bred with a broken leg. We know it happened this way because Merrill was being filmed by a helicopter at the time of the · mishap. Joy and Griffin came upon the scene and started to believe the rally could be theirs when, towards the end of the stage, a drive axle failed in the rear of the Eclipse. The pair limped through stage nine to service where he found he would be relegated to two wheel drive. This opened the battle up as Choiniere was now leading in the Libra Racing Hyundai Elantra, but Moodie was closing fast, even with his minute in road points he was 11 seconds back from the Hyundai going into the final stage. As· people gathered at the finish of the stage Choiniere came in first with a time of 12:22, two agonizing minutes later Moodie crossed the finish line with an identical time of 12:22. Choiniere took his fourth straight Rim of the World in fine style as the Hyundai has now proved as impregnable a rally ca-r as anything running. Coincidentally, that gave the country of Korea two class wins along with the Kia in Production class. Henry Joy and Chris Griffin persevered to third place overall and in class. Tom Ottey and Pam McGarvey motored the Mazda 323 to fourth place gathering more valuable points for themselves in the Championship. Choiniere now leads the championship with four wins in a row for the Vermont team. Sunday morning the teams gathered for the awards breakfast as drivers, navigators and crews all looked like they had taken their turn in the Cuisinart we know as Rim. Next year we'll do it again, and wonder why we do it. Maybe it is because it is there? Dusty Times

Page 27

The instruments are all well placed and all are within easy reach of the driver. The 3 liter 24 valve V6 produces 177 horsepower in a smooth and quiet manner. With the center seat folded forward and the rear seat up out of the way, there is quite a lot of room for cargo. 1995 MITSUBISHI MONTERO LS Hi Yo Silver, Away Text & Plwtos: John B. Calvin +·:li.L~-.4,,. Really a great looking vehicle, the Montero LS is at home on the highway or for your off road activities. selection is sure and simple. The Montero behaved quite well in the desert, we were able to navi-gate wherever we wanted to and the Active-Trac 4WD System makes everything a lot easier to do. protect vital places underneath, a welcome touch. It's always nice to know you have a little extra pro-tection down there in case you get in over your head. Fuel mileage hovered around the twenty mile per gallon mark no matter how we drm.e ·md that A very handsome vehicle, the Mitsubishi Montero LS is rugged too, giving you great on and off road capabilities. is a very pleasant consistency. We only had the Montero LS for a week or so, but we did put quite a few miles on it and we were fairly v.ell pleased with the overall operation of the vehicle and we certainly enjoyed being sur-rounded hy all the luxurious fea-tures the Montero had to offer. Silver is a precious metal and response is great. bucket seats are beautifully This particular Montero had a I'm sure you will find· that the The cdnnection to the ground upholstered and adjust every 5000 pound towing package 1995 Mitsubishi Montero LS is is via Michelin Radial XCH4 tires, which way for your driving com-installed which sure would make precious too! We had the Mon-235175Rl 5 mud and snow var- fort. The second row seats are of it a great tow car for the races and teroforanalltooshortatime,but iety and they gripped the road the bench variety and fold for- a great broken race car retriever we certainly enjoyed every minute quite well, handled the off road ward to give you mucho cargo too! of it. activities quite well too, and were carrying capacity. There are yet. Factory installed skid plates Do yourself a favor and visit your local dealer and try one on for si:e. See how you feel after a while in the Mitsubishi Montero LS. The three liter single overhead quiet on the road at speed. A full another set of seats in the very cam V6, complete with twenty si:e spare tire is installed outside rear of the Mbntero that fold up four valves produces 177 horses in the rear and goes with the side-from center to the sides but they and you know they are there as ways opening rear door. do allow you carrying capacity of the Montero LS is a great han-Stopping power is supplied by seven people. By the way, these dling, nice performing vehicle disc brakes all around, power rear seats are quite comfortable. which most anyone would like to assisted of course, and they do The instrument cluster is easy own. This four door sport utility work well. Front and rear stabil-to read and falls well within the was colored in Warm Springs i::er bars add to vehicle stability . drivers line of sight. Speedometer Silver over Mystic Black and it yet there is still some body roll and tachometer are the mainstays certain! y is a good looking when hard cornering is encoun-with fuel and temperature gauges whicle. tered. The Active-Trac four wheel mounted between. Oil pressure The engine is connected to a drive system, when engaged helps and battery condition gauges are very smooth 4 speed automatic to cut body roll, most likely from installed center dash and there is transmission with overdrive the push/pull effect while it is alsoanelectroniccompasstohelp available at the touch of a button, engaged. you navigate your way through all electronically controlled. Comfort is a nice sounding the badlands. Upshifting and downshifting is word and you will find comfort in Some of the other amenities in very smooth and the power the Montero seating. Front the Montero LS are the power Rugged looking from any angle, the Montero LS sports a full size spare and a wide opening rear door. The trailer hitch is recessed in the bumper. Dusty Times door locks and power windows, a height adjustable leather covered steering wheel, cruise control and vehicle security. Power operated outside side door mirrors are another feature and we are really getting to like this feature. If you like to listen to the radio you have a good one here in the AM/ FM stereo system with six, count 'em folks, six speakers and • there is enough audio power to literally blow you out of the vehi-cle. And, as a feature attraction, there is a CD player located just • beneath the AM/ FM so you can have any sound you desire. The gear shift selector is located center on the console and the four wheel drive selector is loc-1ted just left of it. We did a bit of off road-ing with the Montero and gear August 1995 BIGGER IS BETTER U-pgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepow!,lr off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the la!:_ger C.V. ioints. Convert Type I stub axles and output bell Ito accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. .,,. Convert Type 11 stub axles and output bell 1to accept 930 C. V. joints. JAIi axles and bells for Type II or Type IV jC.V.s can be threaded 3/s-24 or stock 8mm. ~All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be '/'threaded 3/s-24 or,stock 10mm threads. FIT YOUR Off ROADER . WITH UPGRAbED AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per fla_!'Jlli on yo~u supplie~ parts. Stop the up-travel on your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. hese Bump Stops come complete with a mounting system, poly-eurethane nd piece, and enough valving to·get the job done. ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT $319.90 per pair. lncludinQ the rnountinQ hardware and the GAS bolts SEE YOUR OFF ROAD RACING PARTS SUPPLIER OR CALL US DIRECT. Yarnell Specialties, Inc. 182 Cre5tview P. 0. Box 845 1-4102-427-3551 Yarnell, AZ. 85382-0845 Page i7

Page 28

Zacka Has A Historic Win At Goondiwindi, QLD Text & Photos: Darryl Smith Brad Zack a invested in a Kuster shocked Raceco, and he and rider Wayne Bell became the first Queens/anders to win an Australian Championship race. Despite a quick rollover, they won overall in the closest finish ever, 21 seconds. A Queenslander has never won fastest prologue in his Class 1 an Australian Off Road Cham-buggy. Behind him in class were pionship race before, that is until Boyes, Burrows, and Zacka. After the second round of the '95 title at the opening lap Morrison still led Goondiwindi where Brad Zacka Class 1 but only by 30 seconds to not only created history in that Zacka, with Bentley another 30 aspect but it was also the closest seconds back. Boyes, Burrows finish ever in a Championship and Svenson were closely follow-race. The Goondiwindi 400 spon-ing. During the second lap the bad soredbyHoldenRodeoandBoral luck started. Morrison (diff), Tyres was a fairy tale race for Svenson (alternator bearing), Zacka who was the instigator in . Johnson (tires), Falk (motor), getting the race to the town of while Zacka tipped the Kuster Goondiwindi as well as putting so Raceco over, luckily landing on much preparation into-it. Zacka's its wheels, the crew checked the day was notwitQOUt incidents as car and continued on. At the the big USA car with radical A-completion oflap 2 it was Bentley arm suspension ran the entire leading, albeit by a slim three second lap on the kill switch with seconds to Burrows! Zacka was a jammed throttle, and while only 12 seconds back with Boyes doing that lost control and rolled only five seconds off him. Into the three times. The car also finished last lap it was full-on. Rose was with a large chunk of wood in its coming back after a tie rod break-tire. . age, while local Lennon had shock T he Goondiwindi track was problems. Bentley's run at the totally new to all drivers but the front came to an end on the tricky one coming to grips with it best lumpy section where he rolled. was Nei 11 Morrison who set the Trev or Crisp was another to go Mark and Daryl Warren used the new Honda engine to advantage, leading the 2-1600 qualifying, and it was another close race as the Warren brothers took the win by just over a minute, sixth overall. The Class 4 Bajas had an equally tight struggle as Warren Irons took the Prologue by a big margin, but in the race it was tight; but Irons won the battle by just over a minute at 25th overall. Page IS over, clearing a high fence in the process. Zacka meanwhile was pushing hard and took the lead and won. It was the closest finish on record with Burrows 26 seconds back in second overall. Another 23 seconds in arrears was Boyes in third. Mick Willett took 4th with Schafer 5th in Class 1. The Class 2 -1600 group had a healthy 23 q1r field. Leading the qualifying was the Warren broth-ers making the move from the 1200 class with a new Honda motor. Buchanan then Ziems fol-lowed. After the first lap Bucha-nan had taken the lead from Warren with Adams in third as the Ziems crew fought a misfire. It was a close race though as the Warren car was back in command after the second lap. Adams Mark Burrows and Mick Shannon were so close in the Cougar, but they were second in Class 1 and second overall in a very close battle for the victory. V 'i!t , joined the list of cars that rolled, while Kennedy moved into third. As in Class 1 it was going to be a close finish in Class 2 also. The Warrens took the win by a slim one minute gap to Buchanan. Allport came in a fine third, while Ziems came back to take 4th. Fil-ling 5th in his first ever drive was a sterling performance for Brand. Warren took 6th overall with Buchanan 7th. Shane Cottee won the Prologue in Class 9 single seaters, charged hard in the race and won the class, only a minute 10 sec. off the winner's time and 4th OJA. Class 3 saw a good roll up of 1200 cars. Heading Prologue as per last race was Hancey, this time over Hartnett and Johnson. In the race Perrin went out early by slamming into a gate while in mid air.Wood lost power steering and Julius suffered motor damage. Further back in the pack _though, almost undetected was Honour who was, in fact, leading on time. Johnson and Hancey were staying in touch. Hartnett damaged a diff, then Hancey broke a rear shock in , the last lap. Honour, from Glad-stone on the Queensland coast, took the class win, his first ever. · Johnson took 2nd over Hancey, McNeil! and Beard in 5th. Honour finished in 16th place overall. The Class 4 VW Bajas had one of the best fields for a long time. Warren Irons had the Momo car really flying and took out Pro-logue by a huge margin. Baker and Allport followed. Into the first lap and again it looked like being a close tussle; Irons held a slim lead over Hufschmid. Nev Taylor stopped with fuel problems while his son Michael rolled his dad's Keith Honour and Trevor Burgess won the 1200cc class in their Hornet and it was an upset as Honour, from Queensland took his first ever win at 16th OJA. The 2WD'sedans and trucks in Class 5 had a more spaced out race with Ross Watson setting the pace in his Rodeo and they won the class and took 12th Overall. August 1995 second car!! Atter two taps tt was Hufschmid that snatched back the lead. Irons was only two minutes behind, whileTaylorand Rowsell were locked together in 3rd. Irons overcame the stoppage for a broken throttle cable by driving harder on the last lap and regained his class lead taking the win. Hufschmid did his best but again a close finish; this time a single minute. Nev Taylor came back and took third while Rowsell and Michael Taylor completed the five. T he 2 wd utes and sedans in Class 5 had the Rodeo of Ross Watson setting the pace. Vetsy and Kilby followed. That order remained after the first lap. Cor-bett went out with electrical prob-lems and flat tires. Watson extended his lead into the second lap. Vesty was still 2nd with Mar-shall 3rd. The Isuzu of Zacka damaged a gearbox while the Karman Ghia of Hinz dropped a torsion housing. Watson was enjoying the track and made his way up to 12 overall as he took the class win. Vesty's FlOO came in a fine second over the Karman Ghia of Marshall, the Falcon sedan ofUnsted, and the Mitsubi-shi of Pring. Southey's Ford ute was the only other finisher. Class 6, the Challenger buggies saw Eggert lead the pack, but after one lap of racing it was Croucher that took over. Eggert came back though and grabbed the class lead back after two laps. The final lap saw Eggert hang on to take the win. Fitzpatrick meanwhile had come through to grab second, while Croucher slipped back to 3rd. The Class 7 4x4s once again saw Siviour's Patrol leading the Prologue over Manns and Zacka making a return. Siviour was to develop an overheating problem once the race started and· this allowed Manns to take an early lead. During the second lap there wasn't much between lap times but Manns still led. Zacka had slammed a gate post before a Dusty Times

Page 29

I Neville Boyes and Colleen Roper had a great race, in contention all the way, but their Hunter Rivmasta was another 23 seconds back, third in class and 0 /A. The Challenger buggies had a tough time on the fast course but Michael Eggert and Dennis Green took the win by 19 minutes and were 30th overall too. The faces of the winners are sure happy. Brad Zacka, left, and Wayne Bell, right, don't even look tired after their fast trip to the winner's circle. throttle cable broke, McWilliam too retired the Pedders Patrol. The two Landcruiser utes had prohlems: Whitbread a flat tire and Butler broke a front shaft. Siviour was still overheating but pos t e d a quicker time than Manns. All attention was\on the timekeepers because it was going to be close. In the end it was Siv-iour by on! y one second to Manns!! Whitbread char ged home for 3rd with Butler finish-ing his first National in the immaculate truck in 4th. The Goondiwindi track obviously suited the Mitsubishi of Fabio Zarfati. The V6 quad cam not only prologued 1st in class but Who else but Les Siviour won Class 7 in his Nissan Patrol, but he had to work started 3rd overall. A long way , _fo_r_i_t,·m_s_e_c_on_d_a_t_1_4_th_O_I_A_. __ back was Baxter and Parker. In the evet. The_Falken tires Pajero took race though Parker was an early the win with the biggest margin of casualty with motor problems. any class so far. Baxter was happy Zatfati slipped back to 8th in the to come in second. Knott mean-overall standings but still led the while was even happier to take class from Baxter and Smith. Zar- • 3rd place with Smith nursing the fati suffered in the second lap rear suspension in 4th. Fifth place when the gearstick broke offleav-saw the big Jeep wagon of Massey ing the crew to push on stuck in home. Zarfati came in 10th over-3rd gear. Knott was on a charge all and first tin-top home. and quick! y came up to challenge The single seaters in Class 9 had Smith for third. Zarfati set about a lot of attention due to the extending his lead on the last lap resuming Cottee and McMillan while Baxter was consistent as duel. In Prologue it was Cottee . Holden Rodeo-Baral Tires Goondiwlndl 400 Results -May 27-28, 1995 <;.OC?ndiwindl, Queeensland getting the upper hand albeit by ½ second! The pair were in 8th and 9th overall. Again the spectators were in for a close tussle as after one lap Cottee held out McMillan by a mere 10 seconds as the pair moved up to 4th and 5th overall. Hilton was holding out Marshall for third in class. Into lap two and again Cottee set the pace. Mar-shall left the scene with flat tires and soon Hilton followed with broken steering. Cottee still led and was incredibly equal 3rd overall. McMillan put in his cus-tomary la_st laJ? charge but it was Fabio Zarfati and David Parsons nearly ran away with Modified 4x4 honors, as the Pajero finished 10th overall, won Class 8 and the prologue with no trouble. to no avail, as the new Bridgestone being separated by only 1 ½ min-signing in Cottee took the class utes at the finish. Indeed the top 5 win. McMillan brought the Fire-were separated by only 20 stone car in only 20 seconds in seconds after two laps. The 50'¾1 arrears!!Thepairfinished4thand finishing ratio also surprised 5th overall. Cottee only 1 minute those that said it would be a severe 10 seconds off the race winner. car breaking course. One thing Rookie driver, Bowden took though everyone agreed on was it third in class while Vesty also new was a popular win for the unspon-to this class, took 4th. sored Brad Zacka who invested The Goondiwindi 400 cer-big money in the ex-Wilson car tainly went down as one of the from the USA, especially for his favorite races. It was certainly a two biggest fans on the fence; his 4 different track; one deserving year old son and his 90 year old plenty of respect. It was also the grandfather whose look of elation closest finish ever with the top 5 cannot be beaten ... , Po. Driver/Co-driver Vehicle 186 1 2 3 4 5 Claaa 1 - Unlimited Two Seat -22 start - 9 finish Brad Zacka/Wayne Bell Kuster/Raceco Mark Burrows/Mick Shannon Cougar Time 0/A 4:04:55 1 4:05:21 2 Ultra takes the desert by stornil_ '·~ 107 140 126 252 216 269 201 263 335 302 309 358 305 402 412 401 411 444 501 508 503 558 524 602 693 617 701 703 702 770 807 806 802 815 907 913 981 992 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 Neville Boyes/Coleen Roper Hunter Rivmasta Mick & Leigh Willett Cobra Tony Schafer/Sleven Purkis Hunter · aaaa 2 -1600 cc Two Seat -23 start -10 finish Mark & Daryl Warren Southern Cross Bill Buchanan/Kaleb Schmidt Rivmasta Dick Allport/Andrew Clements Buggy Andrew & Alex Ziems Rivmasta John Brand/Peter Fry Hornet Oaaa 3 -I200cc Two Seat 10 start - 5 finish Keith Honour/Trevor Burgess Hornet Darrell Johnson/Paul Johnson JORT Glenn & Brett Hancey . BAB Mk II _Scott McNeill/Ben Lee Hornet Scott Beard/Sharon Burrows Rivmasta aaaa 4 -VW Baja Bug -8 start - 5 finish Warren Irons/Corry Vaessen Baja Bug Kevin Hufschmid/lan Prescott Baja Bug Nev Taylor/Bob Oxley Baja Bug Les RowselVBenjamln Davis Baja Bug Michael & Clayton Taylot/Kim Ewin Baja Bug aaaa 5 - 2WD Sedan & Pickup -12 start - 6 finish Ross & Maura Watson Holden Rodeo Norm Vesty/Franz Ealers Ford F100 Les MarshalVJohn Graham Karmann Ghia Tim Unsted/Scott Manin Ford Falcon Roy Pring/Scott Adams Mitsubishi Lancer aaaa 6 - Challenger Buggy - 5 start - 3 finish Michael Eggert/Dennis Green Buggy Graeme Fitzpatrick/Norm Stoddart Rivmasta George & Christine Croucher/Ryan Taylor Cobra aaaa 7 - Limited 4x4 - a start - 4 finish Les Siviour/Josh Golsby-Smith Nissan Patrol Mark Manns/Allen Cartledge Holden Jackaroo Eric Whitbread/Norm Needham Toyota Landcruiser Robbie Butler/Trevor Davies Toyota Landcruiser Qaaa 8 - Unlimited 4x4 - 9 start - 6 finish Fabio Zartatl/David Parsons Mitsubishi Pajero Grahame Baxter/Nigel Burley Nissan Patrol Roben Knott/Alex Fltcher Nissan Navara Ken Smith/Greg Horton Holden Rodeo Barry & John Massey Jeep Cherokee C ass 9 - Unlimited Single Seat - 7 start - 4 finish Shane Catlee CR Exetar Doug McMillan Raceco Mick Bowden Buggy Bill Vesty Hunter Rivmasta 4:05:44 4:17:39 4:18:43 4:16:22 4:17:30 4:46:21 4:49:58 4:55:29 4:37:15 4:39:59 4:45:51 5:04:51 6:06:53 4:52:22 4:53:25 5:08:09 5:17:41 5:43:59 4:31:38 4:42:05 5:23:19 5:31:55 5:33:56 5:00:14 5:19:47 5:49:11 4:36:51 4:36:52 4:56:09 5:05:21 4:19:42 4:35:28 4:58:19 5:02:04 5:07:22 4:06:05 4:06:25 5:22:23 5:23:27 Slaners 104 - Finishers 52 - Finish ratio 50% Race Distance 400 kilometers (250 miles) Fastest Prologue - #124 Neill Morrison (10.05) Fastest Lap #913 DouQ McMillan (1.19.05) Dusty Times 3 8 9 6 7 22 r:~-~-----"' 23 27 16 17 21 33 52 25 26 36 38 49 12 18 42 46 48 30 39 50 14 15 28 34 10 13 29 31 35 4 5 41 43 August 1995 Page 19

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GLEN HELEN SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Round Three, April 30, 1995 By Sheryl Cannon & Ron Miller Photos: Carrera Photography Dan Mathews, leading, and Steve Bishop had a mighty duel, but on final results, Mathews won and Bishop was third in short course 1600 action. Within the next sixty days an amazing transformation will be taking place. Off road stadium racing and the City of Devore, California will be placed on the map when Short Course Off-Road racing explodes at Glen Helen Park. With the addition of some of the games biggest stars from the recently discontinued Mario Bustamante leads eventual winner, we think, in some close racing in Class 5-1600. Doug Goodenough won and Bustamante was second. Mickey Thompson (MTEG) series, the June 25th McKenzies Performance Products sponsored Round Four of the short course championship series promises to Joe Price was the high flyer in Superlite racing in his Triple E, and he won a heat and ended up third in class for the day. launch the summer of 1995 off The day's action got off to a fast like every racer's dream hole shot. start with the Superlites cutting Off road racing and especially out an u!tra-quick pace in the first short course racing, which has race. Joe Price could not have languished in relative obscurity looked more dominant as he for nearly a quarter century is quickly assumed command of the about ·to have its coming out days first event and never looked party. With all classes strengthen-back. Casey Mears ran a good ed by the influx of the top class second and Rennie Awana earned pros from the MTEG .series, the a third place finish. In a post race competition promises to make interview Price told Glen Helen Glen Helen Park the place to be public address announcer Greg this summer. At a bargain price of that getting the hole shot and this only $10 for adults and $5 for being such a tight track proved to . teens (children are free) don't be the key elements in his miss any of this summer's runaway win. After suspension "hottest" entertainment attrac-problems knocked out Marc tion -"Short Course Off Road Prince on the white flag lap, Mears Racing" from Glen Helen Off finished a good second. "The Highway Vehicle Park. track was great" said Mears. "I was playing around out there just driving for fun." Rennie Awana found the course a bit rougher, but despite a jammed thumb he surprised himself with a strong third. The Nature's Recipe Team had showed up in force but three of the five cars went to the pits early and stayed there; missing most of the fun were Greg George, Shannon Millen and Jimmie Johnson. After the heats and main Jarit Johnson emerged the overall winner ahead of Awana, Price and Mears. In the A TV class Denise Wittman streaked to a first in the pilot's division. After a decept-ively easy looking ten lap race. Denise said the redesigned course was actually pretty tough. "It's a Part of the Nature's Recipe group of Briggsbuilt Superlites, Casey Mears was second in a heat and finished fourth for the day. Jerry Whelchel brought his MTEG Super 1600 out to play at Glen Helen, and it was no surprise that he won the class over three other contenders. Chris Roberts sails over a jump in his sano Nissan on his way to the win in the Stock 4WD'Mini Truck class. John Hulsebosch takes a jump cleanly in his big desert style 1-2-1600 car, and he won the big class this day by just three points. Page 30 Pat Soffe scored first place in the Class Stock 2WD' Mini Truck class, which seemed a little shy on entry at this event. August 1995 Dean Williams won over Dan Cannon in the Class 7S contests, each driver taking a heat victory but Williams scored higher in the main event. Dusty Times

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Oddie Munoz is one of the crowd's favorites in his very tidy Class 11 Beetle. He runs the course well and is always there at the finish, winning his class. The Fay family brought out a Class 1 car this round, and Kathy drove it to the class victory, over Tom Hu/shot last April. Jeff Reed put on a great show in A TV Quad action and he ended up winning the A TV Intermediate Class. lot· more challeng'ing" said Wittman who maintained a comfortable lead throughout, over second place finisher Clint Wolsey. In the Intermediates number fifty five Jeff Redd took down first place with Stan Wyman finishing second and Josh Hulsebosch placing third. Reed · termed the course "good" while Hulsebosch agreed that it was "a lot better". Jason Greenhaw was all alone atop the advanced group. In the 1-2-1600 Desert Class cars it was John Hulsebosch earning a hard fought win in a close race. He gave special thanks afterward to both Excellence as well as BFG. Running a strong· second was crowd favorite "Big Bob" Dziurawiec who skillfully weaved his way through traffic in another good showing. In the 5-1600 Class it was all Mario Bus~amonte as he sped to victory in his #559 Baja. Mario echoed the sentiments of many of the day's racers by finding the course faster than usual. He also gave thanks to his co-driver George for his part in the win. In the Super 1600's Jerry Whelchel scored an impressive victory, as did Kathy Fay in Class One. Welchel s€emed to enjoy what he termed Glen Helen's "longer and more spread out course". He also enjoyed there being more competition now, hopefully a sign of things to come. In the 1-2-1600 Short Course Class cars Dan Mathews finished first followed by Glenn Neese in second and Steve Bishdp third. This class had the tightest racing of all, all day, especially among the top six of the ten starters. Dan Mathews of Tubular Concepts placed second in both heats and won the main event, giving him the trophy for the day. His thanks went to many, especially Carl "Big Daddy" Asterino. An ultra confident Mathews admitted, "I knew I had it" after cruising to victory, while Neese modestly credited his second to 95% luck and 5% skill. Number 69 Randy Jones and Number 17 Butch Darling rounded out the first five finishers on the day. The day's action was concluded with the Truck Classes and Class Eleven. After "Dynamite Dan Cannon's flawless wire to wire win in the day's earlier heat, his rivals seemed intent on not allowing this race to become a replay of Cannon's exhibition. When Oddie Munoz grabbed the hole shot in his Class 11 Stock Baja, the entire complexion of the race changed. The only racer Munoz allowed by him was Dean Williams. Dean went on to take the checkers as well as the overall 7S win. Finishing second was Jarrod Wadell ahead of Dan Cannon, who earned a respect-able second overall. Oddie Munoz Dusty Times gamely won Class 11 with a tine showing. The Stone Stock Two Wheel Drive win went to Pat Soffe who hoped aloud that the series could be kept alive and expressed the need for more competition. "I was just checking the truck out", said Sotte who thanked all in attendance. The Four Wheel Drive Stone Stock victory was won by Chris Roberts despite having lost Second gear. "I just tried to finish", he said after bringing down the curtain on another great show at Glen Helen. · I would personally like to thank Greg, his co-workers in the tower, the racers as well as all fans in attendance for making this race and the entire Glen Helen Short Course series a thrilling success. You all play a vital role in the first class production that I am proud to take part in. Hope to see everyone at the next race which will be held on August 6th, 1995. Catch all the action of all the races here in DUSTY TIMES. •••••••••••••••••• ■■ • • • • Ir■~ .• . ·~ • ·~ • • TEAM DON-A~VEE Jeep DON-A-VEE Jeep,. Eagle Eagle America's #"1 Volume Dealer For The -Last 5 Years Team DON-A-VEE 1993 Baja 1 000 Winners and 1994 Baja 1000 winners Too! #1 JEEP SALES• #1JEEP ACCESSORIES• #1 JEEP SERVICE liilllffiPM Jeep_ 1¥f·!t=M Only Minutes From You in L.A. or Orange County 800.366.JEEP · 800.909.JEEP ••••••••••• • • • • . • • Ir■ • • August 1995 Page 31

