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1995 Volume 12 Number 4 Dusty Times Magazine

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Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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PRESENTS THE SATURPAY MAY ljfh CALIENTE, NEVAPA Friday Pre Run 9:00 am 'Tit Dusk Bench Racing all Day (and Night Too !) Saturday 6-42 MILE LAPS 5 LAPS FOR CHALLENGERS, MINI METAL, 5/1600 4 LAPS FOR CLASS 11 7:00 am -9:00 am Sign up and Tech. at the Knotty Pine Restaurant 9:15 am Drivers Meeting at Start/Finish 10:00 am Race Starts -------------------------------------------------------ENTRY FEE .CLASS 9 ENTRY 5-1600 ENTRY SPORTSMAN TRUCK AND BUGGY RACE MANAGEMENT FEE INSURANCE ALL CLASSES PRESENTED BY $310.00 $160.00 $160.00 $75.00 $10.00 $95.00 -------------------------------------------------------4!0- IR1rrri:rl CACTIJ l~I ~~/ ,v,' ~ DUSTY TIMES ~, IIA(f!J.f (KQJ .JA~ FUfJ,-_ ~ ~~"V LUCE RADIOS 'Fn'XSHOX ~ T0'1LPERfORUAIICE DANCHO -~ ,,_._..,. Ill r, .. SUSPENSION. T~!1f!1 (y).t_!!) ~--e

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Volume 1 i - Number 4 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Michael Ward Bekki Wikel Controller John Calvin Circulation 0. Osborne Contributors Jim Baker C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Carol Clark Don Dayton John Elkin Homer Eubanks Don Holbrook Martin Holmes D:miel Mainzer Ken & Nicole Ruff Bob-Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Terry Silbaugh Darryl Smith Judy Smith. Tony Tellier _ _T rackside Photo Inc. Art Director Larry E. Worsham ,.SNAPSHOT April 1995 ___,,ILL■ OffllOAD IACIIIG IIUOH Subscription Rates: JIJrfdSeriescf~RtpngGD $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subs~ription rates on request. Contributions: DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class ' . Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. OF THE MONTH ••• .. ~~~ d. We dug this photo out of a long forgotten file and these girls are members of the Shady Lady Race Team who competed in a two seat buggy back in the late 70s, early eighties, somewhere _in there. They did OK too in the more relaxed competition of the era in restricted classes. Standing in thereat, left to right, are Chris Phillips and Sharon Julson while in front, left to right, are SandyT urley and Michie Vinge. We see Michie all the time at current races, but don't know if the other three are still involved in off road racing. Photo by Center Line. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar interest on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Black & white prints, 5x7 or 8x10 preferred but clear color prints will be considered. Dusty Times April 1995 In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page SCORE Nature's Recipe Parker 400 by Judy Smith ........... 12 MTEG Stadium Racing at Anaheim by Homer Eubanks ....... 18 Whiplash Motorsports 1994 Awards by Tony Tellier ......... 22 Glen Helen Season Opener ................................ 23 SCORE Tecate Trophy-Trucks at Parker by Judy Smith ....... 24 Whiplash Vulture Mine Race by Tony Tellier ................ 26 SNORE Bottom Dollar Race by Jean and John Calvin ......... 32 Nissan King Cab Report by John Calvin ..................... 35 WRC Monte Carlo Rally by Martin Holmes ................. 36 SODA Awards Banquet by Barb & Marilyn Schultz .......... 38 SCCA Sand Hills PRO Rally .............................. 40 CRS Hig!-i Desert Stages by John Elkin .......... ............ 42 FRT King of the Desert Race by Judy Smith ................. 46 DEPARTMENTS SNORE & Checkers Banquets by Jean Calvin ................ 4 Trail Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Checkers Column by El Chismoso of El Chinero ............. 25 FAIR News by Dave Massingham .......................... 45 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Spirit Pits at Parker by Sam Wilshire ....................... 53 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23, 54 ON THE COVER-We feature a pair of champions from SCORE's first race in 1995, the Nature's Recipe Parker 400. As most know Mike Julson won the race overall with Bob Lofton in aJimco powered by a Type 4 VW engine stretched out to 2880cc. Dr. Porsche's original idea still works well in the desert. We can't compare total times with the Trophy-Trucks because they ran a different course at Parker. Their lap times were all close, the first two within a minute, and the last another minute faster. Congratulations on a fine Class 1 effort. It is keen to see young folks that you watched grow up in off road racing do well and we congratulate Scott Steinberger and Larry Plank on their victory in Class 7S in the Ford Ranger. They started with a pair of 46 minute laps and finished with a 40 minute lap, and they took the lead about midway in the fray, hard to tell with a three lap ev·ent, and they drove on to glory winning in nine hours flat, Color photography by Track side Photo Inc. ta S~7odae/ DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! D 1 year - $15.00 □ 2 years - $25.00 D 3 years - $35.00 Take advantage of your subscription bonus •• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name ___________ ~-----------Address ____________________ _ I City I I State ___________ Zip __________ _ I I I I Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES I I 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004 I ( Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates on request) Page 3

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The Banquet Circuit By Jean Calvin seven race series is growing popular with folks from other states so it should be another . good year. January is the month that most one free entry, Jeremy Gubler The Checkers Pit Club had a clubs have their awards banquets, $200 and one free entry and Rob rousing banquet near the end of and a basic reason is that the Guevara, $100 and one free entry• January in Azusa, CA at the Elks 'rooms are easier to book after the In Class the winners were Mark Club. This sometimes rowdy holidays and the price usually Davidge in Class l / 2 with group were all cleaned up, goes down too. The SNORE Club Tommy Bradley second and Troy brought their ladies for the night in Las Vegas is fortunate to have Herbst third. In Class 10 Ken out, and in general behaved them-strong backing from the Gold Flippen Jr. was second after J.C. selves. This all male club is the Coast Hotel and Casino and their Dean and Brendan Gaughan and one to pit with in desert races, banquet has been there for some Steve Thompson was third. although others have as many pits years. While neither Hotel-owner Behind Kenny Freeman Jr. in and good service, there is nothing Michael Gaughan or any of his Class 1-2-1600 came Danny likeastopataCheckerpittoget family could attend due to other Anderson and Bekki Freeman. your blopd running fast and get commitments, the banquet Clay Flippin won Class 5, Derek you back in the fray, which they people didn't stint on the array of Holt was second. Behind Scott do quickly. food or the free cocktail hour Bassett in Heavy Metal it was After a good buffet dinner, prior to dinner. In all it was quite a Tony Leonard and Bill Dickton. home cooked we think by the gala evening. Kevin Streety won Class 5-1600 Elks ladies, it tasted that good, the Outgoing President Tommy with Duane Eldred and David awards presentation began. Bradley opened the program by Hendrickson trailing. The big Outgoing President John Hastings introducing some of the founders Class 9 contest went of course to presented a trophy to'his VP Tom of the Club back in 1969 that overall winner Dave Petrillo with Koch, who flies in for the weekly were present; Denny and Wauna Gene Greipentrog just 30 points meetings from Ridgecrest and is Selleck, Bob and Ruthie Jensen, back, and Brian Fieger was third. usually late as is Hastings. and the first SNORE President In Sportsman Buggy Ed Dunn Secretary Peter Rosenstein Jon Block. He then presented won by just three points over started the majority of the flowers to his wife Kelly for her Todd Vandawalker and Jay Shain meetings in 1994. Steve Burak has complete support and also to the was just another four points back. been Treasurer for 20 years, and club Secretary and Chief of Tom Dunn came from Colorado he was still collecting money for Scoring Julie Streuber. Bradley to tie Barry Slatter for the raffle tickets. Dennis who said SNORE had had a very good Sportsman Truck honors and manages the garage and equipment year and that the entry was Stacey Pike and Mike Larson were stored there got a round of expected to grow this year. He also tied for third. Lastly .Ed applause for his mighty efforts in then presented an award to Rob McCormick won Class 11 over keeping track of equipment after <;Juevara for his perfect attend-John 0.0. Houlton. There were a race and before the next one. ance. Rob raced all the SNORE stillsometrophiesleft,soTommy LouPeraltatookovertheM.C. events and earned the least called for a break and some of the job so all could hear what was amount of points. There was a raffle numbers were called. d cl h going on an announce t e round of applause for the folks SNORE's Driver of the Year Checker Awards. Pit Captain of who work the registration desk was Jeremy Gubler, just 17 years the Year honors was split between and timing and scoring, as well as old in the week he won the El Morgan Malaco and Reverend for the tech inspectors, Sam Dorado 200 overall in his 1600. Roy. The Rookie of the Year was Dunam, and Joe Ross. Tommy Watch this young driver rise to shared by Josh Rosenstein and thanked Gary Waller and Joe the top. The True Grit trophy Fred Nelson. Driver of the Year Jackson who did the trophy went to Gene Griepentrog, who was Danny Reider and Jester of acquisition work all year, and drives from the Los Angeles area the year was Robert Harmon. thanked many others. to Las Vegas to race with SNORE, The Pit Person of the Year honor There was another big round of and has done so for several years. was split between Ray Bennet and applause for all the help Michael The Achievement Award went to Joe Gibbons. The Checkers pres-Gaughan has given the club, his Bekki Freeman, the only woman tigious trophy, the Vic Van Ella generous sponsorship of the who has won overall in SNORE award is the Checkers highest SNORE 250 and help on other ·racing on two separate events, one honor and this year it went to Max events, and a little known fact was a long enduro race. Then the Norris. The Checker of the Year revealed; Gaughan rode the first Workers, about 25 people were trophy went to John Hastings. SNORE 250 in 1970 on a 250cc asked to stand and be rec·ognized. Lonnie Hawkins came north from motorcycle. More thanks went to The Mechanic of the Year honor San Felipe to receive the Big Head places like the Silver Nugget, went to Dick Webb and the award. Thumpers, Haycock Distributing Engine Builder of the Year, for the and the Lonesome Dove that second year in a row, went to Next the 19th Annual Dr. hosted races from Caliente to the Victor Tor.res. The President's Checker Awards were presented Nelson Hills. The Board of awards went to Race Stewards by Steve Kassanyi, mostly all in Dl·rectors was then asked to stand G W II cl B'll Sh I fun. One went to Doug Brown ary a er an 1 ap ey. who called Steve an ex-Checker and be recognized by the The Sportsman of the Year went applause. to a surprised Barry Slatter. since he moved to Palm Springs a SNORE does overall points for Denny Selleck presented the feyv years back. Bryan Crowder thebulkoftheprizemoney.The Jimmy Schaefer Award to earned his award by talking his first ten in points, regardless of Tommy Bradley who was also way out of a ticket at the SNORE class, got a check. But the big one surprised, and this is a very special 250 out of Jean, NV· We didn't went to Dave Petrillo, $4,000, memorial trophy usually given to quite underStand the following making his effort a month earlier some hard worker for SNORE trophi~s: Sugar Lips for Kevin at the El Dorado 250 worthwhile. and Bradley was that as President. Davis, Flying Flock for Rev. Roy He pushed his single seat Class 9 It was time for the new President ancl Frank Gibbs,JeffHibbard got about 50 yards through deep silt to take over and Joe Ross was the Bunny Award. Vance and to reach the finish line first in presented with the gavel of office Shirley Scott -the best example of class, bringing his point total to · by Bradley, who in turn was given Checker spirit. The final award 3420. He also earned a free entry an appreciation plaque for the was a clock for John H~sting as to every SNORE race in 1995. Presidential work in 1994. Ross well as a Butt Head of the Y t"ar Kenny Freeman Jr. was second took over from there and a lot tr:ophy from Lou Peralta Mike earning $2,000 and one free race more raffle prizes were given as Harman was the Super Butt HeaJ entry in his 1600. J.C. Dean at the band played for dancing. of the Year. third earned $1,600 and one free · Finally the evening was winding The 1995 officers were an-Trail Nota ••• CALENDAR CAPERS -Just when everyone has the race schedules nicely marked in the pocket size and wall calendars for the year, the changes start coming in the mail and most of them are from orgain:ers in the west. First to stir the pot was MTEG with their February 15 announcement that San Jose, CA and Phoenix, AZ will be added to the 1995 Mickey Thompson Stadium Off Road Racing Series, replacing events in Albuquerque and Detroit on the eight race schedule. · The scheduling changes made by MTEG were motivated by the recent changes in the series ancl MTEG's efforts to control the escalating costs of racing. "The feedback from our competitors and sponsors dictated that we make the changes in Detroit," said MTEG President Danny Thompson. "The decision on Albuquerque was made by the University of New Mexico. They mad_e the decision to not allow any special events into the on-campus facility due to concerns about their turf. "The addition of San Jose and Phoenix gives us a very strong and accessible eight race series. It is extremely important to continue to build our competitor base and produce successful events for our racers. sponsors and fans." The dates for the two new venues are April 1 for San Jose and May 13 for Phoenix. Also, the Las Vegas date originally scheduled for April 8 has been moved to April 22 to eliminate the travel burden of back-to-back events. The San Jose event will be the first ever Stadium Off Road Race held at Spartan Stadium and the first trip to Northern California for the series since 1993 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix is located on the campus of Arizona State University and has been the site of three prior events from 1990-91 and again in 1993. The Phoenix metropolitan area has a strong motorsports fan-base, with nearby Phoenix International Raceway and Firebird International Raceway playing host to several major races each year, including Indy Car, NASCAR and NHRA events. "Adding San Jose and Phoenix not only promotes competitive season-long points championships, but also gives the series two more major West Coast markets," added Thompson. CALENDAR CAPERS-PART 2 -It must be Spring Fever in February because Ed Robinson, President of VORRA in Sacramento, CA is doing a similar dance around the calendar to that of MTEG, only his is in June. The . classic Virginia City 200 race apparently is no more. The dates are firm but the race has been moved to Fernley, Nevada, the site of last year's Rod Hall Invitational race. So June 23, 24, 25 will see the inaugural Fernley 250, a bit east of Reno, and the race site will be the Truck Inn in Fernley. Even though the county commissioners have approved the Virginia City course, VORRA feels that there are too many new land owners to deal with. The ha:ardous course and the altogether danger of running high speed race cars through town has finally overwhelmed the nostalgia of running in the picturesque country aroun~ the famous old mining to~n that is far from a ghost ,town. Most of the racers probably will miss the atmosphere of the town but not the rocks on the Virginia City course. ' In other VORRA news the Fallon to Yerington race will be back to the Yerington to Fallon and Back race over Labor Day weekend. So Yerington will be the site of the start and the finish of this race, and the course will have some changes in it. VORRA has heen able to establish an overall purse of$1000 for each desert race in 1995. This money has been put up by all the towns we race in. It will be $500 for first overall, $250 for second, $150 for third and $100 for fourth ov1:rall. That is a very nice bonus for the desert racers. PARKER POINTS-Nature's Recipe Parker 400 winner Mike Julson shares the SCORE championship lead with two class winners after the first of seven races this season. Julson, Class 1, Danny Porter, Class 1-2-1600, and Kevin Davis, Class 10 are tied for the overall lead with 40 points each. Of course this will undoubtedly change after the San Fdipe 250 coming up fast in a couple weeks as we write this column. Behind these three there was a tie among Pat Dean, Robert Nolin, Jimmie Johnson, and Tim Scal:o for fourth and tied in eighth are Stuart Chase, Brent Gri::le, Scott Steinberger and Michael Harmon. The point chart must make interesting reading with these kind of results, class winners mixed up with third place in class cars. DON-A-VEE JEEP is holding the world's largest garage sale with parts and accessories from Willys to Wranglers. Don-A-Vee, the nation's number one Jeep dealer for the past five years, is holding a massive garage sale to liquidate a million dollar inventory of new and used parts and accessories for every Jeep model ever built, from Willys to Kaiser, AMC and Chrysler. The '!nique event is being held on March 17 to 19 at Don-A-Vee's Placentia location. It boasts everything from bumpers to brush guards, winches to windshields for Comanches, Cherokees, Wranglers and C)s. Genuine military parts, Willys parts still in original packaging, AMC engine blocks new in crate, pickup beds for J-1 Os and J-20s, and parts for C)s will all be available at discounted prices. Complete Jeeps, both new and "project vehicles," will also be on sale. In addition, a huge selection of custom wheels and tires for all makes and models of pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles will be available. According to Clive Skilton, president of Don-A-Vee Jeep/ Eagle, the impressive inventory is comprised of newly purchased parts, plus parts 'ICquired by Don-A-Vee throughout its ten successful years in business, and a collection of more eclectic items purchased from former dealer "Mr. Jeep" Brian Chuchua. "This will truly be the Xanadu of Jeep parts," observes Skilton. "It's a tremendo_us collection." During the sale.Jeep representatives will also be on hand to help customers find the right parts for their particular model. "The World's Largest Garage Sale" is being held at Don-A-Vee Jeep/ Eagle, 777 Orangethorpe, Placentia, CA. For more information, call 1-800-909-5337. RO~ MacCACHREN made it two in a row, winning the newly formed Thunder Truck division, during the second round of the Mickey Thompson Stadium Off Road Racing series on February 25 in San Diego. Rob was the fast qualifier in the class, but expected serious competition from Scott Douglas, who unfortunately was involved in a first turn collision. MacCachren pocketed the $10,000.00 first place prize money, plus an additional $5,000.00 in Ford Contingency Bonus. Driving a Ford, Scott McKinney had consistent lap times to take home second place, again, and Kyle Taylor overcame a first corner spin to finish third. In Super 1600 action Jerry Whelchel took the lead at the finish line to steal the win from Bill Goshen by inches. Sean Finley claimed his first ever Super Lite main event win, local rider Greg Stuart took the 4-wheel ATV honors and Amber Hughes was the Women's Stadium Cross winner. Kyle Lewis won the UltraCross motorcycle honors on a Yamaha. As m added feature Legends Cars competed on the dirt course and Mike Cass of Winchester, CA excited the crowd with a ten lap main event victory. A full report will be in the next issue. race entry sharing the spoils with dowq,, but nobody left as the club nounced. The new Persident is co-driver Brendan Gaughan·. built, tough but street legal Baja Robert Harman with brother Scott Bassett got the one free race Bug had yet to be raffled off. The Mike Harman as his Vice entry and $1,300 in winning the club had been selling tickets on President. Secretary is Josh Heavy. Metal class. Danny thecarallyearasitwenttogether Rosenstein, and heading into his Anderson took home $1,000 and in various garages. This year the 21st year as treasurer is Steve one free entry, followed by Gene winner was a SNORE member, Burak, the only Checker they Greipentrog who earned one free Ken Flippen. All he had to do was trust with their money apparently. entry and $800 besting Belcki sign the OMV forms, turn the key The band played on and the Freeman who earned $600 for and drive it home, with the Checkers partied down for some seventh place overall and a free Nevada plates already in hand. time into the wee hours. The race entry. Rounding out the top SNORE members had a month racing schedule is easier to handle ten were Clay Flippin, $400 and before their first race to rest. The than the year end awards parties . .. ....:__...;..:..:...:.:::.:...:.:~.:;.:.::..:..:..:..:.:..:.:.:.: _________ ..:..,.....: ________ _;, ______ __; ___ ...;_ __________________________ -::-:---Page 4 April 1995 Dusty Times

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=~·-:•····· . 1 2 3 -:f•\f .. ·,:..::t::: . . : ... : ... ·=:=::-:'.\:->=:==·· :.: · _. ;❖;==-~);(·· .:~·:=)~i\F.: .. ; .DA.8Rf!tE · ALE, 160 ':·· .· ''ERWAY, 846 ·. ..::::\: ..... :-:_.::•,:·: .. ::•.::.•.:;.:.:-· . - MICHAEL LONG, 988 . .· ;f:;P:M :; .. ,,.. -.i , 424 ~ :·.,, . . · BEG.INNES· M0.5 -BOB JABLONSKY, seo.., :··~ - DANNY HEMP · 555 JEFF STRICK CK - MARKS - LEE Fl ),,.. ::::::r::,,trt,'77/Jl}d o-' beat/ng a ····· ·· /;,e same o/d ground? February 11th Vulture Mine 125 Wickenburg, Rough mine roads and flat out along power lines Gila Monster 200 Gila Bend, AZ / ~ mile. loops, dirt roai •·.\ d wide washes • ·:~noyta 150 _;:: Sonoyta, Mex1 _ o ··· ::::,? .· ... ·~;!9,9ps, just sou :pf the , rder . -/t · . :• \,, :::!:i ·:: -i ·· .. : \ March 25th April 29th June •t :;··· 32--"·.,,.. . :;{ .. ,?-· ,.,_:-' .-.-:-·,-:·•:, •. ,·./' , .. ·::.·.•··:····.',i . : :·:· ·: 'J .~>:• 'S-------------. n~vbacks? TAL ,_-.,. RACE FEES Unlimited 1-2 U . ···•:•:-:,. -2 -2 -2 $350.00 $705.00 $375.00 $405.00 MINIMUM PAYBACK PAYBACK PERCENT $225.00 64% $225.00 32% $138.00 37% $165.00 38% $112.00 23% 175.00 44% 00.00 44% 2% :: ·•.•:•.)!!: i :;.:•:-;1::11:!l : tmtMd~~ pro !~{ issklnsorina ··· .:-::-:-:::: .... ·-.

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1995 Haeeenings ASOCIACION EST AT AL de AUTOMOVILISMO Sam Lasell, Tech Inspector APTO42 San Jose de! Cabo Baja Calif. de! Sur, Mexico March 19, 1995 4 laps of 50 miles t'ach San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S. April 30, 1995 Dos Mares - 300 miles Coast to Coast Loop La Pa:, B.C.S. June 24-25, 1995 Coyote 300 KM L1 Pa: to La Pa: loop La Pa:, B.C.S. August 26-27, 1995 Corona 500 miles San Ignacio to La Pa: Baja Calif . .de! Sur October 15, 1995 T odo Santos to 1 a Pa: 180 miles L1 Pa:, B C.S. November 20, 1995 Short Course RactC Cuidad Constitucion Baja Calif. dd Sur AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 19 Somers St. C1shmtCre, Queensland, 4500, Australia 011-18-07-298-5522 April 16, 1995 Kempsey New South Waks May 28, 1995 Goodiwindi Queensland July 16, 1995 Griffith New South Wales September 10, 1995 Mt. Gambier South Australia November 12, 1995 Puckapunyal Victoria AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFFROAD Class IO cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blainville, Quebec, Canada K7B I HI (514) 434-5792 BAD DOG'S OFF ROAD SHOWDOWN Callaway Fun Inc. 3825 No. Main Cleburne, TX 76031 Barry Don Callaway (817) 645-00031(817) 641-9985 Gene Peugh (817,J 790-8268..nightsled 1995 ~eason cance BAJA INTERNATIONAL P.O . Box 392 Calexico, CA 92232 Apartado Postal 31 , 163 Mexicali, BC, Mexico ( Mexicali ( 65) 68-34-72 BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818)340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Series May 26-27, 1995 Gran Carrera de Tecate 250 miles, multi-lap Tecate, BC, Mexico October 6-8, 1995 Gran Carrera de Sonora I SO miles, multi-lap December 15-17, 1995 Gran Carrera de Campeones 250 miles, multi-lap The first Annual Off Road Open for Cars, MCs, ATVs, Trucks etc. will be on June 30-July 1-2, 1995 California City, CA BEST IN THE DESERT RACING ASSOCIATION Casey Folks, Director 3475 Boulder Highway L1s Ve_gas, NV 89121 (702) 457-4775,.FAX (702) 641-2431 BONNEVILLE OFF ROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Bahr P.O. Box 1533 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. May 20, 1995 Wendover Express Wendover USA Julyl,1995 Jackpot 200 Jackpot, NV September 9, 1995 Bonneville Challenge Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SPEEDWAY R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada KOK-I HO (613) 475-1102/Fax (613) 475-3250 1995 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI 54520 (715) 478-2222 June 24-25, 1995 Spring Run IO I Crandon, WI September 1-3, 1995 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Debbie Turner-, CRS Director 25885 Stanford Hemet, CA 92544 (909) 925-0870 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (619) 375-8704 May 5-6, 1995 *Rim of the World PIKE'S SERVICE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS ..... . THANKS! Mobif' - . R~STAURANT SERVICE EVERY DAY OPEN 24 HOURS YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Page 6 National & Divisional Rally Palmdale, CA July 8-9, 1995 *Prescott Forest Rally National & Divisional Prescott, AZ September 30, 1995 ( tent) Gorman Ridge Rally Gorman, CA October tba, 1995 Treeline Rally December 2-3, 1995 East of Indio Indio, CA *Final 1995 So. Pacific Divisional championship aiencs C.O.D.R.A. CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 205 IS Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 ( 503) 389-2044 March 11, 1995 Millican 250 Millican,OR April 29, 1995 Bear Butte 300 Millican.OR May 6-7, 1995 Olympia Enduro Thurston County, WA October 14, 1995 Whiskey Springs 400 Millican.OR CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box645 Pierre, SD 57501 Kevin Miller (Baja) ( 605) 224-6923 Don Engleman (Motocross) (605) 224-4967 GUMBO BUTTES . BAJA & MOTOCROSS Communications & Information Scott Olson ( 605) 224-5822 FAX (605) 224-5822 CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 (802) 265-8618 ' CLUB AUTOMOVILISTICO SAN VICENTE San Vicente Off Road Ensenada, BC, Mexico USA Jan Wright (011 52 617-46834) Ramon Castro & Ruhen Acevedo (6163717 0034) · CMC Continental Motosport Club Sand Drags P.O. Box 830 Adelanto, CA 92301 (619) 246-7262 COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholt:, President (719)531-3642 W /(719)687-9827 H · P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 COLORADO OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS Bertram Productions Inc. 15073 Hwy I 1.9 Route #4 Golden, CO 80403 (303) 936-5960 CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-36491(214) 641-2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 2750 Co:umel Drive #1116 Melbourne, FL 32935 (407) 254-5167 FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, #2 Chula Vista, CA 9201 I (619) 427-5759 April 8, 1995 Bu:: Bomb 180 ATVs, Bikes, Desertlites AM Buggies, Cars & Trucks: noon Plaster City East El C'...entro, CA Ma_y 13-14, 1995 Off Road Endurance World Championships aka The 24 Hous of LeFud ATVs, Bikes, Desertlites The inost laps around the official 10 mile track in 24 hours wins. 7:am Saturday to 7:am Sunday.,,.. Plaster City West April 1995 • more Trail Notes ••• THE LA RANA PRESIDENTIAL 250 in Barstow, CA in mid February enjoyed beautiful sunny weather with a light breeze, no dust thanks to the frequent and drenching rains during the week before the race. Jerry Penhhall · got his Raceco out front and stayed there winning the big entry Class 10 and · overall in a trouble free race that even he and his crew couldn't believe. Second : generation racer Shane Balch with rider Michael Hughes won the equally big Class 1-2-1600 in the Olson Chenowth. Clay Bintz won Class 2 in what he simply calls Buggy V. Mike Ismail took Class 4, the only entry in his Scout, and Lyn Mocaby topped two other Bugs in Class 5. Class 5-1600 had a good entry· and the Mike Molina/Dennis Sletten team took home the victory. Barry Bates won the duel in his Class 6 Chevy, and Barry Slatter finished, the only one in Class 7, in a Ford. Also alone in Class 725, Dan Cannon covered three laps in his Ford, and nobody did a lap in Class 750. Tom Barnett won Class850 while Mike Bragg did only two laps in Class 8 . Todd and Scott Johnson, third generation racers won Class 9 in a Meridth and Mike Thurlow was tops in Mini Mags. Kathy Fay took home another win in the Ford in Class 1500 and Larry Gross did the same in Class 1525 in his Toyota. Brian Valdez got in two laps to · top Class 1550. We'll have a full report and pictures in the May issue. SCORE INTERNATIONAL has announced a separate championship that will begin counting points at San Felipe, as the Mexican National Off Road championship will be decided in a point race inaugurated by Pennzoil de Mexico. Separate winners of two wheel and four wheel races among Mexican competitors only will be presented "Granador" trophies and$ 1000.00 each by Penn:oil at the Tecate San Felipe 250, Tecate SCORE Baja 500 and Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 races. Combined point totals for those three races will be used to determine two wheel and four wheel national champions, who will win $2000.00 each and "Campeon" trophies at the end of the 1995 racing year. THE CENTRAL SOUTH DAKOTA RACING ASSOCIATION, Gumbo Buttes Baja & Motocross has a schedule for 1995 even though it is still snowing around Pierre as we go to press. The contacts ;ire the same as in the Happenings colum!l 'with one addition, a Communications & Information person in Scott Olson (605) 224-5822, Fax (605) 224-5822. Each Baja race, those are for the cars and trucks, will last two hours in the rough, hilly terrain of the Missouri Riverbreaks of Central South Dakota. The race schedule for I 995 is June 18, July 23, and August 27. These events are a lot offun and handy for plains states racers . SCOTITAYLOR had a big year in 1994. He joined the FordlBFGoodrich Rough Riders, the most successful team in the history of off road racing. Then, in his Ford F-150, he won his fourth consecutive Short Course Superior Off Road Drivers Association Class 8 title. On January 21 SODA put the cherry on Taylor's sundae naming him their Sportsman of the Year. "We look for a person that shows professionalism both on and off the course," said SODA president Terry Wolfe. "Someone that's willing to help out, who's willing to go the extra mile to help promote the series." The award was voted on by the 11 members of the SODA board of directors at their December 3, 1994 meeting. The results were not released until the black-tie awards presentations in Waukesha, WI. "This is something you win because of the type of person you are," said Taylor. "It's what you make of yourself and how you present yourself to the fans, competitors and sponsors at an event. You have to be a showman to an extent, but it's really about how you carry yourself. Obviously I feel honored winning an award like this." Since 1989 Taylor has won ten SODA championships. In 1993, he collected SODA's Driver of the Year award. Last season was his first with the Rough Riders. "Being a part of the Rough Riders puts you in the limelight. You have to perform," said Taylor. "It brings the cream to the top. Being with Ford, BFGoodrich Tires and the Rough Riders; it's a total team effort. It's a very comfortable feeling being a part of this team, and I'm sure it was a big part of my winning this award." Taylor, 38, lives in Belvidere, IL. He will be racing under the Rough Rider umbrella again in 1995. TOY OT A TRUE GRIT -41 drivers emerged from the SCORE Nature's Recipe 400 at Parker, AZ with a chance to win Toyota True Grit awards at the end of the season. The unusually high percentage of drivers who finished the race in six non-factory classes eligible for the awards has combined with a bigger than usual starting field to put Toyota's $12,000.00 pri:e money into heavy play this season,, "In the last two years thin fields in some classes have restricted eligible prize money recipients to a handful in only two of the six classes by the end of the season," remarked SCORE chief executive officer Sal Fish. True Grit competition reduces the whole season to a single race for drivers in classes for VW· pow~red limited cars (Classes 1-2-1600 and 9) Baja Bugs (5 and 5-1600), small production engine powered desert cars (Class 10) and stock VW sedans (Class 11 ). These are classes that do not ordinarily attract large sponsors or gain much publicity. The winner in each class has to drive every racing mile of all seven races at the highest cumulative average speed. At the Parker 400 a total of 41 of the 80 drivers entered in those classes finished the race.Toyota· also makes a prestigious, but non-money winning award to drivers in every four wheel class for completing every racing mile of the season. Called the Milestone Award this rock is one of the most coveted trophies in off road racing. After the first SCORE race 82 drivers are still in the running for one of these awards. GETTING HOME from a race after a long day in the field is hot often an easy task. We just got a humorous note from Mike Hughes, a member of the Olson Brothers off road racing team telling about their long trip from the La Rana Presidential 250 at Barstow, where they won first place in Class 1-2-1600. Mike rides with Shane Balch in the well prepped car. He started by thanking the Fair Pit Crew and especially Gary Bancroft who really made them feel at home. We had no trouble in the race, but heading.home to northern California was quite a story. Mike drove the motorhome out of Barstow while our driver was relaxing. We were going north on highway 99 and decided to stop for fuel and food. The gas station was on one side of99 and the restaurant on die other, with the freeway on ramp right across the street from the restaurant. After lunch Shane drove and I (Mike) was in the back relaxing, sleeping and dreaming about the race when Cecil, one of our team members woke me up asking "where are we?" I got up to find we were not on 99, but almost to Sequoia National Park some 30 miles east of Delano. We turned around, headed toward home again, and I told Shane "He can drive a race car but not the motorhome without a co-pilot from now on." The trip home was almost as much fun as the race. Now I know why there are co-pilots in the race car. The trip home was almost as much fun as the race. Dusty Times

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$379 Introduction New 5 Watt 600Watt ERP • 16 Channel • ~elt Clip Handheld with • Carry Case Main Pit Radio Package • Built-in Scan • Wrist Strap • Includes Charger "Double Your Range" ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ , ~ Warehouse · .-=,. / ' • Distributor for Pyrotech ;}P" ~ Safety Equipment ~ ~ • Driving Suits • Gloves ~ ~ • Seat Belts • Shoes Lf!t" • Kidney Belts - Full Line ~ ..__ ~ \ / ~ • Showroom Coming Soon ~ ~ -...... ' ~ ~ 71111ftff' Contingency Sponsor Weatherman Radio Relay 7S Entry Sponsor 2888 Gundry Ave., Signal Hill, CA 90806 Incredible New Intercom - Smaller • Weather Resistant • Bullet Proof Housing • Noise Free • Loud and Extremely Clear Rentals Leasing Financing 1 •800•869•5636 / 310•427•8177 / 310•426•3589 Fax

