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1993 Volume 10 Number 9 Dusty Times Magazine

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.. -Volume 10 • Number 9 • September 1993 1.50 ISSN 8750-1731. Covering the world of competition in the dirt

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Volume 10 - Number 9 Editor-Publisher Jean Calvin Associate Editor Richard K. Schwalm Editorial Assistant Janay Smith Controller John Calvin Circulation 0. Osborne Contributors Jim Baker Darla Crown C&C Race Photos Carrera Photography Don Dayton Daryl D. Drake Homer Eubanks Martin Holmes Elaine Jones Matt Marcher Bob Rule Barb & Marilyn Schultz Wayne Simmons Darryl Smith Judy Smith 3-D Photography T rackside Photo Inc. Art Director Larry E. Worsham SNAPSHOT September 1993 110a11YILLS OrnDAD IACIIIG Ul'OaT Subscription Rates: JllrifSeries(f~Racing* $15.00 per year, 12 issues, USA. Foreign Subscription rates on request. Contributions: , DUSTY TIMES welcomes unsolicited contributions, but is not responsible for such material. Unsolicited material will be returned only by request and with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Classified Ads: will be published as received, prepaid. DUSTY TIMES assumes no liability for omissions or errors. All ads may be subject to editing. DUSTY TIMES, (ISSN 8750-1732) is published monthly by Hillside Racing Corp., 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004. Copyright 1983 by Hillside Racing Corp. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Second Class Postage paid at Chatsworth, CA 91311 and at additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to Dusty Times, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Four weeks notice is required for change of address. Please furnish both old and new address, and send to DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. OF THE MONTH ••• ... ... ~~ ... ~.--._: 'j" 1~. ~-.• : ~ ~ ~ ~;~ ~ ·--~~/ \i . ·•·· • . ;,. ··F.-· . . . .. . . ~·-' •;, · .~~~i;fj --~~t~&;t~ t -~ -'I • -.·~ ~~, ·~:/i\tJf~j , · · !~~~•11 ·;,,~rf~~~ 1-'i-~---·~~~-,i,.~" .. ,,,fi'.~:f~-·' W£;-:-,..._,d. ,. .·:....(( ~·. ·• ,;;.,·:. ~-~,;~';-;-:t) >< .. ~~. -~ £.' .. -'' ~~~:-~·-· ~.--~~~-~ ~:it:~ . ~~--:~. PARKING ONLY! VIOLATOR'S CARS WILL BE CONFISCATED AND RACED IN THE PIKES PEAK HILL CLIMB . ~ \f ~f.' -~~-~-; -~ -~. -.~, ' . This picture scarcely needs a caption, and we hope you get a chuckle out of it. We sure di_d! Rod Millen has quite a sense of humor and this is but one example of the fun he has while winning races and rallies and preparing cars for other people. We just might try the same ploy, substituting the Baja 1000 for Pikes Peak. Possibly the LAPD might take a dim view of the entire concept, if they see it. Photo by Trackside Photo Inc. DUSTY TIMES will feature pictures of similar "funnies"or woes on this page each month. Send us your snapshot of something comic or some disaster for consideration. DUSTY TIMES will pay $10 for the picture used. If you wish the photo returned, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Only black & white prints, 5x7 or 8xl0 will be considered. Dusty Times September 1993 I In This Issue ••• FEATURES Page Bad Dogs Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 SCORE Fireworks 250 by Judy Smith ...................... 12 Chevrolet Blazer by John Calvin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 MTEG Stadium Racing at Salt Lake City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 SODA Memorial Day 100 by Barb & Marilyn Schultz ........ 24 VORRA Spring Special by Matt Marcher . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 WRC Acropolis Rally by Martin Holmes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 VORRA Yerington 400 by Tammie Wise ................... 36 SODA Spring Run 10-l by Judy Smith ...................... 40 Lucerne Valley Jam 250 by Carol Clark ..................... 48 Australia's Griffith City 450 by Darryl Smith ................ 54 24 hours Le Fud for Bikes by Fud . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 SCCA Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally ............. ......... 58 DEPARTMENTS Competition Review Board Report by Reese King . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Fair News by Dave Massingham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Chapala Dusters Report by H. Henesy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7 Checkers Column by the Big Wahzoo ...................... 53 Romance in Racing . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 M.A.O.R.A. Report ..................................... 59 California Rally Series by Lynnette Allison . ............. : . . . 59 Good Stuff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Index to Advertisers ............•........................ 67 ON THE COVER -Walker Evans stadium raced Saturday night in Salt Lake City, hopped on a private plane to Rhinelander, WI, got a few hours sleep, then raced in Class 8, had troubles but finished well, and came past the crowds to loud cheers every round in the Challenge event that closed out the Sunday truck racing. And a tired but happy Walker Evans put the Dodge in victory circle on a fast deflating tire and with a steaming radiator. Walker is running a half dozen of the SODA events this season, and is becoming quite a jet setter, but who needs sleep when he can perform so well at the track he really likes in Crandon, WI. Photo courtesy of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Rob MacCachren plowed over the rough Barstow desert in his Class 8 Venable Ford without missing a beat. Having no serious troubles along the way Rob not only won Class 8 by a good margin, he woh the race overall by mere seconds, just as he had done one year earlier at the same July race, the Fireworks 250. Two overall wins in a row at Barstow is quite a feat! Photo by Trackside Photo Inc. to S~7tUUUf DUSTY TIMES THE FASTEST GROWING OFF ROAD MONTHLY IN THE COUNTRY!! □ 1 year -$15.00 □ 2 years -$25.00 D 3 years -$35.00 Takeadvantage of your subscription bonus ••• Free one time classified ad up to 45 words. (Form on inside back page) Name _______________________ _ Address _____________________ _ City ______________________ _ Stace-----------Zip ------------1 Send check or money order to: DUSTY TIMES I I I I 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408, (818) 882-0004 I ( Canadian - 1 year $20.00 U.S.• Overseas subscription rates on request) I I Page 3

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Competition Review By Reese King Board Report First the Good News -SCORE vice president. Paul Fish was released from the hospital on June 15 and is resting at home, in . fact back at work just after the Fireworks 250. George and I wish Paul a speedy recovery and would like to recommend that he add a new word to his vocabulary: NO The Competition Review Board for the 1993 Tecate/SCORE Baja 500 met at 8:00 a.m. at the bar at the Villa Marina Hotel. The Board Administrator was Carlos Orozco of Baja Pits, members included Steve Holladay, Class 1 Open Wheel, Doug Fortin Jr., Class 1 Trucks, Rogerio Ampudia Class 1-2-1600, Mike Schwellinger Class 7S, Frank Vessels, Class 8, Danny Cau SCORE President, Reese King CRB Marshal. In addition Mr. Tony Tellier, fellow journalist of ill repute, was in attendance as an invited guest. In one of the shortest hearings on record Mike Lesle protested the 5-1600 entry of Enrique Guerrera for unsafe driving through the Lesle Racing pit near checkpoint 2. Mike, along with Larry Noel related the following to the board. "568 came through check 2, turned right and pitted. He then came back toward the course, where traffic had been stopped by the Federales controlling the road crossing. 568 then jumped up the bank on the -CElfTERUNE WHEELS right side ot the pavement and drove through our pit. He almost ran over four people, slid into our 110 gallon refueling tank, and then left the pit, running through and over our banners. This guy was hours down and not even in the race. He risked injuring many people." To say that the board was shocked at this outrageous con-duct would be to understate in the extreme. A few questions were asked of Lesle and Noel, and 568 was called to respond to the protest. Mr. Guerrera failed to ap-pear before this board and was swiftly disqualified in a unani-mous vote. Additionally he will receive a letter of reprimand for his failure to appear. In the second shortest hearing on record, the lovely and talented Bill Wick, President of SCORE Officials Association, filed a charge of unsafe driving against entry #556 Steve Taylor. While supervising operations at check-point 3, Bill observed car 561 Mike James enter the check and stop to receive his stub. As this was happening 556 entered the check-point sounding his horn, and then, under acceleration rammed the James entry. Bill stated that there were no apparent injuries and nei-ther entry made any statements to SCORE personnel. Steve Taylor· failed to PIAA ""1FEUIONAL HALOOBI LAMP •Y81DI appear at the CRB and was disqualified for his entry's dangerous and apparently delib-erate conduct. A letter of repri-mand will also be issued to Mr. Taylor for his failure to appear. I had originally intended Bob Gordon to be the Class I rep at this race. However, between trav-eling to Indy and pre-running in Baja, Bob was very difficult to contact. I finally caught up with him at the BFG party on Friday, and informed him of my inten-tions. Bob requested to serve on the· board in Barstow, as he was understandably anxious to return home Sunday to watch Robby's Indy Car race. Fortunately Steve Holladay was at the party and I was able to cajole him into serving. Unfortunately for Bob, SCORE checkpoint captain Dave Scott filed a protest of unsafe driving and passing inside a checkpoint. Scott stated that, "at 12:25 vehicle #104 approached the check at a high rate of speed and attempted to pass # 105, Simon and Simon as they both turned off highway 3 on to the dirt. He took out all but one of our cones, and then dropped in behind Simon. In my opinion he endangered my crew and was driving in an unsafe manner." When we managed to get Bob to stop showing off the new addition to his family long enough to address the board, his first comment was, "I told you I didn't want to be here!" Gordon ad-mitted that the facts as related by Scott were true, but stated that he didn't expect the checkp,oint to be so close to the highway. The board questioned Danny Cau and Bill Wick regarding this checkpoint. Three important facts were revealed. First, there was no "Checkpoint I/ 4 mile" sign in use here~ Second the "Checkpoint 200 yards" sign was placed on the inside of the tum as the drivers left the highway. Third, the checkpoint had been moved closer to the highway since the last time Gordon had been there on his first lap. In a unanimous vote the board dismissed the charge against #104. See you in Barstow, Bob! The issue of abusive nerfing returned for a double header at the Baja 500. First up, entry #1024 Bill Hernquist, protested the Class 4 entry of Alan Shapiro, #40 I. Hernquist related to the board that .at approximately mile marker 230 he was crossing an erosion ditch in third gear when suddenly he heard the sounds of a large engine and was struck in the rear. The force of the impact launched him off the race course, where he collided with a tree. When the dust cleared the tree was no longer attached to the ground and the engine and transmission were no longer at-tached to Bill's car. In answer to questions from the board, Hern-quist stated that the incident oc-curred at approximately 1400 hours, that his rear collision avoidance lamp was operational, and that entry #401 did not stop at the scene. Alan Shapiro and Randy Sal-1-s,-M-Ps-0---N I CHENOWTH DIRT BAGZ TRI-Ml L EXHAUST SYSTEMS 'BRAND NEW FDR CLASS 1 or CLASS 10 BUGGIES' ULTRA CUSTOM WHEELS 1 3/8 TYPE 1 RAW ............................. $59.95 1 3/8 TYPE 1 CHROME ............. : ........ $91.00 15 x 3 5 LUG ................................... $75.00 11/2 TYPE 1 RAW ............................. $59.95 15 x 7 5 LUG ................................... $80.00 11/2TYPE1 CHROME ...................... $91.00 ~p I RR LIGHTS 1 5/8 TYPE 1 RAW ............................. $67.00 ~ 1 5/8 TYPE 1 CHROME ...................... $97.95 DRIVING LIGHTS PR W/WIRING ... $221.00 KENNEDY CLUTCHES 200 mm DISC 4-PUCK ...................... $48.00 200 mm 1700 PRESSURE PLATE ..... $85.00 200 mm 2500 PRESSURE PLATE ..... $103.95 * EARLY OR LATE STYLES* SIMPSON RACE PRODUCTS ANTI SUB BELT 2' ............................. $23.95 LAP BELT 3' ............................. , ........ $58.95 SHOULDER BELT 3' .......................... $46.80 SHOULDER BELTW/STERNUM STRAP .... $72.95 'A MUST FOR COMPETITION USE' E-Z UP T.ENT 10' X 15' ......................................... $499.00 PHONE (702) 871-4911 FAX 702) 876-0873 ... . - - . ... SPOT LIGHT PR W/WIRING $221.00 DRIVING/SPCT/PENCIL LIGHTS.. $ 88.00 PARKER PUMPER 11 GALLON DUMP CANS WITH BUILT IN HANDLE TO POUR ... $62.95 SCRIBNER JUGS 5 GALLON JUGS WHITE & BLUE ............................... $18.95 NEON COLORS ............................... $22.95 FILLER HOSE FOR JUGS (SCREW IN LID STYLE).$3.95 CHENOWTH -CLASS 11 CAGE ........................... $154.95 QUICK RELEASE STEERING HUB ... $32.95 3054 S. VALLEY VIEW LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89102 . :or. "' • ~. • -CNC HYDRAULIC SINGLE or DUAL HANDLE CUT BRAKES ................... $74.95 SAND MIL PEDAL PACKAGE W/ CHROME THROTTLE PEDAL..$189.00 ADJ. PEDAL MOUNT... ................... $33.95 UMP SUPER FILTER UMP SUPER FILTER ................... $159.95 UMP ADAPTER, FITS SOLEX ...... $109.00 WORTH DRIVING SUITS 1 LAYER HORA/SCORE LEGAL W/ RED or BLUE STRIPE .............. $87.95 ~ ONtheEDGE Graphic Art and Design T-SHIRTS & STICKERS OPEN 6 DA VS, MON-FRI 8AM - 5PM. SAT 9AM-2PM . --Page 4 September 1993 mont, driver -at the time of the incident, failed to appear at the CRB. As is usually the case in these situations the board spent considerable time speculating whether or not the hit was inten-tional or accidental. What was unusual, this board devoted more time to the issues of not stopping • at the scene and failure to appear at the meeting. I am sure that everyone would agree that when you are involved in a racing acci-dent. good sportsmanship dictates that you are obligated to stop and, at a minimum insure that the occupants are ·right. However to accuse Randy of unsports-manlike conduct assumes that he was aware of Hernquist's fate after the collision. In a majority vote the board upheld the protest and penalfaed Shapiro one position. Also, the board directed a letter of reprimand be issued for failure to appear. Next up. Jim Fishback, Jr. driving in the Bud Feldkamp entry, submitted a written protest to SCORE officials at the finish line, alleging abusive nerfing by #805 Frank Vessels. No one from this team appeared at the CRB meeting to support their claim, and the board voted unanimously to dismiss the case. In an unusual display of resourcefulness quad rider Mitch Tevlin, entry 3A, requ.ested that SCORE officials flag entry #106A, Greg Row to appear at the . Comp-etition Review Board. It seems that during the morning hours of race day, support vehicles for these racers were involved in a collision on highway 3 at approximately kilometer 58. Apparently, the drivers of these vehicles did not communicate with each other at the scene. Later in the day they found each other and discussed the incident, but failed to ex-change driver and insurance information. Naturally, neither one would ·admit fault. Mitch was aware that this was not a matter for the CRB. Greg Row did not appear, so I asked Danny Cau to supply Tevlin with the information necessary to contact him. No action was taken by the CRB. I believe that there is some-thing more important here than who was at fault. When we leave the known security and familiarity of our homes and travel to isolated areas where we can not understand the language, we must take the time and put forth the effort to look out for each other. Sometimes looking out for each other may compromise our racing efforts. Just ask Ivan Stewart or David Ashley, or Randy Salmont. These are racers who have lost time, position and even races, because they stopped · to look out for each other. It's the Right Thing to Do! "Failure to Appear" when flagged had been 50 percent in the four races to date. All of that 50 percent had one thing in common, each was a DNF at the race in question. On long races the Ff A just might still be out in the desert trying to get his wounded racer on a trailer and start home while the meeting is going on. Of course nobody asked this editor's opinion or asked us to sit in at the meeting, so we will just have to let them figure out what to do. Dusty Times

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Se tember 11-Las Ve as Silver Bowl Information: 1-800-795-7708 FOR INFO ON TRAVEL PACKAGES, CALL 1-800-272-4377 (Ask for Loretta, ProudlySponsoredBy:~ o· YOTA U✓ Am-e-rLca-n ~ T I ~ . ~t5iREIC ~ £q'"f'__,. WEST,-~~ FLETCHER JONES YAMAHA Ill fl'AIICBO CA&IM:-om . i(•rl•)f.!.1 #II J11B1E111M. • . Produced by . BOSCH Budweisel:~:J._~_v, .. -1,. ~liiiiiiiiii .. iiiiiiiii\"") Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group •---~~ § g 9'!!, P.O. BOX25168,ANAHEIM CA92825 ..__

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All the mud in the world couldn't stop these kids! The McDon-alds sponsored Dash for Cash through the mudpit drew a large entry as kids 12 and under sloppe their way through the muddy mess. Bobby Parr was unstoppable in the Pro A TV action and was congratulated and given a check right at the track. Parr was to race a Banshee at Pikes Peak. David Modlin gets the nod and the checks from track promoter Barry Don Callaway for his victories in the Mud Drag and Mud Bog events. Westman Claims Overall Victory At-Bad Dog's The Sportsman class lands in a pack over the double jumps, as Jeff Sheppard, Anthony Russell, Gene Peugh and Benny Perry battle hard for position, the trophy and bragging rights. It was off to the races again stopped late Friday afternoon, the racing on the well groomed sur-on Father's Day at Bad Dog's Off- water was pumped from the track face. Road Showdown. As the rain in preparation for a great day of In the first heat race of the · Super Challenger class, Arling-·--------------------· 11 E-..r-..lJRO 1• Centerline Wheels l.,. .. I I 11 Exhaust Systems R & ..... , ... TG 11 Transmissions .t1l '-' l.,. I I I G~&IB • = Rear Ends Garage Sale = I Brakes I I Master Cylinders Saturday I I I I off-Road LighIB September 18th, 1993 I I 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I I Oil~okm I I Shock Absorbers J5year accumulation I I I I Alternators of off-road racing parts I I Starters for: I I I I Springs Ford tntcks, 4x4, I I Weber Carburetors F-serles, and Ranger 11 I . I Air Cleanem I I 375 South "G" Street I I Radiators San Bernardino, CA I : And Tons More! {909) 381-4088 : ·--------------------· Page 6 ton's_ Jerry Daigle held off a. hard charging John Myers of Fort Worth to take the heat win, but Myers came back to overtake Daigle on the last lap of the main event for overall honors in the class. Steve Dutton of Gainsville chased the two front runners all day but had to settle for third overall due to a broken tie rod in the first heat. Dallas' Howard Harmon rounded out the class in fourth with some outstanding driving. With Arlington's Rick Townsend charging into third. Troy White of Mesquite put his vehicle into fourth place over Henry "Crash" A TV's were next with Bobby Parr dominating the Pro action. Garland's Cliff Coppedge seemed unstoppable in the amateur ranks taking both the heat and the main for the overall win. Ed DeTavenier of Mesquite settled for second Castro of Garland. Actually, I think Henry only crashed once all day - a new record! The wild bunch in the Sports-man class buggies entered the track next putting on some of the hardest racing of the day. It was war! Coming out on top of "ham-burger hill" was Cleburne's own Don "The Yank" Westman. This was Don's first win of the year and was well deserved as he weeded his way through the pack with style and grace for the top September 1993 Looking straight at the camera Cody Don Callaway prepares for the Pee Wee start and his victorious ride in the PW 50 motorcycle class racing. position. Barry Don Callaway of David Modlin of Alvarado Cleburne chased Westman all day beat the competition in Class I of but came up short settling for the Mud Drags taking home top runner up honors. Pearland's cash. Jodi Huffman of Nemo Benny Perry came back from a . ended up in the second spot over first heat spectacular double flip Garland's John Larison in third. to take third over Mark Rogers of First in Class II Mud Drags went Houston in fourth. Flower to Jim "Cigar" Samuels in his Mound's Greg _Durman ended up Jeep over Red Oak's Chris Boulet in the fifth spot with Hank in second and David Hunt in Newton of Dallas and Gene third. Peugh of Alvarado rounding out Modlin again came out the class for sixth and seventh. victorious in Class I Mud Bog Vintage motocross bikes ent- with John Lavison and Rod ered the track next with Rick Taylor in second and third. Denny of Waco outrunning the Moving up to Class II Mud Bog, pack for first overall. Skip Miller Modlin again saw himself taking of Grapevine ended up with the overall cash with Ronald second over Arlington's David Parks and David Hunt, both of Bell taking third. Don Kraft of Melissa, taking second and third. Haltom City and Bill Slavik of As always the "Dash for Burleson rounded out the vintage Cash" thru the mud pit, sponsored amateur class for fourth and fifth by McDonalds, brought out the all riding hard on the vintage crowd of kids twelve and under. equipment. Alan Davis took the Doug Wilson of Cleburne took win in the Vintage Intennediate · home the cash for first in the class, with "The Captain" Jason eight and under class chased by Kirk taking first over Bobby Jim Drewek. Michael Bayless of Lucas in the Masters division. Cle-burne found the fast way Fort Worth's Tim Silence through the mess for first over cruised to another victory in the Clint Owens in the 9-12 age Odyssey Pilot class with Dallas' group. Ace Martin of Cleburne Tim Lee in hot pursuit for second. outran "Gator" Man in the adult Liz Rash of Burleson came back division for top honors in the from a first heat 'backwards half muddy event. flip' to take third over Fort Bad Dogs Off-Road Show-Worth's John Myers who finished down races the third Sunday of fourth. each month March thru October. Up next was the non-current The track is a 3/4 mile closed motorcycle class, "The Captain" course similar to the Mickey Jason Kirk of Waco again taking Thompson styled tracks. We race the overall victory on his Honda Dunebuggys, ATV's, Odysseys/ Elsinore. Mike Hathcock of Cleb- Pilots, PW-50's, Vintage (75 & ume pushed hard for second with older) and non-current (87 & Waco's John E. Newman placing older) motorcycles along with 2 third. Skip Miller and David side by side Mud Drag lanes and Green both rode hard all day for also a 100ft. Mud Bog. The track the fourth and fifth spots. is on Highway 174 directly behind "Cool Dog" Cody Don Cleburne Auto Auction in Cle-Callaway of Cleburne went to the burne, Texas. front and never looked back on Again we would like to say his way to victory in the PW-50 thanks to everyone for sharing motorcycle class over a hard their Father's Day with us at Bad charging Scott Wennerstrom Jr. Dog's Off-Road Showdown. We of Plano. Clebume's Chance Berg hope to see you all back at the rode hard putting his Yamaha races Sunday, August 15th. For into the third position over more information, call (817) 645-Crestview's Scott Cadieux ending 0003, (817) 641-9985, or (817) up in forth. 790-8268. · Dusty Timcs

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1993 Happenings ••• A.D.R.A. American Desert Racing Association P.O. Box 34087 Phoenix, AZ 85067 (602) 252-1900 October 9, 1993 Young Classic Cherry Creek, AZ October 30, 1993 BLM Conservation Project December 4, 1993 17th Annual Sonoyta to Rocky Point Sonora, Mexico AMSA Jim Webb P.O. Box 26084 Fresno, CA 93726 (209) 439-2114 AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPONSHIP Darryl Smith 47 Teenan St. Ferny Hills, Q. 4055, Australia 0 l l-18-07-851-0444 Septeinber 12, 1993 Mount Gambier South Australia November 7, 1993 Puckapunyal Victoria AUTOCROSS QUEBEC OFF ROAD Class JO cars only Serge Lambert 65 Rue de Valcourt Blain ville, Quebec, Canada K7B IHI (514) 434-5792 August 31, 1993 Autodrome, Rive Sud Laprairie, Quebec BAD DOG'S OFF ROAD SHOWDOWN Callaway Fun Inc. 3825 No. Main Cleburne, TX 76031 Barry Don Callaway (817) 645-0003, (817) 641-9985 Gene Peugh l 817) 790-8268 nights Racing the 3rd Sunday of each month March thru October BAJA PROMOTIONS, LTD.S.A. Lou Peralta P.O. Box 8938 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 340-5750 Golden Crown of Baja Desert Series (cars) September 24-26, 1993 Gran Carrera de Campeones San Felipe, BC, MX December 10-12, 1993 Mint 400 Desert Challenge 400 Miles Las Vegas, NV BONNEVILLE OFFROAD RACING ENTHUSIASTS Jim Baker P.O. Box 1583 Ogden, Utah 84402 (801) 627-B.O.R.E. August 21, 1993 Bonneville Challerige Wendover, USA BRIGHTON SP~EDW A Y R.R.3 Brighton, Ontario, Canada K0K-lH0 (613) 475-1 J02 !Fax (613) 475-3250 1993 BRUSH RUN POINTS SERIES P.O. Box 101 Crandon, WI54520 (715) 478-2222 September 3-5, 1993 Brush Run JOI Crandon, WI BUMP Bob Utgard Motorsports Promotions 42263 50th St. West 11108 Quart: Hill, CA 93536 (805) 256-8520 August 26-28, 1993 I 993 Closed Course Off Road Championship Antelope Valley Fairgrounds Lancaster, CA CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES Lynnette Allison, CRS Director 200 I Oakland Hills Drive Corona, CA 91720 (909) 736-1442 Mike Gibeault, SCCA Steward 149 No. Rawhide Ridgecrest, CA 93555 (6 I 9) 375-8704 September 10-12, 1993 Treeline (3) Palmdale, CA October 23-24, 1993 Gorman Ridge (3) Gorman, CA December 4-5, 1993 East of Indio (3) Indio, CA ·The Off-Roader's Choice· Page 8 • E-Z UP"" INSTANT SHELTERS Imagine setting up a free-standing shelter in less than 60 seconds! NO missing parts NO center poles NO. ropes NO hassle • 5 sizes • 24 colors • Custom Graphics 1.nstant Pit Shelter La Rana Contingency Sponsor SCORE Contingency Sponsor E-Z UP Authorized Dealer CASTEX RENTAL.$~ INC. 164.41'1. Cole Ave. Los An_geles'--CA 90038 CALL: 213 • 462 • 1468 CENTRAL OREGON DESERT RACING Terry Silbaugh 20515 Whitehaven Circle Bend, OR 97702 October 16, 1993 Whiskey Springs 300 Central Oregon CHAMPLAIN VALLEY RACING ASSOCIATION C.J. Richards P.O. Box 332 Fair Haven, VT 05743 . (802) 265-8618 CMC Continental Motosport Club Sand Drags P.O. Box 830 Adelanto, CA 9230 I (619) 246-7262 September 1 l, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raceway Night Event Adelanto, CA October 30, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raceway Night Event Adelanto, CA November 20, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raceway Night Event Adelanto, CA December 4, 1993 Sunrise Valley Raceway Night Event Adelanto, CA COLORADO HILL CLIMB ASSOCIATION Barb Vahsholt:, President ( 719) 531-3642 W /(719)687-9827 H P.O. Box 9735 Colorado Springs, CO 80932 0September 4-5, 1993 Lands End Auto Hill Climb Grand Junction, CO September 25-26, 1993 Buffalo Peaks Auto Hill Climb Buena Vista, CO COLORADO OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS Bertram Productions Inc. 15073 Hwy 119 Route t/4 Golden, CO 80403 (303) 936-5960 August 29, 1993 1-76 Speedway Ft. Morgan, CO September 12, 1993 1-76 Speedway Ft. Morgan, CO October 2, 1993 Island Grove Park Greeley, CO CORVA 1601 10th St. Sacramento, CA 95814 (800) 237-5436 DECATUR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE CLUB Decatur, TX 76234 Tom Allen (800) 662-3649,(214) 641-2090 FORDA Florida Off Roaders Drivers' Association 2750 Co:umel Drive Ill 116 Melbourne, FL 32935 (407) 254-5167 September 5, 1993 . Tallahassee, FL October 10, 1993 Sharpes, FL November 14, 1993 Lakeland, FL January 9, 1994 Lakeland, FL February 13, 1994 Naples, FL March 26, 1994 Florida 400 Talahassee, FL FUDPUCKER RACING TEAM 250 Kennedy, 112 Chula Vista, CA 92011 (619) 427-5759 . SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES September 25, 1993 Plaster City Blast Plaster City East, CA October 30, 1993 Squeaky Springs Gran National September 1993 Lake Superstition, CA December 31, 1993 Dunaway Dash Plaster City West, CA ATV, BIKE & DESERT SUPERLITE SCHEDULE August 21, 1993 Otter Z Night T earn Race Plaster City West, CA September 5, 1993 Desert Sprint Plaster City East, CA October 10, 1993 4th Annual Mudhen II Plaster City West, CA November 21, 1993 Notorious Dawg 3 Hour T earn Race 1-8 & Dunaway Road, CA December 5, 1993 Rudolph's Revenge plus Team Race Lake Superstition, CA GLEN HELEN OHV PARK P.O . Box 6950 San Bernardino, CA 92412 (714) 880-1733 August 22, 1993 MTEG Off Road Races Courses for stadium and desert cars Call MTEG for complete information GORRA Georgia Off Road Racing Association Box I 1093 Station -A Atlanta, GA 30310 ( 404) 253-1033 August 22, 1993 Vienna, GA September 26, 1993 Vienna, GA October 24, 1993 Vienna, GA November 27, 1993 Thanksgiving 250 Vienna, GA (All events at Vienna, GA) GREAT PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION GPORRA Mike Johnson, President I 3621 Pierce St. Omaha, NE 68144-1122 ( 402) 333-0517 Eve. August 21, 1993 (all races at Weslfair Fair Grounds, Council Bluffs, Iowa on a ¾ mile course similar to the MTEG tracks, and run under class regulations from SODA) GRR Golden Rule Racing P.O. Box 40211 Phoenix, AZ 85067 ( 602) 263-5329 ROD HALL INVITATIONAL 5445 Equity Ave. ' Reno, NV 89502 ( 702) 856-3100 April 29-May 1, 1994 Reno Pyramid 300 Reno, NV HIGH PLAINS OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Harvey Wald (605) 224-6678 days ( 605) 224-5534 evenings IOK FOUR WHEELERS P.O. Box 36 Cleves, Ohio 45002 ( All events staged at the club grounds in Cleves, Ohio) INTER-SHOWS. MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS, INC. P.O. Box 2910 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 (714) 364-0515 KAMLOOPS BRONCO BUSTER 4WDCLUB P.O. Box 465 Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C-5L2 Bob (604) 374-7175 days Randy (604) 579-9621 eves Keith ( 604) 828-1795 anytime September 19, 1993 Kamloops 400 km Kamloops, BC Canada October 3, 1993 Lacdubois ATV Area Kamloops, BC Canada October 16, 1993 2, 3 mile Short Course 1.iloOt't Mntnrsnnrt PnrL-Kamloops, BC Canada ( All events start 7 miles NW of Kam loops) LA RANA DESERT RACING 22769 Chambray Dr. Moreno Valley, CA 92387 (909) 924-2226 August 27-29, 1993 Johnson Valley 200 Lucerne Valley CA October 22-24, 1993 California 200 Ridgecrest, CA November 18-20, 1993 High Desert 300 Lucerne Valley, CA MICHIGAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIPS M.T.B. Enterprises Inc. 15529 Jones Road Grand Ledge, Ml 48837 (517)627-6200 August 24, 1993 Kalamazoo, MI MICKEY THOMPSON'S OFF ROAD STADIUM SERIES Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group P.O . Box 25168 Anaheim, CA 92825 (714) 938-4100 September 11, 1993 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV October 9, 1993 Mile High Stadium Denver, CO November 6, 1993 Candlestick Park San f rancisco, CA November 20, 1993 Awards Banquet TBA CAMEL SUPERCROSS SERIES June 12, 1993 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV MID-AMERICA OFF ROAD ASSOCIATION David Cronin, President. MAORA 2590 Mullanphy Florissant, MO 63031 (618)_765-2199 August 20, 1993 Friday Night Bond County Fairground Greenville, IL September 11, 1993 One day race program October 9, 1993 One day race program All events at Okaw Valley Campground Shelbyville, IL ( Additional track dates may be added) NATIONAL MUD RACING ASSOCIATION 11842 Jason Court Madera, CA 93638 (209) 486-4590, (209) 266-5558 August 22, 1993 Johnson, VT September 12, 1993 Johnson, VT October 3, 1993 Johnson, VT OFF ROAD ADVENTURES Four Wheel Drive Excursions P.O. Box 1154 Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-8508 September 17-19, 1993 Kern River Jamboree Kernvilk-'Lake Isabella, CA OFF ROAD PRODUCrIONS OF EL PASO Joey Vasque: 13180 Round Dance El Paso, TX 79936 (913) 855-8899 October 2~3, 1993 Albuquerque, NM November 6-7, 1993 El Paso. Texas ONTARIO OFF ROAD RACERS ASSOCIATION Jeff Sargent 1480 Lakeridge Rd. N Ajax, Ontario, Canada (416) 427-4782 PIKES PEAK P.O. Box 6962 I@" Dusty nmes

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MTEG WELCOMES ALL DESERT. AND STADIUM COMPOITORS TO GL~N HELEN OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE PARK FOR THE ~ . F BOAII~ SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, 1993 YOU CHOOSE THE COURSE STADIUM e DESERT An Approved Conce,sk>nernf • GOOD COMPETITION DESIGNED TO FIT THE NEEDS OF THE COMPETITOR • Good Family Fun • Quality Practice Time CLASSES IN COMPETITION 1, 1-2/1600, 3, 4, 5, 5-1600, 6, 7, 7S, 8, 9, 10, 11, Stock Mini (2/4 Wheel Drive), Stock Full (2/4 Wheel Drive), Mini Mags, Super 1600, Pilots, SuperLite, Grand National Sport Truck, Sport Utility, Quads, Odyssey and Challenger. roRCYCLE CLA ec1AL 4-STROiq CLA• Mo Sses AND A sP ~s NO MEMBERSHIP FEEi!!! /M11/11rtftl, t!u,,, onl,J FEES 0-250cc - UltraCross 0-125cc - Two Stroke 126-250cc - Two Stroke 0-250cc - Four Stroke 251-65 lcc - Four Stroke (Stadium Course) (Desert Course) (Desert Course) (Desert Course) (Desert Course) Competition Membership Pre-Entry $50.00 (Annual Fee, Motorcycles excluded) $35.00 (Prior to August 13) Call 114/918-41()() F11r M11re /)elai/1! Post Entry Additional Class/Course Co-Driver (per class) Admission $40.00 (After August 13) $25.00 $25.00 $10.00 (Adult) $5.00 (Children under 12) (One Time Charge covering Saturday and Sunday will be paid at the front gate) Produced and Sanctioned by MICKEY THOMPSON ENTERTAINMENT GROUP P.O. Box 25168 • Anaheim, CA 92825 • (714)938-4100 Class ~ons and safety rules courtesy of = IDII

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WHEELS ENTRY FEE S 150.00 Plus S 50.00 INSURANCE 100% PAYBACK ALL CLASSES Production 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 7S 8 8 Buggy 1/2 1600, S, S/1600 8 10 Stadium Ultralites Thursday, August 26 • Tech 8 Contingency, 10th West 8 Ave. K Friday, August 27 -7:30 PM Racing All Classes, A. V. Fair Saturday, August 28 • 1:30 PM Racing All Classes, A. V. Fair For Additional lnlormatioa ~atact: BOB UTGARD MOTORSPORTS PROMOTIONS 43943 Sierra Rwy, Suite G Lancaster, CA 93534 Phone: (sos) 723-1549 Fax: (sos) 942-4463 FOR TICKETS: (805) 948-&o&o ANTELOPE VALLEY FAIR

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Colorado Springs, CO 80934 (719) 685-4400 S.C.A.T. INC. Michael R. King P.O. Box 277 Morrisonville, NY 12962 (518) 561-3208/(518) 236-7897 SCCA PRO RALLY SERIES Sports Car Club of America P.O. Box 3278 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 779-6622 August 27-29, 1993 Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally* Bimidji, MN September 17-19, 1993 Bangor Forest Rally Bangor, ME October 1-3, 1993 Gold Rush Divisional Westcliffe, CO October 22-24, 1993 Press On Regardless* Houghton, Ml December 3-5, 1993 Maine Forest Rally* Rumford, ME *Part of the North American Rally Championship SCORE Score International 31125 Via Colinas, Suite 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (818)889-9216 November 12-14, 1993 Baja 1000 Ensenada, BC, MX November 19, 1993 Off Roadsman and Awards Banquet Gold Coast Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV SCORE SHOW Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group Tom Lewis P.O. Box 25148 Anaheim, CA 92825 ( 714) 938-4155 S.C.T.A. Southern California Timing Association El ice Simonis Tucker 22048 Vivienda Ave. Grand Terrace, CA 92324 (714) 783-8293 SNORE Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts P.O. Box 4394 Las Vegas, NV 89106 ( 702) 452-4522 September 17-19, 1993 SNORE 250 Las Vegas, NV October 29-31, 1993 Double Trouble Las Vegas, NV December 3-5, 1993 Eldorado Valley 250 Las Vegas, NV SHORT COURSE OFF ROAD DRIVERS ASSOCIATION Terry Wolfe 7839 W. North Avenue Wauwatosa, WI 53213 ( 4 I 4 ) 453-SODAi ( 4 I 4) 257-0422 August 20-22, 1993 Great Northern Challenge Lake Odessa, MI September 3-5, 1993 True Value World Championships Brush Run IOI Crandon, WI September 17-19, 1993 Wisconsin Off Road Festival Oshkosh, WI October 1-3, 1993 Blackhawk Farms South Beloit, IL SWORDS South West Off Road Racing Desert Series 4209 So. CR 1300 Odessa, TX 79765 Mike Parker (915) 337-3437 September 11, 1993 Nightmare ISO October 16, 1993 Swords ISO All races held at Notrees, TX 25 miles west of Odessa, TX Dusty nmcs TORA Truck Racing Association Ray Carney, Director 7 Prutell Drive Apalchin, NY 13732 (607) 625-5676 UORRA United Off Road Racing Association Daw Urbanowic:, President 589 Amwell Road Neshanic, NJ 08853 (908) 369-6550 August 21-22, 1993 September 25-26, 1993 October 16-17, 1993 (all events at Owego Motor Sports Park, Rte. 434, Owebo, NY) VENTURA RACEWAY Business Office 2810 W. Wooley Road Oxnard, CA 93030 (805)656-1122 August 22, 1993 Ventura County Fair Motors ports September 18, 1993 Motocross, Stadium Off Road cars October 16, 1993 Motocross/ Stadium Off Road cars November 20 , 1993 Motocross I Stadium Off Road cars VORRA Valley Off Road Racing Association 1833 Los Robles Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95838 (916)925-1702 September 4-6, 1993 YeringtoniVORRA 250 Yerington, NV October 16-1 7, 1993 VORRA · All Pro Auto Parts Off Road Championship Race Prairie City SVRA Park Sacramento, CA WESTERN OFF ROAD RACING ASSOCIATION Ron (Rocky) Weinstein, President Box 246 - 106 - 1656 Martin Dr. White Rock, B.C. V4A 6E7 ( 604) 582-3338 WORRA, P.O. Box 3241 Sumas, WA 98295 August 14, 1993 Hannegan Short Course Bellingham, WA August 28, 1993 Hannegan Short Course Bellingham, WA September 19, 1993 Interior Long Course Kamloops, BC Canada October 3, 1993 Interior Enduro Kamloops, BC Canada October 16, 1993 Lillooet Short Course Season Finale - Lights Mandatory Lillooet, BC Canada WHIPLASH MOTORSPORTS 2939 E. Grovers Phoenix, AZ 85032 (602) 971-3730 (All events at Thrasherland, 117th Ave. & Glendale in Phoenix, AZ) WISCONSIN OFF ROAD FESTIVAL Terry or Bev Friday 5913 So. U.S. Hwy 45 Oskosh, WI 54901 (414) 688-5509 September 18-19, 1993 Wisconsin Off Road Festival PEOPLE WHO KNOW USE VALVOLINE® VALVOLINE INC. A SUBSIDIARY Of ASHLAND OIL, INC. "5eUXINGTON, KY 40509 01993 September 1993 Winebago Co. Expo. Centre Oshkosh, WI FIA WORLD RA LLY CHAMPIONSHIP August 25-29, 1993 1000 Lakes Rally Jyvaskya, Finland September 18-20, 1993 Rally Australia Perth, Australia October 10-14, 1993 Rally de Italia Sanremo, Italy November 1-4, 1993 Rally of Spain Catalunya, Spain November 21-25, 1993 RAC Rally Nottini,:ham, England ATTENTION RACE & RALLY ORGANIZERS List your coming events in DUSTY TIMES free! Send your 1993 schedule as soon as possible for listing in this column. Mail your race 9r rally schedule to: DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St., Chatsworth, CA 91311-4408. Pagc·11