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I FAIR News By Dave Massingham Just a little catch up on results from La Rana Jam 250 in May. Chris and Scott Duncan DNF Class 10, but had the best race to date. Chris started with Scott rid-ing the first lap. As usual, they changed riders every lap, their way of letting everyone on the team have a ride. Brake problems on the first lap slowed them down, second lap now running 3rd in class, flat tire at pit D. Lost one position. Scott took over on the 3rd lap, got back to 3rd in class. On the 4th lap at 210 miles, he caught up to slower traffic and tried to pass. He tangled with some bigger rocks than he should have and broke the steering. Tony Poindexter DNF Class 10. Tony is a new member to FAIR, and this was his first race. Friday was the normal new racer ordeal, missing a few things. Race day Tony drove with Fred Guzman riding. Fifteen miles into the race they had a torn CV boot, repaired with an extra they were on their way. Exhaust problems caused more down time on the same first lap. At check 2 they broke a shock mount off, made it to pit C for welding repairs. On the second lap Don Knight driver and Steve Wilson riding, left with no front brakes. Lap 2 went by with only a bent rim. Before lap 3 they repaired the front brakes, changed a rear tire and had Hal Hibbard drive with Steve still rid-ing. Had to have the front shock mount welded again and finished lap 3 without an exhaust system. They decided to hang it up after discovering several other prob-lems. They said they had a good time and liked FAIR support. They will be back for the July race. Now for the Baja 500 results. Tom Ebberts and John Town-send, Class 1 DNF. Tom started and had problems right off the start with the clutch. After chang-ing it with help from his crew, Tom was on his way. He gave the car to John at VDT. John made one loop and the pre-run clutch gave up. · Brian Parkhouse and Willie Melac.on finished 3rd, Class 10. Brian started, running in second, he came to a stop behind a downed truck, blocking the course. By that time all Class 10 cars he passed, had caught up. After being down for 15 to 20 minutes they were on their way. Brian gave it to Willie at VDT, -where he was abl~ to get back into second. Running as hard as Willie could, he had a flat 12 miles before the finish. Quick tire change by Willie and finished by five minutes. Hey Willie, where is the flat tire and rim? Dick and Mark W eyhrich 6th, Class 10. This makes two finishes in a row, now maybe they can get down to some serious racing. Some down time due to a rear arm pivot bolt, no other major problems. Jason Hatz and Brian T anklege 5th Class 1-2-1600. Started 1610 and were running good through Urapan (passed three cars). Had alternator problems and by Ojos Negros, they were running last in class. After minor repairs they started to pick up the pace, by check 3 they were in 4th or 5th. Near the goat trail they got stuck behind a broken Trophy Truck for about 10 to 15 minutes. Car 1612 passed them during a co-driver change. Now running in 1612 's dustthrough Colonet, they were 30 seconds behind him. Running by the beach they hit a cactus and got a flat, running 2nd or 3rd. They ran on the spare front tire on the rear for five miles and were passed by three or four cars. Finishing fifth and they were very happy just to finish. With a Jamar Super Shifte Make missed shifts a thing of the past/ Fortin CV Cages Polished & Strong/ Available in both: 930 and.934.5_ Thing Drums Straight from Germany. The real thing! . 103 Press Lane #4 * Chula Vista, CA 91910 Phone: (619)691-9171 * FAX: (619)691-0803 Pagc3i August 1995 little more luck they could have finished higher. Scott Steinberger and Larry Plank DNF. I don't want to say too much after Scott's statement at Las Vegas. Larry started, had drive shaft U bolts problems right off the start. Down by 10 minutes at Ojos Negros and only one min-ute at VDT , Larry made up a lot of time. Scott took over at VDT and lost a drive shaft. After one loop and back to VDT, the motor was down on power and lost power steering belts. By the beach, they lost the power steer-ing pump and the motor went away. Darnen and Casey Jefferies DNF Class 9 . Running into the back of a Class 8 truck, stuck in a man made ditch, they wiped out their entire front beam. On the trailer earlier! Per Darnen, after the problems they had in Mexico this trip, "I don't think I will be back". Harry Dunne and Max V illabos DNF Class 9. Harry started, burned a yellow light out on the start line. Thanks to some unknown spectators, they fixed it for Harry. Harry got off in front of Class 11 cars and at the first water crossing, he lost all fire. At El Alamo Max took over and Harry rode. Having some minor front end problems with loose tie rods they made it to Jamul for repairs. VDT Paul Kells drove with Jess Fordyce riding, lost a ball joint on the lap around VDT. After two laps they switched driver and-co-driver and left for the Hwy 1 crossing. Lost all lights, limped to the Highway where they were fixed. On the way to Colonet, they got stuck in a mud hole with 1021. Didn't get out until it was too late. Got on the highway and drove to Ensenada. Bob Bezzant and I drove the FAIR van to Ensenada for the equipment hand out on Friday. Thanks to all the pit crews for being on time, you too Tom Man-gione and Bill Swisher. Thanks for picking up Valvoline supplies. I talked to Sal Saturday night, he told me we are going to lose pre-running in Mexico. He had ..everal reports of PRE-RACING, damaging property and ignoring the Mexican's request to close their gates. It's up to all of us, do we want to pre-run or not? We at FAIR are very sorry to hear about Danny ·Hammel. Is there an answer how to prevent this from happening again?? Our prayers are with Danny's family. FAIR is having a nostalgia dinner August 16, Wednesday night at our regular meeting. We want all the past and present members to attend. FAIR has had over 500 members in the past, hope some will attend. Bob Stein-berger is planning a great dinner and lots of raffle and door prizes. Bring your albums, pictures, videos, slides or any other race related material. The Baja 1000 is not far away, we need lots of help with pits. Anyone interested, please contact us. NEW Zf.ALAND OFF ROAD Roberts Defends National Title I3y Mark P. Baker Current New Zealand National off road racing champion Mark Roberts began his title defense with an emphatic top points per-formance at the first round of the 1995 championship, April 15 and 16. The event was held over two days on farm courses north of Auckland. Roberts, driving a Cougar sin-gle seat Class Five car, took a class win in short course sprint racing on day one of the event. He. fol-lowed this with outright victory in the second day's hilly, but fast . endurance race. Class one and three cars, with their more powerful engines, were favored to take the event, which featured a" conrod" back straight along a grassy ridge, but Roberts took his more agile car into the lead as the faster Class One cars crashed or withdrew. By mid dis-tance, Roberts had a commanding lead which was never challenged. Dave Templeman ran hard in the opening laps, hoping to capi-talize on his second place in the Class One short course races, but was forced to retire, leaving Pete Willis to edge out Mike Cameron to take second overall and the class win. Willis now stands second on points for the champ-ionship. The race end was timely tor the Roberts team, with the Cougar crossing the finish line with just three wheel nuts holding on one rear wheel. The New Zealand national championship is in its first year of a new format which divides championship rounds between North and South Islands. The next round of the North Island championship will be held during Queens Birthday Weekend, June 3-5. . Dusty Times

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'The Straight Poop' From the BigWahz:oo Would someone, anyone, please tell the W eatherman (BS for short) that: We don't care about your 502. If anyone ever personified the old adage of none so virtuous as a reformed ... ol BS is it. First he is overheard bad-mouthing the way we pitted Bolin at the last La Rana race " they didn't even have a water bottle ready", yes well perhaps we're not as competent in the old "bottle ready" dept. And then, at the awards presentation everyone's favorite egomaniac is up there tell-ing anyone who'll listen (isn't a captive audience great for that!), that he personally witnessed an unnamed club drinking in the pit, and littering, "they were throwing salami wrappers on the ground, and not cleaning up after them-selves." OK, we're guilty on two counts, we did throw salami wrappers on the ground, what are you supposed to do, eat them? Not that littering is OK, but when any Checker leaves any pit area it is always cleaner than when we got there. And as for the drinking in the pit ( excepting Bolin, of course, we didn't have any straws for the beer), we will admit that there might have been drinking. Like ol BS has never tipped one back - ever try to get anything from him late in contingency? And the topper to all this is that at the same race BS was trying to enlist the Checkers to join with FAIR to pit the 1,000. If any of the FAIR members would like to come and speak to the club (and note the word members, not officers), we would be more than happy to entertain them. But at this point I think the President of FAIR might have a hard sell. Well, I think that is probably enough soap box for one column, I'm sure we'll hear something about the comments here, but the best part is ... I'm not even the Wahzoo! We can always reclaim the Checker radio frequency, but we wouldn't want to have to play that game. I think it's probably best if we just let it all go by without incident, you know - keeping it in the club and all. He's not all that bad, and besides this column is for members only, so if asked -deny everything. Baja 500 report. Well, another 500 has come and gone, and as with any Mexico race, there are plenty of stories. To touch briefly on the highlights, there was the Bahia Checker Pool Party. Eve-ryone from Uncle Max (who actually ran a pit with Lou Per-alta!) to little organ Morgan ("let me take my shoes off first") found their way into the pool, and yes -they did let Morgan take his shoes off. Hope that pin doesn-'t rust. The party was reportedly in full swing when the pool party began, and everyone within throwing distance, who might be a Checker, was summarily thrown into the pool. This Checker free for all was going unabated, until word came down that the Fede-rales were coming to join the party. The place cleared out like a Wednesday meeting and the guest speaker was the Weatherman. As for the actual race, Steve ~.aluHA'f Cc . September 2nd ~ PRO BUGGIES Afl ... ,,. ,,.,. & TRUCKS Dusty Times Holladay took a holiday from not racing and joined, or attempted anyway, the racing ranks again. Unfortunately, his motor decided to take a holiday also. A holiday in Cambodia? Koch was there, in the front of the pack, when he reportedly pulled a Krepsz and put it on the roof. Seems Tom had some of those trick(?) A-arms put on the front of the old Chenowth, and they gave him just enough extra travel to get himself in trou-ble. Not that Tom has any trouble getting in trouble, it's just he doesn't very often. Now Chase, well trouble seems to follow him sometimes. He was running good and then just sort of disappeared. It's too bad really, Stuart is one of those guys who you can't help but not like, even ifhe is getting ... well let's just leave it with happy thoughts, shall we? Now the Class 10 clowns, Davis and Harman. Well, it's like, OK Race. Then they go out run, run into each other, run into others, fixed objects, apparitions, you name it. Davis, coming off a disappointing timing-out at the Las Vegas 250 (hey Kevin, how long does it take to turn on the lights, two min-utes?) found himself mother-hennfug it in the pits, when the motor man ran into some water-proofing problems out on the course. Ever the one to take charge, Davis immediately hops · in the chase truck to go rescue the hapless co-driver. Un-beknowist to Kevin, the car gets running again, and makes it into the pit. Once in the pit none other than . OJ's limo driver is there to help· work on the car! - honest! It seems that the limo driver came down to chase for the Harmans, him and August 1995 Steve Kelley's nephew, no less! And speaking of the Harmans, Mike could be heard claiming he was "vindicated again" after brother Robert (and club Pres.) took the family ten car and drove the wheels off it. Literally. Robert reportedly finished with air in one tire only. Heard coming down the hill, our leader drove into the fin-ish with: one rim without tire, and a flat rear on the front, a front on the rear, also flat. One loose rim in the driver's compartment, and a brand new rear brake caliper dragging behind the car. Robert claims the last ten miles wasn't a race, it was a quest. Geroge Seely was out early with unknown problems. The team of Butow and McCool were also out early. Which, depending on which side you talk to was just as well -for Billy anyway. Billy and B.J. reportedly both were sporting hlack eyes Saturday morning. Evidently, a little mosh pit gone bad incident. I know, I know, you can't believe Bates and McCool getting into a little disagreement. Ask either who won, and they'll both claim they did. Ah yes, the older I get the better I was. PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER BAKER, CA.LIFORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ..... THANKS! ·· Denny's. · RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS Moblf SERVICE EVERY DAY YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT ~atM~A September 2nd Sport BUGGIES & TRUCKS 4x 25 Mile Loops taging at 12:00 Noon Gran Prix Finish! ALL Sportsman . Entry$125 payback ']'rOphY 50% Jst-JOth U#l~A'f September 3rd esA1Vs &Pilots 120Miles 4x 30 Mile Loops Gran Prix Finish! ALLPROs £ntry$75 payback70% ALL Sportsman Entrv$40 h p, ylJaCic TrDP y ;Oo/o Jst-JOth Page 33

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SNORE CALIENTE l50 To111111y Bradley Once Again Beats The Mountains By Jean Calvin Photos: Carrera Photography Gene Griepentrog and Kent Lothringer surprised even themselves in winning Class 10 in a car they bought for parts to build a new 10 car. Gene set the class fast lap, had a ball en route to the win and fourth overall. Tommy Bradley drove all six laps with only one stop for gas, set fast lap of the day at 47:39, repaired shock mount woes and CV problems, but lost no real time and won the Unlimited class and overall in his Raceco. The middle of May means the · tiny ho_u_s.; s on 30 or 40 foot lots, denied the excitement of seeing annual SNORE race at Caliente-, · lt'.!] a!l part of. t'he charm. . the lap finishers pop over the top It was quite a contest early in Class 10 action: Ken Flippen Jr. had a smooth run until the sixth lap, dropped back to finish second in class, fifth 0 /A. NV, a tiny railroad town that once The off ro;1d racers were out in of a ridge and make a perilous • three laps for Class 11,· of which was big, with the mines hanging force on Friday the 12th of May as downhill ·run to·the paved neigh- • two were entered. There would be off the cliffs and working. Now a pre-running was allowed all day. borhood streets and the finish line no passing in the main pit area, flag stop on the Union Pacific The course featured some sheer by the railroad tracks. As always, there was an eight hour time limit -route for Amtrak the railroad cliff on one side trails, a few hefty during the race if a competing car for all classes, and the cars would tracks still run right down center water cro~sings, and plenty of passed the timing bus wl-!ile a train start one every 30 seconds. There of the main street, also a bona fide uphill and dowri dale foothill runs was going by, the car was given the were three on course stop check-highway. The biggest building in· to keep the arms busy. There were time out from their score. It only points and the start/ finish line. town is the former train station, some changes from previous years happens a few times each race. After the drawing for starting where hundreds commuted on including the route to the finish SNORE apparently is not positions the cars staged, lining weekends to Las Vegas, and it has line which had run a few blocks superstitious and promptly at themselves up, then there was a been restored and is now a through town, and residents just 9:35 on May 13 the drivers' meet-truck on the course so the engines museum for Lincoln County. brought their picnic baskets on ing commenced in the pit area. went quiet. After 23 minutes the Most of the buildings are pre-race day and enjoyed. However, The race was to be six laps of a 42 course was declared clear and the WWII vint'age and the houses this year one resident objected to mile course for Classes 1 /2, 10, race started with Tommy Bradley that line the highway through the race going by her door, so the 1-2-1600, five laps for Classes 9, leading off in his Class 1 Raceco. town are definitely railroad town m ain street spectators were Heavy Metal and Sportsman and He set fast lap of the day on the Ken Freeman Jr. gave the clan rides in the 1-2-1600, his lap times only varied a couple of minutes, and while others got close Kenny led all six laps to not only the class victory, but he was second overall. About five minutes off the winning pace Robbie Guevara was second in Class 1-2-1600 and third overall, despite power steering trouble in his new Mirage. dust free first lap of 47:39. Mov-ing up from the Sportsman Class Todd Vandawalker and family left next and turned a good 55:56, but had nearly two hours of trou-ble on lap 2. Class lo was next away, eight strong led by defending champion Robby Goerke. Next came Danny Anderson who didn't complete the lap, then Ken Flippen Jr. and Ron Thacker who turned a 54:39. Mark Davidge and Kevin Colan got a good start with a 56: 11, as did Clay Flippen at 58: 16. Stanley Steele came all the way from Far-. mington, New Mexico to get in a few miles but didn't finish lap 1. George Antill, with many new car troubles, did just one 2½ hour lap and parked. Last away was the Gene Griepentrog/ Kent Lothrin-ger Class 10, a b uggy bought for use as a parts car for the new Class 10 Kent is building for the team. But, while it was still together the Class 9 graduates decided to try it out on the horsepower demand-ing course, and Kent turned a 55 and a 54 right out of the box. The wild bunch, Class 1-2-1600 was up next with Jeff Dun-nam and Jay Shain starting in the Dan Bradley car leading off, fol-lowed by Todd Burt, Ken Free-man Sr., who was fastest of this bunch at 53:35. B.J. Almberg and , a ... ,,; Todd Vandawalker and clan just moved from Sportsman to Unlimited Class, had some problems, but pushed on to cover five laps, good for second in class. Robbie Goerke turned fast laps all day, but had jetting problems in the high country but still took third in Class 10 and a swift sixth overall. Todd Burt ran very steady lap times, and the man from Colorado placed a strong third in Class 1-2-1600, and he also took seventh overall. Page 34 August 1995 Dusty Times

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defending points champ Robbie Guevara. Jeremy Gubler was next setting class fast lap at 52: 11, Kenny Freeman Jr. at 52:44 fol-lowed closely. Bekki Freeman was next at 56:02 followed by Dan Jewett and all the 1600s made at least two laps. Meanwhile at the head of the six lap pack Tommy Bradley, stopping at his pit once for gas and a refreshment stop, had shock mount and CV problems, but did not slow appreciably en route to first overall and in class, finishing in 5:00:06. Tommy graciously donated his prize money to the Caliente kids putting on a state wide rodeo and he set the pace for a hat passing at the awards to help the kids put on a great rodeo on the beautiful grounds just south of town. Todd, Terry and Sonny Vandawalker and Robert Knight had a couple of two hour laps in their run, managed to cover five rounds for second in Class 1 / 2 pushing the eight hour time limit at 7:40:53. Just nine minutes Class 9 was the biggest class at 14 starters but a half dozen fell out early and on time Doug Ingram led all but one lap, covered all five in quick time of 5:11:27 and won Class 9 by a good margin, almost nine minutes. i behind them, Gary Magness, with two out before a lap was Wallace Hrdicka and Steve done, George Antill did one lap, Knudson had four good laps and Clay Flippen was gone after two one over three hours to complete laps having fuel feed trouble all five for the third place trophy in day then co-driver Ron Thacker class, and were the last official parked the car in a tree. And Mark finisher. Davidge was gone after three, The Class 10 entry faded fast · breaking the steering on a large rock. The remammg three had quite a tussle but none reported serious trouble. For three laps the battle raged by seconds between Ken Flippen Jr. and Gene Grie-pentrog/Kent Lothringer, in their parts car with Kevin Streety rid-ing. After the driver changes Griepentrog was so carried away with having both horsepower and brakes, remember he'd been driv-ing Class 9, that he set class fast · lap on the fifth round at 54:24, then did a 57: 15 to win Class 10 by a good seven minutes and place fourth overall. Gene said the oil light flickered off and on all day, but the engine kept running so they just kept driving. Ken Flippen Jr. turned very consistent mid 50s laps until the last one, when he killed the engine, possibly from a water crossing, and it took a few min-utes to get it started, probably the seven minutes that dropped him to second, otherwise it would have been a dead heat for the win. Flippen was fifth overall. Robbie and William Goerke were third in Class 10 about 12 minutes behind Flippen but covering all six laps in 5:57:52. Goerke said they appar-ently misjudged the altitude in the high country as the course went straight up from Caliente, and were jetted all wrong. He said the engine blubbered all day. After three good laps Mark Davidgel -Kevin Colan vanished into the woods, or elsewhere, but got no farther. About this time the lone Class 11 in motion finished the required three laps in 4:50:44. Frank Tomczak and Ed McCor-mick turned a first lap of 1 :28:51, the other two just a few minutes longer in a fine performance on a very tough course for their class. They got high centered once on a big rock, but that was their only big delay. John Houlton and company started but didn't quite complete the first lap. The nine cars in Class 1-2-1600 completed more of their laps than any other r,r Bekki Freeman fell a little off the pace in 1-2-1600 action so she put her dad behind the wheel and he carried on bringing the car in 4th in class, 8th 0 /A. The water crossings are a hazard but the area is sure scenic. Eric Shenberger turned most consistent laps with his lady co-drivers, and took second in 9. Bill Avery nailed third in Class 9 with consistent lap times, got drenched on lap 1, but had no trouble, the car ran great and he had fun all day. HONDA · , Power · .. Equipment KAWAGUCHIHONDACOR~ TO_~-i) .-Racer and Spectator Discounts •GENERATORS •WELDERS •GENERAL PURPOSE ENGINES =--r. •WATER PUMPS •OUTBOARD ENGI~ES I_ ·. -::~ .. · .. e LAWNMOWERS e LAWN TRACTORS EB6500SX \j ·, .• RIDING MOWERS •TILLERS CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST HONDA POWER EQUIPMENT PARTS. AND INVENTORY -IF We DoN'T HA VE IT, No ONE Does! ASK FOR ART AT LA RANA RACES AT THE G&R PIT # 1523 DEUVERY TO 'IliE RACES AVAILABLE • PLEAsE CALL AHEAD ~ . .!-:;:--::=:--=-=:-l • afficn:J "" · 00 ~t·' -~~ Jii-EX1000 KAWAGUCHI HONDA 3532E.3RoSJ:I..cs.AN3El.Es,CA9CXXi3•213.264.3936, 264.5858 FAX 264.2136 ·HONDA Power Equipment i VISA I s A L E s ' s E RV I C E t p A RT s 1'. T-.-h;~n-~ . II H O N D A P O W E R E Q U I P M E N T S P E C I A L I S T 1 ""-JU l.U)f;S easief. · ~ f'or optimum pcr! .:ind ~<-ty. plt>,:uc- l"e:id r...~c-OMH·r·s nunual tk.•forc OP"r:itlng your Honda Powc-r Equipment. Spc'C'ificatlons subjec-t to v.1t."loul nolh.~. ~ •£1~tm.11c only. b:.Kd on r:urd load. •B:mcry not lncludt>d ~1th E!',,1J5vOSXXt. EMSOOOS.XKI and ESO~S.X.. ♦♦With baac-ry tr-.iy kit. "'·httls & ha..~~cr. Conn«Uon to houw power rcqulrn tr.Lnarcr dC"\1tt lo owo,J po,slble lnjury to ~ ·n company personnel. Consult :1 quX~c-d c-le-cU1c1:ln. I Dusty Times August 1995 Page 35