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El Centro, CA August 5, 1995 Rancho Santa Veronica Gran Prix 4 laps around a 40 mile loop ATVs, Bikes, Desertlites, Buggies, Cars & Trucks Tecate, Baja California, MX October 21 , 1 995 Superstition 250 XI 4 times around a 60 mile loop ATVs, Bikes, Desertlites, Buggies, Cars & Trucks Lake Superstition El Centro, CA December 31 , 1995 Dunaway Dash ATVs, Bikes & Desertlites Double Points 5 times around a 25 mile loop Buggies, Cars & Trucks Plaster City West El Centro, CA District 38 Schedule All events near El Centm, CA March 26, 1995 Attack Kamaki:e Desert Gran Prix May 7, 1995 Sweethl'ats Kiss Auj?ust 26, 1995 Night Team Race September I 7, 1995 The Stuart Engineer Desert Sprint October I, 1995 The Smitty's Cycle Center Mudhen II November 19, 1995 Notorious Dawg 3 hour T earn Race December 3, 1995 Rudolph's Revenge Desert Gran Prix GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O. Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (714) 880-1733 Series Races March 19, 1995 April 30, 1995 June 25, 1995 Auj?USt 6, 1995 October 22, 1995 December 3, 1995 Glen Helen Special Events April 2, 1993 Glen Helen Off Road I 00 August 20, 1995 Glen Helen World Cham ionshi (Concact BBM Marketing Promoti~s, P.O. Box 582, Lakewood, CA 90714 (3ro) 988-0250 USA Sand Drags (909) 877-5045 April 22, 1995 May 27, 1995 July 15, 1995 September 16, 1995 October 14, 1995 November 11, 1995 GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association 420 Hosea Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245 ( 404) 963-0252 GREAT PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION GPORRA 1362 I Pierce St. O maha, NE 68144-1122 ( 402) 333-0517 Eve. Keith Koesters· 6716 N. 106th St. O maha, NE 68122 (402) 496-0846 Eve. May 6, 1995 May 20, 1995 June 1 7, 1995 July 8, 1995 July 29, 1995 August 19, 1995 (all races at Weslfair Fair Grounds, Council Bluffs, Iowa on a ¾ mile course similar to the MTEG tracks, and Classes 1, r-1600, 7S and Quad under SODA rules) ROD HALL INVITATIONAL 5445 Equity Ave. Reno, NV 89502 (702) 856-3100 IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O . Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All el/ellts staged at the club grounds in Cleves, Ohio) INTERNATIONAL ICE RACING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 8105 St. Paul, MN 55108 Steve Beddor (612) 937-3816/ Fax 474-2769 INTER-SHOWS. MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714) 364-0515 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WUCLUB P.O. Box 465 Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 Bob (604) 374-7175 days Randy (604) 579-962 I eves Keith ( 604) 828-1795 anytime ( All events start 7 miles NW of Kamloops) LA RANA DESERT RACING P.O. Box 1365 . Apple Valley, CA 92307 (619) 240-13351(619) 240-1312 April 7-9, 1995 Spangler 200 Ridgecrest, CA May 19-21, 1995 Lucerne Valley Jam 250 Lucerne Valley, CA July 21-23, 1995 Johnson Valley 200 Lucerne Valley, CA September 22-24, 1995 California 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 17-19, 1995 High Desert 300 Lucerne Valley, CA MICHIGAN BUGGY BUILDERS 3749 Needmore Hwy Charlotte, Ml 48813 (517)543-7214 March 19, 1995 14th Annual Swap Meet And Dune Buggy Show Lansing Center Lansing MI MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc . I 5529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837 ( 517) 627-6200 July 1-2, 1995 Off Road Nationals Kalama:oo, MI July 10, 1995 7:00 p.m. Hartford, MI July 22, 1995 7:00 p.m. Fowlerville, MI July 30, 1995 4:00 p.m. Mason, MI August 3, 1995 7:30 p.m. Sandusky, Ml August 9, 1995 7:30 p.m. Bad Axe, Ml August 12, 1995 4:00 p.m. Corunna, MI August 24, 1995 7:00 p.m. Hudsonville, MI August 26, 1995 7:00 p.m. Kalama:oo, MI Other Dates Pending November 4, 1995 Banquet at 7:00 p.m. Diamondale, MI MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD STADIUM SERIES Mickey Thompson Entertainment·Group P.O. Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 254-3001 March 18, 1995 Kingdome Seattle, WA April l, 1995 Spartan Stadium San Jose, CA April 22, 1995 Sam Boyd Stadium Las Vegas, NV May 13, 1995 Sun Devil Stadium Phoenix. AZ May 20, 1995 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO June 17, 1995 Rice Stadium Salt Lake City, Utah MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION David Cronin, President. MAORA 2590 Mullanphy Florissant, MO 63031 618 765-219 (M.A.O.R.A. sanctioned races. Series produced by Lincoln Trail Off Roaders) NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION Rt. #I - Box 380 Dave or Marlene Rvan Palatka, FL 32177 (904) 325-5422 OFF ROAD ADVENTURES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-8508 May 19-21, 1995 Redwood Coast Jamboree Fort Bragg to Eureka, CA June 16-18, 1995 Ghost Town Adventure '95 South Lake Tahoe, CA August 18-20, 1995 Gold Rush Adventure Nevada City, CA September 15-17, 1995 Kern River Jamboree Kernville! Lake Isabella, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCTIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasque: 13180 Round Dance -El Paso. TX 79936 (915) 855-8899 April 29-30, 1995 July 1-2, 1995 September 2-3, 1995 November 4-5, 1995 ( All races are at Mountain Shadow Lake Take 1-ro Horizon Blvd exit east 12 miles) OHIO OFF ROADERS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 15 Stonecreek, Ohio 43840 (216) 339-4674 or (216) 897-51.00 Hill Climb & Stadium Style Off Road Racing at Bear Creek Amphitheater Bolivar, Ohio ONT ARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Jeff Sargent · 1480 Lakeridge Rd. N Ajax, Ontario, Canada (416) 427-4782 SECOND Page 8 FLAMINGO RD. & THE STRIP • LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 1-800-634-6755 WEST FLAMINGO & VALLEYVIEW 1-800-331-5334 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA April 1995 TO NONE Dusty Times

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PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 56 I -3208, (5 I 8) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of Amerirn P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80 I 12 (303) 779-6622 March 18-19, 1995 Doo Wop Pro Rally Olympia, WA April 7-8, 1995 Sunriser 400 Chillicothe, OH April 21-22, 1995 Wild West Pro Rally Olympia, WA May 5-6, 1995 Rim of the World Palmdale, CA June 2-3, 1995 Susquehannock Trail Wellsboro, PA July 7-8, 1995 Prescott Forest Rally Prescott, AZ July 28-29, 1995 Maine Forest Summer Rall 1, Rumford, ME Au!!ust 2 t:;,26, 1995 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally Bemidji. MN October 20-21, 1995 Lake Superior Pro Rally Houghton, Ml December 1-2, 1995 Maim· Forest Rall y . Rumford. ME SCORE Score International 12997 Las Vegas Blvd . So. Las Vegas, NV 89124 ( 702) 36 I -5404 March 10-12, 1995 T ecate San Felipe 250 San Felipt·, BC, Mexico April 28-30, 1995 Nevada 400 Las Vegas, NV June 2-4, 1995 Tecate Baja 500 Ensenada, BC, Mexico June 30-July 1, 1995 Fireworks 250 Barstow, CA September 8-10, 1995 Nevada 300 Laughlin, NV November8-11, 1995 T ecate Baja I 000 The Peninsula Run Baja California December 2, 1995 Awards Banquet S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association El ice Simonis Tucker 22048 Vivienda Ave. Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (71 4) 783-8293 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 ( 702 )'452-4522 March 17-19, 1995 Twilight 250 Las Vegas, NV May 13-14, 1995 Caliente 250 C1liente, NV July 21-23, 1995 Midnight Special Las Vegas, NV September 29-0ctober 1, 1995 SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV October 27-29, 1995 Double Trouble Las Vegas, NV December 1-3, 1995 Eldorado 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 ( 414) 453-SODAI( 414) 257-0422 May 28, 1995 Memorial Day 100 Lake Geneva, WI June 10-11, 1995 Antigo Kiwanis Antigo, WI June 24-25, 1995 Dusty Times Spring Run 101 Crandon, WI July 8-9, 1995 Fox Riverfest Luxemberg, WI July 22-23, 1995 Great Northern Challenge Lake Odessa, Ml August 19-20, 1995 Road America Elkhart Lake, WI September 1-3, 1995 Brush Run 101 Crandon, WI September 16-18, 1995 Wisconsin Off Road Fesfr✓al Oshkosh, WI SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915)337-3437 (All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Odessa, TX TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association Dave Urbanowic:, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NJ 08853 (908) 369-6550 (All events at Oweg_o Motor Sports Park, Rte. 434, Owego, NY) VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd . Sacramento, CA 95838 (916) 925-1702 March 18-19, 1995 Season Opener Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA April 22-23, 1995 Spring Special · Prairie Citv SVRA Park Sacramento, CA May 27-29, 1995 Yerington 300 Desert Race Yerington, NV June 23-25, 1995 Fernley 250 Desert Race When you buy a case of Valvoline® Motor Oil, you'll receive a set of three limited edition "100 years of racing" collector cards inside each specially marked case. And with proof of purchase, the entire TRAKS®100 card collector's series packaged in a Commemorative Mark Martin NASCAR® Tin can be yours for only $12.95! So act now; offer ends 5/4/95. See retailers for details. PEOPLE WHO KNOW USE VALVOLINE® C1995 The Va!W>llne Company. Market.,. ol Jlllrt and PVROIL April 1995 Truck Inn Fernley, NV July 29-30, l 995 Fallon 250 at Night Fallon, NV September 2-4, 1995 Yerington to Fallon and Back Yerington, NV September 30-October 1, l 995 Fall Short Course Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA October 28-29, 1995 Championship Off Road Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA November 18, 1995 Awards Banquet Reno, NV WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Larry Henderson ( 604) 538-0692 WORRA, P.O. Box 3241 Sumas, WA 98295 WESTERN PENSYL VANIA WHEEL TO WHEEL OFF ROAD RACING Patrick McGuire 1255 Waverly Drive Latrobe, PA 15650 ( 412) 532-0802 April 29, 1995 4x4s Only Challenger Raceway Indiana, PA August 26, 1995 Challenger Raceway All Classes Indiana, PA September 23-24, l 995 Challenger Raceway All Classes Indiana, PA WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ 85023 (602) 971-3730 March 25, 1995 Gila Monster 200 Gila Bend, AZ April 29, 1995 Sonoyta 150 Sonyta, Sonora, MX June?, 1995 TBA new course HAPPENINGS continued on page 23 THIS IS ONE RACE CAR PILEUP vouWoN'T WANT TO MISS. Page 9

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"The cowards neve The experience is HOTEL & CASINO, LAS VEGAS THE Formerly known as the "Halloween Haunt" Annual i OHV PARK • SAIi BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA MAppnMd Conc:essionlillal

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• started and the weak died along the way." -Kit Carson ll yours .... so is the pleasure! Be a part of history. ce. ~EDULE ............ 6:30 a.m. .... 6:30-8:30 a.m. ............ 9:00 a.m. .......... 10:00 a.m. ~:~:'.:~:'.:'.:'.:'.:~~-~:~~;~::::•· :::/:;:::::::::r·· :=~~==~~~~~t All Classes Welcome Six Entries Make a Class Free Overnight Parking for Race Teams on Saturday Starting Positions Determined by Entry Postmark PARK ADMISSION Adults-$10.00112-15 Years old-$5.00 Under 12- Free Pre-Entry Until-3/24/95 Post-Entry Fees- $225. 00

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NATURE'S RECIPE PARKER 400 Julson & Lofton Win Overall By Judy Smith Mike Julson an·d Bob Lofton split the driving duty, had but one flat for any trouble and drove the Jimco A-arm car to first in Class 1, first overall and pr<Jved that a VW Type 4 can still win big in the desert. · ""'':.;. ~ Pat Dean slides his Chenowth Porsche past some formidable rocks on his way to second in Class 1 and overall, despite a few stops for more oil along the way. Mike Julson and Bob Lofton teamed in a Volkswagen powered Jimcoand stayed in frontofall the big motor cars to take the overall win at SCORE's season opening Parker 400 in January. . The race, a perennial favorite, even with all the restrictions, limits, hassles and nuisances, attracted just over 200 entries, including a field of 20 Trophy-Trucks. Once again, the race started on the edge of the Colorado River, by the Blue Water Marina, zipped out for about 11 miles and then joined the 126 mile long loop. At the end of the third loop they headed back down the 11 · mile trail to the finish line, back at the Blue Water, giving them a total of 397 .33 miles of racing. The Sportsman classes, and Class 11, as well as the Stock Mini and Stock Full trucks, ran only two laps, for a total of 270.55 miles. Mother Nature did the racers a favor, and blew the Pacific storms over to Parker a few .days before the race, soaking the entire area so thoroughly that there wasn't any dust all day. True, there were a couple of big puddles, but in the main, the rain did 'em a favor. This year there were no motorc des or ATVs racin at Jimmie Johnson gave Chevrolet and Nelson & Nelson a great start on the year by winning Class 8 when the other Johnson. faltered, and Jimmie ran fast to third overall in his debut with this team, in the desert. Parker, but things got off to an Cnase, ip a Porsche Raceco. Chet early start on Saturday morning Huffman and John Hagle, in a anyway, with a 7:30 a.m. start powered Chenowth, ran time for the Trophy-Trucks. The third, 35 seconds later. John Pro and Sportsman classes got to Herder and Bryan Kendall, in a sleep a little later, with a start time Porsche Raceco ( the old Bob at 10 a.m. The day was sunny and Richey/Tom Baker car), were clear, with mild temperatures just fourth, and in fifth it was Pat Dean right for a drive in the desert. in a Porsche Chenowth. Bob The Class 1 cars took off first, Lofton, who'd never driven an single file, one every 30 seconds, unlimited class car before, ran and in very quick time they sixth, 33 seconds later, inJulson's completed their first lap, enjoying car. close racing without the dust. Tim At the end of the second lap and Ed Herbst had the lead in things had changed. Julson had their Porsche powered Mike taken· over the driving midway Smith Chassis, and they were through the lap, and he now had three minutes in front of Stuart the lead, by three minutes. He was Photos: Track.side Photo Inc. a man with a point to prove, well, several points. His car featured his new A-arm front end, and a rel-atively inexpensive Type IV 2880cc VW motor. He was out to show that a team could win without a massive investment in motor and transmission. Dean was second, liking his automatic transmission, but thinking his 3 .2 liters wasn't enough power for it. He'd blown his 3 .6 liter power plant on Friday night. Chase, whose car had inexplicably quit, due to a glitch in its computer, for about eight minutes, was now third, followed by Joshua Baldwin, who'd taken over one of the family unlimited Porsche Chenowths, when his dad, brother and brother-in-law (Jim and Jason Baldwin, and Carl Renezeder) had all moved into the Trophy-Trucks.Troy Herbst was now fifth in a Chevy powered Chenowth. His brothers, Ed and Tim, had broken a front end, and Hagle and Huffman lost their rear suspension. Julson had a rear flat when he hit a rock, but held his lead, recorded the fastest third lap of the day, at 2:27:42, and proved his point. He and Lofton took the win by a little over five minutes. Dean, who'd been adding extra oil on his fuel stops, was second. In third, 44 minutes later, it was Chase, struggling with a slipping clutch, so he couldn't get into fifth gear. Brian Ewalt and Mark " McMillin, who'd had a brake caliper destroy.ed by·a rock three miles off the start, got their Porsche Chenowth back in fourth place. The Class 8 trucks were the second group to start, and Rick Johnson took the lead early in his· Chevy truck, at 2: 14:40, almost exactly five minutes in· front of Dave Ashley in his Ford, and in the overall lead to boot. In third it was Jimmie Johnson, in another Chevy, followed by Dale White in still another Chevy, and then David Bryan, in a Ford, ra1:1 fifth. Brian Stewart, last year's Class 8 champ, is missing from the roster of Class 8 drivers this year. Rick Johnson, looking very smooth, astounded everyone by finishing his second lap in front of everyone. He'd started behind six or seven trucks, and 21 unlimited cars, and now he was first o"n the road, having no problems, and recording the quickest second lap of the day (remember, it was shorter than laps one and three) at 2:06:06. In second it was Ashley, and his co-driver, Dan Smith, Stuart Chase fought a slipping clutch from the first lap, but his Raceco Porsche held together and Chase drove it hard to third in Class 1, 11th 0/A. David Westhem had a great solo drive in his· GMC Sierra to second in Class 8 despite driving into a canyon and doing front end damage in the first lap. Dale White was only six minutes out of second in Class 8, taking third in class, 8th 0/A in his Chevrolet and he reported no serious troubles on course. Page 11 -April 1995 Dusty Times

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Sergio Nolasco and Alejandro Abaroa were only seven minutes behind White in the Dodge Dakota, had a good run to fourth in Class 8 and a fine 13th 0 /A. Tim Scalzo gets by the big rocks in his Raceco having a tight dice with the HarmOf/S, and he took second in Class 10 and sixth overall by mere seconds. Michael and Robert Harmon had a dandy run in the Class 10 Lothringer, ran second tor a time, but ended in third by just eight seconds and 7th overall. Dave Bufe and Wilf Higman ran close to the front all the way in Class 10 in the Neth on a beautiful race day, and they were fourth in class and ninth 0 /A. Neal and Mike Grabowski had a wide variety of troubles on lap Michael James and John Cooley took third in Class 5, about 15 1, but they came back storming; but the two time Class 5 minutes back, but were able to go on after a roll over to claim winners here had to settle for second in Class 5 in '95. their third place. ---------- - -------------about 13 minutes back, also looking very good. Jimmie Johnson ran third, with Dave Westhem, in a GMC, in fourth, and White in fifth. motored steadily to the finish to Townsley, Rick and Randy over for Wik, and moved to the get the class win, and third place Wilson, and Steve Sourapas and front of the pack as Job, moving overall. Westhem, whose only his new partner, Doug Fortin. outtopassanothercar,smackeda problems came when he "tried to Except for Julson and Lofton, phone pole with a rear tire, and win at Mile 15 ", and drove into a none of them did outstandingly upended himself, bending crucial canyon, blowing a wheel and wellintheirnewclass. partsofthechassisintheprocess. bending his front end, was At the end of lap one it was Michael and Robert Harmon second. White finished third, Larry Job, in a Toyota powered moved their Lothringer into followed in by Sergio Nolasco and Mirage, in front, and three second place, with Tim Scalzo, in Alejandro Abaroa, in a Dodge minutes up on Adam \Y/ik, in a Raceco, in third, and Dave Bufe Dakota. Kevin Davis's Jimco. This team· and ·co-driver, Will Higman, in a The Class 10 cars started next, had moved up from Class Neth, in fourth. Tom Schilling, as usual, a big group, with a high 1-2-1600. In third it was Jerry and new partner, Dave Richard-percentage of great cars and Penhall, in a Penhall, followed by son, were now fifth in their skilled drivers, capable of wins. Jim Pierce, in a Toyota Raceco, A-Arm Jimco. Davis was nine But several top teams were and then Ray Croll, in his new minutes up on the Harmons, but missing: of course, Julson and double A-Armed Jimco. the next four cars ran within five Lofton had moved up from 10 to On the second lap Davis took minutes. Croll was out with no get their overall win, and so had power steering and new car problems. ' Davis, who had no problems at all, continued his zippy pace, and took the win, getting a fourth place overall for himself and Wik. In second, it was Scalzo, who soloed, and sa"id he needed a fifth gear. The Harmons finished third, just eight seconds behind him. Class 5 was next to take off and Mike Jakobson, driving solo, went into the lead in his convertible, with just under two minutes on Greg Diehl. Then there was a gap of a half hour, and along came Enrique Ruiz and Pancho fP" Rick Johnson continued to lead through much of the third lap, but then, when he was about 70 miles from the finish, his crew heard him on the radio, "Sorry guys, she's quit." They weren't sure why, but he was out of it. And so was Ashley, for about four hours. He first lost a hub nut and hub, and then a rear end. His problems were complicated by the fact that his radio wasn't working. And in the meantime, Jimmie Johnson ( no relation to Rick, by the way), was having a flawless race. He Ryan Thomas and Charlie Ultra takes the desert &y stornil. Kevin Davis moved up to Class 10 this year with a new Jimco and it was the right move for Kevin and engine builder Adam Wik, the pair led from midway in the race in the 33 car field and took the win and fourth overall. Mike Jakobson was the one to beat in Class 5, had a brake problem and a 40 minute lead when he pitted for a fix, and his luck stayed good on lap 3 as he went on to win the class by 35 minutes and take 19th overall. Dusty Times April 1995 Page 13

Page 14

-Defending overall champions Rob Nolin and Todd Teuscher used the ORC buggy at Parker in Class 1-2-1600, had late power steering woes but finished about six minutes out, 2nd in class. ren nzz e an a e erts a a good run in the 1-2-1600 Chenowth with one 'off' and lost time high centered, but finished a stron third in class. Brady Helm came from Carolina to·race with Pete Swift in the 7S Toyota, who started in fourth spot, moved up to second and celebrated their first finish at Parker. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis whip down a canyon trail in their Suspensions Unlimited 1-2-1600, stopped for a driver change and power steering repair, but triumphed over 20 others to win Class 1-2-1600. Jeff Lewis won a squeaker in Class 7, fighting back and forth with th&--lbarra team for the lead all day, had a flat and a loose hub nut for trouble but drove the Chevy S-10 to victory, winning by a mere eight seconds. /!ff" Villa, followed in five wheels, fired -up the motor and ;md brought the car home for a minutes by Vance Allen and his started off, then realized he was win for himself and Porter, and a sedan, which suffered broken facing backwards on the course. nice 18th overall. Nolin and transmission mounts. Lee Finke Class 1-2-1600 had a good Teuscher, who had some late and Bob Austin, who drove in the sized group, with a lot of talent, power steering trouble, and didn't Sportsman category all last year, but a new team, Dean and Mark · take the time to fix it, were rounded out the top five. Bayer le, in a Raceco they'.d just second, just six and a half minutes Jakobson, who now led by bought from John Holmes, took later. Grizzle and Ebberts moved nearly 40 minutes, had a brake the early lead, in spite of the fact up to third, another eight minutes shoe problem at the end of his that they'd never raced before. bac.:k, followed in by Wilson and second lap, but was able to get it Right on their tail however, was Patten, who'd had brake problems fixed in his pit. Neal and Michael Danny Porter, in his Suspensions all day. The Bayerles, who'd lost Grabowski, who'd won this class Unlimited car, a minute and five some time when Mark rolled over here the previous two years, were seconds back, with Rob Nolin, in on the second lap, recovered for a second now, recovering from an ORC, another minute behind nice fifth place finish, only .19 havii:ig lost their distributor, their him. Then carrie Ronny Wilson minutes behind the winning team. alternator, another distributor, and Lee Patten, in a Suspensions Class 7 had a new look for-this and their oil on the firstlap. Allen Unlimited car, with Mark and race, with nine entries. And out in had moved up to third, wi~h Danielle Miller, in a Raceco, just. front it was the new team of Michael James and John Cooley, four seconds later. Carlos and Jorge Ibarra, in the who'd lost 45 minutes with their Mark Ruddis took over for Ford Ranger that Scott Douglas transmission locked in second Porter,and,evenwithapitstopto drove a couple of years back. gear, now in fourth, and followed . repair his power steering, he Second to them were Gerardo by Ruiz and Villa. · moved to the front, now three Novelo in a Nissan that used to be Jakobson's luck stayed good, minutes in front of Nolin, and his driven by Roger Mears, only two and he ran another good lap, to co-driver, Todd Teuscher. The minutes back. And in third, take the win. The Grabowski Miller team was up to third, and another minute later, it was Jeff brothers were second, 35 minutes Wilson and Patten were fourth,. Lewis, in last year's Chevy, which later, and followed in by Cooley with Brent Grizzfe, and co-driver, is still more of a 7S than it is a and James, who'd rolled over on Dale Ebberts, in a Chenowth, Class 7. Barry Slatter and Kurt the last loop, landed on his now in fifth place. Ebberts was Miller had their Ranger in fourth, admiring the sunset. They ran a followed by Robert Guthrie and bit late because. Grizzle had Ron Norton, in a Ford Splash, in overshot a turn on lap one, and fifth. got himself high centered on a The Ibarras,, who shared their boulder, and had to wait for a driving chores evenly, and Lewis spectator help to get free. had a very close battle going, Ruddis had no more problems, switching back and forth, and fighting for the lead. At the end of lap two the Ibarras were still in front, with about four minutes on Lewis who' cl had a flat and a loose hub nut. Novelo, whose transmis-sion was overheating, had drop-ped to third, about five minutes further back. 'Way back, struggl-ing with new car blues, were Jerry McDonald, Lewis's mentor, and Ben Metcalf, in a new Chevy, a real Class 7 . All but the three lead cars were having major problems now. Lewis and the Ibarras continued to battle, but Lewis had got in front, and as the course dried out late in the evening, the dust gave the lbarras some trouble. They crossed the finish line nearly together, and it was several minutes before the official score keepers were able to announce that Lewis had won by just eight seconds. He said, "I've never had a race like this!" The disappointed Ibarras were nevertheless pleased with the results of their first SCORE race. Novelo was third about a half hour later, and none of the others made it in. Class 7S started right behind their more modified brethren, and at the end of the first lap it was Mike and John Becker, in a Ford in front, just three minutes up on Larry Plank and Scott Stein-berger, in their Ford. Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen ran third in another Ford, with Brady Helm and Pete Swift in fourth, in a Toyota. Plank and Steinberger moved into the lead on lap two, as the Beckers lost over an hour. Vinje and Hansen climbed to second place, and Helm and Swift, who'd dropped a driveshaft early in the day, were now third. The Beckers were a distant fourth. Steinberger and Plank had a flat when a swaybar mount broke and stabbed the tire, but they held their lead and took the win, finishing about 29 minutes in front of Helm and Swift who were delighted with their first finish at Parker. Vinje and Hansen, who'd lost an alternator, and had been doing quick changes with batteries, made it back in third place, followed across the line by the Beckers. Nobody bothered to enter in Class 6, but Class 3 attracted a few hardy folks. It turned into a one car race, as both the Scout of Dick Sasser and Genaro Curiel and the Blazer of Todd and Jim Gatrell had long first laps. In the meantime, Robert Hayley put his '72 Bronco, which he bought new, into the lead. At the end of lap two it was still Hayley, and the Gatrells, whose Blazer is propane powered, completed their shock mount fix, and then lost an alternator bolt, and spent another · couple of hours under repair. Hayley put Vic Bruckmann into his car for the last lao. and Bruckmann, a second generation quad racer, a year or so younger than the car, brought it home safely for the finish. The Gatrells gave him a scare by crossing the finish line just ahead of him, but they'd completed only two laps, which gave the_m second place. Class 5-1600 has lost a lot of its racers somehow, but still put on a good show, with a close race up front. At the end of lap one it Was Danny Ledezma in front on elapsed time, but he was riding the rear bumper of Gus Vildosola who'd started in front of him, and was now second by 57 seconds. Jorge and Carlos Ibarra led Class 7 for 2 laps in their Ford, got passed on the Scott Steinberger and Larry Plank kept their 7S Ford Ranger humming, had last lap but kept up the pace, but were disappointed with second place by some troubles on the last lap but also had a hefty time margin so they got the mere seconds. · victory despite a flat, and were very happy. Page 14 April 1995 Dusty Times

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Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen had their Ford Ranger dialed in, have good sponsors and despite alternator failure they were third in Class 7S ranks. Early leaders in Class 5-1600, Hector and Danny Ledezma kept up the pace but a roll over and a flat cost the lead and they were second in class. Alfonso Lacarra and Lalo Mayoral stayed close to the front all the way in the Class 9 Jimco, finished with low oil pressure, but finished second in 9. Vince Alcouloumre, with a new surf-board atop his Bug, ran third, only two minutes back, and very close on the road. In fourth it was Eddie Spencer and Robert Krizan, with Mark Foti, who'd had an early flat and finished his lap with a front spare in place.of his rear tire, in fifth place. ~-Ledezma, apparently thinking he could get the jump on Vildosola, gave his car the gas at the end of pit row, just where the 35 mph speed limit went off, and went out to pass. But he hit a bad ditch, endoed his car, and popped his windshield out. He was back on his wheels and running again quickly, but not before Alcoul-oumre went past him. At the end of the second lap it was the Vildosola car in front on the road, and now leading by about six and a half minutes, in spite of a flat. Charlie Watters was now doing the driving. Behind them it was the Ledezma car, which had also had a flat, and Hector, Danny's dad, was now at the wheel. Alcouloumre was still third, a minute and a half back. Spencer and Krizan were still fourth, with Foti in fifth. Robert Hayley led Class 3 from the start in the '72 Ford Bronco that he bought new, and after two laps he put Vic Bruckmann in for the last lap and they were the winner and only finisher in 12 hours elapsed time. Gus Vildosola and Charlie Watters ran up front from the start of the 5-1600 race, with Vildosola just off the bumper of the leader early on. Despite a flat they took the lead on lap 2 and won the race by 13 minutes. Watters maintained a steady pace, and brought the car home for a win, his third at Parker, a first here for Vildosola. The Ledezmas were second, 13 min-utes later, followed in by Foti, as Alcouloumre lost a stub axle. Carlos lribe and his sons, Humberto and Gerardo, had a flat and the jack didn't work, but they managed to take fourth place, about two and a half minutes later. Class 9 was a small but determined group, and at the end of the first lap last year's winning team, Mike Faulkner and Rick Poole, in a Homebuilt car, was in front by 25 seconds. It was Alfonso Lacarra and Lalo Mayoral, in a Jimco, in second, followed by Howard Goldsmith and Dave Beverly, in a Smith, in third. Poole and Faulkner had a bad clutch, and a bad alternator, but built their lead to five minutes as Mayoral and Lacarra lost a bolt in their steering. Goldsmith and Beverly ran a steady pace in third. As the sun set and dark settled over the course, Faulkner and Poole found their lights really dim because of that bad alternator. But they held on to their lead, and even managed to increase it a bit, to take the win. Mayoral and Lacarra, worried as their oil pressure dropped, hung on long enough to take second place, with Brian Jeffrey and Bryan Moyna-han, in a Raceco, moving up to finish third. The Stock-Full class was required to run on! y two laps, and it was Steve Olliges and Tim Casey, in their Ford Lightning, in front by two minutes over Chad Hall in a Hummer. Austin Robison, in the other Hummer, and driving in a race for the first time, was third, and stuck in second gear most of the lap. Dave Sykes, in a Ford, was fourth. A couple of Land Rover teams, from Great Britain, had appar-ently has so much fun in Baja in the previous two years that they had to try Parker. John Saxton and Graham Roberts, in an '84, and John Comben and Peter Burgess, in an '83, were all having some problems, but were still moving forward. Olliges and Casey, whose only ... _-;:.., __ .,,,, Rick Poole and Mike Faulkner repeated their '94 victory here in Class 9, and overcame a bad clutch, faulty alternator while running in the dark and won in the ORBS by nearly six minutes at the flag. Dusty Times problem was that their radio didn't work due to a broken antenna, drove a clean second lap, and took the win. But Hall, who'd had a flat, and whose windshield was so muddy he could hardly see through it, was just five minutes behind them in second place. Robison found some more gears, and got a third, with Sykes, who'd broken a u-joint, driveshaft, transmission housing and some tie-rods, in fourth. Everybody else in the class also finished, including the Land Rovers. The Stock Mini Trucks, only one flat to trouble them, another two lap class, had a mixed moved to the front, taking the day. At the end of the first lap it checkered flag first. Only 11 was Michael Martin and Tony minutes later it was Vaughan, in Campbell in front in a Ford, with second. And finishing third it was two minutes on Steve Williams Allen Russell, in a Toyota, about and Charles Braden, in another an hour and a half down. Ford. In third it was Matt ButthiswasParker,remember, Vaughan in a Nissan, with some and it couldn't be a genuine front suspension problems. Felix Parker event without at least one Hurtado and Marlon Guardado, post-race tech blowout. This was in a Toyota, ran fourth. the class to ask for it this year. A On the second lap Martin and series of technical protests Campbell disappeared, and resulted in Hurtado and Guar-Hurtado and Guardado, with dado P" $4800.00 EXCH. ROSE TRACTION,~, CONTROL ~~~' $4800.00 EXCH. ---------JNltRNl'IIIONl'II -------CONVERT YOUR BUS BOX INTO A FULL RACE BOX! AVAILABLE IN 2, 3, 4 SPEEDS ~ LARGE HD -...___ ~ -BEARINGS ~ 'TIIROUGHOUT · -~ DESIGNED I-OR /' OFFROAD RACING -ALL NEW PARTS ALL COMPONENTS BUILT FROM TIIE --.___ BEST STEEL -----AVAILABLE! BIG 9" 9310 RING & PINION BUSES OR HEWI.ANDS DONT EVEN COME CLOSE TO TIIE S"IRENGTII! ~ -:· .;~-· ---ONLY~-= ----.;___::_:._ EASil.Y MADE INTO M1I 0-ENG FOR NEW A-ARM CARS * OVER THE LAST 2 YEARS RACERS LIKE: Jimmy Nichols, Art Schmitt, Dick & Mark Weyrich, Bill Goshen, Rafael Echcollegen, and Wayne Brinkley have torn up the tracks and competition in SCORE, SODA, MTEG, LA RANA, & FUD. Some have won points championships. All of them are faster. WHY? Their transaxles never break! They're guaranteed not to! Something other builders can't build or do! IT'S "SIMPLY THE BEST". April 1995 Contact: CHRIS ROSE 1700 E. Main St . El Cajon,. CA 92021 (619) 579-8861 Page 15