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SOUTAR'S/BUDWEISER SCORE FIREWORKS l50 MacCachrcn Docs It Again By Judy Smith Plwtos: Track.side Plwto Inc. Paul and Dave Simon were the early leaders in the Class 1 Ford, having a few flats on their way to the Class 1 victory by over three minutes and they were also second overall. powered Chenowth, ran sixth, another 29 seconds back. None of them had a trouble free day. Simon had blown a check, and was spending some time replacing flats caused by running into things. Dean had a flat, Evans had four all together, and Fortin had a rear wheel break. Stewart lost a battery, and Arciero flattened a rear tire, didn't realize it, and rolled the car over. His passenger, Cal Wells, Jr., 61 year old father of Stewart's boss, Cal Wells, Ill, bumped his head severely enough that he got out of the car and headed to a local hospital for a once over. He was reported to be o.k. -At the end of the second lap, off right behind Class 1, and at the end of lap one it was Larry Ragland, in his Chevy, in front by a minute and four seconds. Frank Vessels had his Ford in second place, and MacCachren ran third. He said his strategy was not to charge through the dust. Said Rob, "I play follow the leader, then they go into a pit, or move over, and then I go by." David Bryan was fourth in his Ford, and Art Peterson and Beny Canela, in another Ford, were fifth. C h II h F. k 250 · b · 11 h • u 1 . . d . h ' V bl R . -the Simons, now with Paul at the Rob Mac ac ren won overa at t e 1rewor s , agam eating a t e exotic n 1m1te cars m 1s ena e acmg h l t'll . th l d b Class 8. It was a repeat of his performance of 1992, winning overall, but this time it was close, 24 seconds. wl ee h' were s 1. in . e fea • uft The Barstow course has plenty of room for passing along most of its length, and there was a good bree:e to blow the dust away from much of the course, so it was generally not hard for the drivers to see. Nonetheless they hit things and flattened tires. By the end of lap two, MacCachren was in the lead, three and a half minutes up on Vessels, Ragland, who'd had four flats on the first lap, now broke a balljoint, and dropped to third. Canela and Peterson were fourth, and Harvey Risien was fifth, in a new Chevy that was having flats, and brake problems. Rob MacCachren paced his big Ford truck just right, to stay out of trouble and get to the finish line first at SCORE's Fireworks 250 in Barstow, giving him back to back overall wins for this holiday weekend event. But it was close, and his margin of victory was a scant 24 seconds, over the second place team of Dave and Paul Simon, in their Class 1 Ford. down, although it threatened to The Fireworks, which was a blow away the sunshades protect-night race for years, was put back ing the contingency folks. It was on a two day format this year, early to bed for most that evening, making contingency and tech because the green flag would start inspection an all day Friday chore, waving at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, in the parking lot of the Barstow sending the racers out onto the 73 Mall. The weather was Mojave mile course for their three laps. Desert hot, but a stiff wind helped There was a nine hour time limit, to keep the irritability factor_ even for the Stock-Mini and · Stock-Full trucks, and Class 11, who were required to finish only two laps. Most of the 28 Class 10s could be a winner and Brian Parkhouse kept his Mirage in the thick of things, handing over to Willie Melancon for the last lap, had no troubles and they won Class 10 at 11th OJA. The Unlimited Class 1 cars were first to go, at 30 second intervals, and Jim Smith had the fun of being first on the road in his Ford truck. He had a big crowd pushing and shoving behind him, and at the end of the lap the first vehicle on the road was Walker Evans in his Dodge truck, but in the lead on elapsed time, was Dave Simon, in his Ford. He had the fast lap for the Class, at 1 :23: 12, and 14 seconds on Frank Arciero in Bob Gordon's Porsche powered Chenowth, and Arciero was 20 seconds in front of Ivan Stewart in his Toyota. Evans was fourth, and Doug Fortin, Jr., in a Chevy, was fifth, a minute and a half later. Pat Dean, in a Porsche " ess t an a minute m rant o Evans. Gordon took over for Arciero, and was third, followed by Dean, and then Carl Renez-eder, in a Porsche Chenowth, whose major problem had been with dust. The Simons, who had a total of three flats, had no major mechanical problems, and passed Evans while he was fixing a flat, to be first on the road, as well as in the lead. They finished their race a few minutes before 11 a.m. taking the win by three and a half minutes. Evans lost his power steering about 15 miles before the finish, and had to use two hands to steer, which was painful. because he had badly burned the palm of his right hand in his shop a couple of days before the race. Dean, who soloed, was third, about five minutes later, followed in by Gordon and Arciero, the passenger seat still empty. Fortin, who'd been without brakes for a while, worked back up to fifth place. They were all finished in time for lunch. Stewart had transmission problems, got stuck in gear, and ultimately finished in 10th place. The Class 8 contingent took On the· last lap MacCachren 's crew kept him apprised of how big a lead he had in class, and then they started to compute his overall position. It looked as if he had about three minutes on Walker, and the consensus seemed to be that the Simons would have a penalty for charging through that checkpoint on the first lap. But MacCachren pushed harder, and recorded the fast lap of the day, at 1:22:41, to squeak by the Simons and take the overall. It was a good thing he'd pushed, because the Competition Review Board (CRB) handled the checkpoint running incident by sending the Simons a letter of reprimand. Ragland took second place, 16 minutes later, followed in by Risien, nearly two hours later. Vessels broke on the third lap. There were 28 Class 10 cars, Walker Evans had the Dodge first on the road for a while, but he too had flat tires to slow his progress and he finished close in second in Class 1. Pat Dean had just one flat tire on the ChenowthJPorsche and he Despite a rollover on the first lap, the team of Bob Gordon and Frank Arciero Jr. carried on in the ChenowthJPorsche in fine style to fourth in Class 1. Page -12 flew with the front pack all morning and arrived third in Class 1, and a fine fourth OJA September 1993 Dusty Times

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"""" ;-:,;t,:.,,,,..,. %ii'< =-~ ,,,_?4%.® ... ,,., •• , '· Larry Ragland had his Chevy out front in the early going in Class 8, but had four flats and broke a ball joint, but came back to take second in Class 8. Ray Croll does a little nose stand for the pit crews in his Jimco, but such antics didn't slow him, fast class lap on the last round and second in Class 10. Ryan Thomas had an exciting finish in his Chenowth. coming in on a flat tire, but he salvaged a good third place in the very competitive Class 10 ranks. Rick Romans led the first two of three laps, then lost the alternator, and two batteries on the next round but he did salvage fourth place in Class 10. Barry Slatter built his Ford from the ground up himself, with help from his friends, and his reward was a sparkling perform-ance at Barstow taking second in Class 7. Dave Ashley blew four power steering pumps on lap 1, but the crew got the problems sorted out, and the Ford ran fine then, and Ashley set class fast lap on his way to second in Class 4. and fully half of them had the combination of equipment and driving skills necessary to win this event. And the lead belonged to Rick Romans, in his Raceco, at the end of lap one, with a minute and 20 seconds on Steve Sourapas in his Chenowth. In third it was Brian Parkhouse, in his Mirage, 41 seconds later, followed by Ryan Thomas, in a Chenowth, a minute and one second back. In fifth it was the team of Mike and Jim Zupanovich, in their Moul-ton, just another seven seconds later. Romans had another good lap, and kept his lead, and now Sourapas, and partner, Dave Richardson, were five minutes down to him. In third it was Parkhouse, having no troubles, and then Thomas was fourth, another minute back, with Ray Croll in fifth in his Jimco. Croll had had a couple of flats. Romans lost his alternator, and then his battery, which he replaced. But the replacement went bad too, and he had to cannibalize one from his truck. In the meantime, Willie Melancon took over for Parkhouse, and was having a great time, on his way to the finish line. They got the win, finishing a little over four minutes in front of second place. And that was Croll, who said his rear suspension went away, but Class 5 had a high attrition rate, but Greg Diehl and Tony Kujala overcame losing CV bolts with a fast pit crew to the rescue, and they went on to win the class in style, by well over an hour. recorded the fast lap for the class on his last lap, at 1 :32: 10, to move up three positions. Thomas flattened a rear tire when he hit a rock about five miles before the finish, and drove it in. But he had brain fade, and forgot that he was supposed to stop at the finish line, rather than racing through it, and worried that he'd suffer some terrible consequence. but th'e CRB was feeling magnanimous, and voted to send him a letter of reprimand, so his third place stood. Romans salvaged a fourth place on his truck's battery, and_ ~ _....._ •-~-f< Sourapas and Richardson, with a broken rear shock, were fifth. From first place to fifth there was only a 13 minute spread. Class 5 should have had five starters, but Lisa Dickerson broke her toy on Thursday while testing. So, it was a four car race, and Mike and Neal Grabowski had the first lap lead, and class fast lap, at 1 :42:05. They were only a little over two minutes in front of Greg Diehl, who'd had them in sight for the whole lap. George Seeley ran third, and Lynn Mocaby was fourth. On the second lap the Grabow-ski car broke a steering coupler, and just behind them, over the crest of a hill. Tony Kujala, who'd taken over for Diehl, lost his c.v. bolts•, and was waiting for his crew to bring some out. He imagined the Grabowskis charging on down the course ahead of him, and was bemused to find them just on the other side of the hill, still worki1,1g on their car, once he was running again. So Kujala went into the • lead, and Mocaby was second now, with the Grabowskis in third, as Seeley broke a rear wheel bearing. Kujala said that Barstow "is the toughest course on rear suspension there is. You feel like you're gonna crash all day long", and he felt he didn't have his suspension figured right, but still Jerry McDonald led early in the Chevy, then had steering problems for most of the distance, but he toughed it out to win Class 4 by 58 minutes despite the lack of power steering on the rough course. managed to put himself and Diehl Dusty Timcs September 1993 Scott Douglas crashed on the first lap, but many parts and pieces later he was third in Class 7 and in the lead by the end of the second lap. Scott ended up winning Class 7 by nearly two hours. back into the winner's circle. Mocaby finished second an hour and 45 minutes later. But the Grabowskis and Seeley, both of whom got around the third lap, were both overtime. Class 7 had a similar race. Jack Johnson had his Ford in the lead on lap one, with the quick time of 1 :30:07. and Barry Slatter, in another Ford, was second, 45 minutes later. Scott Douglas, in still another Ford, had "tried to fly a dou~le down arrow" and had crashed. He needed replacements for his driveshaft, transmission case and lots more. It cost him an hourand ~ (310) 598-2731 WEddlE ENGiNEERiNG . Exclusive distributor of Lock-Righfmvw Locking Differentials The ultimate on-and off-road traction for VWs PERFORMANCE Billet Racing Diffs for Swingaxle, IRS, and 091 Bus TRANSAXLE Billet Aluminum Sidecovers and Axle Tube Flanges PRODUCTS Hard to Find New and Used Parts Wholesale/Retail. Dealer Inquiries Welcome Top Quality, Lowest Prices P.O. Box 15466 Long Beach, CA 90815 Page 13

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Kevin Davis kept the Lothringer in the lead pack all the way, stopping t11,1ice for fuel, but he finished a very tight second in the 1-2-1600 fast pack. Rod Muller and Mike Halliday got fast lap on the first one in the Chenowth, but a broken shock slowed them later and they were third in Class 1-2-1600. Jeff Lewis had down time, scarcely had a clean lap, but he kept the Chevy S-10 moving forward quick enough to take second in Class 7S, just an hour back. John Swift catches a little air in the Barstow ruts in the Ford Explorer that once again served him faithfully. John again won Class 6, this time by well over two hours in the tidy rig. I@"' 15 minutes, and put him in third. But then he had no more trouble. And at the end of the second . lap, Douglas was in the lead, with Slatter second, and Johnson replacing a broken spindle that had taken out his steering box. He also lost a differential, and about three hours. Douglas continued his winning ways, and took the victory, with Slatter in second place, and Johnson third, only two minutes behind him. None of the others made it in. Class 4 took the green flag next, and it was Jerry McDonald, in his Chevy, when they came around again. He had about seven and a half minutes on Alan Shapiro and Randy Salmont in their Ford, and they were 13 minutes up on Rod }fall in his Dodge. David Ashley was having a frustrating morning with his Ford, which had blown four power steering pumps in about 20 miles, losing about an hour and 45 minutes. McDonald kept his lead, in spite of losing his power steering partway through lap two, and was 21 minutes up on Hall at the end of lap two, while Shapiro and Salmont were about 10 minutes behind him. Ashley was still fourth, but had run the quickest second lap, and was now only 40 minutes behind third place. McDonald, who'd broken the end off his steering ram, was without recourse, and did the rest of the race with no power steering. He held on grimly, saved his lead and got the win. But Ashley, his truck now running well, recorded the class fast lap, at 1 :31 :45, and moved up to take PIKE'S . SERVICE CENTER BAKER, CALIFORNIA CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR TRAVELING FRIENDS .... Mobil. SERVICE THANKS! Denny'~ RESTAURA1,rr OPEN 24 HOURS EVERYDAY-YEAR ROUND THE BEST IN THE DESERT Page 14 Dan Smith slides the Ford Bronco down a wash that gets rocky; although he lost a brake line on lap 2, he held the lead, got fixed and weryt on to win Class 3 and place 13th overall. Dan, "We don't have a whole bunch of wheel travel, but we have quality travel." LeDuc and Lesle had a good last lap, and finished second, while White ran his whole last lap with only third gear, to take third place. In Class 1-2-1600 the first lap leader was Mike Halliday, in a Chenowth, who recorded the class fast lap at 1:40:43, and was about 55 seconds in front of Kevin Davis, in his Lothringer. In third it was Brent Grizzle, in a Jimco, 29 seconds later, followed by Mike Julson, another Jimco, 23 seconds behind him. Gary and Keavin Anderson, in a Lothring-er, were fifth, two minutes and five seconds further back. There was still a big list of capable drivers pushing hard behind the leaders. Halliday took some time to replace a broken shock, and Davis stopped for fuel, and Grizzle moved into the lead. He had a minute and 25 seconds on Davis at the end of the second lap, and Julson had moved into third, followed by Halliday and his co-driver, Rod Muller. Scott and Brian Steele, whose Steelco chassis hadn' t been shifting •P-properly until Scott hit a big hole, were now in fifth, in spite of the fact that they'd been hit and rolled over on the second lap. t jf<Yfrtd♦ '-.✓ . . t ""' Brent Grizzle and Mike Davis combined in the Jimco to run with the 1-2-1600 leaders in the early laps, planned no fuel stop with a 27 gallon tank, but Grizzle did stop for a splash and won by merely 51 seconds. second place. Hall, also without his co-driver, Mike Lesle, had power steering for a lap, was only more severe problems, having to three and a half minutes behind replace a ring and pinion and a him, in third. Shapiro and driveshaft. White moved up into Salmont lost a lot of time on their second place. last lap, but did make it back in Smith didn't have to push very for fourth place. hard on his third lap, but held a In the two car Class 6 race, it steady pace and took the win, was John Swift, in his Ford finishing 13th overall. One of the Explorer, all the way. He had only factors that he claimed helped one flat, and no other problems, ~ with his win was wheel travel, said and took the win handily. Darren Skilton and Barrie Thompson apparently tipped their Jeep onto its side on lap one, resulting in some badly dented body panels, but managed to keep going through three laps for a second place, about two and a half hours down to Swift. Class 3 wasn't exactly a big crowd either, and Dan Smith and his Ford Bronco led all the way, starting with the class fast lap at ~ l :33:04. Curt LeDuc had his Jeep in second place, only 21 seconds behind him, followed by Dale White, in a Chevy, about 14 minutes later. White was recover-ing from a severe bout of the flu. Grizzle, whose tank holds 27 gallons of gas, had planned to run with no fuel stops, but he and his crew had a change of heart, so he stopped at the end of the second lap for a splash. That was his only stop. He went on smoothly to take his first win, finishing just under a minute in front of Davis, who'd had to stop twice for fuel. In third it was Muller and Halliday, 12 minutes later, and the Steeles came in fourth, with no left front tire. Julson, who'd cracked his transmission case by hitting a rock, had lost some time in a pit while his crew tipped him up on his side so they could over-fill the transmission, which was ki&i On the second lap Smith lost a brake line, and did a halflap with " real marginal brakes", but held onto his lead, because LeDuc, and Darren and Doug York led from the green flag in the Class 7S Ford Ranger, changed a couple drivelines on the next lap, had a flat, but kept on leading to win the class again. September 1993 Dusty Times

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Malcolm Vinje and Mark Hansen had jetting woes with the Toyota, but it ran better as the day went on and the pair-finished third in Class 7S. Ross Craft and Jim Dizney led through most of lap 3, but broke a stub axle short of the finish line and were fourth in 5-1600, 33 minutes down. Jim McGill and Mark Miller were third midway in the 5-1600 battle, and held position on the road, but ended up second in class in very good time. Mike Kalicki sails over the desert in his tidy Baja Bug, ran third on lap 1, moved to second the next round, then led on the road to the checkers, but had to wait out some time to be sure they had the 5-1600 victory; they did. expected to last until he got to the four wheel drive Ford, who had finish line. And it did. He was 16 minutes on Mark Hansen, fifth, just 14 minutes after the whose Toyota was jetted incor-winner. · reedy, and not running well. Jeff In Class 7S the first lap lead Lewis had some down time with belonged to Darren York in his his Chevy, but recovered in time Drive Awa,j·<t A Winner At Fiesta Ford! Headquarters for the most profile trucks in off-road racing history. The Ranger and F-l 50 have proven time and time again that "Ford Tough" is much than an advertising slogan. Pure and simple ... if you want to be a winner; get a tough Ford truck from the winners at Fiesta Ford. .. , . .,.. ••• ... ....... _,_u, ••·-Class 9 fielded ten cars, and the one to beat was Barstow's own Rick Johnson, who drove solo despite the hot weather, set class fast lap on the first lap, broke a ball joint on the last lap and still won by over four minutes. to run third, while Tony Modica 13 minutes on Lewis, who!d and Larry Stephey ran fourth in a recovered enough to run the class Jeep. fast lap, at 1 :40:07, on lap two. In York continued to hold his. third it was Hansen and his co-lead, though he did change a driver, Malcolm Vinje, the jetting couple of drivelines, and he had . somewhat better by now, and Mike Schwellinger had his Ford up into fourth place. Early on the third lap York had a flat, but it didn't slow him enough for anyone to catch him, and he went on to take the win. Lewis finished second, after a long third lap, an hour and four minutes down, followed in by Hansen and Vinje in third, while Modica and Stephey we're back up to fourth at the finish. The 5-1600s took the green flag next, and in this group it was Michael and Kevin James, recording the fast lap for the class at 1 :58:37, and leading by a minute and 38 seconds. In second place it was Ross Craft, who had less than a minute on Mike _Kalicki, who ran third. In fourth it was Mario Panagiotopoulos, followed by Mark Miller, who was finding this first lap to be trafficky. Several other drivers said the same thing, and it must have been something to do with the fact that the five lead cars were . within~ Fiesta Ford Racing Darren York - Driver · -Doug York - Co-Driver Ed Frisk -Crew Chief l 993 Record to date: Parker 400 - First Nevada 400 - Second Baja 500 - First Fireworks 250 - First GoldCoast 300 -August Baja I 000 -November Indio, CA 9220 I (619) 347-1234 Page 15

Page 16

Doug Fortin Jr. has his Class 1 Chevy truck working well these days and he flew it to fifth place despite a decided lack of brakes. Steve Sourapas and Dave Richardson had troubles with the championship winning car at .Barstow, lost time with shock woes and finished fifth in Class 10. Jack Johnson was the fastest in Class 7 on lap 1, broke a spindle, steering box, and later lost the differential, but carried on to a close third in class. Sc_ott Steele recovered from hitting this road crossing wrong, and he and Brian Steele carried on to come in fourth just 5 seconds out of third in Class 1-2-1600. • v,..,.i,;...,;t.Ja,4" ·" Greg Davis and Harry Dunne had a busy day in their Chenowth, but they kept on moving to the checkered flag, taking fourth in Class 9. Page 16 4•~ ~'V<-\4 ff v,,.,., if -.~ Harvey Risien came from Texas to race this Class 8 Chevy, and with Jeff Spooner, they did OK, finished third in Class 8 as others fell out. ,,: '# Rich Fersch had his new Class 10 flying flat and level at Barstow, and he liked it so well he came in sixth in Class 10, a close sixth at that. Rod Hall and Jim Fricker haven't had good luck this season with the Class 4 Dodge, but they got it around Barstow, and were third just 3 minutes behind. Tony Modica and Larry_Stephey started fourth in Class 7S, had some down time with the Jeep, but motored onward and placed fourth in the class. _This truck needs more stickers! But Michael Yarman and Scott Sharitz got the stone stock Toyota around to place third, a couple hours back but a finisher. Septem~ r 1993 Beny Canela and Art Peterson teamed up this year in the Ford, and they got through this stretch of rocky road to finish fourth in Class 8 action. «-·· 'O:d,'.1",;;,.,;;:1,0 .• ·r ~1~t,i : .. :~ • _ Lyn Mocaby got his Baja Bug into second place in Class 5 by the second lap, had some troubles here and there but finished second, back 1 ½ hours. Mike Leste and Curt LeDuc ran close to the lead early, but lost the ring & pinion, a driveshaft and a lot of time, but were second in Class 3. Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz had scant troubles, but did say the course was really rough. They finished well, third in Class 5-1600. Marc Stein and David Sykes approach the Nick Baldwin Class 10 in the rocks, but the Ford made the pass and finished the race second in Full Size Stone Stockers. Dusty Times

Page 17

Rick Paquette and Brad Maurer ran strong in _the T-Mag, and Brad drove it in on a badly bent axle, to second in Class 9, but with blistered hands. Pancho Bio and John Fisher top a rise en route to a close third in Class 9, and here they are pursued by the Steven Poole Class 9, which did not finish. Scott Sells heads into the rocks in his stone stock Toyota mini truck, had serious brake trouble and still came in a close second in the class. ~ three minutes and 49 seconds of one another. On ·the second lap Craft and his co-driver,Jim Dizney, moved into the lead, now with a minute and 50 seconds on Kalicki. Miller's co-driver, Jim McGill was third, and Jason and Robert Kleber ran fourth now, with Guillermo Quintero and Francisco Ortiz, the only Mexican team to come up for the race in this class, in fifth place. Dizney held the lead through the third lap, running behind Kalicki, but ahead of him on elapsed time. Kalicki, who drove all the way, took the checkered flag, but then he and his crew waited, eyes on the stopwatch, for Dizney to come around the corner. Then the word came in, Dizney was out with a broken stub axle! Kalicki had the win, and Miller and McGill, who had jammed his thumb, and was ready to get out of the car, finished second, about 12 minutes later. ·Quintero and Ortiz were third, reporting no problems at all, while Dizney and Craft came in fourth, 33 minutes down to the winner. In fifth it was the James family car, which looked like a refugee from a trash compacter. They had rolled hard on the second lap. The Class 9 cars were next to get to go, and in this group a local SCORE FIREWORKS 250 ReaUlta -July 2-4, 1993 # p.,. Driver/Co-Driver Vehicle Time 0/A aaaa 112 - Unlimited •Ingle & two seat -31 alert -15 finiah 108 1 Paul & Dave Simon Ford 104 2 Walker Evans Dodge 103 3 Pat Dean Chenowth Porsche 112 4 109 5 1608 1 1609 2 1611 3 1610 4 1604 5 302 1 300 2 301 3 400 1 401 2 404 3 402 4 501 1 549 2 551 1 557 2 553 3 556 4 554 5 600 1 619 2 700 1 718 2 719 3 725 1 724 2 759 3 727 4 722 5 800 1 806 2 803 3 809 4 808 4 999 1 901 2 900 3 903 4 996 5 1011 1 1018 2 1012 3 1022 4 1000 5 1199 1 763 1 760 2 762 3 860 1 899 2 Bob Gordon/Frank Arciero Jr. Chenowth Doug Fonin Jr. Chevrolet aasa 112-1600 - 1600cc Restricted Engine -15 alert - 10 finish Brenl Grizzle/Mike Davis Jimco Kevin Davis (solo) Lothringer Rod Muller/Mike Halliday Chenowth Scon & Brian Steele Steelco Mike Julson aass 3 - Short WB 4x4 - 3 start - 3 finish Dan Smilh Jimco Ford Bronco Mike Lesia/Cun LeDuc Jeep Grand Cherokee Dale Whtte/Eric Russell Chevy Blazer aaaa 4 - Long WB 4x4 - 4 start - 4 finish Jerry McDonald Chevy K-100 David Ashley Ford F· 150 Rod Hall/Jim Fricker Dodge Alan Shapiro/Randy Salmonl Ford aasa 5 - Unlimited Baja Bug - 4 start - 2 finish Greg Diehl/Tony Kujala Baja Bug Lynn Mocaby Baja Bug aass 5-1600 - 1600cc Baja Bug -12 start - 9 finish Mike Kalicki/Randy Cochrane Baja Bug Jim McGilVMark Miller Baja Bug Guillermo Quintero/Francisco Oniz Baja Bug Ross CrafVJim Dizney Baja Bug Kevin & Michael James Baja Bug aass 6 - Production Sedan - 2 start - 2 finish John SwifV Dino Pugeda Ford Explorer Darren Skilton/Barrie Thompson Jeep Cherokee aass 7 - Unlimited Mini Pickup - 5 start - 3 finish Scott Douglas Ford Ranger Barry Slatter Ford Ranger Jack Johnson Ford Ranger Clasa 7S - Stock Mini Pickup -10 start - 5 finish Darren & Doug York Ford Ranger Jelf Lewis/John Chapman Chevy S-10 Malcolm Vinje/Mark Hansen Toyota Tony Modica/Larry Stephey Jeep Comanche Mike Schwellinger/Arnold Merkel Ford Ranger Class 8 - 2WD Standard Pickup -10 start - 7 finish Rob MacCachren. Mike Schoffstall Ford F-150 Larry Ragland/Brady Stiles Chevrolet Harvey Risien/Jeff Spooner Ford Beny Canela/An Peterson Ford David Bryan/Bill Loper Ford F-150 aass 9 - Restricted Buggy -10 start - 5 finish Rick B. Johnson (solo) Homemade Rick Paquette/Brad Maurer T-Mag Pancho Bio/John Fisher Tubular Designs Greg Davis/Harry Dunne Chenowth David Callaway/John Holmes T-Mag aass 10 - Unlimited 1650cc -28 start -15 finish Brian Parkhouse/Willie Melancon Mirage Ray Croll Jimco Ryan Thomas/Mike Lund Chenowth Rick Romans Raceco Steve Sourapas/Dave Richardson Chenowth aass 11 -Stock VW sedan - 1 start - 1 finish (I lap) Peter Rosenstein/Duane Morimoto VW Beetle Class Mini Stock -Stock Mini Trucks - 6 start - 3 finish (2 laps) Larry Carpenter Toyota Scott Sells Toyota Michael Yarman/Scott Sharitz Toyota Claaa Stock Full - Stock Pickup Trucks - 3 start - 2 finish (2Iaps) Gordon DiCarlo Ford F-150 Marc Stein/David Sykes Ford Staners. cars 136 - finishers, cars 86 - 63% - Race Distance• 219 miles Fast Time - Cars/Trucks -Rob MacCachren, Class 8 Ford - 4:15:14 Dusty nmcs 4:15:38 2 4:19:12 3 4:24:24 4 4:30:50 5 4:34:38 7 5:05:35 23 5:()6:26 24 5:18:12 28 5:18:17 29 5:19:55 30 4:48:02 13 5:32:35 35 5:45:26 39 5:24:23 32 6:22:40 46 6:26:06 47 7:58:05 69 6:47:56 59 8:16:31 73 6:03:15 43 6:15:11 45 6:31:30 50 6:36:29 53 6:43:42 57 5:22:58 31 8:05:47 71 5:45:18 38 7:36:49 66 7:38:49 67 5:41:42 36 6:45:03 58 7:05:27 62 7:31:46 65 8:50:50 80 4:15:14 1· 4:31:54 6 6:26:51 49 8:04:35 70 8:13:00 72 6:29:50 49 6:34:11 52 6:37:52 54 7:10:06 64 8:23:47 76 4:47:07 11 4:51:17 14 4:51:37 15 4:57:38 16 5:00:27 19 3:27:59 5:42:57 5:53:00 7:42:16 5:'.l1:1's 7:16:12 boy, Rick Johnson, had the early lead, with the class fast lap of 2:01:35. He was already a healthy eight and a half minutes in front of the second place car, which was Pancho Bio, in his Tubular Designs car. In third it was Rick Paquette, in a T-Mag, and Rich Richardson and Doug Perrault, in a Jimco, ran fourth. Johnson, who'd brought half of Barstow's young male population out for pit people, had built his lead to 16 minutes by the end of the second lap, and it was still Bio, and his co-driver, John Fisher, in second place. Paquette, who'd changed a balljoint on the second lap, and his co-driver, .Brad Maurer, were still third, with Richardson and Perrault steady·in fourth place. On the fourth lap Johnson broke a balljoint, but his crew was "right there", and he lost only 15 minutes, which wasn't enough to threaten his lead. He went on to take the win, finishing four minutes and 21 seconds in front of Paquette and Maurer. Maurer had done the last lap with a badly bent axle, and had really blistered his hands. Bio and Fisher were third, and Greg Davis and Harry Peter Rosenstein and Duane Morimoto were the only Class 11 entry, and were given permission to do just one lap and still get all the winner's honors and finishing points. Dunne, in a Chenowth, came home in fourth place. Callaway and John Holmes, who'd stalled on the start line, and didn't get going again for an hour, were able to salvage a fifth place. Class 11 had only one entry, the '71 VW of Peter Rosenstein and Duane Morimoto, who did one lap in the time of 3:27:59, and then parked it. The official results Larry Carpenter whips along over the soft stuff in his Toyota, one of six in the stone stock mini truck class, and Larry did two laps for the victory winning by ten minutes. As usual Gordon Dicarlo won the Full Size stone stock truck class, doing his required two laps in good time in the sano Ford, and he reported having no problems at all on the course. September 1993 show them as non-finishers. In the Stock Full class, which ran only two laps, Gordon DiCarlo drove his Ford all the way, recording the class fast lap on lap one, at 2:44:24, to take the lead. Mark Stein and David Sykes, in another Ford, ran a distant second. DiCarlo, who said his only "problem" had been a squeak, backed up his first lap with another good one, to take the win. Stein and Sykes were an hour and 45 minutes behind them in second place, the last to finish in this class. In the Stock Mini group it was Larry Carpenter on lap one, with Class fast lap, 2:43:04 (just a tad quicker than the Stock Full truck), and chased by Scott Sells, about nine minutes back. Michael Martin and Rick Hughes were third, but nearly an hour down. They were all driving Toyotas. This class also ran only two laps, and Carpenter, who had two flats and a broken torsion bar adjw,ter, nevertheless took the win, followed in by Sells, who'd been using his emergency brake for stopping for the entire second ·lap. He was just 11 minutes behind Carpenter. The early morning start meant that the greater part of the racers were finished by lunch time, and everyone was off the course in time for supper. The CRB had its meeting and handed down its list of letters of reprimand all on the same evening, and then the awards were handed out later on, to make it a long, but complete day. Everyone could head home on Sunday, if they hadn't gone on Saturday, and the rest of the holiday could be given over to fireworks and barbecues. SCORE goes to Las Vegas next, for the Gold Coast 300, August 6th through the 8th, and then follows that up with the final race of the year, the Baja 1000, November 11th through the 14th. Page 17

Page 18

,, . With the rear bench seat folded d<Jwn, there is over 100 cubic feet of cargo space and you still have a full size spare i_nside. The rear seat deploys with the flick of a wrist. 1993 CHEVY BLAZER Ther rear bench seat seats three adults easily and is quite From the back the 1993 Chevrolet Blazer has clean smooth lines comfortable, even on long trips. The seats fold forward and and easy entry with the glass hatch and the pickup type tailgate. down into the floor with a pull of the seat release lever. ... center, the speedometer right of right stalk is the automatic trans-center and above them the oil mission gear selector. 1119 · Beautiful Brawny BlaRr pressure, temperature, battery Seats are exactly what they con-dition and fuel gauges. are supposed to be, comfortable. Located on the bottom left side of This Blazer was equipped with the panel is the automatic the split bench reclining front Text & Photos: John B. Calvin . transmission gear selector seat. The passenger side is --------------------------.-------------- indicator. All the gauges are manual but the drivers third is liter good old 350cid V8 which is properly in the drivers line of electric, adjust-ing all angles and ~ Absolutely good looking from any angle and equally at home on the street, in the mountains or the desert, the 1993 Chevrolet Blazer is a pleasure to drive with all the creature comforts you desire. It came in Victory Red and it how easily we were able to certainly is RED! The 1993 Chev- maneuver where ever we went. rolet Blazer is as big and tough as The Blazer was shod with any vehicle you might want for Goodyear Wrangler TD LT265/ your street driving and for your 75Rl5 M&S, mounted on good off road activities as well. This looking cast aluminum five spoke four wheel drive gem was a wheels and they performed quite pleasure both on and off the road well, although we did have to and we utilized all of it's talents decrease the tire pressures quite a on a long trip to cover a race and bit for our off road activities. we_ were pleasantly surprised at Power is supplied via the 5.7 NELSON & NELSON RACING NEW 1993 NELSON & NELSON RACING APPAREL i SIX COLOR GRAPHIC DESIGN ! * T-SHIRTS -$16 (WH,ASH) SWEATSHIRTS -$21 (WH,ASH) • TANK TOPS-$16 (WH,ASH) LONG SLEEVE - $18 (WH,ASH) * 14-16,SM,M,L,XL,XXL (ADD $1) t j Class 1 OFF-ROAD ENTERPRISES · P.O. BOX 1007 HOMELAND CA 92548 909-926-8308 OR FAX 714-738-7057 NAME. _____ _ ADDRESS. ____ _ CITY/ST/ZIP ___ _ O!rlZE COLOR -------• + $3 S&H TOTAL ______ _ CA RESIDENTS ADD 7.75% SALES TAX Page 18 electronically fuel injected and is sight and are easy to read, night distances. If you can't get as smooth and quiet and powerful or day. To the left of the ~omfortable with this seat you're as ever. 210 net horsepower and instrument panel is the headlight m deep trouble. Th_e rear bench 300 foot pounds of torque are ever switch and just below is the rear seat seats ~ee with ease and present under your right foot, hatch release and the automatic folds down mto the floor of the ample power for most anything dome light switch. Further down Blazer to give you over 106 cubic you want to do or able to take you is the foot brake release and to the feet of cargo space. A full size anywhere you want to go. The 5 right the hood release. spare tire is located in the left rear speed manual transmission is To the right of the instrument of the cargo compartment, worth standard but we were equipped panel is the AM/FM stereo with its weight in gold when you ~ave with the smooth as silk 4 speed tape deck and immediately below to replace one of those flat ones. automatic transmission with over- is the heat/fresh air/air condition- Soine of the other amenities drive. There is a first gear lockout ing package, all with graphics to included the electric windows and to minimize tire slippage on wet denote what is going on in the electric door locks, the electric roads. A 3.73 rear end ratio with world of sound and air. The rear outside mirror controls, all locking differential completes the wiper switch is directly beneath located on the drivers door, very drive train. the graphics and below that is a con-venient but out of harms way. Stopping power is excellent, decent sized ash tray and lighter. Sun visors both have vanity eleven and a half inch discs up In the direct center of the dash is ~irrors and there are reading front and ten inch drums in the the tape deck and graphic equal- hghts overhead for both front seat rear, with four wheel ABS izer and below is the nice big cup and rear seat passengers. There is included. We tried the ABS holder which disappears nicely also a .passenger grab-bar located system a few times on the dirt and into the dash when not in use. above the passenger door, handy it sure does decrease your stop- The steering wheel tilts to for us older folks. The entire ping distance by eliminating that anywhere you would like it; the vehicle was carpeted including helpless feeling you get when ,left steering column stalk controls the tail-gate and the upholstery you're sliding towards some in- the tum signals, the intermittent was good looking and Scotch-animate object. windshield wipers/washer and the Guard treated as well. The instrument panel is speed control. You also flash your No, I haven't forgotten the familiar, a tachometer just left of high beams with this stalk. The four wheet·drive capabilities. The · four wheel drive shift selector is located on the floor, just to the right of the driver and is really slick. The lnsta-Trac system is smooth as glass, you can shift in and out of four wheel drive (4H) with ease and it sure is handy when you're on that hill that you thought you could take in two wheel drive. It sure saves a lot of embarrassment when there are lots of people around. We put quite a few miles on the Blazer, both on and off the road and we enjoyed every minute of it. We averaged a bit over . * 1 seventeen miles per gallon and The 5.7 liter VB delivers 210 horsepower and over 300 pounds of torque and with the standard fuel tank of coupled with the 4 speed automatic transmission and the 3.73 rear axle ratio thirty gallons you have a lot of _g,_·v_es_y_o_u_a_ll_t_he_s_m-:..._o=o_t,;;;;:h=p_o_w_er_y_o_u_w_i_ll_e_ve_r_n_e_ed_. _________ range. The rear lift glass is heavy ~,~. ~H"""*''""'""' • to open but having the con-venience of a tail-gate is a big A neat and tidy instrument cluster, electronic climate controls, electronic sound_system, a four wheel drive selector within easy reach and deep pile carpeting tell you the comfort zone is yours to command. September 1993 plus. Where else does one sit while spinning all those off road tales? A heavy duty trailering package is an option that was installed on our Blazer with a 7000 pound trailering limit so your race car and trailer are not a problem. We thoroughly enjoyed the Silverado Blazer. We covered a race and were able to go anywhere we wanted to go, on and off the road with ease. There is ample power, lots of brakes and good positive four wheel drive capabilities. Try a '93 Blazer on for size, especially if it comes in red. Dusty Timcs

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Earn KC Contingency Dollars for Running Off Road Racing's Winningest Lights! --irt SCORE Racing Series -~ $250 Available in Each 4 Wheel Class Winners are determined by the KC "SHOT IN THE DARK" random drawing consisting of KC equipped finishers at each race. You just might win, even if you don't win your class. All class finishers have an equal chance. FIREWORKS 250 Class 1/2-1600 - Mike Julson Class 5-1600-Ross Craft $50 to Each KC Equipped Class Winner These special racer only lighting packages are available exclusively through Jim Conner Racing. Products can be ordered directly from Jim Conner Racing or purchased from Jim at all SCORE events. Jim Conner Racing also offers the racer FREE replacement of burned out bulbs and repair parts. *SCORE approved rear collision light (required safety equipment on all four wheel classes) (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers ............ (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 150 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (2) Vinyl Light Covers (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (2) 100 Watt Chrome Fog Lights #3 t14~ nn (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* (4) Stone Guards (4) Vinyl Light Covers .... 11111i61 ... ~ (2) 100 Watt Chrome or Black Daylighters (1) 55 Watt Rear Collision Light* #6 $66.00 (2) Vinyl Light Covers Any of the above lighting packages will qualify you for KC's contingency program. Listed prices are available to competitors only. Don't miss out on any races, pre-order today for delivery at the next SCORE race. For more information on KC's 1993 Contingency Program, contact: Jim Conner• P.O. Box 1129 • Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405 • 1-602/855-0912 • Fax 1-602-453-9641

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Rod Millen scored the truck main event win for Toyota, putting both himself and Toyota on top of their respective points heaps, and he was followed to the flag by teammate Ivan Stewart, a Toyota sweep. Kevin Smith had his Mirage humming, took the main event lead late in the race and held on to it in the Toyota powered Super 1600 to win the class and move into third in points for 1600s. MICKEY THOMPSON STADIUM OFF ROAD RACING Rod Millen Back On Top In Salt Lake City The inaugural MTEG event in Salt Lake City drew a crowd of almost 18,000 folks to Rice Stadium. The course here had new and interesting features to add to the challenge for the drivers in the series. The races usually run in a counter clockwise direction, but at Rice Stadium they ran in a clock-wise direction, plus the drivers faced the Super Bank, a right hand banked tum located on the north end of Rice Stadium, that took the race cars halfway up the grand-stands. It made a good show, and something new for the stadium racers to handle. As always the Grand National Trucks were the glamour ~ Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. class; points leader Rod Millen qualified fastest, his Toyota just two ticks ahead · of . Rob MacCachren, Ford, who had Rick Johnson, Chevy, just two ticks behind him. Roger Mears wrenched his back during qualifying doing a hand stand on the rear wheels. Roger said, "like they say in football I just have to .. play with pain." Ivan Stewart, fourth fastest, looked forward to a good race having made some changes in his Toyota. Rick Johnson, only ten points behind Millen going in, remarked "I'm really happy about having my old motorcycle rival Jeff Ward out here (in a Dodge). When I left the Supercross series I knew Jeff and I would bump into each other on another race track sooner or later. It won't take him long to get up to speed; Jeff is a great competitor. The first event of the night was the first truck heat for 8 laps. Walker Evans, Dodge was on the pole in the semi-inverted line up. Midway Walker had opened up a six truck length lead over R9ger Mears Sr., Nissan. The field started to spread out across the track before the Jeep of Evan Evans flipped, causing a full course yellow. Walker Evans was at the front on the restart, but Mears Sr. was able to get by when he went wide on tum 1. Rick Johnson fell back with obvious problems, while Mears Sr. opened up quite a lead halfway in the race, leaving the battle for second place between Evans and Rob MacCachren. MacCachren dropped to fifth after he was given a stop and go by the Rough Driving Committee. Roger Mears Sr. stretched his lead, and claimed heat 1 honors. Walker Evans was second followed b} Greg George is running away with the Superlite honors in the points chase this year. At Salt Lake he won Heat 2 and came back to win the main event; he is over 100 points ahead of his nearest competition. Tommy Croft is doing a total domination job in the Sports Utility class in a Jeep At Salt Lake he won both the single heat race and the main event, with Larry Noel backing his teammate all the way. Leading here Walker Evans slips his Dodge past Rob MacCach-ren's Ford and carried on to a good second place in the first heat for the Sport Trucks. Page 10 Larry Noel couldn't quite catch his Jeep teammate but he did help the team points a lot, with second in the heat race and third place in the main event. September 1993 ;;-.,m,w,;w,,b" Chris Neil flies his Nissan high in qualifying for the Utility class, and by evening the crowd cheered him on to third in the heat race. Dusty Times

Page 21

It got crowded in the Utility main eve-;;("'as here #28 Cory Witheri/1, Jeep, tries to pass Jerry Whelchel's Ford, foreground. Witheri/1 finished second. C J Mears glides over the rough stuff in his Mirage Superlite en Defending champion in Superlites Jimmie Johnson is not having route to second in the first heat, but he had troubles in the main a good season in his Briggsbilt, his best Salt Lake finish was event. ._fo_u_rt_h_i_n_th_e_fir_s_t _he_a_t_r_ac_e_. -----------== Scott Klaers flies high off a jump in the second Superlite heat, and he went on in the Briggsbilt to take third and move up a notch on points. Leading here Don Archibald, background, in his H & R was fourth in heat 2, and here mixes it up in the main event with #2, Rennie Awana. Roger Caddell towed his tidy Chenowth from n-orthwest Washington and he surprised some regulars by taking third in the second Super 1600 heat race. Ivan Stewart and Rod Millen, Toyotas, and MacCachren was fifth. The single Sport Utility 6 lap heat was next. Tim Lewis had his Jeep on the pole and held the lead after one lap, but the Jeeps of Tommy Croft and Larry Noel were in close pursuit. Dan Chit-tenden became the first driver to roll over on the 'Super Bank' when he lost control of his Chevy, instant full course yellow. On the restart Cory Witherill brought out yet another yellow flag after rolling his Jeep Cherokee in tum -2. After the dust settled it was experience that counted. Tommy Croft took the lead and the victory followed by teammate Larry Noel, Chris Neil, Nissan, and Jerry Whelchel, Ford. In the first 7 lap 4 Wheel ATV heat Niclas Granlund pushed his JP works bike to the early lead, but Kory Ellis and Fred Sheppard gave close chase. Granlund held a steady lead throughout the first four laps as the following pack started to fall off the pace. Gran-Jund won the heat, followed by Ellis and Sheppard. In the second ATV heat Charles Shepherd's Honda was on the pole. Shepherd and Doug Eichner quickly pushed out in front, turning this race into a two man battle. Eichner was never able to get his Laeger works bike past the leader, and Shepherd cruised to the wire to wire victory. · Eichner was second and Sean Stubbs, Suzuki, took· third. Roger Mears drove his Nissan right into first place in the opening truck race and took second in Heat 2 as well, but faded in the main event with problems. Nature's Recipe team manager Rennie Awana won the first Superlite heat and placed a strong second in the main event in the quick running Briggsbilt. Dusty Timcs In the first SuperLite 7 lap heat Frank Chavez was on the pole and quickly grabbed the lead. Nature's Recipe teammates Rennie Awana and Mercedes Gonzales gave chase. As Chavez September 1993 lengthened his lead in the Triple leading the field slowly around E, Gonzales spun out on the the track under the yellow flag, Super Bank and she fell back to his car quit leaving Rennie eighth place. Keith Ehlers rolled Awana the surprise leader. his car causing a full course Chavez was unable to restart, so yellow. While Chavez was Awana ~ 54 Ji t