Page 36

Mark Bunderson unfortunately flipped on lap 1 and bent a tie rod, got it fixed quickly and ran the rest of the way trouble free fourth in Class 9. Ed Dunn and several co-drivers got in all five laps in Sportsman Buggy Class, but a couple of long laps dropped them to second, out of contention. Lonny Helmbolt and Bobby Leonard had two good laps in their truck, then a 4:42:07 third lap which put them second in the Heavy Metal competition. pr class on percentage, and they all got in at least two laps. Kenny Freeman Jr. led the first two laps handily with a mid-pack starting spot from the drawing. His dad Ken Sr. was locked on time for second with Jeremy Gubler at this point and Dan Bradley was next, followed by Bekki Freeman. Freeman Sr. ended up in a tree on lap 3, and the others carried on at a little slower pace. Dan Jewett with Hugh Helms, Robert Filmore and Jerry Davis had a long fourth lap and went no further, taking eighth in class. All the other 1600s did the six laps in good time, but it was a tough run led to the flag by Taking it easy on this scenic jump Frank Tomezak and Ed McCormick turned Kenny Freeman Jr. with his wife a class fast lap of 1:28:51, toured the three laps in good time and won the two Kerry and son Brian plus Bobby . _ca_r_C_l_a_ss_1 _1 _b_at_tl_e_h_a_n_d_1ly:..._. _________________ _ Regan Gubler took the family for a ride in the two seat Sportsman buggy, did class fast lap of 59:23, kept a good pace and turned out to be the only five lap class finisher, but he would have won anyhow. Palmer riding shotgun, and his J ensued for about 20 minutes and total time of5:24: 17 was good for. then dad Regan's co-driver, Bry-the win as well as second overall. son Bennett, got into the 1600 to Other than gra:ing a tree, Kenny finish the race and did a very cred-reported no problems at all hav- itable job in his first ever time "'ing a good race and saying the behindthewheelofaracer,taking weather couldn't have been bet-fifth in class and ninth overall. ter. Close behind was Rob DanBradley,JeffDunnamandJay Guevara at 5:29:40, second in Shain spent a little time in a water class and third overall. Rob had crossing, probably on lap 3, but power steering breakage on the recovered to finish sixth in class first lap, but after that no trouble and tenth overall. B.J. and Jon at all with his brand new Mirage Almberg had mechanical woes on car, and he was thrilled with the the first lap, got them cured, and car's performance, even though carried on in with good times, he went sideways and over trying until fading on lap 6 but finished to pass a Sportsman car. it for seventh in class and 11th Todd Burt from Colorado was O / A. third in class, running steady laps The only finisher of the four to also finish seventh overall. starters in Sportsman buggies was Bekki Freeman fell a little off Regan Gubler with Jenni Gubler, the pace midway so she stopped Bryson Bennett, and Jason Gubler where her dad Ken was stranded all getting a ride. Regan said he and put him in the car to finish had no trouble and a lot of fun, while she baby sat the treed 1600 doing his five laps in 5:08: 17. Ed while Ken Sr. brought her car in Dunn, Fred Carstensen, Ed fourth in class and eighth overall. Wiley, Jamie Dee Egan and Shan-Jeremy Gubler started out with non Kelly finished five laps for fast lap for the class at 52: 11 and second, despite a long first and a was fighting for the lead when he long last lap. Dennis Wesseldine got sick from the unusual heat of and Jay Pierce got in one good lap the day and had electrical trouble and retired, while Ron Reed and from a shorted out brake light B.J. Wallace got in none, nor did thatburnedupsomewiring.Apit the Sportsman truck of Mike stop with the best crews in Snodgrass. SNORE working frantically The biggest class at 14 entries CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' - any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $235.oo HELMET ONLY 5153 Bowden Ave.• San Diego• CA• 92117 • (619) 27'.9-2509 Page 36 · was 9, but three of them didn't cover a lap, and three more, Tra-vis Furey, Brett North and Jeff Carr, who set fast lap for the class at 56: 13 on the first lap, but these three cars were seen no more. Out front Doug Ingram had about a minute lead after two laps over Frank Baird. Meanwhile a most spectacular rollover occurred right off the start line. At the end of the long pit straight the Chal-lenger of Matt Cunningham was hauling fast, apparently forgot about the sharp right turn at the end of the straight and did a spec-tacular series of roll overs right in front of his pits, narrowly missing some bystanders who were quite a distance from the actual race course. The car was checked over and then sent back into battle, but never finished a lap. Meanwhile Baird had 30 min-utes worth of trouble on lap 3, Ingram did not and had a firm lead of about ten minutes. His lap times were just over a minute, most consistent, and he finished first on the road as well as on time for the class recording 5: 11:27 for the five laps. Doug Ingram said he had no troubles at all, all day, but he did finish on a flat left rear tire. Eric Shenberger with a pair of lady co-drivers, also turned most consistent times not far off the pace, losing about five minutes midway to the leader, but he spare the horses either, with class claimed second place. In third was fast lap at an hour flat, but had Billy Avery and company running numerous pit stops. One fortu-a couple minutes a lap slower, but nate one, as they started lap 4 was steady; he reported. that he got at Barry Slatter's pit, as the Olds drenched on the first lap, but the had no suspension on the right car ran great all day with no trou-rear. Barry flagged them down, bles. He said Kevin Bunderson welded away happily installing the prepped the car. Mark Bunderson lost shock mounts and other was another who flipped soon things. It was a long stop, but then after the start and bent a tie rod. nobody else was running in their He got that fixed on the first lap class. They finished four laps in and ran OK fort he rest of the five 7: 10: 19 the most happy winners. laps taking fourth at 5:42:37. He Lenny Helmbolt and Bobby Leo-said he managed to turn the car nard got in three laps for second back over after the flip by himself. place, the third lap a 4:42. Tony Mark was the last 5 lap Class 9 Leonard and David Brown got in a finisher at 5:42:37. lap of over two hours for third, Frank Baird had a three hour and Tracy Rubio and Eddie Lewis plus fourth lap and packed it in in took about 11 minutes more to fifth place, while Brian and Ed take fourth place. Fieger also got atrophy for their 3 The post race inspections went laps, saying the engine, lifter and a off without a hitch. It was still pushrod, gave up on lap 4 and so daylight and folks kicked back in did they, rather than do more the fine weather, even cleaned up damage. With two laps done M. and found dinner in one of a few Dayne Bracken and Tim Logsdon good eating places in town. Next were seventh followed by two morning the ·awards started a bit lappers Rick Harrah and Ted after 10:00 a.m. in the Desert David. Rose Dance Hall on the main Of the quartet that started in street in Caliente. It was crowded Heavy Metal only one got around but the complimentary breakfast four laps. It was an unlikely was hot and tasty, the racers all winner among the trucks, but the clean and shiny and everyone was Oldsmobile, with a 350 engine, having a good time. This race the was the class of the field and the SNORE Bonus Bucks of $500 big winner. John Phegley, Steve were awarded to Class 10 enrich-Dixon and Darryl Messier_di~n't ingthetakeforGeneGriepentrog John Phegley, Steve Dixon and Daryl Messier turned a 1:00:52 on lap 1 in the Oldsmobile powered by a small block Chevy, followed it with a 1:01 and then the troubles began, but they did four laps and won the Heavy Metal contest. and Kent Lothringer. Then most folks split, either to one of several bars or to their rigs as it was a good 150 miles to Las Vegas from this high country town. Reluc-tantly we departed also, but took time to follow the Rainbow Canyon road amid the cotton-woods, the old railroad bridges and tunnels, and it is a sight seeing delight. Racing in Caliente is reminiscent of another era, early in the history of the sport, as well as the relics of the early 20th cen-tury on the streets. Then the whis-tle of a coal bearing and long freight train pops your senses back into the late 20th century, and suddenly you are in the desert, on 1-15 heading to Las Vegas. August 1995 Dusty Times

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1995 ISUZU RODEO Cream Rises To The Top Text & Photos: John B. Calvin Definitely a great looking vehicle, the Isuzu Rodeo looks even better in this creamy white. The '95 Isuzu Rodeo came in cream white and was a beautiful sight to behold. The colors nowadays are simply fantastic and they look like they are ten feet deep and this creamy white was at least twelve feet deep. The rocker panel was a light gray and all in all the combination was really nice to look at. Engines are engines and some of them are better than others and this 3.2 liter single overhead cam model has lots to offer. It's a V6 with 24 valves working away in there and it delivers 175 horse-power and it sure feels good when you hit the gas pedal and it sort of skoots out from under you. Plenty of power, plenty more for passing the road and a nice feeling when you do so. The transmission is the very smooth 4 speed automatic, with the shift lever located on the center console, easy to reach and a real smooth shifter as we played our little games both on and off the road and connecting it to a limited slip differential makes it all the better. A 4500 pound towing package makes the Rodeo an ideal tow vehicle as well as a great vehicle for around town. Big Goodyear steel belted radials, Mud and Snow variety, have great grip on the road and on the dirt and are mounted on great looking 16" aluminum alloy wheels. They are very quiet on the road and certainly did a great job off the road. A full size spare is mounted on a swing-away rack in the rear, handy to get to when needed, and a swing mechanism that a two year old could operate with ease. Brakes are power assisted and the big discs in front ar e complimented by the rear wheel anti-locks, which are appearing everywhere now and are sure Dusty Times worth having. This particular Rodeo came equipped with everything but the kitchen sink and we used and enjoyed every bit of it. The interior is luxuriously appointed with velour upholstery every-where and carpeted mats on the _ floor. And the seats, well, the front bucket seats are super comfortable and adjust every way to breakfast, making sure that you will find your comfort zone and enhance your driving pleasure. The rear seats fold forward and down and give you all sorts of cargo space in the wink of an eye. The rear seat is split 60/40 and The smooth sleek lines of the Rodeo make it a show-stopper anywhere you go, and there is lots of reliability hidden inside. ··◄ With the rear seats folded down there is lots of cargo room. Every visibile surface is carpeted and there are tie-down hooks built in. August 1995 This nightmarish look belies the 175 horsepower that hides inside. The 24 valve V6 is smooth and quiet as well as powerful. folds down independent of each control and tilt steering wheel other. which is leather covered are also The instrument panel has a nice features and there is also a speedometer, tachometer, oi I tilt-up removeable sunroof. As I pressure gauge and temperature said earlier, all the amenities are gauge. All the other warnings are there and we sure enjoyed them in lights just beneath the cluster alL and the lights and wiper controls The 175 horsepower engine are buttons located on either side supplies you with all the power of the cluster. The center dash has you might want and it is smooth the heat and air controls, the and quiet. Our mileage averaged a AM IFM stereo sound system bit under twenty to the gallon but which comes with a cassette and a with the near 22 gallon tank you CD player, as well as a cigarette have a great range for those long lighter and ashtray. The four trips. wheel drive gear selector is Off the road the Isuzu Rodeo located just right of the transmis-was very good, lots of grip in both sion lever on the floor and slides the hard pack and the soft sand in and out of gear with no effort at and we were able to go most all. As usual, every instrument anywhere we wanted to with and gauge is well within reach of relative ease. We put a lot of miles the driver and all are located in on the Rodeo in the relatively good eye range of the driver. short time we had it and we really Naturally, the Rodeo came enjoyed every minute ofit. It is a • equipped with power windows fun car to drive and with all the and power door locks, all the goodies installed and the nice controls located on the forward quiet comfort it really is a good part of the driver's armrest, easy choice of vehicle for your all to get to but difficult to hit around driving needs. unintentionally. Dual outside Do yourself a favor and test power mirrors with heaters built drive a Rodeo, I'm sure you'll like in make life a lot easier. Cruise it as well as I did. As expected, the instrument panel and the controls are all well within reach of the driver and easy to see. Looking quite at home in the desert, the Isuzu Rodeo looks good from any angle in any setting. The Rodeo works well in the off road and on the highway too! Page 37

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\ YERINGTON 300, YERINGTON, MV Ji111 Stiles Wins Overall on Me111orial Day Weekend By Tray Robinson Photos: Air & Auto Sports Photography Jim Stiles finished his first race since 1988, and he did it by winning first overall, first in Class 1 and fast lap of the day. He took the lead on lap 1 and held it to the finish line. Just 15 years old, Rob Zimmerman drove with his dad Larry and took first in Vet Class 1 with the restrictor plate removed from the 1600 race car. Southern California's Jim Stiles finished his first race since Barstow in 1988 and did it in perfect style: first overall and first in class. His type IV powered Raceco ran the 310 mile course in just 6:34:20. His winnings would be $810.00 for first in class, $100.00 for first overall in Class 1, and $500 .00 cash for the overall win bringing his total winnings for the day to$ l ,410.00 not including contingencies. The race was shortened from last year's 400 miles to 300 to increase the finish rate. The laps were also shortened from 100 miles to 60 miles and ran the southern end of Smith Valley and didn't cross Hwy 95A. Of the 54 cars that started, 25 finished the required distance and all 6 Pilots finished their required one lap. The course was a perfect mix of challenges from long, deep sand washes, rock gardens, flat-out access roads to hill climbs. Recent rains and snow caused a course change to detour around a silt bed section that turned to a lake of mud. Saturday was race ·registration and tech at Dini 's Lucky Club and had main street closed for post tech impound and contingency row. PC! Race Radios were on hand for support and Weather-man radio relays; thanks to Bob Steinberger for coming north and supporting VORRA. After tech and reg. is a parade of all race cars from town to the Start/ Finish area 2 miles out of town. Race start on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. with the Class 1 and Class 1-vets leaving the line first. VORRA combines all unlimited cars into one class to make larger classes and larger paybacks. · Individually there was 1 mini mag, 1 trophy truck, 1 Class 5, 2 · Class 2s and 4 Class 1 s bringing the total to 9 and 8 Class I-vets. Mike Haas ( 123) would leave the line first but the faster VWs would get past and by the end of lap 1 the Haas Brothers Mini Mag dropped back to third and by lap 2 they would be in 4th where they would finish for the day and 5th overall. Jim Stiles ( 111) would be in front by checkpoint 3 and never look back. His consistent, fast lap times of 1: 19 with a fast lap of 1: 15 were no match for the rest of the pack. At one point on the track at about mile 5 there is a jump that measures about 10 feet high. Most of us slow down a bit He came from Tigard, Oregon and with his fancy Jeep and Gordon Scott took over the Heavy Metal lead on lap 3 and dusted the competition by a good margin. Page 38 August 1995 Sam Berri clears a cattle guard in style, had brake problems and couldn't run full out but he finished second in Class 1 and second overall. before hitting it but Jim hit it flat outandlaunchedthecarabout90 feet as nearby spectators meas-ured it. Sam Berri (149) would run lap times 2 minutes slower and without rear brakes to come in second by 15 minutes. Jim Stiles' younger brother Jeff drove their 2 seat car #117 with spongy brakes to finish third. Jeff's only problems were battery fumes that would contaminate the co-drivers Parker Pumper and a hood that had to be resecured on the last lap. The Stiles family had a great day and a great weekend, they brought but never used 29 spare tires and had no car troubles getting to the race or getting home like previous years. Jeff O'Callaghan (251) was running a strong 5th in his beautiful]imco Class 5 until lap 3 when a violent roll over/endo 2 miles from the start/finish sidelined the car with extensive suspension damage. Jeff would place 7th behind Terry Shelton ( 189) who had front end troubles and 5th place Everett Paul (243) who had a CV joint go out on lap 1. Larry Zimmerman ( 16) pulled the restrictor plate out of his 1-1600 car to race Class 1-vet. After his original co-driver rolled the car on Friday before the race, he decided his 15 year-old son Rob would co-drive. Rob is no stranger to the desert as he is an upcoming racer on motorcycles in desert style races. Larry ran 2 laps at 1 :28 and 1 :29 and Rob took over and ran 10 minutes slower to take 1st in class and 6th overall. Dale Carr ( 62) ran slower but consistent laps with little down time on lap 3 to finish 2nd. The Mini Mag of Jerry Wald and Mike Bearden ( 46) was running in the 8th spot overall, 2nd in class but dropped off the pace on the last laps after a driver's change. The team would finish 3rd. Rob Chavez lost 2nd gear on lap 2, towed the car back to main pits from checkpoint 3, replaced the transmission and got in 2 more laps for 4th in Class 1-vet. Class 10 had a good turn-out with 6 pro 10s and 5 vet 10s. Reno's Todd Denton (1003) set out early and fast going for the overall win but 2 flats and miscommunications with his chase crew cost him 15 minutes each. Then while fueling on the start oflap 4 he was splashed with gas so turned over the driving to Kurt Holmes. The team still ran good and finished first in class and 4th overall. Denny Spohr ( 1017) would finish 2nd even after not · stopping for a check point on a fast road crossing ( what's the matter, didn't see the life-size cut out of Rusty Wallace holding the stop light?). Being a first violation it was only a stop, relax and think about it penalty. It was stressed at the awards however, that not stopping at checkpoints will be a more severe penalty at future races. Anyway, Denny did apologize at the awards and will watch for the red lights a little more closely in the future. Ace Bradford (1008) had troubles including a blown motor within 200 feet of the finish line. He did manage to push, start, drag or somehow get the car under the flag. In Class 10-vet action, Tom Schultz ( 13) jumped to a 4 minute lead by the end of lap 1. On lap 2 Tom would have radiator trouble and would have to remove it and go into the town and have it repaired turning over the lead to the 5-1600 Class 10 Baja of Sherry Duncan (51 ). But 15 miles into the 3rd lap they caught some air on a jump and landed on a left front tire which was flat and sent the car into an end over end roll. With Duncan out, the lead was now turned over to Jim Hanson and Bill Webb (22) in their new Class 10 car. They suffered a broken tie rod end on a fast road on lap 1 and spent over an hour getting it fixed. The team did After 17 years of racing Keith Robb and Rick Philastre finally won their first race taking the top honors in Class 1-2-1600 quite handily. Dusty Times

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Jeff Stiles just plain got beat, as he had a little down time on lap 5, but he still went fast enough to take third overall and third in Class 1. .'#!-Running without brakes on laps 4 and 5, Jim Cope could never catch the lead Jeep, and he settled in to run for second in Heavy Metal which he got. The younger Abreu Racing team had veteran co-drivers in the handsome Mirage, and they not only learned a lot, they finished second in Class 1-2-1600. O ne other heavy metal note: debut their car with a 1st place 3-5 and really gave the new win in class. Meanwhile, Brian drivers some good pointers and Holloway ( 14) was quietly fixing improved their driving skills. problems and by lap 2 was VORRA calls them Class 4, running 2nd which is where he but with Class 4s, 8s and 3s would firdsh. Tom Shultz got combined, I call them Heavy back going again and drove hard Metal. At any rate, Don & Chris on laps 4 and 5 trying to catch German ( 401) jumped out to a 20 Holloway and make all 5 laps ~ minute lead by lap 2 but problems on laps 3 and 4 dropped them to 4th for the day. The silent leader of the day was Gordon Scott ( 480) from Teichert, Oregon. Gordon ran consistent laps and was silent because nobody saw him all day including 2nd place Jim Cope ( 414 ). At the awards Jim asked who drove that fast red Jeep so they could finally meet but Gordon was already on his way home. Jim made some-brake repairs on the last couple of laps but still couldn't catch Gordon. Jim Jennings (801) blew a trans on lap 1 and spent nearly 2 hours changing it to finish 3rd in heavy metal. Tom Scahill ( 499) was running 2nd at the end of!ap 1 until a high speed roll over ended their day. Without enough hands to roll the big Chevy over, they called 9 11, car 911 ofT om Hatch that is. The Class 9 car stopped and helped --them roll over the big truck. fir under the 12 hour time limit but his 5th lap vet-10 fastest lap time of 1:26:52 wasn't enough and would settle for 3rd. 1600 entries were down this race with only 5 taking the green. Keith Robb and Rick Philastre ( 1628) would lead flag to flag to win their first ever off road race in 17 years of racing. Quite a long time to finally be in the winner's circle. The team drove their Prism 1600 without brakes on the last 3 laps, but on this fast course, brakes weren't really needed, especially on a 1600 car. Abreu Racing (1658) can't break their 2nd place Memorial Day slump as the younger drivers drove to a flawless 5 lap finish. Veteran driver Ken Ruff co-drove on laps ____ ....., __ A miscommunication with his chase crew cost Todd Denton, with Kurt Holmes, the overall battle, but the team still won Class 10 and took fourth overall. Pam Smith drove a Class 5-1600 Baja Bug, and she had a flawless race, no big troubles and took her first ever win in the Novice Sportsman class. ♦■ ■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■■■·-4• ------~iV~D~ Off ~O~D BOGGl NEVADA'S LARGEST OFFROAD, SAMD, STREET VW PARTS STORE TRI-MIL EXHAUSTS 1 3/8 TYPE 1 RAW ........ $69.95 1 3/8 TYPE 1 CHROME .. $100.00 11/2 TYPE 1 RAW ........ $65.95 11/2 TYPE 1 CHROME .. $100.00 1 5/8 TYPE 1 RAW ........ $73.95 1 5/8 TYPE 1 CHROME .. $107.95 KEM M EDY CLUTCH ES 200MM DISC 4-PUCI< ... $48.00 200MM 1700 P-PLATE .. $99.00 200MM 2500 P-PLATE.$125.00 *EARLY OR LATE STYLES* SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS AMTI SUB BELTS 2" ...... $23.95 LAP BELTS 3" .............. $58.95 SHOULDER BEL TS ........ $46.80 SHOULDER BELT W / STERNUM ................................. $72. 95 5 PT. SIMPSON SET BLl<,BLUE AND RED ..................... $89.95 WE CARRY AURORA VDO BAKER BATTERIES SWAYAWAY WRIGHT PLACE EARLS SUPER TRAP SWEEP CO. BUG PACK EMPI CHEHOWTH FODDRIL UHi-FiLTER K&H TRI-MIL PERMACOOL BEARDS PIAA FOX SHOXS COMP-U-FIRE WEBER CARBS SAND TIRES & RIMS GERMAN AUTO CENTERLINE ULTRA SIMPSON SCAT RACE READY 11 GALLONS DUMP CAMS.$69.95 CHENOWTH CLASS 11 CAGE ............... $154.95 QUICK RELEASE STEERING HUB ................................... $32.95 UMP SUPER FILTER UMP SUPER FILTER ........ $159.95 UMP ADAPTER, FITS SOLEX .... ................................... $89.95 ULTRA WHEELS 15X4 FRONTS ................. $80.00 15X7 REAR STD. OFFSETS.$85.00 YOl<OHAMAS REARS 33X10.50.15 ......... $109.00 HIGHWAY TREAD & TRACTION .................................... $85.00 WORTH 1 LAYER DRIVING SUITS ... $87.95 3054 S. VALLEYVIEW PHONE (702)871-4911 OPEN 6 DAYS, MON-SAT -----. LAS VEGAS,NV 89102 FAX(702)871-5221 8-5 MON-FRI 9-5 SAT _ •·■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■-■--♦ Dusty Times August 1995 Pagc39 -

Page 40

-Jerry Ward and Mike Bearden slowed up on the last few laps, but they got to finish, and they were third in Class 1-Vet in the Mini Mag. Larry Folsom charges out of a valley in his fancy Mirage single seater, and he charged right into third place in Class 1-2-1600. Kicking up some traditional'Yerington dust after a trans change on the first lap, Jim Jennings was going again for third in Heavy Metal. With over three hours of down time on the second lap, Tom Schultz still finished third in the Class 10 Vet action. Ben Wald ran a lap time that was just as fast as the cars to smoke the Pilot Class and take the win. Pagc40 Non-Finisher Ken Pfeifer edged out Forest Creasy to win Class 9, both teams covering only three laps in a race that took a heavy toll on Class 9. Richard and Ryan Lesher, a father and son team, had a smooth race day but for one broken C. V. early on, and they took third in Sportsman Novice class. Jarad Wilson ran only two laps in his Class 4 Jeepish rig, but it was good enough for first place in the Heavy Metal Vet competition. Unable to get things going right, usual Class 9 charger Forest Creasy completed just three laps, but it was good for second in Class 9. Andy Wald ran.just 11 minutes slower than his brother Ben and he stayed with the program to take second place honors in Pilot class. AUgust 1995 Jim Hanson and Bill Webb replaced a broken tie rod end on lap 1 and they still managed to win first place ia the Class 10 Vet group. Dale Carr patiently drove a smooth and good race and he rolled right into second place in the Class 1 vet category. Brian Holloway edged out third place by only three minutes in an 11 hour battle and finished second in the Class 1 O Vet group. The author figured this shot of Tom Hatch's car would not make the race coverage, but we figure he couldn't have been worse than fourth in Class 9. Ron Stage ran strong but couldn't run as fast as the Wald clan and he was third in Pilot class. · Dusty Times