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Brian Jeffrey and Bryan Moynahan moved steadily through the small field in Class 9, and finished an hour behind the winner but took third in class. Jeff Hanson and Matt McGrath lost a lot of body parts down the trail, got run over a couple times and had many problems but finished second in Class 11. Chad Hall drove the Hummer in Class Stock Full to second place, and had no big troubles except lack of horsepower to keep up to the VB powered Ford. [P"' being dq 'd for shock absorbers through the bed, a no-no in this class. Then Vaughan, who thought to inherit the win, was dq'd for locating his battery_ in the bed, and Russell, next in line, went down because ot reinforced A-arms and steering knuckles, and minor holes in the bed of his truck. That meant that the fourth place finishing team, a couple of SCORE PARKER 400 RESULTS-January 27-291995 I Pm Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time 0/A 11 2 1 43 20 115 120 101 111 122 1614 1600 1607 1608 1617 348 502 505 500 506 508 555 559 552 557 579 702 706 704 724 723 738 722 736 805 808 813 804 814 949 901 946 945 944 1019 1014 1047 1005 1003 1100 1101 n5 n9 762 860 861 864 865 863 1699 999 581 Claaa Trophy-Truck - 20 atart-13 finish This class ran 4 uneven laps, total distance 197.29 miles 1 Ivan Slewart Toyota 2 Jim Smith Ford 3 Rob MacCachren Ford 4 Curt LeDuc Jeep 5 Walker Evans Dodge 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 Class 1/2-Unllmited Single & Two seat -21 •tart -11 finish Mike Julson/Bob Lofton Jimco -VW Pat Dean (solo) Chenowth Porsche Stuart Chase Raceco Porsche Mark McMillin/Brlan Ewalt Chenowth Porsche Shannon Schulz/Daniel Hyde Chenowth Class 1-2-1600 -1600cc Reatricted Engine -21 atart-15 finish Danny Porter/Mark Ruddls Susp. Unltd. Rob Nolin/Todd Teuscher '82 ORC Brent GrizzielDale Ebberts Chenowth Ronny Wilson/Lee Patten Susp. Unltd. Dean & Mark Bayerle Raceoo Class 3-Short we 4x4 - 3 atart - 1 finish Robert HayleyNlc Bruckmann '72 Ford Bronco Class 4-Long we 4x4 - o atart - o finish Class 5 - Unlimited Baja Bug - 9 atart - 6 finish Mike Jakobson Baja Bug Neal & Michael Grabowski Baja Bug Michael James/John Cooley Baja Bug Vance Allen Baja Bug Enrique Ruiz/Pancho Villa Baja Bug Class 5-1600 - 1600cc Baja Bug - 9 atart -8 finish Gustavo Vildosola/Charlie Watters Baja Bug Danny & Hector Ledezma Baja Bug Mark Foti Baja Bug Ca~os. Hurroerto & Gerado lribe Baja Bug Dave Hendrickson Baja Bug Class 6 - Production Sedan - 0 atart - O finish Class 7 - Unlimited Mini Pickup - 9 atart - 3 finish Jeff Lewis Chevrolet S-1 O Jorge & Carlos Ibarra Ford Ranger Gerado Novelo/Tony Alvarez Nissan Hardbody Class 75 - Stock Mini Pickup -10 atart - 6 finish Scott Steinberger/Larry Plank Ford Ranger Brady Helm/Pete Swift Toyota Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen Ford Ranger John & Mike Becker Ford Ranger Charles David Sr JSteve Ogle Ford Ranger Class 8 - 2WD Standard Pickup - 14 start - 9 finish Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet David Westhem GMC Sierra Dale Whtte (solo) Chevrolet Sergio Nolasco/Alejandro Abaroa Dodge Dakota David Bryan Ford Class 9 - Restricted Buggy - 6 atart - 5 finish Rick Poole/Michael Faulkner ORBS Attonso Lacarra/Lalo Mayoral Jimco Brian Jeffrey/Bryan Moynahan Raceco Howard Goldsmith/Dave Beverly Smith Co. Gene Bantilan unknown Class 10 - Unlimited 1650cc - 33 start -15 finish Kevin Davis/Adam Wik Jimco Tim Scalzo Raceco Michael & Robert Harmon Lothringer Dave Buie/Will Higman Neth Tom Schilling/Dave Richardson Jimco A-Arm Class 11 - Stock VW sedan - 2 atart - 2 finish (this dass was only required to co~lete 270.55 miles- 2 laps) Terry Kiely/Chris Woodward VW Beetle Jeff Hanson/Matt McGrath VW Beetle Class Mini Stock - Stock Mini Truck• - 8 atart - 7 finish (this dass was only required to co~lete 270.55 miles) Carl Jackson/John Ray Nissan Hardbody Steve Williams/Charles Braden Ford Ranger Leo Brown/Mike Horner Ford Ranger Class Stock Fun - Stock Pickup Trucks - 8 start - 8 finish (this dass was only required to co~lete 270.55 miles) Steve Olliges/Tim Casey Ford Lightening Chad Hall Hummer Austin Robison Hummer David Sykes/Marc Stein Ford F-150 James Hall/Scott Blackwell Ford Sportsman Class - 9 start - 4 finish (this dass was only required to co~lete 270.55 miles) Rigoberto & Rigoberto Arzate Jr. Mirage Kim Peterson/Joe Key Jimco Rick Sanders/Steve Mlnga VW Woods Starters, cars 202 - finishers. cars 67 -58% - Race Distance 397.33 miles for Pros Fast Time - Cars/Trucks -Mike Julson/Bob Lofton - Class 1 Jimco -7:01 :39 Page 16 3:21:43 1 3:24:34 2 3:24:41 3 3:25:04 4 3:28:09 5 7:01 :39 1· 7:06:58 2 7:50:02 11 8:15:28 21 8:19:53 23 8:11:11 18 8:17:43 22 8:25:17 25 8:29:39 28 8:30:59 29 12:04:27 72 8:13:11 19 8:48:47 33 9:03:42 38 9:32:14 47 9:42:41 52 9:07:03 41 9:20:28 44 9:58:42 56 10:01 :01 57 10:34:32 61 7:55:48 12 7:55:56 14 8:26:11 26 9:00:36 36 9:29:30 46 9:44:04 53 10:16:51 60 12:37:57 75 7:11:00 3 7:41:14 5 7:47:18 8 7:55:51 13 8:13:54 20 9:35:45 48 9:41:22 50 10:06:39 58 10:07:23 59 12:20:46 73 7:31:40 4 7:43:16 6 7:43:24 7 7:47:35 9 7:48:00 10 9:35:37 11:16:55 9:02:42 9:12:23 12:03:12 6:26:17 6:31 :36 7:13:43 7:29:56 8:07:48 7:13:03 8:23:26 8:52:31 real veterans, came up winners. Carl Jackson and John Ray, teamed in a Nissan that was originally built to drag race, took the win, with a time that was about two hours slower than the original winner. But l bet they were fast to the first corner. In second it was Williams and Braden, and then Leo Brown and Mike Horner, who hasn't been around for a while, took third in their Ford. In Class 11, which had only two entrants, Terry Kiely and Chris Woodward split the driving even! y, ( they were required to do only two laps) took the time to deliver a message to Dan Smith's pit crew, and finished with a weary ring and pinion and a bad clutch, in first place. Behind them, Jeff Hanson and Matt McGrath had what sounded like a typical Class 11 race. They said they lost a lot of body parts, got run over a couple of times, tore out a shock, went off a cliff and got stuck once. But they did both laps, and took second place. There was a total of nine Sportsman entries, in various classes, and the team of Rudy and Bob Arzate, in a 1-2-1600 Mirage had the best time for their two laps, in spite of getting some watery gas. They were all done in just 7:13:03. Then it was Kim Petersen and Joseph Key, in a Jimco Class 9 car, who'd spent about a half hour on their lid on! y a mile from the finish line. Some locals finally helped get them back on their wheels, and they got their finish. Next to come along were Rick Sanders and Steve Minga, in a 5-1600 car, who lost a fan belt first, and later lost a throttle cable, and, not knowing they had a spare, got very creative about using a piece of wire to jerry-rig a throttle cable so they could finish. Mike Parker, who used to race buggies in the midwest, drove a Sportsman Stock-Mini truck here, but forgot to mention what brand it was. He had a motor mount problem, but still got a finish. Bill Swisher and Tom Mangione teamed in a Sportsman Class 11 car, but could complete only one very long lap. None of the others got even one lap done. Aside from the technical disqualifications in Class Stock-Mini, there were no post race difficulties, and in general, it went into the record books as one of the best, thanks to the great weather and the damp terrain. SCORE's next event will be the March 10th, 11th and 12th San Felipe 250 on the Gulf side of Baja. This event, thanks to the locale, the length, and the time of year, always has a rather laid-back ambience. It's nice. April 1995 Looking vulnerable in the vast desert Terry Kiely and Chris Woodward split the driving evenly and the defending point champions did the two required laps in good time and won Class 11 once again. Steve Olliges and Tim Casey became Rough Riders this year and started out by winning full Stock honors at Parker in the Ford Lightening they drove to the championship last year. A couple of long time competitors, Carl Jackson and John Ray towed in from Lake Havasu to race the Nissan Hardbody to first in the Mini Stock Class: after post race tech this fourth finishing team was declared the winner. ____ _ Rigoberto ·Arzate and better known as Rudy ·and Bob, won the overall Sportsman honors with a 2-1600 Mirage, and their main problem was getting some watery gas and getting it out of the system. Dusty Times

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Mark McMillin and Brian Ewalt had a brake destroyed on the Chenowth Porsche by a large rock encounter three miles off the start, finished fourth in Class 1. ' Tom Shilling and Dave Richardson joined forces in this beautiful new A-arm Jimco to finish fifth in Class 10 and tenth overall in the new car. Ronny Wilson and Lee Patten were fourth in Class 1-2-1600 and ran fourth all the way in the Suspensions Unlimited car in the 21 car class. Mark Foti had an early flat that slowed him some, but came from fifth in Class 5-1600 to third on the last lap, still down on time. Leo Brown and Mike Horner also had a gopd looking Ford Ranger in ·the Mini Stock clas:t; and after the tfi;h was over they were third in class. Dusty Times •[ Arizona's Shannon Schultz and Daniel Hyde had a smooth ride in the Chenowth and they drove to a fine fifth in the 21 car Class 1 entry. Rod Muller was sixth in Class 10 and here is leading Mike & Jim Zupanovich down the Class 10 trail. The latter failed to finish a lap. Dean and Mark Bayerle, a new team in their first race drove (heir newly acquired Raceco, rolled on lap 2 but salvaged a nice fifth in 1-2-1600. . ... ,.,,,. -~-.-,,.._...-:-,•-.... Austin Robison got the guest ride in the Stock Full Class Hummer, his first race, and he was stuck in second gear for a time but finished third in class. Kim Petersen and Joseph Key fielded a serious racing looking Jimco, and they were the fastest Class 9 Sportsman, and second overall in the group. April 1995 David Bryan does a bunny hop out of a ditch in his Class 8 Ford, arid he must have had troubles aplenty but he made it in, fifth in Class 8. Jim Pierce and Jim Kirk, from Buckeye, AZ, whipped home seventh in the large Class 10 ranks, their Raceco wearing new paint and a Toyota engine. Gerardo Novelo and Tony Alvarez had a good day in the Class 7 Nissan Hardbody, dropped from second to third with trans trouble, but finished third. Steve Williams and Charles Braden drove this handsome Ford Ranger in the Stock Mini Class, and after post race tech they were second in class. ij . ...~ ~-~ ,,-~-v --,~ .. -':' . _,-..,"·. ~ .£~ --~,, · .. ,6'.:. . ~~~-~ ~-;,.; ~ 4 'I.< 'k. " ,~:: ·. "(. . ;~-"" ·:· .) : "' . Rick Sanders and Steve Minga lost a fan belt and a throttle cable, but they carried on to third overall Sportsman and the 5-1600 class winner. Page 17

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MICKEY THOMPSON STADIUM RACING AT ANAHEIM N--Schedule, N.,... Rules for 1995 By Homer Eubanks Photos: Trackside Phot.o Inc. Rob MacCachren drove a revived desert Ford truck in the new Thunder Truck class and dominated the action as only six were on hand at Anaheim. Rob easily won the heat and the main event. The incessant rain clouds that ing the Sport Trucks were the hung over southern California in Thunder Trucks which are full-January parted long enough for sized ~8 powered Class 3, 4 and 8 54,708 fans to come out and off road trucks. Thunder Trucks witness the Mickey Thompson brought with them the largest Stadium Off Road series season purse in series history with the opener at Anaheim Stadium. For winner of the Anaheim event better or worse those who are ( Rob MacCachren) getting accustomed to the normal bill of $10,000. fare were greeted with several Women's Professional moto-changes in this year's agenda. cross debuted at Anaheim and Gone are the Grand National plan to be a regular attraction in Sport Trucks and UltraStock this year's series. The US classes. Schedule changes intro-Women's Motocross Team is duced two new venues this year, relativelynewasitwasfoundedin one is in Detroit, Ml and the other 1992 and hopes the stadium Albuquerque NM. And the. exposure will bring more atten-Nashville Network has replaced tion to this new professional ESPN as the official network to motorsport. televise the eight race series. Anaheim was the first race of Along with all the changes theeightraceseasonandSaltLake come_s some new classes. Replac-City's Rice Stadium will end the season on J u~e 1 7. The season has been shortened to avoid any scheduling problems with the various sports who play at the host stadiums. Danny Thompson, MTEG President and CEO, says . also that having definite race dates should make it easier for teams and sponsors in making their long-range promotional plans. TNN will begin airing the MTEG events 16 consecutive Saturday afternoons starting August 5 and run through November 18. Anaheim's track consisted of several different course layouts within the one track, depending on which class was running at the time. The Thunder Trucks, not being as nimble as the smaller vehicles, ran a predominately oval track with a couple of jumps Evan Evans had his Chevy well prepped for its Thunder Truck debut, and he deftly used the hand controls to finish second in both the h_eat and the main event. thrown in down the straights. The buggies had the entire stadium floor with a split-lane option offered off the start. The double options were designed in he middle of the field and again proved to offer some passing. UltraCross motorcycle riders as usual ran the course backwards and had an extra jump and mud pit thrown in. A front straight double could have been better designed for the motorcycles as even the fast guys continually cased it on the landing. Overall.if you excluded the existing muddy , conditions the track was well thought out and provided a challenge for all. When Thunder Truck racing got underway it was apparent the newcomers to stadium racing have some catching up to do. The newcomers were caught at the starting line by a quick thinking, stadium wise Rob MacCachren. When the green flag flew MacCachren dropped the ham-mer on the Ford to steal the lead from Mike Doherty. Doherty used the inside starting position to get the early jump on MacCachren but MacCachren heavy-footed it down the back straight to capture the lead. Once out front MacCachren left all the racing to those fighting over second place. Doherty stalled his Chevrolet on the third lap and Evan Evans was there to inherit second place. Evans wasn't alone as Scott McKinney dogged his every move. However, dogging was all McKinney was able to do as Evans held on for second. MacCachren went down in history as the first ever Thunder Truck Event winner. The main event went the same way except this time MacCachren had to come from the third row before taking over on the second lap. However, once out front it was apparent the Venable Ford was ready for the win. Evan Evans and early leader Scott McKinney fought over second place. Evans took the position but then stalled allowing McKinney to retake the second spot. Evans got going and pressured McKinney until he went into a hydro barrier with two laps remaining. Evans was there to take second. McKinney recovered third place ahead of Mike Doherty and Tom Hali-burda was fifth. Jimmy Nichols sat on the second row of the Super 1600 main event starting line with the other heat winner Bill Goshen alongside. Gary Gall and Tommy Bradley shared row one and Gall was able to hole shot with Tommy Bradley settling into second. Third was Nichols followed by Rob Martenson. Gall enjoyed the lead for two laps before a pop-crack rang out from his engine compartment. Gall sat out the remainder of the race on the track in the first option. With Gall out Nichols inherited the lead . Nichols had just moments before moved a round Bradley for second. N icho ls was charged up and quickly put some space between himself and Bradley. The first Super 1600 heat was hard fought in the early stages but Bill Goshen emerged the winner and he went on to greater glory taking second in the main event. Tommy Bradley came from Las Vegas to go stadium racing in his Chenowth and the desert racer finished strong, second in heat 1 and fourth in the main. Back in the pack Goshen was making his way from a seventh place start. G oshen managed fourth by the third lap and began pressuring Martenson. Martenson held Goshen at bay for a couple of laps but Goshen managed to sli Scott McKinney brought his desert bred Ford pickup out to play in the tight stadium course, and he did just fine, taking third in the heat and the main. Page 18 Mike Doherty brought his Subway Chevrolet from Arizona to take a shot at the new stadium class and he was sixth in the heat, climbed to fourth in the main. April 1995 Off the start the Thunder Trucks went around the outside edges of the track, using the straight aways' jumps for excitement but little else of note. Dusty Times

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The young man from Arizona, Rob Martensen, had his Chenowth at the ready and he placed a good third in 1600 heat 1 and was also third in the main event. Roger Caddell brought Bob Gordon's stadium Chenowth and he put it to good use, taking third in heat 2, and surviving traffic for sixth in the main. Rennie Awana the Nature's Recipe team leader sailed to second in the first heat, but traffic dropped him to a long fifth in the main event, which the team won. by. Once on the tail of second place Bradley, Goshen hammered the throttle and dogged Bradley's every move. With only two laps to go Goshen throttled through the rough section to capture the sec·ond spot from Bradley. Although a hard charger Goshen would have to ·settle for second as Nichols was way out front heading to victory. Bradley found out that "It ain't over, till it's over," as Martenson slipped up behind him and stole third at the finish line. Bradley wa~ fourth and Eric Arras was fifth out of 12 starters. In the second heat race Nichols chose the second option off the start and proved it to be the quickest way to get into the lead. Once Nichols got out front he was able to pull a few lengths away from Gary Gall. Midway Gall was able to pull up on Nichols to make a strong challenge but Nichols held. Gall kept Roger Caddell at bay to finish second and fourth was Cory Witherill. Steve Cooking was fifth. Jimmy Nichols had his Chenowth in rare form at Anaheim as he won the second heat and carried on to win the main event after running second from Gary Gall got his Chenowth home second in 1600 heat 2, but after doing well the green flag, as the ranks thinned during the race. in the early laps, he parked on course and was last in the 1600 main event. Bill Goshen was the man to beat in the first 1600 heat. Goshen jumped off the line and grabbed the lead during the first lap. Jerry Whelchel looked to be giving a serious challenge from the inside option but was slowed by a mud hole. This allowed Goshen to pull a couple of lengths away from Tommy Bradley. Rob Martenson trailed in third place. Most of the racing action was back in the pack between Whelchel and Eric Arras. Arras held the fourth spot for five laps before Whelchel managed to get by. Once Arras was behind him Whelchel went to work on third place Martenson however before the battle got heated up the checkered flag cooled them off. Goshen went on to a commanding victory with Bradley second and Martenson holding third. ahead of Whelchel. Some of the best racing action occurred in the SuperLite class. This class also had the largest turnout with 19 cars in the main event. At the start of the main teammates Jimmie Johnson and Casey Mears shared the front row with Rennie Awana and Troy Lindhorst lined up behind. When the green flag flew it was Mears jumping out ahead of Johnson. Johnson grabbed the second spot with Joe Price settling into third and Sean Finley came from his third row starting spot to grab fourth. Mears was able to hold his line throughout the first seven laps. Johnson had the hammer dowi;i and was trying every attempt possible. Johnson managed to pull up close to Mears with only three laps to go however, Mears held his ground. with only one lap to go lapped traffic came into the picture and Mears bobbled a bit avoiding a slower car. This was all Johnson needed and was able to take over and head on to the checkered. Mears came across second with Finley third ahead of Joe Price. Rennie Awana managed fifth. In the first heat race Rennie Awana managed to come off the starting line the quickest. Awana had a hard charging Grt:g George on his tail along with the other Nature's Recipe teammate Jimmie Johnson. Johnson was able to stay . all over George's tail until the third_)a , then as the Jimmie Johnson is happy on the announcer's stand after putting his Nature's Recipe Superlite home first in the main and first in his heat. The former class champion drove a Grand National truck last season. Dusty Times Johnson blew George off in the After Johnson had passed George, weeds. Once around George, George clipped a barrier and J_o~nsot1 i:,ut his sights on Awana. rolled over while trying to turn up YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING ... I WE HAVE BEEN LISTENING two laps to go TORSION BARS ARE HERE! 300 M & Intermediate Grade Material. All Lengths & Di_ameters Even 1/2 mm Sizes Are Available CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE PRODUCT CATALOG OR CONTACT OttE OF THESE REID PRO DEALERS D.G.RACING DJ TRANSAXLES JIMCO RACING PRODUCTS DENUNZIO RACING PRODUCTS 17485 Catalpa, #85 10623 Blackfoot Rd. 10965 Hartley Road, Suite R P.O. Box 6057 Hesperia, CA 92345 Apple Valley, CA 92308 Santee, CA 92071 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (619) 947-6365 (619) 240-3930 (619) 562-1743 (805) 683-1211 FEX PERFORMANCE HOTLINE AUTOMOTIVE LOTHRINGER ENGINEERING J. PENHALL FABRICATIONS 1098 S!Dckton Avenue 6951 ldlewylde Circle 825 N. Glendora Avenue 1660 Babcock, Bidg. B San Jose, CA 95110 Melbourne, FL 32904 Covina, CA 91723 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (408) 295-0707 (407) 724-1270 (818) 915-2212 (714) 650-3035 SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED T.U.F. OFFROAD OFFROAD BUGGY SUPPLY McKENZIE'S PERFORMANCE 1345 Dynamics, Unit D 3255 E. Columbia 2525 E. 16th Street 2366 East Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Tucson, AZ. 85714 Yuma, AZ. 85365 Anaheim, CA 92806 (714) 996-6260 (602) 294-3511 (602) 783-6265 (714) 441-1212 SCHROEDER RACING PRODUCTS BRANDWOOD CARS 800 S. Flower St. 4319 East University Burbank, CA 91502 Phoenix, AZ. 85040 (818) 845-8283 (602) 437-3107 CUSTOM LENGTH AXLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE • CALL FDR PRICE AND DELIVERY (619) 240-2266 Dealer Inquiries Are Not Only Invited, But En~ouraged! ~ April 1995 Page 19

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Sean Finley drives a Triple E Superlite and he always does well. At Anaheim he drove to third in the first heat, and was also third in the main event. Joe Price drives with hand controls on.his Triple E Superlite and Joe does well, taking third in heat 2 and fourth in the main, and he often wins too. Defending Superlite champion Greg George had a rough night in his.Nature's Recipe car, ending up with a sixth in his heat and . ~"<,, • -.t. <4\. (,ii.',, An elated C.J. Mears won the second Superlite heat and finished second in the main event to his teammate Johnson. Look for this youngster to move on and upward in other forms of racing soon. IP'" was reminded why he letJoePriceoutjumphimoffthe hired Johnson. The boy is fast! line. Mears however was able to Johnson caught Awana and recover the lead mid-lap. Price passed him at the same spot where also found Shannon Millen was he managed to get around George hot and she also plowed her way on the previous lap. Awana made past. While the door was open ·it a 1-2 sweep for his Nature's Troy Lindhorst also managed to Recipe team. Third was Sean slip by. On the following lap Finley and fourth went to Stacy Millen got around Mears and held Fay. Fay had for most of the race the lead. Mears was forced to seen the rear bumper of Andrew drive hard to close the gap Buck but Buck dropped out with between him and Millen but for just a couple of laps to go and two laps it was in vain. Then a finished 10th. Douglas Good-slowercarspuninfrontofMillen. enough managed to cross over Millen could only sit, blocked in fifth after overcoming a starting the middle of the turn as Mears problem while sitting on the grid. motored by and headed on to the In the second heat Casey Mears checkered. Millen was able to get BIGGER IS BETT-ER Upgrade the C.V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission output bells to accept the l~[9er C.V. ioints. . Convert Type I stub axles and output bell jto accept Type II or Type IV or 930 C.V. ·convert Type II stub axles and output bell ,to accept 930 C.V. joints. 1AII axles and bells for Type II or Type IV Jc.v .s can be threaded %-24 or stock .8mm. . \All axles and Bells for 930 C.V.s can be fthreaded %-24 w ,stock 10rrim.threads. ; FIT YOUR Off ROAD~R ~ · WITH UPGRAbEO AXLES AND BELLS Only $49.95 per flan.111' on yo~. SUP.P.lif!~ P.,rts .. Stop the up-travel ori your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. These Bump Stops come complete with a mounting system, poly-eurethane nd piece, and enough valving to get the job done. ECONOMICALLY P~ICED AT $319.90 per pair. lncludinQ the mountinQ hardware and the GAS bolts SEE YOUR OFF ROAD RACING PARTS SUPPLIER OR CALL US DIRECT. · Yarnell Specialties inc. 10~Crestview ' · P-. 0. Box 845 1-I02-421-3551 Yarnell, AZ. 85392-4845 Page to sixth again in the main. Troy Lindhorst, an independent in his Honda finished second in heat 2 and drove hard in the Superlite main, but finished seventh in the herd. going but had to settle for fifth for thr event. Second place went to Lindhorst and third was Price. Keith Ehlers was fourth. UltraCross racing is always exciting. Had the track been designed a little better the fans could have enjoyed a little more air time from the riders. The front jump lacked a sufficient lip to launch all the way to the second jump and the majority of the riders opted to take each separately instead of doubling. A few daring souls did double but as Jaimy Scevenels found out, doubling can be dangerous. In the main event Kyle Lewis showed the competition why he carries the #1 plate. Lewis had to work from his mid-pack start after Troy Welty hole shot. Welty's lead was short lived as Lewis and Shaun Perolio closed in and took over the action. Ray Crumb pulled into third and set his sights on second place but just then came up short on the double and he and his Honda wrestled each other across the stadium floor. Lewis managed to keep Ray Crumb at bay and won the event. Crumb was second ahead of Perolio and Chad Smanjak was fourth ahead of Larry Brooks. Scevenels was able to ride off the track as 19th finisher. Jaimy Scevenels took the early lead in the UltraCross first heat while Ryan Carlisle and Ty Birdwell trailed. Scevenels was able to gain ground on the pack as a battle erupted between Carlisle, Chad Smanjak and Ty Birdwell. These three has some handle bar to handle bar action for a couple of laps before Smanjak and Birdwell locked horns and fell. This gave the second place battle to Carlisle. Smanjak managed to remount for a third place finish with Brian Roth t:tking fourth ahead of Kyle Lewis. The second heat was full of action as Shawn Wynne and new pro rider Dustin Nelson set the pace. Wynne dropped his Honda and Nelson turned up the wick however Nelson's El Cajon, CA neighbor Larry Brooks pulled his Yamaha up into the scuffle. Brooks managed to out distance Nelson on the front jump and took the lead. Brooks was unable to relax as the determined Nelson stayed glued to his tail throughout the rest of .the event. Another tight battle raged behind the leaders for third. Ray Crumb and Mike Chamberlain put on a good show until Chamberlain lost several positions when he bobbled. Crumb held third and fourth was Erick Hilton ahead of Shawn Wynne. The 4-\Xiheel A TV action was Making his debut in Superlite stadium racing, young Jarit Johnson did well, sixth in heat 2 and eighth in the ·main. Wonder if he gets tips from his brother Jimmie who won the main? April 1995 also hot and furious although a little subdued in the main event. Niclas Granlund managed to hole shot the event followed by Joe Byrd. It was apparent after the first lap that the race may be a game of follow the leader. Ehrhardt appeared to be on the move and stirring up some action. but then lost his chain. Granlund went uncontested until the last lap and Byrd managed to pull up to make a race of it. However Byrd ran out of time and Granlund won his first main event. Byrd held second ahead of Doug Eichner and Shane Hitt was fourth. Greg Stuart crossed over fifth. Doug Eichner snuck around the competition at the first turn of heat one of the 4-Wheel A TV action. Twenty-two riders were entered but Eichner had only one rider to worry about. Mark Ehrhardt settled into a close second and began applying pressure early. Right behind the front runners were defending champ Gary Denton and Joe Byrd who also were enjoying a heated battle. With two laps remaining Byrd managed to settle the third place spot and pulled up on the leaders. Things looked good for Eichner until the last lap and Ehrhardt slipped past to steal the win. Eichner had to settle for second with Byrd third. Jesse Wozniak managed fourth and Roger Helsley was fifth. In the second A TV heat 21 riders were lined up. Greg Stuart and Charles Shepherd jumped out in front of the pack from their front row starting positions. Shepherd had grabbed the early lead but had Stuart all over him. The pressure got to Shepherd on lap four and stalled his engine giving the lead to Stuart. Once out front Stuart never looked back until he crossed the finish line. Shane Hitt crossed over second and third was Niclas Granlund. Fourth went to Fred Shepperd and Kory Ellis was fifth. Shepherd ended up I 7th. Jodi Hollow shot from mid-pack to take the early lead of the Women's motocross debut. Hollow held the lead throughout the first lap but allowed Kristy Shealy to take over at the start/ finish line. Hollow would fall back to second on the next lap then she dropped her motorcycle allowing five riders to get by. Shealy went on to win the event with Shelly Kann second. Third went to Amber Hughes and Tami Rice crossed over ahead of Corina Chiner. The Mickey Thompson Sta-di um Racing Series will continue to be covered by Dusty Times with the Seattle Kingdome next on March 18. Following that will be tha April 1st race at Spartan Stadium in San Jose, CA. Dusty Times •

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Cascade Off Road Racing would like to thank the following people and companies for their support in the 1993 and 1994 La Rana Desert Racing Series. ~John -at .All 4 Wheel Drive - Anaheim Joe -at \\l estnri.nster Transmission Bob Bower -at BF'Goodrich Tires • Mark -at Coast Machine & Supply -Ventura, CA. - Driveshafts Dennis -at Lightle Racing Engines, San Pedro Rapid Transit Auto Parts - San Pedro F.A.I.R. -Pit Support In our first year ever of campaigning a Desert Truck, we took several first places and second in overall points for Desert Stock. In 1994, strange as it sounds, we won more races, yet we were only able to capture second in overall points with only one })NS in the whole season. Congratulations from Cascade Off road Racing to Ray Currie for the '94 cha1npionship. Cascade Off Road Racing would also like to thank our associate sponsors;_ DeNunzio Racing Products P.C.I. Race Radios Sign Pros UMP AND Conejo Off Road, Thousand Oaks Conejo Carburetor my mo~ dad, neighbors, Mik, Ken and John and a special thanks to Allen Hurni for the many hours he soent welding and fabricating a championship caliber true~ as well as the many friends of Art & Elayne Edelstein.

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Whiplash Honors 1994 Champions By Tony Tellier The overall motorcycle champion Cliff Hagan, left, schmoozes it up with the second place over 40 class rider Kent Nicholls. Whiplash Motorsports held its awards ceremony and blow-out on a pleasant Phoenix Saturday evening as the 1994 champions and almost-champs were feted by their peers, foes and families. The venerable Bill Krug was crowned the overall car points leader while Cliff Hagan was the top motor-cycle rider. After six 1994 races the Overall car chase point spread came down to a hand full of points - well, four, if you don't count the thumb - with Krug edging out Tom Buck and his red Jeep pickup. The sexagenarian had a good season in his two seat Raceco "1600" although he's heginning to beg the other single-port head cars to come out and play. A tough competitor, Bill can meet you in whoops and mow down the cholla with the best of them. While Jay and Jackie McKin-ley ... "Mr. and Mrs. Whiplash" to you ... were out schmoo:ing the crowd, Brandwood's Jim Cun-ningham was MCing the whole affair and having a good time doing it, too. Now Jim, if you could follow the course a fraction as well as you talk the talk, you would be a very dangerous racer, indeed. The Unlimited Pro champion-ship race was not tight, however, as Buckeye's favorite Porsche racer, Farmco's Shannon Schulz, finished with a large spread over the V6 Jimco of the Struttman Tribe. Driver Tom, brother Mike and dad Don Struttm·ann had heen developing the car .. . working the bugs out, actually .. . while entering in Sportsman, so this was not a full Pro season. His th~ory made sense: Why pour money into the purse just to sort out that enigmatic EFI? Pro Ten had a lot of action this year with up to thirteen cars entered. When the dust and stuff settled it was the partnership of Bruce Mills and Randy Miller that J I took the crown. Driving the ex-Bill Capatch {Ari:ona Transaxle) single seater, they put down such local luminaries as Ruben Wood, Daniel Hyde, Steve Melton and Ed Beard. The Gila Bend pair just had to thank Beard, Bill Henry Auto, and Arizona SW Truck and Trailer, along with Capatch. Late in the year, Wood was getting his act together with his new Ken Major engine, but the initial part of the seas'on was punctuated with almost unneces-sary DNFs. Second place was his fate. Daniel Hyde drove the ex-Shannon Schul: (and ex-ex-Jim Pierce and ex-ex-ex-Chet Huff-man) Farmco to third. In '94 Hyde will be racing Shannon's ex-Ed Herbst newly automaticed Porsche/Chenowth but will try to keep fresh racing with Whiplash. Hand-me-downs are big in Buckeye. The VB racers were split into two classes, "8" and "4". Perhaps enough has been said about this decision. Perhaps not. The two wheel drives had complained about the unfair advantage that Tom Buck's four wheel drive Honcho held. Go figure. In any event Tom was relegated to a 4WD class where the "4" champ damned near took the Overall. Kevin Patrick drove consistantly in his street legal stovebolt to a big · win over a struggling Subway Mike Doherty. Students of the stadium scene will be seeing more of these two in the MTEG Thunder Truck series, unfortun-ately to be missing the local desert truck events. But you know how it goes after they've seen Anaheim. The Challengers had a strong three-way fight for this end of the year recognition, plus some bucks and a Championship jacket. Steve Long had a consistent year and squeaked by both Rodney Hayes of Parker's Beer Belly Racing Team and Tucson's Dave Ander-son. Anderson's season was like Rod's: Whoever did not break, won ... while Long persevered to the Championship. Anderso_n 's car owners, Ric and Eileen Vogel, have purchased,some show hOTses so Dave is uncertain as to the teams 1995 plans. Not only was Tony Pedotto the Class 1 Sportsman champ, he should have been the Rookie of the Year -if there had been such a category. After a few seasons learning racing with Ryan May's two seat big bore, Pedotto bought the ex-Steve Miller "10" chassis and, with the help of Kenny Moore and Jim Cunningham, went racing in Unlimited. Troubled early by some basic logistical gaffe's, Tony eventually turned it around and finished the season with a decisive win at the· Sonoyta-to-Rocky Point race. His championship was not a walk, however, as Moore had more finishes in '94 and trailed by only two points. Long time Whiplash supporters Ray Eckard and Art Jones had the Sportsman high total as they beat Jack Farmer's Toyota buggy for the "Ten" crown. After a hard day of racing, Art and Ray can then be found the next day Truck champ Kevin Patrick this year splits his Chevy's time between the desert and the MTEG Thunder Truck circuit as does second place trucker Mike Doherty. Gila Bend's Pro 10 co-champions Randy Miller, left and Bruce Mills won over such Buckeye Hot Dogs as Rueben Wood, Daniel Hyde, Steve Melton and old Ed Beard. working as course marshals for the bike and ATV race. Dean Orem plugged along all year in his rudimentary Sports-man" 1600" and, by God, he was rewarded ·with his jacket. Baja racer Hagan, on his nasty 628 Honda, was always a top five overall finisher in this Ari:ona seven-race desert motorcycle series. On the way to the crown, Cliff decimated the 4-Stroke class over Doug McDonald and Dave Parsons. Doug and Dave were almost tied for second place but McDonald was on top by three points ( out of 234 ). Not only did Hagan race Whiplash events all year, he and buddy Jerry Kyle helped the promoter lay out their hometown San Manuel (AZ) GP ... on the day after Cliff finished second in Class 30 at SCORE's Baja 1000. Son Billy Hagan won the little squirt class -60180cc 10 years and younger -proving once again that the Arai· helmet never falls far from the Honda. · Open motorcycle champion Vic Encinas ( CRS00) was back a few clicks in second overall. Vic might have been a shade closer if he had not taken a major position-losing tumble at Snowflake. The Class 30 champ Terry Frit: edged out Gwin Vaughan ( CRS00) by virtue of Gwin 's rare DNF in October. Alw_ays a top overall finisher, Vaughan bounc-ed back from a collection of broken bones and injuries suffered at Gila Bend to win at Sonoyta and collect the second place trophy. Professional pinstriper Tom Schmid ( CR250) squeaked by the venerable Big Joe Prosser (KTM300) in the over-SO bracket. Joe rides them all including the cactus-studded Ari:ona Trail Riders National Enduro held outside Wickenburg in late February. Tom, a long time D-37 racer transplanted to Arizona, runs hard with people half, well, two-thirds, his age. He plans on contesting the SCORE three race Baja series with a group of Ari:ona gee:ers. -•· Pro Challenger Steve Long drove his way ti the crown on excellent preparation and consi'stent driving ovit-Rod Hayes and Dave Anderson. Sportsman Class 1 champ Tony Pedotto tells MC Jim Cunningham, in a rare quiet moment, how it was. Note: Tuxes were NOT required. Bill Krug was the 1600 Pro Champion and al:,o took the overall Page ii April 1995 points championship and he is also an AARP member. Hard to beat experience! Dusty Times