Page 22

'@·:'•'{#; ··«;;. Tim Lewis soars high in qualifying in his Sports Utility Jeep and Tim had a good run in the main event finishing a strong fourth out of 11 starters. Sean Finley flies flat and level in his Superlite Triple E right into second in heat 2 and a fine third in the main event in the big class. Tommy Croft celebrates in victory circle after winning his fourth consecutive main event victory in Sports Utility class driving a Jeep Cherokee. Danny Thompson does a neat wheelie in his Ford truck, and he had no problems in the second heat and won it handily, but mechanical trouble put him down. in the main event. I@" claimed the first heat win in a Briggsbilt. C.J. Mears was second in a Mirage followed by Joe Price, Triple E, and defending points champ Jimmie Johnson. Scott Klaers, Briggsbilt, was on the pole for the second Super-Lite heat and he took the early lead but all time series win leader Greg George gave chase. Klaers started to pull away from George before Allen Y aros flipped, caus-ing a full course yellow. Klaers again jumped out front on the restart with George chasing. With two laps to go, George took over the lead in his Briggsbilt and held on for victory, followed by Sean Finley, Triple E, Klaers and Don Archibald. Marty Hart was on the pole for the first~ lap Super 1600 heat race, but it was Jimmy Nichols who grabbed the early lead. Hart's · buggy stalled halfway through, ending a seemingly frustrating race for the Louisiana resident. Mean-while Nichols was busy holding off the charges of points leader and defending champion Jerry Whelchel. Jerry was able to get alongside Nichols on the last tum and the two cars crossed the finish line at virtually the same time. After minutes of delay and replays Jimmy Nichols was awarded the win, while Whelchel finished the very closest second, followed by Eric Arras. Ed Herbst had his Chenowth on the pole for the second Super 1600 heat, but a quick roll over by Gary Gall on the Super Bank brought out a complete restart. Herbst did not restart, giving Kevin Smith a clear look at the front from the second row. Smith took advantage in his Mirage and squeezed by Aaron Hawley for the lead. In passing Hawley, Smith incurred a puncture in his right rear tire forcing him to limp around the track. Gall was able. to get by Smith, but nose dived his· Chenowth into a jump going end over end. Smith, who had com-pletely lost the rubber off his wheel by the flag, held on to win. Hawley was second, and Wash-ington driver Roger Caddell was third. Before the second heat the truckers voiced their excuses for first heat performance. Rick Johnson said he broke the front sway bar before the lap 3 restart, so it was tough to steer around corners. Roger Mears said he lost the brakes on the restart and that his back really hurt. Rob Mac-Cachren said his Ranger was run-ning great, but he felt he got a bad call and an unfair penalty good for two positions. Danny Thompson said he lost the power steering pump. Ivan Stewart and Rod Mil-len said they were concentrating on gaining points for Toyota. On his debut Jeff Ward said "So far I've broken two wheels, one in practice and another one right after the restart. It locked up and all I could do was go in a circle there in the far corner." "Maybe we should put spokes on those wheels for you" said Walker Evans. The GN trucks came out for their second 8 lap heat race, and Danny Thompson was on the pole. But Roger Mears took the early lead, then Thompson was quick to regain his lead and once there Thompson got clear of the pack where turns sometimes went four trucks wide. With Thompson in front, the battle turned to Mears, Ivan Stewart and Rick Johnson. Mears spun on lap 4 giving second place to Stewart. Johnson was third with a lap to go, but Mears was able to slip by on tum 2. Danny Thompson cruised to win for Ford but the dramatics didn't end there. Mears rolled on the final tum but somehow was able to hold on for second ahead of Rick Johnson, followed by Stewart and Millen. The first UltraCross 7 lap heat race started with Yamaha riders Kyle Lewis and points leader Shuan Kalos immediately separ-ating themselves from the pack to battle for the lead. Lewis had the early lead and Kalos was never able to get by, giving Lewis his second win of the season. Kalos was second and Mike Bell third aboard a Suzuki. In the second UltraCross heat Suzuki rider Mike Healey and Yamaha's A.J. Whiting and Larry Brooks quickly made it a three bike race. Healey was able to keep the other two riders behind him, leading -all the way to victory. Whiting was second and Brooks was third. The first main event featured the Sports Utility rigs for 8 laps. The Ford Explorer of Jerry Whel-• chel was on the pole. Chris Neil zipped his Nissan Pathfinder into the lead from the outside pole. Whelchel quickly pulled up on him but was forced to retire with mechanical problems. Neil held the lead for only two laps before Tommy Croft took over the lead in his Jeep Cherokee. Smoke started billowing from Neil's Nissan and Larry Noel, in another Cherokee, took over second. Once in the lead Croft ran away· for a fourth con-secutive main event victory. Cory Witherill finished second, follow-ed in by Larry -Noel then Tim Lewis, all driving Jeep vehicles. The 4 Wheel A TVs produced a good field for their 8 lap main event and Doug Eichner, the heat I winner, pushed his Laeger works bike to lead from the pole position. Once in the lead Eichner never looked back, claiming his first main event win of the season. Points · leader coming into tonight's race, Mark Ehrhardt ran in the back half of the pack and finished a disappointing eleventh. Fred Sheppard was second followed by Niclas Granlund and Charles Shepherd. It was also 8 laps for the SuperLite Main event. Greg George moved from the outside pole position to grab the lead. George was being pushed by Nature's Recipe teammate Jimmie Johnson. C.J. Mears, who was running third at the time, spun on lap 5 leaving the 16 year old driver out of the race. Mears' JI Joe Price keeps his Triple E just ahead of Jimmy Johnson here, and Joe went on to a great finish, fourth in the Superlite main event. Superlites tend to do the bicycle act, and Rick Marshal demon-strates here in his Triple E. He carried on to finish fifth in the main event. Defending points champion in Super 1600 class Jerry Whelchel was stuck in second place, in heat 1 and in the main event in his tidy special race car. Page 22 September 1993 Dusty nmcs

Page 23

Aaron Hawley got one of his better results in his Super 1600 Chenowth. The Las Vegas driver finished a good fourth in the main event, first of the Vegas drivers. Ivan Stewart corners hard to stay ahead of Rick Johnson, and the lronman did, finishing second in the main event and he also was third in the first heat. Jeff Ward made an impressive debut in truck stadium racing in the Dodge. The motocross star sure knew how to fly the jumps and worked his way right into third place in the main event. incident caused a full course yellow. On the restart, Johnson figured to push George for the lead, but mechanical problems caused him to fade, eventually coming to a stop, out of the race. Meanwhile Greg George cruised to his fourth main event win of the season in the Briggsbilt. Nature's Recipe teammate Rennie Awana was second and Joe Price third· in his Triple E. For unknown reasons the Super 1600 Main was 12 laps. Jimmy Nichols hoping to follow a heat win with a main event win, was on· the pole. Nichols moved out front from the green, but Kevin Smith and Jerry Whelchel were close behind. Smith was able to get by Nichols on the lap 3, but the three leading cars were bunched tightly. Smith was able to open up some breathing room by the halfway mark, but Whelchel slipped past Nichols, setting his sights on .the leader. Kevin Smith never gave him the opportunity to get close, and went on for the win in the Mirage. Jerry Whelchel was second and Jimmy Nichols was third followed by Aaron Hawley, Marty Hart and Roger Caddell. // The UltraCross main event was ten tough laps. Kawasaki rider Brian Manley led the early part of the race with Scott Myers, Larry Brooks and Shuan Kalos giving close chase. But, it was the speed of Manley that held off points leader Kalos, Brooks and Myers for the victory. The win was the first of his career. Kalos was sec-ond, Brooks third and Myers fourth. Heading into the 12 lap main event the truckers talked about heat 2. Rick Johnson said "that had to be one of the most exciting races this series has ever seen. Lots of passing going on out there which proves this is a great track. I had to fight my way up from the back after a few of us got stuck in a corner behind a pile up. Un-fortunately one of my rear shocks blew apart going into the last lap, so I lost second and ended up. in third. But I'm ready for the main." Winner Danny Thompson said "Awesome! The Ranger was perfect. Roger Mears said "I'm not sure who is hurting more, my truck or my back. This Utah dirt is hard as a rock. I learned that 360 degree move I pulled on the Another star from the motocross galaxy moved into sport truck racing at Salt Lake. Jeff Ward, who started on mini bikes, just retired; a veteran of over a year in MTEG racing Rick Johnson, right, welcomes his former on track on two wheels adversary. Jeff will be in a Dodge and Rick continues in the Chevy. Jimmy Nichols had a good run in his Bo/ink sponsored Chenowth, winning the first Super 1600 heat race, and he finished a strong third in the main event. Dusty Timcs last turn racing in the desert." Roger Mears Jr. was on the pole, but it was the Toyota of Ivan Stewart that quickly grabbed the lead. Danny Thompson, limped off the line and was stalled by turn 2, causing a full course yellow. After the restart again it was Stewart jumping out in the lead, but this time Ford's Rob Mac-Cachren was all over him. Mac-Cachren and Stewart swapped leads several times before Stewart T-Boned MacCachren's Ford in turn 2. Rough Driving ruled that Stewart was guilty of the roll over and placed him at the back of the pack. After the restart MacCachren quickly laid claim to the lead, but Mears Jr. was knocking on the door. In amazing fashion Stewart was in fourth place by the end of the restart lap. MacCachren open-ed up a sizable lead by the halfway mark. Millen was in second, fol-lowed by Stewart, then Rick Johnson. Mears Jr. suffered a bro-ken front right wheel and started moving backwards. With only two laps to go Rob MacCachren, who seemingly had the win in hand, rolled in the Whoop-de-do sec-tion, righted the truck and held on to the lead. But the crash took its toll on the Ford, and it wasn't able to put up much of a battle as Rod Millen took the lead, and he went on to victory for Toyota. Ivan Stewart was second, followed by Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward and Walker Evans. MacCachren was unable to finish. After six of nine races Rod Millen leads truck points by 31 over Rick Johnson, Tommy Croft is tops by 71 over Larry Noel in Sport Utility, and Jerry Whelchel has 60 points on Jimmy Nichols in Super 1600. In SuperLites Greg George leads Sean Finiey by 103 while Doug Eichner has only five points on Mark Erhardt in ATVs. Shuan Kalos has 19 points on Larry Brooks in UltraCross standing. Jamar Super Shifte Make missed shifts a thing of the past! Fortin CV Cages Polished & Strong! Available in both: 930 and 934.5 Thing Drums Straight from Germany. The real thing! 103 Press Lane #4 * Chula Vista, CA 9191 0 Phone: (619)691-9171 * FAX: (619)691-0803 September 1993 Page 13

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Tha Ultra Wheels Memorial Day 100 By Barl, & Marilyn Sch.ull:{ Photos: Gregg Witte & Jeanne Brown The track was a swamp on Sunday as Class 7S took off. Here·John Greaves leads but finished second behind Jeff Kincaid, just behind him, and Jim Wiggins, far right, is moving up fast. Conditions got worse as the day went on. The Ultra Wheels Memor-ial Day Off Road 100, held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is one of the oldest Off Road Events in the Midwest. In fact it may date back further that the famed World Championship Race Event at Crandon, Wisconsin. Whatever its origins, this Race Event held on Memorial Day Weekend, is always a draw for both racers and fans from all over the country. The event held in 1993 was no exception despite predictions of severe weather! Promoter Kevin Dawson, also a legend among off road racers, laid out a track reminiscent of what the younger folks term "the old days": come to think of it, we older folks call it "the old days" too! To define the term "the old days" - the race events that one did not look for a large spectator turn out and trucks, buggies, cars, etc. all carried spare tires, tool boxes, and occasionally lunch and a cold one! Short course racing does not rely on carrying all of this equipment but counts on the pit crew to have it all ready, including lunch! As tradition has it, racers lined up on the infield of the existing . asphalt oval track in a modified LeMans start, took off from the asphalt via a blind jump herein referred to as The Bluff (as in Blind Man's), head down a rough straight stretch, turn a sharp horse shoe tum, and proceed down another rough straight. From there, the racer hits a straight stretch that is relatively smooth, does some sharp left, right, left cornering and heads into a serious rhythm section. The rhythm band ends with a pretty good sized jump, a short tour of the asphalt and then there it is -THE GULCH! The gulch was a two jump number that went from asphalt to asphalt and then back to The Bluff. The Gulch had an unending appetite for race vehicles! We're here to tell ya', that puppy ate 'em alive! Saturday, May 29th's pre-run saw The Gulch endo Scott Smith in his new Class 4 and leave Scott nothing to take home but crum-pled sheet metal and some motor parts. The buggy folks were taking it, by this time, one wheel at a time. More Class 4 pre-run and Tom Ferro repeated Scott Smith's performance also taking home a lot of pieces of a good looking truck. Racing was delayed while a front end loader lowered the boom on The Gulch, still leaving it as a gigantic challenge to racers but taking the destroying edge off of it for most vehicles. Tellya' what, suspension and skill were the only way to survive The Gulch. The Joliet Mud Turtles took ~ -~ Mark Oberg drove a steady but quick pace in Class 11 D and he sailed his racer into the victory, and next day he was third in Class 11 S in the rain. their positions as track patrol and hundredths of a second between the racing began! Classes 3 and 6 the two trucks. Bundy placed took a staggered start to begin the third, Grant Mohalland fourth action and action it was! In Class and Jeff Mease took fifth. 3 Jerry Bundy held a one lap lead While all of this action was and then both Gerald Foster and going on the Class 6 field was young Chad Schleuter said busy negotiating the track. Both "adios" and took off on a fantastic Jay Martens and Fay Statezny battle. Foster is racing a went down on the first lap. Mart-Chevrolet Blazer, Schleuter is in a ens damage was fatal but Statezny Ford Bronco and the race was finally got his tire changed and definite~y on! Schleuter held the • roared back onto the track to do lead for the most laps but tangled some heads up driving to catch with a track marker tire costing leaders Greg "Crazy Man" Beka-him the lead and the first place vac and Tim Kamm Bill finish as Foster went on to the Graboski was out of the ~nning checkered flag. Schleuter took early. Kamm took home a home second_ place with seven commanding first place with ~ ":" Bekavac breaking down one lap '-. before the white flag. Statezny . ., had to be thinking the "what if?' line as he drove so hard that "if' there had been one more lap so Statezny took home third, with Bekavac in second. Rod Attig, now called "the Old Man" kept up his winning ways in Class 11 action, he was second in two seat on Saturday, and came back to win in the single seat action on Sunday. Despite the weather Jeff St. Peter had a great weekend, zipping home first in Class 9/10 on Saturday, and was one of the brave ones on Sunday and he won the Class 1 /2 race in very heavy weather. Chuck Johnson and Mike Brue in the following Class 5-1600 race gave early spectators a view of what nose to tail racing is all about! As hard as he tried, Brue had to remain the "tail" end of the deal as Johnson pulled out a flag to flag win in the "nose" position. Brue gave it everything and Johnson just refused to either make a mistake or let Brue by. Brue placed a very tight second. Back tracking to the start of the race, Jeff Karlman and Tom Brockman somehow hooked their vehicles together and, still hooked up, did a full 360 degree spin putting Karlman out of the run-.· ning and leaving Brockman a full two laps down. Bill Bowles and Terry Wolfe put on a run for the money for third position. Bowles took home third, Wolfe fourth and Gary Plummer placed fifth. When you live this close to good old Lake Michigan, you be-come acquainted with thick fog. When Class ·9/10 took the green flag, they became acquainted with thick fog in the form of dust, the Saturday the sun shone as Chad Schlueter flies his Ford Bronco over the not Gary Plummer flies over the "Gulch" in front of the early birds in the kind that leaves everyone but first too damp yet track on his way to second in the Class 3 competition. grandstands, and Gary ended up taking fifth in the hard fought 5-1600 battle. place in a blind race. Despite a Page 24 September 1993 Dusty Timcs

Page 25

lb ,. /&~~ -Desert racer Chad Hall is running the SODA Series this season in a desert heavy Dodge, but he is learning the tracks and finished fifth in Class 4. Linda Lou Schlamb comes from the north, Ontario, to race the Series in her Class 4, and she mastered the "Gulch" and came in seventh in Class 4. Darrin Parsons gave it a good try in the sloppy going in his Class 11 Friday and he finished a strong second in Class 11 S in the Sunday races. Scott Taylor actually outlasted his competition from the west as Walker Evans broke a ball joint on his Class 8 Dodge. After that Taylor did his standard run away from the pack to the Class 8 victory. SODA racers Kevin Probst and Geoff Dorr absolutely flew out of the start and kept the crowd on it's feet as they waged war for first place. Probst and his GMC truck went exactly half the race in first with Dorr in his Ford trying every move to get around. Probst took the entrance to the back mogul section a little wide, Dorr grabbed the opportunity for the pass and went on to take the checkered flag. Probst made a last ditch effort to get by Dorr on the checkered flag lap, got around Dorr briefly in a comer but then Dorr shut the door for the final time. Nice work fellas! Meanwhile Jack Flannery skill-fully worked his way through the field making steady progress on both Probst and Dorr but had to _be happy with a third place firush. Gerald Foster in his Class 3 Chevy rounded out the top four. On down the finisher's list were. Chad Hall, Jerry Bundy, Linda Lou Schlamb and Dennis Chencharick. thick dust cloud, all fourteen entries got off to a clean start with Jeff Probst leading the parade for two laps before both he and Todd Attig bowed out on the rhythm section. With these two top con-tenders out of the race, Randy EIJer slipped into first place. Eller did a fantastic job of holding down his position with Jeff St. Peter right on his bumper. St. Peter put the hammer down, said "this is my race, boys" and made the pass for an extremely welJ driven first place. Eller held down second place until Lee Wuesthoff made an eleventh hour pass for second, Eller placing third. Some real hot racing action took place for fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth places with Tom Schwartzburg, Dan Baud-oux, Art Schmitt III, Brian Bemloehr and Trent Hanson flying around the track in a string of pearls formation. Schwartzburg held down fourth place for most of the race giving way to Baudoux on the white flag lap. These gentlemen put on an excellent show - thanks guys! The Gulch simply destroyed Richie Ault's machine. Ault hit the jump with as much speed as the approach would allow, began a fanny over tea kettle endo, pirouetted, went back into the end over end placement and finally came to a hard stop. Zowie, there were buggy parts everywhere including the motor which was literalJy wrenched out of the buggy and thrown aside. The buggy was also minus the right rear wheel assem-bly and the left front tire. Thank God the roll cage held and Ault emerged with no serious injury. Richie, we don't want to see any more of that. Class 8 flagged next with about three times as many entries as the previous Race Event saw! For three laps the action was in-tense with a dynamite shoot out between Scott Taylor and Walker Evans. Evans had to leave the track with a broken tierod/ball joint assembly either directly pro-ceeding a run in with a course marking tire or directly after the introduction to the tire. After Dusty Times Evans retired from the course Taylor did his usual run a way to the checkered flag. Dave Hockers drove his customary excellent race for second place. A great battle emerged between Dennis Ferdon and Jimmie Crowder for third place, Ferdon holding off Crowder lap after lap to take the position. Crowder placed fourth with Farmer John Konitzer in fifth. Both Jamey and Jed Flannery were down in the first lap. Pete Van De Hey was in the thick of things until a flat left front tire took him off the track. All in all, it was a quality race, nice work felJas! Class 4 took the LeMans start with at least double the entries from previous races and put on one heck of a show! Long time . Ya' ju~t gotta give that Greg Smith fella a whole lot of credit. Smith more or less took the entire 1992 racing season off but came back this year with skills intact, ready, willing and . able to kick some serious fanny in the Class 2-1600 race. This race had twenty starters and the only lap Smith didn't lead was lap one. Smith went on to the checkered flag in top notch form. Jim ~!ggins led Geoff Dorr got his Class 4 Ford muddy as rain bagan to fall late Saturday afternoon, but he still flew "the Gulch" in fine style, got the lead midway and won the Class 4 honors over stiff competition. Greg Smith led all but one lap of the 2-1600 race, and he led when it really counted, the last lap, and Greg came back from time off to win the class by a goodly margin on the track. September 1993 lap one and then was seen no more! Todd Crump, John Greav-es, and Roy Holmes were in the early contention for position, however, not one of these drivers was able to finish the race. Both Greaves and Crump held in there for quite awhile, in fact, Greaves was gaining on Smith until he rolled it over and had to retire. Dan Baudoux went in to second place and held it to the finish with Walt Carlson placing a tidy third. So where was the awesome Todd Attig? He was done racing at the start line with a trashed tranny. Back in the field Mark Steinhardt and Jeff Jones had been steadily working their way up and wound up in a nice battle for fourth place. It was Steinhardt in the lead until the checkered flag lap when with a mighty nice piece of work Jones made the pass and took home the position. The 2-1600 crew capped off the day's racing and damned good racing it was! The stands had been packed from start to finish and no one went away unhappy, and if they did, it was their own fault! The~ CENTER LINE ---------------------RACING WHEELS THE STRONGEST OFF-ROAD WHEEL MONEY CAN BUY! FAT Performance has in stock the largest inventory of 5-lug WI CENTER LINE wheels in the country. Whether you need wheels with polished or satin finish, FAT has them in all popular styles. Need them in a hurry? FAT can ship the same day as ·· ordered ... and with the best price in the industry. FAT can also supply your CENTER LINES with Champion bead locks. 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Bruce Shilts, really wrecked his Class 13 at Road America, but this strong contender came back in two weeks to take second in class at Lake Geneva. Ron James flew his Class 13 high over "the Gulch" for the hardy spectators and he kept it. all together to place fourth in the competitive class. Jim Wiggins was close every time he went out to race but his best finish ended up being second in Class 1-1600 after leading · most of the race. Dan Van den Heuvel flies over "the Gulch" and kept right on flying in his oad Warrior, and Dan won over a good field in the Class 13 action, which was one of the better Sunday races. Todd Attig had a good weekend, winning with a late in the race pass in Class 1-1600, was second in Class 1/2, and then went on to win the Limited Engine Challenge race in a real downpour. and powered off The Bluff singing "Splish, Splash, I Was . Taking A Bath"! Kevin Probst and Walker Evans were both bound and de-tennined to have that win giving spectators the best in competition. Evans came over The Gulch side-ways with a flat left rear tire giving Probst a lead of almost three quarters of a second. Probst must know the determination of Walker Evans as he kept the hammer down while Evans pitted for a new tire. While all of this was going on both Jack Flannery and Geoff Dorr went down on lap one, Bill Lohf hung on for three laps and Jed Flannery was still in there driving hell bent for leather in a now second place! Back at the pits Evans got his new tire and came back on the track like a man possessed. Incredible, the man and the machine flew around the swamp track playing catch up with a show that was fantastic. Time was against Evans. Probst drove to a beautiful first place, Jed Flannery placed a neat second and the incredible Evans finished third. ~ evening was gorgeous for cooking out, relaxing and bench racing. But don't think such ideal conditions lasted! By Sunday morning there was a run on rain gear and anyone wearing boots got the bum rush! Either the good people of Class 11 have a screw loose or they have monumental courage as Class 11 S took the first green flag on Sunday, May 30. After, let's say an eighth of a lap, every car's paint job was reduced to brown without any significant variation of color, just brown. Twenty-five of these brave souls lined up, took the LeMans start and away they went. With rain pouring down and The Gulch waived, this Class put on an excellent show with Rod "The Old Guy" Attig and Darrin Parsons shooting it out for first. Attig took the lead for two laps, Parsons made his move on the asphalt, Attig quickly takes it back, Parsons re-passes coming out of the rhythm section and holds it for two laps. Attig wasn't happy with that and made a move on Parsons going into the rhythm section and held the lead for the win. Parsons finished in a close second. Mark Oberg drove a consistent third place. Mike Allen had fourth place until he lost the right front wheel. Allen's misfourtune gave Dan Baudoux the opening he needed for fourth. Even without the wheel Allen hung in there for fifth. Out of the original twenty-three starters, ... twelve vehicles made it to the finish. The rain continued with a veng-eance for the 1-1600 race and The Gulch was back in operation for this race. Todd Attig had replaced the trashed tranny, and glad he had to be as he wound up with the win after a hard battle with friend Jirn Wiggins. Wiggins had the lead for the majority of the race with Attig, Jon Huss and John Greaves right on his bumper. As track conditions got worse the racing did not with Attig making the pass for the win, Wiggins settling for second and then a scorer's night-mare began! With Page 16 all three number plates absolutely finishers. Fourteen Road The weather had reached a unreadable, it took tour score Warriors started the race and pitch where no one thought it sheets to deter-mine that indeed, exactly five finished including could get much worse without Huss had third, Greaves had fourth place Ron James and fifth actually lightning and thunder but fourth and Bobby Calhoun had place Pat Brown. ~y damn, it did! Class 7S lined up fifth. We'd love to be able to list Cheers and beers for Class 1-m a down pour so heavy that the names of all of the first class 2! ! ! Normally with a track as po-. track ~ouncer Terry Friday racers that put on super shows, tentially treacherous as this one termed tt the hydroplane race. but truth be told, we couldn't read had become Class 1-2 would've None the less twelve brave souls the numbers either. Too bad too, declined to ~ace. Gentlemen, we lined up, took the LeMans start because despite a really mud hole salute you for taking the track and and raced the water. Jo~ Greaves track, the racing was excellent! racing it with gusto. Todd Attig h~aded off ~e B_luff m the lead Forget track grooming for the and Jeff St. Peter definitely came with Jeff Kincaid bound and Class 13 Road Warriors, there to Lake Geneva to race, proof determined to take that lead. The was just no way to do it!' With given by the close wheel to wheel Gulch _was stil! a definite p_art of body requirement in place, Class race they ran from start to finish. the picture, Just ask Michael 13 has become another truck class Attig had the early lead and Burke who came into the jump and when these guys came flying managed to fend off St. Peter lap with a full 360 spin out, made it off The Bluff one had the wild after lap. St. Peter even lost some o~er and kept on truckin'! By urge to yell "surfs up!" Now, major ground when he smoked a mid-race you could hear Greaves' believe it or not, with the track course marking tractor tire but motor breaking up and still the resembling soup, these guys took determination was St. Peter's guy stays in the comp-etition with off with a ground shaking roar! game and he pulled off a Kincaid making a fly-ing pass Now, you want incredible? After a remarkable pass and went on for when the two went over The truck trashing endo just two the check-ered flag. Attig, who Gulch side by side. Whew, give weeks earlier, Bruce Shilts was did all he could to keep the door these guys an A+ in Creative back in the thick of things in closed, placed a very well driven Puddles! Kincaid finished the another brand new truck. The second. Now, that wasn't the end race in first place with Greaves work done to go from bare frame of the track action by any means. struggl-ing around the course for to race ready was done in Shilts' Randy Eller and Scott Schwalbe second. Al Walentowski survived garage by Bruce, a dedicated pit cut each other no slack what so the track for a very nice third crew and some good friends in ever for third position. These guys place. Paul Corning hung in there eight days. However, the race were at it so keenly that with only for fourth rounding out the belonged to Dan Vanden Heuvel four cars left on the track by the number of trucks that finished the who made a muddy, but flawless half way point, they got tangled race. flag to flag run for the win. Shilts to-gether putting Schwalbe off the The Bilstein Heavy Metal battled his way to second despite track on the next lap! Eller hung Challenge was next on the sched-pre-race claims that he was just on to a third place finish but, due ule with a whole lot of scratched going to get the feel of it all. Tom to the tangle, did so with a flat entries! None the less, seven Jensen rounded out the top three right front tire. Nice racing!!! Heavy Metal trucks took the green Todd Attig had to be glad that he replaced that tranny! The Limited Championship was the fmal number on the program with four fearless fellows on the line; Todd Attig, Jon Huss, Jim Wig-gins and John Greaves. Attig went on a flag to flag run for the win with Huss in second. Wiggins went off on lap two leaving Greav-es to hold down third. Too bad the weather was so bad as the original starting grid had twenty-one entries. A twenty-one umbrell salute to the four who did take the track. The Women's Classes all scratched and another Memorial Day Off Road 100 was over. Title sponsor, Ultra Wheels, and prom-oter Kevin Dawson gave everyone involved from pit crew to spec-tator the very best in off road rac-ing. The World Series Of Off Road Racing - SODA - will take it's next race event to Antigo, Wisconsin and we'll se ya' trackside! The Bi/stein Heavy Metal Challenge brought the big stuff out in the rain, but this time fuck rode with Kevin Probst in the GMC and he won this most prestigeous event over tough competition. Wafker Evans took the early lead in the Heavy Metal bash, then got a flat tire and the stop cost him and the Dodge too much time to make back and he finished third. September 1993 Dusty Times

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VORRA Spring Special Text & Photos: Matt Marcher Sam Berri is back on top in Unlimited Class, taking second in the first heat, and winning the second heat, and the points in class for the day. Spring again! What a feeling, perfect days, cool nights, green fields and flowers everywhere, and we can't forget the chirping birds and ~he roar of the seventy-five VORRA racers at the VORRA Spring Special. This year the Spring Special was held at Prairie City SVRA Park in Sacramento, CA. This, the second race in VORRA 's seven race season, was the best VORRA race I've seen in years with one of the largest entries ever, and every class well represented to boot. This time there were a few mino r course changes which made for a much faster race with a new super wide far turn and removal of the off camber turn before the S IF. Although the course wasn't much for jumps it made for more flat out racing which was fine with the fans. There were twelve cars ready to run in the first Sportsman Novice heat which consists of racers with no more than two years racing experience. In this group only half the drivers have raced prior to this season. The pole position for the ·heat went to Gary Steele, with Pete Cassidy in second. Soon after the start a four car The Oddys always have a good field, and the Pilot of Michael Daws was the big winner, second in heat 1, winning heat 2 and the points and purse too. race for first developed with Steele holding the lead and Brian Campbell driving the Wes Banks Class 10 car in second. Terry Shelton ran third followed by Hooter Meyer in his Hooter's Baja. By the eighth lap Campbell had moved into the lead, Shelton was second, followed by Meyer and Steele. At the finish of the heat Gary Pinchero, in a strong two lap charge, moved up from the rear of the pack to take the lead and the win. Brian Campbell finished second with Terry Shelton in a very close third. Fourth went to Hooter Meyer while Pete Cassidy finished fifth. Gary Steele dropped back in the last few laps to end up sixth; none of the other drivers managed to finish the race. In the Sportsman Vet race there wern nine entries ready to go. On the pole was Brian Holloway with the team of Tim and Doug Mack in the number two spot. After the start it became obvious Holloway was the driver to beat. By the third lap Holloway was the clear leader, the Macks were second with Randy Miller third. The Haas Brothers in their Mini Mag were running fourth. By the sixth lap Holloway was still leading but was getting some strong pressure from the Haas team who had moved up to second, just ahead of Miller, while Glen McAdon ran fourth, closing up on Miller. The Green Valley Tire sponsored car of Tim Josh Hall had a good day in the big Dodge, winning both heats in Class 4, and taking first on the day and closing in on the points leader in the class. Roger Caddell came out of the northwest to run his Chenowth, and he was second in the first Class 10 heat, after getting stuck in the mud, won the second heat, the day's points and the cash. and Doug was back to fifth. At the checkered flag it was Holloway with the win, leading flag to flag, while McAdon finished second. The Haas team took third after a. quick rollover on the last lap while trying to pass Holloway cost them second. Randy Miller was fourth and the team of Troy Robinson and Ryan O'Callaghan in the Cargo Web sponsored car crossed the finish line in fifth. Class 9 which ran at the same time as the Vet class had four entries signed up, but only three made the grid. Forest Creasy took the pole position with Robert Milner/Vic McLean in the second spot. Paul Taylor in the All Pro car started third. By lap 3 Milner was leading with Taylor second and Creasy in third. On lap 6 there was no change in position and at the finish line it was Milner and McLean with the win followed by Taylor and then Creasy. VORRA's largest class, 1-2-1600 ran with a sixteen car field. Sean Farrell was the pole sitter with the Tyler Mort/Jon Havlick team in the number two slot. Ken Ruff held third and David Hendrickson was fourth. At the green flag the racers were off with Ruff and Mort/ Havlick in a tight battle for first. By the first lap Ruff had taken first with Mor t /Havlick close beh ind, followed by Hendrickson and Arden Dennington. Tim Riordan was fifth in a vigorous battle for that spot with the Southwest Builders sponsored car of Larry Folsom. At this paint in the race Abreu Racing dropped out when the car hit a berm and got off course, hit a ditch and was sent skyward not ten feet from me. On lap 4 Dennington rolled but was quickly righted and back in the race in no time. On lap·S Ruff and Mort/ Havlick were still at it with Ruff leading, Hendrickson held third with Riordon and Folsom still in a close battle for fourth. On the ninth lap a broken CV put Hendrickson out, giving Riordan third. At the checkers the winner was Ruff followed by Mort/ Hav-lick, Tim Riordon holding onto Jeff Elrod did not have his usual winning day, with a third and a second in the Unlimited heats, and he tied on points in second for the day. Everett Paul started out strong winning the first heat for Un-limited cars, but he fell to fourth in the second heat and tied for second on the day. Raymond Fisher had a good day in his fancy Jeep pickup, taking second in both heats and for the day in Class 4, and Fisher is the class points leader. Page n September 1993 Dusty nmes

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,,,.. , Curt Wengler lifts a wheel in his Jeep CJ on his way to fourth in the first heat, third in the second, and he was third on points in Class 4 for the day, Wes Banks ran his Class 10 to a first heat win, broke an axle in the second heat, still was third and got second on points in Class 10 in his stadium car. Ace Bradford survived the Class 10 traffic, and his third and fourth in the heats brought this veteran driver home third on points in class for the day. third, putting Folsom down to fourth, Fifth went to Keith Robb, followed by the Humbug car of Sid Smith and Bill Rigsby, Class 10 held eight cars on the start with the Mini Mag of Rick Philastre on the pole. If you are wondering why a Mini Mag is running in Class 10, don't ask, nobody knows the answer. Second on the grid was Roger Caddell in a Chenowth, Well, the destruction started quickly this race with three cars stopping in a rather tangled mess just 50 yards from the start. The Mini Mag was one that was involved and was out. Dana Van Noort wa·s also involved but managed to get going again only to drop out two laps later. Turek Zdenek was also involved but was soon back racing. On lap 3 Caddell got stuck in the mud pit, where the VORRA tractor got stuck on Saturday. Caddell was quickly pushed out by the VORRA crew and got right back in the race. By lap 4 the leader was Wes Banks followed by Ace Bradford, who was recently given the go-ahead to start racing again after the trouble at the Bend 300 last season. Mike Gust followed in third, trailed by Caddell. On lap8 Banks was way out in front but C;iddell was closing fast from second spot, just ahead of Bradford. As the checkered flag dropped Wes Banks was the winner with Caddell in second, Bradford in third and Gust in fourth. The Oddy Pro and Novice racers were next on the program with eleven entries in Pro and three in Novice. In the first Pro heat Neal Affinto was on the pole, Ben Wald was second and Gilbert Toste third. By lap 3 the lead spot was in the hands of Scott Stewart and his CW Racing Engines powered Pilot. After eight laps Toste was holding second and Michael Daws was running third. Affinto had moved back to· fourth. On lap 6 Toste took the lead after Stewart rolled on lap 5. Daws was running a close second and Affinto was third. At the finish the winner was Gilbert Toste. Daws finished second followed by Affinto then Ben Wald, In the Novice heat only two of· the three entries made it to the start line, but the two did have a fun time. At the midway point Andy Wald was leading with Keith Haas second Wald ende up winning, with Haas a close second. The Class 3 and 4 heavies took to the track seven strong with Curt Wengler on the pole, The near stock Chevy of Jim Cottrell was in the #2 spot, the CHE Racing Jeep of class cham Raymond Fisher started third. Dusty Times Mike Povey who had retired his old Ford unretired it at the request of fans who were disappointed at the opener's poor turn out. The racing started off quick with Fisher moving into the DEIST SEAT BEL TS The greatest name In driver safety equipment, 4·polntsendral/seatbelt . . $74.95 RACE BELTS 2'•5polntmount .. , ..... . $79.95 3'·5polntmount, . ... , ... $99.95 SIDE COVERS IRS .. , . , ..... , , ........ ,$54.95 Swing axle , ....... ....... $54.95 KENNEDY PRESSURE PLATES 200mm•1700# ... , . . ,., ... $79.95 200mm-up 103000# .... ,,,. $99.95 GERMAN AUTO RACING PRESSURE PLATES 200mm 1700#-2400#,. from $54.95 PERFORMANCE CLUTCH DISC Cushlocks ....... , . .... . . $39.95 4pucferramic ............ $44.95 4 puc ferramic with spring hub . ............... $54.95 lead on lap 2 and the team of Don and Chris German pulling into the pits. At lap 3 Fisher was still leading followed by Wengler then Josh Hall in a Dodge. Povey was fourth until one lap later when he got stuck in a huge mud pit where he stayed to the end of the race. On the same lap the Germans managed to rejoin the race but ran a conservative pace. On lap 6 Hall moved into the lead where he stayed to the end winning the race, with Fisher finishing second, followed by John Herman, and Curt Wengler finished in fourth. The last heat of the first moto featured m¥. GERMAN AUTO SACO MAGNUM RACK BIiiet housing, 11/, • allow gear, through bolt mounting complete with stops . .... , ... ,., ... , . . $395.00 SACO CV CAGES, BOOTS, AND FLANGES 930or T-4 cages ... , .... ea $44.95 930orT-4orT·2flanges .ea $15.95 Trick boots (specify) .... ea $15.95 930CVstar ............... ,,, ,call "WEEKEND-WARRIOR" LONG TRAVEL BEAMS 8' travel-stock width .... $199.95 8'travel-wldenedbeam .$219.95 10• travel-stock width . . . . $224.95 10• travel-widened beam , $244.95 TRI MIL EXHAUST T ½"chrom T 11h"raw , 1 1 SIR ct.rem -11518" ra~ .... chrome GERMAN AUTO HATS GERMAN AUTO T-SHIRTS specify M. LG.XLG .$ 98.95 S 65.95 S 05.95 c 72 9~ 189.95 $154.95 $4.9!:i .. $8.50 PORSCHE STYLE FAN SHROUD Flis T-4 engine, utilizes T· 1 alternator, Includes alternator stand . $299.95 MAGNUM SPINDLES MK/ .......... ,, ..... , ,$489.95 MK II .................. $589.95 I PEDAL ASSEMBLIES CNC Clutch and brake assemblies for cable throllie . With black pedal ..... . . :$164.95 With chrome pedal . . ..... $184. 95 With hydraulic throttle ... $259.95 Replacement slave ... .. ,$ 44.95 l>ACU HAC AND PINIO~ Tho tou9-.,c~ 8\< 1al'/f geflr->. vii r, ... 1 ··odizec s~anau ·d rar c:.rd {-11,lount plate Coupl•H R; steu, n~· uc-$269 95 S 9.95 . , ~ 8.95 .$ 19.95 VALVE COVERS T-4 "no leak" style fits 1.7, 1.8, and2.0,, ....... , .. , . . pr. $44.95 SACO ALUMINUM WHEELS Pol/shed finish, bolt together rears lite spindle mounts too from $99.95 FRONT TRAILING ARMS Link pin , . . , , ... , ... 4130Chromoly Stock length .. , , . , , .. pr. $449.00 1'1,'longer ..... ,. ,. .pr.$474.00 2 ¼ • longer ....... , , .pr. $499.00 4 • longer-coil over style pr. $549.00 CHROMOL Y TIE RODS 1 • chromoly tie rods w/ends. (specify Ford or International) set ... ...... , . .. .............. $89.95 t.O REAR TRAILINb ArlMS $435.00 2 600 5-1600 $415.00 CA 1 ALOG . ., . . . . . . US$4.00 OVERSEAS $10.00 11324 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 310-863-"l 123 FAX 310 929-1461 September 1993 Page 29