Page 41

A rookie in Class 10, Denny Spohr drove most consistent lap times for a fine second in Class 10, a tough class in any desert race for anybody. Ace Bradford nursed a blown motor for the last six miles of the last lap to take a finish at Yerington and third in Class 10, a high attrition class. Also driving his first ever race behind the wheel, Steve Millward ran very well and he finished second in the Sportsman Novice competition. Ja~ad Wilson (420) was the only car entered in Class4-vet and managed to complete 2 laps to win his class. The 4 car field in Class 9 had no finishers but had Ken Pfeifer (910) edge out Forest Creasy (917) who both completed only 3 laps. The Sportsman Novice Class only had to complete 4 laps and Doug Seymour (72) started 2nd and within 10 miles had over-taken the.#1 spot. Starting up the hill into start finish, their clutch started going out. By the time help arrived, i:he clutch had cooled and allowed· them to continue. But this would be temporary as by check 1 the clutch and pressure plate were gone. So being e.arly in the race, they decided to change it in the field and were able to complete a total of 3 laps for 4th plac.e. Meanwhile, Pam. Smith (58) driving a 5-1600 Baja Bug was turning flawless, consistent laps and took her first ever win. Look out men, with Pam Smith and Tina Robinson winning the novice class, who knows what's next. Steve Millward ( 61) entered his very first race set out only to finish and ran steady laps between 1 :52 and 2:09 to finish 2nd in class. 3rd place in Novice Class was the father/son team of Richard and Ryan Lesher (47). They ran a smooth day only stopping for a broken CV at mile 20 on the first lap. Pilots were allowed to run 1 lap and with 6 starters it was an amazing 100% finish rate. Ben Wald (99) finished in a lightning fast lap of 1:30:43. During the race on a steep uphill climb, Jim Cope in the Class 4 Jeep was motoring as fast as he could up the hill and the Honda Pilot blasted right past making Jim Co pe wonder what was holding him back. Andy Wald (34) would finish 2nd to his older brother. Only 5 minutes separated 3rd to 5th and Rob Slagle (330) edged out Keith Haas ( 4) by on! y 54 seconds. 5th was Clint Wolsey (7). So that was the action on the race track. A few days later I found out where the real action was: in the VORRA trailer. The SNARs amateur radio gro up maintain all radio communica-tions and relay them to the VORRA officials. At any time a racer can come to the VORRA trailer and within minutes get an accurate pin point on where their car is. To keep track of all cars, scorers Jenny Robinson and Janice Henley monitor all this communication. That was the race action in Yerington. Unfortunately I was unable to write this time that me or my wife won our class. My day started OK but I had a flat and Dusty Times shifter problems on lap 1. By another relief driver was waiting. checkpoint 3 on lap 3, I got a Problems continued wi'th a really bad stomach ache and had broken front control arm at another driver get in the car. checkpoint 2 and then a blown Within 10 miles, a tie rod broke motor ended the day at check 5 so I got the car fixed and placing8thfortheday.Ohwell, continued to start/ finish where that's racing! VORRA had a great race and would like to thank the town of Yerington and Dini's Lucky Club for hosting the event and the VORRA crew for running a flawless race. I would also like to thank all the racers I talked to to get their stories. Also, thanks to Jeff Stiles and Doug Seymour for calling me with their stories. Like I said at the welcoming party, if I don't hear from you, I don't know what happened to you. GERMAN AUTO DEfST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-polnt sand rail seat belt . . $74.95 RACE BELTS 2• - 5 point mount ... ...... $79.95 3'·5pointmount . . ..... . . $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS ................ .... . $54.95 Swing axle ........•..... . $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# ............ $79.95 200mm-up to 3000# . . ...... $99. 95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# . . from $54.95 PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks ............... $39.95 4puc lerramlc . . ....... . . . $44.95 4 puc lerramic with spring hub ..... . ........................ $54.95 SACO MAGNUM RACK BIiiet housing, 1 ½ • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops .................. $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930orT-4cages ........ ea $44.95 930orT-4orT-2/langes .ea$15.95 Trick boots /specify) .... ea $15.95 930 CV star ................... call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8' travel•stock.wldth .... $199.95 8' travel-widened beam . $219.95 10• travel-stock width .... $224.95 10• travel-widened beam .$244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T-11½'chrome ......... $ 98.95 T-1 l½'raw ............ $ 65.95 T-11518'chrome ........ $105.95 T-11518' raw .... . ... : .. $ 72.95 T-4chrome ........... . . $189.95 T-4 raw ................. $154.95 GERMAN AUTO HATS .... $4.95 GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS ...... ........ $8.50 specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, includes alternator stand .$299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ ..•................ $489.95 MK II •....•. •.•. •.•.•.. $589.95 I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throttle With black pedal ........ $164.95 With chrome pedal .... . . . $184.95 With hydraulic throttle ... $259.95 Replacements/ave ...... $ 44.95 SACO RACK AND PINION The tour,hest available anywhere, alloy gears, lull contact housing, hard anodized. 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"-Rim of the World Divisional PRO Rallies Photos: Track.side-Photo Inc. Douglas Schrenk and Rob Walden took the Saab to second overall and in 2WD on Friday, but ended the weekend with a DNF on the Saturday Divisional Rally. David White and Ben Greis/er drove the VW G Tl to the Friday overall victory, first 2WD, but troubles dropped them well down the Saturday list, but they finished second in Group 2 in the National, 15th overall. The Korean Kia of Lon Peterson and Bill Gutzmann surprised a lot of folks with its performance as the boys were third overall on Friday and Saturday in the Divisionals and won Production Class at sixth overall in the National! We wait all year for this moment, much like Jeff Gordon looks forward to Daytona, or Al Unser Jr. looks forward to Indy. The Rim of the World divisional rallies are our Daytona, Indy and Baja 1000 all rolled up into one. While we do not experience the speed of Indy, the thrills of running door to door at Daytona or the grueling demands of running 16 to 24 hours straight on the clock, Rim has its own demands of rally driver and car. 34 teams started the first divisional rally on Friday night. Cars headed south and west of Palmdale through Acton to the stages that would wind us through the hills and mountains to Mill Creek Summit and then the final two stages through the canyons. It would be a demanding rally with fog, some rain and even some snow on the roads. Not a first for a CRS event, but a novelty nonetheless. Of the 34 starting teams, nine were new or out of division starters, including five northwest region cars. Saturday would be somewhat warmer and drier when 37 teams would start the eight stage rally around the Lake Hughes area, or what we know as the true Rim roads. Most see the Friday rally as Matt Sweeney and Lucinda Strub had some problems en route in the 2WD Toyota, but they took 4th overall on Friday, but did not finish on the Saturday rally. Dennis Chizma and John Moore took° third in Performance Stock on Friday night, moved way up on Saturday to 2nd in class and 4th overall in the VW Rabbit. Page42 a warm up to the Saturday event. Fabled stages such as Leona Divide and Del Sur are what many look forward all year to seeing again. It was nice to see a good amount of new people in the licensing seminars, it shows that rallying continues to be a draw for people in southern California, where rallying is lumped with all the other things a person can choose to do with their car as a hobby, or as a more serious pursuit. It is just as refreshing to see the usual gang gathered at the start knowing we have a solid core of people that make up the heart and soul of the CRS. 4 WO Open class was an interesting event by Rim stand-ards. The class has provided the overall winner of each rally most of 1994 and with a certain Plymouth Arrow sidelined for the rally it was not unthinkable that the trend would continue. Nobody told this to the two wheel drive open class runners as they dominated the rally in both divisionals with overall wins. It probably did not help matters that three of the favored to do well in class all met with early and agonizing demises as Kurosh Jahromi, Jason Priestley and Rui Brasil all failed to report to stage three. Janice Damitio has been on a winning str:eak in her division as Jeff Hendricks and Noble Jones were second Performance Stock on Friday, 4th O/A and 5th O/A, 3rd in class Saturday in the venerable Jeep Comanche pickup. Roger Hull and Sean Gallagher have a Talon car this year in Divisional 4WD' class: they were third in class Friday but did not finish the Saturday run. August 1995 she and Barry Berg teamed in her Toyota Celka All Trac are leading the points in the northwest. Lady luck followed the talented driver south because it was Janice and Barry first in class both events this year in the Crazee Espresso Toyota. Chris W eleff and Brian Paul, also in a Toyota, put in good solid runs both days to be Janice's bridesmaids running second both days in class for a truly redundant finish both days. One day saw . Roger Hull nab the third spot in his Goodyear Tire Eagle Talon, the debut was a first for Hull and Sean Gallegher as they now enter the fast paced world of turbo-charged four wheel drive compe-tition. Vartan Samuelian and Ara Manoukian have been building a Mitsubishi Eclipse for some time and finally got to debut the car here. Learning the roads and the ways of rallying paid off with a fourth place for the team in a beautifully prepared car. Robert Pendergrass and Jon W eigley have this very clean and well built full size Chevy Blazer, it looks like a prerunner and probably is. The pair wanted to check out this rail y business first hand, they did and came away with a fifth place in class for their efforts. Day two was, as previously reported, a repeat for the Toyota 1-2 sweep, but the rest of the field shuffled a bit as Hull and Gallegher had a radiator fan fail on them in stage two and they called it a rally to save the motor. Samuelian and Manoukian threw the Eclipse around in fine style, learned some and looked good doing it and were rewarded with a third place. Pendergrass and W eigley notched a fourth in the event in the largest machine on the stages. Two wheel drive open turned out to be the class of the field as they took overall honors both days, but unlike the four wheel drives the standings shuffled quite a bit between the events. Harris Done and Larry Scott started out leading the rally overall in the Dusty Times

Page 43

"'· Mike Marcy and Steve Scott had a good weekend in the Sapporo, driving to second place in both rallies in Stock class in a veteran CRS rally car. Independent Mazda/Honda Care two. As White and Done traded RX-7 with the Red Line Oil VW seconds over stages two and three GTI of Dave White and Ben it looked as though the battle Greisler right behind. Doug would come down to the last Schrenk and Rob Walden had stage, but on the rough fourth their Saab right close with the stage an axle broke in the Mazda. Rubys Restaurants Ford Escort of White and Greisler never let up Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes and brought home the GTI first nipping at their tail. Matt overall for the second rally in a Sweeney and Lucinda Strub do row for the team. Doug Schrenk not have a vehicle suited to the and Rob Walden were second asphalt first stage so they started, overall a minute and a halfback in moved up the leader charts in the their Rim debut as "Mad" Matt Toyota truck starting with stage Sweeney and Lucinda Strub Harris Done and Larry Scott made up for Friday night woes by sweeping into overall victory on the Saturday rally, first 2WD, in the swift Mazda RX-7. The father and son team of Dan and Larry Hook and the Toyota Celica did the number on Stock class, winning in the older car on both Divisional rallies. Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes entered the Ford Escort in both Divisionals and the National rally. They were 8th 0/A in the National, 4th 2Wffin Friday's Divisional and second overall on the Saturday Divisional. A lot of time cards. Dusty Times clambered back into third place and fourth overall a minute behind the Saab. Ralph Kosmides and Joe Noyes pulled out a fourth place finish despite brake troubles on the first three stages. In stage five the Escort hit the ice cold water crossing and found they had a hole in the transmission tunnel giving navigator Noyes, as he describes it, "the ice cold mountain stream enema." Bill Malik and Roine Andersson brought the Volvo home fifth with an uneventful run. Tony Chave: and Jose Soria debuted a new Mitsubishi Eclipse for the class, forsaking his Datsun 510. In stage one the Condor Racing Eclipse sheared a motor mount forcing Chavez to cruise the rougher spots to save the motor. He pulled in a sixth place for his sponsor Euro-American Colli-sion. Ten of the thirteen starters saw the finish. The Mitsubishi Eclipse of V. Samuelian and A. Manoukian did very well taking 4th 4WD on Friday and they moved up to third in class on the Saturday rally. Day two was a thrash for the Mazda team of Harris Done and Larry Scott as they used the time in the.pare expose to finish repairs on the RX-7. Chavez had fixed the motor mount in his Eclipse and Kosmides and Noyes were recovered from their experience with brakes and water crossings. 14 would start today, only nine would finish. came next staying within striking stage with a good lead; but part-distance of the GTI. Kosmides way through the stage the GTI got and Noyes were also in the fray stuck in the sand and lost 25 being chased down by the Toyota minutes getting free dropping he of Sweeney and Strub and the and Greisler to seventh in class. Malik and Andersson Volvo. All Back at the main service after had a shot until stage three when stage five Done and Scott had a things started to look bad for the two hour service in which they leaders. Done and Scott were in changed the transmission. From the latter part of the Del Sur stage there on it was all Ma:da as Harris when their transmission stuck in and Larry took the overall win by third gear, and while this trick a minute and ten seconds. worked for them in Prescott last Kosmides and Noyes pulled out a year, it was not the approprite second place and overall finish, gear for Rim. The team would use their best to date in the Ford momentum to get through the Escort. Bill Malik and Raine next two stages with surprisingly Andersson nailed third spot and good stage times and a couple of sixth overall in the Volvo 240 close calls. Dave White came out after a battle with the Sweeney of the Del Sur stage and headed Toyota ended premature with the back to the 12 mile Leona Divide Toyota r,r Dave White and Ben Greisler started out fast as they grabbed the early lead. Done and Scott c ENZIE'SAIR Fill RS K N UNI-FILTERS YOUR OFF-ROAD SPECIALISTS! ~ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 en PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2366 E. 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SUP-400 CV GREASE CARTRIDGE ........................ WES-4401 CV GREASE CHALKING ........................... WES-4601 CV GREASE ............................................... RED-CV2-MOL Y STD BOOT ................................................. SUP-101 SM BOOT ................................................... SUP-102 BATES BOOT ............................................. BAT-BOOT 930 ROTAT LEATHER .................. : ............. STC-6000 934 ROTAT LEATHEf3 ................................ STC-6001 E FLOATER NO BAG - LEATHER ............. STC-6010 L FLOATER NO BAG - LEATHER ............. STC-6020 a, ~ m :IJ en • a, 0 :IJ • -< 0 6 :i:: )> ;: )> • 0 C I 0 ;: ;: m :IJ 0 > r • 0 m z rri :IJ r z m I m m fn • 0 :i:: ~ "O 6 z a, ~ 8 • 0 m ~ • 0 z 0 • en C "O m ~ )> "O "O ~~-~~~----------------------..1• • SIM~SON • BEARD SEATS • IPF • KC e CIBIE LIGHTS e BUGPACK e REDLINE OIL e FUEL SAFE e OEM e SWAY-A-WAY e S&S August 1995 Page 43

Page 44

From the Northwest Bill Malik and Raine Andersson drive a Volvo 240, took 5th on the Friday rally and third on Saturday in the 2WD CRS class, a good run. scattering the motor all over stage seven. Cable Rhodes and Michael Taylor brought their Big A Auto Parts Mazda RX-7 home fourth in class ahead of Ricky DelaCuesta and Jo Recto in a Plymouth Arrow, which also won the best looking car award. Randy Holland and J. Kavanaugh brought a Ford Mustang in sixth place as a practice run for the upcoming Australian Safari Rally; the Mustang was prepared as an off road style racer and looked like great fun to be in. You would think that Rim would not be the place to debut a new car, much less an untried hrand of car, but with Lon Peterson and Bill Gutzmann in that car I would imagine that the odds would increase in your Page 44 favor. And that was exactly what the people at Kia banked on. The bank was exactly where Kia went after the rally as the improbably little car proved that it was well, built, well driven, well navigated and well crewed as Lon and Bill retained the title of the fastest Grandfathers in the CRS by winning both days in the new car. The question remains, was it Lon's driving ability? Was it the fact that the Kia is a good car? Was it Gutzmann knowing what buttons to push to keep Lon under some small form of control? Or does Geritol test high potency formulas with these two? Either way the wins and the glory go back to Korea. The battles below the winners was fierce, and it was not a run~ Andrienne and Bob Scott run the Toyota Corolla in Stock class, and did a fine job at Rim, third in class on both Friday and Saturday Div. rallies. away win either. On the first night seconds of road points on the Peterson came up with fast time team would serve to haunt them on stage one with Garnet and Pam later, also in the first night. In Baril in second just 11 seconds stage three Chizma and Moore back in a VW GTI. Jeff Hendricks buzzed the stage in good time to and Noble Jones were glad to be retake the second spot and done with the pavement in their challenge the Kia along with the Jeep Comanche and on to di rt Baril GTI and the Jeep. Stage four where they felt they could gain saw Hendricks put in an inspired some time back. Same with Dave drive to regain second place and Turner and Ben Bradley as they make for a good battle for the last came back into the class with a stage. Peterson and Gutzmann Mitsubishi truck. Peterson kept won the class by 23 seconds and edging away from the field ever so took third overall, Hendricks had slightly through the first three enough in hand over Chizma that stages as Hendricks and Jones the Jeep retained second place by made some time back in the a scant seven seconds (remember Goodyear Jeep. Dennis Chizma the road points). Garnet and Pam and John Moore had the Motor-Baril came in fourth almost a sports Unlimited Rabbit back minute back and just five seconds towards the front after being ahead of fifth place Dave Turner circumspec_t on the pavement. 13 and Ben Bradley. Robert Tallini and Jeff Bruett were sixth in class in the Toyota Corolla GTS. Day two was a minute margin of victory over the field for Peterson and Gutzmann as they nailed third overall again. Chizma and Moore battled the entire rally with the Jeep of Hendricks and Jones, stage after stage fragile seconds traded hands between the two teams. Going into the penultimate stage Chizma held a slim lead but lost ground to Hendricks, the gap was five seconds with only six stage miles to decide the second place. Both teams turned an identical stage time in the final stage giving Volkswagen the second spot. am ·· ·•·· Robert Tallini and Jeff Bi-uett improved their times and nailed the fourth place ahead of Garnet and Pam Baril who had an exciting day. After losing the brakes m idway through the rally the team pushed on, but on stage 10 pushed a bit too hard and rolled the VW losing two minutes to the field and s lowing with the combined body damage and loss of stopping friction. Turner and Bradley were stuck after trying to be good Samaritans and unstick a fellow competitor and came home sixth as a result proving that maybe nice guys do finish last. Stock class had a good field on hand with six starters. The first night was a clean drive for Dan and Larry Hook in a Toyota Celica as they outdistanced the nearest finisher by a minute and eight seconds. Mike Marcy and Steve Scott had their Plymouth Sapporo solidly in second place with two minutes in hand over the Adrienne and Bob Scott Toyota, giving the Scott family a two-three sweep of the class. Bobby Webb and Chris Bradshaw overcame a couple of spinouts to win the battle of the Datsun 510s as she claimed fourth in class ahead of Simon Levear and Rich Olmstead. Dan and Larry Hook continued with their winning ways on Saturday despite a broken transmission early, this forced Dan to drive the rally one handed while holding the car in gear with the other. Still the Toyota won by a healthy three minutes over the Marcy and Scott Plymouth. Less than a minute back was the Psycho Fabrication Toyota Celica of Adrienne and Bob Scott who had their hands full fending off a rejuvenated Bobby Webb and Chris Bradshaw as they fell 22 seconds short of the third spot, hut still retained the first Datsun 510 standing. It was, all in all, a bizarre weekend with snow, sunshine, rain, fog, deep ruts, deeper sand and silt, many mechanical failures and new winners. Then again, maybe for Rim it was fairly typical. Bobby Webb and Chris Bradshaw had the 510 entry for the divisionals. They finished fourth in Stock class on Friday and Saturday, moving up the ladder, overall in the Saturday evening. August 1995 Rod Koch and Todd Bane rallied this VW Fastback for some years and did OK. They br,ng it to Rim each year, and were 8th 2WD on Friday, but a DNF on Saturday. Dusty Times

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Gumbo Buttes Baja By Scott Olson Stuart Dahlin swapped the lead with Justin Perry a couple of times, but the overall 1994 series champion Dahlin completed more laps than anyone else to not only win his class, but the overall title. Stuart Dahlin #592 and Wes place. Money is always a good Dahlin, in his usual get it done Jobgen #1306 won the battle, but motivator. Jobgen, who was tak- style, 'was the class of the Baja as everybody lost the war. In the ing it easy, surpassed Adams' he completed many more laps opening round of the 24th number of laps completed 1½ than all the other competitors to Annual Gumbo Buttes Baja held hours into the race launching him not only take the win in his class, in Pierre, SD, June 18, the real into first place. but the overall win as well. Dahlin winner was the track. Always The help of each team in the was the overall winner of last known for being hard on equip-pits is typical of the Gumbo year's G~mbo Buttes Baja Class 5 ment, the Gumbo Buttes course Buttes Baja. Everyone wants to series and seems well on his way was particularly brutal this Sun-win, but when someone needs to repeating again this year. Yet day afternoon. On the parade lap help, tools, or parts then all the Perry will provide tough competi-no fewer than three of the Class competitors work as one to keep tion through the rest of the season 13 trucks sustained enough dam-the others going. This camarad-which is just what both drivers age to require some extra pit time erie is what makes racing what it is thrive on. before making the land rush start. and why so many people get Dahlin fought with Perry early Eventual Class 13 winner Wes hooked on the sport. on in the most spirited racing of Jobgen bowed his left-front radius In this first race, with a new the day. The fans, as well as Perry, arm, which almost kept him from truck, Brad Houck and Clay Rig- were very disappointed to see his starting the race. Yet, Jobgen gle #1369 stalled on the parade vehicle DNF and end what was decided to go out and see how far lap, then broke his drive shaft shaping up to the battle of the day. he could get "I'll just take it easy" after only two laps. Typical of the The oil cooler blew. Dahlin also he said, this proved to be the win-Gumbo Buttes Baja, new racers didn't get through the whole race ning strategy for the day. are treated with a baptism of fire. without some difficulty as he Mark Adams and Kevih Miller The racing is tough on the trucks needed to make some on track ~ #1313 got out to a commanding and no doubt Houck will have the repairs, 1 ½ hours into the race, to leadintheClass13trucksonlyto kinksworkedoutforthesecond repair a ground cable which shear the left-front wheel studs race July 23. worked loose and stalled his ending their day after only 45 In the Class 5 buggies, Stuart buggy. minutes of the 2 hour Baja. Dahlin #592 swapped the lead The track was shortened to Adams nearest competitor, early with Justin Perry and Bill Butler approximately two miles this race on, was Tim Blow and John Bren #532 a couple of times before and saw the elimination of the #1388 who broke their left-front Perry dropped out of the race stop and go area. The racers and radius arm effectively putting withablownoilcooler.Perrysaid the crowd seemed to appreciate them out of the race until they saw after the race that this was only his the faster paced action, but the Adams break down. second race that he could not fin- track was still tough and demand-At this point there were three ish since he started his racing car-ing leading to the unequaled car-vehicles in the pits in differing eer. His co-driver, Bill Butler was nage of the trucks and buggies. stages of disability. All three vehi- amazed that they had raced only The competitors always look des scrambled to get out on the 30 minutes - he said "it seemed forward to the Gumbo Buttes track and just complete laps try- like we had been out there for an Baja as a change from the standard ing to capture a first or second hour." stadium or oval track setup so Wes Jobgen and Brian Parks bowed the left front radius arm on the truck on the parade lap, got fixed in time to start the race, drove a good pace which paid off in the class win for the Rapid City team. After a spirited dice with eventual Class 5 winner Stuart Dahlin, Justin Perry lost his oil cooler after 10 laps about midway in the two hour race. prevalent on the Baja scene. The track is all natural and includes severe ruts, tall uphill climbs, soft gumbo, high speed straightaways and plenty of technical jumps, turns and rock hazards. The Gumbo Buttes track is as much a challenge to the drivers as their competitors which makes the rac-ing that much more exhilarating. The Baja Winners were: Class 13, Wes Jobgen/Brian Parks #1306, Rapid City, S.Dak., Class 5, Stuart Dahlin #592, Water-town, S.Dak. Blow tried everything to get his truck to make it around enough times to claim second place. He came into the pits no fewer than four times to try and chain, wire, or tape his left-front end together - all with little success. With 12 minutes left in the race Blow was only three laps down to Adams in second. Then his truck stumbled trying to climb one of the tall gravel hills, so prevalent at the Gumbo Buttes, which effectively ended his chances for second place. Thus, with only45 minutes of actual track time, Adams retained second place in the two hour race! Another casualty in Class 13 was Clint Neilson and Marlin Sandoz #1368 who also broke on the parade lap. Clint bent his tie-rod and ripped his left-front fender off. Neilson then spent the first part of the race trying to get things in order to re-enter the race and get laps to increase his finish-ing position. Neilson then experienced a bad oil leak from his transmission and the team of Adams and Miller -now idle in the pits - gave them several quarts of transmission fluid to help the race effort. Adams and Miller also sprayed the radiators of competitors who saw engine temps soar after the Gumbo clogged everything up. Adams commented that he was happy to help the others out but hoped his efforts wouldn't dimin-ish his finishing position too much. Neilson came to the pits every lap for a refill then smoked his way around the track for another lap. After the Baja racing was fin-ished the Motocross bikes took over with the winners listed here: 250A Wes Turney, Winner, S.Dak., 125A Gary Goodman, Oacoma, S.Dak., ATV A Dan Johnson, Dickinson, N.Dak. For more information on the last two races of the 1995 Gumbo Buttes ~aja July 23 and August 27, write Central South Dakota Racing Association (CSDRA) P.O . Boil: 645, Pierre, SD, 57501 or call ( 605 ) 224-6923 and ask for info on the Baja race. Mark Adams and Kevin Miller started with a commanding lead in Class 13 only to shear wheel studs off the truck, about 45 minutes into the race. Tim Blow and John Bren broke a left front radius arm on their Class 13, but got it fixed enough to make more laps and they were third in the truck class. After the car and truck race, the motocross riders took to the track. Dan Johnson flew over the two mile course to win the A TV A title on his quad. Dusty Times August 1995 Page 45