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,, ROUND 1 AT GLEN HELEN McKenzie's Short Course Championship Series Opener There is oarely a holiday break in off road activity in the southwest corner of the USA. The last race of the year is December 31, and the first race of the new year is the first weekend of that vear. The Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, near San Bernardino, CA really never closes with a lot of car testing sandwiched in.between racing dates. The facility started the new year on February 5 with the first off road race, and a new sponsor for the entire series in McKenzie's Performance Products of Ana-heim. From all reports the change to a Sunday race from Saturday was a hit with the majority of competitors, except for those who had an old calendar and showed up on Saturday, bright and early in the morning. We were unable to obtain full coverage of this event, but we can tell you who won what. Tom Hulshof won Class 1 and Jack Whirlow Jr. was second. The format changed this season to a single race for each class instead of the double heat program used last year. It was a good race in Class 1-2-1600 for short course cars but the victory went to the old master Steve Bishop. Randy Jones was second. In 1-2-1600 ranks for desert cars, Red Burgin was the winner followed home by Big Bob D:iurawiec. There is one class for 5-1600 Baja Bugs and Doug Goodenough won that while Steve and Paul Borio were second. Mike Keshkoff was· the only entrant in Class 6. The Super 1600 short course title went to Gary Gall who runs at Glen Helen so often he must know every rock and rut by its first name. In Class 7S champion Dan Cannon won the race while Dean Williams was second. The Stock Mini Trucks honors went to Pat Soffe in 2WD ranks and moving on to Stock Mini 4 WD Jerry Beal won the race and Chri_s Roberts was second. The Superlites had quite a race as Stacy Fay drove her Briggsbuilt to victory over Joe Price in his Triple E. Among the Pilots Clint W ols.ey was the winner and Denise Wittman was second.Josh Hulsebosh took top honors among the Odysseys and Tim Lewis did the same in Sport Utility class. Chuck Rice was the winner in the ATV Intermediate Class. Round 2 of the series will be on March 19 and with no local date conflicts there should be a husky entry. The weather should be a lot warmer also, as spring will be here in Southern California. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Jimco 80% complete, all the good stuff, Sway-A-Way, Fox Shox, Master-craft, CNC, Wright Place, Fuel Save, Parker Pumper. Need c.v.s, axels, floor plan, wiring and some prep. $15,000.00. ALSO TWO Aros Dual Axel Car Trailers. One 18' overall 14' hauling length. $1,000.00. One 16' overall 11 ½' hauling length. $1,200.00. Call Duane(619)475-4608 eves only. Gila Bend, Arizona MARCH25TH PRO BUGGIES & TRUCKS • (4) 50 Mile Loops, 8 Hr. time limit • Staging at 9:30 AM. Classified ••• HOUSE FOR SALE OR RENT: East Apple Valley. 4 BD, 2 BA, 4 acres. Huge garage/shop (35 x 60'), barn, corrals, arena, lots of trees. $160,000.00 (619) 240-3064. FOR SALE: 5-1600 built by Bruce Farley, FAT motor and trans. All chromolly & heli arc, SAW axels, torsion, spring plates and front leaves, Wright rack, Type 4 c.v.s, Fodrill arms & spindels, Dura Blue axels, Kusters all around. One of the nicest 5-1600s built. $16,500.00 oho. (619) 258-8544. FOR SALE: Mears owned Rally Cars, 300ZX twin turbo, propane powered. Both vehicles are record holders and in outstanding condition. Very low mileage, safety equipment. Would make awesome race or street legal vehicles in Mexico. Must sell quick! $15,000.00 each. Call Baja Concepts for details (619) 583--6529 Ref #409 & #410. Unlimited 1-2 Enny $350.00 Payback $225.00 Other Pro's 225.00 100.00 SPORT BUGGIES & TRUCKS • (2) 50 Mile Loops, Gran Prix Finis_h! • Staging at 3:00 P.M. Enny ALL Sportsman $125.00 Tech. & Registration Open March 24th Friday Payback Trophy 50% lst-Jnf 3:00P.M March 25th Saturday 7:00 A.M Matarcycles. ATV•s & Pilats ADPro's AD Sportsman Sunday March 26th Enny $75.00 40.00 Payback 70% Trophy 50% 1st-10th Tech. & R~tration open Saturday & Sunday 7:00 A.M. PRE-ENTER SA VE TIME & MONEY ! FOR SALE: '93 Jimco Class 10. Major motor, Mendeola trans, J imco prepped. No expense spared. Lots of spares. etc. Need to sell $22,500.00 oho. (909) 687--0515. FOR SALE: Chevy Class 8, '92 and '93 La Rana champ, Class 8 legal anywhere. 22n front & rear travel, ¼ Liptics, Kuster shocks with bypass tubes, Dana 60 40 spline, custom spindles, 350 ci motor. First class parts through--out, $49,500.00 (714 )838--6016. FOR SALE: Class 10 A-Arm Bunderson. Want to win? For $24,000.00 get a turn key top 3 running vehicle All the Time. Super fast, Toyota, FAT, BFG, Ultra Wheel, Master Craft, Custer shocks (big wheel travel -20" front and rear) Rose trans. This car is strong and dependable. Must see to believe. WIN NOW! Baja Concepts Ref #420 (619) 583--6529. Happening11 continued September 2, 1995 Snowflake 200 Snowflake, AZ October 7, 1995 Buckeye Bash 125 Buckeye, AZ December 2, 1995 Point to Point 150 Rocky Point, Sonora, MX WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 So. U.S. Hwy 45 Oshkosh. WI 54901 ( 414) 688-5509 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP April 13-1 7, 1995 Safari Rally -F2 Kenya May 1-6, 1995 Tour de Corse -WC. F2 Corsica May 27-31, 1995 Acropolis Rally - F2 Greece July 5-8, 1995 Argentine Rally - F2 Argentif'la July 27-30, 1995 New Zealand Rally -WC. FZ- AP New Zt·aland August 17-25, 1995 Rally of 1000 Lakes -F2 Finland September 15-18, 1995 Rally Australia -WC, AP Australia October 8-12, l 995 Sanrl'mO Rally -F2 Italy October 22-25, 1995 Spain, Catulunya -WC November 19-22, 1995 RAC Rally -WC England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming euents in DUSTY TIMES free! It is the only way some fans know about your event, if they don't happen to be on your club mailing list. Don't call, but mail -your 1995 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column; it could bring you some extra entries! Mail )'Our race or rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 913 r 1-4408. WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2'lJJEG«Mn,ffom,Az,Mm(ffl?)971-m)FAX(ffl?)~582

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S(ORE TECATE TROPHY-TRUCKS AT PARKER Stewart Starts the Year in First Place By Judy Smith Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Ivan Stewart had to work for his victory at Parker p_ushing the Toyota hard so its six cylinder could keep up with the V-Bs.and V-10s, but the lronman didn't falter, neither did the Toyota winning by nearly three minutes. Ivan Stewart got his year off to a the same course, leaving off that ailment that prevented things like good start with a narrow victory original 11 miles. Those laps were their water pump and fuel pump in SCORE's '95 season opening about 19 miles long, and they frorn working, and Baldwin with a Tecate Trophy-Truck event run brought the trucks back to the hole in his fuel cell, poked by the in conjunction with the Parker main pit area several times, giving driveshaft on its way out of the 400 on the shores of the Colorado the spectators a nice chance to see truck. Steve Kelley, now driving River in Parker, Arizona. the action. For the last lap, the third of the Walker Evans The late January event enjoyed however, the trucks shot out onto Dodges, was out with major great weather, and a course nicely the full length of the Parker 400, overheating. dampened by the rainstorms except that they finished at the Attheendofthethirdshortlap earlier in the week. There were 20 edge of the main pit area, and did . Stewart was 48 seconds in front of entrants in the Trophy-Truck not return to the Blue Water Evans who ran second still, and race, a new high, and they lined up Marina. They had six hours to Smith held on to third, 38 for their 7:30 a.m. start in chilly, complete their race. seconds later. The racing was not pre-dawn darkness. Actually, At the end of the first loop only close in terms of elapsed only 17 trucks were there on time. Robby Gordon had his Ford in time, but was physically close, One new team, Jim Baldwin, his the lead, with about two minutes thanks to all that damp desertthat son Jason, and son-in-law Carl on Stewart and his Toyota. Jack eliminated dust from the picture. Renezeder,werepacinginsidethe Johnson, in one of Walker LeDuc had moved up to fourth Blue Water Marina, as they Evans's Dodge trucks, ran third, now, and MacCachren ran fifth, waited to take delivery of their followed just nine seconds back after a flat tire. He was three three new Fords. The trucks went by his boss, Walker, and then minutes and 38 seconds behind through a fast paced late tech came Jim Smith in his Ford, Stewart. inspection as Danny Letner, first another four seconds back. On the last lap, the long one, off the line, was warming up his By the end of the second loop Letner slid off an embankment, motor and watching the flagman Stewart had the lead, but he was and damaged his truck, putting for the first twitch. only 26 seconds in front of Evans, him out of the race, and Roger The Trophy-Trucks had a total who now ran second. In third it Mears m ade a tran smission of 197 .29 miles to cover, in rather was Smith, with Rob MacCach- switch, ran a bit further, then unusual fashion. From the start, ren, in his elderly Ford, in fourth. blew the replacement transmis-at the Blue Water Marina, they In fifth it was Curt LeDuc, in a sion. By then he was out of trans-traveled about 11 miles to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. missions, having replaced one the edge of the big 126 mile loop that By now, some of the others night before the race also. made up the Parker 400 course,' were in serious trouble. Gordon's Stewart's truck didn't falter, Then they followed the coi,;rse motor was ill, and taking on and he pushed hard, averaging for about eight miles, to a massive transfusions of oil. The over 62 miles per hour for that spot \\'here it came very close to Ford ofD'ave and Paul Simon had last lap, to take the win. Smith, the inbound portion of the 400 lost a drive shaft at about eight who'd had one flat just as he got to course. At that point they cut miles out, and then had also iost a a pit on the second lap, moved up across, and then picked up the last transmission, which they replaced. to finish second, and MacCach-10 miles of the inbound course, Both Jim Baldwin and Carl ren, who recorded the fastest last giving them a first lap of about 31 Renezeder, in their shiny, new lap, at 1 :59:35, averaging 63 .611 miles. The next two laps ran on trucks, were out. Renezeder with an miles per hour for that section, Jim Smith had another virtually trouble free race in his Ford, ran third for a time and moved up to finish second when the Evans Dodge had trouble. finished third, seven seconds Johnson, whose truck is still behind Smith. He later said that essentially a Class 8 truck (Brian one of his biggest problems had Stewart won the Class 8 points in been that his truck weighs 6200 it last year.) finished 10th, and pounds. He's looking forward to Larry Ragland h~d transmission his new Ford, which will debut problems with his Chevy, but still about mid-way through this gotanllthplacefinish.In12thit season. LeDuc, who now has an was Javier Espinosa, in an old eight cylinder motor in his Jeep, Ragland Chevy, the first Mexican did the last few minutes of the Trophy-Truck entrant, and race with a rod through the block. pleased to get to the finish line. He was seriously concerned about Marty Coyne, who has purchased whether he'd make that last, steep the Ford that Vessels and Gordon hill up to the checkered flag and co-drove last year, was also happy his fourth place. Evans, who'd to finish, 13th, and ony 52 had two flat tires, then suffered a minutes off the winning time, in loosewirethatreducedhimfrom spite of serious electrical 10 to eight cylinders for the last problems, and a wheel he SO miles of the race. He took fifth, destroyed. only six minutes and 23 seconds Almost all the Trophy-Trucks behind Stewart. had completed their short laps Gordon, .his truck moving . before the Parker400 contestants slower and slower• managed to took to the desert, so there wasn't salvage a sixth place, with Simon much contact between the two and Simon in seventh, after their groups. The odd-length laps may repair. Bob Richey and Tom have been a bit hard to sort out, Baker put their newly re-designed but it made a nice solution to the Ford into eighth place, their best problem of giving everyone a finish yet, but were penalized a good race, yet not having them position for excessive speed in the tangle with one another on the Pits. John Swift was ninth in his Ford, thanks to a problem wit h course. his power steering. He was bumped up to eighth after Richey a·nd Baker were penalized. Jack The San Felipe race, a one loop event, will be something else again. Rob MacCachren is still running his championship winning ex-Class 8 Ford, but dislikes the weight penalty; but it runs fine and he was third at Parker. Curt LeDuc made the debut run in this w4Jd looking Jeep Cherokee and he had a relatively trouble /tee race too, 23 seconds behind in fourth place. Walker Evans ran second in the early laps in the new Dodge V-10 Trophy-Truck then had two flats and lost two cylinders, but soldiered on to take fifth. The penalty fever that affects officials at Parker struck the Trophy-Trucks too this year as Bob Richey/Tom Bader dropped a position due to a speeding in the pit area penalty. · Page !24 April 1995 Dusty Times

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"The Checker Straight Poop" From El Chismoso of El Chinero PARKER400 The Checkers had a good showing at the BLM sponsored race ever a rainsoaked route. Kevin Davis, The Sprinklerman, did his best Lou Peralta imitation and once · more brought rain , three inches on Wednesday , to an event ... although it was clear, warm and pretty much dust free by race day. Plenty of fair weather Checkers turned out to help, even Thumper made an appearance along with black,balled Mark. A George ( noted "oil user and c.v. abuser") Seeley sycophant, apparently one of Rick and Dick's extended family, dropped by the Checker campfire to tell an incredulous and hardly interested membership, other than Ta,Ta, who was unfortu·nately, con, cerned that Rick, the Whazoo's "Baja 1000" doormat, was in the hospital seriously ill ("His mustache fell out!"). He felt it necessary to siy that "we couldn't let him read the ##!@##$ Wahzoo's comments about Borrego for fear of a relapse." After a moment of stunned silence, the Checkers exploded into gales of hysterical, sympathy, less laughter as the departing stranger disappeared past the fire's light. They said that you had to be -there but "Rick is still a dick." Chase and Robertson were dealt the "101" starting position and led for several laps until a forgotten well oiled pressure plate forced them out of serious contention. When will you guys understand that you can't burn the oil off a disc by pushing against the garage wall in high gear like you used to do with that '48 Aeetline? Come on, Chase, spend a buck, OK? Or maybe that non, Checker mechanic of yours doesn't understand basic concepts. The two got involved with some 1600 in Osborne Wash and flipped the perp while shattering the big Raceco's c.v. hub cap. Professional arsonist Steve Luport saw it all from the bank and is holding a tape for extortion purposes. The Burbank Boys still got a third and 11th overall. · (For some reason, a Parker paper ran a picture of Holladay and Robertson from the 1992 race. It couldn't be because of some nepotistic Colorado River business deal could it?) Tom Koch got into "Blackie" for another assault on common sense and was sidelined by an ill, advised high,speed charge over a blind off,camber corner on the way to Bouse. You know where that is. The car had only 1st, 3rd and 5th when Tom took over. Koch, being Koch, figured that "fifth was the right one." Reliable sources indicate that the high, desert hustler tore off several corners worth "about $4,000." Kevin Davis showed that he really understands Class Ten by beating a huge, strong 33 car field while finishing 4th overall. The purse paid for half of his car prep. His non,Checker Engine Man of the Year cut a real quick lap before handing over The Lawn, mower Man's la est car. The Dusty l'.ima motor man actually ran an average lap speed faster than the Chico car owner! Davis had his belts come loose but soldiered on to a scheduled pit stop before buckling up. So, Kev ... when do you build a BIG ol' motor and go for the Overall and take the wind out of Koch's and Chase's sails? The Harmans finally finished a race, making an outstanding run to third as they played bumper cars with some other competitor out where Koch had endoed. The Prez ("I had to run ( for the office) ... what if Doug Brown got in?") was sprint car racing on the road to Bouse and bumped this whiner who then complained about it at the next· checkpoint. Robert and Mike showed up for the on! y scheduled CRB hearing but the sniveler was a no,show. "This dude flipped me off, too!" our benign dictator complained. The "vindicated" Grinner just kept grinning. Mike McGee kept up the pace in the Raceco until Jimmy "Mother" Tucker got in and disappeared somewhere into the desert. The car had begun to break up and stressed the tranny so much that it went away too. Larry Bolin made a good turn around after the La Rana rain race but became confused about a clanking sound and spent mucho time having Rev.Roy's congrega, tion look at the front end. Even Ta, Ta couldn't find the broken cross bar over Larry's head. That was noticed later, after Larry's engine took a dump. "Free Willy" Melancon, an apparent holder of dual pit citizenship, ran like a madman in "Ten" but was seen idly standing on his rear tire on the way to Swansea. Question: Can you run a "FAIR" sticker above a Checker one? ls there no decency? Is there no fine? "Gorgeous George" Seeley took out "his" so,called new car and went for a slow ride to sixth in Class 5. ls this that long,rumored "new car" or just some leased Hertz unit?!! The King of Recliners is miffed about losing his year,long championship "500" number: buying new numbers every race will be stretching his already stressed budget. Good job, anyway, George. Tellier snagged a third place non,Checker ride in the same class in spite of a last lap snap rollover on the way to Osborne Wash. Pit Champ "JP" Morgan Molacco, at Midway, got into a nasty radio squabble with a Bouse housewife who was rambling on about the "ambiance" of her double,wide. Morgan tried his best W eatherman,style smoothie talk to convince her to pound sand down a rat hole and get off the line but to no avail. The "Brothers Big" ... the ever, popular Sean and Frank Krepsz Show ... took over the mike and poured oil on these troubled waters. A serious communication crisis was avoided. Hey ... you'd never imagine those two as diplomats, would you. Send em' to Bosnia, the West Bank Town of Jerico or even down to Compton. Good thing it wasn't over a video phone! But it coulda been worse. Coulda sent Bates down there to "talk" to her, I guess. , (It has been brought to this rumormonger's attention that at the New Years La Rana race Morgan drove while also acting as Pit Captain. Is there not some obscure rule regarding this duplicity? A fine would be just fine!) "Fl yin' Brian" Moynahan wandered in from Arizona to run his Challenger and after some struggling ended up in Third. His non,Checker partner tangled with a 1600 and bent a tie rod. After crabbing the car to Graham Well, he had Big John Files and his grey, haired ( for those that HAD hair) geriatric crowd re,set the toe,in. Bryan got in at Midway and said that it handled perfectly. Files' crew got another thumbs,up from him after a two minute shock change. That's pretty fast for guys in walkers ... like Ray Bennett, Clarence Carter and Howard Anderson, who was on the wireless. Mister and Master Bates hung out to learn about Alzhiemers. Moynahan was back in fourth place on the way to the finish but banzai,ed it over and off that right hand "W" signed cutbank "gotcha" before the bridge, passing his competitor for third place who later "... said I was crazy." Figures. You certain! y fit the Koch mold. Peter Rosenstein was awarded Pit Points and expenses after his Midway #2 pit was scrubbed due to lack of land space. "RUSH" NORRISBAUGH How about that Golden Throat of The Checkers, our very own Uncle Max? All day, all night, on Parker Radio 1380, telling us how itwas and how it was going to be. Quite a fine job, Maxie! Gotta went out to obtain a cop·y ot the promote The Checkers a little Burbank Leader ... the one with more, however. But, all in all, a their "1000" report ... and took career building performance. Off all of them from the little machine Roadings answer to Connie for the 25(!'. price of one paper! Chung could have used some Then did it again and again all words that rhyme with "itch," around the town. You want your however, but Karlinda was not own copy? One could find entered. hundreds. Oh, I thought not. · BETTER TO LIGHT A PIAA GEARBOX GROANINGS THAN TO CURSE THE George R. Thompson took a DARKNESS nasty tumble at his palatial What about this now ignored Ventura Managment Estate and rule to require running a forward cracked· two ribs. George tripped facing blue light for immediate over Max' leash .. Max the Dog, Checker recognition? A grumpy not Uncle Max ... and was Doug Brown ... so what's new unwilling to drop a valuable here? ... actually took a photo of a computer component. The non,Checker car at Barstow stockyCycnicoftheSandsfolded because "I thought it was Bolin! like a cheap tent. "Grunt!" Where's everybody's light?" If I "That damned doctor cost me were the Prez, I'd come down more than that hard drive was ungodly hard about this. I'd, well, worth," the pa rsimonio•us I'd, I'd sik Peralta on 'em. Yeah! personality exploded. INTELECTUAL CORNER THE NEW REGIME ... "I didn't come out ·here to A 100,HOUR REVIEW . think!", Billy Robertson . I knew John Hastings. And, ALOHA, MISTER HAND Robert, you're no John Hastings. Koch and Brown went on a · The transition of the Presidential bizarre Hawaii vacation together, gavel may not be quite as smooth again. (Their women must have as the (so,called) Rank,and, bottomless senses of humor.) A .Fi'le(s) might have wished. Koch,ism was recorded: At a Reviews have been mixed. "Don Ho" Hawaiian luau ("Tiny Suggestions: bubbles .. " you know the drill) the 1) Retain an armed Hibbard as auto recycling magnate stuck his an Attila the Sgt.,at,Arms: "Point finger into the community salad of ORDER!"; dressing for a test taste. When 2) Use Hasting's bullhorn early another guest complained, Tom and often; explained that "Hey! I haven't 3) Provide plenty of Premier been picking my nose!" Rigging raffle items such as a SKULLDUGGERY AND plasma cutter, a spud wrench or SHENANIGANS perhaps a wadded,up EZ,Up IN BURBANK from the Checker Summer Party. Chase reported that his partner And ok, 'bye. THU-COOL SETS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD AS THE BEST AIR TO OIL COOLER IN THE WORLD! TRUE COOL 'S unique dimple plates turbulate oil flow for improved coo6ng 'pressure drop. On average, TRU-COOL1S pressure drop is orie half less than . ___ .,.. . other coolers. Higher operating efficiency pernits the use of a smaller -TRU-COOL model, resulting in important weight savings. i1\l 1111 \\lr---------------___J &,. ,._...._ Availa:~~ ~ McKenzie's Performance Products 2366 E. Orangethorpe, Anaheim, CA 92806 Distributed By: . >-tl' AZJJP':::0 P.O. Box Sf8 Boonville IN 47601 812 April 1995 Page i5

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WHIPLASH DESERT SERIES Long Leads Challengers At Vulture Mine 115 By Tony Tellier qIass 10 was a real race for the overall, nose to tail in a couple of laps; but in the end some had troubles and fell out while Rueben Wood was second with the attrition, then won Class 10 and overall. The first event of the 1995 fruitless. They saw fluid spilling problems even before the start at Whiplash Motorsports desert ·out of the differential's vent and the Parker 400, the Prescotton-racing season was won by Reuben surmised that a seal between the ian 'scar bristles with inovations. Wood over Farmington's Stan two components had failed or Using a live transmission, the car Steele and a ballistic Buckeye moved. He donned his spectator's appears to be a Trophy-Truck in hrother Robert Wood. Tight and cap instead of his helmet. · buggy sheet metal. Crew man rocky, the mining territory of the Tucson's Jim Travis, a favorite Steve Campbell disagreed, "No. Vulture Gold Mine property was to win, bit his tongue badly at the Morley just likes to build ( weird) effectively leveled and smoothed five-mile point. With a lot of things." Morley got over his head by Wood's Kenny Major motor. blood, he struggled cross-country through the cross drainage chop Tucson stalwart Mike Long backtoCheck3inordertoreach past the power line section and overcame a roll-over to win the the pits and medical help. In got on his head. A spindle was challenger class purse. serious pain, Jim parked the old damaged and lengthy repairs were The attrition rate on the Pro Jim Greenway Toyota/Raceco to necessary to make it towable. Unlimited cars was unexpected. cheer his buddy Tom Wellman Looks as if the unusual rig needs Shannon Schul: did not even get who was racing in the "Vintage" to have more static sag if nothing off the trailer. When he had no class. more to keep the center of gravity reverseinhisAudiautomatic,the Morley Williams had his below six feet. There were three Su re-Grow I Farmco Buckeye impressive buttoo-tall 350 Chevy "Unlimited" cars out within the crew found that the gear box was VS powered unit out for a trial first eight miles. empty. Filling the system was run. Sidelined with cooling. Pete Sohren put on a strong charge in his old DirTrix Class 5 looking very serious indeed with an open face helmet amidst the dust. Pete had the lead but Tom Struttmann's Sun Lakes based Jimco put on the pressure and took over the overall lead on the second lap. But Struttmann broke his finger, badly. Passenger and brother Mike was drafted. The rank movice drove with John Burkett tagging along as Tom went into the Wickenburg clinic for X-rays and a splint. Dad Don took the blame saying that "We had a bad power steering pump. there was no boost at low speed" The Pro Unlimited cars had heavy attrition at Vulture Mine, a rough course, but one who didn't was Pete Sohren in the old Dirtrix Class 5, having just a clogged fuel system to slow him and he won Unlimited class. Stan Steele led Class 10 for a time, getting used to the lower power of his "new Class 10", but he learned fast and took second in the hectic Class 10. Bert Woocf.kept up the chase in his newly Kustered A-armed Chenowth, but a flat slowed his pace enough that he had to settle for third in Class 10. and it kicked back and the steering wheel caught Tom's index finger. Pete Sohren was slowed with a clogged fuel system. He had to have his passenger blow into the fuel cell's vent line, as they drove, in order to force fuel to the engine. They were able to take advantage of Tom's injury to get back into the "Class l" lead but were unable to mount any sort of challenge to the roaring "Ten" cars. Only two of the eight Unlimited cars finished any laps at all. Pete and Tom/Mike did all five. The Class Ten race turned into a full-blown barn-burner for the overall as Randv Maddux. Stan Steele, Albert McMullen and Reuben raced nose-to-tail within sight of one another all through the second of five 25 mile laps. Albert, who races only at selected events, performed his patented hard-charger role, was dogging Steele only to lose a spring off a front coil-over shock. With no torsion to support the front end, Al had to scour the lush desert foliage for the spring. Digging through the cholla and ironwoods turned 'into a day-long botanical exercise - his day was done. Robert Wood sailed into Check 4 on the first lap with a flat left front tire ( virtually no one elected to carry a spare). Some · '·.·.,: minutes earlier Robert had radioed to this crew that "I've got a flat.". To which Rueben replied "I know. I'm right behind you." Rueben had started at the back of the seven car class and had worked his way through the crowd. On the next lap Jeff Hustin's lapped Rabbit engined "Vintage Class" VW was unfortunately holding up leader Randy Maddux. Randy's horn tootled off into the distance as Jeff tried to find a clear place to pullover along the barbed wire fence line. Maddux even-tually "encouraged" him to pull over. Hustin then went back-. wards as he struggled with a bent left tie rod. The car turned to the left very well, indeed. Maddux' aggressive and impres-sive run for the win was short circuited when he plowed through a forest of jumping cactus. Reuben reportedly hit his car and spun him into the fuzzy-fr om-a-distance plants. He struggled back to the pit where he had to have boll after boll removed from his ... , well, his crotch. Maddux was effectively out of the hunt and Rueben had moved into second place on attrition alone. Robert Wood kept up the chase in the newly-Kustered, A-armed Chenowth after his flat but "Bert" had to settle for third, some minutes behind the resurg-ent Steele and his victorious brother. Tucson's Mike Long rolled his car on the way to First Place in the Challenger class. Mike over-cooked a hidden drop-off and pogoed sideways into the op-posite bank, going over three quarters of the way. "It was my only stop," he shrugged. "I was testing my new gel battery."· Unfortunately he performed this stunt heading into Check 4 in full view of twenty-some on-lookers. At least he did not have to get out and right it himself. -" • Newcomer to Whiplash Racing Darrelf Hale raced his well detailed 1600 with a Tom Struttman kept the Jimco V-6 out front until he broke Ms finger and his • trouble free run on the rugged course, and he went so fast that he not only Parker's Rod Hayes broke a tranny and was pulled in, freight train style, behind Brian Brown's Sonoyta winning two seater. Rod brother Mike took over, a novice, and drove to second in Unlimited Class. won Class 1600 he ended up fourth overall. PageH April 1995 Dusty Times

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was able to check out the engine p,arts that had blown out of Brown's engine all over ths skid plate. Rod said that his car just popped out of gear on the power line road right after he had hit Kody Wright's clean little Challenger. "I came up on him, hit the horn and all of a sudden he hit the brakes. Bang!" Wright had an oil light come on and he wisely stopped for an on-looker pit check. A quart of oil was located and Wright contin-ued on to second place in the "Nine" class which was good for some cash. Finishing eight minutes back was Keith Randel's center-seated two seater Challenger. Newcomer Darrell Hale came out to race in Class 1600 with a very well detailed single seater and ended up fourth overall. His class winning trouble free run placed him fifteen minutes ahead of Sahuarita's Al Vesterdal and Glendale's Bill Krug. 1994 Whiplash Champ Bill Krug had just replaced the rear torsions on his "1600" and had not indexed them enough: "I can't adjust the sag out right now, so it's bottoming. I have to re-clock the spring plates." He related how his radio came loose and they had to gather it up while traversing the rollers at speed. "On the first lap I said 'DNF', but you just keep going and there it is, the finish." Krug has been pleased with his car's Don Hatz engine: "I change the plugs and check the timing. That's it. And change the oil, of course. I did have a new horn and I got to use iton (Tom Wellman's second gear only drive)." Al Vesterdal's passenger got really sick and bailed out at Check 4 on the third lap. The author had shot all the photos he needed so he got in for a lap and a half in the TUF "1600". "Did that guy hurl in his helmet?" was the one necessary question. "No." ''Then let's go." With his car's radio inoperative like Krug's, Al was unaware just how close he was behind Bill. He caught him with one mile to go and, with the horn a-blaring, tried to dupe Bill into pulling over. "Maybe he'll think it's someone in another class and let us by?" It is hard to fool ol' Bill, however, and he kept his position. Al took the flag bumper-to-bumper with Krug and ended up ahead by virtue of his rear draw and the fifteen second start interval. Al's car at this event was another extracted from the apparently bottomless TUF racing stable. This particular car finished 16th at Parker two weeks prior to The Vulture and ran clean and sound for this additional 125 miles. The Pro 8 ranks had no five lap finishers so the purse was rolled over to the Gila Bend race. Gary Mecham used the Vulture to good use as he got in plenty of seat time. Slow speed carburetion problems caused some delays on a few steep tight uphills but Mecham demonstrated how well a "7S" can run. Nick Vanderway agreed after getting passed in the rough. Nick, the MBA Man, had two flats and damaged two shocks. " I had awesome pitting at the ( Checks 3 and 4) cross-over pit," Nick greased his friends. "Not quite NASCAR, but very effec-tive." Nick also broke an idler arm and his proportional valve seized, leaving the Chevrolet with little or no brakes. "They also had Dusty Times Al Vesterdal swapped riders, dropped some time ir., the stop but carried on, got close, but had. to settle for second in Class 1600 in the TUF two seater. to tighten a lower A-arm, drop in shocks absorbers from his Dodge eighteengallonsandgivemeanew D-50 pickup and picked his way . spare tire." Vanderway just edged back to the pits for a full weld-up the burbling Mecham Ranger for repair. The Flagstaff team then the win. went back out and got in two Allen Cluck tore all of the front complete laps. The deep sand The 1994 overall champion of Whiplash Motorsports, Bill Krug hastens down the trail at Vulture Mine to place third in the 1600 class at Vulture Mine. wash leading to the ragged-out up-hill was not friendly to the tall truck. Allen bicycled it in a soft, deep turn, almost slapping the fifty foot high. outside rock wall with his tcp. The Strictly Printing/ Cascade Electric sponsored car of Jeff and Jay Strickling ran a smooth event, winning the new "Vintage" class over a field of four. (Vintage cars are over ,,,-•••••••••••••••••• • • ■ • ■ • ■ ■71 ■ ■71 -• ■ ■ ■ • TEAM DON-A-VEE Jeep DON-A-VEE Jeep., Eagle Eagle America's #'1 Volume Dealer For The Last 5 Years Team DON--A-VEE 1993 Baja 1000 Winners and 1994 Baja 1000 winners Too! #1 JEEP SALES • #1 JEEP ACCESSORIES • #1 JEEP SERVICE llihi+I..PM Only Minutes From You in L.A. or Orange County 800.366.JEEP 800.909.JEEP April 1995 .. ••••• •••• Page 17

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. icti· Tires PRESENTS , •.•.••.••••••..•••.. , 1,;;'}······t••1111}.)})i■ • • , )\. -·•··•···•···•·•·•·•·-AUG UST 23-27, 1995 RENO, NEVADA -®

Page 29

.. . < . . . ( IiII:;:: -:, "ir'OO! NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK An exciting new event, which highlights the role of the truck in contemporary American life, is being presented by BF Goodrich Tires in Reno, Nevada on August 23-27, 1~95 ! Under the direction of Double Bar S Productions, Inc., the week will be devoted to truck-oriented events with judging in 15 categories (including 4-wheel, 2-wheel, full-size, compact, vans, mini-vans, sports/utility, RV and For the second year in a row, the "RENO 300" Off-Road race will be staged at the 100-mile Off-Road course, located 30 miles east of Reno on 1-80 at the Truck Inn in Fernley, Nevada. Once again, legendary Rod Hall invites his fellow Off-Roaders to join him on this new, challenging desert course! Since the "RENO 300" is an Independent race, there are no points, but plenty of perks and parties! So, if you belong to a racing association and many others). In short, anything built on a truck frame is eligible to compete! A low registration fee of $25.00 per vehicle gives you a packet that includes all truck events, souvenirs, the Consumer "Expo" show and the exciting "RENO 300" Off-Road race, hosted by the _., legendary Rod Hall! are out of the points race by the first of July, we urge you to sign-up for the "RENO 300"! Your modest entry fee of $395.00 will return 50% in Prize Money and also a number of valuable merchandise coupons. Plan on coming to Reno this August, where Off-Road racing is fun again and the driver is KING! Once again, the race is being sponsored by RANCHO Suspension. CONSUMER TRUCK "EXPO" Scheduled to coincide with the first-ever NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK celebration is the NTW TRUCK "EXPO" which is geared to the consumer looking for after-market items for his truck, van or sport/utility! A family-oriented show, the NTW "EXPO" is being presented by PACIFIC AUTOMOTIVE SHOW and DOUBLE BARS PRODUCTIONS. You'll see the latest in after-market accessories, seminars, partic-ipate in parades, show and shines and interactive events · with major manufacturers and their products. If you are an exhibitor, please use the coupon below to reserve space early and take advantage of the "early bird" discount for booth space! -----------------------------------------------YES, I am interested in getting more information regarding -NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK, the RANCHO "RENO 300" OFF-ROAD Race and/or THE NTW CONSUMER "EXPO"! Please send information regarding: □ NATIONAL TRUCK WEEK □ Rancho Suspension "RENO 300" □ NTW CONSUMER "EXPO" Name _________________ _ Address _________________ _ City, State, Zip _______________ _ Phone ________ Fax _______ _ PLEASE CLIP THIS COUPON AND MAIL OR FAX TO: Laurie Hall, 1360 Kleppe Lane, Sparks, NV 89431 702-331-4800 • Fax 702-331-5107 -

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Gary Mecham had slow speed carburetion woes on the uphills but the 7S Ford Ranger plugged on, almost caught the leader and finished a close second in cooler. He was using a ranch jack to push the sheet metal out of the left front tire well as Terri Pearce pitched in rounding up more engine oil. He beat Prescott buddy John Wilson's Monte Carlo when John neglected to take the checkered flag at the end of his final lap and was therefore docked one circuit. These two fun cars are quite well made and look like some kind of low-key fun. But you gotta stay out of the foliage, pal. There were no five lap finishers in the Pro 8 ranks, but Nick Vanderway got _C_la_s_s_B_. ________________________ _ credit for the victory despite the Chevy having two flats, damaged shocks and a host of other troubles on the course. The Jason Lewis Limited Buggy duo were yelling at each other through the desert ... and rightly so. The were found a few miles down the fence line picking cholla out of each other. Jason then hit a saguaro which bent the left tie rod and loosened the stock VW steering box off the beam. After some hammer thrashing in the pits Jason left, alone. He was soon seen wandering back to the pits via the paved Vulture Mine Road with a flopping left front wheel. A broken ball joint ended his odyssey. While this is a serious problem in anyone's race book, Lewis had flat-towed his little rail out to the race. He HAD to have all four wneels, and in alignment, to get it back hor:ne. Another race team jumped in to help. The Tucson TUF guys did a few odd-ball work-arounds and tricks to r,r twelve years old -an attempt to get those old blivet's out of the garage and into the desert.) Jeff kept out of trouble and finished a strong seventh overall between Sohern and Vesterdal. Hustin and the Colucci Crew had a much slower five laps, completing their five laps fifteen minutes over the time limit after repairing that tie rod. Jim Travis' buddy, Tom Wellman. had a very long day This is the i;ystem run by most off road race winners with no top gears in his Chenowth "1000." Tom drove the entire race in second gear, taking over three hundred and seventeen minutes for the 125 miles. On the fast sections he could only wind it way out, then coast. His engine man should be proud that it lived that long. Cory Sappington broke a 16 year old Sway-A-Way axle in his · dad's aging Funco. He had to do the repair deal on the side of a TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME . 1984-91 CORVETTE 2 1/2" OR 3" S.S. TARGA MUFFLER 13220 HALLDALE AVENUE GARDENA, CA 90249 310-217-9233 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Allen Gluck tore all the front shocks off his Oodge D-50, running in Class B but the Flagstaff team got things fixed enough for Allen to finish third in Class 8. gnarly hill studed with cactus. Cory got in two laps before reaching the 4½ hour time limit. Cory Sappington banged his car bad on several rain cut gotchas. Cory's car even had chrome-plated rear arms. Frank Evans, in his first drive in at least, oh, ten years, took over the wheel of Lee Finke's SCORE Class S for the three lap Sportsman Overall. Lee and Rudy Leon did the initial lap and passed the three color convertible over to Frank and Pete Dunshie. Frank is one of the famous DirTrix crew from Phoenix that produced such famous teams as plenn Evans and Greg Diehl. Sportswoman Melissa Hall took John Harris for a ride in her Sportsman Unlimited then let him try his hand at off road racing. John got into the cholla while driving the TUF "Ten" and had no sidekick along to help clean him up. "Ouch," was· his second place finish line comment. The VW Bug of John Paulson ran off the road getting out of the · way of John Wilson!s Monte Carlo. John waddled in with a very flat right rear tire and went out for three laps and third Sportsman. Curt Short, racing just a little bit as a Sportsman Unlimited in the Dan Spencer two seater, threw a power steering belt and had to have one delivered to the nearby checkpoint. He quit at the trailer. Sportsman Jeep racer Mark Beeler over-cooked his bright yellow CJ a mile off the start and bicycled it for scores of yards, gathering it up and continued to bounce along. Beeler regained his cool and won the Sportsman Truck class over a brace of huge SODA-like sedans. Dave Doty's Oldsmobile Cutlass, V6 was equipped with a Quadrajet four-barrel, was throwing up big rocks and could really hustle on the wide open stretches. It got a little too much to handle in the tight stuff. Dave clipped a huge saguaro which, in turn collapsed his front fender Mark Beeler overcooked his CJ right off the start, but he gathered it up with no harm done, had no more problems of note and won the Sportsman Truck class. It looked like a SODA invasion of sedans in Sportsman Truck class and Dave Doty got the Olds Cutlass home second despite losing a bout with a Saguaro. ' and ripped open his engine oil In another Prescott Sedan, a Monte Carlo, John Wilson had the lead, but failed to take the checkered flag and lost a lap: he was officially third. Page 30 April 1995 Dusty Times