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Neal Affinto led from the pole but dropped to third in the first Oddy heat, and he was also third in the second heat, but got points. Getting close to the mud Miles Burghold was out of the first heat, but was a good second in the next one, and he ended up third on points in Oddy class. Andy Wald won both heats and the points in the Novice Oddy class, which didn't have much of an entry at this Prairie City race meet. Larry Folsom zips along to a fourth in heat 1 and a second in heat 2 and he came in second on points for the day in Class 1-2-1600, a big class. Tyler Mort and Jon Havlick ran with the 1-2-1600 leaders, took second in the first heat, fourth in the second, and they were third on points for the day. Ken Ruff had a great start, winhing the first 1-2-1600 heat, dropped to fifth in the second heat, got fourth on points, and is the overall VORRA points leader. · Tim Riordan bested the 16 car 1-2-1600 field with a third in heat 1 and he won the second heat, the points for the day, and of course the purse too. ~ Class 2 Open class cars. fourth and Geoff Van Noort got There were six in the class which, fifth. for all the speed and power these In the second Novice moto cars have, turned out to be, onlyoneoftheoriginalracerswas exlcuding the high speeds, the unable to make the start. This race least exciting of the heats, and went fast with the heat win going nearly boring. Jeff Elrod, who is to Brian Campbell, who ended the always good for a show, started on day first in class. Gary Pinc hero the pole with Everett Paul in his finished second in the heat and in new Class 2 car in second. The class, while third for the heat and race, which had few position the day went to Terry Shelton changes and fewer breakdowns, giving him 127 points after two only one car of Jason Paul, saw races, putting him in the number Everett Paul win the heat. Sam one spot. Although most cars Berri finished second ahead ofJeff cross the finish line in front of, Elrod. Clayton Scudder was behind or beside another car, few - . - . --11!!!11~:::::; . --. . . ·-_;;-e --~," -Whether you 're on a chase crew, a racer or a 4WD enthusiast, the Rod Hall off-road driving school can help you be your best! But be ready .. the road isn't smooth! Page 30 . Call For Courses and Dates Great Basin consulting 2738 Chavez Dr. Reno, NV 89502 (702) 825-8830 cars finish on top of another car. But here Pete Cassidy and Matt Oliphant ended up with Oli-phant's car on the hood of Cassidy's car, just 30 feet from the finish line. With neitner driver wanting to lose a position, both kept their cars wide open and c;rossed over together where it was decided that Cassidy finished ahead of Oliphant by only three inches, Cassidy in fourth and in class and Oliphant fifth. All but one Vet car managed to make the second moto start. Off the line Vern Smith and the Macks got into each other and caused both to lose several positions. On lap 3 the F & S Drywall sponsored Mini Mag of the Haa$ Brothers dropped back a lap with tranny and clutch trouble. At the finish Troy Robinson and Ryan O'Callaghan had the win, their first heat win in the new car. It gave them second for the day putting them at the 150 mark for the season, leading the points after two races. The Creasy Racing Hiatts Metal Fab sponsored car driven by Glen McAdon finished second, giving the team first in class for the day. Third in the heat went to Randy Miller, ending his day fourth in class. Brian Holloway finished the heat fourth, third on the day with 131 points and second in the season points race. In the last Class 9 heat there was only one car that finished the required laps. Milner/McLean dropped out on the third lap and Forest Creasy only completed eight laps, leaving only Paul Taylor. Taylor won the heat, obviously, and was first in class on the day. Creasy took second in the heat and third for the day while Milner/ McLean were third, and second for the day. In season points Taylor and Milner/ McLean are tied at 103, with Creasy at 79 . Next up came the 1-2-1600s with all 16 cars ready for the second moto. By midway in the race Tim Riordan was in the lead with Rigsby and Smith not far behind. Larry Folsom was September 1993 running third with Shane Balch these guys· fast! I · thought they bringing up fourth. Later, near the were going to break the sound last lap, Folsom made a move and barrier until Banks broke an axle passed Rigsby/Smith to take leaving Roger Caddell the win second. At the finish Tim which also gave him the win for Riordan was the winner giving the day. Banks got third in the-him first for the day. Folsom came moto and second in class. in second in the heat and for the Bradford, fourth in the heat, day. Sid Smith/ Bill Rigsby took ended up third in class and Dana third, giving them fifth for the Van Noort took second in the day. Tyler Mort/Jon Havlick moto, fourth for the day, but came in fourth for the heat and earned enough points to increase third for the day, while Ken Ruff, his lead ending up with a total of who forgot the Bugle, was fifth in 110 so far this season. the heat and fourth in class. Ken In Oddy Pro there was some now has a total of 166 points hot action! On lap 3 Daws had the putting him not only in the class lead but was being pressured by lead but the overall lead for the Miles Burghold in a Pilot. Scott season. Go Ken, go! Stewart and Neal Affinto were in Class 10 ran with only five of a hot race, maybe too hot as they the original eight cars starting the both rolled. Affinto was quick to second moto. Right away Dana get back in the race, Stewart Van Noort pulled off the course, wasn't so lucky, and he didn't get only getting in one lap, then on lap restarted. By lap 6 Daws was 2 Zdenek dropped out with a pulling aw:iy from second running broken timing belt. Meanwhile Burghold and Affinto. Mike Banks and Bradford fought it out Vandeburgh was fourth. for first with Banks leading. Daws was a clear winner in the Caddell ran third, minus a clutch, heat and the class, giving him 160 but was moving up close to the points, he leads in the class points. leaders. Seeing the conditions Miles Burghold finished second VanNoortrejoined the chase on a giving him third for the day while flat rear with four laps to go. Affinto came in third in the heat Bradford then dropped out and second in class, and he is leavingBanksandCaddelltogoat second on points with 146. each other, and boy oh boy were Fourth in ~ VORRA 's Class 9 is slim but competitive. Paul Taylor was second in Heat 1, won the second heat in his Challenger, and won the points on the day. Dusty Times

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The Organizing Committee for the 1993 .RANCHO SUSPENSION/ ''Rod Hall Invitational'' RENO/PYRAMID 300 Off-Road race, scheduled for August 21, wishes to announce that the race has been rescheduled for: APRIL 29,. 30, May 1, 1994 This rescheduling has been made necessary by the fact that the site for this year's race [the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation] is currently em~roiled in serious Tribal conflict that has seen Recall Election a~tion taken against the current Tribal administration, which swept into power in June of this year. The new adminstration has taken the stance that all contracts and agreements entered into by the previous administration are ''null and void.'' Wholesale firings, resignations and closed-door meetings are the order of the day at the Reservation. Rather than send drivers and fans into such a hostile and unstable environ-ment, the Organizing Committee has opted for an alternate site for the race. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we are still look-ing forward to seeing you in Reno in 19941 RANCHO SUSPENSION 11ROD HALL INVITATIONAL

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Robert Milner and Vic McLean enjoy Class 9, and they won the first heat, but despite being a DNF in the second heat the team was second on the points. Troy Robinson and Ryan O'Callaghan, a young team, were fifth , Brian Holloway started out strong winning the first Vet heat, but in the first Vet heat, but won the second one, and took home he fell to fourth in the second round, which dropped him to third second on points for the day. on the day's points. ----------------------Fighting for control here, the Haas Brothers got the Mini Mag in third in the first heat, but they did no( finish the second heat with trans trouble. Gary Pinchero made a late charge to win the first Novice heat, fell to second in the next one, and finished the day second in Novice class points. Terry Shelton was third in both Novice class heat races, third on the day's points, but Terry was the leader on class points after two VORRA events. EE the heat and for the day was Mike Vandeburgh. In the Novice Oddy Race, Andy Wald ran circles around Keith Haas and finished second for the day. P.S. Keith's FL is for sale so somebody please buy it so he can get a Pilot. In Class 4 there was a great race going on between Josh Hall and Raymond Fisher, with Fisher holding the lead most of the race. Mike Povey ran strong until lap 6 when the right front hub went away. The Germans, Don and Chris, dropped out with only two laps to go. Near the end of the nice the Halls got around Fisher to take the heat win, giving them the class win. Fisher took second in the heat and second in class. Fisher ended the day with a total of 110 points and the lead in class points. Third was firmly in the hands of Curt Wengler who also finished the day third, while Mike Povey, who limped his Bronco around the last few laps, finished fourth. The last race was the Unlimited Cars where Sam Berri quickly took the lead with Everett Paul just as quickly moving into sec-ond. By lap 4 Berri led Everett Paul and Jeff Elrod. Then Everett • rolled the car over the only high banked turn left on the course,. giving Elrod second. Everett did get back on his wheels, down two laps. Berri ended up with a start to finish win, giving him first for the day and put him in a points tie at 107 with Jason Paul who was third in the heat and fourth for the day. Jeff Elrod took-second in the heat and in class, while Everett Paul ended up fourth, and third in class for the day. Everett has 105 HI-TECH • SUSPENSION SPECIALISTS • FREE EXPERT CONSUL TING • INSTALLATIONS I VISA I -iii] OFF ROAD RACING HEADQUARTERS LARGEST INVENTORY IN LAS VEGAS -:, FEITIJIUNG • RICING IPORTIWUR • NO FEIi GED • AERO GAS TUKI • BITCHES " •AIISOIL ., ARTCABB "£ • •AlffllFAB •Bl■ •BEITOP •BODYLIF'n •PDW • IIIEITCH ftCII •IIBTllllft • FEIIDEB n.ABES • n.DWIIASTEII •nlELCELLS Brian Campbell drove Wes Banks' stadium car in Novice action, and got · second in heat 1, and won the second heat and the points for the race day. • GRIZZLY • HEIJ-1 Page 31 September 1993 points, tied for second with Elrod. There was a dash for cash finale with Wes Banks taking the winner take all purse. There was also some great, if not interesting racing in the Dash with every class represented including Oddys. Also there was a great five over barrel roll provided when Larry Deaton, driving Everett Paul's new car was bumped going over the main jump. Oh what a show! VORRA now moves to desert racing for the summer season. MORE VORRA ACTION IN-THIS ISSUE? See Page 36 For VORRA Yerington Report Dusty Times ....

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THE 40TH ACROPOLIS RALLY Mild Biasion Wins Overall In Greece Text & Photos: Martin Holmes It was warm and dusty at the Acropolis Rally, and Alex Fassina and Luigi Pirollo got the Group N lead late in the game and won N honors, took tenth overall in the Mazda 323 GT-Rand now lead the points. Miki Biasion and Tiziano [;iviero outlasted.the competition, were plagued with electrical troubles and overheating, even had a fuel fire, but the pair won overall in the Ford Escort RS Cosworth by over a minute. After an event of remarkable tradition of using all gravel, all summer-time Greece. attrition in which all works Toy- daylight stages, FISA's route In Group N Mohammed Bin EmiltTr:~er and Ji~i ~;ma r~is;.s~:;e dust~n;h~ Skoda Favorit 13~L on their otas and Subarus retired and only shorten1·ng rules meant the event., Sulayem from Dubai had new way O e victory m ormu a · ey ran e m teammate Pavel tbera, but . . . jumped into the lead when he retired. half the Ford and Mitsubishi which started under the Parthenon transm1ss1on parts for his Escort, teams reached the finish, Miki in Athens, this year dispensed hopefully more reliable. Jorge service between some stages rule Biasion won his first World rally with the Sunday Superspecial Recalde made a welcome return to - in heavy effect the last day. since Argentina in 1990. bringing stage and finished back in Athens the World Championship scene, · Vatanen shot into the lead Ford equal with Toyota as joint on Tuesday evening, one day this time at the wheel of a Top and was fastest on the first five leader in the Manufacturers' earlier than in recent years. Vir- Run team Lancia in group N. The special stages. Running number World Series. Drivers champ-tually all the competitive distance Argentine driver said "We gained ten, he took full advantage of the ionship leader Francois Dele- previously run over four days was the chance to drive this car when passage of several cars ahead of cour retired and, although he this year held in three. And there Carlos Menem Jr. decided to him clearing the surface of the still leads the series, four drivers was a novel twist. FISA's cost- concentrate this year on saloon dust and stones, but the perf-are now within 20 points of each cutting no-servicing zones intend- car racing." The Formula 2 battle ormance of the car was evident by other, at the halfway point/ in the ed to save expense had been con- continued. Despite Bruno Thiry's the way he was followed closely, season. The World Champion centrated on the last day, Astra a DNF, GME gained four in conditions hotter than he is Carlos Sainz fmally gained a imposing a remarkable pressure unexpected points in Corsica from accustomed to, by his teammate good result, second with his on teams with cars in less than a good result by a similar car. Colin McRae. Toyota ran into Lancia, and ·the best performance optimum condition. _ After successful Subaru troubles when Auriol broke his in the special stage results chart! The gravel stages promised to testing the-41 year old veteran Ari sump on the early stages and had Mitsubishi's third place with be as demanding as ever, territory Vatanen, the 1981 World Rally to wait to be rescued by service Armin Schwarz was a great where the rocks and high temp- champion and lately king of vans. He was later to retire with encouragement. Mazda took the eratures cause tire troubles. Mich- desert raids, made his first engine trouble after hitting an top three places in Group N, elin brought their ATS mousse appearance in the 1993 World unexpected hole in the road at ~e winner Alex Fassina going to the insert system, while Pirelli had a series following a serious back end of stage 8, where the firush top of this series while Skoda limited supply of run-flat tires injury on the Paris-Dakar event con~~l was not _in the expected won the Formula 2 division with bolts mounted on the wheel last January. This was also the pos1t1on. Mechanics wo~ed hard although GME still leads this to deter a flat tire from leaving the last major European appearance on the car, but to no avail. Kank-category. rim. At the wheel of a champ-of the Legacy as from the 1000 kunen had a miserable day. On The Greek Classic had sharp- ionship leading Toyota, last year's Lakes, Subaru will run the stage 2 he had shock absorber ened itself up. The first of four winner Didier Auriol was con- smaller Impreza car with the trouble, and the spare wheel broke elite rounds of the 1993 World fident the horsepower problems semi-automatic transmission. free and smashed the rear Championship which all the top he had in Corsica were solved. Most teams modified their window. Then oil leaked away five teams expect to enter For the rest of the year he will cars to deal with the heat with from the rear differential which attracte<l not only Ford, Toyota, follow the same program _ as extra air ducts a second oil ~ooler effectively gave him only three Mitsu\i,shi, Lancia-Jolly Club and teammate Juha Kankkunen.Their etc. All were 'very anxious about wheel dri~e for most of the day. SubarJ but also the official rivals Ford, with water injected the performance of FISA's control . Lancra _had not fared we_ll nomination of Formula 2 Escort RS Cosworth cars, fuel in high temperatures, and e1th~r._ On his first ever Acropolis contender GM, as well as the expected to perform strongly in. fuel mileage could be a problem Aghm1 ~ad ~ punctl!r~, and one of Skoda team. Following the recent the high ambient temperatures of for some teams ,.vith the no the special tire retammg bolts on -:-~'.'\-.,,,,.. ~,., j• .,. db--~;.,;,, « Reigning World Champion Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya scored 11 stage wins in the Jolly Club Lancia HF lntegrale; the Spainards were a close second Armin Schwarz and Nicky Grist lift the wheels on the Mitsubishi Lancer overall. Evolution for the spectators, and they placed a close third in Greece. Page 34 September 1993 the wheel broke a brake pipe. Trelles in another Jolly Club car had the throttle stick wide open and he had to drive three kilo-meters on the ignition key and also had a puncture. Fiorio in the Astra car had a flat; his Pirellis were fitted with the new tire retammg bolts, but on this occasion he felt they were the cause of the tire failure. "I think air had been escap-ing from the wheel and suddenly the tire was flat." Makinen in the other Astra car had the cent~r differential slip after stage 4. "It meant the front tires were always wearing out, and by the new rules we could not change it until we got to Delphi." Kenneth Eriksson started the event determined not to stress the Mitsubishi unduly, but retired in bizarre circumstances. A bolt holding the engine cross member broke, letting a driveshaft become disengaged. This flailed around and smashed the sump of his car. Teammate Schwarz however was finding himself competitive with the Lancias, until he fell back on stage 7 with a broken rear drive-shaft. The Fords were now ahead of the remaining Toyota of Kank-kunen, but these drivers and Sainz were all closely bunched together. Vatanen seemed to be in excellent physical condition, and commented that "It has been easier than I had imagined so far ... " In Group N Bin Sulayem pulled ahead after shock absorber troubles, then a broken wheel de-layed initial leader Recalde enabling Fassina to gain second place with his Mazda. Local cham-pion 'Stratissino' lost · considerable time with electronic trouble in his Nissan Pulsar GTI-R but he continued. In Formula 2 Thiry pulled away from the opposition at about a half minute a stage, but crashed when he had trouble controlling his car after hurting his hand. Czech Republic DustyTimcs

Page 35

Hopping through a control area Argentine drivers Gustavo Trelles and Jorge Del Bouno had bad luck with their Lancia, retiring midway with rew suspension trouble. The new rules forced Miki Biasion and Tiziano Siviero to change their own tires between stages, but they fooled them and won in Carlos Sainz takes off from a pit stop with the city across thE river. Note the helicopter support for the Lancia driver anc organized looking crew members already nearly packed up ready to roll to the next service location. the Ford anyhow. This Speedline wheel shows the new .., Pirelli tire retaining bolts designed to In his handsome Ford Escort RS Cosworth Mohammed Bin Sulayem from the get a driver to service without losing UAE and Ronan Morgan led Group N easily until retiring in the hills with the rubber from the wheel and doing gearbox failure. _m_o_re_da_m~ag_e_. _______ _ oriver Pavel Sibera took the lead fastest time, on the long, rough Makinen changed tires on his in a Skoda. Christine Driano was stage 20 called Tarzan, own in a no service area and his badty delayed after her Citroen's · traditionally the toughest of the jack broke and he incurred time rear ax_le broke; she a_rrived at the event. Delecour said the "Stones penalties: followm~ control five seconds there are one meter square!" But In Group N Bin Sulayem was before she would have been ~his year the anticipated upheaval leading easily but retired in the excluded, but later the car failed I n t h e r a 11 Y ha P Pe n e d mountains in the afternoon with after a water crossing. · immediately afterwards. Although gearbox trouble, as second placed The test of tires in the hot he made second best time on stage Recalde stopped with rear suspen-and rough conditions was as 20 Kankkunen's Toyota engine sion failure. Fassina's Mazda 323 intense ~s ever. Leading all . the sound~d rough, _and on _the GT-R was now comfortably ahead way Ai:t Vatanen made_ eight followmg road s~ction the car Ju~t of two similar models driven by fastest_ t~es compared with two s~opped. ~echam~s rush-ed to his Greeks Notis Giagnissis and for Bias10n and Delecour one. aid, got it runnmg but at the Pavlas Moshoutis. The Skodas of Austrian Privateer Rudi Stohl in ensuing service it would not Sibera and Emil Triner were now his _Audi Coupe _S2 ab3:11don~d on restart. Far too late to continue running 1-2 in Formula 2. Triner th~ first stage with e11:gme failure. they changed ~e fuel pump and recovered from delays with fuel Without any doubt it had been the car was mo~ile. trouble yesterday. Russian driver ~atanen's day. It_ was 13 years All the while ~elecour, who Sergei Aliasov had fallen to third. smce ~e w_on his fi~st Wor~d started the day ~nnrng ~ourt~ on 'Leonidas' drove three stages with Championship ~ally, this event m the road, an~ Sainz runnrng _sixth broken rear suspension. Greec~! carryrng t_he sa_me were making good times. OnEtape3itbecameamajor competition nu~ber. His codriv~r Delecour passed Kankkunen and struggle to keep Miki's car going. o~ that occasion was . David by stage 17 was second; when Biasion's worst problem was a fire Riclll!ds, now the c~ief of Vatanen crash~d he w~ t~,e in stage 30 caused by electrical Prodrive, the compan_y which run~ l~~er. The . Frnn explarns: I trouble in the fuel system. He !he Subaru teai:n. ~s season An mISJudged a nght hander. The car continued to the end of the stage is the ~nly ~ver _rn the World went up on two wheels ~d went where the fire was extinguished, Champ10nship senes over 40 over the edge. After rollmg down but now the engine was over-Ye3!S old to have been ~ffered a 30 me,~ers _the car was stopped by heating. The water temperature maJor program, and as his Subaru a tree. Sarnz was up to third unul was up to 119 degrees the inlet to team-mate McRae is the youngest, a driveshaft broke and road 100. After his f~el system they looked a formidable pair, for penalties put him down to fourth. problem yesterday, Delecour the moment! On stage 23 Delecour lost the ~ead restarted in eighth place with On ?tape 2 both Subarus, beca~s_e the fuel pump f~led. hopes to gain places and enhance when lymg first and. second, Servicrng was not permltted his series lead, but the engine crashed and retired; the second between stages 23 and 24 and on wilted in the heat and he retired. Toyota retired with electric stage 24 h~ lost 19 minutes and Sainz pressed hard and passed trouble, Delecour had been badly fell to eighth place. Tommy Schwarz into second place but delayed. World Champion Carlos Sainz found a new turn of speed, amazingly the Mitsubishi Miki Biasion/Tiziano Siviero of Schwarz was second behind the new leader Biasion, and the two top cars in Group N were out! An extraordin~ry day witnessed mounting pressure and McRae was the first casualty. He had a flat and hit a rock wall, tried to carry on, but shortly afterwards the whole suspension collapsed. 40th Acropolis Rally I Ford Escort RS Cosworth A • 6 :54:35 Despite running in slippery conditions at the front of the field today, Vatanen held the lead with confidence, his only problem be-ing on stage 14 when he had brake failure. He scored one DustyTimcs Carlo~ Sianz/luis Moya Armin Schwarz/Nicky Grist Andrea Aghini/Sauro Farnocchia Gustavo Trelles/Jorge Del Buono Tommy Makinen/Seppo Harjane Alex FiorioNittorio Brambilla Costas Apostoiou/Mihalis Kriadis Nikos Tsadaris/Elias Kafaoglou Alex Fassina/Luigi Pirollo Emil Triner/Jiri Klima E Lancia HF lntegrale A 0/GB Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution A I Lancia HF lntegrale A U/RA Lancia HF lntegrale SF Lancia HF lntegrale I Lancia HF integrale rn Lancia HF integrale A A A A A 6 :55:48 6:57:19 7:00:15 7:02 :39 7:02 :44 7:23:44 7:39:00 7:39:45 rn Lancia HF lntegraie Mazda 323 GT-R N' 8 :08:04 cs Skoda F avorit 136L A'' 8:10:11 93 starters -46 finishers - ·Group Winner •• F2 winner - No Ladies finishers World Championship Points - Toyota & Ford 77-, Mitsubishi 47. Lancia 43, Subaru 36 WRC Drivers Points - Oelecour 55, Biasion 51, Kankkunen 43, Auriol 35, Alen & Sainz 25, McRae 24, Aghini 22, Jonsson 20, Eriksson & Schwarz 18. Group N Points - Fassina 26, Coutinho 14, Spiliotis, Backlund, Shamji & Manfrinato 13 FIA Manufacturers Cup (Formula 2) GME 36, Skoda 29, Peugeot 22, Citroeen 20. FIA Ladies Cup Points - Driano 15, Holderled 9. September 1993 Former World Champion Miki Biasion scored-his 17th WC victory, one for Ford, and it was his first win in three years making him a veFy happy man. Makinen tell back with punctures. Fiorio had more trans-mission trouble, stuck for three stages in two wheel drive and Makinen fell behind Trelles on the final stage when he had a double puncture. The Formula 2 leader Sibera retired with electrical trouble but his Skoda teammate Triner inherited his place. In the war of the tires Michelin with their A TS mousse inserts beat Pirelli with their· special bolted on tires. On two stages Michelin users scored fastest stage time on a punctured tire; Pirelli only scored one best time, on the very last stage. A result better qualified to Finnish driver, forme;· champion Ari Vatanen returned to WRC rallying and took an immediate lead, and held it until he crashed the Subaru on stage 17; he has spent recent years on the rally-raid circuit, winning there too. keep alive the championship was impossible to imagine. Ford had to decide whether to go to Argentina, and if so with which drivers. With their drivers lying 1-2 in the series the chances of their entry looks good! The only teams currently committed to enter are Jolly Club and Toyota. Biasion has won in Argentina three times before while Delecour has never competed outside Europe! Delecour leads Biasion by just four points in the drivers championship and Toyota and Ford are tied at 77 points in the race for Manufacturers honors. Straight nt. Aluminum Wheel Straightening Die and Press Straightened "No" Heating or Beating If We Can't Straighten Them There is "No Charge" Fast Service and Daily UPS Our New Address Is 31420 96th Street East Littlerock, CA 9_3543 . 805/944-2719 Page 35

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Yerington/VORRA 400 minutes back. Mike Jones of Sacramento, CA. came in with a 9:03:54 time enabling him to grab the second overall spot. Mike was smooth all day with little down Text & Photos: Wizer Photo time. Third overall was easily ------------------------------------------= taken by the veteran team of Norm Crume, from Ontario, Oregon, drove his single seat Class car to the overall victory, running consistent ·fast times, and his was the only car that finished the race in under nine hours. Yerington Locals. Being the first race in the Desert series put many racers on the edge of their seats. it was over the tires and many racers experienced silt baths. Schaupp and Wiechers in their D&S Dismantlers sponsored 1600 single seat car out of Reno, NV. with a time of9:23:47. Class 2 was the first class off the line with 10 starters. The track would take over half the class with • only four cars g~tting the checkered flag. The first car off the line was Sam Berri of Arnold, CA. in his two seat car. The most spectacular jump of the day would go to Sam with him catching big air off the infamous . Verling Hill. The flight would take its toll. By Hootin Wells Sam's fast lap would be slowed with suspension difficulties. Sam would be able to fix the problem and come back to take third in class with a 10:51:27 time. Norm Crume of Ontario, OR. in his Norm's Auto Electric sponsored race car would be the number one runner at this year's race taking the overall win with a great time. Norm told me "We had a flawless run until the last lap when- I hit a boulder, a big boulder, I thought I broke the car." This was hard to believe since Norm set his fastest lap of the day on the final lap running a . 2:03:09 setting the time to beat . Norm mentioned that the only real disappointment he had with the race was that there was a team missing from this year's event, Team Verling. As Norm put it, "I was looking forward to running against them." Second in class would go to Mike Jones of Sacramento, CA, in the Versa Tech 2 sea t car; running clean all day gave Mike the second overall The Yerington/VORRA 400 held over the Memorial Day Weekend is usually considered one of the smoother courses of the season. The race consists of four 100 mile laps for the Pro drivers, three for the Sportsmen, and one for the Pilots. This year's race was welcomed by Dini's Lucky Club, as well as the The race began on Sunday May 30th at 9:00 a.m. starting one car every 30 seconds. The field was 75 strong at the start. This year's weather was exceptional compar-ed to past years. Silt seemed to be the word of the day. Some places The overall winners of the race ran blistering paces. First overall went to Norm Crume of Ontario, OR. running hard all day with consistently fast times the· only 8 hour finish in the Pro classes, running a 8:3 7 :49 time. Sam Berri really caught some air off the Verling hill, but it cost him some time The next place car was over 20 to fix the car by the side of the road, but he finished third in Class 2. Wike Jones gets a good launch in his Class 2 car, and the ,acramento driver flew right into second overall in the Versa rech two seat race car. Everett Paul gets on the high side of the famous Weeks silt beds here but some of them caught him and he ended up as the last Class 2 car to finish. Despite his high flying antics Mike Turner ran away with the Class 10 victory in the Gold Rush Auto Parts two seater; he was the only finisher in class. ··h ' BILSTEIN RACING APPLICATIONS CLASS 1 TO CLASS 11 OUR SHOCK PRICES ARE VERY COMPETITIVE CALL TOLL FREE FOR PRICES & APPLICATION 1 FUNNELS $11.95 11 GAL DUMP CAN SGALJUGS WHITE $19.95 RED-YELLOW-ORANGE $20.95 HOT PINK $23.95 $49.95 2 FOR$89.95 ,. IIIATCHET WHHL ITIIU 10 FT. $29.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE r COMIO MTCHntAXLi ITMiN 10 FT. $38.95 RED-BLACK-BLUE : T WIIIAP-AIIOUND AXU l1"MN 21 IN. $9.95 00 FCONOMY FUEL CEUS. 8 GAL $172.50 . 12 GAL $187.50 22 GAL $217.50 ·e•u 0 CLEARf.UELHOSE 1• $2.90FT 2" $5.72FT 3" $8.94FT RALLYE500 76109 $28.95 RALLYE 1000 75701 $68.95 RALLYE2000 n411 $81.95 Ill -.~ .. , AMBER AVOIDANCE LIGHT TWIN HORN $12.90 $53.95 WRIGHT · RACK & PINION $309.00 .... 0ooc,o0 ~IGHT COMBOS WITH BEARINGS $59MO 5 PT HARNESS $94.38 TOP QUALITY NOMEX Ill SUIT · $243.38 RED-BLACK-BLUE BOTH SFI APPROVED RED-BLACK-BLUE T SUPER SHIFTER $99.pO . DUAL M/CYLINDER \.... $199~ $13;.~ _,.. ◄ IWCYLINDER & SLAV£ HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR OFF-ROAD 805-683-1211 fl( ._1 Q)~ EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES -WE SHIP woRLD WIDE TOLL FREE TECHNICAL SALES LINE ~ c,e .,.,_y~10 ~ OFF-ROAD USE ONLY 8~0-622-3939 · -'age 36 September 1993 Dusty Tiincs

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Dale Smith and David Bright of Sparks, NV were flying high in the JB Class 10, their new state of the art A arm two seater built by Dennis Kordonowy, and though a dnf they were second in class. _",~---Abreu Racing, who never list their real names for whatever reason, ran over the silt with no problem and were able to finish second in Class 1-2-1600. The single seat racer of Larry Zimmerman found the smooth, hard line through the largest silt wash out there and they zipped along to take third in 1600s. finish with little down time. Everett Paull of Garden Valley, CA, would be the final car to get the checkered flag in Class 2. Everett had a hard day but would he able to hold on and finish fourth in class with a 13:51 :44 time. The final car off the line in class was Geoff Van Noort of Fresno, CA. Geoff's day didn't start very well having a long first lap and an even longer second, setting the longest lap time of the day with a 9: 12:52 time. The team wouldn't he able to make it around again within the time allowance. Class 10 began with seven starters hut would only have one finisher. Mike Turner of Lincoln, CA, experienced down time on lap four and was back by an hour. Mike was able to make the finish running an 11 :31 :24 race. Second in class went to the team of Smith and Bright of Sparks, NV. in their new state of the art A arm two seater built by Dennis Kordon-owy. Dale had a great first lap setting the fastest time in class with a 2: 19:09 time, but fell off the pace on lap two. The team would make a third lap to pick up second in class. Steve Bradford of Seaside, CA, in his single seater was the third place car in class, being the only other competitor to make the third lap. The 1-2-1600 class was the second largest class of the day with 13 starters. Five of the racers would make the finish. First car off the line in class was Sid Smith ofYuha City, CA, in the Humbug Automotive single seat car who would set fast lap in class running a 2:16:05 on lap one. Unfortun-ately the team wouldn't be seen for the 'rest of the day. Scott Schaupp and Dick Wiechers in their D&S Dismantlers sponsor-ed single seat car of Reno, NV, ran a hard charging race and were able to snag the first in dass and third overa II, with the nex.t 1600 2 3 minutes back. The Abreu Racing team of Dublin, CA. in their two seat racer took the second position in class and fourth overall with a 9:46:00 run. Larry Zimmerman of Alta, CA, in the Larry'Z Auto Parts sponsored single seater was there all day finishing with a time of 10:42: 17 getting the third spot in class. Bill Webb of Sparks, NV in the Zoom Motors sponsored single seat car was able to pick up the fourth position with a 10:07:21 time. Ken Ruff of Oroville, CA. ran strong all day until the third lap, experiencing mechanical difficulties. Ken was able to make the fourth lap, being the final finisher in 1-2-1600 with a time of 11:36:16. Class 4 would sJart the day with 9 entrants. There would be 5 finishers. Steve Bruner was the first heavy metal off the line. Dustynmcs Steve had the longest day in class come back for lap two but with a 6:47:29 first lap, due to wouldn't be seen after that. Tom endoing his truck several times; Scahill of San Rafael, CA. won the only injuries were to the Class4.WhenlspoketoTomhe truck. To get back into the race told me that his main objective at the team dismantled one of their the 400 was to make all 4 laps. As support vehicles. They would he put it "We slowed ourselves down after the first lap because we knew that on a 400 mile race speed will break you." Tom got out of the truck at the end of the first lap after hurting his back. His Co-Driver would drive the rest of Second in C'iass 4 went to points leader Raymond Fisher of Reno, NV in his C H E Honcho. Raymond had little down time and was in the hunt for the win coming in with a 10:06:57. The . the race, running a 9:57:47 time . . number~ BUMPERS THE PERFECT ACCESSORY TO MAKE YOUR VEHICLE STAND OUT FROM THE REST! • • • • ALL BUMPERS ARE: Fabricated in 3" dia. heavy steel tubing Direct bolt-on -no modifications All hardware inciuded - -easy installation Protects vehicle while enhancing looks • • 3 year warranty on workmanship - 90 days on finish Recommended by USA #1 Jeep Volume Sales Dealer! Retail Chrome Front ............ $219.95 Chrome Rear ........ ~ ..... 249.95 Chrome Side .............. 169.95 Black Front* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159.95 Black Rear* ............... 179.95 Black Side* ................ 119.95 PLUS SHIPPING & HANDLING (Bumpers also available for Cherokee) * also available in white September 1993 ,,.Your One Stop Jeep Shopr·· 17308 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706 1-800-59-PARTS Page 37

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Raymond Fisher drives a Jeep J-10 Honcho in Clas 4, and it's nice to have windows in this silt. Fisher and company finished a good second in Class 4. Don German took turns with his son Chris driving the Class 4 open Jeep, and Don drove consistent times to bring the older car home third in class. Mike Livermore really shoots up a rooster tail with his Sports-man Veteran car, and he kept right on running hard and fast to take second in Vet Class. Joe Copening came from Portland, OR to fly through the :jilt in his Baja Bug, and Joe kept it all together and captured third place in Sportsman Vet class. Paul Taylor's Class 9 is in this cloud of silt somewhere, but he recovered enough to carry on for second place with just two laps completed. Forest Creasy gets a bit of silt in his car but he managed to cover the three laps for Class 9, and he made it home to pick up third in class. Scott Schuapp and Dlck Wiechers in their D & S Dismantlers sponsored single seater ran fast and clean all day, no problems and they won 1-2-1600 class. ~ 3 spot belonged to the father and son team of Don and Chris German of Petaluma, CA, in their single seat Jeep. The team set fast lap in class with 2:22: 14 time. Running strong all day wouldn't be enough, Don would be off the pace on lap two and wouldn't be able to make up lost ground, coming in with a 10:40:36 finish. Gordon Scott in his Jeep was a strong contender until the last lap, being off the pace and dropping back to fourth place running a 11:46:01. The final finisher in class was John Herman of Reno, NV with a time of 12:03:51. This year's Yering-ton 400 was almost too fast. With many high speed sections taking their toll on motors and trans-missions. The sportsman division con-sisted of three classes: Veteran, Novice, and Class 9. · Sportsman ran three 100 mile laps. Sports--~ Tom Scahill is always fast and always tidy on the course, the truck sheds dirt even as he plows through a bad track on this silt bed. Tom went on to the Class 4 victory. man Veteran was the largest class at this year's race, boasting an entry of 16, eight of which would finish. The Haas Brothers of Lodi, CA, in their Mini Mag, set fastest lap in class running a 2:23:09 on their sprint to the finish line. Their three lap race time was an awesome 7:29:52. The next competitor was over 15 minutes back. Running times consistent with the majority of the Pro classes makes you wonder where would Frank and Floyd have been if they had run in an Open class. Mike Livermore of Seaside, CA, was as smooth as can be, running hard and taking second place with a 7:44:00 time. Mike's only problem was getting swallowed by a silt bed. Joe Copening of Portland, OR, in his Baja Bug ran consistent and strong, giving him the number 3 spot in class with a 7:58:51 finish. Sportsman Novice started 10 strong but only had one finisher. Rookie Driver Charlie Ketten of Fallon, NV. in his single seat Coyote Chassis was able to keep it together and run fast lap in class with a 2:47:39 time. Charlie won the class racing a 8:46:45. Not bad for his first desert race. The team of Teri and Erick Schroth had a tough day running two laps of four hours each. They did go further than the next car back to pick up second in class. Third in class would go to Matt Oliphant, co~pleting two of the-three laps. The Class 9 cars were few with four starters and on 1 y one finisher. The team of Robert Milner and Vic McLean ran strong all day and were there in the end with a 9: 13:24 finish time. Paul Taylor ran two laps to pick up second place in class but wouldn't be around for the third. Forest Creasy would take third, being the final racer in class to complete three laps. All the Sportsmen ran hard. Some too hard, but they all deserve to be congratulated. The last class off the line were the Pilots. This year was the first for this class. The field was six strong a.t the start. Running one 100 mile lap was too much for many of the racers in this class, with only three taking the checkered flag. Robert Slagle picked up the first place trophy running the lap in 2:42:20. The number 2 spot was filled by Miles Berghold running only minutes behind the leader with a 2:43:58 finish. Mike Vandeburgh captur-ed the third position sliding in one minute and two seconds off the second place finisher with a 2:44:56 time. This year's race was one to remember. The silt and the occasional water hole left by the winter run off kept the drivers on their toes. The next VORRA event will be. the Virginia City Classic 200, another desert race. Frank and Floyd Haas run their small Mini Mag in the Sportsman Veteran There were ten in Sportsman Novice class but Rookie Charlie Ketten ran like a class, and they sailed through the silt in fine shape to win the class by 15 Pro all day and he grabbed first place in the class in the Coyote chassis. minutes. Page 38 September 1993 Dusty Times

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CRANDON'$ SPRING RUN 101 True Value World Championship Off Road Race Photos: Jeanne Brown Cory Friday in one of his dad's chassis, took off in the opening Saturday race and never looked back, leading Class 11 Dall the way to the checkered flag in the soggy going on course. The Land Rush start to the first wide sweeping turn is a Crandon landmark, and here Todd Attig leads a buggy class on the best line, while some went too wide, and others, out of sight are into the inside berm. It is exciting and tends to stretch out the field early in a race. John Wiggins is beginning to off road race, and is starting in Class 11 in a car Class 8 race in Crandon was on -brother Jim built Jor him, and he was fourth in the 26 entry Class 11 o. Crandon, Wisconsin's Spring Run 101 really happened on the first weekend of summer, but you wouldn't have known it. A fierce rainstonn battered the town the day before, and clouds hovered overhead all weekend, while a gusty wind brought out the jackets and long pants. On Friday, which is generally scheduled for a fast lap comp-etition called "Hot Laps"., there were a couple of massive puddles on the low lying parts of the course, and a big pump was working full time to drain the water off. No one wanted to try to drive on the course. But by Saturday morning things were looking pretty good, and the water trucks filled up in preparation for later in the day. One thing about Crandon, the water trucks have a ready source of supply in the two ponds adjacent to the track. It's mighty muddy looking ~ater, but it serves to hold down the dust. At about nine a.m. the rear engined cars, buggies and Baja Bugs, led off the "pre-run", which consisted of about 20 minutes of practice, sometimes as exciting as a race, as drivers tested their vehicle's limits. Then the trucks got a chance to try, and gave the early arriving spectators a taste of things to come, as the drivers warmed up their high horsepower motors. It was windy and cold, but beautiful. There'd been more than enough rain to make everything green and lush in tlie surrounding woods, and wildflowers grew profusely along the highways. Early in the day, and during every lull in the action, birds pursued their mates, trilled their melodies and channed the nature lovers. And very early on Sunday a lone young eagle rode a breeze above . the flag pole, wondering what all the fuss and noise was about· This year there was a reorganization of the schedule,. which put the Class 8 race,. usually a late Saturday event, over into early Sunday morning_. The purpose was to accommodate Walker Evans, who'd entered very early in the scheme of things, and then had the Salt Lake City stadium race dropped· onto the same weekend. He worked out a schedule that made it possible to drive both events, but it meant racing Saturday night in Salt Lake, then a quick flight in the sponsoring Barbary Coast Hotel's plane to Rhinelander, and the 30 minute drive into Crandon. If the Michael Brue takes the checkered flag in his 5-1600 for yet another victory in this class as his competiton faded but he still had some early dices to make him work for the win. · Page 40 Saturday, Walker couldn't make it, so the promoting group made a rare decision to change their sche-dule. Evans and his crew were delighted to get to run both events. Even with the change, there was plenty of racing on Saturday: The first group, Class 11 two seaters, started things off with a rush as 26 of the little buggies swarmed out onto the track, led by Cory Friday in his low slung Friday chassis. Right behind him were Rod Attig in his Tenninator, then Dan Baudoux in a Mirage, Mark Steinhardt, and Billy Scott in a Scott chassis. The wind had dried the track so well that some parts of the course were dusty, but here and there were gooey pud-dles, and the cars were soon mud daubed, and the score kee~rs had to look hard to find some of the numbers. Friday had everything work-ing right and lengthened his lead, while Baudoux mov~d finnly up to second, followed by Steinhardt, then Attig and Scott. Meanwhile, Keith Berard, who'd been about seventh on the first lap, was mov-ing up nicely in his Friday, his implement tires on the rear ,apparently working well on this all · ·track. On the fourth lap it was . Friday, Baudoux and Steinhardt, but on the fifth lap Berard had taken over third, and Steinhardt dropped two positions. Baudoux was taking the jumps harder with his newly angled up rear sus-pension, and Richard Woulf moved up to fourth in his Woulf/ Chenowth. They ran that way to the end of the race, which, for this class was nine laps long. Dave Johnson broke his front end, and Mark Oberg lost a rear tire, but for the most part, the field just kept coming around, so· evenly matched that it was very hard to, pass, especially with muddy booby traps and healthy sized rocks waiting along the edges of the track. · At the finish it was Friday, Baudoux, Berard, Woulf and Steinhardt. But Berard and Woulf were later disqualified on the grounds that they'd run illegal fuel, and that moved Steinhardt up to third, John Wiggins into fourth and Mark Oberg to fifth place. These folks reported that the worst mud was down by the quarry, but that the course was pretty nice, and just a little slick here and there. Gerald Foster is having a great year ·n his newly acquired Class 3 Chevy Blazer; he and two others ran away from the rest of the field and F_oster won Class 3, scoring for the group from f"1r>ois. September 1993 For this year there was a small procedural change in the fonnat of the races, in that rather than being 20 minute events, each class had a given number of laps to run. Thus, Class 11 had run a nine lap race, and so would the 5-1600s, which were up next, but other classes would go around more often, or less often, and- the longest events would be made up of 12 laps. The 5-1600s were pleased to have the track all to themselves and not have to run behind the Class 10 cars, and they all made it through the first turn safely. Michael Brue had jumped to the forefront, with Terry Wolfe running right on his heels, and Bill Bowles was third, working hard to get by Wolfe. Greg Smith ran fourth. Brue was having a smooth day, and held his lead, while Bowles finally worked by Wolfe on the third lap, to move into second. Smith's transmission stuck in second gear and he fell way back, while Stuart Dahlin, from far away South Dakota, moved into fourth place. They ran that way until the eighth lap when Wolfe pulled off and parked just below the flag tower. Brue, whose car is a "grandfathered' in Class 5 car, with more sophisticated suspension than a genuine 5-1600 is permitted, also admits to having put a lot of money in the motor of his convertible. He went on to take the win, never being challenged, and having no problems, describing the course as "perfect." Bowles, another grandfathered Class 5 car. took second, and his wife, Maxine, who rode with him. said she tried pinching him on the leg to make him go faster. In third it was Dahlin, whose cru is a reaJ 5-1600, and who'd had to start at the back of the pack because he'd been a late entry. Karim an. another reaJ 5-1600, had been sQueezed into the pit wall off the DustyTimes