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McMullen, Doherty and Lee Shine in Sonoyta in April By Tony Tellier Albert McMullen did a fine performance at the Whiplash Badlands 150 last April in Mexico. His Rabbit powered single seater took the lead late in the race and took the overall victory as well as Class 10. Albert McMullen had one of his finest performances in several years on the way to his Class 10 win and Overall crown at Whiplash's Badlands 150 desert race. Held just south of the Lukeville border crossing, the course had three wide-open fifty-mile laps which McMullen toured in slightly over three hours for a 50 mph average. Albert ran in second place until late in the second lap when Sahuarita mining engineer Steve Vesterdal's three-liter Toyota V6 pulled over for repairs. Steve's huge two-seat buggy suddenly experienced an unacceptably-high idle. "(The engine) wouldn't go below four grand," brother Jim explained. "And that's still a lot of ( excess) power to scrub off in the corners." As the two tried to make a quick field diagnosis, McM ullen's Rabbit-powered single-seater flew by into the lead, leading a freight train of Wood Brothers: Rueben and Robert. For a change, Reub was unable to penetrate Albert's never-lift driving style. Al soon upped the ante on his second and third laps, breaking below th,e one-hour time for each of those fifty miles. Track Fact: Al's fastest lap was done while running semi-blind back in Vesterdal's dust. The Class One entry was lighter than normal as the usual suspects were still in the shop repairing Gila Bend damage. TheStruttmanns ( Struttmenn!) were welding in another torsion housing ·at Brandwood Buggies; Tony Pedotto was re-deauxing his front end while Shannon Schub, whose car was ready, had pressing Farmco business. John Herder and Bryan Kendall's RCRmobile, was garaged due to important business activity. In fact, no "1600s" or "Bajas" made the four-hour tow from Phoenix. Brent Strait's new old car ( the Raceco-based ex-Marty Letner Parker400-winner) was resplendent in Kusters on all comers; shiny Danny Foddrill suspension components; a Hewland with slippers; and a fresh 2888cc Type IV. Brent got behind the power curve early on, dropping a couple of minutes to Vesterdal on the first lap then backing up six more over the second. Strait's best lap was the final, knocking five minutes off the ET while the quarter-tanners wasted nineteen long ones rescuing their idle speed. Vesterdal, in the tastefully re-painted Dusty Burwell Jimco, does nothing if not run very hard. Unfortunately, if a throttle cable appears to have become shorter perhaps something else became longer. Such as a frame section. It's all relative. This car has two UMP-type canisters feeding a huge K&N-filtered plenum. Nothing seems to get past the first line of defense, let alone through the three-foot-diameter washable ~ ~ Brent Strait drove straight to the Class 1 win, fourth overall in the old Marty Letner Raceco, a frequent Parker winner a few years back. The car was refurbished with new stuff and performed beautifully with a Type 4 engine. element. something like that, but it was Suhagencia-ero Bobby Weber enough. When the first three cars broke a front arm at the far south run pinned all day. end of the course: "The tire just Albert, although a winner, flopped out sideways. I'll have to lamented the loss of a clean run. ask Dan (Spencer) ... , " his voice "Before the race, I wanted to just trailed off, referring to his get around and stay clean. But mechanic. With no spares, Bob right away I was able to pass and Tim Gort had no choice but Weber and Strait." So there went to drive the Hensley Budweiser Albert's "get arounp" plan. car back up the highw;iy to the Albert then got involved with pits. Tim had usurped the right Randy Maddux who was having seal of brother Jim who had been all sorts of trouble. Albert shook over-served at the La Playita the his head: "I had to run off the evening.before. "I think i have a course to keep him from hitting 'Tavern Tumor'," he foggily me!" McMullen stopped for gas explained." But they wouldn't after one lap, got out just ahead of like us if we didn't." Strait and kept the pressure on. "I In Class 10 Reuben Wood passed Vesterdal as he was fixing shaved off his Pancho Villa something. l'dofliked to run with mustaches, making it easier to him clean. I think I coulda got distinguish between similar-sized him." brotherRobert.Butunfortunately, Nothing is ever simple in the behind the wheel, both Buckeye desert. Albert explained that brothers are indistinguishable: "After the road crossing back in Hammers Down. Bert, in his A-(35M) I was pulling on my armed car, was, however, just a shoulder belts and must have touch off Reub's Major-motored flipped the harness open. I had a "what's-left-of-a-Meco" pace / !@#$ neck brace on and couldn't even after replacing those Ultras see down so I moved off the track that exploded at Gila Bend ( where and lost a couple minutes." Al the Gila River bends around, made the time up. But then what else, Gila Bend Mountain). started to hear second gear (in the Tucson's Ron Dalke, in a Scalzo bus box). "I tried to stay away Brothers' old car, was able to run from that (gear) since I knew I'd the good race but was unable to really need it in the wash after the quite run with the big dogs, road crossing. I was using 'first' trailing by a minute or so on each then makin' the (hard) jump to circuit. While that may not seem 'third'." much of a deficit or as if he (Technical Note: We had an shoulda stayed on the porch or opportunity to drive both the Dalke and McMullen cars; supposedly similar 1650cc cars. Dalke's Larry Weise/Fat air-cooled VW engine was tractable and had a relatively wide power band. Albert's water-cooled Rabbit motor, on the other hand, was highly temperamental, "pipey" and unwilling to run anywhere other than high up on the rpm scale. The car was not easy to drive in any reasonable sense.) Robert Wood could not quite match his brother Reuben on speed. Reuben was second in Class 10 and Ber_t, shown here finished third in class, 2-3 overall. Mike Doherty survived the pitfalls in heavy metal action the best, took out some cha/la that filled the truck cab, but was first in heavy metal action. Albert continued: "I was saving it, sure, but with Reuben, Robert and Vesterdal back there I had to use it and it broke. When I got to the finish, I stopped and then tried to leave for the truck." The gearbox was locked. At the end, Steve Vesterdal had the Overall in the bag until throttle cable problems sent him back on time, sixth overall and second in Class 1. Page 46 2iJi,a. Kevin Patrick had to suffer through a long pit stop, but got the Rad Printing Chevrolet working and finished second in Class 8. August 1995 Kody Wright actually tied for the win in Challenger class with John Lee, but after the math was done he was a fraction of a second down, in second place. Dusty Times

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Ron Dalke, nickname "Donkey", drove well in the drum braked Bigger than a bread box, Wes Holmes runs in Class 3, and this Joe Bombardier bombed his three laps in good shape and he Class 10 car, and he finished fourth in class and fifth overall. race the three ton tank tore off a spindle. did well in Class 10. Al said that Reuben was hot. "I ----------:---:-:-------:::::::==::;::-:-=::::;;;;::;;:;:;;;;; had a faster last lap than you!" swore the big Buckeye-an. Official records deny the claim, however. McMullen went around in 59:38, while Wood did it in 59:50. Albert remarked that in preparing John Thul's V6 Toyota car for the "Baja 1000" he had been putting in several hours a day testing; daily proficiency checks. "Oh, and be sure and mention Danny Foddrill for his hdp. We've 'made up' and he's helped with new arms and other work." OK. Ron Dalke was hampered by drum brakes on all corners but was able to keep the older-chassised car of Joe Bombardier behind him. Joe fights the good fight, with NO power steering in the Chenowth Challenger chassis. Randy Maddux salvaged a pretty bad day by averring that he never got passed. While he was running, anyway. "I got a flat and my lug nuts were so tight I couldn't break 'em loose. I had to find rocks to wedge the wheel! I'm gonna be a rock collector." Then after that imbroglio, the "shifter came apart. I was stranded, shifter in hand! But Albert never got by me.'' Steve Melton, another of the Buckeye Brigade, had a very short day and returned to the Desert Rose to drown his sorrows. The V8 truck race was a tale of broken dreams and resurgent determination. Tucson's Mike Doherty rode an emotional roller coaster: "I thought I had it wrapped; then I thought I blew it!" Mike started in back in third and ran in zero dust on his first lap. He scheduled a stop to jack some weight into the rear. "The truck was set up for Mickey Thompson (stadium racing) and was too soft for the desert. At least on the last nine miles. The course was like a '3 ', except for that last stretch which was a rough '9'." Mike knew that he had to take the time but still stewed in the pits as dairy herdsman Nick Vanderwey (BSME, MBA) left ahead of the Subway truck ... but on a flat tire. "We all pointed and laughed," Mike expounded. "We caught him changing it at the first road crossing ( two miles later)." Nick had been puzzled at the time: "It's just dirt; what did I hit to make a flat?" Kevin Patrick had had to suffer a 1-o-n-g pit stop -twenty minutes -and Mike was now in the truck lead. (Nick's pit crew was massively grumpy about missing that flat during the refueling stop: "You (other) guys stick around! Two are not enough to do the job right!" Right.) Bytheway, V anderweyrecommends Holsteins for YOUR next dairy farm: "They provide the greatest yield and ·they are the most 'durable'." Durability has been a Dusty Times John Lee had a race long tussle to stay hooked up and take the Challenger crown by very little, by just a fraction of a second at the flag. factor in his "milk-powered" The entire jury-rigged semi-fix Chevrolet, you know. "Do you cost him two hours as Nick and use 'Depends'?" he was asked. Paul Dennis literally limped in to "No, we usually break close the finish on a wobbly wheel enough to walk back to the john." bearing. "I had to put a right side Nick got back into the lead after spindle up-side-down on the the second lap while Subway left."Heverballykickedhimself:. Mike took another stop to put pal "The course was so fast that I Mark Dorman in for his first ride changed three flats and still had in the big Chevy. Mike's usual the lead. I gave the race away." rider, wrencher Tom Wittges, Nothing went his way. "Kevin would soon learn just how lucky was planning on going back up the he was to pass the ol' five-point highway he was so far back. But he over to Mark. kept on the course and he ended Back out on the course, avid up getting second place money." fisherman Doherty caught Nick's Doherty was pleased with his dust -"It was like smellin' racing car's performance: "No ·blood!" --and overshot a corner. flats and no mechanical problems. ''I hit a cholla ( the rudest and least Plenty of driver error, though.'' It user-friendly of all cacti); it musta was a terrific race as Mike had but been ten-foot tall. It came through a 19 second lead after the first lap the (open) windshield and filled and only a 50 second margin after the truck knee-deep." (Nice 100 miles. visuals!)"Butthatwasn'tall.Iwas Wes Holmes' 454 Chevy still moving, and plowed into an powered Ford/Homebuilt race/ 18-inch (diameter) saguaro. It chase vehicle tore the welds off had to be ten-foot tall, too, and it the left front Ford independent landed on the hood and cab top." FWD spindle after pounding out Mark was now clearing cholla a lap comparable to Vanderwey bolls off himself and out of the and Doherty: 36 mph. Luckily car. "We lost ten minutes and this collapse occured across from nobody else came by. But all the his pits and he could teeter-totter racers could tell you exact! y back to the trailer. The 6000 where it happened. There was pound GVW behemoth features cactus spread all over the place." semi-elliptics and rear mounted Mike eventually left that sticker coolers and radiators of all styles patch, albeit at a somewhat slower and purposes. "I had virtually pace. Then, after checking the everything for this somewhere truck out, he started picking up around the shop." A true the pace. In fact, they timed the "Warrior Of The Wasteland," smoothest marked mile at 35 for sure. seconds: 103 mph. With only five The local Challenger offensive miles to go, they were now was a mixed bag of results Long resigned to being" the firstloser." lost beau coup time replacing, not Some forty minutes back Kevin one but, two ball joints at one Patrick was struggling with shock time. Mike, crouched down in the tower problems and an associated desert, hammer in hand, admitted brake line failure. that the center-seated two-seater Then as Mike and Mark picked car had lost the nuts off both their way across the exposed arms:"#$@##!" rocks of the cross-drainage But while Long was flailing section they were stunned and, of away with his post maul,John Lee course, very delighted to see and Phoenix racer Kody Wright Vanderwey's three-wheeled went at it tooth and nail for the Chevy sideways in the rocky road, full three laps. Wright had a one-balanced on a Hi-Lift jack. Yes, minute lead after the first lap then boys and girls, Nick once again lost 16 seconds to Lee's two-seat had snatched defeat from the jaws TUF. Wright then faltered just a of victory. He had broken a tad on the finai turn around spindle just after radioing the the big mountain so that Lee and pitsto"breakoutthechampagne!" Kody logged identical t>lansPcl August 1995 Chris Arnold's big car got in two laps, which was enough to give him the Unlimited Sportsman victory. times: 3:46:32 while Mike Long's struggles left him over an hour in arrears. A fraction of a second difference awarded the victory to John Lee. Tucson Vintage racers Jay Strickling and Jim Taggert had a fine first lap, totally dominating Phoenix tat•.:rn.:ro Rich Ronco's effort, then lost time on the second round of desert two-tracks. Ronco's Chenowth 1000 ground to a sudden stop ten miles into the race with a mysterious eniiine shutdown. After a frustrating fix on the side of the truck-hlown Caborca Highway, he competed all three laps. Although he did get somewhat confused in the pits. Strickling and Taggert were distinctly faster than Ronco throughout the race. Melissa Hall and John Harris had a quick first lap in their Sportsperson "IO" then parked 'er, handing the class trophy to the spiffy, almost-as-troubled Phoenix racer of Chris Arnold. Tom Rex took a couple slow-ish laps for a lonely Limited Sportsman finish . Sean Mecham brought down the Union 76 fueling syst-em and was (surprise!) held up at the harder. The appropriate j.:f.: was contacted and the hox van came through just in time. The weekend is a very, very had time to f\et paperwork and permission in Mexico. Be advised. ~GOOD NEWS!~ RACESHOCK COMPANY Phoenix, Arizona Is Now Offering ~SHOX SALES AND SERVICE • Complete Line of Shocks • Revalving/Rebuilding Service • Application Assistance • µiuipment Upgrades Call Anytime! RACESHOCK Tel. (602) 254-07 44 · • Fax (602) 493-0975 "See Ya At The Races" Page 47 ...

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LA RANA DESERT RACING Lucerne Valley Jam ·150 By Carol 'Scoop' Clark Phot.os: Trackside Phot.o Inc. g· ,&.:'.AC«-. .. «;,·-,~~ Jerry Penhall did it again, winning a La Rana race overall in his swift Class 10 car, and he ran trouble free except for four front flats two on the last lap, got going and won overall and Class 10 by just over a minute. Things were changed around a little at this race. The Start/ Finish Line was moved away from And-erson Dry Lake, so the dust and silt was cut down considerably for us spectators, the visibility was much better for all concerned. The number of entries for this race was cut down quite a bit, why I don't know but I would surmise that with the Baja 500 just around the corner, some folks decided to ' run the Baja instead of this race. A total of73 entries was logged in with 4 that did not start for whatever reasons and a most interesting race it was. The overall ·winner was Jerry Penhall in his Class 1000 car and in comparing overall time, looks like he beat Larry Bolin by about two min-utes. Jerry had a pretty trouble free race except for the last lap when he had simultaneous front flats. He says that he doesn't remember hitting anything, but bingo, there they were; so know-ing that he had a good chance for the overall win, he got the two tires changed in record time and by the looks of his time, he must have had the pit crew right on top of him when it happened because he only lost about three minutes over his fast lap, which was the second lap. The tire changing pro-cess must have looked like a video on fast forward, but when you are young, you can do that without a problem. Jerry said that this was a new fun course and he really liked it and he also said that this course was not as beat up as Barstow. · Jerry took on a new sponsor this time, Penhall Optical, which is owned by his brother. The company's official name is Pen-hall Optical Windshades in Costa Mesa. A very good name for a company that makes sunglasses for the desert types as well as oth-ers of course. Hot on Jerry's trail was, as I said before, Larry Bolin who had abso-lutely no problems. Larry said that he put new shocks on his really old Raceco and they worked great. I guess he was in Jerry's dust most of the day, but just couldn't quite catch him. Larry got second overall and second in Class 1000. Third place in 1000 and third overall was Rich Fersch who finished about 18 minutes "behind Bolin. Rich drove all four laps in his Mirage built car. Bill Varnes decided to let the boy go and see what he could do, but two flats and a clutch slipping kept him finishing not · where he wanted to. Rich also said that the suspension was not quite dialed in, they still have a 1600 front end on the car, which may have caused it to not handle the whoops real well, so they will put a new front end on for the next race and see if that makes a con-siderable difference. Good luck fellas. These racers were all very con-siderate of the people who were trying to keep track of things, in that they came in, in class order. First the 1 00Os came in 1,2 ,3 and then the 1600s followed suit. It really makes it easy to follow when they do that. Bob Plaskon was the first 1600 to hit the checkered flag. He was really hot and tired when he turned everything off, so I gave him a few minutes to gain his composure and get his land legs back again before I attacked. He too drove all four laps and said that he had a trouble free day, the only incident he had was getting . tagged once on the third lap, but nothing consequential. He did say that another guy passed him like Bob was going backwards, and promptly lost control of the car and promptly "ate it, big time"~ He said that all of his stops were planned ones and they were about 20 seconds each, so things pretty much worked like clockwork. Bob said that his own body doesn't much like the punishment that it gets put through at these events, so it takes him a couple of days to work out all the kinks and he's ready to go out and do it all over again. He wanted to thank FAIR for the great pits and all the other racers on course for their courtesy. The course was well marked and Eddie threw in a cou-ple of surprises, but that made it more interesting; it definitely was not boring. He said it was fast and rough and he really liked it. Don Bowler came in second in Class 1600 and 5th overall and was sort of mumbling and grum-bling when he got out of the car. He said that he got new seat belts and the buckles were falling apart on him, so he was doing a lot more bouncing than he should have. He said that he was running 3rd place in the points race for his class and this 2nd will definitely help. Besides the buckle problem, Don said that the shocks were not doing their job real well and the course was real dusty, especially trying to get around the stock trucks. They move kind of slow and create a lot of dust. He and co-rider, David Moore had a pretty good day other than the aforementioned problems. ~❖~:,:,:.~ iii&.. Bob Plaskon is always close in his 1-2-1600 Mirage and he got the brass ring this round, winning Class 1-2-1600 by seven minutes and even more impressive, he finished a quick fourth overall. The third 1600 car to finish was the team of Rob McDonald and Frank Wagner, Rob is the son-in-law of well known veteran off roader, Bob Scott. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, even if it is an in-law tree. They broke a spring on the last five miles of the last lap, the mere fact that they lost some control of the car probably slowed them down somewhat. But it looks like the off road spirit prevailed and they used common sense to bring her in for the finish. They did fin-ish in back of 1603, but got them on time by a little less than two minutes. On the third lap the engine was mis-firing, so they stopped and changed points, which seemed to solve the prob-lem. Rob says that they just wanted to finish and third is pretty good. In the past Rob has crewed for Poppa in-law Bob, this time the tables were reversed and Bob seemed pretty pleased with the new arrangement. I don't think Bob has retired by any means, but this way everybody gets a shot at having fun. I looked through my paperwork and did not see daugh-ter Christy's name anywhere, so her and grandbaby must be doing radio control back at the pits and keeping things running smoothly. You know it was not too long ago that Christy was a co-driver for a while. Rob and crew wanted to thank JFK Prep, Scotty's Brake and Muffler, Rancho Transmis-sion, Web-Cam and Sizeco Rac-ing for a great motor. Class 2 had interesting results. First place went to some ·brand newcomers, John Lucas and Ron Osborn. They heard something clanging around during the last two laps, but took it easy for awhile and no smoke came out, the car kept running, no lights came on and nothing fell off so they decided to chance it and stood on the gas just for the fun of it. They thought they were in last place and just wanted to go fast and have fun, they were quite sur-prised when they found out they got first in class. This was kind of · a united effort. The boys got together and decided to buy a race car and go out for some recrea-tional off roading and I guess someone talked them into enter-ing a LaRana race because of the fun they could have and look what happened. John Lucas, Matt McMillan and Ron Osborn did all the work to get the car as ready as they knew how to go racing and now I'm sure the fever has hit and they will be back next time so they can have even more fun. W el-come to the sport of off road racing. Rob Bristol, Randy Miller and George Green took second place in Class 2 and once again they were the guardian angels of another car. I got the story first from the racer that they helped because he was from out of the country and was really impressed with the way these boys forgot about themselves and just wanted to help someone they saw was in trouble. The thankful racer was 902 driver Arto Ylikangas, who said he was out on course and saw 211 coming up in the rear and moved over to let them pass and they started waving at him, so he just thought they were being friendly, so he waved back, but instead of passing him they kept waving at him and he finally fig-ured out that something must be wrong, so he decided to slow down to see what they wanted. As soon as he did they pulled in front of him and stopped and jumped out with fire extinguishers in hand. He hadn't even a clue that he was on fire. The carburetor and the alternator were both on fire and they figured that he did not know and could see a real serious problem about to unfold if they did not take quick action. He was really grateful to them and wanted to get the story in the paper about what great guys the drivers of211 were. Rob Bristol's version was not as spectacular as Arto's but he just said that the whole motor and fan shroud was on fire and he just had to help the guy. They were con-cerned about Arto's pits being Larry Bolin whips his Raceco past a road crossing on his way to second overall and second in Class 10, missing the victory by a scant minufp. Rich Fersch drove the Bill Varnes Mirage to third in Class 10 and overall and reported that the suspension on the Mirage was not Don Bowler and David Moore kick up some brake dust at a road crossing as they went on to second in Class 1-2-1600 and their Chenowth was fifth overall. quite dialed in. · Pagc48 August 1995 DustyTlmcs

Page 49

t: ~-,--Rob McDonald and Frank Wagner placed a fine third in Class 1-2-1600 in the Bunderson, and in the tight competition they also placed sixth overall. Frank Omboli and Jim Cochran plus Billy Snyder dashed to second in Class 5-1600 in the tidy Baja Bug, and they had a trouble free day on the race track. Steve Poole and Joel Mohr, driving his second ever race, came in second in Class 9 and 15th overall in the tidy Jimco that Joel does the prep work on. vacations planned, so a phone call ' High Impact Design, D.J. Tran-was made to B.J. Bates to drive saxles, all the contingency people, and bring the Checkers to pit the my wife, Dad, and the people who car. So is everything OK ... No... make up LP. Racing, and Eddie Friday morning Lisa calls me from & Leslie and all the LRDR folks her work to advise me that she is for a job well done." sick and won't be going to the The number 2 honors in Class race ... yes ... the stress was hitting 9 went to Steve Poole and Joel and hitting hard. I found out how Mohr. This was only the second much Lisa does before and after , time behind the wheel for Joel and each race. he was real pleased, said it was a harder and see if they· can do as well or better, of course, it does depend on the course. They said that Joel preps the car and Steve -sponsors along with Screamer Enterprises and 76 Race Gas. Jerry Meridith of Victorville , took 3rd place but it wasn't exactly a cake walk. The car was running like doo-doo and they could not figure out what the ,· problem was and lost about 33 ,' minutes trying to find out what was going on and when they really got frustrated and started taking things apart, they finally found a pieceof fP'" )-., , ;w,W;.; .... ;>:~:,;.$,, :,;~-WJ.'·'·°$, ·, ... ;J,if'' Come race day, yes the goodcleanrace,perhapsalittleon Checkers took good care of me, I the slow side, but that was OK started the race, had two good this time; they did finish and you laps, turned the car over to B.J. in gotta finish if you want to win. 2nd place. He had a good race Next race perhaps the right foot turning close times to mine. I had will.hit the accelerator just a little the fast lap between us on paper John Lucas noses over a road crossing in his Class 2 Raceco. He and Matt McMillan and Ron Osburn won the class and also placed 12th overall, and they won by close to 45 minutes. but Daddy Bates stepped in to advise son the clock was ticking on his time during the driver's notified of his problem after they got the fire out and, Arto reached into his back pocket and pulled out a cellular phone, as he did not have radio communication with his pit, but I guess they had cell phones too, what will modern technology come up with next??? Rob was driving and I believe John Miller was riding shotgun when all the excitement hap-pened, but they had some prob-lems of their own to contend with. By about MM 10 on the first -lap, they lost the power steering and alternator belts; they had spares with them and made the necessary repairs themselves. Then they got to Bravo pit and the same thing happened again except this time the power steering belt shredded into a million pieces. They found that shims were miss-ing so replaced them arid they had no more problems after that. Rob seems to think that some of the aftermarket parts they got were a little sub-standard, and just didn't hold up like they should. As spo-kesman for Byzrk Racing, Rob wanted to thank Sandy from Snor-tin Nortins for putting their car on the T'Shirts this time; he was real happy about that. On behalf of the Dusty Times, I wish to thank Rob and crew for what they did and the demonstra-tion of good sportsmanship that exists in off road racing. You make us all proud to be associated with such nice folks. I told Rob that ifhe wanted to win now, that he had to get the car blessed by a Bishop; that should bring them the win they deserve. Now to the Class 9s, whose numbers seem to continue to dwindle but the spirit is there amongst the 13 entered. This must have been a lucky number for Dennis Petersen, because he got the big win finally. We had thought that he was once again in second place behind car 911, but they got DQ'd for illegal 1st and 2nd gears, so everyone moved up a notch and Dennis was grinning so big you were blinded by all the teeth showing. Dennis was so excited he couldn't get it together Dusty Times enough to tell me about his day in the desert, so since he lives just a few blocks away, said he'd come over and tell me about it in a few days. He did better than that, he wrote his own story and gave it to me. If this is setting a trend, maybe I'll be out of a job, bummer dude! I must say he did a real nice job and I don't want to leave anything out, so here it is, in his own words. "This is a follow-up on the race this past weekend, with the excitement of the race I don't want to leave anybody out. Three days prior to the race I found out most of the team had school or change. LP. Racing is sorry for the DQ of 911, but for a race team that has to step out of bound to get a win must pay and hopefully if there are others out there they will make the changes so something like this won't happen again. I wish to thank Tom Mattingly (Magnum Motor Sports) for spending the time with the car making it work like it did this past race. B .J. Bates for getting involved at the last minute and doing a great job. Checkers for the pit support. Chris' VW Parts, Desert Oaks Escrow, Battery Mart, Re Goodspeed & Sons, Mike and Kathy Bragg and Jim Reeves were the fastest of all ;he trucks as they ~on Class 800 by a full_ lap in the Ford the family built themselves. Braggs dad J.M. was a many time champion driving a Jeep. 3 .,. " :!..~ -h"" Jeff and Tom Botha continue on their winning ways in Class 5-1600, and the Bug, while not exactly new, is always updated and the boys drove it to the victory, winning by ten minutes. August 1995 This ~ the :.ystem run by most TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME off road race winners 1984-91 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR J" S.S. TARGA M UFJi"LER ~■---•-· iiiiiiiiiiiii•~-- -13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 49

Page 50

Mike O'Donnell and David Bonner with co-drivers Doug Page and Joe Kelly drove their Bonner creation to a good fourth in Class 10 competition. Robert Wright and Robert Roman drive a plain jane Baja Bug, and here sail across the road crossing to fourth in Class 5-1600. Kathy Fay and sister Stacy were doing fine in the Ford until a spindle broke, and a ball joint, and when fixed Stacy drove the truck in to finish second. Mike and Jeff Ismail got in their four laps for first in Class 4, but it took them nine hours and 17 minutes to get a finish, but they did. Mike Stockberger with Cindy Stockberger riding shotgun won the Class 1525 honors in a fancy painted Toyota, again the single class entry. Page 50 Richard Gorder with co-drivers Mark Kehrer and Patrice Payne bicycle down the trail on their way to fourth in Class 1-2-1600 in the Raceco. Jearold Merideth moves out smartly in his Class 9 buggy and he finished a fine third in the class which spread out on the rough course. Bill Markell was the only starter in Class 750 with John Daly co-driving the 4x4 Toyota, so naturally, they won the class honors and the points. Fred Nelson Sr., with Sherry Nelson and Fred W. Nelson co-driving, won Class 1550 over one other truck in their Ford Ranger. This class just doesn't grow. Danny Reider looked in good shape here in his Class 5 Baja Bug, but he and Jamie Davenport only did one lap and were seen no more. August 1995 Mark & Rick Deshane sail past the rocks in Johnson Valley and their sano looking Baja Bug finished third in Class 5-1600. Todd and Scott Johnson also drive a Merideth in Class 9, and do very well usually, but not this race as they dropped to fourth in class at the flag. Barry Slatter drives his Ford Ranger in Class 7 with Vince Bishop in the right seat and they drove the plum colored truck to another victory. Wade Weaver and Barry Beacham won Class 1500 by over an hour in their Toyota, even though they had rolled the truck on lap 2. Tom and Mike Barnett with co-drivers Steve Benven, , te and Gene Jacobsen got around·two laps of the rugged course to win Class 850 in the Jeep J-10. Dusty Times