Page 31

get it back on the road. Rueben Wood drove the new four seater pre-runner for a tour, changing personnel every lap. Steve Melton took a lap sitting in the back and reported that "it rode good." Shannon Schulz, whose Porsche/ Audi did not run, plus Robert Wood, Daniel Hyde and Melton raced from their last place start up to second place behind Finke by the start of the second lap. Then Robert took Jeff Knupp for a· ride. The car finished Lap Three with Tom Wood and 70-plus John Wood. Shannon •had to admit that "the Oldsmo-bile hit us on the rear tire" when they passed him. Stan Steele won the $400 p9st-race drawing. Parker Challenger Tucson's Mike Long rolled his race car on the way to First Place in the Challenger class, but only went part way over, did little damage and won. Frank Evans, in what must have been his first drive in ten years, took Lee Finke's Class 5 out for a drive and won the three lap Sportsman race overall. Guess he hasn't lost the Dirtrix touch. ~ Kody Wright lost a lot of oil in the race, and also got hit by Hot Rodney Hayes, but carried on in his tidy car to finish second in Challenger class. Keith Randel sails past some of Arizona's finest Saguaro trees in his tidy ,-Challenger. Keith went the distance in the competitive finish third. -, ,;.·=:--l.·~:rt...,•• :::: . -i l~., =~-~_: < ~vt_"~i•,..,, ~t-\~ ·~~•-1~ __ f' This four seater in Sportsman class had a top notch crew of Steve Melton, Shannon Schulz, Robert Wood, etc., changing people every lap and did all · three for second in Sportsman class. Where are the nets guys? ~ ::M'°'1;:.;.i•<-WhiplaSh has a new class this year, Vintage, for cars 12 years and older, and Jeff Strickland won the class handily, and took seventh overall between Sohren and Vesterdal. Dusty Times winner Rick Poole was on hand supplying Unocal 76 fuel for brother Steve Poole's Screamer Enterprises. The next race on the 1995 Whiplash cal.endar is the Gila Monster 200 to be held on March 25th in Gila Bend, AZ. Look for complete coverage in Dusty Times soon. ;~ It is a fact. Bi premium ShOck can have the p Bilsteln ShOcks f utility vehicle at a Bilstein's single tube gas pressure design outperforms conventiOnal shocks four-to-ooe. Our patent self adjusting, deflective isc valving system _,,,,, delivers continuous suspension rough yet maintains a comfortable ride on the street Truck and sport utility vehicle drivers demand more shock performance and Bilstein provides ... • Highest g~ pressure for fade-free long life • 98% efficiency over 100,000 miles • Largest piston working area (1.81" diameteQ • Limited lifetime warranty These are the same high quality Bilstein shocks that ~ normally oost up to $119.00 each. Act now and save! : e 55.: •umited time offer on selected applications Contact the Distributors listed below or your nearest Bilstein dealer: CANADA Performance Products NEVADA Performance Assist Accessories Ltd. Toyota Specialist Friendly Ford CAlGARY, AB -403/279-2807 VAN NUYS · 800/553-2840 LAS VEGAS · 702/877-6546 Bramall Turbo Supply MARKHAM, ONT -800/567-7559 ARIZONA Race Shock Company PHOENIX -602/254-07 44 CALIFORNIA APS -800/423-3623 CAMARILLO-805/388-7171 McKenzies Performance Products ANAHEIM -714/441-1212 Auto Service & Performance MOUNTAIN VIEW-415/969-1050 Fairway Sport and Performance PLACENTIA -714/528-4670 ASI · 800/683-2890 SAN DIEGO· 619/584-2890 Off-Road Wharehouse SAN DIEGO· 619/565-7792 · Downey O.R. Toyota Specialist SANTA FE SPRINGS· 310/949-9494 April 1995 COLORADO Automechanika ENGLEWOOD · 800/582-2886 CONNECTICUT William Sander BEACON FALLS -800/227-9763 GEORGIA Specialty Parts Warehouse LIBURN -404/978-2801 HAWAII Zubehor Hawaii, Inc. HONOLULU · 808/595-5381 ILLINOIS Precision Frame HIGHLAND PARK · 708/432-0082 INDIANA Power Brake and Spring SOUTH BENO -800/282-1044 LOUISIANA Brinson HARAHAN -504/733-7326 NORTH CAROLINA Rowells, Inc. CHARLOTTE· 704/333-5213 Autosport Gallery RALEIGH· 919/872-2002 NEW JERSEY Euro Tire FAIRFIELD -800/631-0080 Woodlawn Auto and RV Service LINDEN-800/959-3658 OREGON ipd PORTLAND· 800/444-6486 TEXAS Pro Am Parts and Accessories HOUSTON-800/847-5712 VERMONT Rovers North -Rover Specialist WESTFORD · 802/879-0032 WASHINGTON Northwest Off -Road Specialties BELLINGHAM · 206/676-1200 Page 31

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SNORE aonoM DOLLAR Jeremy Gubler Wins Overall In His 1600, Again Phor.os: Carrera Phot.og-raphy Jeremy Gubler must like winter racing, winning the December race overall, and it was no fluke as he won the Bottom Dollar in his 1600 too, by almost seven minutes. This youngster is a future star! SNORE Ltd, the Las Vegas based off road racing club, the backbone of the sport in southern Nevada, opened the 1995 season with the traditional running of the SNORE Bottom Dollar, this year held on the El Dorado course just off Boulder Highway. As usual the tech inspection and contingency row rituals were held Friday afternoon into evening, but there was a big surprise in store for race officials. The week before the event when they went to finalize arrangements with the host for the tech and the Sunday breakfast, the doors were shuttered o.n the '.'Lonesome Dove", no one knows why, but officials scrambled to find a substitute area at least for the tech. They found a Friday night host in the Red Pepper Restaurant in Boulder City, and it worked out just fine. The Boulder City police came out to tell them they could unload across the street so long as they had a couple of flag men with orange vests and flash-lights to handle traffic control. Keen to hear of the police being so helpful isn't it? The clan gathered early Satur-day morning in good weather for the driver's meeting, course description, there is no pre-running allowed here; and the traditional pancake breakfast hosted by SNORE for almost anybody that got in line. They have been doing the breakfas·t since the first edition sometime in the seventies, so long ago that we rode With Denny Selleck in one of the Collins Brothers Class 11 Baja Bugs. After the chow line closed down the race started at 9:45. First away was ex-Prez Tommy Bradley and three more Unlimit-ed cars including the Chenowth driven by J.C. Dean, out getting some Porsche power experience. Class 10 left next led up the hill by Robbie and Billy Goerke and this should have been a good five car race. Only two appeared in Class 5, and Clay Flippen only made a lap but Derek and Duane Holt made all five rounds for the win. Starting first in Class 1-2-1600 Class 10 broke up early, but one who didn't was Steve Thompson who set fast class lap on the second lap and drove the only 10 car to finish the five laps. was a great advantage for Kenny the first tw_s> laps, Mark Davidge Freeman but he had several lost time on lap 1. Up front Steve potential winners behind him in Thompson had three 4 7 minute the 12 car class. And 15 started in laps to lead Class 10, Ken Flippen Class 9 with Jeff Carr/Bill Jr. had cured his problem and Holbrook heading out first. Last turned a 53 minute lap, and the to start were the trio in Sportsman others were all missing. Gaughan/ Buggy, the four Sportsman Deanhadagoodsecondlap,then Trucks and the pair of Class 1 ls, retired, Mark Davidge did a 49 away at 10:46. minute second lap, but then As expected Tommy Bradley disappeared on the third round, was first around with race fast lap and Goerke only finished one lap. of 42:14 and Brad Thomas was So, going into the fourth lap only 4 minutes back. Vanda-Flippen wa_s now up to speed, but walker and Dean both had some not as fast as Thompson's 49 troubles, as did Bradley who minute round. FHppen did not broke a spindle on lap 2, which finish lap 5, so ended up second in cost an hour. Brad Thomas did Class 10. Out front all the way another 46 minute lap to take the Thompson lost the alternator belt lead, then vanished on lap 3. on the last lap, dropped five Neither Vandawalker or J.C. minutes in time, and took the Dean went any further either, checkered flag with a fried motor Dean reportedly went down a and the win. canyon the hard way and it took Class 1-2-1600 is getting to be 3½ hours to dig him out: This left the glamour class in SNORE and Bradley and riders Jay Shain and as always they had some good JohnSchippetalone in the class so dogfights and close finishes with a rich engine and sticky among the dozen starters. B.J. brakes Tommy soldiered on with Almberg had fast first lapat47:50 a 46, a 47 and a 48, to take the with Kevin Colan, 48:08, and win. Jeremy Gubler right behind him The five Class 10s were at48:14,andTedOlsenat49:37. . matching lap times with the They were running in the same Unlimiteds, and after one lap dust cloud after one lap and the Steve Thompson led Robbie others were close too. Bekki Goerke by 28 seconds and the Freeman vanished on the first lap, team of John Gaughan/ Pat Dean with no report on the trouble and were only three minutes back. a couple others had some down_ Ken Flippen Jr. had troubles on time but went on. Ken Freeman Sr. has a new 1600, all his own and is really enjoying it. He flew the jumps in style and ran with the leaders, taking second in class and overall. Kenny Freeman Jr. had better luck than his sister Bekki, as he drove his 1600 right into third in class and third overall after rolling on lap 1. Dan Bradley and Bill McGulloch recovered from a broken spring plate and several other problems that slowed them to take fourth -in 1600s and overall. B.J. Almberg set 1-2-1600 fast lap on lap 3 and looked to be leading, until they had 25 minutes down time on the last lap, were fifth in class, 6th_ 0 /A. Pagc31 Ken Flippen Jr. started with two slow Japs in Class 10 got cured and did two good laps, ran out of time to finish lap 5, but was second in class anyhow. April 1995 Brad Thomas led Unlimited class after two laps. but he had troubles on lap 3 and did not finish another lap, for unknown reasons. Dusty Times

Page 33

Doug Ingram stayed close all the way in Class 9 racing, flying over the lumps in fine style, and Doug held second by seconds all the way to the finish. Mark Bunderson plows up a wash on his way to third .in Class 9 and he missed second place by a skinny two minutes and change at the checkered flag. Eric Schenberger had about his best day ever in Class 9, with consistent lap times, no major down times and he came in a fine fourth in the class. Tommy Bradley started with Class 1 fast lap, a swift 42:14, had a broken spindle on lap 2, but came back to be the only five lap finisher and the winner in the Unlimited group. With a 46:34 second lap it appears that Almberg had taken the lead, followed now by Jeremy Gubler and Kevin Colan with Ted Olson and Ken Freeman Sr. another minute back. Hugh Helms had about 20 minutes down time, ten minutes extra time for Jeff Shirokey who both went on to finish but down on time; Olson lost near 50 minutes on lap 2 and Almberg looked very strong, setting class fast lap on the third round at 46:32. The ranks closed up on that lap, and it looked as if everyone had a clean run. Colan lost 20 minutes on lap 4, and Helms had more trouble finishing only four of the frve laps. They were still running tight on the last lap but with three 4 7 sand a 48 young Gubler had the race in · hand and backed down a couple of minutes with a rear flat on the last lap. Still his total time of 4:03 :00 was good for not only the 1600 victory but Jeremy won overall as he had last December. Imagine two overall race wins when you are just barely 17 years old. Other than the flat; he said everything went smooth! y all day. Derek and Duane Holt had nobody to race in Class 5 after the first lap, but they hustled right along to first in Class 5 and went fast enough to finish 12th overall. Jeff Carr and Bill Holbrook took the Class 9 lljad right out of the starting gate, held it through two laps, in fal;t held it for the t)ur required laps and won Class 9 by 14 minutes, a big margin for this bunch. Dusty Times Ken Freeman Sr. and Mike Hougard had a smooth and consistent race, giving both Ken's grandkids a ride in the later laps. Ken finished ip 4:09:50, second in class and overall. His son Kenny Jr. was next at 4:13:22, good for third in class and overall; Kenny said he rolled on the first lap, had a flat, lost the brakes and the belt, but the whole family had a good time. His· wife Kerry always rides with him. Dan Bradley and Bill McGul-loch and company broke a spring plate midway, lost an oil line and power steering belt, and finished with broken right rear suspension but finished -fourth overall at 4: 17:43. After leading for nearly four laps B.J. and Jon Almberg lost 25 minutes over their other times on the last lap;and we don.'t know what slowed them, but they were fifth in class. and sixth overall. Kevin Colan was thr~e minutes back, sixth in class followed by Robby and Bob Guevara another six minutes down, and Jeff Shirokey/Don Roberts and Chris and Craig Simmons rounded out the 1-2-1600 finishers at ninth in cla:ss. Ted Olsen had four good laps but couldn't finish the last one for unknown reasons. Moving along to the classes required to cover only four laps, there were 15 starters in Class 9 with several potential winners, and several new names. Jeff Carr and Bill Holbrook were first away in this herd, and first around with fastest first lap of 52:12. Close behind was Douglas Ingram with a 55:30 and Mark Bunderson with a 57:34 followed by some others who were very close like Derrick Paiement/ Danny Reider, 57:56, Eric Schenberger, 1:00:07 and a pair of former champs Daye Petrillo/Mike Dixon at 1 :00: 13. This was going to be another tight horse race. r,r RACING PRODUCTS & CHASSIS WE CAN HANDLE ALL OF YOUR OFF-ROAD CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION NEEDS FOX RACING SHOX REBUILDING STATION Fox RACING SHox VP RACING FuEL BEARDS SEATS SUMMERS BROS FUEL SAFE SWAY-A-WAY CNC WRIGHT PLACE UMP PRODUCTS JA -MAR PRODUCTS 42425 5TH STREET EAST UNIT C & D LANCASTER, CA 93535 (805) 940-5515 (805) 940-5514 FAX April 1995 Pag~ 33

Page 34

-M}f.':· Derrick Paiement and Danny Reider had three good laps, lost time on the third, but came in well in Class 9, fifth and a finisher at that. Former Class 1 stormers John Gaughan and Pat Dean had the family Class 10 out for some exercise but for various reasons the car only did two laps. Tracy Rubio was second in Sportsman trucks class, but he was a full lap and change behind the winner, but having fun anyhow. Up front Carr/Holbrook were running 52s and led at the halfway point, while Ingram held second about six minutes back, and Bunderson looked to be third. Brian and Ed Fieger retired after two competitive laps totaling 1:54:43, and after three rounds three more cars went missing, Bill A very, Rick Harrah and Dennis Wesseldine. Meanwhile Pet-rillo/Dixon moved into conten-tion with the class fast lap on the third round of 51 :41, but their hour and a· half last lap would drop them to eighth, the last Class 9 four lap finisher, three of them quick ones. , Carr/Holbrook did a third round time of 52:45, dropped down a bit on the final round and ~on Class 9 at 3:31 :56. Carr said he had absolutely no problems except his Parker Pumper went out. Holding in the race long formation Douglas Ingram kept his pace to finish second at 3:45: 14 saying he drove the entire race and had no trouble at all. Flying into third was Mark Bunderson at 3:47:36, also with very consistent lap times. He said he also ran the whole race with no problems. Eric Schenberger started out by rolling over on the first lap but then ran in the high 50s to claim fourth in class at 3:55:44. Fifth in Class 9 were Derrick Paiement and Danny Reider with a good last lap and total time of 4:02:22. Rounding out the Class 9 finishers were M. Dayne Brack-en/Tim Logsdon at 4: 12:20, Brett North/Casey Jones, 4: 18:44 and Dave Petrillo, reigning overall champion, and Mike Dixon at 4:23:39. It seems there is always a problem in post race tech with Class 9 in Nevada, and this round there was one DQ, plus the two entries that didn't cover a lap. The Sportsman Buggy group was enhanced by Regan and Tory Gubler out to have some fun in the car they used to campaign in 1600 class until Regan's son Jeremy started going too fast for them. They led all four laps set fast lap and finished all four rounds in3:30:38. Regan said the car ran perfect and they finished in time to see Jeremy come in to the checkered flag. _They were the on! y class finisher, as neither Scott Bennett/Chris Hybarger or ** TORSION BARS** AXLES** SPRING PLATES** COIL SPRINGS** .. .. u, a: LU .0 < D.. u, w ..J X < .. .. u, a: w t-u, ::::> ..., C <( .. .. u, " z a: D.. u, I.L <( w ..J .. .. u, C ::::> I-u, _, LU LU :c 3: .. .. SWAY·A·WAY MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY OFF ROAD SUSPENSION COMPONENTS FOR OVER 20 YEARS PRESENTS NEW FROM SWAY-A-WAY MODIFIED 300M RACING BARS • NO NEED TO "RESET THE BARS" AFTER FIRST RUN • WILL HOLD RIDE HEIGHT FROM THE START • 3-5% HIGHER SPRING RA TE FOR GIVEN DIA • 5-10% HIGHER MAXIMUM ANGLES OF TWIST • MORE WHEEL TRAVEL • ANY DIAMETER AVAILABLE LA RANA CALIFORNIA 200 CONGRATULATIONS: JERRY LEIGHTON, 1 ST OVERALL ON NEW SWAY-A-WAY MODIFIED 300M TORSION BARS JOHN PROSSER, DOMINATES CLASS 1-1600 AT LARANA AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME DON'T BE LEFT IN THE DUST SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER TODAY! CALL OR WRITE FOR YOUR FREE CATALOG 20755 MARILLA ST. I CHATSWORTH, CALIFOflNIA 91311 I 818-700-9712 Page 34 April 1995 • • r-z " :2 z u, • • " z G) :2 z u, • • u, :I: 3: u, • • r-e: G) z C: ~ • • Mick Newton took his son Mickey for a ride in the Chevy Nova, set fast lap time for the Sportsman trucks, won the class and had a genuine good time. Kevin StreetylJohn Gangloff got in more than one lap. The Sportsman Truck class did a bit better, all covering at least one lap. John Phegly covered one lap, Stacy Pike got in two laps for third, Tracy Rubio did thre_e laps for second, and Mick Newton and kids got the Chevy Nova out of the garage and went racing doing the required four laps, with fast lap of 54:09 and winning the race in 4:05: 10. Newton supplies race shirts to SNORE and other off . road racing organizations. Last but not least Class 11 left the start line. Unfortunately John D.O. Houlton's Beetle died before completing the first lap. But the Beetle of Frank Tomczak and Ed McCormick did a 1 :22:38 for starters, ran two more good laps to win the class in 4:46:52. Somewhat homeless for an awards place, SNORE held the awards presentations in the main pit area after the race, and everyone went home with their checks and trophies. Computers can be wonderful!· The Class 11 of Frank Tomczak and Ed McCormick always looks like it is ready for a car show, but they won- the duel in Class 11 and turned a 1 :22 lap as well. Dusty Times •

Page 35

~ '"i&!iiG'.4i[tf./.ii~Mic'i/Ei Sleek and clean looking, the Nissan King Cab sports a double walled bed, a nice sun roof and tires and wheels that are rea/ly good looking. The 5 speed gearbox and the 4 wheel drive selector are conven-ient in position and change in and out with the touch of a finger: smoooth! All the trick suspension components on this Nissan King Cab are invisible here, but they give you an off road ride that is really terrific. NISSAN KING CAB PICKUP -DRIVERS IMPRESSION Nissan Four Wheel Drive -and Then Some! Text and Plwtos: John Calvin Looking good in black or any other color, the Nissan King Cab is a high performing, hard working truck that will work well for you on the road or in the dirt. Over the years the Nissan pickup has been a tremendous benefit to all who needed a less than full size pickup truck. Then, wonder of wonders, came four wheel drive and with it came the ability to go where wise men fear to go, up and down mountain trails, across fairly deep streams and rivers, out into the desolate desert where only the endangered species live. At last you were able to travel into the hinterlands with relative ease, your powerful Nissan truck getting you there with ease and comfort. Then, more wonder of wond-ers, came the "KING CAB" and yet another generation of travel and comfort was born. Now, whenever you travel into the outback you have a lovely space behind you that you can put under lock and key, a definite advantage for those who travel heavy and need some safe place to keep certain valuables. And then, last y_ear our friends at Nissan in their Motorsports Department had yet another brainstorm and came up with shock absorbers and springs and torsion bars that enhanced the capabilities of the truck and made it even more valuable to own. The addition and substitution of these parts and kits give you more handling capability, more traction and more off road capability than your little mind can imagine. The addition of this equipment enlarges your areas of travel many times and allows you to travel where you only dreamed of going before. report and I apologize to the fine folks at Nissan for my tardiness. It came in black, very black and the Nissan Motorsports decal on the doors and the somewhat eccentric white-going-to silver-accent stripe running all the way from the door to the extreme end of the bed only enhanced the good looks and made the King Cab Nissan look about forty feet long. Motive power comes from the V6 overhead cam three liter engine with sequential multi-point fuel injection which delivers over 150 horses, plenty of power • for anyone. The five speed manual gearbox is smooth, quiet and has a very positive throw. Immediately to the left of the floor mounted shifter is the four wheel drive selecter lever and it too moves easily and quietly, getting you in or out of four wheel drive with the flick of the wrist. A very positive clutch provides the rest of the hookup in the power train. Power assisted front disc brakes provide the stopping power, backed up by rear drums with anti-lock on the rears, lots of stopping power when you need it. Nice wheels and tires only enhance the beauty and versatility of the Nissan King Cab. In this case we have the same beautiful wheels as found of the Pathfinder. Goodyear MT Wranglers of the 31xl0.5x15 variety and they really worked well. We dropped the air pressure down a bit when we went off roading and found lots of bite and a fairly smooth ride over the rough stuff too. The instrument panel is the good old easy to see, easy to read panel with a hundred mile an hour speedometer, and eight thousand RPM tachometer ( red lined at six thousand), fuel gauge, temp gauge, etc. and all the various warning lights to alert you of an impending problem. In the center of the dash are the heat and air controls and just below is the ever popular cigarette lighter and ash tray. Just below that is the AM / FM stereo sound system complete with tape deck and enough controls to drive the average audio engineer to distraction. Bucket seats were the order for the day and, as usual they were more than comfortable with adjustable backs that recline down to infidelity and guarantee you the right position for your -comfort no matter what your size. Electric door locks and electric windows added even more creature comfort and, needless to say the entire King Cab was carpeted from front to rear in a nice deep pile, again enhancing the good looks of the King Cab. Rear jump seats fold out of the walls and although we didn't try Let me start out by saying that I am terribly late in getting this drivers impression into print, but there were many many personal problems that intruded into this The electric door locks and window controls are located on the driver's arm rest, very convenient but away from the mistaken touch. Dusty Times April 1995 them this time, in the past we have unable to take or make any found them fairly comfortahle for extended trips. We did a little an adult for a short while and for ju!l)ping, covered some whoopies children they are really fine even and in general put the Nissan for a fairly long trip. through some fairly hard if not This guy also came with a sun abbreviated paces and we were roof, an accessory most people pleasantly surprised with the enjoy as a great fresh air port handling and the overall feel of without having their hair blowing the King Cab in some fairly rough everywhere, and the sliding rear situations. There was very little window increases your options of body roll in the tight turns and fresh air without internal landings from jumps were fairly mayhem. -soft with no sharp jolts and no A bed liner is part of the bottoming out, at least on our package ·and I definitley think little test track. everyone should have one. Even We have tested quite a few though the bed is double walled, it Nissan pickup trucks over the · is awfully easy to scratch the bed years and every time we think floor and the liner will help your they have reached the :enith they sanity quite a bit. come up with another slick The performance and handling package or add-on that gets your package consiSts of a dual rear blood pumping and your imagina-shock mount and dual rear shocks tion going full blast. Then you of course, a dual front shock mount with dual front shocks, a can't wait until you drive the thing and then you want to conversion kit for the leaf springs d · own one an __ so it goes. and new front torsion bars, all of which enhance your off roading Let it suffice to say that the enjoyment tremendously. The kit trick suspended Nissan King Cab is moderately priced, in the area is a great pickup truck and if you of $1,300.00 which, on today's wanttodoanyseriousoffroading market is very little for what you this Nissan Motorsports model is get. Unfortunately for all of us, a for you. Pre-running would he a broken hip in the family curtailed whole lot easier in this truck and our off road activities quite a bit· you can tell our friends at Nissan so we had to just do a few short that Dusty Times sent 'ya. trips into God's country and were Enjoy! The V6 fuel injected engine puts out 150 horses with more than ample torque and good mileage is its middle name. CACTUS-RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes • Blowers • 4' - any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $215.00 HELMET ONLY 5153 Bowden Ave .. • San Di.ego• CA• 9~117 .• (619li79.-?5Q9 Page 35

Page 36

63RD MONTE CARLO RALLY Carlos Sainz Victorious Despite New Regulations T ~xt & Photos: Martin Holmes shortened to seven days, and the first day featured a blizzard on the route that closed all its roads. Delecour, always a man with an opinion, was no fan of the new systems. He said the shortening of training periods was unfair to the local population, because it reduced their chances to get to know the rallymen! He was ~ happy, however, with his new co-driver. He told journalists before the event that while Daniel Grataloup, with whom he had won this rail y in 1994, was a thorough! y professional co-driver, he was not as much fun as Catherine Francois, in and out of the rally car. Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya zip past a bank of French fans, overcoming the complications due to new rules to drive the Suqaru lmpreza 555 to victory in the variable climate conditions of the 1995 Monte Carlo Rally. Whatever the troubles the rally was as popular as ever, with 199 starting cars compared with 85 at Dakar, the rallies highest number since 1984. Two of the top drivers arrived in Valence at the end of the Concentration run, on Sunday evenin·g, with bent cars; both-the Toyota of Kankkunen and the Renault Clio Williams of Jean Ragnotti suffered road accidents and their cars bore the scars to prove it. Carlos Sainz may have com-matters. Strict limits on how and plained about his new working where cars could be serviced conditions but he delivered the meant that tires had to be used for go~ds! He drove his Subaru much longer stretches before lmpre:a 555 to victory at the being changed. Slick tires were Monte Carlo Rally last January, banned meaning even in clear dry the first event held under the asphalt conditions cars must have complex new regulations for the tires with specific tread patterns at World Rally Championship. all times. FIA officials had Changes aimed at spreading the initiated energetic rule compli-financial burden and making the ance systems. Works cars were sport more open to the smaller electronically tracked everywhere teams resulted in incredibly en route using satellite devices. detailed rules, but despite leading There were sensors to alert to absurd situations like requiring officials immediately if hoods and drivers to carry out mechanics' trunk lids were opened and tasks which tested the patience of power output for turbocharged the professionals, there were no cars had been contained by use of major problems for the organizers smaller inlet restrictors. and there was a fair result in the New this year was official event. Of the four teams regist-World Championship status for ered for the '95 championship, the ten round 2-liter category, as each had one car in the final top was the integration of the new Kit four placings. The acknowledged Car formula into the 2-liter Monte Carlo experts still framework. A blow to the succeeded (last yea.r's winner formula was Skoda's failure to Francois Delecour led for a while produce enough of the requisite and eventually came second, and kits for the Felicia in time for the only team that suffered for pre-Monte Carlo homologation. reasons not completely clear was Thus Renault was the only team Toyota). present with new competitive Kit "This promises to be the most Cars. Many experts expected the open rally we can remember.· Renault would be able to match Nobody knows how the new rules the special stage times of the rally willaffecttheteams,andwewon't leaders on stages in clear know until the times are available conditions. This year Group N for the first few stages," explained expects to see a struggle between one leading team's engineer. new_ models from Toyota and Teams entered at Monte Carlo Mitsubishi, competing against faced not only ·some of the most older Ford Escort RS Cosworths. uncertain weather conditions in An unpopular new rule was the history of this event, but also a that drivers had to swap the front season full of the most far-reach-tires with the spares between ing changes ever made. After stages by themselves, and they wrangles concerning guarantees carried other spares and tool kits for better TV coverage, the four on board. There was uncertainty teams active in the 1994 series over rules allowing bad weather againregisteredforthenoweight tires to be fitted at the last round championship.Rules moment. Generally they are fitted allowing the best two, not one, to smaller wheels which involves, carstoscorechampionshippoints changes to the brakes and encouraged teams to run three, suspension. Testing was a nottwocarteams:Toyotainvited pre-rally problem with the Armin Schwarz to join World weather in any given area Champion Didier Auriol and unpredictable, adding to the Juha Kankkunen. The reformed concern o ver tire rules. The two car Ford team consistep of organizers could not believe they Bruno Thiry and Francois would not be granted a full Delecour while 1000 Lakes dispensation as the uncertain winner Tommi Makinen rejoined weather posed serious safety Mitsubishi, this time on a full threats so far as the tire season basis. Subaru retained regulations were concerned. In Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae the end the FIA relented in this and would have a range of guest respect: if the weather posed a specialist drivers from event to threat the night before, emerg-event. ency tire changing points would The major changes in the rules operate the following day. The mostly concerned technical practice schedule had been _Page 36 Etape 1 held stages 1-6. The Classification section was held in the Ardeche region, to the west of the Rhone. Hopes for an all white rally had gone: there were patches of snow on most of the stages but this was fast disappearing in the falling rain. This was Subaru and Pirelli's day! They led all the way, and gained four of the six best stage times. McRae made best time on Stage, 1 but slid into the snow near the end of stage 2 and · lost two minutes, letting Sainz inherit the lead. McRae was happy with the news he had made fastest time on stage 5, St. Bonnet le Froid. "The funny thing is this was the stage we never had a chance to check before the event. We were using last year' s notes." By the end of the day Colin had climbed back to eighth. Delecour was the only driver to challenge them; he made a bad choice for his Michelin tires on stage 3, intermediates were chosen when he should have used studs. But he soon pulled back to second. Toyota was off the pace. Both Auriol and Kankkunen had a bad first stage: the W arid Champion because of an engine problem and the Finn after going off the road. Kankkunen was unhappy, "We cannot decide what tires to fit at all. We are doing what other cars have decided." Schwarz was taking time to become accustomed to the latest Celica. "It is quite a different Celica to what I remember. I only had five days testing and that wasn't enough!" Sainz' only misfortune was when a wrong type of tire was put in as a spare, canceling his plans for a well engineered tire swap front to rear. The biggest surprise of the day was Makinen in his Mitsubishi. He was lying seco'ti.d behind Sainz until falling back in the last two _stages with a misting windscreen in the rain. Aghini was not so happy, "It is the first April 1995 • time I have rallied on snow, and I · was unhappy with the nervous-ness of the car over bumps." Piero Liatti, the newcomer with Subaru, was unhappy with his driving but knew that safety was more important for him than speed. Thiry had a good run, his only error being wrong tires for stage 2, but the private Opel Calibra entry for the Danish champion Henrik Lundgaard was badly delayed with an electrical failure on stage 6 . Philippe Bugalski, driving a Renault Kit Car, led the World 2-liter category (W2L) all day and made fastest. time on every stage, but his car was not as fast as the four wheel drive machines. The Renault team put this down to the tires, designed for four wheel drive cars and did not get hot enough on the two wheel drive Kit cars. Bugalski went well but Ragnotti had a bad day. On stage 1 he spun on the e_dge of a big drop. On stage 2 he went off and got stuck on a snow bank. On stage 5 he stopped with water in the electronics and was delayed further thinking that it was water in the fuel. Nikolai Burkhardt started badly with his Nissan Sunny GTI. "It had Makinen's 1994 RAC suspension! We changed this and gradually it was going better, but after the first stage I just wanted to go home." The novelty entry for Jean-Claude Andruet (The 1973 Monte Carlo Rally winner -the first ever World Char .pionship qualifying event) was delayed firs t by overturning twice on stage 2, then when the fuel pump failed. The Peugeot 306S16 of Piergiorgio Deila retired on stage 3 with engine failure. In Group N, the changing conditions and the wider range of starting numbers meant that the individual times of Group N cars were very scattered. On the six stages, five different drivers scored best times! "The fog came and went, and often the ice was disaappearing by the minute, and we had no idea how we were getting on". said Isolde Holder-ied. Her new Mitsubishi Deutsch-land teammate Rui Madeira was going cautiously. "This is my first time at Monte Carlo, or even on snow." Lying second was the Swiss driver Philippe Camandona, having a trouble free time in his Ford Escort. The emergency tire change rules were only implemented once, between stages 1 and 2: this was because there was snow on some of stage 2 whereas stage 1 was completely clear and dry. Some of the absurdity of the new regulations was apparent at St. Agreve, between stages 3 and 4 when Toyota drivers started to take away stt_lds from their tires, because the second of two stages between official service halts was run in the rain. The first had been on the iciest of them all! Sainz was not amused at this idea when asked what he thought of the new rules, he was widely quoted on the morning of the start as saying he was "a Driver not a Mechanic!" Toyota was obvousl y concern-ed as they checked the interval timing on stages and discovered their cars' problem was evident lack of power on uphill sections. It was interesting the top four cars were from different makes, but in W2L the first six were Renaults. The first part of Etape 2 Commune was stages 7-12. Makinen was proving to be the sensation of the event, on on! y his second Monte Carlo. It was evident how well he worked with his 'ouvreur' Lasse Lampi, and he was, unfazed by the new regula-tions. "It makes very little difference. The tires are good enough to last for 60 km, we are still going flat out all the time!" and he was very pleased with his performance. "Act4all y I owe a lot of this to Nissan. Last year I took part on some asphalt rallies in Britain where it was wet, and this gave me a lot of confidence. Sainz was mumbling to himself all the time, the regulations were the death of the sport, the end of Monte Carlo as we knew it, and so forth. Spectators had the privilege of watching the world's highest paid mechanic in action at the emergency service points. Toyota were getting desperate. Aurio l had the unenviable task o f explaining, as France's first World Rally champion, to French crowds why he could not keep up the pace. Kankkunen said "We have tried everything to keep up, to no effect. In the end we decided to check exactly what was happen-ing. Our maximum straight line speed was just 167 kph, a little bit faster when we go downhill." Sainz spun on stage 8 which substantially narrowed the gap between himself and Delecour, who was going well on the partially snowy stages and systematically taking time off him. Schwarz lost seven minutes on the same stage with damaged rear suspension. Delecour' s charge was irrepressible and he took the lead on stage 9 . On stage 10 the Subaru drivers all had a different tire combination, but Carlos was clear in his mind. "The most important thing is to have a well balanced car, the -same type of tires all round." Sainz proved his well balanced car theory to perfection on stages 11 and 12, taking nearly a minute off the leader and regaining the lead on stage 11 . Long time rally pros Jean Ragnotti and Gilles Thimonier did their job well, bringing the Renault Clio Williams in seventh OJA and first in the official 2-liter category, the first official FIA outing for the class. Dusty Times