Page 41

Bill Bowles was an early contender in Class 5-1600, but he couldn't quite catch the leader, so he worked through early traffic to place second. Milan Mazanec comes from way up north in Ontario, Canada to race at Crandon, and he stayed on the lead lap in his Class 3 Ford, had a good race to second. Rob Roberts ran third most of the Class 3 race in his Ford Bronco, and kept the position to the flag as some of the hard chargers dropped out of the race. CT' • r ···• r' 7 i Al Fannin tried hard to keep up to the leader in Class 6, and he stayed close most of the way, but had to settle for second in ·class behind buddy Fay. Tim Kamm made it an all Chevy show up front in Class 6 as he came in third driving a well prepped Camaro. Most local Class 6 cars are of GM origins. It gets a little wild off the start when the 1650cc boys come out; here Jeff St. Peter clears the debris as Todd Attig climbs the bank. neither car came in well in this race. start, but made a good recovery to compared to my old Jeep Scramb-work up to fourth. Wolfe, it ler". And he declared it had been turned out, had ignored his oil worth the 10 hour drive from his light, and his motor had seized home in Illinois. Mazanec up. finished second, the only other When the green flag flew racer to get 11 laps done. again it was 12:30 and the Class 3 The weather continued cool cars took off with a roar. Gerald and very windy, and the Class 6 Foster, who bought Herb Ros-cars came next. In Crandon this borough's nice Chevy and install- group of American made sedans ed a different motor, went right to is very popular, and great fun to the front. Chad Schlueter, in a '91 watch, but generally most have a Ford Bronco, was second, and hard time finishing. As expected, charging hard, but handicapped the first two cars around the first because he'd blown his race motor tum were Fay Statezny and Allen in the pre-run, and had his tow Fannin, in their virtually truck motor in the race truck. In identically equipped Chevelles. third it was Milan Mazanec, from Their motors have a unique sound Ontario, Canada, and Al · Drews that vibrates the fillings in the ran fourth. spectators teeth, and sets dogs to Foster, Schlueter · and Maz- howling 20 miles away. And they anec put a big space between do move fast. But Tim Kamm, in themselves and the rest of the a '76 Malibu was hanging' in pack, but after a couple of laps pretty close in third, while Greg Schlueter's motor started to sound Bekavac had his Camaro up to odd. Drews, who'd been bumped third for a while, and then into a berm and holed his dropped out of contention with a. radiator, and broken his steering, rear flat. Bill Groboski dropped pulled off in a cloud of steam. out with a broken tie rod. Rob Roberts moved up to fourth Statezny and Fannin contin-place, and a lap later when ued to hold first and second, with Schlueter's motor gave up, Kamm in third, and they were the Roberts moved into third. only cars to finish 10 laps. Stat-Foster, who'd looked good in ezny declared his car had run practice, continued to look good, beautifully, and he'd had no and no one came close to him. He problems, while Fannin said his held on to his lead, lapping shocks went away a little. Kamm everyone but Mazanec, to take the had lost his brakes right at the win. At the finish line Foster said end of the last lap, and. not the Chevy is like "a Cadillac realizing it, had crunched the !!'.:,.,;;;;c·· . h . At the finish Fay Statezny poses in front of his winning Chevelle and the Class 6 race was fought between Fay and Al Fannin whose car is a twin to this one. They work on them together. Dustvnmcs back of Statezney's car as he was parked after the finish. Kamm was conrite, feeling especially bad because Statezny had helped him get his car ready for the race. An interesting departure from the norm was the '86 Mustang of Gregg Witte, which runs a four cylinder motor. The car is really stripped, and lightweight, but Witte says he hasn't got the suspension right yet. This was its third race, and Witte finished fourth. The next(@" OFF ROAD COMPONENT'S ► * MADE BEi "Ell IN THE U.S.A. * AXLES• SPRING PLATES• PREDRILLED CV BOLTS LINK PINS• LINK PIN BUSHINGS & SHIMS TIE RODS• WHEEL STUDS• BUSHING INSTALLATION TOOLS • NEW PRODUCTS IN DEVELOPMENT• SCORE & LA RANA CONTINGENCY SPONSOR DJ TRANSAXLES D.G. RACING 10623 Blackfoot Road 708 W. Mill, Unn M Awle Valley, CA 92308 San Bernardino, CA 92410 (619) 240-3930 (909) 885-5226 September 1993 · HOTLINE AUTc».l)TlVE 6951 ldlewylde Circle Mebourne, FL 32904 (407) 724-1270 LOTHRINGER ENGfNEERING 825 N. Glendora A venue Covina, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 OFFROAD BUGGY SUPPLY 2525 E. 16th Street Yuma, AZ 85365 (602) 783-6265 DENUNZIO RAaNG PRODUCTS P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 (805) 683-1211 Page 41

Page 42

,~~~- . -''"".'.'I~ .' Scott Taylor worked his way.up to the lead in the Class 7 race and for once had no troubles, and he drove his usual hard pushing race to the victory. ~ event was for Class very well. Wuesthoffs motor 9 and 10, which are the one and sounded distressed, and he pulled two seat 1650cc cars with un- into his pit on the next lap, limited suspension. There was a moving Jeff Probst, in his Laser field of 16, and they did not all III chassis, which was coil-over make it through the first tum. To front sus-pension, and part torsion get to that first tum, the cars are · bar, part coils in the rear, with a started in a long line about a Rabbit motor, into second place. football field away. They drag St. Peter had dropped way back, race the length of the field, and now Schwartzburg was third dodging puddles, whoopies, other again, but Bernloehr was working cars and dust, to the tum, which on getting past him. Don Ponder, narrows to the right, is off in a Laser, with a rock catching camber, and blind. And if they screen in his windshield area, ran slide off the left side, they could fifth now. Wuesthoff, whose pit end up in the pond. Long time had re-attached a spark plug wire, Crandon racers say they never lift was back to about 10th place. for the tum, but newcomers are Schmitt took the win with no prone to disbelieve that, until they trouble, and Probst was second, see it. followed across the line by This time Brian Bemloehr Bernloehr, who also drives a tagged Todd Attig, Attig went Laser. Then it was Ponder, his sideways, the pressure of other windshield screen looking dented, traffic shunted him up onto the but his glasses and his nose right side berm, and he rolled unscathed. over. Everyone else was long gone The next event was the mini by the time he was back on his truck race, and at 2:34, 14 of wheels, and he never bothered to them stormed through that first make another lap. Art Schmitt put turn in a cloud of dust. The wind his Toyota powered Laser chassis blew across the track, and it was a into the lead, with Lee Wuesthoff, matter of faith for the drivers as in another Laser in second, they felt their way to the bottom followed by Jeff St. Peter, in still of the tum. John Greaves had his another Laser, and then Tom Toyota in front, followed by Jim Schwartzburg in fourth. Wiggins in his Ford, and then Schmitt continued to lead, his Scott Taylor in his Ford. In fourth all coil-over suspension, engine-it was Billy Beck, and Jeff ered on the west coast, handling Kincaid ran fifth in another Ford. Greg Smith was a close second in Class 2-1600, but next day he came back to take the victory in Class 1-1600 and the Limited Engine Challenge over the same set of competitors. Page 42 , ,< ''¥.*-'.' ;~h~j,1~J.N ~-~ .. ~~,r.,-.-.; ½ iw.,._...._......,........,_.....,_,_ Floridian Jimmie Crowder took third in Class 7 in another Ford and he said he enjoyed his first outing in a small truck, but that you had to mash it all the time. up with a way to close things up and make it into a race, but short of throwing someone's body on the track no one could contrive a plan. On the last lap Attig was slowed up by a lapped car, and Smith got up close on his rear , bumper, but Todd woke up in time to save his win. The rest followed along in order, Smith, 1l Wiggins, Greaves and Jones. · Huss, who drove the whole thing without his front tire, was the most entertaining part of the race, and he completed l O laps, for 11th place. Todd Attig won Class 2-1600 on Saturday, was second in 1-1600 on Sunday and was second in the limited Engine Challenge, and won Class 1 /2; he was a busy man. The Class 4 race was next on the docket, and as some drizzly rain fell, the trucks blasted through the dust of the first turn. Kevin Probst, in a Chevy, had the lead through the first tum. but Jack Flannery went past him on the long sweeper and took over. Geoff Dorr ran third in a Ford, . with Ken Kincaid in fourth in his Ford, racing for the first time in four years. Tom Ferro ran fifth in another Ford. Beck nosed into the wall going around the timing tower, and fell back about five positions. As they came around turn one the second time, with Greaves still in front and Wiggins second, Kincaid and Taylor were side by side, banging off each other, and they continued to battle for a couple of laps, going by Wiggins in the process. Then Kincaid lost oil pressure and pulled out, leaving Taylor in second, behind Greaves, whose hood was lifting a bit at the left corner. On the sixth lap he'd dropped back to third, after a quick stop to remove his hood, hoping to let his overheated motor cool off. Taylor, now in front, gradually pulled out a long lead. His truck, which he says has been subjected to some Jack Rousch technology in the motor, sounding very healthy. Wiggins was second now, and Jimmie Crowder, from Tallahassee, Florida, in a Ford that used to belong to Taylor, was third. Dave Woulf ran fourth in another Ford followed by William Waterstradt, and then Greaves, whose truck still ran hot. Taylor had no trouble at all, a rare occurrence for him in this class, and took the win handily. Wiggins, who'd lost his rear brakes, was second, and Crowder, new to mini trucks, finished third. He said he'd discovered that "It's a lot of fun (but you) have to mash it hard all the time." Woulf was fourth and W aterstradt fifth, and · they had all completed eight laps. The 2-1600s got to start at about 3: 15, with a crowd of 22 cars pushing and shoving their way through that first tum. And this time Attig got his Terminator to the front, and made it through , followed by Greg Smith in a Wheel Service Chassis, then Jim Wiggins in a Wiggins/Berrien, and John Greaves in a Taylor chassis. Baudoux's Mirage started to smoke, and he never came around again, and on the third lap John Huss lost his right front tire, and Mark Steinhardt · managed only two laps, which was better than Brad Erickson's drive, which ended in a rollover near the pond after the first turn. But the majority of the class stayed healthy and continued to run, with Attig firmly in the lead, and Smith in pursuit, and Wiggins chasing him. Next was John Greaves, and then Jeff Jones. They ran in that order for 11 laps, and the most noteworthy thing happening on the track was that Attig used a different line on one section of the course than everyone else did. He said it kept him out of "the greasy stuff." The wags in the infield tried to come Jim Wiggins hopped out of his truck into his 1600 buggy, here leading at the first turn, and he went on to run in the lead pack, finishing third in Class 2-1600, 22 starters strong, and was thrid in the Challenge race too. September 1993 They ran in that order for several laps, and a faint smell of clutch or brake wafted over the infield every now and then. On the fifth lap Probst pulled out, his motor gone, and that moved Dorr up into second, with Kincaid in third, Ferro fourth and Chad Hall, Rod Hall's son, from Reno, Nevada, in a Dodge, enjoying his first season of SODA racing, in fifth. But his truck had been emitting puffs of smoke every now and then. For another two laps they held their positions, and then, sure enough, Hall was gone, as his motor bit the dust. That put Gerald Foster, in a Class 3 car, up into fifth for a lap, but it was his last lap, and then Bill Lohf slid up to replace him. The drizzle had dried up by now, but it was still windy. Flannery had slowed some, and his die hard fans (all of Crandon) knew it was because he didn't need to run so hard. 'cause no one could catch him anyway. But it turned out that he was without power steering for the last six laps, and he was tiring. It was hard work. Still, no one could catch him, and he got the win, with Dorr, who still ·thinks his suspension is a little too soft, in second place. Kincaid was pleased to finish so well after his long layoff, and Ferro, who sometimes has trouble finishing at all, was delighted to be in fourth. Lohf survived a last lap collision with a lapped car that almost did him in, to take fifth place. None of the others were on the same lap. In the break between the Class 4 race and the next event a little drama took place in the Dusty Times

Page 43

- -A group came from South Dakota to try the fabled Crandon track, and doing the best of the bunch was Stuart Dahlin who was a close third in Class 5-1600. Class 4 got off• to an orderly start for the big iron with early leader Geoff Dorr already out front, but behind him was eventual winner Jack Flannery. Dorr was second in his Ford. Racing for the first time in years Ken Kincaid, leading here, looked like he never left the action, and he finished third in Class 4 in his Ford 4x4. infield, by the scoring tower. Jim hard. Flanagan finally dis-Wiggins surprised his girlfriend, appeared on the eighth lap, and Lisa Vandermissen, by getting not Lowell DeGreef moved his down on his knee and proposing new truck, which he says has lots to her, sparkling ring in hand, in of horsepower but less than front of the ESPN camera men, perfect suspension, into third who kept the video- cameras place. The truck says "Sha-Boom" going. Even if the proposal on the side, but it's not as doesn't make national TV it'll be a imposing as the old tube frame great heirloom for the future Sha-Boom. family. How many brides-to-be Jensen got the win, his first are proposed to while wearing in two years, while Van den driving suits? The groom-to-be Heuvel took second, and De<;reef, was wearing his driving suit also. frust-rated because he couldn't Class 13, next on the agenda, keep the wheels on the ground, has a new look this year. They was third. None of the others used to be just "front engine finished 11 laps. Shilts was buggies", and most were big and fourth, just one lap down. ugly, with lots of horsepower, and The buggies were back for mismatched motors and suspen- the next event, and this was the sion parts. Fun to watch. But the un-limited Class 1 and 2 cars, new SODA rules cail for the with 13 of them taking the green appearance of a pickup truck, and flag. Lee Wuesthoff got the hole over a period of several years, as shot, and had the lead, with Jeff the older vehicles are phased out, Probst and Art Schmitt hot on his they hope the class will turn into tail. Then it was Brian Bernloehr, a more or less stock pickup class. and Dave Vandermissen. Before For now they look like pickups, they got to the flying jump until you peek under the body Schmitt pulled out into the grass, panels. smoke oozing out of his exhaust. There were 18 of them, and Said Art, "These big motors are Bruce Shilts had himself in front, hand grenades." chased by Tom Jensen in a Chevy, Meanwhile, Probst had gone and then Dan· Van den Heuvel in into the lead, but as he came off his home built truck, which the big sweeper his car backfired sports a Ford body and a Chevy twice, and he pulled out, seeming motor and some sophisticated to corroborate Schmitt's "hand suspen-sion pieces underneath. grenade" theory. That put Attig, Joe Zilisch was next, followed by powered by a 3 liter V6 Alfa Bob Flanagan in his '32 Chevy. Romeo motor, into the lead, with Shilts had his Ford in front Wuesthoff, whose car was smok-for two laps, and then Jensen ing a bit, in second place, and went by him to take over. Van Vandermissen third, Baudoux den Heuvel was closing up on fourth and Don Ponder, with his third a bit, and suddenly four cylinder Chevy motor now in Flanagan's Chevy emitted a huge the car, in fifth. Bernloehr, who'd cloud of smoke. Amazingly, he had a front flat was a lap down continued to run, and showed up after getting it changed, but then for the next lap. It turned out to developed a rear flat, and lost his be something that happened only oil pressure. on a right turn, and as Shilts Attig and Wuesthoff pulled dropped back anot~er couple of out a long lead, with Baudoux p~}SltIO!!-S ~hen a wrre fell out of moving into third as Vander-his d1stnbutor, Flanagan was missen lost a fan belt. Jeff St. trying to get Van den Heuvel. Peter now was fourth in his Jensen contin~ed to run a Rabbit powered Laser with no smooth race: while yan den power steering, and Owen Heu~el, whod lost his power Walther, in a Walther Brothers steermg on the frrst lap, clm5~d chassis, powered by a small block !1i1111i,-...-= -.-A@-~·d&kd In Class 13 Tom Jensen flew his creation called a Chevrolet into victory in the 19 rig class that was a hard fought battle all the way. DustyTimcs Chevy motor, was fifth. Wuesthoff, who'd lost his power steering, and then his alternator belt, disappeared on the sixth lap, shortly after big flames were seen shooting from his car. That made the order Attig, St. Peter, Baudoux, then Scott Schwalbe in a Taylor powered by an air cooled Type IV motor, and Walther. and they stayed that way until Baudoux lost his throttle cable, and had to stop in his pit. Then it was Attig, St. Peter, Schwalbe and Walther. And at the fmish that's how they lined up, all of them completing 12 laps. That was the fmal event for Saturday, and the agenda for the evening was 1JE Dale Wilch S P.O. KansasC Phone (913) 788-3219 FAX (913) 788 9682 Greg Gerlach drove his best race ever at Crandon in the Dodge 4x4 and he kept on chargine, didn't scratch the truck and finished well and did even better in the Heavy Metal Challenge placing second, again without damage. * CNC machined aluminum and steel construction that looks as good as it works * Easily adjusts in single degree increments to 45 degree angle notches * Notch any round tubing up to 2" OD in less than 30 seconds * Automatic round tube centering and alignment * Uses inexpensive "BIMETAL" hole saws (under $10) * Power vertical with a drill press or horizontal with any 1 /2" hand drill Complete RTN 1000 fixture includin a wrench to adjust quadrant angle and easy cutter removal We also offer a steel model RTN 100 with most of the same features All credit cards or COD/UPS orders OK -Freight and all handling charges are included in the lower 48 states WARNINGII Inferior imitations are in the marketplace 11 Buy the fixture with the moneyback guarantee • September 1993 Page 43

Page 44

Dan Van Den Heuvel is most successful with his hybrid Class 13 Ford, and this round he was second in the Class 13 race and second in their Challenge race too. Bruce Shilts is usually quite successful in his Class 13 Ford, started in front but had to stop for a quick fix and he ended up fourth in the class. Jeff St. Peter flies by the big pond at Crandon in his Laser en route to a well earned second in Class 1 /2, and a third in the Unlimited Challenge race. ®'\ooo Art Schmitt, who won Class 9/10 earlier on Saturday was in the up front fight in Class 1 /2 as always, but serious smoke from his Laser forced him to retire; he came back later to finish fourth in his Challenge race. ~ for repairs, replace- having a good day also, and they ments and some sleep. Many of all wound through the back-the teams have barbecues for the markers, starting on about the whole race team on Saturday sixth lap, with no incidents. night, but if there's a lot of work Smith and Attig ran steadily to be done, only the non essential for the remainder of the race, and personnel will get to relax much. so did Notary, but Greaves caught The weather stayed chilly, and the him napping on the last lap, and forecast said there was a chance slid by to take third place. Notary of rain for Sunday. was fourth, Huss fifth and The rain held off, and though Baudoux finished in sixth place. cloudy, it was warmer, without Class 8 was next to go, the bitter wind of Saturday. The getting an early time so there'd be early morning pre-run was time for repairs before the late enlivened by the presence of afternoon "Challenge" race. This Walker Evans, who'd arrived at event was scheduled for only nine about 4:30 a.m., and after three laps, and there were only 10 hours sleep, was rarin' to go. trucks.The spectators rose to their The first race was for the feet as they heard the roar of the single seat 1600s, and two dozen distant start line, and cheered to • of them took the green flag at see them come around tum one. 10:20. Greg Smith got the lead, Evans had his Dodge in front, but with Todd Attig in second, and Flannery was right behind him in Michael Notary, from Florida, in his Chevy. In third it was Dan third in his Hesco Chassis, Van den Heuvel, and then came followed by Jon Huss, and then Dave Hockers in a Ford, followed Cary Bowles. by Scott Taylor in his Ford. Smith and Attig slowly Jimmie Crowder's tear offs had pulled out a big lead, as John jammed up, and he was Greaves struggled to work his . struggling to see. way up through traffic. He'd been Taylor got to the downhill at staged behind Jim Wiggins for the the end of the sweeper tum, and Slafl, and when the flag dropped, just as his truck lightened and so had Wiggins' transmission. lifted off the ground his right Greaves was 12th as the field front wheel and tire took off into passed the tower for the half lap the weeds. The front of the truck that doesn't count, and he was dipped, it made a sharp right tum, sixth the next time by. He worked and Taylor did some fine driving on getting past Bill Brown for a to steer it to a safe landing couple of laps as Dan Baudoux without rolling over. But he was tried to catch him. On the third out of the race. lap, while Smith and Attig ran Evans, in the meantime, had unperturbed out in front, Baudoux built a good lead, followed . by got by Greaves and Brown, but on Flannery, Van den Heuvel and the next lap Greaves was in front }iockers, who had Crowder of him. So now the order was knocking on his tailgate with his Smith, Attig, Notary, Huss· and Ford. But on the third lap it Greaves. became apparent that all was not Midway through the race well with Evans. Something was Attig lost his clutch, and was leaking from the bottom of the reduced to running in third and truck. And, as Walker let up on fourth gears. But Smith was the gas, it was obvious that the having a good time. He'd had the truck was overheating, and he had Goodyear folks do some trick to slow down to let it cool. grooving on his tires, and was Flannery went by and into the liking the way they worked for lead a lap later. Now the question him. Notary, who runs implement was, could Evans last the rest of tires on the front of his car, was the way? Page 44 Flannery began to pull out a longlead,withEvanssecond,and then Van den Heuvel moved up to second for a while, but his truck started to smoke and then dropped out. Evans was back in second place, with Crowder in third, and Jed Flannery, Jack's son, in Dave Parsons' Chevy, in fourth place. -Jack bo·moed around a couple more laps to take the win, calhng it a "perfect run", while Walker zipped right past the finish line interviews to get his truck to the pit. Crowder was third, and Jed Flannery, who'd had a bobble in his carburetion, finished fourth, with Hockers fifth. They had all finished nine laps. While the trucks hurried off to make repairs, the Class 11 single seaters, who would normally have been the first race of the day, were waiting for their green flag. This relatively late morning start meant that they got a drier track than they are accustomed to, because it's usually overwatered just before the first race, and for a change the spectators could see that the Class 11 cars sport a rainbow of bright graphics . on their body panels. they are not uniformly mud brown as has been believed for years. The sun still hadn't come out from behind the clouds as the 26 little buggies took to the track, most of them got through the first tum, but John Wiggins took a hit in the front end that took off a front wheel. Billy Scott, in his Scott chassis, had the lead, with Mark Oberg, in a Gilson chassis in second. Keith Berard was third, with Dan Baudoux fourth in his Mirage, and Rod Attig, in a Terminator in fifth. Mark Stein-hardt seemed to be stuck in one gear, and Jirn Schuster parked in the weeds. Berard quickly moved past Oberg and Scott to take the lead, and on the third lap Scott held second place, Baudoux was third, Oberg was fourth and Darrin Parsons was fifth. The first four cars ran in a tight group, and then there was a space, and the next five were tightly clumped, with a lot of hard driving as they fought for eighth or ninth place .. Berard motored along in first and second, and Oberg, who'd passed Scott on the seventh lap, in third, Parsons was fourth, and Scott, who'd broken a shock landing hard off the big jump, was in fifth place. The between race break gave a couple of fellows with Super-Lights a chance to do a little demonstration race for the mid-westemers. Phil Doyle and Holgeir Oksnevad put on a quick little race, .on a small portion of the track, that had the spectators and the infield bystanders very inter-ested. These little stadium racers haven't been seen in person in the midwest, and the two gentlemen are trying to get a class going. Their spirited demo sparked a lot of excitement. They were told by the Crandon folks that if they'd get a group together in time for the fall event they'd be more than welcome at their track. The next event was the Rear Engine Limited Challenge, for buggies with limited motors, which meant the one and two seat 1600s, and a few 5-1600s. For the most part these were the same folks who'd started the day off with the 1-1600 event, so they were having a busy morning. When they rounded the first turn it had a familiar look, with Greg Smith out in front, Todd Attig in second place, and John Greaves in third. Jim Wiggins ran fourth, Mark Steinhardt, who'd just finished his Class 11 event, was fifth, and John Huss ran sixth. As they flew off the big jump the first time, there was some crowding, and Bill Brown splashed to a landing in the back pond, parked up to his seat bottom in muddy water. By the time he was extri-cated, he was a lap down. The lead cars began to string out; Smith, Attig, Greaves and Wiggins, with Jeff Jones now in fifth as Steinhardt dropped back. they ran that way for five laps, and then as Attig tried fruitlessly to get by Smith, Wiggins was suddenly in third place, and Greaves back in fourth. They continued in that order to the finish, Attig not quite able to get Smith, and Greaves not able to get back around Wiggins. On the eighth lap, Brown, still damp from his dunking, was hit in the head with a flying rock, and coasted into the infield to park. The paramedics were with him immediately, and wanted to take him to the hospital, which he refused. He was handed over to his pit crew, with advice to seek medical attention. In the meantime, Smith had scored another win, with Attig, Wiggins Greaves and Jones finishing behind him. Said Greg, "Everything hooked up!" The Class 6 and 7 Challenge was next, and this event pits one of Crandon's favorite sons, Fay Statezny and his Chevelle. against the mini trucks. Statezny has the horsepower, the trucks have the suspension .. And sure enough, as they rounded the first turn it was Statezny in front, with Scott Taylor's Ranger on his heels. Then came Wiggins in his truck, and Tom Hackers, Jim Bradley, and Jimmie Crowder, all in trucks. As they rounded turn one the next time it was still Statezny in front, but Taylor was close and so was Wiggins, all pushing very hard. Then; when Wiggins took the first jump his truck nosed in and he went end over end. Jim was o.k., but his truck was definitely not. Meanwhile, the battle raged at the front, and when they got to turn one the next time, Taylor was in front, with Statezny second. Hockers was third, and Crowder ran fourth. On the next lap they came through the first turn in the same order, but as Statezny landed off the first jump a ball joint broke, and he pulled over in front of the barn and parked. That left the race to the trucks, except for Gary Bradley, who ran the only other Class 6 car, a Pontiac, which wasn't sounding very healthy. Bradley smoothly, but Baudoux was grad-ually creeping up on Scott. He was right there on the sixth lap, and on the seventh lap he · went past him into second place, and took out after Berard. Keith thought his car was getting a little loose in the front, and wasn't paying much attention to what went on behind him, until Dan was close enough to be a threat. Then he started to hurry again, and Baudoux couldn't quite get him. It was an excitingly close finish, with Berard and Baudoux ·Jack Flannery won Class 8 in the Chevy as it turned into a real survival exercise. Flannery went by leader Wafker Evans, who was suffering with overheat, and for once had a trouble free race for himself, not common these days. September 1993 DustyTimcs

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Sunday opened with Class 1-1600 action and Michael Notary came all the way from Florida to try this famous race and he finished fourth in Class 1-2-1600. John Huss started racing 1-1600 last season and his Taylor ran good last June and he ended up taking frfth place in Class 1-1600 on Sunday. Jack's oldest son Jed Flannery zipped in close in Class 8 action driving a Chevrolet of course, and Jed came home fourth in the wild Class 8 action. has competed in every Brush Run race since day one; this was his 24th race in Crandon. Taylor gradually pulled out a long lead, and Crowder tried to catch Hockers, but couldn't get it done. Taylor, who reported that everything was "perfect", took the win, followed in by Hockers and then Crowder, and also on the lead lap, Bill Waterstradt. None of the others made the 10 laps. Next came the Rear Engine Unlimited Challenge, always a destruction derby of sorts, because, since it's one of the last races of the weekend, the drivers let out all the stops, and many of the cars are already on their last legs. There were 11 cars on the starting grid, and when they rounded tum one, it was Todd Attig in front, his Alfa Romeo powered Terminator looking very strong still. Behind him were Art Schmitt. Jeff Probst, Don Ponder and Lee Wuesthoff. When they came around the next time, Ponder had moved up to second, and Dan Baudoux had pulled out when his motor started to seize. Bob Walther, driving the Chevy powered two seater, had stalled on the start line and was a lap down, but running strong, though his suspension didn't seem up to the challenge. The lead cars were Attig, Ponder, Probst, Wuesthoff and Scott Schwalbe. Attig continued to lead, with Ponder second, and Probst trying to get around him. Schwalbe moved up to fourth, and Wuest-hoff was now fifth. On the fifth lap Jeff St. Peter moved into the fifth spot, passing Wuesthoff. On the sixth lap Attig's motor went up in smoke as he dropped down into the quarry, and while the comer workers applied fire extinguishers to the flames, Pon-der, who runs a VW bus trans-mission with his Chevy motor, took over the lead. Probst disap-peared at almost the same mom-ent, and Schwalbe moved up to second, with St. Peter third and Wuesthoff, who had a bent hub, which caused his trailing arm to rub on his brake rotor, was fourth with Schmitt in fifth, playing catchup after stalling in the first tum on the second lap. Not only was Schmitt fifth, he was the last car on the lead lap. Walther's two seater got sideways on the Tum One hill and rolled, so he was also out now. From this point on there were no changes. Ponder's little Chevy motor performed beautifully, and he had no problems, taking the win with a long lead. Schwalbe, running a 2.8 liter Porsche motor, was second, St. Peter, with his 1650cc Rabbit, third. Schmitt was fourth and Wuesthoff, also with a 1650cc motor, finished fifth. The next race was actually the main event of the day. Everyone looks forward all weekend to the 2x4 and 4x4 Production Challenge, which pits the Class 8s and Class 4s against one another. Twenty-four trucks took the green flag, and the red Class 4 Ford of Geoff Dorr was first around the first tum. Hard behind him was Jack Flannery in his Class 4 Chevy, and then came Greg Gerlach in his Class 4 Dodge, and finally, Walker Evans in his Class 8 Dodge. The 4x4's COAST 1-800-634-6755 had made good use of all those drive wheels, to get to the front of the pack. Jamey Flannery ran fifth in the Flannery Class 8 Chevy. When they came around the next time, Jack Flannery was in front, and Dorr was parked with a broken case, cracked when his front driveshaft fell out. Gerlach was second, Evans third. and Jamey was fourth, with Bill Lohf in fifth place. Scott Taylor had a flat left front tire, and had pitted to get a new one, so was now nearly dead last. Evans was blowing water again, his overheating problem not having been cured in the interim. Flannery continued to lead, but Evans moved up to second, with Gerlach third, Jamey fourth, and Chad Hall, in his Dodge, up to fifth, with Chuck Johnson riding along, giving him pointers on how to drive Crandon. On the third lap Flannery developed a left rear flat, Evans ran second, Gerlach third, Flannery fourth and Hall fifth. Jimmie Crowder, who'd gone into the pond the first time around, ~~ working his way up through trafhc. Flannery was ignoring the flat, but Walker was closing in. Gerlach held third, Jamey fourth and Hall fifth, as they threaded through the lapped cars. But then Jack pitted for a tire change. Now Evans was in the lead, Gerlach was second, and Jamey had a right rear flat. Hall was fourth and Tom Ferro ran fifth, with Crowder, feeling ever more confident in the big truck, trying to get past him. On the seventh lap Evans developed a low right rear tire, which he ignored. Gerlach was second. and Jamey ran on his very low tire in third, followed by Hall and Crowder, who'd got past Ferro. Taylor, who'd worked his way up from last to about I 0th, had also come down with a right rear flat. People were scratching their heads, wondering what was going on:. Evans held the lead, flat and all, followed by Gerlach and Jamey Flannery. still also on a flat, then Crowder and Jack Flannery, who'd -~ Las \Jeg·as, Nevada -DustyTimcs September 1993 Page 45

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Class 11 S started 26 cars and it was a real struggle to pass when all have equal power, but Billy Scott moved through the pack to finish fifth. While Scott Taylor won the Class 6 & 7 Challenge in his Ford Tom Hackers finished a fine second in the Challenge and he was also driving a Ford. In the big iron Challenge Greg Gerlach has Walker Evans right behind him, and despite ~ flat tire Walker carried on to take the championship home to California. Walker Evans had a good lead in Class until he had to slow down with overheat, but the desert veteran knew how to get it to the finish line and was second in Class 8. Later Evans won the Challenge race. ~ worked back up through traffic after getting his tire change. Taylor was still driving on ·ms flat also. On the white flag lap Evans led, complete with flat, followed by Gerlach, the flat tired Jamey Flannery, then Jack, and Crowder, who seemed to be immune to the flat epidemic. Evans took the win, saying in a quiet aside, "I lucked out.", as his truck sat on its flat and steamed. Gerlach, whose transfer case puked a bug puddle of oil on the finish line, was second, followed in by Jack Flannery, and then Crowder, who said of his side trip into the pond, "I was goin' 'gator huntin'!". Jamey Flannery, his tire shredded by now, was fifth, and Ferro finished sixth. they all completed nine laps. Women's Rear Engine Unlimited and Limited Challenge, with 18 cars taking the green flag. This is actually two races, with the Class 11 cars starting a few seconds behind the limited 1600 buggies and bugs. In the first group the familiar number "792" was out in front, as Rhonda Smith piloted the family car into the lead. She had Tracy Crump running second, and Shannon Haenlein third. They ran that way for two laps, and behind them Tina Crowder had a problem keeping her buggy headed straight, and she did a couple of 360s, but finally got it under control. The next event _was Crump took over the lead on lap three, with Smith in second and obviously trying to get back around her. Then Sherry Hearley created a diversion by rolling at the base of Turn One, just into the the edge of the pond. Course workers Simplythe Best! Fuel Safe's Pro Cell Racing Bladders are designed to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all of the major racing associations. Top Racers, like Robbie Gordon, demand the best and so should you. Fuel Safe Racing Cells • The Champions Choice! At your local dealer now! Aircraft Rubber ManufactuQ11g, Inc. ~ had her back on her wheels in a few moments, and she took off, with a dented roof, but undaunted in spirit. And, while everyone was watching the rescue, Smith went back into the lead. Crump was second again, and Haenlein ran third. And that's the way they finished their eight lap event, with Crowder in fourth place. Hearley went around to the backside of the track and rolled over again, and by the time she got to the finish line her and he dropped back. By the fifth next, a seven lap event, with eight passenger, an . anonymous male lap Kincaid had slowed a bit, entries. Entry was not as high as person, was very agitated, and probably getting a message from it might have been because many could not wait to exit the car. his pit that he had a good lead, of the trucks the ladies might In the Class 11 group the and Crowder was closing up on have raced had just completed lead belonged to Karen Van den Heuvel. By now Taylor their Challenge event, and there Christensen, in a Funco. She had was fourth, running hard and was no time for repairs. The Sarah Sawall behind her, then looking smooth, but gaining most surprise here was that the Chevy Paula Parsons and Shari· Huven. of his positions as other racers fell that showed up in front was Jack Christensen had a relatively by the wayside. Flannery's truck, with Sherri uneventful race, and beyond Kincaid continued to lead, Parsons at the wheel. She'd getting around lapped traffic, just but now Crowder was edging up borrowed Jack's wheels because kept moving ahead. Sawall next to Van den Heuvel, and her own truck, which Jed somehow bent something drast- Taylor was slowly gaining on that Flannery had been driving, was ically in the front, and that battle. De Greef ran fifth, still not not in good enough shape to race. slowed her so she dropped back, happy with his suspension, Sherri needed two blankets and moving Dawn Bayer up to second thinking in fact, that the changes two pillows stuffed behind her so place, with Huven in third and they'd .made had been for the · she could reach the pedals in Parsons in fourth. But when it worse. Jack's truck. came to the checkered flag, it was Crowder moved into second Behind Sherri it was Gail Christensen and Parsons, both place on the seventh . lap, as Brand, and then Robin Schultz finishing eight laps, and then watchers began to nonce that ran in third. Valerie James was Huven and Cindy Wiggins, whose something odd was happening fourth. After the first full lap it car seemed to be on its last legs at with Kincaid's truck. The wh?le was still Parsons and Brand, and the finish line. body of the truck seemed to shde then James ran third with Next to get the green flag · sideways over the rear axle, in Schultz in fourth. Brand' chased were the Class 13 trucks and b?th dir_ections, which ~ust have Parsons hard for five laps, and along with them, any Class 8s, given him a hell of a n_de as ~e then she disappeared. Parsons Class 4s or Class 7s that chose to went around the turns. His chassis went on with no problems to take compete. that meant one of each; would be going straight, but the the win and Robin Schultz Jimmie Crowder in his Class 8 truck body would still be pointed finished ~econd behind her. with Ford, and Scott Taylor in his at an angle. Or vice versa. Jodi Bomberg in third, all on the Class 7 Ford, and Ken Kincaid in ~rowder was now closing up on lead lap. his Class 4 Ford. The rest were all him. There was just one more 13s. But Kincaid disappeared on event the Good '01 Boys (GOBs), When they came around that the 10th lap7 and Jimmie was in but your reporter beat a hasty first turn it was Kincaid in front, the lead, with Van. den ~euvel retreat from the infield, fearing with Dan Van den Heuvel in second and Taylor thlfd. This had for life and limb with 63 nearly second, Bruce Shilts in third and been one of the best races of the stock production sedans charging Lowell De Greef in fourth. This is weekend. And there was more to around the track. We're getting a another event that's hard on the come. Suddenly, Van den Heuv_el bit too slow to keep an eye on that cars, and the attrition started early was back up on Crowde~•s tail, many vehicles at once, and it's as Don Gregoire parked in the and though Crowder tned to hard to protect your backside. infield, and Tom Drews flattened make his truck use up the whole The thousands of spectators a tire. Kincaid and Van den track, Van den Heuvel got by still crowded the hillside, not Heuvel kept a good duel going, him, and took the win. Crowder wanting to miss any of the racing. but the big eye catcher was the had lost his brakes and had to and they got a good show to cap sight of Jimmie Crowder slow some, and Van den Heuvel. their two days of competition. The manhandling his truck through noticing it, decided to go for it. rain had not materialized, the the traffic, to put himself into He said he thought, "If I roll, I racing had been fun to watch, and third place by lap two. He'd been roll." But he made the pass neatly all in all, it had been a great way 11th out of the start. Taylor and got the well deserved win. to spend the weekend. wasn't doing as well in the mini Crowder, pleased with his race. Many thanks to the Polaris truck, and ran in eighth. said he felt more confidence in folks who provided a six wheeler Kincaid continued to look the truck and his own skills, and for me to tote myself and my strong, and so did Van den kept learning how muck faster he provisions out into the infield. l Heuvel and Crowder, but now could go. Taylor finished third, took an early Sunday tour of the Tom Jensen moved into fourth also on the lead lap. track on it also, and thoroughly and Shilts's truck began to smoke The Women's truck race was enjoyed the ride. 18062 Redondo Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 842-2211 (800) 433-6524 (Outside CA) SAFETY ... It's what we're all about. The Ladies put on a great show and these days many stay to watch it. The lass 11 S ran next to give the trucks repair time, and Keith Berard took the overall winner of the Ladies Rear Engine Limited and Unlimited Class was lead, lost it, then took it back and hurried along to win the class. Rhonda Smith, who did a very professional job of driving a tired car. Page 46 September 1993 Dusty Times

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FAIR NEWS By Dlm: Massin~lwm Barstow 250 saw nine FAIR cars entered. RCR - Bob and Tom finished 15th in class. Mucha problems with brakes and shocks on the first lap. Rear brakes got so hot they caught on fire. No major damage, but didn't have good brakes. Shocks went away so bad it beat both drivers up. Hey Bob, what's next? Maybe the new truck? Wayne Morgan and yours truly took Barstow on and lost! I started Wayne's Class 2 Mirage with his new V4 motor. Unfor-tunately, only went 44 miles. A seal in the pilot hearing let go as well as a broken front shock tower. Danny Lerner and Jerry Penhall did not start. Friday night at 7 pm, Henry received the motor. They worked until the early morning hours of Saturday. They arrived 20 minutes late for tech Saturday am. It looks like the ole' hlack truck is prepped early for the Gold Coast. Steve Myers and Paul Hamilton DNF'd, losing another tranny. Brian Parkhouse and Willy Melancon finally did it! 1st in Class 10 and 11th overall. Congratulations guys, we knew you could do it! Brian started, had some hrake problems on lap 2, hut managed to hring it .in 2nd place for Willie to take the last loop. Hey Willie, who taught you how to dump the clutch and spray all the pit people with dirt and rocks? Nice guy, after they helped you make a driver change in less nbrid Series of OffRood Racing ·• than a minute. Even Uncle Bill · Bez:ant for his surprise BBQat the from Mirage got dusted! Maybe equipment handout Friday next race we will all be more evening. The ribs, chicken, beans considerate of the volunteers in and rolls were great! I even saw the pits. Don Hat: enjoying several plates Mark Weyhrich finished 9th in of fine ribs. Class 10. This was Mark's first Sunday, July 17th was our race to drive, usually riding annualFAIRpicnic,heldatYorba shotgun with brother Gary. Gary regional park. What a great place took time off to go "Formula to have a get together. Everyone Ford" racing in Oregon. brought their favorite salads, Rich Fersch finished 6th in chips, dip, etc. FAIR furnished Class 10 and 25th overall. Rich, the hamburgers and hot dogs. For owner of Downey Race Haus, all of you who missed it, don't converted last year's 1-2-1600 miss next years! We had a great class winning car into a Class 10. turnout with FAIR members, Rich soloed, having a few familyandfriendsthathelpatthe problems early on, losing a belt races. The raffle was packed with and having a flat. Looks like Rich lots of goodies. might like Class 10. Look out Thanks to the following for Parkhouse! their contributions; SAW, Turbo Greg Davis and Harry Dunne Blue, McKen:ies, Downey Race finished4thinClass9.It'sabout·Haus, Bill & Steves V-W, time these two dudes got a finish. Parkhouse Tire, Parker Pumper, Harr,; ran the first lap, having a RCR Plumbing, Sir Speedy Print, flat close to pit E. Hey Harry, JADA VW, PCI, Gold Mine VW didn't you remember no FAIR Whittier. Sorry if I missed pits at E? Greg ran the last two anyone. Thanks again. laps, trying to keep everything New meeting location - As of together with _no troubles I know August 4th meeting, we will be of. I understand he is still having back at the Holiday Inn, located at problems spinning rear hubs and Harbor Blvd. and 91 fwy in destroying his trans. If anyone has Fullerton. Shakeys Pi::a didn't some ideas, please let him know. work out as well as expected it Darnen and Willie Jefferies had would. Sorry for the incon-another short race. Not too sure venience. of the details hut I understand August 18th meeting, we will their fuel cell came apart. Tough have Sal Fish from SCORE to luck Guys! - - review 1994 plans. We would like FAIR teamed up with the to extend an open invitation to Chapala Dusters and had 5 pits, the Chapala Dusters and anyone including the start-finish. A BIG else who would like to attend. thanks to the FAIR members that Next report will include new came out to work this race; Bob officers, Gold Coast results a.nd Be::ant, Martin Bros. pit team, new ideas for FAIR Membership. Dave Edclstl'in, Brian Hint: and Anyone interested in FAIR please father. A special thanks to Bob drop me a note. Dave Massing-ham, 16269 Placid, Whittier, CA 90604. Thanks for your time! Chapala Dusters Race Review By H. Henesey The Chapala Dusters July meeting was packed due to news that Sal Fish from SCORE was to be present to discuss the changes by SCORE for the 1994 season. Unfortunately, Sal was unable to show, but the folks from La Rana Racing showed up to discuss their racing program. First though, came the stories of the racing at the SCORE Fireworks 250 held in Barstow. Danny Porter and Mark Ruddis in 1603 were having a tough first lap with carburetor problems when the needle and seat came loose. Lucky for them, they were assisted by a fellow Duster, Steve Poole in car 907, who helped to get them on their way. Danny and Mark continued on to place 9th in Class. . Steve Poole was not ·as fortun-ate. Even though he had done his good deed for the day, he was not able to complete a lap. Mark Fry took along his sister Michelle Fry in car 1026, and was in the race for 35 miles until the car broke. After hearing the race stories, we were treated to slides taken by Bill Thompson of Carrera Photo of the SCORE and La Rana races. Then things really got stirred up when it came time to discuss the Chapala Dusters support of the La Rana races. In the past, the Dusters have always had pit boxes Wisconsin and equipment available for thost who ran the La Rana races. A• every meeting, the room wa: polled as to who would bt running the next race. No answe1. from the room, the meetin~ would continue. Why then, at tht next La Rana race, would there be a few of the Duster's member1 competing and usually runnin~ separate pits? Communicate folks!! Official word now spoken or Chapala Duster support at U Rana races: The Chapala Dusten do support those racing La Rana Most important though, is if ym want to have a solid pitting effort you must show up at the meetings! The pit equipment ii available for use, but if the number of entries are low, a pit.,..... meeting may not be schedulec and it will be up to you to get the pit boxes. Due to the few numbet of SCORE races left on the schedule for the rest of the year, 2 larger turnout of Dusters ii forecasted for the La Rana races. August races on the schedule are the SCORE Gold Coast 300 and the La Rana Johnson Valley 200 Next Chapala Duster meeting ii August 11 at the Me-N-Eds Pizzz in Garden Grove. Send us your tales of triumph and troubles and they will be featured on these pages. Mail to: DUSTY TIMES 20751 Marilla Street, Chatsworth California 91311-440~ --,~--. Sanctioned Event 0 Sept. 18-19 ~~ A 5pONSORS s.o.D-"'· fllfilJO[lj]liJ Batteries CHEVROLET@ DustyTimcs ~ BFGaadricli DANCE Saturday Night Demo Derby Friday Nite 11res 0 Oshkosh, Clu■ \ Winnebago Expo Center WI Racing for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. ~ .. II I<~ 11 I .I IT . For more information: Friday's Off-Road Performance 5913 South US 45 Oshkosh. WI (414) 688-5S09 September 1993 SPS/ Neenah Oshkosh Lakeshom Page 47