Page 51

• V rubber in the carburetor. When they pulled it out the car started to run fine: The only other mishap they had after that was the air cleaner falling off on the' last lap, but that had no ill effects to speak of. Class 150 had a very sparse entry this race and only one fin-isher. The three entries were Randy and Guy Fortune, Billy Bunch and John DeVito. Bunch got in 1 lap and disappeared and John DeVito never made a lap. I did not hear what happened to either of them but the Fortunes got in four good laps and got the win. They had not a clue that they had a chance at the win after two Dannis Petersen and B.J. Bates were a winning combination in the L.H.F. in hours down time with a broken Class 9, at last, and they won by about two and a half minutes, so the dice is sector shaft in the steering box. still close in Class 9. They were 14th overall. Randy said that they had had 40 ··weech and things seemed rather was his 3rd straight race without minutes down time before that, lost and lonely without him there getting out of the car, so he's butldon'tknowwhy,butguessit tocheertheboysonandjumpin either having such a good time really didn't matter at this point. and help when he was needed. thathewon'tgiveuphisseatorhe They knew that they could not Sometimes at times like this, give is petrified and can't move. Mark catch the class 200s by this time a good hug to your friends who and Rick DeShane brought their and just decided to go for their have suffered the loss and wish Class 550 in just about one min-class win and took it easy the rest them the best with an understand- ute behind Omboli, so that was a of the way. ing nod. Jeff drove the first two real tight race. They seemed to Class 800 had just two entries laps with Scott Boyd at his side have kicked it in high gear on the this race, Mike Bragg and Scott and they had a real good but emo-last lap as they completed it in just McKinney. Scott's first lap was a tional time in the car. Jeff turned under an hour and a half and aver-real problem, as it was almost a the car over to brother Tom and aged almost 42 MPH on this 62 three hour lap so his problems Ross Meyers for the last two laps, mile course. They had just one must have been major, but they they kind of took it easy and problem and that was a broken seem to have gotten fixed by laps brought it to the finish line. This fan belt and by the looks of the lap 2 and 3 because they were real car should probably be logged times, it must have been on the fast, but on lap 4, they must have into the Off Road History book, first lap, but with that out of the put it on the trailer because they it well deserves it. It was built in way, they went on to seal up 3rd never finished the lap, thereby 1980 by David Kreisler and Sid place. They were such good sports giving the win to Mike Bragg. Paterno drove it to the 1980 that they pushed Frank Omboli's Mike had his wife Kathy ride the Points Championship with car off the finish line. 2nd· and 3rd laps and she got HORA and still has many races A class that we haven't seen broken in real good as she had to left in her. She has undergone much of in the LaRana series is jump out three times and help some face lifts and many many Class 4. This race had one entry change flat tires. I wonder how repairs, but she's always ready to and one finisher, which was pretty soon she will want to do this go out and tackle the desert again, good. The team of Mike and Jeff again. From past experience, I I guess when the boys retire, they Ismail completed their rounds in know that changing tires is real will get her bronzed and set her up 9: 16:56 hours, averaging about hard on your nails and does on the mantle at home. 27 MPH and laps of two hours wonders for the skin in general, Ten minutes after the Bohla plus, but they did finish. I, how-but she must be a real good sport crew finished, Frank Omboli and ever, was being escorted home by and just did what she had to to get Jim Cochran finished for a good ex-roadcrossing Dave. He didn't back on the road. lean second place. They said they get his nap and can get real testy if Besides the three flats the Bragg really had a good time because he doesn't get it in, so not wanting team had a plug wire fall off but they had plenty of guys in their to push my luck, I gladly left the thepitcrewre-attacheditinafew class to race with and made for festivities and headed for the seconds and headed 'em down the some real good competition, Apple Valley barn and my five road. Jim Reeves drove the 1st which makes things a lot more four legged kids. and 4th laps, which were evi- interesting. They had a trouble Class 6 also only had one entry, dently trouble free and he had no free day until they got to the finish that being Barry Bates and he only complaints at all. line. As soon as they hit it and got got in one lap before he called it a Class 550 had a pretty good the checkered flag, the throttle day and I don't know if he had field of eight cars with five fin- cable broke, but at that point they problems or just decided to park ishers. Jeff and Tom Bohla took didn't care, they got pushed off it since he was the only entry and the first place honors and it was a the finish line to the post race area had the win no matter what. bittersweet victory for their and just kind of went whew!!, that Class850 had two entries, Tom whole team. I got to talk to Jeff was perfect timing. They did have and Mike Barnett, who got in two when they were lined up to take a flat on thefirstlap, which caused very difficult laps and Steve off before the race and he was about eight minutes down time, ChristianoandRobPrimmerwho finding it a little difficult to talk but that really was not a factor as only got in one before calling it because they had just recently lost everyone else was having their lit-· quits. adearfriendandpitcrewmember tie problems too, so they really Class750hadthreeentriesand to a freak motorcycle accident didn't lose-anything. Billy Snyder two finishers, Bill Markel and and they wanted to win this one is going to l'arn himself a new title John Daly got in th~ir required for him. His name was Ron as tht: 1ronman of co-riders, this . four laps and each lap looks to d1<'1'1i , .. - ~ . I ' . !, j have gotten a little longer each time, but I missed them at the fin-ish line, so don't know if they had any wild tales to tell of their har-rowing experience in the Califor-nia desert. They didn't do too bad on time though, as they got in their four laps in 7:24:14. Steve Cirillo and Drew Hove got second place but it took 9: 10:02 for them to do it and their first lap was a little over 3:20, so there may have been a problem there, that was fixable, but time consuming. Mike Yarman and Bill Waltman did not make a lap. Class 700had two entries and one finisher. Barry Slatter and Barry Bates and Mike Pannell started with a Chevy Blazer, and despite a lot of Vince Bishop got the win and modification they run in La Rana's Class 6, which they won with no trouble at there was no sign of the other _al..:.l,_t_he_o_n..:.ly_e_n_tr...:y_. _____________________ ·entry, Sergio Nunez anywhere, DustyTima August 1"5 Randy and Guy Fortune, Dave Stevens and Tim Beach kept their Class 1, one-off creation together, took a bit of time to repair a broken sector shaft in the steering box, but they carried on and won Class 1. not even on the results. Barry had a fun second lap it looks like, 04:32:01, hope it was at a pit area where he could get out of the heat, and not stuck out in the middle of the course somewhere with no help or water, that can be a little treacherous. That about takes care of the four lap people, now for the two lap stock vehicles. I'll try to keep this in, class order, which should make a little more sense to all concerned. We'll start with Class 1500 which had three starters and two fin-ishers. Wade Weaver got the class win, but it was indeed an effort. They rolled it on the second lap and were kind of wondering if they could get their Toyota back on its wheels by themselves when out of the middle of nowhere came one of the Fay crew and some other spectators who were eager to help them do what was necessary to get back to the busi-ness of racing. They checked the truck over pretty good and found no serious damage and got back in and headed for the finish line. The T &J crew gave them a few gallons of gas to get them to the finish line. They discovered that they had a clutch slipping after that but figured if they just kind of took it easy they could nurse it to the checkered flag. They said that it was quite funny while t_hey were laying upside down after their rol-lover, they were getting perfect radio reception and that was attributed to the fact that they didn't even break the antenna. For a moment they were just kind of "hanging in there" so to speak, listening to what was going on. The infamous Fay girls got second place, but that too was with a lot of effort and determina-tion. Kathy drove most of the first lap until they broke a front spin-dle and ball joint. It was at this point, about an hour and a half, that they decided it would be a good time to change drivers and give sister Stacy a shot at the view from behind the wheel. If I remember correctly she is not real fond of the passenger side of the race vehicles. After they got the truck fixed, they had no other problems. The hero of the chase crew that helped get Weaver back on his wheels, was Jeff Groehler, they felt real good about that, another display of good sports-manship, which is to be commended. Patrick Rozier had a real slow first lap and did not make a second. Mike Stockberger was the lone 1525 entry and got in his two laps in 5:15:29. Class 1550 did real good with two entries and two finishers. The Fred Nelson, Sherry Nelson and Fred Jr. gang took first place in 3:43:21 . They said that they hacl an almost flawless day as their lone problem was the carburetor was acting up a little bit, but did some adjusting that seemed to have taken care of it. Fred Sr. and wife Sherry took the first lap and said that the course was fun and well marked, there was some fun stuff out there this time, not the same old course and they had a ball. When they got out of the truck at the finish line, they did notice that they did have a broken shock, which must have just hap-pened as they were coming in for the checkered flag. Second pl"ce went to Brian Valde: and Todd Graydou. They lost their power steering on the first lap and were having a real hard time trying to steer the truck and got off course just a few feet and hit a rather large bush with an equally large rock hiding on tire::'' other side of it that caught the truck just right and sent them into a barrel roll. After they got back on all 4s, they stopped, got the power steering fixed and headed for the finish line. They wanted to thank Kristan of T'Creations for the help after the roll over and the other thank yous go out to Joe Aguirre of Goodyear tires, Gil Navare: for the Motor work and Engine Cam, Advanced Batteries, Race Tech Communications, Mom and Dad of course, Nomad Fasteners, Quick Draw, JCM Metal Polishing, Chris Summer-ford and last but not least, Dave Phillips of Phillips Fabrication and all his crew. The only post-race phone call I got this time was from Shawn Kreps:, who finished 6th in the 1600 class, and said that he had a good lead on the 2nd lap and wa.c:. doing just fine when he got into a little trouble at check 4 and slid through it with a 10 car on his tail that did the same thing and slammed right into him in the dust. He had to pull over and make some repairs that took him about 45 minutes. Shawn wanted to be sure to thank California Motor Sports and FAT for an absolutely unbelievable motor. He went the last 15 miles or so with no brakes and no exhaust and obviously no hearing ability. Then a freak thing happened, his left rear tire came off along with the wheel and shaved off the studs in the process. The Checkers came to the rescue and got him up and operating in about 17 min-utes. I don't think he has found his tire and wheel yet, so if you readers found one out there, it probably belongs to Shawn and ! know he would really like to have it back if it's not totally destroyed. Shawn is going for the 1600 points this year. Pagc51

Page 52

• ... Lake Genna Me111orial Day 100 Off Road Challenge ~,"¾-~'¾\ "t \¼,.,_ ~ B, Barb & Marilyn Schultz Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Bill Graboski nailed down first in Class 6 action, here racing past the on site watering hole, The Stein, and the defending class points champion got the new season off to a good start with his victory. Dan Baudoux cleaned up in his Michigan built Mirage cars winning Class 2-1600, was fourth in Class 1-1600 and on Sunday he was second in the Limited Challenge race in convincing fashion. Plus he did well in Unlimited racing also winning the challenge. ; Jason Crowder of the Florida clan won the 1-1600 race after a hard fight in his award any driver is iust thrilled to Taylor and earlier he had placed second in the 2-1600 close battle, but fell to Wop-Bop-A-Lou-Bop-Wop-Bam-Boom! ! Grab ahold and hold on tight, the SODA Series is on the road again. Debuting at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin the weekend o! May 27 & 28, The World Ser-ies of Off Road Racing battled heavy weather and still put on the greatest off road show on earth. Despite heavy rains, cool temper-a tu res and general nasty, the stands were packed with specta-tors rain jacketed and ready to root on their favorite off road driver. Track improvements included a wider track for better passing, ·um s with better ap roaches and an ease in the degrees the turns took following some of the steeper jumps. Thanks to Mother Nature, watering the track was not a problem! The SODA Lites officially opened the 1995 racing season with Illinois' Phil Doyle taking top honors. Doyle was followed by Tim Juskiewilz. Mike Cherry finished in third followed by Corey Friday. Wisconsin's Bill Graboski opened his season the way any defending Class Champion likes to - with a big win in the Class 6 race. Rick Rayford claimed the first roll over of the season, not an Scott Douglas · came out strong and fast in the season opening race, his big Class 8 Dodge ready for the battles ahead. The Californian was never challenged once he took the lead. have and we're glad to report that : fifth in the Limited Challenge event. · Rayford came out of the three . fending off Christensen and this time around with Dan Bau-rolls okay and ready to make Wolfe and also had to pull off. doux capturing the win in the repairs for the next race. Leonard Hot damn, the race was all Terry Class 2-1600 race. Bill Scott held Gehl had no luck at all leaving Wolfe's, well, it should have been the lead the first lap around, then Darrin Parsons to take home but "someone" forgot to tighten Jason Crowder took a liking to second place and rookie David all the lug nuts on all of the wheels first place but neither could fend Holewinski placed a respectable causing "someone" to lose his left off the challenging Baudoux. Not third place. front wheel on the white flag lap. to say that "The Kid" (Mike See-Eight machines started the 5-Christensen of Wisconsin came feldt,Jr.)wasn'tin there pitching! 1600 race and put on a dynamite on home for the win with Wolfe "The Kid" was charging on show! Mike Brue took an early having to be content with second through the pack and went down lead but had a definite fight on his place. John Mason came around with a badly smoking motor. The hands with Tim Christensen, inthird,followedbyGregSmith. longandtheshortofthedealwas: TerryWolfeandGregSmithright Rookie Dave Allen finished in Baudoux took first, Crowder on his heels. Brue had to bow out fifth. grabbed second and Scott took of the field, Smith took the lead, Michi t light home third. Rounding outthe top five were Mark Steinhardt and Mark Krueger. Tim Christensen flies past the stock car timing tower on his way to taking the victory in Class 5-1600, after a really tight dice, especially for second place as the race wore on. Whoa-ho, California made one fine showing in the Class 8 race! The big show down was between Walker Evans and Scott Dcuglas. The lap counting for the lead went like this: Evans, Evans, Evans plus 5, a full 360 degrees spin out by 111 Evans on the back moguls and here comes Douglas! Douglas held the lead for the last three laps keeping just a pinch ahead of the next rain storm! Attrition took a big bite out of the field with Dave Hackers unable to make it much past the green flag, Scott Taylor put in two laps and Brian Donlevy went down three laps later with a flat left rear tire. The Flannery brothers,Jamey and Jed, went at it Wafker Evans had a busy weekend racing at Lake Geneva and NA SCAR trucks in Missouri; he herded his Dodge into second in Class 8 and Curt LeDuc drove it to fifth in the challenge. Jimmie Crowder does his one wheel act in front of the pits in his Ford, but did no damage and he finished a strong third in Class 8 competition. Bill Lefeurve comes from Canada to race with SODA and this trip he was third in Class 9/10 and third again in the Unlimited Challenge feature race. Page 52 August 1995 Dusty Times

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Kevin Probst drove the rebadged GMC Class 4 in fine style, had ,no big woes and placed second in Class 4 to the flying Las Vegan, Rob MacCachren. Greg Gerlach hauls in from Minnesota every race, and had his Class 4 Dodge in good shape for the track and the mud, and Greg was third in Class 4. New Rough Rider Geoff Dorr, the defending Class 4 points champion, kept his Class 4 Ford together to take fourth in class and third in the HM Challenge. tooth and nail with Jed holding .. Jamey off and Jamey giving it his all to make the pass. Whoops, Jamey fell prey to a flat right rear tire with three laps to go. Looked good for brother Jed but he bogged down the next lap. So, who's got third? Jimmie Crowder!!! Crowder put on his usual crowd pleasing performance, held the truck together and took home third place. Gee guys, it's great to see y'all back! "Diversified" -your word for the '90's! Diversified is a good word for the hard charging, winner of three SODA Class Championships and back this year to go for the gusto -Todd Attig. Class 9 /10 took the track next with fifteen entries and some stiff competition. Attig had his hands full of hard driving Jeff Probst. Fact of the matter is, Probst held the lead for two laps, came around the grand stands with unusual motor noise, fell back to second and still kept Attig looking in the rear view mirror until Probst finally had to pull out of the race. Dan Baudoux had no trouble taking over second posi-tion. Jerry Whelchel was giving Bill LeFeuvre a run for the money and had to pull off. At the final flag, Attig had first, Baudoux second and LeFeuvre took third. ScottSchwalbeandT omSchwartzburg rounded out the lead lap and the top five. W owsers -did Class 4 do some growing over the winter! The big four wheel drive machines came out thirteen machines strong, ready to rock and roll! It was mighty hard to start this race sea-son without our delightful young friend Chad Schlueter. However, the integrity of his race team goes on: Chad Schlueter's Rampage Racing T earn was nothing short of spectacular. Rob MacCachren took the Borg-Warner Ford on a flag to flag run that was absolutely awesome. Kevin Probst ran a super race in every effort to over-take MacCachren with the indom-i na table Greg Gerlach on his . Class 9/ 10 was a battle between these two drivers for the last half of the race. Rob MacCachren made a great debut in the Rampage Racing Class 4 Ford, Todd Attig, #900, defending class champion was the winner and Dan \ and the crowd loved his high flying style. Rob won Class 4 handily as others Baudoux was this close in second place. faded, but he was second in the Heavy Metal Challenge. The Class 11s always seem to get the worst of the muddy tracks, but Todd Frehse is a good mudder apparently. He won Class 11 D and came back the next day to finish third in Class 11 S Todd Attig is another who enters more than one car, and this hard to see single seater is his own creation, and he won the Unlimited Class 1 and 2 honors after a tough fight for the lead. heels. It was most definitely a get off your fanny race with hot bat-tles going on every where you looked. Steve Kelley, new Rough Rider Geoff Dorr, and Jumpin' Jack Flannery ran as close as rows of corn on an ear the entire race. The top six were: MacCachren, Probst, Gerlach, Dorr, Kelley and Flannery. Driver Rob Mac-Cachren made a full oval victory lap in remembrance of Chad. Chad was noted for telling fellow drivers to "Stand On It!'. He would've been most proud of the way Rob MacCachren lived up to those words. The rain picked up and the heat races for Class 13's Sunday Fea-ture were run in some real mud! Heat one was composed of those drivers who received odd numbers in the random drawing for starting positions. Thornton "Big Ed" Schultz debuted his brand new 1995 Ford truck, loo-kin' real good until the belts blew off! Finishers in that heat, in order of finish were Bruce Shilts, Sky VanDalson, Lonnie Andrews.Jim Moskalik, David Reetz and Lowell DeGreef. Heat two was composed of those drivers receiv-ing the even numbers in the pre-draw. Have to say it - 17 v.ear old rookie George Schult: put on one heck of a show and we don't know who beamed more, father John or George! Finishers in order of fin-ish were: Dan Vanden Heuvel, R .J. Flanagan, Dennis Ferdon, Jason Janus:, George Schultz and Brendan Gaughan. At this point the gods of· the skies KNEW that 23 Class 11 double seat drivers were up next! It didn't just rain, it dumped large quantities of water! Ya' just gotta feel sorry for a guy who spends all winter designing a new paint scheme, hits the track and by 118th of a lap the whole field of cars is colored brown. Todd Frehse put a healthy lead on the pack and went on in for the win. Glen Mathews, Gordon Cudahay, Mike Oberg and Curt Gerald fought each other all the way but finished in the order given. Gary Behrens, Lonnie Andrews, Todd Irvine, Mike Allen and Bill W ojahn completed the top ten. Off Road fans the world over are indeed an exceptional breed and those who were at the Lake Geneva~ SCORE 1993 ENGINE BUILDER OF lHE YEAR! .. ·······••••••••.•-•.•,•,•,•,•,•,·,·•,•,·,·,•,•,•,··,·•.·•···•.••••••••••._.•.•._.•,•'•'•'··•••••·•••·•·•·•·•·•••••••••·•·•••·•••·•·•·•·•·••••'•'·'•·•••••···•··•····•···•····• .. ··························•·•······••••'•'••·•·•••·· ... ········ .. ···•······••'•'•· ........ ·.,,·,.·.·,· ... ·.·.·.·.·.•,•,•,•,•, .·.•,•,•,•: We would li°ke to thank and congratulate all these FAT powered 1994 Class points champions: MH~G Super 1600 Champion SODA Class 2-1600 Champion SODA Class 1-1600 Champion SODA Class 5--1600 Champion SODA Class 9-lO Champion SODA Class 7S Champion BORE Class 10 & Overall Champion Jerry Whelchel Todd Attig Todd Attig Mike Br-ue Todd Attig John Greaves Mike Flinn FAT has dominated SCORE Cla·ss 10 racing. with 4 different winners. Nevada 400 McDonnell & Kroger Baja 500 Penhall & Erl :Hreworks 250 Ray Croll Cfflld Coast lOO .fob & MacCachren BQB.lit.llMGli. Defending Class 7 champion Johnny Greaves had his Toyota ready for the mud in Class 7 action, came from mid-pack to take the lead midway and Greaves held on tight, though challenged, to win Class 7. RAONG ENQNES, TRANSMISSIONS AND OFFROAD PARTS Send or call for our new catalog S5.00 . 1558 No. Catie• Orange, CA 92667 (714) 6-17-2889 • fax (714) 637-7352 Dusty Times August 1995 Page 53

Page 54

\ Glen Mathews obviously found the deepest mud on his racing line in Class 11 but peered through a hole in the windscreen to finish second in Class 11 D. Scott Schwalbe brought his Unlimited car to race and he was in contention most of the Class 1 and 2 race, but Scott ended up in third place. Gordon Cudahy had a good run to third in Class 11 D and on Sunday Shari Huven drove the car to a good finish in Ladies Limited class, in third too. Art Schmitt usually has his Nissan looking clean and tidy, but not in this mud. Art got close to the winner in Class 7, but settled for second place. .1 Jeff Probst gets over on two wheels in the Laser car in the Class 1 & 2 battle for the lead. Jeff ended up a very close second in the torrid race. Caught in practice, cleaner track, Joe Dunlap had a good race in Class 7 in his Ford, and he moved up to third place in class at the checkered flag. ~ Memorial Day 100 quali-fied at the top! The stands remained packed for the entire racing day with spectator parking backed up for three blocks returned to our motor homes bit bite out this class but it was beyond the ample parking lot. soaked to the skin, it was well obvious that both Tom Hockers And they certainly got their worthit-wegottowatchthebest and Bill Bowles had done· their money's worth. Even though we of the best. homework over the winter!. Dart went the full race with hard charging John Huven right on his tail. Dart took fourth, Huven took fifth. Just love to watch this class race, no matter where you look there is a good battle for points and position going on. Rounding out the top ten were Curt Gerald, Duane Velie, Tom Hoppock, Lonnie Andrews and Mike Allen. Sunday dawned with a break in Hockers had his hands full of the weather and a hint that the sun Bowles and the two put on an might just make it through the excellent racing show. Hockers cloudsafterall.lfyoudidn'tgeta placed fourth and Bowles seat before pre-run, you didn't get rounded out the top five. a good seat for all of Sunday's. Holy Hannah, eighteenClass 1-racing action. Thanks to Cheryl 1600s took the track next and Hanson, Vicki Probst and Ginny they were scrappin' and fighting Dorr, the Big Wheels/ Bike races for position all over the track! were once again the top item of Must have been just the right Michael Oberg does very well in Class 11 racing finishing fourth in the mud on Saturday, and coming back Sunday to win the single seat contest in the dry conditions in the morning. the day! Entrants were between conditions for Jason Crowder as the ages of three and nine and he went on a flag to flag romp for were broken down into separate the win. Mike "The Kid" Seefeldt classes. W hat a great sight! These was right behind him but one future off road racers put their more time the racing gremlins got pedals to the metal and ran away him and he ultimately had to pull with everyone's heart! Thanks off. This left the door open for ladies, and thanks to all of those Todd Crump who fended off Pete people and companies who so Kowatsch for second place. In generously donated decals, flags, turn Kowatsch had his hands full pins, posters, etc., to fill each of Dan Baudoux! Kowatsch hung child'sracinggoodiebag!lt'swhat o n for third, Baudoux too k the whole show is all about! fourth. Also finishing on the lead Fans were definitely ready for the rock in' and rollin' of the Pro-duction Heavy Metal Challenge and the 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive trucks and drivers were there to rock and roll. What a fantastic show with Geoff Dorr out of the hole shot in first! Then wham-a, along comes Jumpin' Jack Flannery taking the big Chevy Thunder on a top dollar run for the win. Rob MacCachren in the Borg-Warner Ford stayed right on Flannery's bumper right up to the bitter end for a hard fought second place. Dorr, while losing position to Flannery and Mac-Cachren, had no problem holding down third place, thus rounding out the finishers on the lead lap. l:irney Flannery was doing one fine job of holding off both Walker Evans and Scott Taylor and went down in a flash of no steering. What a shame - this Page54 Nowit'stimeforthe bigkidsto lap were Tom Surace, Mark come out and play! Class l/2 Steinhardt, Mark Krueger, Cliff took the track and Todd Attig Holiday, Richard Blockland, went on a flag to flag run for first. Matt Lyon and Kent Galloway. Once again the very determined . With ESPN-2 filming the Class Jeff Probst was right on his tail 11 single seat race, the number of pipe and crossed the finish line in entries was exceptional -like second with a dramatic burst of twenty-five starters! With a field steam. Seems a water hose parted full of action, Mike Oberg gunned company with the rest of the his way around the track for first machine! Scott Schwalbe raced to place. Larry Bayer held off Todd third and Jeff St. Peter rounded Frehse for second place. Tom out the finishers on the lead lap. You might have noticed that Art Schmitt Ill's name was not among the Class 9 / 10 or l / 2 con-testants. That sure doesn't mean he's out of the racing scene. Schmitt is concentrating his 1995 racing efforts on his Class 7S Nis-san truck. 1994's Class Champ John Greaves did his customary battle with Jeff Kincaid. Kincaid led the race for three laps, had obvious trouble and Greaves took home the win in his Toyota. That 8 Art Schmitt fella was most cer-tainly in the fray and took a super second place in his Nissan. Joe . serious young competitor was most certainly "on a roll"! Those finishing the ear shattering, ~ Dunlap spent his winter doing ~ some improving and came across with a well driven third. With thirteen starters, attrition took a Jack Flannery had a good finish to his weekend .. in the Class 4 Chevy. Jack and crew cured the Saturday ills and came back strong to win the Heavy Metal Challenge with Rob MacCachren on his back bumper all the way. August 1995 Dusty Times