Page 37

Last year's winner Francois Delecour with Christine Francois got close in the Ford Cosworth RS but they dropped to second by over 2 minutes at the end. At home in the snow, Juha Kankkunen with Nicky· Grist had Tommi Makinen and Seppo Harjanne have lots of photos of the trouble getting the Toyota Celica GT-Four up to speed, but Mitsubishi Lancer on this corner: they drove on to finish fourth, plugged on to finish third overall. about five minutes out. The greatest excitement was reserved, as usual, for stage 12, Sisteron-Thoard, held after <lark when the temperatures fall dramatically and wet patches turn quickly to ice. McRae suffered the most going off the road at a corner that also claimed Liatti, who lost a half hour off the road. "We knew it might be icy, but this was incredible. We slid off the road, but Colin had swerved to avoid a tree and slid further down the bank, and the tree blocked his chance to regain the road. He and Derek helped us get back again." Afterward stories emerged why other drivers had not also crashed there; it was the same place that Sainz had crashed in 1989, 9 .5 km after the start. They all said 'of course, we remembered that bend'. The correct tire choice on this stage was deemed by the FIA to he open. Everything from racing tires to full studs was seen. Drivers missing by this evening included veteran former European champion Maurizio Verini as the Lancia also went off the road on stage 12. . In W2L Bugalski led through-out the day, but although Ragnotti ran much better he lost a minute and a half off the road on stage 12. On the six stages Bugalski and Ragnotti each made three fastest times. In Group N Camandona took the lead from Holderied, but wrong tire choices gave the advantage back to her and by the end of the day she was nearly one minute in front. The ------,----,-------------:-:--:-----c---c om petition was very fierce here. six all finished. In Group N were many agonies elsewhere. team was not allowed to change, The second part of Etape Bolderiedhadabadtimeonthe Stage 16 saw two leading andthoughtheFinncontinuedhe Commune, Etape 3, stages 13-15 finalstageandCamandonaretook retirements for Auriol and wasunabletopreventKankkunen started in clear conditions. Three the lead. Schwarz, a critical failure for catching him and on stage 21 the stages were run that way, but Etape 4 Finale stages 16-21 saw Toyota in a season where the two Toyota rassed Makinen 's Mitsu-there was difficulty figuring tires a faulty shock absorber on stage best finishers gain the Makes' bishi into third place. for stages 14, clear and 15, ice. 16 dash any hopes Delecour had Championship points. Four Burkhardt fell back from fifth Delecour pulled back Sainz's lead of winning the Monte Carlo Rally kilometers up the hill Schwarz to sixth in his Nissan because the from 26 seconds to 12, even for a second year. On the only stopped with engine failure: one clutch failed on the last stage. The though Subaru felt their tires on time when championship drivers kilometer further up Auria! had other excitement of the morning the double stage were too now compete through the night damaged the left front of the car was another flying effort by 'optimistic'. Liatti pulled back Sainz pulled out a psychologically · and stopped with a broken wheel. Camandona who, after losing the further and expected to finish important 17 second lead on the 'Subaru were looking happier Group N lead on Turini to Isolde, 11th. Toyota made some minor Col du Turini, where the wet because Liatti gained places all the on the final stage, recaptured the electronic changes, and with the roads turned to black ice to an time and after stage 17 was tenth. lead. Wistfully Isolde admitted twisty ~tages the engines were not even greater extent than crews had Then on the road section between later that she had eased up a little at such a disadvantage: the first predicted, and where as usual stages 16 and 17 Bugalski went off too much. time the team had all driven the spectators threw snow on to the ,the road on a liaison section, in Out came the calculators and new version car, and the firsttime road and increased the hazards. sudden ice, leaving Ragnotti in the makes championship leader is World Champion Auriol had Delecour fought back on stage 17 seventh place, leading W2L but Ford one point ahead of Subaru. rallied theST205 at all. Delecour but then more agony and Carlos over a half hour behind the Thisnewstyleofrallyingwilltake was not so happy with the twisty Sainz cruised to his second Monte leaders. Makinen had problems some time to become familiar. stages, while Makinen had a win and Subaru's first. But there with his differential, which the puncture for 17 km on one stage, happily noting the ATS worked, perfectly. Sainz won Stage 12 and Thiry 15. When the cars reached Monte Carlo there had been virtually no changes in order since they had left Digne-les-Bains. In W2L Bugalski had throttle problems and stopped several times, but kept the lead though he fell back overall, allowing Schwarz to pull ahead into eighth place. Landon said that the Renaults suffered more from the double stages than the four wheel drive cars, but were happy with the cars' performance. Of the 11 Cinquencento Kit cars, two had transmission trouble, three had gone off the road, but the other cKEN E'S IA FILTERS K U I-FILTERS YOUR OFF-ROAD SPECIALISTS/ PHONE: (714) 441-1212 FAX: (714) 441-1622 ~ .PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2366 E. ORANGETHORPE AVE., ANAHEIM, CA 92806 0, a: UJ UJ 0 t) .J. f5 UJ z \!! _, 1-l.1 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME T2 BOOT HOLDER .......................................... MRB-86-9305 930 BOOT HOLDER-CHROMOLY .................... MCK-0108 930 DUAL BOOT HOLDER ................................ MCK-0108-3 934 DUAL BOOT HOLDER ................................ MCK-0108-1 930 CV .................................................... MCK-0250 934 CV .................................................... MCK-0251 LIGHTEN 930 CV ................................... MCK-0254 930 POLISHED CENTER STAR ............ MCK-0237 930 CENTER STAR ............................... MCK-0232 934 CAGE ............................................... MCK-0142 930 CAGE 300m .................................... MCK-0140-1 930 CAGE ................. : ............................. MCK-0140 TYPE 4 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0138 TYPE 2 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0136 TYPE 1 CAGE ........................................ MCK-0132 CV JOINT TYPE I ................................... HDR-113-501-331 CV JOINT TYPE II .................................. HDR-211-501-331B CV JOINT TYPE IV ................................ HDR-113-501-3310 875 STD BALL ........................................ HYP-19005 934 STD BALL ........................................ HYP-19006 DUAL SNAP-RING DIFF ........... MCK-0113S THREADED DIFF ...................... MCK-0113T ECONO DIFF T-2 ...................... MCK-0101 RACE DIFF T-2 .......................... MCK-0101-f 0, 5 m :D U> 0, 0 :D 0 m :D 0 ~ 0 m -I m :D C m Old timers will enjoy this shot of a 1.3 liter Mini Cooper, who once ruled supreme on this rally. Jean-Claude Andruet and 'Biche' were out after eight stages, with suspension failure. T1 SPIDER GEAR ..................... MCK-0103-1 T1 SIDE GEAR .......................... MCK-0103-2 SIDE COVERS/A ..................... MCK-0111 )> 0 63rd Rallye Monte Carlo Carlos SalnzA.uis Moya E Subaru lmpreza 555 A• 6:32:31 Francois Delecour/Christine Francois F Ford E,scort RS Cosworth A 6:34:56 Juha Kankkunen/Nicky Grist SF/GB Toyota Calica GT-Four A 6:36:28 Tommi Makinen/Seppo Harjane s= Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution A 6:37:12 Bruno Thiry/Stephane Prevot B Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 6:39:18 Andrea Aghlni/Sauro Famocchia I Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution A 6:43:17 Jean Ragnotti/Gilles Thlmonier F Renault Clio Williams A• • 7:04 :26 Plero Llattl/Alex Alessandrini I Subaru lmpreza 555 A 7:09:54 Philippe camandona/Georges Crausaz rn Ford Escort RS Cosworth N· 7:13:01 lsoldll Holderled/Tina Thomer D/S Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution N# 7 :13:34 Christian & Christiane Jaoquillard rn Ford Escort RS Cosworth A 7:17:32 Aul Madeira/Nuno Silva P Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution N 7:18:13 199 starters - 169 finishers - 83 completed route - •Group Winner •• F2 winner -# Ladles winner - Winner's average speed over stages 83:58 kph World Championship Points - Ford 47, Subaru 46, Mitsubishi 36. Toyota 25 WAC Drivers Points - Sainz 20. Delecour 15, Kankkunen 12. Makinen 10 Group N Points- Camandona 13. Holderled 10, Madeira 7 FIA Ladles Cup - Holderied 11 points FIA W2L points - Renault 65. Peuc:,eot 28. GM 25. Fiat 20. Nissan 18 Dusty Times ~ UJ :c UJ ::, _, III ::, 0 UJ t) I-(!) a: IRS SIDE COVER ..................... CLA-4560 CV GREASE ............................................... SWE-101 CV GREASE ............................................... SWE-103 CV GREASE ............................................... SUP-400 CV GREASE CARTRIDGE ........................ WES-4401 CV GREASE CHALKING ........................... WES-4601 CV GREASE ............................................... RED-CV2-MOLY STD BOOT ................................................. SUP-101 SM BOOT ................................................... SUP-102 BATES BOOT ............................................. BAT-BOOT 930 ROTAT LEATHER ................................ STC-6000 934 ROTAT LEATHEf;l ................................ STC-6001 E FLOATER NO BAG • LEATHER ............. STC-6010 L FLOATER NO BAG - LEATHER ............. STC-6020 s1 _so SEA SE :rs KC CIBIEUG TS BU C April 1995 Page 37

Page 38

The 1994 SODA Awards Banquet Photos: Jeanne Broom Scott Taylor was winning races as a teenager, and he hasn't stopped winning. Scott was voted the high honor of SODA Sportsperson of the Year. They came from various States across this great Nation. They came from Canada. They?? SODA off road racers and fans invaded the Country Inn, Waukesha, Wisconsin, the weekend of January 20 for the 1994 Annual SODA Awards Banquet. The Festivities began· Friday, January 20, at 5:00 p.m. with a Trade Expo. 8:00 p.m. signaled the opening of the Hospitality Night sponsored by BFGoodrich Tire, Bilstein Shocks, G oodyear Tire and SODA. Racers, friends and fans enjoyed good hors d 'oeuvres, good "beverages" and good times! Saturday morning was busy with meetings, renewing SODA memberships, more of the Trade Expo and the serious business of voting for officers and Executive Board of Director's members. Saturday evening, however, was a different business altogether! Decked-out, dazzling, dashing, debonair - wow - the black tie Awards Banquet brought out the best looking groups of people around! nnpy Fuel Safe's Pro C are designed to m highest perfor and safety standards se by all of the major racing associations. Top like Robbie Gordon, demand e es and so should you. Fuel Safe Racing Cells -The Champions Choice! At your local dealer now! Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. 18062 Redondo Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 842-2211 (800) 433·6524 (Outside CA) SAFETY ... It's what we're all about. Page 38 After a cocktail hour and a Championship Off Road Race, · delicious dinner, SODA Presi- Fay Statezny took the podium dent Terry P. Wolfe formally next. Statezny presented 1994's opened the 1994 Awards Cere-Brush Run 101 World Champ-mony. Wolfe told the fable of the ionship rings to their respective Goose and the Golden Egg to winners. The honor of winning remind SODA as a whole that as one of these rings dates back to we reap the rewards of our thedaysbeforeSODAandbefore organization, we must remember Class Championships were won to preserve all that goes into and lost. making SODA what it is - the BFGoodrich Tire Company's World Series of Off Road Racing! Jerry Rinaldo came forward to In the same theme, Wolfe asked present the BFGoodrich SODA each member to keep the Four Class Champions and the BF--Way Test in mind: Is it the truth? Goodrich Pro Series Champions. Is it fair to all concerned? Will it During the course of his congratu-build good will for all concerned? latory remarks, Rinaldo accorded Is it beneficial to all concerned? SODA ... "the strongest off road President Wolfe introduced series in the nation." On behalf of Greg Scharding, representing BFGoodrich, Rinaldo presented series sponsor Chevrolet, who Todd Attig with a beautiful spoke briefly to the group. framed photograph of Todd and "(Chevy) has been a long time his winning vehicles.Young Attig player and will continue to be a broke his own record of season long time player." proclaimed , victories winning a total of twenty Scharding. In agreement with I races during the 1994 season. President Wolfe, Sharding' O.R.E. (Off Road Entertain-reminded those present that, ment) officials Jim Conway and "Everyone has a stake in this Olga Vernon presented the next sport and we must ask, is it set of awards. Pro Series winners beneficial for the overall benefit Greg Gerlach and John Greaves of the sport?" were presented with their Wolfe then went on to recog-trophies and their checks. Walker nize all of those people who help Evans was not able to be present to make SODA operate. At this to accept his trophy and check. time he asked SODA's new Tech O .R .E. presented appreciation Director Rod Attig to come plaques to SODA series official forward. Attig was presented with sponsors, BFGoodrich, Chevro-a Plaque of Appreciation from let and American Racing wheels, T ei:ry Wolfe for being willing to as well as Associate Sponsor takethejobofTechDitectorwith Goodyear Tire Company. Olga short notice and perservere Vernon announced that"Nation-through a trying first race season. al Speedsport News" will, for Representing i:he World 1995 carry news of allofSODA's Greg Gerlach tows from Minnesota to race with SODA and he won the Pro Series in Class 4 in his Dodge pickup. April 1995 Greg Scharding is the man from Chevrolet who sponsor the series. He afirmed Chevrolet's continued involvement with SODA. With more victories than one can count Todd Attig was voted the SODA Driver of the Year as he competes in several classes with two cars or more. sanctioned races. during the year made outstanding In honor of, and in-warm contributions to SODA. This memory of, th_e late Chad year's recipients were: for her Schlueter, SODA rose to their tireless work on the Tech Line, feet to embrace Chad's parents Donna Rehn;. for his software Dennis and Paulette Schlueter. program donation, John Schultz; Dennis Schlueter jojned Terry and for her tenacity in pursuing Wolfe at the podium to present her office as SODA's Treasurer, Special Appreciation Awards to Melanie Probst. those people who responded to It's certainly our belief that the special needs of fellow racers every thing has it's light side, -and at the 1994 Spring Run 101. in keeping with that belief, SODA Those people were Vicki Probst, Track Announcers Terry Friday Milan Mazanec, Greg Smith, and Ronn Krueger (World and Scott Taylor and Thornton "Big Famous) had their turn at the Ed" Schultz. Mr. Schlueter spoke . podium. The dynamic pair gave to the association on what he so the group a brief over-view of aptly termed a "presentation of being an announcer; the right to life". "Chad would have wanted "pick-on", tease and otherwise you to have fun ... and as the first highlight any given racer. green flag flies, for Chad, Stand Bestowing a new Award on behalf On It!!" Dennis, Paulette and oftheTrackAnnouncers,Smilin' Nicole, be assured that no SODA Gerald Foster was presented with racer, member, fan will forget all the Congeniality Award and that Chad brought to us and, no Trophy. matter whether the task at hand-is After presenting all of the Class racing or aiding those who do · Champions, as given in our· race, we will "stand on it". Mr. coverage of the Blackhawk Farms Schlueter closed his remarks with Off Road Challenge, President this reminder, "Have fun, but, Wolfe proceeded to the True please, if you are drinking, Value Master Mechanic Award. DON'T drive." W ith this award comes the super Each year SODA acknowledges deluxe tool chest and tools from with Special Appreciation True Value Hardware Company. Pla ues those members who have The winner was Keith Poole, the A bit of humor came when World and Famous track announcers, Ronn Krueger and Terry Friday, center, presented their Contingeniality Award and trophy to Class 3 driver Gerald Foster. Dusty Times

Page 39

Representing Off Road Entertainment, Jim Conway presented the three TV Series class winners with their rewards for winning a class in this Pro Series. Genial Jerry Rinaldo, the BFGoodrich SODA connection, came from Akron to dispense checks to the various Goodrich con-Fay Statezny presented championship winners rings for the World Championship Off Road Races at Crandon, a long time tradition for the Brush Run folks. tingency winners. · Karen Wolfe was the recipient of the Mel Freimuth Lifetime Achievement award, well deserved as she does all kinds of behind the scenes work for SODA. Taking on the tasks of being President for another year, Terry Wolfe must enjoy the hectic summer season, and the planning meetings go on all year. The True Value Hard Charger Award went to a youngster who is just that in his open wheel racer, Mike Seefeldt, Jr., and this is a 'famous trophy. chief mechanic for Todd Attig Racing. True Value also sponsors the True Value Hard Charger Award which comes with a generous prize of $1,000! The 1994 recipient was Mike Seefeldt. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Plummer joined President Wolfe to present the SODA Joe Plummer Rookie of the Year Award. In addition to the plaque, the Plummers contribute $100 and a specially designed, dated patch for the winner to wear. The 1994 winner of this award was Peter Kowatsch. The next award to be presented was the SODA Sportsperson of the Year Award. Rough Rider Scott Taylor took home the 1994 honors. The SODA Driver of the Year Award was presented next. Todd Attig, with three SODA Class TRI-MIL EXHAUST SYSTEMS 1/38 TYPE 1 RAW ...................... $69.95 Championships, accepted 1994's much sought after tribute. The last award to be presented was the Mel Freimuth Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was established in memory of and in honor of the late Mel Freimuth who not only contributed so much to SODA but was also an active racer as he entered the seventy year old age bracket. The award acknowledges, as the title t1£Vf1DA OFFROAD SOGGY 13/8 TYPE 1 CHROME ............... $100.00 Dusty Times 11 /2 TYPE 1 RAW ...................... $65. 95 11/2 TYPE 1 CHROME .............. $100.00 15/.8 TYPE 1 RAW ...................... $73.95 , 15/8 TYPE 1 CHROME ............... $107.95 KENNEDY CLUTCHES 200MM DISC 4-PUCK ................ $48.00 200MM 1700 PRESSURE PLATES85.00 200MM 2500 PRESSURE PLATE$103.95 *EARLY OR LATE STYLES* SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS ANTI SUB BELT 2" ...................... $23.95 LAP BELTS 3" .............................. $58.95 SHOULDER BELT 3" .................... $46.80 SHOULDER BELT W/STERNUM .. $72.95 5 PT. SIMPSON SET BLK,BLUE,RED ...... . $89.95 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW LAS VEGAS,NV 89102 PHONE (702)871-4911 FAX (702)871-5221 April 1995 suggests, a life time of contribut-ing time, effort, loyalty, etc. to SODA. The 1994 Award was presented to Karen Wolfe. President Wolfe then gave the results of the elections for 1995: Tom Schwartzburg, Vice Presi-dent; S_ecretary, John Schultz; Board of Directors, Terry Friday, John St. Peter and Mike Seefeldt, Sr. Wolfe then closed the Awards Ceremony, thanking BFGood-PARKER PUMPER 11 GALLON DUMP CANS rich, Bilstein, Goodyear Tire and SODA for providing the bev-erages and band for the evening. Thanks were also extended to all of those companies who contrib-uted product gift certificates that were presented by a drawing throughout the Awards Cere-mony to lucky SODA racers. Tables were moved, the Sundance Showtime Band took center stage and a good time was had by all! WITH BUILT IN HANDLE TO POUR ........... $62.95 CHENOWTH CLASS 11 CAGE ........................................ $ 154.95 QUICK RELEASE STEERING HUB .............. $32.95 UMP SUPER FILTER UMP SUPER FILTER ................................... $159.95 UMP ADAPTER, FITS SOLEX ..................... $89.95 ULTRA WHEELS 15X4 FRONTS ............................................ $80.00 15X7-REAR STD. OFFSETS ...................... $85.00 YOKOHAMAS REARS 33X10.50.15 .................................. $109.00 HIGHWAY TREAD & TRACTION .............. $85.00 WORTH 1 LAYER DRIVING SUITS ........................... $87 .95 OPEN 6 DAYS, MON-FRI BAM-SPM SAT 9AM-5PM Page 39 .. ..

Page 40

.,. SCCA/MICHELIN PRO RALLY SERIES-ROUND 1 Paul Choiniere Gives Hyundai Their First National Win named only as the HCD Ill. The car was a DNF two weeks ago in Canada with John Buffum driving and Trish Sparrow co-driving. It was an off road excursion rather than a mechanical failure. The car here is just the test "mule" for a second car which Libra Racing is building for the rest of the season. They hope to debut the car at the Sunriser PRO Rally in Ohio in April. Notes: Andy Schupack As exptected Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker won the rally overall in the new Hyundai Elantra, but it was not easy: they had mechanical woes, but got them handled to win overall by 29 seconds. The SCCA/ Michelin Pro Rally Series opened in South Carolina, close to the sponsor's home. The Sand Hills/Sand Blast PRO Rally was staged out of Cheraw, South Carolina and many of the sandy roads in the Sand Hills State Forest near Patrick, SC were reported to be wet and muddy the day before the rally. The weather was unseasonably cold all week, down to 1_0 degrees F, but Tom Ottey and Pam McGarvey, here on Stage· 2, ran in the Open Class in the Mazda 323 G TX that is a Production GT, and they took second in class and overall. West Coast Distributor fOII HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL OUR PR'ICE $695.00 GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Per Set 2 Ratio's Available NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89102 70'2/873-1002 McKenzfe Performance Products 2366 East Orangethorpe Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Pagc40 Phot:os: Don Winchester promised to be in the 50s for the one day event on February 11. The 70 stage mile, six stage rally is a coefficient 3 divisional event in which the nationally licensed drivers will be awarded 60 percent points. National drivers can either run for points at this divisional or at a similar event next month in Washington State. Because the Quebec Rally in Canada is also this weekend, several top competitors opted to run north of the border and then exercise their Doo Wop Rally option in Olympia, WA, March l8-19. It was the first rally gathering of the year, and all were interested in Paul Choiniere's new Elantra. John Buffum has taken technol-ogy from several Hyundai models and meshed it with the proven Audi experience to come up with a combination that may be hard to beat. Included are driveline components from an upcoming Hyundai Sport Utility vehicle, Some of the regulars not here include Jeff Zwart and his 4WD beautiful Porsche. His schedule is too busy this year to participate in the series seriously. Carl Merrill will join the series, complete with a new tub on the powerful Ford Escort Cosworth, at the Doo Wop weekend in March. Merril is running the Quebec rally this weekend. Henry Joy's new right hand drive Mitsubishi Lancer should debut at the Sunriser event April 7-8 in Ohio. Henry is currently on his honeymoon. Greg Lund's Ford Merkur Cosworth, with a reported 450 horsepower, will make its first appearance in the friendly confines of the Wild West PRO Rally in Washington, April 21-22. Because of a legal dispute involving ownership of their Toyota All-Trac rally car Vinnie Frontinan and Frank Arruda will Tad Ohatake and Bob Martin got their Ford Escort GT home fourth overall, quite a finish for a production class car: of course they won Production class. Gerry Brinkman and Robert Barra/I get the VW Golf G Tl humming on Stage 3. They finished first in Group 2 and eighth overall in the Sand Hills Rally. . The last car to finish, tenth overall, was this Mazda 323 G TX, the second Divisional finisher and Texans David Ralakis and Garrett Davis won GT class. April 1995 not be at South Carolina. Vinnie flew to Ireland to run an event this past weekend. Tom Ottey/Pam McGarvey, Mazda 323 GTX will be running in Open Class with their Production GT car to garner Open points in anticipation of taking possession of the ex-Peter Moodie Hyundai Elantra which Rod Millen tested at Wild West in 1993. Ottey, who bought the car from the Executive Motors people in Jamaica who sponsored Moodie here last year in his Group A winning effort, hopes to have the car in time for his home event, Sunriser, in April. And John Buffum is in Europe this weekend running a vintage rally in Monte Carlo. At the close of registration Friday, 20 cars had entered the rally. The bad weather -snow and freezing conditions - in both the South and the Northeast affected many competitor's trips -to Cheraw. Ivan and Olga Orisek burned up two tires on their tow vehicle trying to free it from backyard ice in White Plains, NY. In South Carolina, where ice is a , rarity schools were closed throughout the state today. The Greg Trepetin Honda Prelude V-Tech will be making its debut in South Carolina. It will be interesting to see how it runs against the V-Tech of Jim Anderson, with a year of rally seasoning on his car. Throw last year's Production rookie sensa-tion Tad Oh take into the mix with his Ford Escort GT and veteran Dick Casey's VW GTI, eligible again for the class as rules moved the age of the cars from six years to eight, the Production class could b e the battle of the weekend. In Production GT defending c~mpion Selcuk Karamanoglu has finally stuffed all the goodies from his crashed Mitsubishi Eclipse into an Eagle Talon he bought (hard because the Mitsu was a five speed, the Talon is an automatic). He opted to make the car's debut in Quebec, however, leaving Cal Landau to be the favorite in Production GT with his Eclipse. No trucks or Group A cars are entered. The American Rally Association, the governing body for the PRO Rally rules, is looking closely at both classes in terms of low entries to determine whether the classes should continue. The # 10 Mazda 323 of David Ralakis/Garrett Davis - a former Carl Merrill/Libra Racing car most recently owned by Pat Ayer - is being run by a new team, but the driver might be the most experienced racer in the field. Ralakis ran on the world rally circuit for 12 years when he lived in his native Greece in the '60s and '70s, including the 1000 Lakes of Finland, the East African Safari, and all through Europe with factory Alfa, Renault and other teams. The last time he rallied, however, was 1972, so he will have some catching up to do. His primary sponsor is Le Texan Restaurants, which have locations in Monte Carlo and Paris (France.). The # 19 VW Scirocco of Raed Almakhtoob/ Andrew Skinner from Greenville, SC, the only local driver entered, was forced to withdraw before the event as his car was damaged in transit to the rally. The trailer dipped a wheel off the road and flipped. The crew Dusty Times

Page 41

Veteran PRO Rallyman Bruno Kreibich and Ron Hendricksen whip down Stage 3 on the way to third overall and in Open class in the classic Audi Quattro. Jim Anderson and Ben Greis/er corner hard on Stage 1, in the Honda Prelude, and they were second in Production and fifth overall, just two minutes back. One of two big cars in the contest, Leslie Suddard and Anne Thomas, here on Stage 3, herded the Dodge Charger to fourth in Open Class and seventh overall. spent all night trying to repair it, but the final blow was the lack of availability of a replacement windshield Saturday morning. 19 cars completed tech inspec-tion at Martin Pontiac in Cheraw, and 19 cars took the countdown and started the rally from Quincy's Family Restaurant in Cheraw at 1 :01 p.m. EST in a light drizzle with the temperature standing at 48 degrees F. Everyone made it through the first stage successfully except the # 11 Pontiac LeMans of Roland Mclvor /Ellen Santarcangelo, which was reported stuck at the beginning of stage # 1 . Mclvor destroyed his Production GT Mitsubishi Eclipse last year at STPR, and is coming back to the circuit this year in a slower Group 2 car. Stage 2 brought its share of mishaps because of the slick clay surfaces that are intermixed with the sand-based roads. If a turn on the forest road is hadly rutted or washed out, the forest services clears away the sand and builds the road back up with clay. Organi:er Greg Healey had warned the competitors that the sand surface would he likely to grip better because of the week long rain, but the clay would he slick. The first DNFs, however, left the rally not because of the course hut for mechanical problems. The Villemure VW Beetle had an oil leak which driver Mike Villemure thought they could nurse to the service area. But enough oil didn't get to that fabled third cylinder of the world's most famous air cooled engine, and the powerplant threw a rod. The VW finished stage 2, but was forced out of the rally. A similar fate brought the Cal Landau/ Eric Marcus Mitsubishi Eclipes effort to a stand still as oil leaked out of the filter. They theori:e that the filter shook loose, and they were forced to shut the car off early in stage 2. The Ivan and Olga Orisek Audi Quattro is also out of the event after suffering numerous mechan-ical ills during the first three stages. The Roland Mclvor/ Ellen Santarcangelo Pontiac Le Mans left the rally with ignition problems. Gregory and Sonia Trepetin had some problem with the Honda Prelude, seen here on Stage 3. But they finished ninth overall and third in Production. Mike and Rene Villemure rally this venerable Volkswagen Beetle out of the Michigan region, but here they were a DNF losing the oil cooler and of course the #3 cylinder. After four stages 15 of the 19 starters were still running, and the standings looked like this: Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker were leading overall by just over two minutes from Tom Ottey/ Pam McGarvey who were less than a minute ahead of Bruno Krei-bich/Rod Hendricksen, the last Open car up front. In fourth leading Production class was the Tad Ohtake!Bob Martin Ford Escort, followed by the Honda Prelude of Jim Anderson/Ben Production. Jim Anderson/ Ben Greisler in Production class, just Greisler, Honda Prelude were ahead of the Open class Dodge . second in Production, fifth 0 1 A. Other class winners include the Ralakis Ciarn·tt Davis Ma:dn 323 Gerry Rrinkman• Rohert Rarrall GTX in Production (~T VW GT!, Group. 2 and David Omni of Carl Fisher/Ted Mendham by half a minute. Around 8 a.m the first car finished at the Inn Cheraw. It was no surprise that it was Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker in the Open Class Hyundai Elantra.. This was not the typical Libra Racing win, however. The motor mounts on the new Hyundai gave the engine too much flex, and the result was a cracked power steering hose ( thus, loss of power steering), and a cracked exhaust ( thus a noisy car without power steering). Add in the hard charging effort of Tom Ottey/ Pam McGarvey in the Mazda 323 GTX, and Choiniere won the rally by only 29 seconds. "We expect these kind of development problems as we learn about these new systems," said Choiniere, "so we have to go home and rework the motor mount assembly to make sure the engine doesn't have as much flex." Ottey expects to take delivery of an Open Class Elantra soon, and moved his Mazda into the Open class to try to get points in anticipation of that car; this was an important finish for him as well. The times show the Bruno Kreibich/Ron Hendricksen Audi Quattro third in Open and overall, ten seconds back, with the Tad Ohtakel Bob Martin Ford Escort GT fourth, first in. ~~~~mm~~~ml~m222~~;..__-_...... Jamar Super Shifter~ Fortin CV Cages Make missed shifts a thing of the past! Polished & Strong! Available in both: 930 and 934.5 Thing Drums Straight from Germany. The real thing! Sylvester Stepniewski and Adam Pelc finished in sixth overall, quite a feat as their VW Scirocco is a Divisional car and they won that rally outright. · 103 Press Lane #4 *, Chula Vista, CA 9191 O Phone: (619)691-9171 * FAX: (619)091-0803 l -,..J. Dusty Times April 1995 Page 41

Page 42

CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Rui Brasil's Streak Continua at High Desert Stages I Tavares Takes High Desert Stages II By John Elkin Photos: Trackside Photo Inc./Tony Chavez Rui Brasil cut the hot time in High Desert Stages I, then let friends and relatives drive the Audi Quattro and the car happily survived: in fact Ron Wood placed fifth in 4WD Open in the same round in this car. The 1995 California Rally Series opened its season on Saturday, February 4th with the High Desert Stages I and II Rallysprints held at the Sunrise Valley Raceway in Adelanto, California. Organizers Jolin Elkin and Tony Chavez moved the traditional season opening rallysprint 30 minutes north on 1-15 from its old site at Glen Helen to its new high desert home. The diverse 1 .4 mile course began with two laps around the raceway's quarter mile hanked oval. the competitors then left the track and made some tight and tw;<;ty turns through the facility's motocross area, the course opened up into a few fast sweepers leading to the three-quarter mil'e straight away which ended with a challenging ninety degree right to the finish flag. The competitors would run the circuit six times in each event. The season opener drew a 24 car field which included one of the largest and most competitive 4WD class entries the series has ever seen, including veteran CRS driver Richie Watanabe, who brought out a right hand drive Group A Ma:da 323 and rally newcomer Michael Avatar, in a 323 GTX which he last ran in the 1994 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Some of the cars had more than one driver entered in the event, · giving a few navigators their chance behind the wheel. Perhaps no car got as much use as Rui Brasil's 1994 4WD Open Class winning Audi Quattro, with a . total of five drivers taking turns behind the wheel throughout the day. The weather was cool and the sun was shining as the field took to the track in reverse seed, the slower cars starting first then giving way to the faster competi-tors. First car out, competing in the stock class in a VW Rabbit was Dennis Medina who set the pace with a time of2:46. But a few cars later the 4WD 323 of Michael Avatar posted a blazing 2: 18, giving the field something to really chase. The time held until Jason Priestly took the track in his Celica All-Trac. He's been turning heads with some blazing stage times lately and he didn't disappoint here, beating Avatar's time by 2 hundredths. Lon Peterson seemed at home, dirt tracking around the corners, and the Arrow was first 2WD Open in both events, fourth overall in the first and third overall in the second round. But Priestly's time of 2: 16 held for only sixty seconds when the IHMC Motorsports RX-7 of Harris Done took to the track. Harris circled the course in spectacular fashion setting new fast time of 2: 15 in his 2WD car. One-time circle track specialist Tony Tavares quickly matched the 2:15 in his 4WD Celica. K urosh Jahromi was a crowd pleaser in his awesome Audi Quattro Coupe, also finishing with a 2:15. But two cars were still yet to SCORE 1993 ENGINE BUILDER OF lHE YEAR! We would like to thank and congratulate all FAT has dominated SCORE c1a·ss 10 these FAT powered 1994 Class points champions: MTEG Super 1600 Champion SODA Class 2--1600 Champion SODA Class 1-1600 Champion SODA Class 5-1600 Champion SODA Class 9-10 Champion SODA Class 7S Champion BORE Class 10 & Overall Champion Jerry Whelchel Todd Attig Todd Attig Mike Brue Todd Attig John Greaves Mike Flinn RAONG ENGINES, TRANSMISSIONS AND OFFROAD PARTS Send or call for our new catalog S5.00 ······················································=· Page 41 racing, with 4 different winners. Nevada 400 McDonnell & Krnger Baja 500 Penhall & Erl Flreworlu 250 Ray Croll Gold Coast 300 ,Tob & MacCachren aqB.IQUMGS> 1558 No. Case• Orange, CA 92667 (714) 637-2889•fax (714) 637-7352 Aprll 1995 Tony Tavares won High Desert Stages II in his Toyota, kicking up some dirt here at the Adalanto track and the 4WD honors. He also was second in 4WD Open class in the first round of the stages. run. The crowd on hand cheered common fare to these rallyists as CRS favorite Lon Peterson hit who are usually found screaming the track in his powerful blindly over desert and mountain Plymouth Arrow. Showing off his roads in the middle of the night, ama:ing 'pitch it sideways' style, they certainly were enjoying the veteran driver posted a 2:18. themselves. There was evidence Thatleft only Rui Brasil, who was to this fact on the fourth stage, coming off of overall victories in when Michael Avatar took one last years "Gorman Ridge" and extra lap around the oval "East of Indio" Rallies. Rui dropping him from serious attacked the course in his contention. But Rui Brasil wasn't venerable Audi 4000 Quattro and letting down, posting fast time of as the CRS has come to expect, he the day at 2:09. Harris Done was made it look so clean and easy as right behind him setting 2WD hetookovertheleadwithatime fast time of the day at 2:14. of2:13. Dennis Chi:ma was running with So after the first stage Rui Brasil the Open Class ca rs all day, was on top in 4WD, Harris Done beating most of them on the led 2WD, VW ace driver Dennis fourth stage with a 2:20. Chi:ma led the performance stock With the wear of 31 entries class with a time of 2: 19 in his running non-stop, the course Rabbit and 1994 National begantodeteriorate,leavinghuge Production Class champion Dave ruts and soft berms for the drivers Turner led the stock class in his to navigate. Dennis Medina broke Plymouth arrow with a time of an axle on the stage. Performance 2:30. Stock driver Garnet Baril's On the second stage Rui set fast Rabbit had it's engine let go on the time again with a 2:11, ahead of fourth stage and Tony Shu-Avatar's 2:12 in the super-maker'sEclipsebrokeaballjoint competitive 4WD Open Class. slowing his pursuit for the 2WD Lon Peterson moved past Harris Open lead. Done, Chi:ma kept his strangle-On the final stage, driver Ben hold on Performance Stock and Bradley, who has spent most of Turner once again set fast time in his career in the navigator's seat Stock. rolled the Arrow that he was On the third stage attrition sharing with Stock Class leader began to set in when Jahromi's Dave Turner. Onlookers quickly engine let go in the Audi. Matt got him on his wheels though and Sweeney and Lucinda Strub's he continued to the finish taking Toyota P/ U suffered from clutch seventh in stock. Larry Hook failure, but they continued to get finished just ahead of Bradley in more stages in as popular ride his first stint as a driver in his alongs. On the third circuit, Dan dad's Celica. Always improving Hook set fast time ahead of Bobby Webb showed good form Turner in his Stock Class Celica in her 510, taking fifth. Mike and Ron Wood was applying Marcy's Sapporo edged Cres serious pressure to Rui Brasil with Andongo's Starlet for third in a 2:13 in Rui's own Audi! Ron Stock.DanHookcouldn'tmatch was borrowing the car for the Dave Turner's pace who took the event, his own Quattro Coupe Stock Class win and twelfth won't be ready until "Rim". overall. Meanwhile, competitors could Ricardo Porta took fastest be overheard exchanging their navigator honors finishing 18th unique ideas and theories overall and fourth in Performance regarding the often perplexing Stock just behind his driver, Bill oval. While the oval isn't Nation who took third in their ..... ·•~ ~ -·:« Dan Hook enjoys driving the Toyota in rallying and he won stock class in the second set of stages and finished second in the first round to Dave Turner. Dusty Times