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LA RANA DESERT RACING Larry Minor Wins The Luceme Valley Jam 150 By Carol "Scoop" Clark Photos: Trackside Photo Inc. Larry Minor, the younger, is filling some famous shoes, and doing it well. With Kyle Taylor driving the first two "laps the pair scorched the field in the Class 1 Chevy, having only one broken wheel for trouble and they won overall by about two minutes: Contingency for this event was quite interesting, it was about 40 to 45 miles away from where the race started instead of where it • usually is, at the Community Center in Lucerne Valley. The Cocky Bull played host to the racers for this event and I hear that is the place to be for all future events too. I, personally don't think this is a very convenient location for Contingency, however I'm not a racer or the promoter, nor for that fact, a Contingency sponsor, so I'm sure my opinion just doesn't matter. As long as all those who participate in this event are happy, that is all that matters. Considering the fact that the Fireworks 250 race was just around the comer, there were a surprising number of entries in this race. There were 95 entered, 90 starters and 45 finishers, which is very high. The fastest guy out on the course was the Class 150 truck of Larry Minor, which was Larry L. Minor, the son of Larry Minor, the name we have heard so often. When my crew and I were at our pit location out on Bessemer Mine Road, we could hear the truck coming off in the distance and then he was just a red and white streak when he came by us. That truck looked like it was a rocket, not a speck of trouble all day, his lap time went from 1:27:44 to 1:21:30. The first 2 laps were driven by co-driver Kyle Taylor, who did not waste one minute getting around the course. He turned the truck over to Larry in first place and Larry jumped in and kept it there. Talking to the boys after the race they told me that they just had too much fun. One thing that did happen to them was a wheel broke on the • first lap, but that was replaced within a matter of seconds and they were off to victory circle in no time flat. The fastest lap for these guys was their second lap, which averaged out to almost 48 mph. Must be fun boys, you did a fine job, winning overall. -,.,.,A,,. ,_ , ~ There were only three vehicles in Class 150 and only two finishers. The second to finish was Ron Stobaugh, who Pauley and Jon landiorio zipped the two seat Mirage around the dusty race course, with only a broken throttle cable for trouble. They won Class 1-2-1600 by over 11 minutes and placed a swift fifth overall. ? /-~ ,r"·,;:r' .• , .... .., ~-' ~ ..l,$-.i:; ~•;:t.:. '/ Steve Krieger and Tim Clark were so close in second overall, two minutes, with just one flat tire to slow their pace and they won Class 8 in the Chevy by two full laps. ,-;:J:J.:. Craig Dillon and Mike Harman got it all together this round and drove the Lothringer to victory in Class 10 by a margin of about 15 minutes and also came in third overall. took second in class and 20th overall, which was not too shabby since he is a first year racer. I did not get to talk to him at the finish •line, but got to hear him at the awards on Sunday. He wanted to thank his sponsors, Dick Cepek, BFGoodrich, Rancho Suspension and all the pit crew who took care of them all day. He said he had a great time and is looking forward to the next race. Billy Bunch was the third entry in Class 150, but once again he did not see the checkered flag. We saw his truck come by our pit area twice and the next time we saw the truck it was on a trailer heading home as we were making our way to the finish line. I did not hear what happened, but it must have been serious enough to not to try to fix it and continue on. In Class 200 we had a total of six starters and only one official finisher _and that was Doug Cast-illo's old partner, Chris Heryford. It was nice to see him out on the course again and this time in first place too. He and co-driver Jeff Kawell did have their share of trouble. On the last lap, everything seemed to go wrong, they had a flat and then they lost the rack & pinion, which caused a total down time of an hour and a half. These guys said this was the worst course they had ever been on. It was just too rough for them. but I think their opinions may have changed a little after they got cooled _off and relaxed a little bit. I know they have been around this sport long enough to know that off roading is by no means a wimpy sport. They've got what it takes to get out and tackle any course any time. Steve Holladay and crew led midway, then dropped out, taking second in class. Class 8 had three starters and only one finisher, that was the team of Steve Krieger and Tim Clark. These fellows are becoming a pretty familiar sight at the finish line and usually in first or second place. They had a flat on the second lap and are sure that that was the only reason they did not get first overall. They estimated about 8 minutes down time with the flat and in comparing lap times with the Minor truck, I'd say they would have finished within inches of each other if they both had a trouble free race. The third lap showed only 10 seconds differ-ence in their times, so they were both cooking right along. Steve and Tim wanted to thank their sponsors, Justice Brothers, Ultra Wheel and Tranny Mike's for all the support. Rick Holmes man-aged to get in two laps before parking it and our buddy Tom Coon gave it hell for the first lap and then we never saw him again. Chris Heryford, Skip and Jeff Kawell had all their woes on the first lap and a lot of down time, but they got back on track in the Raceco and ended up winning Class 2 by a couple of laps. Tom Koch and Rex Keeling had three time costing flats and a variety of other problems on their way to second in Class 10 and a quick fourth overall. Class 1600 had 23 starters and 8 finishers, which is a real good percentage. Leading the pack was the team of Ed Pauley Page 48 September 1993 Dusty Times

Page 49

•;e, -'.<t 4,, -~ ""!,. ~ fr"f,j;~,;,,. ,~ ~ .'4:i,t,9, :t._"', .·~~4;~:,,, A. *· ·* -, ..,_. t~ - -"_,,, ,;;;~.. -~ James Woodruff and Randy Anderson fly their Mirage over the lumps and they were third in Class 1-2-1600 by about a minute and a half, 7th overall. Brad Inch debuted his brand new Lothringer at this race, had some new car woes but finished less than a minute out of third in Class 1-2-1600, 8th 0 /A. Brian Logan and Keith Westerfield drove their Lothringer built Baja Bug to second in Class 5-1600 and they also reported a trouble free day at Lucerne. ~'.\~:, .,. "f<~-A ~ ~--);,'< • '+ ~J ,. -~ ~-.-,Y '\ •-..,...~ J-~.,. ~ '>. ,w-~ Charles Davis and Devin Goode had a good run in their 1-2-1600 Raceco, overcame clutch trouble to arrive second in class and a good sixth overall. and John Iandiorio, who put in their time of 6:17:53 and took first in class and fifth overall. It was nice to see a new face in first place, not that I don't enjoy all of you, but this team hasn't done too well. They try hard, but something major always happens that seems to put them out of the race. John said that their only problem was a broken throttle cable on the last lap on the Mirage. They had about 7 minutes down time replacing the cable, but that was the extent of their trouble. They thought it was a great race and they were playing cat and mouse with Bob Stockton most of the day until Bob broke a plug and it took so long to figure out what was wrong, they just parked it for the day. minutes behind Davis. He forgot about the noise and started having fun on the last lap. Brad Inch took fourth place in the 1600 class, finishing just about a minute behind Randy. Brad is still getting his new Lothringer car dialed 'in and it looks like it is doing pretty good so far. Class 3 had the one lone entry, the Jeep of Mike Duncan, the 4x4 Doctor and he only got in two laps, so there were no finishers in this class. ; Class 500 had one entry and one finisher, so looks like that would be a 100% ratio for that class. I got to interview the co-driver, A.J. Martin who got to drive the last three laps after having the car turned over to him by Rick Henry. I guess Rick be-came disillusioned when he broke the stub axle before the end of his first lap and just wanted to tum it over to AJ, who is the son of Steve Martin of Martin Brothers racing fame. AJ said that there were no problems on the second and third laps after they got the stub axle replaced, but towards the very end of the third lap he felt something wrong and pulled over to find a CV boot in dire need of some tape, so properly applied the tape and took off for the last lap. He lost third gear just before check one and was moving along pretty good until someone was dead stopped on a hill in front of them, having run out of gas. So this just meant they had to finish the race in 2nd and 4th gears, but it was do able (?) and they did it. It would be nice to see the older Martin's, Steve and Tom, race against A.J. and Mark Martin. Tom is old and married now, so guess new bride . Second place went to Charlie Davis and Devin Goode. They had a pretty good day. Some concern was raised about the tranny slipping and there was oil dripping onto the clutch which made for some fancy footwork in operating the clutch, but they got enough dirt on it to keep the foot from slipping off all the time ... They wanted to thank Adam Wik for a great motor again and Leigthton for the terrific suspension and of course Desert Race Support (DRS) for the terrific pits. Frank Omboli and Rich Fersch had a great day in the 5-1600, winning the class by_six minutes, a big margin for this group, and they had no troubles, no down time and it must be the super race prep. Randy Anderson and James Woodruff took third place in 1600 by about a minute and a half, because Brad Inch was hot on their tail. They said that James, who took the first two laps, got lost on the second lap for about 2 to 3 minutes, and then had the good fortune of having a flat tire. After turning the car over to Randy for the third and fourth laps, the exhaust started ticking louder and louder until it finally fell off and the whole thing was ; giving Randy a big headache and he was about ready to park it until he found out he was in the hunt and had a good chance of taking second place, as he was only two Dan Cannon and Mike Robertson kept their Class 725 Ford running well, had no serious troubles, and won the class, one of two of the six starters that finished four laps. DustyTirnes September 1993 is keeping him - occupied, but Steve is footloose and fancy free (almost) and ready to run. In the popular 5-1600 or 550 class there were 11 starters and 7 finishers. The first one was the team of Frank Omboli and Rich Fersch. Looks like Rich may still like this class, however he was not available for any comments. Frank just said he started in front and stayed there all day, without a single problem. Second place went to Brian Logan and Keith Westerfield. They said they started last and worked their way This is the iiystem run by most off road race winners thru the crowd, passing everyone but number 552. Brian finally stopped after three laps and turned it over to Keith to see if he could pass 552, but it just wasn't to be. They had a really great day, totally trouble free. Third place goes to Jeff and Tom Bohla, this is the first time that Jeff has tried to drive a race car since losing a finger and dam-aging some muscles and tendons in his hand. He is going through therapy but it will be a long slow process in getting the movement and strength I@" TRI-MIL BOBCAT CHROME JEEP STRAIGHT 6 "NEW SUMMER SPECIAL CHROME" 2740 COMPTON AVENUE LOS ANGELES, CALIF. 90011 (213) 234-9014 WHOLESALE ONLY DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 49

Page 50

Tom and Jeff Bo/ha keep their 5-1600 very tidy and despite a little trouble in the suspension department, they finished a close third in Class 5-1600. Sandy Parker had a flat and a broken tierod to slow his progress in Class 9 but he squeaked out a strong second place to keep the points battle going. Brian Sallee and Stan Hignett pushed hard in their Chenowth, had no serious delays and were third in Class 9 only three more minutes behind the winner. James Clements out foxed his rivals in the hefty Class 9 entry, 17 starters, with very consistent lap times, and the Barstow charger won Class 9 by almost four minutes, a long lead in this class. ~ back in that hand. He drove the first lap before turning it over to brother Tom. They said that there were just SQ_me things that did not feel right most of the race. It felt like there was no rebound in the suspension, so they were getting jarred pretty good most of the day. Then something happened with car number 556 who overshot his pit and Jeff tapped him in the rear somehow, but it was nothing major. The car was evidently off to the right of the course and hung a U tum rather abruptly to get back to his pit and he did so without checking to see who was close to him. They said they had another "Dusty Time" out there, kind of hard to see, but then they are used to that too. They were having second thoughts about having the number 555 again because of some problems that occurred at a previous race on this course with that number, but nothing of that nature occurred. Tom said that they broke a rear torsion bar half way thru the last lap while they were trying to pass another car afld then a push rod tube started leaking into the motor, so they were real glad to see the checkered flag. Class 600 had only two starters and one finisher, that being Scott McKinney from Bull-head City, Arizona. It took him 9 1/2 hours to do his 4 laps and in looking at his individual lap time, I'd say he had some major prob-lems on his third and fourth laps; hope it goes better next time fellas. Class 700 had one starter and no finishers. David Winner the only entrant, put in three laps, which didn't look that bad at all, but obviously something major happened after the third lap. The Class 725 trucks had six entries and only two finishers. It seems to me this class is not having a whole lot of luck, but the first place finisher was Dan Cannon and it took him 8:51:49 to do his four laps. He did not have anything major go wrong, but he says that the Minor truck passed him in the air and crashed the passenger side door and mirror, but that didn't slow him down any. His Parker Pumper hose kept coming off all day, so he was having to contend with that on and off. He says he just set a pace and let the others break and scooted in for the win. He wanted to thank his all woman chase crew, they came through again for him. By the way Dan you owe me a truck wash for the victory champagne you sprayed on my dually and I'm going tt> hold my breath until you pay up dude. Second place went to Kreg Donohoe and John Brewster, but I had hit the road by the time they arrived, sorry guys. They completed their four laps in 9:45, just under the 10 hour time limit; that must have been a real long day for them. Class 750 had one lone finisher also. Bill Waltman and Bill Markell. I must have passed them on the way out, because they finished their tour in 9:15. they had some pretty consistent lap times, so it doesn't look like they had any real big problems. Ralph Blundell and Randy Pettit got in two laps in the allotted time and Dean Galloway and Erick Boka must have hit disaster after the first lap, because that was the last we saw of them. Jim Clements took first place in Class 900, he said he had to stop every lap and call home to see if he was a Grand Dad yet; evidently his daughter is going to deliver him a blessed event any minute. He got tired of stopping and decided just to get this race over with and passed everybody so he could relax and get home. His laps were within three minutes of each other, so he must have had a cellular phone in the race. His total time on the course was 7:09:06, as usual he was all smiles and not too much conversation. His good friend Sandy Parker finished in 7: 12:50 which put him in second place. He too was all smiles even though he got second place; he always has fun racing against Jim. Sandy was not as fortunate as Jim though. He had one flat and broke a tie rod which folded the front end back a tad. That must have happened on the last lap or two because they appear to be the slowest laps. He wanted to thank his brother-in-law Bruce, for all the motors and his co-driver Tom Moessner for turning the car over to him in such good shape. He said that he nerfed Jim a couple of times just to let him know that he was back there. He had so much fun, the day just flew by. Third place went to Brian_ Sallee who came in just about three minutes after Sandy, so I must have been involved with Sandy and crew and did not get to talk to Brian. Looks like he had a pretty good race; his last three laps were within seconds of each other, so congratulations Brian and co-driver Stan Hignett. Fourth place went to High Desert residents, Jim Mobly and Dennis Petersen, who wer not real happy with fourth but did not complain too severely. Jim talked to me at the awards banquet and said the rear end is not 100% yet and he has to figure out how to gain another 20 minutes per race. They really want to beat their friends Jim Clements and Sandy Parker, so they are consulting with them to see what the differences are amongst the three cars, to see if they may not have done some-thing they should have to give them a little faster lap times. They also want to adapt to their easy going attitudes. Jim and Sandy are usually smiling and Dennis . and Jim are chewing their knuckles by race time. They did have one complaint, their chase vehicle got rocked by another chase vehicle who flew by them well over the 25 mph speed limit and broke their windshield. they will try to have everything dialed in by the next race, including some front and rear end problems that kind of bugged them all day, but didn't stop them. Their only stops were for fuel and driver changes. They wanted to be sure and thank R.E. Goodspeed, DJ Transaxles, Tom Mattingly, Bob's Tires and Reid Pro for their support. You sponsors are very important to these racers and they want to see to it that you get all the credit you deserve and they hope to bring you in a winner real soon. Class 10 had seven starters and three finishers, the first of those was Craig Dillon and Mike Harman who took first in class and third overall in the Lothringer. They had a reasonably good day, with one flat and the shift linkage got clogged with dirt and they had some minor steering problems, but no race stopping problems. They said it was very dusty with a iot of rough sections and some fast sec-tions with a few down hills thrown in for good measure. They were happy with their total time of5:48:22. Second place went to veteran off roaders Tom Koch and Rex Keeling. They were not real thrill-ed with second. They attribute their second place to a bad prep job. they had a total of three flats and then the wire came off the fuel pump and that shut down the engine real fast; so Rex got out and put it back on with the help of some duct tape, got back in and fired her up and the tranny started popping out of gear for the rest of the day, so they were not happy racers at all. They were hot, tired and mad. I saw the third place car of Steve Hendricks take the check-ered flag, but he went directly into the post impound area and I did not get to talk to him, but he completed the race in 7: 18:49 . Donny Angel and Kevin McGil-livray only got in one lap, stopped by to tell me about their interesting day of off roading. Donny said that the splines in the CV disrnt-egrated and the boot caught on fire on the second lap and that just wasted the axle. So there was no way of replacing or repairing, or moving for that matter, so they parked it and helped out at the CORE pits. This is their first mechanical failure in years. Donny thinks it was 1989 when they had to quit a race because of irrepairable damages. They had great hopes of catching the Minor truck and Donny was going for it until disaster struck. These boys are always in contention for the overall win as well as the class win, so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them. Due to trying to be in two places at the same time, I was not able to get to the finish line in time to talk to the Stone Stock class winners, so if I missed you, which I probably did, please drop me a note, c/o the Dusty Times, or send it directly to me at P.O. Box 2053, Apple Valley, CA 92308. In Class 15, Glenn Cohen John Bourassa and Dennis Bourassa run a Toyota in Ciass 15, and they l,roke the same shock mount twice on lap 1, but got the other lap done for second place. Bob and John Beyer had major down time with their Ford, but did get their two laps finished for a well earned third place in Class 15, the last one in. Larry Gross and Roger Malcelm race their Toyota in Class 1525, and they came close at this race, but settled for second in class at the flag. Page 50 September 1993 Du1tynmc1

Page 51

Glen Cohen and Tim Berviss race a Jeep Comanche in Class 15, and they covered the two required laps almost three hours faster than the other four in the class for a resounding victory. and Tim Berviss took first place in 5:17:33. They were in the impound area and I did not get to speak with them about their day, but it must have been real good. Second place went to Joe Boursassa and Dennis Bourassa who said they had a lousy first lap because they broke the same shock mount twice and they wanted to thank Fab Tech for putting them back together so they could finish. They had about 1 1/2 hours down time on the first lap ·and lost some time on the second lap with muffler problems and one flat, so they were pleased that they got second. Third place went to Bob Bey-er who faxed me the info about his day. At about MM7 he had some major down time with a broken ball joint and spindle. When the spindle severed, it caused a broken steering link, a bent shock rod and a broken caliper. So Bob took off on foot to find help and get to the nearest pit. He hooked up with his chase crew who arrived with the parts and Bob started the needed repairs. They got everything fixed but the shock and the brakes and took off for the finish line along with co-driver John Beyer. They wanted to be sure to thank Dick Cepek, Sta-Lube, James Gag Rac-ing Products and BBM Marketing promotions. Bill Quitmeyer led the pack in the 152 class. He and his faithful crew, wife-Teri, Fred Espinoza and Kathy Simmons were too involved in the impound area, so I was unable to get their attention. But they beat the second place finish-er, Larry Gross by a good 9 1/2 minutes. Third were David and Robin Parker who had a first lap flat, then broke a shock bolt, finished both required laps in good time. In Class 157, John Barajas got first place in 5:01:46 total time, which says they had a fairly good day. Second place went to David Edelstein and Dennis Lightle who ran out of gas about mm 40. They had put a new 4 barrel carburetor on the truck and misjudged the gas mileage, so they were down for four hours Bill Quitmeyer and Fred Espinoza have a real lock on Class 152 in their Toyota, and they won again at Lucerne, but by less than ten minutes here. John "Barajas won (;p honors in the big iron stone stock Class 157, going so fast he won the class by nearly three hours in the well prepped Chevy. Dustynmes waiting for their cr~w to bring in Class 44 and that was Donald them gas. It was a five mile walk Kleinhenz, who did not complete each way to get to a pit area, but it the race, so he had no time. was , too hot . and ~ey ~gured When interviews slowed they d better Just watt wtth lh:e down at the finish line, I had the ~ck. They wan!ed to th~ therr opportunity to talk to the mother friends and family for therr help of Jason Hatz, nephew of world and most assuredly . thank therr fampus Don Hatz. She was very sponsors, BFGoodrich, All 4 excited because this was Jason Wheel Drive, Vintage Bronco's, and his friend Jim Golden's frrst Courtyai:d, _Travel and solo attempt at racing. She DeNunz10 s. Bnan Owens who wanted to know if I could talk to was the only other entry in this him after they finished the race class, did not complete his second to see how they felt about th~ lap, but ha_d a real good frrst lap whole thing. The boys ended up of2:19:28 m the Jeep J-10. in sixth place in Class 1600 and _In Class 25 there were four 10th overall, so I'd say that was en1:0es, three starters and two something to be very proud of. fimshers. Denny Wolff and ~dy When Jason appeared, he told I Garrett took first place with a me he loved it he rocfe the first total time of 3:24:28 and Cole two laps with his Uncle and then Warren and Steve Digman got he took over the wheel for the last - second with a total time of two laps and Jim climbed in the 4:29:19. There was one lone entry shot gun seat. He said that they It Is a fact Bils1sin Is reoogni:zecf as the finest shock absOlbel on the market. Now you can have the proven tong life performance of Bllstein shocks for yourtruck or sport utility vehicfe at a fantastic price. Bilstein's single tube high gas pressure design outperforms conventional shocks r-to-one. Our patented self adjusting, deflective disc vaMng system continuous suspen-sion control in the rough yet maintains a comfortable ride on the street. Truck and sport utility vehicle drivers demand more shock performance and Bilstein provides ... got lost once while Uncle Don was driving and once while he was driving. He said that 1608 got in his way and would not move over, so he tapped him lightly and he finally moved over. Then Jason said "I feel kind of light headed' and politely fainted, I looked back up from my pad and he was gone. Mom started calling for help as she didn't know what was wrong, but as soon as we got his body temp back down and got him wet down good, he came right back to fmish his interview. He said that another 1600 car side-swiped them then went on and hit a stuck truck and they almost flipped themselves because the car was up <Jl two wheels. He loved the race alld is ready to take over the wheel any time he can. ADDITIONAL PICTURES ON NEXT PAGE • Highest gas pressure for fade-free long life • 98% efficiency over 100,000 miles • Largest piston wori<ing area {1.81" diameter) • Limited lifetime warranty These are the same high quality Bilstein shocks that normally cost up to $119.00 each. kt now and save! •umited time offer on selected applications . . Contact the Distributors listed below or your nearest Bilstein dealer: CANADA CONNECTICUT NORTH CAROLINA Performance Assist Accessories Ltd. William Sander Rowells, Inc. CALGARY, AB • 403/279-2807 BEACON FALLS · 800/227-9763 CHARLOTTE -704/333-5213 CALIFORNIA GEORGIA Autosport Gallery APS -800/423-3623 Specialty Parts Warehouse RALEIGH -919/872,2002 ANAHEIM-714/630-1144 LIBURN • 404/978-2801 NEW JERSEY McKenzies Performance Products HAWAII Euro Tire ANAHEIM· 714/441-1212 FAIRFIELD • 800/631-0080 Auto Service & Performance Zubehor Hawaii, Inc. HONOLULU -808/836-1"980 Woodlawn Auto and RV Service MOUNTAIN VIEW· 415/969-1050 LINDEN-908/862-3695 Fairway Sport and Performance ILLINOIS OREGON PLACENTIA· 714/528-4670 Precision Frame ipd ASI -800/683-2890 HIGHLAND PARK· 708/432-0082 PORTLANQ • 800/444-6486 SAN DIEGO· 619/584-2890 INDIANA TEXAS Downey Off-Road MFG. Pol'{er Brake and Spring Pro Am Parts and Accessories SANTA FE SPRINGS· 310/949-9494 SOUTH BEND· 800/282-1044 HOUSTON -800/847-5712 Performance Products LOUISIANA VERMONT Toyota Special isl Brinson Rovers North -Rover Specialist VAN NUYS -800/553-2840 HARAHAN • 504/733-7326 WESTFORD -802/879-0032 September 1993 Page 51 ·

Page 52

Ron Stobaugh and Colin Butcher come from northern California to race in Class 1 in the fancy Ford, and they finished at Lucerne a long second but finished. 't -Rick Henry and A.J. Martin were the only starter in Class 5, but they plowed through all four laps, replacing a stub axle and CV boot to earn the win. The only entry and an automatic winner in Class 7 was David Winner in a Toyota, with Randy Clary co-driving they got in three laps. Dennis Petersen and James Mobley say they still have work to do on the 9 car, but they zipped into fourth place in good time in this big class. Tim Chamberlin and John Whelchel were the only Class 11 entry, so they motored around for a six hour lap and took home the points and the trophy. Page 51 Steve Holladay and Billy Robertson were moving right along in Class 2, but were second, losing the engine on the third of four laps required. Mitch Griffin and Mark Steele had a good run in Class 5-1600, stayed close to the leaders all the way, and they finished in a tight fourth place. Kreg Donahoe and John Brewster took second in Class 725, must have had some trouble, but they got up ·and running to finish all four required laps. Danny Richardson and Randy Westbrook have a new looking Class 9 Mirage and they finished fifth in class, only 12 minutes out of fourth place time. David and Robin Parker cover the rough going in their Toyota, but they finished their two laps for third place in the Class 152 action. September 1993 Once again Mike Duncan was all alone in his Jeep with Wrangler bodywork so he motored through two laps and took home the first in Class 3 honors. Two Jeep Cherokees started in Class 6 but this one of Scott and Earl McKinney was the lone 4 lap survivor, taking the victory by a full lap. Bill Waltman and Bill Markel were the only finisher of three starters in Class 750 and their Toyota took 9:15 to do the four laps required in class. Stephen Hendricks and Brian McDonnell do a little nose stand in the Class 10 Raceco, but it didn't slow them down en route to third place in Class 10. David Edelstein and Dennis Lightle had an incredible exper-ience running out of gas in the Ford Bronco in just 40 miles, but they finished second in Class 157. DustyTimcs

Page 53

111[1_■ ■ ■ to a disappointing sixth place. .... _ _tiE~ .. S ,JlfJ. Now if you remember, Alan also ■-■ ■ .~ ■V■ rolled the car at the last race. Hey I • guys, if ya want some good The Straight Poop Wah:oo advice on how to break From The Big Wahzoo out of thi~ nasty streak, I suggest LUCERNE VALLEY 250 -ya let Daryl solo the next one! This 4 lap La Rana event was hot Good Show Checkers, they all and dusty ... Checker Weather! knew we were there! Prospective member Craig The Club's 3 non-finishers had Dillon, teaming up with Mike some sorry excuses: Symonds' Harman in the 01' Man's ten car, non-Checker co-driver blew up grabbed the Dillon clan their first the motor in Gregg's Class 10 car Checker win. In another exciting when he experienced a stuck duel between Dillon and Koch, throttle? The Bates/ Bates tandem the Dillon /Harman team came 1-2-I 600 ca~ lost a tranny right oot on top this time as Mike got off the starting line. And last but the lead for good on the third lap, not least, Seeley had some major when Koch & Keeling suffered a rear suspension breakage, fixed it rear flat. Craig Dillon and Mike twice, but then sadly finished just Harman, First Place in Class 10 past the race time limit for a DNF. and third overall! Congratula-CompletL" report on the Gold tions Guys. Coast next month. Tom & Rex carried on after SALFISH-OnJuly7thSalwas their untimely flat for a solid scheduled as our Checker Guest sc·cond in Class 10 an,f fourth Speaker to explain his new class overall. Joe Giffen, the Club's restructuring. A special news-other prospective, ran a consist-letter was sent out announcing his L"nt race in his first outing with the appearance; He confirmed to a Club anJ earned a fifth in Class number of members that he'd he 5-1600. Good racin' guys! there; The Dugout was packed, Steve Holladay had all the hut Fish was a no show! This is a pitters on their feet as he huilt up sad way for Sal to treat one of about a ten minute overall lead at Score's oldest and most consist-thl' half way point in his open car. ent customers. More details later. Rut adly,afterRobertsongotin, SUMMER PARTY -The the car only went about 15 miles Checkers, the winningest team in hefore the trans quit. Danny York off road racing history, once again had Butow's car up front in 1-2-upheld our great partying 1600 despite having to stop to tradition with this year's hlow out unload a sick passenger. The Pre: in Lucerne. On this unusually then took over at the midway cool July weekend, close to 300 point, only to have his engine folks showed up to join in some hlow almost within shoutin' Checker fun. distance of Rilly. Hey Checker Apokerrunonahouta 12 mile Dudes, you were exciting while ya loop was Saturday afternoon's lasred1 first priority, with beer drinkin' DR CHECKER PARTY -After and hullshittin' a close second. this race a large number of Toxic Tom and Reverend Roy members took off for a regular once again teamed up to establish affair at Kassanyi's in Cathedral the 'Checker Pool', and Glen City. The yearly excuse for this Galhrath showed up with a fancy get together is to jointly celebrate 4 seat jet helicopter to give rides the hirthda11s of Tee-O, Uncle to all the fearless. About 150 lbs. Max and Dr. Checker. This year of harhecued tri-tips with all the over a hundred people showed up tasty trimmings was served up to wish these 'Oldsters' well and about dusk, and then the hand reach in and grab the cup with his teeth and drink it down. Not surprising!\', the Maiocco team was a runaway winner in this event through some obvious good planning, and also the reported use of a shacly Checker-like trick. Seems Murgan started off by recruiting two of the Club's more well endowed wives as his team mates, Crowder's· and his own. Now with these two lovelies Morgan was not too concerned about them being able to hold onto the cup, it was the fear that the flimsy plastic cup would be crushed under such massive hooter pressure that bothered him. But rumor has it that this problem was solved by slipping a rock into the bottom of the heer cup just before the start. Atta Boy Morgan! . As the party continued on into the wee hours, a local talent show spontaneous! y developed. Thumper and Peralta sat in on the bass and drums, while BJ made his singing debut along with a couple of ol' bike Checkers. Now if this wasn't weird enough, right in the middle of this impromptu set somebody's kid got a hold of the lead guitar and played some great heavy metal that got everybody up out of their chairs, and surely stirred all those party poopers who had hit the sack early. Impres-sively, although severely pressed at times, neither Thumper or Lou ever missed a beat! sip from Steve's famous Margar- fired up and rocked the Buttes! I ita fountain. Of course, a good During the hand breaks the time was had hy all! Cluh held a raffle and played FIREWORKS 250 - A hree:y some 'Checker Games'. In the ( 1 « • and unusually cool July day in interest of safety, this year's I Barstow made for some excellent 'Motori:ed Balloon Joust' was conditions at this traditional broken down into two classes. holiday off road race. When First up were about 5 quads that SCORE started their newly hadanexcitingbattle.Nextwere I acquired event at 6:30 Saturday about 10 motorcycles, who also morning, seven Checker cars left put on quite a show. The finale the line, with four finishing. saw the victorious quad team in a I Not unexpectedly, Rosenstein face off with a unique all Checker stepped up this race in his Class team, a bike Checker driving and 11 car to support our traditional a car Checker wielding the club. Clubpolicyof"atleastonewina Naturally, when the dust finally I race"! It was rumored though, settled, Galbrath and his bike that Rosy and his Christian Checkerbudtookhomethegold. lawyer hammered out a last Congratulations Guys! minute deal with SCORE which The Jack Off Race once again I made Class 11 a one lap sprint for proved that floor jacks were not the finish. Congra tu la tions made for desert racing, as most of Rosenstein, 1st Place in Class 11 ! the passengers bit the dust before ~-•'4<: t . ' !! ,: ' The Checkers may have found a good home for our annual summer event for the foreseeable future, as everything seemed to go smoothly. No injuries, no fights, no cops, no problems! Hey, I know that doesn't sound like the description of a typical Checker get together, but it's accurate. Speaking for the rest of my Checker buds, this Wah:oo has to give an Atta Boy to the Pre:, the Party Chairman and all those vol un tee rs· who made everything happen. Truly, a good time was had by all! THE TATTOO -It now appears that there is a better than 50% chance that Thumper will become a living Checker legend in his own time, by actually going through with his recent boast. But, there is one little problem that Thumper has to resolve before going under the needle, and that is one of mell. Because we all know that a tattoo needle would surely have the same effect on Thumper'sjohnson as suh :ero weather, his origi na I idea of writing "Checkers" down both sides was dropped in favor of simply crossed checkered flags · out on the end. This may still present a problem, unless of course we can find a tattooist who also has some experience at inscribing the Bible on the head of a pin. Not surprisingly, our hero has had no shorcagc of solutions from his Checker huds on how tn correct this shrinkage problem, such as: "Catch it when it's hard and nail it to a hoard", or "Hey man, ya oughta get one of those foot long implants". And from the rear of the room came, "Just tic yourself about a 5 pound weight off the end Dude!" No matter how this technical problem is finally resolved, the Wah:oo will need a close up photo from one of those in attendance for our column. This ma11 push the Dusty Times publishing policies to their limits, hut hell, we'll give hc•r a try! Hey, maybe we could add a little hat and some lipstick and nobody hut us would recogni:e what it is?? No really, the caption could read "One of Sugar's ex-wives?" Huh? Well whatever, we'll work it out. Send photo promptly. P.S.Don't forget to checkwith local fire officials for apennit. Hey Pete, I think the rest of those the finish line. The exciting I guys are a scared of ya! Breast, Beer Race consisted of Kevin Davis further tightened about 5 three person teams and up his Class 1-2-1600 point chase the rules went something like this: I with a solid second place solo The 2 females on the team stand finis h . In an exciting duel, veryclosetogetherandhaveafull Sprinklerman ran all day with the plastic cup of beer placed down leader but came up about 30 between their breas-ts. Now I seconds short at the end. The simply holding this cup in place Steeles made a rare appearance in requires some degree of team-Popular Low Ratio Gears Wide Selection of Input Sha~s Bullet-Proof 4-Spider Diffs I I I I I I I I CBOBJ B7B-6B 12 their 1600 car and also had a hell work since with too little pressure spot that was only 5 seconds pressure you'll crush it. But this P. G. Transmissions of a race, earning a fourth place you'lldropthecup,andtoomuch I behind the third place car. The female balancing act gets a lot I I Cooks continued their string of tougher when ya consider that the PO Box 1 58 had luck as both Wayne and Alan winner is the first female team to L Kula, HI 86780 -r_o_ll_e_d_t_h_e_b_ro-th_e_r_s_._r_e_c_e_n_t_l y __ ·_sh_u_ffl_e_'_o_ve_r_a_b_o_u_t_5_o_•_t_o_th_e_i_r ________________________________ ~ __ ©k-?a repaired5-1600Bugontheirway male team mate, who then must - - - - - - - -~ .J Dusty nmcs Scptcm~r 1993 Page 53 •

Page 54

AUSTRALIAN OFF ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP Mark Bunows Wins Th• Goodyear Griffith City 450 By Darryl Smith Mark Burrows, with Mick Shannon, was second fastest in the Prologue in the turbo Mazda Trekka, never ran worse than third in the race, Jed the_Jast two laps and won overall and in Class 1. · The second of the five race straight visible from the pits. the Sunday to a strong breeze. "' Chris and Matthew Owen led Class 2, the 1600s, in their Nissan powered Funco most of the distance, reported no troubles and bested the 17 car Class 2 field by four minutes and finished fifth overall . ., __ ____;_ ______________________ _ Australian Off Road champion- Leading the Class 2, 1600 Class Osbourne made the most of his ship was held on May 29-30. The was Peter Prendergast over Terry all-clear position though and . . . Goodyear, Griffith City 450 at- Rose and Richard Bennett. Head- clocked in fastest opening lap. Mark and Daryl Warren qualtf,ed fastest in 1200cc Class 3, and Warren tracted 100 entries to the town in ing the Class 3, 1200 Class was Glenn Owen was on a charge and d~minated the race on the long and short tracks in the Southern Cross, the state of New South Wales. the Goodyear car of Mark moved up into second over. winning the class by 15 minutes and placing a remarkable seventh .overall. The race format is to cover three Warren, while fastest · Class 4, Burrows and Hayden Bentley. only car to, get under the 1 hour 1200 car up to 18th overall and long laps then three short laps of Baja was Warren Irons. Class 5 is Then came McMillan's single time slot. Owen was still in led the tiny turboed motor of a course that had plenty of variety for 2WD sedans and pickups and seater, the only non-Class 1 in the second and on_ly I _minute_ behi!}d. Dean Williams in one of the from fast, long straights, to the quickest here was Norman Vesty's top ten. Class 2 was led by Rose; Burrows mamtamed his· third many Jag-Art, Sidchrome Tools tight sections over the solid rock FIOO. The Class 6 Challenger his task made easier by the blown place while McMillan moved up team cars. Things were getting trails. Buggy group was led by Peter motor of Prendergast. A similar into fourth. Barry Johnson's Class tight in the Baja class with Ron The time trial or Prologue on Trotter and the Class 7 production problem hit the front-running car 1 was another to suffer an expired Schmidt taking over. Vesty had the Saturday determine starting 4x4's, by Les Siviour's Nissan of Wells who won the first round motor. Charging through the still held the. lead in Class 5 while positions, and heading the field Patrol. The modified 4x4's in at Easter. The early casualty list 1600 field was Bill Buchanan Ken l-louston had control of Class was Brett Osbourne in a Goodyear Class 8 were led by the Nissan also hit the 4x4's with Owen's who actually moved right into 6 in another Jag-Art, Sidchrome Class I buggy with a turbo Toyota Patrol of Reg Owen which has a Patrol out with gearbox failure, the class lead over Rose, then Bob car. Siviour was running away motor. Next up was Bridgestone's Donovan V8 Sprint-car motor. Robert Knott's Nissan truck Graham and Chris Owen. Richard with Class 7 and moved his Mark Burrows with turbo Mazda Finally the single seaters in Class overheatin_g, and Barry Finney.'s Bennett's Yokohama car was Bridgestone _ Nissan up to 17th power, then Yokohama's Daren 9 were to follow Doug MacMil-V8 Jeep seizing a rear axle. Peter down on power with distributor overall. Grahame Baxter's Han-Wells with turbo Nissan power, so Jan's Porsche powered Raceco. Hadlow lost time replacing a tie problems but that would soon be kook tires Nissan Patrol truck the tire teams had a share in it all. The track . would be very rod on his Mitsubishi truck. fixed as vehicles took a held a slim Class 8 lead over Ken Glenn Owen was next but looked dusty in places so it was with Once again Osbourne was compulsory pit stop. M~k Smith's factory Isuzu truck. Early certainly the quickest along the much relief that cars lined up on fastest on lap 2, and in fact the Warren had moved his leadmg Class 8 leader; Fabio Zarfati had Les Siviour and Peter Jseppi did it again and won Class 7 for production 4x4s, but had to stop to change a failed fuel pump on the Nissan Patrol and work back up the ranks, and they finished 20th overall. ~l slipped back after losing a front ~--• CV, then his brakes. Doug McMillan came within two minutes of winning overall in his new Porsche powered Raceco with more suspension than most of the cars, and he won the single seat Class 9 by 24 minutes and was a keen second overall. Into lap 3 and Osbourne posted his third sub I-hour lap in ,a row (the only one to do so) but the disaster as he broke all the CV bolts off the gearbox. Also gone was Glenn Owen who blew a tur-bo but not before astounding with his ease at running fast times. Also suffering in the turbo region was Neville Boyes with a new Class 1. Neill Morrison made an unsched-uled pit stop to cure a lock of brakes in his Hankook Class 1. Terry Rose fell further back in Class 2 after getting two flat tires that lap. It was settling down in Class 3 although Robert Moore pitted to change a Russell and Jamie Robinson moved their Rivmasta into conten-tion on the last short laps using turbo Nissan power to take second in Class 1, third overall. Terry and Maureen Rose qualified second in the 1600cc Hunter Rivmasta, had a race long dice with Chris Owen, and ended up second in Class 2, sixth 0/A. Mark Whisker and Steven Scheinecke had the 1200cc Hunter Rivmasta roaring around the turns and they finished second in Class 3 and a good 15th 0/A. September 1993 Dustynmcs