Page 55

Todd Crump was another who stayed clean in practice and he Larry Bayer is always a front runner in Class 11 action and on Scott Taylor demonstrates the flying ability of his Rough Rider Ford, and he flew the big truck right into fourth in the tough Heavy Metal Challenge. finished second in 1-1600 in his Mirage and was third in the Sunday he drove his buggy to second place in the busy Class Limited Championship race. 11S competition. ----'----------------------ground pounding race were Scott Flanagan all breathing down his on the lead lap were Jason Taylor, Walker Evans, and Linda neck! DeGreef pits with a flat tire Crowder and Mark Krueger. Lou Schlamb. hut comes back on the track with There simply weren't enough The Unlimited Challenge may ,,·,·ere position loss. Uncle " Big unlimited buggies left operable havebeenalittleshyofentriesbut Ed" Schultz works his way fortheWomen'sUnlimitedClass the action from the open wheel through the field, makes his way and we missed seeing the likes of buggies was super. Dan Baudoux around nephew George and now RuthSchwart:burg,BarbSchaaen, had his hands full on his flag to he's fending off the other veterans Tina Crowder and friends take flag race for the win. First Todd and George! Shilts loses the belts tht• track. However, there were a AttigwasonhistailandthenBill a!)dhe'soffthetrack.Uncle"Big h,·:dthy number of Women's Le Feuvre took quite a shine to Ed" is making it all work until ( :. hS 11 entries! If the first race of Baudoux's back bumper! Attig Don Gregoire sees him bog down tlw st·ason is to be used as an indi-went down in the rhythm section a tad in the muck and makes his ca tor, the hot battles this year will find LeFeuvre had to be happy way around on the checkered flag hl' lw::ween Sarah Sa wall and \\'ith second place. Richie Ault lap fora hard fought second place. Karen Christensen. Both are came through with a super third "Big Ed" took home third and by extremely competitive and put on nhce finish. Robert Walther cracky, nephew/rookie George one heck of a show. Sawall wound ~ompleted the list of finishers. brought home fourth! Also finish-up with the win but Christensen Instead of running a Non-ing were Lonnie Andrews, R.J. held the lead for half the race and Production Heavy Metal Chai-Flanagan and Lowell DeGreef. was right there for a nice second lenge, the schedule had to be There's still a super charged place. Shari Huven drove a very changed to fit in the feature race Challenge race to go -the Limited nice third place race with Crystal for Class 13. Whew! Seventeen R,·ar Engine Buggies! Hey, hey, Ko:loski capping the list of fin-trucks started the race but only it , Mike "The Kid" Seefeldt ishers on the lead lap. seven trucks actually finished the a)::1in! Mark Steinhardt took an As tradition and time immem-race. Dan Vanden Heuvel had cark two lap lead, "The Kid" orial has it with SODA racing, quite a challenge from young caught him, passed him and pro-Class Women's Heavy Metal was Brendan Gaughan for about half ~--Jed on to the checkered flag! rhe last race of the weekend. Chris the race. Gaughan ran into han-The battle between Dan Baudoux Rurnis took a two lap lead but Val dling problems and then lost the and Todd Crump was sensational l:imes-Rehn had no intention of steering complete! y, effectively with Crump holding Baudoux off h·l'ping it that way! Val made the putting him out of the race. Here's to the white flag lap. Baudoux appropriate passes and brought where it gets fun, rookie George made the pass and made it stick to h, >me her first victory of the year. Schult: now inherits second place the checkered flag. Crump took a 1' 14 's Women's Heavy Metal with veterans Don Gregoire, hard driven and well fought third ha~'k-~ttl'rPd,.,..~ru,ev:...,Shih~~. "':'.i~h. J.,1:ark StPinh<>rrlt t<>L--inq' Dan Vanden Heuvel has new paint on his refurbished Class 13, and the rig is as potent as ever. Dan had his hands full early in the race but took over first place for good midway and started the year with a win. • . I THE <. l1ss Champion Shari Parsons · v.,jnsandchampionships. Wow-.;.('rs, rnul,ln't make the race herself as Smith took the wheel of the big her lovely daughter Jenny gradu- Chevy and made a super run t .. :cJ from High School during second place. Robin Schult: in race time. So, Parsons' Team her all new 1995 Ford F-150 and member, the incredible Rhonda with no track time took third. Smith took the wheel of the Bad Burnis, fourth. Thus ended a very Bow Tie. Smith is most noted for wet and rain plagued weekend to her string of Women's Unlimited upen the 1995 SODA Series. , -· Michael Seefeldt did not have a good weekend, but he had a great finish on Sunday as he cured his problems in the 2-1600 and came back to win the Limited Challenge race. flll -WRIGHT Young Brendan Gaughan, in his first r-ace in a big purpose built Dodge gave Vanden Heuvel a start, passing him for the lead on a curve, but steering failure from a stout implement tire hit ended Gaughan's challenge on Sunday. Dusty Times 9420 FHnn Springs Ln. p LACE El Cajon, CA 92021 INC. August 1995 Page 55

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JOHN VERHAGEN'$ [ffl ....... PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS ~ 0623 BLA~KFOOT ROAD 619-240-3930 APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 . LESLIE'S DRIVELINE SERVICE SPICER- INCORPORATED SPICER· <$; <$ (909) 877-6491 PARTS 1<Nll SERVICE ON AUTO, TRUCK, INDUSTRIAL, CN AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS MANUFACT-URING BALANCING CUSTOMIZING FAX (714) STT-6203 California Watts 1-800-427◄238 1750 S. Lilac Ave. Continental U.S. Wans 1-80().525-0395 Bloomington, CA 92318 _24 Hr. Emergency Call Out Svc. (714) 878-3107 P.O. Rew. ·,090, Cotton, CA 92324 ~ ~.:,., .., ·' i ....... ~)~ (714) 774-5454 Pager (714) 576-9003 EAGLE BENDERS ·ra1t'r""~ ~ &<ii.t,,w,k," 652 S. Brookhurst St. #109, Anaheim, CA 92804 J FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD 1537 E. Del Amo Blvd Car$bn, CA 90746 IE-IUU V.W. Nm tteas SHELDON ST. SUN VALLEY. CA"tittS92 Phone: (310)603:2200 FAX: (310) 603-2:!57"'· DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 798-4999 Send For A Free Brvchure For Fast Sen-ice Call 71 l>-86~8111 EXPLORER ACCESSORIES •I•J:l~BAKER■ 'Hwy3G&, County Road D Box 329 Webster, WI 54893-0329 PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS INCORPORATED • I ---THE RACERS CHOICE. Fuel Sale's Custom & Standard Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set by all racing associations. For your local dealer ~ call (800)433-6524 ~ Call or write for our FREE Catalog Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 18062 Redondo Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 U.S.A. P,h (714) 842-2211 Fx (714) 842-6622 Differentials Spools - Ball Joints Axles. -VW Components - Etc. 4720 Felspar Street Glen Avon, CA 92S09 Phone: (909) 681-6889 • Pu: (909) 360-9817 H M ENGINEERING 11661 Mort•n• River Circle Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (71') 979-6631 • Fax (71•1979-5953 1-----------------------+-------,,--------------...,....--';· ···- -... ___ ,__,_ .... --·----·--, .......... ···-........ ~ ~·· ., Wholesale/Retail Pickup & Delivery U.P.S. Aluminum Wheel Repairs & Polishing EDDCO Wheel Co. 9437 Wheatlands Ct. Street, Offroad, Production Aluminum Welding Suite K& L Santee, CA 92701 619-258-2575 E-ZUP-INSTANT: , SHELTERS !,.. ~~ ~·"'"~\ .. FREE-ST ANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHcL TEAS THAT SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUTHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENTALS 213-462-1468 ~Motor sport l'RE-RUNNER Sf'ECIAL15T • BUMPERS • CAGES • SHOCI:. MOUNTS SEAT MOUNTS • LIFT IUTS • LOWERING KJTS • DUALLYS AIR MG SUSPENSION • SHOW CMS & Dl5f'lAYS • ATV FM 'NORI:. EXPERT INSTAUATION & FABRICATION AVAILAeLE FIBERGLASS FENDERS I. BEDSKINS TOY OT A-CHEVY-NISSAN-FORD-ETC. 4010 N. PALM SiREET, UNIT 103 (714) 870-9422 FULLERTON. CA. 92635 Fl<X. (714) 870-913~ \LLE SAFET DRIVING SUITS SEAT BELTS NOMEX GL9VES 'NOMEX UNDERWEAR GOGGL6S & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, C_A 91352 818::.768-7770 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, California 91935 (619) 66M727 Doug Fortin JERRY WOHLGEMUTH SALES REPFi.cSENTA TJVE ,, . Pre~~h~ •~T.M. c,7111. Systems sv Ratio Racing, LTD. ✓ Elimi11ate helmet shield fe19ln9, heat buildup, & bruthi11g/eati119 duat. For the largest selectio11 of hl9h p1rform1noe helmet ventilatio11 systems give u I call. Call 708-259-1810 42S S. Dt1nton Ave. or Fu 708-259-9705 Arll119to11 Heights, IL 60005-1907 ~ NOW· YOU CAN GEJ THE RACING GfARS TIE WINNERS ARE USING 'FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Mi 48026 (313)294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 ., ·. •--·• - , \ . MANIJl'ACTUIIERS OF_: · KRAKE ANO CLUTCH ASSY ...£EIIFORM.4NCEPROCIIC1S MASTER CYI. I NOERS Sl,AVF. CVl,I NOF.l!S TURN I NG & STAG! NG lll!AKES snJi:nrns ·. AVAILABLE AT FINEJI SPECIALTY SHOPS l OF.Al,ER I NQUII ! ES WELCOME 1 1158 FLINT STREET ~I ELSINORE, CA 92350 ~ .. . . ~ . PERFORMANCE PROO()CTS 909-24~-6050 FAX 909~245-6052 · JAMES GANG . RACING PRODUCTS ARLINGTON SHEET MET AL CORP. 13424 I~ Hwy. • -Fe S,,.., • CA 90670 Complete Race Car Fabrication, Pre Runners, Chase Trucks, Roll Cages, Bumpers, Suspensions, Tube Bending, Aluminum Fabrication, Engine Tuning Crew Chief Don Connors Phone (310) 921-2693 Fax (310) 926-0699 JG TRANSWERKS. "Go with a Proven Winner' Owner James Hall ~ Desert. Short Course & Street .VW Racing Transmissions Joe Giffin 1509 N: Kraemer, Unit 0 Anaheim, California 92806 JIMCO (714) 632-1240 OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROA.D SPECIALISTS" . 10965 HARTLEY RD. SUITE R SANTEE, CA 92071 MIKE JULSON JOHN COOLEY

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RACE CAR/PRE-RUNNER PREP & FABRICATION CUSTOM TRAILERS ..... Russ Jons• Molon,pons CUSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE Shop: (805) 968-1067 Fax: (805) 968-3438 - SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 Jon Kinne Eledrical Wiring Desert and Stadium Transmissions t Gauge Assemblies Automatic Trans. Specialist 809-F N. Lakeview Ave • Placentia, CA 92670 Tel/Fax 714-779-231 KARIS COMt-.lUNICATIONS, INC 3463 \1assill o n R<,ad, Su11c B l) nion1own, Ohio ·H685 216-699·1777 Fax : 216-699-1771 Athene Karis -KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS ..-f • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE • 2" DIAMETER, 6" TO 14" STROKE • AIR JACKS · • BALL JOINTS '3!-o~-e,'<>--.;; ~o<. <?'e'<>-r:,e \<.ee ~,o<-c,?>: e,O KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29th STREET, P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90805 T~LEPHONE (310) 595-0661 HONDA Power Equipment OUT BOARD ENGINE • GENERATOR SPECIALIST Kawaguchi Honda Corp. 3532 EAS1 ,o ST. LOS ANGEL, CA 90063 POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE ART KAWAGUCHI FAX (213) 264-2136 (213) 264-5858 LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETON STREET SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 (818) 768-0371 A luff line of• Steering gear:::, · pumps ano acc,.~soriet for ar.\' type of racing. Magm,flux an" Zyglo lac-iHhi:3 avaif~le. OFF ROAD SHOCK SERVICE iill'HTol - RACING d "BILSTEIN • FOX • MOTORCYCLE -14519 MAIN STREET UNIT B ' 619-244-9075 HESPERIA, CA. 92345 619-949-2453 LIN CO . TEMPERATURE STRIPS Easy to use, Inexpensive & accurate! All strips are sett adhesive and labeled in Fahrenhett and Celsius. Strips are $2.00 each or $1.75 each over ten. For a FREE brochure or to order, contact: LINCO 13337 E. South St., #344 Cerritos, CA 90701 Phone/Fax: (714) 821-6542 Engineering REVERSIBLE STf1 1PS allow constant te_mperaturc monItor-Ing Ranges from 32 to 194 F IRREVERSIBLE STRIPS record the maximum temperature reached of the item they are applied to. Ranges from 120° to 555'F. • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION 416 FLEETWOOD GLENDORA, CA 91740 (818) 857-RACE (818) 858-8852 FAX KENT LOTHRINGER MENDEOLA RACING Volkswagen -Porsche -Hewland OH-Road & Stadium Racing Transmissions Parts & Service 290 TROUSDALE #l&J CHULA VISTA CA 91910 619-691-1000 .FAX 619-691-1324 METAL SPIN.MING -.• ~R.FtALL_INDUSTRIES C;II (310) 928-9838 SUNDRY METAL CRAFTS ~ =LANGED 0:SC . 6729 Suva St. Bel! Gardens, CA 90201 ------ -- -------------+-THE ONLY REASON FOR NOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES ,IS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE Pu#~CING ENGINES Assembly- Machine Work~ Parts Engine Dyno Facility 10722 Kenney Street, SuHe C Santee, CA 92071 (619) 596-0886 Ken Major PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" - . 2366 E. IJrangethorpe Ave. Anaheim. CA 9?.806 Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 805-940-5515 r. • •&9it+ 1••1,•4+ • 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR., EL PASO, TX 79936 [9415] '85"7-5200 PIICICOB ..,_. Yoa Get It oat . KEEPS MUD, DffiT AND DEBRIS FROM STICKING 1 • WILL NOT HARM PAINT, STICKERS, PLASTICS OR MET Al ,S · . . ENVIRONMENTALLY SA.l•'E COMPLIES WITTI ALL TRACK REGULATIONS -. MUD, DIRT AND DEBRIS COME RIGHT OFF! FOR DEALER INQUJRIES OR TO FIND A DISTRIBUTOR NEAR YOU, CALL (800) 742-2122 OTHER RACERS DON'T WANT YOU TO READ IT "SPONSORS: How to Get One; How to Keep One" Everything you need to know; where to look, what your proposal must say. Find out what sponsors want from you and how to give them more than they ask for. The book is $19.95 plus $1.05 postage/handling. Send check or money order to: Nina Murphy, Murf Ink, . _ 1722 Wollacott St., Redondo Beach, CA 90278 R&ad the book, send me your proposal and I' II critique it for free.

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NSC WINS BIG AT THE BAJA 1000 "GO WHERE THE PRO'S GO" NSC Molorsports Suspension gives smooth.First Clas~ Finishes To 7 of i Classes, As Well As The First 5 To . : Finish Overall. · · CONGRATULATIONS.TO EACH OF YOU! Clas,1 1 & 1st Overall ...•.... •simon & Simon Ford F150 2X Class 8 & 2nd Overall ........ •Rob MacCachren Ford F150 2X Class 6 & 4th Overall ........ •Johr:i Swift Explorer 2X Class 4 & 5th Overall ........ •oavid Ashley Ford F150 4X · J. PENHAL~ · FABRICATIONS Jerry Penhall (714) 650-3035 WILLSrrR.USTS, OTHER 1\-LI\ TTERS TERESA. M. SANDERS ATTORNEY AT LAW MOSER & SANDERS Class 3 & 7th Overall ........ ·oan Smith Bronco 4X1L--------------------+-------------:--------t Class7S ................ Brown, . O'Brian & JohnSQn Ranger 2X 1880 8llbcoc:k Bldg. ,a Coeta 1,1..., ca 92827 Fax# (714) 450-4721 TELEPHONE (818) 892-2688 16921 PARTHENIA STREET, SUITE 301 SEPULVEDA, CALIFORNIA 91343 Class 7 . ... . ... .. .... .. .. .. . ... .. Scott Douglass Dakota 2X "Member BFG/Ford "Rough Aider· Off Road Race Team NSC Would Like To Thank Ail Seven Class Winners, Fo~"'onc&Again Counting On NSC Suspension Systems. You Too Can Have A Winnin. Aide With NSC Custom Computer Designed Leaf Springs. . For More Info, Please Call l!f!l!~::t:. 1:111111 / ■DIii / INlillll / ffll SIIIIGI Complete Race Prep 909 / 676-5594 38970 Yuma Ln. Temecula Ca 92592 BOB NETH Race Car Chassis Race Car Par:ts Aluminum bodies 1/2-1600 Motors And Trans Custom Machine Work & Fabrication Road Bu887 S1mpply 2525 E. 16th St. • Yuma, Az. 85~65 (602) 783-6265 • 1(800)231-8156 OFF IIOAO CHASSIS rf_"!/'1'4'.P "·'"? BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA Complete Off Road Preparation FOR ~UCKS. VANS & MINI TRUCKS PRE·RUN ~UCKS • CUSTOM SUSPF-N'ilON AXLE SERVICE• WELDING & FABRICATION Bill Montague Est. 1174 (714) 711-1460 PARKER PUMPER HELMET S VINEYARD ONTARIO, CA 91761 .~09-923-7016 FAX ,09-923-3118 - . -- -COMPANY ~\ll sto11 ...... ~ ~ ~ Todd Francis ~ Pr1ci1io11 llloy, /,Id, fll. 700 N.E. 117th StrNt II \ Vancouver, WA Neas.~ ~ » Phone ~'J.r; ~9,CJ Fax 360-574-5474 on & 360:..576-1109 STEVE BARTON • OWNERS LEE FINKE RACE SHOCK • I a • • • COMPANY Light Truck, Sport UtHity, RV & Racing Shocks 1711 West Culver #1 Phoenix, Arizona 85007 RoughCOW\try Off-Road Racing Shocks TEL: (602) 254-0744 FAX: (602) 493-0975 ·,<'~XcHANGE QUALITY PRE•DWNED RACE CARS & PARTS CHRIS COLEMAN 10806 Prospect Ave. #6 • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 258-8544 FAX (619) 258-4266 ··• . ····~cD • • • • ••••• • •••• RACE CAR DYNAMICS OFF ROAO RACE CARS 3552 FOWL.ER CYN RO. JAMUL., CA S'J 935 PH. CB'J91 440-2S'f4 FAX CB 'f 91 ISBB04237 JIM ASBURY LAURA • I .. RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT" HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89041 (702) 372-5335 1S!!!Aft,!! , _d)l7 Computerized Vinyl Lettering_/< /J;C..CQ. . .'-' v,J./\l-TIM CECIL I tl!..fS'. S ~ . ~< 4010 N. Palm Street, #103, Fullerton, California 92635 ... (714) 447-3581 · Fax (714) 870-9132 §f(jW f~f;H ~~w~1~ ~J ""~===, 5101 GALWAY CR., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92649 (714) 8974>075 FAX (714) 894-9567 .QI SITE ~ · IWlfRS · wvroN ~ · CNI I.ETIEIIN,· rNJIIIXS 15855 Dell View Rd. El Cajon, California 92021 Steve Spirkoff/Owner 619/561-2913 · ~~o (213)583-2404 SANQER_S SE'RVICE, IN.C. METAL PROCESSING . . . . . . ... . 5921 WIimington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 L'\'TERCOM SYSTEMS -HE~TS WIRED - HAND HELD RADIO~ .. ·A.c"ITENNAS-LEASING . SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL. DALE JOHNSON FLOURESCENT INSPECTION . LarrySmtth 10319 LOS ALAMITOS BLVD. (310)-59~9418 l{l~ AJA~s»r ~ ,0720 (3~~~59"-43'7 FAX Mark Smith

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All other inquiries, contact Sports Racing at P. 0. Box 610, Long Beach, CA 90801 310-518-7318 Straight t i-----------Ent ALUMINUM _WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31420 96TH STREET EAST LITTLEROCK, CA 93543 8051944-2719 OFF ROAD RACING SPECIALISTS WEI.DII\G • FABRICATCN • FLAMEClffT/1\G • FRCNTENDS • REARTRAIUNGARMS RACE OtASS/5 • PRERIJN/'ERS • FOX RAOI\G SHJX LARRY ROSEVEAR 13450YNAMICS. IJNITO ANAHEIM, C4 92806 PHONE {714/ 991Hl260 FAX {714/ 996-6405 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20155 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-700·9712 FAX 818·700·0947 Trackside-. Photo, Inc. Jim Ober 310-s1p;.sa91 · Commercial ~hotog,;aphy P.O. B?x 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 ·'..--------------------.. lfACE !HANS BY JEFF RELJ)'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEE~NG. JEFF FIELD 818-998-2739 9833 Deering UnltH Chatsworth, CA 91311 TRANSMISSIONS WEST · Spsclallzlng kl High Pert. Transaxlss • vw • PORSCHE • OFF ROAD WE RACE WHAT WE SEU. CUSTOM RACE CAR FAS. MIG & TIG WELDING DAN MATHEWS 6925 Aragon Circle Unit 25 (714) 521-2019 Bueno Pork. CA 90620 (714) 523-0558 TURBO BLUE IIM:lng Bao/Ins 4'oca~ 8446 Garfield Ave. • Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201 • (310) 928-2278 Lyn Mocaby Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp (UMP). 619/449-9690 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS. 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE-CA 92071 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEAMER SYSTEMS. FULL LINE OF POWER STEERING fOR ALL TYPES ·vF RACING.& RECREATIONAL VEHICLES PRODUCTION SHO? (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.) Louie Unser Engines RATTLESNAKE MOTORSPORTS, INC. LOUIE UNSER 1100 E. Ash Avenue, Suite C Fullerton, California· 92631 Phone and Fax (714) 879-8440 VIDEO VENDOR, OFF-ROAD RACE vmEOS VIDEO PORTFOLIOS IN CAR CAMERAS FROM $ll5.00 OFF ROAD RACE VIDEOS FROM $15.00 BUSINESS COMMERJCALS FROM $85.00 VEHICLE ADVERTISING FROM $30.00 QUALITY FUELS FOR MOTORSPORTS (909) 674-9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Automotive • A TV • Motorcycle 1815 Massachusetts Ave 909/369-5144 Riverside, CA 92507 Fax 909/369-7266 (310) 598-2731 WEddLE ENGiNEERiNG .. Exclusive distributor of I.Dck-Righr'"'VW Locking Differentials PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLE PROl)UCTS Billet Super-Diffs, Gearsets, Hard to Find New and Used Parts Whole5aleiRetall. Dealer 1nctulrle5 Welcome P.O. Box 15466 Long Beach, CA 90815 . \ ~ Off Road Race Truclfs • Pre Runners Chassis Design • Engineering • Fabrication Dale White Racing 3940 Maranatha Circle Las Vegas. NV 89103 102-811-166I Adam Wik 1994 SCORE ENGINE BUILDER OF THE YEAR From Parts to Complete Engines Engine Dyno Service 535 East Central Park Anaheim, CA 92802 714-956-9457