Page 43

Driving the Tavares Toyota Jose Soares showed well with a seventh in 4WD in Stages 1 and moved up to sixth in High Desert Stages 2 with a good run. Robert Tallini did well in his Performance Stock Toyota, second in U2 in the first round, but he dropped to third in class in the second set of stages. Dave Turner dug the Arrow out of the garage and finished first in stock class in the first set of stages and second in stock class in the second rounds. RX-7. Quick all day, Robert T allini finished tenth overall in his Toyota Corolla GTS, second in Performance. But he couldn't catch Dennis who was running with the 4WD cars from the start. He won Performance Stock by 27 seconds and finished sixth overall. The Two Wheel Drive Open Class had the day's largest entry with nine drivers taking the start. Tony Shumaker was able to fix his Eclipse, but the time he lost dropped him to seventh in class. Jose Pauletti brought his Alfa home sixth. Rod Koch's red VW which will probably be running rallies well into the next century, finished fifth in class. Bill Malik's Volvo placed fourth. Organizer Tony Chavez couldn't get his brother Al to slow down in · Tony's Datsun 510. Al Chavez was hanging it out on the edge all day long, drawing cheers· from those on hand. Chavez finished third just behind Harris Done's RX-7. Lon Peterson didn't miss a beat all day. His consistency netted him first in 2WD Open and fourth overall. Jose Soares finished ninth overall, seventh in 4WD in his Celica. Michael Avatar was very quick :.11 day long. Ifhe sticks with rallying he'll be one to watch. He finished eighth ovetall behind Ron Wood who collected some valuable fifth place points in his new class. Richey Watanabe's 323 finished fourth in 4WD Open Class just three seconds behind the hard charging Celica of Jason Priestly who collected his first ever podium finish. Taking second overall was Tony Tavares. Despite giving up quite a bit of horsepower to Brasil's Audi, Tony was nipping at his heels all day long finishing just eight seconds behind after six stages. Rui Brasil had a picture perfect day though, leading from the start, winning all six stages and extending his overall win streak in the California Rally Series to three. Fortunate! y for those taking the start of the High Desert Stages II, Rui Brasil was not entered. Instead he was a co-organizer, helping to make the second event run smoothly. It was due to be a Dusty Times mirrc;'r image of the first, running Bill Malik, running fourth in -six more stages the same direction 2 WO Open had his transmission with the second half run in let go on the stage, sending his car darkness. The condition of the back to the trailer. circuit was unfortunately not It was night by the time the getting any better, putting greater fourth stage got under way, the pressure on the drivers to drive a car's powerful rally lights were on tight line or get stuck in the _lighting up the darkness as they monstrous soft berms. Without Rui Brasil to contend with Tony-Tavares quickly jumped into the lead with a 2:21. Lon Peterson, also eyeing Rui's absence was just three seconds behind. Priestly was two more seconds back with Watanabe, Chizma and Rui's brother Victor sharing fourth one more second down. Tony Shumaker turned a 2:30, running second in 2WD and Dan Hook led the Stock Class field with a time of2:42. With his 323 showing engine problems, Michael Avatar opted to sit out the second event so that he could drive his car home. On the second stage the competition got hotter as Priest! y, Tavares and Victor Brasil tied for fast time with 2:21. then Rui's brother Bill, who usually runs service for the Audi team, clocked in a 2:23 in the car. Maybe the Brasil streak wasn't in danger after all. Dennis Chizma tied that time extending his own Performance Stock lead. Meanwhile, Dennis was playing 'Good Samaritan', allowing fellow Rabbit driver Garnet Baril to take turns with his car after the Utah native's car DNF'd in the first event. Lon Peterson held onto the 2WD lead, seconds ahead of Harris Done's RX-7. The second stage claimed· Tony Shumaker's Eclipse when he put the car on it's roof. And Dan Hook opened up his stock class lead to seven seconds over Dave Turner in his slightly squashed looking Arrow. One second was the difference on the third stage as Tavares e~ged Priestly. But the Brasils were close behind with Bill and Victor taking third and fourth. Jose Soares looked good taking fifth with a 2:24. Lon Peterson edged out Harris Done by a second in 2WD Open and Dennis Chizma returned to earth with a 2:31 only a second ahead of Baril. Turner took back three secon s in Stock finishing ahead of Hook. April 1995 1 charged over the track. But little Harris Done was another second . changed as the stage was again back at 2:23 as he attempted to decided by a second as Tony reel in Lon Peterson who finished Tavares turned a 2:20 extending with a 2:25. The battle in his lead to seven seconds over · Performance Stock began to get Jason Priestly who turned a 2:21 . interesting as Garnet Baril and Jose Soares' quick 2:22 showed Robert Tallini tied for fast time his last stage time was no fluke. with a pr Pagc 43

Page 44

Harris Done drove his Mazda RX-7 to second in over 2 liter 2WD in the first round, moved up overall in the second, but ended up still second in his class. All Chavez digs out in the familiar shaped Datsun and he was third in under 2 liter 2WD in round 1 and third again in the second round of stages. The Brasil Audi was showing signs of its hard day by Stage 2. Victor Brasil drove it to third 4WD' and Bill Brasil was fifth in class. In its final appearance for the day Ron Wood was seventh. They must have some race prep team for this car. r,r. ·2:30, one second ahead of Dennis Chi:ma. Fortunately Dennis still held· a seventeen se,· ind lead and lots of good kh.,rma. Dan Hook turned a 2:40 to extend his lead in the stock class to ten seconds. Before the start of the fifth stage the organi:ers announced a While the surface of the oval change to the event. Due to was in much better condition, it's complaints about the poor surface changed quite often and condition of most of the circuit, nobody was quite sure which line the last two stages would be would be fastest. scrubbed, and in their place a five Dennis Medina was first out lap timed run around the oval and he tagged the wall for a DNF. would finish the event. Ricardo Porta was out next, setting a good time of 1 :90. Jose finished with some speed and a Soares bettered the time with a 2:15. Garnet Baril took an 1 :86 in his Celica. Al Chavez let it unspectacular line but upped fast hang out, came close to the wall time to 1 :84. His time stood for quite a few times but matched the quite a while until Robert Tallini 1 :86. Ron Wood had the matched it, breaking an oil ring misfortune of flatting his front and creating a huge cloud of right tire on the first turn, but still smoke in the process. GERMAN AUTO Jason Priestly took the oval next and set new fast time with a 1:78. Leader Tony Tavares tried but was edged by a second at 1: 79. Bill Brasil attempted to overtake him, falling short with a 1 :80. Dennis Chisma made his Rabbit scream around the track taking a Performance Stock high mark· of I :80. Lon Peterson had his Arrow sliding nicely, but his mark was only 1:82. the last chance to surpass Priestly was Victor Brasil in Rui's Audi. Sound familiar? He pushed the car hard, taking each lap cleanly crossing the line with a I :74. DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name in driver safety equipment. 4-polnt sand rail seat belt .. $7 4.95 RACE BELTS 2"-5pointmount ......... $79.95 3'-5pointmount ... . ..... $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS ..................... $54.95 Swing axle . ...... ; .•..... $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm-1700# ............ $79.95 - 200mm-up to 3000# . . ...... $99.95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400# .. from $54.95 PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC ,Cushlocks ............... $39.95 4puc ferramic ............ $44.95 4 puc ferramic; with spring hub ..... . ........................ $54.95 SACO MAGNUM RACK Billet housing, 11/, • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops .................. $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930or T-4 cages ..... : .. ea $44.95 930or T-4 or T-2 flanges . ea $15.95 Trick boots (specify/ .... ea $15.95 930 cv star ................... call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8' travel-stock width .... $199.95 8' travel-widenedbeam .$219.95 10• travel-stock width .... $224.95 10• travel-widened beam :$244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T-11½"chrome ........ $ 98.95 T-111/z'raw ............ $ 65.95 T-11518" chrome ........ $105.95 T·115l8"raw ........ : .. $ 72.95 T-4chrome ............. $189.95 T-4raw ................. $154.95 GERMAN AUTO HATS .... $4.95 GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS .............. $8.50 specify M.LG.XLG PORSCHE STYLE FAN-SHROUD Fits T-4 engine, utilizes T-1 alternator, includes alternator stand . $299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK I .•................ • $489.95 MK II .................. $589.95 ... 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(specify Ford or International/ set . . . .. ...................... $89.95 SACO REAR TRAILING ARMS 3" X 3•.. .. .. .. .. .. ... $435.00 1-21600, 5-1600 ... . . ... $415.00 CATALOG ............. US$4.00 OVERSEAS $10.00 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 310-863-1123 FAX 310-929-1461 Page 44 April 1995 Not wanting to be out done by his brother though, Rui Brasil quickly hopped into the car and did five unofficial timed laps for familial bragging rights. He looked good, but was only able to match Victor's 1 :74. While the scores were being calculated, some of the rallyists took to the track like good ol' boys going fender to fender. It was quite a sight and quite a lot of fun. I think everyone is looking forward to running in the high desert again soon. The final rundown for the second event went like this, in Stock, Cres Adongo took the final podium spot, edging Ben Bradley for third place. Dan Hook prevailed over Dave Turner to take the Stock Class win. Don't look for Dan to return in the Celka at Rim, he sold the car in the parking lot after the event. Dennis Chizma held onto Performance Stock, sweeping the class for the day. Garnet Baril drove Chizma 's Rabbit to second in Performance ahead of Robert T allini 's Toyota .. Lon Peterson finished third overall, holding off Harris Done to take 2WD Open honors, Al Chavez again finished third ahead of Rod Koch in fourth. Setting fast time on the oval moved Victor Brasil past Richey Watanabe to take third in 4WD Open, fourth overall.Jason Priestly, now a seed 2 driver showed he's a contender in 4WD Open, taking second in class and second overall, just three seconds behind overall winner Tony Tavares. Smiling afterwards, Tony was very grateful to his friend Jose Soares just to be running the two events. Without a ride just days before, Jose offered him his car to run and even paid his entry fee for the events. A thankful Tavares sure took advantage of the opportun-ity, ending the day with a first and second overall. Dusty Times

Page 45

lll!JI ■R NEWS riding most of the way. Hope he rAI still had a job Monday. Kathy and Stacy Fay #1522 By Dave Massingham 2WD Stock Mini finished first. What can I say about these two This is a catch· up report, I ladies. They continue to be ready missed the:-January issue. I guess every race thanks to dear old dad, December was too busy for me or Jim Fay. They say they drive 70 to maybe I have part-timers. 80% with no or very little La Rana New Years 200 held in problems and continue to win. Barstow on January 7th was a Maybe they will pick up a factory muddymesstostart,butitturned sponsor for this all female team. out to be a pretty good race. FAIR What so you think FORD? fielded nine entries; Tom Kevin Reid #905 DNF. Cliff Mangione #1002 Class 10 DNF. . Carter, Kevin's partner in the car, Tom ran out of time. Most down started. Having several problems time was on the first lap, with rear with the cold we~ther and icing brake problems. Tom has a new the carb. Cliff got stuck seven single seat this year; ·hope he has times, had to back up one hill and better luck than lasi: year. Tom is had front shock troubles. He the only racer I know who goes to managed to bring it around to the races to finish preparing his Kevin for the last two laps. Kevin car. had a broken exhaust problem Rich Fersch #1003 Class 10, and made it to the main pit. finished second in class and Thanks to Joe Jensen's welding, second overall. Rich did some Kevin went oui: to finish the last extensive work to his Mirage lap. All I heard was he rolled it, single seat for the new season. after pit "D". Good night Kevin ... After driving the first two laps, -Steve Poole #997 finished Rich gave the driving chores to fourth. Steve started, having two Bill Varnes of Mirage, to drive the good laps with no problems: Joel last two laps. Bill made one lap Mohr took the controls in first and gave it back to Rich. Seems place and unfortunately had a flat. old Bill is having problems with Joel was able to continue on to his right elbow, maybe the years hold fourth. This was a new car to are catching up to this famous Joel, never driving it before. Steve racer. Rich finished the last lap in Poole and Joel Mohr are CHAP-fine shape, in second place. I ALA DUSTERS, now racing with forgot to mention, Rich was the FAIR. All Dusters are welcome to overall leader after two laps, way race with FAIR until they to go Rich. regroup. Steve Poole is the local Hal Hibbard #1004 Class 10, distributor for UNION 76 race DNF. Hal started in the rain and fuel. He is the one in contingency after one lap he got out. Hal found row to speak to. out what a year and a half of not Thanks to all the pit crews who driving means. Brian Atwood braved the rain and cold weather took over with no problems until to support the racers. It takes a the third lap, losing the motor. special person to love this type of Bob Plaskon #1606 Class 1-2-activity. . 1600 sixth place. Bob is a non Parker 400 saw eight FAIR believer in sharing the seat and members and two new prospec-drives all the races solo. Being a tive members. Martin Bros. #108 tough old drag racer from the east finished eighth. Steve started with coast, you don't change drivers. John French riding. Having fuel Bob was holding his own running pressure problems for their part up in the top five, then-he rolled of the race, they were happy to get about 35 miles into the third lap. out of the car for the last time. Once' going again, he radioed in, Tom and Scott limped the car he was pulling out of the race. His around to finish. They used every reason was, he was down so long pit several times and said without. after rolling. He was informed FAIR, they couldn't have that wasn't the FAIR way, "WE finished. NEVER QUIT". He took the Lee Finke #519 DNF after one advice and finished sixth. Way to lap, due to transmission troubles. go Bob, never give up! Bob needs Lee turned to the Pro series this some help at all the races with pit year after running Sportsman last support. Any FAIR member year. Better luck next race Lee. willing to help? Scott Steinberger #724 first Wes and Scott Wisdom #1607 place. Larry Plank took the first finished seventh in class. Scott half. By midway pit, Larry had started, driving their new broken the left sway bar and previously owned Mirage two seat bump stop. Scott took over at the car. Having oil line problems, half way point with a 40 minute they managed to get around and lead. Even with a leaking fuel cell, hand it over to dear old dad. Wes he limped in for the finish. Scott went on to finish in good shape. I had a problem at one check point. did hear one of them rolled the car When he came to this check, the without any major damage. I sun was behind him. Shining on guess you never know how hard the traffic light, it appeared he had to push it, until you .reach that the green light, he went on fine line. through. After much discussion Frank Omboli #552 Class 5-and investigation, SCORE 1600. Frank finished, but two decided it was a problem with the minutes too late. On the first lap, sun. Several other racers had the Frank spent 1 ½ hours down with same trouble. electrical problems. On the Steve Poole #1022 10th place. second lap, rear torsion adjuster Steve brought his new Suspen-woes. Third lap, no problems just sions Unlimited single seat car to tryingtocatchup.Fourthlapthey Parker without any testing. ran out of fuel. Do you think with Running second, the motor blew all the other problems they forgot a spark plug with all the threads. to put fuel in the car? Frank HemadeittoMidwaypit,wherea managed to bum some petrol and spark plug for our welders was met Joe Jensen at Wild Wash for cross threaded into the stripped more. Frank was able to finish out hole. The motor never missed after dark without lights and two a beat, but it cost Steve a lot of minutes late. Frank drove the down time. entire race with Jim his boss, Dick and Mark W eyhrich Dusty Times #1023 DNF. Having problems right off the start, they decided to load it up and try next race. Brian Parkhouse #1026 DNF. Brian started having a great lap average of 53.374 mph. Giving the car to Willie, at mile marker 40 on the last lap, t~ey lost a n;ar hub. I wonder if it's due to Willie's very aggressive style of driving, I don't think so. Tom and Frank Rusich #,1601 DNF. Tom started their new old Kevin Davis car and rolled it on the first lap. They lost a lot of time and Frank got in for the last half. Not long after that Frank lost the transmission. It's tough taking a new car out without much testing. Jason Hatz#l648 finished 10th in class and 42nd 0 / A. Not bad for this young 17 year old racer. He has received plenty of coaching since his dad, Gene Hatz is an old off road racer and his uncle is none other than, Don Hat:. Gene and his wife Kathy are past FAIR members, and are joining to support their son's racing efforts. Great to have old members come back. Milt Moore #582 Sportsman DNF. Milt was a late entry with FAIR. He signed up at the race for a first time support. Hope Milt will consider joining FAIR. Bill Swisher and Tom Mang-ione# 1199 Sportsman DNF. Bill was to drive and Tom was riding the entire race. Tom is a La Rana Class 10 racer and thought it might be fun riding in a Class 11 . After having more flats than they had spares, they began using all the flat proof they could find. Tom was taking pictures as they were spending 7 ½ ho4rs to complete the first lap. Average speed of 17 .788 mph, they both decided not to go out on another lap. They also had some encour-agement from the FAIR pits, to not go out! All in all, we had a great weekend, with the picture perfect weather and super race condi-tions. We changed our regular pit structure and sent the FAIR van to Midway, hope it worked.for .everyone. We had a few former FAIR members approach us at the race, requesting support. We need to know_ you are racing before the race, not at the race. All FAIR racers have responsibilities to sign up, pay their support fees, help at the equipment work parties and at the equipment hand out. Please help us by following these few guide lines. What you out into FAIR is what you get out. A big FAIR thanks to Brian and Stacy Parkhouse for putting on the second annual BBQ Friday night at Shea Road pit. It was great! Once around the pits: Mineral Wash, Parkhouse pit people did a great job. I heard Frank Orasco got there late, having truck problems on the way up. Some confusion about pit equipment going to Mineral Wash was handled by Parkhouse, Martin Bros. and Steve Poole. Thanks for handling the situation, you never know what can happen. Midway was covered by Wayne Morgan's people, even though Wayne did not race. Thanks to Gary, Garth, Dave Zuniga and all the guys from Blythe. Garth and Dave drove the old van. Thanks to Gary's wife Joy for k.,-eping time. Graham Wells pit was covered by the Martin Bros. and Steinberger's people. Shea Rd. pit was covered by Steve Poole and Weyhrich, with the Martin Bros. and Parkhouse helping out. Unfor-tunately, Weyhrich could not get their trailer in the lpcation of the pit. We will try to do a better job next year for you guys. Thanks to all the other FAIR members who showed up to help. That's what FAIR is all about. Don't forget, July is election month. Let's start thinking about our Board of Directors. they are very important to us. Anyone interested in becoming a Board member, let us know. FAIR meets every first and third Wednesday of the month at the Holiday Inn, located at the 91 Freeway and Harbor Blvd. 8:00 p.m. A VERY DEAR FRIEND OF OURS, AND A FRIEND TO MANY OFF ROADERS OVER THE YEARS TOOK THE FINAL FLAG FEBRUARY 28, 1995. STEVE MUDRA STEVE WAS ONE OF THOSE GUYS WHO COULD FIX ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY IF IT WAS ON A RACE CAR AND HE FIXED PLENTY OF THEM OVER THE YEARS AND WAS NOT TOO BAD A DRIVER HIMSELF. WE WILL MISS HIS QUIET SMILE, HIS TALL ERECT FRAME AND HIS LOVE OF OFF ROAD RACING Aprll 1995 Page 45 -

Page 46

... m KING OF THE DESERT Chris Harrold The Overall Winner By Judy Smith Chris " Tumbleweed" Harrold almost had a flawless race except he rolled the Jimco in front of his pits on lap 3, living up to his nickname. Chris won Class 10 and won overall by about three minutes. • Chris Harrold soloed hisJirnco Class IO car to the overall victory at the FRT King of the Desert in February. The event is a favorite with spectators, thanks to its stadium-type course on the dry lake, where the pits are situated. There's a flying leap as cars enter the area, then a series of hairpin turns, a double-jump, a big mesa to fly off, some moguls, another hairpin, and then a big hole to fly out of at the finish line. There was another 25 miles out and around the desert, but at the end of each lap the drivers got to show off for the · spectators a bit. The Class IO cars were first to hit the desert, and when they'd returned to the start/ finish area it was Dave Richardson, in Tom Shilling's A-armed Jirnco, in the lead by 46 seconds. Tied for third it was Harrold and Gary Hamlin in his Raceco. Then came Ken Stroud, in another Raceco, in fourth, followed by Mike Pfankuch in a Jirnco. Pfankuch was on! ya minute and 45 seconds behind the leader: Harrold moved into the lead on the second lap in spite of an embarrassing rollover in the infield. He was quickly righted, and suffered no damage, except to his dignity. Now Stroud was second, only seven seconds behind him. In third it was still Hamlin, and Pfankuch was fourth, with Bill Pate, Jr., in a Raceco, in fifth now, his motor not running quite right. Richard-son's rear suspension had a broken bolt, and he and his pit couldn't figure out what was wrong. On the third lap Hamlin moved into the lead, with four seconds on Stroud. Harrold was third about 30 seconds later, with Pfankuch in fourth place. Jeff Dickerson: in a Raceco, had moved up to fifth place, as Richardson worried about that rear suspension. Harrold re-took the lead on lap four, but Hamlin was only 42 seconds behind him. In third it was Pfankuch's co-driver, Larry Kern, and Stroud's co-driver, Scott Prill, finding the course very dusty, was now fourth, Dickerson got out, and Jamie Pankratz climbed in to finish the race. On the fifth lap it was still Flying down a special made jump Bryan and Bill Pate kept the Raceco in good shape and won the 1-2-1600 clas and also finished a fine seventh overall. Phows: C&C Race Phows Harrold, but Kern put on a real blitz, recorded the fast lap for the class, at 35:21, and moved into second. Prill was third, followed by Richardson, who'd got his suspension fixed. Pankratz ran fifth still. Harrold, who'd had no radio. since removing his antenna with his rollover, had no other problems, and sailed on smoothly Steve Staroni won the Modified class going away, driving his Ford Explorer that carried John Swift to many a victory in SCORE desert racing. Scaroni finished first fn class easily, and a smart second overall. to take the win. Stroud and Prill Strait moved up to third, with finished second, followed by Snaith in fourth, and Ross Whit-Pfank uch and Kern, who'd mayer, in a Mazda powered dropped back with a flat. In Chapparal was now in fifth. fourth it was Pankratz and On the third lap Miller con-Dickerson, who finished on a rear tinued to lead, with Scaroni still flat. Hamlin, and his co-driver, about a minute and a half back. Jim Marner, had misjudged their Strait moved up to third, with gas consumption. On the fifth lap Snaith in fourth, and Ross Whit-Hamlin ran out in Coyote.Wash, rnoyer, in a Mazda powered a long way from anywhere. A Chapparal was now in fifth, his• convenient and friendly spectator motor beginning to bog as his air had dumped out a water bottle cleaners filled up with silt. Hart and cannabalized enough gas from was no longer running. But Coyne his own vehicle to get him going was back on the road, his truck again, almost to where his pit very battered looking, but run-waited with a bigger supply of ning just fine. fuel. He ran out again short of After four laps Scaroni had where they were. They headed out moved into the lead as Miller fin-to rescue him, and that's when ished the lap on a shredded rear Marner took over the driving. He tire, in second place. In third it brought it around in good shape was Snaith now, and Coyne was to earn a fifth place for the team. back up to fourth, with Whit-None of the others finished. rnoyer in fifth. The Unlimited class had a Scaroni held on to his lead, his couple of exotic trucks running pit crew carefully keeping track of this event, and at the end of the the others in his class, so he knew first lap the lead belonged to just how fast he needed to be. He Marty Coyne in one of them; his had just over three minutes on Ford Trophy-Truck. In second Millerattheendofthefifthlap.In place it was Steve Scaroni, in the third it was still Snaith, and Kirk Ford Explorer that John Swift McDaniel, in his Mini-Mag, had used as a Trophy-Truck in '94. moved to fourth. Whitmoyer, his until his Ranger was completed. Mazda spitting flame as the filters Brent Miller ran third in his becarneevenrnoreclogged,wasin Porsche powered Raceco, fol-fifth place. seven seconds on B.J. Bates in his tandem Raceco. In third it was Jeff Franklin, in a Jimco, and Scott Webster's ORBS was already broken down. Pate held his lead, with Bates steady in second through lap two, and lap three. Then both families changed drivers, and put the fathers into the driver's seat. Bill Pate, Sr. took over in the lead, while Gary Bates dropped a few minutes as his crew tried to read-just the clutch, and Franklin's co-driver, Charlie Bignell, took over second place. All three cars then went on at a steady clip, in the same order, to the finish. The Pates took the win, with Franklin and Bignell in second, and then the Bates family third. There were no other finishers. Class 100 attracted only two entries for this race, and Mike Hawley put his "One Of AK ind" chassis into the lead, 45 seconds in front of Scott Hewitt in an old Funco SS2. Hawley had the fast lap for this class, at 43:21. Hawley continued to lead through the fourth lap, while Hewitt put his brother, Keith, into the driver's seat at the end of lap three. They were having some shifter problems. Hawley was just having fun. Then, on the fifth lap, he had a flat. So he pulled off to change it, and when he had -it replaced he went to start his car, and the battery was dead. He was parked in a very soft, silty place, lowed by Brent Strait in a Type IV Miller disappeared out in the powered Raceco, and then came desert on his last lap, with a Michael Hart in a Type I VW broken spindle, and Scaroni had a powered Hi Jumper. Coyne's lap little less pressure, as he made his was the fastest of the day, for all way to the finish line and the win. classes, at 34:51. Then Snaith ran out of gas in On the second lap Miller went Coyote Wash, and while he into the lead, as Coyne took a waited to be rescued, Whitmoyer jump a little too fast and went end moved up. to finish in second over end. He and his teen-aged place. McDaniel was third about son, who was riding with him, 14 minutes later, and then Snaith were unhurt, but it took about a straggled in fourth. Coyne and his half hour to get the heavy vehicle co-driver, Jim McGill, who'd back on its wheels. Scaroni was driven the final two laps, were still in second place, by a minute fifth, and last, their transmission and 19 seconds. In third now it overheating and slipping a bit . · so he couldn't get any racer to stop to help him, nor did he expect them to. He had to wait 't:il a pit truck came along and gave him a push. But he'd lost a half hour, and the Hewitts, who moved out from the mid west, and are veterans of Lake Geneva and Crandon type racing, got the win. Hawley finished second. was Hart, with Bob Snaith, in a In Class 5 there was only Josh Baja Bug powered by a 2000cc Waddell, and he managed to fin-VW, in fourth. Strait was fifth. ish only two laps. Brad Myers, in a On the third lap Miller con-Ford Class 8 truck, also in a one tinued to lead, with Scaroni still car class, did six evenly paced laps about a minute and a half back. to get himself a finish. CUSTOM BUILT TRAILERS In Class 1-2-1600, Bryan Pate put the family Raceco into the lead, with the fast lap for the class, at 40:52. He had .a minute and Class 9 was next off the line and at the end of the first loop it was 16 year-old Larry Kern, son of the Larry Kern who co-drove in Class 10, in the lead, with the class fast lap at 43:15, in Dave Dietrich's Kernco. In second it was the team of Wayne Ritayik and Kevin Pratt, in aJirnco, then came Vince and Bryan l:eone, in a Chenowth, 7000# CAP A CITY 40' ONLY S8500.00 18,000# CAPACITY Trailers have rear & side doors, plywood lined Top Quality * Low Prices * Nationwide Delivery Cow6oy Coaches Rowlett, Texas 75088 CALL 214-475~0056 Pagc46 April 1995 Looking ready for a car show the Funco SS1 of Keith and Scott Hewitt is also race re~dy; and they drove it hard to win the Class 100 honors by about ten minutes. Dusty Times r l I • • I ,. ,. I

Page 47

r C I • I a ' . Always competitive Ken Stroud/Scott Prill flew the Raceco into a tight second in Class 10, third O/A after leading on the road overall for the first three laps. Larry Kern and Mike Pfankuch ran a near visual race for second in Class 10 in the Jimco, but they fell short by less than a minute, and took fourth overall. Jeff Franklin and Charlie Bignell gave the 1-2-1600 Jimco a good strong run but came up short on time and took second in Clas 1-2-1600 and ninth overall. Often a class winner, Mike Hawley fell a bit short this race in the car he calls "One of A Kind", but he finished a strong second in class. 17th overall. Jorge Vargas and Adrian Lozano call their car J.E.F. E. and they seemed to enjoy racing with FRT. They plowed through the deep sand to second place in Class 9. Jim and Brian Grill hustle past the pits in their sano 5-1600 on their way to a good second in the class, which seems to be gaining a family aspect. and Jorge Vargas, in his J.E.F.E. chassis. Kern, having no problems, con-tinued to lead, and had five min-utes at the end of the second lap. Ritayik and Pratt were still second, but Vargas had moved into third. His arm, broken a year before in the Parker race, is not completely healed yet, and was hurting him some. Dean and Chuck Hovey, in a Jimco, had moved to fourth place, and the Leone team lost about eight minutes. Kern continued to lead, and now Vargas's co-driver, Adrian Lo:ano, was in second place. In third it was Ritayik and Pratt, with Ron Winterbottom in fourth. Kern's co-driver, Dave Die-trich, the owner of the car, took over for the final two laps, and he was still in the lead, by 25 min-utes, at the end oflap five. Lozano held on to second, with Winter-bottom in third and the Hoveys in fourth now. Ritayik and Pratt were out of it, and the Leones had lost so much time that they wouldn't be able to complete all six laps. Winterbottom was eroneously given the checkered flag at the end. of his fifth lap, and he pulled into the finish impound, because he thought it was a five lap race. A couple of folks who knew he needed to do another lap helped him get going again, but he'd lost three or four minutes. Dietrich and Kern had a trouble free race, and took the win, with Vargas and Lozano in second. The Hoveys moved up to third place, and Winterbottom was fourth. None of the others made it in. The Class 5-1600 cars had a rough afternoon of it. On the first lap three teams: Bill Osborn and Tim Hart, John and David Gad-dis, and Charlie Watters, all dis-appeared. Greg and Paul Harrold, cousins of the overall winner, went into first place, followed by Tony Steingraber and Tim Beaty, who had patched a broken trailing arm by welding a wrench to it, so they could get back to the main pit. They parked the car. Then it was Tom Gaasch who finished the lap with a broken front adjuster, Dusty Time~ and couldn't find a pit with a with a half-hour on the Grills. welder to fix it, and in fourth, Jim Gaasch ran out of time, but took and Brian Grill, their rooflooking third with five laps completed. very crumpled. In the little truck class the first On the second lap the Harrolds lap leader was Lloyd Riggins in his recorded the fast lap for the class, Chevy, with about 35 minutes on at 45:37, and increased their lead Rod Fantelli in his Ford, who'd :o 12 minutes. The Grills moved lost about a half hour with some into second, with Gaasch in third, problem. Riggins stayed in front still looking for a welder. They through lap two, while Fantelli ran this way for another three struggled some more. And then la s, and the Harrolds at the win, on lap three the call came over the Larry Kern and Dave Dietrich once again won Class 9 in the car they call a Kernco. They won by over half an hour this trip and were 12th overall too. FRT KING OF THE DESERT RESULTS· FEBRUARY 11, 1995 , Poe Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time 0/A Claas Open • Unlimited Single & Two aeat • 11 start - 5 finish 100 1 Steve Scaronl Ford Explorer 3:43:26 101 2 Russ Whitrooyer Mazda Chaparral 4:15:12 129 3 Kirk McDaniel Mini Mag 4:29:14 108 4 Bob Snaith Baja Bug 4:46:38 169 5 Marty Coyne/Jim McGill Ford Trophy Truck 4:58:10 Claaa 1-2-1600 • 1600 Reatricted Engine. 4 start. 3 finish 1650 1 Bryan & Bill Pate Raceco 4:13:44 1651 2 Jell Franklin/Charlie Bignell Jimco 4:22:00 1699 3 Gary & B.J. Bates Raceco 4:26:28 Claaa Mini Mag • 0 atart • 0 finish Claaa 5 - 1 atart • 0 finish 5 1 Josh Wadden Baja Bug (2 laps only) 1:36:10 Claaa 5-1600 • 1600cc Baja Bug• 7 start. 2 finish 555 1 Greg and Paul Harrold Baja Bug 4:44:11 556 2 Jim and Brian Grill Baja Bug 5:15:38 Claaa 7 - Unlimited Mini Pickup• 2 atart - O finish 799 1 Rod Fantelli Ford ( 4 laps only) 5:54:24 Claaa 8 • 2WD Standard Pickup - 1 atart • 1 finish 886 1 Brad Myers Ford 5:41:16 Claaa 9 - 1600 cc Restricted Buggy - 6 atart. 4 finish 904 1 Larry Kern/Dave Dietrich Kernco 4:38:34 901 2 Jorge Vargas/Adrian Lozano J.E.F.E. 5:15:22 906 3 Dean and Chuck Hovey Raceco 5:53:46 907 4 Ron Winterbottom unk 5:55:35 Claaa 10 • Unlimited 1650cc • 7 atart. 5 finish 1028 1 Chris Harrold Jimco 3:40:44 1000 2 Ken Stroud/Scott Prill Raceco 3:45:31 1003 3 Larry Kern/Mike Pfankuch Jimco 3:46:21 1002 4 Jamie Pankratz Raceco 3:53:16 1001 5 Gary Hamlin/Jim Mamer Raceco 4:06:41 Claaa 100 -100 inch we Buggie•. 2 atart . 2 finish 3 1 Kekh & Scott Hewitt Funco 4:58:52 2 Mike Hawley One of a Kind 5:08:50 Claaa 300 • Short WB 4x4 • I atart - o finish 300 1 Dale & Janice Wentworth Isuzu Amigo ( 4 laps only 4:53:34 Total slarters • 40 · total finishers• 22 - ·denotes overall winner Course 6 laps of a 27 mile route • Weather: sunny, warm, breezy April 1995 2 8 11 14 15 7 9 10 13 19 20 12 18 21 22 1· 3 4 5 6 16 17 radio saying that Riggins had lost a bearing on his steering, and needed a welder. Apparently he never found one. Fantelli went on for another two laps, to get the win. Riggins never got going again. Dale and Janice Wentworth came out from Massachusetts to drive their Isuzu again, with car-builder, Tim Orchard, as co-driver. Their aim is to get the little car set up for this November's Baja 1000. They did four laps, lookin' good. The FRT will be back at it again on April 8th, with the Buzz Bomb, at Plaster City East. The younger brothers of the overall winner, Greg and Paul Harrold did quite a good job in Class 5-1600 flying the Baja Bug high, but it was strong and they not only won Class 5-1600 they were 13th overall. Page 47 .-