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(. t If·• " . "" -,i ~ . ,_,_ ~.' %~ Mark Manns and Allen Cartledge were only three minutes back in Class 7 in the Holden Jackaroo, which has familiar body style, and they were a strong se- d_. ___________ _ Looks like he did a hand brake turn here, and Ken Houston with Stewart Moar took this buggy called 'Aligator' to a close second in Challenger Class 6. Relaxing with clean faces are the overall winners in the Bridge-stone pits. Mark Burrows is on the left, and Mick Shannon on the right here. a tight fmish in Class 7 as the 4x4 of Siviour took the win as the factory Isuzu of Manns slowed with broken shock mounts. Behind them came Eric Whitbread's Mitsubishi truck, Tom O'Sullivan's Diahatsu Feroza, and Royce Wells' Mitsubishi. . ~J Ken and Laureen Smith had gearbox trouble with the Holden Rodeo, but it did not keep them from pressing on to victory in the Unlimited 4x4 Class 8 ranks, and they won the class by a whopping 28 minutes. It almost looks ready for a destr~'";;tion derby but this Mitsubishi Ga/ant and crew Graham Smith and Cathy Marzol won Class 5, beating all the 2WD pickups and sedans, so a little mud didn't slow them at all. Even with a failing gearbox Ken Smith was good enough to take the Class 8 4x4 win. Zarfati drove his Ralliart Pajero on the key to take second over the Yoko-hama turbo truck of Peter Hadlow, who had actually set fastest class lap in all but his first troublesome lap. Grahame Baxter got his Hankook Nissan going and came home fourth. McMillan took the Class 9 win as mentioned, but be-hind him came Mark Bush's Hunter Rivmasta .and Dave MacDonald's single seater. In all only 49 of die 100 crews completed the full journey and last but defmitely not least was 16 year old Leanne Harmann distributor losing even more time Jackaroo · V6 of Mark Manns after earlier changing a tie rod. would get the Class 7 win. Closer The field were now com- to the front though , Bob Graham mencing their short laps which is dropped out of the Class 2 n1:ce - usually when they think of sprint- with ignition problems, while ing and forget about the rough McMillan was suffering without ter-rain. With all the movement at power steering. Second plac~d the front it was now Burrows that Bentley was less than 1/2 mde held the lead position. McMillan from home when his gearbox fol-lowed with Bentley, Russell collapsed. This made it all the Rob-inson and Keith Owers more easier for Bridgestone's behind. Bill Buchanan dropped Mark Burrows to claim the out of the Class 2 battle due to a victory in his Class l Trekka. gearbox failure, leaving Graham, Doug McMillan brought his Bennett, Owen and Rose to fight recently imported_ Class 9 home in it out. Class 3 was nowhere n~ar second overall, taking his second as close with Warren stretchmg class win out of two events as well. Third home and second in Class l was the Kumho/ Tyrepower turbo Nissan of Russell Robinson. Rounding out the Class I minor placings were, Keith Owers, Neill Morrison, and Robert Simmonds. his lead. Schmidt parked his Baja with a broken drive flange, while Graham Smith's Mitsubishi sedan It was a superb drive in Class 2 for winner Chris Owen as he led home Terry Rose. The pair taking 5th and 6th overall too. Richard Bennett made a spectacular finish on three wheels, but still took third in the Ford Cosworth powered car. Bryan Basham' and John Borthwick filled the placings. The began hauling in Vesty's FlOO for , Pos the Class 5 lead. Ken Smith's Class 8 Rodeo had an ailing gearbox -while Baxter ran off course with a broken steering joint. Matthew Martin retired his single seater in spectacular 101 1 128 2 106 3 124 4 143 5 GOODYEAR GRIFFllli CITY 450 May 29-30, 1993 Driver/Co-driver Vehicle Claaa I -Unlimited Two Seat • 28 start -10 finish Mark Burrows/Mick Shannon Trekka Russell & Jamie Robinson Rivmasta Kenh Owers/Roger Barr Rivmasta Neill Morrison/Geoff Heather Rivmasta Robert & Margaret Simmonds Buggy Claaa Two. 1600 cc Two Seat -17 start. 8 finish fashion after running up the back 202151 21 Chris & Matthew O.Ven Terry & Maureen Rose of Houston, he rolled along and 284 3 Richard BennetVMick Cowie Funco Hunter Rivmasta Southern Cross over a fence line. 233 4 Brian & William Basham Hunter Rivmasta B l · G d Cla 260 5 John & Scott Borthwick John Special ent ey ill a OO year SS Class Tlvee. 1200cc Two Seat 16 start · 10 finish l was making a bid for the lead as 301 1 Mark & Daryl Warren Southern Cross he peeled off what would be the 308 2 Mark Whisker/Steven Scheinecke fastest short lap of the day. He 357 3 Dean Williams1Miche11e Roberts d 303 4 Russell HartnetVPeter Hine had indeed closed up to be secon 314 5 Robert Moore/David Munn Hunter Rivmasta Southern Cross Cobra Hunter Rivmasta behind Burrows with one lap to Class Four-Baja, Bug -&atsrt -4 finlah go. Almost unnoticed was Chris 403 1 Ken Rowston/Troy Gard Baja Bug Owen in Class 2. but he had 417 2 Warren Irons/Corry Vaessen Baja Bug 460 3 Stephen McDougalVMark Wilson Baja Bug circulated so well he now led the 402 4 Nev Taylor/Bob Oxley Baja Bug class in his Nissan powered car. Class Five· 2WD Sedan & Pickup· 6 start· 2 finish In Class 3, Mark Whisker was 505782 21 Graham Smith/Cathy Marzol Mitsubishi Galant Norman & BiU Vesl.y Ford FIOO starting to show his presence as Class 6 • a..uenger Buggy • 3 start • 3 finish the only driver to get under a lap 636 1 Peter Trotter/Brian Thomson Buggy time set by Warren. the Baja 606043 32 Ken Houston/Stewart Moar Aligator Ian & Stephen Whisker Bond Roll Bars trophy was being fought out Claaa Seven. Production 4x4 • 7 start· 5 finish between Rows ton, Irons and 101 1 Les Siviour/Peter lseppi Nissan Patrol T l hil · Cl 5 Smith 704 2 Mark Manns/Allen Cartledge Holden Jackaroo ay Or, W e to ass 707 3 Eric Whitbread/Norm Needham Mitsubishi L200 had taken over the front spot. 769 4 nm O'Sullivan/Rick Grant Diahatsu Feroza Into the last lap and there 750 5 Royce Wens/Geoff Clark Mitsubishi L200 were still plenty of misfortunes Class Eight • Unlimited 4x4 • 9 start • 4 finish th h k 801 1 Ken & Laureen Sm~h Holden Rodeo about. Zarfati broke e S 0C 806 2 Fabio Zarfati/Greg Carll)bell Mitsubishi Pajero mounts on his Pajero 4x4 which 802 3 Peter & Glen Hadlow Mitsubishi Tr~on in tum damaged the inlet 805 4 Grahame Baxter/Nigel Burley Nissan Patrol manifold putting the car into full 913 1 Class 9 • Unlimited Single Seat· 8 start. 3 finish Doug McMillan Raceco throttle. Taylor's Baja stopped for 902 2 Mark Bush Hunter Rivmasta oil and water slowing him. 945 3 David MacDonald Buggy Time 4:22:26 4:29:12 4:30:03 4:45:49 4:50:09 4:36:59 4:40:57 4:49:45 4:53:30 5:01 :46 4:42:30 4:57:58 5:04:20 5:22:55 5:33:56 6:17:27 6:19:14 6:25:37 6:39:11 5:29:57 5:43:25 5:45:50 5:51:13 6:34:26 5:0S:14 5:11:03 5:19:20 5:41:09 5:49:16 5:02:03 5:30:01 5:31:43 5:36:43 4:24:44 4:45:58 5:26:49 Siviour's Nissan 4x4 had fuel pump failure losing valuable time and it appeared the Isuzu Starters 100 - Finishers 49 - Finish ratio 49% Race Distance 450 kilometers (280 miles) Fastest Prologue & race long lap • Brett Osbourne # 116 - Winners Average Speed 58 rrph Fastest race short lap - Hayden Bentley #104 0/A Dusty Times September 1993 3 4 8 11 5 6 10 12 17 7 15 19 25 31 42 43 44 46 28 36 37 39 45 20 22 24 35 38 18 29 30 33 2 9 27 1200 Class 3 was dominated throughout by Mark Warren. He led home Mark Whisker, Dean Williams, Russell Hartnett, and Robert Moore. Both Whisker and Moore are from the Hunter Riv-masta Team. Ken Rowston show-ed consistency wins races as he took the Baja trophy over Irons, McDougall, and Taylor. There were only two fmishers in Class 5: Graham Smith's Mitsubishi took the win over Norman Vesty's FlOO. All three Challengers finished though with Peter· Trotter winning over Ken Houston, and Ian Whisker. It was in her first race. The small but 4 dedicated Griffith Off Road club should be congratulated for another well run and successful event, and I would personally like to thank the generosity of Isuzu General Motors for the loan of a Jackaroo V6 wagon to be my transport to and from the event. It was just a 16 hour drive to get there .... West Coast Distributor fOR HEWLAND OFF ROAD GEARS ALL GEARS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY NEW RATIOS AVAILABLE OUR PRICE $695.00 Per Set 2 Ratio's Available ·' Valley Performance 3700 Mead Ave. McKenzie Performance Products ~-2366 East Orangethorpe Las Vegas, NV 89102 702/873-1002 Anaheim, CA 92800 714/441-1212 DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Page 55

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1313.1 Miles, A Hard Day's Night For Paul Krause, Garth Sweetland And Company In Winning The 14 Hours Le Fud ByFud Marty Smith pictured here with teammates Paul Krause, Garth Sweetland, Ted Hunnicut Jr. and Dave Ondas defended their overall championship traveling 1313.2 miles in the 24 hours riding a KX500. Plaster City West on May 14-16, the BLM Open Recreation Area slowly but surely saw race teams drifting in. By early Saturday morning pit row was filled to the brim. It was privateer vs. factory and stock vs. exotic. At 7:00 a.m. 32 teams set out boldly to go where many had never gone before, 24 hours of continuous racing. Remarkably, there were 22 teams still running 24 hours later and 17 world records were set. This is a unique off road event because you don't go anywhere except around and around a ten mile loop. However, this is not just another drive in the park. It is a full blown endurance ,·ace, this year for ATVs, Bikes and DesertLites and supported by Budweiser, Bud Light and Bud Dry. You must be prepared to -travel over 1000 miles. This means you must average nearly 42 mph all day and all night through fuel stops, tire changes, filter changes, and if something drastic happens a major repair job. Only one race vehicle is allowed, on . which you can replace everything except the engine and frame. Six persons are the maximum per team. All things being equal, there were five motorcycle teams that appeared to have a chance for the overall victory. The defending 0 1 A and Open champion Paul Krause with Garth Sweetland, Marty Smith, Ted "Pyro" Hunnicutt Jr. and Dave Ondas on a KX500. Another KX 500 was in the Vet Class led by Dan Worley, Earl Roberts, Craig Adams, "Rocket" Rex Staten and Jeff Kaplan. In the 250 Class defending champion Joey Lane had Craig Smith and Robert Prayther back plus Scott Morris and Jim "Preacher" Loh. They were on a KX250. The 250 Team Suzuki was led by Darren Sanford The 250 Suzuki team was led to the class victory by Darren Sanford, John Flores, Jeff Martinez, Tim Morton, Danny Anderson and Mark Girsch, and despite engine trouble the team won the 250 class and were third overall. Photos: C&C Race Photos with John Flores, Jeff Martinez, Tim Morton, Danny Anderson and Mark Girsch. The Yamaha YZ250 team was headed by Neal Goldsmith, Sal Garcia, Dennis Green, Chuck Bucey, James Henderson and Mario Garcia. Paul Krause and Joey Lane lit _ off like Roman Candles. Five laps later it was a dead heat. Craig Tops in the Vet class but just missing the overall, taking second overall on Smith passed "Pyro" Hunnicutt another KX500 and winning Vet class were Dan Worley, Earl Roberts, Craig Jr. and the chase was on until_ . _ Adams, "Rocket" Rex Staten and Jeff Kaplan. Smith ran out of gas, Oophs! found its way into the cylinder. A (he rode 800 miles), set the Open Darren Sanford's Suzuki led the quick top end job was soon four stroke record with 1080 250s. Rocket Rex Staten was the completed, but first overall was miles. Stepping up to challenge third rider on the Vet ream, and • no longer within reach. 1258.8 for world honors was Tony during this stint he uncorked the miles equals second overall, first Motta, James Tepner, Duane fastestlap, ten miles in 8 minutes, Vet, First Open Vet and a World Blake, James Hart , and late 26 seconds. Staten averaged Championship. On top for the support from Dennis Green and nearly 72 mph for the ten miles, second consecutive time was the "Preacher" Loh. While they won but there is no report on his top Paul Krause/Garth Sweetland their class they came up short at speed number. Shortly into the team. In the wee hours of the 1023.1 miles. In modified Open · fifth hour taps blew for the morning the lead team recruited four stoke class a trio beat Kawasaki 250 team. A crank Craig Smith to ride for them. themselves to death and crawled bearing went out and they opted Unfamiliar with the bike and the away World Champions. Scott not to change it. End of race; if light setup, his fourth lap was the Burch, Ben Greenwood, and only they had known what lay fastest night lap. Remember that Chris Hoc;lges rode 1004.1 miles, ahead. name, Craig Smith! that's over 334 miles each. Except Neal Goldsmith's YZ250 There were many other world for Chris; when he fell he made disappeared during the ninth records being either attempted or Greenwood ride and ride and hour; thus the stage was set for challenged, Bob Bell once again ride. Sanford's run towards the top. had put together a 125 Yamaha There were three other world During the eleventh hour the lead team. They had held the record records set. Mike Cuff led a senior bike's tranny broke. At the time since 1989 but wanted very much team to the 600cc four stroke they were three up on Worley's . to go over 1000 miles. They made world record of 896.8 miles. His Vet team with Sanford's 250 it with a total of 1082.6 miles, crew was made up of Tim Hoy, close behind. Just as the sun was more flat tires than they could Claude Maynard, Carlos Kurian-going down disaster almost count and at least four laps at ski, Mike Goldsmith and Russ totaled the 250 Suzuki. Jeff night with no headlights. The Moore. According to Moore this Martinez was ducking under the team was led by Bob Bell, Jason was his grande finale. He only south trestle when he hit a braking Corfman, Justin Hollman, Jason raced once and became a world bump sending his head smack Tuck, Mark Green and Mike champion. Rather tha n go into the bottom of the cement Clancy. downhill, Russ Moore retired a - trestle. Ouch!!! Instantlight show Up front the Open Vet team world champion. Tony Stein-on Martinez's head. Fortunately was aiming for the overall victory. graber found an old XR 350 four he was able to ride back to the·pits However there were two YZ250s stroke that was ten years old, and leave the racing to someone that wanted the 250 Vet champ-entered it in the Classic Class and else.Butit'snotoveryet.Around ionship. John "lt's too hot" with tons of patience from Pat 10:00 at night the Suzuki blows its Coldwell, threw caution to the "Hard Meat" Stidman, Rick " I brains out and top end parts are wind as he set sail towards pour" Mauro, Steward Kuplip, scattered around the pits. victory. There was only one Mark Yturralde and Guy "below However, instead of giving up problem, Jim Greene, Mark :ero" Biggs rode 844.1 miles into they repair it at utmost speed. McNulty, Vic Klotz, Bill McNeer, the record book. A Vet (riders However with no competition Mark Kari ya and Jim Savatgy kept over 30) Vintage class record left, they back off just a little too lapping his team before it wrecked (bikes 1 9 7 4 or o Ider), was much and miss the 250 world on a deserted island. established when Larkin Wight, record by a scant 13 miles. Close In the 350 four stroke class two Rick Wessels, Dave Campbell, but no cigar. But, third overall is teams entered. Lee "Quik Step" Devil Leonard, Norman Niles something to brag about! Henry from Yuma, AZ was the (Pam Foland's dad) and Blair Meanwhile Dan Worley's Vet rabbit with Joe Dobos;: the Balsamrodea 1965650Triumph team has pulled out a seven lap anchor. They were racing a Dr 749.6 miles. lead over Paul Krause's Open Suzuki with support from ATVs were out in force. Way team which was back up and American Su.uki. Waiting for a back in 1989 the overall winner of Eighteen hours into the mistake to happen was Team the 24 Ho.urs of Le Fud was the event Worley's subframe broke, Novacaine led by dentist Stanley Mike Douthitt ATV team with and while it was being fixed they Baquial. The Yuma team proved 1080 miles. Greg Row's team were also repairing a broken to have just a little too much fire went 1050 miles beforegrenading clutch basket. Still in the lead with power. They went on to be world at 5:50 a.m. Since then the 1080 repairs completed, they set off on champions with 1045 .1 miles miles have seemed to sit out there a mad dash to the finish only to be with Team Novacaine second. In like a golden plum. If you can do it blindsided by a stray washer th~t 1989 Phil Means, with a little help the first time what's to stop the Justin Hollman led the 125cc winning team here, with mates Bob Bell, Jason Corfman, Jason Tuck, Mark Green and Mike Clancy. They covered 1082.6 miles. The third overall A TV was a Honda Fourtrax ridden by Leon Kulp, Kevin Gyer, Eric Anderson, Shawn Paggett and Mike Bumpus. They went 912.2 miles, 2nd 250. Kathy Cleberg, Tracey Raybon and Pam Foland backed by their pit crew, pose at the finish after riding 978.5 miles establishing the Women's A TV 250 World Championship mark. Page 56 September 1993 Dusty Times

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Greg Bringle slides past the pits on his quad, also going for a record with cohorts Ben Schlimme, Grahman Lord, Randy Bringle, Wall Cahill and Steve Casper. They won the 300cc 4 stroke class and were second overall in A TVs. ATVsfrombustingthrough.itbig In the end Greg Row, John time. Luck! Luck was with Team Gregory, Toby Burwell, Ryan Douthitt the first time and has Strehorn, Anthony Baker and been in full retreat ever since. Chris Drewery ·were the overall Greg Row has been tantalized ever A TV winners on their Doug Roll since. He won in 1991 but no 250, but their 1004.1 miles was world record. 1993 rolled around still just a little short of the 1080 and his crew was primed, but needed for the world record. The lacking experience. It was Row, secondoverallATVteamofGreg Toby Burwell, John "Fast Juan" Bringle, Ben Schlimme, Grahman Gregory and a host of who's. Lord, Randy Bringle, Wally Team Douthitt (Weenie) was at Cahill and Steve Casper rode their full bore, Mike Douthitt, Steve stock Honda EX300 994.6 miles Mamer, Mike Patterson, Troy to become the Open and 300cc Phelps, David Newland and Eric four stroke class World Champ-Dunlavey. However. there were ions. Third overall was a Honda many others to consider. Team Fourtrax ridden by Leon Kulp, Bruckmann had a Banshee that Kevin Guyer, Eric Anderson, shouldn't quit, and a team of Shawn Pagett and Mike Bumpus. racers that on any given day could They went9 l 2.2 miles in their 24 1.-eat anyone. Into this picture hourdebut.ThefourthATVspot stepped T earn Honda led by Team went to the Blaster team in at Manager Bruce Ogilvie. They had 908.2 miles. The modified 300cc two EX300 ATVs. One was fourstrokeWorldChampionship stock, the other slightly modified. went to the modified Honda EX But in the end to finish first, first 300 team of Ben Schlimme, Doug you must finish and into this field Roll, Randy Bringle, Greg crept a little 200 Blaster. Bringle, Mike Cafro and Dennis Greg Row was so anxious he jumped the start, roared into the lead and rode for hours. In the meantime Team Weenie was having problems. David Newland broke his collarbone, but never fell. Then, just when the Weenies were starting to reel in T earn Row, the tranny broke. Group Bruck-mann seized the opportunity but soon was on the outside looking in, broke, race over. Into this fray stepped several unexpected teams. The EX Hondas lack the top end to put away the other ATVs in the fast washes. But when they hit the rough it was another story and soon they had earned the respeot of the other ATV teams. Cox. They fnished fifth 0 1 A completing 898.5 miles. Dawnzi Jones and her friends organized a co-ed VET ATV 250 team and rode into the world record books, as Rob Noemela, Bob Franzke, Davis Gapp and Wally Ebbs with Dawnzi became the first co-ed Vet 250 A TV World Champions. Putting around they covered 858.1 miles. In 1991 Kathy Cleberg and Tracey Raybon rode a Yamaha A TV 12 hours before Pam Foland could show up to help them out. They went on to set the Woman's 200cc ATV world record. This time Pam's hubby said she could show up for the-start and now the three ladies hold two world rec rds. In 1993 they are the Vet ATV 250 Women's World champions riding 798.5 miles. Todd Anderson, Mark May, Mitch Tevlin, Paul May,_ Rudd_ prepared for any conceivable .. , problem. Once the wind blew for hours at over 40 mph. This year it rained for hours. The night riding brings out the creatures of the night. Riders have seen big bears, kangaroos, polka dot elephants, trestles that move, and this year Bigfoot. The only animal not seen has been the Loch Ness Monster. W e have a class for everyone. Greg Row led a host of riders including Toby Burwell and John Gregory to the overall A TV victory this year, but couldn't get close to his world record set in 1989. This year the team went 1014.4 miles in winning. Take a few of the teams that did not finish. One was a bike team for the Super Seniors, riders over SO years old. Class 3 bikes where the bikes must be 3-9 years old and an ironman. Pick out a class you think you can win or if you want to play with the big boys go for the overall. But not in 1994 because that's when the buggies, cars and trucks come out to play. They run on even years, bikes ATVs and Desert Lites run on odd number years, but they all run for 24 hours and have a limit on the amount of down time allowed. Get your car team together because it happens next May, and the last two times, 89 and 91 , the overall winner has been the same 1-1600 buggy. See if you can beat it! Mill and Andy Ashby rode their luck it limped to the finish line. Honda Four Trax 250 692.8 miles Bryan Saasta, James Saasta, Benny to become the men's VET ATV Maestas, Scott Hewitt, Ronnie World Champions. Golden and Carroll Buckley now Three teams rolled out in the lay claim to the Vet 360cc DesertLites Division. The good DesertLite World Championship (Andy "Any" W ehe and comp-at 578.6 miles. any), the bad (Schultz and Thiel)~ The 24 Hours of Le Fud is a and the ugly (Saasta's prehistoric very special event. Not only can beast). The two man crew of]ohn you never say die but you must be Schultz and Mark Thiel doomed the good team early Saturday morning. They had just finished replacing the engine and set their nasty box of gremlins next to Wehe's DesertLite. It was a tasty meal and the Good was soon parked, with mysterious prob-lems and failure. Meanwhile two tired puppies set out to drive for 24 hours. Finally luck was on their side. After a week of almost sleepless nights fixing and fixing everything went right. John Schultz and Mark Thiel drove 848.7 miles, farther than any other DesertLite had ever driven before, and became overall Desert Lite W arid Champions and Vet Class 77 W arid Champ-ions. They are the first ever two person team to finish, truly Ironmen! Meanwhile the Bryan Saasta dinosaur was crawling around the track devouring every tree it could find and trying to destroy the finish line chute because it would not turn right To save our chute we banished them from it. Of course when Carroll "Chee-tos" Buckley drove we had to make a trail of Cheetos so he could find his way to pi trow. This car is so old and ugly it had to finish. But first it had to give the team a few scares. Like having the carb fall off, losing the air filter, having Benny Maestas drive, and finally, just when the race was about over a tie rod broke. Thanks to plumbers tape, a wrench for support and blind Dawnzi Jones, shown here, put together a co-ed Vet A TV 250 team and rode into the record book. Rob Noemela, Bob Franzke, Davis Gopp and Wally Ebbs with Dawnzi became the first co-ed Vet 250 Wotld Champion. BIGGER IS BETT-ER Upgrade the C .V.s and torsion axles on your pre-runner, IRS Baja Bug or limited horsepower off road race car by letting us convert your stub axles and transmission outpu• bells to accept the larger C.V. joints. "' -· ¾" ·~onvert TypE I !'tur "Xie., :i 1d "'1to11t hPII , acr .... -• T ,_. ·.-. 11 fyoe I'/ or 930 C.V. : 1Convert Type II stuf-<1xies, nd output bell iroi11ts. ~II axles and bells for Type 11 or Type IV .J. V .scan be tllreadea =•,a-24 or stock 8mm '\II axles anrl Bel 11, for · .... "..V.s can be . 1 •r. ·4 or stock 10m "•eac1s. i FIT YOUR OFF ROADER WITH UPGRADED AXLES AND BE.LLS Only $49.95 per flarige on yo_ur supplie~ parts. _ ER Stop the up-travel on your suspension with this advanced bump stop system. ThesE: Bump Stops come complete with a mounting system, poly-eurethane nd piece, and enough valving to get the job done. ECONOMICALLY PRICED AT $319.90 per pair. lncludinQ the rnountinQ hardware and the GAS bolts SEE YOUR OFF ROAD RACING PARTS SUPPLIER OR CALL US DIRECT. Around and around they went hour after hour. In the wee hours the 200 ATV team of Tom Sullivan, Rob "Stix" Svatora, Colby Groom, Scott Callen and Guy "Wheel" Barrow had not only broken their previous world record, but were in the overall ATV lead. While they were celebrating the Blaster broke at the far end of the track. Soon a rescue ATV was on its way to tow the Blaster in for repairs. However, unbeknown to the pit crew the tow ATV died before it reached the little ATV that could. This long delay dropped them out of the lead but not from the race. Meanwhile all was not well at the Row Camp either. Parts were scattered across the pits as they feverishly worked to replace the top end. Meanwhile, the Honda EX300s kept going around. Except for a few flat tires they were working perfectly. The two man crew of John Shultz and Mark Thiel won the Desertlite Division overall, and Class 77, and they are world champions at 848. 7 miles. They must have been ready for a good night's sleep. MARVIN SHAW ENGINEERING 101 Broadway P.O. Box845 l-l/J2-42.7-3551 Vernell. AZ85.362 DustyTimcs September 1993 Page 57

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It Was All In The Family At The Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally Paul Choiniere and Jeff Becker won the rally overall in the Audi S-2 by mere inches over the Quattro driven alternately by Paul's step dad John Buffum and car owner Bruno Kreibich. Round 3 of the Subaru SCCA Pro Rally Championship, The Susquehannock Trail is a long standing and famous event, often voted the best rally of the year, going back to 1977. John Buffum has won it six times, Rod Millen four times, but neither driver is active in the series in the '90s. However Buffum was signed on to co-drive in Bruno Kreibich's Audi Quattro, thus starting a controversy that lasted all through the rally, More on that later. '-' The town of Wellsboro, PA really throws out the welcome mat for the rally people, which is not common. The rally this year was 324 miles long with 139 stage miles broken into 12 stages. It began at 10:30 a.m. an.:! ran the daylight stages on Saturday, had a break on the Green of almost three hours, then ran the majority of the stages in the darkness. The rally roads used were within the Pennsylvania State Forest, near Wellsboro. The entry was up from last year, 71 total cars, with a few of those running only the divisional rally. While it had been warm and sunny on Thursday and Friday, rally day on Saturday was cold with a steady rain falling on the 71 starters. But many rally drivers rdish bad weather conditions, figuring it more of a challenge perhaps. There was an interesting report on top times from the end of stage one, which ends in the middle of the creek at Stony Fork. Some-where between the start of the rn II yon the Wellsboro Green and tht' start of stagt' 1. driver Bruno Kreibich and co-driver John Buf--fum swapped position.s, and Buf-fum drove the stage in the Audi Quattro. John had subbed for his stepson Paul Choiniere earlier this year and won that event outright. This round he won stage 1 over Paul by a few seconds, and Paul's Audi S-2 Quattro was just 1 / 100 of a minute faster than the Subaru Legacy of Chad DiMarco and Erick Hauge, who had Dick Corley and Martin Headland just to the rear in a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The Canadian team of Tom McGeer and Trish Sparrow were leading Production GT in a Subaru Legacy. Attrition started early, the Jeff Zwart/Tony Sircombe Porsche Carrera 4, which currently leads the championship points after two events, was out of the rally. Zwart overcooked the car on a downhill stretch on stage 1, going off the road and banging all four corners of his newly painted Valvoline racer. Although most of the damage seemed repairable, the car had a broken half shaft and they did not have a suitable replacement. Also retired early was the Production GT entry of Antonio Menendez and Juan Goya from Mexico City in their Vermont Sports Car prepared Mitsubishi Eclipse. Menendez also ran off the course on stage 1 and bent the frame. After four stages and the return to Wellsboro for the break, Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker had a slim lead in the Audi S-2, and it was a , tight pack with the top five all in the same minute. Second overall, first Group A was Chad Di-Marco/Erick Hauge, Subaru Legacy, followed by Open Class runners Carl Merrill/Jon Wick-ens, Ford Escort Cosworth, Richard Corley/Martin Head-land, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Bruno Kreibich/John Buffum, Audi Quattro. Steve Gingras/Bill Westrick led Production GT in a Photos: Lome Trezise ~ Mazda 323 GTX and were sixth overall. Peter Cunningham/Joe Andreini led Production in the Acura lntegra, while Chad Dykes/Pat Han1>on led the truck class by a minute over the Gooches. The top four after the four stages all say their cars are running well. For Corley, a rising star in Pro Rally after his first win and the first overall win ever by Mitsubishi at last year's POR, there was the surprise announce-ment that he would be leaving the series for the year after this event. He has sold the car to a Mexican team who will rally it South of the Border, and Corley and his wife will "go deep sea fishing for the rest of the year.'' For the second rally in a row Frank Cunningham /Charles Bradley in their Mitsubishi are out of the rally early, here with electrical problems. Greg Healy/ John Macleod crashed their Dodge Ram 50 pickup and are out of action after stage 4. Tim Maskus/Doug Trott, had engine failure, but got it fixed in time for the stage 5 restart so they will run the Divisional rally. After warning several drivers (as many as seven between Friday and Saturday), the Wellsboro Police handed out a speeding citation to the Bob Elliott/Mark Williams VW GTI on the transit stage between the Wellsboro service and stage 5 . It is up to the organizer to assess the road point penalties. A top five runner retired before stage 6. The Carl Merrill/Jon Wickens Ford Escort Cosworth came to the start of stage 6 and they were unable to start the engine. The electrical system died completely, and for the second time in two rallies Merrill was forced to drop out. After nine stages Choiniere/ Becker were leading by nearly a minute over Kreibich/ Buffum in the battle of the Audis. DiMar-co /Hauge were third in the Subaru followed by Corley/ Headland in the Eclipse. The final three stages were coming up fast. Meanwhile a showdown seemed to be brewing between DiMarco and the Kreibich /Buffum team over the legality of a co-driver and driver swapping seats during a rally. DiMarco says that the driver swapping should mean that neither Bruno or Buffum should score any points, and he has indicated he is ready to protest any results to the contrary. It is not clear whether Rusty Camp-bell, as SCCA National Pro Rally Chad Di Marco and Erick Hauge ran up front most of the time in the Group A Subaru Legacy, but they ended up third overall, but the Group A winner. Series Manager, or the preap-pointed protest committee, will end up ruling on the issue. The Todd Bawden/ Cal Coats-worth Mitsubishi, a hit at the recent Rim of the World rally, is out of this event after a rollover on stage 6. With Greg Healy out of the truck class race, it looks like someone will finally be able to collect the $2500 Mitsubishi contingency money. A GMC won the first two events, but here the Mitsubishi of Chad Dykes/Pat Hanson has the upper hand after seven stages, as Gary and Judi Gooch started stage 5 a minute behind and then lost five more minutes on stage 6 changing a flat ti re. The Doug Shepherd /Pete Gladysz Eagle had been up to fifth place, then an off road excursion .damaged the front end on stage 8 and they had a flat on the next transit and checked into stage 9 a minute late, all putting them fairly far back at this late stage of the event. Well after midnight the 17th edition of the Susquehannock Trail Pro Rally was officially over, but results were not official. On time Paul Choinere and Jeff Becker won Overall and Open Class in the Audi S-2 at 140.19 minutes. Hot on their bumper, second overall and second in Open Class were Bruno Kreibich and Paul's step-dad John Buffum at 140.72 minutes. Buffum drove stages 1, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 in the Audi Quattro. Third overall was Chad DiMarco/ Erick Hauge, first Group A at 141. 79 in the Subaru Legacy followed by Shepherd/ Gladysz at 145.75. The problem with the Kreib-ic h I Buffum situation persists. According to Buffum it is perfectly acceptable for the driver and co-driver to switch at will. While it might mean that neither earns points, the entrant still finishes second and the entrant behind it (DiMarco) finishes third earning third place driver and entrant points. Chad DiMar-co feels that, when Buffum took the wheel of Bruno's car on stage 1 he violated the rule which states that driver and co-driver cannot switch places in order to gain a time advantage. Furthermore he feels the car's results should not be counted at all, giving him a second overall finish. The organizer's committee dealt with the question first then it went to series manager Rusty Campbell, and after that it goes to protest. Apparently nothing came of it except that neither Bruno nor John got any points, nor did they expect to. Late night mishaps included Tony and Liz Shumaker hitting a tree and went over an embank-ment in the Mitsubishi Eclipse, ending up in a gully in the middle of stage 10. A cinch for fourth overall in their Mitsubishi Eclipse, Dick Corley/Martin Headland hit a tree stump at high speed, severely damaging the suspension on stage 10, and Corley was forced to drop out of the rally. Californians Chad Dykes and Pat Hanson were leading the truck class when they went off the road. The Peter Cunningham/Joe Andreini Acura lntegra GS-R is now the only 1993 season entry to win its class in all three rallys, in the Production Class. This round they wete ninth overall. Tom McGeer and Trish Sparrow got the Subaru Legacy home the Production GT Class winner by less than a minute over Vicente Frontinan/Frank Arruda, Toyota at 149.39. Bob Elliott and Mark Williams VW GTI, were second in Production class. Gary and Judi Gooch picked up the win in rally truck class and the Mitsubishi money as well, with nobody close to them in class. This year's event in t h e Pennsylvania State Forest featur-ed a variety of smooth and twisty roads from hard packed to loose gravel, rain slick for a time, but it still did in a lot of cars. Only 40 of the original 71 finished the rally. The next stop on the Subaru Pro Rally Championship circuit will be the end of July, the Prescott Forest Rally, in Prescott, Arizona. This is a car you would like to have, a Porsche 4 WO Carrera, but sad to say Jeff Zwart overcooked a downhill section and went off the road on stage_ 1. Todd Bawden and Cal Coatsworth were going well in GT class in the Mitsubishi, but unfortunately they rolled the car on stage 6 and were out of the rally. Henry Joy and Jimmy Brandt run the Mitsubishi Eclipse in Open class, and this round they were seventh in class and a fine finish at eleventh overall. ?age 58 September 1993 Dustyn..._s

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Romance In Radng M.A.O.R.A. June. Please note these items of clarification or modification: 1. Clarification 4WD: The word ''designed'' will change to ,"built", to allow a 2WD to be modified to 4 WO and run as 4WD; it does not require the manufacturer to have originally made the vehicle that way. Celebrates July 4 Photos: Jeanne Brown At Shelbyville, Illinois The races were pretty decent ~ and the weather was hot as heck at the Okaw Valley Campgrounds. W e had a good day Saturday July 3. Class 12, the Trophy Class, was exciting. John Dow in 1259 dominated the field; was it just luck or was it skill? Tom Vogt was second in car 1194. Following a humble third was the Ice House Bandit Larry Tipsword. Last with mechanical trouble was Steph Sabo. This man wants to race. After his motor went south, he searched the area and bought a fiberglass VW car from one of the campers just so he could use the motor to run the Sunday Enduro. He practiced Rusty Wallace style rollovers Sunday to show off for the crowd. Class 1600 went to Wes Knierim in car 615. Second place was held by (Pistol) Pete Warren in car 611. Carl Newforth in car 667 cruised in third. Bruce Bi~kers in car 693 had a suspension accident which held him in fourth. The Open Class was dominated by 1993 's new hard charger Rich Pruitt in car 916. Tom Mayberry and his brother shared driving duties and captured second in car 029. Glad you guys are back. The third place surprise for Saturday was Al Mollet in his 711 truck. Glen Woolbright suffered a ventilated engine block which in turn left him with a fourth place in car 919. Pruit leads at 466, Alan Mollet has 400, Tom Mayhery 227, Kent Galloway 224, Bruce Bickers 221, and Glen Woolbri~ht 193. CALIFORNIA RALLY SERIES REPORT By Lynnette Allison, Director Urgent! Note the date change for the Treeline Rally. Now it is on the weekend of September 11 instead of 18. Difficulties with permits and previously scheduled events made the change necessary. Treeline will utilize several roads from Rim and incorporate some new areas. It should be a nice event and have good weather for competition. Co-driver's School: Saturday October 16, 9 :30 to 5:00 is scheduled for the long awaited co-driver's rally school and work-shop. It is aimed at the novice, those "just interested in rallying," and the more experienced co-drivers. Included will be book learning, rules clarification and procedures, and some of the "tricks", and practical hands on use of various types of odometer systems in use in competitors' cars. The cost is $40 and SCCA membership is not necessary. The CRS offers a complimentary Associate membership for anyone new to the sport. Contact Lynnette Allison, (909) 736-1442. The workshop is head-quartered at Lynnette's home or as announced. The CRS Board of Governors' Meeting: Nine CRS organizers representing all current CRS Pro Rally events met at the end of 2. Rookie of the Year 1994: Eligibility for the Rookie of the Year award will be restricted to drivers who begin the year as seed 5 or 6 and end the year no higher than seed 3. • 3. Dues: Beginning in 1994 the CRS dues will increase to $35 to cover increased costs. Items covered by your CRS dues include your free subscription to Dusty Times, assistance to organizers to handle the costs of ·event sanctioning, safety person-nel, insurance and forestry permits plus postage for event application forms, and also for the results, printer/ copying costs, new decals, worker equipment, trophies, etc. The allowing of the . "first event runs free" has also affected overall gross CRS dues receipts. New Event Locations wantea: We are always looking for new places and new people to help us expand the number of our rally events in California, Arizona, and Nevada ( the traditional CRS states). There are lots of experienced organizers who will answer your questions about who, what, when, why and how you get started. Every rally you're participating in now began with someone's "Wouldn't these roads be great for rallying ... ?"er Tell us your ideas for locations, and we will find someone to get things organized! Call me at (909) 736-1442 with your ideas. (Our suggestion would be to use BLM land, easier to get a permit, some desert roads in any of the three states and do a rally that isn't in a national or state forest. We 'think the fire danger is too great at times in the forests. ed.) The one hour enduro Sunday found Class 12 survivors eager. We had an old fart join us again from his shop in Indiana; Tim Hunter in car 1239 took the lead and captured first place. John Dow came in second and drove hard ( for a dummy). Larry the Lounge Li:ard (Tippy) took a third place finish in car 1244, but .----------------------------WRIGHT It was one of those rare moments in racing when a driver thinks about s~mething beside the race. And it was really quite touching, Jim Wiggins, of Dixon, IL, had Iust hopped out of his 1600 racer, found his girl friend, Lisa Vandermissen of Escanaba, Ml, who has ridden with both her dad Dave and her brother Dave Jr. for many years and was riding this day as well in the races. Jim <:Jid it right, 1. dropping on one knee and asking Lisa to marry him, 2. digging m his pocket and producing the traditional engagement ring while (clued in advance) the ESPN announcer and cameraman recorded it all and 3._ Lisa recovered enough from emotion to pose for a proper engage'ment picture at the Crandon race track finish line. DustyTimes he did get muddy? Fourth place was taken by Richard Albin in car 1187 because of his early broken rear shock stud. And, as mention-ed early, Lucky Steph Sabo did his famous triple flip on turn 3 of the stock car portion of the track and ate mud, lost a battery and he was glad I forgot his passenger side shoulder harness, so his wife didn't ride. Wes Knierim took first in Class 1600 and Kent Galloway held second place in car 760. In Class 7E the Enduro went to Don Ponder of Casper Racing, first across the finish line in truck 719 and he was followed closely by Al Mollet in his truck #7 l l . Thanks for all the help on and off the track, track officials, spotters, Rodney the water truck god.John Heselton and Mr. Albin were the flagmen, and of course to the ladies who did all of the work! Janet Bickers, Ruth Bold and Barb (Bruce's future) for sitting in registration and scoring in the sun, wind and dirt. You are the THE Lwger Diameter Links ---Larger Diameter Spindles ------PLACE~. DROPPED J MBO 3" More Ground Clewance "EXTREME" TRAILING ARMS STRONGEST ARMS AVAILABLE Directly replecea other manufacturers trailing wm• best! · Lerger Diameter In points, in Class 12 John Dow leads at 681 followed by Larry Tipsword 656, Tom Vogt 441 , Greg Spear 233, Bill Porter 195 and Steph Sabo 193. In Class 1600 Wes Knierim leads with 460, followed by Peter Warren 448, Carl Newforth 434, Bruce Bickers 404. In Open Class Rich September 1993 9420 FLINN SPRINGS LANE, EL CAJON, CA 92021 TEL: (619) 561-4810 FAX: (619) 561-7960 Page 59

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GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY CA, NV,AZ,OR, WA ~ Antifreeze ..2.'?!" Environmental ~s, Service Corporation WASTE ANTIFREEZE, USED OIL FILTER, WASTE AIR FILTER REMOVAL Jeff Cepielik Marketing Manager Southern California 16117 Montoya Street• Irwindale, CA 91702 (818) 334-1835 • FAX: (818) 334-7715 AUTOCRA ENGINES PARTS - SERVICE 1100 CUSTER ROAD TOLEDO, OHIO 43612 1-800-356°6586 419-476-3711 Off-Road Fiberglass • Off-Road Truck Fabrication Urethane Bushings & Hood Pins • Suspension & Roll Cages John Ehmke 10996 N. Woodside Ave. Santee, CA 92071 619-583-6529 (619) 562-1740 FAX (619) 562-6151 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 1 RACE CAR SALES • CUSTOM FABRICATION • RACE CAR PREP 6630 MacARTHUR OR., SUITE B • LEMON GROVE, CA 92045 , , HELMETS/FILTERED AIR SYSTEMS Featuring Arai & Bell Helmets, BDR McKenzies (714) 650-4566 (714) 441-1212 SUSPENSION SEATS IN FIVE STYLES NETS • TOOLBAGS • HARNESSPADS ALL SEATS CAN BE SHIPPED UPS BEARD'S ''SUPER SEATS'' ED & BARBARA BEARD 208 4th Avenue E. Buckeye, AZ 85326 (602) 386-2592 Bonneville "Red" Bonneville "106" F & L Racing Fuels Turbo Blue Racing Fuels VP Racing Fuels Methanol 13~'3 Uefuttale Raciluj Fueb For Those With the Need for Speed SHAWN MEADOWS 619 463 6244 619 462 2926 FAX BRANDWOOD CARS 752 Lapresa Ave. Spring Valley, CA 91977 Custom Vehicle Shifter for mid-engines and other applications 602-437-3107 Get the word out about your business, big or small. Put your business card in the ••GOOD STUFF DIRECTORY" and reach new customen. Good Stuff Directory Ads are merely$/25;.oo per month. CAGLE -SMART Fuel Regulator Lowen1 fuel pressure at part-throttle, to 1.5psl at Idle. Cleans up richness at the Power Y!l1h Mileage lower end, tune for more po_,_ Models for all carbureton1. $57.45 delivered U.S. Box 2536 Rolling Hills, CA 90274 310-377-7501 Curt LeDuc 3906 7 Orchard St Cherry Valley, CA 92223 (714) 845-8820 Cal res +7.75% tax Our Specialty Race Trucks Pre-Runners 84-89 Ranger Fiberglass Oimple Dies BILL & DIANNE THOMPSON ====CARRERA PHOTOGRAPHY (714) 969-6820 P.O. BOX 5221 • BUENA PARK, CA 90622 8" · 9" • 1 0" • 13" • 15" · 16" · 17" RACING WHEEL BEAD LOCKS 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 ${fJ@{&1J'a/L@(C/JK SIMULATED BEADLOCK COVER 1671 NORTH BRAWLEY AVE. FRESNO, CA 93722 1209) 275-5183 FAX (209) 276-2365 C□ RPOAATION '619-449-2991 FAX 619-449-71.03 CHENOWTH .iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.J,f YCING PRODVCTS, INC. Check the Record; The Winners Choice; #1 in Racing and Recreational Chassis and Accessories. 943 Vernon Way El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 449-7100 (602) 747-7059 PO Box 57715 • Tuceon, A2. 85732-7715 OCNC:J' Maa.,fodumBaf 0 •~•• aad _Cl"1<h Pedal AHy , Master Cylinders _ _ · Slave Cylinders CNC, Inc. 1221 West Morena Blvd. Son Diego, CA092110 (619) 275-1663 . Cuttihg and Staging Brakes Hydraulic Throttles Throttle Pedals and all of our accessories. Send $3.00 for Catalog FLOATER REAR ENDS• rRONT HUBS• AXLES BALL JOINTS• TORSION BARS • KNOCK OFF HUBS (805) 239-2663 Sandy Cone 2055 Hanging Tree Lane • Templeton, CA 93465