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~ . HEUVINK CONSULTING Pun, I(' RFI ATIONS ~ MARKETINC Eo HEUVtNK PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C . JACOBS Off Road Products , Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom \I/heels CAtTENIIAGF.SIRMT 5511. 1411 CS NAARDEN Tl!E NF.TIIF.Rl.ANIJS n, 01 u1.2159 ~3464. FAx oi Ul.2159 53452. HOME 011.31 .30 210095 Cioodby Mark • Godspeed The big blue Trophy-Truck was hurtling along at 80 miles an hour. It vaulted a six foot high road crossing, and landed. squarely in a booby-trapped mud puddle on the other side. Torrents of water sprayed 30 feet in the air all around the truck, but did not slow its momentum. The driver, drenched by the mud, rocks and debris thrown up by his two ton truck, was momentarily blinded. And he was heading right toward me. An instant before he would have run me down, the driver expertly flkked the steering wheel slightly to the left and the truck sped safely past me, nearly grazing my camera lens. "Great shot!" Mark Gleckl told me when he saw my video. "But you're nuts! How could you just stand there?" "The guy's a professional, right?" I sa\d with a grin. "l knew he'd find a way to save it." "Nuts!" Mark repeated. The role of a TV cameraman at a desert race is a thankless job. Position yourself too far away from the track, you gei: lousy shots - dull, boring, stupid. Cars driving on a road. Stand too close, however, you and your $40 .000 camera eat dust all day. Rocks whiz around you like a meteorite shower. ~est case scenario: our camera survives, after a thorough cleaning, to roll tape another day. Worst case scenario: You and/ or your camera get hit and hurt. At the 1995 Fireworks 250, Mark Olecki was staring right at that worst case scenario. Standing at the end of a long straightaway, he was looking through his viewfinder at one of the greatest shots he had ever videotaped. Two Trophy-Trucks were battl-ing for track position, hurtling right toward him at over 80 miles an hour. Terrifying? No, thrilling. The kind of shot you dream of. Bursting with energy, excitement, drama. A little bumping, maybe a crash! For once, you were right there. Not a zillion miles away. Damn right, it was thrilling. But dangerous? What goes through a cameraman's mind at that Ecauipment Loss in Baja By Charli David We thought Dusty Times should know what happened to us at the Baja 500, June ·3, 1995. While we have had our share of troubles racing, this time our luck · ran complete! y out. We rolled the truck and it caught fire and burned. W e were about 75 miles into the race. Our new fire extinguisher did not work, and no one else around had one. There were 10 or 12 vehicles and about 50 to 75 Mexicans there. The Mexicans tried to put out the fire by throwing sand on it, but the blaze was too strong. We thank these bystanders for their efforts to help us. We lost the truck, but intend to rebuild and get back to racing as soon as we can. We will be back better and stronger than ever. This was a financial set back for us and to our commitment to race the entire SCORE Series, and to my crew who have been dedicated to keeping our 739 truck racing. We were racing in Class 7S with a 94 Ford Ranger up to the point of the roll over. The truck was working well and it probably ( with a lot more luck than we had) was one of the best chances we had of winning. See you at the races.! Additional Photo Pg. 63 . ■-739 caught fire almost immediately after rolling, just past Ojos Negros. The crew escaped with no serious injuries exiting the rig. Dusty Times PRESIDENT 9□6STATE MILL ROAD AKRON. OHIO 44319 (216) 644-7774 moment? Plenty of things. You congratulate yourself on finding such a great spot. Sure, it looks like you're standing on line to get hit. But in a second, both trucks are supposed to make a 90 degree right turn at your shoetips and go careening off in a new direction. Viewers will gasp. It'll be a great piece of video. What do you feel? You're just a piece of the equipment: the camera holder. You feel like you're detached - someplace else, just watching it on the black and white TV through your viewfinder. Your zoom lens can pull in things miles away and make them look like they're right in you lap. So maybe those Trophy-Trucks weren'.t that close. And besides, these guys are professionals. They'll find a way to save it! Right? Mark Olecki believed that until the instant he was struck and killed. He barely moved. Mark Olecki had been a cameraman of the greatest skill for 15 years. His shots were legendary. They were elaborately conceived, like those of a great 2733 W. Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 850 I 7 movie cinematographer. Beauti-fully executed. Award winning. His last shot could have been his greatest: Walker Evans' truck touched its right front wheel against Ivan Stewart's truck's left rear wheel. The contact spit Walker's truck sideways, into the air, dancing on two wheels. Any other driver was heading for a godawful rollover. But Walker saved it -by steering left, into the direction he was going to roll. Anywhere else, it would have been a miraculous save. But this time there was a cameraman standing right there. For those of us who saw it, it was a nightmare than won't stop playing in our minds. Do you want the bad news, or the really bad news? The bad news is, your friend was run over and killed. But it gets worse: at the wheel was another friend. You weep bitterly -for them both. It's hard to find solace in the death of Mark Olecki, a man who loved life, laughter, his work and -most of all - his family.Two who did the best job of finding it were Dave Despain, the eloquent TV Jack Woods (602) 242-0077 announcer, and Mark's wife, Maria. To paraphrase Despain's fine eulogy at Mark's memorial service, there are two kinds of. people on this Earth: those who live in fear of death and deny it, and those who revel in life· and defy death. As a cameraman and a racer1 (karts and bikes) in his own right, Mark never took the chances some of us take. He wouldn't shoot video from helicopters. He wouldn't stand in the crazy places some of us would stand. He savored life, but lived every day like it might be his last. Especially when it came to his family. "Husbands remember this: Whenever Mark left home, he would tell me how much he loved me," Maria said. "He made a special point of telling me that before leaving the last tithe. You can't know how much that means to me now." In one more day, the Gleckls would have been married 18 years. Mark Olecki left home in search of yet another perfect shot. This time, he didn't come back. -Jerry Garrett BERGLAS RANGER EXPLORER BRONCO II FULL SIZE FROM MILD TO WILD PRE RUN TO RACE EXCEPTIONAL LOOKS COMPLETE KITS 100% FUNCTIONAL PROVEN IN THE BAD LANDS OF BA.IA August 1995 •· Page 61

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: New Triple EEE_ Aluminum Superlite transmis-sion. HD spooler, 7 .26 gears. Paid over $1,400 will sell for $1,000.00. ALSO FOR SALE: New Wright Rack 1:1 $300.00. Call Dave Evesat(715 )627-2611 in Wisconsin or see me at SODA races with new Genesis SODA Lite. FOR SALE: Rear disc brakes with axles. Out of Ford nine inch. One ton studs. Five lug pattern -$250.00 firm. Ask for Ezra, call any day after 5:00 pm. Also for sale C-6 transmission, rebuilt to stock -$200.00 (310) 377-9639. JOIN THE RAD TEAM: One of the World's Largest Non-Profit , Racing Teams - FREE RAD Team Racing Hat, Patch, RAD Team Decals, RAD Newsletters, Membership Card.Join with over 15,000 members! Call 1800-2-JOIN-IT! Ext. 1616. NOW AVAILABLE on Video tape. 1995 Parker 400 as well as 1993 Parker 400, 1993 Baja 1000. All tapes include exclusive behind the scenes and interviews wltop racers. $20.00 each. Send check or money order to: Chris Rowland, 15252 Seneca Rd. #113, Victorville, CA 92392. FOR SALE: Class 11, 197 4 . Raced only once. Fresh engine & trans w/ super cliff, BFG, Bilstein, Fuel Save, Carbeau seats, Parker Pumper, PCI radios w/ inter com, Many spares, $5,500.00. Includ-ing trailer, Call Tim (714) 730-3689. Racing tires for Sale: Custom made for trophy truck racing or ultimate Pre Runners that do not want flats! 37xll.50x17. Tires $75.00ea. plus shipping. Will sell all for special dtscount. 100 available: 80 Bridgestones, 20 General. Specially made for Roger Mears racing available exclusively thru Baja Concepts. (Don't bother Roger!) Visa/ MC/ Amex accepted. (619) 583-6529 or Fax (619) 583-1851. FOR SALE: Class 2 pre-run race new. 2300cc Leighton, arpm, dry sump, new bus trans w/4:86, £tc, 'Ump pwr steering, Bilsteins, Summers, fuel cell, Wright, Yoks's $11,300.00 or trade for motorcycles, quads, motorhome, boat. Call (714) 758-9802. FOR SALE: Class 2 or 10 Sandhawk, complete Wright front end, Seco 3x3 arms, JAMAR pedals, Mastercraft, Simpson belts, Baja blower: 1641 motor & bus trans. $4,500.00 oho -2180 motor & race trans, $6,000.00 oho. Super starter car. (916) 381-8558. *FOR~1SALE: FA.ROUT 1-160(( I "All or Part" custom built for Ren Sport Racing by Derick at Finishline Prep. This beautiful car FOR SALE: 1-1600, new Major motor, fresh Mendeola trans, Wright combos, ½N Fox Shox, Mastercraft, Fuel Safe, Flame Out, power steering, new stub Axles, c.v.s, Sway-A-Way plates and springs, lite, fast, tough. Price reduced to $1 0 ,000 .00. Come with complete spare race engine, dump cans, etc. (619) 588-9226. Wanted: Drive for Baja 1000 with good, reliable team. Car, truck or buggy. Experienced in off road, pro rally, road racing. Quick, easy on equipment. Finisher in last two 1000s to La Paz. Possible magazine coverage. Must be on BFGoodrich. Ed Jacobs (216) 644-7774. is complemented with the best of everything that money can buy for limited class racing. Fox shocks, FAT motor, BFG's, Centerlines. Excellent Car! Comes with a tremendous amount of spare parts, pieces, pit boxes, tires, wheels, etc. TOO MUCH TO LIST. The whole car and package can be yours for only $13,800! or $9,000 car only: make an offer! Contact Baja Concepts Ref #418. (619) 583-6529. MUST SALE: 5-1600, All Chro--1 moly, FAT, Mendeola, only 1000) race miles since new, Prepped&. FOR SALE: 1985 Raceco, 2 ready to race. $8,000.00 OR: seater, Class 2 or BITCH EN , BEST OFFER. ~LSO: All pit & , , prerunner, UMP ps, FAT type 4, chase gear, radios, spares, etc. · FOR SALE: Proven Winner! Bus Bux wltorque limiters, $1,~00.~0 OR BEST OFFER.I Triple EEESuperlite, won MTEG Hew land gears, Mastercraft, Chns Khckdays(208)726-3220, San Diego Race in 95. Car is like Yoko's, Centerlines, VERY good eves (208) 788-4359. new! The best money can buy. looking car! Coil over front, FOR SALE: 1985 Toyota Stock 400cc motor, new Billet clutch, shocks in rear wi res., outboard Mini 4x4, FOX, National Springs, new brakes, new shocks, every- CVs, Jamar pedals, pumpers, Parker Pumper, 22 gallon Fuel thing is new. Tons of spare parts, lights, trick body. Steal it fast. Cell, Fuel Injected much more, including new spare engine. LOWERED TO: $15,900 oho plus spares. $6,000.00 OBO. CALL Doug Davenport (702) firm. Baja Concepts Ref #423. Must sell. Call Jerry (909) 790-876-4600. (619) 583-6529. 9263. ------------FOR SALE: FULL BLOWN FORD CLASS 8 W einermont tuned & rebuilt, Kuster, Big Travel, Position Sensitive, Sway Bar,650HP, lost of new parts, and Everything Fresh, complete pack-age. Super Trick: Must see!! Con-tact Rich Minga for details and photos, $68,000.00. Ref #430. (619) 583-6529. ~· .'J!; ~ , . FOR SALE: 91 Ford Ranger pre-runner / Chase truck-Built to last and made to haul ass! 302, V-8, C-6, 9", caged bumper to bumper, 2 tire rack glass bubble fenders, 10 Rancho Take-A-Parts, Beards, Full harness B& M, Le Carrea, Alpine, Fuel Cell, paint (white/ gray, red strip and cage). Test flights available. $11,500.00. Daniel (619) 355-1500. ,.. ........ - -------- - ---..... - - -----... - - ---------.... 'iiiii",_.___...~ .... ._.._------~ -....--~ , . · Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in _ I I I I I I I . DUSTY TIMES. : Classified Advertising rate is only $20. for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of black and white photo,. or a very sharp color print. NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If you wish to use a photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I I I I: I I I I I I I I Enc1osed is$ ____ _ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. : : Name---------------------------------Address --------'----------------Phone-------City ·------~----~----,--,-----: State _____ Zip~--Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street Chatsworth, CA)h31 l-4408 .I I I I·. .. ' Page6t August 1995 FOR SALE: Fod Fab Class 1 , $14,000.00!!! No motor o r tranny. Pro built Awesome Car! 16,. Travel in front w/ Fox R,·s. Shocks and FodFab trailing Arms and Beam, King Kong Spindles and Pins, 20" Travel in re,ir, Remote torsion w /secondary, Willwood disc & calipers all around, Summers Hubs, etc., etc!! Best deal on our books! Ref# 361 , Baja Concepts (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Chevy Class 8, '92 and '93 La Rana champ, Class 8 · legal anywhere. 22,. front & rear: travel, ¼ Liptics, Kuster shocks'. with bypass tubes, Dana 60 40 · spline, custom spindles, 350 ci motor. First class parts through-out. Trade for pre-run truck? & · cash. Just lowered to'$4 3,000.00. Baja Concepts Ref #428 (619) 583-6529. Complete race team, all or part. Class 11 D & 1-1600, very best parts available air pumpers Wright, Sway-Away, FOX (GEin Berge) each car has new PPG colors, new motor and spare motor, :ero hours, tons of spares l lD-$4,000.00.1-1600-$8,000 Calvin Bailey, Indiana. (219) 892-6289 or (219) 892-5867. FOR SALE: Great Glen Helen car. Chenowth Chromoly 1-1600. Last raced Ventura short course. BFG, Simpson, Beard, Halon, Centerlines. $3,800.00 firm Eves: (805) 484-2508, days: (805) 658-1952. FOR SALE: Class 9 Chenowth 2 seater built by Baja Concepts. New prep, Bilsteins w /VW suspension in front, Sway-A-Way torsion and spring plates, JG Transwerks, Engine Machine Service. Spares include: spindles, arms, torsion bars, spring plates, shocks, radios, helmets, driving suits, ETC!! Driver changing classes, everything goes for $7 ,000'.00 CALL FAST!! Baja Concepts Ref #398 (619) 583-6529. Dusty Times

Page 63

FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum, MTEG points championship stadium car. Best of everything. Long travel extra wide coil-over shocks w I adj. Bypass tube shocks. Call Frank Arciero Jr. (714)632-0134. -FOR SALE: WINNING 7S, 89 Ford Ranger. Excellent condition: Race ready! Ted Kendall built, Ex-Douglas Bros. truck, 12-14" travel in both front and back. Art Carr Trans, Summers rear, Clark Steppler motor, best of best, tons of SPARES INCLUDED! Cherry $18,000.00 Baja Concepts Ref #436 (619) 583-6529.-FOR SALE: SODA Class 1 or 9 No motor or tranny. 5 link Fox air ride rear and Fox front. $3,800.00. Call (715) 344-5445. FOR SALE: Trailer, 45' Great Dane Ride simi. 18kv gen. 45x15' awning, 90gal. diesel tank, rear and side doors. Full length belly boxes. 5 hp 40 gal. comp. Tig 250 amp welder.Too much to list!!! In great condition. Perfect for any team. Only $25,000.00. Baja Concepts Ref #332 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Class 3 Jeep Scram-bler, Fresh 401 motor, GM 400 tranny, Quadra-T rac transfer case, Rancho Shocks, Dana 44 front end, 9" Ford full-floater rear end, stored in garage two years, priced to make room in shop $6,000.00, plus four 14" Fox Shox wl reservoirs and ten 14" Fox Shox w I o reservoirs. Ask for Gerald (800) 441-1163. FOR SALE: Class 9 2 seater Fox, Sway-A-Way, Neal, Jamar, Filler safety, Fuel Safe spare parts include shocks, torsion bars, spring plates, tires, fuel cans uniform, helmet, car is "Race Prepared" and ready to go. Asking $3,000.00 OBO. Phone: (209) 227-5742. ' WANTED TO BUY - Class 2-1600 must be competitive car with or without motor. Fax info to (310) 905-3458. Attn: Tom, or call Tom at (310) 905-3456 days or (714) 449-9196 eves. FOR SALE: VW Bus trans, 4.57 r'np wl close ratio gearing, mid mount, 930 flanges, fresh, exc. prerunner unit $900.00_ Also Coleman portable generator, 800 watt w/2-110 outlets and built in 12 volt-10 amp battery charger $325.00. Call Bob at (714) 996-6550. FOR SALE: Superlite with Trip le E transmission, Fresh Klemm motor, Fox Shox (rear), Bilsteins (front), power bloc clutch, lots of extras; radiator, tires clutch, A-Arms, and much more $6,800.00. Call Norm days ( 714) 996-0301, evenings (909) 678-1424. WANTED: Used Road Rally Equipment-Curtas, Steven wheels, Reader Boards, Timewise clocks and computers. Call Peter at (201) 633-9069. FOR SALE: Dan Smith BRON-CO/Enduro Racing, Class Three Champion - 1993, 1990, 1989. Heavy Metal Champion - 1993, 1990, 1989, Baja 1000 Winner -1993, 1992, 1990, 1989. Plus wins at Baja 500, Goldcoast, Fireworks 250, Parker 400, Nevada 400 (Mint), San Felipe 250, Nevada 500 and the Mojave 250. Sold Race Ready with "Tons of Spares". For details call (909) 381-4088. $58,900.00. FOR SALE: Mirage all chromoly 2 seater 2340 Wasserboxer (water cooled Vanagan). New coil over beam with Fox all the way around. Fox bumps, Wright, SAW, Jamar, Beard, Dura Blue, 2¼ Woods, Big Links power steering. Car is fresh with new body. $9,000.00 OBO. Jeff Elrod (408) 926-0522. FOR SALE: '69 Conv. Baja Project was Class. 10 car, $15,000.00 plus invested, 1650cc and bus trans, have less than 500 miles, Fuel Cell, Beard, 5pt., Centerlines, Summers Bros, and more. Needs completion to FOR SALE: '93 Class 9 Suspen-sions unlimited, Stroh-built fresh motor & trans, Fox, Beard, Wright, Fuel-safe, flame-out, Ump, Yokohama, 3rd Baja 1000 '93, 4th in Class F.R.T. '94, very competitive, $6,000.00 Mon-Fri days(619)562-7024,eves(619) 292-8926. · be street legal, parts are worth it. $6,900.00. Dallas, Texas area (214) 335-2228. Dusty Times Hi! I have just bought a 1988 Mazda 323 GTX with the turbo and 4wd. This is one serious car!! I plan to run some pro rally events in the Pacific northwest and I'm looking for anyone with info, tips, stories, parts, whatever, let's chat. (604) 746-8282. Working Hollywood actor seeks ride for SCORE Baja 1000 and other SCORE or La Rana events. Trucks or fast Class preferred. Can help with expenses and may be able to bring other perks. Send·· to S.S., P.O. Box 666, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. FOR SALE: 1988 36' Interna-tional Transporter: Professionally built, 7 .3 ltr. turbo diesel, 5 plus 2 trans, only 16K miles. Living qtrs-11 ', shower, bed, complete kitchen, A/C, heat, 140 gal. fresh, CD stereo. Car area-17', hardwood floor winch, alum. ramps, cabinets, locker, tire rack. Honda 6.5 kw gen. on sliders. 36' x 15' alum. fully encl. canopy, elec. outlets & lights inside/ out, alarm, tow package. Imron paint, belly boxes wltons of storage. Excellent cond. garage, very trick, reg. as R.V. Sacrifice $49K, call Todd at (702) 825-1863. FOR SALE: 1-1600 1993 Suspension unlimited fresh eng "0" miles all FAT products. DJ Trans, FTC GEARS, stainless cliff, "0" miles, new rear arms, FOX, Ump, Beard, Jamar, Wright, all quality proven parts, this car has very few miles. $15,000.00 (208) 345-6451, (208) 322-4409. FOR SALE: 2 time Class 13 SODA points champion. 1991 Ford 2wd, Kuster duel stage coil over front suspension, National¼ Liptic rear, Summers axles, Dana 60, small block Chev, alum heads 650 hp. Turbo 400, Race Ready, spare parts $28,000, $18,000 w/out motor & trannys. (414) 739-7834. FOR SALE: Yaesu VHF-fm radio. Perfect chase or pit radio, 32 channel, alpha-numeric display, 5,25,50 watt output, scanning features, priority channel & many other features. Plus 2 Mag mount antennas. $450.00. Call Paul (714) 968-1221 wk. (714)636-0480 hm. G)Q·•. F.OR SALE: '93 Probst Berrien @0 ' · .. · '~ Laser, Class 2, 10. Billy Becks,. QUICK SALE: Dodge Ram, Professionally built, Fiberglass fenders and hood, full cage. Rear end, 727 race tranny, high stall converter, Fox (3 per side), 14" rear travel. 12-13" front travel, National Springs, BIG gas tank, 360 ci haul ass motor. Ultra Wheels. Yoko's, 3 Beards seats. Art Carr, Stereo, Race radio, 2 batteries, 2 spares, AC: NEW PRICE $16,000.00 Baja Concepts Ref #305 (619) 583-6529. SPEED, SAFETY, RELIABIL-ITY, Proven International rallysport technology can give you the edge over the opposition. Drive faster, safer with less breakage and wear. Take the guess work out of desert racing. Interested? Contact Stuart Roberts at Concepts International (NZ) LTD, P.O. Box 46-147, Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Fax: 64-9-483-5581. Coil Spring Car, all new, Mazda 3 litre, 3 rabbits, 2 Mendola trans_,~ Bead locks, Goodyears, Alumin-um radiator, Beard seats, new 3" belts, Bilstein shocks, many spares. Best of everything $19,500 U.S., will deliver (613) 962-7850. FOR SALE: 1977 C700 car hauler for sale. Has 6.5 Onan generator, air compressor need motor work, $15K OBO. (310) 317-2292. WANTED!! Sponsors to put truck to the top. Truck very consistant and have many 2nds. Cannot afford to buy goodies to get to # 1 in CSDRA Racing events. Have been seen in national magazine and on TV. Only serious inquiries please. Call Tim• (605) 224-6319. FOR SALE: 1975 19½" Taur4s. Travel Trailer, dual axle, elec. brakes, bath refir, oven, new cush-ions & mini-blinds. ALSO 73 VW Thing rebuilt beam with new Bilsteins, floor pan painted and undercoated, no motor or trans $1,500.00. Call Bruce after 5 p.m. (818) 704-1760. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Barbary Coast -Gold Coast Hotels • • • • • • • • • 8 Bilstein Corp. of America • • • • • • • 19 Brush Run 101 • • • • • • • • • • • 21 ~iii:-1....k.:,, .. -'C:"'"...._,..~:._...,.-J Cactus Racing Products • • • • • • • • 36 FOR SALE: Top of the line equip-ment in the trickiest 1-1600 Neth single seater and 2-1600 Neth winner of the Baja 500, 94 & 93 and first Baja 1000, 92, lots of parts, extra egnine, new Hatz on both cars. Race Prep by Bob Neth, ready to win. Contace Papas & Beer Racing - 01152617-17890_ FOR SALE: Class 5-1600, 1994 FRT Pt. champ, rebuilt eng w/new heads by Paul Smiley (Trans tech), new fingers;torsion bars, spring plates, front springs & front Bilsteins. New tranny by Transtech. Older chassis but great race car. $5,650.00 firm. (619) 344-0340/(619) 344-4927. EXPERIENCED BAJA CHAS-ERS wanted by Class 8 racer for the 1000 in Nov. Serious inquiries only. Call (310) 317-2292. Don-A-Vee Jeep Eagle • • • • • • • • 31 Enduro Racing , , , • • • • , • • , 6 FAT Performance • • • • • • • • • • 53 Rod Hall Driving School , • • • , , • 38 German Auto • • • • • • , , • • • • 4 Glen Helen McKenzie Series 11 Honda, BMW. Sea Ooo of North Hollywood • • • • • • • • 17 Kawaguchi Honda • • , • • • • , • • 35 McKenzies Performance Products • • • , • 16 & 43 Michigan Off Road Nationals ••• , • 5. Mirage Racing Products • • • • • • • 25 Nevada Off Road Buggy • • • • • • • 39 Off Road Fiberglass , • • • • • • • • 61 Parker Pumper • • • • • • • • • • • 44 P.C.I. Race Radios & Equipment • , • • 13 Pike's Family Restaurants • • • • • • • 33 Race Ready Products • • • • • • • • • 32 Race Shock Company • • • , • • • • 4 7 Reid Pro • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 22 Reno 400 • • • • • • • • • • • • • 23 Reno Race • • • • •• ·• • • • • • • 26 Road America Off Road Race • • • • • 7 Rose Traction Control • • • • • • • • 4 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge • • • 2 SNORE Midnight Special • • • • • • • 9 Sway-A-Way Company • • • • • • • • 15 Toyota Motorsports • • • • • • Back Cover Tri-Mil Industries • • , • • • • • • • 49 Ultra Wheel • • • • • • • • • • • • 29 Valley Performance • • • • • • • • • 37" Whiplash Motorsports • • • • • • 1 O & 33 Wilch Sales • • • • • • • • • • • • 54 Wright Place • , • • • • • • • • • • 55 Yarnell Specialties. Inc. • • • • • • • , 27 ,. , FOR SALE: Class 5 chassis with convertible body. Great pre-ru, 1er or race. Set-up for long tr .. vel suspension. Misc. parts available. Must sell before my wife throws me out! $850.00. Call ( 714) 281-0728 or Pager (310) 762-3133. Bystanders really pitched in by throwing gobs of sand on the fire but the truck was pretty well gutted. Photos: Matt Frick. August 1995 Page 63 \

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INNING Is l'Hf ONLY PDr 1 CONSTANTLYC A Toyota, we completely disassemble our trucks after every race. We replace or improve virtually all of the parts. But over the last 38 years, there is one component we just can't seem to find a way to replace. Our passion and determination to be the best. Believe it or not, trucks can talk. And they have some pretty amazing stories to tell, each one with a valuable lesson. So we listen. And we constantly look for smarter and safer solutions to transfer to the trucks we build for you. Because it's not just about being in the lead. It's about leadership. So, even though we've enjoyed unprecedented success in off-road racing, our most coveted victory is coming in first with our customers. OUR AtlNDS A,,_ A&.W'AYS RA.Cl