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Race Car Chassis Race Car ParJs R Aluminum bodies <C>~d . 1/2-1600 Motors B And Trans uggy Custom Machine Work & Fabrication . S'IL'llJP>p]y 2525 E. 16th St.• Yuma, Az. &5~65 ' (602) 783-6265 • i 1{800)231-8156 OFF ROAD CHASSIS tf_11t1~·n,,,e.1<h,f1 BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA Complete Off Road Preparation FOR TRUCKS. VANS & MINI TRUCKS PRE•RUN TRUCKS • CUSTOM SUSPEN<;ION AXLE SERVICE• WELDING & FABRICAflON Bill Montague Est. 1174 (714) 711-1460 ROADMASTER, MOTOROLA, YAESU RADIOS SIMPSON. ARAI, BELL, SHOEI HELMETS 2888 GUNDRY AVE.,SIGNAL HILL, CA. 90806 (]10) 4P·8177 TOLL FREE (800) 869-5636 PARKER PUMPER .HELMET. VINEYARD .., ONTARIO, CA 91761 _9_09-923-7016 FAX 909-923-3118 C'OMPANY J.PE ....--------1eeo Babcock Bldg. ,e Coa1a ...... Ca 112627 FABRICATIONS•~-.. d, stub Jerry Penhall _ (714) 650-3035 .' Fax# (714) qS0-4721 ~vr 11 ..... tJ ~ ~ Todd Francis ~ Pr1ci1ioa Alloy, 1,/d, fll. 700 N.E. 117th StrNt ~ i Vancouver, WA 98885■$ ;Q ~ F Phone ~~.r/ . <(0-'lf, ax 360-574-5474 on & 360-576-1109 RACE & CUSTOM CAR WIRING 818-845-9473 1525 WEST BURBANK BLVD. BURBANK CA 91506 Telephone: _(714) 535-4437 (714) 5~5-4438 David Kreisler 920 East Arlee Place Anaheim, CA 92805 ~ o L! __ _ _____ _ QUALITY PRE•OWNED RACE CARS & PARTS CHRIS COLEMAN I 0806 Prospect Ave. #6 • Santee, CA 92071 (619) 258-8544 FAX (619) 258-4266 STEVE BARTON • OWNERS LEE FINKE RACE SHOCK COMPANY Light Truck, Sport Utility, RV & Racing Shocks Rough Country 'Off-Road Racing Shocks 1711 West Culver #1 TEL:.(602) 254-0744 . FAX: (602) 486-4845 Phoenix, Arizona 85007 -DUSTY TIMES INVITES .YOU TO BECOME A DEALER . Each month ten of more copies of the current issue can ·. l.,e in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred 1 ·· customer.s. It is :1 grc:1t traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. COMTAa DUSTY TIMES, .20751 Marilla St. · Chatsworth, CA 91311 ·818-882-0004 ITERCOM SYSTEMS -HELMETS WIIU:D -HAND HELD RADIO~ . - A.c"ITENNAS - LEASING DALE JOHNSON 10319 LOS ALA,."\,UTOS BLVD. (310)-,594-9418 . ~A 907?0 (310)-594-4397 FA.X 'WILLS/TRUSTS, OTIIER M.\ TTERS TERESA M. SANDERS TELEPHONE (818) 892~2688 ATTORNEY AT LAW MOSER & SANDERS 16921 PARTHENIA STREET. SUITE 301 ~• SEPULVEDA, CALIFORNIA 91343 S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT., HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89041 (702) 372-5335 S!!!M~,!,! G,-o017 Computerized Vinyl Lettering /2' Jf.C.&Q, . °'r-vJ_,,\L TIM CECIL f (2~tS. S. 4010 N. Palm Street . .#103, Fullerton. California 92'635lu .$ (714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 870-9132 §f(1W -;r~r;M --==~w~, ~1~ ~J ,..~==== = 5101 GALWAY CR., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92649 (714) 897-0075 FAX (714) 894-9567 .al SITE SK'JIS · BANNERS· Wlm LETIElltll • CM lfTIERNG • l'l!ARIXS 15855 Dell View Rd. El Cajon, California 92021 _teve Spirkoff/Owner 619/561-2913 IF YOU READ IT, TIIEY WIIL COME "SPONSORS" HOW TO GET ONE HOW TO KEEP ONE R~d the book that teUs you what they want and bow top drivers got theirs an~ more. $21 (includes shipping & hand!ing) Send check or money order to: Murflnk 1722 woDacott street R~dondo Beach, CA 90278 anca er, las Vegas, NV ....................... 702-643-9200 long Beach, CA.................... 310-432-3946 Oxnard, CA........................... 805-485-6900 Van Nuys, CA ...................... 818-786-8180 Rlv~rslde, CA......................... 714-877-0226 ... --A!..l•QT.1-!~R: !!l!QUlRIE,S£0N.TACT _$.PORTS RAc1iNG . ,. o:aox 610, lONG''IEACH, CA tOIO . t_ _____ ;...._ ___________ __;1.--________ ~-----------------------!714)363-123(t-----------•

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[f!JJf!!JJO (213)583-2404 SANQERS SERVICE, INC. METAL PROCESSING 5921 WIimington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Straight • ,n c nl ALUMINUM _WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31420 96TH STREET EAST LJTTI.EROCK, CA 93543 805,'944-2719 'susPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrication* Flame Cutting * Front .Ends * Custom Chassis * Race Prep * Custom lt-Weig~t Trailerf Mlg'r. ol Blue·Flame Producls (714) 996-6260 .1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 Suspension Components SAW Pe. tormance, Inc. TURBO BLUE Racing B11sollnn 8446 Garfield Ave. • Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201 • (310) 928-2278 Lyn Mocaby . Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp (UJ!P) .. , 619/449-9690 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE. CA 92071 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEAMER SYSTEMS-FULL LINE OF POWER STEERING FOR ALL TYPES OF RACING-& RECREATIONAL VEHICLES PRODUCTION SHOP (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.) Louie Unser Engines RATTLESNAKE MOTORSPORTS, INC. LOUIE'UNSER 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 1100 E. Ash Avenue, Suite C Phone and Fax (714) 879-8440 818·700·9712 FAX 818·700-0947 Fullerton, California 92631 · Trackside-Photo, Inc. Jim Ober 310-67p-6897 Comme;cial ~hotogr,aphy P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 KACE T/IANS BY JEFF f/EO}S TRflNSfiXLE · ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 818-998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 913t 1 TRANSMISSI-ONS WEST Spsc/alzlng t, H/9f, Pert. Transaxles • vw • PORSCHE • OFF ROAD WERACE WHAT WE SB..L (800) 435-0416 • (310) 782-2413 22545 S. Noonandie ~Torrance, CA 90501 RACE CAR BUMPER CUT TO LENGI'H $10.00 PER Ff -VIP RUBBER COMPANY, INC. _ 540 South Cypress Street . (310) 905-3456 (800) 722-4VIP QUALITY FUELS La Habra, California 90631 FAX (310) 905-3460 FOR MOTORSPORTS {909) 674:9167 Fax: (909) 674-7367 Automotive • A TV • Motorcycle 1815 Massachusetts Ave Riverside, CA 92507 909/369-5144 Fax 909/369-7266 (310) 598-2731, WE~dlE_ ENGiNEERiNG Exclusive distnbutor of I.Dck-Righfm VW Locking Differentials PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLE PROOUCTS Billet Super-Diffs, Gearsets, Hard to Rnd New and Used Parts WholeealeiRetall. Dealer h:iqulrles W~lcome P.O. Box 15466 Long Beach, CA goo15: ,.u Roatl Race Truclfs • Pre Runners : ;: ; _ sis Design • Engineering • Fabt"ication Dale White Racing 3940 Maranatha Circle Las Vegas. NV 89103 10Z·B11·1661 PUBLIC R ELATIONS A N D MARKETING CONSULTANTS EDWIN C . JACOB S PRESIDENT 9Da°STATE MILL ROAD AKRON. OHIO 44319 [216) 644-7774 Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Arms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 2733 W . Missouri Phoenix, AZ. 85017 Jack Woods 1602) 242-0077

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The Parker 400 and Spirit By Sam Wilshire From a pitting standpoint, the SCORE Parker 400 is a "new" race for the Spirit team. In years past, BFG and Ford have not had the Spirit team actually pit the event but instead, Ford had had us do the Contingency bit and then go home. But this year, SCORE's opening go and the 22nd annual event, hosted by Nature's Recipe, saw Spirit put 14 pit crew workers in the field for the race. Steve Spirkoff, Spirit's owner, was once again ·under contract to "chase" a team, for this event the LA County Sheriff's Ford of Williams and Braden while Larry Rae and Ken Nothumb spent their time with TV crews so none of these three fellows spent any time in the pits. · The only question that I had about the entire weekend was the fact that the race awards and the Super Bowl were being played out at the same time. I realize that SCORE must process the permits (for the race) well in advance but it's still imagined that lots of folks, especially those who stayed for the awards might have been a bit p.o. 'ed 'cause they missed the game unless they kept their hotel rooms· and watched the game while still in Parker. The friendly and smiling face of Deke Houlgate was missing from the Press office at this years event but Dominic Clark ably perform-. ed the duties and it was good seeing Dom. Contingency went off well on Friday and it was neat seeing lots of old friends. Gil George, of Funco, was back out at an event after literally years of absence, with his new family, five-seat fun buggy and it was great having a few minutes to talk to Gil. Judy and John kept the SAW tent well represented ... the list goes on and on. When Contingency ended, at about 5 :00 p .m ., the various companies began packing up. It was then that the BFG semi cranked up, and thousands of styrofaom peanuts came blasting out of the stacks ... wonder who did that. It looked like a small snow blizzard for a few minutes around the semi. I would imagine that there were, and are, dozens of stories about the law enforcement and-BLM Ranger efforts for this 22nd running of this popular event but few came to our attention. The Spirit team initially had BLM Ranger problems getting our semi into the Midway pit area, just north of Bouse, but the problems were solved and we were able to set up our pit in the area that BFG had cordoned off for us. Roger Mears Jr. told me that Roger had, on Friday, when going out to the test track area, been issued a moving citation by the local gendarmes, for speeding and careless operation of a motor vehicle ... his Chevy race truck!!! Now, I didn't hear this from Roger himself but I have no reason to doubt Roger Jr. "but" there is probably more to the story that I didn't hear. The event got underway on Saturdaymorningat7:30a.m. for the twenty Tecate Trophy-Trucks, a record entry, and at 10:00 a.m. for the rest of the field. The Trophy-Trucks were set to Dusty Times run a 197 mile circuit comprised of two or three short laps, of about 20 miles, in the Shea Road/Osborne Wash area (for spectator viewing) and then run one final loop of the regular course. The rest of the field, both Pro and Sportsman classes, had to run three laps of the entire circuit. At the Midway pit, we were at the 53 mile point on the outbound leg (from the start line) and at the 113 mile point headed back towards the finish line. The one aspect of the Midway area that proved troublesome, especially during the Trophy-Trucks, was the fact that the outbound vehicles passed the pits and we could record their passing times; the inbound racers did not pass the pits so it was difficult ( read impossible) to record imbound times for the t.eams. The first racer of the day, the #20 Dodge of Walker Evans, pased at 9:49:46 followed in short order by Jim Smith (Ford), Ivan Stewart (Toyota), Robby Gordon (Ford), Rob MacCachren (Ford), Curt LeDuc (Jeep Cherokee), the Simon Brothers (Ford), RCR (Ford), Jack Johnson (Podge), John Swift (Ford), Marty Coyne (Ford), Javier Espinosa (Chevy) and Larry Ragland, also in his Chevy. A 50 minute and 51 second blanket covered the 13 Trophy-Trucks that made it to the Midway pit. The radio announced that Roger Mears, who never got to Midway, suffered his third transmission failure of the weekend just into the final lap. Also included in this "never got to us" category was the Baldwin clan, Jason and Jim and Carl Renezeder, who were all piloting new '95 Fords. T-he Spirit bunch had no work to do during the Trophy-Truck entrants ... hey, none of the Trophy-Trucks use Spirit so we just sorta watched 'em motor by at about 35 miles an hour. Seems the powers that be wanted a speed control area at Midway so SCORE had-a spotter on hand with a radar gun. Reportedly, a violation of the speed limit could result in disqualification. So, as said earlier, we just watched the teams motor by. The first pro entry, the Raceco/Porsche of Chase and Robertson, cleared us at 11 :04: 10 (by my watch which was NOT syncronized with the BFG clocks), followed 18 seconds later by the Nissan powered Chenowth of Huffman and Hagle who were later disqualified. Spirit finally went to work at 11: 12:33 as the Joshua Baldwin and Jason Hatz Chenowth roared on with a right front flat. Repairs and a long once over of the car saw the team away about five minutes later. As said earlier, Spirit fielded a 14 person crew with a couple of new members. Norm Cossano is Spirit's new Pit Boss while Mike Flohr moves over to Fuel Boss. Joe Geldert now manages tires while Dave W ood settles in as our new semi driver. The rest of the team was comprised of Mike Shanks, Danny Sheets, Brian Boehm, Jeff Flohr, Warren Maday, Brian and Ronda War-lick, Norma Thoemmes, Steve West and yours truly. For the rest of the day and into the night work was steady. The . #708 Toyota of DeNunzio and Guess spent five minutes ·on a torsion bar adjustment; we pumped 40 gallons of fuel into the Class 8 GMC of Westhem and McCormack; the Raceco of Nick Baldwin (how many Baldwin's are there?) and Post took 10 gallons and were out for a long repair with a rebuild of the right front of the car; the British Land Rover of Saxton and Roberts was in for oil and a sway-bar adjustment; the new team of Sourapas and Fortin took fuel and a repaired right rear shock and the Ryan Thomas Chenowth Magnum spent 22 · minutes and 10 seconds with us in the repair of a "holed" valve cover. At 13:45 the Baldwin and Hatz car was back for fuel and trans seal while the White and Peterson Chevy flew in and asked that we remount his spare. The '72 Bronco of Hayley and Bruckmann was with us for awhile with right front shock mount problems, left rear brake line troubles and fuel. Fuel also went to the Gates and LeClair Baja racer about five minutes later. The #777 Ranger of Martin and Campbell cruised in with an awful hot engine and it was learned later that the team DNF'ed with a blown freeze plug. The Brits were back for a second time for fuel only and for this event, at least we could quick fill the tank ... at the 1000 in November the filler neck was such that we had to hand-pump the fuel very slowly. On into the afternoon the carnage continued... the Gatrell Blazer lost 35 minutes with a shock mount problem; Sourapas and Fortin lost five minutes with that same right rear shock and steering problems; Van Matre and Arciero ate up five minutes with power steering and plug wire problems; the second Brit team, Comben and Burgess, spent 25 minutes with us with the welding THE of motor mounts; the Toyota of ·Hayes and Spicer, after we'd welded a torsion bar mount, saw hopes evaporate as the weld broke as they left the pits and the LA Sheriff's Ranger underwent a right front spring replacement which cost the team about 45 minutes. The 5-1600 of Spencer and Krizan spent almost an hour with us as Warren Marlay and Brian Warlick rewelded the entire front ,age assembly of the car, from the dashboard forward. I'd started to wonder if the team entered the event with a broken car and we ended up rebuilding it. This team, it was later learned, had a couple of pit infractions and finished well down in the class after penalties. As the little hand sat on 10 and the big hand swung nearer to the six, the Spirit team started winding down. The· Bronco of Hayley and Bruckmann was out of the pit at 22: 15 after repair of the rear drive shaft and a throttle spring while our final effort of the day went to the DeNunzio and Guess duo who took on fuel. And it was nice to have the Gatrell team pull in and say "thanks". Then at 22:32:02, Radio Bob came on the air and told us to shut Classified ••• FOR SALE: Type IV 2733cc. Pauter 82mm crank, Billet Pauter rods, Wise Co. pistons; Manley SS valves (48x38) w/Vasco jet springs, dry sumped, 44 IDF Webbers, WEB cam, Type I lifters, Porsche 911 fan w/Fat shroud, 200mm-2000 lb. Ken nedy pressure plate w /spares, wedge matted flywheel, fifth stud, UMP can filter system $5,000.00. 3 convertible VW bodies $450.00 each. Neal Grabowski (909) 985-3553. ,. -WRIGHT 9420 Fffnn Sp,lng, Ln. PLACE El Cafon, CA 92021 INC. Aprll 1995 down the pit. We'd already done some prepatory work so within about 30 minutes all was packed, the desert around the pit was clean and we were ready for a good night's sleep. In the 12 hours, 42 minutes and 16 seconds that the Spirit team had been set up, we'd dumped approximately 446 gallons of fuel, used 23 quarts of oil and five quarts of ATF. The assorted rewelds of shock mounts, steering boxes and roll cages plus a myriad of other repairs all went to make it an exciting day for the Spirit crew, who once again worked like a well oiled piece of machinery. The final tabulations on the fuel darn near drove Mike Flohr crazy but we'd hit the target right on and that's what counts. Joey did a great job on tire control while Ronda did great with the food and enough can't be said about Norma and-her radio acumen. Hell, the entire crew did an outstanding job. So ... by the time you read this the Spirit crew will have been to the early March SCORE/San Felipe 250 and will have helped as many competitors as needed. So, 'til the next race and issue ... FOR SALE: Class 5 Unlimited, 2112 Type I, 30 gallon fuel cell, Beard seats, Wright front end, Woods spindles, Saco rack and pinion steering, Sway-A-Way torsion qars and axels, Winco trailing arm. Raced only three times $4,900.00 oho. (510) 484-3512. Page 53

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Classified ••• FOR SALE: Class 5 Unlimited-New major performance Type 1 Mendeola 091 Bus Box with FTC gears. ALL FOX shox-Wright Rack, Drop combo's & Arms-Swa yAwa y bars & plates. Mastercraft disc brakes-JAMAR-Parker pumper. Car is fast & sharp, 3 wins in unlimited class and one overall at FRT-92 & 93 Class Champion. $12,500.00. (619) 344-6496. FOR SALE: SODAClass2-1600, 96" wb, Probst Laser, Chromoly chassis, new paint, 1600cc by Dan's Off Road, FTC gears, Bil-stein shocks, Wright rack, UMP power steering, Marsh carbon fiber wheels, Centerline aluminum wheels with beadlocks, HD combos, Sway-A-Way bars, Beard sears, Summers HD stubs & 930 c.v.s. (517) 546-4108 ~ares available, $6,250.00. . FOR SALE: The hottest, lightest Class 10 Chenowth around! Buy Doug Fortin, ]r.'s Class 10 or 1 with optional Fortin or Hewland transmission ( negotiated by buyer at an extra charge). 1994 Parker 400 winner! Car with no tranny/motor fresh: The Best of everything! Foddrill, SACO, 20" travel in rear ( with custom made bypass position sensitive Bilstein shocks). SAW, BFG, Centerlines and extra tires. $16,000.00 firm. Must sell quick to ensure your win in '95. Baja Concepts Ref #417 (619)583-6529. FOR SALE: Class 10, 118" wlb Bunderson frame, Race Ready, never raced since ground up rebuild, new motor and trans, FOR SALE: 1989 Hand~ 250R new tires and rims. Lots of extras. DRD&D suspension, works This car. is light and fast. shocks, motor, Mitchel reinforc-$10,000.00 Trade?? ( 214) ed wheels, Dunlop Rover front 424-9720. tires, Pro Comp rears, Rickey -----:---:'.'::;-'.;::;;:;::-:==:=--::---:::-FOR SALE: Chenowth Class 10, FAT Rabbit motor, new beam Foddrill forward mounted arms, Wright Big Spindles, Fox Shox, UMP, Beard seat, Parker Pumper, Flame-Out bus box w/ Hewland gears. Spare Fat air-cooled motor, spare tranny, trailer available, $16,000.00 oho. Bill (602) 978-9762. Stator lights and rewound stator, desert seat, K&N, aluminum tank, DRD&D bumper, spare tires, wheels, rear shock etc ... stock parts, $6,500.00 oho (619) 723-6293. Le.on. -----------FOR SALE: Desert buggy with trailer -very strong 1835cc, ported, polished, cc'd balance, all the best. New Rhino with close ratio and long axle swing arm. Have body panels and extra parts. Very fast! Very reliable! Great fun car! $3,500.00 oho. Eves (818) 889-3447 Days (818) 879-0552 David. · FOR SALE: Todd Attig's I & 2 1600 buggy. Class champion in 1-1600 and 2-1600 in the 1994 SODA series. $13,000.00 with spare motor and transmission. Call (815) 251-4376 after 5:00 pm. FOR SALE: Raceco·l-1600 new Major motor, fresh Mendeola bus trans, new 930 c.v.s, new Dura-blue stub axles, updated suspen-sion, FOX, Mastercraft, fuel cell, Flame-Out, power steering '94 FRT Class champion, light and fast ... Spare motor, tires, dump cans, etc. $12,500.00. (619) 442-9757. FOR SALE: Professionally built Pre-Runner by Darrel Jakes of ·· Venable Racing. New motor ready FOR SALE: '90 Nelson & Nelson to work. $25,000.00 (909) 654-built Class 8 w/ new motor and 49381(714) 654-4554. 25 new tranny.Only80miles.Complet-Goodyear racing tires for sale. ely race ready and tested. Package dialed in with lots of extras and spare parts; everything you need to go racing. 15" front travel, 20" rear! Ready for SCORE 1995: Knock offs available. Driven by Ricky Johnson and Jimmie Johnson. This Ultra Wheels/ Coyne Motorsports truck is fast FOR SALE: Utility bed for chase and available as a comolete truck. Custom tool box, CO2 bot-package for $59,000.00. Please ties with hose reel, oil and fluid direct a 11 inquires to Baj a shelf.Alsofull-width,lockingtire Concepts Ref #419 (619) rack. Will fit full size shortbed 583-6529. truck. Delivery available. -------------$1,000.00 (805) 823-9612. > • • • -,, FOR SALE: 1-1600 custom built for Ren Sport Racing by Derick at Finishline Prep. This beautiful car is complemented with the best of everything that money can buy for limited class racing. Fox Shox, FAT motor, BFGs, Centerlines. Excellent car! Comes with a tremendous amount of spare parts, pieces, pit boxes, tires, wheels, ets. TOO MUCH TO LIST! The whole car and oackal!e can be yours foronly $13,800.00!! Contact Baja Concepts Ref #418 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: Class 9 - 2 seat Chenowth. Wright, SAW, Yokohama, Parker Pumper, RLH, Beard seats, Deist harness, YOO gauges, Killer trans and motor. Complete package includ-ing pit boxes and spare parts. Best of everything! Very competitive. Must sell fast $4,900.00 Baja Concepts Ref #399 (619) 583-6529. WANTED: 4 coil over shocks, fully adjustable 10", 12" or 14" stroke. Call Steve (916) 725-7849. .. ,. ...... _____________ ~-----------------...---------------------...----~--ri I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in I .; DVSTY TIMES. : I Classified Advertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of I I black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. · I I NEW AND RENEW AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If I ' I you wish to use~ photo in your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I I __________________________ I I __________________________ I I t I --------------------------i I ~------------------------I I I I -----------'-------------------1 I -----------------------~---I I Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Pleas.e run ad _______ times. I I I I Name ---------------------------------Mail to: .I I DUSTY TIMES I I Address ----------------------Phone--------20751 Marilla Street I - f Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408 I City -------------------~r.ate____ Zip~--- . • Page 54 April 1995 FOR SALE: VW Rabbit perfect for Rallys. 1TB Road Race Rabbit, many track champions and record holder. Very fast. Full Tectonics motor, best of everything and tons of spares. Custom paint. Must sell $3,850.00 or Best Offer. Comes race ready with random axel trailer. Call Tom, home (714) 537-5480, work (714) 534-0620. FOR SALE: Class 10 2 seat Woods Clark West 10 motor-Extra 2180, Bus (Hewland) box, UMP's, 930 c.v.s, radio & com, Bunderson air springs, Fox coilovers, 17" front 20" rear travel. Fresh car-race ready. $15,000.00 or best. (702) 658-8538. Possible trade for Harley or? FOR SALE: Racing tires custom made for Trophy-Truck racing or ultimate pre-runners that do not want flats! 37x12.50xl7. Some wheels also· available. Wheels $75.00 ea. Tires $75.00 ea oho. Will sell all for special discount. 100 available: 80 Bridgestones, 20 General. Specially made for Roger Mean; Racing available thru Baja Concepts. Visa/MC/ AMEX accepted. Don't bother Roger! (619) 583-6529 or Fax (619) 583-1851. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS AFCO Racing Products . . . . . . . • . . . . 25 Barbary Coast -Gold Coast Hotels . . . . . . . . . . • . . 8 Bilstein Corp. of Am11rica . . . . . . . . . . 31 Cactus Racihg Products . . . . • . . . . . . 35 Cascade Off Road Racing . . . • . . . . . . 21 Castex Truck Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Cowboy Coaches . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . • 46 Don-A-Vee Jeep Eagle . . . . . . • • . . . . 27 FAT Performance . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . 42 Fuel Safe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . 38 German Auto . . . . . . . . . . • . . • . . . • 44 Glen Helen Spring Classic 100 ... . . . • . . . . 10-11 Rod Hall Driving School • . . . . . . . • . . 14 McKenzie's Performance Products . . . . 3 7 Mirage Racing Products . . . . . . • . . . . 33 National Truck Week -Reno ..• .•. 28-29 Nevada Off Road Buggy . . . . . • . . • . . 39 Parker Pumper . . . • . . . . . . . . • . . . . 43 P.CJ Race Radios . . . . • . . • . . • . • . . 7 Pike's Family Restaurant . • . . . • . . . . 6 Race Ready Products . • . . . . . . • . . . . 41 Reid Pro . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . • . . . . 19 Rose Traction Control . . . . . • . • . . • . . 15 SNORE Caliente 250 • . . . . . . . • . • . . 2 Sway-A-Way . . . . • . • . . • . . . . • . . . 34 Toyota Motorsports . . . • . . . . Back Cover Tri-Mil Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • • 30 Ultra Wheel . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Valley Performance . . . . . . . . • . . . . . 40 Valvoline Oil . . • . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . 9 Whiplash Motorsports . . . . . . . . . • . . 5 Whiplash Motorsports . . . . • • . . . • . . 23 Wilch Sales . . . • . . . . . . . • • . . . . . . 4 7 Wright Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Yarnell Specialties Inc . . . . . . . • . . . . 20 Dusty Times

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FOR SALE: '89 Chenowth 1-1600 car. Won Milestone 1994 Award Third in class 1994 SCORE series. New motor & trans. Ready to race. Best of every-thing. Call Frank at (800) 576-0036. $10,800.00 or best off or trade. See picture on cover of Feb issue of Dusty Times. FOR SALE: Berrien single seater, Class 1, 9 car. 60% done. Have everything to finish. Wright spindles & rack, Super Seat, bus tranny, close ratio, super cliff, water cooled Rabbit, Woods trailing arms, power steering, disk brakes, Dura Blue 930cv 300m torsion bars, fiberglass body. $6,500.00 PA (412) 468-4748. FOR SALE: Chenowth Magnum. New never completed. ALL new parts, fuel cell, radiator, ft arms, spindles, link pins, Summer ft brakes, Beard seat, Fox Shox, UMP body, roof, dash, floor, 7 panels, rr brakes, hubs & uprights, 4 Centerlines wl bead-lock s & tires. $17,000.00 invested. $10,400.00 obo (714) 680-3185. FOR SALE: Complete & Race Ready. Dual carb air cooled 1650, Bus box w/ Hewland close ratio & Henry's cliff. 4 wheel disc brakes, Fox Shox, Centerlines, fuel cell, Mastercraft seat, Jamar, Flame-out, Sway-A-Way, Summers Bros etc. Car is in excellent FOR SALE. '91 T t 2WD condition. $18,000.00 invested. · oyoa $630000 b (714)680-3185 pre-runner. Chromoly A-arms & • · 0 0 · strut box. Fabricated double 'c,, shock towers, fabricated rear ~ springs, 28mm torsion bars, Beard racing seats, custom made fiberglass fenders. Urethane bushings on all joints, Yokohama 3lxl0.50 tires all around. Call Dave (619) 221-9110 or Tim (714) 960-9718 $9,500.00. ~ -FOR SALE: 1951 Willy's Jeep, PS, PB, tilt wheel, Rancho suspension, Landcruiser 4 .11 ' front & rear ends, wheel base extended 6". Full cage, cb, stereo Muncie 4sp, 356 cu. inch Chevy Lunati, Keith Black, roller FOR SALE· Ch h S 16 rockers, ported heads, Crower PS 5 1. k. enowt uB~e1r . ' springs, 350 + hp$6,500.00 obo. , m rear susp. '. 1 stem Even in s (503) 897 -2402. shocks wi res, 4 wheel disc, 3 spd c=,;:::=~g~~~~-;;;;iiii_!?iir-iiii:'\j bus box, 930 c.v.s, 4 Champion M...,.l!!!I · beadlocks on Y okohamas & 4 ,;;;-;::..;:__ MRT headlocks on Yokohamas, aircooled VW engine, $8,500.00 Toyota LC engine 22R 200 hp $2,800.00 (805) 274-8483. FOR SALE: 1-1600 Lothringer 1550 lbs wet Don Hatz WR-bus trans. Pro prep by JFK race prep. Car has won SCORE/SNORE/ La Rana. Very best parts. This is your chance to win in the most competitive class and the biggest FOR SALE: Trophy-Truck. 1994 paycheck. $12,500.00. Lots of Chevy. This truck is built to last, spare parts, 5 radios, 30 tires/ 30" of rear and 28" front travel, wheels, box truck wl living ¼ 7 .0 Dana 60, 44 spline axles, Turbo Gem/ Air 9500 26 ft. enclosed 400, 6 Kuster shocks, Kuster air competitive $7,500.00. (619) jacks, 70 gal Fuel Safe. Ready for 949-1049 (818) 442-1090. SCORE '95. $68,000.00. Serious inquiries only (714) 380-7151 ~eave Message. FOR SALE: Class 6 Jeep built by Walker Evans Racing. Proven winner. Reduced to $15,000.00 with spare race motor (built by FAT) (909) 659-0115. Dusty Times FOR SALE: 1993 Mirage MTEG Superlite, Fox Shox, FL 350 fresh, new white paint, BFGs, race ready, goes with spare clutches, gears, arms, belts, tires, motor plus a lot more. Call John days (310) 327-8323 nights (714) 842-7238. $6,500.00. FOR SALE: 14' double decker buggy trailer. Res. gas tank wlpump ele. wench. 4 new tires. Can be seen in Acton. $1,500.00 obo -trade for Quad. (805) 945-0662. FOR SALE: Race prepped bus box $1,500.00. Torque limiter extra disc $800.00. Johnny Johnson six shock rear suspen-sion for Chevy ½ ton $300.00. 10-lOn Rancho take apart shocks wlcanisters$350.00. Kennedy clutch/ pressure plate 2700 bis $100.00. Jamar clutch pedal assembly/ram $75.00. Craig (909) 927-5625. FOR SALE: Challenger Class 9. 2 seater. Fresh engine and transmis-sion with close gear ratio. Fuel cell, helmet intercom system. Rebuilt Bilstein shocks, chrom-olly spring plates, circuit breaker system. Yokohama tires (spares). SCORE legal. $6,000.00 obo Call Leonard (619) 424-9451 or Gilbert (619) 429-0646. FOR SALE: 1993 SCORE Class 11 championship car. Best of everything. Tons of spares including 2 trans, 30 BFGs, Bilstein, etc. The car is prepped and ready to race and win. Must sell fast. $3,200.00. No reason-able offer refused. Peter (310) Ql5-0359. FOR SALE: Lothringer 5-1600. Competitive car, Fox Shox, FAT motor, Saginaw steering, some spare parts and tires. $7,500.00 obo (909) 676-8620. FOR SALE: Brand new 1650cc destroked Rabbit engine. Purch-ased new from Berti! Racing Engines. 175 hp at 8,000 rpm. Rev Power sided raft, Carillo rods, Electromotive etc. Everything included to bolt in and race. Dyna sheets available. Retired from racing suddenly. $7,000.00 invested, call and make a reasonable offer. Call Ed in PA (717) 672-3028. FOR SALE: Class ·9 ORD 2 seater. State of the art car, top quality, excellent fabrication, best parts money can buy. Many, many extras. To many to list. Must see to appreciate. Total package $8,000.00. For details call Dick (818) 963-1445. April 1995 WANTED: Class 5-1600 or . Class l / 2 1600 rolling chassis with or without motor or trans, without having to take a second mortgage on home to purchase. Call Bob (602) 453-5747 LHC, AZ. , · FOR SALE: Class 10 1 seat race buggy 118" wheelbase, Wright rack, arms, spindles, 6 beam, 3x5 rear arms, 4 wheel disc, 930 c.v., Sway-A-Way axels, 002 trans, wl close 1, 2, 3 & 4, Bilstein, Fox Shox, new Fuel S., Fire Out and much more $5,250.00 obo. Ask for Martin (619) 738-4626. FOR SALE: UMP 4 + seater, ultimate pre-runner, all chrom-oly, new 2.8 Chevy V6 l.T.S. transmission, Wright, Neal, 930 c.v.s, Centerline with BFGood-rich, 109n wb. All the best stuff! Currently registered in AZ, Str legal. Best offer or trade for 2WD extra cab Toyota truck. Robert (619) 232-6404. WANTED: Fabricator. Exper-ienced in race chassis & buildup. MIG-TIG. Al welding a plus. Send resume and salary history to ORBS., 2525 E. 16th St., Yuma, AZ 85365 or FAX (602) 783-1253. FOR SALE: Pre-runner, Dodge Ram, professionally built, fibeglass fenders and hood, full cage, racing rear end. 727 race tranny, high stall converter, Fox (3 per side), 14" rear travel, 12-13n front travel, National springs, 2 gas tanks, 360 ci haul ass motor, Ultra Wheels, Yokos, 3 Beard seats, Art Carr, full harness, stereo, race radio, 2 batteries, 2 spares, AC: Very HOT! $20,000.00 Baja Concepts ref #305 (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE: 1985 Raceco 2 seater, Class 2 or Birchen pre-runner, UMP ps, FAT type 4 bus box wltorque limiters, Hewland gears, Mastercraft, Yokos, Centerlines. Very good looking car! Coil over front shocks in rear wires., outboard c.v.s, Jamar pedals, pumpers, lights, trick body. Steal it fast. $18,000.00 obo Baja Concepts Ref #423 (619) 583-6529. " FOR SALE: Chenowth 2 seat, excellent car, good finishing ratio, DG300 trans, Acura V-6 motor. Complete package and top notch car. Complimented with BFGs, Cornutt, SAW, Centerline, 25 gal cell and much more! Call our offices to inquire on Ref# 113 for $22,500.00 obo Baja Concepts (619) 583-6529. FOR SALE CASTEX RACING 1 994 TROPHY TRUCK CHEVY S-10 ALL THE BEST PARTS (RACE READY) PLEASE CALL BILL OR KEITH AT 213-462-4732 (SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY) Page 55 •

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< INNING Is l'HE ONLY PART EDoN'T CONSTANTLY C Gf. AToyota, we completely disassemble our trucks after every race. We replace or improve virtually all of the parts. But over the last 38 years, there is one component we just can't seem to find a way to replace. Our passion and determination to be the best. Believe it or not, trucks can talk. And they have some pretty amazing stories to tell, each one with a valuable lesson. So we listen. And we constantly look for smarter and safer solutions to transfer to the trucks we build for you. Because it's not just about being in the lead. It's about leadership. So, even though we've enjoyed unprecedented success in off-road racing, our most coveted victory is coming in first with our customers. OUR lflllNDS ARE Al.WAYS RA.Cl ,::{• . _,