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MIKE • GAYLE • JON • DAVE • VIC • ANDY ./' ~ I (WV~ ~ Parts, Equipment, Accessories & Service 4-Wheel Drive - Mini Trucks Pre-Runners - Race Prep - 2-Wheel Drive 3209-A Thousand Oaks Blvd. • Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 (805) 494-RACE • (805) 495-6119 • (805) 495-3344 FAX(805)495-2339 l~~~t~, i5 "Official Gas of NASCAR,, CALL FOR YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR 1-800-669-4504 DISTRIBUTORSHIPS AVAILABLE COSBY OIL COMPANY, SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA DE UNZIO HERMAN DeNUNZIO (805) 683-1211 P.O. Box 6057 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 MOTORSPORTS DESIGNS .JOHN Ph. (714) 498-7443 Truck (714) 349-1168 HO ST 1411 Calle Mlrador San Clemente. CA 92672 JOHN VERHAGEN'S m PERFORMANCE TRANSMISSIONS 10623 BLACKFOOT ROAD 619-240-3930 APPLE VALLEY ,CA 92308 RICH FERSCH DOWNEY 8734 Cleta St. "C'" Downey, Calif. 90241 (310) 862-1671 M-F 1_0-6 SAT9-4 OFF ROAD FABRICATION & DESIGN RACE PREP • FOX SHOCK REBUILDING . V.W. REPLACEMENT r>ARTS & ACCESSORIES LESLIE'S DRIVELINE SERVICE SPICER" INCORPORATED SPICER-$ (714) 877-6491 <E> PARTS AND SERVICE ON AUTO, TRUCK. INDUSTRIAL, CN AND FRONT WHEEL DRIVE UNITS MANUFACTURING BALANCING CUSTOMIZING FAX (714) 877-6203 California Watts 1-800--427-4238 1750 S. Lilac Ave. Continental U.S. Watts 1-8()0.525-0395 Bloomington, CA 92316 24 Hr. Emergency Call Out Svc. (714) 876-3107 P 0. ROI< 1090, Cotton, CA 92324 Aluminum Wheel Straightening Specialist Wholesale/Retail Pickup & Delivery U.P.S. EDDCO Aluminum Wheel Straightening Metal Polishing Street, Offroad Circle Track 9435 Wheatlands Ct. Suite J Santee CA 92071 Shop - (619) 258-2575 Pager - 973-0998 Bob Cassetta 809-825-0683 90M88-2703 Don Rountree 408 S. Arrowhead Ave. SAN BERNARDINO, CA 92408 E-ZUfP INSTANT "\~• !,. SHELTERS 'la ~~ ~116110,\ '> FREE-STANDING, RUGGED STEEL & NYLON SHi:L TEAS TH~T SET-UP IN SECONDS! VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AUTHORIZED DEALER CASTEX RENTALS 213-462-1468 * Mandrel Tube Bendina * Welding * Flame Cutting * Custom Fabrication FABCOM 4-SEAT BUGGY FRAMES * Large enough for 4 adults * Will accept tube frame seats (Beards, etc.) * Stock VW Type I IRS components (619)-561-2292 FAX (619)-561-6162 \LLE SAFET ORIVING SUITS SEAT eELTS NOMEX GL(lVES NOMEX UNOERWEAR GOGGLES & HELMETS 9017 SAN FERNANDO ROAD SUN VALLEY, CA 91352 818-768-7770 ~-RACIN, ... FVEI.:• FUELS & LUBRICANTS CO. BRUCE CONRAD ·1537 E. Del Amo Blvd Carson, CA 90746 RE-UCABI.£ V. W. PAl'm 114!523 SHELDON ST. SUN VALLEY, CA 913!52 Phone: (310)603-2200 FAX: (310) 603-2257 DENNIS WAYNE PORSCHE PARTS 768-4!5!5!5 (619) 669-4727 3006 Colina Verde Lane Jamul, California 91935 Doug Fortin Fl.;O...C::: 1...-.....J C3 SHOX ' #1 Racing Shock Absorber m the US.A.. FOX RACING SHOX • 011 Road Ca r:, ;.ind Trucks (a d1v1s1on c t Fox Factor\ Inc i • r.10Iorcycle & Automotive Ro.idr.icing 36-11 Charter PJrk Orn,1c• , Snowmobiles San Jose Cal11orrna 95136 iUSA) • rJounta1n Bikes Fox Fone (408) 269 9200 • Special Applica11ons Fox Fax (4081 269-92 17 A RACING SUSPENSION DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NOW YOU CAN 8EI THE RACING GEARS THE WINNERS ARE USING J ~ FTC Racing Equipment, Inc. 31790 Groesbeck Hwy. Fraser, Ml 48026 (313) 294-5858 Fax: (313) 293-0736 THE CHAMPIONS CHOICE. Fuel Safe's Racing Fuel Cells are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest performance and safety standards set by all major racing associations. Call or write for eEl SAF ,-FREE copy of Ille 1192 FNI Sale Catalog ~c.6 For,-lacal FIii Safe llalm call 1-{a)43H52A I Aircraft Rubber Mfg., Inc. 5271 Business-Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 897-285i 1992 CHAMPIONS FRT BUDWEISER/BUD LIGHT SUPERSTITION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES SPONSORED BY: RACE READY PRODUCTS, CYCLE PARTS WEST CUIREMONT EOUIPMENT RBITALS, SEPULVEDA BUILDING MATERIALS "PRO" STEVE MAMER DEWEY BELEW CRAIG SMITH ATY$ AND MQJQRCVCLES "SPORTSMAN" JASON CORFMAN PHIL MEANS JOHN BILKEY MIKE HARPER ATV OPENMIC 250M.IC 125 M.IC VETMIC SENIORM.IC SUPER SENIOR MIC VINTAGE MIC CLASS 3M.IC DESERT SUPERUJES DAVID NEWLAND RON WILSON JAMES HENDERSON VON MEDEARIS BILL MCNEER SMOKING JOE STIDMAN DICK BIRD TRACY RAYBON DAN JARRELL STEVE FENTON OPEN(HIGH POINTS) RUSS TURNER 360 JOHN SHULTZ CLASS 77 ART GIBBS PILOT IIJGGJE$ CARS AND TRUCKS MIKE PFANKUCH CLASS 9 TODD TEUSCHER(HIGH POll>ll"S) CLASS 1-1600 JIM ABATTI CLASS 2-1600 CP.AZ'f LARRY MCCALUJM UNLIMITED CLASS JOEL WHITTED CLASS 10 VANCE ALLEN CLASS 5 KEVIN THOMPSON CLASS 100 ED OROZCO CLASS 5-1600 BENNY ABATTI JR CLASS 8 ROY GARCIA CLASS 7 RORY CHENOWT"H MINI MAG CLASS 619-'27-5759 • 250 KENNEDY UNT 6 • CHULA VISTA CA 91911 FAX 619-427-6759 --.,t ss1., Rebuild Rod Ends Helm Joint Speclallst (714) 979-6631 11661 Martens River Circle, Unit H, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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HUNT PERFORMANCE 11330 - A Sunco Dr: Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 (916) 638 - 4388 1 ~~==r=::::~~~~~:~rzJ -~ I ' , - • . , I • .. MANIJFACTURERS OF: \ KRAKE ANO CLUTCH ASSY =IICTS MASTER CYl,INDERS SI.AVE CYLINDERS TURNING & STAGING DRAKES SHli•"rERS AVAi LABLE AT Fl NEH SPEf.l Al.TY SHOPS DEALER JNQURIES WELCOME 1158FLINTSTREET ~ ELSINORE, CA 92350 ~~-PEnFoR.w ,NcE PRODUCTS 909-245-6050 FAX 909-245-6052 JG TRANSWERKS 'Go with a Proven Winner" MWNL-.Y.'llJ Desert, Short Course & Street VW Racing Transmissions Joe Giffin 1509 N. Kraemer, Unit 0. Anaheim, California 92806 JIMCO (714) 632-1240 OFF ROAD RACE CARS ALUMINUM BODIES FOX SHOCK SERVICE PARTS & ACCESSORIES RACE PREPARATION (619) 562-1743 "OFF ROAD SPECIALISTS" 10965 HARTLEY RD. SUITE R SANTEE, CA 92071 MIKE JULSON JOHN COOLEY il/!!ld ~~$~ .:72?//eS ;e,.fC/..V~ CtJSTOM FABRICATION 138 SANTA FELICIA DRIVE GOLETA.CA 805-968-1 067 il?At:£ C,4~ "P..eE'RVAl'IVE~ ~IL..L:RS et C#'Ar;E' r:cve:""1:' ;Ptf'EP ~ ~ABR/CA77av' rvJi?'B.O '61-IAI: 6ASOL/A/e= Headers eamsnafts C"'inder Heads custom 7' KUSTER OFF-ROAD RACING SHOCKS • 3" DIAMETER, 8" TO 18" STROKE • 2" DIAMETER, 6" TO 14" STROKE • AIR JACKS • BALLJOINTS ~~o~· 'f,. c,'l> c,0\0 se <?'e'?J \f..00 ~,of.. c,~ KUSTER PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 2900 E. 29th STREET, P.O. BOX 7038 LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA USA 90805 TELEPHONE (310) 595-0661 POWER E STEERING THOMAS E. LEE LEE MFG. CO. 11661 PENDLETON STREET SUN VALLEY. CA 91352 (818) 768-0371 A full line of Powve•_::lteering gears. pumps and acc11ssorie5 for any type of racing. Magnaflux and Zyglo facilities ,ivailable. MOVING? Don't miss an issue of DUSTY TIMES Send Y<;>Ur Old and New Address to 20751 Marilla St. Cha ts worth, CA 91311--4408 Allow six weeks for processing. • CUSTOM CHASSIS • RACE PREP • ALUMINUM WORK • WELDING • ROLL CAGES Engineering FABRICATION/RACE PREPARATION TO YOUR SPECIFICATION 825 N. GLENDORA AVE . COVINA, CA 91723 (818) 915-2212 KENT LOTHRINGER ~EF?FC>F?IVIAIVG'E 1->Fl<.>LJL..IC.. .... 1 !--> "OFFROAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 2366 E. Orangethorpe Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 •o-'?~l,!';i-Tel. (714) 441-1212 Fax (714) 444-1622 7"l:AN;t5M/$1,/0N$ &~0MPON£N1£, 10722 Kenney St. C-D Santee. CA 92071 42425 5th St. E. Unit C Lahcaster; CA 93535 (619) 562-9010 Fax (619) 562-9079 ·Bill Varnes 805-940-5513 Fax 805-940-5514 •• - j r 42425 5th St. E. Unit D Lancaster, CA 93535 Racing Producti Pete Alamar 805-940-5515 Fax 805-940-5514 Jr."',. ,,-;,, , •• ,,.,i1,. 1490 HENRY BRENNAN DR., EL PASO, TX 79936 [9415] 857-5200

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Race Car Chassis Race Car Parts R Aluminum bodies oad 1/2-1600 Motors B And Trans 1Utggy Custom Machine Work & Fabrication St!..1p]?lly 2525 E. 16th St.• Yuma, Az. 8.5365 (602) 783-6265 • 1(800)231-8156 Fax (602) 783-1253 OFF ROAD CHASSIS ff,l'lfjf/)'l,e(f Jlfff'fj 8 UENA PARK. CALIFORl~IA Off ROAD PREPARATION FOR T RUCKS. VANS, & MINI TRUCKS PRE-RUN TRUCKS t! CUSTOM SUSPENSION COMPLETE AXLE SERVICE. WE~OING & F A BR ICATION Bill Montague PARKER Est. 1974 (714) 761•9460 (714) 521 ·2962 I I I I I I _I HAROLD NICKS PUMPER HELMET 231 8 S VINEYARD SUITE B ONTARIO, CA 91761 COMPANY 714-923-7016 FAX 714-923-3118 1860 Babcock Bldg. 1B Coata M•a. Ca 92627 FABRICATIONS Jerry Penhall (714) 650-3035 Fax# (714) 650-4721 · CUSTOM ELECTRICAL FABRICATION ---..,---· FUEL INJECTION CONVERSIONS · COMPLETE TURN KEY CARS · MOBILE SERVICE AVAILABLE RACE & CUSTOM CAR WIRING JOEDAVITIAN TEL: 2131550-1069 FAX: 2131550-1091 3263 SAN FERNANDO RD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 Telephone: (714) S3S-4437 (714) S~S-4438 David Kreisler · ~ RACEPREP FABRICATION PAUL MALO/NI-OWNER 49626 N. 230th St. West Lancaster, CA 93536 Manufactures Of: • Grill Guards •Roll Cages 1 • 805 • 724-0887 • Pre - Runners ■ Free Advice & Technical Assistance ■ R&D ■ All Size Jobs Welcome RACERS MACHINING SERVICES "If You Can Imagine It, I Can Make It" SCOTT DORDICK 909-394-1802 2041 E. Gladstone #H Glendora, CA 91740 · Fax 714-394-1903 Call for FREE Catalog! ~eut -1",e()-~► OFF ROAD COMPONENTS Dealer Inquiries Invited 21430 WAALEW ROAD, APPLE VALLEY, CA 92307 TEL (619) 240-2266 • FAX (619) 240-1359 DUSTY TIMES INVITES YOU TO BECOME A DEALER Each month ten or more copies of the current issue can be in your shop, to sell or to present to preferred customers. Ir is a great traffic builder, and the cost is minimal. CONTACT DUSTY TIMES, 20751 Marilla St. Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-882-0004 _/jj I lliJtlllllirlllill IJJ/J!lll/CIJF!II RACE VEHICLES & STREET RODS SPECIALIZING IN • CHASSIS-SUSPENSION · HANO FORMEDALUMINUftl ~ • CUSTOM HEADERS ·flfACEPRE,. LAURA (805) 461-1949 (805) 461-1447 RICHARD S. B. ENGINEERING "SUPER BOOT11 HCR66, BOX 11030 PAHRUMP (CRYSTAL) NV 89041 (702) 372-5335 S&S RACING S!!!M~,~! (' QCiV Computerized Vinyl Lettering f< 4 c_ -~\,,,·~ .c.,,,\L TIM CECIL I C~ ~S, -~~< 4010 N. Palm Street, #103, Fullerton. California 92635 -(714) 447-3581 Fax (714) 870-9132 §V&W ag~Jt -==~w~1~ ~J ~== 12221 DITMORE DR. GARDEN GROVE, CA 92641 (714) 539-5162 JOB srre SIGNS. B.4NNERS. WINXYN lfllERt«J . CAR lETIERING. GRAOOS Steve Spirkoff/Owner SitJN»f:' P'el A.v;IWK:e Products 15855 Dell View Rd. El Cajon, California 92021 619/561·2913 · /lff};~)~ [!fgffi;O (213)583-2404 lj/ SANDER_S SE·RVICE, INC. . METAL PROCESSING 5921 Wllmlngton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90001 SANDBLAST GLASS BEAD MAGNETIC PARTICAL FLOURESCENT INSPECTION Mark Smith Larry Smith SPORT ~ ~ ~--ENGINEERING .. OFF ROA'D METAL FABRICATION 0VW RACE ENGINES SUSPENSION PREP TURN KEY VW CLASS RACE BUGGl1:S TUBE BENDING SHEET METAL MACHINING FLAME & PLASMA SHAPE CUTTING 818-994-7475 GREGG HAWKS VAN NUYS, CA CARROLL DITSON. . LEAD.ED/UNLEADED "Public Relations services for the independent racer" Lancaster. CA..····~························· .l800l 462-9499·-Las Veqas. NV ................................. (702) 643-9,?Q0 . ♦ bios ♦ press releases ♦ press kits ♦ Van Nuys, CA. ......................... , ....... (818) 786-8180 Riverside, CA. ................................. (714) 877-0226 920 East Arlee Place 40485 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd.# D-2223 Murrieta CA 92563 San Oieqo, CA ... , ........ , .. , .. ,_.••·····:····:<61 ~) 691-9171 Anaheim, CA 9280S tel 909-677-0553 fax 909-677-3323 .ALL OTHER INQUIRIES CONTACT SPORTS RACING IS Q_f 1\-\ P.O. BOX 7835, LAGU~A NIGUEL, 92677 ,..__ __________ __.;._.....;.... ___ ...1.-____________ ___, ________ ....______ (714)363-1236 _________ ..

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Straigh~ I! =-\ n C nl ALUMINUM WHEEL STRAIGHTENING 31420 96TH STREET EAST UTTLEROCK, CA 93543 805l944-2719 FORD RANGER FIBERGLASS BODY PANELS & HOODS BILL STROPPE MOTORSPORTS, INC. 2330 Cherry Industrial Circle Long Beach, California 90805 (213) 634-2730 Jaime Martinez SUSPENSIONS UNLIMITED * Welding * Fabrication* Flame Cutting * Front Ends * Custom Chassis* Race Prep* Custom Lt-Weight Trailers Mtg·, ol Blue Flame Products (714) 996-6260 1345 Dynamics, Unit D • Anaheim, CA 92806 Suspension Components SAW Performance, Inc. 20755 MARILLA ST. • CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 818-700·9712 FAX 818·700-0947 Trackside Photo, Inc. Jim Ober 310-610-6s91 Commercial Photography P.O. Box 91767, Los Angeles, CA 90009 DUSTY TIMES BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE $ 1. 7 5 for a single copy each for 5 or more copies Any mix of dates Send check or money order and your UPS street address to: 20751 Marilla street. Chatsworth, California 91311 (818) 882-<XX)4 !(ACE TT(ANS BY JEFF RELJ)'S TRfiNSfiXLE ENGINEERING JEFF FIELD 818-998-2739 9833 Deering Unit H Chatsworth, CA 91311 TRANSMISSIONS WEST ' - / ~ , We Race What We Sell ;~ Kevl n Pl rtle 800/435-0416 310/782-2413 22545 S Normandle Ave., Torrance, CA 90501 iH~ONLYREASONFORNOT ADVERTISING IN DUSTY TIMES IS BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE MORE BUSINESS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE TURBO BLUE Racing DBoDnn 8446 Garfield Ave. • Bell Gardens, Ca. 90201 • (310) 928-2278 Lyn Mocaby Mike Mocaby Gordon Culp (UMP] 619/449-9690 UNIQUE METAL PRODUCTS 10223 PROSPECT AVENUE SANTEE CA 92071 CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CLEANER SYSTEMS FULL LINE OF POWER STEERING FOR ALL TYPES OF RACING & RECREATIONAL VEHICLES PRODUCTION SHOP (TABS, BRACKETS, BODIES, ETC.) Wt PA/N7" flNP C0471Nt1S..:CRAP#fa;* J,(J~OS * •~f 1lJ h1d MAINTENANl'l'.r;~J,f/f~R/Ht;* '&K-§rt MY&v.1B''1orFicJc::.1Jp~ ·9~z· o HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHOT-PEEN/NC Tired of premature breakage of drive axles, torsion bars, spindles and other critical suspension, transaxle and engine parts? Shot-peening could be the solullon. But we don't perform your ordinary, garden-variety shot-peening-we provide aerospace-certified shot peening in accordance with MIL ·SPEC #131658 ensuring the highest in quality. That means added assurance when you need 11 most. While each situation is different, we've seen torsion bars last 5 seasons or more. Duty cycles are commonly increased 7-1 0 times. Call, fax or write today for more information regarding our advanced shot-*• peening services. We UPS daily for quick turnaround. fl//lff/11/(1 780 Second Ave. • Redwood City, CA 94063 ffhl fll/llJ Ph. (415) 367-8098 • Fax (415) 367-8105 /IOUSTRIES 1815 Massachusetts Ave Riverside, CA 92507 909/369-5144 Fax 909/369-7266 (310) 598-2731 WEddLE ENGiNEERiNG Exclusive distributor of Lock-Righfm VW Locking Differentials PERFORMANCE TRANSAXLE PRODUCTS Billet Super-Diffs, Gearsets, Hard to Find New and Used Parts Whole5ale/Retall. Dealer lnqulrle5 Welcome P.O. Box 15466 Long Beach, CA 90815 ADAM WIK • Computerized Dyno 535 E. Central Park Anaheim, CA 92802 (714) 956-WIKS • Flow Bench Facility • Tum Key Racing Engines Engines WIND RIVER GROUP PUBLIC RELATIONS ANO MARKETING C O NSULTANTS EDW IN C . JACOBS PRESIDENT 900 S TATE MILL ROAD AKRON. OHIO 4 4 319 . (216) 644-7774 Off Road Products Front and Rear Trailing Nms • Spindles Suspension Specialists • Custom Wheels 2733 W . Missouri Phoenix. N. 85017 Jack Woods (602) 242-0077

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7iua v'alae® WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP OFF •ROAD RACE® , Crandon, Wisconsin Sept. 3, 4 & 5, 1993 .c::::::=, CHEVROLET [9] BFGaadrich· ------r,,r, liJ/il]l/ll}fil Datlerlea OFFICIAL S.O~D.A. SPONSORS: . -Chuvrolol, or Goodrich, Optima Batteries an; , OVER $130,000 •~ PURSE GENERAL INFORMATION: Racing Begin• DaUy •t t •.m. Dally Admission: 12 yrs. • up • Weekend Pass $15 Overnight Camping: $20 for Race Weekeod Phone (715) 478-2222 FAX (716) 478-5815 Barn Dance Bclic\'c It. @penha,enjSKOAl RACING,..

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• Classified .•• FOR SALE: 1988 International Model 1600 36' van. 7 .3 literdies-el, 5 plus 2 trans. Professionally built, tons of storage, cabint:ts, benches, locker, tire rack, winch, Honda 6.Skw, compressor, full int/ext power and lights, 36'xl 5' canopy system, tow package, cus-tom cah, lmron, much mo re. Onlv 13k miles. 80k invested· 32K obo. Call Todd (702) 825~ 1863, leave message. FOR SALE: Air cooled IO car, very light & basic. Chromoly frame, 4 disc Summers, Super Boot cage , 300m bars , Fox shocks, new cell, Hewland bus. 1470 lb. This car can win. Only $6,900.00. Call Bob Scott (619) 949-1049 or (818) 442-1090. ALE: Raceco Class 9 two seater, last one they built. Parker Pumper, Beard seats, very fresh FAT engine. Priced to sell at $6,000.00 firm. ( 602) 77 6-7 383 .. L : ass 1 Hi Jumper, only 250 miles on complete rebuild, Wright, UMP, powder coat, spare engine & trans, 930's, 400M bars, Fox shocks, Master-craft, 118" wb, lots of soares. turnkey, race ready. $5,500.00 oho (510) 783-2342 days. W ILL DELIVER! FOR SALE: '92 JIMCO 2 scat mid engine, 4AG Toyota 16 valve, with Corrillo rods, huilt hy Smart Racing Products, Fortins new "5" tr.ins, UMP, Wright place, CNC, Parker Pumpn, RFG tires w Centerlines, Taylor tnade seats. Race prepped. Currently 2nd in S CORE points. $26,000.00 oho. Spare parts rivailahle. (619) 448-5 392 or (61 9 ) 441 -8936. FO R SALE: Clriss 9 Challenger: fresh FEX engine, WR Racing tr a n s ;1 x I e , 8 i I s t e i n , S A W , Yo ko hama, C NC, P yrote·ch, Beard, 20 gal cell, Wright, Lothringer. Race reridy. Spares included. $4,500.0 oho. Call (209) 832-1595. PARTNER WANTED: I am looking for an individual to start new partnership with. I havl' a veq· competitive Class IO 2 seater; looking for person \\'ith proven race record & finan,·ial ahilit)' to pay 1/2 of all l"Xpenst:s. Also, must he easy to get ;ilong with! Call Gary Johnson ( 8(15) 529-1005. FOR SALE: 5 acres in Temecula, FOR SALE: Ford stepside CA, located IO miles west of lntersrnte 15 in Avacado and pre-runner. New motor as of 11-92. Rancho shocks front and ;, . citrus groves area. Gently sloping rear, 16"oftravelfrontandrear. FOR SALE: 2wd Bla:er pre-lot, p::ived ro::id, wate r on Lo ts of spare parts. (714) runner, fullrollc::ige, Beard se::its, propertylocal::ire::ideveloped. FOR SALE: 1970 Jeep SWB ½ton pickup. 401 + 030, TRW 9 .0 C I R forged pistons, Turbo 400, Dana 20, Beard seats & console, Art Carr shifter, 4.09 axles, 5 Goodyear 31xll.50x15 on 15x7 Outlaw II. Good chase truck, plus fresh complete AMC 304 RV engine. All for$3,500.00. Call (909) 882-7750. FOR SALE: Two 3½x15 and two 8 ½15 UNUSED 4 bolt VW Centerlines. Complete set T-1 UNUSED 92mm custome made Arias pistons ( cut for big valves & cam) and Cima barrels ( 10 .5: 1 compression ratio with 82mm crank and 5 .4 rods) ·complete with rings, wrist pins and buttons. Best offer. Call Gary (909) 593-7983. WANTED: McLean Racing, "The Challenger Team" needs sponsorship support for SCORE Class 9 race car. Ten person team ready to race - see your name!!! How you like it!!! Call Ed (410) 647-0137. 771 1537 (714)7766584 ArtC::irr, R::incho, DoetschTech, Asking$125,000.00. C11l Bruce -or - · ::ifter5pm(818)704-1760. Also, FORSALE:Classl/10,108"wb ureth::ine bushings throughout, h W h f WANT TO GET AWAY FROM A R looking for Be::ird se::its, street or s ort course car, rig t ront, meric::in ::icing, BFG's, fresh · d W d IT ALL? 871,200 square feet of m O t Or , Tur b O 4 0 0 tra n s . super, any condition. torsion secon a1ryd, 100 s arms, pine trees, approximately 6000 ----"----'----------Type 2 w lHew an , a I Pro-Built. feet up; enjoy a four season $ l·O.OOO.OOoboC::ill(40Z) FORSALE:Class8Dodgetruck, Priceincludesallspares,Type2 climate located in the Tehachapi 421-7 45o or ( 4oz) 397-7967 perfect for 1994 SCORE rules. trans, arms, combos, brakes, leave mess::ige. Be b Ch h 1 mountains, behind locked gates. ____ ....:..;_________ st parts money can uy. oice w ee s, tires. Last race top 5 finish 20 acres of pure isolation. 2 pads FOR SALE: Berrien L::i:er of new engines and gear ratios. Crandon Spring Run. Delivery ready for your mountain hide-a- 1-· 2-1600. Immacul::ite shape, Bilstein, M I T tires, Simpson, possible. Call Barry (612) way. O verlooks entire Antelope Centerlines, Bi lsteins, Fox Parker Pumper, KC lites, Auto-535-1094. Cash $5,000.00. No Valley. Easy in and out on graded remotes, Neal Pedals, Beard seats, meter, Rapid Cool, Dana, Crane, Dealing! road. Call Don at (805) 268-UMP power steering, new racing Acee!, K&N, Edelbrock, Leslie F_O_R_S--=A'--L-E----=-O-R_TR __ A_D_E_:_l_/_2_-1644. type 4 joints. 1650 engine, new Coleman TCL $20,000.00 oho. 1600 single seat, Fox, Beard, FOR SALE: Toyota Class 10 exh a us t• n e w nerf b::irs. Call (702)438-7683· Yokohama,Centerlines,fire motor; 16 valve 1607cc engine, Transmission by Transform. FOR SALE: Chevy-Ford off road retard, Funco, Neal. 1991, 1992, Corrillo rods, VW trans adapter, Reasonably priced at $6,000.00 creation, unique body, must see; 1993 seasons point champion, clutch & pressure plate, S&S Make offer. Call(717)672-3028. love itor hate it, you finish and-be ADRA & Whiplash. New motor header system, motor is complete FOR SALE: Super 1600 Chen- the talk of the town or be run out & tr~ny, 1 race each. Desert or and fresh, excellent condition. owth Magnum. BEST OF EVERY-of town, Built eng, trans, rear. stadium setup. 27 races, 23 wins. $4,000.00ohoortr::ide for???C::ill THING!!!Willsellcompletewith Much invested. Sell $2,800.00. $3,500.00 race ready or (619 ) 448-5392 or (619) sparesorlessmotor&trans. Call Call (909) 927-7802 or (909) $3,000.00lessmotor.CallSmitty ;~4~8,!3!_ ___________ ~~(!;2.:!8~~6~--~!6_:: ____ ,. _______________ ~~~!::!:~--ww', I Sell or swap your extra parts and pieces in . I ; DUSTY TIMES. I I Classified Ad~ertising rate is only $15 for 45 words each month, not including name, address and phone number. Add $5.00 for use of : I . black and white photo, or a very sharp color print. · 1 · I NEW _AND RENEW AL_ SUBSCRIPTIONS TO DUSTY TIMES - A 45 word Classified Ad is FREE if you act now and subscribe. If I I you wish to use a photo m your free ad, enclose $5.00. All Classified Ads must be PAID IN ADVANCE. I I -------------------,-----------1 I --------------------------I I I I - -------=------------------------11 I --------------------------1· I I I --------- ------- - ---------I I --- ------------------------I I Enclosed is$ _____ (Send check or money order, no cash). Please run ad _______ times. I I I I Name -----------------------------I I Mail to: 1. I Address _______________________ Ph ________ DUSTY TIMES one 20751 Marilla Street I· I Chatsworth, ~N9Dl 1-440S-· I ii City -------------------State _____ Zip _______ _ Page 66 September 1993 . FOR SALE: Ford Ranger Class 2, mounts for Chevy VS and auto trans. 4 link rear suspension with $3,000.00 Summers 9", 16 Rancho taki-aparts, seats, belts, fuel cell, coil springs, fiberglass front & rear, aluminum interior. You finish. Sell for $3,800.00. Call (909) 927-7802 or (909) 927-7069. FOR SALE: Velley Performance Chenowth Class 10, 2 seater, new 5 speed Hewland trans, complete .Curnutt shock with coil-overs, new 1650cc VW motor 100 miles, Curnutt rear hubs, Summers front discs. Best of everything includes PCI Road-master radio & intercom system. A proven car, race ready. Must sell .due to back injury. $25,000.00. Call Brent at (702) 382-7060 days, (702) 228-3055 FOR SALE: Thing '73, 2074 roller crank engine, dual carbs, late Bus gearbox, sliding custom windows, elec. winch, boa t included. Centerline wheels, alum skid plates, dual gas tanks, CB radio, new interior, custom rear fenders, much more. $8,995.00. Call (209) 486--0280 or (209) 486-7634. F AL : 1973 aja, great pre-run or daily driver. Full tube frame, 1915cc motor, ported heads, Scat Weber, Pat Hughes trans, Centerlines, 6 wide beam, Beards, too much to list. Call Doug for more info. $5,000.00 obo. Call (602) 437-3107. USED VW PAR TS: Bugs, Ghias, buses, Vanagons, Type III Things, Type IV Jettas, Rabbits, Golf's,, · Sciroccos, Bajas, etc. Call Beetle Mania, 941 Heritage Road, San Diego, CA 92173. Call (619) .661,7170 or (800) 479-0130 ,(California only). FOi\ SALE: 1993 Heavy Metal Class race Jeep. Eastern PA's points leader. Custom chassis by Offroad Motorsports, 425hp AMC VS, Ford Toploader transmission, Trail-Master Racing suspension components. Excellent machine for short track & stadium racing. Parts & trailer also. $7,500.00 oho. Call Patrick ( 412) 532--0802. DustyJlma·

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FOR SALE: Class 5 chassis, 105 inch, all 4130, TIG welded, 12 wide beam, 5x5 rear arms, adjuster, Bus trans mounts, disc brakes, 930 stubs, SAW axles, body & title $2,500.00. Also, Bus trans 4.86 Hewland gears $950.00. Call Doug (602) 437-3107. FOR SALE: MECO Class 10 1991 Fresh FAT air-cooled, fresh bus trans, Summers floater, dropped front spindles, 6" over front arms. $12,000.00. Call (714) 771-2050 or (714) 998-3553. FOR SALE:.Class 1 or IO single seat ORC. Class 10 overall points champion. Fields 091 Hewland, Type 4 or NEW West "10" motor, Curnutt, Charlynn, Lee, Fodrill, Wright, Carr, Ultra-BFG, current unlimited points leader. $13,500.00 oho. Also 2 Ford 2 wd and 1 Chevy 4wd stepside pre-run trucks, lk, 2k, and 3,000 oho or everything for $20,000.00. Call Jim (310) 320-8341. FOR SALE: Class 1-1600 or possible Class 11. Basic chassis and body with some extras. 100" wb. Must sell! $1,800.00 oho. Call Bruce Brannstrom during the day at (708) 475-7059. TRADE: 1955 Ford F-100 pickup. 302 V8, power steering, . independant front suspension, two-tone blue paint, runs great, needs some TLC. Trade for Class 2-1600 sandrail for off road racing: Call Brian (206) 757-6942 evenings please. FOR SALE: Chassis fixture, custom built to fabricate O.R.E. race buggy chassis. Could be used to build just about anything. $700.00 oho. Call Jim (818) · 366-4943 eves. FOR SALE: '86 Toyota Pickup, 'new 160hp motor built by LC Engineering. New 10" travel front end -ball joints, bearings, aluminum race hubs, 6 point rollcage, bucket seats, 4 point harness, boxed control arms, Detroit Locker, 4: 11 gears, 4 speed trans, $6,500.00 oho. Call JB at (714) 846-1565. FOR SALE: l 98ich;;;y¾ , to'~ van 4x4. Rebuilt & refurbished by Precision 4 Wheel Drive. 454 balanced w /lots of torque, Gearvendor overdrive, custom suspension, triple front shocks, custom top, heavy duty aluminum bumpers, 12 ,000# Ramsey winch, dual fuel tanks, 55 gal capacity, 90Watt solar panel, aircraft wiring & breakers, A IC, 3 batteries, 4 Recaro seats, convertible couch/ beds sleeps 4, integrated front/ rear stereos, 10 M&K speaders w /subwoofer, VCR, CD & tape, large removable storage box, 2 sets of 33-12 .50 off road tires, 6 gal stainless steel water tank w/pump, military green. Built to go anywhere-with integrity! Serious only -$27,500.00. Call Warren (209) 625-2900 or (209) 733-7401. Clean Out Your Garage Sell Your Bits and Pieces RIGHT HERE Classified Ads are only $15.00 each month for 45 words or less. Add $5 .00 for each photo. FOR SALE: Class 5-1600 Baja Bug. Winning car with every single component and part of the oest quality. No upgrades or modifications required. This car has everything right. Freshly painted and ready to race. $9,000.00 or will sell without engine and trans. Call (619) 481-0923. I also have spare Y okohams on centerlines for sale. Coming Next Month ••• E: Brand new -1 race car, professionally built, never raced. Best components used throughout. Complete list available upon request. With proposed restrictor plate changes for '94, this car could be hard to beat. Ready to test drive today. Spares included. Trailer available. Serious inquiries only please. $25,000.00. Call Jim at Mirage Racing Products(805 )940-5515. FOR SALE 1993 Class 9 two seater. Raced once. Bistline built chassis. Fuel Safe, Bilstein, Sway-A-Way, Beard seats, Diest belts and Wright steering box. $7,000.00 oho. For more info call (619) 257-3140. FOR SALE: Jeep Scrambler, SODA Class 3, fresh 401 motor, 400 Turbo tranny, Quadra-Trac transfer case, Dana 44 in front, full floater 9" in rear, Rancho shocks, National springs. A turnkey car $10,000.00 or part out. Purchased new race vehicle. Call (618) 723-2019 in southern Illinois, ask for Gerald. FOR SALE: MTEG Sport Utility vehicle currently RX7. All new stuff. Fox, Bilstein, Mendeola trans, 13B rotary, Flame-Out. Mirage chassis with Chenowth 5 point rear suspension. Much more! Only 7 laps on car. Financial problems. MUST SELL $7,000.00. Call Billat(619)324-1259. RACE CARS WANTED: We have buyers waitng for the following off road vehicles. 1-. trailers, 10-30' enclosed. 2-5th wheel trailers, several clients waiting for these. 3-Pre-run trucks between $20,000 .00-25,000.00 needed for buyers. 4-Class 8 trucks needed between $20,000.00-45,000.00. 5-two seater off road race cars, Class 10 or ore-run stvle. RACE CARS FOR SALE: We have full details including reference photos & videos of over 120 off road race cars for sale. AU classes, all budgets, including trailers, pre-runners, chase trucks, Rally-Raiders, and part finished projects. Contact Baja Concepts Race Car Sales -phone (619) 583-6529 or FAX (619) 583-1851. WANTED: Class 5 chassis with suspension, steering and brakes for pre-run car. Call (909) 985-2541. SCORE Gold Coast 300 • FRT Superstition 250 MTEG Glen Helen II • ADRA Cinder Mountain BORE Jackpot 200 • SODA at Antigo SNORE Midnight Special • SCCA Prescott Forest Rally WRC Rally Argentina • VORRA Virginia City 200 ••• Plus all the regular f ea tu res Dustynmcs September 1993 Late Flash!! SUBARUNOT RENEWING ITS SCCARALLY SPONSORSHIP Subaru and their hard working press and public relations man Andy Schupack had put some new life into the Pro rally circuit and Andy certainly will be missed by those of us who persist in covering the sport. It has been so nice to have entry lists, results, things like that which most organ-izers do not do on their own and Subaru of America, Inc., the SCCA headquarters does not title sponsor for the Sports Car send out any press releases or Club of America's Pro Rally results to the press on the Pro series for the past three years, has Rally circuit. Andy and Alex -you opted not to renew its sponsor-· will be missed! ship contract for the 1994 season. ------------The current contract expires on December 31, 1993. Alex Fedorak, Subaru's motor-sports manager, pointed out that while Subaru and SCCA have worked together to help the sport of rallying grow nationwide, it is time for a new corporate entity to grab the reins and take Pro rally to even greater heights. "We hope that other manufacturers, like Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda, will see the opportunity to participate with us in a motor-s ports activity that really highlights the overall perform-ance of their vehicles and their components. If the SCCA is successful in obtaining an aftermarket or non-automotive sponsor for the series, we think these companies might join current rally participants such as Subaru and Mitsubishi on the field of battle, 11 said Fedorak. Subaru plans to continue its relationship with Chad DiMar-co's Sube Sports, Team Subaru on all levels, including sponsor-ship of DiMarco's Subaru Legacy Group A rally racer. Subaru notified the SCCA earlier this month (July), well in advance of its September con-tractual commitment, in order to give the SCCA a head start in finding a new title sponsor. "We would like to thank all the Pro Rally organizers and participants for helping us make Pro Rally a more prestigious sport in the U.S.A. over the last three years. We are confident that, under the right leadership, the growth will continue, 11 said Fedorak. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (near Philadelphia, PA), Subaru of America, Inc. is the U.S. sales and marketing comp-any for Subaru products manu-factured by Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., in Japan and Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc. in Lafayette, Indiana. With a full line of front wheel drive and all wheel drive models, Subaru cars are sold through a nationwide network of over 700 franchised dealers. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Baker Precision Products • • • • • • • 38 Barbary C'.oast & Gold C'.oast Hotels • • • • • • • • • • 45 Bilstein C'.orp. of America . • • . • • • 51 BUMP Off fbad Olampionships • • 10 Brush llln 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Cactus Racing Products • • • • • • • • 67 Castex nc .. E-Z-Up • • • • • • • • • • • 8 Cantral Oregon Yttliskey Springs 200 . . . . . . . 27 Class 1 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • 18 C'.orona Baja Sur 500 . • . • . . • . • • 7 DeNunzio Racing Products • . . • • • 36 Don-A-Vee Jeep Eagle • • • • • • • • • 37 Enduro Racing •••••.••.••••• FAT Parfonnance • • • • • • • • • • • • 25 Fiesta Ford • .. • • .. • . • • • • • . • 15 FRT Plaster City Blast • • • • • • • • • 2 Fuel Safe • • • • .. • • • . • • . . • • • • 46 Gennan Auto • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 29 fbd Hall Driving School . • • • • • . • 58 Hi Tech Off Road -. • • • • • • • • • • • 32 KC HiLites • • • . • • • • • • • . . • . • • 19 la. Rana Desert Racing • • • • • • • • 33 Nevada Off fbad Buggy • • • • • • • • 4 Parbr Pumper . . . . . . . . . . . • . . 21 P.G. Transmissions ••••••••••• 53 Pike's Family Restaurant • • • • • • • 14 Race Ready Products • • • . • . • . • • 23 Reid Pro •.••.•••.•..••••.• 41 !~mo/Pyramid 300 ••••••••••• 31 Marvin Shaw Engineering • • • • • • • 5 7 SNORE. 250 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 39 Straight Line • • • • • • • • • • • • • .. 35 MTEG Glen Helen Ill • • • • • • • • • • 9 MTEG Las Vegas • • • • • • • • • • • • 5 Toyota Motorsports • • • • • Back l'.owir Tri-Mil ntustries • • • • • • • • • • • • • 49 Valley Parfonnance • • • • • • • • • • • 55 Valvoline Oil • . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . 11 -Weddle engineering . . . . . . . . . . 13 IMlch Sales • • • • • . . . . . . • • . • . 43 IMsconsin Off Road Festival . . . . . 47 -Wight Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 ,CACTUS RACING RACEAIR HELMETS & ACCESSORIES • Built & Backed by Bell Helmets • Light Weight • Lexan Sheild • Snell 90 • Helmet Conversions • Complete Blower Systems for Single or Double Seat Cars • Complete Line of Worth & Pyrotect Safety Products • Cool Boxes• Blowers • 4' -any Length Hose • Free Service & Parts • We Ship UPS $215.00 HELMET ONLY 5153 Bowden Ave.• San Diego• CA• 9211 7 • (619) 279-2509 Page 67

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Ir's No SEC r r11AT .,-HIE COIMP/ETlffON HA. S OUR GIIIS. When you've dominated truck racing as long as we have, you have to expect a few hard feelings. But that's OK. We'd rather deal with that than give up any of our nine MTEG Stadium Truck Champ-ionships. Or our seven Baja 500 wins. Our five Mint/Nissan 400s. Etc. © 1992 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Besides, we suspect it's really more jealousy than hate. And who can blame them for being jealous? Especially since the engine we use is actually a race-modified version of the 3.0-liter V6 available in our production trucks. So we'll just keep on winning and if the other guys don't like it, that's fine. We can take it. After all, no guts ... no glory. "I love what you do for me!' ~TOYOTA